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Reborn fire shadow(Naruto) the strongest immortal mode (Chapter 1-56)
Chapter 1 through the leaves
Chapter 1 through the leaves
“Ding!The host traverses successfully!Heaven supreme system activated successfully
“I’ll go. What's my situation?It seems that I heard something successful just now
No, where is it? How do you feel like being immersed in water? ”
Ze Ye is very puzzled, can feel his hands and feet, but soft soft soft, but also bound, head is down, stomach seems to have a thing connected to himself?It's obvious that I was soaked in water, and I didn't feel suffocated.
At this time, outside spread jilijiwa voice.
“What?It's hard not to come true to cross, but also to cross to Japan!That's bad luck. ”
Sakano had already guessed that he was crossing because he was sure it was not a dream.
Zeye was called sun Zeye before crossing. He was a doctor. After work, he played a game of Huoying mobile game, and now he crossed inexplicably.
For a moment he was at a loss.
“I'm sorry, mom and dad. My son can't be filial!”
Ze ambition said a, he crossed over has been a day, finally a little desperate, said this sentence.
“By the way, don't I have a system?The system?Get out of hereCried Zeno.
“Ding!”The supreme mission system of all heavens is starting… 10%… 30%… 50%…”
“System, what world is this?System, can I go back? ”
He still had a little expectation in his heart. He thought, in some novels, can't we go back after finishing the task arranged by the system?
“Ding, the system loads 100% and officially starts!”
At this time, a panel appeared in his mind.
Host: Yuzhi bozeye
Date of birth: September 15, 2015
Camp: Muye yuzhibo.
Blood boundary: eye of writing wheel (not activated)
Chakra attributes: fire, wind, thunder, earth, water, Yin, Yang.
Talent: natural chakra perception, great mental power, space talent.
Ninja: None
Tolerance: None
The main task (the only task) is the most powerful in the world of tolerance, killing all the purebred clansmen,
The punishment for failure: to wipe out the ghost.
Task reward: you have a 10% chance to cross the next world immediately.
Ze wild looking at the task, as well as the final task reward, breathed a breath, “really have the opportunity to return to the original world, isn't it?”
“The system, are you there?”
“Host, do you have any problems? If you have any problems, please tell me. The system will automatically sleep right away!”
“What, didn't you just activate it?Why sleep now? “Ze ye asked a little confused,
“I'm not an auxiliary system. I won't follow you all the time. I told you the task. That's the only task.”The system answered without emotion.
“Ah, so ruthless, but yuzhibo is not a good family. It's hard to say that they are targeted every day. Even if they write in a kaleidoscope, they will be blind. Don't you give me some plug-ins?”Ze wild urgent asked a way.
“You have a big gift bag for beginners and the only one.Only when we cross to another world can we have the next gift package. ”
As soon as he heard this, he immediately looked at the system panel in his mind and saw that there was a big gold gift bag.
“System?How to get it! ”
“You just have to think about it, open it with your mind.”
“Well, how can I forget this? Open the gift bag!”
“Ding, congratulations on the host's acquisition of Hunyuan Jue (which can absorb all energy and transform it into spiritual power, including the natural energy of tolerance world)
Ding, congratulations on the host's acquisition of the artifact eight feet Qiong gouyu!
Ding, congratulations on the host's ten fist sword!
Ding, congratulations on the host's acquisition of the eight foot mirror!
Ding, congratulations to the host for getting the eight foot crow of psychic scroll
The system is ringing one after another. It's amazing.
There are so many things in a big gold gift bag, but it seems that this time I'm not going to come to the invincible stream.
“Collect!”Ze Ye collected these gift packages with his own mind.
At this time, Yuzhi bozeye's panel had many more things.
Host: Yuzhi bozeye
Date of birth: September 15, 2015
Camp: Muye yuzhibo.
Blood boundary: eye of writing wheel (not activated)
Chakra attributes: fire, wind, thunder, earth, water, Yin, Yang.
Talent: natural chakra perception, great mental power, space talent.
Ninjutsu: Hunyuan Jue
Endurance: eight foot Qiong gouyu, ten fist sword, eight foot mirror.
Psychic beast: eight foot crow.
“Ding, the host has received the gift bag, and the system will sleep in 60 seconds!Countdown 60… 59… 58… ”
As soon as he heard this, he woke up from the excitement and immediately said, “Hello, you system, what's the situation of my crossing this time, did you do it?”
“The host should not stigmatize the system, the host is a sudden death due to overwork, which has nothing to do with the system… 24… 23…”
“What, karoshi?How is that possible?Can I play a game to kill myself?You lied to me
As soon as he finished, the system fell asleep.
Although sleeping, Ze wild can still view their own property panel, he constantly shouting system is not a sound.
But he forgot to ask himself, who are the parents of this world?The name of Yuzhi bozeye never appeared in the original work, and it is estimated that it is also a dragon suit.
I don't know how long it took. It's estimated that it will be one or two days before Sakano was born.
Women in the forbearance world don't have such a saying about having a baby.Yuzhi bozeye was just born. Today, Fuyue's mother, Yuzhi bozaye, can go shopping. It's so powerful.
She's in better shape than she was a month ago.Now Zeye is a child who is hungry fast, so he cries when he is hungry. Zeye will not treat himself badly,
Yu zhibonan heard Ze Ye wailing and ran back immediately, holding him and forced him to nurse.
His father in this life is yuzhibojing, a disciple of the second generation of Mu Huoying. Of course, Ze ye, who can't understand the Japanese language, doesn't know his identity yet, but it seems that even Huoying has come, so he should have good strength.My mother, Yu Zhibo, is very tolerant.
At present, qianshouyijian is not dead. Yuzhiboban and qianshouzhu fought in the eighth year of Muye.
In that battle, Yu Zhibo was defeated and won miserably among the thousand hands.Three years later, Muye died at the end of the eleventh year.
At the same time, the fire shadow of the second generation of eyes ascended to the throne among thousand hands, but the news of the death of thousand hands leaked.The first World War broke out in the 12th year of Muye.
At present, the world of tolerance is overturning. The thousand hand clan took the lead in the war. A large number of people died and quickly began to decline.
Qianshouyijian knows the danger of his family, and the world of tolerance doesn't want another qianshouzhujian, so as long as he goes to the battlefield, his death rate is ten times that of other families.
There is no way. From this year, the thousand handed people began to hide their names. They changed the names of the remaining two thousand people, 1800 of them. In order to conceal information, they broke up and moved out of the thousand handed land.Scattered to all parts of Muye, became ordinary civilians.
In addition, in the same year, the yuzhibo Muye police force was also established.This is the plot of a thousand hands.The purpose is to kick yuzhibo out of the top management of Muye power.
Yuzhibozeye's father, yuzhibojing, also knows this. Although he is interested in Muye, he also has feelings for his family. At present, yuzhibo's family has no shadow level master besides him, and there is no room for resistance*
Chapter 2 Sakano's magic
Chapter 2 Sakano's magic
Five years later, yuzhibozeye has another younger brother, yuzhibofuze, who was born in the 19th year of Muye last year.
In the past few years, he has learned Japanese and his identity. He is yuzhibojing's eldest son.
A few months ago, his father came back with the body of Huoying of the second generation of eyes and qiudaoqufeng, and he was also injured.Muye's medical minister turned to Xiaochun to diagnose him, saying that he would not live for several years.
Yuzhi Boze thought, “Oh, no!I'm yuzhibojing's son. Is my son a soil bearer or a waterstopHum!No matter who it is, if you dare to count on me, I can blow your balls! ”
He is also quite the relationship between yuzhibojing and the three generations of fire, shadow, ape and sun. He is his biggest body guard. As long as yuzhibojing is in one day, even Zhicun tuanzang will not attack him. No, he must find a way to cure his father.
“Well, the system is there.”In his previous life, he was just a surgeon, and his soul was zero for cell research and spirit.He really has nothing to do at the moment.
Looking at the disciples of the second generation of Mu Huoying, one by one, they all became Muye high-level. Yuzhi Bojing had retired because of his health and was no longer in contact with power.
Fortunately, Muye didn't treat him badly, didn't give him the power of the top management, and gave him a Level-A task every month, which was enough for their family to live well.
The relationship between yuzhibojing family and yuzhibo family is not cold. When yuzhibojing was apprenticed to Huoying, he was supported by the head of the family.
At that time, the Qianshou clan was very powerful. At the peak, yuzhibo clan had to admit it. It can be said that yuzhibo was a good friend to the Qianshou clan and used him as a bridge to communicate with the senior management of Muye.
The yuzhibo clan did not regard yuzhibojing as a traitor spy. On the contrary, they also gave yuzhibojing a lot of right to speak. For some things, yuzhibojing was invited to come to the scene.
In the land of the Muye yuzhibo family, yuzhibozeye is in a courtyard, cross legged on the ground.
After a while, Yuzhi bozeye opened his eyes and breathed, “finally, he breathed into his body!”
It has been five years since he came to the world of tolerance. A few years ago, he did not begin to practice,
Both chakra's extraction and cultivation of Hunyuan Jue were suspended by Yuzhi bozeye,
The Hunyuan Jue skill is mentioned above. Although it has been simplified by the system, it is still not suitable for infants to practice,
In modern times, babies are called babies when they are one to two years old. In this period, children are not sensible, they don't know what channels they have. In addition, the channels are not mature, and Fu Ze doesn't want to die, so he has never practiced.
Yuzhibo mirror doesn't have to force yuzhibozeye to extract chakra, but it requires Zeye to be very strict in some aspects,
Since he was three years old, before the end of the first World War of tolerance, he made a training plan for Yu Zhibo to supervise. In addition to writing and reading every day, he had to exercise for several hours every day and take some medicine baths when he went to bed at night.
But those civilians can not enjoy the treatment, just a daily bath, that is, a tolerant civilian family may not be able to insist.
Once in a while, when Ze Ye walks on the street, those five-year-old children who are also with him on the street will soon find that they are different.
Although Ze Ye is five years old, he is as strong as a child of seven or eight years old. If he only relies on his physical skills, he can choose ten or even twenty children at the same time.It's all about bullying children.
Chakra in Huoying world is not a good thing. It is extracted from the body cells, so after the Ninja reaches its peak, its strength will not increase, but will become weaker and weaker.
Zeye doesn't even want to extract chakras. He just practices Hunyuan Jue, but he still decides to extract some chakras when he thinks of the precarious life in the world.
He began to extract chakra when he was four and a half years old before practicing Hunyuan Jue. Now chakra can release two C-level fireballs.
His chakra quantity is much more than that of some five-year-old children of the thousand handed clan. Of course, the thousand handed clan has several abnormal people, and chakra quantity is frightening.
Hunyuan Jue also has a cultivation level. After the first time of introducing Qi into the body, it is the Qi training period,
After that, there are Zhuji, Jindan, Yuanying, Huashen, Chenghe, Dacheng and Dujie.There are nine levels.
There is no aura in the world of tolerance, but the natural energy is also a kind of energy. Hunyuan Jue can absorb all the energy and transform it into a kind of aura that provides self-cultivation.
At present, he can release two C-level fireballs at the early stage of Qi training. Each level is divided into early stage, middle stage, late stage and peak stage.It is estimated that by the golden age, there will be almost six levels.
It's like the big tube glow night that integrates all the sources of chakra, that is, the level of Yuan Dynasty.
Yuzhi bozeye has practiced Hunyuan Jue for more than half a year. Today, he finally draws Qi into his body. At the beginning of practicing Qi, everything is difficult. Although he was a doctor in his previous life, it is not easy to find out the meridians and acupoints.
Hunyuan Jue can absorb all energy and convert it into aura. In the realm of tolerance, what it can absorb is the energy of stars and nature,
Different from the local immortal mode, the ordinary chakra is obtained through the complete integration of its own body energy and spiritual energy. Ninja can release Ninja by consuming a certain amount of chakra.
The magic chakra is formed by absorbing natural energy on the basis of body energy and spiritual energy, and the Ninja released by consuming the magic chakra is called magic.To use alchemy, you need to enter immortal mode.
Ze Ye's Hunyuan formula is even more powerful. He doesn't need any spiritual energy at all, and he doesn't want his own chakra. He only needs the energy of nature.
However, it's not unlimited. He is just at the beginning of practicing Qi, absorbing the natural energy into his own elixir field and storing it. There is no immortal face on his face.
But if you learn the immortal mode here, you will be absolutely surprised. He will find that Yuzhi bozeye is able to turn on the immortal mode 24 hours a day, which can't be done in a thousand hands.
When you use this energy, you can just use it as directly as a normal chakra.
At present, there are few chakras in Zeye nature. It is estimated that when we reach the last few realms, we will be able to run across the tolerance boundary*
Chapter 3 three artifact
Chapter 3 three artifact
Practicing Hunyuan Jue, his body and spirit are slowly increasing, and he also has a certain perception ability, that is, divine consciousness.At the beginning of Qi training, it was about 100 meters.Not even the native version of the fairy model.
He opened a pair of single gouyu writing eyes two months ago. It's really amazing. Everything is very clear.
He can see through some physical skills, be immune to many illusions, and even copy some low-level Ninjutsu, because his mental power is huge, which means his pupil power is huge.The eye of writing wheel can be compared with other people's eye of writing wheel.
The three artifact he got from the system, ten fist sword, eight foot mirror, and eight foot Qiong gouyu can also be used,
Shiquan sword is a kind of spirit sword, which is one of the many artifact.It is said that it is the seal sword of the wine cutting sword. The person who is stabbed will be “permanently” sealed in the dreamy magic world, which shows that the gourd used to hold wine.
Here also emphasizes the magic world, the use of kaleidoscope is also inseparable from magic.This time, however, the use of seals to achieve magic can be said to be another level.
Ten fists sword had been in yuzhibo weasel's hand before, and it was sealed in the wine gourd when dasheban came out of Sasuke's body and launched the eight Qi technique. However, dasheban revived by the seal that he left in Hongdou's body (Sasuke helped him revive).
Later, he died in the battle with his brother Yu Zhibo.Yuzhibo weasel, who was reincarnated from dirty soil, sealed the long gate in the wine gourd with ten fists and swords.
Eight foot mirror is also a shield without entity. It can defend against all kinds of attacks (including entity attack, soul attack, physical attack or all kinds of Ninjutsu). It has all kinds of property changes. It can change its own property according to the attribute of the attack to make it invalid.
Jue once commented that when Xu Zuo Neng Hu combined the eight close mirror with the ten fist sword, the weasel almost reached the invincible state of attack and defense.
As for Ba Chi Qiong and Gou Yu, it seems that Yu Zhi Bo Ban's su Zuo can also be used.
These three artifacts are integrated into three pieces by the system, and Ze Ye carries them around his neck every day. When the system gives them to him, he also changes the method of use, so they can be used without assistance.
Before Zeye, according to the use method of artifact in his mind, “ten fist sword,” Yuzhi bozeye infused mental power and chakra into the ten fist sword.
A purple gold sword appeared in his hand. The length of the sword can be stretched and stretched at will.There is also a certain ability to seal people into a strange world.Later, it was found that the place of seal was the place where the eight foot crow lived.
There is a cave with ten wine jars.That is to say, at most ten people can be sealed, and only spirit can be sealed.
That is to say, as long as the soul is stabbed by his ten fist sword, it will be sealed. Of course, the right to choose is in Fu Yue's hands. He can use the ten fist sword to chop or seal people.
As for the eight foot mirror, he injected it into chakra in the same way as before, and a purple gold round light escape appeared, which was an artifact that could return the rebound attack.
Although it can only defend one side, one direction is much better than the psychic Rashomon.There's no need to tie the seal, and there's no need to be able to manipulate it completely with one's own mind.
Can only rebound B level ninja, as for a or s level ninja, can only use eight feet mirror hard resistance.
As for eight feet Qiong gouyu, when Zeye instilled chakra, a C-level Ninja chakra couldn't even urge him.
Later, he used chakra in his elixir field to stimulate it. It can be said that the natural energy in his elixir field is ten times as heavy as ordinary chakra.
After that, Zeye found out the rules. Using ordinary chakra, you need a class a ninja chakra, and using natural energy, you only need a class C Ninja chakra.
When he throws Ba Chi Qiong Gou Yu out, it's like throwing out a flash bomb, Muji ninja. After throwing it out, the power of insurance is close to s level. If he wakes up in the future, he must be able to use these three artifacts at the same time.
“Zeye, Zeye, your sister Meiqin came to see you.Come out quicklyYuzhi called.
“Sister Meiqin?”
As soon as he heard this, he ran out. This is his own weasel and Sasuke's mother. He is only three years old this year. He was born in Muye's 15th year. Yuzhi bomeiqin was born in Muye's 17th year.
Yu Zhibo was born in the same year as Fu Yue.
His father is the head of yuzhibo clan. His name is yuzhibo Ye. At present, he has opened the eyes of sangouyu's writing wheel. His strength is second only to yuzhibo mirror in yuzhibo clan!
Because yuzhibo's mirror home is very close to yuzhibo Meiqin, yuzhibo Meiqin often comes to play with himself.
This little girl is very attached to herself, because she and other yuzhibo people don't have that kind of arrogant temper. In fact, he also wants to be an arrogant person, but because of her identity, there is no reason to be arrogant in yuzhibo people.
Because of yuzhibo's family, no child wants to play with him, and he doesn't want to play with children, so he can only play with little Lori.
I often wonder if I want to dig the corner of yuzhibo Fuyue.
Yuzhibo Meiqin comes here every day to find yuzhibo Zeye and listen to some fairy tales of her previous life.
Sometimes a story has to be told dozens of times, but she still can't hear it enough. Meiqin's mother died in childbirth, and she was raised by yuzhibo.
Yuzhibojing is also happy to see his success. After all, he is the granddaughter of the elder, and his son is supported by the elder, so there is no shortage of resources.
Yu Zhibo's elder was the main leader who took the lead in refusing Yu Zhibo to leave Muye. Muye beat him up as a close Muye sect.In fact, the yuzhibo people were forced to leave Muye to leave with yuzhiboban.
“Brother, brother Zeye, hug!”
Yuzhibo Meiqin didn't grow as fast as Zeye. He was a three-year-old baby. When Zeye saw Meiqin coming, he immediately came to lift it up.
Yuzhibo Meiqin is very excited. This is her favorite.
“Ha ha, Meiqin, did you go out to play today?”Sawano asked.
“No, no, aunt naphthalene asked me to learn how to read. I know several words today. I'm good at it!”
Yu Zhibo Meiqin asked triumphantly, and his face said praise me quickly.
“Ha ha, Meiqin is wonderful. It's amazing!”
Zeye came to a touch, Meiqin feel quite satisfied, she likes this kind of feeling with Zeye.
At this time, yuzhibojing came back*
Chapter 4 intra clan tasks
Chapter 4 intra clan tasks
Over the past few years, the yuzhibo Muye police force has been set up and has a lot of affairs.Although he retired, he couldn't stay idle and went out to find something to do.
This year is the 20th year of Muye. Last year, when the second generation of people went to yunyin village, the land of thunder, to form an alliance, they were besieged by the forces of Jinjiao and Yinjiao.
In the end, he died with golden horn and silver horn.Now the first World War of tolerance is coming to an end, and the three generations of fire shadow ape flying day chop has officially changed from generation of fire shadow to regular.
During the first World War, the yuzhibo family made a lot of efforts. Because of this, the progress of Muye police force was very slow.
Yuzhibo family has many masters now, but the shadow level master is his father yuzhibo mirror.As for yuzhibo clan leader, that is the strength of zhunying.
The elder of the yuzhibo clan was also a shadow class when he was young, but now he can't. chakra was less than half of his peak.
Body art degradation is serious, that is, the printing speed is twice as slow.Combat thinking is not the same as before.
Although Yuzhi Bojing is a shadow level master, in this war, he received a lot of injuries in the battlefield of fengzhiguo.At this time, Muye's medical conditions were not high, and his Qi and blood were insufficient, so he was a little old in his thirties.
Later, after the leizhiguo incident, Yu Zhibo's injuries accumulated to a certain extent,
It is estimated that in one or two years, at most three years, we may not be able to hold on.
At the thought of this, yuzhibonan is very sad. She doesn't work in the family area, and the family's economic conditions can support her, so she has been taking care of Zeye and fuze at home. Of course, there is a little Laurie Meiqin.
Yu Zhibo looks at Meiqin and Zeye in the mirror, and they salute him immediately.
He then took Meiqin over and said, “hehe, Meiqin came to play with her brother again!”He's very strict with Sawano, but he's totally different with Meiqin. It's estimated that he will spoil her more than his own daughter.
“Mm-hmm, looking for brother and brother fuze to play.”Meiqin said.
“Tut tut!”Yuzhibojing touched Meiqin's head and gave her a kiss. Then he turned to Zeye and said, “in the afternoon, the family is examining those children who didn't go to tolerance school in the ancestral hall. You have to go too.Get ready.
And you're old enough. I'll take you to sign up tomorrow,… No, forget it tomorrow. Let your mother take you. The police force has something to do! ”
Just now, yuzhibo Meiqin is not the expression of long Aotian. Zeye feels that he picked it up. Yuzhibo Meiqin is his own.
“I know, but father, can we not go to tolerance school? I don't like those children, a group of rubbish!”
His last sentence “a group of garbage” is based on the character of yuzhibo people. If not, it's not like yuzhibo people,.
Sure enough, Yu Zhibo's eyebrows wrinkled as soon as he heard it. “Those of Zeye are Muye's companions. It's worth you to give them your back on the battlefield. You can't insult your companions, even if your strength is very strong.”
Yuzhi bozeye immediately admitted his mistake, “I know, father!Why, I think my current strength, to the next day graduation can be
He didn't want to go there to waste time, and he didn't want to be with a group of kids, he said.
“If you don't go, you can't. this school is a system established by Huoying adults. All families must give them some face.
Besides, this year's students, the grandson of the first generation of Huoying, qianshoushengshu, and the son of the third generation of Huoying, ape Fei xinzhizhu, are all in this year's class.
The task given to you and Fuyue in the family is to compare them. This is your task. Do you understand? “Yuzhibojing said,
He also has selfishness, and wants to show off his son in the ape flying day chop, that is, the fire shadow of the third generation.
At present, almost two-thirds of the members of the Qianshou clan have lost their family name in the first world of tolerance. In addition, during the early period of Muye, a large number of Qianshou clan changed their surnames and intermarried with foreigners. Now there are less than 300 members of the Qianshou clan, most of whom are old, weak, sick and disabled.
Yuzhibo has become the most powerful family. If the population exceeds 3000, ninja will have more than 1500, which is the existence of hegemony.
So the whole yuzhibo clan, of course, wants to suppress those opponents in all aspects, such as the future of yuzhibo clan and the talent of children.
It's sad for a family to lose the present and the future.
“Well, I see. Father, who else in our family will go with me?”This is already the task of the family. Ze ye thought about it and agreed. After all, he belongs to the yuzhibo family. The task of the family's apportionment still needs face.
Today, yuzhibojing comes back from the patriarch, yuzhiboye, the father of yuzhibofuyue, who has decided the mission of yuzhibofuyue and Zeye to go to school today.
“And yuzhibo Fuyue, the son of the patriarch.He is a little worse than you, but he is much better than the young master of the thousand handed clan.Both of you are geniuses of yuzhibo!We can't lose the glory of yuzhibo. ”
Although Yu Zhi wave mirror, heart to wood leaf.But I still care about the glory of yuzhibo.
After lunch,
In the afternoon, yuzhibo mirror came with yuzhibo Zeye and yuzhibo Meiqin. Nanhechuan shrine is yuzhibo ancestral hall.
More than 40 children need to go to school this time.
The enrollment age of Muye school is six years old, which also refers to the common people. For these rich families, they can sign up at the age of five.
This time, several elders and patriarchs of the yuzhibo clan all came to test and train some of these children.
If you are qualified, you can go to Muye school. If you are not qualified, you can go to Muye school next year, when you are six years old.
There are some families that don't have Ninja talent, and they don't waste so many resources. For example, there are more than 3000 people in yuzhibo family, and half of them are ninja.Some ninjas don't have much cultivation ability.
In order to concentrate resources, the family can only give up some people, most of whom can also refine chakra.Even better than the civilian ninja, but no matter how big a family is, its resources are limited.
As a clan leader, yuzhiboye needs to speak, “today, it's yuzhiboye's annual exam!Those with good qualifications can get more resources.
Yuzhibo is the most powerful family in Muye. They don't need waste. If they are not qualified, don't go to Ninja school today. If they go, they will disgrace the family… ”
Yuzhibo's speech is very “yuzhibo”. Most of the yuzhibo people think it's reasonable, and so do the children who are about his age.
Zeye can't listen any more. After a while, Yuzhi Boyie stops talking*
Chapter 5 “S-level” fireball
Chapter 5 “S-level” fireball
“Well, let's start now, the first yuzhibo Fuyue, you come up!”
As the son of the patriarch, the young patriarch, yuzhibo Fuyue, was called up first.His face is mostly a dead fish face from childhood. It looks a bit scary. He also likes Meiqin very much, but Meiqin says he's scared and doesn't like playing with him.
Sometimes Fuyue comes to play with Zeye. Not every child has a mature soul like Zeye. They all like to play.For example, listen to Sakano tell stories.
At this time, yuzhibo Meiqin's grandfather and elder said with a smile, “Fu Yue, come here and let me see your chakra!”
Yu Zhibo and Fu Yue walked over immediately. This time, they mainly focused on chakra and some three body skills.
Elder Yu Zhibo pressed Fu Yue's shoulder and input some chakras to check. “Ha ha, that's right. This chakra is the amount that I can bear!When you are five years old, you will be able to bear it when you graduate. Just stand aside
Hearing the elder's words, everyone began to talk about it. Yuzhi Boyie was very proud,
The elder pointed to one side, and yuzhibo Fuyue went over.
“Next, Yuzhi bozeye!”
As soon as he heard this, he immediately jumped up and came to the elder. Because of Meiqin, the elder was very kind to him. It was said that his father yuzhibojing's Ninja swordsmanship was taught by the elder!It can be said that he is the master of his father.
Zeye jumped up and came to the elder. The elder said, “eh, yes, ha ha ha, I have so many talents in yuzhibo. Your chakra is twice as much as Fuyue, more than ordinary thousand handed people, and also a genius.Go over there
As soon as he heard this, he came to Fuyue happily. The elder just saw the chakra in his body. In fact, the elder didn't find the chakra in his Dantian.
Usually, he just uses his own chakra in his elixir field instead of his own chakra in his cell. He doesn't want to destroy his foundation.
Then more than 40 children tested it one by one. Three of them couldn't extract chakras, and five of them were very small. It's estimated that if multiplied by twice, even the stunt couldn't be released.
Some of them can only wait until next year. If they can't come up with another proposal next year, the family won't support them to go to tolerance school. Of course, their family is willing to take them with them.The family doesn't subsidize it.
“Well, you refined chakras, come and release your ninja again.We should start with Fuyue. ”
The elder said.
Yuzhibo's children are miserable. They have good swords in their hands. But now they don't test this. They test Ninjutsu. The sword in their hands is a skill that practice makes perfect. It doesn't represent Ninjutsu's talent,
Yuzhibo Fuyue is still the first one. He released a fire escape magic fireball. Although this magic fireball is a little small, it is not bad compared with a five-year-old child. It can be said that it is a genius.
Ze wild is the second, he came to the stage, ready to special performance, otherwise he suddenly release happiness super power of fire Dun, afraid someone can't accept.
At present, he can make four prints per second with both hands, but he can't make it with one hand.
“Huodun Hao's fireball skill!”
In an instant, Ze Ye mobilized the natural energy in his Dantian and released a fireball.
Everyone was surprised to see Zeye release level C Ninjutsu, another genius. Now the quality of five-year-old children is catching up with the era of achievements, but what surprised them even more happened next!
Ordinary people release a giant fireball, that is, a fireball with a diameter of three to five meters. Yuzhi bozeye's giant fireball, because of its natural energy, is ten times as powerful as ordinary chakra, and becomes a super fireball with a diameter of more than ten meters.
The fireball shot dozens of meters away and exploded with a bang.
“Tudun – the art of earth flowing wall” several yuzhibo people immediately made a seal. On this side of the sea of fire, they formed a Tuqiang to protect this side.
When Hao fireball exploded, it was surrounded by a sea of fire with the explosion point of Hao fireball as the center. Fortunately, there were lots of open spaces near nanhechuan, otherwise it would have been a big loss.
Yuzhi bozeye was very satisfied with the effect. Before he practiced, he was always by the river or in a small lake. The effect was not as shocking as it is today.
“Why is it silent?There should be applause here! “Yuzhi bozeye looks around you.
I saw that all the people were looking at the sea of fire over there. A large area of Yu Zhibo mirror was staring at the dog. His father, Yu Zhibo's first master and the owner of the kaleidoscope wheel eye were not calm,
Some clansmen were shocked, and the eyes of the writing wheel could not be suppressed.
Yuzhi Boze wild mouth hook, this effect he is very satisfied, turned to his father, there are several elders where, “cough cough, father, patriarch, several elders grandfather, I can do it.”
“Can, can, can, no, Ze ye, you this is the skill of Hao fireball?Are you sure? “Yu Zhibo is the first to respond to Ye's excited statement.
Yu Zhibo mirror also uses instant body skill to jump here at this time. He also wants to hear, “Ze ye, what kind of skill are you doing? It's hard for your fireball to catch up with mine.”
“Is Zeye Jieyin the seal of haohuoqiu?Why is it so powerful? “The elder asked,
All the people's eyes look at Ze ye, let him to explain.
“Cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough!!Hey, hey
Yuzhi bozeye said.Suddenly, he thought of a question, his father can learn magic, if he learned magic, his cell strong damage, as well as mental damage can recover a lot.
Now yuzhibo mirror is strong. If you can live for more than ten years, you will grow up and don't need his protection.
Hearing the word “immortal skill”, the high-level of yuzhibo was not calm for a moment. Qianshouzhujian had not been dead for many years. Yuzhibo's eternal kaleidoscope writing wheel eye, with the blessing of qianshouzhujian's immortal skill jiamudun, had to conquer Jiuwei, but Jiuwei still couldn't beat qianshouzhujian.Yuji Boban was defeated.
“The test is over. You can't tell anything that happened today, or you will be punished by the clan rules.”Yuzhi, the patriarch, said seriously.
“Yes, patriarch!”*
Chapter 6: yuzhibo of blood
Chapter 6: yuzhibo of blood
The parents of those children also know more or less the seriousness of the matter. Yu Zhibo's parents in this era were all born in the Warring States period. How could they not know about the fairy art.
He immediately pulled his child to leave,
At this time, Yuzhi Boyie said, “mirror, you and Zeye, stay here!”
Yuzhibojing nods, takes yuzhibozeye and his party to nanhechuan shrine. Yuzhibojing is a person of fire and shadow, and the senior management of yuzhibo doesn't trust him completely.
But today's thing is that his son yuzhiboze is immortal and can't jump yuzhibojing.So we can only let him in. After all, he was the first master of yuzhibo clan before. During the period without yuzhibo, a large part of yuzhibo clan's honor was won by yuzhibo mirror.
Yuzhi bozeye comes to the shrine. Yuzhi bomeiqin is taken away by Fuyue. This occasion is not suitable for children.
Entering the shrine, yuzhiboye stares at yuzhibozeye. From his eyes, Zeye sees great ambition.
“Ze ye, when did you succeed in practicing this magic art?”Asked the elder.
“A few months ago, you can now release three fireball spells.It's just like that! “Yuzhi bozeye said.
As soon as they heard that they could release three giant fireballs close to S-level Ninjutsu, many senior officials were shocked. Just after a few months of practice, they could let a five-year-old release three S-level fireballs. Yuzhiboban was not wronged.
At this time, the two elders asked, “Zeye, can you write down the way to practice the immortal art? As a member of yuzhibo, you should have the responsibility to make the people grow up.
Of course, Yu Zhibo will not treat you badly. He will give you a level a mission fund every month. Until you become an adult, all the Ninjas in the clan will be open to you. What do you think? ”
After listening to the words of elder Yu Zhibo, none of the people present said anything else, which means that the people present have acquiesced in this way.
Yuzhi bozeye was very excited when he heard that. Although he couldn't hand in his cultivation method “Hunyuan Jue”, as a fire shadow fan, he still knew the cultivation method of immortal mode.
If yuzhibojing dies, I don't know whether the compensation in the village will continue to be given to yuzhibojing's widow and children. The funds for class a tasks are very rich, but they need to be carried out with patience.
The patriarch yuzhiboye looks at yuzhibo Zeye, who is still thinking about it, and gnaws his teeth. He says, “Zeye, if you can hand over the immortal method and record the way you practice the immortal skill, then all the Ninja resources of yuzhibo will be open to you. We yuzhibo will do our best to help you if you have any requirements.
As long as you have achieved the merit, you have the qualification to become the patriarch, but you have not become the patriarch. When you are promoted to the elite Shangren, you will automatically enjoy the treatment of elder yuzhibo.What do you think? ”
Yuzhi Boyie has paid a lot for this immortal method.
“Well, the patriarch says it's reasonable. The importance of the immortal art of the immortal art is better than that of the kaleidoscope. As long as you hand in the cultivation materials of the immortal art, just follow what the patriarch says?”
Other elders say the same thing.
Yuzhi bozeye is not surprised by this scene. After all, those who have seen the original work know the cultivation method of the immortal mode in this world.
You can't let out your own Hunyuan formula. You can only write down the way that whirlpool Naruto practices immortal mode in miaomushan.
After a look at yuzhibo mirror, yuzhibo mirror is also hesitant. However, the relationship between the village and yuzhibo clan is not that of the later period of the third generation of Mu Huoying. Yuzhibo clan has no idea that it is harmful to Muye.He still nodded.
Seeing that yuzhibojing agreed, yuzhibozeye said:
“Well, I'd like to contribute the refining method of alchemy chakra.However, everyone's physique is different, and the immortal mode is also different. For example, the immortal mode of my eyes and fire shadow is not the same at all. I don't use those masks on my face. ”
Yuzhi bozeye took up the scroll and wrote on it,
“People rely on chakra in the engine to launch Ninjutsu. How did chakra come into being?It depends on the combination of the spiritual energy and physical energy of human beings, which leads to chakra. On the basis of making chakra, mixing with the power of nature, it leads to the energy of magic!Forget to say, before the formation of chakra, to make the two kinds of energy balance, mixed with the forces of nature also need to maintain a balance, each is one third, if there is no balance, it will become a stone.
The spiritual energy, chakra and natural energy can be mixed to reach a balance point, and then they can be stored in the body. This kind of chakra is called magic chakra, and the released Ninja is also called magic.
The first step is to feel the natural energy
The second step is to be completely still
The third step is to inject air into the body
The fourth step is to run the magic chakra… ”
Yuzhibo and Zeye wrote in great detail. When he finished writing, several elders of yuzhibo who were watching around already knew how to practice. When Zeye wrote, the eye of the wheel was always open, and now he has completely remembered it.
Yuzhibo Ye takes the scroll Ze Ye gave him and asks, “yes, you have the consciousness of dedication for yuzhibo, but how do you feel the natural energy for the first time?”
“Patriarch, some people can be born to feel the natural energy, such as the fire shadow of the primary eyes, and me.By the way, psychic beasts in the three holy places can also sense natural energy.
If I can't feel it, I can help. I can absorb part of the natural energy into your body and let you practice… ”
Yuzhi bozeye said, putting a natural energy into the body of his clan leader Yuzhi Boye.
But Yuzhi Boyie didn't practice Hunyuan Jue after all. He couldn't use it. Part of his body began to petrify in an instant.
As soon as Yuzhi bozeye looks at it, he immediately puts his hand on Yuzhi Boye and forces out the natural energy.
Yuzhi Boyie was also shocked just now. This natural energy is so overbearing. He also wants to forcibly control nature chakra according to the scroll. At that time, he fails, and then his body becomes petrified.
The elders who watched a little bit were scared. If the clan leader died and the new generation of experts did not grow up, the yuzhibo clan might fall into a certain power turmoil.
“Ze ye, is this natural energy so domineering?”
Yuzhi Boyie has a lingering fear.
You are welcome to collect and watch the old books “from the shadow of fire to the cultivation of immortals”, “from Taoism to Quanzhen” and “rebirth to the famine, I am ZuLong”*
Chapter 7 shadow separation
Chapter 7 shadow separation
“Well, it's true. I succeeded at one time. My constitution may be very suitable for natural energy. That kind of energy just now is natural energy.
Patriarch, the first part is to feel the natural energy through your own feelings. If you can't do the first step, it will prove that you don't have the talent to cultivate the immortal mode. Then everything else is unnecessary. ”
Yuzhi bozeye said.
After listening to Yuzhi bozeye's words, the elder asked, “so, only under your care can you practice this fairy art?”
“That's it. If I don't watch it, it will petrify.”He said.
Then he looked at Yu Zhibo mirror and said, “my father, you can also try it. Your mental power is huge, and the success rate of practicing magic is much higher. Your body is seriously injured. Magic can greatly repair your body injury.”
“Really?”Yu Zhi Bo Jing was excited when he heard that. His body naturally knew who didn't want to live a few more years. He had already accepted his life, but now he had a glimmer of hope.He also wants to see his sons, Sakano and Fukuzawa, grow up.I don't want yuzhibonan to stay alone.
“Well, really, father, patriarch!After I can not go to endure school, my strength does not need to go to endure school.
After that, I stayed in the clan land every day, accompanied several elders to feel the nature of chakra. What do you think? ”
Yuzhi bozeye said.
The patriarch yuzhiboye and yuzhibojing have not answered yet. At this time, the elder suddenly says, “Ye, you can't promise this boy.
We are all survivors of the Warring States period. For this kind of genius, we have only one solution, that is to wipe it out. At present, the wood leaves are not monolithic. Although the fire shadow family has won the support of the thousand hand family, then everyone can see the suppression of the thousand hand family by the fire shadow family.
Sakano should go to school, and he must stay in school until graduation. The school is six years. If there is no war in the world of tolerance, that is six years. These six years are quite a long period of protection.What do you think? ”
Yu Zhibo felt reasonable after listening to the mirror. No growing genius is not a genius. This is his son. How can he disagree.
Yuzhi Boyie is also right. Sure enough, Jiang is still very hot. He said, “well, not only that, we can consider the grouping after graduation. Let's let Yuzhi Boye's Shangren lead the team, or even directly take him into our Muye police force as the team leader.”
“Well, I agree!”
“I agree, too!”
“I agree!”
Several other elders also immediately expressed their views, but Yuzhi bozeye was speechless, and his future was clearly arranged.
Although he hated this kind of arrangement, he tolerated it. After all, he was also a man who was afraid of death and cherished his life. He would not go out to die until he was invincible.
In addition to Muye's attitude towards yuzhibo family, he still decided to keep going, but it was a bit annoying to go to Renxue.
“Father, can you give me the art of shadow separation? Can I let the art of shadow separation go to school?”
Yuzhi bozeye began to look for another way, shadow separation. But his dream of Ninjutsu is all level B. his advanced version of multiple shadow separation is level A. It's all forbidden. It's included in the sealed book.
At present, Yuzhi bozeye only knows three body skill and howball skill, but he doesn't know anything else.Not to mention the art of shadow separation,
“Oh, the art of shadow separation?That's level a ninja. You don't know a five-year-old can learn it. “Yuzhibojing said,
“My father, don't look down on me. Please teach me quickly. It's better to have multiple shadows.”He insisted,
Yu Zhibo hears that he can't see his son with common sense. Today, he finds that he knows nothing about his gifted son. He hears his son ask about level B Ninjutsu. He wants to try his son's learning talent,
“The technique of multiple shadow separation is forbidden. Even if you can learn it, it's too dangerous to teach you. I'll show it to you. If you can learn it, I'll allow you to learn a level B ninja.”
Yu Zhibo mirror said with a seal and said, “the art of shadow separation.”
As like as two peas, two two smoke mirrors, all of them are solid.
Multiple shadow avatar is a kind of Ninja derived from shadow avatar, which can produce multiple shadow avatars at one time.Because this skill needs to allocate a large number of chakras, if you don't master it well, you may hurt yourself, so it's banned by the second generation of fire shadow seal in the scroll.
This technique, whether it's shadow separation or multiple shadow separation, is a union seal. It's just the different distribution of chakras,
Yuzhi bozeye's eye of writing wheel, which had been opened for a long time, was easily copied by virtue of the huge pupil power of Shan gouyu's eye of writing wheel.
At this time, all the people were staring at Yuzhi bozeye, “ah, you started to write wheel eyes, you actually opened the wheel eyes?At the age of five, I started to write
For yuzhibo people, no matter how talented you are, it depends on whether you open your eyes.
Banye seems to be the most talented person of yuzhibo family. His feat of opening reincarnation eye is unprecedented.
The first time he opened his eyes was in the confrontation after he met qianshouzhu. At that time, both parents wanted to kill each other's children. For the first time, yuzhiboban and qianshouzhu found that each other was from an enemy family. Ban was so excited that he opened Shan gouyu's eyes.At this time, the age is about ten years old.
Weasel's eye opening process is not reflected in the cartoon, but described in weasel's biography.
4Realizing the cruelty of the war and the loss of the life of his companions, the 12-year-old weasel opened his eyes to write. For the first time, it was shuanggouyu!
Most people think that Sasuke's first eye opening was in the battle with Bai, and it was a single gouyu and a double gouyu.In fact, that's just the “first time” we've seen, or the early setting.
In the later stage, amoto added Sasuke's earlier eye opening opportunity in his memory of killing: on the night when the weasel left after slaughtering the whole clan, Sasuke opened the writing wheel eyes, which are two single gouyu writing wheel eyes, with nothing special.
Yuzhiboyie, the patriarch, is even more excited than yuzhibojing. He grabs yuzhibozeye excitedly and says, “when did you open your eyes, you little boy?”*
Chapter 8 Ninja school starts
Chapter 8 Ninja school starts
“It's been half a year!”Sawano said without caring,
“What, four and a half years old, eye opening, unprecedented, but Ze ye, if you give time, it's not a problem to surpass Yu Ji Bo ban,
With the magic and the talent of writing round eyes, yuzhiboban is not as good as you
Yuzhi says excitedly,
“Yes, as far as the time is concerned, the rise of yuzhibo family is expected.”
