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I’m playing crossing worlds with the fleet

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      I’m playing crossing worlds with the fleet
      Chapter one strange environment
      Me, where is this?Didn't I sleep at home?
      This is Lin Ziyun's first reaction when he opens his eyes.
      In a huge 'room' which covers an area of at least several hundred square meters, a group of people are busy, their expressions are tired, worried, sad and resentful.
      And they didn't seem to see Lin Ziyun who suddenly appeared here. No, to be more exact, in their eyes, Lin Ziyun should have been here. It's no surprise.
      The 'room' is full of all kinds of tall and advanced instruments that Ziyun has never seen before. Less than half a meter away from him, that is, in the middle of the 'room', there is a rectangular iron 'table'. Lin Ziyun has already guessed what it is from the flashing pattern on the iron table.
      Holographic projection platform!
      How can you have such advanced things in front of your eyes?What's more, all the people here are white and black except for themselves, only they are yellow.
      Is this the secret base of Meidi?However, this idea was quickly rejected by Ziyun. If you look at the devices here, you can see that they can't be made in the 21st century.
      “This dress looks familiar. I think I've seen it somewhere.”Lin Ziyun said in a voice that only he could hear. At this time, he also found that his clothes were much the same as those of other people. The only difference was that he had more badges on his shoulder than they did. On his left chest, there was a metal sign engraved with “Ziyun”·Forest.
      While Lin Ziyun was still thinking, a white faced woman came to her with a PDA in her hand and said, “the sensor shows that we are not being followed.”
      Lin Ziyun, who was thinking, was interrupted by the sudden arrival of the voice. He looked up at the woman in front of him, tall and straight, standing straight in front of him, as if he was reporting to his officer.
      Lin Ziyun thinks quickly in his mind. Now this situation is obviously traversing, and seems to be traversing the future world. The first factor now is to find out where you are. Fortunately, they understand what they say.
      Lin Ziyun deliberately put on a calm face to the woman in front of him and asked, “where are we now?”
      The woman apologized and said, “sorry, Captain, we just went through a series of random space jumps. We don't know where we are now. However, the star map shows that our jump has exceeded our star map. We are probably in an unknown star field.”
      Space jump?Unknown star domain?What is this? I thought that I would surpass the near future at most. However, from the information I got at present, I can see that this is probably not the 22nd or 23rd century, but the more distant era of interstellar migration. What I am in is not a room at all, but a ship in the universe, and it is very likely that I am in a bridge.
      Wait, I know where I've seen this dress. Isn't this the uniform of the UNSC Navy?Did you come to halo?
      It's fun. In this world, human beings are simply tragedies. After fighting with Xingmeng for more than 20 years in the early stage, the war with Xingmeng finally ended. Originally, we thought that human beings could develop in peace. As a result, kotana, the C emperor, came out to make trouble again with a lot of artificial intelligence defections.
      Most importantly, kotana also mastered a bunch of war equipment of pioneers: guardians.
      Lin Ziyun thought with pain on his face that now he just wanted to stay in this world.
      But then again, as a member of the great Chinese army, should I have a golden finger or something?Such as systems, gods and so on.
      “You are right. You do have golden fingers, and I am your golden finger.”At this time, Lin Ziyun suddenly heard a voice of mechanical synthesis in his brain.
      Lin Ziyun was startled when he heard the voice. Then he was relieved and asked in silence, “did you bring me here?”
      “Yes, you can ask me any questions now.”
      Lin Ziyun calmed down and asked, “first question, why did you choose me?Second, who are you, or what are you?Third, can I go back to my original world? ”
      “First, I didn't choose you, but you chose me. Do you remember that strange metal thing you picked up by the roadside the day before yesterday?Metal is my incarnation. ”
      The day before yesterday, Lin Ziyun did pick up something in the grass by the roadside. He just thought it was good-looking and took it home. He didn't expect it to be so big. He said that he was a strange metal.
      “Second, I am a crossing door, which can open the door to the world of movies, novels, animation and games. Third, as long as you complete the main task, you can go back naturally. At the same time, this door is bound for life. As long as the main task is completed, you can continue to play in other worlds or stay in your own world, excited or surprised?”
      Surprise, you hammer!This is halo, such a dangerous world, which means that one day he will die.Of course, it is impossible for him to say the above.
      Fortunately can go back, this how much can rest assured, Lin Ziyun then asked: “what is the main task?”
      “Fight back!The AI led by kotana and the guardians of many pioneers want to rule the galaxy. As the captain of the endless and the commander in chief of the largest surviving fleet, you need to lead your men to defeat kotana. ”
      After hearing the answer from chuangmen, Lin Ziyun just put down his heart and raised it again. It turned out that he came to the later stage of halo, which was also the most dangerous period.
      Now how do you want him to play? You should know that the enemy of UNSC is not Xingmeng with Jiang Hua's thinking, but emperor C, who is half man-made and half pioneer. It's obvious that he's looking for death to beat the pioneer with human technology.
      And the most important thing is that halo6 has not yet been released, which means that he does not know the direction of the plot. If it is during the Xingmeng war, he can at least have a 'foresight', which can greatly improve the survival rate, but now, he can only ha ha.
      Lin Ziyun said that he didn't live enough. He didn't want to die, but in order to go home, he had to fight hard*
      Chapter two different worlds
      Maybe it was the door inside that saw Lin Ziyun's idea. It comforted: “you don't have to worry. I'm not asking you to fight the rebellion now. I also know that if you go now, you will be dead. So I gave you a 'green channel', so that you and your fleet can have a long ladder.”
      “What kind of green channel?Be more specific. “Lin Ziyun asked.
      “Can't I cross other worlds? You can go to other worlds and collect technology from other worlds to develop your existing fleet or expand your own fleet. Now your world is not the original halo world.”
      Wen Yan, Lin Ziyun nodded at ease, “what about these people? If we let them know that they are not the original world, will they also rebel?”
      “You don't need to worry about that. I can think of what you can think of, so I've tampered with the brains of all of them before. Now they are only loyal to you, and they won't listen to the orders of the high level of UNSC and oni.”
      At last, Lin Ziyun can rest assured that the final problem has been solved.
      Lin Ziyun asked, “which world is this?”
      “I don't know. Before, I took you across randomly. You have to figure out which world it is.”
      Fuck!Lin Ziyun's face aches again. Should it be like this? The heart that he just put down is mentioned again.If you come to the world of dragon ball or independence day 2, don't you want to be a son?
      Or come to a world where technology is not developed, how can I plunder their technology to develop myself?
      “Well, you don't have to worry about so much. You Chinese have a saying that you can settle down as you come. Now I'm going to put the control, command and information of the fleet into your mind. You can see for yourself.”
      At the end of the speech, a warm current came into Lin Ziyun's mind. Lin Ziyun closed his eyes and began to browse the information in his mind. When he opened his eyes for the second time, he found that he was familiar with the strange environment around him. It was as if he had been here for several years, and he knew the equipment and personnel very well.
      The female officer who just reported to him was his deputy captain, whose name was Miley·Teras, not only that, but Lin Ziyun also learned from the information that his number of ships is not much.
      The fleet has only one super carrier, one new era heavy aircraft carrier with shield generator, one marathon heavy cruiser, three late autumn heavy cruisers and two clarification class battleships.
      There are also 12 Paris class heavy frigates, of which 4 were built after the war, 10 firmness class heavy frigates, 5 double-edged sword class frigates and 13 halberd class destroyers built after the war.
      PS: the only difference between pre war construction and post-war construction is that the warships and shields after the war, and this is just the size of my own fleet. If the H6 comes out and smacks in the face, please spray it gently.)
      This is one of the few surviving fleets of mankind, and it is also the largest fleet. To tell you the truth, these fleets are pitifully small. You should know that hundreds of warships took part in a large battle during the war of starsprout. From this, we can see that UNSC and the earth are not cool anymore.
      At the same time, it also shows that the ketana camp is powerful. It may not be enough for people to plug their teeth just by relying on this kind of ship.
      Lin Ziyun said to his vice captain: “send the order down, and order the Paris to lead two Morinda class destroyers to the coordinates of the earth for investigation. Attention, long-distance investigation, don't be found.”
      PS: why do the warships built later use the name of the first warship?Answer: anyway, the fleet is made up by myself, so I don't care about the name of the ship.)
      Miley worried: “but, is it too dangerous? After all, we just escaped from the solar system not long ago. What should we do if kotana finds out?”
      “I know all this, but I want to confirm the current situation immediately, observe from a distance, and jump in random space as soon as I find out.”
      Lin Ziyun doesn't plan to tell them the real situation now, for fear that they can't accept it, and it's hard to explain how he knows it. Should he tell them what his golden finger told him?
      It's obviously impossible.
      It was the captain's order, and Miley had to carry it out. The three ships immediately started to break away from the formation. A few seconds later, three blue circles opened in front of them, and the three ships entered the space fault.
      Ten days later, after a brief jump, a detection team of three warships finally reached the outer solar system.
      As soon as they left the space fault, they immediately entered the state of combat readiness, fearing that a guardian would hang them.
      “Listen, it's not allowed to send any signal to the earth, so as not to expose yourself, and it's not allowed to turn on the signal of this ship, so as not to be found by the other side!”Said the captain of dawn class one to a group of his men.
      “Then we can only use the most primitive means of investigation, which will greatly reduce our efficiency,” said one of the crew members
      “It doesn't matter. At least you won't expose yourself.”
      In this way, the three ships opened the shipborne space telescope and began to observe the colonies in the solar system.
      A few hours later, the captain of Paris class No.1 frowned and looked at the picture sent back, “who can tell me, are you teasing me? Why are these pictures sent back?”
      At this time, a seaman said bitterly, “how can we tease you? The picture sent back is like this. We don't know why it is like this.”
      The captain covered his head and said, “well, anyway, first send the information back to the fleet. It's a headache for the commander in chief. He ordered the other two halberds to prepare to return.”*
      The third chapter is the world (the third watch)
      After ten days of space jumping, the three warships finally returned to the fleet, and Lin Ziyun in the endless also received the information from them for the first time.
      Several images are projected on the holographic platform, including a beautiful blue planet, rows of huge space artifacts like sand bucket, and the barren Mars (Mars is also one of the colonies of UNSC).
      When he saw the huge rows of man-made sand objects, Lin Ziyun already knew where it was, as high as seed world, a world still in human civil war.
      “I didn't expect to come to this world. Now you don't need to worry about the other party's technology being too advanced or too backward.”The sound of passing through the door sounded in my mind again.
      Smell speech Lin son cloud eyebrow a pick, headache way: “yes, although don't need to worry, but this world seems to have nothing to plunder.”
      It's not Lin Ziyun who looks down on them, but a group of civilizations still fighting in the solar system. What's good to plunder? You know, seed can only be taken to the table. But if you take them to halo, it's still cannon fodder level, not as good as your own ship.
      “You're wrong in this job. Indeed, they are similar to primitive people in front of UNSC, but the so-called” take advantage of others and make up for their own shortcomings “. They also have some technologies that are worth plundering. You're thinking about them.”
      Smell speech, Lin Ziyun is propping chin to ponder, unexpectedly through the door all said, think must be really have, that exactly is what?
      “Wait, I see.”Lin Ziyun suddenly thought of something and said: “although these technologies are not as good as those of Sparta of UNSC, and can only be modified during fertilization, they are low-cost and can be used in large quantities. There is also the soul ballad and the beam twisting technology of banning Gundam.”
      Most of the attack means of the pioneers, Xingmeng and C emperor are large beams. If you master the beam distortion technology and add it to your warship, you can resist most of the beam attacks and reverse the situation of weapon disadvantage.
      Maybe the directional energy weapons of the pioneers are different from those of the world, but it is not impossible to use the existing data of infinity to modify it to target the directional energy of the pioneers.
      And genetic modification technology itself can be used to modify, so that adults can also use.
      “It seems that you have thought of it, and you know it. It's up to you what to do next. I'll continue diving. If you have something to tell me, goodbye.”
      Lin Ziyun nodded in silence. This golden finger is really casual, but it's OK. Unlike some systems or gods, they always kill the host. If it's such a golden finger, Lin Ziyun said, don't worry.
      Lin Ziyun opened the ship and announced, “as you can see, we may not be in the world we used to be familiar with. We have come to a strange world. There are also earth and human beings in this world. However, from the information we have now, we can know that their civilization level is just entering space colonization. I believe we will return to our original world,So we need to prepare for the future. ”
      “We need to get in touch with them, get their technology that we can use, and show ourselves, so that we will have a greater chance of winning in future wars.”
      “Now I order, all ships ready to jump, target solar system!”
      Ten days later, the endless fleet finally reached the edge of the solar system.
      “Roland, I need a detailed information to invade each other's network.”Lin Ziyun said to the shipborne intelligent AI.
      As a civilized AI that is hundreds of years more advanced than human beings in this world, it is basically not difficult to invade the world's network. It is not easy to do so. Soon a detailed report appeared in Lin Ziyun's hands.
      Looking at the information displayed in front of him, Lin Ziyun nodded. As expected, he knew the same information as himself: natural people on the earth, regulators of life in the universe, bloody valentine's Day events, and the extreme organization of the earth: the blue universe.
      “Now C.E. May 1, 1970, it seems too early.”Lin Ziyun looks away from the materials and ponders, knowing that both zhenhunqu and duangaoda are the products of the second work.
