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Marvel genius (Chapter 1-51)
Chapter one mark Stark
“Good morning, Jarvis!It’s a nice day today. It's sunny. ”
“Good morning, master mark.It's sunny today, with a temperature of 28 ℃ and a southeast wind. It's suitable for outdoor activities. ”
In a luxury villa with a strong sense of science and technology on the coast of Marbury, a mixed race teenager with black hair and black pupil rubs his messy hair like a chicken coop while saying hello to the intelligent housekeeper in the villa.
This is a habit he developed when he was a child. At that time, he was just over a year old and could not spit out some simple words intermittently, although it must be very vague and incomprehensible to adults.
He remembered that Edwin Jarvis, the old housekeeper who looked after him, held himself in his arms every day and said, “good morning, master mark!”,Then he would carefully feed himself, take himself out to play, take a bath and change his diaper.
And every time he said, “good morning, Jarvis!”,With the growth of age, speaking more and more clearly, the habit has been formed.
Later, the old housekeeper died. His unreliable father named the newly invented intelligent housekeeper Jarvis in memory of this loyal gentleman who had served for three generations. His habit was inherited, but the object changed to another Jarvis.
See here, you should also understand the identity of this young man.Yes, he is the illegitimate son of Tony Stark, the famous genius, patriot and playboy.
Mark stark, a 14-year-old boy with a height of 1.72 meters, is a half red and half yellow.Her mother, Li Lina, a Chinese American reporter from New York TV station, was tricked by Tony Stark's sweet words in an interview, and something indescribable happened.
Then mark stark came quietly because she didn't take protective measures. It was two months later when she found out she was pregnant.
Although she was an independent woman born in the west, she decided to give birth to the child and raise it.However, the Oriental family education she received from childhood still made her hide the fact that she was pregnant before marriage and did not tell her parents.
So she quit her job, made up an excuse for all her parents and friends by e-mail, left New York City, and finally gave birth to the child without telling anyone and named it Mark Lee.
Now that we have given birth smoothly, we should find a new job in this new city and get a stable income.Then try to find a suitable time to confess this matter to her parents. It can be said that Li Lina has planned how to live in the future.
But it didn't work out. Just when Mark passed the doctor's examination and everything was normal, and she was ready to leave the hospital, a call from a friend struck her with a bolt from the blue – her parents both died!Listen to friends say is involved in a group of unidentified strange people between the fight, was affected by their fighting, seriously injured.
Although he was later sent to the hospital by a bald black man with orange cat, he died after the rescue failed.
Li Lina, who had just given birth to a baby, fell from the peak of happy to lose her parents. She was also affected by the disorder of hormone secretion in the postpartum body, and fell into the mire of postpartum depression.
We should know that this is 1996, even in the United States with advanced science and technology and advanced medical level, the attention and understanding of depression, especially postpartum depression, is still far from enough.
Patients are ashamed to say that they are suffering from depression, and the people around them can't understand the pain and struggle. It can be said that once they fall into the vortex of severe depression, it's like a duck drowning and will die.
In the end, Mark's mother, Li Lina, failed to overcome the suffering of mental illness. After asking her friends to send mark, who was just over one year old, to Tony Stark, she chose to quietly end her life and leave the world forever.
After being brought to the stark group by his mother's friends, mark went through some twists and turns before he was safely delivered to Tony.
After DNA testing, Tony confirmed that mark was his own son, and he was willing to bear the responsibility of raising him, and changed his name to mark stark.
However, due to the lack of paternal love since childhood and the youthful spirit at this time, Tony certainly does not want to change his life because of his unexpected son. After he is taken care of by the old housekeeper Edwin Jarvis, mark will not see him for a year.And mark grew up in such an environment where his parents didn't care.
In fact, for mark, this kind of environment is more suitable for him.After all, he is an adult of psychological age. If someone talks to him all day and sets all kinds of family rules for him, then he will be miserable!
That's right. Mark's mental age is an adult.Why? Because he's a reincarnator.
Mark's last name was Mark, but he was a serious Chinese with the surname of Ma Mingke.As an orphan, mark grew up in a state welfare home.
Perhaps because of the influence of the environment, Mark's character is calm, gentle and mature.Although he was not a genius with outstanding intelligence, he was admitted to jellyfish University, one of the top universities in China, and got a state grant. It can be said that mark has come out of the bondage of fate and is about to start a brilliant new life.
However, the day did not meet people's wishes. He boarded the train to the capital with great enthusiasm. Looking forward to a new university life, mark fell asleep in the carriage and woke up as a baby.
“What the hell is going on?”Mark, who has been held in his arms by a strange Asian woman, yells in his heart.
Chapter two the wisdom of ahong
Before mark, who was held in Li Lina's arms, could give vent to his grief, let alone have a good look at his new environment, he was occupied by a huge flow of information in all the available thinking space of his brain and fell into a state of muddle.
Of course, in the eyes of others, this is what a newborn baby should look like.
Mark spent his first year in the new world in such a chaotic state, until he absorbed and integrated the huge information flow completely. His biological mother Li Lina was already in pain and entrusted it to her friends, ready to end her life.
At this time, mark didn't know that his mother was going to leave him forever. After absorbing the huge information flow, mark not only forgot the unpleasantness of inexplicable rebirth, but also completely forgot his curiosity about the new world. He was shocked by the amazing content of the information flow he integrated.
According to the beginning of the information flow, he knew the reason for his rebirth.Mark's fate was rewritten when his parents didn't pay attention to him for playing, which made him die suddenly on the journey to the capital.
In order to make up for his negligence, the God randomly threw Mark's soul into a world with similar history and culture, and allowed him to retain the memory of his previous life and reincarnate.
At the same time, as a compensation, he randomly grabs a piece of memory information of the man with the atmosphere in the universe and injects it into his brain.
After mark receives this memory information, it means that the cause and effect between him and the God is completely ended. Later, he will be the resident of the world, and the God will erase the information about himself from his memory.
According to the description of God, receiving this information stream will not only make mark's brain develop in advance, but also improve his intelligence and memory;In the future, with the development of the body, the brain can be further improved in the second development.
The reason why mark is so surprised after receiving this information stream is not because of the brain development of this absorption and fusion process, but because the content he gets from it tells him that he knows this person with great fortune, or that he knows the identity of this person.
Hamada Hong, but said that the name may not be right for many people, but if you say the little hero of the super Marine Corps, everyone should know who it is.
He is the hero of the animated film “super Marine Corps” CO produced by Disney and marvel, which mark saw in his previous life. He invented the magnetic robot, transformed the personal health consultant Dabai into a combat robot, and developed many high-tech weapons and equipment together with several other members of the super Marine Corps. Ah Hong is a mechanical prodigy with genius.
In this year, mark not only digested and absorbed all ah Hong's memories, but also learned the profound mechanical knowledge.More importantly, he learned ahong's way of learning and thinking as a genius.
With this, coupled with his highly developed brain, mark will be able to overcome other aspects of new knowledge and new difficulties through his hard-working personality in the future.
Originally in the original world, mark himself was an orphan, no lead and no link.Now a rebirth is more than ten years of life. No matter what his background is, he has acquired enough knowledge and ability to change his future. Therefore, he quickly accepted the fact that he was born again.
If he didn't see the next man, the carefree happy time of accepting the reality should be longer.Because he never dreamed that his own father would be the famous Tony Stark.
“Lord God, no matter how random you are, don't choose such a terrible Marvel world!”
Although he knew this fact at first, mark complained a little.But as the saying goes, life is like that. Since we can't resist, we can only enjoy it calmly.
After figuring out this point, after all, there are still 23 years to go before the resounding finger that wiped out half the life of the universe, and mark began his childhood with ease.
Mark's childhood should have been very happy. In his infancy, he was accompanied by Edwin Jarvis, an old housekeeper, warm and full.
After becoming a teenager, every day is to take out the brain of advanced mechanical technology for practice, full of sense of achievement.
From time to time, he would turn over the books and design manuscripts left by his grandfather Howard stark and his father Tony Stark, which made him gain a lot of new knowledge and the mutual confirmation of knowledge in his mind.
Although he lost his mother, he had an unreliable father, so that even if he was born again, he did not experience the greatness of paternal love and maternal love.But all these flaws do not hide the good. I've been used to them in my previous life. Nine out of ten times I'm not satisfied with my life, how can I have no regrets.Let alone mark, besides, he had a very happy life.
Thirteen years passed, and the time came to April 2010.
After greeting Jarvis as usual, mark goes to the kitchen, opens the refrigerator, takes out a box of cereal and a bottle of milk, and prepares to solve his breakfast problem.
At this time, intelligent housekeeper Jarvis's voice reminded: “master mark, since you didn't go to bed until nearly two o'clock last night, I suggest you don't eat the frozen food just taken out of the refrigerator directly. You should put it in the milk heater and heat it before eating.”
“Thank you for your concern, Jarvis.I'll listen to you. “Mark, who is preparing to mix the Iced Milk and cereal, stops and follows Jarvis's advice to put the milk in the warmer.
“You know Jarvis, my development of Dabai has reached a critical stage. As long as we complete its medical chip, Dabai will narrow the gap of medical resources in the world, so that economically and culturally backward countries and regions can also enjoy the top medical diagnosis.”
“Good luck, master mark.”
“Thank you, Jarvis.”
Mark's recent practice project is to restore the lovely and soft personal health consultant in his memory.Although Dabai is not ah Hong's invention, the technical difficulty of restoring Dabai itself is not high, and the key points can be found in ah Hong's memory.
The most important thing is the medical chip. In order to accurately judge the emotions of people of different nationalities in different regions and accurately diagnose the diseases of each patient, it is very difficult to write the required programming logic and underlying data support.
Mark has now finished making the chip, and last night was the final check sum.In the high-performance computer in his room, the verification progress has reached 45%. That is to say, if it goes well, mark will be able to make Dabai successfully reappear in this world this evening.
Chapter three: the world of Dabai
In the evening, as the sun sets, the long coastline of Marbury is covered with a layer of red gauze.
After Tony left the company, he came home alone today.
From the car down, the driver and bodyguard of harpy will drive the car to the underground garage, Tony came to the villa door.
“Welcome back, sir.”
There is no key, and there is no need to take the initiative to biometric identification. Jarvis, the intelligent housekeeper of the villa, has taken the initiative to open the door.
Just walked in, Tony Bureau saw the living room that obviously does not belong to the villa decoration red suitcase.The box is no more than 20 inches in size, with a long power cord connected to the back, which is plugged into the wall socket.
“Jarvis, what is this?”
Seeing suspicious items at home, Tony immediately asks Jarvis.
“Sir, this is the result of a recent study by master mark.”
“Oh?What's new with this kid!What about others? Where have they gone? ”
“Master mark stayed up late yesterday until two o'clock in the morning. At noon today, he has been perfecting his new design. Now he is still lying in bed to rest.”
“Well.”Out of his father's responsibility to ask, Tony did not ask too much.In fact, his childhood is very similar to mark's. without his father's company, he was immersed in the exploration of mechanical knowledge.So now, even if he becomes a father, he doesn't know how to fulfill his father's responsibility and how to show his father's love.
Coupled with his infatuation with extravagance, Tony is really a total failure of the father, but he did not realize that.
Now he is most concerned about the red box in front of him. Although the father and son don't communicate much at ordinary times, because they are both mechanical talents, showing each other their first research results has become the most tacit way of communication.
Tony approached the new invention, which is still useless. Driven by curiosity, he couldn't help reaching out and touching it.
It was this touch that started to change the metallic red suitcase. A round LED light in the middle gave off a soft light yellow light, and a lid on the top of the suitcase opened immediately.
Hiss hiss
Under the gas supply of the air pump in the box, the volume of the large piece of white fiber fabric inside the box expands rapidly, and finally becomes a chubby inflatable robot.This giant white inflatable robot, with round lines, single expression (● and ‰), huge stomach and two short legs, looks like a super large marshmallow.
Then, in Tony's surprised eyes, the cute looking big guy came to him, raised his chubby right hand and waved: “Hello, I'm Dabai, your personal health assistant.I noticed that you need medical care. Do you want to start treatment now? ”
Hearing Dabai's question, Tony just nodded dully. The idea of inflatable intelligent robot is really wonderful. If Mark were in front of him now, he would praise the idea of genius with his poisonous tongue.
With its pure white appearance and approachable design, the medical robot has scored 59% in Tony's eyes, and the remaining 41% depends on whether its diagnosis and treatment methods are convenient and whether the diagnosis results are accurate.
“Your health assistant will diagnose you. I will scan you. The scan is over.”
“Wow, hyperspectral lens. It's a good idea. Now it's 60% passing. What's the result…”
“End of analysis.”Dabai will get information from Tony's body scanning, through the comparison of its own database and the analysis of the microcomputer, using the projection equipment in the body to display on the big white belly“Master, according to my diagnosis, you are in a serious sub-health state with slight shoulder and neck problems. At the same time, according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, your symptoms are consistent with the manifestation of kidney deficiency.It is suggested that you strengthen physical exercise appropriately and treat it with medlar tea
“Zero, zero, zero!”When Dabai said the word “kidney deficiency”, his score in Tony's heart was completely cleared. “I'm the eighth son of a night's imperial girl. How dare you say I have kidney deficiency? It's a misdiagnosis!”
“Master, according to your description, Dabai diagnosed the kidney yin deficiency caused by excessive indulgence. It is suggested that you reasonably control the frequency of sexual intercourse and do more outdoor activities conducive to physical and mental health.”
“I'm so angry!”Tony is furious with Dabai's response, and his roar wakes mark who is resting in the room.
“What's the matter, daddy?Why did you come back so early, and there was no woman around, and your kidney was deficient? “Just wake up mark, still don't know the situation, in Tony's heart on a knife.
“Nonsense, nonsense. How can I have kidney deficiency? I'm in good health.I went home early because I was going to show the latest weapons of stark industries to the military early tomorrow morning.
Your invention is not good. The diagnosis is not accurate at all. ”
“How can it be!”Tony's words to save face made mark wake up from his half dream and half wake up immediately. “You're trying to save face. Let me show you the experiment.”
With that, mark ran into the room again, took out a roll of tape, stood next to Tony and pulled out a tape. “Watch it.”Then he glued the tape to Tony's hairy little arm and quickly pulled it off.
“OhThe stimulation of hair loss made Tony cry out, “why, it's killing me!”
Mark did not speak, just looking at the white in front of him, waiting for something.
(● I noticed that you sent out a signal of pain, indicating that you need medical care. Please indicate your pain level with one to ten levelsAt this time, a new image was projected on Dabai's stomach, showing Emoji expressions of different pain levels.
“Physical or psychological pain?”In order to maintain his reputation of seven times a night, Tony decided to embarrass this big guy.
“Now I'll scan you.”Tony refused to cooperate, and Dabai started the hyperspectral lens again, “scanning over.You have mild skin abrasions on your arm, and suggest using antibacterial spray.
“What's the specific ingredients in the spray?”Tony is very much like a passenger on the plane who has nothing to look for. He does his best.
“The main ingredient is bacitracin.”
“Unfortunately, I'm allergic to it.”
“According to the analysis, you are not allergic to bacitracin, but slightly allergic to crayfish.”
“Well, you're right.”To show here, Tony also knows the ability of Dabai, and extends his arm.
The big white chubby right hand held out a finger, hissing, sprayed with a built-in bacilli peptide, evenly covering the skin of Toni's arm.
“It seems that you've put a lot of effort into this guy's programming!”
“Of course, I asked Jarvis to help me collect more than 10000 medical measures, and I wrote them all in.”Mark pressed the button on Dabai's chest, and a green medical chip popped out. “With this, Dabai can be called a health assistant.”
Tony nodded, reached out and patted Dabai's stomach. “Polyvinyl alcohol fiber?”
“Yes, I want to design something harmless and friendly.”
“It looks like a walking marshmallow, no offense.”
(● I'm a robot. I won't be offended
This time, Tony is really cute by it. He takes another look at Dabai's head. “Why use hyperspectral lens instead of holographic scanning equipment?”
“In order to reduce the cost, I designed this version according to the market strategy, which limits the cost of materials and equipment.But then I will give him a big upgrade, with nano resin skin and holographic scanning and holographic projection equipment
“Is the skeleton made of titanium alloy?”
“No, it's carbon fiber.”
“Yes, it's lighter.OhLooking inside through the white polyvinyl alcohol fiber skin, Tony saw the mechanical parts that made him admire, “super brake, you made it.”
“It's a small idea. After all, theoretical studies have confirmed its feasibility, but several small parameters have been adjusted in actual use.”
“How about the load?”Tony asked excitedly.
“Dabai is only equipped with a mini super brake. Now it can lift about 500 kg.”
“Well done, smelly boy.I'm going to pay 300 million dollars to see the design parameters of Dabai appear in my mailbox tonight. ”
“900 million, and only limited to the data of the mechanical part.”
“Deal!”After learning about the mechanical technology, Tony now looks at the white in front of him like a big shining diamond.
(● I'll give you a lollipopAt this time, Bai Yingjing took out a lollipop and handed it to Tony.
“That's good.”Tony rolled his eyes and got the reward.
“I can't go to sleep until you're satisfied with my service.”
Tony: Well, I'm satisfied with your service
After receiving satisfactory evaluation, Dabai walked back to the red suitcase and stood in.
Hiss hiss
With the sound of a burst of deflation, Dabai's body shrunk down, and the lid of the box turned into a small red suitcase again.
“It can help a lot of people.”
“More than that, he can make a lot of money for stark industries.”
“The evil capitalist.”
“Your food and clothing are all provided by my evil capitalist, smelly boy!
By the way, what kind of energy does he use? ”
“Graphene batteries.”
“???”Tony looked at mark with a muddled face. He was obviously confused about the term he put forward.
Chapter 4 genius
Mark wasn't surprised Tony didn't know about graphene.
At the beginning of designing Dabai, considering the problems of endurance and charging, instead of using lithium battery with super capacitor charger according to the original design, mark considered using graphene battery with stable property, fast charging and powerful power storage capacity.
However, after searching the Internet and various scientific journals, mark found that scientists in the world have yet to find graphene, a potential super material.
Since there is no ready-made material to use, we can only do it by ourselves.
So mark started from the preparation of graphene, and spent more than half a year step by step, and finally made his ideal graphene battery.
Now that Tony doesn't know about graphene, mark won't miss the chance to show off in front of him.
“Graphene is a kind of two-dimensional carbon nano material with hexagonal honeycomb lattice composed of carbon atoms in SP2 hybrid orbital. I continuously peel off the graphite by micro mechanical stripping method, and finally form a thin sheet composed of only one layer of carbon atoms.
Graphene has excellent optical, electrical and mechanical properties. Because of its special internal structure, graphene has excellent electrical and optical properties. At the same time, I have developed a new energy battery, which is the graphene battery used in our daily life, by using the characteristics of lithium ion shuttling between the graphene surface and the electrode.
The storage capacity of graphene battery is 10 times that of lithium battery, and the charging speed is 1000 times that of traditional battery.
Moreover, graphene also has very good strength, which is the highest strength of all known materials, and can be used as a new type of protective material in the military field;Excellent optical properties can also be used to make laser weapons.
It can be said that graphene is an almost omnipotent magic material. ”
After listening to mark's explanation of graphene, Tony stood still, “who am I, where am I, where am I from, where am I going?”It can be said that Tony Stark has been fooled by Mark's amazing performance.
“I'd like to call you a genius, Tony Stark.I didn't expect that your research has progressed to this point, which has subverted my understanding of nanomaterials. ”
“Of course, after all, when you and some unknown lady are crawling in bed, I can't help wandering in the ocean of knowledge!”
Mark's honest speech made Tony feel very embarrassed. He changed the topic and said: “that's why when you accepted the offer just now, you specifically stated that it only included the data of the mechanical part. That's the reason. The data of graphene battery and graphene material are not the data of the mechanical part, but the data of the material.He also said that I am an evil capitalist. I think you are the one who does not spit out bones.Give me a price. I want to buy this technology. ”
“Two and a half billion dollars.”
“So cheap?”Tony doesn't believe me.
“Authorization fee, and it's a one-year fee.”
“It's my own son. Deal!By the way, what would you like to eat for dinner today
“How about a cheeseburger?”
“Jarvis, order!”
“Yes, sir.”
The next morning, Tony, who wanted to have a good rest to cope with today's new weapon display, stayed up all night and watched the technical materials he spent a lot of money to buy from his son Mark“This guy really inherits the high IQ of our stark family. The contents of this information have benefited me a lot. ”
“Good morning, sir. Miss Potts is waiting for you in the living room.”
“I see. I'll wash my face and change my clothes.Where's mark? Is he up? ”
“Master Mark said last night that he would write a kung fu master chip to make Dabai his personal bodyguard. He stayed up late again until two o'clock in the morning, and now he hasn't got up yet.”
“Call him up. I can't sleep well. He dares to stay in bed and will never be allowed.”Tony, who is also a genius, loses a lot in the field of machinery, so he uses his father to regain his dignity.
In this way, mark, who was still discussing his life with Duke Zhou, was forced to get up early because of his unreliable father's poor self-esteem.
“Good morning, Jarvis!”
“Good morning, master mark!”
“Good morning.Little mark
“Well?”Suddenly, a graceful female voice came into the room, which made mark's step to wash at the wash desk stunned.Looking around, I saw a slim blonde in a lady's suit.
“Sister pepper!What are you doing here?Did my animal father finally reach out his evil claws to you? “Mark recognized the identity and asked in surprise.
“What nonsense? I'm here to remind Mr. stark of today's schedule.Because I have to stay to take care of the company's affairs, I can't go to Afghanistan with him, so I have to explain the itinerary to him first, so as to prevent him from oversleeping and missing the time agreed with the military.
And how many times have I told you that you should call me auntie. I'm almost 30 years old, and that can make people call me sister. ”
“I don't care. Sister pepper, you are so young and beautiful. You should be called sister.”Wait…” mark seemed to think of something. He suddenly widened his eyes and asked in amazement, “did you just talk about Afghanistan?”
“Yes, what's the matter?”
“So Tony, he's going to Afghanistan to show off his new weapons!”
“No!too bad!too bad!Forget it's April 2010. I'm so busy.Fortunately, when we studied graphene materials, we had prepared that thing in advance. I hope it can play a role… ”
Chapter 5 the magic suit
“Sister pepper, please wait for me for a moment. Don't let smelly dad start before I come out!”Knowing that his father was about to leave Afghanistan and go through the big event that changed his life, mark told peper and turned back to the room.
“Wait, mark, what are you doing…”
Before he could finish his words, pepper could only turn his eyes helplessly as he looked at Mark's closed door!Hurry up, you know!I can only help you delay for a while — ”
Although helpless, pepper still yelled to mark in the room, said he agreed to the request.
“I see. I'll be fine soon!”
Listen to mark's room with the sound of the response, pepper where don't know, this is a genius disease attack again.
In fact, mark is also very helpless. Although he is a passer-by, he has no way to tell others what he knows about the future!That must not be his unreliable father, as a neuropathy sent to treatment ah.Only by detouring along the side road, can we give dad something to save his life, so as to avoid his own butterfly wings. In the end, Tony didn't become the iron man, but became the invincible of the East.
Instead of exploring what mark was doing, pepper decided to ask Tony how he was getting ready“Jarvis, is Tony ready? ”
“Sir, you are changing clothes. You can move to the dining room first and have breakfast carefully prepared by the chef.”
“Thank you, Jarvis.But I've already had a meal. I'll go to the restaurant and wait for him. I'm short of time today. When he has breakfast later, I'll just tell him what happened. ”
With that, pepper got up from the sofa and was ready to walk to the dining room of the villa.When I turned around, I didn't pay attention and accidentally mentioned the foot of the tea table.
“Hiss, it hurts.”With a cold breath, pepper Ninja didn't cry out.But squat down to see his already some red and swollen toes, his eyes were still full of tears.
But suddenly, a strange noise caught her attention. Pepper looked up and saw an open suitcase not far from her line of sight.In the middle of the box, a white object is constantly growing up, and soon becomes a big fat guy.
(× – ×) “master, your personal health assistant, Dabai, has noticed that you just said” really painful “, which means you need medical care now. Please indicate your pain level with one to ten levels.”
Looking at this chubby, giving a natural and harmless feeling of inflatable robot, pepper had no defense and instinctively replied, “but I'm not sure what level I've reached.”
“Now Dabai will scan you.”As soon as you see, Dabai's big black eyes emit a burst of blue light after opening the hyperspectral lens.The light swept over peper, then quickly converged and disappeared.According to the analysis, the big toe of your left foot causes swelling and pain of the toes due to trauma, no fracture and bone fracture, and it is judged to be a soft tissue contusion. It is recommended to use chloroethane fast pain relief spray.
“OK… OK.”Peper was surprised by Dabai's performance and nodded in agreement with the treatment plan.
Big white bent his short leg, clumsy squatting in front of pepper, and then put out a finger and spray the pain killer into the affected area.
“Really, it doesn't hurt any more. It's terrible!”
“Rapid pain relief spray is just the current treatment plan. In order to restore health as soon as possible, please remember to apply hot compress in the evening, together with the use of anti-inflammatory drugs to speed up the elimination of inflammation and detumescence.”
“OK, thank you very much.”
“Please comment on Dabai's service. Before you are satisfied with me, Dabai can't go to sleep.”
“Very satisfied, you go back to rest.”
Satisfied with the evaluation, Dabai went back to his charging box, waiting for the next call of the host.
“Well, personal health assistant, that's good.”Tony, who had been standing in the living room for some time, looked at pepper with a proud face and asked.
“Dabai is so wonderful. How did you come up with the idea of 3?”Peper, who has been cured from body to soul by Dabai, asks Tony excitedly.
“Er…” but the question embarrassed Tony. “In fact, it wasn't my idea. It was Mark's invention.”
“That's right. How can you design such a cute robot with your brain? It seems that mark will soon surpass your father. You have to come on.”Pepper did not give Tony face in his body inserted a knife, let the embarrassed Tony face more ugly.
In order to save face, Tony immediately changed the topic to: “if you like, I'll let the smelly boy make another one for you. He doesn't dare to disobey my father's orders, hehe.”
“Well, with the relationship between mark and me, I can handle it without you.
Well, stop chatting. Let's get back to business. You have a tight schedule these days. First of all… “Pepper is Tony's most trusted secretary. Without saying a few words, she focused on her work.
“Well, that's all the itinerary we talked about with the military. I've sent a copy of the itinerary to your mailbox.”After giving up her work, pepper didn't forget what mark asked.Looking at the time, he didn't put forward the issue. Instead, he said, “I told you yesterday that I would be very busy in the next few days. I asked you to go home early and have a rest. I didn't expect that you were still so late.”
Although she didn't see it with her own eyes, pepper, with her years of understanding of Tony, as well as his kidney deficiency face and dark circles under his eyes, believed that what she should guess was that it was eight or nine.
When he heard the stress of Pepper's words and the little look in his eyes, Tony immediately explained with a face of injustice: “you misunderstood me. I really went home after work last night.It's not that smelly boy. The technology he used on Dabai is really fascinating. It took me a whole night to read the relevant information, which is not in good condition. ”
“Is it?”Pepper didn't believe it.
“It's true!I don't believe you asked Mark
“Well, take it for granted.”Seeing that tonila had used his son as a shield, pepper reluctantly believed this.
“What do you mean!I… “Tony tried to explain something else, but was interrupted by mark, who suddenly opened the door and came out of the room.
“Daddy, come here and have a look at what I have prepared for you!”Mark, with a silver gray suit on his face, beckons to Tony.
“Have you come up with something strange?”With curiosity, Tony takes pepper to mark's room.
“What's weird? You are jealous that I have more talent than you!
This suit is made of graphene nanomaterials and carbon fiber scaffolds. In addition to the kung fu master chip I just wrote last night, it can not only protect your torso from the damage of hot weapons and cold weapons, but also make you become a martial arts master immediately! ”
Yes, this suit was specially made by mark for his father's trip to Afghanistan. It was inspired by the movie “amazing tuxedo” that mark saw in his previous life.
However, for convenience and fashion, mark did not completely copy the design of the film, but changed into a slim fashion suit.And limited to the relationship between time (in fact, mark is too addicted to the ocean of knowledge, forget to pay attention to time.)Mark failed to give the wearer a variety of skills like the magic TUXEDO in the movie, so he had to carry the kung fu master chip that he was going to put on Dabai first.
But mark believes that with this suit, Tony can escape the attack in Afghanistan. At least he doesn't need to put a big lump on his chest.
“You are too thoughtful. There are so many military soldiers to protect me. How can I be in danger? This trip is very safe. You can rest assured.”Although he said so, Tony still took Mark's body suit, “but since it's your heart, I'll put it on. After all, it looks pretty.”
Even if the heart moved, but proud Tony is not straightforward expression.Now he has not learned how to express it.
But deep down in his heart, Tony secretly made a decision to mend the relationship between father and son and make up for his past negligence after this trip.
Chapter 6 capture
Bagland air force base, Afghanistan.
“Hello, general.”
“Hello, Mr. stark.”The general took Tony's outstretched hand and said, “I'm looking forward to your weapon display today.”
“Thank you.”
In a desolate blasting field, Tony, wearing Mark's custom-made silver grey slim suit and a pair of Tan Gold Framed sunglasses, is giving a speech before the weapon display.
“Which is better to be feared or respected?Is it too much for both, I say?
So I humbly present the flagship product of stark industrial freedom series, a missile system integrated with our patent impact technology.
People often say that the best weapons are those that don't need to be used. I respectfully disagree.I prefer weapons that you only need to use once.That's what my father did, and that's what my country did, and it's been very successful so far.
Find an excuse to launch this thing, and I guarantee myself that the villain will never want to climb out of the hole again. ”
As soon as he said that, Tony waved to the fort to launch the missile.
As a missile quickly takes off and moves towards the preset target in the range behind Tony, as it approaches the target, the whole missile suddenly begins to disintegrate and split into dozens of smaller missiles.
“For reference only, this is our Jericho missile!”
Together with Tony's words, it was the violent afterwave of a devastating blow to the target more than ten kilometers away. The strong air even blew off the hats of the soldiers on the scene.
The exhibition effect is excellent. It can be said that the purpose of this trip has been successfully achieved.Tony came to a huge metal box and took out the glasses and champagne he had already prepared. “I'll give you one of these for every transaction over $500 million. Peace.”Tony raised his glass and drank it down.
At this time, high spirited Tony did not know that a conspiracy against him had been brewing in the dark.After business, excited Tony didn't get on the protective car specially prepared for him, instead, he got on an ordinary military vehicle. For him, it was a bit of fun on the boring way home.
And his good friend, Colonel rod, didn't persuade him too much. He let Tony's temperament go“I'll follow you and protect you. I'll see you at the base. ”
“OK, see you at the base.Brave soldiers, let's go to our destination
In the car, feeling the roar of the engine of the military vehicle galloping on the sand, the rough road testing the limit of tires and shock absorption, Tony felt blood boiling and passion surging.
“Hey, young man, do you have a girlfriend?”Tony suddenly asked a well armed and pretty soldier beside him.
“Not yet, sir!”Obviously, he was not a veteran in the army for many years. When he answered, he straightened up and his voice was very loud.
“All right, take it easy, man.I'm just chatting with you, and I'm not your officer. After all, it's a long and boring journey. We have to have some fun for ourselves. “As he said this, Tony untied the button of his suit jacket and took off his tie. “It's really hot in the desert!”
“Mr. stark…” a soldier ventured: “I heard that you had sex with the cover girl of last year's” maxim “men's magazine for 12 months. Is that true?”
This veteran is obviously more experienced than the young man just now, and his opening is a topic of great interest to everyone.
“This is…”
Before the soldiers could wait for their expected answer, a shell landed in the middle of the convoy, interrupting Tony's words.
The car was overturned by the storm, and all the soldiers on the car were injured to varying degrees and fainted. Only Tony, who was protected in the middle, escaped the disaster.
Struggling to turn over from the lathe, looking at the scene in front of him, Tony quickly takes out his mobile phone and wants to call for help.But his phone hasn't got through yet, and a missile has landed on his side.
Boom!The explosion hit again and blew Tony out.Protected by graphene protective clothing, his torso was not injured by the explosion.However, because the man who died in the car untied the button and the suit failed to protect his heart under the influence of the explosion, Tony's chest was still hit by shrapnel and his life was in danger.Before he was about to lose consciousness, he saw the mark of stark clearly printed on the shell of the missile that attacked him.
“…” when Tony wakes up again, his environment has changed dramatically.
The surrounding environment looks like a dark and dry cave, lying on an iron folding bed.Turning his head, an unknown man was repairing his beard with the help of weak light.
Feeling the difference in his chest, Tony raised his head again, looked at his chest, and then found a strange device.Two wires extend from the top and connect to the battery beside the bed.Without any consideration, Tony reached out to remove the strange device.
“If I were you, I wouldn't do that.”At this time, the strange man's voice stopped Tony's action.
“What did you do to me?”After trying to calm the inner panic, Tony calmly puts forward his own question to the strange man.
“What did I do?I saved your life.I tried to take out some shrapnel, but because the shrapnel is too small, coupled with the restrictions here, there are still some residues, they may follow the blood flow to your heart all the time. “Seeing the query on Tony's face, he picked up a small glass bottle from the side table and showed it to Tony. “Do you want to see it? I have a souvenir here. Have a look.”
Taking the bottle, Tony saw the tiny shrapnel in the faint light.
The strange man on one side continued his speech: “I have seen a lot of people with this kind of injury in our village. We call them” living dead “because shrapnel will enter important organs in a week.”
“And this, what is this?”Tony put down the bottle with the shrapnel and knocked the iron knot on his chest.
“It's an electromagnet, powered by a car battery, that keeps shrapnel out of your heart.”
Now Tony began to regret not fastening the damn button on his suit.
“Did you see the suit I had on me?”
“Well, it's on the table over there, but you can't expect to find anything. It can be left here to prove that everything on it has been ransacked.”
“No, the important thing is the suit itself. It's a gift from my son.”Thinking of mark and pepper's sad expression after hearing the news of the attack, Tony felt a little guilty. He didn't cherish the important people around him.
Chapter 7 secret action
“We actually met at the Berne technology conference.”
“I don't remember.”
“Of course you can't remember. If I had been as drunk as you were, I would have been lying down, let alone giving a speech on integrated circuits.”
