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Marvel: I will summon_Marvel volume (Chapter 1-55)
Chapter 1: Marvel world
2008New York, Manhattan, late at night.
Hilton Hotel.
A reception is being held here. All the participants are celebrities from all walks of life, including Wall Street tycoons and politicians. Anyone standing in the corner may have hundreds of millions of dollars.
In the center of the reception, these big people, who are usually high above the others, are all surrounded by a blonde youth in his twenties.
The young blonde was smiling and whispering, while the people around him nodded and echoed.
Although a group of people in their 40s and 50s respectfully gathered around a young man in his twenties, which seemed a little disobedient, no one was surprised.
It’s just that the young blonde's name is o'drick Morgan, and he is also the first heir of the Morgan family. His surname is enough for him to enjoy the attention of these big people.
And just then, “Bang…!”The crisp sound of broken glass.
The next moment
“Ah –!”
A flustered scream burst out.
At the reception, everyone looked for a sound. The next second, they were all staring at the same place. Some people even couldn't hold the glass in their hands. They let the red wine spill on the suit and fall to the ground.
No one can believe the scene
At the absolute center of the reception, o'drick Morgan was lying on the ground, his forehead had been penetrated by bullets, and blood was spreading from his head to all sides.
There was a riot at the reception
At this time, on the top of a tall building three kilometers away from the Hilton Hotel.
“Done, done.”
Chuhe whistled with a smile. With a shake in his hand, the cheytacm200 sniper rifle disappeared.
However, Chuhe did not leave here immediately, but closed his eyes and sank into the depth of consciousness.
Deep in his mind, there is a progress bar, which shows 100% progress.
“It directly provides about 2% of the energy.Tut Tut, I said this guy is not a good thing. “Chuhe sighed with emotion, and the secret way itself was really acting on behalf of heaven.
“Start calling.”
The next moment, a red banana like fruit appears in Chuhe's hand, with strange patterns on it.
“Summon success, summon” bull fruit · bison form “one.”
“Buffalo fruit · bison form: Animal demon fruit. After eating it, you will get a strong body like a bison, the speed and momentum of a bison.Note: eating devil fruit will be cursed by the sea. ”
Bumped the devil fruit in the hands of bumping, Chu River eyes show a trace of regret.
If it is the fruit of nature, or the fruit of a certain kind of eudemon, even if it is cursed by the sea, Chuhe will not hesitate to eat it directly.
But if it's just an animal family, niuniuguo, Chuhe will not pay such a price.
It has been more than 20 years since he crossed the world. At first, Chu River thought that he had crossed the lighthouse country in the 1980s, although because of the crossing, he became a baby of one or two years old.
However, Chuhe is not in a panic, because he has nearly 40 years of memory in the future. Even if he is only an adult in his life more than ten years later, Chuhe is sure to easily get tens of billions of dollars.
It was not until Chu he discovered that there was a stark industry in the world, and Captain America was not only a character in the cartoon, but also a memorial of Steve Rogers in New York
This… I've crossed the world of marvel.
I don't know where a super villain who wants to destroy the world will come from. Not to mention, there is a purple sweet potato in the universe who wants to do family planning at any moment.
It's definitely a high-risk world.
From then on, Chuhe didn't want to become a rich man. As an adult, he joined the army directly.
After four years of service, Chu he retired and joined the FBI, which is also known as the FBI. After several years in the FBI, Chu he is now a special agent in charge of the Crime Investigation Department of the New York branch of the FBI, and is one of the top five powerful figures in the new York branch of the FBI.
As a yellow race, it's not without reason that he can do so well in lighthouse country.
After crossing, Chu River finds a progress bar deep in his mind, and when the progress bar reaches 100%, it will summon something, items, skills, knowledge… Everything is possible.
The energy required by the progress bar is soul energy, and the more evil soul, the higher energy it can provide.
Chu he has tested that a criminal with a human life on his hand can provide 0.1% of the energy, that is to say, the crime value of o'drick Morgan just killed by Chu he is 20 times that of a murderer.
Of course, it doesn't mean that as long as you kill people, the soul will become evil.
Because justice and evil are relative, the definition of evil soul by summoning depends on the cognition of the person who owns that soul.
To put it simply, if you know it clearly and think it's evil, but you still do it, then the soul will become evil.
Because of this golden finger, Chu he chose to join the army. Otherwise, in a metropolis like New York, there is no way to collect the energy of summoning.
No matter in the army or in the FBI, Chuhe has always been in the front line, killing many criminals. In the past decade, he has summoned more than ten times and gained many good things, such as:
Death shooter Freud Lawton's inheritance: DC world's super villain, known as “the world's deadliest shooter”, “the most accurate shooter on earth”, can make the bullet turn when shooting, or even shoot the target without looking.
Perfect T virus fortified serum: strengthen the target body, so that the body's various functions reach five times the human limit, and have a certain probability of arousal.
Seeing, hearing, lust and domineering: People's five senses become sharp. They can detect the breath of surrounding creatures and the domineering of emotional changes. They can also be used to predict and avoid danger.
One bag of Xiandou (12): eating one can ensure that you will not be hungry for ten days, recover your physical strength in extreme fatigue, adjust your body to the best state, and regenerate your limbs.
Since he was not ready to eat the fruit, Chu he was ready to put it away. With a shake of his hand, the fruit disappeared and was taken into the golden space by Chu he.
Gold space: initially, it is a 2m * 2m * 2m, 8 cubic meters of portable space, which can be expanded, but it needs to use the same volume of gold to expand, that is to say, 1 cubic meter of gold can expand 1 cubic meter of gold space.
After dealing with these, Chuhe is ready to leave.
“Hum… Hum…”
At this time, the mobile phone rings, takes out from the pocket, sees the caller, Chu he smiles, and answers the channel: “Wilson, what's the matter with calling me?”
“Chu, you did what happened to o'drick Morgan.”*
Chapter 2: Wanda and Pietro
“Wilson, it's less than two minutes. The news has reached you.”Chuhe said with a smile.
The voice at the other end of the phone seemed helpless and said, “Chu, next time you have this kind of thing, you'd better tell me first, otherwise it will be a headache to deal with it.”
Chuhe said with indifference: “what's the headache, Morgan. I don't believe that there are other things that can make you a headache in this city.”
The one who is on the phone with Chuhe is Wilson Fiske, the emperor of New York underground world!It can even be said that nearly half of the criminal activities in the United States can be traced back to him.
The reason why Chuhe and Jin are so familiar with each other is a few years ago.
At that time, Chuhe had just joined the FBI. In an accident, he saved Jinbing's son Richard Fisk and became Richard's godfather.
Because of Richard Fisk, Chuhe and Jin became good friends.
Chuhe was promoted to the top secret agent of the crime investigation department within five years of the FBI, thanks to Jin Bing's help.
If you think about it, you can see that no matter how difficult a case is assigned to Chuhe, you don't even have to go out. With one phone call, the murderer will surrender in one day. This kind of efficiency of solving a case is not the result of Chuhe's promotion.
“If I don't talk about it, I'll take care of it. I won't suspect you.By the way, Richard is still pestering me today, saying that he is going to visit you. Would you like to come home for dinner tomorrow? “Kim said.
As for the case of o'drick Morgan, as Chu he said, it's really not a problem for kingpin.
“Well, I'll see you tomorrow night.Remember to ask Vanessa to make more pineapple pies. I'm going to pack them and take them homeChuhe road.
“No problem. See you tomorrow night.”
Slowly from the underground parking lot out of their big G, just drove to the street, they heard the alarm bell, a police car on the road.
Chu he touched his chin: it seems that the death of o'drick Morgan has shocked a lot of people. Otherwise, the New York police, who has always been famous for being slow, would not have been able to go out so fast.
Even so, Chuhe is not worried about finding his head. He doesn't say he has gold and helps to cover up. Even if he doesn't, Chuhe doesn't panic at all.
Because the sniper position of Chuhe is far beyond the limit of ordinary elite snipers, and in order to avoid finding the sniper position according to the trajectory of bullets, the bullets fired by Chuhe also have a lot of radians. For Chuhe, who has the inheritance of death shooters, arc shooting is just like instinct.
To know this kind of thing, in recent years, Chuhe did not do little, very skilled.
“Hum… Hum…”
Chuhe mobile phone rings again.
Looked at the eye, is his subordinates, Chu River access channel: “what's the matter, do not know now is off duty time?”
“Chief, there was a homicide at the Hilton Hotel. The victim was aud of the Morgan family…”
Without waiting for the other end of the phone to finish, Chuhe interrupted directly: “homicide?What does it have to do with us?Dead people want our FBI to go out?What are you doing with the police in New York? ”
“Chief, this is an order from the director himself.”The voice on the phone was a bit awkward.
“Davis, fat pig?”Chuhe said, “what?Can he waste taxpayers' money at will?Well, what should we do? If we want to take over, we'll have to wait for the police to hand over the case. I'm busy and I'll hang up. ”
With that, Chuhe hung up directly.
Turn on the car stereo and drive home.
Chuhe lives in the Long Island District, which is the real rich area of New York.
It is reasonable to say that even if Chu he is in charge of the secret service, his salary plus various allowances will be about 200000 US dollars a year. It is impossible for him to afford the million dollar villa in Changdao district.
But don't forget, Chuhe usually does exercises after cooking like this tonight, and sometimes he will order things. Because of the relationship between gold and silver, Chuhe can easily wash his money away.
The only thing that annoys Chuhe is that the washed white knife needs to pay a large amount of tax to the tax department, but it can make Chuhe consume freely without any worries.
Chuhe's villa is worth 17 million US dollars, which is quite luxurious even in Changdao district.
It covers an area of 12.5 acres, with indoor and outdoor heated swimming pools, home cinemas, sports rooms, wine cellars… And even a standard three hole golf course.
As soon as I pulled into the garage, I heard a quarrel coming from the villa.
“Pietro, clean up your house quickly, or you will be cleaned up when Chuhe comes back.”
“Don't call me Pietro, call me brother.”
“Don't think about it. You're only twelve minutes ahead of me.”
Chuhe has a headache. I don't know what the two brothers and sisters quarreled about today.Yesterday, it seemed that it was because Peter drank Wanda's bedtime milk that they quarreled.
“You two, today is…”
Open the door, just want to say hello to the two brothers and sisters at home, see the situation at home, Chuhe instant face black.
Drinks are spilled all over the table and tea table. The floor is even full of snack bags and even cheese marks. It seems that it's caused by using pizza as a skateboard
“I want to report!It's Pietro. I know you're not at home tonight, so I ask my friends to have a party at home. As soon as it's over, I ask him to clean up, but he doesn't listen to meA 15-year-old girl with red hair immediately ran to Chu River and said, holding Chu River's arm.
Hearing the red haired girl's words, Chu he turned his eyes to another young man with silver hair in the room. His face was not good and he said, “Pietro, if you don't clean up your home in five seconds, I'll lock you up for three days. You can't go to the toilet.”
Hearing this, a young man with silver hair was excited. He ejected from the sofa and put on his goggles
“Five seconds, make sure it's clean.”
When the voice dropped, the whole person disappeared, and then I saw a series of shadows shuttling through the room, and the garbage on the ground was also disappearing. In less than five seconds, the whole room took on a new look.
The next moment, the young man with silver hair suddenly appeared in front of Chuhe, took off his goggles and grinned:
“Less than five seconds.”
Said, but also like to see the red haired girl holding Chuhe arm, angry red haired girl bulging mouth.
Seeing that the two brothers and sisters began their daily struggle again, Chu he laughed and said, “since Pietro didn't clean up the mess in the house at the first time, as a punishment, your pocket money next month belongs to Wanda.”
“Oh no!!I'm going to buy a new game next month. Chuhe, you can't do this to me.Besides, Wanda already has more pocket money than I do. “The silver haired boy said anxiously.
PS: Manville, because of having a child, Kim began to immerse himself in ordinary life, but his son Richard was assassinated, and Richard's death made Kim, who had the idea of retirement, become a terrible beast again, madly retaliated against all his enemies, almost triggered the Third World War, killed his wife personally, and completely blackened*
Chapter 3: super power training box
Seeing the silver haired boy's misfortune, the red haired girl instantly became happy and said, “hum, I should have more pocket money than you. Who makes you not a girl? Chuhe said that girls should spend more money since childhood, so that they won't be cheated by boys when they grow up.”
The silver haired boy turned his mouth and looked at the Chuhe River. He muttered in a low voice: “they've been abducted, and he said…”
“Pietro, what are you talking about?”
The red haired girl blushed and said, staring at the silver haired boy.
“Don't call me Pietro, call me brother.”
“No way!You were born 12 minutes earlier than me… ”
Looking at the two brothers and sisters fighting again, Chu he sighed helplessly, took out a can of drink from the refrigerator, sat on the sofa and watched the two brothers and sisters fall into memories.
Wanda and Pietro.
Five years ago, when I was in the army, I met these two little guys in an operation in socowia.
At that time, if Chuhe had not injected perfect T-Virus fortified serum, all the functions of his body would have reached five times the limit of human beings, and it would have been impossible to hear the cry coming from the ruins.
When Chu he first saw Pietro and Wanda, they were in the ruins. The two ten year old children hugged each other tightly, with tears on their faces. Looking at him, their eyes were mixed with fear and panic.
At that moment, Chu River was touched, because he was very clear that it was the US Army that caused all this.
According to the practice of the U.S. military, the air force will carry out a round of “ground washing” before the operation of the ground forces to remove the possible threat. The duds with stark industrial logo beside the two little guys can tell everything.
After the operation, Chu he applied for retirement and adopted the two kids.
At the end of the memory, watching Wanda and Pietro's quarrel become more and more fierce, Chu he knows that if he doesn't stop them, they can fight until tomorrow morning.
“Well, you two.It's already 12 o'clock. Each of you will go back to his room to sleep and have class tomorrow. If any of you are late, you will be responsible for cleaning the lawn at home this weekend. “Chuhe road.
Hearing Chu he's words, Wanda and Pietro look at each other, think about the thousands of lawn in their yard, some of them give advice, each “hum”, and turn back to their room.
Chuhe smiles, gets up to wash and goes back to his room.
Although it's late at night, Chuhe doesn't mean to sleep. After injection of perfect T-Virus fortified serum, Chuhe can control himself to go into deep sleep at any time, so it's enough to keep two hours of sleep every day.
Spread out his right hand, heart read a move, a palm big, exquisite work of the box appeared in the hands of Chu he.
Super ability training box: the future props of a dream world can train three kinds of super abilities: Mindfulness, perspective and instant movement. However, you have to practice for three hours every day, and you need to persist for three years to be fully proficient.
It was about three years ago that Chu he summoned this super power training box.
In the past three years, super ability training has been a routine for Chuhe in addition to eating and sleeping.
Because if you want to master a super ability completely, you must persist for three hours a day, and you need to persist for three years. When you add up the three super abilities, you need to practice for nine hours a day.
As an agent in charge of the Crime Investigation Department of the New York branch of the FBI, Chu he certainly doesn't have so much free time. Besides, he has to punish evil from time to time.
It's the limit to squeeze out six hours from sleep every day.
So for the training of super ability, there are priorities. The first thing is instant movement. Since getting the super ability training box, Chuhe hasn't had instant movement training in a day.
There are still 12 days to complete the training of instant movement.
However, although the training of instant movement has not been completed completely, it does not mean that Chuhe can't use instant movement. Chuhe can move to any place he has ever been, just because each instant movement will have a one second delay.
In the second place is motivation.
After the injection of us t virus fortified serum, Chuhe had initially awakened his mind power, but he could lift 30 or 40 kilograms of weight at most, with a little chicken ribs.
After training with the super ability training box, Chuhe's motivation to read began to get stronger.
It will take 15 days to complete the training of mindfulness. Chu he has calculated that according to the increasing speed of mindfulness, after the training of mindfulness is completed, the strength of mindfulness can reach 500 tons.
That is to say, I can lift three Boeing 747s at a time with my power.
As for perspective, Chu he is in the third place. Up to now, the training progress is less than 50%. Although perspective can also be carried out, every perspective is delayed by about half a minute.
Put the super ability training box on the table and Chuhe is ready to start today's training.
Super ability training is very simple. You just need to stare at the super ability training box and think about the abilities you want to train. After three hours of continuous training, you can finish the training once. This is the mysterious prop of Doraemon world.
“Dong Dong…”
Knock on the door, Chuhe put down the super ability training box, got up and opened the door.
Wanda, dressed in red pajamas and holding a pillow, was glad to see Chu River open the door. However, she showed a pitiful look and said, “Chu River, I'm afraid. I can't sleep alone. As soon as I close my eyes, I will think of the scene before you save me and Pietro.”
Chu he has some helplessness. Wanda has found various reasons to sleep with him, especially in the past two years.At first, Chuhe thought it was Wangda's childhood experience that left her psychological trauma, so he naturally followed her.
But slowly, Chuhe found that things are not so simple, this little girl… Seems to have a kind of other feelings in addition to family.
Although Chuhe likes Wanda very much, it's not as good as animals.
He rubbed Wanda's head and said, “don't think I don't know what you're thinking. You're too young. Go back to sleep and have class tomorrow.”
Hearing Chu he's words, Wanda brightened her eyes and said, “is it too small now?If I grow up, I will be your girlfriend in the future. ”
“Well, well, when you grow up, I'll let you be my girlfriend.”Chu he agreed.If you don't agree with Wanda, it's estimated that you won't be able to carry out super ability training tonight. And if you think about Wanda five or six years later, Chuhe has some ideas.
“What you say is what you say.”
“Of course.”
“Then I'll go back to bed, and you'll go to bed earlier, Chuhe.”
After he coaxed Wanda back, Chuhe began his super ability training. Although it was boring to stare at one thing for several hours in a row, it was not worth mentioning compared with the super ability he got*
Chapter 4: daily life of Chuhe
It's already seven o'clock in the morning after finishing the training of instant movement and reading power. Chuhe starts to sleep, and it's more than nine o'clock in the morning when he wakes up.
The time for the FBI to go to work is nine o'clock. It's obvious that Chu he is late, but Chu he doesn't care at all. In the past few years when he worked in the New York branch of the FBI, Chu he never went to work on time more than ten times.
At this point, Wanda and Pietro have already gone to school. Because of Pietro, although the villa is very big, Chuhe does not employ servants.
It's called: exercise the powers of Pietro.
In particular, not only did petro awaken his powers, but Wanda did the same.
The reason is that a call from Chu River summoned a box of power awakening potions, a total of three. Chu River, Wanda and Pietro used one each.
Wanda and Pietro awaken to their powers that should have been activated by the gem of the mind.
As for Chuhe, the power awakening potion is not a power giving potion, so Chuhe doesn't wake up at all.In this regard, Chu he is not too disappointed, because he already has the biggest plug-in – the call progress bar in his mind.
Slowly after breakfast, when Chu he came to the New York branch of the FBI, it was already around 11 o'clock.
The full name is the FBI.
At the beginning of the 19th century, due to the spread of crimes in the United States, the economy and people's livelihood had been seriously affected. In 1908, with the approval of the Congress, the federal government set up the FBI.
After a hundred years of development, the FBI has become a real big Mac, with 37000 people. It not only has branches in major cities in the United States, but also has offices in nearly 60 overseas countries.
The New York branch of the FBI is the largest, largest, and most funded branch in the United States. Even its headquarters in Washington, D.C., is not as good as the New York branch.
No way. Who makes New York the largest city on the planet? It's full of disasters.
I've just entered my own office, and I'm still hot.
“Chief, the director is having a meeting in the conference room. He told you to come and go quickly.”Luke pushed the door and said to Chuhe.
“Oh, I see.”
Chu he answered, got up and went to the conference room.
You can hear the roar from the conference room before you enter it.
Chuhe turned his lips, pushed the door in and said hello
“Good morning, everyone.”
There are not many people in the conference room, but they are all high-level members of the branch.
“It's past eleven. It's not too early, Chu.”A middle-aged man in his forties looked at Chuhe and said with a smile that he was the agent in charge of the intelligence department, Adrian Qiao. He had a good relationship with Chuhe.
Chuhe shrugged his shoulders and said, “I can't help it. You know, Joe, my morning doesn't start until ten o'clock.”
Then he took a seat, looked at a fat white man in the chief seat and said, “chief, what can I do for you?It's almost noon. Don't delay lunch. ”
Seeing that Chuhe was so casual, the agents in charge of the meeting room didn't respond, and they were quite used to it.
However, as the director of the Bureau, Davis doesn't look very good.
“Pa” patted the table, glaring at Chu River: “last night I asked someone to inform you to go to the Hilton crime scene, where are you?”
“I sleep at home. What's the problem?”Chuhe doesn't care about Tao.
“What's the problem?”
Davis said in a gruff voice, “it's a big problem!Do you know who died?!O'drick Morgan!!The first in line successor of the Morgan family!Chuhe, you are usually presumptuous, I can be invisible, but this time you are dereliction of duty, dereliction of duty!I'll catch the murderer in three days and give an account to the Morgan family, or I'll be your agent in charge. ”
Chuhe corrected himself and said, “malfeasance?Sorry, dead fat… Director Davis, in New York City, the case with a death toll of less than 10 is the work of the New York police. Our FBI has no right to handle the case, unless the New York police take the initiative to transfer the case. ”
“Let's get the case back.”Davis road.
“I'm sorry, chief. It's not in line with the regulations. It's dereliction of duty.”Said Chu he.
By Chu he's direct attack, and in front of a group of his subordinates, Davis's face flushed with anger and said angrily, “Damn it!I am the director of New York branch. I has the final say, you yellow monkey… ”
But before he finished speaking, he was hit in the face by a flying folder and interrupted.
It's Chu he. Looking at Davis, he said coldly, “director, you can eat food without saying anything, you know?Otherwise, no one knows if something unpleasant will happen the next day.In addition, if you want to remove my agent in charge, please feel free to do so. ”
Staring at by Chu he's icy eyes, Davis immediately stirred up his spirits.Just now, the anger of Chu he's anger lost his intelligence, and now it's also reflected.
He knows that Chuhe not only has a strong military background, but also has a good eye in New York. It is said that Chuhe has a close relationship with king, the underground emperor of New York.
He thought that he could not be the agent in charge of Chuhe.
Advance and retreat is not, for a moment, but also embarrassing.
Chu he didn't care about Davis. He looked at Adrian Joe and asked, “Joe, would you like to have lunch with me later? I know a new pizza shop is good.”
“No problem.”Said Adrian Jo.
Just like Chuhe, Adrian has been unhappy with Davis for a long time, which is one of the reasons why he has a good relationship with Chuhe. Besides, Adrian has a deep background, so he doesn't have to look at Davis's face.
After having lunch with Adrian, he wandered around the Department for a while. Before four o'clock, Chu he left early.
Drive to a high-rise apartment next to Manhattan Island's Central Park. Although it's just an apartment, this apartment can hold up to two Chuhe villas in Changdao district.
Those who live here are the richest people and elites in the United States, but they don't know that they live with New York or even the underground emperor of the United States, Jinbing.
As soon as we met, Jin Bing gave Chuhe a bear hug.
Compared with the tiger backed gold, Chuhe looks very thin.
“Ha ha, nice to meet you, Chu.”Kim said with a smile.
“Welcome to Chu.”Jinbing's wife Vanessa also welcomed Chuhe's arrival.
“Nice to meet you, too, Wilson, Vanessa.”Chuhe road.
At this time, a teenage boy came running to Chuhe and said, “godfather, you finally came to see me. I thought you forgot me.”
Chu he hugged Richard and said, “how can the godfather forget Little Richard? It's just that he's busy at this time. After a while, when little Charlie has a holiday, I'll take you to the amusement park, OK?”*
Chapter 5: Jinbing
“Oh yeah, I'm going to the amusement park.”Little Richard, who was held by Chu River, danced happily. Suddenly, he seemed to think of something and said, “godfather, I also want to eat hamburgers and fried chicken. My father usually doesn't let me eat them.”
Said, also wrongly looked at a gold and.
“The godfather will take you to eat, but you can't eat too much, or you will become as fat as your father. In that case, no girl will like you at school.”Chuhe said with a smile.
Little Richard looked at Jinhe, thought about it, then nodded and said, “I still want to chase Amelia. I can't be as fat as my father.Well… I'll just have one fried chicken leg and half a hamburger with my godfather, so I won't be as fat as my father. ”
With that, he looked at Chu River with inquiring eyes.
Chuhe pretended to think for a while and said, “well, in this way, you won't get fat.”
On one side, Jin Bing is helpless to hear the dialogue between Chu he and his son.
Although he weighs 203kg, his huge size is not due to obesity, but all muscle. Every day, he will practice with a group of top fighting masters from all over the world, one against ten, but each training will not exceed 20 seconds, and the opponent will be either dead or injured.
It can be said that whether it is physical fitness or fighting skills, he has reached the limit of human beings.
But even so, he never held on to Chu he for more than 10 seconds.
Dragons do not live with snakes.
The reason why Chuhe and Jinhe became friends is not only because they saved Richard, but also because Chuhe's strength made Jinhe admire.
“Richard, go and finish your homework before you play with the godfather.”Kim rubbed his son's head and said.
“All right, Dad.”Richard nodded, looked at Chu he and said, “godfather, when I finish my homework, can you play with me for a while?”
“Of course.”Chu River should be the road.
Hearing Chu he's reply, Richard ran back to his room happily. Vanessa also went into Richard's room and closed the door at the same time.
Chuhe and Jin sit in the living room at will.
“Chu, what do you want to do with o'drick Morgan?Did the Morgans offend you?Do you need any help? “Kim asked.
“No, I'm just looking at o'drick Morgan.”Chu he said casually, the topic changed, and asked: “by the way, Richard and Vanessa are here recently, there is no accident.”
Hearing Chu he's inquiry, Jin Bing's face turned a little ugly and said, “this month, there are three assassinations against Richard and one against Vanessa.”
“It seems that your kindness in recent years, in the eyes of others, has become a toothless tiger.”Chuhe road.
“They have regretted coming to this world.”Kim said in a deep voice.
Jinbing's enemies are all over the world, and countless people want to die.
Almost every day, Kim was assassinated.But most of the assassins have no chance to get close to Jin, and Jin doesn't care about the assassination.
However, the assassination of Richard and Vanessa was not tolerated by King.
“Wilson, strengthen their protection.”Said Chu he.
Kim nodded and said, “there are three security teams in charge of their safety on the surface, and eight on the surface. Recently, I also let the target eye take charge of Richard's safety.”
“Target eye?”
Chuhe frowned, and Jin Bing's number one killer, he naturally knew.
“Maybe the target eye is good at killing, but is this guy qualified for the job of bodyguard?”Chu he asked with a frown.
Jin and also some helpless: “no way, most of my people are such people.”Suddenly, eyes a bright, look to Chu he asked: “do you have any good candidates to recommend?”
There was some expectation in his eyes. Since he knew Chuhe, there was no one or thing that Chuhe could not solve.
Hearing Jin Bing's inquiry, Chu he closed his eyes and began to think seriously.
He is Richard's godfather. Apart from Wanda and Pietro, Richard is one of the closest people in the world. Naturally, he doesn't want anything unexpected to happen to Richard.
However, who should we look for? Or, in other words, who is the right one.
You know, bodyguard is not a simple job.
First of all, we should have enough ability;Secondly, the image must be unobtrusive, that is, you can't be seen at a glance that you are a bodyguard. In the end, your character must be good and won't be bribed.
Suddenly, a name flashed in Chu he's mind.
Open your eyes and look at Jinbing, Chuhe says a person's name:
“Matt Murdoch.”
Kim frowned and thought. He had never heard of the name before. He asked, “who is he?”
Chuhe laughed and said, “Wilson, you should be familiar with him.”
Now, Jin's brow is deeper… Very familiar?!He was sure that he had never heard of the name, so he turned his puzzled eyes to Chu River.
Chuhe shrugged his shoulders and said, “well, you should be familiar with the night demon.”
“The devil of the night?”Kim's eyes were fixed.
The name, of course, is familiar to him.
It can be said that since he became the underground emperor of New York, the night devil began to fight against him. He ruined his business in the hands of the night devil and spent billions of dollars.
Think of here, gold and eyes show a trace of killing.
At this time, Chu he opened his mouth and said slowly, “Wilson, I think the safety of Richard and Vanessa is more important than your business.Besides, only such a guy can be more reassuring, can't he? ”
Hearing Chu he's words, Jin Bing's killing intention gradually faded away.
Looking at the room where Richard and Vanessa were, there was a touch of warmth on their fleshy faces and said softly:
“I think you are right.Then how can we find him? ”
“Matt Murdoch, with a friend, runs a law firm in hell's kitchen.By the way, the most interesting thing… He's still blind. “Said Chu he.
“Blind man?”
Jin can't believe that a blind man can fight against himself for several years?!
“Yes, a blind man.However, he is not an ordinary blind man. Due to an accident, when he loses his vision, the other four senses become extremely sensitive, just like radar. Even sitting at home, he can “see” any corner of his body within a few kilometers. “*
Chapter 6: the chance to make a lot of money
“Isn't it the most suitable ability to be a bodyguard?”Said Chu he.The ability of the night devil to be a bodyguard is perfect.
Kim nodded and fell into thinking.
Chu he doesn't disturb him any more. He has given the most suitable person. As for how to let Matt willingly be Richard and Vanessa's bodyguard, that's what Kim wants to do.
Moreover, Chuhe also believes that Jinhe can make the night demon agree. After all, Jinhe becomes an underground emperor by more than brute force.
Richard and Vanessa came out of the room.
Richard ran to Chu River.
Vanessa, seeing that Jin was not talking to Chu he, asked, “Wilson, do you have dinner?”
“Of course.”
Kim said with a smile, “and pack the pineapple pie you made in the afternoon and let Chu take it home later.”
“It's packed.”Vanessa answered, then looked at Chu River and complained, “Chu, you should have brought Wanda and Pietro together.”
“Don't mention it. Yesterday, Pietro was so angry with me that he forgot what was coming today.I'll remember next time. “Said Chu he.
“Come on, Little Richard, we're ready for dinner.”
He stayed at Jinbing's house until more than ten o'clock before leaving.
the second day.
While Chuhe was still sleeping, Kim went to Nelson Murdoch law firm in hell kitchen.
When Kim has not entered the firm, Murdoch has “seen” Kim.
As the underground king of New York, Kim has dozens of gold medal lawyers around him. He won't hire another lawyer at all. Even if he needs to, he won't go out in person.
So the purpose of Kim's coming here can only be… Himself!
How does Kim know who he really is?!It's not the time for Murdoch to think about it.
“Look,” Murdoch said to Nelson, who owns his own law firm. “Nelson, I have a very important litigation document left at home. Can you bring it for me?”
“Of course, wait for me to deal with…”
“Now!This is the keyMurdoch interrupted directly.
“Well, I'll…”
“Come on, the papers are important. Go through the back door!”Murdoch interrupted again.
“Oh, good.”
As soon as Nelson left, kingpin had already entered the law firm.
Murdoch tightens up and fights with kingpin countless times. Naturally, he knows the horror of kingpin.If confronted head-on, he is definitely not the opponent of kingpin.
“What can I do for you, sir?”Murdoch asked as he “looked” at Kim with sunglasses.
Kim looked at Murdoch for a moment and said, “should I call you Matt Murdoch, or should I call you… The devil of the night?”
Just as the voice of Jinbing fell, Murdoch jumped up and grabbed the stick to attack Jinbing.
King and completely does not fit the speed of the figure to avoid Murdoch's blow, some angry way: “enough!Night devil, I'm not here to settle accounts with you today. I have a business to do with you. ”
Murdoch frowned and said coldly, “sorry, I don't think I have any business to do with you.”
“Are you sure?”
Kim laughed and said, “if I say that the content of the deal is that you agree to my request, and I… Guarantee that the crime rate in hell kitchen is lower than the average crime rate in New York, will you do this business?”
Hearing Kim's words, Murdoch was stunned.
Hell kitchen is the area with the highest crime rate in New York, or in the United States. There are at least 20 violent crimes every day, such as robbery, fire and so on. Otherwise, it would not be called “hell”.
Murdoch's lifelong dream is to eliminate the crime in hell kitchen, otherwise, with his ability, he would not stay in a small law firm in hell kitchen.
But he is also very clear that if he wants to eliminate the crime of the whole hell kitchen, he can't do it, even the New York police can't do it.
And if anyone can clean up the whole hell kitchen
Murdoch's “eyes” were fixed on Jin Bing. After a long time, he slowly asked, “what do you… Want me to do for you?”
The villa in Changdao District, Chuhe who just got up, after three seconds of thinking, decided to be absent from work today.
So the day of Chuhe salted fish begins
Turn on the TV and have a leisurely breakfast.
At this time, a piece of news caught Chu he's attention
Yesterday, Tony Stark, President of stark industries, personally went to Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan to successfully demonstrate his newly developed Jericho missile.
Looking at Tony Stark's arrogant look on TV, Chu he murmured:
“Unconsciously, it's time.”
The curtain of the plot is about to open, iron man, Hulk, Thor… All kinds of superheroes and villains will also appear one by one.
And so on… What suddenly occurred to Chuhe.
As the soul of stark industry, Tony Stark's disappearance is bound to cause great turbulence in stark industry. It is certain that the stock price will fall, and the range will never be small.
Such an opportunity is in front of us. If we don't take the opportunity to earn a vote, it's just a shame.
The action must be quick. It was yesterday that Jericho missile was successfully launched in Afghanistan. At this moment, Tony Stark is probably tied up, and the news is expected to come back soon.
What's more, if you make money, you have to make a lot of money.
After thinking about it, Chu he dialed Jin Bing's phone, but without politeness, he directly cut into the topic: “Wilson, I need a sum of money.”
“How much.”Kim is also very direct.
“500 million, and it has to be clean.”Said Chu he.
“Today, as soon as possible, at 3 p.m. at the latest.”The trading time of US stock market is from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. with one hour reserved, almost all US stocks can be put into the stock market.
“The money will be remitted to your account by two o'clock in the afternoon.”Kim thought about it and said.
“OK, two months, 40% interest, no problem.”Chuhe road.
Even if he doesn't give interest, or borrow for a longer time, or even don't pay back the money, Jin won't care, but Chuhe has his own principles, friends get along equally.
Jin did not ask the reason to lend himself a lot of money, Chuhe naturally can not be enough friends.
“It's a good investment, of course.”Jin said with a smile that he knew Chu he's principles, so he didn't refuse*
Chapter 7: aegis attention
Short, is a common way of operation in the stock market, especially the U.S. stock market.It means that a stock is expected to have a downward trend. The operator will sell his chips at the market price and buy them after the stock falls to earn the middle price difference.
Chuhe is not a simple short, such a good opportunity, not hard to earn a vote how can it.
Taking advantage of his power, Chuhe easily set up dozens of bank accounts for himself.Five hundred million dollars into the stock market, start financial leverage, and directly ten times.
That is to say, we have increased the capital from $500 million to $5 billion.Of course, the risk has also increased 10 times. As long as stark industries increases by more than 10%, his $500 million will come to nothing.
After that, Chuhe just needs to wait.
As expected, the news of Tony Stark's disappearance was reported that night.
The next day, as soon as the U.S. stock market opened, the stock of stark industries began to fall, and it was a precipitous decline, with a drop of 15% on that day.
