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Rebirth: the warm daily life of struggling with childhood sweetheart (Chapter 1-60)
Chapter 1 ten year old pupils and childhood
In the evening, two little people with schoolbags and red scarves were walking home from school.
The little girl is about seven or eight years old. She wears sheep’s horn braids and is carved with powder and jade like a porcelain doll.
The boy is half a head tall, and he is also pretty. He is really a golden couple when he walks hand in hand with the little girl.
“Brother Fei, did you prepare a birthday present for me today?”
The girl's voice is soft, tender and sweet.
The boy looked at the girl, black Jun Jun eyes flashed with this age does not match the mature and gentle.
“Guess what?”
“I can't guess, brother, just say it!”
The girl shakes the hand that holds together, soft sweet soft sweet coquetry.
Ye Feichong said with a smile: “you'll know later. Now you won't be surprised if you say it. Anyway, you're sure to like it.”
“Well, I'll be angry if I don't like it.”
The girl puffed up her little face and stared at him lovingly.
Ye Fei smiles and looks at the red sun in the distance. His heart is full of happiness and longing.
It has been a week since he was born again. He has accepted this fact and thanks God for giving him such a chance.
The girl next to him is Xia Yuchan. She is his childhood sweetheart.
In his last life, ye Fei always regarded her as his sister, and Xia Yuchan, in his short life of 27 years, always accompanied him silently.
Ye Fei failed in the college entrance examination. It was Xia Yuchan who encouraged him to go back to school for a year. He accompanied him to study hard every day and went to the ideal university together.
When he was lovelorn in college, it was Xia Yuchan who accompanied him to get drunk. When he was sick, it was Xia Yuchan who took good care of him.
After graduation, his work was not smooth. When he was poor in big cities, Xia Yuchan bought vegetables for him every once in a while and secretly went to the landlord to pay the rent for him.
Until the end, he and his current girlfriend emotional problems, coupled with the pressure of work, leading to the whole person muddled, walking on the road encountered a car accident.
The kind-hearted passer-by made an emergency call, then picked up his mobile phone and called the people he often contacted in recent calls.
When his life was dying, what appeared in his sight was Xia Yuchan's panic and helpless expression, and then her hysterical crying.
He wanted to extend his hand to wipe her tears, but the rapid passage of life, so that he did not even have the strength to lift his hand.
“Thank you… Yes, sorry, take good care of yourself…”
Ye Fei's lips moved and left his last words silently.
“No – no, I don't want you to die… No, Wuwu… I like you, brother Fei. I've always liked you. I want to marry you and stay with you all my life. Please don't leave me alone…”
The summer language cicada pours on him, weeping and pleading, saying the emotion she has been hiding in her heart.
In my mind, the memories of more than 20 years with Xia Yuchan flash like movie clips.
Ye Fei realized that the people who really deserve to love and cherish are close at hand.
At the last moment when his consciousness dissipated, he thought of a classic movie line.
Once there was a sincere love in front of me. I didn't cherish it. If God could give me another chance, I would
Then, he was really reborn, back when he was ten years old, and became a glorious pupil.
Today is April 25, the tenth day of Ye Fei's rebirth, and also Xia Yuchan's eighth birthday.
Ye Fei's father, ye Weiguo, and Xia Yuchan's father are children. They went to primary school, junior high school and senior high school together. They have been close friends for many years.
The two families live opposite each other. They are like a family on weekdays. This is why Ye Fei took Xia Yuchan as his sister in his last life and didn't consider other things.
At this time, at Xia Yuchan's house, her mother Chen Hong is busy cooking a good table. Two middle-aged men are sitting in the living room playing chess and chatting.
Among them, ye Weiguo, ye Fei's father, is the one with rough appearance. As for his mother, ye Fei's only impression comes from the photos he left behind, because his mother has been gone since he was a magistrate.
It is said that he fell ill when he was born.
Ye Weiguo joined the army after graduating from high school, and then was transferred to the frontier garrison. He was not at home for a long time. His strong mother concealed his illness and took him alone. He was too tired, and his body gradually collapsed.
After ye Fei's mother was hospitalized, ye Weiguo learned about his wife's condition. Regardless of his wife's dissuasion, he voluntarily retired and came home to take care of her and ye Fei. However, ye Fei's mother was too weak to walk off the operating table.
Ye Fei learned this from the drunken Ye Weiguo after he graduated from university. Ye Weiguo had always told his mother that he died of a heart accident.
For his wife's death, ye Weiguo has been very guilty, until ye Fei died in a car accident, he did not find.
Another middle-aged man wearing glasses is Xia Wenhua, the father of Xia Yuchan. He is a rare college student in the 1980s and now works in the Municipal Education Bureau*
Chapter 2 birthday present
“Why haven't the two children come back yet? Do you want to pick them up?”
Chen Hong puts a dish on the table and looks at the open door with worried eyes.
“It's OK, isn't there Xiaofei? Don't worry!”
Xia Wenhua is relieved with a smile and obviously trusts Ye Fei.
“That's right, sister. Don't worry. My boy is young and reliable. Especially these days, I feel that he has grown up a lot all of a sudden.”
Ye Weiguo echoed with laughter.
“Of course, I believe Xiaofei, but I'm not at ease…”
“Mom, we're back.”
Before Chen Hong finished her words, her daughter's familiar voice came out of the door. She looked with surprise and saw two little people holding hands walking into the room,
“Auntie, uncle, Dad.”
Ye Fei politely called people.
“Ah, I'm back.”
With a smile, Chen Hong quickly steps forward to help the two children take off their schoolbags and asks, “why did you come back a little late today?Is it the school
Xia language cicada smell speech eyes Dodge, subconsciously licked lips, and a little sweet.
“On the way, I met a sugar gourd seller. I was greedy to buy and eat. There were so many people that I lined up for a while.”
Ye Fei replied with a smile.
Chen Hong glances at her daughter's little red mouth. She can't understand what's going on. Her funny fingers flick on her forehead.
“It's you greedy kitten, you want to eat it!”
“Well… Brother Fei said he was greedy.”
Xia Yuchan covers her forehead with a pitiful expression.
“You, protect her!”
Chen Hong stares at Ye Fei and waves with a smile: “go, wash your hands and get ready for dinner.”
The summer language cicada leads the leaf to fly in a hurry to escape, goes behind the kitchen to wash hands.
“These two children, really.”
Chen Hong shook her head in tears and laughter.
“How nice that cicada can have such a brother who loves her.”
Xia Wenhua smiles, moves the car on the chessboard, looks at Ye Weiguo and says, “general, you lost again!”
“How many games have I won in chess with you?”
Ye Weiguo showed his hand indifferently and said that he had been used to losing for a long time.
“Don't play, Lao Xia. Go and take out the cake.”
Chen Hong shouts to her husband.
“Well, come on.”
On the birthday cake, eight candles have been lit, and the two families are surrounded by Xia Yuchan, the birthday star, sitting around the dining table, singing birthday songs.
In the candlelight, Xia Yuchan's red face is full of joy, and her big bright eyes are blinking at the birthday cake.
“Little cicada, make a wish and blow the candle!”
Xia Wenhua said to her daughter with a smile.
Xia Yuchan nodded, closed her hands, closed her eyes, made a wish for her eighth birthday, and then blew out the candle.
“Little cicada, what wish did you make?”
Chen Hong asked with a smile on her face.
“I'm not going to say it. It won't work.”
Xia Yuchan shakes his head seriously.
“Well, well, you don't say, come on, it's a gift from mom.”
Chen Hong takes out a small gift box and hands it over.
“Thank you, mom.”
Summer language cicada sweet thanks, can't wait to open, is a very delicate beautiful butterfly hairpin.
“Wow, it's so beautiful, mom. It's very kind of you to help me with it.”
Chen Hong takes it with a smile and puts it on her daughter's head.
“Dad, brother Fei, how are you looking?”
Summer language cicada little girl heart, can't help but began to stink.
Xia Wenhua and ye Fei nodded and praised naturally, which made Xia Yuchan smile.
After that, Xia Wenhua and ye Weiguo gave gifts respectively. Xia Wenhua gave her daughter a piggy bank and ye Weiguo gave her a harmonica. They were all things that Xia Yuchan wanted after asking Chen Hong.
After receiving so many favorite birthday gifts, Xia Yuchan is so happy that she looks at Ye Fei with countless twinkling stars.
She is looking forward to the surprise that her brother said.
Ye Fei slipped down the chair and went to take out a large gift box from the coffee table. This is what he took from the opposite house just now.
“What is it, what is it?”
Xia language cicada a pair of big eyes have begun to shine, can't wait to ask.
“This is a pair of dance shoes for you.”
Ye Fei handed the gift to him.
When the gift box was opened, it was a pair of lovely pink dance shoes.
“Wow, thank you, brother. I like it very much.”
Xia Yuchan used three good words in succession to show that she was really happy and excited.
“Xiaofei, how do you know Xiaochan is ready to learn to dance?”
Xia Wenhua asked in surprise.
Their husband and wife decided to send their daughter to learn dancing only recently. They haven't even told their daughter that they are going to talk about it after their birthday.
Ye Fei pretended not to know: “I don't know, but little cicada doesn't like dancing very much. After thinking about it for a long time, I decided to give her this.”
In fact, how could he not know Xia Yuchan's biggest hobby? Since she was eight years old, she has been persisting in dancing, ballet, classical dance, folk dance and so on.
In all kinds of school parties, as long as she appears, she will be the brightest star*
In Chapter 3, we decided to have a baby kiss
“Well?Dad, mom, have you promised me to learn dancing? ”
Summer language cicada full face surprise expression.
Chen Hong smiles and nods gently: “wait for this weekend, we'll take you to see which dance class is good and sign up for you.”
“Wow, that's great.”
Summer language cicada cheers happily.
“It's a coincidence that we decided to send Xiaochan to learn dance. Xiaofei gave him a pair of dance shoes.”
Xia Wenhua said to his wife.
“That's true.”
Chen Hong nodded in favor and looked at Ye Fei in surprise.
“It's nothing. The two children have been together since childhood. They don't know what they like about each other.”
Ye Weiguo said with a smile.
“That's true!”
Xia Wenhua nodded and looked at the two little people sitting together. He said with emotion, “it's good to see them like this. If I don't have Xiaofei's help to look at the cicada one day, I'm really worried.”
“No, I hope they will always be so good.”
Chen Hong smiles and agrees.
“Uncle, auntie, if you don't wait for us to grow up, you can marry me, so that we can be together all the time.”
Ye Fei's words are amazing.
The voice falls, ye Weiguo and Xia Wenhua husband and wife both are stunned stare round eyes.
There was a strange stillness in the room.
Xia Yuchan blinks blankly. She doesn't know what marriage means, but the last sentence is always together. She is willing to marry.
See mom and dad do not speak, so she said aloud: “I want to marry brother Fei, we will always be together.”
When Xia Wenhua and his wife heard this, they both couldn't laugh or cry.
“Xiaofei, what are you talking about all of a sudden? Do you know what that means?”
Ye Weiguo returned to his senses and said, frowning at his son.
“Of course, I know that uncle Xia and Aunt Chen are husband and wife. I also want to marry Xiaochan and take care of her and protect her all my life.”
Ye Fei replied solemnly.
Looking at his son sitting upright, like a little adult, ye Weiguo was a little confused.
During this period of time, he will also have this feeling. It seems that his son has suddenly grown up and has become a lot more mature in speaking and doing things.
When Xia Wenhua and his wife heard Ye Fei's words, they were surprised. At the same time, they could not help but have an idea.
Ye Fei is what they grow up looking at. They know the root and the bottom of it, and they all see the little cicada's love.
Especially at this moment, ye Fei's assurance makes them feel that the child is precocious, and believe that the child will be a capable and responsible man in the future.
If you can really become a family in the future, it is also a beautiful thing.
Just as Xia Wenhua said just now, they are really worried about giving their baby daughter to others.
Husband and wife look at each other, eye contact between the tacit understanding reached a consensus.
“Wenhua, sister, look at this…”
Ye Weiguo looks awkwardly at Xia Wenhua and his wife. He doesn't know what to do.
If Xia Yuchan can become his daughter-in-law, he will certainly be willing to be one thousand ten thousand, but his family conditions are not good, and ye Fei's mother died early again. He is also afraid of Xia Wenhua and his wife's dilemma.
“What?You don't like our little cicada? ”
Xia Wenhua stares at Ye Weiguo.
“Of course not, of course not, you said…”
Ye Weiguo waved his hand in a panic, then suddenly looked stunned and looked at his friend in disbelief.
“Since the two children are willing, let's make a baby kiss first. In the future, it depends on the two of them.”
Xia Wenhua proposed with a smile.
The color of surprise flashed in Ye Weiguo's eyes and looked at Chen Hong.
“I don't mind what I do. I like Xiaofei too. It's good to be half a son in the future.”
Chen Hong said with a smile.
“Good, good, ha ha… Great.”
Ye Weiguo laughs happily: “Wenhua, I'm happy today. Let's have a good drink. If we don't get drunk, we won't come back!”
“No problem. You're welcome.”
Xia Wenhua nodded with a smile.
“You stinky boy, you can. When you are only a little old, you will know how to get a wife.”
Ye Weiguo patted his son on the shoulder happily.
Ye Fei rolled his eyes and took away his hand coldly.
“Ha ha…”
Xia Wenhua couldn't help laughing.
“Well, well, let's eat the vegetables first and the cake later.”
Chen Hong said.
“I want to eat cake.”
Summer language cicada eyes Baba look at the mother.
“No, after dinner.”
Chen Hong refused seriously.
“No, I just want to eat cake. It's delicious.”
Xia Yuchan pouts her little mouth to act coquettishly.
Ye Fei picked up the chopsticks and put a piece of beef into her bowl. She said in a warm voice, “well behaved, eat the vegetables first. This is delicious too. After eating, I'll help you cut the cake and give you all the best fruits.”
“All right!”
Summer language cicada mumbles to promise.
“Hey… You see, this girl doesn't understand the meaning of marriage. She just listens to Xiao Fei.”
Chen Hong is both angry and funny.
Both ye Weiguo and Xia Wenhua couldn't help laughing, touched a cup and drank a little wine happily*
Chapter 4 the source of the first pot of gold
After dinner, ye Fei very hard to help his father back home, help him to the sofa.
“Come on, keep drinking…”
Ye Weiguo tilts his head, smashes his mouth from time to time, and talks drunkenly.
Ye Fei saw a lot of silver hair on his father's head. He couldn't help feeling sour. He's only in his thirties now, and he's in his prime!
The line of sight looked around the house.
This is the house his parents bought when they got married. The total area is only over 80 square meters, and the furniture is very cheap. Now more than ten years later, many of them are old and dilapidated.
My mother was hospitalized when she was ill. She spent all her savings and father's retirement expenses, and owed many relatives and friends.
Ye Weiguo has been working as a security guard in a community for many years. His salary is not high, and the various subsidies after he retired from the army are enough for his father and son to live together. But it is obviously impossible for him to want to be rich.
Seeing that his father had fallen asleep, ye Fei went back to his small room, sat at his desk and began to think about how to make money.
Holding a pencil, writing and drawing on paper are words that only he, the reborn, can understand.
As a reborn man, he naturally does not lack business opportunities in his mind, but those need capital, and it is impossible to do them as he is now ten years old.
What he needs now is the chance to make the first bucket of money safely and help his family solve their financial problems.
After that, he can let his father stand at the front desk and use the first pot of gold to make more money.
How to think can't find the right way, ye Fei vexed scratched his head, looked up at the calendar hanging on the wall.
2005April 25, 2008!
After reciting the date several times, a flash of inspiration suddenly appeared in my mind.
He remembered a sad lucky man in his last life.
Liu Laifu, a famous 30-year-old single man nearby.
This man is blind and arrogant. He doesn't want to live in peace. He thinks he will get rich one day. Besides, he idles around and lives on his own. He is despised by the residents nearby.
However, I don't know if the name of this product is right or what, it was really favored by God, won the first prize in the lottery, and became a rare millionaire in this era.
The goods also don't understand the truth of not showing money. After winning the lottery, they are everywhere, beautiful cars and extravagant.
It is said that he still owes a lot of gambling debts. Later, he fled to the South and never came back.
This incident was widely spread in the small town at that time. For a long time, Liu Laifu was regarded by many parents as a negative example of educating the younger generation.
Ye Fei was also mentioned by Ye Weiguo many times at that time, so he was very impressed. I remember the days after Xia Yuchan's eighth birthday.
As for the specific day I don't remember, but as long as I go to Liu Laifu these days, I will buy the lottery ticket when he wants to.
Thinking of the source of the first bucket of gold, ye Fei is very happy.
After taking a bath, I came out to see my father lying on the sofa and snoring loudly. So I went to his room and took a blanket to cover him. Then I sat on the sofa and watched TV for a while.
Ye Fei watched the most popular martial arts drama in ancient costume this year. He has seen it several times in his last life.
Now again, I think the TV series of this era are better.
For example, the world's number one, Fengyun, Liangjian, family with children, and so on, all kinds of works are classic works that will last for many years.
Later, it may be the development of the Internet, or indeed the shooting of TV series is not good enough, and ye Fei is less and less interested in TV series.
After watching the three episodes of TV series, it's almost eleven o'clock. It's easy for children to feel sleepy. When ye Fei saw that his father didn't wake up, he turned off the TV and went back to bed yawning.
The next morning, ye Fei's father didn't wake up when he got up, so he went out to the breakfast shop where he often had breakfast and bought steamed buns, fried dough sticks and soybean milk.
When he came back, he woke up his father, and the father and son sat together for breakfast.
Ye Weiguo is also used to his son's mature and sensible style these days, which is also very gratifying.
Of course, he was embarrassed to be taken care of by his 10-year-old son.
“Er Pao, how's your study recently?”
Ye Weiguo tried to break some awkward silence.
“Well, it's OK.”
Ye Fei answered vaguely.
Although I forget everything I learned after work, I can't get hold of things in primary school.
“Well, that's good, that's good…”
Ye Weiguo nodded with a smile, and then he didn't know what to say.
He was the kind of silent character, now his son suddenly sensible, let him more do not know what to say.
Ye Fei suddenly called out.
“Ah?What's the matter? ”
Ye Weiguo looked up at his son.
“If there is a woman who is good to you and you like it, I have no problem. I believe my mother wants someone to take care of you.”
Ye Fei suddenly said a sentence.
In the last life, there was a widow in the town who liked Ye Weiguo very much. Ye Weiguo should also have some good feelings. However, due to the consideration of Ye Fei and his guilt for his wife, he never considered remarriage*
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Chapter 5 dad's hero saves beauty
“Son, you… Why did you say that all of a sudden.”
Ye Weiguo was a little nervous. His son didn't find anything!
Some time ago, when he was at work, he saw two men with poor complexion, who were trying to help a woman living in the neighborhood.
The two men got angry and started to fight, but they were not the opponents of Ye Weiguo, who still practiced boxing every day after he retired from the army. After three or two times, they were knocked down and driven away.
In the next few days, women would send him a meal at noon to express their gratitude, and they would be familiar with each other.
From several envious colleagues, ye Weiguo also learned some information about the woman.
The woman's name is Cai Yuyan. She is in her early 30s. Her husband died of illness a few years ago, and they have no children.
Because she is beautiful and has a good figure, Cai Yuyan is a famous pretty widow in the community. Many divorced men, even unmarried, have pursued her.
However, for some reason, Cai Yuyan didn't like any of them. She has been alone all these years.
Several colleagues of Ye Weiguo can see that Cai Yuyan is obviously a little interested in Ye Weiguo.
Although the story of hero saving the United States is more conventional, it is still very lethal for such a woman who lacks a sense of security.
“Nothing. I'm just saying I don't mind if there is one.”
Ye Fei looks at his father's expression that he is not good at covering up. He probably guesses his mind, but he doesn't say it thoroughly.
In his last life, he was still the best middle school in the market. Ye Weiguo said that he would take him out to have a good celebration.
After that, I found that there was a “aunt Cai” waiting there.
Cai Yuyan has a good character. Maybe it's because she wants to have a child very much. She looks at Ye Fei's eyes full of spoils. She keeps bringing food to him.
However, ye Fei's mind was still very immature at that time. After he realized that his father wanted to find a stepmother for him, he was very angry. His nose was not his nose, but his eyes were not his eyes. He was very indifferent to Cai Yuyan, and finally he even dropped his chopsticks.
After that time, ye Fei never saw Cai Yuyan again.
After graduating from high school, he once asked his father about Aunt CAI.
Ye Weiguo told him that Aunt Cai moved back to her hometown later, and gradually lost contact with him.
Later, ye Fei went to college and then entered the workplace. He went home less and less. Every time he came back to see his father alone, he regretted what he had done when he was young, but it was too late.
Fortunately, it's not too late this time. My father is still young. I'd better have someone to accompany me for the rest of my life.
“So it is!”
Ye Weiguo was greatly relieved and said with a smile, “no, no one can take a fancy to me. Dad, I wish I had you.”
The mouth said so, but the mood became complicated.
He can't deny that he has some good feelings for Cai Yuyan.
Not only because she is beautiful, but also because she has a similar character with her wife, strong and gentle, which is the type that men want to marry home.
Ye Fei didn't say anything more. Just enough is enough. Whether he can succeed in the end depends on his father and aunt CAI.
After breakfast, ye Fei knocks on the door and shouts Xia Yuchan, and goes to school hand in hand.
Today, Xia Yuchan took the butterfly hairpin and tied her hair into a ball, which made her more playful and lovely.
“Brother Fei, I want to wear the dance shoes you sent me to school, but my mother won't let me, saying I can't wear that to school.”
On the way, the cicada pouts and complains.
“Your mother is right. Dance shoes are used for dancing. It's not suitable to go to school.”
Ye Fei can't help laughing.
Little girl, it's necessary to want to show off her bad beauty. Just look at her dress today.
“Well, I'm looking forward to the holiday. Then I can learn to dance. I'll be the first to dance for you.”
“That's a deal!”
Two little people talked and laughed, and soon arrived at Guangming primary school in the town.
Xia Yuchan is one term lower than ye Fei and is in the fourth grade.
Xia Yuchan was sent to the classroom door of class one, grade four. Ye Fei touched her little head and said with a smile, “study hard. I'll come to you at noon and have dinner together.”
Ye Weiguo usually doesn't come back at noon, so ye Fei has dinner with Xia Yuchan.
“Well, bye, brother Fei!”
Summer language cicada sweet smile goodbye.
Ye Fei could not help but gently pinched her small face and turned away in a happy mood.
There are three classes in grade five of Guangming primary school. Ye Fei is in class two.
The classroom is not big, but there are more than 40 students. The desks and chairs fill the classroom, making the corridor very narrow.
“Brother Fei, did you see the number one in the world yesterday?”
Just came to his seat and sat down, a fat face came up.
This little fat man named Zhang Rui is his best friend. They have been in the same class since the third grade.
Ye Fei nodded, opened the desk and stuffed the schoolbag in.
“It's so beautiful. My Vajra is not bad. Ho ho…”
Zhang xiaopang clenched his fist and waved it wildly. He gave himself a striking sound*
Chapter 6 Xia Yuchan is bullied
Ye Fei was embarrassed to see him play monkey, so he put out his hand and punched him in the belly.
Zhang xiaopang covers his stomach and stares at Ye Fei bitterly: “why, I've just had enough!”
“It looks silly.”
Ye Fei light way.
“Feige, how do I feel that you have changed these days? I don't go to the game hall after school, so I know to stay with your sister.”
Zhang Rui's eyes are full of resentment, just like a little daughter-in-law who has been neglected.
He is not very sociable in the class, just Ye Fei.
Ye Fei's mouth was puffed. He clenched his fist and threatened: “look at me like this again, be careful I'll beat you!”
Zhang Rui stepped back quickly and looked at him wrongly.
“After school in the afternoon, let's send cicada back first, and then go to the game hall together.”
Ye Fei decided to play with him.
First, he is nostalgic about the game hall of this era, and wants to see it again. Second, he also wants to maintain a good friendship with his best friend.
After graduating from junior high school in his previous life, Zhang Rui failed to enter the same high school with him and went to a higher vocational college where he studied cooking. For him as a foodie, he was also a very suitable major.
At first, they often contacted each other and went out together on holidays. Later, as ye Fei's study became more and more intense, the relationship gradually became estranged with time.
But then something happened that moved Ye Fei.
In his sophomore year, in order to buy a new mobile phone as a gift for his then girlfriend, he spent half a year of living expenses and had no money to eat.
In his heart, he is very proud. He doesn't want to ask for money from his family or borrow money from his classmates. He can only do part-time work as much as possible, but it's still very difficult for him to live part-time.
It's ok if he's alone, but it's a bit expensive to fall in love.
Later, Zhang Rui called him and said that he would come to their school to play with him and invite him to dinner. Ye Fei blurted out that he had no money to eat, but he couldn't invite him to dinner.
Zhang Rui asked anxiously after hearing this. Ye Fei had no choice but to tell the truth.
After the phone hung up, ye Fei received 7500 yuan from Zhang Rui's wechat.
You know, Zhang Rui was still working as an apprentice chef at that time, earning about 2000 yuan a month, which is probably all his savings.
Ye Fei doesn't want to accept it, but he is threatened by Zhang Rui. If he dares not to accept it, he will be regarded as a friend.
After that day, their contact became frequent again.
In this life, ye Fei also wants to help his best friend and make his later life more smooth and happy.
“Really?Great. I heard that there's a new game hall nearby. I haven't been there yet. I've agreed to go together after school. ”
Zhang Rui immediately became elated, so happy that his eyes narrowed into a slit.
At this time, the class bell rings.
“I see. Go back to your seat.”
Ye Fei waved funny.
There are four classes in the morning, two math classes and two English classes.
The knowledge of primary school is simple for ye Fei. It's a little boring to listen to him. He holds his chin with one hand and looks out of the window in a daze, thinking about some plans for the future.
At noon after school, ye Fei and Zhang Rui go out of the classroom together, ready to find Xia Yuchan to go home for dinner.
“Ye Fei, ye Fei.”
A little baby fat girl ran over in panic.
Ye Fei recognized that the girl was a good friend in the class with Xia Yuchan. Seeing that she looked flustered, he immediately realized that something had happened. He rushed forward and asked, “Xiong Jia, what's the matter?What happened? ”
“Little cicada, little cicada was bullied by a boy. Go and help her.”
Xiong Jia's eyes were red, and she was almost crying.
Zhang Rui was so rude.
Ye Fei's face was gloomy and he didn't say anything. He rushed to the classroom of Xia Yuchan.
Zhang Rui and Xiong Jia run slowly, panting behind.
“Dai Tong, you, will you return the hairpin to me? I'm going home.”
When ye Feichong was outside the classroom of class 4, he heard the familiar voice of Xia Yuchan.
Weak voice with a little cry, full of supplication and helplessness.
Ye Fei's anger sprang up.
Through the window, he saw in front of Xia Yuchan, a tiger Headed Boy with her butterfly hairpin in his hand and a mocking smile on his face.
“Don't you return it, Xia Yuchan. When you were in class, did you tell Xiong Jia that you wanted to marry a boy? You're only eight years old. It's a shame. That's what adults can do. Do you want to have children?”
“Ha ha…”
“Having a baby, Xia Yuchan is going to have a baby. What a shame!”
A few of the little boys laughed at him.
Some of the students who haven't gone back, some of them laugh again, some of them feel sorry for Xia Yuchan, but they don't dare to help.
“No, no, we…”
Xia Yuchan's big eyes were full of tears, and he looked flustered and wanted to explain, but he didn't know how to say it. His voice was completely covered up by the laughter.
The door of the classroom was kicked open, which made everyone jump.
The bear child named Dai Tong just turned his head and looked at it. He was kicked by Ye Fei and fell back heavily*
Chapter 7 human beast Zhao Dabao
“Brother Fei.”
Summer language cicada see ye Fei, hold back tears immediately can't stop flow down.
Ye Fei saw that his heart was about to break. He reached forward to wipe her tears and gently comforted her: “it's OK, it's OK, don't cry.”
Summer language cicada sobs and nods, in the heart of fear and confusion quickly fade.
From the time of magistrate, as long as ye Fei was around, she was not afraid of anything.
“Which bastard bullied little cicada's sister!”
There is a roar at the door. Zhang Rui and Xiong Jia rush into the classroom in a sweat.
A few bear children were a little scared when they saw the arrival of two senior students.
In the simple cognition of these bear children, the higher grade means that their fists are more powerful, and ye Fei and Zhang Rui are relatively tall of the same age.
“You, you dare kick me.”
Dai Tong doesn't counselle. After getting up from the ground, he stares at Ye Fei fiercely.
“Give it back, please.”
Ye Fei's face coldly stretched out his hand.
Dai Tong Leng Leng, and then angrily raised his hand, posture will be the hairpin fell to the ground.
“You dare!I repeat, change the card back. ”
Every word of Ye Fei's words contains the dignity that does not match his age.
A group of bear children just felt as if they were facing their angry elders, and they were scared to shiver for no reason.
Dai Tong is no exception. His heart beats wildly, but he feels that if he is so obedient, he won't be so powerful in his class.
“I'll count three and put the card in my hand intact. It's OK, or you don't have to go back.”
After ye Fei said that, he began to count down.
When counting to the last second, Dai Tong still didn't hold on, gritted his teeth and put the hairpin in his hand, then ran to the door quickly.
“Asshole, ye Fei, I know your name. You wait. My brother will beat you for me.”
Dai Tong put down his cruel words at the door, then turned around and ran away for fear that ye Fei would catch up and beat him.
A few small followers who laughed at Xia Yuchan before also ran away in a hurry.
Ye Fei didn't pay attention to it at all. He took the hairpin of the butterfly to Xia Yuchan.
“Feige, why don't you beat them?”
Zhang Rui came over with his fist clenched. He looked resentful. He was ready to make a big scene!
“A bunch of kids, there's no need to pay attention.”
Ye Fei's reply was light.
“Yes, too!”
Zhang Rui nodded subconsciously, and then he was stunned. It seems that they are one or two years older than ye Fei's little boy?
“Let's go home for dinner. Can I buy you fried ham sausage on the way?”
Ye Fei smiles and touches Xia Yuchan's head.
Xia Yuchan's big eyes lit up, and her little face was smiling. She put up two fingers: “I want to eat two, OK?”
“No, it's not good to eat too much fried food. I have to have lunch when I get home.”
“All right then!”
“Fat man, Xiong Jia, come together, I invite you.”
Ye Fei said to them with a smile.
They both nodded happily.
The fried ham sausage on the street outside the school is a favorite snack for students. But nowadays, the children of ordinary families have little pocket money and can only buy it once in a while.
The four left the teaching building together and came to the stall opposite the school.
“Four sausages, boss.”
Ye Fei said with a smile to the stall owner.
The landlady agreed with a smile and skillfully put four ham sausages into the oil pan.
Deep fried sausages are golden on both sides, sprinkled with chili noodles, pepper powder, cumin and other spices. Some students who can't afford to buy them are so greedy that they can't help swallowing.
A piece of ham sausage costs one yuan. Ye Fei hands the landlady a piece of ten yuan. This is his weekly allowance.
I was about to take over the six yuan that the landlady was looking for when I suddenly saw a burly figure not far away, who was nearly two meters tall, just like a human beast.
The figure was dressed in dirty and shabby clothes, and looked at the stall, salivating down the corner of his mouth to the ground.
Ye Fei suddenly thought of some things in his previous life and said to the landlady with a smile: “boss, don't change it. Another six yuan, put it in a bag.”
Landlady Leng next, happy promise, nimble and help to do six, with a transparent bag packed and handed to Ye Fei.
“Brother Fei, give me another one!”
Zhang Rui has finished his meal, eager to look at the bag in Ye Fei's hand.
“There's no more for you.”
Ye Fei gave him a pair of white eyes, quickly ran to the burly figure in front of him, and handed him the bag twisted in his hand: “Dabao, here you are.”
His name is Zhao Dabao. He is a poor man. When he was a baby, his brain was burned by a high fever. He had some problems in intelligence. But God gave him a strong body different from ordinary people.
In ancient times, it was a member of the general in the battlefield.
But now, it seems a bit out of place.
His mother ran away with a rich man from other places soon after he was born. His father accidentally broke his leg when he was working on the construction site a few years ago, and then he became lame. He could not continue to work on the construction site, so he could only help to do odd jobs occasionally.
Father and son's life suddenly become tight up, and Zhao Dabao eat more, let the family more join not enough.
The reason why Ye Fei knew him was because of something happened in his previous life*
Chapter 8 the decision to change the miserable fate of a fool
“Really?For me? ”
Zhao Dabao pointed to himself with a surprise expression on his face.
“Well, here you are. Eat it!”
Ye Fei nodded with a smile.
“Wow, thank you. You're a good man.”
Zhao Dabao took the bag, took out one like a string, and then it disappeared.
Throwing away the bamboo stick, he chewed and looked down at Ye Fei, who only reached his navel. He asked vaguely, “by the way, how do you know me?”
“I've seen you and heard your name called.”
Ye Fei replied with a smile.
“Well, ha ha, after I ate your food, we will be friends. If someone bullies you, tell me, I'll beat him for you!”
Zhao Dabao waved his fist as big as a real sandbag and said in a voice.
“Ha ha… OK, I'll go back first. Bye!”
Ye Fei said goodbye to him with a smile.
“Well, bye, thank you.”
Zhao Dabao giggled and waved.
Ye Fei turns around and walks to Xia Yuchan, who is afraid of Zhao Dabao.
“Brother Fei, do you know this scary big man?”
Zhang Rui asked curiously.
“I used to know each other.”
Ye Fei smiles and nods. What he said before is of course a previous life.
But in fact, he and Zhao Dabao did not have a direct intersection, but Zhao Dabao's unusual burly figure and what happened to him in his previous life made Ye Fei have a deep memory.
I remember it was the winter vacation of senior two. When he went to the Internet bar to look up some information, he met Zhao Dabao, who was sitting opposite him watching people play games.
At that time, he was mixed up with a few young people who were in a bad mood. They may have used him as a thug and a runner,
However, Zhao Dabao is simple and straightforward. He should regard those people as his real friends and be happy to let him buy things and run errands.
He didn't care about it at that time. After all, he didn't know me. He didn't have the leisure to go to the ideal university.
But what he didn't expect was that just two months later, a piece of bad news spread all over the small town, which was not big at all, and also appeared in the news of the TV station.
