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At this moment, all mankind think I am immortal!
001 A gateway to the great Qin palace![1 / 5, new books for collection]
Parallel world
Jiangnan, Dongshan City
Outside Jijia village at the foot of Dongshan mountain
A tall and handsome young man drove into the entrance of the village in an old van, and from time to time he said hello to the villagers nearby with a smile.
“Where are you going, aunt three?Have you eaten? ”
“Uncle six, are you going to pick up your grandson again?”
“Yes, yes. Ji Han is really polite. He deserves to be a college student. Being educated is different.”
“Cut!College students have a fart to use. They don’t go to work, and they work in the fields all day. It's better not to study in this university. ”
“Yes, I heard uncle tiegen introduced several girls to you, but you didn't talk about them?Are you trying to be single
The village gossip villagers, you a word I a word!
Ji Han smiles and doesn't mind. He drives back to his home.
This small mountain village with 100 Households at the foot of the west mountain is his hometown. As the only college student in the village, Ji Han not only didn't find a job after graduating from University, but also went back home to work as a farmer, which seems to the villagers to be absolutely mentally handicapped.
Ji Han is too lazy to explain this.
After his parents died, he took care of all the mountains in his family by himself.
In just two years, he transformed more than 100 mu of land at the foot of the mountain, plus hundreds of mu of forest and a reservoir into a small farm.
At the same time, he also separated a yard at the door of his house, raised a lot of chickens, ducks and geese, and played a guest role in the farmhouse when he had nothing to do. Occasionally, he could attract some guests from the city to spend money, and he could still live a small life.
“Woof, woof, woof!”
Ji Han just walked down from the van, a strong Caucasian dog like a calf rushed over excitedly, and his hairy brain bag constantly rubbed against him.
If you look carefully, this big dog is really amazing!
Its physique is bigger than the general Caucasian dog, and its hair is black with yellow. It looks more powerful than a lion. It can definitely scare a lot of people to cry when it goes out.
“All right, all right, Xiao Hei, play by yourself!”
“Ha ha, I just went out for a while and missed me?”
“Good dog, I'll stew the big bone for you later.”
Ji Han teases the big dog in a good mood, brushing its luxuriant hair from time to time, and Xiaohei's face suddenly shows the expression of human enjoyment.
“Ding!Animal training skill proficiency + 1 ”
“Ding!Animal training skill proficiency + 1 ”
“Ding!Animal training skill proficiency + 1 ”
Only Ji Han can hear the sound in his mind.
Ji Han doesn't feel surprised at this, and even gets used to it, because there is a system bound in his body.
This system is very mysterious!
Ji Han didn't know what it was for.
It's just that whenever he does something, he will always prompt his skill proficiency + 1, and then the skill will become stronger and stronger.
Over the years, Ji Han also has many strange skills!
For example, there are dozens of animal training, planting, fishing, cooking, music, hacking, hunting, driving, go, swimming and so on, most of which have reached the master and expert level.
Unfortunately, these skills don't seem to be very helpful to him.
In addition, Ji Han is a relatively Buddhist, so he has been living in his own small village. Every day he keeps company with flowers, birds, fish and insects, but he is very happy.
But in today's prompt sound, actually jumped out a different prompt!
“Ding!System upgrade conditions achieved
“The system has been upgraded successfully. Please explore the specific functions by yourself!”
“System upgrade?What's going on? ”
Ji Han was a little confused, but the sound of the system was silent for a long time.
This makes him puzzled, but also can't help silent up.
The broken system is still as cold as ever, and it has no function. I'm really tired.
“Your sister, study it tomorrow!”
“Come on, Xiao Hei, let's make dinner first!”
Ji Han rubs the dog's head and goes straight to the kitchen!
But he didn't know that when he left, thick fog slowly began to appear around the farm and even the whole Jijia village.
Night begins to fall!
Bursts of thick fog swept from all directions, quickly wrapped the farm in cold season, and could not reach out to outsiders.
Then a faint light appeared from the mist.
Dimly can see, this is like a door!
In the palace of Xianyang City, Daqin world
There was also a light mist, and there was a strange light door in the back palace!
This phenomenon immediately caused chaos in the imperial palace. A large number of bodyguards and maids fell to their knees, and even Ying Zheng was shocked.
“What is it?Why do such visions appear in the important area of the imperial city? “Ying Zheng was shocked.
Wang Ben and Zhao gaolisi, who came in a hurry, were also stunned. No one thought that a light door would suddenly appear here.
“It's like a door!”Liz exclaimed: “through this door, you can see houses, water houses, and dogs and chickens. Is this the fairyland in legend?”
“Congratulations, your majesty!”Seeing this, Zhao Gao immediately flattered: “this must be the residence of the immortal. Your majesty has made great efforts to build the three emperors. Now the immortal has come down to heaven to invite you to the fairyland. Congratulations to your majesty!”
“Congratulations to your majesty!”
Li Si, Wang Ben and others all knelt down and cried out!
Everyone's eyes were filled with excitement and ecstasy. No one doubted Zhao Gao's inference. Even Ying Zheng couldn't help beating his heart.
Is this really immortal residence?
Immortal wants to invite Ying Zheng to be a guest?
yes!It must be.
Years of long life obsession immediately convinced Ying Zheng.
He took a deep breath, forced down the idea of ecstasy, and asked excitedly, “you Qing, now that the immortal has given a miracle, what should we do?”
“I think we should send someone to look for one or two!”Wang Ben out of safety considerations, hastily suggested.
After pondering for a moment, Ying Zheng nodded and agreed!
Wang Ben waved his hand, and a dozen black soldiers were ready to step through the gate of light.
But just as they approached, they were bounced open one by one by the light gate. Even Lisi and Zhao Gao approached and were blocked out of the light gate.
“Ha ha ha!”Ying Zheng is not angry but happy: “it seems that the immortal doesn't want to see you. I'll have a try in person!”
With that, Ying Zheng stepped forward excitedly!
“Your Majesty, be careful!”
Wang Ben's heart was anxious, and he quickly followed.
This time, the light gate didn't stop them. Whoosh, they disappeared in the light gate, and everyone was stunned.
[new book open, for collection, for fattening, for all kinds of support!】*
002 Oh, this elder brother is still the emperor?[2 / 5, new books for collection]
A flash of light
Ying Zheng and Wang Ben have gone through the illusory door, stepped through the limitation of time and space, and appeared outside Ji Han's farmyard.
They are shocked to look ahead, everything here makes them feel strange.
The garden fences are beautifully trimmed and the ground is hardened with cement.
It's a small western style building with a modern flavor, and the street lights are shining all around!
In the distance, the mountains and forests are full of birds and dogs, and the streams are flowing. Under the cover of the night, it's like a fairyland.
Ji Han is a man with obsessive-compulsive disorder. He already has master horticultural skills. He has nothing to do but tamper with his own small yard. Therefore, the layout and decoration here is full of artistic atmosphere, which is by no means inferior to those rich people's private manors.
“Is this fairyland?What a beautiful place
“The immortal's residence is really extraordinary. Wang Qing, looking at the strange lights, it's more brilliant than the precious candle. It must be the means of the immortal family.”
“Your Majesty, the ground, the garden and the house are all made of extraordinary materials.”
Ying Zheng and Wang Ben looked at everything around them as if they were retarded.
Two thousand years apart, the cultural shock makes their minds a little inadequate. They are just like granny Liu entering the Grand View Garden, filled with awe.
“Woof, woof, woof!”
Xiao Hei, who is lying at the door of the kitchen, is alert to find the trace of the two people.
Ying Zheng and Wang Ben were startled on the spot.
What a big dog!
“Your Majesty, be careful!”Wang Ben was so scared that he pulled out his sword and exclaimed: “this dog is as fierce as a lion and tiger. Don't go near it!”
“Don't be rude, Wang Qing!”Ying Zheng exclaimed: “this is an immortal dog. It's really extraordinary. We can't offend the immortal easily so as not to offend him.”
Wang Ben quickly promised, but his eyes were still quite alert.
At this time, Ji Han also heard the news, and came out of the kitchen to see them.
There is a film and television city near here. Usually, there are many ancient costume actors coming to eat. So Ji Han is not surprised. He only thinks that they are guests.
“Two elder brothers, why do you come here?Did your friend introduce you? ”
“Come on, sit down!Are you here for dinner or for dinner? ”
“By the way, how do you wear these clothes?The crew just got off work, right?Oh, this elder brother is still the emperor? ”
Season cold smile ha ha of solicit!
Ying Zheng and Wang Ben looked at each other with confused faces.
They don't quite understand. What crew?What's your friend's introduction?
“Yes, sir!”Ying Zhenggong arched his hand and asked, “where is this?”
Ji Han's face is strange. How can this man speak in a refined way?
Haven't you jumped out of the play yet?
By the way, it must be. Ji Han has seen a lot of madmen indulging in filming, and their behavior is a little strange.
“Brother, this is an ordinary farmhouse, a place to eat.”Ji Han replied.
“Where to eat?Is this a restaurantWang Ben was surprised and asked: “how can there be such a restaurant at the end of the day?Don't deceive us, sir. It's a fairyland! ”
“Ha ha, brother, you can really talk.”Ji Han laughs: “I'm a small place in a poor and secluded village. The scenery is pretty good. It's not a fairyland!”
“Come and sit down. I usually have a lot of city people coming for dinner, fishing and barbecue. You're in a hurry and don't have an appointment. I'm just getting ready for dinner. Let's have a drink together?”
In the face of Ji Han's enthusiasm, Ying Zheng and Wang Ben are still confused.
What the hell?Isn't this fairyland?
Ji Han invited them to dinner?
Two people brain a little turn but bend to, can subconsciously nod to agree.
After a while, Ji Han brought out the fried dishes in the kitchen!
A dish of stewed spareribs with potatoes, a dish of hot and sour shredded potatoes!
A Coke chicken wings, a large pot of sauerkraut fish!
Ji Han's master cooking skill is comparable to that of the kitchen god. These simple dishes are full of flavor and color. Once they are put on the table, they make Ying Zheng's mouth water.
“Two elder brothers, you eat first, move chopsticks!”
“I didn't know any guests were coming, so I didn't have any preparation. I'll go to the whole soup again!”
Ji Han greets casually, while running to the kitchen to do some work, he gives Xiao Hei a big bone by the way.
As for the origin of these two people, he did not ask much.
The so-called visitor is the guest, what this small farmhouse wants is service and attitude!
Ji Han has always been very warm to his guests, so he can't make them hungry at the meal.
Ying Zheng and Wang Ben sat in front of the open-air table full of doubts.
In the Qin Dynasty, people sat on their knees to eat, and tables and chairs were not popular at all!
So they are not used to it!
Plus the smell of the dish is so strong that they are not able to swallow their slobber like a hungry woodlouse for three days.
“Wang Qing, immortal, what does that mean?”Ying Zheng asked in a low voice, “isn't this fairyland?Why does the immortal say this is a restaurant
“Your majestyWang Ben said cleverly: “this place is definitely a fairyland. Otherwise, how can we explain all our experiences?Maybe this immortal is simple and low-key, so he is equal with us
“It must be so!”Ying Zheng also said excitedly: “I didn't expect that the immortal was so easygoing. He calculated that I would come here and cook in person. We can't live up to the immortal's wishes. We can call him Mr. later.”
Wang Ben quickly agreed.
After a while, Ji Han came out of the kitchen again.
He also brought out a pot of fish head bean curd soup, which is full-bodied and fragrant, which makes people have a good appetite.
“You're welcome to both of you
“Although my farmyard is a little bit off center, the dishes and environment are absolutely first-class. People who have been here say that you can have a try!”
Ji Han greets warmly!
Ying Zheng and Wang Ben looked at the dishes and chopsticks in their hands, and they could not help saying that they were strange again.
This bowl is as white as jade and bright in color. It is more than ten thousand times stronger than earthenware bowl. It is worthy of being a treasure of the immortal family.
These dishes smell delicious and taste fresh and smooth!
Rao Shi Ying Zheng and Wang Ben are used to the delicacies of the world. They also think that what they used to eat was pig food!
“What is it, sir?”Ying Zheng picked up a potato and praised it: “it's soft and fragrant. It's really a first-class food in the world!”
“This is the potato, haven't you seen it?”Ji Han asked.
“Potatoes?”Ying Zheng asked: “how much is this product per mu?”
“Six or seven kilos!”Ji Han said with evil taste: “of course, according to your ancient costume drama, this thing can produce at least 60 to 100 stones per mu!”
“60 to 100 stones?”
Ying Zheng and Wang Ben were stunned, and then they were silly on the spot*
003 Too deep into the play?I am the first emperor of Qin![3 / 5, new books for collection]
“You didn't cheat us, sir?”
“Does this potato really have such a high yield?”
“This, this is simply immortal food!”
Ying Zheng and Wang Ben are shocked, which makes Ji Han despise them.
Where did these two goods come from?
Haven't city people seen potatoes?
“You two don't come to me to make fun of me, do you?”Ji Han frowned.
“We don't know much. Please don't be surprised.”Ying Zheng said awkwardly, “Sir, is this potato hard to grow?”
“What's so hard to grow?”Ji Han casually pointed and said, “the 100 mu land at the foot of the mountain is mine. At least one third of them grow potatoes. If they don't pick the land, they can grow everywhere.”
“If the land is good and the fertilizer is sufficient, the yield will be high. If the land is poor, the yield will not be too bad!”
“It can be used for cooking and staple food, and it's easy to store. It can be planted all year round!”
“If there were such grains in ancient times, we would not have starved so many people!”
What Ji Han talked about!
Once again, Wang Ben was excited.
Oh, my God, this is absolutely immortal food!
It's the best farmland in Daqin pass. One mu of land can only produce six and a half stones of grain. Other barren land can hardly have two stones of grain a year!
Many people have been working hard all year round, but they barely die of hunger!
If you're not lucky enough to meet a shortage of soldiers in disaster years, you'll be dead.
If this potato can be brought back to Daqin, will everyone be afraid of running out of food in the future?Will Ying Zheng be afraid of the rebellion of the remaining evils of the six countries?
This is an artifact that can protect the great Qin Dynasty for thousands of years!
“Sir, can I have a look at this potato?”Ying Zheng was uneasy and pleaded.
“It's not worth anything.”Ji Han said with disgust: “if you want to take some back to eat, there are a lot of them in the warehouse. If you want to plant them, just cut them into pieces and bury them in the soil.”
With that, Ji Han pointed to the warehouse next to the kitchen!
All kinds of grains, potatoes and corn were piled up here, which made Ying Zheng's eyes shine.
“Thank you very much, sir.”
“We can't thank you enough!”
Ying Zheng and his wife were very excited. If they didn't have a little sense, they would have to jump on them.
“As for the excitement?”Ji Han said contemptuously, “I produce hundreds of thousands of Jin of potatoes in these tens of Mu a year. There is no place to pile them. I usually feed them to chickens and pigs. You can move as much as you want.”
“This kind of fairy food is used to feed chickens and pigs?”
“Tyranny, it's tyranny!”
Ying Zheng and Wang Ben beat their chests and feet heartily!
“Come on, keep eating!”Ji Han warmly greeting: “this meal does not charge, we should make a friend, after eating more relatives to come to play.”
“It's delicious!”
Ying Zheng and Wang Ben continued to enjoy themselves.
Stewed spareribs with potatoes are fragrant, soft, tender and smooth. Sour and hot shredded potatoes are appetizing.
Coke chicken wings is to let Wang Ben happy eyebrows, want to even swallow the bones.
Ying Zheng, on the other hand, ate sauerkraut and fish with a heavy heart.
“Thank you for your hospitality, sir!”Ying Zheng couldn't help sighing: “Daqin is rich all over the world, but I've never tasted such delicious food. I've lived in vain!”
The cold season has also been strange to the two woodlouse. When they greet them, they laugh and ask, “brother, what are you playing Qin Shihuang?”
“Well, naturally I am the first emperor.”Ying Zheng is embarrassed.
“Ha ha!”Ji Han became interested: “how's the first emperor? I like this eternal emperor.”
“The emperor of all ages?”
Ying Zheng was shocked and took a breath!
There was a flash of ecstasy and excitement in my eyes!
How could the immortal praise him as an eternal emperor?
Ying Zheng ascended the throne at the age of 13!
Kill treacherous officials, zhenchaogang, destroy the six countries and enlist Xiongnu!
Life fighting means brutality, was criticized as brutal Qin!
But now Ji Han actually called him the eternal one emperor, his heart naturally could not help but tremble, this is simply the biggest affirmation to him.
“Sir, don't you think my means are too violent?”Ying Zheng is guilty and asks questions.
“Cruel chickenJi Han waved his hand and pointed out: “after hundreds of years of chaos in the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, how many people died and injured in Kyushu?If it wasn't for the first emperor's sweeping of the six kingdoms, how many people would have died! ”
“How to calm the world without being cruel?How to shake the eight wastelands without cruelty?Create the overall situation of the unification of Kyushu? ”
“How much contribution Ying Zheng made to China's Kyushu when he swept the six kingdoms, wrote the same book, drove the same track, and unified weights and measures? Can it be summed up in a sentence
“Ha ha, some historians don't know how to learn. They talk about the cruelty of Qin Shihuang every day. They don't know that Ying Zheng never killed a meritorious official during his reign. Is this what a tyrant did?”
Ji Han more said more excited, a keyboard man's momentum!
Can't wait to shout a key to come, incarnation key immortal big kill four directions for first emperor vindicate.
Ying Zheng is also a close friend. He wants to lead him to be a confidant. He never thought that he had such a comment in Ji Han's heart.
“Thank you very much, sir!”Ying Zheng said excitedly, “I'm ashamed.”
“You are so excited, you are not Qin Shihuang!”Ji Han rolled his eyes and said: “brother, don't get into the play too deeply. If it wasn't for my cell phone signal or full grid, I would have thought I had crossed it!”
“I, I really am the first emperor of Qin!”Ying Zheng blushed in embarrassment.
“He's a real drama maniac.”Ji Han sighed in silence: “well, you are the first emperor of Qin. You are not Meng Tian, are you
“No!”Wang Ben said bitterly: “I am Wang Ben, the Marquis of Wu.”
“Well, two madmen!”
Ji Han can't laugh or cry. If they don't talk and behave normally, he must think they are really crazy.
However, there are not many people who like to play Cosplay these days, so Ji Han doesn't take it seriously. Instead, he continues to greet them.
“Come on, Lao Wang and Lao Zhao, keep eating!”
“Although my farmhouse food is home-made, it still tastes good. Remember to introduce friends to me in the future!”
“Where did we talk just now?Oh, yes, the first emperor of Qin, it's a pity. If Ying Zheng had not died in the sand dune at 49 years old, Daqin would not have died as the second emperor. It's a pity! ”
Ying Zheng and Wang Ben were numb on the spot!
The death of daqinhui II?He died in the dunes at 49*
004 Three strategies to turn the world around![4 / 5, new books for collection]
“First, sir, what are you talking about?”Wang Ben flushed and said angrily, “Your Majesty is young and powerful. I, Qin, under the protection of heaven, how can I die as emperor II?”
“Are you two illiterate?”Ji Han asked: “you can't just read the script and don't know common sense when you enter the drama group. Who doesn't know that Hu Hai, the queen of Ying Zheng's return, succeeded to the throne and was killed by the restoration army of the six countries in just two or three years?”
“What?Hu Hai succeeded to the throne
“It's impossible. Fu Su is the eldest son.”
“Why didn't the young master Fu Su succeed to the throne?”
Ying Zheng and Wang Ben are confused again. They are full of confusion and disbelief, and their appetite turns into indignation.
Is this fairy warning?
Is it true that Daqin will die as emperor II?
How dare the remaining evils of the six countries be restored?These damn guys!
“You are really illiterate!”Ji Han kindly explained: “Qin Shihuang is obsessed with the way of longevity. He is bewitched by warlocks. If he has nothing to do, he will knock pills!”
“All these pills contain mercury poison. Who will die early if he doesn't die early?This guy died on the way of the Fifth East tour! ”
“Zhao Gao and Li Simi did not mourn. They put salted fish in the motorcade to cover up the bad smell. They ordered Fu Su to make his own decisions and join hands to help Hu Hai get to the top!”
Ying Zheng and Wang Ben are pale and dare not speak for a long time!
It can't be true, can it?It seems that Ji Han is not faking his vows. Does Daqin really want to die for the second emperor?
“Sir, Zhao Gaoshi was loyal to his country and to the first emperor.”Ying Zheng did not give up and asked: “Lisi and he have never been at loggerheads. How can they join hands?Isn't that reasonable? ”
“What's wrong with that?”Ji Han shook his head with disdain and said: “Ying Zheng will not die. Zhao gaolisi naturally dare not be presumptuous, but once Ying Zheng dies, who can control these two people?”
“Zhao Gao and the Mongolians have always had old grudges. He was afraid that Fu Su would spoil the Mongolians after he ascended the throne and attack himself!”
“Li Si is greedy for power and Fu Su believes in Confucianism, which is not in line with his ideas. How can he be willing to lose power?”
“If they agree with each other, they will naturally seek rebellion. In addition, Fu Su, a man with a strong mind, reveres Ying Zheng and is filial to him. He willfully passes an imperial edict and orders him to commit suicide. How dare he not die?”
Immediately after that, Ji Hanxing's skill of blowing and forcing was brought into full play!
What historical allusions such as Zhao Gao's pointing deer to horse, daze Township uprising, Liu Bang and Xiang Yu's fighting for the world and so on are told by him, and Ying Zheng and Wang Ben's cold sweat are heard.
This is absolutely the fairy deliberately revealed the future to alert them!
Ying Zheng was more scared and angry when he heard that Hu Hai killed more than 20 brothers and was controlled by Zhao Gao. He was so angry that his eggs would be crushed!
“Damn it, Hu Hai!”
“Zhao gaolisi, all should be killed!”
Ying Zheng gritted his teeth in anger, and Wang Ben was also very angry.
“Sir, if the first emperor does not die, can all this be changed?”Ying Zheng asked anxiously.
“You want to fart?”Ji Han shook his head and said: “in fact, all this is predestined. The first emperor did not die, and the remaining evils of the six countries did not dare to make trouble, but the fate of the great Qin Dynasty had already been out of trouble!”
“Ying Zheng is a man of great talent. He's a little bit awed by the past and the present, but sometimes he takes too big a step, and it's easy to get into trouble!”
“He built the Great Wall, built the imperial mausoleum, and exhausted the people of the six countries. Every move has made the people of the Qin Dynasty feel miserable.”
“In particular, the expedition to Baiyue was a waste of money. Tu Ju led an army of 500000 to attack Baiyue. He was defeated and returned home. He lost more than 300000 talents of the Qin Dynasty and greatly damaged the national strength of the Qin Dynasty. How can the Qin Dynasty survive such a game?”
Ji Han's series of words make Ying Zheng confused again!
Will the southern expedition to Baiyue be defeated?It's impossible. It's impossible!
“Tu Ju's army is 500000, and Baiyue's army is 50000 at most. How can it be defeated?”Wang Ben was unconvinced.
“You illiterate!”Ji Han speechless way: “don't you know that Baiyue land has many mountains and forests, warm climate and miasma?”
“Although the troops of the Qin Dynasty were strong, they were not acclimatized. When they arrived in Baiyue, many soldiers were vomiting and diarrhea, and the food supply was too long for them to supply!”
“Although there are few Baiyue soldiers, they are good at it. They don't fight with you at all. They drill in the mountains every day. If they don't have anything to do with you, they run away. If they have time, they poison and shoot cold arrows. It's hard for you not to die!”
“What is it?”
Ying Zheng and Wang Ben sweated again.
Although they tried to refute, they were speechless.
Is it true that the southern expedition to Baiyue will be defeated?
Fortunately, it hasn't happened yet. It's too late.
“In fact, it's not impossible to change all this.”After Ji Han had enough to eat and drink, he said: “if I were the first emperor of Qin Dynasty, I only need three strategies to turn the world around!”
Ying Zheng and Wang Ben became interested.
“Three moves?What are the three moves?Please give me your adviceYing Zheng was excited and asked.
“It's not easy!”Ji Han said with a smile: “one plan, destroy Xiongnu!Second plan, take down the soldiers!Three plans to stabilize people's livelihood!Once these three strategies were worked out, the great Qin Dynasty was as solid as gold. Even if the first emperor died suddenly, it would not be possible to destroy the country. ”
“Destroy the Huns?How to reduce the number of soldiers?To stabilize people's livelihood? “Ying Zheng frowned puzzledly and asked: “Sir, just now I said that the great Qin Dynasty would be defeated in the southern expedition of Baiyue, so it's not suitable to start a war?Why don't we fight the weak Baiyue and attack the strong Huns? ”
“Xiongnu has been in trouble for many years, but it's not easy to deal with.”Wang Ben reminded: “they are all soldiers, everyone is good at shooting, come and go like the wind, it's not easy to kill them!”
“Ha ha, no matter how good at shooting, can it be as strong as the crossbow array of the Qin army?Compared with bows, crossbows and arrows, Daqin has never been afraid of anyone! ”
“A volley of volleys can easily defeat the opponent.”
“It's better for hundreds of thousands of troops to reduce the living space of the other side, to fight steadily and to drive the Huns out of Hetao area in one go than to go to the mountains and fight hard with Baiyue people?”
“It's a great benefit to take back the Hetao area and take back the fertile grassland for thousands of miles, so that Daqin will no longer be short of high-quality war horses.”
“Baiyue is a sparsely populated place, which has no threat to Daqin. But if you don't beat it, it will make Daqin sleep and eat hard!”
“Tell me whether you should fight Hun or Baiyue. This fool should know the choice.”
Ji Han talks and guides the country!
A series of remarks immediately accelerated Ying Zheng's breathing.*
005 You know a chicken, you are not Qin Shihuang![5 / 5, new books for collection]
“Well said, well said!”
“What you said is very true. I always thought that we should fight against the Huns after conquering Baiyue.”
“You can hear what you said, but I realized that this hundred Yue can't be attacked by force. The Xiongnu is a big trouble in the heart of Qin Dynasty, so it should be destroyed first.”
Ying Zheng applauded with a smile.
The Huns have been enemies of the Central Plains since ancient times. They break through the barriers and plunder when they have nothing to do.
In fact, in addition to the southern expedition to Baiyue, the northern attack on Xiongnu has always been his dream.
Ji Han's series of analysis is reasonable. From this point of view, attacking Xiongnu in the north is really good. It is more than ten thousand times better than attacking Baiyue in the south.
“It's a brilliant plan indeed!”Wang Ben couldn't wait to ask: “so what does it mean for the second time, sir
“Nonsense, of course, is to accept the six countries to surrender their soldiers!”Ji Han said: “after the destruction of the six countries, hundreds of thousands of soldiers are scattered all over the country. It's always a hidden danger. If we don't accept them, something will happen sooner or later.”
“The reason why Daqin II died so quickly was that he forced these soldiers to build the imperial mausoleum and the great wall so hard that they couldn't eat enough and wear warm clothes. They were so prone to fight and kill that they were so angry!”
“Once the remaining evils of the six countries are exposed, these hundreds of thousands of people will definitely oppose Qin and destroy Qin!”
When Ying Zheng heard the speech, he sweated again!
So it's a time bomb.
Wang Ben said angrily: “in this case, Daqin should kill these JIANGZU with ruthlessness!”
“Of course not, you are stupid!”Ji Han scolded: “these soldiers have families. You killed so many people for no reason. Don't the adherents of the six kingdoms hate Daqin?”
“If you don't kill them, you can't wait for them to revolt.”Wang Ben didn't agree.
“Yes, sir!”Ying Zheng also frowned: “these hundreds of thousands of soldiers are not from Daqin. They are always a hidden danger. It's better to kill them than to take precautions.”
“Fart!”Ji Han was so angry that he burst out and scolded: “the great Qin governs the whole world. The people of Kyushu are all the people of the great Qin. How can they kill people at will?”
“The remaining evils of the six countries are the aristocratic class, and the ordinary people are the poor class. All these demobilized people are poor people. They can't be confused, OK!”
“In fact, most of the demobilized soldiers are hard-working people. They just want to be fed and clothed, and their wives and children are on the Kang.”
“Throughout the dynasties and generations, who would work hard to rebel for the powerful people with their heads in hand if they were to feed and clothe the common people?Do you think people are stupid? ”
Ying Zheng and Wang Ben were scolded and looked at each other!
Two people want to say and stop, several times want to refute, but finally speechless!
“Believe it or not, as long as Daqin promised to let them commit crimes and perform meritorious deeds, these hundreds of thousands of soldiers would immediately howl and follow Daqin to destroy Xiongnu!”
“After the Huns were driven out of Hetao area, they could be put on the grassland to raise horses for grazing, and even their families could be moved there.”
“On the one hand, it can defend the territory of the Qin Dynasty against the Xiongnu, and on the other hand, it can make them worry and dare not rebel!”
“Within ten or eight years, these people and their descendants will thoroughly identify themselves with the people of the great Qin Dynasty, adding millions of people and a steady stream of taxes to the great Qin Dynasty!”
The more Ji Han said, the more hi Ying Zheng was.
I have to admit that these words really came to his heart.
If it is true, as Ji Han said, it is indeed of great benefit to the Qin Dynasty to accept and surrender the soldiers.
“The last plan is to stabilize people's livelihood!”Ji Han continued: “the people of the Qin Dynasty have been struggling for many years, especially the national policy of the people of the six countries, which has made many people feel helpless.”
“The more turbulent it is, the more happy it will be for the remaining evils of the six countries. At this time, the strong suppression can only make the relatives hurt and the enemies quick, and force the people to go to the six countries!”
“If Daqin adjusted the national policy to cultivate life and interest, and regarded the adherents of the six countries as his own people, then the world would be as stable as Mount Tai in less than three years. No one would take the risk of beheading the powerful people of the six countries to help them even if they could hop around again!”
“In a word, after all, water can carry a boat and overturn it. The common people want to have a good life. Who let them have a good life, he doesn't care whether he is from Qin or Chu!”
“If you have been hostile to the adherents of the six kingdoms, the great Qin still can't escape the death of the second. It's better to win over the people, suppress the powerful and transform them into the real Qin people!”
Ji Han's words make Ying Zheng silent again!
After a long time, he respectfully said: “thank you for your advice, I understand!”
“You know a chicken. We're just talking nonsense. You're not the first emperor of Qin Dynasty.”Ji Han waved his hand and said, “are you satisfied?Come on, let's go! ”
“It's a pity that you come at night. If you come during the day, I can take you hunting and picking wild vegetables. It's not my boasting. I have a lot of farm entertainment projects.”
“There's no fun in the evening. Just have some barbecue, fishing and beer.”
Ji Han finished, and began to work!
There is a stream next to his small building. The water flows down from the mountain reservoir. After Ji Han widened the channel, he raised a lot of fish fry, which can let tourists fish here!
If the fish is not big enough, you can go fishing in the reservoir!
There are a lot of barbecue places beside the stream. The charcoal fire and seasoning on each place are very complete, which can be used for entertainment.
“Come on, Lao Wang and Lao Zhao, drink!”
“Let's go fishing and make a string at the same time, and keep you happy like immortals!”
Ji Hanmei Zizi carries a box of drinks from the refrigerator, and then makes a fire to prepare for the barbecue. The bait has been spread down, which looks quite professional.
Ying Zheng and Wang Ben are also interested.
They naturally understand fishing and barbecue. Although Daqin barbecue doesn't have so many seasonings, it also has baked food.
But what the hell is this big box of drinks?
Is this something to drink?How colorful?
“What are you looking at?DrinkJi Han opened a can of beer, drank a mouthful and said: “here are beer, fat house water, Sprite, you can drink whatever you want.”
“Is this wine?”
Lao Wang and Lao Zhao were curious again.
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006 I just want to send a globe to Qin Shihuang![1 / 5, for collection]
Learn the appearance of Ji Han!
Wang Ben of Ying Zheng opened a can of beer and drank it. They immediately sighed.
“What kind of wine is this?It tastes good. It's better than my royal wine! ”
“Yes, how is this jar made?So frivolous? ”
“What are the words on the jar?Is it immortal
Two people a surprised appearance, once again attracted season cold secretly sympathy.
Didn't these two goods just come out of the mountain?Why haven't you even drunk this beer?It's such a premature birthday!
“Come on, have some chicken wings!”
“You can eat as much as you want, not enough to bake yourself!”
After the aroma of barbecue came out, Wang Ben of Ying Zheng drooled again!
Three people a barbecue a beer, while fishing while string, cool simply not too hi skin!
“Delicious, this life is really enjoyable, worthy of immortal life.”
“The barbecue tastes spicy, but the more you get used to it, the more fragrant it is. Colorful!”
“Your Majesty, you should eat more roasted kidney, sir,” he said
Lao Wang and Lao Zhao like bandits like crazy raiding, a lot of barbecue and a few grilled fish into their stomach, watching Ji Han is also scared.
“You two eat slowly, don't choke!”Ji Han is speechless.
“Excuse me, sir. We have never tasted such delicious food before. Please Haihan!”Ying Zheng was embarrassed and sneered.
“What kind of fairy food is that?”Ji Han can't laugh or cry.
“Sir!”Ying Zheng suddenly said: “I dare to ask, if you implement the three strategies you just said to turn the world around, can the great Qin Dynasty last for ten thousand years?”
“You want to fart?”Ji Han breathed out a mouthful of wine and said, “the world's general trend must be divided for a long time. Apart from the three dynasties of Xia, Shang and Zhou, most of them can't escape a three hundred year law.”
“Three hundred years?”Ying Zheng frowned: “Sir, I know about Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties, but is there any other dynasty in the world?”
“Nonsense!”Ji Han said: “Three Emperors and five emperors, Xia, Shang and Zhou, Qin, Han, Three Kingdoms, Wei, Shu and Wu, Eastern Jin, Western Jin, southern and Northern Dynasties, Sui, Tang, Five Dynasties, song, Jin, yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, there are many dynasties.”
“You two illiterates, let me popularize history for you.”
At this time, Ji Han drank a lot of beer. Some drunk, he was in a good mood. While drinking a little wine, he talked about history with Lao Wang and Lao Zhao.
