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How terrible is self disciplined Godzilla(Chapter 1-53)
Chapter one: I’m Godzilla, self discipline system
Parallel world, 1945.
Two atomic bombs exploded in the territory of jiaopenji.
A huge mushroom cloud rose and flattened everything in the area.
This is the first time that mankind has witnessed such a terrible explosion scene.
The explosion of the atomic bomb also officially represents that mankind has entered the atomic age.
The long World War II came to an end with the explosion of the atomic bomb.
Just as the blue star people celebrate the end of the war, a new war begins quietly.
The great Pingyang trench is more than 6000 meters deep.
A huge beast suddenly wakes up from deep sleep.
With the awakening of the beast, the ocean currents began to become violent.
Some of the undersea creatures that can't escape are torn up by the current of the giant beast.
“Who am I?Where am I?What am I going to do? ”
Looking at the dark sea floor, Zhou Sheng raised three questions about his life.
Soon, a lot of information poured into Zhou Sheng's mind, which made him faint again.
After a while, Zhou Sheng woke up again.
By this time, Zhou Sheng had found out what had happened to him.
“I crossed, and I became Godzilla.”
Zhou Sheng thought to himself.
He was just an ordinary man, living a plain and boring life.
In a movie “King Kong vs. Godzilla”, he died suddenly in a movie theater.
The result is not dead, but across to the world, become one of the protagonists of the film, Godzilla.
“Not bad. It's not bad.”
Zhou thought of it and quickly accepted it.
From a short-lived human to a powerful ancient Titan.
It's not worth it.
And not to mention, Godzilla has great power.
The atomic breath of destroying the sky and the earth, and the unsolvable defense of the nuclear bomb.
Not to mention there are plug-ins like red lotus.
It can be called the ultimate life on the blue star and the real king of monsters.
“I don't know how far the plot has developed in that year.”
Zhou Shengxin thought.
Now that he has accepted the fact that he has become Godzilla, he has to accept the responsibility of Godzilla.
Godzilla is not only a simple creature, but also the embodiment of blue star will.
Whenever the ecological balance of Bluestar is destroyed, Godzilla needs to come forward to correct the damaged balance.
This also means that Zhou will face countless opponents in the future.
Far away, Muto and quitora alone are doomed enemies.
Zhou Sheng doesn't want to escape, because it's useless to escape.
It is only right to tear up all opponents who dare to challenge him.
“Ding, the self-regulation system is loaded.”
Just as Zhou Sheng was thinking about how to get rid of his future enemy, the mechanical voice suddenly rang out from his ear.
Zhou Sheng was stunned by the speech, and then he was excited.
If he guesses correctly, his golden finger, the standard configuration system of the traverser, is online.
“Self discipline system, I don't know what effect it will have.”
Zhou Shengxin thought of it, and then opened the system panel to see it.
“Self regulatory system”
Host: Zhou Sheng
Race: atomic Dinosaurs
Body: 1 (12 / 100)
Energy: 1 (12 / 100)
Life: 1 (12 / 100)
Self discipline task: exercise for one hour every day, reward physical experience * 10
Practice atomic breath ten times a day to reward energy experience * 10
Reward life experience * 10 for daily task completion. ”
The system panel is simple and easy to understand.
The so-called body, refers to the strength of the body around.
Every step up, your body will be much stronger.
Energy refers to the atomic energy in the living body.
With each upgrade, Zhou Sheng's breath breathing power will be much stronger.
As for life, it refers to the life intensity of the week.
The higher the intensity of life, the more forms of Godzilla can be unlocked.
For example, “Honglian Godzilla”, which will appear in the future, is one of many forms of Godzilla.
All of these require Zhou Sheng's self-discipline and daily completion of self-discipline tasks.
If he stayed at the bottom of the sea to sleep every day, just like the fat house in the original.
Don't say stronger, I'm afraid I'll get fatter and fatter.
Thinking of this, Zhou Sheng also made up his mind.
Now that I have planned to be the king of monsters, I naturally want to make my strength stronger.
At the very least, it needs to reach the point where it can easily blow kidorah.
“From now on, be a self disciplined Godzilla and keep exercising every day.”
“I'm afraid other ancient Titans will never know how terrible a self disciplined Godzilla is.”
Zhou Sheng, who wakes up in the great Pingyang trench, has not yet caused waves in the human world.
After all, with today's human technology, unless Zhou Sheng goes out for a walk by himself, human beings will never find out.
When Zhou Sheng insisted on self-discipline every day, another ancient Titan also woke up.
Jiaopenjiguo, Changdao city.
As the only nuclear ruins city in human history, the scene of Changdao today can be described as hell.
The city is full of destroyed buildings.
Exposed steel bars can even find traces of melting.
These are the aftermath of the atomic bomb.
In addition to the ruins of these cities, there are also a large number of charred human bodies.
This kind of fragile human life, exposed to nuclear radiation in front of the only end, is directly burned.
In the ruins of the city, there are also some people wearing heavy protective clothing.
These people search through the ruins of the city to collect the bodies of the dead.
Kojima is such a person.
“Damned Eagle sauce country, damned atomic bomb, turned the great footpot chicken country into what it is now!”
While wandering in the ruins, Kojima Kojima swears at the eagle sauce country.
He was a very pure imperialist and hated all the enemies of the country.
In his view, the eagle sauce country that dropped the atomic bomb on the factory island should simply die and apologize.
However, Kojima also understands that today's jiaopenjiguo is a defeated country.
His thoughts can only be buried in the bottom of his heart.
If you have time to think about this, it's better to search out the remains of several unfortunate people from the ruins and earn more money.
Suddenly, Kojima guanger, who was searching for the remains in the ruins, was stunned.
“What is it?”
Kojima murmured, because a strange creature was not far in front of him.
This creature is dark and looks like a bug.
With a thick shell on the back, it looks very ugly.
Moreover, the insect is lying on the body of an unfortunate egg, swallowing constantly.
Kojima was frightened by the scene in front of him.
He had never seen anything so strange and cannibal.
Aware of the bad situation, Kojima wants to escape, but turns around to find that this strange creature has surrounded him silently.
If Zhou saw these strange insects, he would recognize their identities.
One of the most special ancient Titans, the group of death*
Chapter 2: the group of death, Godzilla's coming
The explosion of the atomic bomb not only awakened Godzilla.
There are also dead groups sleeping in the coastal waters of jiaopenjiguo.
In pursuit of biological instinct, the group of dead came to the area with the most intense nuclear radiation after recovery.
That's the center of the atomic bomb, the factory island.
All the objects containing nuclear radiation become the food of death group.
From the cold buildings to the victims beyond recognition.
The dead will not refuse, they will swallow.
What Kojima saw was just an individual of the group of death eating.
The group of death is a very special ancient Titan.
It is not only a life, but also an entire ethnic group.
When there is no need to fight, the group of death will disperse its body into countless small individuals.
When the enemy invades, the group of death will gather countless individuals.
Form the body of ancient Titans to meet the enemy.
Soon, the emergence of the death group attracted the attention of the army of the jiaopenji country.
After all, there are too many groups of death, and they are not hidden at all, so they are easy to find.
Therefore, the first conflict between human beings and ancient Titans soon came.
For the group of death, a new and unknown creature.
There's a certain amount of human curiosity.
The military of jiaopenjiguo also issued an order soon.
Send a squadron into the center of the radiation and collect the bodies of the dead.
But this behavior soon led to serious consequences.
When an individual of the death group is attacked, all the death groups are aware of the enemy's attack.
As a result, countless black individuals of the group of death converged towards one place.
In a very short period of time, the complete form of the group of death appeared in front of human beings.
“God, what the hell is this!”
Dr. Ximu, looking at the black monster on the electronic screen, sighed in disbelief.
Dr. nishimu is the chief biologist of Kyoto University, mainly studying paleontology.
Because of the death group, Dr. Ximu was invited to help the military study the unknown species.
However, the military did not tell him that the group of death, an unknown species, would be so huge.
It is more than 60 meters long, 30 meters high and weighs tens of thousands of tons.
This is the complete form of the group of death.
It looks a bit like a bat and a fish with a carapace. In short, it's very ferocious.
What's more surprising to Dr. Ximu is that the group of death can fly.
How did such a giant fly into the sky?
Let alone Dr. Ximu, even the military representatives behind him were wide eyed at this time.
They didn't expect that, originally just a group of dead insects, they would gather into such a huge thing.
Looking at the death group hovering over the ruins of Changdao City, everyone realized that it was a big deal.
The Pacific Ocean is deep.
Zhou Sheng, who is shopping at the bottom of the sea, suddenly stops his pace.
He turned his head and looked in the direction of the country.
In the process of perception, Zhou Sheng sensed a stream of malice, which was growing.
“The ancient Titan revived?”
Zhou Shengxin thought.
Godzilla had a strong sense of other ancient Titans, which Zhou Sheng naturally inherited.
Every time there is a revival of the destroyer Titan, Zhou Sheng can detect it.
Among the ancient Titans, there were also camps, which were guardians and destroyers.
Godzilla belongs to the guardian camp.
However, what we are guarding is not human beings, but the ecological balance on the blue star.
Destroyer, as the name suggests, is the ancient Titan who destroyed the ecological balance of blue star.
From the perspective of ecological balance, destroyers and guardians are natural enemies.
“Forget it, go and have a look. If it's really some unruly ancient Titan, kill it directly.”
Zhou soon had a decision in his mind that he was going to see the ancient Titan revived.
If the revived ancient Titan obeyed the rules, Zhou Sheng would not kill him. At most, he would beat him up and tell him who was the boss.
But if the other party doesn't obey the rules, Zhou Sheng will tear the other party up directly.
Godzilla's title of king of monsters is not self styled, but killed by walking on the corpses of countless ancient Titans.
Without hesitation, Zhou Sheng turned around and swam to the direction of Jiaopen chicken kingdom.
Jiaopenjiguo, ruins of Changdao city.
A large number of footpans fired at the floating shadow overhead.
The shadow is the death group that has condensed the ancient Titan's body.
However, with the weapons of human beings, how can we compete with the ancient Titans?
In the face of human bullets and artillery, the group of the dead has not been hurt at all.
As if those human beings were scraping it.
On the contrary, the group of death from time to time from the air, devouring the living.
It has caused considerable losses to the military of jiaopenjiguo.
In the face of this situation, the military of jiaopenjiguo has no choice.
The World War II has just ended, and their country's strength has been greatly damaged.
Now, there is not enough firepower to deal with the monster of death.
“Contact the military of Eagle sauce country and let them send people.”
“Otherwise, all our remaining troops will be destroyed.”
The commander of the army of jiaopenjiguo said helplessly to his deputy.
The Deputy also quickly sent a signal to the military of Yingjiang to ask for support.
In the sea area adjacent to Changdao City, yingjianguo aircraft carrier Ford is ready to go.
After receiving the call for help from Jiaopen chicken Kingdom, five-star emperor Michael Arthur showed a satisfied smile.
At the same time, it also shows in disguise that the country has knelt down and become a son in front of the country.
“The flight team is ready to fly over Changdao city to support our friends in Jiaopen chicken country!”
Michael Arthur said with high spirits, as if he could see the days when he was domineering in the foot pot chicken Kingdom after the war.
However, when Michael Arthur was holding his pipe and looking forward to a better future.
The signalman in charge of radar observation came to him in horror.
“General, I think you'll come and see this!”
MacArthur was puzzled, but he followed the signalman to the radar screen.
Then, Michael Arthur saw a scene that he would never forget.
According to radar detection, a huge unknown creature is approaching the Ford aircraft carrier formation from the bottom of the sea at a very fast speed.
“Is it a submarine?It's impossible. No country can build such a huge submarine. ”
“What is that?The whale
Mike Arthur was shocked and his pipe fell from his mouth.
He wanted to break his head, but he didn't know what was coming towards them.
Soon, Michael Arthur will be able to see the answer with his own eyes*
Chapter 3: the deadly aircraft carrier fleet, Godzilla's terrible strength
“Here he comes!”
Standing on the deck of the Ford carrier, MacArthur said solemnly, looking at the bulge of water in the distance.
As soon as the voice fell, the distant water bag burst.
The dorsal fin of a ferocious unknown creature is directly exposed.
“My God!”
Next to MacArthur, a soldier of the eagles covered his forehead and said in shock.
His words also represent the thoughts of all the soldiers of Yingjiang at this time.
Because, for the first time, this is the king of monsters, Godzilla!
Looking at the ferocious dorsal fin with a very fast speed to break open the sea, toward the Ford aircraft carrier.
MacArthur finally gave the order to attack.
“Fire!Kill the monster
MacArthur said to everyone on his walkie talkie.
The next moment, the Ford aircraft carrier, together with dozens of frigates wandering around, opened fire on the dorsal fin.
A missile and artillery exploded on the dorsal fin.
When the fire dissipated, many soldiers of the eagle sauce Kingdom found that the unknown creature's dorsal fin had stopped.
“What's going on?Is he dead? ”
MacArthur didn't understand.
It's not just MacArthur who's full of question marks now, it's the same with Zhou Sheng.
Zhou Sheng came all the way from the bottom of the sea to see the recovery of the ancient Titan.
As a result, I didn't expect that before landing, I was bombarded by human artillery.
Without any rash disaster, Zhou Sheng was stunned.
“Are all the human beings in this monster universe so brave?”
Zhou Sheng muttered that he was shocked by human courage.
But soon, Zhou responded.
Originally, Zhou Sheng planned to sneak through the underwater of the aircraft carrier fleet.
But now that man has done it himself, he can't think that nothing has happened.
You can't just blow yourself up with guns.
With this idea in mind, Zhou Sheng stands up from the sea the next moment.
More than 100 meters high body, directly and unreservedly appeared in front of many human beings.
Zhou Sheng, who rushed out of the sea, made his first roar when he came to the world.
The sound waves swept the sea, shaking the sea constantly.
Around those human soldiers, but also have covered their ears, the pain of squatting.
It's too loud for human beings to bear.
MacArthur is staring at this scene, mouth pipe fell to the ground did not notice.
Many years later, MacArthur will still remember what he saw.
The terrible monster roared up to the sky, like a devil rushing out of the sea, challenging the gods in the sky.
After roaring to show your sense of existence.
Zhou Sheng's action did not stop.
With a wave of his short hand, a frigate nearest to him was clapped in two.
In a burst of explosion and fire, a frigate sank to the bottom of the sea forever.
And this is just the beginning.
The thick and long tail broke and the waves rose high.
It's like the mythical monster of the North Sea, stretching its tentacles.
Then, the tail hit heavily, directly broke the waist of the two frigates, and the fire burst into the sky.
If we have to use words to describe the scene in front of us, MacArthur thinks that hell is the most suitable word.
The terrible beast, with the fury of the sky, destroyed everything on the sea.
MacArthur's proud aircraft carrier fleet, at this moment, has completely become a joke.
Compared with this horrible monster, human creations are like children's toys.
Vulnerable and vulnerable.
“Fire!Kill this monster for me
“Fire with all your strength and shoot all the shells out!”
MacArthur, like crazy, roared at the soldiers around him.
It's like this can hide the fear.
At this time, the soldiers recovered from the shock.
One after another, he controlled all the weapons on the ship and fired all the guns and missiles at Zhou Sheng.
The next moment, Zhou Sheng's body is submerged by explosions and sparks.
However, with the defensive power of Godzilla's face to the nuclear bomb, this kind of attack can't even break the defense.
Zhou Sheng just felt that his body was itchy, but he didn't feel any pain.
“Just take you to try my present strength!”
With this idea in mind, Zhou Sheng began to mobilize the atomic energy in his body.
At the same time, people around them also saw a scene of despair.
I saw in the sky of fire, a strange blue began to emerge.
And this blue, is slowly rising.
From the end of the tail, it extends all the way to the top of the head.
“My God
MacArthur could not help sighing.
Because the terrible monster in front of him, his ferocious dorsal fin, is emitting a dazzling blue light.
Instinctively, MacArthur was upset.
His uneasiness was soon verified.
Because Zhou Sheng opens his mouth and spits out an atom!
With the roar, the thick atoms spew out, sweeping everything on the sea.
Warships are burning, fighters are falling.
Even MacArthur's aircraft carrier, the Ford, was swept by the breath of atoms and burned in two.
MacArthur survived, but fell into a serious coma.
The last scene MacArthur saw before he fainted was the terrible monster, spitting blue death breath into the sky.
Naturally, Zhou Sheng didn't know what was in MacArthur's mind.
He just spit out the atom at random, and then he destroyed the whole aircraft carrier fleet.
Even because of the first use of atomic breath, the release of energy could not be controlled well, and the force was too strong.
Not only destroyed the carrier fleet, but also evaporated a lot of sea water.
In order not to boil the surrounding sea, Zhou Sheng had to spit the atoms to the sky.
As a result, the clouds that originally gathered in the sky were directly scattered.
Although there are some small mistakes, on the whole, Zhou Sheng is very satisfied with his performance.
He estimates that his current strength is much better than Godzilla in the original work.
Even without morsela's help, he is now confident to have a hand with kedora.
As for the exterminated human beings, Zhou didn't pay attention at all.
They are already Godzilla, the king of monsters. How can they think with human ideas?
With a good mood, Godzilla continued to walk in the direction of the ancient Titan.
Ignore the wreckage of the carrier fleet scattered on the sea and the heavy fog caused by the evaporation of the sea*
Chapter 4: how terrible is self disciplined Godzilla to kill the dead
Over Hiroshima.
The group of death, which was rampant, suddenly stopped all its movements.
At the same time, he turned his head and looked in the direction of the sea.
Humans can't feel it, but the dead can.
A god conceived by the earth is approaching.
The group of the dead shrieked as they felt the threat.
Looking at the group of death, the soldiers around them were puzzled.
Because the behavior of death group is so abnormal.
But soon, the soldiers of the foot pot chicken kingdom knew why.
In the face of the roar of the death group, Zhou Sheng responded to it with a dazzling breath of atoms.
After seeing the body of the group of death clearly, Zhou Sheng had already started to kill.
If there were other ancient Titans, even Muto, Zhou Sheng would not kill them when they met.
But the death group is an exception.
The group of death is not in the ecological chain of the earth at all. It is an extra link.
The existence of death groups is a threat to the earth.
There is no possibility of relaxation. Godzilla and the group of death are immortal.
Just like Godzilla and quitora.
We have to fight when we meet. We have to fight each other.
As a result, if Zhou Sheng didn't say hello, opening his mouth directly was a breath, which was aimed at killing the dead.
In the face of this atomic breath, the group of death dare not resist.
It twists its body flexibly in the air, trying to escape the atom.
But it was still wiped by the blue light column of atomic breath, and the small half of the body was burned directly.
Another roar from the dead.
But this time, everyone could hear the pain in the roar.
At this time, the group of death has just awakened and has not had time to strengthen itself.
This can also be seen from the size of the death group.
You know, in theory, the group of death can grow infinitely.
Even if it is bigger than the earth, it is not impossible.
It is also because there is no time to develop, leading to the death of the group in the face of Zhou Sheng, there is no ability to resist.
Looking at the approaching Zhou Sheng, the group of death was afraid.
It struggled to wave its wings, trying to escape from Zhou Sheng, the God of death.
But unfortunately, Zhou Sheng won't give it a chance.
At this time, Zhou Sheng was much stronger than Godzilla in the original work.
After all, he's a self disciplined Godzilla.
“Self regulatory system”
Host: Zhou Sheng
Race: atomic Dinosaurs
Body: 3 (180 / 10000)
Energy: 3 (180 / 10000)
Life: 3 (180 / 10000)
Self discipline task: exercise for one hour every day, reward physical experience * 30
Practice atomic breath ten times a day to reward energy experience * 30
Reward life experience * 30 for daily task completion. ”
Since waking up, Zhou Sheng has been exercising every day to complete his daily task of self-discipline.
Up to now, it has been upgraded from level 1 to level 3.
Whether it is physical strength, or atomic breath, or their own level of life, have been greatly enhanced.
Let's not talk about the nuclear bomb.
If a nuclear bomb explodes in his mouth, it's probably OK.
As for the power of atomic breath, it is also much stronger than at first.
Now Zhou Sheng can be proud to say that his range is below the atmosphere.
In addition, when the energy level reaches level 3, Zhou Sheng also gains a new ability.
That is to use its own atomic energy to condense a layer of atomic shield in front of the body.
As for the defensive power of this layer of atomic shield, Zhou Sheng is not clear yet, and has not tested it yet.
But it shouldn't be too bad.
When the life level reaches level 3, the life span of Zhou Sheng becomes longer.
At the same time, the healing ability of the body has also been greatly strengthened.
Ordinary injuries can heal within minutes.
According to Zhou Sheng's inference, as long as his life level reaches level 4, he can open the red lotus form.
As a matter of fact, Zhou Sheng can already take on the form of red lotus.
However, after opening the red lotus form, you will burn yourself to death.
Except with the help of morsela to regulate the body temperature.
Otherwise, there's no difference between driving a red lotus and committing suicide.
However, when the level of life reaches level 4, the problem of burning yourself will not appear.
At that time, Zhou Sheng can open the red lotus form without injury.
It can also be seen how powerful Zhou Sheng is today, and how terrifying a self disciplined Godzilla is.
get down to business.
The group of the dead wants to escape after realizing the strength gap with Zhou Sheng.
Zhou Sheng naturally won't give it a chance to escape.
Looking at the group of death that has been flying for some distance, Zhou Sheng is not anxious to mobilize the atomic energy in his body.
At the same time, the ridge behind Zhou Sheng's back is also bright blue with naked eyes.
When the blue light reaches Zhou Sheng's head, he opens his mouth and roars.
At the same time, a dazzling blue light column was ejected.
Go straight to the death group that has been flying for some distance.
The group of death did not expect that they could be caught up by the breath of the surrounding atoms even after flying so far.
So that the group of death didn't escape at all, and was stung by the breath of atoms.
If they can't even scream, the group of death is directly melted into ash by the breath of the surrounding atoms.
When it was confirmed that the group of death had completely passed away, Zhou Sheng also converged the atomic energy in his body.
The blue light is gradually fading.
Then, in front of countless stunned humans.
Zhou Sheng walked towards the ocean with heavy steps, and finally disappeared into the sea.
Only Hiroshima, which has been razed to the ground, and countless human beings who have been enchanted by petrochemical magic are left behind.
“Is this God?”
After a long time, there was a human reaction. Looking at the direction of Zhou Sheng's departure, he murmured to himself.
And these humans are also the first witnesses to see Godzilla, the king of monsters*
Chapter five: the powerless state of Yingjiang, the establishment of emperor organization
After destroying the group of death, Zhou Sheng returned to his hometown of dapingyang.
As for what he had done before, in Zhou Sheng's opinion, it was just a small matter, no matter how small it was.
He didn't even care.
After a short rest, Zhou Sheng soon became a self disciplined Godzilla.
Continue to work hard to improve their own strength.
But at the same time, the human world has burst because of the emergence of Zhou Sheng.
Eagle sauce country, in the White Palace.
The leader of the eagle sauce country, looking at several photos on the table, fell into silence.
The scene in the photo is the wreckage of the aircraft carrier fleet and the Ford aircraft carrier in two sections.
In addition, there is also a picture of some vague monsters.
“Mr. Big head, we contacted the authorities of jiaopenjiguo and got a clear reply.”
“The monster in the picture is real.”
“It's not only our carrier fleet that has been attacked by this monster, but also the factory island city of Jiaopen chicken country has been devastated.”
A general of the army of the eagle sauce country said to the chief with a serious look.
At the same time, he put some photos provided by the government of the country in front of the big head.
From these photos, the big leader can be seen clearly.
A ferocious monster is roaring up to the sky.
At the same time, on the back of the monster, a row of ferocious dorsal fins are emitting dazzling blue light.
“What the hell is this?And what is this blue light? ”
The chief, Mr. Crawford, asked the general with a calm face.
God knows how much he wishes it was April Fool's day.
The photos in front of me are also some people's April Fool's Day prank.
Although he hated pranks all his life, this time alone, he didn't.
At the very least, if the photos are mischievous, his carrier fleet is still sailing at sea, not turning into garbage.
The main reason why he is not willing to accept the reality is that the loss is too great.
God knows how much it costs to build an aircraft carrier fleet.
Such a loss has never occurred since the eagle sauce country took part in World War II.
Even the eagle sauce countries can't bear the loss.
“This huge unknown creature, named Godzilla, is given the code name by the country of footpot chicken.”
“As for the blue light behind him, it's atomic energy.”
Speaking of this, the general was silent.
He didn't speak too directly, but he understood.
Atomic energy is nuclear energy, isn't it?
“You mean, this monster named Godzilla is a nuclear creature.”
“He can spit out an atomic bomb anywhere in the world!”
When he said this, he was staring at the general in front of him.
The general nodded under the almost collapsing gaze of Royce.
“Yes, in fact, a lot of people witnessed that scene.”
“The dazzling blue light tore up the sky and killed another monster.”
“Until now, there is still nuclear radiation left by Godzilla in Changdao city.”
After listening to these words, he closed his eyes powerlessly.
No matter how he plans, he still feels powerless.
Eagle sauce country is the most powerful country on the blue star.
But in the face of Godzilla this mobile natural disaster, walking the atomic bomb launcher, still feel powerless.
Eagle sauce country is the first country to develop nuclear weapons. No one can understand the power of nuclear weapons better than Eagle sauce country.
It is also because of the understanding that Royce knows more than anyone that Godzilla is terrible.
It's no exaggeration to say that this is the ultimate existence with the ability to wipe out all the creatures on the surface.
In the face of such an opponent, even the eagle sauce country is weak and pitiful.
“This monster, Godzilla, where it is now.”
Asked rovers, somewhat feebly.
He was suddenly tired and deeply worried about the fate of mankind.
“According to our observation, Godzilla has returned to the bottom of the sea.”
“As for the specific location, we do not know. With the current technology, the seabed is still a forbidden area for us.”
The general replied, obviously similar questions have been known for a long time.
Rovers nodded, relieved.
“Order the Ministry of national defense to intensify its research on the atomic bomb.”
“We need more powerful weapons to deal with this monster who doesn't know when to go crazy.”
“When Godzilla comes next time, kill him by all means.”
With that, rovers waved the general out of the office.
He sat on the chair, tired, and didn't know what he was thinking.
Because Changdao city was attacked by a nuclear bomb before.
There are not many people in Changdao city.
In addition, Jiaopen chicken country and Yingjiang country intend to block information.
Therefore, very few people know about the existence of Godzilla, and only the high-level people of various countries know some information.
Most ordinary people do not know that the former overlord of blue star has quietly recovered.
In addition, the eagle sauce country is the leader, and other blue star countries cooperate.
A worldwide organization, the organization of the kings, was born.
The role of the monarch organization is to track and study the super large unknown creatures on the blue star.
And give this super large unknown creatures named: Ancient Titan!
The first ancient Titan recorded by the imperial organization is Zhou Sheng, or Godzilla.
File number: King of monsters!!!
Since 1945, when Godzilla landed on Factory Island and wiped out the dead.
Godzilla kept a low profile.
With the support of other countries, the imperial organization has developed rapidly.
At the same time, more and more ancient Titans were discovered by the imperial organization.
1952Thousands of people died in the Lenton smog.
The imperial organization speculated that it was some large unknown creature that incited its wings.
1954Around bikini, Godzilla appeared.
Human use nuclear bomb to bomb Godzilla, code name of nuclear bomb: cheer castle.
Then Godzilla disappeared and disappeared.
1975The monarch found Skull Island.
And in the Skeleton Island, found the childhood of the ancient Titan, and named: King Kong!
1991The king found the skeleton of Godzilla in monkey kingdom.
The Godzilla was named Dagong.
Two parasitic spores were found on the skeleton of Dagong.
The imperial organization discovered the ancient Titan frozen and named it quitora.
Code name: Monster zero.
2004The emperor found a huge pyramid in the jungle of Caiyun Province, rabbit kingdom.
Inside the pyramid, a giant insect egg was found.
The imperial organization named this unknown super large insect: Mosla.
With the discovery of more and more ancient Titans, human beings are also aware of a fact.
An era dominated by ancient Titans is coming*
Chapter 6: the emergence of Muto and Dr. qinze's plan
The bottom of the ocean.
If a human probe could dive below six kilometers into the deep sea.
You'll see a very disobedient picture.
A giant, 140 meters high, is doing push ups at the bottom of the sea.
There is no doubt that Zhou Sheng is the beast who is doing daily exercise.
It's hard to imagine how his two short hands could support such a huge body.
Not to mention that it is still at the bottom of more than 6000 meters, and the pressure is almost terrible.
Even the strongest submarines will be crushed when they reach this depth.
However, Zhou Sheng was not affected at all. He was still doing push ups in an orderly way.
After 100 push ups, Zhou Sheng rolls around the bottom of the sea and straightens up.
“Daily self-discipline task completed, comfortable.”
In the cold and dark sea, it's easy to suffer from autism if you are alone.
Not to mention spending decades at the bottom of the ocean.
If it wasn't for the daily self-discipline task that made Zhou Sheng have a sense of upgrading, maybe he would choose to sleep like Godzilla in the original.
It's not without reason that Godzilla has become a fat house in the deep sea.
Anyone who stays in the deep closed sea all day will want to sleep.
If you don't sleep, you have to be crazy by the dead darkness. It's too hard.
Even Zhou Sheng, after decades of silent training at the bottom of the sea, still has the impulse to go outside.
In fact, in the past few decades, Zhou Sheng has gone to the sea several times.
“Well?Is there a new ancient Titan coming back
“This wave of volatility, it seems to be Muto!”
Zhou Sheng, who had planned to go to the sea, suddenly felt a familiar wave.
Godzilla's instinct reminds Zhou Sheng that this is the fluctuation of Godzilla's old enemy Muto.
Aware of this, Zhou did not return to his nest.
Instead, he swam straight to the sea, twisting his tail.
Now that Muto has recovered, we have to go and have a look.
With this in mind, Zhou Sheng rushed to the spot where Muto was.
Eagle sauce country, a state on the west coast.
A secret base of the imperial organization.
The newly recovered female Muto is devouring the nuclear waste around her.
By the way, the whole underground base was demolished into scrap iron.
As for those who survived by chance, the female Muto ignored.
Just like humans don't deliberately kill ants on the ground.
At the same time, the female Muto also from time to time issued a sharp roar.
The roar goes far through a special frequency.
This is the female calling her companion, the male.
As far away as Fukushima nuclear power plant, xiongmutuo, after hearing the call of the female Mutuo, also managed to get rid of the cage created by the imperial organization.
And then they flapped their wings and flew in the direction of the eagle sauce country.
It's coming to meet murto.
When Muto, the two ancient Titans, was in action, neither man was idle.
A senior member of the imperial organization, Dr. Qin Ze.
He went directly to the eagle sauce country to help the army of the country deal with the two MUTOS.
“General, I don't agree with your plan. If you do this, your soldiers will be killed!”
In the provisional headquarters of the eagle sauce military.
Qinze loudly refutes the battle plan made by a general of yingjianguo.
The lieutenant general of the eagle sauce country was so stupid that he wanted to kill female Muto with a bomber.
Damn it, doesn't the arrogant Eagle sauce general know that female Muto will send out a special electromagnetic pulse?
Any human machine, under this kind of electromagnetic pulse, will completely fail.
No matter how many planes, in front of EMP, will fall from the sky.
The pilots who were ordered to bomb emuto, they were not going to fight at all, they were going to die.
“Then you say, what should we do? How should we send that damned monster to God?”
The generals of the eagle sauce kingdom are also very angry.
Even if Dr. qinze didn't give any operational advice, he rejected all his operational plans.
Damn it, don't the people of the foot pot chicken Kingdom know that this is the land of the eagle sauce kingdom?
“The ancient Titan is a creature that lived on the blue star as early as 500 million years ago in the Triassic period.”
“Compared with human beings, these ancient Titans should be the masters of blue stars.”
“The best way is to let the owner of the blue star deal with the owner of another blue star.”
“Our scientific and technological weapons can't fight against the ancient Titans at all. We can only let other ancient Titans go out!”
Dr. Qin Ze held his own glasses and looked at the lieutenant general of Eagle sauce country without showing any weakness.
This is what Dr. Qin Ze has always believed.
Ancient Titans should be dealt with by other ancient Titans.
Human beings, not to mention the ability, even if they really have the ability to kill the ancient Titans, will only lead to worse results.
“You're crazy. Do you know what you're talking about?”
“Do you think those big monsters, your pets, will listen to you?”
The major general of yingjianguo shook his head and looked at Dr. qinze with unfriendly eyes.
In fact, anyone who hears Dr. qinze's point of view will feel that this person has a brain problem.
Actually the ancient Titan, as the protector of the blue star.
However, Dr. Qin Ze still insists on his own point of view.
“The ancient Titan is a part of the natural balance of the blue star.”
“We should believe that the natural balance of the blue star is enough to restrict those unruly ancient Titans.”
“It's not a whim, it's a fact that happened!”
“In 1945, the factory Island incident, an ancient Titan code named death group, was not destroyed by Godzilla?”
“I believe it's the same this time. Godzilla will bring the ecology of Bluestar back to a state of balance.”
Dr. Qin Ze once again insisted on his point of view.
He believes that human intervention will only make things worse.
At the same time, Dr. Qin Ze also cited a real example to prove his point.
This time, the general of Eagle sauce was convinced.
“Well, I'll listen to you once.You said, “what should we do?”
The generals of the eagle sauce Kingdom have no choice.
Technological weapons, even atomic bombs, have no effect on ancient Titans.
He didn't know how to end female Muto.
We can only listen to Dr. Qin Ze and try to see if the natural balance he said really exists.
“The food of emuto is nuclear energy, so we use nuclear energy to lead it to the seaside.”
“I believe Godzilla will show up!”
Dr. Qin Ze said calmly.
Soon, the army of Eagle sauce country began to act according to Dr. Qin Ze's plan*
Chapter 7: human beings facing Titan, Dr. Qin Ze who lacks confidence
In ancient times.
There is a lot of nuclear radiation on the surface of blue stars.
These nuclear radiation also created many ancient Titans.
Most of the ancient Titans were fed on this radiation.
Such as Godzilla, Muto and so on.
Until more than 300 million years ago, a meteorite fell on the surface of the blue star, resulting in a significant decrease in the nuclear radiation content on the surface.
That time, it led to the extinction of 90 percent of the ancient Titans.
A few ancient Titans survived and hid in the earth's core, or the sea floor, or volcanoes, where nuclear energy was abundant.
It was not until 1915 that man discovered atomic energy.
The discovery of atomic energy has not only enabled mankind to master the ultimate weapon: nuclear bomb.
It also allowed many ancient Titans that used nuclear energy as their food to gradually revive.
For the ancient Titans, the ultimate weapon of mankind is nothing but food.
It is also because of fearlessness of the threat of nuclear bombs that human beings are extremely powerless in the face of ancient Titans.
Otherwise, any lieutenant general of Yingjiang will not agree with Dr. qinze's plan. There is no way out.
You can't really take up cold weapons and fight against those ancient Titans.
A coastal area on the west coast of Yingjiang country.
The military's nuclear bomb was placed on a ship not far from the sea.
This is Dr. qinze's plan to use this nuclear bomb to attract emuto and Godzilla.
Then let the female Muto fight against Godzilla.
With Godzilla's strength, female Muto definitely has no chance of winning.
When Godzilla settles emuto, Godzilla will return to the bottom of the sea.
Human beings have also survived a catastrophe. There is no need to worry that the ancient Titans will flatten the eagle sauce kingdom.