The other elders were like beating chicken blood one by one, but there was one person on the scene who was very upset, that was Yu Zhibo mirror.
He is a person of fire and shadow. His heart is toward Muye. He is sandwiched between yuzhibo and Muye, which makes him very uncomfortable.Looking at the ambitious people, I thought that I must teach my son well.
I must teach him well, let him heart to Muye, Muye does not need an ambitious yuzhibo spot at present.
He looked at Yuzhi bozeye's eyes a little complicated and didn't know what he was thinking.
For a group of excited people, Ze wild already don't care, he knot a Ren seal, “shadow cent body of art?”
Puff, there are also two shadow parts. At this time, the excited elders also stop and look at the shadow parts. They are not very surprised to learn level a ninja at a glance. This talent should have this ability.
When Tianyu zhibozeye came home behind yuzhibojing, he was a little worried about his son. In fact, he was very proud. He found that his father yuzhibojing was a little gone with the wind.
The mouth didn't close all day, completely different from the paralyzed face before.
Yu Zhibo looked at Yu Zhibo's mirror. She was very strange. She also opened the writing wheel to see if someone was fake. “What's the matter?Why do you look like that? ”
“Ha ha, it's OK. I'm just happy. Our son is a genius. He hasn't found out before.”
Yuzhibojing said.
Then I will tell you what happened today.
Yu Zhibo was stunned, and then he was overjoyed. He hugged Ze ye and gave him a good shake,
“Hahaha, my son is a genius, hahaha!”Yuzhibo is more excited than yuzhibo mirror.
At this time, yuzhibojing said to Zeye in a strong and excited mood, “Zeye, I will report to the school tomorrow. Originally, I didn't have time, but I still think it's better for me to go with you.
In addition, you don't have to show everything in the school. Remember, don't weaken the reputation of our yuzhibo family. Just keep the school first.It's easy for you.
And be sure to get along well with your partners. After all, they are the people who trust you to give back to them. ”
“I know, father, can I let you go alone?”Yu Zhibo asked again,
Yu Zhibo looks at his son in the mirror. He knows that his son can't look at him with common sense and says, “how long can your shadow part last?
Shadow separation: if your chakra is separated by half, it's hard to last all day
“Father?As I have just tried, although my shadow avatar can only store a small part of natural energy, it can maintain this avatar continuously,
As long as there is no Ninjutsu, it won't disappear without hitting! “He said,
He found that the shadow part separated by natural energy was more resistant to beating, like the shadow part of whirlpool Naruto, which broke with one punch. He could bear several punches and fell several times without any problem,
But it's broken without a stroke, but its combat effectiveness is not weak. When you go to school, you can abuse a class of children.
“Well, natural energy?Well, I agree. You may as well stay in the clan. ”
Yuzhi Bojing agrees. He hears that his son's shadow is fighting so hard. He thinks that his natural ability is really strong. Now his strength is declining so much, so it's better to learn.
The next day, ninja school opened!To be exact, we have to go through an entrance test to start school.
Today, his father and mother are all with him, so Sakano can't use shadow separation, he can only come in person.
Today is the ninja. This year, more than 30 children of the family were sent to the Ninja school, yuzhibo Fuyue, yuzhibo Zeye, and more than 30 members of yuzhibo who had never heard of their names.They were all brought by their parents.
Zeye is in a good position in the clan. Maybe it's because of yesterday's events, or maybe the face of the foreigner yuzhibo mirror. After all, as long as he is an elite Shangren, he is the elder of yuzhibo, and maybe even the future patriarch. They should respect themselves. Many yuzhibo's Shangren have to call an adult when they see him, and so are the children.
These people know, Ze wild also can clever go up to say hello, unfamiliar, also can nod a head, signal.
It's no surprise that people of the same race have heard of these precocious performances.
“Zeye, Zeye!”
Yuzhi bozeye just came to the school gate and heard a familiar voice.
After such a long time together, I knew it was yuzhibo Fuyue.
“Oh, Fu Yue!”Ze Ye waved his hand to Fu Yue, and then said hello to the patriarch who was walking with Fu Ze.
“How are you, patriarch!”
“Hello, Sakano.”Yuzhi Boyie smiles, thinking that he should get close to Zeye when he has time. He can't be too inclined to Muye.
Yuzhibojing then greets yuzhiboyie and others.
“Sakano, let's go together.”
“Yes, just together.”
Zeye in the side should and, have a little brother to follow is also good, is a little annoying.
“All right, let's go.By the way, Ze ye, was that move Huodun haohuoqiu yesterday? “Asked Fu Yue,
“Shut up, Fu Yue. What can I tell you? I can't say anything about yesterday.Do you hear meYu Zhibo says sternly.
When he was scolded by his father, Yu Zhibo's head shrank.Weak said, “I know father, I don't say it!”
At the school gate, there will be more people.
Now it's 20 years since Muye, and it's only one year since the end of the first World War of tolerance. At the gate of the school, Yuzhi bozeye discovered for the first time that Muye can have so many people.
Such a situation, let him think of the previous life school registration.Sure enough, different worlds, the same parents!
Although it is a ninja school, as long as it reaches a certain age, all the school-age children in Muye village can enter Muye's Ninja school*
Chapter 9 entrance test
Chapter 9 entrance test
But not all people can succeed in becoming ninja. Only those who pass the graduation exam can be entitled to the title of “tolerance under Muye”!
Looking at these people, it is estimated that a class of 50 people will have dozens of classes,
At this time, he saw a small group of thousand handed children in the distance. In addition, the three families of the sun pig, the deer and the butterfly, the Zhicun, the ape fly, the moonlight, the maoyue, the Anma, the mountain city, the Qimu and so on, were all a small group, a small group of distance together.
Civilians make up more than half of the population. They're invisible because they're everywhere.
Parents of some children began to say hello to each other, because there were so many people that only school children could enter, and parents had to refuse to enter.
Of course, there are always some privileged people in every world. For example, the patriarchs of various families and some senior officials of Muye are directly involved.
Yuzhibo people are only qualified to enter yuzhiboyie and his wife, and yuzhibojing. Yuzhibojing is a disciple of the second generation of Mu Huoying. Although there is no senior position, he can also enter.
Once you enter the school, it is a big playground.Many new students have gathered here. At a glance, there are about thousands of them.Upon entering the playground, yuzhibo was watched by many people.
Yuzhi Boze looked out, although we are still children, but also began to engage in small groups.
Here is a group of dog mounds with their pet dogs in their arms and some fancy patterns on their faces;There are a group of cataracts over there;
Not far away there are a group of silent, but all over the body are emitting high cold Sunglasses men;Yuzhibozeye himself is a group of yuzhibo people who wear the same style of high collar coat, black hair and black pupil
And a group of civilians, gathered on the other side of the playground, can be said to be quite different!
“What's this for, Sawano, do you know?”
Yu Zhibo Fuyue asked with a puzzled face.He held the idea of asking more if he didn't understand, and asked questions in his heart.In his mind, the man about his age seemed to know everything.
“I don't know. I'll know later.”He said.He thought to himself, or I'll use shadow to replace myself here!
After chatting with Fuyue for a while, the registration outside was finally over.The whole playground is now overcrowded, noisy, ninja school has become a vegetable market, and some small groups seem to have begun to communicate with each other.
Many people go through the initial period of shyness and begin to simply contact.
“Hello, are you from yuzhibo family?”Suddenly, a child with purple hair, carrying a sword, came to Yuzhi and asked,
The yuzhibo people seldom go out of their hometown and don't play with the children. They are very curious about the yuzhibo people.
“Well, yes, my name is Yuzhi bozeye.”Ze Ye is very curious about the only child who takes the initiative to say hello to Yu Zhibo,.
“My name is Mao Yuefeng!”!,nice to meet you!Please give me more adviceMao Yuefeng said,
“Please give me more advice!My name is Yu Zhibo, Fu Fuyue! “Yuzhibo Fuyue said that although Fuyue was just like the ordinary yuzhibo people all day long, he looked very cold.In fact, the heart is very sultry, in Yu Zhi Bo Ze wild side can't hold on to that pair of high cold appearance.
He is also very happy to see a child come to chat up with him, because he has only two friends, Zeye and Meiqin. Even the children of yuzhibo don't like to communicate with him.As for the common people, few people want to be friends with yuzhibo's children, so he is very excited.
“Hello!My name is Yuzhi bozeye!Nice to meet youAs a person of later generations, etiquette culture is still a little bit, also very polite to say.
“Hello, hello.”Mao Yuefeng said excitedly that his family lived on the side of the yuzhibo clan. Few people came here, so he didn't have many playmates. He often watched the children of the yuzhibo clan play,
Today, I saw a yuzhibo Zeye and a yuzhibo Fuyue. Although they were cold faced, they made him feel different from other yuzhibo people, so I summoned up the courage to ask.
This fact does not prove that the yuzhibo family is not so arrogant. He actually met two friends of the yuzhibo family in the blink of an eye.
After a brief understanding, we started to chat.
“It is said that there will be an entrance examination soon, and then there will be a division!Maybe we'll be in the same classMao Yuefeng said.
“Oh?Is it?How do you know? ”
Yuzhi bozeye is surprised that maoyuefeng knows such inside information.
“Yes, I just passed by a few teachers and heard what they said.”Mao Yuefeng explained.
“I see. What about your people?Not with you
Asked Fu Yue,
“People?After Muye was founded, our maoyue family was left with us. Before the Warring States period, it was a small family, not a small one. “Mao Yuefeng said.
“Well, so it is!”Yuze ambition to think hard, this product is the future maoyue Xiyan's father, do you want to give his future son set a doll kiss what.
No, if his son is in yuzhibo in the future, he seems to like yehara Lin!Don't think about it.
This time!
“Be quiet, everyone!”
A voice with chakra came from the playground.
Suddenly, the noisy playground was quiet, and everyone looked at the source of the sound.
A group of teachers stood on a high platform in front of the playground, talking about a middle-aged bald uncle, who looked like a leader.
“Dear students, I am the director of the school, and I will be with you in the next few years.”
“First of all, welcome to Ninja school. Today is the first day of school.”
“Next is the entrance examination. I hope you can cooperate with the teachers!”The balding leader finished, turned back and motioned, and the teachers around him stepped down the stage one after another.
Because there are too many new students this time, everyone is divided into several parts and taken to different places for the so-called entrance examination.
Ze ye and Fu Yue, as well as Mao Yuefeng, who I just met, are still in this playground.
“Hello everyone, this entrance examination is actually very simple, that is, running around the playground for ten laps.It tested everyone's strength and will.According to different situations, you will be assigned to different classes. If you really can't insist on it, you can raise your hand. Do you understand me
A dragon set teacher with a wooden leaf forehead hanging around his neck said the rules to the people who were still in the playground*
Chapter 10 division
Chapter 10 division
As soon as he finished, Yuzhi bozeye heard a few exclamations.There are still some people who are more broken than there.
A few chubby mounds of the qiudao clan shriveled their mouths there.
Yuzhi bozeye instantly understood why they were like this. It's good not to listen to them. After all, the qiudao clan is also a kind of body art clan to a certain extent. Those magic families, such as pommel horse, look even worse.
Ze Ye is naturally true to such an examination. He is the only one who knows his physical quality best.
Although he has just practiced Hunyuan Jue, he is much more powerful than most of the children of the thousand handed clan in the same period.This age group should belong to the abnormal category.
The physical strength of Yu Zhibo and Fu Yue is not obvious, but in front of Ze ye, they are not of the same level. Maybe only the prince of the same period can compare with himself.
With the teacher's order, all the people left in the playground began to run.
Osano knows that only when he runs well can he get a good class.Although he can go through the back door, the pride of yuzhibo family is not allowed. As soon as he runs away, he will be like an arrow, far ahead.
When Yu Zhibo saw Fu Yue, he must be following him closely,.
To Fu Yue's surprise, Mao Yuefeng, who was not so good, hung behind him like Fu Yue. It was very easy to see him?
Ze Ye doubts that Mao Yuefeng in front of him is also a passer-by and has golden fingers. Otherwise, why can he keep pace with Fu Ze and himself without the name of the original work?Maybe Fuyue is the father of weasel God and ER Zhu!
The first lap soon ended, Ze wild has been maintaining the speed of the sprint, attracted the side of the teacher sideways, can not help but look at him a few more eyes.
And Fuyue and maoyuefeng didn't let Zeye down, so they followed him closely.
A total of ten laps are required for the exam. Although many people here are children of Ninja, their physical fitness is not very good even when they are old.
So three people lead the others, as the first echelon, leading everyone.
Two laps, three laps, four laps
There are also people in the middle who want to surpass the three leaders, but whenever someone gets close to them, they will speed up their run.
By the last two laps, Mao Yuefeng was obviously unable to hold on. Fuyue was a little better, but he was just gritting his teeth.
Both men's hair was wet with sweat, and the hair in front of their forehead was tightly attached to their forehead.
Although Fuyue was sweating, he was in a much better condition and seemed to have some spare strength.
As for the others?A lot of people have given up on five or six laps.You know, this circle is nearly 600 meters.
Zeye doesn't want to pretend to be forced to pretend to be big. He slows down appropriately and finishes the last two laps with two people who are tired and paralyzed.
“Ze ye, you are so good!I'm far behind you. I'm the first genius of yuzhibo.Hoo Hoo Hoo
As soon as he finished the race, Fu Yue sat down on the ground.Gasping for breath.
“Just so!Keep a low profile, do you understand
Sawano waved.
“Ze ye, Fu Yue, you are really powerful. Because my family practices swordsmanship, I have been trained by my father every day to have such physical strength. I didn't expect that Fu Yue Ze Ye is more powerful!”
Mao Yuefeng on one side also praised
“Breathe slowly, slowly!We think it's a class. “Zeno said nothing more.
This result should not be too bad. Besides, I'm still from yuzhibo, a big family full of talents. If I don't look at the monks' faces and the Buddhists' faces, I won't be assigned to a class full of dragon sets.
In Ze Ye's impression, Muye Ninja school should not have so many fancy things.
After all, when watching anime, Ze Ye found that in addition to a few Xiaoqiang in the same class with Prince ye, they are all dragon sets, and the division is not so clear!
Ze Ye thinks there should be something fishy about this class division. This entrance examination is to fool people who don't know.
Think of this, Ze wild feeling dull!The running just now made him feel so stupid!
It wasn't long before the scores of other group tests came out,
In the entrance examination, about half of the total number of people completed the blood test, and even some family members failed to pass the test, which accounted for a small proportion of the total number of people in the playground.
If they can't pass this time, they will have to wait for next year. After a while, those children who fail follow their parents to leave one after another. The rest of the children are very excited and feel great.
A dragon teacher came and called.
“Everyone is standing up!”
“The situation of class division has come out. Please pay attention to your class.”
As Yuzhi bozeye had expected, this division was very watery. Basically, they were all from big families with names, but there were few civilians.
Even if there is, it is also a good performance in school, parents or Ninja civilians.
“Fu Yue, Ze ye, we are a class. Please give us more advice in the future.”Mao Yuefeng was happy to hear his name appear behind Fuyue and Zeye.
“Well, let's go and find our own classroom according to the division we just made.”
As soon as the teacher spoke, the people on the playground were scattered, and soon they were empty.
Ze Ye was assigned to class one, grade one. You can see it's a good class by name!Key classes.
He took a small step, followed by two followers who had just known each other and had been whispering all the time, and went straight to the classroom of class one.
Along the way, some children will take the initiative to give him a way, after all, this is the entrance examination is very good boss!What's more, they belong to yuzhibo family. They can't be provoked. They can't be provoked!
All the way unimpeded into the classroom, Yu Zhibo Fuyue found that there are many people sitting in the classroom!
Looking at those childish faces, Ze ambition in the heroic sky!Zhiba Muye, let's start here!
Have plug-in of their own, can no longer be so mediocre down!With two followers, Ze Ye goes to the back of the classroom.Everybody is in the back!Besides, he didn't want to be watched by a group of people behind his back.
“Fu Yue, Ze ye, how can you run behind?”
Mao Yuefeng, who was told to study hard before entering school, was puzzled.
In his impression, a good study should be closer to the teacher, so that you can ask questions to the teacher anytime and anywhere*
Chapter 11 self introduction
Chapter 11 self introduction
“Only after that can we study hard, Mao Yuefeng!What kind of glamour are you looking at in front of you? ”
“Isn't sitting in the front influenced by them?”
“So the back is better, isn't it?”
Mao Yuefeng and Fu Yue are also a little confused. When they look at the students sitting in the front rows, they all look ordinary. But what's the connection between them and coquettishness?
But they still think what Fu Yue said is reasonable, even if they don't understand it, so they sit in the last row with Fu Yue.
After a while, some people came in one after another, and the classroom began to become lively.
Many people began to know each other, and some of them had known each other before. Anyway, the classroom began to make a lot of noise.
A middle-aged uncle in a ninja vest came into the classroom with a book in his hand and a serious expression.
As he walked in, the classroom began to quiet down. Children of this age still have awe of the teacher, even though they are from big families.
“Hello everyone
The teacher began to introduce himself.
“My name is Beichen Wan!It's one of our class teachers and teachers in the next few years! ”
“First of all, welcome to…”
Then there was a vulgar opening. Yuzhi bozeye began to doze off in the last row.

“Ze ye, Ze Ye!”
Yu Zhibo Fuyue stabbed Ze ye, who was sitting on his left side, to wake him up.
“What's the matter?”
Ze Ye looks sleepy and half opens his eyes to wake up Fu Yue.
“Introduce yourself, it's your turn!”
“Oh, what a cliche!”
Sakano whispered.
Looking at the teacher with a smile on his face, is he called Beichen pill?What does he have to do with big snake pill and Muye pill?
Nod a sign for a while, Ze Ye prepares to introduce oneself.
“My name is yuzhibo Zeye. The first genius of yuzhibo is destined to be the strongest man in the world of tolerance!And I hate being with kids. If you disturb my sleep, don't blame me for being rude
With that, Yu Zhibo shook his fist at the forty children below to show his threat!
“WowIt was Lori with big eyes who made the sound.
“Hum, yuzhibo's people are so ungrateful!”
I want to express my opinion.
“Hum, you are the head of the yuzhibo clan. I will defeat you!”
A child with yellow hair and a thousand hands on his body yelled, “it's a middle two. If he didn't have six beards, he would think he was a whirlpool Naruto.”.
Sure enough, as soon as the voice fell, the classroom began to fry like boiling water.
“Ha ha, you've got the wrong person. This is the head of our yuzhibo clan. Welcome to challenge!”Zeye sold yuzhibo Fuyue on the spot.
“What, are you yuzhibo junior clan leader?Well, I'll beat you all! “The thousand handed rope tree said again.
Fu Yue and Mao Yuefeng also looked at Ze ye with admiration.They dare not be so arrogant.But yuzhibo Fuyue thought, is it serious for Zeye to say that he is yuzhibo's junior clan leader?Anyway, I will not let the clan leader out easily.
“Well, this classmate has a dream. He is from yuzhibo family.Students, you can sit down, we are all students of the same class, can't do this, and class is not allowed to sleep.Next
Beichen Bolai was very interested in the boy who had run ten laps in the entrance examination. As a result, he found that he was so arrogant.
Sure enough, it's said that yuzhibo's brain circuits are different from ordinary people. It's true!
Yuzhi bozeye sat down slowly, and kept his cool expression after he had just finished speaking.Scan one eye, has been staring at their own thousand hand clan small yellow hair, disdainful smile.
This time, the little yellow hair will be blown up,
Next, yuzhibo Fuyue!
“Hello, everyone. My name is yuzhibo Fuyue. I'm destined to be the head of yuzhibo's clan. My favorite is listening to Zeye telling stories…”
Yu Zhibo and Fu Yue sat down and blinked at Ze Ye.
No, do you want me to praise you for such a thing?
Yuzhi bozeye looked at Fuyue with a look of you praising me quickly. He was a little confused.As for being so proud?
“Me?My name is Mao Yuefeng. I will be Huoying!I will protect my love with my own life
Mao Yuefeng volunteered to introduce himself, with a proud face and a yearning face.
With that, the whole classroom fell into a moment of silence, and then burst into laughter!
Although the people sitting here are very young, they still know how powerful the existence of Huoying is.
What is fire shadow?
The head of a village!Not only the right, but also the peak of a village's fighting power!
Not everyone can do it!Only the prince of the thousand handed clan who was introduced just now, the thousand handed rope tree said this, what are you a civilian?
“Well, good!But you have to refuel to become a shadow of fireIt's hard for the teacher to praise him.I thought that this is the true thought of Muye characteristics.What the hell are the front two?
Beichen pill teacher now Yu Zhibo's brain circuit is not flattering.
“Well, since we all know each other, I hope we can get along well in the future.”
“Do you know what our school is going to learn?”
Beichen pill tone mild, said to the class of students sitting below.
“Learn Ninjutsu, destroy the enemy of Muye!Guard the leaves
The first row of Longtao students stood up and expressed their views.
Yuzhi bozeye shrunk his mouth and looked at the tactical goggles on the student's forehead.
It's not the protagonist, it's not the villain. Do you want to get lunch box early when you wear goggles?
“Yes, and no!”
Beichenwan waved to the speaking students to sit down.
Holding a whip on the desk, he looked around the classroom for a week and took a few steps in front of the platform.
“Ninja school should not only teach you ninja, but also teach you some other knowledge.”
“Ninja is not only able to ninja on the line, you have to learn a full range of other theoretical knowledge.”
“And the teacher, I, is your ninja theory class teacher!”
“I hope you can study hard, graduate successfully and be helpful to Muye.”
Beichenwan looked at the clock on the wall. It was already eleven o'clock at noon.
The previous registration, examination, and self introduction have taken all morning.
“Well, welcome to join the Ninja school family.It's getting late. I'll see you in the afternoon! ”
Chapter 12 teach the magic
Chapter 12 teach the magic
According to the school regulations, lunch should be settled in the school, but as today is the first day of school, naturally it is casual.
After leaving the school gate, he said goodbye to his mother who was waiting for Mao Yuefeng at the gate, and sent away Yu Zhibo Fuyue. Because his mother had to take care of his younger brother, no one came to pick him up.
Afternoon class time is two o'clock, after school at 11 o'clock at noon, time is still very early, not urgent.Besides, he doesn't need to go to class by himself, just go to class by himself.
At present, it's 20 years of Muye.It's only one year since the end of the first World War of tolerance. The Second World War of tolerance is from 34 to 40 years of Muye. There are still 14 years of peace, which is enough for him to grow up.
Fire shadow office.
“Lord Huoying!This is the list of freshmen today!Please have a look! ”
“Well, good!”
Three generations of eyes spit out a mouthful of white smoke and take over the register.
“There are 750 new students, the most in recent years.”
Bald middle-aged uncle standing in front of Huoying's desk, hands hanging on his legs, respectfully said.Because this is the fire shadow of wood leaf!
“Well, good!”
Three generations of eyes nodded.Huoying of the third generation was born eight years ago by Muye. He is only 28 years old this year. He has just become a full-time official. His influence is estimated to be about 35 years old, which is his peak period.
The loss of the first World War is too great, but I'm still a little relieved to see some young children join Ninja school. This is the future he protects, and also the future of Muye!
Open the list, three generations of eyes at a glance to see in the forefront of yuzhibo Fuyue, yuzhibo Zeye.
The names appearing in front of this list are all from the entrance examination. After observation, a group of teachers think that the children have extremely high Ninja talent.
The bald leader didn't reply. The topic of Yu Zhibo is very sensitive. He can't participate in it. He is just a person in charge of Ninja school.
“You go back first. It's all right.”
The balding greasy man bowed, walked out of the door and closed it.
The faces of the three generations who stayed in the office were gradually blocked by smoke.
No one knows what he is thinking.
“Ze ye, you're back!”
Where does yuzhibo naphthalene cook? Knowing the deal between yuzhibo Fuyue and yuzhibo mirror, you can go to class by shadow,
“Mm-hmm!I'm back
“Have you made any new friends today?”Yuzhibo knows that yuzhibo's children are very proud, and most people don't want to associate with them. But since then, yuzhibo's family really has few friends.
Yuzhibonan was born in the Warring States period. Where did he go to school? He will go to war when he is five years old. Of course, he hopes his children can make friends.
“Mmm, I have made many friends. Everyone in my class is my friend!”
Ze Ye dealt with it casually.He knew several yuzhibo people in his whole class, and the others were maoyuefeng.
“Eh, really? That's great. By the way, what are your friends? Will you name your friends?”
Yu Zhibo asked jokingly.
This time, he asked Yuzhi bozeye, thinking that this time he was going to show up.
“Well, we've only known each other for a day. I don't know what it's called?”
“Can't you call a name?”Yu Zhibo asked.
“Well, I know one, Mao Yuefeng, and some yuzhibo people!”
Yuzhibo Fuyue wiped his sweat and said,
“Well, you know one, the son of the third generation, but you are in the same class. What's his name?You know what? “Yuzhibonan said discontentedly,
“Ah, he's in the same class as me?”Ze wild surprised said, he has been sleeping, where to listen to others self introduction ah.
“Well, you really don't know what to do. Not only is the son of Huoying, ape Fei Xinzhi, there, but also is the grandson of the first generation, qianshoushengshu.This is the list of the first class. Look at it! ”
Because this class was divided in advance, the list has been available for a long time.
Ze Ye was so embarrassed that he picked up the list and said, “eh, many familiar ones, such as Qianshou rope tree, new help of ape flying, moonlight and starry night, maoyue wind, Royal hand washing Zixiao, HaiYe yiluyang…”
“Well, you said they were all your friends?I don't know anyone? “Yu Zhibo said in an apron.
Ze wild a see immediately second counsels, low head says “mother adult, I know wrong!Please forgive me, mother! ”
Yuzhibo is not angry at all. Yuzhibo women are very gentle. They know yuzhibo men's urination.
She half squatted and pinched Ze Ye's face and said, “hum, I'll remember this time. Go back and let your shadow go to school to get along with your classmates.
There is still time for your classmates to eat meatballs.I don't have enough money to ask for it! ”
“I see, mother!”
Yuzhibo Fuyue said that in yuzhibo people, they are generally sweet party members, and most people like to eat meatballs.
“Well, it's good to know. Wash your hands and go to dinner!”
Yuzhibozeye washes his hands and goes to pick up his brother. Yuzhibofuze can't speak yet. He is just one year old and can only call his father. He can't talk about anything else.
In the afternoon, yuzhibojing also came back. After eating at home, he took Zeye to nanhechuan shrine.
At this time, yuzhibo's high-level officials and more than 20 elites came.
This was discussed before. To practice alchemy, we need a certain amount of chakra and spiritual energy.
Yuzhibo's elite Shangren has basically reached the standard. After all, yuzhibo's family is also the descendant of liudao immortal. No matter how few chakras are, they are far more than those of ordinary families. In addition, they have the eye of writing wheel and restrain and suppress part of natural chakras.
The old book “cultivating immortals from the shadow of fire” has finished 2 + million words.Welcome to collect and watch. If you have read this book or not, don't ask for a reward. Let's have some flower evaluation tickets. They have no influence on you. They are really my greatest encouragement.
Introduction to the old book:
One day, a boy named Shen Wu went through the world of fire shadow and unexpectedly opened the inheritance of Xiuzhen.
And became Yu Zhibo Sasuke's wife, grandfather and uncle.
Yuzhibo: brother, yuzhibo will be handed over to you. I went to kill the thousand handed Buddha.
Yuji poban: uncle, I didn't expect that I was also used. You are the master of this month's eye plan~Damn it!
Heijue: father, you should have shot the feather coat and feather village on the wall!
Protagonist: when will you and Zhao Meiming get married?!Still have water stop, don't marry again careful castrate you ~ you see take soil and Sasuke all have girlfriend*
Chapter 13 it's not easy to practice immortal art
Chapter 13 it's not easy to practice immortal art
More than 30 people gathered in the shrine, and they had to attract Muye's peep.
Three generations of Mu Huoying just succeeded to the throne soon, the political situation is unstable, there are many things Zhicun Tuan Zang to deal with for her.
Yuzhibo clan, as the evil clan in the eyes of Muye senior management, has been monitored all the time.
The rally was also observed by them.
Muye's Day clan is the first to take refuge in the family of three generations of Mu Huoying. They have been peeping away for several kilometers.
There are even oil girl bugs staring at me secretly, but after all, this bug has chakra, so it's very difficult to avoid the eye of writing wheel.
The protagonist of this surveillance is the Japanese.
In the Huoying office, the three generations of fire shadow ape flying day chop, Zhicun group collection, and turn sleep Xiaochun, shuihumen Yan are all here.
“Tuan Zang, do you have any information? What happened to this high-level gathering of yuzhibo?”Three generations of eyes fire shadow asked,
“I don't know. Yuzhibo mirror has gone too. The Japanese can only see through chakra and the meridians. If they want to know the details, they have to wait and ask yuzhibo mirror.”Zhicun's ambition is not as abnormal as it will be.
In addition, he is just a leader of the secret department. Even if he is dissatisfied with the yuzhibo family, he is powerless.
“Well, I believe in the mirror, waiting for it to come out and let him see me!”Three generations of eyes Huoying said,
“Got it, monkey!”Zhicun tuanzang said,
In the South Kagawa shrine, Yuzhi Boyie says to Zeno, “most of the elites in the family are here!Can we start? ”
“Well, there are only about 20 elites in our family, are they tolerant?”Zeye doesn't feel right. Yuzhibo's family only need to open Er gouyu, which is at the upper endurance level.
As long as you open two gouyu, you are old enough to endure.When we get to sangouyu, we'll tolerate it!Now, after the first World War of tolerance, there should be a lot of eye openers!
On hearing this, yuzhibo said, “of course not. There are still many elites of yuzhibo family who are tolerant. However, the conditions for my selection are: first, I must be loyal to my family!2、 It has to be male!
3、 The eye of writing wheel must be sangouyu.
4、 There is a certain accumulation of meritorious service.
Only some people can satisfy these four points! ”
The first and fourth points are understandable. The second and third points are unreasonable.The second point is pure discrimination against women.The third point is the blind worship of the eye of writing wheel.
However, he is not allowed to meddle in his own affairs. If he has any opinions, he can wait until he becomes the patriarch!
“Well, I see. The art of shadow separation,” said Sakano, who separated ten shadow parts with the magic chakra.
All of these shadows sat on errands, absorbing the natural energy. After a while, Zeye began to command.
“Well, there are about 30 people now. There are three or four people in no family. Let's start.”
The original Naruto in miaomu mountain, is to let toad deep as a person to see three shadows.Once fossilization occurs, let Yingfen absorb the natural energy, which is the same as the iron rod made by toad.
As for the noumenon of yuzhibo Fuyue, I personally look at my father yuzhibojing, the elder, and yuzhiboyie.
He asked three people to open their eyes and put natural energy into their bodies to make them feel the energy.
Now they can't absorb the energy. Sakano just let them feel it and then bring it back.
“Father, the patriarch, and the elder grandfather, that's the energy. I will absorb the natural energy next to you later. When you perceive it, you mainly perceive the energy around me.
This is the first step. If I feel the energy around me, I can feel the energy of nature myself. ”
He said,
A few people understand it as soon as they hear it. They have done it once before.
Three people open to write round eye, will this energy firmly remember, then stare at three write round eye dead looking at Ze wild, almost give him to see hair.
An hour later, several people have closed their eyes. It's unrealistic for yuzhibo to open their eyes all day.
However, they are several times more likely to rely on the eye to perceive the natural energy.
Another hour passed, and there was no reaction at all. Zeye was a little impatient. He asked Yingfen to practice, but left a Yingfen to watch.
They can't even sense the most basic natural energy, so it doesn't mean fossilization.It's safe. It's enough to leave a shadow.
On the other side, class one, grade one, Muye Ninja school.
Ze wild shadow cent body has been sleeping in where, saliva also unconsciously flow out.
Even after class, he is also like this. As their teacher, Beichen pill has a black thread. However, he thinks that the course he is talking about is just chakra extraction. Most of them are family disciples, and several of them sleep.
For example, the grandson of the first generation of Huoying, qianshoushengshu, went to bed. What's more, he snored. Relatively speaking, Zeye was good.
In the last two classes in the afternoon, Beichen pill called in the classroom,.
“Listen to me, today is the first day of school, and there is also a small test, that is, the test of the last two classes this afternoon.Gather on the exercise ground, everyone
As soon as I heard about the actual combat test, I was all interested, which was 100 times better than listening to the teacher in the classroom.
Chirping to the drill ground.
Yuzhibo is surrounded by Fuyue and maoyuefeng.
“Hello, Ze ye, we're going to the drill ground. Let's go quickly!”
Yuzhibo, Fuyue called.I didn't expect yuzhibo to sleep so much on the first day!
Yuzhi bozeye rubbed his sleepy eyes and said, “what are you doing in the drill ground?Disturb my sleep!No
“It's a war test. You have to go. Freshmen have this one, and it's at least once a month!Come on, let's goMao Yuefeng can't wait to say,
He's a good student. He's a good boy. It's an unacceptable choice for him to be late.
Finally, the two men dragged Yuzhi bozeye to the exercise field.At this time Ze wild sleepless, looking at a group of excited children, thought the day of hanging children from today?
Father does not allow himself to expose the natural chakra, then control the amount of natural chakra, and control the amount of chakra at one tenth.
Before that, Ze ye had a test. The natural chakra in his elixir field can release three immortal methods, namely, the fire ball technique*
Chapter 14 do you think of dancing
Chapter 14 do you think of dancing
The power of each Xianfa – Hao fireball is more than ten times stronger than that released by normal chakra.That is to say, as long as the chakra is reduced by 90%, the fireball released is similar to the ordinary one.
In this way, Yuzhi bozeye's chakraliang can release 30 C-level Ninja magic fireballs!
Not only his own chakra quantity, but also his Hunyuan formula can automatically absorb natural energy all the time. Unlike Naruto in the later period, he has to sit still for a few minutes to start immortal mode.
After thinking about this, Yuzhi bozeye was instantly excited. This is not himself. As long as he is in a few years, is it not a human tailed beast?
At this time, teacher beichenwan stood up and said, “well, this test is also an important basis for the entrance examination. If you do well this time, you can get rewards.”
Then he pointed to some small boxes next to him. Each box is transparent and there are cakes inside. It looks delicious.
“Eh, that's the reward!”Qianshoushengshu said with disdain,
“Yes, rope tree, I don't like this cake very much, but I can only get it if I win. I think there are six cakes in total, and I will definitely get one.”Ape fly new help said.
“I can get one, too. I'll take it back to my sister!This is the teacher's reward
Thousand hand rope tree a face can't wait expression, think of elder sister boast oneself a face of satisfaction.
“Well, I'll give you mine!”Ape fly new help said.
Thousand hand rope tree, ape flying new help, and Yushou xizixiao are a small group, just like Yuzhi bozeye, Yuzhi bozefu and maoyue Fengye.
“Teacher, how to group? I don't want to be in the same group as the rope tree. I want to challenge yuzhibo Fuyue. Is that teacher OK?”
Ape fly new help said.
He naturally felt that he would not lose on the rope tree. In the end, he could win more than 80%, but this is his good friend. Let's forget it!
On one side, several members of yuzhibo's family had been looking at him for a long time, and they just taught him a lesson.Look how crazy he is.
At this time, the crystal ball of the third generation's eyes was also watching here. There were a lot of things today. Yuzhibo had a gathering. He didn't know what was going on, but he still took time to see today's first class's test.
When they heard the challenge of the new help, they all looked at Yuzhi bozeye.There's no way. Who makes him so crazy? The most important thing is that yuzhibo's little clan leader is his follower, that is, his younger brother, so he becomes the target of everyone.
Yuzhi bozeyesi was not afraid. She looked up at ape Fei xinzhizhu with a scornful look and said, “hum, it's just gravel. It's less than half of me. Do you also think of dancing?”
After he said that, Ze Ye gave himself a 99 in his heart. It's really cool to be forced. I said that Yuji poban is so forced. It's so cool. Has he been forced all the time!
“Ah, Mr. Zeye is so handsome!”
“No, no!I've decided. Sakano is mine!How overbearing

Children in Huoying world are really precocious. They are only five years old
In Huoying office, “cough…”
Just now, three generations of eyes Huoying took a puff of smoke, and then listened to Yu Zhi bozeye's arrogant words, which he was a little familiar with.
He was born eight years before Muye. At the end of the valley war, he was sixteen years old and met Yuji poban several times.
This tone is as like as two peas.The key is that if you say this from yuzhiboban's mouth, it's all right.
People are arrogant and have arrogant capital. As a five-year-old, are you not afraid of being beaten to death?
“Well, this yuzhibo is really worried!”Three generations of eyes sighed and said.
In the exercise field, ape Fei's stomach was about to explode. Yuzhi bozeye moved the situation back in one word.
Not only that, but also received a group of small fans, from their eyes, ape fly new help know they are looking forward to Yu Zhi Bo Ze wild, will he hit on the ground.
“Teacher, I'm determined. I must challenge Yuzhi bozeye!”The ape flies the new help to bite a tooth to look at the North Chen pill to say,
“Teacher, I also want to challenge yuzhibo Fuyue!”Thousand hand rope tree originally found its own opponent is yuzhibo Fuyue,!
“Rope tree, next time you are challenging, this time I will!I'll beat him up. I don't even know his mother! ”
The new help said,
At this time, Beichen pill looked at his injured list. He was going to let Qianshou shengshu fight Zhan Yu zhibozeye. Now the young master is coming, let him challenge.If you can beat the arrogance of Yuzhi bozeye, it would be better.
Beichen pill is still very confident in ape flying new help, at least the father of ape flying new help is Huoying, much better than the nerve thick thousand hand rope tree.
“Well, Yuzhi bozeye, are you willing to accept the challenge of ape flying new help?”
Beichen pill said.
“Hum, don't talk about him. I'm not afraid of him coming over at the same time as that fool with a thousand hands!”
As soon as Yu Zhi Boze's wild words came out, he regretted a little, because he remembered that his noumenon was not here.
Although he can bear the boxing and kicking, his shadow is broken by the sword in his hand.
In addition, chakra of the shadow avatar can release up to five normal powers of howball.
If you want to maintain the normal energy of this shadow, you can release at most four!I hope the teacher can't agree!
Beichen pills listen to Yu Zhi Bo Ze Ye's words, gas of oneself all want to come up to fight Yu Zhi Bo Ze Ye.
Just as Yuzhi bozeye is so crazy, he will teach him a lesson, “OK, Yuzhi bozeye, this is what you ask for.
New help, rope tree, you two go to fight with Yuzhi bozeye, as long as you don't kill people! ”
His last words are to let them both rest assured and boldly teach Yuzhi bozeye a lesson,
As a member of the yuzhibo clan, they are the most hated by the common people. It's OK to teach a lesson in the legal situation.
Yuzhi bozeye is a person who passes through, but he is not a child. He can't help but feel a little annoyed when he hears the meaning of the words.
The most painful thing for him is to pull off the side of the fence, and he is not the one who is pulling off the side of the fence now*
Chapter 15 the secret of the ultimate body skill of Muye
Chapter 15 the secret of the ultimate body skill of Muye
“Teacher, if you say so, I can beat him hard without killing both of them, OK?”Yu Zhi Bo Ze wild asked, the tone is a little bad?
Beichen pill a listen to, this time he can't dare to talk nonsense, this is wood leaf of two Prince ye ye ye ye, even if have an accident all bad.
However, under the pressure of Yuzhi bozeye, he said, “we are all from the same village. Of course, the other side takes the initiative in Ninjutsu, so they lose the ability to resist. They all stop the competition. After stopping the competition, they can naturally do so in normal challenges.”
“Well, teacher, I wish I had you.The teacher can start
Yuzhi bozeye said,
Beichen pill nodded and said to the three people, “seal of reconciliation first!”This is the basic etiquette of the war, in order to prevent the emotion at this time into the life.
Three people make a seal on each other and jump away immediately.Ape fly new help and thousand hand rope tree stand together, with nothing in hand, facing Yuzhi Boze wild together.
And Yuzhi bozeye naturally has nothing to do with it.There are more than ten pieces of bitterness and swords in his pocket.
Whoosh, whoosh!Ape fly new help fired three hand sword, Ze wild immediately avoid.
At this time, the new help of ape flies around to the other side of Yuzhi bozeye. In this way, Yuzhi bozeye is in the middle, with one person on each side,
In such a situation, Yuzhi bozeye is quite disadvantageous to attack back and forth.
Ninja fight speed is not slow, in ape fly new help in place, thousand hand rope tree immediately fired more than ten hand sword!
Yuzhi bozeye felt that his accuracy was too bad, but how many of them could hit him,
He immediately uses the instant body skill to transfer, at this time suddenly heard by the back of a “wind escape ~ big breakthrough skill!”
Ape fly new help hand, with a thousand hand rope tree with quite perfect.
The three generations of Huoying in Huoying's office, looking at their son, are also quite happy. At the age of five, they already have the fighting capacity to endure.
“Hum, instant body!”Yuzhi bozeye has no way but to use his own magic to perform instant body skill.Speed brush once, jump to once again.
“Hum, if two people beat me one, I have to solve one in advance, and then the other is easy to say. If it wasn't for the absence of noumenon, I wouldn't have been so passive to save chakra.”
Yuzhi bozeye immediately took out a smoke bomb and threw it on the ground, “poof!”
A lot of smoke came out for a walk, and the thousand handed rope tree and ape flying new help were on alert immediately,
At this time, Yuzhi bozeye fired six kuwus at xinzhizhu.
Ape fly new help hear bitter no cut air sound, also immediately Dodge, heart want to tell rope tree to pay attention to, oneself want to release once more wind escape blow this smoke.
But at this time, Yuzhi bozeye threw out several swords.The target has only one new help from ape flying. At this time, the thousand handed rope tree doesn't have any perceptive ability and can't escape from the wind,
Therefore, he will be a few water Dun and earth Dun, the others will not, for fear of hurting the new help of ape flying.Where is very anxious.
Ape fly new help yelled, “rope tree, be careful, I use the wind to disperse the smoke first.Let's deal with him together. ”
“Feng Dun, the art of blowing wind!”This is a d-level wind escape. Its strength is very weak. It will not be fatal to ninjas. It is an auxiliary ninja.