      Now it's more than half a year away from the official plot, and the second season only takes place two years after the end of the first season. Except for the construction time of zhenhunqu, zhenhunqu will not appear until at least a few months after the end of the first season (blueprint).
      After all, zhenhunqu was built on the moon where Genesis had opened a hole. Now that Genesis has not opened a hole on the moon, zhenhunqu can't exist now. Why don't you open a hole on the moon yourself?
      However, after thinking about it, Lin Ziyun gave up the idea. After all, it's still early. Even if we open a hole in the moon, the current earth coalition army may not be able to create the soul ballad. After all, the concept of soul ballad has not appeared yet, and even if it does, it's just some information on paper.
      “Forget it, I can't get the technology of zhenhunqu now. Let's go to plant first. Let's talk about the first genetic transformation technology.”Lin Ziyun thought about it. It's the only way.
      “Tell Sarah Palmer to lead a Spartan team to the pelican and get ready to go.”Lin Ziyun said to his deputy captain Miley, “next, I'll give you the command.”
      “Yes, captain.”The vice captain nodded.
      More than ten minutes later, Lin Ziyun came to the Spartan team's preparation Bay. As expected, Sarah Palmer brought him the black brother James·Rock's Osiris team.
      When the members of Osiris team saw the arrival of Lin Ziyun, they immediately stood in a straight line to salute him.
      Lin Ziyun nodded and said: “our goal of this operation is the world's genetic transformation technology. If we want to get this technology, we must go to each other's hinterland and try not to expose ourselves as much as possible. It's obviously easy for you Spartans. Well, I've said all that. Let's start boarding.”
      Looking at Lin Ziyun leading the way to pelican, Sarah palmer came to him quickly, “Captain, are you going to go in person?”
      “Indeed, is there any problem?”
      “It's a big problem. You should stay here. This kind of errand work is done by Osiris team,” she said
      “I have made up my mind to go, and no one here knows the world better than me.”
      Looking at the unstoppable Lin Ziyun, Sarah had to compromise. When James was ready to board, she ordered him: “protect the captain. If the captain is short of a hair, you don't come back. You can make your own decisions.”
      James nodded: “yes, sir, the captain's safety will be guaranteed.”
      Soon, a pelican transport plane carrying a large number of people left infinity and headed for the plant colonial satellite*
      Chapter 4 sneak in (the fourth watch)
      P. L.a.n.t is made up of 12 regions (also known as “cities”), each with its own specialized departments.These regions are arranged according to the month of Rome, and each region is composed of 10 colonial satellites.
      December City, as the headquarters area of ZAFT, contains all the expertise of other regions, including genetic transformation technology, and Lin Ziyun's goal is here.
      Genetic modification technology is very common in p.l.a.n.t. almost every hospital has relevant information, but those are relatively low-end civilian technology, while most of the high-end military technology is in ZAFT's hands.
      ZAFT uses these technologies, so that their soldiers don't need too much training at all, and they can compete with the professional soldiers of the earth army who have been trained for several years.
      Don't you see that ZAFT's MS drivers are teenagers?
      To get back to the point, Pelican did not disturb anyone, but quietly came to the bottom of a colonial satellite in the December area. There are only two ways to enter the colonial satellite, one is from the front port, and the other is from the special channel for daily maintenance.
      Obviously, it's impossible to enter positively. After all, there are too many people and it's easy to be found, so we have to choose the second method. However, due to the small working channel, the pelican can't enter at all. Lin Ziyun and others have to leave the pelican and sneak in by themselves.
      Lin Ziyun is a little bulky in his spacesuit, and he was killed by Olympia of Osiris team·Wei'er hugs her from the back. Wearing the fourth generation of Raytheon hammer power armor, Wei'er is more than two meters tall, which is a big part higher than the forest cloud, which is only 175cm tall.
      Wei'er said, “Captain, I'm ready. I'm going to jump.”
      Lin Ziyun looked at the deep space under his feet, took a deep breath and nodded, “let's go.”
      After a while, Wei'er left Pelican with him in her arms, and then other members began to leave one after another, using the power thruster on her back to fly quickly towards the colonial satellite.
      In an alley in December City, the gate linking the underpass was suddenly violently pushed open, and five figures came out of the gate one after another.
      Lin Ziyun, who had taken off his spacesuit for a long time, looked up at the black sky and then jumped again. He felt no different from the earth. He sighed: “although I saw it in anime, I felt different when I came here. It's a pity that with such high colonial technology, I was only trapped in the solar system.”
      Colonial satellite has an independent weather system, which can perfectly imitate the earth's environment. Maybe people in halo world can do this, but you should know that people are hundreds of years ahead of the world, and they don't need to spend a lot of money to build this kind of colonial satellite. If they want to colonize, they can find a suitable planet.
      Lin Ziyun said to the four members of Osiris team: “although we know that all the information we need is in the most central ruling building, we don't know about the layout inside. If we go forward rashly, it will expose us. This is what I don't want to see.”
      “So, for the time being, we focus on gathering intelligence. Now our primary goal is to get a house in this city and build a stronghold to facilitate our next operations.”
      Lin Ziyun also wanted to solve the problem by force, but considering some factors, he gave up the idea. If he started a war with people in the world now, it would undoubtedly attract the attention of people all over the world. This is tantamount to destroying the plot. If the plot is destroyed, how can he still play? The traverser will reach the peak by knowing the plot well.
      Another more important reason is the supply problem. Unlike the earth or plant, they have huge logistics, and the endless can carry out missions for more than a year alone.(not fully loaded)
      But the problem is that infinity is not her own, but also with a group of younger brothers. Their supplies can only rely on infinity. If the resources of infinity are used up, all the people in the fleet will starve to death.
      Therefore, Lin Ziyun also plans to find someone who can provide long-term supplies for himself and others in the later stage. The best choice is neutral orb or plant in the later stage.
      James Locke, the leader of Osiris, nodded. “It's a good thing we're equipped. Edward's up to you next.”
      “No problem, boss. Give me five minutes.”Edward took out the computer he had brought with him and knocked on the keyboard. “OK, I hacked into the system here and forged our identity. There won't be any problem in a few months. I bought a house nearby and borrowed some money from the bank by the way.”
      Lin Ziyun nodded his head with satisfaction. Fortunately, human beings in this world have entered the information age. As long as it is the information age, it is much easier to fabricate identity or do something else. Of course, the premise is that you must have the high tide of hacker technology or the formation of technological support.
      “How much did you borrow?”
      “Not much. I'm afraid they'll notice. I only took three million.”
      “Three million is enough. We won't be here long.”Lin Ziyun nodded and said, “take us to the stronghold first.”
      “Yes, please follow me.”
      Soon, the five Lin Ziyun disappeared at night.
      In a flash of time, two months later, because Lin Ziyun is a person who likes to do everything steadily, so in these two months, his subordinates have not taken action, just collecting intelligence, even if it is not very useful.
      It's all about being 100% successful and not exposing yourself and others, but finally tonight, they're ready to act.
      James Locke looked at the PDA in his hand and said: “intelligence shows that because the high-rise of ZAFT will hold a supreme meeting, the garrison of the ruling building will be adjusted tonight, and most of the guards in the place where we are just going will be transferred to the meeting area to ensure the safety of the members. This opportunity is rare, so we must seize it.”
      “Wei'er will stay and continue to protect the captain. Edward Barker, Holly Tanaka and I will sneak in and steal information together.”Then James Locke looked at Lin Ziyun and said, “Captain, is that ok?”
      Lin Ziyun nodded, “no problem, I agree with your decision. After all, I can't help you when I go, but it will get in your way.”
      “Well, that's it. Let's start tonight.”
      PS: good sangxin. Other people stay at school during the summer vacation and don't go home to spend time with their girlfriends. As a single dog, I can only find a job for internship. When I see a large group of lovers after internship, I feel bad, so I have to run back and have nothing to do.*
      Chapter V data theft
      “Ah, it's so boring. I look at this unchangeable computer screen every day and say when we have a holiday.”
      At this time, in a room full of computer screens, a man with his back against a chair and feet on the seat said to another man sitting next to him.
      “Don't complain. The situation between us and the earth federation is tense recently. It is impossible for all active servicemen to have a holiday in a short time.”
      Bang Bang ~!Just then, there was a knock on the door.
      “Who is it?We are the only two on duty today. Are those who have been transferred back? ”
      “Who knows, I'll see.”Then he left his seat to open the door.
      “Who knocked…” just opened the door to ask, only to find a man in strange armor standing outside with a gun against his head.
      Edward Barker pulled the trigger and put two bullets into each other's heads. After all, Edward Barker put his left hand to his ear and said, “this is Edward. The control room is over. We can start.”
      At the same time, James Locke and holly Tanaka, who have received the information, begin to walk towards the database. During this time, they meet several patrol teams, but all of them are easily destroyed by them.
      After entering the database, James Locke inserted something similar to a USB flash disk into the interface and began to tap on the computer keyboard. James Locke did not distinguish the data. He simply copied all the data in it. Although most of the data are irrelevant, he has no spare time to do other things now.
      A few minutes later, James Locke and others soon stole all the information here, “mission completed, now start to retreat.”
      an hour later.
      At this time, in the office of speaker Sarah, one of the twelve speaker of plant, Patrick Sarah slapped her desk hard, her eyes turned red, staring at the reporter in front of her, and yelled, “what's the matter, tell me clearly!”
      The reporter was obviously frightened by his violent temper. “Report to speaker Sala that someone sneaked into the database an hour ago, killed all patrol teams and stole all the information there.”
      Because James Locke didn't clean up the traces after he got the information, they soon found the passive information.
      “Block all the exits for me, including all the special passages for employees. From now on, no one in this city can leave unless it is approved.”
      Looking at the reporter who left, Patrick leaned back on his chair and supported his forehead. He couldn't figure out who had the ability to sneak in under ZAFT's eyes. Even the most elite special forces of the earth army could hardly enter the colonial satellite, let alone the headquarters of ZAFT.
      The most important thing is that we must not let the lost information go to the earth army. We must know that the information includes the deployment and scale of the army, and even the latest weapons, including the secret weapon “zhenhunqu”. If the information goes to the earth army, then all the secrets of ZAFT will be exposed to the enemy.
      On the other hand, the Osiris team, which completed the mission, successfully returned to the base.
      “Captain, I think we should evacuate now. I think ZAFT will soon find out that the database has been stolen. If they are not stupid, they should block this place soon.”James Locke, who just came back, gave the U-disk to Lin Ziyun and said.
      “It's too late. They've begun to block it.”Sitting next to the computer, Wei'er looks at the latest news on the screen and shakes her head.
      Edward Barker was surprised. “I didn't expect they found out so soon.”
      “Don't worry, they can't find us. It's just that the blockade is a bit troublesome. Pelican can't enter directly, and the work channel is probably blocked. We can't go out now, so we have to wait until this matter is over. After the blockade is lifted, we can leave. But it may take time in this process, but now the most important thing is to send the information to Wu firstAs many as possible, remember to send it with encrypted information. ”
      “Yes, captain.”
      “Actually, I think we can break through the blockade and get out of here.”Said Edward Barker.
      Lin Ziyun shook his head. “The entrance and exit of Xinggang is closed. It's not easy to open it. The special passage for maintenance staff is smelly and long. Now, in special period, there are more patrol soldiers than usual.”
      “Of course, I'm not worried about your security. It's easy for you to solve these patrols, but it will also make ZAFT pay attention to us, which is not what I want now.”
      In this way, more than five months have passed, and now it has entered the late January of ec71. If Lin Ziyun remembers correctly, the official plot happened in this month, but he forgot when.
      In the past five months, the blockade has not stopped. Lin Ziyun was still strange at the beginning. It's just a little bit of biotechnology information. Should the blockade be so tight.
      As a result, after Lin Ziyun carefully looked at the information, James Locke took out all of ZAFT's family. No wonder ZAFT would bite so hard.
      And Lin Ziyun and others for some unnecessary trouble, most of them stay in the stronghold, during this period of time, Lin Ziyun will regularly get in touch with endless fleet, give them a safe.
      Otherwise, endless fleet will definitely use violence to save people.
      Bang Bang~
      On this day, Lin Ziyun was in the room, looking at the information sent from the endless number. Suddenly, a knock on the door rang out.
      “Come in, please.”
      “Captain, we have a ride to take us, tomorrow.”Wei'er, who just walked in, said excitedly that she could go back after staying here so long.
      Hearing this, Lin Ziyun said with a smile, “Oh?Who is so kind as to take us away? ”
      “According to the information, a civilian ship will go to yunius 7 tomorrow to mourn for the refugees on board. We can slip in and leave by that ship.”
      Lin Ziyun nodded, “good. Tell them to get ready. They will leave here tomorrow.”
      Early the next morning, a civilian ship named “casually” was preparing to leave for yunius 7. A few minutes later, the ship started and slowly left December.*
      Chapter 6 the singer of pink hair
      After two days of sailing, the civilian ships have almost left ZAFT's sphere of influence and come near a huge wreckage, which is the destination of their trip, yunius 7.
      Two days ago, Lin Ziyun five people secretly sneaked into the ship, and for the sake of safety, they haven't contacted anyone here since they sneaked in.
      Looking at the pictures of meteorites, building debris and floating corpses floating outside the window, Lin Ziyun's face was a little pale, his stomach was tumbling, but fortunately he didn't vomit out.
