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American Comics: The strongest villain _ Volume 1: Gotham Phantom

Chapter 1 Just as he was transmigrating, he was killed by the plot

The clamor was deafening. It was as if the chaotic market could not hear what was being shouted. All they could feel was excitement and excitement.
This was a prison. There were rows of cells on both sides of the long corridor. At this moment, the prisoners in the cell crowded around the cell fence and shouted excitedly, as if something new had happened.Of course, not everyone was so excited. The cell at the end of the corridor was extremely quiet.
This was a single cell. The’new person’ in the cell was less than half an hour away.
“Although I know that some things will take a long time for the first time, do you want to do it so soon?At least let me feel it.”It’s too inhumane to be here for the second time without feeling anything, right?”Su Sheng was lying on a single bed in the cell, cursing in a low voice.
Don’t misunderstand. This was not the transformation of a boy into a man, nor was it the legendary prison feature. It was about transmigration!
Crossing this kind of thing was common in novels, but the chances of it happening in reality were very small. Su Sheng was very lucky to cross into his familiar world and gain the ability of a disciple!
Who was the disciple?
A BUG-like figure in the Maneuver world. Although this guy had a face that was difficult to distinguish between male and female, he was also called a cute guy, but his ability was extremely abnormal.
Infinite replication, infinite superposition.
As long as you attacked him, he could replicate it in an instant, whether it was ability, material, consciousness, abstract power, or even experience in using this ability.Of course, if it was just like this, it could only be called Five-Five. The real pervert was that after he copied his opponent’s ability, he could add unlimited power. One time, ten times, a hundred times, unlimited times. Simply put, as long as you attacked him, you would definitely lose.The disciples relied on this ability wave to fly up, defeated the Life Court, and copied the abilities of many gods in the universe. They even claimed to have the same ability as TOAA.However, because his ability was too abnormal, he was killed by the plot. He created a character of the Judge and inexplicably defeated him and sealed him in the life court’s body.
Having obtained such a perverted ability, Su Sheng had thought that he would be able to do whatever he wanted, but he never thought that he would suffer the same treatment.
Storyline Kill!
It was not more than three minutes before he reached the Maneuvering World. He did not have the time to understand the situation, nor did he have the time to copy his abilities. The universe where he was was was was gone with a bang!
Su Sheng thought that he would die. He didn’t expect that he would transmigrate again. And he directly transmigrated into the prison cell. This was also the reason why he complained for the first time that it was too fast.
It wasn’t more than three minutes before they passed through again, so Su Sheng did n’ t do anything in half an hour and waited to see if the Big Bang would happen again.
But now it seemed like he wouldn’t.
“Once and twice, the first time it’s very soon and then it’s beginning to last. This is a man’s growth history!”Su Sheng complained as he flipped over and sat up to understand the world.
Both of them were physical transmigration, which meant that the disciples’ ability was still there. It was just another world wave, so even if they were in the cell, Su Sheng was not worried.
“The sound outside seems to be quiet?”Su Sheng sensed that the corridor that was still full of firecrackers and gongs had quietened down. Just as he was about to get up to check out the situation outside the fence and try to see if he could get out, two guards were holding a woman in front of the cell. It was obvious that they were from Europe and America.
“Why are there people? Isn’ t this cell empty?”
“Looks like an Asian guy was locked up without even changing his clothes. He probably offended someone. Let’s forget about it.”
How about this?After all ……”
“Didn’t you just see her ability?”What are you afraid of!”
The two guards had no intention of doing anything. They opened the prison door and pushed the woman in custody. They locked the door and left.
It was fine to have two prisoners in a single cell, but one male and one female……Pah, is one man and one woman going too far?Could it be a newbie benefit?Su Sheng muttered to himself as he looked at the woman who was locked in. His eyes lit up slightly.
His long brown hair was draped over his shoulders. Although he was wearing a loose prison uniform, it was hard to hide his perfect figure. He was beautiful, and although he was expressionless, he gave off a cold charm.
The most important thing was that Su Sheng recognized her identity!
“It’s really a newbie’s welfare. They’ re all starting with a dog. I’ ve got a good start with a cat, and I’ m still a wild cat!”
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Chapter 2 Opening a cat

Su Sheng did not hide or hide his gaze, even if the other party was already frowning unhappily.If she really was the person she thought of, Serena Kel, the cat girl, then it was obvious that this was the DC world.Do you want to go through Diffuse and then DC?This was a lot of the same flow of people.
Whether it was Manwei or DC, where was it not Wave?
Su Shenglang smiled. No, that was not right. Just as he was about to open his mouth, he suddenly saw a straight and long leg kick towards him. His speed was so fast that he was about to make an intimate contact with his face in the blink of an eye.Unfortunately, Su Sheng did not have foot fetishism. A thought flashed through his mind.
Unlimited replication!
With his ability activated, any enemy ability that targeted him could be replicated in an instant.Su Sheng clearly felt the flexibility and balance of his body become stronger. His reflexes became faster. The moment the other party raised his leg and kicked him, Su Sheng suddenly leaned back. His foot brushed past Su Sheng’s head, and at the same time, Su Sheng almost instinctively aimed at the other party’s leg to support his body.
It happened to be where the lower leg was up and the lower knee was down.
This kick instantly caused her to lose her balance and fall in the direction of Su Sheng. Her reaction quickly was that she wanted to withdraw her kick and step on the bed to maintain her balance, but……Su Sheng was even faster.He grabbed his opponent’s ankle and pressed it on his body.
The other party stepped on the ground to stabilize the ground. One of his feet was grabbed by Su Sheng. His body suddenly sank down and pressed down on Su Sheng’s body.
At the same time, a piercing sound rang out……
Su Sheng was certain that the prison had not considered the prisoners’ ability to play with a horse during the custom-made prison uniforms, so he and she were stunned by the appearance of such a situation.
“Don’ t look at me. I won’ t pay for your damage!”He looked at Su Sheng and suddenly spoke.
Originally, this kind of thing was quite awkward, but Su Sheng suddenly said that I didn’t want to make her lose her hair. I wanted to make her lose. Did I want you to?She angrily punched towards Su Sheng.With their posture and distance, it was easy to imagine where her punch was. Su Sheng didn’ t want to get up in the future and lean on his mouth. He forcefully pushed her leg out.
An ordinary person would probably fall down with this push, but she used the power of the flat ground to roll back and steadily stop. The next moment, she directly rushed towards Su Sheng.
As a famous jewel thief, Cat Girl was not only good at balance, flexibility and reaction speed, but also good at boxing and street fighting skills. After all, if she didn’t have the ability, she would n’ t be able to break through such a great name.
Seeing her rushing towards him, Su Sheng raised his mouth to welcome her.
The way the two of them used their moves, their angles, and their moves were the same. They simply exchanged blows.
The cat girl was slightly surprised by the other party’s methods, but she did not stop.
Fist and foot were facing each other.
In the small cell, the two of them were fighting intensely.
At first, Cat Girl didn’t believe that it was just a coincidence, but the more she hit, the more depressed she became. This was no coincidence. It was exactly the same, and even some of her habits were the same when she fought. This made Cat Girl feel as if she was a male.
“Bastard, don’ t use the same moves as me if you have the ability.”The cat girl cursed angrily.
Su Sheng chuckled. It wasn’t a bad thing that he was a disciple’s ability. Not only did he copy all his abilities and skills, even his experience was instantly mastered. Even if he were to use a skill book, he wouldn’t be so sharp.Looking at the angry Su Sheng, he could confirm that she was the cat girl.
“Not convinced?”You can’ t beat me!”
Cat Girl sneered,” The same trick, I can’ t beat you, you can’ t beat me!”
“That’s not necessarily true. I was just teasing the cat, but now…” Su Sheng said in a very infuriating tone.
Funny cat?
Fool you, Sir!
The cat girl didn’t have time to wonder if the cat he was talking about knew her identity. She only had one thought right now, scratching him to death!The cat girl on the ground shot forward once again.
This ability of infinite duplication was indeed perverted, as if it was a ghost, but Su Sheng wanted to know what the effect of infinite duplication was.After all, copying could be considered as a stall. No matter how high-level it sounded, it wasn’t obvious enough?It would be fine to use it as a wave, but if you want the wave to fly up, it would still be an infinite stack.
“Unlimited stacking, double!”
Although there were some middle-two, as the saying goes, people don’t have to be middle-two in vain. The Ninja’s sense of shame Su Sheng still shouted.
It was in Chinese.
Su Sheng’s sudden shout made Cat Girl jump in fright. After doubling, his reaction ability, speed, body coordination and flexibility, strength, and other abilities instantly increased.Looking at the cat girl’s whip, he could n’ t move his feet. His waist shrunk and twisted. It was already at its limit. Even the cat girl couldn’t dodge.The cat girl was slightly stunned. She followed closely with the whip leg, side kick, back kick, and other various leg techniques to attack Su Sheng again. At the same time, her hands cooperated with her steps, punching, cross punches, hook punches, elbow punches, and so on.
Su Sheng easily dodged such a storm-like attack.
It was too slow.
After doubling the power, he needed to block and attack, but now he was able to dodge easily.
“Infinite stack, double!”
Just as Cat Girl’s leg whip was about to kick out, Su Sheng had already made a pre-judgment and made avoid it. At the same time, he stretched his body forward, and his shoulder violently collided with Cat Girl’s shoulder. Cat Girl instantly staggered back a few steps and smashed it on the wall.
With a muffled groan, he was hit by his shoulder and drooped slightly.
Such strong strength!
The cat girl felt half of her shoulder go numb. She felt cold sweat from the pain.
The most infuriating thing was that this was also a trick she knew.
It was just that she couldn’t do it so quickly, and her strength was n’ t that great either. She hadn’t mastered it yet!
“Who are you?”Cat Girl pressed her shoulders and looked at Su Sheng warily.
Su Sheng looked at the cat girl and chuckled.”Anyway, I’ m not a shit shovel!”
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Chapter 3 Black Gate Prison

