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Rebirth: my boss is so rich!
【1】 It’s 24 hours before rebirth![1]
“In September 1999, Penguin registered more than 1 million users and began to issue 7-digit QQ numbers!””But correspondingly, there is only 10000 yuan left in the company's account!””At this time, Ma Huateng has only two things to do: one is to increase capital and reduce salary, the other is to sell penguins!””In the end, Mr. Ma made an important decision to sell the company!””Because it's probably a better idea to sell the company than to increase capital and reduce salary. At that time, the asking price of pony was 3 million!””He's looking around for someone who's willing to pay for penguin!”“……” what the hell!Penguin has such a black history?!Three million for penguin?!Su Zhe, who is holding a penguin biography in his hand, can't believe it when he sees it: “only 3 million?””Penguin only needed 3 million in 1999If you buy it through the past, isn't it blood money now? “Su Zhe is really excited.The key is this autobiography about penguin. It's written at the back that pony offered Penguin 3 millionNobody bought it yet?!no one shows any interest in.After all, at that time, there were very few people who could afford 3 million.What's more, Penguin company in 1999 hasn't found a way to make profits with Q number, so no one is interested in this company.In the end, the pony had no choice but to hold on. FinallyMore than one trillion yuan have been listed.”Well, I know how to make a profit, but I can't go back to life.””Penguin show, Penguin space, Penguin members, green diamond, yellow diamond, super membersWhich is not money? “Su Zhe shook his head, ready to continue to eat this just bought “Penguin biography”.Tired of watching, he rubbed his eyes. At this moment, he heard a very mechanical sound in his ear.Ding![friendly reminder: it's less than 24 hours before the rebirth of the host. Please make preparations before rebirth!】”Well?”Su Zhe, who was reading a book, was stunned: “what's the ghost?””Rebirth, am I right?”WOW!Su Zhe immediately got up and looked around, but he didn't find anyone talking to him.Ding![friendly reminder: it's less than 24 hours before the rebirth of the host. Please make preparations before rebirth!】”Lying trough?Really? “This time Su Zhe heard very clearly.He just did not hear wrong, nor was he hallucinating. In his mind, a voice really appeared.What's more, the sound seems to come out of my mind, like a radio wave.He suddenly turned his head and looked around. Except for computers, there was no sound in the bedroom.So, it's not a prank.”Can you really be reborn?”Su Zhe quickly calm down, until now, in fact, he still has some don't believe.After all, rebirth is too mysterious for him.However, when he looked around again, he suddenly saw a very strange picture in his eyes. In the original normal visual field center, there was a 24-hour countdown.23:59:49!23:59:48!23:59:47Time is beating fast, decreasing at the rate of one second.Su Zhe tried to beat the countdown in front of him, but he didn't touch anything at all, and his fingers went through the countdown.“……” Su Zhe some speechless looking at the number constantly beating.”Is it really a countdown?””I'll go. That meansIs that voice true”I'll be reborn in 24 hours?”Su Zhe in order to confirm the authenticity of the countdown again, directly out of the door.After all, rebirth is not a joke.He went to the road, but the countdown still existed.No matter what Su Zhe thinks, his head wanders around, but in the center of his sight, it must be the beat of the countdown.He pinched himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming.Sound, countdownIt's all true!But no matter how he communicated, the voice in his mind didn't ring again.Until, an hour later.Ding![friendly reminder: it's less than 23 hours before the rebirth of the host. Please make preparations before rebirth!】Ding![friendly reminder: it's less than 23 hours before the rebirth of the host. Please make preparations before rebirth!】The voice sounded again.It's not the outside world, it's deep in the brain, it's like there's a voice generator there.”Hoo…”Su zhechang breathed out, and now he was almost certain.After 23 hours, I will be reborn.This voice is absolutely true, after all, the countdown, the voice of the mind these, ordinary people absolutely can not do.Only the legendary system works.At the thought of this, he was a little nervous.”When will it be reborn?”Su Zhe quickly calmed down, and the problem had been hovering in his mind.“……” The system did not answer him.That electronic sound seems to have no other language than an hour to remind him of his rebirth.Mechanical is like a killer without any feelings.”How do I prepare for this NIMA?””Is it difficult for me to review it for five thousand years?”Su Zhe is a little crazy. The hint of rebirth is the same as no hint at all. After all, the word rebirth is too lenient.What if you want to be reborn into the prehistoric Jurassic?!”No!”Su Zhe suddenly had some reaction.”This voice suddenly appeared after I wanted to be rebornThat is to say, I want to be reborn, and the voice appears! “”It's actually to help me!””Why do I want to be reborn?””Penguin!””Buy Penguin Group!”Su Zhe let his heart quickly calm down, and then seized a layer of clues: “yes, it must be so. I want to buy Penguin Group, so this voice suddenly appeared, which is to help me to come back and realize my dream of buying Penguin Group?””So, the time line of rebirth must be 99, maybe 98At a specific time… “”Is it November?””After all, penguins are on sale in November!”Su Zhe frowned and didn't think much about it at all.We all know the time of rebirth. When is the day of rebirth? What's the trouble?!Now the most important thing is to quickly record some major events that happened after 1999. For Su Zhe, time is an endless stream of money.Prepare more before rebirth, and only after rebirth can we rise rapidly.Thinking of this, Su Zhe immediately turned on the computer.”Don't you just remember the big events, stocks, lottery tickets and so on from January 1, 1999 to now?Don't forget all the big events in 1998Su Zhe is browsing quickly.At this time, there are 22 hours, 48 minutes and 34 seconds left for the countdown to his rebirth!In other words, I still have less than 23 hours to prepare for some matters before rebirth!”It's urgent!”Su Zhe pursed his mouth, but he looked at the computer screen quickly.There are all kinds of big events after 99 years.
【2】 Rebirth![2 changes]
“In the history of Internet in China and the world, the two years from 1998 to 1999 are a mysterious period. If you miss this period, you will miss an era!”
“In China, in April 1998, Zhang Chaoyang's team took the lead in copying Yahoo and cloned a Chinese version of Sohu!”
“In August, Sina and Netease were established one after another.”
“Then Shanda and JingdongAlibaba, Tencent and Baidu! ”
“In the United States, Microsoft released Windows 98, and its share price soared by 72%Jobs returned to apple and launched iMac, which turned Apple's losses into profits! ”
“The most popular Internet hero in the United States is young Chinese American Yang Zhiyuan, who has been on time and business week, and has become 16 high-tech millionaires with a fortune of 1 billion dollars!”
“It was also in this year that he made the stupidest decision in his life. Two Stanford alumni, born in 1973, were going to sell their search technology to Yahoo for $1 millionHowever, Yang Zhiyuan simply refused them! ”
“Then on September 7, these two Stanford alumni, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who were rejected by Yang Zhiyuan, were forced to start a business alone in a garage in the suburb of California. They named the company Google!”
Su Zhe quickly remembers all kinds of big events that happened after 1998.
These are the keys to rebirth.
Of course, the events of 1999 are the most important. For example, the founding time of Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba and other enterprises, the trends of foreign big enterprises such as apple, Google and Microsoft, as well as various corporate events, social events, central policies and so on.
Su Zhe remembered it in his mind one by one. For fear of not remembering it, he wrote it himself.
Bad writing is better than good memory!
This is the truth taught by the teacher, and Su Zhe has carried out this policy very well.
“It's just a pity that the two-color ball only began to be recorded in 2005, and it couldn't be found before. Moreover, the launch time of the two-color ball was in 2003, and it didn't exist in 1999. I missed the opportunity to get rich overnight…”
Su Zhe sighed: “forget it, remember the first note!”
He wrote down the number of the first bet after the release of the bicolor.
However, when he was ready to query other information, a section of Baidu Encyclopedia suddenly jumped into his eyes.
“Before 2003, it was the local sports lottery 6 + 1 that dominated the lottery…”
Sports lottery 6 + 1?
Su Zhe has an impression on this lottery, which can be said to be the first popular lottery variety. Even now, many sports lottery shops sell it.
It is similar to the bicolor ball, which is 6 digits plus a special number. However, unlike the bicolor ball, which extracts 6 digits from 1-33 digits, the 6 + 1 is composed of a basic number of 6 natural numbers and a special code.
The six digit natural number is selected from the range of 000000-9999, and the special code is selected from the range of 0-9. The six digit number can be repeated, such as 678881!
But the two-color ball cannot be repeated.
And there is a big difference in playing.
But in the bonus, single note also up to 5 million yuan!
“I don't know, is there any record of this 6 + 1 on the Internet?”
In 1999, in fact, the monopoly of lottery was sports lottery. It was not until the birth of the double color ball that welfare lottery took the lead in sports lottery.
Su Zhe subconsciously checked the sports lottery 6 + 1 in Jiangnan province. Let alone, there are historical data on the Internet.
From 1998 to 19, the records are very detailed.
There are 52 groups in 1999 alone!
Once a week!
“In 1998, there were 31 groups. After all, 6 + 1 was a lottery form introduced in 1998In 1999, there were 52 groups… ”
Su Zhe looked at the seven figure lottery. Although he was a little excited, he still had a big head.
It's not realistic to ask him to write down all the numbers that are close to 100.
After thinking about it, he finally came up with a compromise.
“Three notes to 1998, the first week, the 15th week and the 30th week!”
“The first, the tenth, the twentieth, the thirtieth, the fortieth and the fiftieth weeks of the year of 99!”
“9 groups!”
Su Zhe didn't remember much either. Anyway, after the rebirth of lottery, he can only win once, if twiceIt's very dangerous to be targeted.
To be on the safe side, Su Zhe decided to slip away once in the middle.
“Winning the lottery is the starting fund!”
Su Zhe quickly wrote down 9 groups of numbers, and then began to browse other information.
“Remember some important stocks and futures, especially in 1999 and 2000. After winning the lottery, the second pot of gold depends on it!”
“The most important thing is all kinds of big events, especially the Internet!”
“By the way, there are also college entrance examination questions!”
Su Zhe happened to be in the college entrance examination in 1999, and he barely went to a junior college.
This is also the reason why he chose to go back after he heard that he could be reborn.
This life, live to 38 years old, he has too many regrets.
About parents, about college entrance examination, and workIt's not that he has achieved nothing, but mediocrity!
And can change the trajectory of life, in addition to entrepreneurship, but also the college entrance examination.
This is a special node for many Chinese students.
What if the past is the college entrance examination?
This makes a college entrance examination champion Dangdang, is not happy Zizi?!
Su Zhe quickly inquired about the college entrance examination questions of various subjects in Jiangsu Province in 1999, and tried to remember the answers, the most important of which was the topic of composition.
[friendly reminder: it's less than 15 hours before the rebirth of the host. Please make preparations before rebirth!】
[friendly reminder: it's less than 14 hours before the rebirth of the host. Please make preparations before rebirth!】
Electronic sound is still at the speed of 2 times an hour, reminding Su Zhe of his rebirth.
But his whole person is as if unconscious, in that quick turn looking at the web page, two eyes eager to see the computer screen, all of the things in mind.
What he hates now is that he has no ability to remember.
“In 1999, due to the good news released by the central government on vigorously developing the capital market, the stock began to blowout on May 19!”
“Ten bull stocks in 1999, Yian technology, Nankai gold…”
“On December 20, 1999, Macao returned to China…”
“In 1999…”
Su Zhe was reading and recording. Originally, he thought it was more than enough to remember these things in more than 20 hours, but obviously, he thought too much.
There were a lot of events in 1999 alone, and in the end he had to choose some key points.
What about the development of housing prices, securities, smart phones, 3G, 4G networks, etc. to ensure that after their rebirth, they can rely on these data to quickly obtain wealth.
College entrance examination questions he is crazy to remember all kinds of answers, of course, he also detailed scan once, to ensure that there is no mistake.
“The first thing after rebirth is to write down the answer to the college entrance examination and the lottery number!”
“There are also profitable stocks, time nodes of various major events…”
Su Zhe closed his eyes, filtered through his mind what he had just recorded for more than ten hours, and then began to think about whether he was negligent.
When you think of something, write it on a piece of paper.
In this way, in the countdown there is an hour, Su Zhe put down his pen!
BecauseI remember almost.
In writing down, the brain can not bear not to say, before some important content, will be covered.
This is the drawback of short-term memory!*
【3】 The first pot of gold![3 changes]
“I can't remember any more!”
“Next, let the brain begin to empty, and then deep comb!”
Su Zhe looked in front of him and wrote several pages of notes. He began to browse word by word from beginning to end.
This time he read it slowly and carefully, almost reading it out.
It's getting closer and closer to Su Zhe's rebirth.
After watching the countdown, Su Zhe's heart was inexplicably nervous. Although he was calm, his heart was beating fast.
RebirthIt's something incredible for all of us to be met by ourselves.
So far, though, he doesn't know whether it's true or not.
But what if it's true?
Su Zhe is willing to believe that this is true.
So he wants to go back and change his life.
The time in this moment was extremely slow, which was not worth mentioning in Su Zhe's eyes. It seemed that it was as long as several centuries.
“Rebirth assist system is about to activate!”
“The time when the host is about to be reborn is May 9, 1999, one month before the college entrance examination. Please make the final preparation before the rebirth!”
“Countdown 10 seconds, 109……8……”
Looking at the countdown from the upper right corner, Su Zhe's body was shocked.
The time of rebirth just mentioned by the system reverberated in his mind.
“May 8, 1999?”
“Doesn't that mean that Google has just been founded, and Tencent is about to face difficulties?”
“And the college entrance examination…”
Su Zhe's expression can't help but change. He remembers what he saw in just 24 hours. He knows that the time of rebirth is not too good, but it's absolutely not bad.
I have great potential.
What's more, the sports lottery 6 + 1 that Su Zhe remembered, the 20th week of 1999, is also in the middle of May!
“Start up funds are available!”
Su Zhe pinched his fist, but the number in his eyes was beating fast.
With the countdown time returning to zero, Su Zhe's whole body can't help shaking, and then everything in front of him, just like the playback of a flash of light, began to reverse.
The first is the computer, which disintegrates directly into a pile of parts, and then dust.
The decoration of the house also began to become a blank
Su Zhe also began to get up, constantly retrogressive, out of the door, the figure on the street in a hurry, is also fast backward.
The tall buildings have become reinforced concrete.
Landmark building began to gradually collapse!
The whole world seems to be changing.
And the playback speed is also faster and faster. Su Zhe can't react at all. Finally, when the picture stops, Su Zhe wakes up with the familiar blue sky and white clouds on his head.
Compared with the foggy days in 2020, it is clear and clear for countless times.
“ReallyIt's reborn
Su Zhe murmured.
He's really reborn.
Rebirth to the morning of May 9, 1999, there is a month, is about to face the college entrance examination.
For a moment, he experienced 20 years of vicissitudes, and his whole life became young and energetic.
Su zhechang breathed out a breath and quickly digested what he had just seen.
Although the process of reversing time and space and regenerating everything seems too fast for him to react, he can still feel the breath of 20 years of historical precipitation, just like experiencing some vicissitudes of life.
To tell the truth, until now, Su Zhe really believed that he was really reborn!
The voice did not deceive itself.
Everything seems so old and real.
“Su Zhe, are you ok?”
“Su Zhe…”
Confused, Su Zhe heard a familiar voice in his ear.
“Wei Kun?”
Su Zhe's smile came out of his mouth. It was his fault.
The two are currently in the same high school.
But after the college entrance examination, they parted ways, went to different universities, and then got together more.
The last contact seems to be a year ago.
Su Zhe turns his head slightly, and sees a black face with a sharp outline, and a handful of Hu dregs on his chin. He is not the same person as Wei Kun in the 2020 video.
“Years are really a knife to kill pigs. Who would have thought that brother Kun, whose name can ward off evil spirits, was still a model man in his high school career?”
Su Zhe shook his head slightly.
“Why do you laugh?What a fool to be hit by basketball?Do you want to go to the infirmary? ”
Wei Kun, wearing a No.23 bull Jersey, is breathing heavily towards Su Zhe.
“No need!”
Su Zhe struggled to get up, looked at the basketball court in front of him, and the buildings in the distance, and then returned to himself.
White hands, slim arms, and Benny long sleeves.
“It's nice to be young!”
Su Zhe stretched and felt his body 20 years younger. He only felt a kind of youthful energy in his body.
Sunshine over the campus, there is a different kind of fresh.
Looking at the sweaty figures, the vague or familiar figures in memory, countless pictures in memory can't help floating on my mind.
“I'll go. I'm starting to talk nonsense. Go to the infirmary and have a look. You're a little abnormal today!”
As soon as Wei Kun picked up Su Zhe, he was ready to rush to the medical room: “let you not come to the basketball court, your sports cells, basketball to see you hide!”
“Come on, I'm fine!”
Su Zhe stretched out his hand: “do you have any paper or pen?”
He urgently needs to write down some future events he remembers 24 hours ago, especially lottery, stock and college entrance examination questions. If he forgets, he will lose a lot!
“Paper and pen?”
“Why do I play basketball with that?”
Wei Kun was stunned. He felt that after Su Zhe was hit by basketball, it seemed that the whole person was a little bad.
“Of course it works!”
Su Zhe made an effort to go to the classroom, but Wei Kun pressed him down: “OK, I'll help you find it and wait for me here. I'm not at ease if you are like this!”
Wei Kun took a look at Su Zhe and shook his head.
“The boy!”
Su Zhe looks at this guy's burly figure, can't help sighing, this life, can't let this guy go.
The world is unpredictable!
Kunge, who can compete with female ghost day, in order to verify his life, broke up with his girlfriend and went to yilac to become a war reporter.
It turns out that this guy's lifeIt's really hard.
“The sports lottery 6 + 1 in the 20th week of 1999 is 6, 5, 7, 5, 6, 8, and the special number is 2The top ten stocks are Yian TechnologyCollege entrance examination questions, big events…. ”
Su Zhe repeatedly recited the lessons he had done for rebirth, and prepared to write them down for a while.
Just then, in my mind, I suddenly heard a familiar sound.*
【4】 Laozi is talking about Qinghua![4 changes]
[rebirth assist system is on!】
[host: Su Zhe!】
[please quickly achieve the first achievement after rebirth – the first bucket of gold!】
Su Zhe was stunned by the sudden prompt sound, but fortunately, he knew the existence of this system before rebirth. It was also because of it that Su Zhe knew he was going to be reborn.
So I quickly accepted it.
[the first bucket of gold]: try to earn the first wealth after rebirth. The more you earn, the higher the reward.
“The first pot of gold?”
Su Zhe's brow slightly wrinkled, subconsciously touched the next pocket, it is not as poor as imagined, there are more than 100 yuan of living expenses.
However, we can earn the first pot of gold by more than 100 yuan
“100 yuan is enough to buy 50 bets of 6 + 1…”
Su Zhe didn't pay attention to the task of the first pot of gold.
Of course, he can't buy so many bets. After all, the bonus of 10 bets and 99 bets is the same.
99This year's lottery pool didn't have so much cash, unlike the future generations, which could easily reach tens of millions or even draw 570 million yuan.
Because bonuses and sales are actually closely related.
The more lottery tickets are sold in the current period, the higher the bonus. The special prize, the first prize and the second prize of sports lottery 6 + 1 are floating prizes, while the third, fourth and fifth prizes are fixed prizes, and the bonus return rate is 50% of the total sales!
In other words, if 100 million yuan is sold in this lottery, the maximum bonus can only be 50 million yuan, and the first and second prizes have to be removed. In the end, the special prize is won. If a person wins alone, he can only get more than 40 million yuan at most!
Unlike the two-color ball of later generations, not only the prize pool is rich in bonus, but also the sales are high, so it can often offer hundreds of millions of awards.
99The annual sales volume of sports lottery is only more than 6 billion, including various scratch lottery, football lottery, match lottery and so on. Therefore, when it comes to sports lottery 6 + 1, the sales volume is more than 3 billion.
In this way, every week, the sales are up to 50 million, and the top prize of the grand prize, 25 million, is already the limit.
“So, just buy 5-6 bets, 10 bets can't get 50 million… Let alone 50 bets!”
That's all the bonus.
Before his rebirth, Su Zhe had already planned some plans for his rebirth.
The first bucket of gold is sure to win, then the stock market. When he has enough liquidity, he starts to buy the company.
The Penguin Group, of course, bears the brunt.
“3 million can buy Penguin Group, and no offer, that there is still room for decline!”
As soon as I think of penguins with a market value of several trillion in the future, which are being sold at a low price, Su Zhe's heart becomes a little hot.
“Penguin company must buy it. It's the first market value of China in the future!”
“Five months to go!”
Su Zhe's eyes flashed a sharp light. He recorded that the lottery 6 + 1 of the 20th week of 1999 will be won next Sunday, and tomorrow's Monday will be OK.
But he decided to take time to go to the lottery shop.
If something goes wrong, it's not worth the loss.
Quickly write down the number, Su Zhe line of sight to see the tall Wei Kun, holding a notebook, toward himself.
“Here, paper and pen!”
Wei Kun handed the notebook and a black signature pen to Su Zhe. Su Zhe couldn't help but tell him. He took it and wrote directly on it.
He quickly wrote down a group of numbers in his notebook, as well as the college entrance examination answers of various subjects, future events, stocks and so on.
At first, Wei Kun wanted to have a look with great interest. Su Zhe was so eager to ask for pen and paper to record some important events. When he saw that he was writing madly by himself, he was speechless.
“Crouching trough, do you want to do this?”
“Don't you forget to work on Sunday?You don't have to do that for the college entrance examination right now, do you? ”
Wei Kun angrily pushed Su Zhe for a while, and Su Zhe directly threw his arm: “you know what? I'll count on it all my life!”
Wei Kun, of course, would not believe Su Zhe's lies. After pointing at him, he rushed into the competition again.
Su Zhe wrote all the information he had memorized in his notebook.
From the lottery, stocks, college entrance examination questions, to the numerous major events since 1999, he wrote them in detail… After writing, he was even more worried. He also read them from the beginning to the end and added some details again.
In this way, while writing to fill, until Wei Kun finished playing basketball, Su Zhe has not finished writing.
“Come on, what are you doing in front of me when I don't know who you are?”
Wei Kun is drinking a drink and criticizing Su Zhe.
Su Zhe closed his notebook and stood up after holding it solemnly in his hand: “go back to the dormitory yourself. I'll go outside!”
“Where to?”
Wei Kun asked subconsciously.
“Buy lottery tickets!”
Wei Kun, who had just taken a sip of his drink, sprayed it out directly.
He was coughing violently. He was obviously surprised by Su Zhe's words: “lottery ticket?”
“Well, if you buy two bets, maybe you'll win five million!”
Su Zhe laughs playfully, but Wei Kun puts his hand on his forehead: “don't you have a fever?Five million?You'd better think about which school to apply for first?At the end of the month, I'm going to fill in my wish! ”
99The college entrance examination in 2000 adopted the policy of filling in the first volunteer before the college entrance examination. As a result, many students who failed in the college entrance examination would have to go to the second or even third volunteer schools.
However, Su Zhe, who is familiar with the answers to the college entrance examination, certainly has no worries in this regard.
“School… Wudaokou men's Vocational and technical college!”
With that, Su Zhe went straight outside the school.
But Wei Kun is a face in the wind messy: “Wudaokou men's Vocational and technical college?”
Which school is this special?
He never heard of it.
“No, what's the matter with you?What's there to study in vocational school? Let's have a second one! ”
Wei Kun shouts at Su Zhe's back, but Su Zhe laughs: “Shen te Mo two books, Lao Tzu says Qinghua!”
Du te Mo knows the answer to the college entrance examination. If he gets a second one, Su Zhe thinks that his rebirth is too special to fail.
If you want to test, you should test the best in China.
Of course, Wei Kun didn't hear that. If he knew Su Zhe was testing Qinghua, he would not believe it!
After all, Su Zhe's Sucheng No.3 middle school, the best school for students in recent years, is the restoration University of mordu*
【5】 Buy the lottery![5 changes]
Sucheng No.3 middle school is Su Zhe's alma mater. Although it is not the best high school in Sucheng County, it can also rank in the top three, which is the focus of the province.
However, although it is a provincial focus, there is still a big gap between it and the top two national priorities.
Take the undergraduate enrollment rate as an example, it is one level lower.
Although there are not many students admitted to Qinghua and Dida every year, there will always be a few each year.
However, in the history of the third middle school, there were no students admitted to these two universities.
None of them.
The best are Fudan University, Zhejiang University and Jinling University.
If Su Zhe is admitted, he will definitely break the history of No.3 middle school. It's the first time to make a breakthrough.
“The first one… Good!”
Su Zhe smile, just ready to step out of the campus, the body can't help but get a meal, the mind involuntarily emerged a thin shadow.
“Tang Mo!”
In Su Zhe's memory, in fact, in the college entrance examination in 1999, there was a girl in No.3 middle school who was very hopeful to be admitted to the two universities.
Even teachers and principals are very optimistic.
In the three mock examinations before the college entrance examination, her score was stable at more than 650. It can be said that going to Tsinghua University and Imperial University is a certainty.
But in the end, don't know what the reason, Tang Mo test failed, the results only test more than 500, on an ordinary second.
At that time, it was a great sensation in No.3 middle school, and the headmaster was surprised.
After all, Tang Mo from the beginning of high school, has been the first age, scores ahead of the second advantage is very obvious, almost the existence of hanging.
You may not know who the vice president is, but no one will not know Tang mo.
Because she is still the school flower of No.3 middle school.
Beautiful face, not to mention, academic performance is so outstanding, not famous are difficult.
So Su Zhe can't forget such a girl, but Tang Mo is the monitor of a top class, and Su Zhe's class 10 is just a key class.
He knows Tang Mo, but Tang Mo doesn't know him.
Besides, Tang Mo and Su Zhe remember that she was very introverted. Every time Su Zhe passed a class, she would see her doing the test paper with her head down. It is said that she had a bad relationship with her classmates and was rather lonely.
No one knows why she failed the exam in those years. After graduating from University, Su Zhe didn't know where she was going.
“If she gets into Qinghua, it's another chance…”
“College entrance examination, can really change a person's life!”
Su Zhe sighed, more and more feel the importance of the college entrance examination, but now, he thinks it is better to have money.
After all, compared with Qinghua, Penguin Group is more attractive.
Thinking of this, he can't wait to start looking for a sports lottery shop.
In 1999, it was really a rare thing to buy lottery tickets. Although many people knew it, few people were keen on it.
Asked seven or eight people, Su Zhe just clear the location of the sports lottery shop.
Along the way, the streets retain the color of the late 1990s, and each of them is a kind of small shop, and some pop songs come out from time to time.
“When the mountain has no edges, when the river no longer flows!”
“When time stops, day and night do not divide, when all things in heaven and earth become nothingness…”
“I still can't break up with you!”
Su Zhe shook his head slightly. This is an old song, but in fact, it was only popular last year.
The opening song of Dang and huanzhuge.
Huanzhu's trend of sweeping all TV plays has become the most iconic upsurge in 1998.
And all the stars who starred in the TV series, including mammy Rong, were on fire.
Feeling the buildings in his memory all the way, Su Zhe finally came to a slightly old sports lottery shop.
The shop is not big. There is a very old 386 computer in it. It was put in 1999, not to mention 2020. It is definitely an antique collection.
At first glance, it looks like a box, but its appearance is very new. It was not until last year that lottery tickets were transferred from offline to online, that is, computer selling lottery tickets.
However, this policy has made the sales of lottery tickets rise and double.
And this, obviously, is just the beginning.
Computer sales of lottery tickets, this is the turning point of the lottery industry to take off directly.
Of course, this is also the key to the rise of the Internet.
All walks of life, has begun to rely on the Internet to make money, lottery is the first industry.
“Handsome, come to buy lottery tickets?”
The aunt of the sports lottery shop warmly greets Su Zhe. Su Zhe nods slightly, but her eyes move from the computer to the wall in the shop, which is full of winning numbers of each issue.
One of the walls facing Su Zhe is a new type of body color, 6 + 1, just launched last year!
From the first issue of 1998001 to the issue of 1999019, which was just released in the afternoon, they were all marked in detail, and many red lines were drawn for the buyers' reference.
“Buy 6 + 1?This kind of lottery is amazing. A bet of 5 million… Many people buy it… ”
Su Zhe's eyes are fixed on the 98001 issue number, which is 373617 + 1!
Sure enough, it's the same as the historical data on the Internet.
For the sake of conservatism, Su Zhe looked at issue 1998015 – 744228 + 0!
It's the same!
“That should be right!”
Su Zhe's heart was slightly hot. He saw issues 1998030… 1999001 and 1999010 again. These three numbers were also the three notes he remembered, and there was no difference.
All the data recorded on the Internet are true.
Su Zhe then took out the notebook recording the sports lottery 6 + 1 of the 20th week of 1999 and said to the owner of the sports lottery shop, “boss, can I buy the 20th issue now?”
“Yes, how many
The landlady looked at Su Zhe's notebook and didn't think much.
After all, many people who buy lottery tickets think they can work it out. They use probability to calculate every day. Of course, it's a little useful. If they win the fifth prize or the fourth prize, they can't work out the first prize at all.
“Note 5, the first six digits are 657568, the special number is 2!”
Su Zhe contrasted with the number recorded in his notebook and said it word by word.
The proprietress used a finger zen to knock seven times on the 386 computer keyboard, and a printer nearby immediately made a sound.
A brand-new 6 + 1 lottery ticket came out immediately. The number on it is the number of Su Zhe newspaper.
“Handsome boy, check it out!”
Su Zhe compared the number recorded in his notebook, then paid for it and put the lottery ticket in his notebook.
“Next, we'll wait for next Sunday's win!”
To be honest, Su Zhe is still a little excited in his heart, but he is still worried about the money.
The notebook dead in the hand, he went toward the Su city three*
【6】 Tang Mo![6 changes]
Su Zhe is a resident student. He usually goes back once a month, but he will stay at school when it comes to college entrance examination.
Even on Sunday, he basically stayed in the dormitory.
Because of his studies, senior high school students only have one day a week, and they have to study late. So the students who stay far away are basically the same as Su Zhe.
At this time, eight people in dormitory 305 of class 10 of senior high school were all in.
Looking at the familiar young faces in his memory, Su Zhe had a sense of right and wrong.
Su Zhe knows exactly what these guys will become in the future.
The most unpopular fat man has been at the bottom of his class, but he will be the best one in the future. Because his father has been cooperating with the municipal government, his father passed on his son's career. At the age of 30, he became one of the top ten outstanding young people in the county.
But who ever knew that the goods were beaten black and blue in the dormitory because they always showed off their family.
He was beaten by Su Zhe's roommate, Gu Ming, a well-known gangster in No.3 middle school. However, he was very righteous and his family was rich. Similarly, his son inherited his father's business and opened a factory in the future, which made him rich.
There is also Zhou Jun, who has the best relationship with Su Zhe in the dormitory. The mantra I talk about every day is that I want to have 100 women in my life.
But in fact, he hasn't been to any of them up to now, and he has made seven or eight girlfriends. After all, a piece of fresh meat can be regarded as a class grass in the class, which is as good as Su Zhe's appearance.
Because they both love to watch the biography of Tang Shuanglong, they give each other a name in private.
Su Zhe is Xu Ziling, and Zhou Jun is Kou Zhong!
These guys are Su Zhe's dormitories. In fact, the friendship in high school is much purer than that in college. Making friends will not be full of benefits, nor will they explore whether the other party has money in the family, which is quite simple.
“Ziling, why did you go? I heard Lao Wei say that you were smashed by basketball when you were on the court?”
“Are you all right?”
After taking a bath, Zhou Jun went to Su Zhe half naked.
“What can I do for you?”
Su Zhe looks at this guy and wants to say nothing. He really wants to say something to Zhou Jun, but he doesn't know where to start.
Three years later, his father was in a car accident, and his life changed completely.
Zhou Jun was not bad at his studies, but his father's death hit him a lot, and the whole family collapsed directly.
Originally, he liked to hook up three and four, and his character became restrained. After graduation, he married a local girl and lived in a muddle.
“It's OK. I'll tell you, I've got a set of good things recently. Do you want to have a look?”
Zhou Jun some wretched Dynasty Su Zhe squeezed eyes, Su Zhe of course know what it is.
Looking for Qin Ji's cartoon!
Huang Yi, the original work, was written by Liao Fucheng, the master of Xiangjiang comics, with a large scale of pictures.
Before the college entrance examination, because of this set of comics, Su Zhe couldn't stop watching it.
There are several guys in the dormitory who are charging with their hands.
“Look, what's up?Isn't it wonderful? ”
Zhou Jun swallows his saliva and reads it in front of Su Zhe like a treasure, but Su Zhe is still. For Su Zhe, who reads countless films, this kind of cartoon is his younger brother.
“Have you seen it?Have you read the book? ”
Su Zhe grinned, Zhou Jun's expression suddenly solidified there: “Lifen?notebook?What's that? ”
“You're still a brother!”
Su Zhe pats Zhou Jun on the shoulder, and walks into the bathroom with a smile on his face.
“No, Lao Su, what do you mean by Lifen and the book?”
On the way to the classroom, Zhou Jun is still pestering Su Zhe.
Su Zhe was a little impatient with this guy, so he had to say, “have you seen the porn?”
“See… See!”
Zhou Jun is a little embarrassed, but Gu Ming and several other guys come together at the same time.
High school students have a strong thirst for knowledge.
Su Zhe looked at his eyes, coughed and said, “Lifen is the pornographic film in animation, and the book is the pornographic cartoon!”
Such an explanation, a group of people instantly understand.
“Crouching trough, good thing, Lao Su, have you seen this one?”
Zhou Jun's eyes are fixed on Su Zhe.
Gu Ming is the same. After all, in the 99 years before the Internet was developed, things like Lifen and notebooks were just like the new world.
“I've seen hundreds… Thousands of them.”
Su Zhe said solemnly, but he suffered from Zhou Jun's white eyes: “you must blow it!”
“No one has seen it anyway!”
“It is…”
“You don't have to be able to see so much when you start to look in your crotch!”
A group of people obviously don't believe Su Zhe's words. They don't believe anyone else. After all, the popularity of the Internet and mobile phones in later generations is beyond their imagination.
“I know you don't believe it. Forget it. I'll show you in a few days!”
Isn't that Lipan and the book?
Although the Internet is underdeveloped, Su Zhe is still very easy to get this thing.
Money is nothing!
“All right, you said it!”
“If you have this good thing, you will be my boss in the future!”
“Yes, we must get it. Let me see…”
A group of guys almost drool, Su Zhe shook his head, set foot on the third grade teaching building.
Zhou Jun and Gu Ming look at Su Zhe's back, but suddenly they have a feeling that Su Zhe is very different from the silent guy before.
I can't tell this feeling, but I think Su Zhe seems to have become a lot more powerful.
But they didn't think much about it. They were followed up.
There are 12 classes in senior three of Sucheng No.3 middle school, all on the fourth floor of the last building.
After going up the stairs, the first classroom is class 1, then class 2… The last class 12 comes to the end.
Moreover, the 12 classes are determined according to the students' grades.
One two three is the top class, four five six is the intensive class, 11 and 12 are the ordinary class, as for the 70 or 90 in the middle, it is the key class.
Su Zhe's class 10 is the key class, not the end, but not much better than the two ordinary classes.
Su Zhe went upstairs, and subconsciously looked at the classroom of class one. A thin figure suddenly came into his eyes.
And the eyes of Zhou Jun and Gu Ming also converge on the figure.
Tang Mo!
Legendary student of Sucheng No.3 middle school, two mock examinations, top ten in the county!
More importantly, she is a well deserved school flower of Sucheng No.3 middle school*
【7】 Love letter![7 changes]
Tang Mo is sitting by the window, head down, long hair shawl, some wet, obviously just had a bath.
Slightly wet hair on the back, covered her good face.
But even so, her skin is white and smooth, and the veins on her arms can be seen clearly.
She wears very simple, because it is night study, many girls are washed to come, so all wear short sleeve pajamas, the whole body seems to send out the hormone of youth.
But Tang Mo's clothes are very simple. Unlike the beautiful and conspicuous pajamas of the girls around her, some of her clothes don't fit very well. They are still single clothes and trousers, and the patterns on them have been washed white and faded.
It's old to see this dress.
