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Please, I really don’t want to fall in love with my master
Chapter one love?I'm good at it!
Xuanling mountain.
On the Sendai.
A tall and straight figure standing in the wind, white hunting, black hair flying in the wind, unspeakable natural and unrestrained freehand.
Not far away, several disciples were whispering.
“Shengzi has been watching the scenery for three hours. Doesn't he need to practice?”A young disciple is very strange.
“Shh, you know nothing!At the level of Saint son, enlightenment is far more important than cultivation.If you dare to disturb the holy son again, be careful not to protect your dog's headThe older disciple murmured.
The young disciple was silent.
Think of the hearsay in the son that cold means, can't help but shrink neck, dare not say live.
The female students are full of peach blossom.
“The son is worthy of the reincarnation of the great emperor, and he is realizing the Tao again!”
“It's been half a month in a row, isn't it?What a great understanding
“Your son is so handsome
“Even if the back to me, still can feel that compelling handsome!”
“Ah, I really want to make a cauldron for Shengzi…”
However, Li Ran, the “Holy Son” with his back to the public, could hardly see the extreme in his face.
“What's the matter with stepping on a horse?”
Sorry, he knows the two words separately, but he can't understand them together.
He's standing here, just pretending.
After half a month in the world of cultivating immortals, Li Ran has accepted his new identity
He is the first son of the top demon sect. He is moody and cruel.
Once, because of a treasure, he provoked two families to fight, and one of them was completely exterminated.
In order to grab a place to inherit, he chased and killed the right disciples for thousands of miles, and finally killed them all.
Even if it is a disciple of our sect, if he is offended, he will suffer from skin and flesh. If he is serious, his cultivation will be broken. He is merciless.
He is an extremely cold egoist.
Typical villain template.
But he had a good skin bag again. He was rich and handsome, with star eyebrows and sword eyes.
So even if they did all the bad things, the girls would still look at him and drool.
“Let me be a villain. Why should I be confiscated?”Li didn't call one place.
At the beginning, there was no problem with body memory.
It's just that this cultivation is sealed. One of the most basic techniques can't be used, or even practice.
To put it simply, he is now a useless man who has nothing to do with his golden elixir cultivation.
In order to cover up the fact that he couldn't practice, Li Ran had to come here every day to pretend to be enlightened.
But even so, he can't pretend any more.
“Your sister's, this is not pit father!”
Other people have gold fingers when they pass through. When they find magic weapons, they are soft handed, and all kinds of fairies and saints stick them upside down.
But what about him?
Except for a lot of enemies, Mao didn't have one.
“Dog system, if you don't wake up again, believe it or not, I will jump down from this Sendai and die with you?”Li Ran gritted his teeth.
[strong emotion fluctuation is detected, and the daily good system has been started.】
A cold voice sounded in my mind.
Li Ran was startled and then excited.
“I'm just saying it casually. It turns out that it really has!”
[the daily good system is dedicated to helping the host to make a new life】
With a string of information pouring into his mind, Li Ran soon made it clear.
In short, the system will issue random tasks, as long as the completion will be rewarded.
The higher the degree of task completion, the richer the reward.
“Do good every day?Won't you let me help grandma across the road?I'm the son of the devilLi Ran silently make complaints about it.
The system always feels unreliable.
But it's better to have something than nothing.
This is the world of cultivating immortals where the law of the jungle is deduced to the extreme.
In his present state, as long as he goes out of the clan, his bones will be swallowed by his enemies!
“Hurry to release the task, we have to recover our strength.”
The system sounds:
[in view of the cold-blooded character of the host, there are no close people around. In order to influence the heart of the host, please go to have an unforgettable love!】
[task release: within 24 hours, volunteer to a member of the opposite sex and get their consent.】
[after the task is completed, you will be rewarded!】
[reward quality depends on task completion!】
Li Ran
fall in love?
You call it doing good every day?
It's better to help grandma cross the road!
“Please, I'm a cruel devil, born saint, reincarnated emperor!Actually let me take the initiative to confess to my sister?Can the dog system respect me a little bit? ”
[if the task is not completed, the system will sleep indefinitely.】
[does the host choose to give up?】
“The harm is to fall in love. I'm good at it!”
Li Ran's face changes with the speed of light.
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Chapter 2 the artifact of confession!
Li Ran was lost in thought.
It's easy to say, but it faces two problems.
First, Youluo hall is a top-level magic gate with numerous rules and regulations, among which there is a prohibition that can't be touched.
No sex!
The ban was issued by the leader Leng Wuyan himself, hoping that the disciples could focus on practice.
She set an example herself. There was never any news about her. There was even a rumor that she was a stone girl and was humiliated as a “tough old woman” by outsiders.
Thinking of his beautiful master's means, Li Ran fought a cold war.
If it comes to light, I'm afraid I'll be lucky.
But in order to complete the task, we can't manage that much.
Second question:
To whom.
Li Ran is the sage son of the demon sect. He is cold and cruel, and he takes the initiative to express that he doesn't conform to his personality.
In order not to arouse the suspicion of others, we must strike accurately to ensure that we can win it at one stroke.
“Who to choose…”
After thinking hard, Li Ran finally chooses to confess to his younger martial sister.
That girl is very obsessed with him. She follows him all day. The success rate should be very high.
The most important thing is that she is confused, looking at the IQ is not high, should not be suspicious.
Do what you say.
Li Ran was not in the mood to pretend to be forced and walked quickly to his residence.
Now he's blocking his cultivation and insensitive to perception. I'm afraid the walls have ears if he confesses face to face.
So it's safer to use the photo stone.
Quiet room.
Li Ran sat on the chair, holding a blue stone in his hand.
It's called the photo stone. It's a low-level artifact that can't even be regarded as a magic weapon.
Because of the low quality, there is no need for spiritual force.
As long as you pour your thoughts into it, you can leave the picture you want, while other people can see the content as long as they are immersed in it.
In Li Ran's opinion, this is just an artifact of confession!
But just as he was about to make a video, he found a big problem.
He didn't know each other's name.
For the predecessor, the role of little younger martial sister is just a passer-by. There is no need to remember her name.
Li Ran, a latecomer, is even less likely to know.
“Forget it, it's better not to say the name at all than to say it wrong.”
Li Ran closed his eyes and immersed himself in his imagination.
First, praise it, then make a most incisive love, and add many local love words.
With the simplicity of the younger martial sister, she would blush and beat her heart at a glance, crying to give him a monkey.
It took only half an hour to record the video.
Li Ran checked it carefully and made sure there was no problem, so he put the stone into a sandalwood box.
All the way to my younger martial sister's house.
It happened that her window was open.
After Li Ran made sure that there was no one nearby, he threw the sandalwood box through the window and fell on the table.
“Anyway, the time limit is 24 hours, which is enough for two whole days. In case the photo stone is useless, you can also use face-to-face advertising.”
Li Ran clapped his hands and Shi ran left.
After a while.
There was a loud noise, and several young female disciples came together.
“Well, today, Mr. Sun was so delayed that when I arrived at the immortal platform, the holy son had already gone back.”Said one of the pretty girls.
Obviously, I'm very unhappy not to see Li Ran.
“Come on, Xinran, stick to Shengzi every day. Be careful if he is not happy, he will treat you as a cauldron.”Others joked.
Lu Xinran clenched his little fist and said firmly, “if you can increase a little cultivation for Shengzi, what's wrong with being a cauldron?They are willing to
“Tut Tut, you are really a loyal supporter of the son.”
“Of course, I like the son the most!”
Several people said to their respective rooms.
Deer gladly into the room, languidly collapsed in the chair.
“I'm so tired.”
At this time, a female disciple outside the door passed by and said, “all the pills for examination should have been refined.I want to send it to the headmaster. Do you need to bring it along? ”
Lu Xinran saw the sandalwood box on the table, took it up and handed it to her
“No harm.”
The female disciple took it, threw it into the storage ring and put it together with a pile of the same boxes.
Leng Wuyan, the leader of Youluo hall, is a murderous female devil, but she is very attentive to her disciples.
Especially for the direct disciples on the main peak, they will check the progress of cultivation regularly.
And alchemy is one of the most important.
The elders once advised her not to do everything by herself. After all, she was an emperor level master, so she had to be a little forced.
But Leng Wuyan is very keen on this matter, after the advice is fruitless, the rules are preserved.
Luo chafeng.
It's snowy in the cold winter.
A pretty figure stands in the snow, and his robes are surging with the wind, like white waves.
Leng Wuyan's eyes are deep. Looking at the mountains in the distance, I don't know what I'm thinking.
A female disciple came and presented a jade.
“Headmaster, this is the information from China.”
After Leng Wuyan took the jade, the female disciple stepped down.*
Chapter three please associate with me!
Leng Wuyan's light flashed in her hand.
There are a lot of words in the jade, which are automatically arranged and combined in the air.
[Caixia fairy and Nakamura immortal become Taoist partners, and add another robber expert in the same sect!】
“Caixia, that ugly woman can find a Taoist partner?Is Nakamura repairing his brain or his eyesI make complaints about the news while watching the news.
Look down.
[Lin Yuan, the leader of the lieyangzong sect, in order to help Mo Xiaoxian, the Taoist partner, to survive the Dan robbery, he used his physical body to fight against the thunder, resulting in damage to his cultivation. The lieyangzong sect may fall out of the first-class sect.】
Leng Wuyan brows a pick, “for a woman, with the physical body to resist robbery thunder?”?This Lin Yuan can't be a fool!If lieyangzong becomes second rate, I'm afraid he Linyuan will become a sinner through the ages! ”
“Sure enough, love between men and women will only make people make wrong judgments!”
She muttered bitterly, but her expression was sour, as if she had eaten ten jin of lemon.
Then look at it
[the leader of wuxingzong and bingyunzong fairy become Taoist partners and join hands with each other】
[Shen Tu ye, the top three experts of the imperial court, went to Lingyang mountain to attend the wedding】
[Huan Zong Huanxi, the elder, invented the high-efficiency double cultivation method without standby for 12 hours】
Leng Wuyan's expressionless face crushed the jade.
“What's the matter with this information recently? Why does it smell sour?”
Her hands were on her back and her face was expressionless.
“Heaven and earth are merciless, and the immortal road is merciless!”
“What double cultivation, what Taoist coupleThose idiots are going astray!How can I be as pure as I am, without any distractions, and have been honored by thousands of people? “Leng Wuyan sneered.
Before she reached the age of hairpin, she had already cut off the seven emotions and six desires, and concentrated all her energy on practice, eventually achieving this unparalleled cultivation.
“What about the talented people of my generation?All are troubled by love and can't reach the top of the road. ”
“I have become the leader of Youluo hall, but they are still wallowing in the world of mortals.”
“It's stupid!”
Just like this, Leng Wuyan also forbids her disciples to fall in love.
Although there are many rumors behind her back, her faith has never wavered.
For hundreds of years,
She thinks that the heart of Tao is as firm as a rock.
But I don't know why, looking at the white snow mountain in front of me, I feel a little disappointed.
Accompanied by the side of the only snow, there is no temperature to speak of.
If there is no accident, I will be so lonely for the next hundred years, right?
Leng Wuyan wrapped her robe.
It is clear that the Tao is not invaded by cold and heat, but it is a little chilly at this time.
“Shasha ~”
A sound of footwork came from behind.
“Headmaster, all the pills made by the disciples have been handed in. Are you going to put them in your study?”The female disciple said respectfully.
Leng Wuyan convergence look, turned around and said: “no, give it to me directly.”
She just needs to shift her attention and change her mood.
The female disciple presented the storage ring and left.
Leng Wuyan finds a secluded courtyard and sits on a wooden chair.
It's very complicated to cultivate immortals.
Any mistake or mistake may make people crazy and die.
She had experienced that terrible moment herself.
Therefore, on her first day as the leader of Youluo hall, Leng Wuyan asked herself to be responsible to her disciples and not let them go astray in practice.
And alchemy, the most can see a person's mind and cultivation.
“Yes, the progress is obvious.”
Leng Wuyan nodded with satisfaction, “it seems that it is right to let them stay away from men's love.”
Thinking of this, I feel better.
When she took out the last dan box, she noticed that the weight didn't seem right and there was no signature on the box.
After opening, I saw a blue stone lying.
“Well?”Photo stone?”
Leng Wuyan frowned, “who takes this thing to fool me?”
She wanted to throw it away, but she hesitated for a moment. Under the trend of curiosity, she sank her mind in.
“I'll see who's so bold!”
There was a flash of light in front of me. The background was still the Luocha peak, but there was a tall and straight man in front of me.
He was dressed in white with a handsome face and said with a smile, “here you are.”
Leng Wuyan a Leng, “burning son?”
The man turned out to be Li Ran.
Why does he want to take a picture? What can he say in person.
Is it hard to say?
Li Ran looked at her and said, “thank you for being with me all the time. You are like a ray of warm sunshine shining into my dark life…”
Leng Wuyan shakes her head and smiles, “it turns out that I'm thanking you for being a teacher. When did you learn this
At this time, the video of Li Ran continued.
He affectionately “looks at” Leng Wuyan, his voice is low and magnetic, “I like the rain in summer, the light after rain, and you at any time.”
Leng Wuyan a Leng, “eh?”
There seems to be something wrong with this line, right?
“My eyes are full of you. Millions of stars are less than you.”
“I like you, so please go out with me!”
Chapter four Li Ran's fierce attack!
Leng Wuyan looks at the “Li Ran” in front of her. TANKOU opens slightly and fengmou opens wide.
The whole man was shocked to the extreme!
If you hear me right
She, the accused is white!
Li Ran's image is still whispering, “I found that I like you very much yesterday and today, and I have a hunch that I will like you more tomorrow.”
“My eyes are full of you. Millions of stars are less than you.”
“Shut up
Leng Wuyan's white clothes are flying, and the snow of the whole Luocha peak rises in the air!
Meat and hemp,
It's so numb!
Looking at the image of Li Ran, she could not help shaking.
Leng Wuyan has been single for hundreds of years. If she is single, she must be the strongest king.
Although it is her own decision to abandon the world of mortals, in fact, no one has ever told her.
The strength is too strong, the means is too fierce, people see that she is not afraid to legs soft, is constantly flattering.
No one has ever dared to pursue her.
She's so single.
But now, the calm has been broken.
Actually someone openly pursues her!
And this person, her disciple, is her favorite disciple!
Leng Wuyan looked at the letters in her hands, and her hands trembled uncontrollably.
“Traitor!Even if you violate the school's ban, you are still plotting against meLeng Wuyan shivers all over.
She's pretty sure it's not a prank.
Zongmen has a ban on marriage and love. Making fun of this kind of thing is just looking for death?
This is really from Li Ran's heart!
Leng Wuyan's mind retreats from the photo stone, and her eyes are extremely complicated.
She wanted to crush the stone, but when she recalled Li Ran's affectionate look and his “sincere” words, she suddenly couldn't lift it.
“Is this the feeling of being confessed…”
“Burning sonHe likes me? ”
Leng Wuyan's heart rate suddenly accelerated, and an inexplicable feeling came out.
“Burning son is so indifferent on weekdays, even if he has never been really close to me, I didn't expect that he had such hot feelings in his heart!”
“He is extremely talented and has Dao Wen. He will definitely surpass me in the future. From this point of view, he is not incompatible.”
“If you look good, you are naturally first-class and handsome!”
“OrGive him a chance? ”
Thinking of this, Leng Wuyan's heart beat faster.
But then something came to her mind.
[private affairs between men and women are strictly prohibited in Youluo hall, and those who violate the order will be expelled from the school.】
It's a rule she made herself.
Now we not only have to break it by ourselves, but also our own disciples. I'm afraid that it will become the laughingstock of people all over the world!
“No, absolutely not!”Leng Wuyan shook her head forcefully.
She put the stone in her arms.
“Yes, what do you want from the headmaster?”
A mass of shadow squeezed in through the door, transformed into human form, kneeling on one knee.
“Let the son come to me.”
The shadow dissipated.
Leng Wuyan looks at the heavy snow flying outside the window. She doesn't know what she is thinking.
Li Ran paced the room, a little restless.
Normally speaking, the younger martial sister should come to him as soon as she sees the photo stone.
But now it's dark, and there's still no movement outside.
“Did I throw the box askew so that she didn't find it?”
As soon as Li Ran was ready to go out to have a look at the situation, there was a knock on the door.
He hurried back to his chair.
The door opened, and a dark mist swept in, and a low voice sounded in the air.
“Holy Son, the headmaster has something to call for. Go to Luo chafeng as soon as possible.”
Li Ran's heart jumped, “OK, I see.”
The black fog dissipated as if it had never appeared.
“The headmaster wants to see me now?Or let Yingwei informIs there a big deal? ”
Li Ran had a bad feeling in his mind.
I put on a coat and walked out of the room.
The Xuanling mountains meander for hundreds of miles.
And Luocha peak is the highest mountain, towering into the clouds, and the peak is covered with snow all the year round.
It's the residence of leader Leng.
Li Ran came all the way to the peak with great anxiety.
I saw Leng Wuyan standing in the pavilion not far away, with her back to him.
“Master, what can I do for you?”Li Ran stepped forward and said respectfully.
Leng Wuyan turned to look at him with complicated eyes. “Burning son, I don't think your cultivation has made any progress half a month ago. Didn't you practice well? Did you use your mind elsewhere?”
Li Ran's heart leaped and said in a hurry: “I'm really upset recently, which has affected my cultivation. However, master, don't worry, I will adjust myself.”
Leng Wuyan snorted.
When you think about that kind of thing every day, of course you will be upset!
“You have great talent. You have the image of the great emperor. In time, you will surpass me.Be sure to concentrate on cultivation, don't always think about thoseStrange things. “Leng Wuyan advises.
Li Ran said, “master, don't worry. I can't hold anything else in my heart except you and cultivation!”
His original intention was to flatter Leng Wuyan, but his meaning changed completely.
Her face turned red and her eyes were flustered. “What are you talking about?Why do you keep this seat in mind? ”
Strange, this is not like the character of burning son, the offensive is too fierce!
Li Ran was also a little puzzled. He felt that the master was strange today.
“So far, let's just say it!I want to ask you, what's your explanation for this photo stone? “Leng Wuyan takes out a blue stone.
Li Ran was almost scared out of his wits when he saw it.
Isn't this the video of his confession to his younger martial sister!
Finished, exposed!*
Chapter five cross service dialogue
Li Ran was in a panic to death.
You Luo temple can be ranked among the top demons. His beautiful master has made a great contribution.
As a master of the whole vast land, Leng's reputation can stop children's night cry, and the bones under her feet can pile up into a hill!
Moreover, Youluo hall has always had strict discipline. Those who violate the ban will be expelled from the school, and those who violate the ban will be in danger of life!
What's more, what he violated is the most taboo prohibition of Leng Wuyan!
“The photo stone must have been given to the master by the younger martial sister!”
“Know a person know a face not know a heart, that wench betrays me unexpectedly, how should do now?”
Li Ran began to brainstorm.
With this Kung Fu, Leng Wuyan looks at the young man in front of her.
Her face is as white as snow, and her skin is so delicate that women will be jealous.
The sword eyebrows are full of stars and beautiful. There is no shadow in the eyebrows, but more sunshine.
The body is straight and well proportioned. Even if you stand in front of yourself, you are still as straight as a gun.
What a handsome boy!
Even in the world of Xiuxian, where there is no shortage of beautiful men and women, Li Ran is definitely the best looking one.
With his terrible cultivation talent, I'm afraid no one can refuse his confession?
Even if it is Leng Wuyan, there are some small cheers in her heart.
It turns out that some people like themselves, or such an excellent young genius!
It's a pity that they have different identities, otherwise
Leng Wuyan shook her head.
“He is my apprentice. What am I thinking about?”
She calmed down and said coldly, “aren't you going to explain?”
Li Ran's heart trembled.
Now he has no room to deny the fact that he has got the stolen goods.
The only way,
It's death and posterity!
“Master, I have nothing to explain.”Li Ran whispered.
Leng Wuyan brows a pick, “what do you mean?”
Li Ran said: “I left the image, and the words came from me. I have nothing to explain.”
Leng Wuyan snorted coldly, “the clan forbids private affairs between men and women. You know that.And you, as the son of God and the successor of the future leader, actually take the lead in breaking the commandments. Do you really dare not punish you? ”
The tone was cold to the extreme.
Li Ran shook his head and said, “master, when I was recording this video, I had expected the consequences.”
Leng Wuyan was stunned, “since you know the consequences, why dare you…”
Li Ran stepped forward, his eyes were burning, and said: “because even if it's a sect discipline, it can't stop the disciples' sincerity!”
For a moment, it was as if the wind and snow had stopped.
He's gambling.
Leng Wuyan is a woman in essence even if she is merciless.
He pretends to be an infatuated man. He is willing to be punished in order to be with his younger martial sister. As long as he can make the other side soft hearted, he will have a trace of vitality!
Leng Wuyan's delicate body trembled. I didn't expect that he could have such courage!
How dare you say that to her face!
Really, really too presumptuous!
“I'll take it as if I didn't hear what you said today, and you'll forget all about it. I can't agree.”Leng Wuyan is very calm.
Li Ran breathed a sigh of relief.
If you don't agree, it's better than losing your life.
Twenty four hours have not yet arrived, and he still has a chance to finish the task.
As soon as he was ready to leave, Leng Wuyan said, “it seems that your practice is stagnant because of this.I'll punish you to think over the wall of Youhan cave and come out in a month. ”
This is not to punish Li Ran, but she doesn't know how to face each other.
“You Han cave?”
Li Ran frowned.
Sorry for the inconvenience!
It's a natural cave on Xuanling mountain, which condenses the coldest aura of the whole mountain range. If ordinary people go in, they will be frozen into popsicles during breathing.
Only when the golden elixir period is over and the mind method of Youluo temple is constantly running, can it compete with the cold inside.
If you are the former son, this punishment is nothing.
But now it's different.
Li Ran, his accomplishments have been sealed!
If you can't use mental method, you will freeze to death if you go in!
Even if you survive, the time limit of the task is too early, and the last chance is gone!
“No, you can't go into the cold cave!”
Li Ran has made a decision.
He strode forward, high voice through the wind and snow: “master, I'm sorry I can't obey you!”
Leng Wuyan looked cold. “According to the law of our sect, those who break the ban should abolish the cultivation and be expelled from the sect.”
“I think you are the first offender and have a bright future. That's the only way to get away with it. Can't you even accept this punishment?”
“No!”Li Ran said in a high voice: “since the master has spoken, it goes without saying that he will be confined for one month, even for five years and ten years. The disciples dare not complain at all!”
Leng Wuyan doubts: “then why do you say you can't obey orders?”
“What I can't follow is your order to let me forget this feeling. I can't do this alone!”
“The person I like is the most beautiful existence in the world, which has already occupied all my heart.”
“You let me forget this feeling, don't you want me to dig out my own heart?”
“So, please forgive me if I can't obey you!”
Li Ran has a trembling voice and sincere feelings.
Leng Wuyan*
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Chapter 6 I didn't want to fall in love with the leader!
“You rebel, what are you talking about?”
Leng Wuyan's tone is flustered.
Purplish red from the roots of the ears, the pretty cheeks are stained with rouge.
“What if you mean it?There is such a big gap between them that you are just wishful thinking
Li Ran nodded.
Compared with the status of his son, the younger martial sister is not a bit worse.
But in order to recover his cultivation, he has nothing to pick on.
“I understand what you say, but I believe that the mountains and seas can be flat across the mountains and seas that I love!”
Leng Wuyan was stunned.
Love across the sea, the sea can be flat?
In order to pursue himself, Ran'er has the courage to level the mountains and seas!
“Do you know that gossip is so destructive that if you really agree, you are likely to be accused by thousands of people?”Leng Wuyan said.
Li Ran said sincerely: “even if there are thousands of people's accusations, I will also face each other coldly. For the sake of this true love, I don't care about any gossip!”
Leng Wuyan is biting her lips. In her mind, heaven and man are fighting.
Even if she had all kinds of accomplishments, she couldn't make it out in the face of this blazing heart.
“True love?”
This word makes her feel strange, but there is a trace of yearning.
Leng Wuyan's eyes were complicated and she said in a soft voice, “if you lose your life for this?”
Without hesitation, Li Ran said, “as long as you can be with the people you love, even if you die, you will be willing to be a disciple.”
Leng Wuyan is silent.
Li Ran looked at her nervously.
After a while, she turned her head and said, “in that case, you go to die.”
Before Li Ran could react, a whirl of heaven and earth, a strong sense of weightlessness came, and a fierce hunting wind sounded in his ears.
He's doing free fall!
He was thrown down by Leng Wuyan from the top of Luocha peak!
“Lying trough, play off, this girl does not play according to the routine, this time is dead!”
Li burning repair for be sealed, fall from the height of thousands of feet, will die no doubt!
Looking at the ground, he closed his eyes in despair.
However, just before the crash, a gust of fragrant wind came, and his feet stepped back on the solid ground.
When I opened my eyes, I still stood on the top of the mountain, as if I had never moved.
Leng Wuyan's eyes were complicated. “Why didn't you use the skill just now? Do you really want to die?”
How to use it?
You think I don't want to?
Li Ran's lips were pale, and he seized her white wrist with his last strength.
“What's the point of being alive if you can't be with the one you love?”
Leng Wuyan's defense line was completely defeated.
In order to be with her, Li Ran is really willing to die!
Although there is a big gap between them now, with his talent, they will surely ascend the throne one day.
The most important thing is that for the sake of this feeling, he is not afraid of gossip and has the courage to level the mountains and seas.
Even if you lose your life, you don't shrink back.
How could she refuse such blazing emotion?
Li Ran looked at her with expectation.
Leng Wuyan was shy and didn't dare to look at each other. A pair of Phoenix eyes were watery and answered in a low voice: “don't look at me like this. I'll just agree.”
“Long live master!”
Li Ran hugged her excitedly.
Unexpectedly, not only did the master not punish him, but he agreed to fall in love with his younger martial sister. Wouldn't that be the order to pick up girls?
“You, you Padawan, as soon as I promised you, you started…”
Leng Wu blushed, broke away from her arms and floated away.
“Hey, hey.”
Li Ran scratched his head. “Sorry, I'm so excited.”
“I've promised you, but this rule is set up by us. No one else can know about it!”Leng Wuyan said.
“Don't worry. I'm very strict.”Li Ran nodded.
He can't wait to take the younger martial sister!
At this time, the sound of the system sounded in my mind.
[task completed.】
[confession object: Leng Wuyan]
[difficulty: purgatory]
[success rate: 0.0001%]
[task completion: perfect]
[congratulations to the host for overfulfilling the task. The reward is upgrading…]
[remove the seal of cultivation and get 3 super treasure chest.】
Li Ran:
“The object of confession… Leng, Leng Wuyan?”
He is clearly confessing to his younger martial sister. Why did he give the leader a strategy!
Li Ran thought of something and asked tentatively, “master, who gave you this photo stone?”
Leng Wuyan said shyly: “it's still pretending that you put the stone into the Dan box and gave it to me in this way… Don't do this in the future. If someone finds out, our affairs will be exposed.”
Li Ran
He understood it all.
The younger martial sister didn't tell the secret at all, but gave the box to the headmaster by mistake.
Because he didn't say his name in the whole process, the leader thought that he was confessing to her.
They were not on the same channel from beginning to end!
I just want to win the younger martial sister, but I didn't expect to make a mistake, so I directly soaked the leader!
Li Ran wants to cry without tears.
“Please, I really don't want to fall in love with the headmaster!”*
Chapter 7 task reward, super treasure box!
Is Leng Wuyan good-looking?
Dark clouds and beautiful hair, face with rosy clouds, lips with broken jade, eyebrows and eyes as shallow as spring mountain.
Eyes light flow turn, even the wind and snow are eclipsed.
Even if she wore a broad robe, she still could not cover up her proud figure. On the contrary, it made her feel cool and charming.
Let's put it this way,
Li Ran has never seen such a pretty girl since he was a man for two generations.
But if only by this, I think it's welfare to fall in love with her, and I think it's too simple.
She's cold!
The Lord of Youluo temple stands on the top of the vast land.
He was killed by Zhengdao because of his disciples, and hit each other's Mountain Gate with one sword.Finally, because the other party refused to hand over the murderer, he cut the whole mountain to the ground with one sword!
The first-class clan will be wiped out directly!
Hundreds of masters, all dead!