Zhao lame son of the silly family, accidentally killed people.
When ye Fei saw the news on TV at that time, he looked at Zhao Dabao's father, who was crying in the interview. He couldn't calm down for a long time. He always felt that he had done something wrong.
He inquired about the story from his father ye Weiguo and learned that Zhao Dabao was helping those so-called friends to vent their anger. He didn't control his strength and killed them.
And the cause of the incident, just because a game lost, Zhao Dabao's friends and others real PK, and then was beaten, he asked Zhao Dabao to help him to revenge.
After hearing this, ye Fei felt extremely ridiculous. He remembered Zhao Dabao's innocent smile when he helped people to buy water. He regretted it for a long time.
If at that time he went to mind his own business and let Zhao Dabao stay away from his friends, would Zhao Dabao not have such an ending later.
This life since met again, that leaf flies also don't plan to sit by and ignore no longer.
Xia Wenhua works in the city, and he doesn't have time to go home for lunch, so he usually has only Chen Hong and his two children for lunch.
Xia Yuchan complains to her mother and says that she is not happy at school next morning.
In class, Xia Yuchan whispered to her deskmate Xiong Jia about how happy her birthday was yesterday, how delicious the cake was, what gifts she had received, and so on. She also mentioned that she had a baby kiss with Ye Fei and would marry Ye Fei when she grew up.
This was heard by Dai Tong in the back row. After class, he suddenly grabbed the butterfly hairpin on Xia Yuchan's head and took the lead in teasing her.
Xia Yuchan pouted and complained: “Dai Tong is a nuisance. He always bullies the girls in the class, but brother Fei is so fierce that he is scared to run away.”
“It's bullshit.”
Chen Hong corrected with a smile, gave her and ye Fei some dishes, looked at Ye Fei with admiration and said, “Xiaofei, thank you for protecting Xiaochan.”
Ye Fei quickly shook his head: “this is what I should have done, and it's also my fault, so the cicada will be laughed at.”
“No, it's not my brother's fault. It's Dai Tong. They are so annoying.”
Summer language cicada immediately crisp voice retort.
“So are the teachers in this school, no matter what.”
Chen hongben is the character of protecting Duzi. She is also angry when she learns that her daughter has been bullied.
“After school, the teacher has gone, I didn't see it!”
Summer language cicada mouth explanation.
“It's their parents' fault. It's true that their children are not well educated. It's nothing to bully their classmates at school all day.”
Chen Hong's discontent.
“Auntie, it's OK. I'm here. No one can bully cicada.”
Ye Fei's tone is solemn assurance.
Dai Tong, the bear child, said hard words before he ran away. It seems that he should move his brother to be a rescuer. When his brother is solved, the little boy should be counselled.
As for whether he can fight better than Dai Tong, ye Fei doesn't worry too much. The real fight is not to see who has a hard fist.
“Of course, Auntie believes you. You're good.”
Chen Hong rubbed his head with a smile, and felt that the little son-in-law was more intimate*
Chapter 9 game hall Meets God of wealth
After school in the afternoon, ye Fei and Zhang Rui will send Xia Yuchan home together, and then go straight to the new game hall that Zhang Rui said.
With the rapid development of home game console and computer games, the brilliance of arcade games in the 1990s has begun to decline.
But in such a small town where computers are not yet popular, the game hall is still very hot. After all, there are all kinds of new machines, such as dancing machine, shooting machine, racing game machine and so on.
When they walked into the game hall, they found that almost all the popular machines were occupied, and there were many people waiting behind.
“It's too late. There are too many people.”
Zhang Rui felt his head and said in distress.
“Look around!”
Ye Fei smiles and pats him on the shoulder. He just comes to have a look at nostalgia. He is not very interested in these games.
“I'll go to the boss and change the money. I'll treat you.”
Zhang Rui took out a twenty dollar bill and ran to the counter.
Ye Fei walks around the game hall.
In addition to some social youth, there are also many students, most of whom come from two middle schools in the small town. We can also see a few pupils like them.
“Liu da'er, you're not good at this technique. Let me help you!”
“Roll, roll!”
All of a sudden, ye Fei heard some familiar nicknames, surprised eyes to follow.
Sure enough, Liu Laifu is the target of his first pot of gold.
After Liu Laifu won the lottery in his previous life, he soon bought a racer and took a beautiful woman for a ride in the small town all day.
In 2005, there were few luxury cars in Xiqiao Town with a population of less than 120000, so it was quite conspicuous.
Ye Fei had seen Liu Laifu several times at that time, and he still remembered his obscene appearance, especially his big and strange ears. He would not admit that he was wrong.
At this time, Liu Laifu was sitting in front of a coin pusher with a small basket of game coins beside him. He was yelling at the young man with little yellow hair on his shoulder.
“Brother Fei, what's the matter?”
Zhang Rui ran over with a small bag of game coins and asked suspiciously.
Ye Fei smiles.
“Oh, let's go and play. I see that the machine of the Three Kingdoms war period is empty over there. Today, I'm doing activities with 20 yuan and 50 game coins. I can play it for a long time.”
Zhang Rui said happily.
Ye Fei is too lazy to beat him. With his skill, he can't play for long.
Later, they played several arcade games and shooting machine.
During this period, ye Fei kept an eye on Liu Laifu.
After playing for about an hour, Zhang Rui only had the last few game coins left. At this time, ye Fei suddenly saw that Liu Laifu got up and was ready to leave.
“Zhang Rui, I left in advance. Are you with me or not?”
Ye Fei said to Zhang Rui in a hurry.
“Ah, let's go now!”
Zhang Rui looked at the remaining game currency in his hand, shook his head and said, “brother Fei, go ahead, I'll play for a while.”
“Well, you must go back before dark.”
Ye Fei's tone is serious.
“Don't worry!”
Zhang Rui nodded.
Ye Fei also no longer says much, followed that Liu Laifu to leave the game hall together.
It should be that he lost a lot of game money. Liu was not in a beautiful mood. He walked on the road with his hands in his pocket and scolded. Ye Fei could hear it very clearly from more than ten meters away.
Ye Fei is not sure whether Liu Laifu bought the lottery today, but he is ready to follow him these days.
However, to his surprise, Liu Laifu stopped at the gate of a lottery shop, then turned and walked in.
Ye Fei restrained his excitement and trotted to the lottery shop.
The lottery shop is not big. It looks like 20 Ping. Several old lottery people are sitting there discussing the trend of lottery numbers in this issue.
“Oh, big ear Liu, I haven't seen you for a few days. Where did you get rich?”
The boss is a bald middle-aged man. When he saw Liu Laifu, he couldn't help making fun of him.
“I went to the newly opened game hall today to make a lot of money. The boss was so black that he absolutely adjusted the machine. I lost a lot. Motherfucker, I won't go any more.”
Liu Laifu's face was not happy, and then said to the boss: “as before, give me five notes.”
The boss held out his hand with a smile.
“Damn, can I still owe you that little money?Charge first
“I'm sorry, it's a small business, no credit.”
“Shit!Lao Xu, you're too mean. I'm a regular here. ”
“How can anyone buy lottery tickets on credit? If they win the grand prize, will it be yours or mine?”
The boss is not angry said.
After entering the shop, standing there quietly, ye Fei, who is very humble, can't help sighing when he hears this.
The boss may regret it later. If he really borrows the ten yuan, even if the winner is Liu Laifu, he can fight for a share.
“Damn it, you're tough.”
Liu Laifu made a rude remark and touched several pockets on his body. At last, he found only four steel bars.
The boss and a few old lottery fans all looked at him with joking eyes.
“Make two bets!”
Liu Laifu is used to this kind of sight long ago, cold face pats four yuan on the stage.
“Thank you for your patronage!”
The boss collected the money into the counter and gave him a lottery ticket*
Chapter 10 the first pot of gold is here
“Brother, can you show me that?”
Ye Fei stepped forward quickly and showed a pure and frank smile to Liu Laifu.
Liu Laifu frowned and stared at the little boy in front of him.
“I learned to watch facial features from the masters on TV. Brother, you have full nose, bright and ruddy forehead, and huge earlobes. All these mean fortune. I think you are a lucky person who wants to buy lottery tickets with you and win big prizes.”
For the first bucket of gold, ye Fei also don't have to be cheeky.
This flattery stunned the lottery shop owners and several old lottery fans.
Liu Laifu was stunned for a while, and then he was in full bloom. His originally gloomy mood suddenly became happy, and he stuffed the lottery ticket into Ye Fei's hand.
“Well said, here you are. I'll buy it with you. It's absolutely no problem.”
After ye Fei took it, he pretended to look at it, nodded and muttered in a low voice: “these two numbers are good. They should win the lottery.”
Then he took five yuan out of his pocket and handed it to the boss with the list.
“Boss, give me the same one as this one.”
Xu boss Lengleng ecstatic took over, surprised eyes staring at Ye Fei said: “children, do you really want to buy?”
According to the regulations, it is not allowed to sell lottery tickets to minors. It is the first time for such a 10-year-old child to buy lottery tickets.
Of course, the rules are dead and people are alive. Some teenagers, junior high school students and senior high school students often come to the store to have fun, which is also a minor.
“Well, please.”
Ye Fei nodded with a smile.
“Then don't buy it with him. I've never won a prize for Liu da'er. It's a waste of pocket money.”
A kind reminder from boss Xu.
“Damn, Lao Xu, what do you mean?Looking for something? ”
Liu Laifu immediately became angry and glared at his boss fiercely. He had the appearance of fighting when he didn't agree with him.
“Brother, boss, don't quarrel, make money with peace.”
Ye Fei quickly appeased and said to the boss, “boss, just give me the same one. Thank you.”
“You little baby, ah, forget it, I don't care.”
Boss Xu sighed, and then helped to make the same list.
Looking at a large and a small figure to leave the back, the boss and several old people in the shop are shaking their heads and laughing bitterly.
“What an eye opener! Today, a ten-year-old can even buy lottery tickets by looking at her face?”
“Ha ha, it's just childish language. Can Liu da'er be lucky?”
“Also, if he can win the grand prize, it's God's blindness.”
“I don't know who's the child. He's so handsome, but he's a little silly.”
“Don't follow big ear Liu to learn bad.”
A few people didn't expect that they came to the lottery shop again. After they learned the news of two big prizes from boss Xu, they were all dumbfounded.
After leaving the lottery shop, ye Fei bought two meat buns with the change of one yuan and gave one to Liu Laifu.
“Brother, my name is Liu Laifu. What's your name?”
Liu Laifu asked with a smile.
“Ye Fei.”
“Good name, just like my name.”
Liu Laifu chewed the steamed stuffed bun and said happily: “you still have vision, and you know that I have great fortune. I have a hunch that I will win the grand prize this time.”
“Brother Liu, if you really win the grand prize, what are your plans?”
Ye Fei suddenly asked a sentence.
“Needless to say, we should arrange a Big Ben first, so that those who look down on Lao Tzu will envy him.”
“Brother Liu, you may be lucky all your life, but you can't be lucky all the time. If you squander, even a golden mountain will be defeated.”
Ye Fei uses the mature tone of the person who does not accord with the contract age, well intentioned reminded a sentence.
After all, it's the first pot of gold Liu Laifu helped him earn.
Liu Laifu looked at the strange child in surprise. He didn't understand how the 10-year-old could say such a truth.
“I have to go home for dinner. Bye, brother Liu!”
Ye Fei's face reappeared the childlike smile. After saying goodbye to Liu Laifu, he ran away.
As for whether Liu Laifu has taken his words to heart, ye Fei doesn't care. He just does what he should do.
If there is no cure, there is nothing he can do.
When ye Fei came home, his father had already come back from work and had just finished the meal.
Two dishes, one meat and one vegetable, plus a tomato and egg soup, is not delicious, but for ye Weiguo, who hardly entered the kitchen before his wife died, it was good enough.
“Dad, do you know Zhao Dabao?”
Father and son eat food, ye Fei suddenly raised his head and asked.
“Zhao Dabao?”
“Well, it's the big guy who's a little silly.”
“Oh, you say him. I've seen him several times. He and his father, Zhao lame, went to our neighborhood to sell fruit in a cart. They are a pair of poor people. How can we suddenly talk about him?”
Ye Weiguo looks at his son suspiciously.
“It's nothing. I just think if he goes to be a soldier, it should be very good. Dad, do you have a way?”
Ye Fei asked casually*
Chapter 11 wolf cubs with fierce eyes
“There must be a way, but why do you suddenly have such an idea?”
Ye Weiguo is a little curious.
“I have played with Zhao Dabao before. I think that although he is a little silly, he is upright and simple. Such a person is easily influenced by the outside world. I saw him playing with several young people two days ago, and I think it's not good.”
Ye Fei tells a little lie. He knows Ye Weiguo's character as a soldier. He hates those idle youths in society.
Hearing this, ye Weiguo frowned and nodded: “it's really bad. Zhao Dabao is easy to be used and may do something wrong.”
“And don't you think that Zhao Dabao's physique would be a good candidate to be a soldier?It's good for the country and for his family. ”
Ye Fei continued to push.
“You son of a bitch, it's becoming less and less like a child to think about things.”
Ye Weiguo looked at his son funny and gratified, nodded and said: “I'll call the old monitor later and ask about it. It should be no problem. Of course, it depends on the attitude of Zhao Dabao and his father.”
“That's great.”
Ye Fei is a little excited, so that his heart is untied.
As for whether the father and son of the Zhao family will agree or not, there is no need to think about it. How can his father refuse such a good opportunity to make Zhao Dabao useful to the country and society.
After school the next afternoon, ye Fei went home with Xia Yuchan and Zhang Rui as usual.
Just out of the school a distance, came to the corner of the street, was blocked.
One of them is a little kid with a smile. Who else is Dai Tong.
In addition, there are three young people who are more than 1.7 meters tall. Compared with Ye Fei's small body now, there is a big gap.
“Fat man, you protect the cicada. If the situation is not right, take her back to school to find the teacher.”
Ye Fei blocks the cicada behind him and says to Zhang Rui in a low voice.
“No, I'm not going.”
Summer language cicada small hand tightly grasped the corner of his clothes, lovely young face is full of worry and worry.
“I won't go either. I'll fight with them.”
Zhang Rui clenched his fist fiercely.
“Spell it for you!”
Ye Fei glared at him, gently broke off Xia Yuchan's little hand, rubbed her little head, and said with a smile: “don't worry, it's OK.”
“Brother, it's the boy who beat me.”
Dai Tong points to Ye Fei and complains to a young man who is similar to him.
Dai Hui nodded his head and said to his two companions, “Mao, Qiangzi, just teach me a lesson. After all, I'm only a primary school student.”
“I understand. I can't be serious about a primary school student.”
“It's really troublesome. We're going to be bullied by our classmates. Our faces are gone.”
Two people impatiently complain, with Dai Hui together toward Ye Fei this way.
Ye Fei looks at the three people calmly and picks up a stone beside his feet and holds it in his hand.
He didn't expect Dai Tong's brother to bring two companions. If he was alone, he would have no problem with his ruthlessness.
“Oh?This kid wants to fight back. ”
Mao was surprised.
“His eyes are a little fierce. He doesn't look like a ten-year-old. It's so strange.”
Qiangzi's face was slightly dignified.
“Haha… Qiangzi, aren't you afraid of a ten-year-old kid?”
Mao laughed and mocked.
“Fuck you. When I said I was afraid, I just thought it was a little strange.”
“Ye Fei, right? We don't want to bully children. You apologize to my brother and slap him. That's OK.”
Dai Hui tilts his head slightly, with a social tone. His hairstyle is very elegant, with a long oblique bangs, which is in line with the aesthetic taste of non mainstream youth.
“Dai Tong bullied me first. Brother Fei is right. Don't beat him. Beat me. Brother Zhang Rui, let me go!”
Xia Yuchan screams in a hurry. Her voice is full of crying. She wants to come forward, but Zhang Rui pulls her arm.
“Brother, don't beat the cicada.”
Dai Tong called out in a hurry.
Children don't know what men and women like, but he should have a good feeling for Xia Yuchan, so he will steal her hairpin and bully her.
One is a little jealous, and the other is that boys of this age are used to using this mischievous way to attract the attention of girls.
Dai Hui turned their heads and looked at Dai Tong like a fool. Only when they were crazy would they fight a little girl.
“You think clearly, you must keep your hands when you hit me, but I don't need to. Fighting is not just about fists. I'm still under age. Even if you take one of you to the hospital with this stone, it will only be regarded as legitimate self-defense.”
Ye Fei clenches the stone in his hand and stares at them with deep dark eyes. Dai Hui's indifferent and calm tone makes them feel more and more evil.
This is not a ten-year-old child should have calm, that fierce eyes like staring at the prey wolf cub.
Three people look at each other, are some bottomless in the heart*
Chapter 12 people don't talk much
The arrow has to be fired on the string.
If they are really scared away by a primary school student, they will not be able to mix in the future.
“Little boy, you are crazy. If you have seed, try it. Come on, face me.”
The temper of the most hot hair angry, take the initiative to put his face forward to provoke Ye Fei.
Ye Fei flashed a fierce color in his eyes. He didn't speak much. He jumped up and covered his head with the stone in his hand.
Ah Mao fell down, covered his forehead and rolled on the ground, howling.
“Lying trough!”
Dai Hui and hadron were so scared that they were rude. Subconsciously, they stepped back two steps and looked at Ye Fei in horror.
How could they have thought that the boy was so cruel that he said he would do it. Even if it was the strength of a ten-year-old child, it was no joke to hit the head with a stone.
Zhang Rui and Xia Yuchan in the back are white with fright. After Zhang Rui regained his mind, he quickly blocked Xia Yuchan's sight with his hand.
“He told me to do it.”
Ye Fei's face is calm, and the stone stained with some blood makes Dai Hui's pupils shrink slightly.
Dai Hui and Qiangzi looked at this strange child, but at the bottom of their hearts, for a moment, there was no reason to admit their fear.
Aware of the changes in their eyes, ye Fei is slightly relieved. He didn't expect that Ah Mao would cooperate so well and give him a good chance to set an example to others.
However, what he didn't consider is that the strength of his body is still too small.
Ah Mao, who was knocked down by his stone, covered his forehead and stood up slowly with a gloomy face. His red eyes were staring at Ye Fei.
“Fat man, go and shout!”
Ye Fei's face changed greatly, holding the stone tightly and shouting.
“Brother Fei, run, too. I'll call someone right away.”
Zhang Rui is not stupid either. Knowing that it's not the time to be brave, he takes Xia Yuchan to run away and wants to call adults for help.
“Damn, you son of a bitch, I'm going to kill you.”
Mao's eyes were full of anger and resentment.
Still calm, Dai Hui and Qiang Zi's face slightly changed, realizing that this might be a big deal.
Not far away, Dai Tong is also trembling with fright. He has never seen this scene. In the end he can imagine, ye Fei is scared by his brother, and then he apologizes to him with tears.
“If you have the ability, try it. My father is a retired soldier of honor. If anything happens to me, you can't think about it.”
Ye Fei's heart beats fast, but he still pretends to be calm and moves out his father to scare off the angry young man.
It's impossible for him to beat the other side because of his small body.
“Mao, calm down.”
“Don't mess about.”
Both Dai Hui and Qiangzi could not help pacifying.
“Shit, calm down, NIMA. It's not you who are beaten, is it?”
Ah Mao was completely angry and dazzled. He roared at them and then rushed to Ye Fei with his fists clenched.
Ye Fei flustered, raised the hands of the stone again hit in the past, but had been prepared by the hands of a Mao block, and then directly grabbed the stone.
“Son of a bitch, you drag again, damn, dare to let me see blood, no one can save you today!”
Mao grinned grimly, and then he saw the child smile.
“Dong Dong…”
The ground seemed to tremble with the sound of heavy and rapid footsteps.
As soon as a Mao's face was puzzled, he suddenly felt that it was dark on his head. Then his collar was grabbed, and his feet began to hang up from the ground.
He turned his head stiffly and saw a big angry face.
“Zhao… Zhao fool, what do you want to do?”
Mao's voice trembled with fear.
They all know Zhao Dabao. Some time ago, they met some big brothers outside the school. They played outside. When they met the lame man who was selling fruit, they ate a few fruits for nothing.
Then Zhao Dabao suddenly rushed over like a wild animal. A man chased more than ten of them and ran all over the street. At last, most of them were put down.
Zhao Dabao ignored him and grabbed him like a chicken. He looked at Ye Fei and asked, “are they bullying you?I'll beat them for you. ”
“Zhao Dabao, are you crazy? This boy has nothing to do with you. Let me down.”
A Mao screamed in panic and kicked his feet in the air
“He invited me to eat. He's my good friend.”
Zhao Dabao glared at him fiercely.
“Damn, I'll treat you too. You can tell me what you want to eat.”
Ah Mao yelled angrily.
Zhao Dabao slapped him on the melon seeds of his brain and hit Ah Mao straight for a while. Then he looked disgusted and said, “you think I'm stupid!”
“Isn't your mother stupid?”
Mao cursed his mother in his heart, but he didn't dare to speak.
Dai Hui, Qiang Zi and Dai Tong, who are standing further away, are also stunned by the sudden appearance of Zhao Dabao.
“Admit your mistake. Don't trouble me any more. It's all over today.”
Ye Fei said to Mao with a smile.
“Damn, I'll admit my mistake to you?”
Of course, Mao was not happy. However, Zhao Dabao slapped him on the forehead and almost didn't let him faint.
“I'm wrong, brother. Let me go. If I'm wrong, I'll admit it.”*
Chapter 13 a little fat man without a name
“Well, Dabao, let him go!”
Zhao Dabao nodded with a smile and threw Ah Mao aside like a litter.
Ah Mao, who landed on his ass, screamed again. He had a complaint in his heart, but he didn't dare to say it.
“Who dares to bully him in the future? I'll beat you to death!”
Zhao Dabao's fierce eyes swept the three people and threatened them fiercely.
Dai Hui and Qiangzi shook their heads and said they didn't dare. Then they stepped forward to help their good brother ah Mao up and left with Dai Tong.
Originally prepared to call for help, Zhang Rui and Xia Yuchan did not run far back.
“Brother Fei, are you ok?Did you get hurt? ”
Summer language cicada tearful eyes whirling, nervous and worried face asked.
“It's OK. I haven't lost a hair.”
Ye Fei grinned and looked up to thank Zhao Dabao: “brother Dabao, thank you. Fortunately, you showed up in time.”
“Hey, hey… It's OK. We're friends!”
Zhao Dabao smiles and swings his big hand like a palm fan.
“This big fool seems to be very good!”
Zhang Rui is not so afraid of Zhao Dabao, and has a little favor.
“I'm not stupid. I'll beat you!”
Zhao Dabao raised his fist to frighten him.
Zhang Rui shrunk his neck and nodded: “yes, you're not stupid. I'm wrong.”
“By the way, I don't know your name yet?”
Zhao Dabao smiles and touches his head. He looks at Ye Fei and asks.
“My name is Ye Fei. He's Zhang Rui. This is my sister Xia Yuchan.”
Ye Fei introduces it with a smile.
“Ye Fei, well, I remember, you are Xia…”
Zhao Dabao didn't know many words, so he forgot how to pronounce the name of Xia Yuchan.
“My name is Xia Yuchan, big brother. You can call me Xiao Chan.”
Summer language cicada crisp reply.
“Well, sister cicada, hey, hey…”
Zhao Dabao nodded with a silly smile. This nickname is much easier to remember.
“And me, and me?”
Zhang Rui pointed to himself and yelled.
Zhao Dabao looked at him: “you are a little fat man.”
“Hee hee…”
Ye Fei and Xia Yuchan look at Zhang Rui with a confused face. They can't help laughing.
“Dabao, can you take me to your house? I want to talk to your father about something.”
Ye Fei said suddenly.
“To my house?Yes, yes! ”
Zhao Dabao happily promised that he had never brought his friends home since he was young. His father would be very happy.
So they went to Zhao Dabao's house together.
Zhao Dabao, who is close to two meters in height, and ye Fei, who is less than one meter and five in height, form a sharp contrast and attract the attention of many passers-by.
Talking and chatting along the way, Xia Yuchan and Zhang Rui become closer to Zhao Dabao and know that he is a big man who is easy to get along with.
Zhao Dabao's family is located in the remote area of the small town, which is a kind of rural house.
Far away, ye Fei saw a middle-aged man with a full face of vicissitudes, sitting on the bench at the door, smoking dry tobacco.
Zhao Dabao cried with a smile.
After seeing ye Fei's three children, the man got up and limped over.
He is not tall. He is only about 1.7 meters tall. Because he has a lame leg, he is even shorter when walking. I don't know how to give birth to such a big man as Zhao Dabao.
“Hello, uncle.”
“Good uncle…”
Ye Fei takes the lead to say hello to the man, and Xia Yuchan and Zhang Rui follow suit.
“Well, hello.”
The man squeezed out a reluctant smile and nodded.
“Dad, they are my friends, this is Ye Fei, this is little cicada sister, and little fat man.”
Zhao dabaoxing introduced his three children with high spirits.
Zhang Rui wants to cry without tears. How can he even lose his nickname.
Zhao Jishan, the real name of Zhao lame, heard that his son had friends. Even if he was just three children, he was happy to smile and warmly invited them to eat fruit.
The main hall was a little narrow, with only an old wooden square table. After Zhao Dabao sat down, the bench creaked.
Zhao lame to a few people to choose some pretty good fruit out, he did not sell out today.
“Come on, eat fruit, eat fruit.”
Father and son laugh a little similar, both give people a simple and honest feeling.
“Uncle Zhao, someone wanted to beat me today. Brother Dabao saved me. I thank him very much.”
Ye Fei said with a smile to Zhao Jishan.
“Well, it should be.”
Zhao Jishan nodded with a smile, and then stared at Zhao Dabao solemnly: “Dabao, you didn't do it, did you?”
He is very clear about the importance of his son's attack. He has always been worried that he will break into trouble outside.
“No, No.”
Zhao Dabao was a little awed by his father. He quickly shook his head to deny that the slap of a Mao was not a fight in his understanding. At most, he patted the guy.
“That's good.”
Zhao Jishan was relieved.
“Uncle, I've come here today to discuss something with you.”*
Chapter 14 is ready for the lottery
“To discuss things?”
Zhao Jishan looks at the baby with a puzzled face.
“Yes, it's about big brother Bao.”
Ye Fei smiles and explains: “well, my father used to be an honorary soldier who retired from the army. He has some connections in the military. Maybe he can recommend big brother Bao to be a soldier. Of course, you have to agree.”
Zhao Jishan was stunned when he heard the speech, and then his face was slightly old, and his hand holding the pipe began to shake.
“You, are you serious?Is that what your father said?Who's your father?Why help my son? ”
A series of problems came crashing down.
Zhao Jishan didn't think the child was teasing him. Judging from ye Fei's words and behavior, he also noticed that the child was a little unusual.
It's just that the surprise came so suddenly that he couldn't believe it.
He is most concerned about his son's future.
Now he can barely support his son. When he gets old, or suddenly falls ill and dies, who will take care of his son?
It's not that he didn't want to send his son to serve in the army, but he suffered from the lack of a way. Moreover, the army is not so easy to advance now, and he also needs to be assessed. Because his son doesn't know a few characters, it's impossible without a way.
Ye Fei laughs at Zhao Jishan's query and replies, “my father's name is Ye Weiguo. I mentioned this to my father. He agrees with me and thinks that brother Dabao will have a bright future in the army.”
“That's right. Good, good, little baby. Thank you. Thank you very much.”
Zhao Jishan's eyes are moist, his hands are pressing Ye Fei's shoulder, and his voice is hoarse and he even says thanks.
“What does brother Dabao say?”
Ye Fei's inquiring eyes look at Zhao Dabao.
“He dares not to try.”
Zhao Jishan turned his stern eyes on his son.
Zhao Dabao scratched his head blankly: “what is being a soldier?Where am I going? ”
“Have you ever seen a TV play, a kind of war movie about fighting devils, when you are a soldier, you are going to train, and then you are going to defend your country and be useful to the country and the society as you are on TV.”
Ye Fei tried to explain it in simple and clear words.
“Yes, that's OK. I want to be a soldier.”
Zhao Dabao nodded happily and said, “but is there food there? I have a big appetite. Do I have a bed to sleep?”
Ye Fei couldn't help but be amused: “of course, not only, but also often eat meat, which will surely make you eat well and sleep well.”
“Well, well, I'll go.”
Zhao Dabao nodded happily and agreed.
For him, the greatest happiness is to eat well and sleep well.
“That's all right, uncle Zhao. When my father finds a good man, I'll invite you to my house for dinner. You can have a good chat with my father.”
Ye Fei looks at Zhao Jishan and says.
“No, it should be my treat. Go to Xiqiao restaurant and I'll treat your father to a good drink.”
Zhao Jishan said in a hurry.
Xiqiao restaurant is the best restaurant in the town. Zhao Jishan has never been there, but such a great kindness is worth it even if he takes out his only deposit.
“Say it again!”
Ye Fei is smiling and shirking.
“Ha ha… Eat fruit, eat fruit, I'll get some more.”
Zhao Jishan wanted to say more to express his gratitude, but his mouth was too stupid, so he had to take out some good fruits to be sold tomorrow.
When it's getting dark outside, ye Fei politely refuses Zhao Jishan's invitation to leave them for dinner and leaves to go back.
Zhao Jishan thought that there was no good food at home, so he didn't force him to send three children out with a smile on his face.
“Dabao, take them home!”
“Uncle Zhao, you don't have to. It's not far away. Don't let brother Dabao go.”
Ye Fei quickly waved his hand to refuse.
“All right, old man, I'll wait for your news.”
Zhao Jishan no longer treats Ye Fei as a child, but as a benefactor who brings hope to his family.
“All right, uncle, big brother. Bye.”
Ye Fei nods with a smile and leaves with Xia Yuchan and Zhang Rui.
Looking at the three children's back and disappearing in sight, Zhao Jishan suddenly called his son.
Zhao Dabao looks at his father doubtfully.
“If this can be done, your friend and his father are the benefactor of our family. You have to find a way to repay them. Do you hear me?”
“Dad, I know.”
“Well, let's go inside. There's some bacon at home. I'll fry a good dish. Today we'll have two drinks.”
“Hey, hey, that's great!”
After dinner, ye Fei and his father ye Weiguo sit in the living room and watch TV.
Suddenly thought of lottery time is coming, ye Fei quickly took the remote control to the lottery channel.
“Xiaofei, what are you doing changing channels? The TV series are so good. Hurry back.”
Ye Weiguo reaches for the remote control.
Ye Fei hid the remote control to one side and said with a smile, “take a look at this first, just a few minutes.”
“What's good about this one?”
Ye Weiguo looks puzzled. He doesn't pay attention to the lottery.
Soon, after the advertisement, the TV host is ready to start the lottery.
Ye Fei ran to his room, took out the lottery ticket from a dictionary on his desk, and then quickly returned to the living room, waiting excitedly*
Chapter 15 pie is really falling from the sky
“This is…”
Seeing the lottery ticket in his son's hand, Zhao Weiguo suddenly widened his eyes and said angrily, “you stinky boy, who did you learn to buy lottery tickets from?”
“When I passed the lottery shop, I saw a lot of people buying this, so I bought one.”
Ye Fei said with a smile.
“If you don't learn well at a young age, your skin itches, doesn't it?”
When Zhao Weiguo raised his hand, he made an effort to smoke.
Ye Fei holds his head and defends: “Dad, don't be angry, don't be angry. Let's have a look first. Maybe we really won the grand prize!”
“What are you daydreaming about? There's no such thing as pie in the sky.”
Ye Weiguo let go with a cold hum. After all, he didn't have the heart to smoke his son.
If the former son, this slap has fallen, but now really not willing.
At this time, there are two red balls on TV, which are perfectly matched with the first number on the list.
Ye Fei is ecstatic in his heart. It seems that this number hasn't run, and the grand prize is stable.
“You laugh a fart, what good fun, waste money.”
Ye Weiguo saw his son laugh very happy, not angry scold.
“Dad, I feel like I'm going to win.”
Ye Weiguo was stunned when he heard the speech. He looked over his head and found that he was really right. He said with indifference: “these two balls are useless. It's too early to be happy.”
As soon as the voice fell, the third red ball number came out, and it was on again.
This next ye Weiguo can't calm down, grabbed the lottery ticket list, tone light way: “I help you see.”
Ye Fei curled his lips and thought that his father, who was calm and proud, was also very interesting.
When the fourth red ball number comes out, ye Weiguo can't help wriggling his Adam's apple.
Then there is the fifth number. Ye Weiguo's face begins to appear unnatural ruddy, and his fingers holding the lottery ticket unconsciously increase their strength.
“Yes, I've won the grand prize, ha ha…”
When the sixth red ball against, ye Weiguo suddenly got up and laughed.
Even if the final basketball did not win, it is also the second prize, at least more than 100000.
“There's another one!”
Ye Fei said with a smile.
Restraining his excitement, ye Weiguo began to reason with his son.
“No, no, we can't be too greedy. The second prize is already a great blessing. We…”
“The basketball number is, 06!”
At this time, the TV host reported the last basketball number.
Ye Weiguo's words stopped abruptly, swallowed his saliva, and asked in amazement: “son smash, what's the number of basketball, I didn't hear it clearly?”
Ye Fei grinned.
There was an incredible expression on Ye Weiguo's face. Like a robot, he turned his head to watch TV.
Then he looked down at the lottery ticket, looked up at the TV, looked down, looked up
After several times of this cycle, ye Weiguo sat back on the sofa and looked at the TV screen.
Ye Fei raises his little hand and shakes it in front of his father's eyes.
“Hey, come back, is the pie falling from the sky too big to knock dad dizzy?”
Ye Weiguo came back and looked at his son excitedly: “son, we won the grand prize.”
“I know.”
Ye Fei nodded with a smile.
“How can you be so calm, you smelly boy?”
Ye Weiguo couldn't accept it. He felt that he was a disgrace in front of his son.
“Because I know I'm going to win!”
Ye Fei has a bright smile.
Ye Weiguo naturally didn't believe it. After checking the lottery ticket several times, he put it in his wallet like a treasure.
“Tomorrow I'll go to the city with your uncle Xia to receive the prize.”
“Dad, this is the prize I won. Can you give me some, no more, just thirty or fifty thousand.”
Ye Fei asked for money.