      The Spartans of the four Osiris teams next to Lin Ziyun don't change their faces. They have seen this kind of scene, even worse.
      “Captain, are you all right?You don't look very wellSaid James Locke, looking at his pale face.
      Lin Ziyun shook his head. “I'm ok. I'll be ready. After they stop, we'll leave, and then contact infinity.”
      Everyone nodded and began to prepare. Wei'er next to him took out a spacesuit stolen from here and handed it to Lin Ziyun.
      Maybe God didn't want Lin Ziyun to go home so smoothly. At this moment, a notice sounded inside the ship: “a earth army warship is planning to hijack this ship. For your safety, please go to the rescue capsule immediately and get ready to escape. Repeat…”
      “Day!These troublemakers are not coming so early or late, but they have to make trouble at this time. But why is the plot so familiar? “Lin Ziyun scolded in his heart.
      James Locke said eagerly, “Captain, let's go to the escape capsule. You can't rely on your spacesuit alone. If they want to sink the ship, the powerful explosive energy spacesuit can't protect you.”
      After that, Osiris team surrounded Lin Ziyun and ran to the escape area to protect him.
      A loud noise spreads all over the ship. The direction of the sound can be determined. The loud noise comes from the belly of the ship, which is just the entrance and the location of the escape area.
      When the five came to the escape area, they happened to see seven or eight earth army's boarding troops killing two bodyguards in black suits, pointing a gun at a girl with pink hair.
      This young girl Lin Ziyun knows, no, it should be said that as long as anyone who has seen up to seed animation knows this person, lakesie Klein, a leading actress with a deep sense of the city. No wonder she just felt so familiar with the plot, it turned out that it was the story before lakesie appeared on the stage.
      At the same time, the earth army also found five Lin Ziyun people who suddenly broke in. Looking at four of them with weapons and wearing strange armor, they immediately aimed their weapons at Lin Ziyun and others.
      And one of the obvious commanders said, “who are you? Put down your arms and hold your head in your hands. Otherwise, don't blame me for being rude.”
      Lin Ziyun glanced at them and ignored him. He said to James Locke, “solve them and don't hurt that civilian.”
      James Locke, who was ordered, immediately opened fire on the front men. The prepared earth army had already started to fight back when they heard what Lin Ziyun said.
      Although they have an absolute advantage in the number of people, unfortunately, what they meet today is Spartan soldiers who can hang aliens, and soon all the earth armies will be eliminated.
      Lin Ziyun took a look at the escape capsule. Most of them have become empty. They must have been used by others. Now there is only one left here.
      “As you can see, we are also preparing to escape, and there is only one escape capsule. If you don't mind, you can join us.”Lin Ziyun said to lax, who had been looking at him curiously.
      After hearing the words, lacks said in a soft voice, “how can I mind? It's better to say thank you for saving me. Without you, I would be dead now.”
      A few people into the escape capsule, Lin Ziyun found that the escape capsule is not big, but a squeeze, loading six people or completely no problem.
      When everyone got in and sat down, James Locke pressed the gate by hand, and with a bang, the escape capsule bounced out.
      “Captain, do you need to contact infinity now?”Wei Er asked in a low voice.
      Lin Ziyun shook his head. “The plan has changed. Let's stay here first. I think someone will come to save us soon.”
      My original plan was to call for a transport plane to pick me up from the wreckage of yunius 7 after the spaceship docked. But since I met the plot, I couldn't let it go.
      Of course, he didn't want to do anything to the archangel, but as a great celestial traverser, how could he not join in the plot.
      “You mean ZAFT will come?Isn't everything we've done in vain? ”
      “Don't get me wrong. I didn't say ZAFT came to save people. Well, don't think about it. Just follow my orders.”
      Although the conversation between them was relatively quiet, the escape capsule was so loud. On the surface, lax was playing with her hello. In fact, she had heard all Lin Ziyun said just now, and her face changed slightly.
      'I don't know where he got the news, but I'm sure it's the earth army who came to save people. Hey, just left the tiger's den, he's going to enter the wolf's den again.'lacs thought uneasily.
      As time went by, hours passed, and with a slight shake, everyone in the escape capsule could feel that they were moving.
      'it looks like the protagonist is here.'Lin Ziyun thought to himself that the escape capsule itself had no power, and that it could move meant that they had been found.
      After about ten minutes or so, the escape capsule stopped moving. Lin Ziyun, who had good ear power, heard a faint cutting sound from outside. It was obvious that someone was trying to open the escape capsule.
      Of course, the voice was heard not only by Lin Ziyun, but also by the four members of Osiris team. They immediately raised their weapons and entered a state of preparation for battle. They would open fire without hesitation when there was a situation.
      Outside the escape capsule, the cutting has stopped. As the servicing member of the archangel, kojero madek is holding a machine in his hand. The other end of the machine links to the escape capsule. “OK, the safety lock has been cut. Now it's going to be opened. You're ready.”
      After listening to kojero madek's words, all the people present began to be on guard. No one knew who was inside.
      Zizi ~!The door was opened, but when everyone thought that the people inside would come out, they found that what came out was not a person, but a long cylindrical metal object.*
      Chapter 7 the boss of UNSC
      When he saw the metal object, as an old soldier who had been in the army for several years, Captain Mu La FLADA soon thought of what it was and cried to the people, “no, get down, it's a grenade!”
      Unfortunately, it's too late. The 'grenade' floating in the air disintegrates. With a loud noise from Weng, a shockwave disperses. The shockwave with a noise of 100 decibels rings in the whole hangar.
      All of them fell to the ground with their heads in agony.
      Concussion bomb, a kind of weapon that uses high decibel sound to paralyze opponents, is usually used by UNSC hell paratroopers (ODST special forces) before the war, which is effective for the separatist forces.
      A few seconds later, the concussion bomb stopped working, and then four people came out of the escape capsule, wearing armor they had never seen before, holding weapons that looked very advanced.
      After hearing James Locke's words, Lin Ziyun and lax came out one after another. Looking at the people who fell down and groaned with their heads in their arms, Lin Ziyun silently apologized.
      PS: there is no artificial gravity system in the archangel hangar. As for why it lies on the ground instead of floating, it's because of the plot here, so don't pay attention to these details
      The concussion bomb was also used after Lin Ziyun's consideration. After all, five of them were armed (Lin Ziyun had a pistol hanging around his waist). If they went out in this way, they would certainly be attacked by them. We should know that the archangel is in a special period, and they do not want it to happen.
      “Put the gun down.”After Lin Ziyun finished speaking to the four people who were still carrying a gun, he came to Maliu, who was still lying on the ground. “Don't worry, we didn't mean any harm. We thought that we entered ZAFT's boat (deceiving her) and attacked it. The effect of concussion bomb will soon disappear.”
      With that, Lin Ziyun put his right hand in front of Malu. The pain in his ear slowly disappeared. Malu finally took out a hand and grasped his right hand. Lin Ziyun gently pulled her up.
      Maliu looked at the man in front of him and wanted to scold him. But after all, they also said that it was a misunderstanding. He and others were just unlucky and suffered for ZAFT. Moreover, if the other party really wanted to deal with him, he and others must be dead now.
      Malu shook his head and felt a little swollen. He said, “it's a misunderstanding. But for safety, can we hand over your weapons and let us keep them?”
      Lin Ziyun didn't even want to refuse decisively. “It's impossible. If I hand over my weapons, who will guarantee my life safety?Don't tell me that you can. It's not that I despise you. All of you are not my four opponents
      In addition to Lin Ziyun, there are at least hundreds of soldiers of the archangel. But what's the matter? The fourth phase of Sparta is not for fun. It's not a problem to hang hundreds of stars, let alone the earth army with backward equipment.
      The effect of concussion bomb has disappeared, and the people of Archangel have stood up one after another. When they just stood up, they heard Lin Ziyun's speech and raised their eyebrows.
      He despised them so much. He even said that there were no more than four people in a hundred people. Suddenly, he was angry and held his weapons tightly. As long as captain Malu ordered, they would definitely open fire. Give them a lesson and let him know not to underestimate them.
      Looking at the earth troops with weapons and angry looking at their captain, Osiris team also raised their weapons and warned them.
      “Put down your weapons.”Maliu hesitated for a while after ordering to his subordinates, and said to Lin Ziyun, “unexpectedly, you don't want to hand over your weapons, and we don't want to do anything strong. But please come with me to the reception room. We have to register you.”
      Maliu didn't really believe that the four could kill all of them. Of course, both sides couldn't benefit from the fight. As the captain of the archangel, she didn't want her crew to have an accident, so she had to compromise. Fortunately, a few of them didn't seem to be the enemy.
      Soon, Maliu left the hangar with Lin Ziyun.
      “Kid, don't pick things up next time. Look what you picked up today.”As soon as Maliu and linziyun left, kojero madek said to Kira, who was in a daze.
      Kira said apologetically, “I'm sorry.”
      “Forget it, you can't blame it all this time, just pay attention next time.”
      On the other side, Lin Ziyun came to the reception room of the archangel.
      “Let me introduce myself first. I need to know your basic information.”As soon as he sat down, Malu said.
      Lin Ziyun took the lead in saying: “Name: Lin Ziyun, remember, Lin is my surname, and Ziyun is my name. Don't mix it up. As for my identity… En… I'm the boss of a military organization. The four of them are my personal bodyguards.”
      Then James Locke and the four began to name themselves.
      Ma Liu smell speech, eyebrow a pick, Hello, you this' is' what ghost, you this identity is also too casual.
      “Can you tell me what kind of organization this military organization is?If it's not convenient, take it as if I didn't ask. ”
      “It's called UNSC.Lin Ziyun didn't care. Anyway, he told them that they didn't know each other.
      As for claiming to be the boss of UNSC, there is nothing wrong with it. On the contrary, in this world, UNSC has only its own people, and these people are its own subordinates. It is not wrong to say that they are the boss of UNSC.
      Malu frowned. Although he had a certain understanding of the world's military enterprises or military industrial enterprises and private armed organizations, he had never heard of UNSC. Did he make it up?
      The more he thought about it, the more likely he was. But in the end, he didn't say anything. Now people don't want to tell you their true identity, and you can't help it. As for Yongqiang, it's already in the hangar.
      Finally, it's the singer's turn to make soy sauce. “Hello, my name is lax Klein. I'm a singer.”
      After hearing the introduction of Lars, the archangel represented by Malu looked at her in shock. Then Malu asked Lin Ziyun, “what's the relationship between you?”
      “It doesn't matter. It just happens to be in the same escape pod.”Lin Ziyun answered with a shrug.
      Mariu nodded and said, “thank you for your cooperation. My subordinates will arrange a room for you to rest. But as you are armed, I'm sorry. You can only live in a fixed area. As for Miss lacs, please follow me.”
      Lin Ziyun nodded, took his subordinates and followed the guide to the rest area. As for Maliu taking lacs, he didn't have any opinion. Anyway, it's none of his business. Why do you care so much.*
      Chapter 8 scolding in front of me
      “Thank you, Captain Malu. Then I won't disturb you.”
      When lacs left with his men, Malu asked captain Mullah FLADA beside him, “Captain, what do you think of what the man named Lin Ziyun said?”
      “One point is true and nine points are false. I haven't heard of UNSC. It may be a small organization, but the equipment of his four bodyguards doesn't look like a small organization.”
      “Captain Malu, is it really good for them to have weapons?What should we do in case of any accidentAt this time, natal bakilulu, who had not spoken, said that she was not at ease.
      “It doesn't look like they are our enemies. If they are, they have the ability to solve our problem of seizing the archangel long ago, but they didn't do so, which means that we don't need to worry about whether they have weapons, but if you don't worry, arrange some people to watch them.”
      On the other side, in the rest arranged by Maliu for Lin Ziyun and others, Lin Ziyun lies on the bed and looks at the metal ceiling above his head.
      “It's boring. I knew I had bought a mobile phone before. At least I can play mobile games when I'm bored.”Lin Ziyun exclaimed.
      As an otaku, I don't even have a mobile phone. It's OK before. After all, I was still in the city at that time. I didn't have a mobile phone to play computer and play the world's games on the Internet. But now, there is a p-net in this broken boat.
      “Forget it, go out for dinner. Anyway, the canteen is one of the places I can go.”Lin Ziyun got up and asked a few people beside him, “I'm going to have dinner. Will you join me?”
      “We don't care, but please take Wei'er with you. We can rest assured that she is with you.”
      Lin Ziyun nodded and left the room with Wei'er.
      Walking in the metal corridor, Wei'er takes a map, which is given to him by Maliu when Lin Ziyun leaves. Of course, this is not the distribution map of the archangel, but the map of the range of activities.
      How can the important secret of the distribution map be given to these people who are from unknown sources? Don't even think about it.
      When they just passed an intersection, a pink figure bumped into Lin Ziyun's arms. Fortunately, he reacted fast enough to hold her tightly to prevent her from falling back.
      “Ah, it's Mr. Lin Ziyun. I didn't expect to meet you here.”Said lax with a smile.
      “Why are you here? Since they don't send someone to guard you after they know your identity.No, I think you should have sneaked out? “With that, Lin Ziyun looks at the Pink Hello in lacs' arms. Only this little thing can open the locked door.
      “I'm hungry, and I want to come out for a meal. Besides, I didn't come out secretly. I only came out after asking, but no one answered me.”