Although the evening self-study has not started, but she has been in that serious do the test paper, as Su Zhe impression.
Quiet, introverted.
As if nothing around her could affect her.
“The children of the poor are in charge of the family early!”
Su Zhe saw a lot of details at a glance. Although he had met Tang Mo several times in his previous life, his impression was really limited.
All I know is that she is a school girl and a student bully.
Now I can see why she works so hard.
She wants to change the status quo.
It's just a pity that she should be under too much pressure in the college entrance examination, so she failed.
Su Zhe shook his head, just ready to go back to his classroom, but suddenly out of the side of a boy.
“Classmate, help to give this letter to Tang Mo!”
This guy handed an envelope with love printed on it to one of the students in class one. The student was stunned, but he seemed to be used to it. After taking the letter, he went to Tang Mo by the window.
Su Zhe some speechless looking at that boy, this letter is obviously a love letter.
99In the era of Internet and mobile phone underdevelopment, writing notes and love letters is the most popular way to chat up high school students.
Zhou Jun, who originally wanted to go, also turned his head with interest.
In fact, it takes courage to deliver love letters these days.
“Who is this guy?”
Zhou Jun asked Gu Ming in a low voice. Gu Ming turned his lips: “class three, it's like he's called Lei, the top student. His father is the director of Tianchang town police station!”
“No wonder you are so bold…”
In fact, Zhou Jun wrote a love letter to Tang Mo, but there was no reply at all.
Over time, many people who like Tang Mo have given up, but there are still a few who do not give up and persevere.
In front of this boy, is this wave of unremitting pursuit of Tang Mo among the best.
Because he is handsome, rich and talented, and his key achievements and family background are very good, he thinks that perseverance can move the goddess, but obviously, he thinks too much.
After receiving the love letter, Tang Mo's face turned red.
But the next second, she lowered her head and stuffed the letter into the desk without even raising her head.
Then continue to do the question.
Time seems to stop at this moment.
“Ha ha ha!”
Zhou Jun was the first one to break the silence and smile happily.
In fact, this result can be expected by everyone, because there are too many students writing love letters to Tang Mo, even in front of her.
But Tang Mo is low head to accept the love letter, put into the bag, then shy away.
Never say a word at all.
And thenAnd then there's no more.
This is how Tang Mo deals with her pursuers.
The boy who sent the love letter sighed, obviously disappointed.
He glared at Zhou Jun and walked away.
“Come on, you want to fight with him!”
Seeing the unconvinced look on Zhou Jun's face, Su Zhe also looks funny. Young people are really impulsive.
According to the experience of his old driver, in fact, a girl like Tang Mo can't be traced by a love letter at all.
It's even more impossible to send love letters on the street.
Tangmo will only feel embarrassed if he is dogged.
This kind of precocious girl, unless let her take the initiative to be interested in you, otherwise the probability of pursuing is very low.
To the university may be better, now she in addition to the college entrance examination, should not think of other things.
They went back to class 10. The episode happened every day in high school.
Su Zhe sits on the seat he hasn't seen for a long time and looks at all kinds of test papers and textbooks stacked in front of him. He seems to be fighting for the college entrance examination.
It's definitely a past that can't be recalled.
During that hard time, he absolutely does not want to experience the second time, but there is still a month to go before the college entrance examination. He has to think about how to spend it happily.
After a month, oh no, maybe just a week.
Then all of this will be completely different.
“Just, what's the week like?”
“Hard to do!”
Su Zhe picked up a blank mathematics test paper beside him and looked at it. Some of them wanted to cry without tears.
He knows every word in the paper, but evenI don't know how to solve it.
Su Zhe picked up the physics test paper again, and was equally confused.
Chemistry papers, down again.
English is because he has been working in a foreign trade company before. He is proficient in spoken English and can pass CET-6.
And he knows Chinese and Chinese characters.
“This state, if the college entrance examination is too goodWill it be doubted, too? ”
Su Zhe's college entrance examination answers have been memorized in his heart, not to say that he can get a full score of 750, but he is very confident.
However, the problem is that the score is too high, which does not coincide with peacetime. It is absolutely necessary to be checked.
The school may protect him, but if not, other students are jealous.
The Education Bureau found out that Su Zhe was definitely in charge.
“No, we have to think of a way to get the best of both worlds. We must get high marks in the college entrance examination. Otherwise, what's the point of being rebornAs for what to do after being investigated… ”
Su Zhe quickly turned his pen, thinking about the Countermeasures in his mind.
Ding Ling Ling!
When the bell rings, countless students are immersed in the sea of questions. Only Su Zhe pretends to think.
Lao Wang, the head teacher, walked into the classroom, looked around and walked away.
The whole classroom is very quiet, only the sound of pen and paper friction.
Su Zhe's pen suddenly stopped and fell back into his hands.
“Yes, that's it!”
Su Zhe's eyes lit slightly, and soon thought of a plan to deal with the college entrance examination.*
【8】 100 Lipan![8 Geng]
Su Zhe wrote a note and threw it directly to Zhou Jun's seat.
The boy is secretly looking at the comic book of Qin Xun Ji. The comic book is put in the drawer. He holds it in one hand and leans on the table with the other hand to pretend to do the test paper. However, he sometimes looks out of the window to see if there is a teacher passing by.
But as soon as the note was thrown, the whole person trembled, and almost scared him to death.
Hula, the book is even more directly into the drawer by him!
When he saw that it was a note, he suddenly turned around and glared at Su Zhe: “why?”
“Ha ha!”
Su Zhe laughs. The boy's reaction is definitely out of practice. It's almost a piece of paper that hits him. Like a conditioned reflex, he completes a series of actions above.
“What's the matter?”
Zhou Jun turns to Su Zhe and makes a mouth. Su Zhe points to the note. Zhou Jun quickly spreads it out.
“I remember your brother, a doctor in the county hospital?”
“Yes, what's the matter?”
Zhou Jun replies and throws the note on Su Zhe's desk like a thief.
“Do me a favor and ask your brother to open a sick leave slip. I want to ask for a week's sick leave!”
“What?!Please have a week. Are you crazy
Zhou Jun was almost not scared to death by Su Zhe's words.
Ask for leave before the college entrance examination, and ask for a week, this guy is going against the sky?!
Asking for sick leave is what Su Zhe thought of.
Only in this way can we reasonably avoid any exam this week. In fact, Su Zhe wanted to ask for one month, but it was not realistic, so he had to delay for one week.
We should know that before the college entrance examination, there are three mock examinations, especially the third mock examination near the college entrance examination.
The result of this examination is very important, because it is used to confirm the school to fill in the volunteer, which can be called the small college entrance examination.
So there is no special circumstances, almost all of the senior three students have to participate, but the test paper online is not found at all, it is a senior three examination with the county as the unit.
Su Zhe, according to the normal track, must also be tested.
Once he takes the exam, he will definitely help.
300Points are not necessarily able to pass.
But if Su Zhe comes first in the college entrance examination, it's a big joke.
Only by avoiding all the examinations and directly taking part in the college entrance examination, is Su Zhe's wisest choice at the moment.
“What's the matter with you?”
At the end of the first class of self-study in the evening, Zhou Jun went directly to Su Zhe: “ask for a week's sick leave?”
“Well, I've been under too much pressure recently. I'm going to study at home. I can't stand exams every day!”
“Fart, tell the truth!”
Zhou Jun a pair of I don't understand your appearance, looking at Su Zhe, Su Zhe helpless, had to shrug: “just want to rest for a week, lying in the dormitory that kind of!”
When Zhou Jun was stimulated by this sentence, he didn't know what to say at all.
Lying in the dorm for a week?!
“Su Zhe, you are so awesome. I'm convinced. Why do you have this idea?”
Zhou Jun looked at Su Zhe as if he had known him for the first time. He's a little abnormal today!
“Come on, can you help me?Don't help me go to the hospital to find a doctor! ”
Su Zhe's sick leave slip must be issued, otherwise he can't get through this month.
“No, do you think it's possible?Do you think sick leave is so easy to write? ”
“What's more, it's still a question whether the teacher will approve the sick leave, and your parents –”
“100 Li Fan!”
Su Zhe came directly. What Zhou Jun wanted to say suddenly choked on his throat.
“Damn it
“I'm not that kind of person –”
“Well, I don't know you yet?”
“Let me see!”
Zhou Jun is biting his teeth, obviously suffering in his heart.
“Don't think about it. In a week, I promise you what you want to see, I'll bring it to you!”
Su Zhe still has this self-confidence. If you can't find this resource, don't mix it up.
What's more, the Internet has just sprung up, and many specifications have not yet been issued, so it's easy for Japan's Internet last time.
“What the hell are you doing, son?”
“Just to lie in the dormitory for a week!”
Facts have proved that in the face of Lipan's power, it is not a matter that any sick leave note is difficult to open.
99It's definitely easier to get a sick leave slip in 2008 than it will be in the future. Basically, you can get it if you want to find a relationship.
But Su Zhe's situation is different from that of ordinary people. He is a college entrance examination student. He is an ordinary doctor. He is not ill and will not give him a prescription at all.
After all, doctors are also responsible for giving sick leave notes.
That's why Su Zhe thought of acquaintances as a cover. Zhou Jun's brother is a doctor in the county hospital. With his cooperation, he can definitely pass the teacher's test.
Of course, the premise is that Su Zhe wants to persuade Zhou Jun and his brother.
Soon, after the evening self-study, Zhou Jun took the school's public phone and called his brother's home.
“I told my brother, you'll go to him tomorrow!”
“Do you have an excuse?”
Zhou Jun looked at Su Zhe, and Su Zhe nodded: “well, I'm not careful when playing basketball. My right elbow joint is dislocated, accompanied by slight bone fracture. I need to rest for a week!”
Zhou Jun stares at Su Zhe, then gives him a thumb: “bull!”
“That's a great excuse!”
“I really hurt my arm. Today I was hit hard in basketball.”
“You blow, keep blowing!”
“Don't worry, I can just rest in the dormitory. I can't write!”
Su Zhe found a good reason for himself, as long as he didn't take the exam.
Zhou Jun is really convinced of Su Zhe. In order not to take the exam, this guy can even think of such a reason?
“You think I will!”
Su Zhe didn't have good spirit of secretly scold a, if is not oneself afraid to wear to help, as for such?
I'm helpless too, OK?!
The next morning, Su Zhe covered his right arm and found his head teacher, Lao Wang.
Lao Wang was also frightened by Su Zhe's appearance.
“Su Zhe, what's the matter with you?”
Lao Wang looked at Su Zhe with concern. Su Zhe pretended to be in pain: “Mr. Wang, yesterday I accidentally sprained my arm when playing ball. I felt very painful when I studied in the evening. I got up this morning and found that I couldn't even hold my pen!”
“Ah?So serious? ”
Lao Wang's face was stupefied, he didn't think Su Zhe was cheating him: “did you go to the infirmary?”
“I didn't feel much pain at that time, so I didn't go…”
“You boy, come on, I'll give you a half day holiday. You should go to the county hospital and take a film for me!”
“If you have a fracture, you will be finished. You may not be able to take the college entrance examination!”
“All college entrance examination, also want to play basketball every day, you talk about you…”
“If you delay the college entrance examination, what do you do?”
Old Wang a pair of hate iron does not become steel appearance, while opening the card, at the same time in that garrulous said.
Su Zhe had no choice but to nod his head. When he got the exit permit, he flashed away.*
【9】 The first stage is successful![1]
Sucheng county hospital.
Su Zhe got the sick leave slip very smoothly. As long as he has acquaintances, it's actually very easy to open, and his illness is also written in great detail.
[confirmed by X-ray, the patient's right elbow joint is dislocated, accompanied by slight bone fracture and acromegaly swelling, and it is not easy to do violent arm movement. It is recommended to rest for a week!】
“Thanks, brother bin!”
Su Zhe politely exchanged greetings with Zhou Bin and stuffed a packet of Zhonghua cigarettes without any trace.
Although he is the elder brother of his classmates, he can't let others help him in vain.
“Little things, don't delay the college entrance examination!”
“I saw that you were under so much pressure, so I made an exception to give you this sick leave note. I went back to the dormitory to have a good rest and try my best to go to class!”
Zhou Bin took care of him and put the cigarette away secretly.
Looking at this boy who is the same age as his brother, I always feel that he is much more mature than his brother. He is very familiar with people and things. He doesn't look like a high school student who didn't come out of the ivory tower.
To use a popular saying in later generations, it is social people.
The key is that the boy's right hand still has a mold. He bandaged it with gauze and hung it on his chest. It looks like that.
Zhou Bin has a new look at Su Zhe. This delicate mind is not bad in learning.
“Yes, don't worry, brother!”
“I know!”
Su Zhe laughed and did not disturb Zhou Bin's visit. He waved his left hand to him: “brother, I'll go first!”
“Well, pay attention to safety on the way. Go back to school and ask Xiao Jun to call me!”
“Yes, I understand!”
Su Zhe brings the door and walks out of the hospital.
“Now, the next week can be safely spent!”
Su Zhe holds the sick leave slip in his left hand. After looking at it again, he is ready to put it away. Subconsciously, he is ready to walk out of the door of the hospital.
Su zhegang wanted to avoid, but the other side's speed was so fast that he hit him all of a sudden.
Su Zhe's whole body was directly hit, and he sat down with a hot pain in his chest.
And the other side is also hum, directly fell in Su Zhe's arms.
“YesI'm sorry
The weak female voice came into Su Zhe's ears. Su Zhe opened his eyes and saw a slightly apologetic face. His long hair was there and his head was slightly down. From Su Zhe's perspective, he could see the other person's face.
Some anxious, eyebrows slightly frown, but even so, or quite good-looking.
The exquisite three-dimensional features are perfect, just like the beauty in a picture, with a kind of soul stirring beauty.
Key with her temperament, pure with a trace of weakness.
It's different.
“Tang Mo?”
Su Zhe was stunned, instantly recognized each other.
Face to face with myself, it turned out to be the school flower of their No.3 middle school.
Isn't she supposed to be at school?
“YouYou… ”
Tang Mo some doubts, but perhaps it is shy relationship, she some speechless.
“I'm a student of No.3 middle school, too!”
Su Zhe gets up in a hurry. Tang Mo sees Su Zhe's injured arm, and her pretty face turns white: “youAre you ok? ”
“I'm fine!”
Su Zhe waved his hand, but Tang Mo's expression was with a trace of doubt, but the anxiety between her eyebrows was more and more intense. It was obvious that she came to the hospital in such a hurry, it was urgent.
So it seems a little flustered.
“You have somethingWhy don't you go first? ”
“I'm going!”
Said, Su Zhe so extremely free and easy to go, but let Tang Mo some surprised.
In fact, she wanted to ask Su Zhe's name so that she could apologize another day.
But the next second, her face became completely flustered, her head suddenly raised to look at the hospital sign.
When we find the Department we want to know, we rush to that direction.
Out of the hospital of Su Zhe, in fact some curious Tang Mo why this point so anxious to come to the hospital, but think about it, this has nothing to do with him.
When he was in high school, he might follow up to see what happened.
But now Su Zhe, with a little thought, has no need to pry into each other's privacy.
Took a taxi and went straight back to school.
Looking at the only 10 yuan left in his hand, Su Zhe couldn't help sighing.
The lottery cost 10 yuan, a bag of soft China cost 65 yuan, two round trips cost more than 30100 yuan, so only ten figures were left.
“Another weekForget it, stay at school
Su Zhe took the sick leave slip and went directly to the office of the senior three teacher.
With gauze tied to his right hand, he once again played the role of a movie king. Lao Wang, the head teacher, had no doubt about it.
But there was no approval for him to stay in the dormitory.
“Class on time, self-study in the evening can not come, but the papers, you have to keep up withWhat I'm talking about in this period is all the required questions for the college entrance examination! ”
“It's very important to sprint for the college entrance examination!”
Lao Wang still didn't let Su Zhe stay in the dormitory.
Su Zhe can only promise, but as long as he is not allowed to do the test paper, this class can still be taught.
“The first stage is successful!”
Out of the office of Su Zhe can not help but pinch the fist, next, just wait for Sunday's lottery.
But before that, Su Zhe still has to take a serious look at his textbooks. After all, there is a bigger crisis waiting for him. Asking for leave is only an expedient. How to explain the score after the college entrance examination is the most difficult hurdle.
As long as the college entrance examination is over, Su Zhe's life will change dramatically.
“We have to study the college entrance examination thoroughly!”
“There is also the corresponding teaching materials to learn, even if not, also have to understand the college entrance examination papers of the problem-solving ideas…”
“You have to prepare your composition, too!”
Instead of relaxing at all, Su Zhe became busy and serious.
After all, in addition to winning the lottery, he is going all out to take the college entrance examination.
He even asked his classmates to borrow a set of university textbooks.
He has to study advanced mathematics, college physics, quantum physics and so on. Fortunately, he has studied them all in the University. After studying them again, he is still very impressed.
This is, of course, for the purpose of “checking posts” after the college entrance examination!
A week passed quicklyAnd tomorrow, is the lottery 6 + 1 day!*
【10】 Live TV wins![2 changes]
1999Sunday, May 16, 2008.
The 20th week of sports lottery 6 + 1 is the day when the 1999020 lottery starts.
Instead of staying at school, Su Zhe went home by bus in the town.
Su Zhe's family is in the rural area of Sucheng. His parents are office workers. His mother works in a tailor's factory. His father is a carpenter. He is away all the year round. There is only one grandmother at home.
Grandfather died before he was born. His family was not rich, but he was not poor enough.
Families like him were very common in China in 1999. In the 21st century, the gap between the rich and the poor in China has become very obvious, and the urban and rural areas have undergone earth shaking changes.
Sucheng, where Su Zhe is located, is also known as the first county in the future of China. Its economic strength ranks in the forefront of the country, and it has been ranked first among the top 100 counties for countless times.
The country is richer than the city.
However, the present rural areas in Sucheng are still quite broken.
There was no direct bus in the village, and the bus could only get to the town, so Su Zhe had to walk home.
It's about 15 minutes away.
“The changes in the past 20 years are still considerable!”
After getting off the bus, Su Zhe looks at the buildings on both sides of the road. For a person who has been reborn in 2020, everything seems so primitive and simple.
Every household is wooden door, there is no popular aluminum alloy doors and windows.
But Su Zhe's feeling is very fresh. He just like Grandma Liu went into the Grand View Garden. He watched all the way and saw his favorite arcade hall in his childhood, which are all memories of his youth.
“Ah Zhe is back?”
“Are you going to take the college entrance examination?”
“College students are coming out of the village again…”
The village's aunts and uncles warmly greet Su Zhe, who seems extremely simple.
Su Zhe responded one by one, but he walked home quickly.
Su Zhe's home is a two-story building in the east of the village.
Su Zhe shouts to an old lady who is folding paper Yuan Bao in the room. The old lady immediately looks up and smiles when she sees Su Zhe: “zhe Zhe is back?”
“Have you eaten yet?”
She made a gesture to get up and cook for Su Zhe, but Su Zhe waved his hand: “yes, I ate at the station!”
Then Su Zhe went straight upstairs.
My parents' bedroom has a TV and 29 inch color TV. In 1999, it was one of the most valuable household appliances in the common people's home.
Su Zhe quickly transferred the station to the education channel of Jiangnan province.
Unlike later generations who can view lottery information on mobile phones, the lottery number of 1999 can only be known through live TV.
Weekly sports lottery!
It's a live broadcast of the lottery, and the audience rating is very high. Millions of lottery fans don't watch it in every issue. Every issue of 6 + 1 of the lottery is broadcast on time at 2 p.m. on Sunday.
Su Zhe took out his own lottery ticket and waited for the program to start.
To be honest, he still has some small expectations in his heart, looking forward to the moment when the number ball starts.
“Dear friends, good afternoon. It's time for the weekly sports lottery 6 + 1. I'm the host DaxingI'm the host, Caiyun… ”
“What you are watching is the opening ceremony of sports lottery 6 + 1 issue 1999020!”
The familiar prologue sounded, Su Zhe immediately raised his head.
In TV, in addition to two hosts, a large transparent box is particularly eye-catching.
The box was placed on a large table, which was filled with white balls of various sizes and colors. The white balls kept rolling, and the numbers on it were clearly visible, from 0 to 9.
This is the lottery pool of sports lottery 6 + 1. After a while, the numbers will be born from this lottery pool.
“The lottery number of this issue is notarized by Jiangnan notary office. Please take an oath by two notaries…”
Unlike a few minutes later, the lottery process in 1999 was quite sacred. Besides the host, there were also members of the notary office watching.
At the end of the lottery, the notary has to read aloud such words as “this lottery process is real and effective”, which is very formal.
“I swear…”
After the notary has finished reading, the lottery pool will be officially opened.
The host also said: “OK, let's open the single digit number of 6 + 1 in this issue of sports lottery!”
“Please draw the prize!”
The transparent prize pool was running at a high speed. Countless digital balls were rolling in the pool. In Su Zhe's eyes, a white ball was ejected directly from the machine.
Number 8!
“Well, we've seen that the single digit number of issue 1999020 is the number 8!”
“A ten digit number will come out next!”
The number 8's single digit returns to the ball pool. Su Zhe's eyes have already looked at the lottery he bought. The six digit single digit is indeed 8!
“HooThat's right! ”
Su Zhe's heart was hanging. At the moment when he saw that the number of single digits was the same as that in the live TV broadcast, he finally let go.
Facts also proved that Su Zhe remembered correctly.
The ten digits came out very quickly. It's the number 6!
Next is the hundred: 5!
Thousand digits: 7!
Ten thousand digits: 5, and finally one hundred thousand digits – 6!
The number as like as two peas in the 6+1 TV, is exactly the same as that of Suzhe.
“And the last special number!”
Su Zhe's palms are already sweating. Originally, he thought he would not be nervous, but when the final number was opened, his nerves were still tense.
After all, it's about the first pot of gold after his rebirth.
Ball pool in the final big cycle, finally in the host's voice, rapid rotation.
The white ball is constantly rolling and jumping. When the final special number pops up, Su Zhe's eyes suddenly open.
Number two!
“OK, the special number of sports lottery 6 + 1 issue 1999020 is 2!”
“Therefore, the winning number of our sports lottery 6 + 1 is 657568 + 1!”
The winning number of this issue was immediately printed on the big screen. Su Zhe's nerves were tense all the time. When he opened the special number, he relaxed all of a sudden.
Because the special number on his lottery ticket is also 2!
It's the same as the winning number on TV.
“Won the lottery!”
“Grand prize!”
“I remember the number is true!”
Su Zhe suddenly jumped up from the bed, and then his face couldn't help showing a happy smile.
From this moment on, Su Zhe knew that his life was about to set sail*
【11】 Refresh the history of winning lottery in China![3 changes]
Su Zhe solemnly looked at the lottery ticket in his hand again, and then put it in his notebook.
This notebook is his secret, which records a lot of content after rebirth.
As soon as Su Zhe has time to take a look, he is ready to wait until the college entrance examination is over. After memorizing the above contents, he will destroy the notebook. After all, if this thing is accidentally dropped, it will definitely cause a shock to the world.
It's safest to keep it in mind.
The main reason for not destroying them now is that there are too many college entrance examination questions. It's not so easy for Su Zhe to remember so many for a while.
“It's a long night and a lot of dreams. After asking my mother for money at night, I'll cash this lottery ticket tomorrow!”
The second prize of sports lottery 6 + 1 needs to go to the Jiangnan sports lottery center in Jinling, the capital of Jiangnan Province, to cash the prize, and it also needs to rely on the ID card and bank card.
The period of validity of the prize is within 60 natural days after the lottery!
The only proof of course is the winning lottery!
Su Zhe repeatedly thought about the details of awarding the prize in his mind, and then began to think about the journey of tomorrow.
At the same time, Jiangnan sports center.
Just after the lottery, the statistics department has started the final accounting of the winning number.
“This 1999020 sports lottery 6 + 1 sold a total of 48765342 yuan!”
“A total of 24382671 million yuan should be distributed to the bonus pool!”
“According to the results of this period's lottery, 124130 tickets were won in the whole province, 123314 fixed prizes were won, of which 103506 were won in the fifth prize, and 517530 yuan was paid in total;The fourth prize was 16463 notes, with a total bonus of 329260 yuan;Third prize 3345 notes, a total of 1003500 yuan bonus
“Fixed bonus: RMB 1850290!”
“The total number of floating lottery tickets is 816, with 22532381 yuan remaining in the bonus pool, including 794 second prize tickets. The bonus is 20% of the remaining bonus pool in the current period, 45064760000 yuan, 5676 yuan for each bet!”
“First prize 17 notes, the bonus is 10% of the remaining bonus pool of this period, 2253238 yuan, each note should be 132543 yuan!”
“There are 5 notes for the special prize. The bonus is 70% of the remaining bonus pool of the current period, 15772667 yuan. With the total amount of 8675438 yuan for the special prize, the first prize and the second prize not won in the previous period, the total amount of the special prize is 24448105 yuan!”
“4889621 yuan for each note!”
When the final figure is calculated, many statisticians are stunned.
“Broken pool?”
A staff member suddenly raised his head: “if the upper limit of the special prize note of 5 million has not been reached, the bonus pool will be empty!”
The so-called broken pool is the remaining bonus pool after winning the lottery all the time. The bonus is empty.
Generally speaking, the more the bonus pool accumulates, the more.
For example, in this issue, if there is only one person who has won the grand prize, the upper limit will only be 5 million, and the bonus pool will have more than 19 million left. This part of the money will be saved for the next time.
Sometimes even if the grand prize is 0, the bonus pool will be even more abundant.
However, it is not that there are only a few people in each issue, and suddenly there are ten people who are directly awarded the special prize. This happens from time to time in the history of lottery, and the bonus pool will burst.
And this time, Su Zhe's five – note bonus directly broke the prize pool.
In other words, all the prizes in the bonus pool will be wiped out by the five special prizes.
“It's bad luck for the special prizes in this issue.”
“You can't even get the upper limit of five million!”
“Yes, for the first time this year?”
“Well, for the first time, and the five notes of the special prize also set a new record of this year's sports lottery 6 + 1 special prize…”
Although the staff were a little surprised by Po Chi, they had never met him before. In their opinion, the five special prizes should be won by five people with scores.
So each person got 4.88 million. In fact, compared with the previous 5 million people, they lost 120000.
This is a very unfortunate thing.
After all, in the past, the grand prize was 5 million. Why can I win only 4.88 million?
The winner must be uncomfortable, but there is no way. After all, this is the rule of 6 + 1.
If it's less than 120000, you can only admit the loss yourself.
The staff of the sports lottery accounting department began to make statistics in an orderly way. They were doing the final floating prize statistics. Suddenly, a staff member in charge of the grand prize suddenly called out: “lying trough, no!”
Originally just quiet accounting office, many people can't help looking up.
“What's wrong?”
“Didn't you just count it several times?”
“Yes, there's nothing wrong with it.”
A lot of people thought that the calculation of the winning prize was wrong, but the staff member couldn't help saying, “no, my God, it's the grand prize!”
“The five notes of the grand prize do not come separately, but all come from the same person!”
“It's an optional ticket with five notes!”
Everyone screamed.
“Five notes for one person?”
“How could it be?”
“Doesn't that mean…”
“Well, he has to divide up all the bonus in the bonus pool in one month, that is 24448105 yuan!”
When this figure was said from the mouth of the staff member, the whole accounting office suddenly became quiet.
Everyone showed an incredible look.
It's not that they haven't seen anyone win 2-3 bets, but one person has won five bets alone. This is the first time that sports lottery has been released!
The previous record of sports lottery 6 + 1 was 15 million!
But this time, Su Zhe, who won only five bets, undoubtedly broke the historical record of winning 6 + 1.
It also broke the winning record in the history of Chinese lottery!
2444Ten thousand yuan!
This is absolutely a super prize, so the whole accounting department is a bit silly all of a sudden*
【12】 Accept the prize![4 changes]
“My God
“24.4 million!”
“Isn't that horrible?”
It was not until a long time later that someone from the accounting office made a sound one after another.
2440The bonus of ten thousand yuan undoubtedly frightened all of them.
“This bonus… Is so perverse!”
“More than 20 million!”
“Big news, hurry… Hurry to inform the director, this must be reported nationwide!”
A director of the accounting department has gone out to report the incident to the director of the sports lottery center. Moreover, the media will not only announce the record of winning the lottery, but also the TV station will come to interview.
Because this is a good event that can improve lottery sales.
24.4 million in one person, which will definitely make countless lottery fans who dream of making a fortune overnight rush into sports lottery shops.
If the event speculation is in place, the sales of lottery tickets will not only double, but even exceed 100 million yuan in a single period!
This is the lottery effect of a super prize.
The sports lottery center is not afraid to offer a high prize, because the long-term benefits brought by the prize absolutely exceed the bonus itself!
The reason why the two-color ball will be able to sell more than 100 billion yuan in a single period is that it has repeatedly won awards, and even a single player has won a maximum of 570 million yuan. But what everyone doesn't know is that the final profit brought by this award to fortune lottery is as much as 10 billion yuan.
That's the power of the super prize.
Of course, Su Zhe didn't know that the whole sports lottery center had been completely boiling because of his 24.4 million grand prize.
All afternoon, he carefully looked at the textbook of senior three, especially mathematics and chemistry, which is a subject he needs to make up for. Although he won't learn it again, he still needs to understand the solution of the problem according to the answers of the college entrance examination.
“Oh, son, so serious?”
When Su Zhe's mother Zhong Linghua came home from work and saw Su Zhe reading there, she thought she was dazzled.
This kid is reading there?!
You should know that Su Zhe grew up with little interest in his studies. Although Zhong Linghua and his wife were eager for success, their education was quite open-minded and they adopted a stocking mode.
They want Su Zhe to do well in his studies, but they don't force their children to be first in the exam like other parents.
It has to be said that in the 1990s, this kind of education method was actually very advanced.
What Su Zhe appreciates most is his parents. Although their education level is not high, they never give him any pressure in their study.
Even if you fail in the exam, you won't beat or scold. You can criticize two sentences at most.
Su Zhe looked up at his younger mother and said with a smile, “I can't help it. It's time for the college entrance examination!”
“That's right. I've improved my consciousness.”
Zhong Linghua poured a glass of water for Su Zhe. He took two gulps of water himself. After a whole day's work, he was really tired: “I don't expect you to get a book, your mother. Can't I?”
“There are so many people in your old Su family that you don't even have a college student. You have to be the first one!”
“I see. I'll give you a surprise then!”
When Su Zhe heard Zhong Linghua's words, his calluses came out. In fact, Su Jiazu was also a scholar.
However, because of the landlord element, his grandfather fled to this village and belonged to a foreigner.
The old man married two wives and gave birth to ten sons. His father was the youngest.
Such a big family, but not a college student, can imagine what kind of regret?
It's not that Su Zhe's uncles are incompetent. It's that there were too many Su family members in those years, and only the old man made money, so there was no money to go to college.
Several of Su Zhe's uncles went to high school, chose to drop out of school, and then went out to work.
At present, several of them are small bosses, but their children are not as good as each other. They all want to go out and prove themselves.
This led to the old Su family, up to now there is not a college student.
Now, Su Zhe is the most promising one.
“Surprise?Just don't scare me. If you go to college, you'll be scolded to death by your uncles… ”
Zhong Linghua stares at Su Zhe angrily. Su Zhe shrugs and doesn't explain. If he says he can be admitted to Tsinghua University, he'll have to start directly.
She knows more about his son's virtue than anyone else.
After the family finished their meal, Su Zhe went back to his room, and he already had 200 yuan more in his hand.
This is his living expenses for half a month. Zhong Linghua has always been very generous in Su Zhe's expenses. Although the family conditions are general, he tries to meet all the requirements of his son.
After several hours of reading, Su Zhe took a bath and went to bed.
The next morning, Zhong Linghua went to work.
Su Zhe also checked his ID card and other things to honor the prize. Today, in addition to going to Jinling to honor the prize, he actually has a lot to do.
Open a bank card, buy a computer, buy a car, buy a driver's license, buy medical records and so on… If you have money, you must keep up with all the corresponding supporting facilities.
So he has a busy schedule today.
For this reason, Su Zhe and his head teacher Lao Wang asked for a day's leave in advance. The reason, of course, was to see if his right hand could write normally.
He first took a bus to Sucheng, opened a bank card for himself, and then got on the bus leading to Jinling.
2After more than an hour's drive, Su Zhe soon arrived at Jinling, the capital of Jiangnan province.
Su Zhe, who lived in Jinling for several years in his previous life, is familiar with the road. Although there are no buildings or landmarks, he still knows the basic route.
Wearing a hat and a mask, Su Zhe is at the central gate bus station, inquiring about the bus service to the sports lottery center.
It's easy to expose by taxi, so this trip must be low-key.
But Su Zhe obviously didn't think that at the entrance of the sports lottery center, there were all kinds of people.
Countless media reporters are waiting there, and bank managers are also waiting, because they received the notice from the sports lottery center early in the morning. Last night's sports lottery 6 + 1 opened a super prize of more than 24 million.
In 1999, it was obviously a big bomb that shocked the whole country, and CCTV sent a commissioner.
As everyone knows, this is a big news that can stir the whole country.
And the huge sum of money of more than 24 million is enough for banks to get a huge amount of real estate… After all, the people at present have no concept of investment and financial management at all.
Deposit and death period and current period are both business for banks*
【13】 The first pot of gold reward![1]
After getting off the train at the platform near the sports lottery center, Su Zhe specially looked around as if nothing had happened. After confirming that no one thought he was abnormal, he walked towards the sports lottery center.
But just as he was about to arrive at the gate of the sports lottery center, he was a little stunned.
“Ah, you can't escape the fate of being publicized!”
In fact, before he came here, Su Zhe already had this consciousness. After all, he won more than 20 million. It's impossible for the sports lottery center not to take the opportunity to publicize.
It's a live advertisement to increase sales.
But he did not expect that winning a prize would attract so many people.
The news cars of Jiangnan TV station and CCTV are all parked there. It is obvious that this battle is a little big.
Fortunately, Su Zhe also came prepared.
He directly took out a monkey king mask from his backpack, then wore it and walked towards the center of the body color.
This dress attracted everyone in an instant.
“Here it is
“It must be him!”
Media reporters swarmed up to Su Zhe, wearing masks to receive awards, which is obviously a very common thing in the sports lottery center.
Often see the news prize group photo, basically wearing a mask to receive the prize.
After all, in this society, there are too many people who are interested in money.
The reporters have no accident about Su Zhe's dress. They just want to interview Su Zhe Zhong, who didn't win more than 20 million grand prize. As for who he is, it's secondary.
“Hello, I'm a reporter from CCTV. Just yesterday, I won a 24.4 million prize in Jiangnan sports lottery 6 + 1. Is that you?”
“Hello, I'm a reporter from Jiangnan satellite TV!”
“I'm a reporter for City Express…”
“Yangzi Evening News”
A group of reporters all handed the microphone to Su Zhe. Su Zhe had to nod: “well, I'm here to receive the prize, but I don't know how much I won!”
“Is it a grand prize?”
A reporter asked suddenly.
“Yes, I won five grand prizes!”
There's nothing to hide about this. Everyone here basically knows that the interview is just a process. However, after hearing that Su Zhe won five special prizes, a group of reporters showed their envy and hatred.
After all, that's 24.4 million!
After 20% of the personal income tax, there are nearly 20 million!
In fact, in 1999, few people in China were richer than Su Zhe.
In last year's list of China's richest people, all reporters are very clear that the Rong family, which ranks first, has only 4.5 billion yuan!
The last 50, Xiang Bingwei, known as the textile king of Northwest China, is worth only 50 million yuan.
In other words, Su Zhe is likely to be one of the top 100 rich people in China.
And listen to Su Zhe's voice, they all feel very young.
Therefore, he is likely to be the youngest rich man in China!
These are all the hot spots of the news. Reporters have been interviewing Su Zhe one after another to get first-hand information.
At last, the whole interview lasted almost half an hour. Accompanied by the director of the sports lottery center, Su zhecai came to the notarization hall where he cashed the prize.
In front of all the reporters, Su Zhe took out the 6 + 1 lottery which won five grand prizes, and then showed it to everyone.
Excitement, envy, jealousy… Countless emotions fill other people's faces.