From the struggle between Chu and Han to Wang Mang's usurpation of power!
From the Yellow turban rebellion to the war of the Three Kingdoms!
From Wu Hu Luanhua to the rule of Zhenguan!
Ji Han talks about all kinds of historical events. Even if he is a history blind, he can't help stirring his heart.
Ying Zheng and Wang Ben were already stunned!
Their eyes were wide open, and they did not dare to breathe.
This is absolutely immortal for them about the future, so they dare not distract, for fear of missing a word.
At the same time, with the ups and downs of history, they can't help but be happy, excited, angry and abusive!
“What a shameless child Liu Bang is. It's pathetic that I, the great Qin, was killed by such a person.”
“Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty is good. He has the style of emperor. Champion Hou Huo Qubing is even better. I wish I could get along with him!”
“The turbulent times of the three kingdoms are also good. The generals are like clouds, and the counselors are amazing. It's really a bright era!”
“What's five random flowers?Hu people deserve to disturb the Central Plains?Hateful, annoying
“How dare they treat the Chinese people as two footed sheep?Hateful, it's time to kill! ”
“How can the posterity be so frustrated and oppressed by other people?”
The more Ying Zheng Wang Ben thought about it, the more angry he became. Lao Zhao wanted to go back immediately and kill these damned aliens.
Wang Ben was also so angry that he gritted his teeth, pulled out his sword and wanted to cut people.
Ji Han sighed and said with a bitter smile, “where is this?Kyushu civilization is a history of blood and tears!The common people suffer from prosperity, and the common people suffer from death! ”
“Even Li Shimin, who created the flourishing age of the Tang Dynasty, had to bow his head to other people and make peace with the princess several times.”
“So for Daqin, the adherents of the six states are not outsiders at all. They are all their own. The Xiongnu and Qiang are outsiders!”
“You are right, sir!”
Ying Zheng agrees with the case, but his eyes are fierce!
He secretly vowed that he would pacify the adherents of the six kingdoms and turn them into the people of the Qin Dynasty.
In the face of these ferocious foreigners, what is the hatred among the six countries?Kyushu's blood should be consistent with the outside world!
As for the Xiongnu and Qiang people, they must be completely destroyed!
To lay a big territory for future generations, so that all these alien people will die without a burial place.
Ji Han had already drunk a few beers and said angrily, “damn the foreign people, not only the Xiongnu and Qiang, but also the Khitan, Nuzhen, Koryo and the Allied forces of the eight countries!”
“The JianNu of Gouri killed the Han people, the foreigners shelled Kyushu, and the Opium War almost destroyed the soul of the Chinese nation!”
Ji Han said more and more angry, he talked about the difficulty of Jingkang!
When it comes to Jiaqing Sandu, when it comes to the Sino Japanese naval battle!
When it comes to the xinchou treaty, when it comes to the Nanjin massacre!
Half drunk and half awake, one by one indignant historical events deeply stimulated Ying Zheng and Wang Ben. They had already been red eyed and murderous.
“Damn, all these foreign animals are damn!”
“When I get back, I'll order people to build ships and train the Navy, and one day I'll fight them in their territory!”
“And the aborigines on this Japanese island can't be spared. I'll kill them all, and I won't leave any!”
Ying Zheng growled with gnashing teeth. For the first time in his life, he was so angry and impolite. At this time, if there were foreigners in front of him, he had to draw a knife to cut people.
“Ha ha ha!”Ji Han said drunk: “do you know what I want to do most?”
“What do you want to do, sir?”Wang Ben was surprised.
“Just say what you want, sir!”Ying Zheng also said, “I am rich all over the world, and I will do it for you.”
“No, I just want to send a globe to Qin Shihuang!”Ji Hanhao said angrily: “I want the Qin army to sweep the barbarians. The Peacock Dynasty, the Roman Empire and the Macedonian empire will be swept away by me!”
Ying Zheng took a breath!
A terrible ambition began to brew in his heart.
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007 Return to Daqin, Zhao Gaoli will have bad luck![2 / 5, for collection]
Ji Han is drunk. He drinks a lot!
He talked so much today and drank so much.
Emotional people are very easy to get drunk, he is now a little dizzy, only a little rational, he began to nag.
“Lao Zhao, Lao Wang, nice to meet you today!”
“I'll have a rest first. If you have enough to eat and drink, go back by yourself, and I won't send you away!”
“Oh yes, you can move the potatoes in the warehouse and take as many as you want!”
“Don't close the gate. Xiao Hei is here. No one dares to steal!”
Season cold natural and unrestrained wave hand, strides eight character step to return to the room to rest directly.
Wang Ben could not help sighing: “immortal is immortal, so free and easy, we are not afraid to steal his things?”
“What is a little bit of stuff in the eyes of the immortal?”Ying Zheng said with awe: “have you not heard that this immortal grain can only be fed to chickens and pigs here?”
“Yes!The immortal is not afraid of us stealing at all. He said how many to move. “Wang Ben stares at the warehouse with bright eyes and says excitedly: “Your Majesty, let's move!”
“Move, you must move!”Ying Zheng roared: “this potato food is related to the state of Qin. You can move it back as much as you can.”
“With this potato with dozens of stones per mu, the national strength of the Qin Dynasty will soar steadily, and we will be able to get rid of the fate of the second emperor!”
“When I'm ready, I'll ask for the globe from the immortal master. One day, I'll trample and kill all the foreigners in the immortal master's mouth
Ying Zheng's spirit of being a bastard deeply infected Wang Ben!
He knelt down on one knee and roared: “I'm willing to kill all barbarians for the sword in your Majesty's hand. I will die for you
“Good!”Ying Zheng laughs: “with the guidance of immortal master and the help of Wang Qing, our great Qin Dynasty will surely be able to sweep all countries!”
Since the annihilation of the six Kingdoms!
Ying Zheng's heart can not help but a little slack.
But now he is heroic and ambitious, as if back to 20 years ago, he would like to immediately raise millions of troops to open up the territory, let the territory of Qin endless!
After the excitement, Ying Zheng once again said, “it's getting late. Wang Qing should start to carry the immortal grain. Remember the immortal master's order, how much can he carry?”
“I'll walk around here and see where the fairyland leads to!”
“When you go back, send some more people to see if others can step in here!”
Wang Ben promised to do it quickly!
He picked up two bags of potatoes in one hand and picked them up easily.
A bag of potatoes is about one hundred jin, four bags of potatoes is five or six hundred jin!
This kind of weight is nothing to him. As a veteran who has been through a lot of battles, he goes straight to guangmen with potatoes.
One after another!
One after another!
Wang Ben's speed is very fast, comparable to the best Porter!
In just over ten minutes, the potatoes of more than ten thousand jin in the warehouse were completely removed, and none of them was left for Ji Han.
Small black eyes staring at the scene, the brain is not enough.
Is this theft?Is this robbery?Does this guy have a face?
Xiao Hei instinctively wants to stop him, but seriously, Ji Han has said that he moves casually several times, which doesn't seem to be a foul.
“Wu Wu Wu!”
Xiao Hei whimpered and finally chose to be silent!
There was an uproar in the imperial palace of the Qin Dynasty.
Li Si, Zhao Gao and others, staring at the grand Tongwu Marquis Wang Ben, were like a farmer, again and again from the end of the light door to move bags of things that they had never seen!
This scene can shock everyone!
What the hell is this?
“What are you doing, marquis Tong Wu?What about your majesty?Why did you come back alone? “Liz asked anxiously.
“No nonsense!”Wang Ben was not angry and said, “send someone to take care of these things. This is the immortal grain with a hundred stones per mu. If something goes wrong, your majesty will surely kill you!”
“What?A hundred stone grain per mu
“How can it be? Don't talk nonsense, marquis Tong Wu!”
Everyone exclaimed in amazement, everyone was a look of disbelief.
“Ha ha!”Wang Ben disdained to sneer: “you ordinary mole ants don't know immortal means?My majesty and I are very eye-opening today. These are all given by the immortal. They are all well guarded by the Marquis! ”
“No, there are real fairies?”
“Come on, keep this place. Anyone who comes near will be killed!”
Li Si and Zhao Gao did not dare to neglect him. They envied Wang Ben's fortune and sent palace guards to guard him.
Within a hundred meters around here, we're on high alert!
Every corner is strictly guarded, a fly will not want to fly over.
After Wang Ben carried all the potatoes over, Ying Zheng went back to the palace through the gate of light, which disappeared immediately.
This time we no longer doubt, all believe in the immortal said!
If it wasn't for the immortal, how could all this be explained?
“Congratulations to your majesty, congratulations to your majesty!”Zhao Gao knelt down on the ground and exclaimed: “Your Majesty is blessed by the immortal. It's really a blessing for me
“Congratulations to your majesty, congratulations to your majesty!”
The others fell to their knees and cried out. Everyone's face flashed a trace of fanaticism and surprise. Daqin was blessed by heaven. This is a great thing.
Ying Zheng is not happy about this!
He looked coldly at Li Si and Zhao Gao, and his mind echoed Ji Han's words. He could not help but kill them when he thought that they would bring disaster to Daqin in the future.
“SomebodyYing Zheng angrily drank: “take them down to me!”
“Your Majesty?”
Zhao Gao was scared to pee when he came to Liston!
When one by one wolf like bodyguards came over and put their swords around their necks, they didn't react. They just thought it was an illusion.
What's going on?What the hell?*
008 Xu Fu, do you know who I saw just now?[3 / 5, for collection]
“Your Majesty, forgive me. I'm loyal, but I've never done anything I'm sorry for you!”
“I've worked hard for the Qin Dynasty, and I never dare to slack off. Why is your majesty doing so?”
Zhaogaolisi was howling with fear.
They don't want to, don't accept, and don't understand why they were taken?
“GoYing Zheng didn't want to explain too much, so he directly told the Jiashi around him, “bring me one of my reindeer.”
Several Jiashi promised to go down quickly to do it!
After a while, a beautiful looking deer was led over.
When they looked at the deer, they didn't know what Ying Zheng meant.
Only Wang Ben sneered, but also jokingly looked at Zhao Gao.
It seems that Ying Zheng wants to play a game of pointing deer to horse!
As the leader of the Qin Dynasty, Ying Zheng has always been very lenient to the royal family.
No matter how many crimes Zhao Gao committed before, he tolerated and even tolerated them one by one.
However, when Ji Han tells the story that a deer is a horse, Ying Zheng's heart is already full of murders. He never thought that Zhao Gao, whom he trusted most, was so arrogant.
How dare a eunuch bully the emperor of the Qin Dynasty!
How dare a Cheap slave forget himself!
This is unforgivable. It has also violated Ying Zheng's scale. Anyone who dares to interfere with the imperial power will die.
Even without evidence, Zhao Gao can't live today!
“Your Majesty, your majesty!”Zhao Gao suddenly realized something was wrong. He climbed over in fear and begged: “I don't know where I made a mistake. Please forgive me. I'm loyal to you!”
“Loyal?Ha ha, what a loyal manYing Zheng angrily pointed to the deer and growled, “tell me, is this a deer or a horse?”
Everyone's face is muddled, everyone's eyes are silly!
Zhao gaolisi and others were all stunned.
Is Ying Zheng taking the wrong medicine?Why do you ask such a question?
This fool can tell whether it's a deer or a horse!
“SpeakYing Zheng roared again: “is this a deer or a horse?There's only one chance. If I'm wrong, I'll brand you to death! ”
“Your majesty
Zhao Gao was paralyzed with fright.
What kind of question is this? He dare not answer it!
“Wang Qing, tell him why I asked this question.”Ying Zheng sneered.
“OnlyWang Ben agreed and said coldly: “just now, immortal master and his majesty talked about the world's changing situation for thousands of years in the future. He also talked about Zhao gaolisi's conspiracy to rebel.”
“You two are really powerful. Not only did you pass on the imperial edict to force your son to support Su, but also supported Hu hai to control the government!”
“Zhao Gao, the eunuch, dares to point a deer as a horse in the current Dynasty. All officials dare not compete with him. Is that how you humiliated the imperial power of the Qin Dynasty?”
The more Wang Ben said, the more angry he was. On the spot, he wanted to draw a knife to cut people!
Hearing the speech, everyone was stunned, and Zhao gaolisi was even more stupefied.
“This, how is this possible?Your majesty, this is absolutely impossible
“I'm loyal. How could I do such a thing?”
“Slander, it's absolutely slander. I'll never dare to commit such treason even if I die!”
Zhao gaolisi was scared to argue desperately. At the same time, they were also wronged.
I haven't done it yet. Why did the immortal master judge that they dare to rebel?Will they really do that in the future?
No, no, no, no!
Once you admit it, it's going to kill you.
“Your majestyZhao Gao begged desperately: “this immortal master is absolutely demonized. He has come to bewitch the emperor to frame Zhongliang.”
“Presumptuous!”Ying Zheng was so angry that he kicked him and said angrily, “can you slander immortal master?Drag him down and lock him up with tiger and leopard! ”
“I'll order someone to investigate the evidence of his Zhao Gao family. If he finds any treason, he will immediately kill the three families!”
“As for Liz, I'll lock him up first. I'll deal with it later.”
Ying Zheng's series of orders made his hands and feet cold!
Liz is a little better. He's just being held temporarily. Zhao Gao is going to have bad luck!
Let's not say whether his relatives will be killed or not, just because he and the tiger and the leopard are locked up together, I'm afraid the end will be very miserable.
“Your Majesty, spare your life, spare your life!”
“I have been with you for many years!”
“You can't listen to the demons!”
Zhao Gao was scared to scream, but he was still dragged away quickly!
“Wang Qing!”Ying Zheng continued to command: “more people will be sent to guard here all the year round. No one is allowed to get close to it!”
“I don't know when guangmen will appear next time, but I have a hunch that we will see you again!”
“As for these immortal grains, they should be strictly guarded immediately, and then they should be selected and planted secretly. They are the hope of the Qin Dynasty, and absolutely no mistakes are allowed!”
Wang Ben's face was right when he heard the words!
He knelt down on one knee and roared, “Your Majesty, don't worry. You will guarantee your life. There will never be any problem with the immortal grain.”
“Good!”Ying Zheng nodded with satisfaction. After a moment's meditation, he waved his hand and said, “I'll ask someone to take ten pills of the golden elixir, test the medicine with the grey rabbit, and then send Xu Fu. I'll see what these warlocks offer!”
Wang Ben once again promised, quickly down busy up!
After a while, ten eunuchs came with a rabbit in their hands, and Xu Fu was summoned urgently.
When he saw that he was heavily guarded and Ying Zheng was staring at him with poor eyes, Xu Fu let out a thump in his heart and immediately said something was wrong.
“Minister Xu Fu, meet your majesty!”Xu Fu kowtowed respectfully.
Ying Zheng sneered: “ha ha, Xu Fu, do you know who I saw just now?”
“I don't know!”
Xu Fucheng was more nervous than ever.
“Just now, a light gate appeared in the back palace. Wang Ben and I stepped through the light gate and entered the fairyland. We saw the immortal with our own eyes!”
“I didn't expect that, Xu Fu. You've already told me all the details. I'll see how you still argue today!”
Ying Zheng roared angrily, and Xu Fu was stunned on the spot.
Immortal?How is that possible?
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009 When the emperor is angry, the corpse will be buried for millions![4 / 5, for collection]
Xu Fu's brain is not enough at this time.
In fact, he wants to say that there is no immortal in the world. It's all bullshit.
But when he thought of the cowhide he had blown down, he could only hold his nose and admit, “congratulations to your majesty. It's reasonable for your majesty to see the good fortune.”
“But I'm loyal to your majesty, and I have no second intention. What's your meaning?”
Xu Fu's refusal to admit his death made Ying Zheng angry.
He is too lazy to talk too much nonsense, directly ordered: “come on, test the medicine with grey rabbit!”
The eunuchs agreed to feed the rabbits the golden elixirs that Ying Zheng usually took.
Xu Fu's face suddenly changed.
He knows better than anyone what these pills are.
At this time, seeing Ying Zheng test the medicine with grey rabbits, his heart immediately panicked, for fear that something might happen to these rabbits.
In full view of the public!
The rabbits soon became restless after taking pills.
They struggled desperately, as if a little uncomfortable.
More than ten minutes later, a rabbit was the first to fail. His hands and feet were stiff and his mouth and nose were bleeding. He glared at his legs and broke his breath. He also sobbed out a lot of white foam. He looked very scary.
Then other rabbits also have an accident!
Finally, eight of the ten rabbits died, and the remaining two were not dead, but they were all depressed, as if they were seriously ill.
“Xu Fu, what else do you have to say?”
Ying Zheng roared angrily, furious!
Xu Fu trembled with fright and tried his best to refute: “Your Majesty, please forgive me. These pills are not refined by the minister. There must be the remaining evils of the six countries mixed into the warlocks and tried to harm your majesty. The minister asked for a thorough investigation!”
“Ha ha, when you die, do you want to talk back?”Ying Zheng pointed at him angrily and asked, “do you know what immortal said to me?”
“The immortal said that you warlocks are all fake, and you Xu Fu are the chessmen of Yinling sect. You are deceiving me from the beginning to the end!”
“Penglai Fairy Island, Dongdu immortal elixir are all scams!”
“Xu Fu will not only take three thousand boys and girls to the peninsula, but also kill hundreds of millions of Chinese people in a thousand years' time for the future generations of you. You should die!”
Ying Zheng's roar and roar shocked everyone and made Xu Fu sweat and feel numb!
How did he not expect his own details to be picked up!
Moreover, his plan has long been understood, and even everything that will happen in a thousand years will be pointed out one by one.
Is there any immortal in the world?
“Your Majesty, slander, this is absolutely slander!”
“Someone must have spread rumors to deceive the emperor, or even demons to deceive the king. Your Majesty must not believe it!”
“Minister Xu Fu is loyal to you
Xu Fu was scared to defend himself, but Ying Zheng was too lazy to listen to him.
Facts speak louder than words. The result of ten rabbits' drug test is more sincere than any pale words. These dogs really want his life.
“No wonder the immortal said that I would die suddenly at the age of 49!”
“No wonder the immortal said that the death of daqinhui II was caused by you people!”
“Damn you, all of you!”
The more Ying Zheng said, the more angry he was. His heart was full of murders. He roared and ordered: “come on, drag Xu Fu down to me, chop the knife into meat soup and feed the dog!”
“Take all the Warlocks in the palace away for strict investigation, dig out their secrets, and then kill them for me. No one will be left!”
“Summon the whole city to search for the remaining evils of the six kingdoms and the hidden spirit sect. If you find one and kill another, you will not tolerate it!”
The soldiers all around roared and agreed.
Xu Fu suddenly collapsed on the ground. He was so scared that he was shaking all over. He desperately wanted to beg for mercy, but the soldiers had already dragged him away.
Tonight's qinhuanggong is destined to be a sleepless night!
Also doomed to be a bloody night!
When the emperor is angry, the corpse will be buried for millions.
When Ying Zheng learned about the future, he wanted to cut down all the rebellious officials in the court, kill a piece of heaven with a knife, and forcibly change the fate of Daqin.
Zhao Gao died. He was eaten alive by tigers and leopards!
Zhao Gao's three clans also died. When a lot of evidence was put in front of Ying Zheng, they were doomed to die.
Xu Fu also died and was chopped alive!
More than 100 warlocks in the palace of the Qin emperor were all tortured to death.
Hundreds of spies from the six countries were captured in the city's great search. These people didn't even have to be tried, and they killed a head on the spot!
Xianyang city was scared up and down.
Countless people and dignitaries trembled. No one knew what was wrong with Ying Zheng and why he would kill.
After learning the news, Fu Su and Hu Hai met at night.
Hu Hai naturally came to plead for Zhao Gao. He was loved by Zhao Gao since he was a child, and Zhao Gao has been flattering him all the time. The relationship between them is very good.
Hearing that Zhao Gao was convicted, Hu Hai, 13, came to plead with his mother, Hu Ji, in an attempt to keep him.
Fusu came to plead for mercy because it was too much involved, too many people were killed and too many people were killed!
The two brothers knelt outside the ideological and political hall and kowtowed to see each other!
But Ying Zheng ignored it, even reprimanded Hu Hai in public, and ordered Hu Ji to take an extremely tough attitude.
This behavior made Hu Hai tremble.
He didn't expect that his father, who loves him most, would be so angry. What's more, he didn't expect that such a trifle would involve his mother and concubine.
What makes him even more unexpected is that Ying Zheng's attitude towards Fu Su seems to have changed!
Ying Zheng usually dotes on Hu Hai, but he is very strict with Fu Su. He often beats, scolds and punishes Hu Hai, which is well known in the palace of the Qin emperor.
But tonight, he rarely showed a smile to Fusu, and worried about the cold. He specially gave him a fox fur coat, which made Fusu feel flattered.
For a time, the heart of the emperor's palace was floating!
Many smart people have realized that there will be a drastic change in the future!
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010 Court discussion, Ying Zheng's review![5 / 5, for collection]
Early the next morning
In the court, civil and military officials gather together!
We all know what happened last night, so people in the court are worried and talking about it.
“Marquis Tong Wu, I heard that you went to the fairyland with your majesty last night and met the immortal. Is that so?”
“Why did your majesty immediately order the slaughter of the three Zhao GAOs after coming out of fairyland? What's the meaning of this?”
“Yes, even Prime Minister Zuo has been implicated. Is that too much trouble?”
“It's said that more than 100 magicians in the palace and hundreds of the remaining evils of the six kingdoms were all killed, but the head of the people outside the moat was rolling!”
All the officials talked about it, but Wang Ben kept his mouth shut!
No matter who asked anything, he would not say a word, anxious everyone just want to curse.
After Ying Zheng came to the court, all the officials knelt down to greet him, and the court meeting officially began.
Ying Zheng glanced around the big court hall. Unexpectedly, he didn't get angry, didn't blame anyone, and didn't even imagine the storm. Instead, he showed a smile.
“Wang Qing, let's go!”Ying Zheng said, “tell us what you saw last night!”
Wang Ben went out directly, hugged his fist, and said to the officials, “your honor, the fog filled the Palace last night, and a light door came down from the sky. I am lucky to follow your majesty to the fairyland!”
“In Wonderland?”
“What's going on?”
All the officials were in an uproar, all of them showed their disbelief!
Obviously, we didn't believe this kind of nonsense. We subconsciously looked at Wang Ben with suspicious eyes and thought that he was talking nonsense with Ying Zheng.
But Wang Ben didn't want to explain too much. Instead, he continued: “in fairyland, birds sing, flowers smell, chickens and dogs smell each other. When we see immortals, we have to give them delicious food and wine!”
“The immortal talked with his majesty by candlelight at night. He once said that this will be a major event in Kyushu for thousands of years in the future. What's more, he will give the immortal grain of a hundred stones per mu!”
“What?”Immortal grain?”
“Hundred stones per mu?Are you crazy? ”
“Your Majesty, it's a great crime for Tongwu marquis to deceive all officials openly!”
There was an uproar in the court, and many ministers were angry and accused.
Ying Zheng, however, waved his hand indifferently to signal everyone to be quiet. At the same time, he said, “Wang Qing, go on!”
“YesWang Ben coughed softly and continued: “immortal once said that Zhao Gaoli would join hands to tamper with the imperial edict in the future, and even do the thing of pointing deer to horse, openly trampling on the imperial power of the Qin Dynasty!”
“What's more, all the Warlocks in the palace are thieves, and all the pills they practice are poisons!”
“He also said that I would suffer a great defeat in the southern expedition of the Qin Dynasty to Baiyue, lose my troops at the expense of others, and suffer countless casualties!”
Wang Ben's words, once again let the whole audience in an uproar.
All the officials looked at him angrily. Fortunately, he didn't say anything about the death of Daqin II and Ying Zheng. Otherwise, everyone had to beat him on the spot.
“Your Majesty, the Tongwu Marquis talks nonsense and bewitches people's hearts. The minister asks to kill his three clans!”
“Disorderly officials and thieves, this is simply disorderly officials and thieves, Wang Ben. Don't think that your Wang family has made great efforts and made great achievements and talk nonsense. Do you want to die?”
“Your Majesty, marquis Tong Wu has committed a heinous crime and should be executed!”
The officials attacked Wang Ben one after another.
To everyone's surprise, Ying Zheng not only didn't get angry, but said lightly: “Wang Qing didn't lie. What he said is true!”
“Not lying?”
“This, how is this possible?”
Everyone was so confused that no one thought it would be this result!
What is Ying Zheng doing?How can you say that?
“I did see the immortal last night, and I really set foot in the fairyland. I not only got a hundred stone immortal grains, but also saw with my own eyes what will happen in the next few thousand years, and saw the scene of the death of the people in Kyushu!”
“All these crimes are caused by my favoring treacherous officials and my obsession with longevity. I am very frightened and deeply disturbed.”
“Fortunately, master Xian reminded me that nothing has happened yet. I still have a chance to change everything!”
“So I tried the medicine with the grey rabbit all night, and eight of the ten rabbits died on the spot, which confirmed the immortal master's statement that all these warlocks were unforgivable!”
“Zhao Gao, the thief, is so bold that he has been killed by me for his great sin.”
“I promised the immortal master that I would change all these things and let the Qin Dynasty last for thousands of years. Please learn from them all!”
Ying Zheng's words made the whole audience numb!
After all the officials came back to their senses, they knelt down excitedly and cried out: “Your Majesty is holy and bright, God bless Daqin!”
At this moment, we believe!
Ying Zheng's remarks are clearly self-criticism.
The tyrant is stubborn. Besides the immortal, who else can make him make such a big change?Or even review yourself in public?
All this must be the means of immortals.
Although the immortal said that Daqin would encounter all kinds of disasters and defeat, now that we know the future, what are you afraid of?
Zhao Gao, the treacherous minister, has been put to death. If your majesty is willing to work hard, it will only be a great joy for the Qin Dynasty.
At the same time, everyone's envious eyes also looked at Wang Ben!
This guy is so lucky that he can follow his majesty to the fairyland and taste the delicious food and wine of the fairyland. This is really enviable.
“Last night, I learned from my experience.”Ying Zheng continued: “I decided to decide the future of the Qin Dynasty according to the immortal master
“Three plans?What are the three strategies? ”
“Your Majesty, please speak clearly!”
The eyes of all the officials were shining, and they were all interested.
As a matter of fact, wise people have already seen the disadvantages of the great Qin Dynasty. Ying Zheng suddenly made such a big battle, and clearly said that he was the immortal master's Guide. We would like to see what the immortal master has.
“One of them!”Ying Zheng directly announced: “suspend the plan of the southern expedition to Baiyue, transfer all the grain, grass, troops and horses to the north, prepare to attack the Xiongnu in three months, and completely drive the Xiongnu out of Hetao area!”
“What?Postpone the southern expedition to Baiyue?To attack the Huns in the North instead? ”
“Your Majesty, there are at most 50000 soldiers in Baiyue, but the Huns are all soldiers. Why should the weak Baiyue not fight and attack the Huns in the north?”
“We have been preparing for this war for three years. How can we give up easily?”
All the officials were in an uproar after hearing the words!
Tu Sui was even more angry!
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011 Immortal master's three strategies, accept the hearts of all people![1 / 5, for collection]
“Your Majesty, I firmly oppose it!”
“We have been preparing for the South expedition to Baiyue for three years. We have spent countless efforts. How can we change it?”
“The Xiongnu army is strong and strong. We should fight Baiyue first in Daqin.”
Tu Sui anxiously persuades him. As the chief General of the southern expedition to Baiyue, he always wants to lead the army to fight, and has made countless preparations.
Now Ying Zheng says he wants to change his plan to fight Xiongnu. How is he willing?
How can the Huns fight so well?And once he attacked Xiongnu in the north, it was not known whether he was the main general. Meng Tian knew Xiongnu better than him.
Tu Sui, who was eager to make contributions, naturally refused to agree.
“Ha ha!”Wang Ben sneered and said directly, “there are clouds in the immortal master. There are many mountains and forests in Baiyue. The climate is warm and miasma is rampant?”
“Although the troops of the Qin Dynasty were strong, they were not acclimatized. When they arrived in Baiyue, many soldiers were vomiting and diarrhea, and the food supply was too long for them to supply!”
“Baiyue soldiers are few, but they are good at fighting in the mountains. If they attack and poison in the mountains every day, how do you deal with them?”
Wang Ben's question made Tu Sui dumb.
He blushed and said, “I've sent 500, 000 troops to Daqin, and there are 50, 000 people in Baiyue at most. Can ten times as many people and horses defeat them?”
“I'm good at conquering cities and lands, not catching mice in the mountains!”Wang Ben said painstakingly, “the immortal master spied on the secrets of heaven and predicted that the 500000 troops of the Qin Dynasty would lose at least 300000 people. Do you think it's worth fighting against Baiyue, a little wild land?”
“What is it?”
Tu Sui was speechless and didn't dare to say anything.
“Your majesty!”Wang Ben once again clasped his fist and said, “after returning to the government last night, my minister stayed up all night. He used wargame sand table for many times and finally confirmed what the immortal Master said.”
“If we want to attack Baiyue, at least 70% of our soldiers in Qin Dynasty will be destroyed, and most of them will die of pestilence, diarrhea and poisoning. This is not the crime of war!”
“On the other hand, although the Huns were all soldiers and were good at shooting, our strong crossbow of Qin Dynasty just restrained them and drove them out of Hetao easily.”
“Once we win Hetao, we can get a thousand miles of fertile grassland and a steady stream of horses. Isn't that better than fighting Baiyue?”
“Therefore, I support the northern attack on Xiongnu!”
Seeing this, other officials also cried out: “I also support the attack on Xiongnu in the North!”
“Your majestyLi Xin even took the opportunity to ask for a fight: “I'm willing to lead the army to fight!”
“Well, Li Xin, how dare you rob me?”Tu Sui was so anxious that he cried out: “Your Majesty, I also support the attack on Xiongnu in the north. I am willing to be the main general!”
Seeing this, Ying Zheng immediately laughed with satisfaction. This result is exactly what he wants to see.
“Immortal master's second plan is to reduce the number of soldiers, and his third plan is to stabilize people's livelihood!”Ying Zheng continued: “so I decided to suspend the construction of the Great Wall, Lishan mausoleum and other places.”
“At the same time, it issued a decree to let the adherents of the six countries and the people of the Qin Dynasty have the same treatment, cut taxes and corvee, and then transfer all the soldiers of the six countries to the northern battlefield!”
“I allow the six countries to surrender their soldiers and become soldiers of the Qin Dynasty. As long as they fight hard, they can get free status and even high rewards!”
“After defeating the Huns, these soldiers were placed in the Hetao area, herding and guarding the border for our Daqin.”
Ying Zheng's series of plans once again made all officials in an uproar!
When we think about it seriously, we should really support it. After all, it is a matter of great benefit but no harm.
However, we can't help opposing the tax reduction, corvee reduction, preferential treatment for the adherents of the six countries and the resettlement of prisoners of war.
“Your Majesty, the remaining evils of the six countries are ready to move. We must firmly implement the strategy of exhausting the people of the six countries in order to stabilize the world.”
“Yes, who knows how many rebellions there are among the people? Don't take it lightly!”
“If hundreds of thousands of soldiers get weapons, they will be hundreds of thousands of soldiers to fight. If they are bewitched by others to fight back, we will be in danger.”
“Your Majesty, this is too risky
Civil and military officials have been urging!
Even Feng Quji, the right prime minister, could not help opposing it.
Ying Zheng frowned and said with a sneer, “before yesterday, I thought that we must guard against the recovery of the six kingdoms, just like you Gongqing, but the immortal master's words made me suddenly open up!”
“The enemies of the Qin Dynasty have never been ordinary people. They are also human beings. They just want to eat, clothe and warm up. Our enemies should be dignitaries of the six countries!”
“If we Daqin have been using tough means to suppress the people of the world, one day we will not be able to suppress them. At that time, the powerful people of the six countries will be in danger.”
Every word of Ying Zheng echoed inside and outside the court.
Civil and military officials were stunned, and everyone was stunned.
They want to retort, but they can't retort.
“So we should break them up!”Ying Zheng continued: “those who are willing to live honestly are the people of the Qin Dynasty. Those who are not willing to live honestly will be killed.”
“After the people of the world live and work in peace and contentment, who still remembers the powerful people of the six countries?Who would give up the safe days and rebel with their heads in their hands?Do you think people are stupid? ”
“It's the same with these hundreds of thousands of soldiers. Instead of spending time and effort to guard them, it's better to let them become soldiers of our great Qin Dynasty. Will they refuse to live a good life?”
“Your Majesty's words are like pearls.”Feng Quji immediately exclaimed: “I support your Majesty's decision!”
“Ministers support your Majesty's decision!”
All the civil and military officials cried out that Ying Zheng's three reform policies were finally completely settled!
The great Qin, a huge war machine, will become stronger and stronger as these three strategies begin to operate and adjust.
And this scene has long been recorded by the censor who is responsible for recording the court meeting.
[on the eighth day of June in the 29th year of the first emperor's calendar, the emperor and Marquis Wu set foot in the fairyland, got three strategies from the immortal master, killed Zhao Gao and Xu Fu, extended kindness to the world, and received the hearts of all the people!】
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012 Son of a bitch, is this going to be sold?[2 / 5, for flowers]
Eight in the morning
Ji Han wakes up from sleep.
His wine had already gone away, and he was fresh after a sleep. After washing, he was just ready to make breakfast.
But see small black is silently guarding in the warehouse door, full face strange looking at himself, a pair of words and stop appearance.
“Xiao Hei, what are you doing?”
Ji Han curiously walked over to have a look, and suddenly he was struck by lightning.
“Lying trough, where are my potatoes?”
“Shit!More than 10000 Jin of potatoes. Have you been stolen? ”
“There were a lot of them yesterday. How can they be empty now?Xiao Hei, how do you watch the door? ”
Ji Han wants to scold his mother excitedly, but he finds that Xiao Hei's face is full of grievances. He makes a series of gestures, as if he is saying it's none of my business.
“You mean Lao Wang and Lao Zhao took it?”Season cold exclaimed.
“Woof, woof, woof!”