      Hey, what do you have to do with sneaking out.Lin Ziyun is sweating.
      “It's just right. I'm going to dinner, too. Would you like to join me?”
      “Great. I've been looking for the dining area, but I can't find it. Thank you for bringing me.”
      Lin Ziyun said, “you're welcome, so he took lacs with him.”.
      The archangel is just over 300 meters, not as big as the ship of its own fleet, and it can't move to the front. So soon, the three of them arrived at the dining area. Since it's past 12 noon and it's already 13 PM, there are not many people in the dining area, only a few people who have just changed shifts and haven't eaten yet.
      “I'm not going to deliver meals to the adjusters. They are all genetically modified monsters. What if she attacks me? I'm just an ordinary person and can't resist the adjusters at all.”
      As soon as they entered, they saw a girl with red hair saying something. As she turned her back to the door, they didn't find that the adjustor she was talking about had come behind her.
      But the young man with yellow hair and glasses who talked with her could see Lin Ziyun. He made a look at his girlfriend and said, “Frey, stop talking.”
      “What? Why don't you tell me not to say that? Are you in love with that pink hair adjuster?He's just a singer. What's so great about that? ”
      The girl, named Frey, went on, completely ignoring her boyfriend's eyes.
      Seeing Frey like this, Lin Ziyun feels embarrassed for her boyfriend Saiyi. At the same time, she gives him a look of 'it's not easy for you to have such a difficult girlfriend'.
      Looking at Lin Ziyun's eyes, Sai Yi instantly understood and felt the back of his head with an embarrassed smile.
      At this time, Frey finally found that several people look at their eyes a little strange, Saiyi is not looking at themselves, but to look at their back, with curiosity Frey slowly turned his head..
      When she saw Lin Ziyun standing behind her, she was embarrassed. After all, it's not good to speak ill of others behind her, not to mention being found on the spot.
      Seeing that she is no longer talking, Lin Ziyun doesn't pay any attention to her. She takes lax to sit down at random, while Wei'er walks to the front of the dining room behind Frey.
      Frey watched the giant in red armor (more than two meters high) coming towards her (she thought that Vera was just going to get the meal). She thought that the other party was coming to teach her. She was scared and quickly stepped back.
      Seeing the giant coming to her eyes, Frey subconsciously closed her eyes and was ready to be beaten. But after a while, she found that the imaginary giant attack never came.
      When she opened her eyes, all she saw was that the other birds didn't even care about themselves. She came to the reception area, picked up three meals and sat down at the table where Lin Ziyun was.
      Looking at the people who wanted to laugh but were holding their lives, she felt that she had been brushed, but she didn't dare to say anything. She was afraid of what the red giant would do to herself. After staring at the honest Lin Ziyun, she left here angrily.
      Furei stares at him, and Lin Ziyun naturally sees it. He's confused about it. Who do I want to offend? Is this girl sick? Don't stare at me.*
      Chapter 9 all of our opponents are hanging or quasi hanging forces
      Unconsciously, it has been a few days since Lin Ziyun arrived on the archangel. At this time, at the stern of the ship, there is the largest sightseeing window of the whole ship.
      The huge special glass is not only isolated from the vacuum, but also can block the strong ultraviolet rays from the direct sunlight, so that people can better watch the deep space of the universe. In the past few days since arriving on the archangel, linziyun has been here almost every time.
      Looking at the endless deep space from here, the first feeling is that human beings are so small.
      This afternoon, Lin Ziyun came here again, floating by the huge glass window alone, looking at the deep sky in the distance and silent.
      Today, the scenery outside the window is pretty good. It's not endless darkness. At least you can see a lot of shining stars from here.
      Lin Ziyun never thought that before, he would never have had the chance to see the scenery of the universe in space, and even dare not think of such a day. He would really like to thank chuangmen. If it wasn't for him, he might still be an otaku at home and spend the whole day at home.
      It's a pity that although crossing the gate will bring you this world and allow you to cross other worlds, it also gives you a very fuckin 'task. If you don't have that task, it would be better, or a simple task would be OK.
      He's not a s117 with a Pigfoot halo shining all over the universe. He can hang everything with a gun. He's just carrying a few escape boats. It looks pretty good, but it's nothing compared with Pigfoot halo.
      Lin Ziyun has decided that no matter how strong his fleet grows in the future, he must go back to the sergeant and let him join him. With the leading role of the sergeant, he will win half.
      Oh, by the way, we have to go to the ark to get the Huoling back. Although it's only a master ship in its eighties, it also has its own Pigfoot aura, but it's not as dazzling as the sergeant.
      “Hello, what are you thinking about? You are so engaged.”Then there was a voice from the rear, which interrupted his thinking.
      Lin Ziyun reaches out his hand and catches lax floating towards him to avoid her hitting the glass wall.
      “I'm just thinking about how to go in the future. To be honest, sometimes I really envy the people who live in this world.”Lin Ziyun looked into the deep sky, “at least the war between ZAFT and the earth army will not lead to the extinction of the human race.”
      In the final analysis, ZAFT and the earth army fight back and forth, and the final result is either the extinction of one side or the cessation of war and common development. No matter what the outcome is, mankind will not be extinct.
      Looking back at their enemies, they are both emperor C and demons. Secretly, there are a group of exiles who want to dominate the galaxy all day. Among these enemies, they either want to destroy human beings or enslave human beings. Their success or failure is related to the fate of human beings in a world, and their return can be said to be related to the survival of human beings.
      Thinking of this, Lin Ziyun could not help shaking his head with a bitter smile. His enemies were all amazing guys, either hanging or quasi hanging.
      Lacey looked at him suspiciously and didn't understand what he meant. Most people want to live in peace. Why does he envy these people?
      “I don't know why you say that, but I only know that war will only bring pain to people. I just hope that the war between the earth and plant will end soon.”
      In this regard, Lin Ziyun can't deny that although he didn't participate in the Xingmeng war, when he was still in the real world, he would pay more or less attention to the international news. The photos sent back after the war in Africa and the Middle East were warning people that the war was painful all the time.
      “From the beginning, you have been worried about this face. What's on your mind?If you don't mind, let me know. I'm willing to share your worries. “Said lax in her soft voice.
      Hearing the words, Lin Ziyun gently smiles, shakes his head and politely refuses to say, “thank you. I appreciate your kindness. You don't understand these things.Let's talk about something else. Anyway, if I remember correctly, you seem to be a big star. ”
      “I dare not be a big star. I can only sing, and it's not very nice. It's nothing.”
      “You're too modest. According to you, isn't it the same with donkey barking that other people all over the world singLin Ziyun is speechless. He is too modest.
      In fact, Lin Ziyun also knows that lax's beautiful voice is the product of genetic transformation, but also don't deny Lax's efforts in singing.
      If you can become a singer only by genetic modification, then why is there only one singer like lax among the world's regulators? It turns out that if you don't practice hard, your voice is beautiful, and the song you sing is not much different from the donkey's cry.
      “What can Mr. Lin Ziyun do for my big star?”Lax was no longer modest. She knew that modesty would be tiresome if used too much.
      “It's just that I've always wanted to take a picture with a big star like Miss lax. It's funny to say that I've never met a star face-to-face when I'm so old. I won't miss this opportunity. I just don't know if Miss lax will appreciate it.”
      “If Mr. Lin Ziyun, I will.”
      Smelling speech, Lin Ziyun takes out a PDA from his pocket, turns on the camera function, and then comes to lax. Just as Lin Ziyun is going to press the Photo button, lax suddenly moves closer to him and leans his right face on his chest.
      Click ~!
      Soon PDA recorded this moment, two people looking at the picture displayed on the PDA, people do not know that the photo of the two people are lovers are showing love.
      Lin Ziyun looks at LAX suspiciously. She did it on purpose just now. Why did she do it and take a fancy to herself?No, I'm not Kira's kind of pig's foot who drives as high as possible. In her eyes, she is a mysterious person at most.
      Lacey looked him in the eye and said with a smile, “it's late, and I should go back. Otherwise, the guard would be unhappy to find out that I'm running out again.”
      Lin Ziyun nodded with a smile. She slipped out again. I really don't know if it's the guard here or if she's good at running away.
      PS: the picture is the size of the ark. I don't know how the pioneers made such a big thing.*
      Chapter 10 conflict
      On February 6, ce71, the archangel, which had been sailing in the universe for more than half a month, received a long-distance communication. When it was confirmed that it was sent by the advance fleet of the eighth fleet of the earth, all the crew members (except Lin Ziyun and others) were smiling.
      The long-awaited friendly army has finally arrived, which also shows that they and others have almost entered the sphere of influence of the earth army, so at least they don't need to worry about security issues, and they don't need to live a nervous life every day.
      However, Lin Ziyun, who is familiar with the plot, knows that the fact is often not as good as they think. If the plot does not change, ZAFT warships will come soon. ZAFT warships are far more powerful than the advance team of the earth fleet. These passerby-by troops without leading role will soon become space garbage.
      Sure enough, on the next day, February 7, when the archangel and the advance troops met, the ZAFT warship appeared, followed by five MS, which broke into the earth advance fleet and launched the massacre.
      Only the advance fleet of a 250 meter Nelson class warship and several 130 meter Drake class frigates flew as high as the last five adjusters, and they were soon hanged by each other.
      Originally intended to take advantage of the advance fleet for their own cover, he went directly to the archangel of the eighth main fleet, watching the friendly forces being hanged and beaten by the other side, it can not help but send Kira and frada to support.
      On the archangel, Lin Ziyun specially came to a better position to watch the battle. Looking at the earth fleet being hanged outside the universe, he sighed: “it's really weak. There's no power to fight back. If it wasn't for the support of the archangel, it would be over now.”
      Lin Ziyun also focuses on Gao Da in the war. His gorgeous design, agility and firepower output are OK. It's OK to fight Xingmeng road troops. Unfortunately, his future opponent is ketana, who has a lot of forerunner relics, so Gao Da is not very useful to himself.
      It's good not to use it in the anti secession war.
      “James, what do you think of those high-speed cars?”Lin Ziyun asked James Locke.
      “Flashy, backward equipment, manual control, not even the most basic sensor control.Vulnerable protection, can only rely on mobility to avoid attack, so as to improve the survival rate, but undeniably, their design concept is quite good, maybe we can identify and design our own combat robot. ”
      Lin Ziyun nodded and agreed with his idea. If the control was replaced by sensor control, and a shield was added to it, and the armor was replaced with A-class titanium alloy armor, it might become an expanded version of Spartan warrior.
      However, all this is just thinking about it. It seems that in the future, I need to get a high-quality information. Let the technicians on infinity build one to have a look. If it's practical, it's mass production.
      And the best tech ones are ZAFT and aobu's dawning society. ZAFT already has all of ZAFT's information, but GAODA doesn't, only gene, who has been in service in large quantities.
      After all, ZAFT's Gundam technology was developed as a prototype after seizing the five. ZAFT didn't snatch Gundam when he went to steal information.
      As for dawning society, it was on the earth. It was far away from us. Now Lin Ziyun doesn't plan to go to the earth.
      It seems that stealing Gundam technology will be delayed.
      In fact, there is another way, that is to grab the six ready-made ones outside, but after thinking about it, Lin Ziyun gave up, because before long, these will be eliminated.
      It's better to steal freedom and justice from ZAFT in a few months' time to grab some equipment that will soon be obsolete.
      The battle is still going on outside. Less than half an hour later, the 250 meter long flagship Montgomery is left in the earth advance fleet.
      “I'm gone. There's nothing to see. Anyway, I can guess everything.”Lin Ziyun then looked for a while, then left with a dull face.
      Walking in the metal corridor, Lin Ziyun suddenly thought of something and stepped forward. “It seems that there is Frey's short-lived ghost father in the flagship, that is to say, lax will be taken hostage.'
      PA, Lin Ziyun patted his head and said, “Oh, my head, even the plot has been forgotten.”Then he went to the bridge of the archangel.
      The four nearby looked at their captain calmly and said some strange things. They were not surprised. Since they came to this world, their captain has always been like this.
      When a few people came to the bridge, Lin Ziyun saw lax standing in the corner and flea kneeling on the ground crying.Not far outside the archangel, Montgomery had become space junk.
      “Why are you here? This is not where you should be.”Sitting below the battle commander natal quickly found Lin Ziyun and others who broke into the bridge, asked in a poor tone.
      Lin Ziyun glanced at her and ignored her. She came to lacce and said, “are you hungry? Go and have dinner with me.”
      Lacks was stunned. Unexpectedly, at this time, he asked himself if he was hungry. Shouldn't he care about a few games first?
      Natal, who was ignored nearby, was suddenly angry. She had just been annoyed by Frey's mischief. Now this man broke into the bridge without permission and ignored her questions.
      Looking at Lin Ziyun, who is going to have dinner with lax, natal's face is not good and says: “stop, you break into the bridge and other military important places, don't want to leave like this.”
      At the same time, sitting in the position of captain, Maliu also looked at Lin Ziyun seriously, hoping that he could give an explanation.
      Lin Ziyun looked back at natal disdainfully and asked, “Oh, what are you going to do?Send me to court martial. I'm not your soldier. ”
      “If you break into a military area without permission, you will be arrested now.”Natal said, one hand toward a red button, and soon a team of guards rushed in, “arrest them!”*
      Chapter 11
      The guard rushed into the moment, the Osiris team raised their guns to protect Lin Ziyun and Lin Ziyun.