“Here it is
On a hillside not far from the coastline, there is a temporary command center set up by the military of the eagle sauce country.
In the command center, the intelligence officer in charge of investigating the situation told Dr. Qin Ze and his Excellency lieutenant general.
Sure enough, people soon saw the giant slowly coming from the distance.
Mumuto, really attracted by the nuclear bomb, stepped into the trap set by human beings.
When the female Muto approaches, the invisible electromagnetic pulse sweeps everything.
All the machines in the temporary command center are out of order.
Until now, the lieutenant general believed what Dr. Qin Ze said before.
At the same time, I was afraid.
If Dr. qinze didn't stop his plan, he would send fighters to bomb emuto.
I'm afraid the air force strength of Yingjiang has been greatly damaged.
After the fear of the mood, the general's heart is only shocked.
People who haven't seen it with their own eyes can't imagine the shock brought by the ancient Titans.
The mountain like body is coming towards you.Every movement caused the earth to tremble.
It's like seeing a living God.
The ancient Titan itself is the God bred by the blue star.
Female Muto is naturally not attracted to human beings.
In the eyes of ancient Titans, human beings were just ants.
Its purpose has always been very clear, that is, to go for a nuclear bomb.
“It's too big. Are you sure that Godzilla in your mouth can deal with it?”
On the hillside, the general of the eagle sauce Kingdom looked at Dr. qinze and asked him.
No wonder the Admiral didn't believe it. It's the shock that female Muto brought.
90The height of Duomi, the weight of more than 100000 tons.
It's hard for the general to imagine how to defeat such an almost invincible monster.
You know, even human missiles are ineffective against this monster, and even defense cannot be broken.
Is Godzilla in Dr. qinze's mouth really the opponent of this monster?
In the face of the Admiral's query, Dr. Qin Ze did not hesitate.
But a firm nod.
“Absolutely. Godzilla can beat this guy.”
“I've had the privilege of witnessing Godzilla, a great creature that human beings can't imagine.”
“Rather than worrying about whether Godzilla can defeat it, we should worry about whether Godzilla will appear.”
Dr. Qin Ze is confident.
He firmly believes that Godzilla is the ultimate answer to ecological balance.
With Godzilla in her power, she Mutuo can never seek hegemony and will be punished.
The only question is whether the trap they set will bring Godzilla in.
If Godzilla didn't show up, they would have sent a nuclear bomb to Muto's mouth.
While Dr. qinze was talking to the lieutenant general.
There was a sudden roar in the sky above them.
When they looked up, they found a huge bat like creature hovering over their heads.
Undoubtedly, it was xiongmuto who came.
From the Jiaopen Jiguo nuclear power station.
When the female saw the male, she roared.
As if happy for the arrival of his companion.
Male Muto also incited his wings to land slowly and came to female Muto.
Male Muto also uttered a cry in a tone of excitement.
Seeing this behind the scenes, the general turned his head and glared at Dr. qinze.
“And now?Do you still think Godzilla will win? ”
If there was only one female Muto before, the general would still believe Dr. qinze's words.
But now, with the arrival of xiongmuto, the already fragile confidence is gone.
No matter how powerful Godzilla is in Dr. qinze's words, it is impossible to defeat two MUTOS with one enemy.
Not to mention being a lieutenant general, even Dr. Qin Ze is not confident enough.
He has more information, and he knows more about Muto.
Dr. qinze knew that Muto was Godzilla's mortal enemy.Muto's electromagnetic pulse can effectively restrain the atomic energy in Godzilla.
If only to face emulto alone, Dr. qinze can firmly believe that Godzilla will win.
But when the two MUTOS appeared, Dr. qinze's confidence in Godzilla also wavered.
One on two, or when the ability is restrained.
Godzilla, is there really a chance to win?
When Dr. qinze doubted and even worried.
On the sea surface, a large amount of sea water suddenly rises, forming a water bag as high as tens of meters.
The next moment, the water bag broke, and the ferocious dorsal fin broke through the sea.
It's like three rows of sharp swords pointing straight to the sky.
There is no doubt that it is Godzilla, Zhou Sheng, who is coming.
Originally, the two MUTOS stopped communicating and turned to look in the direction of their lives.
At the same time, there is a scream in the mouth, which is a demonstration against Zhou Sheng.
Dr. qinze was also excited.
He was a human who had seen Godzilla, and naturally recognized that this was Godzilla's dorsal fin.
Godzilla, it's coming.
The next moment, a lot of water burst open.
A ferocious behemoth appeared on the sea.
As soon as he got out of the sea, Zhou Sheng roared. His voice swept all over the world, and could be heard hundreds of miles away.
At the same time, Zhou Sheng's huge volume, which is more than 140 meters high and weighs more than 300000 tons, appeared in front of everyone*
Chapter 8: king comes and destroys male and female MUTOS
“I buy it!”
Anyone's first reaction to seeing Godzilla is always this word.
As if only in this way can we express our shock.
When the huge body, completely into people's vision.
The general and others even forgot how to breathe because they were shocked.
“My God, what kind of monster is this?”
He put his hands over his forehead and sighed in disbelief.
He has experienced many wars in his life and has seen countless scenes.
But none of them had the shock of Godzilla at the moment.
If there is a God in the world, it must be Godzilla.
Dr. Qin Ze was no longer as calm as before, and his whole body trembled with excitement.
It's like seeing the idol's fanatical fans, so excited that I can't help myself.
“The king of monsters, the king of monsters
The three ancient Titans didn't care about the shouting of human beings.
All the attention is on each other.
Zhou Sheng looks at Muto in front of him with bad intentions.
And the two MUTOS looked at him in fear.
Zhou Sheng's body shape today gives the two MUTOS a strong sense of oppression.
What's more, Zhou Sheng's momentum is even more terrifying.
You know, even the larger female Muto is just over the waist of Zhou Sheng.
The gap is so big that it's not normal not to be afraid.
Looking at the two MUTOS, Zhou Sheng roared again.
If the last roar was to announce his arrival.
So this time, it's a demonstration.
It's to tell Muto at both ends, either surrender and be obedient, or I'll burn you to ashes.
Strong, overbearing.
Zhou Sheng also has a strong and overbearing base.
If these two MUTOS really want to fight against him, Zhou Sheng will absolutely do what he said and burn them to ashes.
Facing the strong Zhou Sheng, two MUTOS obviously did not understand his warning.
After hearing Zhou Sheng's roar again, the two MUTOS didn't know whether they were scared or let go.
They all yelled at Zhou Sheng.
I have to say, very brave.
Zhou Sheng has no patience. Since you don't submit, go to die.
Without hesitation, Zhou Sheng directly opened his legs and rushed to Muto at both ends.
Can you imagine a super monster 140 meters high and weighing more than 300000 tons charging at the speed of sound?
It was the real shaking of the earth, as if the earth were screaming at the moment.
Two MUTOS, when they see Zhou Sheng, react quickly.
Xiongmutuo directly took off in situ, and wanted to use air superiority to deal with Zhousheng.
Female Muto is responsible for the main attack to attract Zhou Sheng's attention.
If it was Godzilla in the original book, he might really fall into a bitter battle in the face of the cooperation of the two MUTOS.
In fact, in the movie, if it wasn't for the humans who burned Muto's eggs, Godzilla might have died.
But now, these two MUTOS are facing an extremely self disciplined Godzilla.
Facing the two MUTOS' response, Zhou Sheng didn't care.
He rushed to the female Muto with terrible power.
Female Muto stretched out her two long forelimbs and used the sharp part of the end to stab Zhou Sheng's body.
Trying to stop Zhou Sheng in this way.
Unfortunately, Zhou Sheng didn't even look at the female Muto's attack.
Before and after she came to the female Muto, she turned directly and violently, then flicked her tail.
Zhou Sheng danced his strong tail directly. After pulling out a series of sonic booms in the air, he smashed female Muto's body.
The next moment, the originally huge female Muto's body was directly broken.
That strong enough to withstand the missile shell, in front of Zhou Sheng's tail, vulnerable.
That female Muto, also died on the spot, even the upper part of her body was sucked rotten.
It's not over.
After solving the female Muto, Zhou Sheng looked at the sky again.
Where, xiongmutuo is still hovering over his head.
If Zhou Sheng has any weakness, he can only fly.
Not being able to fly also leads to Zhou Sheng's disadvantage when facing some flying Titans.
In the original work, Godzilla was hanged and beaten by quitola because he couldn't fly.
However, this disadvantage is not irreparable.
The next moment, in the gaping eyes of all humans.
Godzilla's back, a burst of red light.
The red light starts from the tail and spreads all the way to the top of Zhou Sheng's head.
Then, Zhou Sheng opened his mouth and a red breath of atoms spewed out directly.
With extremely fast speed, it directly hit xiongmutuo who kept circling in the air.
Without a snort, xiongmuto died.
Even the ashes were not left, and all the matter was vaporized by the ultra-high temperature of the exhalation of atoms.
It can be seen that the breath power of the red atom is much greater than that of the original.
After decades of self-discipline and development, Zhou Sheng has completely mastered the red lotus morphology of Godzilla.
Now he can release the Honglian thermonuclear pulse without pressure.
However, it is unnecessary to use Honglian to deal with Muto.
As for the red atomic energy, it was formed after Zhou Sheng mastered the morphology of Honglian thoroughly.
If you care about it seriously, Zhou Sheng should belong to the middle version of ordinary Godzilla and Honglian Godzilla.
It has the atomic breath of red lotus Godzilla, but it has not completely entered the red lotus mode.
Because once you really enter the red lotus mode, his super high temperature will boil the sea.
There's no need to do that.
get down to business.
After the easy solution of Muto at both ends.
Zhou Sheng looks at the nuclear bomb placed on the ship.
“That's right. If you come out for a walk, you'll get something unexpected.”
Nuclear power, for today's Zhou Sheng, is a snack.
Nuclear bombs, on the other hand, are delicious snacks.
It's really comfortable to get a delicious snack after a trip.
In front of all human beings, Zhou Sheng grabbed the nuclear bomb, then turned around and went straight back to the ocean.
I walk gently, without a cloud.
As for those human beings, they looked at the direction of Godzilla's disappearance one by one.
It is human nature, even the nature of all creatures, to worship the strong.
Otherwise, human beings in ancient times would not use all kinds of powerful animals as totems.
The previous strong performance of Zhousheng directly conquered all human beings.
So that some people began to worship Zhou Sheng as a God.
Zhou Sheng didn't know all this.
But even if he knew, Zhou would not care.
Isn't that God?It's not like Godzilla didn't do it.
At the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, there is a relic built by ancient people for Godzilla.
That's the best proof that Godzilla was a God*
Chapter 9: Zhou Sheng's concept of territory and monster invasion
The imperial Organization headquarters, in a large conference room.
Many people are holding a meeting about Zhou Sheng.
The meeting was attended by government spokesmen of Bluestar countries and several senior officials of the imperial organization.
Dr. Qin Ze was also at the meeting.
Moreover, as an expert who knows Godzilla best among human beings, Dr. qinze will speak alone at this meeting.
Soon, Dr. qinze came on stage and began to talk about what he had learned about Godzilla.
At the same time, he also expressed his own theory about how human beings should live in peace with Godzilla.
Dr. qinze's final answer is that human beings will no longer destroy nature, and Godzilla will not specifically target human beings.
However, after Dr. qinze finished his speech, he was asked many questions.
“Dr. qinze, you said that as long as human beings do not destroy nature, Godzilla will not target human beings.”
“Where did you get it, please?”
“How do you know what Godzilla is thinking?Do you think Godzilla is your pet? ”
A female member stood up and asked Dr. qinze.
Her question is very sharp and most of the people present are most concerned about it.
That is, whether Godzilla is a friend of mankind or not, whether Godzilla is worth believing.
Dr. Qin Ze pushed his eyes without any panic.
“I think you're joking. Godzilla is not a human PET.”
“On the contrary, humans are Godzilla's pets!”
“In Godzilla's eyes, human beings themselves are a link in the blue star ecological chain. As long as there is no problem with this link, how can Godzilla target human beings?”
Although Dr. qinze's answer is very good, it is obviously unable to convince everyone.
Immediately someone came forward and asked Dr. qinze a question.
“Dr. qinze, according to you, Godzilla is the protector of the blue star ecological chain.”
“But the question is, why does Godzilla want to protect the balance of the ecological chain?What are the benefits of Godzilla in protecting the balance of the ecological chain? ”
The man asked a sharp question.
Directly questioned Dr. qinze said that Godzilla is the embodiment of blue star will.
In the face of this question, Dr. Qin Ze is not flustered, obviously has a plan.
“Maybe some people can't understand it when I describe it like this. It's OK. I'll put it another way that it's easy to be understood.”
“If Godzilla is compared to a strong beast, then the whole blue star is the territory of this beast.”
“The instinct of the beast will drive Godzilla to maintain his territory.”
“It's just like human beings can't stand it. Their houses are full of rubbish.”
“Similarly, if someone throws rubbish into your house, I believe you will want to kill the other person.”
“What we human beings should do is not to be the role of littering in the territory of Godzilla.”
“Otherwise, we will provoke Godzilla's attack.”
If anyone could not understand why Dr. qinze made Godzilla the God of blue star ecology before.
Now, after the explanation, many people can understand.
In fact, what Godzilla has protected has never been an ecological balance.
It's always his own territory to protect.
Any existence that destroys the environment of Godzilla's territory will provoke Godzilla's killing.
That's what happened to Muto, and that's what happened to quitora in the future.
I have to say that Dr. qinze's guess is very accurate.
He also guessed the psychology of Godzilla, that is, Zhou Sheng.
As a matter of fact, Zhou has no sense of protecting ecological balance at all.
But after accepting Godzilla's identity, Zhou Sheng has already regarded the whole blue star as his own territory.
If there are other ancient Titans who make trouble in Zhou Sheng's territory, it's strange that Zhou Sheng doesn't cut him.
If those ancient Titans were honest, Zhou Sheng would not kill them all.
Think of it as having some pets on your own site.
But if there are ancient Titans who do not obey the rules and do things in Zhousheng's territory.
Zhou Sheng didn't mind to let the other party know how to write dead words.
In fact, the truth is very simple and not difficult to understand.
After Dr. qinze's narration, human beings have generally understood how to get along with Godzilla.
As long as you bring yourself into the role of Godzilla pet, you will know what to do.
So, shortly after the meeting.
Bluestar countries have announced that they will vigorously carry out environmental protection activities.
In particular, countries have spent a lot of money on the treatment of marine garbage.
After all, Godzilla lives in the sea. If Godzilla thinks that country has polluted the sea and wants to clean it up.
The consequences can be imagined.
Before human beings have enough strength to fight against Godzilla, it is impossible to fight against Godzilla.
As a result, many ordinary people suddenly found out.
The air quality on the blue star is much better.
However, humans did not easily bow to Godzilla.
On the one hand, we are managing the environment, on the other hand, we are secretly developing weapons against Godzilla.
In the world many giants, and many such as the light note of the joint efforts of the world organization.
A super large multinational group named “apex” was born.
EPX group, on the surface, is doing ordinary business.
But in fact, they secretly built many super large underground bases.
And in these underground bases, build Titans that belong to human beings.
And this project, known as the “mecha Hunter project.”.
The first mecha made in the whole project is named: dangerous wanderer!
At the same time, at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.
A space crack suddenly appeared.
A lot of sea water is evaporated and countless benthic creatures die.
When this space crack is stable, a monster with an axe like head rushes out of it.
After a silent roar at the bottom of the sea, the monster began to swim in a specific direction.
A few days later, the monster landed in the new Jinshan City of Yingjiang country.
After destroying several cities along the way, it was destroyed by the military of Yingjiang country.
For this first attack on human city monster, human named it: Axe beast!
Not long after the axe monster was lost.
In the Western Ocean, two more monsters emerged from the cracks in space.
And then they identify a direction and gradually leave.
Obviously, the appearance of the axe beast is not a coincidence, but a premeditated attack.
At the bottom of the ocean, Zhou Sheng, who was resting, suddenly opened his eyes, and the red light in his eyes flashed away.
“What's going on?”
Zhou Sheng thought when he woke up.
Just now, he sensed that a new monster had appeared.
And it was a monster that he had never seen before, which did not belong to the ancient Titans.
It's very likely that these new monsters come from other planets.
As the boss of blue star, Zhou Sheng felt that he had to take good care of it*
Chapter 10: the Pacific Rim?New book for flower collection
A sea area in the Pacific Ocean.
A strange looking monster is shuttling under the sea.
If you look carefully, you can also find that the direction of the monster is a straight line.
This shows that the purpose of the monster is very clear, is to go to a certain place.
At the same time, behind the monster, a long pollution source is being left behind.
This monster is still polluting the environment of the ocean.
It caused a lot of marine life to die where the monster passed.
In fact, every part of the monster's body is made up of highly polluting radioactive materials.
The purpose of this monster appearing on blue star is to completely change the ecology of blue star.
If you let it go, this monster will soon be able to transform the blue star upside down.
At that time, the blue star will no longer be suitable for any living things, and all life will be extinct.
However, the monster was intercepted in the sea before it could land.
Following some radioactive radiation, Zhou soon found the monster in the Pacific Ocean.
After seeing the full picture of the monster, Zhou Sheng was shocked.
“I'll go. Isn't that the chrysanthemum beast?”
Yes, Zhou Sheng recognized the origin of the monster.
Is this clearly the villain's opening beast in the “Pacific Rim” movie?
But isn't this the Godzilla universe?How could a monster from “the Pacific Rim” come out?
Without waiting for Zhou Sheng to think about it carefully, Kaiju beast has found him.
Then, the beast roared and rushed at him.
Looking at this posture, I guess I want to kill Zhou Sheng.
Looking at the rush towards themselves, and the fierce open chrysanthemum beast.
Zhou Sheng was stunned for a moment.
Open chrysanthemum beast, how dare you open chrysanthemum beast?
The first time I saw Zhou Sheng, Kaiju beast not only didn't run, but also tried to fight back.
It's really, ignorant stupidity.
However, since this open chrysanthemum beast sent to the door, Zhou Sheng will not be polite.
Since you want to die, I will satisfy you and send you to die.
After recognizing the identity of Kaiju beast, Zhou Sheng didn't plan to let him go.
As I said before, Bluestar has been regarded as its own territory by Zhou Sheng.
But in own territory, unexpectedly has the outsider to break in, this week lives can endure?
Even if the alien species enter the blue star, the key is that you still litter the blue star.
If you don't kill this chrysanthemum beast this week, don't call it the king of monsters. Call it the king of ninja.
Looking at the chrysanthemum opening beast rushing towards him, Zhou Sheng opened his mouth slightly.
At the same time, behind him, a bright and dangerous red light flashed.
A moment later, a breath of blood red atoms was ejected.
Along the way do not know how much water evaporated, accurately hit the open chrysanthemum beast's body.
There was no accident. Kaiju's body turned to ashes directly.
The pollutants in the flesh and blood, even without a chance to enter the ocean, were vaporized directly.
These chrysanthemum opening beasts from other planets can't be Zhou Sheng's opponents at all.
Neither side is a hierarchical existence.
Although the animal is not small, it is more than 100 meters tall.
However, the weight of this animal is only 6000 tons.
You know, even the female Muto, who was easily broken by Zhou Sheng, weighs more than 100000 tons.
And the female Muto's body size is not as good as the chrysanthemum opening beast that was just killed by Zhou Sheng.
Similar body shape, weight difference is dozens or even hundreds of times.
This shows that the body density of the ancient Titan on the blue star is dozens of times that of the Kaiju beast.
With such a big gap, it's really strange that Kaiju can fight against the ancient Titans.
Even the big boss in the movie “Ocean Rim”, the combined monster, can't be the opponent of any ancient Titan.
The quality gap is too big to be compared.
This can also be seen in the film.
These Kaiju beasts from other planets can be killed by human missiles, which shows how ridiculous the defense of Kaiju beasts is.
What about the original titans of blue star?
Don't say too much. Godzilla alone has no skin on his face.
The free fall of thousands or even tens of thousands of meters only made Godzilla lie in place for a while, but nothing happened.
This is just Godzilla in the original book. After decades of self-discipline, Zhou Sheng will only be more terrible.
If the human nuclear weapons could deal with the ancient Titans, the eagle sauce countries would not deal with the female Muto in the way of attracting Godzilla.
From this point, we can see the gap between Kaiju beast and ancient Titan.
One is a monster that will be killed by a human missile.
The other is the ancient Titan who did not break the defense even when he received the nuclear bomb, and even used the nuclear bomb as food.
There's a big gap on each side.
Those “pioneers” who control Kaiju beast to come to today's blue star must have never thought of it.
Bluestar also has its own monster, which is more ferocious than the chrysanthemum opening beast they made.
After killing Kaiju beast, Zhou Sheng didn't stay here much.
He knew that these chrysanthemum opening beasts could not be killed.
If you don't destroy that space crack, there will be a steady stream of chrysanthemum opening beasts coming to Bluestar.
Although Zhou Sheng is not afraid, he can't stand the trouble.
These chrysanthemum opening beasts are really more and more troublesome one by one.
With this idea in mind, Zhou Sheng began to search for cracks in the sea floor.
Chapter 11: find the space crack, open the nest of chrysanthemum beast
When another human city was destroyed by Kaiju beast.
All human beings know that the war has begun.
At first, people thought it was the ancient Titan who attacked the city.
However, after a careful study of the imperial organization, it was found that.
The DNA of Kaiju beast attacking the city is totally different from that of ancient Titan.
Even in the body of Kaiju beast, there are many substances that blue star does not have.
This shows that these chrysanthemum opening beasts do not belong to the ancient Titan group, but come from other planets.
As a result, humans know that the alien invasion has begun.
In order to fight against the chrysanthemum beast and protect the human city.
All countries in the world have begun to make greater efforts to study the Titan of human beings.
That's the “mecha Hunter project” of EPX group.
With the efforts of a large number of resources and talents, the dangerous tramp was successfully made.
And successfully in a monster invasion event, the dangerous wanderer defeated the incoming Kaiju beast.
This event has greatly inspired mankind.
In the past, the haze that shrouded the human head seemed to dissipate all at once.
But there are still a few people who know that dangerous vagrants can only deal with the weaker Kaiju beast.
Once facing the original titan of the blue star, it will be broken into pieces every minute.
It's still too hard to create monsters that can compete with the ancient Titans.
“But fortunately, we and the ancient titans are not enemies.”
“Even to a certain extent, we are friends of the ancient Titans.”
“We humans, like the ancient Titans, want to guard the blue star!”
Speaking to others at a high-end meeting held by the emperor's organization, Dr. Qin Ze said.
The rest nodded after listening.
If, before the appearance of Kaiju beast, human beings still had hatred for the ancient Titans.
Then, when the more evil Kaiju beast appears, human beings begin to be glad that there are a group of powerful ancient Titans in the blue star.
This allows humans not to face the Kaiju beast and the pioneers of alien civilization alone.
It can be said that today's human beings have begun to accept the fact that they are just Godzilla pets.
I believe that in a short time, the relationship between human beings and Godzilla will be very good.
Even like that ancient civilization, Godzilla was worshipped as a God.
“Just do what Dr. qinze said.”
“In the future, countries should pay more attention to the protection of the ecological environment and contribute to the ecological balance of Bluestar.”
“Otherwise, maybe one day, Godzilla will be our enemy.”
A high ranking official said to others.
His proposal was also agreed by most people.
After learning about the power of Godzilla, human beings can not afford the courage to challenge Godzilla.
In addition, Godzilla was also very peaceful and did not wantonly destroy human cities.
On the contrary, Godzilla and human beings have reached a symbiotic relationship.
As long as we abide by the rules of Godzilla and do not destroy the ecological balance of Bluestar, Godzilla will always be the patron saint of human civilization.
From this point of view, the existence of Godzilla is the luck of mankind.
Somewhere on the bottom of the sea.
Zhou Sheng is still looking for the space crack created by the pioneer civilization.
These days, Zhou Sheng met two other chrysanthemum opening beasts.
Although these two chrysanthemum opening beasts are much better than the one he met for the first time.
But still in the breath of Zhou Sheng, the ashes fly away.
However, it is only to eliminate the chrysanthemum opening beast without closing the cracks in the space.
Kaiju beast will continue to pour into the blue star.
At that time, just looking for the chrysanthemum opening beast can annoy Zhou Sheng to death.
Therefore, the main purpose of Zhousheng is to close the space cracks.
After many days of searching, Zhou Sheng finally found his goal.
Looking at the dark cracks in a rift on the sea floor, Zhou Sheng's mind flashed a sense of killing.
“I finally found it. Good guy, he hid in the bottom of the ocean.”
“No wonder I haven't found it for a few days.”
Zhou Sheng's main activity was in the Pacific Ocean, and he didn't pay much attention to the Pacific Ocean.
So I didn't have a clue after looking for it for a few days.
In the end, he tracked down a chrysanthemum opening beast and found the clue only after he came to the Pacific Ocean.
Finally, it was found by Zhou Sheng.
At the same time, the space cracks in the submarine rift also sent a violent wave.
Then Zhou Sheng saw that a total of four chrysanthemum opening beasts, more than 100 meters in size, had come out of the cracks in the space.
These open chrysanthemum beast, in a space crack, soon find the right direction.
They were swimming in the same direction.
Obviously, the vanguard civilization's attack on blue star has been strengthened.
Now that he met Zhou Sheng, it was impossible for him to let them go.
Otherwise, he would go after them one by one, and he would have to go after them until the age of the monkey.
Now that it's blocked, take advantage of this opportunity to destroy it all.
Thinking of this, Zhou Sheng no longer kept a low profile, but directly waved his tail and rushed towards the space crack.
Zhou Sheng, who suddenly appeared, naturally attracted the attention of those chrysanthemum opening beasts.
The Kaiju beasts, who originally planned to leave in four directions, all stopped their steps one after another.
Then he roared at Zhou Sheng.
Obviously, these animals recognize that Zhou Sheng is not his companion.
Facing the roar of the four chrysanthemum opening beasts, Zhou Sheng didn't care.
But directly back to the atomic breath, one of the open chrysanthemum beast to burn to ashes.
Before destroying that space crack, Zhou Sheng wants to kill a lot.
When the other three animals saw that their companions had been killed, they couldn't sit still.
Almost as agreed, they rushed towards Zhou Sheng.
Obviously, they want to fight in groups first.
Just, these open chrysanthemum beast, misestimated the strength of both sides.
How can these chrysanthemum opening beasts weigh thousands of tons compared with the weekdays, which now weigh more than 300000 tons?
Both sides are not a heavyweight. The difference is dozens of times.
It's like a newborn baby challenging the US team that has been injected with super soldier serum.
It's impossible to win at all.
Although there was no pressure, Zhou Sheng was still speechless when he saw the appearance of the animals.
What is the aesthetic value of those pioneers' civilization?
Can't you make monsters better?
These chrysanthemum opening beasts are all so shabby. They are really hot eyes.
Even Zhou Sheng saw that there was a chrysanthemum opening beast, which was actually similar to the skin shrimp.
In terms of face value, Zhou Sheng felt that he had won.
Where does he come from*
Chapter 12: the battle of crushing, the civilized response of pioneers
With the gossip, the battle began.
Zhou Shengsi was not flustered in the face of the three chrysanthemum opening beasts.
When the animal, which looks like a prawn, comes to Zhou Sheng.
Zhou Shengcai quickly stretched out his claws and suddenly caught the beast.
And this open chrysanthemum beast, directly under the feet.
With Zhou Sheng's strength, Kaiju beast could not resist at all.
Pressed on the ground, the prawns and chrysanthemums are still unable to break free even though they are struggling.
Looking at the struggling Kaiju beast, Zhou Sheng's backhand is Kaiju beast's paw, which directly smashes the head of Kaiju beast.
Originally still fluttering open chrysanthemum beast, immediately stopped.
Directly killed by Zhou Sheng.
The other two open chrysanthemum beasts, after seeing Zhou Sheng's power, were frightened.
For a time, I didn't dare to rush towards Zhou Sheng. Instead, I stood not far away and looked at him stupidly.
However, the fact that these two animals are still does not mean that Zhou Sheng will let them go.
Facing the stunned Kaiju beast, Zhou Sheng rushed straight to one end.
At the same time, Zhou Sheng also swung his big tail to another Kaiju beast.
Because of the huge size, every movement of the body will drive a lot of water.
And these currents also awaken the two chrysanthemum opening beasts.
Finally, he didn't stand in the same place and was killed by Zhou Sheng.
One of them, looking at his tail, even opened his mouth to bite Zhou Sheng's tail.
As for the other beast, looking at Zhou Sheng, who had already come to him, he lowered his head and showed off his sharp horn.
Obviously, he wanted to pierce Zhou Sheng's body with this sharp single horn.
Although Kaiju beast is only a low-level biological weapon made by the pioneer civilization.
But there are still some basic fighting instincts.
In the face of Zhou Sheng, he also made the right response.
If their strength is similar to Zhou Sheng's, maybe they can stop him.
But unfortunately, the difference in body strength between Kaiju and Zhousheng is at least several hundred times.
It's like a bubble box trying to stop a laser sword. How can it be?
There was a dull sound from Peng.
This is the sound of Zhou Sheng's tail pumping on the head of a chrysanthemum opening beast.
The Kaiju beast, who was trying to bite Zhou Sheng's tail, was directly blasted by a tail.
It's still at the bottom of the sea, with the resistance of the sea.
If it's on the ground, Zhou Sheng's tail flick will definitely bring out a burst of crosstalk.
The air can be pumped out of the tail, is open chrysanthemum beast can stop?
As for another chrysanthemum opening beast, he wants to use one horn to deal with Zhou Sheng.
As a result, Zhou Sheng held out his hand directly and grasped the single character.
At the same time, force, let want to arch forward open chrysanthemum beast inch step can't go.
Then, Zhou Sheng gently broke off the single horn.
The one horned Kaiju beast, which was broken off, uttered a series of tragic howls.
At the same time, the body began to retreat, obviously afraid of Zhou Sheng.
Biological instinct is driving Kaiju beast to escape. He is not Zhou Sheng's opponent at all.
However, in the face of the beast who wanted to escape, Zhou Sheng had no intention of letting him go.
But speed up the pace to catch up, press open chrysanthemum beast's body.
Then two claws suddenly force, incredibly will open chrysanthemum beast to live tear off.
With the strength of Kaiju beast's body, how can it resist Zhou Sheng's great strength?
It's like tearing up a piece of paper. It's easy to tear the chrysanthemum beast in half.
After finishing these, Zhou Shengcai looked at the space crack that was still erupting energy.
As if through this space crack, you can see the pioneer civilization opposite.
At the same time as Zhou Sheng observes the crack, at the other end of the crack, many civilized creatures of the pioneers are also observing Zhou Sheng.
“It's a protoplanetary behemoth on the target planet.”
“With the low-level biological weapons we sent out, it is impossible for us to be the opponent of the star giant.”
“I suggest that intermediate biological weapons be sent to kill this planetary giant thoroughly!”
On the planet of pioneer civilization, a pioneer of high status said to others.
As for what they call planetary behemoths, they mean creatures that are invincible on a planet.
Above the planetary level, there are star level, Galaxy level and cosmic level.
According to the evaluation of the pioneer civilization, the planetary giant has been equivalent to the intermediate biological weapons they made.
It's impossible to deal with Zhou Sheng only by Kaiju beast, a low-level biological weapon.
“In that case, send two intermediate biological weapons to kill the monsters on the target planet.”
Soon, the pioneers reached a consensus on the biological civilization.
They are sure of blue star potential and can't give up easily.
In that case, it's natural to kill Zhou Sheng first.
Anyway, the planet level giant, do they kill less civilization?
Soon, two monsters that are much bigger than ordinary chrysanthemum beasts are sent into the cracks of space by the pioneer civilization.
Blue star, undersea.
Before the space crack.
Zhou Sheng is trying to destroy the cracks in space.
As a result, two more monsters came out of the space crack before he made a move.
Now, Zhou Sheng is a little dignified.
Because he actually felt a sense of threat from these two monsters.
“It's not the previous chrysanthemum opening monster, but a more powerful monster.”
“Are pioneers so civilized?Aren't they very weak in the movie? ”
Zhou Sheng had some doubts.
After all, the pioneers in the film are very weak.
In Zhou Sheng's opinion, the Kaiju beast sent out to fight against the human mecha is the mutual pecking of vegetables and chickens.
But if you think about it carefully, Zhou Sheng is not surprised.
After all, the pioneer civilization is a powerful civilization with the ability to carry out the invasion of the universe.
If such a civilization is similar to that of human civilization, how can it afford to invade other planets?
It would be nice not to be invaded.
After thinking about this, Zhou Sheng began to take it seriously.
He realized that the world was much bigger than he thought.
It's not just Bluestar, it's enemies from outside.
If he's not serious, it's normal for him to roll over.
While Zhou Sheng was thinking, the two monsters that came out of the cracks in the space roared at him.
The intermediate biological weapons made by these two pioneers are just for killing Zhou Sheng.
And their strength, of course, is not before the open chrysanthemum beast can compare.
In fact, in Zhou Sheng's opinion, most of the ancient Titans on the blue star are not necessarily rivals of these two monsters.
However, where are these two monsters going? They have to make trouble on the blue star.
If Zhou Sheng can let go of these two monsters, there will be a ghost.
Now that you are here, stay here forever and don't leave.
The purpose of both sides is the same, they both want to kill each other, so a big war is on the bottom of the sea*
Chapter 13: kill the pioneer monster and sink a continent
At the bottom of the sea, three powerful monsters are confronting each other.
Zhou Sheng, a biological weapon from the pioneer civilization.
In the confrontation at the same time, Zhou Sheng is also looking at the two monsters.
Like the previous Kaiju beasts, these two monsters are also very abstract.
One is like a large conch, the other is like a beetle, with a pair of big pincers.
In addition, Zhou also noticed that the two monsters had a strange blue organ on their chest.
From these blue organs, the whole life felt a familiar wave, atomic energy.
These two monsters are not just ordinary biological weapons.
Like Godzilla, they have bioenergy organs.
Like the biological reactor in Godzilla, the atomic energy in Godzilla was born from the biological reactor.
It can also be seen that these two monsters are not the same rubbish as the previous ones.
When Zhou Sheng looked at the two monsters, they also looked at him.
After observing each other, the conch like monster growled.
It also heralds the beginning of the battle.
Zhou Sheng did not choose to take the initiative to attack, but quietly gathered the atomic energy in his body.
Rush up and fight?That's what boobs do.
Zhou Sheng did not forget that he was a Faye, and distance was his home court.
As a matter of fact, Godzilla is Faye himself, and he has a strong long-range output.
It's just that Godzilla in the movie likes to play hand-to-hand with rough skin.
Don't think about it. Who can Cosla fight hand to hand?
With the massive condensation of atomic energy in Zhou Sheng's body, his dorsal fin gradually began to glow red.
These red lights are very bright on the dark sea floor.
Naturally, it also attracted the attention of two pioneers.
Realizing that Zhou Sheng was preparing for the big move, the two pioneers could not wait.
Among them, the monster with big pincers rushed directly towards Zhou Sheng.
Obviously, I want to interrupt Zhou Sheng's casting.
At the same time, its pair of big pincers were clearly born for close combat.
If it's close combat, Zhou Sheng is really not good at dealing with the pair of pincers.
And the other pioneer monster, also began to gather their own energy.
The blue organ on its chest began to shine.
It's just that these two monsters are wrong. Zhou Sheng is not preparing for a big move.