Xiao Hei nods desperately, and Ji is so cold that he wants to vomit blood.
These two robbers and bandits, yesterday he thought they wanted to take some back to eat, so he said casually.
Who knows these two bastards are so impolite that they have moved away more than ten thousand jin. Can they finish eating?
Son of a bitch, is this going to be sold?
“Shit!Don't let me see you two again, or break your legs! ”
“Your uncle, you eat and drink for free, and you move more than 10000 Jin of potatoes. I'm at odds with you!”
Ji Han wants to cry without tears straight curse Niang, these two robbers, really pit father!
“Ding!Congratulations to the master for getting 5000 correction points! ”
“Congratulations on your whole body attribute + 10!”
“Congratulations on getting a spirit pill!”
“Congratulations on getting a small spirit gathering array!”
A series of system prompts suddenly rang out in my mind.
Is depressed in the season cold, immediately shocked stare big eyes.
“What's going on, sleeper?”
He was so confused that he didn't understand what happened for a long time!
Why did the system go crazy in the early morning?
“Correction value?What is this? ”
Ji Han frowned and thought hard. First of all, he can be sure that something must have happened after yesterday's system upgrade. That's why there are so many rewards.
This correction value should be the core of the event.
But Ji Han thought for a long time and didn't understand what the correction value was!
If it's a good value, you can guess it's a good thing. If it's an evil value, you can guess it's a bad thing. What's the modifiable value?
The dog coin system is as cold as ever, and it doesn't respond to any inquiries.
After Ji Han couldn't figure out what to do, he had to put down his doubts and start to check his reward.
First of all, his whole body attribute is + 10, which is a huge reward. In an instant, his body has undergone earth shaking changes, and his strength seems to have increased several times.
At this time, Ji Han feels that he is full of strength. He has an illusion that he can knock down a cow with one punch!
This kind of powerful feeling, very cool!
Next is the animal spirit pill, which is a black pill.
When Ji Han's animal training skill broke through the master level, he once won one. Its function is to open up the intelligence for animals.
This is the reason why Xiaohei is so big and ferocious in physique and so high in intelligence. Because he ate the beast elixir last time, he became the king of the dog king in shiliba village!
“Woof, woof, woof!”
Xiao Hei sees the animal spirit pill in Ji Han's hand, and suddenly becomes crazy. He jumps up and down with excitement, and rubs Ji Han with flattery from time to time. Obviously, he wants to eat it again.
“Urgent wool, I can't eat it!”Ji Han didn't kick it in a good mood. He still threw the beast elixir to it.
“Woof, woof!”
Xiao Hei swallowed it excitedly, and then found a place to digest the power of pills.
As for the last reward, it's a Bagua array of palm size!
When Ji Han stares at it, an introduction suddenly appears in his mind – small gathering spirit array: gather the aura of heaven and earth, create a blessed place, which can be used after dripping blood.
“Well?This is a good thing
Ji Han's eyes brightened, and he immediately began to smile.
Although he had never tried this thing, no matter how stupid he was, he knew it was absolutely a good thing.
Looking at the literal introduction, you can see that the small spirit gathering array can gather the aura of heaven and earth, and then create a blessed place!
At that time, his farm will not only grow rapidly, but also prolong people's life, which is absolutely a treasure.
“Blood drop?Try it
Ji Han clenched his teeth and cut his finger with a knife, dripping a drop of blood on the eight trigrams array.
This array of disk light overflowing, quickly into the ground disappeared!
I saw a breeze quickly converging from all directions, and the air in the farm seemed to be much fresher.
Ji Han took a deep breath, immediately refreshed, the whole person became abnormal spirit.
The flowers and trees, chickens, ducks and geese, fish in the water, and even the invisible grasshoppers and ants all became energetic, as if they had injected other energy.
Ji Han knows that his farm has changed!
In time, it will become a real paradise.
Any animals and plants will grow rapidly here. People who live here for a long time must be happy and live a long life.
“Good, ha ha ha!”
Ji Han is in a good mood, and the two bandits, Lao Wang and Lao Zhao, are forgotten by him.
Looking at his more and more perfect small farm, his mind began to activate.
“It has to be expanded. There's a super large water truck beside the stream. It's beautiful and can irrigate!”
“There are some strawberry sheds in the field. Guests can pick strawberries when they come here!”
“Raise a few more ostrich, peacock and other ornamental pet, guarantee perfect!”
The more Ji Han thinks about it, the more happy he is. All kinds of plans come to mind, and he is ready to do a big job.*
013 This is a dog that can pull a saw![3 / 5, evaluation vote]
Ji Han said to do it, and quickly began to be busy!
He vowed to build his small farm into a top-notch paradise.
First of all, he ordered a lot of pheasants, peacocks and ostrich cubs on the Internet. These protected animals can be sold directly for the second and third generations after domestication.
Secondly, he called again and sent a cart of superior wood!
Then he casually found a design drawing of the water tanker on the Internet and began to work. He was ready to build the large water tanker himself.
It happens that there are not many visitors during the day.
Plus he already has master carpentry skills.
So it's not hard for him to build a water wheel.
“Xiao Hei, you dead dog, don't lie on your stomach. Come and help!”
“Get my toolbox out, quick!”
Ji Han is busy, whistling to command his only helper.
Xiao Hei whimpered a few times. He had just digested the animal elixir. His body was a circle bigger, and his hair became more dense. He was extremely fierce and domineering. He was almost more human than a lion.
But in front of Ji Han, he didn't dare to be presumptuous. He could only drag out the toolbox honestly.
“You're a little stronger, you fellow!”Ji Han smacks his tongue secretly.
“Woof, woof!”
Xiao Hei holds up his dog's head with pride. He looks like you know the goods. Ji Han laughs.
Then he started his own production.
Cutting, sawing, cutting!
Design, plan, measure!
Ji Han is very busy, and soon he has a general framework.
Near noon, a group of unexpected guests broke the tranquility of the small farm.
I saw a minibus driving into the parking area. There were more than ten young men and women on the bus, including a fat middle-aged man.
“Boss Ji, what are you busy with?”The fat man yelled.
“Oh, brother Wang!”Ji Han put down his tools and said with a smile, “I don't want to be a water wheel. Being idle is also idle. What are you doing?”
“HiFat man continued: “our company tuanjian, we want to find a place to barbecue, didn't I bring people here?”
“Ha ha, brother Wang, you're right!”Ji Han said with a warm smile: “I'm definitely a good place for barbecue. You can fish by the stream, pick fruits and vegetables, and turn on the oven by yourself!”
“Well, well, you're busy!”
“Let's move freely, the barbecue is by the stream!”
“Let's kill a few more native chickens. Boss Ji's native chickens are quite good.”
The fat man greets with a smile, and the people he brings also begin to chirp.
This fat man's name is Lu Shiming, a small boss of an Internet company. He likes fishing most, so he is also a regular customer here.
Today, he brought people to tuanjian barbecue. Ji Han didn't need to greet them. He just needed to give the venue to them and settle the expenses later.
A few young men are busy making a fire and fishing!
The girls were busy taking pictures of themselves and picking vegetables. Everyone had a good time.
Ji Han turns a glance and doesn't pay much attention to it. After all, he takes care of the small farm by himself, but he doesn't have time to greet so many people and let them play by themselves.
“Xiao Hei, are you lazy again?”
“Bring me these pieces of wood quickly.”
“Do you believe I eat dog meat hot pot at night?”
Ji Han glanced at the lazy little black, and directly kicked it.
“Wu Wu!”
Xiao Hei jumped up excitedly, picked up a piece of wood and continued to work. From time to time, Chong Jihan wagged his tail, as if to say that he was not lazy.
This scene aroused everyone's curiosity.
Ji Han is such a young boss, guarding such a big farm, and he is also accompanied by such a big dog. It's very strange.
“My God, this dog is so big. Can it help?”
“Woo woo, what a smart dog. It looks so cute.”
“Boss, can we play with your dog?”
Several girls leaned over and obviously wanted to play with Xiao Hei, but they were afraid of his huge physique and looked rather tangled.
Ji Han said with a smile, “I'm sorry. Xiao Hei has to help me with my work. Play by yourself.”
“Hei, come here and help me with the saw!”
“Hurry up, don't dawdle. I have to finish the water truck today.”
After Ji Han's coercion and inducement, Xiao Hei puts his paw on the other end of the big saw with a face full of grievances and helplessness, and one person and one dog pull it hard.
“My God, can it pull a saw?”
“Woo woo, isn't that cute?”
“You see how wronged it is, ha ha ha!”
After a while, other people were attracted.
Looking at the appearance of Xiao Hei being forced to open business, everyone was amused one after another. The goods are charming, rich in expression, and full of humanization in every move. It's really rare.
What's more, a dog can help work and pull a saw!
It's just a wonderful story in the world. People are interested in it. Many girls even subconsciously take out their mobile phones and watch it.
“Don't crowd around. Can't the barbecue group build incense?There's nothing good about working! “Ji Han can't laugh or cry.
“Boss, if you are busy, let's have a look!”
“Yes, you don't have to talk to us!”
“Boss, it's Xiao Hei, right?Wow, can Xiao Hei play with us? ”
Everyone around the neighborhood watching funny, a few girls still have the courage to play with little black, but it was mercilessly refused.
Under the attention of the public, Ji Han's project is constantly improving.
At this time, we were surprised to find that this guy's carpentry seems to be very powerful.
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014 Can the big dog catch fish?Who are you getting?[4 / 5, for flowers]
Ji Han's master craftsmanship is enough to hang a carpenter for decades!
He chiseled or planed, or chipped or hammered, every move had a kind of artistic beauty, as if people couldn't see it for long.
“Why?Boss, why don't you work as a carpenter without nails? ”
“Illiterate, it's a mortise and tenon structure that is not used for a nail in legend.”
“Crouching troughs, the boss is so powerful. I didn't expect that there was such a carpenter expert in the little farmhouse.”
“You don't need a nail for such a big waterwheel?It's hard to be an old carpenter in our hometown for decades. He's not as good as you
Surprised, they took out their mobile phones to shoot.
Ji Han can't laugh or cry. What's good about this?
“You're not going to barbecue?”Ji Han asked.
“The barbecue is not urgent. You can eat it later!”
“Yes, boss, you are so young. How can you open such a big farm
“Boss, do you have a girlfriend?How about prestige? ”
Everyone was laughing and joking, and a few girls were even more colorful.
Such a young and handsome man lives in seclusion in this small village to have a happy farmhouse. This kind of mystery comes to his face. Ji Han's attraction to them is soaring!
Unfortunately, Ji Han is not interested in them.
It kind of disappointed them.
“Boss Ji, let's have a barbecue together!”Seeing this, Lu Shiming said with a smile, “you carpenter can't do it well for a while and a half. It's almost noon. Let's have a drink.”
“All right!”
“I'll bake you some fish!”
“Xiao Hei, go to the reservoir and catch two bass. Come here, hurry up!”
Ji Han nods and agrees. He puts down his tools and orders Xiao Hei to catch fish.
Everybody hears speech is one Leng one Leng again, this big dog still can catch fish?Who are you getting?
“Don't underestimate Xiao Hei. He can do anything.”Ji Han explained: “the fish in this stream is not big, so I have to go to the reservoir to catch the roast fish, so I let it run errands!”
With that, Ji Han began to wash his hands!
So many guests come to tuanjian. Although he doesn't need to greet them, it's OK to help them cook some fish.
After a while, Ji Han raised a charcoal fire.
More than ten minutes later, Xiao Hei came back with a seven or eight Jin bass in his mouth, and the fish was still hopping on the ground.
“God, does he really catch fish?”
“Crazy, crazy, what kind of dog is this?I love it
“Boss, do you sell this dog?I'll give you a hundred thousand. Sell it to me! ”
“I'll give you 200000 yuan. Don't rob me!”
The crowd was shocked again, and several girls looked at Xiaohei's eyes again, as if they wanted to take it home immediately.
“What's that, jicao!”
“Xiao Hei, one is not enough. Go and catch a few more.”
“Do you have spicy food?The fish I baked is still delicious. You can bake it, too! ”
Ji Han is chatting while cleaning up and baking with shahao!
After a while, the smell of roast fish began to spill out.
When he sprinkled some of his own secret barbecue material, the aroma became more intense, and everyone couldn't help but brighten their eyes.
“It's so fragrant. My God, why is it so fragrant?”
“I didn't expect that boss, you not only did a good job as a carpenter, but also roasted the fish so delicious. It's so awesome!”
“Wow!We have a good mouth today
“Everyone, don't be stunned. Let's bake together.”
All the big guys are interested and join in the fun of barbecue group building.
However, we soon found the gap. The kebabs and fish they baked were very ugly, burnt black and tasted average.
But the fish roasted in the cold season is golden on both sides, fragrant outside and crisp inside. It's soft and smooth. It makes people salivate.
So they decided to throw away their barbecued kebabs and join in the competition for Jihan barbecued fish. A group of people were very happy.
In desperation, Ji Han even roasted three or four fish and a lot of meat kebabs and leeks to satisfy everyone.
After lunch, Ji Han continued to work on his carpentry!
Lu Shiming and other onlookers, outings, fishing, played until 3 or 4 p.m.
But no one thought that the first thing that several girls left here was to make Douyin. They sent the video clip they shot today to the Internet, which suddenly became popular.
Many netizens turn to see these videos, immediately came to the interest!
“My God, this dog is so big. It's more ferocious than a lion!”
“It's like a Caucasus. It's not common in such a big Caucasus. It's bigger than any champion dog I've ever seen.”
“Ha ha, it can pull a saw, it can catch fish, it's so powerful to my brother!”
“Wuwuwuwu, where is this farmhouse?The scenery is so beautiful, the boss is so handsome, I really want to go! ”
“Go together, go together, go here when there is a place for the company to build next time!”
“Who can help me ask the boss if the dog is for sale?I'll give you a million! ”
Netizens are talking excitedly, and the number of hits on the video is also increasing, which is accompanied by Ji Han's unexpected small fire.
Of course, the most popular is Xiaohei!
Netizens have given it the nickname of Xiaohei, the dog king. Many gold owners who are not short of money are bidding millions to buy this clever and domineering Dog King.
But Ji Han doesn't know and doesn't care about all this.
After a whole day's work, his production of water tankers has come to an end. When he quickly assembled the large water tankers, there was another giant beside the stream.
Dusk flow!
A large waterwheel with a height of seven or eight meters turns slowly by the stream, bringing the gurgling stream water to irrigate the hundred acres of good farmland on all sides!
This perfect picture is just like fairyland.
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015 What does immortal master like?Light courtesy, heavy affection![5 / 5, for flowers]
“It's good. It's not a waste of my hard work all day!”
“This small spirit gathering array is really powerful. The aura in the air should continue to increase. It won't be long before I can become a blessed place!”
Ji Han appreciates his masterpiece with satisfaction. A sense of achievement arises spontaneously, which makes him feel better.
After + 10, his physical strength became super strong. After working all day, he didn't feel tired at all. On the contrary, he began to toss his dinner happily.
And of course he didn't notice!
When the night slowly fell, the fog around the small farm began to completely separate it from the outside world.
In the palace of the Qin Dynasty, there is also a light mist.
When the vision appeared again, the palace of the Qin emperor was boiling.
Ying Zheng rushed with all the civil and military officials, and the familiar guangmen appeared in front of us again. All the officials who didn't believe in the immortal's words were numb.
“Ha ha ha, if so, if so!”
“Did you see that?This is the gate of fairyland
Ying Zheng laughs happily!
Seven days. It's been seven days since I came back last time!
In the past seven days, he constantly adjusted the national policy of the Qin Dynasty, and constantly extended kindness to the world, which made many people praise each other and made all people return to their hearts.
But he always wanted to set foot in the fairyland again, but he didn't wait for the fog to come, and many officials had doubts.
In order to dispel this doubt, Ying Zheng learned that the fog appeared again, and immediately called all the civil and military officials to gather here, so that we can see for ourselves whether he lied or not!
“Fairyland, this is really fairyland. Your majesty will not deceive me!”
“It's true that there are immortals. It's true!”
“God bless Daqin, God bless your majesty!”
All the officials howled excitedly. They had no doubts any more. They all looked at guangmen with fanaticism.
“Your majestyLi Xin said excitedly: “I don't know if I have the honor to follow your majesty to see the immortal?”
“I pray to see the immortal!”
“I pray too!”
The officials kowtow excitedly. Everyone wants to go and have a look together.
If we can set foot in the fairyland, this is a great event that will go down in history. Naturally, we don't want to miss it. Everyone wants to get the same treatment as Wang Ben.
“Well, you will come with me to see you.”
“The immortal master is easy-going. I don't think he will blame him.”
“But this light door is very strange, ordinary people may not be able to get by, let's try it together!”
Ying Zheng's face is full of expectations. Obviously, he also wants to test the characteristics of guangmen and get more information.
It's a pity that the civil and military officials, after repeated tests, find that they can't pass!
Once close to the light door, they will be bounced open, but Fusu had an accident. Not only was he not bounced open, but he seemed to be able to get close.
“Ha ha ha, Fu Su is lucky enough to set foot in fairyland. He will follow me later!”Ying Zheng laughs and orders.
Fu Su was surprised and bowed to promise, but all the officials were envious.
We can't understand why we can't get by, but Wang Ben and Fu Su can go with us. This is a different treatment.
Looking at the jubilant Fu Su and Wang Ben, Bai Guan's mood can't help getting sour.
“Will you go now, sire?”Wang Ben asked.
“No!”Ying Zheng frowned and said, “it's impolite for me to come back to meet the immortal master empty handed and bring back so much immortal grain this time.”
“Your Majesty is right. Although the immortal master doesn't care about this worldly thing, we can't be so impolite!”
“Yes, it's not good to offend the immortal!”
“But what's the gift?Jewellery?Three animals eat with blood
All the officials frowned when they saw you and me.
They don't know what gift to give. What does the immortal master like?
“FatherFu Su arched his hand and said, “I heard that immortals like beautiful jade, and the legendary fairyland is full of cranes. If we offer ten pairs of beautiful jade and four white cranes!”
“Although these worldly things are not worth money, they are light in courtesy and heavy in affection, which is enough to show our respect for the immortal master. What do you think of my father?”
Fusu's proposal suddenly brightened everyone's eyes!
Yes, where can I get gold, silver and jewelry?Sending beautiful jade is almost the same!
A few more white cranes will surely win the favor of the immortal master. At least they won't be impolite.
“Well, Fu Su said it well. It's a reward!”Ying Zheng laughed with satisfaction and said, “hurry up!I'll have ten pairs of beautiful jade and four white cranes ready. Fu Su and Wang Qing will follow me to the fairyland and meet the immortal master! ”
Fu Su and Wang Ben agreed excitedly!
Soon the present was ready.
Fusu holding tray with ten pairs of beautiful jade, Wang Ben carelessly carrying four white cranes, three people directly into the light door disappeared.
With a flash of light, the three came to Jihan's farmyard again!
Looking at the fairyland scenery and breathing the sweet air, the three of them suddenly felt comfortable. Fusu was even more curious.
“Follow me closely, don't run around!”
“This fog is very strange. No matter where you go, you will come back here and can't get out at all.”
“I've tried it myself last time. I think it's the immortal master who set up the lost array around here.”
Ying Zheng took a few deep breaths as he told Fusu.
He felt that the air here seemed to be much better than that of the last time. It was so comfortable to take a breath. It was amazing.
“It's a blessed place indeed!”Ying Zheng said with a smile, “Wang Qing is calling. Let's meet the immortal master!”
“YesWang Ben agreed and said in a loud voice: “Sir, we are here to disturb you. Please meet me!”
Today's Chapter 5, asking for a reward for flowers
016 How can these weapons be used to cut vegetables?[1 / 5, for flowers]
“Whose voice?Huh?Lao Wang and Lao Zhao? ”
“Wocao, how dare you two bandits come?”
“Look, I won't break your legs!”
Ji Han, who was preparing dinner in the kitchen, was very angry when he heard Wang Ben's voice.
He was so angry that he picked up the kitchen knife and went out to kill people!
When Ying Zheng and Wang Ben stepped into the courtyard, they met each other. Wang Ben was carrying four white cranes.
Looking at Ji Han's fierce appearance, Ying Zheng's three people are silly!
“Immortal master, who are youWang Ben asked.
“Ah, ah ha ha ha!”Ji Han Leng for a few seconds, embarrassed to throw the kitchen knife to the side, quickly said: “what, I'm here to welcome you, oh, you come, how can you still bring gifts, really, quickly, put it down!”
The so-called hand does not smile!
Seeing Wang Ben and others bring gifts, Ji Han is also embarrassed and angry.
With his eyesight, we can see that these four cranes are good things.
Today, he ordered a lot of pheasants, peacocks and ostriches on the Internet, but he didn't buy the white crane, which made him feel extremely sorry. He felt that his cave was not perfect.
But he didn't expect that Wang Ben would bring white crane.
It's like a pillow when you're sleepy, good man!Be sensible!
The old Wang and Zhao are really good at giving gifts. At a glance, they can see that they are short of strange animals. Besides, these two people are from the mountains. It should not be difficult to get white cranes.
Ji Han is not happy to get angry with them. He quickly welcomes them with a smile.
“I haven't seen you for many days, sir. I miss you very much!”Ying Zheng said with a smile: “today we specially bring ten pairs of beautiful jade and four cranes to visit. Please don't give up.”
“No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no
“Put it down, I love it, but didn't we just meet last night?”
Ji Hanmei Zizi takes the white crane. As soon as they break free from the shackles, they want to fly high, but with the caress of his master animal control skill, they become clever and smart.
In addition, the small farm is full of aura, so they like it all at once. They don't want to leave even if they are driven away.
“Not bad, go to the stream and play by yourself.”
Ji Han waved his hand with satisfaction, and the four cranes immediately spread their wings and flew high. After playing over the small farm for a while, they fell into the stream to play with water.
This scene, naturally let Ying Zheng and others secretly called strange!
The immortal master is the immortal master. It's easy to tame the white crane. It's an immortal means.
“Wait a minute, sir. We just met last night?”
“But it's already been seven days.”
“It's really a day in the sky and a year on the earth. Fairyland is a fairyland. It's extraordinary.”
Ying Zheng suddenly noticed the information in Ji Han's words. After comparing it, he was surprised again.
It turns out that the time flow here is different from that of Daqin!
It's a treasure of the immortal family. It's powerful!
“Come onYing Zheng said quickly, “Fusu, come here to see you.”
Fusu immediately stepped out, and said respectfully, “I've met Mr. Fusu. I'd like to make a small gift for you to accept.”
“Your name is Fusu?Well, you city people are really good at cosplay. Your family plays Cosplay! ”
“Those who don't come here are all guests. Let's go in and sit down. It's time for dinner. Let's have a whole fish dinner tonight!”
As Ji Han greets him, he takes the tray and throws the valuable jade aside. He doesn't even bother to take a look at it.
In his opinion, these must be worthless fake jade. Ten yuan and three yuan on the stall is not as valuable as white crane!
“Xiao Hei, bring drinks to the guests!”
“Drink it yourself, my food will be ready soon!”
Ji Han said and plunged into the kitchen.
Today, Xiao Hei caught a lot of fish, so he just came to the whole fish feast, which would not be wasted.
“Woof, woof!”
While protesting against his unfair treatment, Xiao Hei wrongly opened the refrigerator door, and then took out a dozen beers and some fat house water sprite!
This scene, will Fu Su see one Leng one Leng.
“Is this a fairy dog or a lion tiger?”Fu Su exclaimed.
“Ha ha!”Wang Ben said with a smile: “don't panic, young master. This is a fierce dog domesticated by immortal master. It looks fierce, but it's very intelligent. It won't bite people in disorder.”
“As for these, they are the drinks of the immortal family, especially the sprite. I love them very much. You can have a taste of them, young master. The immortal master has a harmonious personality and won't blame him!”
“Sit down and have a drink. Don't look like a stuffed bun.”Ying Zheng reprimanded him discontentedly, and Fu Su quickly denounced him.
After the three of them sat down and had a few drinks, Fusu quickly fell in love with the taste of happy fat house water. The taste shock from more than 2000 years later made him feel the takeoff of his soul.
At this time, Wang Ben noticed the kitchen knife that Ji Han threw aside!
This kitchen knife is made of fine steel. It looks very delicate and sharp. Wang Ben can't put it down immediately after picking it up.
“It's like an immortal's knife for cutting vegetables. I don't know how good it is?”
Curious, Wang Ben couldn't help but draw out his sword and cut it with the kitchen knife.
The kitchen knife didn't move, and Wang Ben's bronze sword made a big cut on the spot.
It can be imagined that if two people fight hard, the bronze sword will have to be cut off on the spot.
“It's a terrible sword. How can the immortal master use it to cut vegetables?What a desperationYing Zheng couldn't help exclaiming.
“The immortal master's method is really amazing!”Fusu was also shocked.
“Good Dao, good Dao!”
“How could such a good Daoxian master be willing to lose it?”
“Waste, in that case, Wang is reluctant to take it home.”
Wang Ben pretended to sigh, and then under the gaze of Ying Zheng Fu Su, he directly swaggered the kitchen knife to his waist, ready to take it away!
Since the last time he resisted more than 10000 Jin of potatoes, he has loved the feeling of being a bandit. He can't help being such a good sword.
“Er, it's not wanted by the immortal master. I just picked it up, right!Yes, that's it! “Wang Ben had the cheek to defend himself.
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017 Why does Lao Zhao like to ask historical questions so much?[2 / 5, for flowers]
“Come on, have dinner, have dinner!”
“Tonight's whole fish feast is guaranteed to satisfy you!”
“A chop pepper fish head, a steamed mandarin fish, a boiled fish, a pickled fish, a braised fish, a purse carp!”
After a while, Ji Han brings the dishes to the table!
All kinds of delicious food made Ying Zheng's eyes brighten, especially Fusu, who had never tasted such food before. He could not help swallowing his saliva.
“Come on, you're welcome!”Ji Han greets him casually.
“Thank you for your hospitality, sir!”Ying Zheng nodded and introduced to Fusu: “most of the dishes of the immortal master contain spicy things. It's unbearable at the first try, but after getting used to it, it makes people flow with blood, feel comfortable and prolong their life. You have to try it!”
Fu Su took a piece of fish and swallowed it. The aroma and spicy taste burst on the tip of his tongue. He was shocked and his eyes widened.
How fragrant and spicy!
But it's really delicious.
In the spicy taste, there is the delicious smell of fish. Every bite is a supreme enjoyment. Ying Zheng's three people immediately had a big appetite and ate it heartily.
“It's worthy of being an immortal family delicacy. It's really memorable!”After sighing, Ying Zheng suddenly looked at the big waterwheel beside the stream and asked, “Sir, what is this?I haven't seen you since last time! ”
“Waterwheel, haven't you seen it?”Ji Han explained casually: “it's a gadget that uses the stream water to irrigate the land automatically. My whole water truck here can not only irrigate more than 100 mu of good farmland, but also attract tourists to take photos and play. How nice it is!”
“Irrigation?”Take a picture?”
“How many acres can this water truck irrigate, sir?”
Although Ying Zheng didn't quite understand what Ji Han said, he became interested as soon as he heard that he could irrigate good farmland with a water truck.
“More than 100 mu!”Ji Han doesn't care about the way: “where the flow is fast, the irrigation area will be larger, where the flow is gentle, the irrigation area will be smaller!”
“More than 100 mu?”
Ying Zheng took a breath.
Oh, my God, it's a big artifact.
Seriously, the design of the waterwheel is really exquisite.
Use the power of water flow to turn the water wheel, and the water wheel drives each small leaker to continuously bring the water to the bank ditch, and then irrigate the good farmland.
In this way, not only a lot of manpower can be saved, but also the water flow is stable. If Daqin had such artifact, it would surely be able to greatly promote agriculture!
“Write it down, go back and imitate it!”
Ying Zheng secretly gave an order, and Fusu resolutely began to observe the record carefully.
It's not very difficult to imitate this thing. Besides, isn't the immortal master putting it out for everyone to imitate?
Ying Zheng's peaceful decision to plagiarize.
He doesn't care about intellectual property or anything like that!
As long as it's good for Daqin, copy it!
This trip is really worthwhile. There are treasures everywhere in fairyland. Anything is enough for Daqin to take off.
However, after taking a bite, Ying Zheng still couldn't help asking: “Sir, I have a question. I wonder if you can help me?”
“What's the problem?”Ji Han was surprised.
“I heard what Mr. Li said last time that both Li Si and Hu Hai were guilty of great crimes!”Ying Zheng said solemnly, “I just want to ask, do they deserve to die?”
Wang Ben and Fu Su looked at each other, and they all jumped with fear.
Ying Zheng has been shutting up Li Si and ignoring Hu Hai these days. It turns out that he is struggling with this problem.
Yes, they are indeed the bane of the Qin Dynasty in history. Ying Zheng should have killed them.
But Liz is not rebellious now, and Hu Hai is only a 13-year-old child!
Besides, Liz is also a capable minister. Is it too bad to kill him like this?
So Ji Han's answer is absolutely related to the fate of these two people. Wang Ben Fu Su can't help but stop and listen carefully.
Ji Han is puzzled about this question. Why does Zhao like to ask historical questions so much?
What do I care if lishuhai should die or not?
They've been dead for thousands of years!
But think about Lao Zhao should be a senior fan of Qin. It's normal to have this kind of problem. Ji Han doesn't think much with a smile.
“There is nothing wrong with Lisi. He is still loyal to the first emperor, and his ability is quite good, but he is too persistent in power to commit serious crimes.”
“As for Hu Hai, in fact, it's no wonder that he was the first emperor himself. Who made him used to Hu Hai all the time?”
“As the saying goes, if a bear is used to killing his son, it is not his father's fault. The culprit of a bear's mistake should be his parents.”
Ji Han comments casually, just saying his own views on the two, but Ying Zheng automatically adds a lot of deep understanding.
Is Liz right?So you don't have to kill?
yes!As long as I live, how dare he rebel?
As long as you beat him often, he is still an important Minister of the state of Qin. The immortal master is really thinking for me.
As for Hu Hai, Ying Zheng has to admit that it's really his responsibility. This bear boy has been spoiled since he was a child, and he is used to it.
In other words, just go back and hit him more, right?
How capable can a 13-year-old boy be? Ying Zheng is in charge of a country. Can't he be dealt with?
It must be like this. The guidance of immortal master is very good!
“Thank you for your advice. I've got it!”
Wang Ben and Fu Su are also pleased with Ying Zheng's grateful arched hand.
Only Ji Han's face is full of consternation?What kind of enlightenment?
Did I say anything?Wu, how can you talk about it?
How about some flowers*
018 The first group of smokers in Daqin, officially born![3 / 5, for flowers]
After eating and drinking
Ji Han lit a cigarette and began to smoke.
“What is it, sir?”Wang Ben began to ask as usual.
“Smoke, a cigarette after a meal, happy as a fairy!”Ji Han doesn't care: “you want to smoke yourself.”
Ying Zheng's three faces are strange.
They really don't understand what happened when Ji Han was holding a white object in his mouth and constantly puffing smoke.
How can you be as happy as an immortal?
“Is this the way of immortal cultivation?To swallow special spirit smoke to become stronger
“It's said that the immortal devours the aura of heaven and earth, and his mouth and nose smoke. Isn't that officially the case?”
“That's right. It must be like this. And this little thing, when you press it, will raise a fire. It must be the treasure of the immortal family!”
“Good things. They are all good things. Why don't we have a try?”
“Your Majesty, I'll try first!”
Ying Zheng three people secretly sum up for a while, immediately came to interest!
After a while, three people also learn the appearance of Ji Han and pick up the cigarette. After taking a deep breath, they cough hard one by one.
“Don't suck so much at the beginning, slow down!”
“Habit is good, right? How can a man not smoke and drink?”
Ji Han's careful guidance!
After a while, the first group of smokers began to be born.
The three history tycoons in ancient clothes, smoking in their mouths, did not disobey at all. It really made Ji Han a little sad.
“This cigarette is really good. It's a little refreshing!”Ying Zheng commented: “and there is an inexplicable momentum in smoking. I like it very much!”
“Of courseJi Han nodded and said: “what men smoke is not smoke, but loneliness. Come on!If we have nothing to do, we can play mahjong together, just enough people! ”
“To whom?”Wang Ben asked: “who is mahjong?”
“Your sister's?”
Ji Han is speechless!
When he saw Ying Zheng and Fu Su were at a loss, he immediately felt depressed and wanted to vomit blood.
These three people won't join hands to amuse him, will they?
Is it that these three guys are making a trick show and come to trick him on purpose?
Otherwise, how can you not even know mahjong?
But Ji Han looks east and West, and there's no one shooting in the dark around here!
“Now I suspect that you didn't come out of the mountains. You clearly came out of the mental hospital!”
“Forget it, forget it, I'm unlucky. I'll teach you how to play mahjong!”
Ji Han reluctantly moved out of the mahjong table, and then told them the rules of the game.
At any rate, these three people barely understand, and then Ji Han took them to kill.
“Mahjong is a university, it involves mathematics, logic, statistics, psychology, game theory, thinking set analysis and many other knowledge!”
“To be able to count cards, to play cards according to rules, to be able to count cards and to figure out other people's minds is not just entertainment.”
“Hongzhong, touch!WOW!I'll take one! ”
“Ha ha ha, touch yourself!Give me money, give me money
Ji Han explained, while crackling a random killing, easy to kill the three of them.
But when he wanted to collect money, Ying Zheng's reaction made him want to vomit blood.
“Money?What is it? ”
“Sir, you should be talking about money and silver?But we didn't bring any silver
“Yes, when will I go out with silver?”
Fusu three people are very powerful. They usually don't have to carry money with them.
So when Ji Han asked them for money, they immediately got confused.
“How about credit?”Fu Su weak way: “next time, we will certainly double the compensation, never default.”
“Lying trough?No money? ”
“You do wool, you will have no money?”
“Are you here to amuse me?”
Ji Han depressed want to curse Niang, repeatedly determined that they really have no money, he can only hold the nose to agree to their shameless request for credit.