But just at this time, behind the new help of ape Fei, there was no “poof” and he became Yu Zhi Bo Ze Ye.
His shadow part uses chakra again, averages chakra by half, then turns into nothing and appears behind him.
“Nani, is this seal Huodun?No, stop it, pulse pressure zone! ”
Beichen pill is scared to pee. In case Huoying's son dies here, he can't live. It's impossible to release Huodun in such a short distance.
The three generations of eyes who watched the whole process with the crystal ball were also scared to stand up.Even if he is a shadow level master, there is nothing he can do at this time!
“The secret legend of Muye, the ultimate body skill, the skill of killing for thousands of years!”Yuzhi bozeye said,
Ape fly new help suddenly feel the pain from chrysanthemum, “ah!!”
Then ape fly new help kneels on the ground, pouting buttocks, face close to the ground, hands dragging seems, tears can't stop the flow of Hua Hua.
“ShhThere was a lot of booing around. Although the injured one was Yafei xinzhizhu, they seemed to feel the same at this time.
The little boy watching the battle was scared. What's the mystery? It's so powerful, but it's a bit obscene.
Those Yu Zhi Bo Ze Ye's little fans were not calm for a moment. They thought what they would do!Also don't pursue Ze Ye Jun, in case he also to oneself to this move how to do?!!
Beichen pill breathes a sigh of relief. It's too scary today. I feel like I've lived less than ten years, but fortunately I didn't die.
Three generations of eyes Huoying also breathed a sigh of relief, as long as his son does not matter, he still has this measure.In the heart already to Ze Ye's actual strength is approbated very much, this tactic is extremely outstanding, does not make oneself also can be overcast, later must pay attention to the transfiguration technique.
Transfiguration is also very useful.
Yuzhi bozeye knows that he has achieved his goal. He is not ready to beat ape Fei xinzhizhu because he is Huoying's son after all. If Huoying gives him some small shoes, it will be enough for him to drink.
However, it was a good opportunity to pretend, “ha ha ha, the son of Huoying, in front of yuzhibo, he is vulnerable!”
Yuzhi bozeye said.
The little girl behind was a little confused because of Yuzhi bozeye's thousand year killing just now. This time, she began to shout for Zeye.
Nayu Zhibo is very envious of Fuyue. He wants to challenge Qianshou rope tree and ape flying new help immediately. He thinks that I will say this after I defeat my opponent.
Ape Fei xinzhizhu's anger is at its peak. If he has the blood of yuzhibo, he may have awakened his eyes,
At this moment, his heart is more than enough, but his strength is not enough.
“Ape flying new help, do you want to continue to fight?”The North Chen asked a sentence.
At this time, ape Fei xinzhizhu was gnashing his teeth, but if he didn't admit defeat, what would he do when Yu Zhi bozeye came to remember the mystery of body skill.
“I lost!”
Ape fly new help said*
Chapter 16 is about the small ones and the big ones
Chapter 16 is about the small ones and the big ones
Beichen pill a relief, immediately show shadow separation of the art, holding ape fly new help went to the infirmary.The seal of opposition has no end.
At this time, there was a thousand handed rope tree left on the waiting field. At this time, he did not dare to fight and did not want to lose.
Looking at Yuzhi bozeye on guard, for fear that he would jump behind him.
“Hey hey, thousand hand rope tree, don't you admit defeat?”Yuzhi bozeye said coldly that it was quite cool to install a wave of force just now.
At present, there is only one thousand handed rope tree left. The remaining chakras are sure to win.
“Hum, I won't lose. Look at my secret skill, water escape and water bomb.”
This is a C-level water escape, with only five seals, but at the speed of one seal per second of the thousand handed rope tree, Yuzhi bozeye said that there was no pressure at all.
At present, one of his shadow parts has not consumed chakra. Originally, qianshoushengshu and yuanfeixinzhizhu were ready to attack each other, but this time, yuanfeixinzhizhu was out.
Yu Zhi, Bo Zeye and Ying Fen jump behind the thousand handed rope tree while they are making the seal,
This time, the thousand handed rope tree is not calm, even the seal is not knot, hands cover buttocks around looking at “you, what do you want to do?Don't mess about
The thousand handed rope tree looks at Yu Zhi and Bo Zeye smiles at him. The smile is too scary. The key is what the eyes are looking at and what I'm doing. It's so scary!
“Hey, aren't you ready to release Shuidun? Why did you stop?”
Yuzhi bozeye said.
“Well, do you think I'm stupid? I won't let your hand go!”Say thousand hand rope tree, hands cover more tightly.Because of his inner fear, he directly fell into passivity.
“Oh, it's boring. Is this the head of a thousand handed clan?Tut tut!Then end the fight!Huodun – haohuoqiu, Huodun – haohuoqiu! ”
Yu Zhibo, Fu Yue and his shadow are separated into front and back. At the same time, they seal and release Huodun.
Yuzhi bozeye's seal speed is three seals per second. Howfireball has only five seals. It can be released in more than one second.
Beichen pill saw that he was in a cold sweat again. He thought that he would never let Yuzhi bozeye fight with qianshoushengshu and ape Feixin in the future. It was too frightening.
Hurry to stop the “earth running away from the wall!”
But at this time, he had not finished the seal, a figure rushed out, two fists exploded two fireballs.
“Why, it's a dream!”
Yuzhi bozeye of course knows that someone has made a move, but the speed is too fast, and he doesn't open the eye of the writing wheel. He doesn't know who it is.
“Ah, sister!”
Qianshou rope tree is the closest to the person who came here. In a flash, he recognized his elder sister, Qianshou gangshou. Gangshou and Qianshou rope tree were the granddaughter of Mu Huoying in the early generation, as well as the granddaughter of Daming in those years.
In the early times, the Mu Huoying family and the famous family had been married, so gangshou was always called gangshou Ji, which was equivalent to the title of princess.She was born in the sixth year of Muye. She was only five years old when the first generation Mu Huoying died.
“Hoo, I'm scared to death. It's master gangshou!”Beichen pill wiped cold sweat.
“Hum, rope tree, your strength is too weak, but you have lost my reputation!I'll go back and train with you! ”
Gangshou looked at his brother in his arms and said seriously.
Today, she asked for a day off. In the morning, she came to sign up with a thousand hand rope tree. Knowing that the rope tree was set by the government, she left him.
She came to the casino to gamble for several hours, which is not his money for this week's mission. In less than half a day, she did all the charity work.
Without money, she can only borrow money everywhere, but at present, the thousand hand clan is powerful. She has ordered Muye casino not to lend money to gangshou.So gangshou had no choice but to come to the school to find his brother.
She knew that on the first day of admission, the freshmen would go back to find out the test. Fortunately, she came here. According to the two skills of fireball, it was estimated that the Zhongren teacher could not protect him without any injury.
“Thousand hands rope tree, you lose!”
Yuzhi bozeye looked at the master of the airport and said that at present, the master is only 14 years old. Although he looks like a 20-year-old, he is still an airport.
It's the first time he's seen this character.
“I lost!”
Thousand hand rope tree a face lose appearance, although he is willing, but lost is lost.
“Hum, you little boy of yuzhibo clan.Did you just want to kill the rope tree? ”
Her younger brother has been bullied. How can she bear it as a sister.Just today, in the casino, she was very annoyed that others didn't lend him money. This time, she had to give an excuse to vent her anger?
“Hum, as a young clan leader of a thousand hand clan, how can he have such strength? Besides, at least two of his parents are willing to protect him, and there are teachers who are especially tolerant. He's right next to him. Generally, he'll do it!
If you don't, the rope tree will be fine!
Alas, it's true. If you can't afford to lose, don't fight!I don't want to. Strength doesn't allow me. Alas, invincible is so lonely! ”
Yuzhi bozeye picked himself clean from this matter in an instant. By the way, he also pretended to be a force!
The gangshou can't bear the words of yuzhibozeye. The whole Muye, that is, her parents and grandma, can manage her. Besides, even Huoying can't.
Yuzhi Boze wild in front of her, even if it is a child, she will not bear.
“Well, you're right. The big ones are small ones, and the old ones are coming. Don't you think your strength doesn't allow it? Let me see how many kilos you have?
You just said that invincible is lonely. Today I want to see how invincible you are
Gangshou's whole body erupts this chakra, a pair of violent state.
Yuzhi bozeye looks at the master who is about to run away. He is a little scared in his heart. He thinks that he is forced to hit the wrong person, but he won't reason with you!
“Gangshou, what do you want to do? Do you think it's appropriate for you to bear with a child?”
“What's wrong? Aren't you lonely?”Gangshou is like a leopard staring at its prey. It can be used at any time.
As soon as Ze Ye sees that he can't be good today, he is not afraid of it, because he is a shadow part. If he is not here, he will get a hundred punches from the master of martial arts, which is no different from being hit with one.
Anyway, it's all self portraits, but in this way, it's exposed that I have to take classes by myself.
It's hard for ordinary people to find their own shadow parts, which are made by magic chakra. Even the eyes of sangouyu's writing wheel of yuzhibo clan can't see them*
Chapter 17 The Furious master
Chapter 17 The Furious master
“Ah, gangshou, I suddenly remember a very important thing. Bye, I'll go first.”
Say Yu Zhi Bo Ze wild with only remaining chakra and shadow separate body separate retreat, successively released several instant body skill.
When he retreated, he threw out all the smoke bombs in his pocket. At this time, the Steelman was just a 14-year-old girl, and his strength was far from the peak.Even though it has the strength of elite Shangren, it is just an ordinary special Shangren.
Yuzhi bozeye uses the instant body technique used by the immortal chakra. It's very fast. The master thought that he was already a turtle in a jar, and he broke away from her several times,
Yuzhi bozeye found the idea of the clansman, quickly released the shadow separation, ready to let the steel hand to find it by himself.
Yuzhi bozeye, far away from nanhechuan shrine, suddenly feels the news from Yingfen.
“Why, gangshou?Ha ha ha!If you catch up with me, I can consider you to be my maid!Well, forget it. I'm not good at it. Let the tiger practice judo all her life
Yuzhibo yelled a few words and looked at those yuzhibo high-level officials in the shrine. There were some elites who were willing to endure. It's been a long time, but they didn't respond at all. Is it so difficult to learn the magic of the fire shadow world?
On the other hand, gangshou chased Zeye. She was so proud that she was full of confidence at the beginning, but after looking for half an hour, she found that she was very wrong.
Where are the figures?For a moment, she wanted to go to the dog mound clan to find a dog.
He searched all over the school, and even searched the place hundreds of meters around.
The Furious gangshou could not help but concentrate all his anger on the middle of the road.
This is amazing. This blow led to a small earthquake within 100 meters.More than ten sets of house rent were damaged.
The value of loss estimation compendium can't compensate for performing ten S-level tasks.
This sound quickly attracted the people in the dark Department, and there was nothing to do when they saw that it was gangshou.
Can only report this matter to Huoying, three generations of Mu Huoying is a headache, this matter can only compensate, he found gangshou.
“Gangshou, why do you do so much damage to the leaves?”Of course, the fire shadow of the third generation knows why the master is so busy. He uses the crystal ball to monitor the whole process.
However, he did not understand how Yuzhi bozeye disappeared.It's hard to find clues even if you stand in everything, let alone with a crystal ball.
“Well, I was fooled by a kid!”Gangshou angrily said, thinking that kid you wait for me, as long as there is no task, I will go to you after losing all my money.
You've got too many for a while to hide for a lifetime,.
Three generations of eyes fire shadow smoked a cigarette, “you mean Yu Zhi Bo Ze ye, Yu Zhi Bo Jing's eldest son?”
“It's not him. Who else?HumHe said, clenching his fist.
“What about his strength?”After all, three generations of Mu Huoying had never seen Ze ye in person. He was very curious and wanted to ask the evaluation of gangshou.
“It's very strong, with a strong sense of fighting, good experience and arrogance. I've never seen such arrogant people before. Today I see them.”
He said.
“You fight him?”Three generations of eyes fire shadow asked again.For gangshou's answer, I don't think it's comprehensive, but it's also a fact. Yuzhi bozeye is really arrogant.
“Well, don't you think, I'm very tolerant!Strength is the elite of Muye. Shangren may not be able to win me.He is only five years old.
Although the speed is a little faster, chakra, physical skill and Ninjutsu are not as good as me. It's good to give him an evaluation of Zhongren. ”
Compendium hand dissatisfied said.
Fire shadow of the third generation of eyes took a few puffs of cigarettes. Even if he was only 28 years old this year, he was called. The old man didn't care. His brow was tied tightly.
Last year, the second generation of Mu Huoying just died. Yuzhibo's family has not been suppressed by the second generation of Mu Huoying. Recently, it's a bit noisy.
He is also indifferent to the fire shadow of his three generations. Now there is an extra gifted young clan leader who can bear it when he is five years old. It's not that he has to expand again.
“Well, Zhongren is worthy of genius!I know about gangshou. You are a 14-year-old man. You are so hairy.
Fortunately, Yuzhi bozeye runs fast. If you catch up with him, if you hurt Yuzhi bozeye, do you know the consequences? “Three generation eyes Huoying said seriously.
Compendium hand that time is completely small temper came up, where tube live oneself.Now the character of yuzhibo family is the same. It's really possible to make trouble with the whole family!
Today's thousand handed people are integrated into a large part of Muye. During World War I, they were killed and injured heavily. There were not many people, and they lost in momentum,
“I know. I don't want to do anything. I just want to teach him a lesson. I don't want to kill him.”He said.
“Hum, I don't know you, gangshou. I'll make a statistics of the damage compensation this time. I'll send the bill to Shuihu.
The thousand hand clan is not as good as before, but it will take you less than ten years to make your family so miserable, and you may lose your fortune. ”
Three generations of eyes Huoying said,
As soon as gangshou heard the bill, his face changed. It was a disgrace. Now he was bleeding when he thought about destroying the place. He might have to work for more than a year.
“Hum, don't go to my grandma, old man. He's not in good health. It's just compensation. It's better to deduct it from my task fund.”The master gritted his teeth.
“That's better. Do as you say. If Shuihu pays for it, it's the money of a thousand people. It's the best thing for you to pay for what you do. OK, go back!In the future, I'm not satisfied with using strange power in Muye! “Three generations of eyes fire shadow said.
Gangshou left the Huoying office with a face full of frustration. On the other side, Yuzhi bozeye skipped class, so he didn't go to school to find discomfort.
Looking at a group of people practicing immortal mode there, he suddenly remembered that his three artifact had never been used.
And three artifact after the transformation of the system, has changed from no entity into a pendant with entity.
He has been hanging around his neck. These three artifact were originally used with the help of xuzuo, but now after the transformation of the system, he can use them without the help of xuzuo.
He looked around with his senses and saw that no one was staring at him.
He immediately input his mental power into the eight foot mirror, and a purple gold virtual shield appeared in front of Yuzhi bozeye, as if it was a part of xuzoneng*
Chapter 18 eight feet Qiong gouyu power
Chapter 18 eight feet Qiong gouyu power
Yuzhi bozeye made a test and found that he could perfectly control the direction of the eight foot mirror, front, back, left and right. The only disadvantage was that it could only appear in one direction, that is, one-way defense.
On the other side, let a shadow split up and shoot a fireball at him?
When the fireball hit the eight foot mirror, suddenly the eight foot mirror produced a huge force to bounce the fireball. To be exact, it was the same way back in the past.
“I'll go. It's very powerful, but it's a little exhausting. According to the present mental strength, it's easy to have a headache if you use too much.”
Yu Chi Po Ze field estimated that he consumed 10% of his mental strength, but it was a defensive method and awesome.
Then he controlled the size of the fireball and attacked the eight foot mirror. Sure enough, even if it was an artifact, there was a limit,
For example, when you reach a level of Ninja, if you fight hard in this state, you can't bear it, and you can't rebound, you can only defend.
When Ninjutsu reaches s level, the eight foot mirror will be damaged, and it will recover with the help of natural chakra.
Eight feet mirror recognized Yuzhi bozeye as the main, and told him that if you open xuzuo and match it with eight feet mirror, I'm afraid the S-level Ninja will bounce back.
After experimenting for a while, Yuzhi bozeye's face turned pale. This time, he was a little exhausted. He was only five years old and couldn't bear it.
He had to start practicing Hunyuan Jue immediately. Hunyuan Jue was more effective than sealing a tail beast in his body,
Whirlpool Naruto is because he is a whirlpool clan. His constitution and Nine Tailed man's strength make him able to practice to death. No matter how excessive he is, there is no problem.
Yuzhi bozeye had been practicing the Hunyuan formula for half an hour just now, and he had already recovered to 7788.
The next step is to practice ten fists and swords. Yuzhibo also has a certain seal talent. The four Ziyan array and the six Chiyang array are all yuzhibo's arrays.
Of course, when Muye was founded, yuzhibo was handed over to Muye. At present, yuzhibo people also have a meeting.First of all, he needs strength, and then he needs seal knowledge.
But it's also about the array. There's no way to seal other things, such as the tail beast.
Ten fists sword can make up for the embarrassing situation that Yuzhi bozeye didn't have the seal technique to a certain extent.
For example, from the first generation of Mu ye to the fourth generation of Mu ye, which one can't seal?The Five Dynasties' mu Huoying thousand hand compendium also knows how to seal. The Yin seal is the proof of S-level seal.
In the sixth generation, mukakasi also learned some seal techniques, such as fire seal and evil seal.
Therefore, a strong man in the world of tolerance must master the art of seal. After the system reform, ten fists and swords can also be summoned to chop people, and can also be used for seal.
But once sealed, it will be sealed in a wine jar.This wine jar is also in the spiritual world, where the eight foot crow lives. There are ten wine jars.
Once it is sealed, it will fall into the dreamland of life and death until death.
Yuzhi bozeye also tried to seal one of his shadow parts. After entering, he immediately fell into a dreamland, and it didn't take long for the shadow parts to disappear.
After all, the role of magic is to interfere with chakra's shadow. Chakra is not as good as the noumenon, so he collapses quickly.
But this feeling was taught to the noumenon, and Yuzhi bozeye felt very satisfied, because the power was really strong.
Next, is the last eight feet Qiong gouyu, Yuzhi bozeye will instill the spirit into the gouyu pendant, and then a ball of light similar to a spiral pill appears in his hand.
Ze wild found that this and Yu Zhibo spot in the valley of the end of the war with qianshouzhu, with the same move that must be able to do.
Yuzhi bozeye thought about it carefully. It seems that the universal ninja of Bachi Qiong gouyu must be used in the second form of “xuzuo nenghu”.Suzo can shoot many gouyu for long-range attack, so powerful that even I love Luo's sand wall and big Yemu's rock demons almost run through the defense at the same time.
Thinking of this, he threw out the eight feet Qiong gouyu in his hand. When he broke away from the wild hand of Yuzhi Boze, the eight feet Qiong gouyu gradually became bigger and bigger. When he touched the earth,
In an instant, there was a huge explosion. The smoke from the explosion formed a mushroom cloud 100 meters high, and a pit 100 meters in diameter and 50 meters deep was formed on the ground.
This attack almost took away 90% of the magic chakra and 80% of the mental power of Yuzhi Boze wild Dantian, but the power is really shocking.
Yuzhi bozeye was very weak, but he was also very excited. Looking at the power, he immediately reacted and left with instant body skill.
This big explosion, enough to cause fear of the leaves.
Sure enough, three generations of Huo Ying in Huo Ying's office heard this loud noise and subconsciously thought that it was the work of the master of thousand hands. They were just about to go to find the master of thousand hands,
But the Ninja below reported that yuzhibo had a huge explosion.
The fire shadow of the three generations' eyes was not calm for a moment. Today, yuzhibo's people gathered, and he knew nothing about it.I'm worried.There was an accident,
He immediately took off his shadow and ran.When you put on your armor, you will take ten secret parts with you, just like yuzhibo's family.
At the same time, he ordered all Muye to mobilize and transfer the civilians of Muye. By the way, he will inform all Muye clans and all high-level officials that yuzhibo clans are going to rebel.
At this time, Zhicun tuanzang was still a leader of the secret department. He was carrying out the surveillance task of yuzhibo clan, which was not within his surveillance range. Such an explosion happened, and he immediately brought people over.
In Yuzhi bozeye, less than a minute after he left, Zhicun tuanzang had already arrived. Looking at the scene in front of him, he was so scared that his eyes were about to fall out. Was he attacked by tail jade?
“What happened?”
Zhicun Tuan Zang looks at the big pit in a daze. After a while, three generations of eyes in war robes come with the shadow, and other ninjas support here one after another.
“What's going on?”Tuan Zang!”Three generation eyes fire shadow asks a way.
“I don't know. It looks like tail jade!”Tuan Zang said.
“Yuzhibo people, why is there no movement now?Did they control nine tails?Don't dare. Come and see Lord Shuihu! “Three generation eyes fire shadow asks a way.
“No, I'm coming!”
At present, whirlpool Shuihu can still suppress Jiuwei, and the Yin seal on her body can also keep her appearance at about 30 years old*
Chapter 19 high level questioning of Muye
Chapter 19 high level questioning of Muye
Twenty five years after the arrival of Muye, the nine tails became more and more irrepressible, and the Yin seal failed. The next generation of people had to be selected from the vortex group. Soon after, the nine xinnai came to Muye,
Now the leaves were as like as two peas, and she felt a deep pressure from it, for she felt the same as the eight foot Qiong jade in Yu Zhi Bo's from the chakra of this power and Yin properties.
She also let the yuzhibo family have a yuzhibo spot. It's not coming right away.
“Lord Shuihu, you are not controlled?GreatLooking at the arrival of Shuihu and the fire shadow of the third generation's eyes, Zhicun group was relieved. They thought that Muye's first combat power was here, and they were more confident.If it is controlled by yuzhibo, there may be a fierce battle today.
At this time, Shuihu door inflammation, turn sleep spring also came, after a long time to understand what.
Looking at the huge pit in front of me, I was silent one by one,
At this time, yuzhibo ye and the senior members of yuzhibo's family came slowly and loudly on the edge of their own land. According to reason, yuzhibo's family should be the first to arrive.
However, the first part of the cultivation of immortals is still, just like death. In order to prevent being disturbed, a barrier is specially set up, which is also to prevent the detection of a perceptual ninja.
The vibration just now was discovered by yuzhibo people in the past.
“What happened? What are you doing in yuzhibo?”
Yuzhi Boyie doesn't give much face when he looks at Huoying. If it's the second generation's Huoying, he has to be honest, but the third generation's Huoying says something else.
Three generations of eyes fire shadow listen to face suddenly black down, “hum, yuzhibo patriarch, this is not I should ask you?Can you tell me what's going on? ”
Three generations of eyes pointed to the big pit and said,
“Well, who did it?Who is destroying in our yuzhibo land
Yuzhi Boyie broke out on the spot, but in Muye's group, one by one, it seemed that he was watching his performance.
“Yuzhi Boyie, don't pretend. You are gathering here today. I've been staring at you for a long time.This is definitely the work of you yuzhibo people! ”
Zhicun tuanzang points at Yuzhi and scolds him.He inherited the will of the second generation.There is fear and hatred for the yuzhibo family. In his heart, the yuzhibo family is an evil family, the cancer of Muye.
“What did we do?Aren't you staring at us?You see, and if I do this, why am I in yuzhibo, not in Zhicun? ”
Yuzhi Boyie takes it back without any sign of weakness.
“Yuzhi Boyie, do you want to betray Muye?”When Zhicun Tuan Zang heard that he was going to put this move in Zhicun, he couldn't help it.
“Why did I betray Muye?”Yuzhi Boyie returns.
Looking at the two men's quarrel, the third generation's eyes were burning and the ape was flying. Looking at the silent Yu Zhibo mirror, he immediately said, “you two are enough. Mirror, can you tell me what's going on?”
Yuzhibo mirror is a bridge of communication in the eyes of Muye and yuzhibo. Unfortunately, when yuzhibo mirror brought back the corpse between thousands of hands, he received huge damage and may not live for a few years.
“Monkey, tuanzang, you may have misunderstood us.We really don't know! “Yuzhibojing said.
At this time, Zhicun Tuan Zang jumped out, “monkey, yuzhibo people, we can't believe that yuzhibo mirror is also yuzhibo people!”
“That's enough. Tuan Zang and Jing are our partners. If he wasn't behind the teacher and the hall of taking wind, we might not have been able to come back!”
Three generations of eyes fire shadow said.Although he said so, he felt something was hidden from Yu Zhibo's expression.
But Zhicun Tuan Zang still didn't believe it, “yuzhibo mirror, then you say, what are you doing with the high-level assembly of yuzhibo people?What's the secret? There's a border
“Hum, do you have to know the secret of our yuzhibo family? What are you?”Yuzhi answers with disdain.
Yuzhibo mirror heard this and said, “there is nothing harmful to Muye in this gathering. It's a secret method to cultivate our yuzhibo people. If it's a special gathering.
As long as all the people of yuzhibo come back, even women, the scale of this rally is very small. ”
At this time, whirlpool Shuihu also stood up. She was a Nine Tailed person. She could sense people's good and evil. Among the disciples in a thousand hands, yuzhibojing and qiudao took the wind. She felt the best.
Even if it was three generations of eyes fire shadow ape flying sun cut, she also feel not to Yu Zhibo mirror, to Zhicun group Tibet is the worst one for her.
“Mirror, who of you yuzhibo people has opened the eye of the kaleidoscope writing wheel?”He asked,
As soon as these words came out, all the people present looked at the yuzhibo clan. Most of them didn't know the information about the writing wheel eye. They just knew that the kaleidoscope writing wheel eye could compete with Mudun for supremacy in the world,
Is this huge pit caused by the eye of the writing wheel in the kaleidoscope? It's not that the yuzhibo clan will rise again.
Three generations of eyes fire shadow ape flying sun cut eyes staring at Yu Zhibo mirror, want to know the answer from him.Zhicun tuanzang and other patriarchs also raised their heart to their throat.
Yuzhi Boyie is also baffled. He doesn't know that Yuzhi Boyie has opened the eye of the writing wheel of the kaleidoscope, but he feels that Yuzhi Boyie's mental power is far more than himself, and there is a kind of conjecture.
“Lord Shuihu, it's very difficult for my yuzhibo people to open their kaleidoscope writing wheel eyes. I think you may have guessed that this big pit is caused by suzaneng Huba Chi Qiong gouyu of yuzhibo people.
Yuzhiboban used this move to break through the wuchong Luosheng gate of the early generation!
But at present, no one of the yuzhibo clan has any sign of awakening to the kaleidoscope writing wheel eye. ”
Yuzhibojing said.
At this time, three generations of eyes fire shadow ape Flying Sun chop suddenly asked “mirror, you know so much, is it you started the kaleidoscope?”
“That's right, I did open the eyes of the writing wheel of the kaleidoscope. If I didn't open the eyes of the writing wheel of the kaleidoscope, I would not be able to bring back the corpse of the teacher and the wind taking.”Yu Zhibo mirror said with extremely sad face.
Yuzhibo's family are extremely excited when they hear that someone has opened a kaleidoscope to write. Yuzhibo's eyes are filled with anger.
If yuzhibo mirror can tell him in advance that these three generations of eye fire shadow can't be a pawn immediately, you can let yuzhibo mirror be a pawn.Does Muye not believe in yuzhibo and his disciples*
Chapter 20 the sensation of the kaleidoscope wheel eye
Chapter 20 the sensation of the kaleidoscope wheel eye
Yu Zhibo immediately opens the kaleidoscope to write. Only when Yu Zhibo experiences a huge negative emotion (such as seeing the death of a loved one) and produces a special chakra can he open it.
He went on to fight. He had to be able to reach the third stage, and he had to reach the second stage to launch eight foot Qiong gouyu.He's a shadow power, so after opening the kaleidoscope, we can start the third stage.
Generally, it can be divided into six stages,
The first stage is the most basic form. At this time, xuzoneng Hu has only part of the body, but no overall outline. Moreover, xuzoneng Hu does not cover the whole body. It can be used as an extended body, which can surprise the enemy. Its defense is also relatively general.
The second stage is a huge skeleton. At this time, suzanenghu already has a head, but this state is just a skeleton shape, and there is no muscle package. In animation, the defense of suzanenghu in this state is also amazing. Yuzhibo weasel has resisted Sasuke's unicorn in such a state, which shows that the defense is very strong.
The third state is to have muscles. In this state, it is not only a state of attacking or defending, but also a state of attacking with its own basic skills. In this state, it can attack the enemy with bow and arrow, which is also a preliminary application of it.
The fourth stage is suzaneng Hu, who is covered with armor. At this time, suzaneng Hu put on armor, and also put on the dog mask. The first appearance was when yuzhibo weasel fought against Sasuke. In this state, yuzhibo weasel sealed the big snake pill with ten fist sword, and this battle became the last battle of weasel.
The fifth stage is suzaneng Hu, who can walk upright. He first appeared in the battle between yuzhiboban and the current five shadows. In this state, suzaneng Hu can use weapons and walk upright. He is very powerful in attack and defense.
The sixth stage is the completion of xuzanenghu. In this state, xuzanenghu has reached the final stage of normal xuzanenghu. Tiangou's mask and armor cover his whole body, and he can also use his own weapons. He can walk upright, fly with wings, and write wheel eyes in a kaleidoscope,It can also be said that it is the strongest state that ordinary yuzhibo people can achieve.
“Ah, it's suzoneng, but it's so different from yuzhipoban.”
Three generations of eyes, fire, shadow, ape, flying, sun and chop.
“There's no way. I can only start the third stage of suzanneng. Yuzhipoban's is the sixth stage. I can't do it.”
Yuzhi bozeye said that a eight foot qionggouyu was condensed and sent out. Then, with a bang, a huge explosion was produced. The scope of the explosion was more than that of Yuzhi bozeye. After all, it was necessary to launch it. It was powerful and should be given.
“Shh, it's a powerful force. It's worthy of yuzhibo family.”
And they began to talk,
Two of them are gnashing their teeth with hatred. One is Zhicun group Cang. “Damn, yuzhibo clan awakened the kaleidoscope. It seems that there is more than one. Another person opened the kaleidoscope. Muye must be suppressed by Mudun, and the teacher's Mudun plan must be opened again.”
The chieftain of the thousand handed clan, that is, the father of gangshou, is very pale at this time. He is just an ordinary shadow level. The thousand handed clan has been demobilized and intermarried with the common people. The possibility of awakening to Mudun is getting lower and lower.
The last possibility for mu Dun to awaken in the whole clan is himself. As the first generation of Mu Huoying's son, if he gets his father's cells, maybe
Yuzhibo mirror then put away the kaleidoscope to write round eyes, and said, “I didn't expect that my yuzhibo family had another kaleidoscope. I don't know who it is!”
“Mirror, no matter who it is, the rise of our yuzhibo family is expected!Ha ha ha
Yuzhibo says excitedly that his son is less than five years old and has eyes. In the future, the eyes of the kaleidoscope writing wheel are right. With two pairs of kaleidoscope writing wheel eyes, yuzhibo's family will reach its peak in a few years!
“Hum, evil people!”Zhicun Tuan Zang said with gnashing teeth.
“What do you say, Zhicun Tuan Zang? I've been with you for a long time!”
Yu Zhi opens his eyes and stares at him.
At this time, Shuihu came out and said, “OK, that's it!Yuzhi Boyie, go back and find your people. Restrain them. Don't release this ninja in Muye.
And the mirror, your kaleidoscope to write wheel eye after less use, remember you are not yuzhiboban
Vortex Shuihu knows that yuzhiboban is an eternal kaleidoscope writing wheel eye, but yuzhibojing is not, so it will gradually become blind.
“Yes, Lord Shuihu!”Yuzhibojing said.
Yuzhi Boyie also has to give Shuihu a face.
He said to the three generations of eyes Huoying and others, “everyone, this is the land of yuzhibo. What are you doing here? Don't leave soon!”
He gave the order to travel, and now he can't help but feel excited to find the man who opened the kaleidoscope wheel eye in the whole family.
“Goodbye, yuzhibo clan leader!”
Three generations of eyes fire shadow said to take people to leave, when leaving also specially gave Yu Zhibo mirror a look, motioned him to go to him to report the specific situation.
Zhicun Tuan Zang watched the crowd leave. He was very upset and left with them!
Looking at all the people who left, Yu Zhibo said excitedly to Yu Zhibo mirror, “mirror, after that, the family depends on you. You should learn the immortal Dharma. The immortal Dharma plus the kaleidoscope may not surpass Yu Zhibo.”
“I see, patriarch!”Yuzhibo mirror doesn't know whether it's right to expose the kaleidoscope, which seems to increase the ambition of yuzhibo family.
Fortunately, in this era, the yuzhibo clan has not suffered the same degree of exclusion as after the Jiuwei incident. Although the rights of the yuzhibo clan have been suppressed, there is no such degree that they do not give any hope, so there is no rebellious ambition for the time being.
Later, the yuzhibo clan began a large-scale investigation. As long as the yuzhibo clan after the age of 12, everyone opened their eyes to check.
Everyone in yuzhibo's family can't switch between the kaleidoscope and sanguoyu's wheel eye as long as they have opened the kaleidoscope wheel eye.
It will take a certain amount of time. (later generations of qimukakasi are usually three gouyu writing wheel eyes. They can also open a kaleidoscope!But you can't switch between one and three gouyu!)
After checking the whole clan, we had to dig three feet, but there was no clue.
Yuzhi bozeye knows that he has made a big move. He hides at home alone. Yuzhi bozeye doesn't think about Yuzhi bozeye at all.He only checked once a few days ago*
Chapter 21 high level fear
Chapter 21 high level fear
Huoying office, Zhicun group collection, sleep Xiaochun, Shuihu menyan are here.
They are waiting for a person, that is, Yu Zhibo mirror. The fire shadow of the third generation of eyes gives him a hint when he is about to leave.
This is not already late at night, Yu Zhibo mirror in order to avoid suspicion, sent a shadow cent body secretly came to the fire shadow office.
“Mirror, you are here at last!”Turning to bed, Xiaochun said.She is a consultant of Muye. She works part-time in Muye medical department. Shuihumen is in charge of logistics.
“Monkey, Xiaochun, menyan, Tuan Zang!”Yu Zhibo said hello one by one.
In a short time, it went straight to the subject.
Three generations of eyes fire shadow asked “mirror, found who opened the kaleidoscope to write round eye?”
“No, the whole clan, people over the age of 12 have started to investigate, and they haven't found it yet,” yuzhibojing said.
“How could it be that you deliberately concealed it?”Zhicun asked,
“No way!Absolutely not. Yuzhibo's family has just opened the kaleidoscope. They can't switch at will, but they can switch at will. Through the writing wheel eye, they can feel the pupil force of each person, and show their feet more or less, “yuzhibo said,
“Well, let's not talk about this. Yuzhibo's family is also Muye's yuzhibo's family. It's also good to open a kaleidoscope to write wheel eyes. What's the matter? Do you have any plans, mirror? Do you want to come to the secret department? I'll appoint you as the captain.I'll share a position with the regiment. ”
The fire shadow of three generations of eyes began to attract Yu Zhibo mirror,
At that time, among the six disciples of the second generation of Mu Huoying, Qiu Dao took wind and died in battle. The other five became Huoying himself, the leader of the secret department of the regiment, and Xiao Chun became the consultant and medical minister. Shuihu menyan became the consultant and logistics minister.
Only Yu Zhi Bo Jing, who took back the body of the second generation's eyes from the rear of the palace, did the most credit and did not get any good.
Now the strength of yuzhibo mirror makes three generations of eyes fear fire shadow, so they have to draw together. They can't let yuzhibo mirror stand in the family of yuzhibo.
Ape flying day chop just said, turn to sleep Xiaochun shuihumen Yan didn't say anything, but Zhicun Tuan Zang couldn't help it, “enough monkeys, the teacher didn't say that, yuzhibo people have Muye police team is enough, the secret doesn't allow yuzhibo people to plug in, you forget?”
“Cough!”Ape flying day cut spit a few mouthfuls of smoke, said “Tuan Zang, mirror is not the general yuzhibo people, is our partner, the teacher's disciple.”
“That's not good. It gives yuzhibo a lot of ambition. The leader of the secret department has a lot of power.”Zhicun Tuan Zang argued for it.
At this time, Yuzhi Bojing said, “well, Tuan Zang, monkey, needless to say, I don't accept your acceptance.Tuan Zang is right.Besides, I may not live for a few years. The injury is too serious
Ape flying day cut listen to Yu Zhibo mirror so say, immediately gave turn sleep spring a look, turn sleep spring understanding, immediately said “what, mirror, I thought you have good, I show you.”
How can the little action of ape flying day chop and sleeping Xiao Chun hide from Yu Zhibo mirror? He knows that his friend monkey is afraid of him. In order to let ape flying day chop rest assured, he says, “OK, please Xiao Chun.”
Turning to bed, Xiaochun immediately checked yuzhibo mirror's body. Although yuzhibo mirror is a shadow body, the state of shadow body is the same,
After a while, she sighed and said, “Alas, mirror, your current strength may not last for three years, but I will try to help you.”
After hearing Xiaochun's words, Zhicun Tuan Zang was relieved. Yuzhibo mirror put too much pressure on him.
The fire shadow of the third generation's eyes is different. He is relieved and a little sad. After all, he also has a lot of feelings for Yu Zhibo mirror.
“Xiaochun, according to what you said wrong, tell me immediately what you need me to provide,” said fire shadow of the third generation,
“I see. I'll tell you what I need.”Turning to bed, Xiaochun said at this time,
It may be less than three years after Zhicun tuanzang heard that yuzhibojing's malice to yuzhibojing has been greatly reduced.
But he spent a whole afternoon in yuzhibo during the day and asked, “mirror, what are you doing at your meeting in nanhechuan shrine today?”
“Tuan Zang, didn't I tell you that the purpose of this meeting is to cultivate the secret of the Tong family. It's not harmful to Muye.”Yuzhibo's mirror is a little full.
“What's the secret?Let's hear itZhicun tuanzang is going to break the casserole!
“Enough Tuan Zang, if you don't want to talk about it, you can't talk about it!”The ape flies and the sun cuts and shouts.
Yuzhibojing is also dissatisfied with this good friend. He clearly wants me to say that Tuan Zang should be a villain and a good man.
“Well, I can say two words directly, and I won't say anything else. These two words are” Xianfa! ”
Yu Zhibo mirror said that and released the shadow separation.
There are only three generations of Huoying left. When they hear the word “Xianfa”, their shock is no less than that of a kaleidoscope.
In recent years, there is only one person who knows the immortal Dharma. Yuzhibo family has the inheritance of immortal Dharma. I have to sigh about the inheritance of yuzhibo family.
“Monkey, did you hear that yuzhibo's clan actually organized a group to learn the immortal method? If they all learned the immortal method, isn't Muye theirs?”
Zhicun Tuan Zang said urgently.
After listening to Tuan Zang's words, several people also felt that it was reasonable.
“Alas!Tuan Zang, this matter needs careful consideration. The immortal method is not so easy to learn. The teacher is so talented that he can't learn it.
Besides, yuzhibo can't. in the future, there will be one or two people of yuzhibo family who can learn immortal Dharma. I can understand that, but it's impossible for them to learn all immortal Dharma. “Three generations of eyes, fire, shadow, ape, flying, sun and chop.
After listening to Tuan Zang, he said, “I know, but yuzhibo still need to be suppressed. Last year, when the teacher left, they were a little inflated.”
Three months later, yuzhibo Zeye was quite honest, and he practiced in the yuzhibo people's land safely, and he also watched the yuzhibo people practice immortal mode.
Yuzhibo clan has never found the new owner of the kaleidoscope wheel eye of yuzhibo clan.In the end, it's over.
In the past three months, some people quit the immortal cultivation mode.
In the last month, yuzhiboyie and yuzhibojing are still insisting, because the number of people has to be reduced*
Chapter 22 one year later
Chapter 22 one year later
Yuzhiboye and yuzhibojing are separated into ten shadow parts, which can increase the speed of sensing natural chakra ten times.
Finally, a few days ago, yuzhibojing and yuzhiboyie finally sensed the natural chakra within a short time.
Yuzhi bozeye was also shocked at that time. After all, he was ready to give up the immortal teaching mode.
Because the cultivation of immortal mode requires huge mental strength and self chakra, the only two shadow level strong people of yuzhibo family have huge chakra, which fully meets the conditions. No other people of yuzhibo family meet the conditions.
When two people sensed the natural chakra, they went to the next step of cultivation. They stored chakra and combined their chakra with spiritual energy to achieve the ratio of 1:1:1.
It's very difficult to store this magic chakra in your own cells, because natural energy can't be controlled by ordinary people.
Fortunately, after yuzhibo's writing wheel eyes were opened, their chakra control cabinet was greatly improved.
Their starting point is better than that of Naruto at that time. Naruto is an immortal body. With the aura of the protagonist, they can practice so fast,
Yu Zhibo mirror and Yu Zhibo Ye speed up their cultivation through ten shadows, which takes a long time.
After nearly a year, Yuzhi bozeye is six years old, and Yuzhi Boye and Yuzhi Bojing have been able to store some chakras,
This means that the immortal mode has been successful. The two people's immortal mode does not appear frog like miaomushan, but has certain facial color changes. Once the immortal mode is turned on, their faces will turn black like green sky.
Although it can open the immortal mode, the actual combat effect is not strong. It takes ten minutes to open the immortal mode each time.
Each time the immortal mode takes three minutes to release two S-level Ninja chakras.
Fortunately, the immortal mode can let the shadow part practice ahead of time. When you use the immortal mode, just remove it. You can barely fight.
The success of this immortal model has repaired many injuries of yuzhibo mirror. Originally, he estimated that he could only live for three years at most, but now he estimated that he could live for more than 10 years.
Immortal mode can repair his serious injury, such as whirlpool Naruto, the sword skill in his spiral hand, but even cells can be killed, immortal mode can make him recover.
The injury of yuzhibo mirror, like the eye fire shadow of the early generation, belongs to excessive refining of chakra, excessive consumption of mental power, and deficiency of Qi and blood.
The news that the two men had learned the art of immortality was also revealed to the three generations of eyes,
In this way, yuzhibo people are even more afraid of yuzhibo, and to a certain extent, they adopt a compromise policy, giving some rights and benefits to yuzhibo people.At present, Yu Zhibo is very powerful, so he has to appease him.