Although these two pioneers monster's strength is not weak, but not to need to use the big move the situation.
Zhou Sheng is just mobilizing the atomic energy in the body, controlling the power of releasing atomic breath.
If a bad output power is too large, the atomic exhalation from the peripheral may evaporate a lot of sea water.
When the pioneer monster is about to come to Zhou Sheng, Zhou Sheng also opens his mouth, and the scarlet light blooms in his mouth.
The next moment, the blood red atoms spit out and bombard the pioneer monster.
The pioneer monster, who originally intended to chop Zhou Sheng under the pincers, was still aggressive.
After being hit by the atomic breath, he screamed.
At the same time, we can see that the place where his chest was hit by the breath of atoms began to melt and evaporate rapidly.
In a short time, the breath of Zhou Sheng's atom burned a big hole in the pioneer monster's chest.
And the trend does not see, direct this monster to shoot through.
The power of atomic exhalation is equivalent to concentrating all the energy released by the explosion of a nuclear bomb in a straight line.
We can imagine the power of atomic breath.
The disgraced Godzilla in the original book can breathe with atoms and wear half a blue star less.
Not to mention today's self disciplined Godzilla.
It's not a problem to burn the blue star in pairs.
While Zhou uses the atom breath to shoot through one of the pioneers, the other, which looks like a conch, is also ready for his own big move.
A dark blue energy ball, vomited from the mouth by the pioneer monster.
This pioneer monster can't condense the energy into a straight line.
We can only attack Zhou Sheng with this primitive means of throwing out.
From here, we can see the gap between this monster and Zhou Sheng.
Facing this dark blue energy ball, Zhou Sheng didn't even bother to hide.
This kind of weak and powerless attack means can't break Zhou Sheng's defense at all.
Not to mention, at this time of Zhou Sheng, there is a powerful means of protection.
When the dark blue energy ball is about to hit Zhou Sheng, a blood red energy shield stands in front of him.
Atomic shield, a shield that condenses energy from the body.
The dark blue energy ball collides with the atomic shield and goes out like a bull in the ocean.
I didn't make any noise.
The strength of the two sides is not on the same level at all. It's too far away.
After blocking the big move of the pioneer monster, the result naturally has no suspense.
Under the breath of Zhou Sheng's blood red atoms, the two monsters sent by the pioneer are all shot through by Zhou Sheng.
When these monsters were killed, Zhou Sheng came to the front of the space crack.
Because of the previous lesson, this week's birthday is not allowed to delay any longer.
Who knows what monster will climb out of this space crack if we continue to play.
It's better to destroy this space crack as soon as possible.
Thinking of this, Zhou Sheng did not hesitate.
The dorsal fin on the whole body also lights up the blood red light again.
At the same time, in front of Zhou Sheng's chest, a trace of red lightning is converging.
From a distance, Zhou Sheng has become a luminescent body.
With the roar, Zhou Sheng spits out a lot of energy.
Endless atomic energy is compressed to the extreme by the periphery and then released in the form of a beam.
Blood red atom breath, with the momentum of destroying the sky and the earth, mercilessly hit the space crack.
The original space cracks fixed by the pioneers suddenly began to collapse.
Even this atomic exhalation not only destroys the space cracks, but also penetrates them.
The energy of atomic exhalation is even transmitted to the planet where the pioneer civilization is located.
Over the planet where the pioneer civilization is located, a space crack is suddenly broken.
At the same time, a dazzling column of blood red light fell from the cracks in the space and hit the earth hard.
The breath of Zhou Sheng's atom is like a blood red pillar running through heaven and earth.
However, the blood red pillar of heaven brings destruction.
The earth began to crack under the breath of the surrounding atoms, and dense cracks began to appear.
Even the framework of the continent is burned through by the breath of the surrounding atoms.
The continental plates began to shift.
In the end, the atomic exhalation energy is exhausted, and the scene of destruction stops.
However, the price paid by the pioneers is also extremely heavy.
A large area of the continent, directly because the crustal plate was burned through, and forever sank to the bottom of the sea*
Chapter 14: the plight of mankind, the supreme moto
Why is Godzilla called a mobile natural disaster?
Because Godzilla has the power to destroy everything.
When a Godzilla goes crazy and destroys, the result is no better than an asteroid hitting the earth.
Even more dangerous than asteroids.
Asteroids can only destroy the surface of one planet.
But Godzilla has the terrible ability to pierce a planet.
Zhou Sheng didn't make such a big scene in Bluestar.
Otherwise, the crust of the blue star will also be broken through, and all the laws of physics on the blue star will no longer exist.
After destroying this space crack, Zhou Sheng stopped his atomic breath.
Now his goal has been achieved, and at the same time, he has taught the pioneers a lesson.
I believe that the atomic breath before him made the pioneer civilization feel bad.
However, Zhou Sheng also understood that by doing so, he could not let the pioneer civilization give up invading blue star.
It's just a temporary delay in their progress.
In a short time, the pioneer civilization should no longer appear on the blue star.
But it's hard to say in the future.
“I'm strong now, but I'm not strong enough.”
“The universe is big and there are many enemies. I have to be stronger.”
“I still can't stop my daily self-discipline practice.”
After temporarily solving the threat of pioneer civilization, Zhou Sheng did not relax.
Because Zhou Sheng knew that the challenges he had met before were just the beginning.
If you want to protect your own territory, Zhou Sheng still needs to grow and become stronger.
Thinking of this, Zhou Sheng is not willing to stay here any longer.
Instead, he turned around and waved his tail and returned to the nest.
No one else knows the confrontation between Zhou Sheng and the pioneer civilization.
Human civilization is not clear. In their eyes, Godzilla has saved Bluestar once.
At this time of human, is still trying to create a more powerful mecha.
Want to use this way to fight against all human enemies, including the ancient Titans.
Not all the ancient Titans had a mild attitude towards human beings.
Ancient Titans, too, are divided.
There are both Guardian Titan and destroyer Titan.
The MUTOS are the typical Titans.
Although both male and female MUTOS have been destroyed by Zhou Sheng, it does not mean that MUTOS are extinct in blue star.
In fact, there is still Muto, who is active in various regions of Bluestar.
Imperial Organization headquarters, high-level conference room.
A group of high-level people are sitting in front of a big screen, having a heated discussion.
“That guy showed up again. This time, he was attacked by a nuclear power plant in the rabbit state.”
“We humans can't fight against this ancient Titan at all. Our mecha is a toy in the face of earthquake insects!”
A senior official of the imperial organization said with some frustration.
The earthquake insect in his mouth is actually an ancient Titan.
And still a Muto, supreme Muto!
Even Godzilla will be affected before the electromagnetic pulse of the MUTOS, not to mention the human machinery?
The mecha hunters that human beings spend a lot of manpower and material resources to make are just a lump of immovable scrap iron in the face of supreme Muto.
Any human instrument, within a certain range of supreme Muto, will completely fail.
How can we fight this?Human beings have no chance of winning.
We can't let humans hold knives and forks to deal with the supreme Muto.
“Dr. qinze, do you think Godzilla can deal with this big guy?”
Because of the former male and female MUTOS, the imperial organization always instinctively thought of Godzilla when facing the ancient Titans that human beings could not solve.
After hearing this, Dr. Qin Ze was silent.
Although Dr. qinze is a fanatical Godzilla iron powder, he is also a very rational scientist.
I know that everything is based on the data.
Although Godzilla is very strong, his record is also very strong.
However, supreme Muto, after all, is the natural enemy of the Godzilla race.
In front of the electromagnetic pulse of supreme Muto, the atomic breath of Godzilla could not be released.
As for hand to hand combat, Dr. qinze does not think that small short handed Godzilla can beat the supreme Muto in hand to hand combat.
“I'm conservative about whether Godzilla can beat the supreme Muto.”
“After all, as far as we know, supreme Muto is the natural enemy of the Godzilla people.”
“Don't forget, Dagon, he was killed by the supreme Muto.”
(Dagong, a member of Godzilla's family in the original book, had become a fossil when he was discovered and died at the hand of the supreme Muto.)
After listening to Dr. Qin Ze's words, some senior officials of the imperial organization were silent.
“It's all the fault of those hairy men. They're digging all day.”
“Now, dig out such a big thing!”
Someone said angrily, in order to cover up their powerlessness in the face of supreme Muto.
As for why maozi is to blame, it is because maozi is responsible for the recovery of supreme Muto.
1964The Maoxiong Kingdom secretly launched a top secret project, code named Blue Star telescope.
They plan to dig through the blue star and find the legendary inner earth.
However, after digging about 13000 meters underground, the Maoxiong Kingdom woke up the supreme Muto who was sleeping deep underground.
As a result, supreme moto began to recover and to be active all over the world.
1986Supreme Muto attacked a nuclear power plant in Maoxiong.
The result is the “Chernobyl nuclear leak” that shocked all mankind.
At least thousands of people died, hundreds of thousands of people were affected by nuclear radiation and suffered from various sequelae.
It was also the most serious nuclear leak in human history.
But what ordinary people don't know is that the accident was not a mistake made by the staff.
It's the attack of supreme Muto.
And that's why the former member of the imperial organization would blame the Maoxiong kingdom.
If it wasn't for the maozi who wanted to dig the heart of the earth, supreme Muto was still sleeping 13000 meters deep.
“Anyway, we have to try.”
“Otherwise, sooner or later, the supreme Muto will make our whole human civilization go back to the stone age.”
Although there is no confidence that Godzilla can fight the supreme Muto.
But the imperial organization did not win the election. It had to put all its eggs in one basket and believe in Godzilla.
Dr. Qin Ze wanted to object, but he could not say anything against it. He could only express his protest in silence.
The end result is that the original plan to deal with male and female MUTOS has been reproduced.
Use nuclear bombs to attract supreme Muto and Godzilla, and let these two top Titans fight.
Of course, humans will certainly help Godzilla.
After all, compared with Godzilla, the moderate ruler, the supreme Muto is too bad*
Chapter 15: human calculation, Zhou Sheng's Revenge
Under the emperor's plan.
A large nuclear bomb was removed from the nuclear arsenal.
And secretly transported to a coastal area.
If Godzilla and supreme Muto are to fight each other, the battlefield should not be set up in the city.
Otherwise, the war between the two top ancient Titans will bring too much damage.
A city will be razed to the ground.
In addition, Godzilla is an amphibian living on the sea floor all year round.
If the battlefield is set inland, Godzilla may not come.
Overall, the coastal zone is the best.
Hundreds of human soldiers set up a temporary base in a deserted area.
What is stored in the base is a large equivalent nuclear bomb.
Of course, it is impossible for these hundreds of human soldiers to deal with the ancient Titans.
It's just to prevent some people who don't mean well from thinking about this nuclear bomb.
“Commander, according to the information from the satellite, supreme Muto is coming towards us!”
“As for Godzilla, we don't know where we are at the moment!”
In this temporary base, an intelligence officer reports to the commander.
“I see. Keep watching.”
“When the supreme Muto comes, we'll leave. It's not a monster we can deal with.”
The commander nodded and gave the order.
He knew very well that man could not fight against the ancient Titans.
Their purpose is to ensure that the nuclear bomb will not be taken away by other human beings.
When supreme Muto arrives, they have to leave.
Otherwise, they may die in the aftermath of the battle between the two ancient Titans.
However, will Godzilla really come to deal with the supreme Muto as human beings think?
Soon, in the waiting of mankind.
Supreme Muto came as promised.
Only from the appearance, the supreme Muto gives people a huge sense of oppression.
The body as tall as a mountain and the muscles are strong and uplifted, all of which show the power of supreme Muto.
A pair of thick forelimbs, but also the supreme moto's big killer.
It's hard to imagine what terrible destructive force this pair of killer like forelimbs will cause when they are waved.
The supreme Muto is a killing beast born only for hand to hand combat.
The whole body is full of weapons, which can kill the enemy.
Looking at the giant monsters slowly coming, each step can attract the shaking of the earth, and the human beings around have soft legs.
No one can remain calm in the face of such a terrible creature.
“Retreat quickly, target appears, it's time for us to leave the field!”
The commander of the human side said to the soldiers.
Then these human beings moved quickly and ran to the distance one after another.
When the supreme Muto appeared, their task had been completed.
As for the nuclear bomb, it is for the supreme Muto.
As long as it is ensured that the nuclear bomb will not be snatched by other people with ulterior motives before the arrival of supreme Muto, their task will be completed.
For those who fled, the supreme Muto did not pay attention at all.
Its attention is focused on the nuclear bomb with huge equivalent.
And far away in the imperial Organization headquarters of the eagle sauce country.
They also watched the movement of supreme Muto through space satellites.
“Target one has emerged, and our plan is the first step to success.”
“Next, we'll wait for another protagonist.”
“Dr. qinze, do you think Godzilla will be attracted by the supreme Muto?”
Emperor Organization headquarters, a military representative of the eagle sauce country, asked Dr. Qin Ze.
Dr. qinze nodded.
“It will come. The presence of supreme Muto is a threat to Godzilla.”
“There is no doubt that Godzilla will fight supreme Muto.”
Dr. Qin Ze, we can say that he knows Zhou Sheng best.
He clearly knew that with Zhou Sheng's attitude of regarding Bluestar as his own territory, he would surely kill the unruly ancient Titan, supreme Muto.
This is also to show the authority of the king of monsters.
How can Godzilla become the ruler of blue star if he doesn't show enough strength?
“I hope everything goes well!”
After getting the answer, the military of Yingjiang was also very satisfied.
If human beings succeed in their plan, supreme Muto, the biggest threat to human civilization, will die.
At the same time, Godzilla, the king of blue stars, will also suffer heavy losses and will be silent for some time in the future.
And that gives us time to develop.
It's just that Zhou Sheng won't go according to the human script.
“Report, sir, Godzilla has landed!”
Soon, the person in charge of tracking Godzilla's movements returned to the top of the imperial organization.
Hearing the words, the senior officials of the emperor's organization all showed a smile.
It seems that their plan is going to succeed.
But soon, they couldn't laugh.
“But there was a mistake in Godzilla's landing site. He didn't go to the supreme Muto.”
“It landed at a naval base in Eagle sauce.”
“Moreover, Godzilla is wantonly destroying all the facilities in the base. The angel carrier has been sunk by Godzilla!”
Zhou Sheng didn't go directly to fight with the supreme Muto as he hoped.
Instead, he first found a naval base in Yingjiang country and destroyed it.
Including a nuclear powered aircraft carrier, more than 30 frigates and more than 200 aircraft, all were destroyed.
The loss is incalculable, even the eagle sauce country can not bear such a heavy loss.
When we heard the news, all human beings were stunned.
They still have incredible expressions on their faces, and they don't seem to understand why Godzilla took the initiative to attack human beings instead of dealing with supreme Muto.
“Godzilla, is he going to war on us?”
A senior official of the eagle sauce country said angrily.
“No, Godzilla is warning us humans!”
At this time, Dr. qinze spoke.
As soon as he opened his mouth, it also attracted everyone's attention.
After all, of all the people here, the one who knows Godzilla best is Dr. qinze.
“Godzilla knows the plan of our human beings and that we human beings use him as a pawn.”
“So instead of dealing with the supreme Muto, he went to attack our city.”
“The purpose is to warn human beings not to cross the boundary and not to try to control the ancient Titans!”
After Dr. qinze's words, the rest of mankind can't believe it.
In the view of human beings, although Godzilla is powerful, his intelligence is not so good.
To put it bluntly, it is to regard Godzilla as a beast with only power but no brain.
Unfortunately, Godzilla's intelligence is not inferior to that of human beings.
That's the original version of Godzilla, not to mention Zhou Sheng, the passer-by?
In fact, as Dr. qinze said.
Zhou Sheng didn't destroy supreme Muto, but destroyed the naval base first, just to warn mankind.
Don't be smart, don't try to play with the ancient Titans.
Humans are just pets in the territory, that's all*
Chapter 16: Zhou Sheng's warning: old enemies meet
How can Zhou Sheng not see the human calculation?
Zhou Sheng has been aware of it since the incident of male and female Muto.
Otherwise, where can there be such a coincidence?
As soon as Muto appeared, there was a nuclear bomb beside him?
And the place where the bomb appeared was just by the sea.
As soon as the wise man saw it, he knew that he was fishing, and that human beings were using him to deal with male and female MUTOS.
For the first time, although Zhou Sheng saw it, he didn't say anything.
After all, Zhou Sheng wanted to kill both MUTOS.
But this second time, Zhou Sheng was a little upset.
You can use this routine once.
But I use it all the time. What?Is my Godzilla your beater?I'll hit whoever you want me to?
After that, give a nuclear bomb as a reward?
Human beings treat Zhou Sheng as their own dog and reward a bone when they use it, right?
How can this not make Zhou Sheng angry.
Just once, when you don't know anything.
Come on, that's really looking down on Godzilla.
So instead of taking charge of the supreme Muto, Zhou Shengcai first found the human naval base and beat it up.
No one can teach mankind a lesson, they don't know who has the final say on LAN-STAR.
I believe that with this lesson, human beings should no longer play this kind of careful thinking.
Because if something similar happened, Zhou Sheng would not want to be like this, just destroying a naval base.
At that time, humans will either return to the stone age or live on individual planets.
In a word, don't bother him any more.
As for the supreme Muto, naturally, he will be killed.
How could Zhou Sheng let go of the supreme Muto?
Not to mention, the supreme Muto had the record of killing the Godzilla people.
With this alone, Zhou Sheng could not have allowed the supreme Muto to survive.
Otherwise, where is the face of the king of monsters?
If there are challengers in one's own territory, is that still the supreme ruler?
After the naval base was completely destroyed with atomic breath, Zhou Shengcai slowly rushed to the direction of supreme Muto.
It's time to kill the supreme Muto who's been hopping around for so long.
The emperor organized the headquarters, and the human beings looked at each other.
They didn't expect that Zhou Sheng could see through their plan.
Moreover, Zhou Sheng's destruction of the naval base was a warning.
This made the human who had been inflated because of the creation of mecha hunters, once again be poured a basin of cold water.
“It seems that we need to reassess the boss.”
A high-level imperial organization, some helpless said.
For a long time, Godzilla has always been a beast with empty power and no mind in people's eyes.
But this event is a wake-up call for mankind.
That is, Godzilla has highly developed wisdom, which is no worse than human beings.
Godzilla can see some small human actions clearly.
In the past, Godzilla didn't care, just didn't care.
But this time, humanity has gone too far and touched the bottom line of Godzilla.
The attempt to use nuclear bombs to cause the ancient Titans to fight with each other is obviously not to pay attention to Godzilla.
So Godzilla's response was to destroy a naval base.
Tell all human beings with practical actions not to try to challenge the authority of the king of monsters.
“Just a warning, destroy a naval base.”
“Such a warning is too heavy!”
An eagle sauce country military high-level, iron green face said.
In this incident, the eagle sauce country is the most unfortunate one.
What benefits have not been gained, and a naval base has been destroyed.
However, it's also Eagle sauce country's own pot.
It was they who offered to lead Godzilla and supreme Muto to the mainland of the eagle sauce country to fight.
Because in this way, real-time data can be observed more accurately.
In addition, the flesh and blood and even the corpses of the two top ancient Titans after the battle will be the items of the eagle sauce kingdom.
But it was this little greed that led directly to the destruction of a naval base.
No way. Who made this naval base the closest?
Let's not talk about human feelings of regret or resentment.
Not far from the sea, Muto, who was devouring nuclear bombs and absorbing nuclear energy, suddenly stopped.
Then look at the direction of the ocean.
In the perception of supreme Muto, a powerful ancient Titan is coming.
Muto, who felt the threat, roared.
At the same time, the muscles of the whole body are bulging, ready to fight.
Under the gaze of supreme Muto, a huge monster burst out of the sea.
Undoubtedly, it was Zhou Sheng.
After giving mankind an unforgettable lesson, Zhou Sheng didn't delay any more.
It's time to send supreme Muto on his way.
So Godzilla went straight to supreme Muto.
Looking at Muto, the supreme enemy, Zhou Sheng roared.
At the same time, with a height of more than 140 meters, he pushed away the waves and strode towards the supreme Muto.
Two of the top ancient Titans on the blue star finally collided head-on.
When the supreme Mu Tuo saw Zhou Sheng, the fierce light in his eyes flashed away.
It recognized the identity of Zhou Sheng, the enemy of the MUTOS.
As early as 300 million years ago, Godzilla's race had a war with the MUTOS.
There's a lot of casualties between the two races.
This is the hatred engraved in flesh and blood and deep into DNA, which will not disappear with time.
If the king of the Godzilla family meets the king of the Muto family, it will be a life and death struggle. There is no possibility of reconciliation.
Zhou Sheng did not necessarily kill the ordinary Muto, but the supreme Muto had to die.
This supreme Muto is a great threat to Zhou Sheng.
However, the supreme Muto is also very strong, even Zhou Sheng did not dare to underestimate.
Supreme Muto is 125 meters tall and weighs more than 200000 tons.
The volume is not much worse than the whole life.
It's definitely data from the top ancient Titans.
What's more, the ability of supreme Muto was born by Tianke Zhou.
The electromagnetic pulse of supreme Muto can greatly weaken the atomic energy in the peripheral body.
Forcing Zhou Sheng to fight with the supreme Muto.
But supreme Muto is a melee machine in itself. Its most powerful part is its melee ability*
Chapter Seventeen: from the beginning of the war, the fighting between the mortal enemies【New book collection
In terms of biological mechanism.
Supreme Muto is definitely from tekozla.
Super strong electromagnetic pulse directly wastes the atomic energy in Godzilla's body, making Godzilla's atomic breath unable to be released.
We can only force Godzilla to fight closely with supreme Muto.
But supreme Muto himself was an ancient Titan born for melee, and melee completely crushed Godzilla.
That's why Dagong, a member of Godzilla's family, died in the hands of the supreme Muto.
In the original, Godzilla also fought with the supreme Muto.
In the end, although Godzilla won, but without the help of human beings, Godzilla had actually died in the hands of supreme Muto.
The hard power is that supreme Muto is stronger.
But now, Zhou Sheng is not the Godzilla in the original.
Zhou Sheng is much better than the original Godzilla.
Although the supreme Muto is powerful, Zhou Sheng doesn't think he will lose.
Supreme Muto also clearly realized that Zhou Sheng was stronger than other Godzilla.
So I didn't rush over rashly, but carefully observed Zhou Sheng's weakness.
At the same time, supreme Muto releases the super strong electromagnetic pulse in his body, sweeping towards Zhou Sheng.
This electromagnetic pulse can't be avoided. It will affect the whole life. It can't be stopped at all.
And this electromagnetic pulse has really achieved good results.
Zhou Sheng felt that the atomic energy in his body had been weakened by more than half out of thin air.
The power of atomic breath is also more than half weaker than under normal conditions.
After feeling this, even Zhou Sheng had to admit that supreme Muto's ability restrained him too much.
Godzilla is like a mage of blood thick blue, good at remote output.
The supreme Muto is a warrior with silence skill and high damage. He naturally suppresses long-range mages.
No wonder Godzilla's fellow Dagong was killed by the supreme Muto.
However, this relationship of restraint is not absolute.
At this time, Zhou Sheng is fully capable of breaking the relationship of restraint.
The top ancient Titan bred by two blue stars.
After some confrontation with each other, I finally couldn't help it.
After a roar, Zhou Sheng rushed directly to the supreme Muto.
This is the first battle to confirm Zhou Sheng's status as the king of monsters. You must defeat your opponent strongly.
Supreme Muto roared and a pair of forelimbs in front of him danced.
It is also ready to fight Zhou Shengsheng.
With a dull sound, two of the most advanced ancient Titans collided together.
Zhou Sheng waved his short hand and tried to attack the supreme Muto with his sharp claws.
But it was nimbly dodged by the supreme Muto.
At the same time, a pair of front legs of supreme Muto stabbed Zhou Sheng.
Zhou Sheng's skin, which is strong enough to resist nuclear explosion, was directly pierced by supreme Muto.
We can imagine how terrible the attack power of supreme Muto is.
It's a shame that Zhou Sheng, who suffered a loss just after the fight, roared.
It's all because of this short hand. I suffered a lot in melee.
Facing a pair of big forelimbs of supreme Muto, Zhou Sheng is very passive at the moment.
One was careless, and was stabbed by the supreme Muto.
However, this degree of attack will pierce the surrounding epidermis.
It's not enough to do great damage to Zhou Sheng.
Supreme Muto was not in a hurry. He didn't want to kill Zhou Sheng quickly.
It was an experienced hunter who killed more than one ancient Titan.
So supreme Muto clearly knows that the more he faces a powerful opponent, the more patient he is.
It's just exhausting Zhou Sheng's physical strength now. It doesn't matter whether it can cause serious damage to Zhou Sheng.
When Zhou Sheng's physical strength is exhausted, it is time for him to use his killing moves.
At this time, Zhou Sheng must admit that his fighting experience is much worse than that of supreme Muto.
Close combat is all about being abused.
Even if his strength is stronger and his body is stronger, he will still be beaten.
Combat experience is very important before the strength is overwhelming.
“If it wasn't for the previous EMP, which suppressed the atomic energy in my body, I would fight with you close to each other?”
“I've been standing in the distance shooting you with my atomic shield on.”
While chasing the supreme Mu Tuo, Zhou Sheng thought of it with depression.
If the atomic energy in his body had not been suppressed so much, he would not have bothered to fight with the supreme Muto.
However, although some depressed, but Zhou Sheng is not too anxious.
The atomic energy in his body has gradually become active after the initial suppression.
It is believed that in a period of time, he will be able to set up the atomic shield again, and then bomb the other side with atomic breath.
At the same time, the scene of the battle between Zhou Sheng and supreme Muto was also captured by human satellites.
Looking at the screen, the images transmitted by satellite, human beings are silent one after another.
It's hard to imagine how much damage two top Titans will cause if they don't see it with their own eyes.
Every move, the two top ancient titans have completely changed the surrounding landscape.
Or a mountain hundreds of meters high was smashed by two ancient Titans.
Or a river, because two ancient Titans, and completely cut off.
The mountains and rivers are displaced and the rivers are diverted.
As if the gods in the myth were creating heaven and earth.
Even human beings are deeply shocked by such incredible power.
No matter how powerful human science and technology weapons are, they can't do it.
“It's incredible. It feels like we're witnessing a myth.”
A human elite, with exclamation tone said.
He was really impressed by the power of the ancient Titans.
In the past, he was a firm atheist and thought that there was no God in the world.
But when he saw the battle between Godzilla and supreme Muto, he began to waver.
If there is a God, it may be Godzilla and the supreme Muto.
The battle between the two top ancient Titans is a legendary divine battle.
“In fact, many of the gods in blue star's ancient myths are based on the ancient Titan.”
“The archetype of the red dragon recorded in the Bible is the No. 0 monster, quitora, sleeping in Antarctica.”
“Kraken, the North sea monster in Nordic mythology, is actually Godzilla.”
“For example, these things, there are many more.”
“As early as in ancient times, the ancestors of mankind have seen the ancient Titans and recorded them in the form of myths and legends.”
A senior researcher of the imperial organization said in silence.
This is also the latest research result of the imperial organization.
In fact, human beings have been worshiping the ancient Titans for a long time.
Even today's Bluestar, some tribes in remote areas, still use the ancient Titan as their totem.
For example, on Skeleton Island, the ISI people believe in King Kong as their patron saint*
Chapter 18: atomic energy recovery, supreme moto's mace【New book collection
Zhou Sheng has gained many believers among human beings.
Many human beings regard Zhou Sheng as a God because they worship his powerful power.
This is what Zhou Sheng didn't expect.
But Zhou Sheng won't mind, and the Dragon won't mind what mole ants think.
As long as human beings keep their peace, don't make something that Zhou Sheng can't stand, and Zhou Sheng doesn't care about human beings.
And at this time of the week, there are more important things to do.
That is to kill the supreme Muto.
More than half an hour has passed since the beginning of the battle with supreme Muto.
Both Zhou Sheng and supreme Mu Tuo consumed a lot of physical strength.
In terms of the overall situation, Zhou Sheng still has the absolute upper hand.
Supreme Muto, though he has a fierce melee, can't stand Zhou Sheng's high defense.
Supreme Muto played Zhou Sheng ten times, and Zhou Sheng had nothing to do.
As long as Zhou Sheng hits supreme Muto, supreme Muto can't bear it.
The defences of both sides are not at the same level.
Not only that, Zhou Sheng's original weakness and inexperience in fighting will be smoothed out in the slow fighting.
At this time, Zhou Sheng was able to fight against the supreme Mu Tuo.
Many cracks have appeared in the thick shell of the original supreme Muto.
They were all beaten alive by Zhou Sheng.
With Zhou Sheng's strength, the supreme Mu Tuo can't bear it as long as he gets close to him.
However, Zhou Sheng could ignore the attack of supreme Muto. Some minor injuries were quickly recovered by his self-healing ability.
How can we fight this?If there is no accident, Zhou Sheng can kill the supreme Muto alive just because of the progress.
But Zhou Sheng didn't want to.
More than half an hour's fighting not only gave Zhou Sheng an advantage.
What's more, Zhou Sheng's atomic energy, which was weakened by electromagnetic pulse, has been restored.
What can be solved with a single breath of atoms? Why bother?
Thinking of this, Zhou Sheng took advantage of the opportunity that supreme Muto avoided his attack and then retreated, and directly started to operate the atomic energy in his body.
Visible to the naked eye, the dorsal fin at the end of the perinatal tail suddenly glows blood red.
And the blood red light is still spreading upward along the peripheral dorsal fin.
The atom breathes and starts charging!
And retreating supreme Muto, after seeing Zhou Sheng's dorsal fin lit up, also realized the danger.
It had been at war with Godzilla's kindred. Naturally, it knew how to breathe.
If there is an atomic breath, even the supreme Muto will die.
Realizing this, the supreme Mu Tuo rushed to Zhou Sheng madly, trying to interrupt Zhou Sheng's casting.
But it's too late.
Zhou Sheng is not a fool. How can he wait too long to interrupt?
As a matter of fact, Zhou Sheng was able to breathe instantly. His previous posture was just to seduce the supreme Mu Tuo to interrupt.
After seeing that the supreme Mu Tuo was really cheated, Zhou Sheng directly omitted the process of brewing. Opening his mouth was a shot of atomic exhalation.
It's a little bit more despicable than scheming, or Zhou Sheng who used to be a human being.
Supreme Muto didn't think of this move at all. In the face of Zhou Sheng's atomic breath, he had to choose hard resistance and had no chance to dodge.
See a blood red bright atom breath light column, accurate hit supreme Mu Tuo.
At the moment of hit, the supreme Muto uttered a tragic howl.
Even the blue star can burn through with the power of breath breathing of Zhou Sheng's atom, and the supreme Mu Tuo can't stop it.
Just when Zhou Sheng thought that the supreme Muto was dead, a sudden change happened.
Supreme Muto breathed against the atom and slowly approached Zhou Sheng.
Zhou Sheng was stunned, and then they all doubted life.
Is supreme Muto so fierce?Can't even breathe?
You know, his atomic breath is much stronger than the one in the original work that Godzilla burned through the center of the earth.
But even if Zhou didn't believe it, it happened.
Supreme Muto put his forelimb in front of him, resisted the energy of the breath of the atom, and approached his whole life with difficulty.
If you look carefully, you can see that the forelimb of supreme Muto, after touching the breath of the atom, actually began to absorb the energy of the breath of the atom.
Originally, a pair of yellow forelimbs turned red because they absorbed the energy of atomic breath.
It is precisely because of his forelimb's ability to absorb the breath energy of atoms that supreme Muto can withstand Zhou Sheng's blow.
Not only has it not been burned, but it is still approaching.
When supreme Muto walked a certain distance from Zhou Sheng, Zhou Sheng could see clearly that his forelimb was absorbing the energy of atomic breath.
After realizing this, Zhou Sheng was confused.
But then Zhou thought about the key.
Supreme Muto's forelimb, like his dorsal fin, should be able to store and absorb energy.
In fact, Godzilla's strongest defense is his dorsal fin.
In the original movie, a pretty boy of Skeleton Island, relying on an axe made of the dorsal fin of his Godzilla family, blocks the breath of Godzilla's atoms.
And in the case of sufficient charge, the dorsal fin Tomahawk is invincible and can split Godzilla's defense.
In other words, today's supreme Muto's forelimbs can not only absorb the peripheral energy, but also use it to strengthen themselves.
If the forelimb of the former Supreme Muto could not pose a threat to Zhou Sheng.
Now, these forelimbs, which have absorbed enough energy, can absolutely chop Zhou Sheng.
Aware of the danger, Zhou did not hesitate to set up an atomic shield to protect his own safety.
The next moment, supreme Muto's forelimb had been poked.
The defense is as strong as the atomic shield. When facing the two forelimbs of supreme Muto, they can't resist.
A series of cracks appeared directly in the place where it was poked.
“That's too much. Does the supreme Muto have such strong ability?”
“How did Godzilla in the original hit this guy?”
Zhou Sheng was shocked by the attack power of supreme Muto at this time.
How did Godzilla survive such a strong pair of forelimbs?
Godzilla in the original book can never be Zhou Sheng's opponent.
But even when Zhou Sheng faced the supreme Muto, he had some difficulty. How did Godzilla win in the original work?
In fact, in the original cartoon, Godzilla was not the supreme Muto killed with atomic breath.
But when the supreme Muto was distracted by the “aika device”, the attack killed him.
There's no chance for the supreme Muto to recharge his forelimb at all.
But Zhou Sheng didn't know all this*
Chapter 19: red lotus, Godzilla, hell【New book collection
In fact, Zhou Sheng has forgotten a very important point.
The MUTOS are also ancient Titans living on nuclear power.
After absorbing enough nuclear energy, where did Muto use it?
Part of it is used in EMP.
But most of the nuclear energy absorbed by Muto is used to strengthen the forelimbs.
This pair of forelimbs is also the mace of supreme Muto.
As the strongest individual of the Muto family, the supreme Muto has the strongest forelimb.
Absorbing energy and strengthening it is an important reason why supreme Muto became the natural enemy of the Godzilla.
It can be said that the supreme Muto was born to hunt down the Godzilla.
Even Zhou Sheng, as strong as he is now, almost capsized in the face of supreme Muto.
If the defense of atomic shield was not strong enough, Zhou Sheng might have been stabbed to death by supreme moto.
But even so, Zhou Sheng's situation is not good.
Because supreme Muto will not stop attacking because he is frustrated in one attack.
After not poking through the atomic shield, supreme Muto's choice is to poke a few more times.
In a series of attacks, Zhou Sheng's atomic shield has become full of holes.
“In that case, don't blame me.”
Zhou Sheng thought.
Originally, Zhou Sheng didn't plan to open the red lotus form so early.
However, there is no way to deal with the situation today.
If he doesn't show his real ability, he will die.
And Zhou Sheng has been able to open the red lotus form without injury, so he will not hesitate any more.
Thinking of this, Zhou Sheng also ran the atomic energy in his body to the limit.
If there are human beings at the scene, it can be found that the temperature of the peripheral blood rises sharply at this time.
Under normal conditions, the body temperature of Zhou Sheng is only a few hundred degrees. Although it is much higher than that of human beings, it is normal for Zhou Sheng.
However, after entering the red lotus state, the temperature of the week can even reach hundreds of thousands of degrees, much higher than the temperature on the surface of the sun.
It's just like a normal human, with a high fever of several hundred degrees in a moment.
