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      American Comics: The strongest villain _ Volume 1: Gotham Phantom

      Chapter 1 Just as he was transmigrating, he was killed by the plot

      The clamor was deafening. It was as if the chaotic market could not hear what was being shouted. All they could feel was excitement and excitement.
      This was a prison. There were rows of cells on both sides of the long corridor. At this moment, the prisoners in the cell crowded around the cell fence and shouted excitedly, as if something new had happened.Of course, not everyone was so excited. The cell at the end of the corridor was extremely quiet.
      This was a single cell. The’new person’ in the cell was less than half an hour away.
      “Although I know that some things will take a long time for the first time, do you want to do it so soon?At least let me feel it.”It’s too inhumane to be here for the second time without feeling anything, right?”Su Sheng was lying on a single bed in the cell, cursing in a low voice.
      Don’t misunderstand. This was not the transformation of a boy into a man, nor was it the legendary prison feature. It was about transmigration!
      Crossing this kind of thing was common in novels, but the chances of it happening in reality were very small. Su Sheng was very lucky to cross into his familiar world and gain the ability of a disciple!
      Who was the disciple?
      A BUG-like figure in the Maneuver world. Although this guy had a face that was difficult to distinguish between male and female, he was also called a cute guy, but his ability was extremely abnormal.
      Infinite replication, infinite superposition.
      As long as you attacked him, he could replicate it in an instant, whether it was ability, material, consciousness, abstract power, or even experience in using this ability.Of course, if it was just like this, it could only be called Five-Five. The real pervert was that after he copied his opponent’s ability, he could add unlimited power. One time, ten times, a hundred times, unlimited times. Simply put, as long as you attacked him, you would definitely lose.The disciples relied on this ability wave to fly up, defeated the Life Court, and copied the abilities of many gods in the universe. They even claimed to have the same ability as TOAA.However, because his ability was too abnormal, he was killed by the plot. He created a character of the Judge and inexplicably defeated him and sealed him in the life court’s body.
      Having obtained such a perverted ability, Su Sheng had thought that he would be able to do whatever he wanted, but he never thought that he would suffer the same treatment.
      Storyline Kill!
      It was not more than three minutes before he reached the Maneuvering World. He did not have the time to understand the situation, nor did he have the time to copy his abilities. The universe where he was was was was gone with a bang!
      Su Sheng thought that he would die. He didn’t expect that he would transmigrate again. And he directly transmigrated into the prison cell. This was also the reason why he complained for the first time that it was too fast.
      It wasn’t more than three minutes before they passed through again, so Su Sheng did n’ t do anything in half an hour and waited to see if the Big Bang would happen again.
      But now it seemed like he wouldn’t.
      “Once and twice, the first time it’s very soon and then it’s beginning to last. This is a man’s growth history!”Su Sheng complained as he flipped over and sat up to understand the world.
      Both of them were physical transmigration, which meant that the disciples’ ability was still there. It was just another world wave, so even if they were in the cell, Su Sheng was not worried.
      “The sound outside seems to be quiet?”Su Sheng sensed that the corridor that was still full of firecrackers and gongs had quietened down. Just as he was about to get up to check out the situation outside the fence and try to see if he could get out, two guards were holding a woman in front of the cell. It was obvious that they were from Europe and America.
      “Why are there people? Isn’ t this cell empty?”
      “Looks like an Asian guy was locked up without even changing his clothes. He probably offended someone. Let’s forget about it.”
      How about this?After all ……”
      “Didn’t you just see her ability?”What are you afraid of!”
      The two guards had no intention of doing anything. They opened the prison door and pushed the woman in custody. They locked the door and left.
      It was fine to have two prisoners in a single cell, but one male and one female……Pah, is one man and one woman going too far?Could it be a newbie benefit?Su Sheng muttered to himself as he looked at the woman who was locked in. His eyes lit up slightly.
      His long brown hair was draped over his shoulders. Although he was wearing a loose prison uniform, it was hard to hide his perfect figure. He was beautiful, and although he was expressionless, he gave off a cold charm.
      The most important thing was that Su Sheng recognized her identity!
      “It’s really a newbie’s welfare. They’ re all starting with a dog. I’ ve got a good start with a cat, and I’ m still a wild cat!”
      PS1: The new book is sailing again. This is Old Wang’s fifth book. I hope everyone will continue to support it.
      Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation*

      Chapter 2 Opening a cat

      Su Sheng did not hide or hide his gaze, even if the other party was already frowning unhappily.If she really was the person she thought of, Serena Kel, the cat girl, then it was obvious that this was the DC world.Do you want to go through Diffuse and then DC?This was a lot of the same flow of people.
      Whether it was Manwei or DC, where was it not Wave?
      Su Shenglang smiled. No, that was not right. Just as he was about to open his mouth, he suddenly saw a straight and long leg kick towards him. His speed was so fast that he was about to make an intimate contact with his face in the blink of an eye.Unfortunately, Su Sheng did not have foot fetishism. A thought flashed through his mind.
      Unlimited replication!
      With his ability activated, any enemy ability that targeted him could be replicated in an instant.Su Sheng clearly felt the flexibility and balance of his body become stronger. His reflexes became faster. The moment the other party raised his leg and kicked him, Su Sheng suddenly leaned back. His foot brushed past Su Sheng’s head, and at the same time, Su Sheng almost instinctively aimed at the other party’s leg to support his body.
      It happened to be where the lower leg was up and the lower knee was down.
      This kick instantly caused her to lose her balance and fall in the direction of Su Sheng. Her reaction quickly was that she wanted to withdraw her kick and step on the bed to maintain her balance, but……Su Sheng was even faster.He grabbed his opponent’s ankle and pressed it on his body.
      The other party stepped on the ground to stabilize the ground. One of his feet was grabbed by Su Sheng. His body suddenly sank down and pressed down on Su Sheng’s body.
      At the same time, a piercing sound rang out……
      Su Sheng was certain that the prison had not considered the prisoners’ ability to play with a horse during the custom-made prison uniforms, so he and she were stunned by the appearance of such a situation.
      “Don’ t look at me. I won’ t pay for your damage!”He looked at Su Sheng and suddenly spoke.
      Originally, this kind of thing was quite awkward, but Su Sheng suddenly said that I didn’t want to make her lose her hair. I wanted to make her lose. Did I want you to?She angrily punched towards Su Sheng.With their posture and distance, it was easy to imagine where her punch was. Su Sheng didn’ t want to get up in the future and lean on his mouth. He forcefully pushed her leg out.
      An ordinary person would probably fall down with this push, but she used the power of the flat ground to roll back and steadily stop. The next moment, she directly rushed towards Su Sheng.
      As a famous jewel thief, Cat Girl was not only good at balance, flexibility and reaction speed, but also good at boxing and street fighting skills. After all, if she didn’t have the ability, she would n’ t be able to break through such a great name.
      Seeing her rushing towards him, Su Sheng raised his mouth to welcome her.
      The way the two of them used their moves, their angles, and their moves were the same. They simply exchanged blows.
      The cat girl was slightly surprised by the other party’s methods, but she did not stop.
      Fist and foot were facing each other.
      In the small cell, the two of them were fighting intensely.
      At first, Cat Girl didn’t believe that it was just a coincidence, but the more she hit, the more depressed she became. This was no coincidence. It was exactly the same, and even some of her habits were the same when she fought. This made Cat Girl feel as if she was a male.
      “Bastard, don’ t use the same moves as me if you have the ability.”The cat girl cursed angrily.
      Su Sheng chuckled. It wasn’t a bad thing that he was a disciple’s ability. Not only did he copy all his abilities and skills, even his experience was instantly mastered. Even if he were to use a skill book, he wouldn’t be so sharp.Looking at the angry Su Sheng, he could confirm that she was the cat girl.
      “Not convinced?”You can’ t beat me!”
      Cat Girl sneered,” The same trick, I can’ t beat you, you can’ t beat me!”
      “That’s not necessarily true. I was just teasing the cat, but now…” Su Sheng said in a very infuriating tone.
      Funny cat?
      Fool you, Sir!
      The cat girl didn’t have time to wonder if the cat he was talking about knew her identity. She only had one thought right now, scratching him to death!The cat girl on the ground shot forward once again.
      This ability of infinite duplication was indeed perverted, as if it was a ghost, but Su Sheng wanted to know what the effect of infinite duplication was.After all, copying could be considered as a stall. No matter how high-level it sounded, it wasn’t obvious enough?It would be fine to use it as a wave, but if you want the wave to fly up, it would still be an infinite stack.
      “Unlimited stacking, double!”
      Although there were some middle-two, as the saying goes, people don’t have to be middle-two in vain. The Ninja’s sense of shame Su Sheng still shouted.
      It was in Chinese.
      Su Sheng’s sudden shout made Cat Girl jump in fright. After doubling, his reaction ability, speed, body coordination and flexibility, strength, and other abilities instantly increased.Looking at the cat girl’s whip, he could n’ t move his feet. His waist shrunk and twisted. It was already at its limit. Even the cat girl couldn’t dodge.The cat girl was slightly stunned. She followed closely with the whip leg, side kick, back kick, and other various leg techniques to attack Su Sheng again. At the same time, her hands cooperated with her steps, punching, cross punches, hook punches, elbow punches, and so on.
      Su Sheng easily dodged such a storm-like attack.
      It was too slow.
      After doubling the power, he needed to block and attack, but now he was able to dodge easily.
      “Infinite stack, double!”
      Just as Cat Girl’s leg whip was about to kick out, Su Sheng had already made a pre-judgment and made avoid it. At the same time, he stretched his body forward, and his shoulder violently collided with Cat Girl’s shoulder. Cat Girl instantly staggered back a few steps and smashed it on the wall.
      With a muffled groan, he was hit by his shoulder and drooped slightly.
      Such strong strength!
      The cat girl felt half of her shoulder go numb. She felt cold sweat from the pain.
      The most infuriating thing was that this was also a trick she knew.
      It was just that she couldn’t do it so quickly, and her strength was n’ t that great either. She hadn’t mastered it yet!
      “Who are you?”Cat Girl pressed her shoulders and looked at Su Sheng warily.
      Su Sheng looked at the cat girl and chuckled.”Anyway, I’ m not a shit shovel!”
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      Chapter 3 Black Gate Prison

      It was clear that this cat girl had never heard of a shit shovel official, but who was this guy?He had the same ability as himself and was even stronger than himself. When did Gotham have such a role?Would he still be imprisoned?Was it an accident or something else?Seeing him approach him, the cat girl warily pulled away from him.
      Su Sheng stopped and chuckled.”You can’t beat me, you ca n’ t run out. What are you hiding from?Where could he hide?”I’ m just a newcomer. I just want to talk to you about the situation.”
      Cat Girl was silent.
      Su Sheng could not help but frown?”Do you understand?There were always things that came and went. I said one word after another.For example, if I asked you’Are you a cat girl’, you’re going to do your shit’, then I’ll ask you’ Are you Serena Kel’, understand?”This is the correct way to chat.”
      This bastard really knows my identity!
      Not only did he know that I was a cat girl, he also knew my true identity!
      “You still don’t understand?”It doesn’ t matter. I’ ll teach you slowly.”Seeing that Cat Girl was still silent, Su Sheng continued to give examples with great interest.”I’ ll ask you,’ Where is this?’ You go back to’ This is Gotham’ and I’ ll ask you,’ Where’s Batman?’, You ……”
      “Batman is dead.”
      When it came to Batman, Cat Girl couldn’t help but answer.
      This was indeed Gotham!
      People were simple and honest in Gotham City, and people came out of Akam.
      “That’s right. Looks like you’ ve mastered the skills of chatting.”Su Sheng chuckled in satisfaction.”Batman is dead. Is Bruce Wayne still alive?”
      “How do you know that Bruce Wayne is…” The cat girl stared at Su Sheng in shock. The son of Gotham, the rich Bruce Wayne was Batman’s matter. She had only just realized that not long ago, who was this guy?He knew my identity and Batman’s identity!”I’m not sure, but he might be dead.”He offended Bain.”
      Engaging Bain?Then what about breaking the mountain?Tsk tsk, even though Bain was a Brokeback Mad Demon, Batman wasn’t that easy to hang up. He was like a villain in an animated cartoon who always shouted that I would come back.Then, Batman should find a place to lick his wounds and prepare to make a comeback. This is Gotham again, so Gotham should be ruled by Bain now, right?This was like the story of the rise of the Dark Knight.
      “This is Black Gate Prison, right?”Su Sheng asked.
      “You don’ t even know what prison you’ re in?”Cat Girl obviously didn’ t want to answer this kind of’ idiot’ question.
      “I still don’ t know when I will die. Don’ t you have to live slowly?”Su Sheng followed suit.
      Could this be the same?
      Cat Girl glared at Su Sheng. You bastard wouldn’ t talk, right?
      Ignoring Cat Girl’s angry and silent complaint, Su Sheng turned around and walked to the bedside, lying down.His actions caused the cat girl to frown slightly. As she gently shook her shoulders, she sized him up.
      From the looks of it, it seemed as if he was only eighteen or nineteen years old. He had a stick on his head, and he looked handsome and somewhat childish. It was no different from ordinary college students.
      “What’s your name?”The cat girl could not help but ask.
      “Su Sheng.”This time, Su Sheng didn’t say anything about a shit shovel.
      The cat girl could confirm that she had never heard of this name.Seeing his leisurely appearance, Cat Girl could not help but say.”Aren’t you going to leave this place?Gotham had been controlled by Bain. No one knew what he would do. It might destroy Gotham.”I’ m afraid we won’ t be able to leave when we’ re late.”
      “You and I work together. How about leaving this place?”
      Su Sheng flipped over and looked at Cat Girl, his foot on the edge of the bed shaking slightly.
      Cat Girl looked at Su Sheng, but her eyes unconsciously stared at his swaying feet.”Cooperate?”
      “Mm.”Su Sheng answered and unconsciously nodded, his feet shaking even more.Cat Girl’s eyes turned slightly sharp, and her brows furrowed. Was there something wrong with this bastard?He was lying on the ground, shaking his feet.The cat girl was so unhappy that she heard Su Sheng laugh.
      “Why are you laughing?”
      “Nothing.”Su Sheng shook his head slightly. Although he didn’t tease the cat club, it seemed like the effect was almost the same!”It’s fine if we cooperate. I have my own way to leave, but if you want to leave, I can help you.”
      “How to help?”
      Su Sheng got up and walked to the fence in the cell. He looked at the gap between the fences and then looked back at Cat Girl’s figure. He grabbed the fence with both hands.
      “Don’ t tell me you plan to twist the fence. This is absolutely impossible.”
      Before he passed through Su Sheng’s body, his strength was actually ordinary people’s level. The cat girl was a woman, but after training, her strength was even stronger than ordinary men.He had just tried to superimpose and his strength would also increase. As for how much he had superimposed, it would depend on how many times he had superimposed.Theoretically speaking, even Cat Girl’s power could change after infinite superposition.After roughly estimating his current strength, Su Sheng whispered.
      “Infinite stack, ten times!”
      His strength suddenly increased. Su Sheng gripped the railing with both hands and pulled it.
      The creaking sound rang out in an instant. In the next moment, the three finger-thick steel fences were pulled to both sides and curved, creating a space that could accommodate one person.
      After bending the fence, Su Sheng took a few glances at it, but he did not seem to be satisfied. After thinking about supporting the fence, he pulled it back a bit and nodded in satisfaction.
      Su Sheng turned around and stretched out his hand. He looked at the stunned cat girl and said with a smile.
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      Chapter 4: People’s Style

      Seeing the originally loose fence being pulled back by Su Sheng becoming much narrower, Cat Girl could not help but say.
      “Are you sick?”
      “You have medicine?”Su Sheng smiled.
      “You should not be locked in Black Gate Prison, you should be locked in Akam!”The cat girl could be sure that Su Sheng was definitely in trouble. Gotham was not many normal people.
      “I’ ll go if I have a chance.”Su Sheng didn’t seem to realize that this was a mockery. He replied seriously.
      The cat girl felt that she couldn’t talk to him anymore. This bastard was sick. He must be the kind of sick person who would die!Cat Girl walked straight to the side of the fence and took a leg. She then pulled back her body slightly and ran over. Half of her body had to stop as soon as she arrived. It was too crowded.The other places were fine, but the front was blocked.
      He had clearly been able to pass by easily before, but he pulled him back.The cat girl looked at Su Sheng angrily, but found that he was focusing on himself.The cat girl lowered her head and instantly realized why Su Sheng had done so much. This……This bastard!
      No wonder he had looked at his body before. No wonder he had pulled it back.
      This bastard was doing it on purpose!
      The cat girl who saw through Su Sheng’s intentions angrily rushed through the fence.With a muffled groan, Cat Girl suppressed the thought of soothing the pain and glared at Su Sheng.
      Pa, pa, pa!”
      Su Sheng laughed and clapped.”You proved it to be real!”
      Who said I was fake?Who had to prove it?
      The cat girl was so angry that she wanted to go back and fight with him for 300 rounds. However, at this time, the guards at the end of the corridor had already seen that she was about to open the door. She did not care about finding trouble with Su Sheng and rushed over.
      The door opened.
      A few guards were holding a baton and fighting with the cat girl. If it was just a few guards, the cat girl wouldn’t care about it at all. But right now, half of her shoulder was still numb and painful, and her skills were greatly reduced. For a moment, she could n’ t rush out.
      Suddenly, there was a loud noise, as if something had exploded.Immediately after, cries rang out from outside. Before the guards could figure out what was going on, they saw a group of people rushing in from outside directly dropping their distant colleagues. These people held guns in their hands, their faces filled with excitement and arrogance. They arrogantly found the key to open the cell and release the prisoners inside and handed them the guns.
      “You’ re free. You’ re free.”
      “Go get revenge, get revenge on those rich people, those bastards, Gotham belongs to you!”
      Which of Gotham’s criminals was n’ t the most vicious?These guys got their freedom and got their guns?The prison was in chaos.In such a chaotic situation, although the prison guards had no time to care about themselves, the cat girl was pushed so hard that she could not leave.
      “You’ re free!”
      A tattooed man opened the cell door and threw a gun at Su Sheng.
      “Thank you!”Su Sheng smiled and took it over. He really didn’t have a chance to use this thing before. He did n’ t know how to shoot, but it didn’t matter. Just find someone who knew how to shoot at him.
      Cat Girl was right. Su Sheng was indeed very suitable for Akam Mad Men’s Hospital.
      Looking at the chaotic corridor, Su Sheng walked out.
      Although the corridor was crowded, Su Sheng used his flexibility and flexibility to walk through the crowd. When he passed by the cat girl, he even smiled at her. Then, he ignored her angry eyes and left the corridor.Although Cat Girl was nimble, she wasn’t as agile as Su Sheng, who had been stacked several times. By the time she came out of the prison, she could n’ t see Su Sheng anymore. On the street……There was chaos.
      “As expected, it’s the simple Gotham City.”
      Su Sheng was walking on the street. Gunshots, roars, cries, cries, cries and cries were heard. The company and mansion were ransacked. The original rich and socialite were thrown out like trash.Of course, there were also people who resisted. If there weren’t a few guns in Gotham, they would be embarrassed to leave the house. If they fired, they would n’ t hesitate at all. It was like they were going to die.
      Only Gotham’s people dared to resist when Daxed’s demons descended to Earth. Whether you were human or ghost, god or devil?He shot without hesitation!
      The sky was covered in dark clouds, as if the sun could not be seen at all. The Gothic building stood tall, and the surface was covered in dirt and dirt. Combined with the chaotic scene, this was Gotham.
      “Feng’ er, it’s really noisy!”
      Su Sheng shook his clothes and walked towards a nearby apartment. There was a beating around the bush, but Su Sheng pressed the doorbell like a gentleman.
      Ding dong, ding dong, ding dong……
      The doorbell rang faintly, but the door did not open.
      “Forget it.”
      Su Sheng raised his foot and directly kicked over.
      The door was kicked open.
      Su Sheng picked up his gun and shouted,” Listen to the people inside, rob them ……”
      The moment his voice fell, he heard a bang.A bullet flew out from inside.
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      Chapter 5 Hallekine

      The moment the gun was fired, Su Sheng suddenly fell backwards. His feet were still on the ground. His body was already bent at an extremely strange angle and he quickly leaned back. His right hand touched the ground to support his body. The bullet flew over his head, and at the same time, his left hand directly shot inside.
      “Infinite stack, ten times.”
      With a slap, a cry of surprise came from inside.
      Su Sheng’s arms and waist exerted a slight amount of force. He immediately flipped over and wiped off the sweat on his forehead. He said with lingering fear,” It’s so hanging. It’s not bad that it’s Gotham. It was almost covered in color.”
      Walking in, she brought the door and saw a girl about sixteen or seventeen years old standing in the living room, her hands trembling slightly. There was a pistol at her feet, but the gun seemed to have exploded.
      “Good marksmanship.”Su Sheng praised him. He originally intended to find someone to shoot him, but now he didn’t need to.
      A girl with a good baby could have such a precise spear technique, even shooting directly at the instant the door was kicked open. What could Su Sheng say?It could only be said that he was more and more fond of Gotham.
      “I don’ t have any money. This apartment isn’ t mine.”The girl said in a trembling voice.
      “It doesn’ t matter. I just want to find a place to stay temporarily.”Su Sheng smiled and looked at her with interest. Although the apartment was near the street, it wasn’t big. The upper and lower floors were simple and not worth anything.
      Su Sheng suddenly turned around and raised his hand to shoot at the door. The bullet brushed past the girl’s hair and pierced through the door. The girl’s body instantly froze.
      “I didn’ t say you could leave!”Su Sheng smiled as he looked at the girl who had turned around.
      The girl took a deep breath and although she was still very scared, she slowly raised her hand.”I’ m not leaving. You can do whatever you want, but please don’ t hurt me.”
      Su Sheng looked at the girl and smiled. The smile was very strange. It was very charming but it made people feel at ease.In her trance, the girl felt something throw over and subconsciously reached out to catch the gun!It was actually his gun!The girl widened her eyes. He actually gave me the gun?Why?Was he not afraid of me shooting?
      The girl instinctively held the gun and aimed it at Su Sheng, but did not shoot. Her big eyes looked at him in astonishment.
      “I’ m going to take a bath. It’s bad luck. Look at the door and don’ t let anyone in.”Su Sheng casually said as he walked towards the bathroom. His attitude and tone seemed to be very familiar with the girl.
      The girl looked in the direction of the bathroom and was stunned when she heard the sound of water coming from inside.
      The arrogant shout suddenly came from outside the door. The door was pushed open by someone. Before she could see clearly, the girl turned around and shot.
      The bullet hit the opponent’s forehead and fell to the ground with a muffled groan.
      The girl was stunned for a moment. She walked over and moved the corpse to the door and closed the door again. She stood in the living room and stared at the door with a gun.
      In the bathroom, Su Sheng smiled when he heard the gunshot and continued to take a bath leisurely.
      After washing, Su Sheng picked up a towel and dried his body. He picked up his clothes from the washing machine and put them on. Only after putting them on neatly did he push the door open.
      In the living room, the young girl stood there with her gun in her hand.
      Su Sheng walked over and patted her on the shoulder with approval. The girl hesitated for a moment and handed the gun back.
      Su Sheng put the gun away from his waist and walked to the sofa in the living room. He pushed it out and turned the direction around. The sofa was facing the door.Sitting down, she beckoned to the young girl. The young girl sat down, her legs tightly shut, her hands on her legs, a very ladylike posture.
      “What’s your name?”Su Sheng asked casually.
      “Halie Quizel.”The girl replied obediently, unable to see how many people had just killed.
      Su Sheng narrowed his eyes and sized her up. Harri Quezelle was so nervous that she did not dare to move.
      Although this person looked like a young and harmless brother, everything he did since he appeared seemed to be unnatural and illogical.Who would give the gun to the Ascetic after entering the house?He even had the bitter lord guard the door and take a bath?Even if he was confident that he wasn’t afraid of having a gun, was n’ t that too risky?It felt a little abnormal!Haley Quizelle thought about taking the opportunity to leave, but she was curious.
      She wanted to figure out what this person was thinking and figure out his logic.
      Her father was a liar, abandoning her mother and herself.As for her mother, she was a strict control freak. Every word and action controlled her. She hoped that she would be able to show off to the people around her quickly.This kind of family environment made Haley Quiselle want to escape. She wanted to find out why her father abandoned her mother and herself, and to find out what he was thinking. So she started studying psychology, so she was curious about Su Sheng, who was obviously different from ordinary people.
      Seeing Su Sheng narrowing his eyes and sizing him up, Halie Quizel said again.
      “Don’ t hurt me. I will cooperate with you whatever you want.”
      “How about I call you Haley Quinn?”Su Sheng narrowed his eyes.
      Hali Kuiyin?
      Haley Quizel thought he wanted to do something to himself. After all, Gotham had been in a state of chaos until night, and almost no woman dared to go out alone. Especially now that he had lost order, even during the day, it was not safe.But unexpectedly, he had changed his name?
      “Why?”Halie Quizelle asked curiously.”Why is it called Kui Yin?”Is there any special meaning for you?”
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      Chapter 6 Having Owned His Own Airport at a Young Age

      Haley Quiselle felt that Quisin should have a special meaning to Su Sheng, but Su Sheng’s answer was just because he was right.She did not believe this answer, but Su Sheng asked about Gotham’s current situation. She could only suppress her curiosity and accept the new name while talking about Gotham’s situation.
      It was chaotic.
      Gotham had completely lost order.
      Bain first took over Wayne’s company and took control of the building. Not only did he obtain many high-tech weapons, he also transformed the equipment originally used for environmental protection into a nuclear fusion reactor. Once it exploded, it could directly destroy Gotham.After blowing up the sewer and sniping at most of Gotham’s police, they blew up the stadium that was broadcasting the football match. The live broadcast killed Dr. Lanipavel, the only one who could release the nuclear fusion reactor.
      This did not count as Bain had blown up most of Gotham’s bridges to the outside world. There was only one left.The Ministry of Defence sent troops to come here because they were wary of throwing rats. Not only did they not rescue Gotham, they also became their accomplices. They had to stay here. If someone left the city of Bain through this bridge, they would directly detonate the nuclear fusion reactor.
      Gotham had become an ownerless land.
      Order was a warning line that suppressed the darkness and impulse of the human heart. When order was lost, the evil darkness was like a runaway wild horse that could not control it.When the criminals released from Black Gate Prison used weapons to burn, kill, rob, kill, and do nothing, gradually, many people began to participate in it. The first unlucky ones were the policemen who were not trapped in the sewer, followed by the rich, dignitaries, and many people who were originally high and mighty were brought to the City Hall for trial by terrorists.
      It was said that the person in charge of the trial was called a scarecrow.
      Originally, he was a professor of psychology at a university. He had a high degree of mastery in chemistry. He devoted his entire life to studying people’s inner fear. With his extraordinary talent, he developed a terrifying poison gas that could make people see what they were most afraid of and transformed into a scarecrow. He had spread terror as a joy and liked to torture the other to death psychologically. He was one of Batman’s strongest enemies.
      “It really is the plot of the Dark Knight’s rise.”
      Su Sheng stretched out his waist and smiled at Harriquin.”I’ m a little hungry.”
      “I’ ll do it.”Harriquin stood up and walked towards the kitchen.
      The door of the apartment could not be locked after being opened by Su Shengzhen. It was unknown whether it was because the apartment was inconspicuous or because of the dead body at the door.Su Sheng pushed the sofa to block the door and stood by the window for a while. The chaos might not end for a moment.Putting down the curtain, the living room became a little dark. Su Sheng turned around and walked towards Hallekine in the kitchen.
      First, he met a cat girl with a split crotch, and then he met a cute and obedient little ugly girl. Su Sheng became more and more fond of Gotham after encountering interesting things.
      Hopefully, this time, it would last a bit longer. The habit of being happy with new things and getting tired of old things would easily lose its freshness. It should not change with the passage of time.After all, there were so many interesting people and things. It would be a waste of life if they didn’t do well.
      Su Sheng’s chin pressed against her shoulder behind Harriquin. His hands passed through her arms and held her in his arms.Hallequin’s body stiffened and a heat wave came from his ear.”I really envy you. You have your own airport at such a young age.”
      Having his own airport at such a young age?
      Harriquin subconsciously lowered her head to look. At that moment, she even forgot her shyness, and her mind seemed to be constantly responding to a word.
      Small, small, small……
      “You, you like big ones?”Haley Quinn asked in a low voice in order to understand her preferences.
      “I like different ones.”It’s a disc shape, a cone shape, and a water drop shape. It’s a papaya, a peach or something.”Su Sheng followed suit.
      “What’s your favorite?”Harriquin asked.
      Su Sheng let go of Harriquin.
      “How could it not be?”Harriquin turned his head and looked over.
      Su Sheng smiled,” If you really want to say something, then the one you like most should be the next one!”
      “Do you like new things?”Hallequin thought to himself.
      “Don’ t be busy analyzing me. At least I haven’ t lost interest in you yet, so hurry up.”Su Sheng smiled.
      Her cautious thoughts were seen through, causing Hallequin to be slightly flustered. He subconsciously asked,” Hold on, what?”
      “Cook!”Su Sheng smiled and turned to leave.
      Since the children of poor families had long been in charge, Hallequin’s culinary skills were naturally not bad.While eating and chatting, Hallequin felt an inexplicable sense of warmth and ease. It was hard to imagine that the two of them had shot each other before.
      PS: recommended my old books, Maneuver: King’s Descent, Maneuver: Monarch of Immortality, Stagnation: The Strongest Death, as well as the upcoming Maneuver: Door Fruit.*