It was clear that this cat girl had never heard of a shit shovel official, but who was this guy?He had the same ability as himself and was even stronger than himself. When did Gotham have such a role?Would he still be imprisoned?Was it an accident or something else?Seeing him approach him, the cat girl warily pulled away from him.
Su Sheng stopped and chuckled.”You can’t beat me, you ca n’ t run out. What are you hiding from?Where could he hide?”I’ m just a newcomer. I just want to talk to you about the situation.”
Cat Girl was silent.
Su Sheng could not help but frown?”Do you understand?There were always things that came and went. I said one word after another.For example, if I asked you’Are you a cat girl’, you’re going to do your shit’, then I’ll ask you’ Are you Serena Kel’, understand?”This is the correct way to chat.”
This bastard really knows my identity!
Not only did he know that I was a cat girl, he also knew my true identity!
“You still don’t understand?”It doesn’ t matter. I’ ll teach you slowly.”Seeing that Cat Girl was still silent, Su Sheng continued to give examples with great interest.”I’ ll ask you,’ Where is this?’ You go back to’ This is Gotham’ and I’ ll ask you,’ Where’s Batman?’, You ……”
“Batman is dead.”
When it came to Batman, Cat Girl couldn’t help but answer.
This was indeed Gotham!
People were simple and honest in Gotham City, and people came out of Akam.
“That’s right. Looks like you’ ve mastered the skills of chatting.”Su Sheng chuckled in satisfaction.”Batman is dead. Is Bruce Wayne still alive?”
“How do you know that Bruce Wayne is…” The cat girl stared at Su Sheng in shock. The son of Gotham, the rich Bruce Wayne was Batman’s matter. She had only just realized that not long ago, who was this guy?He knew my identity and Batman’s identity!”I’m not sure, but he might be dead.”He offended Bain.”
Engaging Bain?Then what about breaking the mountain?Tsk tsk, even though Bain was a Brokeback Mad Demon, Batman wasn’t that easy to hang up. He was like a villain in an animated cartoon who always shouted that I would come back.Then, Batman should find a place to lick his wounds and prepare to make a comeback. This is Gotham again, so Gotham should be ruled by Bain now, right?This was like the story of the rise of the Dark Knight.
“This is Black Gate Prison, right?”Su Sheng asked.
“You don’ t even know what prison you’ re in?”Cat Girl obviously didn’ t want to answer this kind of’ idiot’ question.
“I still don’ t know when I will die. Don’ t you have to live slowly?”Su Sheng followed suit.
Could this be the same?
Cat Girl glared at Su Sheng. You bastard wouldn’ t talk, right?
Ignoring Cat Girl’s angry and silent complaint, Su Sheng turned around and walked to the bedside, lying down.His actions caused the cat girl to frown slightly. As she gently shook her shoulders, she sized him up.
From the looks of it, it seemed as if he was only eighteen or nineteen years old. He had a stick on his head, and he looked handsome and somewhat childish. It was no different from ordinary college students.
“What’s your name?”The cat girl could not help but ask.
“Su Sheng.”This time, Su Sheng didn’t say anything about a shit shovel.
The cat girl could confirm that she had never heard of this name.Seeing his leisurely appearance, Cat Girl could not help but say.”Aren’t you going to leave this place?Gotham had been controlled by Bain. No one knew what he would do. It might destroy Gotham.”I’ m afraid we won’ t be able to leave when we’ re late.”
“You and I work together. How about leaving this place?”
Su Sheng flipped over and looked at Cat Girl, his foot on the edge of the bed shaking slightly.
Cat Girl looked at Su Sheng, but her eyes unconsciously stared at his swaying feet.”Cooperate?”
“Mm.”Su Sheng answered and unconsciously nodded, his feet shaking even more.Cat Girl’s eyes turned slightly sharp, and her brows furrowed. Was there something wrong with this bastard?He was lying on the ground, shaking his feet.The cat girl was so unhappy that she heard Su Sheng laugh.
“Why are you laughing?”
“Nothing.”Su Sheng shook his head slightly. Although he didn’t tease the cat club, it seemed like the effect was almost the same!”It’s fine if we cooperate. I have my own way to leave, but if you want to leave, I can help you.”
“How to help?”
Su Sheng got up and walked to the fence in the cell. He looked at the gap between the fences and then looked back at Cat Girl’s figure. He grabbed the fence with both hands.
“Don’ t tell me you plan to twist the fence. This is absolutely impossible.”
Before he passed through Su Sheng’s body, his strength was actually ordinary people’s level. The cat girl was a woman, but after training, her strength was even stronger than ordinary men.He had just tried to superimpose and his strength would also increase. As for how much he had superimposed, it would depend on how many times he had superimposed.Theoretically speaking, even Cat Girl’s power could change after infinite superposition.After roughly estimating his current strength, Su Sheng whispered.
“Infinite stack, ten times!”
His strength suddenly increased. Su Sheng gripped the railing with both hands and pulled it.
The creaking sound rang out in an instant. In the next moment, the three finger-thick steel fences were pulled to both sides and curved, creating a space that could accommodate one person.
After bending the fence, Su Sheng took a few glances at it, but he did not seem to be satisfied. After thinking about supporting the fence, he pulled it back a bit and nodded in satisfaction.
Su Sheng turned around and stretched out his hand. He looked at the stunned cat girl and said with a smile.
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Chapter 4: People’s Style

Seeing the originally loose fence being pulled back by Su Sheng becoming much narrower, Cat Girl could not help but say.
“Are you sick?”
“You have medicine?”Su Sheng smiled.
“You should not be locked in Black Gate Prison, you should be locked in Akam!”The cat girl could be sure that Su Sheng was definitely in trouble. Gotham was not many normal people.
“I’ ll go if I have a chance.”Su Sheng didn’t seem to realize that this was a mockery. He replied seriously.
The cat girl felt that she couldn’t talk to him anymore. This bastard was sick. He must be the kind of sick person who would die!Cat Girl walked straight to the side of the fence and took a leg. She then pulled back her body slightly and ran over. Half of her body had to stop as soon as she arrived. It was too crowded.The other places were fine, but the front was blocked.
He had clearly been able to pass by easily before, but he pulled him back.The cat girl looked at Su Sheng angrily, but found that he was focusing on himself.The cat girl lowered her head and instantly realized why Su Sheng had done so much. This……This bastard!
No wonder he had looked at his body before. No wonder he had pulled it back.
This bastard was doing it on purpose!
The cat girl who saw through Su Sheng’s intentions angrily rushed through the fence.With a muffled groan, Cat Girl suppressed the thought of soothing the pain and glared at Su Sheng.
Pa, pa, pa!”
Su Sheng laughed and clapped.”You proved it to be real!”
Who said I was fake?Who had to prove it?
The cat girl was so angry that she wanted to go back and fight with him for 300 rounds. However, at this time, the guards at the end of the corridor had already seen that she was about to open the door. She did not care about finding trouble with Su Sheng and rushed over.
The door opened.
A few guards were holding a baton and fighting with the cat girl. If it was just a few guards, the cat girl wouldn’t care about it at all. But right now, half of her shoulder was still numb and painful, and her skills were greatly reduced. For a moment, she could n’ t rush out.
Suddenly, there was a loud noise, as if something had exploded.Immediately after, cries rang out from outside. Before the guards could figure out what was going on, they saw a group of people rushing in from outside directly dropping their distant colleagues. These people held guns in their hands, their faces filled with excitement and arrogance. They arrogantly found the key to open the cell and release the prisoners inside and handed them the guns.
“You’ re free. You’ re free.”
“Go get revenge, get revenge on those rich people, those bastards, Gotham belongs to you!”
Which of Gotham’s criminals was n’ t the most vicious?These guys got their freedom and got their guns?The prison was in chaos.In such a chaotic situation, although the prison guards had no time to care about themselves, the cat girl was pushed so hard that she could not leave.
“You’ re free!”
A tattooed man opened the cell door and threw a gun at Su Sheng.
“Thank you!”Su Sheng smiled and took it over. He really didn’t have a chance to use this thing before. He did n’ t know how to shoot, but it didn’t matter. Just find someone who knew how to shoot at him.
Cat Girl was right. Su Sheng was indeed very suitable for Akam Mad Men’s Hospital.
Looking at the chaotic corridor, Su Sheng walked out.
Although the corridor was crowded, Su Sheng used his flexibility and flexibility to walk through the crowd. When he passed by the cat girl, he even smiled at her. Then, he ignored her angry eyes and left the corridor.Although Cat Girl was nimble, she wasn’t as agile as Su Sheng, who had been stacked several times. By the time she came out of the prison, she could n’ t see Su Sheng anymore. On the street……There was chaos.
“As expected, it’s the simple Gotham City.”
Su Sheng was walking on the street. Gunshots, roars, cries, cries, cries and cries were heard. The company and mansion were ransacked. The original rich and socialite were thrown out like trash.Of course, there were also people who resisted. If there weren’t a few guns in Gotham, they would be embarrassed to leave the house. If they fired, they would n’ t hesitate at all. It was like they were going to die.
Only Gotham’s people dared to resist when Daxed’s demons descended to Earth. Whether you were human or ghost, god or devil?He shot without hesitation!
The sky was covered in dark clouds, as if the sun could not be seen at all. The Gothic building stood tall, and the surface was covered in dirt and dirt. Combined with the chaotic scene, this was Gotham.
“Feng’ er, it’s really noisy!”
Su Sheng shook his clothes and walked towards a nearby apartment. There was a beating around the bush, but Su Sheng pressed the doorbell like a gentleman.
Ding dong, ding dong, ding dong……
The doorbell rang faintly, but the door did not open.
“Forget it.”
Su Sheng raised his foot and directly kicked over.
The door was kicked open.
Su Sheng picked up his gun and shouted,” Listen to the people inside, rob them ……”
The moment his voice fell, he heard a bang.A bullet flew out from inside.
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Chapter 5 Hallekine