This is also the main reason why Godzilla in the original book did not open the red lotus when he fought against Godzilla.
Without Mosla to help cool down, kaihonglian would only burn Godzilla to death.
Only today's Zhou Sheng, whose self-healing ability has reached an exaggerated level, can open the form of red lotus without dying.
After all, Wolverine can't be burned to death even if it has a high fever of several Baidu.
Although Zhou Sheng's self-healing ability is not as abnormal as wolverine, it is not much worse.
This is also the base of Zhou Sheng's courage to regard the form of red lotus as a conventional method.
With the rapid rise of body temperature, the skin around the baby began to turn red.
At the same time, the dorsal fin also began to glow, many times brighter than usual.
Not far from Zhou Sheng, the supreme Mu Tuo noticed Zhou Sheng's abnormality for the first time.
Seeing the energy reaction in Zhou Sheng's body rising, supreme Muto was also anxious.
It clearly felt that if it could not be killed before Zhou Sheng finished the red lotus state, it would be his own death.
So supreme Muto attacked the atomic shield crazily.
By the time supreme Muto finally broke the atomic shield, Zhou Sheng had completed the process of honglianhua.
At this moment, at this moment, red lotus Godzilla, join us!!!
After completing the transformation from the normal form to the red lotus form, Zhou Sheng roared directly at the supreme Muto in front of him.
At the same time, the red circular shock wave diffuses out with the periphery as the center.
Destroy everything along the way, the scene is like a nuclear explosion.
Red lotus Godzilla's signature skill, thermonuclear pulse!
The first to bear the brunt of this is the impact of the thermonuclear pulse.
Supreme Muto put his two forelimbs in front of him, hoping to absorb the energy of the thermonuclear pulse.
It did, but is the energy of Honglian Godzilla so easy to absorb?
At the same time, the outer shell of supreme Muto also softens under ultra-high temperature until it melts.
Even supreme Muto can't stop Zhou Sheng's current thermonuclear pulse.
If you look from a distance, it's even more spectacular.
Centered on the site of the thermonuclear pulse, a mushroom cloud with a height of more than 3000 meters rises.
Even the clouds in the sky were scattered, and everything was burning within dozens of kilometers.
It's like hell.
Mountains and rivers turn into magma, plants are burned, and even sea water is boiling.
The appearance of Honglian Godzilla, even if it does nothing, is a natural disaster for other lives.
Supreme Muto also howled at this time. He couldn't hold it any longer.
That pair of energy absorbing forelimbs, at this time in the red lotus Godzilla's energy, began to slowly melt.
This is something that has never happened.
At the same time, the body of supreme Muto also suffered a fatal blow.
The shell is melted, burned, and even vaporized.
Flesh and blood were also evaporated, and in some places they were even charred.
Zhou Sheng can even smell the smell of meat.
However, although miserable, supreme Muto somehow resisted the first nuclear pulse.
However, the supreme Muto is on the verge of death and no longer has the ability to fight.
Zhou Sheng's eyes were filled with indifference when he saw Muto lying on the ground, helpless and crying.
pity?The ancient Titans didn't need this emotion.
The next moment, Zhou Sheng opens his mouth, and a hot red energy gushes out.
The enhanced version of normal atomic breath, Honglian atomic breath, is released directly.
The accurate hit lay on the ground to lose the ability to move supreme Muto.
In the despairing scream of supreme Muto, he burned it up.
After confirming that supreme Muto was completely burned, Zhou Sheng slowly stopped breathing.
Looking around, Zhou found out how much damage he had just caused.
Although it used to be a wasteland, there are still many plants.
However, after the outbreak of Honglian formation in Zhousheng, it has become a magma lake within a few kilometers around.
Farther away, it's burning constantly, and the sea of fire devours everything.
A large number of fish carcasses are floating in the sea.
The sea also keeps bubbling, as if it were boiling.
Looking at this scene, Zhou Sheng quickly ended the red lotus form.If it burns down, it will burn through the heart of the earth.
Anyway, now the supreme Muto is dead, and Zhou Sheng hasn't been here much.
After a roar, Zhou returned directly to the sea.
However, the impact of Zhou's war has just begun*
Chapter 20: Supreme Muto's forelimb, apex group
Not long after Zhou Sheng left.
The human forces arrived at the scene of the battle.
Human soldiers, looking at the field after the war, everyone was silent.
Because the scene in front of us is the best interpretation of hell.
“After exploration, within a radius of 20 kilometers, they were all devastated.”
“At the moment of the hot nuclear pulse in Godzilla, the core temperature reached tens of millions of degrees.”
“The land is crystallized, forming a lot of glass.”
“It's hard to imagine that it's biological destruction.”
“You told me it was a nuclear bomb explosion, I believe it!”
An officer of the eagle sauce country said in a bitter tone.
All along, human beings are proud of the nuclear weapons in their hands. They believe that as long as the nuclear weapons exist, they can defeat any opponent.
However, the emergence of Godzilla, a blow to mankind.
Such terrible destructive power, if it is released in human cities, then everything will be razed to the ground.
No one can doubt this.
“Collect data. At least for the time being, Godzilla is not our enemy.”
An officer continued.
Now it's meaningless to think about how Godzilla is invincible.
It's better to collect all the data of Godzilla, which may be useful in the future.
This is their mission this time.
“Sir, maybe you'll come to see me.”
A soldier of the eagle sauce country suddenly said to the officer on his walkie talkie.
Smell speech, this officer also dare not delay, hurried to which soldier said place.
Soon, the officer knew why he was here.
In front of the crowd, in a huge magma pool.
A pair of huge claws are soaking in magma.
“This is the forelimb of supreme Muto!”
Someone recognized the origin of this pair of claws. It was just the forelimbs left in the war between supreme Muto and Godzilla.
Anyone who has seen the battle between Godzilla and supreme Muto will be deeply impressed by his forelimb.
As powerful as Godzilla, he almost capsized in the face of supreme Muto's forelimb.
If it wasn't for Godzilla's last outburst of a special form never seen before, maybe now the overlord of blue star is supreme Muto.
Thinking of this, people's heart beat faster.
With this discovery alone, everyone present will benefit a lot in the future.
“Get in touch and ask them to send someone to get this thing away.”
“As for us, stay here and wait for the people on the top!”
The officer of yingjianguo, who was very calm, gave orders to the soldiers under his opponent.
Soon after, a mysterious army came to this battlefield.
And directly removed the pair of forelimbs of supreme Muto.
Zhou Sheng did not expect that because of his negligence, the forelimb of supreme Muto fell into human hands.
At the beginning, Zhou Sheng burned the supreme Muto to ashes.
But this pair of forelimbs didn't burn.
Zhou Sheng was also careless and didn't check it carefully.
Otherwise, with Zhou Sheng's character, he would have to completely destroy these forelimbs.
Zhou Sheng does not allow anything that may cause danger to himself.
In a movie like this, Godzilla forgets the kid whose head was bitten off by himself.
Zhou Sheng didn't want to see it again.
Thinking of quitora, Zhou Sheng suddenly heard something.
If he remembers correctly, quitora should still be sleeping under the glacier.
Do you want to go now and kill kidora ahead of time?
Once this idea came out, Zhou Sheng couldn't help but want to practice it.
Kidora's strength is beyond doubt, absolutely above Godzilla's normal state.
Even today's Zhou Sheng will be a little tricky in the face of kidora.
Of course, it is under the premise of not using the form of red lotus.
At the end of the day, it's quitora who can fly.
If kedora can't beat Godzilla, he can fly away.
By that time, Chou Sheng will have nothing to do with kedora.
Although the range of the breath of the peripheral atom is below the atmosphere.
However, in the face of flexible and trend storm, it is still a question whether it can hit accurately.
Kedora in the movie, but how many Godzilla rays will be flexible.
“It's all destined to be enemies anyway. Why give quitora a chance?”
“I'll go straight over and kill Quito, won't I?”
The more he thought about it, the more he felt that he couldn't let giddora live, so he turned back to his old nest.
Instead, he turned around and headed for Antarctica.
At this time is still sleeping kidora did not expect, Godzilla actually not according to the routine, directly to kill him.
EPX group headquarters.
Thirty three floors underground, a super large underground space.
The two forelimbs of supreme Muto were sent here.
“It's perfect. This is the weapon that almost killed the king of monsters.”
Looking at the huge forelimb in front of us, the chief scientist of EPX group, said with shining eyes.
“Dr. Parker, with this, our plan should have a chance to succeed.”
The chairman of EPX group came to Dr. Parker and said with a smile.
“Of course, the skeletons of Godzilla and the forelimbs of the supreme Muto.”
“Combined with our Super Science and technology, we can definitely have a real Titan killer early.”
Dr. Parker replied confidently.
It turns out that the Dagong skeleton found in the cave of monkey Kingdom has been obtained by EPX group.
It was after Dagong's skeleton that the EPX group made this plan.
“Mechanical Godzilla!”
After witnessing the terrible destruction caused by Godzilla, the high-level human beings are afraid of Godzilla at the same time.
Although at present Godzilla has no deep hostility to human beings, what will happen in the future?
If so, what should we do?
In order to make sure that one day Godzilla and human become enemies, human beings will not be destroyed by Godzilla.
Under the instruction of the top forces of human beings, EPX group began to carry out a top secret plan quietly.
That's to make a mechanical Godzilla.
When the time was right, this mechanical Godzilla was used to completely replace Godzilla.
And Dr. Parker is the main person in charge of this top secret project.
“If you have any requirements, just mention them. As long as they are on the blue star, I can satisfy you.”
EPX group's chairman, confidently said to Dr. Parker.
But he's right.
In order to make a mechanical Godzilla that can rival Godzilla, human beings can pay a huge price.
Behind the EPX group stands not only them, but also the high-level of the whole mankind*
Chapter 21: mechanical Godzilla project, Zhou Sheng's transformation
Before Godzilla was born.
Man is the blue star, the absolute ruler of the planet.
At that time, all areas of blue star belonged to human territory.
But after Godzilla was born, everything changed.
Humans have to accept that there is a stronger race on the blue star than they are.
Because of Godzilla's destructive power, human beings can only choose to surrender.
And did a lot of things to please Godzilla.
But these, already let the human high level, quite a part of people discontented.
This is normal, after all, when the boss for a long time, suddenly became the second, no idea is not right.
However, at that time, due to the deterrent power of Godzilla, human beings could tolerate it for the time being.
Although the second is a little ugly, he can still survive.
Godzilla is also stable on weekdays, which means nothing to human beings.
However, when Godzilla destroyed a naval base in order to warn mankind not to be clever.
Human beings can't bear it.
In a word, Godzilla deceived people too much.
It is also at that time that the mentality of human beings at high level has changed.
Human beings realize that it's no use relying on anyone but themselves.
Even if Godzilla doesn't have deep hostility to human beings for the time being, what will happen in the future?
What's more, the second one doesn't want to take the place of the boss?
Besides, human beings have been the boss of blue stars.
Therefore, with the support of high-level human beings, the mechanical Godzilla project started.
The ultimate goal of this plan is to produce a weapon that can kill Godzilla.
At that time, even if Godzilla and human face off, don't be afraid.
It's even possible that Godzilla will really become a human PET.
In order to successfully manufacture the mechanical Godzilla, human beings also paid a great price.
Now the mechanical Godzilla is only a rudiment, but it has consumed a lot of human and material resources.
Even in order to accumulate experience in making mechanical monsters, humans have created a “mecha Hunter project.”
Yes, from the beginning, the mecha Hunter project was a cover for the mecha Godzilla project.
On the one hand, it paralyzes Godzilla, on the other hand, it accumulates experience in manufacturing large-scale mechanical weapons.
When the technology matures, mechanical Godzilla will be born completely!
“I believe that we human beings will become the top of the food chain again in the end!”
Said Dr. pike, chief scientist of the EPX group.
Zhou Sheng is not in the mood for the human beings to start building mechanical Godzilla.
After all, where does he get the time to care about what human beings do.
What's more, mechanical Godzilla has not been activated yet. He can't feel it at all.
In this case, Zhou Sheng can guess that the mechanical Godzilla has already begun to be manufactured, which is the real ghost.
Otherwise, if he knew, Zhou Sheng would kill the human without saying a word.
A mechanical Godzilla, Zhou Sheng is not afraid. He is confident that he can deal with it easily.
But what about five mechanical Godzilla?What about ten?
The terrible thing about human beings lies not only in their creativity, but also in the fact that they can copy the successful experience infinitely.
Once man made the first mechanical Godzilla.
That's basically equivalent to humans having a mechanical Godzilla Legion.
That's what really scares Zhou Sheng.
Originally, Zhou Sheng thought that, now that kidorah has not recovered, and humans have not got kidorah's head, mechanical Godzilla is not likely to appear.
So Zhou Shengcai didn't pay attention to human actions.
Just thinking about how to quickly kill quitora and burn him clean.
It has to be said that this is what Zhou Sheng neglected.
The story he had known had changed as early as when he killed the dead.
In fact, the appearance of Kaiju beast in huandapingyang is the best proof.
Under the glaciers of Antarctica, after wandering for a few days.
Zhou Sheng finds out helplessly that he can't find quitora.
Antarctica is so big and there are so many glaciers. How can we know where kidora was sealed?
Searching aimlessly is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
The most important thing is that Zhou Sheng can't feel the fluctuation of kidora's life.
Quitora seemed to fall into a deep sleep, and no breath was leaked out.
It's like a snake in hibernation, no different from dead.
In fact, among the many genes in kidola's body, there is indeed a snake gene.
It can be seen from the tail of quitola.
Kedora's tail is very much like the tail of a rattlesnake.
So it's not hard to understand that quitora hibernates like a snake.
After a few days of fruitless searching, Zhou Sheng gave up the idea of killing kidola ahead of time.
Anyway, with his current strength, he is not afraid of quitora.
Even if quitora runs a little slower, Zhou Sheng is sure to kill him.
Zhou Sheng is not the disgraceful Godzilla in the original.
In addition, the reason why Zhou was anxious to return to his hometown was also very simple.
That is, he is about to upgrade.
Under decades of self-discipline, Zhou Sheng has reached a time point of transformation.
Zhou Sheng had a hunch that if he upgraded this time, he would be exaggerating.
So Zhou Shengcai gave up looking for quitora and planned to complete his transformation first.
“Self regulatory system”
Host: Zhou Sheng
Race: atomic Dinosaurs
Body: 5 (190800 / 200000)
Energy: 5 (190800 / 200000)
Life: 5 (190800 / 200000)
Self discipline task: exercise for one hour every day, reward physical experience * 200
Practice atomic breath ten times a day to reward energy experience * 200
Daily task completion, reward life experience * 200. ”
The above is Zhou Sheng's system panel.
After decades of unremitting self-discipline training, Zhou Sheng's level has been upgraded to level 5, and is about to upgrade again.
Red lotus Godzilla form can only be mastered without injury at level 4.
Now, Zhou Sheng is almost level 6.
At the same time, Zhou Sheng also has a hunch that after his successful upgrade, he may be able to unlock a form of Godzilla again.
In order to become stronger, Zhou Sheng also forgot about quitora.
Zhou Sheng no longer pays attention to what happens outside.
The whole person has completely become a self-discipline maniac, seriously complete the daily task.
In this way, a year has passed*
Chapter 22: Emma Russell and quitora wake up
A year later, Antarctica.
Imperial organization outpost zero.
Emma Russell, with her own Orca acoustics, stepped out of the transport.
Next to Emma Russell, a group of armed elite teams are shooting the rest of the imperial organization.
Watching those former compatriots die in front of her, Emma Russell has no sense of guilt.
“I'm sorry, but it's something that has to be done.”
“Your sacrifice now is just a price you have to pay to make mankind great again.”
In the past year, Dr. Emma Russell has secretly joined the EPX group.
And learned the top secret plan of EPX group, mechanical Godzilla, code name: Hunter!
And mechanical Godzilla, Dr. Emma Russell, came to Antarctica for the main purpose.
“Doctor, get ready, let's lead this monster out!”
Next to Dr. Emma Russell, a fierce looking man with military temperament said to him.
Their main purpose is to use Dr. Emma Russell's Orca acoustic device to release monster zero.
And in this way, we can attract Godzilla.
Dr. Emma Russell believes that Godzilla, the king of monsters, will come to fight once Godzilla, the zero monster, recovers.
Because these two top Titans were rivals long ago.
Not long ago, members of the imperial organization found a mural in a relic of skull island.
What is depicted in the mural is the battle between Godzilla and the three headed king.
It was only after receiving this information that EPX group made this plan for Godzilla.
In fact, it's very simple, that is, first release the zero monster quitola to attract Godzilla.
With the hatred of Godzilla and quitora, the two sides must meet and go to war.
At that time, no matter which side wins, EPX group can take the opportunity to obtain the DNA of two top ancient Titans.
After getting the DNA of two top monsters, the mechanical Godzilla will be completely perfected.
What Dr. Emma Russell is doing now is actually for the birth of mechanical Godzilla.
Soon, the members of the imperial organization stationed at outpost zero were shot and killed one by one.
How can these ordinary researchers be the opponents of the top troops of the EPX group?
You know, behind the EPX group, there are high-level human beings.
The elite special forces of all countries, EPX group, can be mobilized at any time.
Although the imperial organization is also an international organization.
But in the eyes of high-level human beings, the importance of the imperial organization is obviously far less than that of the EPX group.
You know, in order to assist the apex group to complete the manufacturing of mechanical Godzilla, the high-level people of all countries.
But together in the ground, built a “magnetic levitation tunnel.”.
This kind of super fast transportation technology by means of magnetic levitation has not been applied to surface transportation even in the most developed countries.
Only by this, we can know how much energy the EPX group has.
To kill some members of the imperial organization is a piece of cake for the giant EPX group!
After clearing out all the members of the imperial organization.
Emma Russell also took the orca acoustic device and came to the glacier where the zero monster quitora was sealed.
At this time, Dr. Emma Russell knew that as long as she pressed the switch in her hand.
The devil sleeping in the iceberg will come back again.
“Red dragon in the Bible, I hope you can fight with the gods!”
Said Dr. Emma Russell calmly.
The God in her mouth is naturally Godzilla.
It is also because Godzilla's strength is too strong, EPX group thought about it and found that only the three kings can compete.
This is also the reason why EPX group will put the recovery target on quitora.
Apart from kedora, humans really did not expect that there was an ancient Titan who could fight against Godzilla.
Along with Dr. Emma Russell, the orca acoustic device was fully activated.
Originally like a dead thing, quitora began to recover slowly.
Its heart starts to stir and its energy starts to activate.
At the same time, the eyes in the glacier also slowly open at this time.
“We have to withdraw, otherwise this three headed king will not let us go easily!”
After awakening quitora, Dr. Emma Russell called the crowd to retreat.
She doesn't want to be killed here by quitora.
Soon, the people of the EPX group who awakened kidora disappeared in the transport plane.
Here, only kydora, the king, is slowly recovering.
The bottom of the sea, in ancient ruins.
After completing today's task of self-discipline, Zhou Sheng excitedly opened his system panel.
Sure enough, as Zhou expected, he was promoted again.
After a year of self-discipline training, Zhou Sheng finally got enough experience to upgrade.
And today, ushered in the long-awaited transformation.
Zhou Sheng obviously felt that some changes began to take place in his body at the moment after he upgraded.
A feeling of crispness and numbness poured all over Zhou Sheng's body.
At the same time, Zhou Sheng felt a little sleepy and couldn't open his eyes.
“Don't let me sleep to death.”
Zhou Sheng lay on the ground, some tired thought.
He was really worried that when he woke up and found that hundreds of years had passed, he would have a lot of fun.
However, Zhou Sheng couldn't control the metamorphosis.
After all, this is his first transformation. Who knows how long it will take?
You can't give up the transformation just because you're worried about sleeping too long.
At the same time, Zhou Sheng began to fall asleep because of his metamorphosis.
His body, too, began to change a lot.
One of the most obvious is the peripheral dorsal fin.
The original dorsal fin is very rough, like a reef on the sea floor.
But after Zhou Sheng fell into metamorphosis, the dorsal fin behind him began to become flat.
Although still very ferocious, but at least a lot of good-looking.
At the same time, the length of the dorsal fin began to change.
As if they were growing up, the dorsal fin gradually became longer and thicker.
This means that you can use your dorsal fin to store more energy.
At the same time of Zhou Sheng's transformation, the outside world has become a mess*
Chapter 23: a human being in a dilemma
In Zhou Sheng's deep sleep.
Kedora has killed himself in the outside world.
Human beings originally intended to awaken kedora and attract Godzilla.
Then let the two top ancient Titans fight each other, so that human beings can benefit from each other.
Unfortunately, Godzilla didn't follow the human script.
People in the epex group, after they woke up kidora.
Godzilla didn't show up, but let kidora destroy all over the world.
To put it simply, it's the EPX group. It's off.
In fact, there is no problem with the EPX group's plan.
If all goes well, Chou Sheng will go to kill kidora after he is awakened.
But the problem is that the timing of the EPX group is very bad.
Zhou Shenggang fell into a deep sleep because of his transformation.
As a result, kidorah was awakened and no one could cure him.
After all, the main destruction areas in quitora are still human cities.
It can only be said that the luck of this wave of EPX group is not very good.
“I need an explanation why there is a dragon raging over our city!”
At the internal meeting of the apex group.
A senior leader of a big country asked the chairman of EPX group angrily!
Although the original plan to wake up quitora was approved by the whole human high level.
But that was when everything went well.
Now the situation is not smooth, the plan not only failed, but also suffered huge losses.
This pot, in any case, has to be carried by someone.
Obviously, the chairman of EPX group is the best person to carry the pot.
“I'm sorry, it was our mistake that led to this incident.”
“We will try our best to solve this problem, and our plan will not be in vain!”
The arrogant and high spirited chairman of EPX group lowered his head like a grandson.
The chairman of EPX group is a smart man who knows who can and cannot be offended.
In the face of ordinary people, he is naturally high above the big man.
But in front of the spokesmen of these great powers, he is just a puppet.
Therefore, in the face of those real human high-level interrogation, the chairman of EPX group wisely chose to admit counsels.
Directly admit their mistakes, and the pot on their own back.
He also succeeded in saving his own life.
If he wasn't so smart, maybe tomorrow he would have been shot in the back and died in his own home.
The cause of death is definitely suicide. There is no second possibility.
“Well, I'll give you another chance. This time you have to get rid of kedora.”
“Otherwise, you'll have to account for yourself.”
Although temporarily recovered a life, but the chairman of EPX group is still precarious.
If we can't solve the problem of quitora perfectly, his end will be miserable.
This is also a matter of tacit consent among the major powers.
Now that I have accepted their financial support, I naturally want to be a dog for them.
Otherwise, how can we get the full support of so many countries?How did EPX group develop into today's behemoth?
After the final warning, the high-level meeting ended.
The chairman of apex group, after the meeting, slumped down on the sofa.
His back was wet with cold sweat, and he was obviously very nervous just now.
“Damn it!How could I have dealt with quitora! ”
After recovering from the fear, the chairman of EPX group complained angrily again.
Don't look at what he promised before, but it was for survival.
Promise to come down, temporarily still won't die, don't promise, absolutely can't live.
But the problem also followed, although the life was saved for the time being.
However, if kedora is not solved in one day, his life may be lost at any time.
This is something he can't accept in any case.
But there is no good way to deal with quitora.
The top ancient Titan, where can be easily dealt with?
Didn't you see that just the ordinary male and female MUTOS forced the eagle sauce country to be almost helpless?
The strength of kidora is much more terrible than that of male and female MUTOS.
“Blame the damn Godzilla. Why didn't you show up this time?”
“Even if you're not a match for quitora, you'll have to show up.”
EPX group's chairman, and resentment said.
He blamed Godzilla for all this.
In his opinion, the reason why he is in the present situation is that Godzilla didn't come forward to kill kidola as planned.
Otherwise, where does quitora get the chance to show off his power in front of mankind?
“Forget it. At present, we have to try our best to stop quitora.”
“I hope the mecha hunters can deal with quitora!”
EPX Group Chairman, helpless thought.
Now, there is no better way.
We have to send the mecha hunters under the epex group to deal with kidola first.
He didn't know whether he would succeed, but he had to.
Rotten country, fog city.
This city, once a symbol of the sun never sets, has become a hell on earth.
Over the city, there are huge storms brewing.
Yellow lightning roared in the storm.
Under the storm, the city was also full of ruins and debris.
The power has been cut off for a long time, and the only lighting way of the whole city is fire.
Chaos, death and terror are the main themes of the city today.
Over the city, in the storm, the roar of monsters came.
Let the survivors in the city shiver one by one.
The culprit for all these scenes is quitora.
The three headed king who recovered from the glacier attacked many human cities in the period after the recovery.
Man sent out a huge army to try to stop quitora, but they failed in the end.
In the face of the power of ancient Titans, human technology seems like a joke.
Just as the human race is one, the fog will be broken by the lightning of quitora.
Three huge figures are coming slowly from the distance.
The survivors who saw this scene cheered one after another.
They recognized the identities of the three figures, which were made by human beings.
It is known as a war weapon specially used to deal with ancient Titans.
With the appearance of three mecha hunters, I believe we can kill kidora this time.
A lot of survivors think of it that way*
Chapter 24: desperate human, King kedora
What happened in the fog city of the corrupt country was broadcast to the whole world by the media.
Now the eyes of all mankind are on this ancient city.
A lot of people are looking forward to the fact that humans can beat quitora head on.
And the appearance of three machine armour hunters undoubtedly gave mankind hope.
“Red storm, dangerous wanderer, Tango wolf!”
“Three of the most advanced mecha hunters will surely be able to kill the demon kidorah!”
Someone looked at the three figures coming slowly and thought excitedly.
In the past, the mecha hunters had the record of killing monsters.
So in the eyes of many people, mecha hunter is synonymous with invincibility.
No matter what monster, in the face of mecha hunters, are just prey.
Kidora is no exception. It's just the next prey of the mecha hunter.
People who think that are ordinary people.
Because they have limited sources of information and know little.
They didn't know that the monsters that the mecha hunters hunted were not at the same level as the ancient Titans.
Those monsters that died in the hands of mecha hunters are all chrysanthemum opening monsters from the pioneer civilization.
It's the lowest weapon of war. It's extremely fragile.
The pioneers sent the chrysanthemum beast to Bluestar, which was to let the chrysanthemum beast die.
Open chrysanthemum beast when the outflow of flesh and blood, in order to completely corrupt the environment of blue star.
The ancient Titans were different.
Since the discovery of the existence of ancient Titans, there has been no record of human killing ancient Titans.
Even the weakest ancient Titan has never been killed by human weapons.
It's a joke to judge the ancient Titans by their achievements in the garbage like Kaiju beast.
The top management of EPX group also knows that sending these three mecha hunters is just the last struggle.
As a matter of fact, people with a clear mind have little hope.
The ordinary people who don't know anything will be full of expectations.
The drivers of these three mecha hunters don't know the opponent they are going to face at this time, which is not the same as before.
They thought that quitora was a creature of the level of a common pyrethrum.
Therefore, the drivers of these three mecha hunters are full of confidence at this time.
They even talked and laughed about where to go after killing kidorah.
Some people even complain about why the top management didn't let them deal with quitora earlier.
If they had gone out earlier, quitora would not have destroyed so many cities.
With this confidence, three mecha hunters slowly walked into the ruins of the city.
Behind the three mecha hunters are the luxurious air force.
Most of the most advanced fighters in the world can be seen here.
There are also hundreds of them, which are densely scattered all over the sky, looking very spectacular.
And this is the last human fight to stop quitora.
“Brother, ready to go!”
The pilot of the mecha Tango wolf said to five other companions.
Then he controls the tango wolf, turns on the jet thruster behind him and flies towards the storm in the sky.
The other two soon followed, and three soon disappeared in the storm.
A moment later, inside the storm came the roar of kedora's fury.
At the same time, the sound of explosion and thunder came one after another.
At this moment, all the survivors of the whole city look at the storm in the sky.
We are all looking forward to the fact that Taiwan 3 will soon be able to kill the demon of quitora.
At the same time, hundreds of fighters are flying into the clouds at this moment.
They're going to help the three mecha hunters fight kidorah together.
In the blink of an eye, the storm in the sky turned red.
That's the color of the fire. You can imagine how fierce the fire in the storm will be.
Soon the storm broke.
What cut through the storm was the burning remains of fighter planes.
At first, the number was small, only a few fighters crashed.
But in the blink of an eye, the sky was like a fire and rain.
One by one, flaming fireballs fell from the storm in the air.
Those are fighters that break up and explode.
“No, how could that be?”
“Have we failed?Otherwise, why did all our fighters fall down? ”
“Don't despair, we haven't lost yet, we still have three mecha hunters fighting against quitora!”
“We need to have faith in them, in our human heroes.”
“I believe that the final victory must belong to us human beings!”
On the screen of a live broadcast platform, netizens from all over the world are paying attention to this battle.
This war is not only about the survival of fog city, but also about the preservation of human dignity.
If we can't fight against quitora with all the strength of mankind, then the future of mankind will be completely hopeless.
But if prayer works, there won't be power.
Under the despairing eyes of countless human beings, a huge object fell from the air.
That's the first mecha hunter to fly into the storm, Tango wolf!
At this time, Tango wolf mecha, has been completely scrapped, the body is full of scars.
In a loud roar, the tango wolf fell on the ground.
Along with the tango wolf, there is also the hope of mankind.
More hopelessly, not long after the destruction of the tango wolf, another mecha fell from the storm.
Storm red, destroyed!
So far, the original three mecha hunters, now only dangerous vagrants are still fighting with quitora.
But at this moment, no one will believe that dangerous Rangers will be the opponent of quitora.
Sure enough, with the surge of yellow lightning in the storm, dangerous vagrants also fell from the storm.
At the same time, a giant also quickly dive down to catch up with the dangerous tramp.
Then in front of countless human beings, quitora tore up the dangerous tramp in the air.
With the roar, the dangerous wanderer landed, and quitora stepped on its wreckage.
After the elimination of the three mechas, quitora roared.
It's like showing your majesty.
But I have to admit that at this time, kedora can be called a king.
His fighting power is so strong that the human army is no different from toys in front of quitora.
Just as quitora kept yelling and showing off his kingly demeanor.
A tall figure, breaking the waves, tearing up the storm, stepping forward.
The red light accompanying the huge figure also shows the identity of the comer.
Godzilla, the real king of monsters, join us!
After a period of transformation, Zhou Sheng finally woke up.
And after sensing the breath of quitora, he killed him directly*
Chapter 25: when Godzilla comes, the king will see the king【New book collection
On the ruins of the old foggy city.
The two top giants confront each other.
Kydora clearly recognized Zhou Sheng and remembered that he was his opponent who had a fight with him tens of thousands of years ago.
Although it was the first time for Zhou Sheng to see quitora, in Godzilla's memory, there were scenes of the last war with him.
So Zhou Sheng was actually familiar with quitora.
One side is the king of monsters bred by blue stars, and the other is the king of gold falling from the starry sky.
It can be said that Godzilla and quitora are a pair of old enemies.
Every time we meet, we will tell each other.
This time, there will be no exception.
“Whoa, whoa
The so-called enemy meeting is particularly envious, which is the case with quitora at present.
After seeing his former enemy, quitora opened his three heads and roared angrily at Zhou Sheng.
At the same time, kedora spread his wings. At the end of the wings, yellow lightning spread.
That's what kedora has, gravitational rays.
In the face of kedora, Zhou Sheng is not willing to be outdone.
He also raised his voice and roared at quitora.
The roar of super decibel directly shatters the wind and rain.
In terms of momentum, it is no doubt that Chou Sheng has put pressure on quitora.
Looking at Godzilla, who has not been seen for tens of thousands of years and has become stronger, there is an intention to kill in his eyes.
Godzilla has been out there for tens of thousands of years, but what about him?It's frozen under the glaciers of Antarctica, and there's no progress at all.
You know, at the time of the war, quitora ran over Godzilla.
If that time, without mosra, Godzilla would have been dead.
The more he thought about the past, the more angry he was.
Now it wants to tear Godzilla apart.
In that war, kedora fought against mosra and Godzilla.
The end result is three defeats and all injuries.
Kidola was seriously injured and had to fall into a dormant state to recover from his injury.
Morsela is dead, though it will soon hatch out of the egg.
As for Godzilla, he was also seriously injured and had to hibernate in the abyss.
This also caused Godzilla to be occupied by Zhou Sheng.
It can be said that if Zhou Sheng can become a Godzilla, quitora definitely has a lot of credit.
In Zhou Sheng's opinion, the best way to repay this credit is to kill quitora.
After both sides recalled their old and new feuds, they were finally unable to restrain themselves.
Chou Sheng roared and started to rush towards quitora.
Huge body with extremely unscientific speed, fast toward quitora.
Kedora also spread his wings and held his three heads high.
Visible to the naked eye, the bright yellow energy condenses along quitora's throat.
After a short period of accumulation, quitora opened his mouth and spewed out yellow gravitational rays.
This is kedora's mace, more powerful than Godzilla's atomic breath.
Of course, it refers to Godzilla in the original film.
Today's Zhou Sheng is much more powerful than Godzilla in the movie.
In the face of kedora's gravitational rays, Zhou Sheng is not to be outdone.
Behind the dorsal fin suddenly flashing blood red light, then mouth is a red atom spit out.
It is not a difficult thing for Zhou Sheng to emit atomic breath immediately.
In the blink of an eye, the Yellow gravitational rays collide with the red atoms.
At the center of the collision, a bright cloud of light rose immediately.
The original dark fog, at this moment are like day.
The eyes of the survivors who look at the light are burned out in the first place.
The collision between two top ancient Titans is no less than a nuclear explosion.
Anyone who looks at the light mass of the explosion in the event of a nuclear explosion will directly burn his eyes.
Mortals can never imagine the power of the top ancient Titans.
And it's just that kedora and Godzilla are testing each other.
After the light group gradually dissipated, Zhou Sheng and quitora were fighting together.
Although Zhou Sheng's hand to hand combat is not strong, kedora is not strong either.
If it's a short hand in the close combat of Godzilla.
That kidola has no hands. His wings are his hands.
In fact, the only means of close combat for quitora is three heads.
In addition, kedora's three slender necks may also play the role of winding.
On the whole, the close combat abilities of quitora and Godzilla are almost the same.
It's totally different from melee killers like supreme Muto.
If the supreme Muto comes to fight with kedora, kedora will be killed by the supreme Muto.
Of course, quitora is not that stupid.
As long as kedora flies in the air, supreme Muto has nothing to do.
Kites that can only be pulled by Quito are slowly consumed.
After all, supreme Muto has no means of long-range attack.
But Godzilla is different. Godzilla has the means of long-range attack, and it is also very strong.
Godzilla's atomic breath, even the power of kedora dare not underestimate.
That's why only Godzilla and morsela could stop kydora when he came to the blue star.
For other ancient Titans, it's the rhythm of giving away the head.
But now, both quitora and Godzilla give up their advantages and choose close combat that they are not very good at.
The reason why Zhou Sheng chose close combat was that he didn't give quitora the chance to escape.
It's easy to be dodged by kedora by emitting atomic breath at a distance.
Then kidola took off and it was hard for Zhou Sheng to fight.
But if you're close, it's different.
After Zhou Sheng was close to him, he could not make quitola fly.
That's why Chou chose to fight kedora hand to hand.
While quitora chose to fight with Godzilla, he mainly regarded Zhou Sheng as Godzilla before.
If it's Godzilla in the original book, it's true that kedora even has a close fight.