With the sound of the camera's CASS, Su Zhe finally achieved his wish and won the 5-note grand prize of the 1999020 issue of sports lottery 6 + 1!
He got a check of 19558484 yuan in the witness of notary and related personnel of sports lottery center!
Of course, 20% of Su Zhe's personal income tax has been deducted.
And the check was printed into a huge cardboard. The director of the sports lottery center and Su Zhe were holding one side, and the reporter photographed this exciting moment.
“OK, thank you for your cooperation!”
“Please wait outside. We have other matters to explain to Mr. Su.”
The director of the sports lottery center invited all the reporters out of the hall, and then a group of bank staff came to Su Zhe.
With nearly 20 million capital, it is impossible for banks not to be excited.
In addition, the sports lottery center and many banks also cooperate in private. Every bank Su Zhe signs will share with the sports lottery center.
Su Zhe was immediately surrounded by a group of bank staff in the middle.
“Hello, Mr. Su, I'm Xia lie, vice president of Jinling bank…”
“I'm Baixia Road branch of CCB…”
One after another, senior bank officials, whom ordinary people rarely see, handed Su Zhe their business cards.
Su Zhe took it one by one, but did not speak. In fact, he was waiting for the reward from the system.
Sure enough——
“Congratulations to the host for completing the first pot of gold task, and getting 19558484 yuan. The task has been overfulfilled!”
“Get the award – second generation mobile communication technology!”
Second generation mobile communication technology: referred to as 2G, including GSM development principle of global communication system, GPRS general packet switching technology, edge enhanced data rate GSM Evolution Technology and other mobile communication related technologies.
“Do you want to extract?”
When he heard the reward in his mind, Su Zhe almost didn't shout out a word.
This reward is too generous.
20The most powerful communication technology at the beginning of the century, followed by 3G, 4G and even 5g technology, is actually based on 2G.
In fact, the first generation of 1G communication technology only has the function of making phone calls and sending text messages.
To 2G, there is the germination of the mobile Internet, that is, mobile phones can access the Internet.
It can be said that 2G is to make mobile phones from a communication tool to entertainment products. Without 2G, there will be no multi-function of mobile phones.
So the reward of the system made Su Zhe feel incredible.
This is a big gift package across the century.
1999The mobile phone in 2000 can't access the Internet, which is in the transitional period of 1G and 2G.
It was not until the rise of mobile dreamnet in 2000 that there were mobile phones, and then 2.5G GPRS and 2.75g edge, which are commonly known as G-Net and E-Net.
There will be a small G and E in the upper right corner of the mobile phone. The speed of E network is the fastest among the three mobile networks.
Now that Su Zhe has mastered this technology, he is undoubtedly in the forefront of the world.
This is an artifact that can make China enter the era of mobile Internet earlier.
How could Su Zhe not be excited, so a group of bank executives were talking about their bank. Su Zhe didn't listen to a word.
His heart fell into the ecstasy of getting 2G technology.
“The achievement of the first pot of gold has been achieved, try to move towards greater achievements.”
“Please complete the following achievements to unlock the corresponding rewards!”
In front of Su Zhe's eyes, countless achievement lists suddenly appeared*
【14】 Happy cooperation![2 changes]
Property achievements: 100 million, 1 billion, 10 billion
Enterprise achievements – listed companies, China top 500, world top 500
Achievements of the richest man — Forbes China Top 10, Forbes China Top 10, Forbes China Top 10
A list of achievements appeared in front of Su Zhe.
Su Zhe just understood the function of this system. It turns out that… Is an achievement system.
If he has achieved certain achievements, he will get some rewards. In fact, these rewards are helpful to Su Zhe's entrepreneurship, such as the 2G technology he just awarded.
“Who can stand that?”
“This technology rushes up, the rhythm of the world's richest man minute by minute?”
Originally, Su Zhe thought that he could become the richest man in the world in ten years. Now… He thought that maybe it doesn't take five years, 2-3 years is enough!
“Mr. Su, I don't know how you think about it?”
“The deposit interest rate of Jinling bank is the highest, with the death period of 3.5% in one year and 4% in two years, increasing in turn. Of course, the demand period can also be 2.88% in one year…”
“At the same time, our bank will also open a low interest loan of no less than 10 million yuan for you, which can be paid as soon as you borrow, and the interest rate is as low as 2%… If you need funds, you can call me at any time!”
“There is also our top VIP service, which can answer the phone 24 hours a day. By the way, I'll give you a million level diamond credit card…”
“Mr. Su, although the service of CCB is not as good as that of Jinling bank, we have outlets all over the country, so it's very convenient to withdraw money…”
“Mr. Su, Agricultural Bank of China…”
Several bank executives are selling their banks in Su Zhe's ear. After Su Zhe responds, he can't help shaking his head: “I'm sorry, governors, I have other uses for this bonus!”
For others, it is obvious that they will be fooled by the enthusiasm of these governors.
But Su Zhe didn't take this at all. He was a social man who had been bombarded by bank financial managers in 2020 and baptized by all kinds of anti-aircraft guns for financial Internet loans. To be honest, Su Zhe didn't even look up to this.
3.5% a year?!
Give 10% Su Zhe feel blood loss!
This money, but he wants to use all stocks, a day can be 10%!
So he said directly: “well, governors, I know the advantages of your bank, and I don't beat around the bush. I can deposit this money in your bank, but you have to make up for the annual dividend!”
“Also, I will use money frequently, so I have to keep my money free. Of course… I can guarantee here that my account will only be more and more…”
“So it's very good for your bank. The dividend is definitely worth it!”
Su Zhe's confident words stunned the governors of several banks.
To tell you the truth, it's the first time for them to meet such a cool person as the prize winner. Many people are as excited as anything after winning 5 million, but Su Zhe has always maintained a kind of demeanor.
Even if you can't see his face, several presidents can feel it.
But what surprised them even more was Su Zhe's age and city.
Voice and posture can't deceive people.
Looking at Su Zhe's appearance and his clothes, you can see that he is about 20 years old, even before he is 20 years old. But the way he talks makes several presidents feel like they are facing the leaders of enterprises.
He was not fooled by their words at all. On the contrary, he was very clear about some internal operations of the bank.
Over the years, the governors have seen countless winners, but none of them feel so difficult. The key is that he is still so young.
This boy, it's not easy!
Several governors looked at each other, and finally Xia lie, the vice governor of Jinling bank, coughed and said, “I don't know how much dividend Mr. Su wants?”
A large amount of deposit, the bank will give customers a rebate, but these two words are too hard to hear, so they all understand dividend.
“10% of the funds in my account!”
Su Zhe's words made the three presidents' faces collapse instantly.
“Don't worry, I can sign a contract. At least, I won't withdraw my capital in one year, and I'll make a capital base of 20 million!”
“As for next year?Next year! ”
“A few governors will think about it… Of course, I want to enjoy the benefits you mentioned for high-quality customers!”
Su Zhe finished, then ready to leave.
Xia lie quickly stepped forward: “Mr. Su, wait!”
At present, Jinling bank is actually a small bank, which is well-known in Jinling. It was founded in 1996, but it has great development potential.
Later generations are well-known in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai.
Although the big banks such as CCB and ABC are very powerful at the moment, in fact, the branch presidents are not as powerful as Xia lie, the vice presidents of small banks.
Xia lie can make Su Zhe's proposal on the spot, but the vice presidents of the nearby branches can't. They have to go through the instructions of the president.
That's the advantage of small banks.
Of course, one of the reasons Su Zhe agrees with Xia lie is that Jinling bank needs to develop at present, and the most important thing for development is capital.
So the 10% annual dividend, in Su Zhe's view, among these people, he will agree.
Moreover, Su Zhe is also a vegetable eater. He knows the potential of Jinling bank, so he is so relieved to give the money to them in exchange for someone who is not well-known. Su Zhe obviously does not dare.
Finally, Xia lie agreed to Su Zhe's proposal.
“Happy cooperation!”
Xia lie stretched out his hand to Su Zhe, and Su Zhe laughed: “President Xia, I'm ahead of you. I may have to transfer money to other banks frequently. I hope your bank can get rid of this expense for me!”
“Besides, I have to open an account in the stock market. I'll buy some stocks in a few days…”
Su Zhe spread out a series of conditions, Xia lie is really a little sad, he told the truth, or the first time he met such a difficult guy.
But it also showed him that although Su Zhe was young, he had great potential.
It is a blue chip stock.
Sometimes the cooperation between banks and people depends on each other's contacts and abilities, while Su Zhe is obviously the latter!
Xia lie sees Su Zhe's ability, which is why he agrees to cooperate with each other.
In Xia lie's opinion, Su Zhe is a partner who can invest for a long time.
At present, Jinling bank is in great need of such talents.
“Well, as long as Mr. Su's funds stay in Jinling, I can give you the green light for all your conditions!”
“Well, cooperation… Happy!”
Su Zhe shook hands with Xia lie heavily… Then they got on the special bus to Jinling bank*
【15】 What?unconvinced?[3 changes]
Jinling bank, VIP room.
“I can't believe that Mr. Su is only 17 years old?”
“My God
Looking at Su Zhe's ID card, Xia lie almost fainted.
He was so surprised.
He used to think that Su Zhe was in his 20s, which was unbelievable enough. But now when he saw the real age of the other party, he felt that God had made a joke on him?!
“What?Don't believe it? ”
Su Zhe took off his mask and hat, and then Xia lie couldn't speak any more.
Su zhemei's eyes are clear and beautiful, and he is a little childish, just like a student who has never been out of school, but his eyes can make people remember him at a glance.
That kind of feeling, just like the quiet surge of stung in the lazy clouds, inadvertently, showing the sharp towering.
This taste is definitely not what a simple teenager of this age can have.
“It's really… You can't judge a person by his appearance, and you can't measure the sea water!”
“Su… Mr. Su reminds me of some of the talents in the junior class!”
Xia lie originally wanted to shout Xiao Su, but after thinking about it, she still didn't dare to shout it out. Instead, she patted a rainbow fart.
Su Zhe of course did not put this kind of words in mind, said with a smile: “President Xia, go through the relevant procedures first, I still have something to do in the afternoon!”
“OK, OK. I'll do it for you right away. Do you have anything familiar with the securities? If not, can I introduce it to you?”
Xia lie says politely in that, at the same time, he winks at his subordinates. His subordinates quickly take Su Zhe's information and start to open an account.
Different from the online bundling of securities in the later world bank, if you want to speculate in stocks in 1999, you have to open a corresponding account with a securities company and bind the relevant bank in the account to carry out transfer transactions.
However, Xia lie, a senior person in the financial circle, has obviously dealt with various securities companies, and his recommendation can save a lot of trouble.
“Huatai bar… Does Xia Xingchang know anyone in Huatai Securities?”
Xia lie Leng Leng, then nodded: “of course, but… Why don't Mr. Su choose a bigger securities company?”
“After all, there is a guarantee in terms of capital. Huatai's words –”
Xia lie didn't go on, because Huatai, like Jinling bank, is a securities company in Jinling, which is just emerging.
Jinling is a little well-known. If it's put in the whole country, it's not enough.
This is purely a friendly reminder, but Su Zhe waved his hand: “Huatai, I like companies with potential, just like your bank!”
“Young people always like new things!”
Xia lie's expression suddenly froze there, and then reacted and laughed: “ha ha, Mr. Su is right, we are honored to have such a distinguished customer as you!”
However, he obviously did not know that Huatai had won the highest level of AA license from the CSRC in the future, and was even among the top ten securities of Huaxia, with amazing potential and market value.
This is the reason why Su Zhe saw zhonghuatai securities.
Soon, Su Zhe's highest level plum blossom bank card in Jinling bank was placed in front of him.
The cash is 19558484 yuan, and there is a diamond credit card of Jinling bank.
This is not the stinginess of Jinling bank, but the current credit card business is not as prosperous as later generations. The amount of 1 million is already the maximum amount of credit card stipulated by the people's Bank of China!
Unlike later generations, Centurion black card, unlimited card and so on can have super high quota.
Of course, Su Zhe's securities account has already been opened. The boss of Huatai Securities came to take charge of this business in person, and gave Su Zhe a very low handling charge for stock trading, that is, the Commission for buying and selling.
Generally, stock trading requires a commission of 0.2% – 0.3%. Su Zhe's commission is 0.1%, and he has also become the top VIP customer of Huatai. Huatai's boss is in charge of docking in person, recommending various stocks and insider information to him.
In fact, it's similar to the future fund managers. They don't want such customers to go bankrupt, so the stocks recommended are actually of high quality.
This has always been a very good value-added service.
But it's a pity… Su Zhe doesn't like it.
“Well, brother Xia and brother Zhang, you don't have to give them away!”
Su Zhe gets into a taxi and waves with Xia lie and Zhang Jun, who is the boss of Huatai Securities.
They watched Su Zhe's taxi drive out of the bank and looked at each other. From each other's eyes, they could see a little appreciation for Su Zhe.
“This posterity, the future is limitless!”
“Lao Xia, what's the origin?”
Until seeing Su Zhe off, in fact, Zhang Jun is still a little confused. He only knows that Su Zhe's namesake is looking for him, and he is sending money to Huatai. How can this make Zhang Jun not excited.
On the spot, he gave Su Zhe the highest privilege, but he didn't know what happened to Su Zhe's money?!
“Tomorrow you'll know, he won more than 20 million in 6 + 1 lottery!”
Zhang Jun's eyes almost stare out: “more than 20 million?!So much? ”
“Yes, but it's not the key. The key is that there are more than 20 million people in the family, just like a nobody. You just saw that. You are not excited at all. Instead, you are planning the use of the money!”
“You say it's not terrible?”
“The point is, he's only 17 years old, still in school, a high school student!”
Xia lieyue said that Zhang Jun was more shocked. In the end, he was completely speechless.
“So, this man should make good friends!”
“Maybe the future rich list will have him as its seat. In the future, we may have to rely on him to eat and breathe!”
Xia lie's eyes flashed a little edge. He had seen many young people for so many years, but Su Zhe was the only one who made him feel that he couldn't see through.
It was the first time he felt this way after he lived 50 years.
“So I'm in luck?”
Zhang junle was smiling, and Xia lie also laughed: “who said it wasn't?Maybe this is the opportunity*
【16】 Tiger head running![4 changes]
“The bank and the securities are all settled. Next, I have to buy a mobile phone and a computer… Oh, no, buy a car first!”
Three pieces of success for men — money garage!
With the money, then there are cars and houses.
It's not the time to buy the house yet, but the car must be bought. Otherwise, how can I drag the computers home?!
Stocks computer is a necessity.
“Master, don't go to Zhujiang Road, go to Daming Road first!”
Su Zhe said to the taxi driver.
“Oh, yes!”
The taxi driver is stunned. He can understand going to Zhujiang Road. After all, it's an electronic street, but Daming Road is not very famous in Jinling.
Daming Road, located in Qinhuai District of Jinling City, is a north-south traffic trunk road. It starts from Guanghua Road in the north and ends at Jiamen street in the south to connect with software Avenue. It was originally named Guangka road. Later, it was named Daming Road to commemorate the Ming Dynasty when Jinling was the capital.
But the most famous part of this road is the motor city.
To buy a car, you must go to Daming Road. Daming Road International Auto City, which is famous all over the country, is built on this road.
Whoever occupies Daming Road in Jinling will occupy the highland of automobile sales in Jiangnan province and even East China.
This is a consensus in the automotive industry.
It can be imagined that this place is famous in the automobile industry, and this famous Chinese automobile Street will occupy 60% of the whole vehicle sales market of Jinling in the future.
2006At the end of the year, it was awarded the title of Huaxia characteristic commercial street by the highest organization of Huaxia commercial street selection. It is the only automobile street in Huaxia that has won this award.
However, at present, it has not reached the scale of the automobile city of later generations. There are only a few cold 4S shops on the roadside, which is far from the future automobile street.
“Handsome, you want to buy a car?”
The taxi driver turned his head and looked at Su Zhe, the co driver. He knew that the young man's identity was unusual. He saw the scene in front of the bank.
Now, seeing Su Zhe looking around, he suddenly guessed his purpose.
“Well, buy one… Instead of walking!”
Su Zhe looks at the 4S stores on both sides, which are basically FAW Volkswagen, Shanghai Volkswagen and Buick Nissan.
Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi are luxury brands that haven't been established yet. After all, few owners can afford these luxury cars in 1999. In 2001, the first Audi 4S store on Daming Road, BMW and Mercedes Benz, was even later.
Su Zhe won more than 20 million, but he didn't want to buy any Ferrari Lamborghini, which is too high-profile.
As for Santana and Jetta, he certainly didn't consider them.
So he definitely chose BBA as his first choice. He just watched it for a long time, not to mention the 4S store. He didn't even see a franchised store.
Obviously, the taxi driver saw Su Zhe's thoughts and said with a smile, “what price do you want to buy?I'm familiar with the major car markets in Jinling. I can take you to have a look! ”
“Oh?I forgot the living map of Jinling! ”
Su Zhe laughed and said, “master, what kind of car do you think looks more elegant?”
To be honest, Su Zhe didn't know much about the car market in 1999, so he knew several brands.
His heart is inclined to Audi A6, BMW 5 series of this business car, but it is estimated that it has not yet been listed.
“That must be a tiger's head. That car, tut Tut, I saw a few foreign businessmen before. They were sitting in this car. They were like thieves, but the price was expensive… I can't afford to drive it for 300 years!”
“Ha ha!”
The taxi driver laughs, but Su Zhe's heart moves.
Tiger head running?!
Benz w140s-class is the predecessor of S-class Benz.
“It's a good car!”
Su Zhe is a little excited. Of course he knows about the car.
As a matter of fact, as long as they are born in the 1970s and 1980s, they have almost heard of tiger head racing. In the 1990s, this kind of thing is on the same level as Bentley and Rolls Royce in the future.
It's definitely a dream car for young people.
In this era when Bentley, Rolls Royce and Dahongqi are not popular, hutouben is the most luxurious car on Huaxia Road. It has been the synonym of the most luxurious car since it was officially introduced in 1991.
It is also the first Mercedes Benz S-class car to enter Huaxia in a real sense, and the first D-class luxury car to enter Huaxia.
“Is this car… On sale now?”
Su Zhe originally wanted to buy a BBA, but since he has a tiger head, the Audi A6 and BMW 5 series are definitely not equal to it.
In the 1990s, if you can own a tiger head Benz, it means that you are a successful businessman, because its price has exceeded 1 million yuan, which is equivalent to the wage of the working class for 300 years.
In addition to the high price, hutouben broke the limit of Chinese people's understanding of luxury cars in terms of space, configuration, riding comfort and all other aspects, so that many people think that “there is no S-class after hutouben”.
“You… You want to buy it?”
The taxi driver was stunned, and the original expression of laughter was also stiff there, so he casually said that he was ready to buy it?
Do you want it like this?!
This car will cost more than 1.3 million to land!
99In the eyes of ordinary people, it's unthinkable to buy 1.3 million cars a year.
It's just as shocking as buying a Bugatti Veyron of more than 13 million in 2020.
The taxi driver looks at Su Zhe suspiciously. He doesn't look like a rich man when he looks at Su Zhe's dress!
“Well, does Jinling sell it?It's better to have a car in stock! ”
Su Zhe had to go to Zhujiang Road after he bought the car, but the driver was very excited by his words.
“Yes… Yes, yes, just?”
“Just what?”
“It's just that the car is very expensive!”
“More than one million… And it doesn't include the license fee…”
The driver thought it was necessary to remind the young man, but Su Zhe laughed: “it's OK, I'll have a look!”
“OK, I know there's a big market in front of us, which specializes in selling luxury cars. They are all regular channels. Do you think about smuggling?”
“Smuggled tiger heads should be cheaper!”
The driver was really knowledgeable, but Su Zhe waved his hand: “no, just take me!”
The driver stepped on the gas and went straight to Haoxing auto trade on Daming Road. But Su Zhe still had a question: “by the way, master, is there any way to get a driver's license?I need it urgently*
【17】 The world of the rich![1]
The taxi driver almost didn't be scared to death by Su Zhe's words, so he came to a sudden stop!
You bought a car… Didn't have a driver's license?!
Ready to drive without a license?
The taxi driver suddenly turns his head and looks at Su Zhe. Su Zhe also knows that this problem has scared the driver. But in fact, the traffic control in 1999 is not as strict as later generations. With a little operation, you can still buy a driver's license!
Otherwise Su Zhe would not have asked.
He had driven a car for more than ten years in his previous life. It's obvious that he didn't have the time to practice. It's not like spending some money to buy one.
“Master, don't be scared. Just buy a driver's license. If you can't get one, you'll be fine!”
“I'll go to the exhibition hall and ask someone later!”
“I can drive…”
Su Zhe explains, but the taxi driver doesn't believe it. After all, Su Zhe's age is there.
“Master, I can really drive!”
He shook his head, pointed to the accelerator clutch and brake, and said: “step on the clutch to start a fire, put in first gear, then lift the clutch in the semi linkage position, pause a little, then slowly lift the clutch, and start with the slow gas door at the same time…”
“Good technology, in fact, as long as the speed is in place, you can shift without stepping on the clutch!”
“Speed in place, gear can be directly stuck into the gear!”
Originally, the taxi driver thought Su Zhe was just talking about it, but after listening to the last two sentences, he looked at it with new eyes.
After all, most people don't know the technology of manual shift without clutch. Only qualified old drivers know it.
“Really good at driving?”
“Yes, I'm just tired of taking the driving test!”
“Yes, I know people to buy a driver's license, but the price is not cheap!”
The taxi driver reached out and made three gestures.
Su Zhe directly opened his backpack and took out 1000 brand-new 100 yuan banknotes from an envelope bag of Jinling Bank: “this is a 1000 deposit. Master, if you help me with my driver's license today, I'll give you 500 introduction fees!”
Su Zhe pats 1000 yuan in front of the taxi driver, and the driver's eyes are a little straight.
500It's all up to him to rent for a week.
“You… Are you serious?”
“Of course it's true!”
3000Yuan a day to buy a driver's license, in Su Zhe's view, is definitely a good deal.
He went to find it by himself, but he may not be able to find people. The key is a waste of time.
“By the way, master, do you know anyone in Jinling Hospital? Can you think of a way to open a sick leave note for me? You'd better get a film and write down my name. If it's done, I'll give you another 500… The money for the sick leave note is not a problem!”
Su Zhe saw that the taxi driver was also an old Jinling man, so he simply gave him the errand job, and then he went to Zhujiang Road to go back to school.
It will definitely save a lot of time.
He hasn't eaten yet.
But the taxi driver was stunned.
500 again?
Today, I'm a local tyrant passenger!
You can make 1000 yuan by running twice?
This is the top of his half a month's salary, how can he be reluctant to?!
What kind of taxi is it?
“Little… Little brother, are you… Not afraid that I'll take the money and leave?”
Taxi driver old Han some honest scratched his head, he is really Su Zhe's moat gas to awe.
But Su Zhe pointed to the license plate on the taxi: “your work must be worth more than 1000 yuan, right?Besides, are you the kind of person who runs away with money for 1000 yuan? ”
“Hehe, that must not be!”
“That's all right!”
Su Zhe smiles. In fact, he has already written down Lao Han's information. If he runs away with money, a phone call can make him lose his job.
This is definitely not worth the loss.
“OK, I'll ask for you. There should be scalpers outside the hospital. It's OK to look for them!”
“Give me your name and information, and I'll ask for it for you… What are you doing?”
“Leave school!”
Su Zhe is not afraid of old Han to know, old Han a listen to Su Zhe's words, immediately understand.
This rich family's child, really willful!
Skipping classes is so big!
In a short time, Lao Han took Su Zhe to a very elegant exhibition hall. Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW are all hung on the facade, as well as the logo of Porsche and Ferrari. At first glance, it is a comprehensive exhibition hall.
“That's it. All the bosses come here to buy cars!”
The taxi driver pointed to the exhibition hall, but looked at the exhibition hall curiously. In the exhibition hall, there are brand-new luxury cars such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz. In Su Zhe's eyes, the old style is the sky high price in the eyes of ordinary people in this era.
In this era, BMW, Mercedes Benz and Audi are absolutely synonymous with the rich, just like Ferrari and Lamborghini on the street.
“Brother Han, I'll wait for you in the exhibition hall. Come to me when you're done!”
Su Zhe got out of the car and said to old Han.
“OK, I'll go to the hospital to ask for you first, and then bring the driver with me!”
“Well, thank you.”
Su Zhe waved, Lao Han holding 1000 yuan, simple and honest smile: “thank you, I should thank you, this is the top of my salary for half a month!”
“Yes, I can't let you work in vain!”
Although Su Zhe said so, he walked towards the exhibition hall.
Looking at Su Zhe's back, Lao Han can't help shrugging his shoulders. This rich man's world is really beyond his understanding.
He stepped on the accelerator and drove out in the direction of the provincial hospital of traditional Chinese medicine.
Su Zhe has already stepped into the exhibition hall, and immediately falls in love with the tiger head running in the middle.
The unique shape of the shutter grille is very similar to the stripes on the tiger's head. With the solid and heavy body, it looks like a fierce tiger lying on the ground. It looks majestic.
If the Audi V8 of the same period, the predecessor of the A8, and the BMW 7 series of the same period are placed in front of hutouben, then the painting style is like two little fresh meat standing in front of the big men in the gym.
We can see how solid and solid the body design of Hutou Ben is.
Su Zhe went to the tiger head and took a look around it. Not to mention, even in 2020, the design is still aggressive.
Su Zhe likes it more and more, butIt seems that there is no one to entertain themselves.
Su Zhe shouts and sees several salesmen sitting there with melon seeds in their eyes.
The picture is tiger head running. Many Hong Kong movies have this car, which is the favorite of the underworld boss!
It's this car that Ajie drives in hero.
This car was designed to compete with the Japanese Lexus LS400. It was also the only car built by Mercedes Benz regardless of cost. It cost a billion dollars to build. It was a sensation all over the world just after it was launched. It was a car pursued by the world's super rich at that time.*
【18】 Natural female sales![2 changes]
It's no wonder that car sales don't pay attention to Su Zhe. Su Zhe's clothes are very simple. He wears a pair of washed white jeans and a simple T-shirt. His shoes are a little more classy. They are a pair of Li Ning.
It looks like a student.
The salesmen didn't mean to look down on Su Zhe. They just thought it was a student who loves cars, or an intern editor of a car magazine, who came to get some car materials. After all, Su Zhe didn't look like a car buyer.
However, Su Zhe's this shout, still let several female sales all raise their heads.
“Xiao ran, you can go and receive me.”
“I think it's from Jinling Automobile magazines. They sent an intern here. They need some parameters of the car!”
An elderly saleswoman said to a beautiful girl who was trying to carry the car parameters. The beautiful girl looked up and thought she had heard the wrong thing: “Sister Li, IShall I go to the reception? ”
“The parameters of my cars –”
“Exercise, you have to receive customersParameters will be memorized later! ”
The saleswoman, who called Sister Li, winked at her. The girl had to stand up and say, “OKAll right
Chen Ran has just come to the store for a few days, but she is a college student.
Of course, she knows why several colleagues asked her to receive them. In the eyes of other salesmen, people like Su Zhe have no value at all. It's hard to say. The phone calls are not worth paying a return visit.
That is, no value customers, otherwise how can it be Chen Ran's turn?!
Car magazines are very popular these days, and there are many fans who can't afford to buy a car. Just like some car apps of later generations, many people log in every day.
They like to see some parameters of new cars and what new cars have been released recently, which is purely a man's interest.
Su Zhe is regarded by them as an eye-catching car lover or a new editor of the magazine.
However, Chen Ran didn't think much about it. She regarded Su Zhe as her first client since she worked. The college students who just graduated from the internship are still very enthusiastic about their work.
Chen Ran went to Su Zhe and politely said, “do you want to see the car?”
Su Zhe turns his head and looks at Chen Ran, but he doesn't expect to receive a beautiful woman.
He has clean long hair, upright, angular three-dimensional facial features, a bit like Zhang Tianai, a star of later generations, but his face is thinner, and his height is about 1.7 meters, only shorter than Su Zhe.
Even if she has a professional smile on her face, it's still pleasing to the eye. With that suit of professional clothes, she has some heroic temperament.
It's justHe looked a little nervous.
Su Zhe asks. Chen Ran thought Su Zhe was going to ask her about some parameters of her car. She is still struggling with the length, width and height of her car and some corresponding configurations.
This asked, she immediately subconsciously back: “well, just three days!”
With that, Chen Ran directly patted his forehead.
I'm such a pig!
ThisCan you say it?!
“WaitHow did he know I was an intern? ”
Chen Ran looks at Su Zhe a little puzzled. He is younger than himself, but he is very handsome.
Chen Ran thought in his heart, and the next second he cried: “Chen Ran, what are you thinking about…”
The atmosphere of the exhibition hall suddenly became a bit awkward, with a tense face and no idea what to say.
She's afraid to say more irrelevant words.
Su Zhe looked at Chen Ran's natural appearance, but he found it interesting: “it's OK, intern is good!”
“What's good about interns?”
Chen Ran blurted out. For the first time in her life, she heard that interns are good. Isn't itIs he really a magazine Intern?
“Are you an intern, too?”
Chen Ran secretly asked, for general customers, she certainly did not dare to ask, but see Su Zhe younger than she, so she still asked.
“I'm not an intern. Have you ever seen such a young intern?”
Su Zhe shook his head. He didn't want to go deep on this issue. He pointed to the tiger head in front of him and said, “this car, besides the one in the exhibition hall, is there any other car in stock?”
Chen Ran was stunned and his face turned red.
The question knocked her down again.
She didn't come to the store for a few days as an intern, and she didn't know the parameters of the cars in the store, let alone the inventory.
“I'm sorry, I'll ask for you!”
Chen Ran rushes to her colleagues. She really doesn't want to stay by Su Zhe's side for a second. Unexpectedly, she starts with such a scene for the first time?
Chen Ran was hit hard, but Su Zhe felt more and more that the saleswoman was interesting.
It seems that I can get a lot of discount for my car today.
Interns have this advantage. They urgently need to prove themselves, so it's very important to see the first sale in their life. If they can sell the car, they will work very hard, even if they give the lowest price.
Because in their opinion, selling cars is far more important than making profits.
That's why Su Zhe said interns are good. It's definitely a lot more difficult to change a good sales.
Step on it!Step on it!Step on it!
Chen Ran's high-heeled shoes are clearly passed over in the exhibition hall. She comes to Su Zhe with a little puff. Her face is red and looks lovely.
“Sir, I just asked for it for you. Although this Mercedes Benz is in the exhibition hall, it has just been delivered. At present, this is the only one in our store. After allThe price is so high! ”
Chen Ran tried to make his voice sound normal, but Su Zhe frowned and said, “this one?Or a showroom car? ”
“NoSorry, just this one! ”
“All right, this one, but the showroom car is cheaper than me, isn't it?”
In fact, Su Zhe has just had a ride in the tiger head race. Let alone the car in 1999, it is still much more comfortable than his golf car in 2020.
This generation is really the most comfortable one for Mercedes Benz.
The seat is a top-level calf leather, filled with air, using the principle of ergonomics to simulate the comfort of the first-class aircraft.
The date of manufacture indicated on the key factory name plates is less than three months.
So this is a new car that has just entered the exhibition hall.
Chen Ran was a little stunned. She thought she had heard it wrong. What did this gentleman just say?
One of them?!
“Ah?YouAre you going to buy this car? ”
At this moment, Chen Ran's voice in the whole exhibition hallIt's very loud.*
【19】 Let your boss talk to me![3 changes]
Because of Chen Ran's words, everyone in the exhibition hall raised their heads, including the saleswoman who was eating melon seeds.
Buy a car?!
They thought they heard the wrong thing.
This guy who looks like a student wants to buy a car?
How is that possible?
A group of female salesmen couldn't believe it. The old saleswoman named Li Jie was even more suspicious of life.
According to her five or six years of sales experience, Su Zhe is so well dressed that it is absolutely impossible to buy a car, let alone the luxury cars in their exhibition hall.
Each of these cars starts at 500000 yuan. How can ordinary people afford it?
But now, Chen Ran's surprised voice, obviously let them all have some silly eyes.
“Is Chen Ran mistaken?”
“Does that man seem to be able to afford a car?”
“There must be a mistake!”
Several saleswomen stood up, but they still came to Su Zhe. When they saw that Su Zhe wanted to buy a tiger head, they were so surprised that they almost lost their big teeth.
There are not many people in Jinling who can afford it, let alone Su Zhe.
This is a top luxury car with a naked car price of more than 1 million, and there are only a dozen in China now!
“Yes, this one, butWe need to talk about the price! ”
Su Zhe pointed to the tiger's head and said, “is there a parameter list?Show me the configuration and parameters first
“YesThere areYes
Chen Ran's whole body has been shocked to some incoherence, and his brain has some downtime.
Although she still didn't dare to believe that Su Zhe could afford to buy hutouben, she respectfully presented Su Zhe with a configuration list of Mercedes Benz w140.
Su Zhe took the configuration table, found a sofa and sat down comfortably.
And a few female sale, it is to surround Chen Ran abruptly however in front.
“Xiaoran, is it true or not?”
“This man wants to buy tiger head Ben?”
“II don't know! ”
To tell you the truth, Chen Ran is still dreaming. She doesn't talk to Su Zhe at all, but the other party says that she wants to buy it. In her opinion, it's not true.
“Pretend it
“I just want to see the configuration!”
“I think so too. It must be from the magazine…”
Several female saleswomen said to Chen Ran, Chen Ran's attitude is very calm: “it's OK, just look at the configuration table, since he needs it, just give it to him!”
A group of salesmen looked at Su Zhe, but Su Zhe looked at the configuration of Mercedes Benz w140, which gave him countless surprises.
“The car of 1999 has been able to do this?”
With a 6.0 displacement and a high compression ratio of 10 to 1, the large ribs V12 engine can propel a 2.2-ton tiger head gallop, achieving a 100 kilometer acceleration of 6.3 seconds.
AMG's big cake wheel hub, flashing V12 side marker, headlamp cleaning, tail lamp used in King of luxury cars in later generations, as well as the standard configuration of top luxury cars – electric pull-in door, which has 5 doors, including the trunk.
However, different from today's electric suction door, the door of tiger head is absorbed by the pressure of the air pump. With a slight push, the door will automatically suck up.
Su Zhe was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of the configuration, and the interior configuration was even more luxurious.
Double layer insulating glass, excellent sealing and sound insulation effect.
The car's mahogany ornaments, the car's 12 Bose sound, and even the steering wheel are mahogany.
Constant speed cruise, manual automatic transmission, electric 12 way memory adjustable seat, electric telescopic wiper with 100% front windshield coverage
At present, many models only have high configuration, such as keyless entry, front seat heating, electric folding / heating exterior rear-view mirror, dual zone automatic constant temperature air conditioning, electric sunshade and retractable Parking Aid bar, which are all available in the “tiger head” 20 years ago.
All in all, it's hard for you to imagine that this is a product more than 20 years ago, and it has realized the electric adjustment of the rear seats in that era.
“This car is not inferior to the 500000 car in 20 years' time!”
Su Zhe's eyes are a little bright. After seeing the configuration of Hu touben, he looks up at Chen Ran.
“My name is Chen Ran, just call me Xiao Chen…”
Chen Ran hurriedly introduces himself, but Su Zhe smiles and asks, “how much commission can you get from selling a car?”
“Ah, commission?”
Chen Ran was stunned. Several salesmen nearby had tried their best to squeeze the color for her, but Chen Ran said: “during my internship, the Commission on selling a car is 1%, which can rise to 2% after I become a regularBut every car is different! ”
A group of salesmen were stunned by Chen Ran's reply.
This wench, is lack of heart eye, this kind of sale secret all say with the person?
Su Zhe didn't expect that the Commission on selling a car is so high at present. When his friend was a salesman in Volkswagen, the lowest Commission on a car was only 100 yuan.
But after thinking about it, he was relieved. It's not only different models, but also different times.
Nowadays, there are too few people who buy cars, and the Commission is obviously very high. In the eyes of the public, car sales is still a very high occupation, and the requirements for education and appearance are very high.
After that, with the increase of car ownership in China, car sales will be less valuable.