      Chapter 7 Breathing Bats

      Gotham didn’t fall into silence, but instead became more noisy than before.
      Although there was no longer a bright night life, the occasional gunfire and screams made people even more unable to sleep.
      The master bedroom on the second floor of the apartment.
      Haley Quinn leaned back in Su Sheng’s arms and did not sleep.Su Sheng’s steady breathing could be heard in her ears. It was obvious that he was already asleep. His gun was on the bedside table that she could reach.After nightfall, Su Sheng asked her to take a bath and bring her to the room to rest. He thought that he would take possession of himself. After all, he didn’t look like a polite person, but in the end, he only hugged himself to sleep.
      Even if she hadn’t been in love, she still knew what to do after taking a shower and entering the room, but in the end……Did he just treat himself as human flesh?Even if he had an airport, the other conditions were not bad. He didn’t touch him and even put his gun in front of him.
      “An unfathomable madman.”Haley Quinn thought to herself and closed her eyes.
      After sleeping for an unknown amount of time, Haley Quinn was woken up by the gunshot.He opened his eyes and found that the outside was already bright and there was no one around him.Harriquin was stunned. She subconsciously stood up and pushed open the door and came downstairs.
      The door was open.
      Su Sheng sat on the sofa and pointed his gun at the outside.
      The few people lying on the street were clearly killed by Su Sheng.
      “Morning, how are you sleeping?”Su Sheng smiled and said hello to Hallekine.
      “Morning, I slept well. What about you?”Hali Kuiyin asked.
      “Not bad.”Su Sheng smiled and pointed at the kitchen.”I made breakfast and went to try it?”
      “You, you made breakfast?”
      Hallekine felt that it was unbelievable. It wasn’t that she doubted his culinary skills. She just thought that he would n’ t do it in any way.Hallekine went to the kitchen to eat breakfast. The taste was quite good. As she ate, she looked at Su Sheng shooting at the people on the street who wanted to come over.
      Very accurate!
      One shot after another.
      The spear exploded.
      “Thank you. Breakfast is great.”After breakfast, Hallekine came to Su Sheng’s side and whispered.
      Su Sheng nodded and handed the gun to Hallekine.”Come on.”
      “Me?Why?”My marksmanship is not as accurate as yours.”Hali Kuiyin was stunned.
      “I’ m not interested anymore.”Su Sheng pursed his lips. At first, he was in high spirits, but after a few shots, he felt bored.
      Even without superimposing the accuracy of the spear technique, it was as boring as standing on a target.
      “I’ ll go take a spin.”Su Sheng jumped out of the sofa.
      The gunshots rang out in an instant. Hallekine subconsciously lowered her head to hide behind the sofa. Then, she suddenly remembered that he had just jumped out and raised her head. However, she saw Su Sheng walk on the street. Although the gunshots were not absolute, he easily dodged from a strange angle as if he could predict in advance. Until the gunshots stopped, Su Sheng had already disappeared at the end of the street corner.
      This……Was this too exaggerated?
      Hallekine was stunned for some reason. She actually jumped out of the sofa and chased after Su Sheng. However, she couldn’t be as exaggerated as Su Sheng. She could only dodge while shooting back. By the time she ran to the corner, Su Sheng had long disappeared.Hallekine suddenly felt a little regretful. He didn’t know where to go because the streets were so chaotic. The remaining bullets were n’ t enough for her to return. She could only find a place nearby to hide and wait for Su Sheng to return.
      The day and night of chaos made the streets seem a little depressed. Rubbish was everywhere, and almost no one could be seen.Occasionally, one of the windows of the residential buildings on both sides could be seen revealing a head, but quickly pulled back to tighten the bed curtain.
      Ring ring ring……Ring ring ring……
      A phone booth about ten meters away from Su Sheng suddenly rang.
      The ringtone on the quiet street was exceptionally clear.
      Step by step.
      Su Sheng slowly walked towards the phone booth, and then……He walked past the phone booth as if he didn’t hear the ringing at all.The bell continued to sound unwillingly until Su Sheng left. However, when Su Sheng saw the next phone booth, it rang again.
      Su Sheng still ignored it.
      Every time Su Sheng Road crossed the phone booth, the phone would ring. Until Su Sheng left the street and turned into the alley, a dark figure jumped down from the roof on both sides of the alley, as if……A bat.
      Bat landed on the ground.
      The rope gun was pulled back, and Bat’s eyes under the mask looked a little annoyed.Was this guy deaf?After making so many calls, she ran over from the rooftop of a few blocks. She took a deep breath and was about to speak when Su Sheng pointed at her and smiled.
      “Do you want to rest for a while?”I think you’ re a bit panting.”
      The words that she had originally wanted to say were instantly rebuked. It was too awkward.
      PS: recommended my old books, Maneuver: King’s Descent, Maneuver: Monarch of Immortality, Stagnation: The Strongest Death, as well as the upcoming Maneuver: Door Fruit.*

      Chapter 8 Female Bat: Barbara Gordon

      The atmosphere was very awkward.
      At least she felt that way, especially when the other party’s pitch-black eyes looked at her from top to bottom. It made her feel like she was being underestimated. No, I can’ t be underestimated. I am……
      “Bat Girl?”Su Sheng opened his mouth.
      This made Bat Girl, who was planning to cheer herself up, feel like she was on the verge of exploding. The most infuriating thing was what this guy said next.
      “You’ re not paralyzed yet?”
      Paralysis?Are you cursing me?Bat Girl was furious. Was this guy so angry every time he spoke?No, thinking about the fact that he deliberately didn’t answer the phone, even if this bastard did n’ t say anything, he was still angry.
      “Cat Girl, Clown Girl, Bat Girl, Gotham can always surprise people.”Su Sheng chuckled in his heart as he suddenly strode towards Bat Girl.
      Bat Girl didn’t expect this bastard to make a move. She subconsciously retreated to dodge, but she suddenly felt a chill on her face. She reached out and touched it before she realized that the mask had been removed.
      The bat girl angrily attacked. Su Sheng smiled as he held the mask and dodged it. He moved, moved, and turned. The bat girl’s attacks were all missed.Even though Bat Girl knew that he wasn’t too agile or she would n’ t have come to find him, this feeling was really depressing.He ruthlessly displayed all the fighting techniques he had learned.However, no matter how powerful it was, what was the use of not hitting people?Bat Girl’s combat ability was a little more than Cat Girl’s, but her actual combat experience was obviously not as good as Cat Girl’s. Her physical strength, speed, and dexterity were much worse.
      Su Sheng’s fighting style suddenly changed. He stopped dodging and began to attack Bat Girl.Su Sheng’s change made it difficult for Bat Girl to resist. She could tell that the other party was using the same technique, but regardless of strength, speed, skills and experience, it was far superior to her.It was difficult to block from left to right, and her physical strength decreased. The bat girl gradually changed from attack to defense.Su Sheng’s attack was getting more and more intense like a storm, making her feel that even when she was fighting Batman, it was still the same!
      “Not good.”
      Su Sheng’s fist speed suddenly increased, making the bat girl who had just gotten used to the rhythm a little caught off guard. The next moment, she felt a sharp pain in her lower abdomen as if she had been hit by a car. She bent down to kneel on the ground with a muffled groan.
      “I bumped into Cat Girl and shot Clown Girl. If I didn’ t hit you, I might have let them down.”Su Sheng bent down to grab the bat girl’s hair and let her raise her head. Her eyes were filled with pear blossoms. Chu Chu was pitiful. This punch clearly caused her pain.
      “Batman’s mysterious tricks are n’ t suitable for you. Call the phone booth?You think this is a biochemical crisis?Wait until you get into a wheelchair and do this again.How about?I knocked you down. You want to do it again?”That’s right.”Su Sheng narrowed his eyes and smiled at Bat Girl.
      The bat girl, who was originally embarrassed and angry, subconsciously trembled. Although he was smiling as if he was joking, the fear in her heart unknowingly grew. She felt that the other party would really do this.
      “Don’ t be afraid. I just paralyzed you. At least I won’ t take a picture of you.”Su Sheng smiled brightly.
      Bat Girl gritted her teeth and restrained her body from trembling.
      “Not willing?”Alright.”Su Sheng curled his lips and let go of the bat girl. He stood up and leaned back against the wall, pointing at her bat mask.”The daughter of the police chief, the disciple taught by Batman, Barbara Gordon, are you looking for me for something?”
      “You, what’s your name!”Barbara Gordon gritted her teeth and asked.
      “Su Sheng.”
      “Su Sheng, I remember you.”Barbara Gordon secretly remembered the name and struggled to get up. Gotham had fallen and Batman had disappeared. Barbara Gordon, a batwoman who hadn’t yet graduated, wanted to do something. She invaded the satellite to find the location of Batman or the nuclear reactor, but she found nothing. In the end, she found Su Sheng.
      A hundred shots.
      Shockingly dodging bullets.
      Although Barbara felt that his reckless shooting was inappropriate, she needed help.
      There wasn’t any information about Su Sheng in the police files. Barbara checked the list of criminals recorded by Batman and there was n’ t him on it, so she decided to contact him first.The plan was very good, but he had run away from the beginning. First, he ignored the phone booth and made Barbara have to show up. Then, he revealed her identity and suddenly called himself.
      All sorts of actions made Barbara begin to doubt her decision. Was it right to find him as a helper?Was he really willing to help?
      Looking at the mask that was spinning at Su Sheng’s fingertips, Barbara suddenly took out a smoke bomb from her belt and smashed it onto the ground.
      The next moment, smoke filled the air.
      Barbara raised her arm and aimed it at the roof. The rope gun was fixed, and with a whoosh, she flew straight up.
      “Bat Family’s bad habit. Let’s go and throw some smoke bombs and waste resources.”Su Sheng curled his lips and walked out of the alley.
      PS: recommended my old books, Maneuver: King’s Descent, Maneuver: Monarch of Immortality, Stagnation: The Strongest Death, as well as the upcoming Maneuver: Door Fruit.*

      Chapter 9 Coming to look for me during the day, missing me?

      Under the setting sun, the sky gradually darkened.
      Hallekine knelt on the sofa and stared at the street with her gun in her hand. A few hours ago, she found that the mob near her apartment had left and quietly returned.He had thought that he would come back soon, but he was nowhere to be seen by now. This made Hallekine a little worried. She was worried that he might be in danger outside and that he would not return if he left.
      There was an inexplicable sense of loss as well as worry.
      Suddenly, the sound of the car came from afar. Not long after, a SUV squeaked and stopped at the door.
      “You’ re back.”
      Haley Quinn jumped out of the sofa.
      “Come and move things.”
      Su Sheng got out of the car and called out to open the door behind him.
      Many things were piled up.
      They had everything they could eat, drink, wear and play.
      Harriquin didn’t even look at these things carefully. She followed Su Sheng into the room and closed the door.
      “Where did you go? Did you encounter any danger?”Harriquin could not help but ask.
      Su Sheng smiled and took out the bat mask from the bag and threw it to Hallekine.”I wandered around and found a place to train. This is my first time driving.”
      “It’s for me?”This is a bat mask?”Haley Quinn was surprised and did not think much.”You didn’ t know how to drive before?”
      “I didn’ t have a chance before.”Su Sheng followed suit.
      “You used to……”What is it?”Hali Kuiyin asked.
      “I’ m hungry. Let’s get something to eat.”Su Sheng smiled.
      Her question just now didn’t mean to ask about Su Sheng’s background, but when she heard his answer, she knew that she couldn’t ask anything.
      Hallekine went to cook. Su Sheng tidied up the things he brought back.
      After dinner, night fell.
      Su Sheng and Hallekine washed up and went to the bedroom to rest.
      Just like last night, Su Sheng hugged Harriquin and fell asleep.
      This time, Haley Quinn didn’t think about it anymore. She quickly fell asleep in Su Sheng’s arms.
      In the next period of time, Su Sheng would go out to train and get some daily necessities back. When he was free, he would chat and kill a few thugs who wanted to get close or break in.Gradually, the thugs outside seemed to know that this place was not easy to offend, so no one was thinking about it. Moreover, Gotham’s situation had basically stabilized.
      It was quiet before the storm.
      There were four types of patterns.
      The first was the terrorist led by Bain, the second was the people who were hiding in their homes and praying. The third was the police led by Gordon and the Justice Scholar who were slowly trying to save Gotham. The fourth was a gangster with a certain level of strength who arranged a camp, such as penguins, Falcones, and so on. Su Sheng was also the fourth.
      At the very least, many people in Gotham knew that there was a Chinese man with great strength. He was ruthless and ruthless, and he lived here with a girl.
      Not to mention it was a restricted area, but many people would walk around or put away their weapons when they arrived here.
      The sun shone slightly.
      Hallequin sat on the upper side of the sofa, staring out with a gun. Su Sheng lazily rested on her leg.He was bored to help Hallekine expand the airport.At first, Hali Quine was still shy and not used to it, but gradually, she realized that Su Sheng did not have any desire to do so. It was purely because of boredom……
      “What are you planning to do after Gotham returns to normal?”Su Sheng spoke lazily.
      “Go to school.”Haley Quinn thought for a moment.”If it wasn’ t for this matter, I would have already started school.”
      Gotham University.
      A sophomore in psychology.
      “College student……”Okay?”Su Sheng suddenly asked.
      “Very good.”Hallekine said.”Every day, I have classes, studies, and rest. Although it’s a bit boring, it’s also very fulfilling. When I graduate, I’ll go to Acam to practice.”But this kind of life shouldn’ t be suitable for you, right?”
      Su Sheng was too lazy to explain when he saw that Haley Quinn did not hear the meaning behind her words. He replied without saying anything.
      “Who is it!”
      Hallekine suddenly shouted and clenched her pistol.
      “I’ m looking for that bastard!”A voice that gnashed its teeth.
      Su Sheng got interested and turned around to look outside. Under the sun, Barbara, dressed in Bat, stood at the door.
      Her appearance surprised Harriquin. After all, Batman was still famous in Gotham, but the one in front of her was obviously not Batman but a woman. Harriquin thought of the Bat Mask that Su Sheng had given her.
      “Little Bat, are you looking for me?”
      Su Sheng put his hands on the back of the sofa and asked with a smile.
      “Let me in first.”Barbara gritted her teeth.
      “Put the gun down.”Su Sheng said to Hallekine.Harriquin put down her gun and Barbara walked over to the sofa and entered the room.
      Su Sheng turned around and looked at Barbara with interest.”You came to look for me during the day and missed me?”
      “Pah, I didn’ t look for you at night!”
      Sure enough, this bastard was so angry when he spoke.
      “I have to sleep with Little Haley tonight. It’s useless for you to come look for me.”Su Sheng smiled and patted Hallekine on the leg. Although Hallekine did not say anything, her eyes seemed to be glowing.
      I am not angry, I am not angry, I am not angry.
      Barbara kept muttering in her heart. When her mood calmed down, she asked,” Are you going to continue like this?”Three months, the nuclear reactor in Bain’s hands will explode in three months. If you don’ t want to die, come and help us defeat Bain and find the nuclear reactor.”
      “Explosion! It sounds scary, but I’ m not afraid of death!”Su Sheng smiled. The city exploded?Has he experienced the Big Bang before?
      “You’ re not afraid of death, aren’ t you afraid of her?”Barbara looked at Hallekine.”She’s still so young. Do you want her to die with you?”
      Su Sheng smiled and looked at Haley Quinn.” What does it have to do with me if she doesn’ t die?”
      PS: recommended my old books, Maneuver: King’s Descent, Maneuver: Monarch of Immortality, Stagnation: The Strongest Death, as well as the upcoming Maneuver: Door Fruit.*

      Chapter 10 Medical Question?

      Su Sheng grabbed Hallekine’s shoulder and looked at Barbara with a furious look in his eyes as he cursed himself. He could n’ t help but chuckle.
      “What are you laughing at.”
      “After taking advantage, you’ ll say that it’s none of your business. You’ re just an asshole, scum, scum!”
      Barbara angrily cursed. Clearly, Su Sheng’s answer made her very angry.
      “I’ m an asshole, scum, scum, no problem, but what does this have to do with you?”Su Sheng narrowed his eyes and smiled at Barbara.Why am I smiling?”That’s because you’ re more like a vengeful woman who was abandoned after I played with her. But I really can’ t remember when I had a relationship with you and abandoned you. Even though I might do this!”
      “I won’ t have anything to do with you!”Barbara cursed angrily.
      Su Sheng shrugged.”So, are you here to help save Gotham or to scold me?”
      Barbara instantly turned away, but she said unwillingly,” Don’ t be complacent. It’s not up to you. Without you, I can save Gotham.”
      “You can’ t!”
      Su Sheng pointed at Barbara and said confidently.”The last time you used that lame method to find me, you wanted me to help you save Gotham and deal with Bain or find the crippled Batman, but the result wasn’t very pleasant.”Don’ t throw any smoke bombs when you leave. If you don’ t do anything, you’ ll be wasting your resources.”
      Under the bat mask, Barbara’s expression changed.
      Not only was Su Sheng ridiculing him, but Batman was also shocked.
      Batman is crippled?
      How did he know about this?
      “It’s obvious that you can show up openly, but you have to run to the roof or the dark corner to pretend to be mysterious. This is Batman’s habit, so do you.So after a few days, you didn’t hesitate to reveal your identity and come to me to let Gotham’s people find out that there’s another Batwoman. Why?”Either you’ re confident that you don’ t care about making the enemy guard, or you’ re at the end of your rope.”
      “Since Batman’s injury is still there, you should have come to see me again. In the end, there’s only one.”
      “F*ck you, you guys don’ t have the confidence to save Gotham, so you have to come find me to help!”
      Su Sheng smiled at Barbara.”So you shouldn’t be trying to persuade me now. Are you begging me to help you?”Who gave you the courage to curse at me, Liang Jingru?”
      Hallekine answered curiously.”Who is Liang Jingru?”
      “A bard singer can give others courage by singing!”Su Sheng followed suit.
      And such a person?Hallekine nodded in surprise.
      Barbara was speechless. She did not expect Su Sheng to be so thorough.Barbara didn’t tell her father Gordon about Su Sheng after the last separation because she felt a little embarrassed.But as time went on, the situation became worse and worse. When his father, Gordon, decided to gather all his strength to take action, Barbara had to say about Su Sheng.
      Naturally, Gordon had heard of Su Sheng, who had a precise spear technique and formed a camp.He also understood the strength of his daughter. After all, he had studied with Batman for many years. Thinking that Su Sheng was more powerful than his own daughter, Gordon naturally thought of it. The more natural people saved Gotham, the better. The more experts, the better. That was why Barbara came to look for Su Sheng.
      Barbara had repeatedly warned her not to be angry. In order to save the city, saving the people had to endure it. However, she had not expected that she would break through when she saw Su Sheng.
      Hu ……”
      Barbara took a long breath and looked at Su Sheng.”As long as you are willing to help us save Gotham, I am willing to apologize to you.”
      “You’ re so shameless as to sacrifice yourself for the city!”Su Sheng could not help but clap his hands and praise.”If I don’t promise you, will I not apologize?”What?”
      Barbara wanted to explain but was interrupted by Su Sheng’s hand.”Don’t rush to explain. Your apology is unnecessary for me.Want me to help?”Yes, answer me a question.”
      “Ask.”Barbara said in a deep voice.
      Su Sheng smiled and said.”My brother suddenly has a high fever and his body is stiff. I don’t know what to do. Then I shook his body and thought that you must hold on to him. Later, he started to twitch and vomit.”I helped him clean up his vomit, and then he started to become sluggish and sluggish again. He shrunk into a lump.”
      What was this?Medical questions?
      Barbara had thought of many possibilities, but she never thought that Su Sheng would actually have a medical question?A high fever could not escape, but his body was stiff?After vomiting, he was dispirited. Was this a cold or heatstroke?Or was there a trap in this question?Barbara carefully re-examined the question but did not find any traps. She said after a moment of hesitation.”If I answer correctly, you can help us save Gotham?”
      “What if I’ m wrong?”
      “There’s still another question!”
      Barbara thought for a moment.”Is it a cold?”
      “Congratulations…” Su Shengzhan smiled and answered correctly?He actually answered correctly?She thought there would be a trap, but she didn’t expect it to be so easy. Barbara felt relieved, but she heard Su Sheng continue,” The answer is wrong!”
      Answer, was it wrong?
      Barbara’s eyes were stunned. If it was n’ t for a cold, what would it be?
      “What is the answer?”Barbara could not help but ask after thinking for a long time.
      PS: recommended my old books, Maneuver: King’s Descent, Maneuver: Monarch of Immortality, Stagnation: The Strongest Death, as well as the upcoming Maneuver: Door Fruit.*

      Chapter 11 Kneeling and Singing and Conquering

      Su Sheng couldn’t help but burst into laughter as he looked at Barbara’s serious thinking, asking questions and learning. He hugged Hallekine beside him and gave her a heavy kiss on her fair little face.Hallekine was confused as she leaned against Su Sheng’s arms. Barbara was confused.
      Do you have any questions?
      What are you laughing at?”What’s the answer!”Barbara asked.
      “If you have a chance, you can ask the riddle, but he might not be able to guess it, or you will know when you have a boyfriend.”Su Sheng didn’ t feel bored anymore. He stretched out his hand and said,” The second question is, three hundred and sixty-five days a year. Men are most afraid of the day!”
      Barbara stared at Su Sheng and felt that his problem was not simple, but these two questions were normal?What day was a man most afraid of?I haven’t even been in love before. The two men I’ m most familiar with are one father and one is Batman. How do I know when men fear the most?
      Valentine’s Day?Even though Valentine’s Day requires gifts, men should also like Valentine’s Day, right?
      The salary day?It didn’t seem like it was right. There were more people who did it than there were others who did it. There were also people who paid for it. He probably would n’ t ask such difficult questions.
      After pondering for a while, Barbara couldn’t help but give up in frustration. She had always felt that she was very smart, but now she was constantly losing.
      “The last question, the question is almost the same. Three hundred and sixty-five days a year, which day is a woman most afraid of?”
      Did he change from a man to a woman?She didn’t know about men, but she knew about women. When was a woman most afraid of?Of course, it was the day their relatives arrived!Barbara pulled down her consciousness and wanted to answer, but she suddenly stopped. This kind of private answer was a little embarrassed to say it.
      Looking at Su Sheng’s expectant smile, Barbara gritted her teeth and said,” The day of the holiday.”
      “You didn’ t answer the three questions correctly. If you were a driver, you would definitely drive a car that leads to kindergarten.”Su Sheng shook his head in regret.
      Barbara was anxious.”If you ask another question, I’ ll definitely answer it correctly.”
      “Good-looking leather bags are all the same. Interesting souls are one in ten thousand.Your soul was uninteresting, and even if you asked a question, you would not be able to answer it.”But just now, you were still happy. I let me pass some boring time so I gave you a chance.”Su Sheng said to Hallekine.”I remember getting a camera last time.”
      Hali Kuiyin stood up.
      “What do you want to do?”Barbara had a feeling of unease. She still remembered what Su Sheng had mentioned about the fruit photos.
      Haley Quinn found the camera and came back. Su Sheng asked her to stand next to her and shoot. She then pointed at Barbara. Barbara hesitated but still walked over.
      Su Sheng suddenly raised his foot and kicked Barbara’s leg. Barbara groaned and involuntarily knelt on the ground.Just as he was about to speak, Su Sheng took off her mask and revealed her delicate facial features.
      “Can I speak Chinese?”Su Sheng narrowed his eyes and asked with a smile.
      Barbara wanted to get up in anger, but Su Sheng did not stop her.”If you dare to get up, I will give you to Bain.”
      Her movements stopped abruptly. Barbara’s eyes seemed to be on fire.
      “Can I speak Chinese?”Su Sheng ignored her and repeated.
      “Yes, a bit.”Barbara gritted her teeth.
      “That’s good. I’ ll sing one sentence. You learn one sentence. If you learn it, I’ ll help you kill Bain.”Su Sheng smiled brightly and cleared his throat.”You finally found a way to determine the outcome ……”
      Barbara frowned. This bastard actually sang very well.
      Su Sheng sang and Barbara learned.Although she didn’t know much about Chinese, there seemed to be nothing special about it. Could it be that he just wanted to let her sing?
      Just like that, he was conquered by you……Cut off all paths of retreat ……”
      “My mood is solid……My decision was muddled ……”
      Just like that, he was conquered by you……Drink the poison you hid ……”
      When Su Sheng sang this sentence, Barbara understood. Was he being conquered by you just like that?This bastard did it on purpose!
      “Sing.”Su Sheng smiled like a flower.
      Barbara gritted her teeth and sang. One by one, she was able to sing on her own after a few times.
      “It’s a good shot. After all, this is the first show of the police chief’s daughter, Batman student, and Batwoman Barbara Gordon!”Su Sheng said to Hallekine. He deliberately tidied up his clothes and changed into a sitting posture before signaling Barbara to start.
      Su Sheng didn’t mind kneeling and singing to conquer. Even though this stem was a little old, it would be interesting to look at it when he was bored, right?Under Su Sheng’s expression that I liked you so much that I hated you and could n’ t do anything to me, Barbara knelt on the ground and sang a complete conquest in shame.
      After singing, Barbara suddenly grabbed the mask and put it back on.”You have the best words and you have the confidence to help me deal with Bain or I will never let you go.”
      Su Sheng took the camera from Hali Kui Yin’s hand and looked at it. He was dressed in a bat suit and knelt on the ground. His delicate facial features revealed an expression of shame, anger, and unwillingness, but he had no choice but to submit. Although it was a singing, the singing was pleasant and the words were clear.
      “Unfortunately, there’s no soundtrack.”Su Sheng grumbled regretfully and turned off the camera.”When will you make a move?”
      “I’ ll inform you when I’ m ready.”Barbara stood up and walked over the sofa, ready to leave.
      For a moment, she was worried that she would not be able to hold back her anger.
      Barbara pushed open the door, intending to throw out a smoke grenade and then use the rope gun to leave. Suddenly, she was caught by what Su Sheng had said before. With a snort, she hooked the rope gun onto the roof and flew away.
      PS: recommended my old books, Maneuver: King’s Descent, Maneuver: Monarch of Immortality, Stagnation: The Strongest Death, as well as the upcoming Maneuver: Door Fruit.
      PSS: Those who have read the book remember to collect it!*