Ye Weiguo glared at him: “thirty or fifty thousand?Not much?Why do kids want so much money? God forbid?Three hundred dollars. Do you want it or not? ”
“Cut, cut!”
Ye Fei looks disgusted.
“Well?Do you want it? ”
“Yes, yes.”
Early in the morning, ye Fei just got up and saw his father sitting in the living room with a steaming breakfast on the table.
“Wash your face, brush your teeth, have breakfast and go to school.”
Ye Weiguo urged.
“Dad, you're not going to stay up all night, are you?”
Ye Fei saw that he had heavy dark circles under his eyes and joked with a smile.
“I think too much. What's exciting is that I won a prize. I just got up early today.”
Ye Weiguo pretended to be calm.
“Ha ha!”
Ye Fei sneered and yawned to wash his face and brush his teeth.
After breakfast, father and son knock on Xia's door.
Knowing that ye Fei's random lottery won the big prize, Xia Wenhua and his wife were both shocked beyond comparison, and they were sluggish for a long time.
You know, in 2005, it was very difficult for Xiqiao Town to find a millionaire, let alone four or five million at least.
Xia Yuchan has no idea about millions of grand prizes. She just thinks that her parents and Uncle Ye's expressions are interesting. She blinks her big eyes and asks Ye Fei curiously: “brother Fei?Are you and Uncle Ye going to be rich? ”
“It's just a few million. It's not rich.”
Ye Fei said a very pretending words, but he said it was OK when he was born again.
Before the passage of the past life, any flat in a big city would cost millions or even tens of millions, not to mention the first tier cities such as Mordor and imperial capital. The value of millions is really nothing*
Chapter 16 this is my daughter-in-law
Ye Weiguo took Xia Wenhua's lucky King Kong to the city to receive the prize. Chen Hong also went to see the excitement. By the way, he wanted to see Xia Yuchan's grandparents.
So ye Fei and Xia Yuchan have to solve the problem by themselves.
Talking about what to eat at noon, they went all the way to the door of class one, grade four, and happened to meet Dai Tong.
Dai Tong saw Ye Fei, his face suddenly showed the color of panic, quickly looked away, around the road into the classroom.
“Brother Fei, he seems to be afraid of you!”
Xia Yuchan looks at Ye Fei with a sweet smile.
Ye Fei touched her head with a smile: “this is very good. He should not bother you any more. Go to the classroom!”
“Well, I'd like to have that beef noodle for lunch.”
Summer language cicada show a pair of greedy lovely appearance.
“Yes, just beef noodles.”
Ye Fei pinched her face.
“Hee hee… That's great. Bye, brother Fei.”
Xia Yuchan ran into the classroom happily.
However, as soon as he sat down, he heard terrible news from Xiong Jia.
“What?Today's mid-term exam?Oh, no, I forgot. ”
Summer language cicada bitter face lying on the desk.
At the door of the classroom, ye Fei, who is preparing to leave, looks at her pitiful eyes. He can't help but laugh. He gives her a thumbs up sign to cheer her up, and then leaves quickly.
Xia Yuchan's academic performance is not up and down, and she is at the average level in her class. Xia Wenhua is open-minded and doesn't think that grades are everything, as long as her daughter is happy.
However, Chen Hong's requirements are more strict. She does not require her daughter to test how many places each time, but requires her to make progress every time.
In my mind, I can see the scene of Xia Yuchan holding the test paper and feeling aggrieved.
Although some sorry for his wife, but ye Fei still inexplicably feel interesting, think to find a camera to take a good preservation.
“Well, smelly brother, I must have deliberately not reminded me about the exam.”
The cicada pursed and muttered.
“Xia Yuchan, look at the book quickly!”
Xiong Jia reminds me.
“No, it's too late.”
Xia Yuchan said that he had given up the struggle.
In the morning, he took the Chinese and math exam. Ye Fei easily finished the exam ahead of time, lying there sleeping and handing in the paper.
Finally, when the school bell rang, ye Fei rushed out of the classroom.
See Xia language cicada, ye Fei holding a smile, ask clearly.
“What's the matter, bitter gourd face.”
“Well, I don't like you anymore.”
Summer language cicada is full of cold hum, turn head to walk.
“Don't be angry. I forgot that too.”
Ye Fei follows quickly.
“You do it on purpose. Every time I'm punished by my mother, you laugh there.”
“No, poof!”
“Not yet. You're laughing.”
Xia Yuchan stamped his feet in anger and hammered him with a small fist.
Ye Fei fled, and the cicada followed him.
They went out of the school and went to a nearby beef noodle restaurant that had been open for many years.
When the landlady saw these two little people, she felt that she liked them so much that she added a lot of beef.
Find a seat to sit, Xia language cicada still angry, small mouth pucker up can hang soy sauce bottle.
“Well, here's the meat. Don't be angry!”
Ye Fei gives her the beef in the bowl as an apology.
Xia yucicada just pretended to see the beef in the bowl. Her little face couldn't hide her smile. She reciprocated by giving the tiger skin eggs to Ye Fei.
“Lao Li, look at those two kids. It's so interesting that they are so sweet.”
The proprietress elbowed her busy husband and grinned at Ye Fei. They nuzui in their direction.
The middle-aged man took a look, wiped the sweat on his forehead and said, “two children know what's sweet.”
“What's the matter with the child?It's a boring piece of wood. ”
The boss's wife was not very angry and gave her the right eye.
Ye Fei heard the communication between the boss and his wife and said with a smile: “the boss is right. What's the matter with the child?We ordered a baby kiss. This is my daughter-in-law. ”
Lao Li and his wife were both dumbfounded when they heard this.
The diners in the shop also turn their surprised eyes on Ye Fei.
“It's true or not. There's no baby kiss these days. You made it up by yourself!”
Next door table alone to eat noodles, older youth is not willing to, tone of Pan acid inserted a sentence.
He's almost three years old, and he hasn't found a partner yet. When he heard a ten-year-old girl say that she had a daughter-in-law, and the little girl looked like a beautiful girl, she was sad for a while.
“Cicada, tell him if we are engaged.”
Ye Fei glanced at the young man and said to the cicada.
Xia Yuchan raised her lovely little face, blinked kazilan's big eyes, nodded and said, “yes, mom and dad have said that I will marry brother Fei when I grow up. We are engaged.”
Everyone in the shop looked different for a moment.
The young man almost burst out with a mouthful of sad old blood, coughed twice to ease his embarrassment, and then he buried himself in eating noodles.
“Lao Li, see? What's wrong with children? Now children know a lot about it!”
The proprietress was smiling at her husband.
“I'll take it.”
Lao Li nodded his head sincerely*
Chapter 17 brother, it's very kind of you
After eating beef noodles, ye Fei takes Xia Yuchan's little hand and leaves the noodle shop in people's strange eyes.
“Are primary school students so evil now?”
“Childhood sweetheart, no guess, too enviable.”
“Baby kissing is a bad habit of the old times.”
“Sour, really sour. Come on, I'll give you some vinegar.”
“I'm married. I'm not jealous.”
The diners in the shop talked about it one after another, and some meaningful eyes fell on the older youth.
The older youth only felt that these eyes were like a knife, which was stabbed in their heart, causing tons of damage, and the delicious beef noodles were tasteless. They put down their chopsticks and left in a hurry.
With more than an hour to go before the exam in the afternoon, ye Fei and Xia Yuchan are just around.
“It looks like rain!”
Ye Fei looked up at the dark sky, some worried said.
“Oh, really?It's raining. How can we go home after school? My parents and Uncle Ye are not at home
Xia Yuchan is also worried.
Ye Fei smiles: “it's OK, maybe it won't be big.”
God obviously didn't cooperate with him, and suddenly there was thunder in the sky.
“It's thundering.”
Summer language cicada some fear thunder, small face nervous embrace his arm.
“It's OK. Let's go back to the classroom.”
Ye Fei smiles and softly comforts.
At this time, there was a big rain on his face.
“It's broken. It's coming down. Let's go.”
Ye Fei takes off his coat to protect Xia Yuchan's head and takes her to school.
However, the cicada is a little afraid of running slowly, and the rain is more and more dense, which makes it feel like it is going to rain.
There are exams in the afternoon. If you get wet, it will be very troublesome.
“Take your coat and protect your head. Come on up and I'll carry you.”
Ye Fei hands her the coat, walks to the front and squats down.
Xia language cicada Leng under, and then quickly said: “no, brother, I can run.”
“Come on, it's going to be big.”
Ye Fei hastens.
Xia language cicada smell speech also attend to refuse again, go forward to lie on his back.
“Hold up your coat to keep out the rain. I'm going to sprint 100 meters.”
Ye Fei stood up behind her back and said with a smile.
Xia Yuchan hasn't begun to grow up, and weighs only 20 kilograms. Ye Fei often exercises with his father, but he doesn't feel hard to carry.
“Well, I see.”
Summer language cicada was amused, small face also bloomed sweet smile, small hand hold up Ye Fei's coat block in two people's head.
Ye Fei yelled, and then began to run at the top speed of his peers.
“Rush – cluck…”
Summer language cicada also followed shouting, issued a silver bell like laughter.
There are also passers-by running to see this scene, can not help but cast attention to the eyes.
As soon as they rushed into the teaching building, the heavy rain began to pour down like a flood.
“Hoo… OK, safe on base.”
Ye Fei was relieved.
“Brother is wonderful, let me down quickly!”
Summer language cicada smile sweet praise.
Ye Fei answered, put her down, and asked with a smile, “isn't it raining?”
Xia Yuchan shook his head: “no, your coat is wet.”
“It's OK. Give it to me!”
Ye Fei took the coat and shook the raindrops, then put it on.
Fortunately, the jacket's waterproof ability is not bad, there's no big problem.
“Brother, it's very kind of you, MUA ~ ~”
Xia Yuchan showed a pair of cute dimples, and suddenly stood on tiptoe on his cheek.
This is her way to express her happiness and gratitude to her parents. She is young and doesn't know the meaning of kissing. She just regards Ye Fei as her parents' family.
Ye Fei felt her cheek for a while, then touched her head with a smile: “go back to the classroom, don't catch a cold.”
It's raining hard all the time.
After the exam in the afternoon, the school was released ahead of time at four o'clock. The students without umbrellas were standing in the teaching building with schoolbags on their backs, waiting for their parents to pick them up.
Ye Fei, Xia Yuchan, Zhang Rui and Xiong Jia stand together, staring at the heavy rain outside.
“Brother, what shall we do?I can't go back! ”
Summer language cicada one face loses a way.
“There's no choice but to wait for the rain to stop.”
Ye Fei has no way.
“My father should come to pick me up. Let's go to my house together.”
Zhang Rui's smiling invitation.
“My dad will drive over. I can let him drive you home.”
Xiong Jia said quickly.
“Wait and see!”
Ye Fei also didn't refuse. If there was no way, he could only trouble Xiong Jia's father.
Just then, he suddenly saw a beautiful woman with a familiar face coming.
The woman is about 30 years old. She has a plump body and walks up with an umbrella. She has a unique gentle temperament of Jiangnan women.
“Why is she here?”
Wait for a woman to walk into some, leaf flies after confirming the identity, the face immediately peeped out surprised color.
It shouldn't be wrong. This woman is Cai Yuyan who almost became his stepmother in her previous life*
Chapter 18 does aunt want to marry Uncle Ye
“Is Ye Fei there?”
Cai Yuyan went to the students standing in front of the row and asked loudly.
She hasn't met Ye Fei, so she can only find people in this way.
“Brother Fei, it seems that he is calling your name!”
Summer language cicada surprised to see the side of the leaf fly.
Ye Fei nodded and went around to Cai Yuyan. He pretended to be confused and asked, “I'm Ye Fei. Are you?”
Cai YuYan's eyes fell on Ye Fei, looked at him, and immediately decided that he was the person he was looking for. The outline of her facial features was very similar to Ye Weiguo's.
A pair of Danfeng eyes appear in the color of doting, gentle smile: “is your father to call me, let me pick you up, you can call me aunt CAI.”
“That's right!”
Ye Fei smiles heartily and shouts to the cicada: “cicada, come here, we're going home.”
Summer language cicada some blankly came, water Lingling big eyes curiously staring at Cai Yuyan.
“I heard. This is your daughter-in-law. Here is your umbrella.”
Cai Yuyan smiles and jokes. She hands Ye Fei another umbrella that she didn't open.
“Thank you.”
Ye Fei took the umbrella, opened it, turned his head and waved goodbye to Zhang Rui and Xiong Jia: “fat man, Xiong Jia, let's go first.”
Zhang Rui nodded, wondering who the beautiful woman was. He knew that ye Fei's mother had passed away.
“Zhang Rui, is that beautiful aunt Ye Fei's mother?”
Watching the three people's back, Xiong Jia asks Zhang Rui curiously.
“No, mother Fei died of illness a few years ago.”
Zhang Rui shook his head.
For the first time, Xiong Jia breathed out, and the baby's fat round face showed the color of heartache.
“Xiao Fei, can I call you that?”
Cai Yuyan looks at Ye Fei with a smile.
Ye Fei nodded and agreed.
“Why don't you suspect that I'm a liar?”
Cai Yuyan asked with some doubts.
“Ah, is beautiful aunt a liar?”
Xia Yuchan is scared. She looks at Cai Yuyan in fear and drags Ye Fei's arm to keep him away.
Mother often told her not to go with strangers, it may be selling children liar.
“No, no, I'm not a liar.”
Cai Yuyan waved her hand to deny.
“It's OK. This aunt is not a liar.”
Ye Fei also appeased Xia Yuchan with a smile like a fox on his tender face and said to Cai Yuyan, “my father's recent complacency should be due to women. If I guess right, it's aunt you!”
Cai Yuyan was stunned, and two blushes sprang up on her well maintained face. She looked at Ye Fei in surprise.
She heard Ye Weiguo talk about her son, xiaoguida. Especially in recent days, she was shocked to see ye Fei.
“Your father is right. You are a very intelligent and precocious child.”
Cai Yuyan smiles and says, “don't you object?”
“What did you say about you and my dad?No, there's nothing to object to. ”
Ye Fei grinned: “my father is still young, and he needs to be taken care of by himself in the future. I'm going to study and work outside in the future. I'm relieved to have someone to accompany him.”
Cai Yuyan thinks that ye Fei is more unusual. She is more mature than her peers, but she is also happy.
He has been alone for many years and hopes to have a solid arm to rely on and a warm home.
During the period of mutual understanding with Ye Weiguo, she has understood that this is a good man to rely on. The only thing she worries about is that his son will oppose.
I didn't expect that ye Fei was not only so supportive, but also so smart and sensible. If she could have such a son, it would satisfy her wish for many years.
“Does aunt want to marry Uncle Ye?”
Summer language cicada also finally listened to understand, stare big eyes surprised question.
Cai Yuyan blushed and didn't know how to answer.
She did not expect another happy wedding, but simply wanted to spend the rest of her life with Ye Weiguo and form a new family with Ye's father and son.
“Aunt Cai, come on, my father is a wood who doesn't understand amorous feelings, but he is absolutely a good man to be trusted. I'm optimistic about you.”
Ye Fei smiles and gives Cai Yuyan a thumbs up.
Cai Yuyan touched some of her hot cheeks and gave a slight, imperceptible sound.
All the way home, ye Fei opens the door with a key and invites Cai Yuyan to sit in.
“Aunt Cai, it's a bit chaotic when we drink tea.”
Ye Fei brings two cups of hot tea and adds some cold water to Xia Yuchan's cup. It's warm.
“No, it's fine.”
Cai Yuyan took the paper cup with a smile, and looked around the room which was not spacious. The more she looked, the more she felt expectation and longing.
The house she lives in is a high-end residential area, which is much more spacious and tidy than this one, but some of them are just cold and lonely, unlike this house, which can feel the warmth of that kind of home.
Sipping tea, Cai Yuyan saw a picture frame under the TV.
In the photo, a woman with a gentle smile is holding a baby in her arms and leaning on the shoulder of a man in military uniform. The family of three looks so warm and happy*
Chapter 19 Lao ye, it's you
“Do you want to see it?”
Ye Fei noticed Cai YuYan's eyes and asked.
“Yes, may I?”
Cai Yuyan looks surprised.
“Of course.”
Ye Fei smiles and goes to take the picture frame and hands it to her.
Cai Yuyan wiped away some dust with her hands, and looked at the three members of the family in the photo, her eyes full of envy.
“That's good. I heard your father talk about your mother, saying that she is a very beautiful and strong woman. I can see that he loves your mother very much. I can also see in this photo that you should have been a very happy family.”
As she said this, her tone became a little less confident.
“People have to look forward, and happy memories are just memories. I believe my mother also hopes someone can take care of me and my father for her.”
Ye Fei said with a smile.
Cai Yuyan looked up at him in surprise and said with a smile, “you don't look like a ten-year-old, but it's very good. I think too much.”
With that, she returned the photo frame to Ye Fei and asked, “do you have any dishes at home? Let me cook for you!”
“There should be more in the fridge.”
Ye Fei put the frame back in place.
“I'll see what I can do. Don't starve you.”
Cai Yuyan smiles and walks to the kitchen.
Ye Fei sits with Xia Yuchan in the living room, watching the classic cartoon cat and mouse. The little girl is giggling.
There is a delicious smell in the kitchen.
“It smells good. I'm hungry.”
The summer language cicada touched to touch the small belly, the eye Baba of hope toward the kitchen direction.
“Eat this mat first.”
Ye Fei took a small bag of biscuits from the tea table and gave them to her. He got up and went to the kitchen door.
Cai Yuyan, wearing her father's apron, is in a good mood.
“Aunt Cai, the cooking is very good. It's very fragrant.”
Ye Fei said with a smile.
Cai Yuyan glanced at him with a smile on her pretty face: “you wait a little longer, it will be ready soon.”
Soon, ye Fei helped to serve the dishes.
Stir fried pork with chili, fried tofu, and a dish of stir fried vegetables make people have a good appetite.
“Dong Dong!”
The door was suddenly knocked, followed by Ye Weiguo's voice.
“Xiaofei, Xiaochan, are you at home?”
“Yes, yes, I'll open the door.”
Xia Yuchan responds loudly and runs to open the door.
“Wow, it smells good. Who's cooking?”
Chen Hong looks puzzled.
“It's aunt Cai who is cooking and wants to marry Uncle Ye.”
Summer language cicada crisp voice answer.
Chen Hong and Xia Wenhua are stunned and look at Ye Weiguo in amazement.
Ye Weiguo just told them that he called a friend to pick up the child, but he didn't say it was a woman, and it seemed that there was something wrong!
At this time, Cai Yuyan and ye Fei, who were wearing aprons and had a reddish face, also came.
After seeing Cai YuYan's face, Xia Wenhua and Chen Hong are surprised.
“Cough… Let me introduce…”
Ye Weiguo smiles awkwardly and clears his throat, then introduces the three people to know each other.
“Well, I've cooked three dishes at random. These are the only ingredients in my family. Let's have some together.”
Cai Yuyan has some embarrassed invitation.
“No, no, let's go home and do it.”
Chen Hong refused with a smile.
“Mom, I'm hungry. Aunt Cai's dishes are delicious.”
Summer language cicada eyes Baba looking at the mother, want to stay to eat.
“Let's go together. You can get some ingredients from the refrigerator and make some dishes.”
Xia Wenhua said to his wife with a smile.
“Not bad.”
Chen Hong nodded.
The two women worked together, and soon a few more dishes and a bowl of soup were added to the table.
They sat down around the table and began to eat.
“You should look younger than me. May I call you sister?”
Chen Hong smiles and talks to Cai Yuyan.
“Yes, yes.”
Cai Yuyan nodded her head again and again.
“Sister, how do you know Lao ye?”
Chen Hong brought her some dishes, and her eyes were burning with the fire of gossip.
Cai Yuyan takes a look at Ye Weiguo. Seeing that he doesn't say a word, she talks about her experience of meeting Ye Weiguo.
After hearing this, Xia Wenhua and Chen Hong are both surprised to look at Ye Weiguo.
“Yes, Lao ye, at this age, you can still perform the heroic rescue of the United States. It's very powerful. It's worthy of you.”
Xia Wenhua laughed and joked.
“Go to…”
Ye Weiguo's face was red, and he stared at him with no interest.
“Xiaofei, what do you think of aunt Cai?”
Chen Hong smiles and asks Ye Fei.
“It's very good. It's beautiful and the dishes are good. If you can stay with my father, it's my father's blessing in his last life.”
Ye Fei grins, holding a bowl, and grabbing rice.
Chen Hong and Xia Wenhua look at each other. They are both surprised and happy. This child is really unusual.
If this is an ordinary child, the father suddenly leads a good friend home, not falling out.
“Son of a bitch, eat your food!”
Ye Weiguo laughed and scolded his son.
“Ha ha… Dad, don't be shy.”
Ye Fei laughed, then thought of the bonus, and asked: “by the way, Dad, did the prize come to the account, how much in all?”*
Chapter 20 the first step to make Dad rich
“It's already arrived. The bonus is more than 6 million yuan. After tax deduction, there are still 5.3 million yuan left.”
Ye Weiguo also smiles when he mentions this, and his family's economic situation will be improved in the future.
“What bonus?”
Cai Yuyan didn't know about winning the lottery. She was surprised to hear about this huge sum of money.
Ye Weiguo told his son about winning the lottery.
Cai Yuyan surprised stares round the beautiful eyes, unbelievable to see ye Fei.
It's unheard of for a 10-year-old to win six million lottery tickets.
“Dad, what are you going to do with the money, put it in the bank?”
Ye Fei suddenly asked a sentence.
“What else?”
Ye Weiguo looks at his son suspiciously.
For him who doesn't know what inflation is and what financial management is, it's safest to put money in the bank and eat interest.
“Dad, putting money in the bank is the stupidest investment. Our country's economy is developing rapidly now. Money will depreciate over time. The interest deposited in the bank can't catch up with the speed of currency devaluation.”
Ye Fei's face says seriously.
Listening to his professional words, ye Weiguo's four people are all silly.
“What's the point? Why do you want to keep so much money in the bank?”
Ye Weiguo didn't quite understand his way of thinking.
“Dad, think about it. Ten years ago, how much could a hundred yuan buy? Now?If you put 100 yuan in the bank ten years ago, how much interest would you get? ”
Ye Fei tried to explain it in a simple and easy way.
In this way, ye Weiguo also understands. Take pork for example. Ten years ago, you could buy 20 jin for 100 yuan, but now it's a little difficult to buy 10 jin.
“It's strange. Who taught you these things?”
Xia Wenhua stares at Ye Fei in surprise and doesn't know how a ten-year-old child can understand these reasons.
Is it hard to be enlightened some time ago?
“It's not hard to understand. I learned it by reading.”
Ye Fei grinned.
“Lao ye, I didn't find out before. Your son is really a genius!”
Xia Wenhua, with a happy smile on his face, tentatively asked: “Xiaofei, since you have said so, do you have any idea about the money?”
Ye Fei nodded with a smile and said, “now there are many businesses that are good at making money, such as opening an Internet bar, a high-end clothing store, or a large supermarket. Even if you go to the city to buy more apartments for rent, you can also wait for value-added.”
Ye Weiguo was said to be in a daze, frowning: “what you said is so simple!”
“Well, you don't have to say that Xiao Fei's ideas are really OK.”
Xia Wenhua agreed and said, “for example, we can't see large supermarkets in our town now, but there are several supermarket chains in Qingshui city to seize the market. The supervisor of one supermarket is my college classmate. Do you know the turnover of the supermarket on the first day of opening?”
“How much?”
Ye Weiguo was also intrigued.
“More than half a million!”
Xia Wenhua put up five fingers, tut tut said: “in addition to costs and various expenses, I'm afraid the profit will have to be less than 100000.”
“No, there are so many?”
Ye Weiguo was shocked.
Now his salary is more than 1000 yuan a month, and his profit is 100000 yuan a day, which is impossible in his eyes.
Chen Hong and Cai Yuyan are also surprised. There are also small supermarkets in the town. They often go to grab discount goods, but they don't know how supermarkets make money.
“Can I cheat you? Now the State encourages individual entrepreneurship, and the policy is very good. What Xiaofei said is really a good business.”
Xia Wenhua said with a smile.
“Dad, uncle Xia agrees. Why don't you open a large supermarket? It's a good opportunity to make a lot of money before those chain brands come to our small town. Do you want to be a hard security guard all your life?”
Ye Fei continues to agitate his father.
“But I don't know anything. I don't have any experience.”
Ye Weiguo is a little excited. There are men who don't want to make a career, but they are still worried that they can't do it and lose their money.
“Who can do it at the beginning? Not all of them learn slowly, and uncle Xia can give you advice. You can also ask aunt CAI to help you manage things. How nice it is that you are not tired of working with men and women!”
Ye Fei said with a smiley face.
“I, I can't, I don't understand that.”
Cai Yuyan red face flustered hands.
“I think Xiaofei has said this. Lao ye and Mei Zi, you should try. You can't be compared with a ten-year-old. Even if you lose, you can't win the prize. What's the big deal?”
Chen Hong said with a smile.
When ye Weiguo heard the speech, he took a look at his son. He also felt that it was reasonable. Lao Tzu should not be laughed at by his son.
So the heart a horizontal, a bite of teeth, high spirited way: “OK, then open the supermarket, I will resign tomorrow.”
“Dad, that's decent!”
Ye Fei smiles and thumbs up. He is relieved.
The plan to turn dad into a rich generation is an important step*
Chapter 21 I only marry you brother Fei
The next two days are weekends.
After breakfast, ye Fei got the promised 300 yuan from his father.
In these days, 300 yuan of pocket money is enough to make 99% of the children envy the huge sum, but for ye Fei, the reborn, it is still not enough.
“Dad, if you can add a little more, you can give me another 200!”
Ye Fei has a greedy smile on his face.
“If you don't give it, it's not safe for you to have too much money. Don't take all the three hundred with you when you go out. Do you hear me?”
Ye Weiguo's expressionless exhortation.
Ye Fei nodded with a smile: “I know, the cicada is not going to sign up for the dance class in the city. I want to go and have a look, buy some clothes and shoes, and give them some more.”
Lao ye thought about it, but he still took out his wallet and took two hundred pictures and patted them on his hand.
“Save it. Don't waste it.”
Then he turned and walked out of the door.
“Thank you, Dad. Take your time.”
Ye Fei said goodbye in a doggy voice. He folded 200 yuan and stuffed it into his pocket. He sighed and said to himself, “I still have to find a way to earn some money.”
“Brother Fei!”
As clear and sweet as larks.
Ye Fei raises his eyes and looks at the opposite door. Xia Yuchan is dressed like a princess in a fairy tale. She puts on a new white dress, the pair of pink dance shoes he gave her, the butterfly hairpin on her head. She smiles and shows a pair of sweet dimples. She is very cute.
“How are you, brother?”
Summer language cicada pinch skirt angle to turn a circle, full of expectation of vision looking at Ye Fei.
“It's so beautiful. It's like a fairy.”
Ye Fei thumbs up and offers praise without stint.
“Hee hee…”
The little girl was so happy that she could hardly find the north.
“Come on, don't stink there. Come in and I'll tie your hair up.”
Chen Hong's angry cry came from the room.
Summer language cicada pouts a small mouth, not willing to answer a, turned to enter the room.
Ye Fei can't help laughing. After closing the door, he goes to Xia Yuchan's house.
Chen Hong is sitting on the sofa to tie Xia Yuchan's hair, while Xia Wenhua is sitting on the dining table eating breakfast while reading newspapers.
“Xiao Fei, have you eaten? There are steamed buns.”
Chen Hong pours at the table.
“Just full!I also want to go to the city. Uncle Xia gives me a free ride! ”
Ye Fei said with a smile.
“Yes, but what are you doing in the city?”
Xia Wenhua took a look at him.
Ye Fei patted and put five hundred dollars in the ocean's pocket. He said with a smile, “it's not that I won the lottery. Let's go and have a look.”
Chen Hong was amused by him and said with a smile, “how much did your father share with you?”
Ye Fei shrugged: “it's so stingy. I only gave you 300 yuan, but I asked for 200 yuan.”
“Three hundred plus two hundred, five hundred yuan, a lot of money, can buy a lot of sugar gourd!”
The cicada looks envious.
“I know I'm greedy!”
Chen Hong laughingly presses her daughter's forehead with her index finger.
Sitting in Xia Wenhua's lucky King Kong, about 40 minutes later, he entered Qingshui city.
Ye Fei is lying on the window, curiously looking at the city scenery outside.
Before his rebirth, Qingshui city had developed very well, with high-rise buildings and prosperous commercial streets everywhere, full of traffic and pedestrians in a hurry.
However, what he saw in his eyes is far from his memory of Qingshui city.
“Xiaofei, haven't you been downtown for a long time?”
Xia Wenhua looked at him in the rearview mirror and asked with a smile.
“Yes, it's been a few years.”
“I'll show you around later?Qingshui city has developed rapidly in recent years. Many things are different. ”
“Well, uncle Xia, if you want to be busy, don't worry about me. I can do it myself.”
“Indeed, you are different from the average child.”
Xia Wenhua nodded with a smile.
“Wow, KFC, mom, I want to eat that.”
Xia Yuchan sees a KFC store on the street, points out the window and looks longingly at Chen Hong.
“No, I just had breakfast.”
Chen Hong frowned and scolded.
“But I haven't eaten it for a long time. I want to eat it!”
Xia Yuchan grabs her arm and shakes her.
“No, I just can't. go to the dance class first.”
Chen Hong has a firm attitude. She has always insisted on the principle of loving but not doting on her daughter's education.
Summer language cicada Du from a small mouth, red eyes, a pair of wronged appearance.
“Cicada, let's sign up for you first. You can learn to dance there. I'll buy it for you later, OK?”
Ye Fei touched her head with a smile.
Xia Yuchan looks at him with surprise.
“Of course, I just want to eat it too!”
Ye Fei nodded with a smile.
“Oh, that's great.”
Xia Yuchan raised her little hand and cheered.
“Xiaofei, don't be so used to her
Chen Hong reproached, but her face was as full of smile as Xia Wenhua.
“No way, who let cicada be my future daughter-in-law, can not spoil it, then she grew up revenge, do not marry me
Ye Fei had no choice but to smile.
“No, no, I will only marry you.”
Xia Yuchan immediately retorts.
Chen Hong and Xia Wenhua are both funny and speechless when they hear the speech. These two kids even sprinkle dog food in front of them*
Chapter 22 the coming bull market
Yesterday, Chen Hong came to Qingshui city to see Xia Yuchan's grandparents and found a satisfied dance class under the introduction of her relatives.
So Xia Wenhua drove directly to the children's dance training institution.
Just walked into the door, a young woman immediately came up with a smile on her face.
“Miss Chen, you are here. Is this your daughter?”
“Yes, this is my daughter Xia Yuchan, Xiao Chan. Say hello to Miss Liu.”
Chen Hong said to her daughter.
“Hello, Miss Liu!”
Summer language cicada milk milk gas of shout a.
“Hello, wow, Ms. Chen, your daughter is so beautiful. She is a good dancer.”
Liu Miao praised with a smile.
“Where there is, there is.”
Chen Hong is polite in her mouth, but she has a bright smile on her face. Obviously, she is very helpful to this.
“The children are learning inside, so I'll take you to have a look?”
Liu Miao asked with a smile.
Chen Hong happily agreed.
“Our training institution is not big. There are only three teachers, including me, but we are all graduates of formal dance major. We are absolutely dedicated to our students. If you put your daughter here to learn dance, you can relax 10000 hearts…”
Liu Miao said while taking a few people to the door of the dance training room.
In the spacious and bright training room, more than ten children are dancing ballet under the guidance of a female teacher, most of them are girls, and there are also three or two boys.
“That's Mr. Chen yuechen, and you are a top student of our family who graduated from DIDU Dance Academy. Ballet has won the National Award.”
Liu Miao introduces Chen Hong with a smile.
“Very good, very good.”
Chen Hong's eyes were bright and she nodded her head. She said yes twice. She was obviously very satisfied.
“Brother Fei, they dance well!”
Xia Yuchan's big eyes are shining.
“I think if you study for two days, you will soon be able to jump better than them.”
Ye Fei said sincerely.
No one knows more about Xia Yuchan's dancing talent than him.
“Hee hee… I think you're right, brother. I'm sure I can dance better.”
Xia Yuchan has a confident smile on her lovely face.
Liu Miao was amused by the two children: “these two children are so lovely. Is this your son?”
“Half of them. It's my son-in-law. They have a baby kiss.”
Chen Hong replied with a smile.
Liu Miao's eyes widened in surprise.
Seeing that her daughter was very satisfied with this, Chen Hong directly helped her to apply for her name, and today she could start learning.
Then Xia Yuchan put on the dance shoes given by Ye Fei and the dance clothes given to her by Liu Miao, and happily went into the dance room. After being introduced to the teacher Chen Yue, she began to practice under the guidance of the teacher.
The first is to stretch the instep and bend the feet.
Xia Yuchan was sitting on the floor with her hands propped back, her legs in front of her body, her knees and insteps straight, making the insteps form an arched arc.
The little girl just started to contact this, obviously she didn't get used to it. She didn't understand why other people could dance beautiful dance. She could only sit here practicing this tiring posture, blinking her big eyes and looking at the door wrongly.
“I'll go to the bureau first. Don't watch at the door. She can't concentrate on her study.”
Xia Wenhua said with a smile.
“That's right. Let her practice hard!”
Chen Hong smiles and closes the door.
“Xiaofei, are you with me or not?”
Xia Wenhua looked at Ye Fei and said.
Ye Fei shook his head: “no, uncle Xia, you go to be busy. I'll go out and have a look myself. It's OK.”
“OK, I'll go first. Be careful yourself.”
Xia Wenhua also assured him, no longer say anything, turned and left in a hurry.
“Auntie, I'll go out and play. I'll bring KFC back to you later.”
Ye Fei said goodbye to Chen Hong with a smile.
“Well, go ahead. Be careful and come back early.”
Chen Hong touched his head and told him carefully.
“I see!”
Ye Fei agreed, folded his hands behind his head and left humming a tune.
At a roadside shop, I bought some fried chestnuts, which cost only five yuan per kilo. They were packed in paper bags, eating while walking on the street.
Today, the streets of Qingshui city are not as prosperous as he thought, but it can be seen that they are developing rapidly. Many shops on both sides of the street are being renovated and rebuilt.
