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Chapter 41 Shinian Earth![Second, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

“Oh, Han, I don’ t know. I don’ t know how to describe you. Now, I feel like I’ m dreaming.”Carol Danvers said in disbelief.
Fang Han looked at Carol Danvers’ surprised expression and suddenly smiled after a moment of silence.” Hey, Carol, are you always paying attention to me?”
“Shouldn’t I pay attention to you?”Carol Danvers was puzzled.
“No, no, no, I mean, didn’t you notice how much change you have now and before?”Now you’ re not the same Carroll as before. Hey, Carroll, have you not experienced the power that you own?”Fang Han looked at Carol Danvers with a smile.
Carol Danvers was stunned for a moment before he realized something. Yes, I am not Carol Danvers anymore.
Fang Han looked at Carol Danvers, who was deep in thought, and suddenly punched Carol Danvers. His unadorned fist instantly pierced through the air before Carol Danvers. The air was sobbing.
With a soft sound, Fang Han’s fist was blocked by Carol Danvers. Then, the two began to fight again.
This time, neither Fang Han nor Carol Danvers held back.
The energy particle cannon collided with the Qigong wave, and a huge shock wave swept through the surroundings. In less than ten seconds, Fang Han and Carol Danvers fought more than a hundred times.
Right now, only someone at the level of Carol Danvers could make Fang Han really serious. If Fang Han had the current strength six months ago, Fang Han felt that he had the confidence to withstand the energy shock wave of the Kerry cannon instead of being forced to dodge in the end.
After a quick clash, Fang Han and Carol Danvers both stopped in tacit agreement.
Carol Danvers looked at Fang Han. The smile in the corner of his eyes could not be concealed.” Hey, Han, you seem to be handsome.”
“Of course, I’ ve always been very handsome. I’ ve never denied this.”Fang Han agreed with Carol Danvers.
Carol Danvers waved his hand and said,” No, no, no, that’s not what I mean. I mean, Han, you’ re more charismatic and charismatic than before. Hmm, probably.”
Fang Han could not help but shrug his shoulders. Fang Han had expected his changes.
Perhaps this was the change brought about by the cultivation of the Heavenly God Stream. Because he focused on his inner strength and spirit, Fang Han’s temperament was even more ethereal than before. If it was the world of Fantasy Swordsman, then Fang Han’s temperament should be said to be floating like a celestial being with immortal style.
As for the change in his temperament, Fang Han felt that he already had the demeanor of a grandmaster. He was about to become a transcendent sage.
“Yeah, well, Carol, you have to know that in China, there are many mysterious martial arts in that ancient country that has five thousand years of civilization history. They can bring great changes to people. Every martial art has its own history. Every martial art master has a very different temperament.”Fang Han pondered over his words and said.
“In other words, your aura is similar to that of a master right?”Carol Danvers asked with a smile.
“No, no, no, I’ m stronger than them.”Fang Han said seriously.

Lying on the beach and looking at the starry sky in the sky, Carol Danvers suddenly felt a little depressed.
“Hey, Han, I, I miss home. I miss our home, the fields and air in Alabama, the hot-tempered neighbors, the gentle dog, and the postman Tori…” Carol Danvers looked at the starry sky and whispered.
Fang Han grabbed Carol Danvers’ shoulder and said,” Carol, I miss our home too. I want to go back, but now, we can’ t go back for a while.”
“I know, but I really want to go back. We have been missing for more than six months. Even the military might think that we are dead. Maria and Monica must miss me.”Carol Danvers said.
“You mean Maria Rambo and the others?”Fang Han asked.
“Of course, Maria is my best friend. She is like a relative, and Monica, I’ ve already treated her as my child.”Carol Danvers said.
“Hey, Carol, if, I mean if, if you want a child, we can have one by ourselves. We don’ t need anyone else’s child at all.”Fang Han said.
Carol Danvers said unhappily,” I just treat them as relatives.”
“I understand, so do you want to have a child with me?”We can make him the most famous baby in this universe.”Fang Han looked at Carol Danvers with a bad smile.
Carol Danvers looked at Fang Han in surprise and asked in disbelief,” Hey, Han, you mean now?”Right here?”
“Why not?”We don’ t have anything else to do, right?”Fang Han said honestly.
“You won, but I really want to try.”Carol Danvers said as he turned and rode on Fang Han.
“Hey, Carol, have you ever thought of the child’s future name?”Fang Han asked.
“That is not something we have to consider now.”Carol Danvers said and blinked at Fang Han.
Early the next morning, Fang Han moved his body and looked at Carol Danvers. Fang Han said,” Carol, I thought about it last night. If we want to go back, we have to have a spaceship. Just based on our physical fitness, we can’ t withstand the universe environment. Moreover, we can’ t survive in the universe for too long. We need a spaceship, a professional spaceship.”
“We originally had a spaceship, but it was still the Keri’s frigate. We can salvage it from the sea and use our tools to repair it.”Carol Danvers said.
“Yes, I can try this, but Carol, that damn frigate has been sleeping in the sea for six months. Are you sure it can still be used?”Fang Han looked at Carol Danvers.
“But we have to at least try, right?”You taught me this.”Carol Danvers directly responded to Fang Han’s words.
Fang Han rubbed his brows and said,” Actually, picking up that frigate isn’ t a big problem. After all, whether it’s Carol, you or I can pick up that big guy from the bottom of the ocean now. But we need to be careful. What we lack most is fuel. We don’ t have any fuel to get the spaceship to move.”
“Oh, why is it like this!”Carol Danvers covered his face in pain.*

The Skuru people appeared![Third, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

“Pa Pa Pa.”
Fang Han patted his face and tried his best to cheer himself up.
Taking a deep breath, Fang Han said to Carol Danvers,” Carol, we can’ t lose our confidence. We still have hope.”
“What hope?I didn’ t dare to think that Fang Han and Carol Danvers, who were wanted by the Kerry Empire, would be trapped on this damn planet because there was no fuel or spaceship!”Carol Danvers looked very frustrated.
“Hey, don’t be disappointed!Don’t forget Carol, in six months, do you think we can reach this level?Even when we were captured by the Kerry people, do you think we can escape?”As long as there is hope, everything is possible!”Fang Han earnestly cheered Carol Danvers on.
Carol Danvers took a deep breath like Fang Han, then patted his face.” Right, Carol, cheer up!”
“Han, you’ re right. We still have hope, and there’s a lot of hope!”Carol Danvers was worthy of being Captain Amazing. After a short loss, she quickly regained her fighting spirit.
“I’ve already thought about it, Carol,” Fang Han said as he looked at Carol Danvers, who was in high spirits.”Let’s move separately. I’ ll go to the bottom of the ocean to salvage that damn frigate, and you’ re in charge of finding traces of fuel.”
“Yes, this plan is not bad.”Carol Danvers agreed with Fang Han’s idea.
“We’ ve been training here since we arrived on this planet. We’ ve been here for at least six months, but we haven’ t explored this planet yet. As long as we search, we’ ll definitely find fuel on this planet.”Fang Han said his thoughts.
“Then, we will use the ship’s own mining equipment to mine the fuel ore to fill the ship with fuel. At that time, we will be able to leave this damn planet and return to Earth.”Carol Danvers continued with Fang Han’s words.
“That’s right, that’s it!”Let’s start.”Fang Han said.
“Very good. I can’ t wait anymore.”As Carol Danvers spoke, she flew deep into the land.
Fang Han, on the other hand, soared into the sky and fell into the sea like a comet. He wanted to go to the bottom of the ocean to find the damn frigate.
In fact, according to Fang Han’s plan, he would be able to return home when the Skuru people appeared.
But who knew when the Skullus would appear?
After all, when Captain Amazing met the Skurus, six years later, God knows that the Skurus had lived on this planet for several years.
Ignoring this problem, Fang Han had no choice but to dive into the sea to salvage the half-scrapped frigate.
All the way to the bottom of the ocean, the strong physical fitness of the Saiyan people and Fang Han’s current strength made them ignore the water pressure on the bottom of the ocean. In the dark bottom of the ocean, Fang Han used his air to illuminate it. Looking at the frigate that had grown microbes and even fish and crustaceans, Fang Han silently sighed in his heart. Then, he went forward and raised the frigate.
“Now, it’s time to return to land.”
In the calm sea, a huge water column shot into the sky. A large object with a diameter of more than 400 meters floated out of the water and then advanced at high speed towards the land.
If you look carefully, you will find that under the huge metal covered with water grass and algae, there is an extremely small human flying on the water with this huge object like a small hill.
After returning to the ground and leaving the frigate on the beach, Fang Han shook his body and dispersed the water droplets on his body. Then, he began to clean up the algae and microbes on the frigate.
After that, Fang Han still needed to check the route and check the power cabin and each cabin to ensure that the frigate could still fly.
“Hey, Fang Han, how is this frigate?”Carol Danvers’ voice came from behind Fang Han.
Fang Han said while cleaning up the algae,” It’s very bad. I haven’ t checked the inside yet. Just the damage on the outside and these damn algae and weeds make me very angry.”
“Heh, calm down.”Carol Danvers said.
“No, this is just a small problem. I’ m not angry because of this.”Fang Han said.
“What is it?”Carol Danvers asked curiously.
“Do you know how difficult it is to clear a four-hundred-meter-long frigate? I need to clear the outer wall and check the inside. I also need to confirm the environment in the power cabin and the crew, as well as the various instruments in the cockpit, including the operating panel, can still be used. This will take a lot of time.”Fang Han said.
“Oh, this is indeed a very troublesome matter.”Carol Danvers said.
Fang Han turned around and looked at Carol Danvers.” The thing that makes me mad is that I’ m already busy, but there’s still someone who doesn’ t know how to provoke me and test my bottom line!”
Carol Danvers was so frightened by Fang Han’s words that he took two steps back and asked,” Hey, Fang Han, what are you talking about?”
“Bang!”There was a muffled sound.
Fang Han appeared in front of Carol Danvers in the blink of an eye. His clenched right hand was directly placed on Carol Danvers’ abdomen.
Just this strike, Carol Danvers was so pale that he almost fainted.
Looking at Carol Danvers curled up on the ground, he said coldly,” Skuru, do you think your disguise is flawless?No, in my opinion, your disguise is full of flaws!You know what?”I’ m in a bad mood right now. I’ m very agitated. If you can’ t tell me the answer I want, then you will realize that death is sometimes a relief for people.”
“Cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough
Fang Han looked at the Skuru disguised as Carol Danvers and sneered,” First of all, Carol never called me Fang Han. Also, your accent, Carol is not from Alabama. Carol is from Missouri. She just works in Alabama. Your Alabama accent is too pure.”
After a pause, Fang Han continued,” Secondly, Carol’s actions are not as stiff as yours. You’ re too weak. Your strength is not enough to support the aura of a powerful warrior, and it’s even more impossible for a woman who should be in love to react.”
“I, it turns out, made so many mistakes.”The Skuru man smiled bitterly.
“No, these are not the key points,” Fang Han interrupted the Skuru’s reflection and said,” The most important thing is, your anger, your anger is wrong!Do you understand?”It’s just that I’ ve made up all of it.”*