Before Tony disappeared, stark industries had a market value of about $200 billion.That is to say, on this day alone, stark industries lost $30 billion of its market value.
And it's just the first day.
Besides, Chu River is in full bloom now.
He made $750 million.
“Chuhe, you seem very happy today?”When I came home from school, I saw Chu River humming and in a good mood. Wanda had a wonderful road.
“Made a lot of money, of course happy.”Chuhe explained with a smile.
After thinking about it, Chu he said, “Wanda, from next month, your allowance will double.”
Hearing that the allowance doubled, Wanda jumped up excitedly, hugged Chu he and gave him a kiss, but then blushed.
Chuhe is also helpless, this little girl is more and more unscrupulous.
Pitero, who is watching TV, appears in front of Chuhe when he hears the topic of increasing pocket money. He looks forward and asks, “Chuhe, what about me?”
Since Wangda was given extra pocket money, pitero would naturally increase. He always treated Wangda equally. Thinking of this, Chu he said:
“If you do, you'll add $50 a month.”
“5… 50 dollars?”
The expectation on pitero's face solidified.Later, some of them said eagerly, “but Wanda has doubled. I've only added $50. You know, Wanda has $1000 every month. I'm only $500…”
“What?Too little?Do you want $50? “Chu River eyebrows a pick, counter asked.
“… yes.”
Pitero is like a frosted eggplant in a moment, without spirit.
Chuhe laughed, no longer tease Pietro: “well, of course you and Wanda, double the allowance.”
“Of course.”Chuhe road.
Pitero's spirit came back in an instant.
At this time, Wanda saw the excited Pietro and said, “don't forget, Pietro, your pocket money next month is mine.That is to say, I'll have $3000 next month, and you'll have to wait until next month. ”
“No!!Wanda, all I should give you is $500. ”
“No!Chuhe will punish you with your pocket money next month, not $500. ”
“I think we can talk it over, Wanda.”
“No discussion, unless… You call me sister.”
“No!!Even if there is no pocket money, I will not call you sister, you will die this heart.You know, I was born 12 minutes before you
“Cut!It's only twelve minutes. ”
“Twelve minutes is enough, so I'm my brother.”
“Well, you don't want any pocket money next month.”
For two months in a row, the stock price of stark industries did not rise one day.
The market value dropped from the peak of $200 billion to $110 billion, a decrease of 45%.In other words, Chuhe made $2.25 billion in the past two months.
Therefore, at this time, Chuhe was very happy.
Not only made a lot of money, but also the training of instant movement and reading power has been completed.
There is no delay in the instant of completing the training. An idea can be launched to reach the place in your sight or where you have been.
And 500 tons of power is able to command like an arm.
In Washington, more than 300 kilometers from New York.
Aegis headquarters, three curved wings.
Director's office.
Looking at his aide hill, Nick Frey asked, “how's the investigation on Tony Stark's disappearance?Have you got any clues? ”
Hill shook his head and said, “we haven't found it yet. Although according to the investigation, Tony's disappearance should have a lot to do with Obadiah Stein, we have no evidence.And obadaiya Stan has a deep relationship with the military. Without evidence, we can't arrest him. ”
Nick Frey is not satisfied with Hill's answer.
Tony Stark is very important.
First of all, not to mention that he is the son of Howard stark, the founder of aegis, Tony Stark himself has a great influence in the military. After Tony Stark disappeared, the military gave him a lot of pressure to make aegis search and rescue.
More importantly, Tony Stark is a super gifted scientist. Tony Stark has contributed a lot to the construction and development of aegis, although even Tony Stark does not know this.
“Chief, there is a very suspicious person about Tony Stark's disappearance.”Hill added.
“The agent in charge of the Crime Investigation Department of the New York branch of the FBI, Chu he.On the day of Tony Stark's disappearance, he began to short the stock of stark industries, which was ten times the financial leverage. In this case, he made a total profit of $2.25 billion.The reason why it is suspicious is that the Jericho missile test in Afghanistan was very successful at that time. If Tony Stark is not missing, there is little possibility that the stock of stark industries will fall. “Hill said.
Nick fry frowned and fell into thinking. After a while, he asked, “behavior profile, have you done it?”*
Chapter 8: first encounter with Aegis
Hill nodded and said, “yes, it has been done. 92% of the time, Chuhe learned about Tony Stark's disappearance through some channels;7% of the time, Chu River is directly related to Tony Stark's disappearance;Less than 1% of the time, it's just a bold normal investment. ”
Nick Frey thought about it and ordered, “let Colson and Romanov go and find out why.If necessary, the target may be arrested. ”
“Yes.”Hill responded.
After two consecutive months of decline, the stock price of stark industries has almost come to an end. At this moment, even if the news of Tony Stark's death comes out, stark industries can hardly continue to fall sharply.
However, Chuhe is not ready to end this short trip.
Because Chu he knows that Tony Stark, the second generation of rich people, will close down the weapons manufacturing department of stark industries as soon as he comes back.
That is to say, stark industry still has a lot to fall, the fool will stop short at this time.
It's another happy day of absenteeism. Chuhe is enjoying his lunch and thinking about how to spend the money when he gets it
First of all, my car is big g. it's time to change;Then change a villa, not far from the Chu River, the manor worth 80 million dollars has been for a long time;There's also a super luxury yacht that has to come, and it's a $200 million start-up.
All of a sudden, Chu River's expression was frozen.
His seeing and hearing are domineering. It's the first time that he uses summoning.
As early as the stage of joining the army, it has been developed to a very deep level. Although it has not reached the point of listening to everything, it can easily feel the wind and grass within 500 meters of the whole body.
At this moment, in the perception of Chu River, there are two breath is fast approaching his villa, one strong breath from the villa rooms into the window, and the other weak breath stops in front of the main door of the villa.
Colson, who came to the front of the villa, waited for a while. He estimated that Natasha should have sneaked into the villa and was ready to knock on the door.
However, Colson just raised his hand and didn't have time to ring the doorbell… The door opened itself. What's more strange is that there is no one behind the door?!
Colson looked at the door. It's very common. It's not like a high-tech product.
Of course not. It's the Chu River that opens the door, but the Chu River opens the door with his mind.
“Welcome. Please come in.”
Hearing the sound coming out of the room, Colson stopped worrying about the door and stepped in.
Villa is not small, Colson just along the location of the voice, found the location of the restaurant.
At the first sight of Colson, Chuhe recognized him.
Well… Did aegis notice?!
After thinking about it, Chuhe soon understood the reason.
I spent a lot of money to short stark industries at such a sensitive time point. To make it clear is to tell others that I have a problem.
If ten years ago, or five years ago, he was targeted by the aegis, maybe Chuhe would feel very difficult, but now, Chuhe doesn't care very much.Moreover, the curtain of the plot has already opened. Sooner or later, Chuhe will step in and be noticed by aegis or other forces.
Although the mouth said welcome, but looked at Colson, Chuhe did not get up to welcome the meaning.
Will be a steak into the entrance, Chuhe casually said: “what's the matter?”
“Hello, Mr. Chuhe.”
With a smile on his face, Colson took out a small book from his pocket and showed it to Chu he.
At the same time, he said, “I'm an agent for the national security agency, Phil Colson. I have something to learn from Mr. Chuhe.”
Glancing at Colson's certificate, Chu he smiles and plays with the taste: “Phil Colson, aren't you a level 8 agent working for the Bureau of homeland strategic defense, attack and logistics support?When did you go to the NSA again?Is it hard to get fired by your director?Do you want to think about the FBI? ”
Hearing Chu he's words, Colson's face became dignified.Like Colson, there was the black widow who was hiding.
In a deep voice, Colson asked, “Mr. Chuhe, how do you know about us?”
“How do you know?”
Chu River leaned back on his chair and said, “you three crooked wings have built such a large base on the island in the center of the bodomac River in Washington. Do you want to be discovered?”?!I'm also a D3 level agent in charge of the FBI. Is it strange to know that? ”
The FBI's secret service level is divided into 19 levels, D4 is the highest, and A1 is the lowest.
Although Chu he gave an explanation, the solemnity of Colson's face didn't dissipate.
As a huge organization, the existence of aegis may be known to many people.
However, such information as his name, secret service level, not to mention the D3 level Chu he, even the D4 level director of the General Bureau of the FBI, will never know.
Before Colson continued to ask, Chu he said, “don't you have something to understand?Ask.After that, let's go. Don't disturb my lunch
Looking at Chu he's changing the subject, Colson doesn't worry about how Chu he knows this anymore.
What he needs to do is to report the situation to his superiors. It's not his turn to be a level 8 agent to deal with this kind of thing. The headache should be Nick Frey.
Colson didn't beat around the bush. He looked at Chuhe and said directly, “how much does Mr. Chuhe know about Tony Stark's disappearance?Or is it related to Mr. Chuhe?After all, you've made a lot of money from Tony Stark's disappearance. ”
Chu he raised his eyebrows and said, “of course, as of today, I've made $2.25 billion, a lot indeed.But don't worry, every cent is a regular profit.As for the disappearance of Tony Stark, it has nothing to do with me. You should go to Obadiah Stan. He did it. Why do you want me to do it*
Chapter 9: Nick fry
Obadiah stan… Colson certainly knows that Tony Stark is the biggest suspect of his disappearance.However, the aegis Bureau was determined only after close investigation, and there is no evidence up to now. How did Chuhe know?!
“And how do you know that?”Colson continued.
“Secret informant, no comment.”Chuhe road.
After taking a deep breath, Colson's eyes slightly indicated that Natasha had quietly walked to two or three meters behind the Chu River.
Today's situation is completely beyond his and Natasha's expectations.
Whether it is the disappearance of Tony Stark or the information leakage of aegis, we must make it clear, and Chu he is extremely uncooperative, so we can only arrest him.
After receiving Colson's signal, Natasha didn't hesitate. She was ready.
Although according to the information she learned before the operation, Natasha knew that Chuhe's skill was very good, as a top secret agent in the world, her skill was better than Chuhe's, and she was confident that she would be one to ten, not to mention that now she's still making a sneak attack.
In Natasha's opinion, catching Chu River is only the next second.
In a flash, Natasha's speed is faster than cheetah's.
However, to her horror
The next moment, when she rushed to the Chu River, her whole body was frozen. Every bone in her body seemed to be clamped by a pair of iron tongs.
No matter how struggling, there is no way to move, the whole person is fixed in midair.
Chu he turned his head and looked at Natasha, who was imprisoned by her reading power. He said with a smile, “turn the window?That's not what a good kid should do. ”
“What did you do?!Let go of Natasha!Let go of Natasha, or I'll shoot! “Seeing the moment Natasha was subdued, though it was not clear what happened, Colson immediately took out his gun and pointed to the Chu River.
Looking at Colson with a very nervous look, Chuhe has no awareness of being pointed at by a gun.
Instead, he said with great interest, “agent Colson, do you want to make a bet?Bet your gun is good or bad, I bet it is bad, 100 bucks, bet or not
At this moment, Colson is not in the mood to pay attention to Chuhe's ridicule.
Natasha is subdued, and Chu he's methods are baffling. He can't think too much anymore
Aiming at Chu he's non lethal position, Colson pulls the trigger.
When he pulled the trigger, the expression on Colson's face also solidified… There was no gun sound, and he didn't feel the slightest recoil on his hand, that is to say
The pistol was broken and didn't fire.
Of course, the pistol was broken. While Colson took out the pistol, Chu he's motive force entered the interior along the barrel of the pistol, destroying the firing pin in the pistol.
Struggling to pull the trigger a few times, Colson just gave up.
Taking back the pistol, Colson took a deep breath and said, “well, what do you want to do?”
Chuhe has a look of “are you sure you are not teasing me?”.
“What do I want to do?!What do you want to do?!You said to know something, can tell you, but I told you.And it seems that you moved your hand first. This is my home. I can't even defend myself. ”
Hearing Chu he's words, Rao is that Colson's skin is thick enough to exercise, and he can't help a red.
Because what Chu he said is true.
“Well, I'm sorry. I think we can talk about it.But can you put Romanov down firstColson said.
He turned to look at the black widow, who was imprisoned by herself in a strange posture. Chu he shrugged and said:
“Of course.”
Then, she released Natasha's motivation.
Natasha, who resumed her action, first glared at Chu River fiercely, then moved herself. Suddenly, her wrist turned, and a very thin anesthetic needle shot at Chu River.
If the needle is smeared with super anesthetic, it will hit the target and even an elephant will be knocked down in 3 seconds.
Natasha swears that when she catches Chu River, she must pose him as she did just now, then tie him with a rope and fix him for more than 24 hours.
But Natasha placed great hopes on the anesthetic needle, but in the next moment, Chu he's right thumb and index finger pinch.
Looking at Natasha, Chu he said, “although I have a good personality, twice is the limit I can tolerate.If you don't believe it, you can continue to try, but at your own risk. ”
Although Chu he's tone is very flat, Natasha still hears a chill in it.
Inexplicably, there was a trace of fear in my heart
This kind of fear, she has not felt for a long time, the last time, it was more than ten years ago… However, this also made her clear one thing, that is, to be honest in front of Chuhe.
“Not a gentleman.”Natasha muttered.
Hearing this, Chuhe rolled his eyes. You've turned over my window. If I didn't kill you with AK, I'd be a gentleman enough. OK.
“Mr. Chuhe, I think there is some misunderstanding between us.”Then Colson said.
“Misunderstanding?Sorry, I don't think it's a misunderstanding.And you two are my prisoners now. There is no need to negotiate with them.So, now inform your director of marinated egg and let him come to negotiate with me. “Chuhe road.
Director marinated egg?!Director Nick Frey?Don't say, the director's head is really like a stewed egg… Hearing Chu he's name for Nick Frey, Colson had such an idea in his head.
“Natasha and I don't have enough authority to contact the director directly.”Colson wants to keep struggling.
“Not enough to contact the director directly?”Chu he looked at Colson playfully and said, “then contact the deputy of your director, agent Maria hill, and ask her to contact director Nick Frey.”
“Colson, contact Frey. This guy knows us better than we think.”Natasha said.
Colson couldn't help it. He took out his cell phone and dialed Nick Frey.
“Is the task done?”There was a low voice on the phone.
Hearing Nick Frey's inquiry, he was embarrassed and said, “sorry, chief, the mission failed.”
“Task failed?”
Nick Frey's low voice was mixed with surprise. It was just a simple task. In order to be on the safe side, he sent the black widow. He didn't understand why the task would fail, and he didn't go to assassinate the queen of England.
“Return to sanquyi immediately, and describe the mission process in detail.”
Colson was even more embarrassed to hear Nick Frey's order, but he could only harden his head and say, “sorry, chief, Natasha and I have been captured now. The target said that we would negotiate with you.”
“…” Nick Frey*
Chapter 10: Trading
In the aegis, when performing field missions, each agent will generally be equipped with positioning monitoring devices.It is not only for monitoring the mission process, but also for accurate positioning and rescue when the agent is in distress.
After hanging up the phone with Colson, Nick Frey immediately called out Colson's location monitoring device. Although he didn't see it with his own eyes, Nick Frey also had a general understanding of the mission process.
Two of the messages that he attached the most importance to were: first, the target controlled a kind of supernatural ability. The black widow, the only two super agent under her command, was subdued when the target had no chance to resist.
Second, the target has a good knowledge of aegis.
As the number one shade ratio of aegis, Nick Frey would never let himself get involved easily.However, after careful consideration, Nick Frey decided to meet Chu River.
Not only because Colson and the black widow were his right-hand men, but also because Chu he knew about aegis, which made Nick Frey feel very uneasy.
“Colson, what's the treatment of aegis agent level 8?”
“It's not very good. The salary is similar to that of the D2 agent of the FBI. There is basically no welfare. The leave application I submitted two months ago has not been approved yet.”
“I'm only level 7, isn't it more pitiful?”This is Natasha.
“You are miserable. You can consider working in the FBI.New York branch welcomes you, starting with D2 level treatment, and guarantees that you will have more vacations than you want to vomit. ”
“Well, you can really think about it.”
This is the conversation Nick Frey heard when he arrived. His face turned black and black.
“Colson, didn't you say you were captured?And the mood to chat? “Nick Frey's deep voice rang from behind Colson.
Colsendon was startled at the sound.
Colson really wants to blow his mouth. How can he tell the truth? Now, I don't want to take a vacation in half a year
Nick Frey's one eye was fixed on the Chu River and said:
“You want to negotiate with me?”
“Of course, I captured two of your generals. Aren't you going to redeem them?”Chu River should be in charge.
“Conditions.”Nick Frey said directly.
“Director of the New York branch of the FBI.”Said Chu he.
Although the position in the FBI is of no significance to Chuhe.However, Chuhe is not happy that Davis's dead pig is wandering in front of him every day, and TM is his boss.
“Yes, but I have a question to answer.”Nick Frodo.
“What's the problem?”
“Why do you know so much about aegis?Who told you that. “Nick Frey asked, staring at Chu River.
“These should be two questions, but they are one answer. Let me tell you.”
Chu he pointed to his eyes with his right index finger and middle finger and said slowly, “these eyes can see the past, the present and the future… Believe me, if I want to, I can see all the secrets in the world.”
Staring at Chu he's eyes, Nick Frey's eyes gradually become sharp.
“How to prove it?”
Chuhe smiles, looks at Nick Frey and says, “for example, you have a pager. It works…”
“STOP!!Needless to say! ”
Nick Frey interrupted Chuhe, his face a little ugly.
Before leaving the earth, Captain Marvel gave him a quantum pager to contact her.
After that, Captain Marvel left the earth, and he never told anyone about it himself, so there would never be a second person on the earth to know.
And now, there will never be a second person on this earth to know the secret, but Chuhe casually told it.
Colson and Natasha don't know what's wrong with a pager, but they've never seen their director look so ugly. They suddenly understand that this must be Nick Frey's big secret.
Looking at each other, they all decided to rot it in their stomach.
Seeing that Nick Frey was silent, Chu he continued to strike: “to tell you the truth, although you aegis are committed to protecting the world and think you have made a lot of contributions to it.But in my opinion, you are the most useless one. Asgard protects the earth from the threat of aliens, and kamataji resists the invasion from different dimensions… Only you, who are all sifters, worry about something else every day. ”
“That's the power you used to subdue Natasha?”There was a moment's silence, Nick fry said suddenly.
“No, it's another supernatural force.”
Chuhe shrugged his shoulders and said that most of the time, only when he showed enough strength can he make others afraid and dare not invade you.
“What are Asgard and kamataji?”Nick Frey continued.
“When you need to know, you will naturally know that sometimes knowing too many things is not a good thing.”Chuhe continues to play the role of a magic wand to trick Nick fry.
“What about Tony Stark?Do you know where he is? “Nick Frodo.
“Of course I do.”Chuhe road.
“Tell me.”
“Why?”Chu River a pick eyebrow road.
Then he looked at Nick Frey with a look of “if you want to know, you have to pay a price.”.
“What do you want?”Nick fry asked in a deep voice.
Hearing Nick Frey's inquiry, Chu he fell into thinking.
Originally, he was not going to get involved in Tony Stark's business, because only after experiencing this, Tony Stark, a playboy, would be transformed into iron man.
Chuhe didn't want to change that.
Because before crossing, iron man was one of Chu River's favorite superheroes, and without iron man, we don't know how big the butterfly effect would be.
But at this point in time
Tony Stark has been missing for two months, and mark 1 is almost finished. Even if he doesn't join in, Tony Stark's extrication is the matter of these days.
At this moment, Nick Frey is going to act as the head of a wave of injustice. How can Chu he let him go.
PS: in the cartoon, black widow and Nick Frey are both level 10 agents.But in the movie universe, black widow and eagle eye are only level 7 agents, and only Nick fry is level 10 agent.Here we use the settings of the movie universe*
Chapter 11: Chu River with lion's mouth
“The magic cube of the universe, infinite formula, super soldier serum, just give them any one.”Chuhe a pair of “I don't want much, you earn big hair” tone said.
However, every time Chu he said a name, Nick Frey's face was ugly.
Needless to say, the magic cube of the universe is too important. It contains endless energy and is also the key to the development of energy weapons. The most important thing is that it is the only one in the universe.
Not to mention one Tony Stark, ten Tony Stark are tied together. Nick Frey also chooses the cube.
Although the infinite formula is just a formula and a piece of knowledge, it can be copied to Chu he at will. It seems that he has no loss… But this formula reveals the secret of immortality. Later, it was perfected by Professor batehold Sternberg during World War II.
Nick Frey has been able to live from World War II to the present because of the infinite formula, which is also a secret only he knows.
Obviously, Tony Stark is not as important as the infinite formula.
Super soldier serum. I know the most about it.
During World War II, a drug was developed by German scientist Dr. Abraham Erskine. The serum can enhance the body's physique and spirit. Captain America is the best and only example.
Although with the death of Abraham Erskine, a lot of information about the original super soldier serum has been lost, but over the years, according to the information left by Abraham Erskine, many organizations have reconstructed it. Naturally, aegis is also one of them. Of course, the effect is certainly not as good as the original super soldier serum.
“No way!Tony Stark doesn't have that much value. “Without thinking about it, Nick Frey refused.
Chuhe is not at all surprised. If Nick Frey really gives one, it's really a problem.
“How about giving me anything in 084?”The Chu River is another way.
084It's a code name of aegis. It represents objects of unknown origin and includes many things, including objects, energy and even people.
“No way.”Nick Frey continued to refuse.
“Neither here nor there.Let Tony Stark die. “Chuhe is a rogue.
Nick Frey stopped talking and stared at Chu River.
Nick Frey was staring at some hair, secret way, this black marinated egg can't be a fag, Chuhe can't help shivering.
“100 kilos of Zhenjin.”
Chuhe finally reported something reliable.
There's no way. Since the real good things can't be collected, we can only collect some other things.
“Too much. Aegis doesn't have so much Zhenjin.”Nick Frodo.
Although the price of Zhenjin is $10000 per gram on the black market, it has no market.In fact, not to mention $10000 per gram, that's $100000 per gram. Zhenjin is not worried about selling at all.
How much Zhenjin does aegis have? Chuhe doesn't know.
But Chuhe can be sure, certainly not much.
Because most of the Zhenjin on the earth comes from wakanda, and wakanda is more strict than anyone except for selling Zhenjin secretly when it needs us dollars.
“50 kilos, no less.”Chu he said with an expression of “no longer accept the counter-offer.”.
Nick Frey thought about it and said, “30 kilos.”
30Kg is nearly half of aegis's Zhenjin stock. Although it's a bit painful, Tony Stark is more important than that.
“Deal.”Chu he agreed.
It's a big injustice. 30 kg is already a lot of money, and it's a pure profit.
Hearing that Chu he is so decisive, Nick Frey also understands that Chu he's bottom line may be lower. He can't help but feel more painful. However, he can't show his face yet. Instead, he asks, “where's Tony Stark?”
Nick Frey decided that when Tony Stark was rescued, he would pit Tony Stark as Chu River did.
“I don't know.”
Chu River hands a spread, shrugged to say.
He really doesn't know. Who knows which cave Tony Stark is living in now.
As soon as he finished, he saw Nick Frey glaring at himself.
Chuhe Chushan chuckles. He knows that he is wrong. He originally made a deal with Tony Stark's whereabouts. As a result, now the deal has been settled, but he can't get the goods, so he will be angry.
“Don't be angry, chief Frey.I don't know the whereabouts of Tony Stark, but I promise, how about saving Tony Stark alive?Is that ok? “Chu River is busy.
Hearing Chu he's words, Nick Frey suppressed his anger and said coldly, “when are you going to act?”
“How about now?”
Chuhe smiles and looks aside. When he and Nick Frey started talking, they acted as invisible people, Colson and Natasha, and said:
“Remember to close the door when you leave, or Wanda and Pietro will come back and think they have been robbed.”
Although Colson and Natasha were puzzled, they still replied:
“No problem.”
“Then… Bye.”Chu he waved his hand to the three people. The next second, he disappeared.
Nick Frey fixed his eyes, pressed the invisible headset beside his ear, and asked, “is anyone out of the house?”
“No one came out of the house.”
A female voice came out of the headset. After a pause, the voice said, “director, there is one less thermal imaging figure in the room. What's wrong?”
“No, let's call it a day.In addition, three satellites will be deployed to monitor the whole territory of Afghanistan. “Nick Frey said in silence.
“Yes, chief.”
Before entering the house, Nick Frey set up seven elite secret service teams around to catch Chu River just in case or after saving Colson and Natasha. But now it seems that
Nick Frey stood still for a long time. He didn't know what he was thinking.
After a while, looking aside at Colson and Natasha, he said, “what happened after I came here and what I heard are classified as level 10. It is not allowed to mention to anyone or record in any form.As for the previous tasks, write a detailed report to me and leave it to you, Colson. ”
“Yes, chief.”Colson road*
Chapter 12: Captain Jack's compass
The time in the United States is almost 7 hours faster than that in Afghanistan. When Chu he left the United States, it was about 4 p.m., but in Afghanistan, it was about 9 a.m.
Compared with other places, 9:00 in Afghanistan is already a hot wave, especially in the desert area.
In the stage of joining the army, Chuhe carried out several missions in Afghanistan. Naturally, he was located in Afghanistan and arrived immediately.
Looking around, Chu River frowned.
Although for Chuhe, who has been injected with perfect T virus serum, the high temperature close to 40 ℃ here will not cause any substantial impact, but the high temperature will always make people feel a little irritable.But when I think about the 30 kg Zhenjin I'm going to get, Chuhe's in a better mood again.
In the vast desert, it's more difficult to find a hidden person than to look for a needle in a haystack. Otherwise, the U.S. foreign affairs agency and aegis agency would not have been able to find Tony Stark for two months.
I don't know anything except that Tony Stark is in Afghanistan.
However, this does not mean that Chu he has no way to find Tony Stark.
A little old square box appeared in his hand. He opened the box. Inside the box was a compass of 16th and 7th century style.
However, the compass in the box seems to be broken, and the pointer is spinning wildly in disorder, with no intention of stopping at all.
This compass was summoned by a certain summoning skill of Chu River.
Captain Jack's Compass: This is a mysterious compass. It can't direct you in any direction, but it can indicate the direction of what you want in your heart.
Looking at the crazy rotating pointer, Chuhe took a deep breath and closed his eyes.
After obtaining the compass, Chu he thought that it could not be used because he came to marvel world. It was not until Chu he learned to hint after he worked in the FBI that he found that the compass was an artifact in search of things.
After giving yourself the “find Tony Stark” cue.
Chuhe opened his eyes.
At this time, the compass in Chuhe's hand has stopped the disorderly crazy rotation, and the pointer indicates a direction.
Once the direction is determined, the next thing will naturally become a lot easier.
Close the compass and take back the golden space.
Niandongli lifts the Chu River to an altitude of tens of meters above the ground. Then niandongli pushes the Chu River to fly, gradually increasing its speed until it reaches a certain limit
The sound explosion cloud explodes all over Chu River!
At this moment, Chu River's flight speed exceeds the speed of sound.
Although this is not the limit flight speed of Chuhe, Chuhe did not continue to improve. 500 tons of power is enough to increase the flight speed of Chuhe to Mach 2.
Flying for nearly an hour, in order to ensure that there is no deviation in the direction, Chuhe used the compass twice.
Finally found a settlement camp, the camp filled with all kinds of weapons and ammunition.
You can also sense that in the side of the hill, there are two kinds of breath busy. It should be Tony Stark and the doctor who saved him. He is probably working on his mark one now.
“No wonder the military and aegis can't find it. It's already out of Afghanistan.”Chu he said.
Not tangled in these, Chuhe swaggered toward the settlement camp.
As soon as they got close to the camp, Chu River had already been found by the sentry. They could not understand what these people were talking about. Chu River thought he didn't hear it and went on.
Chuhe's behavior seems to have infuriated the sentry post. He raised his AK and began to protrude towards Chuhe.
“It's still barbaric. If you don't agree with me, it's abrupt.”
Chu he didn't avoid it and let the bullet shoot at him. However, when the bullet was about 20 cm close to Chu he's body, it was blocked by Nian power and then fell to the ground.
Seeing that he was hit by a bullet, the man was undamaged. The sentry, with a face of the devil, reacted and hurriedly changed his ammunition clip.
But Chu River will not give him any chance, a silver white colt Python left wheel appears in the hand.
Raise your hand. It seems that you pull the trigger at will.
The next second, a. 357 bullet had penetrated the head of the post.
Chu River a Leng, immediately a joy.
Of course, Chuhe is not happy to kill a sentry, but because the progress bar of summoning in his deep consciousness has increased by about 1%.
That is to say, the sentry post killed by itself is at least burdened with the crime of 10 lives.
There are 145 breaths in the camp. Apart from Tony Stark, there are 143 other people. Even if the energy provided by other people is not as good as that of the sentry post, it's not a big problem to summon them together.
Think of here, Chu River immediately feel full of motivation.
The other hand also has a colt Python left wheel, but this one is pure black.
Holding a pair of black and white colt boa constrictors, Chu River rushes into the settlement.
As long as you see a person, raising your hand is a shot, a person a shot, will never waste a bullet, and everyone is hit in the same position, all are eyebrows.
Some people are killed. Of course, these outlaws in the camp will not wait to die. AK, M16… All kinds of weapons burst into the Chuhe River. Some even carry a rocket launcher, but none of them can break through the defense of the power of the Chuhe River.
Chu River is like a god of death from hell, harvesting life and collecting the soul energy of criminals.
Soon, the whole camp was slaughtered by Chu River.
For killing these people, Chuhe will not have any burden in his heart, because no one here provides him with less than 0.5% of the soul energy.
That is to say, each person carries at least five human lives.
Looking at the number of 157% behind the progress bar of summoning in the depth of consciousness, Chu he only thinks that it's really right to save Tony Stark this time.
Not only did Nick Frey sink 30 kg of Zhenjin, but also collected all the energy of one use of summon.
This kind of energy collection speed is really on.
However, Chu he also knows that this kind of situation is inevitable. You know, the gang who hijacked Tony Stark are the murderers that even the U.S. Army dares to fight against. It is estimated that this gang can only be found in Afghanistan.
There are priorities. As far as calling is concerned, the rescue of Tony Stark can be eased*
Chapter 13: call again
There is no ceremony before the call, because Chu River thinks that he is the emperor of Europe, not the chieftain can cross it?!Even if we cross, can't chieftain have golden finger?!
“Start calling.”Chu he read a sentence silently in his heart.
Then the progress bar of summon becomes 57%.
Then, a straw doll, big as a palm, appeared in the hands of Chuhe.
“Summon success, summon a” double doll. ”
“Avatar: contact the avatar, that is, complete the binding of the avatar, which can be released actively.When the avatar's host is fatally attacked, the avatar will launch, and the host can be exempted from this attack. ”
It's shipped, and it's the best.
Chuhe was so happy that he was the emperor of Europe.
At the moment of contact with the stand in doll, Chuhe felt a kind of connection between himself and the doll.
Even if the doll is placed in the golden space, this kind of connection still exists, and Chuhe is relieved. After all, it's not very convenient to carry a big double doll with you, and it's not safe to put it anywhere in the golden space.
After the call, Chuhe was satisfied, but he didn't forget to save Tony Stark and walked into the cave.
Chu River is killing people everywhere in the settlement camp. These murderers even use rocket launchers. Naturally, Tony Stark and Ethan in the cave heard the news.
“Bang, bang, bang!”
Just when they were worried, there was a sound of smashing the door.
Chu he was afraid that the sound of knocking on the door was small, but he couldn't hear it. Fortunately, he smashed the door directly with the power of recitation.But after a long time, I didn't see anyone open the door for me, and I didn't bother to wait any longer, so I was forced to read.
Only a loud noise was heard, and the iron gate was directly smashed open.
“Damn it!Was it discovered? ”
Tony Stark looked at the 70% progress bar loaded on the computer screen, his face was a little embarrassed, and a trace of despair appeared in his eyes. If the progress bar was not loaded, his mark 1 could not move at all, and it would take at least five minutes to load it.
Ethan, looking at Tony Stark in Mark 1, showed a trace of determination in his eyes.
“Stark, I'll help you delay for a while.”
Then he picked up an AK and rushed out.
“Ethan, follow the plan, Ethan, Ethan… Come back!”Tony yelled.
Tony wants Ethan to come back, because he knows very well that Ethan has no chance of survival against the murderers. He wants to stop Ethan, but Mark 1, whose program has not been loaded, can't act at all.
Then there was a gunshot
Then the gunfire stopped until no more gunshots were heard, and Tony closed his eyes in despair.
After a while, Tony heard someone coming, and then saw someone come up to him.
Chu he looks at the disheartened Tony in Mark 1 with great interest. He can't help thinking: this kind of iron man is not common. Should I take a picture as a souvenir.
Without waiting for Chu River to open his mouth, Tony with red eyes roared at Chu River like a wild animal: “kill me!Otherwise, as long as I live, I will kill you all!!Avenge Ethan! ”
“Oh?Are you sure? ”
Hearing Tony's words, Chuhe didn't mean to be angry at all, but asked with a smile.
“I'm sure!I swear by Stark's last name! “Tony said angrily.
“That's good.”
Chu he took out his ID card from his pocket, held it in front of Tony's face and said with a smile: “Chu he works for the FBI. There are more than 37000 agents in our organization all over the world, and it's difficult to kill them all. I suggest you consider beheading. Our headquarters is in Washington, D.C., if it's convenient,The white building on one side can also be destroyed. ”
Hearing Chu he's words, Tony suddenly feels that his brain is down. What's the situation?!
“Stark, he seems to have come to save you.”
At this time, a voice he was familiar with sounded from one side.
“Ethan?You're not dead? ”
There was a surprise on Tony's face.
“Still alive.”
Ethan said, smiling, shrugging at Tony.
Just half a minute ago, he really thought he was going to die, especially when Chu he raised his hand in the air and the AK in his hand turned into a ball of scrap iron.
“So… When are you going to kill all of us?”Chu he asked.
Tony's face froze.
However, he was still adamant and said, “when I have time, I will go.”
“Oh, don't forget you can swear by Stark's last name.”
Chu he did not forget to remind Tony, after a pause, he said, “the enemies outside have been destroyed. You can get out of the tin. Now it's safe.”
“This is not iron sheet. Although it looks a little crude, I can guarantee that the driver, balancing device and fire control system are the most advanced in the world.Ethan, help me unload mark one. ”
Tony asked Ethan to help, because Ethan helped Mark 1 to wear it.
“Not so much trouble.”
Chu he said a word, and then read power start, a few seconds, Mark 1 became a pile of parts.
The more sophisticated the machine, especially the machine that is not tightly wrapped, the more advantage Chu he's idea power has. Directly destroying part of its internal parts can cause the whole machine to go down.
Therefore, before Tony's mark series was upgraded to mark 50's nano armor, he could only eat infinitely in the face of Chuhe.
Of course, don't rule out Tony specially made an anti idea power armor.
“Walter?!How did you do that? “Tony's eyes widened in surprise.
“You can understand it as a supernatural ability.”Said Chu he.
“May I introduce you?If it doesn't work, forget it. “Tony pretended to be casual, but Chu he could see the strong curiosity in his eyes.