“Where are we?”Tony asked what he wanted to know most at the moment.
“Come on, stand up, stand up!”There was no time to answer Tony's question. He noticed that someone was approaching outside the cave. He immediately urged Tony to get up“Follow me. Put your hands up
Tony hasn't figured out the situation yet, so he has to follow suit.But when he saw the weapons in the hands of the terrorists who came in, he could not calm down any more“I made those guns. How did they get them? ”
“Don't you understand me?Follow me
Walking in front, people who looked like the terrorist leader saw that Tony had woken up and talked a lot in a language that Tony had never heard.
Seeing this, the strange man beside Tony translated it to him: “he said welcome, Tony Stark, the biggest executioner in American history.It's a great honor for him to meet you, and I hope you can build that missile for him, the Jericho missile you tested and launched. ”
“That's it.”He took a clear picture from the leader and showed it to Tony.
Tony, who knew the other party's purpose, was a fool. He should have been kept strictly secret and his weapons were clearly touched. He was seriously injured by the other party's stark industrial weapons, which he didn't know how to get.Now he is threatened to work for terrorists by his invented weapons. Tony knows that someone must have betrayed him, but that's why he can't believe that he, as the soul of stark industries, has been sold!
“I won't do it!”Tony, who has not been beaten by the society, can't be talked about in a word or two.
So next, under the order of the leader, they made Tony feel their sincerity with their actions.
Tormented and educated, Tony, led by the terrorists, came outside the cave.And here, there's enough firepower to destroy a small city.The word “stark industries” printed on each weapon is even more dazzling.
“How are you thinking?”The strange man continued to act as the chief's interpreter.
“You have a lot of my weapons in stock.”
“He said that he had all the accessories for making Jericho missiles. He wanted you to make a list of materials for him and ask you to do it immediately. Once it's finished, they'll let you go.”
“He will not.”Tony made a false promise and took the leader's hand.
“That's right.”The stranger agreed.
So in the next critical time, Tony, encouraged by a strange man, decides to go against the law and try to create hope for escaping here. At last, he knows the name of his Savior, Ethan, and the name of the group of terrorists who kidnapped him. They call himself the Ten Commandments gang.
Taking advantage of the terrorist's desire for Jericho missiles, Tony got a very humble but barely usable studio, and had a lot of materials on hand for him to make missiles. “How to escape from the next life depends on Tony Stark's brain of genius, but there are still people waiting for you at home!Ethan, come and help me
Cheer up and cheer up, Tony and Ethan start their own plan.
Tony first made use of the high-purity palladium element in the materials at hand to build an ark reaction furnace for himself, which can generate three billion joules of energy per second to supply energy to the electromagnet in his chest, so that he can get rid of the shackles of the battery and move freely.
“It can provide you with enough energy to live four lives!”Ethan exclaimed.
“Or let the big machine run for 50 minutes.”Then he handed a pile of drawings to Ethan.
Ethan: what's this
He showed Ethan the secret weapon he was going to use to escape from the sky. “Fold up the drawings and have a look.”
“Wow!It's wonderful. “When all the drawings overlap, Ethan sees a pair of powerful steel armor.
“I call him mark one, after my son.Many of his brilliant ideas gave me a lot of inspiration. ”
“He will be as great as you in the future.”
“No, he will be more amazing than me!”
The plan went well, and the parts of mark one were built one by one with the joint efforts of Tony and Ethan.
However, it is precisely because of the smooth progress of the plan that they both relax their vigilance and forget that they are in a wolf's den, and their every move will fall into the eyes of the Shijie gang.
As the number of mark-1 components increased, watchers began to see that what they were doing was far from Jericho's shape.After threatening with his subordinates, the Shijie Gang gave a deadline to hand over the assembled Jericho missile the next day.
Time is pressing, tonight is doomed to be a sleepless night.But the tension did not make them panic. After finishing all the armor parts in an orderly way, the plan finally came to a critical juncture.
“Well, can you act?”Ethan, who helps Tony wear armor, asks.
“No problem, I've never felt so good!”
Suddenly, Ethan frowned and stopped. He heard footsteps outside the door.
“Ethan, Ethan, stark!Where are you? Come outThe voice of a terrorist came from outside the door, very anxious.
“What if they find out, Tony?”
“Say something first and hold them down.”
“But they speak Hungarian.”
“Then say that.”
“But I will not.”
“Well, what do you know?”
Ethan thought about it and began to respond to people outside with the language he often communicated with the leader of Shijie gang.
But it didn't work at all. The terrorists who didn't understand him decided to come in and see for themselves.
Quickly opened the lock of the door, two people open the iron door to enter.However, they are not met by Tony and Ethan's kneeling to beg for mercy, but by an early ambush explosion trap.
The blazing fireball, like a beast, devoured them all.
The huge movement startled the terrorists in the Shijie Gang base, “go and catch them for me!”
Taking advantage of the delay of the explosion, Ethan began to help Tony load mark one's control system.However, the approaching footsteps outside the door made Ethan very anxious, “they are coming!”
“Don't worry, it will be us who finish the work and win.”
“We need more time.”Suddenly Ethan seemed to have made a decision. “I'll buy you some time.”
Seeing Ethan trying to rush out of the door, Tony immediately stopped, “Ethan!Come as planned
Ethan, however, remained unmoved and continued to walk out.
“Wait!WaitNow Tony yelled even louder, “at least put on my suit!”
“Do you mean to let me die decently?”Ethan felt a little sad at Tony's advice.
“No, do you remember that I told you it was a gift from my son?”
“Yes, I remember.”
“He's a genius, and even if he's not yet an adult, he's still as good as me.This suit uses a new nano material invented by him, which can effectively protect your torso to the maximum extent in the attack of various weapons. ”
“He will become a better and greater person than you. He knows how to replace destruction with protection.”After that, Ethan took a suit on his body and resolutely walked out of the room.
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Chapter 8 escape from the sky
Outside, the thin Dr. Ethan has picked up the guns left by the terrorists on the ground and started fighting with the enemy. At this time, the loading progress of the control system is just over 50%.
Without the coordination of the control system, Tony could only be trapped in the heavy steel armor.Anxiously, he could only stare at the progress bar on the screen and pray that Ethan would be safe in the siege of Shijie gang.
Ethan, who rushed out of the room with a rifle, was not as miserable and helpless as Tony thought.Ethan, who had made up his mind to let Tony escape even at the expense of himself, was very surprised at his present state.
In the face of the enemy, his body does not seem to belong to himself, all kinds of difficult twists and turns, to avoid the enemy shot.Even if a few stray bullets hit him occasionally, he could not penetrate the protection of his suit.
The rifle in the hand is also like a hanging. After automatic aiming, the index finger feels an electric current stimulation. With a bang, the enemy in front of him has been killed by the bullet in the middle of the eyebrow.
“Stark!Your son is really a genius, a greater genius than you. Lao Tzu is going to be supernatural today! “Ethan doesn't care if Tony behind him can hear what he said, but he can't help it. After yelling out to vent, he goes on his way.
In fact, this is exactly what mark used to load the kung fu master chip for his suit. In addition to the close combat data of martial arts masters in various countries, even the king of special forces didn't miss it. In addition to the auxiliary system added by mark, it's not surprising that Ethan can hit a hundred times.
When Ethan will be the first to arrive at this group of terrorists all destroyed, the control system loaded Tony has been fully armed to come behind him.
Looking at the enemy corpse lying on the ground, Tony's surprised expression lost control. “Ethan, you didn't tell me that you are not only a scholar, but also a sharpshooter.”
“No, no, no!Tony, it's amazing that your son invented this pair. I feel like I've got a new life today. ”
“This dress is so awesome!”Tony now feels more and more regret that he didn't wear this suit firmly. “However, you're wrong. It's not that we want to get a new life, but that we're going to get a new life soon!”
Tony controls the slightly cumbersome mark one, protecting Ethan and killing all sides in the base.Relying on the powerful firepower of the armor and Ethan's mobility, they killed the Buddha. After successfully leaving the cave, they detonated the Shijie Gang's arsenal and completely turned the base into ruins.
Tony, together with mark one, fell heavily into the sand on the ground. The strong impact made the heavy armor fall apart and become a pile of accessories.
On the other hand, Ethan stood up safe and sound, and had to praise mark for his thoughtfulness in designing the suit.When Ethan was about to land and bear the impact, the suit just like a car opened the airbag, suddenly expanded, wrapped Ethan into a ball, which spared him.
“Ha ha ha, I'm a freshman. Today Ethan is a freshman!Sobbing — “Ethan, who regained his freedom, collapsed, knelt on the sand and began to cry.
“Er… Not bad. What's the matter with Ethan? Why are you crying?”Finally climbed out of the sand, Tony looked at Ethan crying very puzzled.
“Wuwuwuwu, I rushed out to buy time for you just now, but I intend to sacrifice for it.All my family died in their hands. I think it's a good way to die with them.
But in the end I came to life, I regained my freedom, I regained my new life, and I felt the beauty of my life again.Promise me, Tony, don't waste your life
“I promise you, Ethan, that's a promise from Tony Stark, who's reborn today.”
At New York State Air Force base, a military transport plane carrying Tony back from Afghanistan landed safely on the runway of the airport.
Ethan did not come with him. He lived to his hometown, gumira, hoping to make his own contribution to its peace.Tony didn't stop Ethan from realizing his ideals and values. Before leaving, he gave Ethan the suit mark gave him, hoping that with the help of it, Ethan can approach his goal step by step.
With the help of Colonel rod, Tony came out of the cabin.Sharp eyed Tony has seen not far away, standing on the tarmac waiting for his mark, pepper and harpy.
“Your eyes are red. Are you crying for your long lost boss?”
“These are tears of joy. I hate job hunting.”Piper said.
“Well, the holiday is over.”
“Dad, you're too bad. You can make yourself like this in the body suit I gave you. Sister pepper can't eat and sleep for you every day.”
“What about you, smelly boy, but don't worry about me?”
“I don't worry about you. Anyway, I'm used to you not being with me anymore.”
“Don't worry, no one will be able to separate our father and son in the future.”Tony said, trying to take mark to his arms with his uninjured left hand and give him a father's hug.
Unexpectedly, mark stepped back and dodged, “Gee, it's disgusting, Dad.Are you brainwashed by terrorists or tortured and crazy to do things that are not like you
Tony: “Oh
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Chapter 9 March into the medical industry
“Welcome back, sir. Now please get in the car.”Harpy opened the back door and ushered several people into the car“Where are we going? ”
“Go to the hospital.”Pepper doesn't think.
“NoTony refused.
“Why not, Tony.You have to go to the hospital! “Pepper stares at Tony angrily.
“If you don't go, you don't go.”In the face of Pepper's stolen attention, Tony has to play a childish temper.
“Forget it, sister pepper.”Mark began to be a peacemaker. “If you don't go to the hospital, you can't go. Anyway, I put Dabai in the trunk of the car. If there's something wrong with Dabai, I'll go to the hospital myself.”
“Yes, pepper.I know my body. Even if you don't believe me, don't you believe Mark's invention of Dabai?
I've been in prison for three months and now I have two things I want to do.The first one is a cheeseburger, and the second one is… ”
“Enough, Tony, you're shameless!”Pepper, blushing, interrupted.
“It's not what you think. I'm going to hold a press conference.”
“Hold a press conference?”
“Yes, but before that, Harpy, drive.Let's find the cheeseburger first. ”
Stark Convention Center, backstage of press conference.
“Dabai, give the old man a physical examination.”
“Copy, master. Scanning begins.
Scan complete.According to the data analysis, the patient has multiple soft tissue contusion and open trauma, slight bone fracture in the right arm, residual metal foreign body in the chest, which may cause massive bleeding of important organs, and also accompanied by symptoms of mental depression and excessive fatigue.
It is suggested that you stop eating junk food such as cheeseburger and adjust your state through adequate sleep and balanced diet for the next stage of treatment
“DaddyMark looked at Tony and reminded him.
“OK, I'm very satisfied with your service.”Tony knowingly commented on Dabai's service.
“What else?”
Looking at Mark's palm in front of him, Tony reluctantly puts the last cheeseburger in Mark's hand. “Is that ok?”
“Let's do this for the time being. After the press conference, remember to go back and have a good sleep and stop looking for women!”Mark nodded with satisfaction, followed by an order.
“Laozi, am I such a person?”
When Mark heard this, he revealed a question: do you still have self-knowledgeOf course you are
“But I've been reborn. Now I'm not the Tony I used to be!”
“The country is easy to change, but the nature is hard to change.Dogs can't get rid of eating shit! ”
“You… You… You are still not my son. My heart aches!”
No matter what father and son are doing backstage, pepper, who is organizing activities at the front desk, meets a mysterious man.
“Miss Potts?”
“Well, yes, it's me.”Facing this strange man's inquiry, pepper felt a little hesitant.
“Can I have a word with you?”
“I won't attend the Q & a session, but the press conference will start soon.”Pepper signaled that the other party could ask their own questions after the meeting.
“I'm not a reporter. I'm an agent.Let me introduce myself. My name is Phil Colson. I belong to the homeland strategic defense attack and logistics support agency. ”
“Are you talking about tongue twisters?”Pepper make complaints about the long and smelly organization name.
“We're still improving on that.”Colson replied awkwardly.
“But we've been questioned by the Department of defense, the FBI and the CIA.”
“Miss Potts, we are an independent department with more specific objectives. We need to ask Mr. stark about his escape.”
“I'll add it to Tony's schedule, OK?”Pepper made an excuse to kill Colson.
“Thank you.”Colson knew there was nothing to do and decided to retreat for the time being and wait for the next opportunity.
“Ladies and gentlemen, the press conference is about to begin. Please take your seats in order.Next, let's welcome Mr. Tony Stark to take the floor. ”
“Well, the reception begins. Don't be so tight. It's too formal.
As we all know, I didn't say goodbye to my father. I had some questions that I didn't have time to ask him.
What does he think of the company? Has he ever struggled and doubted;Maybe he's just like in the news documentary.
But this time, I saw our country's young soldiers killed, and it was the weapons I made to defend them that killed them.
I've also seen that I've become part of a system that doesn't want to take responsibility. ”
With the deepening of Tony's topic, the atmosphere at the scene became more and more heavy. Everyone here held their breath and listened attentively to Tony's speech.There was only one person, who was getting more and more ugly. He smelled something unusual from Tony's speech. This person was Obadiah Stan, the veteran of stark industries and Howard Stark's business partner.
“Mr. stark, where did you go and what did you experience?”At this time, a reporter stood up and raised his own question.
“I was an eye opener there, and I realized that I could do more for the world than just create explosions.
So I made a decision: close down stark International's weapons manufacturing division. ”
When Tony announced the decision, obadayastan's face was completely black, “Tony Stark!Damn it — ”
“In addition -” the scene has been a mess because of Tony's amazing speech, but Tony's speech is not over, “I want to introduce a person to you.”
“Maybe you all know him. After all, when it was revealed that I had a son, your newspaper sales increased a lot.Yes, I'm going to introduce my son, Max Tucker!
Mark's mechanical talent is no less than mine, and all kinds of fresh ideas full of youth in his mind will even open a new door for me.Not long ago, he did.Big white — ”
With Tony's call, the unremarkable red suitcase on the stage of the venue opened automatically. After a while of inflation, Dabai swayed to the front of the stage.
(× – ×) “Hello, I'm Dabai, your personal health assistant. Do you need medical care?”
“WowThe appearance of Dabai made the scene scream.And after Tony repeated Mark's experiment with a roll of tape again, everyone was staring at Dabai on the stage.
“So, as chairman of stark group, my second decision today is that stark industry will enter the medical industry!”
With the announcement of Tony's decision, the scene is boiling up again. Obadaiya can't sit down any more. He immediately goes on stage and hugs Tony's shoulder and keeps him away from the microphone.
“Well, I'm sure you won't worry about selling tomorrow's papers. I think the good news you should take away from here today is that Tony Stark is back, and he's healthier than ever.Well, that's the end of today's press conference! ”
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Chapter 10 I'm going to be angry
“Hey, daddy.”As soon as the press conference was over, mark, who was backstage, immediately ran to Tony with a very bad expression. “I don't remember that I authorized stark industrial production, and I don't even remember that he told me that he was going to tell me today.”
Looking at mark who asked him angrily, Tony turned his eyes a few times and replied with a stiff head: “actually, I had a temporary intention.”
As soon as the words came out, he found a dangerous look in Mark's expression. Tony said quickly, “don't worry, listen to me first.”
No wonder Tony is so afraid of Mark's anger. Although father and son usually spend little time together, some things still make Tony's hair stand up in retrospect.
Nothing is right. Put fine timber to petty use. Mark still had six years old when Toni was able to make complaints about the magnetic levitation bike he made at that time. He secretly changed the shower gel in the bathroom into the hardened foam he had deployed, so that Toni who had taken a bath in the evening was trapped in the bathroom for a whole night.
On the second day, when the bubble lost its effectiveness and Toni escaped to seek Mark to settle accounts, Mark's words formed a deep psychological shadow on him, so that Toni would not dare to provoke Mark to be angry again. “Dad, you came out, and I would like to take some pictures, and then put you at the door exhibition.”I didn't expect that this formula was so useless, and the effect lasted only one night. ”
It was also because of this memorable experience that Tony immediately explained to him when he saw the small face that had begun to blacken at the door: “although I had a temporary intention to let you show your face in front of the national media.But if you think about it, as Tony Stark's son, the future successor of stark group, it's impossible to escape the media spotlight from the moment you come back to me.
Now I'm 14 years old, and I'll be an adult in a few years. I'll help you build momentum, and you're a genius. When you take over the power of the company from me, the people on the board of directors will not hinder you. ”
“But I want to keep a low profile and be an old Yin Bi.You are so popular that you may be kidnapped one day to make weapons.And who wants to integrate your stark group? I'm a man addicted to knowledge. I don't care about company affairs.I think you'd better have an heir with sister pepper while kidney deficiency is not too serious. ”
When he heard Mark's words, pepper immediately blushed on his white face. Tony also reacted fiercely, blushed and said in a loud voice, “young, don't learn well. Is that what you should do?
To get down to business, I'm going to set up a company in your name to operate all kinds of technologies and future inventions you have accumulated over the years.The company is 100% controlled by you and only deals with all matters related to you.The authorization fee of Dabai will be negotiated after the establishment of the company. You can rest assured that I will not give you less money. ”
“Well, I accept your explanation. I won't be embarrassed for the sake of money.But it won't be the same next time. If you dare to act first and then act later, be careful that I pour the latest super capsaicin on your underwear. ”
Tony shivered and felt a little lucky. Fortunately, he had just fooled things over. Otherwise, it was so sour that people couldn't believe it“Don't worry, there will be no next time, I promise! ”
At this time, Tony saw Obadiah Stan coming towards him with a black face not far away. He was very happy and said, “Oh, Obadiah is coming. Look at his serious expression, there must be something very important to tell me. Mark, follow your sister pepper. I'm going to talk about work.”
Tony, who regards obadaiya as his Savior, immediately uses him as an excuse to get rid of mark.Wiping the sweat on his head, Tony greets obadaiya and says, “Uncle Obi, what can I do for you?”
“That was a good job, Tony!”Obadaiya said ironically.
“I think so, too.”Tony said as he went down the hill.
“Tony, how far do you think the stock price of stark industries will fall tomorrow?”Obadaiya's face darkened when he saw that Tony was still hanging around.
“An optimistic estimate of 40 points.”
“That's the least.”Obadaiya ordered himself a cigar to calm down.
“Tony, we're a weapons manufacturer!”
“Obi, I don't want us to leave just a bunch of killing numbers in the future.”
“This is our job. We are arms dealers, so we should make weapons.”
“Now it's not. I've announced that Stark is moving into healthcare. We're going to be a more profitable and great company.”
“You mean with little mark's inflatable doll?Don't be paranoid, Tony. Who would believe something invented by a 14-year-old? It won't save the stock price of stark group
“What about the ark reactor?I'm also optimistic about the new energy sector. ”
“Come on, Tony.The ark reactor is a gimmick. It was built to stop the media and politicians. ”
With that, obadaiya pointed to the middle of the exhibition hall, the prototype ark reactor made by Howard stark.
“But he made it.”Tony insisted.
“Yes, but it was as a science project.Its commercial benefits are not good at all. Before it was built, we knew that ark reactor technology was a dead end, right? ”
“I'm right. How long has it been since we made a breakthrough in this technology?According to them, it's 30 years. ”
“Can you make your poker face a little more ugly?Tell me who said it and who told you that I have made a breakthrough in technology.Pepper or rod? ”
“Forget it, Tony. I want to see it.”
“Pepper or rod?”
“Well, it's rod.”
Hearing the answer, Tony unbuttoned his shirt and showed obadaiya the ark reactor on his chest. “It works.”
“All right, all right.”Seeing what he wanted, obadaiya showed a greedy smile.He took Tony's shoulder and said, “listen to me, Tony.We're on the first team, okay?As long as we work together, there's nothing we can't do, just like your father and I did
“I'm sorry, Obi.I didn't discuss with you in advance, but if I said… ”
“Tony, Tony.”Obadaiya stopped Tony from trying to explain. “Listen to me, there won't be [preparation, aiming, ignition] anymore. Do you understand what I mean?”
“Yes, these are the routes my father took.”
“Yes, Tony.Try to keep a low profile and let me help you with the next thing. ”
“There's definitely something wrong with that guy.”
“What?”Pepper was puzzled by Mark's sudden and endless words.
“I mean that old man, Obadiah, Tony's accident has nothing to do with him.”Looking at Obadiah Stan, who is talking to Tony and is a kind-hearted elder, mark decides to give pepper a shot in advance.
Mark knew that obadaiya was behind Tony's accident.However, he suffers from no evidence in his hand. He can't accuse the other party just because he is familiar with the plot in his previous life. So the best way is to plant a seed of doubt in Pepper's heart and influence Tony's thoughts through pepper.
“The only thing that the whole company knows about Tony's itinerary is you as secretary and obadaiya as vice chairman. Since terrorists can accurately ambush Tony's only way, it must be one of you who divulges information.
I believe this person will not be your little pepper sister, so it can only be this old man. ”
“Is it really going to be him?”When pepper heard Mark's analysis, she was also suspicious.Although she couldn't prove it for herself, she knew that she had never betrayed Tony.If Mark's analysis is right, Obadiah really
“Well, sister pepper, don't think about these things.After all, it's just my personal speculation. Don't tell me.And I want to ask my sister to do something for me… ”
Looking at mark, who was a little embarrassed suddenly, peper chuckled and said, “come with me and tell me what can be done. I will help you do it.”
“As you know, I've made a lot of money from my father over the years. I want you to help me find a reliable financial company, and help me get all the money to buy the stock of stark group tomorrow.”
“No problem.”Pepper readily agreed without thinking about it.
“Won't you persuade me?”Mark is a little curious about how pepper agreed so readily. After all, he has tens of billions of savings in his hands. Besides, everyone knows that Stark's stock will fall sharply tomorrow. Normal people will not agree with Mark's move against the trend.
“I believe in Tony and your abilities.Don't forget that you promised to customize a special version of Dabai before. ”
“Don't worry about it. I'll deliver it to your door tomorrow with the pink customization and the cute loliyin.I've got a name in mind. How about calling it “King Kong Barbie”
“… I think I'll name it myself.”
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Chapter 11 talking about the future
“What's going on with stark industries?”
At half past eight in the evening, Tony came home tired.Although it's past supper time, it's really early for mark for Tony to go home at this time.
“It's none of your business. Don't worry about it.I can still solve this problem. “Tony goes up to mark and touches his head.
“Anyway, it's your own fault. I don't care about you.But I believe what you said beforeMark raised his hand and opened Tony's rough palm.
“You said you were reborn, not the Tony Stark you used to be.I'd like to believe that since you didn't spend the night out today
“Smelly boy, he made fun of me.I don't think you, who have not yet grown up, will know the pleasure of deep communication between adults. “As he said this, Tony Han narrowed his eyes and made an aftertaste expression.
“Well, I can't tell you.But in the end, if sister pepper marries someone else and has children, don't regret it
“… I know. I'm already working hard. You can quickly make the robot that promised her, so I can find a chance to give it to pepper and please her.”
“Don't worry, this time I customized her pink skin and loli's voice recorded by famous Disney dubbing actors.In addition to the health assistant chip, I have also updated more than a dozen practical chips, such as personal bodyguard chip, fitness trainer chip, heart warming nanny chip, to ensure that from head to toe, clothing, food, housing and transportation to create a caring life assistant for sister pepper. ”
“Not bad, not bad.Well… Wait a minute. If you raise her standard of living so much, when you compare it with me, doesn't it seem that I don't care enough about him? ”
“That's not true, Dad.Do you think sister pepper has been around you for such a long time and can't get your exclusive love, but she never gives up, because you care about her enough?
Is it because you look amazing?
Is it because your family is rich and your country is rich?
It's because you're smart, you're smart, smart enough to attract sister pepper's attention just by your brain.So ah, you don't know what your advantages are. The robots you and I make are not comparable. ”
“That's what you said!How do you feel that you have more emotional experience than me when you are young?You've been living at home since you were a child, and you didn't even go to school. Where did you learn these things from? ”
“You're behind, Dad.What era is it now? It's 2010. Mobile phones can use 3G network to access the Internet at any time. The 4G era is coming. Don't you usually use the Internet?
Although the old Chinese saying goes well that “there is a house of gold in a book, and there is a beauty in a book”, with the advent of the mobile Internet era, any information and knowledge can be obtained through the Internet. These “36 tips for love” and “how to make yourself more active in love” are the knowledge points of the rotten street.
Let me tell you, according to my analysis, as the network becomes more and more developed, the popularization scope and the speed of Internet access are improved, there will be an era of online knowledge payment in the future. Now I am preparing for Dabai's private tutor chip and the related education cloud platform. I believe there will be great prospects in the future! ”
Hearing Mark's analysis of the future situation, Tony's expression became serious.He doesn't think these words are children's jokes. Tony knows how smart mark is. Since he can find the basis to support this inference from all aspects, Tony can be sure that the era of online knowledge payment that Mark said will come.
“Do you have any ideas for the future? Tell me.I used to look down on you, but I didn't expect that you were really a scholar. If you didn't go out, you would know everything. ”
“Well, you didn't look down on me before. You didn't look me in the eye.Alas, I also know that after all, I'm just an illegitimate child who has no reputation. It's very difficult for you to suddenly appear in your life… ”
“All right, smelly boy!Don't play the fool with me. I'm not going to take your move any more. Let's make it conditional. How much will it cost this time? ”
“Well, you see, the auction price of buffet's lunch is no less than two million dollars. I'll give you an accurate and detailed analysis of the future situation. This value can't be lower than a lunch.You just give me a $7.77 million and ask for a prize. ”
“You're tough.”Tony took out the checkbook and pen in his pocket and wrote down the amount and signature on it.
Tear ~, Tony tore off the check and put it in Mark's palm, “OK, profiteer.”
“Hey, hey, after all, it's an illegitimate child. It's enough to save more money in your pocket.”Mark glared at the check in his hands, as if there were two small gold coins in his eyes.
This is Mark's habit left in his last life. After all, he was used to poverty in his previous life, so he inevitably had some extraordinary persistence in money.Although he was born in a wealthy family, he was only born out of wedlock. To be on the safe side, mark still likes to save his own money.
When he heard Mark's words, Tony just gave him a look of disgust. Mark accepted the check as soon as it was ready, put it in his pocket and began to express his opinion on the future trend.
To say that it is an opinion, the world is just an analysis and prediction made by referring to the track of social development in the last world and combining with the specific situation in this world.
It's already two o'clock in the night after the business prospects of big data, cloud services, Internet of things, intelligent AI, blockchain and so on, which were deeply impressed in my 18 years of life, combined with the reality of the world, “OK, that's all I want for the time being. I'm trapped.”
“Well, that's all for today. Go to bed——By the way, one more thing, tomorrow you have to help me replace the new ark reactor. My hands are too big to reach the wires inside. ”
Hearing Tony's request, mark immediately fell asleep: “don't even think about it!That thing on your chest is disgusting. It's full of pus. I won't put my hand in it if I kill you!
And you don't do it!How can you ask me for help when it's such a good chance to get closer to sister pepper?Sister pepper will come over tomorrow, and I'll debug the robot. Then you can ask her for help
“But isn't that a little bad?”Tony was a little shy. “What if you scare her?”
“Well!You are really spoiling your Playboy and love veteran image in my mind. Don't you want her not to dislike you, just like you?
If she really dislikes you because of this, then you should go after others!
What are you hesitating about such a beneficial and harmless thing? ”
“Then… Shall I try tomorrow?”
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Chapter 12 start of pursuit plan
“All right, pepper.Wait for me here. Don't open your eyes in advance to peep!
I'm going to take it out now. You wait for me
Today, as soon as pepper arrived at the door, Tony took her to the underground garage in the villa.In order to give each other a surprise, Tony also asked Jarvis to search the Internet for him according to mark's method, so along the way, Tony blindfolded pepper by using the method he learned from the Internet.
“Is that all right, Tony?What's the matter with you? I want to talk to mark about the robot he gave me
“Forget mark.”Tony came up behind her and gently took off her blindfold. “Now it's time for me to give you a gift. Look what it is.”
Looking in the direction of Tony's fingers, pepper sees a pink mini suitcase, which is even a circle smaller than a white charging box.
The outer surface of the suitcase is matted to make it fashionable and beautiful. The center of the front is decorated with a circle of yellow LED light band in the shape of love, which is obviously a special design for women.
Seeing all this, pepper can say that her girlish heart is about to be offended. Her big eyes are shining with a different color.
“Come on, Dad!”Outside the glass door of the garage, mark, who was watching all this secretly, gave Tony a small blow.
Tony looked at him and nodded, “I will.”
“Well!I hope daddy can do it. He is more pure than a virgin in front of the people he likes. I don't know if such a good atmosphere will be ruined.
But this time, thanks to sister pepper's business, otherwise I will forget the happiness of charging money to buy skin in my last life. At that time, I will design more skin for the popular version of personal health assistant, and provide a private customized service for the rich, so that the people of the universe will also enjoy the happiness of krypton, Gaga – Gaga ~ ”
Regardless of mark who has fallen into his own lust on one side, Tony is ready to take action at this time.
“How do you like it.This is the personal health assistant specially designed for you – King Kong Barbie
After hearing Tony's introduction, pepper, who was still very excited, suddenly became a black line. “You can't tell me the truth, is it really called” King Kong Barbie ”
It seems to feel that the atmosphere is not right, Tony quickly changed: “Er, this name is Mark's name, the robot system has not been named, now you can give it a name you like.”
Tony uses pepper's hand to walk up to the pink robot specially made for her.I reached out and touched the peach heart in the middle of the pink portable charging box.
Zi Er ~ Zi Er ~
Just like the design of Dabai, the pink box cover is opened, and the robot wrapped in it starts to inflate automatically.
After a while, the special limited edition personal health assistance that mark specially customized and gave to pepper perfectly appeared in front of them.
Pink polyvinyl alcohol fiber skin covered with graphene film, in addition to more solid and durable, compared to the white mild more playful and lovely feeling.
At the same time, in order to better adapt to pepper's aesthetic, mark reduced its height from 2.60 meters to 1.70 meters, and his figure was more slim and slender than that of Dabai.
To be able to remind such a large degree of compression, Tony also contributed a lot in it.The first is to replace the internal graphene battery with the ark reaction furnace. Of course, it's a smaller version than Tony's miniaturized version. It can support the customized model to work normally for 100 years or fight in escort mode for one hour.
In addition, there are holographic projectors, emergency kits and daily medicine kits specially designed for women, not to mention the functional chips designed by mark.
Thanks to the compression of body shape, after being stored in the charging box, it is not only small in size, but also weighs only 1.4kg, which enables pepper to carry it with her whether she is at home or in office, traveling or on business.
“King Kong Barbie series first machine for you, Hello, master, I am your personal health assistant and life assistant and personal chef… And personal bodyguard.”
After introducing a series of features designed by mark with the clear and beautiful customized Lori sound, Tony touched the non-existent sweat on his forehead and said, “you can go and name it now.”
“My program has set Ms. pepper as my sole owner. According to the data in the database, please allow me to scan you and collect biometric information. After the initial authentication, you will be able to rename me.”
“All right.”Peper walked up to King Kong Barbie. Although she hated the name, looking at its delicate appearance, lovely image and the right to name it, she said that these details were irrelevant.
“Start scan – scan complete to record information, authentication complete.Master, please name me
“Nini!”As soon as the robot's voice fell, pepper had blurted out the name she had already thought of. She was afraid that it would change if it was too late. She didn't hesitate for half a second.
One side of Tony after hearing the name also feel very suitable, and inexplicably feel the name and his fate ah!It seems that today's plan is very successful.
“After modification, today is July 17, 2010. From now on, Nini will take care of her master's daily life and protect her life safety and health. Please take more care of her.”Nini said this and bowed a standard 90 degree bow.
Seeing this scene, peper's heart is almost melting. “Nini, please take care of me more in the future.”
“Yes, master.If there are no other requirements, please comment on my service this time. Nini can go to sleep only after the host is satisfied. ”
“I'm very satisfied, Nini. Go and have a rest.”
After getting satisfactory evaluation, Nini moved back to the box step by step, and after deflating and folding, it became the fashionable suitcase again.
It is worth mentioning that Nini can walk out of a more normal pace because of her reduced figure. However, in order to save energy and prevent collision, Nini is still as slow as Dabai in daily low power mode.
“Well, do you like the present I gave you?”Tony struck while the iron was hot and asked questions from the bottom of his heart.
“Yes, of course, but it's a gift from mark. What does it have to do with you?”Pepper loves holding Nini's charging box, and doesn't receive the love signal released by Tony.
“I can't say that. I also provided some technical suggestions for Nini's design and manufacturing. Last night, I used my father's authority to urge mark to work overtime to transform it to such a perfect level. Of course, this is my gift.”
Mark outside the door got goose bumps when he heard this. If Tony's money attack was not strong enough last night, he would not let Tony talk nonsense in it.
“Well, in that case, it's a gift from you and mark.Thank you, TonyWith that, pepper put down the charging box in her arms, turned around and gave Tony a big hug, which made Tony's face a little red.
“Pepper, actually I have one more thing to ask you to do for me today. Can you show me your hand before that?”