The unlucky Skuru![Fourth, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

Another mouthful of blue blood. This Skuru felt like he almost died like this.
It was useless to say so much!
Then why did you say so much?
“I said so much, now it’s time for you to answer. Where are the Carols?”Fang Han looked down at the Skurus from above. The powerful aura gave the Skurus great pressure.
“I, I don’ t know.”The Skuru man stuttered.
Fang Han raised his right hand and clenched his five fingers. A ball of dazzling white lightning appeared in Fang Han’s hand. He coldly looked at the Skuru. Fang Han said,” Honestly, you can live. Otherwise, not only will you die, all the Skuru people on this planet will die!”
Perhaps it was because he didn’t feel like that was enough to deter him, Fang Han threw the thunderball in his hand.
With a loud noise, a mountain in the distance collapsed. Fang Han pointed at the mountain and said,” I’ m not talking about it. If you don’ t believe me, you can try and see if you’ re really a tough person.”
“No, you can’ t do this!”The Skurus became frightened.
“When I do things, it’s not your turn. You need to answer my question.”Fang Han looked at the Skuru, his eyes filled with killing intent.
Just as the Skuru people were in despair, Fang Han suddenly looked into the distance.
He could feel the intense energy fluctuation and powerful aura. Where was he? He was familiar with it.
It was an extremely terrifying aura. This Skuru also felt the power of despair. Fang Han suddenly smiled,” Oh, I know where Carol is. Now it seems like you’ re useless.”
“What do you want to do?!”This Skuru looked at Fang Han in terror. In a daze, he felt that he was not facing a single person, but a berserk beast. That terrifying aura, despair, made him unable to put up any thoughts of resistance.
“Useless people were not worthy of wasting resources in this world.”Be good. I’ ll send you to see God.”As Fang Han spoke, he stomped down.
A figure soared into the sky and charged towards the battle point in the distance with a terrifying aura. Fang Han silently calculated the time. Five seconds later, he could reach the battlefield!
However, when Fang Han arrived at the battlefield, he realized that the battle here was over.
Carol Danvers, who had been fighting Fang Han for six months and constantly training himself, had already developed his own abilities to a terrifying level. Other than not Fang Han’s opponent, not many people in this universe would be able to defeat Carol Danvers.
Well, it wouldn’t appear if it was too strong. The people who were walking in the universe were basically those who were weaker than Carol Danvers.
When Carol Danvers saw that Fang Han had arrived, she proudly pointed at the scruffy scruffy people and said,” Hey, Han, look what I’ ve found. A brand new race. According to the knowledge of the Keris, they are scruy people.”
“Yes, that’s right. Skuru, a rotten empire. Although it’s called one of the three great empires in the Milky Way, it’s clear that this country will soon disappear.”Fang Han said.
“You are Fang Han?”The only one who was still standing was the Skuru. He looked at the powerful figure floating in the air with a complicated expression.
“That’s right. It’s me. Who are you?”Fang Han looked at the Skuru and felt very familiar. Where had he seen him before?
“Taros, my name is Taros. I am their leader.”
Fang Han came to a sudden realization. No wonder he was so familiar. It turned out that he was the early-stage villain in the movie. He had been in the universe for more than six months. He was a little confused about the characters in the movies in his previous life. If it weren’t for this guy’s name, Fang Han might not have remembered who he was.
“Oh, Taros, alright, why did you ambush us?”Fang Han slowly landed on the ground from the sky.
Taros sighed and said helplessly,” We didn’ t want to ambush you. We just want your help. Just as you said, the Skuru Empire is about to die. We have lost our homeland and lost too many people.”
“Continued, the Skurus would no longer exist.We just wanted to survive and find a safe haven.”We don’ t want to continue fighting with the Kerry people. The Skuru people need to survive, to reproduce, not to fight.”
Looking at Taros with a complicated expression, Fang Han suddenly became curious. He gestured for Carol Danvers to relax. Fang Han sat on a stone and smelled it.” Although the Skuru Empire is a bit rotten, it shouldn’ t be unable to defeat the Kerry people. Even if the battle is bad, it should be able to stand still. Why would it turn into the current situation?”
“I learned some information about you Skuru people from the Keri people’s information. You have the same technology as the Keri people, and your army is n’ t that weak. Why did you fall to that state?”Is there something wrong with you?”
Taros gave a faint sigh, and his expression instantly became dispirited.” Mother planet, the mother planet has been destroyed. We have suffered a lot.”
Fang Han came to a sudden realization. No wonder the Skuru people were so thoroughly defeated. It was because their hometown had been stolen. This was indeed true. It could only be said that the Skuru people had done too much.
Originally, they were able to fight, but in the end, the home planet with the most advanced technology and the strongest military strength was gone.
There wasn’t any follow-up military supplies and personnel replenishment. There was n’ t any resources or new technology. The Skurus relied on those sub-bases to defeat Kerry. Not to mention the Accuser, Luo Nan, who was a big boss. The Supreme Accuser Army wasn’t an ordinary elite monster. There was also the Death Star Fleet…
Fang Han could only say that the Skuru people had lost unjustly.
And it wasn’t the Kerry people’s fault that the Skuru’s hometown was gone.
Fang Han had an impression that this was done by Planet Devourer Garan.
In order to maintain his life, this planet Devourer continuously devoured the planet’s energy. This would cause a living planet to fall into irreversible destruction. And the Skuru people’s home had been absorbed by this planet Devourer, which led to the destruction of the planet.
But if he knew this, he couldn’t tell Taros.
Can’t he let this guy take revenge?
The planet Devourer, Garland, was one of the five gods of the universe. It was the only surviving existence in the primeval universe when it was destroyed and reborn. The entire universe was alive. At that time, the primeval universe exploded, and the entire universe collapsed. All materials converged towards the core of the universe. Finally, the remaining primeval universe consciousness and the terrifying life force merged with Garland, creating such a big boss.
That was a world ruler, a multiverse existence.
Looking at Taros, Fang Han sighed. There was nothing to say. He only hoped that you would not be so unlucky in the future.*

Chapter 44 Return to Earth![First, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

Fang Han looked at Taros and sighed,” Sigh, in other words, you only want to find a shelter to survive and reproduce?”
“Yes, we just want to survive. We can lose the war, but we can not lose the future of our race. Even if we adults die, our children will still live!”Taros said sadly.
Fang Han recalled Captain Marvel’s plot. It seemed that outside Earth’s atmosphere, there was a Skuru’s space station. It seemed to be built by Carol Danvers and Dr. Will. There was the speed of light engine that the Skuru needed.
Fang Han thought for a moment and said,” Do you have a spaceship?”
Taros nodded.” Yes, we have a spaceship.”
Fang Han nodded and said nothing. Taros did not dare to disturb Fang Han. Just like that, the air once again fell into a tormented silence.
After a while, Fang Han looked up at Taros and said,” Bring your clansmen and take a spaceship. I’ ll take you to find the speed of light engine you need. At that time, you can fly at speed of light and then move to a safe place.”
“Really?!”Taros looked at Fang Han in surprise.
“Of course.”Fang Han said.
“Why are you helping us? What do you want from us?”Taros looked at Fang Han suspiciously. He didn’t know what else he was worth helping him. He was clearly dead on his way?Could it be that he was still counting on himself to beat the Kerry?
Fang Han smiled when he heard Taros’ words.” What can I get from you?What else could you give me?”I’ ll help you, but I’ m willing to do this. It’s just that simple.”
“Now, you can immediately get your people on the spaceship. Carol, I want to take them to a place. I need your help.”Fang Han said.
Carol Danvers thought of what Fang Han had said and nodded.
“I will help you leave. Of course, you will also send us back to Earth. This is fair, right?”Fang Han smiled at Taros.