At the same time, ye Fei is also thinking about his future plans.
In his previous life, he was a financial practitioner. He knew the development history of domestic financial market very well. The bull markets in his memory were all opportunities to make money.
From June 2005 to October 2007, it was the longest and the biggest bull market in the domestic stock market.
In another month, he has to find a way to get a sum of money to invest in the stock market.
There are more than 5 million yuan left over from my father's supermarket, but I know it's hard to get the money.
With Ye Weiguo's character, how can he agree to play any stock.
And ye Fei is not ready to move the money. The money in his father's hand and his upcoming career are his way out.
The financial market has too many variables. Even with the memory of the next ten years, he is not sure whether there will be any butterfly effect.
With dad as a way out, he can go home to be a rich second generation even if he loses all*
Chapter 23 take you to the roof
Ye Fei came to a stock exchange in Qingshui city.
Today is Saturday, the stock market is closed, but there are still many shareholders outside the exchange, standing there discussing with each other, many people holding newspapers in their hands, carefully looking for and screening information that may be useful to them.
Ye Fei also went to the newsstand and bought two newspapers after selection, looking directly at the economic and financial sector.
When he graduated from university and started his business, it was already 2017. He knew something about some major events in the financial circle, but he was not very clear about the specific market in 2005.
Through the information in the newspaper and integrating some scattered memories in his mind, he tried to find out whether he could find useful information for himself.
Don't say, he found some.
The boss of the newsstand and some well-dressed investors around him, seeing a ten-year-old seriously looking at the economic news, all felt very strange.
“Hey, little boy, do you understand?”
Next to a middle-aged man with a beer belly, smiling and joking.
Ye Fei squinted at him and ignored him.
“Oh?It's arrogant
When the man thought it was very interesting and wanted to say something else, he suddenly heard a loud drink from behind.
“Fat man, you son of a bitch!”
The man was so scared that he was about to run away. However, he was surrounded by several men who rushed over.
“You bastard, what do you want to buy? Blue water pharmaceutical industry. Now I'm covered with more than 100000 quilts. How can I pay for it?”
An cuntou man grabbed Wang pangzi's collar and roared.
“Brother, calm down, stock speculation, which can be 100% up, in the final analysis, I just give advice, not buy it myself.”
Fat Wang looks like a dead pig is not afraid of boiling water.
“Shit!You son of a bitch. I'll tell you, if you don't give me an explanation today, I'll fight with you. ”
“Brother, you listen to me, steady, we play for a long time, the back will certainly rise, to ensure that you earn back with interest.”
“Put your mother's fart, all drop limit for several days, you still have the face to say this.”
Men don't believe it at all.
“Brother, don't talk nonsense with him, just beat him up.”
“Damn, I've lost tens of thousands of yuan to buy it. My daughter-in-law is making trouble with me at home all day. I'm angry when I think about it. I'll beat this bastard to get angry.”
The other two men rubbed their hands and fists, and it seemed that they would perform a live PK.
Ye Fei, like many people around him, enjoyed eating melons and watching plays.
This kind of thing is too common. If you don't have the real ability to encourage others to buy it, it's like lighting the toilet.
Wang Pang immediately flustered, eye drops slip of a turn, instant play essence attached to the body, suddenly burst into tears of roar.
“Come on, kill me. Anyway, I don't want to live. How much do you lose? My house and car are mortgaged to buy this stock. If I fall down again, I can only jump off a building. I'm not worse than you?You want to fight, right? Come on, you can beat me to death. ”
Cuntou three men directly muddled, see he does not look like a lie, immediately feel more balanced heart.
Ye Fei in the side to see that called a admire, this fat man play what stock ah, to be an actor mixed entertainment, that can definitely be successful.
“Can it really come back?”
Cuntou man let go of Wang pangzi and frowned to confirm.
“Brother, I'm sure, or I can put so much money in?”
Wang pangzi straightened his collar and nodded his face seriously.
“OK, I'll trust you again. It's good for you to make money. If you want to pay for it, I'll send you to the top of the building.”
Cuntou man patted Wang pangzi on the shoulder, left a cruel word, yelled two companions to leave.
“Shit!Damn, when I first saw that I had made money, I had to buy it. Now I have to pay for it. I'm in trouble. Damn, what's the matter? Bah
Wang chubby spit uncivilized to the ground, see next to Ye Fei a look of disdain, fat face a red, angry way: “look at what.”
“I advise you to let others throw it away quickly, or you will be sent to the top of the building. The stock will have to keep falling, and it is impossible to rise.”
Ye Fei kindly reminds us.
He clearly remembers what these people said about the blue water pharmaceutical industry.
Because the company sold and sold fake drugs, several people died of serious illness. In my memory, it caused a lot of anger and uproar. Many city officials changed a lot because of it.
Now they should still try their best to hold down the news. In a few days, they can't hold it down. As soon as the newspaper news is published, the stock price will collapse.
“Fart, you little boy, you know what stocks are.”
Wang pangzi yelled angrily.
Ye Fei shrugged his shoulders indifferently. He was just a casual reminder. Since he didn't believe it, he couldn't help it.
“Well, kid, which stock market do you think is good now?”
The boss of the newsstand looked at the kid, surprised, and asked casually.
“Zixing technology is not bad. The newspaper also announced that a commodity conference will be held on Monday. There should be good news immediately, and it should rise sharply next week.”
Ye Fei replied with a smile, and then went straight away.
“This child… Is a little unusual!”
The boss of the newsstand looks at Ye Fei's back and mumbles to himself, considering whether he really wants to buy one*
Chapter 24 the greedy and fat Xia Yuchan
After leaving the exchange, ye Fei strolled around the major business districts in Qingshui City, then went to buy a bucket of KFC and took a taxi back to the dance training institution.
It's just at noon. After practicing basic skills for a long time, Xia Yuchan, who was originally eager to learn dance, is a little tired. She only knows that dancing is beautiful and beautiful, but she doesn't know she will be so tired.
Holding her daughter with a sad face, Chen Hong grinned and said seriously: “since you have signed up, there is no chance to repent. No matter how hard you work, you have to learn.”
“I know.”
Xia Yuchan pouted her little mouth and said, “the basic skills are too tired. The teacher won't let me dance with him.”
Chen Yue came over and said with a smile: “dance is the most important foundation, especially ballet. Everyone comes here like this.”
“Miss Chen, how is she doing?”
Chen Hong asked with a smile.
“It's good. She's very talented and flexible. She's good for dancing.”
Mr. Chen agreed.
Chen Hong was very happy and touched her daughter's head: “do you hear me? The teacher praised you. Keep working hard!”
“I know. I'll study hard. I promise I'll show it to brother Fei when I learn it.”
Xia Yuchan nodded cleverly, thinking of the KFC that ye Fei promised in the morning, looking forward to the door: “when will my brother come back, I'm hungry.”
“Miss Liu has gone to buy lunch. Let's eat together later.”
Chen Yue asked with a smile.
“No, my brother will bring me KFC. I want that one.”
Summer language cicada shakes a way.
The voice just fell, a familiar voice came.
“Cicada, I'm back.”
Summer language cicada big eyes suddenly bright up, a face excited to go.
“Look what I've got for you.”
Ye Fei smiles and shakes his family bucket and coke.
“Wow, I want to eat. I want to eat.”
Xia Yuchan cheered happily, slipped down from her mother's leg and ran quickly.
The whole family had a lot of buckets, and Chen Hong ate with them.
The tempting fragrance diffuses, the children who are eating the lunch prepared by their parents are all swallowing saliva and casting envious eyes.
“Mom, I want to eat KFC, too.”
A little girl begged her mother pitifully.
“KFC, which is not healthy and will gain weight, especially children who learn to dance, can't eat it.”
The mother has no time to buy KFC now. In order to let her daughter have a good meal, she can only say it seriously.
The little girl of this age already knew beauty and ugliness. When she heard that she would get fat, she immediately went on eating.
Xia Yuchan, who is holding a piece of sucking chicken, suddenly stops when he hears this. His big eyes blink and he looks at Ye Fei pitifully.
“Ha ha…”
Ye Fei couldn't help laughing, relieved: “don't worry, it's ok if you don't eat often.”
The little girl is suspicious and afraid of becoming fat and ugly. Then her brother doesn't like her.
“Don't you believe in your brother? Don't worry about eating. You won't get fat.”
Ye Fei nods funny way.
“If you want to be afraid, will mom help you eat?”
Chen Hong is also amused by her daughter, laughing and joking.
Summer language cicada vigilantly back half step, pointed to the paper bucket on the chair: “there is, mom, you take it yourself, this is mine.”
Chen Hong and ye Fei couldn't help laughing.
“Do you want to practice in the afternoon?”
Ye Fei asked with a smile.
Chen Hong shook her head and said, “today I only practice for half a day. I just called her father. I'll pick us up in the car right away.”
“Leave some corn for Dad, too. He likes it.”
Summer language cicada cheek drum drum drum, ambiguous said.
Chen Hong was not angry and gouged out her daughter: “you don't like corn, do you?”
“No, it's not!”
Xia Yuchan certainly doesn't admit it, and she thinks her father likes corn, because he always eats KFC corn.
When the food was almost ready, Xia Wenhua arrived by car.
“Dad, eat KFC. Brother bought it. It's delicious.”
Xia Yuchan immediately carried a paper bucket to offer treasure, leaving a corn and a chicken castle.
“Great, dad is hungry!”
Xia Wenhua took it with a smile.
After saying goodbye to her dance teacher, Chen Hong and her family went out to take Xia Wenhua's car and return to Xiqiao Town.
Ye Weiguo is the kind of character who decides to do it immediately and do it well.
On the same day, he quit his job as a security guard and invited his colleagues to dinner.
Colleagues were surprised and tried to ask why he quit and what he was going to do.
Ye Weiguo just said that he wanted to do some small business. He didn't disclose too much information. His colleagues didn't ask much. After a group of people had a good drink, they wished Ye Weiguo a prosperous business and a bright future.
In the next few days, ye Weiguo went out early every morning to find a suitable venue. When he came back in the afternoon, if Xia Wenhua was at home, he would take him to have a drink to discuss the specific preparations.
It's not easy to open a large supermarket.
There are a lot of things like venues, employees, sources of goods, various procedures and so on, which is a great challenge for ye Weiguo, who has no experience*
Chapter 25 hiring Zhao family and son
Ye Weiguo is so busy with the supermarket every day that he can't take care of Ye Fei.
Cai Yuyan came to her home more and more frequently. She came to help with the housework and cooking from time to time, which made her father and son get used to having such a gentle woman at home and enjoying her care.
After the weekend, I went to school for two days and took the May Day holiday.
That day, Cai Yuyan cooked a good table. Ye Fei invited Zhao Dabao and his father to have dinner at home after school.
Zhao Jishan was originally embarrassed to come, how can he be gracious and let the other party entertain him.
But ye Fei repeatedly invited, firm attitude, Zhao Jishan can only put himself and his son into clean and tidy clothes, followed Ye Fei came home.
The food and wine were ready, and several people took their seats after they knew each other.
Zhao Jishan sat there, his hands on his knees, trying to say something, but he didn't know how to open his mouth.
“Brother Zhao, don't be so embarrassed. I've seen you in Huayuan district. I used to be a security guard there, and I often saw you and the child selling fruits.”
Ye Weiguo opened the topic with a smile.
“Oh, no wonder I look familiar. I remember.”
Zhao Jishan nodded suddenly.
Cai Yuyan opened a bottle and got up to pour wine for them.
“Thank you, thank you.”
Zhao Jishan was flattered and repeatedly said thanks.
Seeing Zhao Dabao staring at the bottle, Cai Yuyan asked with a smile: “how old is the child? Can he drink?”
“No, don't give him a drink. He's sixteen this year.”
Zhao Jishan answered quickly.
At home, he would occasionally let his son drink a little, but he didn't dare to be a guest in his benefactor's house. His son would drink wine endlessly, and one or two bottles would not be enough.
Cai Yuyan nodded and poured juice for Zhao Dabao and ye Fei.
“Come on, brother, let's have a drink first.”
Ye Weiguo raises a toast.
“I respect you, I respect you.”
Zhao Jishan flurried with the toast, the cup is lower than ye Weiguo.
After they had a drink together, they started to eat with their chopsticks.
“This boy is really a good soldier. I've already arranged for him, but there is still a period of time to report at the end of September, and then he will be assigned to the northwest frontier area, where I have been for seven years. There will be people to take care of him. Of course, it will be a bit hard there.”
Ye Weiguo knew that Zhao Jishan was thinking about his children, so he told the story straight to the point.
After listening to Zhao Jishan, he immediately burst into tears of gratitude and said in a hoarse voice, “thank you very much. I'm stupid. I don't know what to say. In the future, you and Xiaofei will be the great benefactor of our family.”
“Don't exaggerate. I'm just making a phone call. It's up to him.”
Ye Weiguo smiles, looks at Zhao Dabao and says, “the frontier is a bit bitter, but as long as you perform well, you can apply for transfer back after a few years, and then the child won't have to worry about you for the rest of his life.”
“Yes, if he doesn't behave well, I'll break his leg.”
Zhao Jishan, with a serious expression, holds a cup and toasts Ye Weiguo again.
Zhao Dabao hasn't eaten such a delicious meal for a long time. He never stopped holding chopsticks that seemed a few sizes smaller than others. It's already the second bowl of rice.
“You are so hungry that you are reincarnated. What did I tell you before I came here?”
Zhao Jishan feels very humiliated and slaps his son in the back of the head.
Zhao Dabao scratched his head with a smile and said: “I'm sorry, Dad, this dish is so delicious. I forgot it.”
“Brother, no, let the children eat it!”
Ye Weiguo quickly smiles to stop Zhao Jishan, who is ready to smoke his son.
“Brother Dabao, eat more. Not everyone can eat my aunt Cai's dishes. The more you eat, the happier she will be.”
Ye Fei put some dishes in Zhao Dabao's bowl.
“Yes, yes, eat more.”
Cai Yuyan nodded with a smile.
Zhao Dabao nodded excitedly.
Ye Fei suddenly remembered something and said to his father, “Dad, isn't your supermarket ready to recruit people? At that time, it's better to let uncle Zhao and brother Dabao do a purchase. They are all their own people, and they can use it safely.”
Ye Weiguo's eyes brightened and he thought it was a good idea.
This father and son are the kind of heartless and hardworking people. They should be very good employees.
Therefore, ye Weiguo said the situation to Zhao Jishan with a puzzled face.
After hearing this, Zhao Jishan was very excited, but he was really embarrassed to accept it. He had just received a big favor, and now he arranged work for his father and son. He really didn't know how to repay him.
“Uncle Zhao, don't think too much. My father's career has just started. He is really short of people. Please help him.”
Ye Fei saw through Zhao Jishan's mind and said with a smile.
“Well… Well, our father and son will do well.”
Zhao Jishan nodded solemnly and agreed.
“Great, come on, have a drink.”
Ye Weiguo is also very happy*
Chapter 26 poor and helpless
Seeing off Zhao's father and son, it was completely dark.
Cai Yuyan is cleaning up the tableware. Ye Weiguo tries to help, but he is pushed away.
“Don't rob me of my job. I like doing this. What should you do? Just sit there and have a rest if you have nothing to do.”
Ye Weiguo scratched his head with a bitter smile and looked at the busy woman. A touch of tenderness flashed in his eyes.
Sitting on the sofa eating fruit, ye Fei quietly looks at the scene, with a touch of radian on his lips.
“OK, I'll go to Lao Xia to discuss the location of the supermarket.”
Ye Weiguo said with a smile.
“Go, go!”
Cai Yuyan smiles and nods her head gently. She enjoys the feeling of being a family now.
“I'll go and play, too.”
Ye Fei got up and said.
Although my father is not used to discussing business with his 10-year-old, when he and Xia Wenhua discuss these days, he will listen and put forward his own suggestions from time to time.
As a passer-by with more than ten years of memory in the future, he can be said to have more long-term vision than Xia Wenhua.
So the father and son came to Xia's house together.
As soon as I entered the living room, I saw the cicada standing against the wall.
See ye Fei come in, summer language cicada casts to him immediately weak and pitiful helpless look.
This facial expression is really too lovely too interesting, leaf flies almost didn't stretch to live to smile a voice.
Needless to say, the midterm exam results must have been hidden.
This time, Xia Yuchan has successfully retreated several times, and her grades came out a few days ago. She is afraid that Chen Hong will punish her, and she will not let Ye Fei mention the mid-term exam.
However, paper can't hold fire. It's not right. What should come will come.
Ye Fei returned her helpless eyes.
Chen Hong has always been very serious about educating her daughter. Even Xia Wenhua does not dare to have an opinion, let alone him.
“What's the matter? How can I stand still?”
Ye Weiguo also saw the aggrieved Xia yucicada and asked in a funny way.
“What else can I do? In the mid-term exam a few days ago, this girl actually stepped back six. I'm so angry. I've been negligent during this period of time. I didn't care much about her study. I actually stepped back so much.”
Chen Hong sits on the sofa with her arms in her arms and answers angrily.
“The child is still young. It's OK.”
Ye Weiguo loves his daughter-in-law and laughs.
Chen Hong disagreed: “the habit of learning has to be cultivated since childhood. I didn't ask her to be the first in the exam, but she can't go back!”
Ye Weiguo looks at Xia Wenhua for help, but the latter shows his hand helplessly, indicating that his family status is not allowed.
“Uncle Xia, lend me your camera!”
Ye Fei said to Xia Wenhua with a smile.
Xia Wenhua had some doubts: “what do you want with the camera?It's on the desk in the room. Go and get it yourself
“Come on
Ye Fei quickly ran to the room to get the camera, and then under the gaze of several people, he took a picture of Xia Yuchan from various angles.
The little girl saw that he not only didn't help herself, but also took pictures to see jokes. She shriveled and cried.
“Auntie, how about this? I'll tutor Xiao Chan to study in the future and make sure that he will be in the top ten of the class in the final exam. How about this punishment?”
After taking photos, ye Fei is satisfied and smiles to help Xia Yuchan plead.
Summer language cicada immediately turn sad into happy, elder brother as expected still loves her.
Chen Hong still didn't want to agree, but ye Fei said, “by the way, I'm the first in my grade in this exam.”
“Really?Why didn't you tell me? ”
Ye Weiguo looks at his son in surprise.
“It's just a mid-term exam. There's nothing to say.”
Ye Fei smiles and shrugs.
“This child is really good. It's a great improvement.”
Chen Hong praised with a smile and turned to her daughter with a straight face and said, “OK, don't stand. I will study hard with your brother Fei. Next time I must be in the top ten of the class, or I will have to stand.”
Summer language cicada chicken peck rice like nodded, walked to comfortable on the sofa.
“Xiaofei, why are you taking this picture?”
Xia Wenhua looks at Ye Fei sitting beside her daughter and asks curiously.
“Leave a souvenir. I'll wash it out tomorrow and keep it.”
Ye Fei grinned.
“Bad brother, smelly brother, you know how to make fun of me.”
Xia Yuchan angrily complains and reaches out to grab the camera. However, ye Fei raises the camera high and her arms are too short to reach.
Later, ye Weiguo began to discuss the supermarket location with Xia Wenhua.
He has made countless circles in the small town these days, and he is most satisfied with two places.
One is the commercial street of East Street, where some shops in Xiqiao Town are mainly concentrated.
In addition, there is the school district of South Street. Because the two middle schools in the town are in that street, the surrounding area is relatively prosperous. There are many bookstores, restaurants, hotels and so on.
“Well… I think it's OK. The main thing is to see which side has suitable shops to rent.”
Xia Wenhua gave his opinion.
“There is a three story building on the East Street, covering an area of about seven or eight hundred square meters. It's very good. I asked, and the price is OK.”
Ye Weiguo said with a smile*
Chapter 27 The Kid's prediction has come true
“Dad, if you think it's good, you can buy it directly. House prices will continue to rise.”
Ye Fei suddenly put in a word.
In my memory, until 2008, house prices rose sharply, and then the outbreak of the financial crisis led to a wave of decline in house prices.
However, in addition to the fact that house prices at that time even exceeded the Pengcheng drop of the imperial capital, house prices in other cities did not fall much.
After that, until ye Fei passed through, the house price was like a galloping Mustang, never looking back.
Ye Weiguo frowned and glared at his son: “buy?Do you know how much it will cost to buy it
“Now the house price in the town should be about 2000 yuan per square meter. Seven or eight hundred square meters is 1.45 million on the first floor, and then 4 million on the third floor. Tell the boss that it should be OK to cut down to 4 million, and there is still 1.3 million left. The back decoration, payment for goods and so on must be enough!”
Ye Fei tells us.
Even though they are used to the way ye Fei is not a person of contract age, they are still shocked to hear this clear plan.
This little guy knows too much.
“No, no, how can you run out of money? You don't need money to go to school, buy a house and get married in the future?”
Ye Weiguo seriously shook his head to veto, he must leave some money as a minimum.
“Dad, you think too far. I'm only ten years old. What's more, do you mean to lose money when you do business?Believe me, if you buy this building, you'll make no loss. ”
Ye Fei said with affirmative tone.
“I don't think Xiaofei has done what he said. Since the new century, house prices have been rising sharply. The country relies on real estate to stimulate the economy. It should not fall in the future.”
Xia Wenhua understood more and agreed with Ye Fei.
“Look, Dad, uncle Xia said so.”
Ye Fei smiles and winks.
“Lao Xia, you can't talk with this smelly boy all the time. He's a child…”
Ye Weiguo said that this was suddenly interrupted, because he found that his son seemed to know more than he did.
“Ha ha…”
Xia Wenhua couldn't help laughing and said, “you can't treat him as a child, and what Xiaofei said is really reasonable. I can't oppose it against my heart.”
“Lao ye, I also think Xiao Fei is right. How much has our house gone up since we bought it?”
Chen Hong agreed.
Ye Weiguo was stunned.
When the house was bought ten years ago, it was only 800 square meters. Now it has more than doubled.
“I'll think it over.”
Ye Weiguo was still talked about.
At this time, the TV suddenly broadcast a news, attracted Ye Fei's attention.
“Recently, blue water Pharmaceutical Group…”
History is still developing according to the established track. Blue water pharmaceutical industry was exposed by reporters to sell problematic drugs, resulting in many people's health problems, and even serious illness and death.
On the TV, behind the reporter is the building of lanshui pharmaceutical industry. Outside, people are full of indignation, pulling banners to curse the local people of lanshui pharmaceutical industry.
“It's really a black hearted business. How can medicine, a vital thing, go wrong? It's a jerk.”
Xia Wenhua was calm and rude.
“It's really harmful. It's frightening. Fortunately, it seems that we haven't used this company's medicine.”
Chen Hong's face was still palpitating.
“Now some people have been bitten by dogs for money and profit. Those who have developed such harmful things should be arrested and imprisoned for a lifetime.”
Ye Weiguo was most jealous of evil.
Qingshui City, a high-grade residential area.
Wang Kui looked at the news on the TV. He was as dumb as a cucumber.
Soon, the Nokia straight phone on the coffee table began to ring.
“Shit, grass mud horse, call NIMA.”
Wang Kui roared, picked up the cell phone and fell.
Nokia's quality is high. The mobile phone hits the ground. The back cover and battery are separated, but nothing seems to happen.
After the fire, Wang Kui held his head in both hands and kept scolding.
Different from what he said that day, he didn't put all his money into it. He didn't mortgage his house or car. It's just that once the company collapsed, he lost more than 100000 yuan, which is enough to hurt.
“What's the matter?It's such a big fire. ”
The wife came out of the kitchen and asked with concern.
Wang Kui didn't have the heart to explain to his wife. He waved his hand in annoyance. He suddenly thought of the ten-year-old he met in the newsstand that day. He said to himself in amazement: “no, I'm really not expected by this little boy, or is it just a coincidence?”
“What are you talking about? What are you talking about?”
The wife frowned.
Wang Kui didn't answer at all. He squatted down and rummaged through the newspaper on the coffee table, urging: “quick, help me find out all the newspapers these days, and see if there is any news about Zixing technology.”
His wife was puzzled, but she went to help.
At this time, the TV just began to broadcast another news, which is about the Zixing technology product launch.
Wang Kui quickly stood up, staring at the TV screen, a pair of small eyes wide open.
“I'm as like as two peas.”
Chapter 28 newsstand owner keeps a low profile
On May 6, the market opened on the first day after the holiday.
Early in the morning, there was a low pressure outside the stock exchange, and the investors of lanshui pharmaceutical were all pale and swearing.
“Cao te Niang, damn blue water pharmaceutical industry, I have lost more than 70000. What should I do?”
“Who isn't? Those who bought blue water now have no place to cry. Blue water son of a bitch, hundreds of millions of big companies have drug problems.”
“I thought something was wrong before. I thought he would come back. I didn't give up. I didn't expect this kind of thing to happen.”
“It seems that I was pressing news before, but I can't hold it now.”
“Damn it, it's killing me. Open the door quickly. I'm going to throw blue water's stock.”
“If you want to eat fart, it's the present situation. Who's going to take the order is a fool.”
As the market of lanshui pharmaceutical was very good some time ago, many people bought this stock. Although it has been falling a few days ago, many investors are still optimistic and believe it will rise back.
However, now suddenly burst out such a fatal news, we can imagine how angry these investors are.
This is also the fact that the blue water pharmaceutical building is not in Qingshui City, otherwise they will surely follow to greet the family members of the blue water pharmaceutical company.
Inside the newsstand, the boss looked at a newspaper with his legs crossed, listening to the comments from outside. He couldn't see anything on his face, but he was in a beautiful mood.
In fact, he is also an old shareholder for many years. He has a small fortune and can be regarded as a kind of relatively low-key rich man.
After playing with the stock market for so many years, he is also experienced. Some time ago, he made a profit by virtue of blue water pharmaceutical industry. Then he realized that something was wrong and stopped in time.
A few days ago, after hearing the evil 10-year-old's talk, he went to the Internet to check all kinds of information about Zixing technology, and found that it was really a success. So he put in a small 100000 yuan, which has gone up a lot.
Now looking at other people outside gloomy, but they are stealing money, my heart that called a comfortable, there is a kind of lonely feeling.
Think of that child, the boss more and more feel that it is a monster, blue water and purple star technology situation, completely by that child to see through.
“I don't know if the child prodigy will come again. If only he could make a friend.”
The boss rubbed his chin and talked to himself in a voice that no one else could hear.
A strange voice came out.
The boss looked up and saw a man in a black coat, a mask and a hat. His face changed slightly.
“What do you want? I sell newspapers, but I have no money.”
“Boss, it's me.”
The man pulled the mask down, revealing a fat face.
“Damn, fatty Wang, it's you. I think it's a robber!”
The boss rolled his eyes. Just now, he thought that his identity as a rich man had been exposed. Someone wanted to kidnap him!
“I won't rob you to buy a newspaper, will I?”
Wang Kui looked contemptuous.
“What happened to the newspaper man?”
The boss was unconvinced. He thought that I had more money than you. He asked: “you look like a spy. Why?”
Wang Kui pours at the back.
The boss looked at the three men he had seen a few days ago. They were looking for something with a fierce face. They immediately understood and looked at him with disdain.
“You've made a mess of people. You can still hide for a lifetime. This beating will come sooner or later.”
“Damn, what do you mean I've ruined them? They have to buy them with me, ok…”
Wang Kui said this and waved his hand: “forget it, don't talk about it. Boss, ask you, did the child come last time? He was about ten years old. He read the newspaper and analyzed it here.”
“I know who you're talking about. I haven't been here these days.”
The boss shook his head with a smile.
“Didn't you come…”
Wang Kui suddenly lost his face.
“What?You didn't listen to people before, little prodigy, but now you have to pay, and you want to learn from others? ”
The boss guessed his mind and said with a smile.
“Child prodigy… Well, that's OK.”
Wang Kui nodded and said honestly, “to tell you the truth, I really have this plan.”
“You have a lot of thieves in mind. Last time you said that you bought blue water for all your belongings. It's really a lie.”
The boss was joking.
“Hey, hey… How can anyone play such a game in stock market? There are no pants to lose early.”
Wang Kui is smiling.
“That's right. Stocks must have a good mentality.”
The boss nodded his approval.
At this time, a familiar and tender voice sounded.
“Boss, give me a copy of today's newspapers.”
Two people hear this voice, heart a shock, immediately cast surprise eyes, is really before that ten year old child.
“Here you are, little prodigy.”
Wang Kui's eyes are burning.
“Who are you?”
Ye Fei is scared to step back by this strange man, and stares at him warily.
“I, Wang pangzi, remember what we met last time.”
Wang Kui quickly pulled down his mask and his fat face was full of flattering smile*
Chapter 29 division of labor and cooperation
“Oh, it's you
Ye Fei, of course, still remembers the fat man and says with a bad smile, “why didn't someone send him to the top of the building?Are you hiding from people dressed like this? ”
Wang Kui's face was red. It was the first time to be ridiculed by a ten year old kid.
“Here, these are today's newspapers. Here you are.”
The boss smilingly handed several newspapers to Ye Fei.
Ye Fei took over the newspaper with some doubts. Suddenly he thought of something and asked tentatively, “boss, you don't really buy Purple Star Technology, do you?”
On hearing this, Wang Kui looked at the boss in surprise.
“Haha, I bought some. Thanks to you, I made a fortune.”
The boss had a brilliant smile.
Ye Fei sincerely expressed his admiration.
If he were the boss himself, he would not believe what a ten-year-old said casually.
“Damn, Lao Zhou, do you play stock too?”
Wang Kui looks shocked. He has been buying newspapers here for more than a year. I really don't know that the boss is a shareholder, and he is such a thief.
“What?Can't I buy stocks? ”
Lao Zhou glared at him, then said to Ye Fei with a smile: “little prodigy, my name is Zhou Chengye, you can call me Lao Zhou, thanks to you, this time I Lao Zhou earned some money, reward a face, go to the opposite coffee shop to have a drink, have a chat?”
Ye Fei looked at the boss for a while and nodded with a smile.
Old Zhou was overjoyed and said to Wang Kui, “fat man, would you like to take a look at the stall for me?”
“Well thought, I'll give you a fart, and I'll go too.”
Wang Kui naturally refused.
“I didn't ask you to join in.”
Old Monday's face was disgusted.
“Who wants you to invite me? I'm so stingy. I'll treat you.”
Wang Kui rolled his eyes.
Lao Zhou didn't pay attention to the goods any more. He waved to a young man he knew and asked him to look at the newsstand for help. Then the three of them went to the opposite coffee shop.
I went into the coffee shop and found a window seat.
Lao Zhou and Wang Kui ordered a cup of coffee respectively, and ye Fei ordered a cup of milk. In this life, he wants to grow taller.
“What do you call the little prodigy?”
Lao Zhou asked.
“Ye Fei, just call my name or Xiao Fei. Don't call me a little prodigy. It's a bit awkward.”
This title reminds him of an ice cream, which is now sold in the supermarket and is very popular with children.
Lao Zhou nodded and agreed with a smile.
“Brother, you have to help me. I really lost a lot this time. My fat man Wang can see that you are not a mortal. You can tell me which stock you can buy and how to divide it. You can say five or six or four.”
Wang Kui snatched the words and went straight to the point.
Old Zhou, who was about to speak, choked and said, “Xiaofei, it's better to choose me if you cooperate with him. I'm definitely better than him.”
“Fart your mother, Lao Zhou. How much money can you have as a newspaper seller?”
Wang Kui was directly annoyed. In front of the huge interests that can be imagined, he could not care about the friendship.
The waiters and several customers in the shop were frightened by Wang pangzi's loud voice and cast dissatisfied eyes.
“Silly fork!”
Old Zhou gave a cold smile and said, “do you really think you are rich?I don't talk about other assets. The cash on my bank card alone is more than five million. Opening that newsstand is just a waste of time. It's convenient for me to get information. Do you understand me? ”
As soon as he said this, Wang Kui was dumbfounded, and his face was unbelievable.
Ye Fei was also very surprised. He didn't expect that the boss of the newsstand was so rich.
However, he has seen many more wealthy people, even billions of them, who have met each other face to face. Therefore, there is nothing on his young face. He calmly drinks milk and watches the two fight.
“True or false, you can't blow it!”
After Wang Kui recovered, he showed an expression of doubt.
“I'm too lazy to talk to you.”
Lao Zhou waved his hand and said to Ye Fei with a smile, “Xiao Fei, let's work together. You use your brain, I'll pay for the money, and we'll split the profit. How about that?”
“I am six or four, you are six or four.”
Wang Kui said in a hurry.
Ye Fei didn't reply immediately. He put down the cup and held his arms in silence.
Both of them didn't ask to disturb him, waiting with expectant faces.
“Brother Wang, how much money can you put out?”
Ye Fei asks Wang Kui.
Wang Kui was overjoyed, glanced at the old man, gritted his teeth and said, “one million, I can make up one million, no problem.”
Lao Zhou gave a contemptuous smile, which was much better than the beginning.
“Well, everyone can make money together. Lao Zhou and brother Wang will open a new investment account with their respective 1 million yuan and 2 million yuan. I'll control it. Lao Zhou will collect and provide information, and brother Wang will be responsible for buying and selling. How about division of labor and cooperation?”
Ye Fei said his proposal.
After hearing this, Lao Zhou and Wang pangzi were immediately moved. After looking at each other, they both nodded and agreed,
“Just in time, I have a hunch that there will be a bull market in the near future. We all cooperate well and should be able to make a lot of money.”
Ye Fei has a confident smile on his small face.
Their eyes lit up immediately after hearing the words*
Chapter 30 other people's brothers?
Ye Fei certainly can't always take Lao Zhou and Wang pangzi to play. His plan in mind is to cooperate until the end of the year.
With the help of the funds of Lao Zhou and Wang pangzi, he can make a start-up fund, and at the same time, he will give them huge profits in return, which is a win-win thing.
The specific preparation work was handed over to Lao Zhou and Wang pangzi.
In order to facilitate contact, Wang pangzi also gave Ye Fei the Nokia straight mobile phone he had bought for a few months, and went to the business hall to help him get a mobile card.
Wang pangzi drives his Audi and sends Ye Fei to the dance training institution.
“Telephone contact, there is still a period of time before the bull market, but I see which stock, you may be informed at any time to test the water first.”
Ye Fei opened the door and got out of the car. He said to Wang pangzi.