      Chapter 12 Praise for You

      “If there’s a chance for Batman to do the same, then it’s definitely a classic.”Su Sheng smiled as he stood up and walked to the usual backpack to put the camera away.
      Hallekine, who was closing the door, paused for a moment when she heard this. She then turned around and asked softly.
      “Are you leaving?”
      “Bayne’s Gotham is too boring. He did n’ t have any nerve-wracking opponents to cause trouble. He didn’t have Batman playing with cats and mice. This kind of peaceful life is really boring. It’s a waste of time.Where do you want to go next?Metropolis?I am an alien, but I love Earth. The superman I spoke for Earth has not appeared yet.Central City?It was unknown if it was a joke or the bitter and vengeful Lightning Knight, right?Why don’t we go to Star City to find Green Hat Man? No, it’s Green Arrow Man?”It’s fine if we can meet a trash pile team gathered by two or three line heroes. It shouldn’ t be too boring to travel around.”Su Sheng muttered to himself as he immersed himself in his thoughts.
      Although Hallekine could not understand it clearly, she could tell that Su Sheng was already bored and boring towards Gotham.”Will you bring me along?”Harriquin could not help but ask.
      Su Sheng looked up.”Why are you here?”
      “I can be your pillow.”Don’ t you have to hug me every night to fall asleep?”Hali Kuiyin said anxiously.
      “I’ m tired of it. I’ m going to change it.”Su Sheng turned his head to the side and flipped over, as if he was looking for something to take away.
      Haley Quinn’s expression was gloomy. As the hijacker, she should be happy for Su Sheng’s departure. She should be happy for herself to regain her freedom. She should be happy for him to solve Bain and save Gotham, and make Gotham return to order.But now, she could only feel the sadness of being abandoned. It was just like when her father had suddenly left and abandoned their mother and daughter.
      Studying Su Sheng’s psychology?Hallekine had long since forgotten about it. Unknowingly, this period of interaction made her feel like a kind of family warmth and dependence on Su Sheng. In the end, was she going to be abandoned again?
      Was it because she was bored with Gotham, or was she tired of herself?
      “Will you come back?”Haley Quinn asked in anticipation.
      “Maybe. Maybe I’ ll come back and play when Gotham is exciting and interesting.”Su Sheng pulled on his backpack and said to Halikui Yin.”I’ ll go out.”
      “When will you be back?”
      “Not necessarily.”Su Sheng pushed the door open.
      Although he still hadn’t decided where to go next, it did n’ t prevent him from getting a new vehicle, such as the Batmobile?It should be enough for him to run, fly, look cool, and have all the functions.Where was the Batmobile?He wasn’t afraid. He did n’ t know that anyone knew.Su Sheng planned to go directly to the City Hall to find Bain. Was it enough to exchange for a batwoman?You said you promised Bat Girl to kill Bain?There was no conflict between the two. When they were about to make a move, they would bring the Bat Girl to see Bain and then kill Bain. How good would that be?
      As for whether the Bat Girl would be frightened?Could Bain be angry?Would the daughter of the master ninja who really wanted to destroy Gotham’s mastermind be depressed?
      What did it have to do with me?
      After coming out, Su Sheng walked towards Gotham City Hall.
      What did he say?Speaking of Cao Cao, Cao Cao arrived.Su Sheng had just walked out of the street when he saw a woman in front of him flash past. Her figure flashed into an alley.This woman was not simple, her name……No, it should be called Miranda Tate. Gotham’s newly promoted philanthropist, one of the board members of Wayne Consortium, Batman’s trusted ally, Bruce Wayne’s target.What did 49 mean?Translating it into English and linking it up, he could understand.Her real name was Talia El Gur, the daughter of Master Ninja, the real mastermind behind this incident.
      How clever was Master Bat?In the end, she was lying to her, and she was lying to her for money. What was she doing?After swindling his trust, he got his master’s stake in Wayne Group and the master who returned almost went bankrupt. He almost lost the opportunity to say that his super ability was a rich and pretentious opportunity. Moreover, he even gave him a knife at the critical moment and stabbed him in circles. It was painful!This wasn’t considered. He had turned from four to nine to become one of the master’s favorites. He even gave birth to a son. Damian Wayne was the fifth generation Robin.
      He was ruthless and ambitious. The most important thing was that the city would play. Su Sheng wanted to praise her!
      It was better to move. It was useless to praise this kind of thing, so Su Sheng directly chased them into the alley.
      As soon as they entered the alley, they found that it was a dead end. There was no one there. There was a door on the left side of the alley that was supposed to be the back door of. It was slightly open, revealing a gap.
      The corner of Su Sheng’s mouth curled up as he opened the door and walked in.
      The door was closed, and it was so dark that it could not be seen.
      His eyes were invisible, silent.
      Suddenly, a sharp wind pierced towards Su Sheng’s throat, as if something sharp had broken through the wind.
      Ability replication.
      In an instant, Su Sheng had mastered the world’s top-class fighting techniques, unarmed combat, sword, sword, bow and arrow techniques, and so on. Along with that, there was also the keen perception that required long-term training.Su Sheng tilted his head slightly when he heard the argument. A cold aura flashed across his face. He grabbed back and threw a dagger into his hand towards the darkness on the left.
      Infinite stack, ten times.
      His unique technique was as if he could use it. His eyes shone brightly in the darkness.
      The dagger was nailed to the wall.
      Did he fail?
      Su Sheng found the switch beside him, and a light lit up.
      This seemed to be an abandoned warehouse. On the left side of Su Sheng’s line of sight, a woman was leaning against the wall in shock. She was wearing a blue dress, and her left shoulder’s sleeves slid down the airport. A shallow blood mark was clearly visible. The dagger was on the blood mark on her shoulder!
      The sudden light made her slightly turn her head, and then she heard her question in surprise.”You’re that Chinese man called Su Sheng?Barba……Didn’t Bat Girl go to look for you?”Why are you here?”
      PS: recommended my old books, Maneuver: King’s Descent, Maneuver: Monarch of Immortality, Stagnation: The Strongest Death, as well as the upcoming Maneuver: Door Fruit.*

      Chapter 13 Talia El Gur

      Su Sheng looked at her with a smile on his face.
      His acting skills were really great. He was so real when he accidentally said something in a hurry and then changed his mind.This was especially the case when the pain and fear in his expression and eyes flashed by. Then, he realized that the other party knew that he was relieved. Then, he was surprised why his little expression here was full of clarity and clarity.
      It was worthy of being a god acting skill that could deceive Master Bat.
      You guessed that this answer was a little unexpected. She was stunned for a moment before she continued,” My name is Miranda Tate, the police chief James Gordon and Bat Girl’s ally. Bat Girl went to find you to help deal with Bain. Did you not meet her?”
      “I’ ve seen her. She’s already back.”
      Su Sheng smiled as he walked in front of her and pulled out the dagger.
      “Then, did you agree?”She asked nervously.
      As soon as she finished speaking, she couldn’t help but shiver. The cold blade of the dagger pressed against her shoulder.Although it was painful, although it was cold, although there was a look of fear on her face, she did not move as if she was scared.
      “Do you think I agreed?”
      “You, what are you doing?”She asked in a trembling voice.
      Su Sheng sized her up a few times and suddenly thought of something interesting. What if he took a picture of her and showed it to Bruce Wayne?Should he choose to break up or accept her?Su Sheng took a few steps back and took out his camera from his backpack. He patted it with a click.
      This action caused her to lower her head in shame and anger, but her eyes flashed with malevolence and anger.
      How did he dare to do this?
      He was dead!
      After taking a few pictures, Su Sheng put the camera away and said to her,” I want the Batmobile.”
      “You blackmail me?”She looked up at Su Sheng.”That’s Batman’s stuff. I don’ t have it.”
      “Whether it’s Miranda Tete or Talia El Gur, can you get the Batmobile?”Give me the Batmobile. I’ ll give Barbara Gordon to Bain. How about that?”Su Sheng smiled.
      Her heart skipped a beat. He actually knew his true identity?This was impossible. Gotham probably didn’ t know my identity!
      “Hey, hey, hey.”Su Sheng snapped his fingers in front of her.”Don’ t think about it for that long, right?”
      Su Sheng also knew about this person. After all, James Gordon and Barbara Gordon both had hopes for him and thought that he was the greatest help to save Gotham. However, this guy was not a decent person.Although he did not know how he knew his true identity, it sounded like he did not agree to Barbara Gordon.
      “You didn’ t agree to Batwoman’s cooperation?”She pondered for a moment and asked.
      At the same time, he admitted his identity.
      Su Sheng smiled,” Yes, I promise to help her solve Bain.”
      She laughed, and her laughter was very wild without any cover. Her laughter gradually turned into ridicule.”They’re trying to get your help to save Gotham. It’s a pity that just a Batmobile has made them betray and betray.”That’s good. To experience despair in hope is their fate. It’s Gotham’s fate.”
      “They’re going to take action tomorrow. A little policeman called John Black will go rescue the police trapped underground. James Gordon will lead people to attack the City Hall.If you agree, Barbara Gordon will deal with Bain with you.”At that time, I will act with you in the name of dismantling the nuclear reactor.”She looked at Su Sheng and said again.”In two hours, I’ ll have someone send the Batmobile to a place about two blocks away from you. You can find it yourself, but you have to delete the items you just took.”
      “That won’ t do. These pictures are more interesting to me than the Batmobile.”Batman might not care about losing a Batmobile, but if it was a picture of his woman, that would be another matter.
      She frowned as she looked at Su Sheng.”Forget it, since you like it, just keep it.”
      He had to die.
      Since that was the case, it was not important for him to delete it. He would just delete it once he was killed.
      “I’ m just wondering if Bruce Wayne will like it. I’ m looking forward to seeing his reaction.”Su Sheng smiled and waved his hand.”Let’s go.”
      “I will also look forward to your reaction before your death.”
      Seeing Su Sheng open the door, she said coldly and gloomily before picking up her clothes. However, she could no longer wear them anymore.He barely managed to find a dirty dress. After leaving, he had someone send the Batmobile to a designated location before returning to meet up with Barbara and the others.
      Two hours later, Su Sheng found the Batmobile and began to study it with great interest.
      The design was cool and complete.
      Being able to drive and fly seemed to have an automatic driving function. Su Sheng studied until nightfall before hiding the Batmobile and returning to Hallekine’s apartment.
      PS: recommended my old books, Maneuver: King’s Descent, Maneuver: Monarch of Immortality, Stagnation: The Strongest Death, as well as the upcoming Maneuver: Door Fruit.*

      Chapter 14 I’ll kill Bain. Do you believe me?

      The sun was bright and there was no cloud in ten thousand miles.
      The breeze blew slowly from the window. Gotham had a rare chance to catch up with a good weather.
      The clear weather made her feel much better. Su Sheng didn’t mind that Haley Quinn was n’ t around. He narrowed his eyes and lay down for a while before getting up.
      Dress and wash.
      Su Sheng came downstairs and frowned slightly.
      In the past, Haley Queen would prepare her breakfast and wait for her to come down. But now, there was no breakfast, and Haley Queen was not there.
      “Forget it.”
      Su Sheng didn’t care too much about it. He made some food for himself. Just as he finished eating, he saw that the door was pushed open.
      It wasn’t Harriquin, but Barbara Gordon in Bat and Talia El Gour in long pants.They came here naturally to prepare for action. Barbara Gordon first introduced themselves to each other. Talia El Gour looked like she wanted to take care of her for the first time. She even thanked Su Sheng gratefully for Gotham.
      It was obvious that she didn’t confess the reason why she was in a sorry state after returning yesterday, nor did she say that she had seen Su Sheng.
      “In an hour, my father will lead others to attack the City Hall. When the time comes, you, me and Miranda will go directly to look for Bain, right?”Barbara Gordon asked Su Sheng.
      Su Sheng nodded indifferently.
      Barbara Gordon nervously checked her equipment again and reminded Talia El Gur to follow her.
      Hallekine did not know where she had gone. Originally, Su Sheng had planned to bid her farewell before leaving.After all, during this period of time, she had made a lot of contributions to the career of holding the pillow and the quality of her sleep. However, if she didn’t catch up, it was fine. Life was just a journey. I passed by you, you passed by me.
      “It’s almost time. Let’s go.”Barbara Gordon looked at the time and said.
      Su Sheng picked up his backpack and left. The three of them boarded the usual car and headed to City Hall.
      As Bain’s headquarters, a group of armed thugs gathered at the gate of the City Hall. Two tanks developed by Wayne Group were in front of them, and a group of people were standing in the direction pointed by the cannon.The surviving policemen led by James Gordon and Gotham’s Justice were stern and determined.
      This was their first and last gathering.Although there were more thugs with weapons on the other side, even though there was a steel tank that could destroy their flesh and blood with a single shot, they did not retreat.
      Fight for survival, fight for freedom, fight for justice!
      James Gordon, who was standing at the front, looked at the watch on his wrist. It was almost time. Why weren’t they here yet?
      The ear-splitting sound of the accelerator pierced through the quiet atmosphere at the moment. A car came out from behind with a loud sound. The creaking sound was ear-piercing, and the tire left a long trail between the two sides.
      “You’ re crazy.”
      Barbara Gordon couldn’t help but growl when he saw Su Sheng drive the car to this place. Originally, he had planned to wait for his father and the others to launch an attack and rush in to find Bain in the chaos, but now that he had become the target of everyone’s criticism, he was probably beaten to death before he saw Bain.
      “Do you want to see Bain directly?”Su Sheng turned around and asked.
      “Nonsense, of course.”
      Su Sheng looked at Talia El Gour and said to Barbara Gordon,” I have a way to bring you to see Bain easily.”
      “What method?”Barbara Gordon asked in shock.
      There are handcuffs, right?”Give it to me first.”
      Barbara Gordon did not want to take out the handcuffs from Bat’s belt and handed them to Su Sheng. He asked curiously,” What do you want handcuffs for?”
      “Cuff you!”
      Su Sheng held onto Barbara Gordon’s hands with handcuffs and lightly handcuffed them. Then, he heard a cracking sound. Barbara Gordon was directly handcuffed.
      “What are you doing?”At this moment, Barbara Gordon seemed to have realized that something was wrong.
      “Tsk tsk, your intelligence…” Su Sheng smiled and shook his head as he got out of the car. He opened the door and grabbed Barbara Gordon with one hand and Talia El Gour with the other.
      In an instant, both sides focused their attention on the three of them.
      James Gordon had a bad premonition on his face. Shortly after, Barbara Gordon cursed at Su Sheng angrily.
      “Bastard, you betrayed me ……”
      Before Barbara Gordon could finish his sentence, she was punched in the stomach. Her curses stopped abruptly and she bent down like a shrimp.
      “Su Sheng, you bastard!”
      He was betrayed!
      James Gordon cursed angrily.
      The sudden change caught the people on both sides off guard. The people on James Gordon’s side could n’ t help but feel demoralized when they saw that the helpers they found had betrayed them and even captured the core characters. The people on the other side also understood what was going on. Soon, someone went to inform Bain.
      Some of the thugs shouted at Su Sheng.”What’s wrong with you looking for Bain?”
      Su Sheng smiled brightly.”I’ m here to kill Bain, do you believe me?”
      Kill Bain?
      Looking at him holding Talia El Gour’s neck in one hand and Barbara Gordon’s handcuffs in the pain of not getting up in the other hand, who couldn’t tell that they were betrayed because they wanted Su Sheng’s help?It was obvious that he had come to offer credit.
      “If you don’ t believe me, whoever believes what you say is a fool!”
      A loud laugh rang out, and the initially tense atmosphere of Xiao Sha seemed to have changed into joy.
      As they laughed, the crowd quickly separated from each other. A tall and sturdy man with a black metal breathing mask slowly walked out.The black mask blocked his mouth and nose, as if it was emitting a dark and cold light. His eyes were sharp and sinister, and his entire body was like a wild beast, filled with the aura of death. It made people afraid to look directly at him.
      Brokeback Mad Devil, Bain!
      PS: recommended my old books, Maneuver: King’s Descent, Maneuver: Monarch of Immortality, Stagnation: The Strongest Death, as well as the upcoming Maneuver: Door Fruit.*

      Chapter 15 When you attacked me, you lost.

      Bain didn’t say anything but the laughter around him gradually ceased to be completely silent. The brazen smiles that had just been shown turned serious and composed, as if they had a silent halo.Although they were Bain’s people, Bain was not soft at all when he killed his own people.
      “You want to see me?”Bain’s sharp eyes swept across Talia El Gour and Barbara Gordon. Finally, he looked at Su Sheng. His voice was hoarse and cold, causing people to shiver.
      Talia El Gour looked like a delicate lotus flower. Barbara Gordon trembled slightly, not knowing whether it was because of despair or anger.In the distance, James Gordon had raised his gun several times to save people, but in the end, he had put it down. This wasn’t him anymore, it was n’ t Barbara Gordon’s personal matter. Although he was distressed and anxious, he could n’ t sacrifice the people behind him and Gotham for his daughter.
      “What does your mask look like?”Su Sheng looked at Bain and asked with interest.”Do you have to open every time you eat or drink?What if you want to kiss?”Why don’ t you take off your mask and show it to me?”
      Dead silence.
      Although many people were curious about Bain’s appearance, no one dared to ask him that, let alone let him take it off.This was simply a death act. Almost everyone looked at Su Sheng with the same gaze as a dead person. Even Barbara Gordon could not help but look up.Is this bastard crazy?Since you betrayed us, why did you provoke Bain?
      Bain suddenly let out a voice that didn’ t know if it was a smile or a humph. He raised his hand and gently stroked his mask and said in a hoarse voice,” It’s okay if you want to see it. As long as you have the ability to take it off!”
      “Do you still have to do it yourself?”This is troublesome.”
      Su Sheng mumbled to himself and let go of Talia El Gour and Barbara Gordon. They actually walked towards Bain, as if they did not hear the sinister meaning of his words.
      Idiot, he was trying to die.
      Some were excitedly waiting to see his end, but some could not bear to look straight at him and turned their heads slightly.
      Step by step, Su Sheng walked leisurely. He stood in front of Bain and asked politely,” Then, I’ m here?”
      Bain’s eyes were gloomy as he looked past Su Sheng and towards Talia El Gour.Looking at each other, Talia El Gur seemed to be startled by his gaze. She lowered her head abruptly, as if she was nodding at first glance.Although Bain didn’t know why Talia El Gur did n’ t want to reveal her identity at this time, he already knew what to do.
      Seeing Su Sheng actually grab at his mask, Bain’s eyes turned cruel and violent. His thick arm muscles seemed to be about to explode. His fist clenched tightly and his blood vessels were clearly visible.
      The wind whistled and the momentum was heavy.
      With such a close distance and such a fast speed, Bain was confident that he could open Su Sheng’s little head.
      Even Batman, who was also from the Assassin Alliance, had his back broken, Su Sheng?Bain did not care at all.All he had to do was kill him and vent his anger on Talia El Gour!
      Just as his fist was about to hit Su Sheng, Bain noticed that Su Sheng had disappeared from his sight.The next moment, there was a sharp pain in his chest. Su Sheng kicked over and actually caused Bain to step back a few steps.
      “How is that possible?”
      “Why is his skinny body so powerful?”
      Bain stepped on the ground with his left foot to stabilize his body. He wanted to retaliate, but found that Su Sheng was gone again.
      Where was the person?
      Just as Bain was looking around for Su Sheng, the people on both sides were dumbfounded.
      What……How could this be possible?Was he seeing things?
      He actually backed Bain away?
      And actually……He actually jumped into the air.
      This height was definitely not something a normal person could achieve, right?
      Bain was Bain after all. He quickly recovered and looked up.
      Under the blinding sunlight, a figure descended from the sky.
      The moment Bain attacked, Su Sheng copied it. However, his combat skills could be ignored. He had mastered the combat skills of Cat Girl, Bat Girl, and Talia El Gour. Bain’s combat skills were mostly from the Assassin Alliance. There were more overlapping areas.However, Su Sheng did not plan to master 127 fighting skills like Batman. The main thing was his physical attributes.
      Bain’s power!
      Unlimited stacking, twenty times!
      When Su Sheng jumped up with 20 times his strength, his body jumped into the air. He looked down at Bain who was holding his fist and smiled.
      “Bain, do you recognize a palm strike from the sky?”
      The dazzling sunlight made Su Sheng’s body seem to be shrouded in a layer of golden light. When the golden light fell, Su Sheng had already hit Bain’s fist.
      Bain’s feet sank, and the stone path instantly caved in and cracked. The tremendous strength and pressure caused the bones in his entire body to instantly shatter. His legs could not support his sturdy body as he fell forward. His fist was made of bones, and his arms were bent and drooped.
      Bain landed heavily on the ground.
      The wind gently blew past.
      Under the scorching sun, when they saw Bain, whose body was twisted and lying on the ground, and Su Sheng, who was standing beside him, they couldn’t help but shiver and feel extremely cold.
      Looking around, Su Sheng’s eyes swept over, not one of them looked down and dodged.
      Su Sheng bent over and stretched out his hand. He grabbed his back collar and lifted Bain. Bain’s eyes seemed to be filled with disbelief and disbelief.He was Bain!He actually had his bones broken by a punch?
      “The moment you attacked me, you lost.”Su Sheng held onto Bain and said softly. He grabbed his mask and pulled it hard.
      Blood splattered everywhere.
      This cruel scene caused many people to subconsciously close their eyes and tightly shut their mouths to twitch. It was as if they were being torn apart, as if they were feeling the same pain.
      “It seems to have been torn apart by too much force?”Forget it, I won’ t look anymore.”Looking at Bain, whose body was twitching and spitting blood like a fountain, Su Sheng muttered to himself as he pushed the mask back to his face and released him.
      Bain fell to the ground again.
      Twitching, twitching, and finally motionless.
      PS: recommended my old books, Maneuver: King’s Descent, Maneuver: Monarch of Immortality, Stagnation: The Strongest Death, as well as the upcoming Maneuver: Door Fruit.*

      If he didn’t work hard, he did n’ t know what despair was.

      Bain was dead, yet he died just like that?
      This result exceeded everyone’s expectations. He forcefully broke Batman’s back and occupied Gotham City, threatening the Ministry of Defense not to dare to make a move, but he still had to obediently watch for him. How could Bain die just like that?You dare to believe it?
      “I’ m here to kill Bain, do you believe me?”
      For some reason, many people recalled what Su Sheng said earlier. At that time, everyone thought that he was joking, but what the f*ck was it?
      In the silence, Su Sheng walked towards one of the thugs. When that person saw Su Sheng walking towards him, he was so scared that his entire body trembled as he tried to dodge his legs but did not listen to his orders.Standing in front of him, Su Sheng smiled and asked,” I remember you said just now that whoever believes me is a fool, right?”
      “Yes……”Sorry.”The man said in a frightened voice.
      Su Sheng patted him gently on the shoulder.”Don’ t be afraid. I just want to ask you, do you believe what I said now?”
      “I believe it. I believe whatever you say. I’ m sorry, I’ m just a fool.”The thug nodded like a chick pecking at rice.
      “Then, I said I want to punch your head. Do you believe me?”Su Sheng narrowed his eyes and smiled at him.
      He was stunned.
      Don’t believe it?It sounded like a provocation.
      Letter?Wasn’t that just like killing Bain?
      Cold sweat trickled down his cheeks. He was about to cry. Should I believe it or not?
      His legs trembled, and a fishy smell drifted away.
      “It’s just a question,” Su Sheng said in a daze.” It’s not enough to piss off, right?Forget it, since you’re afraid, then I’ ll ……”
      “Let me go?”The man asked with anticipation.
      “Kill you!”
      With 20 times more power, even the bones of his body were broken, let alone this guy?Su Sheng’s fist hit the other person’s head. With a bang, the person fell backwards, his facial features twisted.
      “Sometimes if you don’ t work hard, you don’ t even know what despair is.”
      Su Sheng sighed as he retracted his fist and looked at the stunned crowd on both sides.”What are you still standing there for? What are you doing.”
      He reminded the people on both sides to react to what they wanted to do. The initially confident thugs turned their heads and ran away. James Gordon used an excellent police reaction ability to start beating the drowning dog.
      What was reverse?
      What the f*ck!
      In the chaos, Barbara Gordon untied his handcuffs and pulled Talia El Gur, who was still in shock, to Su Sheng’s side and said excitedly,” This is how you said you could see Bain easily?Pretending to betray us and lure Bain out, why didn’t you tell us in advance?I thought you really wanted to betray us.”Oh right, how did you think of this method? I didn’ t even think of it.”
      Looking at Barbara Gordon, who was so excited and excited, she seemed to have forgotten that she had just punched her.Su Sheng smiled and said seriously,” Pay attention to details, start with small things, because……”You can’ t do anything big.”
      Barbara Gordon’s expression froze.
      At first, she had planned to listen to the details carefully, but in the end……In the end, he was actually mocking himself for not being able to do anything big?This bastard really wasn’t annoying.
      “It’s not over yet. Are you going to stand here and stare at me?”Looking at Barbara Gordon, Su Sheng reminded.
      Talia El Gur’s expression changed when he heard this. Was he going to expose himself?This guy was so strong, even Bain……He had failed. His plan to destroy Gotham had actually failed because of this guy!
      Nuclear reactor!”Come on, let’s go find the nuclear reactor.”
      Barbara Gordon suddenly realized that this was the key to saving Gotham. He pulled Talia El Gur and planned to enter the City Hall. Talia El Gur was dragged by him and subconsciously wanted to make a move, but he heard Su Sheng say something to cheer.
      What do you mean?Could it be that he did not intend to reveal my identity?
      Talia El Gur looked at Su Sheng with wide eyes, but Su Sheng turned around and left with a smile.
      What’s the point of revealing her? It would be fun to let her hide her identity and continue to do something to destroy Gotham. After all, when Batman, who had recovered from his injuries, discovered that Bain was dead, he had to have an opponent to let him continue to be a dark knight. Justice was born from evil, was the peaceful Gotham still Gotham?
      In the midst of the chaos, Su Sheng left the city hall far away from the crowd. Not long after, he heard a roar from afar. The Batmobile entered flight mode and flew away from the sky.
      After a long while, the chaos gradually ended and the noise also quieted down.
      On the road of the City Hall, the car that Su Sheng was driving was parked in the middle of the road.
      Suddenly, the car began to shake and shake. Bang bang bang sounds rang out. Following that, a bang sound was heard. The lid of the trunk suddenly opened and Hallekine crawled out of it in a sorry state.
      Hallekine was stunned when she looked at the silent streets.
      She sneaked into the trunk early in the morning, thinking that she would follow Su Sheng when he left. She never thought she would fail.Sure enough, he didn’t try hard. He did n’ t know what despair was!
      PS: recommended my old books, Maneuver: King’s Descent, Maneuver: Monarch of Immortality, Stagnation: The Strongest Death, as well as the upcoming Maneuver: Door Fruit.*

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      Chapter 17 Felicity Smoker

      Even though Hallekine had turned into a river in sorrow, Su Sheng was playing happily in the Batmobile.
      Gotham had been sealed off. The only bridge leading to the outside world had probably not received any news and had not been unlocked yet, but……I can fly!
      Su Sheng was driving the Batmobile to fly from above the bridge. The soldiers guarding the bridge were dedicated to their duties and did not allow anyone to leave Gotham’s mission. They were shooting at him from below. It had to be said that the quality of the Batmobile was good, and the sounds of tinkling could be heard. He was driving the Batmobile to fly into S-type and then into B-type to fight back. He did not know if the idiots below could understand.
      He crossed the bridge and left Gotham.
      Only then did Su Sheng let the Batmobile land, from flying mode to racing mode.
      The sound of the boom was deafening. It was as if the car in front of him was about to hit you even if it was far away. The cars on the road were so scared that they didn’t even have the time to appreciate the coolness of the Batmobile. Su Sheng had no idea how long it took to stop.
      “Sure enough, it’s a good fare, a good female Fei Han.”
      The Batmobile was running out of oil.
      Su Sheng looked at the map and found that it was not far from Starling City.Starling City?So he hadn’t changed his name to Star City?If that’s the case, then let’s go and see Green Hat Hero, that’s not right……”Green Arrow, forget about it. It’s still the Green Hat Hero’s name.”
      Su Sheng came down and looked around. The bushes were densely covered in the wilderness.
      “Let’s go.”
      Su Sheng recognized the direction and left. As for the Bat Vehicle?A car without fuel was a pile of scrap iron. As a means of transportation, it had already completed its mission, so whoever liked to take it away, as long as it was not afraid that Batman would find it.
      Like walking, Su Sheng leisurely walked forward.
      One, one, one.
      Although there were cars passing by occasionally, none of them slowed down until a kindhearted person appeared.A brown car drove past Su Sheng and stopped in front of him. Then, it slowly backed up and stopped beside him.
      The window rolled down, and what caught his eye was a blonde with a shawl. This was a girl with black-framed glasses.
      Judging from his appearance and temperament, he should be a female student.
      “Well, do you need a lift?”She asked curiously.
      “Of course.”Su Sheng smiled brightly. Before he even entered Starling City, he had encountered a surprise.
      After getting on the car, Su Sheng thanked her.
      “You’ re welcome.”She pushed the mirror frame and replied in a daze. She hurriedly restarted the car and continued on the road.
      His eyes stared straight ahead as he gripped the steering wheel tightly.
      Su Sheng looked at her and smiled.” Are you nervous?”
      “No, no. I’ m just not good at getting in touch with people.”She replied.
      “Then you still let me take a ride?”
      “I don’t think you’ re a bad person, and I’ve never seen anyone before so I wanted to try.You don’t have to worry. Although I just got my driver’s license, there’s definitely no problem. Are you going to travel alone with your bag?Traveling to Starling City was a bad choice.”I’m sorry. I mean, there’s nothing interesting here. Even if you want to find a job here, it’s not the best choice. However, I do n’ t have high requirements, and Quinn’s treatment is not bad…” Barabalala’s voice started to speed up as if she was talking about herself as if she was completely immersed in her own thoughts.
      As she spoke, her voice became softer and softer. She turned to look at Su Sheng and revealed an awkward smile.She knew what was wrong with her. She thought too quickly. When she was talking to someone, she would be talking to herself.”Yes, I’ m sorry, that……My name is Felicity Smok. What about you?”
      “Su Sheng.”
      Su Sheng?”Are you Chinese or Han Chinese? You must not be Japanese, because Japanese names are quite long…” Felicity’s thoughts jumped again.
      “Did you mention Oliver Queen?”Su Sheng suddenly spoke.
      Felicity was stunned.” Of course I’ve heard of it. It’s a famous playboy. I heard that half a year ago she had a shipwreck with his father on the Gold Queen. In the end…” She was about to gossip but found that Su Sheng wasn’t listening.
      The shipwreck happened half a year ago, so Oliver Queen should be on Purgatory Island now. Even if he went to Starling City, he wouldn’t be able to see Green Arrow who was so green that he liked to shoot everywhere?Although a lot of super heroes are you, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I
      Not seeing Green Arrow in a short period of time, Su Sheng could not help but feel disappointed.
      PS: recommended my old books, Maneuver: King’s Descent, Maneuver: Monarch of Immortality, Stagnation: The Strongest Death, as well as the upcoming Maneuver: Door Fruit.*

      Chapter 18 Lu was also a family tradition?

