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      Chapter 1: Hila, my wife

      Ye Bai felt that he was very lucky.
      He was a transmigrator. He accidentally transmigrated to Manwei, a very dangerous world.
      How could he have just arrived? No ability, no technology, no system.
      However, Ye Bai had a perfect wife named Hila.
      Although the name sounded like the eldest princess of Asgard, Hila was completely different from that aunt. It was just the same name.
      Hila’s facial features were exquisite. Her figure was tall and slender. She looked like a goddess.
      Apart from being slightly cold, there were no other shortcomings.
      “What are you staring at me for?”
      On the dining table, Hila frowned slightly and asked Ye Baizheng.
      Ye Bai had been staring at her, making her feel a little embarrassed.
      “Hila, the longer I spent with you, the better you look. I wonder if it was my illusion.”
      Ye Bai smiled and said, not stingy with his praise.
      Hearing Ye Bai’s words, Hila’s face turned red and she was a little shy.However, he quickly rolled his eyes at Ye Bai, his eyes full of charm.
      “You have a smooth tongue. Hurry up and eat.”
      That was true, but Hila’s lips curled up slightly. Clearly, her praise for Ye Bai was very useful.
      Ye Bai smiled and began to enjoy the breakfast that he had prepared carefully.
      The well-cooked egg and pork congee, plus some scallions for decoration, with the perfect fried egg and freshly squeezed soybean milk, was a simple but nutritious breakfast.
      “You still have to go out today, right? Be careful on the way. It’s not peaceful lately.”
      While swallowing the porridge, Hila instructed Ye Bai.
      Even though his tone was still cold, the concern within was almost overflowing.
      “Don’ t worry. I’ m just going to talk about the copyright of” Lord of the Rings.”
      “I’ ll probably be back at noon. I’ ll burn your ribs this afternoon.”
      Ye Bai smiled and said, making Hila not need to worry too much about herself.
      As for the copyright of Lord of the Rings…
      The transmigrator, without any ability, could only become a scribe.
      This seaside manor that Hila lived with was earned by Ye Bai by copying books.
      “I’ ve finished eating. I’ ll go back to my room to rest first.”
      Hila’s body was not very good because she had been injured. She often needed to rest.
      When she finished breakfast in the morning, Hila usually chose to go back to her room to sleep. Today was no exception.
      “Wait, don’ t move.”
      Ye Bai called out to Hila, who stood up and told her not to leave.
      Then, under Hila’s gaze, Ye Bai gently wiped away the traces left on the corner of Hila’s mouth as she drank the porridge.
      “Alright, you have a good rest.”
      Her white face turned red and tender.
      After giving Ye Bai a big look, Hila ran upstairs.
      Ye Bai smiled. He didn’t care about his shy wife. Instead, he picked up the dining table.
      Although what should have happened between husband and wife had happened with Hila, Hila was still as shy as a little girl in front of him.
      Hila, the eldest daughter of Asgard Godking Odin, the first heir to Asgard’s throne.
      For some reason, Hila and Odin split and were sealed by Odin.
      It wasn’t until recently that Hila escaped from the seal, but she was seriously injured. She fell to the atrium, Earth, and was picked up by Ye Bai.
      Thinking of Ye Bai’s intimate actions this morning, Hila’s heart began to beat faster.
      She was too ashamed. She was a well-known god of death in the Nine Realms.
      When did someone tease him like this?
      If it was in the past, other men could die at Hila’s hands as long as they looked at her.
      However, Hila didn’t dislike Ye Bai’s intimacy. Instead, she had a faint feeling of enjoyment.
      Hila had never tried this kind of feeling of love, and she was surprisingly not disgusted.
      Driving the latest Ferrari, Ye Bai drove out of the manor where he and Hila lived.
      As a scribe, Ye Bai naturally couldn’t just copy Lord of the Rings.
      Ye Bai didn’t let anyone with a bit of fame go, such as “Song of Ice and Fire “,” Pirates of the Caribbean “,” Hunger Games “,” Twilight” and so on.
      With the amount of money earned from copying books, Ye Bai had succeeded in making billions, and he was among the upper class.
      Today, Ye Bai went to a film company to discuss the film copyright of Lord of the Rings.
      With Ye Bai’s family background, under normal circumstances, he rarely went out alone. It was reasonable to hire ten or eight bodyguards.
      Ye Bai did this until he met Hila.
      It wasn’t that Hila would protect his safety. Her wife’s frail body was more or less like Ye Bai protecting Hila.
      But after picking up Hila, Ye Bai’s system suddenly awakened.
      Every morning, when Ye Bai woke up, he would receive many strange rewards.
      “Tom Cat’s knowledge of catching mice.”
      “A bunch of cigarettes that will never be finished.”
      “The hairpin that the magical girl had worn.”
      “The porcelain bowl that Iriya broke when she was young.”
      Apart from these useless rewards, there were also some valuable things.
      “Sword Saint Wolf’s shooting skills.”
      “Gray Wolf’s technology.”
      “Little Boss’ cooking experience.”
      “Will never roll over.”
      “Kryptonian General Zod template.”
      Especially Kryptonian General Zode’s template. This was the reason why Ye Bai did n’ t want a bodyguard alone.
      Although the time to obtain General Zode’s template was n’ t long, he didn’t absorb much sunlight.
      But on Earth, it was enough.
      After all, even Iron Man had not been born yet. A certain purple sweet potato was still floating in the universe.
      As for being a hero, Ye Bai never thought about it.
      He just wanted to live happily with his wife, Hila.
      As a super hero saving the world, how could a wife be important?
      At worst, when the purple sweet potato essence came to Earth, Ye Bai would not be too late.
      Ye Bai believed that by that time, he would definitely be able to easily kill the purple sweet potato essence.
      While thinking about this, Ye Bai skilfully drove the Ferrari over the cars in front of him and quickly arrived at the studio floor.
      After stopping the sports car, Ye Bai tidied up his clothes and walked into the elevator.
      To the official, adapting a movie was definitely a huge sum of money. Naturally, he had to take it seriously.
      Upstairs, a group of valiant men in black looked at Ye Bai below, their eyes flickering with fierce light.
      “The target has arrived. Get ready!”
      One of the men in black said to the others through the walkie-talkie.
      Obviously, the film copyright this time was not as simple as Ye Bai had imagined.*

      Chapter 2: Mafia and Night Devil

      In Great Apple City, the order in the day belonged to the government, and the order in the night belonged to the gang.
      As for the underground gangs, the largest faction was led by the underground emperor Jin.
      In recent years, with the rise of the genius writer Ye Bai, more and more eyes were on this genius writer.
      Among them was the underground emperor of Great Apple City, Jin He.
      Soon, Ye Bai took the elevator to the movie company’s floor.
      “Fiske Film Company” was the name of the company that planned to purchase the copyright of Lord of the Rings.
      “Hello, I’ m Ye Bai. Let’s talk to your boss about the movie copyright.”
      Ye Bai found the front desk and said.
      Strangely, the front desk of the film company was not a woman, but a muscular man wearing a black suit and sunglasses.
      “I see. You just go straight to the end and go in again.”
      The receptionist, who seemed to be out of line, said to Ye Bai. Then, he shut his mouth and said nothing, extremely cold.
      Ye Bai frowned. This receptionist’s attitude was really good.
      If it weren’t for the fact that the film company had offered an sky-high royalty, he would have turned around and left.
      Holding back the displeasure in his heart, Ye Bai came to the designated place and knocked on the door to enter.
      The room was very empty. There was only a large table, but not a single person.
      “What are these people doing?”
      Ye Bai frowned and walked into the room.What made Ye Bai even more curious was that it was clear that it was daytime, so why was there a curtain in this room, or was it black?
      Not long after Ye Bai entered the room, footsteps could be heard from the corridor outside.
      This was not a single person’s footsteps, but a large group of people.
      Soon, the door to Ye Bai’s room was pushed open and a group of black-suited men walked in.
      The leader was over 1.9 meters tall with a thumb-thick golden chain around his neck.
      “You are Ye Bai, the author of Lord of the Rings.”
      The person asked Ye Bai in a low voice.
      Ye Bai endured the displeasure in his heart and nodded.At this moment, the last man in a suit had already closed the door and locked it back.
      “I’ ll pay one dollar to buy all the copyrights of your Lord of the Rings. Come and sign it.”
      Hearing this, Ye Bai finally understood.This was not to buy the copyright. This was to rob.
      After realizing this, Ye Bai’s face turned cold.
      “If I said, what about me?”
      Ye Bai said coldly. He didn’t show any fear in the face of this large group of fierce men.
      The men in suits laughed as well, as if they were mocking Ye Bai’s innocence.
      The man in the lead took out a pistol from his chest and placed it on Ye Bai’s forehead.
      “Either come over and sign it, or I’ ll give you a bullet and choose.”
      Either live or die.If Ye Bai was just an ordinary person, there might be no way.
      But now, Ye Bai’s eyes turned colder.
      At the same time, he understood that these people were not any film companies, but gangs.
      “You know what?”I hate when someone puts a gun on my head!”
      Ye Bai said coldly without any fear.
      Seeing Ye Bai’s reaction, these gangsters were also surprised.Ordinary people shouldn’t immediately kneel down and cry for forgiveness when faced with their black muzzle?
      What’s going on? Are all the people who write books now so bold?
      However, they were only a little surprised. Of course, they wouldn’t really kill Ye Bai in one shot. This way, Ye Bai’s worth wouldn’t be able to succeed.
      But it wasn’t impossible for them to do anything. One had to know that death was often a form of relief. If they could n’ t survive, it was the real torture.
      Now that Ye Bai had fallen into their hands, they could do whatever they wanted. They had plenty of time to gain the value from Ye Bai.
      Just as these gangsters were about to knock Ye Bai out and take him away, a black shadow broke through from outside the building.
      The person was wearing a red tight suit. It was the famous Night Devil.
      This super hero, who was active in the kitchen of hell, could be said to be the most troublesome opponent for underground gangs.
      These gangsters obviously did not expect the Night Devil to break in at this moment.
      However, these gangsters did not slow down either. They took out their pistols and aimed them at the intruding Night Devil.
      When they were dealing with Ye Bai, they wouldn’t shoot, but dealing with the Night Devil was completely different.
      Moreover, the space in this room was small, and the activities of the Night Devil were restricted. Facing these mobs’ attacks, it was very likely that they would get hit if they did n’ t do well.
      But everyone ignored Ye Bai.
      He was no longer patient. He knew that these people weren’t here to send money, but when they came to steal money, Ye Bai was already very impatient.
      Plus, these people were gangsters with many evil deeds, so there was no need to have any scruples.
      Ye Bai didn’t hesitate any longer and directly attacked.
      With a punch, the robust man, who was 1.9 meters in front of him, was sent flying. He smashed the glass and directly fell downstairs.
      Then, another punch landed on the nearest gangster, sending this person flying out as well, shattering the walls of the room.
      At this moment, the rest of the gangsters reacted and pointed their pistols at Ye Bai.
      It was just too late.
      After Ye Bai got General Zode’s template, he did n’ t absorb much solar energy due to time.
      However, it was far more powerful than ordinary people. Even a super hero like Team American Spider-Man was not as strong as Ye Baiqiang.
      At such a close distance, just these ordinary gangsters wanted to deal with Ye Bai. It was simply a dream.
      Ye Bai easily pushed the gangsters to the ground.
      Everyone’s bones were broken, and it was obvious that they could n’ t survive.
      At this moment, Ye Bai turned his gaze to Night Devil Chivalry, a super hero who specialized in attacking criminals.
      “I know who you are, Matthew Murdoch, the blind lawyer in the Hell’s Kitchen.”
      “You’ re the one who did this. Don’ t name me, or I’ ll find you.”
      After throwing out a threatening sentence, Ye Bai decided to leave without giving Night Devil a chance to speak.
      Ye Bai didn’t want to expose his identity and attract too much attention.But it didn’t mean that Ye Bai would pretend to be a grandson.
      If someone who couldn’t open his eyes provoked him, he would n’ t hold back. It was Ye Bai’s style to die.
      Night Devil Man opened his mouth. He wanted to say something, but he couldn’t say anything.
      He wanted to ask Ye Bai how he knew his identity, but Ye Bai did not give him this opportunity.
      Looking at the rest of the gangsters lying in silence, Nightfiend sighed.
      Ye Bai’s ruthlessness made him worried.
      “I don’ t know if this genius writer is good or bad for Great Apple.”
      Nightfiend sighed.Then, he took out his phone and dialed a familiar number.
      “Old man, I have something to report to you.”*

      Chapter 3: Death Goddess Hila

      While Ye Bai dealt with these gangs, a group of uninvited guests arrived at his seaside manor.
      In order to obtain Ye Bai’s sky-high price benefits, Jin also assigned a comprehensive plan.
      The first was for Ye Bai, and the second was for Hila.
      Jin also believed that as long as he grabbed Hila, he wouldn’t be afraid that Ye Bai would n’ t give in.
      Jin Tong’s idea was correct, but he had missed a point. It was that Hila was not an ordinary person.
      After Jin sent out the assassins to deal with the bodyguards around the manor, Hila, who was asleep, suddenly opened her eyes.
      Those bodyguards were naturally arranged by Ye Bai. He didn’t need bodyguards, but it did n’ t mean that Hila didn’t.
      The meaning of these bodyguards was to protect Hila.
      However, these bodyguards were still too immature compared to the assassins sent by Jin.
      By the time these assassins crossed the barrier of the bodyguards and entered the manor, Hila had already climbed up from the bed and arrived in the living room.
      “Hurry up. The police will be here in ten minutes. Let’s hurry up.”
      One of Jin Xiao’s assassins urged the other members.
      Jin was also very powerful in Great Apple City. He had colluded with many politicians, and even the police station had his people.
      However, even if it was Jin Jie, he could only let the police come later, not not not.
      As a result, these assassins were also under pressure. If it was time to catch Hila, this operation would have failed.
      What was the consequence of failure? No one would be willing to try.
      With a “bang, the mini-bomb exploded the door of Ye Bai’s manor, and many assassins entered.
      It was just that Hila, who they thought would find a place to hide, was sitting on the sofa in the living room and looking at them coldly.
      “Looks like Ye Bai has caused trouble outside.”
      Hila thought to herself, but she didn’t really care.
      This was just the atrium. How much trouble could it be?
      At worst, she would expose her identity and turn the entire atrium upside down.
      “Find her target. Quickly take her away.”
      Jin Xiao’s killer did n’ t expect things to go so smoothly. The target was in front of him.
      After a short pause, he quickly realized that he was going to take Hila away.
      One of the assassins couldn’t hold back. He took the lead and walked towards Hila. He looked around and cursed inwardly.
      If he could get Hila’s hand, it would definitely be a great feat. Unfortunately, someone had beat him up.
      The assassin who was the first to approach Haila was ecstatic.
      He seemed to have seen the days when he had risen to prominence.
      Hila shook her head. She put down the coffee cup in her hand and sat up straight.
      Then, a pitch-black “Sword of the Night” was thrown out by Hila.
      While this assassin was still immersed in his bright future, he had already been hit by the night sky sword and passed through his heart.
      The sudden change shocked everyone.
      Hila, on the other hand, slowly stood up under the stunned gazes of everyone, with a very classical elegance and dignity.
      “A mere mortal, if you want to harm God, death is not enough!”
      Hila said indifferently, but she sentenced the fate of these assassins.
      These assassins also reacted. Everyone’s eyes revealed fear.
      “Mutated human!!!”
      Yes, Hila’s methods were completely mutated humans in the eyes of these assassins.
      Thinking of how powerful the mutated humans were, many assassins panicked.
      At this moment, they did not care about Hila’s orders. They all raised their guns and aimed them at Hila.
      So what if it was a mutated human?Under their powerful firepower, they could only die.
      Hila, on the other hand, did not care about these toy-like firearms. She waved her hand casually and several more “night sky swords” flew out.
      Following that, several assassins were killed by the night sky sword.
      This efficient killing was simply creepy.
      The assassins could no longer control the fear in their hearts and fired at Hila.
      But when the bullets arrived in front of Hila, they seemed to have hit a transparent wall and were frozen in front of Hila.
      Hila said indifferently, then dozens of “night sky swords” flew out.
      Like the sharpest scythe of Death’s hand, it accurately harvested every life present.
      This time, the assassins were completely scared out of their wits.
      They no longer had the courage to stay any longer, their hearts were filled with fear and unease.Hila was not a human at all. In their eyes, she was the most terrifying devil that had crawled out of hell.
      In front of Hila, no one could escape or survive.
      In the end, all the assassins who broke into the manor died under the Sword of the Night.
      Hila no longer looked at the mortals. She stretched and returned to the room gracefully.
      Before he left, Hila stretched out her right hand, her white and slender middle finger and thumb together, and snapped her fingers.
      The next moment, the assassins that were nailed to death by the night sky sword disappeared without a trace.
      For the time being, Hila didn’t intend to tell Ye Bai about her identity. It would n’ t be too late to show off with Ye Bai until she regained Asgard’s throne.
      Ye Bai didn’t know that his manor had been attacked by Jin Jie’s killer.
      At this moment, he had just walked out of the supermarket with some fresh ingredients in his hand.
      This was Ye Bai’s habit. He liked to choose his own ingredients.Otherwise, with his financial resources, any ingredients in the martial arts world could reach him in the shortest possible time.
      “I bought another chicken to replenish Hila’s health. She’s too thin.”
      Ye Bai thought to himself.
      Her facial features and figure were perfect, as well as a delicate clavicle.
      The only drawback was that it was a little thin and not fleshy.
      It looked pretty, but it was a little awkward.
      Moreover, if he was too thin, his body would easily become weak. Hila herself was injured, so she should make up for it.
      Ye Bai didn’t know that in his eyes, Hila, who was soft and easily pushed down, was actually a god of death.
      If those opponents of Hila Xiri heard Ye Bai’s evaluation of Hila, they would cry.
      How was she weak?Where was he weak?
      Do you know that when she killed a planet by herself, she was just like mowing grass. She didn’t show any softness.
      This kind of guy, you tell me that his body is soft and easy to push down?
      Did you have a problem, or did I have a problem?
      Ye Bai, who had restarted the sports car to get home, did not know that he had already attracted the attention of many people.
      The discussion about Ye Bai and his wife had already started somewhere on Earth.
      Thirty thousand meters high, in the sky, the Divine Shield Bureau.
      Nick Frey put down the phone and put it down.*

      Chapter 4: Odin’s Worries

      “Colson, come to my office!”
      Nickfrey spoke to Colson through the internal network of the Divine Shield Bureau.
      Then, he sat in his seat and looked at the picture of Ye Bai in front of the screen. His eyes flickered as if he was thinking something.
      Very soon, Agent Colson arrived outside Nickfrey’s office and knocked on the door.
      “Sir, do you have any instructions?”
      Colson said to Nick Frey.
      “Do you know this person?”
      Nickfrey didn’t say it directly and asked Colson.At this moment, Colson noticed Ye Bai on the screen.
      “I know the most popular genius writer, a Chinese.”
      “I’ m his loyal fan, and I like” Lord of the Rings “and” Pirates of the Caribbean.”
      “Sir, is there something wrong with him?”
      Colson naturally knew Ye Bai. He had the habit of reading books.
      However, what Colson didn’t understand was why Nick Frey asked him about Ye Bai?
      Although Ye Bai’s momentum was as strong as the sun, he was still an ordinary person in the eyes of Divine Shield.
      It was just a bestseller, but it wasn’t worth the attention of the Divine Shield Bureau.
      “Go and get in touch with him. If you can, bring him over.”
      Nickfrey didn’t say anything. He would n’ t tell Colson why.
      It was not that he did not trust Colson, but that he did not trust anyone.
      “Good sir, maybe I can ask him for an autograph.”
      Coleson did not ask why. This was also the biggest factor that Coleson had become Nickfrey’s confidant.
      Colson was never curious. He only knew what Nickfrey wanted him to do. He would do whatever he wanted.
      “When you come into contact with him, try to be as gentle as you can.”
      When Colson was about to leave, Nickfrey said again.
      Colson nodded and left with a smile.
      Apart from the Divine Shield Bureau, another group of people were thinking about Ye Bai and Hila.
      To be precise, he was thinking about Hila.
      Odin sat on his throne and lowered his head to ponder over something.
      “Are you still thinking about Hila?”
      Heavenly Queen Freya did not know when she came to Odin’s side and asked him.
      Asgard and Odin knew about Hila’s escape from the seal.
      “Yes, this child never let me worry.”
      Odin did not deny it either. He would not hide anything from Frika. The same was true of Hila.
      “Just who did Hila become like this?”
      “Is there no count in your heart?”
      A hint of blame flashed through Frika’s eyes. Although Hila was n’ t her own, she was the one who grew up.
      The relationship between Hila and Frika was much deeper than that between Hila and Odin.
      Seeing Hila become like this, it was impossible for Frika to say that Odin was not to be blamed.
      But everything had happened. Even if Frika blamed Odin, it would not help.
      “It’s my fault. I didn’ t teach her well. She should be my most satisfied successor.”
      “Sigh, it’s too late to regret it now.”
      “I’ m worried now that Hila will pose a threat to Asgard.”
      Odin recalled the past. A trace of regret flashed through his eyes, but it quickly disappeared.
      The big mistake had already been made. No matter how much regret it was, it was better to think of how to make it up.
      Hila would definitely return to Asgard. Odin knew that.However, no one knew if it was a good thing or a bad thing for Asgard.
      “I believe in that child. Just like I believe in Tor and Rocky, they are all Asgard’s children.”
      Frika smiled and comforted Odin.
      Frika didn’t say the exact reason, because she had foreseen the future.
      She knew that Hila had changed. She was no longer the cold goddess of death in the past, but learned to love and be loved.
      As the God of Magic, the most powerful witch in the Nine Realms, Frika’s strength was obviously not as bad as the legends said.
      Especially in some aspects, Frika was more powerful than Odin.
      Nine realms, atrium.
      After lunch, Ye Bai brought Hila to the swimming pool of the manor. The two of them were lying on the recliner in the sun.
      Ye Bai was only wearing a pair of square trousers, revealing his muscular body.
      Hila, on the other hand, was more conservative. She was wearing a swimsuit with only her arms and two long white legs exposed.
      Ye Bai was not sure about what had happened in the manor. All traces had been removed by Hila.The only strange thing was, where did those bodyguards go?
      Could it be that he was hiding and slacking off? It seemed like he was going to change into another batch of bodyguards.
      This thought flashed by, and Ye Bai still looked at Hila.
      That delicate and perfect face, white skin, and two perfectly curved white legs made Ye Bai dizzy.
      “Your gaze made me feel threatened. Quickly turn around.”
      Hila said coquettishly to Ye Bai. She couldn’t understand what Ye Bai was looking at.
      But after saying that, Hila didn’t do anything else. Instead, she adjusted her body so that Ye Bai could experience it better.
      This was how honest his body was when he said no.
      Ye Bai chuckled, not caring.After spending so much time together, he was already very familiar with Hila.
      His wife was too proud and spoiled.
      He said no, but his body was very honest.
      “Wife, I’ ll help you get some sunscreen to prevent you from getting tanned.”
      Ye Bai said maliciously and quickly put it into action.
      Of course, this was just an excuse. Hila’s skin was extremely good. No matter how she sunned, Ye Bai could n’ t understand why. He could only explain it with natural beauty.
      As for sunscreen, Ye Bai’s home didn’ t have such a thing. He just wanted to take advantage of it.
      Of course, Hila didn’t. She stretched out a leg to stop Ye Bai, but Ye Bai grabbed her.
      Ye Bai’s eyes gradually became dangerous as he looked at his bare feet struggling in his palm.
      Hila was very thin, and her ankles were also very obvious. Through her fair skin, she could even see hidden green blood vessels.
      For an LSP like Ye Bai, how could he endure it at this moment?
      “Wife, it’s getting late. Let’s rest early.”
      Ye Bai leaned over to Hila’s ear and said to her.
      Hila rolled her eyes at Ye Bai and said nonsense.Such a big sun, how could it be late?
      Would she not know what Ye Bai was up to?He just wanted his body.
      However, Hila did not object, or rather, she was not determined.
      Under Ye Bai’s aggressive gaze, Hila finally agreed.
      “Don’ t be here. Let’s go back to the room.”
      Hila said in a low voice. If it weren’t for Ye Bai’s increased hearing, he probably wouldn’t have heard clearly.*

      Chapter 5: S.H.I. Shield

      The next morning, Ye Bai got up early and began to prepare breakfast for Hila.
      “Congratulations to the host for signing in. Reward him for every inch of strength!”
      Ye Bai didn’t mind the system’s prompt.
      In the beginning, Ye Bai was a little excited, but in the end, he was already calm.
      He didn’t intend to save the world. Why was he so anxious to become stronger?
      The current life was quite good. It wasn’t good to live with your wife?
      Thinking of his wife, Ye Bai’s lips curled into a gentle smile.
      He said not to, but his body was very honest.
      Last night, he had spent a whole night, and he was even more energetic than Ye Bai.
      Fortunately, Ye Bai’s current physical fitness was not the same as before. He was growing stronger every day, or else he would not be able to deal with her.
      However, Ye Bai was also a little puzzled. Logically speaking, normal people should not be able to withstand his physical fitness. However, Hila did not have this problem. It was really strange.
      “Recently, our correspondent received news that the wealthy tycoon, Tony Stark, was attacked by extremists during the negotiation of the arms trade in the Af Khan region. His whereabouts are unknown.”
      “Under the influence of this news, the stock price of Stark Group fell. Today, it fell by more than 5%.”
      “And according to the analysis of the authoritative experts in the financial sector, this decline was only the beginning, and there might be even greater decline in the future.”Everyone, please be prepared.”
      The news from the television stopped Ye Bai, who was preparing breakfast.
      “Finally, the era of super heroes has begun.”
      Ye Bai muttered.
      As a transmigrator, Ye Bai naturally knew about this. He also knew that not only would Tony Stark not die, he would also become a famous super hero, Iron Man.
      If it were any other transmigrators, perhaps they were already preparing to head to Af Khan’s area to find Tony ready to hug his thigh.
      But Ye Bai didn’t. He was n’ t interested in being a superhero.
      On the contrary, what Ye Bai was really interested in was the stock of Stark Group.
      Although Stark’s shares were falling, Ye Bai knew that this was only temporary.
      After Tony Stark returned from Af Khan and invented the Ark Reactor, Stark Group would truly become a super giant.
      At that time, the stock price of Stark Group was not the current price.
      What Ye Bai wanted to do was to take advantage of this decline and quickly buy enough shares of Stark Group.
      At that time, there would be no need to write any more books. Every year, it would be an astronomical sum to pay dividends on stocks.
      As for Ye Bai, he could also take his wife to travel around the world and live a life of no shame or impatience.
      Thinking of this, Ye Bai smiled and picked up his phone to find a phone called “Kuchi “.
      “Hey, buddy, have you heard that the stock of Stark Group has fallen?”
      “Right now, buy all my money into the stock of Stark Group. I want as much as there is in the market.”
      Kuchi was a big croc on Wall Street. Ye Bai had earned all these years by writing books, so far, he had handed them to Kuchi for safekeeping.
      It was just that Ye Bai didn’t need it in the future. He just needed to buy the shares of Stark Group and he could relax. He did n’ t need to worry about money anymore.
      He ordered Kurgi to make a few more calls and agreed to have a meal. Ye Bai hung up and happily began to prepare breakfast.
      Colson followed the address in his hand and arrived at the gate of Ye Bai’s seaside manor.
      “That’s it. He’s really rich.”
      Colson looked at the luxurious manor in front of him and sighed inwardly.
      With his salary, he would never be able to live with such a luxurious manor.
      However, his pursuit was not here, so after sighing, he quickly recovered his composure.
      After finishing his clothes, Colson pressed the doorbell.
      Soon, Ye Bai, dressed in casual clothes, arrived in front of the door.
      Ye Bai was still curious. Who would look for him in the morning? In the end, he saw a familiar face.
      As a famous good old man in the Manwei world, the head of the novice village, Colson’s face was too recognizable.
      And without any hesitation, Colson was definitely one of the people Ye Bai didn’t want to see.
      This meant that Ye Bai had been targeted by Divine Shield.
      “Hello, you’ re Mr. Ye Bai, right? I’ m Agent Colson from the Bureau of Investigation. I came here to find out what happened yesterday.”
      Colson revealed a harmless smile and said to Ye Bai.
      Ye Bai, on the other hand, had a cold expression on his face. He wondered if he should kill Colson.
      He really did not want his happy and peaceful life to be broken.
      But in the end, Ye Bai still opened the door and let Colson in.
      “Let’s talk about something here. What do you want to know?”
      Although he let Colson in, Ye Bai didn’t entertain him and said coldly.
      “Uh, do you still remember what happened at the movie company yesterday? Can you remind me of what happened that day?”
      Colson did not expect Ye Bai to be so cold.Didn’t it mean that this genius author did n’ t have any airs?It seemed that the rumors were not credible.
      After carefully examining Colson, Ye Bai spoke.
      “Why don’t you just tell me your purpose? Is the Divine Shield behind you trying to rope me in or control me?”
      Ye Bai originally intended to deny it, but after thinking about it, he realized that he could not deny it at all.
      He decided to explain everything to everyone.
      Colson’s face froze. He did n’ t expect Ye Bai to reveal his origins in a single breath.
      He did not know how to deal with this situation.
      In the end, under Nick Frey’s voice control, Colson said to Ye Bai:
      “Mr. Ye Bai, our S.H.I.E.I. Shield has always been a creed. They are all forces that can be united.”
      “With your ability, you can definitely help more people. Do you want to consider joining us?”
      As soon as Colson opened his mouth, Ye Bai knew that the Old Women’s Federation was.
      If it had just crossed over, perhaps Ye Bai would have agreed, but now, it was impossible.
      Ye Bai didn’t want to be a super hero until he was full.
      “I’ m not interested. I’ ll just say it.”
      “I don’ t want to cause trouble. As long as you don’ t come and provoke me, I won’ t provoke you either.”
      “But if you want to control me, I promise you will pay a heavy price.”
      Ye Bai said coldly, the threat in his tone undisguised.
      At the same time, it also showed Ye Bai’s attitude, that was to not interfere with each other.
      If S.H.I.E.I. Shield didn’t open his eyes and planned to do something to Ye Bai, then I’ m sorry, Ye Bai wouldn’t just sit there and wait.
      At worst, whoever would stand up would die. It wasn’t impossible for Ye Bai to destroy the Divine Shield Bureau.
      It was only such a big place on Earth. After Ye Bai absorbed a few more days of sunlight, he could easily blow it up for you. Who was afraid of who?

      Chapter 6: Jin He

      Undoubtedly, this negotiation ended in a bad mood.
      Under Ye Bai’s strong attitude, Colson had no choice but to temporarily retreat.
      “Sir, the specific situation is like this. You see what to do.”
      Colson used the equipment to report to Nick Freeman who was far away in the sky.
      Nick Frey, on the other hand, held his chin together and pondered for a long time before saying:
      “It’s just like this for now. I’ ll make some arrangements. You should come back first.”
      In the end, Nick Frey still planned to slow down for a while. There was no need to force him too quickly to cause the fish to die.
      Of course, this wasn’t because Nick Fury was afraid of Ye Bai. The strength Ye Bai showed was n’ t enough to make Nick Fury afraid.
      He only cared about talents and didn’t intend to completely cut off the chance to rope Ye Bai into Divine Shield Bureau.
      After all, it was rare to see such a powerful tool man.
      After ending the call with Colson, Nick Frey picked up another phone on his hand and found a number to call.
      Soon, the phone was connected and a heavy sound came from the phone.
      “Nickfrey, why are you looking for me?”
      Nick Frey straightened his body and said,” Jin He, stop your actions against Ye Bai. He’s not someone you should provoke.”
      That’s right. Nickfrey’s target was the underground emperor of Great Apple City, Jin Yuan.
      After hearing Nick Frey’s words, Jin did n’ t reply immediately. Instead, he fell into a period of silence.
      Then he said,” Are you teaching me how to do things?”
      Obviously, it was not a simple matter to make the underground emperor Jin give in easily.
      “You can try. If you are disobedient, Apple City will change into another obedient underground emperor the next day. Don’ t force me to do this.”
      Jin was not strong, but Nick Fury was even stronger. He had no intention of giving Jin face.
      This was normal. As the highest level special department on Earth, the Divine Shield Bureau was a violent organization that was above the national machinery.
      Such a department’s behavior was just one word, domineering.
      If you don’t cooperate, then you’ ll die. S.H.I.E.L. Shield has such an ability.
      Although Jin He was the underground emperor of Great Apple City, he was still a gang leader.In front of the Divine Shield Bureau, it was just a bigger ant. It could be crushed to death at will.
      Jin didn’t know this fact, so he still gave in after being silent.
      “Alright, I’ ll listen to you. That’s all.”
      After that, Jin and hung up. Nick Frey slowly got up and went to the window to look at Yunqi Yun Luofeng outside.
      In the era of superheroes, S.H.I.E. Shield was the most violent organization on Earth. It ruled everything out.
      As the controller of this violent organization, Nick Fury’s power was higher than those of the Eagle Soy Sauce Country.
      Big Apple City, Manhattan City, a skyscraper.
      The luxurious decoration showed the owner’s wealth, while the embellished oil painting showed the owner’s artistic taste.
      If it was someone who didn’t know about it, perhaps he would have thought that this was the bedroom of a large alligator in a financial group, but in reality, the owner of this room was the famous Golden Union of Great Apple City.
      The muscular bald fatty hung up the phone and casually put down his small phone before turning around from the chair.
      This was the emperor who ruled Great Apple for ten years.
      There were two big men in suits standing in front of Jin Jian, and a man kneeling on the ground and silently crying.
      “Lance, you’ re my best friend. You’ ve been working under my hands a long time ago.”
      “I have always trusted your ability. You have never let me down.”
      “But today, you must give me an explanation. Why would you fail to deal with an ordinary person!”
      Jin He said coldly. Everyone could hear how angry his tone was.
      As for this unlucky bastard, Lance, who was kneeling on the ground, it was the mastermind of the incident against Ye Bai.
      Jin didn’t want to do anything to Ye Bai, but he did n’ t need to worry about such a small matter. He naturally left it to him.
      In the end, such a simple thing that couldn’t be more simple was actually overturned.
      Forget it. Just now, Nick Frey, the biggest gang leader on Earth, called him to warn him not to attack Ye Bai.
      Jin was self-aware and would not disobey Nickfrey’s words, but it was impossible to say that he was n’ t angry.
      Therefore, he could only vent his anger on the person kneeling before him.
      “Don’ t blame me for this. Everything was going according to plan, but Night Demon suddenly charged in.”
      “If not, we’ ve already succeeded. Ye Bai’s wealth should be ours now.”
      “It’s all because of Night Demon. He made our plan fail.”
      The man named Lance cried and explained, trying to push the blame onto the Nightfiend so that he could avoid punishment.
      “Yes, you’ re right. It’s all that damned Night Demon.”
      Jin spoke slowly and slowly lit himself the best cigar.
      Then, he stood up from his chair and slowly walked to Lance. He took a deep breath.
      “Then you explain to me, why can’t you even handle a woman?”
      Jin was naturally talking about Hila.
      If something went wrong with Ye Bai, it could be said to be the reason for the Night Devil.The woman who was facing Hila, who didn’t have the strength to bind a chicken, actually turned upside down.
      There was no way to find an excuse. This was purely useless.
      Hearing Jin Xiao’s question, the man named Lance was speechless.He could only tremble in fear, unable to figure out how to defend himself.
      “Just like that, bring him down.”
      Jin looked at Lance coldly and casually instructed the other two men in suits.
      The subtext was to bring Lance down and do it.
      “No, don’ t kill me.”
      “Give me another chance. I beg you, boss. Give me another chance.”
      Lance continued to struggle and beg for mercy, hoping that he could open up the Internet and give himself another chance.
      “Put him in the factory mixer and feed the dogs to me.”
      Jin completely lost his patience. His eyes flashed with a terrifying fierce light as he said cruelly.
      He wasn’t joking, he really wanted to do it.In the past few years, an unknown number of unlucky eggs were sent to the mixer to be crushed.
      After he was alone in the room, Jin finally regained his calm and sat on his favorite seat.
      “Ye Bai, who are you?”
      Jin muttered to himself, unable to guess what kind of special identity Ye Bai had.
      Even a big shot like Nick Frey was alarmed. Obviously, Ye Bai could not be an ordinary person.
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      Chapter 7: Hila’s Revenge

      In the seaside manor, Ye Bai sent Colson away and returned to the living room.
      Hila woke up at this time and slowly walked down the stairs.
      She was wearing a black dress today. She held the edge of her dress slightly with her hands and walked step by step. She was like the most classical lady, elegant to the extreme. She was also like a dark lotus that bloomed quietly. It was pleasing to the eye.
      “Did you have a guest at home just now?”
      Hila asked. Clearly, she knew someone had come earlier.
      “It’s not a guest. A troublesome fellow has already been sent away by me.”
      Ye Bai didn’t hide anything, but he did n’ t explain Colson’s identity.
      Hila nodded and did not ask further. She sat down at the dining table and began to enjoy breakfast.
      Today’s breakfast was very simple. It was just a very normal cooked noodles.Apart from that, Ye Bai also put some expensive herbs into the noodles. He intended to use them to supplement Hila’s nutrition.
      Ye Bai had once received the reward of “Little Boss’ cooking experience “. In terms of culinary skills alone, there was probably no one on Earth who could compare to him.
      Therefore, even simple noodles made by Ye Bai carried a mouthwatering aroma.
      Hila used her chopsticks to gently enter a few noodles and nodded with satisfaction.
      Ye Bai’s culinary skills were also an important reason why Hila liked him.Hila, who was not a foodie, was about to be fed by Ye Bai.
      “Did you get into trouble outside?”
      Hila asked Ye Bai as she talked about the noodles.
      “No, I’ m not breaking the law. What trouble can I cause.”
      Ye Bai denied it on the spot and did not want Hila to know what was going on outside.Just a mere gangster, he could handle it himself.
      “It’s like this, then you should be more careful.”
      Hila didn’t inquire further. She knew that Ye Bai did n’ t want to worry about her, so she didn’t plan to ask.
      But she took out a black ring and placed it in front of Ye Bai.
      “Take it and bring it with you. I’ ll be relieved.”
      Hila didn’t explain much, nor did she tell Ye Bai that the ring was made of divine power. It was specially prepared for Ye Bai to defend against a blow from a Heavenly Father.
      “This is the first time you gave me something. I will keep it well.”
      Ye Bai didn’t ask any further. He picked up the ring and put it on the ring finger.
      From Ye Bai’s point of view, this ring was more than half of the Peace Amenities. It was Herat who prayed to protect his safety. Seeking it was a psychological effect.
      In fact, this was something that Hila had spent a great deal of divine power on. If it was placed in Asgard, it would be considered a divine artifact.
      Just as Ye Bai would worry about Hila’s safety, Hila would also worry about Ye Bai’s safety.
      After all, in Hila’s eyes, Ye Bai was just an ordinary mortal.Of course, it was a mortal who liked Hila.
      Knowing the fragility of mortals, Hila had specially created this artifact ring. She just didn’t want to see anything happen to Ye Bai.
      “Maybe we should consider how to turn Ye Bai into a god.”
      Hila thought to herself. Ye Bai put on the ring she had prepared. In this small place, there was basically no danger.
      However, the lifespan of mortals was limited. Hila had to consider how to extend Ye Bai’s lifespan.
      Hila was very greedy. She didn’t just want Ye Bai to accompany her for a hundred years, she wanted Ye Bai to accompany her forever.
      “I’ ve finished eating. I’ ll go up and rest first.”
      The idea of turning Ye Bai into a god couldn’t be realized for the time being, so Hila did n’ t say it clearly. Instead, she planned to go upstairs and rest as usual.
      “Alright, I have a sign-off meeting today. I’ ll be back later when I have to go out.”
      “Call Aunt Liu at noon and ask her to get lunch.”
      Ye Bai nodded and said his plan.Aunt Liu, on the other hand, was the nanny Ye Bai was looking for. She could cook a good dish, although Aunt Liu had very few opportunities to cook.
      “I see. You should be careful outside.”
      Her tone was still cold. This was her character.After all, there were a few moments like last night.
      Ye Bai was used to it as well. After cleaning up the tableware, he drove away.
      What he didn’t know was that on the second floor of the manor, beside the master bedroom window, Hila watched him walk away.
      “That mortal who was going to harm Ye Bai is called Jin He, right?”
      Hila said softly, but her eyes did not show the gentleness in front of Ye Bai. Instead, they carried a cold killing intent.
      Although Ye Bai didn’t tell Hila about it, Hila naturally had her own way to find out.
      After learning that Ye Bai was targeted by a mortal called Jin Quan, Hila decided to do something.
      Ye Bai was her person. She could only bully him. A mere mortal was worthy?
      After confirming that Ye Bai had left the manor and would not return for a short period of time, Hila also disappeared from the room.
      In the building of Jin He.
      Jin didn’t know what kind of special identity Ye Bai had.
      This feeling was very sullen. He was an underground emperor. When had he ever been so confused?
      He didn’t even know who his opponent was. This was too bad for the gold who liked to control everything.
      For some reason, Jin He felt a strong sense of crisis in his heart.It was as if there was something terrifying about to descend.
      This made Jin even more uncomfortable. After gathering a large number of assassins to protect him, Jin finally let out a sigh of relief. He felt a little safer.
      Then, a woman in a black dress rushed in.
      Jin also watched as his subordinates were easily killed by that woman in the surveillance video. He had no ability to resist.
      “Just who is this woman? Why did she suddenly barge in to kill me?”
      Even if Jin wanted to break his head, he could not imagine when he had provoked such a terrifying woman.
      The assassins under him were highly trained and their elites were comparable to the army.
      But under this terrifying woman, she could not withstand a single blow. She was so weak and pitiful.
      There was no doubt that this woman who suddenly broke into Jin He Building was Hila.
      Through the souls of the assassins, Hila learned of the existence of Jin Ju and rushed forward without hesitation.
      This was Hila’s style. The hila that Ye Bai had arrogantly pushed over was just the way she looked before Ye Bai.
      The real Hila was the goddess of death, the ruthless person who spread death and killing into the universe.
      With a “boom, Hila kicked open Jin He’s door. As for Jin He’s subordinates, they all died.
      Because Hila had come too quickly, Jin did not even have a chance to escape and was blocked by Hila.
      “Looks like you’ re a gold tie.”
      After Hila entered the room, she saw a bald fat man. She knew that this was the enemy she was looking for.
      As a result, a “Sword of the Night” appeared in his hand. It was about to take down Jin Jie’s life.
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      Chapter 8: Sign-off (