This caused the whole of HaoTu to shake.
For this reason, Zhengdao held a demon slaughtering conference, and wanted to put Leng Wuyan to death.
But no matter which sect is high, one died, the accumulation of bones blocked the mountain gate, and the blood dyed the whole Luocha peak red.
But Leng Wuyan is undamaged.
Since then, the name of “cold witch” has become the taboo existence of the whole vast land.
If Li Ran is a villain, Leng Wuyan is the ultimate BOSS!
If you fall in love with such a girl, you may lose your life one day.
Yali mountain is big!
But Li Ran can't say “sorry, leader, you've made a mistake. I didn't want to tell you”?
That's a pure death.
“Forget it, let's go one step at a time…”
Li Ran was dejected.
“Burning son…”
Leng Wuyan's face turned red, which was a normal name, but now she was too shy to say.
“The immortal road is long. If you want to stay together forever, you have to stand on the highest peak together.You must practice well and don't slack off at all. ”
“I'll… Wait for you ahead.”
Leng Wuyan finish, also don't wait for Li Ran response, the whole person directly into snow dissipated.
Li Ran was stunned for a moment, then nodded.
“That's right. There's a long way to go. One day I'll be on the top of the vast land!”
“Of course, before that, I have to live well under the care of the leader…”
Li Ran sighed and turned to walk down the mountain.
I don't know, behind the wind and snow flow, slowly transformed into human form.
Leng Wuyan looks at his back, a pair of Phoenix eyes seem to drip water.
Thinking of Li Ran's shocking remarks and his determination to die for himself, Leng Wuyan's cheeks were burning.
“Is that how it feels to be liked?”
Li Ran went back to his room.
Recalling today's cross channel communication with master, I still sweat in my back.
“Although the process was breathtaking, the good thing was that the result was good. He not only recovered his accomplishments, but also picked up three treasure boxes in vain.”
Li Ran focused on the system.
There are three golden treasure boxes in front of us, which are the rewards for overfulfilling the task this time.
[do you want to open the super treasure box now?】
Li Ran is looking forward to rubbing his hands.
When the lid of the treasure chest was opened, a brilliant golden light flashed in front of my eyes.
[congratulations to the host, you have obtained the “Heaven seizing skill”!】
[congratulations to the host for getting the Lingbao “Yunling gun”!】
[congratulations to the host, you have got the vision of “dragon elephant Zetian”!】
Look carefully one by one.
“Duotiangong” is an ancient book with strange seal characters written on it. Li Ran can't recognize a word.
He tried to sink his mind, and his eyes lit up.
The ancient seal characters, with golden light, flooded into his mind.
“Seize the opportunity of heaven, cut the way of heaven!”
“Plunder the nature of heaven, and achieve immortal and immortal supreme god!”
“To replace all laws with my law, and to replace Providence with my will!”
“It's for heaven!”
Li Ran's mind was shaken and his consciousness fell into darkness.
I don't know how long it took to light up a little bit of gold in the dark.
Then, like a prairie fire, light up the sea of knowledge. A crystal clear little man sits on his knees, engraved with golden ancient seal characters.
The original text in ancient books is like a golden tattoo on its body.
“I see.”
Li Ran opened his eyes and a golden light came out.
It's not only a wonderful skill, but also changed his constitution.
The villain in the sea of knowledge has replaced him, absorbing aura all the time. His body, Elixir field, meridians and even spirit are in constant tempering.
In other words, Li Ran doesn't need to meditate at all.
No matter eating, sleeping or drinking, he is in constant cultivation.
“Good fellow, lazy man!This skill is really suitable for me. I'd better call it hang up! “The corner of Li Ran's mouth could not be restrained.
The second reward is Yunling gun.
This is a high-level Lingbao, which can be stored in the body and improved with the strength of the user.
In theory, as long as the user is strong enough, there is no upper limit on the grade of this thing.
There are also four strokes in the gun, which is very powerful and practical.
Li Ran pinched his chin and looked at the two meter long shining silver gun in front of him.
“Flying with swords is the romance of men. What's the matter with guns?Besides, it doesn't match my appearance… ”
“Forget it. Use it first. If not, change it later.”
Li Ran put away the silver gun.
This is a Lingbao in Middle Earth, which is enough to trigger a war. He even has a little dislike
What a Versailles*
Chapter 8 how to talk about love?
The final reward is a vision called “dragon elephant Zetian”.
Vision is very mysterious.
It can be understood as a cool special effect with substantial bonus.
As for the specific efficacy, each vision is different, and the efficacy can not be explained in a few words.
It's not easy for Li ran to test directly. It's not good if he startles the experts in the sect.
By then, none of these sudden abilities can be explained.
“Go to bed. I hope that after tonight, the headmaster will forget everything that happened…”
Li Ran put Yunling gun into his body and lay in bed and fell asleep.
The villain in the sea of knowledge is practicing tirelessly, and the aura is quickly inhaled into his body, continuously tempering his body.
Luochafeng, headmaster's residence.
Leng Wuyan sat on the bed with empty eyes, as if she had lost her soul.
“I'm finally done being single.”
“But the object of love is actually my disciple…”
Her white and delicate cheek flushed, “I'm so impulsive, how can I accept the confession of burning son?”
“Although he is good-looking, gifted and sincere to me…”
“But it's my disciple after all!”
Leng Wuyan already can imagine, in case of this matter exposed, will set off what kind of uproar in zongmen.
I'm afraid that the rumors will turn from “old woman no one wants” to “pervert of hidden rule disciple”!
Although she has no scruples, she can't accept this title!
Most importantly,
How to get along with Li ran in the future!
For hundreds of years, Leng Wuyan wholeheartedly asked, did not understand the matter of men and women.
Falling in love is totally beyond her cognitive range.
“Alas ~”
Leng Wuyan rubbed her eyebrows and said, “so why should I promise him…”
But now it's too late to say anything.
According to Li Ran's performance today, if he broke up with him, I'm afraid he would choose suicide directly, right?
Recalling the firm eyes and tone, Leng Wuyan's heart trembled. She was shy and rolled around on the bed, without the appearance of the leader.
Dong Dong Dong.
The door was knocked.
Leng Wuyan sits upright in an instant.
“Come in.”
When the door was pushed open, a female deacon came in and said respectfully, “master Leng, excuse me. I'm here to get the assessment results.”
Leng Wuyan thinks of Li Ran's confession and starts to be shy again.
“I haven't finished yet. I'll give it to you tomorrow.”
She's in a mess today. What kind of pills does she want to see?
“All right.”
The Deacon didn't question it either. She replied, “the disciple left first.”
“Wait a minute.”
Leng Wuyan stops her.
The Deacon stopped and said, “what else do you want from the headmaster?”
Leng Wuyan's eyes flashed a trace of shyness, pretending to be natural and asked: “have you ever been in love?”
Deacon a Leng, then cold sweat “Shua” down, plop a kneel on the ground.
“I have always abided by the sect's ban. I'm not interested in men, and I've never overstepped it. Please take a lesson from the leader!”
Leng Wuyan kneaded her eyebrows helplessly, “hurry up, when did you say you made a mistake?”
The deacon was not sure, “then why do you ask?”
Leng Wuyan said with no expression: “only when you know yourself and the other, can you always know.Although I cut off the world of mortals, I can't know nothing about the world of mortals. It's not conducive to practice. ”
“So it is,” the Deacon nodded.
“Cough,” Leng Wuyan said solemnly, “I ask you, if, I mean if, if you have a boyfriend, what do you want to do with him most?”
The Deacon hesitated.
Leng Wuyan added: “we are discussing practice, but it's OK. I promise I won't punish you.”
“All right.”
The Deacon no longer hesitated, looking forward to saying: “there are many things that can be done, such as dating together, listening to music together, eating the same sugar man together…”
“Dating, going to the theater, eating sugar.”
Leng Wuyan takes a small notebook and writes it down quietly.
The Deacon continued to fantasize: “if the relationship is closer, we can pull our hands and kiss each other. Of course, we must sleep together in the end…”
Leng Wuyan kneaded the corner of the bed into powder and stammered: “sleep, sleep together?”
The Deacon shrugged and said in a hurry: “the disciples are also hearsay. I don't know whether to sleep or how to sleep.”
“Well, I see. You step down.”Leng Wuyan turned her head and said.
The deacon was relieved.
I don't know why, she always thinks that the leader today is strange.
It's not as cold as it used to be. On the contrary, it's a bit more smoky. It's like a girl in love next door.
“Hiss!Is the leader in love? ”
“No, no, no, no!It must be my illusion. Well, it must be… ”
The Deacon left in horror.
Leng Wuyan covers her hot cheek.
Chapter nine is genius, just fight me!
In the past half a month, Li Ran didn't even sleep because he lost all his accomplishments.
This time, it finally returned to normal, and the whole person relaxed.
I had a good sleep.
“Son, wake up.”
The soft voice rings in the ear, Li Ran opens his eyes dimly.
I saw a pretty girl standing by the bed, holding his clothes in her hands.
“Son, it's time to get up and have breakfast.”She whispered.
Her name is aqin.
Originally, she was a noble daughter of the Shen family, but because she angered the Li family, the whole family was annexed by the Li family.
She herself became Li Ran's maid.
Even when he came to Youluo hall, Li Ran always took her with him to serve his daily life.
It's not about how much you like her.
On the contrary, aqin suffered a lot in his hands. Li Ran either beat or scolded her. If it wasn't for the clan's prohibition of sexual love, I'm afraid she couldn't even keep herself.
And the reason I took her was because she was an obedient dog.
“Ah Qin, damn it, please punish him!”
Li Ran's gaze frightened ah Qin, and he knelt down.
Seeing the unhealed scar on her body, Li Ran couldn't help shaking his head.
How can I do this for such a beautiful girl?
“You didn't do anything wrong. Don't apologize to me.”Li Ran said.
Aqin heard this more flustered, immediately kowtow.
“Ah Qin is wrong. Please punish him!”
She was lying on the ground, her body trembling, and it was obvious that her fear was extreme.
Li Ran sighed.
Rome wasn't built in a day.
The psychological shadow left by so many years can not be changed overnight.
And if you suddenly change your temperament, it will inevitably arouse others' suspicion. The best way is to keep the status quo.
We have to take our time.
“Get up and dress me.”He said faintly.
Aqin stood up and served Li Ran skillfully and gently to put on his clothes.
He was dressed in a pure white brocade robe with silver cutout.
With a white jade belt around his waist, there is a transparent emerald. He is handsome and noble, just like a good young man in the turbid world.
Ah Qin looked at him without blinking.
“Is it good?”Li Ran asked.
Aqin nodded seriously, “the Holy Son is the best!”
Li Ran couldn't help laughing, reached out and pinched her small face, “you have eyes.”
Then he got up and left.
Quiet down in the room.
Aqin covered his cheek, his mouth slightly open, his eyes full of disbelief.
As if standing in the same place for a long time like a sculpture.
Li Ran wandered around with his hands behind his back.
With the existence of “seizing heaven Gong”, he is practicing anytime and anywhere, and does not need meditation at all.
The whole person is in a panic.
“I've seen the son.”
All the disciples I met along the way saluted him respectfully.
Li Ran was expressionless and indifferent.
“Lord son!”
At this time, behind the ring a Jiao Hu.
Li Ran looked back and saw a pretty girl standing behind him, her eyes turning into crescent moon.
“Younger martial sister?”
Li Ran raised his eyebrows.
These two goods are mainly responsible for the Oolong incident yesterday.
Lu Xinran said with a smile, “good morning, Mr. son. I haven't seen you one day. You seem to be more handsome.”
“Why don't you say that?”
Li Ran said coldly: “in the early morning, if you don't go to practice, why is the pestle here?”
Lu Xinran was used to this attitude, and said with a smile: “Lord son, people's practice has made rapid progress. Now they are in the late stage of practicing Qi. Even elder sun says I'm a little genius!”
The tone of asking for credit is like a child waiting for praise.
“It's none of my business…”
Before Li Ran's words came out, a prompt suddenly rang out in his mind.
[task release.】
[please point out the problems of the younger martial sister's practice and help her to make progress.】
[reward quality depends on task completion!】
Li Ran's heart jumped.
Yesterday's reward, really let him taste the sweetness, this task naturally will not let go.
“It's easy to give directions, but it's not easy to make progress?It's not something that can be solved in a few words. ”
“And helping others is not in line with my personal design.”
“It seems that we have to think of some other way…”
Li Ran has made up his mind to change his mind.
“Lord son?”
Lu Xinran is still waiting for his praise.
“Genius?Oh, you deserve it? “He gave a sneer.
Lu Xinran pursed his little mouth, a little unconvinced, “elder Sun said it himself.I'm very talented. I'm very compatible with the sect's skills, and I'll make great achievements in the future! ”
Li Ran shook his head and said, “are you sixteen years old this year?At your age, I have already begun to attack the realm of golden elixir, but you are still practicing Qi, and you have not even finished building the foundation. ”
How dare you call yourself a genius in front of me
“It's ridiculous
Li Ran's cold voice was as cold as winter.
The disciples on one side could not help shivering.
It's really the style of Shengzi. It's so ruthless!
Lu Xinran's small mouth shriveled and his big eyes filled with tears.
Li Ran's face was expressionless, “don't you agree?”
The deer bit his lips happily and bowed his head.
“Well, I'll give you a chance to prove yourself.”
“How to prove it?”The deer looked up happily.
“Fight with me.”Li Ran said casually.
Lu Xinran was stunned.*
Chapter 10 the deer that was abused by blood is happy!
The arena.
Lu Xinran stood on the challenge arena, his head bowed and he shrunk.
Li Ran stood opposite her, with his hands behind his back.
There is a sharp contrast between the two.
This time there was a lot of noise, which almost attracted all the disciples of the main peak.
The crowd surrounded the challenge arena noisily.
“What's the situation?”
“Shengzi is going to fight with younger martial sister!”
“Cough!What do you say?Isn't that a mayday shaking a tree? ”
“Lu Shimei has offended Shengzi. It's really bad luck this time.”
“I told her before, don't pester the son all the time, or you will regret it!”
“Lu Shimei has great talent. I hope Shengzi can show mercy and don't damage her foundation.”
“With the son's cold-blooded character, it's estimated that younger martial sister LuAlas
The female disciple who usually has a good relationship with Lu Xinran has gone to invite the elder.
Those who have angered the son have never come to a good end.
Now only the elder is here, can we keep the younger martial sister Lu!
Not far away, a graceful figure floated down, Phoenix eyes firmly lock Li Ran.
“Burning son?”
On the ring.
Li Ran raised his index finger and said faintly: “there is a great gap between you and me, and I will not bully you.I don't know how to exercise my cultivation, and I don't use a spirit weapon. I only use this finger. ”
“You can use any method in a long time, as long as you can hit me, you will win.”
No accomplishments, just one finger?
This is chiguoguo's contempt!
“In the eyes of the son, am I so poor?”Lu Xinran was wronged.
“Are you ready?”
Lu Xinran slowly clenched his fist, and his eyes became firm.
Even if you know you are not an opponent, try your best to prove it to him.
She is qualified to stand beside the son!
“Let's start.”
Li Ran hooked his fingers, loose and undefended.
The deer exhaled a mouthful of white Qi happily, and the cultivation of Qi state began to run rapidly.
“Instant, shadow, kill!”
She “Shua” disappeared from the original place, appeared behind Li ran in a flash, her hands like a knife cut to his neck.
Secret skill of Youluo hall, instant shadow killing!
The body shape turns into a shadow, and you will be killed with one shot!
However, in the moment of her hands waving, a slender index finger against her throat.
The deer's eyes widened with delight.
“Shout so loud, for fear that others won't know what you're doing?Come again. “Li Ran took back his fingers in a flat tone.
“Hoo ~”
Lu Xinran adjusted his mind and turned himself into a shadow, attacking Li ran again.
But no matter what angle she appears in, the finger will always appear in her flaw as if it were a ghost.
Li Ran pointed at her and said, “hurry up!”
“No matter how fast, it's too slow!”
“Still too slow!Is that all you have? ”
Lu Xinran fell out and fell heavily on the challenge arena.
She staggered to get up, clothes covered with dust, mouth blood flow, the whole wolf very embarrassed.
There was a sharp pain in the place where he was stabbed, as if his muscles and bones were about to break.
But Li Ran's hands are on his back, and his white clothes are not stained with dust.
The disciples under the stage covered their eyes.
What a tragedy!
Is this the end of offending the son?
“Son of God, keep people under you!”
Elder sun arrived in a flurry.
Lu Xinran is very gifted, second only to Li ran in Youluo temple, and is his most proud disciple.
It's only because the time of practice is short.
“For my sake, she can't have an accident!”
As soon as elder sun was about to fly to the stage, a terrible threat came and he was forced back to the ground.
He turned back in horror and saw Leng Wuyan standing behind him.
“Master Leng!”
Elder sun fell to his knees in a hurry.
Invisible force will hold him up, Leng Wuyan light way: “don't interfere, seriously look.”
Elder sun wanted to say something, but he finally swallowed it.
“Even the leader doesn't careHappily, no one can really save you this time. “Elder sun sighed silently.
On the ring.
Li Ran shook his head and said with disdain, “can't you hold on?You can choose to give up when you have the last ten minutes left. ”
“Gladly, give up!”
“The other side is the Holy Son. You won't be ashamed if you lose!”
“Yes, don't hold on, you've reached the limit!”
The disciples under the stage called anxiously.
Lu Xinran is cute in appearance and simple in character. He is very popular among his disciples.
Everyone didn't want anything to happen to her.
“I haven't reached the limit yet, there's still a chance!”
Deer gladly wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth, eyes burning, “son, I will let you recognize me!”
“Oh, go ahead.”Li Ran didn't care.
Lu Xinran pushed the skill to the extreme, and his whole body became blurred, as if he wanted to integrate with the shadow.
“Instant prison, shadow killing!”
Her body exploded and turned into a shadow all over the sky, sweeping towards Li Ran.
The real body is hidden in the shadow, even the divine consciousness can not be easily locked.
The disciples at the bottom have straight eyes. I didn't expect that the young martial sister, who is always cute, has such a strong fighting capacity?
“A small skill in carving insects.”
Li Ran pointed at it, and a dull hum came from the air.
The wind stopped suddenly, Lu Xinran's body was frozen in the air, and Li Ran's index finger was right in her eyebrow.
Deer happily spurted out a mouthful of blood, like a broken kite, planted on the challenge arena.*
Chapter 11 mission accomplished perfectly!(change)
Lu Xinran's face turned pale and his heart turned pale.
The pain in the heart is much stronger than that in the body.
“The gap is so big that I can't even touch him!”
“It's so heavy. I think I'm no different from other people in his eyes.”
The deer is heartbroken.
Elder sun exclaimed and flew to the challenge arena.
However, Li Ran took a step and stood in front of him.
Elder Sun said anxiously: “Holy Son, she has been beaten like this. Should you calm down?You have to forgive and forgive! ”
Li Ran ignored him and looked at Lu Xinran.
“Now, are you ready?”
Lu Xinran's voice was hoarse and lost.
“The road to immortality is hard, and we need to forge ahead.If you don't want to lose people, you have to make efforts beyond ordinary people.Talent certainly determines the upper limit, but the level of effort will determine your lower limit. “Li Ran's voice is ethereal.
“The lesson of the son is that he knows it happily.”The deer nodded happily.
“The meridians are blocked, and there are many stagnant points in the operation of spiritual power. This is the reason why you can't build the foundation for a long time.”Li Ran said: “I just point your acupoints can still remember?”
Lu Xinran was stunned and said: “remember, remember…”
“According to the order I ordered, I'll run it again.”Li Ran said.
Lu Xinran has no doubt.
Forced to endure the pain all over, he sat cross knee and began to work.
Just run a Sunday, she was shocked.
The originally difficult meridians are now unimpeded, and the efficiency of spiritual power is more than doubled!
Around the aura are also attracted by her, pouring into the body.
Elder sun looked at Li ran in surprise.
i see!
No wonder the leader won't let himself in!
Lu Xinran had been working for 48 weeks. His aura had been compressed to the extreme, and his robes were blowing up without wind.
But the qualitative change of distance, always a layer of window paper.
“Open your mouth.”
Li Ran Xin shot a pill in his hand.
Deer gladly obedient open cherry lips, pills just fell into the mouth.
The entrance of the pill turns into a heat flow and flows along the seven meridians.
The aura in her body was instantly detonated, and the whole person soared directly into the air!
After the tea time, the aura gathered.
Lu Xinran opened his eyes. A faint light flashed in his eyes. He exclaimed in disbelief: “the spirit liquefies. I seem toThe foundation is finished
“Has Master Lu built a foundation?”
The disciples under the stage were confused.
Isn't it that I've been beaten by the son all the time? How did I build the foundation all of a sudden?
Elder sun stepped forward and said with a smile, “I'm glad to thank the son.If it wasn't for Shengzi to get through your blocked meridians and use a precious marrow washing pill, how could you build a foundation so smoothly? ”
He was surprised.
To break through the meridians, one can only rely on one's own efforts. External help will only make the foundation unstable.
But Li Ran didn't need the spirit power to find the blockage point accurately. This method is really shocking!
“Worthy of the son of GodIs that a gesture?Do you mean to suggest that I stand in line? ”
Elder sun looked at Li Ran and became more cautious.
“Thank you, son!”
Deer happily smile like flowers.
My heart is like a honeypot.
It turns out that the son is teaching himself on the surface, but actually he is trying to help himself break through.
For this reason, also used a precious wash marrow Dan!
“Don't thank me. It's your poor talent that makes people look down on you.”Li Ran said without expression.
Lu Xinran: O (″▽″) o
Clearly concerned about their own, but hard to admit.
How proud and lovely!
I really want to take a bite from Shengzi!
Li Ran: “also, the pills are not given for nothing. Remember to give them back to me twice.”
Lu Xinran: “Well!My whole body belongs to the saint son. You can come and get it at any time! ”
Li Ran
Other female disciples also looked at him like a flower.
It seems that Shengzi is different from the rumor. It's so charming to be cold outside and hot inside!
Pink bubbles spread all over the arena.
In the corner.
Leng Wuyan is like a piece of ice, sending out a piercing cold.
“Ha ha…”She tugged at the corner of her mouth, “these rebellious disciples, why don't you drive them all out of the school?”
Li Ran had no reason to fight a cold war.
At this time the task is also prompted to complete, he is no longer nostalgic, a flash of body directly away.
Houshan bieyuan.
Li Ran was relieved.
The younger sister of Youluo hall is as fierce as a wolf. She wants to eat him.
But the good thing is that it's done.
Li Ran opens the system interface.
[task completed.】
[task completion: perfect]
[get advanced treasure chest * 2.】
“Only two high-level treasure boxes?There were three super treasure boxes last time. ”
This shows how difficult it was to tell Leng Wuyan last time
Li Ran opens the treasure chest.
[congratulations to the host, you have obtained the “beautiful female soul body”!】
[congratulations to the host for obtaining Xuanji Guangming Sutra!】*
Chapter 12 leader, you are jealous!
Beautiful soul.
This is the top physique that belongs to nuns.
With this constitution, the nun not only makes great progress in her cultivation, but also constantly gives birth to the essence in her body.
Although the essence of Qi has no effect on women themselves, it can make great progress in Taoist cultivation.
It's the best physique for double cultivation!
Although Xuanji Guangming Sutra sounds like orthodox Buddhism, it is actually a first-class double cultivation method.
To cultivate to the depth and to put light on the body is of great use to Taoist lovers, and can even improve their understanding.
The combination of the two can be called the invincible existence of the double cultivation world.
“Double repair suit?I'll go straight to the good guy… ”
Li Ran looked helpless.
Things are good. The question is for whom?
If Youluo hall is a double cultivation sect, Li Ran is definitely the most diligent one.
But the opposite is true.
The mind method of Youluo hall emphasizes the purity of mind, the lack of desire, and the natural way of Tao. In this way, the double cultivation is the evil way.
Besides, he just confessed with Leng Wuyan yesterday.
In case of being found by the other side, he secretly and other sister double repair, absolutely no good end!
“However, what if he and the headmaster do the same thing?”
Looking back on Leng Wuyan's exquisite cheek and extremely mature figure under her white robe, Li Ran could not help feeling a little thirsty.
Although it's not very realistic, what's the difference between being a man without a dream and salted fish?
“The higher one's accomplishments are, the more terrifying his physical quality will be. As the leader is a strong emperor, it's hard to hurt him with swords and swordsI don't know if it will become a toughened membrane? “Li Ran whispered.
“What is toughened membrane?”
Suddenly, a familiar voice rang out behind him.
Li Ran's expression was instantly stiff.
Slowly turn around, see the gorgeous woman standing behind, throat a burst of tight.
Leng Wuyan answered and said curiously, “you haven't answered my question. What is toughened membrane?”
Li Ran had a cold sweat on his back.
“ThisIt's a kind of demon. Because its body is as hard as steel, it's called toughening demon. “Li Ran Shun talks nonsense.
“This is the first time I've heard about it. It should be a humble little demon.”Leng Wuyan thought about it.
“That's right. It's very humble. Master doesn't need to care.”Li Ran nodded like a pound of garlic.
Leng Wuyan didn't ask further.
She is still plain white today, wearing a thin dress under the white robe, revealing the swan like neck and white delicate clavicle.
In addition, today's skirt is much shorter than usual, and the slim and round legs are like carved jade.
The whole person is a little bit more girlish.
“Master, you look good today.”Li Ran digs the subject.
“Just wear whatever you like. There's nothing to look good or not.”
Leng Wuyan's tone was casual, but her eyes flashed a look of joy.
She dressed carefully for half an hour. Although she didn't say it, she hoped Li Ran would notice it.
“By the way, you seem to have a good relationship with that female disciple?It's called Lu Xinran, isn't itLeng Wuyan asked casually.
Li Ran shook his head, “the relationship is general, the disciple just knew her name.”
“In that case, why do you have to work so hard to help her break through?”Leng Wuyan's eyes were burning.
Li Ran was excited.
The leader seems to be very concerned about this!
“After all, she's a brother and sister of the same sect. She's only one step away from Zhuji, and the disciples just help her.”Li Ran's official reply.
But Leng Wuyan is obviously not satisfied with the answer.
“I remember, when did you become so helpful since you despised other disciples?”
Before Li Ran, he was very indifferent. Let alone guiding his classmates to practice, it would be good if he didn't sneer.
It's really strange today.
Li Ran scratched his head. “Before, I didn't care about them, but now it's different.”
“Oh?”Leng Wuyan said strangely, “what's the difference?”
“Now I have a new identity. I just feel that the air is fresh and the days are full of fun.”
Li Ran said with a smile, “because of the master, I want to be a warmer person.”
Leng Wuyan's heart beat wildly.
What's the matter with this man?
If he is so shy, how can he come with his mouth open!
“Keep your voice down, what if someone else hears you…”Leng Wuyan's shy low voice.
In fact, with her accomplishments, how could she be overheard?
It's just that it's going to be flustered. Forget it.
“It's the students who are reckless.”
“But why does Master care so much about Lu Xinran?”
Without waiting for her answer, Li Ran suddenly said, “you are not jealous, are you?”
Leng Wuyan: ∑ (⊙▽⊙ a)
The cheek is instantly dyed purplish red, as if the fire cloud in the sky.
“Who, who is jealous?Don't talk nonsense. What's your status and how can you compete with your disciples and be jealous! “Leng Wuyan explains in a hurry.
“Then why is your face so red?”Li Ran askew his head and asked.
Leng Wuyan flustered way: “that is because the weather is too hot!”
The cold wind picked up the snow and drifted between them.
Li Ran nodded solemnly, “master is right. It's really hot.”
Leng Wuyan's face is more red. She wants to find a way to get in.
She glared at Li ran in shame and anger, “come on, let's have a fight!”
Chapter 13 master, I win!
“Master, stop joking. How can I be your opponent…”Li Ran said with a smile.
Leng Wuyan said with her hands on her back, “don't worry, I won't bully you.This seat doesn't need cultivation. With only one finger, you can touch this seat's body, even if you win. ”
Good guys, they as like as two peas.
Li Ran wants to cry without tears.
“Master, please calm down. Lu Xinran and I really have nothing to do with each other.”He explained.
Leng Wuyan turned her back and said, “I'm testing your actual combat ability. What's the relationship with Lu Xinran?”
Test strength?
This is clearly retaliation!