“Is there a discount on this car?”
Su Zhe continued to ask. Chen Ran had to look at the old salesman behind him. The salesman named Li Jie immediately said, “Hello, we only have one car in the exhibition hall, but not for the time being.”
Su Zhe takes out the diamond plum blossom card of Jinling bank from his backpack and pats it on the table.
“If there is no discount, I'll go to other homes and have a look!”
“I think you're not the only ones selling tiger heads!”
“Personally, I think this car is very good. The attitude of the salesmen in your exhibition hall is OK, but the only thing I'm dissatisfied with is that the new car has been put in the exhibition hall. I want some discount…”
Su Zhe suddenly got up and made a gesture to leave.
The attitude of the salesmen immediately changed.
Chen Ran looks at all his colleagues and stares at Su Zhe's bank card. Sister Li walks up to Su Zhe with a smile on her face: “sir –”
“Let your boss talk to me!”
“By the way, she stays here!”
Su Zhe points to Chen Ran. Chen Ran points to himself blankly. He doesn't know what happened?
How did everyone's attitude change so much in just one minute?
What happened?
She looked at the colleagues around, but found that everyone's eyes, are dead looking at themselves.
The eyes were full of envyMore, it is regret!
They regret that they were not the first to receive Su Zhe. Instead, they were picked up by an intern!
That's a tiger's head!
If one is sold, more than 10000 people will be sold in ChengduThink of this time, people's faces, some vomit blood, that Sister Li is the whole person some can't stand.
1More than ten thousand yuan, she may not be able to earn so much in a month.*
【20】 You can't judge by appearance![4 changes]
“Mr. Su, I'd like to apologize for the attitude of sales in our exhibition hall.”
A rich middle-aged man came to Su Zhe. At first, he was surprised by Su Zhe's appearance. However, when he saw the diamond card in Su Zhe's hand, his face suddenly showed a polite look.
This is the first time he saw this card, and it belongs to Jinling bank, but the quality of the bank card is not ordinary.
That's why a few salesmen have turned pale.
Haven't you ever eaten pork, haven't you ever seen a pig run?
The top VIP cards of various banks are almost of the same style, just because the banks are different, so they can see at a glance that Su Zhe's identity is unusual.
With this card, he can basically afford all the cars in the exhibition hall.
Chen Ran, who has no working experience, doesn't know.
“Where, Mr. Chu, you're welcome. I don't think there's anything wrong with your salesperson's attitude, especially Xiao Chen. We had a good chat just now…”
Su Zhe's words made Chen Ran feel embarrassed.
In fact, she didn't say a few words just now.
“Oh?Is that right? ”
Su Zhe's words suddenly make the middle-aged man, that is, Chu mu, the boss of the store, turn his head in surprise.
He looked at Chen Ran. In fact, she was a little strange. After all, she had only been here for three days.
Recruitment is not his responsibility, but the personnel department, so it's normal that he doesn't know Chen Ran.
However, because of Su Zhe's words, Chu Mu has remembered the salesman. The other salesmen are full of envy.
This kind of treatment is not for everyone.
“Mr. Chu, let's talk about the car. You can quote a price for this car!”
Su Zhe pointed to the tiger head of the exhibition hall and ran. Chu Mu immediately winked at Sister Li: “Xiao Guo, go and bring me the price list!”
“Mr. Su, to tell you the truth, this car has just arrived at the store for less than a week. I'd better ask Donghai Benz 4S store for the goods and the price. I can tell you the price!”
“1.15 million!”
“Although there are not many buyers of this car, the market is very tight.”
Chu Mu originally wanted to go on, but Su Zhe stretched out his hand: “Mr. Chu, let's say a landing price directly!”
“All right, Mr. Su is quick to talk!”
Chu Mu really has an illusion that he is not a teenager, but an old fox who has been in business for many years.
It's too mature and steady to say and do things without leaking.
Other salesmen also have an incredible look on their face, but it is obvious that what shocked them is still behind.
Chu Mu took the price list from Li Jie.
It does say 1.15 million!
But this kind of price list is almost the same as fooling Xiaobai. Su Zhe, an old driver who is used to numerous sales routines in later generations, will not believe it at all.
“1.3 million!”
In the end, Chu Mu gave Su Zhe a final offer after counting the vehicle purchase tax, vehicle insurance and so on.
In Chu Mu's opinion, this is the lowest.
But Su Zhe brightened his bank card: “1.25 millionI'll swipe the card right away
But Chu Mu's expression became a little embarrassed: “Mr. Su, this priceIt's too low. I… ”
How can there be such a bargain?!
Down 50000?
“Ha ha!”
But Su Zhe took a look at Chen Ran: “according to the minimum amount of invoice, the invoice is 10 points lower, and the tax is about 10000 less!”
“About 20000 insurance rebates come and go…”
“The salesman's commission is also 20000…”
“1.25 million. In fact, you still made it!”
Every time Su Zhe said a word, Chu Mu's expression was ugly. In the end, he was speechless.
I'm impressed!
He completely convinced Chu Mu that this guy was a spy sent by other stores, right?
How could you know so much about the auto sales industry?
“Don't get me wrong, I'm just a consumer!”
“Swipe the card, I'm going to drive away today!”
With that, Su Zhe hands his bank card to Chen Ran. Chen Ran doesn't realize until this moment that his first customer isDid you buy a car?
And bought a Zhendian treasure?
A month can not sell a tiger head Ben!
“Xiao ran, what are you doing? Go through the formalities!”
Li elder sister pushed Chen ran a, although her intestines are some regret green, but the boss here, how also have to express.
“Oh, oh!”
Chen Ran just took Su Zhe's card and began to go through a series of procedures for buying a car.
“You can't judge a man by his appearance!”
Watching Su Zhe and Chen Ran go out to hand over the new car, Chu Mu shakes his head helplessly. How did he not expect that Su Zhe was still a student?
“What kind of family can cultivate such excellent children?”
“The key is to let him control the funds freely?”
Chu Mu couldn't figure it out. Other people in the exhibition hall were also speechless. Who could have thought that Su Zhe, who was dressed mediocrely, could buy a million level car on the spot.
This has cracked their three outlooks.
“So, don't underestimate anyone, and don't give up any chance to receive customers!”
“You might as well be Chen Ran, the little girl!”
Chu Mu scolds the staff of the exhibition hall, while Chen Ran and Su Zhe stay in the car of Hu touben.
Up to now, Chen Ran still feels that he is dreaming.
“Thank you, sister Chen, for saving me more than 10000 yuan…”
Without Chen Ran's Commission, Su Zhe couldn't have won the tiger head race by 1.25 million yuan. Chen Ran acted as a God's assistant.
“Thank me?”
Chen Ran didn't know what happened. In fact, she was flattered by Su Zhe's cry.
“You'll understand later!”
Su Zhe took the temporary card from Chen Ran's hand, and Chen Ran remembered that there was something he didn't explain.
“By the way, phone, SueMr. Su, I will pay a return visit in the future! ”
“Please leave me a call!”
Chen Ran said in a hurry. In fact, he was a little excited. HeActually sold a car.
“We'll meet, and I'll have to get my cards in a month!”
“I'll treat you to dinner then!”
Said, Su Zhe saw the old Han's taxi, stopped at the door of the store.
Su Zhe honked his horn and waved to old Han: “brother Han, this way!”*
[21] mobile phone numbers that sell at sky high prices in future generations![1]
“Sue, you…”
Lao Han looked at a brand-new tiger head running in front of him. His eyes showed a touch of heat, and he almost didn't drool.
But what surprised old Han even more was that Su Zhe actually sat in it, beside which he made a long legged beauty, and hung a big temporary card in it.
Needless to say, this carThere are already owners of famous cars.
“YouYou just bought it? ”
Su Zhe said with a smile: “how about it, isn't it good?”
“It's not just good, my GodLuxury car, ICan I have a seat? ”
Lao Han swallowed his saliva. The fat man next to him was also there with his eyes shining. He was lying there, feeling and looking. He almost lifted the hood to have a look.
“Of course
With that, Su Zhe was ready to get out of the car and open the door. Lao Han quickly stopped him: “II'll do it myself
“My God, in my whole life, I've been able to run for a while!”
“Ha ha ha, it's worth itThat's enough for me to brag all my life! ”
Lao Han is as happy as anything. The fat man sitting next to him is not much better. Seeing Su Zhe turn around, he quickly introduces himself: “Mr. Su, just call me fat!”
“That's fat brother!”
“NoI dare not
Su Zhe's cry almost made the fat man cry on the spot. He was moved!
To tell you the truth, it's the first time he's been called that by a big boss. In his opinion, Su Zhe respects him.
“I'm responsible for the driver's license. I'll take a picture later. I'll go through the show and finish it in 10 minutes. It's really a matter of annual review…”
Fat man patted his chest and said, Su Zhe and so on.
Call a brother can let others happy work, he will not lose anything, this is Su Zhe's way of life.
Proper honorifics can make others feel the same.
Su Zhe had such an experience in his previous life, which is also the way of business.
After Lao Han touched the tiger's head, he finally took out a doctor's certificate: “Xiao Su, this is the certificate I got from the scalper of the provincial hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. The chief director of orthopedics opened it in person!”
“LookAnd the CT of the finger, I also made one for you, but it's a little expensive! ”
“Nothing, money is not a problem!”
Su Zhe took the proof, and finally put down a big event hanging in his heart. In his opinion, it's worth what he spends!
As long as he can not participate in the examination, the direct college entrance examination, he is willing to!
But in the end, Han collected 1500 yuan.
“Brother Han, brother Pang, then I'll go!”
“Thank you
Su Zhe with a fresh driver's license, waving to the two, fat and old Han are very polite.
“Next time I come to Jinling, I'll have a good drink!”
Lao Han really wants to make friends like Su Zhe, but he's afraid that people won't agree with him. After all, he's just a taxi driver, and Su Zhe is definitely a child of the big boss.
“Sure, sure!”
“Thank you for today's business. Next time I'm the host, I'll come to the vehicle management office to get the license plate…”
Several people left each other a phone call, so zhe drove to the last destination of this trip to Jinling – Zhujiang Road!
In fact, Su Zhe has a very good impression of Lao Han.
He can't drive by himself all the time. At that time, Lao Han is definitely a competent driver. However, Lao Han doesn't know Su Zhe's idea. If he wants to know, he will fly happily.
To be the world's richest driver in the future is more than 100 times as important as driving a taxi.
In fact, this is what happened to people. Ma Yun, the richest man in China, is actually surrounded by his friends who started a business with him. His driver is the one who helped him drive when he didn't make a fortune.
If one person gets the right way, he will be promoted to heaven!
The most trustworthy and trustworthy friends are those who never made their fortune.
And when you get rich, making friends is not so pure.
It's either a partner with relevant interests, or a “Fox friend” who asks for help!
Zhujiang Road, located in Xuanwu District of Jinling, is the largest distribution center of electronic and computer products in East China, with the reputation of “Zhongguancun in the north and Zhujiang Road in the South”.
Driving tiger head running, Su Zhe's turn back rate on the street is almost 100%. Many cars on the street take the initiative to avoid collision when they see it.
Such a wonderful, obviously is the previous life of Su Zhe golf experience.
Su Zhe also felt the taste of rich people for the first time.
“Well, is the life of the rich as happy as you think?No, you can't imagine their happiness… ”
Just like now, Su Zhe stops at Xiongshi building on Zhujiang Road, and there are special security guards to show him the way.
Although the current Zhujiang Road can't be compared with the later “beizhongguan nanzhujiang road”, the two sides of the road are already full of computer stores of various brands.
Su Zhe came to Xiongshi building, which is now the largest electronic store on Zhujiang Road.
This time, in addition to buying a desktop computer, he is also planning to buy a mobile phone and notebook.
At school, after all, he couldn't access the Internet on his desktop.
Desktop computer is put at home, summer stock and check information to use, and dormitory obviously can only use mobile phones and laptops.
It took more than 30000 yuan to build the most cutting-edge Intel Pentium three desktop computer, and Su Zhe bought another IBM laptop, thinkpad240.
This is the latest model that IBM just launched in March. The price is as high as 48000 yuan!
The configuration is not as light and convenient as Su Zhe's desktop.
14It's the lightest and thinnest notebook style in the world with a large screen and a weight of 3kg.
ThinkPad has not yet been acquired by Lenovo, and apple has not yet risen. IBM is in the ascendant. It is the world's largest electronics group by market value, and Microsoft can only rank second.
As for ThinkPad series notebooks, they are also the biggest in the notebook market.
Apart from the high price, there are no shortcomings.
Su Zhe also took a fancy to this point and bought it at all costs.
After moving the desktop and laptop into the car, Su Zhe sat in the driver's seat and opened the mobile phone he had just spent another 30000 yuan on – Nokia 7110!
The world's first mobile phone with sliding cover.
In 1999, when the streets were full of local tyrants holding brick like mobile phones, such a small and exquisite mobile phone is undoubtedly the standard of the world's top rich.
Su Zhe presses Chen Ran's phone number and dials it directly.
A group of mobile phone numbers that later generations can sell at sky high prices suddenly appear on Chen Ran's office phone.
This is Su Zhe's mobile phone number, nine nines!
In fact, it was Su Zhe's luck to get such a phone number.
Because just last month, Huaxia Communications Bureau just issued a new regulation that the number of Telecom digital mobile phone will be changed from the original tenUp to eleven!
And obviously, the Bureau of communications did not expect that this mobile phone number would be worth tens of millions of yuan in the future.
At present, Su Zhe only spent 10000 yuan to get it, and he paid 10000 yuan for it.*
Chen Ran, what are you thinking?[2 changes]
“Hello, Xinghua Auto trade!”
Su Zhe's Nokia mobile phone, a burst of beautiful female voice, unfortunately, not Chen Ran.
“I'm looking for Chen Ran!”
“Chen Ran?”
The sister paper on the other end of the phone was obviously surprised, but she still turned to Chen Ran, who was praised by the boss, and said, “Chen Ran, someone is looking for you!”
Chen Ran, with a silly face, fell into a state of muddle again.
I don't even have a customer. How can I have a phone?
After all, it's a company call. She didn't even tell her parents, so she told them
“Mr. Su?”
Chen Ran immediately responded and quickly went to pick up the phone: “SuMr. Su
“Well, it's me!”
“This is my mobile phone number. Please remember. Please call me when the license plate says hello!”
Su Zhe didn't get the license plate. First, time was not allowed. Second, he waited for a good license plate. In addition, the college entrance examination was approaching, so he delayed it for a month.
“GoodOK, I'll ask the licensing personnel then. Is it a serial number
“Yes, the best four nines, the price is not a problem!”
“Mm-hmm, I know. I'll take it to heart!”
Chen Ran made a promise there, subconsciously looked at the caller ID on the phone, the row of 9 almost blinded her eyes.
“This phone numberIt's amazing… ”
Chen Ran opens his mouth, but Su Zhe has hung up.
“Xiaoran, is he the handsome guy who just bought tiger head?”
When several salesmen heard Chen Ran's phone call, they all rushed into the office to see Chen Ran finish the call and hasten to gossip.
“YesIt's him
Chen Ran can't adapt to the enthusiasm of his colleagues.
“Wow, he doesn't have a crush on you, does he?After all, you are so beautiful… ”
“Yes, I think so too!”
“And called in person!”
“No, no!”
“How can it be!”
Chen ran quickly waved his hand, “he just asked me about the license plate!”
“License plate?Who believes it
“I don't think it's like…”
“Xiaoran, if I were you, I would have jumped on it long ago. If I had become one, what kind of sales would I do?When you look at each other's family background, it's unusual… ”
A group of sales chatter in Chen Ran's ear, Chen Ran want to explain, can't find a gap.
“Xiaoran, my sisters are all from here. After this village, there will be no shop!”
“If you don't have anything to do, ask him more about it!”
“I've given you my cell phone number. You should hold it!”
“Handsome, golden and young, I don't think I've ever been in love. If I were a few years younger…”
“Gang rape is not your turn. Don't be a flower maniac!”
“Others are small, but they have good conditions. What do you have?”
Chen Ran looks at the quarreling people and goes out quietly. His face is even more hot.
It's the first time she's seen the gossip of car sales.
But at the thought of Su Zhe, Chen Ran actually has some waves in his heart.
“Do you want toCall in the evening? ”
Chen Ran thinks of Su Zhe's mobile phone number in her mind. A blush suddenly appears on her beautiful face, but she denies it the next second.
“Chen Ran, what are you thinking?”
“Have you seen too many Korean dramas?”
She patted her head: “license plate, ask Mr. Su about the license plate first!”
“Four ninesWhy not five nines?However, he seems to like 9There are so many cell phone numbers
Chen Ran said to himself, but a smile appeared in the corner of his mouth.
Today is the happiest day since she worked.
Su Zhe, who hangs up, drives directly to Su Cheng.
After only one day's vacation with the old class, Su Zhe agreed that he would go to the self-study in the evening to report. Su Zhe hastened to speed up the gas, and the tiger head suddenly roared.
6.8Second 100 km acceleration, not to mention the road, even high-speed are no match.
7Less than that, Su Zhe finally arrived at Su Cheng No.3 middle school.
After parking the car at the school, Su Zhe took out the bandage and gauze from his backpack, tied his right hand around, and then took the film and the case, carrying a bag with a laptop on his back, and walked to class 10 of senior high school.
Lao Wang, the head teacher, is inspecting the class. Seeing Su Zhe's fully armed appearance, he can't help but be stunned: “how about it?Can you write? ”
“Miss Wang…”
Su Zhe's face suddenly became very sad, and tears were brewing: “II may not be able to take the college entrance examination! ”
“So serious?”
Lao Wang's expression suddenly became serious. He took Su Zhe's film and the doctor's certificate, which clearly said——
[right finger joint fracture, there are signs of aggravation, it is recommended to fix the finger, and do not use the finger in the near future]!
“Cracked fingers?”
“Wasn't it the elbow last time?”
Lao Wang raised his head. Su Zhe was aggrieved: “I don't know. The doctor said that the elbow joint is not a big problem now. The most serious problem now is that the fingers can't move!”
“I specially went to Jinling Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine by car today. This is what the director of orthopedics said!”
Lao Wang was completely stunned: “thatHow do you do it now? ”
“Miss Wang, I can't really miss the college entrance examination, can I?No, I'm sure I'll take part! ”
“Don't worry!”
Seeing that Su Zhe was about to cry, Lao Wang quickly comforted him and said, “take a rest first. If you really can't move, just take a rest in the dormitory. As for the main points of these days, I'll spare time for teachers of various subjects to come to the dormitory to explain them to you.”
“The next half month is sprint time. If you fall behind, you will really fail the college entrance examination!”
Lao Wang's sincere words made Su zhezhen cry.
He was really moved.
Good teacher!
Let the teacher open a small kitchen for him alone. Who has this treatment in the whole school?
It has to be said that teachers in 1999 may not have standard Putonghua, but their ethics are absolutely first-class.
In fact, Su Zhe felt guilty. Did he cheat too much?!
But at the thought of the mock exam, Su Zhe had to bite his teeth.
To get the first place in the college entrance examination is the biggest praise to these teachers.
“Lao Wang, I'm sorry!”
Su Zhe thought in his heart, but Lao Wang told him to go back to the dormitory to have a rest.
Su Zhe left with his backpack in the scornful eyes of Zhou Jun and Gu MingOnly the two of them know that Su Zhe is pretending to be sick!
This forceCruel!
It's a wolf!
It's not enough to have a week's rest. I have to rest until the college entrance examination?!
He really doesn't want to go to college?
Zhou Jun thought in disbelief.*
[23] bull market on May 19![3 changes]
Back in the dormitory, Su Zhe didn't remove the bandage of his right hand.
There's no way to pretend to be sick. Zhou Jun and Gu Ming say that they are brothers. But if other people in the dormitory know that they are pretending to be sick, Lao Wang will receive a small report every minute.
After all, it's uncomfortable to watch a person pretend to rest.
The same senior three students, why do you do privileges?
“Well, for the sake of the college entrance examination, bear with it!”
With his left hand, Su Zhe took out IBM's thinkpad240 and put it on the bed.
In fact, the time of Su Zhe's rebirth is very delicate.
There is a reason why he is so anxious to buy a car and a computer.
“Today is May 17, 1999, the day after tomorrowIt's May 19! ”
“How time flies!”
Su Zhe was there calculating the time.
1999May 19, the day after tomorrow, is a very critical day in the history of China's stock market. It is also a day that can be recorded in history.
Due to the good news released by * * on vigorously developing the capital market, Huaxia stock market launched the most spectacular bull market so far.
This wave of market can be called the most in history.
The Shanghai Stock Index started from around 1050 and climbed to a record high of 2245 two years later, with a cumulative increase of more than 100%.
The market came very suddenly, without any warning in advance, and it had great explosive power as soon as it started. At that time, it was also the strongest stock market in the world.
In the 31 trading days from May 19 to June 30 of that year, only 8 trading days fell. The index almost climbed along a 60 degree upward channel, with amazing short-term rise.
However, after that, the stock market entered a five-year bear market, in which thousands of investors were deeply involved, and trillion market value was scattered.
But in the past two years, it's no exaggeration to say that you can make money even if you buy stocks closed. No matter which stock you buy, it's just a matter of earning more and earning lessAmong them, ten stocks are the most aggressive.
The first to bear the brunt is Yian technology.
Since June 25, 1999, in a short period of 70 trading days, the stock price has been continuously rising from about 26 yuan, breaking through the 100 yuan mark, becoming the first stock with a market price of more than 100 yuan since the split of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets.
70One day, the stock price doubled five times. For nearly half of the time, the price of the stock rose by one word.
In view of all kinds of abnormal behavior of Yi'an technology stock, in April 2001, Huaxia Securities Regulatory Commission announced to investigate and deal with the case of suspected manipulation of Yi'an technology stock, and to focus on monitoring the main accounts holding Yi'an technology stock.
So if Su Zhe wants to buy it, he has to sell it ahead of time.
Moreover, he will not take a big position in Yi'an. After all, there are nine stocks in Su Zhe's mind. He only needs to dilute them. If he buys more than one million shares, he will not become a “big shareholder” under key supervision at all.
100In fact, in the stock market of 1999, it was nothing at all. At most, it was just a large retail investor.
Because since the outbreak of the market, the trading volume has soared every day, and the total trading volume of the two cities reached 83.3 billion yuan on June 30.
This record was not refreshed until June 24, 2002, three years later.
100Ten thousand83.3 billion, Su Zhe's little money, in fact, can't make any waves in it.
“But it can turn 20 million into 100 millionThat's enough! ”
This is Su Zhe's goal.
With the help of the stock market, we should make our own assets reach the small target of 100 million as soon as possible.
After fixing the laptop at the head of the bed, Su Zhe began to deal with the problem of network cable.
In the era before the birth of wireless network card, it is actually a very difficult thing to access the Internet, and it is not easy to install broadband in dormitories. At present, few families installed 1m broadband in 1999.
A lot of small partners who surf the Internet use the telephone dial-up method.
The so-called dial-up Internet access is the most common way for people to access the Internet in the 1990s, when the Internet first appeared.
As long as the user has a personal computer, an external or built-in modem, that is, a cat, and a telephone line, he can apply to the local ISP supplier for his own account number, or purchase a network card. After he has his own user name and password, he can connect to the Internet by dialing the ISP's access number, so as to achieve the conditions of Internet access.
“I know the user name and password, and the access telephone number is also clearI just don't know if a public phone is OK! ”
If the public phone in the dormitory doesn't work, Su Zhe can only go to the telecommunication bureau tomorrow to ask, but it will delay time. After all, there are two days left from May 19.
The premise is that Su Zhe has to check the relevant information one day in advance. If the telecommunication bureau is allowed to install the network in the dormitory secretly, it doesn't know when it will be able to install the broadband. One day's delay is one million yuan!
Su Zhe can't afford such a loss, and the school doesn't have to install it for you.
Fortunately, Sucheng No.3 middle school installed a public phone for each dormitory, in order to make money!
1Yuan three minutes, dormitory also have to line up every day!
Absolutely hot.
And family telephone, before junior high school students, more, it is female students.
It's so common to call in high school these days.
So, Su Zhe immediately put his idea on the public phone of the dormitory.
It's a big deal. Keep putting in coins.
The public telephone of Sucheng No.3 middle school adopts the mode of slot machine. If you put a coin, that is, a dollar, you can talk for three minutes.
But a pay phone is also a phone. He must have a phone line.
Su Zhe found the telephone line interface for the first time, and then took it out and plugged it into a cat.
Of course, the cat was bought in Zhujiang Road, Jinling. Su Zhe also bought a lot of telephone lines. Before he bought a computer, he consulted the store about how to install the Internet, so he was quite familiar with it.
The telephone line of the public telephone is plugged into the cat, and the cat has two lines. One is long enough to be towed to Su Zhe's upper bunk bed near the door, and the other, of course, continues to be connected to the public telephone.
In this way, the public telephone can be used, and Su Zhe can also access the Internet.
“Have a try and see the effect!”
Su Zhe added ten 1 yuan coins to the public phone, then turned on his laptop and began to try dialing.*
Lag behindYou're going to be beaten![4 changes]
Control panel, add program, install windows!
Components, communications, details!
Dial up networking, OK!
On the IBM laptop with Microsoft Windows 95, Su Zhe smoothly loaded the dial-up software, and then filled in the phone number and account number.
The account number was actually a generic number in 1999 – 16300.
This is why later generations call it 163 dial-up.
After filling in all the information, Su Zhe pressed the Enter key directly.
All of a sudden, the small blue earth of the Internet began to spin. Su Zhe also looked at it without blinking. When he saw the connection, Su Zhe couldn't help but let out a cry.
“Sure enough!”
It's not easy!
It is estimated that Su Zhe is the first person in China to use the public telephone to access the Internet.
“Try the Internet speed!”
Su Zhe opened IE browser for the first time, and then subconsciously wanted to input Baidu, and suddenly responded, this eraBaidu has not been born yet?!
Google was just set up last year, but now it's not connected, is it?
“Yes, Yahoo is now the largest portal in the world!”
Su Zhe rushed to the website of Yahoo,
At present, Yahoo is absolutely a rising Internet tycoon, known as “one of the creators of the Internet miracle at the end of the 20th century”!
It was created by Yang Zhiyuan, a young Chinese born in North China, who graduated from Stanford. Now he has become the idol of countless young Internet entrepreneurs and can be called “Godfather”!
Because his deeds are too legendary, he used a short period of two years to directly list an Internet enterprise.
On the day of listing, the total value of the shares reached $500 million.
Then he spent another two years building Yahoo into the largest advertising aircraft carrier on the Internet.
Last year, Forbes magazine launched high-tech 100 millionaires. With a fortune of 1 billion US dollars, Yang Zhiyuan leaped to the 16th place, surpassing Wang Jialian, CEO of Guanqun, and becoming the richest Chinese in high-tech.
What's more, he has become a trademark of Stanford University, so that two younger students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who have just graduated, find him and hope to sell him Google, the search engine they created in their dormitory, for $1 million.
But Yang Zhiyuan refused.
This became one of the two things Yang Zhiyuan regretted most in his life.
Another, of course, is Tencent.
Fortunately, he also seized an opportunity in his life, that is, he invested $1 billion in Alibaba in 2005, and the final rate of return was as high as 1300%!
“But in this life, I promise you, even the chance of 1300% return will no longer exist!”
Su Zhe smiles confidently at the newly opened Yahoo. Com, looking at the loading speed that can't be looked directly at, but he has an impulse to spit out fragrance.
It took a full minute for a web page to open.
No wonder the highest speed of dial-up Internet access is said to be 56K, which is slow to the point.
Su Zhe estimated that his network speed did not even reach 56K, and it was estimated that it was only about 20K. How can he describe it as miserable.
“Well, a little is better than nothing!”
“At least you can surf the Internet…”
Su Zhe looked at the headline information on Yahoo. Com, but the whole person's expression was gloomy.
“II forgot about it
NATO bombing embassy, causing three people to die!》
1999May 7, 2007, 11:45 p.m. Belgrad time, and 5:45 p.m. imperial capital time on May 8, 2008, which is the day before Su Zhe's rebirth!
NATO, led by the United States, launched five missiles from different directionsThe result is self-evident.
Although this incident has passed for half a month, it is still getting more and more intense in the international community, and the relationship between China and the United States has dropped to the freezing point in history.
“BehindI'm going to be beaten! ”
Su Zhe gritted his teeth. In the previous world, although the speed of China's rise could be rated as the first in the world, and its GDP would be the second in the world by 2020, the largest country in the world is still the United States.
Moreover, the two countries have been fighting against China in private.
“In this life, nothing can be said to let the United States exercise its authority!”
“At least, in business and the Internet, I'm going to cut it off!”
Su Zhe, who knows the big event, doesn't need to mix up if he still lets the United States ride on his head in this life.
Su Zhe browsed the webpage for a while, the networking icon in the lower right corner suddenly appeared a red fork.
He couldn't help but be stunned, and then suddenly found that the computer actually cut off the network.
“Wipe, it's only a few minutes?Ten yuan for the phone? ”
“The speed of money burningIt's as terrible as the 4G network just launched
Su Zhe looked at the time and found that the evening self-study was coming to an end. He quickly removed all the equipment. If his roommates knew, the whole school would be a sensation the next day.
Su Zhe put the cat and telephone line back into his backpack. As soon as he closed his laptop, Zhou Jun's voice came from the corridor.
“Damn it, Su Zhe is so cool!”
“I guess I'm looking at things that are not suitable for children…”
“But he can't move his right hand. It's really pitiful!”
“Ha ha ha!”
Then there was a burst of schadenfreude laughter, Su Zhe was not angry, but walked out of bed, came to the dormitory door: “Lao Zhou, I have something good, do you want to see it?”
Just ready to step into the dormitory, Zhou Jun's smile suddenly stopped: “what's good?”
“What do you say is good?”
Zhou Jun immediately moved, but Su Zhe gave him a smile: “I was going to show it to you, but now, I've changed my mind!”
“No, brother Su, oh, noMr. Su
“I've just joked with some of them. How can you do such underestimation
“Besides, you can't do it!”
Zhou Jun squeezed his eyes at Su Zhe. Su Zhe's expression remained unchanged: “blow, continue to blow!”
“Blow me happy, I may show you!”
Said, Su Zhe subconsciously patted the bedside, just bought the IBM group thinkpad240 laptop, instantly exposed in front of everyone.*
Did you buy a car?[1]
“Lying trough!”
“I'll goLaptop
“My day?Where did you come from? ”
“Damn it
Everyone in the dormitory is a little crazy, staring at the ThinkPad notebook on Su Zhe's bed, and Zhou Jun is the whole person who has no idea of the image.
It's not that they haven't seen computers. After all, there are many Internet cafes all over the street now, but expensive laptops were not available to anyone in 1999.
Even the richest fat man in dormitory 305 bought a desktop computer and notebook at home. He begged his father several times, but didn't buy it for him.
Because it's too expensive.
The cheapest one costs more than 10000.
So now the laptop on Su Zhe's bed is a novelty. The key is that it's very thin, which is beyond everyone's expectation.
“This is”ThinkPad series?”
Fat man's expression is more like seeing a ghost. He stares at Su Zhe. At least he has studied notebook computers. In fact, he wants to buy a ThinkPad, but it's too expensive.
His father's salary is only half a month.
“ThinkPad series?”
“What is this?”
Everyone looked at the fat man, who then sighed: “the most expensive notebook series in the world, produced by IBM in the United States, the cheapest one, costs about 20000!”
“How much?”
All of them were breathing cold air, and Zhou Jun even shrunk his hand.
“My God!”
He was just about to turn on the display screen of his laptop. He was stunned by the fat man's words.
2Ten thousand?
The price made him tremble.
“No, Su Zhe, this computer is really yours?”
Gu Ming looks at Su Zhe incredulously. In his impression, Su Zhe's family conditions are not very good. Even if you buy a pair of shoes worth several hundred yuan, it's absolutely impossible to buy more than 20000 computers!
“This computer should cost 40000-50000!”
The fat man's words shocked the whole dormitory once again, and Zhou Jun was too excited to speak. The price has far exceeded his limit.
He put his hand on the cover of his notebook and didn't dare to drop it.
4He was afraid that he would damage the goods for 50000 yuan, so he couldn't afford to pay for them.
“Well, my uncle just bought it for me today!”
Su Zhe certainly won't tell them the truth, but an uncle's purchase has already made Zhou Jun look a little red: “Mom, why don't I have such an uncle?”
“Mr. Su, we agreed to be poor together. Why did you get rich first?”
“Your third uncle is very kind to you, isn't he?”
“It's worthy of being the big guys who have seen the book and Lipan. It's really not the level that we young kids who have seen little Huang man can match!”
Zhou Jun looks at Su Zhe with deep resentment, just like a lady.
He knows that Su Zhe's third uncle is very rich. He is the boss of a large group. However, he is rare in the world who can spend so much money on Su Zhe. After all, he can spend tens of thousands more.
Who can handle this!
Now everyone in the dormitory believes that this computer is indeed Su Zhe's.
Fat man's look at Su Zhe changed a little.
This guy has always been snobbish, who has money to play with. Now he finds that Su Zhe is not as bad as he thought: “Su Zhe, computerCan you show me? ”
This guy licks his face and says that Su Zhe is very generous. It's just a computer. If it's broken, let them pay for it.
Look, there's no loss.
“Well, look around!”
“Don't delete the program on the desktop…”
Su Zhe was there, talking about the mobile phone in his pants pocket, but it happenedThere was a shock.
Su Zhe really doesn't want to show off his wealth!
For this reason, he also turned on the mute, but these days, the vibrating motor of mobile phone is just like a beep, so all the people in the dormitory heard it.
“What sound?”
“Su Zhe, it seems to come from you!”
Several people were playing with the computer and looking at Su Zhe. Su Zhe had to take the Nokia 7110 out of his pocket: “well, it's mineMobile phone vibrates
All the people in the dorm stay there, like a clay statue.
Today, it's really exciting.
A laptop has opened their eyes. Su Zhe even bought a mobile phone. Do you want to be such a local tyrant?!
But Su Zhe didn't seem to see a crowd's surprise. He pulled open the slide cover of Nokia 7110, and the mobile phone automatically connected.
“Hello, Mr. Su?I am Chen Ran
Nuo Nuo Susu's voice came from the microphone.
Chen Ran's call is impressive. She went home at night and thought for a long time, but finally dialed Su Zhe.
I don't know why. She just felt that she wanted to talk to Su Zhe for a while.
“Well, it's me. What's the matter?”
Su Zhe's side was surrounded by the other seven guys in the dormitory. Everyone's ears were standing there. Zhou Jun swallowed his saliva: “woman, I use my intuition to study women in my life to tell you that she must be a beautiful woman!”
“AndYoung and tall
“Gentle in character!”
Su Zhe was really convinced by these two goods and glared at them. Chen Ran obviously heard Zhou Jun's voice and said in surprise: “youAre you busy? ”
“Oh, no, I'm in the dormitory, you know, I'm still a student!”
“I'm sorry, it was my classmate just now. He's a jerk!”
The word “Er Bi” is not popular yet, so neither Su Zhe nor Chen Ran can recognize Su Zhe's ridicule.
“Oh, I know. The college entrance examination will begin soon. You told me this afternoon!”
Chen Ran smiles shyly, but Su Zhe's roommates all have rich expressions.
“This afternoon…”
“Told me ~ ~”
“Tut Tut, yes, Su Zhe!”
“Bull force, this special? We 305 dormitory, hidden a girl master ah!”
“I can't see it!”
305A few guys in the dormitory murmured to each other. If you say a word to me, it's time to perform a small program.
Chen Ran on the other end of the phone heard the call clearly, his ears were all a little hot, his face was as red as a monkey's ass, and he didn't know it at all.
However, she has also experienced the school days, so she is very clear about the jokes and gossip among the students in the dormitory.
“You, shut up!”
Su Zhe yelled at several guys, pushed them away and walked out of the door: “OK, now you can say, what can I do for you?”
Su Zhe didn't explain anything in the words of those bad friends just now.
Once this thing is explained, it will only make two people embarrassed.
