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I open a comic book shop in Huoying(Naruto)

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      I open a comic book shop in Huoying(Naruto) (Chapter 1-Chapter 50)
      Chapter 0001 There is a comic book shop
      The sun shines brightly and the sky is cloudless.
      On the street, a small shop with the plaque “There is a comic book shop” officially opened.
      The facade is not big and the decoration is simple.
      It is divided into upper and lower floors, with the lower floor operating and the upper floor living.
      The lower floor is about 100 square meters, displaying a row of ancient wood bookshelves and several sets of tables and chairs, which looks quite antique.
      “Huh-finally opened.”
      All kinds of preparatory work before the opening of the business will be done well, and God will sit on the chair at the cashier’s office at night and breathe a sigh of relief.
      No one knows that God Night is actually a passer-by.
      In this life, he is 20 years old this year, and it has been 20 years since he crossed into the world of Huoying.
      Crossing is good, but as a passer who has neither system nor big wooden blood, it is not so beautiful in this bloodline world.
      The parents of God’s Night were Konoha, who had no background. When God’s Night was not big, they died on the front line as one of countless cannon fodder in the Third World War.
      However, Shenye did not go to Ninja School because he did not have the qualification to practice Ninja skills. He could only be an ordinary villager in Muye Village.
      God night thought he would live a life like this, but two days ago he suddenly opened a system called “God-level Comic Shop”.
      The comic book store opened by myself is the official starting condition of the system.
      Any customer who wants to enter the store can come in to read the cartoon for the first time at a cost of 5,000 taels. After reading it, 100% will get a reward from the cartoon.
      It may be a skill, an object or a creature.
      And tickets will increase with the increase of the number of times.
      5000 taels for the first time, 12,000 taels for the second time, 22,000 taels for the third time, 42,000 taels for the fourth time and 82,000 taels for the fifth time … The price will double every time.
      God night as the shopkeeper, and the system 55 cents the money.
      At the same time, Shenye is absolutely invincible in the comic book store, and you can choose one of the rewards that all customers get every day to become your own.
      At present, there are only three comics on the bookshelf of the comic shop-“Chop! Red Pupil, Tian Long Ba Bu, Beautiful Girl Warrior-Part 1.
      If you want other cartoons, you can only purchase them from the system, and every 10 customers can extract a new cartoon.
      Therefore, only the more customers, the more cartoons the comic shop can have, and the more benefits God Night can get.
      As a novice welfare, the first 3 cartoons drawn by Shenye only need every 3 customers to draw.
      God leans back against his chair and makes a cup of black tea.
      Next, it is enough to wait for the first customer to come.
      Two hours later, there was still no customer.
      People come and go in the street, but no one comes in to read comics.
      Even if one or two people come to ask occasionally, they are scared to turn their heads and leave when they hear that reading this cartoon actually costs 5,000 taels. The owner of the tunnel is even crazy about money.
      The 5,000 taels in the Huo Ying world are almost equivalent to the value of 3,500 soft sister coins in the previous life of God Night.
      For ordinary people, this is worth one month’s salary.
      Who would spend so much money just to come in and read a comic book?
      Especially when God Night introduced that he could get a reward in the book after reading the cartoon, he was even scoffed at.
      You can get what’s in comics by reading comics?
      Are liars’ lines so unconstrained these days?
      To this, God was too lazy to explain more at night.
      He knows very well the power of God-level comic book shops.
      As long as there is the first customer to come to the door, the reputation will soon be played out, and there is no worry about customers at all.
      Suddenly, the light in God’s night eyes flashed.
      I noticed that in the alley opposite the comic book shop, a petite figure secretly hid behind the corner and looked at the shop with a pair of pure white eyes.
      God night expression slight movement, immediately the corners of the mouth up a faint smile radian.
      He had a hunch that his first customer was coming.
      God’s night crossed into the world of Huoying and changed some plots in the original work by chance.
      For example, when Hinata was a child, she protected her in front of Naruto;
      For example, spoil Asma’s pursuit of evening red…
      And now is the time when Hinata just graduated from Ninja School.
      Hinata, who was peeking at the comic book shop, suddenly met the eyes of God Night. As if he had done something bad and was discovered, he quickly hid himself behind the corner.
      “Am I, am I discovered?
      If God Night King found out that I was secretly watching him, it would be embarrassing… ”
      Hinata’s two fingers kept touching each other. Because of nervousness and shyness, Qiao’s face warmed up sharply and became red.
      She knew that the cartoon shop of Shenye opened today and wanted to hold a show.
      But as soon as she approached the comic book shop, she suddenly did not dare to go in.
      As long as she comes into contact with God Night, she will become super nervous, even if she speaks to God Night, she will not dare to look directly at it.
      At this point,
      God night stood inside the door and said, “Hinata, is that you?”
      The comic shop is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
      During business hours, God Night can only stay in the comic book shop.
      If not, God had already taken to the streets to pimp… No, it was soliciting.
      “God Night King, yes, it’s me.”
      Knowing that he had been discovered, Hinada came out of the corner with his head down and his face red, and his fingers kept burning.
      Sure enough, God Night King saw it.
      God night invited: “How about, do you want to come to the store to see cartoons?”
      Smell speech, young field bowed their heads and walked over, closer, secretly looked at the night of God, and hurriedly turned his head.
      God night king is looking at me…
      I must not be nervous, I must not be nervous, I am not nervous…
      Finally, the first customer was pulled, and God welcomed Hinata into the comic book store at night.
      Introduced to the three lonely comic books on the bookshelf: “Now the store has just opened and launched” Chop! Three cartoons, “Red Pupil”, “Tian Long Ba Bu” and “Beautiful Girl Warrior-Part 1″.
      You can read the introduction before deciding which one to read.
      Each customer can only read one cartoon every day, which only needs 5,000 taels for the first time, and then doubles every time. ”
      “I, I think this is good…”
      Hinata blushed and didn’t pick at all. He picked up the “Tian Long Ba Bu” on the bookshelf and took out 5000 taels and put them on the cashier.
      God night can’t help feeling.
      Not the Kui is the princess of the Japanese clan, rich and colorful Bai Fumei, 5000 taels said take it.
      Hinata took the cartoon to his seat and opened Tian Long Ba Bu.
      Originally, the girl’s heart seemed to be bumped by a fawn, but when she read cartoons, she was soon attracted by the plot of Tian Long Ba Bu.
      [PS: Today, on the eighth day of the month, I wish my old age a happy New Year.
      Now is a special moment. I hope the bosses are healthy and their families are healthy.
      The old author’s new book has been designed for a long time, with manuscripts and plots, which guarantee that it will not disappoint the bosses.
      Please vote for free flowers and tickets to support the author and give him some motivation. The author is very grateful. “*
      Chapter 0002 Body Surgery Edition-Eighteen Palms of Dragon Subduing
      “What an admirable Xiao Feng.”
      By the time Hinoda finished watching Tian Long Ba Bu, it had been more than an hour.
      Closing the comic book, Hinada suddenly found that his white eyes had been covered with a faint fog.
      Tian Long Ba Bu has three male protagonists and three story lines.
      However, Xiao Feng’s story touched her most.
      An indomitable true hero, loyal to the liver and courageous, is worthy of others, but it happened that he ended up jumping off a cliff and committing suicide. People can’t help but sigh that Providence is playing tricks on people.
      In particular, the love between Xiao Feng and Zhu was so profound and so poignant that it was hard to let go for a long time.
      Although there is some regret at this point, Hinoda has to admit that Tian Long Ba Bu is indeed a good story worth recalling.
      On love, there is such a love that gives up one’s life and forgets one’s death.
      On brothers, there are brothers who go through fire and water side by side.
      On loyalty and loyalty, there are chivalrous men who only understand the battlefield and die for their country.
      She had never seen such a wonderful cartoon before, and even had a trance after reading it.
      Is that it?
      That’s what a good comic book is like.
      Seeing once is like experiencing a life personally, not giving up the ending.
      Just then,
      A message emerged on the system interface of God Night.
      “The customer Hinata Hinata has finished reading” Tian Long Ba Bu “and obtained-‘Physical Art Version-Eighteen Palms of Dragon Falling’!”
      “‘Body Skill Version-Eighteen Palms of Dragon Falling’-This palm method is the Juexue of Beggars’ Sect Town Sect, with a total of eighteen styles. The moves are strong but soft, and both hardness and softness are combined. It is known as the peak of external skills in the world.
      Body Skill Edition-Eighteen Palms of Dragon Falling can be used by chakra after systematic transformation. It is more powerful, practiced to Dacheng, and has the power of collapsing the ground and rubble. ”
      “Hinoda was lucky enough to draw 18 hands of the dragon.”
      Seeing the system information, Shenye smiled.
      Looking at Master Jin’s many martial arts works, if we talk about the well-known and highest martial arts, the 18 palms of dragon subduing must be the first one.
      Xiao Feng, Hong Qigong and Guo Jing are all famous for their palm skills.
      This palm method has gone through several dynasties, but its reputation has not diminished. It is praised by the world as the peak of Wulin’s external skills and the first palm method in the world.
      Moreover, the system converts it into a version of the Huoying world that can be practiced, and its power is strengthened on the original basis.
      This is perfect for the Japanese people who are majoring in physical arts.
      At the moment, in the bookstore.
      A dazzling brilliance shines out of the void and does not enter the young field directly.
      “This is…”
      Hinata’s little face showed shock.
      She felt a stream of information pouring into her mind.
      There seem to be eighteen humanoid patterns, and they are constantly practicing eighteen palm techniques.
      Kanglong has regrets, the dragon is in the sky, the dragon is in the field, and the hidden dragon should not be used…
      These eighteen-style palm techniques are soft, curved or straight, all of which contain exquisite martial arts truth.
      It is, I have just seen “Tian Long Ba Bu” in Xiao Feng’s Juexue-18 Palms of Dragon Falling!
      Soon, the palm method was instilled.
      Hinata looked at the information in his mind about the 18 palms of the dragon and was shocked.
      The 18 palms of dragon subduing have both hardness and softness, are invincible, are not weaker than the advanced soft boxing of the Japanese clan, and are even stronger in some aspects.
      However, what shocked Hinata most was that.
      What God said at night is true!
      Really just read cartoons and you can get the ability from them!
      Even without practicing anything, you can master it directly and use it freely.
      Isn’t this incredible?
      It’s like a dream. I’m afraid no one will believe it when I say it.
      “The eighteen palms of the dragon are very powerful palms.”
      Shenye chuckled to Hinata, who was still in a state of shock: “How about it, do you want to try its power?”
      Hinata finally came to his senses at this moment, convinced that all this was true, and a little embarrassed, he said, “God Night King, that… I’m afraid I’ll accidentally break the things here.”
      If it had been her before, she wouldn’t have said that.
      She has just graduated from Ninja School, and the soft boxing of the Japanese people is still at a level where it cannot be released.
      We can only rely on supercilious look to observe the meridians in each other’s body, and then attack the acupuncture points with soft fists, which will not cause any scope of damage.
      But 18 hands of dragons are different.
      The power of the palm method is just fierce, and even the palm style is not easy for ordinary people to bear.
      It’s not the same as the primary soft boxing she mastered before.
      She wasn’t sure if she was going to destroy anything in the comic book store.
      To this, Shenye just smiled indifferently and said, “It’s okay, you can try. In this store, as long as I don’t want to, no one can destroy anything.”
      “Then… God night king, I will give it a try.”
      Hinata saw that God said so at night, and he did look forward to the power of the 18-palm dragon, so he opened his posture and prepared to use it.
      In an instant,
      The fighting spirit in Hinada’s eyes suddenly soared.
      The chakra in the body runs like a surging river.
      The legs move with the waist and the waist moves with the arms.
      Don’t move like a pine, move like a thunder.
      Chakra fills the air like a blue flame on the palm of petite jade, and then shoots it with one blow.
      “Kanglong has regrets!”
      A blue palm print with vigorous wind, violently unparalleled horizontal hit out.
      The palm print roars, the sound is like a dragon singing, and the momentum is forcing people. If there is a proud dragon breaking through the sea.
      Even Hinata was frightened by his palm.
      I can’t believe I’m so strong?
      Even if he had been psychologically prepared, Hinada was still startled.
      The eighteen palms of the dragon are worthy of being the first external skill in the Wulin. Even if she endured this, she would have such power.
      However, she soon felt bad.
      Because this handprint went straight to God’s night, but God’s night didn’t even hide.
      When the handprint approached, God night waved his hand gently.
      Originally, Kanglong, who had amazing momentum, regretted it and immediately disappeared as if it had never existed.
      “God night king…”
      Hinata’s supercilious look enlarged and was completely shocked.
      If God Night only took this blow, she wouldn’t be shocked.
      But God’s night is light clouds and light winds turn it into nothing.
      The following attack and the turning attack into invisibility are two completely different concepts.
      Just the skill of God Night, she is convinced that even her father, like the strongest of the Japanese clan, will definitely not be able to do it.
      God Night King is still a hidden strong man?
      I didn’t know anything about it before!
      But think about it, Hinoda thinks it is reasonable instead.
      How can a person who can open such a comic book shop be an ordinary person?
      God smiled faintly at night and asked, “How about the power of 18 hands to subdue dragons?”
      Hinata Zheng, then said very seriously: “Very strong!”
      “It’s worth it, isn’t it?”
      Hinada nodded busily.
      This is already a powerful body skill comparable to the advanced soft boxing of the Japanese clan.
      Moreover, he did not need to practice hard to directly master the 18 palms of the dragon, and his strength suddenly improved to a higher level.
      It’s not worth it?
      It’s worth it!
      Don’t say 5000 taels, even 500000 taels is a big bargain.
      God night smiled and said, “Then you can publicize it to me when you have the chance, Kota.”
      God night king called me… Kota?
      Hinata, who was so called, instantly felt as if his heart had been punctured by something, his whole brain was blank, and white steam was constantly emitting from his head.
      At this point,
      Naruto passed by the door of the comic book shop with his head leaning against his hand. Looking at the plaque, he couldn’t help but wonder, “There is a comic book shop, didn’t it open today? This name is quite interesting. Go in and see if there are any interesting cartoons.” *
      Chapter 0003 Women’s Wear Big Brother Naruto
      Naruto walked into the comic book shop and saw the red-faced Hinata and said hello, “Hinata, you are here too.”
      “Yes, yes…”
      Hinata’s thinking is still wandering in that little Hinata, in a daze.
      “Are you all right?”
      Looking at Hinoda as if he could not listen to anything in a daze, Naruto drew a smoke from the corners of his mouth and stopped asking more questions. He looked forward to saying, “Boss, what cartoons do you have here?”
      Because the villagers avoided him, few people were willing to play with him.
      Therefore, Naruto likes to read cartoons when he is lonely, at least it can make him forget some troubles.
      Over time, he read all the cartoons in the cartoon shop in Muye Village.
      Now there is such a newly opened comic book store, and he is looking forward to the publication of new comics.
      “At present, only these three books on the shelf are available,” Chop! The Red Pupil, Tian Long Ba Bu and Beautiful Girl Warrior. ”
      God’s night way.
      “Only three comics?
      Wait, these are comics I have never seen before! ”
      Naruto went to the bookshelf and looked at the covers of three comic books. Finally, he picked up the “Beautiful Girl Warrior” and smiled with a spoof: “Hey hey hey, the cover of this” Beautiful Girl Warrior “looks good.
      Beautiful girls and sailor clothes can be used as materials for practicing seduction.
      Boss, how much is this one? ”
      “The first charge is 5,000 taels, and you can only read one book a day, and then the price doubles every time.”
      Naruto, who was planning to pay for it, widened his eyes when he heard the price. “How much, how much is it?”
      “5000 taels.”
      Naruto confirmed that he had not misheard and was completely puzzled.
      It costs 5000 taels to read a comic book?
      Will the price double every time in the future?
      You can only read one book a day?
      Boss, is your comic book shop too black?
      Naruto couldn’t help shouting, “5000 taels, boss, you are too expensive! How can anyone spend so much money reading comics?”
      Hinata immediately regained consciousness and explained for God Night: “God Night King’s comic book, as long as you finish reading it, you can get a reward from the comic book.
      I just got a very good palm method.
      5000 taels is a very cheap price. ”
      Look, is this what people say?
      5000 taels is still very cheap?
      After reading the cartoon, you can also win a prize from the cartoon…
      There are rewards for reading comics!
      Hinata got a very good palm method?
      Naruto suddenly heard the focus of this sentence, and his eyes brightened.
      Although he has learned the technique of multiple shadow separation now, he will be able to get it back and forth. He was tempted by Shui Mu to steal the forbidden scroll of the second generation of Huo Ying before he took the opportunity to learn it.
      In addition, there is not even a serious means of attack.
      He met with Huihao Fireball Sasuke, and suffered a lot every time.
      In fact, this is the case with ordinary Konoha ninjas.
      Without family background and upper-level cultivation, just becoming a ninja will only teach three-body skills and throwing pain in ninja schools.
      If you can get any great ability, you can teach Sasuke the guy who dragged the sky a good lesson.
      But at the thought of the sky-high price of 5,000 taels…
      Naruto gritted his teeth and opened his frog wallet.
      All kinds of steel banknotes cover the desktop.
      Naruto carefully counted several times, put a handful of money in Shenye’s hand, and said tearfully, “Boss, this is all my possessions. If you lie to me, I will definitely fight hard with you!”
      God collected money at night and said, “There must be rewards, but I can’t guarantee what they are. It depends on your luck.”
      “Hey hey, I want to be a man of Huo Ying. How can I have bad luck?”
      After paying the money, Naruto happily took the book “Beautiful Girl Warrior” and ran aside to look at it.
      Hindu Tian Qiao had two groups of red clouds hanging on his face. He did not dare to look directly at God’s night and whispered, “God’s night king, I’ll go home first.”
      God sat back in his place and smiled and waved his hand.
      Hinada also waved his hand and turned to leave.
      She made up her mind to go back and definitely give God night publicity.
      Nearly an hour later.
      Naruto said tearfully after watching “Beautiful Girl Soldier,” Moon Hare defeated Queen Belier with all kinds of hardships, and finally lost their memory and started a new meeting. Meowed, it looked so sad. ”
      Looking at Naruto like this, God shook his head speechless at night.
      You’re so sad to see a beautiful girl warrior?
      What if you watch a rippan?
      At this point,
      A message emerges from the system interface.
      “Customer Naruto Whirlpool has finished reading” Beautiful Girl Warrior “and won-” Transforming into Hungarian Needle “!”
      “‘Transforming into Hungarian Needle’-A Hungarian Needle that can transform the owner into a Moon Sailor Warrior. After transformation, it can display the ability of the Moon Sailor Warrior.”
      A gorgeous brilliance fell on Naruto’s hand.
      Until Guanghua dispersed.
      A golden Hungarian needle appeared in his hand.
      Naruto was startled and said, “Is this?”
      Shenye said: “The Hungarian needle used by the Moon Hare to transform itself. With it, you can also become a sailor soldier.”
      “It turned out to be a Hungarian needle, no wonder it looks a little familiar…”
      Naruto picked up the transformation Hungarian needle and touched it gently.
      Suddenly, colorful ripples swung from the Hungarian needle.
      Naruto’s fingers fluctuated in the void, and white gloves and sailor suits appeared on Naruto one after another.
      The light dissipated.
      A Naruto in a moon sailor suit appeared.
      God night looked at the transformation of Naruto, already don’t know where to spit.
      It can only be said that it is really NM hot eyes.
      Naruto looked down at his clothes and said discontentedly, “Boss, what’s going on!”
      God night said: “If you use the transformation Hungarian needle to acquire the sailor’s moon, you will naturally become this sailor’s clothes.”
      Naruto angrily said, “I’m not talking about clothes! I mean, why didn’t I become a beautiful girl!”
      God Night: ()
      Mu Dun, the art of lifting the table!
      Shenye wanted to say that Naruto, you won.
      So this is your focus?
      What should I say?
      I can only say that you are Naruto, the ninja of unexpected NO.1.
      Give him Li Zhongtang’s gun license!
      On the street.
      Sasuke put his hands in his pockets and bowed his head and walked under the tree.
      Suddenly, a girl with pink hair rushed out of the corner.
      Behind her hands, the pink-haired girl pretended to be surprised and said, “Sasuke, what a coincidence! I was about to go shopping when I met you unexpectedly.”
      Sasuke bowed his head and walked on as if he didn’t hear anything.
      How can I fix it!
      Ignored again!
      I’ve been waiting for a whole hour to pretend to run into you here!
      Harano Sakura roared inside.
      However, Chunye Sakura walked up with a smile on the surface. “Well, Sasuke, what are you going to do? It’s almost noon. You haven’t eaten yet, do you want us to have a meal together?”
      Sasuke still put his hands in his pockets and said coldly.
      I’m so angry!
      The somebody else very not easy to summon up courage to take the initiative once, but so simply refused me!
      Harano Sakura’s inner play is even more crazy.
      Sasuke passed by in front of the comic book shop and saw Naruto wearing a moon sailor suit.
      Naruto also happened to turn his head and saw Sasuke.
      The two looked at each other and froze for a few seconds.
      Sasuke’s forehead can’t help but rise black lines.
      Naruto was about to share with Sasuke the discovery of this magic comic book shop when he waved, “Hey, Sasuke, come on! Come on, there’s fun here, come on!”
      Sasuke’s face changed and he said coldly, “Even if you are short of money, you shouldn’t do such a thing.”
      Naruto looked down at his sailor suit and suddenly realized what Sasuke meant. At the same time, he said angrily, “Bastard! What do you think I’m doing? I greeted you to let you come with me!”
      Sasuke shook his head. “Do it yourself. I’m not interested.”
      I @ # ¥% …
      Naruto pointed to Sasuke with the battle of sweetheart moon in his hand and said angrily, “Sasuke bastard, I want to destroy you on behalf of the moon!” *
      Chapter 0004 Where do I mean that?
      Seeing Naruto wearing a moon sailor suit, Sakura Harano suddenly lost his temper and pinched his waist and shouted, “What the hell are you doing here, even wearing women’s clothes?”
      Naruto changed his expression and said excitedly, “KINOMOTO SAKURA, I find this comic shop super powerful. You can get the ability in comics by looking at the comics here.
      This dress of mine is the ability to transform into Hungarian needles!
      How is it?
      Isn’t it interesting? ”
      “Are you kidding me?”
      Harano Sakura snorted, “How can there be such a thing?”
      “Of course it’s true. Hinoda has just got a very good palm.”
      Naruto proudly said.
      Chunye Sakura covered her forehead and said helplessly, “However, can you change your appearance first? You are a man, wearing a woman’s miniskirt, which is really disgusting.”
      “Hey hey, it’s very simple.”
      Chunye Sakura breathed a sigh of relief.
      It’s really too rare, Naruto this guy can finally listen to a word.
      Naruto pinched the seal with both hands, and a burst of white smoke came out.
      Naruko, a golden double ponytail girl dressed in a moon sailor suit, appeared and made a provocative gesture. She blinked at Sakura Chunye and said, “Is that what you mean?”
      (⊙ _ ⊙)
      Chunye Sakura petrified on the spot.
      Where the fuck do I mean that?
      I asked you to change a woman’s clothes, but you turned into a woman directly…
      Hearing Naruto’s words, Sasuke, who was about to leave, stopped and couldn’t help asking, “Can you read comics here and get the ability?”
      If this comic book shop can really read comics and gain strength, then it can avenge the man earlier.
      Although he also thought it was ridiculous.
      However, as long as the thought of revenge makes Sasuke forget other doubts and want to give it a try.
      The god night sitting in the store gently drank black tea and said, “Anything in the world related to cartoons is possible. As long as your luck is good enough, you can even become stronger than Huoying directly.”
      “Better than Huo Ying?”
      Chunye Sakura’s eye pupil is enlarged, obviously I can’t believe this sentence.
      Today, the ruling three generations of Huoying apes are the strongest in Muye Village.
      Although he has no blood limit, he has mastered thousands of kinds of ninja skills by his own ability. He has experienced many battles and gained a wide reputation. He is praised as a professor of ninja skills by the ninja community.
      However, the young boss actually said that as long as you read comics in this comic book store, it is possible to surpass such a powerful three-generation Huo Ying at once?
      How is that possible?
      Naruko, who has personally experienced the magic of this comic book store, has no doubt about it.
      Although he revered Huo Ying very much, he also dreamed of becoming Huo Ying.
      However, this magic comic store is indeed full of all possibilities. It is by no means impossible to say that one can get stronger abilities from comics than the three generations of Huoying.
      “I want to try it!”
      Sasuke’s eyes were burning.
      For revenge, even the smallest possibility is worth a try for him.
      Naruko patted Sasuke on the shoulder and smiled, “Don’t worry, Sasuke, you will never be disappointed.”
      God night said: “The first charge is 5,000 taels, only one book can be read every day, and then the price doubles every time.”
      “Too, too expensive?”
      Harano Sakura was astounding. She had never heard of such an expensive comic book shop.
      And the price doubles every time?
      Wouldn’t it be hundreds of thousands and millions of taels to see it several times more?
      Sasuke’s face also moved slightly.
      In fact, his financial situation is not much better than Naruto’s, and his life basically depends on the money left by his parents.
      5000 is not a small sum.
      But in order to get revenge, Sasuke gritted his teeth and put more than 5,000 taels on the table, saying, “Can I watch it now?”
      “You can choose from the 3 books on the shelf over there.”
      God put away the money at night.
      Now that we have received 3 customers, we can extract new cartoons.
      But he didn’t smoke, after all, he didn’t worry.
      Sasuke came to the bookshelf, and after several comparisons, he finally chose “Chop! Red pupil “.
      Sasuke picked up the cartoon and went to his seat.
      Sakura Harano saw Sasuke take the cartoon and took out all his savings with tears in his eyes. He said, “Boss, I want a cartoon like Sasuke.”
      God Night said, “Every cartoon in our shop is an orphan. If you want to read it, you can only wait for him to finish it. Of course, if he agrees, you can read it with him.”
      Reading comics with Sasuke?
      This is good!
      Chunye Sakura excitedly sat next to Sasuke, her face reddish, saying, “Sasuke, that…”
      “Shut up.”
      Sasuke didn’t lift his head and said coldly.
      Harano Sakura can only shut up bitterly and read cartoons with Sasuke.
      Naruko also wants to join in.
      God’s night said faintly: “Any customer who has not consumed or has read it is not allowed to read the cartoons of other customers, otherwise the store will be expelled according to the rules and will not be allowed to enter the store forever.”
      “People don’t mean that.”
      Naruko wriggled, delicate way.
      “Fuck off!”
      “All right.”
      Naruko came to a position in the comic book shop and stayed honestly.
      He is looking forward to what Sasuke and Sakura Harano will get later.
      Sasuke carefully looked at “cut! Red pupil “.
      It tells the story of a killer organization named ‘NightRaid’, which fought against the forces of the Dark Empire.
      In front of the plot, Sasuke was still very indifferent.
      But when he saw the plot of confrontation between Kuropupil and Red Pupil, some emotions fluctuated.
      On one side is my sister Red Pupil, who recognizes that the empire has already rotted and wants to eradicate the darkness.
      On one side is Kuropupil, a sister who loves her sister deeply but can only rely on drugs to maintain her body and work for the empire.
      The sisters stood on opposite sides and fought for their own beliefs.
      Sasuke’s eyes gradually got wet.
      This scene, unconsciously let him think of himself and Uchibo weasel.
      One day, they will be so opposed.
      The brother who took good care of him since childhood and made him yearn for him infinitely.
      He was also the brother who killed all the clansmen, killed his biological parents, and made the Uchibo clan almost exterminated.
      In the end, Kuropupil and Red Pupil sisters face each other.
      Red pupil wins.
      However, Red Pupil does not have the attitude of WINNER, but shows the gentleness of sister to sister.
      Sasuke’s eye pupil trembled and his nose sour.
      After reading “Chop! Red pupil. ”
      Close the cartoon, Sasuke closed his eyes, and his mood calmed down for a long time.
      Just then,
      A message emerged from the system interface of God Night.
      “Customer Sasuke Uchiha has finished reading” Chop! The pupil of latosolic red “won-‘Wanli Flying-Mostima’!”
      “‘Wanli Flying-Mostima’-the emperor of wings, users can fly freely, feathers can be used as long-range attacks to shoot enemies.”
      “I actually drew a emperor as soon as I came up, which is worthy of being a male two.”
      Watching Sasuke get the emperor to fly thousands of miles-Mostima, God chuckled at night.
      A brilliance fell into Jacky’s hands.
      In a moment, the brilliance dispersed.
      Two silver disks are exposed, engraved with numerous and profound alchemy textures.
      Sasuke looked at the two silver discs and said in dismay, “This is…”
      “Flying emperor, flying thousands of miles-Mostima.”
      God night said: “I don’t need to say much about the function, you should have seen it in the cartoon.”
      Hearing this, even if it was Sasuke, who had always been ruthless, he couldn’t help but be pleasantly surprised: “Is it that flying emperor?”
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      Chapter 0005 Reward Don’t Do It
      “This is one of the 48 unrepeatable imperial utensils made by alchemy thousands of years ago, which gathered the power of the entire empire, with top dangerous species and countless rare treasures. Wanli Flying-Mostima…”
      Looking at a pair of silver disks engraved with mysterious patterns in his hand, Sasuke’s eyes shone brightly.
      The user of this emperor’s tool in the cartoon is Lan from the Hunter Organization.
      Not only can it fly, but it can also launch feather attacks.
      It’s not that there is no means of flying in this world, but it’s too few and rare. Even in Konoha, he hasn’t heard of any ninja that can fly.
      The importance of air superiority to ninja fighting is self-evident.
      Even Sasuke, the corners of his mouth could not help smiling.
      It’s true that you can get rewards by reading comics!
      It seems that I have a chance to take revenge on Uchibo Skunk faster!
      Shenye said, “The rewards of this comic book shop are genuine. You can go outside for an interview.”
      Sasuke nodded and came outside with the Mostimati.
      At this time, he felt that he and the emperor had a feeling of blood connection, and he had a driving arm for the emperor.
      Move with your mind.
      Two silver disks floated slowly behind him.
      Moer, a halo emanates from the silver disk, and snow-white feathers grow rapidly.
      Two snow-white wings suddenly spread out, with a holy breath.
      Naruko and Harano Sakura were both stunned and immediately showed unabashed envy.
      Then, Sasuke’s wings shook behind him and soared into the sky.
      “Sasuke, how handsome!”
      Chunye Sakura shouted excitedly.
      “Sasuke, can you fly?”
      Naruko muttered to herself and looked down at her sailor suit.
      Suddenly feel this thing is not fragrant…
      “Wow! Mom, look, someone is flying!”
      “With a pair of wings like angels!”
      “Is that the Sasuke of the Uchibo clan?”
      “How did he do it?”
      People on the street were shocked to see Sasuke flying with a pair of snow-white wings behind him.
      Although this is a ninja world, it is still surprising to see a person flying in the sky with wings.
      Sasuke simply tested it and fell back to the front of the comic book shop.
      However, the excitement in my heart still didn’t go down.
      It’s like dreaming that I have the ability to fly so easily.
      And what is important is that I know that this comic book store really has incredible abilities.
      In the future, we must patronize this comic book store more, and we will definitely get more rewards.
      Then, one day I can take revenge on Uchibo Wasuni!
      But just think of “cut! In the Red Pupil, the red pupil and the black pupil sisters face each other, which inevitably makes him feel a stabbing pain in his heart.
      Don’t, Uchibo weasel did all this, also have the same difficulties as red pupil?
      He hated Uchibo Istunori from the bottom of his heart and didn’t want to believe it was true.
      But once this idea comes out, it is like a devil, and it can’t be driven away.
      “Thank you, boss.”
      Sasuke did not dare to continue thinking about this, fearing that his inner hatred would shake and thanked God Night.
      God smiled at night. “If you feel good, you can come and patronize frequently.”
      Sasuke nodded.
      The first time I read cartoons, it will be 5,000 taels, the second time it will be 10,000 taels, and the third time it will be 22,000 taels…
      The price is still very stressful for him.
      But if compared with the ability obtained from cartoons, it is not worth mentioning.
      I must come and visit frequently.
      With this in mind, Sasuke has made up his mind to find out all the money left in his family and read this cartoon tomorrow.
      Naruko stepped forward and put his hand on Sasuke’s shoulder. He said proudly, “How about it? The comic book shop I introduced to you is super powerful, isn’t it?”
      Sasuke a hum, is the default.
      At this point,
      Chunye Sakura finally finished watching “Chop! Red pupil “.
      System information emerges.
      “Customer Chunye Sakura has finished reading” Chop! The pupil of latosolic red “, obtained-‘Dangerous species-snow magic ape’!”
      “‘Dangerous Species-Snow Magic Apes’-Dangerous Species Living in Cold Areas in the North. They are extremely lecherous and like to attack beautiful human women in Hungary. They are the most feared dangerous species for women in the empire.”
      Seeing the message of the snow devil ape, God’s night fell silent.
      How do you say this reward…
      Sister-in-law cool, you ask for more happiness…
      After reading the cartoon, Sakura Harano came to the front of God Night and asked with a look of expectation, “Boss, what did I get? Is Li not strong?”
      Sasuke drew the emperor’s tools, how can he not be too bad?
      Even if it is not a emperor, I can also have it.
      Anyway, as long as it is a topic that can create a closer relationship with Sasuke, it is worth it.
      God coughed lightly at night and said, “If you go outside, your reward is a bit big, and this comic book shop can’t put it down.”
      When Chunye Sakura heard this, his eyes suddenly showed surprise brilliance.
      Too big to fit in the store?
      What’s that?
      Could it be the one that claimed to be the strongest emperor at first, the god of national protection-the supreme throne?
      Chunye Sakura excitedly ran outside the comic book shop and said, “Boss, I’m ready!”
      God night wants to say, no, you are not ready.
      However, it is better for her to see it for herself according to the rules.
      At this time, a colorful beam of light hung over the sky.
      The light beam is nearly 20 meters high and several meters thick, occupying the whole street.
      Sasuke and Naruko were surprised.
      This big?
      What is it?
      Chunye Sakura looked up at the light pillar, clenched his fists with both hands, and excitedly said, “Good, so big…”
      Between the beams of light,
      A giant figure more than ten meters high gradually condensed.
      Suddenly, a loud ape cry came.
      The sound is like a tide, shaking the surroundings.
      The smile on Sakura’s face suddenly solidified.
      There was a faint feeling in her heart…
      I’m afraid the gap between this reward and imagination is a bit big…
      The beam of light dispersed.
      A giant magic ape with snow-white hair, black skin and one horn stands like a small snow-capped mountain.
      The snow devil ape looked up and whistled, hammering Hungary’s mouth with both fists, such as thunder and deafening ears.
      Suddenly, he lowered his head and showed scorching light from his eyes.
      Chunye Sakura turned pale with fear and panicked: “Boss, what monster is this!”
      “Your reward, Snow Ape.”
      God Night popularized science for her: “A dangerous species who is keen to attack beautiful women in Hungary will continue to pursue with perseverance once the target is identified.”
      “Dangerous species?
      Why come to me? It’s such a horrible thing! ”
      Chunye Sakura wanted to cry without tears: “Boss, can I not take this reward?”
      God shook his head at night, “the reward has been issued, it has nothing to do with our shop. Now this snow devil ape belongs to you, and how to solve it is your own problem.” *
      Chapter 0006 I’m too hard
      With a wild roar, the snow devil ape strode forward.
      An undisguised evil look appeared in his eyes.
      The melon eaters who were still watching the scene of bustle on the street were immediately scared to death when they saw the snow devil ape.
      “It’s over!
      Isn’t it me that Hungarian big and beautiful girl is talking about? ”
      Chunye Sakura closed her eyes in despair and said, “What should I do?”
      In a flash of light, she suddenly thought of Sasuke.
      In this case, will Sasuke give himself a hero to save the United States?
      If this is the case, it seems to be good.
      Chunye Sakura closed her eyes and only heard the footsteps that made the street tremble getting closer and closer.
      Harano Sakura was afraid and hoped Sasuke would save herself.
      The pace is getting closer and closer, getting closer and closer…
      Here we go!
      It’s here!
      Sasuke, help me!
      And then …
      The steps are getting farther and farther, farther and farther…
      ? ? ?
      Chunye Sakura opened her eyes and turned her head with a face of stupidity.
      I saw the snow devil ape staring at a pair of eyes braving evil light, stepping over his head, completely ignoring his straight to Naruko.
      Chunye Sakura suddenly felt a 10,000-point blow to her heart and had an impulse to spray blood.
      WTF! !
      Does it mean that I am not as good-looking as the woman Naruto changed?
      Say my Hungary is not as big as that woman?
      Do you have an aesthetic vision, BT orangutan?
      With this in mind, Harano Sakura looked down at his own and Naruko’s.
      Well, that one is really bigger than mine.
      But that’s not the point!
      The point is, can’t I even compare with a man to a woman?
      It turned out to be the most tragic thing in the world. It was not a sex maniac orangutan that I summoned, but the sex maniac orangutan that I summoned. It still despises itself.
      The hearts of cherry trees in the spring fields are broken all over the place.
      Suddenly, there was an idea that “life between heaven and earth is better than a tofu killing you”.
      Naruko’s face was pale when he looked at the snow devil ape coming towards him with evil eyes.
      The snow magic ape showed a humanized evil expression, and a big black hand covered with white hair fell down like a flood.
      Sasuke said with a snort.
      Snow-white wings fluttered, rushed out quickly, and hugged Naruko from behind her.
      Then, fly away from the hand of the snow devil ape.
      Even God couldn’t help admiring the night: “This is true love.”
      Harano Sakura was not saved, but to save Naruto. What is not true love?
      Come on.
      I like your pair of CP.
      Naruko, who was rescued by Sasuke, had her legs folded around her waist and her arms around her neck, like an octopus clinging to Sasuke. She was moved and said, “What is gay! I knew you would save me!”
      That TM should be my mother’s lines!
      Bastard Naruto, get out of here!
      Chunye Sakura watched Sasuke fly in the sky with Naruko in her arms, and a large group of grass mud horses roared past in her heart.
      Naruko pestered Sasuke.
      The sailor’s concave and convex body rubbed against Sasuke’s body, and even breathing could clearly fall on Sasuke’s face.
      Although Sasuke knew that Naruko had been changed by Naruto, he could not hold up the appearance of a young girl.
      Especially from the body, the feeling of being examined by Fei Lu and shining with the holy light is unspeakable.
      Let Sasuke gradually feel a little hot.
      “Don’t move! Or I’ll throw you down!”
      Sasuke strong support cold expression, cold drink a way.
      Naruko hugged tighter, “Ya Juan butterfly ~”
      Me, me, me…
      The following Chunye Sakura has completely cried out.
      These days, the hardest thing is not to rob men with women.
      It’s TM who wants to rob men with men.
      Is there any justice?
      It’s too hard for me.
      Seeing that his target had been taken away, the snow devil ape roared angrily and strode forward to chase him.
      Both sides fled and chased.
      The crowd in the street suddenly became a mess.
      In the distance,
      A little boy wearing a dark green scarf heard the sound of crowd riots and showed a curious expression: “What is going on there, such a big noise? No, I’m going to have a look!”
      Ebisu pushed the small round sunglasses on the bridge of his nose. “Master Muye Maru, your first task now is to go to the separation class. Don’t worry about these insignificant things. Naturally, someone will deal with them.”
      “Are you kidding me?”
      Muye Maru vowed: “As Naruto’s eldest brother’s younger brother, how can I Muye Maru be the kind of person who turns a blind eye to the excitement? If there is something, you must go and see it.”
      Said, Konoha pill immediately slipped past.
      Ebisu patted his forehead and said helplessly, “Master Muye Maru has been spoiled by Naruto.”
      Muye Maru is the grandson of three generations of Huoying. If there is any accident, he, a teacher, will definitely be severely punished and can only follow up helplessly.
      At the moment,
      Snow Ape chased Sasuke and Naruko, crossing streets, causing villagers to riot.
      A light drink sounded.
      “Tudun Tuliu Wall!”
      Between the ground vibrations, a thick stone wall rose from the ground, blocking the way of the snow devil ape.
      “Teacher Kakashi!”
      Seeing the bearer using Ninjutsu, Narako was pleasantly surprised.
      Kakashi stood on the wall of the soil flow and said helplessly, “I knew that any trouble would definitely have something to do with you.”
      At the same time, Kakashi turned his eyes to the white wings behind Sasuke, and his eye pupil was miniature.
      What’s that?
      What special ninja, or some kind of ninja?
      I’ve never heard of Konoha having such a thing.
      But now is not the time to think about it.
      Kakashi looked at the murderous snow devil ape in front of him and said, “I’d better get rid of you first.”
      Seeing the black mask man blocking his way to chase Naizi, the snow devil ape roared, his big feet shattered the street, and his black giant fist hit Kakashi like a meteor.
      Kakashi’s palm was harsh and Lei Guang rose.
      Thunder and lightning ‘scratching’ sound, like a thousand birds out of the forest.
      Kakashi suddenly jumped to avoid the fist of the snow magic ape, and at the same time stabbed Lei Guang’s fiery palm to the forehead of the snow magic ape.
      In an instant, bones were broken and blood spattered.
      The palm filled with thunder and lightning was like an invincible thunder spear, piercing the skull of the snow devil ape in an instant.
      When the snow magic ape moved stiffly, the light in the eye pupil gradually dispersed and finally became completely dim.
      With the sound of “bang”, the body of the snow devil ape fell back, and its huge body smashed the street into a shock.
      Seeing the snow devil ape killed, Sasuke and Naruko came down from the air.
      Kakashi shook the blood from his hand, looked at the two men and asked, “You two, what the hell is going on? Who made this monster a summoner?”
      Sasuke shook his head. “It’s not a summoner, it’s a dangerous species.”
      “Dangerous species?”
      Kakashi Zheng.
      This is the first time he has heard of this noun.
      Sasuke explained to Kakashi: “The dangerous species comes from” Chop! The terrible creature in the cartoon “Red Pupil” has monster-level destructive power. ”
      “” Chop! In the cartoon of the pupil of latosolic red… ”
      Kakashi said with a black line on his forehead: “Are you trying to tell me that this monster came out of cartoons?”
      “Ps: Seek flowers and collect!” *
      Chapter 0007 Teacher Kakashi, we all know
      Naruko hammered his hand and said excitedly, “Teacher Kakashi, that’s right! That’s the thing!”
      Kakashi’s mouth twitched under his black mask and said, “You two, I’m not so confused.”
      Monsters come from comics?
      You two have a lot of imagination.
      “This is true!”
      Naruko took out the transformed Hungarian needle and pointed to the winged emperor behind Sasuke. He said, “Today, a comic book shop opened. If you look at the comics in that comic book shop, you can get a reward from the comics.