      As the saying goes, there is only the wrong name and no wrong nickname. Whether it’s code name or business name, Oliver Queen is too green.Before he became Green Arrow, he was a real scum. Even if he became Green Arrow, many women had changed.Let’s start by talking about two more famous ex-girlfriends, the pair of sisters, Black Gold Skark Laurel Lance and White Gold Skark Sarah Lance.
      Oliver Queen was the first to interact with Laurel, but she secretly hooked up with her sister, Sarah. She secretly told Laurel to go out to sea, but the gold medal Queen died in an accident.His side was’dead’, and his good brother, Tommy Merlin, seized the opportunity to take down Laurel.If his sister Laurel had only given him one, then her sister Sarah would be amazing.
      She was also alive and had become the captain of the legendary team.In the end, the man did not say anything, but the women changed a lot.
      White-gold silk sparrows. Lily was playing.
      Men and women mixed green!
      Of course, they couldn’t be considered as the female lead, so let’s look at this person beside them.IT female, Catcher Felicity Smok, this should be considered the heroine, right?The two of them split and split. She had been dating a few boyfriends in the middle, but what about the result?Green Arrow did not care at all.
      That was why Su Sheng felt that the Green Hat Hero was more agreeable and more suitable than the Green Arrow Hero. But then again, could Green be the tradition of the Quinn family?
      After all, Green Arrow’s father had also been turned green. There was no choice but to mention one person here. Tommy Meilin’s father, who was under Master Ninja’s Black Arrow Malcolm Meilin.
      He should be the only villain in Starling City that was on the table.
      This guy was planning to destroy Staring City’s slums and avenge his wife’s death. He planned the accident of the Gold Queen and killed Oliver Queen’s father, but it brought about the birth of Green Arrow.That was fine. The high-powered ones came.Five years, five whole years, the slums of Starling City still existed?It was impossible to tell how many times Gotham’s villain had been destroyed.When Oliver Queen turned into Green Arrow and came back, she would go all the way. Alright, find the big boss behind the scenes and start fighting.
      Then his son, Tommy Meilin, was implicated and died.
      His son was dead?He still had a daughter.Oliver Queen’s half sister, Thea Queen.
      It didn’t matter. This sentence was important.
      Malcolm Merlin, who had his daughter, was full of blood and was ready to teach him personally. He hypnotized his daughter to kill Sarah Lance, who had left the Assassin Alliance, and then became the leader of the Assassin Alliance. Unfortunately, he did not have much strength to abdicate. In the end, he helped Oliver Queen deal with Prometheus, but ended up dying to save his daughter.
      Merlin’s father and son had greened Quinn’s father and son. Su Sheng could only praise and shout 666.
      Unknowingly, the car had already entered Starling City. Starling City’s style was very modern. Although it was n’ t as gothic as Gotham, it was also as dark as before. There were many kinds of criminal incidents. The crime rate was comparable to Gotham’s. The biggest difference might be that Starling City was n’ t as smart as a person. The rebels were not enough.
      “Where are you getting off? I can give you a ride first.”Felicity turned to ask Su Sheng.
      “Go to your place.”
      Su Sheng retracted his gaze to look at the scenery outside the window and smiled at Felicity.
      “Ah?”Felicity was stunned.
      “You live by yourself, right?”Su Sheng asked again.
      Felicity subconsciously nodded and felt a little uneasy. What did he mean?I only gave you a lift, but I didn’t say I gave you a lift.
      Seeing Felicity’s nervous expression, Su Sheng smiled gently and explained seriously.” I came from Gotham. You should have heard about Gotham, right?”I don’ t need money at all when I was in Gotham. After all, why would I have to pay for something that I stole with my ability?”
      Why did he have to pay for the things he stole with his ability?Felicity felt that this logic was right.
      “So I don’t have any money right now, but I need a place to stay. Maybe…” Su Sheng looked at Felicity.”Maybe I need a pillow.”
      “I, I thought you were a good person…” Felicity said in a trembling voice.
      Su Sheng smiled.”Don’t you think I just taught you a lesson?”Don’ t trust strangers so easily. You won’ t be charged for tuition, right?”
      “Can I say there’s a problem?”Felicity asked timidly.
      “No!”Su Sheng smiled brightly.
      Felicity was in despair. Why did she want him to take a ride? This time, she was in trouble.What to do?First deal with him and then find a chance to call the police.Regretfully, Felicity drove silently. She drove a few blocks and then stopped by the roadside.
      “I, I live here.”Felicity said reluctantly, turning the car off.
      “Let’s get off.”Su Sheng smiled.
      Felicity slowly got out of the car, but before she could find a chance to get the phone, Su Sheng hugged her shoulder and walked into the building. At this moment, Felicity hated why she chose a few beautiful clothes instead of an apartment with security guards.
      Unwilling to do so, he climbed the stairs with Su Sheng.
      Fifth floor.
      Felicity, who had climbed the stairs on the fifth floor, was already panting heavily. Now, she didn’t even have the strength to run.
      Su Sheng took out the key unwillingly and opened the door. After entering, he took a look and stopped walking seriously.” You’re the first one to make me feel like I’ m not in a place, you……”Let’s clean it up first.”
      PS: this chapter gave a general introduction to the situation and plot of the TV series of Green Arrow. In addition, he shamelessly continued to recommend my old books,” Manwei: King’s Descent “,” Manwei: Eternal Throne “,” Rigor: The Strongest Death “, as well as the upcoming “Manwei: Door Fruit “.*

      Chapter 19 How did this strange transformation happen?

      The corpses were everywhere!
      All kinds of sneakers and high heels were the first to bear the brunt. Following that, all kinds of luggage occupied most of the space in the living room. There were messy clothes piled up on the sofa. There were not complete sets of underwear, and the stockings that were worn were casually placed around.
      Although Su Sheng felt that he could adapt to various environments, after all, it was a fresh experience, but at least he had to have a place to play, right?
      Felicity blushed instantly.
      Just now, he was still panting for breath, but now, he quickly rushed in and quickly cleared up the obstacles on the ground.Yes, the method of cleaning was simple and crude. No matter what, they would pack together.
      Su Sheng couldn’t wait to help.
      “Don’ t put the stockings in.”
      Is there a garbage bag?”Take a few more.”
      “Do you still want this?Don’t throw it away.”The living room is in such a mess. I’ m afraid the bedroom isn’ t much better. You go clean up the bedroom.”
      Su Sheng quickly took over the command. The confused Felicity didn’t think much about it at all. She just wanted to clean up the house as soon as possible.The two of them had a clear division of work. One living room and one bedroom, they had spent more than an hour sorting out three bags of trash and finally cleaned them up.
      On the sofa, Ge Youping and Ge Youping smiled contentedly as they looked at the clean and refreshing living room.
      Felicity could not help but say,” I suddenly feel like the living room is a lot bigger.”
      “That’s because there’s less trash.”Su Sheng mocked.
      Felicity awkwardly explained,” I just moved here and didn’ t have time to tidy it up.”
      “I’ m hungry.”Su Sheng turned to look at Felicity.
      Felicity’s stomach started to cry.”How about ordering takeout?”I know there’s a Chinese restaurant.”
      Su Sheng replied nonchalantly and picked up the remote control to turn on the television.
      After ordering the takeout, Felicity looked at her phone and then Su Sheng, who was watching TV, was stunned.
      If she remembered correctly, it should be Su Sheng who hijacked her and wanted to find a place to stay, and she wanted to find a chance to call the police?Why did it turn into him helping him clean up his health? Why did he call for takeout?How did this extreme and unbreakable change happen?
      “How long will it be delivered?”Su Sheng suddenly turned around and asked.
      Felicity replied in a daze,” Half an hour.”
      “Then you should go take a bath first. When you’ re done, I’ m doing it. It’s almost time for takeout.”
      Felicity replied in a daze. After hesitating for a moment, she put down the phone and turned to the bathroom.She seriously recalled that he hadn’t done anything to hurt her since he took a ride. If he really was a bad person, he would n’ t have done so much to clean his room, right?It was better not to call the police first. What if there was a misunderstanding?
      The sound of water came from the bathroom, but Su Sheng was watching the television carefully to understand the situation in Starling City.
      Two simple words, boring!
      It wasn’t a trivial matter or a criminal incident that did n’ t interest him at all. There were a few short news reports about Gotham’s situation. Bain was killed and Gotham was liberated. In a flash, he seemed to have seen Barbara Gordon, the batwoman.
      Not long after, Felicity came out.
      Perhaps she was used to being careless, Felicity came to the living room with a bath towel.When she saw Su Sheng standing up in the living room, she realized that there was still an unfamiliar man in the house. Her face was red as she hastily planned to run to the bedroom to put on her clothes. As soon as she turned around, she performed the skill of mixing her left and right feet and fell to the ground with a bang.
      The painful and shy Felicity hurriedly tidied up the bath towel to hide the scenery. However, she saw Su Sheng walk into the bathroom without a pause.
      When the bathroom door closed, Felicity’s face turned even redder.
      More than ten minutes later, Su Sheng came out of the shower. He was bare-chested, wearing four-square pants, wiping his hair with a towel, and then walking to Felicity, who had changed her clothes, to sit down.Felicity instantly sat up straight. Her body stiffened and she did not squint. Suddenly, she shuddered.
      The doorbell rang.
      Felicity stood up and ran to open the door. She arrived outside.
      After paying the bill, he returned to the living room with the takeout. Felicity was as stiff as a guest, but Su Sheng was as relaxed as he was at his own home.
      Under the setting sun, the night gradually enveloped.
      Time ticked by. It was time to rest.
      Felicity was sitting by the bedside of the bedroom while holding the phone. Suddenly, the bedroom door was pushed open and Su Sheng walked in.
      “You, what are you doing?”Felicity asked.
      “Sleep?”Su Shengli said naturally.
      “Just one bed.”
      “And then?”Can I sleep on the floor?”Su Sheng asked with a smile.
      Felicity let out a sigh of relief as if she didn’ t hear the teasing in his tone. Instead, she said with concern,” Sofa, isn’ t the sleeping floor hard?”
      “I’ ll try to restrain myself.”Su Shengyi was right.
      Felicity looked at Su Sheng blankly, trying to restrain herself?What?
      PS: recommended my old books, Maneuver: King’s Descent, Maneuver: Monarch of Immortality, Stagnation: The Strongest Death, as well as the upcoming Maneuver: Door Fruit.*

      Chapter 20 New Pillow

      True freedom is not what you want to do, but what you don’t want to do.
      Coming to this world, Su Sheng thought he was free.
      He didn’t have the idea of sleeping on the ground, so while Felicity was still thinking about the relationship between sleeping on the ground and trying to restrain herself, Su Sheng had already pulled off the blanket and lay down and hugged Felicity very naturally.Her body was very stiff. At the same time, her body was also very soft. Felicity, who was hugged by Su Sheng, seemed to have been punctured.His fingers were clearly holding the phone, but it seemed as if they would not move. His mind went blank.
      “The new pillow isn’ t big either.”Su Sheng grumbled and slowly closed his eyes.
      After an unknown amount of time, Felicity quietly looked at Su Sheng. Seeing that he seemed to be asleep, she slowly moved her hand away.But just as he was about to move away, he released his hand again.This made Felicity so angry that she could only move away again, but she returned again.
      The war on the highland territory lasted for several times. Felicity finally gave up. Your, your, isn’t it okay?
      Felicity looked at Su Sheng and angrily shouted in her heart. Unknowingly, her eyelids started to fight and she fell asleep.
      She seemed to have a dream.
      In a dream, he had just graduated from Quinn Group and rented a small but warm apartment with his boyfriend. The two of them had painstakingly cleaned it up before they could cook. At night, his boyfriend hugged him sweetly and wanted to be intimate.She was shy and nervous. She felt that she had found someone who had been entrusted with her life. She gradually gave up on resisting and started to take the initiative. However, her boyfriend avoided her as if he was joking. This made her angry and take the initiative again.
      Then, it started to become a bit blurry. Then, it woke up.
      She found that Su Sheng was gone, and her pajamas were gone.
      Thinking back to the dream she vaguely remembered, Felicity didn’t mention how awkward it was because she realized that the boyfriend in the dream looked exactly like Su Sheng.
      “Damn it, I’ m not Bi Chi. How could she have such a dream.”Felicity cursed in frustration. Her eyes inadvertently looked at the time on the alarm clock before she suddenly remembered that she was going to work for Quinn today.
      “Shit, I’ m going to be late.”Felicity shouted in a panic as she searched for her clothes. She was in a hurry and went out of the bedroom to wash herself up.Five minutes later, she packed up and prepared to bring her bag and shoes out. Then, she realized that Su Sheng was sitting on the sofa and clearly saw his previous actions.
      Felicity’s head twitched as she said,” I’ m off at five, and then I open the door.”
      The door closed heavily. Su Sheng shook his head with a smile. Felicity was much more interesting than Hallekine.
      He lay down on the sofa and the sun shone on his body. Su Sheng narrowed his eyes and pondered.Before Green Arrow was born, there was no news of the explosion of the leading-edge laboratory in Central City on the news. He could only plan on the legendary team.
      The mission of the legendary team was to travel through time to solve all kinds of time deviations and protect the timeline.If he changed their’history’, they would definitely appear.At that time, he would be able to travel around with the legendary team. As for the legendary team, would they accept him on board?
      Life didn’t teach me anything, it only told me four words: if you like, just grab it!
      Since it was Staring City’s Su Sheng who had placed his target on Laurel Lance, Laurel Lance’s personality was jealous of evil and was kind and upright. If she were to become a black gold silk sparrow in advance and have the ability to protect herself, then her sister Sharon Lance wouldn’t betray the Assassin Alliance to protect her and her father. Naturally, she would n’ t be killed by Syia, who was controlled by Malcolm Merlin, and then resurrected by the pool of Lazarus. She wouldn’t be part of the legendary team, would she?The legendary team of the future discovered that the captain was gone, so they couldn’t just jump over and figure out what was going on?
      Not to mention that he was also a little interested in Laurel. It wasn’t for the sake of making Green Hat Man’s head grow stronger. It was purely because he thought that if Green Arrow Man came back to save this city, he would say the words’ I have to pretend to be another person, I have to be another existence,’ when he realized that the evil and the rebels in the city had been solved?Will he continue to be a green arrow warrior or a young master?
      Most likely, they would continue to be Green Arrow?But by then, the opponent he would face might be Raul.
      Although the game of love and death was dog blood, it was very attractive.
      PS: I personally felt that the Green Arrow Hero in the Green Arrow universe could be considered as a bat arrow. It was also a rich background, a dead parent, and a normal person who had been trained to become a super hero.With the use of some of the Lord’s opponents, the status and role of the Lord in the Green Arrow universe when they were together with the super capable heroes like the Lightning Knight were also inclined towards the situation of the Lord in the Justice Alliance.For example, IT girl, super hacker, injured wheelchair, logistics support?Then they stood up again.Was he familiar with it?Barbara Gordon’s vision was different from one called the Catcher and one later called the Oracle.*


      The Gold Queen event affected many people. The most serious was the two families.
      One was the Quinn family, and the other was the Lance family.
      Quentin Lance.
      A detective from Starling City, Laurel Lance and Sarah Lance’s father. Sara’s accident was the biggest blow to him.When his eldest daughter Laurel and Oliver Queen were dating back, he had severely opposed and even had a few big fights with Laurel, but he did not expect to see his eldest daughter but not his youngest daughter.He hated Oliver Queen, the culprit. He hated himself as well. Now, he was only left with his eldest daughter. His discipline was even stricter. He even blamed Laurel. If she hadn’t known Oliver Queen Sarah, what would have happened?
      It was just that the girl was not up to her father. Laurel, who had already gone to university, decided to stay at the school. Although the school was not far away from home, she could not face her father’s sad face every day, nor could she face everything about her sister at home. She did not know whether she should hate her sister to steal her boyfriend or grieve her death.
      Evasion was the most common method.
      Unfortunately, his father didn’t agree, so Laurel and he left the house in a big fight.
      Strolling aimlessly on the street, Laurel had unknowingly arrived at the chaotic slum. She was still in a daze, and she did not notice that she had been targeted.A black man in a protective suit followed her. Just as she wasn’t paying attention to the surroundings and subconsciously turned around a remote corner, the black man suddenly jumped out from behind and pushed Laurel inside.
      Laurel was caught off guard and almost fell to the ground. She turned around and saw a black gun aimed at her.
      “Little girl, hand over the valuables.”
      She was robbed.
      Only then did Laurel realize what had happened and where she had come.As a native of Starling City, the detective’s daughter, Laurel made the right decision and handed over his bag obediently.
      “You’ re smart.”
      The black man proudly took it over but did not leave. Instead, he stared at Laurel and sized her up. Although her face was slightly slender, her facial features were very delicate. Her brown straight hair was covered in a long shawl. Her figure was tall and slender, and her long legs were straight. A simple four words could be summed up as a beauty.
      “Let me check if you have anything valuable on you.”The black man walked towards Laurel with a smile on his face.
      Laurel retreated slightly and acted as a calm voice.”My father is a policeman. If you’ re just robbing me, I think I’ m unlucky, but if you dare to hurt me, you’ ll just wait for the police to hunt you down.”
      “You’ re trying to scare me. Is the police amazing?”The black man stopped and frowned.
      “Are you not afraid?”
      “Of course I don’ t……”Who?”The black man subconsciously answered, but he realized that Laurel did not speak at all. This was a man’s voice.He subconsciously raised his gun and turned around to see a yellow-skinned man walking in from the alley.
      “Huang Pi Monkey, do you want to be a hero and meddle in other people’s business?”The black man roared.
      “As a nigger, you still dare to discriminate?”Su Sheng smiled as he shook his head and looked over at Laurel.”Do you need my help?”
      “If you can.”Laurel looked at Su Sheng and said hesitantly.
      “Of course!”
      Su Sheng walked over with a brilliant smile.
      “Stop, or I’ ll shoot.”
      “Damn yellow monkey, you really want to be a hero. Do you think I don’ t dare to shoot?”
      Seeing Su Sheng’s relaxed and indifferent expression, the black gun pointed at Su Sheng and pulled the trigger.
      Gunshots rang out.
      The black man’s eyes widened in shock. He did n’ t fall down and there were no wounds on his body.
      Did he miss?
      Almost subconsciously, the black man shot again.
      Gunshots rang out one after another, followed by a blur in front of the black man who noticed that the yellow-skinned monkey had strangely appeared in front of him.
      “So fast!”
      He was so scared that he wanted to retreat and dodge. Su Sheng smiled brightly at him and suddenly punched out.
      Unlimited stacking, fifty times.
      A huge force instantly pierced through the black man’s head. Su Sheng’s fist pierced through the back from the front. Blood spurted out of his brain and landed on Laurel’s face and body.The smell of blood was pungent. Laurel saw Su Sheng’s fist pull out of the black man’s head in a daze. When the black man fell to the ground, he took the bag in his hand and handed it to him. Then he smiled.
      “Your bag.”
      Seeing the blood and brain in the bag’s hand, Laurel’s eyes widened and her legs went limp. Her body leaned back and fainted.
      Su Sheng looked at Laurel and fell to the ground with a faint smile.”It seems that if we want her to become a black gold silk sparrow, we need to train her courage first. Otherwise, wouldn’ t it be enough to send someone unconscious?”
      Su Sheng walked over to carry Laurel on his shoulder and left the alley. More than an hour later, the policemen on the street found the body and sealed off the scene.
      At the same time, Quentin Lance had calmed down and regretted his actions of quarreling with her daughter. He called her daughter to apologize and let her back.
      However, the phone was switched off.
      PS: recommended my old books, Maneuver: King’s Descent, Maneuver: Monarch of Immortality, Stagnation: The Strongest Death, as well as the upcoming Maneuver: Door Fruit.*

      Kidnapping Laurel?

      The cold touch made Laurel wake up. Her mind was not clear yet. She could vaguely feel herself lying on the ground. What she saw was the dim ceiling.
      “Where is this?”
      Laurel wanted to get up in a daze, but she realized that she was completely naked. Her hands were tightly handcuffed to the ground, unable to break free.When she woke up to encounter this kind of situation, Laurel panicked. Her memory gradually recovered and she remembered.
      He quarreled with his father and left his home to be robbed by a black man. Then, an Asian appeared to save him. He was able to dodge bullets and punch the black man in the head like he was in a sci-fi movie. Blood sprayed on his body and he fainted.
      “You’ re awake.”
      Just as Laurel was about to clear her mind, a familiar voice rang out. The next moment, she saw a naked man walking out from the shadows in the distance.
      It was that Asian!
      “Let me go, what are you trying to do!”Laurel shouted in excitement.
      Su Sheng walked to her side and squatted down to explain with a smile,” You should say thank you first.”
      “Thank you?”You kidnapped me and asked me to say thank you?”Laurel shouted angrily.”Let me go, my father is a policeman.”
      “Quentin Lance, I know.”Su Sheng caressed Laurel’s body and slowly said as she struggled and shouted.”First, I saved you, so it’s not too much to say thank you. Second, your clothes are over there. I helped you clean your clothes and I also helped you take a bath. The reason why I did this was because I was worried that you would wake up and see those things and smell and faint again.”
      “Then how do you explain my current appearance?”Laurel shook her wrist and did not believe Su Sheng’s words.
      “To make you listen to me quietly.”Su Sheng smiled sincerely.”Of course, it’s also to let you know the importance of easily passing out and being caught. You’ re only being seen by me now, but if I’ m a bad person, you might die or suffer the most painful experience.”
      “You killed someone and kidnapped me. Are you not a bad person?”Laurel said coldly.
      Su Sheng smiled, as if he had discovered the New World.”Did you think that I killed him was a bad person?You should know what would happen if I didn’t save you, right?Even if he didn’t kill you after he succeeded, what could you do?”Let me guess.”
      “You want him to go to jail and be tried and punished by law?”
      Laurel did not answer.
      Su Sheng continued,” But how long can you stay in prison?Five years?Ten years?If he was lucky, he might not be able to put it out for long.It wasn’t a good person who had been released. The most likely thing was to repeat the mistakes and cause someone to be killed. And then?”Continue to capture him and go to jail?”
      “What do you want to say?”You want to tell me that killing him is just?”Laurel said coldly.
      “So you firmly believe that the law is the only way to uphold justice?”Su Shengra asked with interest.
      “Of course!”Laurel said affirmatively.”So you will definitely be punished by the law and pay the price you have to pay.”
      “I don’t want to and do n’ t need to go to the definition of dialectical justice. All the so-called logic is hard to beat by saying’ I’ m freaking happy’. I’ m just curious. What if it’s the murderer who killed your sister?”If you have the chance to kill him and avenge your sister, will you kill him or bring her to justice?”
      Laurel’s expression darkened.” He’s dead.”
      “You said Oliver Queen?”What happened to the Gold Queen?”Su Sheng smiled and said.
      Laurel suddenly looked at Su Sheng.”What do you mean?”Is that not an accident? What do you know?”
      Su Sheng suddenly grabbed the two steel bars on Laurel’s wrist and pulled them out.”I know this person is very powerful. Even if you get the evidence to bring him to justice, you might not be able to lock him up for long. He might not even be imprisoned.”I also know that if he comes out, he will kill you and your father, and even more people will die in the future.”
      “Who is he!”Laurel asked in a deep voice.
      “Think about whether you want to rely on the law to do justice for your sister or kill him to save more people.”Come and find me when you’ re done. I’ ll tell you the answer.”Su Sheng smiled and waved his hand towards Laurel. He walked to the side and picked up his clothes and led them into the darkness.
      “Don’ t leave. Why should I trust you? What’s your name?”Laurel hurriedly shouted.
      “Su Sheng.”
      A faint voice rang out. It sounded very far away.
      Laurel walked over and found his clothes. They were clean and dry. He put them on one by one. Laurel quickly found his bag and turned on the phone.He couldn’t care less about missed calls and short messages and directly called Quentin Lance.
      Raul wanted to tell his father that he had been kidnapped, but before he could speak, he heard his father’s impatient voice.”Damn it, you’ve finally switched it on.Look, I don’t want to fight with you, but you should n’ t turn off your phone, Sarah……If Sarah hadn’t turned off the phone, I would n’ t have been able to find her and nothing would have happened to her. Therefore, I remember that no matter what time, I would never turn off the phone.”Hey, are you still listening?”
      “I’ ll be back soon.”Laurel replied after a moment of silence.
      PS: recommended my old books, Maneuver: King’s Descent, Maneuver: Monarch of Immortality, Stagnation: The Strongest Death, as well as the upcoming Maneuver: Door Fruit.*

      Chapter 23 Are you Snow White?

      Quinn Industrial Co., Ltd.
      This factory had already been shut down and abandoned long before the Gold Queen’s accident. Laurel had not expected that she would be locked up here. She could n’ t tell if Su Sheng really wanted to kidnap her or had another purpose, but she decided to investigate this person clearly no matter what.
      Laurel was not the only one who investigated Su Sheng. Far away in Gotham, Barbara Gordon and his father James Gordon were also investigating Su Sheng’s situation. In the dark, Talia El Gur was naturally investigating.Apart from them, there was also a large group of forces investigating Su Sheng.
      Heaven Eye Society.The full name of the A.R.G.U.S, was the Advanced Superhuman Joint Research Group. It was not called the Advanced Research Joint Support Organization. It was the official underground organization of the Government of the United States of America. Its nature was similar to that of Marvel’s Divine Shield Bureau.The current leader, commander Amanda Waller, was a very skilled woman. She had formed a team called Team 7, but she was not satisfied. As the leader of the Heaven’s Eyes Society and the warden of Belleve Prison, she wanted to recruit some super anti-heroes and anti-heroes to set up a team that carried out dangerous and suicide-like tasks that could not be accomplished by ordinary agents and dirty work that the Mi Government could not afford to appear.
      When the Gotham incident broke out, Amanda Waller came forward with the idea of forming a suicide squad. However, before the upper authorities could approve Gotham’s crisis, the suicide squad had already been resolved. As a result, the suicide squad was stranded. As a result, Amanda Waller paid close attention to Su Sheng’s investigation. At the same time, he set Su Sheng’s information and information as high-level authority to prevent the police from looking through it to avoid unnecessary trouble.
      Su Sheng didn’t know about this. Even if he did, he would n’ t care about it. Perhaps he would take the initiative to join the suicide squad to search for excitement.
      At this moment, he was making dinner in Felicity’s apartment with a small tune. Where did you say the money for the food came from?Of course it was in Laurel’s wallet.How did he get in without a key?It was only on the fifth floor, but it wasn’ t that high.A dish that was full of color and fragrance was placed on the table. The sound of the key opening the door sounded.
      “Time is just fine.”Su Sheng took off his apron with a brilliant smile and walked towards Felicity who pushed the door open.
      “So fragrant, what is it?”As soon as she entered, Felicity subconsciously said.
      Su Sheng came over to take Felicity’s bag and put it aside to help her take off her coat and hang it up. Felicity looked at Su Sheng in a daze. First, she cooked dinner and then greeted him so gently and attentively. What was going on with such a boyfriend’s appearance?Could it be that I’m still dreaming?
      Pa da!
      Felicity felt that her face was kissed by Su Sheng and she heard his brisk voice.”What are you standing there for? I’ m going to wash my hands and change clothes for dinner.”
      Felicity was stunned when Su Sheng pushed her into the bathroom to wash her hands. She went to the bedroom and changed into her comfortable clothes before coming out.
      Felicity came to the dining table and sat down. She looked at Su Sheng busy and asked,” You seem to be in a good mood?”
      “Yeah.”Su Sheng smiled.
      “What happened?You, didn’t you say you have no money?Where did these things come from and you left?”How did you get in without a key?”Only then did Felicity react and hurriedly asked.
      Su Sheng said,” It’s not important. The important thing is to eat first.”
      “Oh, oh.”Felicity’s stunned response could only suppress her curiosity.
      Speaking of which, he didn’t expect Su Sheng’s craftsmanship to be so good that it was much better than the previous takeout. Initially, Felicity was still a little confused, but she gradually became a foodie.
      “It’s too delicious. I’ m getting fat again.”Felicity couldn’t help but pat her belly and sigh.
      “Beauty and ugliness have lives, and fat and thin are in the sky.”I’ ll be able to come again!’.”Su Sheng smiled.
      Felicity blushed.”It’s all because your cooking is too delicious.”
      “I’ ll leave the dishwashing job to you.”Su Sheng said.
      She didn’t have the ability to make Felicity cook, but she could wash the dishes.
      Su Sheng leaned against the sofa and watched the TV. Not long after, Felicity finished washing her bowl and sat down beside him.”Now let’s talk about it. What’s going on with you?”
      Su Sheng lightly smiled and laid on Felicity’s leg. Felicity froze slightly and saw his hand sticking out under the T-shirt. She grabbed his hand in a hurry.”You, what are you doing?”
      “Good boy, take your hands off.”
      With her black eyes and gentle voice, Felicity let go of her hand in a daze. Following that, her face turned red, and her body trembled slightly. Her hands seemed to be tightly clenched into fists that were nowhere to be placed. She could not help but let out some kind of feline humph.
      Felicity was indeed more interesting than Haley Quinn.
      Looking at her reaction, Su Sheng suddenly said with a smile,” After Snow White was saved by the seven dwarves, she lived in the forest for a while, until the prince came to pick her up on a white horse, and then she married the prince. However, the prince abandoned her after the wedding night because the prince found that Snow White also had black spots on her body.”
      “Are you Snow White?”
      Felicity looked at Su Sheng with a dazed expression.”Of course not!”
      “Then let me take a look.”
      After saying that, Su Sheng suddenly turned around and sat up. Before Felicity could react, he directly picked her up and entered the bedroom.
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      What was the use of confession in Chapter 24?