Twenty-four hours later, outside Earth’s atmosphere, an invisible space station appeared in the sight of Fang Han and the Skuru people under the revelation of Carol Danvers.
After entering the interstellar space station, Fang Han realized that there were actually quite a few Skuru people inside the space station.
This was especially the case when Fang Han saw a young Skuru run towards Taros under the guidance of a female Skuru. It was only then that he realized that he had a wife and child.
The Skuru people were reunited. At the very least, the Skuru people here had found their families.
Taros looked at Fang Han sincerely and said,” Thank you, thank you for helping us. You are not only powerful warriors, but also the heroes of the Skuru people!”
“Actually, I don’ t like being a hero. I just follow my heart’s decision. Now that you’ re reunited, you can also find a safe new home.”Fang Han said.
“Thank you again. I, Taros hereby promise that as long as you need it in the future, the Skuru people will come unconditionally.”Taros said solemnly.
“Alright, I will remember. I just hope that there will never be such a day.”Fang Han said.
After a brief hug with Taros, Fang Han took out a square object emitting a blue light from the engine and threw it into the air before catching it again.
“Hey, this, it’s not safe for you guys. It’ ll be safer for me.”As Fang Han spoke, he placed the precious object into an iron box that originally contained candy or other small items and handed it to Carol Danvers.
“Han, what is this?”Carol Danvers asked curiously.
“Cosmic Rubik’s Cube, this thing is not good for them.”Fang Han said.
Carol Danvers nodded and said nothing.
After Taros led the Skurus to bid farewell, Fang Han and Carol Danvers returned to Earth in an escape pod.
In fact, Fang Han was still not at ease with the Skuru people. He knew that he didn’t know anything. Taros was a good leader, and it was n’ t wrong to focus on the future of the Skuru people. But this was a universe where the laws of the Dark Jungle prevailed. It was good for the Skuru people, but good for the Earth people?
Even though the Skurus people who were almost wiped out by the Kerry people and were swallowed by the planet Devourer, the great god, looked pitiful, in the cartoon, these Skurus people had planned to invade Earth.
Although he didn’t know whether it was the Marvelous Comic Universe or the Marvelous Movie Universe, Fang Han was instinctively wary of the other races. After all, humans were just too small. In the vast universe, Earth was too weak.
But all of this was temporarily left behind by Fang Han.
Taking in the fresh air, Fang Han opened his hands and hugged nature. He had a sincere smile on his face: Earth, the cradle of mankind, my home. After six months away, Fang Han returned!
Carol Danvers was even more excited and cheered. He jumped up and threw himself into Fang Han’s arms.” Hey, we’ re back!”We’ re really back!”
Hugging Carol Danvers, Fang Han smiled and said,” Oh, of course, we’ re back. I said we’ ll definitely be back!”
“Yes, Han, I just want to have a big meal and get a good sleep!”Carol Danvers said seriously.
“Me too, let’s celebrate?”Fang Han asked with a smile.
An hour later, in the dining room, the dining table was filled with all kinds of delicious food. Fang Han and Carol Danvers sat aside. Their eyes were filled with anticipation, as well as nervousness. They carefully looked at the food. Carol Danvers carefully cut a small steak into his mouth.
“Yes, this taste is too delicious!”Carol Danvers could not help but say.
“Yeah, after drinking six months of nutrient solution, I finally got the meat.”Fang Han chewed the meat in satisfaction, feeling extremely satisfied.
Then, Fang Han and Carol Danvers raised their glasses and lightly touched them.
“Celebrate our return to Earth!”
“Celebrate the end of our adventure!”
Taking out the red wine in the glass, Fang Han said,” I just want to eat meat, all kinds of meat. I feel like I can eat a cow!”
“Me too.”Carol Danvers laughed.
Then, Fang Han and Carol Danvers started eating without any hesitation.
How could Fang Han and Carol Danvers endure all kinds of meat after drinking six months of nutrient solution and not feeling the taste in their mouth?
Especially Fang Han. The Saiya people were not only combat races, but also food lovers. The nutrient solution could replenish energy, but it could not bring a feeling of fullness. Now, Fang Han needed to feel fullness.
Fang Han and Carol Danvers ate and ate. They looked at each other and stopped at the same time.
“Oh, I really don’ t like being disturbed at this time.”*

Was he still alive?[Second, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

“Someone invaded!”Carol Danvers frowned as he looked above.
The current Carol Danvers wasn’t one of those ordinary Mi Air Force test pilots. After experiencing the battle on Planet Kerry and honing on Topaz for six months, the current Carol Danvers could already be called a qualified captain of surprise.
With extraordinary power, she could sense things outside Earth. Although she couldn’t sense things very far, she could n’ t sense things that she wanted to hide.
However, Carol Danvers could still find out about the obvious invasion.
It wasn’t just Carol Danvers, Fang Han could sense it as well. Although the atmosphere on Earth could n’ t sense the presence of air, Fang Han could sense that sinister intent.
This kind of malicious intent made Fang Han very familiar.
“Carol, to be honest, I really don’t want to fight right now, especially when I just returned to Earth.”It’s not easy to have a good lunch, but someone came to disturb me. Sigh, it’s really hard to calm down.”Fang Han said while cutting the steak.
Carol Danvers took a sip of red wine and asked,” Then are we going now?”
Fang Han looked up at the sky again and said,” I really didn’ t expect them to come so quickly. We just returned to Earth, and they followed us. These Kerry people are truly ghosts.”
“Yes, these Kerry people.”As Carol Danvers spoke, the knife in her hand had been crushed into a pile of scrap iron.
Fang Han smiled and stood up to gently move his body. Instantly, his entire body emitted a crackling sound.
He moved his neck again, and Fang Han looked up at the sky. Through the layers of air, he could see the things outside the atmosphere, the dense interstellar fleet.
“I thought that the Kerry people would at least come in a year. I didn’ t expect that they would appear just after they returned to Earth. Their noses are much better than dogs.”Fang Han looked very calm, but he was extremely angry.
Although the Sayans loved fighting, fighting was not the only thing that the Sayans loved. Besides fighting, the Sayans also loved food.
It could be said that the Saiya people’s enthusiasm for food was no weaker than fighting.
As Fang Han, who had the Saiya bloodline in his body and was a member of my gluttony empire in his previous life, he could already imagine his passion for food.
After drinking more than six months of nutrient solution, he finally managed to get a good meal. However, someone came to disturb him at this time. Fang Han’s anger was on the verge of exploding.
“I really hate people disturbing me while I eat. I really hate them.”Fang Han’s tone was extremely calm, but he could already see a flame burning in his eyes.
Carol Danvers was also very angry, but besides anger, Carol Danvers was even more worried.
Why would the Kerry people appear as soon as they appeared?
It was the Kerry people who had been tracking them all the time, and they had been lying in ambush on Earth long ago?
Or was there a spy from the Kerry people on Earth?
“Han, I felt something was wrong. How could they have appeared so quickly?!”Carol Danvers told Fang Han of his worries.
Fang Han was puzzled by this, but Fang Han was not worried about it.
The current Fang Han was not the Fang Han from six months ago. Carol Danvers might not be confident, but Fang Han had a strong confidence. The experience card that he had on him was Fang Han’s greatest trump card.
Besides this experience card, Fang Han’s 10,000 combat strength was also the source of Fang Han’s confidence. With 3,000 combat strength, he could turn Planet Kerry upside down and kill so many people on Planet Kerry. Now, with 10,000 combat strength, his strength was not three times as simple.
A strange sound like the sound of a bell and the sound of an electric current resounded over the country. Then, a huge projection appeared over the country.
This huge projection was almost a thousand meters tall. It floated a thousand meters above the ground. It could be said that half of the rice kingdom could see this figure.
The appearance of this figure made the people of the Mi Kingdom panic. Could it be that the aliens really came to invade Earth?!
The figure was a gray-skinned man. He was wearing bronze armor, but he was wearing a black cloak. His right hand was wearing a mechanical glove, while his left hand was carrying a silver-white war hammer. There was a white mask with only two holes on his face.
Fang Han immediately felt very familiar when he saw this projection. How could he feel so similar to that torn accuser, Luo Nan?
“My name is Luo Nan. I am the commander of the army of the great Supreme Accusators of the Kerry Empire. I am the commander of the fleet of the Empire’s Death Star Fleet. I am called the Accusator by people in the Milky Way Galaxy, the Slayer, and the Death God.”The projection said.
Even though it was a long distance away, the sound seemed to ring in your ear. Everyone heard it clearly.
At this moment, as the largest violent organization in North America and the world, more than a dozen F-16 fighter jets had already ascended to the projection.
As the most powerful country on Earth, after experiencing the initial panic, the Mi Country had demonstrated its powerful military mobilization in just a few minutes.
Fang Han, at this moment, was looking at this enormous figure with an expressionless face. In his heart, there was a huge storm in his heart: The Accuser, Luo Nan?He was the accuser, Luo Nan?Impossible! Wasn’ t Luo Nan dead?
“Han, is he the accuser Luo Nan?”Carol Danvers was extremely shocked. Luo Nan had died in Fang Han’s hands. She was clearly aware of this.
“Fang Han, we meet again.”This huge projection looked at Fang Han and Carol Danvers.
“Oh!”God, this alien is here to find them!”A black man exclaimed.
“They brought the aliens here!”
“It’s too scary. They’ ve summoned aliens. The country of rice is about to be destroyed!”
“Oh, I don’ t want to die. Mom, save me!”
Ignoring the panicked crowd around him, Fang Han looked at the huge projection in the air expressionlessly. The anger in his heart was already on the verge of erupting. A volcano was stirring in Fang Han’s heart.
“If my memory did not make any mistakes, then you should be dead now.”Fang Han said coldly.
“Yes, but the great supreme wisdom revived me again.”Luo Nan’s projection said.
“Ha, resurrect?”Are you still the one who accused Luo Nan?”Fang Han said disdainfully. A person who had been torn to pieces. After resurrection, apart from that memory, was he the same person?
“Of course, I’ m still the commander of the Supreme Accusator Legion of the Kerry Empire. I’ m still the commander of the Dead Star Fleet. I’ m still me. I’ m the strongest warrior in the empire. The accuser, Luo Nan.”Luo Nan’s projection said.*