      Mine is this transformed Hungarian needle, which can be transformed into a moon sailor soldier.
      Sasuke’s is a flying Tigu Mostima.
      This dangerous species belongs to Cherry Sakura. ”
      “This is…”
      Kakashi was shocked and looked at Jacky.
      He believes that even if Naruto talks nonsense, Sasuke certainly won’t.
      Sasuke nodded. “That’s true.”
      Kakashi is even more stupid.
      From the bottom of his heart, he didn’t believe that there would be such strange things in the world.
      But seeing Sasuke and Naruko say so definitely, he can’t help wavering.
      Moreover, Sasuke’s flying prop is really not like Muye Village or other things in Ninja Village.
      Is what Naruto said true?
      But that’s too bizarre, isn’t it?
      At this point,
      A large number of Konoha ninjas chased the movement and came here.
      The leader, who did not know the fire, took a toothpick in his mouth, looked at the body of the snow devil ape that had been killed on the ground, looked at Kakashi again, and asked, “What happened here.”
      Kakashi said, “Please take the body of this monster back to the laboratory first and let the people in the laboratory study it. I still have some things to deal with here.”
      Before determining the authenticity of a thing, he is used to keeping a cautious attitude and cannot draw conclusions easily.
      He must go to the comic book shop in person before deciding what to do with it.
      I don’t know the fire Xuan nodded.
      People use a storage scroll to seal the body of the snow devil ape in the scroll and take it back.
      Kakashi said to Naruko and Sasuke, “Now, show me the comic book shop you mentioned.”
      Naruko smiled and said, “Teacher Kakashi, you will definitely not be disappointed.”
      Suddenly, Kakashi frowned and said, “Naruto, how long will you hold Sasuke like this woman?”
      Sasuke and Naruko looked down, only to find that Naruko had just been hugging Sasuke’s arm.
      The two men’s faces turned red and quickly let go at the same time, turning their faces to one side.
      Naruko knot seal, back to Naruto.
      However, when two people touched their eyes, they still turned their heads awkwardly.
      Naruto’s heart said: The feeling of women’s clothing is actually not bad ~
      Sasuke said: How can I react to a guy like that? How can I fix it!
      Kakashi was led by Naruto and Sasuke to a comic book shop.
      Sakura Harano, who was sitting in front of the comic book shop, saw Naruto and showed her eyes eager to dismember her into ten thousand pieces.
      Kakashi said, “KINOMOTO SAKURA, which dangerous species just now?”
      Harano Sakura snorted softly: “I was rewarded for reading comics. Who knows why this is the kind of thing that comes to me.”
      Kakashi’s eye pupil shrank.
      It seems that what the three of them said should be true.
      Kakashi was more curious in his heart. He walked into the cartoon shop and said to God Night, “Boss, I heard that your cartoon here is very different. I came here specially to have a look.”
      “Everyone can only read one book for 5,000 taels for the first time. After that, the price doubles every time. After reading it, 100% will randomly get a reward in a cartoon.”
      God night chuckled: “Why, do you want to see it?”
      “Take one.”
      Kakashi was astounded at such a high and snowballing price, but he still offered 5,000 taels to explore the authenticity of the comic book store.
      God’s night pointed to the bookshelf. “There are 3 cartoons on it. Choose for yourself.”
      Kakashi came to the bookshelf.
      Naruto three people looked around one after another, guessing which one Kakashi would choose.
      Sasuke said faintly: “Kakashi will definitely choose” Chop! The pupil of latosolic red “, after all, it is the highest level of strength among the three books.”
      Harano Sakura immediately said, “Sasuke is right!”
      Naruto showed a look of disdain. “You two still don’t know Mr. Kakashi. He will definitely choose the book” Beautiful Girl Warrior-Part 1. ”
      “Do you think everyone is the same as you?”
      Harano Sakura sarcastically said.
      Kakashi looked at it and finally picked up “Beautiful Girl Warrior-Part 1”.
      Chunye Sakura’s expression instantly solidified, and then snorted: “Sure enough, you men are all a virtue!”
      Seeing Naruto’s three eyes of ‘You are such a Kakashi teacher’, Kakashi coughed and said, “Well, I’m just curious.”
      Naruto flew in a look. “Needless to say, Mr. Kakashi, we all understand.”
      Kakashi picked up the cartoon and sat in his seat to read it.
      Naruto three people all know the rules and wait by honestly.
      Kakashi finished watching “Beautiful Girl Warrior-Part 1” in less than an hour as fast as possible.
      At this point,
      A message appears on the system interface of God Night.
      “The customer flag wood Kakashi has finished reading” Beautiful Girl Warrior-Part 1 “and won-‘Gentleman’s Staff’!”
      “‘Gentleman’s staff’-a weapon that can dominate at close range, and can also rotate the gentleman’s staff at high speed to form a protective barrier to remove or even rebound the enemy’s attack.”
      A brilliant brilliance fell in front of Kakashi.
      Suddenly, the brilliance dispersed.
      A long black staff with elegant aristocratic flavor lay across the table.
      “This is a gentleman’s staff in the mask of evening dress!”
      Naruto, who has seen “American Girl Warrior-Part 1”, immediately said, “I have seen it in cartoons. It is a very powerful weapon.”
      Hearing this, Chunye Sakura was even more sad.
      Even Mr. Kakashi’s luck is so good.
      Why is it that I am the only one who gets the BT monster, which breaks down…
      “This is!”
      Kakashi picked up the gentleman’s staff and showed dignified eyes.
      He just seemed casual, but in fact he had been watching closely, but he still did not find out what principle this black staff relied on.
      Kakashi took a gentleman’s staff and asked to God Night, “Boss, this gentleman’s staff…”
      “It can open the protective barrier and resist or even rebound Ninja.”
      God night said: “Although there is an upper limit of tolerance, beyond the upper limit, there is no resistance, but on the whole it is still good.”
      “May I have a try?”
      “It is already your thing.”
      God smiles at night.
      Kakashi walked outside the comic book shop with a gentleman’s staff and said to Sasuke, “Sasuke, try attacking me with your fireball.”
      Sasuke came outside and quickly tied the seal of fireball with both hands.
      After the knot was printed, Sasuke lifted his breath fiercely, his cheeks bulged, and then he sprayed it forward with all his strength.
      “The art of fire, Hao fireball!”
      A dazzling and scorching giant fireball, with a surging heat wave, rushed towards Kakashi.
      Kakashi blocked the gentleman’s staff in front of him and turned it quickly.
      At this time, a dim light appeared from the gentleman’s staff, and a pale white barrier emerged.
      “Ps: Seek flowers and collect!” *
      Chapter 0008 Extracting New Cartoons
      Howe fireballs with horrible high temperatures hit the barrier hard.
      However, the Hao fireball not only failed to break through the defense of the gentleman’s staff, but was bounced back by an invisible force.
      Sasuke’s face changed and he hurried away.
      Dangerous and dangerous to avoid the bounce back of the flame attack.
      “It’s amazing!”
      “I really bounced back Ninjutsu!”
      Naruto and Sakura Harano both saw stars and envied them.
      Kakashi was also moved by the ability of the gentleman’s staff. “It’s really not easy.”
      Not only can it defend, but it can also rebound Ninja.
      Although there is a defense ceiling, it is not easy for ordinary ninjas to break it.
      If you suddenly take out this gentleman’s staff in actual combat, you can definitely catch the enemy off guard.
      By testing the gentleman’s staff, Kakashi finally confirmed it.
      This comic book shop can really bring the things in comics into reality!
      Kakashi said seriously to Shenye: “Boss, your comic book shop really deserves its reputation and can bring things in comics into reality.
      However, you must also understand that this matter is of great importance, and I must report to the third generation of Huo Ying adults.
      I hope you’ll understand. ”
      He knows very well the meaning of such a comic book shop.
      If there are more comics in this comic store, if there are more rewards from comics in reality.
      Then, the whole Muye Village and even the whole endure world will undergo earth-shaking changes.
      This is not exaggeration at all, but necessity.
      Rewards that can enhance strength, such as the gentleman’s staff in his hand, Sasuke’s flying emperors and Naruto’s transformation into Hungarian needles, are enough to subvert a war if they appear on the battlefield on a large scale.
      Not to mention, he saw many abilities stronger than these rewards in cartoons.
      If it appears, it is impossible to imagine.
      Such an important thing, he must immediately report to the three generations of Huo Ying ape flying day chop.
      God Yedan smiled: “As long as it doesn’t hinder my business, I don’t mind you making a free advertisement for me.”
      God night shop was not intended to hide from anyone.
      Newcomers are all guests, and they all give him money and benefits. There is no reason to refuse them.
      Kakashi’s report to Ape Flying Day Chop can instead enhance the popularity of comic book shops and bring more customers.
      Of course, if Konoha wants to target or restrict comic shops, Shenye will also let them know what is not to be provoked.
      “Thank you very much.”
      Kakashi nodded and used instant body technique to turn into a afterimage and disappear.
      Seeing Kakashi leave, Sasuke also said, “I’ll go back first.”
      He still needs more practice to master Diku Mostima perfectly.
      Moreover, it takes a strong spirit to control the emperor, which also requires constant running-in to be familiar with.
      See Sasuke leave, Harano Sakura also left.
      As he walked, he still beat Hungary crazily in his heart.
      Why can everyone get good things, but his own is the monster, it is too inhuman.
      “Boss, I will come again tomorrow.”
      Naruto made up his mind to take out all the change hidden in the cracks in the floor and under the cabinet when he went home, and get a reward more severe than Sasuke tomorrow.
      After several people left, God picked up the teacup at night and looked at the system panel.
      [Host: God Night]
      [Comic book: “Chop! Red Pupil”, “Beautiful Girl Soldier-Part 1”, “Tian Long Ba Bu”]
      [Extraction: One cartoon can be extracted for receiving 3 customers, 5/3 people have been received, and one cartoon can be extracted]
      [Task: Receive 50 customers cumulatively and get a mysterious reward. Received: 5/50]
      “Mysterious reward, a little looking forward to it.”
      Shenye also did not know what the mysterious reward was, but according to the system, it was all mysterious props related to the comic book store. He said to the system, “System, extract a comic book.”
      “Begin to extract…”
      [Extract Comics-Digital Baby-Part 1]
      “Digital Baby-Part 1″-Young Ya Shen Taiyi attended summer camp with his friends, but was magically transmitted to a digital world.
      There, they got a magical life partner called ‘Digital Baby’.
      These children are regarded as the future of the digital world, and they want to solve the crisis of this digital world together with the digital babies… ”
      “Digital baby is good.”
      Shenye is also familiar with this cartoon.
      It contains digital treasures with strange attributes and can evolve continuously. This setting will definitely be very popular.
      Put the comic book “Digital Baby-Part 1” on the bookshelf.
      Seeing the meal, God went to the kitchen to fry two dishes at night. After eating, he continued to wait leisurely for the customers to come.
      Japanese residence.
      “Don’t just use your arms, but every part of your body!”
      “You must ensure that every point of strength you play is accurately hit on one point!”
      The sun-to-sun foot in a white kimono urged her 7-year-old daughter to practice with fireworks. She did not have the slightest tolerance because the fireworks were still young, and her severity was almost outrageous.
      Fireworks wear training clothes, long hair tied up, and keep punching.
      With the determination to break through constantly in his eyes.
      Drop by drop of sweat flowed down from the young face and fell to the ground without any pause.
      Although the solar foot is strict on the surface, the heart is still very sure of the fireworks.
      Because he was dissatisfied with Hinata’s introverted and weak character from an early age, he thought that Hinata was not enough to shoulder the inheritance of the Japanese family, so the Japanese foot put more efforts on his sister’s fireworks.
      Fireworks did not disappoint him.
      At an early age, he has cultivated supercilious look and soft boxing to a certain level.
      The gate was pushed open and Hinata came in.
      The sun did not turn its head, but with a 360-degree supercilious look without dead corners, it was already known that it was Hinata and said coldly, “I’m back.”
      Hinata slightly bowed his head. “Yes.”
      “Don’t think you can relax after graduating from ninja school. This is just the beginning of the ninja road. The difficulties you have to face are all behind.”
      “If you can’t temper yourself strong enough, any task may kill you.”
      Although he is strict in appearance, he cares for his children by no means less than any parent.
      However, he didn’t want to see his two daughters set foot on the ninja road as weak.
      He hopes that his two daughters will really become stronger and become people who can control their own destiny.
      In those days, because he was not strong enough.
      I can only watch my brother go from day to day. In order to give an explanation to Yunyin Village, which was clearly kidnapped by Hinata but bitten back by the Japanese clan, I chose to commit suicide.
      Since then, he has hated himself extremely. As a brother, he has no ability to protect his brother.
      He doesn’t want his two daughters to repeat his mistakes in the future.
      He has experienced it, and he knows what a feeling of humiliation and despair it is.
      “I know.”
      Hinata nodded.
      Sun suddenly turned around and pulled himself apart. He said indifferently, “Hatoda, I haven’t tested your physical skills for a long time. Come on, let me see if you have made any progress.”
      Hinoda Zheng, immediately said: “Yes.”
      Hinata also pulled himself apart.
      However, it is not a soft boxing in the sun, but a dragon with 18 palms.
      The eyebrows of the sun’s feet can’t help but wrinkle.
      As a master of wood sports, he naturally saw that Hinata did not use the starting style of Japanese soft boxing, nor did he even belong to any sports school of Konoha.
      “It seems that I have learned something new. Let me see it!”
      The sun is cold, the foot is cold, the foot is on the ground, and one palm is taken.
      Hinata started his supercilious look, and the meridians beside his eyes bulged, clearly capturing the movement of the sun and the foot. At the same time, the fine palm changed and the transportation capacity moved.
      “Don’t use the hidden dragon!”
      “Ps: Seek flowers and collect!” *
      Chapter 0009 The Shock of the Solar Foot
      “Don’t use the hidden dragon!”
      The fine mans in the white eyes of Hinada suddenly brightened, and a palm struck horizontally.
      This palm castrated deeply and whispered with the wind, like a dragon returning to the abyss.
      “She used this is what body?
      How dare you confront me? ”
      The sun is moving.
      This is only a small test. Naturally, he will not use his real strength.
      Otherwise, there is no need to compare with his strength.
      But this is the move, with the strength of Hinoda is absolutely unable to take, even dare not face “front”.
      Today, palm to palm directly?
      Where did you get your confidence?
      Moreover, this palm vaguely reveals a kind of extraordinary.
      Seemingly simple, but there is a lot of mystery.
      Even he couldn’t help but feel unfathomable.
      Think carefully without waiting for the day.
      Hinata and the Japanese feet have hit one place.
      The two palms have not yet met, but the strong-willed palm wind has collided.
      Then, two blue chakra impact, there was a muffled sound.
      The eye pupil of the sun’s foot shrinks.
      Hinata actually took the palm head-on?
      Although Hinata’s strength is still insufficient, he can clearly feel that Hinata is violently impacting his strength with his own strength.
      Although Hinoda’s chakra is not as large as his, this mysterious palm technique makes up for this technically.
      This palm is also him.
      If it were for other peers, I’m afraid few people can take it.
      The shock to the sun is yet to come.
      Hinata takes his right foot as the supporting point, draws a circle on his left foot, and turns around.
      Short black hair flows with the body.
      The other hand suddenly softened the rigidity and hit the front of the sun and the foot of Hungary.
      Chakra fills the air in her palm, faintly turning into a blue dragon head shape, ferocious mouth opening, biting over, really amazing.
      “This is!”
      Heliopod discoloration.
      Hinata not only saw his palm strength rise, but also mastered this degree of chakra’s morphological changes?
      This is the ability that a ninja with a medium tolerance level can master. How did Hinada get it?
      At this moment, he even doubted whether this was Hinata or not, and whether it was disguised by transformation.
      At the same time,
      Even he was caught off guard when the Japanese foot discovered the change of Hinata’s palm.
      If we say that the palm just now is like a dragon returning to the deep, it is unfathomable.
      So at the moment of this palm, is like a dragon out of the deep, there is a straight into the sky overbearing martial arts!
      How can the palm method still change like this?
      It’s so subtle!
      This is like giving yourself a good lesson!
      At the moment,
      The sun’s foot no longer has any carelessness and completely opens its eyes.
      He has already regarded Hinata as a truly qualified opponent to fight with him, taking out a certain strength and playing with him seriously.
      The father and daughter fought fiercely with physical skills.
      The palm wind roared and the waves fluctuated.
      Strands of air billow cut off the weeds around them.
      “See the dragon in the field!”
      “The dragon fights in the wild!”
      “Frost and ice!”
      Hinata’s eyes gradually became firm in the battle, and he fully displayed the 18 palms of the dragon. From time to time, the chakra on his palm turned into dragon shapes, strong-willed and sharp, and varied, as if the SHEN WOO dragons were dancing.
      The sun is full of sun and feet in the battle with Hinata, and the eyes are constantly bursting with burning essence.
      The shock in my heart is inexplicable, and at the same time I am completely excited.
      The original palm method can still be practiced like this?
      It turns out that the extreme rigidity can also contain such extreme softness?
      Da Gang and Da Rou, Da Rou is Da Gang!
      This is the height of martial arts he never imagined!
      There is also the dragon-like unpredictability and dragon-like arrogance hidden in the palm method.
      The moves are all mysterious and seem to have the power to subdue dragons.
      That is the realm that every master of body art yearns for.
      Unexpectedly, today I actually saw this daughter who was recognized as not a ninja.
      Japan feels that its world outlook is being violently impacted.
      After dozens of moves,
      The Japanese foot closed the trick, looked at Hinata and said seriously, “Enough, no more tests.”
      After a pause, Japan said, “I take back what I said to you before. You have enough qualifications to be a ninja of the Japan clan. I approve of you.”
      Hinata’s current strength has made a qualitative leap.
      And for the mystery of the mysterious palm method, even he has to feel ashamed of himself.
      He was even deeply inspired by this palm method in the battle with Hinata.
      He believes that as long as he is given time, he will definitely make a breakthrough and improve his strength.
      For his daughter’s transformation, he chose to praise her harshly and completely different from the past.
      Hinada’s face lit up.
      In my memory, my father has never recognized himself so much.
      The fireworks next to it only recovered from the shock just now, and was pleasantly surprised: “Sister is so powerful!”
      Although the Japanese foot has recognized Hinata, its expression is still dignified: “Hinata, you are not the body skill of our Japanese clan. Where did you learn it?”
      Hinata’s cheeks were red. “God Night King opened a comic book shop.”
      Hearing the words “God Night King”, the eyebrows of the sun’s feet could not help but pick them.
      Although most of his thoughts are spent on fireworks, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t pay attention to Hinata.
      He vaguely knew that Hinata seemed to have a deep affection for this young man called God Night.
      I didn’t think I went out to God’s night just now…
      Hinata said: “The cartoon shop opened by God Night King can go in and read a cartoon for 5,000 taels. Only one cartoon can be read every day, and the price will double every time afterwards.”
      Hearing this, the corners of the mouth of the sun are wide.
      5000 two read a comic book…
      And the price has to double every time…
      Hinata said: “As long as you finish reading the cartoon, you can get one thing in the cartoon as a reward.
      The palm method I just used, called the Eighteen Palms of the Dragon, was obtained from the cartoon Tian Long Ba Bu. ”
      “What are you talking about?”
      “Can you read comics appropriately?”
      The first sentence is from the sun to the sun, and the next sentence is from fireworks.
      Both father and daughter were shocked by Hinata’s words.
      Japan asked itself that he was well informed, but he had never heard of such a thing.
      However, he knew Hinata could not lie to himself.
      After all, the cartoon shop opened by God Night is in Muye Village. If you want to know whether it is true or not, you can’t hide it at all.
      Moreover, he has never heard of such a new and innovative exquisite palm method in the forbearance world. If it comes from cartoons, it seems more reasonable.
      Hinata went on to say, “There are many powerful palm boxing techniques in Tian Long Ba Bu, some of which are no worse than the eighteen palms of the dragon. This is called martial arts in cartoons.
      For example, the Tianshan Mountains, which can continuously integrate various martial arts and sublimate endlessly, can fold plum hands;
      For example, a six-pulse Excalibur that can be fired from a distance and kill people in the invisible of a snap finger;
      For example, one can use one’s own way and also use one’s own way to move from star to star;
      There is also a bone-melting cotton palm that can smash bones and internal organs in the human body and make people die of great pain…
      They all belong to the category of martial arts. ”
      “Can you integrate other moves?”
      “Launching from a distance, killing people is invisible?”
      “In the same way, do you still give yourself?”
      “Can you also directly attack the human body and smash bones and internal organs?”
      “There are still so many magical techniques?”
      Hearing Hinata’s words, Japan felt as if it had discovered a new continent. Just thinking about it, it was excited and eagerly said, “Hinata, lead me to that cartoon shop! I want to see this cartoon you said!”
      The fireworks were busy saying, “Sister, I’m going too!”
      “Of course!”
      Hinata smiled.
      I’m worried that I don’t know where to go to publicize God’s night. Now it’s just right.
      “Ps: Seek flowers and collect!” *
      Chapter 0010 ape flying day chop guess
      Huo Ying Office.
      Three generations of Huo Ying Ape Fei Ri Chop is smoking a pipe and reviewing documents.
      The shadow flashed and Kakashi appeared in the office.
      “Oh, it’s Kakashi.”
      Ape Fei Ri Chop took down his pipe and looked at Kakashi with a smile. He said, “Why, is Naruto the boy causing any trouble again?”
      “No, it’s not Naruto, it’s about a newly opened comic book store.”
      Kakashi said with a rare serious expression: “I think this matter is of great importance and must be reported to you.”
      Ape flying day chop holding the pipe hand also can’t help but slightly stagnant.
      Kakashi’s character is calm and calm, but he rarely shows this expression in his impression.
      Kakashi explained the whole story to Ape Feiri Chop, then handed the gentleman’s staff to Ape Feiri Chop and said, “This is the reward I got from the book” Beautiful Girl Warrior-Part 1 “. The gentleman’s staff with the mask of evening dress can defend or even rebound Ninja.”
      “Is there such an incredible thing?”
      Ape flying day chop smoking a pipe, expression is rare serious, took the gentleman’s staff carefully examined, said: “This gentleman’s staff has some very strange energy, completely different from any chakra breath…”
      Known as “Doctor of Ninjutsu”, he has mastered more than thousands of kinds of Ninjutsu and dabbled in many fields.
      But in the face of this gentleman’s staff, there is a feeling of unclear research.
      Ape flying day chop wants to test it.
      Only to find that he could not launch a gentleman’s staff at all.
      “This is also one of the magical things about this thing. Only I can use it, and no one else can use it even if they get it.”
      Kakasi Road.
      This is, of course, the setting of the divine cartoon store system.
      Rewards that customers get from comic book shops.
      If it is an article, only the owner can play its due role.
      If it is a skill, the owner cannot pass it on to others in any way.
      This is tantamount to saying that no matter what reward you get from the cartoon, the owner can only use it himself.
      “Something interesting.”
      The ape flew to the day and chopped with a smile: “Then Kakashi, please demonstrate it.”
      Kakashi tested the ability of a gentleman’s staff to the ape’s flying day chop face to face.
      Having seen the magical power of a gentleman’s staff, Ape Feiri nodded and said, “It is indeed a good item. As for the comic book shop you mentioned, do you know anything else?”
      Ape flying day chop naturally understand the risks of this cartoon shop.
      This comic book shop can endow people with unknown magic power, and may even make an ordinary person become a strong person, with opportunities that countless people dream of.
      However, the danger is also obvious.
      Only this time, Chunye Sakura summoned a dangerous species with amazing destructive power.
      What if the next summon is a monster of tail beast level?
      Or what terrible ability has been acquired by some people who are ill-intentioned towards Konoha?
      Then the disaster will be immeasurable.
      Most importantly, the existence of this comic book store made him feel a crisis.
      It gives civilian ninjas the opportunity to change their fate, become strong, and then impact the entire ruling class, which is not what he is willing to see.
      “That’s all I know.”
      Kakashi said, “Lord Huo Ying, do you need to investigate?”
      “Wait a minute.”
      The ape took out a wooden box and opened it. There was a crystal ball in it. He said, “Look before making a decision.
      If it is as you said, then the owner of this comic book store is definitely not a simple person.
      We can’t offend such people rashly, we must investigate carefully first. ”
      “What you said is.”
      Kakashi nodded.
      Apes cut their hands on the day of flying, and the crystal ball began to change.
      But after a long time, there is still only darkness and nothing can be seen.
      “How is this possible?”
      Apes fly to behead in consternation.
      My telescope has never failed. Why can’t I even check a comic book store?
      Ape flying day chop began to strengthen the spirit used in exploration, trying to break through this mysterious energy that prevented exploration.
      At this point,
      On the night of God in the comic book shop, my eyes flashed.
      He not only has invincible strength in the comic book store, but also has omnipotent perception.
      Someone is probing into the comic book shop, and naturally he can’t escape his perception.
      And he knew that the source of this exploratory power was the ape flying day chop in the Huo Ying office.
      It’s just that apes fly and cut themselves too high.
      Don’t say it’s him, this cartoon shop, which has the power of the system, can’t detect any information even if it exists at the level of a saint.
      “Ha ha, do you want to see it?”
      God night corners of the mouth slightly a Yang.
      Manipulate a domineering spiritual energy and bite back at the source of this exploratory force.
      At the moment, the ape flying day chop in the Huo Ying office is manipulating the crystal ball to use the telescope.
      His forehead was constantly sweating, and his exploration power was increasing, but it seemed to be blocked by an iron wall, and no matter how hard he tried, he could not break through any point.
      At this moment, suddenly from the crystal ball back to bite back a strong spiritual force.
      When the ape flew to the day, he felt that there seemed to be a thunder exploding in his brain, and his spirit was hit hard by this anti-biting force. ‘Wow’ spit out a mouthful of blood, all of which were sprayed on the documents on his desk.
      Kakashi quickly held the ape to fly to the sun and said, “Lord Huo Ying, you!”
      “No, nothing.”
      Ape flying day cut a wipe of blood on the corners of his mouth, weak way: “Unexpectedly, the owner of this comic book shop has such horrible strength.
      My telescope technique not only failed to break any shield, but was discovered by him.
      This is just a warning from him to me.
      Otherwise, I will not only suffer this injury. ”
      Kakashi was shocked: “How did he do it?”
      Across half of Muye Village, you can use your spiritual power to attack apes and cut such strong people?
      How horrible is this?
      “I don’t know. I only know that this person’s spirit has reached an incredible level, and his strength is definitely far above me.”
      Apes fly to cut the way with fear in their eyes.
      Even if he had faced Qianshou Pillar and Uchiha Boba, he had never felt such oppressive feeling.
      But it was only a contact with the owner of the comic book shop who had never met before, which was not even a confrontation, but it made him think like this in his heart.
      Kakashi smell speech, eyes show violent vibration.
      Even the three generations of Huo Ying are far inferior to themselves. I’m afraid there is no one in today’s forbearance world, is there?
      The comic book shop owner, who looks like he should be 20 years old, is so terrible?
      He was glad that he had not rashly told other Konoha ninjas that he was right.
      Otherwise, if someone provokes such a terrible figure, it is likely to bring a terrible disaster to Konoha.
      The ape flew to cut his breath for a while, looked a little better, and used the telescope again. He said, “Just observe the comic book shop from the outside this time. In this case, I think it won’t offend the owner of the comic book shop.”
      With the lesson just now, Ape Feiri Chop no longer has the idea of looking inside the comic book store, but only observes from a distance who enters the comic book store and what he gets from the comic book store.
      The picture outside the comic book shop gradually emerged in the crystal ball.
      In the picture of the crystal ball, a beautiful woman dressed in a special tolerance suit woven with white cloth strips, carrying a bright flower basket, walks to the comic book shop.
      “Ps: Seek flowers and collect!” *
      Chapter 0011 Digital Baby
      “Congratulations on the opening of the new store of God Nightclub Manager.”
      Xi Rihong placed a carefully selected flower basket from a flower shop in the mountain on the counter. A pair of beautiful eyes as magnificent as rubies bent into a crescent shape and smiled, “Help your business prosper.”
      God took the flower basket at night and chuckled, “Sister Hong, you are a little late.”
      God’s father once saved his father’s life on the battlefield, and the two became close friends from then on.
      Therefore, God’s night is also very familiar with the evening day red.
      After God’s parents died, Xi Rihong took care of him like a sister.
      As for the ape flying day to cut the telescope to observe the cartoon shop from a distance, it doesn’t matter anyway, and God’s night is too lazy to pay attention.
      “I just came back from my mission.”
      The evening sun red with silk lazy backing, diffuse wonderful figure curve proudly presented, said: “By the way, how is your business?”
      “Five people have just arrived.”
      God said at night, “And your student, Hinata.”
      The evening red smell speech will beautiful cheeks close to the god night, close to the god night can even smell the fragrance from the woman’s long hair, joked: “That girl is very attentive to you.
      Good-looking, good-natured, and darling daughter of the Japanese family.
      When are you going to do it? ”
      God laughed at night: “I think it would be great for her to come with her teacher, a pure girl and a sexy royal sister, and enjoy the happiness of all people.”
      “Little God night, you are not good!”
      The evening is red and the face is purples. Jade refers to a little forehead of God at night.
      It’s just that there is no harsh meaning in the tone, but there is a trace of love and ignorance.
      Xi Rihong also noticed that his actions just now seemed to be too loving and ignorant, and he didn’t know how to speak at that time.
      God night broke the embarrassment and smiled: “How, do you want to read a cartoon?”
      “You have too few cartoons here.”
      Xi Rihong followed God’s words at night, walked to the front of the bookshelf and looked at the four cartoons on the bookshelf.
      “Good things can’t be taken out at once.”
      God night said: “I read 5000 two books for the first time, and after reading 100%, I won a random award in the cartoon.”
      “Your idea is quite good.”
      When I smiled red in the evening, I thought it was a kind of management method of God’s night, such as reading cartoons and sending them around.
      The woman scanned her eyes, chose the book “Digital Baby-Part 1” just drawn by God Night, and sat in her position to look.
      “Digital Baby? A kind of virtual living body living on the computer network?
      What does computer network mean?
      Wow, this bhikkhu beast looks very cute.
      This zombie Tyrannosaurus Rex looks a little scary. ”
      Xi Rihong was soon attracted by the story in Digital Baby-Part 1.
      The novel plot and setting inside opened her eyes.
      Like a childlike child, he will even be nervous about the danger encountered by Ya Shen Taiyi.
      Time passed without knowing it.
      After reading the cartoon, Xi Rihong still has some unfinished business.
      At this point,
      A system message emerges.
      “Customer Xi Rihong has finished reading” Digital Baby-Part 1 “and won-‘Floating Ball Beast’!”
      “‘Floating Ball Beast’-a young seed-type digital beast with white hair, likes to fly in the air while looking for places without enemies. When encountering enemies, it will spit out adhesive bubbles and then take the opportunity to escape.
      After the system is modified, the digital baby can evolve through the owner’s continuous chakra. ”
      A ray of light fell on the table in front of the evening red.
      When the light dispersed, it turned into a cute little beast with snow-white body and no hands or feet.
      Xi Rihong opened his mouth in shock, “This is…”
      “You are lucky, this is a floating beast.”
      Shenye said, “This floating ball beast is a female digital baby. As long as you keep feeding it with chakra, it can evolve into a flower fairy beast and a rose beast in the future.”
      “What you just said… is all true?”
      The evening day is red and dull and looks at the divine night. “This is amazing!”
      She thought that the reward mentioned by Shenye was just to send a poster, doll or something.
      Unexpectedly, there will really be a digital baby.
      This is a creature in comics.
      Moreover, she has just read cartoons and knows that these digital treasures have evolved to a certain extent, but their strength is quite horrible.
      Digital treasures like Demon Beast and Clown Emperor are no weaker than the shadow-level ones, and may even be stronger.
      The big BOSS apocalyptic beast even has the terrorist power to turn the whole digital world into darkness.
      If this floating ball beast can be well cultivated, it will definitely be a super thug.
      At this time, the evening sun is red and the eyes looking at God’s night are full of shock.
      It is definitely not just an ordinary person who can open such a comic book shop.
      It can’t be described too much as unfathomable.
      But for her, God’s night is still God’s night, as long as you know this is enough.
      After being surprised, Xi Rihong turned his eyes back to the floating beast.
      The furry white beast, staring at a pair of MengMeng’s big dark eyes, made the woman have no resistance.
      Xi Rihong loved to pick up the floating ball beast and said, “Then you can come home with me, OK?”
      The floating ball beast made a tender voice similar to that of a girl. “Good, good.”
      “How can you still talk?”
      Evening red is even more surprising.
      “I downloaded your human language when I was born.”
      Floating beast path.
      “Wow, it’s really cute.”
      The evening sun red hugged the floating ball beast, even more fondle admiringly.
      Xi Rihong held the floating ball beast and smiled at God Night: “I have harvested a lovely pet today, and I will come again tomorrow.”
      “Welcome at any time.”
      God night laughed.
      “Then, little god night, my sister is gone.”
      The evening sun red gently tilted his head, showed a sweet smile, and left with the floating ball beast in his arms.
      In the Huo Ying office, ape flying day chop saw Xi Rihong come out with a floating ball beast through a crystal ball and sank: “Xi Rihong didn’t have the white pet in her arms when she entered. Did she get it from the cartoon?”
      Kakashi said: “It should be. The owner of the comic book store said that he might get any reward from the comic book. Before that, KINOMOTO SAKURA’s reward was a dangerous species.”
      “It’s an incredible comic book shop.”
      Suddenly, the ape’s expression moved slightly and said, “Did that boy go too?”
      Asma, who came across the street, saw the evening red and said hello with a smile.
      Xi Rihong held the floating ball beast and nodded politely.
      Although Asma has pursued her many times, she has explicitly refused.
      Meet at ordinary times is just a casual courtesy.
      Asma looked at the floating beast in the red arms of the evening and smiled: “It’s a lovely little animal.”
      “I got it in the comic book store. I have something to do. I have to go first.”
      Red Road in the evening, and then leave with the floating beast.
      Asma was going to say more to Xi Rihong, but he didn’t expect the latter to leave as soon as he said, and didn’t give him a chance to speak.
      “Comic book shop?”
      Asma looked curiously at a comic book shop in front and walked in.
      “Boss, just now… was it you?”
      Asma recognized God Night at the first sight when she came in, and her face shook slightly.
      Xi Rihong refused himself many times, but he was very close to God’s night. He often went shopping and ate with God’s night, which made him feel that the reason why Xi Rihong refused himself was probably because of God’s night.
      Seeing the night of God, I immediately felt like seeing a rival in love.
      [ps: Seek flowers and collect! The data is a bit miserable, please support the bosses! ” *
      Chapter 0012 Stool Collected for Many Years
      God sat in his seat at night and said slowly, “This customer, do you need anything?”
      “Is Hong the pet he bought here just now?”
      Asked Asma.
      “Not to buy.”
      God Night said, “Everyone can read a comic book for the first time for 5,000 taels, and get a reward from the comic book at random.
      The floating ball beast held by Sister Hong is the reward for watching Digital Baby-Part 1 just now. ”
      Although he is not very cold to Asma, there is no reason not to do the door-to-door business.
      Asma did not dare to believe God’s words, but she still said, “Then I will read one too.”
      I’d like to see what tricks you are playing.
      Asma thought so in her heart, put down the 5000 taels of money and picked up the “Digital Baby-Part 1”.
      Soon, Asma was attracted by the cartoon plot of Digital Baby and enjoyed it.
      Although there are cartoons in Huoying World, they are almost all ninja themes, and the plot is too old-fashioned to make people lose their teeth.
      It’s not like this cartoon at all.
      The leading group was summoned to cross the digital world. There are countless digital treasures here, which can evolve into various forms, novel and beautiful. Once you see them, you can never pull them out.
      At that time,
      Muye Maru and Ebisu also came in.
      “Naruto boss should be talking about this comic book shop?”
      As soon as Muye Maru entered the store, he looked around with excitement.
      He originally wanted to find something lively, but he gave up after searching for a long time without finding it.
      Later, when I met Naruto, I heard Naruto say that there was a cartoon shop that could get rewards from cartoons by reading cartoons. Konoha Maru immediately went straight here to kill him.
      How can I not be in such an interesting place?
      “Master Muye Maru, you can’t listen to Naruto’s nonsense at all. He is a guy who has been full of lies since he was a child and does some things that are out of tune.”
      Ebisu pushed small round sunglasses and said, “How can there be such a comic shop? Only fools will come here to read comics!”
      At this point, Ebisu looked around the comic book shop and saw Asma reading the comic book. His eyes were almost bulging in an instant.
      (`)! !
      What the hell!
      Ape fly, why is Asma here!
      He didn’t hear what I just said, did he?
      He soon discovered that he was thinking too much.
      Asma was so absorbed in reading cartoons that she didn’t hear what he was saying at all.
      What cartoon, is it so interesting?
      Ebisu a face of stupid force.
      It is hard to imagine that Asma, a greasy uncle who drinks besides smoking, can still be so fascinated by cartoons.
      “Uncle, you are here, too.”
      Konoha Maru walked over.
      Asma is the second son of the ape flying day, and Muye Maru is the son of the eldest son of the ape flying day.
      Asma just came to his senses and smiled: “It’s Konoha Maru. It’s nothing to read the cartoon.”
      “How about it, is it good-looking?”
      “It’s quite interesting.”
      “Ha ha, really, I want to read one too.”
      Muye Pill finally chose “Chop! Red pupil “, after paying the money, take it to one side and sit and watch.
      Ebisu didn’t want to read cartoons originally, after all, 5000 taels is a lot for him, who only earns dead wages.
      However, seeing that Asma and Muye Maru were so devoted, they laughed like a fat man weighing more than 200 kg from time to time, and he finally couldn’t help paying 5000 taels.
      After picking and choosing, Ebisu chose “Beautiful Girl Warrior-Part 1” and ran aside with a wretched smile to watch it.
      After more than an hour, Asma finally finished reading it.
      System information emerges.
      “Customer Asma has finished reading” Digital Baby-Part 1 “and obtained-‘Unevolvable Shit Beast’!”
      “‘Non-evolvable stool beast’-a digital beast with golden stool shape and disgusting maturity and sudden variation.
      Originally, it was born by sudden variation caused by the accumulation of garbage data thrown into the recycle bin.
      Good at using all kinds of stool attacks.
      This digital treasure cannot evolve and will remain in this form forever. ”
      Looking at Asma’s reward, God couldn’t help gasping at night.
      This luck…
      Can’t evolve a shit beast be okay?
      Asma put the cartoon back on the shelf and asked, “Boss, where is my reward?”
      “Don’t worry.”
      God night said, “You will like your reward very much.”
      A dazzling light fell beside Asma.
      Asma’s expression changed.
      He was completely unaware of how the light appeared.
      The light dissipated,
      A one-meter-high stool beast in Chengcheng Huang appeared, with a big mouth that almost cracked the whole body. He said excitedly, “Did you call me here? Are you my master?”
      “What is it!”
      Asma was startled by the stool beast.
      The stool beast showed a cheap smile and said, “I am a stool beast, and I like stool best.”
      “Boss, what is the situation?”
      Asma looked at the night of God and said dully, “How can there be a shit beast here?”
      “Didn’t you say you wanted to reward?”
      God nodded at night, “That’s it.”
      “I don’t want a shit beast!”
      Asma felt the deep malice of this store.
      God TM reward is shit beast?
      Why is it that the floating ball beast is red in the evening and mine is the stool beast?
      I think you are embarrassing me!
      “The reward in our store is completely random and will not be responsible once it is issued.”
      God shrugged his shoulders at night and said, “Since you have drawn this shit beast, it can only show that you are predestined friends with it.”
      Asma couldn’t wait to gush out a mouthful of old blood.
      What is predestined destiny in life?
      Who wants to be predestined friends with shit beast life?
      However, Muye Maru, who was reading the cartoon, saw Asma actually got a stool beast and said excitedly, “It turned out to be true! If you really read cartoons, you will be rewarded!”
      Ebisu was also shocked.
      Soon, his eyes glowed back to his own hands, the book “Beautiful Girl Warrior-Part 1”.
      If you can get a Mizuno Amei, Huono Li or something…
      That is directly the feeling of the peak of life, jio…
      Ebisu wiped the corners of his mouth with saliva, and his heart howled crazily.
      Beautiful girl soldiers, here I come!
      Asma was so angry that she had nothing to say. She could only say, “What kind of reward do I not want?”
      Said, and turned and left.
      Hearing that he was going to be abandoned, the stool beast hugged Asma and cried with tears in his nose: “Master, don’t leave me.”
      “I am not your master, you let go!”
      “No, I won’t!”
      “I @ # ¥%…”
      “Master, don’t leave me, I can give you my most precious thing!”
      Hearing this, Asma suddenly hesitated and asked with some expectation, “What is a good thing?”
      Although it is a stool beast, it also appears from the world of digital treasures.
      There is probably something treasure from the digital treasure world.
      If so, I am not too deficient.
      The stool beast took out a pink poop from behind and flattered it to Asma. “Only my master you are worthy of this pink poop that I have treasured for many years! It tastes very sweet!”
      Asma, who was still holding a trace of expectation, instantly heard the sound of broken glass in her heart.
      And this is your most precious thing?
      I t … …
      I TM … …
      I TMD … … …
      Asma put one foot on the stool beast and then angrily roared off.
      The stool beast got up and chased after him, shouting, “Master, don’t go! I still have a lot of poop!”
      [ps: Seek flowers and tickets!
      Some readers ask how many watches a day, saying, four watches a day, each watch has more than 2,000 words, the number of words is no less than five watches.
      After all, this subject has to consider interest and plot, and the author’s ability really can’t be faster. “*
      Chapter 0013 This is not an ordinary fat time
      “You two really have a fate.”
      Looking at a person as soon as he went away, God shook his head at night.
      After a while,
      Ebisu took the lead in reading the cartoon and excitedly ran to Shenye and asked, “Boss, what is my reward?”
      Just have one of the beautiful girl warriors.
      It’s really not possible. It’s also possible to have a beautiful girl and a middle school student.
      Oh hoo hoo ~
      Then I can formally break up with my right hand.
      At this point,
      The system brushes out information.
      “Customer Ebisu has finished reading” Beautiful Girl Warrior “and won-‘Queen Belier’s Original Fat Times’!”
      “‘Queen Belier’s Original Fat Time’-Queen Belier’s Original Fat Time, the system guarantees you that it has never been washed.”
      God night one leng.
      Is it possible that the reward is also born from the heart?
      Wretched people even reward is wretched?