“AlsoIt's nothing. I just want to talk to you about the four nine license plates you want. Mr. Chu said that he could help you go to the vehicle management office and ask. He should be able to get them, but — ”
“But it costs money, doesn't it?It's OK. Any amount of money will do! ”
The reason why Su Zhe wants to buy a serial number license plate is actually to save some trouble.
Business license is face!
Sometimes you don't need to explain your assets.
For example, when a su a9999 car goes out, everyone knows that you are not only economic and social, but also powerful. This is the business circle of Huaxia, and so is the mobile phone number.
This can save Su Zhe a lot of unnecessary trouble.
After chatting with Chen Ran for a while, Su Zhe hung up the phone and turned around. He almost didn't scare him to death.
305A group of goods, all like stakes, stood behind him eavesdropping.
“See you next time, Mr. Su!”
Zhou Jun imitates Chen Ran's voice and laughs.
“Get out of here, you've had enough!”
“This is a friend of mine. I just met him today.”
Su Zhe directly kicked Zhou Jun, and then he realized: “Damn, I'll explain a fart to you!”
“Oh, my friendMy friend calls me on his own initiative and gives you a license plate. ”
“Trough, license plate, you bought a car?”
Zhou Jun suddenly responded, and then the whole person was a little autisticOthers, obviously, are not so good.
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Stock speculation![2 changes]
“To be honest, how many things have you not told us?”
Zhou Jun and Gu Ming surrounded Su Zhe in the middle, and two roommates also crouched behind the dormitory, showing a tendency to serve Su Zhe without saying anything.
Su Zhe was a little embarrassed by several people. He hung his hand and said, “I told you all about it!”
“My third uncle made a fortune recently. Today he equipped me with this mobile phone and this computer. The car belongs to him, but I went to buy it for himThat's it! ”
“Why don't I believe that?”
Zhou Jun and Su Zhe had the strongest relationship in the past three years. They were almost inseparable at school. They even went out of school every day to read comic books in a small bookstore!
So, in fact, he knows Su Zhe very well.
“Believe it or not!”
With a wave of Su Zhe's hand, the others in the dormitory let him go, but the fat man swallowed: “SuSu Zhe, is your mobile phone from Nokia? ”
“Well, what's the matter?”
Su Zhe raised his head and looked at the fat man who didn't come out to block himself. The fat man laughed: “my father is Nokia, but 5110!”
Nokia 5110 is a straight line mobile phone launched by Nokia last year. It's the first innovative product launched by Nokia after breaking away from mobile phones. However, the price is relatively cheap, more than 10000.
“What's your model?Why haven't I seen it? There's a cover plate. It's so awesome… ”
Fat man comes to Su Zhe with flattery. His meaning is self-evident. He wants to see Su Zhe's mobile phone, but Su Zhe doesn't give it to him. He just tucks it into his trouser pocket: “7110, I didn't know the new model just came out last month!”
“If you like it, let your father buy one for you.”
Su Zhe smiles, but the fat man is embarrassed and says, “I can't afford to buy this mobile phone. I'm afraid it costs 30000 or 40000, right?”
It has to be said that the fat guy still has his eyes. Su Zhe doesn't nod or shake his head. Instead, he climbs to bed to take a bath and go to bed. There are still a lot of things waiting for him tomorrow.
“Ah, I envy such a relative!”
“My rich relatives, why are they so cruel to me? They are also human beings. Is the gap too big?”
Zhou Jun looked up at the sky and sighed, but he followed Su Zhe to climb up his upper bunk.
“Why?You're so rude. I don't want to be a base! ”
Su Zhe tried to kick Zhou Jun down, but Zhou Jun was stunned: “do you want to base?What's the matter, plane? ”
“Nothing. What are you doing?”
Su Zhe picked up the clothes with one hand, but Zhou Jun held Su Zhe's computer: “tonight, it belongs to me, you know!”
“I don't know. I'm just playing with you. I just bought a computer. I didn't download anything?”
“Wait a few days, let me go to the Internet bar, I'll install it for you!”
Of course, Su Zhe knows what Zhou Jun wants to see, but his notebook is pure now. Zhou Jun can only play Solitaire at most.
“I don't believe that you are such a coquettish product. Will you decorate things at the first time?”
Zhou Jun looks at Su Zhe with an extremely licentious expression. Su Zhe picks up his clothes and goes straight to the bathroom. He doesn't care about the goods.
“My hands are so hurt. Do you want me to wash them for you?”
Zhou Jun this goods and shameless loud came a sentence, especially in the hurt word syllable bite is very heavy, one side of Gu Ming are a little crazy.
Fortunately, it's not 2020, or someone would have to say that Zhou Jun picks up soap.
“No, sir, I don't want to trouble you. If your soap falls on the floor, it's not good!”
Of course, Su Zhe doesn't need Zhou Jun to wash it for him. When he enters the bathroom, he directly takes off the gauze and other disguises.
After a good bath, he went straight to bed.
To tell you the truth, Su Zhe was really tired all day today. From taking a car to receive the prize in the morning to buying a car to buy a computer, he drove back to school for 2 hours. Let alone rest, he didn't even care to drink water.
So as soon as he leaned on the pillow, Su Zhe was a little sleepy.
But Zhou Jun is still looking for the “inventory” in the computer. Until the light goes out, he doesn't put down the computer. Gu Ming looks over his head and finds that he is absolutely defeated.
This product, even in that boring play minesweeping.
Gu Ming is completely convinced of this guy.
All night long.
The next morning, a group of guys got up to take part in the morning run. Su Zhe didn't need to go, so he went to the canteen leisurely. After breakfast, he started his stock speculation plan.
During the period, he also disguised the telephone line. After all, he had to be on guard against teachers coming into the dormitory to make up lessons for him. When they found out that they were speculating in stocks, they were dead.
So Su Zhe arranged the wiring along the wall, and the telephone connector was exposed. Even the cat was pasted under the public telephone by him.
At first glance, most people really can't find the trick hidden below.
“OK, it's done!”
“Here comes Lao Wang. I can say that he is reading a book!”
Su Zhe put “advanced mathematics”, “quantum mechanics” and other university textbooks, as well as high school teaching aids at the head of the bed, arranged everything, and then opened the laptop.
Even online, click yesterday to download good Huatai Securities software.
After ten minutes of loading, the stock trading system interface finally jumped out.
He just put nearly 50 awesome coins into the public phone and didn't know how long he could hold on.
“Yian technology, Nankai gold, variety arts, Cangzhou Chemical…”
Su Zhe according to the notebook records of ten stocks, fast buying, because not yet open, to 9:30, so he is pre-set price to buy.
He bought the most shares of Yian technology, about 3 million shares.
The rest are between 1 million and 2 million.
The more than 18 million yuan that Jinling bank just saved yesterday was all thrown into the stock market by him in a short period of five minutes.
“Next, wait for the opening!”
“If the market is good, yesterday I bought a car and bought a computer car, I can earn all the money back!”
Su Zhe was just thinking that the computer connection in the lower right corner of the computer suddenly became a red line.
The computer is disconnected.
“Grass, the line is broken again!”
“Why should I say that againNima doesn't know if it's successful or not! ”
Su Zhe is really depressed. In 1999, the network was really rubbish. The key point is that the network he connected through the public telephone dial-up was a fighter in the rubbish.
50I can't hold on for five minutes.
This is not the Internet, this is simply burning money ah!
“Forget it, Huatai goes to work at 9 o'clock. Call Zhang Jun and ask him!”
Su Zhe can only ask Huatai's boss. Fortunately, he left Su Zhe his office private phone at that time.
This is also a warm service for Huatai VIP users.
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[27] Zhang Jun's shock![3 changes]
1999It was less than 9 a.m. on May 18, 2000.
Zhang Jun, the boss of Huatai Securities, sat in his office on time, because Huaxia's stock market opened at 9:30 a.m., but in fact, many stocks will show signs at around 9:00 a.m., showing up and down bands.
Up or downThere will be a curve showing whether the opening price is lower or higher.
At this time, investors can choose to declare, set the entrusted purchase or sell price!
As soon as the stock market opens, the stock can be traded instantly.
Therefore, the employees of the securities company must arrive at their posts before 9 o'clock. The first thing they do when they arrive at the office is to turn on the computer and observe the opening price at the first time.
Zhang Jun, the boss of a securities company, is no exception.
“A-share Shanghai index 1050 points, Shenzhen index 4702 points…”
Looking at the market that has been fluctuating at this number for more than a year, Zhang Jun's heart is the same as the stock market, without any fluctuations.
But in fact, the Shanghai stock index has been down for more than 30 days in a row. The index has dropped from 1600 points in 1997 to 1050 points now, and has been floating around 1000-1100 points in the past year.
It can be said that the whole A-share market is a stagnant market. The old investors buy and sell there, and the new investors have limited access to the stock market.
The market urgently needs a tube of cardiotonic to make the whole stock market active.
All securities companies believe that the state will do it, and know that this day will come. They are all waiting, but no one knows when it is?!
Maybe tomorrow, maybe a month or six months later.
So during this period, no one dare to enter the stock market rashly, because the risk of being cut off is quite large.
Ding Ling Ling!
While Zhang Jun was thinking about the stock market, the second telephone at his desk suddenly rang. This is his personal hotline, which only a few people knew.
Professional habits, subconsciously he first looked down the phone number, and then Zhang Jun directly silly.
“Lying trough?Is this your cell phone number? ”
He gave a jerk and picked up the phone.
To tell you the truth, he was blinded by this group of mobile phone numbers which are all 9.
It's too aggressive.
Nine nine serial numbers, such a powerful mobile phone number?!
“Mr. Zhang, I'm Su Zhe!”
Su Zhe's voice came over the phone, and a young figure suddenly appeared in Zhang Jun's mind. His eyes also looked at the Yangzi Evening News he bought in the morning. The front page headline on it was Su Zhe's story of winning more than 24 million sports lottery 6 + 1 prize yesterday.
Before he could see it, he didn't expect Su Zhe to call him early in the morning.
“Hahaha, who do I say?It's Mr. Su
Zhang Jun politely exchanged greetings with Su Zhe, and Su Zhe was also impolite. He said directly: “Mr. Zhang, the network here is not very good. I'm going to buy some stocks in the morning. When I was operating, I suddenly cut off the line. I don't know if I bought them. Please help me have a look!”
“OK, no problem. Please tell me your account number and I'll log in to the background to have a look!”
Zhang Jun opened the customer management system of Huatai Securities, listened to Su Zhe's account, and directly logged into the background of Huatai.
This backstage can see the trading situation of customers. In addition to being unable to operate, they have very detailed records of what stocks they buy and sell, when they buy and so on.
“Su Zhe, account number: sz0345768, transaction situation…”
Zhang Jun was browsing there. His phone didn't hang up. The computer showed that Su Zhe bought ten stocks at 8:40, but they were all entrusted.
“Mr. Su, have you bought so many shares?”
“ThisIs it a little too scattered? ”
As a senior person, Zhang Jun obviously does not recommend beginners to buy directly from the beginning, because it will not be worth the loss.
The best operation for beginners is to buy a stock and start to exercise. It can't be more than 5 at most, otherwise it is likely that they can't control it.
“Well, how about ten? Have you bought them?”
“Let me see!”
Zhang Jun click under the background, see the transaction.
Ten stocks haven't been bought yet. They won't be considered successful until after the opening of the market. Now they are just declaring.
“Mr. Su, are you there?”
“Yes, you say!”
“I see that all the ten stocks you bought at around 8:50 have been successfully applied for, but I suggest that you should cancel a few, tenIs it a little too much? ”
Zhang Jun suggested, but Su Zhe said with a smile: “it's OK. I chose all of them myself. Now I just have to wait for the opening of the stock market to buy these ten stocks automatically.”
“Well, the principle is like this, but…”
Zhang Jun then opened Su Zhe's first Yi'an technology. Looking at the 15000 hand numbers displayed above, his eyes suddenly burst open.
“15000 hands?Share price 20Three million? ”
Zhang Jun was a little scared to pee.
“SueMr. Su, youYou apply forDeclared 3 million yuan of Yian technology? ”
This guy is crazy.
A beginner buys three million shares at a time?
Zhang Jun has to say that Su Zhe's courage is the best he has ever seen in his life. He doesn't understand anything. He bought 3 million yuan for his first stock?!
Won the grand prize also can't be so extravagant?
“Yes, I bought three million, whichIt's not much, is it? ”
“15000 hands, at most retail level, 50000 is the minimum threshold for trading?”
Su Zhe was also frightened by Zhang Jun's words. Did he buy too much?
“Oh?Did Mr. Su speculate in stocks before? ”
Zhang Jun was a little surprised. At that time, he also saw Su Zhe's age, and he was just an adult. There were few stock speculators at this age.
“That's not true. I also checked the information and heard my parents say it!”
Su Zhe casually tells a lie, but Zhang Jun is already looking at Su Zhe's other stocks.
He thought that Su Zhe had invested heavily in Yi'an technology, but he didn't buy many of the other nine. But at this point, his whole life collapsed!
1800Ten thousand!
Su Zhe bought 18 million shares one morning!
“My God
“ThisThis… ”
Zhang Jun was a little frightened.
This guy used all the money he won yesterday to speculate in stocks?
Is it all sold out in the morning?
In fact, he is going to recommend Su Zhe to buy some stocks that will rise today. After all, he has got some inside information.
This time, I also recommend a fart?!
I'm on my kneesToo many big guys!
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[28] drive low and walk low?[4 changes]
“No, SueMr. Su, youDid you use all the money you won yesterday to buy stocks? ”
Zhang Jun calmed his heart for a while, and then asked the question that he felt some collapse in his heart.
In his opinion, it's tooIt's crazy.
He has seen people who buy this, buy that, buy a house, buy a car after winning the lottery, but he has never seen them. They are all used to buy stocks directly.
This is how much gambler psychology, to do such a crazy thing ah!
Although the 18 million shares can make Huatai Securities earn a lot of commission, Zhang Jun is not very excited at all. In his opinion, Su Zhe has become a pen business.
After this wave of losses, how can you make money?
Only frequent buying and selling, securities companies can frequently earn the Commission of buying and selling.
It can be said that a customer who buys and sells 100000 yuan a day is obviously more valuable than a customer who buys and sells 100000 yuan a day for two years.
Therefore, Zhang Jun's current state of mind has collapsed.
But Su Zhe said with a smile: “it's OK. I just want to know if I bought it. Since I bought it, there's no problem!”
What Su Zhe is afraid of is just breaking the line, so that he didn't buy the stock. Now listen to Zhang Jun say that he can buy it after the opening, so he has nothing to worry about. The rest is just waiting for the stock to soar.
But Zhang Jun couldn't help it: “Mr. Su, it's too late for you to withdraw now!”
“Withdraw, why should I withdraw?”
What's wrong with Temo's brain? I'll cancel it?!
But Zhang Jun continued: “I just saw the ten stocks you bought, and the market response is not very strong, especially the Yi'an technology that you bought the most. In the past six months, the decline is obviously higher than the rise, and the stock price has fallen below the average K line in the second half of the year!”
“It seems to be a big positive line, but in fact, the shadow negative line is optimistic in the short term, and there is not much room for the rise!”
Su Zhe was a little confused when he heard it. He didn't understand the professional term “big Yin line and big Yang line”.
He only knew that the stock would rise by the limit tomorrow. As for today, he didn't check, because there was no need. A stock that had risen for 70 days in a row fell for one day. What was that?!
And what if it goes up today?
So Su Zhe is not worried at all. Zhang Jun is still talking about it, but Su Zhe is a little impatient: “Mr. Zhang, thank you for your advice, butI still think the Yi'an technology I bought should be good! ”
Zhang Jun was a little convinced.
His analysis is like this, this guy still insists that this stock is good?!
This boy is a head iron!
“Well, Mr. Su, if you withdraw part of it, I'll tell you the inside information just obtained by several listed companies. Does Yangquan hydropower know?They are going to make a big move recently. There are three advantages! ”
“So today Yangquan is bound to soar. I don't know if I can raise the limit. It can definitely exceed 5%!”
“And Tianhai shares, their new quarter's financial report has come out, today's market is unanimously optimistic, it is sure to rise!”
“Do you want to try some?”
Zhang Jun said with a smile, but Su Zhe shook his head: “forget it, I don't like trouble, and my network is not very goodBut thank you all the same! ”
Zhang Jun is really speechless, and even has some curses in his heart.
What he said is really inside information. Most people will not tell him at all.
This wave of news can make su zhebai earn tens of thousands at least, but this guy doesn't appreciate it at all. Is it troublesome?
Do you think it's troublesome to make money?!
“Mr. Su, do you want to think about it again? What I said is true.”
Su Zhe is directly hang up the phone, let ready to continue to talk Zhang Jun, suddenly Leng in the spot.
ThisThis guy, this guy hung up his phone?
Zhang Jun almost threw the microphone directly.
Can this boy speculate in stocks!
Don't do the work of picking up money in vain, and trust your intuition?
“I've never heard of the ten stocks I bought?What the hell is going on? ”
Zhang Jun once again opened Su Zhe's backstage, looking at the ten green stocks, some laughed: “down, all open lowLooking forward to going higher? ”
Looking at the time, it's 9:28, and there are two minutes left for the official opening.
9After 12:25, the previously purchased shares can't be cancelled. That is to say, Su Zhe can't even cancel now. The system has already helped him to execute the purchase order, and then he has to wait until the opening tomorrow to sell.
Zhang Jun sighed, this one full of Su Zhe's disappointment, and he just worthless.
A client who could have held it for a long time is expected to be deeply involved in the stock market.
Ordinary beginners will not choose stop loss when they see their stocks plummeting. They will only look forward to the rise of tomorrow. They will only look forward to a warmer day when they wait for the stocks to fall every day.
90% of the shareholders, is so Shenshi's routine into the stock market, can't get out at all.
When they come out, many of the stock prices have been cut, even one in ten. If one million goes in, only 100000 will be left, and the losers don't know them.
At 9:30 on the table, the alarm clock to remind the opening of the market made a sound. Zhang Jun immediately rubbed his face, and then focused his eyes on the big screen in front of him.
Countless stock prices began to change.
However, Zhang Jun focused on the fluctuation of Shanghai stock index, 1076 points, higher than the opening 1050 points, belonging to high opening!
“No, drive high and walk lowToday's wave, the overall market is bearish! ”
As a senior professional, Zhang Jun can tell today's stock price trend at a glance. It is very likely that the Shanghai stock index will fall to the low point of 1000, or even directly below 1000.
Of course, this is not absolute.
Zhang Jun just according to his intuition to determine today's trend, the stock market changes, who can really see the right?!
“Just this time, Su Zhe's stockThe fall is even worse! ”
The overall market is high open low go, that Su Zhe's low open stocks, it can only continue to bottom down, down plus down.
Of course, there are also stocks that go against the market, but such stocks are rare in the overall declining market.
Zhang Jun subconsciously opened Su Zhe's backstage, want to see how much Su Zhe this wave of losses.
But at this point of view, his whole person is directly stupid.*
[29] ten stocks, all against the trend![Jiageng 1]
Su Zhe's backstage, soon revealed in front of Zhang Jun.
Originally some schadenfreude Zhang Jun, when sees Su Zhe's backstage data, slightly Leng Leng.
At first he thought he was wrong.
“How can it be?”
What came into his eyes was a brilliant red!
Ten stocks are all red.
He clicks refresh, but it turns out that he has just read it correctly. All the ten stocks Su Zhe bought are still red when the market is high and low. Each stock is red enough to blind him.
“No way!”
Zhang Jun is a bit of a fool.
Originally a green ten stocks, this moment has been all red!
How long has it been?!
One Minute?
Within a minute, Yian technology, which originally opened the most low, actually rose the most, with a full 1%. That is to say, within this minute, Yian technology actually rose from – 5% to 1%, with an increase of 6%!
It broke through the white line in an instant and turned red directly!
Moreover, it is still on the track of skyrocketing, rising rapidly, and has directly broken through 2% in the next second
The other nine stocks, more or less, soared there.
Su Zhe bought ten stocks, in the market so down, still all against the trend, in the crazy rise!
This simply overturned Zhang Jun's imagination.
If one stock soars, it can only show Su Zhe's luck. Two stocks also have the element of luck, but all ten stocks go against the market, which can only show one kind of situation, Su ZheHe can speculate in stocks.
Moreover, it is a senior shareholder!
“HeHow old is he? ”
“When I was born, I speculated in stocks. I'm not so strong, right?”
Zhang Jun's mouth suddenly opened. His eyes were fixed on Yian technology. At last, he looked at the turnover rate of Yian technology. He found that countless private placements seemed to see this magic stock pouring in.
A keen stock market intuition for many years told him that the stock would soar today.
“Yian technology!”
“What a Yian technology. Why didn't I find this stock before?”
Zhang Jun thought inconceivably that he is also a person in the industry. This kind of inside information should be known more or less, but now he has not received any information at all.
That can only show that this enterprise should have good news in the near future, and this news is only known within the CSRC.
Only in this way can we explain why this stock is so evil. Within a few minutes of Zhang Jun's thinking, it has soared by 2%, 10% higher than the opening price!
From – 5% of the low price, all the way up to 5%!
Up to 10%!
But it's obviously not over.
Because the limit will not end until 10%.
“That's great!”
“Doesn't it mean that Su Zhe has already made 300000 yuan in just a few minutes with just one Yi'an technology?”
Zhang Jun can't help but open Su Zhe's statistical backstage, and the difference of each stock immediately shows clearly in front of him.
Yian technology, + 10%, P / E 305678 yuan.
Nankai gold, + 8%, P / E 134321 yuan.
Entertainment shares, + 7.6%, P / E 114534 yuan.
Ten stocks, without exception, have made profits, and the stock price has not increased by less than 5%. The total price earnings at the bottom makes Zhang Jun jump out of his seat.
“How much?”
“1……More than 1.21 million? ”
Zhang Jun couldn't believe it.
It's only a few minutes. Su Zhe has made more than 1.21 million profits?!
This printer is not so fast, is it?
P / E: 1219876 yuan.
121More than ten thousand!
This is the ten stocks that Su Zhe bought. The profit of the market in just five minutes, the key figure, is still beating up.
122Ten thousand1.25 million1.3 million!
Zhang Jun's heart can't stand that number.
“UpStill rising? ”
He was already incoherent, and his face was burning at the thought that he just wanted Su Zhe to cancel and buy the Yangquan hydropower he recommended.
Yangquan hydropower increased by 1%. If Su Zhe bought all the 18 million yuan, he would make a profit of 180 thousand yuan at most.
Compared with the current 1.3 million plus, it can't be compared at all.
“No wonder this boy doesn't listen to me. He is the stock god!”
Zhang Jun shakes his head and is convinced of Su Zhe.
Such ten stocks that he didn't know could be found by Su Zhe in hundreds of A-shares. Obviously, he made great efforts.
At least, taking Zhang Jun's more than 10-year career as an example, he has some knowledge of one of the stocks, and the rest of them have a clear understanding of the ups and downs in the recent six months. He has not made a detailed study of the dynamics of the enterprise.
After all, every listed company will report a lot of information every day. No one can understand the information of all listed companies within one day. They can only conduct in-depth research on the stock companies they know.
“I've lost my eye!”
Zhang Jun gave a bitter smile, but saw a big straight line of Yi'an technology's rapid rise.
Limit up!
Yi An technology trading, in the opening half an hour, from – 5%, direct 10% trading.
That is to say, the stock has gone up 15% in total!
Su zheguang made 450000 yuan in this stock!
Absolute printing machine operation!
“I'm convinced!”
Zhang Jun is really convinced. He picks up the landline on the desk and dials Su Zhe's phone directly. This is a good thing about the stock limit. He thinks it is necessary to inform Su Zhe.
At this time, Su Zhe was seriously gnawing at the textbook.
There are also a lot of drafts and calculation formulas.
it's too hard!
For a middle-aged man who has forgotten for 20 years, it is very difficult to learn high school knowledge again.
Fortunately, it has been used in the University's knowledge work, so Su Zhe's knowledge of the university is the fastest to recover!
When he just entered the learning state, the Nokia 7110 mobile phone at the head of his bed suddenly issued the classic Nokia call ring.
“Zhang Jun?”
“This guy is going to recommend stocks to me again?”
For the time boss to add more, still owe 9 more, plus sbsee boss ten thousand reward 1 more, a total of 10 more!*
[30] Mr. Baidu![Jiageng 2]
“Mr. Zhang, what's the matter?”
Su Zhe picked up the mobile phone with his left hand, and his right hand was still tied with layers of gauze. He couldn't hold the phone at all.
“SueMr. Su, I'm sorry to disturb you. I apologize for my behavior just now. You are the real stock god! ”
“I really admire Lao Zhang!”
But Su Zhe squinted. Did he buy ten stocks today?
In fact, Su Zhe bought the top ten demon stocks with the strongest growth in 1999.
That is to say, they did not rise only after May 19, but also before May 19.
So Su Zhe mistakenly bought these ten stocks today, but before the good news of the country came, he already got the inside information. Finally, with this wave of good news, they became the top ten God stocks with the most terrible growth this year.
In particular, the top three Yi'an technology, Nankai gold and variety show shares have already started trading on the 18th!
Su Zhe obviously didn't know all this.
He was in the light of luck.
“Is it up?”
Su Zhe tried to ask, but Zhang Jun said excitedly: “it's more than rising. The one Yi'an technology that you buy most has risen by 15%!”
Su Zhe almost sat up from the bed. The newsIt's really shocking.
He thought that Yi'an technology would start to raise the limit tomorrow, but he never thought that today's price would skyrocket?!
And 15%?
Doesn't it mean that the price rises from 5% lower?
It's more than a straight slate.
The direct opening is 10% at most, but this kind of low opening and high going is actually the most profitable operation of the stock market.
Many traders buy at the lowest price, sell at the highest price, or even increase by 20% in a day.
This is the most brilliant operation.
“That's more than that. Nankai gold is up 11% and the shares of variety show are 9%Mr. Su, you are really amazing. You have made a profit of nearly 2 million yuan in an hour. I have never seen this operation in my life! ”
“Ha ha ha!”
Su Zhe smiles happily, but says modestly: “luck, it's really luck!”
Zhang Jun couldn't believe it. He said respectfully, “I'm still recommending stocks to you in the morning. It's really a slap in the face. It turns out that you are the real God of stocks. Do you learn from your family about your stock speculation experience?”
Zhang Jun doesn't think Su Zhe is a novice.
This wave of operation is very difficult for ordinary operators. Without more than ten years of experience in stock trading, it is very difficult to be so sensitive to the business opportunities in the stock market.
Of course, stocks also need talent. In Zhang Jun's view, Su Zhe is undoubtedly a gifted man. When he was a teenager, he would be able to make a drastic effort to cover all his wealth and complete this wave of divine operation, which made him amazing.
Although this did not reach the level of stock god, but it is not too far away.
“In fact, I learned from an expert!”
Su Zhe said it mysteriously, but Zhang Jun didn't doubt it at all. On the contrary, he praised it: “the expert Mr. Su knows is definitely a folk stock god!”
“Well, almostHis name is Mr. Baidu! ”
Su Zhe talks nonsense, but Zhang Jun's mind turns around. He has been infiltrating the financial circle for more than ten years, but he has never heard of such a person?!
“BaiduWhat a Baidu
“The crowd is looking for him, but the man is in the dim light. Ha ha ha, wonderfulMr. Baidu, whom Mr. Su knows, is absolutely an expert! ”
Zhang Jun is patting rainbow fart, but Su Zhe hears the footstep outside the dormitory and says in a hurry: “Mr. Zhang, I won't tell you, I'll hang up first!”
Then he hung up.
The cell phone is stuffed into the quilt.
Su Zhe sat down in a hurry and began to read mathematics textbooks.
Then, a middle-aged man with gold glasses, carrying a stack of test papers and several teaching aids, hurried into the 305 dormitory.
“Miss Lu!”
Lu hang, Su Zhe's math teacher, came in.
Lu hang first looked around the dormitory, and then saw Su Zhe looking at the mathematics textbook, frowning slightly: “why don't you look at yesterday's test paper, many of the questions on it are required for this college entrance examination!”
“Have you not mastered some basic formulas of mathematics yet?”
In the eyes of teachers, reading textbooks is the most basic thing for students to do.
Before the college entrance examination, in addition to the question sea tactics, it is to analyze the test questions and look at the textbooks. In the eyes of teachers, it is a pronoun for not doing a good job.
Lu hang obviously thought that Su Zhe picked up the book temporarily after hearing his footsteps.
He didn't know that Su Zhe was really reading.
He has forgotten all the formulas. Reading is to restore some basic skills of senior three. Otherwise, even if he knows the answers and steps of the college entrance examination, he will not be able to write the process, and it will be difficult for him to get a high score.
“Take out the paper you took yesterday!”
Lu hang also picked up yesterday's test paper, but Su Zhe turned it up.
To tell you the truth, he didn't know which exam paper he took yesterday. When he was a little embarrassed, Lu hang couldn't help but let out a cry.
“Where did you get the book?”
Lu hang pointed to a Book of advanced mathematics, looked at the marks on it, and Su Zhe's scrawled formula paper with his left hand. He was surprised and said, “are you learning advanced mathematics?”
“WellLook, just look around! ”
Su Zhe scratched his head, but Lu Hang's expression became a little serious.
The formula on the draft paper is not deceptive. It's obvious that Su Zhe is not as simple as looking at it. Who is bored to read advanced mathematics?
Under Su Zhe's advanced mathematics, there are several university talent textbooks such as quantum mechanics, college physics and biology.
“You kid, are you secretly studying university courses?”
The mainland airlines were a little shocked.
It was the first time that he knew Su Zhe and looked at him from head to foot.
To tell you the truth, Su Zhe's math score in class 10 is only above average, and the worst is English. He never passed the college entrance examination, and even failed the college entrance examination directly, so that he missed the second grade.
“What's your situation?”
“Who let you see this?Did I show you that? ”
Lu Hang is really a little angry, high school knowledge has not yet learned, even want to learn university knowledge?
“Miss Lu!”
However, Su Zhe raised his head and said faintly, “I remember that college entrance examination questions are allowed to use the University's way of thinking, right?”
The ten thousand reward for sbsee is more than nine!*
Have you really learned?[Jiageng 3]
“Miss Lu, I remember that it was allowed to use the University's way of thinking to solve the college entrance examination questions, wasn't it?”
Su Zhe's words, let originally want to reprimand Lu hang, whole person direct Leng in that.
“YouWhat are you talking about? ”
“Nothing, but I think that since the knowledge of university can solve the college entrance examination questions, is it wrong for me to study it?”
Su Zhe said with disapproval, but this sentence seemed to ignite the anger in Lu Hang's body. He suddenly roared at Su Zhe: “can you learn that?Do you think you can learn advanced mathematics by self-study?Will calculus work?Can ordinary differential equations? ”
Land airlines are really on fire.
What's the matter with this special kid who hasn't learned high school mathematics yet? How can he learn advanced mathematics?
Isn't NIMA putting the cart before the horse?
What's more, he thinks advanced mathematics can be learned by self-study?
This is much more difficult than high school mathematics knowledge, no teacher to teach, to learn is almost impossible.
“I learned it!”
When Lu hang was about to get angry again, Su Zhe suddenly picked up the next book “advanced mathematics” and handed it to Lu hang: “I've learned everything in this book!”
“If Miss Lu doesn't believe it, you can test me now!”
“What are you talking about?”
Lu hang narrowed his eyes. He couldn't believe what Su Zhe had just said.
Did you learn?
He learned advanced mathematics?!
Are you kidding?
Lu Hang's face suddenly went down. What he hated most in his life was cheating his students.
“Su Zhe, you are an adult. You are about to enter the University. You are responsible for your words and deeds. Do you understand?”
“I understand, but Miss LuWhy don't you believe that I didn't learn the above content?Because I'm not so good at math? ”
Su Zhe couldn't help laughing.
“Is that too arbitrary?”
Su Zhe's eyes suddenly stare at Lu hang, and there is no fear at all.
Su Zhe really knows this book.
If Lu hang asks Su Zhe to solve the math problems of senior three, it may make him a little tricky. Even after reading so many days, it is estimated that if you give him a test paper, you can get 40-50 points.
However, Su Zhe is not good at reciting some formulas of advanced numbers or taking an examination of university knowledge. After all, he has learned them!
What's more, he spent all night studying university knowledge for this day.
The first book he read was gaoshu.
Combined with some memories of the University, as well as the hard work in recent days, he really remembered a lot of contents of advanced mathematics, at least formulas and some problem-solving methods, which he knew well.
Lu hang looked at the hand was turned some volume of “higher mathematics”, the whole person had a moment of absence.
When Su Zhe just told him that he had learned, his face showed absolute confidence.
And that kind of atmosphere, it's a little bit of a shock to land airlines.
At that time, he subconsciously felt that Su Zhe really knew advanced mathematics.
In fact, Su Zhe was forced to teach himself advanced mathematics and college physics.
He knew that if he got a result that shocked the whole country in the college entrance examination, he would be doubted. The first one to bear the brunt was the school. Even if Su Zhe was saved in Sucheng No.3 middle school for this honor, the headmaster and teachers would certainly talk to Su Zhe.
They all know what Su Zhe's achievements are. This suddenly broke out. It's strange that there are no ghosts.
Even, it will disturb the Education Department of Sucheng and even Jiangnan province.
After all, Sucheng No. 3 middle school hasn't produced a Tsinghua University for so many years. If it directly produced a national college entrance examination champion, it can't be fried?!
At present, Jiangnan province has not produced its own test paper, but the national test paper.
The number one scholar in the country has to be taken seriously.
That's why Su Zhe began to make preparations so early. Only by making the teachers believe that he can have university knowledge can he make the president and even the Department of education look at him with new eyes.
Isn't it normal for the students who even know the university knowledge to be the first in the national college entrance examination?
As for the usual results, it can be said that they are playing with tickets.
This is an abacus that Su Zhe has been working on, and Lu hang has become one of his abacusesThe first witness.
“Teacher, test me!”
Su Zhe met Lu Hang's eyes, and Lu hang lowered his head directly.
He opened Su Zhe's advanced mathematics, which was full of numerous notes and key points. Of course, it was not written by Su Zhe. Lu hang knew Su Zhe's words better than this.
“What is a constant?”
Lu hang suddenly turned to a knowledge point, then directly raised his head and asked Su Zhe.
He would like to have a try. Since he is so confident, has he really learned it!
Without hesitation, Su Zhe blurted out: “the so-called constant is that when we observe the process of a phenomenon, we often encounter various quantities, some of which do not change in the process. This is the 'constant'!”
“Some quantities change in the process, that is, they can take different values. We call them 'variables'!”
“However, there is another kind of quantity in the process. Although it changes, its change is extremely small relative to the object studied, which is also a constant…”
Su Zhe's answer is very clear, and completely beyond the outline, not only the constant, but also the variable.
This made Lu hang look a little surprised.
This answer is not accurate, even beautiful. In the classroom, Lu hang would even applaud Su Zhe.
“This boy, can you really do it?”
Lu hang turned his lips, and his anger disappeared.
“Good boy, have you really learned?”
Lu hang was just taking a random test. He just flipped a page to ask Su Zhe a question, but the other side didn't even think for three seconds, so he answered directly?
How can this not surprise Continental Airlines?!
“No, this one should be too simple. I'll change another one!”
Lu hang turned to advanced mathematics again. As a mathematics teacher, he is obviously very familiar with advanced mathematics. Even though he teaches senior three mathematics, he still looks at several pages of advanced mathematics from time to time to consolidate his mathematical knowledge.
This time, Lu hang turned it very carefully. He prepared a more difficult question to test Su Zhe.
“Listen up, if you know the subject!”
“I believe you have some experience in learning advanced mathematics by yourself!”
Lu hang suddenly took out a piece of white paper from the teaching aids he brought, and then wrote down a series of complex numbers.
Today's third shift is still nine!
Don't think I'm even less. I have about 2500 words in each chapter. After reading the author of Feilu, it seems that it was 1500 words before it was put on the shelves!
I feel good in a moment. My conscience is full of*
Su Zhe, you are such a genius![1]
“Tell me first, what is it?”
Lu hang put the white paper in front of Su Zhe. Su Zhe looked up without hesitation: “rational function!”
“Yes, I'm serious, boy!”