      Language was a unique art. The same words in different tones would have different effects and meanings.Of course, this also had to match the environment and atmosphere at that time.
      Felicity stared blankly at Su Sheng. After a long silence, she asked,” We…”What is it now?”
      Su Sheng thought for a moment, then said with a faint smile,” Are you asking about the relationship?I don’t care. It’s up to you.”You can be friends or lovers.”
      “Friend?”Do you have such a friend?”Felicity said quietly, her tone filled with resentment.
      Su Sheng chuckled and said nothing.
      Was that why you were so attentive?”Is it because of last night that you think I’ m a green pond?”Felicity recalled Su Sheng’s actions after coming back from work. She could n’ t help but wonder if he had planned it.
      Su Sheng shook his head and gently stroked her cheek. His eyes were gentle and his tone was serious.”It wasn’ t last night, it was just now.”
      “So you really think so?”Felicity turned around angrily and looked at Su Sheng.
      “Don’ t be angry. You’ re my first girlfriend in this world.”Su Sheng hugged her and kissed her.”If it wasn’ t for your interesting reaction just now, I wouldn’ t have had this chance.”
      “Really?”Felicity looked at Su Sheng suspiciously. Her initially angry mood disappeared.She slowly lay on Su Sheng’s body.”Tell me about you. I don’t know anything about you at all. You, I mean, did you really plan to coerce in the beginning?”Or kidnap me?”
      Felicity found it difficult to describe the situation accurately.
      “Yeah.”Su Sheng smiled brightly.”That’s what I did in Gotham before. It’s simple, quick, and convenient.”When it comes to kidnapping, I kidnapped a woman during the day.”
      “This joke isn’ t funny.”Felicity smiled.
      “I’ m not joking.”
      Felicity was stunned for a moment before she turned around again.”Are you serious?”You, you really kidnapped a person during the day?”
      “Yeah, at least that’s what she thinks. Looks like she didn’ t call the police?”Su Sheng thought for a moment.
      “You’ re crazy!”
      Felicity hurriedly got up and ran to the living room. Not long after, she brought her computer bag back and turned it on.After turning on the phone, she found her glasses and put them on. Felicity’s fingers were like butterflies dancing on the keyboard as fast as she could. After a dozen seconds, she invaded the internal system of Starling City and searched for it. She found that there was no record of Su Sheng, so she sighed in relief and turned to look at him seriously.” Are you really not joking?”
      “Laurel Lance, her father is Quentin Lance. Check it out.”Su Sheng said.
      Felicity quickly retrieved the information about the two of them and looked at Su Sheng with a frown.
      “Why kidnap her?”
      After a while, Felicity seemed to be unable to stand the way Su Sheng had never done anything. She could not help but ask.
      “I’ m a little interested in her.”
      “Are you interested in kidnapping her?”
      “Yeah, your boyfriend is so willful!”Su Sheng got up and hugged Felicity from behind.
      Felicity frowned and tapped on the keyboard again.She realized that not only did she not have any kidnap records related to him, the system did not even have any information about him. She recalled that Su Sheng came from Gotham and invaded Gotham’s system. However, she realized that Su Sheng’s files were classified as high-level secrets. Even the director did not have the right to check them. Although she could crack them, she could not do it with this notebook.
      “Who are you?”Felicity turned to look at Su Sheng.
      Su Sheng noticed that his file was set as a high-level secret, but he did not care. He smiled brightly.”You man, you forgot so quickly, or are you even faster than me?”
      “New and old?”
      Just as Felicity wanted to ask what was happening, Su Sheng continued,” Check Quinn Industrial Co., Ltd., the steel manufacturing and welding factory.”
      Felicity invaded the nearby surveillance cameras and soon a scene appeared.
      “What are you doing?”After that, Felicity finally reacted and asked.
      Su Sheng said,” I kidnapped her here. I told her that if you want to see me, you should go and find me here.”
      “You still want to see her?”You said you were interested in her, you like her?”Felicity asked unhappily.
      “If you like me, just look for her. How could you wait for her to come look for me.”Su Sheng smiled.
      “Uh, are you so direct?”
      “Yes, otherwise?To confess?”Forget it, what’s the use of saying it? It’ ll definitely be rejected.”Su Sheng said seriously.
      Felicity looked at him in a daze. What kind of strange logic was this?
      PS: recommended my old books, Maneuver: King’s Descent, Maneuver: Monarch of Immortality, Stagnation: The Strongest Death, as well as the upcoming Maneuver: Door Fruit.*

      Chapter 25 Felicity, praise your wit!

      Felicity felt that her brain was not enough.
      So many boyfriends gave up their bodies that they had kept for more than 20 years, but they discovered that he was a kidnapper who possessed anti-social behavior?However, his file was set as a high-level secret. This wasn’t a treatment for a kidnapper. Felicity felt more and more that Su Sheng was mysterious. She also felt more and more at a loss how to face it.
      The only thing she was sure of was that being with Su Sheng was definitely more exciting than invading the Defense Department when she was seventeen!
      Looking at Su Sheng lying down, Felicity thought for a moment before closing her computer and lying down.Since she didn’t know what to do, she should leave the problem to time.Being pulled into Su Sheng’s arms, for the first time in more than twenty years, Felicity, who was so exhausted, quickly fell asleep.
      As the saying goes, don’t worry about things that ca n’ t be solved today, because tomorrow might not be possible.When he woke up, Felicity didn’t think of a solution. Time might be too lazy to deal with this mess.So, after dressing, washing up, eating, Felicity decided to go to work first.But before she left, she gave Su Sheng a key. Although she didn’t know how Su Sheng returned yesterday, she was certain……It was not a normal method.
      With the key, Su Sheng didn’t go out and lay lazily on the sofa, basking in the sun. His thoughts gradually diverged.If Felicity was Green Arrow’s girlfriend, then she could be considered to have given him a cap of forgiveness. If she had played enough, she would have been able to say that her girlfriend was not bad.But now that Felicity had become her girlfriend before she knew Green Arrow, the situation was naturally different.
      Su Sheng didn’t plan to change his old and new habits. Although he did n’ t mind breaking up, he didn’t mind having a grudge because of love. Even if he loved each other and killed each other, it was still exciting. Perhaps he could still have a second spring, but what he cared about was that someone would like to scold him as much as he did for Green Arrow.
      Life is just a journey. I pass by you, you pass by me.
      But others wanted to pass by?
      Su Shengsi thought that the best way to do this was to find something for her. It was something that could make a full life for her.
      Like being a hero?
      Felicity’s personality had a sense of justice. Although her physical fitness was n’ t good, her hacking skills were very good. She could be a logistics hero more than enough.
      “I’ m afraid there’s no one else to prepare for the breakup on the first day of the relationship. Impulsion is the devil!”Su Sheng let out a deep sigh. After all, he planned to teach Laurel to become a black gold silk sparrow, so he could just take care of Felicity and turn her into a watcher.
      If Felicity were to become an ex-girlfriend and become a symbol of a city, it would not be too bad. If she were to go wherever she went, have a few more ex-girlfriends, a few more cities, and have an ex-girlfriend wherever she went, wouldn’t it be too bad?But thinking about it, it was a little exciting.
      So when Felicity came back from work, Su Sheng still eagerly prepared dinner for her and hung up her jacket. Then, he dragged her to the living room and sat down to tell her about the process and causes of her kidnapping Laurel, as well as the reasons why she was interested in her.
      “The gold medal Queen’s accident was not an accident, but an artificial one?”This is shocking news!”Felicity looked at Su Sheng in surprise.”How did you know about such a secret matter?”
      “Of course I have my method.”Su Sheng said.
      He didn’t want to say that Felicity was trying to brainwash himself. Maybe he was a secret agent of the government?That’s why his information was classified as a high-level secret, so just like an undercover agent, he had to pretend to be a bad person for the convenience of carrying out missions and gathering information?
      It had to be said that the brain was terrifying, purer and more terrifying!
      Felicity felt relieved at this thought. At least she didn’t have to worry about how to face him.
      Holding Su Sheng’s arm, Felicity asked,” Then, what can I do for you?”
      “Just watch Laurel.”Su Sheng said.
      “No problem, leave it to me!”Felicity patted her chest and promised.
      After dinner, Felicity turned on her computer and began to monitor Laurel’s condition. It was difficult to monitor a person without any contact with the equipment, but who was Felicity?A super hacker that even the Ministry of Defence could successfully invade.She invaded the communication company to find Laurel’s phone number and obtained the internal code signal to know the location of the phone signal at any time. In fact, every call was recorded and transmitted to her newly created mailbox by email.
      “As long as she’s carrying the phone, whether it’s broken or switched off, she can check her location at any time through this software.”I’ ll teach you how to operate this software.”
      Su Sheng nodded. After a while, he asked curiously,” As long as there are internal code signals from the communication company, you can monitor the location of the other party at any time. Is this your own software?”
      “Yeah!”Felicity replied with a smile.
      This seems to be illegal, right?”What are you planning to use?”
      “At that time, my roommate’s boyfriend chewed on her back for a long time. During that time, I just happened to be bored, so I wrote this software, but I never used it.”Felicity explained awkwardly and changed the topic.”Oh right, you don’t seem to have a cell phone, do you?”How about I give you one?”
      This was really an explanation, wasn’ t it a hint?
      Su Sheng gave Felicity a thumbs up!
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      Chapter 26: The Power of Replicating Electric Shock Devices?

      People were silent.
      Felicity looked at Su Sheng beside her. After a long while, her eyes gradually focused, and she became spirited.She spoke slowly in a languid tone,” Honey, what are you thinking about?”
      “Stunned, nothing.”Although Su Sheng had thought about breaking up, the feedback Felicity gave him made him forget his previous thoughts.
      After resting for a while, Su Sheng carried Felicity to the bathroom. The water washed the exhausted and languid bodies of the two and then returned to the bedroom, hugging and sleeping.
      Proper exercise could improve people’s sleep quality. It could also be used to change the topic. At least Felicity’s call to Su Sheng had been diverted.
      It was night till dawn.
      After breakfast, Felicity went to work. Su Sheng took a notebook and went to the living room. He watched Laurel’s situation while browsing the news online.
      Gotham, Central City, Metropolis, etc.
      Laurel hadn’t been to Quinn’s factory for a few days. It was as if the previous incident was completely the past.Her life was very regular. She came out from her home and went to school in the morning. After school, she went home directly. The rules were like elementary school students.As a result, Su Sheng’s life had changed very regularly in the past few days. During the day, he went online to watch Laurel’s location and at night, Felicity came back to chat and watch TV. Then, she had a heated exercise before she fell asleep.
      Felicity was getting more and more radiant these days.
      The creaking sound was heard on time, and Felicity suddenly shouted excitedly.”It moved, it moved.”
      “Didn’ t I always move?”
      “I mean Laurel moved!”
      Felicity tilted her body and pointed to the notebook beside her. It showed that the red dot in Raurel’s position was indeed moving, as if she had come out of her home.
      “It’s so late to come out of the house. Will she go find you?”Felicity looked at Su Sheng excitedly.
      Su Sheng took a glance and retracted his gaze. Although Laurel had finally made him happy, he still had to do the things in front of him first. Felicity soon had no time to think about anything else.
      The bright moonlight shone on the ground.
      There were almost no pedestrians on the street in the slum. Only a few homeless people could be seen in the corner. In front of Quinn’s industrial factory, Laurel was wearing a sports suit and carrying a bag. She looked around and took a deep breath. She began to retreat, sprint, and jumped up and grabbed the iron door.The iron door that was over two meters tall made it difficult for her to climb over.
      After landing, Laurel opened her bag and took out two items.
      Flashlight, electric shock device.
      The abandoned factory was dark and empty, making the flashlight’s light exceptionally bright. According to the memory, Laurel quickly arrived at the place where she had been kidnapped last time.
      The curved steel bar was still on the ground. Her voice echoed in the quiet space.
      “Is there anyone?”I’ m here.”
      “Su, Su Sheng, are you here?”
      Laurel asked softly but did not receive any response. Was he not here?
      A breath of hot air suddenly blew through the air. Raurel subconsciously trembled and turned around to turn on the electric shocker and charged towards his back.
      The electric shock device emitted a weak electric light and sound. Laurel felt her wrist tighten and she was caught. The flashlight subconsciously turned to see Su Sheng holding his wrist standing in front of her.
      Su Sheng looked at the electric shock absorber in her hand with a smile. The finger holding her wrist exerted a little force, and Laurel let out a muffled groan as the electric shock absorber dropped to the ground.
      Pa da!
      The sound of falling on the ground was clear. Laurel instinctively trembled slightly. Then, she discovered that Su Sheng’s hand that was holding her wrist was strangely glowing with blue light, as if……It was like the electric light of a shock absorber.There was a crackling sound. Raurel instantly felt an electric current coming from his hand, causing his entire body to tremble.
      She stared at Su Sheng with her eyes wide open in disbelief. Then, she was directly shocked. After falling to the ground, her body twitched a few times.
      Ignoring Laurel, Su Sheng lowered his head and looked at his hands.The electric current flowed through his fingertips. As the power of his superimposition started to grow thicker and brighter, it finally spread all over his body.Crackling sounds rang out in the air. A brilliant blue light illuminated the surroundings. At this moment, Su Sheng was like a thunder god, imposing and irresistible.
      Although Su Sheng knew that disciples’ abilities could indeed replicate the power of matter, he had never had the chance to try it. In the past, replication was a passive acceptance, and what was copied was what it was.Just now, when he saw the electric shock absorber, he suddenly wondered if he could replicate the power of the electric shock absorber. The result was very smooth.
      Although the power of this type of shock absorber was not strong, it wasn’t important to Su Sheng’s initial strength. He could stack the power infinitely. Even if it was just a small current of shock absorber, he could stack the power that could destroy the world.
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      Chapter 27: Heaven Eye

      “Ring ring ……”
      The ringing from Laurel’s bag interrupted his thoughts. Su Sheng put away the current and bent down to find the phone from her bag.
      An unfamiliar number without a name.
      Su Sheng thought for a moment and pressed on to connect Jian. Then, Felicity’s urgent voice came from inside.
      “Is it you?”
      “Felicity?”Su Sheng was surprised that she actually called Laurel.
      Hearing Su Sheng’s voice, Felicity let out a sigh of relief and said anxiously,” There are seven or eight well-equipped people outside that are definitely not police officers. Quickly leave that place.”
      “Can you identify them?”Su Sheng glanced at Laurel who was unconscious and asked with a smile.
      “Yes, but ……”
      “Find out and tell me.”
      Su Sheng didn’t hang up the phone. He just put it in his pocket and picked up two steel strips on the ground. He gently pulled them off with both hands. At least two steel strips as thick as his fingers instantly bent into a U shape.Su Sheng pulled Raul up from the ground and brought him to the side of the wall. He straightened his body and extended his arms.The U-shaped steel bar wrapped around her arm was directly thrown into the wall.
      The solid wall was easily penetrated like a bean curd project. The other side was like a method. In the blink of an eye, Laurel was fixed to the wall.
      Poor Laurel had only seen Su Sheng twice, but he fainted twice and was fixed by steel bars.
      Last time it was on the ground, this time it was on the wall.
      Fortunately, Su Sheng did not strip off her clothes this time, at least now.
      “Got it.”
      Felicity’s voice sounded from the phone.
      Su Sheng took out his phone and answered. He heard Felicity say in surprise,” Most people are wearing masks. It’s hard to see their looks and features, but one person should be their leader.Dana Lance, Quentin Lance’s ex-wife, Laurel’s mother.I tried to investigate her detailed information, but I found that the confidentiality level was as high as yours.”I don’ t think she has anything to do with you, right?”
      “I have nothing to do with her.”Su Sheng said with a light smile,” You did a good job. When I go back to reward you, I’ ll go first.”
      “Be careful.”
      Su Sheng hung up the phone and deleted the call record. He then pointed the flashlight that Laurel brought at her,.
      A bright beam of light struck her. Su Sheng stood beside her.
      At the door of the workshop, the door was slightly opened.
      A flash of lightning was thrown in, and the dazzling light illuminated the entire plant.Immediately after, the door was pulled open, and people wearing battle uniforms and masks rushed up.These people were well-organized and experienced. The moment they entered, they realized that the target’s muzzle was aimed at them. However……However, they realized that the target did not seem to have been swayed by the lightning. Instead, they looked at them with a smile.
      Da da da.
      The sound of high heels came from the door. A middle-aged woman with a paralyzed face walked in.
      She looked at Su Sheng and Laurel on the wall. She frowned slightly and was about to speak.
      At this moment, the smiling Su Sheng suddenly moved.
      The light on his body lit up. Su Sheng raised his hand and pointed in their direction.
      The electric current increased by countless times and shot out, transforming into a blue python that opened its bloody mouth and swallowed these people in an instant.
      Within the snake’s belly, in the lightning, the guns in their hands instantly exploded. Screams and grunts rang out, and all of them fell to the ground.
      The lightning python roared and stopped in front of the middle-aged woman. It slowly spun as its blue lightning body circled around her. The huge snake head floated to the side, and an electric current like a letter flashed by her side. The electric current in the air caused her hair to float up. She did not move at all, as she stared intently at Su Sheng who was approaching.
      “Are you surprised?”Are you surprised?”Su Sheng asked with a smile.
      The middle-aged woman suddenly sat on the ground. Her eyes that had just been staring straight at her were filled with shock and terror.
      “I thought that was why you were so calm.”The contrast between the front and back caused Su Sheng to be stunned before he could not help but laugh.”Tell me, your identity.”
      Dana Lance subconsciously glanced at the lightning python next to him and then at the daughter fixed on the wall in the distance and the secret service team that had fallen to the ground. Her throat could not help but squirm slightly.The investigation didn’t mention that he still had such abilities.
      “Have you heard of Heaven’s Eyes?”The Heaven’s Eye Society is a special department under the government of the United States of America. It is responsible for dealing with superhuman incidents.”She looked at Su Sheng and slowly spoke.”Your actions in Gotham have already threatened the safety and peace of human society, so we need to talk to you.”
      Although the government organizations in the DC world did not have the same sense of existence as the Maneuvering World, Su Sheng had heard of Heaven’s Eyes.But she didn’t expect Laurel’s mother, Dana Lance, to be a member of the Heaven’s Eye Society, so why would Heaven’s Eye make her own file a top secret?
      “Is this your way of talking?”Su Sheng glanced at the agents lying on the ground behind him, shaking their heads and laughing.
      Dana Lance said,” This is a necessary means of protection before I’m not sure about your attitude, so they did n’ t shoot, did they?Besides, you seem to have kidnapped an innocent person right now. I can’t tell what you want to do.”If you let her leave, I’ m willing to seriously apologize and have a good talk.”
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      Chapter 28: Children are right and wrong, adults only look at the pros and cons

      “Another person who uses apology as a bargaining chip.”Su Sheng shook his head slightly.”Why don’t you guys understand?”If you don’ t have any chips, you should apologize early and try to win. If you have chips, you don’ t need to apologize at all.”
      As he spoke, Su Sheng turned around and walked towards Laurel, who was still awake.
      “What a beautiful face.”Su Sheng smiled as he looked at Laurel, who was slightly drooping. His fingertips flickered with lightning as he stroked her cheek.
      Laurel’s face trembled slightly.
      “What are you doing!”Dana Lance shouted excitedly.
      “You think I didn’ t know she was your daughter?”Su Sheng narrowed his eyes and looked at Dana Lance.”She wasn’t in danger. I just wanted to give her a choice.Of course, this was also to satisfy my own interests.”But it’s not certain now.”
      Dana Lance was stunned and immediately apologized.
      “Not enough.”Su Sheng shook his head slightly.
      Dana Lance slowly stood up and silently walked towards Su Sheng. Su Sheng looked at her with interest.
      Step by step.
      Dana Lance stopped a few steps away from Su Sheng and suddenly fell to her knees with a thump.”I’m sorry that I chose the wrong way to meet you. If you get angry because of my actions, I hope you can spare my daughter from me.I……”She’s the only one left.”
      “Decisive and sincere.”Su Sheng looked at Dinas who was kneeling on the ground and said with a smile,” I should forgive you for looking at your age and loving heart, but……I don’t want to.You said that my actions in Gotham had already threatened the safety and peace of the human society, did you find the wrong person?”My name is Su Sheng, not Bain.”
      “Although it has nothing to do with justice, I killed Bain and I saved Gotham.”
      “You said I threatened the safety and peace of human society?”
      Dana Lance said in a deep voice.”We’ ve investigated you, extreme self, selfishness, and a typical anti-social personality disorder. Although you’ re very friendly and easy to get along with, it depends on your mood. Most of your actions are driven by instinctive desires, unpredictable, and you’ re extremely aggressive and destructive.”
      “It sounds like a villain’s standard configuration.”Su Sheng smiled brightly.”It’s a pity that we ca n’ t withstand scrutiny. Who isn’t self-serving?If Raul wasn’t your daughter, would you kneel down and apologize?When you are in a good mood, you will be friendly and easy to get along with. When you are in a bad mood, you will also be cold and indifferent to fight with people, right?Drinking water, eating, making love, shopping, who wasn’t driven by instinct?”You want to do it.”
      “Just from my character analysis, I was classified as a threat, a villain, and even ignored my actions to save Gotham.This is the typical extreme ego mentality, right?Let me guess. If I cooperate with you, you might control me. Lightly, you might lose your freedom, while heavyly, you might lose your life or become cannon fodder for you.”If I don’ t cooperate with you, you will treat me as a threat and destroy me.”
      “Actually, it has nothing to do with personality or behavior, nor does it have anything to do with justice or evil. What you say is just one sentence: Children are right and wrong, adults only look at the pros and cons, right?”
      Dana Lance was silent for a while and nodded slowly.”Right.”
      “That’s why it’s up to your head.”Su Sheng smiled.”I like your honesty. Miss Laurel, you should have heard it clearly. What should I do in this situation?”
      Laurel woke up?
      Dana Lance subconsciously looked at her daughter and saw her daughter raise her head and open her eyes with a complicated expression.
      These past few days, Laurel hadn’t made up her mind whether or not to go and find Su Sheng until tonight.His mother suddenly appeared at home and asked her why Su Sheng came to her.After she finished speaking, her mother said that Su Sheng was in danger and needed to be controlled. She also said that she would know about the real culprit from his mouth. That was why Laurel decided to come to Su Sheng today.
      He didn’t expect that he would be shocked by the strange way he saw Su Sheng. He did n’ t expect that he would hear the conversation between his mother and Su Sheng when he woke up.Whether it was the mother of Justice or the evil Su Sheng, it was different from what she had imagined.
      “Looks like you don’ t know what I’ m going to do. Then follow my method.”Su Sheng smiled.”One must die.”
      Hearing Su Sheng’s words, Dana Lance and Laurel were stunned. Was she going to choose between their mother and daughter?
      The two shouted at the same time.
      Su Sheng laughed.”Mother and daughter are very touching, but at least listen to me finish?The person who died was either the person in charge of the Heaven’s Eye Society or the real culprit behind the gold medal, Queen. Choose one.”
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      Are you going to run away with me at any time?

      It wasn’t their mother and daughter, but the person in charge of Heaven’s Eye Society or the real culprit behind the gold medal Queen?
      Was there still a need to choose?
      As an agent of the Heaven Eye Society, Dana Lance knew very well how hard Amanda Waller was to kill. Even if she was lucky, she would still be hunted down by the government of the United States.On the contrary, although she didn’t know who was the real culprit behind the Queen’s gold medal accident and what kind of power and power she had, she didn’t have any psychological burden to kill him to avenge her daughter. She could use the power of Heaven’s Eyes to deal with the aftermath.
      “What if we don’ t choose?”Dana Lance asked Su Sheng.
      Su Sheng spread his hands and said nothing.
      But in this situation, if they didn’t choose, they might be killed, right?Dana Lance took a deep breath.”Since that’s the case, I’ ll choose the killer who killed my daughter.”Tell me his identity, I will kill her as soon as possible.”
      “If you choose, you can’ t change it. Are you sure?”
      “What about you?”Su Sheng looked at Laurel. Although she didn’t want to choose, she could only nod and agree.
      Su Sheng patted Laurel’s little face in satisfaction and said to Dana Lance,” She will be the one to kill. You can leave now.”
      Dana Lance instantly became anxious.”She’s just an ordinary person. You’ re just asking her to die. Tell me who that person is. One week, no, three days. Give me three days to kill him.”
      “I don’ t care when he dies, but she must kill him. You don’ t have the right to bargain. After all, I’ m a villain.”Su Sheng smiled brightly.
      The villain!
      Hearing this word, Diana Lance felt very sarcastic.
      “You can follow her movements, but I advise you not to provide any help. Although I won’ t kill you or her, I will kill Quentin Lance.”Su Sheng said leisurely.
      Dana Lance might sacrifice her ex-husband for her daughter, but Laurel would never harm her father, so even if she provided help to Laurel, she would not accept or even worry about her misunderstanding.
      Dana Lance and Laurel both had ugly looks on their faces.
      “Don’t be so depressed. If you ca n’ t help Laurel, you can continue to trouble me. What if you kill me with luck?Then there was no need to worry about her safety, and there was no need for me to threaten her.”If you don’ t want to, you can still fly far away. Maybe I won’ t be able to find you and lose interest in a moment?”Looking at the ugly expressions of the two of them, Su Sheng was very serious in making suggestions for them.”Come on, I’ ll look after you guys!”
      “I’ ll contact you tomorrow.”Su Sheng smiled at Laurel and turned to leave.
      When his figure left the plant, the electric python that floated in the distance dissipated. The plant was instantly darkened, and only the flashlight’s light shone on Laurel’s body.The mother and daughter looked at each other. Dana Lance silently went over to put her daughter down, but……The steel bar did not move at all.
      When Dana Lance took a lot of effort to put her daughter down, Su Sheng had already returned to his apartment.
      As soon as he opened the door, Su Sheng saw Felicity jump out of the sofa and fall into his arms.
      “Are you alright?”I’ m so worried.”
      “I see.”Su Sheng patted Felicity’s back and smiled.”You’ re dressed like this at home in the middle of the night. Are you planning to run away with me at any time?”
      “Don’ t you really want to run?”Felicity looked up at Su Sheng.
      “It’s not necessary at the moment, so take off your clothes and wait for me in the bedroom. I’ ll go take a shower.”Su Sheng lowered his head and kissed her and let go to the bathroom.
      Felicity let out a long sigh of relief and walked back to her bedroom.
      Not long after, Felicity saw Su Sheng come in after a shower. She wanted to ask him what had happened, but Su Sheng hugged her and kissed her as soon as he came. Soon, the creaking sound came from the bedroom again. By the time she wanted to ask again, it was already the next morning.
      Because of the late performance last night, Felicity only had time to confirm with Su Sheng that she didn’t need to run. After that, she rushed out to work. The rest would be asked when she returned.
      Not long after she left the house, Su Sheng noticed that Laurel had also come out from her home to go to school.
      Remember the route, bring the key and carry the bag.
      Su Sheng also left.
      “Stop and don’ t run.”
      “Fake, if you have the ability, you can catch up to me, dead policeman.”
      As soon as he got out of the apartment, Su Sheng heard a cry from afar. Following the sound, he saw that a middle-aged policeman was chasing after a black man who had robbed a bag.The nearby pedestrians stepped aside in panic. The black man mocked the police behind him proudly as he ran towards Su Sheng.
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      Chapter 30 I, Su Sheng, pay!