      This is true of Asma and Ebisu.
      Looking at Ebisu, who was already impatient, God said at night, “It’s being distributed, but I don’t know if it doesn’t suit your taste.”
      A ray of light fell into Ebisu’s hands.
      Ebisu’s eyes behind the small round sunglasses gradually enlarged, “this kind of hand feeling… this kind of taste…”
      The light dissipated,
      Show a black lace fat…
      Looking at the fat in his hand, Ebisu almost fainted from crying and said, “Why did I get a fat one? My beautiful girl warrior!”
      God night said seriously: “This is not an ordinary fat time.”
      “What do you mean?”
      “This is the fat time worn by Queen Bellier, and it has not been washed.”
      “That’s too much!”
      Hearing this, Ebisu became more angry and said, “How can a serious person like me accept such a thing?”
      Ebisu said, and put the fat in his pocket.
      God Night: (⊙ _ ⊙)
      You are not fake leather, Li Shizhen’s leather.
      Say so righteous words, but the body is so honest.
      Ebisu also felt a little exposed to his nature. He coughed and leaned to the side of God Night and said, “Boss, next time there will be any girl cartoons or adult cartoons, tell me, I’ll help you check to see if they can sell well.”
      God night showed an original expression and said, “I understand.”
      Ebisu’s eyebrows stirred up and he said cheaply, “Boss, you are sure your business will be on fire like this.”
      At this point,
      Wooden leaf pills will also be “cut! The pupil of latosolic red “finished reading.
      “Customer Muye Maru has finished reading” Chop! The pupil of latosolic red “was obtained-‘Warcraft Change-Hundred Arms Giant’!”
      “‘Warcraft Change-Hundred Arms Giant’-biological dog-type emperor, usually just in the form of an ordinary puppy, can become as big as a giant when fighting, and has quite tough combat effectiveness.
      In addition, biological emperors have the characteristic of continuous regeneration as long as they do not break the core.
      The secret skill is rage, which will greatly increase the ability, but it will not be able to act for the next few months. ”
      A ray of light fell in front of Konoha Maru.
      Mu Ye Wan jumped up and stamped his feet with excitement. “Wow, what is it! What is it!”
      The light dissipated,
      Show a white puppy, vomiting uvula, some naive.
      Konoyamaru was immediately stunned and said, “Boss, is this?”
      “Warcraft Change-Hundred Arms Giant, so do you remember?”
      God night laughed.
      “Is that the biological emperor? Is it called Xiaobi?”
      Wooden leaf pill in retrospect at this moment, eyes burst into scorching light.
      In the cartoon, this is a very powerful imperial tool, which can be reborn as long as it is not broken.
      To export, to export, to meat, to meat.
      Especially after the use of secret techniques to become violent, it is even stronger.
      With such an emperor as a bodyguard, he will not be afraid to walk sideways in the village in the future.
      Boss Saigo!
      Comic book shop Saigao!
      At the moment, the white puppy Xiaobi wagged his tail.
      Konoha Maru happily picked up Xiaobi and said, “I also use the name in your cartoon to call you Xiaobi, OK?”
      “Wang! Wang!”
      Xiaobi called twice and happily agreed.
      “Ha, ha, ha, Xiao Bi, you will be my partner in Konoha Maru from now on.”
      Muye Pill lifted Xiaobi up and laughed.
      “Boss, thank you so much!”
      Kimiyamaru held Xiaobi in his arms and said happily, “Your cartoons here are amazing! Tomorrow I will bring Meng Huang and Udon together!”
      I was excited to get Konoha Maru of Xiaobi.
      If he didn’t read the second cartoon only tomorrow, he would definitely read three or five more cartoons now.
      As the third generation of the ape flying clan and the grandson of the current Huo Ying, he does not need to worry about money at all.
      “How many people are welcome.”
      God chuckles at night.
      “Goodbye boss!”
      Konoha Maru said, holding Xiaobi happily left.
      Ebisu still whispered before leaving: “Boss, don’t forget my girl cartoon.”
      Ebisu also went out with a wretched face.
      “Master Muye Maru, your teaching today will come here first. I have something to go home later, so you can go home by yourself.”
      Ebisu found a reason to run away as soon as he left the door.
      Muye Maru wondered, “Why are you going? In other words, I still don’t know what the reward you get?”
      Ebisu smiled awkwardly and said, “I’ll go first.”
      At this point, Ebisu’s sex led to a high departure.
      Touching the pants pocket, from time to time make passers-by creepy’hey hey ‘laughter.
      Kimoyamaru held Xiaobi, looked at Ebisu’s back, frowned and muttered, “Ebisu made this kind of laughter last time, and the next day, he was weak for three consecutive days, and he couldn’t walk steadily.
      This time I laughed more wretched than last time…
      What the hell is going on?
      Forget it, leave him alone.
      Hee hee, Xiaobi, I’ll take you to Muye Village for a walk. ”
      Kimoyamaru and Ebisu left, and God looked at the system panel at night.
      [Host: God Night]
      [Comic book: “Chop! Red Pupil”, “Beautiful Girl Soldier-Part 1”, “Tian Long Ba Bu”, “Digital Baby-Part 1”]
      [Extraction: One cartoon can be extracted for receiving 3 customers, 6/3 people have been received, and 2 times can be extracted]
      [Task: Received a total of 50 customers and received a mysterious reward. Received: 9/50]
      Seeing that it was just enough to extract two cartoons, Shenye said to the system, “System, extract two cartoons.”
      “Begin to extract…”
      [Extract Comics-“Velvet Pattern”]
      “Velvet Pattern”-San Tin, who was originally just an ordinary office worker, inexplicably owed a debt of up to 80 million yuan, and then was forced to become a physical sympathizer of the rich family.
      From then on, an indescribable story began…
      Because this cartoon is too wasteful of nutrition, please prepare milk, eggs and other items to supplement nutrition at any time before reading it. ”

      “Begin to extract…”
      [Extract Comics-One Piece-East China Sea]
      “One Piece-East China Sea”-because Meng Qi D. Luffy, who had made an agreement with one pirate ‘Red Hair’ Janks and ate rubber fruits, set out from the East China Sea to find the great secret treasure ONEPIECE left by the rumored ‘One Piece’ Gore D. Roger, heading for the great route and harvesting many companions along the way… ”
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      Chapter 0014 God night king ~
      “One Piece-East China Sea, this can be available.”
      “The velvet pattern… when Ebisu comes next time, you can recommend it to him.”
      God night thinks two lucky draws are not bad.
      Pirates and Hokage are cartoons that have been popular all over the world in past lives. Together with death, they are called the three major migrant workers.
      With death and Huo Ying ending one after another, only One Piece is left.
      Although this is only the East China Sea article of One Piece, there are still many magical demon fruits, as well as top-level strong players such as Karp, Hawkeye and Red Hair.
      I don’t know who can get any good things from it.
      As for “Velvet Pattern”, it is a cartoon unsuitable for children.
      Looking at it in the dead of night can cultivate one’s sentiment.
      God Night placed two cartoons on the bookshelf.
      Now there are 6 comics in the comic book store.
      “Chop! Red Pupil, Tian Long Ba Bu, Beautiful Girl Warrior-Part 1, Digital Baby-Part 1, One Piece-East China Sea, Velvet Pattern.
      God Night just sat back in his seat.
      Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan and Japan entered the cartoon shop.
      “God Night King!”
      Seeing the night of God, young Tian Qiao’s face was reddish and whispered softly.
      Fireworks imitated my sister’s voice and joked: “God Night King ~”
      She knew for a long time that Hinata liked God’s Night and often joked with her sister about it.
      Hearing the fireworks, Hinada’s face became redder.
      The sun foot couldn’t help coughing.
      You two are also princesses of the Japanese family at least. Can you be a little reserved?
      Dad, I’m still here!
      God night smiled and said, “Do you want to read cartoons?”
      Hinata blushed and said to God Night, “Father and Fireworks have heard about your cartoons here. They all want to see them.”
      Is it a parent to bring your father to see God Night King? So nervous so nervous…
      “Of course.”
      God night pointed to the bookshelf and said, “Comics are all on the bookshelf over there. You can see whatever you want.”
      “This is money.”
      After paying 12,000 yuan to Japan, Japan couldn’t wait to walk to the front of the bookshelf. Without hesitation, it directly picked up the “Tian Long Ba Bu”.
      He came here with martial arts.
      Fireworks are hesitant.
      She really wants to see “Beautiful Girl Warrior-Part 1”.
      However, he is also interested in the theme of “One Piece-East China Sea” as a pirate.
      After thinking about it, I finally chose to watch pirates.
      She had never seen the sea before, and wanted to see what interesting stories would be there.
      “To practice internal skills with dynamic skills, step on sixty-four hexagrams for a week, internal interest naturally also forms a week? Every time you walk, your internal force will improve by one point?
      This Ling Bo micro step is too subtle!
      Beiming’s magic skill has reached great success. Acupuncture points all over the body can absorb people’s internal forces and turn them into Beiming’s true qi. This true qi has both yin and yang. It is highly toxic and does not invade. It is tough and overbearing. Attacking casually has great power?
      Is Minstrel too BT?
      How is all this terrible martial arts!
      I said how many lovers did TM have in this Duan Zhengchun? Why did one come out soon? ”
      The Japanese foot is like a martial arts fanatic. He is fascinated by “Tian Long Ba Bu” and keeps muttering in his mouth. Sometimes he can’t help clapping the table and applauding when he sees the plot high.
      Compared with the sun, the fireworks are much quieter, but they also laugh or marvel from time to time.
      “Luffy is so cute.”
      “This Bucky is also very interesting.”
      “Wow, this man named Hawkeye is so powerful that he can cut a big ship with one knife!”
      “The villagers all came out to help Nami. This paragraph looks very touching.”

      Although the plot of One Piece revolves around Luffy’s desire to find OnePiece, the painting style and plot belong to funny style.
      All kinds of strange devil fruit settings also make people fully sigh the author’s imagination.
      However, the important reason why this cartoon can firmly grasp the hearts of the people is the sincere emotion contained in the cartoon.
      For dreams, for friends, go forward at all costs.
      No matter how difficult or desperate it is, some people are still willing to stand up.
      Seeing the fireworks several times, the eyes were moist.
      Even she couldn’t help but want to be Luffy and Solon’s partner and take risks on the sea together.
      However, Hinata, who did not read the cartoon, sat next to him, turning his eyes to God’s night from time to time, which seemed a little cramped.
      “Have a cup of black tea.”
      God greeted Hinata Road at night.
      Hinada was surprised, his face was red but his heart sat down sweetly.
      Hinata took up the cup and said, “God Night King seems to like drinking black tea very much.”
      God night chuckled: “I like the taste of black tea very much.”
      Two red clouds appeared on Hinada’s cheeks, holding up the teacup in both hands and secretly writing down the matter.
      On the other side,
      Kimoyamaru held Xiaobi and walked home after separating from Ebisu. On the way, he happened to meet the dog burial tooth coming from the opposite side.
      Dog Takuya put Akamaru on his head and walked with his hands in his pockets.
      When Akamaru saw Xiaobi, he smelled a dangerous smell from the latter and cried out in fear.
      “Wang! Wang!”
      Akamaru shouted.
      However, Xiao Bi looked at his eyes with contempt. Akamaru narrowed his eyes again and ignored them.
      See each other didn’t’dare ‘to answer back, Akamaru’s fear disappeared instantly.
      Jump directly from the head of the dog burial tooth and stop the road of Muye Pill.
      Seeing that Xiao Bi in Mu Ye Wan’s arms didn’t even pay back his mouth, the corners of his mouth raised and he proudly said, “Hey, Mu Ye Wan, is your dog too timid? Don’t even dare to return your mouth?”
      The dog burial clan is a family that specializes in raising enduring dogs in Muye Village. Even the fighting method is modeled on fierce dogs.
      When every ninja of the dog burial clan grows up to a certain age, he will get a dog with good blood.
      From then on, they will live inseparably with this dog, cultivate friendship and tacit understanding like friends and brothers, and become partners who care for their lives on the battlefield.
      Therefore, the dog burial clan is most proud of its own dog.
      Seeing that Konoha Maru’s dog was completely compared with his own Akamaru, the dog Takuya was naturally very happy.
      Hearing this, Muye Maru snorted softly: “It’s Xiaobi who cares about Akamaru and has no interest in your weak chicken puppy.”
      He knows exactly what Bobby can do.
      If it really breaks out, ordinary tolerance is no match.
      Naturally, there is no interest in Akamaru, a puppy who has just been born.
      “What are you talking about!”
      Dog burial teeth were furious and wanted to teach Muye Pill a lesson.
      The dog burial clan is a hot type of personality.
      He doesn’t care if Muye Maru is the grandson of Huo Ying.
      “Wang! Wang!”
      Akamaru is also called more and more fierce.
      Muye Maru snorted, “Xiaobi, let them see your strength.”
      Xiao Bi, who had long been unbearable, jumped out of Mu Ye Wan’s arms.
      The body suddenly enlarged and turned into a dog-shaped monster with a height of four or five meters.
      The dog-shaped monster stood with his teeth twisted, his hair upside down, and his scarlet pupils overlooking the dog’s burial teeth and Akamaru, emitting a frightening smell of blood.
      Dog-shaped monsters open their mouths and roar, and the sound waves are surging.
      Akamaru, who had just called happily, shut up instantly, looked goofy and squatted on the ground wagging his tail.
      “This, this is!”
      Dog burial teeth were also shocked by the sudden transformation of Xiaobi, and his face showed an inconcealed fear.
      Although the Canburial clan specializes in cultivating enduring dogs, they have never seen a dog that can suddenly turn into a monster like this.
      Kimoyamaru held his arm and smiled proudly. “How about it? Do you still think Xiaobi is timid now?”
      The dog burial tooth quickly put away the fear on his expression and pretended to be calm and snorted, “Where did you get this dog?”
      Kimoyamaru discontented: “Xiaobi is not a dog, but a biological emperor! Warcraft Change, Hundred Arms Giant!”
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      Chapter 0015 this face also want to
      Hearing this, the dog burial tooth was startled and asked, “What is that?”
      “About a thousand years ago, the founding emperor of the empire summoned the world’s top craftsmen with unimaginable financial resources and power.
      Using top dangerous species as materials, plus a large number of rare metals and lost secrets, 48 unrepeatable weapons were developed, which were called emperor tools.
      Each emperor has different magical abilities.
      Xiaobi is one of them.
      And it is quite a powerful one. ”
      Seeing that the dog’s burial teeth are still a face of stupid force, Konoha Pill is very smelly fart shaking hands, “Forget it, tell you you don’t understand.”
      “How can I understand if you don’t say it!”
      “I got it from a comic book store. Just look at the comics there and you can get a random reward from the comics. You can know by reading the comics yourself.”
      “There is such a magical comic shop?”
      The dog burial teeth were shocked inexplicably. “I have to go to get such a powerful dog.”
      “As I said, it’s not a dog, it’s a emperor!”
      The emperor’s tools that he was so lucky to get were called endure dogs one after another. Konoyamaru directed Xiaobi angrily and said, “Xiaobi! Plant the two of them in the ground for me!”
      Giant Xiaobi walked to Dog Takashi and Akamaru with a ferocious expression.
      Dog Tsukuya put Akamaru on his head, printed his hands, and shouted, “Don’t underestimate us too much! Endure the method of orcs at once!”
      A burst of white smoke rose, and Akamaru also turned into a dog burial tooth.
      Two canine burial teeth use Ninjutsu at the same time, “Yatong… ah!”
      However, without waiting for the canine burial teeth to exert their ninja skills, Xiaobi had already grabbed two canine burial teeth and planted them in the soil at once.
      Xiaobi changed back to his original appearance and jumped into Konoha Maru’s arms.
      There was a tactical leaning back, squinting lazily.
      Little bronze, do you know what a king is now?
      Kimoyamaru smiled and said to the dog burial tooth, “Just think about it here, whether it is a dog or an emperor.”
      Said, Konoha pill turned to leave.
      The veins stood out one by one on the forehead of the dog’s burial teeth and said to Akamaru, “This kid is too arrogant!”
      “Then again, there is a comic shop that can get rewards by reading comics? Really?”
      “Akamaru, can you only Wang?”
      Dog Tomb Teeth: (⊙ _ ⊙)
      Well, I was wrong.
      I asked this question. It’s a dog.
      There is a comic book shop.
      “Alas, I can’t believe it ended like this.”
      After watching Tian Long Ba Bu, I couldn’t help sighing.
      Xiao Feng jumped off a cliff and died. A Zi went with him. Mu Rongfu, a descendant of Yan’s royal family who once had the reputation of “North Qiao Feng and South Murong” with Xiao Feng, also became an out-and-out madman.
      Such a stirring Jianghu story ends with this almost sad ending.
      I can only lament that life is unpredictable and the world is impermanent.
      After reading cartoons, the heart of the Japanese foot seems to have experienced a vicissitudes of life.
      At the same time, he was also impressed by the numerous but mysterious martial arts in the cartoon, and enjoyed it.
      At this point,
      A message appears on the system panel of God Night.
      “The customer has finished reading” Tian Long Ba Bu “and obtained-” Yin and Yang Harmony and Dispersion “!”
      “‘Yin and Yang Harmony and Dispersion’-a kind of strange poison in Wulin that scares young girls and makes masters’ legs weak. If XXOO is not taken within two hours, he will die on the spot. It is simply cold, ruthless and unreasonable.”
      God night watched this message fall silent.
      Asma and Ebisu will forget it. I can’t think of this kind of reward for your heavy eyebrows.
      At this point, a dazzling light landed in the hands of the sunfoot.
      The sun is full of excitement and uneasiness.
      As the head of the Japanese clan, the first strong clan in Konoha, he has not had such a fluctuation of mentality for a long time.
      However, this time he couldn’t help it.
      He wanted to know what kind of peerless martial arts he would get.
      Six-pulse Excalibur?
      Ling Bo micro step?
      Turn the stars?
      Northern Ghost Magic?
      Even if it is Shaolin’s seventy-two stunts, you can come to one at will!
      When the light dissipates, only a white porcelain bottle is exposed.
      There is a piece of red paper on it:
      Harmony of yin and yang.
      “Old, boss…”
      Just now, the sun’s foot, which was boiling hot in my heart, felt cold all over in an instant, and looked at God’s night with a face of stupidity.
      God nodded his head.
      Having been certified by God’s Night, the sun was livid instantly.
      There is no peerless martial arts.
      However, what kind of trouble is it to give me this thing?
      Am I too unlucky?
      See young Tian’s eyes turned, the sun to the sun foot immediately will yin and yang harmony scattered.
      If people know, do you want this old face?
      After a while,
      Fireworks also finished reading “One Piece-East China Sea”. The little face said bitterly, “God Night King, why did you just go up the upside-down mountain and disappear?”
      Don’t mention how uncomfortable the little girl is.
      Very not easy to see Luffy and his gang escaped from Smoka’s hands and rushed up the upside down mountain.
      She was trying to see what the Great Route was like when she suddenly found it was gone. Do you think it is angry?
      From the beginning of the foreshadowing to the present plot is close at hand, but we can’t see it. Who can stand it?
      Shenye said, “This is the end of the East China Sea article. The rest will have to wait for the new cartoon to come out.”
      “Please update! I want to send blades!”
      Fireworks angrily said, suddenly the painting style changed and asked to God Night: “God Night King, who is the man who saved Luffy in black robe in Rogge Town? I feel that he is very strong. Why did he save Luffy?”
      “Want to know?”
      God night laughed.
      Fireworks nodded hurriedly and shook their heads again soon. “Forget it, don’t tell me, if you spoil it, there will be no expectation.”
      At this point,
      The system interface of God Night is refreshed again.
      “The customer has finished reading” One Piece-East China Sea “and obtained-” Karp’s Armed Color Domineering “!”
      “‘Karp’s armed domineering’-domineering is the innate potential ability of human beings in the pirate world, which can be divided into three types: seeing domineering, armed domineering and overlord domineering.
      Armed domineering is the ability to attack and defend. Attaching it to the body will enhance one’s attack and defense.
      Advanced armed color domineering can also attack the inside of the target from a distance and destroy it from the inside.
      This armed domineering is the result of decades of cultivation by Navy hero Karp. Even if ordinary people use it, they can also exert the horrible power of tearing mountains and cracks. ”
      “Fireworks are a great reward.”
      Seeing the news of the system, even God’s night was amazed.
      Armed color domineering can already be said to be standard for the world’s strong pirates.
      Only with strong enough armed color domineering, can we firmly occupy a place among the strong.
      Karp is honored as a naval hero, although he has not really shot in the cartoon so far.
      However, only from the description of beating about the bush, it is enough to prove that Karp is an existence that keeps pace with the Four Emperors by virtue of his body skills and domineering.
      Forty years ago, Karp and Roger joined hands to end the reign of New World Overlord Rox. Later, Karp drove Roger, the King of One Piece, into a desperate situation several times and pursued countless terrorist pirates in his life.
      How strong should such a person be armed and domineering?
      It is definitely the top level of pirates in the world.
      Moreover, this armed ambition will continue to increase with the tempering of the owner.
      This is definitely a luxurious reward.
      Unexpectedly, the little girl of fireworks was still a European emperor.
      [ps: Seek flowers and tickets!
      It was wrong before, and Chapter 16 was sent to Chapter 15, only to find that I’m sorry. “*
      Chapter 0016 Karp’s Armed Color Domineering
      Suddenly, a dazzling brilliance fell from the void.
      Guanghua falls on the petite body of the fireworks, turns into a domineering force, and crashes into the body.
      This force is so majestic that it almost explodes the little girl’s body.
      After all, it is Karp who has been tempering the top armed color domineering for decades. How can it not be strong?
      The Japanese foot and Hinata looked at the fireworks with bright eyes, with tension and expectation.
      Although they don’t know what kind of reward fireworks get.
      But judging from this appearance, I’m afraid it won’t be simple.
      In a moment,
      The brilliance disappeared, and the armed color domineering completely entered the body of the fireworks.
      Fireworks suddenly opened their white eyes.
      A head of long ink hair tied with white ribbons spread out and rose like a black flame without wind.
      “This is…”
      The sun opens its mouth but does not know what to say.
      He can clearly feel the domineering power coming from the fireworks.
      It’s like a god of war who has walked out of Xiuluo field countless times.
      Even he is full of oppression in front of this terrible power.
      The sun can’t help but shake.
      What ability did Fireworks get?
      Unexpectedly suddenly become so much stronger?
      “Strong power…”
      Fireworks completely gathered this power into the body.
      As soon as one clenches one’s fist, there are invisible forces rolling in from all parts of the body like rivers.
      It seems that when you raise your hand and cast your foot, you can cause the sky to fall.
      The little girl knew that this was not an illusion, but that she really had such horrible power at the moment.
      Fireworks looked at God’s night and excitedly said, “God’s night king, is this?”
      “Armed color is domineering.”
      God night behind his hands, light smile way.
      “What is armed domineering?”
      Fireworks froze.
      Armed color domineering?
      I don’t seem to see this word in the cartoon.
      “Forget that there is no concept of domineering in the East China Sea, which was not put forward until the New World.”
      God Night explained to the fireworks: “Domineering is the innate potential ability of human beings in the pirate world, which can be divided into three types: seeing domineering, armed domineering and overlord domineering.
      Armed domineering is the ability to attack and defend.
      Attaching it to the body can improve one’s attack and defense.
      Armed color domineering cultivation to a high level, but also can attack the target from a distance, and even destroy from the inside of the target.
      The armed ambition you got came from Karp.
      As a hero of an era of navy, his armed ambition can be said to be the top one in the world.
      But now it’s yours. ”
      The more the fireworks listened, the happier they became. They asked, “How powerful is that?”
      God thought for a moment and said, “If it is powerful, it should not be difficult to break a mountain with one punch.”
      If it is used to strengthen the body, ordinary ninja can’t hurt you half a point at all. ”
      Although Karp’s fighting power is not only due to his aggressive armed color, but also has an inseparable relationship with his own strong physique, fighting skills, fighting experience and many other aspects.
      But even if we only talk about armed domineering, we will certainly not be weak.
      Otherwise Karp does not deserve to be called a symbol of the Navy’s era.
      “The old man in the dog’s head hat was so strong?”
      Fireworks remembered the old navy who was cut down by Monka’s axe in the East China Sea article and said in astonishment, “I can’t see it at all.”
      God Night explained powerfully in one sentence, “He is Luffy’s grandfather.”
      Smell speech, fireworks suddenly realized nodded, “Then I understand.”
      It turned out that Luffy’s grandfather had the same out-of-tune genes as Luffy, so it was not surprising.
      Next to the sun sun foot heard one leng one leng.
      Can one punch blow up a mountain?
      Ordinary Ninjutsu can’t break a dime of defense?
      The fireworks have become so strong?
      If this is the case, I’m afraid fireworks are already a strong shadow player.
      A 7-year-old movie?
      I feel a little confused in my head when I go to the sun.
      This news is a bit high.
      Even if this comic book store is amazing, it is too unbelievable.
      But at the thought that her daughter can have such strong strength at such a young age,
      The Japanese foot couldn’t help saying, “Fireworks, I want to test you.”
      Seeing is believing. He wants to see if this is true.
      Fireworks nodded and suddenly asked, “Father, what martial arts have you drawn?”
      Just walking out of the door, the sun staggered and coughed awkwardly, saying, “Nothing, it’s ordinary, and it’s not very lucky.”
      Sunward sunfoot and fireworks came to the street in front of the comic book shop.
      The sun set up its posture, locked the fireworks with supercilious look, and sank a track: “Fireworks, are you ready? I won’t leave my hand.”
      Fireworks nodded. “Ready, Father.”
      “Soft step double lion boxing!”
      With a low drink from the sun, the chakra on his fists suddenly soared like a blue flame, and immediately turned into the shape of the heads of two lions.
      The sun leans forward and jerks on the ground.
      “Whew”, like the arrow of the string rushed out.
      On the fist, the blue lion condensed by chakra opened its huge mouth, roaring like thunder and imposing.
      Soft Step Double Lion Boxing is an advanced soft boxing of the Japanese clan, which can only be mastered by outstanding people of the Japanese clan.
      He wants to test what level the strength of fireworks has reached.
      Therefore, this punch did not have any reserved hands.
      The power is so strong that even if the rock is touched, it will be smashed with one punch.
      In the face of the full blow from the sun to the sun, the fireworks took a deep breath, opened their feet, and their supercilious look flashed with the light of battle.
      When the sun rushed to the front, the fireworks hit a straight punch cleanly.
      “Armed color is domineering!”
      The delicate little fist instantly crossed a layer of black, faintly glowing with metallic luster.
      At the same time, a violent force, like a river that burst its banks, rolled out and went forward, if it was devastating.
      One is the high-level soft boxing of the Japanese clan, and the other is the high-level armed color domineering.
      At the moment, it seems that two dragons, one black and one blue, collided together.
      Hinada was nervous beside him and squeezed a cold sweat for both of them.
      Boom! !
      The two fists intersected violently, and there was a thunderous explosion in the air.
      The surging waves swept in all directions.
      One big and one small figure, the ground at the foot of the figure was “blasted” and the black crack spread around like a cobweb.
      The eye pupil of the solar foot suddenly opened.
      He clearly felt an infinite force coming towards him like an avalanche.
      The sharp pain from the fist seemed to tear the flesh and blood.
      The Japanese foot only resisted for a moment, then could no longer resist this horrible domineering, and was withdrawn by a boxing.
      The solar foot was blown out of the sun, and the feet marked a mark more than ten meters long on the ground.
      Feel the torn pain coming from my fist.
      The supercilious look widened to the limit, and the dull expression seemed to have not used all the fireworks.
      “This girl is so strong?”
      “Ps: This’ Karp’s armed domineering ‘is Chapter 16, which was wrongly sent as Chapter 15 before, and Chapter 15 is’ Do you want this old face? ‘.
      If you are wrong, you may as well go back and look at Chapter 15.
      There is a big boss in the book review area to correct him. Thank you. “*
      Chapter 0017 I think you want to kill your father
      Huo Ying Office.
      Ape flying day chop and Kakashi saw this scene from the crystal ball, and they couldn’t help breathing in air conditioning.
      They are well aware of the strength of the Sunfoot.
      The head of the Japanese clan, the top family of Konoha, and the master of physical skills flow are definitely strong in the upper endurance.
      Was actually punched out by his 7-year-old daughter?
      Seems, seems to have suffered a lot of injuries?
      What is the strength of the Japanese fireworks?
      Immediately, the two men turned their eyes to the divine night at the entrance of the comic book shop, and their eyes were shocked.
      This comic book shop is too scary!
      Look at the cartoon, and you will create a strong man who can endure the start and even the movie level!
      What exactly is the identity of this boss?
      How can you open such an incredible comic book store?
      The ape flew to cut down the stormy waves in his heart, took a strong smoke and pondered for a moment. “Kakashi, it seems that this comic book shop is even more terrible than I imagined.
      A 7-year-old child will be brought up to be on a par with the shadow.
      This can’t be done simply.
      I must go myself. ”
      Kakashi said, “Do you need to mobilize the dark department?”
      Ape Fei Ri cut his head and looked at Kakashi. “Do you think the dark part is still meaningful in the eyes of such existence?”
      Smell speech, Kakashi silent.
      Indeed, the strength of the owner of this comic book shop is beyond imagination.
      No matter how many dark parts you go, it may not make any difference.
      When the strength is strong to a certain extent, it is no longer possible to rely on quantity to compete.
      The ape got up on the flying day, buckled the fire hat on his head, and said, “I only need to take two dark parts, which is also a sign of our sincerity.”
      There is an unprecedented dignified color in the eyes under the Huo Ying hat.
      He knew,
      Konoha, the weather is going to change!
      The weather is going to change in the forbearance world!
      The center of all this is this comic book shop.
      “Father, are you all right?”
      Seeing the sun’s foot being blown out with one punch, Hinata and Fireworks came nervously.
      The Japanese foot carried the purple palm behind his back and waved his hand to stop the sisters. Although the forehead was sweating, his face was still calm. He said, “What are you talking about? It’s just a test. How can I have something to do?”
      Well, after trying, the ability of fireworks is really good. ”
      God night couldn’t help admiring.
      If you pretend to be forced, you have to pretend to be forced with tears in your eyes.
      Seeing that the sun said nothing to the sun, the fireworks were relieved and said, “I only used 30% of my armed color to be domineering just now, and I was worried about hurting my father.”
      The face of the sun’s foot shook.
      This TM is only 30%?
      30% armed color domineering is so strong, 100% that is still good?
      Fireworks asked, “Father, will you still try? This time I will definitely do my best.”
      I think you girl is trying to kill your father!
      I felt a mouthful of old blood upwelling from the sun to the sun, so I didn’t get angry. I said, “It’s almost time for dinner. Let’s go to dinner first.”
      “Father, it’s only three o’clock…”
      “I’m hungry!”
      “Father, how do you put that hand behind you?”
      “I made a mistake in my lumbar disc. Rub my waist.”
      The sun’s feet hurt so much that they bared their teeth and cracked their mouths from time to time, saying, “Well, since we have all read the cartoons, it’s time to go home.”
      MD, we must hurry home and take medicine.
      I can’t pretend anymore.
      However, the sun is still happy from the bottom of my heart.
      Although I didn’t get any good things, one of the two daughters got 18 hands of dragon subduing, the other got armed domineering, and the strength improvement was not a fragment.
      In particular, getting the firework of armed color and domineering, hard power has even surpassed his father.
      You know, fireworks are only 7 years old.
      Even super geniuses like Qimu Shuomao and Yuzhibo Shishui are far from having such strength at this age.
      However, his daughter did it!
      And this is just the beginning, she will get stronger and stronger in the future!
      This alone made him happier as a father than any benefit he got.
      He seems to have foreseen the future rise of the Japanese clan in the forbearance world.
      Fireworks nodded.
      The sun turned to the sun and looked at the night of God. There was no extra nonsense. He bowed 90 degrees directly and said, “I am very grateful next!”
      If it weren’t for the night of God, Hinata and Fireworks would never have made such progress.
      The progress of the two daughters will give the whole Japanese family a brand-new future.
      Although the Japanese clan is now reputed as the strongest clan in Konoha, it is because the Uchibo clan has collapsed.
      When the Uchiha clan was in existence, even though they had supercilious look that Sharingan called “Three Pupils”, it was actually difficult to compare with them.
      The sharingan of the Uchibo clan is only in the primary form. They also have kaleidoscope sharingan. They have the ability to assist, the ability to attack, the ability to attack, and the ability to attack. What do the Japanese clan compare with it?
      There are not even any top strong men to boast about in the history of the Japanese people.
      But now all this is about to be rewritten.
      Hinata and Huahuo will correct the name of the Japanese clan.
      As the head of the Japanese clan, it is entirely appropriate for him to give such a big gift to God at night, and even this is not enough to show his gratitude.
      What they get from here is not only a simple reward, but also the glory and glory of the future generation.
      Hinata and the Fireworks sisters also bowed down to the night of God.
      God smiled at night. “You read cartoons, I collect money, and it’s all your luck to get good things.”
      The sun stood up and thanked a few words for leaving.
      Hinata, Fireworks and God’s Night bid farewell and followed his father’s back.
      “Fireworks have become so severe?”
      Holding Akamaru to the dog burial tooth of the comic book shop, I happened to see the scene of the competition between the Japanese foot and the fireworks. I was shocked and immediately became ecstatic and said, “This comic book shop is really amazing!”
      Dog Takuya said to Akamaru in his arms, “Akamaru, I will definitely make you worse than that monster!”
      Akamaru wagged his tail.
      Dog Tsukuya walked into the cartoon shop with Akamaru in his arms and asked with expectation, “Boss, do you have any cartoons here that can improve dog tolerance?”
      “To promote dog tolerance?”
      God night said: “There is no promotion of dog tolerance, but there is a book” Digital Baby-Part 1 “related to pets. You can look at it and there may be something you want.”
      “That’s it!”
      Dog Tomiya came to the bookshelf and was attracted by the cover of “Digital Baby-Part 1” at the first sight. He took out the money and said, “I want to see it!”
      God collects money at night.
      Dog burial teeth happily hold the cartoon to the seat to see.
      At this point,
      Ape flying day chop and two dark parts with white masks approached the cartoon shop.
      Ape Fei Ri Chop looked at the two dark departments and sank a warning: “Wait for me to go to the comic book store, and you two will wait for me at the door.
      Nothing can happen. Don’t offend the owner of that comic book shop!
      Do you remember? ”
      Two dark departments agreed at the same time.
      Ape Fei Ri Chop turned his eyes to the cartoon shop, took a deep breath and stepped in.
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      Chapter 0018 Akamaru Evolution, Garulu Beast!
      “Oh, it’s a distinguished guest.”
      See ape flying day cut in the door, god night light laughed.
      Although he said so, he was still sitting with the old God, without any respect.
      Ape Feiri chopped with a smile: “I heard Kakashi say that your comic book shop can get rewards from comics by reading comics. It’s really an eye-opener. I also want to give it a try.”
      While speaking, the ape flew to the day to cut seemingly inadvertently but carefully looked at the night of God.
      This is the mysterious strong man who is separated by half a village of Muye and uses his spiritual power to bite back at himself?
      The owner of this incredible comic book store?
      Looks just like an ordinary young man.
      Of course, if anyone really regards him as an ordinary person and offends him, I’m afraid he doesn’t even know how he died.
      Ape flying day chop in my heart has even regarded God night as a higher level of strength than himself.
      “The first time I saw 5000 taels, I could only read one book, and the comics were on the bookshelf.”
      God’s night refers to the bookshelf.
      “All right.”
      Ape flying day cut 5000 taels, go to the bookshelf to choose cartoons.
      “Lord Huo Ying even came to see cartoons?”
      Dog burial tooth looked up and saw ape flying day chop, unavoidably leng for a moment.
      “It’s the kid of the dog burial family.”
      Ape Feiri chopped a smile and said nothing. He looked at the five cartoons on the bookshelf.
      “Chop! Red Pupil, One Piece-East China Sea, Tian Long Ba Bu, Beautiful Girl Warrior-Part 1… Until he saw the fifth Velvet Pattern, his eyes could no longer move.
      This cover…
      It’s very exciting to watch. I really want to watch it.
      Wrong! I am a Huo Ying, how can I read such cartoons?
      What happened to Huo Ying? Huo Ying is also a man?
      After the fierce quarrel between the two voices in my mind, justice finally triumphed over evil, and the ape picked up the velvet pattern and sat aside to watch it.
      Sure enough, it’s wonderful. The first words are so exciting!
      Apes chop over cartoons on flying days, and they can look up to it.
      At this time, in the cartoon shop, only the dog burial teeth and ape flying day chop two people kept turning over books.
      After an hour.
      After watching “Digital Baby-Part 1”, the dog burial teeth still had tears in their eyes, and their voice choked: “Taiyi, they are separated from the ancient beast in this way, so loathe to give up…”
      Ya Shen Taiyi and others joined forces with Digital Baby to defeat the Revelation Beast that wanted to destroy the digital world.
      Peace has been restored to the digital world.
      However, after many hardships and dangers, they will eventually face the moment of separation.
      He understands the feeling of growing up side by side with pets.
      Like Akamaru, he is not just a pet, but a brother who grew up with him and a comrade-in-arms who fought side by side with him.
      If he is to be separated from Akamaru from now on, the feeling is very uncomfortable just to think about it.
      At this point,
      The system message of God Night is refreshed.
      “The customer dog burial tooth has finished reading” Digital Baby-Part 1 “and obtained-‘Garulu Beast Evolution Card’!”
      “‘Garulu Beast Evolution Card’-You can designate a canine to evolve into a digital baby Garulu beast.
      Garulu Beast, a mature animal digital treasure with cyan and white hair.
      The minions are sharp, sensitive, their hair hardness is comparable to that of metal, their intelligence is very high, and they are very loyal to their masters.
      Have skills: fox flame, frozen fangs, ice wall…
      Garulu beasts using evolution cards do not have the ability to evolve again. ”
      “The tooth guy was lucky enough to get what he wanted most.”
      God smiles at night.
      Although the Garulu beast evolved using the evolution card does not have the ability to evolve again.
      However, it is only in the form of a Garulu beast, and it is definitely a powerful assistant.
      A dazzling light fell into the hands of dog burial teeth and turned into a black card.
      Dog Tomiya looked curiously at Shenye. “Boss, what reward is this?”
      God Night said: “The Garulu Beast Evolution Card can make a canine evolve into a Garulu Beast and has all the abilities of a Garulu Beast.”
      Smell speech, dog burial teeth stare big eyes, dare not believe oneself incredibly lucky.
      I originally came to this comic shop to make Akamaru stronger.
      However, after seeing cartoons, he felt that even if he simply came here, cartoons were very good. He had never seen such wonderful cartoons before, and it didn’t matter if he didn’t get any good rewards.
      Unexpectedly, I really got a Garulu Beast Evolution Card.
      His favorite when reading comics is Garulu Beast.
      Garulu Beast is the dog digital treasure of male No.2 Ishida Yamato. He is loyal and brave, cool in appearance and strong in skills. He almost satisfies all his imagination of his dog-tolerant partner.
      Dog Tsukuya looked at Akamaru and looked forward to saying, “Akamaru, you can become a Garulu beast later! Have the power of digital treasure! Then we will go to Konoha Maru and beat him up!”
      “Wang! Wang!”
      Akamaru cried excitedly twice and couldn’t wait to wag his tail.
      Dog Tsuka pointed the evolution card at Akamaru and shouted, “Change! Akamaru!”
      Akamaru wagged his tail and waited.
      But nothing has changed.
      The dog’s burial teeth were stunned and he added, “Akamaru evolved, Garulu beast!”
      Akamaru continued to wag his tail and wait.
      “I command you in the name of God to evolve!”
      “This era needs you, it’s time for you to evolve!”
      “Atima, Doloste Mo, good Kibadais @ # ¥%… Ole here!”

      Nonsense tried all kinds of spells, dog burial teeth a face of collapse looked at God night, “boss, what’s the situation? Why is it not good?”
      God leaned on his chin at night and said, “Just throw the evolution card on Akamaru.”
      Dog Tomb Teeth: (⊙ _ ⊙)
      It’s that simple?
      Don’t you shout a spell on such a sacred thing? Does that make sense?
      Dog Tsuka said, “Why didn’t you remind me just now, boss?”
      God night said, “I think you have a good time there yourself.”
      Canine Tooth: (T ^ T)
      I am strong, I don’t cry…
      God Night warned: “The Garulu beast is too big. You go outside and use the evolution card.”
      Dog Takashi came to the street with Akamaru and put the evolution card on Akamaru.
      The evolution card instantly became brilliant and flourishing, and immediately turned into mysterious energy to enter Akamaru.
      A hot energy rampaged through Akamaru’s body, like countless runaway wild horses, and soon spread to all corners of the body.
      Akamaru grew up rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye, and blue markings began to emerge on his body.
      In the end,
      Akamaru became a Garulu beast nearly two stories high.
      The posture is proud, the eyes are cold and sharp, and the body reveals a frightening and ferocious spirit.
      “Completely change the evolution of species…”
      The ape’s face was shocked by the flying day.
      He began to pay attention to Akamaru when he started using the evolution card from the dog’s tatsuka tooth, and witnessed Akamaru evolve from a white puppy to a Garulu beast with exposed evil spirit.
      This is a breakthrough in the evolution of species.
      Evolutionary costs do not exist in species in this world.
      It can no longer be described by simple magic, but by the power of gods.
      Only when you are there can you understand.
      How incredible this comic book shop is.
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      Chapter 0019 This is your egg
      “Akamaru, is that you?”
      Dog burial teeth looked at this extraordinary Garulu beast with surprise and joy in his eyes.
      Akamaru got down and sweetened the canine burial teeth with his tongue to show intimacy.
      Although Akamaru’s appearance has become the fierce appearance of Garulu beast, it still makes the original puppy sound, and there is a very interesting anti-bad adoration.
      “Ha ha ha! Akamaru, you are so handsome now!”
      Dog burial teeth stroked Akamaru’s nose tip and were very happy.
      Akamaru, who was praised, narrowed his eyes and hummed with great pleasure
      Dog Tsukuya excitedly said, “By the way, Akamaru, can you add the ability of Lu Lu beasts now?”
      Akamaru opened his mouth and a blazing cyan flame condensed.
      “This is the fox flame of Garulu beast!”
      Dog Tsukuya completely confirmed that Akamaru had mastered all the abilities of Garulu beast, and was elated. He turned to Shenye and said, “Boss, your comic book shop is amazing!”
      God leaned against the door at night and chuckled: “Everything is possible in the comic book shop.”
      “Bye-bye, boss, and come back when you have the chance!”