Tens of thousands of years ago, the two top ancient Titans fought each other.
In the middle of the sea, quitora was no match for Godzilla.
But on land, or in the sky, quitora was much better than Godzilla.
It is because he believes that his strength is better than Godzilla that quitora chooses to fight with Godzilla.
Even quitora's heart has thought about how to trample this fat man hiding in the deep sea.
However, as soon as the two top giants got close to each other, quitora realized something was wrong.
Godzilla's melee strength has gone far beyond its imagination.
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Chapter 26: dialogue between the king and the miserable quitora
In quitora's impression, Godzilla is not its rival at all.
Except in the ocean.
Otherwise, whether it's land or sky, whether it's wave or melee.
It, King kedora, can easily kill the deep sea fat house.
If it's Godzilla in the original book, then kidora's idea is right.
In addition to Goss pull hanging, the outbreak of red lotus state, in fact, quitora has always occupied the absolute upper hand.
Two fights with Godzilla, they both beat Godzilla to death.
The only time I suffered a loss was when I was attacked by Godzilla on the sea.
He was dragged into the sea and was almost bitten to death by Godzilla.
That time, if it wasn't for humanity's stupidity to release some “oxygen destroyer bomb”, maybe kidola would have died.
But you know, fog is not in the sea.
Fighting on land, quitora didn't know how to lose.
But soon, quitora found out that he was wrong.
And it's very wrong.
In the moment of close combat with Zhou Sheng, kidola was pressed on the ground and rubbed.
All three heads of quitora were smashed to the ground by Zhou Sheng.
At the same time, kidola's whole body was knocked down by Zhou Sheng.
After smashing several buildings, he couldn't turn over completely. He could only watch Zhou Sheng ride on it and beat it violently.
Kydora's three heads howled, and there was even a hint of fear in his voice.
Obviously, quitora is a little flustered now.
But Chow won't let kidora off so cheaply.
It's not easy to catch this guy who can fly. Naturally, we have to treat him well.
Thinking of this, the first thing Zhou Sheng did was to stretch out his two short hands and grasp quitora's wings.
Then, with a sudden force, push it down.
A burst of numb scalp fracture sound sounded, quitola's left wing, unexpectedly was rigidly folded together by Zhou Sheng.
Only God knows how many segments the bones on Quito's wings have been folded into.
After losing one of kedora's wings, Zhou Sheng didn't think it was enough.
Reach out and grab the other wing of quitora.
Then suddenly force, struggling to pull up.
With the movement of Zhou Sheng, kidola also issued a tragic howl.
This time, quitora really hurt.
Even it hasn't had time to recover from the pain of breaking its left wing.
In the twinkling of an eye, its right wing was also targeted by Zhou Sheng.
After feeling that his right wing was yanked by Zhou Sheng, kidola turned his three heads and bit him hard.
Facing this kind of attack, Zhou Sheng didn't even bother to hide.
With Zhou Sheng's defense, the skin is rough and the flesh is thick enough to describe it. Where can kedora's teeth be broken?
After biting Zhou Sheng a few times, kidola had to accept the reality.
That is, Zhou Sheng's skin is too thick for him to bite.
So quitora quickly abandoned this useless practice and began to accumulate gravitational rays.
With the opening of Quito's mouth, three gravitational rays suddenly rush towards Zhou Sheng.
If you eat kedora gravitational rays, even Zhou Sheng will have some trouble.
It's true that injuries don't pay attention, but they don't feel good.
However, Zhou Sheng has been on guard for a long time.
The Yellow gravitational ray does not directly attack the surrounding body.
But when there is still a distance from Zhou Sheng, he is blocked by the dark red atomic shield.
This time, quitora is totally helpless.
They can't bite, they can't bite, they can't block the gravitational rays, they can't do anything.
Soon, with the increasing strength of life.
In a gruesome tearing sound, kidola's right wing was torn off by Zhou Sheng.
The gravitational rays that kedora had been brewing in his mouth completely collapsed at this time.
The shrill scream came out again, and we can imagine the pain of quitora at this time.
So much so that quitora's voice changed, and there was no more dignity.
On the contrary, some of them are like drowning dogs, which are about to come to a dead end.
After abandoning a pair of quitora's wings, Zhou Sheng was completely relieved.
Now, there's no need to worry about quitora running away.
Even his wings were torn by Zhou Sheng. He really didn't believe that quitora could make any waves.
The next thing to do is to ravage the kidora.
After kidora's greatest air superiority was eliminated, the war began to fall on one side.
Without the right wing, quitora is not only losing the ability to fly.
Even its own balance is out of control.
Zhou Sheng even doubted if quitora would fall when he walked.
In this state, how can quitora be Zhou Sheng's opponent?
Even in his heyday, he was severely beaten by Zhou Sheng, and now he has no resistance.
Under the constant offensive of Zhou Sheng, quitora seems to have become a sandbag.
There is nothing to do but to be beaten.
However, it has to be said that quitora's defense is really thick.
Zhou Sheng has been beating quitora for so long, but there is nothing wrong with him.
It's just that the fragile wings are discarded by the surrounding, but the noumenon is not seriously damaged.
No other, just high defense.
In the original “Godzilla” movie series, kidola's defense was higher than Godzilla's.
After all, kedora can resist red lotus Godzilla, the existence of a hot nuclear pulse.
Although during the first thermonuclear pulse, kidola's head and wings were vaporized directly.
But kedora's body was not damaged.
It was only later that the general manager of Costa Rica made up his sword and another nuclear pulse broke the defense of quitora.
After that, kidora was trampled to death.
This kind of defense, even if it is not comparable to all.
In the case of normal Godzilla, there is no effect at all after he eats it hard. We can see the thickness of the blood bar.
No wonder in the movie, Godzilla will be hanged by quitora.
Whether it's power or speed, whether it's defense or energy attack.
Kydora is much better than Godzilla, which can be said to be ahead of Godzilla in all aspects.
Only in the sea can Godzilla get back a little bit of the field.
But that's Godzilla in the original, not Zhou Sheng now.
At this time, Zhou Sheng was much better than quitora in all aspects.
I can't fly except Zhou Sheng.
This is also the main reason why Chou Sheng abandoned his wings as soon as he came up.
At the same time, Zhou Sheng constantly beat kidola and tried to break through his defense.
Human satellites also broadcast the scene of the battle between these two top giants to every corner of the world.
It can be said that Zhou Sheng at this time is rubbing against quitora in front of all human beings*
Chapter 27: long live?Are you cursing me to die early【New book collection
On the major live broadcasting platforms of mankind.
There was a barrage of bullets passing by.
At this moment, the world's media are very tacit understanding, live coverage of the century war.
And the barrage that those people send out, without exception, is cheering for Godzilla.
There are even people who spontaneously brush the curtain of “long live Godzilla”.
If Zhou Sheng knows, he will definitely give him a breath.
hooray?Who do you curse?
Does Godzilla have such a short life span?
However, it can be seen that in the hearts of human beings, they are more supportive of Godot.
It's normal. Quitora destroyed many human cities.
There are at least ten million people who live and die directly or indirectly in Quito's hands.
It's really strange that with such a great deal of damage, humans can still have a good feeling for quitora.
And Godzilla is much milder than the killers.
Of course, this gentleness is also relative.
When Godzilla destroyed a naval base to warn mankind, people still remember it.
But on the whole, Godzilla has become a God in the human heart.
Many even call Godzilla a hero.
The reason is that in the most desperate moment of mankind, Godzilla stood up and beat quitora violently.
If Zhou Sheng knew these human thoughts, he might laugh out loud.
What does it have to do with human beings that he beat kidorah violently?
He just wanted quitora dead.
When people all over the world are cheering for Godzilla.
At the headquarters of the EPX group.
The chairman of EPX group is sitting with the group's chief scientist, Dr. Parker.
In front of them is a big screen.
On the screen are Godzilla and quitora, who are fighting.
“That guy's getting stronger again!”
Looking at Godzilla in front of us, pressing the hammer of quitola.
EPX Group Chairman, some resentment said.
He is one of the few people who want Godzilla to die soon.
In the final analysis, it was because Godzilla didn't show up in time that he hated him.
“Yes, it's hard to imagine such creatures on the blue star.”
“Every time it appears, it will be much better than the last one.”
“It's like he's making progress all the time. It's terrible.”
EPX group's chief scientist, Dr. pike also sighed.
From a scientific point of view, we will find that the existence of Godzilla is extremely unreasonable.
Godzilla's evolution speed is too fast, completely beyond the theory of evolution.
According to the theory of evolution, the more advanced a creature is, the longer it takes to evolve.
The kind of creatures that evolve all the time, only the smallest bacteria in nature can do it.
And Godzilla, of course, is a high-level creature.
It can even be said that Godzilla is the highest level creature of Bluestar, and there is no problem.
But that's why Dr. pike was confused.
Why does such a high-level Godzilla evolve faster than some tiny bacteria?
Think about Godzilla's first appearance.
At that time, Godzilla was just over 100 meters, far less tall than it is now.
But now, Godzilla has grown into a giant of more than 160 meters.
All these are just the changes that have taken place in decades.
What if the time is longer?How far will Godzilla evolve?
Dr. Parker can't think of an answer to this question, and he doesn't dare to think about it.
On second thought, he was worried that his confidence would collapse.
In fact, Dr. Parker's confidence has collapsed.
Originally, Dr. pike was full of confidence in the mechanical Godzilla plan. He thought that relying on the mechanical Godzilla, Godzilla could be defeated or even killed.
But now, Dr. Parker doesn't have that idea.
The more he understood Godzilla, the more he felt powerless.
Human intelligence and technology, in the face of such creatures as Godzilla, is like a joke.
How can mortal wisdom be compared with the miracle created by the creator?
However, Dr. pike did not say that he was not confident.
He is not a fool. He may not be able to keep his name.
What's more, isn't it more challenging to challenge the impossible?
If you want to fight this, Dr. Parker, who was a little bit broken in his heart, is full of fighting spirit again.
“Speed up, we don't have much time to wait.”
“I'm not sure now that our technological upgrading of mechanical Godzilla is comparable to Godzilla's self evolution.”
“If the R & D cycle of mechanical Godzilla is too long, I can't imagine how far it has evolved when mechanical Godzilla is made.”
Dr. Parker, who regained his confidence, said to the chairman.
The more you know about Godzilla's perversion, the more anxious Dr. Parker is.
Now if you kill Godzilla, there's a little chance.
If we delay for a few years or even more than ten years, maybe it will be too late.
Obviously, the chairman of apex group also understands this truth.
He nodded and agreed with Dr. Parker.
“I'll send someone to fog to collect the flesh and blood of quitora.”
“When we get kidora's DNA, the last jigsaw puzzle of mechanical Godzilla will be finished!”
EPX Group Chairman, said confidently.
What happened in foggy city is what he wants to see.
After all, according to their original plan, they wanted to fight two top giants.
Although there were some problems in the middle of the plan, fortunately, the goal was achieved.
Next, what EPX group has to do is to collect the scattered flesh and blood tissue of quitola and transport it back to EPX group headquarters.
Soon, the chairman of apex group made a call.
After giving an account, I put down the phone in my ear.
“Yes, we have sent people into the fighting area to search for the flesh and blood of quitora.”
“All we have to do is wait patiently.”
Before the attack of quitora, fog was an international metropolis.
Such a city naturally has a branch of EPX group.
So with just one phone call, the chairman of apex group can find someone to get what he wants.
As for whether anyone would like to do it?
As long as we give enough money, even if we know that it is a task that will die, someone will rush to do it.
There is no need to worry about this.
Soon, under the cover of the night.
More than 200 heavily armed soldiers in the EPX group branch in the suburb of fog city slowly touched the area where two top giants were fighting*
Chapter 28: stealing kidora's blood and weakening the thermonuclear pulse
In the fog.
Zhou Sheng is rubbing with kidola.
Kidola's head was bitten off by Zhou Sheng.
The remaining two will not live long.
Even Zhou Sheng grabbed kidola by the neck and smashed him in the air.
Just like Loki, the evil god tyrannized by the Hulk in the movie, he is extremely miserable.
The Golden King of a generation is in such a situation.
Quitora's heart is full of regret now.
Regret why they want to trust big, and Godzilla hand to hand.
If you fly to the sky at the beginning, there is nothing you can do with Godzilla, no matter how powerful he is.
But regret is useless.
Both wings were broken by Zhou Sheng. He couldn't beat them and run them. Now, kedora really has no way for heaven and earth.
As a winner, Zhou Sheng is very happy.
However, quitora's defense is really exaggerated. After being beaten by Zhou Sheng for such a long time, it still hasn't been broken.
No wonder Godzilla in the original book was beaten by kidola.
Godzilla and quitora, who are fighting fiercely, are paying attention to each other.
I didn't notice at all. At their feet, a group of weak ants sneaked over.
There is no doubt that those who sneak into the battlefield are the people of the EPX group.
They were ordered to collect the flesh and blood of quitora.
If we can collect all the flesh and blood tissues of Godzilla by the way, it is absolutely an unimaginable credit.
Soon, a member of the EPX group found a huge piece of flesh and blood on the ground.
This is the flesh and blood of kedora.
It splashed out when Zhou Sheng tore off kidola's head.
This piece of flesh and blood is only the size of a millstone. It's a huge mass for human beings.
But for top giants like quitora and Godzilla, it's just a bit of a scrap.
Neither kedora nor Godzilla noticed that such a small piece of flesh and blood fell into the hands of human beings.
“Mission complete, cover my retreat!”
After taking some blood stains from this piece of quitora's flesh and blood, the member of the epex group called his companion with his walkie talkie.
As for taking away the quick flesh and blood, don't dream.
This is the size of a millstone, and it weighs tons.
If you want to move, you have to have a vehicle.
You know, the body density of kedora is totally different from that of ordinary creatures.
In the same volume, the flesh and blood of kedora is dozens or even hundreds of times heavier than that of ordinary flesh and blood.
How easy is it to transport without being discovered by Godzilla?
Moreover, with blood, EPX group can also extract the DNA of kidola.
So it's enough to get some of quitora's blood.
Soon, a group of members of the EPX group, covering the members who had just received blood samples, withdrew from the battlefield.
Zhou Sheng, who is fighting with kidola, did not expect that someone had taken kidola's DNA under his own eyes.
Finally, after a while of devastation.
Zhou Sheng completely broke the defense of quitora.
At this time, kidola was already very miserable, and the scales of his whole body were almost pulled out by Zhou Sheng.
Without the protection of scales, kidola could not resist Zhou Sheng's attack.
Looking at quitora lying on the ground and dying, Zhou Sheng also lost interest.
That's it. It's all over.
Thinking of this, Zhou Sheng's dorsal fin bloomed red again.
This time, however, it was not the exhalation of atoms, but the thermonuclear pulse.
Of course, because Zhou Sheng did not enter the red lotus state completely, the thermonuclear pulse was weakened.
But it's enough for today's kidora.
Lying on the ground, kedora looks at the red light on Zhou Sheng's body and gives out despair.
It also realized that it was about to fall.
However, the current quitora, even if want to avoid, have no ability.
I can only watch the red thermonuclear pulse sweep me.
Without the protection of scales, it is impossible to resist the power of this weakened version of thermonuclear pulse.
All the tissues of the body are burned directly.
At the same time, the thermonuclear pulse also swept away towards the distance.
Vaporize everything along the way.
This is mainly to wipe out the flesh and blood of quitora.
Zhou Sheng didn't want to see kedora resurrect and stand in front of him that day.
Don't think that quitora doesn't have this ability. In fact, quitora's self replication ability is more terrible than Zhou Sheng's self-healing ability to some extent.
In the original work, quitora once copied his head bitten off by Godzilla in a very short time.
In theory, if the energy is enough, kidola can reproduce himself even if he has only one set of DNA left.
In order to get rid of the roots, Zhou Sheng naturally had to clean up the traces of the battlefield.
In this way, people will not be stupid in the future, and then they will accidentally revive kedorah.
With the continuous diffusion of the peripheral thermonuclear pulse, pieces of flesh and blood on the ground are vaporized.
At the same time, some human beings in the thermonuclear pulse range are naturally dead and can not die any more.
After all this, Zhou returned to the deep sea.
Anyway, I've done everything I need to do.
If, in this case, kedora can come back to life, Zhou Sheng will recognize it.
What Zhou Sheng didn't expect was that his front foot had just retreated from the fog city battlefield and returned to the sea.
The next second, there will be a lot of human, into the fog of the battlefield.
There is no doubt that the purpose of these people is the same, that is to go to the battlefield to collect the flesh and blood of the ancient Titans.
Since the ancient Titan began large-scale activities in the blue star, a new industry was born.
That's Titan scavenger.
As the name suggests, it is actually to search the area where ancient Titans lived and to find all the things left by ancient Titans.
Among them, flesh and DNA are the most valuable.
Some are scientific research institutions, which spend a lot of money to buy the ancient Titan's body tissue.
There is no doubt that the ancient titans are powerful, and human beings are also like to understand the mystery of the ancient Titans.
Studying the genetic structure of ancient Titans is the most important.
In fact, with the continuous study of the ancient Titan gene, many previously incurable diseases have now found a cure.
This is only a part of the value of ancient Titans.
It can be said that the ancient titans are all treasure.
Nowadays, the biggest outlet of human civilization is almost related to the ancient Titans*
Chapter 29: Dr. Newton, the blue star insider, the pioneer's calculation of civilization
Not long after Zhou Sheng left fog city, a large number of people who were not afraid of death came to the battlefield just now.
They searched the land of magma for all the debris that ancient Titans might have left behind.
Even a tiny bit of the flesh and blood of the ancient Titans can be sold at sky high prices.
How can no one be interested in such a huge interest?
However, those who came from behind were almost a little late.
It's necessary to finish Zhou Sheng's life by vaporizing all the genes left in foggy city.
Only the EPX group took away some of quitora's blood before Zhou Sheng had time to clear the scene before the end of the battle.
And this also made Zhou Sheng get into trouble later.
EPX group headquarters.
A group of elite teams escorted kidora's blood samples back here.
Then, quitora's blood was sent to the most advanced scientific research department of EPX group.
Almost all the top biologists of Bluestar are here.
In this way, we can also see the strength of EPX group.
If not for the support of the whole human high-level, EPX group could not have gathered so many top scientists.
And these top scientists, led by Dr. Parker.
Start studying the blood of kidora.
We hope that with the help of these blood, we can find out the gene and DNA in kidora's body, and transplant kidora's gene into mechanical Godzilla's body.
Among the top scientists in the EPX group is a doctor named Newton.
Dr. Newton was first responsible for the study of chrysanthemum openers.
In one experiment, Dr. Newton used the brain interface device to enter the brain of the chrysanthemum opening beast and see the monster's thoughts.
And successfully help EPX group to find out the attack route of Kaiju beast.
However, few people know that Dr. Newton was controlled by the pioneer civilization after he entered the thought of Kaiju beast.
In other words, Dr. Newton is actually the insider of the pioneer civilization in Bluestar.
If the EPX group goes to search Dr. Newton's house now, it can also find the brain worms raised by Dr. Newton.
This brain worm is a tool for Dr. Newton to communicate with the pioneers.
“The blood of kedora, the alien king.”
“If I can get it and give it to the Supreme Lord!”
“Then perhaps the Supreme Lord will come to the world soon and kill the devil!”
By the side of quitora's blood, Dr. Newton thought.
He has been controlled by the pioneer civilization, in his view, the pioneer civilization is the great Lord.
And he is the pioneer of civilization, the messenger of blue star.
Because of the civilization of the pioneers, Newton knew more than the blue star people.
Dr. Newton knows that the disappearance of the chrysanthemum opening beast some time ago is not a death.
It's the destruction of the gateway from the pioneer civilization to the blue star.
Not only the space passage has been destroyed, but also the pioneer civilization has been greatly damaged.A large area of land has been directly sunk to the bottom of the sea.
What caused all this was the demon born in blue star, namely Godzilla.
Before the battle between kedora and Godzilla, Dr. Newton really hoped that Godzilla would be killed by kedora.
However, quitora does not have the strength.
But now, Dr. Newton sees the possibility of helping the pioneers civilize and defeat Godzilla.
If he can get the gene sample of quitora, the pioneer civilization can use the gene sample to make a copy of it.
It can even make quitora stronger.
At that time, he will open the wormhole from the blue star and summon the resurrected quitora to the blue star.
On that day, it will be the end of Godzilla.
Dr. Newton, who already has a plan in mind, is not in a hurry to start with quitora's gene.
As a senior employee of EPX group, Dr. Newton clearly knows the strength of EPX group.
Although there is only a little bit of quitora's blood now, it will soon replicate countless genes of quitora.
At that time, it would be easy for him to get a genetic sample of quitora.
There's no need to take a big risk now.
So Dr. Newton went into hibernation and waited for the time to come.
As a powerful civilization in the universe.
The pioneer civilization can not easily give up the blue star.
Even Godzilla is on the death list of the pioneers.
How many years?The homeland of the pioneers' civilization was attacked by the enemy and caused so much damage.
It can be said that if Godzilla is not killed, the dignity of the pioneer civilization will be trampled on.
Unfortunately, with the space passage destroyed by Zhou Sheng, the pioneer civilization also lost the interstellar coordinates of the blue star.
Without accurate interstellar coordinates, it is impossible to find a blue star in the universe.
When the pioneer civilization became angry, they were surprised to find that someone on the blue star had contacted them.
Yes, Dr. Newton.
Dr. Newton thought he could spy on Kaiju beast's thoughts, but he didn't know that Kaiju beast was actually a biological weapon.
In fact, the neurons of Kaiju animal are controlled by the pioneer civilization.
When Dr. Newton entered into the thought of Kaiju beast, he was immediately discovered by the pioneer civilization and became the same tool as Kaiju beast without any resistance.
After taking control of Dr. Newton, the insider, the pioneer civilization began to plan how to use this insider to reopen a space channel and then invade the blue star.
The emergence of the kidola gene is only a surprise.
Even without kedora, the pioneer civilization will soon use Dr. Newton to return to the blue star.
However, kidola's gene is not without effect.
With the scientific and technological level of the pioneer civilization, kedora can be revived and transformed to be more powerful.
At that time, this kidora is an excellent weapon against Godzilla.
At this time, Zhou Sheng did not know the calculation of the pioneer civilization.
It's not at all clear that there are still genes in quitora.
At this time, Zhou Sheng has returned to the nest on the bottom of the sea.
And started the self-discipline training day after day.
After the previous transformation, Zhou Sheng becomes more powerful.
So much so that in the normal form, he killed kedora.
Compared with Godzilla in the original work, who tried his best to break out the red lotus form to kill quitora, Zhou Sheng was undoubtedly much stronger.
But Zhou Sheng knows very well that the universe is big and there are many enemies.
Now his strength, also in the blue star hegemony.
Nothing in the universe.
Although Zhou Sheng didn't want to go to the universe, he had to regard the creatures in the universe as imaginary enemies.
Only in this way can Zhou Sheng maintain his sense of crisis.
If you only focus on the blue star, Zhou Sheng is invincible. What else can you do?It's better to go back to the bottom and have a good sleep.
Always keep a sense of crisis, this is not a kind of self-discipline*
Chapter 30: skull island crisis, the fierce King Kong【New book collection
In Zhou Sheng's self-discipline practice.
On Skull Island, a disaster is happening.
More than 30 years have passed since the discovery of skull island.
At the beginning of his childhood, King Kong, the pretty boy of Skeleton Island, has grown into a man of 100 meters.
At this time, King Kong is already worthy of the overlord of Skeleton Island.
An ordinary skeleton lizard is just a toy in King Kong's hands.
At the same time, the imperial organization also set up an outpost on Skull Island.
It is used to observe the habits of Vajra and study the data of Vajra.
Ordinary people don't know about the existence of Vajra. Only a few high-level people know about it.
As a result, EPX group has an idea.
That is to use King Kong to deal with Godzilla.
After all, it is recorded in the murals of skull island that there was a war between the group of King Kong and the group of Godzilla.
Although that war, in fact, is a group of King Kong together to besiege an atomic dinosaur.
But it also shows that King Kong, unlike other ancient Titans, did not submit to Godzilla.
This gives humans room to operate.
In addition, there is a good relationship between King Kong and the aborigines on Skeleton Island. Some aborigines can even communicate with King Kong.
With the help of these aborigines, King Kong can be completely controlled.
At the very least, it can lead King Kong to the opposite of Godzilla.
However, there is a big loophole in the plan of EPX group.
That is, King Kong can't be a rival of Godzilla at all.
This can be seen from the data of two monsters.
King Kong is just over 100 meters tall and weighs 110000 tons. It's a regular ancient Titan data.
What about Godzilla?He is 160 meters tall and weighs more than 400000 tons.
The two sides are not equal at all.
In addition, King Kong is not a pure ancient Titan, more like a variety of some ancient creatures.
Although Vajra has the body of the ancient Titan, it does not have the most powerful ability of the ancient Titan, that is, bioenergy.
Unlike Godzilla and supreme Muto, King Kong is not a nuclear eater.
The diet of King Kong is no different from that of ordinary creatures. They all need to get energy from meat.
What about Godzilla?You don't need to hunt at all. You just need to absorb the nuclear energy from the blue star to improve yourself.
How can a meat eater beat a nuclear eater?
In the words of the novel, how can a little monk who is still in the training stage fight a big man who has already broken the valley and can survive only by the aura of heaven and earth?
This is not a contest of grades at all.
Even if you equip Vajra with all kinds of weapons, you have no chance to defeat Godzilla.
People in the EPX group know that, too.
But they didn't expect King Kong to defeat Godzilla.
It just takes Vajra to make some trouble for Godzilla.
As for what will happen to King Kong, human beings don't care at all.
Whether King Kong is torn up by Godzilla or survived by luck, as long as the goal of the EPX group is achieved.
The ignorant King Kong doesn't know that these tiny mole ants have planned how to let him die.
Now King Kong is facing the greatest danger from his birth.
“What happened to him?It looks manic
A member of the imperial organization, looking at the irascible King Kong, had some doubts.
Her name is Sophia. She's a researcher with the monarch organization.
The main responsibility is to study the ancient Titan King Kong.
Sofia is also the leader of the imperial organization's outpost on Skull Island.
Different from the epex group, the purpose of emperor organization was to observe and discover the ancient Titans.
And in the continuous development, began to think about how to let mankind and the ancient Titan peaceful coexistence.
The monarch organization and the epex group are actually the representatives of the two factions within human beings.
The imperial organization represents the dove faction, which advocates peaceful coexistence with the ancient Titans.
EPX group, on behalf of the Hawks, advocated replacing the supremacy of the ancient Titans.
Compared with the impeccable means of the EPX group, the people organized by the emperor had to abide by the rules.
For Vajra, the imperial organization is only to observe and protect.
It is totally different from the attitude of the EPX group.
Long term observation of Vajra also makes Sophia very familiar with Vajra.
It's the first time I've seen King Kong's rage like this.
“Maybe it has something to do with more and more skeletons and lizards recently.”
Sophia's assistant guessed.
Recently, skull lizards are more and more frequent.
Although there is King Kong, the skeleton lizard will be killed soon after it appears.
But it still caused a huge blow to the ecological balance of skull island.
The reason why King Kong is so hot today may be related to those skeleton lizards.
In the face of the assistant's speculation, Sophia also thinks it is possible.
The King Kong family and the skeleton lizard family are mortal enemies. King Kong's parents died in a battle with the skeleton lizard.
The skull lizard is more and more active, and King Kong is more and more irritable.
“But what is the reason why the skeleton lizard is so active now?”
Sophia had a new problem in her mind.
She had a hunch that this issue was very important. If she didn't make it clear, Skeleton Island might be destroyed.
King Kong's irritability, as Sophia guessed, is related to the skeleton lizard.
But not because of the active little lizards.
Those little lizards, King Kong can blow with one hand.
What really scares King Kong is the big guy sleeping in the underground of Skeleton Island.
That's the fatal threat.
Ancient titans have a very special ability, that is, they can feel the life waves of other ancient Titans.
King Kong is the same, he can clearly sense that a big guy is waking up under the Skeleton Island.
Because of this, King Kong is more and more irritable.
Facing the enemy, King Kong can only watch it wake up, nothing else.
Even running away and leaving Skeleton Island is an impossible thing for King Kong.
Skull Island is surrounded by the sea and a special magnetic field.
At ordinary times, the special geography of skull island became the talisman of King Kong, so that King Kong could not be found by other ancient Titans.
Up to now, it has become a cage. It's hard to escape from the confinement of King Kong on Skeleton Island.
When the big guys under the ground wake up, a big war will break out.
King Kong, however, has no confidence at all.
At that time, King Kong's parents were killed by the big guys underground.
Now just grown up, how can King Kong be the opponent of that big guy underground?
This is the root of King Kong's irritability*
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Chapter 31: the skeleton giant Lizard King's attack, the inner earth world
Half a month later, Skeleton Island.
King Kong is sitting on a hill, beating a stone constantly.
His actions also confused the personnel of the imperial organization.
“What is he doing?”
A member of the imperial organization, looking at King Kong's behavior, said strangely.
Sophia is also looking at King Kong, but she knows why.
“He's making his own weapon!”
Sophia replied.
King Kong's abnormal performance during this period of time was seen by Sophia.
In order to find out the source of King Kong's abnormality, Sophia sent people to investigate the skull island.
In the end, Sophia found out why.
In the center of Skeleton Island, there is a cave that goes straight to the bottom of the earth.
Where is the skeleton lizard's home.
Recently, more and more skeletons and lizards are pouring out of the nest, as if they are avoiding something.
From the perspective of biological instinct, it must be more powerful predators that skeleton lizards should avoid.
And this can also explain why King Kong has been so irritable recently.
There's a powerful predator coming out.
Sophia's guess is not wrong. The big monster under the ground has really recovered.
King Kong just felt this point and kept beating the stone.
It's to forge this stone into a handy weapon.
In the face of the attack of the enemy, King Kong did not choose to sit and wait to die, but made weapons to prepare for the war.
Just as King Kong kept building his own weapons, a violent shock suddenly broke out in the center of Skeleton Island.
At the same time, a scream came from that direction.
King Kong, who was building weapons, had to stop his action.
Stand up with your weapon and look to the center of skull island.
Vajra hit his chest with his hand and made a roar.
It's like a BOLD response to the big guy.
Later, King Kong mentioned the weapon he had just made, a rock axe with high hardness.
And then quickly toward the center of skull island.
“Keep up with King Kong. Let's see what's going on.”
“By the way, contact the naval forces outside the island and ask them to send fire to reinforce. We can't let King Kong fight alone!”
Sofia said quickly to other members of the imperial organization.
Although she did not know what kind of monster was resurrected.
However, it is not difficult to see that King Kong is afraid of this monster when he thinks of his recent behaviors.
Even King Kong is afraid of monsters, can only be other ancient Titans.
Therefore, Sophia felt that human beings must help King Kong.
Don't let King Kong face the unknown monster alone.
After all, among the ancient Titans, King Kong is the only one willing to communicate with human beings.
At the same time, King Kong is also the most similar ancient Titan to human beings.
After explaining a series of things, Sophia took a few staff members and drove to the core area of Skeleton Island.
Where, a great war has already begun.
When Vajra reaches the area of metamorphosis with his hand axe.
A huge skull lizard has come out of the ground.
Compared with the ordinary skeleton lizard, this one looks like a big Mac.
Height at least 100 meters, length plus tail, at least 300 meters.
It weighs at least 200000 tons and is completely crushed.
This is also the root cause of King Kong's uneasiness.
King of the skeleton lizards.
Skeleton lizards, since ancient times, have been the mortal enemies of the King Kong clan.
There have been countless wars between the two races.
The king of the skeleton lizard clan also killed many of King Kong's kindred in those wars.
King Kong's parents were killed by the king of skeleton lizard a long time ago.
At that time, Vajra was still young and survived.
But King Kong, who witnessed the death of his parents, has a deep memory of the skeleton Lizard King.
In other words, the Dragon King is the heart demon and nightmare of King Kong.
Looking at the skeleton Lizard King in front of him, King Kong thought of his parents who died in those years.
The combination of new and old grudges directly made King Kong overcome the fear in his heart and roar at the king of skeleton and giant lizard.
After hearing the roar of King Kong, the king of skull and dragon also turned his head and looked at King Kong.
In the mouth of the king, there is also a normal sized one.
This guy actually feeds on his own blood.
No wonder there are so many skulls running out of the ground when the king of skulls recovers.
Chew a few times and swallow the skull lizard in your mouth.
The Dragon King also roared at King Kong.
On the open mouth of the bloody basin, you can still see the flesh hanging on the teeth.
After a simple confrontation, the Dragon King and King Kong rush towards each other.
They are blood feuds from generation to generation. They have to fight each other when they meet. There is no possibility to resolve them.
The bottom of the sea, in front of a huge hole.
Zhou Sheng stood at the entrance of the cave and looked down.
“This should be the entrance to the inner earth.”
Zhou Sheng thought.
Not long ago, on a whim, Zhou Sheng wanted to see the inner earth.
The whole blue star has been regarded as his own territory by Zhou Sheng, and the inner earth is no exception.
It's normal to visit your own site once in a while, right.
In addition, many ancient Titans survived in the inner earth.
Zhou Sheng wants to tell the surviving ancient Titans who is the boss of today's blue star.
Therefore, Zhou Shengcai began to search for the entrance to the inner earth.
Finally, at the bottom of an abyss, Zhou Sheng found the entrance to the earth's inner world.
Without hesitation, Zhou Sheng went directly into the cave.
After groping for a distance in the dark and passing through the special magnetic field of the geocentric world, Zhou Sheng finally entered the geocentric world.
The geocentric world has a completely different ecosystem from the surface world.
At the same time, because of the rotation of the blue star, the gravity here is reversed.
Every 12 hours, the gravity of the earth's core is reversed.
If you can't adapt to this gravity reversal, you can't survive in the earth's core.
In the original movie, there is a group of human body collapse due to gravity reversal.
“Is this the inner earth?What a spectacle
Looking at the round world in front of him, Zhou Sheng sighed.
Can you imagine that the sky above your head is not the sky, but another piece of earth?
This is what Zhou Sheng is looking at now.
In addition, in addition to the strange ecosystem.
The amount of radiation in the earth's core world is many times higher than that in the earth's surface world.
No wonder a large number of ancient Titans chose to hide in the inner earth to survive*
Chapter 32: bat of war, the ancient titan of submission
In the inner earth.
Zhou Sheng walks around.
The leisurely posture is like walking in the back garden.
In fact, it's true that the inner earth is Zhou Sheng's back garden.
“The scenery here is really good. I'm tired of living at the bottom of the sea. I can come here for a holiday!”
Zhou Sheng thought of it with satisfaction.
The earth's inner world really gives Zhou Sheng a lot of surprises.
You can see many scenes that you haven't seen before.
At the same time, the unique creatures in the earth's inner world also opened his eyes.
Although it looks strange, it gives Zhou a novel experience.
Of course, not all creatures in the inner earth welcome Zhou Sheng.
While walking through a valley, Zhou was attacked.
With a roar, an ancient creature with a length of 100 meters flew directly towards Zhou Sheng.
This ancient creature looks like a snake, but it has a pair of wings.
At the same time, there is a bloody mouth full of sharp teeth.
It is the “war bat” that has appeared in the film.
Looking at the flying battle bat with his mouth wide open, Zhou Sheng was puzzled.
Who gave the bat the courage to attack itself?
It's not surprising that war bats attack King Kong.
After all, King Kong looks like a bully.