“I call it motivation, and I don't know how to introduce it.But if you want, I can give you a taste. “Chuhe said, looking at Tony with a smile*
Chapter 14: Tony with experience
“So can I?”Tony is a little surprised. Can you lend this kind of thing to others?!
“Of course.”
Chu he gives Tony a big smile.
Although he felt Chuhe's smile was a little strange, Tony didn't think much about it and was completely immersed in the expectation of using super power under peer-to-peer.
“What are you waiting for? Come on.”
Tony urged, jumping twice at the same time to signal that he was ready.
Looking at some excited Tony, Chuhe laughs. I just don't know if he will be so excited after this guy's experience.
As soon as Chu River's hand is lifted, Tony floats in terror.
“Oh… Cool!”
Tony let out a cry of excitement.
Then Chu hand a turn, read power control Tony began to turn like a gear, and faster and faster.
At first, Tony yelled excitedly.
But as the whole person turns faster and faster, he can't get excited
It took a long time for Tony Stark's gear to turn before Chuhe put him down.
The first time he put it down, Tony threw up. Ethan, who was envious of Tony just now, couldn't help but feel very lucky.
It took Tony a long time to get over the vomiting.
“Sheter, is that what you call the experience?”Tony complained.
“What else?”Chuhe asked.
Tony was a bit speechless. After all, he really agreed to this, and he didn't ask clearly at the beginning.
But still curious: “read power?Is it a biological position?Is it through consciousness or spirit to intervene in the operation of the material system? ”
“I don't know, just like you don't know why people have five fingers instead of four.You can understand it as instinct. “Chuhe said with a shrug.
I can't tell you that I just stare at a box for three years and then practice it.
“All right.”
See Chu River don't want to say more, Tony also no longer continue to ask.
Instead, he changed the topic and asked, “Chu, do you FBI even care about foreign affairs now?Shouldn't it be the CIA's business to save me? ”
The FBI is responsible for investigating violations of federal crime laws, protecting the United States, and investigating intelligence and terrorist activities from abroad. The CIA, the Central Intelligence Agency, is responsible for collecting and analyzing global political, economic, and military intelligence.
The FBI and CIA are responsible for one inside the United States and the other outside the United States.
He happened outside the United States. According to reason, he has nothing to do with the FBI.
“I'm commissioned. I have nothing to do with the FBI.”Said Chu he.
“Entrusted?!Who?Pepper?Roddy?Or Obadiah? “Tony said casually.
“Neither.”Said Chu he.
“Not them?Who is that?Who else would want to save me? “Tony was surprised.
Chuhe is a little speechless. It seems that Tony knows how bad his popularity is.
“Aegis,” Chuhe said.
“Aegis?It seems familiar to me. I've heard it somewhere. “Tony thought about it and didn't seem to come up with an answer. “Forget it, I don't want to, but thank you for saving me, man.”
“You're welcome. The aegis paid for it.”Chuhe road.
“Well, it seems that the aegis is pretty good.Let's go. I've had enough here. Damn it, I haven't bathed for two months. If I was at home, pepper would kill me. “Said Tony.
Chu he is a Leng, think of what, look a little bit embarrassed, said: “I think, we may have to stay here for a while.”
Chu he is not very satisfied with his instant movement, that is, he can't carry a living body when he blinks. Otherwise, he can bring Tony and Ethan back to the United States.
“why?!”Tony doesn't understand.
“I came by myself.”Said Chu he.
“Alone?You took care of the whole camp by yourself?!Yes, after all, you have super power, but are you here? “Tony asked, picking his eyebrows.
Chu he did not explain, but with the power to hold up his mind in the cave to fly two circles.
“Well, that's convenient.Why don't you fly us back? “Tony looked forward.
You know, flying is a natural desire of human beings.
“You two are too heavy to fly slowly with you. It's better to wait here a little longer.”Chuhe resolutely refused.
It's not that Chuhe can't fly with people, it's just that it's very troublesome. It's not only necessary to control the flight speed, but also to take care of the two people's physical endurance limit. Even if it's to fly to the nearest US military base, it's estimated that it will take at least five or six hours.
It's better to wait in place. There was so much noise during the battle just now. Chuhe didn't believe that the satellite of aegis couldn't monitor it.
“Well, how long will it take?”Tony said, somewhat dispirited.
“Two or three hours?Or four or five hours? ”
Chuhe is not sure. If the aegis directly sends people to come, it should be faster. After all, the aegis has secret bases all over the world, and the standard configuration of the bases is Kun style fighters.
However, if aegis informs the US side and then asks the US side to come to the rescue, it is estimated that it will have to wait a little longer.
“All right.”
Tony can only accept his fate, or he can't walk back on two legs.
Bored Tony lay for a while, suddenly looked at Chuhe and said: “man, you can't make much money in the FBI, do you want to be my bodyguard?Five million dollars a year. ”
This experience left him with a lingering fear. He didn't want to experience it again in his life. Naturally, he was very concerned about his own safety.And Chu he's strength is so strong, he naturally moved his mind.
“I also have a bodyguard named harpy. He's very nice, but he's a little fat and wordy. I'm sure you two can be good friends.”
Tony continued, putting his arm on Chu he's shoulder as if he was familiar.
Chuhe didn't care about Tony's action, but said with a smile, “on the first day you disappeared, I invested a lot of money in shorting stark industries. Guess how much money I made?”*
Chapter 15: the sky high price of happiness
“Without me, the stock price of stark industries would have plummeted.”
Tony is very proud to say that he doesn't care about his own stock, because he knows that as long as he appears, it's only a matter of time before the stock price rises.
“By yesterday, of course, it was down 45%.”Said Chu he.
“And you?How much did you make?A million, or two million? “Tony doesn't think Chuhe can make much money. He's free to say so.
“I used 500 million to make ten times the financial leverage.”
Chuhe didn't tell Tony how much he made directly, but reported two figures lightly.
Tony's expression was momentarily dull
After a while, he said, “it seems that you have made a lot of money, but are the salaries of FBI agents so high now?500 million. ”
“Borrowed it.”
“Lucky guy, if you hadn't saved me, I doubt you would have kidnapped me.But now that I'm back, you can quickly sell the stocks you are short of, and then sell them in again, and you can make a lot of money. “Said Tony.
Tony never mentions hiring Chuhe as a bodyguard any more. Although he has a lot of money, he doesn't hire a rich man with billions of dollars to be his bodyguard.
Chuhe smiles and doesn't answer. Of course, he will buy shares of stark industries, but not now.
Next, while waiting for help, Tony was not idle.
Looking at the weapons with the “stark industries” logo all over the camp, he didn't look very good.
A homemade detonator blew up the whole camp.
Two hours later, the rescue workers have not arrived.
Well, now Chuhe can be sure that the aegis did not want to show up and gave the intelligence to the US military.
It was one or two o'clock in the afternoon, Afghanistan time.
When the sun is hot, especially in the desert, the surface temperature is estimated to have reached about 60 degrees, and the temperature is estimated to be about 40 degrees.
“Damn, I knew the rescue was so slow. I shouldn't have blown up the camp just now.”Tony complained.
Chuhe is irritable and thirsty because of the spicy sunshine.
The idea moves, takes out a big coke from the golden space.
8Although the cubic meter of gold space is not very big, it is absolutely not small. In addition to some items summoned by Chu River, there are weapons, ammunition, food and water.
Moreover, because there is no concept of time loss in golden space, coke still keeps the state of ice when it is put in.
After a big drink, Chuhe suddenly felt refreshed, and his irritable mood also eased a lot.
Looking at the Chuhe River drinking happy fat house water, on one side of Tony and Ethan, two eyes have been staring, at the same time can't help swallowing saliva.
“Damn, where did you get this thing from?”Tony asked hastily.
Chu he didn't answer his question. Instead, he shook Bing Kuo Le, who was still cold in his hand, and asked, “do you want to drink?”
“Five million dollars a cup.”Chuhe said with a smile.
“OK。Two first. ”
Tony didn't hesitate at all. He could only say that a big dog is a big dog. Seeing that Tony didn't feel sorry for him, Chuhe only thought that what he sold was too cheap.
The next second, two iced cokes appear out of thin air.
Tony catches it, hands one to Ethan, and drinks the other by himself.
“I never thought Coke would be so good.Is that your superpower, too?Portable warehouse?It's very convenient. Do you have anything to eat? “Tony added.
“Hamburger, eight million dollars each. Do you want it?”
Afraid that the price is too high, Tony does not take the bait, Chuhe tenderly quoted a “low price”.
“Four first.”
Four hamburgers show up. Tony gives Ethan two and gobbles them up.
Finally, Tony alone ate four hamburgers and asked for a glass of ice cream.
And Chuhe is happy to calculate the account.
Six hamburgers were sold, one for $8 million, that is $48 million. Bingkuo Le sold three cups, one for $5 million, but there were also $15 million.
That adds up to $63 million, which is faster than shorting stark industries.
After a while, the rescuers finally arrived late.
Two military helicopters.
Tony gave a big hug to a black officer who came down from the helicopter.
“Roddy, long time no see.”
“Long time no see, Tony. Remember to ride with me next time. Don't ride any more happy jeeps.”Roddy said.
“Damn it!Don't tell me about happy jeep. I hate that stuff. “Tony said.
As soon as Tony loosens his grip, Roddy looks to Chuhe and Ethan and wonders
“Are you…”
Before Chu he spoke, Tony said, “Chu, the agent in charge of the New York branch of the FBI, who just rescued me;Ethan, if it wasn't for him, I would have gone to see God two months ago. ”
“Hello, thank you for saving Tony. Now let's go.”
Roddy shakes hands with Chuhe and Ethan. Although he doesn't understand why the FBI came to rescue Tony, Roddy is a qualified soldier and knows that he shouldn't ask.
Looking at Tony standing on the podium, announcing the closure of the weapons manufacturing department of stark industries, Chu he is very happy. It seems that tomorrow will be another day for the stock of stark industries to plummet.
“Mr. Chuhe.”
Chu he looked at the man and said, “Colson, you're here, too.”
“The director let me know.”
Colson said, “but Tony doesn't seem to have time. I don't know Mr. Chuhe…”
“Sorry, I don't have time either.By the way, you remember to remind the director of marinated eggs that 30 kilograms of Zhenjin should be sent to me as soon as possible. Don't let me come to collect debts. ”
With that, no one around noticed himself, and the Chuhe River immediately moved and disappeared.
“That's convenient.”Colson said with a little envy*
Chapter 16: Home Debt Collection
Villas on Long Island.
Chuhe took the box from the one eyed marinated egg in front of him, opened it, picked up three cylindrical metal rods, and weighed one of them. It weighed almost ten kilograms.
“I thought you would let Colson send it to me, but I didn't expect the director to come out in person.”Said Chu he.
“Asgard is the place where the asahs live in Nordic mythology. Does it really exist?Does Odin exist?What is kamataji?How do you find them? “Nick fry asked in a low voice.
“I told you that sometimes it's not a good thing to know too much.”
Chu he glances at Nick fry
“Even if I tell you, can you find a place?Asgard is not on earth. If you want to go, you have to go through rainbow bridge.As for kamataj, there is a temple in New York. You can look for it and see if you can find it. ”
“Last question, what do you mean we are all sieves?”Nick Frodo.
“Well, did I say that?”
Chu he pretended to be “I didn't say this” and said.
Looking at Nick Frey's blue face and thinking about it, Chu he still thought that we should not make the relationship between the two sides too rigid, or it would be difficult to collect the wool in the future
“I can only tell you that aegis has a big problem.By the way, I'd like to send you another message. Captain America is not dead. He's frozen in the Arctic
Anyway, even if I don't say it, before long, aegis will find out the captain of the United States. It's better to be a human being.
Nick Frey didn't speak. He looked at the Chuhe River and left.
After Nick Frey left, Chu he looked at the 30 kg Zhenjin in front of him. He was worried. The reason why he wanted to trade with Zhenjin was not that he had no purpose.
With the characteristics of Zhenjin, it is very suitable for making protective gear and so on.
Chuhe has all kinds of means to protect his life, but he doesn't need them, but it doesn't mean Wanda and Pietro can't use them.
The most suitable choice is nano armor, which is light and easy to carry.
But now it's ten years before Tony developed nano armor. Even if Chu he interferes, he won't be able to develop it six or seven years later. After all, the technological limitations of the times are insurmountable.
Unless Tony does nothing and is immersed in nanotechnology, he may be able to make a breakthrough in a short time.
But it's not realistic at all. The goods are now immersed in the role of iron man, playing a superhero to save the world.
However, Chuhe can't stop eating because of choking. He will take out Zhenjin after ten years.
After thinking for a long time, Chuhe didn't come up with any good solution.
So I decided to ask Tony Stark. After all, he is a professional.
At least he is also his life-saving benefactor. Moreover, he hasn't paid for his last meal. Several weeks have passed. Can't this guy forget it?
Thinking that Tony might have to rely on his own account, Chuhe couldn't bear it and decided to collect the debt immediately.
Why don't you call me first?
Because Chu he doesn't have his phone.
Chu River lives in New York on the east coast of the United States, while Tony Stark lives in Los Angeles on the west coast. There is a four hour time difference between the two cities.
It's not dark in New York, it's starry in Los Angeles.
Using Captain Jack's compass, Chu River comes directly to the villa at Marbury beach.
I rang the doorbell and didn't respond for a long time.
See and hear the color domineering sweep villa, Chu River frowned.
Chuhe felt that a breath in the villa was gradually weakening, and it was estimated that he would die in five minutes.
Looking back, it's probably the part of the story where Tony was shadowed by Obadiah.
However, now that he has his own existence, I don't know if it will cause any butterfly effect. If Tony is a minute or two late in installing the old reactor, I don't know if it will end directly.
Think of here, Chu River did not hesitate, read power directly opened the door, quickly walked in.
“Illegal invasion, please leave…”
Ignoring the warning of Jarvis, Chuhe went to the living room.
See pale Tony, is crawling hard on the ground.
As soon as Chu River raised his hand, Tony floated.
At this time, Tony also saw the Chu River, with a surprise on his face, and said: “Chu… Basement… Reactor…”
“OK, I understand.”
Then he took Tony to the basement, found the old reactor and installed it for Tony.
Tony froze and it took half a minute to recover.
Stand up, look at Chu River gratefully, say: “Hey, man, you saved me again, thanks.Jarvis, get ready for mark three. ”
“Yes, sir.”
Then Tony began to dress up as Mark 3.
Watching the parts begin to fit into Tony's body, the sense of technology explodes, and Chuhe can't help but marvel.
“Chu, what can I do for you?”
Asked Tony, after dressing.
“Have you forgotten the money you owe me?”Said Chu he.
“I owe you money?Do you have any? “Tony has some doubts.
“Damn, don't say you forgot to eat my six hamburgers and three cokes.”Chu River a pair of “you don't want to default, my small book all remember” appearance said.
“Oh, come to think of it, are you here to collect debts?”Tony said in surprise.
It's the first time in Tony's life that he's been called in to collect money.
“What else?”
Chuhe rightfully said, “of course, there is something else I want to ask you for help.”
“OK, no problem.”
Even did not ask Chuhe to help, Tony agreed to come down.
At this time, Mark 3's dress has been completed.
“Man, I'll deal with your problems after I deal with my personal problems.”Tony said.
“Can I help you?”Chu he asked.
The next moment, iron man rises to the sky.
“Iron Man vs iron overlord?I don't know how much summoning energy obadaiya can give me. “Chuhe thought about it, then moved and disappeared.
Chu River just left, Roddy came, looking at the empty villa, some at a loss*
Chapter 17: King of iron
Chu River moves in an instant, while Tony flies. So when Chu River comes to stark industries, Tony probably just flies out of Marbury beach.
As soon as I arrived, I saw that several agents under Colson were fighting with iron overlord with pistols.
Chuhe is speechless. Are these people here to be funny?Is that what aegis agents are?No wonder they've been sifted by Hydra and haven't been found yet.
As soon as the motive power was turned on, these people flew to both sides, avoiding the fate of being trampled into meat mud by the iron overlord.
“Mr. Chuhe, are you here to help?”
Colson's face brightened when he saw Chu River.
“No, I'm just coming to see the fun. Tony will be there in a minute. He says he doesn't need my help.”Chuhe road.
Colson opened his mouth and didn't say anything.
It's nothing to do with Chuhe. Besides, Chuhe just saved several of his subordinates.
“Tony, Tony, is he OK?”
On one side, peper heard Chu he mention Tony and asked.As for asking Chuhe for help?She doesn't think Chuhe can deal with this iron monster.
“It's OK. You'll see him in a few minutes.”Said Chu he.
“Dong, Dong…”
At this time, the earth vibrated inexplicably.
More than ten meters away, the ground suddenly split, and then burst out into a full eight or nine meters high iron monster.
Iron overlord!
“Let's go. We'll wait for Tony to take care of this.”Chuhe road.
He is not ready to contribute at all. The reason why he is here is that he wants to see a real-life version of iron man PK iron overlord, and then, in the end, he will take away obadaiya's soul.
But it's like nobody knows what's going to happen next second.
Obadaiya in the iron overlord also saw three people, and didn't seem to let them go.
With great strides, like three people coming.
“Agent Colson, what are we going to do now?”
Pepper clenched her hands, suppressed her fear, and looked aside at Colson.
Run?Can you run?
Even if they run separately, the missiles on the iron overlord's arm are not fake.
“Mr. Chuhe?”
Instead of answering pepper's question, Colson looks at Chu River.
Chuhe was helpless and didn't give him a chance to see the play.
He can move in a flash, but Tony seems to have no sign of coming. If he leaves, pepper and Colson will die.
You can't be hopeless, and he still asks Tony.
“You stay away. I'll take care of this iron knot.”Said Chu he.
When he heard that Chuhe was going to deal with the iron monster in front of him, pepper looked at him as if he had heard the Arabian Nights.
“I'll leave it to you, Mr. Chuhe.”
Colson said a word and took pepper to one side.
Obadaiya in the iron overlord also saw the appearance of Chuhe, and his voice came out: “are you the FBI who rescued Tony from Afghanistan?”
“It's me.”Chu he nodded.
“I'd like to thank you. If you hadn't saved Tony, I wouldn't have got this armor.In order to thank you, I'll let you die happily. ”
Said, iron overlord that is thicker than the bucket of steel arm, toward Chu River head hit over.
Pepper, who was pulled aside by Colson, closed her eyes, took a few deep breaths, and then opened her eyes carefully after psychological preparation
Then, his eyes widened.
Leng for a while, some confused way: “that iron monster, bad?”
Colson counseled and did not speak.
But he was also relieved.
Although he knew Chu River had super power and saw Chu River subdue Natasha with super power, Colson couldn't bear the iron monster above.
Now it seems that Chu River not only can carry, but also very relaxed.
Obadiah, in the iron overlord, now thinks the same as pepper.
Is it broken?
Otherwise, how steel arm suddenly stopped, and want to recover, can not recover.
Chu River's mind power is like a giant hand, holding iron overlord's arm tightly.
And then a jerk.
Tiebawang was directly thrown out by him, and then stopped after several walls were smashed through.
Controlling the iron overlord to stand up again, obadaiya's face is gloomy.
He also saw that the FBI in front of him was a little strange.
You can't get close to him!
Obadaiya said in secret: since you can't get close to it, just blow it to death.
Iron overlord shoulder position out of two missiles, the next second, straight Chuhe.
The shock wave of the explosion shattered all the surrounding glass.
Obadaiya was also relieved. Even if the FBI body in front of him was cast iron, it should be molten iron now.
But obadaiya hasn't let go for two seconds,
Just heard a voice from the smoke of the explosion: “the power of this missile is a little small, it should not be developed by Tony, let me guess… Hammer industry?”
Hearing this sound, obadaiya was startled.
Is this guy human or not?!Can't a missile blow up?!
The dust and smoke gradually dispersed. Seeing the Chu River without any clothes broken, obadaiya was even colder.
Looking at the Chu River coming to him, fear came from obadaiya's heart.
Close in, close in, but long-range, their most powerful missiles can not hurt them.
Although very unwilling, obadaiya knew that he had to run away quickly.
“Damn it!!You wait for me! ”
Iron overlord at the foot of the red light, flight thruster start, huge body floating, ready to escape.
“You want to run when you say that?You're kidding. ”
Chuhe eyebrows pick, raised his hand to iron overlord a grip.
The two propellers are like a mass of waste paper, which is ruthlessly clenched into scrap iron by an invisible hand.
Iron overlord heavily fell on the ground, the next second, two arms were also pulled out by Chu River with read power*
Chapter 18: soaring prices
The iron overlord, whose limbs have been abandoned, has no combat power, but obadaiya, who knows that he has been defeated, simply opens up the iron overlord and shows his real body.
Just like biting people's eyes staring at the Chu River, gritted his teeth and said: “who are you?Tony Stark hired it?How much did he give you?I'll give you ten times. Let me go. ”
“It's not about money.”Chuhe shrugged.
“What do you want?As long as I can give you anything, you give it. Let me go. “Obadaiyado.
“Are you sure?”Chu he picked his eyebrows.
Hearing Chu he's inquiry, desperate obadaiya seemed to see the last hope and said: “what do you want?!Stake in stark industries?I have a 17% stake in stark industries and I can give it all to you. ”
Chu he shook his head and said, “no, no, no, I want another thing.”
“What is it?”
Obadaiya was puzzled that he really didn't know what he had except the shares of stark industries.
“Your life.”
The next moment, Chu he did not give obadaiya another chance to speak, suddenly a pistol appeared in his hand, in his astonished eyes, pulled the trigger.
Obadiah – death.
However, to Chu he's surprise, obadaiya actually provides 20% of the summoning power. It's a super experience baby.
Before that, the one who provided Chu he with the most summoning power was a terror leader killed a few years ago, which only provided 7% of the power.
It seems that obadaiya has done many bad things behind his back.
At this time, Tony finally drove mark 3 to come.
I was surprised to see Chu River here
“Chu, how can you come faster than me?”?!Are you twins? Is that your brother or brother who just went to my house?Or… Another superpower? ”
Chuhe shrugged his shoulders, which is the default.
And Tony, at this time also saw the dead obadaiya, the mood is a little complicated.
He didn't know how to deal with this man who was regarded as his own uncle but wanted to kill him again and again.
At this time, pepper came running to one side and hugged Tony tightly.
Let go of Tony. Naturally, pepper will not forget Chuhe who just saved her name. He said, “thank you, Mr. Chuhe. I don't think I would have seen Tony now if it wasn't for you.”
Tony was shocked to hear piper's words, but he was terrified.
“Chu, thank you anyway. I really can't imagine losing pepper.”Tony said seriously.
“By the way, don't you have something to ask me for?What's the matter?As long as I can do it. ”
Chu he looked at pepper, who was still a little frightened, and the mess around him. It was not the time to talk about business.
After thinking about it, he said, “let's forget it today. The noise just came out is not small. You should think of a way to end it. I'll see you tomorrow.”
Just now obadaiya even used missiles. This is downtown Los Angeles again. The noise is absolutely not small. At this moment, it is estimated that all the reporters in the city are rushing here.
Tony thought about it, so he nodded and said, “OK, I'll talk to you tomorrow.”
“Bye, see you tomorrow.”
As the voice fell, the Chu River disappeared.
Tony's eyes widened. After a while, he said in a slightly envious tone:
“Instant movement?No wonder it's faster than me. ”
The next day, Chuhe sat in front of the computer early in the morning and sold all the stocks that were short of stark industries.
After Tony announced the closure of the weapons manufacturing department of stark industries, the stark industry, which everyone had felt had been unable to fall, plummeted again.
Today's market value is only 80 billion, which directly evaporates 120 billion US dollars compared with 200 billion when the market value was at its peak.
Chuhe, however, has made a lot of money in this stark industrial slump.
Three billion dollars.
Chuhe's net profit is $2.3 billion, excluding the $700 million principal to be paid back.
With the $2.3 billion, Chuhe used the financial leverage again. The $2.3 billion turned into $23 billion and entered the U.S. stock market. The target is still the stock of stark industries.
But this time it's not short, it's long.
It directly took 15% of the stock of stark industries, and ended up spending $23 billion.
There is no way. The shares of stark industries in the U.S. stock market account for about 20% of the total shares, and Chuhe has absorbed 15%, that is to say, there are only 5% of the shares in the stock market.
We can't take in any more. If we take in any more, there will be no tradable shares in the market. Even if there is any more good news for stark industries, the stock price will not go up without stock circulation.
However, a 15% stake is enough to make Chuhe the second largest shareholder of stark industries.
Just wait for the stock of stark industries to rise again, and Chuhe will become a super rich man with tens of billions of dollars.
When Chu he meets Tony, this guy is preparing for a press conference.
After all, there was such a big stir in stark industries last night, and iron man was seen flying there all over Los Angeles. As the president of stark industries, Tony has to give the public an explanation.
Pepper is dressing Tony's suit and tie.
“Hi, Chu… Have you read today's newspaper?They said I was fighting with that big guy last night?It's clear that I didn't do anything. It's me who carried the pot for you. Would you like to thank me for inviting me to dinner? “Tony said.
Pepper was a bit upset to hear Tony say that.
According to pepper, Chuhe not only saved her life, but also saved Tony, and twice.
Seeing that pepper was a little angry, Tony said quickly, “I'm just kidding, right, man.”
With that, Tony winked at the Chu River.
“Of course.”Chuhe smiles.
“Well, man, let's get down to business. If there's anything I can do for you, just say it.”Tony was right.
Chuhe saved him twice and peper once, and Chuhe was not short of money.To be honest, Tony really does not know how to repay Chuhe. Now Chuhe needs his help. He is very happy.
Although this is not enough to repay Chuhe for saving his life several times, it can also express his gratitude to Chuhe.
Chuhe doesn't talk nonsense. He directly takes out a box from the golden space. In peper's surprised eyes, he puts it in front of Tony and opens it.
“What is this?”
Tony asked, looking at the three cylindrical metals in the box*
Chapter 19: the birth of iron man
Chuhe light floating spit out two words.
Tony was stunned, then his eyes widened.
Then he picked up a metal bar from the box and observed it carefully. As an expert in mechanical manufacturing, Tony's understanding of various metal properties can definitely rank among the top five in the world.
Zhenjin, of course, knows and has studied it.
The metal bar in his hand is basically sure to be Zhenjin.
But before today, he had seen Zhenjin the most, which was 5g.
Now, the Zhenjin in front of him… At least tens of kilograms. Tony suspected that he was dreaming. How could there be so many Zhenjin on the earth?
“Chu, where did you get so much Zhenjin?”?!Isn't it a superpower again?!Gather all the gold on earth? “Tony said.
There are so many Zhenjin beyond Tony's imagination.
Rolling eyes, Chuhe Road:
“Of course not. There is no such super power. A big fool came to see me off.”
In Chu he's opinion, Nick Frick is a fool to some extent.Of course, this is based on information asymmetry.
“Well… Really?”Tony didn't believe it.
“Of course it's true. Why do I lie to you?”Chuhe road.
“Good luck, why can't I meet such a fool.”Tony was full of envy.
To him, Zhenjin is like gambling table to gamblers and gourmet to gourmet.What's more, he has another identity, iron man. Zhenjin is more important to him.
“Hey, man, let's talk about selling me these shocks?How about $50000 per gram?Or sell me half. “Said Tony.
Chuhe laughed and did not answer.
Looking at Chu River, Tony also understood his attitude and could not help feeling a little sad
“Well, I forgot that you're a damn rich man, too. The worst thing is that the money comes from stark industries.And then, what can I do for you? ”
Then Chu he told Tony what he thought.
When it comes to his field of expertise, Tony gets serious.
He bowed his head and thought for a long time before he said:
“It's a good idea to have nano war clothes, but it's impossible to do so because of the current technical conditions.It will take at least another 50 years for you to get the kind of uniform you envision. ”
Chuhe turned his lips.
Fifty years?Ten years later, you will be wearing nano armor and purple sweet potato on the outer planet PK, which used for 50 years.
“But I don't think that's a problem for you, is it?”
Although the idea of nano war clothes is stranded, Chuhe believes you, Tony must have a solution.
Tony was very happy to hear what Chu he said.
“I didn't expect you to know me so well, man.Of course, although the nano battle suit you imagined can't be realized, I can get you a pseudo nano battle suit. ”
Fake nano war clothes?!
Chu he scratched his head a little. He didn't know what Tony meant.
However, professional affairs should be handled by professional people. Chu he's requirements for combat clothes are very simple, easy to carry and enough defensive. There are no other requirements.
It was originally prepared for Wanda and Pietro. Chu he had only one requirement for them when they were in danger
That's… Run!
“I'll give it to you, two sets. If there is any remaining Zhenjin, it will be your processing fee.”Said Chu he.
Hearing Chu he's words, Tony's eyes lit up.
You know, Chu he's requirement for war clothes is that they must be light and easy to carry, which greatly restricts that war clothes can't be too heavy, so there must be a lot of Zhenjin left.
But on second thought, instead of repaying his kindness, he owes another favor?You know, Zhenjin can't be bought with money.
Thinking of this, Tony got depressed again.
At this time, Colson came over and first said hello to Chuhe.
Then he handed some pieces of paper to Tony and said, “here's your alibi, you were on the yacht last night, we have port reports that you were in Avalon all night, and the affidavits of 50 guests.”
“Maybe it's better to say that pepper and I are alone on the island.”Tony said with some disapproval.
“And Obadiah?”Tony asked again.
“He went on holiday and the safety record of the small plane was poor.”Colson road.
“But it's too false about bodyguards.”
“Just read it. It's not the first time I've done this, Mr. stark.”Colson said.
Tony looked at the words in his hand casually.
Chuhe smiles. He is looking forward to the next press conference.
Tony, who often stands on the platform, seems to be at a loss this time. He pauses and says, “it's been a long time since I saw you last time. I'd better read according to the manuscript this time.Some people suspect that… ”
“I'm sorry, Mr. stark.Do you really expect us to believe that it's a bodyguard in uniform, and then it happens to show up? “The following female reporter interrupted Tony's speech.
“I know it's a bit confusing. It's one thing to question the official rhetoric, but it's another to make crazy accusations or imply that I'm a superhero.”Tony said.
“I didn't say you were a superhero.”The female reporter added.
“Yes?That's good.Because it's out of the question and whimsical. I'm obviously not a hero. I have a lot of personality defects and made a lot of mistakes… ”
Hearing what Tony said, Roddy couldn't listen any more. He reminded him, “just read the manuscript.”
Tony nodded his head and looked at the manuscript in his hand with a complicated look.
“The truth is…”
Tony suddenly pauses, looks up, looks around and shakes the manuscript.
Voice down, suddenly, all reporters stood up, the whole conference into boiling state*
Chapter 20: the furious Chu River
Chu he looked at the desperate Colson beside him, patted him on the shoulder, and said, “if you want to be open, maybe it's not a bad thing to have one more superhero, such as Captain America.”
Colson, who was full of despair, was not happy when he heard Chu he's metaphor. “That's captain of the United States. Tony Stark is just a playboy. Can he be the same?”
Chuhe remembered that Colson was the number one fan of Captain America.
Compared with the current Tony Stark and the captain of the United States, he does not respect the captain of the United States.
“But everyone needs to grow, doesn't he?”Chuhe said with a smile.
Who can believe that the present Playboy has saved half the life of the whole universe in the future.
“I hope…”
Colson is still desperate.
Moreover, he has messed up the task twice in a row. Think about the cautious director, he will never have a vacation in the next year
After the press conference.
Don't mention the big headed Colson and Roddy, Tony is full of fun.
“Chu, believe me, after today, the stock of stark industries will definitely soar. You can sell short the stock of stark industries as soon as possible and buy some shares of stark industries by the way. But I think it should be very difficult. After all, the world knows that the stock of stark industries will rise. Who will sell it?”
Tony said triumphantly.
In some ways, Tony is absolutely cautious.
For example, he even remembers that when he was in Afghanistan, he advised Chuhe to sell short the stock of stark industries, but was rejected by Chuhe.
Looking at Tony, Chuhe said with a smile:
“By the way, Tony, I forgot to tell you something just now.This morning, I sold all the stocks that I was short of stark industries, and then I leveraged ten times to buy the stocks of stark industries, as if I had bought 15% of the shares in total. ”
Hearing Chu he's words, Tony's face froze for a moment.
“15%?!So, aren't you the second largest shareholder of stark industries in the future? ”
“Yes, Tony, as the president of stark industries, you should try to help me make money.”Chu River a pair of “you have a long way to go” tone patted Tony's shoulder said.
“Damn it!I don't know why, but I'm not happy all of a sudden. “Tony was a little upset.
“You're not happy?But I'm happy. ”
At this time, Chuhe's mobile phone rings, caller ID is Wanda, connect.
“Chuhe, where are you?”
Wanda's voice mixed with crying, and the tone was full of panic and helplessness.
Chu he's face became gloomy in an instant, but he asked in a deep voice, “what's the matter?Wanda. ”
“Pietro, it's Pietro. He's dying.”
Hearing Wang Da's words, Chu he's pupils suddenly shrank.
With pitero's powers, there is no possibility of accidents.
Excluding accidents, it can only be premeditated.
Both Wanda and Pietro are his closest people in the world. When they hear such news, they can't suppress the murderous spirit of Chu River.
It seems that the temperature of the whole body of Chu River has dropped a little.
Tony just felt a little prickly in his skin.
Looking at the Chu River again, I feel like falling into an ice cave. It seems that the one standing in front of me is not a man, but an abyss beast.
He wanted to ask, but found that he couldn't open his mouth.
“Wanda, where are you now?”Chu he asked.
“I'm at home with Pietro. I don't know what to do. Chuhe, where are you?”Wanda's voice was full of confusion.
Chu he didn't answer Wanda, because in the next second, he had disappeared in front of Tony.
The pressure on Tony suddenly eased.
As soon as Chu River left, Colson directly pushed the door in. Seeing only Tony, he asked, “what happened just now?”
As a level 8 agent of aegis, Colson is no stranger to murderous spirit.
But he had never seen the murderous spirit that made him feel great pressure just now. The murderous spirit of Natasha and Hawkeye was not as good as one tenth of that just now.
“I don't know.”
“Just now Chu answered the phone, his face turned ugly, and then he disappeared.”Tony frowned.
Colson nodded and said nothing more.
Go to one side and call the director of marinated egg.
Since knowing that Chuhe has super power, aegis has made many profile of Chuhe's character.
The profile shows that Chuhe is lazy, easygoing and has a certain sense of justice, but he has a certain degree of indifference to the law and a strong sense of revenge.
Although the result is not very satisfactory, it is still reassuring.
But just now Chu he was blatantly venting his murderous spirit. Obviously something happened, which made Chu he unable to suppress his anger. Alas… I just hope things don't get too big.
It's better to offend this evil star
Colson observed a moment of silence for those who were going to have bad luck and hoped that they would be good people in their next life.
Villas on Long Island.
Seeing the sudden appearance of Chu River, Wanda said, “Chu River, Pete, he is dying. What can we do to save him?”
Pitero leaned on the sofa, his face very pale, his upper body full of blood, bullet wound, bullet into the lung.
But not dead, Chuhe was relieved.
“Give it to me. Don't worry, Wanda. Pietro will be fine.”First of all, he comforted Wanda that Chuhe was ready to treat Pietro.
Seeing that Chu River came to him, pitero grasped Chu River tightly with one hand.