      “This lady, can I ask why?”
      Jin also felt the threat of death, but he did not sit still and wait for death. Instead, he actively searched for a way to live.
      If he wanted to ask for life, he first needed to understand why Hila had to be his enemy. Only by understanding the reason could he resolve his hatred.
      “My name is Hila, Ye Bai’s wife.”
      Hila did not act immediately. Instead, she explained.
      The meaning of this was only to let Jin He die understand.
      Jin didn’t intend to say anything, but Hila’s “Sword of the Night” came out of his hand and pierced through his body.
      Hila wasn’t interested in wasting time here. She would go back and rest as soon as she finished.
      She was still injured. Odin’s seal was n’ t that easy to break.
      The poor underground emperor Jin didn’t even have the chance to beg for mercy. He died under Hila’s hands. His death was unknown.
      After doing all this, Hila no longer stopped and disappeared into the room in the blink of an eye.
      After a long while, a mechanical sound rang out. A secret space in the room was opened and a group of gangsters with heavy firearms walked out from a secret room.
      The last person to come out was a two-meter tall round bald fatty.
      This was the real Jin He. He had always been hiding in the secret room.Previously, what Hila had killed was just his substitute.
      “Boss, we’ re gone. We’ re safe for now.”
      A fierce-looking bald man came to Jin He’s side and said to him.
      This was Jin He’s number one killer, a vicious target, a heartless killing machine.
      “Let’s go. Let’s change places.”
      Jin He instructed with a cold face that everything that had happened today had made Jin He feel terrible.
      Just because of Ye Bai, not only was he threatened by S.H.I.E.I. Shield Bureau, he was now being approached by another terrifying woman.
      If he had known this was the case, he would not have attacked Ye Bai.
      And what kind of identity was Ye Bai?This effect was too great.
      It was the Divine Shield Bureau, and it was another terrifying woman who did not know anything about it. Was there a superman and an alien?
      It was simply ridiculous.
      However, as an underground emperor, Jin had no problem with his methods and temperament.
      Since he had confirmed that Ye Bai was someone he couldn’t afford to offend, it would be fine if he did n’ t.
      Can’t fight, ca n’ t he dodge?
      Ye Bai did not know what Hila had done.
      In Ye Bai’s heart, Hila should be lying on the bed of the two of them and sleeping in a cage.
      At this moment, he was doing a signing meeting at a famous university in the Ivy League.
      As the most popular best seller in the past few years, Ye Bai was still very famous.
      A sign-off meeting not only attracted many college students, but also many fans of Ye Bai came from other cities to get a book signed by Ye Bai.
      This was true fans.
      Ye Bai’s attitude towards these leeks who were willing to pay for their novels was very friendly.
      He patiently signed the names of the fans in line and wrote a slogan of blessing.
      “Hello, Mr. Ye Bai, I am your faithful fan. I especially like the” Star Trek “you wrote. Can you please sign me?”
      Standing in front of Ye Bai was a girl with wine-red hair.
      There was a natural charm on her beautiful features.That huge evil made Ye Bai feel a sense of oppression.
      Without a doubt, this little girl was a special creature, and she was too big.
      Although Hila was not small, she was not as spectacular as the person before her.
      However, Ye Bai only took a look and didn’t pay any more attention.His wife was the best.
      “A beautiful lady, what should I write?”
      With a friendly smile, Ye Bai calmly replied to Mao Mei.
      “Thank you for your generosity. Let me think about something.”
      “Wu, write: May you always be beautiful and charming, to the dear Lady Natasha.”That’s fine.”
      The girl named Natasha Romanov said with a smile and handed the Star Trek in her hand to Ye Bai.
      Ye Bai didn’t say anything about Natasha’s identity. He quickly wrote the blessing and returned the book to her.
      At this moment, Natasha did not know that her identity had been exposed.
      She was still thinking about how to prepare for her next encounter, so close to Ye Bai.
      The old agent used the lust of men to achieve his goal. It was a required course for every female agent.
      Unfortunately, Ye Bai’s heart was as calm as water. Unless his wife, Hila, no woman could make him move.
      Natasha’s plan was destined to fail.
      Besides, how hungry would Ye Bai be to go to Natasha?
      The black widow, who was born as an agent, did not know how many guests had entered the scene.
      Hila was different. Her feelings were nothing but a blank sheet of paper, completely belonging to Ye Bai.
      There was no comparison between the purity of the two.
      After Natasha, Ye Bai sat for two hours at the signing meeting and signed for two hours.
      Thanks to Ye Bai’s current physique, he was far more powerful than an ordinary person. Otherwise, his hand would have to be broken.
      Soon, the sign-off meeting ended successfully. It was also noon.
      Logically speaking, Ye Bai should go home and prepare lunch for his wife, Hila.
      But Ye Bai still had something to deal with, so he didn’t plan to go back for now.
      “Golden Union!”
      Ye Bai thought to himself.
      Ye Bai naturally wouldn’ t let go of Jin Ye who had provoked him.
      A tooth for a tooth, a blood for a blood. This was Ye Bai’s rule.
      Poor Jin did not realize that his trouble was far from over.
      At this moment, Jin He was hiding in an underground warehouse with his trusted subordinates.
      This warehouse was made of gold and was secretly built. It was used to store his personal property.
      This included billions of dollars in cash, as well as ten tons of gold and many jewelry.
      With such a huge amount of wealth, one could imagine how powerful this place’s defense was.
      The steel plates on the surrounding walls were almost two meters thick, and the missiles could not penetrate them.
      In addition, there were more than a hundred elite gangsters guarding it. They were equipped with heavy firepower to ensure that everything was safe.
      Jin only felt a sense of security when he came here.
      “Target, have you contacted the person you contacted?”
      Jin also asked his number one killer.
      The target was a killer, and it was a killer with super powers. Naturally, he knew many mutated humans with super powers.
      After being killed by Hila, Jin began to prepare to gather the mutated humans to form a guard to protect his safety.
      “Don’ t worry, boss. They’ ll be here soon.”
      The bull’s eye calmly said. Unlike Jin, who was scared to death, the bull’s eye was not afraid.
      Although Hila was powerful, the target felt that it wasn’t that he did n’ t have the strength to fight.
      In what era were they still using the primitive method of throwing attacks? Could it be that in this era, only firearms were the absolute kings?
      Well, the target’s superiority towards Hila was because he felt that Hila’s attack method was inferior to firearms.*

      Chapter 9: Punching through Steel Plates with Free Hands

      “You told them to come over quickly, I always feel that things are not over yet.”
      Jin took in a mouthful of cigars and said in a somewhat uneasy tone.
      Many people would feel that Jin was a brave man after seeing his appearance.
      This was just an illusion. He was tricked by Jin Jie’s body size.
      He was brave, but he was no fool.Otherwise, it would be impossible to rule the underground world for ten years.
      If he really didn’t have a brain, he would have been blown to the sky.
      “Boss, you are too cautious.”
      “How about you give me 100 million? I’ll help you get rid of that woman. How about that?”
      The target’s eyes were different from Jin’s other subordinates. They did not have much respect for Jin.
      To put it bluntly, target eye and gold could only be considered as long-term cooperative relationships. They were not truly superior and subordinate.
      “I don’ t mind if you want to die, but don’ t implicate me.”
      “That woman, you can’ t put it down.”
      Jin glanced at the target and cursed inwardly.
      How did such a person survive until now?
      Just as the bull’s-eye looked down on Jin and was timid and cautious, Jin could n’ t see the brainless bull’s-eye.
      As for which of the two was stronger, it was clear who the boss was.
      Just as Jin Ge was talking to the target, a loud noise suddenly sounded, making everyone nervous.
      “What happened?”What happened.”
      Jin He immediately stood up from his seat and asked the surrounding subordinates.
      He was now a bird of shock. Any movement would make him jump.
      Not to mention such a huge commotion.
      “Looks like something is attacking the wall.”
      One of Jin He’s subordinates said bitterly.
      “Don’ t worry, these walls are two meters thick steel plates. Even missiles can’ t penetrate them.”
      The target was still calm and collected, not worried that the wall would be pierced.
      But very soon, even the target could not calm down.
      Because the sound rang again, it came from the wall on the right of everyone.
      And it was different from before. This loud noise was accompanied by the obvious protrusion of the wall.
      This meant that the two-meter-thick steel wall was being broken through in a rough manner.
      “Fake, what the hell is this!”
      Jin also broke through his defenses and began to curse loudly, so as to disperse the nervousness in his heart.
      “Boss, you’ re right. We’ ve really offended people we can’ t afford to offend.”
      At this moment, the target also had a bitter face, no longer as confident as before.
      No matter how arrogant the target was, he didn’t think that he could wear two meters of steel plate. This was not something that anyone could do.
      Jin He glared at the target.
      The third collision sounded again. This time, the wall was even more prominent.
      The entire wall was filled with a large bag, as if some wild beast could break through the wall at any moment.
      “Get ready. No matter what you come in, fire for me!”
      Although Jin did not panic, he did not lose his sense of control. He commanded his subordinates.
      As for Jin He himself, he had already stealthily arrived behind everyone. The situation was not right. He could escape at any moment.
      The fourth impact came, followed by a steel wall that had been completely torn apart.
      However, this opening was too small to accommodate a single person.
      But even so, it was enough to scare people.
      Finally, the sound of a collision rang out again. This time, a large hole was made in the entire wall.
      Then, a handsome man in casual clothes walked in.
      Undoubtedly, this person was Ye Bai.
      General Zode’s template gave Ye Bai the constitution of a Kryptonian. He could become stronger in the sun, and he could also obtain super-hearing.
      It was thanks to his super-hearing ability that Ye Bai found Jin He’s underground warehouse.
      Then, Ye Bai came to the door and punched through the two-meter thick steel plate with his bare hands.
      The moment Ye Bai entered, Jin He was shocked.
      A human appeared in front of him, but what he did was not human at all.
      Can normal humans penetrate two meters thick steel plates?
      Therefore, Jin did not hesitate to let his subordinates fire, intending to use the power of technology to kill the monster in front of him.
      Ye Bai didn’t dodge and did n’ t even close his eyes when faced with the heavy firepower.
      Using firearms to deal with Kryptonian people could only be said to be gold and very imaginative.
      Even the most vulnerable eyes could not break through the human firearms, let alone other parts.
      Ye Bairen felt as if he had been drenched in rain.
      Then, in front of everyone, Ye Bai began to reap the lives of all the people present.
      The human body was pitifully weak in front of the Kryptonian, no different from paper.
      Looking at Ye Bai’s killing ring, Jin did n’ t know how to deal with such a monster.
      It was better to run.
      Jin He wisely chose to retreat strategically. Unfortunately, Ye Bai did not give him this opportunity.
      After killing everyone at the high speed, Ye Bai arrived in front of Jin He and blocked his path.
      As for the poor target, Ye Bai had already broken his neck.
      “Wait, can we sit down and talk?”
      It was impossible to resist. Jin had never thought of resisting.
      Who could resist such a humanoid monster?
      It was better to have a good talk and see if they could fight for a dignified death.
      “Alright, what do you want to talk about?”
      Ye Bai didn’t care either. He was n’ t afraid of Jin playing tricks in the face of an absolute difference in strength.
      “You’ re Mr. Ye Bai, right? I’ ve seen your picture before.”
      “Regarding the previous matter, I apologize like you. That was not my intention. It was a stupid decision made by one of my subordinates.”
      “He’s already dead. Now in the dog’s stomach, he has to pay for the mistake he made.”
      “So, can you let me go? I swear I really didn’ t think about anything to you.”
      In the face of the threat of death, Jin no longer had the air of laughing and talking.It was like a child who had done something wrong, trying to clear his own fault.
      “Really?”And then?”
      Ye Bai continued to sneer, but his heart was still unmoved.
      If Jin did not give a satisfactory explanation, he would be dead today.
      Ye Bai still understood this principle.
      Jin took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down before saying:
      “Alright, even if you kill me, what can you get?”
      “You can only get a chaotic Great Apple City. The new underground emperor will provoke you. After all, your value is too shocking.”
      “You let me go. In the future, you will be my master. I promise that something like this will not happen again. No one will disturb you and your wife. Do you think this is okay?”
      Jin also understood that it was not for Ye Bai to forgive him, nor could Ye Bai forgive him if he wanted to live at this time.
      It was to show his value. As long as Ye Bai felt that he was still useful, his chances of survival would be much greater.
      The facts proved that Jin Jie’s choice was not wrong.*

      Chapter 10: Conquering Gold

      Ye Bai thought about the scene after Jin and his death and realized that what Jin said was indeed reasonable.
      As the current underground emperor, Jin Jian’s death would definitely bring chaos to the underground world of Great Apple City.
      When those crazy people in the underground world had no restrictions on the rules, it was certain that they would cause trouble.
      Although Ye Bai wasn’t afraid of these underground berserkers, it was still a problem.
      Therefore, Ye Bai did not intend to kill Jin Ju right now.
      “You are very smart. You successfully convinced me.”
      “I hope you remember what you said today. Don’ t bother me anymore.”
      “Else, next time, I will screw off your head. I will do what I say.”Don’ t doubt if I can find you. As long as you’ re on Earth, you won’ t be able to escape.”
      A very straightforward threat could be considered as a warning to Jin Yong.
      As for whether Jin You believed it or not, it was his business.If he didn’t believe it, Ye Bai would fulfill what he said and unscrew his head.
      How could Jin He not believe it? You’ve already worn two meter thick steel plates. Do I dare not believe it?
      Jin did not feel that his body was stronger than steel.
      When he heard that Ye Bai was willing to give him another chance, Jin He was as weak as he was after a calamity.
      At the same time, he made up his mind that even if he committed suicide, he would never provoke Ye Bai again.
      Not only that, Jin also planned to send a large number of people to hide beside Ye Bai’s manor, so as not to offend the Asura.
      It could be said that Ye Bai had not only achieved his goal, but also avoided many possible problems.
      With the help of Jin Yuan, there were at least some people who couldn’t get on the stage. It was impossible for them to cause trouble for Ye Bai.
      The gangsters who planned to kidnap Ye Bai would be thrown into the blender and fed to the dogs before they could even reach Ye Bai.
      After settling the matter of Jin Ju, Ye Bai left the underground warehouse.Before he left, Ye Bai took Jin He’s set of clothes.
      In the previous metal storm, Ye Bai didn’t suffer any damage, but his clothes were beaten to pieces.
      This was the price of putting on a show.
      Jin finally felt relieved when he saw the killer leave. He sat on the ground and gasped for breath.
      It was too scary. Facing a monster like Ye Bai was too scary.
      Jin could be considered a bold person, but he was still scared to the point his face turned ashen.
      If it was an ordinary person, there was a possibility of being scared to death.
      Fortunately, he still managed to survive.
      After a long while, Jin finally calmed down and the majesty of the underground emperor reappeared on him.
      He was going to gather his subordinates and announce a major order.
      In the future, in Great Apple City, whoever dared to fight Ye Bai would be the enemy of Jin.
      “Why did you come back so late today?”
      It was only after sunset that Ye Bai returned to his manor.
      Hila had woken up and grumbled at Ye Bai.It was like a wife complaining about her husband coming home too late.
      “After the signing meeting, we had another meal with the distributor, which delayed the time.”
      Ye Bai said a white lie and didn’t want Hila to worry too much.
      As a man, he shouldn’t bring the wind and rain back to his home. He should n’ t let his wife worry about him.
      Hila didn’t think too much. She just asked the usual question.
      Now that Ye Bai had the artifact ring she had made and the culprit, Jin, had been killed, she was not too worried about Ye Bai’s life.
      “Ask you a question. If one day you find out that I am not the one you are familiar with, what will you do?”
      Hila suddenly asked a blank question, causing Ye Bai to be stunned.
      However, Ye Bai’s heart softened when he saw Hila’s expectant and nervous eyes.
      “Fool, I like you just like you. No matter what, I like you.”
      Ye Bai walked over to Hila and smiled as he touched her hair.
      This intimate action made Hila blush again. She was still not used to such intimate actions.
      However, he did not object. He just felt shy.
      “If one day you find me a bad person, will you still like me?”
      Hila did not care about Ye Bai’s messy hands on her head. She looked at Ye Bai and asked another question.
      Ye Bai didn’t reply immediately. Instead, he faintly felt that today’s Hila seemed a little different.
      It was as if there was something on their mind.
      Ye Bai took out his hands that were constantly making chaos on Hila’s head and hugged Hila’s waist.
      “You are my wife, even bad guys are my wife.”No matter what you look like, I like you.”
      Ye Bai whispered in Hila’s ear. The hot breath blew on Hila’s earlobe, making it bright red.
      Hila struggled for a moment, but she quickly closed her eyes and let Ye Bai deal with it.
      It was already late, so it was better to take Hila to rest first.
      In the sky, Divine Shield Bureau.
      Natasha recovered her cold look and put away her lost face in front of Ye Bai.
      He quickly rushed to Nick Frey’s office and started reporting.
      “It’s the first time I’ ve been in contact with a target. I didn’ t make much progress. I’ m not his dish.”
      Natasha’s target was naturally Ye Bai.
      Natasha went to contact Ye Bai. Naturally, she was instructed by Nick Frey. Otherwise, she would not know who Ye Bai was.
      “Normal. According to the investigation, Ye Bai and his wife have a good relationship. They are a good man.”
      Nick Frey said with his chest full of bamboo. He was not surprised by Natasha’s first contact.
      Before coming into contact with Ye Bai, Nick Frey naturally had to investigate. As Ye Bai’s wife, Hila naturally wouldn’ t let him go.
      What puzzled Nick Frey was that he couldn’t find Hila’s information.
      He only knew that about a year ago, Hila suddenly appeared beside Ye Bai, as if she had fallen from the sky.
      Nick Frey had no choice but to think about the identity of Hila.
      Was it really a coincidence that they met Ye Bai, or was it the person that other organizations had placed beside him?
      The former was fine, while Nick Frey had to take it seriously.
      “So, why didn’ t Colson do this?”
      “You insist on finding me, you want me to destroy the relationship between the target and his wife?”
      “I don’ t remember that the Divine Shield Bureau was still responsible for the divorce.”
      Natasha complained. She could not understand what kind of mentality Nick Frey had asked her to contact Ye Bai.
      Nick Frey almost coughed when he heard Natasha’s comments.This was too awkward.
      However, Natasha was right. He had indeed thought of letting Natasha seduce Ye Bai. It would be best if she could not leave Natasha.
      Ye Bai’s wife was obviously better than Hila’s unknown woman, Natasha.It would also serve the interests of Divine Shield Bureau.
      Of course, Nick Frey couldn’t arrange this either. Everything had to depend on Natasha’s own thoughts.
      As for Hila, if it was possible, Nick Frey would also like to make contact and explore the details.
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      Chapter 11: Hila’s Mind

      After dealing with the matter of Jin Yuan, Ye Bai welcomed another peaceful life.
      He flirted with Hila every day and did something that he liked to do. He was at ease.
      In addition, during this period of time, Ye Bai’s sign-in system also opened some strange things.
      “Head Staff of the Talker.”
      “Lucy’s Ocean Heart.”
      “The staff of the last Pharaoh.”
      “Black Demon Magic Grand Complete.”
      “Grandmaster Classics.”
      These strange rewards weren’t all useless, such as the Black Magic Grand Master.
      But the problem was that Ye Bai couldn’t use it right now.
      To put it simply, it wasn’t practical enough. To Ye Bai, it was useless, so it could be used as a pretext.
      It was worth mentioning that the plot of Iron Man 1 had already happened during this period of time.
      Tony Stark had become a Iron Man, and in front of the world’s media, he admitted this matter.
      Unlike other superheroes, Tony Stark did not hide his identity.
      He was an arrogant and conceited person. He was willing to accept any challenge without hiding anything.
      This kind of calmness and responsibility might also be one of the reasons why Iron Man was popular.
      Anyway, Ye Bai admired Tony Stark. At least this guy was honest enough.
      By the way, Ye Bai took advantage of the opportunity that Stark Industrial’s shares had fallen earlier, and bought a large number of Stark Industrial’s shares at a low price.
      Now, Ye Bai had become one of the shareholders of Stark Industries, holding a 1.7% stake.
      Each year, just the share dividend was an astronomical sum of wealth, enough for Ye Bai to live a life of luxury without worry.
      In the future, Ye Bai would no longer need to run around for a living. Just lay down and eat the shares.
      Hila did not feel anything about this. She did not have the concept of money at all.
      Rather than caring about Ye Bai’s wealth, Hila cared more about what Ye Bai made for her.
      “Are you going to leave again later?”
      At the table, Hila, who was sipping porridge, asked Ye Bai.
      Ye Bai nodded.” That’s right. Tony Stark invited all the shareholders to a party. I have to go too.”
      “Wife, are you going with me?”
      Hila frowned and shook her head.
      “I don’ t want to go. I don’ t like a crowded place.”
      In a sense, she was a fugitive now. Naturally, she did not like to be exposed outside.
      Yes, there was nothing wrong with Asgard’s fugitive.
      “Alright, I’ ll go myself. You can rest at home or do some exercise.”
      “If you want to go out for a walk, remember to bring a bodyguard. Don’ t let me worry.”
      Ye Bai instructed Hila carefully.
      With Hila, Ye Bai didn’t expect to lock Hila up. It was unrealistic.
      If Hila wanted to go out for a walk, Ye Bai would be happy to be simple. The premise was to bring a bodyguard to ensure safety.
      Even though Hila had never gone out once, she had known Ye Bai for a year. Almost all of them stayed at home and rarely went out to walk around.
      She was a house girl, at least in front of Ye Bai.
      Hila was very useful to Ye Bai’s concern.
      “I will take good care of myself.”
      Hila’s proud and coquettish old fault had happened again, but the smile on her lips could not be hidden.
      Ye Bai was used to Hila’s words and did n’ t reveal it.
      After gently kissing Hila’s forehead, she left the manor.
      As for Hila, after Ye Bai left, she came to the window and looked in a different direction. Her pretty brows furrowed slightly.
      “Destroyer, did he come for me?”
      Hila murmured.
      As the Destroyer’s armor that had accompanied Odin for many years, Hila was no stranger to it.
      And the Destroyer had suddenly arrived at the atrium, so it was impossible for Hila to ignore it.
      She had secretly escaped from Odin’s seal. Who knew if Odin would come to catch her and seal her again.
      Thinking of Odin, this terrible old man, Hila’s good mood disappeared all morning.
      She liked the current life very much. She liked being carefree with Ye Bai.
      Every day, he just had to wait for Ye Bai to cook something delicious and deal with Ye Bai’s teasing.
      This kind of life was something Hila had never thought of before. Hila naturally treasured it very much. This kind of feeling of being loved by others.
      Even in Hila’s eyes, Asgard’s position as the God King was nothing compared to his days with Ye Bai.
      But Hila said that she was not interested in Asgard, who would believe it.
      Even if she really thought that way, Odin would never let her go.
      Even Hila could foresee that she still had to face Asgard in the future. The day she faced Odin was her destiny. She could not escape.
      At that time, whether Hila could be with Ye Bai or not, even Hila herself was unsure.
      “Odin, you’ ve destroyed me once. You can’ t destroy me once more.”
      Hila thought to herself that if Odin really wanted to destroy her happy life, Hila swore that Odin would definitely pay the price of blood.
      In New Demon State, Loki controlled the Destroyer Armor to pursue Torre.
      Although Odin had instructed him not to kill Thor, Loki was still happy with the game.
      “Run, Little Torre, run faster. You look really comical.”
      As a brother, Rocky was fed up with Tor’s arrogance.It was hard for him to be weaker than Torr, so he could only endure it.
      Now that Torr had finally recovered his divine power, he naturally had to take advantage of the opportunity to bully him.
      Besides, Rocky’s personality was on the dark side.
      However, apart from persecuting Torr, Rocky still had a bigger mission.
      “Will the elder sister mentioned by father appear?”
      This time, Loki used the Destroyer Armor to land on Earth. Apart from honing Torr, the most important thing was for Hila.
      Odin couldn’t have been too worried to forget that Hila had escaped the seal.
      At the same time, Odin understood that Hila would return to Asgard one day.
      Rather than waiting for Hila to come, it was better to take the initiative to lure Hila out.
      If Hila couldn’t help but appear after feeling the Destroyer Armor, Odin’s goal would be achieved.
      At that time, Odin held the initiative whether it was to seal Hila again or to capture Hila back to Asgard.
      Of course, this news was not friendly to Rocky.
      “Damn it, I actually have an older sister on my head.”
      This was Rocky’s inner thought.As the second child in the family, he was already very depressed. He did not expect that he was actually the third child.
      Especially after hearing about Hila’s deeds from Odin, Rocky was even more afraid of this sister who was known as the goddess of death.
      Hopefully, this Hila would not be a stumbling block to his ascension to the throne.
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      Chapter 12: Professor Liux

      Ye Bai didn’t know that the story of Thunder God 1 had already happened.
      At this moment, he was in a luxurious auditorium, chatting happily with the guests.
      In fact, Ye Bai was already used to this kind of high-class wine game.
      During the period when he became famous as a scribe, he had participated in countless similar alcohol games.
      After all, the current Ye Bai could be considered a successful person. A billionaire with an impressive family background had already entered the social circle.
      “That mutated human is here again. It’s really a ghost.”
      “Bad luck. Why did the organizer do this? When will the mutated humans be able to come to such an event?”
      “I’ m worried that when we woke up that day, the entire world would be occupied by the mutated humans.”
      “This is a group of dangerous people. Those politicians in White House should have captured them.”
      “Forget it, forget it. Let’s change places. I don’ t want to be affected by these bad guys.”
      Hearing the conversation of the successful people around him, Ye Bai knew that a famous guy had come again.
      Sure enough, a bald old man in a wheelchair was pushed in by a lady in a red dress.
      The woman in the red dress, Qin Gray, was a teacher at Zerville’s genius school.
      Of course, not many people knew her name, but many people knew her nickname.
      The famous “Black Phoenix” was one of the hosts of the universe power “Phoenix Power “.
      Thus, the bald man’s identity on the wheelchair was revealed.
      The founder of Team X, Charles Zerville, was called Professor X.
      An alpha-class mutated human had the most powerful spiritual power on Earth and could read anyone’s soul.
      Professor “, I don’ t understand why these people don’ t welcome us.”
      As she pushed Professor X forward, Qin Gray complained to the professor.
      The current society was discriminating against mutated humans. Everyone looked down on mutated humans.Under such circumstances, why did the professor insist on attending this banquet to be rolled at?
      “Qin, I know many people look down on us, but we’ re not here for these people.”
      “Everyone who can participate in this banquet has enormous energy in society.”
      “All we need to do is find a friend and it will be of great help to our current situation.”
      Professor X patiently explained to Qin.
      How could he not know what these so-called social celebrities were thinking?If he could, he wouldn’t be willing to be bullied.
      But the problem was that the situation of the mutated humans was too bad.
      Not only in society, ordinary people were hostile to the mutated humans, but even within the government of Eagle Paste Country, many people were hostile to the mutated humans.
      He had to come over and find as many of the mutated human’s friends as possible, or people who sympathized with the situation of the mutated human.
      Only in this way could the mutated humans be better protected.
      After listening to Professor X’s lecture, Qin Mo closed his mouth and said nothing more.
      She was also aware of the situation of the mutated humans. It was indeed not optimistic to the extreme.
      Especially not long ago, the Magnificent King had almost turned all the high-level politicians of the Federation into mutated humans. The social opposition to mutated humans had reached its peak.Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation)
      Suddenly, Professor X’s eyes lit up as he looked around. He then signaled Qin to come directly to Ye Bai.
      “Hello, Mr. Ye Bai, this is Charles Zerville. Just call me Charles.”
      “I really like the” ET “you wrote. Being friends with aliens was also my childhood dream.”
      “If everyone in the society was like Mr. Ye Bai, it would be great. When faced with a life that was different from him, humans should be more tolerant and friendly than malicious speculation.”
      Professor X said very skillfully. The subtext was to compare mutated humans to ET, hoping that mutated humans would be like ET and become friends rather than enemies with humans.
      Looking at Professor X’s extended hand, Ye Bai thought for a moment and still grabbed it.
      “You’ re right, professor. I’ m honored to have a great fan.”
      “When I wrote ET, I also took into account the situation of the mutated humans. I hope I can help you.”
      Ye Bai did not reject Professor X’s kindness.
      Although it was unlikely that they would be able to interact with each other in the future, they would not hit the smiling person.
      But the next moment when he held Professor X’s right hand, Ye Bai’s expression changed drastically and he became sinister.
      “Get out of my head!”
      Suddenly, Ye Bai caught the attention of many people, making Professor X’s face pale.
      Looking at the furious Ye Bai, while Professor X was puzzled, he felt more regret.
      Just now, when he shook hands, Professor X subconsciously wanted to see what was in Ye Bai’s mind.
      Don’t overestimate Professor X’s integrity. He had never done such a thing before. It was just that ordinary people couldn’t sense his actions.
      Ye Bai was different. The moment he shook hands, he felt like his brain had been pricked. Then he realized that this was Professor X’s fault.
      As a result, the scene just now appeared.
      Actually, Professor X did not have any malicious intentions towards Ye Bai. Invading Ye Bai’s heart was just a subconscious habit.
      But who would have thought that Ye Bai would hit the gun.
      “This is how you treat your friends?”Is this how the mutated humans treat humans?”
      Ye Bai stared fiercely at Professor X, who was embarrassed in front of him. The anger in his eyes almost spilled out.
      Ye Bai was a person with a big secret. Whether it was a transmigrator or the System, it was something that no one else could know.
      However, Professor X was actually unscrupulous in spying on these secrets.
      To be honest, Ye Bai had already started to kill Professor X.
      This old hooligan had already violated his bottom line.
      Professor X also realized that the situation was terrible. The most important thing was that he was completely unreasonable.
      If Ye Bai exposed this matter, it would definitely be the most terrifying blow to the mutated human’s situation.
      And there was another question Professor X could not understand. How did Ye Bai know his movements?
      Could it be that Ye Bai, like them, was not an ordinary person?
      Professor X could not understand this question, and he had no time to think about it.
      There was an even more serious matter in front of him. It was how to calm the furious Ye Bai.
      “I’ m sorry, my friend. This is indeed my fault. I apologize like you.”
      “I swear, I didn’ t see anything. I hope you can forgive me this time.”
      Professor X said apologizing to Ye Bai with a bitter face.
      But Ye Bai didn’t take this kind of trick at all. Did he just apologize and want to expose this?
      This was because Ye Bai sensed Professor X’s invasion. If he did n’ t, did he not even apologize?
      “You will pay for what you did today, I promise!”
      Because there were so many people around, Ye Bai couldn’ t say anything.However, this matter could not be settled just like that.
      Professor X had to pay for what he had done. Jesus couldn’t keep him, Ye Bai said.*

      Chapter 13: Showdown

      After Ye Bai came to this world, he knew that this world was essentially a dark world.
      No one could rely on it, even super heroes.
      However, Ye Bai did not expect that Professor X would do such a thing in public.
      The mutated humans had their current social situation. They weren’t all humans. They had a lot of problems.
      It was simply too normal for him to think that he was superior to ordinary humans by relying on the power of X geno points.
      This could be seen from Professor X.
      Even Professor X, with excellent reviews, was like this. The other mutated humans could be imagined.
      Moreover, if Ye Bai was a politician, shouldn’t the first thing to do after knowing a powerful group like the mutated humans be trying to master it?
      A terrifying weapon, the first thing you thought about was how to grasp it. If you couldn’t grasp it, you would consider destroying it.
      How could a fool be hostile to a mutated human from the start?
      It wasn’t because the mutated humans had acted on their own. It was because of the arrogance and arrogance that led to today’s situation.
      To put it bluntly, mutated humans deserved it. They were the ones who played themselves like this.
      There was no denying that some mutated humans were victims, innocent.However, none of these innocent mutated humans were Professor X.
      Initially, Ye Bai was still holding on to a friend. In the future, he asked Professor X to help him deal with the trouble caused by some mutated humans.
      But after this incident, he made a ghost friend.
      In the future, if a mutated human dared to provoke him, he would kill him directly. Even Ye Bai would not stay alive.
      If it weren’t for the fact that there were so many people here, Professor X, Ye Bai, would n’ t have let it go.
      If he dared to covet the secret in his heart, he would die without pity.
      Looking at the furious Ye Bai, Professor X’s embarrassment froze on his face.
      He really didn’t want to see the situation become like this.
      Who would have thought that something like this would happen just by flipping through Ye Bai’s memories?
      However, the grudge had already been settled. Even if Professor X was unwilling, he could not change anything. He could only think of a way to recover it.
      Of course, there was another way to let Ye Bai die.
      As long as Ye Bai died, there would be no more grievances.
      With such a plan, Professor X did not say anything in the end. Instead, he watched Ye Bai walk into the crowd.
      The information that should have reminded Ye Bai was not available.
      Professor “, are you going too far.”
      Behind Professor X, Qin Gray frowned.
      Professor X’s previous actions, even Qin could not see them.
      “It’s not appropriate, but it’s also necessary.”
      “Mr. Ye Bai is one of the people I can cooperate with. I have to understand his true thoughts about the mutated humans.”
      “I don’ t want this to happen.”
      Professor X sighed. His plan today was a mess.
      Professor X originally wanted to leave a good impression on Ye Bai before confirming his true thoughts on the mutated humans.
      If they were all qualified, Professor X would tell Ye Bai that he had recently been targeted by the Mutant Brotherhood of Myriad Magnet King.
      It would be best if Ye Bai was at a loss for what to do. He was terrified. Professor X would be able to show up as a savior and tell Ye Bai that he could calm down the Magnet King and the Brotherhood.
      Then, success occupied a heavy part in Ye Bai’s heart.
      At that time, Ye Bai’s wealth and his huge social reputation would become the support of the mutated humans.
      Unfortunately, no matter how good the plan was, it still went wrong.
      If Ye Bai knew what Professor X was thinking, he would probably know the so-called superhero again.
      However, this was reasonable. After all, this was a real world.
      The first contact with the mutated humans was undoubtedly a failure.
      Until now, Ye Bai still had a grudge against Professor X. He didn’t realize that he had been targeted by another mutated human leader.
      Ye Bai was currently talking to Tony Stark.
      “Mr. Ye Bai, right? I’ ve heard of you before.”
      “Although I really don’t want to admit it, I am indeed your loyal fan. Can you sign me a name later?”
      Tony Stark’s arrogance in front of the public changed, but instead, he looked like a lost brother. Ye Bai was surprised.
      This was also normal. Tony Stark was a technology madman, but who said that technology madmen would not read novels?
      In a sense, Ye Bai and Tony Stark were the same type of people. They were both geniuses.
      One was a literary genius, and the other was a scientific genius.
      The so-called heroes cherish heroes. This was probably the case.
      “Of course, I’ve always been very tolerant of fans.”Not to mention your company’s stock has made me a lot of money.”
      Ye Bai also smiled as he made a cup with Tony. He did not dislike Tony’s kindness.
      After all, Ye Bai’s entire family was in Stark Industries, and he was even pointing at Tony giving him more dividends in the future.
      And making friends with outstanding people was a pleasant thing.
      After a few more words, the two sides exchanged calls and agreed to come out to play together.
      Then, Tony chased after the pretty girl and left in front of Ye Bai.
      Ye Bai looked at the watch on his wrist and realized that it was already late, so he had plans to leave.
      But at this moment, Natasha appeared in front of Ye Bai.
      “Great Writer, we’ ve met again. Can I buy you a drink?”
      Natasha revealed a charming smile. At the same time, she naturally pulled down her collar and revealed a large amount of white.
      This kind of temptation was absolutely fatal to ordinary people, but it had no effect on Ye Bai.
      On the contrary, Ye Bai was extremely disgusted.
      Originally, he had planned to play with S.H.I. Shield, but now, he had completely lost his patience and planned to completely show off.
      “Miss Natasha, put away your trick.”
      “Tell S.H.I. Shield behind you to stop probing. Otherwise, I won’ t guarantee that I’ ll do anything too drastic.”
      After saying this, she turned around and left the banquet, ignoring Natasha’s cold expression.
      If Ye Bai didn’t understand Natasha’s two “encounters “, he would be a fool.
      Nick Frey, a black-hearted brat, obviously wanted to play with Ye Bai.
      Of course, Ye Bai wouldn’t fall into the trap, but Hila did n’ t know.If Hila’s ears were misunderstood, it would be the real trouble.
      In order to put an end to this situation, Ye Bai didn’t even think about talking to Natasha. He turned around and left.
      He was not hungry or thirsty. He would not be able to walk without seeing a woman.There was a Hila wife in the family, and she could even look at a woman like Natasha?
      Seeing Ye Bai leave without any face, Natasha was indeed unhappy. She wondered if her charm had disappeared.
      But that was good. She had had enough of selling meat to get close to her target.
      Natasha did appreciate Ye Bai’s loyalty to Hila.
      In fact, Ye Bai was not her dish.
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      Chapter 14: Black Heart Brutal Egg

      “Sign in successfully. Reward +1 resurrection coin!”
      When he woke up in the morning, the first thing he needed to do was to sign up for the reward.
      “Revival coin?”
      Ye Bai was slightly puzzled. How could he get such a thing after signing in?
      But one thing to say was that resurrection coins were absolutely good.This was equivalent to giving Ye Bai a chance to be fault-tolerant.
      It was equivalent to adding more insurance, giving Ye Bai more confidence in the future.
      Soon, Ye Bai started to get up from the bed and went downstairs to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.
      Not long after Ye Bai left, Hila opened her eyes and looked in the direction where Ye Bai left. Hila’s eyes flickered as she wondered what she was thinking.
      “Ye Bai, what are you hiding from me?”
      Hila thought to herself.
      Yes, Hila had already discovered that Ye Bai was not normal during this period of time.
      Ye Bai’s body grew stronger day by day. Hila could clearly sense it.
      Hila was certain that Ye Bai had something to tell her.
      But Hila herself wasn’t much better. Was n’ t her identity hidden from Ye Bai?
      Thinking of this, Hila felt a headache.
      Her intention was to find a chance to show off with Ye Bai, but every time things came to an end, she would retreat.
      Because he didn’ t dare, he was afraid that if Ye Bai knew his identity, it would change the relationship between the two of them.
      Moreover, Hila’s reputation was not good. She was an absolute god of death, an executioner whose hands were stained with blood.
      Countless universe races were destroyed by Hila.
      Would Ye Bai really accept such a sinful self?
      Hila had no idea. This was the reason why Hila did not dare to show up with Ye Bai.
      Afraid that Ye Bai would choose to leave after knowing his past.
      “Sigh, I still have a chance to tell him about this.”
      Hila sighed and thought to herself. She was determined to wait for Ye Bai to show up.
      As usual, Ye Bai did nothing today.
      He did not need to be a superhero to save the world, nor did he need to worry about his livelihood.
      Now, Ye Bai’s biggest task every day was to accompany Hila and enjoy life.
      Ye Bai had ordered a luxurious yacht worth more than 80 million US dollars a while ago. He planned to find a chance to take Haila to the outside world.
      Every day, they stayed in the house. Although they were comfortable, they were less interesting.
      Life is just to enjoy it.
      Take a look at the scenery you haven’t seen before and go through things you have n’ t experienced before.
      Just as Ye Bai was about to take Hila out for a few days, an unexpected guest came to him.
      Nickfrey decided to personally go out and talk to Ye Bai when both Colson and Natasha failed to reach Ye Bai.
      It was in Ye Bai’s manor. Behind Nick Frey was Colson and a group of agents in black suits.
      “Hello, my name is Nick Frey. I am the director of Divine Shield Bureau.”
      “I came here to talk to you about our relationship.”
      Nick Frey went straight to the point and directly stated his purpose.
      At the same time, he acted in front of Ye Bai without any restraint. His attitude was very strong.
      “We have nothing to do with each other. I’ m not from S.H.I. Shield Bureau either.”
      Ye Bai did not notice Nickfrey at all. He frowned at Nickfrey’s actions.
      Why are the people in the world so self-righteous?
      He had said many times not to provoke him. Why did he not listen?
      “What I want to say is very important to you. I advise you to listen to me properly.”
      Nick Frey already knew Ye Bai’s character and knew that he was afraid of trouble.
      However, Nick Frey didn’t care. Ye Bai’s ability wasn’t enough to make him feel afraid.
      Well, this was because Nick Frey wasn’t aware of the incident with the gold coin.If he knew that Ye Bai could punch through two meters thick steel plate with his bare hands, perhaps Nickfrey would be much more sensible.
      After hearing Nick Frey’s words, Ye Bai felt even more disgusted.
      It was for your own good. As expected of the standard thinking of Master Yang.
      In history, Lord Yang had used his name for his own good. He didn’t know how many civilizations he had harmed. This was nothing new.
      If it wasn’t for the fact that the Divine Shield Bureau did n’ t pose a threat to him, plus Ye Bai himself wasn’t a murderer.
      Nick Frey didn’t have the chance to sit here and talk at all. Ye Bai had already broken his neck.
      “If you have something to say, just say it. However, I will not cooperate with you in advance, nor will I join S.H.I. Shield. You should not waste your time.”
      Ye Bai said coldly, not giving Nick Fred any face.
      This was normal. Ye Bai now had strength and money.He didn’t care about Tunic Fury’s reputation as a superhero.
      He just wanted to spend his life at home peacefully. How could he be interested in Divine Shield?
      If it wasn’t for the fact that the S.H.I.E.I.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E
      “Someone wants to deal with you, and you can’ t solve this person.”
      Nick Frey also saw Ye Bai’s impatience, so he no longer kept his secrets and said straightforwardly.
      “Deal with me?”Who is it?”
      Hearing Nick Frey’s words, Ye Bai took it seriously.
      He couldn’ t even handle it?Could it be that the five gods had descended to Earth?
      He didn’t know that he and Nick Frey were no longer on the same channel as Ye Bai. He wondered if it was that Creation God who would visit Earth to find trouble for him?
      Could it be Star Swallowing?
      It seemed that Star Devouring had planned to devour Earth.
      Ye Bai couldn’t help but refresh himself. With his current strength, he was indeed a little reluctant to deal with Star Swallowing.
      “Have you heard of the Brotherhood?”
      Nick Frey revealed the suspense. The one eyeing Ye Bai was actually the Mutant Brotherhood.
      When Ye Bai heard this, he did not reveal the panic Nick Frey was expecting. Instead, he looked at him with a strange look.
      “Mutant Brotherhood?”That’s it?”
      Yes, when he heard Nick Frey say that the Mutant Brotherhood was going to deal with him, Ye Bai really thought that way.
      If it were the five gods, it was worth the attention of Ye Bai.
      But a mere mutated human, even if it was an alpha-level mutated human, Old Wan, in Ye Bai’s eyes, it was just a clown.
      If he didn’t provoke him, Ye Bai would n’ t care how Old Wan jumped.
      But if Lao Wan dared to cause trouble for him, Ye Bai wouldn’t mind letting Lao Wan know what the God of the Earth was.
      “You’ re not surprised to hear this news?”
      Now it was Nick Frey’s turn to be a little confused.
      In this era where superheroes were not widespread, the Mutant Brotherhood was definitely the biggest villain organization.
      Even many mainstream media felt that sooner or later, Earth would be destroyed by the Mutant Brothers.
      Lao Wan had always used the destruction of human civilization as his lifelong goal.
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      Chapter 15: Mutant Brotherhood?Just this?