“I understand. I'll buy a new mobile phone and turn it on 24 hours later.”
Fat Wang nodded with a smile.
“Thank you.”
Ye Fei waves goodbye and closes the door.
Twisting the pancake fruit bought on the road, ye Fei comes to the dance room.
Today, Chen Hong didn't come and gave her daughter to Ye Fei.
For fear of disturbing Xia Yuchan, who is still training, ye Fei only shows half of his face and looks inside,
At a glance, he found a little girl like a white swan among more than ten children.
Xia Yuchan has excellent talent in dance. She has passed the basic skills these days and can learn some ballet moves like other children.
She practiced very seriously, staring at the teacher in front, seriously imitating the action, from time to time because of the instability, and then immediately restore the posture.
At this time how to see how lovely Xia Yuchan, and his memory that in the school party to dance to surprise the whole school teachers and students, just like a goddess came Xia Yuchan contrast.
But no matter which summer language cicada, he likes it!
I'll love it all my life.
There was a soft sound in Ye Fei's eyes. He took off his coat and wrapped the pancake fruit with his coat. He found a chair outside to wait for her to finish class.
There are also some parents with incubators around to deliver meals. When they see ye Fei's action, they all smile.
“That's good. Looking at this baby, I want to have another one.”
“That's to say, it's better for a child to have a companion. Look at this elder brother, how much he loves his younger sister!”
“No, no, no, no, no, I'm still sensible. There's a little rabbit in my family, who doesn't care for his sister and often bullies her. She always makes her cry and has a headache.”
“I don't know how other people's brothers are so sensible. It's better for their parents to educate them.”
Several mothers looked at Ye Fei, talking and admiring each other.
At this time, Liu Miao teacher came in from the outside and saw Ye Fei sitting there holding his clothes. He said with a smile, “Xiao Fei, come to give your daughter-in-law food again!”
Ye Fei nodded with a smile.
Several mothers were stunned and looked at each other when they heard this.
It's not brother or sister?
Does a baby of this size have a wife?
“It hurts. I'll be a good man in the future.”
Liu Miao touched Ye Fei's head with a smile. He went to the door of the dance room and yelled, “Mr. Chen, it's almost time. Let's finish class!”
“Well, children, you are hungry. Class is over!”
First came the voice of teacher Chen Yue, then the cheers of the children, and then came out of the dance room one by one.
Xia language cicada see ye Fei, jubilant trot past.
Several mothers around were confused again.
Is this my brother or sister!
“I brought you something delicious. Do you know what it is?”
Ye Fei patted his coat and picked his eyebrows with a smile.
“Well… KFC?”
The little girl's eyes are shining.
“No, it's not good to eat that all the time.”
“Is that sugar gourd?”
“It's lunch. I can't eat that.”
“I can't guess.”
The summer language cicada Du starts small mouth to shake head, stare at the coat in his hand eagerly.
Ye Fei opened his coat and said with a smile: “pancake fruit, double egg with sausage and chicken fillet.”
“Wow, that's great.”
The little girl clapped her hands happily. This is what she likes to eat.
“Sit here.”
Ye Fei patted the space beside her and asked her to sit down. He helped her open the packing bag and pass it with a layer of paper inside.
“Eat, it's still hot!”
“Thank you, brother.”
Summer language cicada sweet smile took over, first asked a sentence: “brother, did you eat?”
“Eat it, you eat it quickly!”
“Oh, well!”
Xia Yuchan nodded and took a bite. Then she handed it to Ye Fei with a smile: “brother, you can have some, too. I can't finish it.”
Ye Fei also did not refuse, bowed his head and took a big bite.
Looking at the sweet feeding of this pair of little people, the two dance teachers and parents are inexplicably choked.
They were shown love by a pair of children.
Those children don't know this yet, but looking at Xia Yuchan's eyes are full of envy, they also want to have such a brother*
Chapter 31 four person small group learning Association
Ye Weiguo spent many days with the owner of the commercial building, and finally signed a house purchase contract at the price of 3.8 million yuan.
In the view of Ye Fei, a reborn man, this is no longer a good deal.
He remembers that before the crossing, the house price in Xiqiao Town seemed to have reached seven or eight thousand one square meters, that is to say, the building was just there, and it would be several times higher in 15 years.
Ye Weiguo works vigorously. After he bought the site, he went to the city to find a decoration company.
I found several companies, got several different plans and came back to deliberate carefully.
Ye Fei also looked at these programs, and felt that they were not up to his expectations. The level of Qingshui decoration company is a bit reluctant these years.
So he can only show his hand again, in one of the most satisfactory decoration scheme changed, wrote down some of his own requirements and suggestions.
The next day, ye Weiguo took the plan to the city again.
The designer of the decoration company was shocked when he saw the changed plan, and asked Ye Weiguo who was the expert to change the plan.
Of course, it is impossible for ye Weiguo to tell the truth. I am afraid the other party will not believe him.
After the two sides finalized the cooperation, the decoration company sent people to follow Ye Weiguo to Xiqiao Town to investigate the site, and then took a few days to come up with specific design drawings.
Ye Weiguo took it home and showed it to Xia Wenhua and his son. They all thought it was good.
The total price quoted by the decoration company is 850000, and the materials are the best. Due to the rush to open, the labor cost is relatively higher.
Ye Weiguo cut down the price again, and finally signed the contract with 800000 yuan and paid the down payment.
On May 15th, the supermarket began to be decorated.
Then, ye Weiguo began to run all kinds of certificates and procedures.
Want to open a large supermarket can not be so simple, all kinds of qualification applications are unknown.
Business license, hygiene license, fire control license, tax registration certificate, tobacco retail business license
Normally speaking, it is impossible to get all these certificates in a few months or even half a year, and it's hard to make sure that it doesn't matter.
Fortunately, Xia Wenhua has deep contacts in the city. With his leadership, these procedures are handled very quickly and smoothly.
In addition, there are also a series of preparatory work, such as contacting purchasing channels, staff recruitment, looking for experienced management personnel, etc.
Cai Yuyan and Chen Hong will help as much as they can, but they share a lot of pressure.
Looking at several people at home, ye Fei is very glad that he is still a child.
I go to school with Xia Yuchan every day to help her with her lessons. When I have time, I go out with Zhang Rui to surf the Internet and play games. I don't want to be too comfortable.
Of course, cooperation with Wang Kui and Zhou Chengye is also going on secretly.
With his Nokia mobile phone, he has informed Wang Kui to buy two promising stocks. These days, the three people's cooperative investment account has made a small profit.
These two tests also made Wang Kui and Lao Zhou trust ye Fei more, waiting for the bull market he said to come and make a lot of money.
On this day, ye Fei, Xia Yuchan, Zhang Rui and Xiong Jia came to her home for a study meeting in the luxury car that Xiong Jia's father picked her up.
Xiong Jia's family is really good. The house is located in the best community in Xiqiao Town. Ye Fei can see that all the furniture and electrical appliances are imported high-grade goods.
“Come on, let's eat chocolate. Her father brought it back from Mordor.”
Xiong Jia's mother put a box of high-grade chocolate on the table with a smile on her face.
She looks a little rich, but she is well maintained and looks young and fashionable.
“Thank you, auntie.”
Ye Fei thanks with a smile.
“You're welcome. Look at you. You're very polite. I've heard that Jiajia often talks about you. I heard that you've made an appointment?”
Xiong Jia's mother looks at Ye Fei and Xia Yuchan's face, with a face full of gossip.
As a housewife of her age, she has nothing to do. Her favorite thing is to listen to gossip.
“Well, yes.”
Ye Fei nods and admits.
“Wow, it's so romantic to be a baby when you're young.”
Xiong Jia's mother is smiling.
“Mom, we're studying. Can you leave me alone?”
Xiong Jia frowned and said.
“Well, well, I'll cook. I'll stay for dinner later.”
Xiong Jia's mother said yes with a smile and turned to the kitchen.
“I'm sorry. That's my mother.”
Xiong Jia smiles apologetically at Ye Fei and points to the chocolate on the table: “you can eat chocolate. It's delicious.”
“I'll have one first!”
Zhang Rui, who had eaten this kind of high-grade goods, couldn't wait for a long time. He reached out and took a piece.
Xia language cicada also took a piece, stripped the gold paper and bit, a happy face covered his face: “good sweet, eat well.”
“Xiong Jia, what does your father do?”
Ye Fei also ate a piece of chocolate and asked curiously.
I can afford to drive Mercedes Benz E-class these days, and I'm still in Xiqiao Town. It's not an ordinary family.
“I'm not sure. Dad often goes on business and stays in his study when he comes back.”
Xiong Jia pursed her little lips, obviously feeling that her father had been busy with work, and she was a little disappointed*
Chapter 32: Xia Yuchan
Ye Fei stroked the memory of Xiong Jia in his mind. He found very little and almost forgot.
I only vaguely remember that Xia Yuchan said after graduating from primary school that her good friend's family seems to have moved to Mordor. It should be Xiong Jia.
“Brother, I don't know how to do this problem.”
Xia Yuchan is one of the most common female students who have difficulty in math. When she meets a difficult problem, she chooses to ask her brother for help.
“Let me see.”
Ye Fei returned to his senses and looked at the topic.
Xiao Ming's father bought three big boxes of tea and spent 810 yuan. There are six small boxes of tea in each big box. How much is the average price of each small box of tea?
“Isn't that easy? Where can't it be?”
Ye Fei said he didn't understand, trying to understand stupid girl's solution.
“Why is this a big box and a small box? It's so troublesome. And why is it always Xiao Ming? Are there so many people called Xiao Ming?”
Summer language cicada is frowning small brow, a face discontented of mumble.
Ye Fei almost didn't laugh. He realized that it's really difficult to try to understand an eight year old's thinking with the adult's thinking.
After clearing his throat, ye Fei said: “you see, we should first calculate how much a big box costs. How do we calculate?”
“Well… Three boxes of 810, divided by three, is…”
Xia Yuchan is biting the tip of his pen
Ye Fei put his hand on his forehead and took up his pen to calculate for her on the manuscript paper.
“I see. It's two hundred and seven.”
“I wrote it all out.”
Ye Fei was speechless and said, “now a big box is two hundred and seven. There are six small boxes in it. How can each small box be counted?”
“Divide it by six. I'll do it. I'll do it.”
Xia Yuchan happily learns the way of Ye Feigang, calculates on the manuscript paper, and finally successfully gets the correct answer.
“It's 45 yuan for a small box, isn't it?”
The little girl's big bright eyes look at Ye Fei, a lovely face for praise.
“Yes, that's great.”
Ye Fei funny pinch her face, took a chocolate reward to her.
“Hee hee… This Xiaoming is not so good either!”
Summer language cicada quite proud smile.
Ye Fei can't help laughing. He holds his chin with one hand and looks at her. His eyes are full of doting.
Xia Yuchan has always been his sister's role in his eyes. Although he also thinks that his sister is cute, it is a totally different feeling from that at this moment.
“Brother Fei!”
Zhang Rui called him.
Ye Fei turns his head and looks at him suspiciously.
The little fat man winked at him with a smiley face, a look of indecency.
Ye Fei picked up a chocolate and threw it in his face.
Xiong Jia saw all this in his eyes and couldn't help laughing.
The evening sun shines into the room and falls on the four people, making the time seem warm and beautiful.
Many years later, occasionally think of this picture of childhood, his face should also show a happy smile!
Xiong Jia's mother made a big dinner and insisted that ye Fei stay for dinner.
Xiong Jia's father didn't come out of his study until the children were seated and ready for dinner.
This is a middle-aged man who looks a little old. He has white shirts, suits and trousers at home, and has the air of a successful man.
Xiong Jia's father sat down on the throne and said with a gentle smile, “eat, eat, you children should eat more. Just like your own family, don't mention it!”
“Thank you, Uncle…”
Ye Fei nodded his thanks.
Xiong Jia's mother is good at cooking, mainly because she has bold ingredients, including beef, fish and shrimp. It's a dinner that ordinary families may only see during the new year.
A few children were very satisfied with their food.
“What does uncle Xiong do?”
Ye Fei asked tentatively.
Xiong Jia's father looked up at him and replied with a smile, “you don't know what to do with the Internet at present.”
Ye Fei slightly Leng next, in the heart some accident.
I didn't expect that there was a big man who worked on the Internet in Xiqiao Town in 2005.
You know, this year, the number of domestic Internet users exceeded 100 million for the first time, becoming the Internet power second only to the United States, which is an important turning point for the domestic Internet.
Alibaba's acquisition of Yahoo, Baidu's listing, the Tencent research institute that gave birth to wechat a few years after Lao Ma's establishment, Shanda's wanton acquisition of sina shares and other Internet events all happened in this year.
This year's Internet industry is full of recklessness and surging.
Ye Fei knows his weight. Even if he is reborn and has more than ten years of later experience, he is not sure that he can stand in front of the stage and wrestle with those big men.
Of course, he doesn't mind sharing a piece of cake if he has the right opportunity.
So ye Fei decided to show himself.
“The Internet?I know. This is a very popular sunrise industry in recent years. Shanda, Netease and Baidu all have big moves this year. In the future, it will be the era of the Internet. Uncle, what do you mainly do
Xiong Wentao smell speech, surprised eyes look at Ye Fei, a face incredible expression*
Chapter 33 The sorrow of losing chocolate
“Where did you learn all these things?”
Xiong Wentao asked in surprise.
Ye Fei laughed: “I read newspapers every day, TV news, and computer network. I can get a lot of information.”
Xiong Wentao was stunned. For the first time, he saw such an evil pupil.
“Jiajia often talks about you and how powerful you are. Today I have seen you.”
Xiong Jia's mother also had a surprised look on her face.
“My brother is very good.”
Xia Yuchan raised her chin slightly, with a proud smile on her face, as if praising her.
Xiong Jia's parents couldn't help laughing.
“Uncle is also in the exploratory stage. He used to make building materials. Now he wants to see if there are suitable opportunities in the Internet industry. He hasn't figured out which one to make.”
Xiong Wentao said to Ye Fei.
“That's it
Ye Fei suddenly nodded.
“What do you think?”
Xiong Wentao asked casually, but he didn't really want to hear anything useful. He was just curious about ye Fei.
In his opinion, ye Fei may be much more mature than his peers, but what he knows may just be his skin.
However, what he didn't expect was that ye Fei really talked.
From logistics to e-commerce, to social networking, game entertainment, instant messaging and so on.
Ye Fei, as a reborn person, talks about his opinions and opinions on various fields of the Internet.
Of course, he just said some information that can be disclosed at the moment, and he didn't say a lot of things that are too advanced.
However, even so, Xiong Wentao was surprised.
It's like he's standing in the fog looking for the unknown direction, and suddenly there are roads ahead.
At the other end of these roads, it turned out to be a ten-year-old baby.
It made him feel that the cognition he had built half his life had been completely overturned.
Listen, Xiong Wentao quickly ignores Ye Fei's age, and even talks with Ye Fei with an open mind.
On one side, Xiong Jia's mother was stunned. Her husband, who had learned from Yuanbo in her own eyes, talked with a ten-year-old without any sense of disobedience, and even seemed to be the one asking for advice.
Xia Yuchan, Zhang Rui and Xiong Jia couldn't understand them at all, so they gave up and ate them.
After dinner, Xiong Wentao went to fetch his good tea and made a cup of tea for ye Fei himself.
The two men, who were more than 20 years old, sat on the sofa and continued to chat.
“Brother, it's getting dark. We have to go back, otherwise mother should be worried.”
Summer language cicada found a chance to remind.
“Oh, yes, I forgot the time.”
Ye Fei patted his forehead and said to Xiong Wentao with a smile, “Uncle Xiong, we have to go back. Let's talk next time.”
Xiong Wentao wanted to continue to talk, but it was really hard to stay. He nodded with a smile, got up to drive the three children out, and said, “I'll drive you back.”
“It's not far, so don't bother.”
Ye Fei declined with a smile.
“All right, come over whenever you have time.”
“Sure, I have a lot to ask my uncle about the Internet.”
Xiong Wentao smiled and nodded with embarrassment.
“Good bye, Jiajia. See you at school tomorrow.”
Xia Yuchan waves her little hand to say goodbye to her friends.
Xiong Jia smiles and waves.
Looking at the three little guys entering the elevator, Xiong Jia's mother couldn't help but sigh.
“Why does the child feel a little too smart?Is that genius? ”
“I can't say that I'm a genius any more, demon. I'm really knowledgeable. Now I want to visit and ask for advice.”
Xiong Wentao shook his head and grinned bitterly.
At a junction, Zhang Rui's family is in different directions, and they are separated from ye Fei.
“I'm so happy. Let's come again next time!”
Summer language cicada holding Ye Fei's hand shaking, smile sweet said.
“Little greedy ghost, you have a fancy to the delicious food at home!”
Ye Fei's funny demolition.
“No, it's not!”
Xia Yuchan pouts her lips and tries to pass the test.
“You still have chocolate in your pocket!”
Ye Fei pours at her bulging pocket.
Summer language cicada a small face red, quick witted sophistry: “that, that is Jiajia mother forced to give me, I will give it to mom and dad and Uncle Ye to eat.”
“Oh, that's it!”
When they get home, Xia Wenhua and Chen Hong are sitting in the living room of Ye Fei's house.
“Why did you come back so late?”
Chen Hong see two people into the room, with some blame tone said.
She knew that they would go to Xiong Jia's home for a study meeting. Her daughter said that yesterday, but it's hard to avoid worrying so late.
“I'm sorry, it's my fault. Xiong Jia's parents were so surprised to leave us for dinner that they couldn't refuse.”
Ye Fei apologized and looked at Xia Yu cicada. He said with a smile, “cicada, the present you brought to your uncle and aunt!”
Summer language cicada smell speech a Leng, then just reaction come over, bitter face from pocket feel out chocolate to go over to present.
Looking at her expression, several adults couldn't see what was going on. They couldn't help laughing*
Chapter 34 hot opening of supermarket
Time flies into June.
With the advance of the pilot work of the national non tradable share reform, a lot of good news has appeared on the Internet, TV news and various newspapers.
Although the market has not risen significantly, a few experienced old investors have seen some clues.
On June 6, it was the starting point of recording the biggest bull market of the domestic stock market in 30 years.
Ye Fei got up early and called Lao Zhou and Wang Kui for more than an hour, informing them of their plans in detail.
He first aimed at several stocks in the non-ferrous metals and aerospace military industry sectors, all of which started at a low price, but the next rise would be very exaggerated.
Lao Zhou and Wang Kui were overjoyed when ye Fei said the big opportunity. When the exchange opened, they rushed in.
From this day on, the stock market rose all the way from 998.
Ye Fei is only in charge of the overall situation, and the specific implementation is given to Lao Zhou and Wang Kui. He still goes to school with Xia Yuchan every day.
Under his daily guidance, Xia Yuchan successfully entered the top ten of the class in the final exam.
After receiving the report card, the little girl couldn't wait to show her mother when she got home. She raised her head and chin with a proud expression.
Chen Hong was also very happy to see her daughter's progress. She gave her praise and made a good dinner for her two children in the evening to celebrate the successful end of the semester.
After the final exam, it will be two months of summer vacation.
Ye Fei also has more time to pay attention to the stock market. Every so often, he will go to Qingshui city to meet Lao Zhou and Wang Kui and talk about it in detail.
Ye Weiguo has no time to take care of him.
The supermarket is scheduled to officially open on August 1. He goes out early in the morning and comes back at eight or nine in the evening. After dinner, he goes to bed.
With the help of several publicity methods provided by Ye Fei, almost all the residents of the small town know that a large supermarket is about to open on East Street.
The crackling of firecrackers and the high-altitude fireworks rang throughout the town. After many family meetings, the named “Feiyu supermarket” opened.
When ye Fei, Xia Yuchan, Zhang Rui and Xiong Jia came to the supermarket together, they were surprised by the crowd.
“Wow, so many people!”
Xia Yuchan holds Ye Fei's hand with a happy smile on her face.
She knows that this is the supermarket opened by her brother's family. If the business is good, she can make a lot of money and buy a lot of snacks.
“Brother Fei, is this really your father's
Zhang Rui is still a little unbelievable.
He got the news two days ago.
“You are not stupid, this also need to say, you see this name, Feiyu supermarket, is not composed of Ye Fei and Xia Yuchan's name!”
Xiong Jia took over the conversation.
“I know. I'm just a little surprised. Brother Fei, is your family so rich?”
Zhang Rui scratched his head and said with a smile.
“Come on, let's go in and have a look!”
Ye Fei smiles.
“Feige, your supermarket can give me a discount. No, I only have 50 yuan.”
Zhang Rui said with a smile.
Ye Fei squinted at him: “leg discount for you?”
“Well… Forget it.”
Xia Yuchan and Xiong Jia are both amused.
Joking together into the supermarket, found that it is called a sea of people.
Some of the security guards were dug up by Ye Weiguo, former colleagues and ex soldiers. At this time, sweating to maintain order, people were shouting on the supermarket radio all the time, telling customers not to fight, pay attention to safety, and there were enough goods.
Ye Fei sees Cai Yuyan, who is not far away commanding the staff to replenish the goods, and takes Xia Yuchan and three people to walk past.
“Aunt CAI.”
Hearing the voice, Cai Yuyan looked at the four villains, wiped the sweat on her forehead, and said with a smile, “you're here.”
“It seems that the opening is quite successful!”
Ye Fei said with a smile.
Cai Yuyan smiles and nods: “it's all your idea. It's a 20% discount for opening a business. If you spend more than 500 yuan, you can still draw a lottery. Customers are crazy. Not only people from Xiqiao Town, but also people from several small towns around.”
“Manager Cai, there is no toilet paper here.”
In the distance, a female employee waved and yelled.
“OK, I'll have them replenished.”
Cai Yuyan responded loudly and said to Ye Fei: “be careful. There are too many people. Don't be crowded.”
“I know. You've been working hard.”
Ye Fei nodded with a smile.
Cai Yuyan touched his head with a smile, turned and walked away quickly.
“What do you want to buy?”
Ye Fei asked with a smile.
“I want to buy food, snacks.”
Xia Yuchan immediately raised her small hand to answer.
Xiong Jia nodded and agreed: “I want to buy snacks, too.”
“Shallow, you know how to eat.”
Zhang Rui said disdain, excitedly asked: “brother Fei, do you have toys, remote control racing car, transformers model.”
“Sometimes, but you can't afford it for 50 yuan!”
Ye Fei light answer, to two eat goods girl said: “come on, let's go to snack area to have a look.”
“Oh, oh…”
Xia Yuchan and Xiong Jia cheered happily and gave Zhang xiaopang a look of disgust by the way*
Chapter 35 brother, what you have is mine
Potato chips, spicy chips, chocolate, biscuits
Looking at all kinds of snacks on the shelves, Xia Yuchan, Xiong Jia and Zhang Rui all have bright eyes.
These days, when children buy snacks, most of them go to the grocery store. At most, it's the kind of small supermarket.
At this time, looking at the pile of snacks, for the three children of greedy age, the visual impact is too strong.
“Brother Fei, are so many snacks from your family?”
Summer language cicada open arms, as if to take these snacks into his arms, a pair of big eyes shining at Ye Fei.
Ye Fei nods funny.
“Brother, yours is mine, that is to say, these snacks are mine?”
Xia Yuchan's eyes are wide open and her face is red. She seems to have found some big surprise.
“Well… You can say that,”
Ye Fei nodded his head, which seemed to be all right.
“Wow… I'm so happy.”
Summer language cicada holding a small face to look at those snacks, the United States almost bubble.
“Let's choose quickly. Many people will be robbed later.”
Zhang Rui drags a shopping basket and can't wait to urge.
So, a few people began to choose snacks.
Xiong Jia is a little rich woman. She has 500 yuan. She doesn't care to pull all kinds of snacks into the basket. She doesn't care about the price.
Xia Yuchan just casually said that, of course, she also knew that these snacks still had to be paid for. She frowned and had difficulty in choosing. She wanted all of them.
Today, Chen Hong specially gave her daughter 100 yuan of pocket money, which made Xia Yuchan happy at that time. She felt that she couldn't spend it all.
But now that so many delicious snacks are in front of her, she finds that she doesn't have enough money.
“It's OK. Choose whatever you want. I have money.”
Ye Fei laughingly touched her little head.
“But that's your money, brother.”
Xia Yuchan looks embarrassed.
“It's OK. We'll just buy it and eat it together. I want to eat what you like.”
Ye Fei grinned.
“Really, great.”
Summer language cicada immediately smile, also don't tangle, will hand two biscuits into the basket, and then continue to choose.
In the end, the four filled two shopping baskets with snacks and went to the cashier to check out.
“What are you doing? Take out the things.”
Suddenly there was a roar.
Ye Fei looks at him suspiciously and sees an old man blocked by the supermarket staff in uniform.
“You, what do you say?What is it? ”
The old man's eyes dodged and his face was full of confusion.
“Don't pretend. Take out what's in your sleeve, or I'll call security.”
The middle-aged woman pointed to the sleeve of his loose coat, calm and threatening.
Originally, it's strange enough to wear a coat in August. What's more, the loose and exaggerated coat on the thin old man is against the rule.
Some of the guests around who can not understand what is going on, immediately show contempt, pointing.
“Feige, the old man seems to have stolen your things.”
Zhang Rui said in Ye Fei's ear.
Ye Fei's face was calm and nodded.
“I don't understand what you're talking about. Get out of the way.”
The old man became angry and reached out to push the female employee away.
However, the middle-aged woman is also quite fierce, her strong physique is still, but she grabs the thin old man's arm.
“Say again, take out the thing, I really called security, at that time you don't regret, want to enter the police station.”
The woman frowned and scolded.
“Nonsense, let me go.”
The old man was impatient and struggled desperately.
This is, a supermarket security also noticed the movement here, quickly ran over.
“What's the matter?”
“The old man's stealing is in the sleeve of that hand.”
The female employee pointed to the sleeve of the old man's left hand.
The security guard frowned and was about to come forward to subdue the old man.
Ye Fei then began to shout.
“Little master, it's you!”
The middle-aged security guard looked at Ye Fei and said hello with a smile.
He is one of Ye Weiguo's comrades in arms. Ye Weiguo invited several comrades to have dinner at home a few days ago, so he knew Ye Fei.
“Uncle Xu, leave it to me!”
Ye Fei said with a smile to the middle-aged security guard.
“All right, be careful.”
The middle-aged man nodded with a smile to remind him to be careful.
When people around heard that the security guard called the child a small owner, they all understood that he was the son of the supermarket owner. They all showed a look of curiosity and surprise to see how he would deal with it.
“Old man, there are surveillance cameras everywhere in our supermarket. These surveillance videos are all evidence.”
Ye Fei's right index finger pointed to the top of the finger, calmly said to the old man.
The old man's face changed slightly when he heard that, and he looked around.
He didn't know what the surveillance was like, but when ye Fei said that, he immediately felt that he had been photographed stealing.
“In addition, every product in our supermarket has a bar code, which has been entered into the computer. If you go out with something that has not been scanned, the sensor door at the door will call the police.”*
Chapter 36 dad, I can only help you here
When the old man heard this, he was completely disillusioned. It was only then that he realized that he could not take out all the things he had stolen.
In fact, the supermarket is full of people today, and it's not just this old man who wants to take advantage of the mess.
Many people come to this kind of supermarket for the first time. They feel that this free choice of goods is too casual. Even if they take something, no one will know.
At this time, I heard Ye Fei's words, and then I knew that this kind of supermarket is full of monitoring, exits and responsive doors.
“This little girl knows a lot, and she's so smart.”
“That's right. My child has to throw in the garbage.”
“It's worthy of being the little boss of the supermarket. He's a tiger without a dog!”
“I just said, how can such a big supermarket have no anti-theft measures? It's a great loss.”
“The old man is really stupid. He even wants to take advantage of such a small bargain.”
“It's so disrespectful for the old man!”
“I know the old man. He lives on the West Street. He seems to have done this before.”
Customers around are talking and pointing.
The old man was so ashamed that his face turned red. He lowered his head and wanted to find a way to get in.
“I think you just didn't find the basket, old man. Here you are.”
Ye Fei found a shopping basket and pushed it to the old man. With a bright smile on his young face, he pointed to the direction of the cashier: “please check out there. Thank you for supporting our supermarket.”
When people heard this, they immediately realized that the child had given the old man a step, and they were filled with sigh.
The child's EQ is just too high.
Many people think of their own children of the same age. By contrast, they think it is necessary to have a good education when they go back.
“Yes, I didn't find the basket. I just used my clothes. Who said I stole.”
The old man nodded repeatedly, then took out the things in his sleeves one by one and put them in the basket.
Two boxes of fresh beef, a bag of chocolate, toothpaste, towels
A lot of things, full of small half frame shopping basket, let the people around amazing.
“I went to check out.”
The old man left a word, pulled the shopping basket to escape, and quickly walked to the cashier.
“Uncle Xu, let someone go to the broadcasting room and tell the customers to take the goods that have not been scanned and checked out of the supermarket. They can sense that the door will ring to avoid unnecessary trouble.”
Ye Fei said to the middle-aged security guard.
“Yes, I'm going.”
Uncle Xu nodded with a smile, turned and walked quickly towards the broadcasting room.
“The little boss is powerful!”
“I admire you, little boss. How old are you?”
“Little boss, why are you so smart?”
“Great, great.”
The customers all around sent compliments.
“Thank you, thank you for supporting our supermarket!”
Ye Fei said with a smile, “don't forget to draw a lottery when you spend a certain amount of money. The first prize is Haier's refrigerator and LCD TV.”
“What?And such a good prize? ”
“How much more can we draw?”
“It's like five hundred. If it's over one thousand, there will be three lucky draws.”
“No, I have to go shopping again.”
“I'll buy some more. It's not over 500. Maybe I'll win the grand prize.”
The customers scattered excitedly and began to snap up the goods again.
Ye Fei takes Xia Yuchan to line up to settle the bill, then leaves the supermarket and goes home with bags of snacks.
On this day, there is no doubt that the opening of Feiyu supermarket is a big success. In the end, many commodities are even sold out.
At ten o'clock in the evening, ye Weiguo finally calculated the total turnover of the day.
The number is very lucky, 660000!
You know, it's just a supermarket in a small town. It's not too much to create a miracle in this era.
“I didn't expect the supermarket to make so much money.”
Ye Weiguo's face was filled with joy, and the stone hanging in his heart for this period of time finally fell to the ground.
With a turnover of 660000 yuan, we have to make a profit of at least 70000 yuan, regardless of costs and expenses.
“It's all Xiaofei's ideas. Lucky draw and membership card are really good ideas. I don't know how he came up with them.”
Sitting beside him, Cai Yuyan said with a smile.
“This kid has a lot of ideas.”
Ye Weiguo glanced at his son with a smile.
“Dad, today I see that the employees of the supermarket are too tired to afford. After the busy opening of the supermarket these days, I will give you a red envelope. If you have the ability, you can raise your salary.”
Ye Fei said with a smile.
“You don't have to say that.”
Ye Weiguo is not very angry and gives a pair of white eyes. He feels that he is underestimated by his son.
Ye Fei curled his mouth, yawned and got up and said, “then I'll go to bed first. Aunt Cai, you've been busy all day today. It's not safe on the way so late. Don't go back, and you have to get up early tomorrow.”
Said, gave Dad a “can only help you to this” look, and then did not look back into the room.
Cai YuYan's face flushed, her head slightly lowered, and she did not dare to see ye Weiguo.
There was an awkward silence for a while.
“It's a little kid.”
Ye Weiguo laughed and scolded, cleared his throat: “cough… That… You take a bath and go to my room to sleep. I'll get off on this sofa.”*
Chapter 37 investment dividend 12 million
The opening activity lasted for one week, which has thoroughly established the reputation of Feiyu supermarket
After the event, although the turnover has decreased, it has stabilized at 4.5 million.
The supermarket industry has been completely stabilized.
Ye Weiguo and Cai Yuyan work together and have more and more experience in supermarket management. Although they are tired every day, they enjoy it.
After the start of school in September, ye Fei began his last year of primary school.
As a matter of fact, he could have taken the entrance examination for junior high school directly, but his grades were all right.
But he didn't want to do that. He enjoyed the daily life of going to school with Xia Yuchan.
The investment accounts with Lao Zhou and Wang Kui are also under his command. Lao Zhou and Wang Kui are in high spirits every day. As long as it's a trading day, they wait for his call, and then rush into the exchange like chicken blood.
In the twinkling of an eye, half a year has passed.
With the coming of winter vacation, the Spring Festival is getting closer and closer.
On this day, ye Fei, as usual, accompanied Xia Yuchan in Xia Wenhua's car to Qingshui city for a dance class.
In the cafe where the three people often meet, ye Fei makes an appointment with Lao Zhou and Wang Kui.
When he walked into the cafe, Lao Zhou and Wang Kui were already sitting there.
See ye Fei come in, two people immediately get up to greet with a smile.
This strange scene attracted the attention of some customers in the shop.
As for the waiters and owners of the store, they have seen this scene almost every week.
“I'm sorry I'm late. It's cold!”
Ye Fei rubbed his hands with a smile.
“It's very cold. The weather forecast says it will snow the day after tomorrow.”
Old Zhou said with a smile.
Three people seated, ye Fei waved to the waiter, ordered a cup of hot milk.
“Feige, last week you asked me to buy a few stocks, but they went up again. How can we play next?”
Wang Kui's fat face became more mellow, and he laughed like Maitreya.
I don't know when, the name of Ye Fei has become brother Fei. Others may be very disobedient, but he has already yelled very smoothly.
“Well, it's almost the end of the year. Let's divide the money in our account. Let's go back for a good new year, and then we'll talk about how to do it next year.”
Ye Fei drank hot milk and said with a smile.
As soon as these words came out, Lao Zhou and Wang Kui's faces changed slightly.
“Xiaofei, it's not very pleasant for us to cooperate. I think we can continue!”
Lao Zhou is in a bit of a hurry.
“Yes, Feige, you can't leave us!”
Wang Kui agreed anxiously.
After experiencing the feeling that they can make a lot of money from the stock market without using their brains, how can they put it down.
Ye Fei chuckled and shook his head: “I don't mean that. It's just that I have to rest. It's hard to say what the market will be like next year. At that time, I need to make a good analysis. I can't make enough money. Can I have a good new year first?”
In fact, he just prevaricated them. He really didn't plan to continue to cooperate with them.