Zhicun Tuan Zang is not satisfied with this. At this time, his Zhicun Tuan Zang has encouraged three generations of Mu Huoying to start the follow-up plan of Mu dun. For nothing else, even if he can suppress the yuzhibo family in his own village.
The chieftain of Qianshou clan and the father of Qianshou gangshou also secretly cooperate with Zhicun Tuan Zang. If he can open Mudun, Qianshou clan won't have to dissolve the clan, so Qianshou clan will revive again.
So he and Tuan Zang have the same idea. The chieftain of Qianshou clan has provided Tuan Zang with a lot of money and intercostal cells. Recently, the Qianshou clan has also lost dozens of people.
Huoying of the three generations also knew something about this. For the families of those people, he just appeased them and said that they were assassinated by the ninja of the enemy country. Finally, it was nothing.
The chieftain of Qianshou clan blamed himself for the failure of his clansmen one by one. Recently, he decided to take himself as the experimental body and prepare to inject interclumn cells into himself. Because his success rate is very high, who can make himself the son of the first generation of Mu Huoying.
Yuzhi bozeye is in Muye school, but he can't learn anything, even if this era is much better than the period of the twelve little powers. He can teach a level C ninja,.
But such a policy is very good for the common people, and it is useless for those Ninja families.It's just a waste of time.
In addition, this is not a time of war. During the war, the length of schooling is three years, while during the peace period, it is six years.
Yuzhi bozeye calculates the time. He may have to stay here for six years before he can graduate. He is a little scared when he thinks about it.
However, he recently fought with his father, yuzhiboye, preparing to graduate early and go to the Muye police force of yuzhibo for training,
Yuzhi Boyie knows his son's strength. He has already reached the level of forbearance. He agrees and allows him to graduate ahead of time.
He was so excited at that time that he immediately applied to the school and the school agreed. Not only the yuzhibo children, but also other families often graduated early.
But to the end of the final semester for a unified examination, as long as the pass can graduate.
In this year of school, Yuzhi bozeye firmly occupied the first place.
Second, yuzhibo's new help is not yuzhibo's Fuyue. Yuzhibo's strength is good, and they both win and lose, but his theoretical knowledge is a little behind, and his grade in the class is only medium.
And the strength of ape fly new help is good, theory Yu Zhi Bo Ze Ye is still strong, if not beat Yu Zhi Bo Ze ye, the first age is his.
As for maoyuefeng, he is also one of the top ten in the class. He is the sixth in actual combat, next only to yuzhibo Zeye, yuzhibo Fuyue, and the new help of ape flying. Maoyuefeng washes Zixiao with his hands.
He has a big nerve, no tactics at all, and he is blindly attacking forward.
In this way, Qianshou rope tree went to Yuzhi bozeye every day to challenge him. Every time he was beaten to the head of a pig and persevered. Finally, Qianshou gangshou came to Yuzhi bozeye.Ready to take it out on his brother.
But there was no success. Once, he even called the big snake pill and zilaiye. Three people surrounded Yuzhi bozeye. That time, Yuzhi bozeye was exposed in class with shadow every day.
When the rope tree heard that he couldn't even fight a shadow part, he stopped challenging and was a little hit.
This day, yuzhibozeye's separation came to the school normally. Yuzhibofuyue around him always stares at yuzhibozeye.
“What are you looking at, Fu Yue? Haven't you seen such a handsome man?”Yuzhi bozeye said discontentedly,
“Ze ye, are you a shadow?You as like as two peas, can you teach me?Yu Zhibo Fuyue looks at Yu Zhibo Zeye expectantly*
Chapter 23 preparing for early graduation
Chapter 23 preparing for early graduation
Ever since he learned that Ze Ye used shadow to divide his classes, he went to ask his father Yu Zhibo mirror every day to teach him the art of shadow division.
Yuzhi Boyie looks at his son and thinks that the B-level ninja of shadow separation is not suitable for him. He decides to teach it to him after he is ten years old. After all, he can live a few more years until his son graduates.
Another problem is that yuzhibo Fuyue's chakra control and mental endurance are far less than yuzhibozeye's. yuzhibozeye doesn't talk about practicing Hunyuan Jue, and his physique is comparable to the whirlpool clan.
In addition, there is no problem in the cultivation of multiple shadow separation. Yuzhibo Fuyue is just an ordinary six-year-old child, and the art of shadow separation is not suitable for him.The amount of chakra can last for several hours, so can the shadow part.
Yu Zhibo Fuyue, who has run into a wall here, can only come to his good brother Yu Zhibo Zeye for help.
As soon as he finished, Mao Yuefeng broke in. He was a common class. Although there were some swordsmanship heritages in his ancestors, most of them were from muyeliu and samurai.
Ninjutsu is quite rare. He followed Yuzhi bozeye for a short time and got several C-level Ninjutsu from Zeye. He also made a lot of money,
Yuzhi bozeye doesn't care about this little ninja, but it's different for maoyuefeng,
Yuzhi bozeye looked at maoyuefeng and Fuyue. He had a headache. “You are too young. It's hard for chakra to maintain the shadow separation for three hours. It's not of any practical significance, and it may not be able to withstand the effect of the shadow separation.”
“Then how can you open the shadow part every day, and use Ninja to defeat xinzhizhu?”Yuzhibo Fuyue is a little unhappy and thinks that Sakano has hidden things in private.
“That's because I'm a genius. Half of my chakras can release three or four B-level ninjas. Can you release two C-level fireballs?
And you maoyuefeng, your chakra is less than Fuyue. It's a bit unnecessary to release Ninjutsu. You'd better go to practice Sabre and body skills, and consume less chakra. ”
Yuzhi bozeye said.What he said is also true. Yuzhibo is about to graduate, that is to say, he can release one or two fireballs. Yuzhibo is six years old, so he is already a genius. As for maoyuefeng, who has no blood, chakra is very poor.That is to say, release a few three body spells,
“ButJust when Yu Zhibo and Fu Yue wanted to fight, the teacher, Bei Chen Wan, came.
“Be quiet, be quiet. I have an important thing to say. Do it all for me.”
Seeing the Beichen pill coming, yuzhibo zaye gives a mouthful of blood, and finally gets rid of this yuzhibo Fuyue.
All the students immediately do a good job, listening to the teacher say that “important thing!”
At this time, beichenwan said, “today is the last day of this semester. In the afternoon, we had a practical test. Yesterday, we had a theory test, and the test papers will be sent back immediately.
In addition, Yuzhi bozeye is the only one in our class who graduated early. Other people want to graduate early. This time, they have passed the theory examination, and the theory has reached the lowest tolerance standard.
Yuzhi bozeye, tomorrow morning, will report the graduation examination ahead of time in the school playground. At that time, the whole senior management of Muye will come back. There may be sixth grade graduates who will fight with you. Go back and prepare for it. ”
Beichen pill finished, the whole class frying pan,
“Ah, Sawano, you are going to graduate. If you do that, I will graduate too. I have enough chakras.”Yuzhibo Fuyue said,
“Ah, boss Zeye is going to graduate. Alas, I don't have enough chakras, otherwise I want to graduate.”Mao Yuefeng said.
“Hahaha, low key, low key, I can't learn anything in school, and I have to waste chakra making shadow here every day to sleep separately. It's better to graduate,
But Fu Yue, can your theory test meet the standard of graduation in advance? That's the standard of excellence, not the standard of passing!And does Uncle Ye know?Will he agree? ”
Yuzhi bozeye asked several questions one after another and asked Fuyue directly.
“Well, isn't it that the theory test is excellent? I'm sure I can pass. Then I will reach the standard, and my father won't stop me.”
Yu Zhibo Fuyue said with a guilty heart.
“Ha ha, good luck to you,” he said with a smile.
He felt a few eyes looking at himself, is a thousand hand rope tree and ape fly new help, originally arrogant two people by Yu Zhi Bo Ze wild whole no temper.
Ape Fei's new help was recently developed by Yuzhi bozeye. Lei Dun aoyi, a thousand year old killer, couldn't get out of bed for half a month. Finally, Yuzhi Bojing took Zeye to Huoying's home to apologize. Anyway, Huoying's face was very dark at that time. He thought, is this a door-to-door slap?
Thousand hand rope tree is much better. Otherwise, Ze Ye is afraid of being blocked by gangshou. He will definitely give him a few notes of Lei Dun's thousand year killing skill.
“What are you looking at? You want to graduate, too?”
Ape Fei xinzhizhu nodded and said, “well, my father has agreed, but he didn't tell the teacher.I can't learn anything in school,
Only when you become the next forbearance and become stronger step by step, can you be defeated. ”
With that, xinzhizhu clenched his fist,
“What's the new help? Do you want to graduate?Ah!!!I'd like to, but my sister doesn't agree with me, and I failed in the theory test! ”
Thousand hand rope tree a face to cry without tears.
This time, the frying pan again. Two of their classes graduated ahead of time. In the first to sixth grades, there are dozens of classes, and about ten of them graduated ahead of time. Only the sixth grade graduates normally.There are two in their class.
The theoretical knowledge of qianshoushengshu's cultural course is appalling, and it can't meet the standard at all. In addition to the situation of qianshoushengshu, there is no one in the family who agrees to his graduation.
“Hahaha, xinzhizhu, maybe we will fight again tomorrow. How about the graduation match in the afternoon? Shall we have a friendly exchange?Recently, I am studying a kind of fire escape Millennium killing, which is ten times more cruel than Lei Dun Millennium killing. Do you want to experience it? “Yuzhibo asked sincerely.
Ape fly new help listen to face fusion, “this or forget, if you meet, I will directly refuse, I won't fight with you this kind of everyday use obscene ninja.”
After that, I thought that I had to fight with my teacher because I couldn't fight with Yuzhi bozeye.
By this time, Beichen Wan had already brought the test papers and distributed them. Part of the teacher's content was very simple*
Chapter 24 change of opponent
Chapter 24 change of opponent
Is to elaborate the meaning of Ninja, the will of fire, and other similar ideological and moral issues.There are also some cases where ninjas need to make some judgments,
For example, three ninjas, two seriously injured and one slightly injured, but there is an important intelligence, what should you do.
Also, if the other party has fengdun, what kind of Ninjutsu should you use to control fengdun, as well as the importance of physique, the way to obtain information, the principle of magic, and the non attribute evasion of each kind of hand gesture.
These are not problems at all for Yuzhi bozeye, but they are very difficult for these little kids.
Like a thousand hand rope tree in the answer, can control the wind escape Ninjutsu is water escape!In fact, it is Huo Dun that restrains Feng dun.
The five attributes of evasion generate and restrain each other: fire to wind, wind to thunder, thunder to earth, earth to water and water to fire.
Yu Zhibo and Fu Yue couldn't make up his mind about a question. He was looking around and wanted to look at Ze Ye.
Yuzhibo Zeye saw that someone was peeping, and immediately blocked the test paper, but he was not allowed to see it. Yuzhibo Fuyue saw that his friend had given him up!It's a way to prepare for the exam.
In less than half an hour, Yuzhi bozeye finished writing. He immediately raised his hand and said, “teacher, I finished writing. I want to hand in the paper in advance!”
Then he looked at Fu Yue with pride. Of course, he knew that his younger brother wanted to find his own theory, but he didn't give him a chance to go back first.
Beichen pill also knows about this genius. The theory is too simple for him. He also knows his situation. He said, “well, take it. Remember that you still have to come for the match test in the afternoon. After all, you haven't graduated.”
“I know, teacher, I'll be here on time,” Yuzhi bozeye said. He handed in the test paper and left.
In the afternoon.
Their class came to the exercise field. In the morning's theoretical test, the results have come out, and the efficiency is very fast. About 40 students have finished correcting the Beichen pill in less than two hours.
Yuzhibo is the first in Zeye, the second in hufeixin, the third in yushouxizixiao, the fourth in maoyuefeng, and yuzhibo's Fuyue is above average.
A thousand hand rope tree has 29 points (100 out of 100).
“Hahaha, Fuyue did well in the exam. Did you pass?Yu Zhi Bo Ze wild a face gratified looking at his little brother said.
“Hum, Zeye!I don't recognize you as the boss!Don't help me in the examThen he turned his head to one side.
“What, Fu Yue, your ideal is to be the second strongest in the world of tolerance, or the head of the yuzhibo clan. You want to pass the exam as the first strongest in the world of tolerance. I will look down on you if you do this…”
Yuzhi bozeye said with a look of shock.When he said this, the voice was loud, and other people looked at it.
Don't look at yuzhibo Fuyue in front of others like a dragon. In fact, he is very sultry. He is killed every time he competes in the clan.We have to take Zeye as the boss.
Yu Zhibo Fu Yue immediately covered Ze Ye's mouth. “Big brother, big brother, I'm wrong. Don't say it. Don't say it. You're still my boss!”A look of supplication.
Yuzhi bozeye took Fuyue's hand and said to him, “well, for your sincere repentance, I won't care about you. A strong man should be down-to-earth and can't cheat…”
Sakano taught Fuyue with great care.
Ten minutes later
“Brother, please don't say it. I'm really wrong!”Yuzhibo Fuyue counseled on the spot. Is this chanting? I thought to myself, teacher, why don't you come.
When Liutai Fuyue prayed, the teacher Beichen pill came late.
“I'm sorry I'm late. This afternoon, it's the final exam.Everyone only needs to fight against a group of opponents.
Now it's the first group, yuzhibozeye and yuzhibofuyue! ”
Ape fly new help a relief, said, “ha ha ha, great, the teacher really give face.”
After today's theory test, he went to buy some small gifts and gave them to Beichen pill. He asked him to take care of him in the afternoon and change his opponent.The third place in actual combat is yuzhibo Fuyue.
He sympathized with ape Fei's new help, so he agreed to it.
But he was happy, yuzhibo Fuyue was not happy, “Hey, teacher, I'm the third in the actual combat. According to the rules, isn't it the first and second fight?I'll fight the third one
He doesn't want to be beaten by Zeye. There is no rally to win at all. Yuzhi bozeye doesn't care who his opponent is. Even this shadow part can hang children here.
“Fu Yue, according to the school's rules, the first person who can fight against the top five has always been xinzhizhu. It's not good.Today is Mr. Jieze, all of them change their opponents.
On the battlefield, your enemy is not immutable, so we should formulate corresponding tactics according to the enemy, that is, your opponent, and respond flexibly to new challenges. “What Beichen pill said is impeccable. Yu Zhibo has no reason to refute it.
“Can I give up, teacher?”Yuzhibo Fuyue said weakly,
“The final exam has to be played to the last minute. Even if you lose, you will be scored according to the level of competition.
Admit defeat is zero directly, you may be the penultimate firstBeichen pill said.
At this time, Yuzhi bozeye said, “Fu Yue, hurry up. I'll give you three moves and give you a chance to show.Come on, I have to go back and play with Meiqin! ”
Ape fly new help a face to see a good play expression, for his decision today feel quite satisfied.If you are fighting with him, it's definitely a thousand years kill of Leidun, or even a thousand years kill of Huodun that you haven't seen before!It's terrible to think about it.
I don't know why Yuzhi bozeye only released a thousand year old killing to himself. He challenged Yuzhi bozeye with a thousand hand rope tree, and he never enjoyed it. At the thought of this, he trembled and wanted to stab him.
The thousand hand rope tree station knows that he has been unable to beat Yu Zhi Bo Ze Ye's shadow, so he gave up the challenge to Ze ye in the last month.
“Well, elder brother, you let me release my big move. Are you doing it!And don't use the Ninjutsu of the Millennium killing school, “Fuyue said.
Yu Zhibo Fuyue thought that since there was no way to change his opponent, he could only ask Ze ye not to use that move.
“Well, well, I just want to use that move for a new one. I don't want to use it for other people. I have something to do after it is over.”
“All right!Please give me more advice*
Chapter 25 Ninjutsu is more terrible than Millennium killing
Chapter 25 Ninjutsu is more terrible than Millennium killing
The two men formed the seal of opposition, and then Yu Zhibo Fuyue immediately jumped away and threw more than ten swords to Ze ye with Yu Zhibo Liu's sword control skill.
Fu Yue's sword has been well controlled in this year, and he is ready for actual combat,
But yuzhibo Zeye is stronger. He said that he would let yuzhibo Fuyue do some moves, but he just said that he would not attack yuzhibo and Fuyue would still defend.
Yuzhibo Fuyue takes out some kuwu and knocks down all the swords in his hand. At this time, more than ten kuwu are coming, and yuzhibozeye knocks them down with his swords.
Looking at the dazzling sword in his hand within ten seconds, people were also amazed.
Teacher Beichen pill sword in hand with a form constantly fill in this information, about Yuzhi bozeye has no need to fill in any information.
In Yuzhi bozeye's archives,
Chakra quantity: s level
Body surgery: a+
Ninja: S-
Magic: a+
Mental strength: S-
Fighting consciousness: a+
This kind of evaluation can only appear in the elites' tolerance. Generally, straight men should pay more attention to their A-level talent.
Yuzhibo Fuyue wants to see if his best hand sword throwing skill is useless. He immediately releases ninja, “Huodun – haohuoqiu skill!”
In front of Yuzhi bozeye, a wall appeared, blocking all the flames.
Yuzhi bozeye's chakra attribute is all attribute, but he doesn't expose it. He just reveals that he is a genius with three attributes of fire, thunder, earth and so on. This is just the Ninja that represents Yuzhi bozeye's best three terminal type,
In the world of tolerance, a ninja's most basic chakra attribute only represents his best Ninjutsu, not that he can't release other attributes of Ninjutsu. For example, Kakashi later, he is not a ninja with five attributes, and he can release five attributes of Ninjutsu. The same is true for the three generations of eye fire shadow, all of which are cultivated later.
The technique of haohuoqiu is useless. Yuzhibo and Fuyue immediately seal the seal, Zi Yin Xu Chou Mao Yin.Fire escape – the art of Impatiens fire.
It took him more than two seconds to make the seal, which was much slower than that of Zeno.
When he spat fireballs out of his mouth, the attack trajectory was like the fruit of Impatiens.The trajectory of the fireball can be controlled by chakra, and the hand sword can be added to it to enhance its power.
Although this is level C ninja, it has the power of level B ninja.
He only knew how to play a common ball of fire before. Yuzhi Boyie just taught him the art of Impatiens fire some time ago.Today is the first time.
Originally, he wanted to be his own mace, but his opponent was Yuzhi bozeye. He was a little disappointed. This kind of mace was useless to Zeye.
“Your seal is too slow. Your five seals are half. My instant body skill has already been sealed.”
When yuzhibo Fuyue heard this, yuzhibo Zeye was already behind him,
And the person in front is just the ordinary d-level Ninja avatar without entity.
Hearing the voice behind him, yuzhibo Fuyue was in a cold sweat. In their eyes, yuzhibo Zeye could not be allowed to go behind him in any case. The power of the thousand year killing flow Ninja was far away, and they lost all their fighting power in one move.
He used the usual limit speed to hide to one side, breathlessly looking at Yuzhi bozeye.
“Your chakra can release at most two C-level ninjas, which is very good, but it can also be over!”
The hand behind Yuzhi bozeye has already started to print, and it can be done with one hand.
His two hand speed is four prints per second, and his one hand speed is one print per second.
What he released was magic. Before his words were finished, Yu Zhibo and Fu Yue had fallen into magic.
Nailuo's skill of seeing
This is a very common magic, C-level magic, nailuojian
General magic, make the opponent see the most afraid image in the heart, carry on the soul strike.
Yuzhibo Fuyue finds yuzhibo Zeye standing behind him in the dreamland, releasing Leidun for thousands of years!
This is the most terrible thing in his life.
“AhYuzhibo, Fuyue himself, was consumed by chakra. At this time, he could not get rid of the magic, and stood still with a pale face,
Yuzhibo Zeye saw that in this way, yuzhibo Fuyue had no choice but to faint, and immediately released his magic,
Yu Zhibo Fuyue sat down in a moment, gasping and covering his buttocks.
“Brother, you cheat me. You promised me that you would not kill me with Lei Dun's thousand year plan!”Yuzhibo Fuyue points at yuzhibo Zeye and scolds him!
Yuzhi bozeye didn't know what Fu Yue was going through in the dreamland, but he understood after listening to him.
“Oh!It turns out that the thing you are most afraid of is my thousand year killing skill!I am the magic of release!Nailuo see the art!FoolYu Zhibo said with a smile.
“Ah, Naruto's skill of seeing, a terrible Ninjutsu, can't it be S-level magic
Yuzhibo Fuyue already knew that his buttock was OK and didn't feel any pain, but in his memory, he couldn't help the unforgettable pain.
I knew I was in the dreamland, but I killed Lei dun for more than ten times in a row!That's a sour day!
When other students heard the mystery of the magic, they all raised their ears. Among them, ape Fei xinzhizhu, who knew more about it, was very pale. If he was caught in the magic, he would be killed for a thousand years in the fantasy!
And the magic is different from the reality, will continue to kill thousands of years, directly to your mental breakdown!
“Ouyi?Alas, it's just a C-level magic trick. What we yuzhibo people are good at is magic trick. We can use more than two gouyu to write round eyes to release magic series magic tricks without printing. Your weakness is the advantage of yuzhibo! ”
Yuzhi bozeye pointed out his shortcomings directly.
“Damn, it's just a C-level magic trick. Hum, brother, I have to say in advance when I fight with you in the future. You are not allowed to release this magic trick. This magic trick is even more hateful than Millennium killing!”
Yuzhibo Fuyue is still subconsciously covering his buttocks. This kind of experience really gives him a serious shadow in his heart.
“Hahaha, it's easy to say, but I'm curious, how many times have you killed in the dreamland?”Yu Zhibo asked jokingly,
Yuzhibo Fuyue can't tell the truth, “only once.”
“Really?Don't lie to me. I'll torture you with magic once. If you lie to me, I'll give you the real version of Lei Dun once a day! “Yuzhi bozeye threatened,
“Well, college seventeen times!”Yuzhibo Fuyue second counsels.
Hear his words, ape fly new help is scared one shiver, can't stand one time, seventeen times?Yuzhibo Fuyue is also a cruel man*
Chapter 26 Where are you going to graduate?
Chapter 26 Where are you going to graduate?
The teacher beichenwan watched yuzhibo Fuyue release his new Ninjutsu, and immediately made a record on the form.
“Well, the battle is over. You can seal the reconciliation.The results of this match, Yuzhi bozeye S-level, perfect.Yuzhibo, Fuyue, Grade A, excellent!
The next group, thousand hand rope tree, fight against the Royal hand wash Zixiao! ”
Yuzhibo Zeye and yuzhibo Fuyue got off the challenge arena, and the shadow separation was relieved in an instant. Yuzhibo Fuyue looked envious,
“Damn, why do I have so few chakras that I can't even keep the shadow separation skill?”
Today is the last day in the school. Yuzhi bozeye is very proud to let Yingfen stay in the school for such a long time.
Other students behind the war, he must not be interested in, in his eyes are very weak.
Yuzhibozeye's body is still cultivating feelings with his future daughter-in-law, that is, weasel and Sasuke's mother, yuzhibomeiqin. She is less than four years old now, more than three years old, and more sensible than last year.
He has made up his mind about Meiqin. As for yuzhibo Fuyue, he likes to play it by himself!
Recently, yuzhibo Fuyue always comes to play with Meiqin, which makes yuzhibo Zeye feel very dangerous.So I come to Meiqin every day to cultivate my feelings,
Sometimes they even take Meiqin home. Meiqin's grandfather and yuzhibojing agree that they can get together,
Today, Yuzhi bozeye brought Meiqin home.
“His aunt (I'm back)…”
“Aunt naphthalene, here I am!”
“Back, Sawano!Eh, I haven't got Meiqin yet. Let's make my tempura, sushi and some dishes. I'm going to graduate ahead of time tomorrow. I'm going to have a good dinner. “Yu Zhibo said.
“Thank you, mother. And father. Is he back?”Sawano asked.
“He!He should come back soon. He has been practicing Ninja recently. ”
Yuzhibonan said with a sad face that they are all in their thirties and their strength is about to decline. Yuzhibonan doesn't care. He doesn't feel much about strength,
Yuzhi Boyie, the patriarch of the clan, has been a bit obsessed with cultivation since he was able to carry out the primary immortal mode. Yuzhi Boyie is a little better. He can spare up to two hours a day to teach his two sons. He can also go to Muye to walk around, occasionally perform tasks, or go to Muye police station to be on duty. He has a good life.
Yuzhiye, the patriarch of the clan, is different. It seems that the magic has opened the door to a new world. He has no way to enter the immortal mode every second, so he keeps on studying and wants to develop a more perfect magic.
Today is a special day, and yuzhibojing knows it, so he takes time to go home today,
So in Ze Ye home a few minutes, Yu Zhibo mirror also came.
“His great aunt!”Seriously said, this is the basic etiquette, even if there is no one at home, also want to say.
“My father!”
“Uncle mirror!”
Meiqin and Zeye stand up and say hello.
“Well, Meiqin is here, too!”Then he cleaned up and sat down at the table.
They attach great importance to the sense of ceremony. They have to pay attention to the etiquette of the big family when they have a meal. Yuzhibo Meiqin is also very polite and clever now.
After a while, the meal was all ready, and yuzhibonan sat up and enjoyed it together.
Generally speaking, he doesn't say much during the meal. After the meal, yuzhibonan cleans up. At this time, yuzhibonan puts on a few cups of tea on the table and takes them all down like a nanny.
In Japanese society, women do this. After they finish, they play with little Laurie Meiqin in their arms. In fact, they always pay attention to the conversation between Zeye and yuzhibojing.
“Ze Ye's graduation tomorrow will make it more difficult for you.You have to be ready! ”
My son knows that his strength is comparable to that of the elite.It's just that she's a little upset about Muye setting some thresholds for her son.
“What's the difficulty?I don't like the fresh graduates this time. “Yuzhi bozeye said with disdain that he had never exposed all his strength. In the high level of Muye, he didn't know that he had opened the eye of writing wheel, and it was Er gouyu's eye of writing wheel.
And his ten fist sword, eight foot Qiong, gouyu and eight foot mirror have never been used.
As long as it's not the shadow level, there's no problem.
“I want to talk to you formally. Muye senior management has been paying attention to you for a long time. Although you are very low-key and have not exposed all the talents of Hedao, the exposed part is amazing.So when you asked me to graduate early.
The senior management of Muye has told the patriarch and me about your graduation several times. If your strength is still in Muye school, it really can't be said.
In this test, the apprentice who is responsible for testing you is the third generation of Mu Huoying.His strength is not weak. It is said that he signed a psychic agreement with miaomushan, the three holy places of psychics.
It's said that he's also practising the art of immortality, but he doesn't have a beginning. “Yuzhibojing said,
“What comes from me?His strength is really good!A little bit of pressure. ”
Yuzhi bozeye said.
His strength is absolutely not weak, even if he can't practice magic.One of the criteria for practicing the art of immortality is chakraliang, yuzhibo mirror and yuzhiboye. They are all above the shadow of their strength, and finally they succeed in practicing the art of immortality. They may not be ordinary people. They can not be said to be the blood of the thousand handed people and the Muye people.Chuck has a lot of money.
“It's a bit unfair. He's 15 years old, and he's graduated nearly 10 years.Why should I take the final exam? If other people take the final exam, none of them will graduate from Ninja school. “Yuzhi bozeye said discontentedly.
Yu Zhibo shook his head. “There's nothing fair or unfair in the world of tolerance. I agreed. Of course, I won't let you suffer too much.
Three generations of eyes fire shadow agreed to the patriarch, if you can last more than half an hour, or let Zilai also injured, defeated, take the initiative to admit defeat, or Zilai is also convinced of your strength.
Then your regret for graduation goes directly beyond the lower forbearance and the middle forbearance for promotion. ”
Yu Zhi wave mirror finish saying to take up the tea on the table to drink a mouthful, quietly looking at the expression of Ze Ye.
“Nani!Direct tolerance
Yuzhi bozeye was shocked. There were advantages and disadvantages, but the advantages were not good. At that time, he would become famous in the world of tolerance,
My name will definitely be on the list of key assassins in each village. I'm ready to go to the end. It's not in line with my plan.
“But my father, Mu Xiu must be urged by Lin Feng.Didn't you make me keep a low profile? “Yuzhi bozeye said*
Chapter 27 the compromise of yuzhibo's senior management
Chapter 27 the compromise of yuzhibo's senior management
“It's different. You've exposed it. There's no need to keep a low profile. Besides, it's not necessarily a bad thing.
Once you become Zhongren, our yuzhibo family may rise rapidly and become the first family worthy of it, which is in sharp contrast to the thousand handed family whose leaves are declining.
In fact, I don't want to. The patriarch has agreed to Huoying, so I have to agree to it? ”
Yuzhibojing said.He didn't want to add too much ambition to Yu Zhibo, but there was no way!There are too many benefits for Yu Zhibo from Muye, which makes him feel a little excited.
This matter is decided by the clan leader and several elders. As the clan leader of the yuzhibo clan, yuzhibo has to consider the problem for the sake of the yuzhibo clan.
“Well, I promise!For yuzhibo people, I will become Zhongren! ”
Yuzhi bozeye said that he suddenly thought of a way that he could not expose his strength, but also advance to be tolerated.
“Well, it's worthy of my son. You have the courage. I'm sorry. If I can make a decision for you, I will stand in your position.”
Yu Zhibo mirror said happily.At the same time, he was a little self reproach. He didn't speak very well and had to obey the decision of the top management.
“There's another thing. You were going to go to the Muye police force after graduation, but the Muye high-level is going to let you go and form a team with this year's xiaren, and you can't refuse it.
But your teacher has been won over by our yuzhibo family. It's myself, son. I'll take time to teach you later. ”
“What, I still have to form a team to carry out the task, and those who endure together?”Yuzhi bozeye was puzzled.Suddenly he understood again.
Muye's top management is mainly Huoying of three generations of eyes. He likes to use the power of fetters to attract ninjas and let himself join the Ninja Team. That is to let himself and his friends have fetters. In this way, Muye can pull him from yuzhibo when he has the fetters in his heart.
My father's yuzhibo mirror is a successful example. Originally, yuzhibo mirror was just a little genius of yuzhibo family.After he was accepted as a disciple by the second generation of Mu Huoying, he completely turned to Mu Ye,
Even Zhicun tuanzang, who is extremely disgusted with yuzhibo, doesn't think yuzhibo mirror will betray Muye and become the next yuzhibo spot.
“There's no way. It's also a high-level game. The condition is that the yuzhibo family has the right to issue tasks on the first floor of Muye. The yuzhibo family can't refuse this temptation.The clan leader has made this decision with Huoying. ”
Yuzhibojing said.
This time, it's not just yuzhibo Zeye who is sold out. Other yuzhibo children who graduated from Ninja school have to join the Ninja Team first. Unless the team is dissolved, they have to perform tasks in the Muye team.
(Muye can leave the team or set up a team himself when he is in a special situation.)
“What's 10% of the power to issue tasks?”Yu Zhi Bo Ze ye asked suspiciously, in the original fire shadow, Yu Zhi Bo's family has only one Muye police team!There is no other power!
“Do you know what are the main sources of income for those ninjas
“It's like getting paid for a mission!”Sakano thought about it and said,
“Yes, that's it. Muye's task release belongs to Huoying management. Huoying above grade a manages it in person, and grade C, D and B below grade A are all managed by subordinate task management hall.
We yuzhibo ninjas go to get a mission. Sometimes we want to get a S-level mission, but we only get a B-level mission. In this way, our yuzhibo ninjas will have less funding.
I can have one tenth of the number of tasks released. Among us, we can give priority to the yuzhibo people to choose. In this way, the economic pressure of the people will be greatly reduced… ”
Yuzhibojing explained to yuzhibozeye.
“And this kind of good thing, it's one tenth of the finance of Muye. Will Huoying give up?”Yuzhi bozeye said.
Yuzhibo mirror a listen, decided to give his son first popularization, is very patient said.
“Zeye, you look down on Muye. The Ninja takes three layers of Muye. We have two of these tasks for Muye. Yuzhibo only takes one layer,
Besides, most of Muye's income is given by Huoying. Otherwise, the secret department, medical department, ninja stationed at the border, Muye police force, Muye jiejie class and Muye intelligence office have no funds.
Running this nearly 20000 ninja, the task is just a drop in the bucket. Two thirds of Muye's finance is given by the name of the country of fire.
The remaining one-third, half of which is the business tax revenue of wood leaves, and the remaining class, that is, one sixth of the income of the whole wood leaves, is the task of wood leaves.
One tenth of this part is given to the yuzhibo family. We yuzhibo family can get 70% of this fund when we carry out the task. The remaining 30% is 20% for Muye and one floor for yuzhibo family.
This amount of money is nothing to Muye. Those tasks are originally for ninjas, but the discrimination my yuzhibo family received when they took over the task will greatly reduce the difficulties and increase their income.
This is an important reason for the compromise of yuzhibo's senior management. ”
Yuzhi bozeye listened to the financial structure of Muye, “two thirds of Muye, that is, four sixths, are given by Daming,
The remaining one sixth is their after tax business income. In the three-tier Commission, one sixth is Ninja's task, yuzhibo family can take one tenth, one third.That's to say, one thirtieth of the revenue of the whole leaf task,
At the same time, when I think about it, the whole income of Muye is one hundred and eighty percent, which is really not much. I say Muye is so happy.
But fortunately, those yuzhibo people can get one tenth of the amount of Muye task in disguise and 70% of the fund from the task publisher. This is a lot of money. ”
Yuzhi bozeye figured it out and asked, “my father, I've figured it out. I'll join the team. My father, there's not much money. We've only got 180% of the income of Muye.”
“A lot of them. Don't forget that we also have Muye police force. The Japanese are envious. One twentieth of Muye's income is allocated to Muye police force on time every year.
In addition, our yuzhibo ninjas get a lot of income every year when they perform their tasks. We must not underestimate it. ”
Yuzhibojing explains,
“I see. Father, can I expose my eyes tomorrow?”Yu Zhi Bo Ze ye asked*
Chapter 28 new weapon Chixiao sword
Chapter 28 new weapon Chixiao sword
“Of course, you have to do your best. Not only that, the patriarch and the elder promised me that you can go with me to choose a weapon in the clan. I remember that you also practiced the yanyueliu sword technique of yuzhibo clan.How is the cultivation going? “Yu Zhibo asked.
Yuzhibo family has passed on many powerful swordsmanship from generation to generation, but the only one who can really learn it is yuzhibo.
Waterstop's instant body skill and magic skill are very outstanding. At the same time, he is also an expert with sword, such as sword Yueyan, Sun Halo dance, wind sword, flash cutting and so on, which are his best swordsmanship of Yuzhi wave current.
With instant body technique, waterstop can use extremely fast chopping strike, which makes people unable to defend. It has the power of killing with one strike.
When yuzhibo Zeye went to find yuzhibo Meiqin, he saw elder yuzhibo practicing yuzhibo Liujian.So I started to learn it. Now I have practiced it for a year.
Yuzhi bozeye usually goes to class with shadow division. Other noumenon and shadow Division mainly practice body skill and sword skill. His Ninjutsu talent is very high. In addition, some of his lunyan Ninjutsu can read it at a glance.It won't take long.
“Fortunately, the elder grandfather said that my sword skill has been a little developed, which is equivalent to the upper endurance level of our yuzhibo people who have been practicing for more than ten years.”Yuzhi bozeye said.
“Eh, you've been practicing swordsmanship for a year. Is that your talent?Yes, let's go to yuzhibo's Secret storehouse and find some knives as weapons. ”
Yuzhibo is also very excited.Because there is no chakra conducting metal in his sword, if yuzhibo's sword technique is matched with the fire attribute chakra, there will be a layer of fire outside the chakra sword,
It's cruel to be cut down by this knife, which is equivalent to the same taste of being cut down by a hot iron knife.
The treasure house of yuzhibo is also in the shrine of yuzhibo.
Today, the three elders of the yuzhibo clan are on duty. They are all the important property of the yuzhibo clan. Even the clan leader can't use the weapons at will.
Yuzhi bozeye came here to look for weapons, which was agreed by several elders. Yuzhi Bojing found Yuzhi Boye, the head of the clan. Yuzhi Boye brought him in himself.
The weapons in the warehouse are the important booty of yuzhibo from the Warring States period and after the founding of Muye.
If you want to obtain resources from the yuzhibo clan, you have to depend on your contribution. For example, you can hand in Ninja, the loot you have seized, and you can make contributions to your family,
If you make more contributions, you can become a patriarch, an elder, or a captain of the Muye police force.
You can also get some ninja and weapons.
There are dozens of weapons inside, all of which are chakra conductive metal. This is an important asset, and the loss of one is painful enough.
However, there are all kinds of weapons. There are only more than ten chakra nindo swords. Yuzhibo people are used to using knives and don't like other weapons,
Yuzhi bozeye can only work on a few blades.
Because he is only six years old, one meter four tall, looks like a ten-year-old child, but this height is less than four feet long knife.
The ninja sword and sword in Huoying world are the type of Taidao. Yuzhi bozeye likes it very much, but when he saw a three foot one inch ancient Chinese sword, he immediately picked out his eyes.
“Is it difficult that this was left by the last one who crossed the border?”Ze ye thought that this sword is Han sword, like Longquan sword on Taobao.The people of the Japanese nation all use Taidao,
“Five fragrance powder, what kind of sword is this?”
Yu Zhi Bo Ze ye asked.
“I don't know about this sword. It has a long history. It's estimated that your grandfather's grandfather's time was in our family treasure house, because we all like Taidao, and no one uses it.”Yuzhi Boyie said,
“Well, I'll use it. The pattern on his blade is purplish red. Let's call him Chixiao sword.”
Yuzhi bozeye said excitedly.
“You really want this sword. I feel it's not as good as Tai Dao when it's used to cut people!”
“No.This is it. I like it very much. “Yuzhi bozeye said.
After he got the Chixiao sword, he practiced it all night.
the second day.
Yuzhibo mirror, yuzhibo naphthalene, yuzhibo Zeye and yuzhibo Meiqin, who were sleeping in his home yesterday, came to the exercise ground of Muye school.
Because today's protagonist is yuzhibo's once-in-a-hundred-year genius, so there are hundreds of yuzhibo's high-level and yuzhibo's people.
Yuzhi Boyie and Yuzhi boyue also come here. Several people say hello, and now they are together.
Other big families have come to join in the fun. The chieftain of the Qianshou clan doesn't know what's going on. Recently, the people of the Qianshou clan are in a panic. Many people have disappeared, and even the chieftain hasn't appeared for a long time.
The head of the clan, RI Tianchen, also came here with his two little twin sons, thinking that he would have a chance to see Yu Zhibo make a fool of himself.
The sun clan is also the forbearance clan of the first class of Muye. They are not as willing as the yuzhibo clan when they get the power.However, since the death of his grandfather, RI Tien Jen, and his father, there has not been a shadow class in the RI clan.
He is also very unwilling, but looking at his two sons, they have good aptitude. He thinks that he must train them well. If his aptitude is not good, he can only entrust it to the next generation.
Before long, whirlpool water door came, she generally won't appear, but this time want to see his granddaughter gangshou and rope tree repeatedly eat shriveled Yu Zhibo genius is what strength.
As soon as she arrived, the other family leaders went to say hello, but Yuzhi bozeye and a group of children didn't go together.
In a short time, three generations of eyes, fire shadow, ape flying, sun cutting, sleeping, Xiaochun, shuihumenyan, Zhicun Tuan Zang, gangshou, Zilai and dasheban came together.
Looking at so many people gathered here today, Huoying of the third generation thought it was a good opportunity. He was not ready to speak, so he took the opportunity to give a speech on the will of fire.
Those family members are better, but the children are different. They are so excited that they want to be the next bear and work for Muye.
Yuzhibozeye is surrounded by yuzhibofuze, Fuyue and Meiqin.
Both tozawa and Meiqin are children. They don't understand very well. There's nothing to do with them.Fu Ze is two years old and can say that he is a follower of yuzhibo Meiqin. The people of yuzhibo family are controlled by brother, brother or something.
The relationship between yuzhibofuze and Meiqin far exceeds the relationship with yuzhibozeye.So they don't have Sasuke and ferret's passion*
Chapter 29: the war is coming
Chapter 29: the war is coming
Ze Ye looks at this kind of situation, also can't pretend to be indifferent, but also can't pretend very obviously, if oneself and other children a state, that three generation eyes fire shadow also don't believe oneself!
He is just a little excited, a kind of eager feeling, he has the divine sense, can clearly know, three generations of eyes after the speech, always staring at himself.It can be said that they just stare at themselves without looking at others.
Looking at Yuzhi bozeye's expression, he thought, “it's OK. It's OK. Although I didn't give him 100 points like a civilian child, I can still give him 70 points.
He still needs to be rescued. When he comes back, let yuzhibojing be his teacher and take him with him. In addition, two young men of fire will and spirit are sent to form a team with him to have some fetters. By the way, I will tell him about fire will when I have nothing to do. The hope of rescue can reach 80%
The theory test of the graduating class ended yesterday, and today is the war test.
Many of Muye's mentors have come to Shangren. They can see if there are any students they like. These students will become their subordinates until they break through Shangren.
In this period, even if you are promoted to Shangren, you are also a disciple of the class.
They all have a certain choice. Of course, the final arrangement belongs to Huoying. You have to obey how he arranges.
Yu Zhibo mirror came to the ape flying day chop and asked, “monkey, my team members this time, besides your son ape flying new help, and my son Zeye, there is still one missing. Who is that man?”
There are few yuzhibo mirrors that they like. There are some good ones in the sun clan. They can't make friends with others. Besides, they won't come to call themselves. Others have heard that one called Qianshou orange water is not bad. The relationship between yuzhibo clan and Qianshou clan is even more impossible.
“Jing, it's impossible for a small team to give you good results. Your team has already taken a Yuzhi bozeye, and with the help of ape flying Xinzhi, the results are also good. You have to balance it.
So I've chosen you a young clan leader of the dog tomb clan, dog tomb Liao, who also graduated ahead of time. “The ape flies and the sun chop says,
In order to let Yu Zhi Bo Ze wild produce fetters, ape flying day cut but tried every means.