The moment the gun was fired, Su Sheng suddenly fell backwards. His feet were still on the ground. His body was already bent at an extremely strange angle and he quickly leaned back. His right hand touched the ground to support his body. The bullet flew over his head, and at the same time, his left hand directly shot inside.
“Infinite stack, ten times.”
With a slap, a cry of surprise came from inside.
Su Sheng’s arms and waist exerted a slight amount of force. He immediately flipped over and wiped off the sweat on his forehead. He said with lingering fear,” It’s so hanging. It’s not bad that it’s Gotham. It was almost covered in color.”
Walking in, she brought the door and saw a girl about sixteen or seventeen years old standing in the living room, her hands trembling slightly. There was a pistol at her feet, but the gun seemed to have exploded.
“Good marksmanship.”Su Sheng praised him. He originally intended to find someone to shoot him, but now he didn’t need to.
A girl with a good baby could have such a precise spear technique, even shooting directly at the instant the door was kicked open. What could Su Sheng say?It could only be said that he was more and more fond of Gotham.
“I don’ t have any money. This apartment isn’ t mine.”The girl said in a trembling voice.
“It doesn’ t matter. I just want to find a place to stay temporarily.”Su Sheng smiled and looked at her with interest. Although the apartment was near the street, it wasn’t big. The upper and lower floors were simple and not worth anything.
Su Sheng suddenly turned around and raised his hand to shoot at the door. The bullet brushed past the girl’s hair and pierced through the door. The girl’s body instantly froze.
“I didn’ t say you could leave!”Su Sheng smiled as he looked at the girl who had turned around.
The girl took a deep breath and although she was still very scared, she slowly raised her hand.”I’ m not leaving. You can do whatever you want, but please don’ t hurt me.”
Su Sheng looked at the girl and smiled. The smile was very strange. It was very charming but it made people feel at ease.In her trance, the girl felt something throw over and subconsciously reached out to catch the gun!It was actually his gun!The girl widened her eyes. He actually gave me the gun?Why?Was he not afraid of me shooting?
The girl instinctively held the gun and aimed it at Su Sheng, but did not shoot. Her big eyes looked at him in astonishment.
“I’ m going to take a bath. It’s bad luck. Look at the door and don’ t let anyone in.”Su Sheng casually said as he walked towards the bathroom. His attitude and tone seemed to be very familiar with the girl.
The girl looked in the direction of the bathroom and was stunned when she heard the sound of water coming from inside.
The arrogant shout suddenly came from outside the door. The door was pushed open by someone. Before she could see clearly, the girl turned around and shot.
The bullet hit the opponent’s forehead and fell to the ground with a muffled groan.
The girl was stunned for a moment. She walked over and moved the corpse to the door and closed the door again. She stood in the living room and stared at the door with a gun.
In the bathroom, Su Sheng smiled when he heard the gunshot and continued to take a bath leisurely.
After washing, Su Sheng picked up a towel and dried his body. He picked up his clothes from the washing machine and put them on. Only after putting them on neatly did he push the door open.
In the living room, the young girl stood there with her gun in her hand.
Su Sheng walked over and patted her on the shoulder with approval. The girl hesitated for a moment and handed the gun back.
Su Sheng put the gun away from his waist and walked to the sofa in the living room. He pushed it out and turned the direction around. The sofa was facing the door.Sitting down, she beckoned to the young girl. The young girl sat down, her legs tightly shut, her hands on her legs, a very ladylike posture.
“What’s your name?”Su Sheng asked casually.
“Halie Quizel.”The girl replied obediently, unable to see how many people had just killed.
Su Sheng narrowed his eyes and sized her up. Harri Quezelle was so nervous that she did not dare to move.
Although this person looked like a young and harmless brother, everything he did since he appeared seemed to be unnatural and illogical.Who would give the gun to the Ascetic after entering the house?He even had the bitter lord guard the door and take a bath?Even if he was confident that he wasn’t afraid of having a gun, was n’ t that too risky?It felt a little abnormal!Haley Quizelle thought about taking the opportunity to leave, but she was curious.
She wanted to figure out what this person was thinking and figure out his logic.
Her father was a liar, abandoning her mother and herself.As for her mother, she was a strict control freak. Every word and action controlled her. She hoped that she would be able to show off to the people around her quickly.This kind of family environment made Haley Quiselle want to escape. She wanted to find out why her father abandoned her mother and herself, and to find out what he was thinking. So she started studying psychology, so she was curious about Su Sheng, who was obviously different from ordinary people.
Seeing Su Sheng narrowing his eyes and sizing him up, Halie Quizel said again.
“Don’ t hurt me. I will cooperate with you whatever you want.”
“How about I call you Haley Quinn?”Su Sheng narrowed his eyes.
Hali Kuiyin?
Haley Quizel thought he wanted to do something to himself. After all, Gotham had been in a state of chaos until night, and almost no woman dared to go out alone. Especially now that he had lost order, even during the day, it was not safe.But unexpectedly, he had changed his name?
“Why?”Halie Quizelle asked curiously.”Why is it called Kui Yin?”Is there any special meaning for you?”
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Chapter 6 Having Owned His Own Airport at a Young Age

Haley Quiselle felt that Quisin should have a special meaning to Su Sheng, but Su Sheng’s answer was just because he was right.She did not believe this answer, but Su Sheng asked about Gotham’s current situation. She could only suppress her curiosity and accept the new name while talking about Gotham’s situation.
It was chaotic.
Gotham had completely lost order.
Bain first took over Wayne’s company and took control of the building. Not only did he obtain many high-tech weapons, he also transformed the equipment originally used for environmental protection into a nuclear fusion reactor. Once it exploded, it could directly destroy Gotham.After blowing up the sewer and sniping at most of Gotham’s police, they blew up the stadium that was broadcasting the football match. The live broadcast killed Dr. Lanipavel, the only one who could release the nuclear fusion reactor.
This did not count as Bain had blown up most of Gotham’s bridges to the outside world. There was only one left.The Ministry of Defence sent troops to come here because they were wary of throwing rats. Not only did they not rescue Gotham, they also became their accomplices. They had to stay here. If someone left the city of Bain through this bridge, they would directly detonate the nuclear fusion reactor.
Gotham had become an ownerless land.
Order was a warning line that suppressed the darkness and impulse of the human heart. When order was lost, the evil darkness was like a runaway wild horse that could not control it.When the criminals released from Black Gate Prison used weapons to burn, kill, rob, kill, and do nothing, gradually, many people began to participate in it. The first unlucky ones were the policemen who were not trapped in the sewer, followed by the rich, dignitaries, and many people who were originally high and mighty were brought to the City Hall for trial by terrorists.
It was said that the person in charge of the trial was called a scarecrow.
Originally, he was a professor of psychology at a university. He had a high degree of mastery in chemistry. He devoted his entire life to studying people’s inner fear. With his extraordinary talent, he developed a terrifying poison gas that could make people see what they were most afraid of and transformed into a scarecrow. He had spread terror as a joy and liked to torture the other to death psychologically. He was one of Batman’s strongest enemies.
“It really is the plot of the Dark Knight’s rise.”
Su Sheng stretched out his waist and smiled at Harriquin.”I’ m a little hungry.”
“I’ ll do it.”Harriquin stood up and walked towards the kitchen.
The door of the apartment could not be locked after being opened by Su Shengzhen. It was unknown whether it was because the apartment was inconspicuous or because of the dead body at the door.Su Sheng pushed the sofa to block the door and stood by the window for a while. The chaos might not end for a moment.Putting down the curtain, the living room became a little dark. Su Sheng turned around and walked towards Hallekine in the kitchen.
First, he met a cat girl with a split crotch, and then he met a cute and obedient little ugly girl. Su Sheng became more and more fond of Gotham after encountering interesting things.
Hopefully, this time, it would last a bit longer. The habit of being happy with new things and getting tired of old things would easily lose its freshness. It should not change with the passage of time.After all, there were so many interesting people and things. It would be a waste of life if they didn’t do well.
Su Sheng’s chin pressed against her shoulder behind Harriquin. His hands passed through her arms and held her in his arms.Hallequin’s body stiffened and a heat wave came from his ear.”I really envy you. You have your own airport at such a young age.”
Having his own airport at such a young age?
Harriquin subconsciously lowered her head to look. At that moment, she even forgot her shyness, and her mind seemed to be constantly responding to a word.
Small, small, small……
“You, you like big ones?”Haley Quinn asked in a low voice in order to understand her preferences.
“I like different ones.”It’s a disc shape, a cone shape, and a water drop shape. It’s a papaya, a peach or something.”Su Sheng followed suit.
“What’s your favorite?”Harriquin asked.
Su Sheng let go of Harriquin.
“How could it not be?”Harriquin turned his head and looked over.
Su Sheng smiled,” If you really want to say something, then the one you like most should be the next one!”
“Do you like new things?”Hallequin thought to himself.
“Don’ t be busy analyzing me. At least I haven’ t lost interest in you yet, so hurry up.”Su Sheng smiled.
Her cautious thoughts were seen through, causing Hallequin to be slightly flustered. He subconsciously asked,” Hold on, what?”
“Cook!”Su Sheng smiled and turned to leave.
Since the children of poor families had long been in charge, Hallequin’s culinary skills were naturally not bad.While eating and chatting, Hallequin felt an inexplicable sense of warmth and ease. It was hard to imagine that the two of them had shot each other before.
PS: recommended my old books, Maneuver: King’s Descent, Maneuver: Monarch of Immortality, Stagnation: The Strongest Death, as well as the upcoming Maneuver: Door Fruit.*