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Chapter 13 Tony's routine
“I don't quite understand, this…” in the face of Tony's strange request, peper was very confused.If I had not had a good feeling for Tony, I would have regarded him as a pervert.
“Show me.”Fortunately, at the critical moment, Tony still remembers that he learned to be a bully president on the Internet last night. With a low magnetic voice, pepper finally shamefully put his palm on Tony's outstretched hand.
“Delicate, small.”Tony solemnly said something that sounded like a rascal, “I need your help.”
With that, Tony's next action is more and more like playing hooligans. He takes off his T-shirt and shows the ark reaction furnace on his chest.
“OMG, is that what you keep alive?”Peper asked in disbelief.
“It used to be, but now it's an antique.”With that, Tony took out a brand new ark reaction furnace from the workbench. Pepper could see with his naked eye that this one was more exquisite than the old one in terms of material and technology“This one will sustain my life for some time in the future. I want to replace this upgraded one, but now I have encountered some obstacles. ”
“Obstacles?What do you meanPepper understands that this obstacle is probably where she needs to help, but she still needs to know what it is.
“It's not a big deal, it's just a small problem.”Tony tapped his finger on the reactor in front of his chest. “There is an exposed wire under the device that touches the wall of the slot, causing a short circuit.”
Upon hearing this, pepper looked at Tony in surprise. Tony waved his hand and explained, “it's OK.”
“How can I help you?”
Hearing this, Tony knew that the next thing should be settled, and pepper was willing to help himself.He lay down on a chair, connected several electrodes to his chest, and then pulled out the ark reactor from his chest with pepper's frightened eyes“Don't worry. Help me put this on the table over there. It's useless. ”
“My GodPiper took over the replaced reactor with his hand carefully and put it on the table.
“Now I want you to put your hand in and gently pull the wire out.”
“Is that safe?”Pepper asked with a worried face.
“It should be OK. It's like an operation game. Just don't let the wire touch the slot wall, or it will make a [beep]
“What surgery game.”Nervous pepper can't understand Tony's humor.
“Well, forget about the game. It doesn't matter. Take out the thread gently. Are you ready?”
“OK!”Pepper slowly reached to the edge of the trough wall and then drew back as if he had been electrocuted. “You know, I don't think I'm up to this.Maybe you should ask the module to help you. ”
Tony looked her in the eye and said seriously, “you can. You are the most qualified and trustworthy person I know. You will do a great job.
Am I asking too much?Because I really need your help. ”
Tony can be described as a combination of means. First, he comforts deeply, wins favor, and then reveals his weak side to get sympathy from the other side. Pepper nods and agrees to Tony's pursuit of the most praised treasure on the Internet.
“Well, I'll help you.”Peper, plucking up her courage, reaches for Tony's chest again.
“Oh, there's pus in it!”Pepper's face was disgusted, and her features were almost wrinkled into a bun“Now that I know why you don't let mark help, he will certainly refuse. ”
“No, it's not pus, it's Inorganic protoplasm released by the device, it's not secreted by my body.”Tony said“And mark stayed up late last night. He couldn't do such fine work
Mark, who has been paying attention to the progress of the two people outside the door, disdained and said, “man's mouth, deceiving ghost!No – Tony's mouth, a liar
“It stinks!”Although Tony forced to explain a wave, but the bad smell still let pepper can't help complaining.
“Yes, it's a bit of a smell…” Tony replied awkwardly and could only quickly change the topic. “Copper wire, have you found that copper wire?”
“Touch it!”
“Do you feel it?OK, pay attention not to touch the groove wall when pulling out.OhThe pain caused by the short circuit made Tony cry out, “I told you that before.”
“Sorry.”After the small accident, pepper's face has turned pale now, and now she only dares to continue the task with her eyes closed.
“It doesn't matter, when you pull out, you should be careful not to pull out the electromagnetic coil at the end…” looking at the electromagnetic coil shaking in front of you, “OK, you have pulled out.”
“God, I didn't expect…” peper opened her eyes and saw the scene even more flustered. She wanted to put back what she had pulled out.
“Don't put it back!”Tony quickly stopped her.
“What should I do now?What's the matter with you? “When she saw that Tony's physical condition had changed, pepper really wanted to cry.
“It's OK, but my heart is going to stop, because you pulled it out…”
“What!?Didn't you tell me it was safe? ”
“Forget it. Take this and change it quickly.”Tony hands the new reactor to pepper.
“Good.Tony, it's going to be OK, isn't it? ”
“It's going to be OK. I can make it.”
“I hope so.”
At this time, pepper's heart was completely confused because of her nervousness. Even if Tony's acting skills were extremely poor, she could not see the clue.
“Daddy's move is wonderful. It makes sister pepper feel ashamed of him. With her character, she will certainly find a way to compensate daddy in the future. It seems that I'm going to change my name to stepmother.”
Outside the door, mark, who also has a lot of research on the online pursuit of treasure, saw Tony's trick at a glance.He felt that his father's operation was stable, and mark quietly left the door and went back to his room.
“Remember to connect that connector to the chassis.”Tony reminded me.
Just listen to [click] and the connection is complete.
“Well, is that all right?”Pepper breathed a sigh of relief.
“Is it that hard?It's fun, isn't it? Well done, pepper!Are you all right? ”
“Of course, I feel great, but you'll never ask me to do that again.”
“I have no one but you.Mark has such a bad habit of cleanliness that he won't help me. ”
“Sure enough, I knew it was pus.”With that, pepper shook the liquid off her hand.
“Well, don't worry about that.”
“What about this one?”Piper asked, picking up the reactor that had just been replaced on the table.
“That one?Destroy it, burn it, it doesn't matter. ”
“Don't you want to keep the memorial?”
“Pepper, people put a lot of labels on me, but it doesn't include [nostalgia].”
“Well, nothing else, Mr. stark.”
“It's all right, Miss pepper.”
Pepper leaves the underground garage with Tony's replacement ark reactor in her hand. She looks thoughtful and looks as if she has thought about what to do with it.
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Chapter 14 iron and steel project 1 [seeking flowers]
“Is the future of air combat manned or pilotless? What I want to say is that according to my experience, no pilotless air vehicle can surpass the instinctive response of pilots.A pilot's insight cultivated through long-term training, an ability to foresee some consequences through Miao Mian's in-depth observation of the situation, or a pilot's judgment. ”
At the air force base, Colonel rod is leading a group of new Air Force recruits to visit the hangar and teach them his experience as an ace pilot.
“Captain, then… Why can't we make a co pilot who doesn't fly an airplane?”
“Look at this man from the sky, Mr. Tony Stark.”Rod introduces the recruits to Tony, who interrupts.
“When it comes to manned or not, you have to listen to his experience of misjudgment.It was the beginning of spring. Remember clearly, it was the beginning of spring in 1987.The lady in your bed… “Tony didn't end his act of breaking down, and continued to expose his friends.
“Tony, come on –” rod interrupted awkwardly.
“What's her name again?Is it Ivan? ”
“They'll believe it. Don't talk nonsense.”Rod reminded again that he didn't want to lose face in front of the recruits.
“Well, nice to meet you.”Tony just stopped joking.
“Guys, let's hang out for a while. We need to talk alone.”
As the recruits walked away, rod patted Tony on the shoulder. “I'm surprised, man!”
“I swear, I didn't expect to see you walking so fast.”
“I can do more than just walk.”
“Is it?”Rod has some doubts.
“Yes.Rod, I'm doing something big. I came to tell you that I hope you can join me. ”
Rod nodded perfunctorily, but did not say a positive answer: “you could have made these people really happy, because your [accident] at the press conference was a big start.”
“It's not for the army, I'm not… It's different.”
Rod looked at Tony, who was a little strange, with a puzzled look: “what's the matter?Are you a humanist now? ”
“I hope you can listen to my plan carefully first…”
Before Tony finished, rod interrupted him: “no need.What you need now is to get your brain back to normal.I mean it
“All right.”Tony gave a perfunctory smile.
“Nice to meet you, Tony.”With that, rod turned to continue his unfinished work.
“Thank you.”For friend rod don't understand, Tony feel a little disappointed, but this can't let him give up the heart of the plan, “it seems that still need to ask mark for help.”
“Mark, come out. I need to see you!”Tony is a very efficient man. As soon as he gets home, he calls Mark's name.
Since he escaped from the terrorists with the humble mark-1, he had this plan in his heart. Now Tony is most concerned about the future development of the company besides the progress with pepper.
Hearing his father's call, Mark came out of the room in his plush pajamas, sleepy eyed. “What's up, dad.I didn't go to bed until four o'clock last night. ”
“Four o'clock?What did you do last night?And now that you're 12 o'clock at noon, it's time for you to get up, according to the teenagers' eight hour sleep time every day. ”
“Well, who let this house be yours.Thanks for staying up late last night to help you eliminate the shrapnel in your chest. Ah, what a kindness
“Well?”When he heard Mark's words, Tony immediately became interested. What he was interested in was not whether the shrapnel in his chest could be clear, because he knew the high-risk risks, and he was not willing to take risks when everything was under control at this stage;What he's really interested in is Mark's new gadget.
You know, mark didn't pay much attention to medicine. Even when he was developing a personal health consultant, Jarvis helped to sort out all the medical data. Now that Mark says he has a way to know the shrapnel in his chest, he must have found a direction in other technologies.
“What new have you got?Take it out quickly and show it to me! ”
“Don't you want to see me?”
“Don't worry, don't worry about it. Let's see what you've made.”Mark's new invention is more attractive to Tony than the unknown plan that has not yet produced results. After all, in Tony's heart, he has recognized mark as a genius beyond himself, although it is impossible to say it.
“OK, but it's impossible to take it out. Come into the room with me and I'll show you.”Mark turned and went into the room again.
Tony also followed closely, but as soon as he entered the door, he was attracted by the huge metal ball in front of him, “tungsten carbide?”Tony recognized at a glance the alloy used in the sphere in front of him.
“Yes, the sword is not old.There's 400 pounds of tungsten carbide here.Come here and I'll show you something interesting. “Mark beckons to Tony and leads him to the bench in the room.
A complete set of chemical preparation instruments are placed on the experimental platform, which have been connected to the instruments in an orderly way, and there are also chemical reagents of various colors. It is obvious that Mark's new discovery this time is related to chemistry.
Mark picked up a test tube and poured the chemicals into the preparation apparatus. “Add perchloric acid, a drop of cobalt.”Mark's feet move along the table, constantly adjusting various instruments, adding reagents to them, “a little bit of hydrogen peroxide, and then heating to 500 Kelvin.”Mark turned on the heating.
Put the prepared liquid into the spray can, mark handed it to Tony: “you try, spray it on the tungsten carbide ball.”
Tony turns out that the bottle, according to mark, has put the reagent on the huge sphere.The reagent sprayed out, forming a pink spray, and the whole metal ball quickly changed to pink in its shade.
“Done, isn't it great?”Mark asked excitedly when he saw the success of the experiment.
“Very pink?”Tony was a little embarrassed. He didn't expect Ming Kang Hui to make such a non-technical thing.
“Here comes the best part.”However, it is obvious that mark sold a pass before, and did not reveal the real results.
In between, mark reached out his right index finger and gently poked the pink tungsten carbide ball.
The whole sphere quickly disintegrated into a pink dust, which filled Mark's room.
“WowTony, whose whole body was dyed pink, couldn't help exclaiming when he saw the real reagent.
“Great.Chemical metal embrittlement, as long as your chest injection of a few milliliters of the corresponding preparation of the reagent, you can make all shrapnel into powder, with the metabolism of the human body self discharge.It's a pity that I haven't found a non-toxic or low toxic formula for human use, otherwise you will be my first clinical trial object. ”
“It's an amazing invention. It seems that the metal formula I will use in the future must be kept secret from you, because the iron and steel son project I will discuss with you next will use a lot of metal.”
“Project iron and steel son”At the moment of hearing about Tony's plan, mark was all black. “Can I not join it?”
“It's really up to you, mark.”
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Chapter 15 iron and steel project 2 [seeking flowers]
“Hey, listen mark, you have to at least give me a chance to explain the plan to you, don't you?”
“Well, let's hear it first.”Mark accepted Tony's statement. In fact, he has already guessed what Tony said about the plan, which is the R & D plan of mark series steel battle suit.But mark has some ideas about it, which he disagrees with Tony.
“Listen, it's a brilliant idea and plan.Do you know how I escaped from the terrorists?
The army claims that I was rescued by them, but it is not the case. I rely on this thing. “With that, Tony turns on the holographic projection device, and a pair of bloated steel armor appears in front of them.
“That's the secret of my escape. A steel suit, driven by the ark reactor in my chest, can fight for 50 minutes under extreme conditions.With this rough work and the magic suit you gave me, Dr. Ethan and I escaped from the terrorists' clutches and destroyed their weapons. ”
“So that's your next plan, right.Develop a more sophisticated and powerful body armor. “Mark followed Tony's words and said his purpose directly.
“Yes!I want to develop a series of steel armor for my use. This project can not only guarantee our safety, but also make me excited!Integrating powerful weapon systems, flight systems, communication systems, combat systems, etc. into such a small armor, it will be the highest creation of mechanical engineering and electronic engineering on earth!
Because the first armor I built in Afghanistan is mark-1 named after you, so I plan to build it into a mark series, which will be numbered according to the research and development sequence, also known as “iron son project”. How can I feel the same blood boiling as me
At this point, Tony excitedly put his hand on Mark's shoulder, and his two eyes sparkled into Mark's calm little face.
“It's OK. In fact, even if you don't say it, I have plans to carry out my own mecha plan in the future. And since you can build the first generation of war armor in the rough environment of terrorists, I really can't think of anything that can help you.”
“No, I really need your help, mark.All kinds of chips you compiled for Dabai are also applicable to mark series. I hope to add them as unmanned modules to the development of war clothes.
And one person counts short, two count long.The efficiency of our two geniuses working together will certainly be much higher than working alone.Didn't you just say you wanted to build your own mecha?When you help me, you can also accumulate useful experience, and even carry out your projects at the same time. We can have a competition to see whose achievements are more powerful. ”
“!”Hearing Tony's words, Mark's eyes lit up, which was not very interested.Marc SEG is a real otaku with few hobbies.Besides doing scientific research and reproducing all kinds of brain holes, my biggest hobby is to compete with my father.Every time he gets a little bit ahead of Tony, mark can be excited for a long time.
“Since you say so, I will.But you have to change the name of this plan. The iron son plan sounds terrible. It's better to call it iron man plan
See Mark has agreed to change the name of the plan is not a big deal, Tony nodded readily agreed.
“By the way, there's one more thing. Although my mecha design is not finished yet, I can't show it to you.However, since it is a contest, it must be fair.What I can tell you now is that my mecha project is called “Transformers project”. What I plan to make is a giant mecha over 5 meters in size.I'll wait until the day when the results are displayed. I promise you will be very surprised. ”
“And tell me about Daddy!Come on, I'll wait to see what surprise your transformers can bring me.Come with me to the garage. I can't wait to start! “Tony rubbed his hands with excitement at the thought of the upcoming research and development work.
“Why don't you let me have breakfast first – no, lunch, smelly Dad!”
“Jarvis, are you there?”Coming to the underground garage, Tony immediately calls Jarvis for help.
“For you, sir, I will always be here.”
“Good afternoon, Jarvis.”Although it's already noon, mark still says hello to Jarvis as usual.
“Good afternoon, master mark.”
“Jarvis, I want to create a new project document, labeled Mark 2.”
“Do you want to store the files in the stark industries central database?”
“No!In fact, I don't know who I can trust now, until I said otherwise, first store everything on my private server. ”
“Working on a secret project, sir?”
“I just don't want this thing to fall into the wrong hands. Maybe it can do good in my hands.”
When he came to the test bench, Tony opened the hologram of Mark 1's combat suit. “Mark, come here and have a look. What do you think of deleting it here?”
Tony enlarges the details of the suit and asks mark for advice.
“I think it can reduce his size, because if it is removed directly, it may affect the balance of the suit in flight.”
“It makes sense.Metal materials have to be changed, but I won't discuss this with you. I've just seen your metal embrittlement. ”
“In fact, you just need to cover a graphene coating on the surface of the battle suit to protect against the influence of metal embrittlement agents, and you can also reduce the overall weight and improve the protective ability of the battle suit.”
“That's right. I know it's right to come with you. I also need to be equipped with the graphene battery that you developed before as a backup energy source, and the super brake, which can make me a Hercules.”
Tony and mark are in the garage like this. When they agree with each other, they make a quick progress. When they disagree, they will fight each other to convince each other.But anyway, it was Tony who made the right decision in the end.
After two hours of discussion, the first version of the design was finally completed. At this time, viewing with holographic projection, the newly designed combat suit no longer had the bulky and rough shape of mark-1, and its shape was closer to the normal size.The defensiveness that can't be distinguished by naked eyes has also been greatly improved after using graphene nanomaterials.
“Well, let's make it out first and then improve it. We can't get any results by talking all the time.Just name him mark two
“I won't help you with what I want to do. You can cooperate with Xiao Ben.Call me when you get results. “Mark's task has come to an end for the moment. After discussing with Tony for nearly two hours, he can't restrain the inspiration in his brain. Now he just wants to go back to his room and make the design of transformers.
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Chapter 16 mark's transformers project
Mark told Tony that the “Transformers project” was the inspiration from the movies he had seen in his previous life, and in this life he just had the ability to turn them into reality.
Compared with Tony's steel combat suit, mark prefers this kind of huge automatic armor.He's not as adventurous as Tony. As an otaku, it's better to be able to solve the danger behind the scenes.He went to battle in person, killed himself, and finally injured himself. Why?
Lao Ma is doomed to fail to understand his father's personal heroism, but he will not oppose or persuade him. After all, mecha is a man's romance. Although they have different ways of romance, it does not prevent them from understanding each other.
“Big white!”Back in the room, mark also immediately called Dabai's name.
Now Dabai's position here is just like that of Jarvis to Tony Stark. He always envies his father who has Jarvis and Xiao Ben's help. After finishing Dabai's research and development, he has been working hard in this direction.
During Tony's time, mark devoted all his time to Dabai's upgrade except for the news about Tony.
The skin is the first step in Dabai's upgrade. Mark replaced the composite material of graphene nano film and polyvinyl alcohol fiber for Dabai. He also added a kind of bionic material that can self heal and repair, which greatly enhanced the defense and mobility of Dabai.
In terms of other hardware, Dabai's original DLP micro projector has been replaced by a more advanced holographic projector, and the hyperspectral lens has also been replaced by a holographic scanning lens;The composite framework of graphene fiber and titanium alloy was also used;The battery has also been upgraded. With the new graphene battery technology, the new battery with the same weight can not only achieve high-speed charging within 10 seconds, but also double the power.
In addition, mark has added many accessories for it, such as armor in combat mode, various tools in assistant mode, portable charging box for ark reaction furnace in sleep mode, and various function chips. Dabai is upgrading from personal health assistant to all-round research assistant.
Most importantly, mark also upgraded Dabai's intelligent system.The original Dabai, as a weak artificial intelligence, can only complete the tasks that have been programmed in the chip. Although it has certain analysis ability, it does not reach the level of Jarvis.
This time mark's upgrade to Dabai's system core can also be said to be its soul. It not only greatly improves Dabai's analysis and judgment ability, but also makes it at least reach the level of strong artificial intelligence. What's more, mark has added the latest emotional perception engine.
The emotional perception engine is not the result of Mark's memory reproduction, but the result of Mark's independent research and development by using the knowledge he has learned and digested over the years.Mark's emotional perception engine is not a simple micro expression recognition or psychological analysis. It can make Dabai learn or really feel all kinds of human emotions.
Happiness, anger, sadness, fear and sadness. By getting along with the people around you, you can feel their different emotions and emotions. Dabai may even get real emotions in the end. This is the power of the emotion perception engine.At that time, Dabai will evolve from an artificial intelligence to a real electronic life.This will also make it possible for mark to build a silicon-based life group in the next [transformers project].
(× – ×) “master.”At this time, the fully charged Dabai has come out of the charging box, “Dabai serves you.”
“Dabai, open the design drawing of [horizontal gun] I saved last time and tune it out. I'm full of inspiration now.”
“Yes, master.”Dabai received the order to open the holographic projector installed in the navel and projected the design.
When it comes to the transformers, not many people can remember them.After all, “Transformers” is a popcorn movie with a large number of Autobots. Apart from the main characters like Bumblebee and Optimus Prime, if you are not a big fan, you may not remember the appearance of “horizontal cannon”.
The prototype of the cross gun is the Chevrolet concept car, Corvette stingray, with silver gray paint and streamlined body. It is precisely because of its handsome appearance that Mark decided to give up the hornet and Optimus Prime for the time being and build the cross gun first.
His father's garage also has such a Corvette stingray, which can be used as a reference for mark.
“Help me get rid of the graphene battery chassis first.”Tony looked at the projection model in front of him and said to Dabai.
As for the power source used by the horizontal gun, mark originally wanted to use large capacity graphene battery for it, but now he saw Tony's Ark reactor, and Mark decided to give up the previous design.
The first is to remove the space added by the battery pack, which can leave more room for Mark's design. After all, to provide such a big guy with driving, deformation and fighting, even with the ultra-high energy density of graphene batteries, it is necessary to carry a large number of battery packs;Secondly, the way mark uses the ark reaction furnace is not connected to himself like Tony, which will not have adverse effects on his health;Finally, the biggest difference between the cold nuclear fusion technology of the ark reactor and the battery is that its energy is not the addition of 1 + 1 = 2. Every time the palladium raw material doubles, the energy released by it wants to grow exponentially, which solves the problem of long-term endurance of [transformers], and it is also very convenient to slide.
“Two super brakes are added to the position where the battery pack is removed to control the movement of the arm. Except for the tires and interior parts, the whole car is replaced with graphene Aerospace titanium alloy, and the tires are made of self-healing rubber.”
According to the experience of discussing Mark's No.2 combat suit with Tony, mark checked the first draft of the previous design and kept on deleting and modifying, but there was still one problem that bothered mark all the time, which was the design of the deformation mechanism.
After carrying the power system, weapon system, balance and stability system and other systems, there is no space for the body to place the deformation mechanism.
But a transfigurable [transformer] is it still a transformer?
Finally, mark had a flash of inspiration and made a decision: “Dabai, I deleted all the weapon systems and replaced them with deformation mechanisms. I came up with a wonderful idea. When it comes to large mecha, how can I forget that…”
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Chapter 17 NT operation all round attack unit
“By the way, if you change to that one, the power system can also be streamlined.Dabai, I've deleted the electric engine in the form of sports car, and moved the energy core ark reactor to the position of engine. I've made a big change this time! ”
The inspiration of Mark's lucky heart comes from another large-scale mecha school, the classic IP of driving school, and the mobile warrior dares to reach.That's right. If you ever indulged and loved freedom when you were young, and have seen this island animation, you can surely guess that Mark's idea of using it as a weapon system and an auxiliary power in the form of a sports car is one of the cross era brain holes: NT operating all-round attack units, referred to as floating cannon or floating body.
NT operation omni-directional attack unit is a kind of wireless unmanned long-range attack weapon. It is equipped with independent propulsion engine, Monoeye optical photography system, beam gun and control system. Because the brain wave drive system is remote controlled through the psychoinductive wave, it is completely free from the interference of electromagnetic signal shielding, and can be used for ultra long range complex attack.In addition, according to different structural designs, it can be transformed into a particle sword and energy shield for close combat, which can be said to be a universal design.
And with Mark's current technical ability, he can completely reproduce the plankton.After all, if he can, do you think he doesn't want to recreate the classic ATP force field of evangelical warriors in the new century?But I can't do it!
However, the planktonic body is different, the independent propulsion engine is not difficult, and it can be powered by a separate ark reactor, which realizes its separate attack mode;Optical photography system is not to mention, under the omni-directional detection of holographic scanner, a mosquito can not escape Mark's eyes.
The beam gun can directly use the ready-made technology from his father, and the control system is Mark's strong point. The only brain wave drive system that sounds very tall is actually a very popular concept in previous generations – brain computer interface.What's more coincidental is that mark has this technology in his head. In the memory information of Xiaohong, a miniature magnetic axis robot developed by him is controlled by brain wave amplifier, and the technology is very mature.
In most cases, the plankton will be controlled by the intelligent AI of the mecha itself.However, mark had a little fantasy. At that time, he controlled several floating machines behind his back and wiped out all the enemies without hands. His saliva still flowed out. It can be said that no matter in that universe, human beings can't escape the face of Zhenxiang law.
After deciding the design direction, mark sorted out his ideas and soon started a new round of design work. The ordinary door was replaced with a floating energy shield, and the boot was refitted into a floating body module. At the same time, it provided power for the [cross gun] in the form of a sports car. Mark was just like a spring now, and his mind kept flashing, and he soon decided the design plan.
“The body is almost like this. The shape design in the form of sports car. Tomorrow, do a holographic scanning automatic modeling in the lower garage. Sleep!”Mark, who hadn't changed his pajamas all day, fell into bed and went to sleep.Dabai, who has been assisting mark in his work, came over and gently covered his little master with a quilt.
(× – ×) “good night, master.”Dabai said softly, then turned around and went back to his charging box to sleep.
Early the next morning, mark, who didn't stay up late, revived after a good rest. “Good morning, Dabai!”
Good morning, masterThe aperture of Dabai's charging box lights up.
Out of the door, mark habitually yelled, “good morning, Jarvis!”
“Good morning, master mark.What kind of breakfast would you like to have today? ”
“I'll have breakfast later. I'll get out of the garage first and collect the car shape data I need. Then my design will be completed.”
“I wish you success, master mark.”
When he came to the garage, mark saw Tony with a tired face and dark circles around his eyes, working with Xiao Ben on the welding platform.
“Next, up.It's not boots, stupid!Here, understand?Don't move. Good.You're useless. Go down to your toes and I'll do it. ”
The cooperation between the two is going on in Tony's endless discordant complaints, and mark doesn't disturb them. He takes the holographic scanner and goes to the front of Chevrolet Corvette stingray to collect data.
By the time mark finished his work and passed by Tony, Tony had put on his new leg flying machine and was ready to test it.
“Hey!Dad, I told you that it has to be equipped with a balance stabilizer to ensure safety. You are so recklessSeeing that Tony doesn't do the computer simulation direct test, mark can't help but remind.
Not enough, but Tony didn't think, “don't worry, the safety work is ready, little stupid, be ready to put out the fire.And when I was in the Middle East, I had already had successful flight experience. Although I didn't have enough power later, I had Tony Stark's personal control, so I didn't need the help of the balance device at all. ”
“Whatever you want, Jarvis!”
“Yes, sir mark.”
“Help me wake up Dabai and let him come with the medical box.”
“Yes, master mark.”
“Well, mark, you have to have some confidence in me. Dumbledore, get ready to shoot.Start measuring step, half meter, center.
OK, start the manual control and start slowly to see if 10% of the propulsion energy can be increased
“I think it's better for you to start from one percent and slowly improve.”Mark can still remember the famous scene of Tony in Iron Man 1, but now that he is a son, mark reminds Tony again.
Tony shook his head and started counting down. “Three… Two… One!”
Sure enough, Tony tumbled into the ceiling.
Then it goes up from the ceiling to the ground.
Hearing the huge sound, mark, who couldn't bear to look directly at it, put down his palm in front of him.
“Ah, Ma Keyan keeps losing money.”Mark shakes his head and sighs. Tony is overconfident and is asking for trouble“By the way, Xiao Ben, send me a video of the camera. I want to be a ghost animal, hey, heySmelly dad, you have a handle in my hands again
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I can only say to update as much as possible. If you don't work overtime at the weekend, try to add more. Thank you for your attention.
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Chapter 18 progress
“… well, where am I?”Tony, who woke up from a coma, was in a trance when he looked at Dabai's big face.
“Sir, the impact you just received for unknown reasons has caused slight soft tissue contusion. I have treated your affected area. You are now in the villa garage, 10880 port Marbury, 90265.”
“You wake up, daddy.You've been lying down long enough. I'm having lunchMark came down from the living room upstairs with one of Tony's favorite cheeseburgers in his hand.
“Do you have my share?”Tony shakes his head and doesn't feel any discomfort. It seems that Dabai has completed the task perfectly again.
“One hundred dollars, thank you.”Mark showed a crooked businessman's smile.
After lunch, Tony and mark are in the state of design and development. Instead of manufacturing other parts of the suit, Tony adds a balance stabilizer to the hand armor in the design.
“Hey, hey, you still have to listen to me!”Mark came out of the blue with a proud expression.
Of course, Tony would not admit defeat, otherwise, how could he be proud of his father's dignity: “hum, what do you know!This is the result of my own experiment in the morning. It's a long way from your lip service advice! ”
Mark shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. He was helpless in the face of a rascal like Tony.What's more, Tony's way of defending his father's dignity gives people a sense of being a child's temper.
“By the way, Dad, you have to do me a favor.My mecha design has been completed, but there are some equipment and materials that you need to help me get through stark industries
“Send the list to pepper and she'll take care of it for you.You really don't want me to see your design?I can advise you. “Hearing that mark had finished the design, Tony was still itchy. After all, he knew his son's strength in science and technology.
“No, No.Now I'll show you no surprise.And I came up with a brilliant idea yesterday that you can't plagiarize. ”
Tony saw things not to do, and did not speak, rolled his eyes and continued to improve his balance stabilizer.
Ding Dong!
Ding Dong!
“Well, Jarvis, who's here.”I don't know how long after that, mark, who has been addicted to his “Transformers project”, was disturbed by a sudden doorbell and left the research state.
“It's Miss Potts.”
Hearing Jarvis's reply, mark turned to look at Tony on the other side and found that his father was still immersed in research as before. “Let sister pepper come down directly.”
“Mr. stark, I've been ringing the bell. Didn't you hear the intercom?”Pepper came down the stairs with a box and a cup of coffee in her hand.
“Sorry, I'm so focused.What can I do for youTony talks to pepper and fiddles with the balance stabilizer.
“Mr. obadaiya is waiting for you upstairs.”
“OK, I see. I'll be up in a minute.”
“I thought you said you didn't build weapons anymore?”Seeing the prototype balance stabilizer on Tony's arm, pepper wondered.
“It's not a weapon. It's just a flight stabilizer. There's no harm at all.”
Boom!The air from the stabilizer pushed Tony against the wall, and the tools in the garage were all messed up.
Tony demonstrated for pepper in order to prove what he said. Now it seems that the result is not so harmless, “it was an accident…”
“What's the matter, uncle Obi? It's not too bad, is it?”Tony came into the living room from the garage and asked Obadiah, who was fiddling with the piano.
“If it's just because I brought you pizza from New York, that doesn't mean it's not bad.”
“You're right. It really doesn't explain.”Tony picked up a piece of pizza and ate it. “I've been experimenting in the garage all day today. Now I'm really hungry. Can I ask mark to come out to eat?”
“Please, this is your house.But I have to tell you that at today's board meeting, the directors thought you had post-traumatic symptoms and passed a ban on it. ”
“Yes, they're going to kick you out.”
“Why?”Tony smeared the oil on his mouth. “Because the share price has dropped by 40%?It happens from time to time
“It's 56.5 percent.”Pepper corrected.
“It doesn't matter. We have control of the company!”
“Tony, but the board has their rights.They don't think you and your new R & D direction are good for the company. ”
“It's always up to me. It's my job, my company – forget it, I'm going to the workshop.”Tony took the whole box of pizza and got up to go.
“Come on, Tony, Tony!Look, Tony, I'm trying to turn things around, but you have to give me something, something to convince them.I can get an engineer to draw some sketches for you. After all, the ark reactor is very complicated.So I can use it to kill… ”
“No, no, absolutely not!”Tony interrupted hard. “I'll do this project. That's it. Don't think about the rest, Obi.If they want to see something, take a good look at Mark's gift to pepper, which is our secret weapon in the medical field. ”
With that, he returned the pizza he had brought. Tony left without looking back this time.
“Hey, don't you give mark two?”
“Well, thank you.”Tony turns back, takes two pizzas and walks out of the garage again.
“Tony, do you mind if I go down and see what you're doing?”Obadaiya has not given up trying. He is not interested in any life-saving health consultant. What he wants is weapons of mass destruction.
“Good night, uncle Obi. Thank you for the pizza.”
“Good evening, sister pepper.”
Seeing the prying mark, pepper stopped his work and looked at him: “good evening, what are you doing secretly?”
“I'm looking to see if that mustache's gone.”
“Come out, he's gone. What can I do for him?”
“Something, something!”Mark nodded his head, obviously he would go to the three treasures hall“Is today's acquisition of stock in stark group going well? ”
“Don't worry, now the retail investors in the stock market are eager to get rid of their stark shares as soon as possible. Today alone, they bought nearly 2% of the shares with the $400 million in your account. This is the result of avoiding people's attention and causing the family to rebound. If they do their best to buy, they may be able to eat all the retail shares today.”
“Hey, hey, thanks for sister pepper's help.”As soon as he thought about the future value of these stocks, mark couldn't help laughing, and his mouth was full of saliva.
“Well, we have such a good relationship that you don't have to be polite to me. Did I be polite to you when I took Nini?”
“It's not the same thing. I'm just lifting a finger. You have to sacrifice your rest time to help me.But since you have said that, sister, I still have a rude request… ”
“Come on, it's a bit of a squeeze.”Pepper, in her long pale yellow dress, rubbed Mark's fluffy hair.
“I'm developing a new project now. I need to buy some equipment and materials through the stark industry channel. My father told me that I can find you. I've sent the list to Nini's server.”
“OK, I'll take it to the company's purchasing department tomorrow to apply for it for you.Is there anything else? I'll be home from work without me. ”
“No, sister pepper. Good night!”
“Good night!”
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Chapter 19 Mark 2
“Day 11, 37th test, configuration 2.0.Because there is no better choice, Xiao Ben still has to pay attention to fire safety.If I don't have a fire, stupid, and you still turn on the fire extinguisher, I'll donate you to City University. ”
In front of the camera recording the whole development process, Tony talks to himself as usual.Today, all the materials mark ordered were finally delivered to the warehouse of the villa, so he is not in the garage at this time.
“Well, take it easy, Tony.”Tony comforted himself and said, “start with 1% axial load, count down,
Poof – boom!