He is a grade older than Yuji posano. Although he is a prick, like a bad boy, he is very loyal.
A group of his younger brothers, his ideal is to become Huoying, and his family is also Huoying school, Gen Zhengmiao Hong, so he was elected immediately.
This kind of personality and team between the fetters may be very large.
“Gouzhongliao? I know him. The Shiniu he was born. Remember that I have been to his house?”Yu Zhibo recalled that,
“Yes, I went with my teacher at that time.”Ape flying day cut spit a mouthful of smoke said, it seems to fall into the memory.
Now we have begun to group, because at this time, all grades graduate ahead of time, and the grades are different, but they are all equal.
Yuzhi bozeye is a little special. He was named by Huoying directly, so he is not in the group.
For example, ape Fei xinzhizhu doesn't have such privileges. Even if he is Huoying's son, he can't have such privileges. He can compete group by group.
As long as you get to the top three, there will be a B-level Ninja reward, and Huoying will take the Muye Ninja to protect his forehead.Let those graduates very excited.
Yuzhi bozeye was arranged in the first scene, which is also an opening hot field for the graduation exam.
Zilai is also rubbing his fists and hands there. The master on one side also said to Zilai, “Zilai also beat that boy hard. You don't have to give yuzhibo family face. I'll cover you.
Aren't you able to psychic giant toads?It's for me, too.Do you hear me
Gangshou is very confident in zilaiye's strength. Yuzhi bozeye's strength is not weak, but in her heart, she can't compare with zilaiye.
If she had any trouble with yuzhibozeye before, she would have let him run away. This time, it's a challenge arena. It's impossible to escape, and yuzhibo's family won't allow him to escape,
“Don't worry, gangshou is just a six-year-old child. Don't worry!But if he admits defeat, I'll let him go
From then on, my heart is not bad. I can't be as cruel as gangshou.
One side of the snake pill with a kind of aunt smile at two people.However, he is a genius, since the last time he was caught by three people with the help of gangshou, Yuzhi bozeye failed.
Yuzhi bozeye successfully attracted his curiosity.He knows that Yuzhi bozeye is absolutely not so simple, and the shadow separation technique has cheated three Shangren?And never caught by the master.
Today may be about to see the full strength of Yuzhi bozeye, he is also very curious.
“The first scene, Yuzhi bozeye, you two come to the scene!”As the host of shuihumen Yan said.
Since Lai is just about to take the stage, the third generation of Mu Huoying is worried about this disciple. He specially said, “since Lai, don't forget what I said. Try to inspire Yuzhi bozeye's strength and defeat him in half an hour.”
He didn't want to be given the right to release the yuzhibo mission in his heart. He was also very confident about his apprentice, and by the way, he suppressed the yuzhibo family.
“If you know, give him ten minutes, and he can hold on for ten minutes in my hands, it's already the level of tolerance.”
Said since also confidently jumped to the stage.
At this time, Yuzhi bozeye said to Yuzhi Boye, “patriarch, can I defeat him in any way?”
Yu Zhibo frowns and subconsciously thinks that he has stage fright. “Of course, as long as you defeat him, you can do it in any way. You won't be afraid, will you?”
Said seriously looking at Yu Zhi Bo Ze wild, to tell the truth, he has no bottom to Yu Zhi Bo Ze wild feeling.
“No, how can I have stage fright? I'm just afraid that the exposed moves are so powerful that you may beat me!”Yuzhi bozeye said worried,
“Ha ha ha, don't worry, you will die and release S-level ninja, and I won't blame you,” Yuzhi Boyie said.
“Hahaha, that's good. I'm relieved,” he said and jumped into the challenge arena.
This arena is very big, ninja's Ninja is very strong, because there is an audience, it's too small to be hurt by mistake.
“Hahaha, Zeye, why are you so hard?I don't blame you, so I'll do it gently. I won't be disabled. “I'm a little arrogant,
“Ha ha, since I came here, I developed my own super Ninjutsu. I can even defeat the third generation of Mu Huoying. You are sure to lose today!”Zeye is not to be outdone.
“What, beat the teacher?Ha ha, naive, let me try your Ninjutsu, don't be beaten and cried by meSelf confidence also said.
The master at the back yelled, “come here and beat him hard.”*
Chapter 30 the art of Harem
Chapter 30 the art of Harem
At this time, the rope tree also came. Behind the master, he didn't believe that Yuzhi bozeye could defeat zilaiye.
“The seal of opposition first.”Shuihumenyan said,
Two people still carry on the opposite seal according to the etiquette.Then jump away to keep the distance.
“Since then, do you dare to accept my move?”Yuzhi bozeye said.
“Come on, I'm afraid of you!”
“Forbearance – the art of multiple shadow separation!”
Puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff.
“Ha ha, is that your big move?Ha ha, it's no use. The shadow part will explode in a dozen! ”
“The art of harem's color and youth!”And then all the shadows changed.
You should know that Yuzhi bozeye is not the kind of aesthetic view of whirlpool Naruto. There are so many beauties in later generations. Yuzhi bozeye's art of harem color is very important to every beauty.And there is no mosaic smoke of Naruto in some parts.
If the whirlpool Naruto version of the Hougong seyoushu positioning as B-level ninja.Nasano's version is S-class.
Because he is not only the art of sex and youth, but also the art of illusion. He can make people indulge in it. In his eyes, there are more than 100 beauties, maybe tens of thousands of beauties
This is a super combination of d-level transfiguration, A-level multiple shadow separation and B-level magic. It's not too good to evaluate it as S-level ninja.
“AhFrom also excited shout a, as if in heaven, and then the nostril like a rocket, nose blood gushing out, because of the impact of nose blood to the sky.
At the same time, the stage also fried pot, this move affected too much, even three generations of eyes Huoying also recruited, white Huoying robes are dyed red by nose blood.
Other patriarchs of various families are recruited everywhere.
Yuzhibo Lin can't control it any more. Yuzhibo Lin quickly covers yuzhibo's eyes and Meiqin's.
As for yuzhibo, Fuyue didn't take care of him. At this time, he had already slipped all over the ground, but there was no bleeding.
Gang's whole body trembles. She covers the eyes of Qianshou rope tree with one hand. She wants to rush up and kill Yuzhi bozeye alive.
Whirlpool Shuihu turned his head aside and thought, “it's good that this child's character jumps off a little bit, and is very similar to that between pillars. If it's the same as yuzhiboban, it's not good.”
Yuzhi bozeye can let go of this opportunity and rush up immediately. Even if the speed is normal, it may not be able to catch up.
“Muye Yuzhi wave current, the ultimate fire escape mystery, fire escape – the art of Millennium killing!”
With a piercing sound, Zilai himself flew out of the challenge arena, which means that Zilai was killed by the second,
Then Ze wild lifted the technique of the back palace color young, the scene restored calm, as for since also, had been made unconscious by this move.A group of medical ninjas immediately gathered around.
But a certain venue fell into a dead silence, all staring at Yuzhi bozeye.
Shangren, a disciple of Huoying, was killed one minute after he came on stage. There was no benefit of resistance,
Three generations of eyes fire shadow ape flying sun cut, at this time face red, a pair of blood, in order to cover up the embarrassment, the hat pressure for a while, and keep smoking.Looking at the side of the gangshou and big snake pill, I can't help regretting.
Why do you want to choose yourself? Let gangshou and dashuewan go. You will definitely find out the strength of Yuzhi bozeye.
“How?Lord Shuihu?Should I win? “Yu Zhi Bo Ze wild asks a way, very obvious, the bloodstain on the body of water door inflammation proves that he also was recruited.
“Well!I declare that the winner is Yuzhi bozeye
All of a sudden, there were cheers on the court. Of course, there were a lot of boos, and some people were still shouting. Yuzhi Boyie felt that although he won, he didn't have any glory on his face. He was even embarrassed to say that he was his son.
“Cough, I declare that yuzhibozeye's strength has far exceeded Muye's ordinary xiaren, or even Zhongren, and has the power to fight against Shangren. After a high-level vote, yuzhibozeye, the head of Muye's yuzhibo family, was awarded Muye Zhongren.”
Ape feirizha stood up and said that it was also a good opportunity to win over people. Since Yuzhi bozeye won, he could not stop Yuzhi bozeye from becoming Zhongren.
Yuzhi bozeye, under the leadership of the dark Department, comes to the three generations of eyes. Ape feirizha takes a quota and brings it to Yuzhi bozeye.
As for Muye's Zhongren green waistcoat, it's already ready. Although it doesn't fit, it's already given to him, isn't it?
“Thank you, master Huoying. I will inherit the will of Muye Huo and devote myself to Muye after death…” Yuzhi bozeye immediately expressed his loyalty and his expression was also excited.
Looking at the expression of Ze ye, three generations of eyes Huoying feel that they have passed“Bow to progress, die, say good, good, I hope you continue to work hard, not proud
“It's Lord Huoying!”
“By the way, Ze ye, the Ninja you created is too powerful. It can be released in a wide range and easily hurt your friends.
I'm going to set it as forbidden and try not to use it casually, especially my own partner.I don't want to use it to my companions. Last time, I didn't get out of bed for half a month,
This time, it's estimated that it will be even heavier… “Said Huoying, looking like an elder teaching his younger generation,
“It's Lord Huoying!”Yuzhi bozeye expressed his understanding.He just wanted to hide his strength. He had to. This Ninjutsu is not good for his reputation.
“Well, it's good to understand. By the way, there's one more thing. The power distance of your evil move, transfiguration, magic and multiple shadows are enough to be forbidden.Although it's not difficult.As long as the magic chakra is more tolerant, it can be done.
But the shape changes of those beauties are very complicated, so I hope you can give this Ninja to Muye and include it in the seal bookThree generation eyes fire shadow ape flying day chop said, of course, he has a huge selfish, others have no evidence.
However, Zhicun Tuan Zang, the leader of the secret department around him, heard carefully, but he didn't win. “Hum, teacher, you're wrong about this man. I'm the most suitable person to be Huoying!”Zhicun tuanzang certainly knows why the three generations of Mu Huoying did this.
“Well, Lord Huoying, it's a little bad. It's a family secret!”Yuzhi bozeye is a little embarrassed. The beauty's shape has changed. How can I give him a picture!It's too embarrassing to draw it by yourself. It's not suitable for spreading*
Chapter 31 book of seal
Chapter 31 book of seal
“Sakano, I know you invented it. Of course, to compensate you, you can spin a ninja on the sealed book,” he said, taking out a scroll. Of course, this is not the sealed book.It's just a sealed book of Ninja!
“Really?” Yuzhi bozeye was very excited. He had been greedy of flying thunder for a long time,
As a result, he took out the scroll and saw that some of the forbidden techniques in the sealed book were not found.
The third generation's eyes are not stupid either. He knows the chakra attribute of Yuzhi bozeye,There are only Shuidun, tudun, Huodun and even Mudun. The only good one is muyeliu sword. Fortunately, Feilei and bamen dunjia are also here.
Shui Dun, Mu Dun, Yu Zhi, Bo Ze, ye Xue can't do it, and Tu Dun is not particularly powerful.So it's nothing to let him know. He's not a ninja, and there's no danger in bamen dunjia. What's more, ninja doesn't seem very good. It's better to practice Ninja when you have time to train.
As for the flying Thunder God, it can be said that the whole wood leaf does not know it. It needs talent. In addition, the reputation of the flying Thunder God is not as strong as that of the four generations of later generations.
In addition, seals, such as those that can seal tailed animals, corpse seals, eight diagrams seals, four images seals, none of them.
Because Linghua can improve mental power, I'm not in it, like the reincarnation of filthy land, and I can't be here.
“Well, I'd like to hand over the art of harem Seyou to Muye. Is this also a contribution to Muye.But I want to fly thunder
Yuzhi bozeye said.
“The skill of flying Thunder God, it's space ninja, the secret skill of second generation eye fire shadow. I hope you can have space talent.”
Three generations of eyes fire shadow very happy agreed, this time, he thought the whole wood leaves have no space talent, how can you have!Give it to you.
“Thank you, master Huoying. These days I have recorded all the beauty forms of the secret art and sent them to master Huoying.”
Yuzhi bozeye said,
“OK, you'll follow me to Huoying office to check the secret arts, but you can't teach them to others. If others want to get the art of flying Thunder God, they must get it through their contribution to Muye. Even your disciples' Ninja about the seal book needs my approval, you know?”
“I know Lord Huoying!”
“Well, that's good. You go down first, and then go to Huoying office when it's over!”
“It's Lord Huoying!”
Yuzhi bozeye said, then he went to his parents with the green vest of wooden leaves.
When he was just 100 meters away from Huoying, Qianshou rope tree rushed over.
“Ze ye, congratulations on becoming Zhongren. On behalf of myself, I formally admit defeat to you.
At the same time, I'd like to recognize you as the boss. Please teach me the powerful secret that can kill Lord Huoying.Please
The thousand handed rope tree was just beside Huoying. He was also very excited when he looked at the secret skill. When he saw the family leader of Muye, Huoying, and Huoying's consultant, he fell into a large area, and his heart was instantly moved.This is the only way.
“Ha ha.Easy to say, easy to say, I'll take you as my younger brother, but rope tree, it's not that I don't teach you.
Because this Ninja is too powerful, it has a wide range of influence, and it is easy to hurt the companion by mistake. It has just been included in the sealed book by Lord Huoying, but it is a secret skill of s level.
Without the approval of Huoying, I can't teach it to anyone. You can ask Huoying for it through your sister. ”
Yu Zhi Bo Ze Ye looks at the little brother who comes to the door. If he doesn't accept it, he won't accept it!Take it first.
Sure enough, the thousand handed rope tree was surprised and said, “what?Revenue seal book, ah, ah!Damn it, it's hard this time. ”
Before thousand hand rope tree in order to defeat Yu Zhi Bo Ze wild to move the idea of learning seal book, were mercilessly rejected.
Master gangshou told me that as long as he reached the upper level of tolerance, he could learn the Ninjutsu of the sealed book,
Just at this time, gang rushed over and said, “hum, you boy!Stay away from the rope tree, and you come here?I'm going to blow you up with this shameless Ninjutsu
Yuzhi bozeye looked at gangshou's evil smile and said, “Muye's ultimate fire escape, the secret fire escape, the skill of killing for a thousand years!”
Gangshou's cold sweat suddenly broke out, and he didn't care about anything. He was not afraid of ten thousand. He immediately covered his ass and flashed to it again. At this time, Ze Ye immediately used instant body technique to retreat.
When gangshou thought he was cheated, Zeye had already left a long way.
At this time, he had already come to the middle of yuzhibo,
A group of elders looked at Yu Zhibo, the most powerful genius in history. Their eyes were gratified and complicated. How could this genius be a little out of tune!
They don't feel proud of the genius in their family.
“Patriarch, father, you have fulfilled your mission. I defeated zilaiye and became the smallest Zhongren in Muye's history. And I graduated.Ha ha haYu Zhi Bo Ze ye said with a smile, but it's wrong to feel angry.
Yu Zhibo's face was dark. He wanted to show off, but he didn't have the chance.As for Yuzhi Boyie, he can't comment either. At the beginning, he agreed that Yuzhi Boye could use any method, and now he has no reason to teach him a lesson.
“Wow, Zeye is so powerful. What kind of Ninjutsu did you use just now seems to be very powerful. Can you teach me, brother Zeye?”Yuzhibo Meiqin called.
“I want to learn!”Yuzhibofuze also excitedly pulls yuzhibozeye, because this elder brother often forgets him just for Meiqin.
Yuzhi bozeye's mouth is drawn. In the picture, you think of Yuzhi bomeiqin, performing the art of Hougong Seyou, and instantly shiver?
“No, no, absolutely not. Meiqin can't be broken.”
At this time, Yu Zhibo mirror said to Yu Zhibo naphthalene, “naphthalene, it's up to you. Just now, I was calculated by the boy and promised him to allow him to defeat his opponent with any outburst, so it's up to you to educate Ze Ye.”
Yu Zhibo mirror said seriously.
“Yes, Jingjun!Don't worry!I'm also responsible for most of this. ”
With that, Yuzhi bozeye's arms were pulled by Meiqin and fuze, and he couldn't run away. Yuzhi bozeye's talons then stretched out and turned his ears 360 degrees.
“Mom, what are you doing?My mother is in great pain! ”
“Well!I don't know why you've become like this. You've been cheated by your appearance since you were a child. I'll teach you a lesson today. “*
Chapter 32 questions and answers
Chapter 32 questions and answers
Yuzhi bozeye then spread a crackling sound on his buttocks.I was spanked for the first time when I grew up. Although I was my mother, I was very shy.
It's how to get in your own circle.
At the end of the day, Yuzhi bozeye himself came to Huoying Huoying office.
“Master Huoying, I've come to collect the secret arts!”Yuzhi bozeye came just now and was brought in by the dark Department. Huoying told them that the dark department didn't stop him and brought him in directly.
“Well, Ze ye, come quickly. What's the matter with you? Is this a contest between the two?”Three generations of eyes fire shadow asked,
“Tell Lord Huoying that my secret skill is so powerful that it affects many Muye ninjas and even yuzhibo ninjas. My mother has warned me seriously that I will be forbidden to use this kind of ninja in the future!”Yuzhi bozeye said.
“Yuzhibonan, I see. Do you understand?After you go back, you can quickly change the form of seyoushu and send it to me.Do you know?Just now, some ninjas said that they would exchange their merits for your ninja,
But who knows so quickly, you hand in the secretThree generation eyes Huoying said curiously.
The thousand handed rope tree did come here. He asked him for this secret skill, and his tutor, huibituo, also said that he would exchange his achievements in the first World War of tolerance in Muye for this kind of ninja.
Three generations of Mu Huoying still agreed with huibituo, but refused qianshoushengshu, otherwise gangshou had to tear down his office.
Next, a white cat Ninja with a black cat mask, looking a few years older than Zilai, comes in with a short blade and a huge book.
He found the chapter of the art of flying thunder, and then three generations of eyes fire shadow released hundreds of seals to seal this layer.
Yuzhi bozeye saw that the seal book of Naruto in later generations was fake. All the secrets in this book were sealed.
There are really not many people who can crack the seal. When the seal was opened by the third generation of eyes fire shadow, he said to Yuzhi bozeye, “you only have two hours to watch it here, because flying thunder is too complicated. You can let me touch the eye of the wheel to record it.”
He said that on purpose, because he didn't compete with Yu Zhibo in the competition. He dug out all the strength of Yu Zhibo, but he could only set it up slowly.
There is no intelligence that Yuzhi bozeye has opened his eyes. That's what he said. Let's see what Yuzhi bozeye looks like.
Yuzhibo's lunyan really has a certain doubling effect on memory, otherwise ergouyu's lunyan would not copy Ninjutsu.
“Well, Lord Huoying, how do you know that I have opened my eyes?Father says it's a secret
Yuzhi bozeye also wants to expose it, because his writing wheel eye is also a plug-in. He doesn't use it all the time, so this plug-in is meaningless. He wants to continue to survive, but he just doesn't want to put himself on the level of Yuzhi Boban.
Otherwise, not only Muye can't hold him, but other big countries can't hold him either.
“You really opened the eye of writing wheel. Can you open it?”Three generations of eyes fire shadow deep breath said.The news of Yuzhi bozeye's hiding the eye of the wheel is all transferred to Yuzhi Boye.
“All right!”Yuzhi bozeye opened his own writing eyes, and gave each eye to gou Yu,
“Two gouyu write round eyes?Six year old er gouyu writes round eyes?Genius of genius, it is estimated that yuzhiboban does not have your talent!
By the way, Ze ye, you are already in tolerance. I want to ask you, what do you think of Mu ye? ”
Three generations of eyes fire shadow seriously asked, although yuzhibo Zeye is yuzhibojing's child, but it's about yuzhibo family, no matter how careless, not every yuzhibo family is yuzhibojing, even his son.
Yu Zhi Boze suddenly realized that this might be a proposition. He said in a hurry, “Muye is very good. Is there anything wrong with it?”
“Ha ha, Ze ye, this is a big problem. In other words, what kind of person do you want to be?Do you have any ideals? ”
“From beginning to end, I have only one ideal, that is to become a person like the first generation of Mu Huoying, the strongest in the world of tolerance!God of ninja. ”
Yuzhi bozeye also involved qianshouzhujian this time, because he said his dream on the first day of school, and he couldn't change it casually, so he could only add one qianshouzhujian.
“Is that so?Why not yuzhiboban?Isn't he as strong as the first generation of Mu Huoying? “The fire shadow of the third generation's eyes was tested.
Yuzhi bozeye pretended to think about it and said, “but he is a rebel. Muye is so good. Why did he destroy Muye? It was the fire shadow of the first generation who protected Muye and defeated Yuzhi Boban.
If it wasn't for the first generation of Mu Huoying, the leaves might have been destroyed, and!Hum!Yuzhibo family was discriminated against by other families of Muye because of that rebellious tolerance.He is the sinner of Muye, the disgrace of yuzhibo
Yuzhi bozeye immediately stood in line and said that he was a person who inherited the will of the early generation.
For Ze Ye's answer, three generations of eyes Huoying is still satisfied. From Ze Ye's expression, he doesn't find anything abnormal. At the same time, he doesn't think that this matter is taught by others.
“Zeye, you are also the one who inherits the will of fire. The future of Muye is up to you!Do you want to be Huoying? ”
Three generations of people think that the test of Yuzhi bozeye's political stance has been successful, and the next step is the test of ambition,
If other family children say that they want to be Huoying, he will be very happy. But yuzhibo Zeye wants to be Huoying, he doesn't think so. It shows that yuzhibo is full of ambition.
“To be the shadow of fire, let the fool like the rope tree do it. I don't care about it.”Yuzhi bozeye knows that he can't say he plays as a shadow of fire.
“What, why does a fool go to be Huoying, that is to say, is it stupid to be Huoying?”
Three generations of eyes Huoying heard this theory for the first time, and had never heard of it before.
“Think about it. What's the advantage of being a fire shadow?He gets up earlier than a chicken and goes to bed later than a dog. He handles affairs for Muye every day and has no room for cultivation.
Moreover, we should not make any wrong criticism, otherwise the small problem will be infinitely enlarged, and some people who covet the position of fire shadow will take advantage of it.
I think about it, even for the sake of the wood leaf, when the fire shadow is not the only way to contribute.As long as I don't flinch when Muye needs me, it's my contribution to Muye. “Yuzhi bozeye said*
Chapter 33 establishment plan
Chapter 33 establishment plan
After hearing Yuzhi bozeye's words, sangaimu Huoying suddenly felt that he was understood. “That's right. If it wasn't for my lifelong dream to be Huoying, I wouldn't be Huoying. I would go with Zilai to get materials!”
“Cough, alas, you understand the difficulty of being Huoying. Some people don't understand, alas!Well, you are very good. I hope you will make more contributions. Go back and tell your father and yuzhibo clan leader that yuzhibo clan may not become Huoying in the future. ”
Huoying of the third generation thinks it's better to draw a cake for yuzhibo first,
“Well.Well, can you go to see the art of flying thunder? I've been writing for a long timeYu Zhi Bo Ze wild discontented said, in fact, a sigh of relief, this test is over?
“Well, I'm sorry. I asked too many questions just now.”The fire shadow of the third generation is a little embarrassed.
At this time, Yuzhi bozeye can finally watch the art of flying thunder with all his heart. Little Baimao is watching the whole process. After all, this is a sealed book.There can't be any carelessness.
At present, the flying Thunder God is the S-level space-time Ninja developed by the second generation of fire shadow · qianshouyijian, which is a kind of instant body skill.
Using the technique to achieve instant movement, the caster will leave the flying Thor technique on the target in advance, which can make the caster or the object indirectly contacted with the caster chakra move instantaneously.
The caster can shift large targets many times when he is energetic.This skill can be used to attack, shorten the distance of long-range ninja, disturb, surprise opponents, and transfer targets. It can also be used to evade and escape in emergency.There is no need to print when starting.
Only the second generation of fire shadow and the fourth generation of fire shadow can use the skill of flying Thunder God.Muye Ninja doesn't know that huoxuanjian, bingzu and dieiwashi can use the technique of flying thunder array together.
The current version of flying thunder is the second generation version of eye fire shadow, not the later version of wave wind and water gate.
Yuzhi bozeye's mental power is huge. In a few minutes, the whole principle, method, seal and space induction of the art of flying thunder are all remembered.
Just in case, Yuzhi bozeye took another look. When he was sure, he said to the third generation Huoying, “Huoying, I have recorded it!”
“Yes, very soon, you must know that your teacher is your father yuzhibojing.
He asked me to ask you to wait for him in the third drill ground at nine tomorrow morning.Your team will be here, too. Don't be late
Ape Fei xinzhizhu, the son of Huoying of the third generation, was also asked by him to give yuzhibo mirror. For yuzhibo mirror, he was very relieved.
“It's Huoying, my Lord. I won't eat it. If there's nothing else, I'll leave!”
“Well, go down and practice well. Don't forget to tell your father and your patriarch what I said.”
“It's Lord Huoying.”
Yuzhi bozeye left immediately. In front of the fire shadow of the third generation, he was too depressed and a little cautious. He was afraid that he was wrong.
After he left, Zhicun tuanzang appeared, and Yuzhi bozeye's every move was under his surveillance.
“Tuan Zang, what do you think of him?”Three generations of eyes fire shadow asked, Zhicun Tuan Zang is his best friend, for he has no secret can not talk about.
“Hum, monkey, you are so naive. You want to hold the boy of yuzhibo family with fetters, in case he is out of control in the future.Become the next yuzhibo
Zhicun tuanzang doesn't have any favor and trust in yuzhibo.
“He answered all my questions well just now, and I'm sure it's not Yuzhi Boyie or Jing who taught him. Yuzhi Boyie, a mindless person, can't say that.”Three generations of eyes Huoying said,
“Hum, you are so naive. I don't even feel that you are worthy of being Huoying. Yuzhibo's temperament changes greatly every time they wake up. How do you know there won't be any change in the future?”Zhicun tuanzang said.
“Tuan Zang, recently I investigated the information left by my teacher. The kaleidoscope wheel eyes of yuzhibo's clan are not so terrible. At least yuzhibo's younger brother, yuzhibo quannai, killed by the teacher, is also the kaleidoscope wheel eyes.
When Yu Zhibo was killed, the teacher was not at the peak.
For a period of time, the visual acuity of the kaleidoscope writing wheel eye decreased, and the kaleidoscope writing wheel eye had the risk of loss of pupil force.
Later, the yuzhibo clan merged her younger brother's eyes and possessed the eternal kaleidoscope writing wheel eyes. Finally, they had the power to destroy heaven and earth,
The ordinary kaleidoscope writing wheel eye, like the mirror eye, is a tricky shadow level. Of course, the strength of the mirror without writing wheel eye is also a shadow level.
Yuzhi bozeye's future is to open the eye of the kaleidoscope writing wheel, and the eye of the kaleidoscope writing wheel will gradually become blind. Although he has a younger brother, the eye of the kaleidoscope writing wheel is not Chinese cabbage. It's too difficult to open the kaleidoscope.
We don't have to be so afraid of Yuzhi bozeye. We can control everything. ”
Three generations of eyes fire shadow ape flying sun cut finish, in his own table out of a material, is the second generation of eyes fire shadow thousand hand leaves information.To Zhicun group.
Zhicun tuanzang was not the leader of later generations. He didn't have so much information. He immediately opened it.
“Well, if it's really busy, yuzhibo's threat is less. It's not that we can't be careless. There are monkeys.
What do you think of the root of wood leaf I mentioned a few days ago?Like yuzhibo, in the future, I will focus on the dead,
Those shady things must be done by someone. Your character is indecisive and not cruel enough to deter those big families. ”
Zhicun tuanzang said.He glanced at the final conclusion of this material and relaxed a little. He thought that as long as Yuzhi bozeye's younger brother doesn't open the kaleidoscope wheel eye in the future, he will never have a second eternal kaleidoscope wheel eye, and he will never be the next one.
The strength of yuzhibo's clan is mainly in the boundary of blood succession. As for fire escape, yuzhibo's flowing sword technique is not enough.So it leads the topic to the root.
It's 21 years since Muye was born. He's dissatisfied with not being Huoying, and he's also dissatisfied with the flying ape. He has some ambitions to get more rights.
“Root”, after ape feirizha succeeded Huoying, tuanzang established its own independent organization “root” in the name of the Training Department of the shadow department, and was active in the shadow as a leader.He deeply inherited the thought of the second generation of Huoying lengche, and his belief was to abide by the rules thoroughly. Because rizha failed to continue the basic policy of the second generation of Huoying to govern the yuzhibo people, the mission Tibet was burdened with the darkness of the village*
Chapter 34 fire shadow painting pie
Chapter 34 fire shadow painting pie
In the secret part of Kakashi, the members of “root” were ordered by Tuan Zang to set up a team of ten to assassinate the three generations of Huoying, but they were exposed because of Kakashi's defection.
Although “gen” was dissolved after the yuzhibo massacre, many former members continued to work in the secret department, even loyal to “gen”,
The so-called “root” people… Have no name and no feelings
No past… No future.Only task in mind
What supports the big tree of Muye village is the will of our “roots” deeply rooted in the earth.
When Huoying heard the word “root”, he fell into silence. After a while, he said, “Tuan Zang, the root you mentioned is really good for wood leaves, but why do you want to talk to those who have roots!
Which Ninja like you would like to join the root? I don't think one of those big families will join, or even oppose the boycott. ”
“Hum, ninjas are all tools. You know what feelings are needed. They are just to prevent them from betraying and divulging secrets.
Those big families don't want to join the roots show that they have no dedication to the leaves, so they don't have to care.Force them to arrange for someone to come, so that the seal will protect all the secrets of the root
Zhicun tuanzang said.
“Well, Tuan Zang, I know what you said is confidential, but I still can't support you openly. You can only gather people secretly.
Try not to let the big family know. I'll give you a tenth of the money from the secret department. “Three generations of eyes Huoying said that there are some dark things, the dark department really can't do, some things are tied.
“Well, don't let the big family know?But the fighting power of Muye lies in the big family. Where can I recruit people? “Zhicun Tuan Zang said discontentedly.
“I don't know. It's up to you. At least we can't have an open plan now. Those who are willing to follow you can be transferred to your subordinates. Those who are not willing to follow you can't be forced.”Huoying said.
Zhicun tuanzang is still dissatisfied, but he can only agree for the time being. After all, it's impossible to be fat overnight. He has to come step by step.
“Yes, but you can really think about the family.One day you will regret itWith these cruel words, Zhicun tuanzang is about to leave.
At this time, fire shadow of the third generation suddenly said, “Tuan Zang, what happened to the Mudun plan that you and the thousand handed clan carried out?”
Three generations of Mu Huoying didn't invest any money in Muye Mudun plan. He received the stimulation of yuzhibo mirror's kaleidoscope to write wheel eyes. The head of the thousand hand clan, that is, the father of gangshou and shengshu, invested a lot of money, and dug the grave between his father's thousand hand pillars to start Mudun plan.
During this period of time, there were not many people in the Qianshou clan, and more than 60 of them were missing. Even the clan leader himself had no end.
“That planIt's too difficult, it's very difficult. A lot of people died. Qianshou Zhengshu decided to experiment by himself. After all, he is the son of the first generation of Mu Huoying. The possibility of awakening Mu Dun is many times more than that of other Qianshou people. ”
“Nani?Qianshouzhengshu wants to do experiments with his own body. How can he do this? No, let him never do experiments with his own body! ”
The third generation's eyes are burning.This is the combat power of the shadow level. Besides, the whirlpool water user is not dead yet. In case the tail beast runs away, he can't suppress it.
“Hum, you should be so naive. Qianshouzhengshu's life is life. The Qianshou people who died more than 60 people are not life. Once we succeed, we will have a ninja God,
If he fails, he will fall to an ordinary shadow level. Besides, he has already given birth to an heir. The blood of Huoying will not be broken. Everything is his own will. Why should we stop him? ”
With that, Tuan Zang turned and left. He became more and more dissatisfied with his friends.
On the other hand, Yuzhi bozeye, who came back home, still looks black and blue.
At this time, yuzhibo Ye has been waiting at yuzhibojing's home for a long time. He is also afraid that the three generations of eyes will damage the talents of yuzhibo.
“Ze ye, what did San Dai tell you?”Yu Zhibo asks. Yu Zhibo looks at his son curiously.
“There's nothing. I asked for a skill of flying Thunder God. I don't want to spread it. Others say that we yuzhibo have a chance to produce a fire shadow…”
“What, make a fire shadow, tell me more about it!”
Yu Zhi Bo Ye is excited. As for the flying Thunder God, he automatically ignores it, and his ambition that is ready to move for a while begins to revive.
“Patriarch, why are you so excited?”
“You're still a child and don't understand. Play along!”Yuzhi says excitedly,
“Hum, patriarch, you are the patriarch of yuzhibo clan. At the time of Huoying, you haven't got a single word. Don't be tempted by Huoying's big cake.”
On hearing this, Yuzhi Boyie calms down and turns red. Just now, he is a little out of his way.I feel very humiliating. After a while, I seriously said, “well, I know. Don't look down on me. You've already endured. You should show yourself well and maintain your positive image…”
Yuzhibojing seems to have become a teacher, ready to educate Ze Ye as a politician.He wanted to let yuzhibo Zeye be the shadow of fire, and his son yuzhibo Fuyue be the head of yuzhibo clan.
After a long time, Yuzhi bozeye rubs his head, leaves Yuzhi Boye and begins to study the art of flying thunder.
Just now, his father yuzhibo mirror looked very bad there. Maybe later, he will have to teach himself that the position of fire shadow is also a whirlpool of power. He already knows the purpose of fire shadow for three generations. In order to give yuzhibo people peace of mind, he will draw a big cake for them.
Yuzhibo Zeye finds that the more he grows up, the more he wants his own space. It's really inconvenient for him to live with his parents.
All night, Yuzhi bozeye was looking at the data of the art of flying thunder.
He opened the rarely used system panel of “Zhutian refining and chemical system”. This system has fallen asleep. It can only be activated by one pass estimation, but the panel can still be viewed.
Host: Yuzhi bozeye
Date of birth: August 16, 2015
Camp: Muye yuzhibo.
The boundary of blood succession: writing round eyes and double gouyu
Chakra attributes: fire, wind, thunder, earth, water, Yin, Yang.
Talent: natural chakra perception, great mental power, space talent.
Ninjutsu: Hunyuan Jue, three body skill, instant body skill, multiple shadow separation skill, Hougong Seyou skill.
Huodun: the art of haohuoqiu, fengxianhuo, haohuolong, huolongyantan, Haohuo annihilation, Haohuo annihilation, Yanlong singing.
Fengdun: a great breakthrough.
Tudun: the art of sneaking in the earth, the earth flowing wall,
Earth flow city wall, the art of decapitation in the heart.
Leidun: Leidun thousands of birds, Leidun walk.
Magic, the heart of the fox's art, nirvana of the art, Xia from the art.Nailuo's skill of seeing.Gold binding, crow shadow, magic, flail hang, magic, mirror, heaven and earth,
Sword technique: draw a knife to chop, Ju he chop, Jian Yueyan, Sun Halo dance, wind sword, flash cutting.
Endurance: eight foot Qiong gouyu, ten fist sword, eight foot mirror.Chakra: Chixiao sword
Psychic beast: eight foot crow*
Chapter 35 I can see at a glance that you are not a dog
Chapter 35 I can see at a glance that you are not a dog
Looking at the ninja on the panel, Yuzhi bozeye is also very proud.
His chakra attributes are all attributes, but only wind attributes, and water attributes are not specially developed.
His system can be said to just give him a part of the plug-in regardless of the other Ninjutsu have to cultivate themselves, fortunately, his talent is very good, cultivation is not difficult.
The night passed.
“It's too difficult for me to go. I didn't sleep all night. I didn't understand it. I can't figure out the basic seal art. It seems that I have to practice some seal art in the future.”
Because he didn't have a rest, he immediately sat on the bed and began to absorb the power of nature. His practice of self-cultivation can restore his physical and mental strength, but he didn't feel comfortable sleeping.Generally speaking, Yuzhi bozeye still likes to sleep.
The gathering time is at 9 a.m. usually, the time for mother and adult to have dinner together is about 7:30. Now there is still one and a half hours left, which is enough time.
After eating in the morning, he put on his Chixiao sword and rushed to the third drill field.
He knew that one of his teammates might be Yafei xinzhizhu, but the other didn't.Of course, it's just curiosity. No matter who it is, don't affect yourself. I hope it's not a trick.
“Huodun, the art of killing for a thousand years!”Yuzhi bozeye came to the drill ground and saw that the new help of ape flying was already here. He cried out in a funny voice,
Frightened, ape Fei xinzhizhu, who had been sitting there with his eyes closed, rubbed and bounced. He already had a psychological shadow.
At the same time, chrysanthemum a tight, hands dead to protect the key parts.
“What are you doing, Yuzhi bozeye? It has become a forbidden skill. How can you still use it?”Yesterday, ape Fei xinzhizhu protested for a long time. He didn't want to be with Yuzhi bozeye,
Three generations of eyes fire shadow and he said, Millennium kill has been banned for the use of companions, he just agreed and Yu Zhi Bo Ze ye a team.I didn't expect to hear this hateful Ninjutsu early in the morning.
“Hehe, xinzhizhu has a lot of predestination with us. It's a teammate again. Just now I was joking. In the future, I won't kill him with a thousand years. At most, I'll use magic, such as nailuojian. It's just a level C Ninjutsu. It shouldn't be forbidden.”
Yu Zhibo said with a smile.
“Nani, the art of nailuo's seeing!”
The new help of ape flying is urgent again. His magic can let people see the most frightening thing in their heart. The most frightening thing for him is to be killed and stabbed by the millennium.
“No!I can't be in a team with you. I'm leaving! “Hufei xinzhizhu is a little flustered.
“Eh, xinzhizhu doesn't give face so much. OK, we can only use forbidden techniques!”Say Yu Zhi Bo Ze wild two gouyu write round eye already opened.
Instead of opening the magic, he bluntly said, “this is my monthly reading space. In this space, time, space, quality and five senses are all controlled by me. The time in it is three days, and the reality is only a moment…”
Ape Fei's new assistant was startled. He had never heard of such a terrible magic trick. However, seeing that Yuzhi bozeye had opened the eye of the writing wheel, he heard that the eye of the writing wheel could release the magic trick without a seal. He immediately made a hand print to contact the magic trick and tried his best to control chakra.
And bite the tongue, keep yourself awake, eyes are closed.I'm afraid to take a look at osano.
At this time, Yu Zhibo's mirror came, and he slapped ape Fei xinzhizhu on the head.
Will ape fly new help to hit muddle, “mirror teacher, is you to me lift the magic!”
“Shut up, you fool. How can a monkey have such a silly son? Where did you fall into a magic trick?”Yuzhibojing said.
At this time, Huoying, the third generation of eyes, was also in the office, looking at the third drill ground with a crystal ball. After all, there was his son and Yuzhi bozeye, who he paid close attention to,
Looking at his own son, he thought he was in a magic trick after Yu Zhi bozeye said a few words. He was a little annoyed. He didn't blame Yu Zhi bozeye. Although he was evil, he was cheated by one word, which was the problem of intelligence quotient.
“Who on earth does this boy inherit?Is it Lake Biwa?It shouldn't be!Is it me?No, I'm Huoying… ”
Ape fly new help is a slap to understand come over, pointing to Yu Zhi Bo Ze wild shaking said “you, you… You play me!!”Sobbing”
A special grievance.
“Well, don't cry, or I'll take you as my younger brother. I'll tell you, do you know why I always treat the rope tree like this?”He said,
“Why?”All the time, xinzhizhu didn't understand why he was the only one. He also guessed whether he was afraid of the thousand hand compendium. Later, he thought it wasn't because the compendium never caught up with him.
“In fact, the thousand handed rope tree has long been my younger brother. That's why.”He said,
“Ah, I can't believe that. Brother, you should take me as your younger brother!Please don't do that to me! “Ape fly new help holding Yu Zhi Bo Ze wild plead.
One side of the Yu Zhi Bo mirror to see a Leng a Leng, did not expect Yu Zhi Bo Ze wild in front of him to Huoying's son to accept as a younger brother, really his talent ah!He is worthy of being his own son.
“Well, well, don't make any noise. It's nine o'clock and everyone is here. Let's start!”Yuzhibo took out two bells and shook them.
“Teacher, are we the only two?It's not a team of three
Ape fly new help left and right looked to make sure that no one else asked,
“Oh, little brother, look there!”
In the blues, the eyes of as like as two peas were looking at him, and a look at them.
“Dog?What's the problem? ”
The new help of ape fly is still puzzled.
“Stupid!Look at me, bold monster. I can see at a glance that you are not a dog, and you can't show up quickly! “Yuzhi bozeye burst out to drink.
The two puppies shivered, stood up and bared their teeth to Yuzhi bozeye, yelling “roar!Woof, woof, woof
“Eh, you don't pay attention to me at all. Great power, Tianlong, Shizun, dizang, BOLUO Buddhas, the art of fire dragon bullet!”
For a moment, the flames spread out to the two puppies,
“Ah, such a big Huodun is bigger than my father's!”The ape flies new help to shout.
In Huoying's office, three generations of Huoying's eyes were so scared that they were about to hang out, “eh, is this S-level Huodun?Isn't haohuolongtan A-level Ninjutsu? What's the situation
Yu Zhibo jumped in the mirror, and immediately a half skeleton appeared. He covered the two puppies with the huge hand of the skeleton and pulled them out*
Chapter 36 separate test
Chapter 36 separate test
Then angrily looking at Yu Zhi Bo Ze ye, “Ze ye, do you want to kill our companion?”
“What kind of companion, if you are pretending to be a dog, you are obviously asking for information.”Yuzhi bozeye, of course, can't admit it,
Yu Zhibo stares at the mirror. He knows that the boy already knows that the two puppies are his new friends. On the contrary, he deliberately does so. It's clear that he wants to help others.By the way, it's really a good plan to give this teammate a bad impression.
“Hum, you still don't remove the transfiguration!”Yu Zhibo shouts.
Just now, he was a little confused by Huodun. He was also very scared when he saw this kind of overwhelming fire for the first time.