Sure enough, she is a female devil. Although she is usually very cute, she will “fall in love and kill each other” once she gets jealous!
Li Ran, a bachelor, said, “that disciple admits defeat. I'm convinced.”
“Don't give up!”
Leng Wuyan pinched her waist and said, “if you give up, I will ignore you.”
She thought about it and only came up with such a “punishment”.
Li Ran is in a dilemma.
The final decision is to “satisfy” her, otherwise the end will only be more ugly.
“Master, you'll take it easy later. Don't give it up, or you'll lose your spouse.”Li Ran was not assured.
Leng Wuyan jokingly said: “don't worry, I know it in my heart. It's just a contest. You'll be fine.”
“With the words of master, I feel more relieved.”
“Shall we begin?”
“Wait a minute!”
“What's the matter?”
Li Ran licked his face and said, “in case, I mean in case, if the disciple wins by chance, is there any reward?”
Leng Wuyan thought, “if you win, I will allow you one thing, as long as it's not too much.”
Li Ran nodded to sign the deal.
With a light sound, the dark shadow spread from Leng Wuyan, like a translucent film, wrapping the whole Houshan bieyuan.
In an instant, everything was quiet.
Li Ran is still standing here, but he has lost all his perception of the outside world.
The whole back mountain seems to be an island in Wang Yang.
“Is this the field of the emperor level strong?”Li Ran was a little hairy.
“Go ahead, no one will disturb us.”Leng Wuyan said.
Li Ran didn't write ink either. His figure turned into a shadow and appeared behind her like an inch.
The speed is more than 100 times faster than that of Lu Xinran!
But in the moment of his hand, a slender jade finger had been on his forehead.
“It's too slow.”Leng Wuyan said.
Before the words came down, another Li Ran appeared behind him, with a strong wind in his palm.
“It's a good idea to use shadow as camouflage, but the speed is still too slow.”
Leng Wuyan fingers, a brain crack will Li Ran bomb out.
Li Ran turned over to the ground and rubbed his forehead.
“Come again!”
His figure was blurred for a while, and turned into an overwhelming shadow, roaring like the sea.
But no matter what Li Ran does, there will always be a jade finger in front of him, which seems to be a defense line that can't be broken through.
I don't know how many times Li Ran was shot.
He half squatted on the ground, the corners of his mouth slowly exuded a wisp of blood.
In fact, Leng Wuyan didn't exert herself. Li Ran was shocked by herself.
The physical body of the emperor level strongman is really terrible!
Leng Wuyan couldn't bear to say: “well, let's have a discussion here…”
“No, it's not over yet!”
Li Ran is already in charge.
With a move in his hand, a bright silver spear appeared in his hand.
Step forward, the air suddenly stagnated, silver plume crazy trembling, constantly emitting a sharp gun.
Leng Wuyan's eyebrows are lightly picked.
Li Ran's eyes became more and more white, and he could hardly look directly at them.
Holding the gun in his right hand, the sky and earth suddenly darkened, as if all the light gathered on the tip of the gun.
“Bai Hong·Through the day
A shot, silver rush.
The space is filled with horror and frenzy, and the whole back mountain is reflected like day!
“It's interesting.”
Leng Wuyan smile, eyes full of appreciation.
Her index finger gently on the tip of the gun, the white light instantly annihilated.
No matter how Li Ran works, the silver gun trembles and clanks, and he can't go any further.
“Good shooting. Who did you learn from?”
“This is the shooting method of the Li family!”
Li Ran said, suddenly released his right hand and stuck it in Leng Wuyan's arms.
Leng Wuyan just about to pop him away, see his left hand seal, eyes deep, a pressure suddenly hit.
Secret method of Youluo Hall·Spirit pressure secret seal!
The air was suddenly like a swamp, with great resistance to every move.
Li Ran wants to use this move to delay her reaction time!
“Good means!”
Leng Wuyan's eyes are more appreciative.
Even though she used a little strength to break free from the shackles of secret seal, a brain burst in the past.
Li Ran suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood, and the whole person fell out.
Plop down to the ground, motionless and breathless.
Leng Wuyan is surprised in the heart, isn't it that she didn't control her strength well?
She flies away in a hurry, embraces Li ran in her arms, and the spirit power instantly swims all over his body.
“Strange, the meridians are stable. It's nothing at all…”
Leng Wuyan suddenly froze.
Slowly looked down, saw a hand is grasping in her high place.
Li Ran sprayed blood while laughing, “master, I won.”
Leng Wuyan_⊙)*
Chapter 14 is over. Master is angry!
Li Ran giggled for a long time and suddenly felt that the atmosphere was not right.
Palm slightly hard, only feel soft and elastic.
Take a close look
“Lying trough!”
Almost out of his wits, he released his hand in a hurry.
Leng Wuyan's eyes are full of murderous spirit.
“Master, listen to meLi Ran said anxiously.
“Explain, I'm listening.”Cold no Yan you you road.
In her gaze, Li Ran swallowed saliva, cold sweat from the forehead.
How to explain?
Does it mean that the greater the mass, the greater the gravity, you are too big to let my hand out of control?
It is estimated that it will be directly cut into two sections!
Although it's true that Li Ran didn't mean it, it's a fact that has happened.
“Master, I'm sorry.”
Li Ran gave up his defense and admitted his mistake.
The air was quiet for a while.
Leng Wuyan stood up and said coldly: “forget it, although you used a stratagem, you didn't violate the rules. You won the contest.”
“Think about the conditions. I will do what I say.”
Then she released her hand, and the whole person flew away, and the dark field that shrouded the back mountain dissipated.
Li Ran was relieved and collapsed on the ground.
The gap between the golden elixir period and the emperor level is just like the difference between clouds and mud, and there is no comparability.
Of course, Li Ran is not a simple elixir.
In addition to the skill of Youluo hall, he also has four gun moves, the skill of seizing heaven, and the vision of “dragon like Zetian”.
But in order not to arouse the headmaster's suspicion, these cards can't be used, and the shooting method only uses one move.
In order to win the competition, he used a little trick to reverse the skill at the critical moment and forced out a mouthful of blood
I just didn't expect that I would make mistakes in the end. I climbed the summit by accident.
“You can't win!It's a bit too much to take advantage of her concern for me. “Li sighed.
He was a little on top just now.
My mind is full of how to meet each other, and I don't think about anything else.
“Master must be really angry this time…”
Li Ran has always been afraid of Leng Wuyan, but that is because of the gap in strength.
In fact, Leng Wuyan is very kind to him, so good that she has nothing to say.
He couldn't help feeling guilty.
“Next time we meet, we must explain it well.”
Li Ran stood up and staggered to his residence.
It's ten meters behind the wall.
Leng Wuyan leans against the wall and covers her blushing face. Her heart beats like a deer.
The whole body is as numb as electricity, and it hasn't faded for a long time.
“It's very rash of him to attack people there!”
“Although he won, he did win. What conditions would he put forward?”
“If it's too much, should I promise or refuse?”
“If you agree, will it develop too fast… We were together only yesterday!”
Leng Wuyan thinks wildly, Yanhong has spread to her ears.
The snow around is melting rapidly
Li Ran returned to his residence.
Aqin is sitting in a daze at the door. Seeing him coming back, he quickly gets up to meet him.
“Lord son, you are back…”
She noticed Li Ran's miserable appearance and exclaimed in surprise.
“What's the matter with you?Why is it like this when you go out? ”
“It's nothing. It's just a beating.”Li Ran waved his hand.
“A beating?”
Aqin can't set up a channel: “you are the son of God and the successor of the future leader. Who dares to move you in the whole Youluo hall?”
“The current leader.”
“… that's OK.”
Ah Qin is a little strange.
Li Ran is the most proud disciple of leader Leng. He has the best resources and treatment in the clan. Why did he suddenly teach him a lesson?
“Don't look. I haven't seen a handsome guy beaten, have I?”Li Ran has no good airway.
“I'm sorry!”
“To boil water, I want to take a bath.”
Aqin soon got the hot water ready.
In the room, the bath barrel made of fragrant wood emits hot gas, and the hot water is added with Linghua lingcao.
After washing, it can make people feel comfortable and fragrant.
Aqin serves Li ran to take off his clothes.
Looking at his strong figure, he could not help being shy, but then his attention was attracted by his bruises.
“Holy Son, why did leader Leng treat you like this?”She asked in a voice.
“It's just a duel. It's normal that there will be bumps.”Li Ran said with indifference.
Ah chin lowered his head and didn't speak any more.
The bath water temperature is hot and comfortable. It keeps constant temperature under the action of fragrant wood, and it won't cool easily.
Li Ran Pao is in the water and closes his eyes comfortably.
Ah Qin gently massaged his shoulder and neck.
When I just came across it, I was very repulsive to her for bathing myself.
Ah Qin is as beautiful as a flower, which makes Li ran a little bit unbearable.
But I got used to it.
“On the left, with a little bit of effort, I'm struggling.”
He now completely regards ah Qin as a bath master.
“Yes, my lord son.”
Ah Qin worked hard to massage*
Chapter 15 the strange aqin
Li Ran's consciousness sinks into the sea of knowledge.
The ancient seal characters on crystal villain are more bright.
Li Ran obviously felt that his accomplishments had improved a little, his mind was more clear, and even his spirit had made some progress.
It's only been a day!
Moreover, the cultivation of promotion is very solid, which is more pure than one's own cultivation.
“I'll go. It's so buggy!Obviously, I didn't do anything, but it's better than closed door practice? “Li Ran couldn't help but wonder.
Can you be stronger even when you lie down?
Comfortable yuppie!
Of course, the breakthrough of realm can not be achieved by cultivation. Chance, savvy and talent are indispensable.
When the golden elixir is complete, he still needs to find a way to break through.
Ah Qin massaged Li Ran seriously.
Looking at the way he closed his eyes, his eyes were a little confused.
I don't know why, she always felt that Li Ran had changed a little.
Although he was still the son, his smile became kind, his eyes became gentle, and occasionally he showed a trace of guilt.
By the way, I pinched her face in the morning
It's an intimacy that never happened before.
The most important thing is that Li Ran hasn't hit her for half a month.
“Maybe the son is in a good mood recently?”
Ah Qin couldn't think of any other answer.
In any case, the change made her happy.
Looking at the bruises on Li Ran's body, ah Qin felt distressed and resentful.
“Master Leng, do you really need to do something to guide the cultivation?And it's too heavy to do it! ”
Li Ran was awakened by the words and broke away from the state of seizing Tiangong.
The moment you open your eyes, the pupil is shining with gold.
Aqin felt as if he had been hit by a heavy blow. He felt a strong pressure coming, as if the man in front of him was not the son, but the gods and Buddhas!
Ah Qin's knee softened and collapsed on the ground.
“I'm sorry, ah chin is talkative!Ah Qin, damn it, please calm down
She fell on the ground, shaking all over.
I thought I was talking about the leader, which made Li Ran unhappy.
Li Ran was stunned and shook his head: “get up, I'm not angry.”
Ah Qin still did not dare to look up.
Li Ran said helplessly: “if you don't get up again, I'm really angry.”
After hearing this, ah Qin stood up tremblingly and did not dare to look at him.
Li Ran could not help shaking his head and sighing.
What a sin!
I finally made a decision in my heart.
He rose from the tub and the water on his body evaporated instantly.
After changing clothes, he went to the bedroom.
“Come with me.”
Ah Qin lowered his head and followed him step by step.
In the bedroom, Li Ran sits on a chair, and aqin stands opposite him.
“Ah Qin, how long have you been with me?”
“Huishengzi, ten years.”Ah Qin answered in a low voice.
“I entered Youluo hall at the age of eight, and you have been following me for ten years.”
Li Ran sighed, “since your Shen family was annexed by the Li family, you don't even deserve your surname. I'm so strict with you… Shen Qin, do you hate me in your heart?”
“Ah Qin dare not!”
She was about to kneel down as soon as she trembled, but she was held by an invisible force, and her knees couldn't bend down at all.
Aqin raised his head in fear.
“In the past ten years, you have taken good care of me and worked hard.”
Li Ran took out a stack of bank notes and handed them to ah Qin.
“Son, what do you mean?”Ah Qin doubts a way.
“You are free.”
“Take the money, I'll help you arrange your identity, and I'll say hello to the Li family. You don't have to worry about family involvement.”
“Go down the mountain and live your own life.”
Li Ran said seriously.
He knew that it was too different.
Originally, he wanted to change slowly, but ah Qin's performance made him feel more and more guilty.
And there is a person who hates himself, which makes him feel uncomfortable.
So Li Ran decided to cut the mess quickly.
But ah Qin didn't feel happy. Instead, he turned pale and said in a trembling voice, “Holy Son, don't you want ah Qin?”
Li Ran was stunned.
“Son, ah Qin is wrong. Please don't drive ah Qin away!”
Ah Qin knelt down in front of him and begged.
“If you're not happy, just let aqin out, OK?Please don't drive me away!Ah Qin really can't leave you
Li Ran couldn't help feeling confused.
What happened?
She suffered a lot before, and now she can leave. Shouldn't she be very happy?
Do you think he gave less?
Li Ran wanted to give her more, but he was not guilty. If he gave her too much, she would be killed.
“But she doesn't look like she has too little money.”
Ah Qin didn't seem to hate him at all. Instead, he relied on him to the extreme.
“Ah, this…”
“My Lord, please, leave me!Let me do anything! ”
Aqin was pale and flattering.
Li Ran scratched his head.
Why do you always feel a little ashamed
“Get up, I won't drive you away.”
“Really?Really? Really? ”
“Thank you, son!”
Aqin confirmed, showing a happy smile, eyes also flashing tears*
Chapter 16 the master's task!
Li Ran pinched his chin, “in that case, do you have any wishes?”
“As long as you can stay with the son…”
“Except for this.”
Ah Qin was lost in thought.
In the past ten years, she has been like a shadow, living completely for Li Ran, never thinking about what she needs.
“Ah Qin wants to cultivate immortals if he can.”After a long time, she gave the answer.
Li Ran laughed, “why?Do you want to be strong or live forever? ”
There are only two purposes to cultivate immortals.
Ah Qin shook his head and said, “none of them.Ah Qin just wants to be a useful person, so that he can serve the son all the time. ”
Li Ran was silent.
I didn't expect that the girl's only wish was to stay with him.
“But it's just wishful thinking,” ah chin said with a self mocking smile. “I tested my talent when I was young, and my talent was very mediocre. I couldn't cultivate it at all.”
Li Ran hesitated for a moment.
“What if I could give you talent?”
Ah Qin was stunned.
Li Ran opened his hand and two light groups appeared in his palm.
One is pink, the other is silver, hovering silently in the air.
The system reward can be given to anyone or withdrawn at any time. Li Ran doesn't need to worry about it.
“What is this?”Ah Qin looks curious.
Li Ran gave a brief explanation.
“Double, double repair?”
Ah Qin's face was red and he was about to smoke, and his eyes were sparkling.
Although she is a mortal, she knows the meaning of these two words.
What a shame!
“Er… Although it's this kind of constitution, it doesn't necessarily require double training.In terms of talent and cultivation speed, it's second to none in the world. “Li Ran explained awkwardly.
He just wanted to compensate ah chin, but he didn't mean anything else.
Changing her constitution is the only way for her to practice.
“I will!”Ah Qin did not think about it.
Li Ran said: “but I have to remind you that I can give you this Constitution and take it back at any time.If you take it back, you'll die, too.Do you still want to
“Of course, if you want to leave, the previous words are still valid, and I will arrange everything.”
Aqin did not hesitate, “I choose to practice!”
“Even if you give me your life?”
Ah Qin nodded with a smile.
It seems that this is a very happy thing.
Li Ran was stunned when he looked at her flowery smile.
Then he sighed and rubbed her head.
“Silly girl.”
“Holy Son…”
Ah Qin squinted and enjoyed the contact.
Li Ran pressed the red light into aqin's body.
In the case of her total resistance, her body was transformed rapidly, and the previous dark wounds and scars were melted one after another, and her skin was smooth as brocade.
The canthus of the eye is also a little more charming.
However, the tea Kung Fu, she has become an extremely rare “beauty soul body.”.
Then Li Ran passed on Xuanji Guangming Sutra to her.
From then on, aqin formally embarked on the road of practice.
“Well, there is a high fit between the Constitution and the skill. If you practice according to the skill, you will enter the country quickly.”Li Ran said.
“All right.”
Ah Qin bit his lips and reached out to unbutton his clothes.
Li Ran was startled, “what are you doing?”
Ah Qin naturally said, “didn't you say that you want me to practice according to the method?That's what Xuanji Guangming Sutra teaches. ”
He said that the movement of the hands continued.
Li Ran stopped her in a hurry.
This girl wants to push me back?
When did I suffer such grievances?
Ah Qin thought that Li Ran disliked her.
Suddenly look a little lost, low voice way: “sorry, is a Qin reckless.”.I think so. How can I get into the eyes of the Holy Son? ”
Li Ran hit her on the head with a violent millet and said angrily:
“Although it's double cultivation, it depends on the difference between the two sides?You are not even in the Qi training period. If you dare to practice with me, even your bone marrow will be sucked dry!Are you dying? ”
“Is that so?”
Ah Qin rubbed his head and showed a smile.
“The son didn't dislike me, but cared about me!”
Li Ran glared at her, “don't you hurry to put on your clothes.”
Ah Qin nodded happily.
Li Ran looked at the sudden release of spring, can not help a burst of dry mouth.
Ah Qin is a beautiful woman. After the transformation of the beautiful woman's spiritual body, every move is full of charm, even Li Ran is a little hard to resist.
This is just the beginning. When the cultivation reaches a high level, one eye can capture people's soul!
“Remember, don't tell anyone about it. You just need to practice at ease.”Li Ran warned.
Ah Qin clenched his small fist and said firmly: “I know, ah Qin will work hard to cultivate, and strive for the double cultivation with Sheng Zi as soon as possible!”
Li Ran was very excited.
If this word spreads to Leng Wuyan's ears, with her jealous character… I can consider reincarnation.
“OK, you can practice well.”
Ah Qin went back to his room and sat cross knee, earnestly practicing the light Sutra.
At this time, the power of maiden's soul body is shown.
With the operation of the skill, a mysterious woman appeared all over aqin's body, which was quite mysterious.
But she didn't care. She just worked hard.
To her, it was just the master's job*
Chapter 17 cold Wuyan's Aura!(fresh flowers and more)
“Son, wake up. It's time to have breakfast.”
There was a voice in the haze.
It's aqin's routine morning call Chuang service.
Li Ran rubbed his sleepy eyes.
Since he had the ability to hang up automatically, he didn't need to meditate, so he just went to sleep at night.
“Good morning, son.”
“Good morning.”
Li Ran got up and got out of bed.
While serving him to dress, ah Qin said, “today I made you your favorite lotus soup, as well as jade lotus seed soup and snow antler meatballs.”
“Well, hard work.”
Li Ran rubbed her head.
“It's not hard.”
Ah Chin's smiling eyes are curved, like a kitten rubbing.
Her whole spirit has changed since yesterday.
Less submissive, smile is more sunshine, the whole person exudes the vigor of youth.
And look at the eyes of Li Ran, also more and more attachment.
“Why?Have you stepped into Qi training? ”
Li Ran felt her completely different temperament and was stunned for a moment.
“Well,” aqin replied, “according to Xuanji Guangming Sutra, aqin should be at the beginning of Qi training.”
Li Ran was surprised.
In addition to the top “double cultivation ability”, the speed of cultivation is also so exaggerated.
In addition, the highly matched Guangming Sutra has an amazing effect of practicing Qi in one day.
Li Ran thought of something, frowned: “you can't stay up all night, have been practicing?”
Ah Qin nodded awkwardly, “yes…”
Then he added: “but ah Qin didn't feel tired at all. Instead, he was full of energy all over.”
Li Ran shook his head and said, “absorbing spiritual power does supplement physical strength, but mental fatigue cannot be avoided.If you can't concentrate in your cultivation, you will be possessed
Ah Qin bit his finger, not knowing.
Li Ran said helplessly: “you can lie down and rest for me now. You can sleep here. You are not allowed to get up if you don't sleep for two hours.”
“But ah Qin wants to practice…”
“It's an order!”
Ah Qin went to the bed and lay down.
Smelling the breath of Li ran on the bed, his heart began to accelerate gradually, and his face was ruddy as if he had a fever.
The black and white eyes were wide open, and there was no sleepiness at all.
“Lord son, ah Qin can't sleep…”
Li Ran put his finger on her forehead, and the spirit power worked in her body for a week.
Ah Qin just fell asleep.
“I didn't expect her to be so diligent, and with the blessing of her constitution and skills, her future is really limitless.”Li Ran nodded secretly.
“By the way, I don't know if the headmaster is calm now…”
Thinking of what happened yesterday, he couldn't help fighting a cold war.
“It's a knife to stretch one's head, but it's also a knife to shrink one's head. You'd better take the initiative to admit your mistake with the leader and try to be lenient.”
Luo chafeng.
You Luo temple.
In the main hall, Leng Wuyan sits on the black and gold phoenix chair, looking at the old man.
It was an old woman with gorgeous hair. She was haggard under her pure black robe, but her eyes were shining, and she didn't look old at all.
“Elder sun, what's the matter with you today?”Leng Wuyan asked in a voice.
Sun Wei.
The elder of Youluo hall is also the elder of the three dynasties.Although the cultivation is far less than Leng Wuyan, she has a very high status in the clan.
Even if you are the headmaster, you have to give her three thin noodles.
For Leng Wuyan, this is a respectable elder.
Sun Wei put down his tea cup and said, “did the leader read the information sent from China yesterday?”
Leng Wuyan is embarrassed.
Because of Li Ran, she was so upset last night that she didn't want to see any information?
“I've been feeling something in my practice recently, and I haven't got the energy to check it yet.”
Sun Wei had no doubt and nodded: “of course, practice is the first priority, but you are the head of a sect, and you can't let go of the sect's affairs.”
“Well, elder sun is right.”Leng Wuyan accepts it with an open mind.
Sun Wei went on to say: “recently, the right path moves frequently, and the major demons are not willing to be lonely.Now, led by Hehuan sect and shashengju, we have set up an alliance to attack and defend the evil way. We want to invite Youluo hall to join us. ”
“The offensive and defensive alliance?”Leng Wuyan sneered: “when did the devil learn this set?”
“I think it's too much pressure from the right way.”Sun elder analysis way.
“They have been acting too rampantly recently. They have touched the bottom line of the imperial court and zhengdaoda. Now they are pushed to the top of the storm, and they want to drag others into the water?Do you really think I'm a fool? “Leng Wuyan hummed coldly.
“What does the headmaster think about this?”Elder sun asked.
“I disdain to be associated with those scum!”
Leng Wuyan's voice was cold and fierce. “I'm not interested in what they want to do, but don't think about the idea of Youluo hall!Otherwise, no matter what the evil way or the right way, I will cut it all with one sword! ”
Her eyes are deep, her black hair is flying, her aura is like a prison, her terror is like this!*
Chapter 18 what lovers should do!
“No matter what the evil way or the right way is, it's all cut with one sword!”
Leng Wuyan's voice echoed in the hall.
The terrible pressure was so great that elder sun almost stopped breathing.
She looked at the magical figure with a look of horror.
This is the imperial power!
Just a little leak can make people face hell!
Soon, elder sun changed from horror to excitement.
The stronger Leng Wuyan is, the more stable the clan's position is. As long as Leng Wuyan is a strong emperor, Youluo hall is the top clan in HaoTu!
“The leader is so powerful!Under the leadership of the leader, Youluo hall will crush the two ways of Zheng and Mo, and achieve supreme hegemony! “Elder sun looks fanatical.
Leng Wuyan converged, shook her head and said, “elder sun, I'm flattered.”
She was not interested in the so-called hegemony, and did not want to compete with other sects.
As long as other people don't provoke her, she would rather stay here.
In addition to practice, you can also talk about love every day
The figure appeared in my mind, and the corner of my mouth could not help slightly cocking up.
How can we compete with each other?
It's not fun to fall in love!
Elder Sun said, “leader Leng is too modest.Looking back at the successive leaders, I can see that you have the strongest accomplishments and are most attentive to your disciples. I deeply admire you for that. ”
Under the emperor, there are ants.
How can a strong emperor like Leng Wuyan personally guide his disciples to practice?
“I'm just doing my duty.”
Leng Wuyan is not very nice to be praised.
Elder sun continued: “I know best how much you care about your disciples.In particular, it is absolutely wise to ban the love affair between men and women! ”
Leng Wuyan_⊙)
“Let the disciples stay away from the world of mortals and indulge in practice, and the Youluo hall will grow stronger and stronger!You have set an example yourself. You have never moved your heart for so many years. You are really a wise lord
Elder sun put up his thumb and praised him without stinging.
Leng Wuyan said, “ha ha, this is what we should do…”
If the other party knows that she takes the lead in falling in love, I'm afraid she will vomit three liters of blood.
“I really admire you…”
Elder sun wants to say more. Leng Wuyan quickly interrupts: “I suddenly have a feeling. I need to shut up and practice at once. If there is nothing else, elder sun will be busy first.”
She was afraid that if she talked for a while, she would find a way to get in.
Elder sun stood up and said excitedly, “Congratulations, leader!I'll leave now. I won't disturb your enlightenment! ”
Leng Wuyan was relieved at last.
Just then, a female disciple came into the main hall and bowed herself to say, “I'll tell you, master. I'm looking for you.”
“Here comes the flame?”Leng Wuyan's eyes were pleasantly surprised.
As soon as he was about to speak, elder Sun said in a voice, “the leader just realized that he needs to practice in a closed door. Please let the Holy Son come back another day.”
Leng Wuyan
The female disciple asked, “master, let the son go back first?”
“No way!”
Leng Wuyan suddenly gets up.
Elder sun was stunned, “master, didn't you say you want to shut up?”
“Ah, this…”
Leng Wuyan said awkwardly: “the avenue is ethereal and elusive. I found that it was an illusion, not a feeling.”
“Is it?”
Mr. Sun thinks something is wrong.
“Let the son in.”Leng Wuyan said.
The female disciple stepped down.
A moment later, Li Ran walked into the hall and said, “I have seen the masterElder sun is here, too. ”
Elder sun nodded.
Leng Wuyan cleared her throat, “burning son, you come to find someone elseCough, what can I do for you? ”
When Li Ran saw that there was an outsider, he would not tell the truth. He turned his eyes and said, “I have some difficulties in my cultivation. I've come to ask the leader to solve my doubts.”
Leng Wuyan forced herself to smile, “it's rare that you are so diligent.Let's go to the martial arts hall with you, just to check your practice progress. ”
She left the hall briskly.
There was no aura of being king in the world just now, just like a lady next door.
Elder sun pinched his chin and looked at their back as they left.
“How do you feel the headmaster is strange…”
Even if she wants to break her head, she can't imagine that the leader is in love with his disciples!
Martial arts hall.
Cold no Yan back to hand, “now no outsider, say, looking for this seat what?”
Li Ran scratched his head. “The disciple came to apologize to the master.”
Leng Wuyan thought of what happened yesterday, numbness seems to surge up again, “you, what's wrong with you?”
Li Ran said sincerely: “in order to win the competition, I used the master's care. I really feel guilty.I accidentally touched your forbidden area… ”
“All right!”
Leng Wuyan turned her head and blushed, “it's over, so don't mention it any more. Besides, I don't blame you…”
“Then I will be relieved.”Li Ran was relieved.
“By the way, have you thought about the conditions you want to raise?”Leng Wuyan asked.
“Think about it.”Li Ran nodded.
“Oh?Tell me about it. “Leng Wuyan is curious.
Li Ran cleared his throat. “I want to do what a couple should do with my master!”
Leng Wuyan: ∑ (⊙⊙ノ) ノ*
Chapter 19 Leng Wuyan's first time!
“What should lovers do?”
Leng Wuyan is caught off guard, and her white and tender earlobe is instantly dyed pink.
[in love, of course, we have to sleep together.】
The Deacon's answer lingered in her ears that day.
Burning son unexpectedly wants to be with oneself
What a shame!
Li Ran said: “since I told you that day, it seems that I have never done my duty as a boyfriend, so I want to take this opportunity to have more in-depth communication with you.”
“What are your responsibilities?In depth communication? ”
This is too explicit!
Leng Wuyan blushed and was about to smoke, “but is this too fast?We've only been together for a few days! ”
“I have been with the master for ten years.”