The air jet from the two legged aircraft supports Tony's whole body, while the balance stabilizer on his arm allows him to keep balance and not turn over as before.
After hovering steadily at a height of 40 cm for more than ten seconds, Tony turned off the propulsion device and landed on the ground smoothly, “OK!Hey, stupid, don't point the nozzle of the fire extinguisher at me. It makes me feel like I'm going to ignite at any time.You just have to wait and see what happens and come as soon as I have an accident. ”
Looking at the little fool with the fire extinguisher ready to move, Tony can't help but remind.
“Well, one more time, this time to 2.5% of the axial load support capacity, three, two, one…”
Poof – boom!
Tony once again managed to get off the ground, this time maintaining a height of 110 cm.The height of the ascension let Tony in the control of balance is no longer to just so freely, he began to move uncontrollably, “well, I don't want to move here!”
However, things will not always be as you wish, life is full of accidents, “don't hit the car, don't hit the car!”.Tony just watched himself float to the top of his collection of Global Limited Edition sports cars in the garage, and left more limited edition patterns on them.
After a heartache, Tony finally adjusted his direction, but things didn't get better, “table!”
The strong air flow of the propeller blows the design data and calculation paper on the table all over the floor.
After a fight with the earth's gravity, Tony finally takes control of the thruster, returns to where he took off and lands steadily.
“Good. Now I can fly.”
After completing the flight system of the battle suit, the rest of the flight system is progressing very smoothly. Because of the experimental model, Mark 2 does not need to be built on the weapon system, which undoubtedly greatly speeds up Tony's research and development.
Just as Tony's side was making rapid progress, Mark's plankton was stuck in a bottleneck in development.Although he has mastered all the technologies required by each part, it is difficult for mark to integrate it into an organic whole.
What bothers him even more is the programming of the automatic combat program of the planktonic body. Because of its large number, it is very complicated to make it cooperate with each other in the battle and protect the body of the horizontal gun.First of all, it is necessary to determine various formations in different situations, and then the combination of cross transposition, attack and defense. All these make mark a headache, and the progress of Mark's transformers project is slow.
However, despite some headaches, mark still firmly believes that he can solve all these problems.Since the planktonic organism has no idea for the time being, let's make the main part of the mecha first.Mark turned his head and put into the work of building the deformation mechanism of the mecha.
“Jarvis, are you ready?”
“Anytime, sir.”
After such a long time of preparation, Tony finally completed the experimental model Mark 2.He also transformed the original intelligent housekeeper Jarvis into the combat assistant system of the battle suit to cooperate with him in the control of the battle suit.
Finally put on the mask and mark two is armed“Install the head up display. ”
Jarvis: “done.”
“Enter parameters from all computer interfaces.”
“Yes, sir.”
Tony took a good look at the surrounding environment through the head up display in front of him. He felt that his line of sight was good and the picture quality was high-definition. Then he asked, “OK, how's it going?”
“I have received it, sir.The connection is complete and everything is ready. ”
“Start the virtual walker.”
“Entering parameters to determine the virtual environment.”
“Check the control of the enclosure.”
“Yes, sir.”
Jarvis received the order and quickly began to carry it out.The thruster pressure plate on the calf, the movable plate for increasing the movement limit at the joint, the spoiler for adjusting the flight posture and flight speed on the back, and the opening and closing plate for hiding the weapon system on the arm have all been adjusted one by one, which makes the texture of the whole suit far away from the bulky and rough mark-1.
Jarvis: “test finished, ready to turn off the power, start diagnosis.”
“OK, remember to check the weather and the automatic tool indexing device.At the same time, start monitoring the situation of the airport tower. ”
“Sir, the server still needs 1000 gigabytes of computation to actually fly.”Jarvis warned of Tony's dangerous ideas.
“Jarvis, sometimes you have to run before you learn to walk.
Are you ready, countdown——
1、 “I don't know
Poof – boom!
The flight system was working normally, and as the thruster kept increasing pressure, Tony quickly flew out along the aisle of the garage
Flying freely in the sky made Tony indulge in it immediately. “It's like a dream. Mark will envy me to death!”
After adapting to the working mode of the flight system, Tony began to speed up and carry out some difficult challenges.
The 720 degree roll over, the small radius maneuver, and the emergency stop and turn under various states have made Tony feel less challenging. “OK, let's see what this equipment can do!What's the record of the SR-71 blackbird
“The fixed wing flight record is 85000 feet, sir.”
“The record is for breaking, come on!”With that, Tony adjusted his flying posture and flew straight into the air.
At this time, Jarvis quickly made a sound to remind: “Sir, there is a potential high-altitude icing of steel battle suit, which may lead to crash.”
“Keep flying!HigherAny danger can't stop Tony's rebellion before it happens.
However, Tony soon tried to find out the bitter result of his persistence.Because of the influence of low temperature, the electronic system inside the suit stopped working.
“Ah – ah!”Losing power, Tony starts to make free fall acceleration movement towards the ground in his panic cry.
“We're frozen, Jarvis. Spread the aileron, Jarvis!”Tony anxiously calls Jarvis, but Jarvis can't provide service to Tony because the electronic system is affected.
“Come on, we have to get rid of the ice!”No way, without Jarvis's help, Tony had to use the emergency device he left behind, manually opened the aileron on the outside of the suit, and finally got the ice off the suit.
After the problem of ice was solved, the electronic system started to restart automatically, and Tony was less than 1000 feet from the ground.Looking at the ground in front of him, Tony has nothing to do but wait for the judgment of fate.
But fortunately, fate seems to love this unruly crazy scientist. At the last moment, the electronic system returned to work. Before Tony recovered, he successfully turned on the thruster and restored the power of the battle suit.
“Yeah – ha ha ha!”Tony, who escaped the disaster, was as happy as a fat man of 200 Jin.
Flying all the way back to the villa in Marbury harbor, Tony slowly lands on the roof and adjusts his landing posture. Tony orders Jarvis to cut off the power supply of his uniform.
And then
Tony smashed through the roof, fell into the living room and broke the piano. Then he fell into the underground garage and landed firmly on his favorite sports car, ending his failed landing.
Show off——
And this time, Xiao Ben finally got what he wanted and sprayed the fire extinguisher on Tony's head.
“Did I miss something?”Mark, who came late, saw Tony in Mark 2 lying on the sports car which was beyond recognition. This funny scene made him take out his mobile phone in his pocket. CLICK!
“It's all the fault of the bean curd dregs project!”
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Chapter 20 Tony has a warm heart
Mark took an ice bag from the refrigerator and handed it to Tony.
With the help of a bunch of mechanical arms, Tony is hard to dismantle his mark-2 battle suit, because the high-altitude ice makes some structural parts micro deformed, which makes the process more difficult.
Tony took the ice bag that mark handed him and gently applied it to the head that had been knocked out of a big bag. “Hiss ~”, Tony took a breath of cold air, and he didn't know whether it was frozen or painful.
“I told you to let me show you. Are you ok?”Looking at his unreliable father, mark asked with concern.
“It's OK. It's just a bump. You have to have confidence in my combat suit.By the way, how are you doing?I already have finished products. “Tony changed the subject with a stiff tongue.
“It's OK. Everything else is going well. It's just that the design of the weapon system I replaced encountered some obstacles in the process of implementation. The progress must be slower than yours.”Mark also shrugged helplessly and told Tony his progress.
“Normal, normal!Hahaha, after all, I'm Lao Tzu, you're my son. It's no shame to lose to me!I tell you, just now I put on Mark 2 and flew in the air. It's really wonderful, but you can't realize it, ha ha ha! “Knowing that he's better at speed, Tony laughs with pride and gives out his own taunt.
Mark turned his head and rolled his eyes. He didn't want to see smelly dad's smug, smug expression.At a glance, mark saw a neatly packed box on the workbench with a coffee cup pressed on it.
Mark pointed to the box on the table and asked, “what is this?Who sent the present? ”
Along the direction of Mark's finger, Tony also turned to look at the past, “Oh, that should have been sent by pepper before. Later, I was busy dealing with Mark 2, and I didn't have time to take it apart.Jarvis, hurry up
“Yes, sir.”After receiving the order, Jarvis controls the mechanical arm to speed up the dismantling action of the battle suit, and quickly helps Tony get out.
Mark took off the coffee cup on the box and saw the note paper with pepper's signature. He handed the box to Tony: “sister pepper has managed to give you a gift, and you don't respond quickly. You really deserve to be single. Open it quickly!”
Tony looked at the box in his hand, carefully tore off the note paper on it, and then opened the kraft paper wrapped outside.When the outer package was completely removed, a mini glass display box was exposed inside, and in the box was the old ark reactor that pepper had replaced for Tony.
Tony asked pepper to help him deal with it, burning it or burying it. Tony didn't care. As he said, he was not a nostalgic person.
But Tony didn't expect that pepper gave it to him as a gift after it was repackaged. At this time, there was a line on the old reactor – [Tony Stark has a warm heart].
Tony smiles. From this moment on, Tony is sure that he has been deeply in love with this woman.
Mark came over and looked at the classic, familiar and strange scene and the sentence written on the ark reaction furnace. Mark only said one word to Tony: “if you break her heart, I won't call you daddy in the future.”
“Yes, if I do, please wake up, my dear son!”
“Don't worry. I'll do it if you don't say it. Beating the asshole is my favorite aftertaste.By the way, why did you fall just now? Haven't the balance stabilizer and thruster been calibrated? ”
“I was flying too high, and high altitude icing occurred at the extreme altitude, so the combat suit system went down, but the specific reason was still detected before I knew, Jarvis, how's the analysis going?”
“The results have been uploaded to your private server, sir.”
“Open it quickly. I've already reminded you that you should have a defense mechanism against extreme cold and extreme heat. You're at a loss!”Mark finally pulled back a game, but also mouth unforgiving, a wave of irony to Tony.
Tony was speechless and could only open the analysis result obediently: “the work record shows that the main sensor of the combat suit failed when it was more than 40000 feet, and the whole pressurization system also had problems, which should be caused by icing.”
“Very accurate observation, sir.If you're going to visit other planets, maybe we should strengthen the exhaust system. ”
“Ha ha ha ha!”Jarvis with a secret arrow make complaints about the Mark's laughter on the side.
Tony looked at mark awkwardly, pretended to be calm and continued to communicate with Jarvis: “contact the Sith company, reconfigure the metal material of the shell, and use the gold titanium alloy material of the 'blazing angel' satellite. That should be able to maintain the power weight ratio and strengthen the strength of the fuselage. Do you understand?”
“Yes, sir.Do I need to color according to the instructions? ”
“That's right!”
“By the way, I remember there was an annual gathering of fire house tonight. You were always the awarding guest. Don't you have to go there?”Mark reminded Tony of something as if it had suddenly occurred to him.
“Jarvis, turn on the TV.”
“Yes, sir.”
Tonight, there will be a lot of heat, right here – the red carpet Disney Concert Hall, where Tony Stark gives the fire brigade house foundation annual benefits for the third time
Listening to the TV hostess's endless introduction, Tony asked, “Jarvis, did I receive their invitation?”
“I have no record here, sir.”
“Oh, it seems that Tony Stark has been forgotten –” mark sneered at him.
[since that absurd and highly controversial press conference, he has never appeared in public again. It is claimed that he is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and has been in bed for several weeks. No one expects him to appear tonight, no matter what the truth is…]
Tony calmly watched the live report on TV until Jarvis informed him that the rendering of his suit had been finished“It's a bit of a show. What do you think? ”
Looking at the whole body of gold glittering color scheme, Tony such a high-profile people feel a bit overdone.
“What can I think, sir? You are always equivocal.”Jarvis make complaints about the emergence of Tucao.
This is Mark's suggestion: “how about adding a red embellishment?”
Mark's suggestion is exactly the classic color matching of iron man, and he also thinks the red and gold color matching is very good, so he proposes.
Tony nodded, and Mark's idea coincided with him. “It's my own son, Jarvis. Do it.”
“It does make you more humble, sir.
——Rendering complete. ”
Looking at the rendering on the screen, Tony showed a satisfied smile: “well, I like it!Just do it and paint it. ”
“Automatic assembly has started and is expected to be completed in five hours.”
Tony raised his hand, looked at his watch, turned to mark and asked, “are you going to the party together?”
“Make a scene like that?”Mark raised his eyebrows.
“Or do you know me?” Tony drives a super sports car and takes mark to the Disney Concert Hall.
At this time, what Tony doesn't know is that in the terrorist base where he was imprisoned, the surviving members of the Shijie Gang have found the wreckage of Mark 1 from the desert and are trying to recover it. However, due to the fact that the gang is full of illiterates who can only fight with guns, with developed limbs and simple brain, they have not made any progress, but the danger is not over
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Chapter 21 it's hard to love you in my heart
A brake, a gorgeous Audi super run in the Disney Concert Hall at the door to stop.
When Tony in the car came down with mark, there was a commotion.
“Weapons manufacturing is only a small part of Stark's industrial empire, and our relationship with the fire rescue team…” obadya, who was being interviewed by reporters, felt the sudden noise at the scene and turned to look out the door.
“If the host of the party doesn't come, what's the point of the whole world coming?”Tony takes mark to obadaiya and asks him for an explanation.
“Hey, look at that, look at that, that's a surprise!”Obadaiya was embarrassed to talk about him.
Tony saw that there was a reporter next to him. He took the initiative to save face for him, and didn't continue to embarrass him: “let's go in and talk.”
Then he took Mark into the concert hall.
“That bearded bald face just killed me, just like the driver driving the owner's car out to show off and just bumping into the owner, ha ha ha.”Mark finally burst out laughing after entering the concert hall.
“Ha ha, to tell you the truth, I think it's funny too!”Tony, who had been in a bad mood, was in a better mood after hearing Mark's joke and laughed with him.
They come to the beverage counter. Tony asks the waiter for a scotch and mark for milk with calcium.
At this time, a man in a black suit next to them said, “Hello, Mr. stark, I'm agent Colson.”
“Oh, yes, the one from…” Tony said, but he couldn't remember the name of the organization.
“It's the Bureau of strategic defense and logistics.”Mark warned.
Colson: that's right. Thank you
“My God, you should give your department a new name.”Toni Tucao to make complaints about it.
“Yes, I hear that a lot.”Colson was neither embarrassed nor polite in smiling back.
But then Mark said excitedly, “how about aegis?S. H.i.e.l.d. you can suggest it to your officer. ”
Mark was excited because he didn't expect to meet such a good opportunity. If the name of aegis was put forward by himself, he would feel his face shining. After all, he was involved in it.
“It's a good name. It's simple, direct and profound. I'll suggest it to my officer. Thank you again.”
“I feel good too. What's the matter with youTony took a sip and asked Colson.
Colson: “well, I know it's been a tough time for you, but I still have to ask you something.There are still many unsolved issues. Of course, time is also a problem. Let's record something.How about meeting at 7 p.m. on the 24th at stark industries? ”
Tony held out his right hand to Colson and said, “guess what, I think you're right. I agree.Now I'm going to my secretary and I'm going to set things up
With that, Tony goes to pepper in her blue silk tuxedo, forgetting mark on one side.
“I guess he'll forget all about it then.”Mark, who was left in place, patted Colson on the arm and spoke to him.
“Why?”Colson had some doubts.
“Didn't you see that when he listened to you just now, his confused little eyes had been taken away by pepper's back?Ah, you can even become an agent with such insight. I think it's more appropriate for you to be a negotiator. You have a special temperament that makes it easy for people to get close to you. ”
“Thank you for reminding me, but I'll be on time.And don't look at me like this. I'm also an experienced old agent. Of course, it's OK to be a negotiator.But if you come out with Mr. stark so late, won't you be in a bad mood for class tomorrow? ”
“Oh, you see, as an agent, if you want to ask my father for the answers you need, you don't even know if his illegitimate son is studying. Do you still say that you are an experienced old agent?The work of pre investigation has been done too perfunctory. “Mark shakes his head in disappointment. He just feels a little bored and wants to kill time with Colson.
“I just want to ask Mr. stark how he escaped from the terrorists, not to investigate his personal situation.In general, our special departments will abide by the law to protect citizens' privacy.
But you don't look like you're going to school before you grow up. Did you graduate as early as Mr. stark? ”
“No, I haven't been to school at all. I taught myself at home since I was a child.I've learned everything I teach in school. Why do I go to school? Isn't it a waste of timeMark's sudden appearance made Colson speechless. This time, he had to be embarrassed instead of smiling politely.
On the other hand, Tony, relying on himself, has locked pepper's eye navigation, and has come to the Goddess: “Hey, you are so beautiful tonight, I have no one to come out.”
“Why are you here?”Pepper was surprised that Tony appeared at the party. After all, Tony's schedule was arranged by her.
Tony: I'm hiding from a government agent
Pepper: did you come by yourself
Tony: no – I came with mark.Where did you get that dress from? ”
Pepper's face suddenly embarrassed: “this is my birthday present, in fact, it is you let me give it to myself instead of you.”
Tony was busy with his black technology at that time. When he heard that pepper was going to have a birthday, he said to her, “I'll give you a birthday present instead of me”. However, pepper is worthy of being a competent secretary. Even such a thing was really done for Tony.
“It seems that I have good taste.Do you want to dance? “But Tony didn't feel embarrassed at all. He was used to pepper solving everything for him, even if it would make a romantic thing boring.
“Oh, No.”Pepper refused immediately.
“All right, come on.”Tony took her hand and led her to the dance floor.
“Thank you, Mr. stark.But I really don't have to. ”
But obviously, Tony, who has entered the mode of domineering president, will not listen to the rejection of the other party.Tony put his arms around pepper's waist and the two swayed on the dance floor.
“You look uncomfortable?”Tony asked, feeling pepper's stiff body and unnatural expression.
“No… I just always forget the deodorant, and now I'm still dancing with my boss…” Pepper explained, without giving the real reason.
In fact, dancing with a boss like Tony in a tuxedo is a serious problem.For a secretary like pepper, who has always been very dedicated and professional, it will make people point her out and gossip about her.
“You look beautiful and smell good.But I can fire you if it makes you feel better. “Tony's words showed that he understood what pepper had just said, but he didn't stop dancing with pepper. He didn't care how others gossiped, because now he only had pepper in front of him.
Perceiving the look in Tony's eyes, pepper relaxed herself and joked: “in fact, I don't think you would have tied your shoelaces without me.”
Tony: I can last a week
“Really?I don't believe it”Do you know your social security number?” Pepper asked in Luyu's way
“… you want to go out and get some air?”Unable to answer, Tony once again used the method of changing the subject.
“OK, I want to go out and get some air, too.”
On the terrace, in the corner with only two people, pepper said something she was embarrassed to say in public: “I feel strange.It's like all the people I work with are looking at both of us. ”
“Why, we're just dancing?”
“No, it's not just dancing.Because you are you, and everyone knows what kind of person you are and how you treat girls.
But you know, for me, you're my boss and I'm dancing with you… ”
“I don't think they want to be crooked.”
“But that makes me look like the one who wants to… You know, be rich.And I'm still wearing this ridiculous dress… “She said, looking at Tony's eyes in front of her, which reflected only her own figure. Pepper unconsciously closed her eyes, and her lips slowly approached Tony.
However, Tony was nervous. He was as stiff as a zombie who had just woken from the coffin. He didn't respond to pepper's initiative.
Finally, pepper stopped, a little disappointed with Tony's performance.She even once believed that Tony might have some different feelings for her, but now she is not sure what idea Tony is making. Can the man who can sleep on the cover of a magazine for a year really be sincere to her?
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Chapter 22 make a scene
“I'd like a drink. How about you?”In order to cover up the embarrassment caused by her behavior, pepper offered to have a drink.
“As it happens, so do I.I'll get you something to drink. “Back to the God of Tony, although the heart chagrin at his stupid performance just now, but in order to maintain his demeanor in front of his loved one, Tony also made a light response.
“I'll have a vodka martini and more dried olives, at least three.”
“All right!”
“Two vodka Martinis and dried olives, please hurry up.By the way, one of the heavy olivesTony put the tip in front of the bartender, and then he let out a deep sigh. He was too nervous just now. Tony never thought that pepper would just lean over to kiss him at that moment. I don't know if it was a test. If it was, he would have failed just now.
Just as Tony was daydreaming, a well-dressed woman reporter came to the bar after seeing Tony's back, “Wow, Tony Stark!It's good to see you here and there. ”
“Oh, Hello, you are Carly…” Tony saw each other's face, vaguely had a little impression in his mind, but he didn't remember each other's name.
“Christine.”Before Tony pretended to know her name, Christine, a female journalist, revealed her name directly.She also knew that a playboy like Tony Stark couldn't remember his name, even if he had a one night stand with him.
Tony: Yes, I just wanted to call it that
“You look nervous when you show up here tonight?Can I at least see a little reaction from youAs a reporter, Christine's observation is amazing. She immediately discovers the unnaturalness in Tony's manner.
“As you can see, nervousness, I think nervousness is my reaction.”Tony didn't want to tell a reporter about his failed kiss just now, because if he did, it would appear on the front page of the entertainment page the next day and let people all over the world know.
“But I've heard recently that stark industries has been involved in this latest atrocity. Is that what you call responsibility?”Even if Tony doesn't want to reveal his thoughts, as a reporter, Christine will never let go of finding the content she wants from Tony.
“Violence?Sorry, I can't understand what you're saying. I haven't dealt with the company for a long time. I've been doing private research at home these days. “Tony was confused by the other party's words. He didn't understand what the so-called “atrocity” meant.
Christine handed Tony a stack of photos. “This is a small town called gumira. Have you heard of it?”
Tony, of course, has heard of it. He deeply remembers that gumila is the hometown of Dr. Ethan, his Savior.Since the success of their self-help, they separated from each other and never met again.
At that time, Ethan said that his family had died in the hands of terrorists. He wanted to go back to his hometown to protect more people and not let them experience the pain he had suffered. Before leaving, Tony also presented Mark's magic suit as a gift to Ethan boss, hoping to help him and protect his life.
But when Tony turns over the photos that Christine has handed him, looks at the houses that have been destroyed by gunfire, looks at the tragic scene of corpses everywhere, and looks at the features of stark industries on the weapons used by the terrorists, Tony is out of anger and seems calm.
“When were these pictures taken?”Tony stares at the picture in his hand and asks Christine coldly.
Christine: yesterday
“I didn't approve any shipment.”Tony looked into her eyes and explained.
Christine: but your company approved it
“My company doesn't equal me!”With these words, Tony did not entangle with Christine, the journalist, and even forgot the wine he promised to give pepper.
With these photos, he went directly to Obadiah, who was still interviewed on the red carpet in front of the Disney Concert Hall, and asked him, “have you seen these photos?What's going on? ”
Obadaiya first calmly took tonila away from the reporter, and then said earnestly, “Tony, Tony, calm down. Don't be so naive.”
“That's true!?I used to be naive. When you said [this is our bottom line, we can't cross it, this is the way we do business], I believed it. I was naive at that time.
There's half a sentence you didn't tell me, right【Unless we do two-sided deals secretly]… Is that so? ”
Facing Tony's pressing inquiry, obadaiya didn't show any nervousness of revealing anything. He approached Tony's ear and whispered, “Tony, who do you think the board of directors signed the injunction against you?I'm the one who signed the ban. That's the only way I can protect you. Can you understand my pains? ”
Obadaiya patted Tony on the shoulder with a meaningful smile on the corner of his mouth. Then he boarded the car and left the meeting place, leaving Tony as numb as a cucumber.
“Hey!Dad, what are you doing here? “Suddenly Mark's familiar voice came from behind, waking Tony up in a daze.
Mark said nothing after he recovered and slapped him heavily on the back.
“It's killing me. What are you doing, stinky boy?”
“You are not the prince of melancholy, Robert Baggio.Just now sister pepper came to me and asked me where you were. I helped you out and said you went to the bathroom.
I didn't expect that you took the opportunity to cool pepper on the terrace alone, but you still have time to be in a daze.If at that time you are misunderstood as loving and colluding with other women, I won't help you explain. ”
“No!I forgot the vodka martini I I promised pepper.Come with me and give pepper the wine. We're going homeTony took Mark's hand and went to the concert hall.
“So fast, you haven't had time to make a scene yet?”Looking at the complicated look on Tony's face, mark didn't remember what made him change suddenly.
“It's a big fight, but it's not here. We have to change places.If my company makes a mistake, I'll make it right. ”
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Chapter 23 battle form
“Walking 15 miles to the outskirts of gumila town can only be described as a journey to hell, where simple farmers and kind-hearted farmers are being expelled from their beloved and peaceful homes.And their land was occupied by warlords supported by a group of new forces.The villagers were forced to find shelter in the wilderness.
According to the investigation, this series of violent actions are all attributed to a foreign military group, who is called Shijie gang by the local people.As you can see, these people are fully armed and targeted, and those who stand in their way will die.
Without political intervention and international pressure, the hope of these refugees is very slim. ”
Tony listened to the news about Christine's “violent action” on TV. He was holding a part of the assembled armor for debugging. The atmosphere was very silent.
Mark didn't give any advice on what Tony was going to do. He didn't sympathize with what happened to the villagers in gumila on TV, because mark finally knew what had made Tony's mood change. Because of this, Mark 3 was going to make his debut.
All of a sudden, Tony uses his armor to fire three palm energy cannons, smashing all the three bulletproof glass around the garage. At the same time, mark wakes up.
“I'm sorry, I'm a little emotional, but I just want to try its power, so as not to let these Shijie Gang guys run away.”
Tony took off his armor and stroked his hair to calm himself down.Mark whispered to Jarvis to turn off the TV.
“Let Dabai go with you. It can help you.”Mark, who already knows what Tony wants to do, doesn't stop him. Now that Tony is determined to become iron man, mark is happy to see him become a better self.However, mark will not forget the help he can offer.
“What are you doing with it?It's clumsy and slow. When it's time for me to pick it up, I'll be punctured by a bullet. Isn't that taking off my hind legs? “When Tony heard Mark's proposal, he immediately looked disgusted.
Mark wasn't a bit angry with Tony for belittling his creation.He stretched out his finger and shook it left and right. “It seems that you haven't seen Dabai in combat mode. In combat mode, Dabai can not only help you knock down the enemy, but also provide medical assistance for the injured villagers on the scene.But it doesn't matter. I'll make you change your mind about him. ”
See Mark took out his mobile phone, dialed a number, “call Dabai, carry battle chip, change battle suit, come to underground garage.”
Step on
Step on
Step on
With the pace of the law, a red figure came down the stairs. It was Dabai who had been replaced with combat form.
But it is different from the image that Dabai thinks is naive and charming. At this time, its pace is very steady.The whole body is wrapped in the bright red armor. Judging from the sound of its feet, the armor is light and should be made of graphene.
“The battle form of Dabai is equipped with my newly designed super combat chip. With the powerful power given by the super brake, it is easy to defeat one enemy and ten.
The graphene titanium composite can provide strong protection for it, and ensure that it can maintain the integrity of the body even when it is impacted by the missile at a short distance, without affecting the ability of action.
In addition, a flight device is added to the armor, which can fly at a maximum speed of Mach 3 per hour by supplying energy for Dabai's updated ark reactor.
The only pity is that Dabai's killing function is blocked by the system because it needs to carry medical chips to help rescue villagers at the same time. In other words, Dabai can only help you stun the enemy, and you can only solve the last step by yourself.Of course, it's up to you to judge whether this step is to kill or to hand it over to the law. ”
After mark introduced Tony's completely new upgrade and battle form, Tony could only vent his shock with WTF.
You should know that at this time, except for the lack of weapon system with powerful firepower and the inability to kill the enemy, Dabai's other equipment and functions are even more advanced than mark-3, which he has not yet completed. And this achievement is not the mecha mark will eventually use to compete with him,Tony can't imagine how strong mark's transformers will be.
(× – ×) “Sir, it is diagnosed that your heart rate has increased by 30% in a short period of time, and you are also accompanied by anger and surprise. Dabai warm reminds you that maintaining a good mental health and peace of mind is conducive to your physical health.”
“Well, even though it has been upgraded, it still can't speak as before.Well, let him follow me later. At that time, you can help me cover at the scene and cooperate with me to rescue the trapped and injured villagers. “Tony nodded and agreed to mark's proposal. He still doesn't know what Ethan is like when he returns to gumira. Bringing a helper is definitely beneficial to his plan.
“By the way, Dad.There's one more thing you have to take! “After Tony agreed to take Dabai to help him, mark suddenly patted his head and remembered something.
Using his mobile phone to dial again, Mark said, “magneto, help me get the number 1 at the head of the bed. Hurry up!”
The first watch on Sunday, tomorrow in the daytime to participate in the company's network training, today on two more
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Chapter 24 Baoming No.1
“Life saving one!What strange things have you come up with? “Tony is not surprised to hear mark give some strange names to his invention, but this time, the extreme name of “Baoming 1” also makes Tony feel speechless.
Zila Zila ~
With the unique sound of friction between the magnetic axes, Mark's “magneto” is on the stage.The size of a doll, the trunk of three spheres and the limbs of six cones form a simple and simple magnetic robot.
“Magneto is a magnetic robot connected by a magnetic axis system. All parts of the body can move flexibly without dead angle at 360 degrees, and can be assembled and changed at will.The built-in high-speed centrifugal motor and graphene battery allow it to run at a very high speed for an hour. It's my new gadget. “Mark even introduced the principle and structure of magneto to Tony.
Tony raised his eyebrow: “it's a good idea, but commercial development has to be discussed carefully. We'll talk about that later.What I'm most interested in now is Bao Ming 1. Where is it? ”
“NAH –” mark pointed to magneto's head. “That's the little disk on magneto's head that is absorbed by magnetism.”
Tony smell speech a careful look, just really saw the mini magneto head adsorption than a nail cap a little larger than the transparent disc, “don't sell the story, quickly say what it is!”
Sensing Tony's impatient thirst for knowledge, mark explained with a smile: “Baoming 1 is actually a graphene chip, but I added some special functions to it.
The first is the backup battery function.I have compressed and folded the graphene material for tens of thousands of times. Without changing the properties of graphene, it has an ultra-high energy storage density, which can be used as a backup energy for your chest electromagnet and maintain the normal working time of the magnet for 15 minutes.
After all, you have to use the reactor in your chest for the battle suit function. If the energy consumption of the hot blood is not controlled properly, then life saving No. 1 can really help you save your life. 15 minutes is enough for you to find a sustainable energy source to power the device in your chest.
The second function is automatic help function. The sensor on the chip can detect your vital signs. When you encounter an emergency, it will send out a call for help signal. I have installed a signal receiving device for all the robots in my home, my mobile phone and sister pepper's Nini. At that time, the device nearest to you will come to help you after receiving the signal.
Moreover, the installation of baoming-1 is very simple. There is no wiring. Just stick it on the ark reaction furnace. ”
“Good thing!”After hearing this, Tony took baoming-1 from magneto and attached it to the ark reaction furnace on his chest. “Is there anything else good, take it out?Dad, I'm ready to go to the battlefield. Don't hide and tuck in, you boy! ”
After seeing the power of Mark's inventions several times, Tony now believes in the practicality of these things.For example, when he was killed in Afghanistan, Mark's magic suit saved his own life for a long time.
Now he has to face the guns and cannons of the Shijie Gang again. Although he is more fully prepared this time, and the defense and attack power of his combat clothes are also more powerful, he still has some tension in his heart because he has lost the psychological construction of fighting behind the scenes. So Tony also hopes that Mark's invention can bring some support to his heart.
“Yes, it is, and it is a weapon.But it hasn't passed the safety test, so I don't know if I should give it to you. After all, it's the first time I've made such a dangerous thing. “At this point, Mark's face became a little nervous, as if he was still afraid of the power of the weapon.
“Then you should show it to me. You know, I'm an expert in weapon design. Stark industries used to point at my weapons before.”Tony is more interested when he hears that Lian Mark's weapon is dangerous. In the face of those ferocious terrorists, he should use dangerous weapons to deal with them!
“Well, you wait for me for a while. I've locked it into the safe in my room. I have to go up and get it myself.”Mark hesitated for a moment, thought it was a good idea for Tony to help the staff, so he went back to the room and took out the dangerous invention.
Soon Mark came down the stairs with a box.
Mark put the box on the workbench in the garage and opened the fingerprint lock on it.
The box opened and Tony finally got a glimpse of the dangerous weapon.It was a heavy black pistol with mahogany dots on both sides of the handle.There is no opening for the loading and unloading of ammunition clip in the gun body. Even the muzzle is different from the spiral trajectory structure of traditional guns, but an open muzzle.
“Daddy, you take it up and try.”
Hearing Mark's request, tonnick picked it up from the box, and heard a prompt sound in his ear: “the identity authentication is successful, the user is Tony Stark, the license is confirmed, and the controller has started.”
At the same time, the hollow part of the gun body also emits a faint blue light, the safety device of the gun body is opened, and the weapon has officially entered the working state.
“By now you should have heard that tone. It's a voice that only people with weapons can hear.
It's called a dominator. It's a pistol that can distinguish the threat degree of the target to the holder, so as to take different attack modes. ”
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Chapter 25 the dominator
“Identify threat level!?What's the matter with the voice just now? It seems to ring in my ear. What's the technology? ”
When he really got the dominator in his hands, Tony, a super genius and expert in weapon design, immediately knew that it was extraordinary.
“The recognition of threats and the voice you just heard are all my applications of brain computer interface technology.By collecting the mental information of the target's brain, the graphene integrated core in the dominator can judge the threat degree and unlock different attack modes.
The application of cue is just the opposite, which turns information into thought waves that the brain can directly accept, and directly stimulates the auditory center to achieve the effect of information transmission.
Another application is its aiming system, which can directly project the aiming target to the retina in the form of mind wave stimulating the visual center of the brain. It can be said that it can hit the target as long as it can pull the trigger.
And you can connect Jarvis to the controller as a combat support system. I've opened Jarvis's authority.You can point the gun at me now, but don't pull the trigger. As I said, it hasn't passed the safety test yet. ”
Tony nodded, pointed the gun at mark and pulled his finger out of the trigger.Sure enough, as Mark said, when Tony wanted to aim at mark, an auxiliary collimator immediately appeared in front of him, just like the holographic projection.
The blue sight helped Tony lock mark easily, and then it changed. The whole auxiliary aiming interface turned red, and a new tone came from his ear: “the target threat value is determined to be 37, no attack intention, no weapon, the threat value is lower than 100, and the dominator insurance is locked.”