The money he has made for them in the past six months is enough to repay them.
He also knows the reason why Sheng mien fights Mi Qiu. If he tells the truth directly, they are likely to turn into enemies. It's hard to say whether the money in the account will be given to him.
Let's get the money first.
Hear ye Fei's explanation, two people didn't notice what clue, the facial expression eases down.
“Well, it's time to take a rest. It's time to take a rest in the next few days.”
Lao Zhou nodded with a smile.
“As long as Feige continues to take us to make money next year.”
Wang pangzi said with a smile.
“How much is in the account now?”
Ye Fei asked in a low voice.
Old Zhou Huan looked around, then put his hand to his mouth and whispered, “a total of 32 million.”
Hearing this amount, all three of them were smiling.
With the principal of two million yuan, he made a full 30 million yuan, which can be said to be an unprecedented rate of return.
“Then, apart from the $1 million principal of the two of you, each of you will get $10 million!”
Ye Fei said the next distribution..
“No, no, no, I've discussed with Wang pangzi. Each of us will take 10 million yuan, and the remaining 12 million yuan will be given to you.”
Lao Zhou said with a quick smile.
Wang fatty nodded: “yes, we can make so much money thanks to Feige you. We are not insatiable people.”
Ye Fei also didn't refuse and said with a smile, “thank you very much.”
After chatting for a while, they went to a nearby bank and transferred the money from the cooperative investment account to their respective accounts.
Two days ago, ye Fei asked Ye Weiguo to accompany him to the bank to apply for a card with the idea of saving some pocket money and lucky money.
When they came out of the bank gate, it was very cold outside, but they didn't feel it at all. Instead, they felt a fire inside.
At this time, money brings satisfaction and peace of mind.
“Feige, I'll book the best restaurant. Let's have a dinner together to celebrate!”
Wang pangzi smiles and looks at Ye Fei eagerly.
“That's a good idea. Yes.”
Lao Zhou nodded in favor.
Ye Fei hesitated and agreed.
“All right, but my sister's dance class is over. I have to pick her up.”*
Chapter 38 the laughter of new year's Eve dinner
Wang pangzi became a driver again, carrying Ye Fei back to the dance class to pick up Xia Yuchan after class.
“Brother Fei, who's this fat uncle? My mother said don't go with strangers.”
Summer language cicada with small hand cover mouth, quietly Mimi of gather to leaf fly ear whisper say.
Ye Fei amusingly touched her little head and said, “this is a friend of mine. When I'm away, don't go with strangers.”
Summer language cicada expression serious nod.
Wang pangzi heard the communication between them, looked in the rearview mirror and said with a smile, “brother Fei, your sister is really cute.”
Ye Fei frowned, which made him feel a little uncomfortable.
Wang pangzi was stunned and said with a smile: “no, I don't mean anything else. Brother Fei, I'm not a pervert!”
Ye Fei eyebrows spread, said: “she is my neighbor's sister, is also my fiancee, we are engaged.”
Wang pangzi was stunned again, and then a rainbow fart with a smile came over.
“It's worthy of brother Fei, Niu Bai!”
“Drive well.”
Ye Fei rolled his eyes.
“Come on
Wang pangzi doesn't know what is the face at all. Anyway, as long as he can make money, it's uncle.
“Brother, this fat uncle is so old. How can he call you Feige? It's strange.”
Xia Yuchan hugs Ye Fei's arm and looks at Wang pangzi like a weirdo.
Fat Wang wants to cry without tears.
“Ha ha!”
Ye Fei couldn't help laughing.
To the Qingshui City, a family consumption of more than 500 yuan of high-end restaurants.
When parking, ye Fei accidentally saw an acquaintance.
No one else, it was Liu Laifu who helped him earn the first pot of gold.
With a thick gold chain and a look of upstarts, the goods are running down from a big car, and then enter the restaurant with a gorgeous beauty in a mink coat.
“What's the matter, seeing acquaintances?”
Wang pangzi looked along his line of sight and asked with a puzzled look on his face.
Ye Fei smiles and shakes his head.
He didn't plan to say hello to Liu Laifu. It's unnecessary.
It seems that this guy is still on the old road of previous life. Some people can't be saved, and he's not a virgin.
After a big meal, ye Fei asked Wang Kui to send them back to the dance training institution.
On the eve of the Lunar New Year's Eve, the two families sat together for dinner as usual.
But this year, there is one more person, Cai Yuyan, sitting beside Ye Weiguo with a gentle smile.
The big meal on the table is more abundant than in previous years. All kinds of seafood, chicken, duck and fish are arranged. It's a big table full.
Even the wine Ye Weiguo and Xia Wenhua drink is a bottle of Maotai worth thousands of yuan.
Since the opening of Feiyu supermarket in August, the three-month profit has brought back all the capital invested. In the next few months, it has made another two or three million yuan.
Now ye Weiguo is one of the few millionaires in this year, and he is still celebrating the new year. Naturally, he will not treat his family badly.
The two families enjoyed themselves and talked about some interesting things this year. They were happy with each other.
“By the way, sister, when will you and Lao ye let us have a wedding wine?”
Chen Hong suddenly laughed and joked.
Cai YuYan's pretty face turned red. She just shook her head slightly. She didn't know how to answer this.
Ye Fei reminds his father.
Although Cai Yuyan didn't officially move into Ye's family, she has stayed in Ye's family for the last two months.
Ye Fei even ran into two people holding together several times.
He himself is calm, but ye Weiguo and Cai Yuyan are embarrassed.
In Ye Fei's opinion, since the relationship between the two people has reached this stage, it's better to settle down as soon as possible.
Ye Weiguo put down his chopsticks, his face seriously explained: “it's like this. We've discussed it. We'll find a good day to get a certificate for the new year. Then the two families will sit together and have a meal. We don't plan to have a banquet or a wedding.”
Chen Hong is stunned and wants to say something, but Xia Wenhua pats her on the shoulder and stops her.
“That's fine. As long as you feel good, you can have a happy family. The rest doesn't matter.”
The smile on Xia Wenhua's face makes people feel like a spring breeze. In ancient times, the modest gentleman is like this.
“Should I change my tongue?”
Ye Fei took over and scratched his head with a smile.
“No, no, it's just a name. Xiaofei, you can call it whatever you want.”
Cai Yuyan quickly waved her hand and said.
“Give me some time, it won't be long.”
Ye Fei smiles.
Cai Yuyan nodded her head with red eyes, and her face was full of happy smile.
“Brother Fei is going to have a mother. That's great!”
Xia Yuchan claps her little hand and cheers, happy for ye Fei.
“Ha ha…”
Everyone was laughing happily.
Snow began to fall outside, but inside the house was brightly lit and warm*
Chapter 39 junior high school students
A few days before the new year, ye Fei accompanied his father to visit relatives and friends.
First I went back to my hometown, then my mother's home.
This year, ye Weiguo raised the level of the gifts he gave during the new year's greetings. All the gifts he gave were good cigarettes and good wine.
When the relatives were curious, he casually said that he had opened a supermarket and made some money.
Relatives also thought that he was talking about the kind of small supermarket, and he didn't study it deeply, and ye Weiguo didn't deliberately show off anything.
When he left his grandmother's house, ye Weiguo quietly left his grandfather and grandmother 20000 yuan for them to eat and drink better.
It's not that he doesn't want to give more, but that he's afraid that if he gives more, he'll make a mess. After all, there are many relatives who are red eyed because of thousands of Yuan these days.
Twenty thousand yuan is enough for the two old people to live comfortably in one year.
After visiting not many relatives, the father and son returned to their home in Xiqiao Town and began to enjoy the leisure of the new year.
On the sixth day of the lunar new year, after nearly half a month of rain and snow, it finally cleared up. The Yellow calendar shows that today is a good day for marriage.
At eight o'clock in the morning, ye Weiguo dressed up with great spirit. Then he borrowed Xia Wenhua's car to pick up Cai Yuyan and went to Qingshui Civil Affairs Bureau to get her certificate.
On this day, Cai Yuyan officially moved into the Ye family.
In the evening, Cai Yuyan gave full play to her cooking skills, made a big table of rich dishes, invited Xia Wenhua's family to have a meal, even if it was a simple celebration of her wedding.
Spring goes and autumn comes, time flies.
Two years went by in a hurry.
2007Today is the first day of school and the first day that Xia Yuchan became a junior high school student.
Last year, ye Fei and Zhang Rui graduated from primary school and entered Xiqiao middle school.
Originally, with Ye Fei's achievements, he could go to the best middle school in the city, but he did not choose to go to Qingshui city.
One is that he studied in Xiqiao middle school in his last life. The other is that he went to school in the city. He would have to live and study. He would not be willing to see Xia Yuchan until he came home from the weekend.
Xiqiao middle school is located in the South Street. It is a distance from home. It takes more than half an hour to walk.
Therefore, ye Fei went to Qingshui city to buy an imported Nikolay high-end mountain bike. It was made of hand-made aluminum alloy, with five gears, super high performance and domineering appearance.
The car cost him more than 8000 ocean, which can be said to be the top bicycle in this era.
Ye Fei also asked the shop owner to add a back seat. It seems that the grade has dropped a lot immediately. If he is not proficient in bicycle brands, he will only think it's a few hundred yuan car, but he doesn't care about it at all.
After breakfast, ye Fei goes to school with Xia Yuchan on his bicycle.
In April this year, Xia Yuchan has held a 10-year-old birthday party.
Girls develop earlier than boys. Two years later, Xia Yuchan has reached the position of Ye Fei's ear, and appears more graceful.
As a result of long-term dance learning, she also has a unique temperament that can not be described in words.
“Brother Fei, is junior high school fun?”
Xia Yuchan sits on the back of the bicycle, embracing Ye Fei's waist, and her pretty face is full of joy.
She has reached the shoulder, her black hair is tied into a ponytail, and her sky blue dress with white shoes is so pure and moving in the morning sun.
“It's definitely more fun than primary school. There are some new snack bars and milk tea shops outside the school. You should like them.”
Ye Fei replied with a smile.
“Wow, that's great.”
Xia Yuchan cheered happily and said with some expectation and some uneasiness: “I don't know what kind of classmates I can meet and whether I can make new friends.”
Her little sister Xiong Jia, as ye Fei remembers, moved to Mordor with his parents after primary school.
When they parted more than a month ago, they held together and their eyes were swollen, but they refused to let go.
Xiong Jia is even more angry at his parents, saying that he won't leave and wants to stay alone to go to middle school with Xia Yuchan, which makes Xiong Wentao and his wife helpless.
Finally, ye Fei came out and said that he would take Xia Yuchan to play with her when he was free. Haosheng comforted her, and the two girls said goodbye reluctantly.
“Sure. You are so beautiful. Who doesn't want to be friends with you?”
Ye Fei smiles and praises.
“Hee hee… Yeah, I think so, too.”
Summer language cicada eyebrows smile nod.
“If there is a boy pestering you, ignore him. If you can't, come to me.”
Ye Fei suddenly said a sentence.
Xia Yuchan went to school too early. Now she is only 11 years old.
But most of the students in grade one are already twelve or thirteen years old, and they are more or less curious about men and women.
He doesn't want to have a kid pestering his daughter-in-law.
“I know. I don't care about the boys. I'm so naive.”
Summer language cicada clever promise.
Girls are more precocious than boys. In the past two years, she has understood what it means to have a baby kiss with Ye Fei. Her feelings for ye Fei are gradually changing imperceptibly.
For those boys of the same age besides Ye Fei, including Zhang xiaopang, she felt very naive and stupid, and could not compare with her brother*
Chapter 40 non mainstream boys
Xiqiao middle school is not big, only junior high school, and each grade has only four or five classes.
In recent years, most schools are exam oriented education, and most value the students' grades. The classes are divided into ordinary class, elite class and rocket class according to the entrance grades.
Of course, there are also many students whose grades are not enough. Parents trust their relationship and use money to buy better classes.
Ye Fei and Xia Yuchan are all assigned to the rocket class, depending on their strength.
Ye Fei, needless to say, when he first entered the school, the head teacher called him a pleasant person, and he also wanted him to be the monitor and lead his classmates to study well.
As for Xia Yuchan, in the past two years, under the guidance of Ye Fei's hands, the former primary school slag is now among the best in academic performance.
Ye Fei escorts Xia Yuchan to the classroom of the first class of junior high school and finds the desk with her name. It is located in the front row near the window on the left. It has a good view. When you open the window, you can bask in the sun and breathe the fresh air outside.
“Here it is. Good luck, good position!”
Summer language cicada happy sit down in their own position, will carry the bag down on the table.
“It's good.”
Ye Fei nodded with a smile and noticed that many students in the classroom were looking at them.
Especially some little boys, from their two into the classroom, that line of sight has been peeking at Xia Yuchan.
For this, ye Fei has long expected that the appearance and temperament of Xia Yuchan are too conspicuous.
“Brother Fei, please go to your classroom. I can do it myself.”
Summer language cicada exhibition Yan a smile, let those little boys heart rate acceleration, if it is not ye Fei look not easy to provoke, they have gone to talk.
“OK, I'll go. Come to me if you have anything.”
Ye Fei deliberately and intimately pinched her small face and said with a smile.
“I know. Oh, don't pinch my face. It's round.”
Summer language cicada Du small mouth beat off his hand, with small hand touched touch face, like this will not round the same.
“Ha ha…”
Ye Fei can't help laughing, warning eyes swept a few boys ready to move, step out of the classroom.
Sitting in the back of Xia Yuchan, a girl patted her on the shoulder and said hello with a smile.
“Hello, my name is Wang Qianqian.”
Xia Yuchan turns her head to look at the girl and nods with a sweet smile: “Hello, my name is Xia Yuchan. Nice to meet you.”
“I'm glad, too. Which elementary school are you from?”
“Guangming primary school.”
“Oh, I'm from experimental primary school. No wonder I haven't seen it. You're beautiful.”
“Thank you. You're beautiful, too.”
Girls' friendships come and go quickly. The two girls chatted a few words and soon got to know each other.
“Was that handsome guy your boyfriend just now?”
Wang Qianqian's eyes were shining, and she asked with a face full of gossip.
Xia Yuchan was stunned, and a little shame appeared on her face. She skillfully replied, “it's my neighbor's brother!”
She did not deny it or admit it.
When she was in primary school, she got into trouble because she said that ye Fei was engaged. Now she is much more mature. Of course, she won't say it directly any more.
“Oh, well, I understand. It's good. I also want to have such a handsome and mature neighbor brother.”
Wang Qianqian had an envious smile.
Summer language cicada smile: “that is very difficult, brother Fei is the best, only one.”
“Ah… Don't show me. I'm so sour.”
Wang Qianqian grabs her shoulder and shakes it.
The sound of two girls' laughter was clear and sweet, which made the boys feel like a cat's paw tickling.
At this time, a boy with long and elegant hair came over, threw his bangs, put his hands in his pockets, and showed a smile that he thought was very handsome.
“Xia Yuchan, my name is Feng Cheng. Let's get to know each other. Do you have penguin? I'll add a friend later. My online name is liushang.”
2007 and 2008 were later known as the non mainstream years,
Boy's non mainstream, that is, hairstyle to be fashionable, dress must be trendy, net name and signature, that must be a bit sad that kind of Martian.
All of these have become the black history of the post-90s. However, today's young boys still feel that they are very handsome.
As we all know, Xia Yuchan has always been Ye Fei's little tail. Over time, his aesthetic and values are very similar to him.
Seeing Feng Cheng like this, I don't feel any so-called non mainstream charm at all. On the contrary, I feel so embarrassed that I have goose bumps all over the place.
“Oh, no, I don't play penguins.”
Xia language cicada light refusal, and then continue to smile and Wang Qianqian chat.
Feng Cheng was stunned on the spot, looked down at his dress, and touched the bangs and hairstyle.
No problem. It doesn't make sense!
In the classroom, other boys see this scene, are gloating with a smile.
“No, you really don't have penguin?Let me give you one. I have several of them! ”
Feng Cheng tries to keep on working.
“No, thank you. Please step out of the way to block the sun.”
Summer language cicada waved a hand way.
Feng Cheng's face was stiff and he went back to his seat in embarrassment.
Wang Qianqian covered her mouth and laughed*
Chapter 41 Zhang xiaopang
“Brother Fei, this way, this way!”
Ye Fei just walked into the classroom and saw Zhang Rui waving to him with a smile on his face.
Zhang Rui's junior high school was just an ordinary class in his previous life. In this life, because he often held study meetings with four people, he did well in the entrance examination.
Of course, it's definitely not enough to enter the rocket class.
But ye Fei secretly found the school leaders, helped him pay a transfer fee, transferred to the rocket class.
This little money is nothing to him.
The learning atmosphere of the rocket class is really better. In this way, Zhang Rui can do better in the senior high school entrance examination, so he won't go to a higher vocational college.
In addition, ye Fei himself in the class can also have a good friend.
He always belongs to the kind of character who is not willing to communicate with others. He has not many friends. With Zhang Rui in the same class, he will not appear too lonely.
“Good morning
Ye Fei walked over with a smile and sat down next to him.
“It's not bad that I come here early in the morning.”
Zhang Rui smiles and winks.
“Very good.”
Ye Fei nodded his approval.
Their seats are in the penultimate row by the window on the left, the legendary leading role.
Most of the students in the classroom are chatting with each other in small groups.
Most of the boys are talking about the current hot games, such as dream journey to the West and legend, while the girls are talking about where they have traveled in the summer vacation and met some handsome guy on the Internet.
“Ye Fei.”
A girl with short hair came up and said hello.
“Monitor, long time no see.”
Ye Fei smiles.
The girl's name is Cheng Wan. She is the monitor of her class.
Cheng Wan's academic performance is not top-notch, but she is precocious, has high EQ, and is very popular in the class. What the head teacher told her is also very successful.
May be aware of Ye Fei is different from the boys of the same age that mature and stable, the monitor has always maintained a close attitude to him, ye Fei is one of the few people in the class can speak.
“What did you do during the summer vacation?”
Cheng Wan sat down on the seat in front of them and asked with a smile.
“Nothing. I'm idle at home!”
Ye Fei shrugged.
“I saw you riding a beautiful girl to the school in the morning. Who is that girl?”
Cheng Wan asked with a curious smile.
“Hey, hey… That's brother Fei's daughter-in-law. She ordered a baby to kiss her.”
Ye Fei hasn't opened his mouth yet. Zhang Rui laughs and answers quickly.
“Wow, it's true.”
Cheng Wan suddenly became interested and sat up straight, staring at Ye Fei with burning eyes.
Girls of this age are not curious about such things.
“You can die if you don't talk too much!”
Ye Fei does not have the good spirit to stare the fat man one eye.
“I'm sorry, I let it slip.”
Zhang Ruijian scratched her head with a smile.
“Is that true?Oh, my God, brother Fei, you can. Sun Huai talks about his girlfriend, who shows off in class all day, and can only have an underground love affair secretly. I didn't expect that the real master is you! ”
Cheng Wan had a look of admiration.
Sun Huai is a boy in the class. His academic performance and external conditions are good. He is a kind of open class player.
Last semester, he talked about a girlfriend outside school, which is called a complacent.
Ye Fei can often hear him say in class what he and his girlfriend are doing, what it's like to hold a girl's hand, what it's like to kiss, and what it's like to wait, which makes a group of boys envious.
Zhang Rui disdained to curl his lips: “I once saw sun Huai's girlfriend outside school, a little fat girl with acne on her face. Can she compare with little cicada's sister?Don't tease me, monitor
“Poof… Can you forgive me, you fat man?”
Cheng Wan was amused by him and rolled his eyes with a smile
Who knows, the words of the two people talking and chatting happened to be heard by sun Huai who came into the classroom through the back door.
“Fatty Zhang!”
A roar rang through the classroom.
The classroom immediately quieted down, and everyone's eyes fell on Sun Huai.
Zhang Rui was stunned when he saw sun Huai, and he laughed awkwardly: “that… Sun Huai, I said casually, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, don't worry, when I farted.”
Ye Fei's headache is to hold his hand on his forehead. He thinks that you have said that about his girlfriend. Can people just let it go?
Sure enough, see sun Huai direct abuse, momentum toward Zhang Rui rushed over.
“Don't… Don't fight.”
Seeing this, Cheng Wan quickly got up and stood in the middle of the two and became a peacemaker: “Sun Huai, don't be so angry. You don't know Zhang Rui's broken mouth. He doesn't mean any harm. It's all my fault. You blame me. I shouldn't talk about it.”
“Monitor, I know it's none of your business. Get out of the way. I've been looking at this fat man for a long time. I have to beat him to death today.”
Sun Huai's anger could not be dispelled, and he looked as if the fight had been settled.
“Damn, sun Huai, who are you bluffing? I'm afraid you can't be fat.”
Zhang Rui is not a good-natured guy either. Seeing that sun Huai is unreasonable and unforgiving, he immediately gets angry. He slaps the desk with a slap and gets up angrily*
Chapter 42 girl in secret love
“Zhang pangzi!”
Sun Huai completely exploded, and directly pushed the monitor to stagger. He was about to fight with Zhang Rui.
Ye Fei slapped on the table and said in a deep voice: “enough. The new semester has just begun. What are you doing, fat man? Sit down for me.”
“Brother Fei!”
Zhang Rui looks at Ye Fei wrongly.
“Sit down!”
Ye Fei frowned and repeated in an emphatic tone.
Zhang Rui is still very obedient to him, smell speech full face unwilling to sit back.
Ye Fei looked at Sun Huai and said calmly, “Sun Huai, it's the fat man's fault just now. I'll say sorry for him. We'll have dinner together after school. It's my treat. How about this?”
“Ye Fei, what are you? What kind of person are you pretending to be here? Just say I'm sorry?”
Sun Huai did not give face at all.
He is angry, a belly of fire nowhere to spread, ye Fei suddenly jumped out to stir, he naturally will be aimed at Ye Fei.
Ye Fei usually has a very low sense of existence in the class, and he thinks he is also the center of the class. Among the boys who usually get close to him, which one is not the name of huaige.
If he flinches like this today, where will he lose face in the future?
“Shit, what are you talking about? You want to die.”
Zhang Rui was directly angry.
It doesn't matter if he is wronged, but no one is allowed to speak ill of Ye Fei.
“Come on, grass mud horse!”
Sun Huai roared defiance.
Ye Fei pressed Zhang Rui's shoulder, got up and said with a cold face, “I'll give you a face, and then I'll push my nose and face.”
Sun Rui and the students in the classroom look at Ye Fei at this time. They have no reason in their hearts and have a strong sense of tension and oppression.
Many students were shocked, as if they knew Ye Fei for the first time.
This year, they hardly deal with Ye Fei. Now they know that ye Fei's fire is so frightening.
Sun Huai doesn't want to admit counsels. He opens his mouth and wants to continue to swear. But under Ye Fei's deep and dark eyes, he can't spit out his words.
Move Qi, move body!
Aura is mysterious, but it is real.
In front of these 13-4-year-old students, ye Fei's not angry but powerful momentum is really frightening.
“What are you doing?”
A familiar voice came from the door of the classroom.
The students' faces changed slightly. They turned to see the head teacher Kong Lan standing there like frost.
Sun Huai didn't have the courage to fight in front of the head teacher. He glared at Ye Fei and turned to his seat.
In fact, he was very reluctant to admit it. He was relieved.
He is really timid. If the head teacher doesn't come, he is really in a dilemma.
“Go back to your seats and sit down!”
Kong Lan took a deep look at Ye Fei and said to the whole class.
She is a woman in her thirties. Although she is a woman, she can serve as the head teacher of the rocket class, which is enough to prove her ability.
The students in the class are in awe of the head teacher.
Kong Lan went to the podium, did not go to ask what happened just now, said: “from today on, you will enter the second year of junior high school, it's a great honor to continue to be your class teacher, we have a class meeting today, before the class meeting, there is a new student to introduce to you.”
Then he looked at the door of the classroom.
“Yan Yue, come in!”
Voice down, a beautiful dress fashion into the classroom.
The boys in the class suddenly light up their eyes. Ye Fei looks at the girl in consternation. His eyes are in a trance and he thinks of many things in his previous life.
Young Mu AI, ye Fei had a secret love in his previous life. This girl named Yan Yue is the first one.
Of course, many boys in the class and even in the school are the same.
Yan Yue comes from Jiangcheng, the provincial capital city. She is not only beautiful, but also precocious in dress, figure and manners.
For boys of this age, it's hard to resist her charm.
Ye Fei was also fascinated by it.
He would secretly look at her in class, occasionally buy an extra breakfast in the morning, arrive at school in advance, and sneak it into her drawer. He would be happy because of her smile when chatting with friends, and he would like to make her happy when she frowns and ponders.
At that time, ye Fei was too green to show his inferiority and timidity in the face of a proud girl from a big city who came to a small town.
The secret love lasted for three years until they were both sophomores in the same high school in Qingshui city.
One day during the holiday, ye Fei saw Yan Yue dressed as a hot girl outside the school. She was wearing heavy smoky makeup and holding a cigarette in her hand. She was hugged by a well-dressed young man.
At that moment, Yan Yue's perfect image in his mind completely collapsed.
What Yan Yue and the young man said at that time broke his secret love heart and was trampled under his feet.
“Yueyue, who seems to know you?”
“A classmate in the class, what's his name? I forgot. He seems to have a crush on me. I heard that he often stuffed breakfast in my drawer. It's funny.”
“Really, I'm a pure boy, ha ha…”*
Chapter 43 monitor election
“Hello, everyone. My name is Yan Yue. I come from Jiangcheng. I like singing and reading, and I can play piano a little. I hope I can get along with you.”
On the platform, Yan Yue's voice of self introduction brings back Ye Fei's thoughts.
He supported his chin with one hand and looked calmly at the smiling girl on the platform, thinking deeply.
Is this girl born to be a talent for acting, or is she not what she will be three years later?
Ye Fei didn't mean anything else. He just had a little curiosity.
In fact, he didn't hate Yan Yue. After all, in his previous life, it was just his one-sided secret love, which was not to blame.
Of course, I don't like it any more.
I will live again. In this life, he will only say to Xia Yuchan that I like you.
“Yan Yue, please sit behind Ye Fei.”
Kong Lan points to the empty seat after ye Fei and says to Yan Yue.
“OK, thank you, teacher.”
Yan Yue smiles politely to thank Ye Fei and Zhang Rui.
Like many boys in the class, Zhang Rui looks excited and looks at Yan Yue eagerly.
On the contrary, ye Fei's indifferent expression of Gujing bubo attracted Yan Yue's attention.
She is very confident in her charm. She thinks that she is undoubtedly the most dazzling among the girls in the Middle School of this rural town.
Ye Fei's reaction now, in her opinion, is to question her charm.
Just now ye Fei and sun Huai's confrontation, like Kong Lan, she saw the last scene at the front door of the classroom.
At that time, she was quite surprised and curious by the boy's arrogance.
She once felt that momentum when her father, who was worth tens of millions, taught her employees.
Yan Yue thought a lot in his mind, but his sight didn't stay on Ye Fei for long. He went to the empty seat behind him and sat down.
Her deskmate is a boy named “Liao Gang”. Different from ye Fei's initiative and low-key, Liao Gang is a real marginal figure in the class.
Because of his poor appearance, low EQ and low academic performance at the end of the class, it's easy to offend people when talking. No one wants to deal with him soon after the beginning of junior high school.
That's why he sat alone in the corner of the last row.
However, what he never thought was that happiness came so suddenly.
The beautiful girl who transferred from school became his deskmate.
Aware of the envious eyes of the boys in the classroom, Liao Gang is secretly happy and has a sense of revenge.
Let you usually despise Lao Tzu, now all envy it!
“Yan Yue, my name is Liao gang.”
Liao Gang summoned up the courage to say hello.
“Well, hello.”
Yan Yue smiles and nods in response.
This makes Liao Gang, who has been ignored by his classmates, feel that he has met a real goddess.
“Well… I, I have big white rabbit candy. Do you want to eat it?”
“No, thank you.”
“What about jelly?Yoshiro's
“Eat for yourself!”
A look of impatience flashed through Yan Yue's eyes. He looked at the platform and didn't pay any attention to him.
Liao Gang didn't notice her displeasure. He just thought that the goddess really didn't like it and wanted to go to the supermarket to buy some other snacks after class.
“The new semester is coming. At our first class meeting today, we will first re elect a cadre who is off duty. I hope you will run for election enthusiastically.”
Kong Lan supported the platform with both hands, looked around the students in the classroom and said, “first of all, the monitor. Those students who want to run for the monitor can come to the stage.”
“Teacher, I'll come.”
Cheng Wan was the first to raise her arm.
She can be said to be a professional monitor. It is said that she has been a monitor since kindergarten.
“Well, Cheng Wan will give you a demonstration.”
Kong Lan nodded with a smile and gave way.
Cheng Wan came to the stage full of confidence, issued a monitor election manifesto, and received warm applause and applause.
Both teachers and students in the class are very positive about her monitor work last semester.
When everyone decided that Cheng Wan would continue to serve as monitor without dispute, to many people's surprise, sun Huai got up and went to the platform.
“Hello, students. I think since it's the new semester, the class should have a new look. Cheng Wan's monitor did very well last year, but I believe I can do better than her…”
After a long speech, sun Huai said something profound.
It means that Cheng Wan can only lead us to study hard, and he can not only improve our academic performance, but also lead us to play.
Most of the students of this age are very playful, especially some of the students who are close to sun Huai are applauding.
“Thank you. I hope you will vote for me.”
After thanking him with a smile, sun Huai looks at Cheng Wan and ye Fei with contempt and provocation in his eyes, and then steps down from the platform.
“Damn, this grandson did it on purpose.”
Zhang Rui lowered his voice and swore.
Not far away, Cheng Wan is also a little frown of Dai Mei, his face is not very good-looking.
Of course, she also understood that sun Huai was taking revenge on her. She was not really afraid that sun Huai would win over her. She just felt disgusted and disgusted.
It wasn't her fault just now. She just wanted to stop them fighting*
Chapter 44 Yan Yue is arranged for no reason
“Are there any other students running for monitor?”
Kong Lan asked with a smile. Seeing that there was no student raising his hand, he said, “since there is no student raising his hand, let's start voting now. Please raise your hand if you agree with Cheng wan to continue to be the monitor.”
The students on Cheng Wan's side raised their hands one after another.
Naturally, ye Fei and Zhang Rui raised their hands to vote for Cheng Wan.
After counting the number of students, Kong Lan pressed her hand and said, “OK, you can put it down. There are 17 students in total. Now please raise your hand if you agree with sun Huai.”
Under the stage, Dai Mei frowned slightly. The number of votes was much less than she expected.
In fact, there is something wrong with this way of voting by show of hands.
For example, those who are close to sun Huai and those who don't want to offend him dare not raise their hands even though they think Cheng Wan is better to be the monitor.
Sun Huai is the center of most of the boys in his class. Besides, he has a good time outside school. He knows many people and doesn't want to offend many of his students.
“Well… There are 19 students in total, and many of them didn't vote. Do they have other ideas?”
Kong Lan asked with a smile.
In fact, she can probably guess what's going on. As a head teacher, she knows the students in her class well this year.
Sun Huai's face showed a proud smile, and he could turn his head to cast a bantering look at Ye Fei.
Zhang Rui clenched his teeth and burst into a rude remark. He said: “brother Fei, we can't let him be so proud. If this boy wants to be the monitor, he will definitely wear shoes for us.”
Ye Fei didn't say anything, but agreed with Zhang Rui.
He is not afraid of being asked for trouble, but he hates trouble. The position of monitor can't fall into sun Huai's hands.
Just as he was thinking about countermeasures, he suddenly heard Yan Yue's soliloquy behind him.
“Monitor… That's good. I haven't been a monitor yet!”
“Yan Yue, do you want to be the monitor? Then raise your hand quickly. I'm sure I'll vote for you.”
Liao Gang immediately started the dog licking mode.
“But I didn't come on stage just now. It's all over.”
Yan Yue sighed with regret.
“Miss Kong, Yan Yue said that she was a newcomer and wanted to be the monitor to serve everyone, so that she could better integrate into the collective.”
Ye Fei suddenly raised his hand and called.
Kong Lan and her classmates were surprised when they heard the speech.
“Yan Yue, is that so?”
Kong Lan asked with a smile.
“Er… This…”
Yan Yue hesitated, showing a embarrassed expression.
“Mr. Kong, Yan Yue just came here, and she still can't let go, but I did hear her say that she wanted to be the monitor.”
Ye Fei took over the conversation with a smile.
“Yan Yue, come up to the platform. Don't be shy. Come on!”
Kong Lan waved with a warm smile.
Yan Yue nodded, got up and walked toward the platform. When he passed by Ye Fei, he also glanced at him.
Just now, she heard what Zhang Rui said. She thought it was funny and said it casually. She didn't really want to be the monitor.
Unexpectedly, ye Fei pushed her up directly.
Ye Fei also noticed her eyes, but her expression was calm, thinking that it would be the reward of sending her those breakfasts in the previous life.
“Feige, good idea!”
Zhang Rui smiles and praises sun Huai with a look of schadenfreude.
Yan Yue said a few beautiful words casually after she came to power, but she didn't say her advantage in running for monitor at all.
But it doesn't matter. The important thing is that she is beautiful!
“Well, Yan Yue has finished his speech. Now those who approve of Yan Yue as the monitor, please raise your hand.”
Kong Lan said aloud.
The boys raised their arms together. Liao gang was even more excited. He almost didn't lift both hands and feet.
Even sun Huai himself finally raised his hand and turned to Yan Yue, as if to say that I voted for you!
Among the girls, there are many who want to have a good relationship with Yan Yue, a beautiful woman from a big city. Among them, those who are engaged in learning don't want sun Huai to be the monitor, so almost all of them vote for Yan Yue.
“A total of 39 votes, then this year's monitor is Yan Yue, everyone applauded.”
Kong Lan announced the candidate for the monitor and took the lead in clapping.
Warm applause resounded through the classroom.
Next came the Deputy monitor.
Cheng Wan, who didn't become a monitor for the first time from childhood to adulthood, cheered up and ran for vice monitor again.
Then sun Huai went on and on again.
After all, his main goal is to target Cheng Wan. By the way, if he can become the Deputy monitor and partner with Yan Yue, it is also a very happy thing.
However, what almost made him vomit blood was that ye Fei raised his hand and said a word before voting.