“I didn't mean that…”
“Don't be nervous, master. It's the first time for disciples.”
“How can I not be nervous!”
Leng Wuyan's words are not sharp, “but the gap between you and me is too big!”
Li Ran shook his head. “This kind of thing has nothing to do with cultivation.”
“That's true…”
Leng Wuyan's fingers are entangled together nervously.
“Do you want to promise him?”
The fawns in the chest are coming out.
“I said yesterday that you should not ask too much. You are too abrupt. I want to think about it.”
After struggling for a while, she decided to calm down first.
“All right.”
Li Ran was a little disappointed.
Leng Wuyan can't bear to see this and comforts her: “you don't have to be in a hurry for a while. The days ahead are still long. I and I are your girlfriend. This will not change.”
The first time she said that, it made her face feel like it was on fire.
Li Ran sighed, “this disciple understands, but this ticket can't be used after tonight.”
“What ticket?”
Leng Wuyan was stunned for a moment.
Li Ran took out two wooden signs from his arms. “A new group of singers came to Linfeng city. The disciples sent someone to get two tickets. They wanted to ask the master to go with them…”
Leng Wuyan swallowed her saliva. “What you just said is to invite me to listen to the music?”
“Yes,” Li Ran scratched his head with embarrassment. “This is my first date. I was still a little nervous.”
Leng Wuyan covers her forehead.
So it is
How embarrassing!
“Since the master won't go, the disciple won't go either. Let's give the ticket to Mr. Wei. He seems to like listening to music.”Li Ran Si cableway.
“No way!”
“Elder Wei has gone to the western regions on business. He has no time to listen to music.”
“But I saw him when I came?”Li Ran recalled.
“Then you should be wrong.”Leng Wuyan looks serious.
Wei Chang, who is walking along the middle of the mountain, sneezes for no reason.
He rubbed his nose, “who is talking about me…”
Leng Wuyan said: “since the ticket has been bought, it's too wasteful to throw it away. I'll try my best to accompany you.”
“In fact, there's not much money. The leader doesn't have to be forced.”
Finally, under her guidance, they made an appointment to meet, and Li Ran left first.
When he goes far away, Leng Wuyan jumps in the martial arts hall, without the image of the leader.
“I'm going on a date. This is my first date with burning son!”
“It turns out that he tried his best to win me yesterday just to ask me to listen to music today!”
“It's very intentional!”
Excited for a while, she took out a small book from her arms.
“What to do in love: date, listen to musicIt seems that it can be finished today! ”
Leng Wuyan's eyes are bright.
Xuanling mountain, back mountain and other garden.
Li Ran was waiting here, and there was a wind behind him.
Looking back, Leng Wuyan is standing behind her.
Today, her skirt is shorter than before, showing her white legs and round knees. She wears a lovely hairpin on the green silk that is as soft as brocade.
Li Ran was stunned and murmured, “master, you are so lovely today.”
Leng Wuyan, with a smile in her eyes, said, “you're sweet.”
“I mean what I say.”
“I see.”
They soared into the air and flew to the windy city.
Windy city.
Located to the north of Xuanling mountain, it is the nearest city to Youluo hall.
With Leng Wuyan's cultivation, an idea can appear in any corner of the city.
But she chose to follow Li ran slowly.
Before long, they landed on the street in the city.
The passers-by around the river looked at them, but they were not too surprised.
There are many practitioners in the city, and people are used to this kind of way.
They went to the theater.
Along the way, people mostly focused on Li Ran.
After all, even the practitioners, few of them have such a high face value.
But to Leng Wuyan, she seems to have ignored it automatically.
Li Ran is a little strange. He is a rare and brilliant teacher. He should not be so indifferent.
He took a look at Leng Wuyan.
Red lips and white teeth make the country beautiful.
“It's beautiful. Are these people blind?”
Leng Wuyan couldn't help laughing and shook her head: “as long as I don't want to, they can't see me.”
She knows her situation.
If you really show your face, I don't know how much trouble you will face.
In addition to the wild bees and butterflies, the news of Leng Wuyan entering the Windy City alone can cause the whole court to shake.
“It's better to keep a low profile.”*
Chapter 20 listening and killing!
Li's theater is the largest and most luxurious in the whole windy city.
Pavilions and cornices are antique.
Not only covers a large area, decoration is also magnificent, vermilion gate is very imposing.
There is a black plaque on the gate with three gilded characters on it:
Listen to the moon tower.
After seeing Li Ran, the boy in front of the door came up quickly.
“Young master, would you like to listen to music or go to the theatre?”
He knows a lot of people and has good eyesight. From his clothes and temperament, we can see that he is definitely a distinguished guest.
Li Ran took out two brands and handed them to him.
The boy took a look and his eyes brightened.
“It's a noble guest in heaven!”
He was more respectful and reached out to lead Li ran in.
“Here's a ticket for two. There should be another guest, isn't there?”Asked the young man.
Li Ran took a look at his side and said with a smile, “she will come later. You can take me up first.”
“All right.”
“A distinguished guest among the sons of heaven!”
The boy yelled and took Li ran into the luxurious private room in the center.
The decoration in the private room is more gorgeous, as resplendent as a palace, and the furniture made of fragrant wood is fragrant.
Even tea and fruit are more expensive than those in the hall.
I can see that the boss here understands the psychology of the rich.
Li Ran and Leng Wuyan took their seats respectively.
There are only two of them in the private room. They can see the whole stage, but the guests in the hall can't see them.
There's a very special sense of privacy.
Leng Wuyan doesn't know why, but she is a little nervous.
Li Ran made her a cup of hot tea, “master, please have tea.”
She picked up her tea cup and asked, “what music are we listening to today?”
Li Ran thought, “there are five songs in total. The first one seems to be called Chunting Qiuyue.”
They came early and waited for a while before the performance began.
A good-looking girl, holding a pipa, went to the stage and sat on the high stool in the middle.
With a curtain call, the hall quieted down.
The melodious and sad sound of the piano reverberates in the theater.
It's like a young woman standing in the courtyard, pitying to the yellow fallen leaves.And accompanied by her side, but only a round of autumn moon.
This song is to express the loneliness of love, the musician's skill is very superb, the audience will be brought into the scene.
Even Leng Wuyan's eyes are a little blank.
She recalled the days when she was alone.
Practice, look at the fallen leaves, practice, look at the snow
It is clear that those days are real, but she does not have any memory points, and nothing can recall her.
On the contrary, in the short two days after Li Ran's confession, everything that happened and every conversation she had left her fresh in her memory.
When she is single, Leng Wuyan thinks it's the best choice.
But after falling in love, I found out how hard it was.
She felt like she could never go back.
Leng Wuyan stealthily looks at Li Ran, and sees that he also listens attentively, and his side face is as tough as a knife.
“If you can't go back, you can't go back.”
“That's the feelingIt's good, too. ”
A smile crept into the corner of her mouth.
The song ends.
The audience is still immersed in the mood, long time back to God, and even sounded a suppressed sob.
“It's a great musician with both technique and emotion. It's very moving.”Li Ran praised.
“Well, it's really good.”Leng Wuyan agreed.
Just at the break of the break, there was a chat in the private room next door.
A loud voice rang out: “I said, is this the best theater building in Linfeng city?I think the level is average. ”
Others echoed: “what the prince said is that it's really general.”
Mr. Wang continued: “if you want to play music, you should play some cheerful songs, such as nocturnal songs, mochule and so on. It's like a bitter woman that nobody wants to play this kind of sad music!”
“Ha ha ha, that's right!”
Midnight Song and Mochou music are well-known folk music. The tunes and lyrics are colored, which can only be heard in Fengyue places.
Li Ran and Leng Wuyan look at each other, shake their heads and smile.
No matter where you go, there is no shortage of such people.
Obviously, Prince Wang drank a lot of wine and said, “if you want to talk about complaining women, there is one in Xuanling mountain not far away?That old woman is fit to listen to this song
“What did the prince say?”
“Besides the female devil head, who else is there?”Prince Wang joked: “it's said that the old woman hasn't been asked by anyone for hundreds of years and doesn't let her disciples fall in love. What's this not psychosis?”
“Shh!Mr. Wang, I dare not talk nonsense!Who is the supreme emperor? How can we talk at will?It's a matter of losing one's head
The others were in a hurry to stop.
“Look at your courage!There are so many people talking about her all over the world, can she kill her?I guess she's old and ugly, so she's been single for hundreds of years, right?Ha ha haPrince Wang smiles and sneers.
“Mr. Wang, stop talking…”
“Drink, drink!”
There was silence in the sky.
A moment later, Li Ran got up in silence and walked to the door.
“What are you going to do, burner?”Leng Wuyan asked in a voice.
Li Ran's eyes are as cold as iron.
Chapter 21 dating, listening to music and eating sugar~
Leng Wuyan shook her head, “I just want to kill him. Why do you need to do it?”
“It's my boyfriend's job,” Li said
Leng Wuyan is very happy to hear and laugh, “OK, it's enough to have you.”
“Not enough, he has to die.”
Li ran really wanted to kill.
The other side insulted not only the leader of Youluo hall, but also his girlfriend!
Leng Wuyan got up and pulled him back and said, “in fact, what he said is right. There are so many people talking about this place in the world. Can you kill them all?”
Li Ran gritted his teeth and said, “then I'll meet one and kill another. I'll meet two and kill a pair!I don't know who dares to talk nonsense
Leng Wuyan was stunned for a moment.
Looking at the stubborn youth in front of her, a trace of warmth flashed in her eyes.
“Under the emperor level, there are all ants. Do you think we will care about ants?”
“So I'm a mole ant, too?”Li Ran asked.
Leng Wuyan looked at him in a coquettish way, “it's my faux pas, my boyfriend!”
“That's about the same.”
Li Ran was also proud.
Two people look at each other smile, the atmosphere gradually eased down.
Li Ran listened to the noise of pushing cups and changing lamps next door and sighed, “butI really want to kill him
“Well, today is our first date. Don't be spoiled by others.”Leng Wuyan comforts her.
Looking at her calm expression, Li Ran's heart was blocked.
What has she experienced in the past few hundred years to be indifferent to such criticism?
She is a devil, a strong emperor, but at the same time, she is also a woman!
At the thought of this, he felt a little sad.
“What's old and ugly? There is no more beautiful woman in the world than master!”
“For hundreds of years, the master has been single, because those ordinary people are not worthy of standing by your side!”
“He knows shit!”
Li Ran was indignant.
Leng Wuyan is a little shy, “I'm not as good as you said…”
“Of course
“Master is the most lovely, beautiful and gentle girl I've ever met. Even the most beautiful words can't describe you.”Li Ran Xin swore.
Even after listening to it many times, Leng Wuyan still can't stand such an explicit confession.
She lowered her head, buried her cheek in the collar of her robe, and stammered, “yes, I know. You don't have to speak so loud.”
The haze in her heart faded quietly, and there seemed to be a stream of stars in her eyes.
No matter what the world is like, it's enough to have someone like you.
When such a thing happened, the music naturally couldn't be heard any more.
They walked out of tingyue building and walked slowly along the street.
The air at night in winter is very fresh. The sole of shoes creaks on the snow.
The red lanterns on the roadside, the cries of vendors, combined with the steaming heat, make people feel very quiet.
Fireworks in the world are most comforting.
At this time, Li Ran saw a stall, his eyes could not help but brighten.
“Master, wait for me.”Then he trotted over.
Leng Wuyan was stunned.
After a while, Li ran back with an amber candy man in his hand.
“Here you are!”
Leng Wuyan reaches for it.
This is a sugar figure in the shape of a fairy. Although the face is not so clear, there is a kind of fairy air in the clothes.
Li Ran said with a smile: “when I was a child, every time I went out to play, I always wanted to eat a candy man, and I chose the kind of great Xia style food. It seems that if I eat it, I can become a great Xia myself.”
Leng Wuyan couldn't help laughing, “after eating this, will I become a fairy?”
“You are.”
“You're the sweet one.”
“Hey, hey.”
Leng Wuyan opens her lips and takes a bite.
“Is it delicious?”Li Ran asked.
Looking at his curious appearance, Leng Wuyan passed the sugar man by supernatural force, “you don't know if you want to taste it yourself.”
Li Ran looked at the bright red rouge on it. He was stunned.
Cold no Yan this just reaction come over, quickly want to take sugar person back.
But Li Ran had an eye disease and was quick to bite.
Half a sugar man with rouge together bite, he is not clear with paste way: “really sweet!”
Leng Wu blushed and turned his head, “this is sugar man. It's strange if it's not sweet.”
“It's not the same. This time, it's not only sweet, but also the fragrance of rouge.”Li Ran has a bad smile on his face.
“You are so thick skinned that you are ignored!”
Leng Wuyan stamped her feet, turned and walked forward.
Li Ran followed quickly.
“Master, sugar man, give me another bite.”
“No, that's my seat!”
“Just take a bite.”
“That's no good. You've bitten off the fairy's head!”
The bright moon reflected on them, and their figures grew longer and longer in the snow, and gradually melted together.*
Chapter 22 give him a chance to reincarnate!
They wandered around the city for a long time.
Leng Wuyan seldom seems to come out to play. She is curious about everything and wants to try everything she sees.
Of course, it's just a try
“Master, I really can't eat any more.”
Li Ran looked at the sweet scented osmanthus cake she handed over and said solemnly.
“It's too wasteful to throw it away. Are you worthy of the farmer's uncle?”Leng Wuyan asked askew.
“I didn't buy it. I have a clear conscience.”Li Ran said calmly.
“But if you don't eat, I'll be sorry to the farmer uncle. Do you want to put me in an inhuman situation?”Leng Wuyan has a strange way of thinking.
“It's worthy of being a female devil. It's a strange logic.”
“Are you going to eat it or not?”
“……Eat. ”
Li Ran tried to swallow the sweet scented osmanthus cake.
At this time, not far away came a cry, “plum cake, fresh plum cake ~”
Li Ran belched and broke into a cold sweat.
“There are plum blossom cakes?I haven't eaten yet. “Leng Wuyan is really interested.
Li Ran stopped her in a hurry. “We've had enough to eat. The GDP of Linfeng city has risen by at least one point. Today, let's get here first.”
“But I haven't eaten plum blossom cake yet…”Leng Wuyan is wronged.
“We can save it for the next date,” Li said
“Next date?”
Leng Wuyan's eyes brightened.
I'm already thinking about what to do on my next date.
Li Ran took the opportunity to pull her away.
They almost strolled around the whole Windy City, and Leng Wuyan ended the date with satisfaction.
They fly back to zongmen in the moonlight and fall in the other garden of Xuanling mountain.
At this time, the lights were all dark and everything was quiet. The disciples and elders were asleep.
Because men and women are forbidden to love each other, there is no night life in Youluo hall. Everyone has developed the good habit of going to bed early and getting up early.
Except the leader and the son.
The night breeze blows lightly, cold no Yan in the heart suddenly some don't give up.
“The first date, it's over…”
Although some unpleasant things happened in the middle, it made her understand Li Ran's sincerity, and the relationship between them became closer and closer.
“Burning son, you tonightDid you have a good time? “Leng Wuyan can't help asking.
“Of course I am.”Li Shao nodded.
“That's good. I'm worried that you will be more repellent to shopping.”She was relieved.
After all, the original plan was to listen to music.
“As long as I can be with my master, I will be very happy even in a daze.”Li Ran's EQ exploded.
“Glib, I won't talk to you. I'm going to have a rest.”
Leng Wuyan turns around and leaves with a charming smile.
“Good night, master.”
“Good night.”
Li Ran Mu sent her figure away.
He didn't realize that his mentality was changing little by little.
I'm really looking forward to the next date.
“Of course, it would be nice not to eat so much.”
Now he burps and smells of sweet scented osmanthus cake.
“Well, before going to bed, there's something urgent to do.”Li Ran's eyes gradually become cold.
The system prompts suddenly in my mind:
[task release.】
[Wang Yue, the eldest son of Lincheng Wang family, is heartless and full of evil. Please give him a chance to reincarnate.】
“Wang Yue?”
Li Ran was stunned. According to the positioning provided by the system, he felt the past and suddenly showed a smile.
Lingfengcheng, tingyuelou!
“It's the prince Wang. It seems that the system and I want to go together!”
Listen to the moon tower.
The show was over and the guests broke up in twos and threes.
A well-dressed young man staggered out, followed by several men.
“Oh, Mr. Wang, please slow down and watch the steps. Be careful not to fall.”The companion came and held him.
Wang Yue waved his hand and said vaguely, “let go, I'm not drunk!”
“I know you are. The road is too slippery!”
“We all know that Mr. Wang is not drunk in a thousand cups.”
The companions flattered one after another.
Wang Yue waved, “let's go, next game!”
An obscene looking man came over and said with a smile, “Mr. Wang, I have arranged some first-class goods for you in manchunge. Do you want to try them?”
Wang Yue curled his lips and said, “I tell you, I don't like ordinary women!”
“How can that be!They're all good families. I've given them medicine. Now I'm in a daze. I'm waiting for you to inspect the goods in person. “Lewd man smile more lewd.
“Oh?That's interesting. Go and have a look! “Wang became more and more interested.
The obscene man flattered: “look at the cooperation between us and the Wang family…”
Wang Yue patted him on the shoulder, “don't worry, as long as I'm happy, everything is easy to say!”
“Well, I'm relieved to have you!This way, please
They left tingyue building in a mighty way.
I don't know, a shadow is quietly following behind.*
Chapter 23 black moon, high wind, killing night!(evaluation vote plus change)
It's night.
Wang Yue and his party were walking in the open street.
Because the journey was not far away, and they wanted to wake up, they chose to walk all the way instead of sitting in a sedan chair.
At this time, the lights have gone out, only the red lanterns on both sides are hanging high, reflecting the ground.
The winter night wind whimpers, blowing the floating snow on the ground, swirling in the air.
“Hiss, how can I feel a little gloomy…”One of them whispered.
“Gloomy?You're not afraid of ghosts, are you? “Wang Yue laughed.
“That's not true, but I always feel a little chilly behind.”The man pleaded.
“Is it back pain and dripping when you put water on it?”Wang Yue patted him on the shoulder, “brother, you are mostly useless.”
“Ha ha ha!”
“Liu Sheng, I said you can't do it!”
There was a roar of laughter.
Wang Yue said with a smile: “if there are female dependents at home, I can take care of them for free. Don't thank me. It's all brothers who should do.”
Liu Sheng's face turned red. He bit his teeth and didn't speak any more.
Wang Yue swaggered forward, and the obscene man suddenly grabbed him.
“What's the matter?Are you afraid of the dark, too? “Wang more impatient way.
The obscene man shook his head and pointed to the front, “there seems to be someone…”
Wang Yue fixed his eyes and saw a man standing in the middle of the street, dressed in white, very conspicuous in the dark.
“What's wrong with people?Aren't we human, too? ”
Wang chuckled and didn't take it seriously.
Several people came near, he also joked, “this brother, in the middle of the night in this snowman?”
Li Ran laughed when he heard the words, “Prince Wang is very humorous.”
“Yo?Do you know me? ”
“How can I not know the eldest son of the Lincheng Wangs?”
A few people look at each other, obviously aware of the wrong, but Wang Yue alcohol on the brain, did not realize.
“Eyes!I didn't expect that my fame would spread to this windy city. Ha ha! ”
Li Ran nodded, “of course, Prince Wang is famous for his courage.”
Wang Yue Leng for a moment, “what does this mean?”
Li Ran's smile was cold. “He insulted the leader of Youluo hall and Leng Wuyan. Do you think you are bold?”
Even if Wang Yue was no longer dull, he now responded. He stepped back two steps and said harshly, “who are you?”
“There are so many people in the world who can't kill them all?Then come one by one! “Li Ran's eyes were deep. “First of all, I'll start from you.”
“Stop him!”
Wang Yue exclaimed and quickly retreated.
The bodyguards and thugs rushed up.
However, in the blink of an eye, Li Ran's figure has disappeared in place.
Wang Yue just ran two steps, and someone patted him on the shoulder.
He froze and looked around in horror. Li Ran was laughing and joking.
“Let me go, let me go…”
Li Ran shook his head, “you have 10000 reasons to live, but to kill you, just one reason is enough.”
Then he raised his finger and gently touched his forehead.
The air was quiet for a moment.
Wang Yue's body exploded like a balloon, and his flesh and blood poured out on the snow like fireworks on a winter night.
He is just a mortal. For Li Ran, he is as vulnerable as a baby.
Li Ran's white clothes were not stained with fine dust. He turned around and said with a smile, “do you think his courage is too big?”
The people were shocked and their backs were chilly.
The wretched man then said in a trembling voice: “he is the prince of the Lincheng Wang family. His father is Wang Feng, a master of Yuanying period. Are you not afraid of the Wang family's revenge?”
He intended to frighten Li Ran, so as to save his life.
Unexpectedly, Li Ran nodded and said thoughtfully, “well, that's right. It seems that I have to kill you.”
Wretched man a Leng, a faint light silent flash.
His expression was fixed at the last moment, his head fell to the ground, and he rolled away.
The rest of them covered their mouths, shivering and afraid to speak.
Li Ran said faintly: “if you want to avenge them, you can come to Xuanling mountain to find me. My name is Li Ran. You can accompany me at any time.”
With that, he left in the air.
It's not for the sake of pretending.
Just don't want to put this killing evil on Leng Wuyan's head.
She had been very restrained. It was he who killed her.
They stood there for a quarter of an hour.
To make sure that Li Ran had really left, he was sitting on the snow.
Looking at the bloody situation on the ground, someone could not help vomiting.
“Wang YueAnd die like that? ”
“Just now the man said that he was from Xuanling mountain. Isn't that the residence of Youluo hall?”
“It's just a drunken talk. They can't escape from it. The top demons are really terrible!”
A few people look scared.
Unexpectedly, Zhengzhu was sitting next to them at that time
“Wait a minute!”
Liu Sheng exclaimed, “what's his name just now?Li Ran
The air was quiet for a moment.
“Li, Li Ran?”*
Chapter 24 is over. It's a slip of the tongue!
The north wind was blowing in the street, and the air seemed to condense.
However, people's hearts are colder than the cold wind.
“This person, can't it be that Li Ran?”Someone can't set the channel.
Liu Sheng gave a wry smile. “He was born in Youluo temple, but he was young and had advanced practice. Who else could he have besides that holy Son?”
People are falling into the ice cellar.
Li Ran, the son of the devil.
Gifted, born with Dao Wen.
He entered Youluo hall at the age of eight, completed the foundation at the age of twelve, and asked Jindan at the age of seventeen.
Such a terrible speed of practice, the whole vast land is rare, can be called the reincarnation of the great emperor!
Leng Wuyan is the successor of Leng Wuyan, the future leader of Youluo hall. In time, he will be the super devil who breaks the vast land!
He was also listed as the focus of attention by the major groups.
I didn't expect that Wang Yue's drunken talk provoked this kind of character to fight in person!
Wang Yue, death is not unjust!
Liu Sheng stood up and took the lead in saying, “this is the hatred between Youluo palace and the Wang family. It has nothing to do with my Liu family. Ladies and gentlemen, Liu has left!”
Then I will turn around and leave.
Others reacted.
“It has nothing to do with my family!”
“So is the sun family. I don't know Wang Yue at all!”
“I'm just passing by tonight. The Meng family didn't take part in it!”
Just now, he and Wang Yue pushed the cup to exchange cups and seek cooperation, but now he wants to be clean.
The Wangs must be finished, but they don't want to be buried with them.
That's Youluo hall!
Tie up all the families in Linfeng City, they are not as thick as others!
“You old dogs!Just now I was flattering my son. Now I want to get rid of my responsibility when something goes wrong? “Wang Yue's bodyguard was angry.
They came here from Lincheng to protect Wang Yue.
Now people have an accident, they absolutely have no good juice to eat!
“I will report it to the owner!Then you will be waiting for the sanction of the Wang family! “The leader of the guard was righteous.
All the people stopped and looked at each other.
“You Luo hall can not pay attention to the Wang familyBut it's really a big problem for us. “Liu Sheng sighed.
“Hum, I wish I knew I was afraid!”The leader of the guard was complacent.
They didn't pay attention to him, but talked to themselves.
“So, it must not go out.”
“Then we have to kill them.”
“Zhang Jia seconded.”
“The sun family seconded.”
“Meng family…”
The leader of the guard was stunned. “What do you mean?”
“What are you waiting for?Do it. “Liu Sheng showed a grim smile.
Blood sprayed, the open streets howled again.
Li Ran returns to zongmen and takes a hot bath under the service of aqin.
Today, it's the first time he's killed since he came here.
But instead of affectation, he took it for granted.
This is a chaotic world of ten clearness and nine turbidity. It's a world of cultivating immortals that people eat!
To live, you need thousands of reasons, but to kill, just one reason is enough.
And Wang Yue is a damned man indeed.
When the system publishes tasks, it shows the evils done by the other party, which can not be described as excessive.
Of course, Li Ran is not interested in acting for heaven.
Even if there is no task, Wang Yue will die today!
As for the wretched man
I just heard what he said about “good family, good medicine”. I thought the goods were disgusting and I just cut them off.
The heart calls the system.
[task completed.】
[task completion: perfect]
[get the advanced Treasure Box * 1.】
Li Ran opens the treasure chest.
[congratulations to the host for winning the magic power “subduing the devil and bright fist”!】
“Magic power?”His heart leaped.
It's the first time that I've been awarded a magical power.
Look carefully and introduce to the prize:
It's the supreme skill of Buddhism.
When running at full strength, the arm is golden, fingers are like five rounds, and the fist is bright!
Under one punch, the demon is biting and Howling!
Can be called home travel, kill demon in addition to ghost weapon!
“Good thing!”
Li Ran said he was very satisfied.
He stretched out his right hand and operated the magic power. The palm of his hand suddenly glowed white, reflecting the bedroom like day.
The whole right hand is translucent, and you can even see the bones and blood vessels under the skin, just like white jade!
“Wow, it's so powerful,” ah chin clapped excitedly, “Lord son, what's the name of this move?”
Li Ran raised the brightness by three levels, then waved and the white light went out.
“It's called a flashlight.”
“What a torch!”
Li Ran said strangely, “can you understand this move?”
Ah Qin shook his head and said seriously: “I can't understand it, but the Holy Son's magic power must be the most powerful one.”
Li Ran couldn't help laughing and pinched her little face, “you are a blind brain powder.”
“Hey, hey.”
Ah Qin has a charming smile.
Although she didn't know what brain powder was, this kind of contact made her very happy.
“By the way, Holy Son, you came back so late today. Have you been practicing all the time?”She asked as she massaged.
Li Ran leaned comfortably in the bucket and replied casually, “no, I went on a date with the leader tonight.”
“And the headmasterA date? ”
Ah Qin looked at him.
Li Ran: ┌.д。)┐
Shit, that's a slip of the tongue!*
Chapter 25 how to talk about love (2)
Today, Li Ran experienced too many things, and the water temperature in the barrel was so comfortable that he was a little slack.
I let it slip when I was not careful.
“You mean you went out with the headmaster?”
Ah Qin, with a question mark on his face, suspected that he had heard wrong.
“Ah, this…”
Li Ran's eyes turned. “I mean 'the headmaster asked me to meet and have a meeting'. It's called appointment for short. It's not what you think.”
He wiped his cold sweat.
This explanation can be said to be very far fetched, normal people should not believe it.
Ah Qin suddenly said: “so it is!It startled me. I thought it was a date between men and women. ”
Li Ran said awkwardly: “how can it be…”
“Leader Leng has not been close to men for hundreds of years, and he has forbidden his disciples to fall in love. How can he go out with his disciples?I think too much. “Ah Qin patted his head.
Not only did she believe it, she even helped them find an excuse.
Li Ran said, “yesHa ha… ”
I'm afraid no one will believe this kind of lame reason except ah Qin
Although Li Ran knew that even if she told her about it, she would never spread it.
But he still has to keep it a secret.
Because this is an agreement between him and Leng Wuyan,
“We should be more careful in the future. In case of being heard by others, it's not so easy to explain.”
Luo chafeng.
Deacon Wang stepped on the curtain of night and came to the leader's bedroom.
“I wonder why leader Leng summoned me in the middle of the night?I haven't made any mistakes recently
She went to the door, some uneasy button the door.
The door was unlocked, revealing a gap.