This is when Tony looks at the dominator in his hand again, the blue light on the gun body has dimmed down. Obviously, as the notice in the tone, the insurance of the gun body has been locked.However, for safety reasons, Tony did not pull the trigger to try.
“The design is perfect. From auxiliary targeting to threat determination, it is beyond the active weapons of the armed forces of various countries, and even ahead of an era.But the dominator has neither a cartridge clip nor a conductive copper wire, so you can only say that it is a dangerous weapon by its way of attack, right? ”
The dominator's feeling from design to use is a product with full marks, but the most important and crucial thing is its attack mode. As a weapon, only lethality is the only scoring standard.
“Indeed, you are right.”Mark nods, taps his mobile phone screen, and the master's design is holographic projected.
“When I design the dominator, I set a variety of execution modes. Under different modes, the firearms can be changed into different shapes. The mode selection is determined by the system according to the danger degree of the object.
When the threat value of the target does not reach the reference value or the holder is not a login permissive, the trigger will be locked by the system and cannot be fired.
If the threat value of the target exceeds the specified value (above 100), the insurance will be automatically released, and at that stage, the system selection and firing effect can be changed.
After the insurance is removed, the dominator will enter the first basic mode – anesthesia gun.If the target's threat value exceeds 100 but does not exceed 300, the target will lose resistance and pass out immediately after being hit by the target. Of course, people taking large doses of stimulants or psychotropic substances are the exception.
If the threat value of the object exceeds 300 and the danger is extremely high, it can be converted to the second execution mode – killing gun when it is judged to be threatening and aggressive. The hit part and surrounding tissue will expand extremely instantly and burst finally, which belongs to the lethal mode.
The third execution mode is the molecular decomposition gun, which takes about 3 seconds to accumulate the corresponding energy. After the launch, a large energy ball is fired from the muzzle to directly destroy the target, and decompose the target into molecules, leaving no debris.It's very effective for people. It can cause huge cave like damage to machines.
In general, the molecular decomposition gun mode will not be started. Only the user with the highest permission of the system can start this mode when the threat value of the target is higher than 500.
The gun is powered by the miniature ark reactor. The killing effect of three different modes can be achieved by adjusting the power of the high concentrated energy microwave generator in the gun.
You should be impressed by the anesthetic gun. I improved it with the prototype of the ultrasonic version when I was six years old. Compared with before, it can only make people temporarily lose their ability to move. This time, it can really make people coma.
However, at present, I have not tested the power range of each mode, and the safety of the safety device and system has not been tested, so its risk will be higher than I described.
However, since you have made a request, I think you have to be a hero anyway. Why don't you help me to give the dominator a real combat test and collect some parameters, and then I can make adjustments and improvements. ”
“It's really a terrible weapon -” even Tony shuddered as he looked at the dominator in his hand.As a master of weapon design, he has seen countless powerful weapons, and has also designed such individual weapons as Mark's series of combat clothes, but none of them has the dominator to make him feel surprised.
Especially in the lethal mode, as long as the hit is impossible, there is no survivor design logic, which makes Tony feel that he can't resist the attack of the dominator even if he wears the steel uniform.
After a shudder, Tony shook his head and began to laugh bitterly. “If I hadn't shut down the weapons Department of stark industries, I think the dominator would have become the best-selling weapon of all time.But now it seems that it can only be watched by a few people forever. ”
Mark shrugged his shoulders and said, “I didn't intend to let the dominator be mass-produced. I just wanted to prove that the idea in my head can be realized.
After all, no matter how high the threat value of the target is determined by the system, we can not use it as the basis for shooting.If we really let the dominator circulate, then it may really become the dominator of human society just like its name
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Chapter 26 coming [seeking flowers]
“Well, it's up to me to test a dangerous weapon like the dominator.
Jarvis, what's up with mark three? “Tony puts his master back in the box and asks Jarvis about Mark 3.
“Sir, we expect to have an hour to complete the assembly.”
“There is still an hour left for mark to project the design drawing of your high concentrated energy microwave generator. Now we will determine a general threshold value and detailed data. When we get to gumira, I will ask Jarvis to assist in recording.”
Just one hour is fleeting. For the two mechanical fans immersed in the test, this time is not enough for them.
Just as they measured roughly the power supply of the dominator in the three modes, Jarvis's warning voice rang in the garage, “Sir, Mark 3 has been assembled, and the red gold color matching has been carried out according to your requirements.”
Tony then remembered that he had a plan to rescue gumila town. He reluctantly put down his dominator and ordered, “Jarvis, get ready to dress!”
“Yes, sir.”
Tony changes into a black tights and comes to the positioning point on the dressing table.Sensing that Tony is in place, the floor on the dressing table begins to turn over and deform. Mark 3, which has been assembled by the mechanical arm, rises from below the ground with a group of mechanical arms assisting in dressing.
Tony looked at mark three, who had risen to him, and without hesitation stepped on it.Then the robot arm immediately followed up, splicing the leg armor in red gold color, and tightening the connection structure.
At this time, as the retrogression armor had finished dressing, four groups of mechanical arms were stretched out from the ceiling, and their corresponding parts were the breastplate, back plate and left and right arm plates of Mark 3.After the breastplate was connected, Tony's Ark reactor on his chest was connected to the whole combat suit as the power system of Mark 3.
After the body armor and limbs had been dressed, Mark 3's red helmet, with a gold mask, was tightly combined and buttoned to Tony's head.
Click – the mask is closed, and the blue light on the mask's eyes lights up, indicating that Tony is ready to go.
“Be careful, be safe.Dabai, help me take care of my smelly father. “Mark put his hands on the chair where he was sitting and clasped his fingers tightly, revealing his worry and nervousness.
(× – ×) “Dabai receives it. Dabai will do its best to protect the old master.”
“Don't worry. Call and order some cheeseburgers for me. We'll have lunch when I get back. Let's go!”After comforting mark, Tony rushes out of the underground garage and into the night.
Seeing this, Dabai also unfolded the flying aileron behind him, and the propulsion system started, whizzing to follow.
“I hope everything goes as smoothly as in the movie, but don't let anything happen because of the arrival of my little butterfly…” mark murmured anxiously.
But what he didn't know was that Tony was in a hurry to leave just now because he didn't want to let him know that he was moved by the words of concern and almost shed tears.In order to cover up his crying and protect his dignity as a father, Tony fled the scene at the speed of light.
“Ah!Spare my life, spare me — ”
“Go to hell, asshole!”
Crisis and chaos, slaughtering and begging for mercy, this land of chaos is the hometown of Dr. Ethan, who used to be peaceful in the past.
At this time, Dr. Ethan is also struggling to realize his promise on the land which has become a battlefield.When Ethan and Tony separated, he made a wish to return to his hometown to protect the land and the happiness of the families who lived on it for generations.
But now, what Dr. Ethan can do is just try to protect the lives of more compatriots.And sending them out of gomira means sending them on a journey to hell through the desert on foot.For the residents of kumila who have just escaped the threat of war and have no food or tools on them, this is tantamount to drinking poison to quench their thirst.
But even so, it is the only alternative for them now, and Dr. Ethan has to bear the pain to help them embark on this dangerous escape road.
Because even if he was wearing a magic suit, facing the Shijie Gang, who was superior in quantity and weapons, and even had hostages in his hand, Ethan was helpless. He had to compromise to reality and hypnotize himself again and again. That was the only way to keep his hope.
“Come on, come on!The guys of Shijie gang are approaching. You have to get through here as soon as possible. “At a secret exit from gumila, Ethan, who escorts the villagers, is pressing the people who are passing by, because the magic suit that Tony gave him and developed by mark, and the built-in intelligent system, which has been alerting him.
Daddada – dada——
Before the villagers had passed completely, the gunfire of the terrorists in Shijie gang had already sounded, “stop them quickly and catch all the women in the car!”
The villagers who had not had time to escape were all controlled by the Ten Commandments gang. Even Ethan, who had a magic suit, didn't fight back because he knew that once he resisted, even if he could save his life because of his high-tech suit, the children around him and their parents would not fight back,They will lose their most precious lives and relatives because of their own impulse.So he had to wait for a chance to help everyone escape.
However, when all of them raised their hands to surrender, a little boy broke away from his mother's arms and rushed to his father after seeing that his father was going to be taken away by the Shijie gang.
Seeing that the order established under his own terror was overthrown, the angry leader grabbed the little boy by the collar, threw him to one side, and then kicked down the little boy's father with one kick, “execute him for me, let them know the end of disobedience!”
After a terrorist with a gun in Shijie gang got the order, he escorted the man to shoot in front of the little boy.
“No, Dad!”The little boy, who was tightly held in his arms by his mother, gave out a shrill cry.
When Ethan and all the people on the scene are desperate, hum – bang!A red and gold figure came down from the sky, “it seems that I'm not too late, scum.”
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Chapter 27 reunion
Tony, who came down from the sky wearing the gorgeous mark 3, let all the people present fall into a short absence.A terrorist of Shijie gang was too frightened and took the lead in pulling the trigger of his rifle, daddada——
Dangdangdang – all the bullets that landed on Tony left a white mark on Mark 3, lost power and fell to the ground.
However, before Tony could fight back to the terrorist, another fat red figure came down from the sky and directly crushed him to the ground, preventing him from continuing to fire on Tony. “Old master, please specify the first task and confirm the start of the operation.”
“The first task is to protect the villagers. Let's go!”
At Tony's command, Dabai's strong body immediately became like a spring compressed to the extreme. Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang,Will bend like a iron bar and lie down on the ground (refer to “IP MAN 1” I want to hit ten).
Due to the limitation that the system can't kill, after confirming that the target has been in a coma, Dabai didn't use the killing move to end the enemy, but launched again and found the next target.
It's complicated to say, but despite its huge size, Dabai's body is still very light due to its inflatable structure. Coupled with the super brakes in his body, after continuously reducing the combat effectiveness of the Shijie gang by more than a dozen, it's only six seconds.
Dabai's body is covered with high-strength graphene composite material, and the enemy's firepower can't form damage at all, so it soon rescued all villagers from Shijie gang.
On the other hand, the Shijie gang will be restrained by Tony. When they react, they have no capital to threaten Tony.
At the same time, after Dabai was rescued by all the villagers, Ethan, who had no shackles, joined the fight. With the help of the three, the team of Shijie gang was completely destroyed without any fighting power.
“Tony, is that you?”Without the threat of the enemy, Ethan is excited to go to Tony in Mark 3.
Though separated by the mask, he knew that there was no one else in the world who could make such exquisite and powerful armor except the stark family and their son.
Seeing Ethan coming, Tony opened his mask, opened his arms and gave him a big hug. “Long time no see, Ethan. It's great to see you alive!”
Ethan's eyes were red and he was very excited: “thanks to the suit you gave me, it helped me save the lives of many compatriots!”
Tony patted the other person on the back. “Relax. I'll help you.You wait for me for a while. I'll destroy the arsenal of Shijie gang. We'll talk about it later.
Dabai, watch out for those stunned guys. We haven't got the data mark needs yet! ”
With that, Tony stepped back, distanced himself from Dr. Ethan, and started the thruster to go straight to the target's arsenal.
See the red and gold color of the mecha hit, Shijie help ground guard weapons depot tank unexpectedly launched an air missile, successfully shot down Tony.
However, in the face of all kinds of air combat weapons, the air-to-air missile will not cause any damage to mark 3, which uses graphene coating and gold titanium alloy. The internal cushioning system helps Tony to absorb the energy generated by the impact and protect him from being affected.
Uninjured Tony quickly stood up from the ground, with the help of the aiming system to lock the only tank in the arsenal, launched a mini armor piercing bullet to destroy it.Then through the palm gun, all the stocks of stark industrial ammunition were detonated.
After all this, Tony and Dabai help Ethan transfer the rest of the villagers in gumila town. Then they find a place to sit down and talk about the past.
“Is this your latest armor?”As soon as he was seated, Ethan couldn't wait to talk to Tony about mark three he was wearing.
“Yes, since I went back to announce the closure of stark industries' weapons department, I have been working with mark to develop a new generation of combat clothing.Now this is the third generation combat suit mark 3.
Speaking of which, I need to apologize to you for what happened to gumira, Ethan.I didn't expect that the shareholders of the board of directors would continue to sell weapons stored in stark industries to terrorists behind my back. I'm sorry! ”
Tony apologized and made a 90 degree bow to Ethan.
“Don't do that!”Ethan immediately got up and helped him up. “Even without stark industries, there will be other weapon manufacturers. Terrorists can always get what they want through various means. What's more, you can't help yourself. How can I blame you?
And thanks to the amazing suit you gave me, I have the ability to help some of my compatriots escape from this place. I should be grateful to you and mark. ”
“Don't say that. You're my Savior.”Tony put his hand on each other's shoulder, “don't worry, I'll arrange the staff to help you settle the refugees in the small town.”
“Thank you, Tony.”Ethan said gratefully.
“By the way, this time I'm here not only to solve gumira's problem, but also to help mark test his new invention. Would you like to have a look together?”Tony also knows that since he realized the magic of the magic suit, Ethan has become his son's iron powder. Mark's new invention will be of great interest to him.
“Good!”As Tony expected, Ethan was so excited when he heard the invitation that everyone jumped up. “The compatriots of gumira are out of danger, and my work has come to an end. Now I'm relaxed and full of time!”
“Let's go, Dabai. Take the test.”At the command of Tony, he has decided their fate for the captured members of Shijie gang.
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Chapter 28 ferocious dominator
In a paddock, more than a dozen members of the Shijie gang who were stunned and captured by Dabai gradually regained consciousness and stood up from the ground.However, they stay where they are, and no one escapes here, because at the only exit in front of them, Tony in Mark 3 is standing there with Dabai and Ethan, staring at them quietly.
After everyone had woken up, Tony didn't say a word to them. He directly raised the dominator and began to aim one by one.
“Threat below 100, insurance locked!”
“Threat below 100, insurance locked!”
“The threat value is 220, the insurance has been released, and the first basic mode of dominator has been opened!”
After experimenting with several targets in succession, the dominator's cue changed, “Dabai, scan the man in the red headscarf.”
“Roger, scanning begins – scanning ends. The opponent has a miniature bomb hidden in his body, which can be detonated by a switch hidden on his belt.”
“It seems that the other side is not ready to detonate the bomb. The threat value does not exceed 300.”Tony a little analysis, guess the dominator to its threat value so determine the reason“In that case, let's take the next step. ”
With that, Tony pulled the trigger directly at the man in the red headscarf with the help of the dominator's aiming.
It's better
After a flash of blue light at the muzzle of the dominator's gun, the man with a threatening red turban in the distance has fallen on his back, unconscious.
“Dabai, in a scan, record each other's body data.”Tony orders Dabai again.
(· – ·) “scan start – scan end.According to the comparison of the results of the two scans, the target task has not suffered irreversible damage, is currently in a shallow coma, and is expected to wake up after 30 minutes. ”
“The effect is good. It seems that mark has made great efforts in calculation.”
This is Ethan looking at the dominator of Tony's works of art with a kind of little fan's eyes and asking, “is this mark's new invention?What is the principle of anesthesia?How did you get to such a long range?Can it be applied to medicine? ”
After hearing Ethan's barrage of questions, Tony shook his head with a wry smile. “How can I answer you when you ask so many questions.
This is Mark's new invention and the first time to invent a weapon, the dominator. It uses a built-in high concentrated energy microwave generator to form a stunning effect, and its application in medicine may have to go through clinical trials and FDA approval.
But if you think it's just a tranquilizer gun, you're wrong. It's a real dominator with the same name
Then Tony threw a machine gun to the sober Shijie gang members, and yelled, “pick it up, beat me, and you'll have a chance to escape from here!”
“Tony, you're out of your mind!”Ethan can't understand Tony's abnormal behavior.
“Ethan, you'll see.”
The terrorists in the paddock, you look at me and I look at you, but they are hesitant and dare not take the lead. After all, the brave performance of the three guys opposite just defeated them is still in their mind.
But in the end, there is a guy who dares to give up. After a struggle, a man with a beard took the lead to stand up and pick up the machine gun on the ground.He has decided that as long as he takes the lead in rushing to Ethan, the thinnest and weakest of the three, and takes him hostage, he will have a great chance to escape safely.
What he doesn't know yet, however, is that when the evil idea rises in his mind, the dominator who has been aiming at him has reported his threat value to Tony with the gun.
“If the target threat value exceeds 300, the insurance will be released, and the second execution mode will be enabled. It is allowed to kill the target!”
After receiving the signal, Tony did not hesitate, directly pulled the trigger of the dominator, boom!
It seems that the bearded man who has survived in the battlefield of gunfire for a long time has something to do with it. He fell to the right one at the same time and did not let the shot hit his own fatal part.
However, before he could cheer for his timely evasion, the huge impact of pain and panic would have made him lose his face.
He widened his eyes and watched his left arm, which had been attacked by the dominator, expand like a inflated balloon, and then the expansion began to spread.
Finally, after the expansion spread to his whole body, bang!
The bearded man exploded like a balloon filled with red ink. Except for the bright red blood, a bright red machine gun, and part of the limbs that were hard to recognize, nothing on the ground that could recognize his identity was left.
“Target eliminated, insurance locked!”
After receiving the prompt sound from the dominator, looking at such a shocking scene, even Tony, who had learned the effect from mark before, could not help but be stunned and trembled.
Ethan around him and the members of the Ten Commandments gang in the paddock, not to mention, were shocked by such a powerful scene, and no one even screamed in horror.
“Is this mark's new invention?It's really terrible. It's not a dominator. It's a tyrantFinally, Ethan turned his head and murmured in a low voice. It was like asking Tony's question, and it was like talking to himself in surprise.
At the next moment, the terrorists who were afraid to move because of their fear of Tony's strength rushed to the pool of blood on the ground.
Their purpose is to fight for the machine gun, but not to fight against the three Tony, nor to escape here, but to get an easy way to die without having to experience the terrible experience just now.
Yes, they're fighting for a chance to commit suicide.
But Tony would not give them such a chance, “I order with the highest authority to open the third execution mode.”
“The highest authority authentication is passed, and the third execution mode of the dominator is on. In the energy storage, three, two and one, please execute the molecular decomposition mode!”
Tony looked at the terrorists of Shijie gang who had gathered around the machine gun and gently pulled the trigger.
Zi Dong!
Ethan only saw a dazzling blue light flash by, subconsciously closed his eyes.When he opened his eyes again, there were only him and Tony left in the paddock, while the other prisoners, including the first man with a red turban who was stunned, had disappeared, even without blood.
“Molecular decomposition gun, mark, your invention really scared me!”
At the thought of going to work for 11 days in a row, the author is worried. Let's make do with it one day before May Day!
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Chapter 29 hide and seek
Mark, with a cheeseburger in one hand and happy fat house water in the other, looks at Tony, who landed safely in the garage!What about Dabai? ”
“It's still in gumira. I'll let it stay there for a while to take care of the local refugees. I'll arrange for the staff of the stark charity to replace it later. It should be back in the evening.”Tony took off his mask, snatched the fat house water from the door, and began to drink, “hoo, that's great!”
“Why do you look so embarrassed? With Dabai's help, it shouldn't be so difficult to solve the mob of Shijie?”Mark asked, frowning at his father's stiff face and the deep dent in mark three.
“Nothing, but when I came back, I played hide and seek with two big birds for a while. Unfortunately, I didn't become a ghost.What about the hamburger you prepared for me?Why didn't I see my share? “Tony didn't explain it in detail. He changed the subject with a guilty heart.
Mark shrugged: “who knew you would come back so early? I only ordered my own share. There are still half of them here. Do you want them?”
Mark handed Tony the cheeseburger he had bitten twice, with a mischievous smile on his face.
But Tony didn't mind. He reached for the hamburger and said, “don't try to kill me like this. If I can't eat my favorite cheeseburger in half an hour, don't want me to send you the measured data of your dominator, hum!”With that, Tony took a big bite and solved most of the hamburgers in his hand in a few seconds.
Mark is a hook in the corner of his mouth, a look of indifference, “then you are doomed to be disappointed, your measured data I let Dabai real time into my private server, now I can check at any time, ha ha ha!”
Tony angrily drank the remaining half cup of happy fat house water in one gulp. He didn't have the handle to threaten mark, and he had no choice but to sulk in his own life.
“Jarvis, help me disarm.”Tony stands on the platform and orders Jarvis.
But after a while, Tony's little temper was gone, leaving only Tony “ah!” in the garage“Oh“OuchOn the other side, mark laughed.
“Sir, please be patient.The mark 3 you designed is too close to the body. The more you twist, the more painful it will be. ”
“Be gentle, Jarvis.This is my first time, I designed it to take off, so I really should be able to… Oh!It's in my hair. Do you want me to be bald? ”
“Please try not to move, sir.If you really want to keep your hair, please put on a hair cover before the next time you wear your uniform. ”
“Hahaha, Jarvis, I like your sense of humor more and more!”Mark was there to mend Tony's knife.
“Well!Smelly boy, you… Oh, be light
“What's going on here?”Peper, who came to report to Tony, could not laugh at the scene that made mark laugh. “Are those bullet holes?”
“Believe me, it's not as bad as you can see…”
Twenty minutes later, Tony, who finally took off his combat suit, was so weak that he collapsed on the sofa. “It's too hard. Sure enough, combat armour shouldn't pursue the so-called close fitting fashion. I began to miss mark one's loose and comfortable style.”
“Well, have some!You have to think about how to explain this to sister pepperAt this time, mark carried a take away bag and put it on the coffee table in front of Tony.
“Didn't you say you didn't order my share?”Tony opened the bag and saw that it was his favorite cheeseburger and a cup of happy fat water“Now I don't want to worry about anything. Just now, I managed to send pepper away. I have to let fate decide what to explain. ”
“It's just to tease you. How about the dominator's design? Do you find any defects after you actually use it?”The topic of the door bar leads to the dominator he is most concerned about.
“No, everything is perfect.In other words, the disadvantage of the dominator should be that it is too perfect.Everything is judged by the rules set by the system. The holder only has the right to pull the trigger. In addition, the killing method with great visual impact… The dominator may really be able to dominate its holder and become a cold and merciless killing machine. ”
“Well,” Mark said to Tony, touching his slightly stubble chin, lowering his head for a moment, and then saying, “how about I add a user psychological testing program?If the user has begun to have psychological fluctuations, then the dominator will temporarily stop using the second and third execution mode after judging that the state is not suitable for further use. How about this? ”
“Yes, but you must be cautious about the authorization of the authorized person. After all, the power of the dominator has stunned weapon experts like me!”Tony nodded in agreement with mark.
“Don't worry. This kind of weapon must be the exclusive weapon of our stark family. I'm not going to authorize anyone else.”
“Smart!It's the same with my mark series combat suit. It's my exclusive combat suit. No one else wants to touch it. “At this point, Tony is also a proud look.
“Cut, when my transformers are developed, no one will be interested in your uniform!”Mark didn't admit defeat.
“In the face of cheeseburger, I don't care about my son.”Tony ignored Mark's provocation, grabbed the cheeseburger on the table and ate it.
Seeing that he couldn't stir up Tony's anger, mark turned on the TV to watch today's news.
“Earlier today, a raptor F22 fighter plane of the air force crashed during a flight drill in gumira.Fortunately, the pilot was not injured.
We don't know who or what intervened in the unexpected reversal in gumira.But I can swear, it's nothing to do with our government at this time. ”
Looking at the TV, when Colonel rod faced the accident report from the media, mark turned his head in surprise and looked at Tony: “what you said about playing hide and seek with big bird is not uncle rod's Raptor F22, right?”
“I think my metaphor is very vivid, don't you think?”
“I think you are crazy!”
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Chapter 30 mark Research Center
“Don't make a fuss. If it's a big deal, you can give them a better one.Anyway, the people of the air force can't do anything about me. I need to design engines for the Kun fighter they are developing recently. “Tony shrugged unconcernedly and took another big bite of the cheeseburger.
“I think you are a dead pig. You are not afraid of boiling water. Uncle rod must have helped you hide things. Otherwise, the senior officials of the Ministry of defense and the military department will surely take you to the court and force you to hand over the technology of steel war clothes to the state.”Mark knew the future development trend of the event and gave his father a wake-up call in advance.
“They were thinking about peach!They don't want to get involved in Laozi's things.
Let's not talk about this. It's good to deal with this kind of thing when it really happens. The legal team and public relations team I accepted are not vegetarians. No matter they want to write or fight, fight a lawsuit or build a fishing boat, I'll take it one by one!
By the way, I'll help you to register a sole proprietorship enterprise in your name. The company's staff have been set up, and its name is [mark stark technology R & D center]. You are the person in charge of the enterprise, and you are infinitely responsible for the debts of the enterprise.But you are not an adult now, and I will guarantee you as a guardian. ”
“You didn't even confirm the name of the company and decided by yourself!”Mark thought that Tony was busy with the development of war clothes, and he had not had time to fulfill it. But when he heard the news again, the company had already done it, and the name was not his own.
“Can you get a good name by naming tiannegative after you?”
“I…” Tony's words were too serious, but he took the point directly. Mark was speechless in the face of his rhetorical question, and choked all the words back to his stomach.
Although unwilling to admit it, mark acquiesced in his own naming after so many blows in the past decade.
“See, I can't speak!So since I have to help you change it in the end, I decided that it would be more efficient?And it's your sister pepper's name. If you have a problem, go and talk to her. ”
“Then I don't mind…” Mark said wrongly.
“That's fine.”Tony put the last bit of cheeseburger in his mouth and swallowed it. “Well, I'll go to peper to explain mark 3, cultivate feelings, and send you to the office of your new company.”
“Do you remember to leave me a special laboratory?”Mark looked up at him with interest.
“Don't worry, all the equipment is arranged for you according to my standards, and your laboratory is the new energy pilot of the ark reaction furnace. The power of all the equipment is provided by the underground ark reaction furnace, which is expected to be used continuously for more than 200 years.”
“YesHearing Tony's description of his new laboratory, mark jumped up with joy. For a science maniac, what is more attractive than a laboratory where he can realize all the ideas in his mind?
After a brief tidying up of his clothes, Tony drives mark to a science and technology park an hour's drive from stark villa.This science and technology innovation park is a high-tech entrepreneurial park invested, designed and built by Stark group, integrating production and R & D.
All technology start-ups that have received investment from stark group or relevant enterprises approved by Stark group can enter this science and technology innovation park.Each year, the park only charges a small amount of management fees and rents far below the market price for the companies entering the park, but this does not mean that they can enjoy the welfare policy after entering the park.If the annual scientific research results are not recognized by the Evaluation Department of stark group, it is likely to be driven out of the park, and even stark group will stop investing in the company and sell off the shares of its rivals.
However, this is not a problem for mark. Needless to say, he is the prince of stark group. During this period, he also took advantage of the closure of Stark's industrial weapons department and gained a lot of shares of stark group in the stock market;Just with Mark's own creativity, he is confident that he will pass the so-called year-end audit.
The car drove through the park, after careful greening of the road, and finally stopped in front of a six story building covered with dark green glass curtain wall.
When he comes to the gate, there is no security guard or receptionist. Tony brushes his face on the face recognition device outside the gate, and the glass door automatically unlocks and opens.
As he led mark inward, he explained: “now the building only does decoration design and office equipment procurement, without any intelligent design.I know that you can't change hands with others in this part, so leave it to yourself.
The first floor is the reception room and catering area, the second floor to the third floor is the public office area, and the fourth floor to the fifth floor is the high-rise office.
The top six floor is your private laboratory, equipped with the most advanced protection hardware. As for the system and intelligent assistant, you are still free to play.
How's it going, all right? ”
Along the way with Mark came to the sixth floor of the laboratory, see his face excited staring at all kinds of equipment in one go, Tony is not without proud way.
“Come on, go and find sister pepper. I can't wait to turn this place into my private kingdom!”With that, mark can't wait to turn on the computer and start planning for the intelligent design and building control system of the office building.
Tony turned his mouth and cast a white eye at him. “I'll go first. You can do it yourself.I'll call the private secretary I've chosen for you later to come and give you an account of the staff and take you home by the way. ”
Mark looked at the computer attentively and didn't reply. He just put out his left hand and made an “OK” gesture. Then he waved his hand to Tony to indicate that he didn't need you here anymore. Let's go! ”
“This boy, in such a place, he and I are really the same impression.”Tony turns away from the lab on the sixth floor, goes down to start the car and leaves the park.
“Well, I have a headache at the thought of explaining to pepper later.”Suddenly Tony patted the steering wheel remorsefully. “Gee!I should have asked mark what to do just now. I was too proud to see him look like that.No, you have to check the strategy online first… [how to make the object happy in the ambiguous period], [how to explain to others that they won't be angry] ”
Tony just stopped his car by the side of the road and began to check “love strategy 2.0” on the Internet. The poor guy still doesn't know that the so-called strategies on the Internet are just a group of nerd keymen's self venting, and the real avatar won't waste time on things other than his girlfriend.
I've got to work overtime for you. Let's make do with two shifts!
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Chapter 31: Conspiracy begins to appear
California, an abandoned railway hub, gathered a lot of Middle East dressed, armed adult men.
Campfires were burning all around, and people were patrolling outside, just like a “military important area”.
At this time, a black business car tore through the night and came slowly from the distance.But it's strange that this well guarded base didn't stop the car that was out of place and let it enter the interior of the base.
When vehicles come to the hinterland of the center, the guard becomes more and more strict.After the car stopped, a black bodyguard in a bulletproof vest and a stark industrial automatic rifle opened the door for the big man in the back seat.
And it was none other than Tony's dear uncle obadaiya who got out of the car.
“WelcomeIt's a Scarface man. If Tony is here at this time, he can easily recognize the identity of this man, the little leader of the Ten Commandments gang who kidnapped him.
And here is a temporary base they secretly set up after they sneaked into the United States.
From the car, obadaiyashi ran walked to the scarred face man who welcomed him. Looking at the comfortable expression on his face, it was obvious that it was not the first time for the terrorists to meet each other.
In front of the Scarface man, obadaiya did not respond to his welcome, but with a high smile, staring at the scar on his face like irony.
Scarface man didn't show any diffidence. He pointed to his face and said, “this is a gift from Tony Stark!”
Hearing this, obadaiya's face was more ironic. “If you can kill him when it's time to kill him, then you won't lose your face.”
Understand each other's pun irony, scar face man some angry way: “you just give us so little money, we hope to help you kill a big man.”
However, obadaiya did not give him a chance to continue complaining. He pointed out the purpose of his trip without a trace of sympathy, “hit me and see the weapon.”
“Come on, leave your bodyguard outside.”Scar face man pause for a moment, agreed to the request.
The Shijie gang has been wearing this suit for some time, but due to the limitation of funds and cultural level, even if there is a ready-made model and Tony's drawings recorded in the monitoring, the illiterates of the Shijie Gang still can't find a way to copy this suit.
In this case, we can only find a partner with culture, capital and, more importantly, ambition to achieve this goal.Once this plan is reached, they will not only have the most powerful force, but also get a steady stream of money.
After a lot of thinking, they finally selected the right partner, Obadiah Stan, an ambitious man who tried to Kill Tony Stark and take over the company's industry.
And their meeting tonight is to conclude the business.
Obadaiya made a sign to his bodyguard to stay out, and then followed the Scarface man into a crude tent.
As soon as Tony came in, mark one, which Ethan had made by hand, came into his eyes.
The greedy light in his eyes is just like the eyes of cats at night. Even the illiterate and rough patchwork of Shijie gang does not prevent him from appreciating it as the most wonderful artwork in the world.
“He ran away and left us a little surprise.”Scar face man see obadaiya's eyes is also some proud method introduced.
“So this is his secret weapon to escape from the cave alone!”Obadaiya asked, but his eyes were fixed on every part of mark one.
“This is just a preliminary product. Tony Stark has perfected its design and made a masterpiece of killing people!
As long as a person has a few such equipment, he can rule Asia.You're eager for Stark's throne. We all have a common enemyScar face man expressed his great wild hope in a calm tone.
Obadaiya looked away from mark one, turned to him and signaled that he could continue to speak.
“We can continue to talk business. I can give you these designs as a gift!And in return, I want you to build me a legion of steel warriors. ”
Obadaiya didn't reply, just looked at him with a smile, and then came over and put his hand on his shoulder as if it were intimate.
And I don't know when, a small device has appeared in his hands.He pressed the switch, and the device began to emit a high frequency sound wave. Before the Scarface man responded, his brain was congested, and the whole person completely lost his ability to move.
“That's the only gift you can get.”Obadaiya pointed to the sound insulation earplug in his ear, shook the ultrasonic device in his hand, and showed a cruel smile.
“Technology – this is your eternal weakness in this world.”As he said this, obadaiya turned off the device and took off the sound insulation earplug in his ear. “But don't worry, the effect of this thing can only last for 15 minutes. It's just the slightest of your troubles…”
With that, obadaiya directly lifted the curtain of the tent and went out.
Outside the tent, seeing that all the guards of Shijie gang had been subdued by their bodyguards, obadaiya didn't look surprised. Obviously, he had planned this for a long time.
“Take the armor inside and clean up the mess. It's time for us to go.”
As soon as his words came to an end, dada dada – with the sound of a series of bullets and the fire of guns, the abandoned railway hub fell into silence again, and I don't know how long it will be before someone comes here again.
“Build the 16th area under the prototype of the ark reactor. The task should be carried out secretly. Gather our best engineers. I want you to help me make a prototype immediately.
Besides, keep an eye on Tony and mark for me. Everything in the stark group must be in my hands. I can't make mistakes this time! ”
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Chapter 32 truth
“So, what you mean is that you are the unknown factor that calmed down the unrest in gumila town in the news before!
You've solved a company of terrorists by yourself in that steel suit! ”
Pepper pepper couldn't believe it. She put her hands over her mouth wide open in surprise. “It's too dangerous, Mr. stark. You have to stop this capricious behavior right now.You still have mark to take care of, and tens of thousands of employees of stark industries also depend on you for a living. When you came back last time, your combat clothes were full of bullet marks. What should these people do if something happens to you? ”
“Calm down, pepper, calm down!Don't be so excited. Those bullet marks just look terrible, but actually they don't cause any critical damage to the combat clothes.