      In the past, when Nick Frey found other people and told them that they were being targeted by the Mutant Brothers.
      Without exception, those people would feel panic and then pray for the protection of Divine Shield Bureau.
      Nickfrey also used this trick to gain an unknown amount of money.
      If it wasn’t for the fact that Lao Wan was an extreme mutated human supremacist, there were even people who would suspect that Lao Wan and Nick Fury had colluded.
      One threat and one protection fee were perfect matches.
      However, when this move came in front of Ye Bai, it did not achieve the effect Nick Frey had expected.
      In fact, Nick Frey faintly felt that when Ye Bai heard that he was being targeted by the Mutant Brothers, he felt relieved.
      Could it be that Ye Bai thought that the Mutant Brotherhood could not threaten him?
      Nick Fury was worthy of being the king of agents, and his ability to read and read was full.
      Just based on the change in Ye Bai’s tone and expression, he had already guessed Ye Bai’s inner thoughts.
      Of course, this had something to do with Ye Bai not planning to hide.
      “The Mutant Brotherhood’s Myriad Magnet King is targeting me. Why?”
      To be honest, Ye Bai didn’t think that being targeted by the mutated humans was a big deal.
      But Ye Bai was still a little puzzled. Why did the mutated human stare at him?
      Logically speaking, shouldn’t the mutated humans be targeting the higher-ups of the government that persecuted them?
      Could it be because of Professor X?
      “Don’ t you know how valuable you are now?”
      Nick Frey was helpless. He realized that he and Ye Bai were not on the same channel.
      And Ye Bai really didn’t have the slightest sense of being a billionaire.
      The other billionaires, although their families were higher than Ye Bai’s, most of them were owned by their own businesses, and they could not be transferred.
      Ye Bai was different. His family was cash flow, which was very rare.
      It meant that as long as Ye Bai was dealt with, anyone would be able to obtain the billions of dollars of wealth behind Ye Bai.
      By the way, with the recent rise in the stock price of Stark Group, Ye Bai’s family was almost close to the billionaires.
      How could someone not be tempted by such a huge fortune?
      In fact, in the past few days, Jin had helped Ye Bai deal with a number of gangsters who planned to make a decision on him.
      “In other words, Lao Wan was interested in my money.”
      Ye Bai frowned and grabbed the key to the problem.
      Nick Frey nodded and acknowledged Ye Bai’s guess.
      Wealth moved the hearts of people. Even in the diffuse world, a batch of sky-high wealth would attract many people’s covets.
      Not to mention the fact that the mutated human brotherhood itself lacked money, it was easier to target Ye Bai.
      “Apart from your own wealth, your huge social reputation is also a problem.”
      “Think about it. If I control you and use your reputation to speak for the mutated human race, how much will it affect this world?”
      Nick Frey hit the nail on the head and said to Ye Bai.
      Besides the obvious value on the surface, Ye Bai also had this huge hidden value.
      Ye Bai was a copywriter, the most outstanding genius writer in recent years.
      In the current Eagle Paste Country, almost everyone was Ye Bai’s reader.
      One could imagine how much influence Ye Bai could bring with his words.
      “From what you said, it really makes sense.”
      Ye Bai nodded his head and acknowledged the authenticity of Nick Frey’s news.
      It was basically concluded that the Brotherhood’s Magnet King was really targeting him.
      Not only did he want his money, he also wanted his people.
      However, Ye Bai didn’t care. With his strength, would he still care about those mutated humans?
      Would the dragon care about ants that had malicious intentions towards him?
      “As long as you join us, the Divine Shield Bureau will protect you. The Mutant Brothers will not threaten you.”
      Nick Frey had laid the groundwork for so many times before he began to speak his true purpose.
      He wanted to use the threat of the Mutant Brotherhood to rope Ye Bai into the S.H.I. Shield Bureau as a tool man.
      When Nick Frey thought about it, Ye Bai had no reason to reject him.
      Unless Ye Bai planned to face the Mutant Brotherhood alone.
      In fact, that was what Ye Bai was thinking.It was just a mere mutated human brotherhood, not enough to scare Ye Bai.
      “There’s no need to talk about this. I won’ t join Divine Shield.”
      “As for the Mutant Brothers, just let them come.”
      Ye Bai said disdainfully, not putting Old Wan and the other mutated humans in his eyes.
      Nick Frey saw Ye Bai’s resolute attitude and frowned, if he had.
      Even if he racked his brains, Nick Frey still couldn’t figure out why Ye Bai would reject his proposal.
      However, after seeing Ye Bai’s resolute attitude, Nick Frey had no choice but to temporarily put down his plan to win over Ye Bai.
      As for Ye Bai’s protection, there must be some.
      Nick Frey didn’t want the Mutant Brotherhood to succeed. Otherwise, there would be chaos and S.H.I. Shield would be under great pressure.
      “Alright, when you come to a conclusion, S.H.I.I. Shield will welcome you to join us.”
      “I have one more thing to tell you.”
      Today’s main goal was n’ t achieved. Although Nick Frey was disappointed, he didn’t take it seriously.
      Turning around, he began to talk about the second thing today.
      “What else do you have?”
      Ye Bai was also a little curious. Could it be that other than the mutated humans, there was someone else eyeing him?
      Who was it?Nine-Headed Snake or any other large organization?
      “Your wife, Hila, do you know her?”
      Nick Frey said quietly.
      Ye Bai’s eyes immediately changed when he heard Nick Frey’s words.
      If Ye Bai didn’t catch a cold with Nick Frey before, then he was disgusted now.
      This damn black-hearted brat thought something was wrong. It was to sow discord between his husband and wife.
      Nickfrey quickly explained after seeing Ye Bai’s disgust.
      “Don’ t misunderstand. I’ m not trying to incite feelings between your husband and wife. I’ m just trying to remind you.”
      “We’ ve investigated your wife’s information. The information shows that before she appeared by your side, there wasn’ t a person like Hila in the world.”
      “She didn’ t go over. Without her parents, it was like falling from the sky.”
      “Do you know what this means?”
      Ye Bai didn’t reply. Instead, he fell into deep thought after hearing Nick Frey’s words.
      That was because Ye Bai realized that what Nick Frey said seemed to make sense.
      If even Nick Frey’s Divine Shield Bureau could n’ t find Hila’s information, Hila’s past would be a bit of a story.
      “This means that Hila is either not a person in this world or someone deliberately erased her traces.”
      “You think about it, is it really a coincidence that you and your wife met?”It’s not an elaborate scheme.”
      Nick Frey added.
      Although he didn’t make it clear, Nick Frey’s intention was to tell Ye Baihira something was wrong.
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      Chapter 16: Wild Vision of the Magnificent King

      Hearing Nick Frey’s words, Ye Bai fell into deep thought.
      Many things didn’t seem to have happened back then, but in retrospect, it was truly a coincidence.
      For example, Ye Bai knew Hila a year ago.
      When Ye Bai opened the door that morning, he saw Hila lying outside his door.
      At that time, Hila’s entire body was covered in blood, as if she was seriously injured.It was Ye Bai who carried Hila back to the house and saved her life.
      Ye Bai also began to take care of Hila from that time, and finally became a husband and wife.
      Back then, Ye Bai only felt that he was lucky and opened the door to pick up a wife.
      But now that he thought about it, he was puzzled.What if his wife was arranged by someone?
      Moreover, Nick Frey said that he could not find Hila’s information, which meant that Hila’s origins were indeed mysterious enough.
      It was so mysterious that even the S.H.I.E.I. Shield Bureau, which was the king on Earth, did not have the ability to trace it.
      This made Hila’s identity become mysterious in Ye Bai’s heart.
      On the surface, however, Ye Bai was still extremely disgusted with Nick Frey, as if he did not believe what Nick Frey said.
      “My relationship with Hila is firm. No matter what status she is, she is my wife. No one can change this.”
      “You should go. Don’ t force me to chase you away.”
      Ye Bai berated him with a cold face. He didn’t care at all that Nickfrey ran over to provide him with information.
      Nick Frey didn’t care either. He had already said everything he needed to say.
      As for whether to believe it or not, it was Ye Bai’s own matter.
      His goal was achieved anyway.
      When he left, Nick Frey left his business card and told Ye Bai if he had any questions, he could contact him at any time.
      Ye Bai didn’ t even look at the business card and threw it into the trash can.
      If there really was something that even Ye Bai couldn’t figure out, what was the use of Divine Shield?
      And no matter if Hila was the chess piece arranged by other organizations to Ye Bai, there was one thing that could not be changed.
      That was that Hila completely belonged to Ye Bai. No one could deny this.
      If Hila really belonged to a certain organization, Ye Bai would destroy that organization and leave Hila by his side.
      The best way to deal with the Tang Yi Cannon was to eat the candy and hit the shell back.
      Ye Bai wasn’t worried about this matter. With this kind of idle work, he might as well think about what to cook for Hila later.
      Otherwise, Ye Bai was worried that if he had a child with Hila in the future, the child would be hungry.
      No matter how hard it was, it could not be hard for a child.
      On the second floor of the manor, although Hila was lying on the bed, she heard Ye Bai and Nick Frey’s conversation.
      When he heard that Nickfrey had actually provoked his relationship with Ye Bai, Hila almost couldn’t hold back from rushing down from the stairs and exploding Nickfrey’s fried egg.
      When he heard Ye Baiyi believe him, Hila could not help but smile.
      Stinky man, even if you have a conscience, I will not let you take so much advantage.
      At the same time, Hila let out a sigh of relief. Fortunately, what she was most worried about did not happen.
      If Ye Bai really doubted her because of Nick Frey’s words, Hila would not know what to do.
      He couldn’t beat Ye Bai to death. It was n’ t a widow’s life.
      Fortunately, in the end, Ye Bai’s answer satisfied Hila. She silently decided to reward this stinky man tonight.
      Those tricks that he didn’t normally agree with were just rewards for Ye Bai’s performance today.
      Of course, Hila was still very vigilant.
      Ye Bai could trust her unconditionally. Hila was naturally very satisfied, but she also sounded the alarm bell.
      Sooner or later, Ye Bai would know her identity.
      At that time, would Ye Bai still choose to believe her unconditionally?
      Hila did not know, nor did she have any confidence.
      “Why don’ t I start from now and secretly reveal a bit of my past to him so that he can mentally prepare himself.”
      “This way, when the truth is revealed, perhaps he won’ t be that hard to accept.”
      Hila thought to herself and felt that this method was feasible.
      At this moment, Hila understood the principle that feelings were definitely the most complicated thing in the world.
      Even Hila felt that it wasn’t as difficult as it was to make a war plan with Odin.
      It was really too difficult to have a relationship.
      Apart from these things, Nick Freya did not intend to let go.
      This dark-hearted brat actually provoked the relationship between the two of them. It was too much.
      He had to teach Blackheart Brutal Egg a lesson, or else he might be able to play tricks.
      In addition, there was something about the mutated human brotherhood.
      From the conversation between Nick Frey and Ye Bai, Hila learned that an organization called the Mutant Brothers had recently been plotting against Ye Bai.
      My man, you can also touch him?
      If you dare to attack my man, you probably don’t know how to write death.
      Hila had already decided to go knock on the black-hearted egg first and then destroy the Mutant Brothers.
      This mother’s man, this mother wants to protect herself!
      At this moment, Hila had the urge to strongly protect someone for the first time in her life.
      Hila did not understand that this desire to protect originated from love.
      The old and weak Myriad Magnet King was still working out his own plan in an abandoned factory.
      He had no idea that his Mutant Brotherhood had been targeted by Death.
      “Through our investigation, we learned that Ye Bai’s manor was surrounded by a large number of bodyguards.”
      “If we want to attack, the probability of causing a commotion is very high.”
      Myriad Magnet pointed to the plan of Ye Bai’s manor on the blackboard and said to the members of the Brotherhood below.
      What Magneto didn’t know was that the bodyguards in his eyes were actually the gangsters that were stationed nearby.
      The main task of these gangsters was not to protect Ye Bai’s safety, but to ensure that no one who could n’ t open their eyes would provoke Ye Bai.
      Jin did not want to experience the excitement of being pulled out of the underground warehouse.
      “Then we can’t attack, what should we do?”Get it?”
      A big man looked at the blueprint beside Lao Wan and asked.
      “Yes, we can only use wisdom.”
      “If he forcibly rushed into this manor, it would cause a huge commotion. It would also attract the hateful guys from War X.”
      Wang Wan Ci nodded and acknowledged the strategy of using intelligence.
      And very soon, a detailed arrangement began.
      “First, it’s you.”
      “Your mission is to sneak into this manor and try to trick Ye Bai out.”
      Magneto said to a woman covered in blue scales.
      The demoness nodded. With her mutated ability, completing this task was not difficult.
      “Then we will find a way to control Ye Bai’s wife. This woman is Ye Bai’s weakness. With her in hand, Ye Bai will compromise.”
      Lao Wan explained the plan in a simple manner. Although it couldn’t be said to be flawless, it was reasonable and well-founded. The chances of success were great.
      Thinking of this, Lao Wan’s lips curled into a smile. This was a smile that was winning.
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      Chapter 17: Odin’s Silly Child

      Tore was very annoyed recently. He had never felt this way before.
      As the Northern European mythology’s Thunder God, Asgard’s prince, the first heir to the throne.
      Tore was actually a boar. Sand sculpture was his painting style.
      However, a series of things had happened recently, which made the young Tore speechless.
      Having lived for hundreds of years, he had never been this bad.
      First, his brother, Rocky, who had been in love with him for hundreds of years, was proven not to be his parents’ biological.
      Not only that, but Rocky’s real identity was actually the child of Asgard’s sworn enemy, the King of Frost Giants.
      However, during the previous battle, Rocky was brought back to Asgard by Odin.
      That was fine. Anyway, Tore felt that his bloodline did not affect his relationship with his brother Rocky.
      But Rocky did not think so.
      After learning that he wasn’t from the Odinson family, Rocky immediately turned black.
      He took advantage of Odin’s sleep to seize the position of God King, and then sent Destroyer Armor to kill Torr.
      In the end, the two brothers turned into enemies. Rocky fell into the abyss of the universe.
      His brother, who had been with him for hundreds of years, was gone.Tore was very sad.
      But what made Tore even more upset was that Odin suddenly told him that he had an older sister.
      His sister was Hila, Odin’s first child, and Asgard’s first heir.
      It was just that Hila had become a madman who only knew how to kill, so she was locked up by Odin.
      However, Hila had escaped the seal recently. Her whereabouts were unknown.
      Two things that happened in succession made Tore become a little absent-minded. He even began to suspect his life.
      At this moment, even though Tore was standing in Odin’s Golden Palace, he was still thinking about Loki and that plain masked sister.
      On the throne, Odin was also thinking about Hila.
      He was even more annoyed than Torr.
      Odin knew about Loki’s usurpation of the throne, and it was his acquiescence.
      But sending the Destroyer Armor to the atrium was not only a test for Tore, but also a search for Hila.
      In the end, Tore’s test was up to standard, but Hila’s tracks were nowhere to be found.
      This was also what Odin was worried about.
      Odin knew that because of his previous actions, Hila would definitely not forgive him.
      Hila would return to Asgard sooner or later. At that time, it was definitely a huge test for Asgard.
      The best way was to seal Hila again before Hila recovered.
      But the key to sealing Hila was to find Hila’s tracks. Otherwise, no one would have found her and sealed her.
      Where did that big Hila hide?Why can’t he even see a picture?
      Thinking of this, Odin sighed again.
      But Odin was certain that Hila was still in the atrium.
      That was because Odin had sealed Hila in the Atrium.
      But the atrium was so big, how could he find Hila?
      At this moment, Odin looked down at Tor.
      “Maybe it’s time to spread Asgard’s brilliance in the atrium.”
      Odin thought to himself.
      Just by relying on Asgard to find Hila, it would be better to use the humans from the atrium world as well.
      How powerful a person was, finding Hila would be faster.
      Odin, who had an idea in his heart, no longer hesitated and slowly spoke.
      “Tore, my child, I have one thing. Can you help me?”
      Odin’s voice woke Tore who was still thinking. He reflexively looked at his father,
      “What is it?”
      Torre asked.
      Odin’s mouth twitched as he could not help but feel a little sad.
      He was such a cunning person, and Frika was such a virtuous person. How could he give birth to a coward?
      Could it be that Hila had inherited all her outstanding genes, causing Tore’s innate brain to be underdeveloped?
      That was what he thought, but Odin did not say it.
      “Have you been to the atrium? Where do you think of the mortals?”
      Odin asked Tore.
      Tore thought about the mortals he had met in the Atrium (Earth). The most impressive person was Jane Fox.
      As a result, he replied,” It’s very big, very white, very soft, very kind.”
      After saying that, Toro realized that it was a little inappropriate, but it was already too late.
      Odin’s face had darkened.
      Still, Odin endured his anger and continued,” Then I’ ll let you go to the atrium again. Are you willing?”
      “Really, there is such a good thing?”
      Tore was pleasantly surprised. All his worries had disappeared.
      Odin endured the urge to beat Torr to death with a single stick. He kept muttering,” This is his own. This is his own.”
      Odin nodded after trying to suppress his anger.
      “But I didn’ t send you to play. I had a mission.”
      Odin said.
      Tore hurriedly nodded. His girlfriend was not important. The important thing was the mission.He was only willing to go to Earth to help Father share his worries, not to hang out with his girlfriend.
      “You’ re going to the atrium this time. In the name of Asgard, let those mortals help you and track down Hila’s whereabouts. Do you understand?”
      Odin said his plan, or was it for Hila.
      If this eldest daughter didn’t arrange it earlier, he would n’ t be able to survive for a whole day.
      Tore didn’t finish the task carefully. His mind was full of big, white and soft girlfriends.
      Hearing Odin’s words, Tore hurriedly nodded, afraid that Odin would go back on his word if he was a little slow.
      Odin really regretted it now. He always felt that Tore was not the right person.
      If only Rocky was there. Rocky was much more reliable than Tor.
      But in the end, Odin still suppressed these thoughts and asked Tor to scram.
      He took another look and his heart ached.
      Odin slowly stood up from the Divine King’s seat after Tore left.The only remaining one-eyed man looked at Asgard’s land, his eyes full of longing.
      “This is my Asgard, and will always be my Asgard.”
      Odin thought slowly.
      As long as he didn’t want to retreat from the throne, no one could become king.
      Whether it was Hila or Tor, it was the same.
      He could give out the throne, but those children could not take it.
      Because this was his Asgard, the country he had built and led towards prosperity.
      Many people felt that Odin was an old man with a very good character. He was very kind in Thunder God’s Third Class.
      But few people knew that Odin was the most famous war madman in the universe when he was young.
      The famous goddess of death, Hila, was Odin’s most satisfied work.
      But even Hila had less than a tenth of Odin’s blood on her hands.*

      Chapter 18: Happy Journey with Hila

      Today was a beautiful day.
      Ye Bai woke up early in the morning. Before he could get out of bed, he heard a sound coming from his ear.
      “Successful sign-in. Reward Conan’s complete comic collection.”
      Hearing the system reward today, Ye Bai’s mouth twitched a few times.
      Gou System, the good mood of labor for a day was gone.
      But when he thought of Hila’s cooperation last night and the novelty, Ye Bai’s face turned bright again.
      It was better for his wife to be considerate and warm.
      After a simple aftertaste of last night, Ye Bai started to get up and prepare breakfast.
      Today was even earlier than usual. It was past 8 o’clock, and it was just a few days before 7 o’ clock.
      There was a reason why it was so early.
      The luxurious yacht Ye Bai ordered a while ago had arrived, and now it was parked on Ye Bai’s private jetty.
      So Ye Bai planned to take Hila to relax today.
      Now that life was carefree, it was time to think about how to make it.
      Ye Bai’s idea was to take a yacht from Great Apple City and travel along the coastline to Angel City.
      At Beverly Hills in Angel City, Ye Bai also had a luxurious villa. It was time to enjoy the California sun and bikini.
      Ye Bai thought of this and took out his phone to see what the latest news was.
      The first thing he saw was a video.
      In the video, a familiar big man was fighting with the military personnel. The place of the fight seemed to be in a university.
      That big man was green in color. He was the number one meat shield hulk in the Manwei world.
      “Looks like the plot of” The Hulk.”
      Ye Bai thought to himself, but he didn’t take it seriously.
      He did not intend to be a savior, nor did he like to be a hero.The matter of the Hulk should be left to the Divine Shield Bureau for a headache.
      Moreover, the battle between the Hulk and the Hate was in Manhattan. It had nothing to do with Ye Bai. He had no real estate anywhere.
      His seaside manor was in the suburbs of Big Apple City. It seemed like he was still Tony’s neighbor.
      After a few glances, Ye Bai quickly forgot about the Hulk.
      With that skill, it would be better to think about what ingredients to bring to the yacht later.
      Hila’s body was still too weak. She still needed to repair it.
      Although it was not bad to be able to grasp it with one hand, Ye Bai did not mind being bigger.
      This was also for the sake of the child.
      It was undeniable that Ye Bai was an LSP, and men were.
      But Ye Bai asked himself that he was a principled LSP. He only wanted his wife Hila’s body.
      Ye Bai didn’t even look at the other flirtatious slut.
      Hila woke up in a daze.
      Feeling the tiredness of his body, Hila blushed and cursed Ye Bai.
      But it was still more sweet in his heart. Who didn’t want the person he liked to be obsessed with him?
      Moreover, after his personal inspection last night, Hila was basically certain that Ye Bai was definitely not an ordinary mortal.
      That strength, that endurance, she believed that Ye Bai was just like her.
      As for what kind of god it was, it was not important. The important thing was that Ye Bai loved her, was it not?
      Hila slowly walked down the stairs as she dragged herself out of bed.
      After seeing Ye Bai busy in the kitchen, a gentle feeling rose in his cold eyes.
      This feeling of having someone take care of him every day was really good.
      Coming to the kitchen, Hila leaned lightly against Ye Bai’s back.” What do you want to eat today?”
      Hila asked, her tone filled with naive anticipation.
      “I’ ll cook soup for you to replenish your health. I’ ve worked hard on you yesterday.”
      Ye Bai said in a double-questioning tone, and he successfully gained Hila’s eyes.
      “Then you get busy first, I’ ll go wash up, otherwise the taste will be strange.”
      At this point, Hila looked at Ye Bai grumbledly. She stretched out her hand and grabbed the muscles under Ye Bai’s ribs and twisted them fiercely.
      Ye Bai let out a strange cry, and the soup in his hand almost distorted.
      Hila walked away with satisfaction and headed to the bathroom on the first floor.
      Ye Bai, on the other hand, looked at Hila like a child in amusement and shook his head lovingly.
      He completely forgot one thing.
      With Ye Bai’s current physical strength, how could a weak woman be able to touch him?
      The skin that couldn’t even be hit by a bullet was easily twisted under Hila’s slender fingers.
      This was enough to explain the problem.
      But at this moment, Ye Bai’s heart was filled with the sweetness of Hila. He didn’ t notice this at all.
      After a simple breakfast, the two of them boarded the yacht.
      This was a white yacht called the Goddess.That’s right, it was Ye Bai who bought Hila.
      There wasn’t a single person on the yacht because Ye Bai could launch the yacht by himself.
      “Tom’s Cat’s Rat-hunting Experience” was a reward. Other than not letting Ye Bai learn how to catch rats, all the other skills mastered.
      All kinds of elegant music, all kinds of elegant sports, all kinds of transportation methods, and even all kinds of scientific and technological knowledge were included.
      But how to catch a mouse was not taught at all.
      It seemed that the cat named Tom did not know how to catch mice.
      After throwing out these messy thoughts, Ye Bai quickly started the yacht.
      Then, under Hila’s expectant gaze, the two of them lay on the deck of the yacht and headed towards Angel City on the other side of the continent.
      A wonderful holiday officially began.
      In Ye Bai’s manor, the demon-shaped woman, who had changed her appearance, was suspicious of the empty manor.
      Who am I? Where am I? What am I going to do?
      The demon-shaped woman had wasted a lot of energy to sneak into the heavily guarded manor, but she found that her target had already run away.
      Could it be that the plan was noticed by the target?No way.
      The devil-shaped woman, who could not understand what was happening, was completely disorganized towards the spacious manor.
      In a dark alley in Angel City.
      Bruce Bannah was carefully hiding his whereabouts.
      When did such a day begin?It seemed to have started from that damn experiment.
      Brosnan recalled.
      A while ago, Brosnan had not fallen into such a situation.Bruce Bannah was the winner in life.
      As a well-known professor of physics in the world, he found another girl friend, Bai Fu Mei. She had reached the pinnacle of her life.
      Bruce Bannah thought he would win until he was penetrated by gamma rays.
      After that, a demon was born in Brosnan’s body, and his nightmare began.
      The military was chasing him, the agents were chasing him, and even some private research labs were chasing him.
      This situation of being surrounded by enemies made Bruce Bannah completely despair.
      He could only run and hide. People were not like people, ghosts were not like ghosts.
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      Chapter 19: Professor X is about to die?

      Do you want to ask Brosnan to regret it?That must be regret.
      If he had known that he would become like this, he would not have touched that damn “gamma ray experiment “.
      It was just that there was no medicine for regret in life. Once something happened, there would be no way back.
      Bruce Bannah was like that.
      He was no longer the rising star of physics, but a pitiful homeless creature.
      Hearing the sound of footsteps, Bruce Bannah shrank back.
      It was so cold, so hungry. He really wanted someone to see through his bravado and remove his disguise.Then tell yourself, don’t be afraid. I’ ll help you.
      Unfortunately, all of this could only appear in Bruce Bannah’s dream.
      What Ye Bai did not know was that he was enjoying the sunshine on the sea.
      Under the instigation of his butterfly wings, the Hulk War Hate, which should have happened in the city of Manhattan, was changed to Angel City.
      Bruce Bannah had already snuck into his luxurious villa in Beverly Hills under extreme hunger.
      At this moment, Ye Bai was still flirting with Hila, completely unaware that his luxurious villa had already been occupied.
      “Ye Bai, do you like Captain Barbosa?”A villain among the Pirates of the Caribbean.)
      “I don’ t like it. Who would like it.”
      Ye Bai replied straightforwardly, not understanding why Hila asked him such a strange question.
      “Where is Sauron the Demon King?”The Lord of the Rings’ greatest villain.)
      “I don’ t like it either. Why are you asking this?”
      “It’s nothing but asking.”
      Hila smiled, her eyes evading.
      “Then do you like Voldemort?”Harry Potter’s villain.)
      “I don’ t like it either. Who would like a villain.”
      Ye Bai was puzzled. Why had Hila always asked such a stupid question.
      “It’s like this, alright.”
      Hila was a little unwilling, but she did not continue asking.
      However, in his heart, he thought that it seemed that the time to show off with Ye Bai would be delayed.
      What Hila didn’t know was that Ye Bai did n’ t like those villains because they were bad.
      It was just that the opponents looked uglier and uglier. How could they like it?
      As a man, San Guan followed his facial features.
      If Hila asked Ye Bai if she liked Jiang Yuyan, Ye Bai would definitely like it.
      It could only be said that Hila did not know much about men.
      Although he didn’t know what Hila was asking these questions, Ye Bai could tell that Hila had something on her mind.
      Ye Bai didn’t ask any further. Instead, he quietly hugged Hila Ring.
      Doing it would always be more direct than telling the truth. It would also show Ye Bai’s intentions.
      Hila, who was initially nervous, was also lying in Ye Bai’s arms obediently, enjoying the beauty of this moment.
      Zerville’s genius youth school was famous in the Manwei world.
      This was the headquarters of the X-Men and the paradise of mutated humans.
      At present, Professor X was one of the most powerful mutated humans on Earth. He personally guarded this place, protecting many homeless mutated human children.
      With Professor X’s connections and the power within the Federation, some ambitious people did not dare to extend their tentacles here.
      However, in the past few days, many mutated humans’ Guardian God Professor X had fallen ill.
      Actually, it wasn’t an illness. It was more like being attacked by some mysterious power.
      Professor X was lying on a white bed, his pale face covered with black lines.
      While he was unconscious, Professor X still frowned from time to time. Clearly, he was enduring some kind of terrible pain.
      “Qin, how is the professor doing?”
      Scott, who had a pair of quartz eyes, asked Qin Gray anxiously.
      Qin Gray’s face darkened and he slowly shook his head.
      Professor “‘s condition is very bad. All the skills in his body are weakening, and the strange things in his body are also dying.”
      “If we can’ t find a solution, the professor can only live for three more days at most.”
      Qin Gray tried his best to control his emotions and try not to cry.
      However, her words still made the eyes of the other X war policemen red.
      Professor X had always been the protector of everyone, and he was the most respected elder in the hearts of the X war police.
      However, such an old man who had given his entire life to the mutated human had suffered such bad luck.
      This result made all the mutated humans feel extremely uncomfortable.
      “Damn it, what’s going on? Why did a good professor fall ill.”
      The laser eye angrily hammered the wall beside him. The pain in his hand was far less than one in ten thousand.
      However, he was just venting his frustration. It did not lessen Professor X’s current situation.
      “Qin, tell me what happened during this period of time. Why did the professor fall so easily.”
      “There must be a reason for this. Think carefully about whether the professor was tricked by someone.”
      Storm Lady was the most rational among the crowd, knowing that anxiety could not solve any problems.
      After hearing Storm Lady’s words, everyone looked at Qin.
      Qin also recalled her experiences with the doctor over the past few days.
      “There seems to be something. I wonder if it has anything to do with the professor’s illness.”
      Qin recalled the conflict between Professor X and Ye Bai. It seemed that since then, the professor’s body had started to fail.
      After listening to Qin’s story, the X-Men fell silent.
      If Qin Gray was right, then Ye Bai might be the culprit behind the current situation of the professor.
      However, the entire matter was first picked by Professor X.
      If Professor X didn’ t check Ye Bai’s memories, Ye Bai wouldn’ t have attacked him.
      From the looks of it, Professor X did not care about it.
      Even if he wanted to help Professor X take revenge, he still couldn’t pass the moral principles in his heart.
      The X-Men had their own moral principles, and they could also think differently.
      In terms of reason, if someone wanted to invade their thoughts, they would also kill them.
      If that was the case, even if Professor X’s current tragedy was really caused by Ye Bai, it was still Professor X’s own responsibility.
      In fact, this was really Ye Bai’s fault.Don’t forget that Ye Bai is a master of black magic.
      Just looking for a curse black magic was enough to kill Professor X.
      Mind control was not immune to curse black magic.Ye Bai wasn’t someone who could n’ t fight back.
      “I’ ll go find him. I have to let him go of the professor!”
      As the laser eye that received the most help from Professor X, when he heard that he had a target, he immediately could not sit still and turned around to leave.
      “Scott, you can’ t go. If you go, it will only aggravate the conflict. This matter is our fault.”
      Qin Gray called out his impulsive laser eye to stop him from finding trouble with Ye Bai.
      “I have to go. I can’ t watch the professor die in front of me.”
      “And who said I was looking for trouble.”
      The laser eye stopped in its tracks. Its face was full of stubbornness, and the veins on its clenched right hand were visible.
      “Then what are you doing?”
      A muscular man spoke with a curious tone.
      The one who spoke was the veteran of the X-War Police, the Wolf King.
      “I begged him to let the professor go. If he didn’ t agree, he would kneel down. If he didn’ t agree, he would kneel down.”
      The laser eye used the most ruthless tone and said the most cowardly words.
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      Chapter 20: Asgard’s honored guest [Fifth, kneel and beg for flowers to reward]

      In the end, the X War Police did not stop the laser eye.
      Let him try, what if he succeeds?
      Moreover, Professor X’s current situation was extremely bad. If he did not find a solution quickly, he would really die.
      That was why the X-Men only hoped that everything would go smoothly. Otherwise, the professor would really get cold.
      Nick Frey felt as if he had been insulted.
      Who was he, the director of the Divine Shield Bureau, the king of agents, the invisible guardian of Earth.
      But those damn politicians actually treated him as a diplomat and asked him to do diplomacy.
      This was not just a waste of talent, it was still an insult.
      That’s right. Just an hour ago, the Falcon Soya Mandarin speaker called Nick Frei and asked Nick Frei to attend a diplomatic conference.
      For the sake of this diplomatic conference, Nick Frey was so angry that he scratched his head countless times.
      Fortunately, he was a bald man. Otherwise, he would have lost a lot of hair.
      But when he arrived at this diplomatic conference room, Nick Frey was puzzled.
      Because this diplomatic meeting was much higher than he had imagined.
      Not only did Eagle Paste’s interlocutors personally attend, but important figures from various countries on Earth also arrived.
      “Could it be that this diplomatic conference is talking to aliens?”
      Nick Freeman muttered inwardly.
      Such a big battle, even Vakanda would not have such face.
      “Nickfrey, do you know who this meeting is?”It’s a big battle.”
      Beside Nickfrey, Alexander Pearce whispered to Nickfrey.
      Nick Frey remained calm and collected as he slowly shook his head.
      Although he trusted Alexander Pearce, he really didn’t know anything this time.
      Very soon, as a member of the staff entered, the unprecedented diplomatic conference officially began.
      First of all, the person who came to the stage was the person who spoke about Eagle Paste Country.
      The unreliable man took his own unique steps and slowly came to the center of the platform. Then, he started to talk and talk in a story-telling tone.
      To be honest, Nick Frey didn’t catch a cold to this very unreliable person.
      Not relying on Mr. Pu’s words, he only heard a few important words.
      “A brand new friend found us.”
      “Humans are not lonely.”
      The last sentence was:” Welcome Asgard’s friends.”
      Asgardnichfrey knew about the Nordic myth.
      Of course, he also knew that Asgard really existed. Not long ago, there was another Thunder God in the New Devilbane Province.
      Could it be that Asgard’s Thunder God is here again?
      Nick Frey vaguely guessed the truth. Only when Tore appeared did he confirm this.
      That’s right. This diplomatic meeting was meant to welcome Tore.
      As Odin had said, Tore contacted the high-level human officials after arriving on Earth.
      And after proving that Asgard really existed, he immediately became a guest of honor.
      “Greetings, mortals of the Midgardian world. I am Thunder God from Asgard.”
      Tore’s first sentence on stage was so angry that the corners of the human’s mouth twitched.
      This Thunder God’s mouth was too cheap.
      However, Tore didn’t think so. He felt like he was telling the truth and was very sincere.
      “I came to your atrium this time, mainly because of two things.”
      “First thing was that Asgard hoped to establish good diplomatic relations with the humans in the atrium.”We are all in the Nine Realms. We should be natural allies.”
      “Second, I hope you can help me unleash your power and find my sister.”
      That was all the purpose of Tore’s trip.
      One was to let mortals know that Asgard really existed, and the other was to use humans to search for Hila.
      “Take the liberty to ask, what is your sister’s name?”
      Some people asked questions. After all, they didn’t even know a name. How could they find it?
      And in the Nordic mythology, it was not said that Torr had a sister.
      This was natural. Most of the so-called myths were fabricated. How could it be completely true?
      “You’ re right. My sister’s name is Hila. As for her appearance, I’ ve never seen her before. She should be pretty good.”
      Tore also realized his mistake and hurriedly filled the information.
      However, there was only one name. There wasn’t even a description of Xiang. The difficulty of finding it was not ordinary.
      Many people frowned as they thought about how to find their sister from the vast sea of people.
      Only Nick Frey almost spat out the tea when he heard Hila’s words.
      If it weren’t for his black skin, his face would have turned red.
      However, Nickfrey couldn’t care less now. His mind was filled with what Tore had just said.
      Nick Frey thought of where he had heard of this name. It couldn’t be such a coincidence.
      But when he thought about Hila’s blank past, Nick Frey felt that this possibility was getting bigger and bigger.
      Maybe this Hila really fell from the sky?
      Nick Frey, who was deep in thought, did not notice that his reactions were all seen by his friends.
      The guy named Alexander Pearce was the president of the Security Council on the surface, and the higher-ups of the Divine Shield Bureau were actually a proud Nine-Headed Snake.
      He carefully observed Nick Frey’s reaction and thought in his heart.
      “Could it be that Nick Frey knows where Hila is?”
      “No, I have to investigate.”
      Alexander Pearce thought to himself.
      As a person who could arrange Nine-Headed Snake into Divine Shield Bureau, his ability was unquestionable.
      His ability to observe words and expressions was not inferior to Nick Frey’s.
      According to Nick Frey’s reaction, it was enough for him to think of many things.
      Soon, the meeting ended and everyone walked out of the meeting room.
      Thundergod Torr, accompanied by many high-ranking human officials, left. He was completely surrounded by stars.
      Nickfrey didn’t walk to a corner like those high-level humans.
      The first thing to do was to adjust Hila’s and Ye Bai’s information to the highest level of confidentiality.
      Only he, the director, had the authority to check.
      After doing all this, his heart relaxed a little.
      “If my guess is correct, then Ye Bai is really a lucky guy.”
      Nick Frey thought with envy.
      Marrying a real goddess as a wife was even more exaggerated than the plot in the movie.
      Could it be that Ye Bai saved the Milky Way in his previous life?Otherwise, how could his luck be so good?
      What Nickfrey didn’t know was that Alexander Pierce was also investigating Hila.
      He first entered the database of the Divine Shield Bureau, but he found nothing.
      “Strange, I remember I saw it yesterday?”
      Pierce thought in puzzlement. He clearly remembered seeing the report about Hila yesterday. How could he not find it?
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      Chapter 21: Intruder, Bruce Bannah [Jia Geng]