“Poof!”Dog tomb Liao relieved the art of imitating animals and turned into a child with a painted face, with a little white dog in his arms.A little shivering with fright,
The dog mound family is a family that keeps tolerant dogs.Dogs have been human's right-hand man since ancient times. They can not only hunt with them, but also guard their homes. It can be said that they are the most suitable companions for human beings.The loyal character of dogs is also praised. People and dogs have written many touching stories in history.
Dogs are so spiritual, so it's a natural choice to cultivate a tolerant dog.The dog grave people generally live with dogs since childhood, so their relationship with dogs is extraordinary. They are not only masters and servants, but also friends and brothers.
The fighting of the dog mound clan is also like that of wild animals. The imitative animal tolerance method directly indicates the type of their fighting – imitating wild animals, while their dog tolerance method is really imitative human tolerance method.When a ninja has both human intelligence and the ability of wild animals, its combat effectiveness will be amazing!Such a ninja not only breaks through the obstacles of human body and sense, but also makes up for the shortcomings of animal's mental retardation.
Just now, it was gouzhongliao's secret skill of imitating animals. That's why ape Fei xinzhizhu didn't see through his transformation skill. Yuzhi bozeye, who has the eye of writing wheel, also opened the eye of writing wheel and found that there was something wrong with the two puppies.
“I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do it. Don't be afraid. It's OK. It's safe!”The dog mound kept placating the little dog in his arms,
“Well, I forgive you, next time be careful, and you are a dog mound clan, can your dog really fight? How can I feel that he is afraid of me, and he won't run away in battle!”
Yu Zhi Bo Ze wild said, open to write round eye also stare at it, this time he was scared.
Yuzhi Bojing has a headache. It seems that none of the three students are fuel-efficient lamps, especially his own son. It is said that this dog mound Liao is also a little boss in his class, and his younger brothers are just so honest after Yuzhi bozeye stopped him,
“Well, it's more than nine o'clock. Let's start soon.Let's introduce ourselves first!I'll go first.
My name is yuzhibojing, Muye elite Shangren. I like to be with friends, but I don't like those self righteous people. I'm good at sabre, magic and fire escape.The dream is peace. “Yu Zhibo looks at the three children with the mirror.
“Well, it's your turn. Which one of you will speak first?”
“Well, you're all looking at me, so I'll say it first!”
Yuzhibozeye looks at yuzhibojing, and two teammates are looking at themselves, also a little confused, this is not clear, let me say first.
“My name is Yuzhi bozeye. I'm six years old. I like beautiful women and don't like people bothering me.The dream is to be the strongest in tolerance. ”
“Poof!So it isYu Zhibo mirror thoughtfully remembers that the art of the harem is his hobby.No, ninja's three prohibitions are about women. You have to educate yourself when you go back. You can't get worse.
“My name is Yafei xinzhizhu. I'm six years old. I just graduated. I like to be strong and hate Yuzhi bozeye's Ninjutsu. I'm good at tudun and fengdun.The dream is to surpass your father. ”
“My name is gouzhong Liao. I'm eight years old. I graduated early yesterday, but I graduated early from the third grade.
I like tolerance dogs, such as duoye pills.I'm good at the secrets of our family. I have a strong sense of smell, hearing and reaction ability. My dream is to become the fourth generation of eye fire shadow! “He said,
Yuzhi bozeye looks at gouzhong Liao, and suddenly remembers that Yuzhi bomusts has a classmate named gouzhong Hua. Isn't she gouzhong Liao's daughter, such a coincidence?
“Ouch!Well, today is the first gathering of our mirror team. Of course, there is still a test, except for Yuzhi bozeye, who is already in tolerance. The focus is on ape flying new help and dog tomb Liao.
Your first task today is survival exercise. You three attack me with all your strength. The target is the bell in my hand. If you grab the bell, you can stop,
Of course, I can't get the bell. I can judge whether you are qualified to graduate according to your performance. If you are not qualified to graduate, you should stay in the next academic year for a few years. Anyway, you all graduate ahead of time, and it's normal to go back to class.All right, let's go! ”
“Wait a minute, my father. I'm Zhongren. Do I have to test like they are xiaren?”Yu Zhibo asked in a hurry,
“Of course, since it's a small team, it's a good opportunity to get to know each other and an important opportunity for me to get to know you.
You've been training with your father all the time, and I don't know about you, so let me see the strength of Muye's first day. Don't let me down
Yuzhibojing said,
“Well, you still have to participate. Well, since you sincerely want to know me, I'll give you a chance!”Yu Zhibo Zeye's helpless book says that Yu Zhibo's mirror has a black line.
“Wait!You can't use all the Ninjutsu and your seyoushu to kill people for thousands of yearsYuzhibojing said,
“Ah, father, are you afraid? Yesterday when I released the art of seyouzhi, the teacher won't be caught too!”Yu Zhibo asked in a low voice,
“Well, where is it!I'm for the reputation of yuzhibo people! “When speaking, Yu Zhibo looks very tough. In fact, he is very flustered. Yesterday, he also had a nosebleed, and even opened his writing eyes unconsciously.I feel that the pupil force has increased a lot at that time. Of course, he won't say it.
There are three generations of eyes looking at the fire shadow with a crystal ball. At this time, nothing matters. They have been waiting to see the full strength of yuzhibo mirror,
Since yesterday, he has already been recruited, and has not set up the strength of Yuzhi bozeye at all.
“Well, father, I'm sure you won't win. Let's start with the two of us. I think the two of them will be assessed separately, because they are tied on one side. I can't do it.”*
Chapter 37 thousand birds and fire escape
Chapter 37 thousand birds and fire escape
Yuzhi bozeye doesn't think much of the strength of hufei xinzhizhu and gouzhongliao. Even this time, he doesn't intend to expose all his strength. It's not two of them who just graduated, and there's not much chakra who can bear to fight with Yuzhi Bojing.
Chakra, who was just now a great master of fire dragon, has recovered. He is going to expose the eight foot mirror this time. All along, his defense means are too single. He only has to escape from the earth and flow to the wall. Now it's time to expose the artifact, otherwise he won't have the chance to be handsome.
Yuzhi Bojing knows that Yuzhi Boze's fairytale is more perfect than himself. The magic of chakra release and haohuoqiu are also very powerful. It's really not suitable to endure two times here.
So he said, “ape flying new help, dog tomb Liao, you two go to one side to watch and remember.It must be 300 meters away, not too close! ”
“It's the teacher!”They knew the power of Huodun just now, and they left honestly.
“Go ahead, Zeno.”
Yu Zhibo mirror just finished, Yu Zhibo Zeye has rushed up, the front is hard!
He has long been behind the release of a number of seals – Wu Shen Wu Mao.Lei Dun, a thousand birds.
Yuzhi bozeye imitated the seal when he read the original work. The most imitated one is qianniao, and Leidun leiche.
Compared with the five seals of qianniao, Reich only needs three seals. However, Yuzhi bozeye doesn't need a strong Lei attribute at present. Chakra's property changes. He can't meet the requirements. Chakra consumes too much. Qianniao is more suitable for him.
“What is this?How fastYu Zhi wave mirror dare not careless, immediately his three gouyu write round eye open, keep dodging this.
(again, don't spray. The kaleidoscope and sangouyu can be converted. For example, qimukakasi used the kaleidoscope and ordinary times!)
Under the observation of the writing wheel eye of yuzhibo mirror, this speed has exceeded most of Shangren. Moreover, this is not instant body skill, but the activation of cells by ray chakra greatly improves the speed.
“What's this, Lei Dun?”
Yuzhibojing had never seen it, but he knew it was a level a ninja,
“Lei Dun, which I invented, is used for the first time today, but it's not a chance to reveal the truth. Let's fight first.”
The thousand birds in yuzhibozeye's hand have not disappeared yet. Continue to pursue yuzhibojing,
But his small arms and legs are about the speed of yuzhibozeye. If he has yuzhibozeye's height of 85 meters, he will be able to catch up with yuzhibozeye.
And the instant body skill of yuzhibo mirror is also quite fast, which is not weaker than that of later generations. After all, he is a real shadow level master.
The thousand birds in yuzhibozeye's hand disappeared and didn't catch up with yuzhibojing.
“Hum, I've just suffered from my height. If you take one step, you'll give me two.”
Yuzhi bozeye said in his coarse clothes,
“I have to say that you surprised me. You hide so deeply that even your father and I were cheated. If you grow up after 15 years old, I'm afraid I can't catch up with you.”Yuzhi wave mirror praised.I think I really feel sorry for my son. I know him too little.
The fire shadow of the three generations of eyes observed with the crystal ball is also very greedy. There are not many Lei Dun of Muye, and there are few A-level ones. The potential of Lei Dun is S-level.Before he could increase his great speed, he was excited again.
“What a strong talent of Ninjutsu, this Ninjutsu should also be included in the seal book!”
“Good attack!But you can't deal with me!I also want to see your real strength. ”
Yuzhibojingai doesn't think yuzhibozeye can defeat him. If he is defeated, he will be released into the sea.
He just wants to test the strength of Yuzhi bozeye, otherwise, the instant body skill of Yuzhi bozeye mirror and Yuzhi bozeye flash cutting, Yuzhi bozeye would have died long ago.
“Hum, teacher Jing, next is my strongest fire escape. If you can't guard against it, you can use xuzoneng.”
Yuzhi bozeye's shadow is divided into two parts. He is ready to release Haohuo to destroy it. Originally, he was ready to release the powerful technique of Huodun Yanlong singing, but chakra in his Dantian is limited.He didn't want to use his own chakra, so he used the fire to destroy it.
The range of fire loss is similar to that of fire loss, but the temperature and flame quality are very strong,.
It can be said that Huodun Haohuo is a more powerful ninja than Huodun Haohuo, and its power and coverage are better than those of Haohuo!Spit out the fire of hell that can destroy everything from the mouth and wipe out the enemy at one stroke.
When he fought against the current five shadows, yuzhiboban, a reincarnated villain, first used wood Dun to come to the flower and tree world, and then launched fire Dun to destroy it in the state of suzanneng. In an instant, he burned a large forest into a sea of fire. If it wasn't for Tu Yingda Yemu's strong will to use dust Dun to dissolve it, the current five shadows would be burned to death.
Originally, there were 25 seals, which were constantly simplified by Yu Zhibo. There were only seven seals, but few of them could be released and destroyed.
Yuzhi bozeye can release seven seals to destroy the fire, “fire escape, the art of destroying the fire!”
“Hoo,” a huge flame was ejected from Yuzhi bozeye. Looking at the temperature of the flame, Yuzhi bozeye made a seal in his hand while using his hind leg.
“The earth runs away from the earth and flows to the wall!”
“Tudun, Tuliu, Chengbi!”
Tuliubi is a level C defensive ninja, the one on which qimukakashi often draws a dog's head.Tuliuchengbi is a level B defensive ninja.
These two Ninjutsu seals are very few. Yuzhibo mirror has six seals in a second, which are all released within a second.
The first layer of the earth flow wall was destroyed without accident. The second layer of the earth flow wall was also destroyed. The third layer of the earth flow wall was crumbling and finally collapsed. When the fourth layer became the earth flow wall, it was completely resisted,
As for the fifth layer of Tuliu city wall released by Yuzhi Bojing, it is for insurance, not for anything else,
His event in about five seconds, instant body skill, plus a level C earth flow wall, four level B earth flow walls.
I'm afraid that the whole wood leaf, that is, the fire shadow of the third generation of eyes and the Yu Zhi Bo mirror, can do this,
This third exercise field has completely destroyed the battle of this scale. Both fire and earth retreats have caused great damage to the terrain,
“Oh, my father, you don't have to be able to stop my fire.”Yuzhi bozeye.
“It's rare. I just don't have chakra's water attribute. If it's my teacher's second generation eyes, he can put out the fire with a water escape!It's not like I can use a few more tuduns, consume a lot of chakras, and get new attention. If I'm slow, it's bad. “*
Chapter 38 eight feet mirror rebound
Chapter 38 eight feet mirror rebound
Yuzhi Bojing explains that this fire escape is released by Ying Fenshen. It's a bit sudden. In the fight, if you want to suppress the opponent, you must hide the seal and shorten the seal time.
Yuzhibo Zeye did it, yuzhibo mirror is very satisfied.
“Teacher, how is my Huodun better than yuzhipoban?”
Yuzhi bozeye said,
Just now this fire Dun, Yu Zhibo mirror has sensed the magic chakra, and now it can also simply use the magic.
In his heart, magic is the biggest card of Yuzhi bozeye. The purpose of the test has been achieved. A six-year-old can release S-level Huodun and create A-level Leidun, which is amazing enough for him.
“Your fire Dun is far from perfect. Yuzhiboban's fire Dun doesn't have any bonus. Its scale is even stronger than what I released with the magic.
If you want to reach the level of yuzhipoban, you will be given another 20 yearsYuzhibojing said.
“Twenty years, I can't afford to wait!Look at my swordsmanship, pull out the sword and chop
Yuzhi bozeye immediately continues to attack and releases all his swordsmanship to one side. Yuzhi Bojing feels very relaxed. Zeye's swordsmanship is just a small success.
Yuzhibojing's skill has been greatly improved, but he is still surprised to see Sawano's swordsmanship. After all, in addition to his talent, he has to make great efforts.
Yuzhi boquannai's swordsmanship was perfect at that time. He was also good at swordsmanship. A lot of wood flow swordsmanship would be suppressed in a thousand hands!
Later, if he had not invented the technique of flying Thunder God, Yuzhi boquannai didn't know this kind of Ninja, so he was seriously injured.
This shows that Yu Zhibo's swordsmanship is not inferior to that of muyeliu at all. But now the reputation of Yu Zhibo's family is all about writing wheel eye magic and fire escape, and none of them mentioned swordsmanship.
“Yes, yes, I won't test your illusions. The surging pupil power of your Er gouyu's writing wheel eye is no worse than that of some San gouyu. After opening San gouyu, you can be immune to almost all illusions,
I'm the last one to test your defense ability. If your defense ability can be recognized by me, your assessment will be over. I really recognize you as Muye Zhongren and give you the position of mirror team leader.
Huodunhao's fireball skill
Yuzhi wave mirror immediately released a magic fireball.
“The earth runs away from the earth and flows to the wall!”
The collision between C-level ninjas is completely offset. Yuzhi bozeye saves more chakras than tuliubi.
“Huodun!Fire dragon bullet
“Eight foot mirror rebounds!”
Yuzhi bozeye finally began to expose the artifact. A purple gold shield appeared in front of Zeye and opened the fire dragon bullet to Yuanlu.
“Well, it's a dream!The earth runs away from the earth
Yu Zhi Bo Jing was startled, but he reacted and immediately defended himself.
The three generations of people who watched in the dark were all about to drop their chin. He subconsciously thought that it was xuzoneng.
It's not only him, but also yuzhibo mirror. He's also shocked. The eyes of the kaleidoscope are coming out,
“Nani, is this suzoneng?No, it's not suzanneng. What is it? ”
Yu Zhibo asked,
“This is my artifact eight foot mirror. I got it by chance. I can rebound some evasive skills!”Yuzhi bozeye said,
“Eight foot mirror?”Artifact.”
Yuzhi Bojing felt as if he had heard of it somewhere, but he couldn't remember it again,
“Well, I'll try your artifact!Huodun, Hao Huo, put out the fire
Yu Zhi Bo Jing immediately released a level a fire dun. It's just an ordinary fire dun. It doesn't use magic chakra,
“Father.Do you want to kill me?Stop it
Yuzhi bozeye was shocked. At present, the eight foot mirror's mental power can only rebound Ninja below level a, and those above level a can only resist hard.
“Boom” huge flame sprayed on the eight foot mirror, and there was no rebound phenomenon.
“Eh, there is no rebound!”Just when Yuzhi bozeye was wondering, Yuzhi bozeye was panting on the ground,
“I have no strength, I want to sleep!”
“What's the matter with you?It doesn't mean it can rebound. ”
“But it's also limited. Those above a level can only resist hard. This artifact also needs mental energy and chakra. You think it's yuzhiboban's fan.”
Yuzhi bozeye said discontentedly,
Yuzhibojing was a little embarrassed when he heard that. At the same time, he was shocked. He almost killed the first day of his family just now,
“I'm sorry, I'm too confident with you, but I recognize your strength. I'm positioning your strength with the elites, but there are still some shortcomings, which will be made up over time.”
The shortcomings he said are naturally the shortcomings of physical development. There are some loopholes in physical skills and swordsmanship.
“Come here, both of you!”Yu Zhibo looks at the ape three hundred meters away, and xinzhizhu and gouzhongliao say.
Two people heard that they quickly gathered here. Just now, they were scared. Is this the battle of the newly graduated ninja? They have begun to doubt whether they graduated ahead of time.
“You saw your fight just now,” yuzhibojing said. As for yuzhibozeye's cross legged work on the ground, where he absorbed natural energy to restore his chakra.
“I see, but you don't have to worry. Yuzhi bozeye's strength has exceeded the strength of ordinary Zhongren. It's hard to resist the fire move just now.Don't aim too high.
I've decided to appoint Yuzhi bozeye as the captain of the mirror team. Do you have a different meaning? ”
Yu Zhibo asked,
“No, no heresy!”Two people shook their heads quickly. They could kill hundreds of themselves just now. How dare they refuse to accept it,
“If you don't agree, I will support you to challenge Yuzhi bozeye. Well, this matter is over, and then you two will have a test. Let's do it!”Yuzhibo put out the mirror and hung the bell on his waist.
“It's a teacher, but we can't be as good as Sakano!”Ape fly new help said.
“Of course, I know that I'm just testing whether you have the qualification to graduate. It's not for you to beat me, it's not for me to brag, it's for three generations of eyes Huoying to beat me, I'm afraid it's going to get five or five points!Do it
Yuzhibojing said,
He just stood there, two people and a dog, and immediately dodged,
The next two tried their best to snatch the bell, like guerrilla warfare, for two hours, until nearly twelve o'clock.
They didn't even touch the edge of the bell. As for Yuzhi bozeye, he had already recovered chakra. After all, it didn't take long for him to absorb natural energy. There, Lanzhi Yuzhi bozeye played with children and practiced knife skills*
Chapter 39 the tolerant dog of the dog mound clan
Chapter 39 the tolerant dog of the dog mound clan
He is holding the Chixiao sword, constantly practicing the most basic Sabre pulling, Sabre pulling!It's the first move after drawing sword!Don't underestimate this move!
Two masters suddenly meet, both sides are the enemies of life and death, under the tension of the sword, sometimes this is enough to kill each other!
This is also the first step to practice this Dao technique!This is related to the future achievement of Dao technique. Not every family attaches great importance to this Dao drawing style!
Other thousand handed people, moonlight people, maoyue people and Qimu people all have the same Dao technique. This is the basic Dao technique!It's all the same!Nothing special, just the speed of your sword!Four steps to be sure and fast!
If this move has the upper hand, then if the swordsmanship of both sides is similar, the person who has the upper hand can fight against the weak!So most families don't want to suffer a big loss in this tug of war!
The elder, Meiqin's grandfather, told him that “the most important thing is always heart, wholeheartedly!Concentrate.And then the second is fast, quiet as a place, moving like thunder, this can be achieved through continuous practice!You've done it. The first and most important thing is to give you a few years to do it. ”
Yuzhi Bojing thinks it's almost the same as the two people's level. It's useless for me to test it again.
“Well, it's over. Come here, Zeye!”Yuzhibojing said.
Three people immediately came here. Among them, ape Fei xinzhizhu and gouzhongliao worried that they couldn't get through, because they hadn't touched the bell for such a long time!
“Well, the test is over, and you two can barely pass the test, but don't expect to perform tasks above level C. It depends on your growth decision within one year.The standard of your missionYuzhibojing said,
As for the teacher, the two children were not unhappy but excited. After all, they thought they couldn't get through,
“Yes, that's great. If it doesn't pass, it's a shame!”
He said,
“Yes, yes, our strength is a little weak indeed!Damn it
Ape flying new help said that in fact, the two people are already good, and they really have a lot of secrets. It's just a matter of age,
Yuzhi Bojing is very satisfied with the two attitudes. After all, some children want to carry out level B and level a tasks after graduation. It is their blind confidence in their own strength, so the mortality rate is also very high.
Yuzhi bozeye curled his lips, and he couldn't follow him to perform high-level tasks?Do you have to pull the grass and catch the cat?
“Teacher, what about me?Can't I perform high-level tasks? “Yu Zhi Bo Ze ye asked.
“Yes, advanced tasks must be organized. You can't accept advanced tasks without your teammates.”Yuzhibojing said.
“So I'm in trouble with you?”Yuzhi bozeye pretends to be angry and says to xinzhizhu and gouzhongliao,
“I'm sorry, boss Zeye!I will improve as soon as possibleApe fly new help a face is my wrong expression, sincerely said, this matter really he drag down.
“Sorry, I also want to improve my strength as soon as possible. I won't hold your back, captain.”
Gouzhong Liao is a child's eldest son. He has no temper in front of Yuzhi bozeye. He is honest.
“Hum, I'll let you go if you apologize. You have to treat me to ten barbecues in the next year before I can forgive you!”Yuzhi bozeye said with dissatisfaction,
“What?Ten barbecues
After all, barbecue is also a luxury food in Muye. A ninja can perform a C-level task, which is estimated to be the cost of a barbecue meal. A B-level task is not many times. If one or two people are added, the price will be much higher.
“Why not!It's only ten barbecues. Look at your stingy way. I'm ashamed of you!And you, if you don't want to give me barbecue, give me a good dog, I can barely forgive you,
As for the new help of ape flying, you can't miss a barbecue. ”
“Ah!How can it beApe fly new help a face of flesh pain feeling, one side of Yu Zhibo mirror to this kind of thing don't care, after all, this will also deepen the friendship between, isn't it?
Yuzhi bozeye is going to fight against the local tyrant. Who makes the third generation of eyes fire shadow always ask him some questions? If he doesn't retaliate against his son, who will retaliate?
As soon as he heard it, his eyes lit up. It's easy to say that the family has its own industry, but its assets are not solid. It's nothing to send a dog to bear. He can make his own decisions.
“Well, Captain Zeye, what color do you want, puppies or adult dogs? I suggest puppies can be raised from childhood…”
I feel Yuzhi bozeye likes dogs. It seems that he has found a bosom friend!
“I'm not for myself. I'll have a few days for Meiqin's birthday.I decided to give him a little dog. It's white. It's better to be a little dog. It's good to support that kind of dog. When he grows up, he can be a psychic animal. “Yuzhi bozeye said,
“Do you need to be able to speak or not?”The dog mound asked,
“Why, your dog can talk?”Yuzhi bozeye thought that in the original work, he had never seen any dog from the family of dog mounds who could talk.Only tamukakashi's dogs can talk.
“Of course, there are people who can talk. The secret of our dog mound clan, even if the dog can't speak, we know what he means.
The talking tolerant dog needs a certain language talent, and even has to do some operations on the transverse bone of the throat. The cost of training is high, which is a bit superfluous for us dog mounds.
And it's easy to expose some secrets when using anthropomorphism in combat… ”
Yuzhi bozeye is right. He suddenly thinks that he will drink Yuzhi bomeiqin together in the future. Next to him is a talking electric light bulb dog. He is very unhappy.
“Well, what you said is reasonable. I don't need to be able to speak. I just need to understand human nature. I'd better be beautiful!The kind that little girls like. ”
“OK, no problem. I'll find one for you tomorrow.”Gouzhongliao said excitedly,
The group came to Muye barbecue shop. The barbecue in the first room of Muye autumn road was really good. He followed yuzhibo and yuzhibonan and often came here to eat.
In addition to being a little expensive, it's easy to say that ninjas all exchange their lives for money, and they have to bear the cost of their own stoves and Bingliang pills. Fortunately, the injured four receive free treatment, otherwise the Commission will not be enough.
When they earn a commission, they come and have a few barbecues.Muye also has other barbecue shops. For example, yuzhibo family has its own barbecue shop, but the taste is not as good as qiudao family*
Chapter 40 first mission
Chapter 40 first mission
Yuzhi bozeye didn't really know how to cook any food in his previous life, so he used eggs to cook and make instant noodles, and cooked some porridge, and the others didn't really work.
When the manager of qiudao barbecue shop saw yuzhibojing coming, he immediately introduced him into the shop himself,
Because in the first World War, after yuzhibojing and qiudaozefeng hall, yuzhibojing came back with the bodies of the second generation of eyes and qiudaozefeng. Qiudaos are very grateful.
As long as yuzhibojing comes to eat barbecue, it's the cost price, that is, it's quite like a 60% discount.
A meal of four people face oil, very happy.
Yuzhi Bojing said, “from tomorrow, we will start to carry out tasks. Although they are all d-level tasks, they are also very necessary.
Because the intensity is not very high, and it's very close to the leaves. We can spare time to practice when we are performing tasks. I can guide you. ”
“My father, I don't want to pull grass and catch cats. It's not good for me to do this kind of thing.”Yuzhi bozeye said,
“Ze ye, although you are Zhongren, you should know that at present Muye can pass the Zhongren test and upgrade to Zhongren, but there is no test for Zhongren to Shangren.
On top of Zhongren, there is special Shangren. You only have one ability to get the level of Shangren,
On top of that is Shangren, which is the most serious Shangren, followed by elite Shangren, which is also the largest level except Huoying,
I am the elite Shangren. When selecting Huoying, the most basic requirement is the elite Shangren and the right to vote,
At every major issue meeting, the elite have the right to speak… ”
“What's the relationship between the teacher and the task?”Yu Zhibo asked,
“Of course, it does matter. Only with enough task accumulation can we apply for promotion to Shangren. When it comes to promotion to Shangren, Huoying will arrange an important task. When it is completed, it can be promoted to Shangren. As for elite Shangren, in addition to a large amount of task accumulation, there must be a trust vote of Shangren. Only when it is passed can it become elite Shangren.
There are many d-level tasks, which can be regarded as an accumulation. After all, the success rate of executing tasks is also an assessment indicator. D-level tasks are the best chance to brush the success rate. “Yuzhibo mirror gives some explanation experience.
After all, every Ninja can't be 100% successful, but you have succeeded 100 times in d-level task and failed 10 times in S-level task, so you have a 90% success rate.
“So that's it. OK, I'll carry out the task.” Yuzhi bozeye thought about it and decided to carry out the task.
“Well, that's good. At eight o'clock tomorrow morning, we'll go to yuzhibo mission release hall to collect the mission!”Yuzhibojing said.
“Eh, why don't you go to the fire shadow mission release hall?”Ape fly new help said,
“In this way, one tenth of Muye's task release is under the management of yuzhibo family. The main tasks are d-level tasks and C-level tasks. As for B-level, A-level and S-level tasks, there are few. It's not wrong for us to go to the yuzhibo task release hall to collect them.”Yuzhibojing said,
The next day, yuzhibozeye arrived at the appointed place, and then came to the Muye yuzhibo police force,
Because in yuzhibo Muye police station, there are also some task halls nearby, which are responsible for issuing some tasks.
Those tasks are first handed over by the employer to Huoying office, and then Huoying office selects a part of them to send to yuzhibo family to release.
This is also what we said some time ago. As long as the children of yuzhibo family are given priority to join the Muye team after graduation.Three generations of eyes Huoying want to let yuzhibo family into Muye through such a policy.
By the way, every genius of yuzhibo family will be monitored, otherwise those geniuses will be hidden by yuzhibo family and work in Muye police force, which is a threat to Muye.
Several people looked at the published tasks, as expected, they were all trivial tasks.
Some of them, such as home theft, lost pets, and the ninja who went to perform the task, had no one to look after the children, that is, to look after the children.
There are also some such as weeding, picking up garbage, clearing rivers, killing people by wild animals, catching wild animals, and using wood resources as labor!various.
Of course, the C-level mission is ignored, there are many mutual escort, bandit suppression, and escort are not among them.
“My father, don't do these tasks like planting and weeding. You don't need to clean up the river. Anyone can do these tasks, and there's no need to hire ninjas!”
Yuzhi bozeye pointed to the task above and said,
“It's true, but it's also a way of training. You think, this kind of task is limited. You can finish it ahead of time, and then you can go to practice.
If you look for stolen things or pets, you may have the risk of mission failure. Who knows if pets will be eaten
Yuzhibojing said,
“Eh, what my father said is reasonable. So, I just ruled out the best ones?”Yuzhi bozeye said,
“Well, that's it!”Yuzhibojing said,
“Mm-hmm, what elder Zeye said is reasonable. I'll go to pull the grass. If we hurry up, we can have a lot more time to practice.”
Ape fly new help said, one side of the dog tomb Liao although do not want to carry out this kind of farm work task, but also feel reasonable.He nodded in a hurry.
“Yoshi, let's carry out the task of weeding.”
Yuzhibojing went to get a weeding task with a slightly higher price, and then set out with the team,
Maybe it's because this task is not challenging at all and it's extremely boring, so it's all lack of interest,
When I arrived at the mission site, an old lady had been waiting here for a long time. Her family had more than 100 mu of land. If it was too small, it might lose money to hire ninja,
If you hire civilians, the price is about the same-_-||But it may take several days. In order to save trouble, many people hire Ninja directly.
“So much?”Looking at this large wheat field, the height of wheat seedlings is 40 cm to 50 cm. Where can you see weeds.
Yuzhi bozeye is a little worried about people. It's not an easy job.
The weeds and wheat seedlings are green, and the weeds are hidden in the wheat. It's a bit slow to find,
“Remember, it's 100 mu. Everyone has 33 mu. Of course, as the team leader, you have 34 mu.
Your task is to get rid of all the weeds without destroying the wheat field. Do you hear me
Yuzhibojing said,
“Yes,” said the three listlessly*
Chapter 41 The Art of flying thunder
Chapter 41 The Art of flying thunder
“Yoshi, Zeye, as the team leader, go and divide the cleaning area!”Yuzhibojing said.
“Yes, father!”
Yuzhi bozeye glanced and quickly pointed to the area,
The new help of ape flying and the Liao of dog mound are not fussy people. First, they should be more average. Whoever has more or less is acceptable.
After Ze Ye drew out the area to clean up, three people quickly put into the task of cleaning up weeds.
Yuzhi bozeye is a plug-in man. He immediately uses the technique of multiple shadow separation, and divides 30 shadow separation into one mu of land. As for noumenon, he goes to cultivate himself.
“Nani, is the shadow so easy to use?No, I can't. when I get home today, I'll let my father teach me the art of multiple shadow separation, “said ape Fei xinzhizhu, looking at the dozens of shadow separation, envious and resentful,
One side of the dog tomb Liao is the same, he is better than the new help of ape fly, he let his dog duoye pill use personification, two people also speed greatly improved.
Only the new help of ape flying is a little bit subdued, a person is pulling grass there by himself.
Yuzhibozeye came to yuzhibojing and said, “father, you are a shadow level master. Come and watch us pull grass. Are you overqualified?”
“Ha ha, Ze ye, don't be so naive. If you can separate yourself with shadow, can't I?”Yuzhibojing said.
“Ah, you use shadow to separate yourself?”Yuzhi bozeye opened his eyes and said, “father, it seems that I misunderstood you, but can you hold on for such a long time?”
“Ha ha, one tenth of my chakra is enough to last till night, and you know that magic is good for shadow separation. It can be improved for a long time. Even with ninja, it can absorb natural energy to supplement it.”
Yuzhibojing said,
Yu Zhi Bo Ze wild listen to, this shadow cent body play of the most six is oneself, of course understand.
“Well, father, my shadow has gone to perform the task, but you want to teach me some real skills?”Yuzhi bozeye said,
“True skill?My skill is also the secret skill of yuzhibo clan, magic, body skill, swordsmanship, fire escape, we are both similar.
Huodun, I can't teach you any more. You have the same talent as me, even better talent. Magic is the same. Swordsmanship is weaker. But your swordsmanship only needs constant time to train. You don't need guidance. I really have nothing to teach you. “Yuzhibojing said,
“Ah,!Isn't it hard that the second generation of Mu Huoying hasn't taught you any Ninjutsu?
These two generations are a little stingy! “Yuzhi bozeye is also a kind of motivating method. He also wants to enforce the law. Has Yuzhi bozeye been taught by thousands of hands.
As soon as he finished, Yu Zhibo held his hand on his head and said with dissatisfaction, “Ze ye, that's the second generation of Mu Huoying and my teacher. You can't say that.
The teacher did teach me a lot of Ninjutsu, but they are all sealed books of Ninjutsu, which is forbidden. Without the permission of Huoying, even my own son can't teach it.
Sakano, I'm sorry
Yuzhi bozeye listened and asked curiously, “my father, you will have those Ninjutsu, waiting for me to exchange some of them for the meritorious service I got from performing the mission.”
“Ha ha, there's no need. Your Ninjutsu is enough. The more you have, the worse it will be. But there's a magic skill in the seal book, the skill of dark action, and the skill of spiritualization. I can also use muyeliu's sword technique, but your sword technique is good. It's a bit repetitive…” Yu Zhibo Jing said,
“Teacher, have you ever learned the art of flying Thunder God? Can you teach me?”Yuzhi bozeye said that his original purpose was to fly Thunder God.
If yuzhibo mirror has been taught by the second generation of eye fire shadow, it should have been tested by thousands of hands for its space talent. There will be an entry guide. It's better to have yuzhibo mirror as a reminder than to fumble blindly,
“The art of flying thunder?How do you know? “Yuzhibojing asked, no one can understand the whole leaf of ninja.
“Yesterday, I went to Huoying to exchange it with the technique of Seyou in Hougong!I've been watching it for a long time, and I don't want to think about it, “Yuzhi bozeye said,
“Well, since you've got the skill of flying thunder, it's nothing to tell you,
As disciples of master Mu Huoying of the second generation, we have all been exposed to the art of flying thunder, but we can't pass the first one. There's no need to continue. ”
“Father, what's the first step?”Yu Zhibo asked in a hurry,
“Space sense!I'll teach you some fingerprints. First, make sure you have the space sense talent,
If you have one, you can cultivate the flying Thunder God. If you don't have one, you can't succeed. ”
Yuzhi Bojing said that he released a few fingerprints in front of Yuzhi bozeye.
To be exact, this is another kind of space Ninja space sensing, which can sense anything within a certain range like white eyes.
After Yu Zhibo finished the seal, he didn't react at all, because he didn't have the talent of space and couldn't feel anything,
“Father, why didn't lord Huoying give me the scroll? This is the first one!”Yuzhi bozeye asked. He already knew that the third generation of Huoying also had bad feelings. He didn't believe that Yuzhi bozeye had space talent,
Yuzhibo Zeye can understand, yuzhibo mirror can understand, his face is dark, he thought, if so, monkey, are you so afraid of my yuzhibo family?This Ze wild or my son, even I all guard against?
But of course he won't say it. He inherits the will of fire and won't talk nonsense.
“I don't know about this, but it belongs to the art of flying thunder, but space sensing. There should be no problem in the sealed book.Try it firstYuzhibojing said,
After Yuzhi bozeye made the seal, he let go of his mental power. Sure enough, he felt that the whole world had become smaller. He looked down at all the plants, bamboos, stones, birds and animals within a radius of 500 meters.
“Father!Is this perception ninja?How strong? “Yuzhi bozeye exclaimed.
One side of Yu Zhi wave mirror startled, “Ze wild you can feel?”
“Mm-hmm, my perceptive range is centered around me. It's about 500 meters around. It's going to catch up with the white eye!No, it's not weaker than the white eye. The white eye can only see the objects with chakra, or the meridians of the human body.I see more. “Yuzhi bozeye said,
Yu Zhibo mirror is very excited, his teacher may be lost of the flying Thunder God's art finally to pass on.
“Ze ye, you have space talent, you can learn to fly Thunder God, ha ha ha!”Yu Zhibo said excitedly*
Chapter 42 yuzhibo seal
Chapter 42 yuzhibo seal
“Father, I hope you can keep it a secret for me. I think I'll take the flying Thunder God as a card for me,” Yuzhi bozeye said, looking at the excited Yuzhi bozeye mirror. He has no choice. This father is from Muye school. If he goes to the fire shadow of the third generation, he will only increase his fear of himself.
Yuzhibojing thought for a moment and said, “yes, in theory, the Ninjutsu of the sealed book has become a fire shadow. Fire shadow should arrange tasks according to your strength,
You want me to keep a secret, then I have only one request, you can't betray Muye? ”
Yuzhibojing looks at yuzhibozeye seriously,
Yuzhi bozeye didn't mean to betray Muye. In his mind, Muye's high-rise buildings headed by three generations of eyes and fire shadows can't replace Muye.
If one day he attacks Huoying, it's not betrayal of Muye,
“Father, why do you think so? Do I worry you so much? I won't be picked up by you!
Of course, I will never betray Muye. If someone betrays me, I will only deal with those who betray me. I will not threaten daomuye. ”
Yuzhi bozeye said,
Yu Zhi Bo Jing seems to have heard something. He is silent for a while and says, “well, I'm sorry, Ze Ye. I always feel that there is a barrier between you and Mu Ye. Anyway, you just don't betray Mu Ye. I hope you can help Mu ye when he is in trouble.”
“Why!My father, you seem to have separated me from Muye. Am I not Muye's person? “Yuzhibojing said,
“No, you are also Muye's person. I said that if you have to leave Muye one day, just promise me this!”Yuzhibojing said,
“Father, you don't seem to believe me and worry about other people targeting me?”Yuzhi bozeye said,
Yu Zhi Bo Jing was surprised. What a powerful boy! Is he really only six years old? What a monster!
It can be seen that he is worried about Muye's attack on Yuzhi bozeye, and it will be bad if Yuzhi bozeye grows up together.It's even going to drive away Yuzhi bozeye.
Although he has learned the immortal Dharma, which has greatly improved his life span, he can live for more than ten years at most.
When he is alive, it is estimated that the senior management will not target him. If he is dead, he is not sure.
“Well, I believe you, don't talk about this. The teacher told us about the foundation of the introduction of Raytheon. Although we didn't have the talent of space, we were not reconciled at that time, so I asked the teacher to teach Raytheon again. My memory is better and I haven't forgotten it.Come on, I'll teach you. ”
Yuzhi wave mirror began to teach the principle of flying Thunder God's art, the matters needing attention, Zeye listened very carefully.
In less than half an hour, the shadow of Yuzhi bozeye disappeared because he had finished the task of weeding.
I'm afraid the other two will have to spend most of the day today.After Yingfen disappeared, his mind was full of weeding. He felt dizzy, but soon recovered.
Yuzhibojing also briefly talked about the foundation of one year's seal technique. In a thousand hands, I taught him seal technique, but it's all the foundation,
Among the six disciples of qianshouyijian, Tuan Zang is the best one in seal skill. He can seal the four images, seal the fire method, seal the self karma, and seal the tongue.Wait a minute. It's estimated that the seal of the four images in later generations was created by himself.
Yuzhibo family also has its own seal Book inheritance, which is far less powerful than whirlpool family.
In the Warring States period, yuzhibo's array was very famous. After Muye was founded, yuzhiboban gave the array to Muye's high-level. Now, only a few people in yuzhibo's family can arrange siziyan array together. After all, most of the three person teams in this era need four people to arrange siziyan array, and they also need to have the talent of seal. This kind of seal is originally an auxiliary ninja,There are not many people learning.
For example, the four purple flame array can be arranged only by upper tolerance or even middle tolerance. The four red Yang array and the six red Yang array need to be arranged by people who have the power of shadow. Therefore, the yuzhibo clan did not use them in the war fruit era, and they are very weak.The four red sun array didn't appear until the final grand finale.
This six Chiyang array was used once when it broke through six levels.The other array, the four red sun array, is the array of four fire shadows, the four purple flame array and the wood leaf array. Now many people should be able to use them.
To learn an array, you must first learn primary seal skills. These primary seal skills can be released even if you don't have seal talent.It's like rote learning in later dynasties.
Most of yuzhibo's family have no talent for seal art. Although it doesn't mean that they don't have a seal art collection, they are a thousand year old family after all.
Yuzhiboban put a seal spell on yuzhibo's earth heart in later generations, which is very unusual.
It's also the most vicious seal technique. In fact, it's the technique of imprisoning incantations. It's one of the secret techniques of yuzhibo family. Only he can use it in the whole world of tolerance.
Just like its name, the art of imprisoning the charm is to bury a special charm in the heart of the other party. Once someone is involved in the art of imprisoning the charm, that person can only listen to what he says. Even if his will wants to resist, his body can't control itself, and he can't even commit suicide. This is very similar to the reincarnation of filthy earth, and he can't get rid of the control of the performer.
In the fourth Ninja war, Kakashi directly rammed yuzhibo's heart with leiche in a different space. It was at that time that yuzhibo's spell of imprisonment was released, and yuzhibo's earth was able to act according to his own will. In fact, yuzhibo's inner heart was still aimed at becoming a fire shadow, which was the chance to help them at the critical moment,Against the enemy yuzhiboban and big tube muhuiye, for their past dream to draw a complete end.
Yuzhi bozeye felt that he still had the talent of seal. He found a problem, that is, the seal of Huoying world is tiangan dizhi in the world. A, B, C, D, e, Ji, Geng, Xin, Ren and GUI are called shitiangan. Zi, Chou, Yin, Mao, Chen, Si, Wu, Wei, Shen, you, Xu and Hai are called shitiangan.
The heavenly stems and earthly branches formed the ancient calendar.According to folklore, the heavenly stems correspond to some omens.The ten branches and twelve Branches are matched in turn to form 60 basic units, forming a set of discipline of the branches and the stems.
There are also some strange runes, which are also recorded in some Taoist books read by Yuzhi bozeye in his previous life.
There is also a computer programming similar to that learned by Yuzhi bozeye in previous generations. There are some binary, ternary, quinary, etc*
Chapter 43 introduction to Raytheon
Chapter 43 introduction to Raytheon
Every seal technique is different, and the forbidden number is replaced by heavenly stems and earthly branches.
It took Zeye a whole month to figure out the principle of seal. After understanding this, Yuzhi bozeye felt that he could become a master of seal book by giving himself a little time.Even the whirlpool people can't compare with themselves.
If you want to create any seal art, just make up a program.
Little by little, yuzhibo Zeye ran to elder yuzhibo.My father will have very little skill in sealing.