You also know that mark and I have far more wisdom than ordinary people. The safety and reliability of Mark 3, which is developed by combining the wisdom of both of us, is beyond doubt. ”
Tony puts his hands firmly on Pepper's shoulders, looks directly at her, and soothes patiently.
“I'm worried about you, you know?It's not easy for you to escape from those villains. Why do you want to put yourself in danger? ”
“Maybe this is the growth I got from the kidnapping incident. It's because I clearly know the danger I have to face that I developed mark 3 to protect myself, isn't it?
And as long as you support me behind my back, even in danger, my heart will remain peaceful. ”
Tony finally at the most appropriate time, he meticulously searched the golden sentence on the Internet and said it. However, as soon as he said it, the situation suddenly turned around. Pepper blushed and bowed his head, and no longer mentioned the thing against Tony's adventure.
“Pepper, if you don't mind, I need a favor from you… I want you to go to my office, hack into the computer and find all the latest shipping lists.”Then Tony handed an object to pepper. “This is a cipher chip. You can easily hack in with it.The list may be in the home folder, or it may be hidden in the driver, so you have to search for the smallest title. ”
“If I got the list back, what would you do with it?”Pepper was a little worried that Tony would do something dangerous again.
“Like last time, they were trading in the dark, and I had to stop them.I want to find those weapons and destroy them. ”
“Tony, you know I'll do anything for you.But if you're in charge of it again, I can't help you. “Pepper refused in embarrassment.
“Well, that's your next task. I'm Tony Stark as the boss.”Tony, the straight man of iron and steel, came on the stage again, breaking the good atmosphere that had been hard established before.
“Yes?Then I'll quit. “Pepper is also no compromise, will be a password chip throw, thrown on the table.
“All these years, when I made a huge profit from destruction, you were always by my side;And now when I want to protect those who are in danger because of me, you are leaving me? ”
“You're going to kill yourself, Tony!I don't want to get involved. ”
“Everyone in the world should have a goal.Tony Stark of the past has died in that cave in Afghanistan with the explosion, and Tony Stark of Nirvana needs a new target.I'm not crazy, pepper.I just suddenly understood what I should do, and I knew it was the right thing to do
Pepper did not reply, quietly picked up the password chip on the table, “you are everything to me, you know.”
Today, pepper changed her usual time habit and appeared in the office building of stark group half an hour earlier.And from her tense face, it can be seen that things are really unusual.
Before coming to Tony's office, she first looked around and found that no one else had come. She quickly opened the door and went in. Then she quickly closed the door of the office.
After arriving at the destination, pepper didn't waste any time. She quickly opened Tony's computer, connected the cipher chip and began to search for the information she needed.
According to Tony's instructions, she first searched the main folder for information, but after a search, she found nothing. Then she opened the driver folder of the computer.There are many missile drawings and materials designed by Tony, but after a search, a drawing of a huge steel armor attracted her attention. This design obviously has a similar idea but a very different appearance from the one she saw on Tony's body before.
“District 16?What the hell are you doing, obadaiya!Is little mark's previous guess correct… ”
Recall before Tony just came back from danger, mark once said to her, the whole company can know that Tony's itinerary is only her and obadaiya, so the traitor must be among them.
And now it's clear that the answer is in the air, and the next video confirms pepper's suspicions.
In the video, Tony, who is tightly tied up and his ears are blocked, sits in position C, surrounded by a group of big men holding rifles with their faces covered in headscarves.The leader held a manuscript in his hand and spoke English with a Middle East accent.
“… you didn't tell us that the man you want us to attack is the famous Tony Stark. As you can see, Obadiah Stan, you will pay for your deception and lies. Tony Stark's head will just rise in price…”
“My GodPepper didn't expect that it was true. Tony's beloved uncle was secretly trying to kill him.
When she saw this, she quickly transferred two important files to the cipher chip, ready to take them back and tell Tony the truth.
At that moment, the door of the office was opened, and it was Obadiah Stan who said, “Oh, Miss pepper, I didn't expect you to be here before it's time to go to work. I'm really surprised…”
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Chapter 33 fatal crisis
“I know you're having a hard time with pepper right now.”Obadaiya, with a glass, comes to Tony's wine cabinet in his office.
At this moment, looking at the slightly unnatural look on Pepper's face, Obadiah could already guess what she was here for so early in the morning.But before he really confirmed that his disguise had been completely seen through, obadaiya still kept his hypocritical face and his gentlemanly demeanor of performing all the year round.
But what he didn't know was that under his proper manners, his greedy and ferocious eyes had completely betrayed his heart.
Peper adjusted the status, showing a professional smile, while using his spare light to observe the progress of data download.
“Tony, he always has good things, doesn't he?”At this time, obadaiya takes a bottle of Tony's wine from the wine cabinet and pours a cup for himself. Pepper seizes this opportunity, takes advantage of the other party's eyes, immediately picks up the newspaper on the computer desk, covers the password chip on the host computer, and then opens the screen saver to hide the transmission picture on the desktop.
When obadaiya comes to his desk full of wine, all he sees is pepper, who has no action against the computer screen saver. He can only continue his disguise.
“When Tony comes home, you don't know how happy I am. It's like I brought him back from the dead!
But now I realize that Tony has never really come back, has he?He left a part of himself in that cave, which made me very sad. ”
Pepper nervously looked at Obadiah, who was sitting in front of him, close at hand. “Er… He's really a very complicated person.”
“He's been through a lot of adventures, but I'm sure he'll get better,” Piper continued with a stiff smile after pausing to feel too nervous
Obadaiya took a sip of the wine and gave pepper a meaningful look. “You're a rare woman. Tony doesn't know how lucky he is.”
“Thank you for your compliment, but I have to go.”Peper stood up, picked up the newspaper, took the chip back, said goodbye to obadaiya, and left the office in the gaze of the other party.
Turning around the corner, where obadaiya couldn't see, pepper looked at the cipher chip in his hand, breathed a sigh of relief, and quickly stepped out of the company.On the other hand, after seeing pepper's figure disappear, obadaiya immediately turned back to the front of the computer and untied the screen saver.
When he saw the prompt of [data download completed] on the desktop, he finally confirmed that his secret had been discovered by pepper.He angrily leaned on the seat, but his eyes became more firm and fierce. Since the camouflage has been exposed, then we can't blame him for being cruel!
“Miss Potts, I'm afraid we have an appointment. Have you forgotten our appointment?”Just as pepper hurried down to the lobby of the office building, he caught the attention of Colson, who went to the meeting as scheduled.
Thinking of Colson's agent identity, perceiving that he was in danger at this time, pepper also pushed the boat along the river, “no, I didn't forget. You can come with me now!This meeting is guaranteed to be unforgettable for your whole life…. ”
On the second floor of the lobby, obadaiya, standing in the corridor, could only watch peper leave, but he turned and went to the 16th area he had secretly built under the archetype exhibition area of the ark reactor.
In the 16th district, a group of scientists called by obadaiya were busy working. When they saw him directly push the door, the project leader stopped working and welcomed him.
“Mr. Stan, the task you asked us to do seems a little difficult.After research, we all agree that there is no technology that can function for this armor. ”
“It doesn't exist!”Obadaiya tightly hooped the person in charge with his right arm, pointed to the prototype of the ark reaction furnace in front of them and said excitedly, “look, this is the technology in front of you. What I want you to do is just to reduce it a little.”
“Yes, sir, we want to, but unfortunately it's impossible.”
At this time, he no longer disguised himself as obadaiya, but also no longer as gentle as he used to be. He grabbed the collar of the person in charge and roared angrily: “Tony Stark can do it in a cave with a pair of scrap metal!”
“Sorry, but we're not Tony Stark.”
“Mark hasn't come back yet?”
Tony, who got peper's consent last night and stayed at her house, had to go back to his villa in Marbury after a night of excitement and finally found that he didn't mean it.
“Jarvis, didn't mark come back all night?”
Without getting Jarvis's response, Tony was a little confused and asked again, “Jarvis!Strange, is it down? ”
Still no response. Tony plans to check Jarvis's program. When the phone rings at home, he sees pepper's call and answers it directly: “Hello, pepper – MMM!”
Before he finished speaking, Tony felt as if his brain had lost contact with his body and lay down on the sofa uncontrollably.
“Take a deep breath, relax, relax!”A familiar voice sounded behind him, but the gentle tone sent out a shudder.
“You remember that, don't you?”
It was obadaiya who rushed to Tony from the 16th district. After confirming that his subordinates could not copy the miniature ark reactor, he decided to carry out a crazy plan, that is, to seize it from its owner.
As like as two peas in the same way, Toni lost his ability to act, and he proudly showed Toni the props to help him get everything.
“It's a pity that the government didn't approve its mass production!I still remember the excited expression when six-year-old mark played a prank on us with his self satisfied invention.
Short term paralysis is very useful. At that time, I washed the paint he painted on my face for a long time.
You know what, Tony.When I offered you a reward to kill you, I worried that I would lose you, the golden hen. ”
Tony, who was paralyzed on the sofa for a while, was shocked when he heard this and looked at his beloved uncle.
But obadaiya is just cold and merciless, playing with the tools in his hand, extending his magic claws to the ark reaction furnace in front of his chest
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Chapter 34 learn to reminisce from today
“But fortunately, you survived. You laid me this last golden egg!”
Without any mercy, obadaiya directly took out the ark reactor on Tony's chest and pulled out its power supply wire for the electromagnet.
“Do you really think you've come up with an idea that belongs to you?”After getting what he wanted, obadaiya didn't leave immediately, but continued to mock Tony. “Your father, he helped us build the atomic bomb. If he was selfish like you, what would the world be like today?
Look, this thing is perfect. This is your ninth symphony, Tony!It will be your legacy, and the new generation of weapons with its core energy will bring the world out of order. I hope you can see my armored prototype, which is not as conservative as yours.
And it's too bad that you involve peper. Originally, I only wanted to get rid of you and mark in my plan. You know, mark is like a young version of you. He is so talented that I dare not leave him any chance of revenge.
(Ps. Beethoven's Ninth Symphony is considered to be his highest achievement in the field of symphony. Here obadya compares the completion of the reduction of the ark reaction furnace to Tony's highest achievement in his life. He has already determined that Tony will die today, and there will be no new achievement in the future.)
Still don't understand the villain died of many words. Obadaiya, who is the truth in all universes, left Tony's villa with his dream ark reaction furnace after a long speech, and didn't give Tony the last blow.
After obadaiya left, Tony was still paralyzed, and the shrapnel in front of his chest lost the adsorption of electromagnet, so his body had become very weak.Using his strength, Tony barely moved his body, but the effect was not obvious.
Counting the time in his heart, he had been intrigued by obadaiya. After a long speech from the other party, the effect of body paralysis should be almost over. Tony decided to wait and go to the garage after recovering his ability to move. He took the old core that pepper had sent to him for a while.
But to Tony's surprise, before he started this almost impossible plan, a red figure fell from the sky.
“Old master, what's the matter with you?Your state is very bad, I will scan you soon – after scanning, your cerebellum is stimulated by ultrasound, making your body into a temporary paralysis;The chest reactor disappeared, and the residual shrapnel in the chest was unconstrained.Your current situation is very dangerous. Dabai will temporarily use its own energy to power your electromagnet. ”
This red figure is the white one who helped the refugees resettle in gumila town and returned smoothly.
Dabai quickly dismounted his battle armor and restored his health assistant's original form. Then, regardless of his own situation, he picked up the fruit knife on the table and broke a small hole in his stomach to take out the mini ark reactor, which provides energy for his work.
(× – ×) “Dabai is about to switch to the standby energy graphene battery. It is about to shut down and restart. Please wait for 3 seconds.”
3Seconds later, the rebooted Dabai cuts off the power interface of the mini ark reactor and connects it to Tony's electromagnet.However, due to the smaller and different shape of Dabai's reactor, it can not be stably embedded into Tony's chest.
With the completion of this series of actions, Dabai's body completely lost the support of the air and collapsed in front of Tony.
Tony, who got Dabai reaction furnace, was slightly better and could barely say a few words, “Dabai, can you get in touch with mark?Tell him to stay in the lab and don't open the door no matter who comes to him
Old master, don't worry. I've sent the news.Moreover, all the clothes of the little master have been updated according to the standard of magic suit, and a new chip [auto life saving 3000] has been added, so that you can escape from any danger. ”
Tony blinked, temporarily relieved of mark. “How's pepper?”
(● I've communicated with Nini. Miss pepper won't have an accident with her
Now that obadaiya's threats have all failed, Tony also focuses on himself.Dabai's micro reactor for his own use is definitely not usable. It's too inconvenient to move. He has to replace the garage with the first generation reactor made in Afghanistan.
But now Dabai has lost his ability to act. He can't help. He has to rely on himself.Tony has not yet recovered to the point where he can support himself. He can only move forward through the slow movement of his body like a caterpillar.
Slowly, I finally got into the elevator and came to the basement.Tony, who can only operate on the ground, can't reach it in any case when he looks at the first generation reaction furnace on the worktable.
Just when Tony decided to give up and wait for his body to recover his mobility, the clumsy little fool handed the box containing the first generation reaction furnace to Tony.
“Good boy!It seems that I have to learn to be nostalgic from today on. “Tony looks a joy, the result of the reaction furnace, toward the ground hard hit, took out one of the reaction furnace.
While replacing his energy core, Tony can't help thinking of a conversation with mark.
[nine years ago, Tony pointed to a mechanical arm that had been invented by himself for several months and said, “this thing is really clumsy. It's my most failed work.”
“But I think it will be your greatest work!”Young Mark looked at the angry Tony said.
Tony waved his hand impatiently. “What do you know, little boy?”
“Because it has character and emotion, I think it can be called a silicon-based life.Although he is a bit clumsy and can't complete your order, he has made some progress in recent months, but you are too impatient to find it.Now it's like a child, just born in a muddle, but when you patiently teach it to grow up slowly, one day it will show you its incredible
Tony thought about it for a while, but he didn't turn the mechanical arm into a pile of parts. “I'll listen to you. Since it's so clumsy, I'll call it Xiaoben in the future.”
Thinking of this, Tony smiles, “it seems that another thing has been said by mark. You will be my greatest work, stupid.”
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Chapter 35 Mark's backhand
After receiving pepper's call for help, Col. rod, who came to Tony's house to check the situation, yelled out Tony's name. Seeing that the living room had turned into a pool of white water and fell on the ground, he further confirmed the danger of the situation.
(× – ×) “Sir, the old owner has moved to the underground garage.”
To be reminded by Dabai, rod hurried down the stairs to the garage and saw Tony Stark lying on the ground.
“Tony!Tony, are you ok? “Rod rushed forward to check the situation.
“I'm fine. Go and protect pepper. I've brought her in.”Tony's body is still a little weak, so he can only reluctantly hold rod's arm and say it to him seriously.
“Don't worry, she's OK.Pepper is now with five agents, ready to go to the company to arrest obadaiya. ”
Tony's expression was instantly ugly. “Five people are not enough. I hope Nini can hold on a little longer…”
Then he forced himself to stand up with rod's support. Pepper is in a bad situation now. He has to stand up.
“This is the coolest thing I've ever seen in my life!”One side, watching Tony changing mark three, rod couldn't help admiring.
“Not bad?It's about to startTony finished dressing, went down the dressing table and closed his helmet.
“Is there anything else I can do for you?”Asked rod.
“Let the sky be clear!”With that, Tony didn't even go through the garage passage and rushed out through the hole in the ceiling where Mark 2 had been tested.
“Cool!”Pilot rod's eyes sparkled with admiration.
On the other hand, mark, who is devoting himself to the development of building control system in the laboratory of his new company's office building, suddenly has his mobile phone in his pocket giving out an urgent alarm.
Mark's attention was pulled out of the research by the alarm bell. He took out his mobile phone and saw the words “emergency alarm” on the screen. Mark knew that obadaiya must have done something to his father.
Tony doesn't know that the last time mark gave him “Baoming No. 1”, in addition to providing him with a chance to save his life at a critical moment, the most important thing is that mark can detect the unexpected situation that Tony encountered at any time and help him cope with the crisis.
For example, this time, the ark reactor was forcibly dismantled by obadaiya, cutting off its power supply to the electromagnet, and the “Baoming 1” immediately sent out a record of the occurrence of abnormal conditions, and sent an alarm signal to mark.
After receiving the alarm, mark saved half of the work on his computer in a hurry and was ready to go back to help. Then he was embarrassed to find that he didn't have a driver's license, no car, and even Dabai was not around. He couldn't get home in time.
Mark quickly took out the phone and called magneto, “magneto!Magneto!Change the monitoring accessories quickly, and help me out to check my father's condition. ”
Mark's command was issued. In the sleeping box in the room, magneto immediately took action. The two magnetic axis parts on the top of the head fell off. The accessories in the box were ejected from the storage box and were pulled by the magnetic force. The magnetic axis parts carrying the monitoring camera were directly connected to magneto's head.
After assembly, magneto's sleeping box will open automatically.It turned over, out of the box, quietly sneaked into the living room.
Mark's side, after magneto came to the living room, a clear picture appeared on the mobile phone screen. In the picture, obadaiya left the villa with the ark reaction furnace, while Tony collapsed on the sofa.
“No!I shouldn't have played a trick on Obadiah with that thing. “Seeing Tony's state, mark recognized that it was a masterpiece of his own invention.
“I have to contact uncle rod to help. Magneto's magnetic axis servo system can't handle such heavy objects as the reaction furnace.”
Just when mark made the decision to make a phone call, Dabai appeared at Tony's side in time, which made mark feel relieved. “It's the wisest decision I made to reproduce Dabai, but obadaiya, you bad old man, is very bad. Since you don't want to be an honest man, I'll send you to heaven.”
Mark turns off the magneto monitor and opens a pink screen.There is only a map interface and a red positioning point on it, and the position of this point is displayed near stark industries.
“It seems that sister pepper took Colson to arrest Obadiah. Fortunately, she didn't forget to take Nini with her. Now let's see how I can deal with you, you bad old man!”
The interface mark called out is actually the positioning interface he gave to Nini, peper's personal all-around assistant. The reason why he wanted to add such a positioning system to Nini is to transmit special parts!
“I gave Nini a customized combat suit, but it's more attentive than Dabai. Enjoy it, obadaiya!”
With that, mark clicks the confirm button on his mobile phone screen. Meanwhile, outside the stark villa in port Marbury, a lawn suddenly rises, revealing a deep hole underneath.
Suddenly the fire lights up, and a dark shadow rushes up into the sky in the night, leaving only a long tail flame, which is heading in the direction of stark industries.
Stark industries, pepper, under the protection of Colson and four other aegis agents, have infiltrated the secret sector 16 of obadaiya.
Through a dark area came to the center, a set of powerful steel armor appeared in front of several people, “it seems that you are right, he made a suit of armor.”Colson said.
“I thought it would be bigger…” but pepper felt that the armor was different from what she had copied today.
They didn't know that the armor in front of them was just mark-1, which obadaiya used as the prototype, and the real iron overlord – bang!Suddenly appeared behind them.
“AhPepper was frightened by the iron overlord's huge size and ferocious appearance.
The pink suitcase in her hand received the signal, and the light flashed immediately. Nini was quickly released. “Nini felt that the owner was in danger, and switched the mode – bodyguard.”
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Chapter 36 war
“Kill him!”Seeing the iron overlord who suddenly launched the attack, the well-trained aegis agents quickly took out their pistols and shot them.
However, in the face of the iron overlord with steel skin and armor, these bullets are just like annoying flies, which can't cause damage to him at all.
Without waiting for several agents to analyze the next countermeasures, iron overlord swept them all.
One side of peper has long been shocked by such a hot scene to stay in the same place. Seeing that iron overlord's iron fist is about to attack her head-on, Nini, who is alert, immediately takes up her master with a princess, and the super brake runs with all their strength. They quickly escape from iron overlord's attack range.The iron overlord is limited by the huge size, unable to move flexibly in the narrow environment of area 16, and can only watch peper be rescued.
With the help of Nini, peper, who escaped from the office building, immediately called Tony and wanted to report the situation to him. Fortunately, this time her phone was connected, “Tony, are you ok?Obadiah, he's crazy!He made a huge suit of armor… ”
“I know, pepper. Now calm down and get out of there, now!”
But Tony couldn't wait for peper's reply. There was only a loud voice on the phone and obadaiya's cold voice: “where do you want to escape?”
“Damn it!Jarvis, how long can the chest support? ”
“Sir, there's 48 percent power left, and the volume is still falling. This chest assembly is not designed for long flight.”
“Remind me at any time –”
“You are no longer useful!”The iron overlord, who broke the ground from the 16th district and came to pepper, now had the huge machine gun muzzle on his arm aimed at pepper.
But before he opened fire, a flash of fire flashed, followed by a shadow directly hit the iron overlord's arm, so that he lost his balance.
After the shadow hit the iron overlord, it directly dispersed, and turned into armor parts, which combined with Nini in front of pepper.
That's right. It's Mark's backhand, Nini's combat armor, who arrived in an emergency.
The battle armor uses the same graphene titanium composite as Dabai, and the whole body presents the girl's color matching of pink and white.Unlike Dabai's armor, which is only equipped with a flight module and has no substantive killing weapons, Nini's armor is equipped with a plasma lightsaber of mustard in the super Marine Corps, which can be said to add wings like a tiger and add icing on the cake with the martial arts skills in Nini's combat chip.
Nini, who was fully armed, did not put solving the threat in front of her first place. Instead, she immediately picked up her master peper, started the propeller and flew away from the dangerous place.Nini in the bodyguard mode will put the safety of the host in the first place, so it is not impossible to escape safely, and fighting will not be Nini's first choice.
Nini just left the scene with pepper, Tony drove mark 3 to iron overlord, “hit the energy to the chest!”
As soon as we met, Tony gave obadya a a gift. His chest energy gun hit the bull's-eye.iron overlord was affected by the attack and stepped back a few steps.
However, the design of tiebawang is different from Tony's mark series. It pursues aesthetic feeling and streamline design, heavy armor and huge transmission structure, which makes it more powerful in defense and attack than mark series.
Tony's full blow did not bring too much damage to the iron overlord, but aroused obadaiya's ferocity.After a little steady their own balance, iron overlord began to fight back against Tony.
Obadaiya controlled the body, opened the sole of the propeller, quickly shortened the distance with Tony, followed by an iron fist, heavily hit Tony's chest.
The strength of mark three couldn't stop the strong attack, and Tony was knocked to the ground.
The iron overlord, who had already gone rampant, was not satisfied with this. He grabbed Tony, who had fallen on the ground and had not yet recovered. He fell heavily and pressed him to the ground again. “For 30 years, I've been supporting you for a long time!I started this company from scratch, nothing can stop me, especially you
Said, iron overlord's rear weapon cabin opens, a armor piercing bullet has aimed at Tony to fire directly.
Tony was drowned by a huge fireball in an instant. Fortunately, Mark 3 not only used gold titanium alloy as the main material of the battle suit, but also covered with a layer of graphene film invented by mark. Although the armor of this suit is light, its defense ability is really full.
Tony accepted the impact of the explosion and flew into the air to take advantage of the location.
But to his surprise, iron overlord's heavy body was loaded with a flying device.
“Sir, the other side's body seems to have the ability to fly.”
“That's right, Jarvis, take me to the top!”
“Sir, you only have 15% power left. Flying to that height will…”
Tony interrupted Jarvis's reminder. “I'll count. Do what I say!”
As Tony's battle clothes continue to climb, iron overlord also perseveres to rise behind him.
When Tony's voice of war armor power reached 7%, iron overlord finally caught up with Tony and caught him in his own hands. “You have a good idea, Tony.But my armor is more advanced than yours in every aspect!
“Yes?Have you solved the problem of high altitude icing of battle clothes? ”
“Ice problem?”Obadaiya has some circles, but before he can react, the iron overlord has lost its power completely because of the control system failure due to the icing problem.
“Think about how to solve it!”Dang – Tony hit the iron overlord's head with one punch, and he was free from its bondage. The iron overlord who lost control could only accelerate to fall to the ground under the action of gravity.
But Tony can't be proud for a long time, “Sir, the power is still two percent, and the graphene battery is used as backup energy.”
Mark 3, which started up the standby energy, could no longer stay in the air smoothly and began to make a gradual descent. Fortunately, Jarvis made a strict calculation to ensure that Tony had enough energy to land safely.
“Tony, my God!Are you ok? ”
“I'm ready to run out of power. When I take off this thing, I'll come to you right away…”
“Good plan!But my luck is betterOriginally, Tony thought that the iron overlord had been solved appeared behind him again, and his two hands tightly held him in his hands.
“How are you, Tony?”Peper asked nervously when he heard something wrong with the voice on the phone.But now Tony has fallen into the hands of the iron overlord and has no time to respond to her concern.
“Nini, get over there and help Tony!”There's no way. Pepper can only ask Nini for help now.
“Roger, master!Please stay here for a while and don't leave. Nini will go back
Whoosh – Nini's thruster accelerates behind her and goes straight to the position of iron overlord and Tony.
On the other hand, Tony, who managed to escape from the control of iron overlord, hid himself. “Pepper, we can only overload the reactor in the exhibition area and blow up the roof to solve obadaiya and his armor.”
“Tony, I've asked Nini to help you!”
“It's no use, it's impossible for a little bit… To solve… Obadaiya!”
“Tony, what's the matter with you?How do you talk? ”
“Thanks for your help, pepper. I take back what I said before. Mark's violent factor really surprised me!”
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Chapter 37 end [seeking flowers]
It was Nini, who was ordered by pepper to come to help, that made Tony's words not smooth.
It's not like Tony's imagination that Nini is crushed unilaterally by the iron overlord, and it's not Nini's agile movement that controls the iron overlord's attack power.
After Nini fell from the sky, her arms shot two plasma lightsabers directly. Without waiting for the iron overlord to react, she broke it into pieces with her exquisite moves.
Looking at obadaiya, who was already dead and could not die any more, Tony only felt a chill coming straight up to the sky along his tail vertebrae, which made his whole body excited. “Mark, how do you feel that his invention is becoming more and more dangerous? I really dare not provoke him in the future…”
The war suddenly came to an end, and even obadaiya, as a villain boss, failed to set up his own death flag, and took the lunch box under Nini's quick attack.
“I should have asked Mark to get me a personal assistant like this, Jarvis. Help me get in touch with rod.”
“Tony, what's up with you?”As soon as he got through, rod asked Tony about the situation.
“There's a mess I need your help with.”
“I know it's not good for you to come to me. I'll help you clean up the mess. How about lending me your war clothes for a day?”
“I'm sorry, they're tailor-made. Give me some time and I'll give you mark 2.”
At the familiar press conference, Colonel rod, dressed in military uniform, was speaking on the platform.
“We've all received an official statement about last night's stark industries incident. There are uncertain reports that a prototype robot broke down and caused serious damage to buildings and roads around stark industries.
Fortunately, one of Tony Stark's private security guards
Behind the stage of the press conference, pepper is making up for Tony, who is going to speak, to cover up the scar he left on his face last night.
Tony listened to rod's speech live on TV, and distracted himself from the newspaper. “Iron man is a cool name.But it's not technically accurate, because my combat suit is made of gold titanium alloy, and the surface is also attached with graphene film.But anyway, it's an attractive name. ”
Mark next to him turned his eyes with disdain when he heard Tony's words. “If I hadn't started Nini's fighting accessories to save you, you would have blown up the prototype of the ark reaction furnace left by your grandfather. Fortunately, I was proud of the publicity in the newspaper!”
Tony was also anxious when he heard Mark's accusation. “I haven't criticized you, you smelly boy. When did you become so violent? Recently, you are either a combat module or a dominator. Why don't you discuss with me?”
“Hum, just you little white who don't even know graphene, is there any need for me to discuss with you?”Mark began to use his own advantage as a passer-by to pay back to Tony.
“You son of a bitch, it's not my credit that your robot can use the miniature ark reactor!”
“That was invented by my grandfather first. You just picked up a big bargain!”
“Two, please stop first!”Colson, who had just entered the door, found that the two men seemed to be in a posture of immortality and quickly stopped their argument. “Mr. stark, this is your alibi.”
Colson handed Tony a note. “You were on the yacht, we made the customs documents, you were on Avalon all night, and the testimony of 50 guests.”
“I thought we'd say it's just me and pepper, alone on that island.”
Pepper, who is concentrating on Toni's make-up, angrily pulls off the band aid on his face and gives him a warning.
“And me, I should be on the island, too!”Mark, it's a cut in.
“Don't make trouble. What's the matter with children at the adults' party.By the way, there's no mention of obadaiya. ”
Colson calmly responded: “we have prepared the relevant documents. He was on holiday at that time. Unfortunately, his small plane had an accident on the way.You know, this kind of small plane is particularly prone to accidents.
You just have to follow the official statement, Mr. stark, and you'll be fine soon.You have 90 seconds to prepare. “With that, Colson turned and walked out.
“Wait, agent Colson!”Piper quickly stopped him from behind Colson. “I want to thank you for your help.”
“It's our job. We'll get in touch with you.”Colson responded with a smile.
“From the perspective of national strategy…”
“Just call it aegis. Our director accepted mark Stark's proposal.”
“Hey, don't call me kid, I'm 14 years old!”Mark cried out in protest.
“OK, mark, you go to the seat outside first. OK, we're ready for the stage.”Tony patted mark on the ass and drove him out.
Mark knew for a moment that Tony was creating a space to be alone with pepper. He left the room behind Colson. He didn't want to be a light bulb.
“If I were iron man, my girlfriend would know my true identity, she would be miserable. She would worry about my death all day long, but she would be proud of me. She would be very contradictory, but it would make her more fascinated with me.So… Pepper, have you ever thought of that night? ”
“What night?”
“You know that.”
“Do you mean we danced, then we went upstairs, and then you went downstairs and brought me a drink, and then you left me alone with mark, you mean that night?”
Tony wanted to test the progress of the relationship with pepper, but he didn't expect to embarrass the scene to the extreme. Tony could only squeeze out an embarrassed smile and keep silent.
“I knew it.Is there anything else, Mr. stark? ”
“No, it's all right, Miss Potts.Let's go out. I think I heard rod call my nameTony, with a stiff smile, turns around and quickly escapes from this embarrassing place, leaving only peper, who is watching him run away, with a charming smile.
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Chapter 38 I am Iron Man
“Now let's welcome Mr. Tony Stark to the stage to make a statement, but he won't answer any questions. Thank you!”At the end of the speech, Colonel rod went to the side of the stage and gave Tony his place on the stage.
Tony stood on the podium, looked at the audience and reporters at the bottom, then looked at the pepper, mark and rod on both sides of the stage, and then said, “it's been a long time since I saw you last time. I'd better read the manuscript this time.Some people speculated that I was involved in the previous events on the highway and on the roof… ”
Just as Tony began to read the manuscript, the reporters were reluctant to let him go: “sorry, Mr. stark, you really expect us to believe that a bodyguard in war clothes happened to appear, even though your bodyguard…”
“I know it's confusing. Harpy's body is a little bloated.But I believe that if he is willing to throw off dozens of pounds of meat as hard as Jon Farrow, he can also put on his steel suit.
It's one thing to question the official rhetoric, but it's another to make crazy accusations or imply that I'm a superhero. ”
Tony's speech made the reporters smile excitedly. They know that the big news is coming!
“Mr. stark, I didn't say you were a superhero.”
“Yes?That's good. “Tony began to talk awkwardly, “because it's out of the ordinary, whimsical, and I'm not supposed to be a hero.
I have a lot of personality defects, I've made so many mistakes, and I'm very public. ”
“Read according to the manuscript!”Hearing Tony start to play freely, rod next to him clenched his teeth and whispered.
“Well, well, the truth is –” halfway through, Tony suddenly pauses, with a mysterious smile, “I'm iron man!”
Tony confessed his identity as a superhero, which attracted the reporters' flash. They didn't care how much film they consumed, how much memory they used, and their fingers seemed to have cramped. They pressed the camera shutter frantically to draw materials for the front page cover of tomorrow's newspaper.
“Cool, Daddy!You're now the first superhero to have an open identity since World War IIMark said straight up to the stage after Tony's speech.
“Well, don't add fuel to the fire.”Pepper took Mark aside. “Don't you see that Mr. rod and Mr. Colson are black?This time, all their preparations are in vain, and then they have to work overtime to wipe your father's ass
“Hey, hey!I'm a little excited to witness the birth of iron man.Don't worry. I'll save face for him outside. I'll teach him a lesson when I go home. I can't make trouble for others like this in the future! ”
“PoofLooking at Mark's serious expression, pepper couldn't help laughing. “It's good that you don't give others any trouble, and you want to teach your father a lesson.By the way, last time you asked me to help you buy the stock of stark industries, now it's full. Do you want to follow up? ”
“No!No moreMark shook his head. “Now that daddy has announced his identity as iron man, the stock of stark industries will soar with him. I don't have that much money to throw into it.And sister pepper, the shares you helped me get from the stock market and some small shareholders are enough.
With these shares, I can help my father get more than 50% of the voting rights, and I will not be afraid that he will give it to the board of directors in the future.Moreover, my company will start to develop its business recently, and my capital will be invested in it.How about sister pepper? Do you want to get rid of Tony and work for my company?
I promise that I won't always put forward some difficult demands like him, and I won't play a bad temper with you. The salary will be doubled according to your current standard, and I will send you a limited edition of all the listed products of the company in the future! ”
“Thank you for looking up to me so much, mark.But I still can't go to work in your company. Tony is such a big man. I don't know if I can survive without you.
But you can rest assured that I personally selected the staff and managers of your company. In terms of working ability and character, they are the best choice. They are better than me. ”
“Well, I'm not worried about their ability to work. If I work alone, there is no productivity that can't be replaced by the power of science and technology.I just think it's too much of an injustice for you to stay and work with Tony.WellAll of a sudden, mark had a wonderful idea in his head. “Sister pepper, come here a little. I have a whisper to say!”
“What?”Pepper listened.
“What do you say we do to Tony once?You pretend to quit your job and come to work with me to let him experience life without you, so as to understand the importance of you. ”
“That's not good, if he does approve…” Pepper said with some worry.
“It's impossible. You two like each other. Even I can see that if you don't give him any hardship, he will not take the initiative to express his love.And even if he does approve your resignation, it doesn't matter if he really slips into my company. “Mark patted his chest.
“Well, you've got a big deal with the white wolf.”Piper was torn down by mark, thinking carefully and pretending to be angry.