Chapter 46: Cre’s threat, Earth was a sensation![Third, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

“Heh, it’s really interesting.”Fang Han laughed coldly.
“What are you laughing at?”Shouldn’ t I applaud and cheer for my resurrection?”Luo Nan seemed to have changed a lot after he was revived. He was actually able to joke with Fang Han now.
Fang Han shook his head.” I’ m not happy with your resurrection, let alone applaud and cheer for you. On the contrary, you’ ve disturbed my lunch, and you’ ll pay for it.”
“Price?What price?”Maybe you still don’ t know. We’ ve been waiting for you for more than five months.”Luo Nan’s projection said.
“Five months, this is beyond my imagination. You guys are really patient.”Fang Han’s eyes grew colder and colder. He already understood why the Kerri had appeared the moment he returned to Earth.
They had already waited here.
Fang Han took out a glass of wine and poured himself a bit of wine.” Actually, I had expected you to come a long time ago. Just like you know that we are destined to return to Earth, I didn’ t expect you to wait for me five months ago.”
“There are still many things that you didn’ t expect. We’ ve already sealed off this place. Now, Planet C-53 has been sealed off by my fleet. You still have time to surrender now. Although you’ re strong, you’ re not a match for the Death Star Fleet. We’ re the strongest fleet in the Milky Way.”Luo Nan’s projection said.
Fang Han smiled disdainfully.” The strongest fleet?”Heh.”
“Fang Han, this is not a discussion with you. You have no right to refuse. Now, just surrender and obediently go back with us.”Luo Nan’s projection said.
“Do you think it’s possible?”Fang Han smiled.
“Why not?”We’ ve surrounded the entire C-53 planet. We have an entire interstellar fleet. You’ re not a match for our Death Star Fleet at all. Once we attack, you won’ t be able to block it. Moreover, even if you can escape, can Earth escape?”Luo Nan’s projection said.
Right now, Luo Nan’s intentions were very obvious. Fang Han also knew what they meant. Even if he and Carol could leave, Earth would not be able to leave. It was like this. If he could leave, what would Earth do?
“Damn it, you actually threatened us!”Carol Danvers was furious. He used the lives of all the creatures on Earth to threaten them. Luo Nan’s despicable degree made Carol Danvers feel his anger burning.
“Carol, don’ t be angry. They can’ t beat us, so we can only use this method to threaten us.”Fang Han’s threat to Luo Nan was rather open. The reason why he was so threatening was because he could n’ t beat him.
If they could beat him, Luo Nan and the others would have made a move a long time ago. Why would they still talk nonsense with him here?
The reason why they didn’ t make a move was because they weren’ t sure, so they didn’ t dare to make a move easily?
Since that was the case, how could Fang Han just surrender? He was not stupid.
“You guys, are you so persistent in letting me serve you?”Fang Han asked.
Luo Nan’s projection said,” Of course, you have value that belongs to you. Otherwise, you would have died a long time ago.”
“Heh, have you forgotten the pain of being torn apart? Do you want to experience it again?”Although Fang Han smiled, a faint aura was already emanating from his body.
These thin, smoke-like gases floated out from Fang Han’s body. They surrounded Fang Han and gave off a terrifying aura.
“You don’ t understand the power of the empire, let alone what you’ re facing.”Luo Nan’s projection spoke. Clearly, he was very disappointed with Fang Han’s attitude.
At this time, the government and military of the country of rice had already completed the mobilization. The aircraft carrier battle groups were all on standby, and the fighter planes in various places had also been prepared. Apart from these standing military forces, as the most powerful weapon on Earth, the mushroom egg was already in a semi-activated state.
Facing this huge alien projection, the country of rice showed its strongest side and had a preliminary plan to deal with anything that these aliens could do.
Dozens of F-16 fighter jets were guarding around the huge projection, fearing that the projection would make a threatening move.
Carol Danvers looked at the actions of the military and said,” Han, the army is not a match for the Kerry people. They have no idea how powerful the Kerry people are.”
“There’s nothing we can do. The difference in technology is too great. Not only does the Mi Country not have the power to deal with it, but the entire Earth has no power to deal with it. In terms of technology, Earth is not a match for the Kerry people.”Fang Han was very open about this. This was the truth. There was nothing to admit.
Anyway, the truth was like this. How could you ignore it?
He could still learn from South Korea, saying that the Kerry people were also theirs?
“Han, the military is not Luo Nan’s opponent. Those pilots are very dangerous now!”Carol Danvers repeated.
Fang Han looked at Carol Danvers and lightly patted her shoulder.” I know that, so I’ m going to fight with the Kerry people.”
“Then you’ ll be in a very dangerous situation.”Carol Danvers said worriedly.
“Was nothing. The Kerry fleet could not do anything to me.Earth had to be guarded by someone, and now, only you were the most suitable.”Karmataji’s sorcerers are not as strong as a raccoon. At this time, I have to go up.”Fang Han said.
“Hey, Fang Han!Have you considered it?”Now, it’s best to follow us obediently. From now on, we will be loyal to the Kerry Empire and follow the orders of the supreme wisdom. Otherwise, the consequences will not be something you can imagine.”Luo Nan’s projection became a little impatient.
Fang Han gave a faint sigh. He had thought that Gu Yi, who was the leader of Kamataiji, would show up at this time. He had not expected that this old man would not show up even now.
“Seriously, Carol, I regret that we are not in the east now. I even regret why we did not go to New York.”Fang Han said.
“What are you talking about?”Carol Danvers was stunned.
Carol Danvers didn’t know, but Fang Han did. In New York, there was a branch of Camategy and the magic hub of North America. There was a group of mages there. Perhaps these mages could be cannon fodder for a while, but now, Fang Han and Carol Danvers in Alabama could only rely on themselves.
“Fang Han, have you figured it out?”Are you sure you want to disobey Kerry?”Luo Nan’s voice rang out.
Fang Han found out that those mages and Gu Yi really wouldn’t make a move. He smiled and said to Carol Danvers,” Looks like the reincarnated Luo Nan is even more arrogant than before. He does n’ t know what he is facing. He needs a lesson.”*