But does he, the king of monsters, look like a weak chicken?
Zhou Sheng, who feels that his dignity has been offended, will not make the war bat feel better.
When the war bat was about to bite Zhou Sheng, Zhou Sheng held out his hand and pressed the war bat down from the air.
Without giving the bat a chance to struggle, Zhou Sheng crushed the bat's head with a little force.
That's the level?How dare you attack me?
Looking at the battle bat corpse in his hand, Zhou Sheng thought with disdain.
How can a war bat that even King Kong can kill be Zhou Sheng's opponent?
To deal with this kind of creature, Zhou Sheng didn't even need the breath of the atom. He could easily crush it to death.
After eliminating the war bat, Zhou Sheng didn't care about the body of the war bat.
It's going to the rest of the inner world.
Suddenly, Zhou Sheng stopped and looked to the right side of his body.
In Zhou Sheng's perception, an ancient Titan disguised as a hill hid not far from his body.
“Why do you want to sneak?”
Zhou Sheng thought, and then directly toward the camouflaged creature.
In the roar, the hills burst open, and the camouflaged ancient Titans can no longer be installed.
It was not until then that Zhou Sheng could see clearly what the ancient Titan looked like.
There is a thick shell on the back and a single horn on the head.
In terms of appearance, it's a very large version of the tortoise.
This tortoise like ancient Titan, after seeing Godzilla, immediately felt a strong threat.
The uneasiness in his heart led the ancient Titan to open his ferocious mouth and roar at Zhou Sheng.
As if to say that they are not easy to provoke in general.
Seeing the giant turtle posing, Zhou Sheng stopped.
Just when the ancient Titan thought he was safe, he saw a red light flashing on his dorsal fin.
Yes, Zhou Sheng plans to use the atom breath to kill the ancient Titan.
Faced with the death threat of atomic exhalation, the giant tortoise Titan made a very wise choice.
It turns itself over and presses the thick shell of its back under its body, exposing its fragile abdomen.
In nature, when an animal exposes its most vulnerable part.
Either I have absolute trust in you, or I surrender.
The giant tortoise Titan naturally did not trust Zhou Sheng, but surrendered directly under the breath of the atom.
To show his weakness is to tell Zhou Sheng that he has chosen to surrender and spare his life.
Looking at such a clever ancient Titan, Zhou Sheng's killing intention also disappeared.
Now that everyone else has surrendered, Zhou Sheng naturally doesn't have to kill him.
Isn't it nice to be a pet?
Zhou Sheng and giant tortoise Titan have no hatred. They don't have to fight each other.
After playing with the giant tortoise Titan, Zhou also re explored the past toward other parts of the earth's inner world.
As for Titan, let him stay in the inner earth.
“Where is that?”
Looking at a cliff not far in front of him, Zhou Sheng thought suspiciously.
Because the front of the cliff, full of dense holes.
It looks totally different from the other walls.
Out of curiosity, Zhou Sheng walked toward the cliff.
But soon, as Zhou Sheng approached, a group of creatures living in the cave rushed out.
Seeing the creatures coming out, Zhou Sheng was happy all of a sudden.
Because of these creatures, are there any giant lizards in the movie soon?
I didn't expect that this thing could be seen in the inner earth.
In fact, inside Skeleton Island, there is a passage to the inner earth.
The king of the skull lizard also lives in this passage.
Zhou Sheng had searched for skull island before, but he couldn't find it at all.
Around Skull Island, there is a special magnetic field, which can interfere with all perception of the outside world.
This is why Zhou Sheng can't perceive the existence of Vajra.
It's the same in the movie. When King Kong walked out of skull island, he was immediately found by Godzilla and beaten violently.
If Godzilla had not killed his heart, King Kong would have died at sea.
Zhou Sheng didn't expect to find Skeleton Island, but he couldn't find it.
On the contrary, when wandering in the earth's inner world, I saw the creatures in Skeleton Island.
Looking at these giant lizards in front of him, Zhou Sheng's intention to kill them rose.
Because these skulls, like the MUTOS, are typical saboteurs.
Instead of making any contribution to the ecological environment of Bluestar, the skull lizard will continue to kill other creatures and destroy the balance of the ecosystem.
How could Zhou Sheng, as a blue star's bearer, tolerate such creatures as the skull lizard?
It's ok if you don't run into it. If you run into it, you will be crushed to death.
If it's a pretty guy in front of him, Zhou Sheng may not have to kill him.
Of course, the premise is that the pretty boy has to surrender, otherwise he should be killed or killed.
Zhou Sheng is not a bit soft hearted.
Even in the face of pretty guys are still like this, skeleton lizard can imagine.
When we meet Zhou Sheng for the first time, the fate of these skeleton giant lizards is doomed.
Looking at the skeleton lizard pouring towards him, Zhou Sheng directly released a tiny thermonuclear pulse.
In this way, the ecology of the earth's inner world can not be destroyed, and these skeleton giant lizards can also be killed.
In front of the thermonuclear pulse, these skulls are naturally unable to resist.
As much as you can count, it's melted directly*
Chapter 33: the passage between the earth's core and the earth's surface, the two rulers of the earth's core world【New book collection
After killing the skeleton lizard.
Zhou Sheng did not leave, but looked at the cliff.
In Zhou Sheng's perception, there are still a large number of skeleton giant lizards living in the cave inside the cliff.
If you cut the grass but don't get rid of the roots, the spring wind will blow again.
Although these skeleton giant lizards are not a threat to Zhou Sheng, it is troublesome to leave them alone.
Now that I've come across the home of the skull lizard, I'm sure I'll catch it all.
With this idea, Zhou's dorsal fin bloomed red again.
Then, Zhou Sheng breathed out his breath and bombarded the rock wall in front of him.
The hard rock wall is directly penetrated by the exhalation of atoms.
Those skeleton giant lizards inside also all died, vaporized by the super high temperature.
In addition to these skulls, there are countless eggs that died together in the breath of the surrounding atoms.
This time, even if the skull lizard is not extinct, it will definitely be hit hard.
The whole ethnic group will turn from prosperity to weakness.
And behind the burned rock wall, Zhou Sheng also found a strange thing.
There was a huge passage behind the cliff.
“Where does this lead to?Is it the surface of the earth? ”
Looking at the huge passage in front of him, Zhou Sheng thought.
In the inner world, there are many channels to the surface.
These channels were excavated by ancient Titans when the asteroid hit the blue star.
Most of the corridors have been destroyed and are no longer accessible.
But some are preserved as the only connection between the earth's surface world and the earth's core world.
The undersea passage Zhou found before is one of them.
After thinking for a while, Zhou decided to go down this passage.
Just to see where this passage leads.
In fact, what Zhou Sheng didn't know was that the place that this passage led to was skull island.
It is this passage that the king of the skull lizard arrives at the skull island.
On the skull island, the battle between King Kong and the king of the skull lizard has entered a white hot stage.
To be exact, Vajra is about to be killed alive by the king of the skull giant lizard.
Just grown up, King Kong is far from reaching the peak of his fighting power.
In the face of the opponent, but also experienced a lot of battles, killed many of the King Kong's kindred skeleton giant lizard king.
No matter hard power or combat experience, they are far behind each other. It's really strange that they can fight well.
As for the Tomahawk made by King Kong himself, frankly speaking, it is a relatively hard stone.
It's a joke to kill the ancient Titans with stones.
So not long after the beginning of the war, King Kong was pressed on the ground by the king of the skeleton lizard.
At this time, King Kong is miserable.
The hair on the body has been covered with blood, and a large piece of flesh and blood is missing from the right shoulder.
It was torn from the body alive by the king of the skull lizard.
In addition, there are many scratches on King Kong's body.
In the places with deep scratches, you can even see the white bones of King Kong.
You can imagine how miserable it was for King Kong to be abused.
At this time of King Kong, is relying on a hill, unwilling to look at the pressing skeleton giant lizard king.
Before the battle and physical injury, at this time the King Kong has been extremely weak.
He has lost the strength to fight again.
In the face of the king of the Dragon without any damage, King Kong can only wait to die.
Looking at the Dragon King who came in front of him, King Kong gave out a grudging roar.
At the same time struggling to stand up, want to fight again.
But unfortunately, after struggling with his body injury, he could only sit down powerlessly.
Just when King Kong's eye was about to be killed.
Suddenly, the king turned his head and looked behind him.
Where? It's the direction of the passage.
Later, the king organization and King Kong were even more puzzled that the king of the skeleton giant lizard gave up King Kong and headed for the passage.
And soon disappeared into the tunnel.
Looking at the tiger head and snake tail, leaving the King Kong to run away, human beings are also muddled.
“What happened in the end that would make the king of the skull lizard rush back?”
Some people think so, but no one knows the answer.
There is no doubt that Zhou Sheng is the one who makes the king of the skeleton and giant lizard rush back.
The Dragon King, who is fighting with King Kong, suddenly feels that his offspring have been killed.
This made the king of the skull lizard panic. He even couldn't care about King Kong, so he wanted to go back to his nest.
In fact, the main food of the king is his own offspring.
If all his descendants die, it means that there will be no food rations in the future.
How does this keep the king of the skull lizard calm?
At the same time, the king is still guessing, who will destroy his nest?
The skeleton lizards are not alone in the inner earth.
In the earth's inner world, there are also groups that can compete with the skeleton lizards.
There are actually two ethnic groups that have unified the inner earth.
At first, it was a member of Godzilla's family, an atomic dinosaur living in ancient times, who ruled the inner earth.
Later, the atomic dinosaurs were hunted by the King Kong people.
The remains of atomic dinosaurs are still preserved in the palaces of the King Kong people, and the tomahawks made of the dorsal fin of atomic dinosaurs have been used.
In addition, another group that dominates the inner earth is the King Kong Group.
However, because of the problem of fertility, there is only King Kong left.
The remaining ethnic groups in the earth's inner world are similar to the feeling of princes rising together.
They don't invade each other on weekdays, which is why there are not a large number of skulls in the inner earth.
It's because of this that the king of the skull lizard can't figure out who will destroy his nest?
The kings of other ethnic groups will not do such things.
With doubts, the king of the skull lizard is walking through the passage quickly.
But soon, he saw the real killer.
Zhou Sheng was also startled by the king of the giant lizard.
Of course, as long as you're scared by the look of the king of the skull lizard.
It's too ugly.
But after a brief surprise, Zhou Sheng was happy.
The moment he saw the king, Zhou Sheng knew where the passage led.
There's no other explanation except Skeleton Island.
Compared with Zhou Sheng's surprise, the king of the skull lizard was really frightened.
He had seen his family, the atomic dinosaur that dominated the inner earth.
At that time, the terrible fighting power of the atomic dinosaur is still remembered in the mind by the king of the skeleton giant lizard.
I didn't expect to see a more powerful atomic dinosaur after such a long time.
And it's embarrassing that this atomic dinosaur happens to be his opponent.
Originally, he was very angry and wanted to kill the skeleton giant lizard king who destroyed the fierce beast in his nest, so he was embarrassed*
Chapter 34: the slayer of the king of the skull and lizard, blow through the stratum【New book collection
The Dragon King will be embarrassed, not Zhou Sheng.
Looking at the Dragon King who was afraid of himself, Zhou Sheng showed a terrible smile.
Then he opened his mouth and let out a huge roar.
The roar of ultra-high decibel directly vibrates in this channel.
Let the first king of the skull lizard have some head dizzy.
At the same time, the roar also spread far, all the way to Skeleton Island.
King Kong, who was lying at the entrance of the passage to check the situation, was directly frightened by the roar.
It's so sudden.
And the people around King Kong, after hearing the roar, also changed their faces.
Sophia was bloodless and looked at Vajra with complicated eyes.
Then Sophia said to the others.
“It's Godzilla. It was Godzilla's cry just now!”
Sophia knows a lot about Zhou Sheng, so she can recognize Zhou Sheng's roar.
At the same time, Sophia also knew that if Godzilla really came to the Skeleton Island, King Kong would die.
In the early years, the group of King Kong fought with the same clan of Godzilla.
It's hard to avoid that Godzilla will not have the idea of cutting down the roots when he sees King Kong.
It is also because of worry about the safety of King Kong, Sophia will face complex.
Compared with Godzilla, King Kong, who has been studying for many years, obviously makes Sophia care more.
Not to mention the appearance of Vajra, it's natural and human.
Combined with these factors, Sofia decided to help King Kong and avoid Godzilla.
Thinking of this, Sophia directly picked up the walkie talkie and said to the Navy at the other end.
“I'm Sophia. I'm the commander of skull island outpost organized by the emperor.”
“There are large destroyers on Skull Island, ancient Titans, but King Kong is not an opponent.”
“I ask you to drop the bomb immediately!”
The only way Sophia can think of to save King Kong is to use a nuclear bomb to blow up this passage.
Without a passage, Godzilla could not kill Vajra no matter how powerful he was.
But Sofia did not think that if Zhou Sheng wanted to, he could make a way out with atomic breath.
After getting Sophia's request for help.
The Navy's nuclear powered aircraft carrier on the outskirts of skull island has also begun to operate.
According to Sofia's orders, they are directly preparing to carry out a nuclear attack on Skull Island.
Of course, they don't use the atomic bomb, and they don't have the authority to use it.
It's just that ordinary nuclear weapons have a much smaller equivalent than atomic bombs.
At this time, Zhou Sheng did not know that human beings had decided to blow themselves up with nuclear bombs.
At this time, Zhou Sheng was still ravaging the poor king of the skeleton giant lizard.
Hang Vajra and nearly kill Vajra's skeleton king.
In the face of Zhou Sheng, even resistance can not be done.
It has completely become a toy in the hands of Zhou Sheng.
The terrible mouth of the Dragon King was broken by Zhou Sheng.
The skull is distorted.
In addition, the skeleton giant Lizard King's spine was also cut into three parts by Zhou Sheng.
To put it simply, although the king of the skeleton giant lizard is not dead, he still has a breath.
But it's almost like death.
When the vertebrae were broken, the motor nerves were also devastated.
At this time, it is difficult for the king to move his body.
Let alone fight back against Zhou Sheng.
This is the strength gap between the king and Zhou Sheng.
Even the atomic breath didn't need to be used, so Zhou Sheng directly crushed the king of the skeleton giant lizard with his body.
There is still no suspense.
You know, the king of the skeleton giant lizard almost killed King Kong just now.
It can also be seen how big the gap between King Kong and Zhou Sheng is.
How can a nuclear eater not beat a carnivore?
On the one hand, it is because of the humiliation of Godzilla in the film.
On the other hand, it is the aura of King Kong.
But reality is not a movie, no one is the protagonist.
King Kong lost his aura, let alone compared with Zhou Sheng, even if the toys in Zhou Sheng's hand almost killed him.
Looking at the giant Lizard King lying in front of him, completely losing his ability to move.
Zhou Sheng didn't want to play any more.
Raise your claws straight and neatly, and smash the skull of the Dragon King.
Then Zhou Shengcai left the corpse of the king of the skeleton and giant lizard aside and walked toward the other end of the passage.
But soon, above the passage, there was a loud explosion.
Then the tragedy of Zhou Sheng was discovered, and the passage collapsed.
The road ahead is broken, and Zhou Sheng is buried underground.
This incident depressed Zhou Sheng.
His purpose of entering this passage is to go to skull island.
Now, the passage has collapsed, and Skeleton Island is not going to go.
Originally, Zhou Sheng planned to meet the pretty boy of Skeleton Island and asked if her mother's name was Martha.
Although Zhou Sheng can use atomic breath to blow away all the rocks above his head and force a way out.
However, the biggest problem is that after losing the channel, Zhou didn't know which direction to blast from.
If this passage is straight, it's OK. If it's curved, it's impossible to make a passage directly to skull island.
However, knowing that there was little hope, Zhou still wanted to have a try.
So Zhou Sheng turned on the atomic energy in his body, and then spewed out an atomic breath to the place where the passage collapsed.
So, 500 kilometers off Skeleton Island.
A blood red atom spits out from the sea and shoots directly into the sky.
The surrounding sea water has been largely evaporated, directly forming a huge vortex in the sea.
It took a long time for the atomic exhalation to end.
Zhou Sheng could only return to the inner earth bitterly.
Skeleton Island pretty boy, also good luck to avoid a disaster.
Although a little depressed, Zhou Sheng didn't pay attention to it.
According to Zhou Sheng, he went to skull island just for fun.
Up to now, Zhou Sheng no longer regards King Kong as his opponent.
Besides, if King Kong goes out of skull island in the future, Zhou Sheng can find him again.
There's no need to rush to find King Kong now.
And in skull island, because of a nuclear weapon.
This has led to the rapid deterioration of the ecology on Skeleton Island.
When King Kong is about to starve to death because he has lost his food.
The emperor organized a large number of people to come to Skeleton Island and built a huge ecological house on it.
King Kong has also been sent to the ecological house to survive.
As for the rest of Skeleton Island, it is directly turned into scorched earth.
It is worth mentioning that in a corner of Skeleton Island, the people of epex group found a nest of skeleton giant lizard.
And in the nest, found some skeleton lizard eggs.
EPX group people, directly these eggs back to the headquarters, and research and breeding up*
Chapter 35: ruling the inner earth, the plight of mankind
The battle of skull island.
As a result, the ecology of Skeleton Island was completely destroyed.
Among the protozoa on Skeleton Island, only King Kong survived.
Among the aborigines who originally lived on Skeleton Island, only a little girl was left.
In order to protect King Kong, the emperor organized to build a huge ecological house on Skeleton Island to ensure the survival of King Kong.
In addition, the epex group also took many eggs from the skull island.
Everything seems to return to the track of the movie plot.
And in the inner world, Zhou Sheng is sweeping.
Several races in the geocentric world were originally separated from each other to maintain the fragile ecological balance of the geocentric world.
But when Zhou Sheng came, the rules of the earth's inner world were completely rewritten.
The races in the inner earth are either subject or destroyed by Zhou Sheng.
For example, the war bats were killed directly by Zhou Sheng.
After completely conquering the ancient Titans in the earth's inner world, Zhou Sheng also found the former palace of the King Kong family in the earth's inner world.
In the palace, Zhou Sheng also saw the Tomahawk made by the ancestors of King Kong with the dorsal fin of an atomic dinosaur.
“It's better to destroy such a dangerous thing.”
Zhou Sheng looked at the axe in front of him and said slowly.
The material of this Tomahawk is made from the dorsal fin of the same clan of Godzilla.
It can not only absorb the breath energy of Godzilla's atoms, but also use these energy to charge.
With enough charge, the Tomahawk is absolutely capable of killing Godzilla.
The existence of Tomahawk is a threat to Zhou Sheng.
It's impossible for Zhou Sheng to leave this Tomahawk alone.
Destroy, Zhou Sheng can be at ease.
Zhou Sheng is not a good man, and he doesn't think he is invincible.
Now that the hidden danger has been found, if we don't eliminate it, are we waiting for ourselves to suffer losses one day?
After destroying the dorsal fin Tomahawk, Zhou Sheng also saw the remains of the same clan.
The King Kong people make a platform from the remains of their Godzilla cousins.
In the center of the platform is a Tomahawk shaped dent.
This is what powers the dorsal fin Tomahawk.
Zhou Sheng still remembers that the energy of mechanical Godzilla in the movie comes from here.
Without these sources of energy, mechanical Godzilla is just a piece of iron that can't move.
Although kidora's body is now completely destroyed by Zhou Sheng, and his head is vaporized.
In principle, mechanical Godzilla should not be born.
But everything is not afraid of ten thousand, just in case.
There was no fluke in Zhou Sheng's mind.
At the beginning, the performance of mechanical Godzilla in the film shocked Zhou Sheng.
It can be said that without that bottle of whisky in the movie, both King Kong and Godzilla would be killed by the mechanical Godzilla.
Zhou Sheng would never let go of such a dangerous thing if there was a chance.
We have to completely strangle the birth of mechanical Godzilla in the movie.
So, after visiting the palace of the King Kong clan, Zhou Sheng spits out a red breath of atoms.
Sweep the whole palace.
Countless buildings were melted by the breath of atoms, and the huge statue of King Kong was completely destroyed.
Since then, there has been no trace of the existence of Vajra in the inner earth.
It's completely a back garden for Zhou Sheng.
After all this, Zhou Shengcai plans to leave the inner earth
This time, the purpose of Zhou Sheng's going to the inner earth world has been achieved.
Accept the ancient Titans in the earth's inner world and confirm their supremacy.
At the same time, destroy the dorsal fin Tomahawk and the palace of the King Kong clan, and completely cut off the possibility of the birth of the mechanical Godzilla.
When all these things are finished, Zhou Sheng has no reason to stay in the inner earth.
Instead of spending more time in the earth's inner world, Zhou Sheng went back to the bottom of the sea along the way he came.
In the future, if there is no new threat, Zhou Sheng plans to discipline himself for a period of time to improve his strength.
Zhou Sheng has a hunch that there will be a bigger crisis in the future.
If he is not strong enough, not only will he die, but even the blue star will be destroyed.
At the same time, human beings did not stop.
Although on the surface, human beings have fully recognized Godzilla's hegemony.
At present, human beings also regard Godzilla as the patron saint of blue star.
Even in many cities of human beings, statues of Godzilla have been built to express human respect for Godzilla.
But it's just the bottom of the human race.
The high level of human beings has always been thinking about how to take Godzilla as a human PET.
Led by the “apex group” represented by human hawks, human beings began to use all kinds of means to challenge the status of ancient Titans.
The three mecha hunters that were destroyed by kidola.
Tango wolf, storm red and dangerous Ranger.
All three have been recovered by humans.
And began to use more powerful technological transformation, upgrade the three mecha hunters.
In today's blue star, there is no threat of chrysanthemum beast.
It's clear at a glance what kind of group these three mecha hunters are targeting.
These three mecha hunters are fighting against the ancient Titans.
In addition, EPX group, after obtaining the genome of kidola.
It also accelerated the development of mechanical Godzilla.
Of course, the people in the EPX group are also very smart, and did not rashly activate the mechanical Godzilla.
Since Zhou Sheng destroyed a naval base in order to warn human beings, human beings have known that Godzilla has a high degree of intelligence.
At the same time, Godzilla also has a strong sense, can sense a lot of things that human beings can not detect.
Because of this information, the mechanical Godzilla plan of EPX group is very low-key.
They will never activate mechanical Godzilla until it is completely successful.
Just to avoid being sensed by Godzilla and strangled in advance.
It combines the genes of three top ancient Titans, namely, Godzilla, supreme Muto and quitora, together with human super technology.
Once such a mechanical Godzilla is made, it will definitely become Zhou Sheng's most terrible opponent.
With Zhou Sheng's character, if you know the mechanical Godzilla, it will definitely be destroyed ahead of time and will not give mankind any chance.
Therefore, human beings are actually fighting with Zhou Sheng for wisdom and courage.
As for who will laugh to the end, it is not known.
Besides not being fully activated, the mechanical Godzilla project also encountered another problem.
That's the energy issue.
The traditional means of power transmission, has been unable to meet the mechanical Godzilla this behemoth.
We have to find other ways to use more energy.
Otherwise, without strong energy support, how can mechanical Godzilla be Zhou Sheng's opponent*
Chapter 36: biological atomic furnace, the birth of Mosla
How to solve the energy of mechanical Godzilla.
There is really no good way for EPX group at present.
Conventional energy can not meet the needs of mechanical Godzilla.
Only nuclear energy can satisfy mechanical Godzilla.
Or, for example, the biological atomic furnace in Godzilla.
If we can master the technology of biological atomic furnace and transplant it into mechanical Godzilla.
Maybe we can solve the problem of energy.
However, how can humans master the technology of biological atomic furnace?
It's impossible unless human beings break Godzilla apart.
As for the gouging Godzilla, if the mechanical Godzilla is successfully manufactured, there may be a chance.
But now, it is impossible.
“Maybe we can think of something else.”
“In other ancient Titans, there might have been bio atomic furnaces.”
It has been suggested.
In fact, it is not only in Godzilla's body that there is a biological atomic furnace.
Some other ancient Titans also had this super organ.
For example, there is a bio atomic furnace in quitora's body.
Otherwise, how can we sustain kedora and Godzilla against Bo?
“Many ancient Titans were nuclear eaters.”
“Even if those ancient Titans didn't have a biological atomic furnace as powerful as Godzilla, they certainly had organs to absorb and digest nuclear energy.”
“We may be able to start from this aspect and slowly start to study the biological atomic furnace.”
Dr. pike made his own suggestion, he said.
In fact, the energy of mechanical Godzilla does not necessarily require a biological atomic furnace.
If there is a nuclear reactor, it is also feasible.
But the problem is that human civilization has not mastered the technology of shrinking the nuclear reactor.
That is, controllable nuclear fusion technology has not been developed at all.
Compared with the huge cost of human civilization, there is no developed nuclear fusion technology.
Obviously, the bioatomic furnace with finished products is more convenient.
“Contact the emperor's organization. We'll send someone to observe the ancient Titans up close.”
“If we can really understand the mystery of ancient Titan, the day when we human beings become the top predators of blue star is not far away!”
EPX group's chairman, made a direct decision.
It can be elected as the chairman of EPX group by a group of high-level human beings.
He certainly has the ability and the courage to make decisions.
Otherwise, without a bit of courage, how could those human leaders believe him?
After determining the follow-up direction, the behemoth of EPX group also moved quickly.
In a very short period of time, the people of EPX group have penetrated into the various outposts of the imperial organization.
Close study of the ancient Titans.
In fact, some dangerous destroyer Titans.
Most of the ancient Titans were not hostile to humans.
In the eyes of ancient Titans, human beings are like tiny insects.
As long as they don't provoke the ancient Titans, they don't even have the interest to trample on these insects.
Zhou Sheng didn't pay attention to the actions of human beings.
But what human beings don't know is that Zhou Sheng's patience with human beings was exhausted by the event of supreme Muto.
If human beings make trouble again, Zhou Sheng will never stop just destroying a naval base as he did last time.
Again, Zhou Sheng will bring the whole human civilization back to the stone age.
Zhou Sheng is not the Godzilla in the movie.
He's not in the habit of wiping the bottom of human stupidity.
Human beings make things over and over again. What can we do without destroying them?
In fact, in Zhou Sheng's eyes, human beings are just pets.
If the pet can't please Zhou Sheng, it can even make trouble for him.
What's the value of such a pet?
Human's self righteous challenge to the top of ecology is to kill the gods with mortals.
But in fact, the real God didn't pay attention to human's small actions at all.
In the end, human beings will only suffer serious consequences because of their own stupidity.
Is there a small number of similar events in human history?
Since the earth's core returned to the bottom of the sea.
Blue star was peaceful for a while.
There was no mess.
There is no guy who doesn't open his eyes and wants to challenge Zhou Sheng's hegemony.
It's also rare for Zhou Sheng to have a leisurely time, finish the task of self-discipline every day, and then wander around the blue star.
In Zhou Sheng's words, this is a tour of his own territory.
Of course, there are also distracting ideas in it.
But Zhou Sheng also knows that the current calm is just the calm before the storm.
In the dark, I don't know how many enemies are staring at the blue star.
One day, Zhou Sheng was basking on the sea.
Suddenly I felt a familiar wave coming from the East.
Zhou Sheng, the owner of this fluctuation, also got the answer from his memory.
“Mosla!She was born again
Yes, the wave that I felt in my whole life was the monster queen mosra.
As for why it is again, of course, Mosla often gets out of the eggs.
In Godzilla's memory, there were many times when he joined hands with morsela against the enemy.
The most recent one was against quitora.
In that battle, quitora and Godzilla were seriously injured, one hiding in the glacier, the other hiding in the sea floor, all recovering.
As for morsela, he was directly given by kedora.
But Mosla will not die easily.
As early as before the war with kedora, Mosla left one of her eggs.
And after the eggs hatch, the new Mosla will inherit all the memories of Mosla.
This kind of means, in terms of games, is.
Every time Mosla goes out to brush his boss, he will leave a resurrection point for himself.
Even if he died in the boss war, Mosla can use the resurrection point to resurrect.
As for the principle, Zhou Sheng is not clear.
But one thing is for sure, that is, Godzilla and Mosla have a good relationship.
Not only did the two ancient Titans fight against the enemy together, but even long ago, the two titans were worshipped by human beings together.
It was an ancient civilization of mankind.
In order to worship Godzilla, the civilized man built a huge temple for Godzilla.
Later, the temple sank to the bottom of the sea and became the nest of Zhou Sheng.
As for mosra, human civilization also built a temple for mosra.
Today, the temple of mosra is hidden in the jungle of Caiyun province of rabbit kingdom.
The title of king of monsters and queen of monsters comes from this.
“Now that morsela is alive, shall I go and say hello?”
Zhou was born on the sea, so he thought*
Chapter 37: the relationship between Godzilla and Mosla
The relationship between Ezra and mosra.
It's nothing for Zhou Sheng to say hello.
But thinking of the deep Caiyun Province in mosra, it's too far from the ocean.
Zhou Sheng finally gave up the idea.
And now Mosla is estimated to be just broken eggs, or larval form.
Didn't turn into that beautiful moth.
Let's meet again after the transformation of Mosla.
I believe that at that time, Mosla will take the initiative to find Zhou Sheng.
Meanwhile, in a deep mountain temple in Caiyun Province, rabbit kingdom.
A huge egg was broken.
An ugly, caterpillar like ancient Titan emerges from its egg.
Undoubtedly, this giant caterpillar is the larva of Mosla.
The life form of Mosla is a bit similar to the butterfly in nature.
In childhood, it is active in the form of a kind of insect.
In this state, Mosla is the weakest.
When the larva cocoons and finally breaks the cocoon into a butterfly, it is the complete form of Mosla.
Just born young body Mosla, there is a flash of confusion in his eyes.
Obviously, some people don't know their own environment.
But soon, Mosla accepted the inheritance of memory, and made clear the current situation.
Know now she, again experienced reincarnation.
At the same time, Mosla also felt a familiar wave.
That wave came from the ocean, from another top ancient Titan.
Godzilla and Mosla recognize the master of this wave of life.
Realizing that Godzilla didn't die in the previous battle with kedora, Mosla was very happy.
Otherwise, if Godzilla died, Mosla alone would not be able to control other ancient titans of blue star.
In addition to Godzilla, Mosla also felt many small fluctuations of life.
These fluctuations of life come from human beings.
Outside the temple of the resurrection of mosra, the imperial organization has set up a huge outpost here.
To protect and observe mosra.
For these small human beings, Mosla did not mind, and even some love.
Unlike Godzilla.
If Godzilla is the embodiment of blue star's natural will.
Then mosra is the patron saint of the human race.
Long ago, mosra began to protect human beings.
Ancient human civilization in ancient times, in order to appreciate the protection of Mosla, specially spent a lot of manpower and material resources to build a temple for Mosla.
This move also won Mosla's favor for human beings.
Even mosra has given humans the ability to communicate with themselves.
This kind of special human is also called “the little beauty of Mosla”.
And this generation of Mosla little beauty, at this time, has joined the imperial organization.
And at the first time of Mosla's resurrection, the little beauty of Mosla had already felt it.
Dr. Ling, senior researcher of the imperial organization.
She also has a sister named Lin.
She and her sister are twins.
Every generation is twins.
This kind of situation has been handed down from ancient times to the present, which has a history of tens of thousands of years.
“She's revived, and mankind has regained its patron saint!”
Dr. Ling, who was in the outpost of emperor organization in Caiyun Province, said excitedly after sensing the recovery of morsela.
Then he took several researchers from the emperor's organization directly into the temple and saw the newly revived mosra.
Mosla was very friendly when she saw that she was her own little beauty.
Even through some kind of ability, I communicated with Dr. Ling.
Mosra has always been one of the most magical Titans in ancient times.
Mosla has a super high IQ and a good understanding of human society.
In the movie, Godzilla was seriously injured by the oxygen destroyer bomb.
It was also mosra who guided mankind to find Godzilla's place.
That's why Godzilla's face meets the bomb.
It can be seen that Mosla is not a Mangfu, her IQ is highly developed.
Communication with human beings is not a problem at all for mosra.
Soon, Dr. Ling told mosra about what happened recently.
Including what Godzilla has done recently.
After hearing that Godzilla had killed kedora, Mosla's heart leaped.
The last time she died, it was because of kedorah.
Now it's natural to be happy to see that ugly guy with three heads die.
After learning more about Bluestar and Godzilla, Mosla also left.
She wants to find a place to cocoon and usher in real transformation.
Dr. Ling is also very witty to leave, she knows and Mosla communication need not rush.
Of course, Dr. Ling did not disclose that she could communicate with morsela.
If leaked, she is likely to be used as a tool against morsela.
This is something that every generation of young Mosla knows well.
As long as Dr. Ling doesn't say it herself, no one will think that she can communicate with morsela.
Even King Kong, who has shown the best relationship with human beings, has just learned human sign language.
However, shortly after Dr. Ling left, another person came to the temple.
This group of humans, from the apex group.
Since the determination to find out the secrets of the ancient Titans, the research of biological atomic furnace.
The epex group began to study all the known ancient Titans.
Mosla, of course, is also among the research objectives of the EPX group.
It's just that the people in the EPX group are obviously a little late.
Morsela had fallen into a cocoon state and disappeared under the temple.
They can only come back in vain.
“Give up mosra and look for other targets.”
“We don't have much time.”
After some consideration, the people of EPX group gave up the plan to study Mosla.
Who knows how long it will take for Mosla to turn into a butterfly?
If you have the time to study other ancient Titans, you may have all the results.
This is also the main purpose of apex group today.
Everything has to be compromised for mechanical Godzilla.
All the human and material resources are concentrated on the mechanical Godzilla project.
Countless people did not know the plan of mechanical Godzilla, but they also acted under the instruction of the leader.
This is a secret plan led by all the high-level human beings.
It's worth the gamble of mankind.
It is precisely because this plan is too important that if it fails, it will be doomed.
So humans don't really have much time.
When they make mechanical Godzilla, Godzilla itself doesn't stop growing.
On the contrary, Godzilla will continue to evolve.
If their research speed was too slow, Godzilla might have evolved to the point where he could not be defeated.
This is the root cause of human anxiety*
Chapter 38: wind and rain coming, quitora revives
Except for the mechanical Godzilla.
There are other ways of human beings.
King Kong is one of them.
After the skull island was destroyed, King Kong fell into the situation of being kept by human beings.
There is only one ecological house with a large area.
Fortunately, there is also a little girl from the Aboriginal people of Skeleton Island, who can pacify King Kong and prevent the ecological house from being demolished.
In fact, the main reason why the emperor organized the establishment of this ecological house was to protect King Kong.
If King Kong walked out of skull island, he would be found and killed by Godzilla.
In skull island, relying on a special magnetic field to protect King Kong is the safest way.
It's just that the emperor organization is kind, but some human beings are not.
When the emperor organized to protect Vajra, the people in the epex group were already thinking about how to send Vajra to the arena to fight against Godzilla.
Even the people of EPX group made a special armor for King Kong.
Is to try to smooth the strength gap between King Kong and Godzilla.
However, this plan is bound to be very long.
At least we have to wait until EPX group has finished the development of mechanical Godzilla before we can play the card of King Kong.
Otherwise, when King Kong appeared in front of Godzilla in the armor made by human beings.
That would be a disaster for mankind.
Fortunately, today's King Kong is safe.
Maybe the king of the skull lizard put too much pressure on King Kong before, so that now he is still in fear.
Or maybe King Kong is worried about the little girl of the Aboriginal people and doesn't want to be enemies with human beings.