“If you don't refuse, I'll take it as if you agree with my plan.”Mark into the thick skinned true story of Tony, and then asked, pepper himself does not reject Mark's proposal, nodded acquiescently.
On the podium, Tony, who welcomed the media's rush to interview and shoot, did not know what kind of big hole his father and son had dug for him.
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Chapter 39 that's it【Looking for flowers]
“How can that be, mark?Why did pepper suddenly propose to resign?I feel that we have made good progress recently — ”
On the way home, Tony, who didn't know that he had been co operated by mark and pepper, kept writing to mark on the copilot while driving. His expression was confused.
Ma Keqiang restrained his smile and said solemnly: “you should concentrate on driving, Dad.There are only two reasons for sister pepper's resignation. One is that her work is not going well and her boss is too annoying. So she fired her boss in a fit of anger and sought liberation. ”
“No way!”Tony quickly interrupted, “I'm such a handsome, easy-going boss. How can anyone hate me?And I… ”
Tony obviously wants to find more reasons to refute Mark's point of view, but after several turns of thinking, he didn't think of any evidence to prove that he is a good boss, which makes the atmosphere in the car silent.
Mark didn't want Tony to get to the bottom. He didn't want this prank to end early, so he comforted Tony and said, “OK, OK, just think you are a good boss. Sister pepper didn't resign because of this. That should be the second reason. She found a company with better salary and treatment, so she decided to change her job.”
“But when I asked her to stay today, I said I could give her a raise, but she still didn't promise to stay.”Tony said with some dismay.
“Then I think it's probably the third reason for the exception.”At this time, mark, who has been taking Tony into the pit, finally let out his carefully prepared trap.
“There are exceptions!?Can you tell me why? “Tony stops at the side of the road and stares at mark for answers.
“Isn't that why you want to have an office romance?You tease people all the time, but you don't promise, and you don't make it public to the outside world. You make people look like your underground mistress. Isn't that impudent?
And if she likes you and you like her, that's fine.Now the problem is that you don't make clear your position all the time. Other girls lose patience and don't want to be embarrassed when they work in the future, so they have to resign. ”
“Is that so?”Tony murmured, blinded.
“That's it. It can't be wrong!”Mark's plan was successful and he quickly gave a positive answer.
“What should I do next?I don't want pepper to leave me!You have to help me, markTony completely fell into the trap of Macbeth, and without knowing it, he asked Mark for advice.
Of course, mark won't refuse Tony's request. Since Tony has sent him to be his marionette, how can mark miss this opportunity.
“First of all, you have to give sister pepper a time to think calmly. You can tell her to take a few days off and have a good rest. By the way, you can decide whether you want to resign.If she can figure it out herself, the next thing will be easy. ”
In fact, the first step is to give pepper and mark time to discuss the plan and discuss how to make Tony next.
“Next, you can't take it lightly just because you've given sister pepper a holiday and stabilized the situation for the time being.At this time, you should show your concern for her and let him feel the love in your heart. This is the best way to make her change her mind. ”
After all, the purpose of his action is to make Tony anxious and let him know that if he doesn't seize the opportunity, such a good match as sister pepper will run away.
So we need to create opportunities for them to get along with each other, so that they can understand each other's mind, which requires Tony to take the initiative.
“And then it's the last step –” mark stopped at the key point, didn't speak, and wanted to sell.
“What is it?”Tony is also very cooperative with the pose of a pair of advice, watery eyes keep blinking, just like a pupil in class.
Seeing Tony, mark, satisfied with his vanity, said, “the last step is to show your heart, of course!As long as sister pepper agrees to be your girlfriend, even if she really changes her job, she will be able to run away from the monk, but not the temple? ”
“YesTony slapped his thigh with a sudden look of enlightenment, but soon he was depressed again like a changed face. “If I had the confidence and courage to express myself, it would be today.”
“Ah!It's hopeless, you counsellor. “Mark didn't expect that Tony Stark, a national famous playboy who has slept with countless beauties, would be so cowardly in the face of true love.
“It seems that we really have to let it go. I hope things will develop like a movie plot.”Mark thought in his heart.
Mark is silent all the way because he dislikes Tony's performance. Tony is also embarrassed to talk to mark. They have nothing to say all the way back home.
“Good evening, Jarvis.”
Mark, as always, said hello to Jarvis when he got home.
“Welcome home, gentlemen.”
“[I'm iron man!]You think you're the only superhero in the world, Mr. stark?You've become a part of the larger universe, and you just don't know it yet. ”
In the dark corner of the living room, a bald black man with a blindfold in his left eye suddenly appeared in front of the stark and his son.In the hesitation period, the racial talent is so strong that it blends into the dark environment of the living room that Tony and mark can't find him when they get home.
“Who are you?”Seeing that this strange man can break through his own security system and break into his home, Tony immediately guards mark behind him and asks warily.
“I am –”
Suddenly broke into a strange man has not been able to finish speaking, suddenly fainted on the ground, let had been nervous Toni Leng in place.
It was the movement of mark from behind that brought him to his senses.But looking at Mark's initiative to run past, ready to tie people's appearance, Tony knows that the dead boy's handwriting will not be wrong.
Mark alone helped the strange man to a chair, and then went to take off the strap on his trousers.He put a bundle on the man, then pressed the button on the belt, and the whole belt tightened automatically, trapping the man.
“What's the matter, explain it?”Tony stares at mark with a look of leniency and strictness.
Mark raised his hand and shook his watch. “Hey, hey, this is an accessory I invented to match the magic suit – anesthesia watch.”
With that, mark pressed the B key of his watch, and the watch mirror bounced. “This is for aiming. I built a anesthesia needle and ejection device in the dial, and it shot within ten meters. This big black man just hit my anesthesia needle and fell into a coma.
That trouser pocket is made of graphene material. It can stretch from 0.1 meters to 100 meters. It's very convenient. ”
“How do you feel that you have done enough safe work than me?”Looking at his son's high-tech equipment all over his body, Tony silently sympathizes with the big black man who broke into the house. If he wants to do something wrong, you are really looking for the wrong person.
If the one eyed and bald man who is in a coma can know what Tony thinks, he will surely be wronged. I'm a serious man. I just want to pretend to be a bully and talk to you about something big. Who can think of being beaten in the face!
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Chapter 40 Ma Jaffrey [asking for flowers]
In a daze, Nick Frey felt a beam of strong light shining on his face. However, with his many years of experience as the king of secret agents, he did not immediately open his eyes to observe the surrounding situation, but continued to pretend to be in a coma and secretly collect the surrounding information.
Feeling the feeling of being tightly bound, Frey knew that he was tied, and the rope was strong. He tried his best and couldn't loosen half a point;There is a smell of cheeseburger in the air. The person who binds him should have a meal nearby;Ears can hear the distant sound of the waves, I should now be in a building by the sea.
Why are you tied up?How could he, the king of secret agents and the director of the Bureau of strategic defense, attack and logistics, be ambushed by the enemy?
By the way, I seem to have sneaked into Tony Stark's villa in Marbury harbor today, trying to pretend – no, I'm talking to him about iron man and a big plan I've been planning for a long time, but now it seems that the situation has gone astray.
Thinking of this, Frey also guessed his current situation. He was not ambushed and kidnapped by the enemy, but was stunned by Stark's mechanism.Now he's in Tony's villa.
Knowing that he should not be in any danger, Frey did not continue to disguise and opened his eyes directly.
After getting used to the bright light from the desk lamp in front of him, Frey saw stark and his son, old and young, sitting side by side in front of him, with cheeseburger in his right hand and happy water in his left hand, looking at him and eating.
“Can you take this light off first? I feel like you are interrogating prisoners.”Frey some speechless put forward the request, but he is the agent head, you so good!
But before Tony spoke, mark spoke first.He doesn't want to play Nick fry. Now it's a good chance to play tricks on fry. If he announces his identity as director of aegis, mark won't have a chance to do so.
“Hum, we caught a bold maniac who broke into a house without changing his face and made unreasonable demands. I think you must be a recidivist, but if you fall into my young master's hands, no matter how brave you are, you have to be obedient!Dabai, change the interrogation mode, and let this maniac know his mistake
(× – ×) “Roger, master.The trial mode has been turned on, the target object has been locked, and the repentance procedure has been started. ”
Dabai, who was ready to wait for Mark's order, appeared directly beside Frey. Without waiting for him to have any chance to speak, he was given a meal of thunder and lightning.
Yesterday, Dabai destroyed his polyvinyl alcohol fiber skin in order to save Tony, so mark simply replaced it with a more durable graphene composite skin, and added the lightning Dharma King based on its conductive ability – no, it should be the repentance procedure, which is used to save those lost lambs who are forced to go on the road of crime.
In fact, it's just mark's bad taste to make fun of Nick Frey. Frey, who is tightly tied to the chair by the retractable belt, just spits out “Ma Rao…”, and even “Falk” has no time to say, and has already twitched excitedly under the repentance procedure of Dabai.
Seeing the twitching fury on the chair and Mark's uncontrollable smile on one side, Tony suddenly chills his back and shivers.
“All right, mark.Although he doesn't look like a good man, he must not be an ordinary person if he can break into our house quietly. Let's listen to him first. ”
What do you mean you don't look like a good man? Nick Frey just wants to yell at FAK.
However, after thinking about his current situation and seeing Dabai still standing beside him, Frey said his identity honestly: “my name is Nick Frey, director of aegis. I'm here to talk about the Avengers alliance with you.”
“The Avengers?”Tony didn't doubt the identity of the director of aegis, but he was very confused about the Avengers alliance.
On the one hand, mark was excited in his eyes, because what Nick Frey said just now was to chat with “you” instead of Tony. This shows that his ability is valued by Frey and he wants to join the avenger.
You know, joining the avenger means not only responsibility and danger, but also opportunity and challenge.Alien civilization, infinite gems, and all the mysteries and unknowns in Marvel Universe can be contacted and explored through the identity of Avenger. For mark, who is eager for knowledge, this is a happy thing.
Unfortunately, Tony, as a guardian, refuses to let mark participate in the conversation on the ground that he is still under age.The conversation between Tony and Nick didn't last long, and it's not appropriate for them to discuss too deeply when they meet for the first time.
20Minutes later, when they came out of their study, Frey came to mark with great enthusiasm, put on a kind gesture as much as possible, and said, “Mr. mark stark, I sincerely invite you to join the weapons development bureau of aegis and become our special consultant,I'm very interested in the equipment you just used on me and the inflatable robot that can discharge electricity. ”
Mark also wondered how the impressive director of aegis could suddenly be so polite to himself. It turned out that he was interested in his own props and R & D capabilities.
But mark can't do this kind of loss business. It's impossible to work. He can't work all his life. There are so many talents in his company and he speaks well. I really like the people there.
“Mr. director, if you are interested in my research and development of various trails, you can consider signing a procurement contract with mark research center, my enterprise. I can supply the products exclusively to your aegis Bureau, but even if you work there, even if you are a special department, it's illegal to employ domestic and child labor!”
“Well, I'll tell agent Colson about it when I get back, and he'll talk to you about the details.Tony, think about what I said to you. If you come here today to disturb me, I'll leave first
Seeing Nick Frey leave the villa, mark comes to Tony and asks curiously, “what did you talk about?”
“Don't ask. It's none of the children's business!”Tony turned away the gossip mark with disgust.
“Well, let's not say it, but kids have a lot of grudges. I'd better hand over the order from aegis to hammer industries. After all, someone in stark industries looks down on me as a kid –”
“Son of a bitch, you dare!”
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Chapter 41 product launch
Los Angeles, Hollywood, Huaxia Grand Theater.
Today, a grand and grand press conference will be held here. The first cross era product released by Mark research center and stark industry will be unveiled here.
As a matter of fact, the powerful journalists already know what this product is going to be released. After all, Tony has shown it to the public at his return press conference before.
Although the main product of this press conference has lost the sense of mystery, it has still gained the public attention.Because it's connected with Tony Stark, the iron man in the limelight, it's doomed to lack of traffic and attention.
At the same time, people are also concerned about what kind of character Tony, the illegitimate son of genius and the future successor of the stark family, is, and whether he inherits the super high intelligence of his father and grandfather.The answer to this question will affect not only mark's personal reputation, but also Wall Street financial tycoons' assessment of the future value of stark industry.
At this moment, watching the news conference with a gossip heart, the melon eaters still don't know that mark will drop a heavy bomb on them.
At 19:30 p.m. New York time, the first product launch of mark scientific research center officially began. Tony and pepper, dressed in high-end custom formal clothes, sat in the audience, watching Mark's upcoming performance.
Without the host's rendering atmosphere and the guests' singing and dancing, mark appeared from the side of the stage in a casual suit and stood in the spotlight.
“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen who are watching our product launch on the spot, on the Internet and in front of the TV.Today is the first time for me to speak on the stage in front of so many people's eyes. I don't have dad's eloquent speaking skills, so let's get to the point and get to the point. ”
After Mark said this, the lighting engineer turned off the light source of the whole scene, and then put down two beams of light, one on mark and the other on a red suitcase.
“Everyone, the product I'm going to show you today is in this red suitcase the size of a suitcase.”
Mark's words attracted everyone's eyes to the red suitcase on the stage.
“Before that, I think some of you have seen the real face of it, and even experienced the convenience it brings.But today, I'm going to introduce my invention to you and show you its power in detail.
Dabai, it's your turn
After receiving the order from Mark, the ring light in the middle of the suitcase lights up, and the lid on the suitcase opens automatically and hisses. After a short inflation sound, a silly, white, chubby, soft inflatable robot appears in front of people.
(× – ×) “Hello, I'm your personal health assistant, Dabai. What can I do for you?”
Before the launch, mark temporarily shut down the functions of other modules of Dabai, and only retained the original medical chip module. At the moment, all the female audiences who are paying attention to the product launch, when they see the image of Dabai, they are immediately captured by his lovely and cute image.
“How lovely!Chubby, I really want to hold itThis is the common voice of countless female audiences at this time.
For the majority of male audiences, the appearance of Dabai alone can't conquer them. Next, mark needs to show up to introduce the powerful functions of Dabai as a personal health assistant.
“Dabai's image has already been seen. When I designed it, considering that the image needs to be approachable and appeasing, I adopted a convenient inflatable design and a round and lovely appearance.
But it is certainly not enough for any successful product to have a good-looking appearance. Next, let me introduce and demonstrate in detail the powerful ability of Dabai as a personal health assistant.
Dabai's body is implanted with the most advanced medical chip, with more than 10000 kinds of medical measures preset inside, which can solve the vast majority of diseases that may be encountered in daily life.Its eye position adds a holographic scanner, which can scan the human body innocuously and accurately diagnose all the diseases found in human medicine.
At the same time, Dabai's diagnosis and treatment program also includes the diagnosis and treatment process of mental illness. For the patients with mental illness who can't tell their secret to real doctors, Dabai will be a more suitable listener.
With it, you will be able to have a partner who can escort your physical and mental health anytime and anywhere, and eliminate the disease when it is just beginning to appear, greatly reducing the possibility of mild disease developing into severe disease. ”
When Mark's speech came to this point, the eyes of the audience, both men and women, who were present and absent, were already bright.Especially for those capital tycoons and elites who have solved the basic needs of clothing, food, housing and transportation, what is more attractive than a healthy body and a longer life span?
“We must have seen it in our life or in the news that some people usually look very energetic and healthy, but after the hospital examination, they found that they have no idea when they will be replaced with incurable diseases.For many diseases, the human body can not feel any changes before they develop to a real terminal disease, and when we feel this discomfort, it is too late in most cases.
However, going to the hospital for a physical examination every year is not only time-consuming and expensive, but all these troubles can be forgotten after you have the knowledge. Any little hidden trouble in your body can't escape its eyes. ”
“Mr. mark, is this inflatable robot really as powerful as you say?Can you show us its function on the spot? ”
A reporter at the scene questioned mark, who was talking on the stage. However, for mark, this is not a problem. The live demonstration was originally in his plan. Now that someone has given him a lead, he will follow up.
“No problem, Mr. reporter.Now let's watch a video of Dabai diagnosis and treatment. We ask the staff to take advantage of this time to invite some volunteers who want to experience Dabai ability to wait on the edge of the stage. ”
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Chapter 42 birth of Unicorn
Soon, after the screening of the promotional film, all the audience had a general understanding of Dabai's consultation process, which made them look forward to the next live demonstration. Is Dabai's personal health assistant really as amazing as the one shown in the promotional film?With this question, everyone focused on mark and Dabai on the stage.
“Well, the video has been finished, and the staff on the scene also invited two men and two women, a total of four volunteers, willing to go on stage to cooperate with our live demonstration.Then, let's welcome these four volunteers to the stage with applause to take the lead in experiencing the service of Dabai. ”
Soon, under the guidance of the staff, four volunteers stepped on the stage and came to the center of the stage, “welcome four, and thank you for your participation.Let's go on stage in the order that the blonde lady will experience it first. Please introduce yourself to the audience. ”
“My name is Christine. I'm a journalist.”
“OK, now please stand here in the most natural way for a moment, and the result will be revealed soon.
Dabai, come here and give this beautiful lady a full body scan. ”
“Yes, ma'am. I'll scan your body. Scan begins – scan ends.
Madam, your body is in a sub-health state. There is chronic specific inflammation in the shoulder joint capsule and its surrounding connective tissue. Wearing high heels for a long time makes your thumb move laterally at the first metatarsophalangeal joint, gastric ulcer caused by irregular diet for a long time, and gynecological inflammation caused by irregular rest.
Dabai suggests that you improve your living habits, have a healthy diet and rest, and cooperate with anti-inflammatory drugs and physical therapy to help you recover as soon as possible. ”
Next, Dabai made a diagnosis for the rest of the volunteers and put forward treatment suggestions, which made the audience exclaim and applause.
Mark came out again, stretched out his hands and pressed down, indicating that everyone would calm down a little. “Thank you for your warm encouragement. I believe that the live demonstration just now has fully demonstrated the role of Dabai as a personal health assistant, but some people will doubt that we are asked to prove that the volunteers on stage are indeed randomly selected,It is necessary to prove the accuracy of the diagnosis.
In this regard, first of all, in the name of stark, I would like to assure you that today's live demonstration process has not been arranged in advance. I believe that the reputation of the stark family should still have some credibility;Secondly, the four volunteers will get a free physical examination in Mayo Medical Center. The physical examination will be conducted under the supervision of the notary office. At that time, the notary office will announce on its official website whether the results of the physical examination are correct.
Then the next question that we are most concerned about is, how much will the price of such a personal health assistant be?
The first is the civilian version for the general audience – Intelligent consultation 1.0. This model of private health assistant only retains the function of intelligent physical examination, uses the hyperspectral lens with higher cost performance, and is not equipped with the shape of inflatable robot, and has no treatment function… ”
At the same time of Mark's introduction, this popular version of intelligent consultation 1.0 is also displayed on the big screen. It looks like a home projector with a very simple shape.
After castrating all the additional functions and appearance design, its price is also very exciting, retail price is only $8999.
You know, even for the middle class who have bought a high amount of commercial medical insurance, the price is only the cost of three physical examinations in ZhangGu hospital. In addition, the American people like to use credit cards. It can be said that $8999 is a price that almost all working people can afford. After all, health is priceless.
The price of the following versions has caused more and more cheers and applause on the spot, bringing great surprise to the public.
Robot home version, 26999 US knife;Robot customized version, 46999 US knife;Medical institution professional edition, 269999 US knife;Military version 369999 US knife;Personalized changeable skin, 199 US knives.
Although mark announced the price is very shocking, it seems to be a loss.But in fact, just such a price can bring Mark's company more than 100% gross profit.And in line with the concept of creating happiness with salary, mark not only made a fine division of products, but also achieved the charging mode of asking for money in service. It can be said that as long as you can think of the service, there is no need to give money, which enables the private health assistants to bring continuous follow-up income to mark's company.
But at this time, all the people who pay attention to this product have been blinded by Mark's price war offensive, and they are not aware of the trap they will fall into. Only Tony sitting under the stage can see the nature of this boy's unscrupulous businessman from Mark's seemingly sunny and handsome smile.
“Mark research center will cooperate closely with stark industries. All products will be processed and produced by Stark industries, and the quality of products will be strictly controlled to ensure that every customer gets the products without defects. We will also provide the best return and after-sales service for all consumers.
This is the end of today's product launch. I hope to see you again at the next product launch of mark research center. “Mark bowed to the curtain, and the lights of the whole audience were on at this time. Everyone on the scene also gave mark a warm applause. It can be seen that Mark's debut today was very successful, and Mark's scientific research center became famous.
All people with a little business sense and social experience can analyze and know that mark research center will soon become a unicorn enterprise in the medical robot industry. With the development of time and the help of stark group behind mark, it will inevitably become a technology giant with no less influence and value than stark industry in the future,This is their deep belief.
Backstage, mark, who is just going to meet Tony and pepper, receives a message from his secretary: “boss, Mr. Colson of aegis is waiting for you in the dressing room. He says he wants to confirm the order and sign the purchase contract with you.”
“Oh!?It seems that my press conference today was very successful. They can't help it. In this case, don't blame me for the lion's big mouth. Haha, haha — ”
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Chapter 43 transaction completion
“Mark, at the press conference just now, your performance was wonderful!”As soon as mark entered, Colson, who had been waiting in the dressing room, came up from his seat.
Mark knew exactly what he was coming from, and he was very calm. After shaking hands with Colson politely, he looked directly at the door and said, “thank you very much, agent Colson.We've met several times, and the cooperation intention has been initially reached. Now we haven't reached an agreement on the price, so let's not be polite and go straight to the point. ”
Seeing that mark was so direct, Colson didn't show any affectation. He also wanted to finish the task as soon as possible and hand over to his own director, “mark, let's start with the basic materials one by one.”
Mark nodded in agreement, and Colson continued: “first of all, graphene, which can be called a universal material. Our research center of aegis has provided an evaluation report on the graphene found by mark. The report shows that its use in the military field is beyond imagination.
Mark research center is the only company in the world with mature and cost-effective large-scale graphene production technology. Considering the practicability of graphene in military, medical, energy and other aspects, aegis is willing to accept your offer of $8 million per ton, but only if a priority supply agreement can be signed,When multiple parties place orders to mark research center at the same time, they can give priority to meeting the order demand of aegis. ”
“On this point, my bottom line is to give priority to meeting 70% of the demand of aegis, and the remaining 30% will give priority to supply when supply and demand are restored.”Mark didn't agree to the other side's terms just because aegis agreed to his offer. Considering the development needs of his own stark industry in the future, if he agreed to the terms, stark industry would be in a passive position when the supply and demand were tight and graphene materials were badly needed.
“Yes, I'll write that in the contract.”Colson nodded and directly modified the contract content on his laptop. It seems that they also considered that Mark would leave some room for his industry, and the 70% share did not exceed their expected bottom line.
“The second is the artifact suit that you showed us before, including the magical suit that can let an ordinary person obtain superhuman skills, the tracking glasses that can display maps and cooperate with trackers and eavesdroppers, the bow tie type voice changer that can make people have changeable voice lines, the agent badge that helps agents contact at any time, the portable weapon anesthetic needle watch that is not lethal, and so onVersatile retractable belt and enhanced shoes to enhance the strength of the agent's feet.
These equipment can really help our aegis agents in their work and reduce the risk of death and injury.But the price of each set of $800000 makes it impossible for us to equip every agent with this equipment.
So I hope your company can make a little concession on the price of magic suit. After all, it is related to the life safety of an agent who maintains social stability, and the annual funding of aegis is limited. ”
After hearing Colson's request, mark was also hesitant and embarrassed.What he hesitated about was not the profit reduction brought by the price reduction. After all, he knew very well how low the real cost of the artifact suit was. Even if he gave a 10% discount to aegis, he would still be profitable.
The problem is that the agents in the aegis bureau not only have heroes who maintain social stability, but also have Hydra soldiers who are lurking in the dark and always ready to subvert the world. Although he is confident that no one can break the Hydra with his own encryption technology, mark is reluctant to let the other party pick up such a big bargain behind the real hero.
Looking at mark frowning and thinking in front of him, Colson is also a little nervous. Is the cost of artifact suit really high, which makes the other party need such deep consideration?
Colson, who doesn't know the truth, can only bear the suffering of waiting while performing the appearance of waiting patiently.
Suddenly, mark, who was very tangled, raised his hand and patted his head. A sly smile appeared on his face. It was obvious that he had come up with some wonderful idea.
“Colson, I think what you said is very reasonable. You can't make heroes bleed and shed tears.In terms of price, I can give you a 50% discount, and the purchase method can be split according to your needs, not necessarily a full set of purchase. In addition, I can ask the aegis agents that each of them is equipped with an agent badge based on the aegis logo for free. ”
“Mr. Gao Yi, I admire youColson was very grateful. He knelt down on one knee and saluted mark with his fist. In this way, Mark's fantasy scene did not appear. Colson just nodded excitedly and began to tap the keyboard quickly again. He added Mark's conditions to the contract, as if he was afraid that Mark would go back on his promise if he was too slow.
“Well, you Western goods really don't know how to be polite.”Mark's intelligence make complaints about himself in the bottom of his heart, but he doesn't feel like a white egg with a yellow heart.
“So mark, now there's the last item on the list, the military version of the health assistant.It can deal with all kinds of trauma, complete difficult surgery, and has all terrain adaptability and lethality. To tell you the truth, your white globe series not only makes us excited, but also the military, CIA and FBI are applying for special funds urgently to buy this product.So, if you can guarantee that the order of aegis will be fulfilled first, we can agree to the offer of $18.6 million. ”
“Deal!”Mark didn't refuse the other party's request this time. After all, the inflatable robot is not a basic material like graphene, and the other party has given in on the price, so there is no reason to continue bickering in this respect.
After the two sides agreed on the terms, Colson immediately took out his portable suitcase printer and printed out the contract in triplicate.One of the three contracts is in the custody of Mark's company, the other is in the custody of aegis, and the last one will be submitted to the World Security Council, the superior organization of aegis.
Mark scanned the contract at a glance, and asked the Secretary to fax it to the company's legal department for verification. After confirming that there was no problem, he signed the contract readily.
Colson satisfied with the contract, “the contract I take back to the director confirmed and signed, will be your share in the back.”
“No problem.”Mark agreed. “Now that it's over, I'll go first. Tony is still waiting for me.”
When Mark got up and was about to leave, Colson quickly called out, “just a moment, I came here today to finalize the purchase contract, and the director told me to finish it…”
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Chapter 44 engine research and development
First watch
“Mission?”Mark turned his head to look at each other unexpectedly, and stopped getting up and leaving.
“Yes, the aegis is now working on a grand secret plan, which needs the support of a very strong scientific research force.However, scientists within aegis have encountered some bottlenecks in this project, which are difficult to break through.
In the previous communication between director Frey and Tony, Tony has promised to provide technical support to solve the energy problem of the project for us, but now he has encountered some difficulties in the power system. Safety experts have questioned the safety and reliability of the four-axis turbine engine designed by our scientific team, but the scientists in the Bureau are unable to come up with a new feasible scheme.
When Frey went to Mr. Tony Stark again for help, Tony recommended you to the director to solve the problem.He highly praised the magnetic axis servo system and super brake that you invented, and thought that you could provide the most suitable solution for us with these two technologies as the prototype.
Therefore, before I come here today, director Frey told me to tell you about this and asked for your opinions. If you agree to help us complete the research and development of the power system of this project, the director will use his authority to open up some technical data accumulated by aegis over the years for you to view as a reward for this matter. ”
“I know how to bribe me with knowledge. That must be Tony's point.But I have to say it worked very well. I took over the task.You send the requirement parameters to my company server, and I will design the scheme according to the requirements.
By the way, I'll send you a list of the technologies in your technology library. I can choose the technologies I'm interested in. ”
In the lab on the top floor of mark scientific research center in stark Science Park, mark is working on the test bench to revise the engine design draft developed by aegis.
Since he got the lab, mark prefers to come here to develop his creativity rather than the simple experimental conditions in his own room.
At the last press conference, Colson came to find him and asked him to help design the power system for a secret project. Mark knew that this so-called secret project was actually the research and development project of the space carrier, and now he is designing the engine for that magnificent giant.
In the original timeline, the security problem mentioned by Colson before should not have been solved, because the first aegis space carrier almost crashed in the Pacific Ocean due to the turbine engine failure caused by the enemy's raid.
Although at least two of the four engines need to fail in order to achieve such a dangerous situation, it is indeed a huge hidden danger for the safety of the whole ship.
I just don't know how Nick Frey managed to persuade the security experts to agree to build the space carrier according to the original plan.
However, now that the aegis has given the task to its own hands, it is impossible for mark to complete the task according to this muddle along requirement.These days, mark has been keeping himself in the laboratory and optimizing his prototype design. Apart from eating and going to the toilet, he doesn't leave the test bench at all, and he doesn't even go back to his home in Marbury harbor.
This is also in line with Tony's wishes. Since peper and mark worked together to set a trap for Tony last time, under Mark's Secret promotion, their relationship can be described as making rapid progress. Now it's the time of ambiguity. Tony can't wait for mark to go home, so as to help him and peper's world.
Mark now modified the scheme, the design idea is to use the magnetic axis servo system as the transmission system of the engine, use the super brake as the power engine, and connect hundreds of super brakes in series through the magnetic axis to form a super engine with super high fault tolerance rate as the power system of the aerospace carrier.
The advantage of this design is that the power is evenly distributed, which can ensure the smooth stability in the process of acceleration and braking, and also provide sufficient power.When cruising at a constant speed, the redundant engine can be turned off to save energy for the spacecraft.In addition, the distributed design can ensure that even if 100 of them are destroyed, the spacecraft can still land safely.
Mark is very satisfied with his design. He believes that even if Tony develops the anti gravity engine in the future, the system designed by him can also be compatible, saving money and time for the smooth upgrade of the space carrier.
Now the only problem is to control the control system of this super engine. To make hundreds of engines cooperate properly and complete acceleration, deceleration, steering, hovering and other actions, the design difficulty and workload of the whole control system are beyond imagination.
But such a difficult task, after mark overthrew the failed ideas, is relying on his own efforts to complete it step by step.
Mark builds the whole engine system into a neural network by adding an intelligent chip to each power engine, and adds an intelligent core to command the whole control system, so that the pilots and operators of the whole space carrier can control the action of the flying ship like an arm.
So, a week after receiving the task from aegis, when Mark called Colson to inform him to come and receive the design results, Colson, who was used to the big scene, was stunned by Mark's work efficiency.
“You've solved the problem that has plagued the scientists of aegis for several months in just one week!”
“I have finished the design, but it depends on you whether it suits you or not.”Mark shrugged. It was no big deal“What, when will the promise of aegis be fulfilled?I can't wait now. ”
“Don't worry. It's hard for aegis to catch up with us. If you don't worry, you can ask Tony for advice. If he agrees, you can go back to the headquarters of aegis with me now.
In this way, if there are any questions about the design of the power system, we can always consult you. ”
“Oh, the headquarters of the secret department?Good. I'm going now!Big white — ”
“Master.”The dial of Mark's left smart watch lights up and has been upgraded to a smart assistant by mark and uploaded to Dabai Yinghe on the server.
“Tell my dad that I'm going to their headquarters with Colson. I won't go home tonight. Let him enjoy the world with sister pepper.”
“Yes, the message has been sent – Master, the old director replied [go ahead, don't disturb us when you come back halfway.]”
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Chapter 45 sanquyi headquarters building
The second change
On the Potomac River, Washington, DC, a white curvilinear building spans the river.Around it are the famous Capitol, Washington National square, Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial.
It's hard to imagine that an opportunistic headquarters building will be in a popular tourist attraction, with such exaggerated and conspicuous appearance design, exposing itself to everyone's vision.
However, the magic is that even though its appearance is so eye-catching, if you want the local people to ask carefully what companies are in the building and what jobs the people are engaged in, you can not give an accurate answer with one person.
The exaggerated appearance of swaggering has attracted people's attention, so that everyone completely ignores what is hidden in it. This practice of aegis really explains what is called “little hidden in the wild, big hidden in the city”.
Mark, who visited sanquyi building for the first time, kept looking around after entering the building. After all, he only saw some scenes in movies and TV dramas in his previous life. Now these scenes really appear in front of his eyes, and mark is still very excited.
“Mark, remember to follow me later. There are many confidential and important places in the headquarters, which need authority authentication to get in and out. If you break into them accidentally, you may be treated as an intruder by other agents. You must pay attention to this, do you know?”Colson, who leads the way in front of him, turns around and tells mark.
“Don't worry.”Mark patted his chest and promised.
Colson nodded with satisfaction, but he didn't notice that mark murmured after saying this: “your access control system can't stop me anyway.”
From the moment he entered the sanquyi building, mark had secretly ordered the intelligent assistant in the smart watch to come out and infiltrate the whole internal system through the WLAN in the building without exposing.
I thought it would take a lot of effort to penetrate this kind of confidential department, but I didn't expect that there were many secret back doors left in each system of aegis. It was easier for Dabai to kill three in and three out in the server of aegis than to enter his own back garden.
“It seems that it should be the back door left by Hydra in order to collect and transmit the data in aegis. It's cheap for me.But unfortunately, if the important information is not stored in paper documents, or placed in Nick Frey's private server without access to the network, it seems that what I want has to be put forward face to face. “Mark thought to himself.
After following Colson and watching him go through a series of authentication gates with his own identity card, the two finally come to the office of the supreme commander of aegis, Nick Frey.
“Nice to see you again, mark.I heard from agent Colson that it took you only a week to complete the design of the power system. It seems that Tony said that your talent is not inferior to what he saidFrey saw the door coming and stood up from his desk to welcome him.
“Cut!”Mark rolled his eyes when he heard this. “What talent is not inferior to him? He's putting gold on his face, OK!How can he be as smart as I am? Don't impute people out of thin air. ”
“Well, all right.I don't know much about these scientific and technological matters. I'll leave it to you to discuss with the distance researchers. Now let's talk about your remuneration. “Without any embarrassment, Frith smoothly changed the topic, “before I asked someone to send you the catalogue of technical data that can be opened to you. In addition to the lethal and dangerous technologies, it has covered the vast majority of technical data accumulated since the establishment of aegis. How about now considering which to choose?”