Chapter 7 Breathing Bats

Gotham didn’t fall into silence, but instead became more noisy than before.
Although there was no longer a bright night life, the occasional gunfire and screams made people even more unable to sleep.
The master bedroom on the second floor of the apartment.
Haley Quinn leaned back in Su Sheng’s arms and did not sleep.Su Sheng’s steady breathing could be heard in her ears. It was obvious that he was already asleep. His gun was on the bedside table that she could reach.After nightfall, Su Sheng asked her to take a bath and bring her to the room to rest. He thought that he would take possession of himself. After all, he didn’t look like a polite person, but in the end, he only hugged himself to sleep.
Even if she hadn’t been in love, she still knew what to do after taking a shower and entering the room, but in the end……Did he just treat himself as human flesh?Even if he had an airport, the other conditions were not bad. He didn’t touch him and even put his gun in front of him.
“An unfathomable madman.”Haley Quinn thought to herself and closed her eyes.
After sleeping for an unknown amount of time, Haley Quinn was woken up by the gunshot.He opened his eyes and found that the outside was already bright and there was no one around him.Harriquin was stunned. She subconsciously stood up and pushed open the door and came downstairs.
The door was open.
Su Sheng sat on the sofa and pointed his gun at the outside.
The few people lying on the street were clearly killed by Su Sheng.
“Morning, how are you sleeping?”Su Sheng smiled and said hello to Hallekine.
“Morning, I slept well. What about you?”Hali Kuiyin asked.
“Not bad.”Su Sheng smiled and pointed at the kitchen.”I made breakfast and went to try it?”
“You, you made breakfast?”
Hallekine felt that it was unbelievable. It wasn’t that she doubted his culinary skills. She just thought that he would n’ t do it in any way.Hallekine went to the kitchen to eat breakfast. The taste was quite good. As she ate, she looked at Su Sheng shooting at the people on the street who wanted to come over.
Very accurate!
One shot after another.
The spear exploded.
“Thank you. Breakfast is great.”After breakfast, Hallekine came to Su Sheng’s side and whispered.
Su Sheng nodded and handed the gun to Hallekine.”Come on.”
“Me?Why?”My marksmanship is not as accurate as yours.”Hali Kuiyin was stunned.
“I’ m not interested anymore.”Su Sheng pursed his lips. At first, he was in high spirits, but after a few shots, he felt bored.
Even without superimposing the accuracy of the spear technique, it was as boring as standing on a target.
“I’ ll go take a spin.”Su Sheng jumped out of the sofa.
The gunshots rang out in an instant. Hallekine subconsciously lowered her head to hide behind the sofa. Then, she suddenly remembered that he had just jumped out and raised her head. However, she saw Su Sheng walk on the street. Although the gunshots were not absolute, he easily dodged from a strange angle as if he could predict in advance. Until the gunshots stopped, Su Sheng had already disappeared at the end of the street corner.
This……Was this too exaggerated?
Hallekine was stunned for some reason. She actually jumped out of the sofa and chased after Su Sheng. However, she couldn’t be as exaggerated as Su Sheng. She could only dodge while shooting back. By the time she ran to the corner, Su Sheng had long disappeared.Hallekine suddenly felt a little regretful. He didn’t know where to go because the streets were so chaotic. The remaining bullets were n’ t enough for her to return. She could only find a place nearby to hide and wait for Su Sheng to return.
The day and night of chaos made the streets seem a little depressed. Rubbish was everywhere, and almost no one could be seen.Occasionally, one of the windows of the residential buildings on both sides could be seen revealing a head, but quickly pulled back to tighten the bed curtain.
Ring ring ring……Ring ring ring……
A phone booth about ten meters away from Su Sheng suddenly rang.
The ringtone on the quiet street was exceptionally clear.
Step by step.
Su Sheng slowly walked towards the phone booth, and then……He walked past the phone booth as if he didn’t hear the ringing at all.The bell continued to sound unwillingly until Su Sheng left. However, when Su Sheng saw the next phone booth, it rang again.
Su Sheng still ignored it.
Every time Su Sheng Road crossed the phone booth, the phone would ring. Until Su Sheng left the street and turned into the alley, a dark figure jumped down from the roof on both sides of the alley, as if……A bat.
Bat landed on the ground.
The rope gun was pulled back, and Bat’s eyes under the mask looked a little annoyed.Was this guy deaf?After making so many calls, she ran over from the rooftop of a few blocks. She took a deep breath and was about to speak when Su Sheng pointed at her and smiled.
“Do you want to rest for a while?”I think you’ re a bit panting.”
The words that she had originally wanted to say were instantly rebuked. It was too awkward.
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Chapter 8 Female Bat: Barbara Gordon

The atmosphere was very awkward.
At least she felt that way, especially when the other party’s pitch-black eyes looked at her from top to bottom. It made her feel like she was being underestimated. No, I can’ t be underestimated. I am……
“Bat Girl?”Su Sheng opened his mouth.
This made Bat Girl, who was planning to cheer herself up, feel like she was on the verge of exploding. The most infuriating thing was what this guy said next.
“You’ re not paralyzed yet?”
Paralysis?Are you cursing me?Bat Girl was furious. Was this guy so angry every time he spoke?No, thinking about the fact that he deliberately didn’t answer the phone, even if this bastard did n’ t say anything, he was still angry.
“Cat Girl, Clown Girl, Bat Girl, Gotham can always surprise people.”Su Sheng chuckled in his heart as he suddenly strode towards Bat Girl.
Bat Girl didn’t expect this bastard to make a move. She subconsciously retreated to dodge, but she suddenly felt a chill on her face. She reached out and touched it before she realized that the mask had been removed.
The bat girl angrily attacked. Su Sheng smiled as he held the mask and dodged it. He moved, moved, and turned. The bat girl’s attacks were all missed.Even though Bat Girl knew that he wasn’t too agile or she would n’ t have come to find him, this feeling was really depressing.He ruthlessly displayed all the fighting techniques he had learned.However, no matter how powerful it was, what was the use of not hitting people?Bat Girl’s combat ability was a little more than Cat Girl’s, but her actual combat experience was obviously not as good as Cat Girl’s. Her physical strength, speed, and dexterity were much worse.
Su Sheng’s fighting style suddenly changed. He stopped dodging and began to attack Bat Girl.Su Sheng’s change made it difficult for Bat Girl to resist. She could tell that the other party was using the same technique, but regardless of strength, speed, skills and experience, it was far superior to her.It was difficult to block from left to right, and her physical strength decreased. The bat girl gradually changed from attack to defense.Su Sheng’s attack was getting more and more intense like a storm, making her feel that even when she was fighting Batman, it was still the same!
“Not good.”
Su Sheng’s fist speed suddenly increased, making the bat girl who had just gotten used to the rhythm a little caught off guard. The next moment, she felt a sharp pain in her lower abdomen as if she had been hit by a car. She bent down to kneel on the ground with a muffled groan.
“I bumped into Cat Girl and shot Clown Girl. If I didn’ t hit you, I might have let them down.”Su Sheng bent down to grab the bat girl’s hair and let her raise her head. Her eyes were filled with pear blossoms. Chu Chu was pitiful. This punch clearly caused her pain.
“Batman’s mysterious tricks are n’ t suitable for you. Call the phone booth?You think this is a biochemical crisis?Wait until you get into a wheelchair and do this again.How about?I knocked you down. You want to do it again?”That’s right.”Su Sheng narrowed his eyes and smiled at Bat Girl.
The bat girl, who was originally embarrassed and angry, subconsciously trembled. Although he was smiling as if he was joking, the fear in her heart unknowingly grew. She felt that the other party would really do this.
“Don’ t be afraid. I just paralyzed you. At least I won’ t take a picture of you.”Su Sheng smiled brightly.
Bat Girl gritted her teeth and restrained her body from trembling.
“Not willing?”Alright.”Su Sheng curled his lips and let go of the bat girl. He stood up and leaned back against the wall, pointing at her bat mask.”The daughter of the police chief, the disciple taught by Batman, Barbara Gordon, are you looking for me for something?”
“You, what’s your name!”Barbara Gordon gritted her teeth and asked.
“Su Sheng.”
“Su Sheng, I remember you.”Barbara Gordon secretly remembered the name and struggled to get up. Gotham had fallen and Batman had disappeared. Barbara Gordon, a batwoman who hadn’t yet graduated, wanted to do something. She invaded the satellite to find the location of Batman or the nuclear reactor, but she found nothing. In the end, she found Su Sheng.
A hundred shots.
Shockingly dodging bullets.
Although Barbara felt that his reckless shooting was inappropriate, she needed help.
There wasn’t any information about Su Sheng in the police files. Barbara checked the list of criminals recorded by Batman and there was n’ t him on it, so she decided to contact him first.The plan was very good, but he had run away from the beginning. First, he ignored the phone booth and made Barbara have to show up. Then, he revealed her identity and suddenly called himself.
All sorts of actions made Barbara begin to doubt her decision. Was it right to find him as a helper?Was he really willing to help?
Looking at the mask that was spinning at Su Sheng’s fingertips, Barbara suddenly took out a smoke bomb from her belt and smashed it onto the ground.
The next moment, smoke filled the air.
Barbara raised her arm and aimed it at the roof. The rope gun was fixed, and with a whoosh, she flew straight up.
“Bat Family’s bad habit. Let’s go and throw some smoke bombs and waste resources.”Su Sheng curled his lips and walked out of the alley.
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Chapter 9 Coming to look for me during the day, missing me?