“Xiao Hei, bring me paper and pen!”
Ji Han orders, and Xiao Hei immediately picks up some white paper and pens. When he writes down the names of several people on the paper, Ying Zheng, Wang Ben and Fu Su are silly again.
“What is it?White as snow, light as cicada wings, why can I write on it? ”
“Sir, shouldn't bamboo slips be used for writing?What is this? ”
“My God, can you write without a brush?”
Ying Zheng's three people constantly exclaimed, as if they had seen an alien.
Ji Han looks at these three guys with tears and smiles.
Nima, the acting is so pompous. Don't you know it's paper?
“Toby, do you want to owe me money?”Ji Han rolled his eyes and said, “I've seen it clearly. I remember it all.”
“Sir!”Fu Su got up excitedly and said, “what is it, please?It's ten thousand times more convenient to write than bamboo slips. It's absolutely a sacred object of literature and Taoism. ”
“Your uncle's paper, don't you know it?”Ji Han didn't have a good way: “the performance is a little too much?”
“Paper?Is it called paper? “Fusu continued to ask: “Sir, how is it made?”
“Nonsense, of course it's papermaking!”While touching mahjong, Ji Han said depressingly: “boil the bark, bamboo, flax and other plants, beat the pulp after cutting, mix the water, and then use the bamboo mat to dry it!”
“Don't you understand that?You don't use your hands when you go to the bathroom, do you? ”
“No!Hahaha, blossom on the bar, keep accounts
Ji Han continues to kill all sides, but the information he inadvertently reveals makes Fusu's eyes brighter and brighter.*
019 Ying Zheng's illness, Lao Wang, a bandit![4 / 5, for collection]
“Ha ha, Hu, come again
“This one has finally arrived at the Zhenhu card. Give me money, give me money!”
Mahjong table, the atmosphere gradually warm!
Ying Zheng, Wang Ben and Fu Su are all smart people.
In addition, mahjong is not something difficult to learn, so they learned after a few rounds!
Mahjong is addictive!
In Ying Zheng's words, it is in line with the art of war.
In addition, everyone has a win or lose, the three of them soon fell in love with this thing.
Playing cards, smoking, drinking fat house water and beer, and having a little barbecue, don't be too comfortable.
But Ying Zheng is old after all!
After ten o'clock, he couldn't help yawning.
Ji Han said helplessly: “Lao Zhao, your physique is too bad. Let's do it today. Play again next time.”
“Well, let's go first!”
“Thank you for your hospitality, sir.”
Ying Zheng had no choice but to nod his head.
But when he got up to leave the table, it was dark and he almost didn't faint.
“Your majesty
Wang Ben and Fu Su were so scared that they helped him quickly. Ying Zheng shook his body for several times, and finally sat back on the chair with a pale face. He couldn't help gasping.
“What's the matter?WhyYing Zheng said with a lingering fear: “I, why did I have a whirl just now, as if I was going to faint.”
“I'll take a look for you!”
Ji Han frowned and put his finger on his pulse.
During this period of time, he read a lot of messy books, with the characteristics of the system, any knowledge he read will be converted into his skill proficiency.
So he also learned some medical skills. Now his medical skills are at the expert level, and he has helped many old people in the village to recuperate.
At this time, he raised his hand and found that Ying Zheng's pulse was weak and flustered, his blood pressure was high, and his Yin and Yang were at odds. This was the rhythm of sudden death.
“How is my father, sir?Is he ill? ”
“Sir, are you still good at medicine?Your majesty, what's the matter
Wang Ben and Fu Su anxiously inquired, and even Ying Zheng couldn't help but get anxious.
“You're in poor health, aren't you?High blood pressure, fatty liver, cholesterol, what messy chronic disease has
“Do you often feel dizzy and stuffy recently, feel sick in the stomach, sleep in the middle of the night, and often wake up with transient convulsions?”
Ji Han asked with a frown, Ying Zheng was immediately numb!
“YesYing Zheng said with a pale face: “how do you know these symptoms, sir?What incurable disease have I got? ”
“Your body should stay up all the year round, work hard, eat greasy, don't exercise, and there are many trace toxins in your body, so your heart rate is more and more abnormal!”
“If you continue to do so, you may be in a coma and vomit blood, or you may be in a sudden death on the spot.”
Ji Han's conclusion immediately scared Ying Zheng into a cold sweat!
He knew that Ji Han didn't lie. He was terrified at the thought of the end of those grey rabbits.
You know, he can't eat less than dozens of these pills!
Although he ate separately, the toxin didn't kill him on the spot.
But now the toxin accumulated in the body can not be discharged, it is still a problem.
“Sir, helpYing Zheng exclaimed and begged.
“Sir, please save my father's life. Fusu is very grateful.”
“Yes, sir, you must help your majesty!”
Wang Ben and Fu Su couldn't help crying anxiously!
Ying Zheng is the pillar of the great Qin Dynasty. Once he falls down, the great Qin Dynasty will really die.
After all, no one can live in this big world except him.
“Don't worry!”Ji Han waved his hand and said: “Lao Zhao's body can last for several years. He won't die in a short time. The reason why he almost fainted tonight is that he was too excited to play mahjong!”
“Well, you go back first. Tomorrow I'll go up to the mountain and pick some herbs. Next time you come back, I'll help you to recuperate!”
“Remember that many times in the future, you will eat less vegetables, exercise more in the morning, middle and evening, walk a hundred steps after meals, stay up less and sit up soon. I promise you a long life!”
Ji Han's comfort and advice made everyone feel relieved.
In everyone's opinion, he is an omnipotent immortal master. Since he has said so, there must be no problem.
“Great, thank you, sir!”
“We'll leave first, and we'll come back next time.”
Ying Zheng bowed and bowed solemnly, then he turned and left at ease.
After a while, the three went into the fog and disappeared without a trace.
“Strange?Is there so much fog outside the yard in the middle of the night? “Ji Han mumbles curiously, but at the next moment he stares at the mahjong table.
“Lying trough, where's my cigarette?Where's my lighter? ”
“Why is the whole Yuxi River missing?Where's my limited edition lighter? ”
“Why is it all gone?What the hell? ”
“Xiao Hei, you dead dog, are you hiding?”
In the face of Ji Han's question, little Haydn sobbed wrongly.
It is desperately pointing, as if to say something.
Ji Han roared angrily: “do you mean Lao Wang took it?I'm your uncle's king. Yesterday I moved my potatoes, today I take my limited edition lighter. I'm not finished with you! ”
“My knife, I have to chop this son of a bitch, what?He took my kitchen knife, too?Damn, is he pickpocketed
“Xiao Hei, you stupid dog, why don't you watch?Next time he takes something, you yell at him
“Lao Wang, you bandit, you wait for me. Don't let me see you again. I'll break your leg next time!”
Over the small courtyard, the roar of Ji Han's grief and indignation reverberates!*
020 Wang Ben, who forced the king to possess his body, these are all given to you by the immortal master?[5 / 5, for flowers]
The speed of time between the two worlds is indeed different.
When Ying Zheng returned to the palace of the Qin Dynasty, it was already bright, and the whole night had passed.
Civil and military officials are waiting here. When they show up, everyone gets excited immediately.
“I'm back. I'm back at last. I wish nothing had happened!”
“To welcome your majesty, I'm really worried that I'll spare no effort.”
“Marquis Tong Wu, why did you go all night?But does the immortal master have instructions? ”
Everyone began to ask!
When Ying Zheng saw this, he suddenly realized that it all confirmed his conjecture.
This fairyland is worthy of fairyland. They have only stayed for an hour or two, but the whole night has passed in Daqin.
No wonder officials are worried.
“All Qing, be at ease!”Ying Zheng said with a smile: “the so-called heaven day by day and year by year, we have just passed a little while, but a whole night has passed here. In fact, it's a fairyland. It's too magical. You don't have to worry about it.”
“I see!”
“It seems that we are worried too much!”
The big guys were relieved, but Wang Ben laughed.
With a crisp sound, he shakes the lighter smartly. As soon as he pokes the flame, he picks up a cigarette and starts to force it.
After pretending to spit out a mouthful of smoke.
Wang Ben just said with disdain: “what are you worried about?The immortal master has a harmonious disposition and is extremely kind to Daqin. Will he harm your majesty? ”
“Yes, marquis Tong Wu is right. We've been a villain in vain!”
“But what are you, marquis Tong Wu?Why is there a fire on the ground?And smoking? ”
“Is this, is this something of the immortal family?”
The officials pointed out in surprise.
“You woodlouse!”Wang Ben said triumphantly: “this is a treasure of the immortal family. It's a good thing that only the immortal can enjoy. After smoking it, you can prolong your life. Do you understand?”
“See this knife?This is a magic weapon given by the immortal master to the marquis. It can cut down nine states in the world with one knife and kill ghosts in the sky. Have you ever seen it? ”
Wang Ben blew wildly, and from time to time he took out his kitchen knife to show off, which attracted the envy of the whole audience.
Ying Zheng and Fu Su were stunned and stunned.
Lao Wang, do you still have a face?Are these gifts from immortal master?
It can be said that you picked up this kitchen knife, but you got these packets of cigarettes and lighters by hand.
When the immortal master knows, he has to skin you.
“Don't look at me like that, your majesty!”Wang Ben stubbled his neck and said boldly: “the immortal master knows everything and can do anything. He must know it when I take it. If he doesn't stop it, it means he agrees to acquiesce, so he gave it to the marquis.”
Ying Zheng and Fusu, learning from Ji Han, subconsciously despised the goods. They were really thicker than the city wall.
“In that case, give me two bags!”
“Tongwuhou, give me two bags, too!”
Ying Zheng helped Su to make a decisive move, one person took two packages!
Seeing this, other civil and military officials gathered around one after another.
“Tongwu Marquis, I'll share it with you!”
“What's the package? Where's the package? There are few packages. You deserve a whole package?”
“That's right. Just give me one. It's the spirit of the immortal family. I have to taste it.”
Big guys are fighting excitedly!
Li Xin cried out: “give me one from Marquis Tong Wu. You and I are friends. You can't be so mean!”
“Damn, you are the bandits!”
Wang Ben wants to cry without tears. He looks at the courtiers one by one, and soon he will separate his cigarettes.
Then a strange scene happened in the palace of the Qin Emperor!
The bodyguards, eunuchs and maids were shocked to see these powerful men, rolling up their sleeves one by one, holding an unidentified object in their mouth, puffing up the clouds like immortals.
“Aren't they cultivating immortals?”
“It must be so. Did the immortal master teach the immortal method?”
“Great, God bless me, Daqin!”
The public secretly envied, and the civil and military officials, stimulated by nicotine, became intoxicated one after another. They all looked like enjoying themselves.
“The spirit smoke of the immortal family is refreshing. It's really good!”
“I don't know why I smoke this thing, but it's inexplicable. I like it!”
“Swallowing clouds and puffing mist is like an immortal. It's good!”
Everyone was in a good mood.
Seeing this, Ying Zheng told Fusu, “tell me about the harvest of this fairyland trip, and let Zhuqing know.”
Fu Su arched his hand and said: “my Lord, we have gained a lot in this fairyland trip. We not only tasted the delicious food of the fairyland family, but also got the treasures from the fairyland.”
“There's a thing called a water wheel. It's made of wood. It can irrigate a hundred mu of land without manpower. It can make all the people of the Qin Dynasty have a good harvest!”
“One thing is called papermaking. It can be made from bark and flax as thin as cicada wings. A piece of white paper can easily write ten thousand words of truth, which is ten thousand times stronger than bamboo slips!”
“In the end, the immortal said that your Majesty's hard work and high achievements lie in the country and benefit for thousands of years. He should enjoy a hundred years of life!”
Fu Su's boasting made all the officials in an uproar.
If Ji Han is here, he has to spit on his face. This guy's brain tonic ability is comparable to that of Wang Ben.
He just said that Ying Zhengduo sports bag will live a long life. This is a polite saying. Do you take it seriously?
But as soon as these words came out, the officials were excited again.
“Congratulations to your majesty. Congratulations to your majesty!”Everyone kowtowed excitedly: “with the protection of immortal master, the great Qin Dynasty will last for thousands of years!”
“Well, well said!”Ying Zheng nodded with satisfaction and said directly, “it's necessary for Fu Su to develop water wheel and papermaking technology as soon as possible
Fu Su's excited bow body agrees!
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021 Li Siguan returned to his original post, shameless Wang Jian![1 / 5, for flowers]
Inadvertently, the influence of Jihan on Daqin is deepening!
Of course, Fu Su is the one who benefits the most. This guy was not valued by Ying Zheng before and was often reprimanded and punished.
But now Ying Zheng is not only kind to him, but also after he went to fairyland together, Fusu is responsible for making waterwheel and paper, which is a great achievement.
This makes his status in Ying Zheng's and Bai Guan's mind soar continuously!
On the other hand, Hu Hai was the opposite. This unfortunate boy didn't invite anyone to offend him. Ying Zheng beat him when he had time. If he had nothing to do, he would take the exam and teach him knowledge. If he couldn't answer, he was beaten black and blue again.
Ying Zheng's move is called “strict father and Godson”!
Hu Ji was tearful and wanted to plead for Hu Hai several times, but she was reprimanded by Ying Zheng and was demoted from her wife all the way to her lover.
“Immortal master Zeng Yun, it's a mistake not to raise Godfather!”
“In the past, I doted on you so much that you were so rude at a young age!”
“From today on, I will change your bad habit.”
“Kneel down for me, move and drag on for 30 minutes!”
Outside the ideological and political hall, Ying Zheng roared angrily.
Hu Hai and Hu Ji, the poor mother and son, knelt tremblingly outside the hall and did not dare to move.
“Your majestyA small eunuch carefully way: “crime minister Lisi to.”
“Bring him in!”
After a while, Li Si was brought into the hall.
He knelt down on the ground with a bitter face and exclaimed, “minister Liz, I've come to see your majesty. I'm guilty, and I ask your majesty to take responsibility.”
“Liz, you're a smart man.”Ying Zheng said with a scornful smile: “you know that I have no evidence to deal with you. You are still willing to admit your guilt. It really makes me look at you with new eyes.”
“Since the immortal master has said that the minister has committed a serious crime, then the minister is guilty. The guilty minister does not dare to refute. He only asks his majesty to order his death.”
Liz kowtowed and begged desperately!
During this period, although he was in prison, he also learned about the recent events from various channels.
A series of events have proved that Daqin really has an immortal master.
At this time, Liz knew that he would die, and he didn't dare to take chances. He just wanted to die quickly so as not to involve his family.
With his understanding of Ying Zheng, if he dares to beg for mercy and contradict, all the hundreds of people in the Li family will have to die.
But what he didn't expect was that Ying Zheng didn't kill him!
Instead, he waved his hand to the little eunuch and said, “come on, give me a seat!”
The eunuch nodded respectfully and quickly moved a chair.
This is the chair that Ying Zheng sat in Jihan last time. After feeling comfortable, he came back to let the craftsman make it.
Liz trembled with fright, but he did not dare to sit down.
“Your Majesty, I'm guilty. How dare I sit down?”Liz continued to plead: “I beg your majesty to die!”
“All right!”Ying Zheng waved his hand and said, “the immortal Master said that you have made a big mistake, but you have no big sin. It's just that you have too much power.I forgive you for not being guilty, and you will be restored to your original position. Please do your best for Daqin in the future! ”
“What is it?”
Li Si Mu is gaping, how did not expect to be this result!
He's doubting his ears, isn't he?
“Thank your majesty, thank immortal master!”
“You can't repay your majesty for your death!”
Liz wept with joy and knelt down for a long time.
A kind of ecstasy for the rest of his life made him respect and fear the immortal master!
South of Xianyang City
In the royal residence
Wang Ben is respectfully reporting to his father, Wang Jian, about the fairyland trip. His son, Wang Li, is also listening in.
“It's incredible, it's incredible!”Wang Jian pinched his beard and exclaimed: “I didn't expect that there are such strange people in the world. Fortunately, the immortal master protected Daqin, otherwise Daqin would be in danger!”
“What the great father said is true!”Wang Li couldn't help laughing and said, “my father was lucky to be in the fairyland with your majesty. My position in the royal family is really as stable as Mount Tai.”
“Ha ha ha, it's natural!”
“The immortal master also gave me a sword and an immortal weapon.”
“Both the Dao and the immortal ware can be handed down as treasures of our Wang family. They are absolutely good things that are hard to exchange for.”
Wang benmei Zizi out of his kitchen knife and lighter, is a burst of show off.
Seeing this, Wang Li was a little embarrassed and said weakly, “but father, I've heard all the officials talk in private that all these things are stolen from the immortal master. Isn't that good?”
“Fart!”Wang Ben was so angry: “can I steal something from my old Wang family?This is the reward given by the immortal master for my outstanding martial arts. Do you understand? ”
Wang Li and Wang Jian were stunned on the spot!
Nima, are you so shameless?Do you believe that?
“Don't talk nonsense. Do you want this?”Wang Ben said angrily: “it's brought back by my father's hard work.”
“Yes, of course I do!”Wang Li quickly agreed with a smile.
But I haven't waited for him to take the lighter!
But Wang Jian snatched it. The old man glared and said angrily, “you two bastards, do you still have my elder in your eyes?This immortal thing is something you can desecrate? ”
“Come on, come on!Let me take care of it. I have a tough life and can stand it. ”
“After I return to heaven, this treasure will be passed on to my great grandson. What's the matter with you two?”
With that, Wang Jian happily played with the delicate lighter and left the hall without looking back.
Wang Ben Wang looked at each other again!
After half a sound, Wang Li sighed awkwardly: “father, I'm afraid your thick skin is inherited from your father!”
“It's natural!”Wang Ben grumbled: “this old man is so cheeky. He stinks
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022 Amazing discovery in the ancient tomb of Qin Dynasty![2 / 5, for flowers]
The three of the Wang family did not expect it!
The lighter they were fighting for was like a butterfly on the other side of the ocean. After gently flapping its wings, it set off a huge wave in later generations.
late at night
When Ji Han is sleeping!
Near the Qinling Mountains, a team of archaeologists is digging a large ancient tomb.
Xu chuyun, who is beautiful in appearance and hot in figure, is closely following his tutor Dr. Tang Zhengqing to carry out the final cleaning of the main chamber of the ancient tomb.
This is an ancient tomb of the Qin Dynasty, which was discovered recently.
Unfortunately, they have been visited by grave robbers for a long time. Apart from the main tomb, other places have been looted by grave robbers.
Because of the ingenious design, the main tomb was buried too deep to survive, and everyone was secretly glad.
“Teacher, are you sure whose tomb it is?”Xu chuyun asked curiously.
“It can be inferred from the inscriptions at the entrance of the tomb and in the main chamber that this should be the tomb of Wang Yuan, the great grandson of Wang Jian in the Qin Dynasty!”Tang Zhengqing's answer made all the archaeologists excited.
This is a big man.
It's a big loss to find such a powerful ancient tomb now!
“Fortunately, the main tomb chamber was not pried open by the tomb robbers, otherwise there would be nothing left in it!”Xu chuyun sighed in a low voice.
“Doctor!”An archaeological team member said pleasantly, “the main tomb has been opened. There is no mud inside. Everything is well preserved. A pair of main coffin has been found!”
“Make a final investigation at once!”
Tang Zhengqing trembled with excitement and went straight to the main tomb with everyone.
This is a stone chamber of 20-30 square meters, with some broken wooden frames, earthenware, several bronze cauldrons and a huge sarcophagus.
After everyone came in, their eyes were immediately attracted by the sarcophagus.
It has relief inside and outside. It looks very delicate. It can only be used by people with great status.
“Open the coffin!”
Tang Zhengqing decisively ordered several archaeologists to carefully test before pushing the sarcophagus away.
There is a well preserved ancient corpse in the coffin!
From the appearance and physical characteristics, it should be male.
The clothes, silk, cloth and other things of the ancient corpse have been rotten. Only some gold, silver, jewelry and jade are intact.
There is a jade box on the left side of the body!
On the jade box, there are four big characters of “fairy master bestows treasure” written in small seal script.
“Immortal master gives treasure?What do you mean
“What is it?Who is the immortal master? ”
“If this ancient tomb is the tomb of Wang Yuan, the great grandson of Wang Jian, then this immortal master should be a person of the Qin Dynasty, but there is no record of this person in history books!”
“Teacher, do you know what's going on?”
Everyone was surprised, Xu chuyun was also surprised!
Tang Zhengqing was also secretly excited. He felt as if he was going to discover a big secret!
After taking a deep breath, he opened the jade box curiously. There were two strange things in it, one was like a kitchen knife, the other was like a lighter.
Both of these things have been seriously oxidized,
The appearance not only changed color, but also rusted!
But anyone can recognize them as kitchen knives and lighters at a glance.
“What's going on?Isn't that bullshit?Did the Qin Dynasty have a kitchen knife? ”
“Yes, it should be, but how does the shape of the kitchen knife look so modern?”
“And is this a lighter?I don't think it's right. How could the Qin Dynasty have a lighter? ”
“Isn't that what the grave robbers put in?”
Everyone looked at each other, and they were all silly.
We thought we would see some earth shaking treasures, but when we opened the jade box, how could these two things look so familiar?
What's wrong with this!
“Teacher, what's the matter?”Xu chuyun exclaimed.
“Don't jump to conclusions yet!”Tang Zhengqing frowned and analyzed: “this lighter like thing has the most serious rust. Many parts have been glued together and completely rotten. We can't judge its real use.”
“It's a good judgment. It's really something similar to a kitchen knife. But how could the great grandson of marquis Wu Cheng be buried with this kind of thing?”
“What's more, you don't find that this tool can barely keep its shape after 2000 years of oxidation. It's probably a product adulterated with many trace elements, similar to stainless steel!”
“God, it's incredible. As we all know, the iron smelting technology of Qin Dynasty was still very backward. Most of the weapons were bronze. How could there be stainless steel?”
“And who is the immortal master?Why is his gift so strange? ”
One question after another was thrown out, and everyone was excited, because everyone realized the importance of it.
Once these problems are solved, it will definitely have a great impact on the re writing of history.
Isn't it the life-long wish of the archaeologists present to excavate unknown historical secrets?
At this moment, we are naturally overjoyed.
“Doctor!”At this time, a member of the team outside the tomb said: “a reporter came to interview you all night after learning the news of the tomb. Anyway, he wanted to see you. What should I do?”
“Good!I'll be right out! ”
“Take this jade box and follow me!”
Tang Zhengqing's eyes brightened and decided to accept the interview.
He can't wait to announce his great discovery to the world.
He knows that only by attracting more people's attention can his research get more funding support, and he will eventually get more honors and benefits.
Note: stainless steel doesn't necessarily rust, it's just not easy to rust. After thousands of years, no matter how good the stainless steel is, it's still rusty*
023 What was lost last night in this ancient tomb?[3 / 5, for flowers]
“Ding!Congratulations on getting a fixed value of 1000! ”
“Congratulations on your whole body attribute + 2!”
“Congratulations, you have activated the system mall, you can view and buy things at any time!”
A series of system prompts appeared at 8 a.m. on time.
Ji Han is directly awakened in his sleep. His face is full of muddle and he hasn't recovered.
“What's the matter, crouching trough?”
“How did you get the correction value?What have I done? ”
Ji Han couldn't figure it out, so he went to sleep and didn't do anything. How did he get the correction value and reward?
What's wrong with the system?
However, the opening of the system mall surprised Ji Han secretly. He chose to open the mall directly in his mind.
After a while, a large number of treasure icons appeared in his mind!
Ji Han was dazzled by what he wanted, such as animal elixir, Shiquan Dabu pill, high-tech drawings, magic weapons and so on.
These things are all exchanged with the correction value, and the price is very expensive!
Now he has only 6000 corrections, and it seems that he can't buy anything good.
“NIMA, have you ever eaten a golden elixir that will become immortal?”
Ji Han joked, but as soon as his voice fell, the system mall automatically searched, and then the graphical introduction of several treasures popped up!
[golden elixir of the great way] – the treasure of heaven and earth's creation. If you take it, you can have a lifetime of one era. If you take it, you can exchange it for the required * * correction value!
[nine turn golden elixir] – the treasure of immortality. If you take it, you can become an immortal immediately. Exchange it for the required * * correction value!
[humanity elixir] – a treasure of humanity. You can take it as an immortal and enjoy a life of ten thousand years. You need 6000000 correction value to exchange it!
One after another strange introduction, suddenly let season cold half ring stunned.
Nima, this system is too powerful. Do you have all these things?
Unfortunately, the exchange price is too high, otherwise Jihan will have to exchange a few.
But for him, it's also a happy event. Sometimes it's good to exchange something in the system mall.
“But how did the correction come about?How can we continue to earn money? ”
Ji Han thought hard, but he didn't want to break his head.
After washing and gargling, he cooked a noodle for himself. While teasing Xiao Hei, he ate noodles and turned on the TV.
“Audience friends, now cut in a piece of news!”
“Last night, the staff of our Yanjing archaeological team found an ancient tomb of the Qin Dynasty in the mountains of the Qinling Mountains. The owner of the tomb was confirmed as Wang Yuan, the great grandson of Wang Jian, the God of war of the Qin Dynasty.”
“In the ancient tomb, our archaeological team members have made a great discovery that shocked the world. Now let's invite the leader of the archaeological team, Dr. Tang Zhengqing, to introduce it to us!”
In the TV program, a female reporter is talking excitedly, and there is a scene of an ancient tomb in the background.
Then, Tang Zhengqing appeared on TV!
He said to the camera: “audience, we found two pieces of suspected stainless steel artifacts in the main coffin of this ancient tomb!”
“My God, stainless steel?How is that possible? “The female reporter cheered.
“It can't be wrong!”Tang Zhengqing continued: “these two are not common bronzes, nor are they ordinary irons. It can be inferred from various details that they are special steels forged with many trace elements, which are very similar to modern steels!”
“Our archaeological team has reason to suspect that the forging technology of steel had already appeared in the Qin Dynasty. Next, we will take these two antiquities back for inspection and testing!”
“Once our inference is confirmed, great changes will take place in the historical ranking of ancient special steels in the world!”
The more Tang Zhengqing said, the more excited she was, and the female reporters kept cheering!
When the picture focuses on these two antiquities, Ji Han suddenly becomes numb, because he recognizes that these are his kitchen knife and lighter.
The shape of this kitchen knife is peculiar. He asked the old master in the village to make it specially. There is a big gap on the back of the knife.
As for lighters, they are from classmates.
This lighter has been used for several years in the cold season, and he has been reluctant to lose it. Now even if it is rusty, he can recognize it at a glance!
He even saw the four big words “the immortal master gives treasure” written on the jade box!
“What's going on?”
“Lying trough, what I lost last night, why is it in this ancient tomb?”
“Hallucination, it must be hallucination!”
Ji Han shook his head desperately, constantly reminding himself that he was an illusion.
But after staring at the TV picture for a long time, Ji Han can be sure that all this is not an illusion, this special thing is true.
“Lao Wang?Lao Zhao?Ying Zheng?Wang Ben
“No wonder, no wonder!”
The more Ji Han thinks about it, the more wrong it is!
A bold guess suddenly appeared in his mind. Could Lao Wang and Lao Zhao be the walkers?
Did they travel from ancient times to modern times?
No, or can they travel between the two worlds?
If so, it can explain all this!
It can also explain why they are so ignorant, and why they behave so strangely!
“System, is my guess right?”Ji Han asked.
As expected, the silent system continues to remain silent.
Ji Han didn't want to get a response from it. In fact, he has confirmed his own judgment in his heart.
After all, it can be seen from the two nights that Lao Wang and Lao Zhao are really out of tune with the world.
Even a woodlouse old farmer will use mobile phone, but what they do not understand is not unreasonable.
So Ji Han affirmed his inference.
Although I don't know what magical changes have taken place after the system upgrade, so that they can run to their small farm every night!
But this must be the core of all this change!
Think about this, Ji Han's eyes become more and more bright.*
024 Is that the truth?A big gift for Lao Zhao![4 / 5, for flowers]
After obtaining the correct inference
Ji Han figured out a lot of things he had doubts about!
He even has the legendary system. It's not hard for him to accept anything else.
So his inference can be as bold as possible.
First of all, if Lao Wang and Lao Zhao are really Ying Zheng and Wang Ben, and Fu Su is the son of Da Qin, then his every move will certainly change da Qin.
From potato to waterwheel, from Zhao Gao to Hu hailis, the impact of modernization will certainly have a great impact on Ying Zheng and Daqin.
That is to say, the great Qin Dynasty may have changed, and it may not be the death of the second emperor!
Ji Han thinks about the fairy master's three strategies that he and Ying Zheng boast about, and immediately he can't laugh or cry. Won't this guy really do it?
Will this change history?
Ji Han is more and more flustered, so hurry to search for the answer on the Internet!
As a result, after half a day's hard work, he finally breathed a sigh of relief. The history of later generations has not changed, and he will not disappear.
“According to the setting in many science fiction novels, the changed Daqin should develop into another time and space. Even if Daqin lasts for thousands of years, it will not interfere in our time and space!”
“Of course, it can be inferred from Mandela phenomenon that time and space will be automatically corrected after the change of history, but it is likely that some small details will be missed when correcting!”
“For example, although Daqin was developing in another time and space, the kitchen knives and lighters Wang Ben brought back unexpectedly appeared in this time and space. This should be the so-called time and space correction error!”
“That is to say, the correction is the benefit I get because I changed history?”
The more Ji Han thinks about it, the closer he analyzes it, the closer he gets to the answer!
He finally knows where the correction comes from!
He also found out everything, which surprised him secretly, and he couldn't help laughing and crying. His system is really bloody.
Inexplicably, I didn't say that I had to grope for such a big event. Lao Wang and Lao Zhao should think that he is an omnipotent immortal, right?
Otherwise, they would not cry that this is fairyland!
On the jade box, there are four big words “a gift from an immortal master”.
“Shit!I can't believe that Lao Zhao is actually the first emperor of Qin. Lao Wang, an old bandit who likes to follow things, is actually Wang Ben? ”
“Ha ha, that's interesting!”
The corner of Ji Han's mouth flashed a smile, and suddenly he felt very funny.
Although I live in seclusion in this small village and toss my own small farm, all the people who come and go are ancient bigwigs, who have changed history inadvertently.
That's interesting.
And if Ji Han wants to get more corrections, he must constantly change history, which makes him look forward to it even more.
“Lao Wang and Lao Zhao must be in awe of me now. I have to maintain my status as an immortal master, and then use this identity to continue to promote the reform of Daqin in order to get more benefits!”
“I don't know what Daqin is like now. They're here tonight. They have to make a good inquiry!”
“If I guess correctly, Lao Zhao should want to fight Xiongnu. In this way, I can prepare some gifts for him!”
“Although the Daqin bow and crossbow are invincible, if you want to defeat the Xiongnu, you will lose a lot of lives. Get a stirrup, a saddle and a telescope for Lao Zhao to keep him!”
“Oh, yes, his health is too bad. If he doesn't take care of himself, he won't live for a few years. That's not good. If Qin Shihuang dies too early, the loss of Qin is too great!”
Ji Han secretly calculates that he, who has learned a lot of intelligence information, begins to plan his next moves.
Originally, he wanted to go up the mountain to collect some herbs for Lao Zhao to recuperate himself!
But seriously think about it, it's too slow. It's not in line with his immortal master's force.
“System, is there a pill that can let people wash tendons and marrow, detoxify and prolong life?”Ji Han casually inquires, the system mall in his mind automatically searches, and several kinds of pills pop up.
[Tongmai pill] – a martial Saint product, which can wash tendons and marrow, open up the meridians of the whole body. It needs 60000 correction value to exchange!
[Tuotai pill] – a treasure of martial arts, it can transform people into a new body. It needs 30000 correction value to exchange!
[detoxification pill] – it's a treasure of every level. It can make people detoxify and healthy again. It needs 1000 correction value to exchange!
Introduction of pills one after another!
The only thing that works is the detoxification pill.
Although Ji Han wants to give Lao Zhao a big gift, he is so shy that he has only 6000 correction value and can't afford to buy anything else.
“Well, the detoxification pill is the detoxification pill. It can be used even if you make do with it. Anyway, Lao Zhao's condition is not too serious. A detoxification pill can make him discharge toxins and recover his health!”
Ji Han decisively clapped the board and spent 1000 correction values to exchange this pill!
Then he downloaded and printed a design of stirrup, saddle and horse's paw, and ordered 100 military telescopes on the Internet to complete his plan!
These are the big gifts he wants to give to Lao Zhao!
With their help, sweeping the Huns was as easy as rolling a mat.
After all this, Ji Han began to work on his farm, weeding, fertilizing, and then preparing to build a strawberry shed.
In the morning and in the afternoon, a wave of guests came respectively!
One of them is a self driving tour. Yibo is a dinner party for several friends. They are all introduced by old guests.
Ji Han doesn't want to make much money when he runs this small farm. He just likes the fun of farming with birds singing and flowers fragrance. He is more happy when there are guests coming!
So every time the guests come, Ji Han is a warm hospitality!
These two groups of guests, naturally, are also happy to return.*
025 Ten thousand taels of gold, Ying Zheng's big hand![5 / 5, for reward]
After a busy day
Night came slowly again.
This time Ji Hanxue was clever. He observed it secretly and found that there were some strange changes around.
“It's so foggy. It seems that there are so many fogs these nights!”
“Sure enough, the time and space will change after the fog appears!”
“Why?There is a light gate. They must have come from it
After simple observation and analysis, Ji Han quickly affirmed his judgment.
After a simple walk around the fog, Ji Han finds that his farm has been surrounded by fog, and he can't get out of here anyway.
At the same time, he can't get close to this light door!
That is to say, no one can get in or out of the farm now, but Lao Wang and Lao Zhao can walk here through guangmen.
The secret here will not be known by anyone.
“It's a good setting. I like it!”
After Ji Han is dumbfounded, he doesn't think about it any more. He goes into the kitchen to prepare a big meal. Lao Wang and Lao Zhao are greedy ghosts. They must be eating and drinking again.
But time is pressing. Ji Han doesn't have time to do anything delicious, so we just have the whole Yuanyang hot pot. It's convenient and delicious!