      “Wait… Ah.”Looking at the two groups of people, what does Malu want to say, but considering his responsibility, he didn't say anything in the end.
      He is just a soldier. The army has its own rules. Civilians are not allowed to enter the military area, not to mention Lin Ziyun, who has an unknown origin.
      “It seems that we are not welcome here. Why don't you come to me first and I'll take you home then?”Lin Ziyun ignored these nervous people and said.
      After hearing this, he thought that Lin Ziyun would send her to his resting place and nodded his head.
      After getting the answer from lax, Lin Ziyun gives it to James·Locke gave him a look. The latter nodded to him, put his right hand to his ear and said, “Osiris team calls endless. The captain's life is threatened. Request support, request support!Repeat… ”
      Except for Lin Ziyun and the other three members of Osiris team, all of us here looked at James with strange eyes·Rock, I don't understand what he's doing. Call for backup?This is the universe. Apart from the debris floating outside, there are only the archangel and the ZAFT warship following her who dare not attack.Where's the support?
      However, soon they all showed a look of shock. The guards who were still holding guns at Lin Ziyun had been shocked to forget that they were still holding weapons. Even Frey, who was just crying, looked at the deep space with an incredible look. Now they finally knew where the support came from.
      Not far in front of the archangel, three blue lights lit up, forming three holes, from which three giant warships, which they had never seen before, flew out.
      One of the largest ships is at least 1400 meters (late autumn heavy cruiser), and the two ships beside her are at least 5600 meters (firm class frigate).
      Once they thought the archangel was the biggest warship, but when they saw the whole body of the three warships, they suddenly found how small the archangel was in front of them.
      Looking at the sudden appearance of the mysterious fleet, Malu thought of the behavior of Lin Ziyun and others just before. He didn't need to know that the fleet was called by him.
      Malu looks at Lin Ziyun in a complicated way.Funny, he told himself the truth before, but he thought he was bragging. It was a slap in the face.
      Using its advanced technology and powerful means, the AI of the late autumn heavy cruiser soon forced its way into the communication system of the archangel. On the big screen of the bridge of the archangel, a middle-aged woman in her forties and fifties, dressed in the uniform of an UNSC naval officer, appeared.
      Her name is Ruth·Ogla is one of the few female captains of the endless fleet. In Lin Ziyun's impression (the impression implanted through the gate), she has experienced the human Xingmeng war, and her command ability is excellent.
      Just before crossing, Lin Ziyun often asked her some questions, and she also patiently answered them one by one.
      Ruth just showed up·Ogla said, “I'm Ruth, the captain of the UNSC late autumn 1·Ogla, please don't do anything dangerous to our personnel. At the same time, please open your hangar. ”
      After that, he looked at Lin Ziyun and said, “commander, are you ok?”(both of them are captains, but Lin Ziyun's warship is the flagship, so Ruth·Ogra calls him commander)
      “Thank you for your relationship, Captain Ruth. I'm fine.”
      After listening to her commander's reply, Ruth nodded and set her eyes on Malu. Her voice hardened. “I hope you can do what I just said right away. Otherwise, I don't mind breaking in. We won't be responsible for the casualties at that time.”
      “Please give me your hand. We'll open the hangar right away.”Malu said helplessly.Natal, who has always been against her, rarely opposes her captain.
      That's right. After all, the gap between the two sides is here. Only those who have lost their minds will oppose it.
      “I didn't expect that Mr. Lin Ziyun was still a commander. I'm more and more curious about who you are.”Rex, recovering from shock, looks at him curiously.
      “Ha ha, it's dangerous for a girl to be curious about a man. If she doesn't pay attention, she will fall into the enemy.”Lin Ziyun said jokingly.
      “If it's Mr. Lin Ziyun, I don't think it's bad.”
      Looking at her serious expression, Lin Ziyun was embarrassed with a smile. He didn't know how to answer her well, so he had to wave his hand to Malu and others, “thank you for your acceptance. Goodbye.”
      Soon, Lin Ziyun took several people to the archangel's hangar, where a pelican transport plane, several Marines and ODST special forces were waiting for them.
      After several people approached, all the staff saluted Lin Ziyun and others. Lin Ziyun nodded and said, “hard work, everyone.”With that, he boarded the pelican with Lacey.
      After people returned to the deep autumn heavy cruiser, the deep autumn class and the two firm class frigates that came together started the transition engine at one time.
      The archangels were honored to witness all this again. Many people didn't react before, and they appeared. This time, everyone saw it clearly from the beginning to the end.
      “Who are they, why do they have such high technology and can actually do space shuttle? If they are involved in this war, even ZAFT will not be their opponent.”Said frada gravely.
      He is right. If Lin Ziyun really wants to get involved in the war, there is no one in the world who can fight against him. It's a pity that he doesn't have the heart to take part in the war.
      After all, I don't have logistics. I have so many resources. If I use a little less, I still have a long way to go.
      Malu nodded, “yes, now we must go back to the eighth fleet and report this matter, so that the Earth Alliance can be ready.”
      The ZAFT warships behind the archangel, due to their backward radar technology, did not find the contact between the archangel and a mysterious fleet.
      They are still discussing how to rescue speaker Klein's daughter, lax. What they don't know is that lax has already left the archangel and arrived in another super carrier*
      Chapter 12 the strongest king of the universe: UNSC
      In the super carrier infinity, the members of Osiris team have left, and only Lin Ziyun and lax walk side by side. From the moment they enter infinity, the latter looks like a curious baby, looking left and right, hoping to see everything here.
      She was shocked by everything on infinity. She could guarantee that any device she pulled from here would be hundreds of years more advanced than similar products in the world.
      Even some more sci-fi things don't know what they are. She can't imagine that human beings can make such mysterious things.(Pioneer equipment)
      Her idea is not surprising. You know, this ship is a product of the hybrid technology of human beings, Xingmeng and pioneers. Many of its designs are very advanced. If the interior of infinity is compared to modu, then the late autumn class cruiser is an ordinary third tier city.
      Lin Ziyun was amused when he saw the picture of lax. At the same time, he felt a sense of pride, just like he was showing off his property to a beautiful woman.
      “Well, you don't have to look. Anyway, there's plenty of time for you to see. Come with me and I'll take you to the rest room.”
      Lacs did not give up, looking at Lin Ziyun, a trace of curiosity flashed in his eyes, “the design here is too sci-fi, at least hundreds of years ahead of the world or even more. Are you all from the future, Mr. Lin Ziyun?”
      “You guessed half right, we are not the future people of this world, but 2558 years from another world.”Lin Ziyun explained.He didn't hide anything from lax. Anyway, it's all indifferent information. There's no difference between knowing and not knowing.
      “Another world?”Laches was shocked.
      “Yes, you can understand it as a parallel world.”
      “I didn't expect that there were other worlds besides this one. It's incredible.Does Mr. Lin Ziyun often have wars in his original world? ”
      Wen Yan, Lin Ziyun looks at her suspiciously, “yes, how do you know?”
      Lax chuckled. “Remember what you said on the archangel.You said that you envy people in this world, at least war will not lead to the destruction of mankind, so I guess if there is a war in your world, it seems that I am right. ”
      “Can you tell me something about that world over there?Who are you fighting with? It's actually related to the survival of mankind. ”
      Lin Ziyun shrugged his shoulders and said, “we all fight against our own people (separatist forces) who have been fighting for hundreds of years. Then we have a fight with the aliens, and we have a fight with the advanced ancient civilization. Now that AI is rebellious, we are going to fight with AI again.”
      Lacks was stunned. He didn't expect that Lin Ziyun's description was so casual. It seemed that it was very simple to beat aliens.
      “It's not easy for you.”
      More than that, it's not easy. Apart from the separatist forces, which of the enemies of UNSC doesn't exist like a hook. If it's not for the presence of the sergeant chief with his own Pigfoot aura, Lin Ziyun doesn't know whether they can hold on to the end of the Xingmeng war.
      “It's OK, at least it's all over now.”Lin Ziyun said with an indifferent face.
      Anyway, with the help of the golden finger of the crossing door, I gradually hoard materials and develop myself. I don't believe that I can't kill the blue light girl AI when I go back.
      Lin Ziyun takes lacs to a metal door and points on the control panel, “you live here for the time being. I'll send you back as soon as I have time.”
      “Thank you for bringing me here and asking you to take care of me. Thank you very much.”Lax had a smile on her face.
      Lin Ziyun shook his head to show his impoliteness, then left and walked towards the bridge.
      “Captainonthebridge!”(Captain boarding bridge)
      Just entering the bridge, the staff on duty yelled, and all the staff gave a standard naval salute to Lin Ziyun.
      Lin Ziyun nodded to them and came to the holographic platform. On the platform stood a golden yellow little man only 20cm tall, who looked like a World War I pilot. He was the carrier AI Loran of the endless.
      “Roland, how much material do we have and how long can we last?”Lin Ziyun asked with his hands on the table.
      “Alas, it's less optimistic than expected. The combat materials are good. The endless has its own production workshop. As long as it has resources, it can produce weapons and ammunition, but the food is not good. We left so suddenly that we didn't prepare well in advance. All the food in our fleet can only last us one year and five months.”
      In one year and five months, there are so many materials, but Roland knows that this is no longer the original time, and no one will supply them. He has to find his own way.
      The answer, to Lin Ziyun, is still satisfied, “these time has been enough, I will find a way to solve the food problem.”
      “Now I'll give you another task. Within this radius of half a light year, find a suitable place to build a temporary airport. Don't choose the place within the human sphere of influence of the world.”
      Hearing the speech, Roland said excitedly, “you are crazy. We don't have support ships here. We don't have large equipment and enough resources to build an airport for us, even temporary ones.”
      Lin Ziyun nodded, “I naturally know this. I'll help you with the resources and equipment. You just need to find a place to build it.”
      “Why?Where are you going?Isn't it going to the human forces in this world? “Roland is not sure.
      “Yes, buy, steal, rob or borrow. I'll take care of it anyway.”Lin Ziyun.
      “OK, as long as there are resources and equipment, it's OK to build an airport, but don't expect too much. After all, the world's equipment is not as good as ours, and we can't build many advanced airports.”
      These Lin Ziyun naturally know that he doesn't intend to stay here anyway. Why do you want such an advanced one? Just use it.
      Of course, some people may ask, why don't we keep the airport for a long time.
      Nonsense, of course, is to prepare for the later transformation and upgrading of the ships in our fleet. To get the world's equipment and technology, we need to find a place to load our ships. This kind of big project can't be completed by itself. We can only rely on the airport.
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      Chapter 13
      Little by little, in the twinkling of an eye, lax had been on the endless for nearly a week.
      In this week, Lin Ziyun was very busy. There were a lot of documents to be processed on the ship, needless to say, he was tired just because he was dragged all over the ship by lax.
      However, in a week, although they choose time to go shopping on infinity every day, they haven't finished half of it so far. I have to say infinity is really big.
      Lin Ziyun, who is tired, knows that he can't go on like this. He has to find a way to stop lax. When he was on plant before, he stayed at home every day and didn't have to worry about anything. He can also surf the Internet every day. Compared with here, his life is just like heaven and earth.
      “It seems that the plan is going to start ahead of time. Alas, I'm the commander in chief of UNSC endless fleet. I'm so tired by my sister-in-law. I'll be laughed to death if I say it.”
      Lin Ziyun's plan is nothing else but a plan to supply the endless fleet. The key to this plan lies in lax, his father, shigell·Klein.
      Siegel·Klein, one of the twelve members of the Supreme Council of plant, has a very high reputation among the people in the plant. At the same time, he is also the only member who advocates the peaceful solution of problems with the earth, that is, the anti war faction.
      Lin Ziyun is planning to trade with him. He believes that as long as he is given enough benefits, he will definitely become his important ally.
      “Roland, what's the news from the search fleet?”Lin Ziyun's face with a trace of fatigue, enough to show that he did not sleep well these days.
      He sent out the search fleet a few days ago, with a clarification class light battleship as the flagship, two firm class frigates and two halberd class destroyers as the team, to survey within a radius of half a light year.
      Unfortunately, after so many days, they still haven't found a suitable place to build the airport, and they don't know how it is today.
      Roland shrugged on the holographic stage and said helplessly: “it's still the same. There's no suitable place.”
      “Keep looking, and double the search scope if necessary. I don't believe we can't find a good place in such a large area.”
      Just at this time, the bridge door opened, and a pink figure came in stealthily. It looked like a thief. However, several officers and soldiers on the ship who had found her continued their work.
      Lax quietly came to Lin Ziyun's back, stretched out his hands from his shoulders, covered his eyes, and deliberately roughened his voice line, saying: “guess who I am.”
      “All right, stop it, lax.”Lin Ziyun took away the soft and small hands on his face, turned around and just looked at her mouth, as if he was very unhappy.
      “Really, why do you have to guess so quickly? Ziyun doesn't cooperate.”
      After living here for a week, lax no longer called him Mr. Lin Ziyun, but called him Mr. Lin Ziyun directly, which seemed very kind. Lin Ziyun liked it very much.
      Not only that, but also her character has changed greatly. Before, she looked like a fair lady. After being familiar with her, she became like her little girlfriend and often made very intimate actions to herself, such as just now.