In a word, King Kong has settled down in skull island.
And waiting for the time to move towards a bigger world in the future.
In addition to human action.
The pioneers of civilization have not stopped their attempts to blue star.
With the help of Dr. Newton, a blue star insider, the pioneer civilization obtained the genome of kidora.
And relying on the strong scientific and technological level of the pioneer civilization, he successfully revived kedora.
However, it is not enough to revive kedorah.
Before, kedora was killed alive by Godzilla.
If you want to use kedora to deal with Godzilla, at least you need to strengthen kedora.
Fortunately, the technology of the pioneer civilization is really powerful.
It's not very difficult to strengthen quitora.
Now quitora has been sent to the biological weapons transformation plant, which will be completed soon.
At that time, it is time for the pioneer civilization to return to the blue star.
In addition to Dr. Newton's contribution to the kidora genome.
And secretly began to prepare to build a tiny wormhole on the blue star.
Once the micro wormhole is built, the pioneer civilization can follow the wormhole and send it to Bluestar.
This time, the civilization of the pioneers is inevitable. We must bring the blue star into the territory of the civilization of the pioneers.
Godzilla, too, must die, or he will not be able to quell the anger of the pioneers when they were attacked.
As for human civilization, from the beginning, the pioneer civilization did not pay attention to human beings.
After Godzilla was killed, the pioneer civilization had already transformed the blue star into an environment for their survival.
A blue star that looks calm on the surface.
In fact, the undercurrent has been surging up.
There is a glimpse of civilization outside the earth, always thinking about invasion.
There is the ambition of human civilization, which intends to drag Godzilla off the throne.
Zhou Sheng didn't know all this.
Zhou Sheng is not omniscient. There are many things he doesn't know.
Because human beings are too low-key, so far they have not exposed the mechanical Godzilla, which makes Zhou Sheng not aware of it at all.
The pioneer civilization is too far away from the blue star to be perceived by Zhou Sheng.
Therefore, as a party, it is targeted by the two civilizations.
As a matter of fact, Zhou Sheng doesn't know that he has been targeted by two groups of people.
However, all conspiracies are paper tigers in the face of strength.
No matter how good the calculation is, it must be based on equal strength.
Even if Zhou Sheng doesn't know the plans, no one can ignore the power of Zhou Sheng.
When the conspiracy is revealed, we have to rely on our strength after all.
Moreover, Zhou Sheng has a plug-in that no one knows about.
Mosla, the newly resurrected monster queen, is actually Zhou Sheng's plug-in.
Because Zhou Shengyuan is more powerful than Godzilla in the film, he has not suffered a bitter battle at all.
The battles in the past, though startled, were not dangerous.
As a result, no one knows that mosra can actually enhance Godzilla's ability.
This is one of Zhou's cards.
In a word, Zhou Sheng is now responding to changes with constancy.
Whatever your intrigue, I'll break it with a breath.
The calm before the storm lasted for a year.
In this year, Zhou Sheng made himself stronger through daily self-discipline tasks.
In addition, Mosla has also broken the cocoon into a butterfly and met Zhou Sheng.
However, the two ancient Titans just said hello and did not communicate for long.
After all, blue star is just a small garden for these two ancient Titans.
As long as you want, you can meet at any time. There's no need to rush for a moment.
On the human side, the EPX group's plan has also made key progress.
After a year of studying the ancient Titans.
EPX group finally built a bio atomic furnace.
Although this biological atomic furnace is a crude version, it can not meet the needs of mechanical Godzilla for the time being.
However, this is indeed a good start, a qualitative change from scratch.
If we follow the current direction, we believe that sooner or later, human beings will be able to create their own ancient Titans.
It has to be said that human beings in this world, black technology is just against the sky.
Even Zhou Sheng is sometimes surprised by the advanced technology in the world.
Let's not mention the earliest mecha hunters. The super mecha with a height of more than 100 meters, if put into Zhou Sheng's original world, is absolutely a super weapon comparable to nuclear weapons.
In addition, there are Orca acoustic devices, also a kind of black technology, which can simulate the cry of the top ancient Titans.
And the oxygen destroyer bomb, which is the natural enemy of all creatures in blue star.
Even Zhou Sheng, when facing the oxygen destroyer bomb, should be a little afraid.
And then there's the mechanical Godzilla of today.
Although the mechanical Godzilla has not been fully formed, it has been basically completed.
Today, only the most important energy problem has not been solved.
It is no exaggeration to say that mechanical Godzilla's technology is several centuries ahead of Zhou Sheng's in the world.
There are also black technologies such as geocentric vehicles, magnetic levitation tunnels and so on.
Human beings in this world, the technology tree point is too high*
Chapter 39: Pioneers come, chrysanthemum beast comes
Human beings try their best to perfect their plans.
It's time to replace Godzilla as king.
The pioneer civilization has already begun to act.
It took a year for the pioneer civilization to complete the transformation of quitora.
Today's kidorah is completely different from the original king of gold.
There is not much change in the shape, it is still the image of the three headed dragon.
But the Yellow scales turned black.
And the three leaders have become more ferocious.
The whole gives people a sense of evil and violence.
Appearance alone, the pressure brought by today's quitora is incomparable to that of the original quitora.
“Yes, the transformation of quitora has been very successful.”
“In terms of combat power, quitora's strength already belongs to advanced biological weapons.”
“Absolute star class monster, Godzilla is definitely not an opponent.”
Looking at the ferocious and evil monster in front of us, the civilized pioneer said with satisfaction.
And immediately gave a new name to kedorah: Caesar kedorah.
“Caesar, go to the blue star and conquer that planet.”
“Kill the king of monsters bred by blue star, and wash away the shame you once had.”
“Don't let me down this time!”
The pioneer civilization, through a special device, gave orders to Caesar quitora.
Meanwhile, on the blue star.
Dr. Newton, a blue star insider, also completed all the preparations to open the micro space crack in one year.
Of course, this is the technology provided by the pioneer civilization. Dr. Newton doesn't need to understand the principle of micro space cracks. He just needs to implement it.
Under the command of the pioneer civilization, Dr. Newton opened the space crack without hesitation.
The next moment, a huge space crack appeared in the blue star's extraterrestrial orbit.
Eagle sauce country, NASA.
A space observer is looking at the screen in front of him in disbelief.
“No way, how can this happen!”
“Why, all of a sudden, a space crack appears in the extraterrestrial orbit of the blue star!”
The observer couldn't believe what he was seeing.
But no matter how hard he pinched himself, there was a sharp pain, reminding him that everything in front of him was not a dream.
It's a cruel reality.
After recovering from his initial disbelief, the observer made the wisest choice.
He told the top of the government that there was a micro space crack in the extraterrestrial orbit.
Soon, all the big powers of blue star knew the news.
“What's going on?Why is there a tiny space crack on top of our heads? ”
“This space crack is a little familiar, like the one that appeared on the bottom of the sea before.”
Some are unbelievable, some are thoughtful.
Through the comparison of human scientists.
Nowadays, the micro space cracks in the extraterrestrial orbit are the same as those in the seabed.
Long before Zhou Sheng destroyed the space crack of the pioneer civilization, human beings had discovered the existence of that space crack.
Don't underestimate the scientific and technological strength of human beings.
However, before human beings could destroy the micro space crack, they had been preempted by Zhou Sheng.
However, human beings know that the attack of Kaiju beast is not accidental, but a deliberate invasion.
However, the first invasion of the pioneer civilization failed.
He was killed directly by Zhou Sheng.
Now the space cracks in the extraterrestrial orbit are the second invasion of the pioneer civilization.
“This time, the enemy is in the sky!”
Someone said heavily.
Compared with Godzilla, the pioneer civilization is obviously more dangerous.
At least Godzilla can tolerate it. Human beings live on the blue star.
But the pioneer civilization, at the beginning, is to wipe out mankind.
By contrast, it is obvious that we should deal with the pioneer civilization first.
However, we have not yet waited for human beings to organize troops to destroy the space cracks in the orbit of the blue star.
The invasion of pioneer civilization has already begun.
With the roar, a ferocious monster comes out from the crack of space.
And quickly fall to the surface of the blue star.
From a distance, it's like a meteorite falling from the sky.
Soon, a monster landed, causing a violent explosion.
When the smoke dispersed, the monster's ferocious body appeared in front of all human beings.
“Open chrysanthemum beast!”
Someone recognized the identities of these monsters, which were Kaiju beasts that had invaded Bluestar.
Although the appearance is different, the core characteristics remain unchanged.
How can humans not recognize the blue blood and organs.
At the beginning, the chrysanthemum opening beast created a nightmare for many human beings.
In the five-star building of Eagle sauce country.
The leader of the eagle sauce country was listening to the report from his subordinates.
“Since the space crack, a total of 13 open chrysanthemum beast landed.”
“Now these chrysanthemum opening beasts are distributed in all regions of the world and attack nearby cities.”
The next moment, in front of Zhou Sheng's face, Caesar quitora's wings spread behind her and flew straight up.
Since you have air superiority, why not make good use of it?
The shriveled Caesar ki Dora, a rare wit*
Chapter 43: super gravity, twisted atom breath【New book collection
Look at Caesar kedora flying in the air.
Zhou Sheng really feels a little tricky.
This Caesar is smarter than he thought.
But also normal, we are all top monsters, no one is worse than who.
Zhou Sheng knows how to play his strengths and avoid his weaknesses. Naturally, Caesar quitora is the same.
Up to now, there is no home court advantage between Zhou Sheng and Caesar kidora.
Whether it's on the sea or on land, it's home to two top monsters.
That's why Caesar kedora fights with Zhou Sheng in the sea.
If it was the original kidorah, he would not dare to fight against Godzilla in the sea.
Because that's death.
But Caesar chitora is different. If Zhou Sheng and Caesar chitora fight at sea, they will certainly suffer a great loss.
However, Zhou Sheng is very clever, that is to make full use of his own advantages.
Zhou Sheng's advantage is that his long-range bombing ability is strong enough.
As the strongest Faye of blue star, Zhou Sheng can kill all opponents within the range.
Caesar kedora would probably be sprayed to death if she played against Zhou Sheng.
Caesar's advantage, in fact, is air superiority.
He is more flexible than Zhou Sheng and has a wider range of activities.
Who can win this war, in fact, mainly depends on the two top monsters, can better play out their own advantages.
Of course, that's normal.
If someone opens it on the way, it is an exception.
Caesar kedora facing the sky.
Zhou Sheng has some numbness.
Although his atomic breath has a long range, its power will not decrease with the range.
But the problem is, what's the use of not shooting people.
The whole sky is Caesar kidora's home, his flexibility has been greatly enhanced.
In this case, it is very difficult for Zhou Sheng to hit Caesar kidora with atomic breath.
Not to mention, in order to block Zhou Sheng's sight, Caesar kidora also summoned huge storm clouds.
Cover the top of Zhou Sheng's head so that he can't see where Caesar is.
Although Zhou Sheng can still feel Caesar's position, where can his eyes see clearly?
The situation is already a little bad for Zhou Sheng.
Zhou Sheng also had no choice but to gather the atomic energy in his body and spit out a breath of red lotus atoms towards Caesar kidora.
In the face of this breath, Caesar quitora didn't choose hard connection, but flexibly avoided it.
At the same time, in the storm cloud, a yellow gravitational ray was released and blasted towards the surrounding.
However, this gravitational ray is blocked by the surrounding atomic shield.
For a moment, the two top Titans could not help each other.
However, Caesar quitora is not satisfied with the status quo.
He wants to get more results, will be born to press on the ground friction.
In order to achieve her goal, Caesar decided not to hide.
With a roar and thunder, Caesar quitora rushed straight out of the storm.
In the three heads, the Yellow gravitational rays are condensing.
With the kinetic energy coming down from the sky, Caesar kedora wants to directly inflict heavy damage on Zhou Sheng.
In the face of Caesar kidora, Zhou Sheng's eyes became dignified.
At the same time, a lot of red light in the mouth.
This time, it is no longer the instant atomic breath, but after brewing, its power is several times stronger than the instant atomic breath.
If it is normal, facing Zhou Sheng's strike, Caesar kidora will definitely choose to dodge.
Because the strength of energy alone, we know that the power of this blow is not small.
But this time Caesar did not choose to avoid.
But still head iron to and Zhou Sheng to separate a high down.
The next moment, the red Lian atom in Zhou Sheng's mouth exhaled. After a period of accumulation, it was released directly.
Straight at Caesar kedora.
But something weird happened.
See originally straight red even atom spit breath, when about to shoot Caesar ki Dora, uncanny turn a bend.
It seems that there is an invisible position, which distorts the trajectory of the Honglian atom.
In the face of this scene, Zhou Sheng also had some unexpected.
But soon, Zhou understood why.
“Gravity shield!”
Kedora's signature ability is gravitational rays.
This ability allows kedora to control the gravity of the universe.
But the original strength of quitora is too weak to reflect the characteristics of gravity.
But now, Zhou Sheng's opponent is Caesar kidora.
Caesar kidora's gravitational power is much stronger than ordinary kidora's.
So strong that gravity can create a shield to distort the breath of the surrounding atoms.
It's gravity that makes kedora so flexible in the air.
Otherwise, how can kedorah become the king of the air?
Even the ancient Titans could not violate the most basic laws of physics in the universe.
Just like Godzilla can't fly, with Godzilla's weight, the kinetic energy needed to fly is unimaginable.
In fact, the flying Titans were generally relatively small.
Such as the flame devil Raton, monster queen Mosla, male Muto and so on.
They are much smaller than the ancient Titans who lived on land.
It is because the basic laws of the universe limit the size of flying creatures.
But quitora broke the law.
And it's not his pair of wings that enables him to fly flexibly in the air.
It's kedora's ability to control gravity.
With the help of gravity, quitora can let himself fly in the air.
But this ability, whether in the film or in the last match with Zhou Sheng, did not show.
Even Zhou Sheng ignored this ability of quitora.
Until now, the real power of gravitational rays has not been shown to Zhou Sheng.
When the atomic exhalation is distorted by gravity, the result of the duel is doomed.
Caesar's gravitational rays fall directly from the sky, just like the punishment of the world.
Hit the atomic shield in front of Zhou Sheng.
With the sound of breaking, Zhou Sheng's atomic shield was broken.
This is the second time that Zhou Sheng has been defeated by the atomic shield, and the last time it was supreme Muto.
More importantly, Caesar kidora has found a way to deal with Zhou Sheng.
Unless Zhou Sheng can make a change immediately, otherwise, he will lose.
It's when Caesar quitora thinks she's going to win.
The change happened again*
Chapter 44: cards?I have it, too, Godzilla【New book collection
Although Caesar kedora broke Zhou Sheng's atomic shield.
But in fact, it didn't do any harm to Zhou Sheng.
It's just that he took the lead in the situation and showed his ability to restrain Zhou Sheng's breathing.
It's a long way to beat Zhou Sheng.
Moreover, this is the premise that Zhou Sheng has no other means.
This advantage exists only if Zhou Sheng can't crack the gravitational rays of kedora.
Otherwise, it's just the advantage of the scene, which is empty.
But, Caesar has his own card, doesn't Zhou Sheng have it?
After realizing that chidora could not be killed by the red lotus form alone, Zhou soon changed his mind.
Although Zhou didn't want to expose too much of his strength.
But now, in order to defeat Caesar quitora, it has to be exposed.
So, while the atomic shield was broken, Zhou Shengcai was really serious.
Originally, Zhou Sheng's super-high body temperature caused by entering Honglian mode also dropped strangely and rapidly.
Zhou Sheng's skin gradually recovered from its original lava red.
Seeing this scene, Caesar chidora thought that Zhou Sheng could not maintain the red lotus form.
But soon, instinct told Caesar that the crisis had arrived.
Caesar quitora is almost certain that Zhou Sheng must be preparing for a big move.
And let Zhou Sheng need to prepare for the big move, certainly extraordinary.
When she realized that, Caesar quitora couldn't sit still.
He knew that if he didn't stop Zhou Sheng, something serious might happen.
But it's too late.
How could Zhou Sheng make such a low-level mistake.
Even if it's a change of form, it's impossible to be foolishly unprepared and let Caesar kidora interrupt herself.
As a matter of fact, Zhou Sheng has been changing his form since he left Honglian state.
Caesar quitora had no chance to stop.
The change of Zhou Sheng continues, and it is getting bigger and bigger.
Originally, the skin in the normal state is dark brown, the same color as the rocks on the sea floor.
But now, Zhou Sheng's skin has a strange gray color.
Even the dorsal fin behind the peripheries turned into gray crystals.
With the change of Zhou Sheng's appearance, his breath also changed dramatically.
If we say that the appearance of red lotus is like the sun, dazzling and hot.
Now, the appearance of Zhou Sheng is like death.
That kind of gray cold, like to see the end of life.
After rising to level 6 at the bottom of the sea, the periphyton got a new form after a metamorphosis of life level.
Finally, Godzilla, take part in it!!!
Gray skin, crystal general dorsal fin, the breath of all things.
At this time, Zhou Sheng, just standing, gives people a terrible sense of oppression.
Like the God of death in myth and legend, it brings the end to all things.
Completely change their own form into the end after Yan.
Zhou Sheng roared directly at Caesar Godzilla.
At the same time, a strong special gas field, also with Zhou Sheng as the center, spread out and swept in all directions.
Around the sea level, are in the invisible gas field, forced down a few meters.
At the same time, large thunder clouds gather above Zhou Sheng's head.
It's not the clouds that Caesar chidora summoned, it's Zhou Sheng.
As if the blue star can not bear the shape of Zhou Sheng at this time, want to use thunder to erase Zhou Sheng.
But in fact, these thunderclouds are only attracted by the biological magnetic field emitted by the peripherals after they enter the terminal form.
Only by its own biological magnetic field, can change the blue star weather.
We can imagine how terrible Zhou Sheng was.
If Zhou Sheng keeps his final form, the natural environment of the whole blue star will be greatly changed because of him.
Blue star's natural environment, will take the initiative to adapt to Zhou Sheng.
The real top creatures never adapt to the environment, because sooner or later the environment will adapt to them.
Today's Zhou Sheng is just like this.
Looking at Zhou Sheng, who has a tremendous momentum and a full sense of oppression, Caesar quitora also began to be afraid.
He seemed to recall the humiliation of being pushed to the ground by Zhou Sheng.
But very soon, Caesar quitora put down her fear.
As if emboldening herself, Caesar kedora responded to Zhou Sheng with a roar.
He has failed once and will never be allowed to fail a second time.
He's quitora, the king of gold, invincible.
How can his pride allow himself to fail twice in the hands of a creature?
Caesar kidora, who regained her confidence, has reached the peak in an instant.
At this time, he had bet everything, and had to decide with Zhou Sheng.
And in the apex group building.
A group of high-level EPX group are looking at the end of Yan Godzilla speechless.
No one spoke, and everyone felt the pressure from Gonzalez.
Such exaggerated creatures are their future rivals.
The more powerful Zhou Sheng is, the more pressure he will feel.
It took a long time for someone to speak at the headquarters of EPX group.
“With this kind of existence, can we really win?”
A high-level of EPX group, tone a little gray said.
Originally, he had full confidence in his own mechanical Godzilla.
But now, after seeing Zhou Sheng take on a new form.
The self-confident human beings began to waver.
“We can win, we can win, we must win!”
“This is a war to gamble on the dignity of human civilization. We have no right to give up!”
“And we don't have no chance of winning. At least we know Godzilla, but Godzilla doesn't know us. That's our advantage!”
The chairman of EPX group, said to others in a loud voice.
He knows that at this time, as a leader, he must stand up and inspire the confidence of his subordinates.
Otherwise, they will have no chance if they lose confidence.
And what he said was right, although Zhou Sheng showed great strength.
However, the human side is not without any advantage.
The greatest advantage of the human side is their understanding of Zhou Sheng.
Zhou Sheng, however, knew nothing about what human beings were doing.
It's not clear that man is already making weapons of war against him.
“Chairman, mechanical Godzilla must be improved again.”
“Mechanical Godzilla must be stronger. It is impossible for the current mechanical Godzilla to be the opponent of Godzilla in any case.”
“We have to upgrade or we have no chance of winning!”
Said Dr. pike, chief scientist of the EPX group*
Chapter 45: mechanical brother's upgrade plan, how can we breathe in the end【New book collection
There's no doubt that mechanical Godzilla is strong.
It has gathered the wisdom and technology of countless human beings.
Plus the genes of three top ancient Titans and a little bit.
Such a mechanical Godzilla can definitely kill the top ancient Titans.
Otherwise, people in the EPX group can't believe that mechanical Godzilla can fight against real Godzilla.
However, when Zhou Sheng showed his final form, human confidence collapsed.
Even Dr. Parker, the leader and chief scientist of the mechanical Godzilla project.
It is also clear in my heart that the mechanical Godzilla can never fight against Godzilla.
Mechanical Godzilla, you have to be stronger and stronger.
That's why Dr. Parker suggested that mechanical Godzilla needs to be upgraded.
Without upgrading, mechanical Godzilla can only deal with the old Godzilla.
There's absolutely no chance of winning in today's final Godzilla.
In fact, the senior management of EPX group also knows this.
So no one stood up against Dr. Parker's proposal.
“But how do we upgrade the mechanical Godzilla?”
“We've put all the best technologies we can think of on the mechanical Godzilla.”
“This is the most powerful monster we can make.”
A scientist familiar with mechanical Godzilla said to Dr. Parker.
He could understand Dr. Parker's feelings and know that he wanted to upgrade mechanical Godzilla.
But that's unlikely.
Because mechanical Godzilla has been the crystallization of the peak of human wisdom.
It can't be surpassed any more.
“No, there are stronger technologies that we haven't used yet.”
“I don't believe that there will be powerful technologies that we don't know in the national laboratories of those big countries.”
“Now, it's time to bring those powerful technologies over.”
Said Dr. Parker calmly.
Every big country on the blue star has its own national laboratory.
In the National Laboratory, research is absolutely confidential technology.
Ordinary people will never want to know about these technologies in their lifetime, because it is impossible to disclose them.
But with Dr. Parker's contacts and ability, he still knows something.
For example, in Eagle sauce country, the National Laboratory of Eagle sauce country is secretly studying neutron technology.
It is said that good results have been achieved.
Although there is still a long way to go to make a real neutron bomb.
However, some weakened neutron bomb technology is still no problem.
Or, for example, the National Laboratory of the rabbit state.
We have mastered the formula of a super alloy.
This super strong alloy is harder than anything known.
In the rabbit country's plan, this super alloy is the main material for the future construction of spacecraft.
If it wasn't for the rabbit country, which can't solve the energy problem of the spaceship, I'm afraid it would have flown out of the blue star.
In addition, there are similar technologies in the National Laboratory of Maoxiong.
These national laboratories with the highest degree of confidentiality are the real foundation of a big country.
Before, even when EPX group made mechanical Godzilla, the bottom pressing technology of these national laboratories was not used.
But now, Dr. pike thinks it's time to take over the secret technology of these big powers.
The mechanical Godzilla plan is not just the plan of the EPX group.
It is also a plan that the whole human high level tacitly agrees with and supports.
Now the strength of Godzilla has been improved again, and the strength of mechanical Godzilla has been pulled down.
If they want to defeat Godzilla in the future, the big powers must be unreserved.
After hearing Dr. Parker's words, everyone looked at the chairman sitting in the chair.
This kind of thing is obviously the most appropriate thing for the chairman to talk about.
The chairman of EPX group also knows that this matter can only be discussed by himself.
So he nodded and answered.
The mechanical Godzilla project is so important that it's not just about whether human beings can defeat Godzilla.
It's also about the lives of his family.
If the mechanical Godzilla is obviously unable to be the enemy of Godzilla, then his value will be lost.
What's the end of a worthless tool besides being abandoned?
Even for his own sake, he had to make sure that the mechanical Godzilla plan was always valuable.
He can't turn back, he can only go one way to the black.
When people talk about how to upgrade the mechanical Godzilla.
On the sea, Zhou Sheng and Caesar kidora also won and lost.
If we say that before Caesar kidora, facing Zhou Sheng in red lotus form, he could still play a dozen.
Now, in the face of the final Godzilla, Caesar quitora has no power to fight back.
Just like the last time two top monsters fought each other, the result of this time was that kidola was crushed.
After entering the final Godzilla form, Zhou Sheng also displays a new kind of atomic breath.
Finally, the atom breathes.
It's more powerful than breathing in red lotus mode.
Even Caesar quitora, with all her might, could not distort the path of the final atom's exhalation.
Can only reluctantly choose hard resistance, and eventually Yan Godzilla against the wave.
As for the result, there is no doubt about it.
Caesar kidora's head was smashed into two pieces.
There's only one head left in the middle, and there's only one left.
The overwhelming strength also made Caesar quitora despair.
But even in despair, Caesar quitora can't change anything.
This kind of hard power is crushed, is the most no solution, is also the most no way.
“It's over!”
Watching some panic, want to escape from the blue star Caesar kidora.
Zhou Sheng thought coldly in his heart.
Caesar's strength can not be said to be weak, but extremely strong.
If Godzilla in the movie faces Caesar kidora, even kaihonglian will still fail.
But what Caesar kedora met was Zhou Sheng.
It also led to Caesar quitora, who was doomed not to win.
After realizing the absolute power gap between the two sides, Caesar quitora panicked.
He chose to run away and lost the courage to face Zhou Sheng.
As for Caesar kidora's goal, it is a space passage in the extraterrestrial orbit.
It's like he's going back to the planet of the pioneers through that space tunnel.
Escape from Zhou Sheng's terrible opponent.
But Chow Sheng won't give Caesar quitora another chance.
In the face of Caesar quitora's escape, the atomic energy in Zhou Sheng's body is massively concentrated.
After half a minute of accumulation, a gray final Yan breath blurted out.
With the momentum of destroying everything, directly bombard Caesar kidora.
Even far away, human beings can see the gray breath running through the heaven and earth.
From a distance, it is like a sharp sword, which pierces a hole in the sky.
The power of the world, we can see its prosperity!
King of monsters, it's true*
Chapter 46: kill Caesar kedora, destroy the planet
After Zhou Sheng showed his cards.
The outcome of the duel is out of suspense.
Although kedora was strengthened by the pioneer civilization, Zhou Sheng was not without progress.
The gap between the two sides still exists, and it is getting bigger and bigger.
Caesar kydora's reaction was right. After seeing the final Godzilla form, she turned around and ran, not daring to stop at all.
However, at this time, Caesar kidora was still within the range of Zhou Sheng.
Even to exaggerate, half of the solar system is within the range of the current cycle.
Even though Caesar kydora was very fast, he flew out of the blue star's atmosphere in the blink of an eye.
However, Zhou's final breath soon caught up with him.
When Caesar is about to drill into the space channel, he finally blows at Caesar with the momentum of destroying everything.
In space, Caesar kidora opened her mouth silently, trying to roar.
But there was no sound at all, because every inch of flesh and blood in his body was rapidly collapsing.
If it is said that the red lotus breath is to burn the target with ultra-high temperature.
So the ultimate breathing is to make the target collapse directly from the most fundamental molecule.
This process of collapse is irreversible.
Once by the end of Yan spit breath to hit, only death.
At least Caesar kedora can't resist this breath.
In the final breath of energy, Caesar kedora finally went to the end of his life.
This time, no matter how powerful the technology is, it can't revive Caesar kidorah.
Because Caesar kidora has collapsed even the most basic material component.
All genes and DNA have completely disappeared, completely eliminating the possibility of Caesar's resurrection.
And this is just the beginning.
Killing Caesar quitora is not enough for Zhou Sheng to get rid of his hatred.
Because Zhou Sheng knew that the culprit was the pioneer of civilization behind the scenes.
Last time, Zhou Sheng directly breathed with atoms, destroying the native civilization of the pioneers.
This time, Zhou Sheng plans to do the same.
And this time, Zhou wants to do more damage!
Under the control of Zhou Sheng, Zhong Yan's breath collided with the space channel after killing Caesar kidora.
Visible to the naked eye, the originally stable space channel began to collapse rapidly.
However, more of the energy of the final breath, but through this space channel, came to the pioneer civilization where the planet.
And in the eyes of the pioneers of civilization, they fell from the sky and bombarded the earth.
Last time, Zhou Sheng used the atom breath to sink a part of the continent of the pioneer civilization to the bottom of the sea.
This time, after becoming the final form, the power of breathing is hundreds of times stronger than the last one.
It is no longer enough to destroy a continent of the pioneer civilization.
What he wanted to do was to directly destroy the planet of the pioneer civilization.
At this time, Zhou Sheng is fully capable of doing this.
The fact is exactly what Zhou expected.
No matter how powerful the pioneer civilization is, it is impossible to turn a planet into a fortress of war.
The material of the planet is unable to resist the breath of the end of life.
Under the breath of the heaven and the earth, the planet where the pioneer civilization was located began to shake violently.
A layer of land was burned through by Zhongyan spitting. In a very short time, Zhongyan spitting came to the crust of the pioneer civilization.
The crust layer, which can't stop the power of Zhongyan exhalation, is burned through by the surrounding Zhongyan exhalation.
In the end, he breathed out from the other side of the planet where the pioneer civilization was located.
The whole planet is blown out of a passage by the breath of the end.
If you look at it from outer space, you can see more.
The whole planet was pierced by a white beam of light.
And this is just the beginning.
Finally Yan exhaled. After burning through the core of the planet, the powerful energy of the core of the planet completely lost its bondage and began to expand rapidly.
It's like a balloon full of air, which explodes after being punctured.
Civilization, a powerful pioneer of science and technology, cannot prevent the planet from dying.
But you can escape from the dead planet.
An aircraft, leaving the surface of the planet, appears in space.
Then, these pioneers of civilization, watching their own planet, in a brilliant explosion, become the dust of the universe.
This is the strength of Zhou Sheng, who can easily destroy a planet by breathing in the end.
Even the disgraced Godzilla in the movie can easily burn through the blue star rock and into the inner earth.
Today's Zhousheng is still in Godzilla form. It's not difficult to burn through the planet.
However, Zhou Sheng could not see the collapse of the pioneer civilization.
When the space channel completely collapsed, Zhou Sheng also stopped breathing.
And soon withdrew from the state of Zhongyan Godzilla and returned to the original form.
“Hum, pioneer civilization, if I don't teach you a lesson, I really think I'm easy to provoke!”
Zhou Sheng thought with disdain.
Although the pioneer civilization is very strong, Zhou Sheng is not weak at this time.
Since the pioneer civilization dares to invade Zhou Sheng's territory, he should be prepared to be retaliated by Zhou Sheng.
It's hard for even the pioneers of civilization to breathe in the end.
At the same time, when Zhou Sheng destroyed the space passage and blew up the pioneer civilization planet.
Those chrysanthemum opening beasts on the blue star were also destroyed by the original ancient titans of the blue star.
Although the strength of the Kaiju beast is not low, how can they face the ancient Titan?
Ancient Titans, these nuclear eaters, each have special abilities.
In the case of single to single, Kaiju beasts are really not rivals.
Not to mention, the ancient titans of blue star not only fight with Kaiju beast alone, but also fight in groups sometimes.
In fact, it's no wonder that the ancient Titans killed them.
After all this, Zhou also began to return to the bottom of the sea.
If it had not been for the civilization of the pioneers, Zhou Sheng would not have come out at all.
However, although it once again repelled the offensive of the pioneer civilization.
But Zhou also understood that the pioneer civilization was not easy to deal with.
After two successive failures, the invasion means of the pioneer civilization will certainly be more powerful next time.
Zhou Sheng must be on guard against this.
After all, as far as the overall strength is concerned, Zhou Sheng's civilization is far worse than that of the pioneer.
A pioneer civilization can fail twice, or even many times.
But Zhou Sheng, as long as he fails once, there will be nothing left.
The fault tolerance rates of both sides are not of the same level.
This is also why Zhou Sheng should strive to improve himself and complete the task of self-discipline.
Because he can't fail, failure is the end*
Chapter 47: unknown premonition, demon star is coming【New book collection
Zhou Sheng's guess is right.
Although the pioneer civilization experienced two failures, it did not intend to give up.
Even if the planet is destroyed, it can't make the pioneer civilization retreat.
With the power of the pioneer civilization, there are many planets under control.
It's painful to blow up a planet by Zhou Sheng, but it won't hurt.
What's more, how can the pioneer civilization easily forget being attacked twice by Zhou Sheng.
If Zhou Sheng is not allowed to pay a heavy price, the pioneer civilization will not stop.
However, although he hated Zhou Sheng, the pioneer civilization had to admit that Zhou Sheng was powerful.
With Zhou Sheng's strength, it is difficult for the pioneer civilization to defeat him easily.
Let alone from the hands of Zhou Sheng, to seize the blue star as their own territory.
So after a discussion of the pioneer civilization, they also gave up the idea of continuing to invade the blue star.
Instead, the plan is to completely destroy the blue star.
Just because they have given up the blue star doesn't mean they have given up their hatred.
How can they be reconciled if Zhou Sheng does not die?
So the pioneer civilization has made a new plan.
That is to erase both the perilife and the blue star, and make both the perilife and the blue star become the dust in the universe.
Although the matter of pioneer civilization has come to an end.
However, the impact of this event on human civilization has just begun.
Originally, people thought that Godzilla was the only opponent.
But the emergence of pioneer civilization let mankind know that there are still many enemies.
The universe is very big, not only on the blue star, but also on other planets, and it is far more powerful than human civilization.
With the realization of this, the cooperative relationship between human nations has become closer because of the ancient Titans.
There is only one way to unite human civilization from beginning to end.
That is the emergence of a new enemy that belongs to all mankind.
The emergence of pioneer civilization met this condition.
The strength of the pioneers' civilization is obvious to all, and Kaiju beast is their product.
The mecha Hunter made by human civilization has no power to fight against the more powerful chrysanthemum opening beast.
The mecha hunters sent out were destroyed by Kaiju beast.
If it wasn't for the original Titan on the blue star, I'm afraid the blue star would have been captured by Kaiju beast.
This has also made the countries of mankind begin to abandon the past enmity and work together.
Among them, the biggest beneficiary is undoubtedly the EPX group.
The secret technologies of all countries have been shared.
The purpose is to make EPX group produce more powerful weapons against all human opponents.
Even the bodies of Kaiju animals scattered around the world were secretly sent to the headquarters of EPX group.
The scientists of EPX group also learned the technology of pioneer civilization from the corpses of these chrysanthemum animals.
It can be said that this time Kaiju beast invaded blue star.
At the same time, human civilization has suffered a heavy loss, and the science and technology of human civilization has been improved a lot.
At the very least, the mechanical Godzilla has been strengthened and become better than originally expected.
Plus the secret technology provided by various countries.
Today's mechanical Godzilla is dozens of times better than it was in the beginning.
And all these operations are carried out in secret.
Zhou Sheng, who was at the bottom of the sea, suddenly got upset.
More than half a month has passed since Caesar quitora was killed.
Zhou Sheng also lived in the sea for more than half a month.
Today's Zhou Sheng is more and more adapted to Godzilla's life.
Staying at the bottom of the sea, I don't feel bored at the beginning, but I feel very comfortable.
Today, however, I don't know why, but Zhou Sheng always has a feeling of heartbreak.
It's like something's coming.
But the problem is that Zhou Sheng didn't feel any signs of disaster on the blue star.
No new ancient Titans came out to make trouble, and no space crack of pioneer civilization appeared.
Even human beings have been very peaceful recently.
At least Zhou Sheng didn't feel that human beings were doing some small movements.
“Why on earth are you upset?”