Seven days have passed in the palace of the Qin Emperor!
When the palace was once again shrouded in fog, the three men, King Ying Zheng and Ben Fusu, naturally felt a burst of ecstasy and expectation.
These days, they are really not human.
Having tasted Ji Han's delicious food, they are now eating any delicacies that are as delicious as Jue wax. Daqin doesn't even have fried dishes, which is really hard for them to swallow.
At the same time, the Yuxi cigarette has been exhausted!
They are just becoming smokers.
Especially when Ying Zheng corrects official documents, he likes to have a couple of people, but just like this thing, he breaks up. How can he not feel uncomfortable?
“Wang Qing, you have to bring back more cigarettes this time. I have a great reward.”Ying Zheng tried his best to bewitch Wang Ben.
“Your majestyWang Ben said with a sad face: “I dare not. If I take it again, I'm afraid the immortal master will let the dog bite.”
Ying Zheng is speechless!
Think is also, Wang Ben this shameless again Shun thing, season cold must take a knife to chop him.
“Father, we can buy it!”Fu Su said with a smile: “last time we played mahjong, we lost a lot of money to the immortal master. We should just take a lot of gold in the past. Surely the immortal master will not be stingy!”
“Fu Su's words are reasonable!”
“Ha ha ha, go to the warehouse to move ten thousand taels of gold. Let's go to see the immortal master immediately!”
With a wave of Ying Zheng's hand, he decided to let people move a lot of gold!
Most of the coins in this era were copper coins, called Qin banliang. Of course, there were silver coins and gold coins.
One Jin and sixteen Liang in Qin Dynasty!
Ten thousand taels of gold is equivalent to 625 Jin of later generations!
All the gold was cast into the shape of small gold bricks. One of them weighed about six or seven Jin, and there were more than 100 pieces, all in a big treasure chest.
This weight, Wang Ben easy to lift!
Three people familiar with the light door, once again in the cold season outside the small farm.
“Are you there, sir?”
“What's for tonight?”
Wang Ben, who had been familiar with each other since he came here, opened the door with a smile and came in, as if he had come back to his own home.
Ji Han went out of the kitchen depressed, glared at him and said: “Lao Wang, do you dare to come?Aren't you afraid I'll break your leg? ”
“Not afraid, not afraid!”Wang Ben said with an indifferent face: “Sir, we have brought a big gift.”
“Big gift?”
Ji Han's face is full of curiosity. He nods to Ying Zheng Fu Su and looks at the box opened by Wang Ben. A piece of gold suddenly blinds his dog's eyes.
“Crouching trough, gold?”
Season cold shock scalp numbness, so much gold?He has never seen this woodlouse country man.
“Sir!”Fu Su arched his hand in shame and said, “I owed a lot of silver last time. This time, I brought some gold here. I hope you don't dislike it.”
“This, this doesn't have to be so much?”
Ji Han smacks his tongue secretly. These guys are worthy of being big dog owners. There is so much gold in one hand. It's at least several hundred jin, isn't it?
that 's ok!This time the stone hammer is broken!
They must be big men of history. Otherwise, who can afford so much gold?
Estimated by the current price of gold, a kilogram of gold is three or four hundred thousand!
One thousand grams is thirty or forty million. The gold here is worth at least hundreds of millions.
Ji Han's liver is pounding and his saliva almost comes out.
But then he thought, it's not right. Hundreds of millions of dollars is a ball?
I can't be so hopeless. I'm a systematic man.
Let's not say that the value of his help to Daqin is immeasurable. Will he pay attention to hundreds of millions of wealth just by his small farm?
In the future, he will certainly hang up many large-scale plutocrats, who are as rich as his country!
So what are billions of dollars?Now any real estate boss has assets of over 100 million, and this gold is enough to buy a small courtyard in Yanjing.
“Calm down, calm down!”Ji Han quickly calmed down in his heart, and said genially on his face: “Oh, come here, what are you doing with your things?Ha ha ha, go for a walk, sit inside, and throw the box into the corner! ”
Wang Ben nodded and agreed to put the box in the corner!
“Sir!”With a smile, Ying Zheng said awkwardly, “do you still have Lingyan?It's hard not to smoke for a few days! ”
“Fart smoking, no grade, cigar smoking!””Xiao Hei, get out and take out my cigar!” Ji Han howled
People have sent hundreds of Jin of gold, so Ji Han can't be stingy!
In the past, his classmates went abroad and brought him a few boxes of cigars. He was not willing to smoke. This time, he became a billionaire, so he had to celebrate.
After a while, they each had a black and thick thing in their hands. Looking at the Big Mac cigarettes, Ying Zheng and his wife were stunned!
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026 Hot pot and movable type printing, the latest situation of Daqin![1 / 5, for flowers]
“Smoke, don't mention it. This is a foreigner's cigarette!”
“Cut the end of the cigar and light it up. It's domineering, enjoyable and lasting!”
“A real man has to smoke a cigar!”
“But don't suck it into your lungs. It's so powerful!”
Ji Han explained happily, and soon everyone learned.
There's no difference between cigars and cigarettes. It's just an exaggeration.
Ying Zheng loves it very much!
“Choi, it's wonderful!”Ying Zheng said with a laugh: “although cigarettes are refreshing, they are too gentle and do not conform to my imperial way.”
“This cigar is very good. It's very aggressive. I like it!”
“Well, the smoke is also big. It's quite strong!”
Ying Zheng likes it more and more. He can't put it down!
Even Wang Ben Fu Su was very fond of it!
Men, they have to have a hobby.
Although we are separated by thousands of years of history and culture, but this personality of men is common, so soon we all become friends!
At the same time, Ying Zheng and others also feel the change of Ji Han. After knowing their identity, Ji Han gets along with them much better, at least without the previous embarrassment.
“Come on, eat at some point!”Ji Han said, “let's have hot pot tonight.”
“Hot pot?What is it? “Ying Zheng's eyes are bright.
Ji Han is too lazy to explain, so he brings out his little copper pot directly!
This is not a hot pot with induction cooker, but a pure copper hot pot specially burning charcoal fire. It has stronger thermal conductivity and tastes better. It is especially suitable for instant boiled mutton.
The copper pot swung on the table!
A few dishes of dipping materials, plus a lot of meat, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and other dishes, a hot pot just started.
“Why?How to eat it?But it's very interesting. It's like scalding the meat! ”
“It's a simple way to eat. I don't know how it tastes.”
“Father and emperor, the design of this copper stove is ingenious. Charcoal fire can be placed at the bottom of the stove, and then raw meat can be rinsed and eaten. After returning to the palace, craftsmen can imitate it!”
The more they see, the more happy they are. At this time, the fragrance has come out. Needless to say, it must be delicious. After all, it is produced by Ji Han.
In the past season cold food, we can only sigh!
After returning to Daqin, you can't imitate!
Now this hotpot is simple. If you go back and ask the craftsmen to make some stoves, you can taste delicious food anytime and anywhere?
Think of here, Ying Zheng three immediately in a good mood!
“Eat, what do you think?”Ji Han can't laugh or cry: “you can rinse what you want to eat and take what you want to drink!”
With that, he took the lead to start!
The soup made of big bones is rinsed with tender mutton as thin as cicada wings. After a few seconds, it is dipped with dipping material. That's a fragrance!
Ying Zheng and others try to eat a few mouthfuls just like him. Suddenly, their eyes brighten and they eat crazily!
“Choi, the meat is delicious!”
“Father, you should eat more vegetables and less meat, sir said. The mutton is still my son's son's son's son's son's son's son, come on!”
“Fart, don't rob my mutton!”
The more you eat, the more hi you are. One mouthful of food and one mouthful of wine. It's really not too cool!
“Seven days!”Wang Ben sighed bitterly: “since last time, I haven't eaten anything good for seven days. It's not easy. Thank you for your hospitality.”
“Seven days?”
Ji Han's eyes were fixed, and immediately detected the information in the words.
Wang Ben said they had been back for seven days, right?
But only one day has passed!
That is to say, the time velocity here is different from that of Daqin. It's about one to seven, right?
“Not bad!”
Ji Han's eyes flashed. In order to get information, he began to chat with them.
Ying Zheng and Fu Su naturally knew everything and said everything. With Wang Ben's big mouth on one side, Ji Han soon sorted out the whole situation.
First of all, after Ying Zheng killed Zhao Gao and Xu Fu and killed many warlocks, he really caused a lot of turbulence in Daqin. Secretly, he was attacked by many people, saying that he was cruel and ruthless.
However, with the implementation of the three strategies of immortal master, many people benefited from it, and these voices gradually weakened.
Now Daqin is actively preparing for war, ready to fight Xiongnu at any time!
Potatoes are also in the trial, more than 10000 Jin of potatoes were sown in 300 mu of fertile land, there is a special army guard, hundreds of farmers around the clock!
In another two or three months, the potatoes will be ripe!
At that time, the morale of the army and the people will be stable. Ying Zheng will be able to attack the Huns and drive them out of Hetao easily!
“In recent days, he will be a craftsman of the government, and he has built waterwheel. His father has ordered large-scale construction of the state government to benefit hundreds of millions of Qin people.”
“With the benefit of the waterwheel, this year will be another bumper harvest year, and the people will be able to recuperate.”
“As for papermaking, it's a bit difficult. The craftsmen have tried many times but failed. Please teach me!”
Fusu got up and asked respectfully for advice!
At this time, Ji Han already knew their true identity, so he would not feel strange, and would not hide them.
He also plans to change Daqin to gain more benefits!
So Ji Han recalled the rules of papermaking on the Internet and said, “the secret of papermaking is to beat the bark, flax and other plants out of pulp, and the cooking time should be long enough!”
Ji Han Kaikai talks about it and points out several shortcomings of Fusu in a row!
This paper is similar to making tofu skin. After beating, there is a layer of fiber in the pulp water, and the bamboo mat can be picked up from the water to make a layer of thin paper!
The trick is the concentration of the slurry!
Ji Han's explanation is very clear. The more Fu Su listens, the more excited he is.
I believe that as long as I go back and do more experiments, he will be able to make paper.
“Thank you for your advice, sir!”Fu Su said excitedly: “with this sacred object of literature and Taoism, the literary world of the Qin Dynasty will surely be prosperous.”
“That's not true. Movable type printing is not on the stage yet.”Ji Han disdains of pie pie pie mouth, Fu Su immediately stares big eyes.
“What is typography, sir?”*
027 Does Daqin need reform?Ying Zheng is furious![2 / 5, for flowers]
Fusu's thirst for knowledge is quite strong.
He knew that Ji Han was unfathomable, and he knew that once he dug out all kinds of shocking techniques from here, he could make Daqin less detours and keep growing bigger and stronger.
So when he heard about the new term of movable type printing, he became interested. His eyes were fixed on Ji Han like a hungry wolf.
“Movable type printing is actually a kind of printing. When you develop papermaking, you will find that it is too troublesome to transcribe some poetry classics by hand!”
“As long as the font is carved on the board, the fixed font can be easily printed on the paper, so as to mass produce a book!”
Ji Han takes out a book while explaining!
Although Fu Su didn't understand the words in this book, he was so precious that he almost burst into tears holding the book.
“Treasure, it's really treasure!”
“Such a light paper bound into a book, less than two liang of weight, but can write hundreds of thousands of words, this, this is really a treasure!”
Fusu trembled with excitement, and he saw the value of the book at once.
“Yes, indeed!”
Ying Zheng and Wang Ben nodded!
With this, who will use bamboo slips in the future?
At the thought of thousands of Jin bamboo slips, which can be reduced to the weight of a book, the advantages of which are clear to all fools.
“Engraving printing is to carve a large number of characters on a board, brush a layer of ink when using, and then print once. The advantage is simple and convenient, but the disadvantage is relatively rigid, so it can only print some things in a fixed way!”
“Movable type printing is to carve out one font by one. Once you want to use it, you will continue to splice the words together, and then brush the ink to print!”
“This kind of printing is not very difficult, the advantage is high degree of freedom, can be combined printing at any time!”
Ji Han said, while using the turnip on the table as a metaphor!
Fusu and others were also quite clever, and soon understood.
“Cai, this is a technical Cai!”Ying Zheng laughs.
“You are so happy. Do you know what the most important function of this thing is?”Ji Han didn't ask.
“Eh?”Ying Zheng asked awkwardly: “Sir, this thing can print books. It doesn't seem to be of great use.”
“Fart!”Ji Han's eyes glared: “it's a magic weapon that controls all the schools of thought and cultivates talents for the Qin Dynasty. It won't appear until more than a thousand years later.”
“If I could not bear to see the decline of the Qin Dynasty and the oppression of my Kyushu descendants, would I have given this thing to you?”
Ying Zheng took a cold breath, and they were all numb.
Controlling all schools of thought?Cultivating talents for Daqin?
Something that's more than a thousand years away?
The immortal master is the immortal master. He is so extraordinary.
It seems to be simple, but it contains heaven and earth. The immortal master gave it to Daqin more than a thousand years later. It's a great grace.
“Thank you very much, sir. We are very grateful.”
Ying Zheng got up and saluted respectfully.
Ji Han accepted it calmly, and then continued: “the great Qin Dynasty has always been famous for its powerful force, its literary and moral education has not been very prosperous, and its talents have been extremely withered. Therefore, it is scorned as manqin and violent Qin.”
“Today, the world is unified, but this situation has not changed. The great Qin Dynasty attaches importance to Legalism and despises other theories, which leads to the refusal of all schools of thought to return to their hearts, and even secretly communicates with the remaining evils of the six countries!”
“In the final analysis, the educational model of the Qin Dynasty is too backward. Most people have no chance to learn cultural knowledge. Most scholars come from various schools and are firmly controlled by them.”
“This kind of talent lifeline must not be controlled by outsiders. Daqin must seize it back, so the cultivation of talents is the most important thing!”
When Ji Han talks about it, Ying Zheng nods to support su.
These words are in their heart.
“Suppose that after you developed papermaking and two printing technologies, you printed many enlightenment texts on a large scale, enlightening countless children in Kyushu, and cultivating them to be loyal and patriotic when they were young!”
“Well, when these people grow up continuously, Daqin will have hundreds of millions of talents. How can they be controlled by a hundred schools of thought?”
Ji Han continued, and Ying Zheng became more excited as he listened.
“Choi, Choi!”Ying Zheng clapped his thigh excitedly and said, “Sir, this remark is really enlightening to me.”
“That's where it is!”Ji Han lost his smile.
If you don't know that you're going to get too far, Ji Han will have to integrate all kinds of modern things.
With his help, Daqin will surely develop rapidly!
Of course, they have to adapt to this development.
So Ji Han mostly gave them new things that they could accept and adapt to. He even gave them a train of thought and then asked Fusu to go back to study them.
Don't underestimate the wisdom of the ancients. They are even smarter than modern people.
As long as they broaden their horizons, their development will certainly surprise Ji Han.
“Come on, keep eating!”Ji Han greets him casually.
But after struggling for a while, Fu Su said, “Sir, I don't know what to say when I ask.”
“Oh?What's the problem? “Ji Han was surprised.
“Do you think we need to change in the future?”Fu Su clenched his teeth and said, “did Da Qin continue to adhere to the legalist idea, or did he follow the Confucian way?”
As soon as these words came out, the faces of Wang Ben and Ying Zheng became very ugly!
In particular, Ying Zheng was so angry that he smashed the chopsticks on the table with a slap, which scared Fu Su.
“Father and Emperor forgive me, son and minister have doubts, dare to ask, please help me out!”Fusu shouts with a stiff head.
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028 Reprimand Fu Su, enslave hundred schools of thought![3 / 5, for flowers]
“Son of a bitch, you are so bold. Can you ask such a question?”
“I'm not dead yet. How can Daqin allow you to be so presumptuous?”
The more Ying Zheng said, the more angry he was. He growled and wanted to smoke Fu Su!
Wang Ben was not surprised to see this, because this was the normal way for them to get along with each other.
Why did Ying Zheng not like supporting the Soviet Union before?It's because the idea doesn't fit.
Daqin was strengthened through political reform. The idea of legalism is the foundation of Daqin, and Ying Zheng is the loyal supporter of legalism.
But Fu Su was gentle in nature, but he liked the Confucian way of being a gentleman and loving the people.
This makes Ying Zheng extremely dissatisfied. The father and son often quarrel because of this, so Fusu in the past will not be welcomed.
How can Ying Zheng not be angry now that Fu Su dares to talk face to face about the reform of the Qin Dynasty?
“You yellow mouthed child, how can you change the ancestral system of the Qin Dynasty?”
“What to change?Is it true to change the way of believing in Confucianism
“Stupid, stupid!”
Ying Zheng scolded angrily, with an angry look.
Fusu didn't dare to talk back, so he could only kneel on the ground stubbornly. He was quite unconvinced in his heart.
Ji Han shook his head and said, “get up and sit down!”
Fu Su sighed with relief.
Ying Zheng hummed coldly and didn't get angry again.
Since Ji Han has already opened his mouth, we don't want to lose face. After all, this is his territory.
“Fusu!”Ji Han, while washing mutton, asked with a smile, “do you want to be an emperor or a minister?”
Fusu shivered all over, and he couldn't believe it. He looked at Ji Han and didn't say anything.
He really didn't dare to answer such questions. Since ancient times, he has been a ruthless monarch. If he is too ambitious, be careful Ying Zheng will deal with him.
“Don't be afraid. Do you know why you quarrel?”Ji Han did not care: “because your father always wanted to cultivate you into a qualified emperor, but you always wanted to be a minister.”
“No, it's not!”Fusu anxiously explained: “my dream all along is to be an emperor who benefits the Qin dynasty like my father.”
“Ha ha!”Ji Han sneered: “if so, why do you ask such a naive question?If you are an emperor, you should rule all directions and turn all kinds of theories into your own use! ”
“It's true that the great Qin Dynasty is based on Legalism and has been growing stronger and stronger. But today, Legalism alone is not enough.”
“Your father is aware of this, so he has actively introduced other schools of thought into the court over the years, constantly testing them.”
“And you?You've been brainwashed by Confucianism, and you've been thinking about how to show benevolence. That's what makes your father angry! ”
“If you only want to be a minister, then that's right. You can be a Confucian inheritor, and you can be full of benevolence, righteousness and morality!”
“But if you want to be an emperor, you can't just talk about benevolence, righteousness and morality, understand?”
“You have to be overbearing and kingly. You have to learn to control other doctrines, not submit to Confucianism and let others control you.”
Ji Han's words, shocked Fusu's face was shocked!
Wang Ben of Ying Zheng, who was also shocked, was stunned. No one thought that he should be so sharp as to completely open up the fundamental contradiction between the father and the son.
“Those who know me, sir!”
Ying Zheng's sallow smile made him feel relieved.
The world thinks that he is arrogant and ignorant. He only knows how to live by the Legalism, but he has not seen the voices of hundreds of schools in the hall of the Qin Dynasty.
Over the years, he has been trying to absorb the essence of all parties, but the effect has not been great.
But it doesn't mean that his way is wrong?
Ying Zheng knew that any theory was just a tool. The emperor should learn to use these tools instead of being controlled by them.
Fusu was a young man. After being influenced by Confucianism, he immediately became a treasure. Opening his mouth and closing his mouth was benevolence, righteousness and morality, and his thought had been deeply decayed.
Once this kind of person becomes an emperor, the disadvantages are very obvious, and he will be easily controlled by a great Confucian.
Ying Zheng is to see this point, so he is very disgusted with his style!
“But Sir, isn't Confucianism good?”Fu Su's unconvinced refutation: “is it wrong for sages to say benevolence, righteousness and love the people?”
“Sage is right, you are wrong!”Ji Han scolded: “no theory can be perfect, nor can the chaotic world be managed well!”
“Can you govern the murderers with benevolence and righteousness?Can we use love to increase grain production?Can we use benevolence and righteousness to stop floods? ”
“A theory is a tool. Every hundred schools have their own advantages and disadvantages. They must not simply accept and choose the essence of their dregs and use them freely. That is the way of the emperor so that they can seek happiness for all the people of the world. Do you understand?”
Ji Han's reprimand makes Fusu silent for a long time!
He was shocked to accept the impact of these knowledge, his mind was in a muddle, as if his three outlooks were about to explode.
“When dealing with the poor people, a monarch should be as kind and righteous as a father. Therefore, he should use the Confucian way to govern and love the people.”
“When dealing with criminals, we should use thunder to frighten them, especially legalism.”
“Treat agriculture as a farmer!”
“The way of diplomacy should be a strategist!”
“The way of the battlefield, be a strategist!”
“Engineering construction, weapons research and development, use Mohism!”
“Treat the sick and save the people, be a doctor!”
“These are tools. For emperors, remember to make good use of them, not be controlled by them!”
“When all the schools of thought are used by Daqin, Daqin can really last for thousands of years!”
Ji Han's eloquent and domineering words shocked everyone again!
Ying Zheng's eyes are more and more bright, because Ji Han says what he thinks.
Fusu was struck by lightning, his obsession with Confucianism began to dissipate slowly, and a new idea began to emerge quietly!
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029 Golden elixir and cavalry three piece set, gift![4 / 5, for flowers]
“The lesson, sir, is that Fu Su realized it!”
“My father is right. I should be right in the past.”
After a long time, Fusu firmly raised his head!
He solemnly saluted Ji Han and Ying Zheng.
Face has long been no stubborn past, as if glowing like a new life.
Ji Hanying's political views made him laugh happily.
At this time, Fusu was what a qualified successor of the Qin Dynasty should look like, rather than being a pawn of Confucianism as before.
“My son, I'm very relieved.”Ying Zheng laughs: “thank you, sir, otherwise this idiot may not know where he is wrong until he dies!”
“Thank you. Have you had enough to eat and drink?”
“When I'm full, I'll play mahjong. I'll have to kill all sides.”
“I can't accept your gold in vain. Just take it as your gambling capital.”
Ji Hanxing rushed to pull the three, once again to start rubbing hemp!
Ying Zheng's three people are also addicted to mahjong. They all win and lose each other. They are very happy to play.
Of course, Ji Han is still winning more and losing less. He easily kills them.
After playing for more than ten laps in a row, Ying Zheng yawned again as usual. This guy's health is too bad to stay up all night.
“Come on, come on, let's call it a day.”Ji Han helpless stop, he is afraid to fight down, this goods must die suddenly.
“Excuse me, sir. I really can't do it. I'll accompany you to the end next time!”Ying Zheng laughs awkwardly, quite helpless that a man can't do it.
Time does not spare!
Middle aged people have no choice but to soak medlar in a thermos cup!
Once you are old, you can't refuse to be old!
“Don't panic!”Ji Han said with a dumb smile: “before you leave, take a few things back, and make sure you don't worry about it. It's also a big gift I give you!”
“Big gift?”Ying Zheng was surprised.
“YesJi Han took out a jade box and tried his best to cheat: “three big gifts. The first one is the elixir. I said I would go to the mountain to help you find herbs to recuperate your body.”
“But I'm too busy to have time recently. I'll just give you a magic pill. It's called jiuzhuan marrow washing golden pill. It's enough to let you expel toxins from your whole body, even let you recover and prolong your life for a hundred years!”
With that, Ji Han opened the jade box!
There was a golden pill with faint fluorescence and fragrance!
Ying Zheng three people immediately pour to take a cold breath, all shocked scalp numb!
Is there any elixir in the world?
It can't be wrong. It's a magic pill. It's more than ten thousand times better than those magicians.
This kind of medicine is fragrant and comfortable after a sip.
If you swallow it, you can't take off?
All the time, in fact, we all have a little doubt about the identity of Ji Hanxian.
After all, he didn't show the immortal's means of escaping.
But now we dare not doubt it!
He is a real immortal.
Otherwise, how can you take out such a precious thing?
Ying Zheng's whole body trembled with excitement. He took the golden elixir and said, “thank you, sir. I don't think I can repay you. If you have any drive from me, I have no choice!”
This is the most sincere guarantee of Ying Zheng, and it is also his intention!
Because he knows that this golden elixir is very valuable. Even if he is rich, he can't buy it. If Ji Han can give this golden elixir to him, he must repay his kindness.
“No, it's nothing to me!”Ji Han continued with a smile: “the second and third rites are for you to fight against the Huns. Although the Qin army is strong, you need to pay a high price if you want to defeat the Huns!”
“This three piece set of stirrups, saddles and horseshoes can help the Qin cavalry increase their combat effectiveness several times and defeat the enemy easily!”
“And this telescope is also called a thousand mile mirror. It can let people find the enemy ten miles away. It's a great artifact to fight against the Huns!”
As Ji Han said, he took out the drawing of the saddle stirrup.
At the same time, a big box beside the wall was opened to reveal a box of brand-new military telescopes.
These telescopes are all ordered by him on the Internet and specially sent by people. There are as many as 100 of them.
What he was looking for was a large manufacturer of military products, which also had stores in the city. When a phone call came, they immediately sent things to him.
With these things, maltreating Xiongnu is like maltreating vegetables.
“Three piece cavalry set?A telescope
Ying Zheng three people curiously took over this gift!
They are all smart people. They can see the mystery of these things at once.
The drawing of saddle and stirrup given by Ji Han is very simple. It is a picture of a cavalry riding on a horse. You can still see the figures of these two things.
After all, these two are not high-tech things.
But Wang Ben has seen the beauty of this thing!
It's the horse's paw that Ji Han tried his best to explain. Only then can they believe that horses can wear shoes.
“Choi, your majesty, wait and see!”Wang Ben said excitedly: “the cavalry have to clamp the horse's back with both legs. It's very demanding for equestrian skills, and it's hard to borrow strength. When fighting, they can only use one hand to wield a knife!”
“But the saddle and stirrup can help people to sit on the horse easily, and can also let people control the strings with both hands. The combat power is definitely extraordinary!”
“If you equip this thing with cavalry, you can kill the Huns easily with only 5000 horses!”
The more Wang Ben said, the more excited Ying Zheng was.
Fusu picked up a telescope and looked at it.
He looked at the distant mountain forest, and suddenly he was frightened.
“Father, look, this thing can really see far away!”
“Is it really so amazing?Let me have a look! ”
“Oh, my God, this, this is an artifact!”
“If this thing is equipped in the army, you can find the enemy ten miles away. The Huns have no escape.”
After Wang Ben personally tried it out, he was ecstatic again!
They can imagine that once these things are equipped in the army, it's really not easy to abuse the Huns. It's not difficult to beat the Huns.*
030 Amnesty, destiny![5 / 5, for flowers]
After eating and drinking enough
Ying Zheng three people are naturally happy to return with a full load!
Just after returning to the palace, Ying Zheng ordered on the spot: “hurry up!Send another 300 Jiashi to guard my bedroom. No one is allowed to come near! ”
“Dispatch?Why? ”
“Your Majesty, what are you doing?”
“Young master, what's the matter with your majesty?”
Several officials in the court began to exclaim.
But Ying Zheng was too lazy to talk to them, so he went back to his bedroom.
The palace was surrounded by layers.
No one can get near without Ying Zheng's order.
This solemn scene surprised many people secretly.
Only Fusu and Wang Ben knew that he was going to take the golden elixir.
This is the real gold elixir given by the immortal master. It's not a good thing that everyone can eat. It's strange that Ying Zheng is not excited.
More and more civil and military officials are coming!
Everyone was a little excited because they were afraid that something might happen to Ying Zheng.
“Young master, what's the matter?You have to give us an account, don't you? ”
“Yes, your majesty is a pillar of the Qin Dynasty. Nothing can happen.”
“Your Majesty is in a hurry. Is something wrong?”
All the officials were very anxious and wanted to rush into the hall several times to check the situation!
Fu Su stopped all the time, and finally had no choice but to say: “the immortal master gave me a gold elixir, which can prolong my father's life for a hundred years and restore his health. My father is taking it. Please don't disturb me.”
“Jindan?Another golden elixir?Could it be something made by those warlocks? ”
“Is this golden elixir poisonous?What if something should happen? ”
“Your Majesty is reckless. How can you swallow this golden elixir by testing it?”
All the officials are talking about it, and they are all in a hurry again!
In the palace, Ying Zheng opened the jade box solemnly after taking a bath and burning incense!
The fragrance of this golden elixir once again overflows and spreads. It makes people feel comfortable to take a sip. Ying Zheng looks at it as if he saw a peerless beauty.
“Detoxification molding, health recovery, life extension for a hundred years?”
“I don't know whether it's true or not?noIt must be true
“There's no need for immortal master to cheat me. He can do anything. If he throws something, it will be enough to make me change my life.”
“Maybe one day in the future, I can follow the immortal master to cultivate immortality and live forever!”
The more Ying Zheng thought about it, the happier he was, and he couldn't help drawing a smile from the corner of his mouth.
Although he is in the world, he is more concerned about his body and longevity. After all, what about power and power?
If you have a short life, it's all about making wedding clothes for others.
So looking at the golden elixir in his hand, Ying Zheng secretly decides to have a good relationship with Ji Han.
After pondering for a moment, he did not hesitate and swallowed the golden elixir decisively.
He doesn't worry that this gold elixir is poisonous. Ji Han will never harm him.
This kind of immortal doesn't need to poison to kill him.
Sure enough, after taking the pill, his body immediately felt warm, as if something was burning in his body.
After a while, his body began to heat.
It was as if there was a flame burning inside him.
The heat of terror kept burning every cell of him, and Ying Zheng couldn't help humming.
At the next moment, all kinds of painful expressions appeared on his face, and his whole body soon sweated.
A lot of black stench, from his pores out!
In spite of his pain, Ying Zheng was overjoyed.
This should be detoxification. Although it's a little uncomfortable, he doesn't care. Ying Zheng's endurance as an emperor is quite terrible.
Ordinary people already can not stand the pain, he is still patient!
With the continuous discharge of various toxins, Ying Zheng's feeling is getting better and better. He feels that his strength is slowly recovering, and his body seems to be at its peak.
Half an hour later, the medicine is over!
Ying Zheng's excited laughter came from the palace.
The officials outside the hall looked at each other, and no one knew what had happened.
When Ying Zheng appeared in front of us after bathing and dressing again, everyone present was shocked!
Ying Zheng's skin color has turned white, and his body has also lost a big circle!
At this time, he was no longer a big bellied look, on the contrary, he lost dozens of pounds, and had a healthy feeling of middle-aged people.
His eyes are sharp and domineering, even more imperialist!
He is full of strength in every move.
Anyone can see at a glance that Ying Zheng's health at this time is just too good, strong as a cow.
This is definitely the effect of the golden elixir.
“Zhuqing, the immortal master has given me a golden elixir to prolong my life for a hundred years and rebuild my healthy body!”Ying Zheng laughs and announces: “this is God's blessing on the Qin Dynasty. Pass on my imperial edict and grant amnesty to the whole world. Xianyang City congratulates for three days!”
“Congratulations to your majesty, congratulations to your majesty!”
“Congratulations to your majesty, congratulations to your majesty!”
In front of the palace gate, all the officials kneel down and shout excitedly!
Everyone in the room couldn't help but be overjoyed.
We no longer doubt the immortal master's means, and even secretly admire the power of the golden elixir.
At this time, the world has just been unified, and the remaining evils of the six countries are ready to move. If the news spreads that Ying Zheng has been extended a hundred years by the immortal, the world will be really stable.
Because it means that the Qin Dynasty is the destiny of existence!
Therefore, this wave of propaganda must be carried out and publicized.
“Fu Su, Wang Ben!”Ying Zheng continued to command: “the telescope taught by immortal master must be well kept, and the generals of general level must be skilled in this thing!”
“The development and production of the three piece cavalry set will begin immediately. I will equip all the cavalry in two months, and I will use the troops against the Huns as soon as possible!”
Fu Su and Wang Ben promised again and again!
With Ying Zheng's recovery, the terrible war machine of Daqin will become more ferocious and ready to show its fangs at any time.
On June 22, the 29th year of the first emperor's calendar, the immortal master granted the golden elixir, and the first emperor extended his life for a hundred years, reshaped his divine body, and pardoned the whole world!】
Today's Chapter 5, asking for a reward for flowers*
031 Ha ha, it will not be long before the Qin Dynasty's National Games![1 / 5, for flowers]
The imperial edicts were issued quickly.
The news that Ying Zheng had taken the golden elixir to prolong his life for a hundred years and granted amnesty to the whole world quickly spread to all parts of the Qin Dynasty, attracting people's exclamations and comments.
Many of the people who made small mistakes and suffered the punishment of Chengdan were released and went home. They knelt down and worshiped happily!
The hearts of the people in all parts of the Qin Dynasty were once again stable.
Many of the remaining evils of the six countries scoff at this and slander it in secret.
“What immortal master gave the golden elixir to prolong one hundred years of life? It's just ridiculous and stupid!”
“Tyrants dream of immortality every day. It's ridiculous, ridiculous!”
“Ying Zheng's life must be running out. He's starting to daydream!”
“Ha ha, it won't be long before Qin's fortune is destroyed.”
All kinds of rumors start to ferment in the dark!
However, this has not been able to resist the trend of amnesty all over the world, and has not caused much disturbance from the beginning to the end.
At this time, the study of Fusu also changed rapidly.
Under the guidance of Ji Han, the key technology of papermaking was rapidly broken through. After dozens of experiments, the craftsmen of Jiangfu finally developed a kind of paper with white and yellow color.
This kind of paper is not as white as Fusu had seen!
But the writing is quite smooth, and moderate degree of soft and hard, within a few days was all Xianyang civil servants vigorously sought after.
The literati of all schools of thought are in an uproar one after another!
Many people began to write letters asking Daqin to open up paper sales.
After tasting the benefits of the paper, they can't wait to try the fairy paper in the legend.
However, Ying Zheng knew that this paper was related to the control of various schools of thought, so he refused to sell it to the outside world.
In addition to rewarding the civil servants to use up a little, all the other papers were hoarded, and they ordered the government to set up three paper mills to start full production.
Then there is the horseshoe, stirrup and saddle!
The principle and technology of these three things are very simple. After describing them to the craftsmen with drawings, Fusu produced many samples on the same day.
“Choi, this idea is really wonderful. Why didn't we expect to use it to assist riding and shooting before?”