Forced up a smile and said:
“Chuhe, thank you for taking care of me these years. I'm going to die, and I can't repay you. If I have a next life, I'll repay you again.Besides, Wanda has always liked you. You should take good care of her in the future. ”
Chu he didn't talk nonsense with Pietro. He tried to control the bullet into Pietro's lung and took it out.
Then take out a fairy bean, crush it and feed it into pitero's mouth.
On one side, Wanda, hearing this, burst into tears, held his hand and cried:
“Pietro, you'll be fine. Chuhe said you'll be fine.”
Xiandou's effect was very strong. As soon as he got down, pitero's wound had healed and his pale face became ruddy.
And Pietro, the client, naturally feels the most clearly.
Just wanted to say that he was well, but then he thought of something. His eyes turned, he still looked weak and said, “Wang… Wanda, before I die, can I hear you call me brother?”*
Chapter 21: Revenge begins
Wanda, who would not call him brother Pietro even if he was killed on weekdays, was not stingy and kept shouting: “brother, Pietro, as long as you don't die, I'll call you brother later.”
“Really… Really?Wanda. “Pitero said weakly.
“Really, brother.”Wanda nodded her head and said.
But the next second, Wanda is a fool
Pitero, who was on the verge of death in the last second, jumped up in the next second and said triumphantly, “Wanda, this is what you said. You should call me brother in the future. You can't be naughty.”
Wanda looked at Pietro's body. Besides blood, there was no wound.
His face brightened.
But then he became gloomy again and said angrily, “pitero!!When you asked me to call your brother, you were saved by Chuhe, right
Pitero was a little embarrassed to see his plot debunked.
But still clinging to say: “no, I'm better after you call my brother.”
“I don't believe it!”
Wanda said angrily, “you cheated me first, so what I just said doesn't count.”
Seeing that the two brothers and sisters are fighting again, Chuhe has a headache.
“Well, you two, we'll fight for a while.First tell me what happened today. “Said Chu he.
When it comes to business, they don't argue any more.
Pietro said: “just now, on the way home, a few cars surrounded me and Wanda, and then a dozen people came down. They also said that they were your friends. They asked me and Wanda to go with them. I said I would call you first to confirm, and they robbed my mobile phone. When Wanda and I saw that the situation was wrong, they resisted, and then they took out their guns,I got shot when I was covering Wanda, and finally I ran back with Wanda in my arms. ”
After hearing Pietro's words, Chuhe fell into thinking.
Wanda and Pietro are only two high school students, and Chuhe forbids them to use their powers in places other than their home, which is impossible to offend people or attract the attention of some organizations.
It's basically certain that the real goal for Wanda and Pietro is to be themselves.
As for why we don't come directly to ourselves, it also shows some problems.
The rat behind his back must know some of his own information and know that there is no chance of winning directly against him, so he wants to take Wanda and Pietro back and force himself to submit.
But beyond the mouse's expectation, Wanda and Pietro also have powers.
Think of here, Chu River in the eyes flashed a cold intention to kill.
No matter who it is, or a group of people, he or they should no longer live in this world.
As for whether to go to heaven or to hell, it is a matter decided by God, and his task is to send them to see God.
Pick up your cell phone, dial Kim and call her.
It happened in New York. Chu he believes that Jin can find out who did it. Jin has such ability.
“Chu, what can I do for you?”
“Wilson, just now, Wanda and Pietro were attacked. Pietro almost died.”Said Chu he.
“Where is it?”Kim said in a deep voice.
“In New York.”
“Is Pietro all right?”Kim asked.
“It's OK, but if I'm a few minutes late, maybe you'll be at his funeral.”Said Chu he.
Jin Bi was silent for a while and said, “Chu, I'll give you an account of this.”
Kim also knows that Wanda and Pietro are as important to Chu River as Vanessa and Richard are to themselves.
And the location of the attack was New York, his base camp.
“No, these people are targeting me.”
Chu he rejected Jin Bing's offer and said, “Wilson, help me find out who these guys are. I will personally send them out of the world.”
“Give me ten minutes.”With that, Kim hung up.
“Chu he, are you going to settle accounts with these people?”Asked petro.
“What else?Keep them for the new year? “Chuhe white eyes, pure asked some nonsense.
“I'll go with you.”Pietro was eager to try.
“I'm going too.”Wanda followed.
Hearing the words of the two brothers and sisters, Chuhe was almost not angry.
With a stare, he said, “where are you two going?To die?!How do I usually teach you to run when you are in danger, Pietro? With your ability, can't you run away with Wanda when they pull out their guns?Resistance is OK. Wanda is responsible for disturbing the enemy's mind. Pitero, you can kill the enemy in an instant.What happened?One didn't kill, but he was half killed. How can I say about you two? ”
Wanda and Pietro were reprimanded by Chu he with their heads down and did not dare to speak.
At this time, Kim's phone call came.
“Wilson, who did it?”Chu he asked directly.
“The underworld gang in queens is located in the 17th block of field. There are no outsiders there. They are all their people, and they have a lot of big firepower guys, which are very difficult. However, these guys are very strange. They never expand their territory or grab business, so I never attack them.”Kim said.
No expansion of territory, no business
Is it difficult for people in this line to generate electricity for love?It's interesting that Chuhe smelled the smell of conspiracy.
“Thanks, Wilson.”
“Yes, can I help you?”
“Just a bunch of clowns.”
Hang up the phone, let Wanda pitero two people honestly stay at home, Chuhe directly disappeared.
The next second, it's on 17th block in field.
As soon as Chu River appeared, he was found by a black skin. He pulled out a pistol from his waist, pointed to Chu River and said arrogantly, “Hey, leave the valuable things behind, where they come from and where they go. This is the territory of the Mafia.”
“Then I don't seem to be in the wrong place.”Chuhe smiles.
“What do you mean?Come here… ”
Black skin frowned. As soon as he wanted to ask more questions, there was a bullet hole in the center of his brow.
“0.2% of the energy, it seems that today will be a good harvest day.”
With that, Chuhe stepped into the block*
Chapter 22: behind the scenes
In a villa in the heart of block 17, a middle-aged Blonde white man angrily scolds his men.
“Damn it!!What are you doing, trash!!I can't even catch two children. ”
“No, boss, these two children are strange. The girl can emit red light in her hand, and the other boy's action is more strange. We can't see it at all. Besides, if you want to catch the boss alive, we can't kill him.”
His men pleaded.
The blonde middle-aged white man frowned at the words of his men.
The order he received was to capture Wanda and Pietro alive. Although he did not understand the meaning of the task, his duty was to complete any task assigned by the leader.
Before the action, he had investigated the task object in advance, very ordinary high school students, nothing special.
However, to be on the safe side, he sent his three elite teams to carry out this mission.
I thought it was safe, but I didn't expect the mission to fail
Thinking of the consequences of the mission's failure, the blonde middle-aged white man could not help shivering.
His face became a little ferocious and he growled
“Right now, all the elite teams are out. I don't care what you do. I'll see both of them before nine o'clock tonight, or I'll throw you all into the Atlantic Ocean to feed the sharks.”
“Elite team?!Are you referring to the gangsters out there armed with US military equipment?If so, I don't think they can go out now. ”
Suddenly a voice came out of the door.
Chu River pushes the door in.
“Who are you?”?!I don't know if you can't enter here without my permission?Get the hell out of here. “The middle-aged white man said angrily.
“Didn't you hear what I just said?”Chu River picked pick eyebrow, said.
“What did you say?And whose man are you?There are no rulesThe middle-aged white also said.
Just now, he just focused on his anger and didn't hear what Chu he said when he came in.
“Well, I'll introduce myself first.”
Chu he said, “my name is Chu he, the guardian of the two children you just ordered to arrest.Well, I've already answered your question. Next, should you also answer my question? ”
“Why are you fighting Wanda and petro?Or… Is there someone else behind you? “Chu he asked.
Although he is an agent in charge of the Crime Investigation Department of the FBI branch in New York, he never cares about the gang's affairs. It's impossible for him to offend the Mafia that he has never heard of.
Hearing Chu he's self introduction, the middle-aged white man's face changed.
Without any hesitation, he ordered directly:
“Kill him.”
The men around him, who had just kidnapped Wanda and Pietro, were still fully armed.
At the command of the middle-aged white man, all the American M4 rifles in his hands pointed at Chuhe.
Pull the trigger, more than ten rifle bullets immediately pour to the Chu River.
When the bullets in these guys' rifles were all poured out, they took a breath when they saw the scene in front of them.
The Asian man was unhurt in front of him.
What's more strange is that the bullet seemed to be frozen in front of him.
Seeing the same scene
These gangsters, who were not experienced in many battles, were even more afraid. How could they have seen such a strange scene? Some people could not help but beat a retreat.
However, they no longer have the chance
“It's over?Then it's my turn. “Said Chu he.
With the fall of the voice, the bullets that had been frozen in the air would go back to where they came from.
After more than a dozen screams, except Chuhe, only middle-aged white people were still alive.
Lying on the ground in front of them, these people with no breath are the most elite of their own. Now they have all died on the spot.
The middle-aged white man didn't think that with a Glock on his body, he could take the Asian man in front of him. Without thinking about it, he turned and ran away.
“I just want to run now. Don't you think it's late?”
The next moment, the middle-aged white man in the running suddenly put his feet together, face to the ground, and fell into shit.
Chuhe controls the middle-aged white people to come to him.
“Why are you fighting Wanda and petro?Or, who else is behind you?Answer my question and I'll spare your life. “Chu he asked again.
There is no possibility of escape, and middle-aged white people do not have too much fear.
Instead, he stares at Chuhe and sneers
“Tell you, you'll let me go?You think I'm an idiot?And if I tell you, the living me will be worse than being killed by you. ”
Hearing what the middle-aged white man said, Chu he narrowed his eyes and said:
“That is to say, your actions are indeed directed by some people. Am I right?”
The middle-aged white man's face stagnated, then he closed his mouth and didn't say a word.
The vision of death gradually emerged.
Seeing this, Chuhe frowned.
Mindfulness drives the jaw opening of middle-aged white people.
Then, I pulled out all the teeth.
One of the teeth, whose color was obviously abnormal, broke off and let out a stream of green liquid.
Chuhe can smell a slight bitter almond smell. It's cyanide type poison. If this guy really bites it, it's estimated that he will see God in ten seconds.
The middle-aged white man who had all his teeth removed was full of pain.
However, all of his limbs were imprisoned by Chu River's motive force, and he could only let out a little pain with a low roar.
“Chu, you can't kill him.”
At this time, a slightly anxious voice came from behind the Chu River*
Chapter 23: honesty pill
Chu he turned to see that the speaker was agent Natasha who had turned over her own window.
She was accompanied by a cold faced man who could be identified by a bow in his hand, the eagle eye Clint button.
“Are you going to stop me?”
Chu he looked at Natasha and asked coldly.
“Chu, you've killed hundreds of people in the whole block. He's the only one left. Give him to the aegis. We'll help you find out the answers you want. We're better at this.”Said Natasha.
The eagle eye on one side points to the Chu River with an arrow.
Seeing this, Chuhe was sulky in his eyes.
Natasha, who has been watching Chu River, has a bad secret.
I just wanted to open my mouth and let eagle eye put down his bow and arrow, but I was a step late.
Chu he raised his hand to the direction of eagle's eye. The bow and arrow in Eagle's eye's hand and the quiver on his back turned into two pieces of waste.
Then with a raise of hand, the whole person of eagle eye was pulled away and hit the wall on one side.
“Clint!”Exclaimed Natasha.
After a second or two, Hawkeye got up from the ground.
“I'm fine, Natasha.”
At this moment, he finally understood why, on the way here, Natasha kept telling him not to show any hostility to Chuhe.
He didn't like it until now.
He has no chance of winning in the upper Chu River. People just raise their hands, and their weapons and equipment are directly discarded. How can they fight?
Don't say one of them, even ten of them are not rivals.
What do you want him to do with this kind of mission?!We should find someone who is good at communication, which is what he is not good at.
Nick Frey can't help it.
He would like to send Colson over, but Colson is now in Los Angeles. It will take two hours even if he comes by Kun fighter plane. After that long time, the cauliflower is cold
“Chu, calm down. We don't mean anything.”Natasha said busily.
“I'm in a bad mood now. Don't try to provoke me, understand?”
Glancing at the eagle's eyes, Chu River looks at Natasha.
Said: “tell me to give him to you aegis?!I'm very suspicious now. He can't be separated from your aegis. Do you think I'll give it to you? ”
“It's impossible.”
“What's impossible?!These people attacked Wanda and Pietro, and it was clear that they were targeting me.To be clear, before your aegis got my information, I lived in New York for five years without any problems. As soon as you knew, something happened.Don't tell me, it's just a coincidence? “Chuhe said faintly.
Natasha's heart sank when she heard Chu he's words.
After receiving the mission, her first suspect was actually the same as Chu he, but Nick Frey assured her that this matter had nothing to do with the Bureau, so she took the mission.
“Of course, I don't rule out the possibility of coincidence, but as for whether it's a coincidence, I'll find out.”
With that, a transparent bottle appeared in Chu he's hand. There were dozens of white pills in the bottle.
Honesty pill: the future prop of Dora a dream world. No matter who takes honesty pill, he will not tell a lie in the next 24 hours.
This is the first time Chu River has used it.
But Chuhe absolutely believes in its efficacy, no way, more than a dream world props is so hard bully.
Take one out and deliver it directly to the stomach of middle-aged white people.
Chu he began to ask questions.
“Why are you fighting Wanda and petro?”Chu he asked.
Hearing Chu he's inquiry, middle-aged white people want to laugh.
When he heard Chu he's words, he was still a little afraid. He thought Chu he would torture himself to extort a confession, or use some other means to extort himself.
I didn't expect that I just took a pill and asked again.
Do you think I'm a fool?
However, to the horror of the middle-aged white man, as Chuhe's voice dropped, he said to himself, “the order from the leader is to let me capture the two children alive.”
What happened?
Why did you say it?!
It's the pill just now?!
Natasha and Hawkeye were also amazed.
Aegis also has such things as emetic, but the use conditions are very harsh.
First of all, the willpower of the user should not be too high. Second, the mental state of the user should be close to collapse. In this way, what he says may not be true, and he has to make further judgments.
“Who is your leader?”Chu he asked again.
“Alexander Pierce.”The middle-aged white man gave a name.
Natasha and Hawkeye changed their faces when they heard the name.
As a senior agent of aegis, how could he not have heard of this name.
Former director of aegis.
He is currently a member of the World Security Council.
Chuhe was not surprised by the name reported by middle-aged white people.
Before he came, Chuhe had several suspects.
Twenty percent of the suspects are Nick Frey. This kind of thing, Nick Frey is absolutely capable of doing.
70% of the suspects are Hydra.
After all, aegis is the snake shield Bureau. The intelligence that aegis knows is equal to that of Hydra. With Hydra's nature, how can it not be interested in its own situation.
Another 10% of the suspects are other forces.
“Chu, he may be deceiving you.”Natasha said hastily.
If it was Alexander Pierce's order, it would be a big trouble.
“Cheat me?It's impossible. Now he can only tell the truth.But rest assured, it should have nothing to do with aegis. “Chu he waved his hand and said.
Natasha didn't understand Chuhe.
If it was Alexander Pierce, how could it have nothing to do with Aegis?You know, although Alexander pierce has been removed from the position of director of aegis, he is still a member of aegis.
Just one thing can tell: there are only two people in the huge aegis with level 10 authority, one is Nick Frey, the other is Alexander Pierce.
Chuhe smiles, looks at the middle-aged white man and asks again, “tell her the name of your organization.”
“It's impossible!”
Natasha's eyes widened and she couldn't believe it*
Chapter 24: breaking into aegis alone
Although she joined the aegis relatively late, Natasha is still very clear about the history of the aegis. In the former strategic science Reserve Department of the aegis, the biggest enemy is Hydra.
But wasn't the Hydra eliminated by the captain of the United States in World War II?
How come now
“Nothing is impossible. I have reminded you before that your aegis has rotted into a sieve. Alexander Pierce is a hydra thing. I knew it for a long time, but I didn't think it was him who did it. I thought it was the director of marinated eggs who did it. It seems that he still knows the importance.”Said Chu he.
At the same time, Chu he used the power of reading to crush the throat of middle-aged white people.
The next second, it disappears.
Natasha stepped forward and explored the breath of middle-aged white people.
Then he shook his head at the eagle's eye.
“Well, this guy has gone home, and we can go back to his life.”The hawk's eye loosened its airway.
In the face of Chuhe, he had no ability to resist. This feeling made him very uncomfortable.
Natasha nodded.
Then he thought of something, and his face suddenly changed.
Compared with going home, Natasha is more inclined to go to find Alexander Pierce, who is now… Staying in the aegis.
Just now when she and Hawkeye came out to carry out the mission, they met him.
As for Chuhe, do you know?
Natasha 100% believes Chuhe knows.
Even if she didn't know, she believed Chuhe would definitely find Alexander Pierce.
After all, the vast desert, Chu River can find a hidden two months of Tony Stark.
Without hesitation, Natasha contacted Nick Frey.
“What's the situation?”
“They're all dead. None of them survived.”
“Well, I see.”
Nick Frey's voice did not fluctuate: “you come back first, and I'll send someone to deal with the aftermath.”
“Chief, there's some more important information.”
“Come back.”
“It may be too late to talk about it later.”Natasha said.
“Just a moment.”
After a few seconds, Nick Frey said, “I can tell you what happened.”
“The person behind this should be former director Alexander Pierce.”
“Well, anything else?”
Nick Frey's voice is still the same.
“Former director pierce should be a hydra.”
“Are you sure?”
This time, Nick Frey's voice could no longer remain calm, and the tone was a little higher.
“Chu he used some means to coerce him into asking, and he knew for a long time that former director Pierce was a nine headed snake. He also said that he had reminded us.”Natasha said.
“How accurate do you think the intelligence is?”Asked Nick Frey.
“More than 90 percent.”Natasha said.
Nick Frey was silent for a while and said, “I see. Come back.”
Then he hung up the communication.
Three curved wings.
Nick Frey, who hung up on Natasha, seemed a little tired.
After Chu River reminded him that there was something wrong with the aegis board, he immediately launched a covert investigation of the aegis board.
It doesn't matter if we don't investigate.
After this investigation, he found that there was a huge force in the aegis that shocked him.
Because we don't know who is reliable, we basically rely on him alone in the investigation, so the progress is very slow. Up to now, we haven't found out the details of this force.
It is impossible for this force to develop to such a huge extent without the protection of the high-level aegis.
His old friend, former aegis director Alexander Pierce, is naturally in his doubt, and he has found that Alexander Pierce is inextricably linked with this force.
What Nick Frey didn't expect was that this force would be Hydra, which should have been destroyed in World War II.
“Chief!There are intruders
Nick Frey's headset rings.
“Call up monitoring.”
After seeing the intruder, Nick Frey's one eye was slightly fixed.
After a moment's silence, he ordered: “this is just a special exercise. Tell all agents to stay in their posts, no obstruction, no change.”
“Director, this…”
The voice in the headset hesitated.
“Execute the command.”Nick Frey said again.
“And tell director pierce the news.”Nick Frey added.
The intruder of sanquyi is no other than Chuhe.
Originally, he thought that he would be killed again in the aegis Bureau, but unexpectedly, he swaggered in and didn't encounter any obstacles.
Although some people look at their own eyes a little strange, but also did not stop.
Is the defense of aegis headquarters so lax?
This idea appeared in Chu he's mind for a second, then it was ruled out.
Are you kidding? If aegis is such a waste, Hydra will be careful to lurk for so many years?!Will governments around the world be willing to allocate so much money to such waste organizations every year?!
After a little thought, Chuhe understood
It seems that after his last reminder, Nick Frey also found out about the aegis problem.
But there shouldn't be much progress.
For Nick Frey, his hard break is an opportunity.
Use yourself to turn the aegis up and down, and turn out some guys hidden in the depths of the aegis.
Chuhe didn't have any idea about it, and didn't get angry with Nick Frey for using himself.
He's only here for one purpose, and that's to kill Pierce.
That's it.
Otherwise, he didn't care and didn't care at all*
Chapter 25: crossed bones
Meanwhile, the former aegis director in another office, Alexander Pierce, is glumly staring at the surveillance in front of him.
The picture in the monitoring is exactly the scene of Chuhe swaggering into sanquyi.
“What the hell is Nick fry doing?”
Alexander Pierce was a little annoyed. Although Nick Frey was promoted by him, he never guessed the idea of this black stewed egg.
However, he still thinks that everything of aegis is still under his control.
Even if he is no longer the director of aegis.
He will go through the mission reports of all the senior agents of aegis.
And after seeing a mission report from Nicholson to Nick fry.
He learned the information of Chuhe.
Super powers, with a kind of supernatural ability to control the force field, easily subdued the ace agent black widow of aegis.
Craving for supernatural abilities is a tradition of Hydra, and so is he.
Naturally, he came up with the idea of Chuhe.
Direct contact with Chu River?
He knew that Nick Frey must have done it, and it didn't seem to work.Moreover, he, the former director of aegis, has no good name to contact Chuhe. If he doesn't get it right, he will be self defeating.
Since direct contact doesn't work, we can only bully and then lure.
According to information, Chuhe and his adopted brother and sister have a good relationship.
If you catch the brothers and sisters, can Chuhe still obey?Over the years, he has done it with great skill.
To carry out such a task, of course, you can't send agents from aegis, or you may be detected by Nick Frey.
So he started a dark son buried in New York to carry out the mission.
However, just a few hours after his mission order was issued, Chuhe came here.
Coincidence?Or something else.
Pierce was a little worried and picked up his cell phone to dial a number.
For a long time, no one answered.
Looking at the monitored Chu River, he suddenly had a bad feeling.
Did the dark sub mission fail?What's the wrong secret?
Peirce believed that dark son didn't have the courage to divulge a little secret. His family was under the control of Hydra. The mission failed, and he was the only one who died.
If you dare to reveal your secret.
He was not the one who died. His parents, wife and children would all be buried with him.
However, he did not allow any accidents to happen.
Think about it and press a communication button on the desk.
“Chief, what can I do for you?”
“Agent Brock romlow, if an intruder invades aegis, you immediately lead the team to catch people. In addition, the intruder has mastered a supernatural ability, similar to force field control.”
After a pause, pierce added, “he's very important to us. We must catch him alive.”
Kill Chuhe?
Pierce didn't think about it at all. He also wanted to know how Chuhe got this ability. If he could recapture it, the conquest of the world by Hydra would no longer be a distant dream.
“Yes, chief.”
Brock romlow, nicknamed CROSSBONE.
He is also the ace of Hydra in aegis. The task is given to him. Pierce believes that romlow can give himself a satisfactory answer.
Finally, pierce whispered another word.
Romlow also replied.
At this time, in director aegis's office, Nick Frey's face was full of horror, and his eyes were more dignified.
After he asked hill to tell pierce the news of Chu River invading sanquyi, he began to monitor him. In fact, according to the regulations of aegis, only agents with higher authority can monitor agents with lower authority.
So Nick Frey and pierce, who are both level 10 agents, can't monitor each other.
And the communication of level 10 agent will never leave any record, so pierce will not hesitate to shout the slogan of Hydra in the communication.
But Nick Frey is an old Yin Bi.
After becoming director of aegis, the first thing Nick Frey did was to secretly increase his secret service authority. Although it was still level 10, what he could do was a little more than the ordinary level 10 authority.
Like monitoring Pierce, who is also a level 10 agent.
Nick Frey just wanted to keep a backhand, but he didn't expect to use it one day.
And I heard such a big secret.
With Nick Frey's suspicious personality, even if Natasha told him that the accuracy of the information reached more than 90%, he only believed half.
But now, when pierce called out “Hail Hydra”, he was hammering himself.
The former director of aegis is a hydra?!
“Mom, FAK!!Ma jaafak! ”
Nick Frey yelled the mantra several times.
It's like telling you that mice and cats are actually close relatives, while weasels and chickens are brothers and sisters.
No one will believe it.
Pierce is a hydra, although this information is very important.
But it's not his first consideration now. What he has to consider now is that even the former director of aegis is Hydra. How many people in aegis are Hydra now.
The three curved wings are very large and the architecture is very complicated. Chu River has never been here.
And Captain Jack's compass in his hand can only indicate Pierce's direction at the moment, without navigation function.
After turning around for a long time, I didn't find a place.
Chu he is very agitated. He is considering whether to use the motive force to rush in a straight line.
Just then
Seeing and hearing the color domineering suddenly aware of the danger, Chu River suddenly collapse mind.
The next second, several nails of bullets from all directions to their own*
Chapter 26: Battle of great disparity
Read power barrier instantly open to protect the whole body a meter, but Chuhe slightly frown is, this kind of steel nail like bullet reached nearly 50 cm position was read power solidification.
Mindfulness is a universal ability. It's simple and rude. It's like a part of the body extending when it's used.
But Chu he's motivation didn't reach the strength of a tornado in Superman.
Tornado can easily destroy a city when it is fully launched. It can destroy at most one building.
After all, the dynamic strength of Chu River is only 500 tons.
Chu he has tested that the defense barrier formed by his full use of mind power is about as hard as steel plate. Moreover, if he controls mind power to attack at the same time, his defense strength will become weaker.
This kind of steel nail like bullet can penetrate its own 50 cm power barrier, that is to say, it can also penetrate 50 cm thick steel plate.
This bullet is a little scary.
It seems that there are a lot of good things in aegis. Chuhe also put away his attitude of looking down here at the beginning.
But he didn't panic at all.
Skilled seeing, hearing, lust and domineering spirit make him fully able to foresee the coming of danger in advance. Even if he can't fight, he can't run?And if he's in a hurry, he doesn't have a card.
This wave of bullets was followed by several smoke bombs exploding around them.
The smoke soon dispersed.
Maintaining the power barrier, Chuhe doesn't let the smoke touch him. After all, he doesn't know whether the smoke is poisonous or not.
Although the smoke could not get close, it successfully blocked the view of Chu River.
Chuhe also knows that this is the purpose of the attackers.
Lose sight of yourself.
In this way, even if you have the motivation, you can't launch an effective attack because you can't see the target.
Although the attackers also lost sight, don't forget that this is aegis. Thermal imaging glasses are only the most basic configuration, and they are the most advanced.
However, it is clear that the attackers do not know enough about Chuhe.
The loss of sight did cause some trouble to Chuhe, but it was only trouble.
The eyes had lost their function, so Chu he simply closed his eyes.
See and hear the color domineering, instantly open to the maximum range.
Taking itself as the center, the spherical area with a radius of 500 meters is all within the sensing range of Chu River.
Chuhe can clearly feel that there are 15 people, divided into three directions, gradually close to themselves.
Want to play cat and mouse?
In this case, let's see who is the cat.
I want to extend my motivation.
Chuhe's precise control of the distance of the power of reading is the same as the domineering power of seeing and hearing.
It's 500 meters.
Of course, 500 meters away is not out of control, it's just that the accuracy of control will begin to decline, and the intensity will also decrease. 3000 meters is the limit control distance.
And these 15 people are all within 100 meters of themselves.
In other words, these 15 people's life or death has been controlled in their own hands.
If it's an agent like Colson, Chu he will consider knocking out with mindfulness power, and then save his life.
After all, Chuhe is not a killer. He only kills his enemies and villains who are guilty.
But in front of these guys, can be basically sure, are definitely Hydra.
In Chuhe's cognition, hydra is a villain who is guilty, and now he is his own enemy. If both of them are occupied, is there any reason not to kill them?
When he started, he immediately crushed the throats of 14 of them.
Looking at the summoning energy progress bar which only increased by 3%, Chuhe was not very satisfied.
You are Hydra. Can't you do more bad things?3% of the energy progress, on average, on everyone's body, is also the crime of two human lives.
Rubbish, no business.
Use mindfulness to pull the rest of the living to yourself.
“Tell me, where is Alexander pierce now?”Chu he asked.
The answer to Chuhe is the spit of the man, but it is blocked by the power of reading.
“No answer, is it?”
Chuhe frowned.
If you think about it, don't waste the honest pill. It's all here. Just follow the compass to find it. At most, it takes a little time. However, the props produced by a dream world can be saved.
Heart read a move, in front of this guy was also crushed throat.
To Chuhe's surprise, this time the summoning energy went up by 15%. It seems that he caught a big fish.
Look at this guy's face. He looks familiar.
After thinking about it, I realized.
It's a cross bone. Hydra is the number one hitter in aegis. No wonder it can provide so much energy.
The ventilation of the three curved wings is very good, and the smoke produced by the smoke bomb will soon disperse.
Chu he took out his compass and began to look for Pierce.
This one-sided battle, Nick Frey has been watching through surveillance.
As a result, the danger level of Chu River has been raised by two more levels.
At the same time, the access authority of Chuhe's personal intelligence has been upgraded from level 9 to level 10. In the future, only he has the right to check.
As for another former director with 10 levels of authority, Nick Frey doesn't believe he will survive today.
On the other side, pierce also watched the one-sided battle through surveillance.
He didn't feel any sadness about the death of the Crossbones. It's just a pity that he lost an easy-to-use tool.
But more of it is greed in the eye.
This kind of power, if you let yourself control it, even if you can't recapture it, it's enough.
Brother dies, it's so quiet in the book review area. It's yuppie that makes me panic. I don't know if it's because no one is reading?But there are still about 10000 people in the collection.Or is there something wrong with the plot?Kneel down and ask everyone to speak enthusiastically in the book review area after reading the book. Brother die, panda will read every comment.
In addition, pandas kneel down for rewards, flowers, evaluation tickets, monthly tickets… Some brother die can consider supporting a wave*
Chapter 27: the death of Pierce
Looking at the compass pointer pointing to the front door, Chuhe frowned.
Seeing and hearing color domineering also feel that there is a breath inside, should be pierce no doubt, compass will not make a mistake.
But since pierce sent a cross bone to intercept himself, he must have thought that his target was him, and Chu River did not destroy the monitoring device along the way.
In other words, at the moment, is Pierce in the room waiting for his own?
Why don't you run?
Interesting. Do you have any cards left?
Think of these, then raised a few minutes of attention, at the same time read power barrier fully open to protect themselves.
Chuhe doesn't want to turn over a boat in the sewer and waste his precious avatar here.
Read the power to smash the door.
The office of the former director of aegis is not small, with an area of more than 100 square meters.
At the moment when Chu River just entered, several pieces of heavy glass suddenly fell down around him and surrounded him in the middle.
Frowning, Chuhe looks at Alexander Pierce.
Alexander Pierce was sitting in a chair with a kind-hearted face.
Anyone who sees him at first sight will think that he is a kind-hearted person, and will never think that he is the head of the Hydra who kills people without blinking an eye.
“Chu River…”
Pierce spits out his name, his voice is not very standard, smiles and says: “this is our first time to meet. What I didn't expect is that the process is a little unfriendly. I apologize for that.”
Chu he picked his eyebrows and sneered
“To apologize is to trap me in this glass box?Then your apology is sincere. ”
“I think there are some misunderstandings between us. I'll let you out if we get rid of them.”Said Pierce.
“You think this thing will stop me from killing you?”Said Chu he.
Say, read power then extend and come out, want to blast the glass in front of.
Peirce seemed to have guessed what Chuhe was doing, and said: “the half meter thick carbon tempered glass has several times the hardness of steel plate, and can resist the impact force of more than 1500 tons.”
Looking at pierce with a sure look, Chuhe is a little funny.
This guy, I don't think he will move in an instant, otherwise he might have run long ago.
It's exactly what Chuhe thought.
Pierce didn't know that Chu he had other abilities besides motivation. His understanding of Chu he's intelligence was based on the mission report submitted by Colson.
It was the mission report of Colson and Natasha to Chuhe villa.
In that mission report, there was no mention of what happened after Nick Frey arrived, so pierce didn't know that mindfulness was not the only super power of Chuhe.
Seeing that Chuhe didn't speak, pierce went on to say to himself:
“And I'm a former director of aegis, a member of the World Security Council, killing me?Do you know how much crime you will commit?!
Although you didn't succeed, before you came here, you had killed 15 agents who were quietly defending the world peace.As the director of the New York branch of the FBI, aren't you ashamed of your actions? ”
Peirce's voice is righteous, and his words are full of condemnation.
Chu he is a bit speechless. He really thinks that the old man in front of him should run for election.
Seeing that Chu he did not speak, pierce felt that his words had played a role.
He has also seen the psychological profile of Chu he, with a certain sense of justice.
In Pierce's view, the more righteous people are, the better they are.
“Now, you must be responsible for your recklessness and atone for your actions…”
Seeing that pierce became more and more addicted, Chu he had to interrupt
“Stop first.”
“Well?”Pierce frowned at him.
However, Chu he's next sentence suddenly changed his face.
Just listen to Chu he continue to say: “if even the agent who killed the Hydra has to feel ashamed, then doesn't the American captain have to squat in the toilet every day to cry?”
Pierce's face changed again and again, and finally said in a deep voice, “I don't know what you're talking about. The Hydra was defeated by Captain America as early as World War II.”
“I don't know!”?!As the leader of Hydra, don't you know?But I'm curious. You've become the director of aegis, and you don't have many days to live. How can you imagine that Hydra dominates the world every day? Can't you think of something practical?Like running for election. ”
In his previous life, Chu he was very curious about this.
Don't say anything about faith. If there is faith in cross bones, Chuhe still believes it.
Pierce, who has been engaged in politics for half his life, will never have any faith.
The more Chu he said, the more gloomy Pierce's face became.
Looking at Chuhe, his eyes are full of killing intention. Although he is eager to obtain Chuhe's super power, his own life is more important than his super power.
If the news that he is a hydra is exposed, what will happen to Hydra? He doesn't know, but he will definitely die.
And even if you kill Chuhe, maybe you can break the secret of super power from his body.
Thinking of this, pierce takes out a remote control from his pocket, faces Chu River and presses the button on it.
The next second, the pain hit the whole body of Chuhe.
Chuhe only felt that his muscles, bones, viscera… Began to tear like vibration.
Although the vibration did not exceed the limit that Chuhe could bear, it was very uncomfortable.
You know, all aspects of Chuhe's physical skills are enhanced by perfect T virus serum, reaching more than five times the limit of ordinary human body.
Even so, Chuhe can bear it.
If you are an ordinary person, you will fall to the ground if you can't hold on for a second.
Unlike ordinary people's hearing, Chuhe heard a small low voice.
Infrasonic weapon!
The sound waves emitted by this kind of weapon are close to the natural frequencies of human organs, which makes them resonate, leading to the deformation, displacement and even rupture of organs.
It's the weapon obadaiya used against Tony at Tony's villa.
Ignoring the pain, Chu he stares at Pierce.
The next moment, in Pierce's startled eyes, appeared in front of him.
“You… How do you…”
Without giving pierce a chance to speak, Chu he was shot dead.
This villain, who has been hidden for more than half a century, simply died.
Ironically, as a hydra, he devoted his whole life to the aegis*
Chapter 28: Tony's apology
After the gunshot, Nick Frey, wearing a black windbreaker, came in and stared at the Chu River
“You killed the former director of aegis.”
Chu he took a look at him and countered: “it's the leader of the hydra.”
“No one can prove it.”Nick fry sank.