Under the setting sun, the sky gradually darkened.
Hallekine knelt on the sofa and stared at the street with her gun in her hand. A few hours ago, she found that the mob near her apartment had left and quietly returned.He had thought that he would come back soon, but he was nowhere to be seen by now. This made Hallekine a little worried. She was worried that he might be in danger outside and that he would not return if he left.
There was an inexplicable sense of loss as well as worry.
Suddenly, the sound of the car came from afar. Not long after, a SUV squeaked and stopped at the door.
“You’ re back.”
Haley Quinn jumped out of the sofa.
“Come and move things.”
Su Sheng got out of the car and called out to open the door behind him.
Many things were piled up.
They had everything they could eat, drink, wear and play.
Harriquin didn’t even look at these things carefully. She followed Su Sheng into the room and closed the door.
“Where did you go? Did you encounter any danger?”Harriquin could not help but ask.
Su Sheng smiled and took out the bat mask from the bag and threw it to Hallekine.”I wandered around and found a place to train. This is my first time driving.”
“It’s for me?”This is a bat mask?”Haley Quinn was surprised and did not think much.”You didn’ t know how to drive before?”
“I didn’ t have a chance before.”Su Sheng followed suit.
“You used to……”What is it?”Hali Kuiyin asked.
“I’ m hungry. Let’s get something to eat.”Su Sheng smiled.
Her question just now didn’t mean to ask about Su Sheng’s background, but when she heard his answer, she knew that she couldn’t ask anything.
Hallekine went to cook. Su Sheng tidied up the things he brought back.
After dinner, night fell.
Su Sheng and Hallekine washed up and went to the bedroom to rest.
Just like last night, Su Sheng hugged Harriquin and fell asleep.
This time, Haley Quinn didn’t think about it anymore. She quickly fell asleep in Su Sheng’s arms.
In the next period of time, Su Sheng would go out to train and get some daily necessities back. When he was free, he would chat and kill a few thugs who wanted to get close or break in.Gradually, the thugs outside seemed to know that this place was not easy to offend, so no one was thinking about it. Moreover, Gotham’s situation had basically stabilized.
It was quiet before the storm.
There were four types of patterns.
The first was the terrorist led by Bain, the second was the people who were hiding in their homes and praying. The third was the police led by Gordon and the Justice Scholar who were slowly trying to save Gotham. The fourth was a gangster with a certain level of strength who arranged a camp, such as penguins, Falcones, and so on. Su Sheng was also the fourth.
At the very least, many people in Gotham knew that there was a Chinese man with great strength. He was ruthless and ruthless, and he lived here with a girl.
Not to mention it was a restricted area, but many people would walk around or put away their weapons when they arrived here.
The sun shone slightly.
Hallequin sat on the upper side of the sofa, staring out with a gun. Su Sheng lazily rested on her leg.He was bored to help Hallekine expand the airport.At first, Hali Quine was still shy and not used to it, but gradually, she realized that Su Sheng did not have any desire to do so. It was purely because of boredom……
“What are you planning to do after Gotham returns to normal?”Su Sheng spoke lazily.
“Go to school.”Haley Quinn thought for a moment.”If it wasn’ t for this matter, I would have already started school.”
Gotham University.
A sophomore in psychology.
“College student……”Okay?”Su Sheng suddenly asked.
“Very good.”Hallekine said.”Every day, I have classes, studies, and rest. Although it’s a bit boring, it’s also very fulfilling. When I graduate, I’ll go to Acam to practice.”But this kind of life shouldn’ t be suitable for you, right?”
Su Sheng was too lazy to explain when he saw that Haley Quinn did not hear the meaning behind her words. He replied without saying anything.
“Who is it!”
Hallekine suddenly shouted and clenched her pistol.
“I’ m looking for that bastard!”A voice that gnashed its teeth.
Su Sheng got interested and turned around to look outside. Under the sun, Barbara, dressed in Bat, stood at the door.
Her appearance surprised Harriquin. After all, Batman was still famous in Gotham, but the one in front of her was obviously not Batman but a woman. Harriquin thought of the Bat Mask that Su Sheng had given her.
“Little Bat, are you looking for me?”
Su Sheng put his hands on the back of the sofa and asked with a smile.
“Let me in first.”Barbara gritted her teeth.
“Put the gun down.”Su Sheng said to Hallekine.Harriquin put down her gun and Barbara walked over to the sofa and entered the room.
Su Sheng turned around and looked at Barbara with interest.”You came to look for me during the day and missed me?”
“Pah, I didn’ t look for you at night!”
Sure enough, this bastard was so angry when he spoke.
“I have to sleep with Little Haley tonight. It’s useless for you to come look for me.”Su Sheng smiled and patted Hallekine on the leg. Although Hallekine did not say anything, her eyes seemed to be glowing.
I am not angry, I am not angry, I am not angry.
Barbara kept muttering in her heart. When her mood calmed down, she asked,” Are you going to continue like this?”Three months, the nuclear reactor in Bain’s hands will explode in three months. If you don’ t want to die, come and help us defeat Bain and find the nuclear reactor.”
“Explosion! It sounds scary, but I’ m not afraid of death!”Su Sheng smiled. The city exploded?Has he experienced the Big Bang before?
“You’ re not afraid of death, aren’ t you afraid of her?”Barbara looked at Hallekine.”She’s still so young. Do you want her to die with you?”
Su Sheng smiled and looked at Haley Quinn.” What does it have to do with me if she doesn’ t die?”
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Chapter 10 Medical Question?

Su Sheng grabbed Hallekine’s shoulder and looked at Barbara with a furious look in his eyes as he cursed himself. He could n’ t help but chuckle.
“What are you laughing at.”
“After taking advantage, you’ ll say that it’s none of your business. You’ re just an asshole, scum, scum!”
Barbara angrily cursed. Clearly, Su Sheng’s answer made her very angry.
“I’ m an asshole, scum, scum, no problem, but what does this have to do with you?”Su Sheng narrowed his eyes and smiled at Barbara.Why am I smiling?”That’s because you’ re more like a vengeful woman who was abandoned after I played with her. But I really can’ t remember when I had a relationship with you and abandoned you. Even though I might do this!”
“I won’ t have anything to do with you!”Barbara cursed angrily.
Su Sheng shrugged.”So, are you here to help save Gotham or to scold me?”
Barbara instantly turned away, but she said unwillingly,” Don’ t be complacent. It’s not up to you. Without you, I can save Gotham.”
“You can’ t!”
Su Sheng pointed at Barbara and said confidently.”The last time you used that lame method to find me, you wanted me to help you save Gotham and deal with Bain or find the crippled Batman, but the result wasn’t very pleasant.”Don’ t throw any smoke bombs when you leave. If you don’ t do anything, you’ ll be wasting your resources.”
Under the bat mask, Barbara’s expression changed.
Not only was Su Sheng ridiculing him, but Batman was also shocked.
Batman is crippled?
How did he know about this?
“It’s obvious that you can show up openly, but you have to run to the roof or the dark corner to pretend to be mysterious. This is Batman’s habit, so do you.So after a few days, you didn’t hesitate to reveal your identity and come to me to let Gotham’s people find out that there’s another Batwoman. Why?”Either you’ re confident that you don’ t care about making the enemy guard, or you’ re at the end of your rope.”
“Since Batman’s injury is still there, you should have come to see me again. In the end, there’s only one.”
“F*ck you, you guys don’ t have the confidence to save Gotham, so you have to come find me to help!”
Su Sheng smiled at Barbara.”So you shouldn’t be trying to persuade me now. Are you begging me to help you?”Who gave you the courage to curse at me, Liang Jingru?”
Hallekine answered curiously.”Who is Liang Jingru?”
“A bard singer can give others courage by singing!”Su Sheng followed suit.
And such a person?Hallekine nodded in surprise.
Barbara was speechless. She did not expect Su Sheng to be so thorough.Barbara didn’t tell her father Gordon about Su Sheng after the last separation because she felt a little embarrassed.But as time went on, the situation became worse and worse. When his father, Gordon, decided to gather all his strength to take action, Barbara had to say about Su Sheng.
Naturally, Gordon had heard of Su Sheng, who had a precise spear technique and formed a camp.He also understood the strength of his daughter. After all, he had studied with Batman for many years. Thinking that Su Sheng was more powerful than his own daughter, Gordon naturally thought of it. The more natural people saved Gotham, the better. The more experts, the better. That was why Barbara came to look for Su Sheng.
Barbara had repeatedly warned her not to be angry. In order to save the city, saving the people had to endure it. However, she had not expected that she would break through when she saw Su Sheng.
Hu ……”
Barbara took a long breath and looked at Su Sheng.”As long as you are willing to help us save Gotham, I am willing to apologize to you.”
“You’ re so shameless as to sacrifice yourself for the city!”Su Sheng could not help but clap his hands and praise.”If I don’t promise you, will I not apologize?”What?”
Barbara wanted to explain but was interrupted by Su Sheng’s hand.”Don’t rush to explain. Your apology is unnecessary for me.Want me to help?”Yes, answer me a question.”
“Ask.”Barbara said in a deep voice.
Su Sheng smiled and said.”My brother suddenly has a high fever and his body is stiff. I don’t know what to do. Then I shook his body and thought that you must hold on to him. Later, he started to twitch and vomit.”I helped him clean up his vomit, and then he started to become sluggish and sluggish again. He shrunk into a lump.”
What was this?Medical questions?
Barbara had thought of many possibilities, but she never thought that Su Sheng would actually have a medical question?A high fever could not escape, but his body was stiff?After vomiting, he was dispirited. Was this a cold or heatstroke?Or was there a trap in this question?Barbara carefully re-examined the question but did not find any traps. She said after a moment of hesitation.”If I answer correctly, you can help us save Gotham?”
“What if I’ m wrong?”
“There’s still another question!”
Barbara thought for a moment.”Is it a cold?”
“Congratulations…” Su Shengzhan smiled and answered correctly?He actually answered correctly?She thought there would be a trap, but she didn’t expect it to be so easy. Barbara felt relieved, but she heard Su Sheng continue,” The answer is wrong!”
Answer, was it wrong?
Barbara’s eyes were stunned. If it was n’ t for a cold, what would it be?
“What is the answer?”Barbara could not help but ask after thinking for a long time.
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Chapter 11 Kneeling and Singing and Conquering