Fang Han![Fourth, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

“Fang Han!You actually dared to disobey my orders!”You’ re courting death!”
It was unknown if Luo Nan’s character had become distorted after his rebirth or if his emotions had been infinitely magnified. Luo Nan now appeared to be extremely irritable.
“Wow!Mother…” A childish voice rang out. The furious Luo Nan frightened a child.
Fang Han looked around at the terrified crowd and looked at the frightened children. The anger in his heart exploded.
As if a flame was rising, a powerful wave of air erupted from Fang Han’s body. The air was rising like a flame, with Fang Han as the center, forming a powerful aura that soared into the sky.
A shocking aura spread out, calming down the surrounding people. The frightened people all calmed down when they sensed the aura from Fang Han.
“Carol, protect this place. We can’ t rely on others.”As Fang Han spoke, his feet slightly crushed the ground. His entire body shot into the sky like a rocket. With a terrifying wave of air, he rushed towards the Luo Nan fleet outside the atmosphere.
This scene was faithfully recorded by the satellite in outer space. The upper echelons of the Earth Security Council saw this scene through a real-time transmission screen.
As the strongest organization on Earth, the Security Council was composed of the five permanent members at the highest level. The other countries served as members respectively. The five permanent members were the personnel directly dispatched by the five permanent members. This organization was the union of all civilized countries on Earth and could be the plenipotentiary representative of Earth.
Now, these top figures on Earth saw a scene beyond their imaginations. A man exploded with powerful waves of air, rushing out from the ground like a comet into space. The energy emitted from his body made all the scientists fear.
“High energy ahead!”
“High energy ahead!”
“High energy ahead!”
Fang Han had already rushed out of Earth’s atmosphere and arrived in front of the Death Star Fleet.
Fang Han, who was surrounded by the waves of air, would not be affected by the low temperature in space. Those cosmic rays would not be able to cause any trouble for him.
Fang Han, who was shrouded in a flame-like mist, could be said to have no problems other than being unable to breathe.
Fang Han didn’t mind the fact that he could n’ t breathe because he couldn’t breathe for a while now. It could only be said that the duration was inversely proportional to the intensity of the battle.
The more intense the battle was, the shorter Fang Han could last in the universe.
Because the amount of oxygen consumed in intense battles was a huge amount, it was already very difficult for Fang Han to rely on the gas in his body to form a short cycle.
Fang Han could not survive in the universe for a long time unless he reached the level of a super Sayan.
Looking at the familiar figure in the huge interstellar warship, Fang Han revealed a smile: Accuser Luo Nan, we meet again.
There was no sound in the universe, nor could they spread their words. However, Fang Han and Luo Nan completely ignored this. They had other communication methods.
“Fang Han, are you here to surrender?”Luo Nan asked.
Fang Han grinned. The volcano in his heart that had been suppressed for a long time erupted.
A violent aura burst out from Fang Han’s body. Even though they were inside the interstellar battleship with heavy armor, the Kerri people were still shocked by this terrifying aura. This meant that the man who had caused trouble on Planet Kerri had appeared before their eyes again.
“Surrender?Luo Nan, this time, I will definitely send you to see God!”As Fang Han spoke, he was like a comet as he dragged a white wave of air towards the gigantic interstellar battleship in front of him.
A person who was less than two meters tall was so small in front of a huge steel monster that was over a hundred meters tall and over a thousand meters long. However, it was this extremely small person that made the Kerry people inside the steel monster feel fear. It was an aura that could destroy everything.
“Kerry, you guys haven’t felt any terror yet!”As Fang Han spoke, his tightly clenched fist carried a terrifying force as it smashed towards the interstellar battleship where Luo Nan was. Fang Han was confident that this punch would directly open a hole in this big fellow full of armor and cannon.
The sound of metal colliding with the flesh rang out.
It was very strange. It was clearly in the universe, but this kind of sound was still heard by Fang Han. The sound was not just in the air, but bones could still be heard.
Fang Han hit a hard metal with this punch.
It was only at this moment that Fang Han could see clearly that the person blocking him was a monster with a whole body of steel.
How should he describe this monster? Fang Han clearly felt the aura of life, but this life was very chaotic, without any reason to speak.
Moreover, he had clearly sensed the aura of life. There were flesh and blood, but his appearance was full of steel. It was as if he had forcibly fused the human body and machinery together. Such strange creatures, or monsters, possessed powerful power.
This was a semi-mechanical half-life monster. It could actually block Fang Han’s full-powered punch.
“Wow.”Fang Han looked at the monster in front of him and was a little surprised. How did the Kerri people come up with this thing?
“Roar!”A huge roar rang out. It was like the roar of a wild beast, with great pain and indescribable madness.
Fang Han was a little dizzy from the loud noise.
There was clearly no air in the universe, how did this sound spread?
Or was the Maneuvering Universe very special?
Fang Han really didn’t expect this. His head hurt from the sudden sound wave.
“Damn guy, you’ ve made a noise with me!”Fang Han immediately kicked the monster’s head, forcing it to shut its mouth.
The collision between the metal bones on the upper and lower jaws made the monster unable to withstand it. Blue blood flowed from the corner of the monster’s mouth.
Seeing the blue blood, Fang Han couldn’t help but squint his eyes. Blue blood, Kerri, could this monster be a Kerri before?!
Shaking his head, the monster didn’t care about the blood on its lips at all. It rushed towards Fang Han as if it was nothing. Fang Han did n’ t expect that he would be able to kill the monster with this kick. After moving his shoulder, Fang Han also faced the monster.
“Bang bang bang bang!”
Fang Han’s fist speed produced countless afterimages, and numerous powerful attacks continuously hit this monster’s body, while this monster did not care at all to retaliate against Fang Han.
There was another sound wave. The sound wave was so close that Fang Han was stunned for a moment. The monster took the opportunity to punch Fang Han with both fists. At the same time, a powerful energy shock wave shot out from its mouth, sending Fang Han back to Earth from the universe.*

Chapter 48: Cre’s Monster Berserker![First, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

A blue energy shock wave streaked across the sky.
A figure was sent back to Earth by the energy shockwave from outer space. It didn’t even have time to react and directly hit a mountain.
A huge explosion sounded.
The shattered rocks flew in all directions, and a storm of dust soared into the sky…
The mountain top was gone. Most of the mountain collapsed and began to collapse…
Such a scene made the higher-ups of the Security Council stand up from their seats in shock. Was this the power of aliens?
Is that person called Fang Han still alive?
The collapsed rock was blown away by a powerful force. Countless pieces of rubble collapsed. Fang Han shot into the sky from the rubble and moved his numb arm. Fang Han sneered,” You Kerri, you finally developed a pretty good thing.”
“Whew…” The sound of relief rose and fell in the council hall. Fang Han was still alive. This was undoubtedly good news for Earth. Otherwise, these council members really did not know how to face this powerful alien empire.
Could it be that they relied on the national strategic defense, attack and logistics support bureau?
Don’t be kidding. The fight with Country de’s Little Beard had left the idol of Country Mi’s captain gone. Even Country de’s fight was so difficult, yet they were still counting on them to fight against extraterrestrial forces?
“Let me introduce you. This is the latest technology in the empire. Berserker, perfect combination of machinery and body, powerful warrior.”Luo Nan spoke in a flaunting tone.
“Yes, it is indeed very strong.”Fang Han looked at the steel monster that was chasing after him and his lips curled up slightly.
A violent aura erupted from Fang Han’s body.
“Bang bang bang bang!”
The fists and feet collided with the metal, and the two powerful forces collided in an instant.
Fang Han and the steel monster called Berserker began to punch and attack. Although the monster was covered in heavy metal, Fang Han did not care at all. The slight pain of the fist hitting the metal did not cause Fang Han to be worried. Instead, it provoked Fang Han’s blood.
This kind of slight pain made Fang Han extremely excited. The Saiya people’s blood was burning and boiling. The Saiya people had always been more courageous in the face of strong enemies.
Fang Han was stimulated by the blood in his heart. The fight with this monster was getting more and more intense.
The two continued to collide at a dizzying speed, then separated and collided again.
Just the naked eye could not see the speed of their battle.
Luo Nan spoke in a very relaxed tone,” I specifically used a few satellites for your battle with the Berserker. Now, they will broadcast your battle to the people on Planet C-53. Oh, that’s exactly how you died when the Earthlings you spoke of saw it.”
“I’ m sorry, you will be the first Earthling to die because of resistance to the Kerry Empire. This is not a disgrace. On the contrary, it is a kind of glory. It is your honor to die in the hands of the Empire.”
“C-53 planet, this planet that you call Earth, will become the newest colony of the great Kerry Empire. Your death will reduce the resistance of the people on this planet. This will help our rule. Of course, for you, it also means a kind of relief, right?”
Fang Han fought with this steel monster, Berserker, while listening to Luo Nan’s nonsense. That feeling of impatience made Fang Han’s attack more and more powerful.
Fang Han pushed the Berserker back with a punch. He focused his hands, and a massive energy wave was sent flying by Fang Han. The white energy wave struck the Berserker and sent the steel monster flying.
After that, Fang Han released another energy art wave without any pause. This energy art wave dragged a long tail wave and rushed towards Luo Nan’s Death Star Fleet in outer space.
“An annoying fly, shut up!”Fang Han was furious at Luo Nan’s chatter.
“Roar!”A deafening roar rang out. The berserker rushed over from afar, and a blue energy shockwave erupted from his mouth.
“Honestly, as soon as I saw this kind of energy impact, I thought of Kerry cannon. It really hurts.”As Fang Han spoke, his hands froze and air burst out from Fang Han’s hands, forming a pillar of air that shot towards the Berserker.
The two powerful energies collided together, and the azure energy and white gas continuously collided, offsetting the impact.
“Ah, ah…” Fang Han roared. He pushed all the energy in his body into his hands and exploded out. The white energy waves instantly doubled in size and directly pushed back the Berserker’s energy shock wave.
The Berserker didn’t seem to have a brain at all. Facing such a clearly disadvantaged situation, the Berserker chose to fight directly. It did n’ t dodge, but instead increased its energy output.
However, the energy output of the steel monster was obviously not as good as Fang Han’s. Soon, the Qigong Wave pushed back the Berserker’s energy shock wave inch by inch and directly hit the Berserker’s mouth.
A huge explosion followed the sound wave. A mushroom cloud soared into the sky. The violent shock wave that was like a typhoon swept through the surroundings in the blink of an eye, sending countless trees and rubble flying.
After moving his muscles and bones, Fang Han sneered,” Do you really think this kind of monster can beat me?”
At this moment, countless people were so shocked that they did not know what to say.
A member of the Security Council stared blankly at the mushroom cloud and the violent shock wave on the screen, muttering,” God, this is simply a mushroom egg!”
“Was too terrifying. Was this really the power that humans could possess?He was still an Asian yellow race man. What happened to this world?!”A white council member said in fear.
“You still care about this?Didn’t you hear what that alien said?He wanted to turn Earth into their colony of the Kerry Empire. When that time comes, what would happen to us? Have you thought about it?!”
“We have to stop this crazy guy!”
“He has a fleet, and there is a powerful empire behind him. And we can’ t even deal with that steel monster!”
At the Council, a group of members began to argue.
People from all over the world looked at the scene in the sky. On the one hand, they were worried about the future of Earth, and on the other hand, they were shocked by Fang Han’s strength. They even began to imagine the scene after they possessed such powerful strength.
Fang Han didn’t know what the people’s reaction was. He didn’t have time to deal with this either. He was commenting on the monster opposite him.
The monster was still alive after being hit by a full-powered Qigong wave. Even though the steel on its body was already broken, the armor on its face was even more broken. Looking at the ferocious flesh and bones beneath the broken armor, Fang Han no longer had more than half of his mouth that was still roaring. He had a new prediction about the monster’s life force.*