Lu hang grins. His anger has long gone away. His eyes are only curious about Su Zhe. It's rare for high school students to study advanced mathematics by themselves.
No student in at least three of his classes can do it.
It is estimated that there are only a few students in class 1 in the whole school, but it is impossible to say that they have learned the whole book of advanced mathematics.
After all, there is no one to teach. It's very difficult to learn advanced mathematics by yourself.
Unless it's a real genius, like the mathematician Gauss, that's another matter.
“Listen, now that you know this is a group of rational functions, give me the indefinite integral of this group of functions!”
“Don't count, just say the process!”
“What's the matter, will you?”
Lu hang handed the white paper to Su Zhe: “I'll give you five minutes of thinking time –”
“No need!”
Su Zhe handed the white paper to him, then looked at Lu hang. He held his head high and said, “rational function refers to the function represented by the quotient of two polynomials. When the degree of the highest term of the numerator is greater than that of the highest term of the denominator, it is called a false fraction, otherwiseIt's the real fraction
“In the indefinite integral of rational function, if the rational function is a false fraction, we should first use the division of polynomials to transform a false fraction into the sum of a polynomial and a true fraction, and then find it…”
“If the rational function is a proper fraction, we should use…”
There are two ways to solve the problem of indefinite integral. One is the method of changing elements
“The second is the method of integration by parts…”
Su Zhe put Lu Hang's idea of solving indefinite integral with rational function on the paper and said it without a pause.
Lu hang was surprised at the beginning and opened his mouth at the end. He couldn't believe that a student who had been mediocre in Mathematics in his class had solved a problem of advanced mathematics for him.
“Miss Lu, nowDo you believe it? ”
“Do you want another test?”
In fact, the indefinite integral of rational function is also the basic solution. As Su Zhe said above, there are formulas and methods.
It's recorded in high school textbooks.
Su Zhe is good at solving problems, just a set of formulas.
But he really can't do the college entrance examination questions, because it involves the flexibility of countless knowledge points, and the difficulty is much more difficult than the basic questions of higher mathematics.
But land Airlines don't know!
He didn't know that Su Zhe couldn't solve the math problems of senior three. He thought this guy had finished the math, which shocked him a little!
This is equivalent to a master who has learned 18 dragon subduing palms. In fact, he only knows moves, and even doesn't have enough proficiency in common palms. However, when the 18 dragon subduing palms move comes out, the enemy has already peed.
Now Lu Hang is like this. He doesn't think Su Zhe can't do the senior three exam. He just thinks that Su Zhe is studying other ideas for the sake of the college entrance examination.
To solve the problem in the way of University, thisIt's much simpler than high school knowledge.
The simplest example is the calculus function, some high school complex function problems, need countless functions to solve, but apply the formula of calculus function, this problem may become countless times easier.
“Su Zhe, you areWhen did you start self-study? ”
Lu hang has completely believed in the fact that Su Zhe learned advanced mathematics. Even if he is not proficient in it, he obviously understands many formulas and theories.
That's enough.
After all, high school examination questions only need to use high number formulas and some theories.
“A few months ago!”
Su Zhe said casually, but Lu hang nodded: “well, you have a heart. No wonder you didn't do well in the math test at that time. I'm afraid you were distracted by learning advanced mathematics?”
Su Zhe scratched his head embarrassed. In fact, he was really embarrassed.
I'm not good at math, just because I can't.
Teacher, you really think too much.
“OK, I won't talk to you today. Let's discuss it tomorrow.”
Lu hang said that he was ready to leave. After all, he had been here for nearly half an hour. He would have a class later.
Hearing that Lu hang was about to leave, Su Zhe quickly got up to greet him: “teacher Lu, take your time!”
“Well, I'll report it to your head teacher, Mr. Wang!”
“Ah, you boy, tell me how you can hurt your hands like this, or I really want to see how much you can do in the mock exam?”
“Listen to Mr. Wang, it's very likely that you won't be able to take the college entrance examination?”
Lu hang looked at Su Zhe's right hand with regret. Su Zhe's face suddenly became sad: “well, now I'm thinking about whether or not to study college textbooks. It's not the only way to look at the questionsAfter all, it's better to make your own questions than to look at them
“Yes, you are right. OK, since you think so clearly, the teacher won't stop you!”
“Maybe it's also a way, as long as you can learn it!”
“Of course, do not put the cart before the horse, high school mathematics, or to memorize in mind!”
“That's the point, after all!”
Lu hang and Su Zhe painstakingly explained some matters, this just took the information, turned and left the dormitory.
Seeing Lu hang out of the door, Su Zhe breathed out a long breath.
“Damn, it's not easyI've passed the math level! ”
“The next difficulties are physical chemistry and biology!”
Su Zhe shrugged his shoulders slightly. He only felt that it was not so easy for him to come back and take part in the college entrance examination, even if he had the answer!
Fortunately, he has no pressure on English and Chinese.
As for physics, chemistry and biology, there is no mathematical abnormality in the difficulty of learning.
For the problem-solving steps are not as high as mathematics, mainly rely on knowledge points, Su Zhe is confident that he can deceive the teacher in the past.
After all, there is the God of land aviation.
Su Zhe is almost sure that the first thing Lu hang does now is to brag about his self-study of university knowledge in front of all the teachers in the office, soHis college entrance examination directly super God, the school should not have too much doubt.
As for the Department of education, in fact, it depends on the school's response.
With the oil head of “Self-study University Knowledge”, Su Zhe believes that Sucheng No.3 middle school will not give up the opportunity to package itself and publicize the school.
Which school doesn't want to have a gifted student who “teaches himself College Textbooks”?
The school will definitely propagandize for Su Zhe!
“Su Zhe, you're a goddamn genius!”
“I can't think of such a clever plan!”
Su Zhe grinned, quite narcissistic, but the next second he became calm.
After all, before it's time to relax his vigilance, Su Zhe's eyes look at the university textbooks around him again.
“Now, we can't celebrate yet, take it lightly!”
“If the education bureau comes back, I have to have a way to deal with it.”
Su Zhe immediately looked at the university had learned – “quantum mechanics”!*
The office is a sensation![2 changes]
Office of senior three in Sucheng No.3 middle school.
Just as Su Zhe expected, as soon as Lu hang arrived at the office, he went directly to Lao Wang, Su Zhe's head teacher, with a loud voice.
“Lao Wang, do you know Su Zhe
Lao Wang, who was drinking tea and reading a newspaper, couldn't help looking up: “what's the matter, Lao Lu?This guy is in the dorm. Is he sleeping? ”
“How could it be?”
“On the contrary, he is reading a book, and he is very serious about reading university textbooks again!”
“You say God is not magical?”
Lu hang laughed, but Lao Wang's expression was dull: “youI beg your pardon?”College textbooks?”
“Isn't this nonsense?”
Lao Wang's eyes glared, and the whole person stood up directly. Several teachers who heard the two people's comments also surrounded him.
“Lao Lu, you just said that if you have a student, you can read the university textbooks again?”
A teacher in class one couldn't help asking.
“Yes, Lao Wang, don't be angry either. In fact, when I saw Su Zhe reading college textbooks again, I was so angry that I just scolded him!”
“Do you know what the boy said to me at that time?”
Lu hang sold a pass, one side of a teacher quickly asked: “how to say?”
“He said, I learned it!”
“Yes, those are the four words!”
Lu hang recalled in his mind the confidence that Su Zhe exuded when he just said these four words.
“Lao Lu, are you funny?”
“That's it
“What's the point, four simple words?Why are you surprised here? ”
A few teachers are laughing there, Lao Wang is not angry to see Lu hang one eye, this changed which students will be so boastful of it?
Lu hang took a cup from his desk and drank water. Then he slowly said, “it's because these four words are very common that I find it strange, because it comes from Su Zhe's mouth. It's just unusual!”
“It tastes very different!”
“This boy, I thought he was going to eat me!”
“After he finished these four words, he told me that if I didn't believe it, I could test him on the spot!”
“Did you take the exam?”
Lao Wang asked immediately.
“Of course I did. I not only did it, but also did it twice. For the first time, I picked up his advanced mathematics book and turned a page. It happened to be constants. This boy not only answered the knowledge of constants, but also answered variables and constants in variables.”
“Almost after I asked, he answered, and the answer was very correct and perfect!”
“There is no VCR. If there is a VCR, I really want to record it for you to see!”
Lu Hang's words surprised many teachers.
“And the second time?”
Lao Wang continued to ask. He suddenly became curious about Su Zhe. After all, he was a student of his own class!
“The second time I was even more shocked. I gave him a high number topic, rational function!”
“Mr. Cheng should know that this rational function is a required test in the University. I came up with a solution to the indefinite integral of rational function. This boy, in less than a minute, told me the solution process of this function directly!”
“Oh?Indefinite integral of rational function
A man named Mr. Cheng's face was full of surprise. He was a top math teacher in a top class. He was also the leader of mathematics in No. 3 middle school of Sucheng. He was a serious top student in the Department of mathematics in a famous university.
“It should beI'm really learning advanced mathematics! ”
“Otherwise, he won't solve it, andThis is rational function and indefinite integral, but high number is very much behind the content of ah
Mr. Cheng nodded, and some of the teachers on one side were incredible.
“Did you really learn college textbooks from yourself?”
“Yes, I still can't believe it up to now. After all, this student's grades are very average at ordinary times!”
Lu hang shrugged, but Lao Wang's expression became a little strange: “Lao Lu, are you sure?I still don't think it's possible. This boy's study is very general. How can he learn advanced mathematics by himself?Few people in this class learn by themselves
“I thought like you at first!”
Lu hang drank water again and moistened his voice: “I'm sure this guy said he was very confident when he learned advanced mathematics!”
“I don't believe he's lying, because if he lies, I'll expose him immediately. I ask a few questions and then I'll help him. But in fact, he answers all the questions I ask at randomThese are the contents of advanced mathematics! ”
“Besides, he's not just reading advanced mathematics. There are a lot of college textbooks at the head of his bed!”
“Quantum physics, organic chemistry, college physics and so on, many books?”
The teachers were obviously shocked.
“So much?”
“Still studying quantum physics, can he understand it?I guess I don't even know what quantum mechanics is? ”
“Ah, Mr. Shen, don't look down on me as a student!”
Lu hang said in a hurry: “I tell you, you will be surprised when you see him. Maybe he will directly tell you the principle of quantum mechanics on the spot, which will make you confused!”
“I don't believe it. Let Lao Li test it later?”
Lao Li is Su Zhe's physics teacher. He has been listening to Lu Hang's call to him. He also laughs: “OK, I'll ask him this afternoon. I don't believe it. Can he chew quantum physics?”
“If I really learn, I believe this boy is a genius!”
“OK, Lao Li, we'll go with you in the afternoon!”
“I'll go too. I don't have classes in the afternoon anyway!”
“I'm going to meet the student Lao Lu said. It's a bit fierce. There are few students in class who study advanced mathematics by themselves!”
“There's one in Lao Wang's class!”
A group of teachers were coaxing, but Lao Wang always felt that there was something wrong with it.
Su Zhe, is he always pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger?!
No, his grade of grade one and grade two seems to be very average!
Lao Wang couldn't figure it out, but since he couldn't figure it out, he'd like to have a look with him in the afternoon. He'd like to see what's going on with this boy?!*
[34] butterfly effect![3 changes]
Su Zhe obviously didn't know that a group of senior three teachers in the afternoon wanted to mobilize people to find him.
After watching “quantum physics” all morning, his head is a little big. Fortunately, he has a strong interest in this legendary physics in University, so he has read some key points several times and almost remembered them.
Su Zhe, the old professor who taught “quantum physics” in the University, was very impressed with him because he was very funny and his mouth was full of golden words.
In the words of later generations, the old professor is very stubborn.
Almost every class can make students laugh, so that Su Zhe is most impressed by this subject.
When he explained quantum morphology, quantum mechanics, wave function, quantum entanglement and other issues in quantum physics, he used vivid metaphors to make students understand what these professional terms mean in simple terms.
Like quantum entanglement.
“I bought a pair of gloves and sent one of them to a friend of DIDU and the other one to a friend of modu. I delivered them randomly!”
“At this time, the question comes. Is it the left hand glove or the right hand sleeve of the friends of the imperial capital?What about Mordor? ”
“When the friends of the imperial capital opened the package, they knew whether they had left hand or right handBut the friends of Mordor don't need to open the package to know, because the emperor's opening is left hand, and the Mordor's must be right hand, and it's for sure! ”
“This is quantum entanglement. They are a pair. No matter how far away they are, they influence each other. When one is certain, the other must be determined as well…”
When Su Zhe thought of the explanation of quantum entanglement, he couldn't help laughing.
Su Zhe still remembers the famous words of the old professor in class.
“Few people understand quantum physics, but it doesn't prevent us from touching quantum physics!”
“In fact, the research of quantum physics is all weird things!”
“What can't be explained in the movie basically belongs to the category of our quantum physics!”
The old professor's words are still fresh in Su Zhe's memory, but it's a pity that he didn't stay up to watch the Avengers 4, otherwise he should know that his last words became the truth.
What can't be explained in the movie is really quantum physics.
Duplex 4 gives birth to the most famous branch of quantum physics, that is, quantum mechanics when things are not decided, quantum mechanics when things are not explained, space-time crossing, parallel universe when brain holes are not enough!
“Is my rebirth a parallel universe?”
Su Zhe had such an idea in his mind, and thenI feel more and more that quantum physics is really extensive and profound!
Maybe rebirth has something to do with quantum physics.
11At half past five, Su Zhe got a call from Zhang Jun on time.
The stock market has been closed in the morning, and Su Zhe's temporary profit has come out.
Among the ten stocks, three rose by the limit, and the other seven all rose by more than 6%. In this half day, Su Zhe's account had an extra 2.3 million yuan.
Although it hasn't been sold yet, Su Zhe doesn't worry about losing money at all. After all, there will be a bigger wave of climax waiting for him tomorrow.
“Not only did you earn all the money you spent yesterday, but you also have a surplus!”
Even Su Zhe didn't expect that he would make more than 2 million yuan today before he arrived on May 19, which was a surprise.
If you add tomorrow, you will earn 5 million in two days!
“After a month, I don't know if I can break through 100 million…”
Su Zhe has to sigh about the speed of making money in the stock market. Of course, this is also temporary, because when Su Zhe has more and more money in the stock market, his account will become the main force from a retail investor.
At that time, any of his buying and selling behavior will affect the volatility of the stock market.
As a result, the original direction of the stock market will shift, which is the so-called butterfly effectNow Su Zhe's butterfly effect is very small, and his change in the world is also very small. Everything is running according to the track of the previous life.
But when Su Zhe's influence on the world becomes greater and greater, the butterfly effect will become stronger and stronger.
Just like the lottery, the next week's lottery is definitely different from the previous one, because the winner changes, so does the bonus.
This butterfly effect is also a kind of quantum entanglement.
If Su Zhe exists, the change of the world is inevitable.
After a quick meal, Su Zhe goes back to his dormitory. This time, he is going to read college physics!
Just as he was sleepy, he heard countless footsteps in his ears.
Su Zhe suddenly stirred up, sat up straight, and then studied there with a physics paper.
“Su Zhe, do the test paper!”
Lao Li, the physics teacher, walked into the dormitory with a smile. Unlike Lu hang, Lao Li was a little fat. He was usually a good man. He welcomed all the students with a smile and was quite close to them.
“Well, mathematics and chemistry in the morning, physics in the afternoon…”
Su Zhe said the temporary plan, but Lao Li's eyes looked at several university textbooks beside Su Zhe.
“College Physics” is on the top, and a copy of “quantum physics” is also on the side. As Lu hang said, Su Zhe is teaching himself college textbooks.
Su Zhe also saw Lao Li's eyes and knew what was going on in his heart.
Then he thought that he had just heard the sound of footsteps. He peered at the door and found some shoes and clothes. Needless to say, there must be some teachers hiding outside.
“Sure enough, Lao Lu's work is really vigorous and resolute.”
“Like his character!”
Su Zhe doesn't have to guess. Lao Li and these teachers, Ken, actually came from Lu Hang's boasting.
The purpose, of course, is to verify the self-study of university textbooks.
However, in this way, it is in Su Zhe's favor.
He's afraid these teachers won't come?!
After all, the effect of persuading Lu hang alone is still too weak. If all the teachers and students know that they are self-learning university textbooks, this sensational effect is what Su Zhe wants.
When it comes to that time, it's no surprise that you will be the first in the college entrance examination.
“OK, the second stage is successful!”
Su Zhe chuckled, but Lao Li coughed: “Su Zhe, listen to Mr. Lu, you are self-learning university textbooks?”
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[35] the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves ahead![4 changes]
“Quantum mechanics, as a theory of physics, is a branch of physics that studies the movement of microscopic particles in the material world. It mainly studies the basic theory of the structure and properties of atoms, molecules, condensed matter, nuclei and basic particles.”
“It, together with the theory of relativity, forms the theoretical basis of modern physics!”
“Quantum mechanics is not only one of the basic theories of modern physics, but also widely used in chemistry and many modern technologies.”
“The so-called quantum field theory is a physical theory combining special relativity and classical field theory, which has been widely used in particle physics and condensed matter physics.”
“De Broglie's equation of matter wave is…”
“Schrodinger's wave function…”
“Schrodinger's cat is a thought experiment put forward by the famous Austrian physicist Schrodinger, which means to shut a cat in a closed container containing a small amount of radium and cyanide…”
Su Zhe read and understood “quantum physics” in the morning and said it all at once.
He also explained all the main points that Lao Li didn't ask, including a lot of quantum physics equations, principles, energy conservation and so on.
The key point is that Su Zhe's explanation is very clear and straightforward, and many of them are his own understanding of these professional terms.
Of course, this is actually some metaphors of Professor Su zhelao in his previous life, butLao Li was shocked.
If Su Zhe just memorizes by rote, he is not so surprised. After all, there are many students who can endorse it. However, Su Zhe clearly understands these points.
It made his hair stand on end.
This is the most difficult one in Physics – quantum physics. Even he knows little about it.
When Su Zhe was just explaining, there were a few questions that he might not be able to answer so clearly, but Su Zhe said them in a way that he could understand.
How can this not shock Lao Li?!
“ThisAre you self-taught? ”
Absolute genius in physics!
Lao Li has forgotten that there are other honest teachers outside. In fact, all the teachers outside have been dumbfounded.
Is this NIMA real or not?
This guy in quantum physics has learned it?!
Several teachers looked at the following physics teacher, who was embarrassed: “veryIt's very strong. I didn't understand as well as this guy in the University! ”
“I didn't expect that quantum entanglement could be understood like this?”
All the teachers widened their eyes, and Lao Wang pulled the sleeve of the physics teacher: “Mr. Bian, is it really so powerful?”
“Well, quantum physics involves relativity, modern physics and the microcosm of the universe, so its understanding goes beyond many disciplinesIn my opinion, self-study is impossible to learn! ”
He pointed to Su Zhe in the dormitory: “what he said just now is indeed some knowledge in quantum physics, and some of his own understanding. In my opinion, what he said is very correct!”
“I don't know if he has learned the whole content of quantum physics, but he does understand a lot of knowledge of quantum physics!”
“Mr. Wang, there is a very good student in your class. I think the reason why he usually does not do well is that he spends all his time on self-study, which leads to the examIt's not ideal! ”
“Does he usually love a lot?”
Bian teacher suddenly asked, Lao Wang thought, subconsciously nodded: “many, you said that I remember, although the boy's performance is average, but his hobbies are really very wide!”
“Watching martial arts novels, comics, sensors, robots, computer games…”
“That's right. In foreign education, interest learning is advocated. Schools like Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford and so on need a wide range of hobbies to admit students.”
Bian asked for his glasses: “maybe he belongs to this kind of students. Exam oriented education really needs reform.”
99Many teachers are full of doubts about exam oriented education, so that Jiangnan province took the lead in implementing the reform, and the college entrance examination was published separately.
Besides the number of words, the other six subjects can be selected randomly.
For example, mathematics + historical physics, a liberal arts, a science.
Quite a wonderful flower!
In the end, it turns out that this rash reform has made many candidates in Jiangnan miserable.
The examination papers in Jiangnan province are even praised as “hell mode” by students and parents in other provinces and cities!
Mr. Bian is a young teacher, so he advocates the interest learning theory abroad.
Lao Wang and they also know this.
“Well, thisI don't think it's desirable! ”
“If you can't pass the college entrance examination, what's the use of learning university knowledge?”
One teacher retorted, and other teachers echoed: “yes, I think this method is too extreme and extreme!”
“Lao Wang, you have to persuade this student!”
“Let him concentrate on preparing for the college entrance examination. When the college entrance examination is over, you can look at these college textbooks slowly. Now it's still the sprint exam…”
The teachers were talking about it, and no one saw it. Lao Li, who was badly hit, came out of the dormitory.
He was directly stimulated by Su Zhe's quantum theory.
“Lao Li!”
“Are you all right?”
Bian was the first teacher to discover Lao Li's abnormality. Lao Li waved to him: “it's OK. I just feel that my university knowledge is not as good as a student!”
“The key is that the boy is self-taught!”
“Are you angry?”
Lao Li said with some self mockery. Other teachers rushed up to admonish him and said, “Lao Li, want to be open-minded and be surpassed by his students. Isn't it something that you should be very proud of?”
“I'm not ashamed. I'm even worse than you?We just took the normal examination, and 30% of these students want to surpass us! ”
“Yes, I want to be more open…”
All of you said a word, but Lao Li suddenly sighed: “yes, the back wave of the Yangtze River pushes the front wave, and the front wave dies on the beach. We are certainly not as good as the young people!”
“That's the boy who taught himselfHow? ”
“I can't say that self-study is not good, but it's not a matter to indulge in college textbooks excessively.”
“Yes, persuade him!”
“At present, we should deal with the college entrance examination first!”
A group of teachers give advice, and finally they look at Lao Wang. In the middle, only he can persuade Su Zhe.
In their opinion, Su Zhe has now become a gifted youth, but needs a correct guidance.
This guide teacher, the most suitable is Su Zhe's head teacher – Lao Wang!*
[36] the grand prize is a sensation![Jiageng 4]
“Mr. Wang, I know!”
“From tomorrow on, I will concentrate on preparing for the college entrance examination, no longer look at the relevant university textbooks!”
“Well, I taught myself college physics, quantum physics, advanced mathematics, College English…”
“Basically useful for the college entrance examination, I have taught myself once!”
Su Zhe swore to the old class in front of him, but he actually laughed.
My plan is very successful.
At present, the whole senior three teachers basically know about his self-study of university textbooks. Now, he is directly the first in the national college entrance examination, and there is no doubt.
A gifted child who can teach himself college textbooks, but it's useless!
This is Su Zhe's personality. According to a group of senior three teachers, if Su Zhe used this spirit of Self-study University Textbooks to cope with the college entrance examination, there would be no problem with the last one.
“I wish you knew. If I see you turning university textbooks again, I'll…”
After a long time, Lao Wang waved his sleeve: “I'm not allowed to read these books any more. I'll put them away for you first!”
Lao Wang still followed the advice of a group of teachers and went into the dormitory to scold Su Zhe. In the final analysis, Su Zhe can't read college textbooks any more. He should prepare for the college entrance examination.
“Do you think I want to see it?”
“It's not for the sake of keeping the college entrance examination from being doubted!”
Of course, Su Zhe has no opinion. In fact, he is about to vomit.
Now that all the teachers know about his self-study of university textbooks, his goal has been achieved, so there is no need to continue to read.
“Well, let's continue to analyze the papers.”
“I'll leave first. Tomorrow I'll tell you the main points of Chinese in the college entrance examination!”
Lao Wang is Su Zhe's Chinese teacher.
“Good bye, Mr. Wang!”
Su Zhe waved to Lao Wang, who walked out of the dormitory with a pile of Su Zhe's University materials.
“Lao Wang, have you convinced me?”
A group of teachers rushed around.
“Well, let him do his best to prepare for the college entrance examination. I don't know if he can take part in it?That hand is so hurt, it's really no good. We can only let him carry it to the examination room! ”
“The college entrance examination is only once, and I have to endure the pain!”
Lao Wang sighed and said, but Bian teacher on one side laughed: “I hope he can really put his mind on the college entrance examination. In this case, maybe he can give you a surprise!”
“I hope, as long as I'm not stimulated any more…”
A group of teachers chatted with each other and walked out of the dormitory.
Lu hang, who had just finished the class, came over breathlessly. Looking at his anxious face, Lao Wang was puzzled and said, “Lao Lu, what's the matter? What's the matter?”
“No, I'm looking for Lao Cheng!”
“Lao Cheng, I just got the news that the sports lottery shop where we often buy lottery tickets opened a super prize yesterday!”
“Do you know how many hits?”
Lu hang looks at Lao Cheng with a trace of excitement on his face.
When they have nothing to do, they like to study lottery tickets, and then calculate the probability.
Although I can't win any big prize, sometimes I can still win the third and fourth prizes. Probability is very useful in lottery.
At least they are much more likely to win than the general public.
So lottery became a private hobby of several math teachers.
This time, the shop where they often buy lottery tickets issued a super prize. How can this not make continental feel excited?
“How much?Five million?I'll go. This shop is going to be famous! ”
“I have to get some bets in a hurry!”
Old Cheng was happy, but Lu hang shook his head and said, “five million?”
“It's more than 20 million, won 24.4 million, and emptied the prize pool!”
“This is a record breaking super prize across the century. It's a sensation all over the country. The front page headline of Yangzi Evening News this morning was in the store we bought. Now all the reporters are interviewing in that store?”
“Lying trough!”
“How much?”
“24.4 million?”
“My GodSo much? ”
Many teachers are crazy to hear that, and Lao Wang even uttered rude words.
Among them, Lao Cheng and Lu hang are obviously the most excited. They often buy lottery tickets in that store. When they hear that they have won such a big prize, how can they not buy a few bets?
“Let's go, Lu. Hurry up!”
“Go and have a look!”
Mr. Cheng and Mr. Wang waved, and they immediately walked towards the school gate.
Looking at their eagerness, Lao Wang shook his head. They were not interested in buying lottery tickets, but when they heard that they had won more than 20 million yuan, they still had some fluctuations in their hearts.
“In the evening, I'll go and have a look too!”
“Buy two bets for fun!”
“I'll join in the fun, too!”
“Hahaha, I'm excited about what I said, but that shop is famous!”
“Who said no?”
Several teachers talked about it. It took only one afternoon for all the students in Sucheng No.3 middle school to know the news.
In 1999, when the news was blocked, there was a prize of more than 20 million around. This is absolutely a big news sensation for the whole city, not to mention that the sports lottery shop is not far from Sucheng No.3 middle school.
In the dormitory, Su Zhe has just finished calling Zhang Jun.
The market closed at 3pm, and Su Zhe made a profit of 2.75 million this dayAmong them, 6 stocks are directly trading, with an average increase of 13%!
There are also four stocks that have no trading limit. In fact, they are all over 9% lower and higher, which is no different from trading limit at all!
Zhang Jun has been convinced of Su Zhe's ability to speculate in stocks.
“Mr. Su, do you want to throw it all away tomorrow morning?”
Zhang Jun asked Su Zhe there. After all, many skilled traders change hands on T + 1 days. That is to say, they buy today and sell tomorrow morning.
And so on the stock in falls, directly copies the bottom, then sells again the high price.
Only in this way can we maximize our own interests.
Zhang Jun obviously regards Su Zhe as a powerful trader. Su Zhe didn't want to sell, but he suddenly moves in his heart. He knows that the limit of these ten stocks will rise tomorrow.
Because at 10 a.m., * * will issue the documents on time.
But, before 10 o'clock this period of time, can the stock open low?!
That is to say, will it fall a little as it is today, and then go against the market.
If so, he might be able to earn more.
“Mr. Zhang, according to your experience, do you think my ten stocks tomorrow will be the same as today?”
Su Zhe is going to ask Zhang Jun for his opinion. After all, this guy is a “senior person”. Although his level is average, he knows better than him.
To be honest, Su Zhe knows nothing about the stock market.
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Be a lever![Jiageng 5]
Zhang Jun doesn't know what Su Zhe means. Is Su Zhe testing himself?!
So think of the time, Zhang Jun did not immediately answer, but began to watch the stock market.
Today's Shanghai stock index, as he expected in the morning, opened high and went low. At last, it fell by 2%, and the stock market continued to fall to 1030 points.
1000Point is about to fall.
“Mr. Su, half a month ago, you should know that the relationship between China and the United States has reached the freezing point. No matter the internal environment or the external environment, the whole world is not optimistic about China!”
“What's more, the small and medium-sized enterprises are not doing well recently, and their foreign trade has been hit even more!”
“In addition to the European integration and the listing of euro this year, the global financial markets have been more or less impacted, which is also very unfavorable for a shares…”
“Plus this year's year –”
“This year?”
Su Zhe was stunned. What happened this year?
“This year is 1999, the end of the century and the last year of the 21st century. Many forecasters are not optimistic about this year.”
I wipe, do you know prophecy?
“I know Mr. Su thinks I'm ridiculous, but the stock market, Feng Shui, prediction and luck are very important!”
“More than 400 years ago, a French doctor named Nostradamus predicted that in July 1999, the sun, moon and nine planets in the sky would form a 'cross' shape. At this time, the king of terror would fall from the sky, the king of Mongolia would reappear, and the God of war would dominate the world in the name of happiness!”
The more he listened, the more mysterious he felt.
Do you have to look up the prophecy when you fry a stock yourself?!
“This prediction has a great influence on the stock market, including myself and you. I'm sure you don't believe it, butThere are always people who will believe that there are more and more predictions that 1999 will be the end of speculation recently, which is actually a great blow to the stock market! ”
“So, no matter from any point of view, the recent stock market is developing in a bad direction!”
“It's not nice to say that tomorrow's Shanghai composite index is likely to fall by 1000 points, so my suggestion is that you start early tomorrow morning!”
“As for the time of entering, I can't say, butI can recommend a few internal stocks to you. Although the stocks you choose are not valuable, they can definitely keep the principal! ”
Zhang Jun's words can be said to be very sincere.
In fact, he also cherishes such a client as Su Zhe, plus Su Zhe's ability to speculate in stocks, so he really wants to make friends.
“OK, I see. You just want to say that the market will continue to decline tomorrow.”
“Well, I'll clear the warehouse tomorrow morning, and thenContinue to buy them all at 10 o'clock. If I can't buy them at that time, you can entrust them backstage for me! ”
Su Zhe's words, the first half let Zhang Jun listen to quite happy, at least the other side or approve of his analysis.
But in the second half of the sentence, Zhang Jun couldn't be happy.
“Mr. Su, you areTo be a lever? ”
The so-called leverage is the trader's buying at a low price and selling at a high price, butThis is based on inside information. Private placement knows when the stock will rise, so it will set leverage.
But just now Zhang Jun but analysis, tomorrow's market will continue to fall, that leverage is not established.
“Well, it's leverage!”
Blindly long-term holding, the daily maximum income is 10% limit.
But with leverage, the highest daily profit can reach 15%, just like today's Yian TechnologyEven 20%!
This is the most profitable trading mode in the stock market.
Su Zhe is ambitious. He only knew when the stock limit would rise, so he did not dare to do so.
But now there is Zhang Jun in the industry, can have a good understanding of the decline of some stocks, then the leverage can play!
“Mr. Su, thisI'm not optimistic about buying it again! ”
“The market will continue tomorrow”
Zhang Jun is there to suggest, but Su Zhe interrupts directly: “it's OK, just do itMr. Zhang, I have something to do here, so I'll hang up first! ”
With that, Su Zhe hung up directly.
Zhang Jun left a face of muddled force.
He is really muddled, how good, and hang up?
Zhang Jun couldn't figure it out.
In the dormitory, Su Zhe is looking at his notebook, which has a detailed record of May 19. TomorrowHe's going to follow this.
Ding Ling Ling!
When the school bell rings, Su Zhe clears the table and then prepares to go to the canteen for dinner.
Suzhou No.3 middle school, canteen!
305Dormitory eight people around a table, are talking and laughing to eat, Su Zhe with a very unskilled left hand spoon to eat, quite laborious.
Zhou Jun covered his stomach to one side and laughed straight. He had some food.
“What about NIMA?Do you want to play minesweeping? ”
Su Zhe glanced at him. Then Zhou Jun wiped the grain of rice and waved his hand: “noI didn't laugh
“Ha ha ha!”
He really couldn't help it. He whispered in Su Zhe's ear: “brother, as for you, in order not to attend class, you really have to pay for it!”
“You know shit!”
Su Zhe white this guy one eye, Zhou Jun shrugged: “yes, I don't understand?Don't you want to have a class
Su Zhe didn't bother to talk to this guy, but Gu Ming said mysteriously: “did you hear that?That lottery shop, someone bought lottery tickets there and won tens of millions! ”
“Which lottery shop?”
Fat man Leng Leng, the rest of the hostel friends also surrounded up.
“What else?Just as Zhou Jun is thinking about other girls' family, the girl who is a sophomore in senior high school opened the paper
“What is it?”
Su Zhe got close to him and said, “Zhou Jun likes the landlady of the lottery shop?”
“Get out of here, it's her daughter
Zhou Jun protested, but Gu Ming pushed him down: “don't interrupt. Now that lottery shop is famous. I heard that Lao Lu bought thousands of yuan after class in the afternoon!”
“Ha ha ha, he doesn't think he can win, does he?”
“Just his bad luck?”
“Who knows, but there are tens of millions of people in Suzhou city. This NIMA is rich overnight!”
“If I win, I'll have a lesson!”
Gu Ming fantasizes there. Su Zhe finds it interesting to hear these guys discuss themselves.
When he was happy, a sense of oppression came from behind him. Wei Kun, a big man, stood behind Su Zhe: “Su Zhe, I have something to do with you!”
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[38] don't pretend, I have a showdown![Jiageng 6]
Su Zhe and Wei Kun came to the playground, during which Wei Kun said nothing.
“What's the matter?”Ghost day?”
This is the mantra between Su Zhe and him. Wei Kun is furious every time he hears it, but this time, he seems very calm.
Wei Kun's academic performance is better than Su Zhe's, in class two.
Because his parents are working in the TV station, so I hope my son will be admitted to the news department in the future.
In the end, this product also lived up to expectations, with a score of 550 points, admitted to the Journalism Department of Su University.
Just when everyone felt that this guy's future was bright, he was directly stimulated by the betrayal of his first love girlfriend in college and became a fierce war reporter.
It's very important to be loyal!
This is Wei Kun's character.
Su Zhe saw Wei Kun's serious appearance for the first time. He couldn't help shouting behind him: “Hey, what's the matter with you?”
Wei Kun still walked on until he came to the remote table tennis table and turned around.
Don't say nobody comes to this place during the day, but at nightIn the evening, just in the summer, young high school lovers will come to experience life.
Of course, it's just face-to-face.
Gu Ming is a regular here.
“Well, no one here can hear you. Tell me the truth, are you the winner of the tens of millions of lottery tickets?”
Wei Kun looks at Su Zhe and says the first sentence to make Su Zhe tight.
Su Zhe can't help but be stunned. How does this guy know?!
Is it really psychic?
But Su Zhe still wants to pretend: “what tens of millions?”
“Don't pretend to me. I know your Li Ning shoes. We went to buy them togetherAnd the jacket and pants, JeansWest's, don't think I don't know you with a mask! ”
Wei Kun takes out a newspaper from his pocket. On it is a picture of Su Zhe wearing a mask and taking a group photo with the director of the sports lottery center. Looking up is the news headline – “Jiangnan sports lottery 6 + 1 explodes 24.4 million yuan super prize”!
Su Zhe looked at the photo, the whole person was a little confused.
“Damn, it's a mistake. You should change your clothes!”
Su Zhe sighed in his heart, but he looked at Wei Kun and grinned: “I won 24.4 million. Do you think I'm still dead now?”
Said, Su Zhe also Yang Yang his injured right hand, this is and Wei Kun that day playing careless “injury”!
“OK, you won more than 20 million, and I won't ask you for money!”
“I'll ask you!”
“Say it or not?”
“Well, it's one of mine!”
“Don't pretend. I'll have a showdown. I'm the lucky one with more than 20 million yuan!”