      “Welcome at any time.”
      Dog Tsukuya jumped onto Akamaru and rode on it. He pointed to the front and said, “Akamaru, let’s go and find that guy Konoyamaru! Let him know what will happen if he dares to plant us in the soil!”
      With a roar, Akamaru left the comic book shop with his canine burial teeth and ran like the wind. He was extremely fast and went to seek revenge from Konoha Maru.
      Knowing that it was just a farce between children to go to Konoha Pill with dog burial teeth, Ape Fei Ri Chop did not intervene and continued to look down at his “velvet pattern”.
      Next, the hostess went to find the NTR plot of the former friends. It was frozen.
      Apes saw wonderful places when they flew to the sun, and the speed of turning pages slowed down.
      However, after all, “Velvet Pattern” has only 32 words and will soon be finished.
      System information update.
      “The customer has finished reading” Velvet Pattern “and got-‘T Egg’!”
      “‘T egg’-charging can move, and it is a happy helper for traveling at home.”
      God was drinking black tea at night and almost spurted it out.
      Happy, good helper.
      This adjective is very aura.
      At this point, a gorgeous brilliance fell into the hands of ape flying day chop.
      Rao is an ape flying day to cut so shrewd, eyes also can’t help but faint with expectation.
      What could it be?
      Although the velvet world has no ability to surpass ordinary people.
      However, he found that the technological level of the velvet world is far higher than that of this world.
      Among them, there are mobile phones that can establish contact at any time, computers that can browse information on the Internet, and various technological products that are too numerous to mention, all of which are not available in our world.
      If you can get a scientific and technological product and send it to Konoha’s research and development department, it may be possible to copy it.
      Moore, the light dissipates.
      Although it is also a scientific and technological product.
      But it’s a T-egg.
      The ape’s expression of flying and chopping instantly solidified, and all beautiful fantasies were shattered.
      What are you doing?
      Why is there such a thing?
      Even if it is an 18-ban cartoon, it won’t give yourself one of these, will it?
      If anyone sees this, sometime he thinks that this Huo Ying is an old BT.
      Hurry down, slip away ~
      Ape Fei Ri Chop quietly put down the little thing, walked to the door, and said seriously to the two dark parts, “Well, let’s go back first. There are still some documents to deal with in the office.”
      Two dark parts should be.
      The ape was about to leave when God stopped at night: “Huo Ying, you forgot to take your egg.”
      He pointed to the little thing hidden in the corner of the table.
      The ape’s face flushed with suppress on the flying day. “Yes, is it mine?”
      “It’s yours.”
      God night dutiful way.
      How can customers not take away the rewards they get?
      This is a responsible shop.
      Not those unscrupulous merchants who are coquettish bitches.
      Smell speech, two dark part hurriedly turned his face to one side, pretending to see nothing.
      Lord Huo Ying is so old, does he still have this kind of sexual interest?
      Hey ~
      “Ahem, I just forgot.”
      Apes can only harden their faces and kick small things into the outer pocket of Huo Ying coat.
      God night smiled and said, “You are welcome.”
      I didn’t say thank you!
      Ape flying day cut corners of the mouth twitching with two dark parts left, his face black like the bottom of a pot.
      “13 people on the first day, not bad.”
      God stretched himself at night.
      Look at the time. It’s time to close the door, so hang up the sign of closing business.
      On the first day, there were a total of 13 customers, and the income was 32,500 taels, excluding 55 points with the system.
      The money he earned on this day is equivalent to what he earned in the previous six months.
      And this is just the beginning, fame will only increase in the future.
      At this point,
      The system panel pops up.
      “You have closed your business, please select one of all the awards for today’s customers.”
      “Today’s reward: ‘Physical Art Edition-Eighteen Palms of Dragons’, ‘Transforming into Hungarian Needle’, ‘Wanli Flying-Mostima’, ‘Dangerous Species-Snow Magic Ape’, ‘Gentleman’s Staff’…”
      God Night glanced at today’s 13 awards.
      What is worth choosing is the two imperial tools of Wanli Flying-Mostima, Warcraft Change-Hundred Arms Giant, and Karp’s armed color domineering.
      With little consideration, Shenye chose Karp’s armed color domineering.
      Although God Night is absolutely invincible in the comic book shop, it is impossible to stay in the comic book shop and always go out.
      In particular, the reputation of the comic book store has gradually spread out, and more and more people will be eyeing him, which may encounter many dangers.
      Although the two emperors are also good, one is a bodyguard with meat and the other is a flying prop.
      But after all, it is still a foreign object.
      Armed color domineering, which can attack and defend itself, is suitable for him who has no means of self-defense now.
      “You chose ‘Karp’s armed color domineering’ as a reward and began to issue…”
      After choosing Karp’s armed color domineering at night, a bright beam fell from the sky and rushed into the body.
      In a moment, the beam disappeared.
      God night felt the sudden rise of this domineering force in his body and laughed: “It is truly the top domineering in the world of pirates. It is very strong.”
      With Karp’s armed ambition and the full blow of God’s night, it is not a problem to explode a mountain. If there is no special defensive means, the shadow-level strong will definitely die or be disabled.
      The upper limit of Huoying World’s strength is higher than that of Pirate World.
      However, the physique of most shadow-level strong people is only in the category of ordinary people.
      God’s night fully urges the armed color domineering punch, has the power to explode the mountain peak, is simply not ordinary flesh can bear.
      Of course, the physical strength consumed by such a powerful armed force is also extremely amazing.
      If you use the small body of fireworks, you will be exhausted on the spot with a full blow.
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      Chapter 0020 Digital Baby vs Imperial Tools
      God’s night looks at the system panel.
      [Host: God Night]
      [Comic book: “Chop! Red Pupil”, “Beautiful Girl Warrior-Part 1”, “Tian Long Ba Bu”, “Digital Baby-Part 1”, “Velvet Kiss”, “One Piece-East China Sea”]
      [Extraction: One cartoon can be extracted for receiving 3 customers, 4/10 people have been received, and 0 times can be extracted]
      [Task: Received a total of 50 customers and received a mysterious reward. Received: 13/50]
      “There are 13 customers today, and they should be able to get mysterious rewards tomorrow, right?”
      God rubbed his chin at night.
      The system never revealed what the mysterious reward would have.
      It made him feel a little itchy.
      At this point,
      There was a knock outside the door.
      Dang Dang-
      God opens the door at night.
      Xi Rihong stood outside the door, shook the fresh eel in his hand and smiled: “Little God goes to my house at night. I’ll make you your favorite eel rice.”
      When I heard that it was eel rice cooked by Xi Rihong, the greedy worms of God Night were immediately hooked up and locked the comic shop.
      He doesn’t have to worry about someone entering the comic shop, stealing comics or peeking at comics.
      As long as someone gives advice to the comic book shop, he can get the news as soon as possible.
      Besides, without his system certification, even if you read cartoons backwards, you won’t get any reward.
      And he now has Karp’s armed ambition, even if he goes out, he is not afraid of what means someone will play.
      God night and evening red go home for dinner together.
      On the other side, Dog Takuya rode Akamaru to find Konoha Pill, ready to avenge his previous planting in the soil.
      “Wooden leaf pill!”
      The dog burial tooth rode on the back of the Garulu beast and looked down at the Konoha pill below. He proudly said, “Let your dog and my Akamaru compare again!”
      “I said it was a emperor, not a dog!”
      Kimiyamaru gritted his teeth and immediately turned his eyes to Akamaru, who evolved into a Garulu beast under the crotch of the dog burial teeth. His majestic appearance brightened his eyes. Some people couldn’t believe it and asked, “Is this Akamaru?”
      Akamaru proudly shouted.
      The appearance is imposing, but the cry is still milky.
      Konoha is sure.
      This is Akamaru, no doubt.
      The corners of the mouth of the dog burial teeth raised and said, “How about that? Don’t you dare? It’s still too late to admit your mistake.”
      “Hey, you’re kidding.”
      Muye Maru also showed fighting spirit in his eyes and said to Xiaobi, “Xiaobi, these two guys have come to provoke you again unappreciatively, so give them a good look.”
      Xiaobi jumped from Muye Maru’s arms and entered the fighting form.
      The small body expanded rapidly and became a giant monster with a height of more than three meters.
      Giant Xiaobi roared and threw his fist at Akamaru.
      Akamaru now has strength, without any fear, and opens his mouth to spit out the fiery fox flame.
      Xiaobi’s huge fist collided with the fox flame.
      The fox flame was broken by a boxing, and with the wind, it swept around like a tide.
      Although Xiaobi smashed the flame, his arm was partially burned by the flame.
      The fox flame of Garulu beast is far higher than that of ordinary flame, that is, Xiaobi, a biological emperor, would have been burned to coke even the whole human being.
      However, the damaged part of Xiaobi quickly regrows.
      Xiaobi and Akamaru showed proud fighting spirit at the same time, and then rushed towards each other.
      Akamaru and Xiaobi, a digital treasure and an emperor’s tool, launched an explosive hand-to-hand combat with great visual impact.
      Both are equally mighty and violent, and it is difficult to win or lose in battle.
      However, the ground and the surrounding trees could not bear the attack of the two men and kept breaking up.
      Dog Tomika Tooth and Konoyama Pill refueled beside each other.
      “What’s that noise there?”
      The dog burial claw, which was leading the black pill patrol, looked at the direction of the sound, sniffed his nose and showed a dignified expression: “This smell… there are people who are not from Konoha.”
      Heiwan, a dog with a black blindfold in his right eye, spit out people’s words and said, “I smell the smell of teeth.”
      Kensuka Hanamichi, who led the three endured dogs in Grey Pill, said, “Did that guy with teeth fight with anyone again?”
      “This smelly boy really doesn’t worry me.”
      The dog burial claw snorted with dissatisfaction and said, “Go, go there and have a look.”
      Several fast shadows jumped and flickered on the house.
      However, when the dog burial claw, the dog burial flower and several enduring dogs arrived at the scene, they were stunned by the scene before them.
      A giant wolf with silvery white hair and blue stripes.
      A white dog-shaped monster standing alone, emitting violent smell all over.
      The two sides are fighting fiercely.
      The destructive power of terror reduced the surroundings to ruins.
      Even the dog burial claw is a little scared to look at it.
      However, Canzuka Tooth and Muye Pill are still cheering on both sides.
      Seeing the dog burial teeth in such a dangerous place, I still have the mind to cheer, and the dog burial claws don’t hit one place, so I drink violently.
      The dog burial teeth, who were shouting happily, immediately got a tingle when they heard the mother’s voice of the dog burial claw.
      Even Akamaru in the battle was scared to shrink his neck and stopped quickly.
      I can’t help it. The fear of canine mound claws, canine mound teeth and Akamaru are all printed in my bones.
      When Muye Maru saw the dog burial claw, he hurriedly stopped Xiaobi to run away. When he left, he did not forget to cast a gloating look of ‘You ask for more happiness’ on the dog burial tooth.
      The volcanic temper of the dog burial claw is famous in Muye, and even the fire shadow will shine when it gets angry.
      Educating children is even more hell-like.
      When the dog burial tooth was a child, there was no shortage of screams from his ghost crying and wolf howling in their yard.
      “Your boy day is so dark still don’t go home, what are you doing here?
      And it was so dangerous just now, can’t you see?
      How dare you watch the scene of bustle nearby? Do you turn a deaf ear to my mother’s words? ”
      The dog burial claw grabbed the dog burial tooth that wanted to escape, sending out strong pitfalls in his eyes.
      Dog burial teeth were scared into cold sweat and smiled awkwardly: “Mom, I am here with Akamaru… training here.”
      The dog burial claw frowned and said, “Akamaru? By the way, where did the little thing go?”
      Akamaru immediately squatted on the ground and gave a clever cry.
      Although we have evolved into Garulu beast, we should be unintelligent.
      After all, it hurts not to be unintelligent.
      “What? You said you were Akamaru?”
      Dog burial claw looked at this silver and blue giant wolf couldn’t help froze.
      The little thing in Akamaru is not as big as one toe of the giant wolf in front of him. It actually says it is Akamaru?
      Black Maru went to the front of Akamaru to sniff, showing a humanized and shocking expression, saying, “The smell on this guy… that’s right! It is Akamaru!”
      “Tooth, what the hell is going on?”
      The dog burial claw looked at the dog burial tooth in astonishment.
      When asked, the dog burial tooth retelled the whole thing to the dog burial claw and the dog burial flower.
      “You see the cartoon got a plus what beast evolution card?
      And then evolved Akamaru into what it is now?
      Just now, Akamaru Jaihe and Konabaru also got a special dog competition from that comic book shop?
      Are you kidding me? ”
      The dog’s mound claw felt as if it were listening to a story.
      And it’s super unconstrained style.
      But Akamaru’s smell can’t be wrong, that is Akamaru.
      But …
      This is too strange, isn’t it?
      Am I too old to keep up with the times?
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      < title > I opened a comic book shop in Huoying _ Text (Chapters 21-40). txt
      Chapter 0021 Root Organization
      “Mom, that’s really it!”
      Dog burial teeth hurriedly way.
      The dog burial claw stroked his forehead. “Wait, let me stroke it again.”
      This news is hard to digest at that time.
      Canzuka Hua curiously said, “Tooth, where is the comic book shop? Take me and my mother to see it.”
      Smell speech, dog burial claw eyes are also a bright.
      Dog Tsukuya remembered the business hours hanging at the entrance of the comic book shop and said, “The comic book shop should be closed by now. If you want to go, you have to wait until tomorrow.”
      At this point, the dog burial tooth tentatively asked: “Mom, you won’t be angry, will you?”
      “What are you angry with?
      You have done a good job in this matter! ”
      The dog burial claw, which finally made himself accept this matter, stroked Akamaru, who evolved into a Garulu beast, with undisguised love, and at the same time, his heart was eager to move: “If it is really like what you said, then our dog burial clan will have hope to rise!
      Akamaru’s evolution is only a mature digital treasure.
      However, in terms of combat effectiveness, even if you encounter it, you will have a headache.
      And you said that above the mature stage, there are complete and even polar digital treasures.
      How powerful should that be?
      If all the forbearance dogs of our dog burial family can evolve, they can even become one of the few families in the forbearance world in the future! ”
      Seeing that he was praised instead of being criticized, Dog Tsukuya excitedly said, “Mom, sister, I’ll take you there tomorrow.”
      The red house in the evening.
      “It is true that the eel rice made by Sister Hong is the best.”
      God tasted the eel rice made of red in the evening night and couldn’t help admiring it.
      There is really nothing to say about the cooking skills in the evening.
      It is delicious in color, smell and taste.
      After being praised by God’s night, the red flowers smiled on the evening and brought other dishes to God’s night. They said gently, “Then eat more.”
      On the other side, the floating ball beast jumped onto the dining table and stuttered directly on the eel rice.
      Digital Baby came to the world of Huoying, and the food was also systematically modified to be the same as that of human beings.
      Only food is needed to supplement energy.
      God night and evening day red two people eat and chat, wine also drink more and more.
      Although the degree of sake is not high, its stamina is not small.
      The wine came up quickly.
      Evening red drunk slightly tipsy, flush on both sides of the face Yan Ran, really good-looking.
      When God looked up at night, he just looked at the red eyes like ruby on the evening of last night, which were faintly blurred in the dark yellow light.
      The face is redder when the evening is red.
      In the air, filled with a trace of strange atmosphere.
      The floating ball beast lying on the plate to eat suddenly accidentally hit the plate to the ground, and the whole beast fell into the meal.
      “Floating beast, the fragments didn’t hurt you.”
      The evening sun red this just came back to absolute being, busy holding the floating ball beast in his arms.
      At the same time,
      A woman’s heart is full of chaos.
      What happened to me just now, and I was a little absent-minded when I looked at God’s night?
      The floating ball beast opened its innocent big eyes, looked at the red day at night, looked at the night of God, and said with milk, “Am I especially at a bad time? Are you disturbing?”
      “Which, which have?
      You are so little, don’t talk nonsense! ”
      In the evening, the red snow was boiling hot, and the face of the floating ball beast was kneaded hard.
      The face of the floating ball beast is constantly changing various geometric shapes, and the in the mind helpless way:
      But I already smell the sour smell of a woman’s love ~
      Root headquarters.
      An old man with bandages on his head and right arm held a wooden stick in his left hand.
      Standing in the dark shadow, quietly looking at the wood leaf sign in front of me, as if to incarnate the darkness under the wood leaf sign.
      The shadow flashed.
      A root member wearing a white mask knelt down on one knee and appeared behind the old man.
      The old man’s voice was hoarse and he said, “How did you check it?”
      “Report to the Regiment and Tibetan adults, and they have been found out.”
      The root member reported: “That comic shop can really read comics and get abilities or items from comics.
      Hinata Hinata, Sasuke Uchiho, Naruto Whirlpool and others successively entered the comic book shop and won awards.
      They are all strange things that have never been heard of in today’s forbearance world.
      The shopkeeper’s name is Xiangze Shenye, and he is the only son of Yoshimoto Xiangze Dongwu and Yamaguchi Purple. He has never attended ninja school, and there is nothing different from ordinary people before. ”
      Hearing this, the pupil of Tuan Zang’s left eye suddenly shrank, and the cold awn flashed away. He said, “Konoha has been lurking such people, but I never know.
      Can you get things from different worlds by reading comics?
      Even those who make up stories dare not even make up such unconstrained stories. ”
      The root member remained silent.
      When he first heard the news, he also thought it was false.
      But as he kept investigating, he had to believe it.
      All this is true!
      There is such a comic book shop that subverts the world’s cognition!
      Tuan Zang turned slowly and said, “Didn’t you try that comic book store?”
      The root member said, “When I confirm this news, the comic book store has been closed.”
      Tuan Zang was about to speak when he suddenly stopped.
      A dark figure wearing a mask appeared like a ghost.
      “Lord Huo Ying ordered that no one should offend the comic book store without permission, and offenders will bear the consequences.”
      “Oh, it’s a. No, now I should call you Yamato.”
      Tuan Zang’s eyes were sharp-edged and he stared at the dark part.
      Yamato’s body is stagnant.
      He was the only surviving experimental body in the cell experiment between the thousands of hands of the first generation of Huo Ying conducted by Orochimaru, inheriting the wood escape of the first generation of Huo Ying.
      Although the level of Mu Dun is far from that of the first generation of Huoying, it is still a unique Mu Dun.
      After Orochimaru defected to Konoha, he was taken in by Tuan Zang.
      Later, because he did not agree with Tuan Zang’s dark behavior, he turned to ape flying day to cut one side with the help of Kakashi.
      Ape flying day chop named him Tianzang, later changed to Daiwa.
      But he still has a little fear of Tuan Zang.
      If ape flying day chop is the shadow of wood leaves, is the bright side of the power.
      Then Tuan Zang is the shadow of Konoha and the executor of darkness.
      He secretly carried out many cruel and dirty actions, and did whatever it took to achieve his goal. His black hand was behind many plots.
      This is also the reason why he couldn’t stand it and chose to leave the root.
      Tuan Zang’s eyes seemed to be the knife of peeling and deboning. Looking at Daiwa, he said, “Don’t you know what kind of danger exists in that comic book shop?
      If it is allowed to continue to exist, it is likely to subvert Konoha.
      But if we can hold it in our hands, the value it can bring will be immeasurable. ”
      Daiwa said: “Lord Huo Ying said that if he offended the owner of the comic book store and caused all the conflicts, he would never intervene. This is for the sake of Konoha.”
      “Hum, the Japanese chop is still the same woman’s benevolence as ever.”
      Tuan Zang Leng snorted and said, “I’ll go to him myself. I want to see what he has to say.”
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      Chapter 0022 This egg is exposed
      Huo Ying Office.
      The ape stood at the window with his back cut, his pipe in his mouth, looking at the lights outside the window.
      I don’t know what to think.
      Like a stone statue.
      After a while, the office door was pushed open.
      Tuan Zang came in and said coldly, “Japanese chop, don’t say you don’t understand the impact that comic book store can bring to the tolerance world.”
      Ape flying day chop still looked out of the window, did not turn around, tone is also very MoMo, “It is because I understand that I told you not to act rashly.”
      “Are you scared?”
      “I’m afraid you don’t even know how to die.”
      The window reflected the gloomy face of the ape flying in the sun and said, “Do you think you can provoke that man?”
      “Even if he is stronger, can he defeat the whole wood leaf?”
      Group hide cold hum a way.
      The ape turned his head suddenly, with a thrilling coldness in his eyes. “If I tell you, he can!”
      This is the point where he is most dissatisfied with the regiment. He often goes beyond him and acts on his own initiative.
      Moreover, the whole wood leaves are always brought in, and they are always for the sake of wood leaves.
      No leader would like the people below.
      If it weren’t for the fact that the regiment was a good knife, it could eliminate some people who shouldn’t continue to exist for him, and he would have kicked the regiment out of the high-level circle.
      “What are you talking about?”
      Hearing this sentence, the group finally changed color.
      Can fight the whole Konoha on its own?
      Is the owner of that comic book shop so horrible?
      I’m afraid even the reincarnation of Uchibara may not be able to do it.
      At this point,
      Two senior consultants of Konoha, Mizumenyan and Koharu, also entered the office.
      Mizumenyan looked at the ape and said, “I heard that there seems to be a strange comic book shop in the village. It must be for this reason that you came to the two of us.”
      Turning to bed, Koharu said, “I heard that even you went. It seems that you already know a lot of information.”
      The expressions of both old men are very serious.
      Now the four most powerful people in Konoha are all here, and there has been no major event of this level for a long time.
      Ape Fei Ri Chop took down his pipe and said, “I think you have all heard about it, so I won’t talk nonsense and get down to business.
      First, what you heard is true.
      I personally went to the comic book store and confirmed it. ”
      Tuan Zang knew for a long time that his expression remained the same.
      However, Mizumenyan and Koharu’s face shook and his old face was full of shock.
      What they heard was true?
      Is there really such a magical comic book shop in the world?
      They couldn’t believe it.
      But even the ape’s flying day chop has personally confirmed that it is a certain fact.
      Immediately, I thought of the terrible impact of such a comic book shop appearing in Konoha, which made them boast that they had seen many strong winds and waves in their life and were beaten through their backs by cold sweat in an instant.
      No, the forbearance world will change a lot.
      The ape flew to the day and said, “Second, none of you should be blinded by profit and offend the owner of that comic book shop.”
      Koharu said, “Why? If we can control the comic book store or get the comics from his store, Konoha’s strength can definitely soar.”
      The ape took a deep breath when flying, and then said seriously, “Because we are not to be taunted.”
      Water household door inflammation and turn to sleep Koharu Qi Qi startled sound exit.
      Ape flying day chop is a very famous strong man in today’s forbearance world.
      The appearance looks old, but the heart is still a proud person.
      It is impossible for Muye Huoying, which ranks first among the five hidden villages, to fall into the title of Muye at any time.
      But now he would say such a thing?
      Tuan Zang’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Have you fought with him?”
      Ape flying day chop smell speech self-deprecating smile, “That can’t be called a fight, to be correct, it was just a small contact, and I was completely crushed.”
      The pupils of the three Tibetan pupils shrank at the same time.
      They are very familiar with ape flying day chop.
      Although he is now old, his strength is still not bad, and he is a good shadow player.
      Even ape flying day chop will be completely crushed?
      Is it possible that the owner of the comic book shop is a more terrible existence than the thousand-handed column and Uchiboa?
      This …
      Is it possible?
      Looking at the ape’s unprecedented serious expression, they already know the answer.
      Ape Fei Ri Chop smoked his pipe again and said seriously to the three men, “Now, do you understand why I won’t let you take any action?
      At least for now, we must not act rashly.
      That will only bring immeasurable disaster to Konoha, which we can’t afford.
      Besides, although comic shops are accompanied by risks, they are also full of opportunities.
      It opens in Konoha, and Konoha is also the one that can benefit most.
      This is a more beneficial thing for us, and there is no need to turn it into a disaster in such an uncertain situation. ”
      The three did not speak, but after careful consideration, they all acquiesced in the words of ape flying and chopping.
      Even the most radical group Tibet is this attitude.
      The cartoon shop is opened in Konoha. Most of the people who go to see cartoons are Konoha’s people, and they are rewarded to enhance Konoha’s overall strength.
      Of course, there will inevitably be many troubles.
      But by contrast, it is undoubtedly more unfavorable to offend an unfathomable existence rashly.
      At present, it is not clear the depth of the owner of this cartoon shop, and it can only acquiesce in the existence of this cartoon shop for the time being.
      As for the future, it will be said again.
      Seeing that none of the three raised any objection, the ape flew to the day and said, “That’s it, remember my words.”
      Tuan Zang three people got up and left.
      Tuan Zang and Shui Humen Yan went first and turned to sleep in Koharu behind.
      The ape suddenly said, “Koharu, I have something to tell you.”
      Koharu is in charge of the laboratory.
      He wanted to ask, how did Koharu’s men analyze the dangerous corpse and whether they got some valuable information.
      Turning to bed, Koharu said, “What’s the matter?”
      “It’s about …”
      Ape flying day chop said, accidentally knocked off the fire shadow coat on the table.
      The jumping egg originally put in the coat pocket suddenly slipped out.
      The jumping egg fell to the ground and hit the switch, shaking directly.
      Walking around like a little animal.
      I @ # ¥%! !
      When apes fly, they cut their eyes and drum, and ten thousand grass mud horses roared out in their hearts.
      What happened?
      I can’t believe I forgot to put this thing in my coat pocket?
      This TM is also touched out!
      If you don’t say anything, why did you move yourself?
      I TM … …
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      Chapter 0023 I set collapse ah
      The ape’s heart broke to pieces at the moment.
      At this time, it happened that this misunderstanding came.
      This is yellow mud and trouser pockets. It’s not what it is but what it is.
      Looking at the little golden thing on the ground that shook and walked all over the ground, Koharu was petrified instantly when he turned to sleep.
      Japan beheaded him, what does he mean?
      He said he wanted me for something…
      Difficult, don’t…
      Tuan Zang and Shui Humen Yan turned to see what was on the ground with a face of stupidity. They immediately looked at the ape flying day and chopped it, with teasing eyes.
      Japan cut this all-day hypocritical good this bite?
      Are you all right at your age?
      What, according to the development, will we have to do it in the office later?
      Looking at the eyes of Tuan Zang and Shui Humen Yan, the ape knew it was useless to say anything.
      He only felt angina pectoris.
      Why didn’t I throw this thing away?
      No, I should never have gone to that comic book store.
      This misunderstanding caused.
      My TM people set up a collapse.
      Tuan Zang coughed and said with a strange smile to Shui Humen Yan, “What else do you see about Menyan? Do you still plan to learn if you don’t hurry?”
      “Oh, oh.”
      Water door inflammation hurried to follow, by the way to bring the door.
      Ape flying day chop and turn to sleep Koharu in the office late at night to clear up, this picture…
      Too hot!
      I can’t think about it!
      Run away!
      The door closed with a snap.
      There are only two people left in the office: ape flying day chop and sleeping Koharu.
      The little golden thing is still shaking and running all over the ground.
      Turn to bed, Koharu coughs.
      Ape flying day chop hurriedly picked up the jumping egg and turned off the switch. “Koharu, in fact I…”
      Turning to bed, Koharu blushed and whispered, “Needless to say, I understand everything.”
      You know a P!
      Ape flying day cut heart vomiting blood three liters.
      Koharu warned: “But there were two of them just now. You shouldn’t be in such a hurry. What do you say in private?”
      I @ # ¥% …
      Ape flying day chop choked back the impulse to spray blood on the spot, thinking that it would be better to say it gracefully and spread the jumping egg in his hand, saying: “Koharu, in fact, this is from reading comics in that comic shop, I…”
      Koharu’s face turned redder when he turned to bed. He took what the ape had cut off on the day of flying and said, “All right, all right, I’ll take it. Don’t take this thing out all the time. You are a Huo Ying. It’s not good for others to see it.”
      Turning to bed, Koharu put things in his pocket, and his old eyes caught a glimpse of the ape flying on the day. “What can I do for you? Go to my house tomorrow and say it?”
      Said, turned to sleep Koharu turned to leave.
      Apes fly to the ground, just like stone statues.
      I kept repeating four philosophical questions in my mind.
      Who am I?
      Where am I?
      What am I doing?
      How did this TM become like this?
      God returned to the comic book shop from the red house in the evening and slept until more than 7 o’clock the next day.
      After washing, get dressed.
      As soon as I opened the door, I saw Muye Maru, Meng Huang and Udon waiting outside for a long time.
      Konoyamaru three people are sitting in chairs on the street.
      Meng Huang asked curiously, “Muye Maru, is this comic book shop really as powerful as you said?”
      “Why don’t you say that?”
      Kimiyamaru caressed Xiaobi’s soft body back and forth and proudly said, “Xiaobi is what I got from reading cartoons. Just now you two also saw Xiaobi’s fighting form. Isn’t it cool?”
      Recalling Xiaobi’s fighting form just now, Udon’s bald nose was about to flow to his mouth, saying, “It’s really strong, stronger than the summoners of ninjas I have seen.
      But it costs 5000 taels to read one book, which is too expensive.
      Meng Huang and I don’t have that much money. ”
      “What are you afraid of? There is me.”
      “I brought all my pocket money with me. It’s 30,000 taels. The three of us are definitely enough,” Konoyamaru said.
      “Wow, Muye Maru is so rich!”
      Meng Huang excitedly said.
      She saw that the whole person in Konoha Maru was shining with a light called “rich”.
      “30,000 taels!”
      Udon broke off his hands and said, “How many toys can you buy?”
      “We are going to ninja school people, then have a plenty of really bitter, also buy what toys bitter? Can you give me some promise?”
      Konoyama couldn’t help patting udon’s head.
      At this point,
      The comic book shop is open.
      Mu Ye Wan saw God’s night and his eyes burst out instantly.
      “Boss, I’m coming again!”
      Muye Maru directly put a stack of 20,000 taels of banknotes on the table and said, “It’s for the three of us.”
      God collected the money at night and smiled: “The cartoons are all on the bookshelf. Go and see them yourself.”
      “One Piece-East China Sea”? “Velvet grain”? Are there two more new cartoons today? ”
      Mu Ye Maru immediately noticed the two new cartoons that he didn’t have when he came yesterday.
      Looking at the cover of “Velvet Pattern” full of visual impact, Konoha Maru showed an evil smile. “This one looks very good, this one!”
      Konoha Maru took the cartoon to his seat.
      “You boys are really very colorful!”
      Meng Huang groaned and vomited a bad sentence, chose “Beautiful Girl Warrior-Part 1”, looked at the five beautiful girl warriors on the cover, and said happily: “I envy this beautiful girl with long legs most. If only I could have such a figure in the future.”
      Udon finally came to the front of the bookshelf, touched the back of his head and muttered, “Muye Pill is looking at this book” Chop! The latosolic red pupil “got a small ratio, then I will also come to this one, maybe I can get a better emperor than the small ratio.”
      Three people chose cartoons and sat on the same table.
      “Wow, this plot is great.”
      “There is such an active little sister? Give me a dozen!”
      “Oh roar roar, shower exciting sunny play! Good red chicken ~”
      Konoha Maru reads cartoons, and the more he reads them, the more he works hard.
      Meng Huang and Udon on one side were also attracted by the cartoon plot and were fascinated by it.
      God night brewed a cup of black tea and sat there with his legs crossed.
      Blow the hot steam on the tea gently, take a sip, and the aftertaste is sweet.
      There were already 13 customers yesterday. After this night’s fermentation, the business will definitely double today.
      At this point,
      Naruto came to the comic book shop.
      After wandering for several times, I seemed to hesitate, but I finally came in.
      God night said, “Do you want to read cartoons?”
      “That, boss… can I owe you 6000 taels first? I searched all over my home before I could make up 4000 taels.”
      Naruto looked pathetic.
      “Sorry, we don’t give credit.”
      God shrugged his shoulders at night.
      Smell speech, Naruto expression a collapse.
      Konoha Maru, who was reading the cartoon, looked up at the familiar voice and was pleasantly surprised: “Naruto boss?”
      “Wooden leaf pill?”
      “Naruto, old man, do you also come to see comics?”
      “No, no.”
      Naruto was embarrassed to admit that he did not have enough money. He joked, “I just came here to have a look and see if there are any new cartoons. It seems that there are no, so I will go back first.”
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      Chapter 0024 Death Comics
      Konoyamaru, who knew Naruto’s economic situation well, smiled and said with great pride: “Thanks to Naruto’s boss telling me, I can know such a wonderful place. As a thank you, I invite you to see it this time.”
      Naruto was embarrassed and said, “That’s 10000 taels, I…”
      Kimoyamaru laughed: “What does it matter? It would be nice to invite me to see Naruto’s boss when he has money.”
      Smell speech, Naruto eyes showed moved color.
      Few people in the village regard themselves as friends like Muye Maru.
      He secretly decided in his heart that he would make good money when doing tasks in the future, and then asked Konoha Maru to read cartoons.
      “Boss, this is 10000 taels.”
      Konoha Maru came to Shenye, handed in the money for Naruto, and went back to his seat to read his cartoon.
      Naruto began to choose cartoons.
      Yesterday’s “Beautiful Girl Warrior-Part 1” was chosen by him at random.
      At that time, he was still dubious about the ability of the comic book store and did not take it completely.
      But now that he knows the power of comic book shops, he can no longer be so casual and must carefully select them.
      After all, the rewards come from cartoons.
      Cartoons with themes such as beautiful girl warriors are mostly rewards related to beautiful girls.
      If you choose the kind of warm-blooded fighting, you will have a greater probability of winning combat rewards.
      “I am not interested in the theme of” Tian Long Ba Bu “…”
      “” Digital baby “is all around pets…”
      “Yi? This” One Piece-East China Sea “looks good!”
      Naruto picked and picked, and finally chose this cartoon of One Piece.
      Naruto sat together with cartoons and Konoha Maru.
      “What is Luffy’s body made of? Can your hand stretch that long?”
      “This Alrita is fat and ugly, and dare to say that she is the most beautiful woman on this sea?”
      Suddenly Naruto saw Luffy’s classic mantra and wondered, “One Piece King, am I determined?
      How do I feel so familiar with this?
      But this Luffy looks good, hahahahaha. ”
      Hearing this sentence, the god night who was drinking tea almost didn’t laugh.
      You Naruto can still laugh at Luffy II?
      Just the two of you, definitely the same kind.
      At this point,
      Two more Konoha Nakamura came in.
      As soon as I came in, I looked at the situation in the comic book store without trace.
      Walking to the cashier’s office, one of them endured a smile and said, “Boss, I heard that your comic book shop is very different, so I came to try it out specially.”
      God said casually at night: “The first time I read 5,000 taels per person, each person can only read one book, and then the price doubles each time.”
      “I hope we are lucky enough.”
      The Zhongren took out 10,000 taels and put them on the table, saying, “This belongs to both of us.”
      God put away the money at night. “Comics are all on the bookshelf. Choose for yourself.”
      Two people look just ordinary ninjas.
      However, in the comic book shop, there is no hiding place for any disguise or transformation in front of God’s night.
      God recognized at a glance that the two ninjas were pretending to be other hidden village ninjas.
      It should be that spies lurking in Konoha in other hidden villages received the wind and came to verify it.
      There are many such spies in every hidden village.
      However, as long as they don’t affect his business and behave himself, he won’t mind someone sending money to his door.
      The two Zhongren chose to read a book “Tian Long Ba Bu”.
      The study of comic books is called a careful one, eager to eat it.
      However, they have no idea that cartoons are ordinary cartoons.
      Reward for reading comics is the ability of the divine comic store system and has nothing to do with comics.
      At this point,
      God’s night looks at the system panel.
      [Host: God Night]
      [Comic book: “Chop! Red Pupil”, “Beautiful Girl Warrior-Part 1”, “Tian Long Ba Bu”, “Digital Baby-Part 1”, “Velvet Kiss”, “One Piece-East China Sea”]
      [Extraction: One cartoon can be extracted for receiving 10 customers, and 10/10 people have been received, and one cartoon can be extracted]
      [Task: Received a total of 50 customers and received a mysterious reward. Received: 19/50]
      Seeing that the condition of extracting once has been met, Shenye said to the system, “Extract a cartoon.”
      System information emerges.
      “Begin to extract…”
      [Extract Comics-Death-Dead Soul World]
      [Death-The World of Dead Soul]-Ichigo Kurosaki is a teenager with the ability to see spirits. He originally lived an ordinary life that is no different from other ordinary people.
      Until a death girl named Kuchiki Lucia was kicked into the corner by him and looked at him with a full face of surprise and asked, ‘Can you see me?’ Time.
      The story begins like this… ”
      “It’s another migrant worker from a previous life. There are many good things.”
      God smiles at night.
      Death, pirates and Huo Ying are the three most famous diffusers in previous lives.
      On the level of strength, death is no lower than Huo Ying.
      Captain Yamamoto, who can continuously evaporate the entire corpse and soul world into empty space by opening the solution, claimed to be Blue Rye Yin Youjie, who forced the king world C to debut in the second dimension, and Habah, a friend who eventually devoured the spirit king and knew everything and even changed the future…
      They are all monsters with terrible strength.
      If someone can acquire their abilities, then even if they meet immortal existence, they can be positive and hard.
      God Night just put the cartoon of death on the bookshelf,
      Dog burial teeth led my mother dog burial claw and sister dog burial flower to the cartoon shop.
      Dog Tsukuya pointed to the facade and said, “This is it.”
      Dog burial claw looked up at the plaque, “There is a comic book shop? This name is very interesting.”
      As he spoke, he said to several endured dogs such as Heimaru, “You wait for me outside.”
      Black Maru and other dogs barked and stayed outside honestly.
      Dog burial teeth also made Akamaru find a place to lie down.
      Akamaru, which evolved into a Garulu beast, is fierce in appearance and huge in size. It is very conspicuous wherever it goes.
      When the three members of the dog burial claw family walked into the cartoon shop, they saw that six people were already reading cartoons.
      “Yo, Naruto.”
      Dog tsuka and Naruto said hello.
      “Teeth, do you also come to see comics?”
      “I came here yesterday.”
      The dog’s burial tooth showed off a little and said, “I think the digital baby has got a Garulu beast evolution card. Akamaru has evolved into a Garulu beast. Hey hey, I have taught the little white endure dog in Muye Pill a good lesson.”
      “I said is emperor, not endure dog!
      And we didn’t win or lose yesterday. If we play again, Akamaru will definitely lose. ”
      Muye Maru immediately protested and immediately ridiculed: “I don’t know who was scared like that by my mother yesterday. Alas, it’s really shameful. I’m so big that I’m afraid of my parents.”
      “Kid, who are you talking about!”
      The dog’s burial teeth were furious instantly.
      Fear of parents is definitely the pain he can’t mention most.
      The key is that this is not false, he is really afraid.
      “Tooth, you didn’t come here to bicker.”
      The dog burial claw yelled.
      Dog burial teeth can only bitterly shut up.
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      Chapter 0025 PS4000 Game Machine
      Dog burial flower looked at the night of God and felt that the night of God looked a little familiar. Suddenly, a flash of light flashed in his mind.
      Remembering that she and Mitarai Red Bean were classmates before, she often saw three people together, namely, God Night and Evening Red and Mitarai Red Bean. At that time, many students joked and asked if Red Bean was your boyfriend.
      Dog Tsukuka suddenly said, “Boss, I know you. Are you the boyfriend of Red and Red Bean?”
      The dog burial claw patted the back of the head of the dog burial flower, with an expression of ‘Did I practice this large size?’ I didn’t have a good airway: “What are you talking nonsense about?”
      “No, I’m sorry, I was wrong. It’s their friend.”
      Dog Tsuka Hua also found himself saying something wrong and hurriedly apologized.
      God laughed at night: “We grew up together.”
      My mind is full of digital treasures. I can’t wait for a long time. I said, “Boss, the three of us want to read cartoons.”
      God said at night, “The dog burial tooth came for the second time, and the two of you came for the first time, totaling 20,000 taels.”
      There was no nonsense about the dog’s mound claw. After paying 20,000 taels directly, he was eager to pick out cartoons.
      The three men came to the front of the bookshelf, but there was nothing left for them to choose from, only the two cartoons “Digital Baby-Part 1” and “Death-Dead Soul World”.
      The dog burial claw breathed a sigh of relief, but fortunately the “Digital Baby-Part 1” that he wanted to see most was still there.
      Dog Tomb Claw and Dog Tomb Flower read one book together.
      Dog burial teeth can only read the newly arrived book “Death-Dead Soul World”.
      “Do you think Ishida Yamato’s Gaby beast is a bit like Akamaru’s now? The next stage of Gaby’s evolution is Garulu, right?”
      “The lion beast is so powerful that it can defeat so many digital treasures with one punch.”
      “A lot of digital treasures here are very powerful, and even forbearance will not be an opponent.”
      “Ha, ha, ha, Wukong beast is so interesting. Speaking of which, it also looks a bit like the psychic beast of Lord Huo Ying.”
      The mother and daughter of the dog mound claw were happy, laughing or discussing from time to time, and guessing what the digital baby would look like in the next stage of evolution.
      On the other side of the dog burial tooth is also holding the cartoon of death and watching it infatuated.
      Just the setting of the spirit-cutting knife is very interesting.
      Each god of death has his own soul-cutting knife, which can carry out initial solution and higher-level solution, and has different abilities.
      People can’t help wondering what is the ability of each death to cut the spirit knife.
      The plot is even more closely linked.
      At the beginning of the plot, in order to save the Kurosaki family, Kuchiki Lucia violated the regulations of the Lingting and helped Ichigo Kurosaki to open the power of death.
      Helping Ichigo Kurosaki to become a god of death, he temporarily lost the power of death and had to stay in Lucia on earth to carry out the task of dealing with emptiness together with Ichigo Kurosaki.
      However, one day, Kuchiki Shirakuya and Asanjing, members of the 13th Guard Team, came to the world from the world of corpses and souls and wanted to forcibly take Lucia back to be punished.
      Ichigo Kurosaki was beaten covered in blood and fell to the ground.
      I can only watch Lucia be taken away.
      The sense of powerlessness made the eyes of the dog burial teeth that had already been substituted red and clenched their fists secretly.
      My heart began to roar for Kurosaki Ichigo.
      I hope Ichigo Kurosaki can bring Lucia back.
      Ichigo Kurosaki successfully mastered the ability of mask and solution under the guidance of Yosuke Urahara.
      Ichigo Kurosaki, Ishida Yulong, Chadu Taihu and others rushed from the world to the world of corpses and souls. They would not hesitate to make enemies with the entire 13-team guard court to rescue Lucia.
      When Lucia was tied to the huge scaffold.