Deacon Wang took a deep breath, pushed the door and went in.
See Leng Wuyan sitting on the chair, right hand chin, eyes no focus, as if in a daze.
A wisp of hair dropped from the ear, blocking the white delicate side face.
Deacon Wang couldn't help but feel a little stupefied.
The leader is really good-looking!
“It's a pity that such a beautiful woman is not interested in men…”Deacon Wang sighed in his heart.
“I've seen leader Leng. What can I do for youShe said respectfully.
Leng Wuyan returned to her senses and said, “I have encountered a bottleneck in my practice recently. I think my understanding of the world of mortals is not enough.In order to improve Taoism, I want to ask you a few questions. I hope you can answer them well. ”
Deacon Wang said in a hurry: “it's about the leader's practice. I'll tell you everything!”
“Good.”Leng Wuyan nodded, “do you remember what I asked you last time?”
Deacon Wang thought, “about how to fall in love?”
“Cough, how to see through the world of mortals!”Leng Wuyan corrects the right way.
“Last time you said that dating, listening to music, eating sugar peopleWhat else?What else can two people do together? ”
Deacon Wang gave the standard answer.
Leng Wuyan glared at her, “what I'm talking about is not the flesh and blood, but the interaction between the two people, which can enhance their relationship.”
“Or sleep.”
Deacon Wang is very sure, “this kind of interaction can enhance the feelings most.”
“Is there anything else besides this?”Leng Wuyan can't hold fast.
Deacon Wang thought about it seriously. “The headmaster said that he has already had a date, and the relationship continues to heat up, but he hasn't been able to sleep together yet?”
“That's what I mean.”Leng Wuyan nodded.
“That should start with holding hands.”Deacon Wang replied.
“Hand in hand?”
“Well, there is already physical contact in this situation.It starts with holding hands, then hugs and kisses, which represent different stages of love. ”
Leng Wuyan's face was flushed.
She and Li Ran had the same sugar man, and I don't know if it's an indirect kiss
“I see. Go and have a rest.”
“Yes, I wish you a prosperous future.”
Deacon Wang stepped down.
Out of the bedroom, she scratched her head.
Recently, I feel that the leader is more and more strange. Is it really for the sake of practice to understand this kind of problem?
“Is it…”
“The clan is going to investigate the affairs of men and women?The leader wants to analyze which disciple is in love through this information? ”
“It must be so!”
Deacon Wang came to the conclusion.
“Well, it seems that we can't peep at the son any more during this period of time…”She went down the mountain dejectedly.
In her concept, Leng Wuyan and falling in love are isolated.
So I didn't think about it at all.
In the room, Leng Wuyan takes out a small book and remembers it carefully.
Under the words “date, listen to music, eat sugar”, it says “hand in hand, hug, kiss”.
“Should we start with holding hands first?”
“But what are you going to do?”
“If you take the initiative, it seems that you are not reserved…”
Under the candlelight, the pretty face is as red as an apple.*
Chapter 26 a letter from home!
It's early in the morning.
As soon as deacon Wang approached the kitchen, he heard a rustle coming from inside.
Her main business is to be responsible for the leader's food and clothing, and this kitchen is dedicated to the leader, no one can enter without her key.
But now there's someone in there?
“Who dares to go in and steal?”
Deacon Wang opened the door and rushed in.
“Bold, dare to stealWho is the leader
She was stunned.
See Leng Wuyan one hand holding spoon, one hand holding pot cover, white cheek also stained with a few black marks.
“Headmaster, what are you doing?”Deacon Wang looked puzzled.
“I'm cooking soup.”Leng Wuyan replied.
Deacon Wang shivered when he saw the black liquid rolling in the pot.
Is it sure to drink?
Leng Wuyan's eyebrows wrinkled slightly. “It's strange that according to our experience in alchemy, there's no problem with the ingredients. Why do they look so ugly?”
Deacon Wang asked carefully: “youWhat kind of soup is it? ”
Leng Wuyan said: “it's made of Lei Xuanying meat, blood essence demon fruit, evergreen vine and snow bone ginseng. It can nourish meridians, clear Qi and transform spirit.”
Deacon Wang could not laugh or cry.
It's strange if it tastes good!
“Master, cooking is different from alchemy. It's not about efficacy, it's about color and fragrance.It's just like you've created a valley, but you still use it frequently. Isn't it because of the taste of the food? ”
Leng Wuyan tilted her head and thought, “it's reasonable.”
Deacon Wang took the spoon from her hand.
“If you have anything you want to eat, just tell your disciples. Why bother to do it yourself?”
Leng Wuyan turned her head, “you don't understand. It's also a kind of practice.”
In fact, she wanted to make soup for Li Ran herself.
Isn't it true that all virtuous girlfriends are like this?
“I really don't understand the master's realm.But when it comes to cooking, the disciple must know a little more than the leader. “Deacon Wang said with a smile.
Leng Wuyan's eyes brightened, “deacon Wang, come and teach me how to make soup!”
Deacon Wang: “ah?”
Li Ran pushed the door open and went out, the warm sunshine sprinkled on him.
He stretched out solidly.
“What a beautiful day.”
With the existence of seizing heavenly power, he didn't need meditation at all, and his cultivation was natural.
This kind of salted fish life is not too pleasant.
“If you have nothing to do, bask in the sun, tease ah chin, and fall in love with the headmaster, the gods will not change this day!”
“Are you a little incompetent as a villain?”
But to tell the truth, Youluo temple is totally different from the magic gate in his mind.
The relationship between the disciples here is harmonious, the elder is amiable, and even the leader is cute.
I don't have a devil's temperament.
“I don't know how to become a demon, or the top one…” Li Ran shook his head inexplicably.
“Lord son!”
Not far away came a cry, deer happily ran to him.
“Lord son, long time no see!”
“I didn't see it yesterday…”
Since helping her break through last time, this girl has become more sticky. Now Li Ran has a headache when he sees her.
“It's like three autumn after a day's absence.”
Deer gladly took out a small box and handed it to him.
“Here you are.”
“What is this?”Li Ran was puzzled.
Lu Xinran said with a smile: “this is the cake I made for you two hours earlier. It's absolutely delicious!”
“Can you cook?”
Li Ran took it suspiciously and smelled a familiar smell after opening it.
“It can't be…”
“Qiang Qiang, Xiao Lu's Secret sweet scented osmanthus cake, please taste it.”
“Osmanthus cake again?”
Li Ran's face turned green.
Last night's sweet scented osmanthus cake almost made him vomit.
Originally wanted to leave directly, but saw the blood in her eyes, hesitated for a moment, or picked up a piece and put it in her mouth.
I didn't expect that it tasted good.
“How's it going?”Deer looked at him eagerly.
“Not bad.”Li Shao nodded.
Deer happily excited to jump up, “as long as the son of adults like, I can do it for you every day.”
“Forget it, I thank you.”
“I can also make plum cake ~”
Lu Xinran pestered him for a while and was called back to practice.
Li Ran was relieved at last.
At this time, an inner disciple came up with an envelope in his hand, “Holy Son, here is a letter for you.”
“Letter?Who will write to me? “Li Ran is a little curious.
“I don't know. I only know it's from Wuyang city.”
Li Ran suddenly understood, “that should be a letter from home.”
He tore open the envelope and took out a piece of jade from it.
Although it is a letter, it is not in the form of paper. Instead, it uses jade as a carrier to input information.
It can only be viewed in a specific way, otherwise it will be destroyed directly.
It's a kind of encrypted letter.
Li Ran instilled spiritual power into it, and the familiar voice rang out directly in his ears.
It's his second uncle.
First of all, he hissed and asked about him, and then said the content, which directly made Li Ran dumbfounded.
“No, fiancee?”*
Chapter 27 divorce, too many elements!
Second uncle mentioned in the letter that Li Ran had a fiancee surnamed Xiao!
“Why don't I know that myself?”He has a confused face.
When he had listened to the letter carefully, he understood it.
The marriage was decided by the grandparents of the two families. At that time, Li Ran was still young, and no one in the family told him.
As a result, when he was eight years old, he was favored by Youluo hall and entered the top sect. He became a famous genius son.
The gap between the Li family and the Xiao family is also growing.
In addition, there is a ban on marriage in the Youluo temple. Slowly, no one will mention the marriage.
Even Li ran himself heard it for the first time.
Er Bo mentioned in his letter:
[with the death of the ancestors of the Xiao family, the whole Xiao family has fallen into the second rate family.】
[Miss Xiao lost her talent overnight, and now she is a mortal.】
[now I suddenly mention the engagement, but I just want to hold my Li family's thigh and get through this disaster.】
[it's wrong that the two families are not in charge of each other. This engagement should be void.】
[but after all, it's an appointment made by our ancestors. We can't settle the matter in a hurry. Ran'er should go to the Xiao's house and retire in person.】
[with the existence of the ban of Youluo hall, the Xiao family must have nothing to say…]
Li Ran
How come it seems that I've heard about it somewhere?
Xiao's family, lost all their talent, quit marriage… It's too strong!
When I think about it carefully, I do remember a little girl who was carved with powder and jade. When I was a child, they often played together.
However, since entering the Youluo hall, Li Ran seldom went home for so many years, and they never met again.
“You can't let the master know about it, otherwise, with her jealous character…”
Li Ran shivered.
Although at this juncture, it is a little suspected of falling into the trap, but it is the best solution.
“Look for a chance to go down the mountain and give up the engagement.”He made a decision.
It's going to have to be done before this gets around.
Towards noon, a deacon found him.
“Holy Son, the headmaster has something to ask for you. Please go to the Luocha palace.”
Li Ran browed.
Looking for me now?
Master will not already know!
“Son?”Seeing that he didn't respond, the Deacon called again.
Li Ran came back and said, “OK, I see.”
He put the letter away, gave it to aqin for safekeeping, and went to Luo Zhefeng himself.
Leng Wuyan paced in her bedroom, nervous and expectant.
Hearing that the door was buckled, he quickly sat back in his chair, picked up a book and turned it up.
“Come in.”
Li Ran pushed the door and came to her.
“Sorry, I'm late. I've kept the master waiting for a long time.”He arched his hand.
Within the main peak, no flying is allowed, so you can only walk by your legs.
Leng Wuyan said casually: “long time?I'm so fascinated with my reading that I thought it would only be a while. ”
Then he turned a page.
“Master…” Li Ran wanted to say nothing.
“What's the matter?Let's get this straight. ”
“You have the book upside down.”
Leng Wuyan was a little embarrassed and said, “I just like reading upside down, can't I?”
“It's worthy of being a master. I admire it.”Li Ran couldn't help laughing.
Cold without Yan, the cheek passes a trace of bright red.
This man is dead.
“Well, there's no one else here. Don't be so serious.”Leng Wuyan said.
Li Ran scratched his head. “Are the disciples very unorthodox in private?”
“What do you think?Serious enough to fall in love with the headmaster? “Cold no Yan you you road.
Li Ran's face was red, awkward giggling.
Leng Wuyan gave him a pretty white look, “silly, come with me.”
They went through the hall and all the way to the dining room.
Looking at a large table full of delicacies, Li Ran was stunned.
“Master, what's this
“I have nothing to do to cook. I do too much by accident. In order to avoid waste, I ask you to clean it up.”
Li Ran looked at the dishes on the table. They had all kinds of color, flavor and flavor, and he never touched them.
Which is not careful to do too much, clearly is the heart to prepare the meal!
“Wait a minute. What did you say?”
Shocked, Li Ran said, “these dishes are all cooked by yourself?”
In my memory, Leng Wuyan is a master who doesn't touch yangchunshui, and can't even recognize the seasoning.
“Of course.”She held her arms and nodded with pride.
Li Ran sat down, picked up the silver chopsticks and put a piece of snow hawk meat into his mouth.
My eyes lit up.
Leng Wuyan asked expectantly, “what's the taste like?”
Li Ran thumbed up and said, “it's delicious!Master, your skill is excellent, isn't it? ”
It's not flattery. It's really delicious.
Although it's not the top chef's level, it's definitely a high level.
“That's good.”
Leng Wuyan was relieved, “it's not in vain that I got up early in the morning to learn how to cook.”
With her talent and savvy, no matter what dish it is, you can copy it perfectly after reading it once.
They even know all about it and create a lot of new dishes.
But even so, it took her four or five hours.
Li Ran looked at her fair face and felt a little touched.
“Master, you are very kind to me.”
Leng Wuyan blushed, turned her head and said, “I'm just practicing with you. It's not specially for you. Why are you so numb…”
Having said that, the sweetness in my eyes is too strong to melt.
Li Ran had long been used to her proud and charming character. He stretched out his hand and pulled her to sit down beside him. “Master, let's eat together.”
Leng Wuyan only felt that her palm was warm, her heart began to beat faster, just like a puppet. She let him pull and sat on the chair*
Chapter 28 Leng Wuyan's soul torture!
Leng Wuyan sits on one side, her right hand is tightly held by Li Ran.
Feeling the surging heat of the stove, Yan Hong gradually climbed up her cheek.
This is their first real skin contact.
“Master, you can eat it together.”Li Ran's heartless one handed dry rice.
Leng Wuyan stammered: “Ben, my hand is still being held by you…”
Li Ran then responded and quickly released, “it's my disciple who is reckless!”
“No harm.”
Leng Wuyan turns her head and feels a little empty in her heart.
Looking at Li ran with an awkward face, he suddenly surged with unprecedented courage.
She took the initiative to put the slim hand back into his palm and whispered: “I can eat with my left hand…”
Li Ran stared at her.
Leng Wuyan was a little shy and said, “Why are you staring at me? Don't you hurry to eat?”
“Yes, disciple!”
Li Ran saluted with his left hand.
They looked at each other and laughed brilliantly.
At dinner, Leng Wuyan said in a voice: “there's something I'm curious about…”
“Master, just ask.”
“You would rather die that day than confess to me. What attracts you to me?”
Leng Wuyan rarely uses “I” instead of “this seat”.
She was a little embarrassed, but she looked at Li Ran nervously.
In Leng Wuyan's heart, she is indifferent, old-fashioned and bears the curse of the devil.
No one in the world would like her.
Li Ran put down his chopsticks, thought for a while, and said firmly, “face.”
Leng Wuyan was stunned.
“Yes,” Li Ran Li said of course, “the master's face is very beautiful. His face is set against the morning glow, his lips contain broken jade, and his eyes seem to have a galaxy of stars. I have never seen such a beautiful person.”
Leng Wuyan is said to be a little shy, but she still can't help asking, “besides this?”
“In addition to beauty, the body is also a top one stick, the fat place, the thin place thin, can be called natural.”
“Just the appearance…”
She had imagined countless answers, but never thought that they were so superficial.
I don't know whether to be happy or sad for a moment.
“Red powder skeleton, white bone and skin bag, even the emperor level strong can't live forever, this kind of appearance will disappear one day, at that time… Will you still like me?”Leng Wuyan pondered for a while and sent out soul torture.
“Of course.”Li Ran did not hesitate.
“Man is a visual animal, and the natural attraction of master is his appearance.But I'd like to ask the disciples what they like most about the master…. ”
“What do you like?”Leng Wuyan asked.
“I like the teacher's seriousness when he annotates his lessons, his calmness when he listens to music, his naivety when he eats sweet people, and his loveliness when he has a hard mouth.”
“In the eyes of the disciples, the master is reliable and gentle, soulful and lovely. He is a perfect being!”
Li Ran talks a lot.
Although the confession was an accident, these were his true words.
“Do you have so many advantages?Lovely? ”
Leng Wuyan's face reddened as she listened, and she was almost buried under the table.
The heart in the chest of the joy.
“I know, I know.”
Li Ran raised his hand and said with a smile: “another point, master's hand is really soft.”
Leng Wuyan is shy and is about to smoke.
“One last question.Since you and I have established a relationship, why do you still call me master? “She asked in a low voice.
This problem has been bothering her for a long time.
They are already lovers, so it's hard to avoid estrangement.
Li Ran scratched his head. “After all, I've been calling for ten years, and I can't change it for a while… And don't you think it's more exciting?”
Leng Wuyan almost vomited blood.
“Stimulate your sister!”
She wanted to open Li Ran's skull to see what was in it.
The dining room was quiet again, and she was absent-minded.
Li Ran suddenly broke the silence
“Ah, ah, ah?”
Leng Wuyan almost threw out her chopsticks as if she had been electrocuted.
No one ever called her that.
What a shame!
Li Ran shrugged, “the disciple has changed. Now it's your turn.”
Leng Wuyan calmed down for a while and said strangely, “don't you always call you burning son?It's a good name. ”
“No, you have to change it to…”
Li Ran leaned up to her ear and said something quietly.
Leng Wuyan is so ashamed and angry that she almost lifts the table.
“No!I can't say it! “Her head turned into a rattle.
“All right.”
Li Ran sighed with regret.
Leng Wuyan can't bear to see what she is about to say, and suddenly she looks like a su.
“Someone's coming.”
“Who's here?”Li Ran was stunned*
Chapter 29 trial?Leave it to me!
Sun Wei came in and was stunned when he saw the table full of rich food.
“I've seen the headmaster. I'm sorry to disturb you.”
“No harm.”
Sun did not turn his eyes to her side, “the son was there.”
“Elder sun.”Li Ran nodded his regards.
Although he is the elder, Li Ran is also the son of the sect. He can't be compared with other disciples. He doesn't need to get up and bow.
Elder sun is a little strange. Li Ran was present when he came to see the leader for the last two times.
I haven't seen them interact so frequently before.
“Now it's just not the right time. Why don't you come to Luocha peak if you don't practice well?”Sun Wei asked.
Before Li Ran could answer, Leng Wuyan took the lead in saying, “burn'er has been very diligent recently, and his practice has entered the country quite quickly. I'm worried that too much is not enough, so I asked him to come and have a rest.”
Li can't help laughing.
You mean falling in love!
With the existence of seizing Tiangong, he would have to sleep every day!
But it's true that it's quite fast.
Cold no Yan tiny can't check of slant his one eye, eyes is full of smile.
Sun did not fix his eyes, but exclaimed in disbelief: “the son of God is in the later stage of the golden elixir?”
Last time I saw him, he was still in the middle of Jindan. He broke through in just one or two days?
This cultivation speed is amazing!
Li Ran was calm, “maybe it's a coincidence.”
In itself, he is the medium-term success of the golden elixir. With his strong talent and the ability to seize the sky, he can break through the later stage as easily as drinking water.
“At the age of 17, he has just become a golden elixir, but in a year and a half, he has entered the later stage!This talent is really terrible
Sun does not understand why Leng Wuyan is so close to Li Ran.
Such a strong talent, as long as it doesn't die young, will definitely be a giant in the future!
“It's all the teacher's training.”
Li Ran said on his mouth and quietly squeezed Leng Wuyan's little hand under the table.
Leng Wuyan bit her lips and tried to keep calm.
This boy, too presumptuous!
She wanted to break free, but she couldn't make it.
Thinking that elder sun couldn't see it anyway, he broke the jar and let him lead him.
“Elder sun, what are you doing here?”She asked aloud.
“It's like this,” Sun Wei said, “the clan trial is about to begin. I don't know which disciple is leading the way this time?The elder of each peak is very concerned. ”
The clan trial.
It is an important part of cultivating disciples in Youluo hall.
Every three years, Mengxin disciples will be arranged to go down the mountain for trial, mainly to explore 100000 mountains and complete the task assigned by the sect.
Every time I experience, I will arrange a senior elder martial brother to lead the team.
Although a bit nanny nature, but can take the lead to find the heart, good quality seedlings, easy to pull into their seats.
So the elders of each peak are very close to this matter.
Leng Wuyan waved, “elder sun, look at the arrangement.”
Obviously, I don't like it very much.
“OK, then I'll…”
Li Ran suddenly said, “I'll come!”
They both looked at him in surprise.
“You are a holy Son, so you should concentrate on your practice. Don't worry about this kind of thing?”Sun Wei said euphemistically.
Li Ran shook his head. “I've been practicing a little too much recently. I just take this opportunity to adjust.”
“But…” Sun Wei hesitated.
“Besides, in the past ten years, I have never participated in the trial.As a holy Son, do something for the clan? “Li Ran said.
When it comes to this, elder sun is helpless.
“It's all up to the leader.”
Leng Wuyan took a serious look at him, “are you sure you want to lead the team in the trial?”
Li Ran nodded, “I'm sure.”
Trial is false, divorce is true.
Just take this opportunity to withdraw this inexplicable engagement!
“Well, that's OK.”
When elder Sun left, Leng Wuyan put down her chopsticks and kept silent.
Li Ran swallowed his saliva and said carefully: “teacher, master…”
Leng Wuyan ignored him.
Leng Wuyan couldn't hold her breath any longer. She said angrily, “how can you say anything, you apprentice?”
“It's you who are so lovely. I feel it.”
Li Ran continued to carry forward the shameless spirit.
“Come on!To tell you the truth, why did you suddenly lead the team down the mountain?You didn't work so hard beforeLeng Wuyan asked.
Li Ran's eyes turned, “I'm homesick.”
“The disciples have been practicing for more than ten years, and the number of times they go home is very few. I want to take this opportunity to go back… Don't you blame me?”
“Of course not!”
Leng Wuyan was a little embarrassed. “I'm sorry, I wronged you. I thought you wanted to…”
“What do you think?”Li Ran asked curiously.
“Want to avoid this seat…” her voice is getting smaller and smaller.
Li Ran was dumbfounded.
My master is really lovely.
But the more so, the more guilty he felt.
Leng Wuyan believes him unconditionally, but he lies repeatedly
“I can't tell her the key thing!”Li Ran was very helpless*
Chapter 30 my master is too sweet!
“The trial was going to take more than a month, and if you go home, won't you be able to see her for a long time?”Leng Wuyan is lost in her heart.
Originally, with her realm, it would take decades to close a barrier at random, but this time is just a flick of a finger.
But now I feel very hard.
Li Ran pinched her little hand. “I will come back as soon as possible. I'm looking forward to my second date with the master.”
“Well, who's going on a date with you?”
Leng Wuyan said so on her mouth, but there was a smile in her eyes.
The haze in my heart has dissipated a lot.
“Well, the thought of not being able to see the leader for such a long time makes me feel very sad… Or I'd better not go?”Li Ran sighed.
“Well, there is no time to cultivate immortals.For you and me, it's just a short time, and the days ahead are still long. ”
Leng Wuyan comforted him instead.
There was a twinkle in Li Ran's eyes, and he said, “before you leave, can you satisfy a little wish of the disciple?”
Leng Wuyan said strangely: “wish?Tell me about it? ”
Li Ran cleared his throat and said, “it's the name I just said to you. I especially want to hear you call.”
Leng Wuyan immediately at a loss, look flustered way: “no, this seat called not export!”
Li Ran's expression is full of regret.
Leng Wuyan looked at him, hesitated for a long time, whispered: “if this seat is called, can you come back early?”
“Of course!”
Li Ran's eyes brightened, “disciple, promise to go and return quickly!”
Leng Wuyan covered her cheek and called out: “Xiang, Xianggong ~”
Through the fingers, you can see her cheeks are red.
Before waiting for Li ran to respond, her figure disappeared instantly, and she was so shy that she ran away directly.
Li Ran sat on the chair for a long time and never recovered.
He covered his crazy beating heart and murmured: “my master is so sweet…”
No central city.
This is the capital of the dynasty, the most prosperous city-state.
At this time, all the people gathered in front of the stage, looking at the fairies on the stage.
The immortal Conference!
This is the closest day to the world of practice.
All the families will send their best descendants to test their talents in order to get the chance to join the immortal sect.
And each sect will continue to pay attention to avoid missing out on the good ones.
It was here that eight year old Li Ran measured the talent of holy goods, which directly triggered the competition among the top sects.
Finally, it was put under the door by Youluo hall.
At this time, the Deacon who presided over the meeting said, “now the Xiao family's disciples will be on the stage to test Fu.”
A group of young boys and girls went up. The youngest of them was only six or seven years old.
They touch the stone one by one according to the order on the list.
“Xiao Feng, inferior talent.”
“Xiao Yun, inferior talent.”
“Xiao San, the talent of middle class.”
Until there is only one person left, the best is just a medium talent.
It's very sad.
The girl at the end of the line took a deep breath and pressed her right hand on the stone.
After a while, there was no response.
The Deacon said in a loud voice: “Xiao Qingge has no talent for practice!”
She drew back her hand, her eyes drooping.
“Sure enough, no miracle happened… My talent really disappeared…”
It's not the first time that she's been to the conference.
When he was young, he was found to have super talent. Although he was inferior to Li Ran, he was also rare in a hundred years.
On the spot, he was accepted by the top sect Shinto palace.
Ten years old to practice Qi, 15 years old to build foundation, 18 years old has reached the golden elixir threshold.
The speed of practice is only under the reincarnation of Li Ran.
In addition to the beautiful appearance, it is known as the “pure Fairy” by the world, and the whole vast land has numerous supporters.
No accident, she will become a strong party, leading the Xiao family to prosperity.
But it all changed not long ago.
Half a month ago, her accomplishments suddenly disappeared, and ten years of hard work disappeared.
Even the original talent of super product has become the worst “nothing”.
Zongmen and the family tried everything they could to find a solution.
In the end, it can only be attributed to “Providence”.
The clan does not raise useless people. She has lost her talent completely. She is not qualified to be a servant in the clan.
After confirming that she could not recover, she was expelled by the Shinto palace.
How high I flew, how bad I fell now.
Everyone looked up on the stage and talked about it.
“I'll go. I didn't expect that Xiao Qingge's talent was gone?”
“Yes, I thought it was a rumor. As a result, the stone hammer was broken this time!”
“Good guy, after consuming so many resources, he turned out to be a useless man. The Xiao family is losing a lot this time!”
“I heard that she was expelled from the sect by Shinto palace…”
“Not only that, but even the Li family are clamoring to give up their marriage.”
“Is there an engagement between the Xiao family and the Li family?Why haven't I heard of that? ”
“It's a long story. It's…”
Xiao Qingge stepped down and asked, quietly passing through the crowd, turning a deaf ear to all this.*
Chapter 31 the shadow of Li Ran!
This is an annual grand gathering, where the major families of Wuyang city gather.
Xiao Qingge is also a man of the moment, and all eyes turn to her for a moment.
There are sighs, banter, greed and covet
Once upon a time, this was the most beautiful fairy.
Today, the lost of the immortal fate, falling into the world, naturally attracted a lot of people's prying.
“Xiao Qingge?I didn't expect you to come
A vain young man stood in front of her with a playful smile on his face.
Li Sheng.
Li Ran's cousin, a first-class talent, is a true inner disciple.
“Although the Shinto palace has released the news, your Xiao family has never admitted it.Now, when you come to this meeting, don't you tell the world that Xiao Qingge is a useless man? ”
Li Sheng bites the word “useless person” so hard that everyone can hear it.
Xiao Qingge's face is expressionless and she is about to leave.
“Mad, pretend to be high cold?I thought I was the fairy of Qing Dynasty? ”
A trace of displeasure flashed in Li Sheng's eyes, and he reached for her arm.
Xiao Qingge frowned.
they hurt!
This grab almost crushed her bones!
The power in the middle period of building foundation is not something she can bear.
But the children of the Xiao family turned a blind eye to it and looked away one by one, as if they didn't know her.
Family is still like this, the world is cold, you can see it!
Li Sheng can't help but feel more proud.
“He lost his cultivation and was expelled by the clanI don't want to mention that, but your Xiao family still wants to marry my Li family? ”
“If you don't have your father, you want to marry me in the Li family?How ridiculous
“As far as I know, it's a foregone conclusion. You'd better think about it. What's your role?”
Xiao Qingge said coldly, “let go.”
“Oh, I'm so scared!”Li Sheng looked at her, smiling obscene, “you still have some beauty. Why don't you be a cauldron for me? I'll keep you safe!”
“You deserve it?”
“What are you talking about?”
Li Sheng suspected that he had heard wrong.
Xiao Qingge raised his head and looked at him coldly, “as long as I don't withdraw my engagement for one day, I will be Li Ran's fiancee for one day!Have you ever thought about the consequences of what you said just now? ”
“Li Ran?”
When Li Sheng heard the name, his body could not help shaking, and there was a trace of fear in his eyes.
“You, who do you scare…”
“Let go.”
Li Sheng looked at her calm eyes, suddenly a little frightened, involuntarily let go.