Zhou Sheng thought for a long time and couldn't figure out the answer.
But this sense of unease does exist, and it's getting more and more intense.
It's like a biological instinct, and Zhou Sheng also attaches great importance to it.
What Zhou Sheng doesn't know is that human civilization has gone crazy recently.
Just ten days ago, the human space telescope observed that a demon star the size of the moon was flying towards the blue star.
According to the trajectory of the demon star, if there is no accident, it will directly collide with the blue star.
As a result, the blue star was smashed.
There is no second possibility.
The so-called demon star refers to the white dwarf.
White dwarfs are a kind of special objects in the universe, which are usually formed by the collapse of stars.
White dwarfs are thousands of times denser than ordinary stars.
That is to say, although white dwarfs are not as big as the moon.
But the mass and weight may be thousands of times higher than the blue star.
It is conceivable that once a white dwarf collides with a blue star, what will happen.
Blue stars will be smashed, but white dwarfs are likely to be safe.
This is a disaster for any life on the blue star.
Even if human civilization has all kinds of ambitions, it is meaningless in front of this demon star.
Unless the demon star is destroyed before it collides with the blue star.
Otherwise, all creatures can't escape a dead word.
Everything on the blue star, including the blue star itself, will become the dust of the universe.
This is more terrible than the asteroid impact on the earth 500 million years ago.
“Can't we really stop this disaster?”
In a parliament between big powers, a group of top leaders of big powers asked scientists.
But unfortunately, the scientist who was asked had a gray face and shook his head.
“Impossible, even if all the weapons of our human civilization are tied together, we can't blow up this demon star.”
“The collision between demon star and blue star is inevitable.”
“The only thing we can do is to escape from the blue star before the demon star comes!”
The demon star is still outside the solar system, and it is still three years before it reaches the blue star.
And these three years are the only life of mankind.
In these three years, if human beings can build spaceships, they may flee to the vast universe, leaving a spark for the continuation of human civilization.
If you can't make it, you'll have to be buried with blue star.
After getting this cruel answer, all the great powers of mankind are silent.
No one spoke any more and obviously could not accept this desperate situation*
Chapter 48: spaceship project, Mosla's arrival
Although this result is very cruel.
However, human civilization is not waiting for death.
As a scientist said, there is still a ray of life for human beings.
Just build a spaceship to escape from the blue star in three years.
We can avoid the disaster three years later.
So there is only one problem left for human civilization.
That's how to build a spaceship in three years.
It is not impossible to build a spaceship with the technology of human beings.
It's just that it costs too much.
Moreover, we must do a good job in keeping the information secret, so that ordinary people can't know it.
Otherwise, the existing order of human civilization will collapse.
The consequence of the collapse of order is that everyone will die and no one will survive.
You know, even if the spaceship is built, only a few people will be able to board the spaceship.
The vast majority of human beings, will be left in the blue star, together with the blue star was broken by the demon star.
And will most human beings, doomed to perish, be willing to wait for death?
If ordinary people know that a few of them want to build spaceships to escape from the blue star, they will do everything to stop them.
After all, why do we die here and you live?
People are selfish, either live together or die together.
If you want to live alone and abandon most people, you must do a good job in keeping secrets.
Soon, the whole plan was determined by the high-level leaders among the major powers.
He secretly built a spaceship to escape from the blue star in three years.
In the face of the spaceship project, all other plans have to give in.
Even the EPX group's mechanical Godzilla plan has to give in.
It's obviously more important to escape from the blue star than to fight with Godzilla.
Although Godzilla is powerful, so what?
Unable to escape from the blue star, Godzilla is destined to be smashed by the flying demon star three years later.
It's stupid to fight for meaningless supremacy with a doomed monster.
EPX group does not know at this time that the dawn of their mechanical Godzilla plan is just around the corner.
Zhou Sheng didn't know about the demon star.
He just felt the crisis coming, but he didn't know where it came from or how it came.
“What is it?Why do I have a sense of imminent disaster! ”
Somewhere at the bottom of the sea, Zhou Sheng had a bit of a grumpy thought.
He's really a little grumpy.
That uneasy feeling made Zhou Sheng absent-minded in everything he did. In short, he was very upset.
But what's more irritating is that Zhou still doesn't know where the source of this uneasiness comes from.
Even if his sensing ability is against the sky, it is impossible to know things outside the solar system.
It is impossible for nature to know that a demon star is coming towards the blue star.
Just when Zhou Sheng was agitated to destroy the peaks on the bottom of the sea and vent his depression.
A golden beam of light falls from above and directly shines on Zhou Sheng.
This makes Zhou Sheng stop venting.
“Mosla?Is it also for this matter? ”
Zhou Sheng recognized the origin of the golden pillar of light.
This golden pillar of light, it's mosra'sβBiological light wave.
This light wave penetrates thousands of kilometers of sea water and directly irradiates Zhou Sheng.It's obviously mosra calling for Zhousheng.
Thinking of this, Zhou Sheng didn't hesitate to go straight to the sea.
Soon, Zhou Sheng came to the sea.
And saw has been a huge moth, is emitting a dazzling light.
The queen of monsters, mosra.
After seeing Zhou Sheng, Mosla made a sharp scream.
It's also the unique sound of morsela.
At the same time, some information is also transmitted to Zhou Sheng's ear through this special call.
This is also the special ability of Mosla, who can communicate with any creature.
Of course, the premise is that the object of communication has certain intelligence.
Zhou Sheng obviously meets this condition.
After being told by Mosla, Zhou Sheng finally understood why he felt uneasy.
The blue star is about to explode.
From the mouth of Mosla, Zhou Sheng learned that a high-density demon star was flying towards the blue star.
It is expected that in three years, it will hit the blue star and smash it.
After hearing the news, Zhou Shengren was silly.
It's really a disaster.
When people sit at home, demon stars come from the sky.
When he thought that he would be broken by the demon star three years later, Zhou Sheng felt a burst of despair and frustration.
He's a great passer-by, the king of blue star monsters, and he's the presence of Caesar kedora.
To be faked dead by a demon star.
Really, I can't take it.
In addition, Zhou Sheng also thought of one thing.
That's the demon star. Is it really just an accident?
Instinctively, Zhou Sheng felt that the demon star was not as simple as it seemed.
After all, in terms of probability, it is impossible for a demon star to strike a blue star.
How can such a coincidence happen in the world?
Therefore, Zhou Sheng felt that the demon star affair was probably caused by someone.
And the most suspect object is undoubtedly the pioneer civilization who just ate shriveled here in Zhou Sheng.
In fact, Zhou Sheng's guess is right.
This demon star is really the work of the pioneer civilization.
After realizing that Zhou Sheng's strength is not easy to deal with, the pioneer civilization also gave up the plan of occupying blue star.
However, it is not so easy to give up the hatred between Zhou Sheng and the pioneer civilization.
Since you can't get the blue star, just destroy it.
Together with Godzilla, the enemy, turn into the dust of the universe.
It was with this idea that the pioneer civilization used technology to directly change the orbit of a demon star.
Let this demon star come directly to the blue star, and smash the blue star.
However, even if Zhou Sheng knew this kind of thing, what could he do?
Is it difficult for him? What else can he change?
Are similar things happening less in the Dark Universe?
After all, the relationship between civilization and civilization itself is: what do you have to do with destroying you?
The only reason is to see who is stronger.
The strength of blue star is weak, and the civilization strength of the pioneers is strong, so blue star can only watch helplessly and be calculated by the civilization of the pioneers.
And in three years, will face the fate of being smashed by the demon star.
However, Zhou Sheng was a little desperate when he first learned about the demon star.
But it soon picked itself up.
Are all people who have died once. Are you afraid to die again?
What's more, it's not Zhou Sheng's style to wait for death without doing something.
“Demon star?If you dare to come, I'll kill you! ”
Zhou Sheng thought that he didn't want to wait to die.
And this is also the main purpose of Mosla to find Zhou Sheng*
Chapter 49: bear the responsibility of the king for three years【New book collection
After knowing the cause and effect of things.
Zhou Sheng took Mosla to Antarctica.
Their movements have also attracted the attention of human satellites.
After all, today's Zhou Sheng, after successively defeating the powerful enemy, is already the undisputed Blue Star boss.
As the boss of every move, human nature has to pay special attention.
Otherwise, accidentally bumped into the boss, the bad luck is not human itself?
Just when human beings are going to see what Zhou Sheng wants to do in Antarctica this time.
The next series of actions in Zhou's life, however, make people confused.
When Zhou Sheng reached the center of Antarctica, he directly released his own biological wave and summoned other ancient titans of the blue star.
Before long, the ancient Titans came to Antarctica and crawled at the feet of Zhou Sheng.
Fire demon Raton, Martha, behemoth, Baqi serpent, Baishou tifeng, frozen demon scula, plumed serpent
An ancient Titan, from all over the blue star, converged to Antarctica.
And soon, with Zhou Sheng as the center, scattered.
Look at this posture, it's like a bodyguard protecting the emperor.
In fact, Zhou Sheng called these ancient Titans to protect himself.
When these ancient Titans arrived, Zhou Sheng began to prepare.
He waved his tail and smashed it to the ground.
At the same time, his feet are also stepping out two deep pits on the land of Antarctica to ensure his own stability.
Finally, Zhou Shengcai began to run the atomic energy in his body, and changed himself into the final Godzilla form.
At the same time of Zhou Sheng's action, Mosla also began to act.
Mosra releases a lot of energyβLight wave, release a dazzling light.
Like a sun, it floats on the top of the sun.
At the same time, with the instigation of Mosla's wings, light spots shake off from Mosla's wings and fall on Zhou Sheng.
This is the energy factor of Mosla. In the movie, Mosla relies on these energy factors to help Godzilla open the red lotus state.
And now, the energy factor of these Mosla also makes the strength of Zhou Sheng's body increase greatly.
Visible to the naked eye, the energy response in the peripheral body is increasing rapidly.
Even the dorsal fin behind Zhou Sheng began to shine brightly.
After adjusting his state to the best, Zhou Sheng began to accumulate energy in his body.
He did it for the demon star who will arrive at the blue star in three years.
The existence of demon star is a disaster for all creatures in blue star.
But Zhou Sheng was not willing to spend the three years waiting for death.
He is the king of monsters, whether for himself or for other creatures on the blue star, Zhou Sheng must give up.
Many titans of blue star regard Zhou Sheng as the king of Titans, obey Zhou Sheng's instructions and become Zhou Sheng's pet.
Then Zhou Sheng must also take on the responsibilities of a king at this time.
For blue star life to seek a way to live, but also for their own to seek a way to live.
Zhou Sheng, Godzilla, king of monsters!
We have to face the demon star.
Either smash the demon star before it hits the blue star, or it will be smashed by the demon star.
That's why Zhou Sheng came to Antarctica.
It is to use the three years when the demon star is about to arrive at the blue star to accumulate its own energy.
Three years of accumulation, once the outbreak!
This is the only way that Zhou Sheng can think of to make blue star exist.
So, after all the preparations, Zhou Sheng closed his eyes,
Let the energy in your body keep rising and accumulating.
And those ancient Titans around him also understood that Zhou Sheng was fighting for them.
They will also protect Zhou Sheng from being disturbed during the accumulation period.
It is also at this moment that these ancient Titans really regard Zhou Sheng as their king.
As for morsela, he is burning himself and transferring all his energy into the body of Zhou Sheng.
It's to ensure that three years after Zhou Sheng's birth, he has a better chance of winning when he makes a free hand.
It can be said that this is the last effort of the ancient Titans to save themselves and the blue star!
The image from the satellite was directly projected to the headquarters of the imperial organization.
Looking at the motionless Godzilla on the screen, the members of the imperial organization were very confused.
They don't understand. What does Godzilla do now?
What's more, why did the ancient Titans gather in Antarctica?
“He's accumulating power, accumulating energy in his body.”
Dr. qinze deduced Godzilla's behavior and told members of other imperial organizations.
Others are still puzzled after listening.
Even if Godzilla is a force, he has to be willing.
It's good. What's the power.
Just this reason, no one can guess, even Dr. Qin Ze is the same.
Demon star thing, after all, only a few people know.
The same scene happened in the headquarters of EPX group.
The chairman of EPX group, looking at Godzilla's confused behavior on the screen, was somewhat moved.
He can see that Godzilla must have entered a special state at this time.
It's also their best chance to beat Godzilla.
If we can send mechanical Godzilla to sneak attack at this moment, we are likely to succeed.
After all, at this time, Godzilla has completely entered the power accumulation mode, and his perception of the outside world has dropped to the freezing point.
As for the proposal of the chairman of EPX group, Dr. Parker also thinks it is feasible.
Even they have some intention, want to take this opportunity to get rid of Godzilla.
However, before the EPX group took action, someone stopped their plan.
At the end of the day, EPX group is just a department under the leadership of human beings.
Autonomy is in the hands of all the great powers of mankind.
The chairman of EPX group is just a senior employee.
Now the situation of human civilization is that the owners of the EPX group are all thinking about building spaceships and escaping from the blue star.
Naturally, we should keep a low profile as far as possible and do nothing.
How is it possible for the apex group to provoke Godzilla?
Isn't that uncomfortable with the spaceship plan?
And what if it works?
In order to destroy the hope of the continuation of human civilization for a monster that will die in the first three years, this is what fools will do.
It might as well be like this.
Godzilla, save it. They just build spaceships.
Three years later, when the demon star came, they left in a spaceship.
As for Godzilla and Bluestar, what do you love!
Now is the critical time, everything must be based on stability.
The chairman of EPX group doesn't know about the idea of the human top management.
But they can't disobey their orders.
Can only nod, helpless to give up this great opportunity*
Chapter 50: the change of blue star ecology and Dr. qinze's determination
Since Godzilla died in Antarctica.
The blue star was strangely peaceful.
Even the original friction of some human countries, have tacit understanding to stop all action.
For a moment, it seems that Bluestar is really peaceful.
However, people organized by the emperor have been paying close attention to the situation in Antarctica.
They are also recording the daily changes of the week.
“In one month, the glaciers in Antarctica melt by one percent.”
“If this continues, it is expected that the glaciers in Antarctica will melt faster and faster.”
“Within three years, at least 80 percent of Antarctica's glaciers will melt.”
“Sea level will rise by three to five meters all over the world.”
“Most of the territory of jiaopenjiguo will be submerged by the sea.”
“Most coastal cities in the world will be affected by sea level rise.”
“The sea area will increase by 20 percent and the land area will decrease by 40 percent.”
“We can't speculate on Godzilla's intention, but we can be sure that it will have a great impact on Bluestar's ecological environment.”
It was said in the report of the organization of the emperors.
After a month of Godzilla's silence in Antarctica, the impact on Antarctica has begun to unfold.
If Godzilla continues to do so, Antarctica is likely to become history.
Instead, the size of the ocean will be exaggerated.
Today, most coastal countries will be engulfed by the sea.
This is a disaster for human civilization.
In principle, in the face of Godzilla's behavior, human countries will certainly respond.
But the weird part is here.
It seems that the nations of mankind do not care about this matter at all and let Godzilla act.
They even suppressed the news, so that ordinary people didn't know about Godzilla in Antarctica.
“I have a hunch that there must be a connection between the reaction of human countries and the behavior of Godzilla.”
“We need to figure out why, and that's important.”
“Godzilla will not change Bluestar's ecological environment for no reason, unless he thinks it is necessary!”
Dr. Qin Ze said at a meeting organized by the emperor.
Dr. Qin Ze has already noticed that something big is going to happen.
It can be inferred from the attitudes of human nations and the actions of Godzilla.
However, Dr. qinze did not know what the big thing was.
I have to say that this is also the sorrow of ordinary people.
The world that they see is just the world that human beings want them to see.
What should not be seen by ordinary people, ordinary people may never know.
However, although Dr. qinze is eager to find out what happened,
But unfortunately, with his authority, it is not enough to know the most confidential plans of all human countries.
Let alone Dr. qinze, even the chairman of EPX group is not clear about the spaceship plan.
Three months later, five percent of Antarctica's glaciers are melting.
The result is a 10 centimeter rise in sea level.
Ten centimeters doesn't look like much.
But combined with the total area of the ocean, that's a terrible number.
At the same time, the impact of melting glaciers is not just sea level rise.
The climate of blue star is actually a very chaotic system.
All kinds of seemingly unrelated things, in fact, there are inevitable connections.
For example, the melting of glaciers has not only led to the rise of sea level.
It also causes the change of ocean current and blue star current.
As a result, extreme weather is becoming more frequent.
It snowed heavily in the Sahara desert, and the sea of dead sand turned into a white snow plain.
There was a huge tornado in jiaopenjiguo, which caused a tsunami and swept several coastal cities.
The direct drought in Feizhou caused the biggest famine in history, and tens of millions of people were starved to death.
One by one, one by one.It shows the bad form of blue star.
These extreme climates have also caused great losses to human civilization.
“No, if we go on like this, human civilization will be over!”
Dr. Qin Ze thought of it anxiously.
He needs to figure out the cause and effect of the whole thing, and why Godzilla would change the ecological environment of blue star.
In order to find out the truth, Dr. qinze had to find someone.
Dr. Ling, the legendary little beauty of morsela.
Dr. qinze knew that it was useless to look for human beings in such a way.
Otherwise, Dr. qinze would have known the reason for that.
Dr. Ling is different. The little beauty of Mosla can communicate with Mosla directly.
At that time, Dr. qinze will directly ask Mosla to find out the reason.
With the idea that we must investigate the matter clearly, Dr. Qin Ze flew directly to the rabbit country.
After a year of Godzilla's silence in Antarctica, 20 percent of Antarctica melted.
The sea level rose by one meter and the sea area increased by 15%.
As a result of the continuous reduction of land area, a large number of people in coastal areas have become refugees.
Dr. Qin Ze finally found Dr. Ling.
Since he came to rabbit country nine months ago, Dr. Qin Ze has been looking for Dr. Ling.
Unfortunately, Dr. Ling took part in a secret plan and closed it for nine months.
Until now, he appeared in front of Dr. qinze.
“Hello, Dr. Ling. I'm qinze. I have something to talk to you about.”
In a coffee shop, Dr. Qin Ze said to Dr. Ling.
Dr. Ling also nodded friendly and motioned to qinze to continue.
Dr. Qin Ze is very famous in the imperial organization, and Dr. Ling naturally knows him.
“I know about your family, and I know you can communicate with morsela.”
“Can you help me?I want to know something. ”
As soon as Dr. Qin Ze opened his mouth, he directly told Dr. Ling's biggest secret.
This is what Dr. qinze learned from an ancient mural, and no one knows it except him.
Dr. Ling was also surprised.
But looking at Dr. qinze's firm eyes, she finally nodded.
“All right, but you have to tell me why first.”
“Also, I hope you don't say anything about our family. I don't want too many people to know.”
Dr. Ling knew Dr. qinze's character and that he was good and trustworthy.
Otherwise, Dr. Ling would have run away.
After organizing his own language, Dr. Qin Ze said his reasons.
“Godzilla, the king of monsters, has been silent for a year in Antarctica.”
“In addition to Godzilla, there are many ancient Titans on the glaciers of Antarctica, and there are also Mosla.”
“I want to know, Godzilla, what their purpose is.”
“Their behavior has caused great disaster to the human world, which is not in line with Godzilla's previous code of conduct.”
“Something important must have happened, otherwise it would not have happened!”*
Chapter 51: fear of King Kong, go to Antarctica【New book collection
After listening to Dr. Qin Ze's story, and after learning about what happened in the past year.
Dr. Ling also realized the seriousness of the matter.
She finally nodded and agreed to Dr. qinze's invitation.
The two of them are leaving for Antarctica to ask the monster queen mosra about the whole thing.
Today, however, the Antarctic region has become a forbidden zone for human beings.
The ancient Titans who guard Godzilla will attack any creature that comes.
In addition, human countries have also banned the sea area of Antarctica.
This also made Dr. Ling and Dr. Qin Ze unable to start immediately. They had to have a detailed plan.
Not only Dr. Qin Ze, but also a group of people want to find out the reason.
Among them, there are people from the EPX group.
The chairman of EPX group has been a little nervous recently.
Not only was the plan of mechanical Godzilla frustrated, but more importantly, he could not understand the actions of various countries.
This feeling of being excluded is really uncomfortable.
“Maybe I'll have to find someone to investigate.”
That's what the chairman of apex group thought.
And on Skull Island, outpost 33, organized by the emperor.
The rise in sea level has not affected this area.
King Kong is still living happily in the ecological house.
But recently, King Kong has been absent-minded.
Often with a complex vision, looking to the direction of Antarctica.
The biological sound waves emitted before Zhou Sheng were naturally felt by King Kong.
But King Kong didn't dare to face Zhou Sheng, so he didn't go.
And of course, King Kong also knows about the demon star.
Sophia, the person in charge of the outpost, also noticed King Kong's strange behavior.
She is so familiar with Vajra that she can see what Vajra thinks at first sight.
“King Kong is afraid, but what is he afraid of?”
Sophia didn't understand.
At the beginning, even in the face of the Dragon King, King Kong was not so afraid.
But soon, Kiya, a little girl among the aborigines of Skeleton Island, told Sophia the answer.
“He's anxious. He feels like a disaster is coming.”
“But he can't stop it. He can only watch the disaster come.”
“I asked him what the disaster was, but he didn't say.”
The little girl, Jiya, gestured to Sophia.
She is deaf and dumb, and her communication depends on sign language.
If you are not familiar with her and know sign language, you will never know what she wants to express.
As it happens, Sophia can fully accept the message of Jiya.
Sophia was also a little confused when she heard that there was a disaster that King Kong was afraid of.
She instinctively realized the seriousness of the matter.
But the problem is, King Kong did not say where the disaster came from and how to resist it.
It makes Sophia a little upset.
After pacifying the little girl Zia, Sophia began to think about how to figure out the whole thing.
She has a deep hunch that this matter must be investigated.
Just when Sophia was at a loss and didn't know where to start the investigation.
She happened to hear about Dr. qinze.
When she heard that Dr. qinze was going to Antarctica, she realized that perhaps Dr. qinze's purpose was the same as hers.
After two years of silence in Antarctica, 45 percent of the glaciers in Antarctica melted.
The sea level rose by two meters and the sea area continued to expand.
Disasters emerge in an endless stream, and tsunamis occur frequently.
As if the blue star at this time, have become a huge powder keg, venting some emotion.
It took Dr. Qin Ze and Dr. Ling one year to prepare for the trip to Antarctica.
It's not easy to say. Dr. qinze has been under pressure from various human organizations in the past year.
Those organizations clearly wanted him to give up his plan to go to Antarctica.
However, these pressures have strengthened Dr. qinze's idea.
He was sure that something big was coming.
And he has to figure it out.
Just when Dr. Qin Ze and Dr. Ling were about to leave, a person they didn't expect found them.
“Hello, I'm the chairman of apex group.”
“I know about you and the truth you're looking for.”
“Let's work together. I can help you.”
Yes, it's the chairman of apex group.
He's been searching for the truth for a year.
But even with his energy, he can't see through the fog behind things.
On the contrary, the chairman of apex Group paid more and more attention to it.
He has realized that the seriousness of this matter is far beyond his imagination.
He is more determined to make clear the whole thing.
“Why should I trust you?Do you really think I don't know about all the things you aipex did? ”
In the face of the chairman of EPX group, Dr. Qin Ze said impolitely.
He doesn't like the EPX group at all.
The plan of mechanical Godzilla was only recently known by Dr. qinze.
When he learned that human beings were going to use mechanical Godzilla instead of Godzilla, Dr. qinze had no affection for this organization.
Now the leader of mechanical Godzilla appears in front of Dr. qinze. It is strange that he can give face.
“Mechanical Godzilla is a thing of the past. The big bosses have stopped the plan.”
“I have to figure out what caused mechanical Godzilla to be abandoned.”
“To some extent, our goals are the same.”
“If you don't cooperate with me, you can't get to Antarctica by yourself.”
“Those ancient titans are enough to crush you to death!”
EPX Group Chairman, said to Dr. Qin Ze.
What he said is also true.
Today's Antarctica is a forbidden area where no living thing can pass.
Any creature that intrudes into Antarctica will be attacked by the ancient Titans.
What if Dr. Ling could communicate with morsela?
If she didn't see mosra, she would be killed by the ancient Titans.
“You?How can you help me solve this problem? ”
Dr. qinze knows that, too.
So after listening to the words of the chairman of EPX group, he hesitated.
If the EPX group really has a way to solve this problem, it is not impossible to work together.
After all, isn't the mechanical Godzilla project now at a standstill?
“Orca acoustics, it's a great invention, isn't it?”
“This is Dr. Emma Russell. She's going with you to Antarctica.”
Emma Russell is the killer of the chairman of EPX group.
With the orca acoustic device, people can get close to the ancient Titan, close to morsela, and ask the truth*
Chapter 52: knowing the truth, desperate truth【New book collection
With the efforts of all the people, the team to Antarctica finally began to set out.
EPX group provides a top-level ground flying device, which is enough to help people cross the vast sea.
At the speed of the earth flyer, it took only half a day for the people to reach the waters of Antarctica.
Here, they have been able to see the ancient Titans.
“It's up to you!”
Dr. qinze said to Emma Russell.
Arriving in Antarctica is just the first step, and the next most important thing is to get close to the core of the state.
Only there can Dr. Ling communicate with morsela.
Emma Russell did not refuse, but directly activated the orca acoustic device.
As a result, a special biological wave continuously diffuses out of the lander.
After doing these jobs well, many people drove the ground flying device and moved closer to the far south.
In the past two years, no one wants to disturb Zhou Sheng.
However, those who broke into the waters of Antarctica were destroyed by the ancient Titans wandering around.
Those ancient Titans, loyal guardians of their kings, do not allow anyone to disturb.
Not long after the lander entered the waters of Antarctica.
The sea below suddenly broke, and a huge object appeared in front of the crowd.
This behemoth has many claws like the tentacles of an octopus.
“It's Melos, the mythical sea monster, who will devour people and ships in the past!”
The first time I saw the monster, the people of the imperial organization recognized its identity.
It is also an ancient Titan recorded by the imperial organization.
The original activity area was in the Caribbean region, but due to the call of Zhou Sheng, it came to the waters of Antarctica.
In mythology and legend, this monster will send out a sweet song, tempting ancient sailors to fall into the sea, and then be eaten by it.
The appearance of the sea demon Melos made everyone nervous.
They can only pray now that the orca acoustic device really works.
Otherwise, all who are sitting here will die here.
Fortunately, Merlot did not attack them.
Instead, they looked at the earthflyer they were riding, as if wondering whether it was the ancient Titan.
In the end, though, Melos couldn't figure out which ancient Titan the earthflyer was.
But they did send out biological waves that belonged to the ancient Titans.
In that case, it's our own people.
So Merlot, the sea demon, did not embarrass a few humans on the plane, but sank into the deep sea again.
After passing the sea demon Melos, the people moved on to the extreme south.
Along the way, they met several ancient Titans.
Fortunately, Orca's acoustic devices are reliable enough to prevent them from being attacked.
They finally saw the stillness of Zhou Sheng in the state of accumulating power, and also saw the Mosla floating on the top of Zhou Sheng's head like the sun.
Looking at the eyes, as if into the eternal two top Titans.
Several people are full of shock.
Dr. Qin Ze was even more excited and trembled, just like a fanatical Star chaser who saw his dream idol.
Fortunately, they still remember the business and dare not disturb Zhou Sheng at such a time.
Dr. Qin Ze looked at Dr. Ling, who also nodded.
She stepped forward and contacted morsela with a special method.
Soon, Mosla also gave Dr. Ling a response.
For the little beauty of Mosla, Mosla takes good care of her.
In the face of Dr. Ling's problem, Mosla did not hide, and told them about the demon star.
Although Mosla also fell into a state of silence, there was still consciousness in action.
Otherwise, even if Dr. Ling how to call, she will not respond.
Soon, after a story of Mosla, people also learned the truth of the matter.
When I learned that a demon star was coming to the blue star and smashed it.
There was silence.
They finally know why Godzilla is in a state of accumulation.
At the same time, I also understand why the recent actions of human beings are so abnormal.
In the face of this disaster, those high-level human beings are afraid to think of the way to live regardless of everything.
However, even if the truth of the matter is clear, people's hearts are not relaxed.
So that on their way back, everyone was in a low mood.
Because the demon star's coming, they can't stop it.
We can only watch the disaster come.
On the ground plane, everyone was silent.
The purpose of their trip was achieved, but the truth they got was unacceptable.
“No, I'm going to make the news public.”
“The public can't be kept secret, they have the right to know the truth!”
Sofia, who was organized by the emperor, said.
In her mind, the people have the right to know the truth, and they can't die in ignorance.
Most of the other members of the imperial organization had similar ideas.
But Emma Russell from EPX group.
I don't agree with Sophia.
However, Emma Russell did not express that she did not want to be targeted.
But in fact, in Emma Russell's heart, Sophia is like an innocent child.
I don't know the cruelty of the world and the horror of the human heart.
To say the least, even if Sophia and others break through the obstacles of various countries and make the news of demon star's coming public.
But whether the public will be willing to believe it is another matter.
In addition, even if the public believes it, the outcome must be good?
Instead of letting those people despair, the world will be in chaos.
Maintaining the existing order is the most appropriate way.
In fact, the idea of all countries is right. Without the ability to stop the demon star, it will be destroyed together with the people.
It's better to build spaceships to save some of the kindling of human civilization.
That's the smartest thing to do.
Anyway, in Emma Russell's mind, she had never thought of publishing the news
She is thinking about how to get her family to board the spaceship that is already under construction.
People are selfish.
This is also the obvious difference between the EPX group and the imperial organization.
Most of the members of the imperial organization were idealists.They naively thought that humans and ancient Titans could coexist peacefully.
That's why the monarch organization represents the doves of humanity.
As for apex group, it has a deeper understanding of human nature.
EPX group knows that human beings can not live in peace with the ancient Titans unless they give up development.
There is bound to be a big contradiction between human beings and ancient Titans.
That's why the apex group represents the human hawks*
Chapter 53: Dr. Qin Ze's choice, cruel reality
It only took about half a day.
The earth flyer took the people back to Eagle sauce country from Antarctica.
This is the headquarters of the kings and the EPX group.
However, before they got off the ground, a large group of real troops surrounded them.
Under the dignified eyes of Dr. qinze and others, this group of troops directly controlled them closely.
In a small room.
Dr. qinze is being held here.
Obviously, their behavior of going to Antarctica to find out the truth has been discovered by the high level of human countries.
In order to avoid the information leakage of demon star, causing large-scale riots of human civilization.
Dr. Qin Ze and others were naturally controlled.
In the face of this situation, even Dr. Qin Ze was a little flustered.
He didn't know what would happen to him.
Even though he is Dr. qinze, he is well-known in the human world.
But Dr. qinze knew that if he really blocked the spaceship project, he would be killed.
Just when Dr. qinze was nervous in the small room.
The chairman of EPX group came in and sat in front of Dr. qinze.
“Doctor, we meet again.”
Looking at the obviously haggard Dr. qinze, the chairman of EPX group said calmly.
Dr. qinze also looked at each other with anger and fear in his eyes.
“What are you going to do with us when you lock us up?”
“Shut up, or shut us up to the end of the world?”
Dr. qinze told the chairman of EPX group.
“No, doctor, you misunderstood. We're not that brutal.”
“I just want you to cooperate and keep this secret.”
“In return, you will not only regain your freedom, but also your family will get tickets to the stars!”
The chairman of EPX group has stated his purpose.
He hoped that Dr. qinze could cooperate and keep the demon star in mind.
After he said his conditions, the chairman of EPX group stopped talking.
As a matter of fact, the chairman of EPX group is not calm at heart.
When he learned about the demon star from Emma Russell.
He immediately guessed the complete plan of the high-level officials of various countries.
His choice is to have a showdown with the top officials of various countries and ask them to participate in the plan on the condition of keeping secrets.
Frankly speaking, the chairman of EPX group has accepted the fact that blue star is about to be destroyed.
That's why the chairman of EPX group lobbied Dr. Qin Ze.
Dr. Qin Ze is a talented person, worthy of a ticket to the starry sky.
This is also in line with the high-level requirements for personnel on the spacecraft.
Those who can go to the spaceship and escape from the blue star are the most outstanding talents in human history.
This can also better ensure that human civilization will have a higher survival rate in the universe after losing the hometown of blue star.
It's all about the continuation of the race.
Dr. Qin Ze thought a lot, and the conditions given by the chairman of EPX group are part of it.
After all, he has a family and a son.
In addition, more importantly, Dr. Qin Ze is not sure whether it is the most correct way to leak the information of demon star.
Looking at the confident chairman of EPX group, Dr. qinze asked his biggest question.
“If I want to make the news of demon Star public, what will happen?”
Dr. Qin Ze looked at the chairman of EPX group and said seriously.
The chairman of EPX group was a little stunned.
But soon he gave the answer.
“If the public knows about the spaceship plan, they know that someone is going to run away from them.”
“It must be the end of the world ahead of time.”
“When social order collapses, spaceships will be torn up by angry people.”
“The only hope for the continuation of human civilization has been completely extinguished.”
“Believe me, it must be something you don't want to see.”
“Compared with despair, is it not a kind of happiness to die painlessly in ignorance?”
The chairman of EPX group stated a cruel fact in a cold voice.
As someone said, if there is a nuclear war in the future.
Hope to be the first to die, hope to die in the heart of the nuclear explosion.
Because in that way, he will be vaporized in a flash, without any pain, and no need to bear the despair brought about by the end of the world.
After listening to the words of the chairman of EPX group, Dr. qinze finally nodded deeply.
At this moment, he seemed to be more than ten years old.
“Just do what you say. Maybe this time, you are right.”
Dr. Qin Ze has no choice but to accept the reality.
Because he knew that the words of the chairman of EPX group were cruel but realistic.
Godzilla has been in Antarctica for two and a half years.
Glaciers in Antarctica melt 65 percent.
As the sea level rose by three meters, the sea area increased by 25 percent, accounting for 80 percent of Bluestar's surface.
This is a very exaggerated data, representing that the activity area of human civilization is getting smaller and smaller.
At the same time, natural disasters, extreme weather, flash floods and tsunamis.
A variety of terrible natural disasters are constantly harvesting life.
According to statistics, in the past two and a half years, at least 300 million people have died and more than one billion have become refugees.
Although the news of demon star has not been released.
But all over the world, there is still the end of the world.
Although the social order has not completely collapsed, it has not satisfied the previous stability.
In the face of all this, Dr. Qin Ze can do, only the pain of watching.
Once again, when I stood in my window and watched the parade below.
Dr. Qin Ze sighed helplessly.
He wanted to do something for his home star, but found that he could do nothing.
This sense of powerlessness, in the past six months, has become the most terrible nightmare in Dr. qinze's heart.
He didn't know how many times he woke up from the nightmare of blue star destruction.
After thinking about human beings, Dr. qinze thought of Godzilla again.
I don't know what happened to the king of monsters?
Storage force has been two and a half years, from the demon star has only the last half a year.
I don't know if Godzilla, the king of monsters, can survive this difficult stage.
All of a sudden, Dr. qinze had a flash in his mind.
He realized that maybe he could do something.
For the sake of your home planet, and for the sake of the king of monsters.
“Even Godzilla didn't give up. He was fighting to the death. Why should I give up?”
Thinking of this, Dr. qinze's eyes reappeared.
He contacted his assistants directly and made them contact people from all over the world.
He has a big plan to discuss with other countries*