“You want evidence?”
Chu he picked his eyebrows and said directly:
“What I say is evidence.If you want the evidence you think, it's OK. Although it's a bit troublesome, it's not that you can't find it. Remember to surf the Internet more and I'll publish it when I find it. ”
The hydra is hidden so deep that Chu River can find evidence of a hair.
But it doesn't prevent him from using it to cheat Nick fry. Even if Nick fry knows that he has a high probability of cheating him, he never dares to gamble.
If the news that hydra is still alive and has become the director of aegis is exposed.
That's a lot of fun. Aegis will be released 100% in situ. All personnel will be investigated. As aegis director, he can go back to Africa and grow corn happily
Chuhe is convinced of this.
Sure enough, hearing Chu he's words, Nick Frey's eyes twitched twice, took a deep breath, and said, “no, I'll find evidence. Do you know anyone in the aegis is a hydra?”
“I don't know.”
After a pause, Chu he said, “but if you give me the magic cube of the universe or the infinite formula, maybe I can think of one or two names again.”
Nick Frey's face froze.
The magic cube of the universe or the infinite formula can only change one or two names?!
“No, I'll find all the nine headed snakes of aegis one by one.”Nick fry sank
Alexander pierce and Brock romlow have been found by Chuhe.
Even without Chuhe's information.
As long as you follow these two lines, Nick Frey believes that he can get rid of all the Hydras in aegis.
Chuhe shrugged his shoulders and pulled them out?
Ha ha… I'm afraid I only find two or three cats left in the end.
The name of shedun bureau is just a casual remark.
“Whatever you want.”
Chu he was not disappointed that he didn't rob what he wanted.
He believes that sooner or later, Nick Frey will ask for help from himself. Don't blame him for his big mouth.
The goal has been achieved.
Chuhe did not have the need to stay here any longer. He moved home immediately.
After Chuhe left, Nick Frey stared at Pierce, who was lying on the ground and whose body had gradually lost its temperature.
There is a trace of sadness in one's eyes.
Pierce has been his boss since he entered aegis. It can be said that he has deep feelings, and even he is willing to block bullets for him.
But what he didn't expect was that pierce would be a hydra.
Therefore, he can only watch Chuhe take Pierce's life with bullets.
For him, faith and responsibility are more important than everything.
Remembering is never what he would do. Once again, he looks at Pierce, and Nick fry turns and leaves.
He has more important things to do.
Although there was an instant movement, it took five or six hours from pitero's treatment to Alexander Pierce's killing and then coming back.
It was evening when I got home.
Before entering, Chuhe heard a familiar voice:
“Hey… Can you put me down first? I've said it 58 times. I'm a friend of Chuhe.Besides, haven't you seen my face on TV?How can it be a bad person. ”
It's Tony Stark.
Are you worried about yourself, that's why you came here?Chuhe is warm in heart.
This guy has a bad mouth and a bad personality, but as pepper said, Tony Stark has a warm heart, especially when he's with his friends.
“Bad people never say they are bad people, and they never write the word” bad people “on their faces. They kill people who break into our house without permission. Chuhe tells us that.”This is Wanda's voice.
Tony is speechless. Is that how Chuhe educates children?Originally, I wanted to wait until I had a child and let Chuhe be the godfather of my child.
Now… Think about it again.
Chuhe pushes the door into the house.
I saw that Tony was hung upside down on the ceiling by Wanda, his face was red, and he was obviously hanged for a long time.
Wanda and Pietro are staring at Tony.
Seeing Chu River, Tony seems to see the Savior.
Almost cry out, said: “God, Chu, you finally come back, let them put me down.”
“Chuhe, are you ok?”
Seeing Chu River, Wanda rushed forward.
First around a circle, to make sure that all is well, and then happily picked up Chu River's arm.
And pitero was relieved to see Chu River coming back.
Rubbed Wanda's little head.
Chu he said, “Tony is really my friend. Please put him down.”
Wanda answered and looked at Tony.
“Hum” a, a wave, relieved the ability, Tony fell down, landed on the sofa.
Tony stood up and rubbed his stiff shoulders.
Complaining: “Chu, I didn't expect that your children also have super abilities. Is it hard to say that super abilities are rampant now?But you really should take good care of them, super power should not be used indiscriminately
Chuhe smiles and says:
“Wanda and Pietro are absolutely good kids and never use superpowers outside.To be honest, Tony, you shouldn't complain about what they've done to you. ”
Tony is a little upset.
He's been suspended for an hour and still can't move.
“Do I have to apologize to them?”Tony asked back.
“Of course.”Said Chu he.
Seeing a trace of discontent on Tony's face, Chuhe explained, “Tony, Wanda and Pietro were adopted by me in socovia when I was a soldier.”
“I know that the two combat clothes you asked me to make should be made for them, but what does it have to do with my apologies to them?”Tony interrupts Chu he's words, but he is still very upset.
“Listen to me, Tony.”
Chu he continued: “before I found them, they had been trapped in the ruins for five or six hours. Do you know their state when I found them?”
“What state?”Asked Tony.
“Two 10-year-old children held each other tightly, shaking all over, staring at a shell in front of them that didn't know when it would explode, and there was a line on that shell…”*
Chapter 29: Wanda and Pietro's special training
When Chu River talks about the ruins, Tony's dissatisfaction has dissipated. When Chu River talks about the end, Tony's body is shaking slightly.
Before Chuhe could go on, Tony said, “it's stark industries.”
Chu he nodded.
At this time, Tony looked back at Wanda and pitero with guilt and repentance in his eyes.
Although he made weapons to defend peace.
However, it is an indisputable fact that many tragedies have been caused by his weapons.
If he is determined to make weapons, he can defend peace.
That's not going to shut down the weapons Department of stark industries at a press conference the first time they get out of trouble.
And that's why he's on the superhero path.
A large part of the reason is to make up for the mistakes he made before. Although these mistakes are not caused by him, he thinks he should bear part of the responsibility.
There was a moment of silence.
Tony looks at Wanda and pitero.
He said, “I'm sorry for the pain you shouldn't have suffered because of me. Is there anything I can do for you?As long as I can do it. ”
Hearing Tony, Wanda and Pietro don't know what to do.
After all, they were only 15-year-old children. They turned to Chuhe for help.
Chuhe laughed and said, “you decide for yourself.”
In the original plot, Wanda and Pietro are trapped in the ruins for two days and two nights.
Mind in a state of extreme fear and staring at the “stark industries” this line read two days, resulting in a great psychological trauma, so much hate on Tony.
But now because of Chuhe, they were only trapped for five hours and then rescued. And then Chuhe adopted them and gave them a home.
So although they still hate Tony, they don't hate him.
Wanda took Chuhe's arm, looked at Tony and said, “no, I'm living a good life now.”
“I don't have to.”Said Pietro.
After a pause, he said, “Wanda and I are very lucky to meet Chu River.But in fact, there are many war orphans like Wanda and me in socovia. If you can, Mr. stark, you can help them more. ”
Tony was stunned at pitero's words.
Then he looked at Chuhe and said with a smile, “Chu, you are right. They are all good children. I really envy you.”
Then he said, “in this case, I will set up a fund of $10 billion to help the orphans of the war in socovia live and go to school. What do you think?”
Tony looks at pitero.
Since Tony admitted that he was iron man and announced his entry into the clean energy industry, the stock of stark industries has gone up like chicken blood.
Now it has exceeded the highest market value of US $200 billion and the market value of US $300 billion.
After obadaiya's death, Tony took his shares in stark industries. In addition, the voting right of Chuhe's 15% shares was also given to Tony, and the shares directly or indirectly controlled by Tony reached 67%.
So on the board, Tony has absolute power.
Don't say 10 billion, even if it's 50 billion, Tony can take it out.
Hearing Tony's words, Chu he cursed MMP in his heart. Of the 10 billion, 1.5 billion is his own.
Pitero, a little shriveled kid, lost $1.5 billion in a word.You can't learn from Wanda. Don't talk so much.
no way!
To find a reason to punish him for a few months of pocket money, in order to vent his heartache.
“But… Yes.”
Pitero was a little bit shaken by Tony's big money. He felt a little regret. He didn't expect that Tony's compensation was so big. You know, the money had a chance to belong to him.
But when I think about it, it can help more children like myself and Wanda.
And it's going to be next month, and his pocket money is going to double, and petro is feeling better.
I don't know if Pietro would cry and faint in the toilet if he knew that he would not get pocket money in the next few months.
“By the way, Chu, what happened this morning?You left before I could ask. Do you need any help?You know, whether it's the military or Washington, I can help a little bit.Besides, man, you should give me your cell phone number, or I'll come to you and fly from Los Angeles to New York. ”
With that, Tony began to complain.
“You can consider moving stark industries from Los Angeles to New York.”Chuhe joked.
Who knows, Tony thought after hearing this, nodded and said, “good idea, that's it.”
Chu River a Leng, so casual?
But then it occurred to me that in the original plot, stark industries moved from Los Angeles to New York, and there was nothing more to say.
“Hey, man, you haven't said what happened to you.”Tony asked again.
“It's settled. It's a waste of your time.”Said Chu he.
“Don't be sentimental. I just came to see you on my way. Since there's no problem, I'll leave. Pepo is still waiting for me. Damn, I didn't expect to waste so much time with you.”
With that, Tony went straight away.
Without outsiders, the two brothers and sisters who have recovered their nature are paralyzed on the sofa like two salted fish. Seeing this scene, Chu River is full of black lines. Where did these two dead children learn from.
“You two, come here.”Chuhe said with a straight face.
Seeing that Chuhe was going to be angry, the two brothers and sisters did not dare to dally. They hurried to Chuhe and stood up honestly.
“What's the matter?”Wanda asked.
“This morning, several armed gangsters were injured. How do you mean to say that you are superpowers?”Think of here, Chu River gas does not hit a place.
If you want to say that it's because the super power is weak and it has no advantage over the thermal weapons, that's understandable.
But Wanda and Pietro's super power, that is Chuhe also incomparably hot eyed, bug general super power.
Don't say it's just a dozen gunslingers.
That is, it should crush hundreds of heavily armed American soldiers, either Wanda or Pietro.
“It's OK.”Muttered Pietro.
“It's nothing today, but what about next time?”?!What if I can't make it in time?!Pietro, you want to watch Wanda die?Or Wanda, do you want this morning to happen again? “Chu he asked in a deep voice.
Looking at the two brothers and sisters don't care, he is really a little angry.
Hearing Chu he's words, both brothers and sisters shook their heads.
“Since you don't want to, from today on, you will have two hours of power training every day.And Pietro, in view of your terrible performance today, deduct your pocket money for three months
Chuhe said, pitero instant face dull*
Chapter 30: high speed movement and Chaos Magic
“Oh… No!Chuhe, you can't do this to me. I just got hurt today. You can't let me get hurt again. “Pitero howled.
“Besides, four months.”Chuhe said faintly.
Pietro shut up for a second.
Wanda, on the other hand, laughs at pitero's misfortune.
“It's been almost two years for you two to awaken your powers. Let's see what you think of your powers.”Chu he said.
Chu he always felt that Wanda and Pietro were still young, and they didn't worry about exercising their powers, so he never took care of them.
But what happened today made Chuhe realize that Pietro and Wanda can no longer be kept in captivity, and they are almost 16 years old and no longer children.
“I can run fast.”Pitero's answer.
“I can move objects and distract people, right!You can use it for lighting at night. “That's Wanda's answer.
Hear two people's answers, Chu River is full of black lines, really want to beat these two dead children.
Take a deep breath, take a deep breath
You can't be angry, you can't do it. If it's broken, you have to pay for your own medical expenses.
“You two, what can I say?For two years, this is what I feel about my powers?!Pietro, do you think your power is to run fast? “Chuhe is a little angry.
“Well… Is there anything else?”Pitero said with a blank face.
“Your ability is” high-speed movement “. This high-speed movement doesn't only mean the speed of your running. Don't you think that you can do other people's things for 30 minutes in five seconds? It's not just that you can run fast.”Chu he asked.
“It's like… It's a little different.”If Pete Rowe knows.
Chu he continued: “when your powers are activated, your whole body will enter a state of” high-speed movement “, and your actions, thoughts… Will speed up.For you, it means that time has been lengthened. For example, what others spend a lot of time learning, you only need an instant to learn.So I really don't understand why your grades are still the bottom of the class in the past two years. ”
Pietro's eyes widened.
For two years, he didn't know his powers were so powerful.
“And when you think faster, you move faster.So from today on, pitero, you have to do 500 sets of papers every day to exercise your thinking speed. ”
“5… 500 sets?”
Pietro's face was dull again.
“Well, 500 sets.Wanda is responsible for the supervision, and the accuracy rate below 80% will be invalid. “Chuhe road.
“Don't worry, I'll supervise Pietro.”Wanda is busy.
At first, Wanda was envious of Chu he's saying that pitero was so powerful here. But now, Wanda just thinks pitero, who has such a power, is too poor
Wanda's consistent policy is to get rid of pitero's troubles.
And, Pietro, you're finally in my hands. I'll see if you call me sister.
No longer paying attention to pitero, Chu he looks at Wanda, organizes his language and says:
“Wanda, your powers are better than pitero's…”
“It's better to be weak. It doesn't matter. Anyway, you can protect me with Chu River.”Wanda doesn't care about Tao.
“Hear me out.”
Wanda laughed and shrunk her head.
Chu he continued: “Wanda, your powers are more powerful than pitero's, and much more powerful.”
“Chuhe, are you right? My powers are more powerful than pitero's?”Wanda was surprised.
She never felt so different.
It's more convenient to take things, and after Chu he's explanation just now, she also knows how powerful pitero's powers are.
So Chu he said that her powers were more powerful than pitero's, which naturally surprised Wanda.
“Because your powers do not show a single ability, it can be called” chaos magic “. Mind control, mind power, material reorganization, probability modification, and even reality change can be achieved.”Said Chu he.
Wanda's ability, though not very strong in the original plot, was the most brilliant performance, that is, the outbreak of the first World War, which led to a fight with mieba.
But in Chuhe's view, Wanda's potential has not been exploited at all.
You know, in all the marvel multiverse, the Scarlet Witch's ability is the most terrible echelon.
In a certain universe, Wanda said, “there are no more mutants in the world”, which directly makes all mutants disappear.
Even in a universe, Wanda's saying that “there is no more super power in the world” is even more terrifying.
Deprive all the abilities of the earth's super powers, such as the magic of the supreme mage, the magic four heroes based on cosmic ray, the mutant, the captain of the United States who obtained the ability through serum, the Hulk who obtained the ability through gamma ray irradiation, and the alien race on the back of the moon
It's a terrible mess.
There is no reason for the same multiverse. The Wanda capability of this world will be too poor. It can only be said that it is under developed.
“It's impossible… I can't do anything but study motivation.”Wanda said.
“You haven't developed it yet.”Said Chu he.
“Does the development of Wanda abilities also need to be tested?I can supervise it. “One side of the pitero busy said, looking forward to.
Wanda is stunned, and then stares at Pietro with a “you're dead” expression.
Chu he thought about it.
How to develop Wanda's ability? Chuhe really doesn't have a clue. After all, chaos magic has exceeded his cognition.
It is estimated that there are few that can teach Wanda in the whole universe.
I have a headache.
However, to find a teacher for Wanda has to be put on the agenda, and her qualifications must not be wasted*
Chapter 31: Manhattan demolition workers
“Wanda doesn't need to practice reading motivation every day to improve the intensity. As for the development of chaos magic, I will find a teacher for you later.”Chu he thought about it and said.
Although there are few teachers for Wanda in the vast universe.
But on earth, there really is one.
Supreme mage, Guyi.
For the mage who can spy on the past and the future, Chu River was scared when he learned that he was crossing the marvel world.
But after understanding, Chuhe is not afraid.
If Gu Yi wants to find his own trouble, he should find it the first time he appears in the world.
After that, even Chuhe had thought about Kama Taj.
However, I went to Kathmandu to inquire for several days, but I didn't have any information about kamataji, so I had to give up.
So how to find the supreme mage is a big problem.
If Gu Yi really doesn't want to be found and uses the time gem to hide in a certain time line, he will be exhausted and can't find it in Chu River.
“Mm-hmm, I'll do more exercise.”Wanda is busy.
Compared with Pietro, his special training is not too easy. If he gets a low price, he must be good.
On one side, pitero was full of despair, didn't he give us special training?Why do you have Hell difficulty while Wanda has kindergarten difficulty
unfair!!This is tyranny!!
Pitero's heart is roaring.
But he didn't dare to say it on his mouth, and he didn't dare to show it on his face. Otherwise, he believed that he would never see pocket money again in the next year.
Chuhe is so sexist. Pietro only hates that he is not a daughter.
Two weeks are fleeting.
Today is a day off. Chuhe takes Wanda and Pietro out to have dinner and relax.
After all, Wanda and Pietro's special training has been going on, Wanda said fortunately, Pietro is very tired during this period.
However, there are some effects of special training.
Pietro, in particular, has made remarkable progress.
Before the special training, pitero was able to do ordinary people's work for half an hour in five seconds, that is, his thinking speed was 360 times that of ordinary people. After two weeks of special training, pitero has increased to 500 times.
In the same way, the speed is 500 times that of ordinary people, reaching a terrifying speed of 4000 m / s.
Since the effect was so remarkable, Chu he decided to add a large number of papers after Pietro adapted to the strength of 500 sets of papers, and the difficulty of the papers should also be improved.
Pitero, who is fighting with an Alaskan king crab, doesn't know what Chuhe thinks at the moment. Otherwise, no matter how delicious the king crab is, he won't be in the mood to eat it.
Full of wine and food, the meal cost Chuhe fifty thousand dollars.
However, Chuhe doesn't care. As the second largest shareholder of stark industries, this little money is just spilling water.
Walking out of the hotel, I heard a series of explosions.
Looking at the distance, about two or three kilometers away, there was a fire all over the sky.
What's the matter?!
After thinking about it, Chu he decided to go and have a look. Maybe he could receive a wave of summoning energy
“Wanda, Pietro, you go home first. I'll see what's going on over there.”
“Be careful, Chuhe.”Wanda said.
Although we know that Chu River is very powerful, Wanda is still worried.
“Don't worry.”
Chuhe laughs. Now on this earth, he can't fight. But if he wants to escape, he doesn't think he can. Er… Whether Gu Yi can do it or not, Chuhe is not sure.
Wanda and Pietro went back, and Chuhe went in the direction of the explosion.
This is Manhattan, the most prosperous place in New York.
Two or three kilometers away, the place full of fire is the famous Broadway. At this time, Broadway has the most people. Is it a terrorist attack or something?
Except for Chuhe, all the people are running out crazily, crying and screaming are full of these blocks.
Many people are still shouting words like “monster”.
Chuhe frowned.
Immediately thought of what, can not help but speed up the pace.
All of a sudden, a car, like a shell, flew to the Chu River. However, when it came to the Chu River, it seemed that it was split into two parts by an invisible knife and flew away from both sides of the Chu River.
Looking not far away, Chuhe's pupils shrink slightly.
Nearly five meters tall, with yellow skin, muscles all over, entangled with the bones, a row of sharp spines protruding from the spine.
At this time, two military pickup trucks appeared around and began to stop the monster.
But the bullet hit on the body of hate, just like the rain on the body, can not cause any damage.
It's a rocket on one's shoulder. It's held in the hand by hatred. Then it explodes instantly, and the fire overflows.
However, a few seconds later, abhorrence came out of the fire without any sign of injury.
Abhor the rampant.
Almost every second, people die.
Chu he looked up at the sky, with his eyesight, did not find a helicopter around.
That is to say, it will take at least a few minutes for banner to jump out of the helicopter and become hawk.
And in these few minutes, I don't know how many people will be killed.
At the very least, the soldiers on the two military pickup trucks in front of us will not be spared.
Chuhe doesn't like the top military officers very much, but maybe because of his experience in joining the army, he still likes these soldiers, especially those who dare to rush in the front in the face of hatred.
More importantly, there were many people who hated to kill just now. For Chuhe, it was a lot of summoning energy.
“Just in time. Try what you called last time.”
Think of here, Chu River is not hesitant, thought a move, a double-edged sword in hand*
Chapter 32: haunted by evil spirits
Emperor's tools and haunted by evil spirits: the emperor's tools of armor made from Tyrannosaurus Tyrannosaurus Tyrannosaurus dangerous species – “Tyrande” can enhance the ability of the wearer and have the defensive power of iron wall.Equipped with the accessory weapon “red backed shrike”, because it has a great burden on the equiper, ordinary people will die immediately after wearing it. It also has the ability of short-term transparency. After skillful use, it can also hide its own breath. This imperial weapon also has the characteristics of continuous evolution.
This is what we summoned after the last time we destroyed the Mafia and killed Alexander Pierce.
Using the Legendary Super dangerous species as materials, together with rare metals such as oreha steel and a large number of lost secret techniques, we can make weapons that cannot be copied. Each one has its own particularity.
Haunted by evil spirits, he is the best of the imperial utensils. It's no exaggeration to say that he is the strongest.
Because it has a feature.
That is, the stronger the user is, the stronger the effect of haunting the devil will be.
Haunted by ghosts!!
Chu River calls evil spirits in his heart.
The next moment, the evil spirit also gave him a response, the golden armor was instantly dressed.
After being fortified with perfect T virus serum, Chuhe has extremely strong physical fitness. After being haunted by evil spirits, he has directly completed several evolutions.
Golden Armor form!
For ordinary people, this is a state beyond the limit of the body. It is the ultimate form that can only be used when fighting for life.
But for Chuhe, it is the most suitable routine for him.
Feeling the power of evil spirits, Chu he raises his arm and grabs it.
The air was caught and exploded.
There was a flash of horror in Chu River's eyes.
He himself was frightened by this force, which was amazing.
What's more, different from ordinary armor, ghost entanglement fits the body very well, just like the extension of the body, that is to say, Chuhe's movement will not be restricted.
Ghost entanglement is not so much armor as colonization armor.
Not far away, the shoulder mounted rocket, though not able to do any harm to hate, succeeded in infuriating him.
With a roar, the sound wave directly shattered the glass within 100 meters around.
Hate to rush to these two military pickup trucks.
With great strides, all the obstacles on the road were lifted away by him.
Dozens of meters away from the pickup truck, hatred leaped up.
He wants to use his feet to trample all those who dare to challenge him into meat cakes.
The soldiers on the pickup had no time to escape, and they looked at the disgust that was about to be trampled in horror.
And at this time
I saw a golden figure flying from one side, kicking him in the disgusting waist, kicking him out.
He ran through several walls in a row and stood up in disgust.
Disgust, who came out of the ruins, stared at Chu River and yelled: “you are not hawk, but you are strong, so I will kill you.”
He said that he hated the coming of Chu River.
“Kill me?!It depends on whether you can do it. ”
Chuhe grinned.
Towards hate.
Compared with disgust, Chuhe's fist is a little pocket, not a weight at all.
However, when the two fists collided, the waves raised raised raised the cars on one side.
Blonsky, the predecessor of abhorrence, was an excellent soldier.
After becoming abhorrent, reason did not disappear.
It's just that before he became disgust, he injected super soldier serum, which magnified his inner tyranny.
That is to say, the power of hate is more stable than that of hawk, but he does not have the characteristic that as long as he is angry, his power will increase endlessly.
Seeing his fists blocked, he could not believe his disgusting eyes, but then he was angry.
I gave up my glory, my body and all the strength I got.
Isn't it the strongest yet?!
Kill him!!
The thought was instantly filled with the whole brain of hatred.
Tyrannical eyes staring at the short guy in front of him, another fist of disgust roared to Chu River from top to bottom.
Chuhe, however, responded more quickly.
Just now and hate to a punch, let Chuhe on both sides of the strength also has a general contrast.
The power of oneself in the haunted state of evil spirits should be similar to that of hatred.
But flexibility.
I'm definitely more than I hate.
In addition, within the line of sight, you only need to move your mind, and the instant movement can directly appear.
All in all, even if you don't use mindfulness, you can still totally hate yourself.
“Hey, big guy, I'm behind you.”
The instant movement appears behind abhorrence, and the Chu River plays cruelty to the road.
And then, without waiting for hate to turn around.
Chu River then one foot from bottom to top blows to hate, will hate kick to the sky.
The next moment, Chu River will appear in the hate more above.
Cross your hands and drop the punch.
Abhorrence plummeted and hit the ground.
Chu River just opened the wings have been folded up, stopped in mid air, looking to the ground.
At this time, a large military helicopter came from a higher position.
General Ross, Benner and Betty are all in there.
Just the scene of Chu River hanging and beating.
They've seen it in a video from a soldier who survived.
“What is this golden guy…” Ross murmured.
“Benner, are you going to jump again?”
Betty is more worried about Benner.
Because just now Benner wanted to jump directly to bet that hawk would appear at the last moment.
Banner takes the Chu River in the video, which is more fierce than hawk, swallows his saliva and says:
“I don't think so.”
PS: for those who don't know much about haunting ghosts, you can take a look at the attached picture*
Chapter 33: Dumbledore's magic Heritage
After waiting for a few seconds, abhorrence crawled out of the ground again, looking up and staring at the Chu River in mid air.
Anger mingled with ferocity in his eyes and a deep roar in his mouth.
The huge body squatted half, and the lower limbs pushed hard.
At the foot of the ground showed a spider web like cracks, hate like a giant shell like skyrocketing.
Chuhe is not ready to continue and hate to play, ready to make a quick decision.
Stretch out your right arm and open your five fingers.
Slowly grasp, and then a long golden gun in hand.
Red backed shrike!!
It's the exclusive weapon of evil spirits.
In the form of golden armor, it has unimaginable destructive power.
Fluttering wings, Chu river bends down and rushes to hate!
The next moment, red back shrike's gun tip and hate fist hit together.
Without the slightest hindrance, red backed shrike pierced his hateful fist.
And then pierced into its chest bone, until the hate to thoroughly poke through.
In the end, he nailed his hatred to the ground.
Looking at the hatred in front of him, Chu he could not help sighing that he was a monster evolved from the blood of hawk. His heart had been stabbed by himself, and he was not dead.
Hatefully staring at the Chu River, he roared: “who are you?”?!Who the hell are you? ”
“Who am I?”
Chuhe smiles and pulls out red backed Shrike.
Then he stabbed the hateful head, until the hateful had no breath, and then he said:
“If you can see God, you can ask him who killed you, but I think you should go to hell, er… Maybe you can't even go to hell. I'm really sorry.”
Chuhe suddenly thought that the evil soul could become the energy of his own summoning skill, and there was no chance to go to hell.
And at the moment when abhorrence completely died, the summoning progress in Chuhe's deep consciousness broke through 100% again.
Hate is a super experience baby.
You know, before killing hate, summoning energy is only 45% progress.
Kill one, hate goes up to 102%.
It seems that after a while, hatred has caused hundreds of deaths.That's right. After all, this place is the most prosperous area in New York.
Looking up at the helicopter above, Chuhe had no idea of dealing with the military.
Especially rose.
When he was in the army, this guy tried to recruit himself several times.
Chu he used his butt to think that he could guess that this guy wanted to deceive himself to participate in his super soldier plan.
After all, my performance and achievements in the army were really outstanding. When I retired, I even alerted a general in the Pentagon to do his own ideological work and advised him not to retire.
However, Chu he had made up his mind, and then the general recommended himself to the FBI.
With the stealth ability of haunting evil spirits, Chuhe's body gradually becomes transparent until it disappears.
Rose in the helicopter saw the sudden disappearance of the Chu River. He was obviously impatient and ordered, “search the whole city and find this golden guy.”
But it's obvious that rose can't find Chuhe.
What's more, after this incident happened today, his general would not want to continue to be a general. Hundreds of people died in New York, which is not a small matter. It's always necessary to find someone to carry the pot. Naturally, rose is the best choice.
After being invisible, Chu he found a corner at random, relieved the evil spirits, and then moved home in a flash.
Wanda and Pietro have just come back, and the brother and sister quarrel again.
Pietro collapsed on the sofa, Wanda stood in front of him, crossed his waist, said: “Pietro, you get up, today's paper has not been done.”
“Just after dinner, can't you give me a rest?Wanda. “Pietro looks like he was born to be loveless.
Wanda's eyes turned around, and he said seductively:
“You call me sister, and I'll give you a little more rest, OK?”
“Then I'll do the test paper.”
“Hum!!Then goWanda is dissatisfied with the doodle mouth said.
These two brothers and sisters
Chu he shakes his head helplessly, greets his two brothers and sisters, and returns to his room.
Sitting on the chair, Chu he's mind is deep in his consciousness.
“Start calling.”
Chu he meditated in his heart, and then the energy progress of summoning changed from 102% to 2%.
The next moment, a message came into Chu he's mind.
“Call to success, call to gain – Dumbledore's magic heritage.”
“Dumbledore's magic Heritage: as the greatest wizard in the world of Harry Potter, Dumbledore's magic attainments are comparable to those of ancient magic sages.After accepting the inheritance, you will get all the magic Dumbledore has learned in his life for more than 100 years, as well as the magic of his peak period. Do you want to accept the inheritance? ”
Inheritance class?!
Chuhe is happy in his eyes.
When he came to this world, Chu River summoned him nearly 20 times.
In Chu he's opinion, the most valuable nature is the super ability training box from Dora dream world.
After it is the inheritance of the death shooter Freud Lawton.
It's because of the death shooter's heritage.
Chuhe became a real strong man from an empty and powerful man.
If there is no such inheritance.
It is estimated that the bag of fairy beans summoned would have been consumed.
I didn't expect that the summon was inheritance type, and it was magic side.
And it's not the same as death shooter.
Death shooter's inheritance is knowledge and experience, and this time Dumbledore's magic inheritance is not only these, but also magic inheritance.
It's great to go straight to the right place.
In Chu he's heart.
The next moment, a lot of information goes into the brain.
Thanks to the protection of summoning, otherwise Chuhe would be schizophrenic.
After all, this is what a 116 year old magician learned in his life.
While Chuhe's brain is accepting Dumbledore's life-long knowledge, a strange energy also quietly appears in his body and grows rapidly*
Chapter 34: Tony's call
It will be three hours after Chuhe has completely accepted Dumbledore's knowledge.
There are too many things in this knowledge.
Magic charms, the preparation of magic potions, the secrets of the magic world, the knowledge of magical animals… There are all kinds of magic encyclopedias with rich contents.
The magic power of Harry Potter's world is not very strong. There are no magic charms that call meteorites and shake the earth.
But the curse of Harry Potter is not weak.
The strength of these Charms lies not in their power, but in their functionality.
The mantra of repair, the mantra of soul snatching, the mantra of soul fetching, the mantra of healing, the mantra of duplicating… Are not easy to use.
And there's the traceless stretch spell.
In particular, the suitcase of newt scarmander, because of the traceless stretching mantra, has enough space to hold the whole Yellowstone Park.
You know, Yellowstone Park has an area of nearly ten thousand square kilometers.
At the same time, Chuhe also felt a strong strange energy in his body.
magic power.
Dumbledore's magic heritage brings him the magic of Dumbledore's peak.
What surprised Chuhe even more was
The magic of Harry Potter World is determined by the strength of soul toughness and spiritual strength. In order to make Chuhe bear such a huge magic, summoning technique strengthens Chuhe's soul toughness and spiritual strength.
And the intensity of mental power is directly related to the intensity of mental power.
As a result, Chuhe's motivation to read has also increased by a large part, about twice.
In other words, the power intensity of his idea has been increased from 500 tons to 1500 tons.
It's an absolute surprise.
“Yugadim Leviosa.”
Chu Hekou murmured a spell and drew a gesture with his right hand.
Cast without a staff.
It's just a trick in Dumbledore's vast knowledge.
Then the table in front of him floated.
He frowned.
Casting without a staff costs about three times as much magic as casting with a staff.
According to the inherited knowledge, such as levitation curse, open door curse, leg lock curse, coma curse… These charms will cost more magic when they are cast without a stick.
But if you use no stick casting, it will not only cost more magic, but also cause irreversible damage to your body.
For example, when you cast a magic spell without a stick, the magic spell from which arm you use will be directly necrotic.
Therefore, it is imperative to build a magic wand in front of Chu River. Moreover, a good magic wand has a certain bonus effect on the magic spell.
How to make a magic wand is a part of inheritance knowledge.
But it's not easy to make magic wand materials.
It's good to say that the body of the staff is made of Acacia, holly, oak and even elderberry. It's common in the world, but the core of the staff is a big problem.
The problem is that the core of the wand needs something from the magical creature.
In the world of Harry Potter, there are three kinds of best materials for the core of the staff: Unicorn hair, dragon heartstring and Phoenix plume tail.
But these three
Not in Marvel world, at least not on earth.
Even if Chu River retreats to the second place, we don't need these three.
But it seems that there are no magical creatures on the earth.
To say which place on earth is most likely to get the material to make the stick core, it is only kamataji.But I can't find this place in Chuhe
Try something else first.
If you can't, you'll just tie up the guy stranch. If you don't believe Gu Yi, he won't show up.
In the next month or two, Chuhe was busy making magic wands, and even went hunting less, but the progress was still slow.
All kinds of animal feathers, heartstrings, nerves… Chuhe almost tried it all.
None of them fit.
Just when Chu he thought about whether he really wanted to tie stranch back.
Tony's on the phone.
“Man, Wanda and Pietro are finished. Come and get them when you're free.”
“OK, I'll be there now.”
The next second, Chu River appeared in front of Tony thousands of kilometers away.
“Hi, Tony.”
Chuhe said hello.
Tony looked at Chuhe and at the phone he was still on.
“It's really convenient,” he said
“Where are the battle clothes?”Chu he asked.
“You are not welcome.”
With a glance at Chu River, Tony pointed to the table beside him and said, “there, the red one is Wanda's and the blue one is petro's. you can have a try first.”
Chuhe looks like two upper body wearable devices similar to beibeijia.
Pick up the blue one and put it on Chuhe.
“And then?”
Chu he looks at Tony.
“There's a button in the right abdomen.”Said Tony.
The Chu River pressed once, and the battle clothes began to regroup. In less than ten seconds, the regrouping was completed.
From the position of the neck to the ankle, it's all covered.
The activity is very convenient, and will not affect the physical activity at all.
Tony said
“Because of your request, I can't add weapon system to this suit, but don't worry, the defense performance absolutely meets your requirement.”
“That's enough. I don't need the two of them fighting.”
Chuhe was very satisfied with the suit.
Change the body's battle clothes back to the half body wearing form, and put them into the golden space together with another set on the table.
“Thanks, Tony. I'll go back if I'm ok. I'll treat you to dinner another day.”
Chuhe is going back.
“Hey, man, wait a minute.”Tony stops Chuhe.
“Anything else?”Chu he asked.
Tony wants to stop talking.
After a long hesitation, he said, “man, if… I mean if… If I die, can you take care of pepper for me?”*
Chapter 35: the magic stick Chu River goes online again
Chu he was stunned. It's not like Tony would say it.
Then he thought of something and looked at Tony.
His face was morbidly pale, and there was a very subtle black line at the neck.
Palladium poisoning?
It seems that Tony should have found out that, too.
“Hey, Chu, what are you looking at me for?I'm not a gay.Besides, you haven't answered my question yet. “Tony asked again.