Xiao Qingge rubbed his wrist and said, “yes, I lost my accomplishments and became a mortal.But some people, even if they can practice, will never be able to lift their heads! ”
Then he turned and left.
Li Sheng breathed heavily, his face turned red and white, and his forehead became blue.
This sentence deeply poked his pain.
Under the shadow of Li Ran, the devil's son, he can never lift his head!
“Xiao Qingge, when the Li family withdraws, I will make you pay the price!”His eyes were full of ferocity.
Xiao Qingge came home and shut himself in the room.
The whole person seems to have been emptied in an instant, sitting powerlessly in a chair, eyes full of blankness.
No matter how strong she is, she is just a teenager.
She couldn't bear the huge fall from the cloud to hell.
Dong Dong Dong.
The door was knocked.
She got up and opened the door.
Outside the door stood a burly man, the head of the Xiao family, her own father, Xiao Nian.
Xiao Qingge didn't dare to look at him.
Xiao Nian sighed helplessly, “go in and say it.”
In the room.
Xiao Nian laid a sound insulation array, and then he said: “Qingge, you shouldn't go to Dengxian club. This will only make the situation more uncontrollable.”
Xiao Qingge shook his head and said, “the Shinto palace has sent out news. It can't be concealedAnd I want to try again… ”
“I understand.”
Xiao Nian sighed: “since the death of his ancestors, the Xiao family has been like a candle in the wind. There are tigers and wolves waiting around in Wuyang city. I'm just worried that I can't protect you!”
“My daughter's incompetence bothered my father.”Xiao Qingge whispered.
“If we can get the support of the Li family, everything will turn for the better. Unfortunately…”Xiao Nian shook his head.
In the present state of the Xiao family, it's almost a foregone conclusion to withdraw from marriage.
“Qingge, is it really impossible for you and Li Ran?”Xiao Nian couldn't help asking.
“Li Ran?”
Xiao Qingge's eyes were confused, and the appearance of a young boy flashed through his mind.
Childhood playmates, agreements under trees, orders of parents, words of matchmakers
She was willing!
“It's impossible.”
Xiao Qingge bit his lips, “Li Ran is the son of Youluo temple. The clan has a ban on marriage. Even if he doesn't give up his marriage, the engagement is still in name.”
Xiao Nian's heart is full of helplessness.
Li Ran is the only turning point in this matter.
Only when he comes forward can Xiao Qingge be comprehensive.
Can Xiao Qingge's character, broken teeth will go to the stomach swallow, how willing to ask him at this time?*
Chapter 32 Leng Wuyan's letter!
Youluo hall, the main peak of Daochang.
A group of young disciples gathered here.
Most of them are Meng Xin who just joined the sect, and some of them are disciples who missed the previous trial.
They were nervous and excited about the trial that was about to begin.
“It's said that 100000 mountain is super terrifying, occupying countless demons. It's a forbidden area for human race!”
“We are a group of rookies. When we go, isn't it the devil's dish?”
“An, zongmen won't let us die. It's just outside the 100000 mountains. It's not so dangerous.”
“And there are elder martial brothers. What are you panicking about?”
“I don't know which elder martial brother is leading the team this time. I hope he is a handsome guy. He will be in a good mood in this trial.”
Listening to the comments of the disciples around, Lu Xinran sighed and frowned.
She is also in the trial team.
In the early days of Zhuji, she stood out in this group of Qi training disciples. Her identity changed from a younger martial sister to a elder martial sister.
But she was not happy at all.
The thought of not seeing the son for a long time makes my heart empty.
“Well, I'm going to make plum blossom cake for the saint son. It seems that I can only wait until I come back.”
In her mind, cultivation can only be ranked second
All of a sudden, the clamorous discussion stopped.
“What's the matter?”
The deer looked up and saw a white figure falling.
Her mouth was slightly open and her eyes were full of disbelief.
“Saint, Saint son?”
Li Ran falls in the middle of the Taoist temple.
He is handsome and full of beauty.
He looked around and said indifferently, “I'm the leader of this clan training.”
“My task is to ensure the safety of your lives.”
“As for the rest, it's none of my business, whether it's missing an arm or a broken leg.”
“So, my only request to you is…”
“Live on!”
“Half an hour later, gather at the teleport array, and the latecomer will be judged as negative!”
Li Ran's speech was concise and comprehensive, and then he left directly.
There was a moment of silence in the ashram, and then a moment of boiling.
“Which elder martial brother is this? It's too handsome!”
“Especially the cold energy. It's cool!”
“Love, love!”
The female disciples are full of stars.
Most of them are outside disciples. They can't recognize Li ran because they can't get in touch with him.
“You don't know him?This is the son of my family, Li Ran, the first genius of HaoTu! “One of the disciples said in a voice.
“Is he the son Li Ran?”
“My God!”
Everyone looked at each other.
It's a legendary character. It's just a small trial. Is it led by Shengzi himself?
It's exaggerating!
The deer was so excited that it almost jumped up.
“I didn't expect to be able to test with Shengzi. I'm so lucky, roar!”
Li Ran returned to his residence.
Aqin also knows about it and is helping him pack.
Because she is not a disciple of Youluo temple, she can't go with this trial.
“Lord son, this is your replacement clothing during this period. If it's dirty, you can replace it directly.”
“It's food on the road. It's all your favorite food. It won't rot if you put it in the storage ring.”
“This is…”
Li Ran can't laugh or cry, “OK, I'm not going on holiday, but it's just an ordinary test. I'll be back soon.”
“Well, ah chin will work hard and wait for the saint son to come back.”She said seriously.
“Good boy.”
Li Ran rubbed her little head.
Ah Qin squinted and enjoyed himself.
“Ah Qin is already in the middle of Qi training. According to Xuanji's Guangming Sutra, as long as the foundation is successfully built, he will be able to practice with ShengziWell
Li Ran covered her mouth with a big man.
“Besides practicing with me, can you pursue something else?”
Ah Qin's eyes were black and white, blinking innocently.
Li Ran
“Forget it, you go on.”
After settling aqin, Li Ran walked out of the room.
Look at the towering Luocha peak.
Since the last time Leng Wuyan was shy and ran away, she never showed up again. When she went to her bedroom, she was told that the leader was not there.
“Are you angry with me?It shouldn't be. Last time we met, we were fine. “Li Ran pinched his chin.
There's always something wrong in my heart.
At this time, a female disciple quickly walked up to him.
“Lord son.”
“Deacon Wang?What can I do for youLi Ran asked.
Deacon Wang nodded, reached out and took out a letter, “this is what the headmaster asked me to give you before I leave.”
“The letter?”
Li Ran was stunned for a moment, then asked: “in addition to this, what else did the leader say?”
Deacon Wang shook his head. “No more.”
“All right.”
When she left, Li Ran opened the letter, and Lingli infused it.
Leng Wuyan's cold voice sounded in her ears:
I'm going to southern Xinjiang. I have something important to deal with. I can't see you off in person.】
[pay attention to safety, come back early, we will give you a surprise】
[when boys go out, they should learn to protect themselves and not be promiscuous, or we will ignore you】
Remember to miss me every day, Xiang, Xianggong】
Her voice became smaller and smaller, and she could hardly hear clearly at last.
Li can even imagine how shy she was when she recorded the letter.
“Who can stand that!I'm going to have diabetes! “*
Chapter 33 trial begins!
One hundred thousand mountains.
This place is located in the extreme south of the vast land, with mountains and rivers, and is rich in demons and ghosts.
The deeper you go, the more monsters you have.
This evil land was even listed as a forbidden area for the human race.
Even if he is a high-level immortal, he only dares to walk around the periphery, and does not dare to go deep into it easily.
“Youluo mental skill – Shadow killing array!”
“Watch your back!”
“Form the formation, form the formation quickly!”
As soon as they entered the range of 100000 mountains, they were attacked by monsters.
This is a gorgeous fierce tiger with hanging eyes. It is as tall and strong as an ox, with a pair of huge tusks sticking out of its mouth and its tail waving like a steel whip.
The toothed tiger.
The strength is equivalent to the middle and later period of Qi training.
Unlike normal tigers, they don't like to walk alone. On the contrary, they prefer groups.
This caused great trouble to the people of Youluo temple.
They worked together to kill a few, and then they were scattered by the tigers. Under the crazy attack of monsters, they struggled to support them.
Not far away, Li Ran lay on the flying sword and yawned lazily.
He's a team leader, not a nanny.
He didn't want to do anything before he killed someone.
On the battlefield of scuffle, a small figure attracted his attention.
I saw deer happily shuttling between demons and beasts. Her body was as fast as a ghost, and the slow speed of the toothed tiger couldn't touch her at all.
On the contrary, every time she attacks, she can leave terrible scars on them.
Only three breath time, it is easy to kill a demon tiger.
“Yes, it's a lot more than before.”Li Ran nodded secretly.
Lu Xinran's fighting talent is still very strong.
But it doesn't last long.
The demon tigers soon noticed the thorny enemy and listed her as the key care object. Five demon tigers howled wildly and rushed to cover up the sky.
Lu Xinran suddenly had some left and right clumsiness.
She turned the shadow into a shield to block the attack of the four demon tigers, but one of them broke through the defense line.
Demon tiger scarlet eyes are full of greed, open a bloody mouth to bite, smelly saliva almost dripping on her body!
“It's over!”
The deer was happy and frightened.
It's too late to use any Taoist Dharma at this time.
In the tiger bite off the moment, suddenly in front of a flower, a tall and straight figure block in front of her.
“Enough, that's it.”
With the indifferent voice, the demon tiger suddenly exploded into a bloody rain.
Li Ran was covered with silver light. Like a meteor in the daytime, he rushed into the monster group,
With the harsh howl, but just a few breath time, all the demon tigers were torn by the silver light.
Red light splashed, blood and flesh flying, the tragic picture is like a picture of hell!
Li Ran was suspended above the corpse.
White hunting, black hair flying, not a trace of blood on the body.
There was a great contrast in this scene. The disciples looked at it stupidly and couldn't come back to God for a long time.
Seeing that many of them had already won the lottery, Li Ran said faintly: “everyone should check the injury, rectify on the spot, and set out half an hour later.”
Then he jumped back to the flying sword, lazily basking in the sun.
Lu Xinran took the lead to react, looked at him gratefully, and then began to organize the disciples to rectify.
“Your son is so handsome!”
“One says one, it's really handsome!”
“Did you see his hand just now?In an instant, all the demon tigers are dead! ”
“That's great!”
“Shengzi is not as cold as it is said.”
The disciples looked at Li Ran admiringly and discussed in a low voice.
A male disciple covered his bleeding arm and hummed: “in order to be handsome, I have to wait until the last moment to do it!If we get rid of the monsters earlier, we won't lose the lottery! ”
Obviously, I have been dissatisfied for a long time.
Lu Xinran gave him a cold look. “Do you think you're here to travel?This is a real battle, and you will get hurt in real battle! ”
“If the son has cleared all obstacles, what is the point of this trial?”
“But…”The male disciples still want to quibble.
“Lord son, you should be grateful for saving our lives. If you let me hear that again, I'll just quit the trial.”Lu Xinran is very tough.
Other people also cast bad eyes.
The male disciple trembled and bowed his head.
Waiting for the disciples to wrap up their wounds and collect the demon bones needed for the task, the team continued to move forward.
Li Ran is still behind.
“Lord son!”
Deer happily ran to him, holding a bright red fruit.
“This is yunlingguo I just found. Take one to quench your thirst.”
“I'm not thirsty.”Li Ran did not lift his eyelids.
Lu Xinran said seriously: “thank you for your help just now, otherwise I would really die here.”
Li Ran said: “no, it's the duty of the team leader.”
“Haha, actually I know that although Shengzi is indifferent on the surface, he is actually a very warm person.”The deer said with a red face.
“Ah?”Li Ran was stunned.
“You're the last one to give us more experience?I know your good intentions in my heart! “Lu Xinran clenched the powder fist and said firmly: “we will certainly refuel and live up to your expectations!”
Li Ran
Who has expectations of you?
Is there something wrong with this girl?
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Chapter 34 proud genius and desperate girl!
Li Ran is a very lazy man.
The motto of life is: be lenient to yourself, be strict with others.
He didn't expect anything from the rookies, and even thought it was too much trouble.
So let them play in the whole process, and don't bother to do it until they have to.
But this kind of irresponsible attitude, in the eyes of Mengxin's disciples, has become a good intention of “tempering their actual combat ability”.
The seventh day of the trial.
Because of Li Ran's stocking, there are more and more students hanging the lottery, and there are more or less scars on everyone.
But it has made great progress.
Their eyes became firm, their actual combat ability improved qualitatively, and their team cooperation became more and more tacit.
There are even three people in the battle, directly breaking through to the late stage of Qi training.
All the credit is due to Li Ran.
The last monster fell into a pool of blood.
The external demons and beasts are not very strong, which is basically equivalent to the realm of practicing Qi.
Now as long as the scale of the herd is not too large, the disciples of Youluo hall can deal with it independently.
“Son, it's going to be dark. Why don't we camp at the water source and have a rest for one night?”Lu Xinran over and asked.
Li Ran stretched his waist, “OK, let's have a rest.”
The disciples soon settled the camp by the lake.
They lit a bonfire and ate barbecue together.
Only Li Ran sat alone on the treetop, and his back looked very cold.
“Lord son is so cold that he never eats with us.”Said a female disciple.
Lu Xinran shook his head: “you don't understand. Under the cold appearance of Shengzi, there is a burning heart. He is just not good at communicating with people. I think at the beginning…”
She told Li ran about her breakthrough.
“Wow, Lord son, it's so warm ~”
“Yes, he has been helping us all the time though he dislikes us
“It turns out that behind his disgusting eyes, there is a strong love
“Genius is like this, not good at communicating with people!”
“If you think about it, you are so lovely ~”
After all the people's brain repair, Li Ran has become a cold outside and hot inside proud genius.
And he is sitting on the treetop at this time, happily eating the small meatballs.
This is a delicacy carefully prepared by aqin, which is much better than the barbecue without salt
“Lord son, come down and eat with us
“You can't starve yourself!”
The female disciples are calling with heartache.
Li Ran refused without hesitation.
You want to eat my balls?
There's no door!
Xiao Qing was panting and staggering through the dense forest.
Blood oozed from the corners of her mouth, her body was black and blue, and her clothes had been scratched by the branches for a long time.
It's the fifth day she's been in the mountains.
All the way according to the map forward, as far as possible to avoid the haunting place of monsters.
But even so, still dangerous, many times and death.
If not with amazing willpower, I'm afraid I would have been buried in the demon belly.
“Because there is no cultivation, you can't use the storage ringI've eaten all my dry food, but it's still tens of miles away from the secret place… ”
Xiao Qingge looks pale.
A few days ago, she was surprised to learn that there was a secret place in the depths of 100000 mountains. It was rumored that there was the inheritance of the ancient Immortal Emperor.
Intuition told her that this was the only chance to turn around.
So she did not hesitate to disobey her father's orders, secretly rubbing the map and breaking into the mountains.
Just to find that ethereal fate.
But now even the shadow of the secret place has not been seen, it is almost impossible to persist.
“If I can't get this chance, it's a nightmare to go back and wait for meNever give up
“Even if you die, you will die on the immortal road!”
Xiao Qingge's eyes gradually became firm.
Just as she was about to leave, the ground suddenly shook violently.
The howling and the collapse of the trees were from far to near.
Her face changed.
“No, it's coming in my direction!”
Xiao Qingge didn't dare to stay and ran wildly. However, there were so many trees in front of him that he couldn't speed up at all.
The distance between the monster and her is getting closer.
A huge object smashed in front of her, the huge shock wave almost shook her away, a large shadow blocked the sky!
Xiao Qingge raised his head, his face full of incredible panic!
This is a huge black bear!
At this time, it stood on two feet, the body with black hair was nearly ten meters, and her blood red eyes were staring at her, and her saliva fell from the corner of her mouth.
“How can there be such a big bear demon?”Xiao Qingge looks desperate.
Even if she has accomplishments, I'm afraid she is not the opponent of this monster!
At this time, she suddenly noticed that there seemed to be the sound of water flow not far away.
All of a sudden, the spirit of a boost!
If you can jump into the river and sink into the bottom of the water, maybe you can still have a ray of life!
No longer hesitated, she turned and ran to the water source!*
Chapter 35 feilaihengThe bear?
Li Ran had enough to eat and drink, and was getting ready for a good sleep.
All of a sudden, a violent vibration came and nearly knocked him off the branch.
“An earthquake?”
He looked up in doubt, and the whole person was stunned.
I saw a bear blind man nearly ten meters tall, running towards this side with his teeth and claws open.
Tall trees in front of it, as if toys were easily pushed down.
In front of the blind bear, there was a girl running away.
As she ran, she waved and yelled, “run, get out of here!”
Li Ran
When people sit at home, bears come from the sky?
The disciples of Youluo hall wake up one after another and immediately enter a state of alert.
During this period of tempering, they have been keeping a high alert.
But looking at the crazy black bear in front of them, their legs and feet still softened.
It's too big, isn't it!
How powerful is the way to defeat such a huge monster?
A trace of bitterness flashed in Xiao Qingge's eyes.
She wanted to find a water source to hide from the black bear.
But unexpectedly, a group of people set up camp in this water source area!
Her first reaction was:
I'm going to kill them!
The black bear demon at least has the ability to build the foundation, plus the strong body, even if the golden elixir master came to fight fear!
What's more, these young boys and girls?
“I wanted to live, but I didn't expect to kill you in vain…”
Xiao Qingge clenched his silver teeth and made a decision in his heart.
Li Ran looked at the girl and the bear, his eyes cold and calm.
What about this woman?
Bring disaster to the east?
murder a person with a borrowed knife?
OrKill her as well?
While Li Ran was thinking, the girl in front of her made an incomprehensible move.
I saw her first Jiao drink, “you run!”
Then he stopped, turned to the bear demon and opened his arms.
This is undoubtedly suicide!
She wants to fight for escape time for Li Ran and others with her own life!
But she didn't want to.
In the bear demon's eyes, a dish and a table dish are clearly separated.
The sudden appearance of the disciples of Youluo hall is far more attractive than Xiao Qingge.
The bear demon stepped out of his strong thighs and ran to the crowd with a howl.
Xiao Qingge's eyes flashed a trace of anxiety, can't bear to see others die for her!
But without cultivation, she could only watch and do nothing.
Huge bear paws spread all over the world, and they took photos of the crowd viciously!
The eyes of the disciples of Youluo hall are full of despair.
All of a sudden, the white light flashed and the red blood splashed all over the sky!
In the blood rain, Li Ran carried a silver spear and his clothes were flying with the wind.
But bear demon's palm has already left it, blood does not want money to spray wantonly!
“Ouch, ouch!”
The intense pain makes it almost crazy, and destroys large trees in random beating!
Li Ran's voice was calm, through the noise, “hide well, I'm not responsible for death.”
In front of the bear demon, his back looks thin and small, but in the eyes of his disciples, he is very great!
“You must be careful!”Lu Xinran worried.
Bear demon was seriously injured, and his eyes were staring at him, full of bloodthirsty and tyranny.
It raises another palm, claps to Li ran quickly!
With a loud bang, a huge pit appeared on the ground!
Bear demon grins grimly and raises his hand, but the other party doesn't turn into meat mud as it imagined.
It looked up in doubt, only to see a tiny figure high jump, silver light dazzling!
The bear demon instinctively reached for it, and there was a sharp pain in its palm. The white light actually penetrated its palm, and reflected in its eyes like a meteor.
“Bai Hong Guan RI!”
Silver spear into the bear's eye, blood and muddy liquid splashed everywhere!
“Ouch, ouch!”
The pain makes the bear demon lose his mind, and the bear's paw slaps wildly.
Li Ran's figure disappeared in an instant.
The bear demon's powerful hand was directly patted on his own face.
The face collapsed with the great palm force, and the bear demon staggered back two steps, roaring and tottering.
Li Ran's body soared into the air, and the silver gun clanged.
The bear demon's Scarlet eyes stared at him. There was a wave in his palm, and the bear's paw became several times bigger in an instant!
The black giant palm, like a hill, is rolling over the trees. The strong wind can break the trees!
This contains all the strength of the bear demon's hand, almost to burst the air, people are desperate to be unable to resist!
Even the golden elixir can't afford it!
The deer's voice is sad.
Xiao Qingge's heart was clenched, and his pale face was full of regret.
Seeing that the bear's paw was about to be patted on him, the silver light of Li Ran's right hand quietly bloomed.
The power of demon subduing Guangming fist is pouring into Yunling gun.
He held the end of the gun in his right hand, and the body hanging in the air rotated and split from top to bottom.
Silver light rips the sky, smashes the gun intention, and cuts everything blocked into two sections!
Bear demon stood in place, the world was silent, time seemed to have stopped.
Li Ran landed quietly.
A blood line appeared on the bear demon's huge body.
In everyone's dull eyes, slowly split into two!
Blood gushed like a waterfall, and the body fell to both sides, overwhelming countless trees!
Just now, the demon was split in two!
Li Ran shakes off the bloodstain on the gun and says faintly: “who is in favor of eating charcoal baked bear paws at night*
Chapter 36 the transaction of Xiao Qingge!
There was a dead silence in the air.
All the people were staring at this scene, but they couldn't come back for a long time.
So terrible bear demon, so easy to die?
With the strength of the body, Daofa is no different from tickling. It was split by Li Ran!
It's not a dream, is it?
And the huge bodies on the ground, the gushing blood like a fountain, and the fallen trees around
I'm telling everyone what happened just now.
Xiao Qingge looks at Li ran in snow-white, and his voice is a little tight.
Compared with bear demon, this man is a monster!
Li Ran put away his cloud plume gun, and the white light in his palm disappeared quietly.
This bear demon is very strong.
The ordinary way can't penetrate its defense, but it's so powerful that even the gold elixir experts don't dare to take it.
On the outskirts of this hundred thousand mountain, there is absolutely a boss like existence.
Unfortunately, it met Li Ran.
In addition, Yunling's spear technique is sharp and has no intention of making a spear.
Just one shot!
The disciples of Youluo hall took the lead and cheered to Li Ran.
“The son is too strong!”
“My God, I was almost scared to pee!”
“So the bear demon was directly split!”
“Lord son is the best!”
“Is this the strongest genius of HaoTu?Love, love
Their faces were filled with the joy of the afterlife.
Li Ran's eyes are full of worship and admiration.
If there is no accident, these disciples will become his hard core brain powder
“Lord son!”
Lu Xinran thrust himself into his arms, and his delicate body trembled gently. “Wuwuwuwu ~ I was so scared just now, I was so worried about you…”
“Is it?”
Lu Xinran cried with rain. His right hand scratched his chest dishonestly.
Li Ran talks.
“At this time, you don't forget to take advantage of it?”
Li Ran grabbed the collar and lifted her up and kicked her out.
Lu Xinran: ┌.д。)┐
Listening to their cheers, Xiao Qingge's heart finally falls to the ground.
She went up to the crowd and made a deep bow.
“I was attacked by the bear demon and fled here in a hurry, but you were in dangerI'm sorryThe words were full of apologies.
One man is the one who does the work.
Even if she was a mortal now, she would not evade her responsibility.
But the disciples of Youluo hall didn't blame her.
Her suicidal behavior just now won the favor of many people.
“It's all right. It's all over.”
“Girl, you didn't mean it.”
“There's no danger in the presence of the son!”
“Girl, are you all right?”
On the contrary, they comforted her.
Xiao Qingge looks at Li Ran, who is studying how to eat bear paws.
There was a glimmer of curiosity in his eyes.
“I think these people should be the descendants of the clan, and he is the descendant of the Holy SonI don't know which bulk is, it's really strong! ”
That dazzling shot, firmly imprinted in her mind.
Xiao Qingge went to Li Ran and bowed: “thank you for your help. If it wasn't for you, I would have been buried in the belly of the bear!I'll never forget the kindness I've shown you
Although this man looks young, who knows if he is an old master with a good command of facial skills?
Xiao Qingge didn't dare to trust her.
Li Ran looked at her, frowned slightly, “mortal?”
There is no fluctuation of spiritual power in her, so she can't be a practitioner.
It's impossible for mortals to dare to enter 100000 mountains and walk here alive.
Knowing what he thought, Xiao Qingge said in a low voice, “I have a reason to have to enter here. It's only because of my good luck that I can live till now…”
Li Ran nodded and said, “I wish you good luck all the time.”
Obviously not interested in her background.
Xiao Qingge understands.
The other party has issued an order of eviction.
It is reasonable to say that the other party has saved her life, but she has not been blamed. It is the end of humanity.
But just outside the hundred thousand mountains, I met such a terrible bear demon. It was tens of miles away from the secret place, and the probability of her arriving alive was almost zero.
“What to do…”
She hesitated for a moment.
Li Ran eyebrows a pick, “how, still need me to send you?”
Xiao Qingge gritted his teeth and said, “I dare to make a deal with my predecessors!”
“Not interested.”
“It's about the secret land that will be opened soon, among which there is the inheritance of the ancient Immortal Emperor!”
She realized that she could not touch the secret place by herself.
It's better to cooperate with people with strength, so that you can have more opportunities.
“Immortal Emperor inheritance?”
Li Ran shook his head, “you are just a mortal. Why should I believe you?”
Xiao Qingge wants to tell his story, but he's afraid of being killed.
Just when Li Ran began to be impatient, a prompt suddenly sounded in his mind!*
Chapter 37 the son of the Lord is a dead pride!
In Li Ran's mind, a system prompt sound sounded.
[task release.】
[the fairy road is misty, and the chance is hard to find. The secret place of 100000 mountains is about to open. Please find a way to enter it.】
“It turns out that she didn't lie. There is a secret place here…”
Li Ran took a serious look at Xiao Qingge.
There's something about this man!
Xiao Qingge said in a low voice: “the elder generation has saved my life. I'm not qualified to negotiate with you, but this secret place is too important for me. There's really no other way.”
“What you just saidWhat kind of trading lawLi Ran asked.
Xiao Qingge's spirit was boosted, “I am willing to share all the information with you, just for the elder to take me into the secret place!As long as you can get into it and get any chance, everyone depends on his ability! ”
Li Ran sneered, “you're just a mortal. If I go into a secret place, I'll kill you. Aren't you going to get water out of nothing?”
Xiao Qingge's face turned white. Why didn't she think so?
She gritted her teeth and said, “this is it. I can only gamble.”
“Bet on what?”Li Ran asked.
Her eyes are clear, “bet you are not a villain!”
Li Ran shook his head.
In front of Xianyuan, even if her relatives will turn against each other, she still believes in a stranger?
I don't know if it's stupid or naive
“Sir, do you think so?”Xiao Qingge asked carefully.
Looking at her scarred appearance, Li Ran threw a healing pill and said indifferently, “you'd better not die so soon before you arrive at the secret place.”
Then he turned and left.
Xiao Qingge was relieved.
Tight nerves relaxed, fatigue and pain suddenly emerged, legs a soft almost fell to the ground.
Lu Xinran gently held her, “be careful, go there and sit with us.”
“Thank you.”
Xiao Qingge looks at her gratefully.
Sitting by the campfire, Xiao Qingge took pills, and the wound began to heal rapidly.
After all, for her mortal constitution, this is the real “elixir”
Lu Xinran said with a smile: “although our saint son has a cold personality, he is actually warm-hearted. He is just not good at communicating with people.”
“Well, I can see that the elder is really a warm-hearted and just man.”Xiao Qingge nodded.
The deer couldn't help laughing.
“What are you laughing at?”Xiao Qingge was puzzled.
“It's nothing. It's just a little strange to listen to youLu Xinran shook his head and said, “Mingming Shengzi is only 18 years old this year. You call him 80 years old. Ha ha!”
Xiao Qingge was shocked.
“If you can kill the bear demon, you need at least the cultivation of golden elixir. How can you be only 18 years old?”She can't set the channel.
Even with her previous talent, at this age, she just barely met the golden elixir threshold.
Lu Xinran shrugged, “but Shengzi is really the golden age, and he is really 18 years old.”
“How could…”
Before Xiao Qingge finished his words, he suddenly thought of something.
Such a terrible talent, in addition to the person in her heart, who else?
She asked quickly, “sister, which sect are you disciples of?”
Lu Xinran scratched his head. “Don't be afraid to say itWe are the disciples of Youluo hall. We come here to try on the 100000 mountains. ”
Then he added: “but don't worry, although we are so-called demons, we will not kill innocent people indiscriminately.”