A Berserker![Second, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

The roar rang out from the berserker’s bloodied mouth. His face, which had been blasted by the energy art waves, was covered in armor, flesh and blood splattered everywhere, and blue blood flowed continuously. However, the berserker seemed to not feel any pain, not affected at all.
The sound waves rushed towards Fang Han, causing Fang Han’s clothes to rustle as he scratched his ears. Fang Han’s eyes were burning with battle intent.
Crackling bone explosions rang out continuously. Fang Han suddenly turned his head to look at Luo Nan’s projection as he looked at the berserker on the other side.” I have to say that this monster is really resistant to fighting.”
“This kind of monster isn’ t just as simple as fighting. Fang Han, don’ t you feel familiar?”Luo Nan’s malicious voice rang out.
Fang Han narrowed his eyes and looked at the mangled Berserker on the other side. He heard the Berserker roar and then rushed towards him.
The battle began again, and the punches and kicks collided continuously. Each strike had the power to destroy mountains and broken mountains, but it could not form any important attack on the opponent.
Fang Han was fighting. Suddenly, he understood what Luo Nan meant.
Looking at the Berserker who was constantly attacking, Fang Han slightly dodged the Berserker’s steel claws and kicked the Berserker away. Following that, Fang Han’s figure instantly sprinted out. Before the original figure disappeared, he appeared behind the Berserker. Then, on Fang Han’s right hand, golden light appeared.
The golden light condensed into a huge dragon claw. Fang Han waved his right hand, causing the dragon claw on his right hand to streak across the Berserker’s head.
Four lights flashed and four cracks appeared on Berserker’s head. Blue blood began to shoot out.
This was just the beginning. After the golden dragon claw streaked across the Berserker’s head, it directly penetrated the Berserker’s chest!
The hard chest that was comparable to the armor of the interstellar battleship was directly caught by the golden dragon claw. A blue round mechanical ball appeared from the dragon claw in front of his chest.
This was the Berserker’s core hub.
With a crisp sound, the golden dragon claw directly crushed the mechanical ball, cutting off the Berserker’s energy supply. Fang Han twisted his arm and lifted it up, shattering the broken Berserker’s head.
Blue blood splattered everywhere, Berserker dead!
After losing his life, the Berserker who was constantly falling gave a supplementary kick to help the monster reach the ground faster. Fang Han looked at Luo Nan’s projection and his eyes became icy cold.” You actually tried to imitate me?”
Why did “say that?The Empire had already started the Berserker plan and started to construct the Berserker. The operation mode and attack mode should have been set with my battle logic, but at the last moment, you appeared. It has to be said that your performance at that time made those representatives more satisfied, so they chose to copy your attack mode. You should feel lucky.”Luo Nan said.
“Ha, luck?”Do you still have to be grateful to you?”Fang Han sneered disdainfully.
“Look at you, I don’ t want to express gratitude to us.”Luo Nan shrugged.
“Grateful?”Just this?”Fang Han pointed at the berserker’s corpse that had lost its energy and fell to pieces.
“Was counting on this pile of useless meat, on this pile of useless trash?”This kind of thing is not my match. If you don’ t have anything better, then you should be ready to die. Your fleet can’ t protect you.”
During the conversation between Fang Han and Luo Nan, the bigwigs of the Earth Council were also rejoicing. Fortunately, Fang Han, a human from Earth, had won. If those alien creatures had won, most likely everyone would be prisoners.
“Oh, thank God, we are still saved.”
“That’s right. That Chinese man named Fang Han is very strong. We need such a warrior to protect our planet.”
“That’s right. I personally think we need to know more about this alien civilization.”
“That’s right. Send someone to retrieve the corpse of that semi-mechanical creature called Berserker. We need to know why this monster is so powerful. Otherwise, we will never have the confidence.”
“That’s right. We need to upgrade our technology, and we need more military power.”
The bigwigs of the Security Council quickly reached a lot of consensus: for example, sharing technology, establishing a satellite monitoring system covering the entire Earth, and also recovering the berserker’s corpse to reverse research.
There was nothing they could do. The battle between Fang Han and the Berserker was simply too shocking. These bigwigs were terrified. This was the first time they realized that their rights were not enough to guarantee their own lives. They needed a stronger army to protect them.
Meanwhile, Luo Nan was still chatting with Fang Han.
“Hey, I mean Fang Han, do you really think you can beat a Berserker?”Luo Nan asked.
“Oh?What do you mean?”Did you forget what the meat was before?”Fang Han seemed very calm.
Luo Nan shook his head and said,” No, no, no, you’re strong. You’ re really strong. To be honest, we didn’t expect you to be able to reach this level in just six months.”However, don’ t underestimate us. We Kerri are the empire of the Milky Way!”
Fang Han narrowed his eyes and instinctively felt something was wrong.
He wasn’t idle about talking to Luo Nan. Actually, both sides were delaying time. Fang Han needed to recover his strength. Luo Nan seemed to be preparing something.
Luo Nan’s projection disappeared. Instead, it was a picture of the universe:
A hundred meters tall and 1,000 meters long star battleship was covered in heavy anti-energy armor and cannon. On both sides were dense aircraft ejection silos, with unmanned fighter planes inside. A streamlined star destroyer with full sense of technology, a small but powerful star frigate…
Above the fleet of these battleships, a dark hole was expanding, and a black cyclone was slowly spreading. The roars of the Berserkers were constantly heard from the other side of the black hole.
“I’ ve already said that the Empire is already preparing the Berserker plan. So, we don’ t only have one Berserker, we have an entire Berserker army!”Luo Nan introduced the steel monster that was constantly drilling out of the black hole with a proud tone.
“Berserker is the perfect combination of beasts and technology. It is the most berserk beast chosen by the empire from all the planets in the empire’s territory. It has an energy hub inside its body, and it also has hard armor and energy cannon on its body. Their mouth cannon is as powerful as your giant ape-like mouth cannon. It’s equivalent to a small Kriss cannon.”
“Moreover, we are not a small number of such monsters. We have raised a whole planet.”*