“Well, I've already thought about it.Originally, you are such a big organization as aegis. I thought it would satisfy my thirst for knowledge if you came out casually. However, I didn't expect that most of the lists you sent are old-fashioned and outdated technologies. If you don't have any hidden technologies, I think it's really necessary for you to reach a long-term technical support cooperation with my company.
You sent me a list. There are only two things I can see. You just need to show me the serum of the super soldier who made the first known superhero captain Steve Rogers and the PIM particles of Dr. hank PIM
“Are you sure?”Frey confirmed to mark, “you know, these two technical data are incomplete, and the key content is either lost by accident or covered up by its inventor.For many years, the researchers of aegis have been trying to recover it through these residual data, but none of them can be achieved, and even a bad tempered monster is unexpectedly born. Even so, do you still insist on your choice? ”
“Just them. Don't worry. I won't ask you for other compensations at any time. Even if I look at them again, I think they can't compare with the labor I have paid, but trade is trade. I still know about voluntariness, equality, fairness, honesty and credibility.”Mark shrugged at Nick Frey, saying he didn't care.
“Well, now that you've identified it, Colson will take you to the database to read these two pieces of data. The data can only be read within the scope of the database. If you don't finish reading, you can come back tomorrow, but you can't take the data out, and you can't disclose what you see, OK?”
“No problem. It won't take much time. I have photographic memory. Two technical documents are hard for me.”
“Well, agent Colson, take mark to receive his reward, and send Mark's power system to the R & D department for feasibility analysis.”
“Roger, sir!”
After Colson and mark left the office, Frey looked at the direction they were leaving and said, “it's not a waste of my careful arrangement. You have selected these two technologies, and only they can bring you challenges in this list.
Howard Stark's grandson, I'll see if you can reproduce these two technologies. ”
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Chapter 46 hot achievements
Third, don't wait. That's all for today.
Just when Mark stayed in the reference room of the three curved wing building, immersed in the knowledge in the technical data, the outside world's enthusiasm for the personal health assistant released by Mark scientific research center has exploded.
After the product launch, he closed the door to study the power system required by aegis, and then went straight to the headquarters of aegis to continue to close the door. Mark didn't know about the operation of the company, or when he decided to put all the things except scientific research under the charge of the company, these things had nothing to do with him.
However, with the audience watching the press conference, frantically forwarding the video of the press conference, and the media reporters' continuous follow-up of several volunteers' physical examination events, [Dabai], [personal health assistant], [mark research center] and other related words have become the most popular keywords on TV, newspapers and the Internet.
Mark's marketing department invited all kinds of stars and celebrities to buy personal health assistants on his social network, and Aite tweeted Mark's research center, which contributed to the heat of the incident.The role of fans effect is undoubtedly powerful, and the personal health assistant as a product itself is also of excellent quality, which will produce the publicity effect of 1 + 1 greater than 2.
People marvel at the powerful diagnosis and treatment ability of the robot developed by mark, and are attracted by the cool or lovely appearance of various types of robots designed by him. In today's era of information explosion, the spread speed of this hot spot will undoubtedly be faster than ever before.
There is only one topic that people discuss in their daily life, which is the personal health assistant released by Mark research center.Where can I buy it?How much can I get it?Can I quit more styles of replaceable skin?No matter what kind of problem it is, its center is around the big white.
Some smart fashion and luxury brand manufacturers even come to the door to seek cooperation, want to launch joint brand skin, or get the right to develop the image of Dabai, and carry out commercial development of its peripheral goods and even cultural products.
Today, the first batch of products of personal health assistants will soon be on the shelves. Offline stores like mushrooms have sprung up this week. People from all over the world get up early to rush to the market and line up in front of the door in order to get their favorite piece of health assistants at the first time.At the same time, there are also some scalpers who are ready to make a lot of money by relying on this hot spot.
On the Internet, Mark's company team is also well prepared, and has launched a well-designed company website, where netizens can see the parameter differences and price differences among various types of robots, and book the purchase quota online.However, even if the server cluster of stark industry has been rented in advance, the website of mark research center almost collapsed because of the huge flow in an instant. Fortunately, mark has connected Dabai's program in the company's server to carry out load balancing and flow control through Dabai, and finally stabilized the situation.
“Tony, this is the turnover data of Mark's offline stores from 9:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m. today. The total turnover is 394 million US dollars. With the total sales of 230 million US dollars on the line, the daily revenue of Mark's research center today exceeds 600 million US dollars!And this is only the revenue of European and North American markets. If the products of mark research center enter Asia, Africa and South America in the future, this data will be greatly improved. ”
At the stark estate in port Marbury, pepper is reporting to Tony about the revenue of mark research center she collected today.
After hearing the data reported by pepper, Tony, who used to be careless, was also stunned.Tony started to take over stark industries at the age of 21, and his interpretation of a company's performance is very handy.He is very clear that according to today's revenue data of mark research center, even if it will fall due to the decline of heat, the valuation of mark research center will be at least trillions of dollars.
In other words, if the company he helped set up is not a month old, if it is listed on the New York Stock Exchange now, its share price will be more than twice that of the peak period of stark industry, and Mark's personal value will surpass himself and become the richest man on the Forbes rich list.
“Hiss – mark is so terrible. If it goes on like this, will my son soon overtake me when I start?”
“If mark is willing to give up the sole proprietorship and let the company go public, that's true.But I don't think Mark will let his company go public. First of all, he has you behind him and stark industries. Even if he doesn't go public, it will have little impact on his capital chain and business development.
And mark doesn't like to discuss and decide a thing with others. Once he makes a decision, it's hard for him to change it. Therefore, he won't let many directors in the company who can influence his decision-making power exist.
In addition, Tony, you have also overlooked one thing. Although the new energy business of stark industries has not been fully developed, with the processing business of mark research center's personal health assistant, the company's stock and revenue have returned to the situation before the closing of the weapons department, and the rising momentum is still strong, and your personal assets are also increasing. ”
“It's much better to hear that. By the way, a few days ago, I heard that the company added a new shareholder, who bought crazily when the stock price of stark industries plummeted. Now he has enough shares to enter the board of directors. Have you contacted him again?
Although I have basically mastered the voice of the company after taking over the shares of obadaiya, if the other party uses some crooked ideas, it will still cause some trouble. ”
“You don't have to worry about that. The new director who bought these shares is mark. He saw that before you were subject to other shareholders of the board of directors because the shares did not exceed 50%, so he took out his own private money and bought individual shares in the stock market.
Mark has entrusted me with the right to vote on these shares, so you can rest assured. ”
“Mark has become a director of stark industries!”Tony suddenly felt that the world was changing so fast that he couldn't react.
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Chapter 47 super soldier serum + PIM particles =【Looking for flowers]
In the information room of the three curved wing building of aegis headquarters, mark is holding a technical price inquiry and reading the contents with great interest.
What he is holding now is the technical information about the super soldier serum. Many key technical nodes and theoretical descriptions in the document have been missing. Most of the remaining contents are the conjectures and problems recorded by Dr. Abraham Erskine in the process of research and development,Another part is Mark's grandfather Howard stark, who worked with Dr Erskine at that time, wrote some memoirs and his own conjectures based on the events at that time after the establishment of aegis.
Mark even saw a few words in Howard's book collection, which proves that Howard tried to recover the technical data of super soldier serum for aegis, but failed in the end.
Among these seemingly disordered data and formulas, mark read them with great interest. After reading them all over again, instead of opening the technical data recording PIM particles, mark took out a dozen calculus papers and began to deduce.
Mark first sorted the contents of the data according to the time nodes in Dr. Erskine's research and development process, and then began to sort out, deduce and calculate one by one.
On the calculus paper, Mark's pen was flying, and he lined up with long and complicated equations and formulas.The standard A4 size paper was soon filled with nearly 100 pages by mark, and most of the contents were just equations without answers. If we want to get a correct answer, in addition to a lot of calculations, we need to carry out biological experiments and collect experimental data.
But for mark, computing has never been a problem. With the talent of stark, the open hanging family inherited from Marvel Universe, and the brain development and continuous growth in recent years, Mark's brain can be said to be very close to the realm of God. Even the fastest supercomputer on earth today can't beat mark in terms of computing power alone.
Even the experimental data can't beat mark. The highly developed brain allows mark to make up a laboratory in his brain and use the data of various organisms in his memory to build a virtual experimental process.After the analysis and calculation, we can get the same data results as the real experiment.
However, mark did not continue to deduce the technical data of super soldier serum, because in this reference room, surveillance cameras are installed in all directions. If he calculates all the contents here now, they will be compiled and appear on the desks of Hydra and Nick Frey tomorrow. Mark will not do this kind of wedding dress for others.
After sorting out some messy manuscript papers on the desktop, mark stacked them neatly, picked up the second technical information of PIM particles and checked it carefully.
PIM particle is a kind of subatomic particle, named after the first discoverer is Dr. hank PIM.After research, Dr. hank PIM found that this kind of micro atomic energy can change the size of the mass of an object, and even make people grow and shrink at will. So he used PIM particle principle to integrate it into the battle armor and designed the ant man battle suit.
But Dr. hank Pimm's contribution is more than that. In order to collect the subatomic and use it safely, he summed up a series of core equations.Using this core equation, Dr. PIM made himself and his wife Janet van DyEn superheroes ant man and Wasp Woman, and was invited by Howard to join aegis.
But later, when Dr. PIM and his wife were on a mission together, his wife became too small and trapped in the quantum space, which made him reexamine the danger of PIM particles and think that this technology should be safeguarded.At the same time, he found that someone in the aegis was stealing his scientific research achievements and trying to copy PIM particles, so in order to keep this dangerous technology, Dr. PIM took the initiative to withdraw from the aegis.
The relationship with Aegis broke, and Dr. PIM also took away all the information about this set of core equations. The few words existing in the aegis were deduced by scientists of the aegis at that time based on some data they came into contact with when working with Dr. PIM.
According to these fragmentary fragments, even mark could not deduce the original core equation.But it doesn't matter. What mark needs is not to make people smaller. As mentioned before, mark is not the kind of guy who likes to charge ahead. Therefore, compared with making war clothes to make people zoom in and out safely, mark prefers to apply this technology to objects.
You know, as long as the ability of PIM particles to scale objects is combined with the micro robot technology in Mark's mind, nano robots can be easily manufactured, and the manufacturing difficulty and production cost of various nanotechnologies can be greatly reduced.
What mark needs most is how to collect sub atoms such as PIM particles from real space and store them. This technical information has detailed design ideas.Although mark still needs to do some research and deduction to get the result, it is enough.
Got his dream of two technologies, mark is also satisfied, left the reference room.However, in order to cooperate with the aegis to understand the difficulties and key points in the power system designed by him, mark is still unable to leave and needs to temporarily live in the suite provided by the aegis.
But this does not affect Mark's research. In his mind, a virtual laboratory has been built, and three virtual images with the same appearance as mark are doing their own work.
One is deducing the super soldier serum, one is deducing the PIM particle equation, and another is carrying out unknown research and design.
This is the virtual image of Mark's three purpose thinking in his mind.
And the third mystery project mark is working on is the ultimate design that combines Super Soldier Blood, PIM particles and micro robots.
“I didn't expect to have the opportunity to restore this technology in Marvel Universe. I heard that the film was going to be released before crossing, but I haven't had time to see it yet. I don't know if it's the linkage of two cartoon companies?”
Mark's fusion of three technologies will reproduce what kind of black technology, you readers can guess, leave a message in the comments area, the correct answer, the author added more.
In addition, the author has already considered some suggestions in the comment area. May day will change the plot and add black technology to it. However, for some animations that I haven't seen, I have to wait. I have to make up for them first.
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Chapter 48 scheme approval
“No, no!”In a laboratory at the headquarters of aegis, mark watched a group of scientists working busily to verify the parameters. Instead of giving his own opinion, “the servo angle of the magnetic axis here should be 25 degrees. Haven't I clearly marked it on the drawing?How can you change it at random! ”
Mark is very angry that these people modify their own parameters without consulting with themselves.
“Hum, young people are young people. The transmission angle of 25 degrees is obviously not in line with the transmission theory, and it will form additional pressure on the transmission shaft. I just made the right change!”
The scientist who changed the parameters without authorization said to mark in a disdainful tone, revealing hostility to mark both inside and outside the words.This man looks only in his thirties. He is very young among scientists in their fifties and sixties.
Mark also immediately guessed the other party's purpose. At first sight, he was full of self-confidence because he had made great achievements at a young age.Now, he was hit by the design made by mark, an underage genius. He thought his position was threatened, so he began to belittle mark in order to elevate himself.
But who is mark? He has been influenced by Tony since he was a child. It can be said that he is no match for mark even if he has been practicing for ten years.
“If you don't understand, do you have a brain short circuit caused by too much energy consumed by many people's exercise last night?If you are really so smart, aegis doesn't need to invite me, a 14-year-old guy, to answer your questions here.
If implemented according to your design, with the power of thousands of super brakes, do you want to send this warship to outer space?You want to challenge the limit
“You… You… You!”The man stretched out his finger and shivered at mark, trying to retort, but his head was empty and he couldn't say anything. In the end, he was furious and fainted. It was obvious that the old scientists next to him shook their heads and were extremely disappointed with his performance.
Once a scientific research scholar loses his humility and reverence for knowledge, he will be easily blinded by money and fame, and will not be able to explore the truth of science.
After a while, several agents came in the laboratory and carried the fainted young scientist out, while the remaining old scientists quietly changed the transmission angle that had been modified before, and absorbed themselves in inputting the parameters in Mark's drawings into the computer, and built a holographic model of the power system bit by bit.
In the case of one person missing, the work efficiency of the whole team has been improved. It seems that before, it was really a rat excrement that spoiled the whole pot of porridge. The arrogant guy dragged down the work progress of the whole team.
When the last parameter on the design drawing is input into the computer, a huge and complicated engine model appears in front of people under the mapping of holographic projection.The dense power nodes in the model are evenly distributed on the magnetic axis servo drive shaft with a total length of more than 300 meters, which can rotate flexibly within 270 degrees of freedom, providing strong power and flexible steering for the body.
“The next step is the final step of this feasibility test.”Looking at this spectacular holographic model, mark is also full of expectations.Although he is very confident that his design can meet the requirements of aegis and pass the safety verification this time, mark is still nervous and nervous before the results come out.
While saying this, mark took out a mobile hard disk from his pocket and handed it to the experimenters. “This is the control system that controls the whole power plant. Only with it can thousands of power nodes be mobilized safely and orderly to cooperate with each other and complete the driver's operation.”
As a result, the mobile hard disk delivered by Mark was connected to the server in the laboratory.The last step of the whole security and feasibility verification is to input the program written by mark into the server, then control the holographic model generated by computer software to complete various functions, and finally export the data for verification.If all the data can meet the design requirements, the scheme provided by Mark will be officially approved.
“Turn on the energy and light up all power nodes;
Open all action modes and check the servo mechanism of the system;
Count down to three,
The experimenter accepted the command and immediately knocked the Enter key on the computer keyboard, and then each power node of the holographic model of the whole engine began to emit blue light representing the jet flow.
The starting process was very smooth, and then the experimenter began to test the power limit of the whole engine, “push up power 10%;twenty percent;50 percent;80 percent;100% power full loadAccording to the parameters displayed on the computer, the engine has output all the power, and the computer conversion results show that at full speed, the load body can reach a speed close to Mach 3, which is almost the same as the speed of the fastest fighter in the world.
What's more surprising is that in the extreme speed state of full speed forward, if the loading capacity of the personnel inside the ship and the possible damage to the ship body are not considered, the engine designed by mark can even complete instant right angle turn and 180 degree sharp turn, and its flexibility is obvious.
An hour later, after completing all the simulation tests, the scientists began to export the data of this experiment, and started the verification.
It should have been a boring job to verify all the data for such a huge system, but after the people on the scene saw the terrible ability of Mark's performance monster, they were all in a frenzy of excitement. They were witnessing history and miracles, and they wanted to be able to calculate all the results immediately,So that her engine can be put into production immediately.
Finally, with the help of supercomputer, after five and a half hours of boring calculation, the person in charge of the verification project knocked his fingers heavily on the Enter key.With the word “verification success” pop-up on the command screen, the whole audience began to cheer and collapsed from their seats.
“It's successful. We've witnessed the birth of miracles.Mr. mark, your scheme has passed our feasibility verification and safety verification. Thank you for providing us with such a creative power system scheme. It's really an eye opener for us. ”
“You're welcome. It's a deal we've made.Now that the verification has been successful, I will go back today. After reading the two technical data, I have many ideas to go back to the laboratory to verify, especially that thing… ”
Today, I work overtime. There is no new one. You don't have to wait.
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Chapter 49 development
It's been a week since the return of aegis three wings headquarters building. During this week, mark continues to improve Tony and pepper's world and indulges in scientific research.
In just one week, mark has reduced the core theory of super soldier serum, and even deduced the molecular formula and synthetic reaction formula of the main components of serum acting on human body. However, Mark's progress in the core equation of preparation and storage of PIM particles has been hindered.
The preparation of PIM particles requires the separation and purification of innumerable impurities under the PIMI level process. In order to achieve this process, mark has to reduce the core equation of Dr. hank PIM, and design and manufacture a new set of separation and purification equipment to meet the accuracy requirements of the whole process.
For the purified PIM particles, in order to make them stable for a long time, we need to use a stabilizer as a medium.This kind of stabilizer is only recorded in a few words in the technical data provided by aegis. It seems that its formula should be kept by Dr. PIM himself. Without any relevant information, mark can only keep trying various known stabilizers and trial and error.If the desired effect can not be achieved, mark can only develop a new stabilizer himself, which will undoubtedly consume a lot of time and energy.
And as long as PIM's progress is stuck for one day, the thing he wants to create by integrating several technologies will not be realized, which is the most difficult part.
“Oh, no!Looking at the equation of PIM particles all day, I'm a little dull. I'd better go back and continue to work on my transformers and floating cannons. This [transformers project] has been delayed for a long time. Tony has started to develop the fourth, fifth and sixth generation of mark series armour. I haven't got my first transformers out yet. I feel a bit behind. ”
So Mark decided to give up his research on PIM particles for a while and go back to the previous floating gun project to change his mind.
Mark's research progress on the floating gun has been stagnant for some time. At the beginning, because he was in a bottleneck, he didn't think of a better solution and turned to improve the design of the transformer's body.Later, Mark's attention was diverted because of obadaiya's business and his own company's business, and the matter was put on hold.
In the lab, Mark transferred all kinds of design drawings from the server to the horizontal gun, and re opened his Transformers plan.
Mark first started with the deformation mechanism of the cross gun, because he wanted to change between the sports car form and the robot form, and the sports car form needed to retain the driving space and various functions in the car, which further compressed Mark's design space.And to make the horizontal gun run smoothly as a sports car, it is impossible to do without a delicate deformation mechanism.
After the horizontal gun becomes a sports car, its shock absorption, steering, acceleration, braking and other functions need to be integrated into the deformation mechanism. Therefore, mark must design every part carefully, so that it can cooperate with each other perfectly without causing jamming.
However, this can be regarded as an easy job for mark. After all, mechanical structure design itself is the field he is good at. Moreover, compared with the research of PIM particles and the design of floating cannon, the design of a deformation mechanism can be said to be relaxed and pleasant, which is not too much for leisure activities.
Although he has been idle for a long time, mark is very quick to use, and he can easily use all kinds of complex structures. Sometimes when he is inspired, he will design some ingenious structures, and he will be excited for more than ten minutes.
In just two days, mark designed all kinds of complicated mechanical structures on the body of the horizontal gun. Under the projection of the holographic model, each joint is flexible and stable, and the strength and beauty of the body structure coexist, which is almost the same as Mark's movie image in memory, even better.If combined with the NT operation omni-directional attack unit envisaged by mark, the transformer he designed will far surpass the setting in the movie in terms of shape and attack power.
Click Save to upload all the data to the personal server. Mark even leaned back and stretched himself.Working at the desk for more than ten hours in a row made his young body feel a little tired. “It seems that we have to study the super soldier serum first. After all, even doing scientific research is inseparable from a healthy body.”
Just when he was going to pick up the research data of super soldier serum and continue to work, the doorbell of the laboratory suddenly rang, “master, your secretary has a job to report to you, and now he is waiting outside the door.”
Dabai's hint was that someone would inform mark in the future, and mark nodded, “let her come in. Since the product launch, I haven't paid attention to the company's affairs, so I should have a little bit of involvement.”
“Sorry to disturb your research, boss.”The Secretary, dressed in black professional clothes and holding a stack of materials on his chest, nodded slightly at the door and apologized to mark.
“Don't be sorry. It's your job. It's still my boss who is not qualified. I haven't asked about the company for such a long time. When did I meet with any difficulties that can't be solved?”Mark waved his hand to show that he didn't have to be formal, and then began to care about the company.
“No, no, no –” the Secretary shook her head lovingly, “boss, I didn't come here today because the company encountered a situation, but because the recent situation of the company is really good, so the general manager has done it. I'll come here to report the situation of the company and ask you about the development direction of the company.”
“You say, I listen.”
“All right.Since the launch of our company's personal health assistant, its sales have been booming.One week after it was put on the shelves, the demand for robots and skin of all models is in short supply every day. As of 8 o'clock this morning, our total revenue online and offline has reached 4.5 billion US dollars. Medical institutions and the military of various countries have also expressed their willingness to cooperate with us. It is estimated that our company's total revenue in this quarter will exceed 300 billion US dollars.In order to keep up with our orders, stark industries has also urgently increased its production line, and now the output has been able to basically meet our daily shipment quantity. ”
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Chapter 50 development continued
“Well, it's been a hard time for all of us. With such a large shipment volume, we can arrange it in good order, and we have done a very good job.It's a good start for our company to make such a good performance in the first battle of opening. Does the general manager have a reward plan for employees? ”
“This is also one of the tasks assigned to me by the general manager today. He has worked out several sets of employee incentive plans, but you still need to check and approve them.”Then the secretary took a copy out of the thick papers and put it on Mark's desk.
“OK, I'll review it as soon as possible and give him a reply.What else
“The general manager wants you to attend the company's high-level meeting tomorrow morning. Although the company's current performance is very bright, its product line is still too thin, and you have no news about the company's product direction in the next quarter. The marketing department also hopes to make a decision as soon as possible, so they can prepare the publicity plan.”
“Well, I didn't expect that the product launch had only been held for two weeks, and I had to start thinking about the next quarter. I'll make good preparations for this. You come to the laboratory to inform me before tomorrow's meeting. I'm afraid I'll be too focused and forget the time.”
“All right, boss.Then I'll go out first. I need to reply to the general manager. ”
Mark nodded, indicating that the other party could leave, but his mind didn't know where to go.For mark scientific research center, a technology company whose entire R & D system depends on him alone, there is no other company in the world.Even stark industries has a whole R & D department.Moreover, compared with their own individual proprietorship enterprises which rely on technology products, large companies such as stark group have a wide range of business scope in order to cope with risks, so they do not need to update their product lines frequently.
Moreover, the launch of new products is not just a simple upgrade of the old products. If Mark scientific research center, which has been labeled “black technology” by consumers, launches a disappointing product, it will cause a serious blow to the image of the whole company in the eyes of consumers, resulting in direct or indirect losses,More than reducing the frequency of product releases.So mark has to think carefully about the direction of the company's products for the next quarter.
“That's not good, season after season. If I have to think about what products to launch every quarter, it will certainly take up a large part of my time and energy.Moreover, not all of my inventions are suitable for promotion to the public. For example, the dominator, a weapon that needs to be kept strictly confidential, can't be considered as an alternative even if it can cause a sensation after being published.
In this way, I have to think about the main products in the next quarter. It's better that even if I don't participate, I can continue to iterate and upgrade, and bring forth new products.
In this way, since I want to make my consumers feel the idea that mark research center creates happiness with salary, how can I not launch games?Yes, that's right!I want to do games, but also to do console games, sell hardware to earn a sum, when consumers buy back found that all the games have to charge, I can also earn a sum on the software!
But also to launch a variety of host accessories, as well as game characters peripheral products, cultural products, so it seems really promising ah!Hey, hey, hey, Sony + Nintendo + penguin's money trap mode, you still have to fall into the trap and put the U.S. knife into my pocket! ”
“Master, your secretary has come to remind you that the high-level meeting is about to begin. Please come to the meeting.”
“OK,” mark replied, powerlessly raising his head from the messy chicken coop.
Yesterday, after deciding to play the game, mark began to work overtime to make a plan. After all, even if he had to imitate the routines of big money men, the product still had to be innovative.PS1, 2, 3, 4, Xbox, switch, this kind of cheap happiness, mark is embarrassed to say the slogan of creating with salary. If you want to play, you have to play big. Since we want to enter the game industry, we have to subvert everyone's cognition of the game.
So after a night's plan, with a chicken's nest head and two black circles under his eyes, mark, pale, entered the conference room with the information he had prepared.
“Hello, boss!”As soon as Mark came in, all the top people in the conference room said hello to him.
Although all the people present were adults in their 20s and 30s, and they were also young and promising elites in their respective fields, mark was only 14 years old, and he was not even an adult.But the executives who deal with things for the company every day know more about their boss's terrible talent than anyone else.
The estimated revenue in the first quarter of its opening has reached $300 billion. The black technology product private health assistant has not only been welcomed by many people, but also won wide praise and good reputation.If mark is willing to turn his company into a public company at this time, the company's valuation will be at least trillions, and the 14-year-old will become the richest person in the world.
In addition, there is a famous iron man father behind mark, who is endorsed by Stark group. Therefore, both in terms of ability and family background, they are willing to admire him.
“Good morning, everyone!If all of you have arrived, the general manager will preside over the meeting and start the meeting. You need to call me when I speak. ”
“All right, boss.Let's first discuss the logistics cost pressure caused by the surge of online sales… ”
Under the chairmanship of the general manager, the meeting officially began, and all department managers and supervisors spoke one by one.However, the process of this meeting was not like Mark's imagination. Everyone read the manuscript according to the book. The atmosphere of debate was very warm. Maybe it was because we were all young people, and there was no big difference in age. Each of us was very persistent in his own point of view.It is also such a fierce debate and the collision of views that make the meeting very efficient and the final decision-making is also very accurate.
“… now let's invite the boss of the company, Mr. mark stark, to tell us about the product direction of the company in the next quarter.”At the end of the meeting, after the general manager summarized the contents of the meeting, it was Mark's turn to talk about the company's future plans.
“Cough –” mark cleared his throat, then put his plan on the conference all-in-one machine, and confidently said: “your speech just now is very wonderful. For the company's products in the next quarter, everyone, let's play the main game next!”
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Third, wait till I get up tomorrow morning.
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Chapter 51 virtual reality technology
“Play games?”The general manager was the first to stand up from his seat and objected excitedly, “boss, as a high-tech innovative enterprise, mark scientific research center obtains today's fame and benefits and consumers' expectations by releasing high-tech products.
But now we don't continue to work hard on high-tech products, but instead we go to the game industry. The boss is not me. I have any prejudice against the game industry, but for us, it's just a matter of dropping our value and going after the end at the expense of the essentials. ”
“Don't be in such a hurry to express your opinions. Listen to me patiently and finish the whole plan. It's not too late for you to object.”Mark pressed his hands down and motioned for the crowd to calm down.
“I certainly know that we are a high-tech company, so even if we want to enter the game industry, what we need to do is not ordinary games such as page games, end games and mobile games, but console games bundled with hardware and software, and virtual reality games based on virtual reality technology!”
“Virtual reality!”When I heard my boss say this tall and high-tech term, all the high-level people who were not angry at me were stunned. They looked at my boss Mark in disbelief.
“Yes, it's virtual reality technology!It's not the fake virtual reality that VR manufacturers publicize through cheap visual deception and advertising marketing to guide consumers' ideas. It's the black technology that can really transfer human senses to the characters in the virtual world through brain computer interface technology, so that they can experience a real life experience in a completely virtual world.
And the virtual reality game console that can achieve this effect is the company's main product in the next few quarters or even years that I planned overnight. ”
Yesterday, Mark decided that the next company would enter the game industry. He immediately recalled a work he had seen on the earth of another universe in his previous life that left a deep impression on him – “sword realm”.
Nevgear, the first civil virtual reality game console in this work, is similar in appearance to a boxing protector covering the head. Its brain computer interface technology and virtual reality principle are that multiple electric fields are generated by numerous signal elements buried in the machine, which are directly connected with the user's brain, not through the eyes or ears and other sensory organs,Instead, it directly transmits virtual five emotions to the brain to generate virtual space.At the same time, by recycling the electronic signals sent by the brain to the body, the body in the real world has no response even if it carries out various kinds of sports in the virtual space.
With this idea, mark couldn't help but want to reproduce this good idea in the Marvel Universe.After all, although the black technology in the movie universe is very unfavourable, in Mark's impression, even in 2022, the year of the final battle, there is no technology related to virtual reality in the movie. On the contrary, Spiderman, the hero's expedition, the mysterious guest in the movie, shows the advanced AR technology, that is, augmented reality technology,This makes mark more optimistic about the ability of his virtual reality game project to attract money.
Moreover, as for brain computer interface technology, mark has developed and first applied it to the former dominators. This brain computer interface technology, which is realized by capturing the mind wave radiated by human beings, comes from the control technology used by ahong in micro robots in the super Marine Corps, which is a mature and stable technology,It can be directly transplanted to mark's virtual reality game console.
“Go on, boss. We'll listen quietly. We won't interrupt you any more.”When I heard that my boss had not forgotten his company's high-tech positioning, and the next product plan was still very strong, using the virtual reality technology beyond this era, all the senior executives were also actors and turned into Mark's little fans again. They sat up straight and blinked big eyes, ready to listen to mark's plan.
“Well, I'll finish my plan first. If you have any questions, you can keep them, and then you will have time to ask questions.
My plan is to develop a personal use of the first generation of virtual reality game console. The price of this first generation of console must not be cheap, but the sales department should gradually reduce the product price according to the market situation, which is conducive to the pricing of our later product iteration update and the control of the market.
And I will add an identity authentication system to the virtual reality host.Before using this host, we need to bind the identity to ensure that a person binds to a host. The host can only be used after verifying that the identity of the user and the binder is the same. In this way, we can sell as many hardware devices as possible.
Moreover, after authentication, it is convenient for us to manage the game users in the later stage, and avoid the low-age users using our device from contacting the restricted games that only the high-age players can play.
After that, we can update the host once a year to make it more and more fashionable and light, catering to the preferences of different applicable groups.
And like the private health assistant, this virtual reality technology can also refine the user groups, and launch products with different specifications and performance in the civil field, military field and medical field respectively.
For the market refinement, not only can we sell our products at a higher price, but also help our company to expand more customer channels and gain more orders and benefits.
Then there is the game content. I will develop two platforms for our company's virtual reality, namely, the development platform for developing games and the download platform for selling games.
In the future, these two platforms will be open to major game developers. The virtual reality game development platform will implement the authorization system, and the game developers who want to use it will pay us the usage fee annually. The virtual reality game download platform will adopt the sharing system. Every time the developer sells a game, we will charge a part of the profit as a commission.
In addition, our company also needs to develop its own game on the shelf. Please pay attention to it. If you know the right person, you can recommend it to the HR manager. The company will recruit a group of game developers and set up a game development department recently. In this way, we will have complete hardware and software for our new products every quarter, and I don't have to worry so much about it. ”
After listening to mark's business plan for virtual reality, everyone couldn't help but look excited. Although the boss's words were “interest”, the executives at the bottom felt that his boss was too good!
Not only for the next quarter and even the next few years of the company's development direction to do a good plan, even the business prospects also made an analysis and plan, it is amazing ah!
Pa pa pa -!
After mark finished his speech, there was a thunderous applause in the conference room, “great, boss!We can't wait to get into the next quarter. “The managers of all departments in the conference room are eager to give it a try. They want to finish the meeting now so that they can get involved in the preparations for the next season's product launch.
“Don't be in a hurry to cheer.”Mark shook his head with a mysterious smile on his face. “As you know, I am sensitive to the decision-making power of the company, so the company adopts the form of sole proprietorship.You can come to work at mark research center. Apart from my good salary, many people are willing to work in my small temple because of my father Tony Stark's face.
However, after the company's first product launch, I believe you can see that although the company is a start-up, its prospects can not be underestimated.
And I have also fully seen your working ability and enthusiasm, and I know that if I keep the current treatment, it is impossible for me to keep your excellent talents under the company for a long time.
Therefore, after comprehensively referring to the incentive plan given by the general manager of the company, I decided to take out 13% of my own shares and set up a dividend option pool. According to the final profit of the company every year and the personal contribution of the employees in each position, I will pay you the year-end dividend.As for other paid holidays, transportation subsidies, telephone subsidies and catering subsidies, I have also passed the approval. My secretary will submit the documents to the general manager at that time, and the general manager will issue a notice to the whole company.
Well, do you have any questions? If not, I'll return the microphone to the general manager, who will organize the following matters. ”
Hearing this, where can the low-level executives ask questions? According to the estimated revenue of mark research center in the first quarter, the company's revenue this year will at least exceed trillion US dollars.After deducting all kinds of costs and taxes, the rest is hundreds of billions of dollars. According to the scale of dozens of people in the company and Mark's dividend ratio, these executives can get at least billions of dollars of dividends at the end of the year, and they can surpass many old tycoons and be listed on the Forbes wealth list.
When you think about it, if all the employees of the company will be on the Forbes list by then, you will be a little excited!
“Boss!”After calming down a little, the manager of the marketing department raised his hand and asked, “have you decided on the name of our virtual reality game console?Does the content of the first game have a general direction?
After all, once this game comes out, it will be the first virtual reality game in the world. This show must be perfect. By the way, I'll give a sample to other interested game manufacturers
“Well, good question.Name words, hey!As for the first game, I'll give you the planning and script later. The name of the game is “sword art online”.But the technical director should remember to communicate well with stark industries. Don't pretend to be a microwave device that can heat up human brain in nevgear. I can't use this brain computer interface technology! ”
“Er… Boss, what kind of microwave device?”
Mark shook his head in his old age. “You humans who have not been dominated by the fear of the game, hey!Do I want to make a “giant of attack” VR game?It seems feasible!At that time, we will be extending the comics, animation, movies and TV series, and all kinds of peripheries. If you think about it, you will feel that your wallet is not big enough, hahaha
Mark in this way alone in the lust, his money side exposed in front of his hand.