“It's really Youluo hall!”
Xiao Qingge said difficultly, “if you say that, isn't that elder…”
“Li Ran, the son of my family, is the strongest genius of HaoTu!”Deer happily proud said.
“It's really him!”
Xiao Qingge looks at Li ran in a daze.
She had imagined ten thousand situations, but she never thought that they would meet in this way.
“I haven't seen him for ten years. He has changed a lot…”
“Character is colder than before, but talent is still terrible.”
“With his current strength, he has been at the top of the younger generation, but what about me?He lost all his accomplishments and became a mortal. ”
“We are people of two worlds. I'm afraid he won't remember me either…”
Xiao Qingge's eyes were filled with mist.
Just then, a white robe smashed in front of her.
She raised her head blankly and saw Li ran with his back to her. Her voice was indifferent and said, “your clothes are shabby. They're really ugly. I haven't worn them. Let's put them on for a while.”
Xiao Qingge's clothes are ragged and her white skin is exposed. She really can't wear them any more.
“Thank you.”
She put on a white robe, smelling the fresh fragrance above, and her face turned red for no reason.
The heart seems to be filled with warm water, full of unspeakable warmth.
Lu Xinran put a smile in her ear and said:
“See?As I have said, the son of God is a very proud girl
Chapter 38 I'm proud of your sister!
“Dead haughty?”
Xiao Qingge looks at Li Ran, who is serious about baking bear paws, and reluctantly accepts this statement.
“Since Shengzi is so excellent, there should be a lot of people who like him, right?”She asked insinually.
Lu Xinran nodded, “it's more than just a lot. Which female disciple doesn't admire Shengzi, our eight peaks and twelve seats in Youluo hall?”
Although this statement is a bit exaggerated, it is almost the same as the fact.
Handsome, talented, respectedIt's the perfect template for a male god.
“WellDoes he have a date? “Xiao Qingge couldn't help asking.
“Are you kidding? Of course not!”
Lu Xinran said: “it's forbidden to have sex relationship in Youluo hall. We just appreciate it. We don't dare to have other ideas.”
“And you think, when Shengzi was 18 years old, he got to the golden elixir. He must be addicted to practice. How can he still want to fall in love?”
If she knew that Li Ran had soaked the headmaster, she thought that the Three Outlooks would collapse
“It makes sense!”
Xiao Qingge nodded, as if a big stone had fallen to the ground.
“But although you can't fall in love, you can get close occasionally.”
Lu Xinran came up to her ear and said shyly, “just now I took the opportunity to hold the Holy Son, the feeling, the muscleHow wonderful
“You rascal
Xiao Qingge spat with a red face.
Suddenly, I feel that my husband has been touched
“By the way, I don't know your name yet?”Lu Xinran asked.
Xiao Qingge hesitated, “my name is sun Qingqing.”
She doesn't want to cheat this kind girl, but the meaning behind the three words “Xiao Qingge” is too complex, which can easily lead to death.
And she doesn't want to recognize Li ran in this way
Lu Xinran didn't think much, nodded: “my name is Lu Xinran, don't be afraid, I will cover you!”
She looks like a big sister when she talks.
Xiao Qingge is smiling.
Looking at the warm campfire in front of him, the students laughing and fighting beside him, Li Ran holding the bear's paw with nowhere to talkShe had the feeling that she couldn't feel the warmth at home.
“This is the top magic gate?”
The corner of Xiao Qingge's mouth tilted slightly, “there is no villain's temperament at all!”
Since Xiao Qingge knew Li Ran's identity, he has put down all his guard.
Not only give him the map directly, but also tell him all the information he knows.
Li Ran once suspected that there was something wrong with the girl's brain
“Master Li, there are only three days left to open the secret place. Shall we speed up our journey?”To rectify the gap, Xiao Qingge asked.
In recent days, Li Ran has been leading the team to hunt monsters and beasts, killing thousands of mountains and rivers of blood.
There seems to be no intention of going to the secret place at all.
“Don't worry. Let's wait until the clan's experience is over.”Li Ran replied.
The secret place is in the depth of 100000 mountains. It is impossible for him to leave these disciples behind.
Xiao Qingge has no objection.
Two days later.
The disciples collected enough demon bones, and the trial task was successfully completed.
Li Ran sent them back to zongmen transmission array.
The deacons guarding the teleport were shocked.
Normally speaking, the period of zongmen trial is usually about one month, and casualties are inevitable.
But Li Ran's disciples completed the task in only one third of the time.
And there's no one down!
The original young disciples are now carrying animal bones with fierce and firm eyes!
Everyone has got a qualitative transformation!
Before delivery.
Li Ran looked at them and said faintly, “to tell you the truth, I didn't expect much from you, but you have proved yourself in the ten days of trial.”
The trial disciples looked excited and their chests heaved.
It's like getting the best award.
“It's hard to find an immortal Road, but it's hard to find an avenue!”
“We can achieve immortality only if we go forward bravely and make great progress!”
“The most important thing in practice is talent, but more important than talent is faith that never flinches!”
Li Ran's eyes swept everyone's cheek and said slowly and firmly, “I wish you a prosperous military career!”
The disciples trembled all over, only felt that the blood was about to boil.
All of them knelt down on one knee in unison, shouting wildly:
“Holy Son!”
Xiao Qingge stood aside, looking at the shocking scene, unable to speak for a long time.
The disciples reluctantly entered the transmission array and returned to the sect thousands of miles away.
Lu Xinran holds Li Ran's thigh and insists on exploring with him.
As a result, he kicked me in
Li Ran sighed as he watched the array's light go out.
“I don't know if the master has returned to the clan?I really want to hold her little hand and listen to her calling my husband…. ”
Xiao Qingge didn't know the heart of LSP, and thought he was reluctant to give up those disciples.
“Don't be sad, they have to learn to grow up on their own,” said the soft voice
Li Ran:
“Does it matter to me whether they grow up?”
“Hard to reply?You are so proud
“……I'm proud of your sister*
Chapter 39 go to the secret land!
Seeing off the disciples of Youluo hall, Li Ran returns to the dense forest with Xiao Qingge.
Along the way, Xiao Qingge looked at his gloomy face and couldn't help laughing.
“Don't be angry, just think you're not proud, are you?”
“Lao Tzu is not!”Li Ran's face is blacker.
“I see!”
Xiao Qingge was also afraid of provoking him. He changed the topic and said, “but what you said just now is really inspiring, just like my idea.”
“Which sentence?”Li Ran asked.
Xiao Qingge said: “it's to go forward bravely. Faith is more important than talent. It really benefits me a lot.”
“Oh, you said that.”
Li Ran said faintly, “I lied to them.”
“Ah?You lied to them? ”
Xiao Qingge was stunned.
“You don't really think faith is more important than talent, do you?”Li Ran asked.
“Of course, faith is very important!”Xiao Qingge nods.
Li Ran said with a smile, “you, a mortal, must have a very firm belief that you can live alone in this evil land for five days.”
“But what's the use?Still can't even beat a tiger with sharp teeth. ”
Xiao Qingge is silent.
It's a fact that she can't refute.
“Many of them, even if they spend their whole lives, may not be the elixir.”
“But after only ten years of cultivation, I have reached a height that they can't reach in their whole life.”
“They can only get a few spirit stones a month, and the resources of the whole clan are at my disposal.”
“This is the gap brought about by talent. Nothing can make up for it.”
Li Ran's voice is calm, just stating the facts.
How can Xiao Qingge not understand this?
When she was a super talent, Shinto palace took care of her as a treasure.
But when the talent disappeared, he was expelled from the clan without saying a word
“In that case, why do you lie to them?”Xiao Qingge was puzzled.
Li Ran laughed, “because faith is the only thing they can control.”
“It's a long and painful process to cultivate immortals. In the days to come, they will face endless setbacks.”
“I hope today's encouragement can become their driving force when they are desperate and support them to go on.”
“I said from the beginning that my only requirement for them is…”
“To live.”
Li Ran is not a cold-blooded animal.
Although they think this group of Mengxin is very troublesome, their admiration gives him a sense of responsibility.
Xiao Qingge looked at him for a long time and said seriously, “Li Ran, you are really a good man.”
Li Ran talks.
“You're the good man, your family is the good man!”
“You flatter me!”
“I TM…”
“Master, the secret is about to open, but we still have 50 miles to go!”
Xiao Qingge said anxiously: “it's too late!”
There's a taboo in 100000 mountains.
You can't fly beyond the perimeter.
Otherwise, it's easy to attract the attention of fierce beasts in the deep, and cause death.
And here the jungle is dense, the road is rugged, and monsters can be seen everywhere.
In addition, she is a mortal, so the speed can't be raised at all.
“Too late?”
Li Ran took a look at the map and said, “let's speed up a little.”
As soon as Xiao Qingge was about to speak, he suddenly lightened up and the scenery around him quickly regressed!
Li Ran ran forward with her arms around her waist!
He did not dodge like a humanoid tank, and all the trees in front of him were swept away with one shot.
Encounter steep terrain on the jump, meteor general hit the ground, leaving a huge pit.
And then run like nobody else.
The monsters noticed him and came howling.
Silver flash, plasma splashing.
Li Ran kept on walking, leaving nothing but flesh and blood.
Xiao Qingge's ears are full of wind, and his big hands around his waist are full of heat.
Looking at his statue like side face, his heart began to accelerate gradually, and a strange and green feeling filled his heart quietly.
“Li Ran…”
The closer to the secret place, the more ferocious the monsters will appear.
In just one cup of tea, I have met two monsters in the foundation period.
Although not Li Ran's opponent, but also let him not keep full speed forward.
Cut a demon Python into two sections, and then move forward for several miles. The secret place is not far away, but Li Ran stops.
“What's the matter?”Xiao Qingge asked.
He put her down and said, “find a place to hide yourself.”
Xiao Qingge was stunned, then her expression became serious and hid behind a tree.
At the same time, there were two scarlet lights ahead.
A huge tiger came out slowly.
It's three times the size of a common liger. It's covered in flames. You can feel the heat of terror from afar.
But the leaves under its feet are safe.
Xiao Qingge covers her mouth and almost screams out!
“Red tiger!”
“This is the monster in Jindan realm!”*
Chapter 40 vision: the dragon and the sky!
One year of human cultivation, one hundred years of demon cultivation.
Compared with human beings, the practice of demons is more than a hundred times more difficult!
Unlike human practitioners, they have formed a cultivation system.Most of the monsters have not yet opened their minds, and they have not been trained by the clan. They are awakened by their own blood.
The stronger the power of blood, the easier it is to absorb the aura of heaven and earth and complete the transformation of life level.
But it's not easy to pass blood on?
Even if 10000 ordinary LIGO, it is difficult to appear a red flame tiger.
But life is fair.
Although they are not endowed with innate intelligence, they are endowed with terrifying physical body and power.
The general monster who builds the base is no less powerful than the alchemy practitioner!
And in front of this red flame tiger of golden elixir period, the strength is even more terrible to incalculable, even if zongmen Tianjiao saw all around!
“Master, this should be its territory. Let's go back and change the way.”Xiao Qingge said rationally.
Li Ran is very strong, but he is only 18 years old after all.
And this red flame tiger is monstrous, at least for hundreds of years!
Li Ran shook his head. “I hate detours. Why don't you discuss with him and let him pretend not to see us?”
Xiao Qingge
The red flame tiger's flame soared, and the steam gushed from its nose. The scarlet eyes were full of brutal killing intention!
It had opened its mind. Although it could not understand what they said, it could distinguish the scornful tone!
No human has ever dared to be presumptuous in front of it!
“You're in my way, and you're here?”
Li Ran frowned and said, “it's not easy for me to practice. I'll give you a chance at last…”
Without waiting for him to finish, the killing intention in the eyes of the red flaming tiger was ferocious, and the flame came flying!
“Be careful!”
Xiao Qingge exclaimed.
But then he was stunned by the scene.
“It's you who killed yourself…”
With the sound of “buzz”, the air behind Li Ran was distorted.
The void is broken, a giant strides out!
The giant's upper body is bare, and his body is shining with dazzling gold. His muscles are like steel.
There is a dragon in the left arm and a giant elephant in the right hand. Behind it is an endless galaxy of stars!
The stars are shining, the dragon is like the sky!
As if from the depths of the soul of the pressure, red tiger flame convergence, crawling on the ground shivering.
In front of the giant, it is as small as an ant.
Li ran himself was shocked.
It's his first time to use the vision. It's too big!
“This special effect, tut Tut, the funds are burning!”
The giant who couldn't see clearly lowered his head, looked at the red flame tiger, raised his right foot and kicked it!
The light flashed, the wind howled, and the trees in front of them were blown down by the hurricane!
Red flame tiger's blood gushed wildly, and his muscles and bones broke, shooting out like a meteor.
For hundreds of years, Taoism has been destroyed by one foot!
“Good ball!”
Li Ran put up a shed with his hand and looked at the tiger, which was getting smaller and smaller, and finally turned into light. He couldn't help but praise it.
“The national football team should have this level. It's not like playing in the world cup?”
The giant's figure dissipated, slowly disappearing into the void.
Li Ran nodded with satisfaction.
This vision is also very useful!
And intuition tells him that the power of “dragon elephant Zetian” is far more than that.
Whether it's the shirtless arhat, the dragon or the Colossus, it has many magical effects.
It's just that Li Ran's cultivation is not enough to master this power.
Xiao Qingge is sitting on the ground with dull eyes.
What happened just now?
A giant suddenly appeared and kicked the red flaming tiger away?
“My old Swan…”
She pinched her cheek to make sure it wasn't a dream.
“Don't be a goose. Let's go now. We won't be able to catch up with the secret place for a while and open the door.”Li Ran came over and said.
“Just nowIs it your DharmaXiao Qingge asked.
“I think so.”
Li Shao nodded.
Xiao Qingge's voice moved.
It's the first time she heard that practitioners in Jindan realm can have Dharma images!
“Is Li ran really the reincarnation of the great emperor?Otherwise, it's hard to explain with common sense! ”
“Funny, I thought I could compete with him beforeEven if my cultivation is still there, the gap between me and him is as different as the clouds and mud! ”
Xiao Qingge looked at Li ran with a little more admiration and admiration.
They went on.
Because of the giant's foot, the strong wind broke the trees ahead, forming a smooth road several miles long.
It's a lot easier to walk.
Open space in the forest.
There is a stone gate on the cliff of one side of the mountain, and the crack of the gate is shining.
A group of men and women stood in front of the door, all young.
Everyone's background is fantastic, and the worst is the first-class lineage.
At this time, they looked at a man in white, who was the leader.
This man is a direct disciple of Shinto palace,
Song Qingsong!
“Elder martial brother song, if you are here this time, it must be like walking on the ground. Let's just drink soup.”Others flatter said.
Song Qingsong shakes his head and smiles, “don't say that. It's hard to predict the fate. We all depend on our abilities.”
Although he had a warm smile, his eyes were full of contempt.
Only when he looked aside at the girl in green holding the long sword, did he flash a trace of dignity.
“Why is wanjian Pavilion here?”*
Chapter 41 pick out two lucky viewers!
The girl in green leans against the tree trunk and holds a long sword in her arms.
She wore a high ponytail, a wisp of hair scattered in her ears. At this time, her eyes drooped, and she had no intention to communicate with anyone.
Song Qingsong looked at her and said with a smile, “I didn't expect that Yuexian came too. Wanjian Pavilion is also interested in this secret place?”
“Why, when you come to Shinto palace, I can't come to wanjian pavilion?”
The girl in green didn't lift her head, and her tone was full of gunpowder.
Song Qingsong's eyes flashed a trace of unhappiness, but he said with a smile: “the fairy Yue misunderstood. There are dangers everywhere in the secret place. I can rest assured with you.”
The girl in green didn't speak any more.
Song Qingsong no longer asked for nothing. He turned his head and said, “this time the secret place can carry ten people into it, and there is no dispute about the presence of just ten people.”
The crowd was relieved.
This is the best way. You don't have to fight for the quota. You can enter the secret world in the best condition.
In the secret place, there are dangers everywhere. In addition to Xianyuan, there are also opportunities to kill. One more card is one more guarantee.
“The most important thing is that there are all my true comrades present, and there is not a demon cult. This is indeed a great blessing.”Song Qingsong said.
“Yes, we are all in the same boat.”
“At least you don't have to worry about being stabbed in the back.”
“We just have to listen to elder martial brother song's leadership.”
“Elder martial brother song will certainly protect everyone.”
The rest echoed and flattered.
Song Qingsong nodded with satisfaction, “in this case, let's wait for the secret place to open…”
Before the voice fell, the ground suddenly shook violently.
A gust of wind howled, the trees were uprooted, and people were a little unsteady!
“What a magnificent spirit power!”
The girl in green suddenly raised her head.
A dark shadow came with a strong wind!
“Be careful!”
The crowd quickly dodged, and the shadow slammed on the ground, stirring up a large amount of smoke.
“What is it?”
When the smoke and dust disperse, the things on the ground also show their true colors.
It's a red flame tiger!
But at this time, its body is sunken, its bones are broken, and it's about to die.
“This is a monster in the golden elixir realm. Who has such great power?”Someone said, shaking.
Song Qingsong frowned and said, “is it the opening of the secret place that startles the beast king in the jungle?”
His first reaction was the monster.
If you are a practitioner, it would be terrible!
Just as everyone was talking about it, the girl in green suddenly said, “someone's coming.”
They looked in the direction of the red flame tiger, and saw two people coming slowly.
The man is tall and handsome.
The other was wrapped in a white robe, with a low hood. He couldn't see his face clearly, so he could only see that he was a woman.
“Good guy, did you kick so far?”
Li Ran went to squat down and reached for the red flame tiger.
His eyes were full of fear and he struggled to escape, but his bones were broken and he couldn't make any strength at all.
Lying on the ground sobbing, as if begging for mercy, there is no Jindan monster posture.
But the injury is too heavy, the breath is more and more weak, finally completely closed his eyes.
Li Ran shook his head. “If I had known this, why did I have to do it at the beginning?”
Looking at this scene, people's eyes were shocked.
It's obvious that the demon tiger died in his hands, but the young man looks young, how can it be
“One footKick to death? ”
They're a little hairy.
Li Ran stood up and said, “Oh, so busy?You're not all going to the secret place, are you
Everyone's heart jumped.
Listen to the meaning of this, he also ran to the secret place?
But the quota is not enough!
At this time, song Qingsong arched his hand and said, “I'm a direct disciple of Shinto palace. Song Qingsong, do you dare to ask your name?”
“Youluo hall, Li Ran.”Li Ran said casually.
“Are you Li Ran?”
The crowd instantly boiling, all the people back a step!
Even the girl in green beside her also stares at Li Ran.
It's him!
In front of this young man, is that gifted devil way Saint son!
Seventeen year old Jindan, the unique existence of the whole vast land!
Just finished, there was no one in the demon sect, and there was such a cruel one?
Song Qingsong's throat was a little tight, and he stepped back slightly. He obviously didn't want to be the first bird.
The name of man, the shadow of the tree,
The first day is not so easy!
Li Ran didn't care, “is it OK to wait for the secret place to open now?”
Xiao Qingge stood behind him and said in a low voice, “only ten people can enter the secret place this time, but there are already twelve people present.”
She did not expect that this secret place would attract so many people.
And it's all the pride of the clan!
Shinto palace, song Qingsong, wanjian Pavilion, yuejianli, tianshidao, murongchuan
Especially song Qingsong,
She used to be a brother and sister of the same school. If her identity is exposed now, I'm afraid there will be big trouble!
She wrapped her robe and buried her head lower.
“That's easy.”
Li Ran said with a smile: “randomly pick out two lucky viewers and let them go home.”*
Chapter 42 is this the right way?
When they said this, they were surprised.
Is this hard?
Li Ran said faintly: “do you choose by yourself, or do I choose?”
Yue Jianli frowned slightly.
This man is too overbearing!
Everyone looked at each other.
Sure enough, he is a demon of the demon sect. I just don't want to reason with you!
What should we do now
Do it?
The secret world is about to open. Who wants to play all the cards and fight with the devil?
And even if they join hands, will they be able to fight?
That's a cruel man who can even kick the red flame tiger to death!
The best solution is to choose a victim, so as to maximize the protection of the interests of all.
If you really want to wait for Li ran to choose, then everyone will have risks!
The atmosphere quieted down.
Everyone's eyes tested each other, and finally they all locked on one person.
Cao Yue.
He is a direct disciple of Yanyue sect.
It's the weakest one here.
“What are you all looking at me for?”
Cao Yue looked flustered, “let me go?I'm the first one here. I'll tell you everything, first come, then come? ”
It seems that people have not heard of it.
Cao Yue looked helplessly at Song Qingsong, “elder martial brother song, you have to make decisions for me!Just now, didn't you say that we are the right people and want to advance and retreat together? ”
Song Qingsong was a little embarrassed. He cleared his throat and said, “it's true that you are the right fellow. It's just that your cultivation is still shallow. It may be dangerous to enter the secret placeIt's better to go back and practice well. There are still many opportunities in the future. ”
It sounds like I really care about him.
Others echoed.
“Yes, Cao Yue, you really mean that.”
“Go back and practice hard!”
“Elder martial brother song is also for you!”
“There's no need to risk your life for the secret.”
Cao Yue looked at their faces and knew that he had been abandoned.
He gritted his teeth and said, “good, good. I remember you!We'll meet again in the future
Put down a cruel words, turned and disappeared into the forest.
make love.
Li Ran clapped, “wonderful, wonderful!It seems that I really don't have the potential to be the right one. I can't help it. I'm still not hypocritical enough. ”
The crowd blushed and turned their heads in shame.
Song Qingsong is very calm, “the fate of fairyland is ethereal, and those who have virtue live in it. It can only be said that Cao Yue's chance has not yet arrived.”
Li Ran shook his head.
What a thick skinned man.
“Well, there should be no dispute now…”
Before he finished, Li Ran interrupted: “wait a minute, I'm talking about two places, and now I've only left one.”
Song Qingsong frowned, “if I'm right, you should be a mortal, right?A mere mortal deserves to enter the secret land of the Immortal Emperor? ”
Xiao Qingge felt nervous when he heard the speech.
That's right. They are all practitioners. She is the only mortal.
In case Li ran really leaves her
“You're teaching me how to do things?”
Li Ran said with a sneer, “if I say she deserves it, she deserves it!Do you have a problem? ”
“Or that sentence, I'll choose, or you choose?”
Song Qingsong was very angry.
Li Ran is crazy!
But since we didn't do it in the beginning, there's no need to do it now
“Murongchuan, quit.”He spoke out.
“Elder martial brother song!”
Murongchuan exclaimed.
“If you quit by yourself, you can still quit by yourself. Don't force me to give you a hand!”Song Qingsong's voice is cold.
This is the threat of chiguoguo.
Yue Jianli, who had been watching coldly in the distance, flashed a trace of contempt in his eyes.
“Shinto palaceSo it's all this stuff? ”
Murongchuan's face pale, dejected left, body disappeared in the forest.
“I didn't expect elder martial brother song to be so shameless…”Xiao Qingge shakes his head secretly.
Looking at what she once thought of as “great Xia” and the “devil” in front of her, her concept of good and evil became more and more vague.
“Thank you.”
She said softly.
“No, I just keep my promise.”Li Ran said casually.
What did Xiao Qingge think of? She blushed and said, “that's another promise. I hope you can keep it…”
“Another promise?”
She was talking about engagement, of course.
It's just that Li Ran doesn't understand.
After two “lucky ones”, there are still ten people left at the scene, all of them can enter the secret place.
Those who stayed were relieved.
It's just that the atmosphere is no longer as harmonious as it was just now.
The pressure brought by Li Ran easily destroyed their “alliance”. Now everyone is suspicious and worried about being stabbed by others.
After a stick of incense.
The stone gate is shining, and with a roar, the whole mountain is shaking, and countless small stones are rolling down.
The stone door opened slowly, and the bright light came out. As the gap became bigger and bigger, the white light was too dazzling to look directly at it!
Everyone looked at the scene feverishly.
The secret is finally open!
This is their destiny, their opportunity!
Even Xiao Qingge trembled with excitement.
Whether we can return to Xianlu depends on this time!
Li Ran had only one idea.
“The task is about to be finished at last…”*
Chapter 43 the task is completed and the trial is opened!
A secret place usually doesn't need a key.
As long as the entrance is open, anyone can enter it. When the maximum number of people is reached, the entrance will be closed automatically.
This is the so-called fairy fate.
So many large-scale mysteries go through a fierce fight before they are opened. The winner will arrange various arrays to prevent people from fishing in troubled waters.
This time, few people know about the secret place, so the process is still harmonious.
Although two people were forced to leave, there was no blood.
Looking at the dazzling halo.
People are eager, but no one dares to take the first step.
All eyes are focused on Li Ran, he does not move, others dare not move.
The deterrent power can be seen.
Li Ran said, “follow closely.”
Xiao Qingge nods.
Step into the white light with him.
Song Qingsong looked at her back and frowned, “this backHow do you feel familiar? ”
But I don't have time to think about it, and I'll follow suit.
The others followed quickly.
Only Yue Jianli didn't compete with each other, and he was the last one.
As she entered, the stone gate closed and sank into the cliff.
Wrapped in white light, they passed through a dark tunnel.
When I open my eyes again, my eyes suddenly brighten.
They were in a primeval forest.
Surrounded by four or five people hugging the towering ancient trees, part of the roots Qiu Jie bare on the ground, huge canopy block the sky.
Precious spiritual materials can be seen everywhere, and the air is filled with refreshing fragrance.
“What a small world!”
“The aura here is very active. One year's cultivation here is comparable to three years' hard cultivation outside.”
“It's a pity that there is a time limit for the secret place, otherwise I'd like to close here!”
“My God, is this a hundred year old fruit?”
“And wisteria, ghost grassIs this the back garden of the ancient emperor? ”
The crowd was dazzled.
In the outside world very precious spirit material, here unexpectedly everywhere!
Even the pride of the clan is hard to calm down!
As soon as they entered the secret place, they received such a big gift. Isn't there a bigger surprise behind them?
Is itInheritance of ancient emperors?!
Song Qingsong's breath was very short.
At this time, there was a ripple in the air.
One by one, powerful characters emerged out of thin air and arranged in the air.
[seeking immortality to prove the truth, fighting with the heaven, covered with withered bones, evil deeds】
[the first test is hunting】
The text is very long.
It means that this secret place is indeed the inheritance of some great power.
This is the first step of the secret realm. People have to finish the trial before they can enter the next step.
And the trial task is to hunt and kill monsters.
The eight people who collect the most “demon bones” can get the qualification to enter the next level, and the remaining two people will be sent out of the secret world.
“It's a rough trial.”Li Ran laughed, “but I like it.”
After watching the mission, the others rushed into the jungle, and the howling of the monster was heard all the time.
Everyone is proud, strength is very strong, now is faster than who!
Li Ran is not in a hurry.
He exhaled the system in his mind, ready to get the task reward first.
[task completed.】
[task completion: perfect]
[get super Treasure Box * 1.】
“Wuhu is a super treasure box!”
Li Ran opens the treasure chest.
[congratulations to the host, you have obtained the magic power: golden light thunder curse.】
This magic power can affect the nine sky god thunder and cause a devastating blow to the enemy.
The higher your accomplishments are, the stronger the thunder will be. If the strong use this move, its power will be no less than that of natural disaster!
To destroy a city is to talk and laugh!
“The needle doesn't poke!”
Li Ran said he was very satisfied.
In addition to long xiangzetian, he has another super card.
“Let's go, kill it!”
Shut down the system, he is ready to go to the dense forest to hunt, this just notice the side Xiao Qingge face pale.
“Forget, you are a mortal…”
Li Ran scratched his head. “You've tried so hard to enter the secret world, but you can't even finish the first round of trial. Why bother?”
Xiao Qingge bit his lips.
For all this, she had been psychologically prepared.
“It's the utmost of my duty to bring me here. I've fulfilled the agreement between you and me.”
Xiao Qingge bowed and said: “the fate of immortality is fleeting. Don't waste your time because of me, elder. I'd better go and kill the monster. I wish you can get the final inheritance.”
“Oh, yes.”
Li Shao nodded and turned away without nostalgia.
Xiao Qingge was stunned, then couldn't laugh or cry.