Chapter 50 You’re forcing me to become a Super![Third, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

“A planet…” Fang Han clenched his fists.
To be honest, the reason why Fang Han and the Berserker looked like they were on par with each other earlier was that they felt like they were on par with each other. However, in reality, Fang Han was testing the comprehensive strength of this new type of Krish monster. Otherwise, Fang Han would have used Dragon Claw Technique to destroy this thing.
Could the Berserker’s armor contain the precious rare alloy in their library?
Fang Han had absolute confidence in killing this monster. That was why he started playing with this monster with a game-like mentality. However, Fang Han had not expected that this monster would actually create an entire army!
Moreover, there was a monster like a planet behind.
The familiar roar sounded again. A berserker that was exactly the same as before emerged from the black hole in outer space and directly rushed into Earth’s atmosphere. Then, there was a second, third, and fourth berserker.
In just a few seconds, more than a dozen Berserkers had already charged into Earth’s atmosphere.
“There were so many monsters like this?!”A member of the Security Council was shocked.
“What are you still standing there for?”Destroy these damn monsters with missiles!”The northern committee members roared.
“That’s right. We have missiles and mushroom eggs. We can definitely destroy these monsters!”Another member echoed.
“Everyone, don’ t worry. Let’s see if Fang Han can handle it.”Some members also raised different opinions.
“Are you kidding me?Once this type of monster landed on the ground, how much would it cost to destroy it?”Now we must launch a missile!”
The members of the Security Council discussed the decision and informed the military.
Of course, the only one who had the ability to stop it was Milliken. Because these monsters were all over the United States, the other countries were too far away. They could not reach them in a few minutes.
The missile was launched. Not only was it a missile launcher, but there were also hundreds of fighter jets that launched the missile at the same time.
The dense missiles rushed towards the Berserkers like a curtain of bullets. At this moment, not only the members of the Security Council, but also the leaders and ordinary people of various countries were waiting for the results, hoping that things would develop in the direction they had imagined.
Even Fang Han did not choose to make a move at this moment, waiting for the development of the matter.
The missile fired by the fighter jet approached the Berserker and exploded. The flames formed a large fireball in the air. The fireballs appeared one after another in the air, forming a terrifying flame.
However, the Berserker’s figure rushed out of the flames without any injuries.
Such a scene made the members of the Security Council feel a chill, but fortunately, they still had more powerful subgrade missiles.
However, the energy shock wave emitted by the Berserker’s wide open mouth destroyed the last hope of the Council members. It also made the people of all countries feel panic.
What should Earth do in the face of these flying, invulnerable, and terrifying destructive steel monsters?
“Fang Han, surrender. You can’t be a Berserker’s opponent. Even if you can destroy a Berserker, two Berserkers, and even a third and fourth Berserker, can you still maintain your strength to destroy a fifth Berserker?”You know, we have a monster like the entire planet. You won’ t be able to win.”Luo Nan’s voice rang out.
Fang Han shook his head and smiled.” You don’ t understand. Maybe others will surrender, but I won’ t. I have my insistence.”
“You’ re courting death.”Luo Nan’s cold voice was as cold as the north wind.
Fang Han moved his wrist and neck and sneered,” You’re courting death?”I’ m not going to die.”
As he spoke, Fang Han rushed towards the berserkers. On Fang Han’s hands, golden energy condensed. In an instant, two huge golden dragon claws could be formed. They were incomparably sharp and unstoppable!
The giant golden dragon claw crossed in front of Fang Han and drew a large ×. Before the berserker could attack, it was split into eight and a half pieces. The penetrating sharpness even left deep scars on the berserker’s body.
The armor on the Berserker could not block Fang Han’s sharp dragon claws.
“With all this, I’ m not my match!”As Fang Han spoke, he continuously brandished his dragon claws to cut through the surrounding berserkers. The thick armor and tough body were easily cut open, as simple as cutting butter with a hot knife.
After killing seven or eight Berserkers in a row, the remaining Berserkers started to hug each other.
These berserkers gathered together and opened their mouths. Azure energy balls gathered in the mouths of these steel monsters.
Fang Han cursed. How could he not understand what these monsters were trying to do? He immediately began to gather energy in his hands.
When the ten berserkers simultaneously spat out a blue energy shockwave from their mouths, Fang Han’s energy art wave was also sent out.
Fang Han roared and pulled all the air out of his body into his hands. The white Qigong waves collided with the azure energy shock waves and began to cancel out.
Luo Nan’s voice sounded again.” You’ re very strong, Fang Han.You are really strong. You have far more power than before, but this can not bring you victory.”I admit, if I fight alone with you, I won’ t be your opponent, but similarly, you won’ t be a match for the Berserker Legion, even if you’ re in the giant ape state.”
“Your giant ape’s strength can be increased by ten times, you must be in full moon form to activate it, right?However, no full moon would appear in the next few months, and it was still daytime.”Fang Han, you don’ t have a chance. Surrender.”
At this moment, Fang Han had used all of his strength to maintain the energy output of the Qigong Wave. He didn’ t have the energy to waste his breath on Luo Nan, so he only coldly replied,” Hmph!”
Luo Nan didn’t care about Fang Han’s attitude either. In any case, he was certain to win. What was Fang Han going to do now?What else could he do?
“Han…” Carol Danvers looked worriedly at Fang Han who was fighting in the sky. She was worried if Han could deal with so many Berserkers because there were too many Berserkers.
“You will definitely lose.”Luo Nan laughed coldly.
In the sky above the fleet in outer space, in the black cyclone, berserkers continuously appeared. Soon, more than ten berserkers rushed into Earth’s atmosphere.
“If you can beat more than ten, then can you beat more than ten, hundreds?”Luo Nan laughed coldly.
Fang Han raised his head and looked at the Berserker who had appeared again, his eyes filled with a rare sense of seriousness.*

Chapter 51’s final trump card, Super Competition![Fourth, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

The white energy waves and the azure energy shock waves continued to collide with each other in the air, canceling out and forming two beautiful lines.
At this moment, more than ten berserkers walked behind Fang Han.
Like the Berserkers, these Berserkers opened their mouths wide and began to gather energy cannons.
“Damn it!”Fang Han realized that the situation wasn’t right. Luo Nan was clearly surrounded by the number of steel monsters!
“Roar!”A violent beast roar rang out, and a dozen or so waves of blue energy shot towards Fang Han from behind. This was a sneak attack while Fang Han was fighting the enemy in front of him with all his strength, and it was an open sneak attack!
“Oh!”No!”A member of the Security Council could not help but cry out in surprise when he saw the situation on the screen.
“They actually launched a despicable sneak attack!”Another Council member said angrily.
“These despicable alien creatures, that young man can’ t stop them. He will die!”
“But what can we do? We can only look at it like this, right?”
“I think we should use the mushroom egg!”
“No, that’s impossible. If the mushroom egg doesn’ t reach them, it will be destroyed by these monsters!”
Members and members of the council were still arguing.
Fang Han was also aware of his current predicament, so he jumped into the air without hesitation. This wave of labor was wrong.
What a joke. He was not a super Saiyan, and he was not surnamed Sun. Only a fool could fight against so many berserkers. Not to mention that even the Sun family could not win against Bo. Wu Fan had extraordinary talent. He was a super Saiyan, and he was even on the verge of becoming a super Saiyan. In the end, he was beaten to death by Number Eighteen and Number Seventeen.
Now, these berserkers obviously wanted to attack him on both sides. Only fools would foolishly split their hands to fight.
Fang Han had ended his attack. The Berserkers had clearly lost quite a bit of their brains. They did not stop for a moment, so the 20 or so Berserkers had originally planned to attack Fang Han back and forth, but now, they were fighting themselves.
Fang Han took advantage of this to split out three doppelgangers with four punches. Then, he used the Zijin Dragon Claw to attack from behind while these Berserkers were firing at each other.
The golden light shone, and flesh and blood splattered.
Blue blood continuously dripped down, and Fang Han instantly killed all 20 berserkers.
“Looks like these Berserkers still need to improve.”Luo Nan’s voice rang out. It was clear that Luo Nan did not feel fear at all. In other words, he was fearless.
“Of course, with just these trash, you will most likely be disappointed. Luo Nan.”Fang Han looked up into the sky. Through the atmosphere, Fang Han saw the deep black hole above Luo Nan’s fleet in outer space. It was very clear that Luo Nan had summoned those Berserkers here through this thing. Otherwise, based on the distance between Planet Kerry and Earth for two days, Luo Nan did n’ t have any reinforcements at all.
“I’ ve said that there are many Berserkers, so many that you can’ t handle them. Facing this endless Berserker army, Fang Han, do you have the confidence to win?”Luo Nan laughed disdainfully. Then, his laughter grew louder and louder, becoming more and more savage.
In this dark interstellar passage, there were roars and roars. Berserkers were constantly rushing out, and the number of Berserkers was constantly increasing.
A dozen, then dozens, then several hundred, then a thousand!
“We have to take the lead, otherwise we won’ t have to fight.”Fang Han already had a plan in his heart. He hoped to break through all the way to the interstellar teleportation portal and destroy it. At that time, Luo Nan’s fleet would not be able to escape.
With this thought in mind, he took a deep breath and charged straight forward. However, the Berserker’s attacks had already covered the sky.
These Berserkers were still in space, not even entering Earth’s atmosphere, but they just used the energy shockwave to attack Fang Han. As for the people on Earth, they would die because of this. Did these Berserkers not even mind this?
As for the Cree, he wouldn’t care about this anymore. Luo Nan was eager to eliminate all the residents on other planets that did n’ t obey the Cree’s management, and then turn those planets into the Cree Empire’s colony or source of materials.
But they didn’t care. It did n’ t mean Fang Han couldn’t care. It did n’ t mean Carol Danvers couldn’t care.
This was Earth. It was the home of Fang Han and Carol Danvers, especially Carol. But America had her job and her family.
They had no place to retreat. They could only choose to fight. Once Earth fell, they would be homeless, and they could only roam the universe.
Fang Han didn’t want to try such a feeling, but it was even more impossible for Fang Han to obediently follow Luo Nan back and obediently act as a dog for the Kerrians.
Even if a man couldn’t hold a three-foot sword in his hand, he still had to stand up to the heavens and the earth. He had pride and blood.
How could a grand seven-foot man be so humble as to take care of these people with high eyes?
If he didn’t defeat these people, Fang Han would never have peace and Earth would not have time for peace.
Carol Danvers also knew that this was a critical moment. She had already arrived by Fang Han’s side, and together with Fang Han, she was defending against these berserker attacks.
Brilliant blue energy beams continuously entered Earth’s atmosphere, but these beautiful energy beams brought about destruction.
Carol’s hands continuously fired energy particles to smash the energy beams. Fang Han was also constantly using energy waves to block the energy beams.
However, there were too many energy beams. In other words, there were too many Berserkers. Even if Fang Han and Carol could withstand it for a while, they would not be able to withstand it for the rest of their lives. Moreover, Fang Han was extremely difficult to withstand the continuous attacks of thousands of Berserkers.
The densely packed Berserkers had already surrounded Fang Han, but Carol Danvers had been separated to another place. Clearly, Luo Nan did not want Fang Han and Carol Danvers to fight together.
If two people were in two places, then both parties would be worried about each other’s situation. It was easy to be distracted. If they were distracted, then it would be a chance for the Berserker.
Although there were a lot of Berserkers, Fang Han could not deal with so many Berserkers at the same time. Even if there were a million Berserkers who could surround Fang Han and attack at the same time, they could not exceed five. If they exceeded this number, they would not be able to attack at all.
Facing so many berserkers, even if Fang Han didn’t think about himself, he still had to consider Carol’s safety. Furthermore, it was also related to Earth’s safety. He lightly crushed the card in his sleeve and sighed:
“Sigh, it’s still like this.”*