Because he contributed to the magic, the ninja in his family was open to him, which his father yuzhibojing could not enjoy.
During this month, their team carried out a task every day, and his body went to perform the task, so Xiaying kept learning the art of seal.
In a month, he learned the four purple flame array, the four red Yang array, and the technique of the imprison charm used by yuzhibo to control yuzhibo with earth.
Common seal techniques, such as seal memory, seal chakra, seal fire, seal law, have been learned.
Yuzhiboban gave his array to Muye, and Muye also gave yuzhibo some secret skills, such as seal. At present, the four Ziyan array and the four Chiyang array have all been mastered, but there is no way to arrange them. His shadow division can arrange the four Ziyan array at most, and the time is not long.
He used ten shadow parts to learn the array at the same time. At most, he is not Naruto. If he can hold on to ten people, his head will explode. This month is the October time of others.
Yuzhi bozeye opens his own system template.
Host: Yuzhi bozeye
Date of birth: August 16, 2015
Camp: Muye yuzhibo.
The boundary of blood succession: writing round eyes and double gouyu
Chakra attributes: fire, wind, thunder, earth, water, Yin, Yang.
Talent: natural chakra perception, great mental power, space talent.
Ninjutsu: Hunyuan Jue, three body skill, instant body skill, multiple shadow separation skill, Hougong Seyou skill.
Huodun: the art of haohuoqiu, fengxianhuo, haohuolong, huolongyantan, Haohuo annihilation, Haohuo annihilation, Yanlong singing.
Fengdun: a great breakthrough.
Tudun: the art of sneaking in the earth, the wall of earth flow, the wall of earth flow city, the art of decapitation in the heart.
Leidun: Leidun thousands of birds, Leidun walk.
Magic: the art of the fox in the heart, the art of Nirvana, the art of Xia follower.Nailuo's skill of seeing.Gold binding, crow shadow, magic, flail hang, magic, mirror, heaven and earth,
Sword technique: draw a knife to chop, Ju he chop, Jian Yueyan, Sun Halo dance, wind sword, flash cutting.
Space Ninja: the art of flying thunder, the art of space induction.
Seal: basic seal, chakra seal, basic seal, fire seal, evil seal, seal, five elements seal, seal of imprison charm.
Array: four purple flame array, four red Yang array.
Endurance: eight foot Qiong gouyu, ten fist sword, eight foot mirror.Chakra is a Chixiao sword. It's bitter. It's sword in hand. It's explosive.
Psychic beast: eight foot crow.
Yuzhi bozeye, who had learned the art of seal, immediately studied the word number of Feilei God.
He has already been able to portray the art of thunderbolt.There is also one of the most basic space senses of Raytheon,
Then he tested the flying Thunder God's skill, which was successful for the first time. He depicted the flying Thunder God's skill on a tree 500 meters away, felt what he had left behind, and released the flying Thunder God.
Sure enough, it arrived in an instant, but there was a huge error. It moved 500 meters in a blink, and the error was more than 30 meters. There was no big problem with long-distance delivery, just don't be delivered to the enemy.
In short distance throwing, the error is relatively small, basically within one to three meters.
There is another one, because his body is squeezed by space, causing extreme discomfort, which also has a huge impact on his combat effectiveness.
He needs some time to calm down, his brain is a little dizzy, and his body is vomiting.
However, he has learned to fly thunderbolt very fast. It is estimated that the first step of learning to fly thunderbolt in Bofeng Watergate will take a long time to seal. He didn't open it when he was studying.
At this time, more than a month after graduation, yuzhibojing's Yingfen took the three of them to perform level D tasks every day,
They perform a d-level task a day. When they don't accept a task, they control the completion time of the task to one day.
The rest of the time is for yuzhibo mirror to teach them to train.
Yuzhibozeye, yuzhibojing, at most, guides him in sword and magic, and other time, let him practice by himself. At the beginning of seal art, he can teach it. Later, he found that yuzhibozeye's talent of seal art was so strong, which really surprised him. Unconsciously, he found that he really had no way to teach his son.So I just let it go.
Teach all your energy to ape Fei, xinzhizhu and gouzhongliao,
Under the guidance of Yuzhi bozeye, the two learned to tread water and climb trees in more than a month. They did not have to hand in each other, but learned to do so by themselves.
After learning to climb trees and tread water, ape Fei xinzhizhu was able to release a shadow part. With half of chakra's shadow part, he could maintain it for four hours, as long as he didn't fall or get hurt.
Gouzhong Liao also made rapid progress. He watched the ape fly, and xinzhizhu learned to separate himself from the shadow. He also asked yuzhibojing to teach him. Finally, he also learned.
On this day, they went to clean up the river. The task of cleaning up the river was to find Yuzhi bozeye.
“Ze ye, you go to my house. I found you a few puppies yesterday. They are all qualified. You need that one!”
He said,
“Ah, gouzhongliao, do you remember that? Yes, yes. I don't want that little monkey to compensate me for ten barbecues. I haven't seen it before. Please have a meal.”
Yuzhi bozeye said leisurely.
On one side, ape Fei xinzhizhu is a little weeping. He has carried out nearly 40 tasks, but he can't ask for the money for two barbecues,
“Ze ye, wait for us to carry out the C-level task in the future, and I'll invite you to have barbecue. Now I'll keep an account.”
The new help said,
“Ha ha, I'll remember. You'll have to treat me to more meals later.”
In order to revenge the fire shadow of the three generations, Yuzhi bozeye also wanted to pit his son.
“OK, it's just a couple of barbecues, waiting for me to carry out the task later. There's still plenty of money.”Ape fly new help hard gas smile*
Chapter 44 choose five tolerance dogs
Chapter 44 choose five tolerance dogs
Later, Yuzhi bozeye followed the dog tomb Liao into the dog tomb clan.At this time, the family of dog graves was not small.Big, big.
There are rickety ninjas everywhere. For example, some family ninjas foster them here. When they use them at ordinary times, they use psychic skills to get out,
At ordinary times, we have to give a lot of money to the dog grave clan, and the cultivation method of the dog grave clan is also cost-effective.
In addition, you have a psychic beast that can also provide certain intelligence and combat, which is a great help to ninja.
As soon as I entered the gate, I saw the head of the dog tomb clan. Dog tomb Tong was already waiting here.
As a member of a large family, he has good self-control and bows immediately.Gouzhong Liao's father, gouzhong Tong, did not underestimate Yuzhi bozeye.
After all, he is also the one who survived the first World War. With a strong teammate, his chances of saving his life in some cases are greatly improved.
His son has several jin several Liang, he still knows, such strength went to the scene not long will be killed.
But this Yuzhi bozeye is a famous genius of the whole muyedingding. Now he is the strength of Zhongren, even Shangren. His father is also a shadow master.
His son said at that time that he wanted to give yuzhibozeye a good dog. He agreed without hesitation. He was still trying to figure out how to give yuzhibozeye a gift.
In yuzhibojing's team, Yufei xinzhizhu's father is Huoying. He doesn't need to give gifts at all. Yuzhibojing also has to be careful. Another yuzhibozeye is his own son. Needless to say, his son is not very strong. He must give some gifts to make him feel better.
“Ze ye, you are good. Liao has already told me that your strength is general. Shangren is not your opponent at all. Please pay more attention to Liao in the future.He's not as strong as you are
After a brief conversation, gouzhong went straight to the topic.
“Don't worry, master gouzhong. I'll take care of all my teammates.”Sawano said without hesitation,
“Well, I don't have to worry about that. I'm a few years younger than your father E. just call me uncle. Don't be an adult!”Dog Zhong Tong is very satisfied with the statement of Ze ye, he wants to pull in the relationship between the two sides through the address.
“It's uncle!”Yuzhi bozeye, after all, is the head of a big family. In the future, Shangren will be promoted to elite Shangren, but it needs elite Shangren to vote.
There should be a part of the elite of the dog mound clan. I can't offend them.
“Well, well, I've already said it for you. You can have as many as you want
He asked,
“One is enough. It's not good to cultivate a bear dog.”Yuzhi bozeye said,
“It really costs a lot, but if you want some special secret medicine, I can give you a 60% discount on the cost price. It's estimated that when you reach adulthood, that's the money for three A-level missions. Every year, the money for one A-level mission can almost maintain combat effectiveness.
Come on, let's go and have a look at the dog. You can choose it. ”
He said,
“All right, uncle!”Yuzhi bozeye and gouzhong tonggouzhong Liao came to the kennel.
There are already dozens of puppies here.They were all born this year. The older ones have been taken away.Today's puppies are less than three months old.
“Ze Ye Jun, these are the tolerance dogs we have tested with chakra. They all have the ability to extract chakra.Some of them have the ability to speak. You can choose. ”
He said.One side of the dog also said, “Ze ye, do you need me to help you choose?I know a lot, “he said
“No, I'll have a look first. After all, I don't really use him as a fighting dog, but as an auxiliary dog.”
He said,
“Well, you go in and choose. These puppies won't bite. Don't worry!”He said.
Yuzhi Boze is ambitious. Why do some forbearing animals use natural energy, but human beings don't?Do you have to practice for such a long time?
When he thought of this, he was going to do an experiment with these puppies.I'm going to choose a dog who can practice natural energy after graduation.
When he entered the kennel, a group of puppies gathered around him. They looked cute and cute. He grabbed them one by one and put in a natural energy. Some puppies immediately screamed, and the interior of their bodies began to petrify!
Zeye immediately took back chakra, put the dog aside, the dog immediately ran away, far away from Zeye.
Gouzhong Liao is a little unhappy when he looks at Yuzhi bozeye abusing dogs there. He is about to stop it, but his father, gouzhong, gives him help!
“Don't disturb him. His behavior is not harmful to the dog. It's his choice.It seems that Sakano Jun also has a lot of knowledge about the cultivation of psychic animals! ”
Just now, gouzhongtong almost misunderstood that the dogs didn't have any problems, so they were not in charge.
After a while, he picked out five puppies, and dozens of others were eliminated.
There are five puppies, one black, one yellow, one flower and two white.
Although the bodies of these five tolerance dogs are petrified, their petrification speed is very slow. Before they petrify, Zeye takes back chakra.
Looking at the five puppies, Ze Ye is in conflict. There are many resources for training. When a tolerant dog reaches adulthood, it needs three A-level missions and one A-level mission every year to maintain its combat effectiveness,
Now I can get a subsidy of A-level mission fund every month because I give the magic to my family,
My father is also treated like this, just given by the village.
“Uncle, can I have all five?”After all, not every dog can succeed in practicing fairy art. Maybe none of the five puppies will succeed.
After hearing this, gouzhong said, “well, you can take all of them with you!They all have the gift of speaking. When they have time, they can bring my dog mound clan to do some minor operations, and they can talk in the future.
Besides, since you have chosen them, don't abandon them. Dogs are the best friends of human beings. They will never betray you, even if you betray him. ”
After finishing the last few sentences, the tone was very serious.He is a dog lover and does not allow any dog abuse.
“Don't worry, uncle, I won't betray them, let alone abandon them!
By the way, how much does it cost? I'll go back and get it. After all, I just told gouzhong Liao that I only wanted one dog, but I didn't expect five! “Yuzhi bozeye said*
Chapter 45 cultivation of alchemy
Chapter 45 cultivation of alchemy
“No, Mr. Zeye, these bear dogs have no owners. We dog grave family have dozens of bear dogs born every month. It's very difficult to find suitable owners for them.What's more, we mainly rely on the secret medicine of cultivating psychic animals. As long as someone is willing to adopt us, we can't wait.I hope you take good care of them,
If you need any help, just go to canzhong Liao for help. ”
He said,
“Well, yes, uncle, since I'm busy, I'm not welcome.”
Yuzhi bozeye asked for some dog food and took care of Fang's nine.
Dog food is put in the storage scroll. Now that he has learned the seal technique, he can make some explosive symbols and storage scroll himself.
He plans to portray a storage seal space on his wrist in the near future, which will save a lot of trouble in the future.
As for the puppies, they were packed in baskets and he took them home.
“He's a big aunt, Tess!”
Yu Zhi Bo Ze ye called out.
Yu Zhibo heard that “Ze Ye is back. Where's your father?”
“I don't know. He just uses shadow to accompany me to carry out tasks, not ontology and us.”Yuzhi bozeye said.
At this time, two figures sprang out of the inner room. One of them was Meiqin. When he heard Yuzhi bozeye coming back, he had fun playing with fuze. As a result, he immediately threw fuze aside and rushed out.
As for Yu Zhi Bo Fu Ze, he also came out with a look of resentment.
“Brother Zeye, you're back!”Five year old Meiqin will go to school in a few days, and her qualifications are not bad.
“Well, I'm back. I'll find you a birthday present in advance in a few days!Look
Yuzhi bozeye immediately took the basket away, and the five little suckling dogs inside were really sleeping.The movement outside seemed to have nothing to do with him.
“Ah, little dog!How lovely
Yuzhibo Meiqin, the little star with eyes comes out.
On one side, Xiaoyu Zhibo's admiring harrass all came down, “ah!Brother, you are partial, you don't give it to me! ”
Say Yu Zhi Bo Fu Ze a pair of flash flood appearance.
Hearing the news, Yu Zhibo ran out and looked at a litter of little suckling dogs. How can a woman not like cute little suckling dogs.
Immediately around, “ah, good Kawaii's little dog!”
At this time, yuzhibo Meiqin looked like me: “no, no, this is what my brother Zeye gave me. Aunt naphthalene, you don't want to rob me.”
At this time, Ze ye said, “Meiqin, it takes a lot of money to cultivate a tolerant dog. You can only raise one, and we can raise the others.”
“Ah, well, my family has a lot of money?Can I take care of it all? “Meiqin said that he couldn't pull out his eyes when he saw this group of suckling dogs!
Ze ye thought about it and said, “well, since Meiqin wants to keep all her puppies by herself, put them all in Meiqin's house.
I'll give you the dog food you need, and we'll use it together.
Meiqin, what do you think of that? ”
Yuzhi bozeye said that the reason why he said so was to be quiet at home. After all, a group of dogs are not comfortable here.
It's also good to go to yuzhibo Meiqin's home every day to cultivate feelings with him.
After listening to Meiqin, she thought about staying in her own home, so that she could be with them every day and night. It was so perfect that she didn't want to agree.
As for Yu Zhibo, Fu Ze is not happy. “No, I'm not happy. Fu Ze also wants one!”
“Fuze, you want to go to Meiqin's house every day to find them. You are too young to take care of them!”He said.
As for yuzhibo naphthalene, it doesn't matter. Yuzhibo Meiqin was brought up by him. It's OK to meet him every day and put it with him.
When it comes to “fuze, listen to your brother, that's it.But Ze ye, it's a lot of money to raise five suckling dogs, especially it takes a year and a half for puppies to grow up.
In this year and a half, you need the funds for 15 A-level tasks, and the family may give you all the money every month. ”
The economic power of yuzhibojing's family is in the hands of yuzhibonan. Since osano general yuzhibo's family gave him money for a class a task every month, yuzhibozeye's family is quite rich, which will affect the quality of life.
After thinking about it, I said, “my mother, I know that. Uncle gouzhongtong agreed to me and gave me the cost price. Originally, it would take 15 A-level tasks to cultivate them into adults. The cost price is just 8 A-level tasks.
In the future, they need two or three A-level missions a year to maintain their combat effectiveness,
In addition, each of them has good aptitude and combat ability. In the future, Meiqin, fuze and our family can sign psychic contracts with them.In this way, we will not lose anything. When we go out to fight, we can have one more helper and one more chance to protect our lives. ”
Yu Zhibo said, “well, since Ze Yejun has decided to support you, this time, the patriarch of gouzhong clan has given you a lot of benefits. Let your father take good care of gouzhong Liao.”
Yu Zhibo is not stupid either. He knows that the reason why gouzhongtong does this is for his son gouzhongliao.
“Well, just tell your father that.”He said,
“All right, I'll talk to him!”
Yuzhibonan said,
The next two children have been playing with the dog, the name is also given, very simple “black, yellow, flower, white, white!”It's all yuzhibo Meiqin's names.
In the evening, Yuzhi Bojing came back and looked at a group of puppies. Yuzhi bozeye said all the things today.
Yuzhibojing didn't say anything. Since the child likes it, he will take care of gouzhongliao in the future.
Yuzhi bozeye and Yuzhi Bojing said that these five little suckling dogs all have certain magic talents, but they just don't know whether they will succeed or not,
Yu Zhi Bo Jing heard the word “Fairy Art” and immediately began to pay attention to a few suckling dogs.
He also knows that all the psychic beasts from laiye have some magical skills. In the world of tolerance, the perception of nature chakra is more than ten times that of human beings.
Most humans hold on to the first step, perceiving nature chakra, while some forbearance animals can skip this step.
If these five suckling dogs selected by Yuzhi bozeye can be cultivated to be tolerant dogs that can use magic, it will be a great help to his family.
“In that case, Ze ye, you need to cultivate well. Your strength may not be equal to that of your brother and Meiqin Youle. Their help should be very helpful.”Yuzhibojing said,
“It's my father. I'll cultivate it.”*
Chapter 46 exchange ninja, chakra metal
Chapter 46 exchange ninja, chakra metal
More than a month later, Yuzhi bozeye was still working on the d-level mission, and they were all about to make a leap.
At present, the task list of several people is: D: 95C: 0b: 0A: 0s: 0
It's been three months since they graduated. Because they have a d-level task every day, they don't pay attention to the same things every day. Recently, the first one who can't help is gouzhong Liao. He asked yuzhibojing for instructions to do a C-level task,
I didn't expect that yuzhibojing actually agreed that the C-level mission might be out of the village.Yuzhi bozeye is a little unhappy.
He still has to practice in Muye. After using the current technique of flying thunder, his body load has been greatly reduced,
He used to release a dizzy brain swelling, but now it's much lighter, so he won't lose his fighting power completely. He releases dozens of times a day and keeps practicing the skill of flying Thunder God.The error is also much smaller,
On the other side of him, Yuzhi bozeye asked Yingfen to regulate the meridians of five puppies with natural ability every day. Yuzhi Bojing bought a contract scroll and asked Rengou to sign a psychic contract with Yuzhi Bojing, Yuzhi bozeye, Yuzhi bomeiqin.
As for yuzhibofuze, he is too young to even have chakra, so he can't sign a psychic contract.
These puppies were two or three months old when they were brought in, and about 18 months old when they were brought in. For more than a month, they were blessed with natural energy.
Nintendo is approaching adulthood. It's about nine months old. Natural energy has the ability to increase the volume of Nintendo.
In addition, these five tolerance dogs all have the gift of speaking. They have performed some minor operations on the throat of the dog mound clan, which can also cultivate them to speak. Every day, yuzhibo Meiqin cultivates their right to speak.
If he went out to do the task, it would delay his time to practice the skill of flying thunder.
In addition, his magic is about to reach a small bottleneck. He is now in the early stage of practicing Qi, and has broken through for nearly a year and a half.
Recently, when practicing Hunyuan Jue, he felt that he was about to break through. He was more excited when he thought of breaking through.
Now, chakra in his Dantian can release three S-level skills of haohuoqiu. It is estimated that chakra in his body can release about four C-level skills of ninja,
After this breakthrough, it should be doubled. At that time, I can release more than six xianfahao fireball skills.
In his more than a month, he has already successfully portrayed the seal technique in his hand, which has a space of less than 10 cubic meters.
This is not small. When he studied the seal, he specially left a place for the mental force to enter. As long as he took out something inside, he immediately left it in his hand,
He put his Chixiao sword into it, and then suddenly appeared in his hand. It was estimated that people would be caught off guard in close combat.
After he developed one, he went to yuzhibo mirror to show off. Yuzhibo mirror was very greedy to see the portable seal technique, and asked him to set one.
In the end, yuzhibonan and yuzhibomeiqin also had this technique.
One day, he saw something suddenly appear in Yuzhi bozeye's hand, and let ape Fei xinzhizhu and gouzhongliao know about it. He immediately begged him to set up a seal technique, but in the end, he got it,
When they went back to show off, they startled a lot of people.
On the same day, gouzhongtong came to visit with a large number of cultivated secret medicine of psychic beast Rengou to express his gratitude. He can see that this seal technique can not only increase combat effectiveness, but also control and facilitate travel.There are other benefits,
When he left, he also set up the seal space technique on his hand. It wasn't a few days before the whole wood leaf knew that there was such a technique,
He was called by the fire. Under the persuasion of Yu Zhibo mirror, he handed over the seal space technique and thousand birds to three generations of eye Huoying,
Of course, it's impossible to give it to him for nothing. I got two Ninjutsu from the sealed book above. One is the magic of dark night, and the other is the art of multiplying each other's detonators.
His father yuzhibojing asked him to choose the art of dark night walking (the art of dark night walking) to create a dark environment and block his opponent's vision.In the dark environment, only between pillars and teammates can see things in the environment and attack.
It's a kind of illusion that can hallucinate vision and take away all the light.In the dark world like the arrival of dark silk, even people with high strength can only be forced to show their position.
The technique of multiplying each other's detonators is his own choice.Stick the single detonator to the enemy's key point quietly, and then take the opportunity to detonate it, making the opponent unexpected.A single detonator can teleport infinitely and continuously. The detonator concentrates on an infinitely and continuously exploding point. As long as it is attached by a detonator, it can't get rid of it.
Detonator will summon detonator again, which can cause infinite continuous explosion.This is a special initiation symbol. It is a ninja developed by the second generation of Huoying to cooperate with the reincarnation of filthy earth.After launching, it will continue to burst. Its power is amazing, so the caster himself may be involved.
If it is launched in an unprepared state, the caster will inevitably die.This is the art of sacrificing one's life, so it is listed as a forbidden art.
Of course, this Ninjutsu can be replaced by shadow separation. As for those explosive talismans that are channeled, they must be done in advance. Otherwise, you can't channeling them. Fortunately, Yuzhi bozeye will make explosive talismans himself, otherwise this Ninjutsu can't be released.It's going to be bankrupt once.
After returning to the family, he handed over the seal technique and qianniao to the family. The family's Ninja resources had been open to him for a long time. He only wanted part of the chakra conduction metal,
It's not cheap. You may not be able to buy the piece he took with five or six S-level ninjas,
It's estimated that he can make more than 20 flying thunder gods. He didn't use flying thunder gods when he practiced the art of flying thunder gods,
When the second generation of eye fire shadow cast the flying Thunder God, it didn't use the special kuwu, but set the coordinates at will. When it reached the wave wind water gate, it used the flying Thunder God kuwu.
When he got the chakra metal, he painted the thunderbolt of Bofeng Watergate and gave it to the blacksmith shop to make it in time.
He hasn't been given it yet. Today, his father yuzhibojing said that he would go on a level C mission tomorrow, so he didn't go home immediately after the team was disbanded, but went straight to the blacksmith's shop.
“Boss, have I made my customized kuwuZe ye went straight to the theme, but he didn't make all of them. He gave them to him first, and he used them first.
“Eh, ninja, it's a coincidence that you're here. You've just made 48 of them!”*
Chapter 47 flying thunder
Chapter 47 flying thunder
“Why so much?”Ze Ye listened to 48 fly thunder absolute being painless is very surprised.
“My Lord, you said to make all the pieces of chakra metal into what you said. You didn't say how many pieces of chakra metal were made, just all of them.
Chakra metal is very expensive. It's not necessary to use every piece of metal. It's all chakra forbidden. Otherwise, it's not hard enough. It needs a special steel to be forged with high strength… ”
The boss kept explaining to him, and by the way, he took a box of flying thunder and showed it to him
Yuzhi bozeye tried kuwu. It's ten times stronger than ordinary kuwu. Don't worry about the blade.
“Good boss, I'm very satisfied!How much is it? “Yuzhi bozeye said, looking at the flying Thunder God in his hand, he couldn't put it down.
“Because a lot of special steel is used, it needs about 300000 Liang…”
Yuzhi bozeye's face turned black when he heard this. He thought to himself, the funds for the three A-level missions,
(Level D task 1000-5000)
Level C task 5000-20000 Liang
Level B task 20000-50000 Liang
Class a mission 50000-200000 Liang!
200000 ~ 1 million taels of S-level tasks!
Now it's 21 years of Muye, and the money is solid. It's not Muye. 60 years later, inflation is serious. The head of an ape flying ASMA is 30 million taels.)
Yuzhi bozeye doesn't have so much money. “I'm sorry, I don't have so much money. Well, I'll send it to my family later. And I have some pop amulets here. You can see if you accept them.”
He was afraid of death, so he learned to make explosive symbols. He also wanted to make explosive symbols on a large scale like Xiaonan.
He is as like as two peas and ordinary exploding characters, and the same is the same as the common explosive characters. The other is that the power of the “magic explosive” is changed by ten times.
His shadow avatar can also absorb natural energy, and then can make a large-scale explosive rune. One shadow avatar can easily make 1000 ordinary explosive runes and 100 immortal explosive runes a day.
There are tens of thousands of them now, but they don't dare to expose too much. Even the three generations of Huoying know that a person with tens of thousands of explosive symbols will send people to stare at you every day,
“Explosive charm,” the weapon shop that the boss came to can not only sell weapons, but also recycle weapons.
“Well, it's a good quality. If you take a pop amulet, it's 20% cheaper than normal sales. A pop amulet usually costs 500 taels of silver. If you buy it, you need 400 taels. Just give me 750 pop amulets.”The boss said.
Yu Zhi Bo Ze Ye immediately counted out 750 chapters and gave it to the boss. The boss counted the number. “Yes, Mr. Ze ye, you can sell us your extra explosive talisman.”
“No, I don't have much now. That's all I have!”
Said Ze ye to take a box of flying Thunder God into the seal space on his wrist?
“Eh, this is the seal space. I don't know how big it is?”As soon as the boss's eyes are bright, he feels that there are business opportunities.
“Not big, ten cubes!”Ze ye said casually.It's no secret. Many people know about Muye.
“How many times, my lord?Is it a lot of trouble? “The boss asked.
“It's no trouble, it can be almost infinite times, unless you break the seal,” said Sawano,
“Adults can't make them into seal scrolls?Ordinary seal storage scroll is not easy to use, the contents are either taken out or not, which is far worse than anything you take out at will.
If we can get it, we are willing to sell it for you
The boss said,
“Well, what you said is very good. It can really be made into scrolls. It's very simple. How much do you charge for one?”Ze Ye asks a way, money is not omnipotent, do not have money absolutely is not good, this makes money the opportunity is good.
“It's ten cubic meters. It's very big. It's estimated that it's worth more than 30000 Liang.”The boss said,
“Well, I'll give you ten scrolls every day, and you can help sell them!”He said,
“It's my Lord, happy cooperation!”
The boss said excitedly,
In the next few days, Yuzhi bozeye rushed back to his family, but still didn't go home. He portrayed the flying Thunder God's technique on several flying thunder gods,
After the depiction is finished, immediately throw out the bitterness, which is a moving coordinate,
Before, all the techniques he set up with his hands were fixed. For the first time, he used the moving coordinates, because flying thunder could not conduct chakra to use, and it was successful in a blink,
And the precision is very high, without any offset.
“Hoo, that's great. With the flying Thunder God, it's hard to release the flying Thunder God's skill. It's like a tiger adding wings. It's completely ready for actual combat.
Let's have a long-distance try first. ”
He threw a flying Thunder God on the ground, and then felt that he had been pulling grass outside the village some time ago, leaving a coordinate that moved quickly. It was more than 30 kilometers, and the deviation was about 100 meters. Compared with the previous 500 meters, the deviation was 20 meters and 30 meters, which was very good.
Then he sensed the previous position of suffering and moved back in a flash. Sure enough, there was no error. He was on the side of flying thunder suffering.
The accuracy has been improved to a perfect level, that is, the feeling of dizziness and nausea is still a little uncomfortable, which affects certain combat effectiveness.
It is estimated that with the practice and the completion of his physical development, this feeling will gradually disappear.
After testing several times, he put away his misery and returned home. At this time, the whole family had finished their meal, and Zeye's meal was still with him.
“What's the matter?Why come back so late, I'm ready to go to you! ”
Yu Zhibo mirror said that Yu Zhibo on one side was also staring at him coldly, feeling very unhappy.
“Father, mother, I'm sorry. I went to the forbearance shop. Look at this. My custom-made Fei Lei Shen Ku Wu has been finished,
And just now I did an experiment, more than 30 kilometers, but there was no error at all.And the moving coordinates can be sensed. Raytheon is ready for actual combat. “He said.
“Nani, your flying thunder has been completed. Ha ha ha, it's worthy of my son.Let's go and test it for me, and I'll see how it goes! ”
Yuzhibo can't wait.
“Well, father, mother, my Lord, I'll leave you a miserable one over there. Once something happens, I'll take you there.”
He pressed his hand on the shoulder of the sick man and came to the place dozens of miles outside Muye village in an instant.
“Ouch!”Yuzhibo naphthalene is a little bit sick and retching because of wood.Yuzhibo mirror is a little bit better, “yes, it's very powerful. When the teacher took me to fly Raytheon, I felt much better than now.”*
Chapter 48 perfect Raytheon
Chapter 48 perfect Raytheon
“Eh, my father, so my flying Thunder God is releasing. Do you feel that there is something wrong with the flying thunder god of the second generation in the morning?”
Hear Yu Zhi wave mirror words, Ze Ye says.
“Well.It's really different. The teacher's skill of flying thunder is a little uncomfortable, but it's far less obvious than yours.
You can study the technique of flying thunder from the beginning again and study every step on the scroll. The teacher is a ninja master who has developed many S-level secrets.
The records of flying thunder and any other secret arts he left behind are quite complete and detailed.You can study it from the beginning, and you will find problems. ”
Yuzhibojing said,
Next, Ze ye took them home and gave them a handful of flying thunder. He said, “father, mother, this is flying thunder. If anything happens, you can inject chakra into it. I will know you are looking for me through space sensing and will come to you immediately.
Of course, I hope you will come to me when you are in danger… ”
“Ha ha ha, what's the danger? I haven't made any plans for the task yet.” Yu Zhibo took it with a smile.
Yuzhibo also accepted the mirror. After all, he is the teacher of the mirror team. Do you need to find him a lot of times?
“Don't worry, if you can't solve the problem, you may not be able to solve it.”
After listening to the two people's words, Ze Ye seems to have felt that his future is constantly being called. The reason for calling may be “dinner is ready, go home to eat!”He thought it would be a mistake to fly thunder to them.
In the evening, he ate the food left by yuzhibonan and went to study the art of flying Thunder God.
Because all the materials of the writing wheel eye flying Thunder God are copied into my mind.He examined the scroll carefully.
This inspection really found a lot of problems.
For example, when you break the space and teleport, it's too violent. You don't need to be so violent. When the space is opened by thunderbolt, you just need to teleport. Don't need to break the wall and teleport.Other small series of problems are big.
For example, when he released the art of flying thunder, he was more anxious to mobilize chakra, and his control decreased a lot. He also ignored the simple protective effect of flying thunder on his body.
He put a piece of chest armor in front of his chest, which was used by his father at the first stop. Then he used chakra's technique of releasing Raytheon normally and calmly. He didn't move once in such a violent space. He didn't feel uncomfortable at all.
“Perfect!Sure enough, there is an old man in the family, just like there is a treasure.If it wasn't for my father's reminding, I really don't know how to solve it. ”
The next day, Yuzhi bozeye team four people came to the task release place.
The price of level C tasks is much higher, several times higher than that of level D tasks, and at most close to the reward of level B tasks.
“What's a good task to choose? Do you have any ideas?”Yu Zhibo asked,
“Idea, the best Ninja can test my recent growth!”Ape flying new help said, today for the first time to carry out the C-level mission, inevitably a little excited.
“Mm-hmm, I think so too. In the past three months, I feel that I can fight myself two times before. No, it's three!”Dog grave Liao confidently said.
“Ha ha, you are really confident. Your strength is not enough to be killed by others when you go to the battlefield.”Yuzhi bozeye poured a basin of cold water.
“Zeye boss, our teacher is a shadow master. With him, we will be OK.”The new help said,
He knows a lot. After all, the teams led by shadow level masters are not safe, so there is no safety.
“Well, if the teacher is not my father, don't you dare to take on some difficult tasks?”Ze Ye poured another basin of cold water.
Ape fly new help for a time, a little confused force to look at him “boss, don't give face good.”
“What's your face? I didn't see you treat me to my barbecue?”Roared Sakano.
“Well, I'll treat you when I've done my duty!”Ape fly new help immediately make a statement.
“You said it yourself. I didn't force you. I'm waiting for you to treat me to barbecue.”
Sakano is threatening.Looking at several people fighting, Yu Zhibo looked at the task in the mirror and said, “you've graduated for three months, and you should see blood too!”
Three people including Ze ye, hear see blood a few words immediately quiet down, they have no rain killed people, in the heart a little nervous, but know this will come.
“That's it. Some civilians can't live any longer. They run to the top of the mountain and become bandits!There's no Ninja boss, that is, a bad warrior. There are more than ten bandits with a reward of 20000 Liang. How about that? ”
Yu Zhibo asked.
“Well, there's no ninja. It's a little boring, but I agree. After all, I haven't killed anyone.”He said,
“I agree.”Ape fly new help also said,
“I don't have a problem, either!”Yuzhi bozeye said that he is the most nervous one. After all, his outlook on life, world outlook and values are very different from those of Huoying world.
It's unreasonable to kill people in your own three views. But in this world where people eat but don't spit out bones, you can't live without killing people.
He shuddered at the thought of his success!
“Well, that's the task. Zeye, you are the team leader, but you have to perform well!”Yuzhi Bojing said that he was most worried about his son.
Yuzhi Bojing knows that his son is very concerned about human life. Some Muye ninjas live a life of licking blood at the edge of a knife and ignore life.
This kind of situation is very common in the yuzhibo clan. After all, the yuzhibo clan is a big love clan. But in this way, through killing, the yuzhibo clan will wake up to their blood boundary and write their eyes.
Zeye's lunyan is ergouyu. This time, there is a great chance to awaken sangouyu's lunyan, but every time his lunyan is upgraded, their yuzhibo family's character will change.
Originally, I was just a proud child before I opened the writing wheel eye. After I opened sangouyu, I became arrogant and domineering, with a strange temper.
Yuzhibozeye listened to yuzhibojing's words: “I know, I know, it's just a group of bandits. I'll kill them all with a fireball!”
“Wait a minute, boss. I haven't killed anyone yet.”Ape fly new help immediately said,
“Me too. Keep one for me, too!”
He said*
Chapter 49 first blood
Chapter 49 first blood
“Well, since you say so, I'll keep one for you.”Yuzhi bozeye said,
At this time, yuzhibojing thought about it and said after a while, “Ze ye, and you three, I take you to exercise you. If you release a ninja from a long distance and kill them, there is no effect at all.
In the future, when you fight with ninjas, you will be soft and shivering at the end of the fight. ”
He said that thought silently said sorry.I don't want their children to deal with all this cruelly.
The atmosphere is a little depressing, even if you know that the other party is a group of rookies, weak chickens, there is no threat to your life, but when you hear about killing, you feel uncomfortable.
“Yes, father, I killed them with my sword!”He said,
The other two made the same statement.
Yuzhibojing is the noumenon this time. After all, the team has its own son, Huoying's son, and a little clan leader, gouzhongliao. It's not easy to get out.
He took the certificate of leaving the village and went to the mission site.
The location of this task is a little far from Muye. If I rob around Muye, I will not give Muye face.
In the country of fire, a poor mountain area, this is the only way to neighboring countries.
Four people in a row, driving hundreds of kilometers every day, the speed is very fast, ninja did not use a carriage, are used to run to the road, probably because of chakra.
Endurance is very strong, many times faster than the marathon race, endurance several times more.
(as of 2019, the fastest record for men's marathon is 2 hours, 01 minutes and 39 seconds, and for women's marathon is 2 hours, 17 minutes and 01 seconds.Less than 43 km)
Hundreds of kilometers a day, without any pressure, easy to complete.
Because there are no coordinates, he can only go on his way honestly. On the way, he marked a lot of skills of flying Thunder God on the tree. Zeye didn't use flying Thunder God. It's very valuable.
It's better to draw marks on the tree. Although the accuracy is not very high, they can also move to one side in a flash. It's more convenient for them to go back after completing the task. However, Zeye doesn't want to expose his skill of flying thunder too early.
I'm ready to go home for the next shadow.
Three days later, I came to the place where I carried out the mission and found a village head nearby. This is the mission they issued.
“Old village head, is that most of your tasks?”Yuzhibo mirror has a good temper. It doesn't have the pride of yuzhibo people.
“Yes, the mission I issued will trouble you this time. When they were in the mountains over there, our travel was greatly restricted and several people in our village were killed.
A few days ago, when I was harvesting wheat, they asked each family to provide 40% of the wheat. As you know, we have to put 30% of an acre of land on the shelves for Daming, and we are taking 40% of it out, but there is no way to survive! ”
The old village head said,
“Damn it, don't worry, we are here, they will never live!We're going to kill them. “The new help said,
“Yes, teacher, and boss Zeye, let's go!”He also said,
At this time, the old village head said, “my Lord, you must be very tired from afar. You'd better have a day off and go tomorrow!”The old village head said in good faith,
“No, it's just a few bandits. Let's get rid of them.” Yuzhi bozeye wanted to go back to practice as soon as possible,
“Well, you are so enthusiastic, then go to carry out the task, let's go to the mirror team!”
Yu Zhibo shouts.
“Yes, teacher!”
Several people immediately took action. Yuzhibojing certainly won't do such a simple task. They can solve it by themselves. In case, he has to go!
As the team leader, Zeye immediately ordered gouzhong to release duoye pills. He could bear the dog's sense of smell and hearing, so it was convenient to find them.
Besides, he also uses the technique of channeling to produce dozens of crows, namely eight foot crows. This kind of channeling beast yuzhibo also has this contract scroll. His scroll is given by the system, so it's very convenient to explain with yuzhibojing.
It wasn't long before they found out where a man was sneaking. They found their cave by following the clues and checked the number of people. There were 13 people just like the intelligence.
“Well, which one of you is the first?”At this time, the three people hesitated. Even Yuzhi bozeye, his situation was no better than that of ape feixinzhizhu and gouzhongliao!
As for yuzhibo mirror, he has long been hiding away from it.
“You are the captain, you come first!”He wanted to volunteer, but he didn't have enough courage,
When he was so old, he didn't say that he would kill people earlier, but he didn't see other ninjas killing people before, so did he.
“Well, anyway, we will pass this step sooner or later. Isn't Ninja's destiny that you kill me and I kill him!I'll do it first! ”
Yuzhi bozeye gritted his teeth and summoned up the courage to throw a bomb at the entrance of the cave.
“Boom” a loud noise, the people inside the overall situation led out!
“What's the matter?AnnThe boss called out to be on guard.
“Boss, it's Muye's Ninja!”The man named Anbei was so scared that he shivered. They knew that there would be such a day, but they couldn't live any longer. They could live a few more days as bandits, and even eat meat every day. That's why they risked their lives as bandits.
“Ninja of Muye?No, let's split up!Or you'll die! “The bandit boss is a half hanged warrior. He knows that he is not an opponent, even if there are a group of children in front of him.
He made a very correct decision, that is to run separately, so that they still have a very small chance of survival, otherwise according to the Ninja's practice, it is estimated that one will not survive.
“The art of shadow separation!”Poop, poop!Dozens of shadows appeared after dozens of smoke disappeared.
“Well, one of you will choose to kill them, and I'll take the rest!”He said.
“No, I want two?”Say ape fly new help also released a shadow cent body.At most, he is a shadow.
“I'll take two of them,” he said, using the orc technique.It became another dog tomb.
“Well, after killing them, bring them here to gather.”
Yuzhi bozeye immediately caught up with them. If ordinary people run faster than ninjas, they will die even if they run for half an hour.
“It's the captain!”They caught up immediately.
“Flash cutting!”Yuzhi bozeye pulled up his Chixiao sword and separated the head of a bandit with one knife.Such a picture is too shocking for him. Only the beheading on TV actually happened to him now, and he killed himself*
Chapter 50 three gouyu's wheel eyes
Chapter 50 three gouyu's wheel eyes
Looking at the body separated from the human head, Yuzhi bozeye couldn't bear it any more, “Ouch!”Spit up all the food I ate today.
At this time, Yu Zhibo mirror appeared. He separated two shadows and went to follow ape Fei xinzhizhu and gouzhongliao. Of course, the noumenon followed Yu Zhibo Zeye.
“My father, I have killed people!”Sakano said, shaking,
His eye of writing wheel opens automatically, and his mind fluctuates a little disorderly, so he can't control the eye of writing wheel.But what he didn't find was that his writing eye had become sangouyu.
“If so, Ze ye, your eyes of writing wheel have already become three gouyu. I really don't know if I should congratulate you or not!”
Yuzhi wave mirror pressed the shoulder of Ze ye said.
“Well, cursed glasses?It feels so bad!OuchHe vomited again.
“Ninja is like this. Even if I have killed hundreds of people, I feel like killing people again. Last time I fought with patience, I crawled out of a sea of corpses several times.
It's going to be fineYu Zhibo comforts him that he is a pacifist,
“Well, it's my father. I'll get back to that as soon as possible.

After a while, all the shadow parts came back, and the negative state after he killed all appeared in the noumenon, and the whole person was not good.Almost fainted.
In addition, ape fly new help and dog also complete the task, their state is not less, but also a bit in a bad mood.
Yuzhibojing didn't say much. They had to get out of the situation. No matter how much they said, it's useless,
When I was young, I was at the end of the Warring States period. At that time, I went to the battlefield at the age of five, and it took me more than half a year to relax.
“You've done a good job, but don't be proud. This kind of C-level task that even Ninja didn't appear is not difficult at all.
Half of the missions near the village are level D missions. If you are out of the village for a certain distance, the missions with lower endurance or warriors with attack ability are level C missions.
If there are middle tolerance or multiple lower tolerance tasks, they are considered as level B tasks.
There are more than one A-level task in the task, which is at or above the tolerance level.
When there are several ninjas who are tolerant or elite, the tasks performed in or to hostile powers are considered as S-level tasks.
Your kind of task is the worst one in the C-level task. Don't be proud, and your state is not what Ninja should have. I hope you can get out of it as soon as possible. “Yuzhibojing said!