      “Let's go. Let's go shopping with me today. I still have a lot of places to go.”With that, lax can't wait to hold Lin Ziyun's hand.
      “Don't go shopping today. Have a good rest. I'll take you home tomorrow morning. It happens that I'm going to plant to do some work.”Next, Lin Ziyun told her his plan.
      Just after hearing that he wanted to send himself home, he thought he thought he was bothering him these days. After listening to his plan, lax was relieved, “OK, but I have a request. That is to take me with you when you leave plant, and I will come back to hang out with you.”
      Smell speech, Lin Ziyun picked to pick eyebrow, emotion she still don't let go of oneself, it seems that this time to plant to stay a little longer.
      “Well, I promise you.”
      The next day, at 7:30 am on board.
      After washing, Lin Ziyun came to lax's rest room and pressed the call button, “lax, it's me. Have you got up yet? We're going to start.”
      After a while, he found that there was no sound coming from inside. Lin Ziyun thought, haven't he got up yet?With doubts, Lin Ziyun had to open the door and call her to get up.
      I opened the door and found the pink figure lying on the bed.
      At this time, Lacey was only wearing pajamas, not covering the quilt. The pajamas rolled up, revealing her lovely little navel. The buttons on her chest were wide open, and two big white balls appeared in front of him. When she walked by, she could still hear the small voice from the cherry mouth.
      Looking at the attractive sleeping beauty in front of her, Lin Ziyun was associated with Pianpian pian. He put his eyes on her pink mouth again. There was a voice in his head all the time, and the voice kept shouting: kiss!Kiss!
      But he didn't do it in the end. After all, it was too dangerous.
      Shaking his head, Lin Ziyun put out his hand and touched her on the shoulder. “Lax, I'm going to leave if I can't get up. No one will take you home then.”
      Lax opened her confused eyes and yawned, “good morning, Ziyun.”
      “Get up and wash up. We'll start after breakfast.”Lin Ziyun brings the clothes on the hanger to her, realizes that she changes clothes, and then walks out of the room.
      Lin Ziyun, who came out of the room, didn't know that. The face of lax in the room was red, and he didn't look like he was just in a daze.
      In fact, she woke up long before Lin Ziyun came. She just pretended to be sleeping. She also made welfare on purpose. In the past few days on the endless number, Lin Ziyun took care of her just like her sister. So she wanted to know if Lin Ziyun had any feelings for her between men and women. The expression Lin Ziyun just showed had entered her eyes.
      “Well, what am I thinking? I have a fiance. Although it's a political marriage, Ziyun should not care about it… Ah, no, no, what am I thinking about?”Lax patted her face, straightened up and began to change.
      Half an hour later, after washing up, lax finally walked out of the room and came to Lin Ziyun, “let's go and have breakfast.”
      PS: does the woman know who it is*
      Chapter 14 discussion
      A dark green aircraft is flying at high speed in a meteorite belt only a few hundred kilometers away from the human colonial satellite plant.
      These dense meteorites have no effect on its flight at all, and it can skillfully avoid nearby meteorites every time.
      “The radar shows that another spaceship 15 kilometers ahead of us should be our target.”Wei'er sits in the driver's seat and looks at the red light flashing on the radar.
      Yes, the Osiris team is still working with Lin Ziyun this time. With them, they don't need to worry about their own safety.
      When Lin Ziyun went to plant this time, he didn't need to sneak in like before. As early as when he was on the endless, Lin Ziyun used the powerful information network of the endless to get in touch with lax's father.
      When shigell·When Klein learned that his daughter, whom he had been concerned about for several days, was ok, he was really excited. Because he had received intelligence before that his daughter was hijacked by the earth army. At that time, he could not imagine what treatment his daughter would receive next.
      Fortunately, God treats him well. His daughter is not only OK, but also seems to know a wonderful person. When he learns that the other party is coming here to have a talk with him, he immediately sends his most trusted man to meet him in a boat.
      And the ship that stayed in the meteorite belt must be his.
      On the other side of the bridge of a transport ship more than 100 meters long, several men in black suits were busy.
      One of the men was a little impatient to the side at the same time nagging: “we have been waiting for five hours, speaker Klein said how the guests have not arrived?”
      Another man looked at the unresponsive radar and lost his patience. “Yes, if we don't come, we have to go.”
      “Wait, look, what's that?Is it a piercer? “The man who just began to speak suddenly pointed to a certain direction outside the bridge and said in shock.
      He was really shocked, because the strange aircraft had already arrived, but the radar had no response at all. If they were enemies, they might have been dead.
      “If it's them, just check the code.”
      “The code is correct.”The man nodded after the signal.
      “Open the hangar, let them in, set the course and get ready to return.”
      See the other side open the belly of the hangar, Weier driving Pelican began to slow down, slowly toward the hangar into.
      A few hours later, they took the private car of Klein's family, and the car soon came to a large manor. Just after getting off the car, a middle-aged man with blonde hair opened his arms and excitedly went up to lax and hugged her.
      “Lax!It's great that you're OK. ”
      “Thank you for your concern. Let me introduce you.”After leaving her father's arms, she said to him, “this is Lin Ziyun who talked to you before, that is, my life-saving benefactor.”
      Higer bowed slightly to Lin Ziyun, “although I have said the same thing before, I still want to say once, thank you for saving my daughter. Now I have only one relative. I can't imagine what will happen when I lose her.”
      “You don't have to be like that, sir. I'm friends with lax. It's right to save her.”
      Smell speech, the Xi Ge Er nodded to also don't mention this topic, toward Lin Ziyun etc. say: “quickly please come in, we enter the room to chat.”
      After entering the house, Lin Ziyun can't help looking left and right. Although he is the commander-in-chief of a fleet, in the final analysis, he was just a 21st century otaku before. It's his first time to see such a luxurious large villa.
      “I am one of the twelve councillors who have money to build such a large villa in this golden colonial satellite.”Lin Ziyun thought to himself.
      As soon as he sat down, he could not help but take the lead in saying: “Mr. Lin Ziyun said that he would seek cooperation with me. I don't know what cooperation Mr. Lin said?”
      Lin Ziyun didn't speak. He just glanced at James standing behind him. James nodded knowingly and put a PDA in front of him.
      Higel took over the PDA and looked at it carefully. As time went by, he soon finished reading all the content. His hands trembled, and his excitement could not be covered up on his face.
      “Are these all true?If so, what should I pay?In other words, what should the future plant pay? ”
      When Siegel put down the PDA, several items were displayed:
      1UNSC provides a large number of advanced weapons to Klein faction.
      2UNSC is willing to transfer part of its experience in building space warships.
      ……Of course, none of the above is important, but the last two are important.
      9: UNSC fully supports shigell Klein to become the national leader of plant.
      10UNSC is willing to transfer part of its weapon technology, including the space transition engine technology of the cut tengchuan fault.
      Higgs has no doubt that what Lin Ziyun said is false, because as early as when he talked with his daughter, he learned from her daughter what the real identity of the man was.
      Lin Ziyun is very satisfied with his performance now. Only in this way can he make more favorable demands, “I need a lot of food, construction materials and equipment. Of course, these are only what I need at present. I will make other demands later, and of course I will not make excessive demands.”
      “Yes, I will.”Higel spoke decisively for fear that Lin Ziyun would go back on his promise.
      “In terms of food, as we are a colonial satellite, we have strict control over food. In order not to attract other people's attention, I can only transfer it to you bit by bit, but it's much easier to build civil goods such as materials and equipment.”
      Lin Ziyun nodded to understand, “it doesn't matter, as long as what I want can be in place within a year.”*
      Chapter 15
      “You can rest assured that there will be no problem in one year.But I have a small request. I hope you can agree to it. “With that, higer looked at his face, afraid that his words would lead to the other side's dissatisfaction.
      Seeing that the other side didn't show any dissatisfaction, higel continued: “since we have become firm allies, we can't do without… En, a bridge linking… Don't you think so?”
      Hearing this, Lin Ziyun frowned. Was he afraid that he would not be able to cross the river and demolish the bridge in the future?
      “Isn't the list on the table enough to satisfy you?And don't beat around the Bush, sir. To be frank, what else do you need? ”
      “No, no, no, that's enough, and I know I can't be greedy for you any more. After all, I've taken advantage of too much. I just hope that lax can follow you in the future, and I'd better follow you as your fiancee.”
      Lin Ziyun understood. After a long time, he wanted to introduce his daughter to him. He had to say that the government was merciless. In order to tie up his thigh, even his daughter could be sold.
      Lin Ziyun looks at LAX, who is sitting next to him. He doesn't have any dissatisfaction. Rather, he looks at her red face and knows that she is not dissatisfied with her father's selling behavior, but has a little expectation.
      “If I remember correctly, it seems that lax still has a fiance, Aslan Sala. He is the son of speaker Sala, and speaker Sala is your friend. Do you want to break up with him now?”
      After listening to Lin Ziyun's words, lacks turns pale and thinks that he is abandoning his fiance. Just as he wants to explain to Lin Ziyun, he finds that the other person's hand quietly gives him a comforting look.
      All this, sitting in the opposite side of the higel completely did not find out, continued: “in fact, this does not need to worry, I am an anti war faction, and he is the main war faction, I have long been ready to turn over with him, if it is not for the previous situation is not bad for me, I am afraid I have now terminated the engagement of Lars and Aslan.”
      “Actually, you said so. That's it. Should I call you father-in-law now?”Lin Ziyun said with a smile.
      “Well, my son-in-law calls me what he wants. I don't care what he calls me.”Said higel, not caring.
      “Actually, I'm already a fiancee with lax. I'm sure this generation can't be disordered, otherwise it's not good for lax and me.I think I'll stay here for a while. During this time, I may disturb my father-in-law. ”
      Next to her, lax listened to their father-in-law and son-in-law, which made her blush.
      “If this is the case, my home is your home. If you want to live, you can live. If you want to disturb me, I will arrange the servant to prepare your room for you.”With a warm face, higel said, “we have settled the matter, so I won't disturb you two. If you talk, I should go and prepare, so that I can gather what you want earlier.”
      With that, higuel left. Before leaving, she gave her daughter a cheering look, and her already red face turned even more red.
      When higer left, there were only six people left in the hall, including Lin Ziyun, lax and Osiris team, who had just been playing soy sauce. The Osiris team also had fun. Looking at the new couple, they decisively chose to leave to tidy up their room and save energy.
      Lacks saw that everyone had left, and finally couldn't help saying to Lin Ziyun, “thank you for not abandoning me.”
      Lin Ziyun gentle her hair, “of course, I can't dislike you, but you, follow me may be more hard, I hope you don't dislike me at that time.”
      I will leave with her in the end, and then I will run around the other world, or return to halo world to fight C emperor.
      “No, I will never dislike you.”
      Lin Ziyun looked at her serious expression and couldn't help holding her in his arms. “Come on, take me to the manor. I don't know much about it.”
      Hearing the speech, lacs stood up and took Lin Ziyun's hand, “let me take you to the backyard first. The scenery there is the most beautiful in the whole city, and it's also my favorite place to go. Of course, it's my favorite place to go besides your arms.
      Lin Ziyun, who was dragged away, was stunned. He didn't know how to beat around the Bush to say this kind of love words, but he liked it.
      As like as two peas in the backyard, the group came to laksi, and shouted, “Hello, lax ~”.
      “Well, children, I'm too busy to play with you now.”Lax said to them apologetically, and then put down the pink hello she was holding, “you go and catch the powder, and see who can catch it.”
      When the group of Hello left, Lin Ziyun came to lax and said, “just when I saw you, I felt like you were coaxing your own children.”
      “Well?Yes, maybe I like children better, so I regard them as my own children. ”
      Smelling the words, Lin Ziyun showed a bad smile, “lax actually likes children so much. Why don't we go to have one now, so that you can experience the feeling of really taking care of children.”
      Looking at Lin Ziyun's not serious joke on himself, lax's face with a trace of blush, Du with a cute little mouth said: “really, don't make such a joke.”
      Looking at the lovely lips, Lin Ziyun could not help but slowly approached her face, and then printed his lips on it.
      Lax has been looking at each other, when he approached himself, lax guessed what he was going to do, she tilted her head slightly, closed her eyes, waiting for each other to kiss herself.
      This kiss lasted for a few minutes. When Lin Ziyun released each other's vermilion lips, lax leaned against his arms and was breathing heavily. It can be seen that the kiss just stifled her.
      Looking at each other's eyes blurred, he leaned back in his arms powerlessly. Lin Ziyun was just about to do it again when he found that a group of hooligans who had just run away had come back, so he had to give up.
      Although they are all robots, it's strange to be surrounded by a group of robots.
      PS: I went to the hospital for an injection and just came back. It was estimated that the air conditioner blew too much last night, and I got up with a fever in the morning. This is the size of yesterday. Today I want to have a good rest, so this chapter is for today.*
      Chapter 16 the first batch of materials
      Time quietly came to March 1, ce71. Unconsciously, it has been half a month since Lin Ziyun and others came to plant.
      In the past half a month, Lin Ziyun's life has been very rich. In addition to talking with lax every day, he also accompanies her to go out on a date. As in the endless number, he still has several G files to deal with every day. If he is asked to go back now, he might not leave.
      Of course, on the third day here, the good news came from infinity, that is, the search team has found a suitable place to build a temporary airport, which is located on a dwarf planet 0.4 light-years away from the fleet.