Chuhe laughed and said, “no problem.Although peper is several years older than me, she is beautiful and gentle. If you die, I will take good care of her. ”
“Damn it!I'm not asking you to take care of pepper… Forget it, if you have that ability. “Tony was upset, but he thought of something and said, darkening.
“Well, you bastard, you can go. Remember you promised me.”
Hearing Tony say so, Chuhe is not in a hurry to go, went to the side of the red wine cabinet, picked up a red wine.
“Asshole, change one. It's a treasure I've managed to buy…”
Tony hasn't spoken yet.
The cork of red wine was pulled out by Chu he.
“What did you say?”Chu he raised his head and asked.
Tony suddenly felt tired and waved his hand
“It's nothing. You're free.”
Chuhe poured the red wine into the glass, took a sip and looked at Tony.
“How much palladium is in the blood?”Chu he asked suddenly.
Tony replied subconsciously.
Then a Leng, stunned look to Chu River, way: “Chu, how can you know?”
Chu he shrugged and said, “you can understand it as a kind of super power.”
“Super power?!Is it the ability to see other people's poisoning?There is such a waste of super powerToni make complaints about it.
“Of course not.”Chuhe rolled his eyes.
He pointed to his eyes and said, “these eyes can see some fragments of the past and the future.”
Chuhe takes out the words that deceive Nick Frey.
One's own foresight will be discovered sooner or later. It's better to take the initiative and fool all the doubters first.
“You're not teasing me, man.”
Tony is a little unbelievable.
However, seeing Chu he's “I'm serious” expression, he believed that he was already in this situation. Chu he should not make fun of him.
“All right, man.I have to admit that I envy you a little bit. ”
After a pause, Tony said to himself, “in the future you see, I should die miserably.”
Palladium poisoning is a kind of radiation poisoning, the death of radiation poisoning is very miserable.
“On the contrary.”
Chu he said: “in the future that I see, at least ten years later, you are still alive and kicking. Even mark 50 has been developed for mark 50.”
“Walter?!No way. ”
Tony's eyes widened, his face full of disbelief.
“It's not impossible. I see the future. Soon you will find a new element, which is more efficient and cleaner. It completely replaces palladium, and you will survive.”Said Chu he.
“Really?I'm a genius, it seemsTony lit up a glimmer of hope.
But then he thought of something, and his face became very ugly. He said, “Chu, you shouldn't have told me that.”
“What's the matter?”
Chuhe is a little confused.
Tell you can survive, you are not happy?Can palladium poisoning affect the brain.
Tony said: “in a propulsion system, small changes in initial conditions can drive a long-term huge chain reaction of the whole system, which is a chaotic phenomenon…”
“Stop, stop… Butterfly effect, I know. What are you trying to say?”Chuhe road.
“You know that?”
Looking at the Chu River in surprise, regardless of the black line, Tony continued:
“In history, the discovery of every new element is an accident.In the future you see, I have a great chance to discover this element by chance.And now, after I know the future, I will deliberately look for it, so there is a great possibility that I can't find this element.
I suddenly feel worse. I was sure I could survive, but now there's only a 50% chance, maybe not yet. ”
I was worried about that.
“You don't have to worry about that at all.”
Chuhe took another sip of red wine and said, “because you find this element, it's not an accident at all, it can be understood as an inevitable event.”
Tony was relieved.
When did you think of it again, he said strangely, “when did you see the future?”
“I've seen it a long time ago.”
“Do you know how I discovered new elements?”Tony asked again.
“That is to say, you know that I have palladium poisoning, and you know the solution. You didn't tell me earlier. We are friends.”Tony said angrily.
Chuhe is a little embarrassed.
He had to defend himself and said, “don't you all like to solve problems by yourself?I'm not afraid to tell you that it will make you unhappy. ”
“I'm dying, and I'm not happy!”?!You're such a logical genius.Tell me, man.Besides, I'm not a genius. I'm a super genius. ”
Tony is busy.
At the same time, I don't forget to flatter myself.
“Well, let me see… Where is the model of the 1974 stark industrial fair?”Chu he asked.
“What do you want that for?In Pepper's office. “Tony didn't understand, but he replied.
“You asked me to tell you. Then do as I said. Call pepper and ask her to send the model first.”
“Well… It's up to you.”
Tony, who is about to make a phone call, suddenly stops and looks at the Chu River.
Fingers in the air back and forth for a while, said: “you can not move in an instant?I think it would be quicker for you to get it directly. ”
Chu he gives Tony a middle finger, then disappears. Five or six seconds later, he appears with a display stand in his hand*
Chapter 36: the magical animal: Thor
Looking at the model of the Expo in Chu he's hand, Tony came over and said curiously, “Hey, man, this thing has something to do with the new elements you said?”
Ignoring Tony, Chu he put the model on the table and said to himself:
“Jarvis, help scan out a digital wireframe model. I need an operational projection.”
“Yes, sir.”
Blue light swept by, and soon a digital wireframe model projection appeared.
“Scan complete, sir.”
After seeing the wireframe model, Tony frowned and thought.
Chu he points the location of the main exhibition hall on the model and says:
“Take this as the nucleus…”
“Take all the channels away.”Tony interrupts the Chu River.
Staring at the projection of the wire frame model in front of us, he continued: “take away the landscape, the bushes and trees… The parking spaces, exits and entrances… Also take away, and use the pavilion as the frame to build neutrons and protons.”
Looking at Tony who has entered the state, Chuhe no longer talks, and he knows so much.
Jarvis followed Tony's orders, and there was less and less on the wireframe projection until a blue atomic projection was formed.
Looking at the blue atomic projection, Tony's eyes were a little complicated and murmured:
“It's been 20 years since my death. Are you still teaching me…”
“Sir, this element should be a substitute for palladium. Unfortunately, it can't be synthesized.”Jarvis's voice sounded.
“Is it?”
Tony smiles, but his face is obviously lighter.
Seeing this, Chuhe opened his mouth
“It seems that you have found a solution to palladium poisoning, so I'll go. Bye.”
Then he left directly.
Don't give Tony a chance to talk at all, or he will be left to do coolie.
In the story, in order to create new elements, we need to use a particle accelerator, but Tony chisels all the holes in his home.
“This guy doesn't give me a chance to thank you.”
Tony shrugged and then froze.
Some said: “I don't think I saw it again.Do you want to call him back?Forget it. Let's go back to the hard times. ”
Seeing the hope of Tony, his whole spirit is totally new at the moment.
Besides, Chuhe is in a good mood now.
Because of Tony's Palladium poisoning, Chu he thought of another thing.
Tony palladium poisoning is the story of Iron Man 2, and at the same time, there is the story of Thor 1.
What is the definition of magical animal in Harry Potter World?
Creatures born with magic are generally called magical animals.
Meiwa has the same IQ as human beings, but she is born with magic power, so she is classified as a magical animal, and her hair can be used as the material of wand core.
MEVA can, but Thor can't without reason.
As a member of the Athar Protoss and the descendant of Odin, Thor is born with the power of thunder and lightning, which fully conforms to the definition of magical animals in Harry Potter's world.
Therefore, it is possible to use Thor's hair as the core material, and it should be more effective.
In this way, there is no need to kidnap strange to force Guyi to appear. Although Guyi has a good temper, he is a strong man at the level of heavenly father.
When Gu Yi was alive, he did not dare to invade the earth.
If a strong man of this level can avoid evil, he should try his best not to do so.
Raytheon 1's plot, a total of a few days, a little attention may miss, and the next time to see Thor, I'm afraid we have to wait until the New York war plot, Chuhe doesn't want to waste such a long time.
I remember that Colson was in charge of Raytheon hammer. Just last time, Colson gave himself a business card.
After searching for a long time, I found Colson's business card, which I didn't know how to get into the crack of the sofa. I dialed it according to the number above.
Without waiting for Chu he to speak, Colson at the other end of the phone said:
“Mr. Chuhe, what can I do for you?”
Chuhe was stunned. How could Colson know it was him?However, I was relieved that it should be quite easy for aegis to get its own number.
“Agent Colson, I want to ask you something, OK?”Chuhe road.
“Excuse me, Mr. Chuhe.”
“I'd like to ask if you've been given a task to look after the hammer?”Chu he asked.
“Take care of the hammer?”
Colson's voice was a little lost.
“Don't you think so?”
Chu he was not disappointed. He didn't miss it. He continued: “if agent Colson has received such a task, please let me know as soon as possible, OK?”
“Er… Mr. Chuhe, although I don't know why you think I will receive a task of guarding the hammer, as an agent of aegis, the task can't be disclosed to anyone.”Colson's voice was a bit awkward.
“Don't worry, your director will agree.”Chuhe road.
“If the director agrees, of course it's OK.But Mr. Chuhe, can you tell me what kind of hammer it is? “Colson said tentatively.
“A hammer belonging to God. Well, agent Colson, we'll talk about it then.”
With that, Chuhe hung up.
And somewhere on earth, Colson.
After Chuhe hung up.
He dials Nick Frey's phone and retells all the conversations with Chu he.
“You mean Chuhe said that a hammer belonging to God will appear, and I will send you to carry out this mission?”Repeated Nick Frey on the phone.
“I think… That's what I mean.”Colson said.
“I see. I'll let you know if there is such a task. Besides, I can tell him.”
With that, Nick fry hung up.
Listening to the busy tone on his cell phone, Colson sighed.
I'm a level 8 aegis agent, but I'm in charge of hammers?Although it belongs to God's hammer, it is also a hammer*
Chapter 37: Captain America
Chuhe didn't wait long. Half a month later, Colson called.
“Mr. Chuhe, the hammer you mentioned last time… Appeared in New Mexico. May I ask about this hammer?”
Colson did himself a favor, and Chu he was embarrassed not to tell others anything.
Chu he thought about it and said:
“This hammer is Thor's hammer – mulner, Thor's weapon.”
“Thor?The God of thunder in Nordic mythology? “Colson said busily.
He heard the conversation between Chuhe's family and Nick fry.
Chu he once said that Asgard would protect the earth from alien invasion. Later, Colson learned some stories about Nordic mythology. Naturally, Thor, the famous Thor, knew about it.
“Yes, the Thor.”Said Chu he.
“Then why does it appear on earth?”Colson asked.
“Obviously, it certainly didn't run down on its own.Well, I'll go to New Mexico later. See you later. ”
Then he hung up the phone, because Chu he knew that if he didn't hang up, Colson would be like a curious baby, asking all the time.
In New Mexico, Chu River has never been there, so there is no way to move directly to reach it.
But definitely not by plane. It's a waste of time.
After thinking about it, take out the ghost to entangle, finish wearing, and enter the stealth state.
Up in the sky!
Since Nian power was strengthened to 1500 tons, Chuhe has not tried his best to fly.
At 500 tons, his limit flight speed is Mach 2.Now, however, at Mach 2, Chuhe doesn't feel any pressure.
Continue to accelerate
2.5Mach, Mach 3, Mach 3.5… The speed can't continue to climb until it reaches Mach 5.
5If Mach's speed is converted
It's more than 6000 kilometers per hour, so it took less than an hour to get from New York to New Mexico.
An isolation camp has been built around Raytheon hammer by aegis.
As soon as Chu River came forward, it was stopped.
It's not easy to rush. Just thinking about whether to call Colson, Colson came out of the camp before he took out his cell phone.
“Mr. Chuhe, I didn't expect you to come so fast. I'm sorry to stop you.”Colson apologized.
“Never mind. Are you in charge here?”Chu he asked casually.
“No, the director is in charge.”
“Well?!Is the marinated egg there, too? “Chu he was obviously stunned.
Chu he doesn't know. Because of the previous events, Nick Frey has increased his attention to the first sequence of his predictions.
This time in Chuhe's words, this hammer seems to involve a spirit, so we should pay more attention to it.
“It's not just the director, there are others.”
Colson said that he was excited by the words and seemed to adore the other person.
Chuhe is a little curious. Is it surprise that aunt has come back?It shouldn't be possible.
Walking into the command room and seeing these people on the scene, you can see how much Nick Frey attaches importance to this matter.
Nick Frey, black widow, eagle eye, and a man who can't hide his muscles even in casual clothes, Chuhe recognized him at the first sight.
Steve Rogers, captain of the United States.
The captain of the United States went to Chu River, reached out his hand and said, “I heard Frey tell me that you told him that I was still alive, so he could wake me up. Thank you.”
Chuhe also shook hands with the U.S. team and said with a smile: “it's a matter of hand.”
The American captain hesitated for a moment, but still asked, “I heard Frey say that Hydra still exists. Is that true?I remember I had wiped them all out, and I missed an important date for that. Fred said, “you know a lot of things, can you tell me?”
Chu he can hear a hint of plea from the voice of the US team.
Chu he is very fond of Captain America.
Iron man will be confused, Raytheon will be decadent, Spiderman will be helpless, Superman next door will also hesitate… Only Captain America can consistently firm the initial belief.
He has his own standard of justice, and has never deviated from his own heart.
“Well, I'll tell you about it.”
Hearing Chu he open his mouth, not only Captain America, but also Nick Frey, Colson, Natasha and Hawkeye stand up.
“What do you think is the Hydra?”Chu he looked at the American team and asked.
The American team was stunned and replied, “isn't it red skull and the Empire behind him?”
Chu he shook his head and said, “the history of hydra can be traced back to 1400 years ago. At that time, there was a powerful psionic man on the earth, who was sent to a distant planet because of his strong ability.The Hydra was set up for the return of the psionic.
The Hydra you are familiar with is just a branch of Hydra's long history. It can't even be regarded as an orthodox Hydra. But even so, you haven't wiped it out. Let's say, aegis. I think it's more appropriate to change its name to snake shield Bureau. After all, most of the agents are Hydra. ”
Hearing this, Nick Frey, who is already black, is even darker
During this time, he found out many Hydra agents.
However, it seems that the noise is a little bigger, and some clues are soon broken.
The reason why the captain of the United States was rescued so quickly is also to hope that the hero who once destroyed Hydra could send Hydra to hell again.
Now I know from chuhekou that more than half of the agents of the aegis are Hydra. Doesn't that mean that they want to send the aegis to hell?Where else can Nick fry be in a good mood*
Chapter 38: Thor's hammer
Steve looks dignified. He has been awake for more than a month. He also has a general understanding of aegis. He knows that this is a military organization all over the world, with more than 100000 agents.
After a moment of silence, Steve looked up at Chu River and asked sincerely, “do you have any suggestions?”
Chu River a Leng, did not expect the captain of the United States would ask their own opinions.
After thinking about it, he replied, “the aegis has rotted to the bone, just like a tree. The root system has rotted, and there is basically no way to save it. So there is only one way I can think of.”
“What can I do?”Steve asked.
“There is a word in the East called” neither breaking nor standing “, which means that we can't build a new one without breaking the old one.Now that the aegis has become entangled with Hydra, it should be overthrown and rebuilt. ”
Chu he said very easily, anyway, whether the aegis Bureau exists or not has nothing to do with him.
Steve thought about it seriously, then looked at Chu River.
Solemnly nodded, said: “thank you, Chu, I will seriously consider your proposal.”
In Steve's opinion, Chu he's advice is to the point.
On the other hand, Nick Frey looks very bad. The reason why he told Captain USA about hydra is that he hopes Captain USA can help him pull out the Hydra of aegis.
It's pulling out Hydra without destroying aegis.
Instead of killing aegis and hydra.
If he wants to die together, he can do it.
As long as the intelligence of a large number of Hydra agents lurking in the aegis is reported to the World Security Council and then made public, things will become quite simple.
After all, compared with the whole world, hydra can only be regarded as an underground mouse, and it can't make any big waves.
We can't let Steve and Chuhe talk any more. Otherwise, if Steve insists on Chuhe's so-called “no break, no stand”, he'll be throwing a stone at his own feet.
You know, Captain America is surrounded by a lot of people in aegis.
For example, Colson on one side, if he and Steve are on the opposite side, Nick Frey can guess who Colson supports.
Interrupt a way: “the affair of nine headed snake can put first, at present of affair urgently need to solve, Chu River, can you tell us the circumstance of that hammer in detail?”
Chuhe did not continue to tangle about the hydra.
“OK, let's talk about the hammer.That hammer is not a thing of the earth. It belongs to Asgard. It's the weapon of Thor. Its name is mulner. It can also be called Thor's hammer. “Said Chu he.
“Meow, meow…?!”
“Is the world changing so much now?Or am I still sleeping? It's just a dream
“Thor's weapon?Are you sure you're not talking about Nordic mythology again? ”
Except for Colson and Nick fry.
Natasha, Captain America and Hawkeye were all stunned when they heard this for the first time.
Chuhe continued with a smile: “for some reason, the father of Thor, that is Odin, the king of the gods, deprived Thor of his divine power and weapons and banished him to the earth. At the same time, he dropped the hammer of Thor and put a spell on the hammer: whoever can pick up the hammer of Thor can have the power of Thor and become a new Thor.We can all try to see if we can lift Thor's hammer. ”
Even so, Chuhe knows better than anyone.
The exile of Thor was directed and acted by Odin, in order to train Thor and make him a qualified king.
Don't look at the final game, the U.S. team will play Thor's hammer.
But now you want to raise Thor's hammer?
Don't dream, it's impossible, unless you can surpass Odin.
“Odin, the father of the gods, has come out. Does he have a brother named rocky?”Said the Hawk Eye with a shrug.
“In fact, rocky is Thor's brother, an ice giant adopted by Odin.”Chuhe road.
“What is the Frost Giant?”This time it's Natasha.
Looking at a group of people around full of curiosity in the eyes, Chuhe thought, then say more dry goods.
“In that case, I'll tell you more.First of all, in this universe, the earth is not alone. About this, director Frey should be very clear. ”
Chu he looks at Nick Frey. Nick Frey is silent and does not answer or refute.
But whether it's Colson, or Natasha and should, it's clear that this is Nick Frey's tacit attitude.
Chu he continued: “among the many civilizations in the universe, nine are very special. They are Asgard, musberheim, yarfheim, nidaville, Midgard, yodunheim, Watt alheim and Warner Heim. They are collectively referred to as the nine countries, connected by the world tree.
Our earth is Midgard, also known as the atrium, and the ice giant belongs to yodunheim.
More than 1000 years ago, Asgard and yodunheim fought in the northern Europe of the earth. At that time, people recorded some things, so there was the Nordic myth. ”
“That hammer, if you want to lift it, is there any condition?”Asked Nick Frey suddenly.
Chu he saw Nick Frey, and knew that this stewed egg would definitely hit the hammer.
“Of course.”
Chu he nodded and said: “courage, selflessness, justice, kindness… These virtues.”
“The captain must be qualified.”Colson brightened his eyes.
In his opinion, if these conditions are met, the captain of the United States will definitely meet them.
“Captain, have a try?”Natasha, too, urged.
Steve was also a little curious. He hesitated for a moment and said, “well, I'll have a try.”*
Chapter 39: the potential of the black widow
When they came to Thor's hammer, the U.S. team stepped forward, and the rest of them gathered around.
The agents around also cast curious eyes, but they are very clear that the hammer is weird, even the 500 ton pulling machine can't pull the hammer, what do these big guys want to do?
U.S. team feet slightly apart, stand firm, rub the palm, take a deep breath, and then put a hand on the handle of the hammer, secretly force.
But soon he put the other hand on it.
The tendons on his forehead were slightly exposed, obviously exhausted.
Chuhe smiles. Thor's hammer is made of aging star cores. It's impractical to lift it by force alone.
However, as the U.S. team continued to increase its strength, Chuhe was surprised that there were some anomalies.
The hammer flashed an electric arc from time to time.
At the same time, some changes have taken place in the atmosphere.
The clouds gradually gathered and the wind was blowing around.
See so strange, everyone's eyes are fixed on the captain of the United States.
Colson, in particular, is extremely nervous, full of expectations in his eyes, expecting Captain USA to lift a hammer.
After all, Chuhe said just now that whoever can lift this hammer can possess the power of Thor and become Thor.
But soon, the strangeness disappeared.
Captain America shook his head and said with a smile:
“It seems that I can't lift it up. Maybe I haven't done enough.”
Chuhe doesn't think so.
If it wasn't for Odin, the United States would have raised Thor's hammer.
It seems that Thor's hammer really likes the U.S. team. Is it because of the U.S. buttocks?Chuhe can't help but think of some deviation.
Although the captain of the United States did not lift the hammer, the vision just happened aroused everyone's curiosity.
Although Chu he said just now that the conditions for lifting the hammer are courage, selflessness, justice and kindness, no one thinks that they can match Captain America in this respect.
But according to Chu he, the hammer belongs to Asgard. What if Asgard's standards of justice and kindness are different from those of the earth.
“I'll try, too.”It's Hawkeye that talks.
Then Hawk Eye came forward and grasped the hammer tightly with both hands. The expression on his face was frozen, but the hammer didn't move, and there was no vision when Captain USA just raised the hammer.
“Well, I don't think I'm a Thor.”The eagle eye opened his hand and said.
Then Colson tried, too, and failed to lift it.
What makes Chuhe feel speechless is that Nick Frey also stepped forward to try.
Courage, selflessness, justice, kindness, you can only hang the first half of justice, and face up to the hammer, self feeling is too good.
Sure enough, the marinated egg didn't lift up.
Cool walk back, there's no embarrassment on Nick Frey's face.
However, what makes Chu he confused is that Natasha does not seem to want to raise the hammer.
It's not that a woman's curiosity can kill a cat, but Natasha is indifferent.
“Don't you try?”Chu he looked at Natasha and asked.
Natasha shook her head and said to herself, “the captain can't lift that hammer. Do you think I can?!Courage, selflessness, justice, kindness, I have nothing to do with it. ”
Chuhe laughed and said, “how can you know if you don't try?I can see that you have qualities that most people don't have. Sometimes, you need to abandon the past to meet the new life. ”
There are few people who can lift Thor's hammer on the whole earth.
But the black widow is one of them.
Hearing Chu he's words, Natasha looks at him with some doubts. This man… Seems to know himself very well.
On the other hand, Nick Frey's eyes were fixed when he heard this.
He didn't know whether Chuhe could really see the past and the future.
But he knew that Chuhe must know a lot of secrets, and there must be a reason for what he said to the black widow.
Is it difficult to
In the future, does the black widow lift this hammer?
Thinking of this, Nick Frey's one eye flashed by and said in a deep voice:
“Romanov, give it a try.”
Hearing Nick Frey's words, Natasha stares at Chu he. It's not to make trouble for herself.
“All right.”Natasha said helplessly.
Nick Frey called out agent Romanov, apparently an order.
Stepping forward and staring at Thor's hammer, Natasha looked a little complicated.
Courage, selflessness, justice, kindness
What's on top of you?!Thinking about the innocent people who had died in her own hands, Natasha thought it was absurd.
But no way, this is the order of marinated eggs, she can only do it.
Holding the handle of the hammer in both hands, Natasha tried her best to lift it. There was no vision around her, but the hammer moved slightly, and then she was as steady as an old dog.
Chuhe saw it and laughed.
Nick Frey saw it, too, thinking a little.
Releasing the handle of the hammer, Natasha felt relieved and said, “I said I can't do it. You don't believe me.”
Chuhe shrugged his shoulders and said, “I think you can lift this hammer, not now, but when you can really face your heart.”
Natasha curled her lips and obviously didn't believe it. Instead, she looked at Chuhe and said, “you don't want to try.”
“I can't lift it.”Said Chu he.
Chuhe has no other advantages, but he has absolute self-knowledge.
Among courage, selflessness, justice and kindness, Nick Frey can still hang the upper half of justice, but he can't hang half of it himself. At most, he has a sense of justice.
“How do you know if you don't try?Maybe you have qualities that most people don't have. “Natasha copied what Chu he had just said to her.
And there is a posture of “if you don't lift it today, I will fight with you”.
Seeing this, Chu he had no choice but to say:
“Well, you has the final say.”
Chapter 40: Odin's gift
When Chuhe came forward, everyone stopped talking. Although Chuhe said he couldn't lift a hammer, in the eyes of everyone, Chuhe was too mysterious. Maybe there was a way to lift a hammer.
Although it was clear that he could not lift it, the hammer of Thor was in front of him. Chu he was also curious, otherwise he would not have been inspired by Natasha to lift it.
One hand on the handle of Thor's hammer.
Inhale and jerk.
It's enough to pull the trees that are thick and thin enough to pull them out of the ground. Now it's like a bull in the ocean when it's applied to Thor's hammer.
There was no vision around, and there was no shaking of Thor's hammer.
Chuhe turned his lips.
This hammer is too shameful. It's good to move it. It seems that I'm not the material to be a superhero.
No more power, just when Chuhe was ready to loosen the hammer of Thor.
Change happened
Chuhe only felt dark in front of his eyes. When he looked around again, the scene in front of him changed completely.
The hammer is gone, and there's no Nick fry, Colson, Natasha around
Instead, it was a magnificent hall. Everything in the hall seemed to be made of gold.
Where am I now?
This is Chu he's first reaction, and the second reaction is to move away from here.
But what makes Chuhe panic is that the ability of instant movement can't be used.
Although some panic, but Chu he still forced himself to calm down, because he is very clear, in trouble, calm is definitely more useful than panic.
Instant movement can not be used, there are two possibilities, one is that this place makes your instant movement invalid, the other is that you are in a special state and can not use instant movement at all.
Chuhe is more inclined to the second.
After all, my instant movement comes from Doraemon world. Compared with the whole Marvel multiverse, Doraemon world will not be weaker.
So unless it is the big guy standing at the top of the whole Marvel multiverse, it is possible to limit the instant movement from Doraemon.
But if these big guys want to do it by themselves, they have already done it. Why wait until now.
When he thought that he came here when he was holding the hammer of Thor, and looked at the architectural style of the hall, it was completely Asgard's architectural style, Chu he probably had some conjectures.
Odin probably got himself here.
“Hello, Midgard's child.”
Suddenly a voice rang out, echoing in the open hall.
Chu River to seek fame.
Just now the throne was empty, but now there was an old man sitting.
The old man is tall, wearing gold armor, holding a long gun in his right hand and an eye cap on his right eye.
Odin, the king of the gods!!
At a glance, Chu he recognized the old man's identity.
“Under the crown.”
Chu he stroked his chest with his right hand and made a respectful breast stroking ceremony for Odin. In the face of the strong, politeness is the most basic respect, not to mention Odin, the king of the gods.
“You know me.”A faint voice sounded.
Chu he was so scared that he ignored it.
The brain's spinning fast, trying to trick Odin with the words that trick Nick fry and Tony?I'm sure I can't. It's easy to say that if I don't cheat and annoy Odin, I have no good fruit to eat.
Don't look at Odin's good intentions, but Chuhe knows better than anyone how cruel Odin was when he was young.
Fighting in the nine realms, fighting in the nine realms is called Dad. Asgard is notorious in the whole universe.
If I had known that I would not hold this broken hammer, black widow, you killed me.
Before Chu he spoke, Odin said, “I just heard what you said.”
Chu he was stunned. What did he say?
Only Odin continued: “I'm surprised that you know so many things about Asgard, about Midgard, even the identity of rocky and what happened to Asgard.”
About rocky?What happened to Asgard?
Chu River a Leng, immediately reaction come over.
Don't all the things that he pretended to say in front of Nick Frey have been heard by Odin.
Isn't it just to train your own children, as for keeping an eye on them?
“Under the crown…”
When Chuhe hesitated and didn't know how to explain it.
Odin interrupted him.
“When people are old, they don't have so much curiosity, the universe is so big, there are so many secrets, it's not necessary to explore everything clearly, is it?”
“It's under the crown.”
Chu River busy hit snake stick, Odin don't tangle these on the line.
“Then you should know the real reason why I put Torr on earth.”Odin said.
Chu he hesitated for a moment, but he replied honestly:
“Thor is the future king of Asgard, but he doesn't know how to be a qualified king.I hope you can give him a little help, let him realize his mistakes, understand his responsibility, OKOdin looked at Chu River and said faintly.
“Of course, Asgard has protected Midgard from alien invasion for thousands of years. Now Asgard's future king needs some help. As a Midgard, I am duty bound.”The Chu River is awe inspiring.
Anyway, good words don't need money. Odin is happy.
Odin was very satisfied with Chu he's attitude.
He took great pains to train Thor.
But did not expect out of the Chuhe such a variable.
Next, Thor will meet Chuhe soon. Odin is afraid of Chuhe's slip of tongue, which will lead to the failure of Thor's training. That's why he will meet Chuhe.
“I'm sure you'll make friends with Thor.”
After a pause, Odin said, “well, take it as a gift of thanks for your help to Thor.”
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Chapter 41: baptism of power
Thank you?
Chu River a Leng, haven't reaction come over, see Odin holding a long gun shot a dazzling golden light, shot at him.
Odin's going to kill me?
This was the first thought that came out of Chu he's mind.
But then came the feeling, let Chuhe give up this some malicious idea.
The golden light envelops the Chu River.
Chuhe only felt that he was in a very comfortable hot spring, the spring water was washing himself, and even his soul was sublimating.
Involuntarily, Chu River closed his eyes
After Chuhe closed his eyes, Odin's figure on the throne gradually faded until he disappeared, and the golden and resplendent hall around him also quietly collapsed and disappeared.
At this time, beside Thor's hammer.
Seeing that Chuhe with a hammer suddenly closed his eyes, everyone on the scene was nervous.
Are you going to lift it up
But after a minute, two minutes, three minutes… The Chu River was still motionless.
There was no vision around, and everyone looked at each other.
“Is he asleep?”Natasha muttered.
And at this time, the Chu River body appeared Yingying golden light, golden light more and more prosperous, until golden light.
Even the people around can no longer look directly at the Chu River.
Cover the dazzling golden light with your hands.
Colson looked at Natasha beside him and asked, “is he going to lift it?But it's different from what happened when the captain just raised the hammer. ”
Natasha took a look at Colson and replied, “you ask me, how do I know?”
“…” Colson.
The golden light soon converged into Chuhe's body, and Chuhe opened his eyes.
Looking at the handle of Thor's hammer in his hand, Chu he quickly released it.
If he hadn't grasped it, he would not have seen Odin. In those minutes, he was scared to death.
But a blessing in disguise, Odin finally gave himself this gift is not too big, but it is absolutely not small.
That golden light is Odin's power.
Chuhe, however, is baptized by Odin's divine power.
Physical fitness, mental strength, soul resilience… All doubled as a whole.
In terms of physical fitness, we should know that after the strengthening of perfect T virus serum, Chuhe's physical fitness has reached five times of the limit that ordinary people can reach.
After the baptism of Odin's divine power, it doubled on this basis, reaching ten times the limit of ordinary people.For the current Chu River, there is no problem in hand to hand combat with lions and tigers, and killing African elephants with three fists.
The most obvious manifestation of the improvement of mental intensity is the motivation of reading.
Two months ago, the power of the idea, which has just been strengthened from 500 tons to 1500 tons, has now become 3000 tons. It's six times as strong. It's not too cool.
As for the improvement of soul toughness, it is actually the most precious, but at this stage, Chuhe has no means of soul, so there is no way to reflect it.
The only intuitive expression is that the magic doubled.
If only I could come a few more times, and feel the improvement in all aspects, Chuhe couldn't help thinking of it.
But Chuhe knew it was impossible.
To put it bluntly, this is Odin's own sealing fee, and he has to help Thor complete his transformation.
Moreover, Chu he was baptized by divine power for the first time, so he was greatly promoted. Even if Odin gave him another baptism, it would not have such an effect.
If the divine power baptism can be superimposed infinitely, rocky won't be tossed around by hawk.
“What are you all looking at me for?I said it. I can't lift it. You still don't believe it. “Chuhe said with a shrug.
“What was the golden light just now?”Natasha's wonderful.
“Jin Guang, I was working just now. Let's see if I can lift the hammer. Alas, I still can't lift it.”Chuhe talks nonsense.
Natasha rolled her eyes in disbelief.
But there was no further questioning.
Because it's obvious that Chu he doesn't want to say it. Even if he continues to ask, he will only get a lie that is not so outrageous.
“You haven't told us why you're here.”Suddenly, Nick Frey said.
He didn't believe that Chu he came here just to see the hammer. What happened when Chu he raised the hammer just now would not be the purpose of Chu he, because he could see that Chu he really didn't want to touch the hammer at the beginning.
“You'll find out later.”Chuhe road.
You can't tell Nick Frey that I'm here to pluck Raytheon's hair.
Nick Frey stopped asking.
He has never been an anxious person. Since he can find out later, just wait a moment.
It's getting dark. In the command room, the bored Chu River pulls Colson and Natasha to fight against the landlord.
“Are you coming?”
Chuhe suddenly put down a bad card in his hand.
He was so overbearing that he felt that two breath were approaching the camp, one of which was so vigorous that it was like a monster.
“What's the matter?Play cards. ”
Colson looked at Chu River and urged.
This is the landlord. He has two kings, four twos and two even. He doesn't know how to lose.
“Tell your people that someone will break into the camp later. Let them in after a symbolic stop.”Said Chu he.
The security level of this camp is totally different from that of the camp in the plot.
With the current security level of the camp, tor, who has been sealed with strength, has no possibility of breaking in.
“Let the intruder in?”
Colson a Leng, immediately think of what, stare big eyes, “should not be Thor.”
“What else?”
Chuhe shrugged.
“Let him in. If he regains his strength, will he be angry with us?”
Asked Nick Frey, who was on the side.
“Don't worry, it won't, and if you want to regain strength, you have to wait until he can lift the hammer first.”Chuhe road.
“Go down and let people in.”Nick Frey said.
Colson nodded, regretfully put down his card and went out to convey Nick Frey's order.
And Nick Frey called up surveillance.
In the surveillance, Thor is sneaking towards the camp.
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Chapter 42: Thor who can't lift meow hammer
Natasha, eagle eye and the US team all came together.
They are also curious about Thor.
Looking at Thor in the surveillance, eagle eye said: “is he Thor?It doesn't look any different from us. It's just to grow stronger. Is God like this?To be honest, I'm a little disappointed. ”
Looking at the eagle's eye, Chu he said: “the body density of the asgards is three times that of the people on earth. Their skin is immune to radiation of general intensity, and they can survive for a short time even in space. Besides, their average life span is 5000 years, and this guy who disappoints you has lived for 1500 years.”
“Well, I'll take it back.”Said Hawkeye.
As Thor approached the camp, the clear sky suddenly thundered, and then there was a shower.
With the cooperation of the agents, Thor finally came to Thor's hammer.
TOL was very happy to see Miao ernier in front of him.
Looking back on the experience of these days, it's terrible. He has never been so weak before. Finally he can get back his strength.
“Old friend, I haven't seen you for a few days. Do you miss me?Now… It's time for Thor to return! “Thor said confidently.
Reach for the handle of the hammer and lift it gently.
He has been using it for hundreds of years. How much force should be used to grasp it is the memory that has been engraved in his bones.
Thor stumbled under his feet and almost fell.
Milnier didn't move.
“Hey, man, don't make fun of me. It's time to go.”Said Thor, with a little panic in his voice.
With both hands on the handle of the hammer, and with all his strength, he tried to lift mulnil.
However, he couldn't lift it at all.
“This… This is impossible!”
Thor didn't want to believe the facts in front of him, but no matter how many times he tried, milnier still didn't move.