      When the fire burn double pupil MoMo stared at Lucia coldly, ready to be executed.
      Lucia slowly closed her eyes.
      The eyes are crying and the mouth is smiling.
      “I don’t suffer, I don’t feel sad, I don’t regret… Thank you, goodbye…”
      Just then,
      Ichigo Kurosaki finally arrived.
      Cut the moon in his hand to block the fire burn attack and look at Lucia.
      Not many languages.
      Only that greeting as before.
      See here, dog burial teeth finally completely uncontrollable tears collapsed.
      At this time, no matter what sensational lines the author makes, they will appear redundant and cumbersome.
      Only this simple “hi” hits the reader’s heart most directly.
      The dog’s burial teeth were filled with tears.
      But no one laughs at him at the moment.
      Because other customers are immersed in cartoons and cannot extricate themselves.
      “Huh-I finally finished reading it.”
      Konoyamaru watched “Velvet Pattern” at this moment and breathed a sigh of relief after reading it.
      Although the scene is romantic, the plot is still a bit sadistic.
      After reading it, it almost left a shadow on his outlook on life.
      “Customer Muye Maru has finished reading” Velvet Pattern “and obtained-‘PSP4000 Game Console’!”
      “‘PSP4000 Game Console’-Sony’s Sony Computer Entertainment’s home handheld game console includes a variety of games such as True Three Kingdoms and Resident Evil.”
      A bright light fell in front of Konoha Maru.
      All four people on the table looked expectant.
      Even the two spies disguised as Konoha Ninja put down their cartoons and paid attention to them.
      Canine mound claw and canine mound flower eyes burning.
      Although I didn’t get the reward myself, it was the first time I saw this kind of picture.
      In a moment, the light dissipated.
      A dark silver PSP3000 game console was revealed.
      “Is this?”
      Konoyamaru is holding the game machine in his hand, which is very strange.
      Shenye explained to him: “PSP4000 handheld game console has more than 20 stand-alone games in it. Generally speaking, it is very suitable for boys of your age.”
      “Game consoles?”
      Mu Ye Wan was stunned when he looked at the PSP4000 in his hand.
      Is this a… Game machine?
      How can you play with such a small thing?
      It is said that Konoha Maru’s reward is a game machine, and even Naruto, Canzuka Tooth and Udon, who are fascinated by reading cartoons there, can’t help but gather together one after another.
      God night laughed: “Bring it, I’ll show you.”
      Konoyamaru was busy taking the game machine over.
      God night press the boot button to enter the main interface, choose the true three peerless game, start with Shu, use Guan Yu to enter the game.
      ‘Oni sauce! Wing De Ou Doudou!’
      ‘The enemy is ashamed and I will take off his clothes!’
      Guan Yu, with a primary crescent moon blade in his hand, single-handedly marched into the enemy lines, rampaging and looking down on him. Both enemy military commanders and enemy soldiers were harvested like grass.
      God used to play this series of games in his past life, and it was naturally handy to operate.
      Guan Yu’s flowing skills combo, with gorgeous special effects and super dynamic feeling.
      This is a nuclear bomb-level impact on Muye Maru and others who have not even played Tetris, and they are all dumbfounded.
      Is there such a fun thing in the world?
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      Chapter 0026 True love should be desperate
      While playing, God Night introduced to several people who were already excited like wild cats raising seedlings: “The game I played is called True Three Kingdoms, and it is called the pioneer of mowing the grass.
      The core selling point of the game is to let players experience the pleasure of riding a thousand games.
      In a thousand troops, if you walk on the ground, take the head of the enemy general.
      Like Guan Yu, is a technical military commander, his consecutive moves are more malicious… ”
      “Guan Yu’s big move is so handsome!”
      “There is a man named opening angle coming across!”
      “The unparalleled skill of opening angle is so strong that it can still summon lightning?”
      “Open awakening! Awakening!”
      Naruto, Canzuka Tooth and Kimoyamaru, several boys squeezed their heads, and gradually became familiar with watching God play games at night, shouting excitedly.
      This game is really great.
      No matter where you go, you are harvesting people’s heads crazily, and all kinds of gorgeous special effects are dancing all over the screen.
      See a few people like this, God smiled at night.
      That’s high?
      Wait for Resident Evil, ghost tears, and finally fantasize about what you should do?
      The canine mound claw and canine mound flower look dull.
      With such a small thing, can you play such interesting things?
      Items from different worlds are really incredible.
      Of course, the best thing is the owner of this comic book store, otherwise they wouldn’t have seen it.
      At present, the level of science and technology in the tolerance field is still very low.
      Even the camera is still a big wooden box, which requires photographers to get into the antique camera in Bree.
      The PSP4000 handheld game console, a technology product that has been popular for a long time in previous lives, is completely super-technological in the Huoying world.
      After demonstrating one night, God gave the game machine to Kimoyamaru and said, “Play for yourself. There are more than 20 games in it, all of which are very classic games that you won’t get tired of playing for a long time.”
      “Ha, ha, ha! I can play games every day in the future!”
      Konoha Maru couldn’t help but take the game machine aside to play.
      Naruto and Dog Tsukuya both showed envious eyes.
      I can’t help it. The lethality of game consoles to boys of this age is unparalleled.
      However, the two still suppressed their strong impulse to play games and returned to their seats to read cartoons.
      While several boys were paying attention to the game, Meng Huang had already read the cartoon of the Perfect Girl Warrior.
      “The customer Feng Ji Meng Huang has finished reading” Beautiful Girl Warrior-Part 1 “and won-‘Exorcism Spell’!”
      “‘exorcism spell ‘-a spell made by the witch Huo Ye Li herself, which has a miraculous effect on exorcising evil spirits.”
      Guanghua falls on Meng Huang’s hand.
      When the light dissipates, a few spells with mysterious runes are revealed.
      “Boss, is this the spell of Sister Huo Ye Li?”
      Meng Huang recognized the origin of these spells at a glance. After all, only Huo Ye Li used this spell to fight in the cartoon.
      God nodded at night. “Yes, it was all drawn by Huo Ye Li.”
      Meng Huang Wen Yan was faintly excited, like a star-chasing girl who first met Aidou. “It turned out to be a spell drawn by Sister Huoye Li herself? Then I will treasure it well, hee hee.”
      After a while,
      Udon also finished reading cartoons.
      “Customer Yi Shi Udon has finished reading” Chop! The pupil of latosolic red “won-‘Sheila’s head’!”
      “‘Sheila’s head’-Sheila, the son of the imperial minister, holds Shangri-La, the emperor’s dimensional phalanx. She is sadistic in character and not inferior to her father, and she is cruel and lustful. She rapes and plunders everywhere by her father’s power.
      I used to travel and learn from each other’s strong points to develop a strong martial arts skill.
      In addition, during his tour, he recruited famous criminals and experts from all over the world, collected emperors scattered outside the empire, and set up a secret police force headed by himself, the Wild Hound, to act more recklessly in the imperial city.
      Eventually, the head was cut off by Lubbock of ‘NightRaid’. ”
      God night looked at udon’s reward startled.
      Is it okay to reward individual heads?
      I just don’t know if Udon’s psychological quality can bear it.
      A light fell on Udon’s hands.
      “Will be what emperor?
      Shake the appearance of the fiend of Queen S Esters-the quintessence of demons?
      Or is it that the woman’s red pupil will be killed-village rain?
      Hey hey, any one will do. ”
      Udon ‘Yi slip’ will soon flow down the snot sucked back, looking at the mass of light, eyes full of expectation.
      After all, Muye Maru and Meng Huang both got what they wanted. There is no reason why they can’t do it themselves.
      In the gaze of pairs of eyes, the light gradually dissipated.
      Exposing a miserable head.
      His expression was ferocious, full of blood, and his eyes stared hard before he died.
      Udon saw the head in his hand at first sight and was so scared that he fainted on the spot.
      Meng Huang muttered: “Udon, you… ah!!”
      When Meng Huang saw clearly that it was a human head, he was so scared that his eyes turned over and fainted.
      Wooden leaf pill double-stranded war, obviously also some can’t bear.
      Even the dog burial claw, which often performs tasks, can see a scalp explosion.
      Is there such a thing in the reward?
      This is too red chicken, isn’t it?
      God saw that Muye Maru was about to faint at night and said, “Don’t faint first, and get them out with rewards.”
      “Yes, yes…”
      Mu Ye Wan could only crustily skin of head and ordered Xiao Bi to drag udon and Meng Huang out.
      Soon, I looked at the Sheila head.
      Kimoyamaru said to Xiaobi, “Xiaobi, throw it away! The farther you throw it, the better!”
      Xiaobi smelled speech and turned into a fighting form. He grabbed Sheila’s head and threw it in one direction, turning it into a little star.
      The border of Muye Village.
      “I said I am not your master, get out of here!”
      Asma, smoking a cigarette, gritted her teeth at the stool beast behind her.
      The stool beast has been following him since yesterday.
      At least I am also enduring Konoha. What’s the matter with following such a disgusting digital baby all day after fart?
      It’s really damaging to the image.
      It happened that this stool beast stickiness index MAX can’t be thrown away.
      Hearing this, the stool beast said sadly, “Master, don’t be so rude. I know that you definitely like me.”
      “Who TM would like shit?”
      Asma was so angry that she threw away the cigarette butt in her mouth. “If I really like you, I’d better drop something and kill it.”
      Without saying a word, Asma was severely hit on the back of the head by mysterious objects.
      Asma’s brain was dizzy. Looking at the thing that knocked her dizzy, she was not only hit in the face by the speed of light, but also a horrible head. She couldn’t help but say, “I am TM … …”
      Then, Asma fainted straight.
      “Master! Master!”
      The stool beast looked at Asma who was smashed and fainted. First, he looked panicked, and gradually turned into emotion. “I said, Master, you still like me.
      Is it true that all the cruel things you did before were because you wanted to surprise me?
      Master, I am so happy.
      I will always be your shit beast and will never leave you. ”
      Suddenly, the stool beast said to himself, “The master won’t have any problems, will he?
      By the way, if they encounter this kind of situation, they generally need the population to breathe, right?
      There are no other human beings here, so… want me to…
      Well, how embarrassing…
      To ask me and my master, um ~
      What are you afraid of? The master has proved with his life that he likes me. Why should I care about these secular rules?
      True love should be desperate! ”
      Thinking, the stool beast looked at Asma and said affectionately, “Unexpectedly, my first tattoo will be dedicated to my master under such circumstances. This will be the most sacred moment.”
      The stool beast pursed its big mouth to Asma…
      It took two minutes for the stool beast to get up and look at Asma’s red and swollen mouth. “The master hasn’t woken up yet, have I not done enough artificial respiration? Do you want to come again?”
      The stool beast fell down again…
      After five minutes, the stool beast got up and reluctantly said, “No, it’s not enough… then do it again, say yes, this is the last one…”
      The stool beast lowered its head again and was not idle back and forth…
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      Chapter 0027 Rubber Fruit Ability
      Thinking about the scene just now, the dog burial flower shuddered and whispered to the dog burial claw: “Mom, the reward of this comic book shop is too scary, even there is such a reward as a dead head.”
      “Some people are lucky and others are unlucky, which shows that it is really random.”
      The dog burial claw still looked at the cartoon without looking up and said, “In other words, this stool beast is disgusting. Whoever wins this digital baby may be reincarnated.”
      “Giggle, giggle, yes.”
      “Such a disgusting guy is not ashamed to find Meimei for a date.”
      “Mom, what do you think if someone is kissed by a shit beast?”
      “No way? Even if you want to die, hahahaha.”
      Mother and daughter continue to read comics.
      “The front is upside down mountain!
      Finally, finally to the great route!
      It’s gone?
      Wow, that’s too much! It was gone when I first got on the great route! ”
      Naruto looked at it and suddenly broke. His heart was like Xiao Mao scratching. He said, “Is this too appetizing? Boss, do you have the next article?”
      God smiled at night: “Our shop has not yet done so.”
      “I really want to keep watching!”
      Naruto helpless way.
      After reading so many cartoons, it is the first time that he wants to kidnap the author and draw the cartoons.
      Eiichiro Oda?
      Where are you?
      I’m going to tie you up and draw cartoons for me!
      At this point,
      A message appears in the interface of Shenye system.
      “Customer Naruto Whirlpool has finished reading” One Piece-East China Sea “and obtained-‘Rubber Fruit Ability’!”
      “‘Rubber fruit ability’-Superman is the devil fruit, and the eater in the cartoon is Meng Qi D Luffy.
      Rubber fruit can make the whole body of the capable person stretch and rebound within a certain range, and can make the attack of the capable person more powerful.
      Ordinary strikes, bullets and lightning are ineffective for them, but they are more afraid of chopping.
      This reward is only the ability of rubber fruit, so it has no characteristic of being cursed by the sea, and the ability will not affect itself because of water or sea building stone. ”
      “The Huo Ying protagonist has drawn the ability of the pirate protagonist?”
      God night zheng, expression is a bit strange.
      The thought of Naruto’s ability to fly out of the way makes Shenye a little unable to turn around this painting style.
      Imagine a pair of super-long rubber arms rubbing balls there…
      Or, a huge third-gear arm holds a super-giant spiral pill…
      This style of painting is very strange to think about.
      However, the ability of rubber fruit is beyond doubt.
      Damage bonus and defense bonus are good, there are many moves and patterns, and they are also immune to thunder attacks.
      Moreover, there is a good saying in the world of pirates.
      Demon fruit without garbage, only the ability of garbage.
      Rubber fruit was developed to fourth gear by Luffy two years later, and even Dorframenco could not bear such strong attacks.
      If Naruto can also develop rubber fruits to a higher level, then a multi-shadow doppelganger can be used together, then the picture is simply not too beautiful.
      Naruto looked forward to saying, “Hello, boss, what ability have I acquired?”
      God night said, “You will know later, and I guess you should like it.”
      Smell speech, Naruto eyes shine.
      At this moment, a dazzling brilliance falls on Naruto.
      Naruto feels that a strange energy flows into his body and into every cell of himself, as if he wants to transform his body from inside to outside.
      Before long,
      The light dissipates.
      Naruto looked at his body. He felt stronger than before.
      And there is an indescribable feeling, as if his body is full of elasticity, can stretch at will.
      As soon as Canzuka grabbed Naruto’s arm, he asked curiously, “Naruto, what ability have you gained?”
      However, as soon as the dog burial teeth exerted force, Naruto’s arm was directly pulled to a strange length.
      The eyes of the dog’s burial teeth should bulge out and he was surprised: “Naruto, your hand!”
      “I don’t know either.
      Boss, this shouldn’t be… ”
      Naruto looked at the night of God and some couldn’t believe his guess.
      God smiled at night. “From now on, you are a rubber fruit capable person, and you are still a demon fruit capable person without weakness.”
      “I really became the devil fruit power?
      Still not afraid of the weakness of water? ”
      Naruto was excited when he heard this, and said to Dog Tsuka, “Tooth, this is the ability of Luffy, the protagonist in One Piece cartoon! It’s called Rubber Fruit, which is Superman in Devil Fruit.
      The body of rubber-capable people can stretch at will like rubber, and they are not afraid of fists and bullets. ”
      Said, Naruto two fingers hooked corners of the mouth a hard pull.
      A mouth is directly lengthened by more than one meter.
      Naruto said in a funny way: “How about it? Is it an interesting ability?”
      The dog’s burial teeth were dumbfounded. “This is too powerful.”
      Dog Tomb Claw mother and daughter and two other ninjas were also shocked.
      This kind of thing called devil fruit is so magical that it can turn people’s bodies into rubber.
      Even if the blood continues to limit, I have never heard of such a special one.
      “Ha, ha, ha!”
      As soon as Naruto let go, his mouth snapped back to its original state. He proudly said, “I want to scare KINOMOTO SAKURA and Sasuke with rubber fruit. They certainly didn’t expect to have such unexpected ability.”
      Naruto excitedly ran out of the comic book shop to find Sasuke and Sakura Harano.
      Sitting next to Meng Huang and udon in a coma, Mu Ye Wan controlled Lu Bu, who had only a trace of blood left, and was nervous to avoid the attack of BOSS Cao Cao, who also had only a trace of blood left across the street.
      At this moment, it is the critical moment for you to die and me to die.
      Hormones in Muye Pill’s brain soared, and one operation was as fierce as a tiger.
      Just then,
      Naruto came over and a rubber arm was thrown over.
      Konoha Maru’s shoulder was patted and his hand shook.
      Only bloodshot Lu Bu was killed by Cao Cao on the spot, and the word “defeat” appeared on the screen.
      “I played for a long time…”
      “Almost, almost killed cao cao…”
      Konoyamaru looked up dumbfounded.
      Naruto has walked away with a smile and said, “Thank you this time, Muye Maru! Wait for me to invite you to read cartoons another day!”
      I @ # ¥%!
      I thank you so much!
      Muye Pill has an impulse to vomit blood.
      In the comic book shop.
      The two disguised Konoha Nakanobu also finished watching Tian Long Ba Bu and won the reward.
      One is Kumamoto’s unique skill “Flame Knife” and the other is the big scissors of Crocodile God in the South China Sea.
      After they were rewarded, they left in a hurry.
      Before long,
      Dog Tsuka Claw and Dog Tsuka Flower finally finished reading the digital baby cartoon.
      “Come to a female beast! Can play and look good!”
      “Mechanical Tyrannosaurus Rex is also good.”
      “If there is an apocalyptic beast, I’m afraid no one in the forbearance world is an opponent.”
      Although two people just saw so many people get rewards, but now it’s their turn, the in the mind still couldn’t help a little nervous.
      At this point,
      The systematic information of God Night emerges.
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      Chapter 0028 forced to break through the blue dye of the sky
      “The customer dog burial claw has finished reading” Digital Baby-Part 1 “and obtained-‘Zombie Tyrannosaurus Rex Experience Card’!”
      “‘zombie Tyrannosaurus Rex experience card ‘-can make any non-human creature become a complete digital baby in 60 minutes-zombie Tyrannosaurus Rex, with all the abilities of zombie Tyrannosaurus Rex.
      Zombie Tyrannosaurus Rex-A skeleton-type digital beast with only a skeleton left in its body and completely obsessed with fighting. It has no reason but a strong desire for destruction.
      The zombie Tyrannosaurus rex turned into using the experience card still maintains the consciousness of its original owner.
      After 60 minutes, the ability disappears and the user returns to its original state. ”

      “Customer Dog Tsuka Hua has finished reading” Digital Baby-Part 1 “and won-” Shadow Wing Chop “!”
      “‘Shadow Wing Chop’-the killing skill of digital baby Jialouda beast, which uses ultra-high-speed vacuum blade to cut up the enemy’s powerful skills. Because of its horrible speed, it is impossible to see how to attack.
      After the system is reformed, it can be put into use by chakra. ”
      Two dazzling lights fell on the dog burial claw and the dog burial flower one after another.
      It’s just that one falls on the hands of the dog burial claw, and the other falls on the dog burial flower.
      Until the light dissipates.
      There is a black card lying on the claw hand of the dog burial, with the image of a zombie Tyrannosaurus rex printed on the front.
      However, Dog Tsuka felt that there was a mysterious force in his mind, as if he could mobilize this mysterious force at any time and turn it into an extremely sharp attack.
      Mother and daughter look at God’s night at the same time.
      God Night explained to the mother and daughter: “The black card in your hand is a zombie Tyrannosaurus Rex experience card, which can make a non-human creature become a zombie Tyrannosaurus Rex within 60 minutes.
      What you get is the Shadow Wing Chop skill, and the Killing Skill of Jialouda Beast. ”
      When the dog burial claw heard this, he looked at the black card in his hand. “Although it is only an experience card, it is a complete digital baby zombie Tyrannosaurus Rex experience card. It can play a big role at the critical moment.”
      Dog Tsuka Flower is also very happy.
      If the shadow wing chop is converted into ninja, it is only strong but not weak compared with A-level ninja.
      10,000 taels can be exchanged for two such rewards, which is worth the money.
      At this point,
      A few Konoha ninjas came in one after another.
      They all heard that there was a comic book shop that could get mysterious rewards by reading comics, and they came here one after another.
      “Boss, do you have any good cartoons here?”
      “Wow, here is a super beautiful book! I want to see this velvet pattern!”
      “Clearly I took a fancy to it first!”
      “I want this beautiful girl warrior!”
      “Damn, you have chosen the best two cartoons!”

      Seeing several male ninjas competing for an 18-ban cartoon there, the dog burial claw coldly snorted: “These guys are really a shame to Konoha.”
      God ate melon seeds at night and said beside him, “It’s okay. Yesterday Huo Ying saw the velvet pattern.”
      The dog burial claw and the dog burial flower smell speech together petrified.
      Is Lord Huo Ying so coquettish?
      People who are almost 70 years old still read such cartoons?
      Several ninjas chose cartoons and sat down to watch them with great interest, giving out bursts of obscene laughter from time to time.
      “Shout-after reading it, it’s so cool.
      However, there is still a lot of suspense.
      Unexpectedly, Blue Dye is such a deep villain.
      Ichimaru Yin and Dong Xianyao also defected with him.
      They went to the virtual circle and didn’t know what to do there.
      There is a virtual base camp against death.
      I’m looking forward to the next article of death. ”
      After reading the cartoon of death, the dog burial tooth breathed a sigh of relief. Of course, it was very cool to look at it, but the more so, the more I want to see the following content.
      The final plot reversal was really unexpected.
      Blue dye, who always shows people in a kind and elegant image, turned out to be a villain.
      Even the old man Yamamoto, who is better than the chief of the 13-team guard court, has no choice but to watch the blue dye take the collapsed jade to the virtual circle.
      But although Blue Dye is a villain, it is totally annoying.
      On the contrary, dog burial teeth have a kind of worship for blue dye.
      Extreme calmness, extreme indifference, as if holding everything in the palm of your hand.
      There is no need to do anything to show strength.
      Just standing there will make people feel invincible.
      This situation is almost breaking through the sky.
      At this point,
      Refresh system information.
      “The customer dog burial tooth has finished reading” Death-Dead Soul World “and obtained-” Black Cloak “!”
      “‘Black Cloak’-one of the inventions of Uhara Yosuke, the captain of the 12th team of the 13th team of the former protection court and the first director of the Technology Development Bureau, and now the owner of Uhara Store.
      Wearing this black cloak can completely hide the user’s mental pressure, so that other death gods can’t sense the user’s whereabouts. ”
      A ray of light fell on the dog’s burial teeth.
      Dog burial teeth are looking forward to it.
      The light dissipated, revealing a black cloak.
      Originally expected full dog burial teeth one leng.
      Why don’t you remember that there is such a thing in death?
      Dog burial teeth holding a black cloak, looked at God night: “Boss, what is this thing?”
      Shenye said: “This is invented by Yosuke Uhara. It is a cloak that can completely hide the pressure of the dead gods, so that other dead gods cannot sense the whereabouts of the users.”
      Dog burial teeth zheng.
      It’s gone?
      This is not a world of death, and I have no spiritual pressure.
      Isn’t this black cloak…
      Dog burial teeth a little unwilling to give up asked: “Boss, is it possible that it will be of some use to people other than death?”
      God night wanted to think, said.
      The dog’s teeth and eyes suddenly shone.
      God night said, “If you die, it will also work for your soul to put on this.”
      Dog Tomb Teeth: (⊙ _ ⊙)
      I’m dead…
      I die …
      Then I’m dead. Why should I use it?
      Would it be more accurate for you to say directly that it is useless at all?
      “Forget it, just think of it as a souvenir.”
      But the dog burial teeth also get over it.
      After all, yesterday I already got such a good reward as “Garulu Beast Evolution Card”.
      Good luck can’t always be your own.
      “Boss, let’s go.
      Your comic book shop is very good, and you will come back tomorrow. ”
      Dog burial claw smiles.
      She knows very well that this comic book store will bring unimaginable changes to the tolerance world.
      Even the most important way for ninjas to become stronger in the future is probably this comic book store full of infinite possibilities.
      If you can have a good relationship with such people, it will be of great benefit to the dog burial clan.
      God smiles at night.
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      Chapter 0029 I nm, come on
      The dog burial claw family left, and God sat in a chair leisurely drinking black tea at night and looked at the system panel.
      [Host: God Night]
      [Comic book: “Chop! Red Pupil”, “Beautiful Girl Warrior-Part 1”, “Tian Long Ba Bu”, “Digital Baby-Part 1”, “Velvet Kiss”, “One Piece-East China Sea”, “Death-Dead Soul World”]
      [Extraction: One cartoon can be extracted for receiving 10 customers, and 6/10 people have been received, and 0 times can be extracted]
      [Task: Received a total of 50 customers and received a mysterious reward. Received: 26/50]
      “Three more people will be able to draw another cartoon.”
      “The mysterious reward can also be obtained today. I am looking forward to it.”
      God put black tea on his mouth and took a sip at night. His mouth raised a smile radian.
      “Ha, ha, ha, this rubber fruit ability is really fun!”
      Naruto uses the ability of rubber fruit to stretch his arms, face the high wind, and swing around in the woods like a gibbon.
      Soon, Naruto came to the Uchibo driving range where Sasuke usually trained.
      The once lively driving range of the Yuzhibo clan is now overgrown with weeds and almost deserted, silently stating the decline of the former strongest clan in the tolerance world.
      Sasuke’s forehead sweat streaked across his cheeks and fell to the ground.
      But he still didn’t stop practicing.
      Hatred left him with only one idea of “getting stronger”.
      Behind him, two silver disks floated.
      Suddenly, the brilliance flashed and turned into two snow-white and flawless wings.
      “Feather of God!”
      Sasuke’s eyes flashed a sharp, a low drink.
      Wings stretch, shooting white feathers like arrows.
      Feathers are extremely fast, making a harsh sound of “howling” when surprises.
      The stake in front was instantly shot into a white hedgehog.
      Sasuke gasped heavily.
      It is also thanks to the strong spiritual energy of the Uchibo clan, otherwise it is really not enough to support the emperor’s training with such intensity.
      “Sasuke, it’s amazing!”
      Chunye Sakura suddenly came out from the side to cheer.
      Sasuke snorted lightly.
      Sakura Harano came over and took the basket behind him to Sasuke. His face turned red. “Well… Sasuke, I made some snacks. They taste good. Do you want to try one?”
      “No, I’m not hungry.”
      Sasuke continued to practice Emperor’s tools.
      He pooled his family’s money, sold some old things, and pooled 10,000 taels, ready to go to the comic book shop later.
      Spring wild sakura smell speech expression some lost, holding the basket stood there.
      Naruto came up at this moment and waved his hands, “What is gay ~ Sapphire ~”
      “Naruto that guy again! How can you meet him everywhere?”
      Seeing Naruto, Harano Sakura was furious.
      At the thought of yesterday, the snow devil ape, which was clearly summoned by himself, went straight to Naruto.
      As a result, Naruto and Sasuke got together.
      Naruto is still in Sasuke’s arms’ Yajuan Butterfly ~ Yajuan Butterfly ~ ‘.
      She was furious.
      That opportunity should have belonged to oneself, but it was robbed by Naruto.
      Just ask if you are angry!
      Naruto and Sasuke greeted each other and said, “Yo, Sasuke, it seems that you are already very skilled in using your emperors.”
      “Not as skilled as you in skirts.”
      Sasuke said coldly.
      Naruto was instantly speechless.
      You talk like this, so people can’t answer it.
      Naruto turned to look at Harano Sakura and saw the snack in the basket in the latter’s hand. His eyes lit up. “KINOMOTO SAKURA, is this your snack?”
      “Yes! But it’s not for you, it’s for Sasuke!”
      Haruno Sakura hummed.
      Naruto looks at Asasuke.
      Sasuke turned his head.
      Naruto smiled cunningly and his hands were printed.
      A puff of white smoke rose.
      Naruto turned into Naruko, stuck his body to Sasuke, and said, “Sasuke, people really want to eat one.”
      Spring wild cherry blossoms are like a body blow.
      I NM … …
      Come back…
      “You stay away from me!”
      Sasuke felt the sudden feeling of wrapping his arm, and his hair stood upright. He hurriedly shook off Naruko’s hand.
      I reacted yesterday…
      As a result, even dreaming of Naruto’s face!
      That’s horrible!
      Naruko thin eyebrows slightly cu, put his finger on his mouth, showing a sad expression, “with…”
      Harano Sakura could no longer bear to punch and angrily said, “Bastard Naruto, you are still finished!”
      Naruko, who was punched by Sakura Harano, lifted his transformation and changed back to Naruto.
      Naruto’s body did not move, but his head moved five or six meters away with a long neck in the middle.
      Harano Sakura, who was still furious, was scared to pale. “Ming, Naruto?”
      Even Sasuke’s eye pupil shrank and he was startled.
      “Hey hey, how about it?”
      Naruto kept this strange appearance and proudly said, “This is the ability I just got from the cartoon shop, the rubber fruit of Luffy, the protagonist of One Piece cartoon! Isn’t it interesting?”
      Naruto snapped his neck back and said happily, “Now, I am like rubber, and any part can stretch at will as just now.
      But also has super fighting ability, and is immune to Lei Dun Ninjutsu. ”
      Naruhito said, “I just had a brainwave and invented a new move, rubber rubber slingshot! Sasuke, KINOMOTO SAKURA, do you want to see it?”
      “Not interested!”
      “Not interested!”
      Sasuke and Sakura Harano said in unison.
      It must be some boring thing.
      However, Naruto didn’t care what their opinions were. He stretched his arms around the two stumps and then kept retreating, like a slingshot, stretching the rubber elasticity of his arms to the limit.
      Naruto shouted, “Rubber rubber slingshot!”
      Naruto said that his feet were loose, and his strong elasticity shot him out like a shell.
      Harano Sakura stood nearby, and a wind lifted the skirt directly.
      Harano Sakura covered her skirt and said angrily, “Naruto, you idiot! Can you grow snacks?”
      Naruto, who shot out, looked back and smiled: “How about it, is it a very powerful move?”
      Sasuke put his hands in his pockets and snorted softly, “Didn’t you look at what was in front of you before you shot it out?”
      Naruto smell speech one leng, turned his head, only to see a stone tower standing in front.
      Naruto’s face changed slightly, and soon he showed an expression of indifference. He said, “You should not underestimate the ability of rubber fruit. It has many moves, rubber, rubber and balloons!”
      Naruto said, and his body suddenly turned into a round rubber balloon.
      Naruto, who bulged into a balloon, slammed into the stone tower.
      The spherical rubber body suffered the impact force, and Naruto was covered in rubber without any injury.
      Sasuke said faintly, “This guy has brains.”
      However, Naruto’s impact on the stone tower caused the air in his body to explode uncontrollably.
      Naruto quickly shut up for fear of air leakage.
      However, the mouth is blocked, but now somewhere behind it becomes exhaust.
      The air in the body found the catharsis and began to gush out wildly.
      That place has become a kind of rocket bottom thruster.
      Naruto suddenly flew around the sky like a balloon with a hole, and then rushed to Sasuke.
      Sasuke’s face changed sharply, his right eye jumped wildly, and he had an ominous premonition.
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      Chapter 0030 KINOMOTO SAKURA is going to crack
      Seeing Naruto rush straight to himself, he didn’t mean to stop at all.
      Sasuke tried to hide, but it was too late.
      Naruto hit Sasuke directly, and with a bang, even his mouth came together.
      Naruto and Sasuke’s eyes bulged at the same time.
      Naruto: (# `) Asshole Sasuke, you should hide!
      Sasuke: (# `) Bastard Naruto, watch it!
      Harano Sakura’s brain is only blank.
      This scene came when I was just divided into classes, and now it comes again.
      Why is fate so cruel to me?
      Sasuke tried to push Naruto away, but Naruto was still spraying gas behind him.
      Two people rolled out on the ground for more than ten meters before stopping.
      On the ground, leaving a long mark.
      Chunye Sakura is top-heavy, wobbly and unstable.
      The first and second time…
      Sasuke’s first time was taken away by Naruto…
      Now it’s like this again…
      Why, why is this happening?
      I feel like I’m going to crack now!
      “Bastard Naruto, you give me up!”
      Sasuke kicked Naruto, who was pressing on his body, and ran to the side to retch wildly.
      Naruto also turned his face over there to retch.
      Two people almost collapsed inside.
      This one is even more disgusting than the last one.
      Why do you always have this kind of thing with this guy?
      “Naruto, I’m going to kill you!”
      Chunye Sakura’s eyes suddenly burst into strong pitfalls, clenched his fist and came towards Naruto.
      Naruto, who was retching, suddenly felt the horrible murderous look behind him and hurried away. “KINOMOTO SAKURA, listen to me, this is definitely an accident!”
      “I don’t care! I just want to tear you up now!”
      “Yajuan butterfly ~”
      “Ah ah ah! This voice again!”
      Huo Ying Office.
      At this time, the ape was holding his chin in his hands and his eyes were surging with dark mans. He looked at Naruto in the crystal ball and said to himself, “Is it the ability to stretch his body at will?”
      His heart is full of dignity.
      That comic book shop is full of too many mysteries.
      From Kakashi’s mysterious gentleman’s staff, which can rebound Ninja skills, to Konoha Maru’s powerful dog emperor, to the exaggerated promotion of Sunrise Fireworks, which can hurt Sunrise’s feet with a boxing, to Naruto’s eccentric ability like rubber now…
      There are one eye-popping ability after another in comic shops.
      He doesn’t know how many more comic book shops can appear, which is completely different from the reward of endurance.
      At this rate, I’m afraid the current balance of Muye Pill will be broken if it doesn’t need it.
      But what can he do?
      The owner of the comic book shop is separated by half of Muye Village, and can easily hit his spiritual strength hard.
      Yesterday, if he hadn’t kept his hand, it would have directly obliterated his spirit.
      This is not something he can provoke, even the whole wood leaves together may not be able to provoke.
      However, if the comic book store continues to open like this, Muye Village will soon be beyond his control.
      He is completely caught in a dilemma.
      For the first time in his history, he felt that this Huo Ying was very timid.
      At this point,
      There was a knock outside the door.
      Ape flying day chop cancels telescope.
      The door pushed open,
      Turning to bed, Koharu came in.
      See is turned to sleep Koharu, ape flying day cut immediately lost just calm, brain buzzing pain.
      I blame myself for not throwing it away yesterday, resulting in such a misunderstanding.
      Up to now, he still doesn’t know how to explain it.
      Turning to bed, Koharu watched the ape fly to chop, then withdrew his eyes and whispered, “Chop, why didn’t you come to me?”
      Apes fly to cut their hearts speechless.
      This TM is a misunderstanding. Why do you take it seriously?
      Besides, how old are you with so many thoughts?
      Ape flying day chop would like to make it clear.
      However, after all, the Huo Ying Office is not a place to say such things. There are dark departments deployed nearby.
      If people know about their own affairs, I’m afraid it will become a joke for the whole Konoha.
      The ape chopped a cough on the flying day and said, “Koharu, that… some words are not convenient to say now. We’ll talk about them when you go to my house in the evening.”
      Hearing the ape flying to his house, Koharu turned to sleep and asked in a low voice, “Why? Isn’t Asma at home at night?”
      I @ # ¥%!
      What are you thinking!
      The ape flew to cut his heart and vomited blood, but his surface was still calm. He said, “When the time comes, you will come and let’s make it clear.”
      When Koharu left, the ape cut his forehead on the day of flying.
      “Alas, broad brain pain…”
      Sasuke put his hands in his pockets and his face was gloomy.
      I can’t help recalling what happened just now in my mind. The more I think about it, the more goose bumps I get, and I can’t help shivering.
      In hot summer, the hairs stand up.
      Come to the comic book shop.
      Sasuke walks into the comic book shop, where several ninjas are reading comics.
      “Read comics.”
      There are more than ten kinds of dried fruits or jerky meat on the table of God Night, and one is thrown into the mouth from time to time.
      Yesterday, after the comic book store earned 55 points from the system, he also gained 32,500 taels.
      Now that I have money on hand, my life must be much better than before.
      Sasuke nodded and said, “The second time is 10000 taels.”
      “That’s right.”
      Sasuke handed in 10000 taels and went to the bookshelf.
      Only “One Piece-East China Sea” and “Death-Dead Soul” are left above.
      “Naruto should be reading this one piece?”
      Sasuke hesitated and finally chose “One Piece-East China Sea”.
      Sasuke took the comic book and read it.
      After that, one after another, Konoha Ninja won awards after reading cartoons.
      However, they are all relatively common rewards and there is nothing worth mentioning.
      Kakashi walks into the comic book shop.
      Kakashi waved his hand and said, “Yo, boss, it seems that your business here is very good.”
      God chuckled at night. “It’s okay.”
      “I hope I can still have good luck today.”
      Kakashi put 10,000 taels of money on the table to choose cartoons.
      He has already reported the comic book store to Ape Feiri, and has done his due duty. He will not be in charge of the rest.
      And there is such a comic book shop that can benefit from reading comics, he certainly won’t miss it.
      Some people may even abandon money, but absolutely no one will abandon strength.
      Kakashi suddenly saw Sasuke reading comics and said, “Sasuke, you are there.”
      Sasuke looked up, answered simply and continued to look down at the cartoon.
      Kakashi shook his head.
      Seeing Sasuke, he seemed to see himself as a child.
      Because my father was forced to death by rumors in the village, and his heart was almost paranoid and he didn’t want to get close to others.
      Until one day, a man named Uchibo Daotu changed him.
      He said: ‘If a person who breaks the rules is a waste, then a person who doesn’t know how to attach importance to his companions is not even a waste! I think Konoha Baiya is a real hero!’
      He also taught this sentence to his students.
      Seeing Naruto, he seemed to see that he had left his belt of soil.
      He hopes Naruto can also change Sasuke’s heart.
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      Chapter 0031 Sauron’s Three-Sword Fencing
      No longer thinking about those sad past events, Kakashi came to the front of the bookshelf and chose “Death-Dead Soul World” in several cartoons.
      Kakashi took the cartoon, leaned against the bookshelf and looked quietly.
      Since reading the comics in the comic book store, he has not even had such a high expectation of affectionate paradise written by Jiraiya.
      After more than half an hour,
      Sasuke finished reading “One Piece-East China Sea”.
      System message refresh.
      “Customer Sasuke Uchiho has finished reading” One Piece-East China Sea “and obtained-” Solon’s Three-knife Fencing “!”
      “‘Sauron’s three-knife swordsmanship’-Sauron practiced two-knife swordsmanship since childhood, and later studied under Geng Silang’s door, often challenging Geng Silang’s daughter Guina but never winning.
      Although Guina is superb in fencing, Koshiro believes that women are naturally doomed not to become top swordsmen.
      Guina was unwilling and went to get his sabre and Tao Yi at night. Unfortunately, he slipped and fell to his death.
      Sauron was deeply saddened to hear the news of Guina’s death.
      From then on, in order to become stronger together with Guina’s share, he began to practice swordsmanship hard, until one day he could become the world’s largest swordsman whose name resounded through heaven and let Guina’s soul hear him. ”
      “Naruto won Luffy’s rubber fruit and Sasuke won Solon’s three-knife fencing. Should this be said to be fate?”
      God night looked at the system news and smiled.
      Huo Ying Male One obtains the ability of Pirate Male One, and Huo Ying Male Two obtains the ability of Pirate Male Two.
      It seems that this Huo Ying world has been brought more and more crooked by itself.
      But it’s kind of fun.
      Use cartoon shops to create a world of Huo Ying with completely different painting styles.
      A brilliant brilliance fell on Sasuke.
      At the same time, a bully and complicated kendo information poured into his consciousness.
      In consciousness, there seems to be an unyielding figure.
      Holding a knife in both hands and holding a knife in the mouth, he played all kinds of kendo moves to his heart’s content.
      Human body, trees, Stone, houses…
      Any object is mercilessly cut open before the three-knife swordsmanship.
      “This is!”
      Sasuke’s eyes twinkled with excitement.
      Without introduction, he already knows what reward this three-knife fencing is.
      After all, there is only one person who uses this fencing in One Piece cartoons.
      Loronoah Solon!
      Although he has a lonely temper, he only has an admiration for the role of Sauron.
      Solon’s perseverance is unimaginable to ordinary people. As long as he can become stronger, he can enjoy any pain.
      Even he is ashamed of this resilience.
      Moreover, Sauron has a true swordsman’s heart.
      Even in the face of the world’s largest sword hero “Hawkeye” Mihawk, he did not have any timidity and confusion and dared to face up to the challenge.
      Recognizing the gap between the two sides, he did not escape, but chose to meet Mihawk’s knife in the most calm way.
      Even Mihawk was infected by Solon’s swordsman’s heart, affirming that Solon was a strong man worthy of pulling out the black knife night with the name of the world’s strongest treasure knife.
      Although he didn’t get any demon fruit, he was also very satisfied to get this three-knife swordsmanship.
      Although the Uzhibo clan also has inherited fencing, there is still a gap compared with this three-sword fencing.
      This kind of fencing is extremely powerful in killing and can also strike from a distance.
      He heard that there is a kind of master named samurai in the Iron Kingdom, who specializes in fencing, but even those samurai can’t compare with this three-knife swordsmanship.
      “It seems that you already know your reward.”
      God night light laughed.
      “Well, very strong fencing.”
      Sasuke nodded.
      He found himself completely fascinated by the comic book shop Shenye.
      Improving strength is like a dream.
      He practiced so hard before, but the results were still slow.
      Even if he has the name of genius, the speed of practicing any ninja or body skills will astonish others, but it is still not enough for him.
      It is far from enough to take revenge on Uchibo Wasuni.
      When he came to the cartoon shop of God Night, in just two days, he got three swordsmanship and the emperor’s Mostima, and his strength suddenly improved a lot.
      Let him feel as never before, he is getting closer and closer to revenge.
      However, he also has a very realistic problem now.
      That is…
      No money!
      It cost 15,000 taels in two days.
      He has spent all his money, and now he is in urgent need of taking on tasks to earn money.
      Having tasted the benefits of the comic book shop, he has been completely inseparable from the comic book shop.
      In this way, there is only one place in the world where you can get rewards by reading cartoons.
      In any case, he can’t give up coming to the comic book store.
      Sasuke went to Kakashi.
      Kakashi put down the cartoon. “What’s the matter?”
      “Do we have any tasks recently?”
      “No money?”
      Kakashi’s eyes smiled.
      Sasuke touched his nose. “Ah… um…”
      “Just in time, I took a C-level task before I came.”
      “C-level mission?”
      Sasuke smell speech shine at the moment.
      Before, they all took on the D-level task of looking for cats, dogs and children, which was boring to explode and had low returns.
      Say what just when up and down endure can only take this kind of task.
      Now I can finally take on a decent task. Most importantly, the remuneration will definitely increase.
      “Yes, it is to escort a bridge expert named Dazner to the country of Poland.”