“I think it's more appropriate for Cheng wan to be the Deputy monitor. It's a good thing for Yan Yue to be popular with everyone, but after all, she's just here. It would be better if she could have a deputy monitor who is familiar with the class affairs.”
Hearing this, many students in the class secretly nodded in favor, and felt that it was reasonable.
Sitting at the back of Yan Yue white eyes flying, grinding small tiger teeth staring at Ye Fei.
This man is so cunning that he has arranged everything for no reason*
Chapter 45 smart means of head teachers
“Yan Yue, what do you think?”
Ye Fei turns his head and asks Yan Yue.
Yan Yue was stunned and nodded with a smile: “I think ye Fei is right.”
After hearing Yan Yue's words, the students who had some entanglement had no hesitation and voted for Cheng Wan one after another.
As a result, Cheng Wan successfully became the Deputy monitor.
Then came the election of other class cadres, such as study committee members and life committee members, who were all serving everyone, so few people were willing to take the initiative to fight for them.
Kong LAN can only start direct roll call appointment.
What ye Fei didn't expect is that he was ordered.
“Ye Fei, you should be the discipline committee member of the class.”
Class students smell speech, a road surprised look at Ye Fei.
Sun Huai stares at Ye Fei. His eyes are full of anger. He doesn't understand why the head teacher chooses him as a disciplinary committee member.
“Teacher, can someone else come?”
Ye Fei is smiling and shirking.
“No way!”
Kong Lan mercilessly refused and said with a smile: “in the future, the discipline of the class will be in your charge, so there are contradictions between the students, you must find a way to reconcile and solve them.”
Ye Fei rubbed his eyebrows with a bitter smile.
Of course, he recognized the implication of the head teacher.
It means that I've seen all your arguments before class. I'll leave it to you. I have to deal with it well.
“All right!”
Ye Fei saw that there was no room for negotiation, so he had no choice but to agree.
“Very good!”
Kong Lan smiles with satisfaction.
She knows something about ye Fei's ability. She appreciates and is a little angry at the maturity and steadiness of this student.
Young people should have the spirit and vitality of young people. She hopes Ye Fei can show more of her personality and ability.
After the class cadre election, Kong Lan called the tall and strong boys in the class to the academic affairs office to move books for distribution.
Just after the books were distributed, the bell just rang.
Ye Fei feels that his back has been poked with a nib. He turns his head and looks at Yan Yue suspiciously.
Two people big eyes stare small eyes.
“What for?”
Ye Fei knows it.
“What do you say?”
Yan Yue asked with a straight face.
Ye Fei chooses not to pay attention, turns his head and turns over the new textbook.
Two more stabs in the back.
“Say what you have to say.”
Ye Fei eyebrows a wrinkly, turn a head some impatient of say.
“Ye Fei, what's your attitude?”
Before Yan Yue spoke, Liao Gang roared.
However, they ignored him directly.
“Why did you push me out to be the monitor?”
Yan Yue asked calmly.
“You said you had never been a monitor. If you want to try, I'll help you!”
Ye Fei looks innocent.
“Don't pretend, you just don't want to let that who is the monitor to push me out to block the disaster. You should ask my opinion first.”
Yan Yue stares at him angrily.
“It's too late to say anything now.”
Yan Yue's teeth itch with anger.
How can there be such a cold boy to her, or deliberately in this way to attract her attention?
“Ye Fei, what do you mean? You bullied Yan Yue just now. It's too much.”
Liao gang can't help shouting again, trying to vent his anger for Yan Yue.
“Shut up, what's the matter with you!”
Yan Yue is angry. He spreads his anger on him directly.
Liao Gang's face was stiff and full of greetings. He thought I was helping you!
Ye Fei, who has turned his head, laughs jokingly. Liao Gang's behavior is described by a classic saying in later generations.
You can't lick a dog!
“Yan Yue, welcome to our class. We will be partners in the future.”
Cheng Wan comes over and greets Yan Yue with a smile.
“Classmate Cheng Wan, right? Hello, nice to meet you.”
Yan Yue managed her emotions very well and gave Cheng Wan a friendly smile.
Then other girls came to say hello, Yan Yue also showed a cheerful and kind appearance, and soon became one with the girls in the class.
“Brother Fei, this girl is a little fierce!”
Zhang Rui also saw something and said to Ye Fei in a low voice.
Ye Fei smile, noncommittal.
“Son of a bitch, sun Huai is still staring at us. It seems that we can't escape this one.”
Zhang Rui said angrily.
Ye Fei glanced at him and said, “it's best not to fall out with a classmate. What's more, it's your fault. I'll apologize later after school.”
Zhang Rui said he was not satisfied.
“What do you mean the head teacher asked me to be a discipline committee member before?You two have to fight again. The head teacher can't spare me first. ”
Ye Fei didn't say well.
Zhang Ruiwen was stunned. He remembered what the head teacher had said when he appointed Ye Fei. He immediately understood and scratched his head.
“All right, all right, I'll find another chance to apologize later, but this boy will never stop. There's no way. I'm just joking. It's really special.”
“You should change that.”
Ye Fei gave him a pair of white eyes*
Chapter 46 summer cicada comes after school
At noon after school, ye Fei's new math teacher dragged the class for ten minutes.
And finally announced the end of the class, the classroom immediately became noisy, many students complain that he is a teacher who likes to procrastinate..
“Brother Fei!”
A familiar and pleasant voice came.
Ye Fei looked up at the front door of the classroom and saw Xia Yuchan standing there with a smile like a flower.
In the classroom, the students who are going to leave the classroom are stunned. They follow the girl's eyes and look at Ye Fei. They are surprised.
Cheng Wan already knows who the girl is, and throws a narrow look at Ye Fei.
Ye Fei is calm, gets up and walks to Xia Yuchan. She smiles and touches her head.
“I'm sorry for the teacher's delay. I've been waiting for a long time.”
“Nothing!Just a second. ”
Summer language cicada sweet smile.
“Come on, go back to dinner.”
Under the gaze of a group of students, they left with a laugh.
The classroom was strangely quiet for a while, and then it exploded.
“Lying trough, who is this girl? She's so beautiful!”
“She and ye Fei won't associate, will they?”
“Such a beautiful girl in school, should not have heard of, may be a freshman.”
“How do you feel that ye Fei is a little different today?”
The students in the class think about what ye Fei did today, and feel that ye Fei is totally different from what they think.
Sun Huai listened to the comments around him. His eyes were full of flames of jealousy.
For what?Why can ye Fei have such a beautiful girl around him?
Thinking of his proud girlfriend, sun Huai feels even more unacceptable.
“Fat man, who is that girl? What's the relationship with Ye Fei?”
A boy asked Zhang Rui curiously.
“It's none of your business!”
Zhang Rui gave him a sidelong look.
“I'm just curious. Just now the girl called brother Ye Fei and said that she would go back to dinner together. Is it his sister?”
The boy tried and asked.
As soon as the words came out, other boys' eyes lit up.
“It's my sister!”
Zhang Rui nodded and added with a smile: “it's just a kind of younger sister who grew up in the opposite door. Do you understand?”
When the boys heard this, their eyes darkened, and two words of loss were written on their faces.
Behind Zhang Rui, Yan Yue is still sitting in her seat. Beichi is biting her lower lip. The eyes of a pair of Danfeng are flickering.
No wonder Ye Fei will have that attitude towards her. There are so beautiful girls around.
Although the girl looked younger just now, she could see that she was a pretty girl.
Even if I don't want to admit it, the girl's face value is higher than her, and the gap may gradually increase with age.
What's more, the girl didn't have the rustic feeling of other girls in the town.
She can't find fault in her dress and temperament.
Yan Yue can't accept the sense of defeat in her heart. How can she have more attractive girls of the same age in this rural town.
“Yan Yue, let me treat you to lunch. There is a restaurant outside the school. The fried food is delicious.”
Liao Gang's smiling invitation.
Yan Yue gives him a cold look and leaves without saying a word, leaving a dull looking Liao Gang full of fog.
When Xia Yuchan returns home by bike, Cai Yuyan and Chen Hong have already made lunch.
In the past two years, Feiyu supermarket has developed steadily and rapidly, and ye Weiguo has become more successful. He is no longer as timid as he was when he opened a supermarket.
Now, Feiyu supermarket has opened more than ten stores in Qingshui City, and is ready to expand to neighboring counties and cities.
As a result of employing many professional management talents, Cai Yuyan gradually didn't take care of her affairs. She took care of her two children at home with Chen Hong every day, and then went out to play cards and go shopping for beauty. She didn't want to be too happy.
“Little cicada, how do you feel about the first day of high school today?”
Chen Hong brought her daughter some dishes and asked casually.
“It's very good. I've made a new friend, Wang Qianqian. She's my deskmate.”
Xia Yuchan smiles brightly: “there's another boy with long hair, just like brother Fei's saying that he would wash, cut, blow and kill Matt. He's so cool and handsome, and he wants to ask me for penguin. It's funny and embarrassing.”
“Well?Did you give it to me? ”
Ye Fei frowned and asked.
“Of course not. I lied to him that I didn't play penguin, so he said he would give me a penguin. I said no, you're blocking my sunshine. Get out of the way.”
Xia language cicada face waving hands, a serious reproduction of their own appearance at that time.
Ye Fei nodded with satisfaction and gave her a piece of beef in the bowl as a reward.
“Hee hee
Xia Yuchan happily picked up the beef and put it in her mouth. She said with a smile, “brother Fei, you can rest assured. Those boys are so childish that I don't like them!”
“I'm not worried.”
Ye Fei's mouth is hard to be silly, but his heart is full of joy.
Chen Hong and Cai Yuyan look at each other and can't help laughing*
Chapter 47 the charm of Ye Fei
After lunch, I went back to school with Xia Yuchan.
Just walked into the classroom, ye Fei noticed that the students in the class looked at him differently.
Especially boys, the envy in their eyes is too obvious.
Ye Fei calmly walked to his seat and saw Yan Yue in the back seat staring at him with some resentment and anger.
Still angry that he pushed her out to be the monitor?
Ye Fei is too lazy to think about it. He turns around and sits down.
This cool attitude makes Yan Yue even more angry. Is it great to have a beautiful childhood sweetheart?
Ye Fei takes out a book “see the world with statistics” from his schoolbag, holds his chin with one hand, and looks through it with great devotion.
In his previous life, he was busy studying when he was young and working after graduation. He never had much time to read and recharge. In this life, he just took advantage of his youth to read more books and form a good habit of reading.
With the wealth he has now, he can live a very rich life.
However, too much wealth is sometimes a double-edged sword, which needs a strong enough heart to control.
Reading, learning and thinking are all ways to make your heart strong.
Ye Fei wants to be a real winner with knowledge and vision, rather than a upstart with a string of bank card numbers.
The afternoon sun fell on him through the window, making him exude a unique charm at this moment.
Looking at Ye Fei at this moment, the girls in the class can't help being a little crazy.
“What's the matter?Is Ye Fei so handsome? ”
“Really, I didn't find it before!”
“I've found out for a long time that he's very handsome, but he doesn't look as exaggerated as sun Huai and their hairstyles, but he looks more refreshing and clean.”
“The way he reads a book is really charming. He feels different from other boys.”
“Indeed, it's a pity that he has such a beautiful childhood, otherwise…”
“You want to fart, are you ashamed?”
“Ah, you're going to die!”
The girls whispered in twos and threes, bashfully fighting with each other.
One year ago, because ye Fei was too low-key and introverted, they didn't pay much attention to him before. Today, they found that this boy was so charming.
It's like finding the glittering gold in a pile of sand. The joy and excitement are needless to say.
Yan Yue vaguely heard the girl's voice, from her point of view can only see ye Fei's back, but the inexplicable temperament has been able to feel.
All of a sudden, she had the impulse to go to the front and look at him head-on.
Ye Fei is completely immersed in the book and is not aware of the subtle movements around him.
Until sweating Zhang Rui came back and sat down, he couldn't help swearing.
“Damn, brother Fei, I can't help it. I can't serve that bastard sun Huai.”
“What's the matter?”
Ye Fei looks at him and asks.
“I licked my face and apologized to him. The bastard was there to fork me. He lost ten yuan to the ground and told me to pick it up and buy water for them. Then the morning was over.”
Zhang Rui's face was ugly and he was very angry.
Ye Fei frowned and became unhappy.
The head teacher gave instructions, he naturally wanted to resolve the contradiction between the two, but Sun Huai this is a bit too much.
“Forget it. There's no need to apologize.”
Ye Fei nodded without expression.
“If it wasn't for Feige, you'd be the discipline committee member, and the head teacher would have targeted me. With my fierce temper, I would have hit him directly.”
Zhang Rui is still furious.
Ye Fei patted him on the shoulder: “if he wants to find fault again, there's no need to worry about anything. Let's beat him up. Anyway, it doesn't matter if he is trained by the head teacher at most.”
Zhang Rui nodded heavily.
About ten minutes later, a boy who was usually close to sun Huai suddenly rushed into the classroom.
“There's a fight, brothers. Come with me and help.”
“To be clear, who is fighting with whom?”
A boy asked.
“Sun Huai, I have a fight with the ordinary class. There are so many of them. I'm here to ask for help.”
The boy explained in a hurry.
Several boys who are close to sun Huai smell the speech, immediately get up and go forward, momentum will go to fight.
“Wait, stop. No fighting.”
Seeing this, Cheng Wan shouts to stop the boys.
However, boys of this age are the most impulsive. They value their friends' loyalty. They don't care if they can listen to her.
“I'll go to the office to find the head teacher.”
Cheng Wan looks flustered.
“Cheng Wan, wait a minute!”
Ye Fei suddenly spoke.
Cheng Wan looks at him suspiciously.
“Maybe it's just a little fight. There's no need to trouble the head teacher. I'll see what's going on first.”
Ye Fei smiles to pacify a sentence.
“Don't worry, leave it to me.”
Ye Fei smiles confidently.
Cheng Wan was stunned and decided to believe him. He nodded and said, “I'll go with you. If not, I'll go to the head teacher.”*
Chapter 48 let's have a look. You go on
Boys of this age always like to talk about scolding and swearing first, trying to intimidate their opponents from their momentum, and then force them to fight first.
As long as the other party moves first, then parents and teachers have a reason to ask.
Regardless of the reason, it is his fault to insist that the other party starts first.
Because of this, when ye Fei arrived at the playground, the two sides were still fighting and swearing.
From sun Huai's swearing words, ye Fei probably understood what was going on.
In short, it's when both sides hit each other in basketball.
It was a normal thing, but Sun Huai, who was in a bad mood, couldn't help saying a rude greeting to his mother-in-law.
Many of the students in the ordinary class are not pleased with the people in the rocket class. They think they are all nerds who only know how to study. They even curse when they are hit by a ball, so they can't bear it.
Sun Huai had a stomach full of fire today, just spilled it on the other side.
The two sides were talking to each other, pushing and shouting, but they didn't really fight. They just sent a brother back to the classroom to shake people and prepare for the group fight.
“Fortunately, there was no fight.”
Cheng Wan is relieved. She's about to go and make ends meet, but she's caught by Ye Fei.
“Now all in anger, you a girl in the past why!”
Ye Fei began to dissuade.
“Somebody has to stop it!”
Cheng Wan is a little anxious. He hasn't got time to stop it. If it's really a fight, he will be punished.
“It's OK. I don't think I can fight. I'll take care of it.”
Ye Fei relieved sentence, and Zhang Rui walked in the past together.
“That's arrogant.”
Yan Yue, who also came with him, turned his lips and muttered in a low voice.
Cheng Wan gave her a strange look and said seriously, “Ye Fei is very capable, not arrogant.”
“Who knows!”
“Yan Yue, why do you seem to have a problem with Ye Fei?”
When they communicate, ye Fei and Zhang Rui have come to the center of the battlefield.
“Wang Bo, don't talk nonsense. If you have the courage, do it. Today, let's see who is lying here. Don't be convinced. I'll go outside and ask someone to make another appointment.”
“Sun Huai, who are you scaring!Do you really think you're a character?Don't you know a few people outside? When they don't know each other, come on, you have the ability to move me. Do you know my elder brother's business on the West Street
The leaders of the two sides are still pointing at each other to provoke each other, trying to let the other side fight first.
The other boys clenched their fists one by one, looking ready to go. In fact, their eyes were full of anxiety and tension.
They come here just for the sake of so-called loyalty, otherwise they will be looked down upon, but no one is willing to fight.
This is in school. On the first day of school, I was invited by my parents. When I went back, I would be beaten by my father. It's not impossible to be mixed doubles by my parents.
“Don't beep if you can move your hand. Are you fighting with your mouth?”
A very abrupt voice sounded, so that the tense atmosphere suddenly stopped.
All eyes fell on Ye Fei.
“Ye Fei, what are you doing here?”
Sun Huai frowned and scolded. He looked around in a panic. He was relieved when he didn't find the head teacher.
“Nothing. Let's have a look. You go on. Don't worry about me.”
Ye Fei grinned.
Zhang Rui looked at him in amazement, full of fog.
Aren't they here to fight?
When sun Huai heard Ye Fei's words, he was very angry. In fact, he was much more unhappy with Ye Fei. The scene that he was scared by Ye Fei's momentum in the morning made him feel gloomy all the time.
He didn't want to be seen by the goods.
“Look at you…”
Sun huaizheng is about to burst foul language, see ye Fei cold sharp eyes directly.
It's a trick. He counseled again.
Sun Huai's face turned red with this kind of humiliation.
Seeing that sun Huai was too scared to speak, Wang Bo was surprised. He looked at Ye Fei seriously and asked: “brother, what kind of person are you?”
“Speak normally. Don't imitate the lines in TV dramas.”
Ye Fei light back sentence.
There was a lot of uncontrollable laughter around.
Wang Bo also blushed, and cried out in shame: “are you also with this bastard?”
“No, we didn't deal with him very well. We almost had a fight in the morning.”
Ye Fei shook his head.
“What are you doing here?”
Wang Bo roared impatiently.
“I said, it's just to watch the fun. In addition, I want to say that if you want to fight alone, what kind of group fights do you have in school, and you want these brothers to be punished together?Is that what you call brotherhood
Ye Fei's face was disdainful.
This made Wang Bo and sun Huai look ashamed.
“We do.”
Behind Wang Bo, a boy shouts his loyalty.
Ye Fei looked at the boy with disdainful eyes and joked with a smile: “if he let you kill and set fire, would you like to?Don't be funny. It's a matter that can be solved by single choice. It's necessary to involve other people in such a big situation. How?Afraid the school won't find out?Or do you think it's very imposing? “*
Chapter 49 friction on the ground
The boys were speechless by what ye Fei said.
In particular, sun Huai and Wang Bo, the two leaders, listened to the comments of the surrounding students and were so ashamed that they wanted to find a way to get in.
“Damn, ye Fei, you are nothing. You are talking about the truth here…”
Sun Huai's repressed negative emotions completely broke out, temporarily suppressed his fear of Ye Fei, and red eyes stormed to Ye Fei.
The faces of the boys who are closer to sun Huai are slightly changed, and some of them have to dissuade them.
As soon as Zhang Rui's face sank, he would start to clench his fist.
But then there was a scene that stunned everyone.
Ye Fei strides forward, kicks sun Huai's knee and makes him lose his center of gravity. Then he grabs his right arm and puts him to the ground with a standard military capture.
The whole set of movements, perfect demonstration of what is called a person's cruel words is not much.
“Let me go, asshole, ah… Pain, let me go…”
Sun Huai face to the ground, shouting.
“What do you say?”
Ye Fei's face is apathetic, don't wear the hands of his arm to add strong way.
“Ah –”
Sun Huai screamed even louder.
Those boys are scared, did not expect Ye Fei will be so fierce, they have not reacted, people fell to the ground, and no resistance.
“Ye Fei… How powerful!”
Cheng Wan's eyes were full of surprise.
Yan Yue did not say anything, but the bright beauty of the deep eye is also painted.
“I'm wrong, I'm wrong, pain… Let me go.”
Sun Huai couldn't stand it any more and cried for mercy.
“Still fighting?If you want to fight, I can practice with you at any time. ”
Ye Fei grinned.
He has always followed his father to exercise his body and learned some fighting skills.
With his current fighting capacity, it may be a bit troublesome to fight a strong adult, but it's really easy to deal with such a 13-year-old boy.
“No, no, let me go.”
Sun Huai yelled, anxious and angry.
“And you?”
Ye Fei squints at Wang Bo.
“No fight, no fight.”
Wang Bo smiles and waves his hand.
Just now ye Fei's words have made him shameless. Now he doesn't hurry down the steps.
And watching sun Huai this bastard was pressed on the ground friction, his heart that anger also dissipated, only feel happy, schadenfreude.
“Don't drag like 250000 or 80000 in the future. Besides your parents, who is used to you outside?”
Ye Fei coldly warned sun Huai and let him go.
Sun Huai bares his teeth and gets up from the ground. He lowers his head and covers his shoulder. He has no courage to fight with Ye Fei.
“What are you doing.What are you doing? ”
There was a roar.
As they went along, a bald middle-aged man came with a calm face.
“Oh, no, it's Mediterranean Lao Li!”
Someone screamed out in panic.
This man is the director of the Teaching Department of Xiqiao middle school. His surname is Li. Due to his sparse hair and severe punishment on students, he was affectionately given the nickname of “Mediterranean old Li” by students.
The boys who came to fight on both sides were flustered, and someone was ready to run away.
“Don't run. I remember what you look like. If you dare to run, I'll go to your class to catch people and punish them severely.”
Lao Li yelled angrily.
“What are you afraid of? If you do things by yourself, you just say that I'm the one who pulled it, but you haven't done it yet. It's OK.”
Wang Bo is quite courageous, opened his mouth to appease his brothers.
Sun Huai did not, because he was completely flustered.
His family education is very strict, and his parents have always been strict with him, thinking that he is a good student with excellent character and learning at school.
If you know that he takes the lead in fighting at school, you have to skin him.
“What are you doing?Are you fighting? ”
Lao Li walked up to him and asked the crowd with a calm face.
A group of boys bowed their heads, trembling and silent.
“Director Li, no fight, no fight, we are just joking.”
Ye Fei laughs and finds a reason.
Lao Li looked at Ye Fei and frowned, “Ye Fei, how are you here?”
The reason why they know each other is that ye Fei paid Zhang Rui the transfer fee last year. He was looking for Lao Li.
Lao Li was also very impressed with Ye Fei.
It's the first time for a child like Ye Fei to come to him. He's very generous and his manners are much more mature and steady than his peers.
“Isn't it a fine day? I went out wrestling with him. I didn't expect to be surrounded by so many people. I didn't fight.”
Ye Fei pointed to sun Huai and said with a smile.
Of course, Lao Li didn't believe it. His eyes swept over the boys' faces. He soon understood that he wanted to fight, but he didn't fight yet!
“Lao Li, I have two bottles of top-quality Maotai at home. I'll bring them to you when I have time.”
Ye Fei went to Lao Li and said in a low voice.
Lao Li's eyes were slightly bright, his face unchanged, and he drank at the students
“Why are you standing here? Go back to the classroom and ring the bell right away.”
The boys were relieved and ran to the classroom*
Chapter 50 campus Heroes
Lao Li Rao gave Ye Fei a deep look and left like an old cadre with both hands on his back.
The students around also talked with each other and scattered. Many young students talked and listened to the information about ye Fei.
There are not many students in Xiqiao middle school. Generally, everyone knows some popular students in the school.
However, it is not until today that many students have noticed Ye Fei for the first time.
Mature and steady talk temperament, strong and domineering skills, coupled with handsome appearance, so that many young girls can not help but spring.
With a smile, Cheng Wan thumbs up at Ye Fei: “well done, ye Fei. How powerful. Is that the art of catching?Who did you learn from? ”
“Hey, hey, I don't know. Feige's father is an honorary veteran. He's very old.”
Zhang Rui replied with a smiley face.
Cheng Wan nodded: “it's really powerful. I didn't see what happened, so you were put down.”
“Was that the leader of the school just now?”
Yan Yue asked.
“The director of our school is called Lao Li.”
Zhang Rui touched his hair and said with a cheap smile.
Yan Yue couldn't help laughing. She looked at Ye Fei suspiciously and asked, “what did you say to Lao Li at last?Why didn't he pursue it? ”
Ye Fei pretends to be stupid.
Yan Yue rolled his eyes and said, “never mind.”
The four chatted all the way back to the classroom.
Into the classroom, ye Fei immediately felt a line of sight fell on himself.
“Brother Fei, thank you.”
A boy who just escaped back suddenly stood up and said thanks to Ye Fei sincerely.
“Feige, thank you very much.”
“That… Thank you.”
“Brother Fei…”
Several other boys also got up to thank them.
If it wasn't for ye Fei just now, they would have to be taken to the Department of politics and education.
Although I don't know what ye Fei said to Lao Li in the end, everyone knows Lao Li is not a good man.
Grateful at the same time, these boys have a little worship and awe of Ye Fei.
After calming down, they thought, what ye Fei said before is actually reasonable.
Originally, it was Sun Huai who provoked others and could solve the contradiction by single choice. He had to drag everyone to fight group fights or in the school playground. Isn't that equivalent to pitching them!
On the contrary, ye Fei protects them from Lao Li.
And the scene that sun Huai was put to the ground by Ye Fei's move made them fully understand the difference between them.
They all know that from today on, sun Huai will no longer be the most influential boy in this class.
Sun Huai also felt it. He clenched his fist tightly and lowered his head. His eyes were full of anger and resentment.
“It's all classmates. You don't have to do this. You've thought too much about it in the future. It's just because you've had a quarrel and fought in the school playground. You can do it.”
Ye Fei's words are not pleasant to hear, but several boys listen to them.
Looking at this scene, the girls in the class have a strong curiosity about what happened on the playground just now. They can't wait to inquire about Cheng Wan and Yan Yue.
After learning the specific process, the girls looked at Ye Fei, who had been sitting by the window and continued to read. His eyes were shining. It seemed that the boy was more dazzling.
In the classroom of the first class of junior high school, Xia Yuchan, who is taking a nap, is woken up by Wang Qianqian.
“Don't sleep. Don't sleep. There's big news.”
“What's the big news?”
Summer language cicada small hand cover mouth lazy yawn.
“Your flying brother was fighting with others on the playground just now.”
Wang Qianqian replied with a smile.
Xia Yuchan instantly woke up, Shua stood up, grabbed Wang Qianqian's shoulder and asked: “is brother Fei OK?Is it hurt? ”
“No, no, don't worry. I can still laugh if I hurt you. You can make a little effort. My shoulder hurts.”
Wang Qianqian showed her teeth.
“Sorry, I didn't notice. I'll rub it for you.”
Xia Yuchan rubbed her shoulder and asked, “come on, what's going on?Is it still on the playground? ”
“No, it's over.”
Wang Qianqian described vividly what she saw on the playground when she came back from the store just now.
“Seriously, your brother is really good. The capture skill is neat and handsome.”
“That's right. Uncle Ye has been a soldier. He often exercises with Uncle Ye. How can that guy be his brother's opponent?”
Xia Yuchan raised her chin slightly, with a proud expression on her face.
Wang Qianqian was stuffed with a mouthful of lemon for no reason, and said in a sour tone: “then why were you so worried just now?”
“I… I'm not afraid of how many people the other side is, one or two, even brother's opponents.”
Summer language cicada mouth hard way.
“Brother, brother, you don't show it, OK? I think you'd better be careful. Don't wait two days for more sister-in-law to see how you cry.”
Wang Qianqian joked with a bad smile.
“What do you mean?”
Summer language cicada Cu raised eyebrow, a face nervous inquiry.
“Your brother is now a man of the year in Xiqiao middle school. He is handsome and has good skills. Now many girls in the school are watching him. When I went upstairs just now, I heard two girls discussing how to make a romantic encounter with your neighbor brother.”*
Chapter 51 cicada of Xia language wants to declare sovereignty
“Brother Fei is very clever. He won't be cheated by those girls.”
Summer language cicada mouth so say, but in the heart is a little confused.
It's like someone is thinking about his treasure.
“Well, who knows, does your neighbor brother treat you as a sister or like you? If it's the former, it's not impossible for him to like other girls.”
Wang Qianqian said with a smile.
“No way.”
Xia Yuchan retorts loudly, almost can't help blurting out her engagement with Ye Fei.
The attention of the students in the classroom was attracted.
“OK, OK, no, no, keep it down. Don't get excited. I'm just kidding.”
Wang Qianqian was stunned by her cry, and quickly calmed down.
“You can't make such a joke.”
Summer language cicada pursed lips to sit back, brow lock very tight.
In fact, she doesn't know much about the relationship between men and women, but she knows one thing very well.
That is, ye Fei can only be her. In the future, they will get married and live happily together like their parents.
She had to stop anything that might break the news.
It's not that she doesn't trust ye Fei. On the contrary, she completely trusts Ye Fei.
It's just that ye Fei is so important to her that she can't just sit by and watch a girl miss him.
“I'm sorry. Don't be angry. I won't say that again.”
Wang Qianqian see her face is not right, quickly sat down to her side to apologize.
“I'm not angry with you. I'm sorry. I shouldn't yell at you. I'm just a little worried.”
Xia Yuchan looks at her with guilt.
“It's OK. Just don't be angry. I understand.”
Wang Qianqian waved her hand with a smile and looked around. She raised her hand to her mouth and said in a low voice, “if you are worried, you have to take measures.”
“What should I do?”
Xia Yuchan is open-minded to ask for advice.
“Are you sure you've seen TV series? How do those women deal with Xiao San?You have to declare your sovereignty and tell the girls in the school who miss your brother that they have no chance. ”
Wang Qianqian incarnated as a dog headed military strategist and began to give advice for her.
“How can I declare sovereignty?”
“You have to be so, so, so…”
The two girls murmured together, and only they knew what they had talked about.
After school in the afternoon, the two just walked out of the teaching building, Xia Yuchan suddenly hugged Ye Fei's arm intimately.
“What's the matter?”
Ye Fei looks at her suspiciously.
“Not much!”
Summer language cicada eyes some Dodge, pretending calm to change the topic: “I don't know how Jiajia is in the devil, I miss her a little bit!”
Ye Fei didn't think much about it. It's very common for them to hold hands and arms, but as Xia Yuchan has learned more about it in the past two years, she will gradually pay attention to some influences in front of outsiders.
I think this girl really miss her good friend.
He is full of face doting smile, gently touched her head, promise way: “that put winter vacation, we take time to fly to see her?”
Summer language cicada a face surprise.
She was just trying to change the topic, but she didn't expect that ye Fei would give her such a surprise,
“When did I cheat you?”
Ye Fei smiles.
“Great, I haven't been on a plane yet. I'm looking forward to it. When can I have a holiday?”
The summer language cicada happily shakes to embrace his arm.
Ye Fei was amused and said: “this is the first day of school!”
“Well… Yes, there are still many months to go.”
“Very fast, but you have to study hard, otherwise your grades will fall, your mother won't let you go out to play, and she will report you to the winter vacation cram school, which will be troublesome.”
Xia Yuchan thought of this possibility, his face changed slightly, and then he said with a sweet smile: “brother Fei, you guide me to study, and I can't go back.”
Ye Fei only felt that his heart was crispy, and he agreed.
“All right, no problem.”
“Brother Fei, that's very kind of you.”
The little girl put her face on his shoulder to be coquettish and cute.
“What's the matter with you today?”
Ye Fei feels that this girl is a little too sweet this year, but it's very helpful in her heart.
“Not much?I'm just happy
Xia Yuchan pretends to be stupid in a hurry.
“All right!”
Ye Fei didn't go further.
Xia Yuchan turns her head and looks at the direction of the class upstairs. Wang Qianqian lies on the guardrail and gives her a thumbs up to show that she has done a good job.
The sweet scene of the two was not only seen by Wang Qianqian, but also in the eyes of many other students.
Especially some girls who are after ye Fei.
“Who is that girl?What's the relationship with him! ”
“Now school love can be so bold?”
“I envy her. It's too sweet. Ye Fei is too kind to her.”
“Is this a human thing? I'm going to report them.
Chapter 52: it's so popular. What should I do
In the evening, ye Fei sits in front of the computer in his room, checking the account information of the trading platform.
Two years ago, after ending his cooperation with Lao Zhou and Wang Kui, he asked Cai Yuyan to help him open an investment account in her capacity, and agreed that it was their secret, not to tell his father.
Cai Yuyan was suspicious and didn't understand why he wanted to invest in the account.
Ye Fei directly took her to the bank, showed her the balance of more than 12 million yuan on the card, and told her that it was the money she made by co operating with others in stock speculation.
Cai Yuyan was stunned for a few minutes before she came back and chose to believe him.
After all, in her eyes, ye Fei is a genius different from ordinary people, and genius can not be explained by common sense.
After going to the exchange to open an account, they went to the computer city to get a computer.
After that, ye Fei put 12 million yuan into the stock market, buying and selling all kinds of short-term and long-term products.
He is very cautious, in order to prevent people from noticing anything, he will deliberately buy some money losing stocks as a cover up when operating.
Until now, the current market value of various stocks held in his investment account has successfully broken through two small goals.
In my memory, this unprecedented bull market ended in mid October.
Due to too many types and quantities of stocks, ye Fei is ready to sell one by one from now on.
Night is not trading time, it is impossible to sell, but you can commission on the platform after tomorrow's opening.
Ye Fei selected a part of the stock that has little room for growth, and entrusted to sell off tomorrow.
After that, it's eleven o'clock in the evening.
Comfortable stretch, go to the bathroom for a bath, and then go to bed.
For the next month, ye Fei's daily life was almost two-point and one-line at home.
During the day to school, at night to find time for the operation of the stock, in order to try to sell their shares in a safe way.
However, during this period of time, his low-key and introverted campus life has also changed.
In short, it's becoming too popular.
Naturally, the reason is that the playground disturbance made him a well-known figure in Xiqiao middle school.
With more and more attention, the young girls in the school are gradually aware of his charm.
It goes without saying that the beauty is high.
The key is that the mature and steady temperament that boys of the same age don't have makes girls of this age obsessed.
Moreover, their academic performance is good, and they are envious and fond of Xia Yuchan's gentle attitude. They wish they were spoiled by him.
I don't know which day it is, and I don't know if it's the girl who brought it up. For no reason, ye Fei became the school grass recognized by all the girls in the school.
These girls are also quite powerful. Soon someone found out that Xia Yuchan is just Ye Fei's neighbor's sister, not his girlfriend.