“This stirrup can let the foot borrow force, the saddle can make people stable on the bumpy horse back, and the comfort is good. It's really amazing!”
“And the horseshoe, it's a fairy idea. No one thought that the horseshoe could be nailed.”
“Yes, with this horseshoe, it means that the horse is wearing shoes, and the horseshoe is not afraid to step on any road.”
“These three things will certainly enhance the fighting power of my cavalry. Great!”
The craftsmen of Jiangzuo mansion are full of praise for this!
When Fu Su was overjoyed, he immediately ordered: “this is an important weapon of the country. No one is allowed to divulge it. He will send another 1000 Jiashi outside the mansion to defend against the enemy stealing secrets!Please send some cavalry to try the power of these three treasures. ”
Everyone agreed excitedly!
In a short time, it will be surrounded by the army.
Wang Ben, Li Xin, Tu Sui and other generals of the Qin Dynasty who got the news all came here in high spirits.
On the school field of Nuo University, there are two more groups of cavalry!
These two groups of cavalry are three with stirrups, saddles and horseshoes on one side, and 10 with nothing on the other.
“Three to ten?Isn't that a big gap? ”
“Young master, is your three piece cavalry suit really so powerful?”
Li Xin and Tu Sui didn't quite believe it. Although they saw that it was useful, they didn't try it. No one knew what was going on.
“Come on!”Wang Ben complacently ordered: “the school field is full of small stones, simulating the real battlefield situation!”
After a while, the school field is full of small stones!
The cavalry's face became rather ugly with a brush.
What the cavalry fear most in battle is not the number of the enemy, but the road with small stones. If the horse steps on it, its hooves will have to be scrapped.
Wang Ben waved his hand!
Two groups of cavalry immediately roared to fight.
They all rushed to each other with wooden knives and skillfully collided, chopped, and fought against each other in pairs in this school field.
This is an asymmetric battle!
However, what surprised Li Xin and others was that the little one did not fall behind.
I saw that they easily rode on the horses, and each time they put out their swords, they could go all out, and one person could easily withstand the impact of more than three enemies.
And you can see it!
There seems to be a piece of iron fixed on the sole of these horses' feet. Any small stone under their feet, the horses do not need to avoid, they can step into pieces with one foot.
“Cai, hahaha, this three piece cavalry set is strong enough!”
“This stirrup saddle can help people. If it is combined with a long handled machete, it will be more ferocious!”
“The horseshoe is also very wonderful. It's like putting shoes on the horse. Our cavalry and horses won't be afraid of damage in the future.”
Li Xin Tu Sui's excited cry!
They naturally see the mystery.
Once the three piece cavalry is equipped to the whole army, the combat power of the Qin cavalry will soar, and even the damage of the horses will be greatly reduced.
Especially in the normal training, the horses will be better protected, and many retired horses because of the wear and tear of their hooves can also benefit from it.
For Daqin, this is absolutely a first-class artifact.
“Young master, how many cavalry three piece sets have you madeLi Xin had the cheek to smile and said, “give me 3000 sets to try!”
“Fart, you deserve it?”Tu Sui growled angrily: “of course, this artifact is the priority to equip my cavalry. What does it have to do with you?”
“Shut up, both of you!”Wang Ben howled: “this physics is the first to equip our army!”
“Dream, what's the matter with you?”
“Come on, if you want to rob this treasure, you should win the sword in the hand of the Marquis first!”
“I'm afraid you can't?”
Wang Ben and Li Xin quarreled excitedly.
Fusu watched the opera in tears and laughter, but his eyes were more and more bright.
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032 How to deal with gold bars?[2 / 5, for flowers]
“Ding!Congratulations on getting 3000 correction points
“Congratulations on your whole body attribute + 3!”
Early the next morning
The prompt sound of the system awakens Ji Han from his sleep on time.
Now he has made it clear that every night when Ying Zheng and his family go back, they will certainly have a lot of influence on Daqin. The greater the influence, the more his correction value will be the next day.
So there's nothing unusual about this system prompt.
“I have to go out today. Wang Ben is so cheeky. He eats and takes some of my Yuxi and two boxes of cigars. I have no stock at home. I have to go out and get some!”
“Oh, yes, this gold is also a trouble. You can't sell it in a big way, or you will be targeted and have to find a way to dispose of it.”
“I have to change my car. I need to change my little van. I need to change a big pickup truck. That's great!”
“The strawberry shed has to be built, and the weeding and fertilizing of fruit trees have to ask for help. Let's do it together today.”
Ji Han quickly plans all kinds of things for himself. After eating breakfast, he immediately calls village head Wang tiegen.
This is Ji Han's uncle in his family. He is also highly respected in the village.
It's right to ask him for help!
“Uncle fogan, it's me. I need people to work on my farm. Can I find 20 or 30 people for three hundred and one days?”
“It's OK. Anyone can do it. You can bring someone over later.”
Ji Hanhao's angry words immediately made Ji Fugen on the other end of the phone smile.
The price is sky high in the countryside. Generally, it's only for big workers working on the construction site in the city. Ordinary people can give up to one or two hundred and one days to help at home in their leisure time.
Ji Han is not short of money now. Hundreds of Jin of gold are here!
In addition, he wants to make his own small farm better, so it doesn't matter if the villagers pay a higher price.
So more than ten minutes later!
Half a century old Ji Fugen came with a large number of people.
It's said that many people in the village can't sit down for the three hundred and one day's wages, and more than thirty men, women, old and young come at once.
It doesn't matter if it's cold. Leave it all on the spot.
“Han Wazi, you are not joking, are you?Three hundred and one days? ”
“Yes, you want all of us?”
“You've made a lot of money quietly, haven't you?”
The villagers joked with doubts on their faces.
Ji Han waved his hand and said, “don't look down on me, uncles. Although my hundreds of acres of farm is not big, it's easy to earn millions every year.”
Let's take a breath.
Everyone can't help but envy and hate.
“Fierce, Han Wazi, you are too good!”
“Yes, you are the most promising in our village!”
“Have a look, have a look, I'll say that Ji Han has culture and ability, it can't be bad!”
“You always say that Ji Han is incompetent. In fact, they are engaged in pure ecological agriculture, and many city people come to spend every day!”
“Ji Han, if you have any good things in the future, you have to think about everyone.”
The villagers exclaimed and fawned, and their contempt for Ji Han was quickly swept away.
Of course, all this is what Ji Han wants to see. In fact, his farm doesn't make much money. Most of the time, he has no money to buy fertilizer.
But now it's different!
He'll have a lot of money in the future!
In order to reasonably explain the source of the money, he deliberately boasted about showing off his wealth, which was more convenient for him to do things.
“Don't worry, uncles!”Ji Han said with a smile: “our farm work is not hard. I can give you 151 days to find outsiders at most, but we are from our own family. If any of you want to help us, we will give you 301 days to pack lunch. We will never let you suffer.”
“Well, that's great. Han Wazi is affectionate and righteous. That's good!”
“It's much easier to work at home in the future!”
“I said, Ji Han is promising!”
Big guy immediately happy smile up!
You can work in the village, 300 a day, 9000 a month, and this is a long-term life!
It's much better than going to the city!
“Ji Fugen!”Ji Han said directly, “I'll transfer 50000 to you later. You ask people to buy fertilizer and herbicide. The potatoes and corn in this vegetable field should be fattened.”
“And the apples and pears in the mountain need to be pruned. You are all experts. I don't need to teach you!”
“Oh, yes, build me a few more strawberry sheds. You can buy the materials!”
“Don't worry. I can trust you. You can arrange the work for everyone. You don't have to do it. I'll give you five hundred and one days!”
Ji Han's words immediately made Ji Fugen happy and envied by the villagers!
However, there must be a leader for so many people. Ji Fugen is not only the village head, but also highly respected. He is also a good hand at dilihuo. He is convinced to arrange it.
“Han Wazi, don't worry!”Ji Fugen patted his heart and promised, “I promise you that I will handle the affairs in the villa.”
“Hey, everybody's working!”
“You shovel grass and you retch. Don't be lazy!”
Under the arrangement of Ji Fugen, dozens of villagers began to get busy. They scattered in these hundreds of mu of mountain forest, which added a bit of farm atmosphere here.
After Ji Han nodded with satisfaction, he told Ji Fugen that there would be City guests to help him. Then he packed all the gold bars into a suitcase, threw them into a broken van and drove to the city.
It's too hot to keep these gold bars in hand. We have to sell them all!
How to sell specifically, Ji Han thought of a way.
It's no good looking for the bank or the official. There's no way to explain the origin of these gold bars. He'll get into big trouble!
Then the only way is to find people on the road!
Only they can swallow such a large sum of goods*
033 This boy is probably a bandit![3 / 5, for flowers]
Find the big guy on the road to make a deal, this is Ji Han did not dare to think of before!
He is an ordinary people, even the Bureau has not entered, where dare to provoke these people.
But now he has to!
Because he is short of money, very, very short of money!
Of course, in order to prevent others from eating black, Ji Han is well prepared.
He directly in the system mall, spent a thousand correction value to exchange a master fighting skill.
As for which big man to sell the gold, Ji Han also made a decision.
Although he doesn't know what kind of gangsters there are in this city, it's right to go to a pawnbroker. What's more, he should go to a large pawnbroker.
These pawnbrokers are similar to the pawnbrokers in ancient times. They often collect cars and houses, and release millions of them at any time. They are not short of money and dare to collect everything!
And behind the large pawnshop, there must be a Mafia background!
Ji Han casually checked with the computer, with his expert hacker technology, he found the details of the big boss behind several pawnbrokers.
One of them, Mingtong pawn shop, is very in line with his mind.
Ji Han drove his shabby van to the city, and finally found the pawnbroker on the riverside street.
There are only two suit men chatting in the shop. There are several luxury cars in the shop. It seems that the strength is quite good!
After entering the store, Ji Han also left to the second floor, there are two little gangsters with tattoos playing with mobile phones!
“Ha ha, it's really a bit of a doorman.”
“Boss, I want to be something.”
Ji Han walks in carelessly, and doesn't care about exposing his identity at all.
He's not interested in anything like wearing a cap.
He threw a gold bar wrapped in a newspaper on the desk.
“When what?”
Xu Mingfeng, the person in charge of the agency, unconcerned, opened the newspaper, frowned, and then picked up the gold bar in surprise.
“Gold bars?”
Several other people in the shop were also surprised!
On the second floor, the two little gangsters playing with mobile phones have their eyes shining.
“Brother, where did it come from?”Xu Mingfeng checked it and said, “the purity is average, no mark, expert!How much more do you have in your hand? ”
Obviously, Xu Mingfeng regards Ji Han as a person on the road!
It's not ordinary people who have such a large amount of gold in their hands now. You should know that normal people buy gold from the bank. It's of high purity, but it's not this kind of goods.
Xu Mingfeng frowned and looked at Ji Han, thinking in his heart.
“Ha ha!”Ji hanpi said with a smile: “why do you ask so many questions? Knowing too much is bad for you, I just want to know if you can eat all of them?”
Xu Mingfeng was shocked. This guy is not simple!
In other words, this gold bar is just a stepping stone, right?
Ji Han still has a lot in his hand?This guy didn't rob the gold store, did he?
But I haven't heard of any gold shops being robbed recently.
“You don't have to doubt our strength!”Xu Mingfeng said: “if you go to inquire about the name of Meng tiger in Dongshan City, you will know that we can eat as many goods as you want, and it's absolutely confidential.”
Ji Han doesn't talk nonsense either. He turns to his van and puts forward a trunk. Then he opens it in public.
“Lying trough!”
All the people on the scene were scared to death!
The box is full of golden bricks.
Did this guy rob the vault?There must be several hundred jin here?
For a moment, people look at Ji Han's eyes with a little more awe. This guy is definitely a bandit, and probably has a team.
The two gangsters on the second floor did not dare to be greedy, so they called their boss.
“How's it going?Can you have it? “Ji Han asked.
“Yes”But I have to inspect the goods, open them up, and I have to call my boss for instructions,” Xu said, biting his teeth
“Yes!”Ji Han promised: “take a word to your boss and say I live in building 12 of Far East community!”
“Well?With a word? ”
Xu Mingfeng's face was muddled and he didn't know what it meant.
However, he still ordered his younger brother to greet Ji Han, and then quickly began to inspect the goods!
He cut and examined all the gold, and finally determined that it was not a fake. After there was no other things in it, he took a long breath.
After a while, Meng Jianzhang, his boss, called and apparently got the news.
Meng Jianzhang is not a simple character. On the surface, he is a real estate businessman with more than ten real estate projects and billions of assets.
But in fact, he has a wide range of contacts in both black and white. He often does business that he can't see. His influence is very powerful.
Xu Mingfeng talked about it, and Meng Jianzhang was interested in it, because he had never confiscated such a large amount of gold.
“Boss, do we accept the goods?”Xu Mingfeng asked for instructions.
“Is he alone?”Meng Jianzhang asked in a poor tone.
“It must be more than that!”Xu Mingfeng carefully reminded: “this guy is probably a bandit. He seems to know that this is your shop, and he swaggers over. He is not afraid of us eating black.”
“Oh yes, he asked me to tell you that he lives in building 12 of Far East community. I don't know what that means!”
Meng Jianzhang on the other end of the phone suddenly took a cold breath!
Others don't know what it means, but he knows it all.
This is the place where his second wife and illegitimate son live. He is afraid of revenge from enemies all these years. He dare not let anyone know!
How does this guy know that?Has he already found out everything?
This is a warning to Meng Jianzhang!
“Lao Xu, normal trading!”Meng Jianzhang hastily said: “we don't want to provoke such people, and we can't afford to. If we give a high price of 10%, we should make friends.”
Xu Mingfeng breathed a sigh of relief!
After he put down the phone, he said to Ji Han with a smile: “brother, there are 627.3 Jin of gold here. The purity is not high. There will be losses in the purification process. The bank's purchase price is now 396 yuan per gram.”
“As you know, the rules of our pawnbrokers are that we can get 13% of the money out of seven, and half of the stolen goods. It's very troublesome for us to sell so much gold, so we can buy it at a maximum of 60% off, that's 74.52 million!”
“Our boss said that he wanted to make a friend with you, so he offered this high price. What do you think, brother?”
Ji Han smiles with satisfaction!
It's such an easy deal*
034 All kinds of brain tonics can't be provoked![4 / 5, for flowers]
More than 100 million worth of gold, the final income of 74.52 million!
Ji Han is quite satisfied with the price. After all, he is selling stolen goods now. Generally, it's good for someone to buy half price. 60% discount is a sky high price!
Xu Mingfeng's efficiency is very high, perhaps because he often deals with the underworld. They are also very good at transferring money.
First of all, I imitated an antique trading contract for Ji Han!
Pretend that he and pawnbroker trade a few antiques, and then put the money into Ji Han's account.
So the money was washed away!
After collecting the contract, Ji Han's money can be used openly. No one will find out any problem if they want to check it.
Of course, the tax on this transaction is also paid by the pawnbroker!
This also makes Ji Han have a good impression on Xu Mingfeng and others. These guys have good eyesight, and they can handle affairs properly. You can find them if you have something to do next time.
“OK, the deal's done. I'm satisfied!”
“Next time there's something good, I'll definitely come to you.”
“No, see you later.”
Ji Hanmei patted her ass and turned to leave.
When Xu Mingfeng and others saw him driving away in a broken van, they couldn't help smacking their tongue.
“Expert, this car seems unimportant, but there must be heavy weapons hidden in it!”
“Fortunately, the boss didn't let us eat black, otherwise we might not be able to keep him if we asked dozens of people to come here!”
“Nonsense, if someone dares to come alone, someone will take care of him. Are you afraid that someone will rush in with a gun?All these people are desperators
“No, no!”
Xu Mingfeng and others try their best to mend their brains. The more they think about it, the more they fear it!
At the same time, they also remember the appearance of Ji Han, for fear that they might offend this kind of outlaw.
All this, Ji Han naturally does not know!
But that's what he wanted.
He is not afraid that Xu Mingfeng and others will eat black, and he has the ability to deal with them. Now they are so knowledgeable, which naturally makes him quite satisfied.
Then he began to work!
First, I went around the auto city and ordered a bully, a pickup truck and a family truck, which cost more than two million yuan.
Then he went to the tobacco Hotel to sweep the goods, high-end cigarettes, drinks, cigars and so on. He swept as many as he could, full of a truck compartment!
In the end, he brought back the ostrich and pheasant cubs he ordered from the Internet.
With the help of the staff of the 4S shop, the three cars returned to the small farm in the evening. At this time, Ji Fugen and others, who had been busy all day, just finished their work, saw these cars.
“Ji Han, what are you doing?”
“Wow, why so many cars?And it's brand new? ”
“Is this a luxury car?I've seen it in the city, hundreds of thousands! ”
“Nonsense, it's at least a million dollars, and even this pickup will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars!”
Everyone around with bright eyes.
Ji Han admits: “these are the cars I just bought. It's more convenient to pull things in the future.”
“Oh my God, that's two or three million, isn't it?”
“Ji Han, what's wrong with you?”
“My God, is this all yours?”
The big guy exclaimed again.
There is a trace of envy on every face.
It's a lot of money for rural people to buy three cars at a cost of two or three million yuan, so we can't help but envy them.
“Come on, come on, Ji Han will have more money in the future. Everyone will come to help work honestly, and the whole village will follow Zhanguang!”
“I've been busy all day. Let's go back first.”
Ji Fugen broke out loud, and the big guy left reluctantly.
In the end, Ji Fugen stayed, took out a small book and said, “look at Ji Han, this is today's expenditure. You've already received the money you gave me. I spent more than 8000 on chemical fertilizer and pesticide. At noon, we spent 322 on vegetables. The salary has not been settled yet. I'll settle it once a month later.”
“Uncle, you don't have to show me the account book. I have a good idea and I can trust you!”Ji Han said with a smile: “after you look to help me take care of it, if you don't have any money, tell me, transfer money at any time!”
“Good!”Ji Fugen said with a smile: “but I want to discuss something with you!”
“What's the matter?You said
“You are short of some helpers!”Ji Fugen said awkwardly: “during the day, there are three groups of guests. Although they are all self driving barbecues, they have to be called.”
“And the lunch of this big guy at noon, someone has to do it. I just want to let my girl have nothing to do every day. I want her to come and help me!”
“Of course, you don't have to pay so much. Just give me two or three thousand!”
Ji Fugen's face was a little red, as if he was afraid of Ji Han's refusal.
“Uncle, why are you so polite?”Ji Han didn't care and said, “you're right. This farmhouse really needs help. It also needs to help everyone cook lunch.”
“Well, you ask sister Yuting to come over tomorrow, and then find two shrewd aunts in the village to help!”
“The salary is still three hundred and one days. I don't need this money!”
After Ji Han's statement, Ji Fugen's face brightened up immediately!
His daughter Ji Yuting is actually Ji Han's cousin. The relationship between the brother and sister is OK. Recently, the work outside is not going well. She resigned and went home. She just came to help.
“Yes, yes!”
“Don't worry, Ji Han. I'll take care of the manor for you.”
“I'll let Yuting come tomorrow!”
Ji Fugen left with a smile!
After seeing him off, Ji Han began to unload the goods.
But when he wanted to ask Xiao Hei to help, he found that this guy was missing.
Asking for flowers evaluation ticket*
035 God level animal control and the second light gate![5 / 5, for reward]
“Xiao Hei, where are you dead dog?”
“It's not going to run into the mountains again, is it?”
Ji Han murmured, looking for a long time also did not find the trace of small black.
But Ji Han doesn't worry too much. This guy is so big that most people can't fight him at all. He's afraid he's going to run wild in the mountains!
But seeing that day is going to be dark, why hasn't it come back?
After dark, there will be a lot of fog around the small farm. If Xiao Hei doesn't come back, he will have to spend the night in the mountain.
Ji Han has no choice but to move things by himself.
By the time he had finished moving the goods on the truck, it was more than seven o'clock in the evening.
By this time, it was dark, but Xiao Hei still didn't come back.
“Why?Something's wrong
“Why don't you come back?”
The more Ji Han thinks about it, the more wrong it is. Won't Xiao Hei be in trouble?
At last, Ji Han decides to look for it. After all, it's his own dog, and it's the dog king who spent two animal elixirs to cultivate. It will hurt to lose it.
But how to find it at night?
If Xiao Hei gets into the mountain forest, it's hard to find it.
“Fortunately, I have a nest of bees.”
“Master beast control can barely communicate with bees, but if you want to control them, you may have to upgrade it!”
“System, upgrade my master beast control.”
After Ji Han thought about it, he gave the order decisively.
“Ding!Command received
“After deducting 2000 correction points, your master level animal control skill will be upgraded to God level animal control skill!”
After a series of system prompts, Ji Han's mind seems to explode. At the next moment, there are many mysterious information in his mind.
He seems to know all kinds of animal and insect language!
It's also like a large radio station, which can have brain wave contact with various insects.
Ji Han keeps a nest of bees in the south of the small farm. Usually they can help to collect nectar, and occasionally they can make some pure wild honey to eat.
Now it's upgraded to the divine level of controlling beasts, and Ji Han's control over them becomes more handy.
The bees in the hive kept flying out around him, but they didn't hurt him at all. On the contrary, they were gentle.
“Go and find Xiao Hei!”
At the command of Ji Han, the bees are buzzing around. The next moment, they are like an army of insects, rushing to the mountain forest.
With the blessing of God level beast control, Ji Han seems to have tens of thousands more images in his mind. The images that these bees see will be transmitted to his brain through an unknown brain wave.
In other words, he has tens of thousands more eyes!
This magical scene, let Ji Han can't help smacking his tongue secretly.
It's beyond human imagination. No wonder it's called God level beast control. It's really divine.
“If I had known this skill was so powerful, I should have upgraded it.”
“Controlling so many insects, who am I afraid of in the future?”
Ji Hanxi smiles. He tries his best to disperse all the bees, and finally finds that he can disperse them within 10 Li at most.
Once beyond this range, then he will not receive the signal of bees!
But this range is already very large. Ji Han finally found Xiao Hei through the omni-directional carpet search of tens of thousands of bees.
This guy limped out of the mountain, with a lot of blood all over, looking very embarrassed.
“Xiao Hei, what are you doing?How did this happen? ”
Ji Han is shocked to meet him, and Xiao Hei immediately sobs when he sees him.
“Woof, woof, woof!”
It a burst of hand to hand complaints, with its full face of indignation, Ji Han finally made clear the situation.
It turns out that there are some wild boars running across the border to make trouble today. Xiao Hei has a bad temper, so he fights with them, and then chases them to other people's nests.
Who would have thought of meeting a wild boar king, and a dozen wild boars besieged him, almost did not trample him to death.
“Ha ha ha, you dead dog, you deserve it!”
“Who asked you to provoke wild boars?Haven't you heard of one pig, two tigers and three bears? ”
“The boar king, who weighs more than 1000 kg, rolls in the mud all day. His whole body looks like he's wearing armor. Tigers are afraid when they see him. Your physique is tough when you go.”
Ji Han laughs and jokes, and little Haydn jumps up and down.
“Woof, woof, woof!”
It desperately pulls Ji Han's trouser legs, as if to take him to revenge, which makes Ji Han laugh.
“You're a good hater, but you're right!”
“I have more and more aura in this farm. Everything in the mountain will run here. I'm afraid there will be trouble in the future!”
“Why don't you accept the boar, so that you can help watch the house and the yard?”
The more Ji Han thinks about it, the more reasonable he is. It happens that his divine beast control skill is so powerful that he is not afraid of the boar king.
So he patted Xiaohei's head and said with a smile, “go!Let's go and avenge you
“Woof, woof!”
Xiao Hei cried happily and ran back to the mountain.
Ji Han, with a smile, waves and tens of thousands of bees, buzzing along with Xiao Hei to the mountains.
It's hard to walk on the high road at night in the mountains!
Ji Han doesn't care at all. He doesn't even bring a flashlight.
Because after the enhancement, his facial features are very sharp. In the dark, it's just like in the daytime. No wind or grass can escape his eyes.
At this time, he was only thinking about how to accept the boar king, and didn't think about anything else!
I didn't notice that the fog of the night was extremely thick, and soon it didn't cover my farm tightly.
And in this fog, there is a second light door quietly appeared!
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036 The last emperor of Ming Dynasty, are you Chongzhen?[1 / 5, for flowers]
Night falls
Fog is emerging
Ying Zheng, Wang Ben and Fu Su were no longer surprised.
They are familiar with the road, casual, as if to the neighbor's house like a drop in, casually came to the cold season outside the small farm.
“Sir, here we go again!”
“What's for tonight?”
Wang Ben is crying happily.
But after a few calls, no one responded.
Ji Han didn't come out, which made everyone feel confused.
What's going on?Isn't Ji Han at home tonight?
“Father Huang, it seems that the immortal master has not come back yet!”Fusu frowned and reminded: “the fog is a little big tonight, and you see, there seems to be another light door here!”
King Ying Zheng was shocked.
They looked at it together and found that there was a second light gate in the rear.
This strange scene suddenly surprised them.
It's a fairyland here. The immortal master Ji Han is not here. Suddenly, a second light gate appears. They are also very confused.
It's like being a guest at someone's home. When the host is not at home, another guest comes. What's the matter?
“I don't know who's coming!”
Ying Zheng whispered curiously. When the three of them saw the scene, they just stood there and waited.
After half a sound, a figure finally appeared!
This is a middle-aged man of medium height, wearing a Golden Dragon Robe and elegant face.
He stepped through the light door with a vigilant face, looking around as he walked, as if he was afraid of meeting some ghost.
After a while, he saw Ying Zheng!
He stopped warily, then frowned and asked, “who are you?Why are you here?Why is there a light gate leading to this place in my bedroom
“I?Do you deserve to call yourself meHearing this, Ying Zheng was furious: “is it the royal land in the whole world? Besides a few people, who dares to call himself I?How dare you
“Traitor, I cut you!”
Wang Ben drew out his sword and was ready to chop.
Don't you dare to call yourself I in front of Ying Zheng?
Chongzhen is a little flustered, his brain is still confused!
After processing all kinds of memorials tonight, the whole Daming Palace was filled with amazing fog, and then there was an extra door in his bedroom.
Chongzhen tried to step through guangmen and appeared here.
At this time, looking at the novel buildings nearby and the two angry men, he didn't come back to himself.
where's this?Is this a dream?
“Father emperor, Tongwu Marquis, wait for anger!”Fu Su suddenly said: “I'm afraid this man is also invited to this fairyland by the immortal master. We can't have a conflict at will to avoid offending the immortal master.”
“Well, that's true!”Hearing this, Ying Zheng suppressed his anger and said, “Tongwu Marquis, put away your weapons.”
Wang Ben then put away his sword, but his eyes were still not good. He kept staring at Chongzhen, as if he had offended his king.
Chongzhen is even more confused!
“Fairyland?Is this fairylandChongzhen frowned and asked, “who are you? I'm emperor Chongzhen of Ming Dynasty. Are you immortal?”
“Emperor Chongzhen?Why?Is this the last emperor of the Ming Dynasty
“It should be him. The immortal Master said that emperor Chongzhen was extremely subdued. He was killed by Li Zicheng's rebellion in Kyoto and hanged on a crooked neck tree in Meishan. Unexpectedly, he looked like this.”
“Ha ha, he turned out to be a king of subjugation. No wonder he also called himself me!”
Seeing this, Ying Zheng and Wang Ben immediately understood the origin of Chongzhen.
When it was confirmed that this guy was the king of the last Han Dynasty, the anger and hostility in Ying Zheng's eyes disappeared, and he felt more sympathy.
As the founder of the imperial system, now that he meets his descendants who are the same emperors, it's like meeting his own. Naturally, there is no hostility.
“The last emperor of Ming Dynasty?”
“Will I hang myself?”
“Can Li Zicheng enter Kyoto?”
“It's impossible, it's impossible!”
Chongzhen exclaimed in disbelief. He felt like he was dreaming.
Inexplicably came here, these people claim that this is a fairyland, there is a guy who claimed that I, said he was the king of subjugation?
It's all about what!
“No doubt, it's not a dream!”Seeing this, Ying Zheng patiently explained, “this is the land of the immortal family. The immortal master is not here now. We are also here to be guests!”
“Besides, I'm Ying Zheng, the first emperor of the great Qin Dynasty. You should know him!This is my son Fusu, and this is Wang Ben, Marquis of the great Qin Dynasty. ”
“Qin Shihuang?”
“This, how is this possible?”
Chongzhen was shocked again, no, No.
He pinched himself so hard that he was sure it was not a dream.
He really came to a strange place, where everything seems so novel, there is also a rare fresh air, a breath is enough to make people feel comfortable.
Is this really a fairyland?
“The great Qin Dynasty has been extinct for two thousand years!”Chongzhen exclaimed, “you say you are the first emperor. What's the evidence for that?I don't believe it
“Believe it or notWang Ben said impatiently: “it's said that this is a fairyland. The immortal knows five thousand years before and five thousand years after. He can't do anything. What's impossible for you to come here?What a fool
“Come on, Wang Qing, they say they are also the king of a country. Don't do that!”Ying Zheng said casually, “come and sit down, Chongzhen child. The immortal master has not returned. You can wait with me.”
“What is it?”
Chongzhen is a little tangled!
In fact, up to now, he has actually believed 80%.
After all, such a magical means, in addition to the immortal, who can do it?
Ying Zheng's bearing is extraordinary and domineering. He is even more powerful than Chongzhen emperor. Most people can't pretend it.
After hesitating for a moment, Chongzhen sat down with them in the pavilion of the small farm.
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037 You have lost the face of the emperor![2 / 5, for flowers]
After all the people sat opposite each other
Chongzhen carefully observed Ying Zheng's three people!
He hopes to judge whether this is a fraud or not by observing the details.
However, after repeated observation, I was shocked to find that all this seemed to be true. I really came to a place suspected of fairyland.
Ying Zheng and the three of them don't look like liars.
“Three, you say this is a fairyland. There is an immortal master, right?”Chongzhen's careful exploration.
“Not bad!”Wang Ben nodded.
“Just now you said that I was the king of subjugation, and that Li Zicheng would enter the capital of Ming Dynasty. What do you mean?”Chongzhen continued to ask questions.
“Nature is What immortal Master said!”Ying Zheng sneered: “we are lucky to hear the immortal master comment on the heroes of Kyushu for thousands of years. As the last emperor of the Ming Dynasty, you Chongzhen impressed me deeply.”
“It's ridiculous that you, the king of a country, were forced to hang yourself by several peasants.”
“If I were here, there would be no place for Li Zicheng in this world. You have lost the face of the emperor!”
Ying Zheng was so angry that he couldn't fight.
Chongzhen was depressed and wanted to vomit blood. He tried to retort several times, but finally he only retorted angrily: “ha ha, I have a long national fortune in Ming Dynasty. Is it so easy to be destroyed?Some anti thieves are just scabies. Don't be alarmist. ”
“Don't you believe it?”Ying Zheng's face was full of sympathy: “how can immortal master talk nonsense?If it wasn't for our destiny, how could we know? ”
“Ha ha!”Chongzhen sneered back: “didn't the immortal master tell you the story of the death of Emperor Qin II?If you are the first emperor, how can you laugh at me? ”
“The death of Emperor Qin II?”Fusu took a cold breath.
He really hasn't heard of it!
Wang Ben of Ying Zheng was quite calm, because they had known about it for a long time.
Chongzhen is a man of later generations. He must have known these things from historical books, so Wang Ben, Ying Zheng, was not surprised at all.
“The immortal master has already told us the fate of Daqin.”Ying Zheng SA ran a smile, don't care about the way: “even I still know their 49 year old sudden death of sand dunes, but so what?Immortal master has already given me the golden elixir to prolong my life for a hundred years and rebuild my health! ”
“In addition, he also bestowed a hundred stone immortals, such as grain and water chariots, and decided on the three strategies of the immortal master to reverse the fate of the Qin Dynasty.”
“Now my great Qin will not die, but will last for thousands of years and lay down a huge territory!”
Ying Zheng's domineering manifesto stunned Chongzhen!
The information revealed in and out of his words makes Chongzhen even more surprised.
Can the fate of Daqin be changed?Did Qin Shihuang know he was going to die in the sand dunes?
And he ate the elixir?What is it all about?
“It's impossible, it's impossible, it must be fake!”
“This is a dream, impossible!”
Chongzhen stubbornly refused to believe it!
Ying Zheng is too lazy to talk about him.
If you don't believe it, you can't believe it. Soon he will find that all this is true. No one lies to him.
“Where's the fairy?”Chongzhen raised his head and asked, “where is your immortal master?I want to see him
“Can you see the immortal master if you want to?”Wang Ben sneered: “his old man has something to go out now. You can wait. If you don't like to wait, you can go. No one will stop you!”
“Ha ha!”Chongzhen sneered: “it's really fake. If you have the ability, you'll ask the so-called immortal master to come out!”
Ying zhengsan was so popular that he was speechless.
Why is this guy so stubborn.
I always thought that everyone was cheating him. I'm really stubborn.
However, when everyone's atmosphere was strange, Ji Han finally came out of the mountain.
He walked out of the mountain forest with Xiaohei, followed by tens of thousands of bees.
There are also two wild boar kings with more than a dozen small boars, who are in a state of confusion and huge size. The way they follow each other is astonishing.
In the moonlight, Ji Han is like a fairy!
These bees and wild boars are more mysterious to him.
“You are back!”
Seeing this, Ying Zheng got up to say hello.
Although they were surprised that Ji Han was surrounded by so many bees and wild boars, they were used to it.
Because in their impression, Ji Han is an immortal. He is omnipotent and can resist wild animals and insects. Isn't that normal.
But this scene, but let Chongzhen dumbfounded up!
He was still saying that there was no immortal at all.
But now?What is seasonal cold?
Is there anyone in the world who can command so many wild animals and insects?Is he really a fairy?
For the first time, Chongzhen wavered in his judgment.
The credibility of what Ying Zheng and others said just now has also increased dramatically.
“Are you all here?”
“Why?One more? ”
Ji Han glances around and finds Chongzhen and the second light gate. He is shocked.