      While Pierce was in a state of anxiety, there was still a group of people who were too anxious.
      That was Zerville’s genius youth school, which was led by the X-Men.
      Laser Eye had originally intended to kneel down for Ye Bai and pray for him to teach him a lesson.
      Even the laser eye was prepared to use its own life for the professor’s life.
      But the key to the problem was that he couldn’t find Ye Bai’s current whereabouts.
      They went to Ye Bai’s manor, but they could not find Ye Bai. There was only an empty manor.
      Even if he wanted to kneel, he would not have this chance.
      This result made the laser eye almost go berserk. If he did not find Ye Bai, Professor X would not be able to hold on for a few days.
      Maybe when Ye Bai came back, Professor X’s funeral was over.
      At this moment, the Storm Woman, who had more ideas in the police, proposed a way to renew Professor X’s life.
      This method was to use Little Naughty’s mutated ability to transfer the life force of the wolf to Professor X’s body.
      The most terrifying thing about the King Kong Wolf was his self-healing ability. It could be called a beast that would not die.
      This plan was indeed feasible. After obtaining the life force of the Diamond Wolf, Professor X’s situation was much better.
      Although he was still unconscious, at least his physical condition did not worsen.
      The only thing that suffered was the King Kong Wolf.
      The original Diamond Wolf was a fierce man. Its muscular body gave off a strong aura, and it was not easy to offend.
      But now, the Diamond Wolf was in a weak state. Its face was pale, as if it had been emptied of its body.
      When he looked at the harmless naughty boy, his eyes were filled with fear and rejection.
      As soon as he thought that such a day might continue for a while, the Wolf King Kong jumped into the building.
      Never before had the Wolf King been so eager for laser vision to succeed.
      Even the Wolf King wanted to find Ye Bai quickly. Then, he knelt down and begged Ye Bai to quickly take back his divine abilities.
      Otherwise, if this continued, Professor X might not die. He would have to be killed by Xiao Niao first.
      Ye Bai naturally didn’t know about Zerville’s genius school.
      Even Ye Bai didn’t pay much attention to Professor X’s situation.
      When he used black magic to punish this old hooligan, Ye Bai didn’t care.
      If he died, he would die. Ye Bai didn’t feel any pain.
      If he didn’t die, it would n’ t matter, as long as he didn’t mess around in front of him.
      Ye Bai and Hila were lying on the deck, looking forward to seeing the land.
      It was already the third day of their yacht trip. In a word, it was a bit boring.
      Looking at the endless ocean around him, Ye Bai deeply felt that it was a stupid thing to go out on a yacht.
      One day was fine, and the next day was a little tired.
      In fact, the yacht itself was not used to travel. The yacht was actually a party tool.
      This was also the reason why the tycoons of Eagle Sauce Country rarely bought yachts.
      The value for money of a yacht was really too low. The travel experience was extremely poor, and it was usually used for parties or fishing.
      If they really wanted to travel, they had to rely on planes.
      This was also the reason why there were so many private planes in Eagle Sauce Country.
      Ye Bai had plans to buy a private jet. He wasn’t short of money anyway.
      Finally, after the third day of boring navigation, Ye Bai and Hila finally arrived at the private port in Angel City.
      At this moment, there were already a dozen people waiting at the port.
      These people were the housekeeper team Ye Bai hired to take care of Ye Bai’s daily life.
      This was how to enjoy life. Otherwise, he would have to do everything himself. Ye Bai, a billionaire, did not have any face.
      Mr.”, the car is ready. Would you like to return directly to the villa?”
      Just as Ye Bai and Hila got out of the car, a gentlemanly old man walked up and bowed to Ye Bai.
      “Let’s go. Let’s go home first and then see what’s going on.”
      Ye Bai was already used to it, so he replied indifferently. Then, he took Hila’s hand and walked into a long Rolls Royce.
      Although Ye Bai had received socialist education before his transmigration, he had to admit that capitalism had something to praise.
      For example, for the wealthy, capitalism was much more convenient and could enjoy life.
      There were many things you didn’t need to worry about. Naturally, a team would arrange everything for you.
      All you have to do is calm down and enjoy yourself.
      After three days of sailing, Hila was a little tired. She was resting on Ye Bai’s shoulder with her eyes closed.
      What?You said that Hila was Death, how could she be tired from travelling.
      Hehe, then you have to see who Hila is traveling with.
      On the yacht, Ye Bai definitely needed to find some fun when he was bored.
      As for Hila, she was unlucky. She did not even have to run.
      How could Hila not be tired after three days?
      There was nothing on the way. The extended Rolls Royce soon stopped in front of a luxurious villa in Beverly Hills.
      Ye Bai didn’t let his butler team continue to follow up. Instead, he dismissed them.
      Then, he helped Hila, who was walking soft, slowly walked into the luxurious villa.
      Before he could enter, Ye Bai frowned.
      He heard the sounds of human breathing in his villa.
      Someone came in?
      Ye Bai thought to himself, then he became a little angry.
      This was his house, his private property.He wanted to see who dared to barge in.
      Don’t forget that Eagle Paste Country had the Castle Law. Ye Bai was innocent even if he shot and killed those people who broke into the villa.
      In the villa, Bruce Bannah was asleep.
      Ever since he arrived at this luxurious villa, Bruce Bannah had lived a very good life.
      There was no need to worry about someone chasing after him, because no one would randomly enter such a mansion.
      The only thing to note was when the owner of this villa would return.
      It would be best if he never came back, Brosnan thought.
      Suddenly, Bruce Bannah’s eyelids twitched as he woke up from his deep sleep.
      Thanks to his experience these past few days, his vigilance was many times stronger than before, allowing him to remain vigilant during sleep.
      When he heard the commotion on the first floor of the villa, Bruce Bannah’s first reaction was to steal.
      But after thinking about it, wasn’ t he a thief?
      That was why this guess was quickly rejected. There was only one answer left. The owner of this mansion had returned.
      When he realized this, Bruce Banner woke up and began to think about the way to run.
      In Eagle Paste Country, if he ran a little slower, he would be shot by the owner of the house.
      And in this house, he was shot dead. He died for nothing.
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      Chapter 22: General Rose’s arrival [20 thousand flowers, plus more]

      Ye Bai placed Hila on the sofa on the first floor to let Hila rest.
      Ye Bai stepped up the stairs and headed towards the second floor.
      Ye Bai could clearly sense that an unexpected guest had arrived on the second floor of his house.
      Ye Bai wanted to investigate and see who was so bold that he dared to break into his private residence.
      Hearing Ye Bai’s undisguised footsteps, Bruce Bannah panicked.
      He began to search for the escape route, but he could not find it in a short period of time.
      He could only turn around in panic and then face Ye Bai who had already arrived on the second floor.
      At this moment, the air quieted down. Bruce Bannah and Ye Bai looked at each other. Both of them were stunned.
      “Oh my God, it’s you, Ye!”
      “That’s great. I finally don’ t have to worry about being shot.”
      Bruce Bannah was the first to react. Surprise appeared on his face as he opened his arms to hug Ye Bai.
      Ye Bai rolled his eyes as well. He didn’t expect that it was this guy who broke into his house.
      And wasn’t this guy in Big Apple City right now?Why did he come to Angel City?
      Looking at Bruce Bannah, who was about to give him a bear hug, Ye Bai stopped him.
      “Banna, why are you here?”And now?”
      Ye Bai pretended to be puzzled and asked.
      That’s right. Ye Bai and Bruce Bannah knew each other, and their relationship was not bad.
      Bruce Bannah was a complete genius. He had seven Ph.D.s at a young age, which was the only one in the entire Eagle Soya City.
      Even Tony Stark could not do this. It was obvious how talented Bruce Bannah was.
      Of course, Tony Stark could not do it not because he did not have the ability, but because he was lazy.
      As for Ye Bai, he was also a genius in literature.
      These two geniuses graduated from the same university, which was considered to be the relationship between their senior brothers.
      Naturally, Bruce Bannah and Ye Bai had a good relationship. After all, at their level, the circle was just a bit big. It was impossible for them to know each other.
      Ye Bai naturally knew that Bruce Bannah was the Hulk. That was why he had made friends with Bruce Bannah.
      At that time, Ye Bai’s sign-in system had n’ t awakened yet, so he naturally wanted to hug a thick thigh.
      After that, Ye Bai knew Hila, and then he had the current story.
      Bruce Bannah had never seen each other since he was busy with scientific research.
      Who would have thought that they would meet today in this way.
      “Bannah, how have you been? Why have you suddenly come to my house.”
      In the living room on the first floor, Ye Bai simply hosted Banna and casually poured a bottle of beer worth over a thousand US dollars into ice water.
      Banna took the beer and gulped it down. Then, he replied,” It’s a long story. It’s all because of a damn experiment.”
      Bruce Bannah didn’t intend to hide anything from Ye Bai. Instead, he told him everything he had done recently.
      From the beginning of the experiment, it was penetrated by gamma rays, and then created demons in its body. It was hunted by the entire world.
      Banna’s words were extremely tragic, and his tone could not help but carry a hint of hesitation.
      He was not the super hero of the future, the Hulk. He was just an ordinary doctor who had never seen many waves before.
      An ordinary person, when faced with such a huge mess, without mental breakdown, it was already tough.
      Ye Bai also expressed his sympathy at the right time. Bannah was unlucky.
      However, Ye Bai didn’t intend to interfere in this matter. Anyway, Banna would be able to carry it over sooner or later.
      “Then what do you plan to do in the future?”Keep hiding?”
      Ye Bai asked Banna. He was a little curious about what Banna planned to do later.
      As for helping Banna, it was better to forget about it.Ye Bai did not want to cause trouble.
      Besides, Ye Bai didn’t have any intentions towards Bannah. He did n’ t intend to take the green giant as his younger brother, so he naturally didn’t care too much about Bannah.
      “I, I don’ t know either. Let’s go step by step.”
      “If I really can’t, I’ ll go to Feizhou. Where does the federal government not have many spies? At worst, I’ll just be a native of Feizhou for the rest of my life.”
      Banna shook his head and replied bitterly.
      He naturally hoped that Ye Bai would help him, but he also knew that it was unrealistic.
      To be honest, after learning about his situation, Ye Bai didn’t directly chase him out. It was already fun enough.
      Banna was too embarrassed to bother Ye Bai.
      Moreover, Banna knew that Ye Bai was completely unable to help him in this matter. Ye Bai would not go to fight against the world for him.
      “As a friend, I wish you good luck.”
      “But I believe that the future will not be this bad. After all, it is already bad enough.”
      Ye Bai smiled and said, comforting Banna.
      Although he didn’t intend to get involved in this matter, Ye Bai did n’ t want to give up on Banna.
      Just like Tony Stark, being friends with outstanding people was a pleasure.
      “Thank you. I feel much better now.”
      “You’ re right. There’s nothing worse than this.”
      “I’ m going to leave now. I’ ll be in trouble for you these few days.”
      Banna stood up, bowed to Ye Bai and said.
      He also knew that if he continued to stay with Ye Bai, it would only cause him more trouble.
      Ye Bai nodded slightly without any intention of retaining her.
      Banna’s departure would benefit both sides.
      However, Ye Bai’s expression changed and he frowned.
      Ye Bai could sense that a large group of soldiers had surrounded the villa. The military had arrived.
      After realizing this, Ye Bai looked at Banna helplessly, knowing that the trouble could not be avoided.
      Banna also seemed to have realized something, and a lot of fear appeared on his face.
      It seemed that running for his life during this period of time had left Banna with a great psychological shadow.
      At this moment, a ring of doorbell rang out from Ye Bai’s villa.
      Ye Bai stood up and gave Banna a calm look before walking towards the door.
      The first person to enter was a middle-aged man with sharp eyes like an eagle.
      If Ye Bai was right, he should be Banna’s man, General Ross.
      He was also the future Red Giant, Hulk’s enemy.
      “Where is he?”
      General Rose’s words were filled with arrogance, causing Ye Bai to frown.
      “I don’t understand what you’ re talking about?”And this is my private land. Your military has no right to enter this place.”
      Ye Bai protested with a cold face. This was also the tradition of eagle sauce.
      Even if the police entered the house to search, they had to have a search warrant. Otherwise, the owner of the house had the right to kill the police and guarantee his own safety.
      It sounded like a magical reality, but this was the situation of Eagle Paste, a sense of freedom.
      Just as General Ross and Ye Bai were in a stalemate, Dr. Bannah took the initiative to walk out.
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      Chapter 23: Super Warrior 2.0[1st, ask for fresh flowers to reward and evaluate]

      The sudden appearance of Dr. Banna made the tense situation less tense.
      General Ross no longer looked at Ye Bai with arrogant eyes. Ye Bai’s killing intent slowly dissipated.
      “Ye, I’ m very happy for your help, but I don’ t want to run away from this matter.”
      “You’ re right. There’s nothing worse than now.”
      Banna’s attitude of complete comprehension made Ye Bai frown.
      It was obvious that Banna wanted to leave and did not want to run anymore.In any case, he couldn’t escape, so he might as well accept his fate.
      And if Banna didn’t show up just now, Ye Bai would definitely be in trouble. This was one of the reasons Banna made the decision.
      Looking at Banna, Ye Bai did not choose to interfere in the end.
      Anyway, Banna had to go through all this.
      As for him, he didn’t want to ruin his peaceful life because of Bannah.
      General Ross no longer fought against Ye Bai. Instead, he turned around and ordered his subordinates to control Dr. Banner.
      Finally, after glancing at Ye Bai, he turned around and left the villa with everyone.
      Ye Bai was also a problem for General Ross.
      After all, Ye Bai was not an ordinary person, but a super rich person. At the same time, he had a huge social influence.
      Against such a person, even if General Ross had a lot of power in the military, he had to seriously consider the consequences.
      In the end, Eagle Paste was a capitalist society. The rich were the System.
      After these military personnel left with Dr. Bannah, Ye Bai shook his head and returned to his room.
      Ye Bai was certain that he did not intend to interfere in this matter, and there was no need to interfere.
      He couldn’t just kill everyone just because he had a good relationship with Dr. Bannah.
      It wasn’t helping Dr. Banner, it was hurting him.
      “Are you alright.”
      Hila had a good rest at this time. She walked out of the room and asked Ye Bai.
      “It’s fine. This has nothing to do with us.”
      Ye Bai replied simply, completely leaving Dr. Banna behind.
      With this kind of idle work, it would be better to make some delicious food and give his wife some nutrition.
      Ye Bai did plan to treat Hila well. These three days had been hard for her.
      Ever since Dr. Bennett was taken away by the military, the lives of Ye Bai and Hila had calmed down.
      It had to be said that the climate of Angel City was indeed better than Great Apple City and more suitable for life.
      Ye Bai and Hila had completely forgotten everything in the past few days and enjoyed themselves in peace.
      Occasionally, he would organize a barbecue party with some big celebrities or go fishing in the sea with a yacht.
      He also took the time to watch the Lakers’ home game and watch Old Ke play the whole game.
      After all, the number one iron king in history, the old iron craftsman.
      As for Hila, she seemed a little uncomfortable with such a life. She was too comfortable.
      But he didn’t refuse. Instead, he tried to blend in. But in front of outsiders, Hila had a cold face.
      This was already not bad. It meant that Hila had started to change for Ye Bai.
      There was once a saying that when you like someone, you want them to change for you.
      If you love someone, you can change yourself for them.
      Hila was like this, slowly changing herself for Ye Bai.
      Although this change was slow, Hila herself did not realize it.
      But after a certain amount of time, Hila turned around and looked at her. She might be shocked by her own changes.
      As for whether such a change was a good thing or a bad thing, he could tell from the gentle feelings of Hila.
      While Ye Bai was enjoying his life, Dr. Bannah suffered inhuman torture for several days.
      First, he was injected with a serum inhibitor to prevent the monsters in Dr. Bana from rushing out.
      After that, all sorts of blood was drawn, and all sorts of data were examined.
      For the past few days, Ban Na could not even be called a human, but a white mouse on the experimental platform.
      The so-called human rights freedom was like a joke under the military’s research.
      Banna was deeply aware of the maliciousness of this world. He was hit by the merciless capital.
      That was why Banna often dreamed that if he hadn’t been so naive back then, the military would n’ t have believed him.
      In the laboratory of this secret base, an extremely risky experiment was under way.
      “Colonel Bu Langsky, are you sure you want to accept this experiment?”
      “You have to know that this experiment is extremely risky. We have never tested it on humans before.”
      A researcher in a white coat confirmed the soldiers who were tied to the test bed.
      “Hurry up and start this damn experiment. I can’ t wait any longer.”
      “I believe I will definitely succeed, and I will definitely obtain such power!”
      Colonel Bulansky said with a sinister expression, urging the researchers to quickly inject Hulk’s serum into his body.
      Yes, the essence of this experiment was that the military wanted to use Hooker’s serum to create another Hooker.
      If it were to succeed, the military would be able to master the technology of mass production Haoke.
      At that time, Earth could not stop Eagle Sauce. Their target was the Great Star Sea.
      “I understand. The experiment will begin immediately!”
      The researchers instructed the other assistants and soon started the experiment.
      Outside the laboratory, General Ross looked through the window to see what was happening inside.
      His eyes flickered with a desire for success and a terrifying ambition.
      The earliest origin of this experiment was the World War II super soldier plan.
      At that time, the scientist used the super soldier serum to create the first super hero of Eagle Paste, the American team.
      Then, the research on the super soldiers was stopped.
      General Ross had recently restarted the project and planned to create a super soldier stronger than the US team.
      Dr. Banna was the main person in charge of this project.
      This experiment was indeed successful, but it was not as successful as General Ross and Dr. Bennett had imagined.
      They had indeed obtained a super soldier stronger than the US team, but this super soldier was beyond their control.
      Haoke, a man with a head full of anger.
      This was the product of General Ross and Dr. Bennett’s experiment.
      Now, General Ross wanted to use the blood of Hulk to create a new controlled Hulk.
      “General, the experiment is about to begin. I suggest you avoid it immediately.”
      “After all, no one knows whether the one we created this time was a qualified warrior or another Hulk.”
      At General Ross’ side, his adjutant saw the beginning of the experiment and walked up to him.
      The meaning was obvious. He hoped General Ross would go to a safe place first.
      General Ross nodded and did not object to what his aide said.
      Just as the adjutant had said, no one knew whether it would be angels or demons that would be born after the experiment.
      He was high in power and life, so he naturally would not stay in such a dangerous place.
      It was better for the adjutant to take charge of the situation here. He would stay behind and wait for the results of the experiment.
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      Chapter 24: The Birth of Abomination [2nd, ask for fresh flowers to reward and evaluate]

      General Ross, who was moving, did not know that the experiment he was leading would create another monster.
      A monster called Hate.
      Not long after, General Ross received a call from his deputy.
      General Ross did not think too much and directly connected.
      “William, how is the situation?”
      General Ross asked his aide.
      “General, the experiment was very successful. We have created a super warrior that is not inferior to Hooke.”
      “The only problem is that this super warrior looks a little out of control!”
      The adjutant stood outside the laboratory and looked at the terrifying monster in the laboratory through the window. He said worriedly.
      “I believe in Colonel Bulansky. He is the best soldier. His will is harder than steel.”
      “He will not let us down. We are destined to succeed!”
      General Ross said confidently, not worried that he would be slapped in the face.
      Colonel Bulansky was the old subordinate of Ross. He had been following General Ross very early.
      From the lowest level of soldiers, Colonel Bulansky was promoted by General Ross.
      General Ross was very confident in Bu Langsky’s faith.
      Hearing General Ross’ answer, the adjutant calmed down. Just as he was about to hang up, a terrifying scene happened in the laboratory.
      The monster transformed from Colonel Bulansky broke free from the control of the operating table and crushed the head of the nearest researcher.
      The bloody scene stunned everyone as they stared blankly at the ferocious monster in front of them.
      “This is the power I am pursuing, the power that surpasses the limit!”
      Bu Langsky, no, it should be called hate.
      Feeling the surging power in his body, Hate said in a somewhat intoxicated manner.
      His will was indeed as General Ross had said. He was firm and firm, but General Ross did not know that what he hated was not glory, but absolute power.
      After becoming an abomination, Bu Langsky was the first to think about not being loyal to General Ross, but defeating Hulk to prove his strength.
      As for the surrounding researchers, hate smiled coldly.
      Of course, he would not let these researchers go. Otherwise, if these researchers could create him, they could also create another monster.
      This kind of powerful power was better for him.
      The world did not need so many experts. It was enough to have him alone.
      This was what the Hate was thinking. He had already been affected by Haoke’s serum.
      Then came a bloody massacre.Under the power of Abomination, all the researchers in the laboratory were killed, leaving no one alive.
      Then, hateful eyes passed through the glass of the laboratory and looked at General Ross’ deputy.
      “What happened on your side?”Why didn’ t you say anything?”
      General Ross’ voice came from his phone, but the adjutant could not speak.
      The monster named Hate had arrived before him.
      His tall and ferocious body made the adjutant lose all his courage. All that remained was his trembling instinct, and his mind went blank.
      With a “slap, the adjutant was crushed to death by the Abomination without showing any mercy.
      Then, Hate turned to look at the phone that had fallen to the ground and recognized General Ross’ name.
      “General, the adjutant will no longer answer you. I have already sent him to the arms of God.”
      The Abomination said with a sinister smile. What he said caused General Ross to fall silent.
      Although he had not seen it with his own eyes, General Ross had guessed what had happened.
      At the same time, his heart was filled with anger and happiness.
      Fortunately, he left in time. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.
      “You are Colonel Bu Langsky?”
      General Ross asked Hate through his phone.
      Abomination grinned.” General, there is no longer Bu Langsky in this world. From now on, there is only Abomination!”
      After saying that, Hate crushed the phone and walked towards the exit.
      Gunshots were accompanied by fire, and screams were accompanied by cries. This was the fate of this secret military base.
      On a busy street in Los Angeles.
      Ye Bai held Hila’s hand and was wandering around.
      It would be boring to stay in the house for a long time every day. It would be nice to come out occasionally.
      Hila didn’t refuse. She would n’ t refuse as long as she was with Ye Bai.
      The two of them were like lovers on the road. They held hands and were very close.
      He looked at the various shops and pedestrians around him and whispered the secret between them.
      This was the daily routine of Ye Bai and Hila.
      Show kindness, scatter dog food, enjoy life.
      Suddenly, a burst of cries came from the front of the street, accompanied by a violent explosion.
      Ye Bai looked over suspiciously and found that many people were running for their lives regardless of their image.
      “What happened over there?”
      Hila asked Ye Bai, her eyes filled with doubt.
      Ye Bai also shook his head. Although he had super-hearing ability, he couldn’t always keep it open. It was so tiring.
      So, Ye Bai wasn’t sure what happened at the end of the street.
      Could it be that it was a special feature of Eagle Sauce?
      Three hundred million people’s dream of a gun battle, a huge map of chickens and chickens, a happy gun battle in a free country?
      Ye Bai almost laughed when he thought of those pieces of Eagle Paste.
      However, Ye Bai did not intend to join in on the fun. He turned around and brought Hila to leave.
      He wasn’t a super hero. He could n’ t stand out.
      And this wasn’t his country. Why did he care about the lives of those free citizens?
      What Ye Bai didn’t know was that at this moment, the entire Eagle Paste Country was paying attention to Angel City.
      There were even many news media who sent out helicopters to take pictures of the unrest in Angel City in the air.
      In the video, a hideous and ugly monster was destroying the city. It was the hate that had just escaped from the military base.
      The passing vehicle was no different from a bigger toy in front of the Hate. It was thrown out.
      As for the people in the car, if they were lucky, they would be able to fall into a complete corpse. If they were unlucky, they would become liquid and solid intermediate, in the form of sauce.
      “Haoke, get out of here!”
      Hate cried out loudly. He was now eager to fight Hulk to prove that he was the strongest existence.
      It was a pity that his shout did not wait for Hooker, but for the military.
      General Ross was completely out of play. Just like Hulk, he created another monster that could not be controlled.
      The lesson humans could learn from history was that humans would not learn any lessons.
      History would not happen again, but it would often rhyme.
      This was the case. General Ross once again made the same mistake.
      “Destroy him and take advantage of the loss before it reaches an unbearable level.”
      General Ross ordered the army.
      If he could not minimize the damage caused by the Abomination, his future would be at an end. He would even have to go to the military court to be tried.
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      Chapter 25: Abomination and Disorder [3rd, kneeling for reward]

      Eagle Paste Country’s military was definitely one of the most elite military on Earth.
      Whether it was quality or weapons, they were all first-class on Earth.
      If this disturbance was a terrorist organization, the military would be able to easily suppress it.
      Unfortunately, this time, the military’s opponent was a monster that should not exist.
      Can a human’s conventional weapon deal with Haoke?Obviously, he could not.
      Similarly, human conventional weapons could not deal with Hate.
      The most advanced weapons landed on Hate’s body, not even breaking his skin.
      Even if it was a weapon-level missile, it would at most make the hate feel pain.
      On the other hand, many innocent civilians were affected by the military’s attacks and died under the weapons made by humans.
      For a moment, the entire City of Angels was in a mess. Countless people cried and fled.
      Ye Bai and Hila had already gotten into the car and left the area where the Abomination was.
      Ye Bai had the urge to laugh when he saw the hateful expression in the video.
      The military of these Eagle Sauce was really….
      Shouldn’t it be worthy of being called the Maneuvering World? An ordinary person could become a disaster if he randomly mutated.
      Living in such a world, one could imagine the fate of ordinary people.
      Not to mention the invasion of Cherita’s army in the future, the number of casualties caused by hate alone was as high as 10,000.
      One could see the danger of the Maneuvering World.
      “Maybe I should invest in building a construction company.”
      Ye Bai suddenly thought of it.From now on, it would be the era of super heroes. Damage like hate would often happen.
      If a construction company were to be established, there would definitely be no business in the future.
      Of course, at the moment, it was just an idea. Ye Bai planned to wait until he returned to Great Apple City to consider forming a company.
      As for stopping the hate from destroying the city, he became a hero admired by the people.
      Sorry, Ye Bai really didn’t have any interest.Even if he had this ability, he would not do it.
      He was not a saint, but a selfish transmigrator.
      Without harming the lives of innocent people, he had already done what he had done.No matter how much, who loved and who went.
      Moral kidnapping?Hehe.
      Hila was even more stable. She even studied the hate in the video with interest.
      She was the Death Goddess herself, the most famous battlefield Butcher in the Nine Realms.
      To hope that Hila would become a hero to save the world?You might as well rely on Satan to come out of hell and turn evil into good.
      This could be considered to be a part of it. It wasn’t a family. It was n’ t a family.
      Unlike Ye Bai and his wife, General Ross was about to go crazy.
      One had to know that Hate was a monster that he had created. All the damage caused by Hate had to be attributed to him in the end.
      He couldn’t quickly destroy the Abomination. He definitely would n’ t have a good ending. His political opponents wouldn’t let him off.
      If the Hate of Hate did not appear in Angel City but in the wild, he even had the idea of using a mushroom bomb.
      At this moment, his daughter, Y’lisabet Ross, walked over with Banna.
      Y’lisabet Ross was Dr. Bennett’s girlfriend.
      “Why did you bring him here?”Didn’ t I lock him up?”
      When he saw Banna following behind his daughter, General Ross couldn’t help himself.
      As an old father, he instinctively hated all men close to his daughter. Dr. Bennett was no exception.
      Not to mention Dr. Bennett or Hulk, he was even more unloved by Ross.
      “Father, this is not the time to care about this.”
      “We need to find a way to deal with the Hate, right?”
      Y’lisabet Ross said to her father that General Ross had succeeded in not investigating her release of Bannah.
      As for Dr. Bannah, he had taken the initiative to request it.
      Dr. Bennett was different from Ye Bai. He was the kind of person who had the qualities of a hero.
      He could not tolerate the constant destruction of the city by hate, because the birth of hate had to do with him to some extent.
      Moreover, Dr. Banna knew that it was not realistic to rely on the military alone to deal with the hate.
      Only by allowing Hulk to come out would there be a chance of a battle against Hate.
      “Let me go. I can deal with that monster.”
      Bannah didn’t try to show off his intentions.
      He wanted to summon Hulk and let him deal with Hulk.
      Otherwise, the City of Angels might be destroyed.
      “No, the Hulk in your body has been suppressed. It won’ t be able to come out in a short period of time.”
      “You’ re going to die, so you can’ t go.”
      Ross rejected Banna’s proposal without thinking. He could no longer bear the risk of losing Hulk.
      Hate was out of play, but Hulk had to hold onto it.This was related to his future.
      Just as the two of them were in a stalemate, General Ross’s phone rang. After he opened the phone, his face quickly turned ashen.
      This call was from a higher-ups in the military. The purpose was to blame him for his mistake this time.
      In addition, he was also required to deal with the hate immediately. Eagle Sauce could not accept the destruction of Angel City.
      Angel City and Great Apple City were the two largest super cities in Eagle Paste. One was more important than the other.
      No matter which one was lost, it was a great loss of vitality to Eagle Paste.
      This kind of thing was naturally not something that Eagle Paste would like to see.
      After feeling the pressure from the higher-ups, General Ross also fell silent.
      Now that the situation was urgent, he could no longer afford to hesitate. He had to immediately respond.
      Thinking of this, General Ross looked at Dr. Bannah.
      “I wish you every success.”
      General Ross agreed to Dr. Bannah’s request. Sure enough, he should use monsters to deal with monsters.
      As for the others, it would not be too late to talk about them until they had settled the hate.
      With General Ross’ consent, Dr. Bannah quickly sat on a military helicopter and began to fly towards the location of the Abomination.
      As for General Ross and his girlfriend Elizabeth, they did not follow.
      Would that bigwig be willing to put himself in danger?
      “Haoke, I’ ll trust you this time.”
      Dr. Bennett sat on the helicopter and said to Hooke in his heart.
      Right now, there was only one way to prevent the Abomination from continuing its destruction. That was to let Hulk deal with the Abomination.
      As for whether Hulk was an opponent of hate, Dr. Bennett did not have much confidence in himself.
      Take one step at a time. What else could he do?
      Very soon, Dr. Bannah arrived in the sky above the City of Angels. He saw the hate that was destroying the city.
      This ferocious monster was unscrupulously destroying everything that could be seen. The city had turned into ruins.
      Dr. Banna knew that he had to go.
      Therefore, without any hesitation, he jumped off the helicopter and landed at the location of Abomination.
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      Chapter 26: Thor beat up the Hate [Fourth, kneel down and ask for fresh flowers to reward the evaluation]

      After Ye Bai and Hila returned to the villa, they didn’t choose to rest immediately. Instead, they turned on the television to watch the news.
      Ye Bai had never been used to this in the past, but today he made an exception.
      Sure enough, what was reported in the news was the hate affair.
      What was interesting was that the hate was no longer a destructive city, but a fight with a green giant.
      Undoubtedly, this giant was Haoke.
      “Not bad warrior.”
      Hila thought to herself, whether it was Hate or Hulk, he was a warrior with good potential.
      If it could be placed on the battlefield, it would definitely become a meat grinder.
      Of course, Hila was just thinking about these things. She was not ready to tell Ye Bai that she was actually a war fan.
      Ye Bai was also watching the battle between Hulk and Hate, as well as the fight between the two super monsters.
      However, it was clear that Hulk was completely at a disadvantage and was hit by the Abomination.
      It was not that Hulk was inferior to Hate, but that Hulk had already been injected with an inhibitor before this.
      Otherwise, the strength of the Abomination was still much weaker than Haoke.
      Not to mention Haoke, the more furious he became.
      There were also Haoke’s special modes, which were not on the same level as the Abomination.
      As he watched the news, Ye Bai was thinking about another matter.
      “Let’s go back to Great Apple City in a few days. Angel City has been destroyed so badly. It will probably be rebuilt for a long time.”
      Ye Bai suddenly said to Hila, intending to end this vacation.
      Hila nodded and did not object.
      Anyway, as long as Ye Bai was there, she would be there.
      In the City of Angels, on the battlefield of Hulk and Hate.
      Two giant monsters were fighting with the most primitive methods. They were rough and brutal, but they were particularly shocked.
      However, as the fight continued, Hulk had fallen into a complete disadvantage.
      There were many more injuries on his body, and it was obvious that he had lost.
      This time, Hulk couldn’t defeat the Abomination just like the original plot. No one could say that.
      “What, is that it?”Aren’ t you crazy?”
      “Why can’t we do it now?”Don’ t you think I’ m a bug?”
      While Hate suppressed Hulk, he arrogantly mocked Hulk.
      He had been waiting for this day for too long, so he was very happy.
      This was power. It was fascinating and addictive.
      Although Hulk was furious, he was unable to fight back.
      On the other hand, they were constantly hit by the Hate, and the loss became more and more obvious.
      Just as Haoke accidentally revealed a flaw and was about to be seized by the Abomination to expand his advantage, a thunderous sound suddenly sounded.
      Then, under the background of lightning, a fierce man descended from the sky.
      Before the Abomination could react, it was hit by a hammer from the fierce man and its entire body flew out.
      When the light faded, Thunder God Torre, wearing a armor and a red cloak, appeared on the battlefield.
      It turned out that while the Abomination continued to destroy Angel City, the higher-ups of the human race found Tore, hoping that this mythical Thor could help.
      Considering that humans still had the value of using them, and that humans treated Tore quite well, Tore agreed.
      After all, Tore was a militant, so he definitely wouldn’t object to fighting.
      The sudden appearance of Tore had completely reversed the situation on the battlefield. The hate that had already won the battle had instead fallen into a bitter battle.
      Tore and Haoke, each of them were no weaker than him. They were even much stronger.
      It was a little difficult to fight one by one, let alone one against two.
      Tore was the Asgardian god of war. He had fought for hundreds of years, and he was extremely experienced.
      In the face of such an opponent, Hate could only fight a ghost.
      In the villa, Ye Bai and Hila were surprised to see the sudden arrival of Thunder God.
      Was this the butterfly effect?The plot was completely different from the original one.
      Ye Bai was a little better, just wondering if his appearance had disturbed the original plot.
      Hila, on the other hand, was different. She stared intently at the hammer in Tor’s hand.
      Miaoren, Thunder God Hammer.
      What few people knew was that Miaelnier was actually a weapon that belonged to Hila. Odin specifically rewarded Hila.
      It was only after Hila and Odin had fallen out that Odin took back the hammer and now it fell into Tor’s hands.
      This also indicated Tore’s identity as a member of Asgard.
      Thinking of this, Hila felt a wave of irritation in her heart.
      Seeing the Asgardians on Earth was really bad news.
      This made Hila understand that Asgard had already noticed this small place in the atrium. Sooner or later, she would be discovered by Asgard.
      At that time, it might be a war.
      At this moment, Hila suddenly felt a sense of urgency in her heart. She felt that there was not much time left for her.
      Ye Bai and Hila each thought about their own thoughts, but they were also silently watching the battle.
      After Tore joined the battlefield, the end of the hate was doomed.
      Under the continuous attacks of Thunder God’s Hammer, the injuries on Hate’s body grew more and more serious.
      Soon, after the hate was struck by Torr’s hammer on its head, the hate was completely unable to hold on and was directly knocked unconscious.
      At this point, this disaster that affected Angel City was finally over.
      After that, it was the final task. This had nothing to do with Tore.
      After smiling at Hao Ke, who had just fought side by side, Tore brandished his hammer and disappeared.
      There were only Angels City, which had become ruins after the battle, and countless people who were lying in the ruins, wailing incessantly.
      This was a real world, which was why it was especially cruel.
      Behind the era of super heroes was the history of blood and tears of countless ordinary people.
      General Ross let out a sigh of relief when he learned that the Hate was suppressed.
      However, his heart was a little complicated and he was a little unwilling.
      Hate was a monster that he had carefully created, but it was shattered by someone with a hammer.
      Wasn’t this saying that his creation and effort were worthless?
      However, the strength that Tore had displayed was good news for General Ross.
      This was because there was no need to worry about being punished by the higher-ups of the Federation.
      The more powerful the Asgardians displayed, the more alert the humans would be.
      Although the relationship between Asgard and humans was not bad for the time being, who knew what would happen in the future.
      It was certain to be prepared early. Humans had to ensure that they had the strength to fight against Asgard.
      Under such circumstances, General Ross’ plan appeared to be outstanding.
      Although there were many disadvantages, the power of the Abomination was actually there.
      If he could mass-produce a super warrior like Hate, even if he faced Asgard, he would still have a lot of confidence.*

      Chapter 27: Male Men Kneel [Fifth, Kneel for Flowers to Reward and Evaluate]

      The effect of the Hate was actually just beginning.
      On the second day after the incident ended, large-scale protest demonstrations broke out all over the place.
      Eagle paste’s people angrily accused the military, demanding an explanation for the hate affair.
      Such a terrifying monster had to have an explanation.
      But all of this had nothing to do with Ye Bai. They had already left Angel City and returned to the seaside manor in Big Apple City.
      As for the hate affair, Ye Bai did not take it seriously. In any case, the people of Eagle Sauce would get used to it sooner or later.
      Not long after Ye Bai returned to the manor, the laser eye that had been waiting for several days came to him.
      Apart from laser eyes, there was another person who was more anxious than him. That was the Diamond Wolf.
      God knows how miserable the Diamond Wolf has been these past few days.
      Almost every morning, when he woke up, he would be dragged to Professor X’s bed. Then, under Little Naughty’s mutated ability, he would be emptied of his body.
      Life force was used to renew Professor X’s life, lest Professor X suddenly die.
      Professor X’s life was saved, but the Diamond Wolf was in a terrible state.Every day, it was as if it had been emptied.
      Therefore, after learning that Ye Bai had returned to his own seaside manor, he could not wait to follow Laser Eye to the gate of the manor.
      After pressing the doorbell, they obediently stood at the door with laser eyes, waiting for Ye Bai to come out.
      This time, the Diamond Wolf had decided. If Ye Bai did not agree to let Professor X go, he would kneel down to Ye Bai like a laser eye.
      Wherever Ye Bai went, he fell to his knees.
      Soon, Ye Bai did not let the laser eye and the Diamond Wolf wait any longer. He opened the door to the manor.
      Ye Bai looked at the two fierce men who were looking for him.
      How did these two find themselves here?Could it be that they were here to cause trouble?
      But very soon, the laser eye’s action shocked Ye Bai.
      The laser eye dropped to its knees in front of Ye Bai.
      This attitude, this speed, this was called professional.
      “What do you mean?”
      Ye Bai was completely confused. He originally thought that he was here to find trouble, but what kind of trouble would it be for you to kneel in front of me.
      Those who did not know thought that you were my son.
      “Ye Bai, right? You better let the professor go. Otherwise, I’ ll be done with you. In the future, if you go there, I’ ll kneel there.”
      The laser eye continued to use the most horizontal tone, saying the most cowardly words.
      His shameless attitude made Ye Bai laugh or cry.
      This was the first time he had heard such a threat.
      The Wolf King looked at Ye Bai’s unmoved appearance and began to hesitate.
      Should he kneel down as well?
      However, with the dignity of the fierce man, King Kong Wolf decided to wait a moment longer.
      “Professor X was his fault. He deserved to die. If you want to avenge him, come find me.”
      Funnily enough, Ye Bai was not so easily threatened.
      Based on Professor X’s previous actions, Ye Bai could n’ t kill him too much.
      In Ye Bai’s opinion, this was already a very merciful practice.
      Otherwise, Ye Bai could use black magic to control Professor X’s soul. That was called cruelty.
      “You’ re right. This is the professor’s fault.”
      “But the professor has a great favor to me. I can’ t see him die in front of me, so I’ ll kneel down for you today.”
      “I can’ t leave anymore.”
      Laser Eye knew that they didn’t care about this matter, so he did n’ t plan to retaliate against Ye Bai.
      They all had their own moral principles and would not do such a thing.
      As for Professor X, although there was indeed a mistake, he could not die.
      If the professor died, those mutated human children would all die.The best result was to be caught and experimented all day.
      Just this alone, the laser eye could not kill the professor.
      Hearing the laser eye’s words, Ye Bai was speechless.
      The most important thing was that his attitude was very correct. He had to kneel down first. It was really hard for him to do anything to them.
      This kind of feeling was like meeting a hooligan. He was just messing around, so it was hard for him to do it.
      Of course, this was also because Ye Bai had his own rules and was unwilling to kill innocent people.
      If it were anyone else, like Hila, he might have killed them without a word.
      After thinking about it, Ye Bai also felt that it was better to just let it go.
      In any case, Professor X had also received a lesson. Although he was not dead, his vitality was greatly damaged and his body was basically crippled.
      And perhaps Professor X would be much more honest after this time.
      In the future, it was unlikely that they would come to trouble Ye Bai.
      If he were to look again, he would be sorry. Even if the laser eye were to kneel down, it would be useless. Ye Bai would definitely break his neck.
      After weighing things up, Ye Bai made a decision.
      “Let him go, but you must remember that something like this can’ t happen again.”
      “If he doesn’ t know what’s good for him to cause me trouble, not only will he die, but you all will not want to run away!”
      Although he had decided to let Professor X go, he still had to give him some knocks.
      Otherwise, wouldn’t it be tiring to come and find trouble if there was something wrong?
      After hearing Ye Bai’s words, the laser eye hurriedly nodded, afraid that he would go back on his word if he delayed his promise.
      As for Ye Bai’s condition, it must be unconditional.
      There was no need for Ye Bai to say that the mutated humans would not be able to find trouble with Ye Bai.
      Such a terrifying existence, who was impatient to live, came to look for him.
      After seeing the laser eye agree, Ye Bai didn’t hesitate and directly retrieved the curse from Professor X.
      Of course, Ye Bai was still on guard. When he recovered the curse, he left a small black magic on Professor X.
      As long as Professor X planned to deal with Ye Bai in the future, the little black magic left behind would be triggered and directly kill Professor X.
      It depended on Professor X’s understanding.
      After settling the matter, the laser eye took the Diamond Wolf and left.
      Their goal had already been achieved, and there was no point in staying.
      They couldn’t just keep kneeling in front of Ye Bai. The mutated humans also wanted face.
      After the two mutated humans left, Ye Bai closed the door and returned to the house.
      It was still early, so he planned to find something for himself.
      The construction company was not bad. In the future, there would be more and more super heroes. There was no need to worry about no business.
      Thinking of this, Ye Bai began to use his network to find a helper to open the company.
      This construction company belonged to Ye Bai’s nature of playing tickets. Even if it was established, it would still be a shopkeeper.
      Ye Bai was only responsible for paying the money. The specific operation and work were left to professionals to take care of.
      Otherwise, if it would take Ye Bai a lot of time, wouldn’t that be a sacrifice?
      Ye Bai didn’t lack money, and he did n’ t have the urge to make money. He was just looking for something to do, so as not to be too bored.
      This was also related to Ye Bai’s situation. Who told him to get married early?
      If it weren’t for Hila, Ye Bai would probably be busy with the parties like Tony.
      But since he had Hila, he had to take care of it. This was the responsibility of a man.*

      Chapter 28: Magic Woman [1st, kneeling for flowers to reward and evaluate]