“No!””Father, you can't do this to me!”
Finish saying, like exhausted whole body strength, paralyzed kneel on the ground, lost all spirit.
Asgard far away.
Helmdar, who is stationed at the rainbow bridge, sees this scene, his eyes flicker, and at last he just sighs.
And through monitoring to see this scene of a few people, look a little strange.
“Chu, are you mistaken? This guy is not so much a Thor as a…” the U.S. team stopped.
Natasha made up what the US team had to say.
“Didn't I already say that?He was deprived of the divine power by his father and exiled to the earth. How can he take back the power deprived by the king of the gods? “Said Chu he.
In fact, it's quite easy to take it back. It's full of money. Thor has not been sealed for more than a week.
But Chuhe can't say.
Odin can hear all the words around the hammer of thunder. Does the king of gods want to lose face? Chuhe doesn't want to be written down by a strong father.
“Well, now we can catch him.”Chuhe road.
Without any resistance, Thor was tortured by aegis agents.
“Did we catch a God?”Said Natasha.
Chu he gave her a white look and didn't want to say anything. Although Asgard claimed to be a God, he was not. He was not a God without a clergy, a Godhead and authority. He was not even a fake God. However, the powerful people of ASAR, such as Odin, were even more powerful than some real gods.
“Well, now let's go and see the Thor.”
Because we know the origin of Thor, Thor's treatment is quite good. Except that he can't leave the interrogation room, there are no other restrictions. He even asks the guards to meet the demands of Thor as much as possible.
But at this time, Thor didn't ask for anything. He still can't believe that his father really deprived himself of the qualification of Thor.
Even when a few people from Chuhe came in, Thor didn't look up.
Until Chu River opens.
“Thor, son of Odin, Raytheon from Asgard, hello. Welcome to Midgard. Nice to meet you. My name is Chuhe.”Said Chu he.
Torr was stunned and looked up at the Chu River.
Surprised: “you know me?”
Then he laughed and said, “don't call me Raytheon any more. I can't even take it up now. What kind of Raytheon is it?”
Looking at the lost Thor, Chu he picks his eyebrows and says:
“Oh?Are you the God of hammers? ”
Hearing the cruel words of Chu River, Thor frowned.
Stand up, slightly angry looking at Chu River, said: “I am the God of thunder, not the God of hammer!Even if I lose my power, you are not a mortal to insult me. ”
“I don't mean to insult you. I just want to say that since you are Thor, not hammer, why can't you even use your strength after losing the hammer?”
At the same time, Chu he pulled out a wisp of Thor's hair with reading power, and then entered the golden space.
When he heard Chu he's words, Thor was obviously stunned. He didn't even notice that he had been plucked.
He never thought about it.
He is Thor, not the God of hammer. Why can't Thor use the divine power without millnier? Thor fell into thinking.
“Think about it.”
Chuhe patted Thor on the shoulder and said.
To be honest, Chuhe sympathizes with Thor.
Looking at all the superheroes in Marvel, I'm afraid there's nothing worse than Raytheon. First, his brother turned against each other, then his mother died, broke up with his girlfriend, and then his father died. When he died, he told him that he had a sister, but as soon as she appeared, she crushed his meow.
In order to defeat his sister, he was not only blind, but also destroyed his home.
After making peace with his brother, he met the evil star mieba. He not only killed his brother, but also half of his people.
But now Chuhe doesn't care to sympathize with Thor.
Thor's hair is in hand, and his wand should be out.
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Chapter 43: Wands
And Nick Frey said hello, did not give the opportunity to speak marinated eggs, Chu River will immediately move back to the basement of Long Island villa.
Take Thor's hair out.
“Clean it up.”
First, clean your hair with a stick less cast. After all, Thor's hair is not very clean. It's full of mud.
In the world of Harry Potter, 7 is a magic number.
So Chu he picked out seven of the best colors from this wisp of hair and twisted them into a lock as the material of the staff core.
Take out the prepared stick.
It's made of a hundred year old peach wood bought by Chu he at a high price.
Lightning stroke wood refers to the trees that are cut by lightning in rainy days. Lightning stroke wood is used to ward off the sun and evil spirits. Peach has the same characteristics.
Take this as the stick body, and then use Raytheon's hair as the stick core.
It's definitely the perfect match.
First, he used magic to infect the stick, and so did Thor's hair.In this way, the magic of the wand will be improved.
Use the magic spell to fill Thor's hair into the stick, and then close the filling mouth with magic.
The wand is done.
When the wand is in hand.
Chuhe then knew that he had become… And that this wand and his own magic fit very well.
“Fluorescent flashing.”
The white light from the tip of the wand in Chu he's hand lit up the whole basement.
Another five chapters release a fluorescent flash of the same brightness.
Feel the magic power consumed by the two flashes. The magic power consumed by the flash of no stick casting is five times as much as that consumed by the stick casting.
In general, the magic cost of casting without a staff is three times that of casting with a staff.
It's the same with the fluorescence.
That is to say, this wand has a 60% increase in the magic of fluorescent flicker.
Chuhe continues to release his magic spell and test his wand.
He didn't care about the consumption of magic. One after another, the magic wand in Chu he's hand shot out.
It took more than half an hour for Chuhe to stop releasing the curse.
Also completed the wand test.
Chu he was satisfied with the result of the test. This wand had little effect on increasing the number of curse and unforgivable curse, less than 20%.However, for non evil spells, the increase effect is very strong, with a minimum of 60%. For some magic spells, the increase effect can even reach 70% or 80%. For non evil spells, the increase effect is comparable to that of the old magic wand.
Take the rest of Thor's hair back to the golden space, and be ready to make a spare wand for yourself when you are free.
“Fix it up.”
Magic comes out of the wand.
The shapeless basement, which had been destroyed by Chu River, changed back to what it looked like a few hours ago under the influence of magic.Chu he is very satisfied with this. The magic of Harry Potter world can be called a bug in some ways.
After thinking about it, Chu he decided to go to New Mexico again.
After all, I've collected brother hammer's hair and promised Odin that I can't do nothing.
And it's also an opportunity to have a good relationship with Thor.
As long as we can have a good relationship with Thor, Thor will become king of Asgard after Odin's death. Except for meow hammer, he doesn't want anything in Odin's treasure house.
The interrogation room where Thor was held.
In front of Thor, I don't know when a man appeared and called Thor.
Hearing the familiar voice, Thor raised his head, surprised in his eyes and said, “Rocky, why are you here?Did you come to take me back? ”
“I just came to see you.”Rocky said.
“What happened?Tell me, is it about yodunheim?Let me explain to my father. “Looking at Rocky's dignified look, Thor asked.
“My father is dead.”Rocky said.
Hearing Rocky's words, Thor's expression froze for a moment, which was obviously unbelievable.
“The expulsion of you and the threat of a renewed war are too much for him to bear.”
Rocky said sadly, “don't blame yourself. I know you love him. I've tried to persuade him, but he can't listen to me.Now the throne is on my shoulders, Thor, and I will take that responsibility. ”
At the moment, Thor doesn't care about the throne.
In his view, his father's death was his own, and he was no longer worthy of being king of Asgard.
“Can I go home?”Thor craves Tao.
“The condition of truce with yodunheim is to banish you forever…”
“Is there no other way?”Tormulu hopes.
“Mother also does not allow you to go home, I'm here to say goodbye, I'm sorry.”Rocky looked at Thor and said.
At this point, in the camp command room.
Nick Frey stares at Thor, who is talking to himself in the surveillance, frowning.
His intuition told him that Thor was not talking to himself, but to someone.
But neither he, Captain America, nor Natasha, who was staring at the monitor, nor Colson and Hawkeye, who were staring at the interrogation room through the glass, saw anyone.
Even thermography showed that Thor was the only one in the interrogation room.
“Are you still watching Thor?What's good for a big man.Huh?!This is… ”
Chuhe suddenly appeared and frowned in the middle of the speech.
He felt that a guy with the same breath of life as Thor was beside him.
“What did you find?”
Nick Frey is completely immune to the haunting of Chu River. Instead, he asks directly.
“Here's an unexpected guest. If you want to see him, come with me.”Chuhe road.
With that, he went straight out.
Nick Frey, US team and Natasha are closely behind Chu River.
By now, rocky had left Thor's interrogation room and walked to Thor's hammer.
He used magic to hide his body and body temperature, no one can see him.
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Chapter 44: beating rocky up
After walking around Thor's hammer for a while, rocky hesitated and put his hand on the handle of the hammer. Just as he was about to exert himself, a voice suddenly sounded:
“I'm in a hurry!”
A blue light hit Rocky's chest.
Then, from the position of the chest gradually extended outward, Rocky's stealth magic lost its effect.
Seeing that rocky was holding the handle of Thor's hammer, Chuhe laughed and said, “you can't lift it, rocky. If you don't believe it, you can try it.”
Courage, selflessness, justice, kindness
Rocky can't even match the qualities needed to lift Thor's hammer. If rocky can lift Thor's hammer, Chuhe believes he can.
Rocky looked for sound and saw a look at his own Chu River.
He frowned and released his hand on Thor's hammer. He also knew that he couldn't lift Thor's hammer and didn't have to let a mortal see his joke.
“Mortal, since you know me, you dare to attack me.Kneel down, repent of your sins and ask for my forgiveness. Maybe I can forgive you for your offence. “Rocky said in a cold voice.
“Are you teasing me?”
Chuhe chuckled and suddenly raised his wand
“To pieces!”
A blinding white light shot at rocky.
Rocky didn't expect that Chu he would attack him so suddenly. He didn't react at all.
The spell hit rocky on the left shoulder.
Rocky's left shoulder was torn to pieces.
However, rocky himself was not injured, but was hit by the curse of the location of some red.
Chu he frowned, because he was afraid that if he killed rocky, he would offend Odin. He didn't release his “broken body” just now.
Although there was no full release, it was enough to split a rock into pieces.
I didn't expect rocky to carry it down with his body. I can only say that Frost Giant's skin is really thick.It's a race worthy of fighting against the Athar.
If you know the magic resistance level of rocky, Chuhe will not stay.
“To pieces!”
“There is no shadow of Shenfeng!”
“Falling apart!”
“Thunderbolt bomb!”
The next moment, countless magic charms from the wand in the hands of Chu River out, hit rocky.
Rocky dodged in a hurry. For a moment, he was very embarrassed.
Of course, rocky is obviously not a vegetarian either.
His mother, Scarlett, is one of the best witches in Asgard. She has been taught by Scarlett for thousands of years. Even a pig will become a magic pig, not to mention Rocky's aptitude.
With a wave of his hand, an ice wall appeared, blocking the follow-up curse of Chu River.
Then, dozens of rocky appeared
It's all over the space, including rocky in the air.
Seeing this scene, Nick Frey, who was only on alert, took out their weapons one after another.
“We don't seem to have a numerical advantage.”Natasha said.
“What are these things?”?!Is it all him or an illusion? “Nick fry asked in a deep voice.
Nick Frey didn't blame Chuhe for taking the lead in attacking rocky.
Because from what rocky just said, he recognized a kind of contempt and malice towards human beings, just like to him, human beings are just ants that he can crush to death. This attitude made Nick Frey very unhappy.
Obviously, the guy in front of us is not the guy in the interrogation room who is friendly to human beings.
“Only one is his real body. You can protect yourself. I'll deal with him.”
Chuhe replied to Nick Frey.
After hearing Chu he's words, Nick Frey, Natasha, and the US team are very tacit together.
The battle in front of them is beyond their cognitive scope. Whether they can help Chuhe is not clear, but they know that at least they can't cause trouble.
At this time, dozens of rocky said at the same time: “mortal, you have completely angered me!I judge your death in the name of Loki, king of Asgard
“King of Asgard?”
Chuhe raised his eyebrows and sneered, “are you sure it's not the king of yodunheim?Is it funny that you, a frost giant, want to be king of Asgard
Even if Thor dies suddenly, Asgard's next king can only be Hella, but definitely not Loki.
Even if Odin's head is taken out and he passes the throne to rocky, it is estimated that Odin's father bor and his grandfather Bree, who are sleeping in Asgard's spirit hall, will definitely jump out to stop him.
“You… Damn it!”
Being poked by Chuhe, he is the last to mention the truth. He is no longer a mortal even in the name of Chuhe. Obviously, he can no longer suppress his anger.
The next moment, countless ice thorns suddenly shot at the Chu River.
However, Chu River has been on guard for a long time.
The mind power barrier is always open, and it is impossible for a few ice spikes to pierce it.
Although the whole space is full of Rocky's illusory body, there is only one real body, and the great vitality of the real body is like a torch in the night.
“There are many obstacles!”
Even if the curse is dodged by rocky.But he still couldn't believe that this mortal could see through his phantom?How did he do it?!You know, the only thing that Asgard can see through is her father Odin and mother Freya.
Even his brother Thor is often fooled by himself.
But Chuhe won't leave time for rocky to think about it.
In Rocky's vigilant eyes, Chu River suddenly disappeared, not waiting for rocky to react.
“All petrified!”
A voice came from behind him.
Then rocky felt stiff and unable to move.
And Chu he's motive force, also seize the opportunity to hold Rocky's legs.
“I got you at last.”Chuhe said with a smile.
It's not that he didn't use mindfulness to rocky just now, but rocky was like a loach. As soon as he touched the mindfulness, he noticed it and dodged.
With the breakaway of Loki's magic resistance, the effect of all petrification will soon disappear.
But rocky found out
My legs are still unable to move.
“Mortal!What would you do?Let go of me!!Or I will declare war on Midgard in the name of AsgardRocky stares at Chu River.
“What do I want to do?You'll know in a minute. ”
Chuhe gives rocky a big smile. There's something he wants to feel.
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Chapter 45: Chu River
Looking at rocky, who is imprisoned by Chu River and smashed on the ground like a sledgehammer, Natasha and the U.S. team look at Rocky with some sympathy.
Looking at the excited Chu River again, I can't help shivering.
I took a look at each other.
The same decision was made: Never mess with this guy.
Nick Frey looked on coldly, but his face was slightly unnatural.
Hearing the news, Hawk Eye and Colson also looked at each other. Hawk Eye said, “don't look for me about this guy's mission in the future.”
“I don't count.”Colson shrugged.
I have to say, Rocky's physical quality is very strong.
Under the power of 3000 tons of Chu River, even an iron bar with a thick waist has already swung out of shape. However, rocky didn't even have a few wounds.
After a while, Chu he felt a little bored, so he threw rocky aside and said:
“Go back to Asgard.”
Rocky got up from the ground without expression.
After a look at the Chu River, he said nothing and disappeared.
Seeing that Chuhe had let rocky go, Nick Frey frowned and said, “why don't you kill him?”
Chuhe glanced at the hammer of Thor.
Odin must have seen what just happened.
But Chu he didn't worry that Odin would write himself down in a small book because he beat rocky. If Odin didn't have this tolerance, he would not be the king of the gods.
And sometimes the proper display of strength can win the respect of others.
But if you kill rocky, it's not about showing power.
No matter how deep Odin's feelings for rocky are, Rocky's identity is Asgard's Prince. Killing rocky is undoubtedly a declaration of war against Asgard. Chuhe has no such plan.
Took a look at Nick Frey.
Chuhe asked: “Rocky is the prince of Asgard. Are you sure the earth is ready?”
Hearing Chu he's words, Nick Frey looks a little embarrassed.
He certainly understood what Chuhe meant.
It is also very clear that the earth is not ready, but secretly determined. It seems that it is time to restart some research that has been sealed up
Then Natasha said:
“I don't appreciate that you let him go. Maybe it will backfire. Why don't you catch him before he runs away?”
“I agree with Natasha.”
The captain of the United States commented that although he is an old-fashioned man, he is not pedantic.
“Don't worry, Asgard is not in charge now, nor will he be in charge in the future.And even if it comes to the worst, do you think your bureau director has no backhand? ”
I pointed to Nick Frey.
Chuhe joked: “if you call your aunt back, maybe the earth can counterattack Asgard.”
“…” Nick Frey.
This guy knows that you know many secrets, but can't you rot those secrets in your stomach?But then again, it's appropriate to call Carol aunt. After all, Carol is 50 years old.
On one side of the U.S. team, I heard Chu he say so. If Nick Frey did not refute, I would not say more.
And Natasha thinks a little bit more.
Aunt?Is it a person?Call it back?Did she leave the earth?And… Last time I heard that Nick Frey had a pager at Chuhe's house, was this pager the key to finding this “aunt” in Chuhe estuary?!The black widow felt that she had discovered a big secret of the director of marinated eggs.
Then an agent came up to Nick Frey and said, “chief, someone's coming to pick up the man we're holding in the interrogation room.”
Nick Frey took a look at the agent and said, “do you want me to teach you how to do it?”
“I understand, chief.”The agent nodded.
When he turned to leave, he was stopped by Chu he
“Wait a minute. Is this a doctor of astronomy named Eric sawig?”
“Yes, it's Eric sawig.”The agent replied.
Chu he felt his chin and thought about it, and said, “you tell him to wait for a while, I'll go and talk with tor, and then let him take tor away.”
Instead of answering Chu he, the agent looks at Nick fry.
“Do as he says.”Nick fry sank.
When the agent left, Nick Frey looked at Chu he and asked, “what do you want to do?”
“Is it useful to shut him up?If you don't feel at ease, just send more people to stare at him? “Said Chu he.
Odin is still listening here. He doesn't dare to say too much.
“Well, I'll talk to Thor again.”
Chu he waved his hand, indicating that everyone could leave, and then he went to the interrogation room.
Nick Frey doesn't know what Chuhe wants to do, but what he can be sure is that Chuhe has no malice, at least not to the earth. For him, that's enough.
Interrogation room, looking at tol who has no response to himself.
Chu he said, “Rocky has been here just now. Did you tell me that your father died?”
Thor looked up at the Chu River, said nothing and lowered his head.
“What if I told you your father wasn't dead?”The Chu River is another way.
Hearing the words, Thor suddenly raised his head, looked at the Chu River and said eagerly:
“What did you say?My father is not dead?!But rocky told me that my father was dead because of me
“How much truth is there in Rocky's mouth?Don't you know? “Chu he asked.
Hearing Chu he's words, Thor hesitated, but after thinking for a while, he shook his head firmly and said, “no… although rocky often deceives me, I believe him in this matter.And you're just a Midgard. How do you know what's going on in Asgard? ”
Chuhe looks at tol like an idiot. Rocky tells you, you believe it.
What a sin Asgard has done in the universe. In the future, there will be such a king. Even if there is no twilight of the gods, Asgard will be defeated by Thor sooner or later.
I can't help it, Thor… It's not that I want to fool you, it's you who forced me.
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Chapter 46: visitors to the fairy Palace
Chuhe corrected himself and said, “maybe I should introduce myself first. Chuhe is a prophet. I will often swim in the long river of time and observe the past, present and future.So the fact that Odin didn't die is what I saw with my own eyes. He just entered Odin's sleep and may wake up at any time. ”
ASAR is a race favored by Marvel Universe. It not only has a long life span, but also grows with age.
It is because Odin's strength is too strong, and the aging body can't bear the growing divine power, so he has to often enter Odin's sleep to restrain the growth of divine power.
After hearing Chu he's words and looking at his serious look, he still firmly believed in Loki's Torr and wavered.
“How do you prove it?” he said dubiously
“How to prove it?”Chuhe laughed and said, “for example, if Lao Fei just said a word about you, the little princess of Asgard, you will be enraged;For another example, on the rainbow bridge, you point your nose and scold your father for being stubborn;For example… ”
“All right!Needless to say, I believe you
Torr interrupted Chuhe with shame, and then said excitedly:
“If what you say is true, that is to say, the father is not dead, but has entered Odin's sleep.But… Why did rocky lie to me? ”
“The throne!”
Chuhekou spits out two words.
Thor's face changed again and again, and finally said, “my father is not dead. I want to go back to Asgard. I want to explain to my father.If rocky wants the throne, I can give it to him. I just want to go home
Chu River is speechless. How did Odin teach children? After 1500 years of teaching, he taught such a simple and honest child.
However, Odin really can't teach children.
Rocky, Thor, Hella… One problem is bigger than another.
“You can't go back.”
Chuhe said, “as a man expelled by the king of the gods, heimdar will not and dare not take you back.”
Torr, who was disillusioned by Chuhe, was stunned.
Then he thought of something. Tol grabbed Chuhe's arms and said eagerly, “as a prophet of Mead Gard, you must have a way to send me back to Asgard, right?”
I'm talking nonsense. You don't doubt it at all.
“Sorry, I can't do it.”
Looking at the lonely look of Thor, Chuhe continued: “but there is one person who can do it.”
“Who?”Asked Thor.
If there is anyone on earth who can send tol back to Asgard, it is estimated that only Guyi, but Chuhe certainly can't tell tol.
Otherwise, Thor doesn't want to raise the hammer, but runs to the Himalayas to find Guyi, and Odin can hammer himself to death.
“Yourself.”Said Chu he.
Thor's face was blank. “I… how can I do it?I've been banished. ”
“You are indeed exiled, but as long as you pick up the Thor's hammer again, you will still be the Thor of Asgard. As the Thor of Asgard, heimdar naturally has the obligation to listen to your call.”
“But I have been deprived of my power by my father, and I can't afford to take milnier.”Thor said bitterly.
“Then pick it up again. Well, someone will bail you. Let's get out of here and think about it.”Chuhe said, did not give tor a chance to ask, directly turned away.
Command room.
The American captain, who heard Chu he talking to Thor, looked at Colson and asked, “what is a prophet?Is it the same as the legend?No wonder Chu knows about Hydra. ”
“Sorry, Captain, I'm not sure.”Colson said with a bitter smile.
Although he contacted Chuhe many times, he didn't really know much about Chuhe. Even the information about Chuhe in the aegis Bureau has been classified as a level 10 secret.
And he's just a level eight agent.
“Colson, it's not polite to talk about people behind their backs.”The Chu River suddenly appeared.
“I'm sorry. I'm just curious. Agent Colson is just answering my questions.”The U.S. team apologized first.
“I don't think Mr. Chuhe will mind.”Colson said with a smile.
“As long as it's not bad words, of course bad words are OK, provided I don't hear them.”Chuhe shrugged his shoulders and asked, “it's almost noon. What shall we eat?”
After lunch, Chu began to make complaints about Colson:
“To tell you the truth, the food of your aegis is really bad, not even that of the FBI.”
Colson looked at it. Nick Frey wasn't around. He whispered, “I've made some suggestions, but they haven't been adopted. The director said that the bureau is short of funds.”
Chuhe asked with a smile, “do you know where all the funds in your bureau have gone?”
Colson was stunned. He thought about it and said, “is it a hydra…”
“Come on.”
Chu he rolled his eyes and said, “to tell you the truth, if it wasn't for Alexander pierce who is a hydra and Hydra has branches in all military and political departments, you snake shield Bureau would not have applied for so much money.I'll tell you, the funds in your bureau are all greedy by marinated eggs. Otherwise, where do you think his safe houses all over the world come from? ”
Nick Frey's concept of a safe house is different from that of a normal safe house.
Kun style fighters, missile silos… These are standard configurations. Each safe house can be said to be a small military base that can operate independently.
“Really?I'll just say how the pay is so much worse than when Pierce was the director. “Colson said.
Coughing came from behind Colson.
Colson froze at the sound.
Turning his head, Nick fry was standing behind him, staring at him with one eye.
Colson made a smile worse than crying.
Colson wants to cry. It's over… Now there's no vacation for the next three years.
Just then, the alarm went off.
“There's an enemy, all on guard!!There's an enemy, all on alert! “An agent is shouting.
Chuhe frowned.
What kind of enemy is coming now?It can't be the destroyer.
Go out, see three men and a woman, four wearing armor, holding cold weapons, wearing strange hairstyle people are fighting with Aegis agents.
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Chapter 47: tie Hanhan's three warriors in the fairy Palace
One of them, a fat man with disordered red hair and the shape of a wine barrel, slapped several agents close to him with an axe and roared, “give me Thor, or I'll cut off your heads.”
Chu he recognized these four guys at a glance.
The three warriors of vostag, Hogan and vandal, and the goddess SIV.
These four guys, how did they come here.
The power of the pistol can't threaten them at all. Looking at the aegis agent who is ready to set up the anti equipment sniper rifle, the corner of Chuhe's mouth twitches slightly.
Torr may be able to carry the anti equipment sniper rifle, but the four guys in front of him obviously can't.
“Put those guys away. If you really kill them, believe me, you will never want to see an angry Thor. Let your people step down and give it to me.”Chuhe said to Nick Frey.
Chuhe stepped forward, and the agents who had received Nick Frey's order also retreated.
Looking at the Chu River, vostag said in a stuffy voice:
“You are their leader?”
“No, but I can make them listen to me.”
Chuhe replied with a smile, completely ignoring the black faced Nick Frey.
“Since I'm listening to you, it's easy to say. Give Thor over.”Said Van Dahl, holding the sword.
Chu he spread out his hand and said, “Thor did stay here, but you're late. Someone picked him up two hours ago. Maybe you can catch him now.”
“I don't believe it. Who knows if you're lying to us?”Said the shorter Hogan.
“If you don't believe it, you can come in and have a look.”Chuhe road.
“Perhaps you have transferred him?”Hogan added.
“What are you going to do?”The Chu River is helpless.
These guys, why don't you have tol?It's obviously more than tolhan.No… I'm telling the truth. How can I be a liar.
This time, SHIV, who had been silent, said, “you come with us. When you find Thor, we'll let you go.”
In Xifu's opinion, although Chuhe doesn't admit it, he should be the leader of this group.
In this way, as long as we hijack the Chu River, we are not afraid of these people's tricks.
Colson, Natasha and Hawkeye were speechless when they heard what SIV said.
Who do you want to hijack? You have to hijack a guy who can destroy you.
Well, let's take care of ourselves.
“No problem.”Chu he's answer is very straightforward.
When the three warriors of fairy palace and Xifu come to the earth, it means that the destroyer is coming. Chuhe didn't intend to miss the plot of fighting side by side with Torr.
Hearing Chu he's promise, vostag said, “you show me the way. Let's run quickly.”
Chuhe mouth slightly twitch, said: “let's take a car, speed can be faster.”
“Car?A carriage?That will doHogan said.
Chuhe was completely speechless.
Asgard is a cosmopolitan civilization. How can there be such a group of mountain cannons that have never seen the world before.
But then again, after Odin sealed Hella, he no longer fought in the universe. Besides the earth, it seems that there is no other planet to develop science and technology in the nine realms.
And Asgard's technology tree is a little bit biased.
Laser weapons have been developed, but travel is basically dependent on horses, and war is also a cold weapon.
In addition to cultural differences, we can only say that their bodies are too strong, and it is enough to tap their own potential. If not, we can add a weapon made by the dwarves, which will be enough to fight against all kinds of scientific and technological civilizations.
No wonder Asgard is not willing to develop science and technology. After all, in their view, the civilization of developing science and technology is the loser.
“I'll be the driver.”
After receiving a signal from Nick fry, Colson “volunteered.”.
The three warriors and sives didn't object either.
In their opinion, it would be better to hijack one more person, but they don't know that the car they were in had just left the camp. A few hundred meters later, there were no less than ten cars following.
“Is this the car?Although the speed is good, it's not comfortable at all. “The big vostag curled up in the car, muttering.
“I feel quite comfortable.”The smaller Hogan said.
Chuhe, sitting in the co pilot's seat, turned to look at the people behind him and asked:
“How did you get here?”
“We heard that someone broke into you last night, and he described it as Thor, so we found him.”Van der Waals.
Chu River is speechless. These guys are not only Tiehan Han, but also reckless. They come up and do it. Can't Asgard solve the problem with communication?
Er… It seems that Asgard's communication is a fist.
“Chu, where are we going to find the Thor?”Colson, who was driving, looked at Chu River and asked.
“Old bridge town.”Chuhe road.
The town of old bridge was not big. Soon, Thor was found.
Not far away from the saloon car, Thor, who is making a barbecue with his new girlfriend, has a warm little look and looks at each other from time to time. Chuhe just feels that he is fed a mouthful of dog food.
“I found you!”
A long way away, vostag cried.
“My friends, what are you doing here?”
Naturally, Thor was very happy to see his friend again, but asked.
Looking at the three warriors and sives in strange costumes, Eric shavig and Jane foster are already confused.
“How are you here, prophet of Midgard?”
At this time, Thor also noticed the Chu River.
Hear what Thor calls himself.
Chuhe forced himself not to laugh and used honorifics. It seems that Thor has been fooled by himself.
“After you left, your friends came to us and had a fight with us. I said you had left. They didn't believe it. They had to ask me to find you with them.”
“Sorry.”SIV apologizes.
“It doesn't matter. Just if Thor finds it.”Chuhe Dadu road.
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Chapter 48: the destroyer comes
Meanwhile, in Asgard, far away, rocky was quietly watching Thor's every move.
He was beaten by Chuhe on earth before, which made him feel angry and humiliated.
In addition, he learned his true identity – the son of raufei, the leader of yodunheim's ice giant, who was adopted by Odin. That means Odin is no longer his father and Thor is no longer his brother.
Resentment, grievance, unwillingness… Filled Rocky's whole chest.
Now I see that the three warriors of fairy palace and Xifu actually disobey their orders.
Rocky's anger broke out completely, and it annihilated his last sense.
He must be king of Asgard!
Prove to Odin that he is not inferior to Thor, even if he is willing to kill Thor.
“I am the holder of gungnier!I'm the only successor to Asgard!It's not the one who's been deprived of his power and expelled to the atrium! ”
“You… You dare to disobey my orders!”
“In that case, I'll stay in the atrium with my incompetent brother forever.”
Rocky came to Odin's treasure house with a gloomy face and summoned a set of silver armor.
Odin's armor – destroyer!
This armor is made of unknown metal, and it is enchanted by Odin himself, making it more durable and almost impossible to be destroyed than Wulu metal.
Odin once wore it to fight in the universe and spread the name of Asgard to the universe.
In the past few years, the destroyer armor has been quietly defending Odin's treasure house.
Looking at the destroyer bigger than himself, rocky ordered:
“As the Lord of Asgard, I command you to kill the traitor of the fairyland, so that Thor… Can never return to Asgard.”
In Jiuqiao Town, when he heard that his friend had come to pick him up, Thor was very happy at first, then shook his head and said:
“Sorry, friends, I can't go back yet.”
The three warriors are all in a daze.
“Why?” fandal said hastily?Thor, if you don't go back, rocky will be king of Asgard. ”
“I'll go back, but not now.”
Thor looked serious
“As for the throne, if rocky is more suitable for this position than me, I can give up.”
There's something else vostag wants to say.
At this time, not far away from the sky overcast, at the same time a vortex appeared, a colorful light column from the sky.
“Is there anyone else to come with you?”Asked Thor.
“No more.”Hogan said, scratching his head.
“Rocky didn't find out. He sent for us.”Said vandal.
“Chu, what is that?”Colson whispered.
“Rainbow bridge, there's a big guy coming down, let the marinated eggs evacuate the crowd, quick!”Said Chu he.
Listen to Chu he say so, Colson dare not hesitate, busy contact Nick Frey.
After the colorful light column dispersed, a huge silver armor about four meters high appeared. The position of the head was bright orange red, and then a red flame shot out and swept by.
Red light swept, houses collapsed, cars exploded, and the ground was ploughed out a gully several meters deep.
In a flash, nearly half of the original peaceful town has become ruins.
“My God, rocky sent the destroyer down. Does he want to kill us?”Vostag couldn't believe it.
Thor's face was sad. He didn't expect that rocky really wanted to kill himself.
Dr. shavig, Jane foster and her best friend, seeing this scene, had only a dull look on their faces.
“Jane, get out of here.”
Thor looked at Jane and shavig, looking serious.
At this time, Jane came back to herself and said, “what about you?”
“I want to stay here…”
Before Thor had finished, vostag said, “Thor is going to fight with us.”
Thor gave a wry smile, patted vostager and said:
“Man, I have lost my divine power now. If I fight with you, it will only get in the way, even affect you, but I can help people here move to a safe place.”
“If you want to stay, I'll stay.”Jane said without hesitation.
Love made her dizzy, completely ignored herself, stay can only help.
In this regard, Chu he did not express any opinion, anyway, is not his girlfriend.
At this time, the American captain with shield strode over and looked around.
Finally, he looked at Chu River and asked, “is there anything I can do?”
“Try to stop the big guy and stop him from destroying any more. Is that a problem?CaptainChu he asked.
“No problem. I just didn't expect that after 70 years' sleep, I would face this kind of monster as soon as I woke up.”
With a complaint, the US team with shield rushed to the destroyer.
Chuhe didn't worry about the U.S. team at all. After all, he was the first one to talk about “the mortals are equal to the gods”.
The destroyer also noticed the captain who was coming to meet him. The red light in his head appeared, and the destruction light was directed at him.
But the captain didn't mean to dodge at all. He raised his shield to meet the destroyer and pushed the destructive light to the destroyer.
Finally, hit the destroyer's head with a shield.
Captain of this wave of operation, see three warriors and West, Thor also some shock.
They know better than anyone how strong the destroyers are.
“I didn't expect such a warrior in the atrium. Guys, we can't lose to him.”Vostag was eager to try.
“Help me get its attention.”Said SIV.
Then she ran to one side, trying to get around the destroyer.
The three warriors, armed with weapons, rushed to the destroyer.
With the help of the three warriors of the fairy palace, Colson was still at a disadvantage in the battle with the destroyer. He was a little worried and looked at the Chuhe road beside him
“Chu, aren't you going to help?”
But he knew how fierce Chu River was. Just a few hours ago, he beat a God.
“All right.”
Chuhe shrugged and drew out his wand.
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Chapter 49: Iron Man
And the destroyer steel?!Don't joke. Although the destroyer in the movie is very weak, it's a script arranged by Odin. Chuhe knows more about the horror of the destroyer than anyone else.
If the destroyer's fighting power is fully opened, Odin himself may not be able to bear it.
But you can't just stand by and watch the play.
Otherwise, how to brush Thor's favor, but it can't be too popular. Otherwise, in case of making the behind the scenes boss Odin unhappy, it's his own misfortune.
Well, it's really hard to be a qualified actor.
Waving the magic wand, the great magic gushes out.
The concrete pavement in front of Chu River began to surge and deform.
Finally, there are two giants who are higher than the destroyer. Under the control of Chu River, the giant runs to the destroyer and fights with the destroyer.
Before he was headmaster of Hogwarts, Dumbledore was a deformation teacher.
It can be said that metamorphosis is the best magic of old Deng, even without one, so Chuhe naturally is the same. After all, what he accepts is Dumbledore's magic inheritance.
As for the cement giant, it is not fierce.
That's not what Chu he is thinking about, as long as he has enough momentum.
In this way, people will not think that they are out of work.
Seeing this scene, Colson's eyes were a little dull.
Chu he is very satisfied with Colson's expression. Although the motive force of reading is strange and incomparable, there is no shock from metamorphosis.
“So Chu… You're a magician?”Asked Colson, who responded.
“Of course, but can we talk about these things later?You know, controlling these two giants can be very exhausting. “Chuhe pretended to be “laborious”.
Although he still wanted to ask why Chu he didn't use the means to beat rocky, after hearing Chu he's words, Colson decided to shut up.