Su Sheng couldn’t help but burst into laughter as he looked at Barbara’s serious thinking, asking questions and learning. He hugged Hallekine beside him and gave her a heavy kiss on her fair little face.Hallekine was confused as she leaned against Su Sheng’s arms. Barbara was confused.
Do you have any questions?
What are you laughing at?”What’s the answer!”Barbara asked.
“If you have a chance, you can ask the riddle, but he might not be able to guess it, or you will know when you have a boyfriend.”Su Sheng didn’ t feel bored anymore. He stretched out his hand and said,” The second question is, three hundred and sixty-five days a year. Men are most afraid of the day!”
Barbara stared at Su Sheng and felt that his problem was not simple, but these two questions were normal?What day was a man most afraid of?I haven’t even been in love before. The two men I’ m most familiar with are one father and one is Batman. How do I know when men fear the most?
Valentine’s Day?Even though Valentine’s Day requires gifts, men should also like Valentine’s Day, right?
The salary day?It didn’t seem like it was right. There were more people who did it than there were others who did it. There were also people who paid for it. He probably would n’ t ask such difficult questions.
After pondering for a while, Barbara couldn’t help but give up in frustration. She had always felt that she was very smart, but now she was constantly losing.
“The last question, the question is almost the same. Three hundred and sixty-five days a year, which day is a woman most afraid of?”
Did he change from a man to a woman?She didn’t know about men, but she knew about women. When was a woman most afraid of?Of course, it was the day their relatives arrived!Barbara pulled down her consciousness and wanted to answer, but she suddenly stopped. This kind of private answer was a little embarrassed to say it.
Looking at Su Sheng’s expectant smile, Barbara gritted her teeth and said,” The day of the holiday.”
“You didn’ t answer the three questions correctly. If you were a driver, you would definitely drive a car that leads to kindergarten.”Su Sheng shook his head in regret.
Barbara was anxious.”If you ask another question, I’ ll definitely answer it correctly.”
“Good-looking leather bags are all the same. Interesting souls are one in ten thousand.Your soul was uninteresting, and even if you asked a question, you would not be able to answer it.”But just now, you were still happy. I let me pass some boring time so I gave you a chance.”Su Sheng said to Hallekine.”I remember getting a camera last time.”
Hali Kuiyin stood up.
“What do you want to do?”Barbara had a feeling of unease. She still remembered what Su Sheng had mentioned about the fruit photos.
Haley Quinn found the camera and came back. Su Sheng asked her to stand next to her and shoot. She then pointed at Barbara. Barbara hesitated but still walked over.
Su Sheng suddenly raised his foot and kicked Barbara’s leg. Barbara groaned and involuntarily knelt on the ground.Just as he was about to speak, Su Sheng took off her mask and revealed her delicate facial features.
“Can I speak Chinese?”Su Sheng narrowed his eyes and asked with a smile.
Barbara wanted to get up in anger, but Su Sheng did not stop her.”If you dare to get up, I will give you to Bain.”
Her movements stopped abruptly. Barbara’s eyes seemed to be on fire.
“Can I speak Chinese?”Su Sheng ignored her and repeated.
“Yes, a bit.”Barbara gritted her teeth.
“That’s good. I’ ll sing one sentence. You learn one sentence. If you learn it, I’ ll help you kill Bain.”Su Sheng smiled brightly and cleared his throat.”You finally found a way to determine the outcome ……”
Barbara frowned. This bastard actually sang very well.
Su Sheng sang and Barbara learned.Although she didn’t know much about Chinese, there seemed to be nothing special about it. Could it be that he just wanted to let her sing?
Just like that, he was conquered by you……Cut off all paths of retreat ……”
“My mood is solid……My decision was muddled ……”
Just like that, he was conquered by you……Drink the poison you hid ……”
When Su Sheng sang this sentence, Barbara understood. Was he being conquered by you just like that?This bastard did it on purpose!
“Sing.”Su Sheng smiled like a flower.
Barbara gritted her teeth and sang. One by one, she was able to sing on her own after a few times.
“It’s a good shot. After all, this is the first show of the police chief’s daughter, Batman student, and Batwoman Barbara Gordon!”Su Sheng said to Hallekine. He deliberately tidied up his clothes and changed into a sitting posture before signaling Barbara to start.
Su Sheng didn’t mind kneeling and singing to conquer. Even though this stem was a little old, it would be interesting to look at it when he was bored, right?Under Su Sheng’s expression that I liked you so much that I hated you and could n’ t do anything to me, Barbara knelt on the ground and sang a complete conquest in shame.
After singing, Barbara suddenly grabbed the mask and put it back on.”You have the best words and you have the confidence to help me deal with Bain or I will never let you go.”
Su Sheng took the camera from Hali Kui Yin’s hand and looked at it. He was dressed in a bat suit and knelt on the ground. His delicate facial features revealed an expression of shame, anger, and unwillingness, but he had no choice but to submit. Although it was a singing, the singing was pleasant and the words were clear.
“Unfortunately, there’s no soundtrack.”Su Sheng grumbled regretfully and turned off the camera.”When will you make a move?”
“I’ ll inform you when I’ m ready.”Barbara stood up and walked over the sofa, ready to leave.
For a moment, she was worried that she would not be able to hold back her anger.
Barbara pushed open the door, intending to throw out a smoke grenade and then use the rope gun to leave. Suddenly, she was caught by what Su Sheng had said before. With a snort, she hooked the rope gun onto the roof and flew away.
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Chapter 12 Praise for You

“If there’s a chance for Batman to do the same, then it’s definitely a classic.”Su Sheng smiled as he stood up and walked to the usual backpack to put the camera away.
Hallekine, who was closing the door, paused for a moment when she heard this. She then turned around and asked softly.
“Are you leaving?”
“Bayne’s Gotham is too boring. He did n’ t have any nerve-wracking opponents to cause trouble. He didn’t have Batman playing with cats and mice. This kind of peaceful life is really boring. It’s a waste of time.Where do you want to go next?Metropolis?I am an alien, but I love Earth. The superman I spoke for Earth has not appeared yet.Central City?It was unknown if it was a joke or the bitter and vengeful Lightning Knight, right?Why don’t we go to Star City to find Green Hat Man? No, it’s Green Arrow Man?”It’s fine if we can meet a trash pile team gathered by two or three line heroes. It shouldn’ t be too boring to travel around.”Su Sheng muttered to himself as he immersed himself in his thoughts.
Although Hallekine could not understand it clearly, she could tell that Su Sheng was already bored and boring towards Gotham.”Will you bring me along?”Harriquin could not help but ask.
Su Sheng looked up.”Why are you here?”
“I can be your pillow.”Don’ t you have to hug me every night to fall asleep?”Hali Kuiyin said anxiously.
“I’ m tired of it. I’ m going to change it.”Su Sheng turned his head to the side and flipped over, as if he was looking for something to take away.
Haley Quinn’s expression was gloomy. As the hijacker, she should be happy for Su Sheng’s departure. She should be happy for herself to regain her freedom. She should be happy for him to solve Bain and save Gotham, and make Gotham return to order.But now, she could only feel the sadness of being abandoned. It was just like when her father had suddenly left and abandoned their mother and daughter.
Studying Su Sheng’s psychology?Hallekine had long since forgotten about it. Unknowingly, this period of interaction made her feel like a kind of family warmth and dependence on Su Sheng. In the end, was she going to be abandoned again?
Was it because she was bored with Gotham, or was she tired of herself?
“Will you come back?”Haley Quinn asked in anticipation.
“Maybe. Maybe I’ ll come back and play when Gotham is exciting and interesting.”Su Sheng pulled on his backpack and said to Halikui Yin.”I’ ll go out.”
“When will you be back?”
“Not necessarily.”Su Sheng pushed the door open.
Although he still hadn’t decided where to go next, it did n’ t prevent him from getting a new vehicle, such as the Batmobile?It should be enough for him to run, fly, look cool, and have all the functions.Where was the Batmobile?He wasn’t afraid. He did n’ t know that anyone knew.Su Sheng planned to go directly to the City Hall to find Bain. Was it enough to exchange for a batwoman?You said you promised Bat Girl to kill Bain?There was no conflict between the two. When they were about to make a move, they would bring the Bat Girl to see Bain and then kill Bain. How good would that be?
As for whether the Bat Girl would be frightened?Could Bain be angry?Would the daughter of the master ninja who really wanted to destroy Gotham’s mastermind be depressed?
What did it have to do with me?
After coming out, Su Sheng walked towards Gotham City Hall.
What did he say?Speaking of Cao Cao, Cao Cao arrived.Su Sheng had just walked out of the street when he saw a woman in front of him flash past. Her figure flashed into an alley.This woman was not simple, her name……No, it should be called Miranda Tate. Gotham’s newly promoted philanthropist, one of the board members of Wayne Consortium, Batman’s trusted ally, Bruce Wayne’s target.What did 49 mean?Translating it into English and linking it up, he could understand.Her real name was Talia El Gur, the daughter of Master Ninja, the real mastermind behind this incident.
How clever was Master Bat?In the end, she was lying to her, and she was lying to her for money. What was she doing?After swindling his trust, he got his master’s stake in Wayne Group and the master who returned almost went bankrupt. He almost lost the opportunity to say that his super ability was a rich and pretentious opportunity. Moreover, he even gave him a knife at the critical moment and stabbed him in circles. It was painful!This wasn’t considered. He had turned from four to nine to become one of the master’s favorites. He even gave birth to a son. Damian Wayne was the fifth generation Robin.
He was ruthless and ambitious. The most important thing was that the city would play. Su Sheng wanted to praise her!
It was better to move. It was useless to praise this kind of thing, so Su Sheng directly chased them into the alley.
As soon as they entered the alley, they found that it was a dead end. There was no one there. There was a door on the left side of the alley that was supposed to be the back door of. It was slightly open, revealing a gap.
The corner of Su Sheng’s mouth curled up as he opened the door and walked in.
The door was closed, and it was so dark that it could not be seen.
His eyes were invisible, silent.
Suddenly, a sharp wind pierced towards Su Sheng’s throat, as if something sharp had broken through the wind.
Ability replication.
In an instant, Su Sheng had mastered the world’s top-class fighting techniques, unarmed combat, sword, sword, bow and arrow techniques, and so on. Along with that, there was also the keen perception that required long-term training.Su Sheng tilted his head slightly when he heard the argument. A cold aura flashed across his face. He grabbed back and threw a dagger into his hand towards the darkness on the left.
Infinite stack, ten times.
His unique technique was as if he could use it. His eyes shone brightly in the darkness.
The dagger was nailed to the wall.
Did he fail?
Su Sheng found the switch beside him, and a light lit up.
This seemed to be an abandoned warehouse. On the left side of Su Sheng’s line of sight, a woman was leaning against the wall in shock. She was wearing a blue dress, and her left shoulder’s sleeves slid down the airport. A shallow blood mark was clearly visible. The dagger was on the blood mark on her shoulder!
The sudden light made her slightly turn her head, and then she heard her question in surprise.”You’re that Chinese man called Su Sheng?Barba……Didn’t Bat Girl go to look for you?”Why are you here?”
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Chapter 13 Talia El Gur