      Kakasi said, “If the task is completed, each of you three should get no less than 25,000 taels.
      By the way, we will leave tonight.
      Wait, you just inform Naruto and KINOMOTO SAKURA. ”
      ‘Will they meet and not behead again?’
      God handed the black tea to his mouth at night and smiled.
      In the original cartoon, they met Momoji, one of the seven Ninja swords, and never cut it again.
      It was also from this mission that Naruto embarked on the road of no return.
      Let you endure the knife seven people or Xiao organization leader, one mouth said you committed suicide on the spot, but also grateful.
      Sasuke beamed when he heard that there was a Class C mission.
      25,000 taels, even in the C-level task is not low pay.
      In this way, I will have the money to come to the comic book store next time.
      Sasuke said goodbye and left.
      He can’t wait to go home and get three knives, try out the fencing with three knives, and then wait to perform the task.
      Sasuke just left.
      A figure swearing into the comic shop.
      “Pusts don’t like wave thieves to eat and live in nests! (Can you stop pestering me!)
      Acid nest buckle buckle pus, broad wave broad also? I beg you, will you
      The nest chicken is like a cooking pot… (I’m really fed up…) ”
      Asma’s mouth is swollen like two sausages, and she said vaguely to the stool beast who can’t get rid of it.
      His heart is broken.
      No one will know that when you open your eyes, you will see a stool beast giving yourself artificial respiration, and a deeply intoxicated expression, which is a kind of collapse and despair.
      My TM even swelled my mouth.
      God knows what the shit beast did before he woke up.
      It hurts to think about it.
      Why are other people’s cartoon awards all kinds of good, but this is the case here?
      I’m afraid it took me eight generations of bad luck to draw this shit beast.
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      Chapter 0032 Pharmacist’s pocket
      Just because my luck yesterday was so low that it exploded.
      So Asma decided to come to the comic book store again today.
      I’ve used up all my bad luck, so I’m sure I can draw good things this time.
      Kakashi saw Asma motioning with his hand, “Yo, Asma.”
      When Asma heard Kakashi’s voice, she didn’t dare to turn around. She quickly took down the towel guarding the twelve men and wrapped it around her mouth. Only then did she turn around and say, “It’s like a buckle match, yelling together.” (It’s Kakashi, what a coincidence.) ”
      Kakashi Zheng.
      Where did you go?
      Have you learned such a distinctive dialect?
      At this point,
      The stool beast pounced on Asma and tearfully said, “Master…”
      “Pus is Ga Guo Le, nest drops live Salle pus! (If you dare to come over again, I will really kill you!)”
      Asma said with a fierce expression.
      However, with this ill-spoken’dialect ‘, it is very funny.
      However, the stool beast was too scared to approach and stayed honestly outside the cartoon shop.
      God carried black tea at night and smiled at the corners of his mouth.
      It seems that something indescribable happened between one person and one person.
      “Whoo-the whole world is quiet.”
      Asma breathed a sigh of relief, finally had a rare quiet, paid the money, and came to the bookshelf to choose cartoons.
      Actually, there is no choice.
      On the bookshelf, only the pirate that Sasuke just put back.
      Asma picked up the pirate cartoon and found a place.
      Kakashi said curiously, “Asma, your mouth?”
      “Yu Yezong and Soler pus Yebo freeze. (There is a kind of pain that you don’t understand.)”
      Asmasin said sour.
      My first tattoo.
      That animal just took it away.
      Kakashi looked at Asma, then at the miserable stool beast outside the door, and looked down at the comic book again.
      Don’t ask, the story is already on the face.
      You taste, you taste fine.
      Outside the comic book shop.
      A young man with silver gray hair and Tibetan blue clothing pushed his glasses on the bridge of his nose and looked at the cartoon shop.
      Under the glasses that refract sunlight, a pair of eyes are surging with sharp light.
      “You can get the ability from comics by reading comics?
      That’s funny.
      Go inside and have a look.
      Orochimaru may be very interested in this place. ”
      The young man raised his mouth slightly and stepped into the comic book shop.
      This guy is here?
      Seeing the young man, there was a hint of interest in God’s eyes at night.
      Pharmacist pocket.
      A spy with multiple identities.
      Of course, the most important thing is the status of Orochimaru’s assistant. He also acts mainly according to Orochimaru’s orders.
      The first appearance in the original plot is in the future endure exam.
      In order to inquire about intelligence, he disguised himself as a Konoha Xianren who failed the Zhongren exam many times, and later his identity was exposed.
      At that time, no one would have thought that the ugly assistant around Orochimaru would become a crucial figure in the fourth world war in the future.
      And he appeared here, presumably to spy on information for Orochimaru.
      “Hello, boss.”
      The pharmacist took a simple look without any scheming and smiled: “I heard that in your comic shop, you can get rewards from comics as long as you read comics. I don’t know if it is true.”
      “That’s right.”
      Anyway, it’s all money sent to the door, and God has no reason to refuse at night.
      In the comic book shop, let alone a pharmacist’s pocket, even Orochimaru, he is no different from crushing a worm to death.
      The pharmacist asked, “How much is it?”
      God night said: “The first time I read 5,000 taels, I can only read one book a day, and then the price doubles with the number of times.”
      “It’s as expensive as the rumor, but I’m still curious to try it.”
      The pharmacist put 5000 taels on the table and smiled, “Can I choose one now?”
      “There are no cartoons yet, you have to wait.”
      God’s night way.
      Pharmacist Dou sat waiting and looked at the comic book shop at the same time.
      Seeing Kakashi and Asma present, his eye pupil shrank.
      These two are both elites with Konoha’s reputation.
      Kakashi, in particular, is almost the most famous ninja in Konoha except Huo Ying and San Ren.
      If you are careless, you may be found.
      However, it seems that Kakashi was so absorbed that he didn’t care about him at all.
      A few minutes later, a wooden leaf endured watching “Chop! Red pupil “.
      A splendid beam fell in front of him.
      The name endure to look forward to, mouth is still praying.
      I spent all my savings for two months.
      As long as you can get an emperor’s tool, you can turn over in Konoha.
      Soon, the upcoming middle tolerance exam can be easily passed, and even it will not be difficult to become a middle tolerance.
      The light dissipated,
      There is an exaggerated Gatling machine gun on the ground.
      Next to the pharmacist pocket eyes a shrink.
      Sure enough, it’s the same as the rumor.
      It really appeared out of thin air.
      And it is a different world item that has never appeared in this world.
      The pharmacist looked at the divine night and saw that the latter was always calm and calm, and his heart was full of doubts.
      Who is this boss?
      What about this comic book store?
      Moreover, such a cartoon shop beyond common sense is opened in Konoha, but Konoha does not seem to have sent anyone to stop it. This is not Konoha’s previous style.
      The three generations of Huoying and Tuanzang are the masters who will never allow any unstable factors in Konoha.
      Anything that may threaten the Konoha regime will be eradicated as soon as possible.
      But this comic book shop…
      Is it because even they dare not provoke the owner of this comic book store?
      Thought of here, the pharmacist looked at God’s night’s eyes and gave a hard shock.
      When the pharmacist’s heart came up with one question after another, the name looked at Gatling’s machine gun and asked, “Boss, this is…”
      “DR. Fashion is a rotating machine gun made of dangerous materials.”
      Shenye said: “There are 1,000 bullets in it, and they will be gone after playing.”
      “1000 rounds, so many?”
      Endure surprise way.
      God coughed at night. “The firing rate of this gun is 3,000 rounds a minute.”
      “3000 rounds per minute?”
      Endure one leng, forget it and show depressed expression.
      If you use these 1,000 bullets all the time, they can last for 20 seconds?
      “Forget it, at least this thing can save your life at a critical moment.”
      Under endure picked up the machine gun, his face changed.
      This machine gun weighs at least 50 kg, right?
      We are ninjas, pay attention to is a light, flexible action, if you carry such a heavy guy…
      I can only buy a space scroll.
      The space scroll is ridiculously expensive and can only be used once.
      In an instant, the joy of being rewarded under that name was washed away.
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      Chapter 0033 New Comics: Dou Bo
      When the Konoha left, the pharmacist asked, “Now, can I see it?”
      God put away the 5000 taels of banknotes at night.
      Pharmacist pocket picked up “cut! Red pupil “sat in the corner of the position.
      Soon he was substituted by the plot.
      I even forgot that I came here to spy on intelligence and began to guess the plot direction.
      “There are 10 customers again, and you can smoke another cartoon.”
      God night looked at the numbers on the system panel, smiled and extracted new cartoons.
      “Begin to extract…”
      [Extract Comics-“Doubo-Part 1”]
      “Doubo-Part 1″-A teenager who once became famous in Wucheng suddenly did not advance but retreated three years ago, becoming a joke for the whole Wucheng.
      Three years later, a young girl who had been engaged with him came to Xiao’s house and asked for divorce in public.
      Seeing that his father, who was the head of the family, was ashamed, the teenager wrote a certificate of divorce in a fit of pique.
      He agreed to go to the girl’s sect after three years… ”
      “Fight spirit? Is that a cartoon adapted from a classic online text in a previous life?”
      God saw that he had drawn a fighting spirit at night and chuckled, “I don’t know who can draw a different fire.”
      Doubo’s world outlook is not very strong in Fantasy Net.
      But in the world of Huo Ying, I think it can be called very strong.
      The most representative feature of this book is the different fires formed by the power of heaven and earth, each of which has the power of burning mountains and cooking the sea, as well as various wonderful uses.
      If anyone wants to be able to draw a different fire, I’m afraid he will be able to win the name of the strongest fire escape.
      Although Uchibo Weasel’s sky photo claims to be the strongest fire escape, it will not be extinguished unless the target is burned out, but no one has been burned to death from beginning to end in the cartoon.
      Different fires can be different.
      When a different fire comes out, landslides and ground breaks, and everything burns, it is the most violent thing in the world of fighting spirit.
      Even if it is not a different fire, there are countless good things in the world of fighting spirit.
      Dou Di and Dou Sheng can take out a decent thing casually, which can be called the existence of a big killer.
      On the other side,
      Sasuke leaves the comic book shop and goes home to find out some endure knives that his father once treasured.
      Carrying three knives to practice in a secluded forest.
      Can’t help it, the Yuzhibo driving range has left a shadow on him, and he shivered at the thought of it.
      As soon as Sasuke arrived here, he saw Naruto practicing rubber fruit there.
      “Rubber rubber pistol!”
      “Rubber rubber clock!”
      “Rubber rubber axe!”
      Naruto kept practicing Luffy’s ability seen in the cartoon.
      The strong force of the rubber body burst, knocking down trees.
      Suddenly, Naruto found Sasuke, stopped, pie mouth said, “What are you doing with me?”
      “Who will come to you!”
      Sasuke snorted, “I’m here to train. Anyone who wants to meet you here.”
      Naruto’s mouth was raised and his eyes were full of fighting spirit. He said, “Just right, I want to practice rubber fruit. Why don’t we work together?”
      But I can put it first.
      My rubber fruit is very strong. If it hurts you, don’t cry too badly. ”
      Sasuke just wanted to vent, pulled out three knives and said, “I should tell you this.”
      Sasuke put a knife in his mouth and grabbed it, holding one in both hands, posing as Sauron’s most commonly used posture.
      “This is? Sauron’s three-knife flow?”
      Naruto recognized at a glance that Sasuke used Sauron’s three-knife swordsmanship, and his eyes were more competitive. He said, “Interesting! Then fight and see who is the better!
      Rubber, rubber, bullets! ”
      Naruto clenched his fists and rushed out with a sudden step.
      The fist stretched back and hit at top speed like a bullet.
      “Three knives and tigers!”
      Sasuke bit the handle in his mouth, and the other two knives were carried behind him, moving in shape and cutting all three knives.
      Naruto and Sasuke rushed together.
      A rubber fruit, a three-knife fencing, played fiercely.
      If God Night saw this scene, he would certainly be very interested.
      Fans of the two cartoons in the past life did not tear up B about who was good at Naruto and Sasuke, and who was good at Luffy and Sauron.
      It’s all right now.
      Add it up directly, and some tear it up.
      “It’s a good story.”
      After reading the cartoon of death, Kakashi’s mood seemed to have experienced a baptism.
      When I saw Kurosaki Ichigo, they desperately went to the execution ground to save Lucia.
      He admitted that the scene made him cry.
      If a person who breaks the rules is a waste, then a person who does not know how to attach importance to his companions is not even a waste.
      Ichigo Kurosaki has this belief in his heart.
      As a companion, although there are thousands of people, I will go.
      This hit the softest point in his heart.
      At this point,
      A message emerged in the system interface of God Night.
      “The customer flag wood Kakashi has finished reading” Death-Dead Soul World “and obtained-” Instant Coax-Thunder System “!”
      “‘instant coaxing-thunder system ‘-combined with the skill of white beating and ghost road, the back and shoulders of the operator who uses this trick will be entangled by the ghost road compressed by high concentration, and then the ghost road will be combined with his own hands and feet to fight through explosion. The inventor is Sifengyuan Night One.
      This skill makes the player’s fists and feet have great destructive power.
      After system modification, it can be used through chakra.
      Because of the attribute problem, only those who have Lei Dun chakra can use it. ”
      “Is the instant coax still divided into attributes?”
      God looked at Kakashi’s reward at night and thought to himself.
      The cartoon also does not specify the ability of instant coaxing.
      However, night one is really different from the instant coaxing of broken bees. The former is in the shape of lightning, while the latter is in the shape of wind.
      But there is no doubt that instant coaxing is definitely a very powerful combat skill.
      It can greatly improve the strength and speed of users.
      As soon as the night started, a forest was destroyed with only one move.
      As for the various instantaneous coaxing forms developed by Yeyi in the later period, it is even stronger. The battle value is off the charts.
      However, the instant coaxing of this reward is only the instant coaxing ability of night one in the corpse and soul world.
      A gorgeous light fell on Kakashi.
      Kakashi felt a profound message flooding into his mind.
      Even with his genius mind, it was difficult to deal with it at that time.
      After all, this is an ability created after studying hard for a long time at night. How can it be simple?
      After a while,
      The infusion of this message is over.
      Kakashi slowly opened his right eye, vomited a mouthful of turbid gas, and said with shock: “Instant coax, very strong ability, no weaker than Kai’s eight Daoist magic.
      Can create such a secret method.
      That woman named Sifengyuan Yeyi is really an incredible super genius. ”
      [PS: Today is the Lantern Festival, helping all the big brothers to be happy, healthy, prosperous and rich! ” *
      Chapter 0034 Don’t deceive young poor
      Kakashi once saw Matthew display the seventh of the eight Daoist magic.
      At that time, he was shocked by the horrible power displayed by Daoist magic.
      One punch and one foot have destructive power beyond ordinary ninja.
      The ability of instant coaxing is not weaker than the seventh door of eight Daoist magic.
      As for which is stronger or weaker than the Eighth Gate of the Eight Daoist Magic, he does not know.
      After all, it is the ability to die once used. If it were not for being cornered, Matthew would not have used Gate 8.
      Such a powerful secret as instant coaxing is the top secret in any village.
      Not everyone is qualified to practice.
      The first gentleman’s staff, the second instant coax.
      Kakashi felt that the 15,000 taels spent on reading cartoons these two times could no longer be described as value for money.
      With these two things, he already has the strength to fight with the Five Shadows.
      “You are lucky.”
      God night joke way.
      Kakashi scratched the back of his head and said with a smile, “I am really lucky. But if the boss hadn’t opened this comic book store, I wouldn’t have a chance even if I wanted to be so lucky.
      I’ll go first and come back when I have time. ”
      As soon as Kakashi left the house, he met the sisters Sunazu, Hinata and Huahuo to come to see the cartoon.
      “It’s Kakashi.”
      “Japanese patriarch.”
      The two men said hello.
      Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan
      Looking at the customers in the comic book store, Japan said with a smile: “Boss, today’s business is much better than yesterday.”
      “Not bad.”
      God’s night way.
      “Hey, sister, don’t you have something for God Night King?”
      Fireworks hit Hinata with their shoulders and laughed: “I saw you practice in front of the mirror many times at home. Why are you embarrassed now?”
      “That… I…”
      Hindu Tian Qiao’s face was red and his hands were behind his back.
      Although she had imagined it many times when she was at home, she suddenly didn’t know how to speak when she saw God Night.
      “Still want me to help you.”
      The fireworks took out the gift box behind Hinata and put it on the table. They smiled and said, “God Night King, this is the black tea my sister prepared for you. She went to many stores yesterday, specially picked it out for you, and packed it carefully.”
      “Also, there is no…”
      The flush on Hinada’s face burned all the way to his ears, and his two slender fingers kept burning.
      “Thank you, Kota.”
      God smiled at night and accepted it without politeness.
      Seeing that God received the gift at night, Hinata breathed a sigh of relief and heard God call himself Hinata at night. His heart was sweet.
      Looking at the appearance of Hinata, the sun sighed in my heart.
      Is this the so-called failure of women to stay?
      Naturally, he has no opinion and even supports Hinata’s love of God’s Night.
      The Japanese clan is the first clan in Konoha today, and Hinata is the princess of the Japanese clan. This status alone is enough to make countless people look up.
      But if it is in front of God’s night, it is really nothing.
      In the future, the whole endurance world will undergo an earth-shaking change due to the cartoon shop of God Night.
      God’s night is likely to become a status comparable to that of the six immortals who once created the Ninja Sect.
      If the Japanese clan can forge a good relationship with the divine night, then the future will also have a far higher position in the forbearance world than it is now.
      Of course, the most important thing for him as a father is to hope his daughter is happy.
      However, looking at the appearance of Hinata, it is obvious that there is no need to worry about this.
      “That boss, do you have any more powerful cartoons to recommend?”
      The last time Tian Long Ba Bu made him feel very hurt.
      This time I decided to change to a cartoon.
      Shenye recommended: “The book” Death-Dead Soul World “is very good. Kakashi just got a very good ability.”
      “Thank you very much.”
      The Japanese foot picked up the cartoon of death without hesitation.
      Fireworks looked at the only book left on the bookshelf, “Doubo-Part 1″? God Night King, is this the new cartoon today? ”
      God nodded at night. “Yes, no one has seen it yet.”
      “That’s it! My sister and I read one!”
      Fireworks smiled and pulled Hinata aside to read cartoons.
      The two sisters opened the cartoon and were soon firmly attracted by the plot of fighting spirit.
      Although the beginning of Doubo is a waste wood flow that has rotted the streets in previous lives.
      However, it is very attractive to Hinoda and Huahuo, who do not have any online reading experience.
      The protagonist can’t practice, and is ridiculed and suppressed by people around him.
      Even my cousin, who had been circling around her, turned a blind eye to herself and looked arrogant.
      All of a sudden, the emotions of the two sisters were linked up.
      Then, it is the divorce plot that was once very popular in the online literature field.
      The girl who had been engaged to the protagonist came to the protagonist’s family and asked for divorce in public, which not only made the protagonist resentful, but also made the protagonist’s father lose face.
      At this time, the emotions of the young Tian sisters, who are readers, were suppressed to the extreme.
      “This woman is too much!”
      “I look down on people because I have a background.”
      “The elder’s face is disgusting enough, and he doesn’t even want dignity when he sees Dan medicine.”
      The sisters said as they watched.
      Completely substituted in, as if oneself incarnated into the protagonist.
      At this point,
      Here comes the highest part.
      The protagonist flatly rejected the girl’s Dan medicine and divorce. With a wave of his hand, the wolf wrote a certificate of divorce. Hit the floor said: “Thirty years east of the river, thirty years west of the river, don’t bully the young poor!”
      The certificate of divorce was thrown to the girl, and the protagonist turned and left smartly.
      Just a word,
      However, the depression accumulated before Hinoda and Huahuo’s heart was instantly reversed and became a burst.
      “This sentence is well said!”
      “Don’t bully teenagers and be poor, you feel very cool when you listen!”
      Hinata and Huahuo are now firmly grasped by the plot and fascinated by it.
      Then, when the teenager was helpless, an old man suddenly appeared from the ring. From then on, the protagonist began to open all kinds of roads to the peak of his life.
      Seeing Hinada and Fireworks, God smiled unexpectedly at night.
      It is no accident that Doubo can become one of the representative works of online writing in previous lives.
      You don’t have to pretend to be forced.
      The life of the protagonist Xiao Yan is the life of pretending to be forced.
      And the rhythm and expectation of the plot inside are also quite in place, which makes people unable to leave once they see it.
      For small white people like Hinata and Huahuo, who don’t even know what a net text is, it is naturally hard to resist.
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      Chapter 0035 My tm mentality collapsed
      At this point,
      Asma finally finished reading “One Piece-East China Sea”. His mouth was reduced and he spoke a lot more quickly. He looked forward to saying, “Last time he had such bad luck, it’s time to turn around this time.”
      In addition to demon fruits, there are various physical techniques like fish karate in the pirate world.
      If you can get the same, it can be regarded as making up for yesterday’s loss.
      After all, yesterday’s stool beast was already rewarded no longer, and today it is impossible to suffer the same as the stool beast.
      At this point,
      System information update.
      “Customer Ape Fei Asma has finished reading” One Piece-East China Sea “and won-‘Allita’!”
      “‘Alrita’-the captain of Alrita Pirates Regiment, a bloated, ugly and freckled female pirate, always thinks she is the most beautiful woman in the East China Sea.
      Use a mace as a weapon, offering a reward of 5 million Bailey.
      If Allita is defeated by a man, she will assume that this man is her husband and will do whatever it takes to get him. ”
      “Asma’s luck is simply…”
      God night looked at the refreshed system information, can’t help but admire.
      You know, this reward is not Allita who will eat slippery fruits and become a beautiful woman in the future.
      It’s the pure natural Alrita.
      He is grumpy, freckled and stronger than a bear.
      But I don’t know where my confidence comes from. I often ask others who is the most beautiful woman in the East China Sea.
      No man can stand such a gourmet woman.
      It happened that Asma was drawn.
      For the first time, reward the stool beast, and for the second time, reward Allita.
      This luck, I just want to ask who else?
      God night had to cast a sympathetic look at Asma.
      However, Asma was unaware of it and asked expectantly, “Boss, what is this reward?”
      “A woman.”
      God night wanted to think, said.
      Hearing this, Asma’s eyes suddenly lit up.
      Nami? Nokigo? Kaya? Or Dusky?
      They are all great beauties with high Yan value. If they can draw…
      Looking at Asma’s expression, God knew that he was thinking too much at night.
      Wait, when you see the reward, you will doubt life.
      A gorgeous beam of light fell from the sky and fell in front of Asma.
      Asma’s expression showed inconceivable excitement.
      No one can understand the feeling that the first reward is a shit beast.
      No matter what the second reward is, it will make him feel that his luck is against him.
      Soon, Asma felt something was wrong.
      Is this light too wide?
      Pirate world beauty is that kind of long legs and thin waist type, should not be like this?
      Suddenly, a steel voice came from the light.
      Asma’s face shook.
      I’ll go …
      Not this reward is also a mess of exotic flowers, is it?
      I already drew a shit beast last time.
      This time, it’s time to turn around. Make up for yourself.
      Forget it, no matter what the reward is, at least it won’t be worse than the shit beast.
      Asma comforted herself in her heart.
      The brilliance dissipates,
      A bloated, freckled ugly woman, wearing the cape of the pirate captain, with a shock iron mace and mung bean-sized eyes staring coldly at Asma, snorted, “Did you call me to this world, a guy who looks like a big horse monkey?”
      Asma looked at Alrita in front of her, her mind was blown down, and all her illusions were shattered.
      Is this the female pirate at the beginning of the pirate cartoon?
      This is my reward?
      I bought a watch last year!
      Why is my reward such a thing again?
      Why? Why? Why? For …
      Asma’s mind kept playing back this question.
      My TM mentality collapsed.
      Every reward is such a damn thing, who can stand it?
      Everyone else in the comic book shop was stunned and almost couldn’t help laughing.
      Is this Asma’s reward?
      This is too aura, isn’t it?
      It seems that only Asma can afford it.
      Allita looked at Asma, who was speechless, and snorted coldly, “I’m asking you something, but you dare to treat me like air! Go to hell with me!”
      As she spoke, Alita swung her mace at Asma.
      Mace potential heavy, accompanied by the howling wind.
      Asma, who was already depressed to vomiting blood, saw that the person he summoned dared to shoot at himself. He immediately burst into anger and shot without any reservation.
      The fist fills the air and escapes from chakra and hits Allita.
      Allita’s mace didn’t hit Asma, but Asma punched her out.
      Allita’s body suddenly fell to the ground, and the whole comic book store seemed to be going to have an earthquake.
      Asma turned around with his fist and secretly scolded, “MD, this luck is too bad. Is my luck so bad to smoke a stool beast and this product?”
      Asma’s heart is bleeding.
      You can’t afford to be hurt without a chieftain.
      At this point,
      Allita stood up and looked at Asma’s back with a brightness she had never seen before. She said excitedly, “Wait!”
      Asma turned her head and said angrily, “I said you haven’t been beaten enough?”
      Alrita took a step forward with enthusiasm and said, “You are the first man who can defeat me! I allow you to be my Alrita’s man!”
      Asma: (⊙ _ ⊙)
      Are you out of your mind?
      Hit you, and you want to be your man?
      Just now, I thought the reward, even if it was worse, could not be worse than a shit beast…
      Sorry, can I take that back now?
      Without waiting for Asma to answer Alrita.
      Hearing that someone was going to compete with himself for Asma, the stool beast rushed in from the door and declared sovereignty: “Smelly woman, how dare you move such evil thoughts against my master! Don’t be wishful thinking!”
      Allita snorted, “The man I have a crush on can’t be hindered by a monster like you.”
      The stool beast took out a mass of poop and incarnated as a husband-protecting maniac. “Believe it or not, I’ll let you taste the stool now!”
      “Believe it or not, I will smash you to powder with a stick first!”
      Allita walked to the stool beast with a mace in her hand.
      Asma was already crying.
      If two women were jealous of themselves in normal times, they would definitely be too happy.
      But today’s situation makes him only want to die.
      What’s all this?
      A super disgusting shit beast, a super ugly female pirate.
      These two people are jealous of themselves here, and they can no longer use words to describe what WC they are in their hearts at the moment.
      My TM mentality has collapsed.
      Before, I always felt that I was unlucky, and suddenly I felt that my luck was simply too good.
      Look at him, Asma.
      Look at yourself again.
      What else is not satisfied?
      At this point,
      A faint voice sounded.
      “Comic shops are places to read comics. What do you think this is?”
      Divine night slowly put down the cup.
      The eyes suddenly opened.
      A vast coercion burst out as if the ocean were rolling back and the sky collapsed, filling the entire comic book store. It was extremely horrible and seemed to crush this space.
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      Chapter 0036 Dimensional Phalanx-Shangri-La
      This coercion suddenly came, and all the customers in the comic book store were shocked and immediately swallowed a mouthful of saliva.
      They instantly felt that they were as small as ants and dust in front of this power.
      It seems that their life and death no longer belong to themselves, but in the palm of God’s night.
      As long as God moves his thoughts at night, they will die like ants and dust, even without any qualification to resist.
      Fear swept through their hearts like a frenzy for an instant.
      Is this the strength of this cartoon owner?
      At the same time,
      Asma’s three were hit hard by an invisible force, spraying blood in their mouths and flying directly out of the cartoon store.
      God said blandly at night: “A little punishment, another time, more than that.”
      God night words are very indifferent, can’t hear any emotional ups and downs.
      However, the ears of cartoon store customers are full of deterrence.
      Everyone looked at each other and saw the fear in each other’s eyes.
      Asma’s strength is in the top row even in Konoha. He once served as the guardian of the name of the Fire Kingdom.
      That’s the important task of protecting a head of state, which must be taken up by the elite.
      But even if it is stronger than Asma’s strength, it can’t stop a look in front of God’s night.
      One eye crushes the elite to endure!
      I’m afraid no one in the forbearance world can do this today.
      Don’t say it is today, even if there is a resurrection between Qianshou Pillar and Uchiboa, who have the God of Endurance, there is no such possibility.
      “This… this guy…”
      Asma gritted her teeth, endured the severe pain all over her body, and slowly got up from the ground.
      Looking at the eyes of God Night, full of shock.
      How can he be so strong?
      Just one look makes you unable to resist?
      This strength gap is too big to measure.
      The sun is facing the sun, and the eyes are deep.
      God Night can open such a cartoon shop, of course, itself is also an unfathomable existence.
      Naturally, this existence will not allow anyone to mess around in his shop.
      Asma really offended the wrong person this time and could only admit that she was unlucky.
      Fireworks were a little excited and said, “Sister, God Night King is very strong.”
      Hinada nodded.
      She knew long ago that God Night was very strong, but she didn’t expect it to be so strong.
      At the same time, it also strengthened her determination to become stronger.
      If you are not strong enough, how can you be worthy of God Night King?
      The pharmacist pushed his glasses on the bridge of his nose.
      He felt that he already knew the three generations of Huoying and Tuanzang, who did not allow any unstable factors in Konoha, but why did he not take any measures against this comic book store?
      I’m afraid it is because they dare not offend the owner of this comic book store.
      He felt that the news had to be passed on to Orochimaru.
      Orochimaru will soon join hands with Shayin Village to launch an operation to destroy Konoha.
      However, having such a terrible figure in Konoha will undoubtedly bring huge variables to Orochimaru’s plan.
      Asma wiped the blood from her mouth.
      Although he was very angry, he could only endure the thought of the horrible power of God Night.
      What else?
      Rushing to die for the sake of face?
      As a ninja, he has already worn away the impulsive edges and corners of young people.
      He burst into a self-deprecating smile.
      I used to think that God Night was just an ordinary person.
      I don’t know how much better I am than God’s night with my own strength and identity.
      Why does Xi Rihong refuse himself?
      Now that I think about it, everything is clear.
      I even felt a little ridiculous at that time.
      Asma said nothing and got up and left the comic book shop.
      Asma left, and Allita and the stool beast did not dare to provoke God’s night and followed despondently.
      They are not stupid at all.
      They know very well who should provoke and what should not be provoked.
      At this point,
      The stool beast whispered to Allita, “In fact, we can live together.”
      Alrita agreed, “I don’t mind.”
      “Hey hey, after that, the master belongs to both of us.”
      “I have to try if he can satisfy me first.”
      “Hey hey, I can’t help what you said.”
      “So… today?”
      “Good, good!”
      Listening to the conversation between the stool beast and Allita, which became more and more impossible to listen to, Asma, who bowed her head and walked in front, suddenly felt that life was dark.
      What, you two still want to use strong?
      RBQ, RBQ, slip away.
      I can’t afford to be taunted.
      Asma got up and ran.
      “Master, don’t leave me!”
      “How can the man I see in Alita let you escape!”
      Seeing Asma running away, the stool beast and Allita immediately caught up.
      “Asma is really… very attractive.”
      The Japanese foot watched Asma flee from the cartoon store and sighed leisurely.
      Fireworks sipped their mouths. “Although he is so embarrassed, he runs away like love.”
      Pharmacist pocket can’t help but start praying in his heart.
      Don’t give me such a reward, I can’t stand it.
      Although as a spy, the most important thing is psychological quality.
      However, even the best psychological quality can’t bear this kind of reward.
      The pharmacist read the cartoon.
      “The customer pharmacist pocket has finished reading” Chop! The pupil of latosolic red “, get-‘Dimensional phalanx-Shangri-La’!”
      “‘dimensional phalanx-Shangri-La ‘-space is an emperor, which can instantly move the target in the phalanx to the designated position, but it needs huge energy and cannot be started continuously.”
      “The reward for the pharmacist pocket is good.”
      God watches the message at night.
      Dimensional phalanx-Shangri-La can transmit targets to any designated place, which is equivalent to a small directional transmission array.
      Whether it’s life-saving or sneak attack, it’s excellent.
      The only disadvantage is that the cooling time for starting once takes several days.
      However, if this is not the case, this emperor’s tool will become a BUG.
      Pharmacist pocket asked God night with uneasy mood: “Boss, my reward…”
      God smiled at night. “Don’t be afraid, not Asma.”
      Smell speech, pharmacist pocket relieved.
      As long as it’s not that kind of reward, it doesn’t matter what it is.
      A ray of light fell and fell into the hands of the pharmacist’s pocket.
      When the light gradually dissipates, it turns into a metal object shaped like gossip.
      The pharmacist’s pocket was shaken all over.
      He recognized at a glance that this was Sheila’s imperial tool, the dimensional phalanx-Shangri-La.
      A powerful emperor with transmission capability.
      Unexpectedly, I can get this emperor’s utensil, which can rank in the top few among the emperor’s utensils.
      The pharmacist put the emperor’s utensil away and smiled at God’s night: “Thank you very much, boss. This is a very powerful emperor’s utensil.”
      Having seen the tip of the iceberg of God’s night, he has an involuntary fear of God’s night.
      God night said, “What reward you get depends on your own luck.”
      The pharmacist smiled and left the comic book shop.
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      Chapter 0037 Orochimaru came
      Walking out of the comic shop pharmacist’s pocket, he changed his expression, cold without any smile.
      The pharmacist chose a place and tested it.
      It is confirmed that this dimensional phalanx-Shangri-La Emperor has no problem and really has the ability of space transmission.
      The pharmacist’s hands were printed, and a hazy water curtain appeared in front of him.
      A man with long black hair with pale face and dark golden snake pupil emerged in the water curtain.
      The middle-aged man’s voice was hoarse and chilling. He said slowly, “Dou, I should have told you not to contact me in this way if it is not very important.”
      The pharmacist pushed his glasses and said seriously, “Lord Orochimaru, I believe the importance of this matter is beyond your imagination. You will very much hope to know it at the first time.”
      “Tell me about it.”
      Smell speech, Orochimaru eyes showed interest.
      He knew that the pharmacist was afraid to lie to himself.
      I’m afraid it’s really interesting to make pharmacists say so.
      Pharmacist Dou said, “Konoha appeared in a comic book shop yesterday. You can randomly get a reward from the comic book by looking at the comic book in the shop.”
      Orochimaru leaned forward slightly.
      It was the first time he had heard of such a thing, and his interest was suddenly aroused.
      Pharmacist pocket took out the dimensional phalanx-Shangri-La he got and said, “This is the imperial tool I got. It is called the dimensional phalanx-Shangri-La. It can instantly transmit the target to the designated transmission location. The target can reach up to dozens of people.”
      Orochimaru was really moved. “You said, can this thing be transmitted in space?”
      No wonder Orochimaru was so surprised.
      Throw away channeling, an overly common space summoning technique.
      Space ninja techniques such as Konoha’s flying Thor technique and Yunyin’s sky-sending technique are basically top secret in each village. They are rare in number, difficult to practice and have many restrictions.
      The art of flying Thor can only be transmitted to the marked target, and can only take one or two people at a time.
      Heavenly Send cannot transmit the performer, and the transferee cannot bear it if he is not physically tough.
      However, pharmacist Dou said that the emperor named “Dimensional Phalanx-Shangri-La” could transmit dozens of people at the same time, making it impossible for him not to be surprised.
      At the same time, this changed his original plan to destroy Konoha.
      In terms of contact with Shayin Village, the country of wind, he is ready to join hands with four generations of wind shadows to take action against Konoha in the Zhongren exam.
      The reason why I chose that time was that Konoha had a huge perception array hanging over the whole Konoha.
      Any non-village personnel entering Konoha will trigger an alarm and have no hiding place.
      Konoha will take action as soon as possible.
      Only by taking the Zhongren exam can Shayin Ninja openly enter Konoha under the title of co-organizer.
      But if you have this imperial tool, you can first send the elite into Muye Village and launch an offensive from the inside out, catching Muye off guard.
      Then the main force outside then launched an attack from all directions, flanking inside and outside.
      This is much more useful than his setting that Shayin turned against the water in the third exam and disguised himself as a four-generation wind shadow to launch an assassination on the ape’s flying day.
      Orochimaru suddenly asked, “Who owns that comic book shop?
      Old ape flying man and Tuan Zang should not tolerate such a cartoon shop and should be open to everyone.
      What they like most is to hold all power firmly in their own hands. ”
      “The owner of the comic book shop is called Shenye.”
      The pharmacist said, “It’s not a ninja, but its strength is unfathomable.
      Just one eye completely crushed Asma.
      I suspect that he may even kill Asma with his eyes. ”
      “What are you talking about?”
      Orochimaru’s face was shocked.
      Are you kidding me?
      Can you kill an elite with only one eye?
      Moreover, he had never received any information about the name God Night before.
      Konoha actually hides such a mysterious existence, which is a big variable to his plan to destroy Konoha.
      The pharmacist said, “This is what I saw with my own eyes. It is really just a look.”
      Orochimaru was silent for a moment, as if it was still difficult to digest the news. After a moment, he said, “I know. I’ll go to Konoha myself.
      I want to try that comic book store myself. ”
      Pharmacist pocket nodded.
      With the end of contact with Orochimaru, the water curtain dissipated.
      In the experimental base in Orochimaru.
      The light is dim.
      There was a faint cry.
      “You can get the ability from comics by reading comics…
      One eye can defeat Asma…
      God night?
      Who the hell are you? ”
      Orochimaru sat in a chair with one hand on his cheek.
      Under the dim light, the dark golden snake pupil looks extremely deep.
      It’s as deep as the path to death.
      For a long time, the corners of Orochimaru’s mouth rose with a radian and said, “How long have I not been so excited? Hey hey, I really want to go to that comic book store now.”
      At this point,
      A figure emerged from the darkness.
      “Lord Orochimaru, if you want to go to Konoha, please let me accompany you.”
      Orochimaru looked at the young man with white hair and some morbidity on his face and said, “Kimimaro, it is better for your body to stay here for rest.”
      In order to maintain his immortality, he needs to use forbidden surgery not to reincarnate, and replace a new body every few years.
      To this end, he collected talented ninjas from all over the world as his own containers.
      Huiye Kimimaro is one of the best.
      The Huiye clan used to be a strong clan famous in the forbearance world, with blood succession limit-bone vein.
      All the clansmen are war-addicted and almost insane, so they are feared by the world.
      For some reason, the Huiye clan finally launched a rebellion and attacked Wuyin Village.
      As a result, the Huiye clan was defeated by Wuyin Village and slaughtered.
      Kimimaro is the only survivor of the Huiye clan. He was rescued by Orochimaru and followed under his command.
      Kimimaro not only inherited the purest bones of the Huiye clan, but also had a strong talent for cultivation. At the age of only 15, he already had the strength to endure.
      Unfortunately, Kimimaro was born terminally ill and could not be cured. He would not live long.
      This forced him to give up occupying Kimimaro’s body.
      Kimimaro said: “I have been in good health recently and have no problem.”
      Orochimaru thought about it and nodded. “All right, you can go with me.”
      Orochimaru smiled and said, “I haven’t been back for a long time. I miss it a little.”
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      Chapter 0038 Qinglian Heart Fire
      In the comic book shop,
      The sun’s foot closes the cartoon of death, and my mind is still thinking about it.
      Although death is not as feuding as Tian Long Ba Bu, it shows blood and fetters incisively and vividly.
      Seeing that he had some blood boiling, he found some feelings when he was young.
      After returning to absolute being, the Japanese foot began to expect its own reward.
      Yesterday, I got a combination of yin and yang, which is very unreliable. I hope I can have good luck today.
      [The customer has finished reading “Death-Dead Soul World” and obtained-“Female Death Inflates Righteous Skeleton”]
      “‘The female death inflates the righteous skeleton’-one of the inventions of Yosuke Uhara, which can inflate the righteous skeleton as quickly as a balloon and is mostly used as body double in combat.”
      “The female death inflates the righteous skeleton?”
      God is dumb at night.
      The luck of the sun’s foot is not much better than Asma’s.
      A splendor falls on the palm of the sun’s foot.
      The sun is full of hot eyes.
      The light dispersed, revealing a little thing similar to a white pill.
      “Boss, what is this? Is it the kind of pill that can improve one’s strength after eating it?”
      Are you confused about martial arts?
      How can there be any pill in the world of death that can improve one’s strength after eating it?
      God vomited in his heart at night and said to the sun, “Inflate the righteous skeleton, and you can instantly become a righteous skeleton body double as long as you put it on your mouth.
      Just to remind you.
      This is the inflatable skeleton of a female god of death. ”
      The sun’s foot looks strange, “inflatable doll?”
      God wanted to think about it at night and said solemnly, “It feels better than that.”
      How can it be repaired? Isn’t it still an inflatable doll?
      The sun has already begun to go mad.
      I got a bottle of sex medicine yesterday and an inflatable doll today.
      My God…
      Am I visiting a comic book store or an adult goods store?
      My tears can’t stop flowing down.
      The Japanese foot sighed helplessly and finally put the white pills into the clothes and put them together with other pills.
      Anyway, it’s a reward.
      Just spend 10,000 taels to buy an inflatable doll, which is a bit big.
      On the other side,
      Hinata and Huahuo are still watching Doubo cartoons with relish.
      The protagonist Xiao Yanjin met Yun Yun in the Warcraft Mountains, broke into the desert to win the heart fire of Qinglian, and won the championship narrowly in the Kama Empire Pharmacist Competition… One after another, the stories of Gao Chao made the sisters enjoy themselves.
      The cartoon plot has reached the most critical moment.
      Three years of hard training!
      Three years of blood and tears!
      No one knows how much unimaginable pain he has paid in the past three years, just for this war.
      Now, he Xiao Yan is here!
      I came to Yunlang Zong and went to the three-year contract of that year!
      Xiao Yan stepped onto the tournament field witnessed by countless people, with a black ruler in his hand. He looked at the young girl who had retired from the Xiao family three years ago and said coldly, “Xiao Yan, Xiao family, came to the First World War.”
      Juvenile words echoed the audience.
      Is a row of small print:
      The cartoon is not finished, please look forward to it.
      “Ah ah!”
      “It broke again in the most wonderful place!”
      Fireworks looked at the cartoon that stopped as soon as they arrived at the highest court, and angrily said, “Why is it like pirates that there is no such critical moment when the protagonist goes to Yunlangzong?
      Before so many foreshadowing clearly have to string together.
      The connection between Yun Qingyun and the protagonist in the Warcraft Mountains.
      The protagonist uses the pseudonym Yan Xiao to treat Grandpa Yan Ran. Yan Ran has a good impression on the protagonist, but how can he not think that Yan Xiao is the Xiao family waste she once divorced?
      No one can imagine that the waste of that year has grown to the point where Lianyun Langzong’s chief disciple cannot catch up.
      This is going to explode!
      As a result, it broke!
      Aah ah ah! I want to update, I want to update! ”
      The way of sprouting milk and sprouting milk.