      “Quentin Lance?”
      Su Sheng was surprised to recognize the middle-aged policeman chasing after the black man. Wasn’t this Laurel’s father?
      Seeing that they were getting farther and farther away, the black man was getting closer and closer to him. Su Sheng, who happened to be blocking the way, took a step back and made way.Seeing his actions, the black man looked arrogant and proud, but Quentin Lance’s face was filled with unwillingness.
      This was Staring City. There was actually no citizen willing to help the police.
      The black man ran over as fast as he could. While he was running, he took the time to take a look at Su Sheng and revealed an expression that could be considered as sensible.Su Shengbao smiled and extended his left foot forward. The running black man leaned forward and flew out. His face glided for a long time before he stopped.
      The surroundings were extremely quiet.
      No one expected this smiling youth to do this.
      Quentin Lance was stunned for a moment before he caught up to the black man and put on handcuffs. At the same time, he asked Su Sheng.”Thank you for your help.”
      “It’s easy.”Su Sheng smiled brightly as he watched Quentin Lance lift up the black man with a face full of blood. Tsk tsk, this is the legendary face brake.
      Just as the two of them were talking, a panting, professional-looking woman ran over from behind. As soon as she arrived, she gratefully said to Quentin Lance,” Thank you. Thank you so much. There’s a very important legal document in this bag. you lose it, it will be very troublesome.”
      “If you want to thank her, then thank her. If he wasn’ t willing to help, I’ m afraid I wouldn’ t have returned your bag.”Quentin Lance handed the bag over and looked around.
      The surrounding pedestrians lowered their heads and sped up, as if nothing had happened.
      “Thank you very much for your help.”The professional woman took out a business card from her bag and solemnly handed it to Su Sheng.”My name is Anna Rowling. I’ m a lawyer. If I can help you, you can call me anytime.”
      “Okay.”Su Sheng took the card and turned to Quentin Lance.”Can I borrow your phone?I had originally agreed to meet someone, but now ……”
      “Of course.”Quentin Lance enthusiastically handed over the phone.
      Su Sheng smiled thankfully at him. He took the phone and turned around to dial Raul’s number. After a few words, he heard Raul’s confused voice.
      “Dad, is there something wrong?”
      “We agreed to meet today. You probably didn’ t forget, right?”Su Sheng asked in a relaxed tone.
      “It’s you!Why did you have my father’s phone number?”What did you do to him? I’ve already agreed to your terms. Why are you…” Laurel recognized Su Sheng’s voice. Thinking of his threats yesterday and calling her back from her father’s phone, she panicked.
      “Dear, don’t be angry. Shall we meet?”It’s still an old place. I’ ll be there in about half an hour.”Su Shengrong hung up and returned the call to Quentin Lance.”Thank you.”
      “It’s just like you said.”Quentin Lance smiled and pulled back the phone. He didn’t know how much he had done to scare his daughter.
      “Can I leave now?”Su Sheng asked.
      “Of course.”
      Su Sheng smiled politely at Quentin Lance and Anna Rowling and left.
      Twenty minutes later.
      In front of the gate of Quinn’s factory, Laurel, who was anxious, saw Su Sheng appear and hurried over.
      “What did you do to my father.”
      Su Sheng lightly smiled and said,” I just happened to meet your father who helped him catch a bag thief and borrowed his phone number to contact you.”
      “Really?”Laurel was skeptical.
      “Don’ t you just give him a fight?”Su Sheng followed suit.
      Laurel hesitated and took out the electric arc to make a call. A few seconds later, a noisy and busy voice came from the phone.
      “What’s the matter?”I’ m busy.”
      “No, it’s fine.”
      “Then I’ ll die first.”Quentin Lance hung up before Laurel could say another word.Just as he was about to put Quentin Lance down, he subconsciously flipped through the call log. There was no unfamiliar number. The most recent call was his daughter’s.”Did you delete it?”
      Quentin Lance grumbled but didn’t think too much. He put away his phone and started to get busy.
      “Remember not to be so stupid in the future. If there is a villain who calls you from someone you know, remember to confirm the situation first. Don’ t be so stupid as to come over directly.”Looking at Laurel who was relieved to put away the phone, Su Sheng felt that if someone sent her’ I, Su Sheng, pay!’She would probably follow through on such messages.
      “Who knows what you will do.”Laurel grumbled in her heart.
      “Did you bring the money?”Su Sheng suddenly asked.
      “Bring it, bring it.”
      “Come with me.”Su Sheng patted her shoulder and led the way.
      After about ten minutes, Su Sheng brought her to a hotel.
      “Why are you here?”Laurel asked curiously.
      “Open a room or do you want to be outside?”I don’ t mind if you don’ t mind.”
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      Chapter 31: It is difficult to start with everything, difficult in the middle, difficult in the end

      Laurel didn’t even want to choose to open the room, but when Su Sheng saw that she had n’ t answered for a long time, she could only choose to leave.
      Enter the hotel, open the room, hand in the money, and take the key.
      Su Sheng hugged Laurel reluctantly and entered the room.
      “What do you want to do.”Laurel asked.
      “Help you make a dress.”Su Sheng replied casually and pinched it.”Your figure is better than my girlfriend.”
      “You have a girlfriend?”Laurel sneered.
      “I’ ll introduce you later.”Su Sheng put away the tape and turned around to pick up the camera and take a look. Finally, he put it back into his bag.”Although your figure is not bad, your physical fitness can only be considered average. In the future, you need to strengthen your physical strength and strength training. Only by having a good body can you defeat your enemy.”
      “Like you?”
      “For example, the culprit behind the accident that caused the Gold Queen and caused your sister’s accident.”Su Sheng did not care about Laurel’s small resistance.”His power is everywhere in Starling City, so once your identity is exposed, it will be troublesome. Moreover, his personal strength is very strong. In terms of physical skills, even if I train you to death, your talent will not be able to win, so I will help you prepare some gadgets.”
      “All you have to do is train, train, then train, then start with his claws.”
      Looking at Su Sheng’s serious expression, Laurel was lost.
      Although she knew that Su Sheng might not be a’bad’ person, she could tell that he wasn’t a good person from his unrestrained manner.But Raul didn’t understand why he had his eyes on him, nor did he understand whether he wanted to harm or help him.
      “You know Sarah?”Laurel could not help but ask.
      “Sarah?”We’ ve never seen it before.”Su Sheng shook his head.
      “Then why are you so persistent in asking me to avenge Sarah?”Laurel asked in puzzlement.
      Of course, he wanted you to become a black gold silk sparrow in advance so that the future legendary team could find me?She also arranged a part-time job for Felicity.
      Su Sheng looked at Laurel and said with a smile,” You want to know?Not telling you.You just need to make yourself stronger now.You should know a simple physical training method, right?”Let’s begin.”
      “Now?”Laurel was stunned and prepared to pick up her clothes.
      “No, just practice like this. At least my eyes won’ t be bored.”Su Sheng took her clothes and threw them onto the bed. His chin lifted slightly.”Let’s start your performance.”
      Laurel gritted her teeth and glared at Su Sheng, not moving.
      Su Sheng raised his finger without saying a word with a smile. With a tinge of excitement, an electric current flashed and rushed over.
      Laurel was shocked by the electricity.
      “I have no intention of urging you, but it has.”Su Sheng smiled and raised his finger.
      Laurel started unwillingly.
      At first, this kind of coercion made her feel uncomfortable. She wanted to find a hole to drill in, but gradually, Laurel realized that Su Sheng did not stare at her at all. Even if his gaze fell on her, it did not feel like it was disgusting. Instead, it seemed like he was monitoring her.Once he stopped or slowed down, he would’stimulate’ himself to continue training.
      Slowly, Laurel began to focus.
      No matter what purpose Su Sheng had, it was always true that he could become stronger.The law might be able to protect justice, but strength could protect him.
      Unknowingly, she had been sweating like a rain all morning. When she heard Su Sheng say that she could stop, Laurel seemed to hear the sound of nature, what shame, what anger. She just wanted to lie on the ground and not move.
      Looking at Raurel Su, who was like a dead dog, he smiled and lazily kicked him.”Don’ t pretend to be dead. Get up and take a shower and get dressed and ready to leave.”
      “Let me rest.”
      “As the saying goes, it’s difficult to start everything, then difficult in the middle, and difficult in the end.”Since it’s so difficult, why are you resting? Get up quickly.”Su Sheng didn’t have the slightest intention of pitying her. When he saw that Laurel refused to get up, he directly called.
      Laurel suddenly got up and ran into the bathroom like a woman in the wind.
      Not long after Laurel finished taking a bath and wearing clothes, she went out with Su Sheng. Just then, a middle-aged man walked out from the door of the next room. This man looked at Laurel, whose legs were soft and rosy, and then looked at Su Sheng, who was as relaxed as usual. He gave a thumbs-up, admiration.
      Su Shengbao nodded modestly with a smile.
      PS: recommended my old books, Maneuver: King’s Descent, Maneuver: Monarch of Immortality, Stagnation: The Strongest Death, as well as the upcoming Maneuver: Door Fruit.*

      Chapter 32 Boldness

      The scorching sun was blinding.
      Su Sheng, who had just left the hotel, tilted his head slightly. The sun shone on Laurel’s body. His long brown hair was draped over his shoulders. His delicate face was red, and his languid expression gave off a charming charm.
      “Shall we go back?”Su Sheng suddenly spoke.
      “Back?Didn’ t he just come out?”The room is gone.”Laurel stared blankly at Su Sheng.
      The moment he turned his head, he saw him looking at him. His pitch-black eyes were filled with interest and desire for possession.This was different from the way she used to watch her exercise. This direct gaze made Laurel subconsciously avoid contact.
      Laurel did not know what to do.
      If he forced himself when he had just opened his room or when he had just finished his training, he might be resentful and unwilling, but he would still submit. But now that Su Sheng asked her, she didn’t know that he had done it.
      “Forget it, let’s leave something fresh.”Just as Laurel was in trouble, Su Sheng said softly.”I won’ t supervise your afternoon training. I’ ll arrange it myself,”
      Laurel subconsciously nodded and saw that Su Sheng had already left with a wave of his hand. For a moment, she also left.
      Not long after she walked, she saw her mother approach her with a worried and angry face.”Are you alright?”That guy didn’ t do anything to you, right?”
      Laurel shook her head.
      “Really?”Dana Lance did not believe it.
      She took her daughter to the hotel early in the morning. When she came out, her daughter blushed and her legs went limp. As a person who came here, she naturally thought of something.
      Laurel nodded and said, Dana Lance frowned.Who didn’t say who was behind this?She didn’t bully her daughter, she just supervised her exercise?Dana Lance thought for a moment and decided to wait and see. She had already reported the incident last night. After all, the death of several agents was not a small matter. The instructions given to her by the higher-ups were to gather as much information as possible from Su Sheng.
      After separating from Laurel, Su Sheng did not return to his apartment. Instead, he walked aimlessly on the street. What was the standard configuration for heroes?Uniforms and equipment, since it was necessary to train Laurel to become a black gold silk sparrow.Su Sheng had long thought that the uniforms could be taken to Wayne Enterprises. After all, Talia El Gur’s identity had not been exposed. Now, he was the biggest shareholder of Wayne Group. It should be easy to get a uniform based on the fact that he had taken photos, right?Conventional equipment could also be obtained from Wayne Enterprises. As for the iconic special equipment, acoustic equipment could be found in the central city.Although he didn’t know it, he did n’ t have money, but was it important?Not important!
      Unknowingly, Su Sheng realized that he had actually come to a park. Although the scorching sun still had a lot of people here for lunch or a date.
      He found a big tree with a shady back and sat on the grass. Su Sheng leisurely looked around and thought about waiting for Felicity to come back from work and ask her to contact Talia El Gour for him.When the sun passed through the branches, a woman suddenly appeared behind the tree. She had long wine-red hair and a black dress. When she ran over, she looked back as if someone was chasing after her.
      She saw Su Sheng sitting on the tree and her eyes lit up.
      She turned around and quickly came to Su Sheng’s face and sat on his body. She grabbed his hand and hugged him, then kissed him.
      Su Sheng was slightly stunned, then he secretly smiled in his heart.
      “Hmm?”She suddenly let out a snort and then she felt that she had pulled her hand out of her body and lay on the ground. The next moment, she felt that the other party was pressing down on her body. She hugged her head with both arms on her shoulders and kissed her again.
      This made her feel a little angry and flustered, but she quickly realized that this posture could cover her more.
      The sound of footsteps could be heard from the side. Two men in black suits, black trousers and sunglasses, dressed in black, ran over.He glanced at the friendly man and woman on the ground and quickly dodged. Even if the European and American people were to open the park and see such intimate behavior in public, it would still be a little awkward. He subconsciously dodged.
      “Find them separately!”
      Looking around, they didn’t find a target. The two men in black whispered to each other and began to search.
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      Chapter 33 Female Hunter Helena

      The footsteps gradually drifted away.
      After a long while.
      The girl opened her eyes and looked at the delicate and handsome face with a smile that was not a smile.
      The girl was slightly stunned. She smiled,” Thank you for helping me.”
      “You’ re welcome.”
      Su Sheng smiled to the side.
      The girl sat up and tidied her messy hair. She turned to look in the direction of the black-clothed man. After confirming that the black-clothed man had left the park, she said to Su Sheng,” My name is Helena, what about you?”
      “Su Sheng.”
      “You’ re bold.”
      “You’ re not the first to say that, nor will you be the last.”Su Sheng turned to look at Helena and lightly laughed,” Want to change places?”
      Helena looked at Su Sheng and said with a faint smile,” I’ m afraid you won’ t dare.”
      “My name is Helena Bettina. My father, Frank Bettina, is a famous criminal group leader in Tallinn.”Are you not afraid of being killed by my father and feeding fish to Chen Hai?”
      “What’s there to be afraid of? I didn’ t intend to have a relationship with you. It’s so exciting to run away after everything.”Su Sheng chuckled.
      “Are you really not afraid?”
      Seeing Su Sheng’s eagerness, Helena burst into laughter.”I can’t do it today. It was n’ t easy for me to get rid of them to make a trip to Central City.”I can tell you my number. If you’ re not afraid, you can call me anytime.”
      Su Sheng patted his leg and said with a smile,” Is this not coincidental?”I also want to go to Central City.”
      “Do you really want to go to Central City or are you afraid of missing the opportunity?”Helena was stunned and asked doubtfully.
      “Forget it, I’ ll go drive. You can wait for me by the roadside.”
      The two separated and Su Sheng walked to the roadside.
      More than ten minutes later, a sports car stopped in front of Su Sheng. The door opened and Helena bent down to shout at him.
      When Su Sheng got into the car, a boom sounded.
      The sports car shot out with a whoosh.
      It was not clear how far Staring City was from the central city. However, Helena chose this time to return before dark.Speaking of which, she was a strange woman who was good at cheating. She was still a kind of person who wouldn’t cheat until death. As a mafia, the daughter of the leader of a criminal group was specifically against her father. In the beginning, she only collected evidence to report it. After that, she directly turned into a female hunter and prepared to exterminate her family several times. Until his father was accidentally killed in the exchange of fire, her trip to cheating was finally over.
      She had briefly joined the Green Arrow team and the Bat Family, and she had been a bat girl for a while. Unfortunately, she was cruel and did not have the standard of not killing people, so she had put on a female hunter’s coat again.Later, she joined the Justice Alliance and learned to control her temper and cruelty. However, Batman opened her up on the grounds that the Alliance did not need an assassin.
      Not taking me to play?Okay, then I’ll find someone to play with!
      She and the Black Gold Skark Laurel Lance, Barbara Gordon, who was code-named the Oracle during the paralysis period, formed a small organization, the Raptor Team.In the end, the more she played, the bigger she became. Cat Girl, Warrior Blade, Poison Vine Girl had all joined this team before. Of course, now it seemed that Helena was still start-up period.
      Barbara Gordon, who was not paralyzed, Laurel Lance, who had just started training, and Helena in front of him.
      “This is to unlock the Raptor team’s rhythm.”Su Sheng could not help but laugh.
      “Why are you laughing?”Helena turned and asked Su Sheng.
      “Why are you going to Central City?”Su Sheng smiled and shook his head.
      “I customized something.”Helena said casually.What about you?”What are you doing?”
      “I want someone to order something.”
      Helena rolled her eyes at him.”It’s not convenient for me to take you there. If you really aren’ t afraid of death, you’ ll have two hours to wait for me to finish taking the things.”
      “Okay.”Su Sheng replied with a smile.
      After entering the central city, Helena parked her car in a decent hotel.
      “Are you going to get off here?”I’ ll be here to find you in half an hour.”Helena said.
      Su Sheng nodded and got out of the car. When he came over, he saw that the tip laboratory was not far from here.Seeing Helena drive away, Su Sheng leisurely walked towards the cutting-edge laboratory.
      The particle explosion had not happened yet, and the tip-edge laboratory had not closed.
      Su Sheng was stopped by the security guard as soon as he arrived at the door.
      “I’ m sorry, sir. May I ask what you need?”
      “I’ m looking for Cisco Raymond.”Su Sheng said with a smile.
      “May I ask your name?”The security guard asked while preparing to contact, but at this moment, the door opened and two people walked out.
      One man and one woman.
      The woman had long curly hair on her shoulders, a bright smile on her face and a lady-like manner. The man was not tall, his skin was slightly black, and he had shoulder-length hair.
      It was the future Shockwave Scorremont and Ice Killer Caitlin Snow.
      PS: recommended my old books, Maneuver: King’s Descent, Maneuver: Monarch of Immortality, Stagnation: The Strongest Death, as well as the upcoming Maneuver: Door Fruit.*

      Chapter 34 Electric Shock Mad Demon

      Su Sheng smiled at the security guard and walked towards Cisco Raymond and Kate Linnuo, who were chatting while walking.
      “Excuse me.”
      Su Sheng stood in front of the two and said with a smile. The two of them stopped looking at Su Sheng in puzzlement.”Is there something wrong?”
      “I want you to make something for me.”
      “What?”Ciscolremont smiled blankly.”Sorry, I don’ t know you.”
      “It doesn’ t matter. It’s not important. I want to make a portable sound wave device. The shape of the necklace is fine. However, I don’ t have any materials and I don’ t have any reward. You can only think of your own way. It’s better to finish it within half an hour.”Su Sheng continued to say his request with a smile.
      Ciscolremont frowned. Did he encounter a madman?
      “I won’ t make anything for you. Please move aside.”
      “Are you really not doing it?”Su Sheng asked again.
      “Please step aside.”Cisco Raymond repeated it resolutely.
      “Alright.”Su Sheng let out a disappointed sigh and slowly raised his hand. The sound of electric current instantly rose. The electric current passed through his hand. The azure light reflected on the shocked faces of Cisco Raymond and Cate Linnuo. Su Sheng asked again as if he was unwilling to accept it.”Now, can we do it?”
      Cisco Raimon stared blankly at Su Sheng’s lightning-filled palm. Super power, this is super power, there really are super powers!Ciscolremont did not retreat, but instead went forward. His shocked face was filled with excitement and excitement as he asked quickly.”How did you do it?Can you generate electricity as you like?How much is the maximum current?”Can’t you call yourself?”
      Su Sheng pointed at the security guard who pulled out his gun as he watched Cesculey’s excitement.
      The lightning instantly hit the security guard.
      The security guard fell to the ground and fainted.
      “Ah ……”
      Cisco Raymond finally came to his senses and subconsciously blocked in front of Kate Linnuo.”You……What are you going to do? Don’ t do anything rash, otherwise I……”We called the police.”
      “I didn’ t want to make the scene so tense. I just wanted you to help me make an acoustic equipment.”Su Sheng helplessly shook his head and raised his hand to release the electric current as he looked at Caitlin Snow who was trembling as he took out the phone from his bag.
      Cate Linnuo shouted. Cisco Raymond was also shaken by the current.
      The current disappeared, and Kate Linnuo fainted on the ground. Ciscolremont also took a few steps back and sat on the ground.
      “Half an hour. I want to see what I want.”Su Sheng walked over and carried the unconscious Caitlin Snow away. After saying a word to Cisco Raymond, he turned around and left.
      Cisco Raimon reacted and tried to turn over his phone to call the police. However, someone stopped him and he was helped up.
      “Professor Wells.”Cisco Raymond looked at the owner of his mentor’s cutting-edge laboratory, Harrison Wells, and shouted excitedly.”Caitlin, Caitlin was captured by the electric shock madman.”
      Electric shock berserker……
      Ciscolremont’s habit of giving names was already deep into his soul.
      Harrison Wells’ s face twitched slightly. He nodded with a serious expression,” I know. I saw it all. Why did he find you?”
      “I don’t know. I do n’ t know him at all.He suddenly ran over and asked me to make a sound wave device for him. There was no material, there was no reward for me to think of a way. By the way, he even said that he only gave me half an hour.”Cisco immediately said.
      “He came for the acoustic equipment, so Caitlin won’t be in danger for the time being.”Don’ t call the police first. You can use your acoustic equipment. I’ ll see if I can find him.”Harrison Wells patted Cisco Raymond on the shoulder and consoled him seriously.”Caitlin will be fine. Don’ t worry.”
      Ciscolremont nodded with a deep breath.”I’ ll go right now.”
      He returned to the lab and started to make sound equipment. Harrison Wells looked deep on the computer to find Caitlin’s whereabouts.
      At this moment.
      On the roof of a residential building near the tip of the laboratory, Kaitlin, who had been corona-treated, woke up.
      The moment Katrina opened her eyes, she saw Su Sheng, who was in close proximity. She cried out in fright and hurriedly retreated.Su Sheng did not approach. He looked at the panicked Caitlin Snow and said apologetically.”Maybe you’ ve just obtained a new ability. You’ re quite fresh. Recently, you’ ve been very fond of electric people, so I’ m sorry to corona you.”
      “You, don’ t come over. Don’ t come over.”Caitlin sat paralyzed on the ground as if she had not heard Su Sheng speak of her. She waved her hands and shouted loudly.
      “I’m not going over, I’ m just ……”
      “Don’ t come over. Don’ t come over.”
      Su Sheng let out a long sigh of relief and his hands instantly lit up. His eyes swept coldly.”Shut up, or I’ ll electrocute you!”
      Caitlyn Snow was so scared that her body stiffened and her red lips were tightly shut.
      “Don’ t come, don’ t come. Come, come, tell me, have I moved?”Su Sheng angrily said to Caitlin Snow.”Do you guys have any problems?There was still a tendency to abuse them?”If you don’ t listen to me, do you have to turn against me?”
      PS: recommended my old books, Maneuver: King’s Descent, Maneuver: Monarch of Immortality, Stagnation: The Strongest Death, as well as the upcoming Maneuver: Door Fruit.*

      35 Caitlin Snow of Clive

      Su Sheng came to her and crouched down in front of her, smiling as he watched Caitlin Snorlax calm down.”That’s right. Calm down. Don’ t shout like the heroine in Dog Blood TV. This will destroy your image in my heart, even though I’ m more interested in you.”
      Caitlin Snow looked at him with a trembling and puzzled expression. Another me?
      What do you mean?
      “I’ m not planning to hurt you. In half an hour, you can leave after Cisco Raimon completes what I want. But before that, I hope you can be obedient. Can you do it?”Su Sheng asked softly.
      Caitlin Snow nodded.
      “Be good.”Su Sheng patted Caitlin Snow’s head in satisfaction and asked casually.”Have you made friends with men?”
      Caitlyn Snow shook her head.
      “Not?”Alright, you’ re more suitable for being single.”Su Sheng smiled.
      Caitlin Snow was unhappy. What do you mean I’m more suitable for being single?She asked angrily,” Why?”
      Why?Of course, it was based on your Ke Fu’s ability.
      First was Ronnie Remonde, the fiancé of Caitlin Snow, who was also a member of the cutting-edge laboratory. After the big particle explosion, he and Martin Stein merged into a fire storm and finally died to save the central city.Following that was Hunter Zormon, Earth’s second fastest.Dominating Earth Two, the result of the fight against Lightning Chivalry Barry Allan did not want was also dead.The last alchemist, Julian Dorn, didn’t die, but he slipped away.
      Caitlyn Snow was destined to die alone.
      Su Sheng patted Caitlin Snow on the shoulder and seriously displayed his fearless spirit.”Remember, don’t have a boyfriend. If you really need to, you can find me. Buddha said, I do n’ t go to hell, who goes to hell.”My life is hard, you won’ t kill me!”
      What do you mean by finding you if you need to?
      What do you mean by not going to hell? Who goes to hell?
      What do you mean you have a hard life? I can’t kill you?
      If it wasn’ t for the fact that I couldn’ t defeat you, I would have gone all out with you!
      Caitlin Snow turned her head and did not look at Su Sheng. She looked very angry, and she looked like she was ignoring you.
      However, anger turned into anger, but Caitlin Snow was not as scared and scared as before. Although this person was very annoying, he did not seem to have any intention of hurting himself.As soon as the fear disappeared, curiosity naturally rose.Although she wasn’t as obsessed with superpowers as Cisco Raymond, as a bioengineer, she was curious about how Su Sheng generated the current. If she could, she would even want to do a complete check.
      “What’s your name?”Caitlin Snow asked tentatively.
      “Su Sheng.”
      “Are you from China?Are you born with super powers or something unexpected?”Have you checked your body?”
      Su Sheng asked with a smile.What?”You want to help me check?”
      Caitlin Snow nodded and then shook her head.” Although there are no confirmed examples, your situation should be a genetic change. If I were in the laboratory, I could still help you do a detailed examination. Perhaps I could find out the reason why you obtained your power and the limit of your ability.”
      After saying this, Caitlyn Snow sighed with regret. She didn’t have the chance to help Su Sheng check up.
      “If you can keep a secret, I’ll come look for you in the future and help me secretly check it out. How about that?”I’ ll kill you if you can’ t.”Su Sheng was also curious about his body structure.
      “Really?”Caitlin Snow’s eyes lit up and she asked anxiously.”When?”
      “Let’s see how I feel.”
      “That’s settled. I won’ t tell anyone about the results. I just want to know why.”Caitlin Snow was afraid that Su Sheng would go back on his word and hurriedly said his phone number.”Call me in advance. I’ ll make arrangements.”
      Su Sheng remembered the number and nodded.
      “Why do you need acoustic equipment?”Caitlyn Snow suddenly realized that he didn’ t need this kind of equipment if he had super powers.
      “You’ ll know in the future.”
      Time passed unknowingly during the conversation between the two of them. Su Sheng did not carry her, nor did he tie her down. He just went downstairs and returned to the cutting-edge laboratory.
      At this moment, at the entrance of the Advanced Lab.
      The security guards who had been shocked had already sent them to the laboratory for treatment. Ciscolremont was holding a box and standing at the door with Harrison Wells.
      The two of them were stunned when they saw Su Sheng and Caitlyn Snow walking over while chatting.
      What was the situation?
      Didn’t Caitlin Snow get kidnapped by Su Sheng?Why is he back like a friend?
      “Caitlin, are you alright?”Cisco Raymond asked worriedly when he saw the two of them coming.
      Caitlin Snow glanced at Su Sheng and shook his head.”I’ m fine. He didn’ t do anything to me.”
      “That’s good.”
      Ciscolremont heaved a sigh of relief and handed the box over.”This is what you want.”
      Su Sheng took it and opened it. Inside the box was a round device the size of a dial. It was fixed on a two-finger wide black metal ring.Ciscolremont began to explain the use of the equipment with due diligence.”As long as you touch it with your finger, you can use it. At the same time, you can touch the power of the sound waves ……”
      PS: recommended my old books, Maneuver: King’s Descent, Maneuver: Monarch of Immortality, Stagnation: The Strongest Death, as well as the upcoming Maneuver: Door Fruit.*

      Cisco, you really are a genius!

      After listening to Cisco Raymond’s explanation, Su Sheng patted his shoulder in satisfaction.”You really are a genius. You’ re the right one. Thank you.”
      “It’s okay. The main reason is that the time is too tight or I can do it better.”After the explanation, Cisco Raymond heard Su Sheng’s praise and thanks. He could n’ t help but feel regretful that he could add more functions.
      “Oh right, where did you put the locator?”Su Sheng asked casually as if he had thought of something.
      “On the metal ring.”
      Ciscolremont spoke directly. As soon as he finished speaking, he realized with a face of regret that he had actually spoken.Looking at Harrison Wells’ speechless expression, he probed Su Sheng.”Can you pretend you didn’ t hear me?”
      “I’ m afraid not.”Su Sheng shook his head and took out the black metal ring and handed it to Cisco Raymond.
      Ciscolremont held his face and took it.
      “Everyone, goodbye.”
      Su Sheng waved his hand and left.
      Ciscolremont couldn’t help but ask as he watched him leave like this.Was it just like that?”How about we call the police.”
      “He left long ago when the police arrived. Where are we going to find him?”Harrison Wells shook his head.”As long as Caitlin is fine, let’s go back to the lab first.”
      Harrison Wells returned to the laboratory and asked Caitlin Snow about Su Sheng. After confirming that she was not injured, he comforted her and left.
      At this moment, Su Sheng was standing at the entrance of the hotel that had been arranged with Helena. After waiting for a few minutes, the rumbling sound came from afar. Helena parked her car and walked towards him.”You really are waiting for me here.”
      “Why not?”Su Sheng smiled brightly.
      “Let’s go.”Helena took Su Sheng’s arm and entered the hotel.
      She paid, took the room card, and as soon as she entered the elevator, Helena took the initiative to kiss Su Sheng’s neck.
      Hot kisses.
      The two of them came out of the elevator and found the room to open the door. Su Sheng closed the door and saw Helena gasp and retreat slightly.
      “Are you sure?”If my father finds out, you’ re dead.”
      “Take off.”Su Sheng replied straightforwardly.
      Helena smiled sweetly as she pulled the chain off her dress. The dress instantly fell off and then took the initiative to hug Su Sheng again.
      There was no creaking sound. After all, this was a high-grade hotel, but even if there was one, it would not be able to hide Helena’s voice.It was too crazy. The shout in the bottom of her lungs seemed to want everyone to know what she was doing. Blood was accompanied by cruelty. Helena seemed to be immersed in some kind of twisted psychological enjoyment.
      After a long while, Helena, who was resting, smiled lightly.”It really feels great. I can’ t bear to see anything happen to you. Don’ t let my father kill you.”
      “What do you care about? Anything will torture you. Expectation is the root of all the pain. I’ m happy to help you stop the pain.”Su Sheng smiled brightly.
      Helena’s smile froze as if she had thought of something. After a while, she shook her head.”First, you have to live.”
      After that, she limped towards the bathroom.
      Before, Helena felt that two hours should be more than enough, but it was already more than two hours since she left the hotel to return to Starling City.It was already dark when she returned to Starling City. Helena parked her car to the side and turned to look at Su Sheng.”Tell me your phone number.”
      “I’ ll find you if I think so.”Su Sheng shook his head and said.
      “Why?”Helena asked unhappily.
      Su Sheng smiled and waved his men off.
      “I’ ll find you!”Helena chased after him, but Su Sheng had already disappeared into the night.
      Helena snorted and started the car to go home.
      As soon as she got home, she saw her father sitting in the living room with a gloomy face. Helena greeted him expressionlessly and prepared to go upstairs.
      “Aren’ t you going to explain to me?”
      “I didn’ t go kill or set fire anyway.”
      “You…” Franck Bertini walked up to Helena and slapped her.
      The sound was clear.
      Franck Bertelli stared at his daughter angrily.”You must remember that you are my daughter. No matter what I do, you are my daughter. This can’ t be changed. You’ d better understand this as soon as possible.”
      Helena covered her face as she coldly watched her father turn around and go upstairs.
      “Go check it out. I want to know where she went and who she was with!”Franck Bertelli turned around and shouted at the housekeeper.
      “Yes.”The butler lowered his head and replied.
      He wanted to know what his daughter was doing with. Similarly, Felicity wanted to know what Su Sheng was doing with. When she came back from work, she found Su Sheng was not at home and started to worry. As soon as Su Sheng came back from work, Felicity smelled the fragrance that did not belong to her.
      “Who is she?”Felicity pushed her glasses and seriously asked Su Sheng.
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      Don’t you feel uncomfortable?