After the news spread, the girls were so excited that they felt they could do it again.
Soon, there was an unwritten rule among all the girls in the school, that is, everyone competed fairly and each depended on his own means. If anyone succeeded, others would have to let go.
Therefore, during this period, ye Fei can find pink advertisement envelopes, or exquisite breakfast, gifts, etc. from his desk almost every day.
More bold girls, directly look for all kinds of opportunities to block him, face to face.
Ye Fei, of course, refused. At the beginning, there were some accidents, but later he became a little bored.
He has never met such a situation in his previous life. Although some girls like him, it is definitely impossible for him to be rated as the school grass and be chased by so many girls.
But there are also benefits, that is, the summer language cicada obviously more adhere to him.
On the way to and from school, almost all of them held his arm, showing a very intimate appearance, and did not give the school girls the opportunity to be gallant.
As long as a girl shows this intention, she stares like a hawk.
Girls in the face of her super high face value and temperament, most of them feel inferior to themselves. When she sticks to Ye Fei, they don't have the courage to disturb them.
“Ye Fei, come to the office with me.”
After class, Kong Lan, the head teacher, suddenly said something to Ye Fei.
Ye Fei Leng next, complexion doubt of nod should sound, got up to follow up.
After Kong Lan, she went all the way to the teacher's office. After sitting down, Kong Lan pointed to the seat next to her.
“Sit here. I have a few words to talk with you.”
Ye Fei sat down according to the words.
Kong Lan took a sip of tea from the thermos cup on the table, turned to him and said with a smile, “you are very popular with girls recently!”
Ye Fei was stunned and said with a bitter smile, “I didn't expect this. I didn't violate the school rules.”
Xiqiao middle school explicitly forbids students from puppy love, and a few couples in the school also have underground love affairs.
If you are not careful to be found, you will be reprimanded. If you meet a bad tempered teacher, you will ask the parents of both sides directly.
“What happened to that girl in the first grade?”
Kong Lan asked casually.
Ye Fei frowned. After a long silence, he asked, “what did someone say to you?”*
Chapter 53 older single female teachers are sour
“No, I've seen you go to school together several times, and I've heard something about you by chance.”
Kong Lan smiles and denies, with some emotion in her heart.
She knew that ye Fei was very clever, but she didn't expect that he was so perceptive.
“Is it?”
Ye Fei showed a suspicious look and carefully observed the changes of her eyes and micro expression.
“Yes, tell me. What's going on?”
Kong Lan smiles and asks seriously.
Ye Fei calmly replied: “it's nothing. Our two families are neighbors. It's not too much to go to school together, is it?”
“So it is!”
Kong Lan suddenly nodded, looked at him for a while, and then said: “you are not the same as other students of the same age. I'll tell you straight away. I know that children of your age are curious about love, which is very normal, but we should pay attention to the influence in school. You are still young, and the time is still very long in the future…”
“Wait a minute.”
Ye Fei raised his hand to interrupt her and frowned: “Mr. Kong, I respect you very much. Please believe me. I know what I'm doing, and I've never done anything against the school rules. Let alone… I'll tell you the truth, we grew up together and got married.”
Hearing this, Kong Lan was directly dumbfounded.
How dare you? Is this for the couple?
Is that what she said unnecessary?
“Yes, it is…”
Kong Lan laughed awkwardly, cleared her throat, and said, “I don't mean anything else. I just want you not to be too close in school, which will bring bad influence.”
“I see. I'll pay attention.”
Ye Fei nodded.
“Well, you are a mature and steady child. I won't say anything extra. Go back to class!”
Kong Lan smiles and waves.
“Goodbye, teacher.”
Ye Fei said goodbye politely and got up and left.
Kong Lan watched him walk out of the office and rubbed his eyebrows.
“Mr. Kong.”
At this time, a younger female teacher came into the office and said, “I saw the boy in your class go out just now. How about that? Did he admit his mistake?”
She is actually the head teacher of Xia Yuchan's class.
Xia Yuchan, an excellent student with both talent and appearance and good academic performance, attaches great importance to her. She doesn't want to see the great future of these good students be adversely affected.
Puppy love is the most important thing to guard against.
She often sees Ye Fei pick up Xia Yuchan at the door of the classroom. She has told Kong Lan several times about this for a long time, and wants her to talk to Ye Fei.
After all, Xia Yuchan is too young, and she is also a girl. She is very fragile. She is afraid to talk to Xia Yuchan, but she will be self defeating.
Kong Lan believes in Ye Fei very much, and thinks that he is not a student who can make such mistakes, so he has never been able to rest assured.
But just this morning, she saw an anonymous report letter on her desk. She knew all the students in the class very well. She could probably guess whose handwriting was through handwriting and some things.
Coupled with the fact that ye Fei and a girl behave intimately several times, Kong Lan feels that she really needs to ask.
So after discussing with teacher Zhang, I made an appointment with Ye Fei.
“What's wrong?When the two children grew up together, they decided to be children's parents, and both parents agreed to accept it. ”
Kong Lan said with a smile.
Hearing this, Zhang Yao was stunned and asked in disbelief, “is it true or not?Do you still have a baby kiss these days? ”
Kong Lan shrugged and said: “anyway, I believe it. Ye Fei is a little unusual. He doesn't look like a student who can lie. If you don't believe it, you can ask the girl in your class.”
Zhang Yao was silent for a long time. She shook her head and said, “forget it!”
The office was quiet for a while.
“Mr. Kong, what do you call this? I haven't got a partner yet, but all the students are engaged?”
When Zhang Yao thought of her identity as a single female teacher, she felt bitter.
“That's because you are too demanding. Who can blame you?”
Kong Lan funny to the white eye.
“Now men are unreliable. I can't trust them. If only I could have a childhood sweetheart who was engaged to me.”
“You envy your students?”
Zhang Yao coughed two times and changed the topic: “what can I do about it? I really don't care?”
“Everyone is a family. What can we do to stop this kind of thing?”
Kong Lan took a sip of tea and said faintly: “I know ye Fei, who is more stable and mature than boys of the same age. Sometimes I think he is more experienced than me and will not have any problems.”
“Since you have said that, I can only turn a blind eye, alas!”
“Sigh, don't you think these two children are really a good match without considering their position?If we can really be together in the future, we can be regarded as witnessing a beautiful love story. ”
“It's true to hear that, but the more you think about it, the more sour it is!”*
Chapter 54 Yan Yue is about to be blown up
The moment Ye Fei enters the classroom, he looks in the direction of sun Huai.
This is the only one in the class who has a grudge against him. If someone really makes a report to him, it can only be this guy.
Sure enough, after the two eyes on, sun Huai immediately moved his eyes.
Ye Fei's corner of his mouth stirred up a sneer, but he didn't attack on the spot. He stepped back to his seat.
“Brother Fei, what can the head teacher do for you?”
Zhang Rui asked curiously.
“Someone made a stumbling block behind my back and told me that I had a puppy love with cicada.”
Ye Fei replied.
Zhang Rui was stunned and immediately guessed who it was. He angrily glared at Sun Huai and scolded him: “Damn, it's definitely that grandson, brother Fei. If we don't leave school, we'll put on his sack and beat this grandson hard.”
“You've seen a lot of old foggies. I'll give you a cover.”
Ye Fei glanced at him.
These movies on Hong Kong Island these days have hit the dreams of many hot-blooded teenagers like Zhang Rui.
“Then what do you say? You can't let this grandson do evil all the time. You have to teach him a lesson.”
Zhang ruihen said.
Ye Fei, of course, is not that kind of character who is willing to eat stuffy losses, thinking about Countermeasures in silence.
“I have a way.”
Suddenly a voice rang out from behind.
Two people turn a head to look to Yan Yue, leaf flies doubt to ask a way: “what method?”
“Why should I tell you, what's the advantage?”
Yan Yue smiles brightly and blinks her big eyes. Looking at Ye Fei, her eyes are faintly suggestive.
“Never mind.”
Ye Fei turns back directly.
“Well, you are not!”
Yan Yue almost jumped up in anger.
Like other girls in the school who have a crush on Ye Fei, she actually has some good feelings for ye Fei during this period.
From childhood to adulthood, she was loved and held by others. For the first time, she met a boy who despised her like Ye Fei, which aroused her competitive heart.
More importantly, the charm of Ye Fei lies here. She sits behind Ye Fei and can't help observing him every day.
With the passage of time, ye Fei's calm temperament, which is unique at this age, has gradually made her like it.
And she is a girl with relatively strong vanity. She has been used to the envious eyes of people around her since childhood. If she can win Ye Fei, she will become the most dazzling girl in Xiqiao middle school.
All kinds of factors together, let her take the initiative to attack Ye Fei.
Of course, she is much more precocious than the girls of the same age. She can't write love letters or block people's voluntary confession at all.
Once saw in a TV play has a line, she remembers very clearly, in the love who first initiative who lost.
She wants to use her charm to attract Ye Fei, let his heart from the childhood girl to himself, let him take the initiative to tell himself.
She was very confident that she could do it, even though the young girl was better than her in appearance and temperament.
But as the saying goes, the moon comes first.
What's more, when it comes to the attraction to boys, she believes she won't lose to that little girl.
However, what she didn't expect was that ye Fei was like a pool of stagnant water. No matter how she hinted, she couldn't lift any waves.
Not even a smiley face.
When ye Fei and his childhood sweetheart were together, Yan Yue's jealousy grew like weeds.
Now she is kind-hearted to help, but ye Fei is still such an attitude, how can she not be angry.
“Yan Yue, don't help him, who is it?”
Liao Gang, the licking dog, started again.
“Can you shut up and stop talking?”
Yan Yue's face is like frost's rebuke.
Liao Gang shrunk his neck in fright and did not dare to speak any more.
“Yan Yue, don't be angry, don't be angry, Feige is like this to other girls except Xiaochan.”
Zhang chuckled and asked, “did you just say that there is a way?Talk about it
Yan Yue's resentful eyes glared at the back of Ye Fei's head and said in a low voice: “Sun Huai's girlfriend is from experimental middle school. He often goes to find his girlfriend. I have friends over there. I can take some pictures for you.”
The experimental middle school is another middle school in Xiqiao Town, about ten minutes' walk from Xiqiao middle school.
Yan Yue came to Xiqiao Town for more than a month, and his circle of friends expanded to experimental middle school. I have to say that it was really powerful.
“That's great.”
Sun Rui patted his thigh excitedly and said with a sneer, “we call it the way of treating people. It's the unique skill of my aunt Murong Fu.”
“I didn't say I was going to help you.”
Yan Yue did not have the good spirit to say a sentence.
Sun Ruideng's face collapsed when he was young, and then he asked with a smile: “don't, monitor, do me a favor. We're all in the same group!”
“But some people don't think of me as one of them.”
Yan Yue said with a cold face.
“No, no, Feige doesn't mean that…”
“Come on, fat man, stop it.”
Ye Fei directly interrupted him: “it's no trouble. We can do it ourselves.”*
Chapter 55 makes two small goals
“Well, you can do something for yourself. I won't help you.”
Yan Yue's face turned red with anger.
When the bell rang, the English teacher came into the classroom with the textbook and began to give a lecture directly.
“Brother Fei, is it a little too much? How do you feel that you have a problem with Yan Yue?”
Zhang Rui asked in a low voice.
“Do you have any?”
Ye Fei pretends to be stupid.
How to say that he has been in love several times in his previous life, so he can naturally detect the hint of Yan Yue to him during this period of time.
At first, he was quite surprised. He didn't expect that the positions of the two sides had changed.
Of course, surprise comes from surprise. In any case, he can't give Yan Yue any chance, so he shows a colder attitude and wants to make her die.
“Zhang Rui, listen carefully in class.”
On the platform, the English teacher yelled.
“I'm sorry, teacher.”
Zhang Rui apologizes with a quick smile.
“If you don't listen yourself, don't influence Ye Fei.”
The English teacher added.
Zhang Ruimu is stunned and looks at Ye Fei.
He has hardly seen Ye Fei. He has listened to the lecture well. He is either in a daze or reading other books. How can he influence him?
Ye Fei smile pondering, back to his proud eyes.
What are you look at?
That's the difference between Xueba and xuezha. Do you understand?
“Damn it
Zhang Rui understood the meaning of his eyes and expressed his dissatisfaction with his mouth.
“Zhang Rui, where are you looking?”
On the platform, the voice of the English teacher's dissatisfaction rang out again.
Rocket class is the biggest dependence of Xiqiao middle school's enrollment rate, so the substitute teachers should have strong teaching ability and relatively strict teaching style.
The experimental class mainly focuses on the top students.
As for ordinary classes, it is basically equivalent to stocking.
Today is October 16, the end of this magnificent bull market in later records.
Just last night, ye Fei had sold off the last part of the stock list.
After dinner, ye Fei immediately went back to his room to check the account. All the stocks in the account have been realized, and the total assets are more than 240 million.
Looking at the large series of numbers on the screen, ye Fei showed a satisfied smile on his face.
I've been busy for such a long time, and I'm finally done.
Next, the mainland stock market will enter a bear market for as long as a year, and he does not intend to continue playing in the stock market. Even if he has the memory of later generations, the risk is too great, and there is no need to do so.
“Dong Dong!”
The door was knocked.
“You can come in!”
Ye Fei answered.
Cai Yuyan took the cut fruit tray and pushed the door into the room. She came to him, put the tray on the computer desk and asked in a low voice, “what's the matter?”
“It's all sold out.”
Ye Fei pointed to the place where the balance was displayed on the computer screen.
Cai Yuyan fixed her eyes on a series of numbers, narrowed her eyes and began to count: “number, ten, hundred… Two, two hundred million?”
She stares round beautiful Mou, a face disbelief of see to leaf fly, the voice is all trembling.
What does it mean to be a billionaire these days?
Not to mention Xiqiao Town, the whole Qingshui city may not be able to find one.
In the past two years, although she occasionally secretly inquired about ye Fei's investment, the answers she got were quite profitable, she was relieved and did not ask any more.
But she never thought that ye Fei made more than 200 million yuan.
It's like an astronomical number of more than two billion to her, which is just too scary.
“Yes, more than 240 million.”
Ye Fei nodded with a smile.
“Do you want to… Or do you want to confess to your father?”
Cai YuYan's heart is full of Qi Qi's proposal. The money is too big. She thinks it's not good to keep it from ye Weiguo.
“It's OK. Don't say it for the time being. I can still use the money.”
Ye Fei quickly smiles and shakes his head.
“What are you going to do?”
Cai Yuyan only felt that her head was a little flustered.
It's like a teenager. The heart is too big.
Although Ye Fei is so excellent that she is very happy, but still hope that he can stop for a while, otherwise she is afraid that even one day her heart can't stand it.
“Don't worry, the next step is very stable, the main thing is to go to the first tier cities to buy some houses, and then see if there are suitable projects to invest.”
Ye Fei smiles to appease.
“It's good to buy a house, it's good to buy a house.”
Cai Yuyan nodded.
Compared with the stock market, which is too high risk of investment, for her to buy a house that really need to rest assured.
“I'll go out and watch TV first. I'll have a headache if I think about how to tell your father about the money.”
Cai Yuyan grinned bitterly and rubbed her eyebrows.
“Ha ha… Is it all right? Dad is a successful person now. He still has this determination. I'll tell him again when I have a chance!”
Ye Fei said with a smile.
“That's the only way.”
Cai Yuyan had no choice but to smile and turned to leave.
When I got to the door, suddenly there was a cry behind me.
Cai Yuyan, like being struck by lightning, turns her head mechanically and looks at Ye Fei sitting there with surprise on her face.
“You… What did you just call me?”
Ye Fei scratched his head with embarrassment. After taking a deep breath, he said with a smile: “Mom, in addition to taking care of me and my father, you have also helped me a lot in the past two years. Thank you very much. I'm really sorry for taking so long to summon up the courage to change my tongue.”
Cai Yuyan only felt that the tip of her nose was sour, and tears of joy spilled out of her eyes just like the breakwater*
Chapter 56 dad's family status is not guaranteed
“No, no, silly boy, say sorry!”
Cai Yuyan wiped her tears and waved her hand.
“Don't cry!”
Ye Fei is a little embarrassed. He takes out a paper towel and passes it to her.
“Thank you. It's OK. I'm happy.”
Cai Yuyan took the paper towel to wipe her tears, and a bright smile opened on her gentle and beautiful face.
Ye Fei laughed and said, “actually, I've changed my mind a long time ago, but as you know, my mother has been away since I was a child. It's still a little difficult to shout out for a while.”
“I understand, I understand.”
Cai Yuyan nodded and hugged him with open arms. Her smile was like a flower saying: “great, really great.”
Ye Fei also felt the warmth of maternal love for the first time. Although he was not used to it, his heart was warm.
“Then I'll watch TV with your father. You'll have an early rest.”
Cai Yuyan smiles and gently exhorts.
Ye Fei smile: “I know, you also have a rest early.”
Cai Yuyan nodded happily and walked out of the room to the living room.
“This is… What's the matter?”
Ye Weiguo saw that her eyes were moist, but her face was full of smiles. She asked suspiciously.
Cai Yuyan went to her and sat down. She said with a mysterious smile: “guess.”
At that time, ye Weiguo had a big head. He thought to himself why women like to play tricks like this. He shook his head and said he couldn't guess.
“Xiao Fei just called my mother.”
Cai Yuyan didn't want to be an appetizer any more.
“So that's it. This smelly boy has changed his tongue.”
Ye Weiguo is also very happy to hear this.
Cai Yuyan gave him a slap on the shoulder and protected him with a straight face: “who is the smelly boy?”
Ye Weiguo is speechless. He used to shout like this!
Inexplicably, he felt that his family status seemed to be lost.
After the weekend, Monday morning.
Ye Fei came to the classroom and just sat down, an envelope was thrown on his desk from behind.
He picked up the envelope and looked at Yan Yue with confused eyes.
Yan Yue spewed out two words without expression.
Ye Fei suddenly realized that he was surprised and said, “don't you say you don't help me?”
“Don't give it back to me.”
Yan Yue was immediately annoyed when she heard this, and she was about to grab it back.
Ye Fei quickly avoid, tone calm thanks: “then I accept, thank you.”
In fact, he didn't want to owe the favor, but since everything was here, the favor was already owed.
“I don't want to help you, but I don't like him very much. I hate this kind of report behind the scenes.”
Yan Yue makes a fuss.
Ye Fei nodded and said nothing. He opened the envelope and looked at it.
A total of three photos, the lens is very good, sun Huai and her girlfriend are more intimate photos, one of them even hold together gnawed.
After Zhang Rui came to the classroom, ye Fei showed him the envelope.
“Haha… I'm afraid the grandson is going to have bad luck.”
After looking at three photos, Zhang Rui sneers and looks in the direction of sun Huai's seat. He finds that others haven't come to the classroom yet.
He continued to look down at the three photos carefully and couldn't help smacking: “tut tut… Thanks to this grandson's mouth, he was really cruel to himself!”
Ye Fei can't help laughing.
But it's true that the girl in the photo looks very ordinary, even looks a little stout, and has a lot of acne on her face. Thanks to sun Huai, she used to show off in class.
If this picture is sent out for the students in the class to pass around, the boys who used to envy sun Huai don't know how to feel.
“Feige, how to do it?”
Zhang Rui asked with a cheap smile.
“I'll put it on the head teacher's desk later.”
Ye Fei replied casually.
“I'll do it, I'll do it!”
Zhang Ruixing rushed to volunteer. He had been unhappy with sun Huai for a long time. He could only feel comfortable if he taught him a lesson in person.
“Whatever you want!”
Ye Fei says it doesn't matter. Anyway, he just doesn't want to be bored. By the way, he warns sun Huai that he's not easy to get into trouble. He'll have to weigh these little moves in the future.
“Monitor, thank you. We'll know we're together.”
Zhang Rui smiles and turns to thank Yan Yue.
“Unfortunately, only you think so.”
Yan Yue glanced at Ye Fei with a look of resentment.
During the break, the representative of English class received the students' notebooks and sent them to the teacher's office for inspection.
Because there are too many notebooks and they are too heavy, I need help.
So Zhang Ruili carves the past of PEEP peep peep peep and offers himself a look at Ye Fei, and then goes to the office with him.
Sun Huai suddenly felt cold on his back and quickly turned his head to look at Ye Fei.
However, ye Fei looked at the book and didn't respond at all.
Some doubts flashed in sun Huai's eyes, and he felt that he might be oversensitive.
Retribution comes quickly.
Just after the class bell rings at noon, the head teacher Kong Lan comes to the classroom and calls sun Huai to the office.
What happened in the office is not clear to the students in the class.
It's just that sun Huai didn't come to class for half a day in the afternoon. Later, an ordinary class witness released the news that sun Huai was pulled out of the school by his father's ear. After a violent beating outside the school, his face was directly swollen into a pig's head. The picture was bloody and miserable*
Chapter 57 loveliness is justice
As time goes by, the summer cicada ushered in the first winter vacation after junior high school.
Due to the guidance of Ye Fei, the final exam has made good progress, and successfully got the permission to go to magic city with Ye Fei.
This morning, when Xia Wenhua was going to work, Chen Weiguo, together with Chen Hong and Cai Yuyan, drove his two children to the airport in the black Audi he bought last year.
In the car, Cai Yuyan sits in the co driver, Chen Hong and her two children sit in the back.
“Or I'll follow you!”
Chen Hong is still a little uneasy.
Magic are thousands of miles away, two teenagers to fly to play, even know ye Fei is very mature and steady, there are still unavoidably worried.
“Mom, don't worry, there's brother Fei!”
Xia Yuchan holds a pink cartoon backpack with a sweet smile on her small face and a pair of big eyes full of expectation.
Thinking of flying to meet her good friend today, she was so excited that she fell asleep for a long time last night. She got up very early today, but now she is still full of spirit.
“Aunt Chen, don't worry. I will take good care of the cicada.”
Ye Fei also smiles and guarantees.
“Xiaofei, I don't believe you. It's just that it's too far away. I'd better take a plane…”
Chen Hong looks worried and wants to say nothing.
“As my brother said, airplanes are safer than trains and cars!Mom, do you want to fly, too? ”
Summer language cicada winks, a pair of I have seen through all the wit expression.
“I miss you!”
Chen Hong doesn't have the good spirit to bend a finger to knock on the daughter forehead.
Although she has never been on a plane, she is also curious, but she really doesn't want to take part in the fun in order to take a plane.
Xia Yuchan covered his forehead with his little hand, hummed twice with a lovely nasal voice, pouted his little mouth and disclosed: “last night you told Dad that you had never been on a plane, when would you like to experience it?”
“As much as you know.”
Chen Hong stares at her daughter.
Cai Yuyan couldn't help laughing. She turned her head and said, “sister Hong, when are we going to take a plane trip together?”
“That's a good idea. It's OK just for a few days. You're OK anyway.”
Ye Weiguo expressed his approval with a smile.
“I, I really don't want to fly. Don't listen to this girl's nonsense.”
Chen Hong is embarrassed to deny.
“I'm not talking nonsense. I've heard it. Mom, don't quibble.”
Xia Yuchan immediately broke down.
Ye Fei three people smell speech, all can't help laughing.
Joking and chatting, about two hours passed quickly, and the car arrived at Jiangcheng airport.
There are no flights in Qingshui City, so we can only come to Jiangcheng airport, the provincial capital.
After checking in at the counter, the flight will take off in half an hour.
Ye Weiguo three people send two children through security, Chen Hong is still patiently admonishing Xia Yuchan.
“Don't run around, you must follow Xiaofei, you know, and don't buy things there, things are expensive in big cities!”
“Yes, yes, I remember it. You have said it several times.”
Summer language cicada some impatient promise.
“Xiaofei, it's up to you. When you get there, remember to make a phone call to ensure safety.”
Chen Hong tells Ye Fei on one side.
“I see. Please take a hundred heart.”
Ye Fei nodded with a smile.
“Well, go, go!”
Chen Hong looked at his calm and confident smile, and finally let go.
Ye Fei takes Xia Yuchan's little hand and says goodbye to the three with a smile: “then we'll go in and bring you gifts when we come back.”
“Bye, mom, Uncle Ye and aunt CAI.”
Summer language cicada smile Ying Ying Ying of wave small hand.
Then, the two went through the security check together under the sight of three parents, and went into the waiting hall to find the corresponding gate.
“Wow, brother, look outside. There are many planes. Someone is going up on that plane. People look so small…”
The little girl felt that everything was fresh and interesting, and she kept chirping.
Fortunately, she is lovely. Loveliness is justice. The passengers waiting around don't feel disturbed. Instead, they think the little girl is lively and interesting, and cast a kind look.
“Well, sit here and have a rest!”
Ye Fei patted the seat next to him and said with a smile and cry.
Xia Yuchan comes back and sits down.
“Here, have some water!”
Ye Fei took out the thermos cup he was carrying in his backpack, poured some into the bottle cap and handed it to her.
“Thank you, brother.”
Summer language cicada happily took over, hands holding blowing hot air, and then small mouth of drinking water.
Inside is the honey ginger tea that Cai Yuyan specially prepared for fear that they would freeze on the road.
“Drink slowly. Don't burn it.”
The leaf flies to spoil of smile to remind.
Xia Yuchan gave him a sweet smile: “you know, brother, you can have some too. It's very sweet!”
Ye Fei smiles and nods, thinking that it is impossible to be sweeter than your smile.
Opposite the two, an elderly couple with Western faces nestled up to watch the scene, with a kind smile on their faces, a color of reminiscence in their eyes, and reminiscence of their age*
Chapter 58 it's exciting to fly for the first time
“Wow, let's get on the plane!”
After boarding, Xia Yuchan is more excited. She is very restless in her seat and looks around her head curiously like a baby.
She was sitting by the porthole, while ye Fei was sitting on the outside. Across the corridor, she happened to be sitting the old couple with Western faces.
“I'm sorry, she had a great time flying for the first time.”
Ye Fei apologized to them with a smile in fluent English.
“No, no, no, she's cute. We won't be angry.”
The gentleman dressed old man waved his hand with a gentle smile and said in surprise, “your English is very good.”
“Thank you.”
Ye Fei said thanks with a smile and asked curiously, “are you two here to visit Jiangcheng?”
The old gentleman nodded with a smile: “yes, we come here once a year. It's great. There are many historical and cultural attractions, and people are very kind. We all like to come here.”
“Especially the delicious food.”
The old woman added with a thumbs up.
“Ha ha… That's true. There are so many delicious food in our country.”
Ye Fei showed a proud smile on his face and asked tentatively, “are you from England?”
“Yes, you are very clever.”
The old man praised with a smile on his face.
Ye Fei showed such an expression.
That's understandable.
The food culture of England is famous all over the world. When I came to China, I was conquered by all kinds of food here.
“By the way, my name is Carl, and this is my wife Mary. Nice to meet you, handsome boy.”
The old man extended his right hand to Ye Fei.
“I'm very happy, too. My name is Ye Fei. She's my… Well, my fiancee, Xia Yuchan.”
Ye Fei shook hands with the old man and introduced each other.
“Wow!Are you engaged? ”
Mary looked at them in surprise.
“Yes, we are engaged.”
Ye Fei nodded with a smile.
“Wow, it's so romantic.”
Mary's hands were folded and her face was full of a warm smile of blessing.
“What are you talking about?I can't understand it! ”
Can't insert words completely, the summer language cicada full of greetings drags Ye Fei, some small grievances ask a way.
“They're praising you for being cute.”
Ye Fei touched her head with a smile.
“Yes?Hee hee… ”
Summer language cicada happy, quickly to the old couple thanks: “Sangke oil!”
“Ha ha…”
The old couple were amused by her poor spoken English and couldn't help laughing.
In this era, we all started learning English from junior high school. Xia Yuchan has been learning English for half a year. Besides being able to recognize all 26 English letters, she can also understand some simple greetings.
But understanding is understanding. Speaking in spoken language is a little different.
Summer language cicada blinks big eyes, doubt of see to leaf fly, don't understand what they are laughing at.
“Keke… The expression of waiguoren's emotion is exaggerated, which means they are very happy.”
Ye Fei can't bear to hit her, laughing nonsense.
“Oh, yes!”
Summer language cicada small face also bloomed sweet smile.
At this time, the stewardess came over with a friendly smile to remind the passengers to fasten their seat belts and the plane was ready to take off.
Ye Fei helps Xia Yuchan fasten his seat belt and says with a smile, “sit down. It's going to take off soon.”
Little girl is very excited, chicken peck rice like nod.
A few minutes later, the engine of the plane began to start, and Xia Yuchan became a little nervous, holding Ye Fei's sleeve tightly in his right hand.
“Nothing, don't be afraid!”
Ye Fei can't help laughing, holding her little hand and gently patting the back of her hand to comfort her.
Xia language cicada nods hard, but his face is still full of tension and uneasiness.
The first time I took a plane, I was more or less afraid. Ye Fei experienced it for the first time in his previous life when he was in University. At that time, he was an adult, and he was not as nervous before taking off.
“Want some sugar? It's better to have some of this.”
Carl reached for some candy.
“Do you want it?”
Ye Fei's inquiring eyes look at Xia Yuchan. Seeing the little girl nodding, she reaches for her hand to take it.
“Thank you.”
“That's very kind of you.”
Carl smiles and shakes his head kindly.
Ye Fei peels off a piece of sugar and hands it to Xia Yuchan. The little girl opens her mouth and eats it. The sweet smell diverts her attention and dispels her fear.
Soon, the plane began to move, and then accelerated taxiing, faster and faster.
“To fly?Are you going to fly? ”
Summer language cicada nervous and mixed with excitement and expectation, let her small face egg red flutter, like the end of autumn ripe apple, is very lovely.
Finally, when the plane reached the safe take-off speed, it began to get off the ground.
The summer language cicada felt very quickly, the small hand tightly grasps Ye Fei's hand, the double eye glitters to look out of the side window.
With the rise of the plane, the city becomes more and more distant, smaller and smaller in the eyes, and the vision becomes broader, as if the whole Jiangcheng is in the eye.
It's exciting to see such a scene for the first time,
“Brother Fei, my ears seem a little uncomfortable.”
Xia Yuchan touched her little ear.
“Normal. It's caused by the change of air pressure. It's better to open your mouth.”
Ye Fei said with a smile.
Little girl obediently open small mouth, really feel a lot better, happy to continue to look out of the window scenery*
Chapter 59 ten million students only accompany her
When the plane entered the clouds, Xia Yuchan looked out at the sea of clouds and the sun in the distance, which was not covered by clouds.
The scenery is beautiful, but ye Fei is not very interested. He has a chat with the English couple.
The Englishman couple seemed to be only in their teens, but they spoke fluent English, and their manners were calm. They had a good feeling for ye Fei and talked with him warmly about some of the news of the trip.
Every year, they come to China for a tour, and each time they go to a different city. Their dream is to visit all the scenic spots and taste all the local food.
They have been playing in Jiangcheng for a week. The next stop is mordu, the most economically developed city in China. They are going to have fun in mordu for a few days.
During the chat, ye Fei also learned from the old woman that the old man dressed as a gentleman was actually a pianist, and he seemed to have great influence all over the world.
After learning the news, ye Fei had an idea in his mind.
“Carl, I like piano very much. I always want to learn it. Can you be my teacher or introduce me to a good teacher?”
Ye Fei's face asks seriously.
He recalled his previous life. At the University Gala, Xia Yuchan danced like a fairy and became the focus of attention of all the teachers and students. He was just one of the mortals who sat at the bottom of the stage to enjoy her dancing.
In this life, he doesn't want to be like this any more. He wants to stand on the same stage with her and accompany her with beautiful piano sound.
Before, when he accompanied Xia Yuchan to learn dance, he had such an idea.
But if he wants to do one thing, he must do his best.
There is no pianist he can look up to in Qingshui city.
In addition, he has been busy making profits in the stock market, so he plans to make money first, and then he will hire a really famous master to instruct himself.
After learning that Carl is a world-famous pianist, he thought it was a coincidence and immediately decided to learn piano from him.
“You want to learn piano?”
Carl looked at him in surprise.
“Yes, I want to learn. I can pay you no matter how much.”
Ye Fei nodded his head firmly.
“It's not about money.”
Carl shook his head and explained: “look at you, you don't just want to learn, but piano is no better than others. If you want to really achieve something, you need to learn from childhood. You…”
He didn't go on, but the meaning was obvious.
“I don't want to be a pianist.”
Ye Fei sincerely said: “in fact, my fiancee is learning to dance. She has great talent in dance and is good at ballet. I want to accompany her on the piano one day in the future. Carl, please.”
Carl and his wife Mary were moved by this.
Especially the more emotional Mary.
“Wow, you are so romantic.”
Mary said to her husband, “Carl, take him. Don't you always want to take a disciple?”
“But we can't stay here all the time. How can I teach him?”
Carl still has some concerns.
“Carl, Mary, don't you like China? Can you stay for a while? I'll take you to taste all kinds of Chinese food. Carl can also teach me piano for half a year. I can pay you 10 million yuan for half a year.”
Ye Fei made an amazing price directly.
Money is used to spend, now the small Treasury is sufficient, he will not be stingy of himself.
As a world-famous pianist, Karl is not short of money, but they were shocked to hear that a teenager offered such a reward.
“Is your family rich?”
Carl asked in surprise.
“No, it's all my own money, in the stock market.”
Ye Fei replied with a smile.
“Stocks?I know that * * experienced a big bull market before. Did you make a lot of money in stocks? ”
Carl was even more surprised.
He also knows a lot of financial tycoons, and has met some talents who started investing and making money in their teens.
Ye Fei put up two fingers and replied with a smile, “I have more than 200 million assets now.”
It's not that he deliberately shows off, but that he has to show his value so that Carl is willing to stay and teach him.
When Carl and his wife heard this, they both took a breath of cold air. Although they are rich, their total assets are far less than that.
The world famous pianist only talks about reputation and fame.
“Is that ok?Carl, we can continue to talk about the payment. It doesn't matter, as long as you can stay and teach me. ”
Ye Fei continued.
“No, no, no… ten million is a lot.”
Carl quickly waved his hand and said with a bitter smile, “I don't seem to have any reason to refuse.”
“That's great. Please take good care of it later, teacher.”
Ye Fei actively extends his right hand to Carl.
“Ye, you are undoubtedly a genius. I'm looking forward to your talent in piano.”
Carl smiles and shakes his hand*