      After taking Hila outside for a while, Ye Bai had no intention of going outside.
      He planned to stay at home and spend a few days with Haila.
      However, many times, Ye Bai didn’t want to cause trouble, but trouble would always come to him.
      “Aunt Liu, why are you here?”
      Ye Bai, who was lying in the pool and basking in the sun, asked a middle-aged Chinese woman in confusion.
      This Aunt Liu was a nanny invited by Ye Bai. She cooked well in Sichuan cuisine.
      Sometimes, Ye Bai was too lazy to cook for himself, or if he had to go out, he would ask Aunt Liu to come over and cook.
      However, this was the first time that they had come to the door without greeting.
      “Mr. Ye, I have something to trouble you.”
      Aunt Liu’s face was filled with difficulty, as if she had some difficulties, as if she wanted to say something but stopped.
      Seeing Aunt Liu’s expression, Ye Bai became more serious.
      His relationship with Aunt Liu was not bad. If Aunt Liu really encountered any difficulties, it was not that he could not help.
      “Let’s talk about it slowly. I’ ll give you some attention.”
      Ye Bai said slowly, but he didn’t say too much.
      If it was just a little effort or if it didn’t require much effort, Ye Bai could help.
      But if things were really troublesome, Ye Bai needed to think about it.
      Aunt Liu didn’t care about this. When she heard Ye Bai’s consolation, she calmed down a little.
      Then, Aunt Liu slowly explained the matter.
      It was not Aunt Liu who was in trouble, but Aunt Liu’s son.
      Aunt Liu said that her son had recently gotten into trouble and had owed a lot of money.
      Now that everyone was being held back by the creditor, they had said that if they didn’t pay back, they would kill them.
      Aunt Liu was just an ordinary citizen. How could she have so much money?
      When there was no way out, Aunt Liu found Ye Bai. She hoped to ask Ye Bai for help and see if she could get his son out first.
      Ye Bai had only heard of such a bad thing, but he had never expected to encounter it.
      But Ye Bai didn’t completely believe it. He even began to doubt it.
      Aunt Liu had a son, but her son was quite honest. Ye Bai had seen him before.
      Would such a person owe someone a large sum of money?
      Moreover, Aunt Liu’s words meant that it was unusual for her to want Ye Bai and her to go out.
      Shouldn’t it be borrowing money from Ye Bai?
      “Could it be that he came for me?”
      The more Ye Bai thought about it, the more likely it was.
      Wasn’ t he being targeted by Old Wan recently?
      As for Old Wan’s subordinates, if Ye Bai did n’ t remember correctly, there should be a mutated human called the devil-shaped woman.
      Thinking of this, Ye Bai’s eyes turned cold. He had some confidence in the identity of Aunt Liu.
      “Alright, I’ ll go with you then. Let’s get them back first.”
      Ye Bai smiled and said to Aunt Liu. He then greeted Hila and drove her away from the manor.
      Since he was planning to let Ye Bai go, Ye Bai didn’t want to embarrassed.
      He went to see what the mutated humans were planning to do.
      By the way, to solve these problems at once, it would save many things in the future.
      Hila’s eyes gradually turned cold as she watched Ye Bai drive away as Aunt Liu left.
      Ye Bai had been stuck with her for the past few days. She didn’t have time to do anything else.
      With time today, Hila naturally would not waste it.
      As for the target, Hila had already planned it.
      “Divine Shield Bureau, mutated human!”
      Hila thought coldly.
      The Divine Shield Bureau and the mutated humans were both troublesome to Hila and needed to be resolved.
      The Divine Shield Bureau didn’t say anything. That black-hearted brat had previously provoked the relationship between their husband and wife. This Qiu Haila had always remembered.
      As for the mutated humans, if they dared to hit Ye Bai’s attention, it was better to quickly destroy them. They were all eyesore.
      Without a sound, Hila disappeared into the manor.
      At the office of Nick Frey in the Divine Shield Building.
      Halted Egg was in a dilemma recently. He looked at the information in front of him and felt like he was in a daze.
      The information was all of Hila’s information that could be found. This information also made Nick Frey determined one thing.
      That was Ye Bai’s wife. In his opinion, Hila, who might have problems, was basically from Asgard.
      That was exactly what Tore said a while ago.
      Nick Frey’s dilemma came from this.
      After knowing that Hila was a real goddess, what should he do with her?Or not?
      If they were to make contact, there would be no suitable candidates, and there would be no suitable opportunities.
      If he didn’t make contact, he would n’ t care about such a great god. Nick Frey wasn’t that big.
      “How about we start with Ye Bai and then contact Hila?”
      Nick Frey thought to himself that this was the best way he could think of right now.
      As for the relationship between Ye Bai and Hila, Nick Frey had no idea.
      Why would he need a demon to oppose her?
      And he was also afraid that if Hila knew about the matter that he had provoked Ye Bai’s relationship, he would definitely end up in a terrible situation.
      Tony had already demonstrated Asgard’s strength. God was not just talking.
      As Tor’s sister, Hila’s strength would probably not be inferior to Tor.
      To offend such a goddess, even Nick Frey felt a great pressure.
      Nick Frey, who was extremely worried, sighed in sadness.
      Then, he looked up and saw Hila standing in front of him.
      The air suddenly quieted down. Nick Frey even heard his heart beat.
      At this moment, Nickfrey even had the urge to slap himself. It was really a crow’s mouth.
      What was he afraid of? Just now, he wondered if Hila would retaliate against him, but in the blink of an eye, he was in front of him.
      Hila also coldly looked at the black egg in front of her, her heart filled with killing intent.
      This guy had provoked her and Ye Bai some time ago, so he had to take revenge.
      “Hello, Ms. Hila. Nice to meet you.”
      Nick Frey said stiffly.
      Nick Frey naturally felt Hila’s killing intent. He was extremely panicked.
      If it weren’t for his dark skin, his face would have been snow-white.
      “Are you investigating me?”
      Hila did not care about Nickfrey’s reaction. Instead, she looked at the information on the table.
      Hila was very familiar with the people on the information. She was herself.
      “This is my responsibility. I have no choice.”
      Nick Frey revealed a smile that was even uglier than crying. He explained in a far-fetched manner.
      “But don’ t worry. We won’ t bother Mr. Ye Bai and you anymore.”
      Nick Frey knew exactly why Hila had come. It was obvious that all the things he had said to Ye Bai had been known by Hila.
      At the same time, Nick Frey’s brain began to spin rapidly. He was thinking about how to save his life.
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      Chapter 29: Hila is on the move [second, kneel down and ask for flowers to reward and evaluate]

      Nickfrey didn’t know much about Hila. Even Hila’s identity was heard from Torre.
      If Nickfrey knew about Hila’s past and knew that she had exterminated countless universe races.
      Perhaps Nickfrey wouldn’t be worried about his own safety, but about whether humans could still exist.
      “You think you can forget about the mistake?”
      Hila giggled. She had no intention of letting Nickfrey off.
      This black-hearted brat knew that when he provoked Ye Bai, Hila was almost scared to death.
      If Ye Bai was really moved by Nick Frey’s words and had doubts about her feelings, Hila’s killing heart would have gone.
      Perhaps in a fit of anger, he would destroy the human race.
      It wasn’t like Hila could n’ t do such a thing.
      So the humans on Earth were really lucky. Ye Bai’s feelings for Hila were still strong.
      As long as Ye Bai was a little bit weak, humans would basically be gone.
      That was why Ye Bai had saved the entire human race. He should be the greatest nameless hero.
      Although it was not as prestigious as other superheroes, Ye Bai’s contribution to humans was not lower than those superheroes.
      Nick Frey didn’t know that he almost became the culprit behind the extinction of all humanity.
      But Nick Frey knew one thing. If he couldn’t give Hila an explanation today, he would probably be cold.
      Hila shook her head as she looked at Nick Frey, who was still trying to find an excuse.
      The sword of the night sky appeared in his hand, and it was about to kill Nick Fury.
      “You’ re from Asgard.”
      Suddenly, Nick Frey spoke. He succeeded in delaying Hila’s movements for a short time to live.
      “You know me?”
      Hila did not deny it, nor was there any need to deny it.
      Nick Frey nodded and then said:
      “You saw the battle in Angel City, right? The one with the hammer is Thunder God from Asgard.”
      Nick Frey tried his best not to look at the night sky sword in the sea. Otherwise, he was worried that he would not have the courage to continue.
      “And then?”You think I’ m afraid?”
      Hila didn’t make a move at the moment. Let’s listen to what Nick Frey said.
      As for Tore, Hila really disdained him.
      Thunder God?The God of Hammer.
      Odin seemed to be really old. He actually managed to raise such a person.
      “Looks like your relationship is not good. Of course, this is your Asgard.”
      “What I want to say is that Thunder God from Asgard is searching for you through human power.”
      Nick Frey knew that it was useless to apologize at this time.
      Apologizing and begging for forgiveness when you are about to die will not increase your chances of survival.
      The real thing that could make you live was to show your own value.
      Valuable people deserve to live. As the king of agents, Nick Fury understood this reasoning deeply.
      Just like how he had faced Ye Bai’s Jin before, begging for forgiveness was useless. Showing his own value was the guarantee of survival.
      Hearing Nick Frey’s words, Hila fell into a brief silence.
      This was indeed a problem.
      If Asgard really used humans to find her, she would soon be found.
      The human society’s network was too developed. It was not difficult to find a person.
      Seeing Hila’s thoughtful expression, Nick Frey knew that his chance to live was here.
      So Nick Frey immediately said.
      “But don’t worry, our Divine Shield Bureau still has a lot of energy.”
      “I can not let Asgard find you so easily. In exchange, I’ ll just pretend that a little conflict has not happened in the past, what do you think?”
      Nick Frey said as if he was going to die. If Hila didn’t agree, he could only wait for death.
      Hila frowned and began to weigh things up.
      Actually, Hila did not care about being found by Asgard. Her injuries had basically recovered and her strength had returned to its peak.
      Hila was not afraid of Asgard.
      And even if Asgard didn’t find her, she would find Asgard’s trouble sooner or later.
      What really worried Hila was actually Ye Bai.
      The more he cared about it, the more he was afraid of losing it. Hila was feeling this way right now.
      Before he could confirm whether Ye Bai could accept his past, Hila did not want to reveal her identity.
      Although Ye Bai would know the truth sooner or later, Hila hoped that it would come as late as possible.
      From this point of view, Nick Frey’s offer was a little valuable.
      “Remember what you said. If I can’t do it, I will find you at any time. At that time, you will never have a chance to speak.”
      Hila put down her harsh words and disappeared in front of Nick Frey.
      She basically agreed with Nick Frey’s words. She used her life in exchange for Divine Shield’s help.
      Nick Frey would hide her identity and would not let Asgard find her easily.
      If Divine Shield could not do this, Hila would not give Nick Frey any chance to speak.
      After confirming that Hila had left, Nick Frey’s tensed nerves relaxed.
      It was only at this moment that Nick Frey realized that his back was drenched in cold sweat.
      The pressure that Hila had given him was simply too great.
      That was a real goddess. Her strength was immeasurable.
      If he really wanted to kill him, it would probably be as simple as crushing an ant.
      Among the people Nick Frey knew, there was only one team leader who could fight Hila.
      Unfortunately, Captain Marvel had not been on Earth for many years. He did not know that he had gone to that galaxy.
      After experiencing Hila’s incident, Nick Frey understood a principle.
      What was the use of your power?Without strength, you were still the flesh on the chopping board.
      “Maybe I can consider working with General Ross.”
      Nick Frey thought to himself.
      Originally, he did not agree with General Rose’s “Super Warrior Serum 2.0 Plan “, but now it seemed that this plan was very necessary.
      Humans needed to have the confidence to say no when facing a powerful civilization like Asgard.
      After settling the matter with Divine Shield Bureau, Hila did not immediately return to the manor.
      After finding where the mutated human brotherhood was, he rushed over.
      The place where the Mutant Brotherhood hid was an abandoned factory in the suburbs.
      By the time Hila arrived, there were only twenty mutated humans gathered here. Most of them had already gone out.
      Facing these mutated humans, Hila didn’t even bother to open her mouth and started to kill.
      The opportunity to speak to Nickfrey was because Nickfrey had never harmed Ye Bai.
      These mutant brothers were different.
      Facing these people who dared to strike Ye Bai’s attention, Hila was not soft-hearted. She did n’ t even need to listen to her explanation. She was dead.
      More than twenty mutated humans had all kinds of mutated abilities.
      In other places, this was a force that could not be underestimated.
      But in front of Hila, it was meaningless.From Hila’s attack to the end, the mutated humans were wiped out in more than ten seconds.
      Unfortunately, this place was filled with small shrimp. The core members of the true Mutant Brotherhood had no idea where to go.
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      Chapter 30: Kneeling the Ten Thousand Magnet King [Third, kneel down and ask for fresh flowers to reward and evaluate]

      Let’s go back to Ye Bai.
      After following Aunt Liu to the designated place, Ye Bai and Aunt Liu got out of the car.
      This was a relatively remote warehouse, located in the Great Apple City slum.
      “Right inside?”
      Standing outside the warehouse, Ye Bai asked Aunt Liu.
      Aunt Liu nodded and signaled Ye Bai to hurry in.
      Seeing this scene, Ye Bai’s heart became more determined as he sneered in his heart.
      Without hesitation, he walked in.
      “Bang!” Aunt Liu, who was behind Ye Bai, locked the door tightly after Ye Bai entered the warehouse.
      Then, a group of weird looking mutated humans walked out from the corner and looked at Ye Bai with malicious intentions.
      The reason why the mutated humans were not accepted by the human society was also related to their looks.
      Each and every one of them looked like a combination of animals and humans.
      Only a few mutated humans looked the same as humans.This type of mutated human was usually more powerful than the “crooked melon and cracked jujube “.
      At the same time, an old man in his 60s, wearing a metal helmet, slowly walked from behind to Ye Bai.
      Ye Bai knew that this person was the Thousand Magnet King.
      “Mr. Ye Bai, I’ ve heard of you for a long time. I’ m very happy to see you here.”
      Magneto consciously greeted Ye Bai with grace.
      It was as if everything was under control.
      “Myriad Magnetism King, I’ ve heard a lot about it.”
      Ye Bai smiled and greeted Magneto, but the coldness in his eyes grew more obvious.
      This next round shocked the Ten Thousand Magnet King.
      It was not surprising that Ye Bai knew his identity. It was normal.
      He had done so many things in the past few years, and the headlines had appeared countless times. It was not surprising that Ye Bai could recognize him.
      What truly surprised Magneto was that Ye Bai Ming knew that his identity was still so calm. Could it be that there was something to rely on?
      At the thought of this, Myriad Magnetism King looked at the demon-shaped woman behind Ye Bai as if she was asking about something.
      The demoness shook her head. Nothing happened along the way. It was very smooth.
      At this moment, the demon-shaped woman had removed her disguise. She no longer looked like a middle-aged Chinese woman, but now she was in her normal form.
      After seeing the demon-shaped woman’s answer, Myriad Magnetism King did not care.
      Even if Ye Bai really had something to rely on, he wasn’t afraid. He could n’ t escape even if he was already in his hands.
      Thinking of this, Magnificent King sized Ye Bai up again.
      He had to admit that Ye Bai was a little too calm.
      It was as if he had turned a blind eye to the malicious gazes of the mutated humans around him.
      This caused a bad premonition to come to mind.
      However, Myriad Magnetism King still spoke.
      “We hope that Mr. Ye Bai can show your humanitarian spirit and support our mutated human movement.”
      “In addition, we hope you can speak for the mutated humans and say something for us.”
      Magneto “kindly” said. If it was someone who didn’t know, he would probably think that Magneto was a kind old man.
      But Ye Bai laughed coldly. What he said was really nice.
      Wasn’t it just for Ye Bai to give the money and for Ye Bai to speak for the mutated humans?
      To put it bluntly, it wasn’t because he had taken a fancy to Ye Bai’s property and his huge social influence.
      “What if I say I don’ t?”
      Ye Bai said coldly, but the patience in his heart became less and less.
      “If you refuse, you are our mutated human’s enemy. I believe you won’ t want to see the way we treat our enemies.”
      Myriad Magnetism King was too eager to see. Seeing that Ye Bai was not so easy to talk to, he immediately began to threaten him.
      If Ye Bai was just an ordinary person, there was really nothing he could do.
      Either they were squeezed out of their wealth and reputation, and then they lost their reputation.
      Either they were tortured to death, or they were robbed of their property and fame. This was even worse.
      Unfortunately, Ye Bai was not an ordinary person.
      Almost as soon as the Demon Lord threatened, Ye Bai stretched out his hand and grabbed the Demon Lord’s neck.
      Then, he directly picked up the Myriad Magnetism King.
      “A long-range mage, why do you like to jump in front of me?”
      Ye Bai sneered and said to Myriad Magnetism King.
      Myriad Magnet King’s strength was not weak, but he had one of the biggest weaknesses: his constitution was too weak.
      Compared to normal people, Ye Bai could easily crush such an existence to death.
      If Myriad Magnet King were to be more careful and hide in the distance, Ye Bai might have to work harder to make Myriad Magnet King struggle twice.
      Unfortunately, this guy was too jumping.
      Was it because of Gandalf’s influence that he was obsessed with close combat?Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation)
      Hearing Ye Bai’s words, Magneto wanted to say something, but at this moment, he was choked by Ye Bai and could not even breathe.
      He could only hold Ye Bai’s hand with both hands, trying to break free from Ye Bai’s control.
      But Ye Bai’s hand was like a steel clamp, and he could n’ t move it at all.
      All the mutated humans had not expected their leader to be captured by Ye Bai.
      And seeing Wan Ci’s red face, Ye Bai would be strangled to death if he did n’ t let go.
      At this moment, the fastest reaction was undoubtedly the devil-shaped woman.
      She pulled out a shiny dagger and stabbed it towards Ye Bai’s back.
      “Clang!” The dagger broke, as if it had been stabbed into the hardest steel.
      Ye Bai turned his head to look at the helpless demoness and revealed a cruel smile.
      Then, the hand that held on to Myriad Magnetism King’s neck tightened slightly and twisted.
      With a click, the tens of thousands of magnetic king’s shin was directly twisted, and tens of thousands of magnetic king’s body drooped down weakly.
      He was dead. A generation of heroes, the leader of mutated humans, the Magneto King who had dominated the world for decades, died just like that.
      Ye Bai’s expression did not change as he casually crushed an ant to death. He casually threw the Magnet King aside.
      Killing Myriad Magnet King did not have the slightest psychological burden on Ye Bai.
      It was this guy who took the initiative to look for him. Even if he died, he would have found himself.
      Ye Bai wasn’t a good gentleman, and he did n’ t intend to let the Myriad Magnetism King accept the trial.
      It was a simple matter.
      Even if Professor X provoked him, Ye Bai could kill him ruthlessly, let alone the Ten Thousand Magnet King?
      As for these mutated humans, to be honest, Ye Bai did not intend to let them go.
      Although the mutated humans in the movie were miserable and miserable, it was all because of them.
      There might be innocent people among the mutated humans, but none of the members of the mutated human brotherhood were innocent.
      These were all madmen who followed by Magneto and hated human society.
      “What?Surprised?”Don’ t worry, it’ ll be your turn soon.”
      Looking at the unbelievably demon-shaped woman, Ye Bai cruelly said. Then, he suddenly attacked the mutated humans around him.
      Ye Bai had completely fused with General Zode’s template. He was a powerful Kryptonian general.
      Not to mention the entire universe, at least on Earth, Ye Bai had no opponents.
      Gu Yi, the supreme mage, might be able to pose a threat to Ye Bai. After all, the Kryptonian Man possessed a low resistance.
      But in Ye Bai’s eyes, these mutated humans were all lambs waiting to be slaughtered. They could n’ t even resist.
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      Chapter 31: Professor X Begging for Kindness [Fourth, kneel down and ask for fresh flowers to reward and evaluate]

      Demon-shaped woman, her name was Rui Wen Dahome.
      He had been adopted by Professor X since he was young. He was considered Professor X’s childhood sweetheart.
      But in the end, because the idea did not agree, the devil woman left Professor X and followed Myriad Magnetism King.
      For the great cause of the mutated humans, the demoness dared to do anything and take any risks.
      But what the demon-shaped woman did not expect was that the one who had caused the mutated human brotherhood to fall was herself.
      Looking at the mutated humans who had been completely killed by Ye Bai in the warehouse, the demon-shaped woman trembled, angry and fearful.
      She never thought that Ye Bai, who looked harmless, would be so ruthless.
      It was less than a minute from the start to the end.More than thirty elites of the Mutant Brothers were killed by Ye Bai.
      She was the last survivor.
      Looking at the lifeless Demon King lying on the ground, the Demoness felt like her faith had collapsed.
      She was even confused in her heart. She did not know how to go on in the future.
      But she didn’t need to think about this anymore. Ye Bai would n’ t give her a chance.
      Ye Bai went straight to the devil-shaped woman and grabbed her neck with one hand and lifted her from the ground.
      Ye Bai would never give in to his enemies.
      Ye Bai understood the reason why the spring breeze blew again.
      The demon-shaped woman, who had been choked to death by her neck, struggled desperately. At this moment, her instinct to survive had the upper hand.
      Suddenly, the thin blue scales on the demon-shaped woman’s body fluctuated.
      The demon-shaped woman quickly turned into a different shape, a familiar appearance of Ye Bai, Hila.
      The scene instantly turned into Ye Bai holding Hila’s neck.
      Looking at Hila’s charming pleading eyes, Ye Bai did waver.
      No matter how ruthless Ye Bai was, he could not kill Hila.
      It could be said that it was very effective to play with the demon-shaped woman.
      Unfortunately, Ye Bai still did not intend to let her go.
      Everyone was adults, and they were all responsible for what they had done.
      Since he had chosen this path, he had to be prepared to die at any time.
      Just as Ye Bai was about to crush the demon-shaped woman’s neck, the demon-shaped woman’s expression suddenly changed, as if she had suddenly changed.
      “Mr. Ye Bai, please let Rui Wen go. She’s just been bewitched by someone. I’ m not bad.”
      The demoness suddenly spoke in a very old tone.
      “Professor X?”
      Ye Bai tried to ask, guessing that the old hooligan might have controlled the demoness’ heart.
      “It’s me. I’ m sorry that something unpleasant happened before. I apologize to you seriously once again.”
      “But Rui Wen was my childhood friend. I couldn’ t stand watching her die.”
      “That’s why I lowly begged you to let her go this time. I promise that she won’ t remember anything related to you, nor will she cause you any trouble.”
      Professor X controlled the demonic woman’s body and pleaded with Ye Bai.
      Professor X knew what was going on here long ago when Myriad Magnetism King was killed by Ye Bai.
      After figuring out the reason behind the incident, Professor X had the heart to kill the Ten Thousand Magnet King once more.
      If you were to die, then you would die. Why would you bring Rui Wen with you?
      Of course, with the death of Magneto King, Professor X was also very distressed. After all, he was his best friend.
      But Ye Bai was too fast. Professor X was useless even if he wanted to plead.
      At the same time, Professor X understood that this matter could not be blamed on Ye Bai at all. He could only say that Professor X had a bad life and found a tough one.
      After listening to Professor X’s words, Ye Bai sneered and did not agree.
      Why should he give Professor X face?Just because Professor X had less hair?
      It could not be denied that Baldhead was a big shot. Did Jun Shou even look like Baldhead?
      But Ye Bai was stronger now, and he was even more powerful.
      Therefore, even with Professor X’s pleading, Ye Bai’s killing intent towards the demoness did not weaken at all.
      Only a dead enemy would be a good enemy.
      “Mr. Ye Bai, I beg you not to kill her.”
      “I can pay the price. How about the shares of Stark Industries?”I have 1.2%, I can give it all to you.”
      “I will also wash away Rui Wen’s memories. I guarantee that she won’ t have anything to do with you. I won’ t bring you any trouble.”
      Professor X felt Ye Bai’s killing intent and hurriedly said.
      Professor X was even willing to give up an astronomical sum of wealth for the sake of the demon-shaped woman. It was obvious that Professor X still attached great importance to feelings.
      At the same time, this guy really had money.
      This was normal. With the ability to control the mind, how could Professor X have no money?
      Even the current Ye Bai and Professor X could only be considered poor.
      As for Professor X’s proposal, Ye Bai thought about it and was indeed moved.
      Stark Industrial Group’s 1.25% stake was an astronomical price.One must know that the market value of Stark Industrial Group was more than 700 billion US dollars, one percent was seven billion.
      Who would not be tempted by such wealth?
      Moreover, Professor X promised that he would clean up the demon girl’s memories and not cause any trouble for Ye Bai.
      This also reduced Ye Bai’s killing intent.
      What kind of storm could a mere demon-shaped woman create?
      If Professor X was smart enough, he should not provoke him again. Otherwise, he would only die.
      Thinking of this, Ye Bai had a plan in his heart.
      “You succeeded in persuading me. Then, the deal is concluded.”
      As he spoke, Ye Bai let go of his palm and let the demoness fall to the ground.
      Then, he continued,” I’ ll have my manager contact you. I hope you can do it and don’ t play tricks.”
      After saying that, Ye Bai no longer paid attention to the situation of the demon-shaped woman and left the warehouse.
      As for how Professor X cleaned up the demoness’ memories, it was not Ye Bai’s business.
      This trip not only solved the potential threat of the Mutant Brotherhood, but also gained a large fortune.
      Ye Bai was very satisfied. He smiled and drove towards his manor.
      As for the demon-shaped woman, she was lying on the ground with her eyes blank. The memories in her mind were being quickly deleted.
      Professor X might be a good person, but he wouldn’t be soft when he had to be ruthless.
      Otherwise, how could a good old man be able to protect so many mutated humans?
      Do you really think those military and politicians are easy to deal with?
      Ye Bai didn’t dwell on this matter for too long. It was just a small episode in life.
      With this skill, it would be better to think about how to deepen the relationship with Hila.
      Speaking of which, under Ye Bai’s efforts recently, Hila seemed to be a little bigger.
      Although it wasn’t obvious, Ye Bai could feel it. After all, he had personally experienced it every day.
      This was a good start. Ye Bai decided to continue his efforts and strive to bring out a sea of cultivation as soon as possible.
      There was no need to worry that the child would be hungry.
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      Chapter 32: Ancient Destruction Day Template [5th, kneeling for flowers to reward and evaluate]

      Not long after Ye Bai left, the Storm Lady of War X arrived at this warehouse.
      He pushed open the door of the warehouse and saw so many mutated human corpses inside.
      Even Storm Girl, who had seen such a big scene, was shocked.
      Then came the fear from the depths of his soul.
      How powerful the Mutant Brotherhood of Myriad Magnet King was, the X-Men had the most say.If they fought head-on, the police officer X might not necessarily win.
      But this powerful force was actually killed by Ye Bai alone.
      Looking at the broken walls and steel in the warehouse, Storm Lady first understood what was called the God of the Earth.
      “Aurora, bring Rui Wen back.”
      “As for those mutated humans, I’ ll deal with them!”
      Professor X told Tempest Girl that although Professor X had not arrived at the scene, he could still imagine the tragic scene.
      If he had known that Myriad Magnetism King and the others would end up like this, Professor X would have stopped them no matter what.
      Unfortunately, there was no if in the world. Everyone had to pay for their choice.
      If Magneto didn’t stare at Ye Bai’s family, he wouldn’t be killed.
      Storm Lady didn’t say anything. She silently picked up the unconscious witch and left the warehouse.
      After this battle, Ye Bai’s name became a taboo among mutated humans. No one dared to touch it again.
      The threat of the mutated human was completely resolved with Ye Bai and Hila’s actions.
      I believe that with Professor X and Myriad Magnetism King’s lesson, there should be no fear of death to provoke Ye Bai.
      Plus, Nick Frey of Divine Shield Bureau had just been warned by Hila. He did not dare to provoke Ye Bai again.
      Ye Bai and Hila also had a peaceful life.
      In a short period of time, there would be no longer anyone who would not be interested in finding trouble with them.
      “Sign in successfully, reward the Ancient Destruction Day template.”
      One morning, Ye Bai woke up and opened his eyes. Before he could push Hila’s jade arm away, he heard this.
      The originally sleepy feeling instantly disappeared, replaced by endless excitement.
      After signing in for many days of strange and useless items, Ye Bai finally received another powerful reward.
      “Ancient Destruction Day, I’ m invincible!”
      Ye Bai held back his excitement and was ecstatic.
      Others might not know what the Ancient Destruction Day was, but Ye Bai knew very well.
      When it came to Ancient Destruction Day, many people would think of a movie, Superman vs Batman.
      The Superman inside was killed on the Day of Destruction and died together.
      However, one must know that the day of destruction in that movie was not an ancient day of destruction.
      The Day of Destruction, which killed Superman in the movie, was created from the ancient Day of Destruction genes, along with General Zod’s Kryptonian genes. It was a replica, and it was n’ t as good as
      The true Ancient Destruction Day was born in the laboratory of Kryptonian scientists.
      This was a killing machine created by Kryptonian scientists, a truly extreme life form.
      Unable to be killed, unable to be destroyed.Even if they were thrown into the black hole and resisted the Big Bang, they would not die.
      Any type of attack would only be effective for the first time. After the second time, it would be completely immune.
      Moreover, any form of attack could lead to the evolution of the Ancient Destruction Day and become even more powerful.
      To put it simply, this was a kind of unsolvable life that could not be killed, and the stronger the attack, the stronger it was.
      One could imagine how powerful the template Ye Bai had obtained was. He could even clearly feel his body becoming stronger.
      This was because the Ancient Destruction Day would evolve independently, and it would evolve many times in an extremely short period of time.
      “Originally, he was worried about the five great creation gods and the other great gods of the universe. Now, it seems like it is completely true.”
      Ye Bai thought of it with satisfaction, and his confidence grew even more.
      General Zode’s template was indeed very powerful. After all, General Zode’s gene was the Kryptonian War God.
      But General Zode was not Superman. Without the Life Code, he could not evolve.
      To put it bluntly, General Zode had the potential limit, and Ye Bai gradually felt this limit.
      These past few days, even if Ye Bai was in the sun, he would not be able to improve much. In the end, the reason was that he had reached the ceiling of General Zode’s template.
      If he wanted to ascend, he would have to obtain Superman’s Life Code.
      But this was the Maneuvering Universe, and there was no superhuman existence. Ye Bai couldn’t even grab it if he wanted to.
      Initially, Ye Bai was still thinking about whether he should find a chance to gather infinite gems to strengthen his strength.
      After all, a normal Kryptonian like General Zode could still walk horizontally on Earth, but if his opponent was those universe gods, it would be a bit of a hangover.
      But now, it was completely unnecessary.
      The template of the Ancient Destruction Day gave Ye Bai plenty of confidence.Even the Destroyer with infinite gloves could not be Ye Bai’s opponent.
      In a dangerous world like Manwei, there was nothing to be happier than improving one’s own strength.
      After all, with strength, Ye Bai could not only protect himself, but also protect his wife, Hila.
      “What happened to you?”Why are you laughing so early in the morning?”
      At this moment, Hila also woke up. When she opened her eyes, she saw that Ye Bai was a fool.
      Ye Bai did not explain. The System and transmigration were his biggest secrets. He did not tell anyone, even Hila.
      As a result, Ye Bai only smiled and didn’t explain anything to Hila.
      Hila didn’t care either. She simply asked.
      “Hurry and get some food. I’ m hungry.”
      Hila gave Ye Bai a coquettish push and said.
      Hila, who had just woken up, was no longer as cold as usual. She was a little more confused and charming than usual.
      Ye Bai was also tempted. He had a bold idea to implement.
      “Let’s eat later. It’s not even dawn yet, let’s sleep again.”
      Ye Bai said with a smile and did something bad.
      Hila resisted and struggled a few times. She rolled her eyes at Ye Bai, then closed her eyes and allowed Ye Bai to come.
      Soon, the movement of life began to sound.
      ····(10,000 Words omitted here.)
      After satisfaction, Ye Bai quickly entered the sage state and began to prepare for lunch.
      Why was it lunch?If that was the case, of course, he overslept.
      After being tormented by Ye Bai, Hila fell asleep. She couldn’t even wake up.
      Ye Bai didn’t care. It was really hard for her today. She was too excited.
      The appearance of the Ancient Destruction Day template made Ye Bai’s heart feel a lot more confident. He was no longer worried.
      Moreover, his body was much stronger than before, completely exceeding General Zod’s template limit.
      Ye Bai didn’t even know how strong he was right now.
      Because there was no opponent, Ye Bai didn’t know if he could kill the five gods with one punch.*

      Chapter 33: The Nine-Headed Snake was loyal to Hila [6th rank, plus kneeling for monthly tickets and flowers to reward]

      God’s Shield Bureau, Alexander Pearce’s office.
      Pierce had been searching for information about Hila during this period of time.
      At that time, Nick Frey’s expression was still deeply remembered by Pierce.Pierce was also certain that Nick Frey definitely knew something.
      However, Nick Frey’s movements were too fast. He almost immediately set Ye Bai and Hila’s information to the highest level of confidentiality.
      Unfortunately, in the Snake Shield Bureau, there was nothing that could be hidden from him.
      After putting his hands and feet behind him, Pierce got the information from Ye Bai and Hila as he wished.
      First, it was Ye Bai’s. From the very beginning of his encounter with the Nightfiend, to the recent time when Ye Bai had killed Myriad Magnetism King and the mutated humans.
      Pierce was shocked. Such a terrifying existence was actually a super rich man.
      Actually, it wasn’t just Pierce. Back then, Nick Frey was shocked when he found out about the Magnet King.
      It was only until then that Nick Frey realized that none of Ye Bai’s two people were easy to offend.
      A Hila, the god of Asgard, had immeasurable strength.
      Ye Bai, who killed one of the strongest mutated humans on Earth, was also a dangerous person.
      He really agreed with that old saying. It was not a family, not a family.
      Then, Pierce saw Hila’s information.
      Compared to Ye Bai’s extensive information, Hila had much less information.
      The main reason was that Hila’s time on Earth was too short. There was n’ t much to study.
      But what shocked Pierce was Hila’s identity.
      Asgard’s god, the goddess of death!
      Damn, these two couples were one after another.
      Pearce did not have any other thoughts, nor did he dare to have any other thoughts.
      No matter how powerful the Nine-Headed Snake was, it was only an organization created by mortals. Can it compare to gods?
      “Forget it. Don’ t provoke these two.”
      Pierce sighed and shook his head. He turned off the information about Hila and Ye Bai.
      There was no need to look at it anymore, and he did not dare to do anything.
      Pierce wasn’t a fool. If he knew that he could n’ t afford to offend him, then he wouldn’t be courting death?
      Not everyone was as stupid as a mutated human.
      Suddenly, an immature idea rose in Pierce’s mind.
      Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps, the Nine-Headed Snake could really make contact with Hila.
      Of course, it wasn’ t to die, but to join.
      “No, how could I have such an idea?”
      “The Nine-Headed Snake is serving the great hive of the otherworldly gods. It will never betray its faith.”
      Pierce’s thought had just risen, and it was immediately eliminated. One had to know the Nine-Headed Snake’s purpose all along, but it was all to meet his own God.
      Nine-Headed Snake could be traced back to 1400 years ago. It was created by an alien called the hive.
      Later, the hive was banished to a distant unknown planet, and the Hydra lost this leader.
      In order to return to his god, Nine-Headed Snake ran a thousand-year-old plan,” Far Star Plan “.
      The core of the plan was to bring the hive back from the distant alien planet and lead the Nine-Headed Snake to reign over Earth.
      But until now, the “far star plan” had not officially begun. The main reason was that the Nine-Headed Snake had not even understood the fact that the hive had been banished to that planet.
      In the end, the Nine-Headed Serpent did not have any expectations for the Far Star Plan.
      “Maybe, I should ask others for their opinions.”
      Pierce suddenly thought of it.
      Hydra was a very large organization with many branches.
      Each branch had a leader. Pierce was the leader of the Snake Shield Division.
      There were also some other leaders. Pierce’s discussion also referred to these leaders.
      Very soon, Pierce secretly contacted the leaders of the other Nine-Headed Serpent branch and said his own plans and thoughts.
      Pearce was already prepared to be scolded. After all, his plan was a betrayal of faith.
      But what Pierce had not expected was that the leaders of the other branches had actually asked him to give it a try.
      Ah, this.
      Wasn’t the Nine-Headed Snake loyal to the hive?You all want to rebel?
      Ah, it was me who led the group. That was fine.
      Actually, this was very normal. The hive had been gone for 1400 years.After such a long period of time, there was no loyalty.
      Moreover, Hila’s face was big enough. The goddess of death was suitable for becoming the new god of the Nine-Headed Snake.
      Of course, the main reason was that Hydra needed to find a backer.
      Although the Nine-Headed Snake was very powerful, there were many secret branches, and even the Divine Shield Bureau had infiltrated them.
      But in reality, the Nine-Headed Snake was not as strong as it was at its peak. Now, it was just trying to survive.
      It was like walking a steel wire. Once the Divine Shield Bureau reacted and discovered the Nine-Headed Snake, it would immediately make the Nine-Headed Snake’s many years of efforts go to waste.
      No matter how powerful an organization was, it could not be compared to a country.
      When the Nine-Headed Serpent was at its peak, it had a powerful empire supporting it. That was the reason why the Nine-Headed Serpent was like the sun.
      As for now, go and ask. Is there any country that will support Nine-Headed Snake?
      After receiving the reply from the leaders, Pierce began to think carefully about the possibility of surrender.
      If he really succeeded and got Hila’s support, the Nine-Headed Snake would be stable in the future and embrace Asgard’s thigh.
      If they failed, the consequences would be very serious. They could basically think of hiding.
      The risks and benefits were huge, so Pierce could not be more cautious.
      After thinking for a long time and analyzing it over and over again, Pierce still decided to try.
      He was a coward, a coward!
      With this thought in mind, Pierce gave an instruction to one of his agents to contact Hila first.
      As for whether he succeeded or not, it would depend on the will of heaven.
      “Hydera, forever loyal to Goddess Hila!”
      Pierce smiled and said softly, praying that this contact would succeed.
      Ye Bai received a strange invitation today, somewhere in Big Apple City.
      Ye Bai originally didn’t intend to pay attention to the invitation, but when he saw the signature, he changed his mind.
      At the end of the invitation, the signature was:” Mage Gu Yi.”
      As the protector of Earth, Gu Yi, known as a supreme mage, felt that it was necessary for Ye Bai to respect him.
      Moreover, Gu Yi still kept the Time Gem. Ye Bai felt that he should go there.
      After greeting Hila and agreeing to return early, Ye Bai left.
      They soon arrived at their destination, the Temple of Great Apple City.
      Kamataiji had a total of three temples, located in Wudu, Great Apple City and Xiangjiang.
      Every temple had special magic, and ordinary people could not see it.
      Of course, Ye Bai must be able to see it, so Ye Bai walked into the Temple of Great Apple City.
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      Chapter 34: Crushing Earth [1st, kneeling for flowers to reward and evaluate]

      As he walked into the temple, an ancient aura assaulted his face.
      It could be seen that this temple had a history of hundreds of years.
      As Ye Bai entered the temple, a mage walked up.
      “Guest, the Venerable One is already waiting.”
      This mage wasn’ t someone who appeared in the movie, so Ye Bai didn’ t care.
      After nodding, he followed the mage into the depths of the temple.
      Soon, a golden circle appeared in front of Ye Bai. This should be the teleportation portal.
      The mage respectfully said to Ye Bai. After hesitating for a moment, Ye Bai decided to go in and take a look.
      First, they were strong enough to not worry about Gu Yi’s disadvantage.
      Secondly, Ye Bai also wanted to know why Gu Yi had invited him over.
      After entering the portal, Ye Bai realized that he was at the top of a snow mountain.
      In front of him was a man wearing a mage robe and hood with his back facing him.
      When he realized that someone was coming, he turned around and looked at Ye Bai.
      It was the supreme mage Gu Yi.
      “Hello, Mr. Ye Bai.”
      Gu Yi politely nodded to Ye Bai and greeted him.
      Ye Bai was the same. With a greeting, he began to ask about Gu Yi’s purpose.
      “Venerable One, do you have any reason to invite me over?”
      Ye Bai asked straightforwardly, curious about Gu Yi’s purpose.
      “Don’t worry, just get to know each other and make a friend.”I have no ill intentions towards you.”
      Gu Yi smiled and said to Ye Bai, his expression calm and clear.
      Looks like he really didn’t have any ill intentions towards Ye Bai.
      However, Ye Bai didn’t completely believe it. He had no choice but to defend himself.
      After coming to the Maneuvering World, Ye Bai realized that this world was not as beautiful as he had imagined.
      Super heroes were not as great as they looked in movies.
      For example, Professor X was an old hooligan.
      “Make a friend. There’s no need for such a big battle, right? Mirror Space, do you want to trap me here?”
      Ye Bai coldly said that he did not easily believe it because of his status as a supreme mage.
      Moreover, this was the mirror space. In the entire world, except for Ye Bai and Gu Yi, Ye Bai could not sense any other life.
      This was not the attitude of making friends. It was more like he was going to attack him.
      Gu Yi shook his head, still as calm as water.
      “Did make a friend. I was very interested in you.”To be honest, your previous performance scared me.”
      Gu Yi’s words revealed a message that she had indeed been paying close attention to Ye Bai.
      He also knew that Ye Bai’s strength was very strong, too strong.
      But what Gu Yi did not know was that Ye Bai was definitely stronger than she had guessed.
      “If you have something to say, just say it. There’s no need to beat around the bush.”
      “If you really want to make friends, you won’ t bring me to the Mirror Space.”
      The more Gu Yi said, the more Ye Bai confirmed his guess.
      This supreme mage really intended to deal with him.
      However, Ye Bai was not afraid. He was not sure how strong he was now, but it was definitely not something Gu Yi could resist.
      “Alright, I was entrusted by an old friend, but I did not intend to attack you. That would only cause us to fall into a state of complete opposition.”
      How about “we make a bet?”If you break free from this mirror space, I will teach you all the magic I know.”
      “If you can’ t break free, don’ t worry. I’ ll let you go in a month.”
      Gu Yi said his goal, a gamble.
      As for the old friend she mentioned, she didn’t say anything, nor did she intend to tell Ye Bai.
      As for Ye Bai, after listening to Gu Yi’s bet, his heart did n’ t fluctuate. He even wanted to laugh.
      Just based on this mere mirror space, he was hoping to trap Gu Yi. Was it because Gu Yi was too inflated or because he felt that he was too weak.
      And now that he had already entered the mirror space, whether he wanted to bet on it or not?
      Even if Ye Bai didn’t want to gamble, he probably would n’ t be able to leave. He had no choice at all.
      However, Gu Yi did not seem to have any ill intentions towards him. At most, he wanted to shut him up for a month.
      And why?What big event would happen in this month?
      Ye Bai had no choice but to think about it. At the level of a supreme mage, each one was simple.
      Everything she did had her deep meaning. She had to be careful not to be fooled.
      Ye Bai didn’t care about Gu Yi’s spells, but it wasn’t bad for him to get them.
      After all, that teleportation portal was very convenient. There was only money left to buy a plane.
      “Then, the bet begins. I look forward to your performance.”
      Gu Yi smiled, then his body exploded, turning into countless butterflies, disappearing into the mirror space.
      As for Ye Bai, he shook his head helplessly. If he had known that it would be so troublesome, he wouldn’t have agreed to Gu Yi’s invitation.
      Since things had already happened, Ye Bai didn’t hesitate anymore. Was n’ t it just a mirror space?
      Ye Bai didn’t move much. He just clenched his fist and raised it.
      Finally, he aimed at the ground under his feet and fiercely smashed it down.
      “Bang!” A loud boom rang out.
      A large crack appeared on the mountain under Ye Bai’s feet.
      The mountain began to fall off and was smashed by Ye Bai’s punch.
      This was just the beginning.
      He had no idea how destructive Ye Bai’s punch could be.
      But one thing that was certain was that it could easily shatter Earth.
      Ye Bai’s punch not only destroyed the snow mountain, but it also spread to the surface.
      Then, countless terrifying cracks spread out like spider webs around the snow mountain.
      The cracks on the ground were still expanding and deepening.
      Gradually, even the crust started to crack, and the entire basic structure of the earth began to collapse.
      Endless lava poured into the ground along the cracks. The originally peaceful world instantly became hell.
      Countless lava ignited the entire world.
      A loud sound rang out continuously, and a terrifying earthquake followed.
      The crustal plates began to collapse, and the entire continent began to disintegrate.
      In the end, the entire planet exploded, turning into brilliant fireworks.
      At this point, this mirror space was also broken. Ye Bai won.
      After shattering the mirror space, Ye Bai broke free from that space and appeared in front of Gu Yi.
      This was the real world. Ye Bai was on a snowy mountain, in Kamataiji.
      “Your performance is much stronger than I expected.”
      Gu Yi said honestly. She saw Ye Bai breaking the mirror world.
      That world was actually Earth. Ancient One was based on the ratio of Earth to Earth.
      Ye Bai could smash that mirror world with one punch, which meant that Ye Bai could also smash the entire Earth with one punch.
      Such destructive power, even Gu Yi was terrified.
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      Chapter 35: Irritable Old Father Odin [Second, kneeling for monthly tickets and flowers]