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation[First, ask for flowers, ask for evaluation]

An ordinary sigh made everyone hear it clearly.
Luo Nan, who was inside the spaceship, suddenly felt a wave of palpitation. He seemed to have sensed a terrifying fluctuation.
“C-53 planet, high energy reaction!”
“C-53 planet, continuous high energy reaction!”
“C-53 planet, super high energy reaction!”I suggest we leave immediately!”
The energy monitors in the battleship were frantically calling the police. All the Kerry people looked as if they were facing a great enemy, as if there was something terrifying on that incredibly backward planet.
At this moment, the energy of the digitalization surged within Fang Han’s body. The battle suit of the Kerri people on his body had unknowingly shattered. A blue vest appeared on Fang Han’s body, followed by an orange Taoist robe. Behind the Taoist robe was a white-grounded black word of comprehension.
His short hair grew longer, and the muscles in his body became even stronger. A sharp and sharp face carried the aura of a strong person.
Fang Han clenched his fist and felt the power hidden within his body. Suddenly, Fang Han smiled.” This is Sun Wukong’s power?”Now, I don’ t need to suppress my anger.”
Fang Han was clearly surrounded by thousands of berserkers, but he seemed to be enjoying flowers in his own garden. He moved his neck, and the corner of Fang Han’s mouth curled up slightly.” Ah!”
As Fang Han roared, the surrounding air began to shake.
Thunder continued to thunder in the sky. The powerful aura caused the entire world to shake. The air was rumbling, the earth was shaking, the rocks were collapsing, lightning and thunder.
Fang Han, surrounded by countless berserkers, had already gathered all the air in his body. The naked eye could see that Fang Han’s eyebrows had turned golden, followed by his hair!
The golden hair stood on end and swayed slightly. The surging air within Fang Han’s body formed a layer of golden flames on his body!
On the surface of the flame, there were golden lightning flashes, emitting shocking power fluctuations!
Like the burning flames of the sky, the moment the golden flames appeared, a terrifying wave swept through the berserkers in all directions, sending out these beasts that could not even fear the most.
It wasn’t just the Berserkers on Fang Han’s side, the Berserkers on Carol’s side were all sent flying.
That shocking power was like the terrifying aura of a prison. With Fang Han as the center, it spread at an astonishing speed. It was not just Earth. Luo Nan and the others, who extended out of outer space and were protected by the iron armored interstellar battleships, also sensed this terrifying aura.
That was an unstoppable force!
“He actually has a different form!”Luo Nan looked at the golden flames burning on the screen. His hair and eyebrows turned golden, but his pupils turned pale green Fang Han. He spoke on his own.
Those trembling legs showed that Luo Nan’s current state was not as calm as he appeared on the surface.
“Us, let’s run. We ca n’ t beat him!”I don’ t think he’ ll be able to show his combat strength at all. He’s probably over one hundred thousand!”Kras, the pursuer, said in terror.
“No, we still have a chance!”We have the Berserker of the entire planet. We still have a chance!”Luo Nan roared loudly, his hands trembling unconsciously.
“No, this will die!”We couldn’ t defeat him before. I managed to survive with great difficulty. This time, he will definitely kill me. He wanted to do this before, and his current strength is too terrifying. We can’ t resist it!”Kras, the pursuer, kept saying.
“No, we can win!”Definitely!”Luo Nan roared madly. He was not willing to let the revenge plan that he had meticulously planned after his resurrection fail just like that. He was even more unwilling to be defeated by Fang Han again.
However, Luo Nan’s trembling body was speeding up. In fact, his heart was also filled with fear, fear of death.
On Earth, in the Council Hall, the members of the five permanent members, as well as the members of the parliament, looked at the figure on the screen that could still feel the trembling sensation even though it was separated from the screen. They even forgot to breathe.
“This, is this really a human?”A council member stared blankly at the golden figure. Fang Han, who was like a god descending into the world, made him feel that his outlook on life had collapsed. Didn’ t he say he wanted to speak of science?
Could this really be scientific?
“This, could it be an angel sent by God?”The Council members from England drew a cross on their chests.
“Was too powerful, too powerful. With such an imposing manner, he would be our super hero!”It’s Earth’s hope!”Some members of the council seemed extremely enthusiastic.
In Africa, which was famous for its poverty and backwardness, there was a country that seemed to never exist. Wakanda was also watching the first collision between the extraterrestrial forces and the people of Earth. He looked at the indifferent and terrifying man in the sky. They found that technology did not seem to be able to solve everything, even though they had the science that led the world.
At the same time, the people from all over Earth began to revel.
Luo Nan’s terrifying figure, as well as the countless berserkers, as well as the army of the Rice Country, were unable to deal with it. This caused people to suspect that the end of the world was about to come.
A terrifying alien invaded Earth. His evil army would destroy the human homeland!
In the past, this was just a topic of teasing after dinner, but now, it had turned into reality.
If it wasn’t for Fang Han, would Earth really be a match for the Kerry people?
That was known as the terrifying power of the Milky Way Empire. That interstellar fleet that surrounded the entire Earth made everyone feel a deep sense of despair. There was a huge gap, and it even made people unable to resist.
However, it was different now. The current Fang Han was covered in golden flames. With the lightning-shimmering Fang Han’s aura, it could even send those terrifying steel monsters flying…
Fang Han was now Earth’s savior.
“Han, you’ ve become even stronger.”Carol Danvers stared blankly at Fang Han. She could not believe her eyes.
“Carol, leave the battle to me.”As Fang Han spoke, his figure flashed and instantly appeared behind a Berserker. His palms were easily inserted into the Berserker’s body and destroyed its core.
“It looks very simple. The increase in combat strength is at least fifty times. Should it be called Sun Wukong?”Fang Han spoke softly, and he shook his body violently. The explosive aura formed a terrifying wave of air that sent those berserkers into the sky.
“You should not exist in this world, so I will bury you!”*