      Even Hinata felt this feeling was more uncomfortable than ever before.
      After paving the way for so much, the best plot finally started, but the result was gone.
      Who won’t feel bad?
      Fireworks looked pitifully at the night of God, “King of God’s Night, is there a second one, as if watching it ~”
      God shrugged his shoulders at night and said he could not help it: “Not yet.”
      “Why are these authors so unscrupulous, it happened to stop at the most critical place! This feeling is too depressing!”
      Fireworks wander around two ivory-like calves, pouting.
      God night looked at the depressed little girl with a knowing smile.
      You only broke it twice, that’s all?
      Do you know how it feels to give you a chapter and a break by those online writers in previous lives?
      And those who are simply eunuchs.
      It’s like dying.
      They don’t have to write online articles, just selling blades sent by readers at home is enough to live.
      At this point,
      Refresh two pieces of system information in succession.
      [Customer Hinata Hinata has finished reading “Doubo-Part 1” and obtained-“Heart Fire in Qinglian”]
      “‘Heart fire in Qinglian’-the different fire ranked 19th in the different fire list, and it is also the first kind of different fire that the protagonist Xiao Yan soothed.
      It is a flame born deep in the lava in the center of the earth. It has been tempered, fused, compressed and carved countless times by the fire of the earth… It takes ten years to become a spirit, a hundred years to form, and a thousand years to become a lotus.
      At the time of Dacheng, its color was blue, and lotus plums gave birth to a cluster of green fires, which were called Qinglian Heart Fire.
      The power of this fire is unpredictable, and it can even trigger volcanic eruptions near volcanic areas, forming the destructive power of nature. ”

      [The customer’s daily fireworks have finished reading “Doubo-Part 1” and obtained-‘chakra Edition-Fighting Wings’]
      “‘chakra version-quarrelling with wings’-once the fighter reaches the realm of fighting king, he can quarrelling with wings, get rid of the earth and soar above the sky.
      This capability has been modified by the system, and can be turned into wings by using chakra, and has attack and defense capabilities. ”
      “Unexpectedly a come up to get different fire?
      Kota’s luck…
      This chakra wing with fireworks is also good.
      The flying ability of the Huo Ying world is rare.
      The two of them are lucky, I’m afraid they have used all the sun’s feet. ”
      Looking at the reward of Hinada and Fireworks, even God’s night couldn’t help sighing.
      These two are European emperors.
      This luck, burst into the sun foot dozens of streets.
      The Japanese and Japanese feet have already read the cartoon of death, but they can only draw the reward of inflating the righteous skeleton of the female death.
      The two lights fell on Hinata and Fireworks at the same time.
      Hinada stuffy hum, forehead rose a layer of sweat.
      She felt an unusually intense and violent energy pouring into her body.
      It’s like being in an endless sea of flames.
      Vaguely, she saw the flames slowly separate and a blue fire lotus emerged.
      The blue fire lotus blooms slowly.
      Worship the endless sea of fire and submit to it.
      A blue pillar of fire rushes up from the fire lotus!
      Straight into the sky, burning up the sky, there is a kind of domineering burning mountains and refining the sea!
      “This is!?”
      Hinada eye pupil gave a hard shock.
      She has guessed what this blue fire lotus is.
      The heart fire of Qinglian!
      Xiao Yan worked so hard to get the strange fire!
      “Ps: Ask for tickets and flowers!” *
      Chapter 0039 Chakra Chemical Wing
      Hinata was pleasantly surprised.
      You know, different fires are rare and strange things formed by the power of heaven and earth.
      Enough to make the strong fight for the emperor to fight for life and death.
      Even an alchemist like Gu He, who asked all sides of the Kama Empire to fight against kings or even emperors, failed to get what he wanted in the end.
      How can you get it yourself?
      On the other side, Fireworks also accepted the chakra version of quarrelling wings.
      I was still drawing circles there. I was depressed about how lucky I was. The day after the day showed that my two daughters had been rewarded, and I was concerned: “What abilities have you two got?”
      “Chakra Huayi!”
      Fireworks laughed.
      “Chakra Huayi, what is that?”
      The sun is startled.
      “There it goes.”
      Fireworks came outside the comic book shop, and two blue chakra stretched out behind them.
      Moore, a flash of light.
      Into two lifelike wings of chakra.
      The solar foot was shocked.
      He only saw the Qiudao clan display similar abilities, which is the ultimate secret of the Qiudao clan.
      However, the Chakra Huayi of Fireworks is obviously more condensed and almost real than the occult techniques of the Qiudao clan.
      The wings of chakra behind the fireworks rose directly from the ground and soared into the sky.
      The little girl is smiling.
      This feeling of being able to fly freely is indescribably frank.
      Fireworks flew in the sky, fleeting, floating and standing, saying to the sun, “How is it, father? Chakra Chemical Wing can not only fly, but also be controlled at will as a means of attack or defense.”
      The sun is dumbfounded.
      Chakra’s ability to fly as wings can also be attacked or defended?
      Isn’t that too strong?
      Fireworks have already won Karp’s armed ambition, and even he is ashamed of his hard power.
      If chakra Chemical Wing is added, the flexibility will also suddenly increase.
      There is no need for anything else. These two rewards alone are enough to endure the world.
      The sun is full of envy.
      Fireworks are lucky.
      But why do I feel distressed when I think of this matter, Jio?
      I can’t think about it.
      If you think about it again, tears will come out.
      The Japanese foot looked at Hinata again and asked, “Hinata, what is your reward?”
      After thinking about it, Japan comforted Hinata and said, “It’s okay. Even if your reward is not as good as fireworks, as long as it is useful to you, you will eventually have to practice on your own no matter what ability you have.”
      “I don’t know if there is any good fireworks, but I like it very much.”
      Hinada’s hands spread out and a bunch of blue flames emerged from the palm.
      The blue flames rose slowly and faintly turned into lotus flowers.
      When flames appear, even the temperature of the surrounding space rises sharply.
      As if facing not a bunch of small flames, but a boiling and violent active volcano.
      “What a terrible flame!”
      Seeing the heart fire of Qinglian, the eye pupil of the sun’s foot shrank.
      He actually felt a feeling of extreme danger from the blue flames.
      It seems that this is a taboo thing, as long as the slightest touch will turn into ashes.
      The sun looked sluggish at Hinata and said, “Hinata, this is…”
      Hinoda explained: “This is called Qinglian Earth Heart Fire, a kind of different fire born in underground lava. It takes at least a thousand years of tempering by the Earth Heart Fire to form a lotus shape. It is not only extremely powerful, but also can trigger volcanic eruptions.”
      “Wait, what is the different fire?”
      “Different fires are the creatures of heaven and earth in the world of fighting spirit. Each kind is unusual and has the power to burn mountains and cook the sea.”
      Hinata took out a handle and threw it up without suffering. At the same time, he bent his finger to a bullet.
      A wisp of green lotus as slender as hair hit the bitter.
      With a sound of “scoff”, the bitterness made of refined iron instantly turned into a pool of latosolic red molten iron in the flame.
      “It melted in an instant!”
      When the sun saw the suffering in front of this cyan flame, it turned into molten iron even if it couldn’t hold up for a moment, and couldn’t help showing a shocking expression.
      What’s the temperature?
      This green lotus heart fire is too horrible, isn’t it?
      If this flame falls on people…
      Thought of here, the sun foot couldn’t help a chill all over.
      I’m afraid people will be burned to ashes.
      This reward from Hinata is stronger than that from Chakra Huayi.
      Wait, just now I seemed to be comforting Hinata?
      Hang it all.
      Who gives non-chieftain confidence, dare to comfort somebody else European emperor.
      The heart is too big.
      The sun looks at the young fields and the fireworks.
      The rewards of the two daughters are so severe, how can they be so weak?
      However, he is happier that his two daughters can get such a good reward.
      There is hope for the revival of the Japanese people.
      “Yes, both of you have good rewards.”
      The sun is full of joy and laughs.
      Forget it, as long as your daughter’s reward is good, it doesn’t matter if you have bad luck every time.
      Fireworks suddenly asked curiously, “Father, what is your reward?”
      Asked about the sore spot of the sun, he said carelessly, “Nothing, a useless skill.”
      “My father said the same thing last time.”
      Fireworks said: “Then you also show it. What’s the use of your rewards?”
      The sun looked at the sun and said, “Well, your mother told us to go back to lunch early and demonstrate again another day.”
      Said, and the day to day foot to say a resignation hurriedly left.
      And demonstrate?
      A XXOO medicine, an inflatable doll, how to demonstrate it?
      “God Night King, let’s go.”
      Hindu Tian Qiao blushed and bowed to God’s night.
      Fireworks made a playful grimace and said, “God Night King, the sequel to One Piece and Dou Po must greet me.”
      “Don’t worry.”
      God night.
      Hinata and Huahuo sisters also left.
      As soon as God night saw noon, he ordered a piece of music outside Lamian Noodles.
      Yile Lamian Noodles is not far from the comic book shop.
      God often goes to Yile Lamian Noodles for dinner at night and knows Uncle Yile very well.
      After God ordered Lamian Noodles at night, Yile laughed: “You go back first, and I’ll let Acorus calamus send Lamian Noodles to you later.”
      God returned to the comic book shop at night.
      Before long, Yile’s daughter Acorus calamus walked into the comic shop with a Lamian Noodles with rich side dishes, showing a very friendly smile: “God night, your Lamian Noodles.”
      Said, calamus looked at the comic shop, “You have a lot of customers here, that’s right.”
      Acorus calamus quietly approached the night of God and whispered, “I heard that it seems to read your cartoons here, and I can still get the things in the cartoons? Really or not?”
      “Of course.”
      God laughed at night and said, “How about it? Do you want to read one?”
      Acorus calamus vomited a small tongue, “5000 taels, you have to sell many bowls of Lamian Noodles to earn it.”
      At this point,
      A joke sounds from far to near.
      “Really, boss.
      Don’t you know how to be pity for such a beautiful woman if she wants to read cartoons? ”
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      Chapter 0040 single dog recruited who provoked who
      Acorus calamus turned his head when he heard the sound and was pleasantly surprised: “It’s Red Bean Sister.”
      Wearing a beige trench coat, Mitarai Red Bean has an unruly smile on his face.
      The black net inside the trench coat seems to be unable to wrap the pair of fierce objects and break free at any time.
      In terms of strength, red beans are only especially tolerant and do not rank well in Konoha.
      But when it comes to being able to eat, when it comes to being able to eat, red beans are the second, and even the Qiudao people dare not say they are the first.
      Gourmet shops, large and small, are familiar with red beans.
      No one knows how red beans can hold so many delicious foods with such a slim body.
      Red Bean blinked, hugged calamus willow waist, and said to God Night, “Little God Night, this is your fault. How many men want to talk about beautiful women like calamus, but they can’t talk about it. How can you push the opportunity out?”
      Acorus calamus blushed and said, “Sister Red Bean, don’t talk nonsense!”
      Red Bean ridiculed, “Our family has no girlfriend at night, and you don’t have a boyfriend. How about that? Do you want me to help you two make an appointment?”
      “I won’t tell you.”
      Acorus calamus was flushed by red beans and escaped from the comic book shop.
      Seeing this, Shenye said helplessly, “You guy, somebody else calamus is very shy.”
      Red Bean pretended to be dissatisfied and leaned against God Night. The pair squeezed into God Night’s hand and almost engulfed their arms. They snorted, “What do you mean, this guy, to be called Red Bean Sister? Really, why are you so far away from me and Red? Aren’t you worried that I will be jealous?”
      Xi Rihong and Red Bean are best friends.
      God night and red are often together, and they are also familiar with red beans.
      Red Bean is free and unrestrained, and even often jokes with God Night that are a little out of line.
      Of course, this is just a night with God.
      She just said that it was very interesting to amuse the serious night of God and to watch the night of God.
      Seeing that the red bean took the initiative to lean up, God put his arms around the waist of the red bean at night and drew the latter closer to himself. Even his breathing became extremely clear. “If you play with fire like this again, I can’t guarantee that the fire won’t burn to you.”
      Red Bean Qiao’s face was red until he reached the root of his ears, and he still hummed, “I’m afraid of you.”
      Although the mouth is still very hard, the body is still a little scared.
      She only dares to joke with God Night, but she really doesn’t dare to come.
      It is also because of the discovery of this that God often uses this trick to fight back against red beans.
      Red bean suddenly sniffed his nose and smelled the fragrance of Lamian Noodles. Like a snake, he emerged flexibly from the arms of God Night and came to the front of the table.
      Looking at the rich ingredients in Lamian Noodles, red bean saliva will flow out, “Wow! What a rich Lamian Noodles, it tastes good when you look at it!”
      “You eat less, be careful that you can’t get married after you get fat.”
      God night thought of the future red bean that’let men don’t want to work hard ‘appearance, couldn’t help saying.
      “It’s just right not to get married.”
      Red Bean ate Lamian Noodles contentedly, turned his head and smiled, “Then I will live in your house.”
      “Then why don’t you come now?”
      “I am afraid that the Red Cross will be jealous.”
      The tip of the red bean tongue was enchanting and swept from the lips, saying, “Why don’t we try it? If it were you, I could.”
      God shook his head at night.
      Red bean this guy is in the mouth again, forgetting his unintelligent and a little white rabbit just now.
      Red bean ate a few mouthfuls and said contentedly, “It is true that Lamian Noodles is the most authentic.
      By the way, are there any good cartoons? ”
      “It’s all on the bookshelf.”
      God eats Lamian Noodles at night and fingers with chopsticks.
      “” Velvet “?
      Little God night you still enter this kind of cartoon, do you often read it at night?
      Is this “One Piece-East China Sea” a gourmet cartoon?
      Why is this guy in a straw hat on the cover holding such a big piece of meat? ”
      Red Bean looked at it and finally chose “Doubo-Part 1”. “This one looks good.”
      God night said: “For the first time, I can only read one book a day, and then the price doubles every time.”
      “Fortunately, your red bean sister has just done a task and hasn’t come and eaten meatballs yet, otherwise I’m afraid I’ll look down on your cartoons.”
      Red Bean made a joke, paid 5000 taels, picked up Doupo cartoon and sat next to God Night to watch it.
      God watched red beans carrying cartoons at night, but his eyes still glanced at his Lamian Noodles from time to time and asked knowingly, “What are you doing?”
      “I haven’t finished eating yet.”
      “You can have another bowl.”
      “If I don’t, I will have a bowl with you.”
      God is speechless at night.
      Red beans read cartoons with their backs against God’s night, and from time to time they came to rob Lamian Noodles of God’s night.
      These Konoha ninjas in the comic book shop looked sad.
      This NM.
      I have a good single dog, who provokes who.
      If you read a cartoon, you have to be show romance in public.
      Take it! Take it!
      I won’t eat! Wang!
      “Old, boss…”
      Ebisu, with two dark circles under his eyes, “floated” to the comic book store like a ghost.
      Seeing Ebisu, Red Bean got a fright. “Ebisu, you, are you sick? Are you so sick?”
      God night is also a pick of eyebrows, strange expression.
      I think you smoked Queen Belle’s original fat yesterday, didn’t you?
      Thin like this in one night?
      What level of imagination and combat effectiveness is this?
      Ebisu walked in vain and his legs seemed to be no longer his own. He said to Red Bean, “Red Bean, I’m fine. I just came to see if there are any cartoons.”
      Said, turning to God’s night.
      With an expectant face lacking nutrition, he asked, “Boss, are there any new cartoons?”
      God night sincerely said, “Can you stand it?”
      In order to prove himself, Ebisu cocked an orchid finger, “I, I can ~”
      God Night: ( ̄  ̄)
      I didn’t say it.
      What do I think of you, you don’t look like a man who can stand it.
      God coughed at night and said, “If you can still stand it, I have a new velvet pattern here.”
      “Is it better than a beautiful girl warrior?”
      “With… Well, you know.”
      When Ebisu heard this, his eyes brightened and his nostrils blew. The whole person glowed like chicken blood and said, “Where is it? I want to see!”
      Red Bean: (⊙ _ ⊙)
      Is this the legendary power of spiritual food?
      God pointed at night, “It’s on the bookshelf.”
      Ebisu hurriedly put down 10000 taels and went straight to the bookshelf.
      Red Bean smacked his tongue and said, “Is he hopeless?”
      After eating Lamian Noodles at night, God opened the gift box sent by Hinata.
      There are several crystal jars neatly placed inside, with delicate bows and good black tea.
      “Wow, it’s so beautiful.”
      Red bean ridiculed: “Which beautiful woman sent it?”
      “Hinda is only 14 years old and you don’t let go!”
      “I really want to put something in your mouth.”
      God’s night way.
      When Red Bean heard this, he immediately blushed. “You are too yellow and annoying.”
      God Night: (⊙ _ ⊙)
      He wanted to say.
      Beauty, you think wrong, I really just mean it literally.
      I don’t even think about what you put in your mouth in the past.
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      < title > I open a comic book shop in Huoying _ Text (Chapters 41-60). txt
      Chapter 0041 Hands, hands don’t stop
      “Ow roar roar-”
      Ebisu opened “Velvet Pattern” and only the first chapter made him feel excited.
      If it weren’t for comics that he couldn’t take away, he would like to take them home now.
      Take a good look at the profound course of the mystery of the origin of life.
      Ebisu continued to watch, and the more he watched, the more excited he became.
      One hand was so excited that there was nowhere to place it. He swam. Suddenly he didn’t know what he felt and rubbed it.
      Next to a bearded strong man suddenly turned his head.
      Ebisu was scared to a tingle and withdrew his hand. “Well, I’m sorry, I’m not so…”
      I didn’t know that the eyes of the bearded strong man gradually blurred, with a Jiaochen expression, “Hand, hand don’t stop.”
      I C!
      It’s premature!
      Ebisu was cold all over, hurriedly holding the cartoon to the corner, shivering to see.
      At this point,
      God’s night looks at the system interface.
      [Host: God Night]
      [Comic book: “Chop! Red Pupil”, “Beautiful Girl Soldier-Part 1”, “Tian Long Ba Bu”, “Digital Baby-Part 1”, “Velvet Kiss”, “One Piece-East China Sea”, “Death-Dead Soul World”, “Fighting Spirit-Part 1”]
      [Extraction: One cartoon can be extracted for receiving 10 customers, and 10/10 people have been received, and one cartoon can be extracted]
      [Task: Receive 50 customers cumulatively and get a mysterious reward. Received: 39/50 people]
      Just now Ebisu directly let the system meet the lottery conditions. Shenye said to the system, “System, extract cartoons.”
      “Begin to extract…”
      [Extract cartoons-“This brave man is obviously super strong but too cautious”! ”
      “” This brave man is obviously super-strong but too cautious “-the brave dragon palace court, which was summoned by the healing goddess Lisda Dai, is obviously a super-strong man, but he is always too cautious in doing things, even to the point of morbid caution.
      It turned out that he had once been summoned by God, but the mission failed because of his insufficient preparation. Lovers and unborn children were killed by the Demon King.
      When he was summoned again, although the memory of his previous life had been lost, all this was deeply imprinted in his soul, making his character extremely cautious.
      With such caution, the Dragon Palace Court Shengzai once again embarked on a journey to crusade against the devil king… ”
      “Be careful with the brave?”
      God smiles at night.
      This is a new cartoon that had just appeared long before he passed through his previous life.
      There was a fire when the animation came out.
      The male owner is a cautious fanatic who has to use a series of skills to fight against a LV.1 and five scum slime.
      Different from other cartoons, the female owner is a teasing set that is keen to spit out the male owner crazily.
      Generally speaking, it is a very funny cartoon.
      The world outlook is not bad either.
      There is a world of God that can summon the brave and a world of countless tasks.
      There are also many good things.
      God night put cartoons on the bookshelf.
      At this point,
      The 32 chapters of Velvet were soon read by Ebisu.
      Ebisu didn’t want to see it so soon.
      Good things, good things, good things.
      But I can’t hold the strong man with a beard behind me, and it’s the best policy to leave after watching it.
      System information update.
      “Customer Ebisu has finished reading” Velvet Pattern “and obtained-” Dell Notebook Computer with Treasure “!”
      “‘Dell laptop with treasure’-originally it was just an ordinary Dell laptop, but it was called a treasure because of the 500G high-definition action movie starring dozens of outstanding teachers such as Hatano and Yoshizawa.
      The system warmly reminds you that the small L is happy, the big L hurts the body, and the strong L goes up in smoke. ”
      God night look at the reward information, and look at Ebisu with dark circles in his eyes.
      A plain fat time can make Ebisu like this.
      He is really a little worried that with this 500G HD movie, he will never be in Ebisu again tomorrow.
      At this time, a bright light fell on the table.
      Ebisu swallowed a mouthful of saliva.
      Even the small round sunglasses seem to be unable to stop the wolf-like eyes behind them.
      The light dissipated,
      Revealing a silver-gray notebook computer.
      Seeing this, Ebisu was startled and said, “Boss, what is this?”
      “This thing is called a notebook computer.”
      God turned on the computer at night, clicked on some software to demonstrate, and said, “Work and entertainment can be done.”
      “It turned out to be a high-tech product.”
      Ebisu seemed to understand nodded his head.
      God night said: “Of course, in addition, there are hundreds of movies with rising postures in this computer, all of which are in the folder of postgraduate entrance examination materials. You can go home and see them yourself.”
      Ebisu frowned. “Is it good-looking?”
      God night said: “The real person played, do you think it looks good?”
      Ebisu gasped, his heart beating like KING’s imperial engine. He closed his notebook computer and said with a serious face, “This is really a good helper at work! I will accept it!”
      Ebisu excitedly mentioned the notebook computer.
      God’s night reminds: “Take it easy.”
      Ebisu patted Hungary and said confidently: “Don’t worry, the most important thing to be a ninja is to restrain yourself, and I never lack this.”
      There were boos around.
      Ebisu coughed and walked out of the comic shop with his laptop.
      “What is in it?”
      Ebisu, who had just walked out of the comic book shop not far away, soon could not contain the little beast in his heart.
      Squatting on the street, looking at the street seems that no one pays attention to himself.
      Show a wretched smile and open the folder called ‘Postgraduate Entrance Examination Materials’.
      It is full of more than 200 videos.
      “The technology in different worlds is really amazing.”
      Ebisu said, moving the mouse arrow to one of the videos and double-clicking on it.
      Video on,
      There appeared Hatano teacher, known as the elder sister of the Diablo world.
      Teacher Hatano plays a tutor in the movie. Under her guidance, the male students finally…
      “Ah ah ah ~ K ink ~”
      “The butterfly…”
      The computer suddenly made a harmonious sound with the loudest voice.
      Pedestrians in the street shook their tiger bodies and turned their eyes to the direction of sound.
      Ebisu hurriedly turned off the computer.
      Ebisu breathed a sigh of relief when no one paid attention.
      At the same time, generate was naked in his eyes behind the small sunglasses.
      How can there be such a beautiful thing?
      Moreover, there are more than 200 movies like this?
      Oh, my God, I got it!
      I feel jio at this moment, I have stepped on the world!
      Ebisu came to a supermarket with a laptop in his arms.
      The supermarket owner laughed: “What do you need?”
      Ebisu thought for a moment and said, “Well… give me 100 bottles of milk, 100 sausages, 200 eggs, and 30 cans of protein powder, and send them to No.32 Linyin Street.”
      “This, so much?”
      The supermarket owner froze.
      Ebisu pushed the small round sunglasses and said with a serious look: “I urgently need to supplement nutrition, and there will be a very difficult task waiting for me next.”
      When I heard this, the supermarket owner’s eyes flashed with tears and said with awe: “Thank you for everything you have done for Muye. I personally support you for another 10 bags of medlar!”
      “Thank you, boss!”
      “You’re welcome! Please call my name, Page!”
      “Good boss, thank you boss.”
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      Chapter 0042 Tuan Zang to see comics
      Watching Ebisu leave with a laptop in her arms,
      Red Bean asked curiously, “Little God Night, what notebook computer did Ebisu draw just now, and what was in it? He is so excited?”
      God drank black tea at night and said faintly, “It is not suitable for children.”
      Red Bean straightened up and snorted, “Who are you talking about children?”
      God took a look at the night.
      Okay, it’s big.
      The red bean suddenly approached and asked in a low voice, “Who is bigger than me and the red one?”
      God narrowed his eyes at night. “My eyes are not very good, but my hands are OK. Why don’t I try?”
      “You have gone bad!”
      Red bean cheeks a red, turned to continue reading cartoons.
      At this point,
      Three figures walked into the comic book shop.
      Seeing three people, Red Bean’s pretty face suddenly changed. “Why did this old guy come?”
      The elder headed by Tuan Zang.
      Next to the two root members, one is the mountain stroke of the mountain clan, the other is the oil woman of the oil woman clan to take the root, are all the right-hand subordinates around the group.
      “The newcomer is a guest, as long as he spends money, he is a guest of the comic book shop.”
      God sat leisurely in his chair at night and said to Tuan Zang, “Do you want to read cartoons?”
      Tuan Zang looked at the night deeply and handed in 15,000 taels. He said hoarsely, “Please ask the shopkeeper to recommend us some books.”
      Tuanzang is still so deep on the surface, but the thinking in my mind is already rotating rapidly.
      Is this the owner of this mysterious comic book shop?
      It seems that he is just a young man with nothing special. Will he really be a strong man who has been scared for days?
      At that time, countless questions poured into Tuan Zang’s mind.
      As soon as God shook his hand at night, “the cartoons are all there, read the introduction yourself.”
      Tuan Zang didn’t say much and came to the bookshelf.
      Looking around, I chose “Digital Baby-Part 1”.
      He also took the root of the mountain stroke and the oil woman: “You two also choose one.”
      Mountain stroke two people should be.
      For the remaining two books, the mountain stroke chose “Death-Dead Soul World” and the oil woman chose “Tian Long Ba Bu”.
      Tuan Zang came to a place and sat down.
      Although the two men also read cartoons, they still stood around Tuanzang.
      Seeing Tuanzang, other customers gave way one after another.
      In Konoha, few people are willing to touch him.
      Red Bean muttered: “Wherever this old guy goes, there is no good thing. I’m afraid he didn’t have a good heart when he came to the comic book shop.”
      God smiled at night. “Don’t worry, he won’t behave in such a way as long as he doesn’t want to die.”
      “Then I will continue to watch Doubo. Hey hey, B Wang Xiaoyan is going to perform again.”
      Red Bean went on to read the cartoon. He just saw Xiao Yan going to the capital of the Canadian Empire to take part in the plot of the Pharmacist Competition. It was in an interesting place.
      “Father, where are you going?”
      On the tree-lined road, Hinata and fireworks look at the sun’s feet.
      Japan said, “Go and see Ningji and tell him about the comic book shop by the way.”
      Hinata and Firefire nodded.
      The comic book shop of God Night is simply a treasure.
      There is such a good thing, of course, can’t forget Ningzi brother.
      The sun’s foot suddenly stopped, with some helplessness and sadness in his eyes.
      Hinata asked, “Father, what’s the matter? Are you afraid that Ningji’s brother won’t see you?”
      When she was a child, Yunyin Village sent a mission to Konoha to form an alliance.
      However, the Yunyin mission came ostensibly for alliance, but in fact it was to seize the secret of the supercilious look of the Japanese clan.
      People from Yunyin Mission sneaked into the residence of the Japanese clan and kidnapped her. After being discovered by the Japanese foot, they killed the Yunyin ninja.
      As a result, the Yunyin mission not only did not admit its mistake, but framed the Japanese clan for killing Yunyin ninja for no reason.
      Konoha was required to hand over the murderer’s body and hand it over to Yunyin.
      Otherwise, Yunyin will go to war with Konoha.
      The Japanese foot was furious at that time.
      Such a clumsy or even undisguised robber practice is obviously bullying the Japanese people.
      What makes him even angrier is that.
      Konoha’s top management, instead of upholding justice for the Japanese clan, hinted that the Japanese clan would hand over the murderer and make peace.
      Knowing that the matter had come to an end, Konoha’s senior officials would not offend Yunyin for the life and death of a Japanese clan, so they chose to cut themselves and hand over their bodies to Yunyin’s mission.
      At that time, the head of the Japanese clan stopped him in order to protect the descendant of the Japanese clan.
      Decided to let the younger brother, who is a twin but destined to be separated from the family from birth, replace his elder brother as the murderer and give it to Yunyin Village.
      As a result of the diurnal difference, he committed suicide.
      At that time, Konoha’s handling of the matter was a voice of dissatisfaction, believing that it was not only a matter for the Japanese people, but also the dignity of the whole Konoha. He would rather go to war than back down.
      But under the pressure of the ape’s flying day, these sounds were gradually suppressed.
      In the end, the Yunyin mission left Konoha with the corpse of the day-to-day difference.
      Ningji and his mother hated the whole Japanese family from now on.
      Even if the sun goes to them sometimes, they will be turned away.
      However, Hinoda can understand Ningji.
      It’s the pain of losing a loved one. How can you let go?
      The sun sighed and his eyes were red. “I just feel guilty about the difference between the sun and the sun. Clearly, he died for my eldest brother, but I didn’t take good care of his wife and children.
      If one day I meet him in Jiuquan, can I still be his eldest brother? ”
      Hinata and Fireworks are silent.
      The feelings of the sun’s foot and the sun’s difference are just like them, even deeper.
      After all, they have been brothers for 30 years since childhood.
      However, because of the ancestral rules of the Japanese clan, they were born to be divided into clan and separation, and finally became such an ending.
      Hinata suddenly asked, “Father, will Huahuo and I be divided into families and families one day?”
      The sun shook all over and did not know how to answer.
      They are all their own daughters.
      They are all the same flesh and blood that grew up by themselves.
      Ask him to be divided into family and family…
      Hinoda said, “What is the significance of such a separation between the family and the family?”
      The Japanese side said sadly: “In order to separate families from each other at any time, the family can be the main family, so that the Japanese family can continue to pass on.”
      Hinata said, “Father, how many generations will it take for a miserable family like this?”
      The eye pupil of the sun’s foot is enlarged and the heart sea is shocked.
      This pain…
      How many generations will it take…
      “It is even worse to let relatives die for themselves as accessories than to die for themselves!”
      Hinata’s eyes showed firmness and said, “Fireworks and I will become very strong! We don’t need to separate our families or families, but we can also live well!”
      Fireworks also nodded: “I don’t need my sister to sacrifice herself to help me. I won’t sacrifice myself because my sister lives at home. We will protect each other because we are relatives who grew up!”
      The sun is silent for a long time, showing a smile of seeing the sun through the clouds.
      [ps: Seek flowers and tickets!
      It will be on the shelves at 12 o’clock tomorrow night, 5 shift today and 5 shift tomorrow.
      This book should consider the plot to be reasonable, balanced and funny. The author pulls his hair at home every day.
      Bosses, if they like, have a subscription support! Thank you very much! “*
      Chapter 0043 different fire version dragon 18 palms
      Japanese training ground.
      A white teenager with long black hair stood in front of the wooden practitioner.
      The white boy slowly opened his posture and stretched out his palms.
      When the wind comes, the leaves rise.
      The meridians on both sides of the eyes of the young man in white bulged, and a cold light flashed through his white eyes.
      “Gossip 32 palms!”
      The white boy drank in a low voice and hit his palms quickly.
      Thirty-two palms, each of which is as fast as a high wind and as fierce as a thunder.
      It implies the change of the position of the Eight Diagrams Array and falls on the acupuncture points of the wooden man accurately.
      The wooden man burst into sawdust on the spot.
      The young man in white put away his soft fist posture and said faintly, “When will you see it there?”
      In the woods, there are three figures, one big and two small.
      It is the Japanese foot and the young field that make fireworks.
      Japan listened to the indifferent tone of the white-clad teenager and looked dejected: “Ningji…”
      Ning Ci still didn’t turn around and said coldly, “If you have anything to tell me, if there is nothing to tell me, I will go back.”
      “There is a comic book shop in the village.
      You can get rewards in comics by reading comics, whether it is skills or treasures. ”
      “If you have time, you might as well go and have a look. If you are lucky, it is more useful than practicing hard by yourself.”
      “Why, does the housekeeper also believe this nonsense?”
      Ningji is still MoMo.
      The sun’s eyes were complicated and said, “Ningji, I know I hate you…”
      “Of course I hate you!!”
      Ning Ci suddenly turned his head, his eyes were bloodshot, and the negative emotions accumulated in his heart for so many years erupted like a volcano, growling, “Father, he died just to replace you!
      Since then, our children can no longer wait for their father!
      Wife can’t wait for husband anymore!
      Just because we are separated!
      Therefore, we were born to live for our family!
      We don’t deserve our own choices, all this has been doomed long before we were born! ”
      Ningzi’s voice was trembling.
      The white eyes of Hinada and Fireworks are foggy.
      Japan was silent for a moment and said, “If you don’t believe it, I can let Hinata compete with you and use the reward she got in that comic book store.”
      Ningzi snorted, “Isn’t it taking advantage of the weakness of caged birds?”
      The cage bird mantra seal is the seal set by the Japanese clan to limit the ability of daily separation.
      The supercilious look of both the family and the family was originally 360 degrees.
      However, the caged bird spell seal limits the supercilious look of separation and makes it have a dead angle.
      You know, this is a fatal weakness on the battlefield.
      At the same time, the life and death of the members of the split family who were planted with the cage bird mantra are between the thoughts of the members of the family.
      As long as the members of the clan want to split up and die, they only need one thought.
      All this is to enable the split members to do their best to protect the clan members, even if they sacrifice for it.
      It sounds cruel, but this is the truth.
      This is also the ancestral precept of the Japanese clan, which has lasted for thousands of years. No one has ever been able to change it.
      Hinata stepped forward and said, “Brother Ningji, I won’t use any ability from the Japanese clan, only the ability I got from Shenyejun Comic Shop.
      I only have one move.
      If Ning Ci’s brother can take this move, I will lose. ”
      “Miss Hatata, are you joking with me?”
      NingCi smell speech, expression showed a hint of anger.
      Since his father died day by day, he began to practice crazily, longing for the power to break through the fate of separation one day.
      In the same session, he had few opponents.
      However, Hinoda was not only one term later than him, but also had a soft personality and was not amazing in talent.
      Hinata actually said that as long as he could take over her move, even if he won?
      This is too contemptuous.
      Hinoda changed his usual weak appearance and said seriously, “Brother Ningzi, I am serious!”
      Said, Hinada opened posture.
      She knew that if it weren’t for this, Ningzi wouldn’t have changed her mind.
      Ningji said coldly, “Well, then I’ll try to take Miss Hatoda.”
      Ningzi’s supercilious look rose in fighting spirit.
      He has no fear of anyone among his peers, which is his confidence.
      Hinata stepped forward one step, chakra moved in his body, and the blue fire lotus mark emerged in his supercilious look.
      Slender jade hands also rose up a layer of green lotus heart fire, suddenly exert force, sharp extraordinary, a palm hit.
      “Kanglong has regrets!”
      Hinata’s move directly combines Qinglian’s heart fire with palm method.
      Kanglong’s regret is the first type of 18-palm dragon subduing. After systematic transformation, its power is much stronger than that of the original.
      And different fires are horrible things with the power to burn mountains and refine seas.
      It is naturally horrible to combine such a fierce fire with the 18 palms of the dragon that have just arrived.
      I saw that the slender palm suddenly burst into a group of shimmering burning eyes of cyan fire.
      As if it were a blue star across the long night, shining brilliantly.
      At the same time, the temperature between heaven and earth rises sharply, as if to turn this space into a big oven.
      “This is… What?”
      Ning Ci, who had just been confident, changed his face sharply and lost his voice after seeing Hinata’s palm.
      He never remembered that the Sunward clan had such ability!
      By the way, this is what Hinata said. What kind of cartoon store did Hinata get the reward?
      What reward is so strong?
      Even the strength of Hinoda has been improved so much?
      That’s not possible!
      However, Ningji was not given a chance to think about it at all. Hinata had already hit the palm.
      Burning fierce and overbearing Qinglian’s heart fire poured out from the palm.
      In an instant, it soared.
      Condensed into a dragon head shape with a height of nearly 10 meters and a fierce SHEN WOO.
      The blue flame faucet opened its mouth and roared angrily.
      At the moment, the heat wave swept across all directions, as if a fiend had torn the world out of purgatory.
      Ningji has been a little silly.
      Is such a terrible attack really something that can be done with patience?
      Hinata has become so strong?
      The blue flame faucet roared ferociously, burning vegetation, scorching the earth, and swallowed it to Ningzi with unparalleled power.
      Ningji wants to use Huitian.
      This is already the most forbearance he has mastered, claiming to be the absolute defense of the Japanese clan.
      However, he also understands.
      Back to heaven in front of the blue flame faucet, it is impossible to play a role.
      This is no longer an attack that you can counter.
      The blue flame faucet emitted a terrible heat wave and rushed to Ningzi and suddenly stopped.
      Turn into countless flames to dissipate.
      NingCi bowed his head, the mood is extremely complicated opening way:
      “I lost…”
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      Chapter 0044 Blue Snake Three Flowers Pupil
      Ningji’s heart is still incredible at this time.
      He was defeated, and it was completely defeated.
      He found himself in vain in the face of such a terrible attack.
      The gap is like a gap.
      Hinata put away his posture, spread his hands, and a group of green lotus heart fire rose slowly in his palm. He said, “Brother Ningzi, this is the reward I got from Shenyejun Comic Store.
      The flame is the heart fire of Qinglian in Doupo cartoon, and the palm method is the eighteen palms of dragon subduing in Tianlong Babu cartoon.
      I just combined the two of them a little, and then I had this trick just now. ”
      Ningzi’s supercilious look trembled wildly.
      Does that comic book store really have such a powerful thing?
      And I got it from reading comics?
      This, how is it possible?
      He just felt like listening to the Arabian Nights, which was too strange.
      Japan said to Japan, “Ningji, now you can always believe it.”
      Ningji didn’t speak.
      Looking at the sun, his heart still carries indelible hatred.
      The sun sighed helplessly and said, “Do you want to know the truth of that year?”
      “The truth?”
      Ning suddenly looked up and looked at the sun’s foot.
      Japan recalled the past and said, “In those days, I decided to go to death to settle this matter, but… (omit 1000 words here)
      Your father said, I hate living in my family very much, and I still do so to this day.
      But I’m willing to choose this way.
      I did this not to live in my family, but to protect my brother.
      For me, this is the first time I have a choice. I just make the choice I want to make.
      If Ningji asks one day, please tell him.
      I didn’t die to protect my family, but chose to do this voluntarily to protect my brother, Ningji and even Konoha. ”
      “Father he…”
      Ningzi’s eye pupil trembled wildly, and his inner world was impacted wildly.
      The day went to Ningji step by step and said, “I didn’t understand what freedom he chose to die, but now I understand.”
      The solar foot is only half a meter away from Ningji.
      Ningji froze.
      The Japanese foot suddenly shot and tore off Ningji’s forehead.
      Ning Ci surprised: “What are you doing…”
      “I’m sorry, the day is bad…
      At that time, I couldn’t change anything.
      However, today I am the head of the Japanese family.
      I will make this decision instead of my ancestors and future patriarchs! ”
      The Japanese foot knot with one hand, then pointed it on Ningji’s forehead and shouted, “I announce the Japanese foot here! From then on, the Japanese clan will no longer be divided into families!”
      Give me some advice.
      The caged bird spell seal on Ningzi’s forehead faded away until it disappeared completely.
      “What are you doing now!?”
      Ningji horror export.
      The Japanese foot smiled. “There are young fields, fireworks, and you. The Japanese people no longer need this kind of rubbish to survive.”
      He also made this decision just now.
      It was the words of his two daughters that impacted his heart and made this decision.
      Ningzi’s mind is like a body blow.
      The Japanese foot abolished the way of life inherited by the Japanese clan for thousands of years!
      This is the iron law that the Japanese clan has not changed for thousands of years!
      It’s not that no one hates this rule, but no generation of householders have ever dared to change this rule, and the day has done it!
      Untie Ningji’s caged bird spell seal and turn around with the sun and feet.
      “The birds imprisoned in the cage belong to the sky. The sun is looking at you in the sky. Ningzi, go and soar.”
      He knew that by doing so, he went against the wishes of his ancestors.
      But he doesn’t regret it.
      He is going to do this at this moment.
      He believes that the Japanese people will get better if they no longer need this.
      Hinata and Fireworks smiled at the same time.
      The first person that comes to mind in their hearts is God Night.
      With the cartoon shop of God Night, they have such powerful strength now.
      Otherwise, even if the Japanese foot wants to challenge the rules left by its ancestors, it still dare not do so considering the hidden dangers of the Japanese people in the future.
      However, they now have the strength to convince Japan that this rule is no longer needed.
      Looking at the back of the sun, Ningzi looked up at the sky again, as if to see his father’s smile.
      For a long time,
      Two lines of clear tears slipped from their eyes.
      “Father, I seem to understand why you had such a choice at the beginning…”
      In the comic book shop.
      “This story is really vivid.”
      Red Bean had no choice but to sigh after reading the cartoon of Doubo.
      The plot is cool and flying.
      It happened that the plot was broken at a critical time, which made her feel unsatisfied and uncomfortable.
      At this point,
      A message emerges on the system interface of God Night.
      “The customer Mitarai Red Bean has finished reading” Doupo-Part 1 “and obtained-‘Blue Snake Three Flower Pupils’!”
      “‘Blue Snake Three Flowers Pupil’-a strange pupil technique known as snake nemesis, which can control all kinds of snake-like Warcraft except the blood of ancient supreme snakes, and can be collected in the pupil technique space.
      As the owner’s strength increases, the upper limit of pupil surgery will increase.
      The strength of snakes in the income space will be slowly absorbed by the pupil owner and become the nourishment of the owner. ”
      “It turned out to be this pupil technique?”
      God night expression slight movement.
      The blue snake’s three-flower pupil is also one of the top constitutions in the fighting spirit.
      Apart from the ancestors of the two snake monster beasts, the swallowing python and the ancient snake, they cannot escape the control of pupil technique.
      It can also continuously absorb the controlled target strength and feed it back to itself.
      Moreover, the pupil technique of Blue Snake and Three Flowers is very suitable for red beans.
      Hongdou was once a disciple of Orochimaru and learned many ninja techniques related to snakes from him.
      Such a pupil technique can give full play to its maximum value to her.
      A brilliant brilliance fell from the void.
      Red beans are shrouded in light.
      The woman snorted.
      She felt a mysterious force pouring into her eyes.
      This force is transforming her eyes.
      It makes her feel unutterable, as if she has a dominant power.
      In the face of hundreds of millions of snakes in the world, they have absolute dominance.
      All snakes respect her, and all pythons obey her.
      This kind of feeling, let her heart choppy, there is a kind of lofty sentiments agitation.