Su Sheng looked at her with a smile on his face.
His acting skills were really great. He was so real when he accidentally said something in a hurry and then changed his mind.This was especially the case when the pain and fear in his expression and eyes flashed by. Then, he realized that the other party knew that he was relieved. Then, he was surprised why his little expression here was full of clarity and clarity.
It was worthy of being a god acting skill that could deceive Master Bat.
You guessed that this answer was a little unexpected. She was stunned for a moment before she continued,” My name is Miranda Tate, the police chief James Gordon and Bat Girl’s ally. Bat Girl went to find you to help deal with Bain. Did you not meet her?”
“I’ ve seen her. She’s already back.”
Su Sheng smiled as he walked in front of her and pulled out the dagger.
“Then, did you agree?”She asked nervously.
As soon as she finished speaking, she couldn’t help but shiver. The cold blade of the dagger pressed against her shoulder.Although it was painful, although it was cold, although there was a look of fear on her face, she did not move as if she was scared.
“Do you think I agreed?”
“You, what are you doing?”She asked in a trembling voice.
Su Sheng sized her up a few times and suddenly thought of something interesting. What if he took a picture of her and showed it to Bruce Wayne?Should he choose to break up or accept her?Su Sheng took a few steps back and took out his camera from his backpack. He patted it with a click.
This action caused her to lower her head in shame and anger, but her eyes flashed with malevolence and anger.
How did he dare to do this?
He was dead!
After taking a few pictures, Su Sheng put the camera away and said to her,” I want the Batmobile.”
“You blackmail me?”She looked up at Su Sheng.”That’s Batman’s stuff. I don’ t have it.”
“Whether it’s Miranda Tete or Talia El Gur, can you get the Batmobile?”Give me the Batmobile. I’ ll give Barbara Gordon to Bain. How about that?”Su Sheng smiled.
Her heart skipped a beat. He actually knew his true identity?This was impossible. Gotham probably didn’ t know my identity!
“Hey, hey, hey.”Su Sheng snapped his fingers in front of her.”Don’ t think about it for that long, right?”
Su Sheng also knew about this person. After all, James Gordon and Barbara Gordon both had hopes for him and thought that he was the greatest help to save Gotham. However, this guy was not a decent person.Although he did not know how he knew his true identity, it sounded like he did not agree to Barbara Gordon.
“You didn’ t agree to Batwoman’s cooperation?”She pondered for a moment and asked.
At the same time, he admitted his identity.
Su Sheng smiled,” Yes, I promise to help her solve Bain.”
She laughed, and her laughter was very wild without any cover. Her laughter gradually turned into ridicule.”They’re trying to get your help to save Gotham. It’s a pity that just a Batmobile has made them betray and betray.”That’s good. To experience despair in hope is their fate. It’s Gotham’s fate.”
“They’re going to take action tomorrow. A little policeman called John Black will go rescue the police trapped underground. James Gordon will lead people to attack the City Hall.If you agree, Barbara Gordon will deal with Bain with you.”At that time, I will act with you in the name of dismantling the nuclear reactor.”She looked at Su Sheng and said again.”In two hours, I’ ll have someone send the Batmobile to a place about two blocks away from you. You can find it yourself, but you have to delete the items you just took.”
“That won’ t do. These pictures are more interesting to me than the Batmobile.”Batman might not care about losing a Batmobile, but if it was a picture of his woman, that would be another matter.
She frowned as she looked at Su Sheng.”Forget it, since you like it, just keep it.”
He had to die.
Since that was the case, it was not important for him to delete it. He would just delete it once he was killed.
“I’ m just wondering if Bruce Wayne will like it. I’ m looking forward to seeing his reaction.”Su Sheng smiled and waved his hand.”Let’s go.”
“I will also look forward to your reaction before your death.”
Seeing Su Sheng open the door, she said coldly and gloomily before picking up her clothes. However, she could no longer wear them anymore.He barely managed to find a dirty dress. After leaving, he had someone send the Batmobile to a designated location before returning to meet up with Barbara and the others.
Two hours later, Su Sheng found the Batmobile and began to study it with great interest.
The design was cool and complete.
Being able to drive and fly seemed to have an automatic driving function. Su Sheng studied until nightfall before hiding the Batmobile and returning to Hallekine’s apartment.
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Chapter 14 I’ll kill Bain. Do you believe me?

The sun was bright and there was no cloud in ten thousand miles.
The breeze blew slowly from the window. Gotham had a rare chance to catch up with a good weather.
The clear weather made her feel much better. Su Sheng didn’t mind that Haley Quinn was n’ t around. He narrowed his eyes and lay down for a while before getting up.
Dress and wash.
Su Sheng came downstairs and frowned slightly.
In the past, Haley Queen would prepare her breakfast and wait for her to come down. But now, there was no breakfast, and Haley Queen was not there.
“Forget it.”
Su Sheng didn’t care too much about it. He made some food for himself. Just as he finished eating, he saw that the door was pushed open.
It wasn’t Harriquin, but Barbara Gordon in Bat and Talia El Gour in long pants.They came here naturally to prepare for action. Barbara Gordon first introduced themselves to each other. Talia El Gour looked like she wanted to take care of her for the first time. She even thanked Su Sheng gratefully for Gotham.
It was obvious that she didn’t confess the reason why she was in a sorry state after returning yesterday, nor did she say that she had seen Su Sheng.
“In an hour, my father will lead others to attack the City Hall. When the time comes, you, me and Miranda will go directly to look for Bain, right?”Barbara Gordon asked Su Sheng.
Su Sheng nodded indifferently.
Barbara Gordon nervously checked her equipment again and reminded Talia El Gur to follow her.
Hallekine did not know where she had gone. Originally, Su Sheng had planned to bid her farewell before leaving.After all, during this period of time, she had made a lot of contributions to the career of holding the pillow and the quality of her sleep. However, if she didn’t catch up, it was fine. Life was just a journey. I passed by you, you passed by me.
“It’s almost time. Let’s go.”Barbara Gordon looked at the time and said.
Su Sheng picked up his backpack and left. The three of them boarded the usual car and headed to City Hall.
As Bain’s headquarters, a group of armed thugs gathered at the gate of the City Hall. Two tanks developed by Wayne Group were in front of them, and a group of people were standing in the direction pointed by the cannon.The surviving policemen led by James Gordon and Gotham’s Justice were stern and determined.
This was their first and last gathering.Although there were more thugs with weapons on the other side, even though there was a steel tank that could destroy their flesh and blood with a single shot, they did not retreat.
Fight for survival, fight for freedom, fight for justice!
James Gordon, who was standing at the front, looked at the watch on his wrist. It was almost time. Why weren’t they here yet?
The ear-splitting sound of the accelerator pierced through the quiet atmosphere at the moment. A car came out from behind with a loud sound. The creaking sound was ear-piercing, and the tire left a long trail between the two sides.
“You’ re crazy.”
Barbara Gordon couldn’t help but growl when he saw Su Sheng drive the car to this place. Originally, he had planned to wait for his father and the others to launch an attack and rush in to find Bain in the chaos, but now that he had become the target of everyone’s criticism, he was probably beaten to death before he saw Bain.
“Do you want to see Bain directly?”Su Sheng turned around and asked.
“Nonsense, of course.”
Su Sheng looked at Talia El Gour and said to Barbara Gordon,” I have a way to bring you to see Bain easily.”
“What method?”Barbara Gordon asked in shock.
There are handcuffs, right?”Give it to me first.”
Barbara Gordon did not want to take out the handcuffs from Bat’s belt and handed them to Su Sheng. He asked curiously,” What do you want handcuffs for?”
“Cuff you!”
Su Sheng held onto Barbara Gordon’s hands with handcuffs and lightly handcuffed them. Then, he heard a cracking sound. Barbara Gordon was directly handcuffed.
“What are you doing?”At this moment, Barbara Gordon seemed to have realized that something was wrong.
“Tsk tsk, your intelligence…” Su Sheng smiled and shook his head as he got out of the car. He opened the door and grabbed Barbara Gordon with one hand and Talia El Gour with the other.
In an instant, both sides focused their attention on the three of them.
James Gordon had a bad premonition on his face. Shortly after, Barbara Gordon cursed at Su Sheng angrily.
“Bastard, you betrayed me ……”
Before Barbara Gordon could finish his sentence, she was punched in the stomach. Her curses stopped abruptly and she bent down like a shrimp.
“Su Sheng, you bastard!”
He was betrayed!
James Gordon cursed angrily.
The sudden change caught the people on both sides off guard. The people on James Gordon’s side could n’ t help but feel demoralized when they saw that the helpers they found had betrayed them and even captured the core characters. The people on the other side also understood what was going on. Soon, someone went to inform Bain.
Some of the thugs shouted at Su Sheng.”What’s wrong with you looking for Bain?”
Su Sheng smiled brightly.”I’ m here to kill Bain, do you believe me?”
Kill Bain?
Looking at him holding Talia El Gour’s neck in one hand and Barbara Gordon’s handcuffs in the pain of not getting up in the other hand, who couldn’t tell that they were betrayed because they wanted Su Sheng’s help?It was obvious that he had come to offer credit.
“If you don’ t believe me, whoever believes what you say is a fool!”
A loud laugh rang out, and the initially tense atmosphere of Xiao Sha seemed to have changed into joy.
As they laughed, the crowd quickly separated from each other. A tall and sturdy man with a black metal breathing mask slowly walked out.The black mask blocked his mouth and nose, as if it was emitting a dark and cold light. His eyes were sharp and sinister, and his entire body was like a wild beast, filled with the aura of death. It made people afraid to look directly at him.
Brokeback Mad Devil, Bain!
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Chapter 15 When you attacked me, you lost.

