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      Fantasy Coin is the official digital currency for Fantasy World Online, you can use it to exchange the reading privilege for VIP 5.
      This function is specially made for those readers who no money to pay, but it applys to every reader.
      1.After you sign in, pls clinking your username, it’s at top right of page. will see a menu list, it will appear four options——Fantasy Coins,Subscribers, User setting and logout.
      3.Choose Fantasy Coins, you will enter the page of Fantasy Coins.
      Through the daily visit and sharing to social media, usually you can get 600 coins in two months.
      Every 600 coins, you can exchange a vip5 privilege for one month, it’s only applying to one book.
      This is its page,
      If you don’t know how to use Fantasy Coins to exchange Coupones, you can also left your username here and we will handle it manually for you. But the premise is that you have owned 600 coins.

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      How to buy coins?

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        Coins aren’t for sale yet. If you want to subscribe to a certain novel, you can go to the novel’s summary. There should be multiple VIP levels you can choose from. Simply select from those and subscribe. Also, you may want to consider joining the discord server for a faster response. Here’s the invite link.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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