      “Who?”Su Sheng replied casually.
      “Who’s the scent of your perfume?”
      “Yes?”I’ ve taken a shower. Maybe it’s from the back.”Su Sheng sniffed and didn’t smell anything. Sometimes a woman’s nose was even better than a police dog.He hugged Felicity and said with a smile.”I supervised Laurel’s training in the morning. I helped people get rid of their bodyguards in the afternoon and hitchhiked to Central City.”
      “This is the acoustic equipment I brought for Laurel. Check to see if there is any problem.”Su Sheng handed the acoustic equipment to Felicity and kissed her cheek.”I’m going to take a bath. Do you have anything to eat at home?”Help me get some. I haven’ t eaten yet.”
      Seeing Su Sheng walk towards the bathroom, Felicity replied in a daze.
      “Acoustic equipment?”Looking down at the equipment in her hand, Felicity went to the kitchen to help him warm something before returning to the living room to check it out.This inspection surprised Felicity. It was a very exquisite and powerful design. It was not large enough to carry around. The power of the sound waves could be divided into several grades. This thing could be very useful when it was not prepared.
      “How is it?”
      Su Sheng came to Felicity’s side after taking a shower and eating. He hugged her and asked.
      “It’s a very powerful design. There’s nothing wrong with the equipment structure.”Felicity said.”There’s only one problem. The user will also be affected when it starts. We need to be prepared in advance.”
      “It’s fine if you don’ t have a locator. You just need to get a pair of earplugs to lower the sound.”Su Sheng said in disbelief.
      “Mm.”Felicity nodded.
      Professional equipment required professional equipment and materials. Although Felicity could make earplugs that fit her needs, it was impossible for a woman to cook without rice. One didn’t have money, two did n’ t have equipment, and three didn’t have materials. So Su Sheng planned to let Laurel think of a way.
      He asked Felicity to check Talia El Gour’s phone number. The next day Su San Jolore met at the small hotel yesterday. Coincidentally, it was still the room of yesterday.
      “Must we come here?”Laurel asked Su Sheng with difficulty.
      What?”Are you afraid of being seen?”Su Sheng asked with a smile.
      “I don’ t have that much money to open rooms with you every day.”Laurel said resentfully.
      “Then I’ll make a profit. I ca n’ t be a guardian city’s hero to punish evil without money.”Then, this is the equipment that I kidnapped someone to help you get.”Su Sheng took out the acoustic equipment.
      Laurel was stunned.”You kidnapped again?”
      “You can’t stand it?”Stop me when you have the strength!”Su Sheng explained the usage of the equipment and followed suit.”You won’t be able to use this thing for the time being. We’ ll wait until your foundation is established.”Alright, don’ t dawdle and start today’s training.”
      “It’s physical strength training in the morning. I’ ll teach you fighting skills in the afternoon.”
      Life was like a strong sword. If she couldn’t resist, then enjoy it. Although Laurel did n’ t know if Su Sheng’s actions were considered a strong sword, she could only accept it.
      She silently took off her coat. Laurel saw Su Sheng leaning against the bed again and could only grit her teeth and continue.
      Just like yesterday.
      In order to prevent her from being trained by E-Laurel, she was extremely focused and meticulous, but even after this morning’s training, she was still electrocuted many times. If this continued, she felt that she would be immune to the electric current in the future.
      After taking a shower and taking a rest, he didn’t eat anything. The afternoon combat training began.
      Laurel didn’t have any basic fighting skills, so Su Sheng chose a few fighting skills that could give full play to her physical advantage. He focused on Thai boxing, French kick, and combined with free fighting, Taekwondo. Originally, Wing Chun was better, but the person he copied did n’ t know how to learn it. He could only wait for Batman to return. Anyway, this was enough for Laurel to learn for a while.
      The concept of pitying beauty didn’t seem to exist in Su Sheng’s body. If he had to do it, he would do it. He wouldn’t show mercy just because Laurel was a woman or a woman without clothes. When the training ended, Laurel’s fair body was green and purple.
      “Go back and rest early. Don’ t be late at the same time tomorrow.”Su Sheng came out of the hotel and said to Laurel.
      “I might not be able to come tomorrow.”Laurel said hesitantly.
      “What’s wrong?”
      “I’ m going to move out and move tomorrow.”Laurel explained.
      “Live by yourself?”That’s good. It’ ll be convenient when the time comes. I’ ll wait until you’ ve finished moving.”
      Laurel answered and limped away.
      Su Sheng walked around and found a public phone booth and called Talia El Gur.
      As soon as she greeted him, she heard Talia El Gur grunting her teeth.
      “It’s you!”
      Su Sheng chuckled.”Amazing. You have such a deep memory of my voice. Do you know Bruce Wayne?”
      “What do you want!”Talia El Gur asked coldly.
      “I want a uniform made from the same material as Batman. I’ ll tell you the size and requirements. Remember.”
      “You’ re threatening me?”
      “Yes, I’m blackmailing you,” Su Sheng paused for a moment.If you don’t do it, I’ ll break through your identity and send out the gadget on your hand. How about that?Was he afraid?Do you think I’m shameless?Did he want to kill me?Don’t you know what’s going on?”Don’ t worry, don’ t you?”
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      I was scared by dogs when I was a child

      The grand ninja master’s daughter almost destroyed Gotham’s real culprit. Talia El Gur was so angry that Su Sheng’s entire body trembled.Her breathing was clear. After a long while, she suppressed her anger. In order to destroy Gotham, I endured it.
      “Hello, you’re very good, I…” She could n’ t bear it, but she didn’t say a few harsh words.
      “I’m fine, you’ re fine. You think it’s Huiyuan’s kidney treasure.”I don’ t put you in my eyes. You can use a hammer if you want to be ruthless. Just prepare what I want.”Su Sheng interrupted Talia El Gur’s words, causing her anger that she had endured to rise again.
      “I’ ll kill you. I’ ll definitely kill you.”
      Hearing the roar on the phone, Su Sheng turned his head slightly and said impatiently.”Don’ t yell at me. I was scared by dogs when I was young.”
      “You call me a dog?”You dare to call me a dog?”
      “Dogs are human good friends, so why do good friends quarrel?”Can’ t you just sit down and slap the other party?”Su Shengyu said earnestly.
      Talia El Gour’s chest rose and fell. After a while, she sneered,” When I see you, I will definitely slap you a few times.”
      “If you can.”Su Sheng let out a soft laugh. He paused for a moment and asked for the size and requirements of the uniform.
      Talia El Gur knew that it was him who would suffer if he continued to argue. Just like this bastard said, why would he argue?Seeing him, he directly killed him.
      “Three days from now, bring the items to Frank Bertini’s house in Starling City.”
      It was easy for Etalia El Gour to find out who Frank Betty Neri was. After all, he was the leader of a criminal group in Starling City.Su Sheng wouldn’t be so stupid as to think that she would obediently deliver the things to him without making any arrangements. If you do n’ t die, who wouldn’t be a scam?Helena probably wouldn’t mind anyway.
      After hanging up, Su Sheng left.
      In Wayne Group’s CEO’s office, Talia El Gur put down her phone and leaned against a chair, closed her eyes and thought.This size was obviously for women. It wasn’t important who wore it. The important thing was to kill Su Sheng through this opportunity. If he did n’ t do anything, he would have to take back what he had taken.
      She suddenly opened her eyes and thought of someone.
      That kitten.
      She was in the same cell as Su Sheng. With this kind of relationship, she could easily get close to Su Sheng. Even if she couldn’t kill him, she could still take back what she wanted with her ability to steal.As for why should the cat girl help?Didn’t she want to erase the criminal record software?
      With the bait, how could the fish not be hooked?
      Talia El Gur had people make uniforms while she found Cat Girl.Although the cat goddess didn’t have a ghost, her tracks were hard to find, Talia El Gur naturally had her own way.After she found the cat girl, she used Miranda Tate’s identity to ask for help from the cat girl and told her about Su Sheng’s use of photos as a blackmail to ask for uniforms. She hoped that she could find Su Sheng and take back the things she had taken. In return, she could hand over the software to the cat girl to wash the criminal records.
      Cat Girl had a deep impression of Su Sheng. Back then, she was afraid that Bain would betray Batman, but Bain was easily killed by Su Sheng, so she did not want to provoke Su Sheng.However, in order to cleanse her cat girl, she decided to give it a try.
      Talia El Gur did not let the cat girl kill Su Sheng because she found that the cat girl would not agree to this condition, let alone that she had other arrangements.
      Three days was neither long nor short.
      Talia El Gur arranged for people to deliver the prepared items to Starling City. At the same time, Cat Girl followed along.
      Starling City, Betty Nelly’s family.
      Helena stood by the window and looked outside. At least twenty armed security guards were guarding inside and outside the villa.After putting down the curtain, Helena turned to look at Su Sheng who was lying on her bed and asked,” How did you get in?”
      “How can you steal incense and steal jade without some ability?How was it?”Are you surprised?”Su Sheng smiled and said.
      “Last time I came back, my father banned me from going out and was still looking for you. Do you still have the guts to come to my home?”You’ re trying to die.”Although Helena was pleasantly surprised, she still urged with some worry.”You should leave quickly. If my father comes back, you won’ t be able to leave.”
      Su Sheng stood up and pulled Helena onto his body. He chuckled.”Your father was looking for me outside, but I slept with her daughter at his house. If he knew, he would definitely be furious, right?Don’t you think this is more exciting?”Even if he’s the leader of the criminal group who killed and set fire to the house, he can’ t stop his daughter from sleeping in the house that is protected by layers.”
      “But there are two bodyguards outside.”Helena looked in the direction of the door.
      “Then you just keep quiet.”
      Helena’s eyes lit up and she whispered.”I thought of it, you wait.”
      As she spoke, Helena stood up and walked towards the wardrobe. She took out a black mouthpiece as if she was taking credit.”Then there’s no need to worry about the loud voice.”
      “You have all this?You really are a freak, but……”I like it.”Seeing that she was wearing it, Su Sheng immediately began to stir.
      PS: recommended my old books, Maneuver: King’s Descent, Maneuver: Monarch of Immortality, Stagnation: The Strongest Death, as well as the upcoming Maneuver: Door Fruit.*

      Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

      What was a surprise?It was only a surprise that was unexpected.
      Su Sheng knew from the fact that she was still a new car, but she was so reckless as to drive a house with him. Because of his family and identity, he had abused his twisted mentality of revenge for his father. However, he did not expect that he would have this thing.Her figure wasn’t as slim as Laurel’s, and her appearance wasn’t as exquisite as the cat girl’s. However, there was a wave of rebellious madness that attracted Su Sheng. She had a strong impulse to reach her stomach.
      After pulling Helena to his side, Su Sheng went berserk.
      The wind and rain, the tsunami.
      Su Sheng, who had finished surfing, hugged Helena, who was tired but excited, as if she was in her own home, and looked at the gadget she took off.”Why did you think of buying this thing?”
      “It’s just to prevent me from speaking dreams.”Helena looked at Su Sheng.”If I said I was investigating my father’s criminal evidence, would you believe me?”
      “Believe it.”Su Sheng nodded.
      “You really believe me?”Helena was a little suspicious.”You didn’ t deliberately coax me to follow what I said, right?”
      “You think too much, it’s not like my girlfriend does n’ t have the obligation to coax you.”There are many strange things in this world. You’ re not the only one who’s cheating. It’s no big deal.”
      Helena was stunned and asked in anticipation.”Then are you willing to help me?”
      “Not willing.”Su Sheng refused very straightforwardly.”I’ m not interested in your family grudges.”
      “I really think too much. Sorry.”Helena spoke in a faint voice. A troubled and conflicted expression appeared on her face as she frowned. She regretted telling her secret.
      What if he leaked the news or was captured by his father and betrayed him?
      Looking at Su Sheng who did not think much of it, Helena’s eyes were filled with pleading and expectation.”If I’m willing to be your lover, you can give you a large sum of money. Are you willing to help my mother?”I won’ t let you take risks. I just need you to cooperate with me to make my father pay the price he deserves.”
      Su Sheng seriously considered it for a while and shook his head.”Still not interested.”
      “Really?”Helena sighed in disappointment.”I don’t want to do this, but I will never allow my plan to happen, so……”Sorry.”
      “Someone, someone broke into my room.”
      Helena suddenly shouted in panic as she rushed towards the door in a panic.
      Two bodyguards rushed in and looked at the disheveled young miss and the strange man in the room.
      Who was this person?How did he come in?
      What did he do to the young miss?
      Seeing that the bodyguard was stunned, Helena could not help but shout angrily.”What are you still standing there for? He just used his strong sword to kill me, under your protection. Kill him, kill him!”
      The young miss was struck by a powerful sword?Why didn’t they hear the sound?
      If the boss knew that under his protection, the young miss was actually killed by a powerful sword at home, would that be enough?The two bodyguards immediately did not dare to think about the consequences. They angrily shot at Su Sheng.
      The bullet wildly shot towards Su Sheng.
      Hiding behind the bodyguard, Helena’s face flashed with sadness and pain. She found that she liked this mysterious, daring man who acted recklessly on her body.
      “I……”I don’t want this…” She could n’ t help but mutter to herself.
      But soon, the expression on her face became stunned. She looked at Su Sheng, who was avoiding the bullet with a smile on her face.
      How, how was that possible?
      At such a close distance, two bodyguards with precise marksmanship shot at the same time. How did he dodge?
      The bullets were all fired.
      The two bodyguards looked down at their guns in a daze. Is this all right?Could it be a fake gun?
      Su Sheng strode to the middle of the two bodyguards, his hands clenched into fists and hit their abdomen.In an instant, the river fell into the sea, as if it was hit by a speeding truck. With a muffled groan, his eyes rolled up, and the burly bodyguard fell to the ground.
      “You really surprised me.”
      Su Sheng stood in front of Helena and said with a smile. Helena came to her senses and rushed to his face with a shocked fist.
      Looking at Helena’s face that she had been trying to curry favor with earlier, Su Sheng lightly smiled and dodged his fist. His knee rushed forward, and Helena’s facial features, which were as painful as shrimp, instantly creased.
      “Too slow.”
      Su Sheng grabbed Helena’s shoulder and threw it over.
      Her body smashed heavily on the ground. Helena could only feel the pain of the world turning around her mouth.The sound of hurried footsteps could be heard from the staircase. The sound of gunfire had led the other security guards in the villa over.Seeing that the security guard was about to shoot, Su Sheng calmly raised his finger.Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
      The maximum current of the electric shock absorber was less than 100,000 volts, but……
      Infinite stack, ten times.
      The electric light instantly became huge. The million volt electric current turned into an electric python and roared towards the stairs. The electric python rushed down the stairs with crackling sounds. The air instantly began to smell of burning.
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      Chapter 40: This is going to slap my face!

      The security guard was lying on the stairs like a piece of coke. On the stairs, there were traces of electric shock on the wall. The air was filled with hot air, giving off a pungent smell.
      Helena seemed to have forgotten the pain. She watched Su Sheng walk down the stairs.
      Dodging bullets was already shocking, but just now……
      She no longer knew how to describe it. Was this something that a person could do?
      A messy gun shot came from downstairs. Following that, screams and cries rang out alternately and finally calmed down.The security guards at home were probably dead, right?Although these security guards were all working with his father’s hands stained with blood, Helena still regretted it.
      It wasn’t that she regretted the decision to betray Su Sheng. Although this decision made her feel very sad and distressed, as long as she could achieve her goal and sacrifice herself, she could only say sorry to Su Sheng.What she regretted was that she did not expect Su Sheng to have such ability. Now……His goal was probably impossible to accomplish.
      She didn’t think that Su Sheng would let her go. Even if he could, he would n’ t keep secrets for her.
      The sound of footsteps came from the staircase. Su Sheng walked up and grabbed her hair and dragged her down. Helena, who had lost her faith, was dragged downstairs like a dead dog. She dragged her all the way to the fountain near the villa gate before being put down.
      “No regret.”Su Sheng squatted down and asked with interest.
      Regret?She recalled her mother who had been beaten to death by her father every day. She recalled the faces of her father’s ruined family. Her unfocused eyes gradually focused, and Helena said firmly.”I only regret not letting him pay the price. I know I’m sorry for you, so……”Go ahead.”
      Helena closed her eyes.
      Su Sheng did not speak, nor did he make a move.
      A while later, Helena opened her eyes in astonishment.”You, why didn’ t you do it?”
      “I’ m not going to kill you.”Su Sheng smiled.
      “Don’ t kill me?”Helena was stunned. A wave of hope suddenly rose.”You, you forgive me?”
      Su Sheng thought for a moment and sat down on Helena’s body. He smiled as he looked at Helena’s pained expression.”I told you that whatever you are, whatever will torture you. Expectation is the root of all the pain.I don’t expect to sleep with you twice to become more important in your heart than what you insist on, even if I’ m the only one who has slept with you.That’s why I do n’ t mind and don’t get angry with you for trying to keep it a secret, because if it was me, I would have done the same.”Everyone is selfish. Even if it seems to be’selfless’ dedication, it’s to satisfy their spiritual and emotional needs.”
      “But I’ m not angry. I don’ t mind. That doesn’ t mean I forgive you.”Su Sheng smiled brilliantly. Helena had a feeling of unease.”Death is a relief for you. You don’t have to worry about success or failure.”That’s why I won’ t tell you if I don’ t kill you. I want you to wander between hope and despair.”
      Helena felt as if she had fallen into an ice cave. Her entire body was as cold as ice. Su Sheng’s gentle and brilliant smile was even more terrifying than the devil.
      Killing people and killing hearts, but that was all.
      Suddenly, the iron door of the villa wall slowly opened to both sides. A luxurious car that had originally planned to drive in suddenly stopped. The situation in the villa was unexpected.
      Helena’s father, Frank, was in the car.
      After all, it was the leader of the criminal group who was used to the huge waves. Although Frank was shocked, he quickly calmed down.Looking at the strange man sitting on his daughter and the bodyguard in the courtyard who seemed to have been struck by lightning, Frank got out of the car with a gloomy expression.
      The bodyguard and the driver guarded Frank with guns.
      “Do you know who I am?”Frank pondered for a moment and asked Su Sheng.
      “Franck Bertinelli, the leader of Starling City’s criminal group.”Su Sheng sized Franck up as he spoke.That’s right. I thought he would get out of the car and fire directly or turn around in fright. I did n’ t expect that he would act like a big shot.
      “I have enmity with you?”Frank asked again gloomily.
      Su Sheng shook his head.
      “Then someone hired you to trouble me?”Frank asked again.
      Su Sheng still shook his head.
      Frank laughed in anger.”Very good. I guarantee you won’ t die easily.”
      Turning his head slightly, the bodyguard and driver quickly walked towards Su Sheng with a gun.
      Su Sheng stood up and raised his hands together. Just as the bodyguards and the driver grabbed his shoulders, an electric current whistled out.
      The bodyguard and the driver fell to the ground.
      Frank narrowed his eyes and took a few steps back in shock. He heard Su Sheng say with a smile,” I want your daughter.”
      “What, what do you mean?”Frank asked calmly.
      “Literally.”Su Sheng smiled faintly.
      Frank took a deep breath and his originally frightened eyes became excited.”What can you give me?”
      “Before I lose interest in her, I will protect you from death.”
      Although it sounded like he only said to protect himself and not to help him, Frank agreed without hesitation.What if someone with such a strange ability guaranteed their safety and sacrificed their disobedient daughter?Not to mention, who knew what would happen if they didn’t agree?
      Frank smiled as he took a few steps towards Su Sheng. Suddenly, a gunshot sounded from afar.
      The bullet hit Frank, and Frank fell to the ground.
      Su Sheng narrowed his eyes.”This is trying to slap my face!”
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      41 Smart Woman

      The bullet penetrated Frank’s shoulder. His face was pale as he lay on the ground covering his wound. He looked as if he was not worried about his life for the time being.
      “It’s good that you don’ t hang up. Otherwise, you’ ll really get slapped.”Su Sheng didn’t care whether Frank’s injuries were serious or not. He was the one who had shot him.If it was against him, the replication ability would be activated.His ability wasn’t just unlimited reproduction and unlimited stacking. He also had a warning function, so he did n’ t have to worry about hidden assassinations.
      At this moment, three people appeared in the direction of the gate.
      The leader was very eye-catching. He was wearing a red long skirt and dazzling white hair. Under Qi Liuhai was an Asian face.Two people followed behind them, one with a gun and the other with a black box that looked like a zither box.
      “White porcelain!”
      Frank, who was lying on the ground, couldn’t help but let out a resentful voice when he saw this woman. He hurriedly said to Su Sheng.”She’s a member of China’s Sanhe Association who specializes in drug sales. I just killed her person. She came to kill me.”
      “You promised me. I’ ll give my daughter to you. You can keep me alive.”Frank worriedly reminded Su Sheng of his agreement.
      When she heard Frank’s words, Helena looked like a dead dog. White Porcelain laughed disdainfully and said to Su Sheng with a respectful expression.”Hello, Mr. Su Sheng. My name is Bai Ci. I came to give you something.”
      “Send it over.”Bai Ci said.
      The person who was carrying the box walked over to Su Sheng and opened the box gently. Inside was the uniform and equipment that Talia El Gur wanted.
      Su Sheng nodded slightly. The other party closed the box and put it by his feet and slowly retreated back.
      “Mr. Su Sheng, can I talk to you for a bit?”Bai porcelain asked with a smile.
      “Sure.”Su Sheng smiled brightly at the person holding the gun beside her.”But you’ re sure what you’ re talking about will prevent me from killing your shooter?”
      Bai Ci paused slightly and smiled.”I think so.”
      “I’ ll go talk to her. You’ ll handle the rest yourself, right?”Su Sheng looked at Frank.
      Frank nodded in surprise, but he was thinking about Su Sheng’s identity. He originally thought that he only possessed a strange super ability, but now, he was actually able to make himself feel that the threat of the triad white porcelain was so polite. Who was he?How powerful was a person who could order Bai porcelain to give him something?
      Not far from the villa, the black Hummer.
      Su Sheng and Bai Ci got into the car.
      “Speak.”Su Sheng smiled faintly.
      The moment Bai porcelain spoke, it was in Chinese, but the tone was somewhat strange, similar to Gangpu.”Apart from delivering the item, I have a mission to kill you. The reward is 30 million.”
      Su Sheng nodded noncommittally. Talia El Gur would not be her if she did not take the opportunity to do something.
      Bai Ci turned around and took out a box to push Su Sheng to open it. Inside was a pile of banknotes.”The money is here. I killed him.”
      “I think it should be enough to forgive my subordinate’s actions just now, right?”
      Su Shengrao looked at the white porcelain with interest.”Why did you do this?”
      “Because I know who you are and what you did in Gotham, I don’ t want to provoke you. If I can, I still want to get your friendship.”Bai porcelain explained to Su Sheng seriously.
      No one was a fool.
      The Triad’s strength spread throughout the world. It was n’ t difficult to find out about what Su Sheng had done in Gotham. Although the official seal had been sealed off, the gangsters on the street knew about it.Who was Bain?Bai Ci knew how strong she was. Even if she was not afraid of Bain, she would not provoke a strong enemy that killed Bain for just 30 million.
      Moreover, this strong enemy was still in Starling City, his own territory.
      Su Sheng patted the box containing 30 million USD and suddenly smiled and pushed it over.”You can just keep the money you’ ve stolen with your own abilities. I won’ t ask you any questions like fear of revenge. Just now, just write off the matter and don’ t kill Frank in a short period of time.”
      “Okay.”Bai Ci smiled.”If you need help, the Triad can help at any time.”
      Su Sheng smiled as he got out of the car and returned to the villa.
      Helena was still lying on the ground in a daze. Frank had already sat up and bandaged his wound. He was calling someone.Seeing Su Sheng come in, Frank put down his phone to ask about the situation, but he saw Su Sheng holding the box in one hand and holding Helena’s hair in the other hand as he walked towards the villa.
      Frank did not say anything in the end.
      In Helena’s room, Su Sheng closed the door and released Helena. He sat by the bed and opened the box.
      Two sets of black uniforms of the same material as Batman, long pants, gloves, eye covers, multi-functional belts, and a stick that can be folded and extended, as well as common rope equipment.Su Sheng checked carefully to make sure that there was no surveillance equipment on these items. Only then did he get up and walk to the wardrobe to find a bag to pack.
      “I’ ve recovered.”Su Sheng smiled at Helena.”You’ re not dead, your secret hasn’ t been exposed, and there are more opportunities to obtain evidence. You should be happy.”
      “What’s the use? You won’ t give me a chance to succeed.”Helena looked up at Su Sheng.”You want me to feel like I’ m getting closer and closer to success, but you’ re blocking the path of success. One step away. I don’ t dare to die for this step, I don’ t dare to give up. I can only endure despair in hope.”
      “How ruthless!”
      “I don’ t mind being cheated, but I don’ t want anyone to cheat me. I don’ t want any face?”
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      You deserve to be a gangster

      As night fell, the villa was brightly lit.
      The body had already been cleaned up, and Frank’s injuries had already been treated.
      At this moment, he was sitting on the sofa, looking at the suitcase on the coffee table with an expressionless bandage. An hour ago, he had people secretly prepare five million dollars and forbid the rescheduled bodyguards to approach the villa.After all, he was the leader of a criminal group. Frank naturally wouldn’t let anyone know that his daughter was sleeping upstairs, but he was waiting for the money to be delivered downstairs. It was just that the environment here was quiet and quiet. Even outside the villa, he could hear the sound coming from upstairs. It was just a cover-up.
      His voice gradually stopped. After a while, Su Sheng took a shower and came down upstairs with a bag.
      Frank, who was originally expressionless, immediately put on a smile and warmly welcomed Su Sheng over. Was he still satisfied with my daughter?
      “Thank you for saving my life today. This is a small token of my gratitude.”Frank pushed the box over and thanked him sincerely.
      Su Sheng asked with a blank smile.”Are you sure you gave it to me, not me?”
      “Of course.”Frank nodded.
      “This is enough?”You deserve to be a gangster.”Su Sheng clapped his hands in admiration.”If you’ re so open, I’ ll tell you directly. Helena, I won’ t take away when I need to. I’ ll come by myself. I’ m not interested in protecting you every day, and you don’ t have the qualifications to do so. So it’s better to think about it and trouble me again, understand?”
      You can use my condition to keep you alive to eradicate your competitors and expand your power, but your chances are limited. You have to consider it clearly.
      Frank had originally made this idea, but now, how could Su Sheng not understand?Naturally, he nodded his head repeatedly.
      He didn’t care who Su Sheng was, nor did he care about sacrificing his daughter. All he thought about was which competitor should start, which one could maximize his own benefits.
      Frank didn’t care. Su Sheng did n’ t care.
      In any case, the purpose of helping Frank was to punish Helena. Once Su Sheng became uninterested, everything that Frank had obtained from using him would no longer exist. After all, even if a death penalty prisoner died, he still had to eat a good meal.
      Sitting in the car arranged by Frank, Su Sheng left with the bag and box.
      Hearing the sound of the key opening the door, Felicity, who had just finished taking a shower, walked over.
      “The Emperor’s new clothes?”I really like the way you dress, but in the future, it’s better if I bring someone back.”Su Sheng teased.
      “You came back just after I finished taking a shower, let alone who you can bring over.”Felicity casually explained and looked at the things in his hands curiously.”What is this?”
      Su Sheng walked over to the bedroom and said as he walked.”The bag is for Laurel’s uniform. The things in the box are for you.”
      “It’s for me?”
      Felicity happily opened the box and wanted to see what Su Sheng gave her. However, as soon as she opened it, she suddenly closed it like a whirlwind and rushed into the bedroom.”You, where did you get so much money?Did you do something wrong……”It’s dangerous.”
      “Don’ t worry, someone gave it.”Su Sheng smiled.
      “Send it?Who would give you so much money for no reason?This……”How many are there here?”Felicity asked in shock.
      Su Sheng thought for a moment.”I should have found something to do for the time being. This should be considered a reward.”I don’ t have any need for money. You’ re my girlfriend, so you can just spend it boldly. I don’ t know exactly how many are there. I didn’ t ask, you should check it yourself.”
      Felicity was relieved to hear that it was the reward for her job. She checked it out curiously. Five million, five million!She had never seen so much money before?Felicity wanted to ask about the five million reward for her job, but she didn’t ask.
      Who told him that his boyfriend was not an ordinary person? Perhaps it was a reward for a secret mission?Felicity didn’t worship gold, but who would n’ t be happy if her boyfriend gave five million?It was also a loss for Su Sheng’s good physique. Felicity unlocked a few more knowledge. Otherwise, she would have revealed herself.
      She had thought that Felicity would take a day off to shop the next day, buy bags, clothes, shoes, and so on. However, when Su Sheng asked, he realized that she had already planned everything.Felicity said excitedly.”Let’s change to a bigger and better house first. It’s very tiring to climb the stairs every day and the space is too small. After I look after a few expensive equipment, I can give you and Laurel more help. I can buy two cars at the same time. I’ ll keep the rest if you have any urgent needs.”
      What else could Su Sheng say?
      When Felicity left for work, Su Sheng brought the uniform for Laurel and planned to go to her new home. Just as she was about to leave, she heard a knock on the door.
      Felicity forgot to bring her things?
      Su Sheng opened the door casually and saw a tall woman wearing a black dress and stockings with a faint smile.”I found you so hard.”
      “Selina Kel?”
      Su Sheng looked at Cat Girl in surprise and realized why she was here.
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      Chapter 43: I’m joking and strangling you. What’s wrong?