“Lying in the trough NIMA!”
“It's really you, grass!”
Wei Kun said a few dirty words directly. Su Zhe laughed and gave him a punch directly.
Apart from Su Zhe's parents and grandmothers, only Wei Kun can be trusted.
This is Su Zhe's only friend growing up.
It can be said that it's almost like brothers!
Two people from kindergarten, primary school, junior high school, and even test a high school, are discussed together.
And both parents know each other. They used to be neighbors, but Wei Kun's parents have the ability to buy a house in the county, but their relationship has always been very good.
The most important thing is that Su Zhe never hesitated when he asked him about borrowing a lot of money in his previous life!
His character was verified by Su Zhe's experience of more than 30 years.
“Damn, my intuition guessed it was you!”
“That time you said to buy lottery tickets, I was still very puzzledSay, have intuition to want to win a prize
Wei Kun ran over and pinched Su Zhe's neck, but Su Zhe dodged: “my intuition is a fart, I just want to buy lottery tickets, but I won it unexpectedly!”
“That's it?”
“It's that simple!”
“Grass, why don't you ask me to buy it?”
“Five million!”
“You are so special, even if you let me take a bet!”
Wei Kun's intestines are all black and blue, but Su Zhe said with a cold smile: “you say I didn't ask you to buy it?Laozi said that I would buy lottery tickets. What was your attitude at that time? ”
Wei Kun instantly remembered, holding his hair there, regretting that he wanted to hit the wall!
“OK, I promise you that I will make you more money than the five million in the future!”
Su Zhe's words are absolutely from the bottom of his heart, but Wei Kun thinks Su Zhe is joking with him: “OK, if you don't make money, I will eat you and drink you all my life!”
“Anyway, I'm your faithful horse now, brother Su!”
Wei Kun said with a flattering face. Su Zhe directly kicked him: “get out of here!”
“Hey, hey, what about the money?”
“Show me the world!”
Wei Kun pinched his finger. Su Zhe was convinced by this guy: “do you think you won 20 million in a sack?”
“What else?”
“Fool, how big is the sack?Of course it's a check for you. I've put it in the bank! ”
Su Zhe looked at him with a pair of silly eyes, but Wei Kun blinked: “day, you won more than 20 million, let it lie in the bank like this?”
“Didn't you reward yourself?”
“There must be rewards. I bought two computers, a mobile phone and a car!”
Su zheru actually said, but Wei Kun's eyes lit up: “carWhat about the car?What car?Is it a sports car?I'll go, you boy. I know you! ”
“Isn't it brother? I don't tell my brother when I buy a car. I need to come to you!”
“Do you think you have no sense of loyalty?”
“Anyway, I don't care. Invite me to KFC this week, or I'll let the whole school know that you won more than 20 million!”
Kentucky Fried Chicken?kfc?
Su Zhe was amused by Wei Kun's words: “do you have any cards?I don't want face. Do you want KFC? ”
But it's right to think about it. What can a high school student see?
In 1999, it was absolutely a luxury to go to KFC for a meal.
Especially for high school students, those who can go to KFC must have mines at homeSu Zhe, in fact, hasn't been there yet?!
“OK, one meal is not enough. I'll treat you to KFC for a lifetime!”
“As long as you want to eat, I'll treat you!”
“I'll have to eat until you vomit!”
“What did you say?After that, invite me every weekend. I won't be polite… ”
“I want to eat you!”
“Ha ha ha!”
Under the setting sun, the two figures are growing longer and longer. One hand is hanging there, kicking the tall man from time to time; the other is holding the guy with only one hand, laughing wildly
Today is the third chapter of time boss. I still oweSeven more!*
I'm sure I'll win![1]
“I'm so careless!”
“It's exciting!”
“This car is so awesomeHow fast to speed up
“My God
“It's amazingThere's a massage on the seat! ”
Wei Kun begged to see Su Zhe's car, so Su Zhe took him out for a ride.
But the boy sat in the co pilot's seat and yelled. Su Zhe was also convinced of him.
It's the first time he's seen a car like him.
But Su Zhe doesn't know at all. He has seen a lot of luxury cars before his rebirth, and he has driven them himself. That's why he is so peaceful.
However, Wei Kun has only a limited number of cars in his life, and Mercedes Benz with more than 1 million is the first time in his life. In addition, he is still a high school student, so it is normal for him to have such a reaction.
It's like a high school student sitting in Rolls Royce curinan for the first time in 2020. It's actually the same.
“Su Zhe, how much is the car?”
“It's not cheap, is it?I know the car logo. It's expensive. It's the same brand as my father's boss, but his car is much smaller than yours… ”
Wei Kun looked at Su Zhe with an excited face. Su Zhe looked at him with a glance: “it's not expensive, it's more than 1 million!”
“MoreHow much? ”
“More than a million?That's a good word you use
“Hoo, I'm stimulated!”
“It's really exciting!”
Wei Kun patted his chest there, then suddenly burst into a rude sentence: “lying trough, do you really dare to buy it, aunt Hua, do you know?”
Wei Kun swallowed his saliva, and Su Zhe shook his head: “I told her why, I made my own money!”
In the Wei Kun Dynasty, Su Zhe pointed out: “you are so awesome. I'm sure that if your mother knows about you, she will hang you up and beat you up!”
“Hehe, do you want to make a bet?”
“My mother not only can't beat me, but also praise me, believe it or not?”
Su Zhe looked at Wei Kun with a smile. Wei Kun also laughed: “just blow it?Don't pay taxes anyway
“OK, if I lose, I'll buy you one. If you lose, you have to go to a local university with me. What's the matter?”
Su Zhe stops the car and turns around.
Wei Kun did not hesitate at all: “yes, when can I go back?”
“If you don't go back, my mother will come on that day. I'll tell her that you can just watch it!”
“Well, that's what you said!”
Wei Kun snorted, but Su Zhe said with a smile: “you'd better think about it. If you lose, how can you tell your mother? The university that I want to enter is in the imperial capital, but it's not Su Shi!”
“Well?Imperial capital?Which university? ”
Wei Kun was stunned. Why did the boy take such a long test?!
“DIDU Wudaokou men's Vocational and technical college, I told you!”
“What?Are you kidding me?I went to check this school, but I didn't have it at all! ”
“Ha ha ha!”
Su Zhe smiles. This boy is really a serious Teaser!
“What are you laughing at?Seriously, which university? ”
Su Zhe also looked at Wei Kun with a restrained expression: “Wudaokou men's Vocational and technical college is Tsinghua University, nowDo you know? ”
Wei Kun opened his mouth: “no, you don't want to be kidding, OK?I asked you seriously
“Tsinghua, how many more times do you want me to say?”?!I said, you don't believe it
Wei Kun didn't believe it. He looked at Su Zhe in shock.
In his opinion, Su Zhe is still teasing him!
In my dream, everyone knows that no one in Sucheng No.3 middle school can be admitted, Su Zhe?
Wei Kun doesn't look down on him. His score is not as high as that of him every time. He also takes the Tsinghua exam and Huaqing exam!
“Anyway, if you lose, you have to take the imperial examination for me. Even if your parents scold you, you have to go!”
Su Zhe rarely revealed a touch of deep: “as long as you know, I will not harm you, and, don't test journalism, give me the test of economic management, economic management!”
“One day you will understand what I said today, and your parents will be proud of you and forgive you for your choice!”
Wei Kun couldn't believe it. These words came from Su Zhe's dog mouth.
He couldn't help asking.
“There's no reason. Just listen to me!”
It's impossible to start your own business alone. Only by finding a few trustworthy people can you expand your business.
Wei Kun is the most suitable manager.
Su Zhe got a white eye from Wei Kun: “you win first, I'll talk about it!”
“I'm sure I'll win!”
“You have to win, too!”
Su Zhe didn't say the last five words because he said them to himself.
If Wei Kun is admitted to the Journalism Department of Su University, he will certainly repeat the same mistakes he made before. This is the outcome Su Zhe does not want to see.
Back in the dormitory, Gu Ming is still talking about winning the lottery.
But Su Zhe asked Zhou Jun for some papers for today's exam. After all, Lao Wang and other teachers will come to open a small kitchen for him tomorrow, so he has to prepare.
“You can't cheat with college textbooks tomorrow…”
“Sprint seriously for a month and a half!”
Suzhe thought the second mock exam, but he heard a roommate in the ear say, “don't tell me, go to sleep now, and tomorrow you'll have to have two models!”
The second mock exam?
“The second mock exam tomorrow?”
The second mock exam was the second mock exam. Zhou Jun was sighed. “Yes, two models. Some people are good at it. They don't even want to test. What do you want to do?”
“I just want to ask you, what do you want to do, don't want to take the college entrance examination?”
Zhou Jun looked at Su Zhe, but Su Zhe gave him a harmless smile: “want to know…”
“I won't tell you!”
“You –”
Zhou Jun almost stormed away.
“College entrance examinationIt's getting closer and closer
Su Zhe is actually looking forward to the college entrance examination more than anyone, but he also knows that the next half month will be the most difficult one, and he will spend almost every day in the examination and explanation.
Although he doesn't need to take the exam, he has to prepare for it.
“Forget it, just take it as a review of the atmosphere of the college entrance examination?”
Su Zhe leaned on the bed and soon fell asleep.
When I woke up again, it was May 19, 1999, the most treacherous day for a shares in the past 20 years!*
[40] 20% super leverage![2 changes]
1999Wednesday, May 19, 2008.
Su city's weather is particularly sunny, a shares of the normal opening of the morning, more peaceful than ever!
8At 30, Su Zhe sat on the bed on time, opened his laptop, logged in Huatai Securities, and hung up all the ten stocks he bought yesterday.
Today he's going to be a crazy lever.
Zhang Jun has already arrived at the office early, logged into the background of Huatai, and observed every move of Su Zhe's account.
When he saw the ten stocks hanging up, he could not help but smile.
Mr. Su, as expected, followed his own advice.
As time goes by, when the pointer reaches 9 o'clock, Su Zhe and Zhang Jun look at the computer screen at the same time, but the difference between them is that Su Zhe sees Yi'an technology.
Zhang Jun is the Shanghai stock index.
No high opening, no low goingOf course, there is still half an hour of opening time, the market may change at any time.
Yian technology, consistent with the market, has a share price of 26.3 yuan at 0%.
Su Zhe looked at several other stocks, including 4 stocks that didn't rise or fall, 2 stocks that rose and 3 stocks that fell!
But these are not the key points. What Su Zhe has to wait for is the moment when he sells out.
He subconsciously looked at the contents recorded in the notebook, which clearly wrote the node of today's stock market – 10:09!
10At 10:00, the State Council issued a policy, and at 10:09, 000709, North China Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. had a huge fluctuation.
A huge payment of 53554 hands suddenly appeared, and then the stock price rose by 0.34 yuanImmediately after 000878, CNOOC pharmaceutical went up, and the two stocks took the lead in pulling the market, opening the clarion call of counter attack.
These two stocks are known as double swords, and they have made great achievements!
But Su Zhe didn't buy it because within half an hour after they pulled the market, nearly 100 stocks surged.
Just today, there will be nearly 80 stocks up the limit, and more than 200 stocks up 5%.
Among the more than 80 trading stocks, ten bought by Su Zhe are among them.
The computer screen suddenly went black, and thenThe connection in the lower right corner is disconnected again.
Su Zhe really has an impulse to curse his mother. At this critical moment, the Internet has fallen off the chain.
“Forget it, you can't trade before 9:30. It's useless even if you get on it!”
Su Zhe sighed and regained his mentality, while Zhang Jun was staring at the market until 9:20 when the Shanghai Composite Index suddenly came down.
“No, drive low!”
“Is today's market going to open low?”
A bad premonition developed in Zhang Jun's mind.
He really expected that if the market opened lower, the stock index of the market would definitely drop below 1000 points, which is the only time in recent years.
1000Below 10.
This is a deadly stock index!
From 1996 to now, although the Shanghai stock index has gone up and down all the way, it has never gone down to 1000 points, just like people's psychological endurance.
This 1000 point is the high voltage line of the stock market.
Many people will bet that this node will rebound against the trend, but the senior financiers are very clear that if it falls below 1000 points, the stock market will collapse.
Since the introduction of the Shanghai stock index in 1991, there have been almost seven or eight drops of 1000 points, but without exception, the drop has been even more severe.
92From December 2003 to May 1993, Shanghai Stock Exchange once reached the peak of 1500 points, but in the next six months, the stock index not only fell below 1000 points, but also fell directly to 500 points in an uncontrollable situation.
93From October, 1994 to August, 1994, the stock market was in a downturn. After reaching 1100 points, it fell for nearly a year, and even 500 points fell instantly, reaching a record low of 415 points.
And then 95, 96There are moments like this!
There will always be amazing similarities in history.
Zhang Jun has a hunch that this year's stock market will be the same, and todayIt is the moment when 1000 points are lost, and the trend is beginning to show.
He sighed a little. In fact, the sharp fall of the stock market is also a great blow to his industry.
When stocks fall, the old investors will cut the flesh and flee one after another.
The short-term benefits of securities companies are good, but the long-term benefits are greatly reduced. Therefore, securities companies do not want to see a sharp drop in stock prices. However, the stock market is not controlled by securities companies.
There is nothing they can do. Zhang Jun can only watch the stock price keep falling.
Ding Ling Ling!
9The alarm clock for the opening of the stock market rings at 30:00, and the Shanghai Stock Index officially opens.
Sure enough, as Zhang Jun expected, the index directly opened 0.8% lower, reaching 1020 points!
However, Su Zhe declared the price in advance, so at the moment of opening, all of his ten backstage stocks were sold directly.
+2, 7267.89 million!
This is the profit of Su Zhe's ten stocks yesterday after deducting transaction commission, stamp duty and other transaction expenses.
272More than ten thousand!
Plus his previous 18 million yuan of original funds, Su Zhe's back office account funds, now as high as 20729789 yuan!
“The successful escape
Zhang Jun can't help but feel lucky for Su Zhe, but at the same time, he has to admit that Su Zhe's ability to speculate in stocks is definitely very good.
When Su Zhe logs in to the backstage, he also happens to see the information about the success of his ten stocks trading. Looking at the backstage capital of more than 20 million, Su Zhe is waiting for the arrival of 10:09.
At that time, it was time for him to enter the market again.
No matter what the price of ten stocks is, Su Zhe must start with it, and no one can stop it!
“Sure enough, they all fell!”
Su Zhe was watching the ten stocks he bought yesterday, including Yian technology, which is known as the best demon stock in 1999. After the opening, it also plummeted. In just a few minutes, it fell by 1%!
But falls most is the variety show stock, unexpectedly fell 5%!
“Ha ha ha, fallThe harder I fall, the more I earn! ”
The lower the price, the more perfect the leverage.
He also expects to drop 10% directly, and he can definitely get a wave of 20% super leverage and a wave of direct blood earning.
Because only Su Zhe knows that after 10:09, these stocks will soar one after another, and before 3:00 p.m., the limit of 80 stocks will rise!
Even Zhang Jun, a person in the industry, will not know that the first rescue of the stock market in Chinese history came so suddenly!*
Crazy buying![3 changes]
Before 1999, Huaxia's attitude towards the stock market was laissez faire.
However, laissez faire does not mean to ignore.
It can be said that the current situation has come to a difficult time for China's economy to face internal and external troubles. The United States has wantonly suppressed China's economy, and major enterprises have turned to help.
Although the whole domestic economy is rising rapidly, the major event half a month ago has led to the panic of people all over the country, and the sharp shrinkage of foreign trade.
At this time, if the stock market collapses again, people will definitely feel uneasy.
But even so, analysts and securities companies would not expect the state to rescue the market.
Because there is no precedent.
The premise for them to analyze the market is that according to the track and the law of history, the stock market has fallen below 1000 points many times in history, but the state has not taken any action.
So they speculated that this time, the state will not take any action, and the stock price will certainly go crazy below 1000 points.
It's not that they haven't been below 1000 points, even 415 points and more than 500 points. What else can they afford?!
But what they never thought was how urgent the Chinese government's confidence in the economic rise was.
They will not allow the economy to take another heavy hit.
945 points, the Shanghai composite index is still in constant decline.
1020A little10151010……1005……
Zhang Jun watched with his own eyes that the four digit index finally fell below 1000 and then jumped to 999.
It's broken!
The Shanghai index finally fell below 1000 again.
it is all up with!
Zhang Jun took off his glasses and sighedSu Zhe, hundreds of kilometers away, has a totally different mood from him.
He looked out at the dormitory and there was no one.
He instantly put in the coin again and then connected to the Internet. Looking at the time when the Shanghai Stock Exchange reached 999, his face began to smile.
When the market falls, 80% of the stocks fall sharply.
In fact, as Su Zhe expected, the ten stocks he bought yesterday can go against the trend, but todayThey're not so lucky.
Ten stocks, all green!
The craziest variety show shares have fallen by 8%Yesterday's trading limit, today's opening plummeted 8%, it has to be said that the ups and downs is such a stimulus.
If Su Zhe doesn't come out, he will lose nearly 100000 now!
But it's coming out. At least today, it's another 18% gain. MaybeThere will be more.
Because, variety shares are still falling!
The Shanghai Composite Index has also fallen to 995, and 990 is about to fall.
The stock market is howling. Today, the Shanghai Stock Exchange is falling at a low speed. Everyone thinks it's incredible. It's too hard to fall!
A lot of old investors have fled, some of them can't bear it.
At this rate of decline, today's market is likely to fall by more than 5%, which is the 50 point index!
The overall market fell 5%, then how many stocks did the limit drop?!
Constantly there are old shareholders in the sale of stocks, trading in a terrible number of soaring.
Zhang Jun in front of the computer to see the startled, this backstage a green, trading is also a green.
Today is doomed to be a very bleak day!
Zhang Jun rubbed his temple and put on his glasses. At this moment, he suddenly saw a red trading reminder in the upper right corner.
Zhang Jun's whole person suddenly excited: “at this time, some people think they can copy the bottom?”
“Are you crazy?”
Zhang Jun quickly opened the backstage, found that the purchase of funds, but also very huge.
Account: sz03457600770, 19 yuan, 80000 hands!
“How much?”
“20000 hands?”
This amount is definitely a big sum. Then he suddenly looked at the account, and the whole person was a little silly.
Why is the account number so familiar?!
ThisIsn't this Su Zhe's?!
He bought 20000 shares in the variety show?
“Lying trough!”
Zhang Jun burst a rude remark directly, the stock of variety show is about to fall to the limit, this guy actually fell to the limit price to copy the bottom?!
198, which is exactly the price of the variety show shares.
Buy at this price, either a maniac or a gambler!
Of course, the price limit is also the normal operation of many traders, although many traders like to play so exciting bottom, but few succeed!
Because this is the lowest price, the bottom price is absolutely a super lever, but 1000 times of this operation, can be successful at most once.
Do not say whether the stock will fall to the limit, even if it falls to the limit, can you guarantee that it will rebound?
Limit many are a straight line, directly continued to 3 pm delisting!
The next day, what if there's another drop?
That's definitely not worth the loss.
Therefore, it's a very risky behavior to buy the bottom of the price limit. The key is to buy so much.
A total of 4 million shares in the variety show.
Su Zhe is fighting against the national shareholders!
When Zhang Jun's scalp is numb, his eyes see the purchase reminder in the upper right corner.
Sz034576800008 Yian technology, 10000 hands!
“What's going on?”
“Another one?”
“Ten thousand hands again?”
Zhang Jun fainted a little. This time, Su Zhe didn't copy the price limit, but it wasn't much better. He copied the price of Yian technology, which fell by 5%.
At present, Yian technology has dropped by 4%!
“Crazy, Su Zhe, this is really crazy!”
“At this time, he is going to copy the bottom?”
“It's better to have a smash than to buy separately!”
Smash plate is to smash a stock with a lot of money, causing short-term shocks.
For example, Su Zhe spent more than 20 million yuan on all kinds of entertainment shares. It is very likely that countless people will choose to follow the investment when they see such a large amount of money. In this way, the stock market is likely to complete the counter attack.
There are many successful cases, but Su ZheIt only cost 4 million yuan, which is more than 100 million yuan in the stock of a superior company.
Zhang Jun's computer appeared again 3 large amount hang a single remind.
955 points, sz034576800537 Nankai gold 10.35 yuan, 10000 hands!
955 points, sz03457600722 Cangzhou Chemical 6.53 yuan, 20000 hands!
955, sz03457600779 Quanxing shares, 2.34 yuan, 30000 hands!
Su Zhe crazy buying in that, Zhang Jun is really numb to see.
Seeing Su Zhe buy more than 20 million shares in his account, Zhang Jun can't help it. He picks up the phone on the desk and presses Su Zhe's mobile phone number.*
[42] national team![4 changes]
Hum, humBuzz, buzz!
Su Zhe's mobile phone is ringing wildly in the quilt. Lao Wang is explaining poetry. Originally, he didn't pay attention to the sound, but after listening to it several times, he became impatient: “what's the sound?”
“ThatMy cell phone
Su Zhe scratched his head, Lao Wang's expression suddenly froze in that: “cell phone?”
How old is this guy? He has a cell phone?!
Lao Wang incarnated the lemon essence on the spot, in the heart that calls a sour!
After working for so many years, I can't afford to buy a mobile phone. This guy has one.
This rich family's child is really not the same, has not graduated, even to match the mobile phone!
“Then go and get it!”
Lao Wang coughed, but Su Zhe waved his hand: “it's OK, Mr. Wang. You go on. It must be my mother. I'll go back to her later!”
“Well, mobile phones can be used in private. Don't bring them to class!”
Lao Wang was there to take care of him. Su Zhe nodded: “that's for sure. I don't want it. My uncle has to buy it for me!”
Lao Wang heard that call a depression.
How rich the boy's relatives are, how rich they are?!
“OK, let's continue to read the analysis!”
Lao Wang suppressed the dissatisfaction in his heart, picked up the test paper again and continued to explain it.
But Zhang Jun, who is in Jinling, sees that Su Zhe doesn't answer the phone, but is anxious to follow the ants on the hot pot: “why don't you answer the phone?”
“How terrible
“I'm going to buy it again!”
Busy tone remembered.
Zhang Jun was stunned. He couldn't believe it: “what's the matter?cannot get through?Isn't it next to the computer? ”
“It's impossible. How can we not focus on the market at this time?”
Zhang Jun bit his teeth and went on dialing, but it turned outIt's still busy.
Zhang Jun was completely convinced.
At this time, Su Zhe was still busy with other things. He didn't pay attention to the 20 million yuan!
If it falls to the limit, it's definitely blood loss.
“No matter!”
“I did all I had to do. He didn't answer the phone!”
Zhang Jun wiped his face and looked at the market again.
This does not matter, he suddenly found that Su Zhe bought a few stocks, have bought in.
Variety shares, has directly limit.
Su Zhe's 20000 hands, just bought them.
Yian technology also fell below 5%. Su Zhe's purchase price also seems to be good.
In just a few minutes, Su Zhe's more than 20 million yuan has entered the market again.
“It's over!”
“Heavy warehouse!”
Zhang Jun paralysis of the whole person, the situation is not the next thing he can stop.
Whether Su Zhe rises or falls has nothing to do with him.
“It's 10 o'clock…”
Zhang Jun looked at the time, from 9:30 to 10:00 this short half an hour, the Shanghai Composite Index has dropped 4.3%, from 1020 to 978.
It's unbelievable to everyone.
“Today's market is falling too hard…”
“I haven't had such a bad day for years!”
Zhang Jun subconsciously looked at the stocks Su Zhe bought. In addition to the limit of variety show shares, Su Zhe began to lose money on the rest.
Yian technology, – 5.5%, Su Zhe has lost 10000!
Nankai gold, – 6.8%, Su Zhe has lost 8000 yuan!
Su Zhe has lost a total of 70000 in nine stocks.
In just a few minutes.
Zhang Jun has been afraid to call Su Zhe, he is afraid to suffer from the other party's anger, after all, a person in the stock market, is very angry.
Everyone wants to make money, but Zhang Jun won't touch such bad luck.
Time, finally arrived at 10:09.
Zhang Jun, who has been staring at the market data, can't help stretching. He looks at the pieces of green sales, and his face shows a touch of sadness.
However, a touch of red, at this time, very suddenly came into his eyes.
He thought he was wrong at first.
“How much?”
He rubbed his eyes and looked again.
Yes, 53554 hands!
000709Huabei iron and Steel Co., Ltd. shares 41.8 yuan.
2.2 million deals.
“My God
Zhang Jun was shocked. He didn't expect that at this time, there were still people who were not afraid of death. The key is the buyer
“Well?Central Clearing Company Limited
All of a sudden, Zhang Jun stood up from his seat.
He was really surprised.
This company, but all securities companies are very clear about its qualifications, because it is a central enterprise, is the national team!
“Did the state do it?”
Zhang Jun's reaction is not bad, but by this time he is too late to do anything.
Red buying orders are pouring into the stock market like snowflakes.
42$3Forty two fiveForty two sevenCountless people are buying Huabei iron and steel, but the price has just been put up, and the stock price has instantly exceeded this figure.
Entrusted purchase failed!
The stock price soared there, and the increase has completely exceeded the entrusted number of shareholders.
I can't buy it!
Even if countless people rush in, retail investors can't buy it at all, because the impact speed of this wave is too fast.
Fund companies, securities companiesCountless private equity and so on have poured into the stock market.
How can the investors who are hanging the price by hand be the opponents of these traders?!
Hebei Iron and steel directly soared to the sky, pulled out a straight straight line, with the trend of trading at the top of the moment.
From smashing to trading, it took only 30 seconds.
Hebei Iron and steel purchase channel, also quickly closed at this time!
But in fact, Zhang Jun did not pay attention to Huabei iron and steel after the national team shot, because he knew that retail investors could not buy it at all.
He's focusing on other big deals because the national team can't buy just one stock.
Sure enough, big money came back.
000878Zhongnan medicine, with 65778 hands, has another wave of more than 3 million smashed dishes.
Zhongnan pharmaceutical also instantly stretched the trading limit.
Ding Ling Ling!
A black phone on Zhang Jun's desk rang at this moment. It was the internal phone of Huatai Securities Company, which was directly connected to the major shareholders.
Zhang Jun suddenly picked it up and heard the roar of the big leader: “Lao Zhang, watch TV, watch TV, CCTV!”*
[43] the great Xia is the national guard![Jiageng 7]
“Next, let's cut in a piece of good news just issued by the Central Committee.”
“The State Council and China Securities Regulatory Commission jointly issued an agreement on vigorously developing the capital market, hoping to orderly guide savings funds into equity investmentI hope all banks and securities companies will cooperate with me. ”
Next, Zhang Jun doesn't want to see it any more.
Because he already knows the result, this isThe state has done it.
It's not just the national team, but even the national court.
It is only a matter of time before the stock market takes off.
Zhang Jun couldn't help breathing out a long breath, and then he squeezed his fist.
He wants to cheer, because the good days of securities companies have come, he believes that after this good, the trading volume of the stock market tomorrow will soar.
And it's not a day. No one knows how long it will last.
Zhang Jun went to the computer, and the Shanghai Composite Index, which had fallen sharply on the screen, began to soar. Ten minutes ago, it had fallen to 979 points, and now it has already broken through 1000 points, reaching 1010 points.
10Minutes, the whole market because of the national team's shot, and quickly pulled up 3%.
80% of the stocks that had fallen one after another began to rise, and the severe ones such as Huabei iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and CNOOC Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. had already raised their limits.
The limit of the stock in just ten minutes, as many as a dozen.
Among them, Zhang Jun saw two stocks that he was very familiar with, because these two stocks, just now it is clear that one has fallen by the limit, and the other has fallen by 6%. NowThey all went up the limit.
“Lying trough!”
“How can it be?”
Zhang Jun's surprise can be described as a big one. He was almost Huo's standing out from the seat.
Because it's so weird.
Variety show shares and Yian technology have all raised their limitsJust 15 minutes ago, he saw with his own eyes that one of the two stocks fell by the limit and the other fell sharply.
“The limit is up!”
“The limit has been raisedHow long has it been? ”
“There is no national team at all, can you even raise the limit?”
Rao is Zhang Jun, who has been in the stock market for so many years. At this moment, his mentality is a bit broken, becauseIt's really surprising.
Two stocks that he didn't pay attention to at all before went up for two consecutive days.
The key to buy these two stocks, the middle also shot once!
At the end of the price limit, this stock has been trading, just like Su Zhe himself.
This one goes, direct 20% profit!
One can be called the most perfect super lever in the history of stock!
“ThisHow can NIMA be so perfect? ”
“Stock god?”
“Can't stock god do this?”
Zhang Jun has some incoherent, he repeatedly refresh the background of Su Zhe, each refresh gives him new stimulation.
Among the ten stocks that Su Zhe bought, another one went up.
Three trading stocks.
The profit has already exceeded 2 million, which is more terrible than yesterday's handwriting!
Because it's only been more than ten minutes.
It took Su Zhe half a day to make so much profit yesterday.
“Ten stocks are all profitable, three of which are up to the limit, seven of which are up more than 10%…”My mother, this is not the God of stocks. What is it? ”
Zhang Jun believes that even the world-renowned stock god, Warren Buffett, is unlikely to do so!
Ten stocks, all made leverage.
Variety shares, 20%!
Yian technology, 15%!
Nankai gold, 17%!
But this is far from over, because there is no limit of seven stocks, still up!
“Is it difficult to do that? Are there trading stocks?”
Zhang Jun's idea has just come to an end, as if to confirm his conjecture. Cangzhou ChemicalThe limit has also been raised.
Zhang Jun is silly.
There was an uproar in my heart.
Four stocks have gone up the limit.
Just now, he even called to ask Mr. Su to cancel it? ”
“What a fart!”
“He is the God of stocks. Can he not know the trend of the market?”
Zhang Jun gave himself a big mouth, and then he felt Su Zhe was more and more powerful: “ah, Zhang Jun, you are still a little tenderWhat are you suggesting? It's like teaching a teacher how to teach him! ”
Ding Ling Ling!
Just then, the second phone on his desk rang.
At this time, Zhang Jun's personal hotline subconsciously has a kind of intuition. This call belongs to Su Zhe.
He suddenly looked up, looked at the group of bright blind his dog's eye mobile phone number, immediately extremely respectful to pick up.
“Mr. Zhang, what's the matter?”
“I was in class just now!”
“NoIt's all right
Zhang Jun smiles awkwardly, but Su Zhe doesn't care. He says in a hurry, “what's the matter? Have I bought my ten stocks?”
“Just now the net was not good, and the teacher came, so I hung up the price and went offline directly!”
Su Zhe asked nervously, but in Zhang Jun's ears, he felt that he was satirizing him.
He quickly made a fist like: “Mr. Su, please be worshipped by Zhang. Stock god, you are absolutely China's buffet!”
“The limit has been raised. You have four stocks that have been sold before 10 o'clockWell
Zhang Jun's eyes are staring out, because in the few minutes when he answers the phone, Su Zhe unexpectedlyUnexpectedly, there are three stocks trading limit!
Zhang Jun was so excited that he almost fainted. When he recovered, he swallowed his mouth: “7The limit has been raised! ”
“Seven?Seven? ”
Su Zhe was not very satisfied with the limit. He thought all the ten branches had been raised.
Because, in fact, today's ten stocks will rise by the limit.
This is what Su Zhe recorded in his notebook. He remembers it very clearly.
But Zhang Jun heard some cry.
SevenWhat are you doing?!
My realm is not in the same level as the stock god!
People are not satisfied with the rise of the seven limit, so theyBut it's like a treasure.
“SueGod of stocks
Zhang Jun was a little cautious and said, “can I ask you a question?”
“What's the problem?”
“YouDo you know that the state will do it today? ”
“The state?How can I know if the state is going to do it? ”
“WellHow can you predict so accurately?To tell you the truth, our securities company only got the news at 10:15… ”
“Oh, wellThe great knight is the protector of our country
“I know that the state will not let the stock market fall!”
Su Zhe's words almost made Zhang Jun vomit blood.
Chivalrous person, protect the country?!
I‘m not buying it!
“JustIs it that simple? ”
Zhang Jun is still a little reluctant. He always feels that Su Zhe is hiding something.
But Su Zhe said: “yes, it's so simple!”
“OK, I won't tell you any more. I'm going to class soon!”
“How much profit do I make now?”
Su Zhe asked, Zhang Jun quickly looked at Su Zhe's backstage, this look, he is completely kneeling!
Add more for time boss, still owe 6 more!!!*
Fill in your wish![Jiageng 8]
Su Zhe backstage ten stocks, has all blocked the channel!
Without exception, all limit!
Zhang Jun looked at the row after row of red shining data, and the final price earnings – 3423212 yuan!
342Ten thousand yuan!
Su Zhe's shares rose by 16% on average, with three of them reaching 20%, 18% and 17.5%!
This is almost equivalent to two trading board.
This is the benefit of leverage.
Stock god!
Zhang Jun has no doubt, such strength is not enough to be called the stock god, then what kind of person can be called?!
In the case that everyone is not optimistic about it, before the country has used Brix well, all the ten stocks that Su Zhe bought have gone up the limit. It's said that no one will believe it!
If Zhang Jun had not seen it with his own eyes, he would not have believed it.
After all, this kind of thing is too weird. Even if it's good, there are only more than 80 stocks in the trading limit, but the ten stocks Su Zhe bought are all in the trading limit.
It's definitely not luck.
One limit and two limits can be said to be caused by luck, but ten limits are obviously not so simple.
Su Zhe's two stock market operations have made Zhang Jun have no doubt about him, and he is even more fascinated by what he said about Mr. Baidu.
Su Zhe is so powerful. What a myth it is to teach him Mr. Baidu?!
After a few words with Su Zhe, Zhang Jun hung up, but Su Zhe met his English teacher.
The second mock exam is in full swing, and Su Zhe, who lives in dormitory 305, is also receiving the guidance of teachers.
A week passed away quietly.
Su Zhe has been used to receiving the guidance of teachers in the dormitory.
As Su Zhe had guessed, the stock market rose sharply for a week after the country's move.
Su Zhe didn't do leverage this week. First, it's hard to buy and sell at a high price because of the rising trend. Second, Su Zhe's ten stocks have become demons.
Word board, stop, continue word boardThe legend of Yi'an technology, Nankai gold and variety show shares are spreading throughout the stock market.
Known as the top three of the top ten demon stocks in 1999, these three stocks are finally exposed in everyone's view.
However, there is no ticket to board.
In the whole society, it is known that when this stock is making a demon, except for large companies, retail investors can't squeeze in at all.
The only exception is Su Zhe.
He is the only retail investor among the three demon stocks, and he entered earlier than the major companies.
What's more terrifying is that his share in these three stocks is no less or even more than that of some funds, securities and insurance companies.
Su Zhe holds 10 million shares in Yian technology, which is enough to be one of the top ten shareholders of the company.
In Nankai gold, Su Zhe holds 7.8 million shares and is the first individual investor.
Su Zhe, who holds 5 million shares in variety show, is also the first individual investor.
Among the three stocks, Su Zhe has the most capital, and the other seven are all about 2 million.
In other words, Su Zhe's capital in the stock market has almost reached 40 million!
In ten days, his value soared from 18 million to 40 million, which is unprecedented in the history of China's stock market. It is estimated that there will be no future.
And many private equity companies have noticed Su Zhe. His name is also known by people in the industry for the first time.
Because his short ten days in the stock market caused a sensation, it is too myth.
Many people are looking for him and want to hire him as a consultant.
The nickname “small stock god” is also popular, which is given to Su Zheqi by many retail investors and some private equity funds, but no one has any objection to it.
“Mr. Su, many private equity managers are asking me about you!”
“KKR, the most famous investment company in Jinling, even asked me to tell you that they are willing to hire you as their company's consultant with an annual salary of 1 million. I don't know…”
Zhang Jun is now on the phone with Su Zhe.
Now he has a kind of worship to Su Zhe.
The five bodies that I admire can even be described as gods.
Su Zhe is the God in his mind.
Not only the stock god, but also the God of inner faith.
“A million dollars a year?”
Su Zhe is driving home at this time. He is going to fill in his wish. He has to take his mother to school.