He didn't expect to go out for a while. There was another light door in the fog, and it seemed that someone came again.
The style of the Dragon Robe Chongzhen wore is the emperor of Ming Dynasty, but I don't know who it is.
Ji Han, in order to maintain his immortal master's force, doesn't take the initiative to ask, but chooses to settle his wild boars first!
This time, I found a litter of wild boars in the mountain!
Among them, two wild boar kings, one male and one female, have given birth to more than ten little wild boars. This big family has a bad temper.
After Xiao Hei is bullied by them, Ji Han takes the bee to kill him!
With the shameless attack of bees, the boars were easily stung to death, and their eyelids were swollen.
In the end, Ji Han uses God level animal control skills to coerce and lure them, and then he takes them back, so he happens to meet Chongzhen.*
038 Mr. Chen is an immortal. Please help me Daming![3 / 5, for flowers]
Ji Han knows that people's first impression is very important!
No matter who the newly arrived emperor of Ming Dynasty is, it is more difficult to deceive him than to deceive Ying Zheng.
At this time, he just took so many wild boars out of the mountain together. It's a little hard to say if he didn't pretend to force them!
So Ji Han kicked the boar king on purpose and said, “take your wife and children to live in the mountains in the West. Don't run around if you have nothing to do. Don't harm my fruit trees and farmland, or I'll clean you up, OK?”
“Moo, moo!”
The boar King uttered a whirring cry, nodded repeatedly, turned around and headed for the western mountain with his wife and children.
This humanized appearance shocked Chongzhen.
“Go back to your nest, too!”
With Ji Han waving his hand again, tens of thousands of bees quietly dispersed and quickly returned to the hive. Every move was as orderly as the soldiers.
At this time, Chongzhen, Yingzheng and others have been shocked with awe.
Ji Han's exhibition really shows the means of immortals. How can mortals control wild animals and insects?This is not a fairy. Who is a fairy?
“Zhu Youjian, Daming, has seen an immortal!”
“If you enter the fairyland by mistake tonight, please don't blame me
Chongzhen went out in awe to say hello, and his doubts had already been forgotten.
“Ha ha!”
Ji Han is quite satisfied with his reaction!
This is what he wants to see. After all, it's not easy to fool people if the image is not well shaped.
This guy is Chongzhen?Unexpectedly, the king of Ming Dynasty came here. It was a surprise.
“Sit down, you're welcome!”
“All the visitors are guests. Don't be so formal.”
“I'm just an ordinary person, not an immortal.”
Ji Han greets him genially, which makes Chongzhen feel flattered.
At the same time, he also secretly determined that this must be a low-key and easy-going immortal, otherwise it would not be so.
“I'll tell you. Don't you believe it?”After losing his smile, Ying Zheng joked: “Sir, what dinner shall we have tonight?”
“Hot pot!”Ji Han shrugged his shoulders and said, “I'm not ready for anything tonight. Hot pot is very convenient!”
“Good, hot pot is good, I like it!”
“After I went back to the palace, I specially asked someone to make this hot pot and copper stove, but the sauce couldn't make the taste of Mr. Wang. I'm really greedy!”
“Mr. Fu Su, help you!”
In Chongzhen a muddle force, Ji Han directly moved out of the hot pot stove!
All kinds of dishes and sauces are ready-made. With the help of Fusu, the hot pot burns quickly, and bursts of fragrance begin to spread out.
Ying Zheng took Chongzhen to a seat and said, “Mr. Chen is easy-going and loves delicious food. You don't have to be formal. You will never forget the taste of this delicious food later.”
“Yes, thank youChongzhen was relieved.
After the meal, he tasted the hot pot and found it delicious.
Even if he had eaten countless delicacies, he had to admit that he had never eaten anything so delicious.
Ji Han's master cooking is no joke!
The thick soup with strong aroma, gently rinse the meat slices, and then dip it with this special sauce, immediately let people have a big appetite.
Especially this vegetable is Ying Zheng's favorite!
Since Ji Han's small spirit gathering array came into effect, the small farm has been adding aura all the time. As a result, the vegetables here are extremely sweet and delicious, which makes people not tired of eating!
If Ji Han is going to sell these vegetables, even if they are ten times more expensive than ordinary vegetables, I'm afraid there are countless people competing to buy them.
“Today you have a good mouth. I've brought back a lot of good wine and cigarettes. Try them all!”
While eating and drinking, Ji Han takes out good wine and cigars, which makes Chongzhen feel confused.
This is the life of an immortal?
After a while, there was another member of the group of four.
Chongzhen drinks wine, smokes cigar and eats hot pot, which is really fragrant in his heart!
“Sir!”Chongzhen hesitated for a long time, and finally asked: “the first emperor said that you gave him a golden elixir to prolong his life for a hundred years, which changed the fate of the death of Emperor Qin II, but really?”
“It's natural!”Ji Han nods and admits.
“Since the history of the Qin Dynasty has changed, why can't I see the change in the history books?”Ying Zheng asked his last question.
“Ha ha!”After shaking his head, Ji Han said with a smile: “when the fate of Daqin changed, there was a fork line in time and space, that is to say, you are not in the same time and space. Do you understand?No matter how the fate of the Qin Dynasty changes, it will not affect the future of the Ming Dynasty! ”
Chongzhen didn't understand, but he finally put down his doubts!
He could not help but continue to ask: “the first emperor also said that you had commented on the world's heroes and knew what would happen in the next few thousand years. What's more, my Daming will die here, but really?”
“Of course!”As Ji Han rinsed meat, he said with regret: “Lao Zhu, you ascended the throne at the age of 16. After succeeding to the throne, you vigorously eradicated the eunuch party, worked hard in political affairs, and even issued six edicts against yourself. You have been diligent all your life, but you are also a qualified emperor.”
“It's a pity that there were too many drawbacks in the late Ming Dynasty. Not only natural disasters continued, but also there were disputes between the parties in the court and the Tang Dynasty. Moreover, foreign enemies built slaves into the pass, and there were people's revolts inside.”
“Your life is extremely bumpy, and you will eventually be hanged in the coal mountain at the age of 33. At this point, the national fortune of the Ming Dynasty will be broken.”
“Li Zicheng didn't take the throne, but he was taken advantage of by the JianNu Qing army outside the pass. They broke through the pass and slaughtered him, enslaving Kyushu for hundreds of years.”
Ji Han's narration makes Chongzhen sweat again!
This time he couldn't help believing it.
Is he really going to hang in a coal mine at the age of 33?
Will the Ming Dynasty end in his hands?
“I'm useless. I'm sorry to all the ancestors.”In tears, Chongzhen got up to worship and begged, “Sir, you are an immortal. Please help me Daming!”
“It's hard to save Daming!hard!It's hardJi Han frowned and shook his head.
Asking for flowers evaluation ticket*
039 Set a small target, kill 10 million people first![4 / 5, for reward]
“Why do you say that, sir?Since the destiny of the Qin Dynasty can be changed, it is difficult for me to change the destiny of the Ming Dynasty? ”
“Please help me Daming, I don't want to see the scene of the country's collapse, and I don't want to see the alien race wreak havoc on my land of Kyushu!”
Chongzhen anxiously begged!
Ying Zheng frowned slightly, and said: “Sir, it's difficult, but it's impossible, isn't it?By your means, you should be able to change your life for another day, and then carry on the national destiny for several hundred years for Daming, right
“Yes, sir!”Wang Ben also couldn't help persuading: “didn't you say that Daming is the dynasty you most appreciate?”
“Do you like Daming the most, sir?”Chongzhen's eyes brightened.
“YesJi Han nodded and said, “among the many dynasties in Kyushu, I like Daqin's sweeping the eight wastelands best, and I like Daming's bone the hardest.”
“The ancestors of the Ming Dynasty taught us not to make peace with relatives, not to make reparations, not to cut the land, not to pay tribute, the emperor to guard the country, and the king to die.”
“Although all the emperors of the sixteen dynasties are wonderful, they never have soft bones. Even if they are killed under the Imperial City, they never grovel. I appreciate this very much!”
Ji Han's words, said Chongzhen blood boiling, shivering all over!
Ying Zheng Wang Ben Fu Su also secretly appreciate!
“No peace, no reparation, no land cutting, no tribute, good, what a tough Dynasty, I like it!”Wang Ben appreciated it.
“Ha ha, I'm really glad that I'm worthy of being my younger generation.”Ying Zheng is also satisfied with the praise: “my Kyushu blood must have this kind of backbone!”
“In that case, sir, you should help more!”Fu Su said, “you can't sit back and watch Daming being bullied by other people, can you?”
“Yes, please help me, Daming!”
Chongzhen bowed himself sincerely with a big gift.
Ji Han helplessly helped him up and said, “sit down. Lao Zhao is right. Although it is difficult to save the Ming Dynasty, there is no way.If you are willing to listen to me and are cruel enough, then there is still a chance of life! ”
“Let it go, sir!”Chongzhen said excitedly: “I will do it absolutely. I will be cruel enough!”
“Ha ha, don't brag about it. The difficulties you face are more than 100 times greater than Lao Zhao's!”Ji Han poured himself a glass of wine and sneered: “Lao Zhao's control over Daqin is absolutely first-class. It's just that there's something wrong with the national policy. A little adjustment can make Daqin rejuvenate!”
“And you?How much control do you have over the Ming Dynasty?How many civil and military officials are under your control
“How many soldiers are there in the Ming Dynasty?The local health centers are corrupt, the officers at all levels are corrupt and afraid to fight, the civil service parties are numerous, and the struggle is constant. ”
“There are also big landlords all over the country, land annexation is serious, merchants all over the province sell their country to the enemy for money, and the big vassals support their troops and respect themselves!”
“The whole Ming Dynasty has been rotten from top to bottom for hundreds of years. What you take over is a mess. The Treasury is empty and can run mice. Are you prepared for this complicated situation?”
Ji Han a series of questions, let Chongzhen speechless!
Ying Zheng's three people are also secretly frightened. They can't help sympathizing with Chongzhen.
To tell you the truth, this situation is really troublesome. It is more difficult to save the Ming Dynasty than to save the Qin Dynasty.
Even if Ying Zheng came in person, in the face of such a complicated situation, he would have to be restrained and have a headache.
“If we compare the Ming Dynasty to a giant!”Ji Han continued: “so now this giant is a critically ill patient who has been terminally ill, with pus on his feet, sores on his head, and rotten viscera!”
“If you want to save it, you must exchange blood, bone and heart. Where there is pus, scrape it off, and where it is poisonous, cut it off!”
“Corrupt officials who form cliques for personal gain and harm the common people should be killed!”
“The generals are afraid of death and war. Those who are in the morning and at night should be killed!”
“Those who are in control of the government, who support the army and respect themselves, will be killed!”
“Merchants, collaborators, traitors, speculators, killers!”
“These garbage residues are all malignant tumors. If you grasp the handle, you can destroy my family. First, you can set a small target to kill 10 million people!”
“As long as you are cruel enough, then the Ming Dynasty will be saved!”
Every word of Ji Han is murderous!
It not only makes Chongzhen dumbfounded, but also makes Ying Zheng and others numb.
Set a small target to kill 10 million people first?
Trough, is that crazy?How many people will die?
“Sir, the world says that I am a tyrant. You are more cruel than I am!”Ying Zheng smacks his tongue secretly.
“I support what you said!”Wang Ben said with a sneer: “in troubled times, we should use the heavy code. If we are seriously ill, we should use the strong medicine. Garbage should be killed!”
“Sir, isn't that cruel?”Chongzhen said with fear: “I'm afraid that killing people indiscriminately will arouse the popular revolt.”
“Ha ha!It's up to you to kill or not. If you don't have the heart, you'll go to the coal mountain and hang the crooked neck tree as soon as possible! ”
“I didn't ask you to kill people indiscriminately. I just asked you to kill the people you should kill. How many of those generals are innocent?”
“Hong Chengchou, Zu dashou and Wu Sangui all surrendered to JianNu and became king and marquis in the later period.”
“In the Ming Dynasty, the National Treasury was empty. You raised 230000 liang from Baiguan several times. Do you know how much money Li Zicheng took out from Baiguan's house after he entered Beiping?More than 70 million taels, all of them are fat
“The eight merchant families in Shanxi have been secretly trading with JianNu all the year round to provide food, weapons and iron ore for the enemy. Their assets have already exceeded hundreds of millions. Do you know?”
“As long as you are poor, Chongzhen can't raise 500000 liang from the private Treasury. Do you think they should not be killed?”
“If you don't dare to kill, don't beep, eat in peace, and stay up till time to hang yourself!”
Ji Han angrily scolded.
Chongzhen's face turned red and his whole body trembled. His heart was full of hatred and murder.
He doesn't hate Ji Han. He hates the generals and the crafty merchants. They should be killed!
Note: the Daming kingdom is all Beijin. I'm afraid it will be harmonious, so I use another name to replace Beiping!》
“The Great Qing Dynasty will be harmonious, replaced by JianNu!》*
040 The way to save the Ming Dynasty![5 / 5, for flowers]
“It's time to kill. All these rubbish should be killed. All of them should be wiped out!”
“Don't worry, sir. I understand. I understand everything!”
“From today on, I will never be soft hearted. Once I find an opportunity, I will clean up all these people and kill them!”
Chongzhen gritted his teeth to ensure that he had obviously made up his mind!
Ji Han was satisfied with this and laughed: “that's right. If you're in such a mess, you might as well hang yourself earlier!”
“Excuse me, sir.”Chongzhen once again apologized: “I have made a decision, I will never let you down, please teach me how to turn the tide!”
“First of all, you have to integrate all the forces you can use in your hands!”Ji Han Kaikai said: “the so-called power comes from the barrel of a gun. If you want to turn over, you must first control the army!”
“With a few obedient troops in your hand, you will have the ability to defend yourself and fight back. At least you won't be a bare commander!”
“When the time comes, you will destroy those who are not obedient. If you are short of money and food, you will destroy your family. First you will stabilize the northern Zhili, then you will go out of Liaodong to defeat JianNu, and then you will clean up the southern Zhili.”
“You should kill the whole imperial court from top to bottom, and the whole Kyushu from south to north, and then accumulate grain, stabilize people's livelihood, train the new army, and reform the tax system and finance!”
“This series of big moves, I guarantee you that the whole Ming Dynasty has undergone earth shaking changes!”
Ji Han speaks with confidence and calmness, giving people a sense of trust that can not be ignored.
The more he listened, the more excited Chongzhen was. He couldn't help saying: “yes, sir, you're right. This is a wonderful plan!!However, when it comes to implementation, how can we control the details?How can I control the military power? ”
“I'm not afraid of your jokes. There's really no one around me to use. All the ministers are superficial. I can't trust them!”
Chongzhen is very suspicious!
At this time, Ji Han said that so many corrupt officials in the Ming Dynasty were suspicious of the people around him.
This strategy is good, but how to implement it?
Who should we trust and win over?
Chongzhen really has no bottom in his heart!
“Ha ha!”
Ji Han is not surprised!
He glanced and said, “are you full?Let's go fishing. Let's talk while we go fishing! ”
“Yes!You can do it
“You talk, I'll make a fire!”
Wang Ben is not polite at all, straight to Xiaoxi Diaoyutai!
While barbecue while fishing, drinking while tasting cigars, this rare enjoyment of life he can not miss.
“In fact, before working out the specific details, I have to talk with you about the loyalty and treachery of Ming Dynasty officials, so that you can make a judgment!”
Ji Han, holding a fishing rod, went on fishing leisurely and said, “first of all, there are many treacherous officials in the Ming Dynasty.”
“For example, Qian Qianyi, a member of the Donglin Party, was full of benevolence, righteousness and morality. When JianNu came to Nanjing, many of his ministers died for their country. He refused to dive because the water was too cold, so he decided to join JianNu!”
“Wei zaode, for example, is decent on the surface, but in fact he is timid and extremely shameless. After Li Zicheng invaded Beiping, he was the first to take the lead in kneeling down!”
“For example, this eunuch not only hindered the generals in wartime, but also escaped before the war, and then came down to the Qing Dynasty!”
“For example, Wang Dehua, the eunuch, was the first to open the gate when Li Zicheng entered Beijing!”
In Ji Han's chatting, he kept telling the historical treacherous officials he knew one by one.
Chongzhen was almost choked with anger on the spot, because he knew all these people and thought they were loyal ministers.
“Damn, these guys all damn!”
“I won't let them go, certainly not.”
Chongzhen gritted his teeth and secretly remembered everyone's name.
Ji Han then said, “there are too many treacherous officials. I won't list them one by one. After Li Zicheng entered Beijing, there were more than 2000 officials in Beiping city who surrendered collectively. Tut tut Tut, it's shocking!”
“After that, let's continue to talk about loyal ministers, who you can trust and entrust with important tasks!”
Hearing this, Chongzhen was immediately excited!
He pricked up his ears to listen for fear that he might miss one.
Now he is short of people. If he can know who is loyal, he will have available people!
It must be very important for him.
“First of all, eunuchs. They are the people around you. Loyalty and treachery are very important!”Ji Han said with a smile: “in your big palace, there are only three people available: Cao Huachun, Wang Chengen and Fang Zhenghua.”
“Cao Huachun is loyal and capable. He can take charge of the east hall with heavy responsibilities.”
“Wang Chengen doesn't have to say much about this person. After Li Zicheng entered Beijing, you hanged yourself on the coal mountain. He was the only one who was hanging with you. That's loyalty!”
“Besides, Fang Zhenghua is also a man who died for his country. Although he is a eunuch, he is also admired!Besides, he has a lot of force, and can take charge of the forbidden army! ”
“These two people have their own shortcomings. They have to be carefully adjusted before they can be used. However, in a hurry, they will be your real inner ministers you can rely on!”
Ji Han listed them one by one, and taught the suspicious Chongzhen a lesson with his own historical knowledge, so that he could know who was available and who was not!
“Well, I remember!”Chongzhen was overjoyed. He said, “I didn't expect it, I didn't expect it!”
“Gao Qiqian and Wang Dehua, who have been entrusted with the important task by me, are so treacherous. It's Wang Chengen who is good. In the end, he decided to commit suicide together with me. He is a trustworthy man.”
“Sir, please go on. I'm all ears.”
“If I know who can be reused, I'll know it in my heart.”
Today's Chapter 5, asking for a reward for flowers*
041 Five strong generals, royal guards and East chamber![1 / 5, for flowers]
“With that, let's talk about the generals among the foreign ministers!”
“All the millions of troops in the world are controlled by generals, so it's very important to identify their loyalties and traitors. If you believe one person wrongly, you will lose everything!”
“In fact, there are many loyal generals in the late Ming Dynasty, but you are too suspicious to know and employ people, and you will end up rebelling against your relatives!”
“If you want to turn the Ming Dynasty upside down, you have to make good use of sun chuanting, Lu Xiangsheng, Cao Bianjiao, Zuo Liangyu and Huang Degong.”
Ji Han continues to lecture. Chongzhen naturally sits upright and does not dare to be distracted!
So much so that Ying Zheng and others were listening in with relish.
“First of all, sun chuanting!”Ji Han said: “this man is known as the last Optimus stone at the end of Ming Dynasty. He has a good reputation that the court is dead and the Ming Dynasty is dead. He is loyal and talented. He can order his Governors Shanxi and Shaanxi to suppress the anti thief Li Zicheng.”
“Then there is Lu Xiangsheng. He is brave and resourceful, loyal and resolute. His Tianxiong army is good at fighting and can be used to a great extent!”
“This Cao Bianjiao is the nephew of Cao Wenzhao, the first general in the late Ming Dynasty. He also has the courage of many people, and can be used to a great extent.”
“Huang Degong was also known as Huang Chuang Tzu. He fought bravely, was loyal, and was a well-known general of the capital camp. He was defeated by the Qing army and died. He could be used to a great extent!”
“As for Zuo Liangyu, he is a talented person. Unfortunately, he is arrogant and must be beaten from time to time. You must remember that!”
“Oh, yes, there is another Gao Jie. He used to be a general under Li Zicheng. He was loyal after he surrendered. He can also use it!”
Ji Han's series of analysis makes Chongzhen's eyes shine again!
He thought for a while that if he made good use of these people, he might not be able to control hundreds of thousands of troops.
“Finally, let's talk about Wen Chen!”Ji Han said solemnly: “it is said that Daming is the most powerful Dynasty. In fact, this is true, because there are more than 1000 high-ranking officials who committed suicide and died after the destruction of Daming.”
“These people can follow Daming to die for the country at the last moment, even if there are all kinds of small flaws, they are better than those who deliver treason!”
“First of all, he is incorruptible, loyal and unyielding. He is well versed in military affairs and can serve as a minister of the Ministry of war.”
“The second is fan Jingwen. After emperor Chongzhen hanged himself, he didn't eat or drink for four consecutive days. Finally, he took his family to the well and died. He can be the leader and the assistant!”
“All 13 members of Ni Yuanlu's family hanged themselves!”
“Li Banghua, the censor of zuodou, threw himself into the water!Shi bangyao, deputy censor of Zuo Du, committed suicide! ”
“Wang Jiayan, the right servant of the Ministry of war, committed suicide and hanged himself in lingyiqu of Dali temple!”
“Meng Zhaoxiang's family committed suicide by throwing themselves into the well!”
“Censor Chen liangmo's family committed suicide in the well!”
“The whole family of Chengde of the Ministry of war hanged themselves!”
“The whole family of Jin Xuan, head of the Ministry of war, committed suicide!”
From Ji Han's mouth, one by one, the famous loyal and righteous officials who shocked the world one by one!
Chongzhen was shocked to tears, Ying Zheng three people also secretly admire.
These people may not be considered as powerful or talented, but they should be respected if they can commit suicide when the country is broken!
This kind of person, even if there is no talent, can also be used!
Even if he has a variety of small problems, and even made some small mistakes, he can still use them!
Chongzhen's memory is like a treasure, for fear of missing any name. These are the people he should rely on in the future.
“Immortal master is really a God and a man!”Ying Zheng couldn't help sighing: “with such omniscient skills, Chongzhen's turnover rate is greatly increased.”
“Don't worry!”Ji Han shook his head and said, “it's too early to say that. The situation in the Ming Dynasty was chaotic and the struggle among different classes was fierce. It was already irreconcilable.”
“Chongzhen, you are so soft hearted that you can believe what others say. It's easy to be fooled by ministers!”
“Even with my full help, it's up to you whether you can turn the tables or not.”
Chongzhen's face flushed with embarrassment.
He tried his best to guarantee: “my criticism is that I will warn myself every day in the future and never let you down!”
Ji Han sat in Diaoyutai and nodded his head with satisfaction.
“It's much easier to find out who can use it and who can't!”Ji Han continued to point out: “after you go back, immediately rectify the interior of the palace, find an excuse to launch a purge, and kill those old eunuchs!”
“Then you will promote Wang Chengen and others, and secretly rebuild the East Hall, which has already been almost abandoned, so that you will have your first team and intelligence agency!”
“The second is the royal guards. Once you are fooled by the literati, you will lose your duty to supervise the officials of the royal guards. This is tantamount to abandoning your martial arts.”
“The current commander of the royal guards should be Luo Yangxing, who is greedy and incompetent. He colludes with eunuchs to bring troubles to the outer court, so he should be punished!”
“After you kill Luo Yangxing, you can use Li Yuanyin. He is Li Chengdong's adopted son. He has a careful mind and high means. Now he should work under sun chuanting's command with his father!”
With that, Ji Han stopped for a while!
After Chongzhen digested the information he said.
Then he continued: “when you master the royal guards and the East Hall, you will have available people in your hands. At this time, you can start to control Jingying!”
“Huang Degong was ordered to reorganize the Beijing camp, select 20000 of its elite, and transfer Cao Bianjiao to Peiping, and select 30000 soldiers from the refugees to train the new army!”
“If these two soldiers and horses are properly trained, they are enough to make you have the ability to turn the table. Remember, remember!”
Ji Han's advice makes Chongzhen excited!
He nodded deeply and said, “don't worry, sir. I remember it!But Sir, it's only 50000 people. Isn't it too few? ”
“Is 50000 less?In fact, I think it's too much! ”
Ji Han's casual reply suddenly surprised everyone. Are there too many soldiers?
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042 Do you know the most important card of Daming?[2 / 5, for flowers]
“The army lies in the essence, but not in the quantity. The Ming Dynasty supported millions of soldiers, but was defeated by JianNu. It's like entering a no man's land!”
“Although you can recruit 100000 or even 200000 troops at your command, how many of them are there to fight?”
“The Ming army has been rotten for a long time. Even the Jingying camp is short of pay and training. It is not easy for the 100000 Jingying camp to select 20000 elite soldiers!”
“And do you know the most important card of the Ming Dynasty?”
Ji Han asked with great interest, Chongzhen immediately muddled.
a hand?There's a bad card, isn't there?
He thought about it and didn't know what cards he could hold against millions of rebels and fierce JianNu.
“This card is naturally a firearm!”Ji Han reminds us.
Ying Zheng was very surprised and obviously didn't know what a firearm was.
Chongzhen was also confused. He naturally knew what firearms were, and the popularity of firearms in the Ming Dynasty was quite good.
But at this time most of the firearms are loaded slowly!
Usually, after a big army starts a war, it immediately changes to cold weapons. Because you don't have time to load, firearms are no different from firesticks!
What's the use of this?Can this thing withstand JianNu's 100000 iron cavalry?
“Believe it or not, firearms are the trend of the future!”Ji Han said solemnly, “the firearms of the Ming Dynasty were good at that time, but they didn't pay attention to them. As a result, they were left far behind by foreigners in the later period, and even bombarded by foreigners!”
“Of course, you certainly don't have any concept when you say so much. Let me show you!”
With that, Ji Han said directly in his heart: “system, I want to exchange guns!”
In Ji Han's mind, the system mall starts quickly!
A large number of gun icons are immediately displayed. There are everything from the oldest flint guns to modern guns, and the price is not expensive. You can exchange one with a few corrections.
Ji Han freely exchanged a desert eagle and an AK!
“Ding!Exchange for a desert eagle, 100 bullets, deduct the correction value of 30 points! ”
“Ding!Exchange for an AK47, 200 bullets, and deduct 50 correction points! ”
After a system prompt, I see a flash of light!
There are two more guns and a lot of bullets on the table next to Ji Han.
“What is this?”
“How did they suddenly appear?”
“God, the divine means, it's the divine means!”
“Sir, how dare you say you are not a fairy?”
Ying Zheng and others were so scared that they all exclaimed!
You don't see any action of Ji Han at all. Why are they here?People thought they had hallucinations in their eyes.
After returning to God, everyone looked at Ji Han with a little more awe.
This must be the magic of heaven and earth.
Chongzhen also muddled up at this time. Are these two guns firearms?
How is it different from the firearms in my impression?
“Don't worry, try it!”
Ji Han picked up the Desert Hawk, fumbled for a while and then knew how to use it. He easily put on the cartridge clip, and then pulled the bolt!
Aim at a pile of stacked wood not far away and pull the trigger!
“Bang bang!”
The terrible gunfire resounded through the night sky, but because of the fog, no one was disturbed.
I saw the bullets flying, the trees were immediately hit, sawdust flying, splashing around, the wood was also hit a big hole.
Ji Han is not satisfied after he empties a bullet clip!
It's a mess to copy AK47!
“Puff, puff, puff!”
A lot of bullets just like fire dragon spray, frantically swept past, this pile of wood is swept into slag.
This terrible scene directly shocked Ying Zheng, Chongzhen and others!
“What is this?Is this a fairyland? ”
“How powerful is this little piece of black iron?”
“It's terrible. If it hits flesh and blood, it can't be beaten into meat mud on the spot?”
“Is this a firearm?But why are the firearms of the Ming Dynasty not so powerful? ”
Everyone exclaimed, everyone was scared silly!
People look at the guns in Ji Han's hands, and there is a trace of fanaticism and excitement in their eyes. This is an artifact.
With this thing, all forces will be destroyed!
“See, that's the power of firearms!”After Ji Han was dumbfounded, he said: “firearms will eventually eliminate cold weapons. Imagine that if there are 10000 soldiers with firearms on the battlefield fighting against one million iron cavalry with cold weapons, who will win?”
“Here?Is there any guess? ”
“It must be the firearm who wins!”
“It's hard for a million troops to get near with such weapons!”
Everyone exclaimed, obviously having a clear understanding of the firearm.
Such a thick trunk can pierce and explode, which is more terrible than a bow and arrow!
Besides, it has a long range and it seems to be easy to operate. Can we not eliminate the cold weapons?
It suddenly dawned on everyone. No wonder Ji Han said that there are more than 50000 people. This kind of army really exists in terms of quality and quantity.
“Sir!”Ying Zheng said excitedly, “can we make such a magic weapon?”
“Not for the time being. The foundation of Daqin can't keep up. It should be OK in the future.”Ji Han said with a smile: “of course, you can discuss with Chongzhen. After he develops this kind of firearms, you can trade with him!”
“Ha ha ha, that's a good way!”Ying Zheng said with hot eyes: “brother Chongzhen, you have to sell me some of this stuff. How about I trade it for you with gold?”
“The first emperor, I don't have any!”Chongzhen said with a bitter smile: “the firearms of the Ming Dynasty are still very backward. No one has such powerful firearms.”
“No, you'll have it soon!”Ji Hanxin's pledge!
“Seriously?”Chongzhen smell speech immediately surprised stare big eyes.*
043 Daming's firearm development road![3 / 5, for flowers]
“Sir, what do you mean that I will have it soon?Do you want to help me develop firearms in the Ming Dynasty? ”
“No, even research and development may not be so fast. Do you want to give me these firearms?”
Chongzhen is full of excitement and hope!
But Ji Han shook his head decisively.
“Firearms must be studied step by step and scientifically.”Ji Han said seriously: “the development of firearms in the Ming Dynasty is already good. I can't do anything to help you. It will only harm you!”
“I'm just opening your eyes to these two firearms. Of course, you can take them back for self-defense, but you have to develop large-scale firearms yourself!”
With that, Ji Han handed the desert eagle to Chongzhen and the AK47 to Ying Zheng. They were ecstatic and couldn't put it down.
This is an epoch-making artifact!
Although a person has only one, but it is absolutely super strong for self-defense.
“Thank you, sir!”
Ying zhengchongzhen is so excited that he won't let go of the two robbers.
Ji Han doesn't care about it. He exchanges these two guns to open his eyes to everyone. He doesn't need them.
And it's not good to be seen at home. It's better to defend Ying Zheng!
“Sir, is it true that the Ming Dynasty could develop such terrible firearms?”Chongzhen couldn't help asking.
“We can't do it in a short time, but we can pay attention to the research and development of firearms one day.”Ji Han confidently said: “and with my advice, many problems can be easily solved. What are you afraid of?”
“Yes, yesChongzhen said excitedly, “yes, sir. If you have such firearms to equip the new army, even if there are only tens of thousands of people, I can sweep away JianNu and Luan army, and spare my hand to rectify the whole Ming Dynasty.”
The more Chongzhen thought, the more excited he was!
Ji Han's firearms give him hope!
At this time, he realized that the soldiers were more excellent than more.
Also realized that firearms is the future development trend!
But how should firearms be developed in the Ming Dynasty?
“The firearms of the Ming Dynasty were not bad all the time, but the serious corruption, the low status of the craftsmen, and the shoddy quality of the supervisors made it impossible for them to develop.”
“When you go back, you have to seize the time to rectify the military situation, strictly formulate detailed production plans, and strictly prohibit the occurrence of shoddy work and materials!”
“As for the person in charge of the military Bureau, he Ding, the descendant of sun Yuanhua, the first master of firearms in the Ming Dynasty, who inherited his father's knowledge of firearms, is definitely a master of firearms.”
“And Bi maokang, the right servant of the Southern Jin army, who is also a master of firearms!”
Ji Han continues to guide Chongzhen!
From the research and development of the fire rope gun to the flint gun, to the storage and precautions of the gunpowder!
From solid shells to the production of flowering shells, to the development of artillery and the simple research and development of grenades and so on!
Ji Han has nothing to do with it. He is forced to chat and instill these advanced knowledge into Chongzhen!
Although Chongzhen can't understand it!
But he remembered.
He desperately wrote down all that Ji Han said, and deeply remembered them in his mind. He didn't dare to forget them.
These are all the knowledge taught by immortal master!
If he forgets a little, Chongzhen wants to slap himself.
“This guy is lucky!”Ying Zheng couldn't help admiring: “with the painstaking guidance of the immortal master, even a stupid pig can turn the tables.”
“Your Majesty is right
“If we can see the benefits of this firearm tonight, we are worthy of this trip.”
Wang Ben and Fu Su are also in a good mood!
Ying Zheng was even more happy when he heard the speech.
It's more than a worthwhile trip. It's a good business.
He earned an AK47 without any reason. It's extremely powerful. When he fires, it's like killing the Buddha. How can Ying Zheng be unhappy?
“This is stronger than the Daqin crossbow!”Ying Zheng said solemnly, “it's a pity that Mr. Qin's foundation is too poor to research and develop this thing. He can only give this one to defend himself. It's a pity, it's a pity!”
“Your Majesty, there is no need to sigh!”Wang Ben comforted: “one day Daqin will also have such firearms!”
“YesYing Zheng's eyes were fixed and said seriously, “Sir, let me see how big the world is. We were really frogs in the bottom of the well before.”
“I wanted to wait for the potatoes to mature before I started the station to destroy Xiongnu, but now I can't wait. I have to keep up with you!”
“Wang Ben Fu Su, when you go back, immediately speed up the production of the three piece cavalry suit for me. The sooner the better, at all costs!”
“I must go to war as soon as possible and make some achievements in return for your advice!”
Wang Ben Fu Su's blood is boiling and he agrees!
Today, Chongzhen not only received a great education, but also benefited a lot from them. They just wanted to do a big fight.
It's late at night after a chat!
What Ji Han said was dry mouth. He finally explained what he had to explain. How to implement it depends on Chongzhen himself.
“That's all for today!”Ji Han said: “the night is deep, it's over!”
“Yes!Thank you for your adviceChongzhen bowed himself excitedly.