Bain didn’t say anything but the laughter around him gradually ceased to be completely silent. The brazen smiles that had just been shown turned serious and composed, as if they had a silent halo.Although they were Bain’s people, Bain was not soft at all when he killed his own people.
“You want to see me?”Bain’s sharp eyes swept across Talia El Gour and Barbara Gordon. Finally, he looked at Su Sheng. His voice was hoarse and cold, causing people to shiver.
Talia El Gour looked like a delicate lotus flower. Barbara Gordon trembled slightly, not knowing whether it was because of despair or anger.In the distance, James Gordon had raised his gun several times to save people, but in the end, he had put it down. This wasn’t him anymore, it was n’ t Barbara Gordon’s personal matter. Although he was distressed and anxious, he could n’ t sacrifice the people behind him and Gotham for his daughter.
“What does your mask look like?”Su Sheng looked at Bain and asked with interest.”Do you have to open every time you eat or drink?What if you want to kiss?”Why don’ t you take off your mask and show it to me?”
Dead silence.
Although many people were curious about Bain’s appearance, no one dared to ask him that, let alone let him take it off.This was simply a death act. Almost everyone looked at Su Sheng with the same gaze as a dead person. Even Barbara Gordon could not help but look up.Is this bastard crazy?Since you betrayed us, why did you provoke Bain?
Bain suddenly let out a voice that didn’ t know if it was a smile or a humph. He raised his hand and gently stroked his mask and said in a hoarse voice,” It’s okay if you want to see it. As long as you have the ability to take it off!”
“Do you still have to do it yourself?”This is troublesome.”
Su Sheng mumbled to himself and let go of Talia El Gour and Barbara Gordon. They actually walked towards Bain, as if they did not hear the sinister meaning of his words.
Idiot, he was trying to die.
Some were excitedly waiting to see his end, but some could not bear to look straight at him and turned their heads slightly.
Step by step, Su Sheng walked leisurely. He stood in front of Bain and asked politely,” Then, I’ m here?”
Bain’s eyes were gloomy as he looked past Su Sheng and towards Talia El Gour.Looking at each other, Talia El Gur seemed to be startled by his gaze. She lowered her head abruptly, as if she was nodding at first glance.Although Bain didn’t know why Talia El Gur did n’ t want to reveal her identity at this time, he already knew what to do.
Seeing Su Sheng actually grab at his mask, Bain’s eyes turned cruel and violent. His thick arm muscles seemed to be about to explode. His fist clenched tightly and his blood vessels were clearly visible.
The wind whistled and the momentum was heavy.
With such a close distance and such a fast speed, Bain was confident that he could open Su Sheng’s little head.
Even Batman, who was also from the Assassin Alliance, had his back broken, Su Sheng?Bain did not care at all.All he had to do was kill him and vent his anger on Talia El Gour!
Just as his fist was about to hit Su Sheng, Bain noticed that Su Sheng had disappeared from his sight.The next moment, there was a sharp pain in his chest. Su Sheng kicked over and actually caused Bain to step back a few steps.
“How is that possible?”
“Why is his skinny body so powerful?”
Bain stepped on the ground with his left foot to stabilize his body. He wanted to retaliate, but found that Su Sheng was gone again.
Where was the person?
Just as Bain was looking around for Su Sheng, the people on both sides were dumbfounded.
What……How could this be possible?Was he seeing things?
He actually backed Bain away?
And actually……He actually jumped into the air.
This height was definitely not something a normal person could achieve, right?
Bain was Bain after all. He quickly recovered and looked up.
Under the blinding sunlight, a figure descended from the sky.
The moment Bain attacked, Su Sheng copied it. However, his combat skills could be ignored. He had mastered the combat skills of Cat Girl, Bat Girl, and Talia El Gour. Bain’s combat skills were mostly from the Assassin Alliance. There were more overlapping areas.However, Su Sheng did not plan to master 127 fighting skills like Batman. The main thing was his physical attributes.
Bain’s power!
Unlimited stacking, twenty times!
When Su Sheng jumped up with 20 times his strength, his body jumped into the air. He looked down at Bain who was holding his fist and smiled.
“Bain, do you recognize a palm strike from the sky?”
The dazzling sunlight made Su Sheng’s body seem to be shrouded in a layer of golden light. When the golden light fell, Su Sheng had already hit Bain’s fist.
Bain’s feet sank, and the stone path instantly caved in and cracked. The tremendous strength and pressure caused the bones in his entire body to instantly shatter. His legs could not support his sturdy body as he fell forward. His fist was made of bones, and his arms were bent and drooped.
Bain landed heavily on the ground.
The wind gently blew past.
Under the scorching sun, when they saw Bain, whose body was twisted and lying on the ground, and Su Sheng, who was standing beside him, they couldn’t help but shiver and feel extremely cold.
Looking around, Su Sheng’s eyes swept over, not one of them looked down and dodged.
Su Sheng bent over and stretched out his hand. He grabbed his back collar and lifted Bain. Bain’s eyes seemed to be filled with disbelief and disbelief.He was Bain!He actually had his bones broken by a punch?
“The moment you attacked me, you lost.”Su Sheng held onto Bain and said softly. He grabbed his mask and pulled it hard.
Blood splattered everywhere.
This cruel scene caused many people to subconsciously close their eyes and tightly shut their mouths to twitch. It was as if they were being torn apart, as if they were feeling the same pain.
“It seems to have been torn apart by too much force?”Forget it, I won’ t look anymore.”Looking at Bain, whose body was twitching and spitting blood like a fountain, Su Sheng muttered to himself as he pushed the mask back to his face and released him.
Bain fell to the ground again.
Twitching, twitching, and finally motionless.
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If he didn’t work hard, he did n’ t know what despair was.

Bain was dead, yet he died just like that?
This result exceeded everyone’s expectations. He forcefully broke Batman’s back and occupied Gotham City, threatening the Ministry of Defense not to dare to make a move, but he still had to obediently watch for him. How could Bain die just like that?You dare to believe it?
“I’ m here to kill Bain, do you believe me?”
For some reason, many people recalled what Su Sheng said earlier. At that time, everyone thought that he was joking, but what the f*ck was it?
In the silence, Su Sheng walked towards one of the thugs. When that person saw Su Sheng walking towards him, he was so scared that his entire body trembled as he tried to dodge his legs but did not listen to his orders.Standing in front of him, Su Sheng smiled and asked,” I remember you said just now that whoever believes me is a fool, right?”
“Yes……”Sorry.”The man said in a frightened voice.
Su Sheng patted him gently on the shoulder.”Don’ t be afraid. I just want to ask you, do you believe what I said now?”
“I believe it. I believe whatever you say. I’ m sorry, I’ m just a fool.”The thug nodded like a chick pecking at rice.
“Then, I said I want to punch your head. Do you believe me?”Su Sheng narrowed his eyes and smiled at him.
He was stunned.
Don’t believe it?It sounded like a provocation.
Letter?Wasn’t that just like killing Bain?
Cold sweat trickled down his cheeks. He was about to cry. Should I believe it or not?
His legs trembled, and a fishy smell drifted away.
“It’s just a question,” Su Sheng said in a daze.” It’s not enough to piss off, right?Forget it, since you’re afraid, then I’ ll ……”
“Let me go?”The man asked with anticipation.
“Kill you!”
With 20 times more power, even the bones of his body were broken, let alone this guy?Su Sheng’s fist hit the other person’s head. With a bang, the person fell backwards, his facial features twisted.
“Sometimes if you don’ t work hard, you don’ t even know what despair is.”
Su Sheng sighed as he retracted his fist and looked at the stunned crowd on both sides.”What are you still standing there for? What are you doing.”
He reminded the people on both sides to react to what they wanted to do. The initially confident thugs turned their heads and ran away. James Gordon used an excellent police reaction ability to start beating the drowning dog.
What was reverse?
What the f*ck!
In the chaos, Barbara Gordon untied his handcuffs and pulled Talia El Gur, who was still in shock, to Su Sheng’s side and said excitedly,” This is how you said you could see Bain easily?Pretending to betray us and lure Bain out, why didn’t you tell us in advance?I thought you really wanted to betray us.”Oh right, how did you think of this method? I didn’ t even think of it.”
Looking at Barbara Gordon, who was so excited and excited, she seemed to have forgotten that she had just punched her.Su Sheng smiled and said seriously,” Pay attention to details, start with small things, because……”You can’ t do anything big.”
Barbara Gordon’s expression froze.
At first, she had planned to listen to the details carefully, but in the end……In the end, he was actually mocking himself for not being able to do anything big?This bastard really wasn’t annoying.
“It’s not over yet. Are you going to stand here and stare at me?”Looking at Barbara Gordon, Su Sheng reminded.
Talia El Gur’s expression changed when he heard this. Was he going to expose himself?This guy was so strong, even Bain……He had failed. His plan to destroy Gotham had actually failed because of this guy!
Nuclear reactor!”Come on, let’s go find the nuclear reactor.”
Barbara Gordon suddenly realized that this was the key to saving Gotham. He pulled Talia El Gur and planned to enter the City Hall. Talia El Gur was dragged by him and subconsciously wanted to make a move, but he heard Su Sheng say something to cheer.
What do you mean?Could it be that he did not intend to reveal my identity?
Talia El Gur looked at Su Sheng with wide eyes, but Su Sheng turned around and left with a smile.
What’s the point of revealing her? It would be fun to let her hide her identity and continue to do something to destroy Gotham. After all, when Batman, who had recovered from his injuries, discovered that Bain was dead, he had to have an opponent to let him continue to be a dark knight. Justice was born from evil, was the peaceful Gotham still Gotham?
In the midst of the chaos, Su Sheng left the city hall far away from the crowd. Not long after, he heard a roar from afar. The Batmobile entered flight mode and flew away from the sky.
After a long while, the chaos gradually ended and the noise also quieted down.
On the road of the City Hall, the car that Su Sheng was driving was parked in the middle of the road.
Suddenly, the car began to shake and shake. Bang bang bang sounds rang out. Following that, a bang sound was heard. The lid of the trunk suddenly opened and Hallekine crawled out of it in a sorry state.
Hallekine was stunned when she looked at the silent streets.
She sneaked into the trunk early in the morning, thinking that she would follow Su Sheng when he left. She never thought she would fail.Sure enough, he didn’t try hard. He did n’ t know what despair was!
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