      When he heard the news, Lin Ziyun was really excited. Such a big problem has been solved. Now he only needs equipment and construction resources.
      This afternoon, Lin Ziyun sat in the backyard with her as usual, drinking tea and enjoying the scenery. Of course, most of Lin Ziyun's eyes were still focused on the pink figure not far ahead.
      In front of the grass, lax sits on her knees, a group of Hello playing music around her, and she is not idle, but to follow the music singing lyrics.
      Soon, after singing a song, she turned her head and said, “Ziyun, do I sing well?”
      “Nice to hear, of course nice to hear, worthy of being the number one singer in the solar system. She not only has a sweet voice, but also has the best appearance. With such a person as my wife, I really made money.”
      “Not serious again.”With a reddish complexion, lax came to him, took his hand and said, “let's sing together. I'll teach you, and these children seem to like you very much.”
      Lin Ziyun hears that he just wants to agree, but he finds that James, the leader of Osiris team, is coming towards him. Seeing him coming to find him, Lin Ziyun knows that he must have something to report to him.
      “What's the matter?” he asked
      “Yes, higuel Klein has the first supplies ready. Shall we ship them now?”
      “So fast?”Lin Ziyun was a little surprised and said that because Lin Ziyun left all these little things to Osiris team to deal with, he didn't know the progress of things at all in the past half a month. “I thought it would take at least a month to get together. I didn't expect that my father-in-law was really efficient. It seems that it's right to choose him.”
      Lin Ziyun apologetically looked at LAX, “it seems that this afternoon's tea can only be here, next time I'll sing with you.”
      “Yes.”Lacey shook her head and didn't care. She took Lin Ziyun's arm and left the manor with him.
      an hour later.
      Lin Ziyun and others have left plant and come to a huge meteorite. The interior of the meteorite is the secret base of Klein faction. The meteorite is quite large, with a maximum diameter of about 2500 meters and a minimum diameter of 1900 meters.
      Most of the space inside the meteorite has been hollowed out and a base has been built. According to Siegel, the base has been built for more than 20 years. Except for a few Klein people who know about its existence, others even the high-level of plant don't know about it, so it's very safe here.
      Lin Ziyun and others have regarded it as the turning point of all materials in the future.
      In the center of the base, there is a huge port with a length of 1500 meters, a width of 800 meters and a height of 800 meters. At this time, in the center of the port, there is a huge warship, whose length alone has reached 1192 meters.
      Yes, this ship is the marathon cruiser in the endless fleet. She arrived here as early as ten days ago, and in these ten days, there is a continuous flow of materials from the outside.
      Because Lin Ziyun plans to use her as a transport ship for a long time, her huge warehouse has been emptied, and all combat materials have been transferred to the new era and endless.
      However, what Lin Ziyun didn't expect was that Klein faction was so efficient. Soon after she came here for half a month, her empty ship warehouse was full of all kinds of materials.
      At this time, in the warehouse of the marathon class cruiser, Lin Ziyun, lacs holding his arm, lacs' father and the captain of the marathon class cruiser, tiger Finley, who accompanied them, were all standing here.
      Lin Zi took the list handed to him by Tiger Finley in his hand, looked at it carefully, nodded, and was satisfied.
      This is the first batch. Most of them are construction equipment, and food only accounts for about one tenth of the materials. However, because the construction equipment used in space is too large, it is a waste of space to directly install them, so they have to be disassembled in sections first, and then assembled at the destination.
      Most of these equipment are large-scale lifting trucks and the like, and there are three hundred meter class construction ships.
      “A few of these devices will be enough. My father-in-law will focus on collecting the resources and food needed for the construction.”Lin Ziyun handed back the information to tiger.
      “That's good. I was almost found by 11 other old guys this time. Fortunately, my staff were smart and forged a construction company to buy it in the name of the company.”Higel nodded in agreement with him.
      At this time, three small trucks came in front of several people. Several Marines opened the trunk of the truck and saw that there was slowly gold in it. If the truck carried 10 tons per truck, there would be at least 30 tons of gold here.
      The gold was brought from Halo world. Before the endlessly besieged a group of separatist forces, the gold came from them.
      Looking at the three carts of gold, higel said doubtfully, “is this
      “At present, you are not the leader of plant. The money for purchasing these items is out of your own pocket, so the money is certainly not enough. You have cashed the gold. As one of the twelve speaker of the parliament, you must have a way to solve this batch of gold of unknown origin.”
      Higuel did not refuse, ordered several Klein people to drive away, and said with a smile, “it's nothing. I happen to have acquaintances on the black market in the Middle East.”
      After the event, Lin Ziyun and others left the marathon cruiser and came to the base. After Lin Ziyun left, the marathon cruiser started its engine, left the port of the base and flew towards the endless fleet.
      PS: Here's a picture of tasada.*
      Chapter 17 molucci jacket
      Time, more than a month later.
      For more than a month, the Earth Alliance Army and ZAFT have been fighting happily. Because ZAFT has pushed the Earth Alliance Army too hard, the Atlantic alliance and the Pacific Alliance, which were still on their guard, have completely joined hands.
      As a result, ZAFT's next war progressed very slowly, and was sometimes chased and beaten by the Earth Alliance Army.
      Of course, Lin Ziyun and others don't pay attention to all this. What they pay attention to is how to collect more resources. Ever since he cooperated with Lin Ziyun, he has rarely participated in the decision-making of the Supreme Council. He also knows that as a dove, he can't oppose their decision at all. It's better to devote all his energy to collecting materials.
      Therefore, with his full help, the marathon cruiser has made its second round trip and is preparing for its third departure in the near future.
      In a dwarf planet far away from the solar system, the construction of the airport planned by Lin Ziyun has also started. At the same time, it is named as special zone A1 by him. Almost all the engineers and most of the resources in the endless fleet are gathered there. It is believed that the airport will be completed in a few years.
      Of course, it has already been noticed that higuel has been collecting so much money for shopping, but the other members of the 12 members have not stopped him. For them, without such a dove and hawk, it is too late for them to be happy. How can they go to trouble him?Now just let him do what he wants.
      4On the afternoon of June 21, Lin Ziyun accompanied lacs at home, waiting for a friend of hers to arrive. He thought lacs' friend was a girl, a girl friend or something, but he turned out to be a middle-aged man.
      The man with black hair, holding a blind stick and a pale face, thought he was a patient, but he had been closed his eyes since he came in.
      Lin Ziyun was a little surprised to see the man. He knew who this man was. He was known as the 'muruki jacket tutor'. He was not only a mentor of lacce's childhood, but also a leader of the waste recyclers' Guild and mercenaries.
      Don't look down on this junkie Association. You know, this is not the 21st century, but the era of space navigation. Junkies in the 21st century are junk collectors. In this world, what they recycle is not only junk collectors, but also a large number of nominally abandoned colonial satellites that no one takes over.
      These colonial satellites can still be used as long as they are properly maintained. The most famous one is the L4 colonial satellite that appeared in the later period. In the early stage, the three ship alliance relied on the L4 colonial satellite to get a lot of supplies, which enabled them to compete with ZAFT and the Earth Alliance.
      It can be said that without him, there would be no subsequent three ship alliance.
      When the servant took master molucci coat into the living room, lax stood up from the sofa, looked respectful and said, “long time no see, master molucci coat. How have you been for so many years?”
      It's said that they haven't seen each other for some years. Molucci's tutor only worked as her teacher for a few years when she was young, and then he left. During this period, I heard that he had been on the earth all the time and built an orphanage. They had never seen each other, but they just had some contact occasionally.
      “Fortunately, thanks to you, it's a pity that the recent war has been a bit unsettling.”As soon as master molucci finished, his ears trembled. “Oh, I didn't expect that there were other guests besides me. I'm not polite.”
      Lin Ziyun looked at him in surprise. He didn't expect that his ear power was so good. He just didn't make a sound. He just politely accompanied lacce to stand up, which he could hear.
      “Hello, Mr. molucci coat. I've heard a lot about him. My name is Lin Ziyun, and I'm Lars's fiance.”
      “Hello, Mr. Lin, the name of a tutor is just that those students who don't know how to use it just call me molucci coat.”After that, molucci coat showed a happy smile to laches, “I haven't seen you for a few years. Laches has grown up and is almost getting married. Here I wish you two the best.”
      Although he wondered why Lachs was suddenly engaged to another person, he was not the kind of person with great curiosity. What's more, he was born in a political family, and engagement and dissolution often happened.
      Lacey took Lin Ziyun's hand, showed a happy smile, and bowed slightly to molucci coat: “thank you for your blessing.”
      “Actually, I came here to ask you to help me take care of a child.”The blind staff in molucci coat's hand knocked on the floor, making a clasping sound.
      Then, from the door came a black bodyguard with sunglasses. The bodyguard pushed a wheeled hospital bed with both hands and came to the crowd. There was a man lying on the bed.
      'Oh ~?So it is. Unconsciously, the plot has come to this time. I didn't expect that I changed part of the plot. He finally came here. It seems that the archangel is about to break away from the Earth Alliance and become an army of its own. I just don't know if the people of the Archangel have told the earth about their own existence.'looking at the man lying on the bed, Lin Ziyun thought silently.
      In fact, what he didn't know was that after he left the archangel with Lacey, Malu did tell the commander in chief of the eighth fleet of his existence, but it was a pity that the eighth fleet was destroyed by ZAFT before he could report the matter to the senior management.
      The archangel, who came to the earth, finally entered the sphere of influence of the Alliance Army, but was sent to the battlefield before it had time to rest. Therefore, the earth army's high level still does not know that there is a mysterious fleet in the universe.
      “Is that him?”Lacey also looked surprised. She knew the people on the bed. She knew them on the archangel. Because she and this person were the only adjusters on the archangel at that time, she had a few conversations with him, so she was quite impressed with him.
      “Oh?It seems that lax knows the childMolucci jacket was also a little surprised. I didn't expect that lax knew the child.
      “The child fell into my orphanage and was found by several children. I saw that he was seriously injured and saved him. It's just that the situation on my side is not suitable for raising patients. I hope he can stay with you for a period of time.”
      Lachs nodded and agreed, which was also a reward for Kira's kindness in taking her back to the archangel.
      After giving Kira to the two, molucci chose to leave. Although lacs tried to keep him, he didn't answer and left with his bodyguard.*
      Chapter 18 stealing goldfish
      “Arrange a room for him and take good care of him.”After the molucci jacket left, lax said to the servant standing at the door.
      “Yes, miss.”
      Sitting on the sofa, Lin Ziyun takes out his communicator and presses a button on it. Soon, Wei'er, who has been waiting upstairs, comes to the stairway on the second floor and says, “Captain, are you looking for me?”
      “That's right. You contact infinity, ask them to send someone to escort a harak, and then order the marathon class to stand by at the port first, and don't set sail so fast for the time being. Besides, you have a mission tonight, get ready.”Lin Ziyun looks up at Wei'er on the second floor.
      Halak, a non-human species on the endless ship, looks like an organic living body, but it is actually a semi organic mechanical body made by the pioneer, so Halak was not destroyed by the aura when the pioneer started the aura.
      In the positioning of pioneers, they belong to engineers. They have great manufacturing talent, and they can even make advanced weapons from scrapped items. They are usually concentrated in the relics of pioneers, helping the disappeared pioneers to continue to maintain those facilities.
      Harak is also full of curiosity and favor for the 'recyclers' (that is, human beings), and is willing to help these' recyclers'. Therefore, as soon as human beings find harak in the relics of the pioneers, they will take them away and let them become their own engineers.
      On the endless ship, harak happened to be in service on the ship, but the number was small. This time, Lin Ziyun called it here for a simple reason, that is, to let it learn to build GAODA.
      That's right. Let it learn how to build Gundam. Of course, it's not the kind of cannon fodder in the world, but the Gundam that will be used by the endless fleet. The fastest way to learn is to give it a Gundam and let it be dismantled. At that time, it will certainly be able to use more advanced technology to build a better Gundam.
      “YesWei Er nods, returns to own room, starts to contact the endless number.
      “Are you going to do something again tonight?”Lax took his hand and looked at him speechless. Since she became his fiancee, she gradually knew some of his secrets.
      For example, a few months ago, he and several of his subordinates made the core data theft incident that caused the whole ZAFT high-level people to fly.
      “My wife knows me.”Lin Ziyun shaved her lovely little nose and said with a smile, “isn't it a secret that ZAFT has made several gondolas over there? I asked them to borrow one to come back tonight and let my engineer take a look at it.”
      “I'm afraid this loan hasn't been paid back.”
      “Who said that? How can you doubt your husband's character like this? Am I such a person? I promise that as long as my engineers finish reading it, they will definitely return it.”Lin Ziyun said with a straight face, but it's hard to say whether it's complete when he returns it.
      With a smile, she naturally knew what kind of person her lover was. Anyway, she certainly didn't believe what he said was true.
      At night, outside the ZAFT R & D center, four figures moved quickly and cleverly avoided the dense patrol. In a short time, four figures entered the building.
      Edward ran forward with his teammates and looked at the PDA in his hand. “I didn't expect that the map provided by Klein's friends was really detailed. The map showed that our target was 200 meters underground in front of us. It's not easy to cross without killing anyone.”
      “This time, the captain didn't say that we can't kill people. He just said that we shouldn't let people know that we did it, and did you see this?”James pointed to the badge of the earth army Alliance on his shoulder. “If necessary, throw the pot at the earth army.”