      “Still want to gamble?”
      Ye Bai didn’t reply. Instead, he looked at Gu Yi coldly.
      He did not want to fight with Gu, but it did not mean that he was afraid of Gu Yi.
      Only Gu Yi didn’t really attack him. Otherwise, his punch would n’ t have hit the mirror space.
      “No need. You’ re stronger than I thought.”
      Gu Yi looked at Ye Bai and shook his head.
      “As a bet, I will teach you all my magic, as long as you are willing to learn.”
      “I won’ t ask you to do anything. I just hope you don’ t have such a big temper in the future. There’s only one person on Earth.”
      Gu Yi looked at Ye Bai and smiled.
      She had always been so calm, even when facing Ye Bai.
      Not to mention anything else, Ye Bai was convinced just by his temperament.
      “Let’s talk about magic. I’ m going back now. I’ ll come find you again if I have a chance.”
      Ye Bai didn’t have any thoughts of staying any longer, nor did he intend to have a relationship with Gu Yi.
      There was no need, as long as Gu Yi did not come to trouble him.
      This time, Gu Yi did not stop him. Instead, he took the initiative to send Ye Bai back to the Temple of Great Apple City.
      Only after Ye Bai completely left did Gu Yi smile.
      From the start, Gu Yi did not expect the mirror space to trap Ye Bai. It might be possible to use the infinite circulation of the Time Gem.
      But there was no need. If he really wanted to do this, Ye Bai would definitely explode. If he didn’t want to smash Earth, it might be possible.
      Moreover, that bet, Gu Yi himself, was going to lose.
      Some people couldn’t find any traces of magic when they searched for magic until they died.
      And some people, even if you are not interested in magic, there will be people who will let you learn.
      Ye Bai was the latter.
      Gu Yi had Ye Bai learn magic for a simple reason. He wanted to rope in Ye Bai.
      She didn’t want Ye Bai to become the guardian god of Earth like her. As long as Ye Bai was in danger on Earth in the future, he could do something.
      Of course, apart from this careful thought, there was another important reason that was to be trusted by others.
      The old friend’s goal was not to trap Ye Bai, but to kill him.
      However, Gu Yi did not intend to do this, and he knew that he could not do this.
      “Odin, I won’ t interfere in your family matters anymore. It’s better for you guys to do it yourself.”
      Gu Yi Xin thought to himself.
      That’s right. The old friend Gu Yi mentioned was Odin.
      As the guardian of Earth, how could Gu Yi not know Odin?
      After all, Earth was one of the nine worlds. It was the atrium.
      As for why Odin wanted to attack Ye Bai, it was naturally because of Hila.
      Asgard, Golden Palace.
      Odin was very angry and wanted to kill.
      The source of anger was Hila, his unfilial daughter.
      Odin had never been so angry since Hila had escaped the seal. At most, he was worried.
      But after learning that Hila and a mortal had become husband and wife, Odin was completely enraged.
      His daughter, the eldest daughter of the Odinsen family, the eldest princess of Asgard, the noble heir of the Divine King’s bloodline.
      He actually found a mortal as his husband.
      This was simply an insult to Asgard’s glory.
      Not to mention Odin, as an old father, when he heard that his cabbage had been arched by a pig, his heart became angry.
      “Damn mortal, I will hang you on the Rainbow Bridge and torture you every day for a thousand years!”
      Odin gritted his teeth and cursed. His heart was so angry that it almost blew up.
      Although Odin had a bad relationship with Hila, Hila was bleeding Odin.
      Hila was her daughter. This would never change.
      But his daughter found a mortal, which Odin could not accept.
      It was even more difficult for Odin to endure than Hila had done before.
      “Heimdal, let me know Thore and let him kill that mortal.”
      Odin told Heimdal that he wanted to watch Ye Bai die right now.
      If you dare to insult my Odin’s daughter, you probably do n’ t know how ruthless Odin is.
      After hearing Odin’s words, Hemdal’s face turned ugly.
      “Uh, Emperor Odin, I think the more likely thing to happen is that Tore will be directly killed by Hila.”
      Heimdal whispered, hoping Odin could change his order.
      This wasn’t going to kill Ye Bai. This was clearly going to send Tore to his death.
      Today, Tore was too immature. He could not possibly be Hila’s opponent.
      If they came to the door, they could only die for nothing.
      Odin also came to his senses after hearing Hemdal’s reminder and cursed himself as an idiot.
      But then he became even angrier.
      Ah, not only did her daughter run away with outsiders, she even helped outsiders to bully her.
      Could this be better?
      “No, I’ ll personally go to the atrium to seal that unfilial girl, and then tear that mortal into pieces.”
      Odin was so angry that his beard was about to rise.
      Because of his excitement, veins popped up on his neck.
      “Uh, if that’s the case, the entire atrium might be destroyed.”
      “And did you forget?”You’ ve reached an agreement with the God of Heaven team. You won’ t interfere with other civilizations.”
      Heimdal persuaded, hoping Odin could calm down.
      As for the Heavenly God Group, it was a mysterious organization that had existed for countless years. Every member of the Heavenly God Group was terrifyingly strong.
      A long time ago, Odin had fought with the people from the Heavenly God Group.
      After killing a few members of the Heavenly Gods Council, they reached an agreement with the Heavenly Gods Council to stop interfering with the development of other civilizations.
      Otherwise, without these Heavenly Gods Council, Asgard’s territory would probably occupy half of the universe.
      The current Kerry Empire, which had run rampant in the universe, was just an indigenous civilization that dared to hide in a corner and tremble.
      Odin calmed down after hearing the God of Heaven group. He sighed helplessly.
      It seemed like there was really no way to stop Hila.
      But when he thought of his daughter’s love affair with a mortal and even having a child, Odin felt as if he had eaten gunpowder.
      Although Hila’s daughter was a little too “filial “, she was still her daughter in the end.
      He could bully his daughter no matter what, but what right could a mortal have?
      “No, I will definitely kill that mortal.”
      Odin thought hatefully. No matter how he thought, he couldn’t let go of his daughter’s sleep.
      At this moment, Tian Tian Frika walked out.
      “I didn’ t even see you being so angry when Hila rebelled.”
      Frika spoke in an impolite tone. When it came to this matter, Frika was extremely resentful towards Odin.
      Now that Hila was surrounded by a mortal, it was still not your pot.
      If you didn’t, would Hila rebel?If Hila did not rebel, would she be sealed in the atrium?If the seal was not sealed in the atrium, would Hila escape the seal?
      If Hila didn’t escape the seal, would she fall asleep by a mortal?
      That was what she said, but Frika was not very angry. Or perhaps it was Odin’s anger.
      As for Hila and Ye Bai, Frika did not object.As long as Hila felt that it was worth it, she, as a mother, would have 10,000 support.
      This was the difference between father-in-law and mother-in-law.
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      Chapter 36: Conquering the Nine-Headed Snake [Third, kneel down and ask for flowers to reward and evaluate]

      Ye Bai actually made a mistake in the beginning.
      He wanted to live a stable life and live a small life for two people. He did not want to have too much trouble.
      But most of the time, trouble would come to him.
      Ultimately, the reason was that Ye Bai had enough value to attract trouble.
      Not to mention Ye Bai’s ability, just the wealth that he had accumulated over the years as a literary surplus was enough for many troublemakers to target him.
      This was the result of Ye Bai trying his best to keep a low profile. Otherwise, there would be more trouble for him.
      When dealing with these problems, Ye Bai would often attract more trouble, just like the butterfly effect.
      From the smallest butterfly flapping its wings to the final storm.
      From the very beginning, when he was targeted by Jin and the gangsters, he was now targeted by Gu Yi, the supreme mage.
      This was just the beginning. Ye Bai didn’t even know that he was already targeted by Asgard.
      Apart from Ye Bai himself, Hila could easily attract trouble.
      After all, she was the goddess of death. Even if she didn’t do anything, this identity alone would welcome many people.
      When Ye Bai was called to drink tea by the Venerable One, an unexpected guest broke into his seaside manor.
      This was a female agent from the Nine-Headed Snake.
      This female agent had just entered the manor when Hila discovered him.
      Hila originally intended to kill this intruder, but she found that the intruder was not hostile.
      Out of curiosity, Hila planned to ask the intruder what he was thinking.
      If the female agent’s answer did n’ t make Hila jump, Hila wouldn’t mind accepting the female agent’s soul.
      “Who are you?”Why are you here?”
      When the female agent entered the living room of the manor, Hila suddenly appeared on the stairs and asked the female agent from above.
      The female agent was still very vigilant, but after seeing that Hila was the target of this mission, her vigilance was withdrawn and replaced by humility.
      “My name is Kristi, from the Nine-Headed Snake.”
      “I received an order from the chief, so I came to present my loyalty to you!”
      The Nine-Headed Snake Special Agent named Kristi said respectfully to Hila, her eyes pious and passionate.
      One look showed that she had been brainwashed before she came.
      The Nine-Headed Snake might not be very good, but its brainwashing ability was very solid.
      Hearing Kristi’s words, Hila slightly frowned.
      Giving loyalty?Nine-Headed Snake?
      Hila had lived with Ye Bai for a year. Naturally, she had heard of the name Nine-Headed Snake.
      He knew there was such an organization, but he never cared about it.
      Hila naturally did not care about such a mortal organization.
      It was unexpected that this mortal organization would come to join her.
      Before being sealed by Odin, Hila had many followers. There were also some of those followers who came to join her.
      Therefore, Hila had a lot of experience in accepting others to join.
      “Nine-Headed Snake?”I don’ t accept loyalty that is worthless. Tell me your value.”
      Hila did not reject Nine-Headed Snake’s offer, but she did not accept it easily.
      Not all cats and dogs were qualified to follow the great goddess of death.
      This was the fact that Hila’s followers were either sealed or dead. They were badly understaffed.
      Otherwise, Hila would not have been able to see the Nine-Headed Snake at all.
      Just a group of mortals, how valuable could it be?
      Kristi did not hesitate after hearing Hila’s words. He opened his mouth and introduced his organization to Hila.
      He briefly described the Nine-Headed Snake’s current strength and various advantages.
      Just like selling products, he was eager to sell his organization to Hila.
      No, it should be given to Hila, in exchange for a large enough support.
      The leaders of the Nine-Headed Serpent were eager to restore the glory of the Nine-Headed Serpent, and Hila was undoubtedly the best opportunity.
      Otherwise, the Nine-Headed Snake without strong backing could not be compared to the Divine Shield Bureau with global support.
      After hearing Kristi’s introduction to Hydra, Hila shook her head in disappointment.
      Nine-Headed Snake was much less valuable than she had imagined.
      Although the Nine-Headed Snake was not bad at the moment, it still penetrated into many countries. It had an immeasurable power on Earth.
      However, Hila’s vision was great. She was a ruthless man who had fought in the universe.
      The strength of the Nine-Headed Snake Organization was truly pitiful to Hila.
      However, it could not be said to be worthless. At least on Earth, the Nine-Headed Snake still had a great influence.
      Hila and Ye Bai happened to live on Earth.
      After mastering the Nine-Headed Snake, it would definitely help Ye Bai avoid many problems.
      Hila knew that Ye Bai hated trouble the most.
      Thinking of this, Hila had already made up her mind. Even if she didn’t think about it for herself, she had to think about it for Ye Bai.
      Hila nodded and said,” In that case, I accept the loyalty of the Nine-Headed Snake.”
      “Go back and tell your chief that they will come and talk to me personally.”
      After saying that, Hila turned around and went upstairs without stopping.
      Accepting the Nine-Headed Snake’s loyalty was nothing to Hila.
      If it wasn’t for Ye Bai, she would n’ t be able to see a mortal organization like Nine-Headed Snake.
      Moreover, the Nine-Headed Snake could also be considered as a hidden chess piece left on Earth. It could not be used at any time.
      Kristi heaved a sigh of relief after receiving Hila’s reply. He quickly left the manor and prepared to report the good news to his leader.
      Ye Bai might not have expected that his wife would take over the famous Nine-Headed Snake in the Manwei universe in a short while.
      And this was just the beginning. Hila’s journey was destined to not stop easily.
      After living with Ye Bai for more than a year, Hila’s injuries had basically recovered.
      She began to think about how to take back the God King’s position that should belong to her.
      Asgaadhela would definitely return. There was no doubt about that.
      But before returning to Asgard, Hila had to deal with the relationship with Ye Bai.
      To tell Ye Bai his true identity and let Ye Bai accept his past was the most important thing that Hila cared about.
      Hila was also very worried. She didn’t know how to tell Ye Bai about her identity.
      The wife she had met with was actually a devil, the kind that destroyed countless races.
      Hila was really worried that Ye Bai would not accept it.
      If this was the case, Hila herself did not know what she would do.
      “Sigh, if only we had a child.”
      This was the first thought Hila had in her mind.
      She really wanted to have a child with Ye Bai now, so the two of them would have a bond.
      Unfortunately, due to the laws of the universe, the more powerful the life was, the more difficult it would be to reproduce.
      It wasn’t that Ye Bai and Hila did n’ t work hard, but that it was really not easy.
      Today, Hila was also worried about how to make Ye Bai accept her identity.
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      Chapter 37: Frika Letter [Fourth, kneel and beg for flowers and monthly rewards]

      While Hila was worried about how to reveal her identity to Ye Bai, Ye Bai was similarly worried.
      And in Ye Bai’s heart, he had already started to suspect Hila’s identity.
      At first, Ye Bai didn’t notice it, but as he continued to get along, Ye Bai gradually realized that something was wrong with his wife.
      Not to mention anything else, Hila’s performance was n’ t an ordinary person just when she played the life movement.
      Can an ordinary person withstand Ye Bai’s current creation?
      Even Ye Bai began to suspect that his wife, Hila, wouldn’t be Asgard’s eldest princess.
      After all, both names were the same.
      In the Manwei world, a strong person named Hila seemed to be the eldest princess of Asgard.
      However, Ye Bai’s heart was filled with doubt, and he was still unable to determine it.
      Because according to the plot, Asgard’s eldest princess should still be sealed by Odin.
      It wasn’t until the storyline of Thunder God 3 that Hila would appear.
      That was why Ye Bai couldn’t tell what his wife, Hila, was.
      “Forget it. I’ ll say hello when I have a chance.”
      “And I believe that if Hila wants to say something, she will definitely tell me in the future.”
      Ye Bai thought to himself that he should not be so worried.
      Who cared about Haila’s identity? It was just her own wife.
      Even if the sky collapsed, Hila was also his wife. What did she think so much about?
      Today was another peaceful day. Ye Bai thought of it after getting up.
      “After signing in, I will reward you with a cup of Flammable Oolong Tea.”
      Hearing this reward, Ye Bai’s mouth twitched.
      This damn sign-in system, the difference in rewards every day was too big.
      If they were lucky, they would be able to obtain the “Ancient Destruction Day Template “. If they were unlucky, they would be able to obtain a cup of” Combustible Oolong Tea “.
      There was even something worthless like the “Dome Sister’s Rabbit Doll “.
      However, after getting the System for so long, Ye Bai had almost figured out the urination of the sign-in system. His inner receptivity was much stronger.
      It was just that when he got the reward, he still felt a little unhappy.
      In the recent period, Ye Bai’s days had finally settled.
      There wouldn’t be anyone who did n’ t have eyes looking for trouble. Even the Divine Shield Bureau had disappeared from his life.
      Ye Bai naturally didn’t know that the S.H.I.E.I. Shield Bureau had been warned by someone and had chosen to admit defeat.
      Apart from the Divine Shield Bureau, the underground gangs, mutated humans, and even the Nine-Headed Snake in Great Apple City were beaten up by their couple.
      Now, one by one, they were more honest and did not dare to cause trouble for them.
      However, Ye Bai also realized that Hila seemed to have something on her mind these past few days.
      He looked at him several times, but he stopped. In the end, he didn’t say anything.
      This made Ye Bai frown. Could it be that what he had done recently had been exposed and scared Hila?
      Ye Bai naturally didn’t know that Hila was going to show up with him.
      But every time he saw Ye Bai, Hila’s words were swallowed back into her stomach.
      “Let’s wait.”
      Every time Hila warned her like this, she would drag on and on.
      The more he loved it, the more afraid he would lose it. Hila was like this now.
      It was because he cared too much that Hila had always been worried and did not dare to tell Ye Bai the truth.
      What if Ye Bai found out about her identity and had a grudge?
      It wasn’t that he did n’ t believe Ye Bai, but that Hila didn’t dare to gamble.
      Although he knew that Ye Bai was unlikely to abandon him because of his past, Hila still did not dare to gamble.
      Hila had never felt this kind of situation before.
      Love was not only sweet, it was also accompanied by all sorts of troubles.
      Hila now understood what she said. No wonder Frika had told her that she shouldn’t give her heart to someone so easily.
      “Tony organized a BBQ barbecue and invited us over. Do you want to go?”
      On the dining table, Ye Bai asked Hila, testing her attitude.
      As for Tony, Ye Bai had a good relationship with Tony during this period of time. The two of them were now good friends.
      Occasionally, there would be parties, and Tony would invite Ye Bai to go with him.
      “I don’ t want to go. I’ m going to have a good rest.”
      Hila shook her head and coldly refused.
      Ye Bai was helpless. Hila’s temper was too cold. He actually wanted Hila to be more lively.
      But Hila didn’t seem to be in the mood.
      However, Ye Bai did not intend to force Hila.The future was still long, let’s take it slow.
      Ye Bai didn’t bother about this anymore. After he had agreed that he would come back sooner, he left the manor.
      As for Hila, after breakfast, she went up to the second floor and saw Frika waiting for her in the room.
      Yes, Asgard had already found Hila’s location, but for some reason, Asgard had yet to launch an operation against Hila.
      “Why are you here?”
      Hila asked coldly as she looked at Frika.
      His tone was somewhat stiff, but he did not have much hostility.
      This was Frika. If it was Odin, Hila wouldn’t have said anything more. She drew her sword and chopped it down.
      “Come and see you. I heard you have a family here.”
      Frika smiled gently, not paying attention to Hila’s indifference.
      She knew about Hila, and she knew that Hila was always insincere.
      “Yes, is there a problem?”
      Hila was still cold, as if the person in front of her was not a relative who raised her, but a stranger.
      “No, I’ m here to bless you. Your vision is not bad.”
      Frika smiled and said to Hila. At the same time, Hila’s coldness was reduced.
      This change naturally fell into Frika’s eyes. Frika sighed inwardly. It seemed that this mortal had a heavy weight in Hila’s heart.
      “But your father Odin is very angry at this matter. You have to be careful.”
      Frika continued. It was a wake-up call for Hila.
      Hearing this, Hila’s face turned cold again. Her eyes were filled with killing intent.
      “He’s not my father, he’s just a hypocrite.”
      Hila retorted. It could be seen how bad her relationship with Odin was.
      This was normal. The relationship between Hila and Odin itself was not good.Hila would come to this point. Most of it was thanks to Odin.
      In terms of who Hila hated the most, it was not Odin.
      However, Frika’s words still made Hila worry. She knew that Asgard was already targeting Ye Bai.
      This gave Hila a headache.
      She knew how arrogant Asgard and the others were. Killing a mortal was nothing to Asgard.
      Although Hila herself was an arrogant fellow, who told her to really like Ye Bai?
      “Be careful. Asgard will not be indifferent to you.”
      Frika instructed Hila again before disappearing.
      This was just Frika’s projection, and it was n’ t that she was personally present.
      Otherwise, they would not be able to hide it from Odin.
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      Chapter 38: Tony’s party [Fifth, kneel down and ask for flowers to reward and comment]

      Chapter 38: Tony’s Party
      Asgard would not be indifferent to Hila’s matter. This was for sure.
      In Asgard’s view, Hila and a mortal joined forces to form a family. This was an insult to Asgard’s glory.
      Odin, a stubborn old man, wished he could eat Ye Bai alive.
      However, for some reason, Odin could not personally come to Earth. He could only achieve his goal through a few small means.
      That was why Ye Bai was unlucky. All sorts of extremely coincidental accidents happened to Ye Bai.
      First, on the road, Ye Bai was in a car accident. Then, a billboard fell, a natural gas pipeline exploded, and even a bolt of lightning descended.
      This series of terrible accidents made Ye Bai suspect that he had been targeted by some unknown existence.
      Just like what was described in Death’s Coming, an invisible Death was trying to take his life away.
      Of course, Ye Bai didn’t know that this was Odin’s method. He wanted to kill this guy who had tarnished the Odin Sen family’s bloodline.
      After all the hardships, Ye Bai finally arrived at Tony’s villa.
      Tony’s villa was n’ t far from Ye Bai’s manor, but it wasted a lot of Ye Bai’s time.
      By the time Ye Bai arrived, Tony’s BBQ barbecue party had already begun.
      Seeing Tony surrounded by a group of supermodels, Ye Bai shook his head in amusement.
      This playboy was still alive.
      If Ye Bai didn’t know Hila, it should be about the same as Tony.
      Ye Bai thought to himself.
      Apart from Tony, Ye Bai saw some other acquaintances. They were all characters that had appeared in the movie.
      Like a war machine, he was Tony’s military friend.
      Another example was Tony’s personal bodyguard, Harry.
      Even Ye Bai saw the Black Widow and Eagle Eye. These two members of the Avengers Alliance were here.
      This made Ye Bai somewhat puzzled. Could it be that Tony had joined the Avengers plan of Divine Shield?
      After calculating the time, it seemed like it was about the same.The Avenger’s plan was in Iron Man 1. Nick Frey already had an idea.
      Even Ye Bai was originally part of Nick Frey’s plan.
      But as Ye Bai and Hila continued to show their strength, Nick Frey had already given up on this plan.
      He couldn’ t afford to offend these two big shots.
      However, Nick Frey still did not give up. Today’s party could be considered as a test for Nick Frey.
      Even if it wasn’t easy to tell Ye Bai openly and invite Ye Bai to join, it was not bad to have a good relationship with Ye Bai first.
      Ye Bai couldn’t help but laugh when he guessed what Nick Frey was thinking.
      He felt that the Divine Shield Bureau was just like a dog licking in front of him.
      However, this was good. It would be better if the S.H.I.E. was a dog licking.
      Ye Bai’s arrival soon became the center of the party.
      Tony warmly welcomed Ye Bai and even began to introduce him to the supermodel.
      The supermodels looked at Ye Bai as well, as if a bunch of wolves had seen a piece of fat meat.
      Ye Bai was still very attractive. He was handsome and his figure exploded.
      Moreover, he was a young man and a rich man.He was also the most famous best seller, and he had a great influence in the world.
      Such a handsome young man was a perfect partner.
      They didn’t even expect to become Ye Bai’s wife, but having such a little gossip with Ye Bai made them gain a lot.
      Ye Bai knew exactly what these supermodels were thinking. It was his own body.
      Unfortunately, Ye Bai already had Hila. He was determined to be a good man, so he refused all of them.
      “Hey, buddy, you shouldn’ t be so heartless. Look at how sad those girls are.”
      Tony came to Ye Bai’s side and spoke to Ye Bai in a polite tone.
      Ye Bai smiled and didn’t explain too much. The two of them did n’ t have the same character at all.
      Tony was a standard playboy. Every day, he was in the midst of the flowers.
      Judging from Tony’s posture, he probably wished he could have 48 hours a day to enjoy his life.
      It wasn’t until after a series of events that Tony changed his mind and began to become a qualified superhero.
      At the same time, he put away his fancy and began to shoulder the responsibility of being a husband.
      But now, Tony was still a child who hadn’t grown up.
      Ye Bai didn’t explain anything to Tony either. He had different personalities and different ideas.
      Ye Bai felt that it was good now. He didn’t have to worry about the pressure of his life, and he did n’ t need to worry about anything. He just had to spend his life with Hila every day.
      After chatting with Tony a few more times, Tony quickly left. He turned around and plunged into the flowers.
      Ye Bai wasn’t envious of this either. He just felt that Tony was a little childish.
      After Tony left, Natasha walked over.
      “We meet again, genius writer.”
      Natasha smiled and said to Ye Bai.
      This female agent, who had intended to seduce Ye Bai, now faced Ye Bai without the charm of the past. Instead, she was purely making friends.
      “Hello, worker Natasha. I hope you did not come with the mission this time.”
      Ye Bai laughed and teased. As long as it wasn’t intended, Ye Bai did n’ t refuse to talk to Natasha.
      In fact, Ye Bai’s personality was quite easy-going. Being cold was just treating the enemy.
      After a few words of conversation, Natasha left without stopping at Ye Bai.
      Natasha also knew that Ye Bai had no idea about her, so she didn’t plan to waste time here.
      She came out to play today, not to work. Naturally, she would not feel wronged.
      After Natasha left, Eagle Eye also walked over.
      “Let me know. You can call me Barton.”
      Hawkeye said to Ye Bai as he reached out his right hand.
      “Ye Bai, I’ m glad to meet you.”
      Ye Bai also said hello to Eagle Eye. They knew each other.
      Eagle Eye was one of the elders of the Avengers Alliance, as well as a senior agent of the Divine Shield Bureau.
      Most importantly, Eagle Eye and Ye Bai were very similar.
      Eagle Eye also had a family, a lover, and even children.
      Like Ye Bai, Eagle Eye was also a loyal person to his family.
      After chatting with Hawkeye, Ye Bai and Hawkeye had a good conversation. The relationship between them was rapidly advancing.
      In fact, Eagle Eye even invited Ye Bai to visit his house to improve their relationship.
      After Ye Bai dealt with it, Eagle Eye quickly left.
      As for Ye Bai, after a while, he had an idea to go back.
      The reward this time was to get to know a few members of the Avengers Alliance and witness the embryonic form of the Avengers Alliance.
      But just as Ye Bai was about to leave, a sudden arrival interrupted Ye Bai’s thoughts of returning.
      Asgard’s crown prince, Thor, had arrived.
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      Chapter 39: Knowing the truth [Jia Geng, kneel and beg for flowers to reward]

      During this period of time, Tore had lived happily.
      After returning to Earth, Tore quickly received the highest standard of reception from the human government.
      At the same time, he also met many new friends, such as Nick Frey of the Divine Shield Bureau, Tony Stark, and so on.
      His relationship with his Earth girlfriend, Jane Fox, had gone even further. It was almost as if it was a glue.
      Today, Tore was invited by Tony to attend a party.
      In terms of what Tore liked most on Earth, other than beer, it would probably be a party.
      When he was in Asgard, Tore was very enthusiastic about various lively occasions.
      As for the party, it made Tore addicted to it. It seemed like he was about to become the second little prince.
      Odin, who was far away in Asgard, knew about this matter. He was so angry that he almost went down to the mortal world and killed Tor as a rebel.
      It was hard to say. Odin’s three children could do more than one.
      Hila rebelled and formed a family with mortals.
      Tore was an idiot. He also found a mortal girlfriend.
      Rocky was a black-bellied man. Every day, he was either making trouble or on the way to make trouble.
      It could be seen how much Asgard’s education had failed.
      Tony was very happy with Tore’s arrival.Tony and Tore had a good relationship, not only because their names were similar, but also because they had a common topic.
      They were all born in the second generation, and they were all people who liked to play.
      By the way, Tore didn’t bring his girlfriend here today. Instead, he came alone.
      As soon as he arrived at the party, Tore started to provoke those hot supermodels, as if there were signs of a change towards a playboy.
      It wasn’t that Torre was a scum, but that he really loved playing.
      “Heh heh, I’ ll introduce you to a friend. This is Ye, a talented writer.”
      Tony still cared about Ye Bai. The moment Tore arrived, he introduced him to Ye Bai.
      “Hello, buddy. I’ m Thunder God Torre, from Asgard. Would you like to have a drink together?”
      Tore was also very nice. He hugged Ye Bai’s shoulder and said as if he was a good friend.
      Ye Bai couldn’t even accept this degree of familiarity.
      However, Ye Bai did not reject Tor’s kindness,
      “Ye Bai, I’ m very happy to meet you. Speaking of which, where is Asgard?”
      Ye Bai smiled and said.
      Ye Bai was still very curious about Asgard.
      He really wanted to see for himself whether the legendary Asgard was more spectacular than the movie.
      Ye Bai didn’t know that Torre was actually his brother-in-law.
      Ye Bai finally left this party.
      Apart from knowing a few friends, what was more important was that he received an important piece of news from Tor.
      According to Tore, the main purpose of his visit to Earth was to find his sister.
      It was the legendary goddess of death, Hila, the eldest princess of Asgard.
      At the same time, Ye Bai knew that Hila had broken free of the seal.
      He knew that Hila had broken free of the seal a year ago.
      Hila, a year ago, she broke free from the seal. Asgard came.
      This kind of clue made Ye Bai understand one thing.
      His wife seemed to be the eldest princess of Asgard, the goddess of death, Hila.
      In the past, Ye Bai had doubts about this because there was only one powerhouse called Hila.
      The news that Tore revealed now confirmed Ye Bai’s guess.
      “My wife is the devil?”
      Ye Bai thought to himself. He always felt that it was a little unreal.
      He just casually picked up a wife at the door. It was actually Demon Lord Hila.
      Ye Bai didn’t even know whether he was lucky or unlucky.
      After knowing Hila’s identity, a question also appeared in Ye Bai’s heart.
      How would he face Hila?
      Just like before, she pretended not to know Hila’s identity or showed her a showdown. She told Hila that regardless of her identity, she was willing to accept it.
      Ye Bai’s heart was biased towards the second type, but in the end, Ye Bai still rejected it.
      Since Hila didn’t tell him his true identity, she must have a motive.
      Ye Bai didn’t need to worry. He might as well wait for Hila to confess.
      He believed that Hila would have a day with Ye Bai sooner or later. He couldn’t always hide his identity.
      Apart from this, Ye Bai still needed to consider the subsequent impact.
      Hila’s identity was doomed. In the future, many problems would follow.
      First, it was Asgard. Would Asgard let Hila go?
      This was obviously impossible. The conflict between Hila and Asgard could not be resolved.
      Then, perhaps Ye Bai would have a fight with Asgard.
      With Ye Bai’s current strength, there was no need to worry about this. Asgard was nothing in Ye Bai’s eyes.
      Therefore, Ye Bai quickly adjusted his state of mind.
      After all, Hila was already her wife. She had done everything she had to do.
      He could still run?
      Even if Hila wanted to become the devil and destroy the entire universe, Ye Bai would not hesitate. He wanted to be the man behind the devil.
      With that thought, Ye Bai suddenly realized that it was quite interesting.
      NASA, Eagle Sauce Space Agency.
      A space and space research institution founded by the federal government.
      In addition to studying some spaceflight equipment, this organization would also observe space and eventually pass by the large meteorites on Earth.
      Today, in NASA’s space agency, the staff seemed to have been cast with petrified magic. They all stared blankly at the huge screen in front of them.
      Everyone’s eyes were filled with despair, confusion,
      Lawson was one of the people in charge of the Space Bureau. He was also present.
      Looking at the data on the screen, Lawson held his head with both hands, his eyes filled with disbelief and despair.
      Because, on the big screen in front of him, a huge black shadow was constantly approaching Earth.
      As an old man at NASA, Lawson naturally knew what this black shadow meant.
      This was a black hole, the ultimate celestial body in the universe.
      In other words, a huge black hole was approaching Earth.
      There was no doubt that this was a huge disaster. It was even greater than 65 million years ago when a meteorite hit Earth.
      65 Million years ago, a massive meteor that was as big as the City of Angels hit the surface of Earth.
      The destructive power that it brought directly caused the Earth’s overlord, the dinosaurs, to completely disappear.
      And now, an even more terrifying disaster was coming.
      Under the black hole, not only the humans on Earth’s surface would be extinct like dinosaurs.
      The entire Earth would be swallowed up by the black hole, completely disappearing into the universe.
      Compared to the current disaster facing Earth, the meteorite collision 65 million years ago was nothing to mention.
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      Chapter 40: Despair, Star Swallowing Coming [1st step, kneel down and ask for flowers to reward and evaluate]

      Eagle paste, pentagram building.
      Mr. Eagle Sauce was extremely unreliable. He was fiddling with his phone and checking the latest message on his Twitter.
      When he encountered some interesting messages, the especially unreliable president would even give him a compliment.
      Mr. Unreliable might not be the greatest president of Eagle Paste, but he was definitely the closest to the people.
      Just as he was playing with Twitter, his trusted minister pushed open the door of his office and interrupted him.
      “Hey, you should knock on the door first, you rude fellow.”
      Mr. Unreliable cursed as he quietly turned off the phone screen and hid the pictures of the hot girls.
      “I apologize, Mr. President, but I think you have to look at this first.”
      The trusted minister kept panting. He could tell that he was in a hurry. He almost ran all the way here.
      At the same time, he placed a copy of the information in his hand in front of an extremely unreliable table.
      “Did those space nerds detect any more habitable planets?”
      “In the past half a year, I’ ve received 20 similar reports. What’s laughable is that the final confirmation all fake.”
      Mr. Unreasonably ridiculed him mercilessly, not showing any good feelings towards NASA.
      But to be honest, he still read the report carefully.
      However, the more he looked, the more serious his expression became.
      At the end of the day, Mr. Unreliable’s eyes were filled with madness.
      “Oh!”God, tell me it’s not true!”
      Mr. Unreliable was going crazy. He could not believe what he saw.
      If his trusted minister now told him that all this was a joke on April Fool’s Day, he would not be angry. Instead, he would invite this trusted minister to have a good drink.
      Unfortunately, Mr. Irreliable’s hope was doomed to fail.
      “Mr. President, I’ m sorry, this report is true.”
      “Our astronauts at the space station can confirm the truth of this news. The end of the world is really coming!”
      The trusted aide said with difficulty, if he could, how much he wished this report was false.
      It was a joke made by some guy on purpose.
      If that was the case, no one would blame him.
      Unfortunately, the cruel truth was right in front of him. You couldn’t believe it.
      A huge black hole was heading towards Earth.
      There would be at most three days before Earth would be swallowed up by this huge black hole.
      This was an even more terrifying disaster than 65 million years ago.
      Mr. Unreliable was completely dumbfounded. He stood there in a daze for a long time.
      Then, he rolled his eyes and fainted.
      Not only in the Five-Point Star Building, but also at the headquarters of the Divine Shield Bureau, Nick Frey also learned about this.
      Seeing the report confirmed by NASA, Nick Frey swallowed hard.
      The end of the world was about to come.
      At this moment, even though Nick Frey was the director of the Divine Shield Bureau and one of the most powerful men on Earth, he was completely flustered.
      Those normally firm eyes were filled with confusion.
      He did not know what to do or how to deal with this crisis.
      His usual strategy was now a joke. This was the first time he felt helpless when facing a difficult situation.
      Black hole, this thing is something that Nick Frey can deal with?
      Not to mention him, even if all the life on Earth combined, it was extremely small in front of the black hole.
      This was not an existence that could be resisted by human forces.
      Suddenly, Nick Frey thought of someone.
      He took out the calling machine that he had treasured for more than twenty years, hesitating whether he should use this last move.
      Captain Amazing, the strongest individual known by Nick Frey on Earth.
      It was also the biggest confidence of the S.H.I. Shield Bureau when facing Asgard.
      After some hesitation, Nick Frey finally used this pager to send a message to Captain Marvel.
      If it was Captain Marvel, there might be a way to deal with this danger.
      Nick Frey thought to himself that Captain Surprise was his only life-saving straw.
      Asgard, Odin was already furious about Hila.
      At this moment, Heimdal walked in quickly.
      “Your Majesty, there is something important to report to you.”
      The anxiety on Hemdal’s face was seen through by Odin.
      “What is it?”Tore is in trouble again?”
      “No, it has nothing to do with Tore, but the atrium has encountered a great crisis.”
      Heimdal replied.
      “Star Swallowing, one of the five gods, appeared near the atrium. It was very likely that he was heading for the atrium.”
      Hemdal’s knowledge was naturally not comparable to that of humans.
      As a result, he could tell with a single glance that the one that was constantly approaching Earth was not a black hole, but an even more terrifying existence.
      One of the five founding gods, the entire planet Devourer.
      A guy that made all the universe races hate.
      To Star Swallowing, planets were his food. Every year, a large number of planets were eaten by Star Swallowing.
      Not long ago, Star Swallowing had swallowed a colonial planet of the Kerry Empire, causing it to be chased and bombed by the fleet of the Kerry Empire.
      However, the Kerri Star fleet was just a small group of insects to Star Swallowing. It didn’t matter at all.
      Who would have thought that the Star Swallowing Star that had just swallowed the Kerry Empire’s planet would now have their eyes on the atrium.
      “Star Swallowing, why did this guy target the atrium?”
      Odin frowned when he heard the news. This was a major event.
      One bad, the atrium was gone.
      Although Star-devouring was the shame of the five gods, it was definitely a brain problem if they underestimated Star-devouring.
      As the Godking of Asgard, Odin knew very well how terrifying Star Devouring was.
      At its peak, Star Swallowing was able to draw against the strongest of the five gods, Void.
      Of course, Star Swallowing in a weak state was a bit embarrassing.
      Even Murphitos could not defeat him.
      Odin’s only hope was that Star Swallowing was in a weak state.
      If that was the case, he would be able to fight back Star Swallowing.
      “Why didn’ t those damned Heavenly Gods Council appear?”
      “Are they going to watch a civilization be eaten by Star Swallowing?”
      Odin thought to himself.
      The biggest piece of shit in the universe was definitely the God of Heaven.
      This organization that was doing things everywhere often used the Cosmic Balance as an excuse to play the role of the Cosmic Police.
      But at the crucial moment, how did these people from the Heavenly God Group disappear?
      Of course, Odin was just ridiculing him. His relationship with the God of Heaven group was very bad. If he caught an opportunity, he would lose the God of Heaven group.
      Odin knew that the God of Heaven group was created by the five gods. Star Swallowing was the boss of the God of Heaven group.
      Under such circumstances, the Heavenly God Group naturally could not find trouble with Star Swallowing.
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      Chapter 41: Saving Little Ball [2nd, kneeling for flowers to reward and evaluate]