      Su Sheng looked at the cat girl with a smile on her face. Apart from wanting to kill him, Talia El Gur should still want to take back what he had shot, right?Then the question came. Who would be able to get in touch with someone who had the ability to steal something from Gotham!Not to mention that his only contact with Cat Girl was in the Black Gate Prison when he had just crossed over. Her current posture of looking for a husband was problematic.
      The white porcelain of the triad was responsible for killing himself and the cat girl was responsible for stealing.
      One bright and one dark, two purposes.
      No matter what purpose Talia El Gur could get rid of the predicament he was threatening.
      Selina Kelley looked at Su Sheng who was smiling strangely. She couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows and said in a resentful tone.”Don’t you want me to sit in?”I’ ve been standing outside for a long time to prevent your little girl from misunderstand me.”
      “Come in.”Su Sheng tilted his body slightly and Serena Kel walked in and examined the layout of the room.
      Hearing the door close behind her, she turned around with a light laugh.Who would have thought that you would live with an ordinary girl like this…Ahem, you, what are you doing? Let go, let go of me…” Before she could finish her sentence, she saw Su Sheng suddenly strangle her neck. A sense of suffocation instantly rang out and her body was lifted into the air.
      Selina Kelle’s eyes were filled with terror as she grabbed Su Sheng’s wrist, which seemed to be about to break her neck. Her feet twitched in the air.”Let go, let go of me…” Her fair neck gradually turned red. She felt that her breathing was becoming more and more difficult.
      “What? What?I don’t know what you’ re talking about. Let go of me, I want……”I can’ t breathe anymore.”Serena Kel struggled in pain.
      “Do you think that as long as you look beautiful, there will be guys like you?”You think as long as you’ re beautiful, no matter what you do, you’ ll be forgiven. You think I’ ll let you go if you’ re beautiful?”Su Sheng’s question gave Serena Kel a bad feeling. He wanted to kill me, he really wanted to kill me.
      This madman, I still haven’t done anything.
      Selina Kelle raised her leg in panic and was about to go towards Su Sheng. However, Su Sheng suddenly dragged her to the front, making her unable to reach out.Su Sheng suddenly smiled when his eyes met.
      “Let me tell you, these are all true!”
      Selina Kel was stunned, and then she felt as if she had fallen to the ground.
      “Cough cough.”Selina Kel instinctively pressed her neck and gasped for breath. Her eyes were sharp as she stared at Su Sheng.”You’ re a madman. You almost strangled me.”
      Su Sheng spread his hands.”You’ re joking.”
      “You call this a joke?”You almost strangled me!”Selina Kel was even more furious.
      Su Sheng smiled.”You’ re so embarrassed to steal my things. I’ m just joking and strangling you. What’s wrong?”
      Selina Kelley, who was originally furious, seemed to have been strangled again. He actually knew?
      Su Sheng took the glass of water and handed it over.”Can’ t you make a joke?”
      “Are you kidding me?Who could make such a fatal joke?”You’ re just a psycho. Who knows when you’ re joking, when you’ re not!”Selina Kelly cursed in her heart, but she didn’t say anything and did n’ t take the cup from Su Sheng.
      “That’s boring.”Su Sheng smacked his mouth and poured a glass of water on Serena Kel’s face.
      Selina Kel was stunned at first, and her anger and humiliation instantly rose.
      “You ……”
      “Do you think I’ m joking?”Su Sheng narrowed his eyes and asked.
      Joking, playing with your sister’s smile!
      Selina Kel finally couldn’t help but growl.”Su Sheng, you are a lunatic.Since you know that I’m here to steal things, why did you let me in? Are you kidding?”Are you trying to trick me?”
      Facing Serena Kel’s angry and twisted face, Su Sheng smiled brightly.
      “Yeah, I’ m just playing with you on purpose!”
      “I’m going to go all out with you…” Serena Kel had completely lost her mind. She was so angry that she directly charged towards Su Sheng.
      Su Sheng had already expected this to happen.
      Serena Kel fell into the air and turned around. She was just about to get ready, but she couldn’t help but grunt.Su Sheng stepped on her chest and bent slightly. He narrowed his eyes and smiled at her.”Can’t you joke? You want to lift the table?”You seem to have forgotten something important. You can’ t beat me.”
      Selina Kel’s anger was instantly extinguished.
      Seeing her calm down, Su Sheng seemed to have lost his interest in teasing her. He lifted his foot and walked to the sofa to sit down.
      “Tell me, what conditions did she give you?”Su Sheng asked lazily.
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      44 Poor Cat Girl

      His messy dress and wet hair.
      Selina Kelley, who had stood up in a sorry state, was no longer as elegant as before. She stared at Su Sheng with resentment for a while before she said unwillingly.”Software that can wash out the criminal records. This is something I’ ve always wanted.”
      “Su Sheng, help me once.”Selina Kel looked at Su Sheng pleadingly.”Give me the things you took. I owe you a favor.”
      “Are you sure there really is this thing?”Su Sheng asked.
      “I’ve heard the news that I’ ve been searching for it all this time. Although I didn’t find it, it’s different this time,” Serena Kelly said.Wayne Group must have something to do with Miranda Tate.”Can you help me this time?”
      The pitiful pleading look was like a kitten that had been abandoned, making people feel pity.
      However, Su Sheng simply shook his head.” It hasn’t done what I want, so I wo n’ t give it to you, but…
      Serena Kelly, who was initially frustrated, quickly looked up and Su Sheng beckoned her to come over.
      Serena Kel hesitated as she arrived in front of Su Sheng. Su Sheng smiled and signaled her to squat down.
      Su Sheng squatted down and raised his hand.
      The sound was clear, and Serena Kelly sat down on the ground with a cry. Her forehead instantly turned red.
      “What are you doing!”Serena Kelly covered her forehead and shouted.
      “Are you stupid?”If she really has this software, I’ ll just ask for it. Why don’ t you return it?”Su Sheng cursed angrily.
      Serena Kel was stunned. That’s right, I’ m not really helping Miranda Tate. I just need to get the software.In that case……Selina Kelly stared at Su Sheng with wide eyes.
      “Do something for me. If it’s done, I’ ll help you clean up the case.”Su Sheng said.
      “Tell me.”
      “Follow me to meet someone first.”Su Sheng got up and carried the bag out. Selina Kel hurriedly followed.
      Along the way, everyone was watching. After all, it was rare to see such a beautiful and tall woman walking in such a sorry state.
      For the sake of whitewashing, Serena Kel endured.
      After about half an hour, Su Sheng took her to an apartment building and knocked on the door of a room.
      Bang bang bang!
      It wasn’t long before the knock on the door opened.
      Laurel looked at the strange woman beside Su Sheng in surprise. She was tall and beautiful, but she was in a sorry state.
      “She is?”Laurel asked Su Sheng.
      “Serena Kel, your new teacher.”Su Sheng casually said after entering.
      “New teacher?”
      Laurel and Serena Kel looked at Su Sheng in surprise. Su Sheng walked to the sofa and sat down casually and put down the bag.”This is the uniform I made for you and the ordinary equipment. You’ ll continue to train your fighting skills with Serena Kel during this period of time.”
      “Serena Kel, when you teach her to teach her, give you what you want.”
      “To what extent is it considered a master?”Selina Kel frowned and asked.
      “At least I can fight with you, and I can go out on a mission alone.”
      Serena Kel did not speak, but Laurel could not help but ask.”What about you?”You, you don’ t teach me?”
      “Do you have Stockholm Syndrome?”Su Sheng glanced at Laurel and stood up.”I’ ve recently encountered something interesting. I’ ll come back when you’ re out.”
      “Come on, you two.”
      Su Sheng walked towards the door from between Laurel and Serena Kel. When he passed by, he slammed his hands heavily on their buttocks and followed the door.
      Laurel and Serena Kel looked at each other. An awkward atmosphere filled the air.
      Even though Serena Kyle was so pitiful that she was bullied by Su Sheng without the strength to retaliate, her ability to teach Laurel was enough. Su Sheng took this opportunity to teach Helena.Frank greeted the bodyguards at home, so Su Sheng went upstairs to Helena’s room without any interference.
      A night passed, and Helena seemed to have figured it out.
      It was as if nothing had happened yesterday. Su Sheng was happy to see it happen. If Helena was so hopeless and numb, it would be meaningless.
      Su Sheng asked her to take out the evidence she had collected in the past. Although it was quite a lot, it didn’t have any decisive effect. Not to mention that Frank had some power in Starling City, even if he did n’ t rely on it alone, be able to judge him for a few years.
      “As long as my father takes you to fight my competitors, I will have the opportunity to gather direct evidence, but he won’ t easily take me to the scene.”Helena said as she looked at Su Sheng, who smiled.”I won’ t help you gather evidence. I’ ll only create opportunities for you.”
      “That’s enough.”
      Helena said confidently.”As long as he makes them think that I’m not Frank Betty Nelly’s daughter but your woman, no one cares if I’m here with you.So……”Do you have any tricks to try?”
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      Your daughter is really awesome!

      Helena’s personality was extreme, with a typical self-destruction consciousness.
      In order to achieve her goal, she could sacrifice everything, including herself. It was no wonder that later on, she became vicious and merciless. How could she care about others?
      This kind of personality brought many surprises to Su Sheng.
      For the next few days, in the bedroom, in the living room, Helena changed every day to make him feel very interested. She even chased everyone out of the villa and drove Su Sheng on the lawn of the courtyard.When Su Sheng went to see the houses Felicity had chosen, Helena would accompany him.
      Su Sheng felt that he had to drink some quick nutrition to make up for it. Otherwise, his girlfriend, Felicity, would be unhappy.
      It had to be said that Helena’s absurd act of sacrificing her skin had a very good effect. In just a few days, the people around Frank’s side had already changed their impression of Helena from the young miss to Su Sheng’s girlfriend. Of course, it was a girlfriend that everyone knew.Although Frank had not shown himself, he knew everything clearly. There were also some people in the group who were dissatisfied.
      After all, this was about face.
      If the people from other gangs knew that their boss’ daughter was like this, would they still have the nerve to go out and get involved?If they sacrificed their daughter’s boss, would they still dare to follow?
      Frank decided to talk to Su Sheng.
      After driving home, Frank entered the villa and asked the bodyguard.”Is Helena home?”
      “Upstairs, then……”That person is also here. He just went up.”
      “You guys go out first.”Frank frowned and waved his hand to chase away the bodyguard. After hesitating for a moment, he did not go up.
      In the room upstairs.
      Helena waited for a while before her father went upstairs and could not help but laugh.”Looks like it’s about time. He came back and didn’ t go upstairs. He should be looking for your help to attack someone.”
      “Then go down and take a look.”
      “Wait, I’ ll change my clothes.”Helena stopped Su Sheng and walked towards the wardrobe. Not long after, she saw her standing in front of Su Sheng.”How is it?”
      “Not bad!”
      Helena took out a decoration.”This was specially customized by me before. I originally intended to collect evidence from the recording on the pet that he often brought with him, but I didn’t expect that he died unexpectedly some time ago.”Now, I’ m the most suitable to collect evidence. I won’ t arouse any suspicion!”
      “I’ m beginning to admire you.”Su Sheng had never thought that there would be such a function. She was indeed worthy of being a female hunter of the future. Her methods, skin, and patience. Helena could do everything to kill her prey. This kind of fearless attitude was likely that few prey could escape her hunt.
      Su Sheng admired Helena’s attitude, because he was also a kind of person who did not care.
      Da da da.
      Footsteps came from the stairs. Frank turned around and saw Su Sheng leading Helena’s hand down the stairs!
      “Your daughter is really great.”Su Sheng came to Frank and praised him seriously.
      Frank smiled awkwardly at Su Sheng, but he was very angry at Helena. Where did you go against my temper?It was really useless to be so obedient to him!
      “Done?”Su Shengruo asked.
      Frank immediately understood.”Anthony Venza, he fought with the three rounds of the Chamber of Commerce and ate the head of the drug dealer group in the Starling drug market together. I want to talk to him about cooperation tonight.”
      “Not at night. Now.”Su Sheng followed suit.
      Now?”But I haven’ t arranged anything yet.”Frank was shocked.
      “Then hurry and arrange it. I don’ t want to waste time.”Su Sheng casually said something. Before Frank could react, he left the villa with Helena.
      In the afternoon sun and breeze, the bodyguards outside the villa were dumbfounded as they watched Su Sheng lead Helena through the lawn to the garage.
      “What are you waiting for? Tell them to go to Anthony Venza’s territory!”
      Frank’s roar came from the villa. Seeing his ashen face, the bodyguards all dispersed and prepared to go.
      PS: originally planned that Helena was only four to nine, but the more she wrote, the more three-dimensional she became. Was there anyone who liked Helena, the female hunter?
      PSS: Recommended my old books, Maneuver: King’s Descent, Maneuver: The Eternal Monarch, Stagnation: The Strongest Death, have all finished and the upcoming book, Maneuver: Door Fruit.*

      46 Million Volts

      In front of a factory in the east port of Starling City.
      The two sides were facing each other with guns. Frank and Anthony Venza weren’t happy about the issue of’ cooperation’. The little brother behind them was even more worried about what you were doing.
      “How long has it been?”
      On a business car behind Frank, Su Sheng asked Helena impatiently.
      Helena thought about it.”It’s been twenty minutes, right?”
      “We haven’ t even started a fight in 20 minutes. Do you know how polite and civilized the gang is?”Su Sheng could not help but grumble.
      Helena laughed disdainfully.” He couldn’ t refuse to let you bring me here and don’ t want anyone to see him. So he had to change his plan to use you to deal with Anthony Vince. If you don’ t go on, he won’ t be able to deal with Anthony Vince. That’s why he’s been in a stalemate for so long.”
      “I’ m not interested in waiting too long.”Su Sheng pulled open the door and led Helena out of the car.
      The crowd gradually parted and Frank heard the voice behind him. He had a bad feeling.
      “Is that your daughter?”
      “Frank, this is why you dared to suddenly trouble me?To find a helper to give his own daughter to him as a dog?Unfortunately, what could he do alone?”Hahaha, hahaha…” Although this appearance was a little shocking, Anthony Vince recognized Helena’s identity with a single glance. He also guessed the reason why Frank dared to cause trouble for him.
      After he was stunned, he laughed arrogantly. Not only Anthony Venza, but also his younger brother behind him.
      Frank raised his gun to kill Anthony Venza, but he suddenly heard a groan.
      Su Sheng frowned slightly and let go of the rope that held Helena. Lightning suddenly lit up around him.
      The blinding electric current made a crack.
      Unlimited stacking,100 times.
      Ten million volts!
      In that instant, there seemed to be only a blue light left in the sky. Su Sheng pointed to the sky, and the electric current transformed into lightning that shot into the sky.
      Dead silence.
      At this moment, the person who had just been ridiculing him looked at Su Sheng as if he had been pressed the pause button.
      The raindrops dripped from the top of their heads. The shocked people looked at Su Sheng as if they had woken up from a dream.
      Su Sheng pointed at the factory behind Anthony Venza and the others.
      There was a loud noise in the sky, and thunder fell from the sky and instantly hit the factory.
      The roof was directly penetrated, and a few seconds later, explosions followed.
      The flames soared into the sky.
      The explosion was accompanied by a powerful shock wave formed by the lightning current.
      After a long while.
      Lil Pea’s raindrops gradually stopped, and the dazzling lightning disappeared. There was nothing left in the factory that was still burning.
      Looking around, whether it was Anthony Vince’s people or Frank’s people, they were all lying on the ground. If they were lucky, they would twitch and spit white foam. If they were unlucky, they would be directly electrocuted by the current.
      Only Su Sheng stood like a pine tree.
      “The noise seems to be too loud.”Su Sheng mumbled to himself,” Are you dead?”I’ m not dead.”
      Frank subconsciously shook his head in panic. After a while, he realized that Su Sheng was on his side.
      He struggled to get up and slowly walked towards Anthony Venza.Anthony Vince struggled in fear, but his body did not obey.Frank raised his gun to look at him. He swept a glance at the anger that had been ridiculed before and said in a spirited manner.”It’s not embarrassing to sell your dignity. What’s embarrassing is that you can’ t sell a good price.”
      “This is what one can do!”
      Gunshots rang out, and Anthony Vince fell to the ground.
      The proud Frank wanted to say something, but when he saw the factory that had almost been razed to the ground, his face froze.
      Su Sheng wasn’t interested in listening to Frank’s feelings. He pulled Helena out and left in a groan.
      He got into the car.
      Su Sheng started the car and left.
      In the car, Helena looked at Su Sheng and asked.”Is this your strongest power?”
      The strongest power?”No, I’ m afraid that will destroy Earth.”Su Sheng shook his head and smiled.
      Theoretically, there was no limit to his power. As long as he had unlimited power, even a single punch could destroy Earth.
      Not long after Su Sheng and Helena left, the Eastern Harbour was in chaos.
      The police car and the fire engine quickly arrived. Frank had no choice but to face the police’s inquiry just as he finished off Anthony Venza’s body.He told the original story, but he only concealed the incident where Su Sheng summoned Thunder and shot Anthony Venza.
      As for whether the police believed it or not?
      In any case, there was no evidence. Besides, who would believe such an incredible thing as summoning lightning unless they saw it with their own eyes?
      PS: recommended my old books, Maneuver: King’s Descent, Maneuver: Monarch of Immortality, Stagnation: The Strongest Death, as well as the upcoming Maneuver: Door Fruit.*

      Chapter 47 The legendary team is here

      The police didn’t believe it. However, there was no evidence to explain Thunder’s appearance and they couldn’t find Anthony Venza. The most important thing was that Anthony Venza’s little brother also took a bite at Frank’s words, so in the end, this matter was judged as a natural incident.Of course, it wasn’t that no one had guessed that the lightning had something to do with Su Sheng. For example, the Heaven’s Eye Meeting to stop fighting and stop soldiers.
      After the last incident, the eye would temporarily stop contact with Su Sheng. Perhaps it was because of Laurel’s relationship that they felt that this was a better way to observe Su Sheng. After all, apart from being unhappy at the beginning, Su Sheng was really good to Laurel.
      Laurel’s current uniform came from Wayne Corporation. There was also a piece of equipment that had not been used for the time being that came from the leading-edge laboratory in Central City. Although his methods were not honorable, Su Sheng had prepared it for Laurel. In addition, he had first brought Gotham’s famous jewelry thief Cat Girl to teach Laurel’s fighting ability. Not to mention that Heaven’s Eyes would not believe that Laurel was not important to Su Sheng, even Laurel’s mother, Dana Lance, did not believe it.
      Therefore, Tian Yan, who had given up on the conflict, would become even more determined after learning about the lightning incident in East Harbor.
      It was not just the Heavenly Eye Association that was affected by the lightning incident.
      Helena captured the picture of Frank shooting Anthony Venza, but it was not enough. She needed more evidence, so not only did she maintain her current’human setup’, she even became more involved. Sometimes, Su Sheng could not tell whether it was real or not.However, the effect was obvious. When Frank asked for his help again, no one cared about Helena’s existence, nor did they expect her to gather evidence.
      Every time he helped, Frank would give him a sum of money, so Su Sheng simply bought a villa for Felicity.After all, she was her girlfriend, not to mention that she was more secretive. In the future, it would be more convenient to team up with the Black Gold Skark.
      Not even a base could be considered a super hero?
      After moving, all kinds of equipment were quietly installed in the basement. A small command base appeared like this.
      In the master bedroom.
      After the battle, Felicity wiped the traces of battle on her face and asked Su Sheng who was already lying down.”The equipment of the base has been commissioned. When are you going to introduce me to Laurel?”
      “Tonight, I’ ll bring her over later.”Su Sheng said.
      Felicity nodded and asked curiously.”Oh right, what did you ask me to delete earlier?”
      “Something that makes someone despair.”Su Sheng chuckled.
      With his cooperation and assistance, Helena had already gathered enough evidence to allow Frank to stay in prison for the rest of her life. The hope of success was growing.Then……Su Sheng had Felicity delete the evidence.
      Do you think the reason why I don’t know what you’ re thinking is to use me to gather evidence to curry favor with me and let me forgive you and not stop you?
      Experience despair in hope.
      Su Sheng was looking forward to Helena knowing what the evidence she had painstakingly collected would be like after one day. Was it because there was no female hunter in the future?Or were they brave enough to face reality and continue to strive to create the birth of female hunters?
      Using a transcendental state of mind to make you despair, to influence a person’s choice and change her fate. No matter what the final outcome was, it was interesting or uninteresting. At least Su Sheng was very satisfied with the process and enjoyed it.
      As for what others thought, whether they understood or not, Su Sheng did not care.
      As a transmigrator who understood this world and possessed absolute strength, instead of being high, he cared about other people’s views. What was the point of transmigrating?
      He rested for a while.
      Su Sheng hugged Felicity and took a bath together. Then, he put on his clothes and drove to meet Laurel.
      As the car slowly drove out of the villa, a woman appeared in the nearby forest.
      Dark leather uniforms and eagle-like armor.
      “The target left the villa. We can do it now.”
      “Roger that. Come and meet up.”
      As soon as she finished speaking, she shook her shoulders. A pair of huge wings extended from her back and flew into the air to chase Su Sheng’s car.
      The sound of a flat tire suddenly sounded on the quiet road. Su Sheng frowned slightly and saw a few people suddenly appear beside him.
      Cold Team Leader Leonard Steiner, Heatwave Mikori, Atomic Chivalry Ray Palmer, Platinum Silky Sparrow Sarah Lance, Fire Storm Jefferson Jackson and Martin Stein, Eagle Man Cathy Hall, Master of Time Rip Hunt?Isn’ t this a legendary team?It was still the first legendary team.
      “Malcolm Merlin hasn’ t died yet. How come Laurel hasn’ t become a black gold silk?”Su Sheng blinked his eyes in surprise and saw a figure flying through the air. The eagle girl, Kendra Saunders, fell from the air and stood with them.
      Tomorrow, the initial camp of the legendary team would be gathered.
      PS: recommended my old books, Maneuver: King’s Descent, Maneuver: Monarch of Immortality, Stagnation: The Strongest Death, as well as the upcoming Maneuver: Door Fruit.*

      Su Sheng was a deviation of time

      Seeing the legendary team staring at him warily and cautiously, Su Sheng got out of the car and looked at the broken tires before he said with a smile.
      “Let’s pay.”
      What was the loss?Tire?
      The members of the team who had originally thought that they might attack at any moment were stunned. Even if you weren’t surprised by our existence, you ca n’ t be so calm as to compensate us, right?Not to mention this was the main point?
      “Is he really the person we’ re looking for?”Captain Cold asked doubtfully.
      “It seems like we did break his tires, so……”Should we pay?”Atomic hero Meng Meng asked in a low voice.
      The captain of the legendary team, the captain of the ship, the former Time Leader, Li Puhunte frowned and spoke to Su Sheng.”We will compensate for the loss of the car later, but we need to talk about the safety of time right now.”
      Su Sheng looked at them and smiled brightly.”Alright, I also want to know why you guys are here now.”
      Why are you here now?”You know us, and you know we’ ll come?”Sarah Lance frowned and asked.
      Under the sun, her blonde hair was dazzling. The tight white vest-style uniform made the airport look very spectacular. Her hands held the silver short stick slightly open, and she looked as if she ready to attack.
      “The top assassin of the Assassin Alliance, the platinum silk sparrows, the girl’s boyfriend, the man and woman’s Bi Chi. I’ m right, right?”Su Sheng smiled.
      Sarah Lance suddenly smiled.”Each other.”
      Su Sheng’s eyes skipped past her and started to complain.
      “Leiparmer, you can clearly become a Superman and become an Atom Warrior. You’ re forcing your descent.”
      “Jefferson Jackson, one of the fire storms, the success of Little Three made people forget the original model.”Martin Stein, if you don’ t become a scientist and run over to take risks with a young man, you will die.”
      “Cold Captain Leonard Steiner, because your father mistreated you and your sister from a young age, he became a criminal. Your sister is very beautiful. After you die, I don’t mind comforting him. It should be very fast. You died earlier than Martin Stein.”You’ re a gay in a world!”
      “As for your heat wave, Mycroft, although it’s an arsonist, it’s one of the most successful in cleansing. Remember to write me when you write a novel in the future.”
      “Knight Hall, Eagle Girl, Kendra Saunders, I only have one word for you two, cripple!”
      “You’ re the last one left.”Su Sheng looked at the shocked Rip Hunt with an ugly expression.”I really admire you the most.”It’s clearly to save my family, but I don’ t want to force you to call this bunch of trash in the name of saving time and saving the world. In the end, it succeeded.”
      With each sentence, someone’s expression turned ugly. There was anger at being ridiculed and shock at the content.
      “Have you seen us in the future?”Liphunter frowned and asked.
      He had thought that this mission was only to prevent Su Sheng from picking up Laurel and avoid the formation of the Raptor Team that would change Sarah Lance’s fate.But now that Su Sheng knew about them so well and knew about the future that they didn’t even know, the only explanation was that Su Sheng had seen the legendary team of the future know about their future. This was a little tricky.
      “Looks like we still have a lot to discuss.”Rip Hunt said in a deep voice.
      Su Sheng replied with a smile.”Then let’s go on board and talk slowly.”
      The ship was a large expeditionary ship. It used ion propulsion as its main propulsion power. It had the functions of time travel, stealth, autopilot, self-diagnosis, equipped with a medical room, an escape ship, and artificial intelligence Gideon. It was the only means of transportation for the legendary team to correct the time deviation of the travel time.
      Su Sheng followed the emotional legendary team onto the ship and greeted the AI first.
      “Hello, Gideon.”
      “Hello, Mr. Su Sheng.”The voice of an electronically synthesized woman sounded.
      Su Sheng smiled as he leaned against the console and said to Li Pu Heng and the others.”Let’s talk about the time deviation you know first.”
      Rip Hunt looked at Sarah Lance.
      Sarah Lance said.”Because you made my sister become a black canary in advance and also formed a Raptor team with Felicity and Cat Girl, which resulted in a series of deviations.”I didn’ t get killed by Thea Queen, I didn’ t revive, I didn’ t get killed by Damiandak,”
      “Two memories appear in my mind at the same time. I can feel that the original memories are disappearing. This means that time is slowly strengthening the reality you have changed.”
      “For us, you’ re changing history.”
      “So we have to stop you from doing this!”
      Time was linear. Although reality had not yet happened, it continued to develop. The reality of time slowly became solid and changed. The past history would be replaced by new history.The reason why the legendary team came to look for Su Sheng was to pass through the time deviation point and prevent it before history completely changed.
      Su Sheng was the time deviation that caused history to change!
      PS: recommended my old books, Maneuver: King’s Descent, Maneuver: Monarch of Immortality, Stagnation: The Strongest Death, as well as the upcoming Maneuver: Door Fruit.*

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