      For a long time,
      The brilliance is gone.
      Red beans suddenly opened their eyes.
      At this time, the original black pupil turned into blue color, and the three marks around it seemed to be a magic flower in full bloom, with mysterious magic flowing.
      “Little God night, is this?”
      Red bean asked pleasantly surprised.
      She can feel that the reward she received is absolutely unusual.
      “Blue snake three flower pupil.”
      God laughed at night: “You can control the pupil skills of all kinds of snakes. As long as you keep practicing, you can also bring snakes into the pupil skills space and slowly transform their strength into your own.”
      Red Bean only got the three-flower pupil of the blue snake in the first movie. At that time, the green scales had not cultivated it to any high level.
      But as long as red beans are given time, these are not problems.
      “Is it the mysterious pupil of green scales?”
      Red Bean understood and was very happy at the same time.
      This pupil technique was very interesting to her when she read cartoons.
      After all, she majored in snake ninja herself.
      Unexpectedly, now I have really got this pupil technique. Fortunately, it is a bit untrue.
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      Chapter 0045 I don’t know, bastard. Is the lid hard
      Red beans gather together in front of God’s night and stick so close that even breathing can fall on God’s chin and point to his eyes, revealing the appearance of ‘Come and praise me’, “Is it good?”
      “It’s ugly.”
      “Hee hee, I know you like to say irony.”
      Red beans spit uvula and laughed.
      For such naughty red beans, God’s night can only be helpless.
      “Your comic book shop is really amazing. You can get rewards by reading comics.”
      Red Bean was amazed and whispered, “But you should also be careful of those who will have ulterior motives.”
      Said, and the red bean took a look at the group.
      She knows very well that the energy of Shenye, a comic book store, will bring drastic changes to the whole tolerance world.
      It is impossible not to move one’s mind when a group hides or even an ape flies to the sun.
      Although ape flying day chop is the shadow of wood leaf, red bean is not cold to him, and even disgusted with his way of doing things.
      God put his hand on the red bean head at night, gently rubbed it and smiled, “I know.”
      The red bean was stiff when he was killed by touching his head at night.
      Soon she enjoyed this almost spoiled appearance, and her eyes smiled like two crescent moons.
      God picked up the black tea jar sent by Hinata at night and prepared to make tea.
      For the first time, red beans helped God make tea at night like a lady.
      God looked at red beans at night with strange eyes.
      The red bean suddenly pinched his waist, and the giant trembled. He proudly said, “How about it? Can I soak it?”
      “I wonder if you are a red bean.”
      “Cut ~”
      Red bean snorted: “People also have a very feminine side.”
      God night corners of the mouth a smoke.
      The point is that your side is too small.
      This is the first time I have seen it so big.
      At this point,
      Tuan Zang just finished watching “Digital Baby-Part 1”.
      “The customer Zhicun Group has finished reading” Digital Baby-Part 1 “and obtained-” The Shell of Turtle Beast “!”
      “‘The shell of tortoise beast’-tortoise beast is a modified digital baby carrying a mouse-like carapace.
      Its shell is simple and beautiful, fashionable and generous, and quite strong.
      You can lock all your limbs in the shell when you are in danger. ”
      God just drank black tea made of red beans at night, and looked at the rewards collected by the group, almost all of them gushed out.
      Is it okay to reward a turtle shell?
      Isn’t this equivalent to carrying a bastard lid directly?
      This reward…
      System you 666 ah!
      A brilliance came from the void and enveloped Tuanzang.
      Tuan Zang was wrapped in Guanghua and felt that there was a mysterious force concentrated behind him.
      Tuan Zang looked dignified and said to himself, “This kind of energy is a bit interesting. I don’t know what reward it will be.”
      He just looked at the digital treasures, which were full of strange digital treasures and various skills. Many even he was shocked and moved by them.
      You know, his own strength is not weak.
      Later, in cooperation with Orochimaru, the cells between the thousands of pillars were transplanted to obtain wood escape.
      He also transplanted Uchiha Waterstop and more than a dozen other Sharingan, plus Ixenaqi, a magic skill that can reverse time, which is equivalent to having more than a dozen lives.
      There are very few things that can make him move.
      However, after reading this cartoon, he realized that there were still so many powerful abilities and he was eager to get one.
      Mountain stroke and oil women take their roots and look at Tuan Zang, with hot eyes.
      They are loyal to Tuan Zang and naturally expect Tuan Zang to gain strong ability and even replace it with three generations of Huo Ying.
      In a moment,
      The brilliance gradually faded.
      Mountain stroke and oil woman took root with uneasy and excited mood, keeping a close eye on Tuanzang.
      But I didn’t see any magical ability, only a big green turtle shell was added to the group’s hiding place.
      Mountain Stroke: (⊙ _ ⊙)
      So, what is that?
      Oil Girl Take Root:: (⊙ _ ⊙)
      From a distance, it is a turtle shell, from a close look, from a close look… TM is really a turtle shell.
      Mountain stroke and oil woman take root and take a breath of air conditioning at the same time.
      I feel that even the blood is cold now.
      This is a great fun.
      Customers around saw an extra turtle shell on the back of Tuanzang, and it was petrified for a time.
      After all, no one would have imagined that there would be such a reward.
      Moreover, it happened that he was drawn by the group…
      Red beans couldn’t help but laugh out loud directly, clutching their stomachs and striking the table straight.
      This girl is also professionally trained, and can’t laugh easily unless she can’t help it…
      Ha ha ha!
      Well, I can’t help it.
      Ha ha ha!
      Who can stand this?
      Ha ha ha, ha ha ha…
      Other customers in the comic book store should laugh and spray when they see it.
      However, they all know that the regiment is terrible and can only cover their mouths.
      Although I covered my mouth, my face turned purple with laughter.
      Tortoise shell?
      Is there any such reward?
      The key is that the dead face hidden in the tortoise shell and the ball is too suitable for me.
      “Why, what’s going on?”
      Tuan Zang looked at the people around him laughing and going crazy, one leng.
      When he lowered his head, his face suddenly changed.
      “This is what is going on!!”
      Tuan Zang walked to the front of God Night, behind a furious finger, growled in a low voice: “What is this?”
      God drank black tea at night and calmly said, “What is this thing, don’t you know it?”
      “What I asked was, why do I have such things!”
      The group was so angry that it vomited blood.
      God blinked at night. “Reward, everyone has it.”
      Tuan Zang: ()
      God TM’s tortoise shell is a reward?
      Who wants this reward?
      Are you crazy?
      If Jio hadn’t had to beat you, would you believe I would have done it now?
      Tuan Zang knew that the man in front of him had unfathomable strength and did not dare to turn against him too much. He could only try his best to suppress his anger, grind his teeth and creak. He asked, “What is this?”
      “The tortoise shell of a tortoise beast.”
      When I heard that it was the turtle shell of the digital baby, Tuan Zang’s face eased slightly and asked, “Does it have any effect?”
      Tuan Zang almost sprayed 180 catties of blood on the spot.
      I use you to say this?
      I don’t know yet. Is the lid hard?
      Tuan Zang covered his heart. “Is there any other function?”
      “If you think a shell looks good, it may also have a decorative effect.”
      The solemn way of God’s night.
      I… ”
      Tuan Zang felt that he could not get up in one breath and would be angry alive on the spot.
      “Ha, ha, ha!”
      Next to it, Red Bean’s stomach is already painful, but he just can’t control himself.
      Other customers in the comic book store also gradually became uncontrollable and happy.
      Even people who are so serious about mountain stroke and oil girl taking root can’t help but be happy.
      Hard, may also have a decorative effect.
      The boss’s answer is true and excellent enough.
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      Chapter 0046 Non-refund is our service tenet
      Tuan Zang has been mad with anger. He kept telling himself to calm down and calm down again. Finally, he slightly controlled his temper that almost ran away and gritted his teeth: “Well, even if I am unlucky this time.”
      Tuan Zang Leng snorted and grabbed the turtle shell behind him to pull it down.
      However, several attempts failed.
      Tuan Zang was livid and had an extremely bad premonition. He said, “This shell…”
      God said at night, “If you die for a long time, you can’t take it off.”
      “I @ # ¥%!”
      Tuan Zang has completely collapsed and his mentality has completely collapsed.
      How can this TM go out to meet people with a tortoise shell?
      Do you want to be a human being?
      This can’t be a joke for the whole tolerance world.
      I NM … …
      I look at NM’s digital baby!
      He suddenly remembered that Sharingan, a member of the Uchibo clan he had transplanted, had the skill of Evil and Naqi, and even life and death could be reversed.
      But after thinking about it, it won’t work either.
      Yi Xie Na Qi stores his state in a certain period of time, then reverses the time and returns to that period of time.
      The stronger the ability, the longer it can be stored.
      Even life and death can be rewritten.
      But the problem is that when I came to this comic book store, I didn’t use Ixenachi to record my previous state.
      There is no way to reverse it.
      That is to say, you can only carry such a tortoise shell all your life.
      I TM … …
      I just wanted to inquire about the actual situation.
      I didn’t find out the actual situation, but I found out a tortoise shell for myself!
      Tuan Zang felt that his brain was deprived of oxygen and he was a little unstable.
      Tuan Zang looks at God’s night.
      God’s night still sits as firmly as Mount Tai.
      Tuan Zang’s expression kept changing, and the two voices in his mind were fighting wildly.
      In the end, reason prevailed over impulse.
      He knew that he was afraid that as long as he did anything, the man in front of him would do it.
      And his keen sixth sense told him that as long as this person moves, he will have no room for resistance and will die.
      Although this ghost reward is shameful, it can only be recognized in this way.
      After all, the rules have already been mentioned in front, and all rewards are randomly from cartoons.
      The shell of the tortoise beast, isn’t that from the digital baby?
      He has experienced many storms, but he is not a person who is willing to give up his life for a moment.
      It took a long time for the group to calm down and take root of the mountain stroke and the oil girl: “You two continue to read cartoons, don’t worry about me.”
      Smell speech, two people went to read cartoons.
      Tuan Zang sat in his seat, but his heart sighed helplessly.
      It seems that this turtle shell can only be hidden with transformation and other abilities in the future.
      However, there is also a time limit for transformation, and it is impossible to maintain the transformation state all the time.
      Moreover, there are so many people in the comic book store that it won’t be long before they spread all over Konoha, and they can’t hide it if they want to.
      He can’t wait to slap himself a few times now. What digital treasure does TM have to watch?
      It’s too difficult for me…
      Long enough, red beans stretch.
      The proud curve is full.
      Red Bean whispered in the ear of God Night: “Little God Night, I have to go, don’t miss me too much.”
      “Cut, just kidding, you should think I still want to think, not a little less.”
      Red bean smiles away.
      God night shook his head.
      This woman has been crazy all day.
      At this point,
      Shan Feng finished watching Tian Long Ba Bu.
      A ray of light fell on the mountain stroke.
      The light dispersed, leaving a string of nine rag bags in front of the wind in the mountain.
      The mountain stroke poked through the cloth bag and said in astonishment, “Boss, are these broken pockets?”
      God Night said, “Congratulations, these are the nine cloth bags of the nine-bag elders of the Beggars’ Sect. With this, you are the nine-bag elders of the Beggars’ Sect.”
      “Nine bags of elders? What’s the use of that?”
      Mountain stroke eyebrows huddled together.
      God thought for a moment at night and said, “You can eat all the meals you want first.”
      Mountain stroke: ()
      I think it’s a good thing!
      The whole half a day is a priority certificate for leftovers!
      However, after aiming at the turtle shell hiding in the eye group, the mountain stroke was relieved.
      Forget it.
      Well, it’s better than a bastard lid.
      I noticed the eyes of the mountain stroke, and my face was as black as the bottom of a pot.
      What do you mean?
      Have I become a comfort to you?
      At this point,
      A figure came outside the comic book shop.
      It was Ningji.
      He still wears a wooden leaf to protect his forehead, but there is no cage bird mantra seal representing separation under his forehead.
      Although this was what he longed for in his dreams countless times, when this day really happened, he felt so unreal and still seemed to be in a dream.
      Ning Ci looked at the sign of the comic book shop and said to himself, “Should this be the new comic book shop?”
      After thinking about it, he decided to come to the comic book store.
      Hinata’s ability shocked him.
      Is the reward from cartoons really so powerful?
      How did the comic shop owner do it?
      Curious too much, he wants to test it himself.
      Ningji walked into the comic book shop and saw the night of God sitting at the cashier’s office. He came forward and asked, “Boss, I heard that reading comics here can be rewarded?”
      God nodded at night. “Yes, you can randomly get a reward from the cartoon if you read it. The first time I read 5000 taels, I can only read one book a day, and then the price will double every time I read it.”
      “So expensive?”
      Ning Ci heard the price and raised his eyebrows.
      Even if you watch it several times, it will cost hundreds of thousands and millions of taels.
      But it’s right to think about it.
      After all, the rewards come from cartoons, which are completely different from the forbearance world. It is normal to be expensive.
      Ningji took out 5000 taels.
      After receiving the money at night, God said, “The cartoons are all on the bookshelf. Go and see them yourself.”
      Ningci nodded, suddenly noticed carrying a turtle shell.
      Ning Ci: (⊙ _ ⊙)
      This is… What’s the situation?
      Is there anyone who likes tortoise, a psychic beast, besides Mr. Kay, who is unreliable?
      Ning Ci said: “Boss, his shell is…”
      “Oh, his reward.”
      God Night smiled and said, “From the digital baby cartoon.”
      Ningji smell speech face instantly steep change.
      What kind of shop is this?
      And the reward of tortoise shell?
      Ningzi turned his head stiffly. “Boss, can I refund the money?”
      God night showed a sunny smile and said, “What do you think? It is the service tenet of our store not to refund money.”
      Ningci looked at the tortoise shell hidden in the group, and his scalp felt numb.
      If this also gives yourself this reward…
      I really can’t guarantee whether I want to die…
      This shop is terrible…
      NingCi more want to more shivering came to the front of the bookshelf.
      There are three cartoons on it, “Digital Baby-Part 1”, “Tian Long Ba Bu” and “This brave man is obviously super but too cautious”.
      “Digital Baby-Part 1” was directly passed by Ningji.
      Can’t you see that Tuan Zang just got a tortoise shell?
      Who dares to touch this thing?
      “Tian Long Ba Bu” was also skipped by Ning Ci.
      Ningzi finally chose “this brave man is obviously super but too cautious”.
      Ningzi took the cartoon to his seat, and his heart was completely filled with the idea of ‘Don’t give me a tortoise shell’.
      However, when Ningzi opened the cartoon, he was quickly attracted by the plot in the cartoon.
      The male owner was cautious and cold, while the female owner teased and forced to vomit, which was in sharp contrast. Even Ning Ci was amused by various funny dialogues between the two people, and laughed from time to time.
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      Chapter 0047 Kilian big virtual
      “This boy is enjoying himself over there. Is he enjoying me?”
      ‘How dare you laugh so recklessly?’
      ‘Don’t think you didn’t look me in the eye, I didn’t know you used supercilious look ability!’
      Tuan Zang will turn to Ningji with murderous look from time to time.
      Now he is extremely sensitive to laughter.
      Listening to anyone laughing feels like laughing at yourself.
      Although Ningzi didn’t look at him, his supercilious look had a 360-degree perspective, and he could see him clearly even if he looked at him with the back of his head.
      The more I think about it, the more angry I am. The group did not wait until I left the cartoon shop and printed it directly.
      A puff of white smoke rose.
      Tuanzang has become what it used to be.
      However, he only uses the most basic transformation technique, as long as the ninja with a slightly higher level can feel something is wrong.
      But it’s better than being stared at the turtle shell behind you all the time.
      At this point,
      The oil girl took the root and read the cartoon of death.
      On the system panel of God Night, the information is refreshed.
      “The customer’s oil woman has finished reading” Death-Dead Soul World “and obtained-‘The Power of Kirian’s Great Emptiness’!”
      “‘The power of Killian’s great emptiness’-the evil spirit of human beings after death in the world of death will become emptiness, and emptiness will eat the human soul to fill the lost heart and eliminate the desire for the soul.
      Occasionally there is extreme emptiness, and even longs for other empty souls.
      These similar virtues will get together and start killing each other.
      If one is particularly strong and devours hundreds of other virtual ones, it will converge into one Killian virtual one.
      The power of Kirian’s great emptiness can make the winner have the power of Kirian’s great emptiness, but those who are not strong in mind will lose themselves with great probability and become a real Kirian’s great emptiness. ”
      “The great power of Killian?”
      God night expression slight movement.
      This reward looks OK, after all, Killian Da Xu in the world of death is very destructive.
      However, there is a prerequisite for this, that is, it can resist the inner erosion of Killian’s big emptiness, otherwise it will only become a real big emptiness.
      The oil woman took the root and asked with fear and trembling: “Boss, my reward…”
      The turtle shell hidden by the reward group brought him a huge psychological shadow.
      God night said: “Your reward is a bit big, you have to go outside.”
      In order to prevent the oilwoman from taking the root and turning it into a big store in Kilian, it is safer to go out.
      Smell speech, the oil woman took root with a sigh of relief.
      It doesn’t seem to be those strange things.
      The oil girl took the root and came outside the comic book shop.
      God night said, “This is a reward to test your mind. If you stand up, it is a story. If you don’t stand up, it is an accident.
      Are you ready? ”
      The oily woman took her root and nodded, “Ready.”
      A majestic and gorgeous light, like a waterfall, falls from the sky to take root from the oil girl.
      The whole body of the oil woman took the root and was filled with countless black mist, with faint faces roaring or grinning.
      Originally full of confidence in herself, the oil woman took the root and her face changed sharply.
      He felt that an extremely evil soul was eating him from all directions.
      Like countless hands, they will pull him into the abyss and devour his soul.
      “Ah, ah–”
      The oil woman took the root and covered her head, howling.
      In fact, this feeling is not painful, but it is extremely horrible.
      Consciousness is like being torn, shattered and eroded by ghosts.
      Even in the face of all kinds of torture, he can’t change color, and he suddenly feels unbearable.
      Ning Ci, who was reading the cartoon, shivered when he saw the painful appearance of the oil woman taking the root.
      What are the rewards for this comic book store?
      Why does it look so scary?
      Looking at the oil woman taking the root, Tuan Zang’s face suddenly changed. “What is the reward for the oil woman taking the root?”
      God night said: “The power of Killian in the world of death, if he can resist, he can gain the power of Killian, if he can’t carry it…”
      “What if you can’t hold it?”
      Tuan Zang turned to look at the night of God.
      God said faintly at night, “He will become a Kirian who doesn’t have much wisdom and only knows how to devour the soul.”
      Tuan Zang looked pale and looked at the oil returning woman again to take the root.
      Oil woman root taking and mountain stroke are his most trusted right-hand men.
      Strength is not bad, loyalty is the mainstay of the root.
      If he loses it, even he will have some meat pain.
      The oil woman finally couldn’t bear the devouring of the big virtual force and let out a howl of despair.
      A thick white substance gushed out from the eyes and mouth of the oily woman.
      White material wraps the face of the oil woman taking the root and solidifies into a white mask without joy or anger, which seems to represent nothingness.
      At the same time,
      The body of the oil woman taking the root expanded rapidly.
      The black mist grew more and more, turning into a black cloak and covering him.
      In the end,
      The oily woman took the root and turned it into a Kirian Daxu with a height of tens of meters, covered in black and wearing a white mask.
      Tuan Zang’s expression was livid and he said, “Did you fail? Is this the so-called Killian Da Xu in the world of death?”
      God night looked at the huge Killian and said to himself, “It’s a little different from the world of death.”
      In the world of death, ordinary human beings cannot see emptiness.
      However, this Killian Daxu just appears in people’s sight, which is probably related to the system.
      Tuan Zang turned to grind his teeth and said, “Can the root be recovered?”
      God night shook his head.
      The customers in the comic book store are shaking all over.
      Although comic shops are full of opportunities, there are also many dangers.
      It’s like a turtle shell hiding in a regiment, and it’s like losing your life directly in front of you.
      MD, this comic book shop is too unfriendly to non-chieftains.
      “Then… what is that?”
      “Good, so big…”
      “Black clothes and white masks are not death, are they?”
      “Run! This guy is looking at us!”
      As soon as the oil woman took the root and became Kilian Daxu, it caused half of the wood leaves to fall into riots.
      With a height of tens of meters, it stands out among the buildings in Muye.
      Three or four floors are only knee-high.
      The horror of black cloth and the evil white mask make anyone shudder when they see it.
      Killian Daxu stepped out, Bigfoot fell, and directly crushed the house opposite the comic book shop.
      In the comic book store, except for the mountain stroke, which was protected by Tuanzang, the rest of the Konoha ninjas rushed out one after another to stop Killian Daxu.
      There are many Konoha ninjas coming around one after another.
      However, facing Killian Daxu at close range, the visual shock is indescribable.
      “What kind of monster is this?”
      “Leave that alone and kill it quickly!”
      “If it is allowed to run rampant, I don’t know how many people will die!”
      “Let’s shoot together!”
      More than a dozen Konoha ninjas made the seal of a fireball at the same time, then their cheeks bulged and suddenly sprayed.
      “Fire, Hao Huo Lian array!”
      More than a dozen luxury fireballs, connected into a wave of fire, with a heat wave, severely hit Killian Daxu.
      However, more than a dozen Hao fireballs fell on Killian Daxu, and it didn’t hurt at all.
      Seeing that the attack didn’t work, all the ninjas changed color.
      What kind of monster is this?
      This defense is too strong, isn’t it?
      Killian Daxu made a dull sound.
      When white big feet kicked, houses were broken.
      Countless rubble shot at this group of Konoha ninjas like random arrows.
      Then, a scream sound.
      Ningci used the back to the sky to block the rocks flying towards him.
      However, other ninjas around suffered heavy losses.
      Looking at the people in the middle and the people in the lower, they were as weak as ants in front of Kilian Da Xu. Ningzi couldn’t help but look back at the night when the whole wood leaf was scared, but it was still a cool face, and the waves in his heart were stormy.
      Who is this boss?
      Why can there be such horrible things in his cartoons?
      [PS: Ask for flowers and tickets! On the shelves tonight, ask the bosses to give a first order support! (Manual funny) “*
      Chapter 0048 I’m just a child
      “Damn it!”
      A wooden leaf endured covering his bleeding arm and gritted his teeth: “Our attack has no effect on this monster!”
      “At least you have to have more than one tolerance level to deal with this kind of thing, right?”
      Another one, who endured a lingering fear.
      “Stop it anyway!”
      “Never let it go to a crowded place!”
      “Make a swamp with water and soil, and trap it first!”
      “It’s coming this way, support!”
      Konoha ninjas met Killian Daxu, but the scene was not optimistic before they could bear it.
      And the villagers are running in a mess.
      In the face of monsters of this level, ordinary people simply cannot be indifferent.
      “What happened outside? Such a loud voice?”
      In the room filled with various nutriments, Ebisu has just finished watching Teacher Yoshizawa’s movie and started the sage mode to lie in bed.
      Hearing the riots outside, Ebisu sat up hard.
      Seeing Kirian Daxu coming from the street through the window, he immediately turned pale with fear.
      However, he tried to get up only to find that his legs were a little weak.
      Ebisu was indignant.
      There was a lot of L just now, Mad. Now it’s hard to go to the fields.
      The pharmacist looked at Kilian Daxu in the distance and pushed his glasses. “Is there a reward from the comic book store? Ha ha, now I don’t know if the old guys at the top of Konoha can still sit still.”
      In Konoha’s office, ape flying day chop saw this scene from the crystal ball through the telescope. He looked solemn and said, “Dark part, take the first-class combat state! In any case, we must stop this monster!”
      Although no one was seen, several voices sounded.
      A number of dark parts appeared at the scene, surrounding Killian Daxu.
      A dark part was printed and shouted coldly, “Lei Dun, the technique of 16 pillars binding!”
      Sixteen huge stone pillars rose from the ground and surrounded Kiriam Daxu in the middle.
      Suddenly, the lightning shines and crackles on the stone pillars, turning into an array of lightning with crazy thunder crisscrossing and dazzling lightning.
      However, Killian Daxu tore off the stone pillar with a slight pick of his two big hands.
      The mine array burst.
      At the same time, the mouth of the white mask slowly opened.
      The black and red energy rushed frantically to the front of Killian’s big virtual mouth, condensed into a virtual flash containing extremely violent power.
      Ape flying day chop saw this scene through the crystal ball, his face changed and he was shocked: “Is this… tail animal jade?”
      No wonder he thinks so.
      At present, this is very similar to the jade of the tail beast displayed by the tail beast.
      Soon, the energy of virtual flash accumulated to its peak. From the mouth of Kirian.
      A black and red light beam emitted, devastating will be in front of the building is broken.
      Several dark parts dodged in a mess.
      Then, the virtual flash fell in the distance.
      The virtual flash burst out like a black and red star falling here.
      The power of terror blew the area tens of meters around to ruins.
      The dog burial clan is in the attack range of virtual flash.
      Although Akamaru used fox flames to resist part of the aftermath of the virtual flash at the critical moment, more than half of the houses of the Canburial clan were still destroyed.
      “Mom! Sister!”
      Dog burial teeth ran to the ruins of the house, looking for dog burial claws and dog burial flowers.
      “I, I’m fine.”
      The dog burial flower stood up from the ruins, lifted up the dog burial claw, and said, “Mom was hurt a little.”
      Dog burial teeth breathed a sigh of relief, “I wish you were all right.”
      He turned his eyes to the direction of the comic book store again and said, “The monster seems to have appeared from the direction of the comic book store. I’m afraid this is a reward for someone.”
      At this point,
      Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan
      “Are you all right?”
      The sun’s foot looks at the dog’s mound claw.
      Dog burial teeth a hum, “Do you think my mother is so fragile?”
      “Mom is not in danger.”
      Kenzuka Hanamichi: “Uncle Rizu, your healing medicine for the Japanese clan has the best effect. Can you give your mother one?”
      “Of course no problem.”
      Sunfoot took out a white pill from the kimono and said, “This medicine can greatly improve the wound healing ability in a short time. It is very effective for trauma and can be taken directly.”
      “Thank you!”
      The canine burial flower was grateful and quickly put the white pill on the mouth of the canine burial claw.
      The dog’s mound claw’sniffed ‘a bite.
      Suddenly, the white pill swelled instantly and became a red-fruited female death skeleton.
      The dog’s mound claw is biting a very unsightly part.
      Dog Tomb Claw: (⊙ _ ⊙)
      Rizu, what is this that you TM gave me?
      Sunward Solar Foot: (⊙ _ ⊙)
      Damn it.
      I forgot, I put the inflatable skeleton of the female death in my pocket and put it with the pills.
      What to do? It’s embarrassing.
      Dog burial flower, dog burial tooth and young field, fireworks are petrified together.
      It seems that something terrible has happened…
      Dog Tsuka flower stiffly turned his head, looked at the sun’s foot, stupid force way: “Uncle Sun foot, this medicine… this medicine is like this…”
      The Japanese foot was already eager to find a crack in the ground. His face flushed and he said, “Well, this is actually…”
      “Take this thing away first.”
      The canine burial teeth are busy removing the inflatable skeleton from the canine burial claws.
      Just then,
      A pretty girl dressed in purple forbearance came up and said with concern, “Are you all right?”
      Dog burial teeth holding inflatable righteous skeleton, see the mountain well wild one leng.
      “Tooth you…”
      Inoue looked at the dog’s burial teeth and the inflatable skeleton he was holding. His heart felt a kind of respect.
      My home has been blown up, and I don’t forget to hold the inflatable doll.
      Tooth, you really love this doll.
      Finding Ino’s eyes, the dog burial teeth hurriedly threw away the inflatable skeleton and explained: “It’s not what you think.”
      Inoue found tooth marks somewhere on the inflatable skeleton, turned his head and said, “Don’t worry, I didn’t see anything.”
      Canine burial teeth still need to be explained.
      The dog burial claw suddenly kicked on the P-share of the dog burial tooth and said angrily, “When is it, do you still care about your doll? There is no business at all!”
      Dog Tomb Teeth: (⊙ _ ⊙)
      What does this have to do with me?
      See dog burial teeth also want to explain, dog burial claw and make up a foot, “still stubborn! You are a child, don’t you?”
      If this matter gets out, it will be rumored, and it will become what it will become in the end.
      Will I mix in Konoha in the future?
      Tooth, I’m sorry.
      Old Niang this pot, you carry it first.
      The Japanese foot saw that the dog burial claw wanted his son to be the back pot man. This time the mistake was on himself again. After coughing, he helped and said, “Claw, it is inevitable for boys to reach this age. Just say a few words.”
      Dog Tsuka Hua also nodded: “Yes, my younger brother has grown up and it is normal to have some hobbies of his own.”
      Dog Tomb Teeth: (⊙ _ ⊙)
      I TM … …
      I can’t believe you collectively buckled the pot to me.
      Won’t your conscience hurt?
      I’m just a child.
      At this point,
      Another black, red and virtual flash was launched here.
      Ino turned pale and shouted, “Leave quickly!”
      However, his voice did not fall,
      A pretty shadow leaped proudly to meet the virtual flash.
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      Chapter 0049 The Japanese Sisters Who Shocked Konoha
      “Is that… Hinata?”
      Inoue looked at the beautiful image that rushed to meet the virtual flash and turned pale.
      How destructive that monster is.
      Even Shangren is no match.
      Hinata rushed up? Is she crazy?
      Hindu Tian Qiao’s face was full of earnest writing, and a pair of soft jade hands crossed the void, with graceful posture and graceful curl up.
      At the same time, the hands ignited the burning heart fire of Qinglian.
      Hinata’s supercilious look flashed with a cold awn and a palm.
      “The dragon swings its tail!”
      The blue flame on the jade hand soared and shone like a blue sun.
      Then, a blue fire dragon condensed by the heart fire of Qinglian swung its tail and went away to meet the virtual flash.
      Boom! !
      One green and one red two forces in mid-air hard impact together.
      This sky is dyed half green and half red.
      The light shines on the world, and everything is pale.
      The loud noise shook the air and spread all over the place.
      Soon, the energy frenzy with the smell of destruction overturned large buildings around.
      “Young field, how suddenly become so strong?
      Is this really Hinata? ”
      Seeing Hinoda’s palm resisting Kilian’s big virtual flash, Ino was shocked and felt that his world outlook had been subverted.
      They are all classmates. Naturally, she knows Hinata very well.
      If Hinata really has this kind of terror power, she can’t be unaware of it.
      Dog Tsukuya said to himself, “I’m afraid Hinata also came from Mr. Shanye’s comic book shop.”
      “Mr. God Night?”
      Ino said curiously, “Baby tooth, what is going on?”
      Dog Tsukuya explained: “The village just opened a comic book shop yesterday. As long as you read the comics in the comic book shop, you can randomly get a reward from the comics. It may be a skill, it may be an object, it may be a creature.”
      Suddenly found out what was wrong, the dog burial teeth angrily said, “Who do you call doll teeth?”
      “It doesn’t matter.”
      “Why doesn’t it matter!”
      The dog burial teeth beat Hungary and stamped its feet.
      Can’t I pick this pot?
      Inoue was shocked by the words of Dog Tsukuya. “Is there such a magical thing?”
      You can get things from comics by reading comics?
      Are you sure this is not a magic trick or a scam? There is no such outrageous thing.
      Dog Tsukuya snorted and pointed to Akamaru, who evolved into a Garulu beast nearby. He said, “What are you doing? I think Digital Baby got the Garulu Beast Evolution Card and gave it to Akamaru.”
      “Is this… Akamaru?”
      Inoue looked at the huge Garulu beast Akamaru in front of him and was stunned.
      Although she saw it before, she didn’t think about it at all.
      This fierce beast is Akamaru?
      She suddenly felt that her brain was a little out of use.
      At this point,
      The energy impact of cyan fire dragon and virtual flash dissipates.
      All the dark parts and Konoha ninjas were shocked by the power of Hinata’s palm.
      “Is that the princess of the Japanese clan, Hinata?”
      “What kind of ninja is this? It’s terrible.”
      “Is it the secret of the Sunward clan?”
      “The most important thing is that the flame gives people a feeling of extreme danger.”
      Everyone can’t believe what they saw with their own eyes.
      Hinata is only 14 years old, isn’t he?
      Do you already have such terrible strength at the age of 14?
      At this age, with this strength.
      I’m afraid only those geniuses in Konoha’s legend can compare with it.
      At this point,
      Another petite figure flew by.
      “It’s a sunrise!”
      “Is there a pair of wings behind the sunrise fireworks?”
      “There is still this kind of flying ability!”
      The ninjas almost lost their chins.
      Just the young field has shocked them enough, and now even the fireworks are like this.
      You know, there are very few ninjas with flying ability.
      Some also rely mostly on psychic beasts or foreign objects.
      It is rare to fly like fireworks.
      Flying ability has great advantages for ninja’s fighting, reconnaissance and escape, which many people dream of.
      Moreover, the fireworks are only 7 years old…
      Fireworks fly like angels in the air, suddenly behind chakra wing a wave.
      Turn into a afterimage and rush to the front of Kirian Daxu.
      The little girl clenched her fist, her eyes were burning with fighting spirit, and she shouted softly: “Armed color is domineering and hardened!”
      Slim show small fist crossing a layer of dark color, immediately a punch towards Killian big virtual mask hit.
      Boom! !
      The domineering fist blasted on the mask.
      The seemingly slim fist burst into shocking power at this moment.
      The sound of “Kaka” came from the white mask, cracking cracks.
      Then, the strength was surging, and Killian Daxu, who was tens of meters high, was repeatedly retreated by this boxing.
      Killian Daxu was completely angered and roared upwards.
      Terror spirit pressure swept out like Wang Yang, and countless glasses were shattered at the same time with a bang.
      Kirian Daxu launched an attack on Hinata and Fireworks.
      The big white hand was torn off, and the space was torn open like paper.
      As if it were a hell fiend tearing up the sky and splitting the earth, it had the potential to sweep everything.
      This scene makes many people feel scalp pins and needles.
      What kind of monster is this?
      There is still space ability?
      There is no fear in Hinada’s face, and the heart fire of the green lotus in the palm of his hand fills the air, constantly playing 18 palms of dragon subduing.
      The blue fire dragons, which are more than ten meters long, dance and roll in the void, rushing to Kilian Daxu.
      Fireworks fists covered with armed color domineering, also launched a violent offensive.
      Killian Daxu was attacked by the two sisters and was unable to fight back.
      God night stood by the door of the cartoon shop, watching the young Tian sisters fight against Kilian Daxu and smiling.
      “It’s a good ad.
      I’m afraid the whole Konoha will know about the comic book shop.
      Business will be rolling in soon. ”
      This war is the best publicity for comic book shops.
      In a previous life, there was a good advertisement saying, “Don’t look at the advertisement to see the curative effect.”.
      Now everyone has seen with their own eyes the appalling strength of the young Tian sisters.
      And when they know that the secret of their strength is this comic shop, they will naturally want to come to the comic shop to have a try.
      This advertisement can be said to be very successful.
      However, Tuan Zang’s face is horribly ugly.
      One of his right-hand men died inexplicably, not to mention how annoyed he was.
      “The monster was suppressed by the two of them…”
      The villagers in Muye looked up at the sky and witnessed an unforgettable scene.
      Fireworks are totally out of proportion to Kirian Daxu’s size.
      However, no one can ignore her at the moment.
      Just now so many ninjas joined hands and couldn’t help this monster, but they were beaten back by fireworks, which is enough to explain all the problems.
      Kakashi, who was trying his best to come in the direction of Kilian Daxu, could not help slowing down. “It seems that I am no longer needed.”
      At this point,
      A voice came from behind Kakashi.
      Kakashi turned his head and looked at the people. “It turned out to be Big Brother Hai.”
      Shan Zhonghai stood beside Kakashi and looked at Kilian Daxu in the distance, looking serious.
      “Kakashi, is this thing…”
      “Ps: Ask for flowers and tickets!” *
      Chapter 0050 boss race high!
      Knowing the meaning of Yamanaka Haiyi, Kakashi nodded: “It should have appeared from that comic book shop.
      I just read this cartoon today. It’s called Death.
      There are many such monsters called virtual in the world of death.
      However, when hundreds of emptiness devour each other, a higher level of emptiness will be born.
      This is the lowest-ranking Killian inside. ”
      Yamanaka Hai’s eye pupil is miniature. “Is this actually only the lowest level?”
      Even the lowest level of big virtual is so terrible, and what should those higher levels be like?
      He had only heard about the comic book store before.
      At that time, he didn’t take it seriously.
      Now it seems that the seriousness of the matter is far beyond his imagination.
      “That’s right.”
      Kakasi said: “There are also two levels above Killian: Yachukas and Vastodd. If it is that level of big weakness, I’m afraid it wouldn’t be as simple as it is at present.”
      “It’s unimaginable.”
      Shocked in his heart, Shan Zhonghai looked at the young fields and fireworks in the battle with Kilian Daxu, and said, “Although there are dangers, the opportunities are even more moving.
      The comic book store has only been open for less than two days, but it has already given the two little girls such amazing strength.
      This speed of improvement is unique through the ages.
      Presumably, once this matter spreads, it will soon make the whole tolerance world crazy. ”
      Kakashi said: “Yes, this is the magic of that comic book store.”
      Yamanaka Hai looked at Kakashi and smiled. “It seems that you like that comic book shop very much.”
      “To be honest, that comic book shop is really hard to refuse.”
      Kakashi said: “I went to that comic book store twice. I was lucky and got two very good rewards, which was greatly improved.”
      “Is that so?”
      Smell speech, even the mountain hai one also became stirring.
      Kakashi’s words hit his sore spot.
      His strength has not improved for many years.
      Ninja cultivation has an obvious outbreak period.
      Genius ninjas are particularly obvious in this respect. During that time, they felt stronger almost every day.
      However, with the increase of age, this rise will weaken.
      In the end, after reaching its peak, its strength will never advance.
      When the peak period is over and the body is not forgiving, the strength will begin to gradually regress.
      This is the rule of the game of the years, and no one can escape this.
      Yamanaka Haiyi has even forgotten how many years ago the last time he was ecstatic about his breakthrough.
      Kirian Daxu collapsed under the attack of Hinata and Fireworks and retreated one after another.
      Physically, it was either burned into a hole or twisted.
      All the people in Muye Village cheered for the sisters.
      Hinata and Fireworks Launched the Final Deadly Strike.
      “Take the six dragons!”
      “Armed color gossip 32 palms!”
      Hinata has one palm on the top and one palm on the bottom. The top falls and the bottom rises, exchanging changes.
      It’s like dragons crisscrossing.
      Suddenly, the palm is playing, and six cyan flames come through the air like six dragons.
      Fireworks use the long-range ability of armed color domineering.
      The palm method is linked out, implying the method of gossip.
      A series of invisible palms blasted strongly, oppressing the air to twist into the shape of palm prints.
      Killian Daxu was bombarded by two forces and finally could not bear it.
      ‘Peng’ suddenly burst open.
      Turned into a colorful light rain scattered down.
      “Fight, beat it?”
      “The two princesses of the Japanese family are amazing!”
      The people in Muye Village cheered and boiled for it.
      The dark parts of those wooden leaves and ninjas also showed admiration.
      Hinata and Huahuo are much younger than them.
      However, their strength is enough for them to face up to it.
      “Hinada and fireworks…”
      Inoue stared blankly, unable to describe his mood in words.
      Hinata, who used to be of the same age as himself, was so strong that he could only look up.
      Even the fireworks have become so powerful.
      Although she is not jealous, there will inevitably be a gap in her heart.
      Ino’s emerald-like eyes sparkled, “I’m going to that comic book store too!”
      She became more and more curious about the comic book shop.
      Can turn such a small Akamaru into a fierce giant wolf, can make this ferocious and terrible black monster reward Konoha, can enhance the strength of Hinata and fireworks so much…
      It is a treasure full of infinite possibilities.
      Inoue inquired about the location of the comic book shop and hurried there.
      The sun saw the two daughters defeat Killian Daxu from afar, showing their elegant demeanour and smiling with a loving father.
      After this battle, the two daughters became famous.
      The most important thing is to make the Japanese people famous.
      The Japanese people have not seen a real genius for many years.
      When it comes to Konoha’s genius, people first think of the titles of Sanren, Konoha’s white teeth, yellow flash and instant water stop.
      The Japanese clan has the title of the first clan in Konoha, but there are no figures in the clan who can match these geniuses.
      Many people secretly claim that the Japanese clan has a false reputation and Germany is not worthy.
      This is the pain of the whole Sunward race.
      Now, Hinata and Fireworks are rising strongly, and all these will be shattered.
      The sun smiles at the foot of the sun.
      With two daughters, the Japanese people will reach a new height in the future.
      No one in the whole tolerance world can underestimate the Japanese people any more.
      He abolished the iron rule of separation of clans and families, which is also worthy of the ancestors of the Japanese clan.
      Of course, it was Shenye and his comic book shop that made all this.
      Thought of here, the sun sun foot shouted in my heart.
      Boss Saigo!
      Comic book shop Saigao!
      However, the thought of being a messy reward every time makes me feel sour.
      Why are the rewards of the two daughters so strong and their own so bad?
      I suspect that this comic book shop may be simply malicious to me.
      Sun foot felt murderous look behind him, scared a tingle, busy turned his head.
      The dog’s mound claw looked at the sun’s feet with a full face of bitterness, grinding his teeth ‘creaking’ and snorting, “You haven’t calculated the account for eating that kind of thing for my mother yet.”
      “Claw, listen to me, I really don’t know.”
      The Japanese foot was also very aggrieved: “That was the reward I drew from reading the cartoon of death. I felt it was a pity to throw it away, so I put it away. The result was mixed with the medicine.”
      The dog burial claw didn’t good the spirit white day foot one eye.
      At this moment, the dog burial tooth came up and tentatively said, “Mom, I just carried the pot for you. Should you give me some reward?”
      “What reward?”
      Dog burial claw eyebrow pick.
      “Ahem, I still want to go to the comic book shop tomorrow, but the third time I go, it will cost 20,000 taels.”
      The dog burial teeth rubbed his hands and smiled, “Mom, can you help me solve it?”
      “My mother doesn’t have so much cash on hand, and our family is like this, and we need a lot of money to repair the house.”
      With a wave of his hand, the dog mound claw said, “Wait until your father comes back.”
      “Why, do you have a problem?”
      The dog burial claw snorted, “Don’t think your boy is very powerful if he has a Garulu beast, if you think he can beat the zombie Tyrannosaurus Rex.”
      Dog Tomb Teeth: (⊙ _ ⊙)
      How can there be such a thing?
      Give me a stick. Where’s the sweet date?
      Let you eat?

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