“This guy is really happy…”
“Fruit of life, we must find fruit of life!This is my only chance! ”
“Of course, the premise is to survive…”
Li Ran disappeared into the forest.
Intuition tells him that Xiao Qingge has a big secret.
But these days, I don't have any secrets. What's the point?
So he wasn't interested in it.
They have been in contact for more than ten days, and I feel pretty good. Xiao Qingge's personality is very good for his temper.
Li Ran is different from those arrogant “immortals”.
Wrong temper, the emperor he does not pay attention to, if his appetite, even mortals can be brothers.
So when he left, he quietly pasted a piece of Rune paper on Xiao Qingge
“Smelly sister, don't say I didn't cover you!”*
Chapter 44 Xiao Qingge's last chance!
Li Ran went deep into the forest.
It was green all around, but he always felt frightened, as if something was staring at him in the dark.
But a close examination revealed nothing.
“It's so quiet.”
The trees here block out the sun, several times higher than other areas.
There was no sound of insects or birds, and no sound of the others fighting.
Silent as death, he could almost hear his heart beating.
The sun was blazing overhead, but there was no warmth on the body.
Go on, there are no other creatures around except trees.
“Strange, where are all the monsters?”Li Ran murmured.
Just behind him, an old tree cracked a black hole, as if in a mocking smile.
He stopped suddenly as if in a daze.
Ancient tree “smile” more Sheng, silent stretch of the body, arm like thick and thin branches to him!
The earth is flying, but the figure is gone.
“I got you!”
Li Ran has a fierce smile and is hanging in the air.
Yunling spear appeared in his hand, he threw it out as a javelin, and the silver spear fell into the mouth of the tree demon like lightning.
There was a loud noise in the air.
Huge tree demon from the middle of the explosion, accompanied by harsh howling sound, crash to the ground!
The silver gun flew back to his hand, and Li Ran landed lightly.
“Like to be a vegetable, right?My head is crooked for you
As the smoke and dust dissipated, the trees withered, and a branch with Yingying green light was lying on the ground.
This is the spirit pith of the tree demon, and the demon bone of the monster is the same truth.
Li Ran threw it into the storage ring.
“No wonder there are no monsters here. It turns out that the tree itself is a demon.”
“But then again, there are so many trees here, so this one has become a demon?”
The idea just reached this, the color of the sky suddenly dark down, Li Ran pupil a shrink, flash body to leave the original place.
Around the ancient trees have split, the group of demons howling a doomsday scene!
Boom boom!
The tree trunks that block out the sky are pulled down crazily.
The earth's surface is cracked, and the earth and rock are collapsing!
Li Ran turned into a shadow, shuttling through endless lashes.
This group of tree demons have a high level of cultivation, and each one has the strength to build a base!
The roots are deeply embedded in the ground, providing them with a continuous stream of vitality. Coupled with the huge number, it's really a big problem.
Even if Jindan comes, it's enough to drink a pot!
“Chance, as expected, is accompanied by murder…”
Li Ran's body is hanging in the air, his hands are sealed, and he presses down hard!
There was a dull sound in the void, and the branches of all the demon trees were unable to hang down, as if they were facing great resistance.
Secret method of Youluo Hall – spirit pressing secret seal!
At the same time, Li ran behind the condensation of a black light blade, breathing has been generated between nearly a hundred!
The black blade was suspended in the air and made a “buzzing” noise.
With his roar, the light blade poured down like a rainstorm!
Boom boom!
The hurricane roars, the sawdust flies!
The tree demons howled and collapsed one after another, making earth shaking noise!
When the last tree demon was cut to pieces, the jungle was quiet at last.
In the dust all over the sky, the ground is full of Yingying green light, full of the demon bones of the tree demons.
“It must be enough this time. If I can't be promoted, I'll stand on my head.”
Li Ran collected the demon bones and strolled slowly.
On the other side.
Xiao Qingge carefully shuttled through the forest, a little bit of wind and grass, and immediately hid like a rabbit.
In this secret place, she is too fragile as a mortal.
She knew that she would not be able to enter the second level.
Therefore, we must find the fruit of immortal wood before elimination.
The fruit of life.
As long as there is a breath, it can make you full of blood.
In addition to saving lives, it has a special effect that few people know.
That is to recast the spirit root.
The living fruit can destroy the spiritual root and then reverse and reshape it.
If the practitioners eat it, they will lose all their accomplishments and even their talents.
It's more poisonous than poison!
But Xiao Qingge happens to be a mortal who has lost his accomplishments.
As long as you get the fruit of life, it is possible to reverse the spirit root and regain cultivation and talent!
She saw these in an ancient book by chance.
But the fruit of living beings is the ancient immortal material.
Let alone the secular world, there is no Shinto palace, the top sect.
It is said that the last fruit of life was found in a secret place in the western regions.
That's why she's pinning her hopes here.
“It must be found before the end of the trial, or there is really no chance!”A trace of anxiety flashed across Xiao Qingge's face.
All of a sudden, there was a wind behind him.
Xiao Qingge's pupils shrink.
Someone's coming!
“Oh, isn't this a mortal who follows Li ran into the secret world?Li Ran left you here alone?I'm not afraid that the monster will eat youSong Qingsong's voice rang out.
A shadow flashed in Xiao Qingge's eyes.
This is the last person she wants to meet!*
In Chapter 45, how do you want to die?
Seeing that she didn't answer, song Qingsong said, “I'm talking to you, don't you hear me?”
Xiao Qingge is afraid that the other party will hear his own voice. How dare he speak?
He bowed his head in silence and turned to leave.
“Even if Li Ran is arrogant, just a mortal, dare to ignore me?”
Song Qingsong feels insulted.
With a wave of his right hand, the wind blew Xiao Qingge out!
She hit the tree hard and spat out a mouthful of blood.
There was a sharp pain in the body. It seemed that all the viscera were displaced, but he still bit his teeth and didn't say a word.
“Oh, it's very strong.”
Song Qingsong went over and pulled off her hat pocket. “She's sneaky and won't show up. I'd like to see who you are…”
The voice stopped abruptly.
He stared at the face, his eyes full of disbelief.
“Xiao Qingge?”
No wonder the back looks familiar. It's her!
Xiao Qingge staggered to his feet, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and said calmly, “long time no see, elder martial brother song.”
Song Qingsong came back and frowned, “how can you be here?Who told you the secret place? ”
Even if the Xiao family knew this information, it was impossible for her to be a mortal!
And how did she get together with Li Ran?
Xiao Qingge said, “it's my business. I don't need to report it to you.”
She doesn't say it, but song Qingsong is not a fool.
Mind electricity turn between, a lot of things want to understand.
“Do you want to get talent and return to fairyland through this secret place?”
Xiao Qingge didn't answer, which is a default.
Song Qingsong hummed coldly: “beyond our capacity!It's just a vulgar body, and it's worthy of fighting with me? ”
“Good luck to elder martial brother song.”
Xiao Qingge doesn't talk much any more, and she is about to leave.
Shenglingguo hasn't been found yet. She is so anxious that she doesn't want to entangle with each other at all.
Looking at her graceful figure, song Qingsong's eyes are more and more chilly.
At the beginning, as a pure fairy, she was indifferent to him. Now she has lost all her accomplishments, and she is so proud!
“Did I let you go?”
With a wave of his right hand, song Qingsong breaks the tree and smashes it at her!
Xiao Qingge runs away in a mess, almost smashed into meat mud!
“Song Qingsong, what do you mean?”She said grimly.
Song Qingsong sneered, “although you have been expelled by the clan, you also have the brand of my Shinto palace!Now I'm colluding with the demon sect and the demon people. It's a disgrace to my clan! ”
“Today, I'm going to be ashamed of the clan!”
He's got a grim look in his eyes!
Xiao Qingge stood up all over and said, “kill me?Are you not afraid of Li Ran? ”
“Don't mention him to me!”
Hearing the name, song Qingsong looked more insidious, “if he cares about your life and death, how can he leave you here alone?When I kill you, I'll share your body with the monster. Who knows I did it? ”
Xiao Qingge is scared!
Is this vicious man in front of you really the elder martial brother song who is fighting for justice in memory?
“You and I have no injustice and no enmity. Why do you want to do this?”
She really can't understand.
Song Qingsong said with a grim smile, “if you want to blame him, blame Li Ran. Who made him so arrogant?”
Driven by aura, the flying sword comes out of its sheath automatically and cuts to Xiao Qingge.
His eyes were ferocious, and his resentment towards Li Ran was vented in this sword!
“Li Ran…”
Xiao Qingge closes her eyes in despair.
The last thing in my mind is not anger and reluctance, but the figure of the man.
A dull sound came, and there was no imagined pain.
See her whole body is wrapped by faint light, like translucent light cocoon, will fly sword firmly block outside.
“Light cocoon?It's a talisman written by Li Ranbu! “Song Qingsong was in a hurry.
He dares to attack Xiao Qingge because she is only a mortal, which does not mean that he is willing to fight against Li Ran!
Especially in the secret!
“This is it. We must kill her as soon as possible!”
Song Qingsong urges the spirit power, the flying sword is in full bloom, whistling to the light cocoon!
The spirit power that Fu paper can carry is limited. It can't stop him from fighting with all his strength!
A silver light shot out of the dense forest and hit the side of the flying sword. It exploded and blew it out!
The silver gun was on the ground, and the end of the gun vibrated slightly.
Song Qingsong looks dignified and looks around.
See Li Ran flying down, the pupil can't help shrinking!
Li Ran doesn't pay attention to him, but stares at Xiao Qingge, “so you come to the secret place just to give your head away?”
Xiao Qingge blushed and lowered his head, “I'm sorry to trouble you.”
Her heart was warm.
It turned out that he did not leave himself alone, but has been protecting himself!
This feeling of being cared for
“Do you have enough trouble for me?”
Li Ran shook his head and said, “in order to cultivate immortals, don't you want to die?I really convinced you… ”
Xiao Qingge sticks out her tongue in embarrassment.
Li Ran Tucao is enough, make complaints about Song Qingsong.
Smile convergence, voice cold and fierce.
“Even the people I brought dare to move. How do you want to die?”*
Chapter 46 do you deserve to lose with me?
“How do you want to die?”
Li Ran took a step forward, and the majestic aura gushed out, forming a raging flame wave on his body surface!
If the abyss like prison, evil arrogance!
The cloud plume gun seems to have an induction, trembling to send out “buzz” clang.
The atmosphere was filled with silence.
Song Qingsong felt cool.
“Just now, how could Li Ran not stay behind?It's too urgent… ”
Like Li Ran, he was in the late Jindan period.
But he is nearly 40 this year, while Li Ran is only 18 years old, which is a huge gap like Tianhe.
Song Qingsong didn't want to be the enemy of this perversion.
But the more it is, the less it can be shown.
Song Qingsong said in a high voice: “Li Ran, do you want to fight me?I advise you to think it over! ”
“Now it's just the first trial, there must be difficulties in the future!We've lost both sides here. Isn't it just cheap for other people? ”
They all come for the sake of inheritance. It's not a wise move to start here.
“He's right.Master, don't let small things lose big ones and delay the work. “Xiao Qingge also advised.
She didn't want Li ran to miss this rare fate because of himself.
“Well, you're right, but I have a little problem.”
Li Ran said with a smile: “why do you think you can lose with me?”
Song Qingsong was stunned, and a warning sign suddenly appeared in his heart.
Li Ran's figure suddenly appeared above him!
“So fast!”
He wanted to fly away, but it was too late. His sight was completely covered by a big hand.
Li Ran grabbed his head and ran to the ground!
Song Qingsong was blasted into the ground!
When the smoke and dust slowly dispersed, Li Ran was tall and straight with a huge round pit beside him.
And song Qingsong was lying in the pit, shining all over.
After all, he has the strength of golden elixir, and he used the way at the last moment.
“Li Ran, how dare you touch me?”Song Qingsong can't set channel.
“I'm not happy with you when I step on the horse!”
Li Ran raised his foot and stepped on it!
The dark light of the protective body flickered, blocking the foot.
Without waiting for Song Qing to relax, Li Ran's spiritual power spewed wildly, and he stepped on it continuously and sank down!
With a slight sound, cracks appeared on the shield.
And then it broke!
Song Qingsong was shocked!
He quickly bite the tip of his tongue, the whole person into a divine light, the moment away.
“The spirit presses the secret seal!”
Li Ran's right hand pinches the seal, the air becomes stagnant, and song Qingsong is pressed on the ground!
“I'm the direct descendant of Shinto palace, you can't move me, otherwise our leader won't let you go!”Song Qingsong is a tough man.
Psychic power works hard against pressure.
“Cut, who are you scaring?Think I don't have a leader? “Li Ran snorted coldly.
Who hasn't ordered backstage these days?
When song Qingsong thought of Leng Wuyan, he felt a little flustered.
That's the super demon of one sword exterminating the clan, and it's extremely protective!
“From disciple to master, none of them is easy to provoke!”He wanted to cry without tears.
It's hard to fight, but the background is not as tough as others
If God gives him another chance, he will be far away from Li Ran!
“Don't you want to lose with me?That's it? ”
Li Ran's palm moves, Yunling gun flies away, and the tip of the gun is aimed at Song Qingsong.
Song Qingsong holds a talisman and is ready to escape.
Just then, a quiet voice came out.
“You two, let's call it a day.”
A girl in green fell between them, still holding the sword in her arms.
Wanjiange, yuejianli!
Song Qingsong looks happy, as if he has found a backing, “fairy Yue, this devil wants to kill me, we are the right fellow, you must help me!”
Yue Jian glanced at him, and a trace of disgust flashed in his cold eyes.
She turned to Li Ran and said, “now it's just the first trial. Even if you're desperate, you don't have to rush for a while. It's better to save your strength.When the final inheritance appears, there will naturally be a fierce battle. ”
Li Ran pinched his chin and looked at her, “so you are a group?”
Yue Jianli shook his head. “I'm not familiar with him.”
“Then why do you want to come out?It's in your best interest to watch us fight and kill each other, and then you can reap the benefits of the fishermen. “Li Ran said.
“You're right. That's what I thought.”
Yue Jianli made no secret and said, “but I found that he can't even let you play the bottom card. What's the point of losing both sides?”
Song Qingsong's face turned red and he wanted to find a crack in the ground.
Yue Jianli looked at Li Ran seriously, “you are so strong that I have no confidence to face you alone, so I don't want him to die for the moment.”
In any case, song Qingsong is a golden elixir period, which can play a role of containment.
Although she also despises song, with him, she can at least maintain the balance of the situation and avoid conflicts with Li ran too early.
“For the time being?”
Li Ran raised his eyebrows.
This guy is kind of interesting.
“That makes sense. Let him live a little longer.”Li Ran nodded.
He can feel that Yue Jianli is very strong.
The next trial content is not clear, he does not want to use too many cards, at this stage to one against two is not a good choice.
Yue Jian nodded his head and said, “wise decision.”
Song Qingsong was completely relieved.
Although the process is humiliating, but somehow survived
As soon as he was ready to leave, Li Ran's voice rang out again
“I said I would not kill you, but did I let you go?”
Song Qingsong*
Chapter 47 tool man song Qingsong!
Song Qingsong's legs are almost soft.
What's this guy doing?!
Li Ran said: “after beating my brother, do you want to leave like this?How can there be such a good thing in the world? ”
Song Qingsong glanced at Xiao Qingge and said in his heart, “I believe you are a ghost. This is clearly your friendship!”
“So, what do you want?”He asked in a trembling voice.
Li Ran thought, “leave the demon bones you just killed.”
Song Qingsong was surprised and flatly refused: “no, you don't want me out in the first round!”
Yue Jianli frowned slightly.
What a deep thought Li Ran has!
If song Qingsong is out now, it's not good news for her!
Li Ran said, “am I discussing with you?Don't you really think that with the support of this little girl, I dare not kill you? ”
The air suddenly became dignified.
A trace of anger flashed in Yue Jianli's eyes.
Little girl?
She is one of the top three talents in the pride list. No one dares to call her that!
But she still can't figure out the strength of the devil
In the end, reason prevailed.
“Give it to him.The trial is not over. Now you go to hunt with all your strength. It should be no problem to enter the top eight. “Yue Jianli said.
“Better than to die here?”
Song Qingsong was silent.
He hesitated for a while, or threw the storage ring in the past, “all the demon bones are here.”
Li Ran catches it and explores it to make sure there is no problem.
“All right, if you go well, don't send.”
Song Qingsong no longer said much, turned and disappeared into the forest.
Yue Jianli didn't say a word and flew away.
“Cut, what high cold…”Li Ran muttered discontentedly.
Beautiful women seem to be very cold. Master was the same at the beginning, but now
It's gone from iceberg to spring water.
Xiao Qingge said gratefully, “thank you for saving my life this time.I can't repay my kindness to pieces! ”
“Small things, don't be so affected.”Li Ran waved his hand.
The two get along well during this period of time.
Xiao Qingge gave the map to him before he entered the secret place, which is a kind of trust in itself.
Li Ran doesn't want to see her die here.
“You've killed song Qingsong this time. What if he stabbed him in the back?”Xiao Qingge looks worried.
Li Ran shook his head and said, “who told you that I wanted to kill you?”
Xiao Qingge was stunned.
In retrospect, it seems that he only used hand to hand combat, and did not use any magic power.
“From the beginning, I knew Yue Jianli was hiding away.”
“She wants to see my cards, and I want to test her attitudeAs for song Qingsong?He's just a tool man. ”
Li Ran looked calm.
“Tool man?”Xiao Qingge has some doubts.
“To be exact, it's weights,” Li said
Because of the presence of song Qingsong, the three will maintain a delicate balance.
He and Yue Jianli, no matter who wants to do it, have to consider whether it will be picked up by a third person.
Li Ran continued: “this time, the secret place is in danger. Yue Jianli and I have the same idea. In front of us, we should try our own skills. In the end, we'll pass on and see you again.”
“But what if they join hands against you?”Xiao Qingge asked.
Li Ran shook his head with a smile, “only one person can get the inheritance at last.”
“This person may be me or Yue Jianli, but it can't be song Qingsong.”
Yue Jianli is not a fool.
When it comes to the final inheritance, song Qingsong is bound to be out.
Xiao Qingge tilts his head and doesn't understand.
Li Ran knocked on her skull and said in a funny way: “you're a mortal. What's the matter with you?”
Xiao Qingge rubbed his head and said, “I hope you can get a good fortune.”
“I don't really care about Xianyuan or somethingBut do you get what you want? “Li Ran asked.
Xiao Qingge tried his best to enter the secret world. He must have something to ask for.
“By the way, fruit of life!It's over. It's too late! “Xiao Qingge patted his head with a look of chagrin.
Worry about Li Ran and forget about it!
“Fruit of life?”
Li Ran thought about it and said, “although there are many spirit grasses here, immortal materials are still rare. Maybe the second trial has something you want.”
“But I can't make it…”Xiao Qingge bowed his head.
“Who said that?”
Li Ran threw a storage ring in the past.
She catches in a hurry, a blank face way: “this is?”
Li Ran said: “this is the demon bone collected by song Qingsong. According to the rules of the secret place, as long as the ring is in your hand, it should be your booty.”
“Anyway, it's useless to take too much of it, or it will be wasted.”
With the amount collected by song Qingsong, promotion is still very easy.
Xiao Qingge bowed his head, his eyes misty.
“Li Ran, how can I repay you for being so kind to me?”*
Chapter 48 no one knows how to collect herbs better than me!
The melodious bell rings in the secret place, and all the flowers appear in an open space.
Some people still keep fighting posture, obviously just fighting with the monster.
At this time, ripples appear in the void, and powerful words reappear.
[the first trial is over】
[eight promoted, one died and one eliminated.】
“One dead?”
Li Ran browed.
The people who come to this secret place are all zongmen Tianjiao, who have profound accomplishments and innumerable cards.
The monster here is the strongest, but it can't build a foundation. Even if it can't fight the enemy, it can absolutely retreat.
Someone's got a killer!
Li Ran takes a look at Song Qingsong. He sees blood running down the corner of his clothes. It seems that he is injured.
The heart suddenly clear.
The killer must be song Qingsong.
He is afraid that time is not enough, there is not enough demon bone promotion, so simply choose to grab other people's booty!
“This guy is really tough.”
Yue Jianli also cast his eyes at this time, and looked at Li ran across the air.
Obviously, they wanted to go together.
Then the white light came and enveloped the crowd.
The eight people, who were shrouded in white light, gradually dissipated and went to the second round of trial.
And the rest of the man, a face of chagrin was sent out of the secret.
When people opened their eyes, they were in a new world.
In front of my eyes is a lush hill, full of light dense fairy grass Lingzhi, the grade is several times higher than just now!
“My God!”
“Such a strong aura?It's better than gathering spirit array! ”
“The ground is full of fairy grass!A lawn made of fairy grass
“It's amazing!It's worthy of being handed down by the ancient emperor! ”
The pride of heaven sent out bursts of exclamations, like children who had never seen the world.
Compared with here, the place just now is nothing but a small one!
Even if you can't get the final inheritance, it's absolutely worthwhile to pick here!
The air rippled
[the second test is picking】
The content of this trial is very simple.
The time limit is one hour.
Finally, according to the quality level of each person, six people were selected to enter the next round of trial.
Compared with the last round, this trial seems to be much more peaceful. It seems that we just need to concentrate on collecting herbs.
Of course, the limited number of immortal materials will definitely lead to a fight.
[the trial begins.】
With a command, people can't wait to enter the medicine mountain.
Li Ran and his wife went in.
Collecting herbs is a skill.
First of all, precious materials may not be the most conspicuous. How to distinguish them is a problem.
Secondly, the method of picking is also very important. If the method is improper, it will even destroy the medicinal properties and lose the immortal Qi.
Li Ran knew nothing about it, but he was not worried at all.
“I can't collect herbs, but I'm good at robbing. I can rob others later.”
After making up his mind, he strolled slowly in the medicine mountain.
And Xiao Qingge follows him, carefully looking for the trace of shengshengguo.
After about a stick of incense, Li Ran stretched himself.
“Take your time. I'll get a wave of vegetables.”
Then he soared into the air.
“Take the food?”
Xiao Qingge looks puzzled.
Song Qingsong is marching in the mountain of medicine.
He is the oldest and has the richest experience in this group of practitioners. Besides practice, he also dabbles in other miscellaneous studies.
And collecting herbs is his special skill.
“Oh, I am familiar with Dan Jing, herbal medicine Jing and picking. No one knows how to pick medicine better than me!”
He searched with confidence.
Soon, there was a harvest near a cliff.
“Millennium white vine!”
“It's an immortal material. It can refine the soul purification pill. It has the effect of concentrating and calming Qi and washing the spirit!”
“Good baby!”
He used the most professional method, carefully collected it.
I didn't take two steps, but there was another light in front of me.
“Jiyang grass is another immortal material!”
“The appearance of this grass is the same as that of ordinary fairy grass, but the tip is slightly red. People who don't know this way can't find it at all!”
Song Qingsong smiles more and more.
This round, he can not only steadily promote, but also harvest so many treasures!
It's all over the place!
When he was very happy, a figure appeared behind him and patted him on the shoulder.
Song Qingsong was startled and suddenly turned around.
After seeing the person clearly, he suddenly became nervous.
“Li Ran?Why do you come to me if you don't collect medicine well? ”
Li Ran scratched his head. “I'm not good at collecting herbs.”
Song Qingsong's eyebrows jumped, and he had a bad feeling in his heart, “so you're here…”
Li Ran added the second half of the sentence.
Song Qingsong's face was pale. “You, you can't do this. It's against the rules. I collect medicine on my own strength…”
Boom, boom.
Li Ran clenched his fist, his joints crackled, and his expression was slightly impatient.
“I can't collect herbs, you can't fight.But I'm not unreasonable. I'll give you two choices. ”
“Which two choices?”Song Qingsong swallowed.
“First, you offered to give me the medicine.”
“What about the other one?”
“Second, I'll beat you up and give you the medicine.”
Song Qingsong shivers and hands over Chu Wu Jie.
“It's very kind of you. Please accept it.”*
Chapter 49 If you can't beat it, join in!
“Take your time.”
Song Qingsong sets up a shed to watch Li Ran leave.
Wait until the other side figure completely disappeared, the cheek instantly twisted, angry.
“Damn, bullying honest people, right?”
“The robbery is on my head!Do you know who I am?The direct disciple of Shinto palace, who is strong in the golden elixir period, has a weak sense of righteousness. Song Qingsong
“When you get out of the secret, I'll make you pay for it!”
After a random vent, song Qingsong finally calmed down.
In fact, he just said that, let Li Ran pay the price?He doesn't have the strength, he doesn't have the status.
Shinto palace is the top clan gate, but Youluo palace is not empty at all.
He is song Qingsong's only heir, but Li Ran is the noble son, the future leader of Youluo hall!
What's more, he has a terrible master
Zongmen can't offend Leng Wuyan for him.
So if he broke his tooth, he had to swallow it.
“Forget it, it's not the time to think about it. Fortunately, it's only a wisp of incense. I still have enough time.”
Song Qingsong calmed down and continued his journey of picking.
The range of this medicinal mountain is huge, and there are countless flowers and plants in it. Most people are dazzled when they look at it, let alone looking for immortal materials.
Therefore, most people's strategy is to collect what they see and what they receive. The quality is insufficient and the quantity is used to make up.
And song Qingsong knew that the value of immortal material was not comparable to that of ordinary elixir!
So he focused on the high-grade herbs.
“Ningshenhua?Good thing!It's worth as much as the Millennium rattan! ”
“Evil fog grass?It's evil. It's extremely rare. It can be used to refine poison pills! ”
“I'll go, heixuelian!”
Before long, song Qingsong won a lot of immortal materials again with his excellent eyesight and technique.
This is really his home, no one knows how to collect herbs better than him!
“Oh, you think that's going to stop me?What a foolSong Qingsong looks relaxed and complacent.
All of a sudden, the wind behind us sounded.
Song Qingsong is stiff and turns around slowly. Li ranzheng looks at him with a smile.
He swallowed, “you're coming again…”
Li Ran nodded.
Song Qingsong has the heart to die.
But what can we do?
I can only hand in the immortal material again with tears, and pray that Li Ran can let him go.
But Li Ran is obviously addicted to snatching.
After a stick of incense.
It's tea time.
“Here we go!”
Li Ran turned the trial into a penguin farm
In the end, song Qingsong is on the verge of collapse.
“Elder brother, you can't catch a sheep to collect wool. You're robbing other people!”He was in tears.
Li Ran was a little embarrassed. He scratched his head and said, “because you know how to collect herbs best.”
“……Do evil
Song Qingsong understood.
Li Ran won't let him go.
And then picking is to make wedding clothes for others, so he simply gave up picking and directly joined the ranks of robbery.
“I can't beat Li Ran, and I can't beat you?”
Song Qingsong specially looks for those whose accomplishments are lower than him. No matter what the other party picks, he puts them in his ring.
He doesn't care about the talent.
I just hope that time can end earlier, enter the next round of trial, and end this nightmare.
The robbed also want to rob others, and more and more people join the ranks of robbery. For a time, Yaoshan was full of complaints.
At last, a group of people directly fight together
And the creator of all this, Li Ran, is eating a pear and strolling in the mountains.
Xiao Qingge beside him is searching for the trace of shenglingguo.
Li Ran glanced at her and said in a voice, “you are not human, are you?”
Xiao Qingge suddenly became nervous.
Did he discover his identity?
“Why, why?”
Li Ran shrugged, “ordinary people don't know the secret place, and they don't know the fruit of life. You know too much.”
Xiao Qingge is silent.
After a long time, she whispered: “I'm sorry, I did hide something from you…”
She didn't want to cheat Li Ran.
You can see that he is high spirited and arrogant. He has no courage to show his identity.
The gap was so big that she was desperate.
Li Ran laughed, “needless to say I'm sorry, everyone has his own secret.If you want to tell me my secret, you may be scared to death. ”
He has no interest in prying into other people's privacy.
Xiao Qingge shakes his head and feels bitter.
“But my secret has something to do with you!I'm standing in front of you, but I can't recognize you… “Her mind surged.
After a while, she said cautiously, “can I ask you a question?”
“Ask, but I don't have to answer.”Li Ran said.
Xiao Qingge's cheek is a little red, “thatExcuse me, do you have anyone you like? ”
Li Ran was stunned.
Is that the problem?
He nodded seriously, “yes!”*