“It's your father!I came out as soon as I couldZe wild immediately expressed his position, he thought that he should really adapt to this kind of life, or he might not survive the big end and die.
“Yes, teacher, I'll be fine next time. It won't happen again.”He said.
“Me too. Fortunately, I got used to it in advance, otherwise I would have suffered a loss if I couldn't do it to the Ninja!”The new help said,
“Well, Zeye, go and tell the village head that all the bandits have been cleaned up and the task has been completed.
Ape fly new help and dog grave Liao, you go to burn all the bodies, can fire directly with fire, can not fire with wood.If we recycle the booty, we can drop half of the booty and hand over the other half to the village.
By the way, you have to write a task report for your tasks. This is not a level D task. Level D tasks do not need to write a task report. Tasks above level C need to write a task report.
The mission report must be very careful and there must be no omission! “Yuzhibojing said.
“Yes, father, it's so troublesome!”
Yuzhibozeye immediately separated two shadows, one went to report to the village head, the other went to search for booty, and the next yuzhibozeye was together,
“My father, our task has been completed. Let's go back first. I'll take you back with flying Thunder God, and then xiayingfenshen and the two of them will walk back slowly.”He said,
Yu Zhibo listened to the mirror and said, “ha ha, it's really convenient to have the flying Thunder God, but don't you want to expose the flying Thunder God?”
“Let's not go out at home!What are you afraid of?”It's a good idea,” he said
“Ze Ye hi PI, go to the place beside Muye. We can't go back. Of course, you can expose the flying Thunder God and go directly back to Muye. If you don't want to expose it, go back to the place near Muye. We can save several days of driving time.”
“Well, father, be careful with me!”
“Be careful. Carelessness can kill you.”Yuzhibojing said.
“That's what I'll do. It's just that my father can compete with me,” Yu Zhibo said. He was in a bad mood and wanted to vent his anger.
“Well, I haven't cut you wrong for a long time. Let's go!”
With that, they left a shadow and left.
Because both of them are capable of magic, the shadow part only needs to absorb natural energy continuously, and it will not disappear. Of course, the pre condition has not been attacked.
Yuzhibozeye and yuzhibojing use the flying Thunder God to come to the place more than 20 miles away from Muye. When this place was cleaning up the road before, they left the mark of flying Thunder God here.
“My father is here, but it's not far or near the wood leaf, so it shouldn't be discovered?”He said.
“Well, let's do it!I'll see if you can expose all my strength.Of course, I will not let go of water, I will use all the power except the kaleidoscope.
If you can use my kaleidoscope writing eye, it also means that you can be called a shadow level master. “Yu Zhi wave mirror said opened three gouyu to write wheel eye.
“Well, father, I'm going to do it!This is a kind of Ninjutsu created by three generations of Mu Huoying. It is a level a Ninjutsu.
The yuzhibo family has long used the writing wheel eye to copy it. This kind of Ninja doesn't need any attributes. Chakra's nature changes, so it's easy to copy.
Zeye's suffering is the suffering of the flying Thunder God, which is divided into hundreds. Yuzhibo mirror immediately understood his intention, and immediately jumped out of the scope of the suffering of the flying Thunder God.
His instant body skill is even stronger than the later generations' water stop. Twice, he jumped to the outside of Feilei God.
“The art of shadow separation!”
Several shadow parts hurl thunderbolt to each place at the same time.
“What a perverted space Ninja!”Yu Zhibo's eyebrows are tightly tightened, and he is not good. If he has mastered space ninja, the initiative will not be in his own hands. The other side is in an invincible position. Even if he can't win himself, he can't lose.
“No, we have to find a way to get the initiative back!Otherwise, it would be a shame, the great breakthrough of fengdunYuzhibo mirror used the great breakthrough technique to blow away the suffering of the flying Thunder God, and the other shadows were also blown away*
Chapter 51 Qi Mu Su Mao
Chapter 51 Qi Mu Su Mao
The sword skill of Feilei Shen's multiple hands released just now, the sword in buye's hand is divided into two parts, just like the shadow part. It disappears after a big breakthrough.
One of the shadow parts secretly releases the skill of hiding in the earth and submerging in the earth, attacking Yu Zhibo mirror from below.
Just as Yingfen rushes in, yuzhibo's mirror also moves, “flash cutting!”He didn't go to the shadow part of Yu Zhi Bo Ze Ye under Da Dali. Instead, he pulled up his sword and attacked Ze Ye.
Yuzhi bozeye can fly Thunder God. In an instant, he came to one side. The seal of the past is “Huodun Haohuo lost!”
This is more powerful than howfire, “poof!”Yuzhibo mirror becomes Earth, and the separation disappears.
“What's going on?”I can't break the ground and separate myself?”Yuzhi bozeye's three gouyu writing wheel eyes were open all the time, but they didn't see through.
“Don't be distracted, especially with a shadow level master!”With that, yuzhibojing came out with a terrifying speed, almost catching up with Raytheon,
He used the magic, plus a special instant body technique, the speed is hard to see with the naked eye, and there are two left in the blink of an eye.
“Hahaha, to you, you have been forced to play a card by me. The time of your immortal mode is between three minutes and five minutes. The endurance is not good!I can spend time with you. “Yuzhi bozeye said,
“My immortal mode has a time limit, but how many chakras do you have?You'd better think about your own.
I am very clear about your chakra quantity. You have released more than ten shadow parts, multiple sword shadow parts, one fire escape, one diving in the earth, and the flying Thunder God has also been used many times. Your chakra quantity, you can calculate by yourself whether you can support this time of my immortal model. ”
Yu Zhi Bo Jing's words let Ze Hongli clatter. His father knows him too well. His chakra really uses three-quarters of his natural energy.
The rest can only be extracted from their own cells.This is the last thing he wants to do.
“Yanyueliu sword skill!”Yuzhi wave mirror constantly attacks Zeye at a terrifying speed. Zeye's instant body skill can't be avoided. He can only use the flying Thor. However, when the flying Thor is used in battle, it's easy to give himself a great negative state,
Under a few rounds, Ze Ye was defeated. “Father, stop, stop, I lost, I lost!”
Yuzhi bozeye also knew that he had lost, and there was no way to escape except these.
“Hoo, you boy, I may not be able to suppress you in a few years. There are few people in the tolerance world who can suppress you!”
Yuzhibojing breathes a sigh of relief. The skill of flying Thunder God makes him fall into a huge passive position. There is also space Ninja which is too rebellious. Unless you also have flying Thunder God, there is no way.
“Ha ha, I know my weakness. Chakra can't keep up with me!”Osano said modestly,
“Ha ha, you have a lot of chakras. It's estimated that they are more than ordinary Shangren.”Yuzhibojing said, of course, he meant chakra with the magic.
The two of them had a rest here for no more than ten minutes. Suddenly, yuzhibojing stood up and said, “Gee, someone is here!”Yu Zhibo pulls Zeye to hide.
Sure enough, with a group of masks of the dark wood leaves came, “what a fierce battle.”
“Said a ninja with a dog.
“Red dog, your dog to find out if there is anyone in the end?”Said a white haired captain.The secret part said code, no real name,
Yuzhi Bojing, who was hiding away, said, “Oh, no, we can't avoid the tolerant dogs of the dog grave clan. The breath will reveal our trace.”
“Then what should we do? If we are found here, isn't it a show?”He said,
“There's no choice but to go out!”
Yu Zhibo mirror said and jumped out.Zeno had no choice but to follow.
Looking at the two people who came out suddenly, I was shocked and immediately looked at yuzhibo mirror and yuzhibo Zeye.
“Su Mao!Long time no seeYuzhi wave mirror said hello.
“Eh, master Jing, why are you? Were you fighting here just now?”Qimu said.
This man is the father of qimukakasi, Muye Baiya, but he is only 18 years old now.It looks very heroic and spiritual.
“Well, it seems that my son Yuzhi bozeye has to go home. My shadow is coming back with him, and the other two are following me!”Yu Zhibo mirror said, there's no way at present, only to say so!
Kiki has consulted Yu Zhibo about swordsmanship. He respects Yu Zhibo very much and doesn't think much about it. It's just a little strange.
Speaking of “master Jing's shadow is so powerful that I can't see it through at all!Is this the noumenon or the shadow? Did you cheat me
What do you think of the people in front of you.
Yu Zhibo listened to the mirror and said, “Su Mao, there are so many strange skills in the world of tolerance. My shadow is different. If I don't disband, there will be no problem for a few days and nights.”
“Eh, there is such a strong shadow part!”Qi Mu Su Mao and the dark part behind him were surprised for a moment.
“At that time, of course, have you ever heard of the fairy art of the early master Mu Huoying?”Yuzhibojing said,
“I see. Do you mean Mu Dun and Mu Fen?It's hard for us to tell, but will adults escape? “Kiki Shigeru looks at Yu Zhibo's mirror suspiciously.
“Keke, I didn't say Mudun. I'm from yuzhibo. What's wrong with Mudun? I mean Xianfa.
You see carefully, the art of shadow separation! ”
Three shadows appeared as like as two peas.
“Can you see that?”Yu Zhi wave mirror complacently asks a way.
Qimu plastic Mao saw the flawless shadow, surprised, doubts all dispelled.
“Ah, how can you master the immortal method?”Kiki was so excited that the whole forbearance world, except for the first generation of eyes, fire and shadow, could not be immortal.
He even felt an impulse to be a teacher. After all, his chakras were too few. He heard his father tell him that he could absorb natural energy far from nature.
Let their chakra in a certain period of time is unlimited state, and the use of magic release of Ninja are huge in scale, amazing power.
“Well, yes, but it's not as powerful as the first generation of Mu Huoying. It can only last for a few minutes.”Yu Zhibo mirror said that he was relieved and thought that he had finally fooled out the reason why he was here*
Chapter 52 the death of the father of kenshu
Chapter 52 the death of the father of kenshu
“Can I learn from you, master?”When he said this, he regretted it. What's the matter with him? How can he teach the immortal method casually? It's a better secret than ninja in the sealed book.
Yuzhibo mirror is in a bit of a dilemma. This fairy art belongs to his own yuzhibo family. It's really hard to do it. If it's his own, he, the successor of the will of fire, will have no family opinion.
At this time Ze wild gave him to know, the look indicates that he agrees to come down.
Yu Zhibo hesitated and said
“Well, I can teach you, but it's not sure if you can learn it or not.”Yuzhibojing said,
After hearing Yu Zhibo's consent, Qi Mu Su Mao and the secret parts behind him were not calm. Why didn't you have the cheek to say that you wanted to learn the magic just now.
“Oh, really, great!”Qimu was trembling with excitement.
“Of course, it's only when my body comes back that I can teach you. Then you can go to my home and find me!
If there's nothing wrong, I'll leave first. I'm going to teach my son some secret skills as well, “Yu Zhibo told him to leave under the mirror.
“It's the master!”Yuzhi Bojing, who got great benefits, left without hesitation, as if in a dream, walking a little bit.
After they left, yuzhibojing said to yuzhibozeye seriously, “Zeye, do you know that if he learns this ninja, it will be very bad for us.
This Ninja doesn't belong to you any more. It belongs to the family.It's the most important secret of the family
“Well, well, you don't have any objection. He can't learn it, because he can't learn it unless he has the physique like me and the first generation of Mu Huoying.
If others want to learn, they need to meet two requirements.One is strong mental power, the other is shadow level chakra, which is satisfied with these two points, the chance of learning is not big.
I don't know Qi Mu's mental strength, but chakra's quantity is not up to the standard, even half of the tolerance of yuzhibo's elites. ”
He said,
Yuzhibo family chakra is less than thousand handed whirlpool family, but more than other families.
After listening to Ze Ye's words, Yu Zhibo mirror breathed a sigh of relief, “ha ha, I think so too. Teaching him may not be able to learn.”
“Well, what should we do now, back to Muye?”
Ze wild asks a way, this oneself has already exposed, on the contrary is not good here, is really disappointed, didn't expect wood leaf periphery so far place dark Department is also patrolling.
“What else can I do? You send me to xinzhizhu and go back by yourself!”Yuzhibojing said,
“Well, that's the best way.That's it. ”
Ze Ye immediately sent him back with flying Thunder God, and then he went back alone, said a word with Yu Zhibo naphthalene, did not go to Huoying where to report, and practiced in his own home.
Three days later, Yu Zhibo mirror came back, and Ze Ye's shadow went to Huoying separately to conclude the task report.
In order to encourage the first killing team, yuzhibojing specially invited them to have barbecue.
In the evening, when they got home, suddenly the dark Department came to their home.
Tell yuzhibojing the shocking news, “the head of Muye Qianshou clan died yesterday!The ceremony will be held in Muye Weiling Garden tomorrow. ”
Yuzhi bozeye is also on the side. The news is very shocking.
The chieftain of Muye's thousand hands clan, thousand hands Zhengshu, is a shadow level master. Now World War I is over, and he has fallen without any injury?
Yuzhibojing is very strange. His relationship with qianshouzhengshu is not very good, especially in the year after his kaleidoscope eye was exposed.
Qianshouzhengshu's eyes are hostile, and he is not reconciled.
I haven't seen each other several times since then, but I died quietly.How on earth did he die.
“My father, isn't qianshouzhengshu the father of rope tree and gangshou?”Yu Zhibo asked,
He had a guess in his heart, because there were 60 or 70 missing members of Muye's thousand handed clan. Muye's police force and secret department were all investigating, but some forces always intervened in the investigation.
It seems that the senior management of Muye doesn't attach great importance to it, which shows that the thousand handed clan has disappeared. It is Muye's senior management that drives so many people.
“Qianshouzhengshu is the father of shengshu and gangshou, and the son of Mu Huoying.We can also be regarded as companions. Under the command of the teacher, we have carried out several tasks with him before.
His strength is good, a long time earlier than me into the film class
Yuzhi Bojing said that he felt sorry for Muye's loss of a shadow level master.I thought that I had to go to Huoying to ask, why did the shadow level master fall during this period?
Qianshou Zhengshu is the head of Qianshou clan. Even during the first World War, he went to the battlefield several times and didn't receive any serious injuries?
“My father, how did he die? Do we need to go to mourn?”Sawano asked.
“I'm sure I'll go. I'm a disciple of the second generation of Mu Huoying. You're a classmate of Sheng Shu.Of course.
How he died? I don't know. I'll go back and ask Lord Huoying. “Yuzhi Bojing said that because his son is too mature, some things can let him know.
“Oh, that's so. My father, I don't know if you've heard of any news?”Ze Ye asks suddenly, he wants to remind Yu Zhibo's innocent father that Muye may not be so bright.
“What news?Does it have anything to do with the death of qianshouzhengshu? “Yu Zhibo asked.I thought I didn't pay as much attention as I did.
“My father, one day I sensed some secrets with magic!
Specifically, I'm afraid I'll be found. I didn't investigate it carefully. “Sakano whispered,
Yuzhibo knows that the magic has a strong perception ability. He has used it himself. Maybe his son really knows something,
“Ze ye, what do you know about it?” he asked
“Father, I heard that Lord Huoying and Zhicun Tuan Zang are carrying out an important plan, the Mudun plan for the early generation of Mu Huoying,
The key people to implement this plan are the people of the thousand hand clan. Recently, the thousand hand clan has disappeared. Many people have heard of the rope tree, and now they dare not go to the street to play.
And qianshouzhengshu is the son of the first generation of Mu Huoying. He is much more likely to wake up than shengshu and gangshou!
This comparison of my information shows that the death of qianshouzhengshu is probably due to the Mudun plan. ”
Yuzhibo Zeye said, looking at yuzhibo mirror, he was startled. He saw that the eyes of yuzhibo mirror's Kaleidoscope were all coming out, and his whole body was full of murderous gas. He felt that he was about to run away*
Chapter 53 the kaleidoscope pupil of yuzhibo mirror
Chapter 53 the kaleidoscope pupil of yuzhibo mirror
Yuzhi Bojing has already believed that 90% of them are his own sons, so there is no need to deceive himself.In addition, combined with the information that Muye had lost qianshouyi during this period of time, he also felt that this was the fact.
Yuzhibojing said to yuzhibozeye, “Zeye, don't go out at home. You're not going to tell me about it, including your mother. I'll go out.”
With that, yuzhibojing left,
He went straight to where Zhicun Tuan Zang went. There are some things Huoying can't do everything. He should let others do them. Naturally, Tuan Zang should do these things,
According to his son's intelligence, Zhicun tuanzang is an important participant.
Yuzhibojing came to the home of Zhicun Tuan Zang, and it happened that he didn't find Zhicun Tuan Zang in his immortal mode perception.
He went to Huoying office building because he was afraid of being discovered by others. Everything was perceived and observed in immortal mode.
It's too difficult to track a shadow level, but the immortal mode is different,
The whirlpool Naruto can detect the location of the whirlpool gate more than ten miles outside through the immortal mode perception, so it is very powerful, tracking others with immortal mode will not be found at all.
He found that Zhicun Tuan Zang was really here. He was having a fierce quarrel with sangaimu Huoying. He didn't know why the quarrel was so fierce.
Although his immortal mode has a large scope, it can only sense chakra's vitality. Unlike Sakano's divine consciousness, it has a small scope, but it is very careful.
Yuzhibojing doesn't know what happened inside. He knows that if he doesn't have enough evidence, they won't admit it in the past. This is a scandal that will shake his position in Huoying.
The purpose of the quarrel between Huoying and Tuan Zang in Zhicun is the Mudun plan.
Because Qianshou Zhengshu, who is most likely to wake up to Mudun, is dead. Zhicun Tuan Zang, who has already become a red eye, focuses on Qianshou rope tree and gangshou.
How could the three generations of eyes Huoying agree? Although he is very excited about Mu Dun, he is not so distracted and crazy as Zhicun Tuan Zang.
“Monkey, this thousand handed tree survived for three months after it was injected with primary cells. It's much better than those thousand handed people,
Our important data is obtained from qianshouzhengshu. If you choose one of them, maybe the Mudun of Muye will appear again! ”
Zhicun group Tibet fanatically said.
“Get out, you get out of here. I said at that time that if qianshouzhengshu failed, Mudun plan would stop immediately. I don't allow you to lay hands on gangshou and shengshu, otherwise don't be rude to you.”
Three generation eyes fire shadow roars a way.
“Monkey, can't those thousand handed people and thousand handed trees die in vain? We didn't do anything?So many people died?
Everything should be for the overall interests of Muye. What are you afraid of sacrificing one or two people? ”
Zhicun Tuan Zang didn't give any face to the three generations' eyes. He directly yelled at them that year.
“Get out of here, I'm Huoying. Since your laboratory was demolished for me today, all your positions in the secret department have been removed, and all the funds at the root have been stopped?
Give me another test, and I'll declare you traitor! ”
Three generations of eyes fire shadow is in the peak period, not the indecisive appearance of later generations, refused on the spot.
Zhicun tuanzang is exposed by the green veins of Huoying Qi of three generations of eyes, and his whole body is released. If he is not Huoying, Zhicun tuanzang really wants to kill this good friend who is blocking the rise of Muye,
“Well, you'll regret it!”
He didn't say much. No matter how much he said, it's not as inclusive as this sentence.
Turn to open the door to leave, along with the door to “bang when” a hard stay.
Zhicun tuanzang didn't go back to his home. He spent most of this time in the laboratory.
He was afraid that the fire shadow of the third generation would send someone to destroy the laboratory, so he wanted to store all the data.
So he moved very quickly and immediately rushed to his laboratory.
This laboratory is very remote, under a hill behind the huoyingyan in Muye.
Yu Zhibo's mirror is very tight, and Zhicun Tuan Zang doesn't find that he is being followed.
Came to the door of the laboratory, he patted a stone, a hidden stone door opened, the border around also opened.
Zhicun tuanzang rushed in immediately,
Yu Zhibo looked at jiejie and frowned, “Tuan Zang, RI Zhan, do you really sacrifice so many villagers for mu Dun experiment?”
Yu Zhibo mirror is in a bad mood. He looks at the border and opens the eyes of the kaleidoscope writing wheel. No one knows his kaleidoscope pupil skill in the whole Muye.
Kaleidoscope is the eye of soul portrayal. The pupil technique of each kaleidoscope is different.
In World War I, he went to find the second generation of Mu Huoying who died with Jinjiao and Yinjiao, and fought with Jinjiao and Yinjiao troops. He set up a border to deal with space ninja.
After seeing the corpse in the door of a thousand hands, yuzhibojing wakes up the eye of the kaleidoscope writing wheel. His pupil technique is “breaking seal”, which can break all seal techniques, form a boundary, and control the boundary set by others,
One belongs to the attack pupil “disillusionment”, a large-scale pupil technique. As long as you attach importance to this Ninja technique, you will lose all your fighting spirit and commit suicide.Even when they die, they smile contentedly.
“Break the seal!Control
Yuzhibo mirror directly occupied the boundary outside the base. At present, as long as yuzhibo mirror does not agree with the boundary, no one wants to go out.And then straight into the base!
Then he watched the shocking scene and couldn't help it any more.
He saw rows of corpses put in the culture medium, and the number of corpses was far more than those people whose thousand hands had disappeared.
There are other spies in naruhura, some ordinary people, a group of unidentified scientific researchers are in a hurry to collect information, I don't know why.
Back at the base, Zhicun Tuan Zang thought, is the monkey moving so fast?I had just come back when someone came.
Obviously, Zhicun Tuan Zang misunderstood. He felt the murderous spirit and thought that it was the shadow sent by the fire shadow of the third generation.
“Hum, who can't destroy the data? It took so many lives. Don't blame me for being rude if you want to destroy it!”
Zhicun tuanzang rushed out immediately and yelled “who is it?” in the direction of yuzhibo mirror?Not yet!Did the ape send you alone? ”
Yu Zhibo suppresses the murderous spirit and appears in front of Zhicun Tuan Zang. He knows that Zhicun Tuan Zang has misunderstood.
“Well, am I not enough alone?”Then the murderous atmosphere broke out in an all-round way.
Yuzhibojing's strength is no better than that of the three generations. It's not something Zhicun group can match in the early stage of shadow level.
You are welcome to collect and watch the old books “cultivating immortals from the shadow of fire”, “my master is Lin Chaoying”, “Dao Qi Quanzhen” and “rebirth, I am ZuLong”.In addition, I don't know how many people look at it. Give me some flowers and evaluation tickets. The monthly ticket is the best.
It's going to be on the shelves tomorrow. It's going to be ten chapters*
Chapter 54 Yu Zhi Bo Jing vs. Zhi Cun Tuan Zang
Chapter 54 Yu Zhi Bo Jing vs. Zhi Cun Tuan Zang
“You, yuzhibojing, monkey asked you to come here!”Zhicun tuanzang feels bad. He has a hard problem. Even yuzhibo doesn't use the external kaleidoscope to write wheel eyes. He can't beat it.
“You are right!It's rizha who asked me to come!Is that all you've done? ”
Yu Zhibo looked at the large body in the mirror and said.
“The Mudun plan can be finished, but these materials can't be returned. That's the teacher, and I've worked so hard for so many years.”Say to make a pair of prepare desperately posture.
“Well, the teacher did the experiment with the villagers of Muye?”Yu Zhibo roared in the mirror. Now he has done the experiment of Mudun in Zhicun group.
But listen to the tone of Zhicun Tuan Zang, this ape flying day chop doesn't seem to support it. I think monkey, if even you join the Mudun plan, I really don't know what to do.
“For mu Dun, everything is worth it. The teacher is not as good as me. My progress is several times that of the teacher. It's a pity that the first generation has only one son. If you give me another important experiment, Mu ye will have mu Dun again.”
Zhicun group Tibet fanatically said.
“Hum, the death of a thousand upright trees has something to do with you!”Yuzhi Bojing is ready to clean up the door.
“Hum, he took the initiative to carry out the Mudun experiment. I really helped him.”Do you know why? It has something to do with you! “Zhicun said that he is also procrastinating,
The people behind are sorting out the information quickly.
“It has something to do with me?What's the relationship? “Yuzhibo was puzzled.
“If you didn't wake up to the kaleidoscope, qianshouzhengshu might not be in such a hurry. On that day, after you exposed the kaleidoscope, he would go to the monkey and ask for the data of Mudun experiment.
I'm just working with him. “Zhicun tuanzang said,
Yuzhibojing is confused. It turns out that there is another reason. The death of qianshouzhengshu has something to do with himself.
“Well, what about those thousand handed people? Didn't you say they were all voluntary?”Yuzhibojing said,
“So what?It doesn't matter how many thousand hand clansmen the clan leaders have given their bodies, does it?
Besides, when qianshouzhengshu was alive, he didn't object!
Mirror, your strength is very strong, has awakened the kaleidoscope writing wheel eye, I hope you can support me, if the wood Dun success!In addition to Mu Dun, we mu ye have a new God of tolerance and Shura of tolerance. ”
Zhicun's tuanzang began to pull together. He couldn't beat yuzhibojing, which could delay time. If yuzhibojing was on his side, the rest would be easier.
“Do you think it's possible? How much do monkeys know about it?”Yu Zhibo asked.He is not sure whether the third generation of eyes Huoying has joined the plan. If not, the plan should know why not stop it. It's a bit unreasonable.
“What, you're not sent by a monkey. How do you know I'm here?”
The village spirit of the village was exploded. He thought it was a monkey sent. He could not help it. After all, the three generations of the wood has the final say.
However, as soon as yuzhibojing came in, he was not polite to question himself. His position was much higher than yuzhibojing. What was that?
“Mirror, this matter stops at this point. It's the top secret of Muye at present. You can't tell anyone. I'll take it as if you haven't come here!”Zhicun tuanzang said.
“Well, the tone changed immediately. You're not afraid of me, but you're afraid of monkeys!
Today, I'll take you to see monkey. Let's talk about it, tuanzang.If the explanation is not clear, you may die. It's not enough to kill you a hundred times. ”
Yu Zhi wave mirror decisive hand, “flash cutting!”
Zhicun tuanzang knew the tactics of yuzhibo mirror very well, so he risked his life to avoid it. “Fengdun vacuum jade!”
Chakra of shadow level releases such ninja in a narrow space, which is also my great power, and Yuzhi wave mirror is hard to dodge.
In order to save pupil power, it is only a black half skeleton in the first stage of the process,
When the vacuum jade hits Xu zeneng, it's useless,
Knowing that he could not deal with yuzhibo mirror, Zhicun tuanzang immediately took out a huge scroll.
“Seal of four elephants!”
“Break the seal!”Yuzhibo mirror's Kaleidoscope writing wheel eye appeared a blood tear, this is the second use of this pupil technique, the first use will not appear blood tears, generally the second and third time will appear this kind of situation.
Breaking the seal can break all seals and border.
“How can it be? Why is sealing useless?”Zhicun Tuan Zang looked at the bleeding kaleidoscope and instantly understood, “is this the power of the kaleidoscope to write round eyes?It is worthy of being as famous as Mudun. ”
Zhicun group has drawn a line on the ground, and a shell lachrymal psychic beast appears.
Dream tapir is the legendary dream eater. It can open its mouth and use the wind to blow and swallow the objects in front of it.
Tuan Zang once used this technique to open Sasuke's Xu Zuo Neng's back with fengdun · vacuum wave, but it was cracked by Sasuke's haohuoqiu technique.
Yu Zhibo mirror's Kaleidoscope writing wheel eye suddenly appeared the third stage of suzaneng, “eight feet Qiong gouyu!”
Then the light ball was launched.
“No, mirror, do you really want to kill me?”Zhicun tuanzang doesn't want his base, researchers, and data laboratory to be destroyed by the eight foot Qiong gouyu.
I was very impressed by this move at that time.
The yuzhibo people can do this as long as they can.
“Boom,” the Tongling beast in Zhicun group was killed by bachiqiong gouyu!
But also because of the explosion, the whole border was destroyed, and the laboratory was in a mess,
“My dream tapir!Damn itThe Tongling beast in Zhicun group is also a race, but this is the only one that can make him look good at. Today, however, he was knocked out by yuzhibo mirror.
His car couldn't fight here any more. He immediately jumped out of the stall of the explosion.
If we continue to fight here, it is estimated that the whole laboratory will be scrapped. If we can, we will try our best to move the battlefield outside.The farther away, the better. The noise is too loud. It will definitely attract other people.
Sure enough, three generations of people in the office had a headache. When they heard such a big noise, they immediately asked the secret department,
Knowing that it was the hiding place of Zhicun group, he immediately couldn't sit down and rushed out.
If the name of Muye village knows what Zhicun Tuan Zang is doing, he will not be able to suppress it. OK, he has been doing Huoying for less than two years, and he will give up his position before he is hot.
“Come on, order the secret department to block all the way into the back mountain!No one can enter without my command? ”
You are welcome to collect and watch the old books “cultivating immortals from the shadow of fire”, “my master is Lin Chaoying”, “Dao Qi Quanzhen” and “rebirth, I am ZuLong”.In addition, I don't know how many people look at it. Give me some flowers and evaluation tickets. The monthly ticket is the best.
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Chapter 55 whirlpool Shuihu Rampage
Chapter 55 whirlpool Shuihu Rampage
Three generations of eyes Huoying took off the robe of Huoying, put on the armor and rushed to the place of the incident.
At this time, because there was a lot of noise, the whole Muye ninja, regardless of whether it was a family ninja or not, was on guard. Some of the Ninja patrols on duty rushed to the scene,
Yuzhibo's Muye police force also starts here. Yuzhibo Zeye looks at his father's absence. He hears the news and sends a shadow to separate himself.
Yu Zhi wave naphthalene push open the door, see Ze Ye is still there, sent a breath, said “you good stay at home, what may happen outside.”
All of a sudden, I feel an evil chakra in Shuihu, where the thousand handed people are still in the pain of losing their children.
“Can I help you?HumShe immediately got up. At present, Muye has the strongest fighting power. She also wants to vent her pain of losing her son.
She has the blood boundary of the whirlpool clan, Shenle Xinyan. Shenle Xinyan is a kind of technique in the fire shadow.This technique can see through the other person's heart and eye, and is one of the strongest exploration techniques in Huoying so far.
It is known in the original book that this technique can be used by the incense phosphor of the whirlpool clan.It is because of the good perception ability of Xianglin that we can master the super large range of Suodi technique.
When the eyes are closed and the heart is opened, chakra can be used to sense abnormal movements within a radius of tens of kilometers.In addition, if a specific chakra is known, detailed location and movement can be sensed.The number and characteristics of the opponent, as well as the movement speed can be very detailed grasp.
Vortex water user can also use it, and it's huge. As long as he wants, the whole leaf, including the outside of the leaf, will be within the range of perception,
“Yuzhibo mirror?He already knew who was fighting, but why was the fight at this time?He doesn't know what his son does,
But why did his corpse feel the smell between the pillars? He was very strange. Recently, he was a thousand handed tree and didn't go home at night. He often mixed up with Zhicun Tuan Zang.
Think straight to the other side, at this time, Yu Zhibo Jingzhi you hold Zhicun Tuan Zang's neck, Zhicun Tuan Zang is a bit miserable, hit black and blue.
Chakra ran out and let yuzhibo mirror hold his neck. Yuzhibo mirror was so angry at what Zhicun group did that he wanted to vent his anger.
At this time, the fire shadow of the three generations of eyes was the first one to come. Seeing that it was yuzhibo mirror, he was relieved that it was not the enemy. It was OK. If it was spread out, not only his own fire shadow might not be stable, but also Muye had not become a joke in the world of tolerance.
“Mirror, tuanzang, can you give me an explanation?”Three generation eyes fire shadow roars a way, there are more than 20 fire shadow guards behind him.
Zhicun tuanzang, like a dead dog, has no strength to speak.Yu Zhibo's mirror is still normal. He stares at the kaleidoscope and looks at the fire shadow of his friend three generations.
“How did the tree die, do you know?”Yu Zhibo asked,
The fire shadow of the three generations is afraid of the eye of the writing wheel in the kaleidoscope. To be exact, the whole forbearance world knows that it can't look at the eye of the writing wheel,
He turned his head and said, “I know!This matter is the top secret of Muye. You make too much noise. You have to consider Muye even if you don't consider us.
If you let others know about this, the leaves will be in a mess. ”
The three generations of people thought that yuzhibojing didn't know,
At this time, the whirlpool Shuihu appeared, looking at the fire shadow of the three generations of eyes with a face of anger, and the huge amount of chakras gushed out, which made it difficult for everyone to move.
“Ha ha, I seem to have heard something I shouldn't have heard!”Whirlpool water door sneers a way.When she came, she found that the secret department had blocked all the roads. She thought that it was just a fight. What's the secret?
When he arrived here, he found something wrong. Yu Zhibo held Zhicun Tuan Zang's neck and asked three generations of eyes about the fire, shadow, and ape's Flying Sun. When the key was, he heard his son's name?
“Ah, Lord Shuihu, why are you here?”Three generations of eyes fire shadow thought this time bad, to Yu Zhibo mirror resentment doubled.
“Ha ha, don't change the subject. I want to know how my son died?Do you think they can stop me? “”Vortex Shuihu asked.
“Zhengshu, Zhengshu, he…” the fire shadow of the third generation's eyes grinds and chirps. I don't know how to say it,
At this time, Shuihu couldn't help but ask yuzhibo mirror, “mirror, do you know how Zhengshu died?”
Yu Zhibo listened to the mirror and said, “Lord Shuihu, I do know. It seems that it's about the Mudun plan. Zhengshu has some cooperation with Zhicun group!”
When he spoke, he didn't mention Huoying on purpose. If Huoying was involved, it would be more chaotic.
“The Mudun plan is so. Zhicun Tuan Zang, tell me what's going on!”
Vortex Shuihu asked, and then he saw the laboratory not far away, because under the observation of Shenle's mind, there were many chakras among the thousand hand pillars of the early generation.
“What a Zhicun group. Is that what you did?At first, I thought that the joint assassination of the five powers was not quite your job. ”
Her mind and heart clearly know that these experiments are the thousand hand people who meet every day.
Whirlpool water door excited, nine tail chakra are about to overflow.Three generations of eyes tremble with fear. He has no ability to suppress Jiuwei,
When he just became Huoying, he didn't have a lot of seal skills. It's not as good as Zhicun Tuan Zang. The seal of four elephants in Zhicun Tuan Zang can seal tailed animals,
The seal on Shuihu is the seal of four images, and the seal of Naruto is the seal of eight trigrams.
“Wait a minute, Lord Shuihu. I have a letter from a thousand hand tree!”Zhicun group hid slowly, gritted his teeth, wiped the blood on his body, and channeled out a big scroll on the ground.
This scroll is a storage scroll. In order to prevent himself from dying one day, Kuroshio or the future master and rope tree will ask for Muye.
Whirlpool Shuihu took the letter in an instant. It said that it was for Muye's sake. Speaking of Muye, there should be Mudun. As the son of the Ninja God in qianshouzhujian, he should take part in it.
After a while, he put the letter away and kicked it into his arms. He said, “mirror, you've made me angry. Thank you. Go to Zhicun group to hide it!
From today on, Muye will stop all living tests on Mudun and human body, and send me back the body between the pillars. I will seal it again. ”
She wanted to say that she was burned, but she didn't want to let her husband be dead.
“Yes, Lord Shuihu!”This matter was originally three generations of eyes, naturally agreed happily, relieved.
You are welcome to collect and watch the old books “cultivating immortals from the shadow of fire”, “my master is Lin Chaoying”, “Dao Qi Quanzhen” and “rebirth, I am ZuLong”.In addition, I don't know how many people look at it. Give me some flowers and evaluation tickets. The monthly ticket is the best.
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Chapter 56 compensation of Huoying
Chapter 56 compensation of Huoying
Then Shuihu sighed and looked in a direction, which was where Yuzhi bozeye's shadow was hiding. When she came, she felt Yuzhi bozeye's peeping.
Yuzhibozeye is hundreds of meters away from hiding, and he has specially set up a seal border. He is confident that his father yuzhibojing can't feel anything with immortal mode. Three generations of eyes are burning, and Zhicun Tuan Zang hasn't gone. He doesn't find any problems, but he didn't expect to be seen through so far by xuanwo Shuihu.
He then said to Yu Zhibo mirror, “mirror, that little guy in your family is very talented. Take him to me in a few days, and I will teach him some seal techniques!It can also be regarded as cultivating the next generation for the wood leaf. ”
Yu Zhibo was confused, how did he involve his son?He couldn't figure out why Shuihu suddenly mentioned his son, but it was good for his son, and he agreed without me thinking much.
“Yes!”Lord ShuihuYuzhibojing said.
Looking at Yu Zhi wave mirror promise, whirlpool water door directly get up to leave, under these people embarrassed standing here.
Zhicun's Tuan Zang can't hold on any longer. He knows that today's great robbery is a safe escape.His reputation and life were saved.Finally, I didn't have to bear it and fainted directly.
Three generations of eyes Huoying said to Yu Zhibo mirror, “mirror, this matter is not completely strange to Tuan Zang. My indulgence and Zhengshu's desire for mu dun have a huge responsibility.And please forgive him this time.
And now your strength is back. I hope you can take over the post of minister of the secret service. ”
For a long time, since three generations of Mu Huoying took office, there has been no Minister of the dark Department, and Tuan Zang is just a team leader.All of them are part-time jobs of the third generation Huoying.
This time, in order to win over yuzhibojing, who is no less powerful than himself, and even stronger than himself, he has to win over him.
With yuzhibojing's huge contributions and his own fatal policy scandal, if he has any idea about the position of Huoying, he has no way at all, so he has to grit his teeth and delegate power.
But Yu Zhibo mirror seems to be cut off by his good friend ape feiri, which breaks his heart. He is not so perfect to Muye as he thought, and he has been greatly hit for a while.
“Monkey, what happened today has a great influence on me. I don't intend to be the Minister of the secret service.Goodbye!I hope you'll take care of yourself! ”
Yu Zhibo mirror said and left.
Yuzhi bozeye's shadow part watches for a while and then leaves. This time, he is found by whirlpool Shuihu. He doesn't know whether it's good or bad. However, whirlpool Shuihu's character should not be bad to himself if he doesn't hurt Muye.
The next day, Muye high-level explained what happened last night. It was Huoying who had a competition with Zhicun tuanzang, the leader of the secret brigade, and released a technique called Wudun Dalian bullet. The movement was a little big.
All the Ninjas were startled and thought that it was Huoying. The five Dun bullets were so powerful that the whole wood leaf was shocked.
Everything has nothing to do with Yu Zhibo mirror. Is he drinking muggy wine at home alone?
Then three generations of Mu Huoying came in person and told him that he wanted him not to talk about the Mudun plan. Yuzhibojing didn't like power, so he gave yuzhibojing a higher salary. As long as yuzhibojing was alive, everyone could get a S-level task fund,
This treatment has exceeded that of Huoying. There's no way. Any power holders don't like those who don't love money and power. They think you don't want anything. Do you want your position?
Yuzhi wave mirror also in order to let three generations of eyes Huoying rest assured, accepted this treatment?
On the same day, yuzhibo mirror, with yuzhibo naphthalene, Zeye, and a family of fuze, dressed in black, went to the thousand handed family to express their condolence.
The elders of the thousand handed clan seemed to know something. They were quite sad and had no vitality.
Gangshou, who has been lying in the arms of his mother, the former Daming daughter of the country of fire, looks very sad. Because the thousand handed people are missing every day, the rope tree repeats and never goes to class.
Yuzhi bozeye took fuze and walked to the rope tree, “rope tree, your father is a hero. I hope he will be a hero. Don't you want to be Huoying when you come out of this matter? If you become Huoying, I think your father will be proud.
What he didn't do, his son did it for her
One side of the small rich Ze is also hastily said, “yes, yes, rope tree, brother, if you don't want to be, I also want to be Huoying.”
The dream of qianshoushengshu is Huoying. When Ze ye said this, he said in a flash, “hum, Huoying is mine. No one can take it away. If you want to be Huoying, you can have five generations of eyes for you.”
When people heard that, the atmosphere immediately eased a lot.
In the side witnessed all the master, Yu Zhibo Ze wild favor, suddenly soared from a negative straight line.Rose to more than 60, passed, do not hate, there is a little appreciation of the feeling.
At this time, the whirlpool water door came, “Ze Ye Jun met again!”
“Lord Shuihu!”Osano bows immediately!By the way, I also hold on tozawa's head to salute!
“Don't be surprised. Thank you for coming. I have nothing to do in my spare time. If you don't have a task tomorrow, you can come to me tomorrow or later.
I think you are very talented in seal art. Follow me to learn seal art
Whirlpool Shuihu said that the reason why he chose to teach Zeye seal technique was that he realized from Yuzhi bozeye that he was more powerful than the immortal human body in qianshouzhu.
It seems that chakra on his body has never been used, but I heard that his Ninjutsu is very powerful, and it is clear that he used the magic.
And Yuzhi bozeye's amazing talent. I don't know whether it's good or bad when I grow up in the future, but at present, it's all good,
He is going to cultivate Ze Ye himself. He hopes that Ze ye will protect Mu ye and not stand on the opposite side of Mu Ye.
“Yes, thank you, Lord Shuihu. As long as I don't have a task, I'll go to you to learn the seal technique!”Ze Ye says, had guessed the intention of whirlpool water door, since such agreed.
Come to mourn also since also and big snake pill, since also looked at Yu Zhi Bo Ze wild moment to spirit.
Before in the palace color young art, and fire Dun thousand years kill of the art, let him face big damage.
It's been a month since he was discharged from the hospital after the end of the battle. The power of the Millennium killing is powerful, because the injured part is not easy to treat, and the recovery is very slow.
One month later, his resentment against Zeye has completely disappeared. He even says that if Yuzhi bozeye is willing to teach him the art of harem Seyou, he forgives him generously.
However, yuzhibozeye either went on a mission or went to the yuzhibo clan to practice. He had never met waimuye, and he was also Muye's important combat power and needed to perform a mission,
So this time, I finally met Yuzhi bozeye again. He said that he must seize this opportunity to settle the account with him.
You are welcome to collect and watch the old books “cultivating immortals from the shadow of fire”, “my master is Lin Chaoying”, “Dao Qi Quanzhen” and “rebirth, I am ZuLong”.In addition, I don't know how many people look at it. Give me some flowers and evaluation tickets. The monthly ticket is the best.
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