      In the eyes of the God of Heaven, an ordinary planet on Earth would be destroyed. Who cares?
      Even Earth should have been destroyed long ago. If it had not been for Odin, Earth would have been gone long ago.
      Just as Odin was still wondering if he should take the risk to stop Star Swallowing, some people on Earth also looked out of the sky.
      Himalaya, Kamataiji.
      Gu Yi, the supreme mage, stood on the peak of the mountain, looking at the sky above him with a grave expression.
      As the protection of Earth, Gu Yi had repelled countless enemies in the past long years.
      Countless times in the dark, it protected Earth’s safety.
      But this time, it was different. Gu Yi had no confidence for the first time.
      Even in the past, when faced with the Lord of the Dark Dimension, Domam, Gu Yi had absolute confidence that he could win.
      But this time, the danger was even more terrifying than Domam’s.
      One of the five gods, Planet Devourer.
      This was an existence that made any space civilization fearful.
      Star Swallowing targeted Earth, which was equivalent to sentencing all life on Earth to death.
      Gu Yi sighed once again.
      The only way now was to look forward to Star Swallowing being at its weakest state.
      This way, there was still a chance to fight. Otherwise, they could only wait for death.
      For some reason, Gu Yi thought of Ye Bai.In the mirror space, Gu Yi had seen how powerful Ye Bai was.
      Perhaps Ye Bai had a chance to fight Star Swallowing and become the key player to save this disaster.
      But Gu Yi didn’t go straight to look for Ye Bai. She did n’ t like to use righteousness to suppress others.
      When she asked Ye Bai to save this crisis, it was inevitable that there was a suspicion of moral kidnapping.
      So she was waiting for Ye Bai to make his own choice.
      Ye Bai was also paying attention to the disaster.
      In fact, he knew about the arrival of Star Swallowing earlier than NASA.
      Ye Bai didn’t even know how strong he was. He only knew that he was especially strong.
      Ye Bai had sensed the existence of Star Swallowing long before.
      This kind of terrifying perception was not available until Ye Bai obtained the template of the Ancient Destruction Day.
      “Do you want to make a move?”
      Ye Bai was thinking about it. Star Swallowing was about to arrive. Time was running out.
      If he didn’t make a move, Earth could only be eaten by Star Swallowing. There was no other outcome.
      Because in terms of the super heroes on Earth, it was clear that there was no possibility of fighting Star Devouring.
      The Iron Man had only just grown up, and he hadn’t reached the stage where he had studied countless anti-XX armor.
      Haoke had only begun to adapt to his own strength now. The green war form was far away.
      Thundergod Torre was still a hammer god. He had not even explored his potential, let alone Odin’s power.
      The Black Phoenix had not awakened yet, and it was still being imprisoned by Professor X.
      As for the Scarlet Witch, who knew where she was now?
      The chaotic magic that could restart the universe was clearly still far away.
      As for Gu Yi, Hila, and Captain Amazing, although the three of them were all very strong, they had the level of Heavenly Father.
      But he was definitely not a match for Star Devouring.
      Because the current Star Devouring was not in an extremely weak state.
      Thinking back, Ye Bai realized that he was the only one who could stop Planet Swallowing from eating Earth.
      Ye Bai didn’t want to be a hero because it was too troublesome to be a hero.
      But the current situation was that Ye Bai seemed to have to be a hero. Otherwise, Earth would be GG.
      This made Ye Bai feel a little helpless. Heroes were forced out.
      Yes, Ye Bai had already decided to make a move.
      What else could he do?If he didn’t attack Earth, it would be cold.
      Ye Bai still had so many industries on Earth, how could he bear it?
      Besides, Ye Bai admitted that he had feelings for Earth.
      Although it was not the same world, it was the same small broken ball.
      Before stopping Star Devouring, Ye Bai went back to the manor.
      Since he had decided to stop Star Swallowing, Ye Bai naturally had to say hello to Hila.
      Of course, Ye Bai wouldn’t foolishly say what he was going to do. He just needed to find an excuse to go out.
      As for Hila’s identity, Ye Bai did not intend to ask.
      Ye Bai believed that if he asked, Hila would definitely say it, but so what?
      If Hila wanted to tell herself, she would naturally confess. There was no need to be too anxious.
      Everyone was wiped clean. Was he afraid that Hila would run away?
      As usual, Ye Bai prepared a meal first.Then at the dining table, Ye Bai and Hila talked about their trip.
      Hila did not have any questions. She nodded to show that she knew.
      Other than telling Ye Bai to be safe and return early, there was nothing else.
      Hila did not know Ye Bai’s purpose, nor did she know about Star Swallowing.
      She wasn’t like Gu Yi. She had time gems.It didn’t look like Asgard. Heimdal had eyes.
      It would be strange for Hila to know about Star Swallowing without sufficient information.
      At most, through the Nine-Headed Snake Organization, they knew that there was a black hole approaching Earth.
      This was nothing to Hila.
      Perhaps ordinary mortals were panicking, feeling that the black hole was a natural disaster.
      But Hila knew that Earth was deep.
      Not to mention anything else, Odin and Gu Yi were just two big shots.
      If it was just an ordinary black hole, these two big shots could be easily solved.
      He didn’t care much about the black hole. Instead, Hila was more concerned about another matter.
      That was Asgard.
      Through Frika, Hila knew that Asgard had discovered her.
      Actually, it was nothing. Hila had never intended to be discovered by Asgard.
      But the key was Odin’s attitude towards Ye Bai.
      Frika’s warning was still vivid in her mind. Odin would probably attack Ye Bai.
      Even Hila could imagine that Odin, that old bastard, was definitely not satisfied with finding a mortal as his husband.
      Perhaps in Odin’s opinion, he was doing this to tarnish the Odin Sen family’s bloodline.
      But so what?Hila liked it herself. That was enough.
      And thinking of Odin’s angry look, Hila felt a sense of revenge.
      Old bastard, I’m going to anger you to death if I let you go back.
      Hila was still very serious.
      Where Odin’s strength was, it was a huge threat to Ye Bai.
      If Odin accidentally killed Ye Bai, Hila swore that she would go crazy.
      Therefore, Hila was thinking about how to ensure Ye Bai’s life as safe as possible.
      She did not have to worry. Odin could not kill her unless Odin was willing to destroy Asgard.
      Of course, Hila was worried because she didn’t understand Ye Bai’s strength.
      If Hila knew how powerful Ye Bai was now, she would definitely not be confused.
      Perhaps he would be happy to see Odin find trouble with Ye Bai.
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      Chapter 42: Insta-kill, Star Swallowing Emissary Silver Shadow [Third, kneel down and ask for fresh flowers to reward and evaluate votes]

      At this moment, there were still two days before Planet Swallowing arrived on Earth.
      As usual, Ye Bai woke up early to make breakfast for Hila.
      But he didn’t know that today, the people on Little Poqiu were going crazy.
      The higher-ups of the human race who knew the truth were all waiting for the end of the day in despair. Their hearts were like ashes.
      As for those farts who did not have the right to know the truth even when they died, they were still wondering why the world was so quiet today.
      The military forces of the Earth countries all took out their own family background, intending to risk their lives.
      If he didn’t risk his life, he would die. Humans had no choice.
      Although using a technology weapon to attack a black hole was a bit ridiculous, what could he do?
      Just take it as if it was before the extinction, just watch the last fireworks.
      The grandest fireworks were dedicated to the human civilization that was on its way to the end.
      In addition, at S.H.I.E. Bureau, Nick Frey was also crazy.
      He kept calling to contact all the super heroes he knew.
      After Tony Stark received the news, he stopped his research on Mark’s armor and hurried to the headquarters of Divine Shield Bureau.
      Fantastic Four also finished their respective trips and arrived at Great Apple City to gather.
      Dr. Bannah ended his long escape and rushed towards Great Apple City under the escort of the S.H.I.E. Bureau agents.
      Even the mutated humans had received an invitation from S.H.I.E. Shield Bureau to participate in this last carnival.
      Because everyone felt that humans were dead.
      In front of the black hole, the immature super heroes did not have the slightest resistance.
      Ye Bai naturally didn’t know about this, nor did he know that some people on Earth were already in despair because of the arrival of Star Swallowing.
      After breakfast, Ye Bai said goodbye to Hila and drove to a suburb of Big Apple City.
      After confirming that no one would notice him, Ye Bai got out of the car.
      Then, he squatted down and flew into the sky in the next second.
      Ye Bai, who inherited General Zode’s template and the Ancient Destruction Sun template, naturally would fly.
      Moreover, the speed was extremely fast. The instant he took off, he broke through the supersonic speed. Behind Ye Bai, a large cone-shaped sound was formed.
      This was the result of Ye Bai deliberately controlling his own speed. Otherwise, if it was too fast, it might affect Earth’s atmosphere.
      Even so, Ye Bai left Earth’s orbit in a short period of time and officially entered the outer space domain.
      After confirming a direction, Ye Bai disappeared into Earth’s outer space orbit at an unbelievable speed.
      In space not far from the Solar System, a pure black domain was moving rapidly.
      If people from Earth saw this scene, they would understand that this black region was the greatest threat facing Earth today, the black hole.
      To be exact, it was one of the five gods, the planet Devourer.
      At the periphery of the black hole, a silver figure was constantly flying.
      This was Silver Phantom, a super hero from outer space.
      However, the current Silver Shadow Warrior was also an emissary under Star Devouring. He was responsible for helping Star Devouring find a planet that could be devoured.
      At this moment, Silver Shadow Warrior stopped his movements and focused his attention on the front.
      An unknown object was approaching at high speed.
      In an extremely short period of time, the unknown object appeared in front of Silver Shadow Hero.
      A human was naturally Ye Bai.
      Ye Bai knew that this was Star Swallowing and his emissary.
      The two sides had no intention of talking. They could not talk in outer space.
      His voice could not even be heard. He was talking with a hammer.
      Moreover, Ye Bai had come this time to fight back Star Swallowing.
      So there was no need to talk.
      A direct fight was what should be done.
      Ye Bai took the lead to charge towards Silver Shadow Warrior. He planned to kill Star Swallowing’s messenger before facing Star Swallowing.
      Silver Shadow Hero was stunned, but he quickly reacted. He raised his hand and used a cosmic ray.
      Silver Shadow Hero’s strength was very strong, completely at the Heavenly Father level or even higher.
      It was because his master had given him powerful cosmic power, and his combat strength was extremely high.
      In the movie, there were even signs of mutual destruction with Star Swallowing.
      Of course, that was the extremely weak version of Star Swallowing.
      But one could also see the Silver Shadow Hero’s strength.
      After all, even if he was in a state of extreme weakness, he would have to have the strength of a Heavenly Father to fight.
      However, Silver Shadow Hero’s strength was very strong, while Ye Bai’s strength was even stronger.
      Just General Zode’s template alone was enough to make Ye Bai’s strength reach an exaggerated level.
      Every Kryptonian was on par.
      In addition, there was the Ancient Destruction Day Template.
      This was an existence at the peak of his life that could beat up DC’s big villain, Daxed.
      Facing the cosmic rays shot by Silver Phantom, Ye Bai didn’t even bother to dodge and directly went up.
      After his body blocked the cosmic ray, not only did Ye Bai not receive any damage, he became even stronger.
      Then, under Silver Phantom’s surprised gaze, Ye Bai sent Silver Phantom flying with one punch.
      This punch was heavy enough to shatter an Earth-like planet.
      But under this punch, the Silver Shadow Warrior did not die. He only flew a distance and fell into a state of serious injury and unconsciousness. He did not know how long he would float in space.
      Perhaps only when the gravity of a certain planet captured Silver Shadow could he stop drifting in space.
      One punch, one kill.
      The opponent was still an elite warrior of the Silver Shadow Warrior level.
      Ye Bai’s strength was obvious.
      This was the case when Ye Bai did not fully utilize his potential.
      Theoretically, the Ancient Destruction Day could evolve independently and become stronger.
      But in reality, if the Ancient Destruction Day wanted to grow quickly, the best way was to fight continuously.
      Only by constantly dying from injuries would the Ancient Destruction Day become more and more powerful.
      Ye Bai was obviously not qualified in this regard.
      This was because he had obtained the Ancient Destruction Day Template and had not died yet.
      This caused Ye Bai to be far from being able to exploit the potential of the Ancient Destruction Day.
      The Ancient Destruction Day wasn’t like General Zode’s Kryptonian War God’s template. The sun would become stronger.
      Even so, Ye Bai’s current combat strength was too exaggerated.
      However, Ye Bai wasn’t too complacent. The real enemy was n’ t Silver Phantom, but Star Swallowing.
      In the end, Silver Shadow Hero’s strength was only bestowed by Star Swallowing.
      Yin Yingxia had such strength. How could Star Swallowing be weak?
      In Ye Bai’s senses, one of the five gods, the Swallowing Star, was deep inside the black hole.
      Ye Bai didn’t hesitate and directly plunged into the black hole.
      The black hole was the most terrifying celestial body in the universe. It was the intersection of all physics and the ultimate existence.
      But obviously, the black hole could not kill Ye Bai.
      After all, he was a man with the Ancient Destruction Day template.
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      Chapter 43: Confronting Star Swallowing![Fourth, kneel and beg for flowers to reward]

      As soon as he entered the black hole’s border, Ye Bai felt an almost infinite gravitational force pressing on him.
      The gravity was capturing Ye Bai as he approached the black hole.
      At the same time, the gravity was trying to tear Ye Bai’s body apart.
      Before he transmigrated, Ye Bai had seen a popular program.
      It was said that if a person was swallowed by the black hole, it would be pulled into an infinite thin line.
      Moreover, this thin line could never reach the center of the black hole because the time flow inside the black hole was almost eternal.
      Ye Bai did not comment on this.
      Because he did not feel that time was frozen, he could still move inside the black hole.
      As for the gravity added to his body, it did make it difficult for Ye Bai to move, but soon, Ye Bai got used to it.
      The template of the Ancient Destruction Day was just that perverted.
      What Ye Bai didn’t know was that the reason why he could n’ t feel time being frozen was because he had transcended the river of time.
      Time could not trap him, so he could roam freely inside the black hole.
      In the Maneuvering Universe, transcending the river of time was almost a standard standard for experts.
      If he couldn’t even escape the river of time, he could n’ t even be called a strong person.
      The ability of the Time Gem was very powerful, but it was ineffective in the face of true experts.
      For example, Domam, the monarch of the dark dimension was not restricted by the laws of time.
      Dr. Strange could only use the power of the Time Gem to annoy Domam through endless cycles of death.
      However, he could not cross the timeline and directly kill Domam in his childhood.
      It was because Domam had transcended time, and he could not track his past in the river of time.
      Moreover, if the law of time was useful to Domam, he would not be bothered by the endless cycle of time.
      Because if time kept repeating, Dormam would have killed Dr. Strange for the first time every time. He would not feel bored at all.
      Even Domam could transcend the river of time, so Ye Bai could do it.
      Therefore, Ye Bai passed through the long gravitational belt of the black hole and directly reached the center of the black hole, touching the singularity.
      In the next moment, Ye Bai’s figure disappeared and was replaced by a mysterious space.
      This was the inner part of the real black hole. It was another universe. The Singularity was just the door to this universe.
      In this universe, Ye Bai saw countless floating planets.
      At the same time, Ye Bai saw Star Swallowing, a god whose body was larger than billions of planets.
      If Ye Bai was right, these planets should be planets that had been devoured by Star Devouring for countless years.
      The black hole was just a food tool for Star Swallowing. This universe was the “stomach” of Star Swallowing.
      All the planets that were eaten by Star Devouring would be digested here in the end.
      While Ye Bai was sizing up the universe, Star Devouring was also sizing up Ye Bai.
      However, Star Devouring did not take Ye Bai seriously.
      Even if Ye Bai was able to pass through the black hole and transcend the river of time.
      However, how many experts surpassed the river of time in the diffusion world?It was simply countless.
      But the five founding gods were still five.
      It was not that there were no challengers. On the contrary, there were countless challengers who wanted to replace the five gods.
      But what was the final result?Those challengers were all dead.
      Hence, Star Swallowing had the confidence to look down on any life.
      “Interesting little thing, it means your intention. If there is no reasonable explanation, perhaps you will be my next emissary.”
      Ye Bai was not surprised to hear the sound of Star Swallowing.
      This universe was created by Star Swallowing. Star Swallowing could control all the rules of this universe.
      Even in space, the sound could still be transmitted because Star Devouring was the creator of this universe.
      “It’s very simple. The planet you’ ve chosen can’ t be eaten by you. You should change your target for food.”
      When Ye Bai was facing Star Swallowing, he didn’t immediately fight.
      There were still some worries in his heart. After all, where was the size of Star Swallowing.
      “Yes, but you need to pay the price.”
      “You know, a long time ago, someone begged me to let go of his mother planet. Do you know the final outcome?”
      Swallowing Star said coldly. His voice was like an ice-cold machine without any emotion, and it was like a god who looked down on the turbid world.
      “You’re talking about the Silver Shadow Warrior, the one who stepped on the waves?”
      Ye Bai said his guess. He didn’t really understand Silver Shadow Hero’s background story.
      “That’s right. That’s a person worthy of respect.”
      “He became my emissary, and I kept my promise and let his mother planet go.”
      “If you want to save your home planet, you must also become my emissary to find a new planet for me in the universe.”
      Swallowing Star said his condition and took a fancy to Ye Bai’s strength. He wanted to take him as his younger brother.
      Ye Bai could not agree to this condition.He was someone with a wife. Hila was still waiting for him.
      Even with Ye Bai’s personality, he was not interested in being someone else’s younger brother.
      Even if the other party was one of the five gods, Star Swallowing.
      “If that’s the case, maybe we’ ll have a fight.”
      Ye Bai was cold and indifferent. He adjusted his body to its peak state. A great battle was inevitable.
      There was no doubt about Star Swallowing’s strength, not to mention that the current Star Swallowing was not weak.
      Although Ye Bai’s Ancient Destruction Sun Template was powerful, Ye Bai did not develop it too deeply.
      If it really started, Ye Bai and Swallowing Star couldn’t say who would win.
      But Ye Bai firmly believed that he would not lose.At most, he would die a few more times and revive and evolve a few more times.
      Star Swallowing had never expected Ye Bai to be so powerful.
      But soon, Star Swallowing decided to let Ye Bai know that the dignity of the five gods was not to be provoked.
      In the long years, Star Swallowing had seen many proud and arrogant experts.
      However, those experts were basically honest after being beaten by Star Devouring.
      In the eyes of Star Swallowing, Ye Bai was no exception.
      In an instant, Star Swallowing raised his right hand and flattened it. It turned into a giant palm that was comparable to Star River and slapped towards Ye Bai.
      Under this huge palm, countless planets were affected and turned into powder.
      One could imagine the power of the five gods.
      In fact, the so-called universe was too weak for such a level of existence. Almost every five gods had the ability to easily destroy the universe.
      Facing the huge palm that was pressed by Star Swallowing, Ye Bai directly resisted.
      With a punch, he smashed towards the palm that was constantly pressing down.
      This strike, Ye Bai had used all his strength, a peak strike.
      However, the outcome was cruel. The difference in strength between Ye Bai and Star Swallowing was quite large.
      Under Star Swallowing’s palm strike, he had suffered a great loss, and it was hard to contend with.
      However, Ye Bai was not depressed. Instead, he was excited.
      He could clearly feel that his evolution speed was greatly increasing and his strength was rapidly increasing.
      Ancient Destruction Day, this was a pervert.
      The more they fought, the stronger they were. The key was that they could not kill them, and they could evolve.
      In the DC universe, even Superman with the Life Code considered the Ancient Destruction Day as his life’s enemy.
      In the world of Marvel, Star Swallowing would also have the privilege of being the first to experience the terror of the Ancient Destruction Day.
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      Chapter 44: Battle, Evolution under High Pressure [Fifth Chapter, Kneeling for Flowers to Reward Evaluations]

      On Earth, the super heroes gathered together to make a final fight for the human race.
      The military of all countries were also ready. All the weapons that had been accumulated over the years were going to show off.
      It was just for the destruction of the human civilization.
      At this moment, even a bunch of people who didn’t know anything noticed something was wrong.
      Today’s world was too quiet.
      However, just as everyone was ready to fight, a news suddenly came from NASA and shocked everyone.
      “Black hole, I can’ t stop.”
      When they received this news, not just scientists from all over the world were confused. Even Nick Frey, a scum, was a bit confused.
      This, how could a black hole be like a car?
      Don’t ask. They had never seen this scene before.
      “How about we wait?”
      Looking at the group of super heroes in front of him, Nick Frey said strangely.
      He had a hint of hope in his heart. Perhaps there would be a turn for the better.
      The other super heroes looked at each other in dismay. In the end, they all nodded silently.
      What else could he do?Do you really expect them to deal with this black hole.
      They didn’t want to die. Was n’ t it good to live?
      In Star Devouring’s universe space, the battle between Ye Bai and Star Devouring continued.
      To be precise, it wasn’t a battle, but Ye Bai was being beaten up.
      Star Swallowing would only become the shame of the Five Great Gods if it was extremely weak.
      But now, Ye Bai was not weak at all. His combat strength was terrifying.
      He casually shattered a galaxy and opened his mouth to reveal a magnificent cosmic ray.
      This battle power was really a little ridiculous.
      However, Ye Bai’s performance was even more ridiculous.
      Facing Star Swallowing’s attack, Ye Bai could n’ t resist it at all.
      But as Ye Bai died more and more times, his evolution speed became faster and faster.
      At the end of the day, he was already able to break his wrist with Star Swallowing.
      With a “boom, Ye Bai and Swallowing Star were once again shocked. This time, Ye Bai smashed the large hand that Swallowing Star had shot down.
      For the first time, a painful expression appeared on Star Devouring’s expressionless face.
      Although the pain disappeared in a flash, it was still captured by Ye Bai.
      “You are very special. No wonder you dare to challenge me.”
      After suffering a small loss, Star Swallowing did not continue to attack. Instead, he looked at Ye Bai and slowly spoke.
      Star Swallowing was really interested in Ye Bai. After all, there were not many such interesting lives.
      He couldn’t fight to death, he could n’ t smash to death. His life force was ridiculously strong.
      What was even more exaggerated was the increase in speed. It was as if every time he was hit, Ye Bai would be several times stronger than before.
      This was the first time Star Swallowing had seen such an existence. It was inevitable that there would be some curiosity.
      “You are also very strong, worthy of being called the Five Great Gods.”
      Ye Bai could not help but sigh. He was surprised by the power of Star Swallowing.
      It wasn’t until today that Ye Bai realized that he was a little arrogant in the past.
      He thought that he would be able to walk in the Maneuvering World after obtaining the template of the Ancient Destruction Day. In reality, the water in the Maneuvering World was terrifyingly deep.
      The Ancient Destruction Day was indeed abnormal, but it also needed to be developed.As for Ye Bai’s attitude to fish every day, he had n’ t developed much.
      This was also the reason why Ye Bai was unable to contend with Star Swallowing at first.
      It was not that the template of the Ancient Destruction Day was not strong, but that Ye Bai was too salty.
      But even so, Ye Bai still relied on the template of the Ancient Destruction Day. Not only did he survive the battle with Star Swallowing, he also completed many transformations at high speed.
      In the end, he could barely make a draw with the current Star Devouring.
      Many people would feel that Star Swallowing was nothing more than this because of Star Swallowing’s humiliating battle record.
      But in reality, Star Swallowing was extremely powerful.
      The Infinite Glove’s Destroyer was hammered by Star Devouring in its full state. From this, one could see how powerful Star Devouring was.
      Infinite Gloves could destroy half of the universe with a snap of their fingers. This was still not a match for Star Swallowing.
      To be precise, he was not a match for the five gods.
      Ye Bai could rely on his own strength to fight Star Swallowing. It was already amazing.
      “So, how about we set up an agreement?”
      “As long as you can withstand my last strike, I will spare your home planet and never treat your home planet as food.”
      In the end, Star Swallowing proposed a condition. Ye Bai thought for a moment and nodded.
      Star Swallowing had put forward this condition. In essence, he had let Earth go by default.
      After all, Star Swallowing had seen how difficult Ye Bai was, and he didn’t think that he could kill Ye Bai with a single strike.
      In fact, the best way to deal with the Ancient Destruction Day was to let it go.
      It was the same to deal with Ye Bai. Fighting with Ye Bai to the death was something that only fools would do. Banishing Ye Bai to an unknown world was the most way to deal with it.
      Ye Bai also understood his weakness. He had already thought of a way to counter it.
      After finishing the Star Swallowing, Ye Bai went back to learn the teleportation portal of the supreme mage.
      Even if he was banished to an unknown space, Ye Bai would be able to return easily.
      It could be considered to be a kind of proactive plan, eliminating his weakness in advance.
      Seeing that Ye Bai agreed to his agreement, Star Swallowing no longer hesitated. His two huge eyes shone with endless radiance.
      Then, a cosmic energy that was comparable to a gamma ray burst shot out from Star Swallowing’s mouth and directly flew towards Ye Bai.
      Ye Bai didn’t sit down and wait for death. His pupils also shone with terrifying light.
      The next moment, an equally terrifying cosmic energy ray shot out from Ye Bai’s mouth.
      This move was the same move that Ye Bai used to copy the Destroyer Sun Template automatically after enduring the Star Swallowing Attack.
      It was powerful enough to easily penetrate an entire galaxy.
      The cosmic rays from Ye Bai and Star Swallowing collided with each other after destroying many planets.
      Then, a terrifying explosion sounded.
      Before the shockwaves of the terrifying explosion destroyed the nearby planet, Star Devouring was the first to suppress everything that might happen.
      Soon, the world became cold and dead.
      At this moment, Star Swallowing turned to look at Ye Bai, his eyes full of approval.
      Only the strong were worthy of the respect of the strong.
      Ye Bai was like this, forcefully using his own strength to subdue one of the five gods.
      “As you wish, I will spare your home planet.”
      Star Swallowing didn’t intend to refuse. He simply acknowledged what he had said.
      This was one of the advantages of Star Swallowing.
      This God was Yixie. He had fought side by side with the super hero and had also fought against the super hero.
      But the only thing he had said was that he had never gone back on his word.
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      Chapter 45: Boiling, Earth saved [1st, kneeling for flowers to reward]

      Although the process was a little difficult, it was fortunate that Ye Bai could still accept the outcome.
      Not only was it under the pressure of Star Swallowing, it also rapidly increased its strength.
      At the same time, Ye Bai successfully dispelled the thought of swallowing Earth. Ye Bai’s goal was completely achieved.
      What Ye Bai didn’t know was that the reason why Planet Devouring let Earth go was because he did n’ t want to waste his energy.
      As a representative of the year-round hunger, he could not feed the hungry Star Swallowing.
      His energy was very precious. The only way to supplement it was to eat a planet.
      It was also because of this that it was normal for Star Swallowing to give up when it was not proportional to the price.
      After all, it was the same for any planet to eat. Why bother with Earth?
      Moreover, Ye Bai’s performance had shocked Star Swallowing.
      Ye Bai, who was getting stronger and stronger, was already considered to be on the same level as a monster. Naturally, Star Swallowing was unwilling to provoke him.
      Otherwise, if Ye Bai were to take revenge in the future, the days of Star Swallowing would also be tough.
      “Let’s go. I won’ t attack your home planet again. It’s time for me to find new food.”
      Swallowing Star said to Ye Bai in a deep voice, and then he resumed his mechanical cold tone.
      Ye Bai didn’t plan to wait any longer. He could leave as soon as he reached his goal.
      He didn’t know how much time this trip had taken. He hoped that he could make dinner for Hila.
      After greeting him, Ye Bai returned to the original path and successfully flew out of the black hole.
      The limit of the black hole’s capture was the speed of light. As long as it could surpass the speed of light, it could escape the black hole’s range.
      With Ye Bai’s current speed, if he used his full strength in space, it would n’ t be a problem.
      He easily got rid of the massive gravity of the black hole.
      After confirming the blue planet, Ye Bai sped up.
      As for Star Swallowing, after Ye Bai left, he controlled the entire black hole to turn around, leaving the Solar System in a short period of time.
      A disaster that might destroy Earth was resolved without anyone knowing.
      On Earth, NASA.
      When they saw the black region that symbolized the black hole disappear from the screen, countless researchers were stunned, unable to return to their senses for a long time.
      After a long time, the huge cheers almost overturned the roof.
      Everyone was venting their frustration.
      At the same time, everyone began to celebrate regardless of their manners, celebrating that humans and even Earth had escaped calamity.
      After venting their emotions, the researchers raised a question.
      Such a large black hole, why did it suddenly disappear?
      God’s Miracle?Or was the black hole just a black dragon?
      Everyone had a similar question in their hearts, because the crisis had dissipated inexplicably.
      But soon, the researchers suppressed this question in their hearts and began to send out various reports.
      They were doomed. Many people on Earth were still dying in despair.
      It was time to tell the world that God blessed Earth.
      Eagle Soy Sauce Country, pentagon building.
      On the oval-shaped meeting table, the unreliable president was holding his head as he listened to everyone’s report in despair.
      Unlike the usual political talks, most of the people sitting at the Oval Conference Table were from the military.
      “Mr. President, the 132 nuclear bombs in our base are ready. They can be launched at any time.”
      “Mr. President, our base’s 154 nuclear bombs are ready. Give the order.”
      “Let’s use the ultimate weapon of the human race to personally deliver the final cannon to us.”
      A military boss with at least a rank of lieutenant general spoke to Mr. President in a tone of generosity.
      All of their firepower had been prepared. All they needed to do was give the order of the President. Countless weapons would rise into space and start the prelude to the destruction of mankind.
      It wasn’t just Eagle Paste, it was also true in other countries.
      In the face of the black hole, the ultimate celestial body of the universe, humans were too tiny.
      Unless they were able to push Earth away, there was no way they could go extinct.
      “I know, but please wait.”
      The especially unreliable president knew more than the military. He knew that the black hole had strangely stopped.
      That was why he decided to wait. Maybe there would be a turn for the better.
      Although he himself understood that this possibility was very remote.
      But at this moment, the door of the meeting room was pushed open and the trusted minister rushed in rudely.
      “Mr. President, NASA is in a hurry. Good… good news. The black hole has disappeared. Our crisis is over.”
      Because the trusted minister was too anxious to travel, he almost ran all the way over, so he was a little panting.
      But everyone in the room listened attentively to his report, unwilling to miss a single word.
      After hearing the whole news, everyone’s hearts were filled with excitement.
      This was a feeling of a disaster.
      But soon, some people came back to their senses. Was this news true?
      It can’t be nonsense, it ca n’ t be playing with us, right?
      From this, it could be seen that sometimes the ups and downs came too quickly, and it was easy for the mentality to change.
      Mr. Unreliable stood up from his seat at a speed that was completely out of line with the seventy-something old man’s. He quickly came to the front of his trusted minister and snatched the NASA report.
      After confirming the truth of the report, the 70s old man could not help but cry with joy.
      This was a kind of salvation from hell to heaven.
      At the S.H.I.E. Shield, after receiving the first message from NASA, Nick Frey’s black face did not change at all.
      Nick Frey turned around and realized that everyone present was looking at him with a look of impatience.
      “Sir, how is the situation?”
      Someone could not help but ask Nick Frey.
      Even the super heroes were staring at the report in Nick Fury’s hand.
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      Tony Stark even had the urge to let Jarvis enter NASA to see what the situation was like.
      After taking a deep breath and forcing himself to calm down to maintain the set-up, Nick Frey finally spoke.
      With a faint, confident tone, Nick Frey slowly said,” NASA’s latest news, they have detected that the black hole has disappeared.”
      “The human once again struggled from the line of death.”
      Although Nick Frey tried very hard to maintain his cool personality, his mouth still curled up and betrayed him.
      God knows just how much willpower he used to suppress his heart that wanted to jump up and revel.
      But what made Nick Frey somewhat puzzled was, why was everyone stunned after he finished saying this good news?*

      Chapter 46: Bad luck at home, Odin Sen [second more, kneel down and ask for flowers to reward and evaluate]

      The so-called hot blood was from the bottom to the peak.
      The so-called redemption was to go from despair to hope.
      At this moment, everyone who knew that the black hole had disappeared and that Earth was safe could not suppress their excitement and vent their emotions.
      God knows how desperate and helpless they were when facing the black hole.
      Fortunately, all of this had passed, and the damn black hole had also disappeared.
      The entire world fell into a sea of ecstasy. Countless people who knew the truth announced on Twitter that God blessed Earth.
      However, after the carnival, everyone had to face an awkward question.
      That was, how did the black hole disappear?
      When people woke up from the carnival, they began to think about this question.
      Some people felt that the whole thing was a big black dragon. God had made a big joke for humans.
      There was no black hole at all, but NASA had made a major mistake.
      Otherwise, there was no way to explain why the black hole suddenly appeared and disappeared.
      Some people also felt that there must be some super hero protecting the safety of Earth in a place that humans did not know.
      But as soon as this guess came out, it was ridiculed by countless people.
      That was a black hole. What kind of superhero could defeat a black hole?
      Even if the legendary God personally descended, he would not be able to do this.
      In fact, the Maneuvering World had God and angels.
      In the early days, God led his angels to spread his inheritance on Earth.
      Then, God encountered a savage war maniac.
      It was sealed in another world, the tenth world above the Nine Realms.
      And the guy who sealed God and the angels was Odin.
      Odin was still very strong. It was just that he was less and less attacking recently.
      Speaking of which, when many humans were searching for the reason why the black hole had disappeared.
      At the summit of the Himalayas, Kamataiji.
      Gu Yi stood with his hands behind his back and looked towards the west, his eyes filled with relief.
      Unlike humans who didn’t know anything about it, Gu Yi, the supreme mage, knew who had attacked and repelled Star Devouring.
      She was very satisfied. In the end, Ye Bai made his own choice and became a hero behind the scenes.
      This was very similar to Gu Yi. She was such a person.
      When the other super heroes saved a disaster, they wished they could make everyone around the world know.
      However, Gu Yi was different. She had silently protected Earth for thousands of years, repelling countless hidden enemies.
      However, Gu Yi’s deeds were rare. Even in Kamataiji, few people knew how many times Gu Yi had repelled the enemies that had invaded Earth.
      Ye Bai’s methods were very similar to Gu Yi’s. They were all those that were well-known for their skills.
      This made Gu Yusheng feel a sense of intimacy towards Ye Bai.
      Unfortunately, Ye Bai was destined not to be her successor, unable to become the second supreme mage.
      However, with Ye Bai’s strength, he didn’ t need to become a second supreme mage.
      What Gu Yi didn’t know was that Ye Bai chose to fight back Star Swallowing, not because he was moved by himself as a hero, or because of those silly criticisms on Earth.
      He simply didn’t want to change places.
      Besides, Ye Bai still had so many industries on Earth. He was reluctant to part with it.
      Asgard was on the throne of the Divine King while humans were speculating on the truth behind the black hole incident.
      Odin had already learned of the news that Planet Swallowing had been pushed back.
      Odin was not surprised by this news.
      Star Swallowing’s strength fluctuated too much, completely depending on his own state.
      When they were strong, Star-Devouring could not stop them. When they were weak, Star-Devouring lost the face of the five gods.
      Odin himself was confident that he would be able to fight back Star Swallowing in an extremely weak state.
      What Odin was really thinking was, who had fought back Planet Swallowing?
      Supreme mage Gu Yi?It was very possible.
      The great mage who had guarded the atrium for thousands of years, even Odin would be filled with respect.
      The Three-in-One God, Wei Shan Emperor, did not exclude them.
      As the source of the white magic that Gu Yi had, Wei Shan Emperor was still very powerful.
      Moreover, it was very mysterious. All they knew was to live in seclusion on Earth. There were very few times when they made a move.
      Even Odin did not know the true strength of the Emperor. He only knew that they existed.
      As for Hila, Odin felt that it was impossible.
      Odin understood Hila’s character. It was impossible for him to fight Star Swallowing for Earth.
      As a result, Odin realized that the most likely person to fight back Star Swallowing was the Venerable One.
      At this point, the effects of Star Swallowing had come to an end. Odin did not dwell on this matter for too long.
      Compared to Star Swallowing, what Odin really valued was Hila.
      As Odin’s eldest daughter, Hila’s strength and potential were unquestionable.
      As long as they stood on Asgard’s land, their strength would increase infinitely.With this alone, Hila’s potential surpassed Odin.
      As such, Odin had always treated him as his confidant.
      Most importantly, Odin understood that he did not have much time left.He had to deal with Hila’s matter as soon as possible, laying a solid foundation for the next Godking’s ascension.
      When he was young, his battle was too intense, and he suffered a dark injury.
      Now that his life was about to end, it was time to consider finding a successor for him.
      Originally, Hila was the best candidate for the successor, but unfortunately, she had become crooked.
      Apart from Hila, Tore was the only one left.
      Rocky was impossible. Not to mention Rocky’s bloodline, just Rocky’s potential alone had locked down the possibility of Rocky becoming a Godking.
      The Divine King must be Asgard’s strongest. This point could not be shaken.
      Luo Ji’s strength was enough to assist the Godking. It was enough to become a Godking.
      Tore, thinking of Odin’s brain, he had a headache.
      Odin saw everything Thore had done on Earth recently.
      This Erha-like son, like his daughter Hila, liked mortals.
      This… the family was unlucky.
      Every time Odin thought of this, his heart began to ache.
      He was a God King of the Nine Realms. He had dominated the universe for so many years, and he had made a name for himself.
      In the end, in his late years, he could not even find a qualified successor.
      Hila had a problem with her personality. She was too murderous.Tore was another two-ha.
      He had told Tore to go to Earth, but Tore was not happy and unwilling to return.
      If it wasn’t for the fact that his body was n’ t working, Odin even had the urge to try harder and raise a small account with Frika.
      “Hila’s matter can’ t be dragged on any longer. We must resolve it.”
      “As for Tore, I hope he can grow up and become a true Godking.”
      Odin sighed and thought back to his life. It was the first time he regretted something he had done in his youth.
      If he had cared a little more about himself, perhaps Hila would not have become like this.
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      Chapter 47: When father and daughter meet, they draw their swords and face each other.[ Third, kneel and ask for flowers to reward and appraise the votes]

      Hila recently discovered a problem.
      That was because the way Ye Bai looked at her was getting more and more strange.
      If one had to describe it, it would probably be the kind of “so you’re like Hila “.
      Sometimes, in the evening, Ye Bai would be inexplicably excited. She would often toss and turn until she couldn’t sleep all night.
      By the way, Ye Bai’s body became stronger and stronger. Hila gradually felt that she could n’ t bear it.
      All the signs made Hila understand something. It was as if Ye Bai knew her identity.
      Of course, this was only Hila’s guess. There was no direct evidence.
      But it also made Hila feel a little anxious. She realized that perhaps the showdown was the latest.
      In fact, Hila’s guess was correct. Ye Bai really knew her true identity.
      However, there was nothing else to think about. Whether it was the normal girl Hila or the Princess of Asgard Hila, they were all their wives.
      Even after knowing Hila’s identity, Ye Bai was more interested in some aspects.
      When he thought of Hila, who he had asked for, being a devil, Ye Bai’s heart would always feel satisfied.
      To put it bluntly, it was a man’s vanity. He felt that his wife was great.
      Just like a man imagining a celebrity.
      Actually, there were many girls who were on par with big stars, but that layer of big stars aura was too dazzling.
      Hila was the same. The aura of the devil made Ye Bai feel a sense of accomplishment.
      So what if he was such a ruthless devil, wasn’t he still his wife?
      At this moment, more than a month had passed since Ye Bai’s last attack.
      During this period of time, the lives of Ye Bai and Hila were very peaceful. No one bothered them.
      The only thing that made Ye Bai unhappy was that during this period of time, the rewards that the System signed in were all hard to say.
      Perhaps it was the last time he had drawn the Ancient Destruction Day Template, he had overdrawn too much Ou Qi.
      “Sign in successfully. Reward Crab Boss for a secret burger.”
      “Successful sign-in. Reward three sweet flower brewed chicken.”
      “Successful sign-in, I will reward you with a copy of the real white painting.”
      “Sign in successfully. Reward USD 1 million.”
      “After signing in, I will reward you with a copy of the final version.”
      There were many similar odd rewards. It was hard to say.
      The only thing that could be considered useful was probably a set of combat uniforms that would never be damaged.
      Of course, the effect of this battle suit was only that it would not be damaged.
      There wasn’t a single boost in combat strength.
      During this period of time, the sign-in of the System made Ye Bai even begin to doubt whether he had changed.
      Or was it that being too handsome affected his Ou qi?
      It was said that even good-looking luck wasn’t good. Ye Bai felt that it might be true.
      Other than the system rewards that were not too smooth, Ye Bai was still very satisfied.
      The world was finally quiet. No one would disturb him anymore.
      S.H.I.E. Shield also learned to be good. She didn’t bother Ye Bai and Ye Bai again.
      This was normal. He knew that he couldn’t afford to offend him, but he still had to get close to him. He really thought that Divine Shield was stupid.
      No matter how arrogant Nick Frey was, after being threatened by Hila’s death, he could n’ t be mad anymore.
      Black Halted Egg had no doubt. If he dared to speak ill of Hila, Hila would dare to stab him to death.
      The mutated humans, let alone Ye Bai, were completely scared of their death.
      Although some mutated humans were clamoring to avenge the great leader, Magneto, most of the mutated humans did not even know who killed Magneto.
      As for those super heroes who started to show their talents, Ye Bai also paid attention to them.
      But as long as those super heroes didn’t cause trouble for Ye Bai, Ye Bai would n’ t take another look.
      Ye Bai felt like a traveler in this world.
      He looked on coldly at what was happening in this world and rarely interfered.
      Only when he was with Hila did Ye Bai feel that he had a home in this world.
      The surroundings were the Asgard land that Hila was familiar with, as beautiful as her memories.
      Hila walked blankly, not knowing why she had suddenly come here.
      Where was Ye Bai?
      Before Hila could understand this, a figure appeared in front of him.
      Dressed in armor and spear, King Odin.
      The Divine King Odin who appeared in front of Hila was almost the same as Hila’s memories.
      It was still cold and arrogant.
      As the saying goes, when enemies meet, their eyes turn red.If he wanted to ask who Hila hated the most, it was definitely not Odin.
      After seeing the figure standing in front of him, Hila pulled out the sword of the night sky and charged towards Odin.
      There was only one thought in Hila’s mind right now, killing the man in front of her.
      Even if this man was her biological father.
      Looking at Hila charging at him, Odin’s eyes flashed with disappointment.
      After such a long time, Hila did not change her personality.
      It was still the same as before, cold, cruel and murderous.
      Odin, who had some other thoughts, was completely disappointed when he saw Hila.
      “Looks like you still haven’t learned to repent these few days.”
      Odin shook his head and sighed.
      It was as if Hila’s performance had disappointed him.
      However, Hila did not intend to catch up with Odin. The sword in her hand pierced through Odin’s body mercilessly.
      However, Odin’s body seemed to have no sense of reality. After being pierced by the sword of the night sky, it quickly solidified.
      This was not Odin himself, it was just a phantom.
      Hila calmed down as well. Her beautiful eyes were filled with murderous intent.
      Odin also had a headache when he saw this scene. He knew that there was almost no possibility of reconciliation between himself and Hila.
      At the same time that he had a headache, he was even more disappointed.
      “A qualified Godking must learn to control his emotions and killing intent.”
      “If you learn this, you should be my perfect successor.”
      “Unfortunately, you can’ t learn it.”
      Odin shook his head and sighed.
      If Hila hadn’t fallen so deeply back then and had n’ t been so bloodthirsty, he would have long retired.
      Hearing Odin’s words, Hila sneered, not believing it at all.
      Besides, who did she become this way?
      Who trained the Death Goddess Hila?
      Did Odin really forget it.
      “Well, it seems that we have no more to talk about today. Let’s wait until you calm down.”
      After that, Odin disappeared, and the entire Asgard shattered.
      In the blink of an eye, Hila opened her eyes and realized that she had been lying on the bed, not going anywhere.
      Thinking back to the conversation with Odin just now, Hila also had some doubts in her eyes.
      “It a dream?”Is it an illusion?”
      Hila knew that Odin was still the God of Magic. He had a strong magic power.
      Creating an illusion was not difficult for Odin.
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      Chapter 48: The man’s killing intent [Fourth, kneel and beg for flowers to reward]