Chu River controls the cement giant and destroyer fighting back and forth, greatly sharing the pressure of the US team and the three warriors.
However, soon the Chu River became worried. It's not good to go on like this.
I've robbed myself of all the plays, but can't Thor change.
Or… Pretend that your mental strength can't continue to support you, and then disperse these two cement giants?Chu he thought about it and decided to do it.
Just as Chuhe was about to start
There was a sudden burst of rock music in the sky.
Then, you can see a gold and red steel armor is continuing to approach here.
Why did this guy come here? Why didn't he remember the story of Raytheon and iron man's invasion.
In the original time line, Tony should be rubbing new energy at home now. His life is almost gone, but he has no time to get involved in the story of Raytheon.
But now it's different.
Because of his own reasons, Tony found new energy earlier than before.
So, you have time?
Thinking of this, Chuhe felt a little speechless.
Other people's family ethics drama, what are you doing here.
Chu River heart Tucao, completely forget that he make complaints about it.
The mask on iron man's face opens to reveal Tony's face.
“Who can explain to me what's going on here?What is this big silver thing?And those two moving… Cement men?Huh?Chu, why are you here? ”
At this time, Tony saw the Chu River.
“This sentence should be my question to you. You are everywhere.”Chu he asked.
“Jarvis has detected a high-energy reaction here, and New Mexico is very close to Los Angeles, so I'll come and have a look.Chu, you haven't answered my questionSaid Tony.
“Those two cement giants were transformed by magic. As for you big silver guy, er… You can think of them as alien robots.”Chu he explained to Tony.
“Chu, you didn't tell me you were a magician.””You're not interesting enough,” Tony said.
“No?I'll tell you now. “Chuhe has no sincerity.
“Gentlemen, I don't think it's time to talk.”
In the side of Colson saw Chuhe and Tony actually chatting, voice interrupted.
Looking at Colson, Tony said confidently:
“You can get your men to step down, leave it to me, and do it in five minutes.”
With that, the mask of the steel battle suit buckled again and flew to the battlefield.
To this, Chu he sighed in his heart.
It's right to be beaten so impulsively.
Sure enough, Tony, who rushed in front of the destroyer, was slapped by the destroyer's backhand before he could make a move.
Tony had a bad memory.
Keep your distance from the destroyer and keep your weapons open.
Missiles, lasers, arc pulse guns… All shot at the destroyer, and the explosion produced thick smoke, but when the smoke dispersed, the destroyer remained intact.
Seeing this, Thor ran to the three warriors and sives and said:
“You go back and stop rocky.”
“We're gone. What do you do?”SIV didn't want to leave.
“With them here, it should last a while, so you have to be quick.”Thor said seriously.
On one side has been paying attention to tuor's Chu River, hear tuor words, moment muddled force.
What do you mean we can hold on for a while.
Next, shouldn't it be that you come forward to die, and then you are slapped half dead by the destroyer, and then you wake up again, and finally you beat the destroyer to shit?It's up to us.
The egg in Chuhe is painful… It's indescribable.
Fortunately, the three warriors and sives called for a long time, and heimdar did not give any response.
Chuhe thought, at this moment, heimdar should be frozen with ice box by rocky. Even if he heard the call, he could not open the rainbow bridge.
But it's as if hamdal soon broke out of the ice.
We can't go to the theatre any more, or we'll break through the ice ahead of time in case of heimdar's explosion.He took the three warriors, SIV and Thor back to Asgard
Isn't Odin's script destroyed?
That's not going to work.
After all, he took the advantage of Odin. If Thor didn't recover his power, he would return to Asgard. He couldn't explain to Odin.
It seems that I have to do something.
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Chapter 50: the return of Thor
Chuhe went to one side, is looking up and shouting “heimdar” beside Thor, said: “Thor.”
Hearing Chu he calling himself, Thor asked:
“By the way, prophet, do you have a way to contact Shanghai modal?”
You can't get through this.
Well, in that case, don't blame me for continuing to deceive you.
“I don't know how to contact Shanghai modal.”
Seeing that Thor's eyes changed from expectation to disappointment, Chu he continued:
“But I know there's a way to stop the destroyer, Thor. Will you try?”
“If there is a way, why wait?”Thor said anxiously.
“Even if it costs your life?”Chuhe stares at Thor road.
Thor was stunned.
Before he could answer, the goddess Xifu was worried first. She put torhu behind her and pointed her spear to the Chu River.
“What do you want to do?!Thor is the future king of Asgard. He must not die here. Take back your thoughts for me. ”
Thor yelled and pushed SIV, who was standing in front of him, aside.
Eyes firm to see Chu River, slowly said: “if my life can stop the destroyer, then you take it.”
“What are you talking about, Thor?”
“You are our future king, how can you die in the atrium.”
“Yes, Thor.”
The three warriors of fairy Palace also dissuade Thor one after another.
Vostag is holding an axe threat Chu River: “put your way back, or I'll cut off your head.”
Thor stopped vostag.
“Vostag, and my friends, don't be angry with the prophet.Don't forget that the destroyer appeared in Midgard because of me. I caused all this. If I were sacrificed, I would stop this disaster and prevent more midgards from dying. I'm willing to
Finally, Thor looked at the Chu River and asked, “what should I do?”
Chuhe didn't say anything. Instead, he said, “Thor, I told you.You are the God of thunder, not the God of hammer. Miaoli has never been the source of your strength. The power of thunder and lightning has always been contained in your body. When you need it and call it from the heart, it will give you a response. Do you understand? ”
Thor didn't understand, though he didn't understand what Chu he said at the moment.
But he nodded
“I remember, prophet.”
“…” I asked if you understand. What's the use of remembering.
Chuhe really doesn't want to talk to Thor any more. He turns his power into a palm, grabs Thor and throws it at the destroyer.
Thor, flying in the air, is confused now.
What's the best way to throw yourself at the destroyer?
Looking at the growing destroyer in his eyes, Thor's desire for life emerges in his heart.
If I still have power!
Is the power of lightning always in my body?
If so
Then give me a quick response… Thor's crazy cry in his heart.
The blue light leaped out of Thor's body.
With a wave of the destroyer's hand, Thor was photographed flying out.
Three warriors, sever and Jane yell and run to the place where Thor is photographed.
As soon as he took two steps, he turned around, raised his axe to the Chu River and said fiercely:
“If Thor dies, I'll definitely cut off your head with my axe.”
Chu River frowned, read the power gushing out, will be in the hands of vostag's axe pressure into an iron ball.
Looking at the stunned vostag, Chu he shrugged his shoulders and said:
“Now, what do you take to cut off my head?”
Vostag swallowed his saliva and glared at Chu River. He didn't dare to give up his cruel words and ran to tor.
But a few of them haven't run to Thor yet.
In the clear sky, the density of dark clouds and the sound of thunder all of a sudden.
The three warriors and sever all stopped, surprised. No one knows what these visions stand for better than them.
Suddenly, a thunderbolt thicker than a bucket came down and hit Thor.
At the same time, a hammer came from the distant sky and was held by Thor.
In the shower of thunder and lightning, Thor, wearing a jacket and jeans, became Thor, wearing armor and a red cape.
Jane stopped.
Looking at Thor, shocked, his boyfriend is really a God.
Thor throws Thor's hammer at the destroyer.
The destroyer flies straight up.
At this time, Tony, who was already in rags, flew to the Chu River and asked, “Chu, who is he?It's a little bit fierce. ”
“Thor.”Said Chu he.
“The God of thunder in Nordic mythology?Or in Oriental mythology? “Tony asked again.
“It's called Lei Gong in Oriental mythology.”Chu River white Tony said.
“All right.”Tony shrugged.
Thor's hammer, which hit the destroyer, returned to Thor.
Thor turned the hammer and threw it into the sky. In an instant, the whole person rose to the sky.
The dark clouds in the sky are thicker and form a vortex.
Below the center of the vortex is the destroyer.
With the power of the thunder, milneill bombards the destroyer's head heavily, then smashes it flat.
Thor, dressed in Thor's battle suit, also landed on the ground.
Go to Chu River.
He respectfully saluted Chu he and said:
“I see, prophet.”
Chuhe is a little confused.
What do you know? I don't know.
With an expression of “I know all about it, don't hide it from me anymore”, Thor said:
“Prophet, you must have seen that you threw me to the destroyer in the course of time. Only in this way can I regain my divine power, right.Sorry, prophet, I doubted you when you threw me to the destroyer. Now I'm sorry for my ignorance. ”
To Chuhe, Thor had honorifics again.
In this regard, Chuhe just laughed, and did not say anything more, you are happy.
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Chapter 51: Gu Yi appears
Chu he is a little worried at the moment. He fooled tol into being like this. Will Odin write himself down in his notebook? Originally, he wanted to go to Asgard with tol. Now, let's forget it.
And you know, Odin didn't think much of earth people. In the plot of Raytheon II, he also described Jane as “goat meat that can't be on the banquet table.”.
Chuhe doesn't plan to go to Asgard until he can play against Odin.
And even if you go to Asgard, you probably won't get any good.
After all, Odin is not as gullible as Thor.
And this time to help Thor, Odin paid in advance.
After a pause, Thor said, “prophet, although I'd like to have a good drink with you to express my gratitude and apology, I have to go back to Asgard and ask rocky why I did it.Please forgive me. I can only express my gratitude the next time I come to middlegard. ”
“It doesn't matter, and you have to go back to Asgard quickly, because just now, I saw that rocky wanted to use rainbow bridge to completely destroy yodunheim.”Said Chu he.
“Is that so?”
Thor frowned. He would not doubt Chu he's words now.
I just wanted to stay with Jane a little longer, but now it seems that I can't.
Thinking of something, Thor looked at Colson
“I hope you can return what you took from Jane.”
“No problem.”
There was no hesitation in Colson's answer.
He didn't want to get into trouble with Thor for such a trifle.
Then Thor goes to Jane.
“Jane, do you want to see the rainbow bridge I said before?” she asked with a smile
“Of course.”Jane looks surprised.
Hearing Jane's answer, Thor grabbed Jane and rose to the sky.
Chu River is very speechless.
Jotunheim is going to be destroyed, and you're still in the mood to pick up girls.
Seeing Thor fly away, Chu River moves to the destroyer in a flash.
The whole head of the destroyer has been flattened by Thor's hammer.
Chu he flattened his mouth. In order to educate Thor, Odin really spared no expense.
Although the destroyer's head was destroyed, his body was basically intact.
Do not know “repair a new” spell can repair the destroyer, Chu he thought.
But Chu River will not repair the destroyer right now.
If it is repaired and Odin takes the destroyer back, will it not be a loss for his wife and a loss for his troops.
Mind move, the wreck of the destroyer into the golden space.
“Chu, if you have a share, share it with me.”
Tony responded and yelled.
He is also very keen on this kind of metal which has been bombarded with missiles and lasers for a long time without damage.
“It's magic metal. Can you use it?Zhenjin is more useful to you. ”
Tony, Chuhe, took a word in his face, nuzui in the direction of Colson, and said:
“They are the aegis. I got my 30kg Zhenjin from them. They should have a lot more. You can do something about it.”
And in order to divert Tony's attention, Chuhe decisively chooses to die as a friend rather than a poor one.
Hearing Chu he's words, Tony's eyes lit up.
As Chu he said, compared with the magic metal on the mysterious side, Zhenjin is more useful to him.
Colson, who hears the dialogue between Tony and Chuhe, has a helpless and bitter smile on his face.
He had some ideas about the wreckage of the destroyer.
But when he saw that he was taken by Chu he, he gave up the idea. He didn't think he could get it.
And not only the wreckage of the destroyer did not get the hand, Chuhe also backhand pit of the aegis.
He knows that director Frey wants to hire Tony Stark as a technical advisor for aegis. Now, it looks like a lot of blood will come out.
Forget it. Anyway, it's the director who has a headache, but it doesn't matter.Colson can only comfort himself in this way.
Tony said that he had an appointment with pepper and left soon. The captain, Natasha, Colson and others were rescuing the victims in the ruins.
Aegis has isolated the surrounding area.
Even if the wreckage of the destroyer is taken away by the Chu River, there are still many places worth studying here.
Just as Chuhe was about to leave, he suddenly saw that not far away, there was a bald woman in a chrome robe, with positive and negative hands, looking at herself with a smile.
Chuhe recognized it at a glance.
Why is Guyi here?
If you think about it, you will be relieved. After all, the destroyer appears on the earth. As the supreme mage of the earth, you can't ignore it.
Looking around, no one seems to notice Gu Yi except himself. Did he let himself see it?
Chu River also does not counsele, walks toward Gu Yi.
If Gu Yi was malicious to himself, he could not have lived in peace for more than 20 years.
A few meters before Gu Yi's body, Chu he can feel that he has entered another space.
Mirror space!
Chuhe soon realized that one of the two magic arts of the kamataji family was the teleportation gate.
“Hello, guru YIZUN.”
Said, Chu River respectfully made a ceremony.
“You know me.”
Although he said so, the expression on Gu Yi's face was not at all surprised.
Chuhe laughed and said nothing more.
He doesn't know how much Gu Yi knows about himself. If he says less, it's nothing. If he says more, it's not good.
Instead of asking, Gu Yi said, “I'm very curious about your magic. In your magic, I don't see any trace of dimension. It comes from you. Can you tell me?”
Chu he knows what Gu Yi means.
The magic of all mages in Marvel Universe is not generated by the user himself, but by absorbing the energy of the dimension, and then releasing the magic.
The mages of kamataji's family absorbed the energy of the “Trinity god” visandi.
If you want to be powerful, you need to absorb the energy of more dimensions. For example, Gu Yi also absorbed the energy of the dark dimension.
And the reason why strange is called the best among them by Gu Yi is that strange's body can perceive more dimensions and absorb energy.
Of course, the absorption of dimensional energy is not without cost.
It's a good thing to say that Wei Shandi's dimension of the just and orderly camp is that you can repay as much as you borrow, and take the corresponding responsibility.
But the dimension of the evil and chaotic camp like domam, in addition to how much to borrow, has to pay its own soul and other costs after death.
So Gu Yi would be curious about his own magic.
“Of course, it's my honor to be able to solve the puzzles of the supreme mage.”Chuhe said.
But then he shut up and looked at Gu Yi with a smile.You don't give any benefits. You want me to tell you this. How can it be?
Unless you threaten me.
But as the supreme mage of the earth, you mean to threaten me.
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Chapter 52: the journey of karma Taj
Gu Yi, who has lived for many years, can't see Chu he's idea.
Not irritated at all, he smiles and takes out a hanging ring and hands it to Chu he.
He said, “this is the certificate. Take it to the temple of New York. Master Daniel will bring you to see me.”
“Well… But I can't find the temple of New York.”Said Chu he.
Kathmandu was not the first stop he had been looking for before in order to find kamataji. 177a Blick street was the first stop he had been looking for, but he got nothing.
“Don't you know how to show up?”
Gu Yi smiles, delimits a space door and then turns to leave.
Chuhe was stunned.
Show your magic?The Curse?In a hurry?Together in their own and rocky against the time, Gu Yi on the side peeping ah.
Is Gu Chengyi still a voyeur?
In the heart of the layout of the ancient one sentence, Chu River also moved away in an instant.
Although the Thor event did not collect summoning energy, it also gained a lot.
The first is a magic wand, the second is Odin's baptism, especially the latter, which is worth more than a call.
When I got home, I saw Wanda supervising Pietro to do the test paper with a ruler in his hand.
Chuhe is dumbfounded, this girl is really holding a chicken feather when the arrow.
“Chuhe, you are back.”
Seeing Chu River, Wanda's eyes brightened.
Throw away the teaching ruler, regardless of Pietro, ran over to cuddle Chuhe's arm.
After rubbing Wanda's head, Chu he said:
“Come out with me tomorrow and I'll find you a teacher.”
“Teacher?Oh… OK. ”
Wanda blinked.
Then I looked at pitero, who was working on the test paper. Would he become as miserable as pitero.
Think of here, small face a collapse.
Chuhe, of course, knew what Wanda was worried about, and comforted him with a smile
“Don't worry, it won't be like petro.”
Hearing Chu he's words, Wanda was relieved.
Pitero, on the other hand, is full of grief and indignation.
The heart cries out: why is it always me who is injured? Chuhe, you can't do this to me. I'm your big brother.
The next day, Wanda came to Blick street with Chuhe dressed up.
177a Blick street is a church.
There are not many people going in and out, but there are also many.
“Chuhe, is the teacher you found me a priest?Or the priest? “Wanda good road.
With that, Chu he drew out his magic spell.
Be in a hurry!
Magic gushes out, then see the original church door into another simple door.
“Come on, let's go in.”
Patted the head of Wanda who was stunned, Chu he said.
“Chuhe, do you know magic?He didn't tell meWanda pouted, a little unhappy.
“I've only been meeting for a few days.”Chuhe explained.
“Then you will teach me magic.”Wanda said again.
After obtaining Dumbledore's magic heritage, Chu he wanted to teach Wanda and Pietro magic, but found that Pietro was a squib.
Wanda's body contains a magic which is countless times more powerful than its own magic. As soon as its magic seed is planted into Wanda's body, it is melted away by that magic.
Chuhe has no way at all.
For the origin of the majestic magic in Wanda's body, Chuhe can probably guess it.
“The teacher I found for you is a much more powerful mage than me. Let's go in.”Said Chu he.
Into the temple.
In the open hall stood a black mage.
“Hello, master Daniel.”Chuhe took the lead.
Daniel laughed and said, “my Lord, let me wait for you here. Come with me.”
Then he went up the stairs.
Chuhe and Wanda followed closely.
First, I went through a room full of treasures, and I was very excited to see Chu River.
Dr. strange's magic float cloak, satorac's Crimson magic belt, and Waltham's wand are all good things.
Unfortunately, I can't beat Gu Yi, otherwise I will be robbed.
Soon, master Daniel took Chuhe and Wanda to a door.
Daniel said, “here you are. You can go in. Someone will receive you there.”
“Thank you, master Daniel.”
With a word of thanks, Chuhe opens the door and walks in with Wanda.
On this side of the door, a white mage met Chu River.
Chu he didn't talk to him much.
The white mage led Chu River to a slightly dark room.
Gu Yi is sitting and drinking tea.
The white mage bowed to Gu Yi, and then retreated.
“Sit down.”
Gu Yi motioned to Chu River.
Chuhe pan sat down, and Wanda also sat down.
Guyi fills the cup in front of Chuhe and Wanda with water.
“Thank you.”
Chuhe said thanks, then took a drink from the cup.
It's very good tea, but it's not specific. I'm a little disappointed. It's all big guys, or Odin's extravagance. When they meet, they give themselves a magic baptism.
At this time, Gu Yi said, “the mage who just brought you in is Casillas. He is my new apprentice this year. What do you think of him?”
Hearing Gu Yi's inquiry, Chu he was stunned.
Chu he didn't pay much attention to the appearance of the white mage just now.
But Casillas, he knows.
It's the apprentice who stabbed Gu Yi to death.
But Gu Yi asked himself this question. What does it mean?
Test yourself?
Chu he thought about it and finally decided to tell the truth.
No way.
It's too fake to say that you don't know, and Gu Yi can use the gem of time to observe the past, but he has cheated Nick Frey and Tony with the ability to see the future.
Also, when he was fooling Thor, maybe Guyi was watching.
Sure enough, the crematorium after the event.
PS: satorac's Crimson magic belt: it's the thing that Dr. strange threw on Casillas in the movie. It's a very powerful artifact. The one in the movie is different from that in the cartoon. The one in the movie is like an iron torture device, but in the cartoon, the magic belt is a very long red belt.
PS: watham wand: the wand with claws on both sides that the mage king takes in the battle of Gangxiang temple in the movie. It is also an artifact. It can enhance the mana, help the holder to block any spell attack and absorb it, store it and attack the opponent directly. It's a bit of gold shaking*
Chapter 53: peace before the war
“In a few years, my Lord, you will die in the hands of your apprentice.”Chuhe KaiKou road.
“You can see the future.”Gu Yi's eyes were slightly surprised.
Chuhe is relieved, just think that they can see the future?Fortunately, I didn't think I had broken the fourth wall.
But think about it. Although Gu Yi is very strong, he still can't touch these things.
After a moment's hesitation, Chu he asked, “master, do you know me?”
Chu he wants to know how much Gu Yi knows.
Gu Yi first nodded, and then shook his head, making Chu River a little confused.
Gu Yi explained: “I found you the first time you appeared. At first, I thought you were an intruder of different dimensions.There are some powerful beings, especially Mephisto, who do it all the time
“But I used magic to observe your soul, which belongs to the earth, and then I didn't pay any attention to it. After all, my duty is to resist the invasion of dimension and alien universe to the earth, and I can't do everything by myself.”
This time, Chuhe finally completely put down his heart.
There was no doubt about Chu River. Gu Yi got to the point and said, “I'm very curious about the magic you cast. It's totally different from the magic system I know.So I want to know more about it. I can pay some price for it. What does Master Chuhe think? ”
“Of course.”Said Chu he.
“What are the conditions for master Chuhe?”Guyi.
“I hope the venerable can teach Wanda magic and open me access to all the books in kamataji's collection.”Chu he reported his conditions.
Although Chuhe once yearned for the magic of kamataji, now he doesn't have much idea of learning magic.
After all, we need to borrow the energy of the dimension. It's too boring.
These dimensions in Marvel's universe are basically conscious. Is it possible to break the debt by borrowing the energy of these big guys?And when they pay back the money, they also need to give the big guys some interest.
Of course, not absorbing dimensional energy does not mean that Chuhe can't learn the magic of kamataji.
“Kamataji's knowledge is open to all mages. Master Chuhe can read the books here at any time.”Gu Yi first gave the answer to Chu he's second request.
Then she looked at Wanda. Wanda sat up straight. She had been listening to the conversation between Chuhe and Guyi just now, although she couldn't understand the dimensions and the universe.
But one thing she understood was that Chu he was negotiating with the bald mage in front of him. She wanted the bald mage to teach her magic. She didn't want to disappoint Chu he.
Looking at Wanda for a moment, Gu Yi looks back.
Looking at Chu River, Gu Yi said, “where does the Scarlet Witch's energy come from, do you know?”
When he opened his mouth, he called Wanda's name in other universes. That is to say, Gu Yi must have been to other universes. Moreover, he said so calmly that he must have been to more than one universe. Big guy is really big guy.
As for the source of Wanda's magic power, Chu he, who has seen Marvel comics in his previous life, certainly knows.
The God of the dark arts, the great shadow devil, one of the oldest life forms on earth, and the super giant of Marvel Universe.
If there is no concept yet.
Let's just say that Mephisto and Domaine often borrow the energy of this super big guy.
Chu River just opened his mouth to say a word, then Gu Yi locked his voice with magic.
“As you know, it seems that you can see more than the future.”Gu Yi looks at the Chu River with a little deep meaning.
Chuhe Chushan smile, Gu Yi is still testing himself.
Gu Yi continued: “remember, don't call his name directly, otherwise he will know.”
“Wanda is born with great dimensional energy in her body. She is a born mage. I can teach her how to use this power. Are you sure this is all your conditions?”
“Sure, since the exchange has been reached, I will tell the venerable about the magic I have mastered every Saturday afternoon. At the same time, I will sort out some information and give it to the venerable. Is that ok?”Chu he asked.
“Yes.”Gu Yi nodded.
“What does the venerable want to know today?”Chu he asked.
“System and overview.”Guyi.
Dumbledore, who has worked in Hogwarts all his life, is definitely a qualified teacher, and Chuhe, who has inherited all the knowledge of old Deng, can naturally be regarded as the first half of a qualified teacher.
A few hours later, Chuhe left kamataji with Wanda.
And then every Saturday and Sunday, Wanda would come to Kamata Taj to learn magic.
Wanda was very sad that there would be no weekend in the future. It was not until Chu he agreed to increase the number of test papers that Pietro had to do every day from 500 to 1000 that Wanda felt better.
Time flies. Two years have passed.
Chu he is still the director of the New York branch of the FBI, but he is not very competent. On average, he does not have to go to the Bureau once a month.
But every year, the New York branch is awarded by the FBI General Administration. There's no way. The New York branch has the highest detection rate in the United States.
Even the general administration knows why.
But it's hard to praise, otherwise it won't work.
Two years.
Wanda and Pietro are both 18 years old. Chuhe just gave them their birthdays a few days ago.
On the night of her birthday, Wanda ran to Chuhe's room and forcibly asked for a second birthday present.
After that, Wanda never slept in her room.
In the past two years, Chuhe summoned three times, and the energy of the fourth summon is also full tonight.
The first three calls were:
Speeding regeneration: as the name suggests, it is an ability that can make the body heal quickly. As long as the brain is not destroyed, even if the internal accounts are damaged, the body will regenerate.
Popeye's spinach: Popeye's source of strength, eat this spinach, in the next hour, your strength, speed, endurance… All kinds of ability will be increased ten times, and without any side effects.
Armed color domineering: it is a means to enhance defense and attack power. It is like armor, and can evolve into attack power, so as to compete with those with ability.
Speeding regeneration greatly increased their survival ability, Popeye's spinach to provide their explosive seed ability, armed color domineering, needless to say, directly enhance their combat effectiveness.
Chuhe was quite satisfied with the three calls.
Seeing that Wanda was asleep, Chu he got up and went to another room, ready to call.
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Chapter 54: Evil guests come to the door
Although these two years of life is good, but Chuhe did not slack off.
Because he knew that, no accident, one day in the next few months, there would be a big war in New York.
After that, the earth will become the center of a storm sweeping the whole universe.
I hope this call can give us something awesome.
The mind sank into the depth of consciousness, and Chu River opened the summoning technique.
The next moment, a card appeared in front of him.
“Summon success, summon to get” Obelisk's giant warrior summon card. ”
“Obelisk's giant warrior summon card: crush it, it will summon Obelisk's giant warrior, it will follow your command, use its smash fist to clear all obstacles for you, time limit: 30 minutes.”
Chuhe's eyes are full of ecstasy.
It's shipped, and it's big.
As one of the three magic gods, Obelisk's giant magic soldiers symbolize the Lord of the earth, the king of power and the God of storm.
With Obelisk's mighty soldiers nearby, Chu River has a little confidence now. Asgard dares to go for a stroll, and he dares to fight against hegemony.
However, the only regret is that the use condition is to crush the card, that is to say, the card is consumable.
It seems that we can only keep it as a trump card. We can't take it out to pretend.
Although a little sorry, but the call, Chuhe is undoubtedly quite satisfied.
Put away the card, Chu he went back to his room, hugged Wanda happily and fell asleep.
Although an hour's sleep every day is enough for Chuhe now, or even once a few days, Chuhe enjoys sleeping very much.
Now I enjoy sleeping with Wanda in my arms.
While Chuhe was sleeping, there was a secret base of aegis.
Late at night.
Nick fry got here by helicopter overnight.
Stepping out of the helicopter and looking at Colson, who was already waiting for him, Nick Frey asked:
“How bad it is.”
“That's the problem, sir. We don't know how bad it is.”
Colson's reply made Nick Frey frown. The worst situation was that he didn't know how bad the situation was, because he couldn't make corresponding preparations in advance.
“Dr. shavig detected four hours ago that the cosmic cube released a surge of energy…”
Nick Frey interrupted Colson's report, puzzled: “but the bureau did not allow Dr. shavig to carry out the test.”
“He didn't do the test. He wasn't there at all. The energy was triggered naturally.”Colson replied.
“What is the level of energy now?”Asked Nick Frey.
“It's still rising. Dr. shavig can't shut it down. We have to order the evacuation.”Colson replied.
“How long will it take for all the people to leave?”
“Half an hour.”
“Faster.”Nick Frey ordered.
Colson nodded and left.
At this time, hill on one side said: “chief, evacuation may not be of any use. If we can't control the energy of the cosmic cube, the scope of damage may exceed our imagination.”
“Don't you let them all go back to sleep?Immediately back up and transfer all the data in the underground database, as well as the second generation prototype we developed. “Nick Frodo.
“Yes, chief.”
Hill turns to carry out Nick Fry's orders.
Nick Frey walked into the lab, looked at Dr. shavig standing in front of the cube and asked, “doctor, what's going on now?”
“Director, the magic cube of the universe is in chaos.Not only has it been activated, it's still… Making its own decisions. “Sawig road.
“Why don't you cut off the power?”Asked Nick Frey.
Shavig said helplessly: “it is the energy source. We turn off the power and it can restart.If its energy peaks, it's going to be bad. ”
“Doctor, the energy is surging again.”Then a researcher suddenly called out.
“Is there any solution?”Nick Frey asked.
Shavig shook his head and said:
“Director, you should know that the magic cube of the universe is the door to the other end of the universe.And the doors can be opened from both sides. ”
“What do you mean?”
Nick Frey's face grew more serious.
“I think… It's very likely that someone is playing tricks on the other side of the door.”Shavig gave his own answer.
Just at this time, the magic cube of the universe suddenly became restless, and a blue light column was straight out.
The beam of light opens a channel.
Two people walk out on the other side of the passage, and then the light beam dissipates.
One of them was rocky, and the other was wearing a big black hood, which made it hard to see.
“Damn it!”
Nick Frey recognized rocky at a glance.
Without hesitation, he pulled out his pistol and fired at rocky, shouting at the same time:
The well-trained agents around you, hearing your order from Nick Frey, draw their guns and fire one after another, and the gunfire is loud.
However, the bullet couldn't hurt rocky at all.
The hooded man next to rocky was even more eccentric. Everyone saw her.
But everyone, including Nick Frey, thinks that someone else will shoot at the hooded man when they make the shooting choice, so they choose rocky as the shooting target.
“Rocky!Don't waste time, get the magic cube quickly and finish the master's order. “The hooded man said.
He didn't know why his master had to obtain the magic cube of the universe by means of Rocky's hand. You know, their dark order had destroyed many planets in the universe.
He saw that with the master's command, the zetary army under the dark order could destroy the earth in an instant and get the magic cube of the universe.
However, he did not dare to question the master's order, nor would he question it.
Rocky frowned at the voice of the hood man's command and said, “don't forget, your master's orders are mine.”
“But if you can't give the cube to your master in the end, I'll kill you.”
With that, the hooded man stopped talking.
Rocky also did not have the mind to play with mortals, the hands of ice thorns shot frequently, one after another to the ground.
Finally, only Dr. shavig was left. Rocky controlled him with his wand, then took down the magic cube on the machine, and several people left.
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Chapter 55: killing Nick fry
After the rocky three left, Nick Frey got up from the ground and looked at the corpse on the ground. His face was very ugly.
If it wasn't for the seven layer kevlar body armor he never took off, he would have been dead by now.
Looking at the lost cosmic cube, the portal has begun to collapse.
Nick fry gritted his teeth and had to leave.
A few minutes later, the portal completely collapsed.
A wave of energy diffused around, with the collapsed portal as the center, and all the buildings within a few hundred meters became ruins.
Early in the morning.
As soon as Chu he opened his eyes, he saw that Wanda was leaning on his head and staring at himself.
“What's the matter?I haven't seen enough last night, but this evening… “Chuhe said with a smile.
Before he finished speaking, he was stopped by Wanda, whose little face turned red instantly, and said, “ah, don't say, don't say!Chuhe, what do you want to eat in the morning? I'll make it for you. ”
With that, Wanda was about to get up and get dressed, but she was stopped by the Chu River.
“What kind of food do you want to cook first…”
Two hours later, on the dining table, pitero looks at Wangda and Chuhe, who sprinkle dog food on him.
“Should I move out?”
I heard from Pietro.
Wanda nodded and said, “it's time for you to go out and live, Pietro. When will you move? Or today, I'll help you with your luggage.”
Pietro wants to cry. You're my sister.
Chuhe is helpless.
Look at pitero and say, “move what? This is your home. Live here.”
Pitero hesitated for a moment and said, “I'd better move out. I look at you and Wanda every day. I feel I'm full of dog food. Moreover, I've met a girl I like recently. If I still live here, some things are not so convenient.”
At the end, Pietro was a little embarrassed.
Chu he thought about it.
Finally, he nodded his head and said, “OK, just stay in the villa before us, and come to dinner every night.”
Two years ago, after shorting stark industries and making a lot of money, Chuhe changed his villa.
It's worth as much as $80 million. It's also in Long Island, next to the former villa.
“Yes.”Pietro nodded.
Wanda is curious: “what does the girl you like look like?”?!Do you have a picture?You never look for a girlfriend. I thought you liked boys. ”
Pietro almost choked on Wanda's words.
I do thousands of test papers every day.
You're still staring at me. There's no time for my girlfriend.
At this time, a black marinated egg walked to the villa and stood at the door staring at the Chu River.
Chuhe takes a look at Nick Frey.
He said, “next time you come in without knocking, don't blame me for throwing you out.”
Then he left the table.
He went to the living room sofa and sat down. He looked at Nick Frey
“I have warned you that the magic cube is not something you can touch. You should give it to me.You see, something's wrong now. ”
After Thor left the earth, Chu he asked Nick Frey for the magic cube, but he refused.
Then Chu he warned the marinated eggs.
Obviously Nick fry didn't listen to his warning.
“You knew this was going to happen?!Why don't you tell me? “There seemed to be some anger in Nick Fry's voice.
“Why should I tell you?”
Chu he continued to ask: “moreover, even if I tell you, will you give up studying the magic cube of the universe?As long as you study the cube of the universe, this will happen. I warned you
Nick Frey was silent. Chuhe did give him a warning.
But he just thought it was Chuhe's way to get the magic cube.
“What's going to happen next?”Asked Nick Frey.
“Just like a toddler walking on the street with a diamond in his hand, what do you think will happen next?Have you ever heard of the story of guilt? ”
Nick Frey fell silent again for a moment and said:
“The earth needs you.”
Chu he was stunned and looked at Nick Frey like a fool.
“What the hell?It's your fault. If you want me to wipe your ass, think too much. ”
“If the earth is invaded by alien civilization, no one will be spared.”Nick Frey said.
Chuhe said with a smile: “I'm sorry, I'm not in the category of anyone you mentioned. Even if the three empires of interstellar invade the earth, they don't dare to provoke me or even treat me as a guest of honor.Even if the earth is destroyed, I can live well on other planets. ”
“If you come here just to say these words, you can go back now, no delivery.”
Hearing Chu he's words, Nick Frey didn't mean to leave at all.
Staring at the Chu River, he spoke slowly
“What do you want?”
Hearing Nick Frey's words, Chuhe smiles.
How could he not take part in the New York war.
The Zetas are notorious in the interstellar world. This is definitely a great opportunity to gather summoning energy.
But if you can get something good from Nick fry, why not.
“Infinite formula.”
Chu he quoted his own price.
For this formula, which was discovered by Newton and can extend the life span of human beings indefinitely, Chuhe is very envious.
Although I believe that Summoning can summon something better than infinite formula, it has not yet been summoned. Let's get infinite formula first.
“No way!I can give you information about the super soldier serum. “Nick Frodo.
“Yes, and super soldier serum. If you don't say that I almost forgot, then add super soldier serum with infinite formula. Director Frey, you are not qualified to bargain with me.It's up to you to choose. If you agree, let's talk about it. If you don't agree, please leave. ”
Chuhe said, not worried that Nick Frey would not agree to his terms.
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