After listening to Zhang Jun's words, he was a little angry and laughed: “tell the other party for me, and then harass me. Be careful, I'll buy them KKR directly…”
“Any dog or cat can start an investment company these days?”
In Su Zhe's notebook, there is no such investment company at all, soSu Zhe is not interested in them at all.
“OK, I'll be home in a minute. Hang up!”
Su Zhe cut off the phone and let out a long breath.
There are still about 10 days to go before the college entrance examination. The third mock examination is over, and the results are all out, so filling in volunteers has been put on the agenda.
Su Zhe came back today to take his mother to school to fill in the volunteer.
Of course, it's a holiday tomorrow. They won't go to school until the day after tomorrow.
There are two reasons for driving back. One is to frighten his mother and save her feeling that she is still a child.
The purpose of deterrence is, of course, to let Zhong Linghua listen to his own opinions. Otherwise, Su Zhe said that if he wanted to fill Tsinghua University, he would surely get a beating.
This is inevitable, even his mother did not believe that he could be admitted to Tsinghua.
Second, we should talk to her about winning the lottery.
This car is proof that Su Zhe can't take out any other money in the stock market.
With such thoughts, Su Zhe galloped all the way to his village.
Seeing Su Zhe's tiger head running towards him, the village master was shocked. There is no such big guy in the village these days. Although they have seen a car, it is obviously the first time that they have seen such a big car.
The old men and the old women all looked forward to the driver. The roads in the village were not very good. They were not concrete roads. There were some potholes. Su Zhe couldn't drive fast at all.
So he was quickly recognized.
“Ah zhe?”
At the moment when they saw Su Zhe, the group was all dumbfounded.
The first mock exam is wrong, the second mock exam!*
[45] the future Internet giant![Jiageng 9]
“Grandfather, grandmother, it's me!”
Su Zhe rolled down the window and said hello to them. They were all found. It's obviously hard to say without shouting.
But when the windows rolled down, the villagers were more surprised.
The driver is really the son of the Su family.
“Oh, no, ah Zhe, you can drive?”
An aunt was screaming there.
“Whose car is this?”
“I said ah Zhe is promising!
“You see, he's only 17 years old and can drive. He's much better than his father!”
“That's right. The car is beautiful…”
Aunts and uncles were talking around the car, and some even knocked around. Su Zhe was embarrassed, so he had to pull his uncle out: “it's my uncle's, isn't it the college entrance examination?It's more convenient to have a car! ”
“Well, yes, yes!”
“Ah, your third uncle is a big boss now!”
“Isn't it expensive?”
One after another, Su Zhe was hard to resist. He found an excuse at random. In their reluctant eyes, he drove the car to the cement yard in front of his house.
But the aunts and uncles didn't disperse at all. Instead, they gathered around and talked about it. The center of the topic was obviously the Su family.
“HooTerrible aunts and aunts
Su Zhe stopped the car and took out the desktop computer he had bought for nearly ten days in the trunk.
He moved to his study, assembled and connected the telephone line, and could not wait to start to install a program.
In school, because of the problem of the network, his laptop can't install programs at all. Once he downloads, he will be disconnected.
So the most is to browse the web, look at the stock, this week to tell the truth, he choked.
Broken line, broken is to death!
But it's different at home. Although the phone line charges are going to explode next month, it's also my home. Su Zhe thinks this is a drizzle.
He has just gone to the telecom business hall to consult the next broadband. In 1999, the 1m network has been launched, but it takes seven days to install on the door.
Telephone lines can also be connected to the Internet, but how fast is the networkIn fact, 100k / S is not available.
Su Zhe tested it, about 50K.
“Better than nothing, better than dormitory, at least stable!”
Su Zhe is downloading penguin, Lianzhong game, Huatai Securities and other related software there. Sina, 163 and Sohu have been printed on the website, but nothing can be loaded at all.
It took almost half an hour for penguin, Lianzhong and Huatai Securities to install on Su Zhe's desktop.
As for Sina, Sohu and other websites, Su Zhe has also opened up one after another.
These websites and programs are in fact the earliest Internet enterprises in China.
98China's first year of the Internet is also the beginning of the portal era.
Now in 1999, Sina has become the first commercial portal in China. The main direction of profit is advertising. The daily traffic is amazing.
Countless young people who enjoy the Internet visit this website almost every day to watch the daily news and entertainment.
Sohu, which ranks second, is actually the first portal created by Huaxia.
Zhang Chaoyang, a graduate of MIT, and his team took the lead in the development of Chinese search system in April last year. He cloned a Chinese version, called Sohu, according to the model of Yahoo.
In October last year, he was named “50 digital heroes in the world” by time magazine of the United States.
And 163 Netease, which ranks last, is the lowest key.
Ding Sanshi actually contacted the Internet earlier than Wang Zhidong of sina and Zhang Chaoyang of Sohu, but what he did was software sales, and 163 e-mail swept the whole IT circle.
But seeing the success of Sohu and Sina, he immediately made a genius decision to transform Netease into a portal website.
It turns out that his strategy is quite wise.
After that, Netease, Sina and Sohu have become the “three giants” who will dominate the Internet for 10 years in the future!
“Sina hasn't been listed yet. It's going to wait until next year, but then money can get inSohu and Netease are the same! ”
“But compared with penguins, the potential of all three is too small!”
After browsing all three websites, Su Zhe put his energy on a small penguin head.
Who would have thought that such a weak software would become the biggest aircraft carrier in China's business circle in the future?!
The world is so unpredictable.
And that's why Su Zhe can't wait.
Because penguin is the company he wants to acquire after his rebirth, and now he has been working hard for it.
Familiar with the registration interface opened, Su Zhe quickly registered a penguin!
Five figures!
“It seems that penguin's current number of users has not exceeded 60000!”
Before Su Zhe's rebirth, he had the deepest research on penguin. After all, to acquire this company, he must have a deep understanding.
Although Penguin company was founded in 1998, but in fact, the penguin program OICQ launched on February 10, 1999, only three months ago!
At the beginning, Ma Huateng and others reserved 200 Penguin numbers, and the number released to the outside world started from 10201.
So the number of users is actually very good statistics, is now registered penguin, minus 10001 is the exact number.
3It has nearly 60000 users a month. In fact, this is a great achievement. After all, even Ma Huateng did not expect that the development of users would be so rapid.
Penguins don't advertise at all. They just rely on word-of-mouth.
For example, Su Zhe downloaded penguin. He told his classmates that this program can chat on the Internet. If his classmates are interested, they will go to the Internet bar to download it.
Simple and crude, but very effective.
In just three months, I have accumulated so muchAt the beginning, Ma Huateng only hoped to develop 1000 users in the first year.
So this led to his server overload in three days!
To this end, they have to maintain the server every day, but the server still can't bear so many users, so they have to buy a few second-hand servers.
“Now, I'm afraid these second-hand servers can't bear it!”
Su Zhe knows very well that the first difficulty of penguin company is Penguin software, which is like an elf reincarnated by a starving ghost. Because users are developing too fast, Ma Huateng has no money to buy servers.
In the end, it was his partner Zhang Zhidong who came up with an idea. He went to Huaqiangbei to buy a bunch of parts and assembled a “Shanzhai machine” to help Penguin survive.
This node is very criticalWithout Zhang Zhidong, maybe the penguin wave will be over.
Su Zhe thought it was too late.
“No matter. After the college entrance examination, I have to go to penguin company to have a look in the summer vacation. By the wayBuy it
Su Zhe smiles a little, but he hears the cry of his mother downstairs.
“Su Zhe, you come down to me!”*
My mother is scared![1]
“The car outsideWhose is it? ”
Su Zhe's mother, Zhong Linghua, points to the tiger's head on the cement yard outside the door and looks at Su Zhe downstairs.
As soon as she came back from work by bike, she felt that the villagers looked at her differently. When she got home, she almost didn't scare her enough.
A new car as like as two peas in the front door, the key car looks like a thief. It looks exactly like the car that the boss sees on TV.
This scared Zhong Linghua.
The key car was surrounded by an old group of people, all from the countryside. They told him that the car was driven by Su Zhe.
This makes Zhong Linghua even more surprised.
Su Zhe said casually, but Zhong Linghua didn't respond: “youWhat's yours
“Yes, just bought it!”
Su Zhe took the watermelon that his grandmother had just cut and chewed it. Zhong Linghua's voice suddenly increased: “Su!Zhe
But Su Zhe took a picture of a newspaper in front of Zhong Linghua, looked at the neighbor who was looking inside, quickly closed the door, turned his head and said, “Mom, read the newspaper first!”
“Newspapers?What are you doing reading newspapers for? ”
Zhong Linghua looks at his son suspiciously, but subconsciously takes Su Zhe's newspaper and looks down.
“High growth, quick reaction, please take Juneng calcium!”
He saw the advertisement of Juneng calcium at the bottom of the newspaper at the first glance, and subconsciously read it out. Su Zhe almost didn't faint directly.
“Mom, who let you see this!”
“Top right corner, the one next to the front page in the top right corner, see it?”
“You can't see such a big picture?”
Su Zhe is also convinced of his mother.
She can pay attention to the advertisement for everything at the first time. TV shopping is her favorite program. She can watch it almost once and then rush to buy it.
There are a lot of TV shopping products at home. I don't know, I think there is a mine at home.
“Jiangnan sports lottery 6 + 1 explodes 24.4 million yuan super prize”!
Zhong Linghua saw a piece of news Su Zhe pointed to him. Looking at the young man with the big prize in the photo, he always felt familiar, but he couldn't say it.
“ThisWhat is this
Su Zhe had to feel speechless about his mother's long arc of reflection.
I've reminded myself of this, but she can't guess it yet?!
The intelligence quotient is worrying!
But in fact, Zhong would never have thought that Su Zhe was in this picture.
First, he couldn't believe it. Second, he didn't want to believe it. She didn't think it was his son who won the big prize in this picture.
Many people's first premise is that they don't think the grand prize will belong to them.
It's a cognitive problem.
“Mom, do you think the man in this picture looks familiar?”
Su Zhe continues to remind.
Zhong Linghua nodded subconsciously: “well, I think so too. At first sight, I almost thought it was you, but –”
“But what, it's me!”
“You don't know the clothes?”
“My God, you don't even know your own son!”
Is Su Zhe really broken down? Is this still his mother?
Zhong Linghua's eyes suddenly widened. He pointed to Su Zhe in the newspaper. His hand trembled and said, “youYouYou mean, thisIs that you in this picture? ”
“That's not true. If it's fake, it's guaranteed!”
The newspaper suddenly fell to the ground. Zhong Linghua opened his mouth and looked at Su Zhe. Su Zhe said in a hurry: “now I know, I didn't cheat you, did I?”
“I just bought this car outside because I won the grand prize!”
“Won 20 million, ha ha ha!”
“Do you have a feeling of excitement now that your son has won the grand prize?”
Su Zhe is a little angry.
Zhong Linghua was a little confused for a moment. She couldn't believe it.
She looked at Su Zhe blankly. She lowered her head and picked up the newspaper. After reading the news word by word, she raised her head and said, “thisIs it really you? ”
“Yes, how many times do you want me to say it?”
But Zhong Linghua gave Su Zhe a blow on the shoulder: “you dead child, why didn't you tell me earlier about such a big thing?”
“IINo way
“Son, help me quickly, I have to slowly…”
Zhong Linghua's hair is dizzy. She can't stand such stimulation.
As soon as Su Zhe saw it, he quickly helped her to the seat. A few seconds later, Zhong Linghua said again: “moneyWhat about the money? ”
“On my bank card!”
“Give it to me!”
Zhong Linghua stretched out his hand and Su Zhe put it into his pocket: “if you don't give it, I know you want to ask me for money. I can use it!”
“What's your use?”
“Buy a car, the one outside, Su ZheOur family is not at that level! ”
“Tell me, you bought this car and let the neighbors see it. They –”
“Don't worry, mom, I know. I told them about uncle's car!”
“You think your son is stupid!”
Su Zhe quickly interrupted what Zhong Linghua wanted to say: “money, I deposited the financial management of the bank, signed a contract with the bank, to deposit for three years, annual dividend 10%!”
“Here's one million yuan. I'm filial to your two elders. What do you want to buy in the future? Try your best to buy it. Your son has money!”
Su Zhe presents a prepared bank card to Zhong Linghua.
Zhong Linghua suddenly stepped forward and grabbed Su Zhe's ear: “Su Zhe, you are against the sky, aren't you?”
Su Zhe quickly broke off her mother's hand. Looking at her angry face, she said directly, “I've bought all the cars. Can't I return them?Besides, I've won more than 20 million. What's wrong with buying a car? ”
“You're paid to go shopping on TV!”
“WellCan that be the same? ”
“How can it be different?Do you want your son to fall in love and give you grandchildren?With this car, your son won't have to worry about marrying his wife. You've broken the door! ”
Su Zhe said at any rate, and finally fooled the car thing in the past, but Zhong Linghua was still a little worried and said: “that money, do you really save money?”
“Really, why do I lie to you? You don't even believe your son?”
Su Zhe took out a contract originally signed by Jinling bank from his bag: “if you don't believe it, you can see for yourself?”
“There are dividends every year, see?2 million, 10%! ”
There are many terms in the contract, and Su Zhe believes that Zhong Linghua has no patience to read them word by word, just pointing to the dividend column.
“Two million?so many?ThisIs this a reliable bank? ”
Zhong Linghua was still worried, so Su Zhe had to patiently explain to her: “reliable, I have investigated, and do you think the dividend of 2 million is so easy to get?Your son talked to them
“Don't be deceived!”
Zhong Linghua always feels a little uneasy.
“Have some faith in your son, OK?”
Su Zhe also knows that Zhong Linghua can't accept the news for a while. It's estimated that after a few days, she will be much better when she slowly accepts the fact.
“II'll call your dad! ”
Zhong Linghua rushed to the living room. Su Zhe thought it was OK.
Compared with his innocent mother, his father is more reliable. At least he has been wandering around all the time. His vision and cognition must be better than Zhong Linghua.
Wake up and see, really awesome urine, old fellow iron too much to force.
Nothing to report, only to explode more!
Today is still more than 7!!!
First more!*
I'm going to Qinghua University![2 changes]
“The qualification of Jinling bank is very reliable. It is a joint-stock commercial bank composed of state-owned shares, shares of Chinese legal person, shares of foreign capital and shares of many individuals. It implements a first-class legal person system.”
“Sometimes the deposit interest rate of some small local banks is really higher!”
“The government is also very supportive!”
“What's the matter, sister-in-law? Are you going to deposit your money in Jinling bank?”
“It seems that there is no such bank in Jiangsu Province?”
This is the voice of Su Zhe's third uncle. He is the richest Su family at present. He is now developing in Xishi, next door to Suzhou city. He has set up a wool textile group with branches all over the country and nearly ten million assets.
His vision, of course, and Su Zhe's father Su Mingxuan is another level.
Just after Zhong Linghua and Su Mingxuan got through the phone, Su Mingxuan was surprised that Su Zhezhong had won 20 million yuan, but he still gave his own suggestions.
He didn't know about Jinling bank, but Su Mingyang, the third uncle of Su Zhe, must know.
So Zhong Linghua called Su Mingyang again.
“Well, now, believe me?”
Su Zhe sat there casually, but Zhong Linghua turned his head and said, “although your third uncle said Jinling bank is OK, but10% interest, isn't that too high? ”
“Two million a year?Our bank is only about 3%! ”
“It's been 60 years!”
Zhong Linghua thinks that Su Zhe has been cheated because of this. She feels that there is a lot of money in a year, and she is afraid that Su Zhe will be cheated by the bank.
“Mom, first of all, I'll tell you that the contract I signed is for financial management, not for the death of deposit!”
“That's the first point!”
“Second, why 10%!”
Su Zhe felt it was necessary to talk to Zhong linghuapu and his colleagues about financial management: “because of the huge amount of money, do you know what 20 million yuan can do?”
“He can even list a company at a critical time, help a company raise funds, and solve the urgent needs of a large groupThe economic benefits of these assistance are far more than 2 million yuan per se! ”
“That is to say, my 20 million yuan is in the bank. It's a sum of money that can be saved in an emergency!”
“Maybe I can only earn 2 million from the bankBut the bank can use my 20 million to earn 3 million, even 5 million! ”
“The bank has this platform, and I have this moneyIt's a win-win deal, understand? ”
“My mother!”
Su Zhe explained some principles of economics to Zhong Linghua in simple terms. Although she didn't understand many places, she suddenly had a feeling.
My own son, grew up.
When he just spoke, the confidence of talking and the aura from the inside out made her feel strange as a mother.
However, she was very pleased.
Happy with the change of my son, maybeThis is what every parent wants to see.
After all, Su Zhe is about to enter the University. He is already an adult.
Zhong Linghua doesn't want his son to enter the University, but also relies on his parentsAlthough the Su family is not a wealthy family, each generation of children is very independent.
Including Su Zhe's uncles, although they didn't go to university because of their economic situation, they were able to adapt quickly after entering the society, which is inseparable from some concepts of the Su family.
“Well, mom believes you!”
Zhong Linghua chose to believe his son. Su Zhe said with a smile: “you should have believed me long ago. I'm very tired after explaining so much!”
“Hum, no one asked you to buy a car with me!”
Zhong Linghua is still deeply resentful.
“Hey, hey, it's called cutting before playing. How about taking you out for a ride?”
“No, this car belongs to your uncle. I don't want to be a car. Your mom, I hope you can come back one day and tell everyone in the village that this is the car I bought!”
“That way, mom will be the first to sit on it!”
“I understand!”
“One year, at most one year, I will let the whole village know that your son can come back in a luxury car with dignity!”
Now Su Zhe, of course, can tell the people in the village that the car is his own.
However, no one will believe it, and there is no need for it.
Unless the winning prize is announced to the public, it will attract the covet of criminals. This is not the result Su Zhe wants to see.
A year later, if Su Zhe made a career, it would be different.
This is the meaning of Zhong Linghua's words.
Now Su Zhe just bought his car by winning the lottery. What she hopes is that Su Zhe will buy his car with her own efforts, so that she will be proud of him.
“OK, Ma, wait!”
Zhong Linghua smiles, but Yu Guang suddenly sees the clock hanging in the living room, and suddenly reacts: “Oh, no, the meal hasn't been cooked yet?”
“What are you doing? Celebrate. Your son invites you out!”
“You child –”
“Come on, let's go. I'll take you to feel the car. At least your son bought it!”
“By the way, where's grandma?”
“Go to your third uncle!”
Mother and son chatting, Zhong Linghua finally beat Su Zhe, sitting in his car, went to town to rub a meal.
On the way back, she kept saying that the car was really nice and comfortable. She asked about the price of the car. In the end, Su Zhe couldn't help but vaguely reported 500000 yuan, but he was beaten by his mother again.
“By the way, mom, there's something I have to tell you!”
Su Zhe suddenly pulls over to the side of the road. Zhong Linghua looks at his son's serious appearance and realizes that he must have something to say to himself.
“What's the matter?”
“That is to fill in the volunteer. I have already thought about the school. You must respect my requirements, andI will be able to pass the exam, too! ”
“Ha ha, it's a good thing. My mother must respect you!”
“What school, say it?”
Zhong Linghua waved her hand. Today, she was very happy. Her son didn't say he won the lottery, but he seemed to have grown up overnight. She was so serious.
It seems that he is very confident!
“Qinghua, I want to go to Qinghua University!”
Su Zhe stares at Zhong Linghua and says word by word.
Zhong Linghua's expressionIt just froze there in an instant.*
[48] advantages of 2G network![3 changes]
“What are you talking about?”
Zhong Linghua was obviously frightened by Su Zhe's words.
To tell you the truth, Su Zhe just won 20 million yuan. She was not so surprisedBut now, Zhong Linghua is a little scared.
Tsinghua is also his son can test?
How could she not want her son to be admitted?
But, that also wants to be able to pass the examination!
She knows more about her son's material than anyone else. She can't even get into the top 100 of the school, let alone Tsinghua University. It's thankful that she can get into one of the top 100 schools.
“I know you don't believe it, butYour son is sure to pass the exam
Su Zhe's words are surprisingly serious. Zhong Linghua looks at him. It's the first time for her to see her son look at herself with such a serious expression.
This is a kind of self-confidence and maturity, although the handsome face is still young, but the eyes, but let Zhong Linghua feel, the son said this, not like a big story.
“YouAre you sure? ”
“Yes, in recent months, I have been reading seriously, butI'm reading college books! ”
“I have taught myself a lot of university textbooks. If you don't believe me, you can call my head teacher, who can testify to meNo, Mr. Li and Mr. Lu are OK! ”
“They all know!”
Zhong Linghua blinked.
College textbooks?
Is this still his son who ranks more than 100 in the school every time?
“So, I'm going to take Tsinghua!”
Zhong Linghua touched her forehead. She felt a little dizzy, butI've been stimulated enough today, and I don't care about it.
“Son, mother supports you!”
After figuring out the key, Zhong Linghua was relieved: “since you want to take the exam, take itIt doesn't matter if I can't pass the exam. No, andMore than 20 million? ”
Su Zhe was amused by his mother's assertion.
“Why such a fuss?If you don't pass the exam, you can only say that your old Su family didn't pass the exam! ”
“Your father, your uncles have never been to university. It's very good. Although today is different from the past, the annual dividend of more than 2 million will be enough for you to live forever in the future!”
“Mom and dad have no ability to help you, but we just hope you can live happily every day!”
“I don't expect you to be rich in the future. Just give us a big grandson or granddaughter as soon as possible!”
Zhong Linghua said his wish in one breath.
In fact, this is what most parents expect of their children.
“OK, thank you, mom!”
“But I will pass the exam, andYou will definitely be rich. You can wait for your children and grandchildren to fill the house and enjoy happiness in a few years. My son can guarantee you this! ”
Su Zhe grinned, but Zhong Linghua was comforted by Lao Huai.
My son has grown up!
Zhong Linghua looks at Su Zhe who is driving the car, but the smile on his face is more and more prosperous.
Such a son is what she wants to see.
The next day, Sunday.
Su Zhe rarely has a day off, but Su Zhe's mother is a tailor. Besides major festivals, she also has to work on weekends.
He is the only one left in the family.
Open the computer, first looked at the background of the stock, now their total assets have reached 39.28 million!
It's double the prize money of sports lottery.
This weekend, the market closed, but Su Zhe still subconsciously browsed the news of the next few stocks. After watching, Su Zhe began to plan some matters after the college entrance examination.
Originally, he was going to buy penguin in November when the biggest crisis occurred.
But with sufficient funds, it's time to get in touch with Ma Huateng.
The earlier he takes over penguin, the faster Su Zhe can make Penguin rise, so as to complete the wealth and enterprise achievements listed in the system.
As soon as he thought of the system, Su Zhe thought of the first golden reward, 2G.
Second generation mobile communication technology!
Su Zhe has to make good preparations for the 2G network. Looking at the computer in front of him, Su Zhe browses some news about communication.
Although he knows that 2G network has not been laid out in China, it should have been tested abroad.
“Europe is going to launch a new type of mobile phone system, which is currently under development!”
“This new mobile phone system can solve the problems of limited communication capacity, too many systems, incompatibility, poor confidentiality, poor call quality, unable to provide data service and automatic roaming, etc.!”
“The United States has adopted a division scheme different from that of Europe. This technology, called CDMA, is said to be quite advanced…”
Su Zhe flipped through his website all morning and finally saw the two news items released in January and April on Netease.
“Sure enough, the United States is still the leader. It is the first to study 2G, and it is a mature CDMA scheme. The European one should be GSM, which is the predecessor of 2G!”
After accepting all the information about the second generation mobile communication technology, Su Zhe actually knows the current communication very well.
In the future 2G era, dominating the global communication market, in fact, is mainly divided into two camps – digital time division multiple access (TDMA) and code division multiple access (CDMA) two technologies!
These two bands correspond to GSM and CDMA respectively.
This is also a competition between the two major interest groups represented by the United States and Europe.
Hua Xia, at present, can only play the role of little brother.
What's the difference between the two?
Space and time.
For example, TDMA, the most commonly used GSM band in China's future 2G, literally means sharing this signal channel in the same time period.
The frequency band of signal channel is different in different time periods.
And CDMA technology, is the use of space.
In this area, the shared signal channel is a kind of frequency band!
And another area shares another frequency band.
Neither of the two technologies is better, just the difference in space and time.
One is space difference, the other is time difference.
Why is that?
Because the load of servers and networks can not reach the level that the world can share a network, so it will be divided by space area and time period.
Now, these two technologies seem to have patents.
So even if Su Zhe develops this system, it is useless at all. Instead, he will be accused of infringement.
Americans and Europeans are not polite at all.
In fact, these two technologies were put forward by scientists as early as World War II.
Therefore, unless Su Zhe was born again in World War II, he could seize the patent. Otherwise, whether he developed GSM or CDMA, he would be infringed.
But this technology was limited by equipment and popularity at that time.
It was not until a few years ago that all aspects began to mature. The communication giants, led by Qualcomm, Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens and Motorola, began to try to launch the research results after half a century.
The current year of 99 is a crucial node.
Although Su Zhe can not develop this 2G communication technology, he is not without advantages.
2G network is the advantage that he can win by surprise!*
[49] general packet radio service technology![4 changes]
In fact, in this era, in 1999, Europe and the United States just began to have the idea of constructing frequency bands and communication channels.
The purpose is just to make mobile phone communication clear, world roaming and other services. In fact, they haven't thought that mobile phones can access the Internet.
After all, the Internet has just been popularized. To develop a new internet terminal, there is not so much energy at all.
So, this is Su Zhe's chance!
GPRS and edge technologies, that is, 2.5G and 2.75g networks, are his capital based on the world.
At present, no country in the world can predict that mobile Internet access will be the key to dominate the future after 2010.
They are not prophets, but Su Zhe is.
Whether 3G, 4G or 5g in the future, the focus of research and development has actually become the speed of the network.
With fast network speed, all kinds of apps can load smoothly.
Fast network speed, small video can be broadcast online.
Every country is still in the stage where mobile phones can make calls and send text messages. Su Zhe really knows what dominates the world in the 2G era?!
“So, my primary goal now is to develop a GPRS Internet access system!”
Su Zhe's eyes can not help but get a bright, for the future also has a clear plan!
Who master the mobile internet terminal, who can master the world!
2G is just the beginning, but without it, 3G, 4G and other services can't be launched at allSo 2G network expansion, for Su Zhe, is absolutely the most important!
This is even more important than the acquisition of Tencent!
He alone may not be able to promote the birth and development of this technology, butTsinghua can!
Tsinghua's talent and status ensure that Su Zhe can quickly promote this technology to the whole world. At that time, the future father of 2G will not be Qualcomm or Ericsson.
It's him – Su Zhe!
This is also the reason why Su Zhe must take the Tsinghua examination, because this university, in Su Zhe's view, is not a university, but a platform and a resource!
A business card that can make him go to the world quickly.
The source of Tsinghua students is also an indispensable part of his future business kingdom.
“Although GSM and CDMA technologies have been patentedBut G net and E net, have not applied yet
As long as Su Zhe builds the structure of G-Net, there will be a steady stream of wealth waiting for him.
Tsinghua University is one of the best universities in the field of communication in China.
It is also one of the earliest domestic colleges to set up the sub major of mobile communication!
Imperial University can only be ranked as a secondary key.
Tsinghua University and Beijing post are domestic authorities.
“Technology is now available, and there is still a lack of laboratories and some modelsOnly to the university to complete the specific development! ”
“Patent reports and plans can be produced first!”
With this thought, Su Zhe opened the txt document and wrote some GPRS related information.
When the preliminary work is ready, it can be put into production and practice. This technology that can easily change people's livelihood has a long way to go from promotion to listing.
However, according to the normal development, GPRS will not be put into commercial use until 2003, so Su Zhe has plenty of time to prepare.
General packet radio service technology!
Su Zhe typed the Chinese title of GPRS on the computer, and then carefully wrote the plan.
The next morning, Zhong Linghua and the factory asked for a leave. Su Zhe drove her to Sucheng No.3 middle school.
Today is the day to fill in the application form. Parents need to participate together.
Schools should not only hold mobilization meetings, but also hand in volunteers on the spot.
This mode of filling in the volunteer first and then the college entrance examination makes it a very prudent thing to fill in the volunteer. Many students are not admitted to good schools, in fact, they are planted in the volunteer.
Because their reference scores, only the third mock examination.
Once the simulation test plays well, it will make students have self expansion and choose a better university.
Then the college entrance examination showed its normal level, and directly missed the University of my heartAs for the college entrance examination failed, that is more.
In the 1990s, there were many cases of missing good schools because of filling in the wrong volunteers.
In view of this, the Ministry of education later stipulated that the college entrance examination score out and then fill in the volunteer, is also a kind of compensation measures!
But Su Zhe's generation is the direct victim of the malpractice of the college entrance examination.
Even in his previous life, Su Zhe's college entrance examination score has actually reached the second level, but because the score of the second college he chose was 10 points higher than that of the second level, Su Zhe was 3 points worse, so he could only go to a college.
This is a pity.
Park the car at the school gate, Su Zhe and Zhong Linghua get off the car together.
Wei Kun is already waiting in the dormitory. He hasn't forgotten his gambling appointment with Su Zhe that day.
Seeing Su Zhe coming, he quickly hid to one side.
Taking advantage of Zhong Linghua's inattention, the boy and Su Zhe secretly compare with each other. Su Zhe's heart is immediately clear. In fact, he has already laughed.
This boy is really simple!
In fact, on the way here, Su Zhe had already told Zhong Linghua about it.
Zhong Linghua also knew about the relationship between Su Zhe and Wei Kun, so he cooperated with his son and played a play.
Zhong Linghua not only didn't beat and scold, but praised Su Zhe for being sensible and growing up.
Wei Kun is so stupid?!
What happened?
Is this aunt Hua you know?
How did she get surprised when she heard that Su Zhe had won the lottery and bought a car, and thenThen there's no more?!
“Boy, let's admit defeat!”
“You have to listen to me to fill in the volunteer, you know?”
Su Zhe goes out of the dormitory and looks at Wei Kun hiding beside him. Until now, the boy is still in shock.
“Do you hear me?”
Su Zhe pushed down his shoulder. Wei Kun just pursed his mouth. He didn't have a good way: “I know. I'll listen to you. I won't test in the Journalism Department of Su University!”
“Well, that's more like it. I recommend a school for you to learn about.”
“Which school?”
“Beiyou, communication engineering!”
“The score is not high, but the specialty is one of the best in the country!”*
Do I seem to be joking?[Jiageng 10]
1999Beijing post was a very humble University.
In the imperial capital where famous schools gather, this school, like its name, is almost the existence of soy sauce.
In addition to the school's ace professional computer, other professional scores are not too high, with Wei Kun's results, admitted to the communications professional, absolutely more than enough.
Who makes the communication major not up yet?
However, 10 years later, the communication major of Beiyou has become another trump card of this university, and it is one of the best in the country.
2010This year's score line of communication major is even comparable to that of famous universities such as Wuhan University and Harbin Institute of technology.
And it is by virtue of the two trumps of computer and communication that Beijing post ranked among 985 in 2011.
At present, Beiyou is the first batch of 211 universities, but among all 211 universities, there is no sense of existence.
So when Wei Kun heard about this university, he was stunned subconsciously: “Beiyou?”
It is estimated that there is no one in Sucheng No.3 middle school to apply for this school. It's not that they can't pass the examination, but they are not interested.
“Yes, DIDU University of Posts and telecommunications, communication engineering!”
“The key to dominating the world in the future!”
Listening to Su Zhe's words, Wei Kun laughed a little: “dominate the world?Are you playing too many games? ”
“It's up to you. Anyway, I told you, you can do without taking the exam. I just give you a suggestion!”
“Are you really going to study in DIDU?”
Until now, Wei Kun did not believe that Su Zhe was going to the imperial capital. After all, the students in Su Province, except for a few talented students who were aiming at the Imperial University and Qinghua, were basically admitted to universities in the province.
For example, Jinling University, Sunan University and so on are also the top 20 universities in China.
“In a momentYou'll know! ”
Su Zhe doesn't want to argue with Wei Kun on the issue of Qinghua University, because no matter what he says, the other party won't believe it. In this case, he will volunteer to see the truth.
There can't be any fake about filling in volunteers, can there?
With this thought, Su Zhe went back to the dormitory, and Wei Kun also went back. This time, he was accompanied by his father, the director of Investment Promotion Office of Sucheng TV station.
At 9:30 in the morning, the mobilization meeting for senior three volunteers started on time.
In front of everyone are two college entrance examination volunteer form, there are a few copies, afraid of students to change, so the school prepared a lot of copies.
“In principle, I have to hand in my college entrance examination wish today, butWe set a time to give it to our head teacher before school tomorrow at the latest! ”
“Once submitted, it cannot be changed!”
The headmaster and senior three leaders on the stage spoke one after another, and the topics were obviously analysis of volunteers and some colleges and universities.
Su Zhe is sleepy. After the meeting, Su Zhe sends his mother home.
“Su Zhe, besides the first one, have you thought about the second one?”
On the way back, Zhong Linghua asked.
Su Zhe didn't think about the second volunteer at all, but he comforted his mother and said, “yes, the second volunteer is emperor Da, and the third volunteer is Sinian!”
Zhong Linghua was once again shocked by his son's domineering reply.
“Are you so confident that you can get into these universities?”
Zhong Linghua couldn't help but ask. Fortunately, there is no “courage” now.
Otherwise, someone will definitely say, is Liang Jingru giving you courage?
“Yes, I'm confident!”
Su Zhe turns his head and shows a row of white teeth to his mother, and Zhong Linghua falls down.
After returning his mother to the factory, Su Zhe went back to Sucheng No.3 middle school again, and the gauze on his finger had already been removed.
After the three models passed, there was no test, so Suzhe could rest assured of class.
“Old sue, which school are you going to test for?”
Zhou Jun curiously came over, and Gu Ming, the academic slag on one side, also raised his ears.
In their eyes, Su Zhe definitely gave up the college entrance examination. He didn't come to class for more than half a month, and he got a fart!
“Volunteer, I've already filled it out!”
Su Zheyang raised the file bag, and Zhou Jun was interested in it: “where?Show me! ”
“I'm afraid you'll be stimulated!”
“I have nothing to be excited about!”
Zhou Jun's eyelids turned: “Lao Tzu's grades are much better than you, but I'm going to be a freshman!”
“Hurry up, don't talk nonsense, let me laugh, you boy won't fill in a second year's school?I don't think you'll be able to pass the exam in the second year. Ha ha ha… ”
Then the boy laughed heartlessly.
Su Zhe shakes his head and raises his wish in front of Zhou Jun: “look, this is the school I filled in!”
Zhou Jun took Su Zhe's wish. Just now, he thought he was wrong.
I only filled in the school when my brain was broken. It can be said that no one in Sucheng No.3 middle school dares to be so arrogantOh, there are still.
A beautiful image came to Zhou Jun's mind.
It is estimated that Tang Mo should be the only scholar who dares to report Qinghua in Sucheng No.3 middle school.
But after he looked at Su Zhe's wish carefully, the whole person was a little silly.
Name: Su Zhe
First courtyard, Qinghua University; major name: communication technology!
Second courtyard, DIDU University; major name: computer technology!
The third university, Sinian University; major name: microelectronics technology!
Zhou Jun can't believe the volunteer over and over again, right, this is not a copy, but really volunteer!
“Are you serious?”
Zhou Jun raised his head fiercely, staring at Su Zhe with a silly face.
“Of course, really!”
“Go away, you…”
Zhou Jun doesn't believe that Su Zhe will apply for Qinghua. The key is emperor DA and Sinian. How stupid can he do such a thing?!
Do you think Qinghua doesn't want you, but Dida and Sinian will want you?!
Zhou Jun instantly feels that Su Zhe is making a fool of himself. Gu Ming on one side looks at him and his face collapses.
“Damn, I thought I was fooling myself. You are more fooling than me!”
“Why don't you want to go to college?It's good to go to college. I tell you, there are many college beauties in Jinling… ”
Gu Ming said in Su Zhe's ear that he thought Su Zhe had not attended class for half a month.
Su Zhe is not angry white two guys one eye, one took Zhou Jun's hand volunteer, solemnly put it into his bag: “you think, I seem to be joking?”*