      In Asgard, Odin closed his eyes tiredly.
      Just now, he used Gungnir’s divine power to construct a real illusion.
      And in that illusory world, Odin and Hila met.
      As expected, Hilarba would not die.
      The first reaction after seeing him was to kill him.
      Odin’s heart ached when he thought of this.
      His daughter treated him as an enemy and would kill him as soon as they met.
      It wouldn’t be a good thing for anyone. Odin was the same.
      But who could be blamed?Didn’t Odin personally nurture such a Hila?
      In fact, Odin wanted to meet Hila this time. His main purpose was to investigate Hila’s personality.
      Let’s see if Hila has changed.
      If Hila could see through her old hatred, Odin might consider handing over the throne to Hila.
      After all, Hila began to have her own lover, learning to love and be loved.
      Theoretically speaking, personality would change a bit.
      However, it was a pity that Odin was hit hard on the face.
      Hila did not change at all, nor did she let go of her hatred towards him. The first reaction to meet was to kill him.
      He was really a “filial daughter “.
      Odin had just started to think about handing over the position of God King to Hila. The idea had completely disappeared.
      Hila, who could not let go of her old hatred, was really not suitable to be a Godking.
      The reason Odin had suddenly examined Hila’s character was that he had no choice.
      If Tore was good enough, how could Odin think of Hila?
      It was really Tore. It was hard to say anything.
      Odin saw the recent actions of Tore on Earth.
      In Odin’s opinion, Tore was even more unsuitable for becoming a Godking.
      Tore was suitable for becoming a hero, or the most valiant warrior on the battlefield.
      As for becoming a Godking, he would definitely bring Asgard into the ditch.
      Look at what Torr did on Earth.
      Not only did he become friends with mortals, he also fell in love with a mortal.
      Recently, he had joined a mortal organization called the Avengers Alliance.
      After being fooled by a black crook for two times, he left Thunder God’s identity to work for him. How could such a person be a Godking?
      As for the Avengers Alliance, Nick Frey was already preparing for it.
      During the black hole crisis, Nick Frey took the opportunity to gather all the super heroes together and complete the formation of the Avengers Alliance.
      The Avengers Alliance now had many members, much stronger than the Avengers Alliance in history.
      Although the American soldiers were still asleep in the glacier, they had joined the four super heroes.
      Thor joined the organization under Black Halogen Egg’s trick.
      However, the Avengers Alliance, which had not suffered any setbacks, was still in a state of play.
      Tore was hanging out with Tony Stark all day.
      These two super heroes, who were supposed to fight each other in the original plot, now had an inexplicable stink.
      It was also Tore’s performance on Earth that caused Odin to waver in his decision.
      He began to worry about what would happen to Asgard, who was led by Tore, if he died.
      It was precisely because of this that Odin had thought about Hila again.
      However, Hila had also successfully interrupted his thoughts. Her hatred for him was not concealed.
      A well-connected son was not suitable for being an heir, and the relationship between a daughter who was suitable for being an heir was especially bad.
      This was the situation Odin was facing. He could not choose a satisfactory successor, and he could only choose a relatively poor successor.
      Sure enough, even in the Marvelous World, it was still a world that was worse than before.
      Apart from meeting with Hila, Odin did not forget about Ye Bai.
      Odin wouldn’t let go of this damned mortal who slept with his daughter.
      Ye Bai had to pay a price to tarnish the noble lineage of the Odin Sen family.
      As a result, Odin had finished the illusion with Hila and reconstructed another illusion. This was for Ye Bai.
      In the illusion, this meeting was on a cliff by the sea.
      Ye Bai was confused. He clearly remembered that he was resting.
      Why was he here in the blink of an eye?
      Could it be Gu Yi?
      Just as Ye Bai was puzzled, Odin appeared.
      Holding the Eternal God Spear Gungnir, he stood on the top of the cloud, looking down at Ye Bai.
      “A bold mortal, tarnishing the bloodline of the Odinsen family, it should be a death sentence.”
      “I’ ll declare it in Odin’s name. You deserve to die!”
      If Odin was guilty and regretful when facing Hila.
      When he faced Ye Bai, there was only killing intent in his teeth.
      Odin was so angry that he almost vomited blood when he thought of his daughter sleeping by a mortal.
      Ye Bai only realized what was going on at this moment. It was because the man was looking for him to settle the debt.
      As for Odin’s killing intent, Ye Bai did not care at all.
      Even Star Swallowing had faced it. Could Odin be more powerful than Star Swallowing?
      But Odin’s appearance also reminded Ye Bai.
      That was because although he was very strong, he still had obvious weaknesses.
      The weakest part was that the magic resistance was too low.
      General Zode’s template was n’ t enough. The Kryptonian’s magic resistance was well understood.
      Did he not see how much Superman had lost in magic in the DC next door?
      Any opponent who knew a bit of magic was a bitter battle for Superman.
      As for the Ancient Destruction Day, although it had an undying nature, it was hard to say anything about Demon Resistance.
      The core structure of the Ancient Destruction Day was made from Kryptonian genes.
      Therefore, the Devil Resistance of the Ancient Destruction Day was very low.
      It had an undying nature and was hard to kill.However, magic could still make the Ancient Destruction Day suffer, even being sealed by magic.
      Ye Bai was the same.At present, Ye Bai’s most difficult enemy was an enemy with the same powerful magic ability as a supreme mage.
      Odin’s appearance proved this again.Wasn’t it because of Ye Bai’s low magic resistance that he could easily drag Ye Bai into the illusion?
      While Ye Bai was thinking about his current strengths and weaknesses, Odin was about to explode with anger.
      Boy, not only did you sleep with my daughter and tarnish my Odinson family bloodline, you actually dared to ignore me.
      Bastard, let’s die!
      Under Odin’s anger, endless lightning gathered behind Odin.
      Finally, it formed a huge spear made of lightning.
      Odin snorted coldly and directly controlled the lightning spear to stab at Ye Bai.
      This attack, let alone a mortal, even a powerful person like Tore would die.
      Although Odin hadn’t made a move for a long time, it did n’ t mean that he had become weak.
      Although Odin could not completely kill Ye Bai in this illusion, it was still no problem to wipe out Ye Bai’s soul.
      Ye Bai, who had no soul, could only become a living dead person.
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      Chapter 49: Stepping on Odin’s dignity (Fifth, kneeling for flowers to reward)

      Odin’s anger had not subsided since he learned that Hila had been slept by a mortal.
      He was constantly trying to kill that damned mortal.
      And now, he finally found a chance.
      As for whether Ye Bai was innocent or not, Odin did not care.
      In his entire life, he had conquered the universe, conquered the nine worlds, and killed countless innocent people.
      Now, it was just another innocent person. He didn’t care at all.
      Ye Bai’s eyes turned cold as he looked at the divine spear that was like a thunderbolt, and Odin’s killing intent.
      After learning of Hila’s identity, Ye Bai even thought about reconciling Odin and Hila.
      But now, it seemed like there was no need for this.
      Since he had a killing intent towards him, then you should die.
      Ye Bai would not tolerate this old man’s actions because Odin was Hila’s father.
      Moreover, perhaps Hila would rather kill Odin than Ye Bai.
      Odin in the clouds frowned at the cold Ye Bai.
      This situation was not right.
      Logically speaking, under his divine might, shouldn’t Ye Bai be terrified?
      What was going on with such calmness?
      Odin felt something was wrong, but he could not tell what was wrong.
      But it didn’t matter. After all, this mortal was about to die.
      Just as the lightning spear was about to hit Ye Bai, Ye Bai clenched his fist and punched the incoming lightning spear.
      The unimaginable power instantly erupted from Ye Bai’s body. The terrifying power even caused the illusion world to collapse.
      The spear, which was made of lightning, directly struck Ye Bai’s fist.
      Then, the divine spear collapsed, and countless thunderbolts were extinguished.
      In front of absolute power, all magic appeared to be garish.
      One punch could break through ten thousand techniques.
      Odin obviously did not expect such an outcome. He was still staring blankly at the shattered thunderbolt.
      After all these years of fighting, Odin had not encountered any strong people.
      When he was facing the Ancient God Group, Odin was almost killed.
      But there were so many experts, but none of them were more special than Ye Bai.
      Ye Bai didn’t have any fancy methods. He only saw the ultimate strength.
      Under that punch, Odin’s divine power was like a joke.
      No matter how powerful you are, I will be able to defeat you.
      This kind of simple and crude attack method had a huge contrast to the effect it had caused.
      That made Odin feel unreal.
      What shocked Odin even more was the strength Ye Bai showed.
      Wasn’t this guy a mortal?Shouldn’t they be like ants on the ground and allow themselves to rub against each other?
      What the hell was it that he suddenly became so strong?
      Could this be considered a mortal?
      Odin was completely confused at this moment.
      But Odin was stunned. Ye Bai wouldn’t.
      After smashing the lightning spear, Ye Bai did not stop his movements.
      Instead, he flew up from the ground and charged towards Odin.
      Ye Bai wasn’t going to fight back after being beaten. Since Odin wanted to attack him, Ye Bai would definitely give him a deep lesson.
      Although Odin could not be hurt in the illusion world, it was enough to humiliate him.
      By the time Odin came back to his senses, it was already too late.
      Because Ye Bai had already appeared in front of him, his monocle could only watch as Ye Bai’s palm grew bigger and bigger.
      “Pa “!
      Ye Bai gave Odin a hard slap and felt like he was enjoying himself.
      As for Odin, he was so angry that his entire body trembled as he looked at Ye Bai in disbelief.
      Odin, who had already ascended the throne of the Divine King, had been blasphemed against his authority for the first time in so many years.
      Although this was just an illusion, Ye Bai was not fighting his true form, but an illusion.
      But more importantly, Ye Bai dared to attack him and slapped him.
      This was not just a crime. It was a trampling on the dignity of his Godking.
      This was to throw his dignity on the ground, and then spit on it.
      This was a humiliation, a humiliation for Asgard.
      When he realized this, Odin trembled in anger. From his birth until now, no one had dared to treat him like this.
      Odin wanted to say a few harsh words to protect his authority, but unfortunately, the illusion world he created was completely broken.
      In the end, he could only look at Ye Bai’s stupid eyes, unable to say anything.
      Ye Bai and Odin’s first meeting ended.
      In the manor, Ye Bai opened his eyes and saw the anxious Hila.
      When Ye Bai was pulled into the illusion, Hila noticed that something was wrong with him.
      Hila, who had just woken up from the illusion, immediately guessed that Odin had attacked Ye Bai.
      This made Hila extremely anxious. She did not even dare to imagine what would happen to Ye Bai.
      She even planned to kill everyone in Asgard and avenge Ye Bai.
      Fortunately, Ye Bai woke up in time and was not succeeded by Odin.
      But even so, looking at Ye Bai who woke up, Hila still hugged him first.
      “Great. You’ re awake.”
      Hila even had the urge to cry. She almost thought she would lose Ye Bai forever.
      This kind of joy made Hila unable to hold back her cold personality.
      Ye Bai patted Hila’s back to comfort her.
      “Don’ t be afraid, he can’ t do anything to me.”
      To be honest, Ye Bai was moved.
      There were people who could wholeheartedly worry about you, be happy and cry for you. Very few people could not be moved.
      Ye Bai was a rational person. Usually, he would not be judged by his emotions.
      But at this moment, he still felt warm in his heart.
      “I love you.”
      In the end, all the emotions had turned into these three words.
      This was the first time that Hila had said this since she met Ye Bai.
      Then, Hila, who had always been in a passive state, hugged Ye Bai and offered everything she had.
      Ye Bai wanted to say “Me too “, but Hila, who was enthusiastic and proactive, kept Ye Bai’s words in her mouth.
      It was always like this. Many times, they couldn’t help but feel like it.
      Although Hila had lived for a long time, her feelings were still blank.
      She had never experienced it, nor had anyone told her what to do.
      When she was young, the only thing she learned was how to kill efficiently.
      This also caused Hila to be at a loss when facing Ye Bai’s initiative.
      But today, Hila finally became self-confident and took the initiative to express her feelings for Ye Bai.
      Only after he almost lost did he realize the value of the person in front of him.
      To be honest, Ye Bai was a little uncomfortable with Hila’s initiative.
      One had to know that in the past, he had come to bring the rhythm. When had Hila been on it?
      However, this feeling was not bad.
      Hila’s initiative opened the door to the new world for Ye Bai.
      Many of the knowledge that he had not had the chance to use in the past seemed like he could find a chance to practice it in the future.*

      Chapter 50: Kill that mortal [First and foremost, kneel and beg for flowers to reward and evaluate]

      If it was said that this crisis had made Ye Bai and Hila’s relationship more stable.
      That made Odin even more furious.
      In itself, Odin had a killing intent towards Ye Bai.
      He was very unhappy with this guy who had tarnished Odinsen’s noble bloodline.
      But now, when Ye Bai swung his fist at him, when Ye Bai stepped on his pride, Odin’s killing intent towards Ye Bai was already extremely strong.
      “Despicable mortal, you will pay for your actions!”
      Odin, who had cultivated for hundreds of years, was successfully broken by Ye Bai.
      He revealed his true appearance. That fierce look did not have the slightest trace of kindness in people’s impression.
      One must know the truth.
      No matter how kind and friendly Odin was in Thunder God, when he was young, he was a war maniac.
      He was the executioner who had led countless genocide, the real battlefield Butcher.
      Would such a person have a good temper?Who would believe it.
      But after getting older, Odin restrained his cruelty and revealed a hypocrisy.
      He hoped to lead by example and train Torch and Rocky well.
      But when he was completely enraged by Ye Bai, Odin had long since lost his damn demeanor to that corner.
      He really wanted to start a war and lead Asgard’s army to Earth to kill Ye Bai.
      He did the same. He summoned Heimdal as soon as possible.
      In front of Heimdal, Odin announced to assemble Asgard’s army.
      The Nine Realms had forgotten the power of Asgard. He felt that it was necessary for the Nine Realms to recall the fear of being controlled by Asgard.
      But this time, even Heimdal disagreed with Odin’s orders.
      “Your Majesty, you must know that Asgard is no longer suitable for starting a war.”
      Heimdal said to Odin.
      Heimdal was right. The current Asgard was indeed not suitable for starting a war.
      It was not suitable, not incapable.
      Odin was already old, and Tore had not yet grown up.
      Launching a war at this moment would only drag Asgard into the mire.
      To make matters worse, this would make Tore the target of criticism.
      By the time Odin completely died, do you think Torre would get revenge from countless people?
      Once the seeds of hatred were planted, the fruits of hatred would definitely be produced.
      As an old man who had been following Odin for many years, Heimdal understood this clearly.
      Up to now, in the universe, many of Asgard’s former enemies were staring at them.
      Of course, if that was the case, Heimdal would not dare to say no to Odin.
      Frika was the one who had the courage to refute Odin.
      “He’s right, Odin.”
      “You should be calm now.”
      Frika also stood up at this moment, stopping Odin’s impulsive behavior.
      Odin had already made trouble with Hila. If he did, Hila would never forgive Asgard in her life.
      A successor who should have been outstanding would also become Asgard’s enemy.
      Frika did not want to see this scene because Frika felt that Hila still had a chance to return to Asgard.
      “You have to stop me, right, Frika!”
      Odin looked like a furious lion.
      His fierce expression was as if he was ready to tear the enemy to shreds.
      Facing Odin in such a state, even Heimdal felt great pressure.
      Only Frika was not afraid at all.
      “Yes, didn’ t you always worry about not having a suitable successor?”
      “I think Hila is not bad. She has changed.”
      Frika persuaded Odin.
      She was a very gentle woman, and at the same time, she was the number one witch with excellent foresight.
      She knew better than Odin that Tore was not the best candidate to become a successor to the Divine King.
      Even if Torre was her own, Hila was not.
      “She didn’ t change. Her first reaction when she saw me was to kill me.”
      “Do you think I should cultivate an heir ready to kill me?”
      Odin was still angry, but he was still rational.
      However, Odin did not comment on Frika’s proposal.
      Hila had changed?To become a ghost.
      Wasn’t it a change to be eager to die the moment he saw him?
      “She learned to protect. She no longer blindly pursued killing.”
      “She has her own lover. She is no longer a heartless Death.”
      “You should look at your child more rationally, not just her thoughts.”
      Frika once again persuaded her that she really didn’t want Odin and Hila to reach this point.
      Moreover, she was the Heavenly Queen of Asgard, and she should choose a qualified successor for Asgard.
      Otherwise, Asgard’s future outcome would not be good.Asgard was truly miserable.)
      After hearing Freya’s words, Odin’s anger calmed down.
      He began to ponder Frika’s words carefully.
      If Frika had said that Hila had really changed, then Hila was indeed suited to become his successor.
      Hila was powerful, ruthless, and highly talented in war. She could keep Asgard from being watched.
      At the same time, Hila was her eldest daughter. Her body was flowing with the noble lineage of the Odinsen family.
      From every perspective, Hila was the best candidate to become the Divine King’s successor.
      Apart from Hila’s obsession with killing, she did not know how to restrain herself.
      It was for this reason that Odin did not regard Hila as his successor in the end.
      Because a Godking who only knew how to kill was definitely a disaster for the Nine Realms.
      But now, if Hila really did learn how to protect as Freya said.
      As the successor of the Divine King, Hila really had no shortcomings.
      However, the thought of Hila finding a mortal as her husband made Odin angry.
      Hila was the eldest princess of the Odinsen family. Her body was flowing with the most noble blood of the nine worlds.
      How could Hila accept a mortal like this?
      Tore was a man after all, so Tore could barely accept finding a mortal as his girlfriend.
      After all, men always took advantage of things like this.
      However, Hila was a daughter. Her daughter had been arched by someone. Odin was not angry.
      Wasn’t the current series of events caused by Hila finding a mortal as her husband?
      Without this, the situation would not have been like this.
      “If Hila wants to become a Godking, she must kill that mortal and wash away the humiliation of the Odinsen family.”
      “This is the only condition. If Hila can’ t do it, she will never be a Godking!”
      In the end, Odin said this.
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      Chapter 51: Confession, Fearful Hila [Second, kneel and beg for flowers to reward]

      Whether or not Odin really wanted Hila to become a Godking.
      But one thing was certain. Odin had to let Ye Bai die.
      This mortal who dared to tarnish his Odinson bloodline, Odin would be angered to death if he did not die.
      As for letting Hila kill Ye Bai, it was a condition that Odin had proposed.
      He could not forgive Hila’s previous rebellion. This had always been a thorn in his heart.
      If he wanted to calm down, Hila had to do something.
      Killing Ye Bai wasn’t bad. If Hila did this, it could prove that Hila was soft on him.
      The most important thing was that Hila would kill Ye Bai. This was definitely the way to kill him.
      As for whether Hila would agree to this condition, Odin felt that it was very likely.
      Hila had a strong obsession with the position of Godking. Odin was certain of this.
      According to Odin’s own understanding, if he told Hila that she could become a Godking by killing the person she had appointed, Hila would do whatever she wanted.
      Hila’s personality was like this. Odin understood Hila too well.
      Just by the side, Freya smiled bitterly when she heard Odin’s words.
      Actually, Frika did not know whether Hila would kill Ye Bai as Odin said.
      But Frika was certain that if Hila really did follow Odin’s instructions.
      Whether it was for Ye Bai or for Hila, it was a method of killing people.
      Hila had been lonely for most of her life. She had gone all the way with the slaughter, and she finally had someone she really liked.
      Why did Odin have to break it up?
      Could it be that the noble lineage of the Odinsen family was really more important than Hila?
      For the first time, Frika felt that Odin was so strange.
      In the end, Frika sighed. Forget it, this was Odin’s father and daughter’s matter. She was too lazy to get involved.
      As for how Hila would choose in the end, she didn’t know and could n’ t guess.
      Odin’s request was still unclear to Hila.
      After a period of indulgence, Hila weakly lay on the bed and looked at Ye Bai with a resentful gaze.
      This bastard, don’t you know how to keep it?
      This mother’s waist was almost broken.
      Even so, Hila’s gaze was more like a spoiled child.
      “Dear, I have something to tell you.”
      Hila suddenly said to Ye Bai, her expression becoming serious.
      Ye Bai blinked and signaled Hila to speak.
      However, Ye Bai guessed something about what Hila wanted to say.
      Perhaps Hila was going to show up with him.
      In fact, it was true. Hila was going to completely show off with Ye Bai.
      In the end, Hila basically guessed that Ye Bai already knew her identity.
      Perhaps Ye Bai still didn’t understand what she had done, but sooner or later, he would know, right?
      Instead of asking Ye Bai to investigate later, he might as well confess first.
      As for whether Ye Bai was willing to accept a bad woman like her, Hila had some confidence in herself.
      Her relationship with Ye Bai was not fake. Hila firmly believed in this.
      “Actually, my identity is Asgard’s goddess of death, Hila.”
      After the showdown, Hila acknowledged her identity.
      Then, Hila looked at Ye Bai with a nervous gaze, hoping to see Ye Bai’s attitude.
      “Wow!”I already knew my wife was a goddess. I didn’ t expect her to be a goddess of death. This is too cool.”
      “Are you satisfied with my reaction?”
      Ye Bai said to Hila in a strange tone and then blinked at her.
      Seeing Ye Bai’s cheap look, Hila had the urge to smash the hammer.
      At the same time, he understood that Ye Bai really knew his identity.
      However, this was not the point. The point was Hila’s past.
      Was Ye Bai willing to accept a bad woman with blood on her hands?
      Hila had no idea. Although it was very unlikely that Ye Bai would abandon her because of her past, Hila was a little flustered.
      She was very afraid that she would lose this relationship because of the past.
      In the end, after taking a deep breath, Hila still informed Ye Bai of her past.
      She was still determined to confess and win Ye Bai’s leniency.
      Surrender was always better than being discovered by Ye Bai.
      Ye Bai didn’t say anything but listened to Hila’s story quietly.
      It had to be said that Hila’s past truly shocked Ye Bai.
      In the movie, Hila appeared as the devil. She was extremely cool, but she rarely said what Hila had done.
      Only in Hila’s mouth did Ye Bai know more about Hila’s past.
      After hearing Hila’s story, Ye Bai’s first thought was that this woman was too ruthless.
      Hila was a complete slayer. She had killed a civilization by herself more than once.
      To be honest, it was really hard for Ye Bai to combine the murderous Hila with the nervous Hila.
      Besides, Hila was also an ambitious person.
      Back then, she had rebelled to become Asgard’s Godking.
      During the rebellion, Hila even killed all of Asgard’s elite female War God troops.
      One by one.
      However, Hila was even more pitiful.
      While her peers were enjoying their parents’ love, Hila was already learning how to kill enemies better.
      While the other girls were longing for love, Hila was already leading the army to start a war.
      It could be said that Odin was most responsible for Hila’s current state.
      Odin had trained Hila into a devil.
      Hila could even say that it was the young Odin.
      In a sense, Hila was the one who looked like Odin the most.
      After he finished speaking, Hila did not dare to look at Ye Bai’s eyes anymore. Instead, she lowered her head.
      She was afraid that Ye Bai would abandon her because of her past.
      But Ye Bai wouldn’t do that, nor would he.
      No matter what happened to Hila, Ye Bai was certain.It was that Hila was his wife, a person who completely belonged to him.
      Hila’s heart and Hila’s body were already in the shape of Ye Bai.
      So while Hila was waiting for Ye Bai to react, Ye Bai gently hugged Hila.
      “If you don’t let me down, I will never let you down.”
      “Even if I am an enemy of the world, I will definitely stand in front of you.”
      “Because I believe you will also stand in front of me.”
      A normal relationship was not a one-sided effort.
      It wasn’t feelings, it was support.
      Ye Bai could accept Hila and do anything for Hila.
      Similarly, Ye Bai believed that Hila would give up everything for himself.
      They loved each other and supported each other.
      While they were lovers, they were relatives.
      They formed a family. Their love for each other flowed through their bloodlines.
      Just as Gu Yu said,” You can not blame me, I can not blame Qing!”
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      Chapter 52: Conditions for becoming a Divine King [Third, kneel down and ask for flowers to reward and evaluate]

      Chapter 52: Conditions for becoming a Divine King [Third, kneel down and ask for flowers to reward and evaluate]
      In a year of love with Hila, Ye Bai never asked Hila to do anything for him.
      Hila was the same, even if Ye Bai’s ability could help her a lot.
      They loved each other from the bottom of their hearts, and they would voluntarily pay for each other.
      This was the reason why Ye Bai could stop himself and ignore the outside world.
      Because of Hila, she had already satisfied all of Ye Bai’s imagination about her lover.
      Although Hila had already anticipated Ye Bai’s reaction, she knew that Ye Bai’s feelings for her would not be shaken by her past.
      But at this moment, Hila was still moved.
      From its birth until now, Hila had passed a long time.
      But no one could trust her like Ye Bai.
      This kind of unconditional trust made Hila happy and moved.
      At this moment, all of Hila’s previous fears and fears were melted like the snow that had been exposed to the sun.
      “I believe in you.”
      Hila didn’t say anything. She just looked at Ye Bai’s eyes and said affectionately.
      If it wasn’t for the fact that the two of them were too crazy last night and Hila’s body couldn’t stand it, something might have happened.
      But it wasn’t important. Sometimes life required not only passion, but also calmness.
      Ye Bai and Hila did not move. Instead, they quietly enjoyed the peace.
      Hila’s confession was already within Ye Bai’s expectations and was not unexpected.
      Overall, this was more like a small episode in their lives.
      Apart from making their relationship more intimate, there was no other change.
      Ye Bai would still prepare food for Hila every day. He would still enjoy the shyness of Hila’s teasing.
      Hila didn’t change much either. When she was faced with Ye Bai’s intimate actions, she still had a helpless expression and an amorous look.
      However, after completely confessing, Hila became much more open.
      At least now, he would be able to take advantage of Ye Bai from time to time.
      Although most of the situations were bullied by Ye Bai, the two of them were happy.
      While Ye Bai and Hila’s relationship was rising rapidly, the outside world was also undergoing tremendous changes.
      《 The story of Iron Man 2 began. Tony Stark was attacked at the racing track.
      When Tony collapsed, his days were running out.
      Palladium poisoning almost sentenced Tony to death.
      If he didn’t find a new element to replace palladium, Tony would die young.
      Although Ye Bai knew about this issue, he did not interfere.
      Because Tony’s father had already arranged everything, Tony would finally be able to solve the problem and complete the transformation from a young child to a super hero.
      It could be said that this near-death experience was the main reason for Tony’s complete transformation.
      Ye Bai didn’t want to interfere in too much of the plot. He was more like an observer, an audience, watching everything happening in the Maneuvering World from close range.
      It was as if the observers in the Maneuvering World were the same.
      In addition, there was another news that made Ye Bai pay close attention to.
      Team USA, the first super hero born in Eagle Paste Country.
      After sleeping in the glacier for more than half a century, he reappeared in front of the world.
      More importantly, the appearance of the US team also brought another very important thing, the Cosmic Cube.
      Ye Bai knew the plot, so he clearly understood that there was a space gem within the Rubik’s Cube.
      The discovery of the United States Team and the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube symbolized that the Maneuvering World had officially entered the era of super heroes.
      After that, the super hero would explode like a blowout.
      The most exciting era in the Marvel world had just begun.
      At the same time, a certain purple sweet potato spirit that was still wandering in the universe also opened its own path of destiny.
      Destroyer, that crazy Titan of the Eternal race.
      He was eager to collect all six infinite gems and complete the long-cherished dream he had pursued all his life.
      A magnificent and dangerous era was coming.
      Once again, Hila was dragged into the illusion by Odin.
      Looking at the man’s hateful face, Hila had wasted a lot of effort before she could n’ t bear to stab him.
      Because Hila knew that she could not harm Odin here, she did not intend to waste her energy.
      “What are you doing here again?”Will my next sword stab your body?”
      Hila said coldly. She did not have any good feelings for this father.
      This was an asshole. Hila firmly believed this.
      “If I say, I’ m willing to let you return to Asgard, how do you choose?”
      Odin’s first sentence shocked Hila.
      She could not even believe that this was something Odin had said.
      Could it be that Odin is really old?They were all confused?
      He was in a state of insanity. This was not something Odin could say normally.
      “Are you begging me for forgiveness?”Please don’ t kill you?”
      Hila was confused. She did not understand what Odin had found her for.
      “No, I just need an outstanding successor.”
      “At present, you are the most suitable one. If you can complete my test, I will give you a chance.”
      “As for the past, I can selectively forget about it.”
      Odin said seriously to Hila, as for whether it was true or not.
      At the very least, Hila believed it.
      Because Tore was really too rotten.
      It wasn’t that Tore was n’ t good, but that he was too rotten as the heir of a Godking.
      Although Hila had never met Tore before, through the Nine-Headed Snake, Hila still knew many things about Tore.
      Hila had actually been paying close attention to this unknown brother for a while.
      But after seeing Tore’s actions on Earth, even Hila had to admit that Tore’s brain was full of muscles and no brain.
      It was precisely because of this that Hila believed Odin a little.
      After all, compared to an incompetent heir, Hila was obviously more suitable.
      Odin knew that she was tempted when he saw Hilaria silent.
      She didn’t agree, but she did n’ t object, did she?
      That was enough.
      Odin added,” The test is actually very simple. With your ability, you can do it.”
      “Kill that mortal with you. He’s defiled the Odinsen Clan’s bloodline!”
      It took Odin a long time to prepare.
      Hila, aren’t you obsessed with the position of God King?Then I will give you this opportunity.
      You just need to kill a mortal. This is not difficult for you, right.
      But to Odin’s surprise, Hila, who was originally calm, had completely changed after hearing this.
      That terrifying killing intent, even Odin frowned.
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      Chapter 53: Dear, you are my Heavenly Queen [Fourth, kneel down and ask for flowers to reward and evaluate the tickets]

      Odin did not understand why Hila’s killing intent was so strong after hearing his condition.
      In Odin, his condition was not excessive.
      Just think about it. Just kill a mortal and become a Godking.
      This was a good deal for Hila, who was obsessed with it.
      Unfortunately, Odin did not know how important Ye Bai was in Hila’s heart.
      “Odin, do you know?”In my long and dark life, he is the only light that shines in!”
      “I can give up everything for him, even if it’s the Nine Realms Godking.”
      Hila’s aura was full. The goddess of death had returned.
      That terrifying divine power, even Odin felt a sense of oppression.
      What made Odin even more inexplicable was the importance Hila attached to Ye Bai.
      The only light?Just that mortal?
      Although Odin was somewhat disappointed and disappointed with Hila, he was really jealous.
      Damn it, he was a father, and his daughter treated him as an enemy.
      On the contrary, a damned mortal had taken over all of her daughter’s heart.
      For the first time, he had a feeling of defeat, a feeling that he had lost.
      But more was the killing intent towards Ye Bai.
      This damned mortal had not only defiled the Odinson Clan’s bloodline, but had also defiled Hila’s heart.
      Before Odin could say anything, Hila continued,” I want to become a Godking of the Nine Realms. That’s the position I deserve.”
      “But I will not lower my head to you. I will use my own ability to take back what should belong to me!”
      Hila’s meaning was obvious. She was eager to become a Godking of the Nine Realms. She used her own methods and methods to rebel.
      This was already a declaration of war, the second declaration of war.
      Odin completely gave up on Haila at this moment.
      This child had completely lost his feelings for him, becoming Asgard’s greatest future trouble.
      “You will regret it!”
      Odin said coldly, then ended the illusion.
      Hila did not care either. The true battle was never in the illusion.
      Asgard, she would definitely go back and take back everything she had lost.
      Rebellion was a fine tradition of the Odinsen family, and Hila had perfectly inherited it.
      In fact, Odin’s position as a Godking was not correct.
      Few people knew that Odin still had two brothers, one brother and one brother.
      And in the beginning, Odin was not the first heir to the throne of God King. His brother was the one.
      It was just that Odin’s potential made the position of God King a matter of suspense.
      Then, the bloody battle for the throne began.
      His son killed his father and his brother killed his brother.
      Odin’s brother had killed Odin’s father. It was the last Godking who usurped the throne.
      Then, Odin killed his brother and snatched the position of Godking.
      Compared to Odin’s actions, Hila’s actions could only be considered basic.
      Once again, Hila saw Ye Bai standing in front of her.
      “I’ m fine.”
      Hila said to Ye Bai’s concerned gaze.
      Then, Hila thought of the conversation she had with Odin and a cold smile appeared on her face.
      It was really funny to expect her to kill Ye Bai for the sake of being a Godking.
      Hila was willing to kill Odin. She would never touch the position of Godking. She would never attack Ye Bai.
      But when it came to the position of Godking, Hila really had plans to return to Asgard.
      Odin’s position as the God King had been sitting for a long time. It was time to change.
      Thinking of this, Hila and Ye Bai shared their thoughts.
      Now that she was in front of Ye Bai, there was no need to hide herself. She could say her own thoughts.
      After hearing that Hila was planning to return to Asgard, Ye Bai nodded and did not refuse.
      Fortunately, he had a debt to settle with Odin.
      Ye Bai had a bad temper. Anyone who attacked him would be his enemy and would face his counterattack.
      Odin was no exception. It was impossible for Ye Bai to let him go after he showed his killing intent.
      It was time to settle with Odin.
      The couple agreed immediately and decided to go to Asgard to ask Odin for an account.
      As for the position of God King, Hila was certain to win. She believed that she had the strength to challenge Odin after such a long period of hibernation.
      In fact, Hila, who could crush the Thor’s Hammer with her bare hands, was definitely capable of bringing a great threat to Odin.
      Odin was very strong, but Hila was not weak either.
      “By the way, if you are a Godking, then what am I?”
      Suddenly, Ye Bai thought of a question and asked Hila.
      Anyway, Ye Bai didn’t have any thoughts about the position of Godking. He was not interested in being a leader.
      But since then, his position had become a little awkward.
      God King’s lover?
      Hearing Ye Bai’s words, Hila smiled.
      “Dear, you are my Heavenly Queen!”
      Hila said with a bad smile.
      Tore felt that he was unlucky.
      After he arrived on Earth, he had a good time.
      But recently, he received a message from Asgard and asked him to return to Asgard immediately.
      The most important thing was that Odin saw everything he had done on Earth.
      This also meant that Odin wanted to settle the debt with him.
      Tore was respectful and afraid of his father.
      But it didn’t matter. After all, Tore had never been beaten up.
      Tore was used to fighting.
      Besides, it wasn’t like he had caused a great disaster. Was n’ t it just a little bit of fun?
      Maybe Odin wouldn’t be too angry, right?
      With this thought in mind, Tore bid farewell to his girlfriend, Jane Fox, and a group of Avengers friends.
      Then he directly contacted Heimdal and asked him to open the Rainbow Bridge.
      Soon, Heimdal descended the Rainbow Bridge and successfully took Tore back to Asgard.
      Soon, Tore realized the seriousness of the matter.
      Odin was not only angry at his actions on Earth, he was also disappointed.
      He was disappointed that his son was such a simple-minded person.
      Odin, who did not have a qualified successor, was very depressed. He felt that Asgard’s future was worrying.
      Even Frika, this mother who had always loved Torr so much, looked at Torr with hatred.
      Frika had never doubted Tor’s excellence. In fact, Tor was indeed a good child.
      He was brave, strong and honest.
      Tore was a good person, but he was not a good heir to the Divine King.
      He was too simple. Even if Tore had a third of Rocky’s belly black, Frika and Odin were satisfied.
      In fact, Tore had indeed grown in the future.
      In Thunder God 3, Thor had transformed into a qualified king.
      Unfortunately, the cost of such a transformation was too great.
      His parents died, his home was destroyed, and Asgard’s people were massacred.
      It was easy to imagine how painful Torre would be in the future when he grew up in tragedy.
      But now that there was another Ye Bai, there were many variables in Torr’s future.
      Perhaps it would not be as painful as the original work, or perhaps it would be even darker.
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      Chapter 54: Descending, Asgard![Fifth, kneeling for support]

      “Father, did I do anything wrong?”
      Tore, who did not know that his life was about to be a tragedy, carefully looked at Odin and asked.
      Odin sighed. He closed his eyes and adjusted his mind before looking back at Torr.
      “I’ ll settle this with you later.”
      “As for now, go gather the troops. The enemy is coming.”
      Odin told Tore that the enemy he was talking about was naturally Hila.
      Ever since the end of the illusion, Odin knew that Hila would definitely return to Asgard.
      Moreover, it wouldn’t be too late. He would definitely take advantage of the fact that he was still alive.
      Odin knew that what Hila cared more about was revenge for him.
      That was why he had summoned Torre to welcome Hila.
      As for Tore, he could only hope that he would grow in the future.
      Asgard, who had once been extremely brilliant, was now facing a major crisis.
      It had to be said that Cang Tian had spared anyone.
      Just as Asgard was preparing for a big battle, Ye Bai brought Hila to Kamataiji.
      That’s right, he was here to find a supreme mage.
      Gu Yanyu and Ye Bai’s arrival was n’ t surprising. She was always so calm and composed. She was a grandmaster.
      “Dear guests, I wonder why you guys are looking for me?”
      Gu pair Ye Bai was still very respectful. After all, Ye Bai had saved Earth before.
      Although she was the only one who knew about this matter.
      “Mage, I know you have a high level of mastery in space magic. I really want to ask you for a favor this time.”
      “I hope you can open a path to Asgard.”
      Ye Bai said to Gu Yi.
      Although Ye Bai didn’t have a good impression of Gu Yi, he had to ask someone to do something.
      Moreover, Gu Yi had to say that this was a real nameless hero. He should be respected.
      From any angle, it was hard for you to find the black spot of Mage Gu Yi.
      “Asgard?”Are you going to fight?”
      Gu Yi glanced at Hila and guessed Hila’s identity.
      Naturally, he guessed what Hila and Ye Bai were trying to do.
      This was for Asgard King Odin.
      Actually, this was normal. The Supreme Mage had also known about the rebellion that Asgard had witnessed before.
      After all, Hila was sealed on Earth back then.
      Besides, Mage Gu Yi was not surprised that Ye Bai went to look for Odin.
      Odin had found her before, hoping to wipe out this mortal.
      Gu Yi refused, but promised Odin that he would teach this mortal a lesson.
      But in reality, Gu Yi only wanted to trap Ye Bai and make him owe her a favor.
      As for fighting Ye Bai, Gu Yi had not gone crazy.
      “Don’t worry about this, Gu Yi. This has nothing to do with Earth.”
      Chapter 54: Descending, Asgard![Fifth, kneel down and ask for support]
      Hila also stood up and said to Gu Yi.
      From Earth to Asgard, the best way was to pass the Rainbow Bridge.
      However, Asgard obviously would not send the two of them over, so he could only find another way.
      For example, looking for the help of a supreme mage was a good idea.
      “Alright, as you wish.”
      Gu Yi did not refuse and agreed to send Ye Bai and Hila to Asgard.
      As for whether or not this would be a trap for Odin, Gu Yi did not care.
      Because Gu Yi knew that Odin, like him, would die and end their era.
      In front of Ye Bai and his wife, Gu Yi reached out his hand and opened a huge teleportation portal.
      On the other end of the teleportation portal was Asgard’s Rainbow Bridge.
      As long as they crossed this teleportation portal, Ye Bai and Hila would be able to reach Asgard.
      This ability was indeed very convenient.
      “If you are interested, you can come and learn at any time.”
      “Those promises I made to you will always be effective.”
      Seeing Ye Bai’s thoughts, Gu Yi smiled and said to Ye Bai.
      This was Gu Yi’s plan. Even if Ye Bai could n’ t become a member of Kamataiji, at least he had to forge a good relationship.
      For a strong person like Ye Bai, becoming a friend was better than becoming an enemy.
      “If I have a chance, I will come and ask for advice!”
      Ye Bai nodded as well.He was thinking that if he had a chance, he would definitely come and learn.
      Or perhaps it would be very convenient to take the Space Gem over.
      Moreover, the Space Gem was stronger and more useful. It could teleport even further.
      Maybe one day, he could gather six infinite gems to play with.
      Of course, those were all matters in the future.
      Ye Bai and Hila did not hesitate. They directly entered the teleportation portal and entered Asgard’s territory.
      Odin, you deserve to die!!!
      On the Rainbow Bridge, Torre was ready to fight.
      Because in front of him, a teleportation portal was opening.
      Not long after, the two of them crossed the teleportation and stepped onto the Rainbow Bridge.
      “Eh?Ye Bai?”Why are you guys?”
      Tor, who originally thought it would be an enemy, looked at the two people walking out of the teleportation portal and asked in surprise.
      Because it was Ye Bai and Hila who walked out of the teleportation portal.
      Don’t forget, Ye Bai knew Tore at Tony Stark’s party.
      Ye Bai still knew Hila’s true identity from Torre’s mouth.
      So when he saw Tore, Ye Bai was a little surprised.
      Logically speaking, shouldn’t his brother-in-law be on Earth?
      “You know each other?”
      Hila was also a little surprised. Why did Ye Bai actually know this guy?
      Looks like he’s still a friend. This stupid IQ ca n’ t be contagious, right?
      It seemed like he had to remind Ye Bai not to play with fools.
      “I’ ve seen you before. You can be considered a friend.”
      Ye Bai didn’t explain anymore, because he was n’ t a friend soon.
      It was very likely to become Tore’s father-killing enemy.
      At this moment, Hila no longer suppressed herself.After returning to the familiar land of Asgard, Hila felt that she had endless power.
      As long as she stood on this land, she could continuously increase her strength.
      In front of everyone, Hila pulled up her dark green hair and pinned it over her head.
      Then, a strange crown appeared on Hila’s head.
      Even Hila’s dress had changed from a proper black dress to a black armor.
      Hila loved black for ten minutes.
      And this was the true appearance of Hila, a face that Ye Bai had never seen before.
      The real Asgard, the goddess of death!
      Feeling the tremendous pressure that Hila was emitting, Tore’s heart grew serious.
      At this moment, he guessed Hila’s identity.
      His unmasked sister was also the biggest enemy of Asgard.
      One who was planning to rebel and usurp the throne!
      “Where was Odin?”Why didn’ t he come out?”
      “Could it be that he’s scared?”
      After returning to a familiar place, Hila regained her original personality.
      She was a very mad god. She was domineering and did not explain.
      Only when facing Ye Bai would he show his little daughter’s attitude.
      In front of others, she was always aggressive.
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