“Ha ha ha, I'm very happy tonight. Thank you for your hospitality.”
“We'll leave first, and we'll come back next time.”
“Brother Chongzhen, you have to vigorously develop firearms when you go back. Don't take it lightly.”
“What's more, when this firearm is mature, you have to sell it to me. You can open it at any price, and I will never bargain!”
Ying Zheng's enthusiasm is close to Chongzhen's, which makes Chongzhen flattered.
“Don't worry, Shihuang!”Chongzhen said respectfully, “you are the ancestor I admire most. If you can use the place you get, I have no choice!”
“Good, ha ha ha!”
“Come on, let's go first!”
All the people were laughing and talking!
Chongzhen reluctantly, three steps back to leave here.
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044 Chongzhen's clean-up officially begins![4 / 5, for flowers]
Ming Dynasty
Forbidden City, outside Qianqing Palace
A great deal of fog envelops this ancient palace!
Many eunuchs and maids around anxiously want to enter the palace, but they can't get close to it. It's like being hit by a ghost.
“What to do, what to do?”
“It's been a night. The emperor hasn't come out all night!”
“What's going on?How can there be such a big fog in this palace? ”
The eunuchs were so anxious that they were all afraid of something serious.
And not long after daybreak, the fog began to dissipate.
In his heart, Chongzhen walked out of Qianqing palace with a happy face. Everyone immediately knelt down to welcome him.
“Oh, my Lord, why did you stay in the palace so long?”
“Yes, the fog is so thick that the maidservants can't get in.”
“Your Majesty, are you all right?”
All the ministers were worried!
Chongzhen, with a straight face, first glanced around the crowd, then looked at Wang Dehua, Gao Qiqian and others for a while.
Then he sneered and said, “I'm fine. No one needs to clean the Qianqing palace in the future. If there's fog, no one is allowed to get close to it. There's no amnesty for those who violate it!”
Everyone nodded in horror!
Although everyone can see that Chongzhen has a secret.
But if he didn't say it, we didn't dare to ask more.
“My LordWang Dehua kowtowed and said with a smile: “you must have been hungry after working all night. How about having someone pass you breakfast?”
“Ha ha!”
In the face of Wang Dehua's hospitality, Chongzhen felt even colder.
If he had been in the past, he would have been deeply moved. He thought that the dog slave was really sweet.
But since he knew that Li Zicheng had entered Beijing, this guy opened the city gate for the first time and surrendered, he couldn't help but want to draw a knife to cut people.
“No, I'm not hungry!”
Chongzhen impatiently waved his hand to refuse.
Just came back from eating so many good things from Ji Han, he was naturally not hungry.
Moreover, fairyland is worthy of fairyland. He felt that he had only stayed for an hour or two, but it was already dawn when he returned to Daming. The speed of time was obviously different.
Now Chongzhen is ambitious. He wants to fight against the clock. He has no interest in eating or resting.
“Come on, let's say Wang Chengen, Fang Zhenghua and Cao Huachun are present!”Chongzhen gave an order on the spot.
“My Lord, why do you want to see them?”Wang Dehua was shocked: “Cao Huachun has begged to leave because of illness!”
“Why ask so many questions?”Chongzhen reproached and said, “don't you go to send orders soon?”
“Yes, yes
Wang Dehua was so scared that he promised again and again!
At this time, he felt that Chongzhen had changed a lot from the past.
This made him very uneasy, and even felt that it was not very good.
But he had no choice but to do it!
After a while, Wang Chengen and others have arrived!
Even Cao Huachun, who resigned because of illness, rushed into the palace!
They knelt down in a hurry, saluted Chongzhen and said, “I've seen the emperor!”
“Well!”Chongzhen nodded with satisfaction, then suddenly said with a cold face: “come on, take down Wang Dehua and Gao Qiqian, drag them out and beat them to death!”
The crowd took a cold breath.
No one thought that Chongzhen would suddenly turn over.
What the hell is going on?
Did Wang Dehua offend him?
“Emperor, please spare your life, but what's wrong with me?”
“My Lord, I am loyal to you
Gao Qiqian and Wang Dehua were scared to kneel down and kowtow.
Wang Chengen and others were also startled. What is this?
Is it a warning to call them here all of a sudden?
“Calm down, my Lord
Wang Chengen three people are also scared to kneel on the ground.
But to everyone's surprise, Chongzhen not only didn't anger them, but helped them up one by one.
“My Lord
Everyone was stunned!
Not only was no one moved, but they were all stunned.
“Don't be afraid, you should kill Gao Qi Qian Wang Dehua!”Chongzhen cheered coldly: “last night, I got a dream from the immortal master. I knew what was going to happen in the future. These two scoundrels actually collaborated with each other to betray our country. They should be executed!”
“No, sir, no, absolutely not!”
“You have a dream. It's the opposite!”
“Yes, dreams are all against us, but we are loyal to the emperor!”
Wang Dehua rises and dives high, and they cry desperately in fear.
But Chongzhen is no longer nonsense, directly to the side of the little eunuch cheered: “drag down, random stick to kill!”
“What is it?”
The little eunuchs around looked at each other, and they all dared not move!
These two eunuchs are big men. Many little eunuchs live with them. Now in the face of such orders, we don't know if we should listen to them.
“What are you waiting for?”Wang Chengen said angrily, “didn't you hear the emperor's orders?”
“Drag it down!”
Fang Zhenghua was angry and scolded!
The eunuchs agreed in a hurry and dragged them away!
After a while, Wang Dehua and Gao Qiqian screamed bitterly in the palace. With Chongzhen's death order, they had to be killed alive.
This naturally makes the whole harem shiver!
The two men died like this, and the influence of the harem will reshuffle again.
It is foreseeable that many of the young eunuchs and members of the twenty-four prison who are dependent on them will be greatly purged.
“Cao Huachun, from now on, you will be your secretary of rites, the eunuch of handprint, and take charge of the East chamber. Don't tell me that you are ill, you old man. I want to use you!”
“Fang Zhenghua, from now on you will be in charge of the imperial army for me!”
“Wang Chengen, you are also the eunuch of BingBi, your secretary of rites. You usually wait on me.”
“All the people left behind by Wang Dehua's high rise diving are to be cleaned. No hidden dangers are allowed. Do you understand?”
Chongzhen a series of personnel appointment and removal, immediately let you shocked again!
“I'll take orders!”
Wang Chengen and others were both surprised and congratulated. They agreed respectfully!
Eunuchs, as the servants of the emperor, all the power of appointment, removal, life and death is decided by the emperor. Since Wei Zhongxian died, no one has been able to compete with Chongzhen in this harem. How dare you not obey his orders?*
045 I want to use you, and I want to use you![5 / 5, for flowers]
A brutal cleaning
Start in the Forbidden City!
Hundreds of eunuchs were beheaded!
Twenty four eunuchs and eunuchs at all levels of the East chamber were quickly replaced by Wang Chengen, Cao Huachun, and Fang Zhenghua. They are now the three great kings of hell in the eunuchs.
The change of power and the Great Purge also made a lot of noise.
However, eunuchs are always eunuchs. They are only royal slaves. How many people die will not attract much attention. Even civil and military officials have no reason to interfere.
So this big clean-up went very smoothly!
Half a day later, Cao Huachun easily regained control of the East Hall in his own hands, and respectfully came to the Qianqing palace to resume his life.
“Report back to the emperor, the East Hall has been cleaned, and all hands have been changed into servants!”
“But the East Hall has been deserted for a long time these years, and many Fanzi positions have been vacant. My maidservant asked for more manpower!”
Cao Huachun kneels respectfully on the ground!
He had a lot of evil spirit and blood on his body. It was obvious that he had killed a lot just now.
“Sure!”Chongzhen said with satisfaction: “you've done a good job. Recently, you've stepped up the expansion of the East Hall's staff. The action should be smaller. I don't want to let too many people know!”
“Besides, from today on, the East Hall has to shoulder greater responsibilities, not only to secretly monitor the officials, but also to talk about the information of the state government. We have to find out about the slave building. Do you understand?”
Cao Huachun excitedly agrees!
Chongzhen attached so much importance to the East chamber, which is the honor of eunuchs.
If the east hall can be restored to its former style, he will be proud of his founder.
“Wang Chengen, how much silver do I have in my internal treasury?”Chongzhen continued.
“Return to the emperor!”Wang Chengen's bitter answer: “only 320000 taels of silver.”
“Only 320000?Ha ha haChongzhen's face became more and more ugly, but he remembered that Ji Han had said that Li Zicheng had taken 70 million taels of silver from 100 officials after he entered Beijing.
It's just silver!
How much is the sum of the land, shops, antiques, calligraphy and paintings?
These moths are really fat!
It's ridiculous that he is not as rich as these people.
“From now on, the East chamber will investigate the assets of the officials above seven grades in Beiping in detail. It's of great use to me!”Chongzhen immediately ordered.
Cao Huachun repeatedly promised!
No matter how stupid he is, he knows that Chongzhen is trying to take advantage of corrupt officials.
There are few officials who are not greedy these days. If they are little greedy, Chongzhen may be able to turn a blind eye. But if some people are too greedy, why don't they stay for the Spring Festival?
Slaughter a few fat sheep, you can easily fill the internal library!
When the time comes, you'll have to ask for money to recruit and fight. Do you want to rely on the account department?That's too much thinking. The Treasury is empty.
“Have you found all the people I asked you to look for?”Chongzhen continues to ask.
“Report back to the emperor!”Wang Chengen carefully said: “deputy chief Huang has been waiting outside the hall, and sun heding has arrived. When will you see them?”
“No hurry!Order the forbidden army to gather at the school firstChongzhen ordered: “Cao Bianjiao of Liaodong and Bi maokang of Nanjin will be summoned to Beijing again, and the decree is to reward sun chuanting, governor of the three sides, and order him to attack Li Zicheng steadily.Lu Xiang, the Minister of the Ministry of war, was promoted to the governor of Xuanda and ordered to take office immediately. ”
Wang Chengen promised again!
He didn't know what Chongzhen was doing.
Is this the rhythm of doing things?
After finishing all this, Chongzhen was secretly relieved.
It's good to have the guidance of immortal master. In this huge chaos, he finally saw a ray of life.
Now we should seize the time to set things right and accumulate strength secretly!
“It is said that Huang Degong and sun heding will come to the school to inspect the three armed forces with me.”
Chongzhen left a sentence and went straight to the school.
By this time, the palace school was full of soldiers,
During the Ming Dynasty, the garrison forces in Peiping were the Jingying garrison in the capital, and the 26 garrison troops in the Imperial City, also known as the imperial guards!
However, over the years, the Ming Dynasty's military equipment has been slack, and the imperial guards are also lack of training. Although they are tall and powerful, they are just ostentatious, and their combat effectiveness is not strong!
Huang Degong is a middle-aged man about 30 years old. He is tall, burly and dignified. At first sight, he is a master with a reserved air!
As for sun heding, he is a young man in his early twenties!
His robes are a bit shabby, and it seems that his family is not well off.
“Meet the Lord!”
The arrival of Chongzhen attracted all the imperial guards to salute, and the momentum was not small!
Huang Degong and sun heding also hastened to salute. Although they didn't know why they were called, they didn't dare to slack off in etiquette!
“Huang Qing, please get up!”After waving his hand casually, Chongzhen asked, “do you know why I asked you to come here?”
“The end will not know!”
Huang Degong's heart was full of doubts. At this time, he was only a deputy chief soldier, and he was also unknown among many literary and military officials. Why did the emperor look for him?
“I want to use you, and I want to use you, will you?”Chongzhen asked directly, with a smile on his face.
“The end will be willing!”Huang Degong knelt down on one knee with excitement and said sincerely: “the last general is willing to die for your majesty!”
Chongzhen nodded with satisfaction.
Huang Degong is a loyal and brave man appointed by the immortal master. At this time, the more he looks at it, the more he likes it. It's a pity that he doesn't have to be such a brave general!
“I order you to be the commander in chief of Jingying!”Chongzhen solemnly ordered: “from now on, rectify the Beijing camp for me. I don't want to see the dirty and corrupt situation in the army any more. Can you do it?”
“What is it?”
Huang Degong was silly on the spot!
He didn't expect that he would soar to the sky and sit in the position of commander-in-chief of the capital camp, which is equivalent to handing over most of the troops in the capital to him!
What a trust it is!
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046 Those who disobey the imperial edict will be killed![1 / 5, for flowers]
“Your Majesty, did you hear me right
Huang Degong couldn't believe it for a long time, and the surrounding imperial guards were in an uproar. Even Wang Chengen and others were stunned.
“My LordWang Chengen whispered: “are you crazy?The cabinet and the Ministry of arms will not agree! ”
Yes, the cabinet and the Ministry of arms have the right to disagree!
They also had the right to reject the emperor's orders.
This is the wonderful system of Daming.
The Ming Dynasty was ruled by the emperor and the literati. The cabinet had great power.
In the Ming Dynasty, except Zhu Yuanzhang, every emperor devoted his whole life to fighting against the cabinet.
Chongzhen wanted to hand over so many troops to Huang Degong, which was obviously unreasonable, and the cabinet could not agree.
“Is my words useless?”
“What I'm talking about is the imperial edict. I'm not only going to appoint Huang Degong as the commander-in-chief of Jingying, but also Fangzheng as the commander-in-chief of the imperial army. Everyone must obey his orders. Do you understand?”
Chongzhen roared angrily, but the people around kept silent!
No one answered, and no one spoke. It was obvious that the emperor was making a fool of himself.
It's acceptable to be promoted to General Commander by Huang Degong. It's ridiculous to let a eunuch be the commander of the forbidden army, isn't it?
“Fangzhenghua, leading the order to take office!”Chongzhen roared angrily.
Fangzhenghua also ignored it!
He took orders and agreed directly. He glared at all the imperial guards and roared: “the imperial soldiers, follow orders, line up!”
“What is it?”
Again, people are confused. Do you want to listen or not?
Fangzhenghua pulls out his sword and roars!
He was ready to cut people at any time, so that everyone was shocked.
Most of the imperial guards subconsciously stepped forward, only a few of them refused to talk to each other, and several high-level members of the imperial guards even sneered at each other.
“Damn it!”
Fang Zhenghua is well aware of the hidden rules in the military. If he can't convince these people today, no one will listen to him in the future.
This is challenging the authority of his new commander.
But before he starts to kill people, Chongzhen raises a black object and points it at one of the high-ranking members of the imperial army.
There was a loud noise, and everyone was startled!
The high-ranking member of the Imperial Guard was blown out on the spot. After landing, we only saw that he had a blood hole in his heart, half of his body was nearly destroyed, and the whole person was convulsing and breathless, and he died in his own eyes!
“My God, what is this, this?”
“Is this a firearm?Why is the sacred firearm so fierce? ”
Everybody's scared to death!
Everyone was terrified and didn't know what it was.
Sun heding's eyes were even brighter, staring at the gun in Chongzhen's hand, as if he saw some peerless treasure.
“Bang bang!”
Chongzhen has not stopped, he pulled the trigger seven times in a row!
Every time the bullet accurately hit a high-level of the imperial guards who did not listen to the command, everyone changed their faces, and the others who did not listen to the order quickly stepped forward.
At this time, Chongzhen put down his gun with a cold face!
“Fang Zhenghua told me, what's the end of disobeying the imperial edict!”Chongzhen roared angrily.
At this moment, Chongzhen has no scruples!
In the future, he will be hanged soon. The immortal master helps him so much that if he doesn't fight hard and be soft hearted, even he will look down on himself.
So Chongzhen seems a little hysterical, which is quite different from the mild image in the past, and makes everyone's scalp numb!
“Return to the throne!”Fang Zhenghua was shocked all over and roared excitedly: “those who disobey the imperial edict will be killed by the nine ethnic groups!”
“Now, who else wants to resist?”Chongzhen asked again.
“Stop your anger, my Lord, and I will obey your orders.”A deputy commander of the imperial army was so scared that he knelt down on one knee and growled, “see you, commander!”
“Meet the commander!”
The imperial guards roared in order, and their voice was so powerful!
Fang Zhenghua looks at Chongzhen gratefully, with some guilt on his face.
He knew that it was because he didn't have enough prestige that Chongzhen came down to frighten the Imperial Army!
This is a help and a shame for founder!
He vowed in his heart that he would firmly control the Imperial Army and vigorously rectify them, so as not to let Chongzhen down.
“Very good!”Chongzhen was finally satisfied. After nodding, he told him, “you and Huang Degong need to train people as soon as possible to get rid of those who do not obey discipline and those who are not qualified.”
“Select the elite soldiers, leave 8000 in the forbidden army and 20000 in the Beijing camp, and then train them strictly!”
“In addition, we will gather all weapons, eliminate the unqualified ones, and then start training vigorously. In the future, these two troops will focus on firearms training!”
Fang Zhenghua and Huang Degong take orders!
However, after Huang Degong hesitated for a moment, he couldn't help asking, “my Lord, only 8000 people are left in the imperial army. It's understandable, but there are 160000 people in the capital camp. Why only 20000 people are left?”
“It's not just 20000 people left behind, but 20000 people selected from Shenji camp to join it. The rest of Jingying will not move. Do you understand?”
“The situation of empty pay in Jingying is particularly serious. Do you think there are 160000 people left?”
Chongzhen's rhetorical question immediately embarrassed Huang Degong!
This is true. The situation of empty pay is very serious in various places. Five out of ten people are good.
In addition, a large number of unqualified soldiers have to be eliminated, and it is reasonable to choose 20000.
“The end will promise not to live up to the holy order!”Huang Degong quickly promised: “if there is any mistake, I will be willing to raise my head to see you!”
Chongzhen nodded with satisfaction, and then said to sun heding, “follow me!”
Sun heding excitedly agreed and followed him straight to Qianqing palace.
Although he didn't know what Chongzhen wanted to talk to him about, he didn't want to guess. At this time, his mind was full of the firearms Chongzhen had just used.
He wants to study it!
From the vision of his generation of firearm masters, it can be seen that this is definitely an epoch-making product, even more than 100 years ahead of the most advanced firearm in the world!
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047 Chongzhen lecture, sun heding's shock![2 / 5, for flowers]
“Come on, give me a seat!”
Inside Qianqing Palace
Chongzhen looks at sun heding genially.
The young man could not help showing a trace of tension and cold sweat on his face. Finally, he said with trembling: “the Lord, the grass people dare not sit down. If the Lord has any orders, please make it clear.”
“Two things!”Chongzhen said straight to the point: “first, I want to vindicate your Father Sun Yuanhua. Second, I want you to be the commander of the military Bureau and take charge of all the research, development and production of firearms.”
“What is it?”
Sun heding was silly on the spot.
He didn't expect happiness to come so suddenly.
His father, sun Yuanhua, was a famous expert in Western firearms. He was implicated and killed in the traitor Kong Youde's rebellion. Over the years, the Kong family has been miserable.
Now Chongzhen not only has to rehabilitate his father, but also reuse him, and let him preside over the R & D and production of the whole military Bureau?
This is too unbelievable!
“Are you kidding, my lord?”Sun heding said cautiously, “Why are you doing this?”
“Because we need firearms in Daming, firearms will replace cold weapons and become the most important force of a country in the future!”Chongzhen said solemnly, “I just want to know if you are willing to help me?”
“Ken!Of course, the grassroots are willing to
“The LORD said that firearms will eventually replace cold weapons, which is also the lifelong wish of the grass people and my father!”
“I will not abandon you, but I will die for you!”
Sun heding knelt down in excitement, and his whole body was trembling.
He inherited his father's ability, but there was no place to show it. Now the opportunity finally came. He seemed to be excited as if he had met bole, and he had already forgotten everything.
“Good!”Chongzhen laughs with satisfaction: “Aiqing, please rise. With your help, I don't worry about the great cause!”
“My Lord!”Sun heding's eyes were burning: “you just used a kind of firearm, right?Can I borrow a look? ”
“No way!”Chongzhen said solemnly, “this is the most precious gift from the immortal. It's the product of more than 300 years later. It's not good for you to see it now!”
On this point, Ji Han specially explained!
At present, the foundation of firearms in the Ming Dynasty is not good enough. We can't help it!
If sun heding saw the desert eagle, he would be in a daze, just like a primary school student who suddenly gave him an advanced mathematics problem. He would be confused!
So this thing can only be used for Chongzhen's body protection!
“The product of more than 300 years?”
“From the immortal?”
Sun heding was a little confused and his brain was not enough.
However, he did not doubt these words, because Chongzhen would not cheat him, nor would he disdain to cheat him.
And it doesn't really look like the stuff of this era.
The shape is so strange, the power is so huge, and it can be used continuously. This is the king of firearms.
“Immortal once said that if you study hard, I will have such firearms sooner or later in the future!”Chongzhen comforted: “Sun Aiqing, I'm looking forward to it!”
“Did immortals and immortals mention ministers?”Sun heding was numb on the spot.
People in this era still believe in the theory of ghosts.
The thought of immortal once mentioned himself made sun heding tremble all over with excitement: “don't worry, my Lord, I will live up to my mission!”
“Good!”Chongzhen asked with satisfaction, “how many skills have you inherited from your father?”
“More than 80%!”Sun heding confidently replied: “my father likes to study artillery, while my minister likes to study firearm. It can be said that each has its own merits, but my father will, and so will I!”
“This is my latest research result. Please read it!”
With that, sun heding took out a notebook!
This is a yellow old book, which records a large number of maps and data of artillery and firearm!
“My Lord, the best firearms in the world today are the Europeans, who are already using flint guns!”Sun heding said: “but we are still using the old rope guns and Lumi blunderbuss, which has long lagged behind Europe!”
“But Chen has studied and imitated this kind of flint gun, and Chen's new type of flint gun is no worse than the one produced by the Portuguese at the buchalau foundry!”
Chongzhen carefully read this note, immediately satisfied with the smile!
Sun heding is worthy of being a first-class firearm expert. If Bi maokang is transferred to Beiping again, the firearm R & D level of this military Bureau will be greatly improved and not inferior to that of foreigners.
What's more, Chongzhen had a lot of knowledge taught by immortal master in his mind!
“This flint gun is really good, but it's still too troublesome to load it!”Chongzhen pointed out: “Xianshi once said that if you want to solve this problem, you can use paper shell bullets. After you control the military situation, you can try to develop them!”
“Paper bullet?”
Sun heding's breathing was very rapid.
His thinking opened up immediately. His years of experience in firearms research and development made him think of the advantages of this paper shell bullet.
And the research and development is not very difficult!
Once developed, it will greatly improve the firing speed of the flint gun.
“Holy, what else did the immortal master say?”Sun heding asked excitedly.
“He said a lot about the development ideas of firearms, such as the research and development of this grenade, the research and development of flowering shells, the proportion of gunpowder, the production and preservation safety of gunpowder, and so on!”
“Come on, sit down and say, I'll give you a lesson!”
“All this knowledge will come from thousands of years. If it hadn't been taught by the immortal master, I wouldn't have known it at all.”
“As the person in charge of our military Bureau, you must accept the edification of future firearms. You don't know that the immortal master has a terrible firearm with dozens of bullets in his hand!”
Chongzhen is proud to show off, and immediately frightens sun heding.
Then, as they talked, Chongzhen continued to teach sun heding the knowledge he had learned from Ji Han, and every word made him tremble with excitement.
“Wonderful, wonderful!”
“These ideas are wonderful!”
“I can't wait to start R & D and production right now!”*
048 Isn't the sage afraid to repeat the disaster of Wei Zhongxian?[3 / 5, for flowers]
After a secret talk
Sun heding retreated with excitement!
In fact, he didn't know that his conversation with Chongzhen was destined to change the fate of the whole Ming Dynasty.
“Lord Sun, our Cao Huachun!”
“The emperor ordered us to take over the military Bureau, please!”
Outside Qianqing palace, Cao Huachun had been waiting here with a smile.
For this famous eunuch, sun heding was not at ease.
“Thank you, Mr. Cao!”
They left together!
In a short time, there was a bloodbath in the Beiping military Bureau.
Sun heding is responsible for inspecting the craftsman's skills, and those who are not qualified will be eliminated. Cao Huachun is responsible for checking corruption, and once found out, he will be dismissed immediately.
Both sides should work together to stir up and win the battle.
In less than half a day, the military situation was cleaned up, all corrupt leaders were removed, and all unqualified firearms and craftsmen were quickly removed.
Then sun heding immediately announced to improve the treatment of craftsmen, immediately inspired the enthusiasm of all craftsmen, and began to work overtime in production and research and development.
Fangzhenghua is also rectifying the forbidden army!
Huang Degong began to reorganize the Beijing camp, select high-quality soldiers, and began to supplement the Shenji camp, preparing to expand the Shenji camp to 20000 people.
All of a sudden, the capital was in an uproar.
The cabinet immediately seized and rejected the imperial edict issued by Chongzhen, and a large number of civil servants and imperial censors knelt directly outside the Jinluan hall to scold.
“My Lord, this is the behavior of the fatigued king. Who would appoint the eunuch as the commander of the forbidden army?Don't be so dazzled
“Isn't the sage afraid to repeat the disaster of Wei Zhongxian?”
“Castrating the party in power, the country will be defeated!”
“Please take it back
The censors were screaming and scolding desperately outside the hall!
As pawns of the civil service group fighting against the imperial power, they were not afraid to offend Chongzhen.
Even if they are killed in battle, they will be famous in history!
In the past, as long as they used this move, Chongzhen would be immediately pinched to death.
Because he wanted face and reputation, he was afraid that he would be written in history books, and he was afraid that he would infuriate the whole civil service group.
After all, Chongzhen used to be very naive and felt that he could not leave the support of these civil servants.
But now Chongzhen has changed. After being influenced by Ji Han, he doesn't care who yells outside the door, what fame and face, and even less the mood of civil servants!
“If you like kneeling, let them kneel!”
“Let them curse what they like!”
“Don't pay any attention to them. They're all in the air!”
Chongzhen orders with a sneer, opening the silent confrontation.
Over the years, he has fought with civil servants secretly for countless times, and his experience is quite rich.
It's time to hang them up, because these censors are mad dogs. The more you deal with them, the more excited they will be.
The more you order a fight, the more they come forward!
So let's spend it. Let's see who can spend it.
On the first day, everyone was in peace. The censors scolded you. Chongzhen was in xuanzheng hall to deal with official business.
The next day, the censors scolded tired, occasionally a few words, continue to be safe!
On the third day, several Old Royal censors knelt down and fainted. Chongzhen was considerate enough to send them to the imperial medical department. They were so angry that everyone wanted to vomit blood!
On the fourth day, when the censors could not hold on and wanted to retreat, Chongzhen's counterattack had arrived!
“Excuse me, my Lord, excuse me!”
“I have to go to the cabinet to make a declaration.”
Wang Chengen, holding the imperial edict in his hand, triumphantly passed in front of the censors, and immediately angered the censors who were ready to retreat.
“Mr. Wang, what's the matter?Why does the Lord not see us? ”
“What is the edict?What will Duke Wang announce to the cabinet? ”
“When will the Lord see us?Mr. Wang, give me a definite word
The angry censors immediately surrounded Wang Chengen and vowed to ask for an explanation from him.
Wang Chengen said with a smile, “don't embarrass me, my Lord. What can I do if I don't see you?”
“No, the emperor has just issued an imperial edict to the cabinet, dismissing Wei zaode from the post of chief assistant and ordering fan Jingwen and fan Daren to take over the post of chief assistant. Oh, yes, Mr. Shi Kefa will take over the post of minister of the Ministry of war and join the cabinet!”
Wang Chengen deliberately revealed the big news, and everyone was stunned!
The censors looked at each other and immediately noticed something bad.
This kind of game is very useful for weak and deceiving kings, but it is a joke for strong emperors.
Your cabinet can reject the emperor's canonization.
But the emperor can also replace your cabinet members.
This song has always been highly trusted by Chongzhen. Now, can we change it?
Fan Jingwen and Shi Kefa quickly came to the top. Is that too much?
“More than that!”Wang Cheng'en laughed and said, “holy Lord, this time, it's not a small event. Many people have been appointed or dismissed.”
“I'm sorry, my Lord. I have to make a declaration.”
“Oh, yes, you kneel slowly, I won't disturb you!”
Wang Chengen left with a smile, but the censors felt numb, and the audience could not help but be silent.
“Something's going to happen, something's going to happen!”
“The emperor's character never used to be like this. Why is it so serious today?”
“This is the rhythm of reorganizing the cabinet. Something big is going to happen!”
They didn't know that Chongzhen was going to push Ji Han's martyred officials to different positions step by step. They didn't know that he was going to launch a big purge.
But fools can see that Chongzhen is only trying to do something!
For a moment, all kinds of panic were brewing among the officials, and the protest was so ended that no one insisted on kneeling in front of the Jinluan hall.
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049 The new firearm of Ming Dynasty![4 / 5, for flowers]
the forth day
Chongzhen personally inspected the forbidden army and Jingying!
After the training of Fang Zhenghua and Huang Degong, the appearance of these two troops has been greatly improved, and most of them are elite.
In particular, Huang Degong's means are quite high!
After seven or eight disobedient generals were killed in succession, the order of the Beijing camp was much better immediately. Coupled with a few days of training, the once elite troops became more and more typical.
“Welcome to the emperor
Huang Degong drew out his sword and roared. Twenty thousand soldiers and soldiers of the Beijing camp fluttered their flags and formed a neat array.
“Welcome to the emperor!”
Everyone roared and roared with excitement.
This momentum has initially taken on the appearance of an elite army. As long as we continue to train strictly and equip ourselves with a large number of firearms, we will certainly become an iron army.
“Very good. Huang Degong is a founder. You two have done well. I'm very satisfied.”Chongzhen appreciated it.
“Thank you for your trust. I dare not take credit!”Huang Degong and Huang Degong were very modest.
“Come on, it's all your credit!”Chongzhen continued: “how about the firearms in the army now?”
“Return to the throne!”Sun heding, who was with him, said: “now the forbidden army and Shenji camp are equipped with 80% of Lumi blunderbuss. These are high-quality blunderbuss. They are not easy to explode. They can support training for a period of time, and there is no problem with ammunition!”
“The R & D and production of flint guns and paper shell bullets have officially started, and a lot of wooden handle grenades have been produced. I have brought all these samples. Please have a try!”
“Lift it up and try it!”
Chong Zhen heard awesome words, and obviously did not expect Sun Heding to give such things to him.
But it's right to think about it. Sun heding would have produced flint guns, and the paper shell bullets had no technical content, so he wrapped the gunpowder with a layer of kraft paper.
As for the simple grenade, the fuse solution provided by Ji Han easily produced this new type of grenade.
“My LordWang Chengen said: “Cao Bianjiao, Bi maokang and Li Yuanyin asked to see you!”
“Have they arrived in Peiping?Why so fast? “Chongzhen exclaimed.
“It arrived yesterday!”Wang Chengen said with a smile: “after hearing the transfer order, Cao Bianjiao and Li Yuanyin rushed over from the army. Bi maokang, who was going to come to the capital to report on his work, just came here!”
“Well, well, well, let them in!”Chongzhen ordered.
Wang Chengen nodded, and soon two tall and strong generals and a thin civil servant walked into the barracks.
They glanced at the extraordinary Jingying, and all of them subconsciously opened their eyes, and then they immediately saluted Chongzhen!
“Ministers Cao Bianjiao, Bi maokang, Li Yuanyin, meet the emperor!”
“Three love Qing, please get up, please get up quickly!”
Chongzhen was in a good mood. He helped them up with a smile, which made them a little flattered.
At this time, the new weapons brought by sun heding were also brought up!
There were more than a dozen flint guns, dozens of wooden handle grenades and a lot of paper shell bullets in these big wooden boxes.
“Come on, the three love ministers are just in time!”Chongzhen said with a smile: “the military Bureau has just developed new weapons. Let's try them together. Huang Degong, let's start!”
Huang Degong waved his hand and ten soldiers came out immediately!
These soldiers were quickly familiar with the use of these new products under the instruction of the accompanying craftsmen of the military Bureau.
Then they started to try it out!
The first thing to try is the wooden handle grenade. Because the fuse is not very mature, the tail of the wooden handle grenade still has a lead.
When using it, soldiers need to hold a torch to ignite it. After lighting the lead wire, they throw it out. It's 20 meters or 30 meters away.
“Boom boom!”
There was a violent explosion and fire.
All the people present were startled.
I saw a large number of shrapnel and steel balls burst out. The explosion point was not only blasted out of a big hole, but also the tents and debris nearby were all in a mess by the shock wave. The scene was very shocking.
“My God, this thunderbolt is powerful enough!”
“This is a new kind of grenade with wooden handle developed by bingzhan Bureau. It's said to be easy to carry and powerful!”
“It's really good. If you throw it into the crowd, you'll have to blow up dozens of people!”
There was a lot of discussion in horror!
Sun heding immediately explained: “according to your instructions, our wooden handle grenade only needs to produce iron shells with wooden moulds, then connect them with wooden handles, plug gunpowder steel balls in them, and then connect them with fuzes.”
“This kind of grenade is quite powerful, and its cost is low. It's definitely stronger than our previous thunderbolts. It can be produced on a large scale!”
“Good, good!”
Chongzhen is happy to see nature!
He waved to everyone to continue the trial.
Then the ten soldiers quickly loaded and fired!
“Bang bang!”
A series of bullets hit the target a hundred paces away, and the power of the flint gun made everyone look at it with new eyes.
“Holy, the range of this blunderbuss is about 50 to 80 steps!”
“The range of Lumi blunderbuss is about 100 to 150 steps. After 100 steps, the accuracy and power of Lumi blunderbuss decrease rapidly!”
“But our new flint gun can reach about 150 to 300 steps, and after using paper shell bullets, the loading speed will be greatly improved!”
“A skilled soldier can load more than three times every 60 breath, which is definitely up to the current European level!”
Sun heding's introduction, and let everyone burst into an uproar!
Bi maokang, the master of firearms, could not help but exclaim: “I never thought that this military situation had such a big reform. My emperor Shengming!”
“With these firearms, I'm afraid the combat effectiveness of the Beijing battalion will increase a lot.”Cao Bianjiao also smacked his tongue secretly.
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