      “That's easy to do. Finish this vote and go back to have a good sleep.”
      The crowd was speechless for a while. It felt like he and others were bank robbers. However, what he and others are doing now is not much different from the bank robbers.
      “There's a situation!There's a group of people in front of us, three in number. They don't look like patrols, they look like officers instead. Take advantage of them and kill them quickly. ”
      Bang Bang ~!
      With three shots, three officers in white ZAFT fell down one by one. “Done.”
      After a few minutes, the four finally arrived at the place where GAODA was parked. Looking at the three GAODA (freedom, justice and divine will) parked in the warehouse, Edward was in a bit of a dilemma. “Which one should we steal?Why don't you take them all? ”
      “We don't have that much time. Now the ZAFT army has released us and is coming towards us. We will cover for you. You can choose any one now. Hurry up.”With that, James lifted his gun and fired at the ZAFT guard who was running in the distance.
      “No problem, captain.”After that, Edward comes to Godard with the disc on his back and opens the cockpit.
      Sitting in the cockpit, Edward quickly knocked on the keyboard, “Hey, boot a is a man's romance, but the equipment is too backward, I don't know if I can get one next time as a collection.”
      Next, the two sides have started fighting. Although ZAFT is dominant in the number of people, it's a pity that their weapon accuracy is too low to hit Spartan soldiers. Even if they hit, they will be blocked by the shield. On the Spartan side, everyone is shot in the head.
      “Not yet?Is it so hard to unlock a lock? “James said as he fired.
      “Don't rush. The last lock is done!”God meaning up to finally start, bent down and spread his palm, “come on up, see how brother take you to fly!”
      When the other three were seized by shenyigaoda, Edward used the weapon in shenyigaoda's hand to open several grabs at the top of his head. The powerful beam instantly broke through the isolation door. The rupture of the isolation door led to the air being extracted instantly.
      “Walk up ~!”Edward pushed the rocker hard to maximize the output of the thruster, driving shenyigaoda to the gap.
      PS: let's see how long Arden's spear is, 74 kilometers!*
      Chapter 19 borrowing and returning
      Anchored in the marathon cruiser of Klein's secret base, Lin Ziyun looked at the current time, “it's almost two hours, why haven't they come back yet.”
      This time, he was really a little worried about the safety of the four Spartans. Although they could easily hang hundreds of people in the land war, the situation was different this time. After stealing Gundam, they had to fight Gundam to enter the universe, and then they had to get rid of the track and meet here. In case they were blocked in the universe, they might not be Zafu, judging from their experience of not driving Gundam at allIt's not a match.
      More than ten minutes later, Lin Ziyun finally saw a black gray Gundam enter the base and fly towards the marathon level, and finally put down the stone in his heart.
      When Gao Da landed, the Osiris team members who were caught in the huge mechanical palm jumped down. The height of more than ten meters was about a few centimeters for them.
      “Captain, mission accomplished.”Captain James came to the cloud in the woods and saluted.
      “It's hard for you. Go down and have a rest.”Lin Ziyun said to the members of Osiris team, and then looked aside at harak, who had been raised from infinity. “This machine will be handed over to you next.”
      “Woo ~ ~” harrak let out their standard woo, and floated towards the room specially prepared for it by the forest cloud. Behind it, Edward, who was still in the cab, controlled Godard to follow.
      Edward in the cab sighed, “ah, what a pity. When this handsome robot comes into its hands, it will definitely not come to a good end. If I have money in the future, I really want to buy one as a collection.”
      Although he has only driven for less than an hour, he still likes these tall and handsome robots, even though they are a little backward.
      “It's getting late, so we won't go back. Let's have a rest here.”Lin Ziyun said to lax, who nodded.
      On the other hand, in a luxurious office of ZAFT headquarters, Patrick Sara holds the PDA that his subordinates have just handed to him, and looks at the information displayed inside and some surveillance videos.
      Bang!Just after watching, Patrick angrily threw the PDA in his hand, and the PDA split in an instant, “check!Find out for me!Especially those people in the scientific research department, don't let go of any of them. I want to see who let out the secret and the four damned thieves. I want to know who they are!“
      Standing in front of the desk, the subordinates said, “they are members of the earth army. The surveillance video shows that they have the earth army badge on their shoulders.”
      Bang!Patrick's anger soared again, and his right hand hammered the table. Of course, this time his anger was not because the earth army had stolen his baby, but because of his stupid subordinates.
      “Do you think I'm blind? Do you think I didn't find it when I just watched the surveillance video?Do you think the earth army has such great ability to do things under our eyes, ah?!The other side obviously wants to blame the earth army. ”
      “Yes, I understand.”
      “If you understand, go to convey my order!Why are you standing here? Do you want me to stay and invite you to tea? “The officer, frightened by Patrick, shivered and ran to the door.
      Patrick is sitting in his seat, his eyes are bloodshot, his son is missing, the newly developed Kodak has been stolen, and the latest bad news is coming one after another, which makes him unable to have a good rest.
      The next morning, the marathons cruiser in Klein's secret base set sail again. This time, in addition to the ship's supplies, she also had one more passenger, harak, who worked all night yesterday.
      At this time, Lin Ziyun and lax have already gone home. Due to yesterday's Gouda theft, higel left early in the morning and went to the headquarters to attend the parliament, so there are only Lin Ziyun and lax in the living room.
      The table in front of them was full of rich breakfast, but instead of starting to eat now, they sat on their seats and waited quietly. After a while, the door of the hall was opened and four people in Raytheon hammer power armor came in.
      “Did Godfather return it?”Seeing the four people coming in, Lin Ziyun asked.
      “I returned it, but now that ZAFT's scientific research is heavily guarded, we can't transport it in, so we have to find a roadside near their headquarters and leave it there.”
      “Very good, hard work, everyone, sit down and have breakfast.”Lin Ziyun nodded and told them to sit down.He said before that if he borrowed it, he would pay it back. Naturally, he could not break his promise.
      After listening to the conversation between them, lax was amused. She clearly knew what happened to shenyigaoda last night. If Patrick found shenyigaoda lying on the side of the road, he would be angry and maybe cry.
      In fact, lax only guessed half right. Patrick was really angry, but he didn't cry. He just fainted after hearing the news from his subordinates. Now he is lying in the hospital.
      On a street near ZAFT headquarters, a cordon was pulled up. A group of civilians surrounded the cordon and pointed inside. There was a pile of randomly placed metal and several trucks full of metal ready to leave. A huge robot head could be seen in the middle of the metal pile.
      Yes, this pile of metal objects is the shenyigaoda that was stolen yesterday, but it is a bit miserable at this time. Except for the head, other parts of the whole body have been disassembled into parts of different sizes.
      (Godhead: MMP, who knows what I went through last night.)
      If you look at it carefully, you can see that on the driver's seat in the metal pile, the words “Edward Barker is here” are engraved.*
      Chapter 20: Patrick who is dizzy again
      A few days later, Patrick recovered and just walked out of the hospital gate. Several people in ZAFT uniform came to him and handed him a message.
      A few seconds later, bang, Patrick fell down again, poor Patrick just walked out of the hospital, the first step was carried in.
      As for why this happened, it was because another Gundam was stolen. This time, another Freedom Gundam was stolen, and it was also stolen by that group of people. Only this time, they took more people to steal. When they learned the news, Patrick finally couldn't stand the stimulation and fainted.
      Of course, the person with Osiris team is not Lin Ziyun, but Kira.
      Kira has a dead look on her face all day after her recovery. When he learns from the news that the archangel is in trouble, he asks Lin Ziyun to help the archangel.
      Lin Ziyun's sense of the little sister marliu, the captain of the archangel, is not bad. He doesn't want her to die like this. After thinking about it, he is lucky to help. Of course, he can't go all the way to the earth to help the archangel. After all, he has something to do here (with his wife).
      So he asked the Osiris team to help him steal a Gundam. Anyway, in the original work, he was driving the Gundam to rescue the archangels.
      Time flies, time quietly came to July, in these months, due to the Atlantic and Pacific Alliance, the war spread from the earth to space.
      Today, there is a piece of news in plant that occupies the headlines, that is, Aslan Sala, the son of speaker Sala, was accused of treason by his father because he joined the remnant army of orb with justice.
      As soon as the news came out, Jacques's father, shigell, immediately ran to Patrick and broke the engagement between his daughter and his son. Patrick had no opinion. After all, his son was a traitor. No one wanted his daughter to marry such a person.
      On this day, Lin Ziyun and lax were having afternoon tea in the backyard as usual. At this time, the servant came to them with a middle-aged man with bronze skin, empty left side and eye mask in his left eye.
      Andrew bartfield is the name of this man, and he also has the name of a man called desert tiger.
      After he was seriously injured by Kira, he was sent back to the universe by his subordinate, Luo Peier, and received treatment. Although he lost his left hand, left eye, and one foot, he got Patrick's reuse. After he was fitted with a prosthesis, he was made captain of the eternal.
      But he thought it was meaningless to continue to fight for ZAFT. At that time, higuel Klein secretly found him and let him join the kleinists.
      Although the name of eternal is Patrick's newest warship, the crew on it has long been replaced by Klein's.
      Poor Patrick was either stolen information or stolen Gundam a few months ago. Now even the most cutting-edge warship has been abducted. I just don't know if he will be angry again after he knows this.
      Of course, in the past few months, the Klein faction has not been idle. Apart from collecting materials for Lin Ziyun, they will also assign their hands to study the technology obtained from Lin Ziyun. Finally, last month, they built their first cutting tengchuan transition engine, which made sigle very happy. Then, without saying a word, they installed the transition engine on the eternal.
      “Captain Andrew, what are you doing here?”Lin Ziyun looked at the people coming towards him and asked.
      “Does Mr. Lin know a man named Keira Daiwa?”
      Lin Ziyun looked curious, “Oh?How do you know that he told you? ”
      “Yes, the child didn't know what was going on. He came here with a few kids and came into our range by mistake. He was caught by my men. At that time, he overheard that he knew you, and then asked. As a result, he didn't say anything, so I had to come to you.”Andrew explained to Lin Ziyun.
      Hearing the words, Lin Ziyun pondered: “what's that guy doing here? You should know that Aslan, his basic friend, didn't come back to die as he did in the original work. He didn't have to come here to save anyone, and why did the other party name himself?”
      “Where are they now?”
      “I'm afraid Patrick's people will notice and lock them all in the eternal.”
      Lin Ziyun nodded and said, “good. Let's go and see what he is thinking.”Then he took lacce to the door.
      Lin Ziyun several people after a period of time on the road, came to the eternal number, and came to the custody of killa and others… Canteen.That's right. It's the canteen. Because Kira knew Lin Ziyun, Andrew didn't let them stay in the cold boat prison. Instead, he took them to the canteen and sent someone to guard them.
      Lin Ziyun was slightly surprised when he saw several people inside. He didn't expect that Kira not only ran back with Aslan, but also brought his sister, Carrie. And most importantly, why was Frey here? Wasn't she captured by crozener's disease?
      Lin Ziyun calmed the doubt in his heart, came to the four men and said, “come on, what can I do for you?”
      “In fact, this time I came to you, I hope you can help us. You also know what our current situation is. Our archangel and grassy pheasant can't compete with ZAFT and the Earth Alliance alone. Captain Malu also said that only if you join us, we will have a chance to end this war.”Keela said, and then said, “of course, we will not help you in vain. As long as you are willing to help, we will give you a satisfactory reward.”
      “Oh?As far as I know, you are very poor. Even the logistics are supplied by the waste recycling association. What price can you afford for me now
      After hearing Lin Ziyun's words, before Keira opened her mouth, Carrie, who was sitting next to him, said, “not now, but it doesn't mean not in the future. Only when the war is over, I will regain the power of orb, and then I will give you everything you need.”
      Lin Ziyun looked at Carrie seriously, “are you sure?”
      “Oh, that's interesting. It's a deal!”Lin Ziyun said with a smile, it's difficult to achieve his goal by Klein faction alone. He really needs another person to help him now, but he won't refuse to send orb to his home.*
      Chapter 21: Lin Ziyun ready to fight
      In the conference room of endless fleet flagship endless, Lin Ziyun, lax and Kira are sitting here. Different from Kira's tense expression, Lin Ziyun and lax are kissing each other.
      Aslan is not comfortable. Although she has nothing to do with her, and she has a girl she likes, she is still her fiancee.
      Half an hour later, during this period of time, a group of men and women, both men and women, wearing the uniform of UNSC Navy captain, came into the conference room. These men were the captains of all the warships except those who were assisting the construction of the working warships in the A1 Special Administrative Region.
      Seeing all the people coming, Lin Ziyun said with a straight face, “ladies and gentlemen, this time we call you here to discuss an important matter, which is related to our next direction, so we call you to discuss it together.”
      “Please tell the commander clearly, what is the most important thing?”Kate Vitra, the captain of the new era aircraft carrier, takes the lead and says that he is the highest ranking officer here except Lin Ziyun.
      A group of people seriously looked at Lin Ziyun sitting in the front seat, waiting for him.
      “Well, as you all know, we got some help from Klein's friends. Using the materials we got from them, we started to build a port in the A1 special zone. However, due to various factors, after the completion of the port, we can only dock ships less than 1000 meters, which means that when we want to upgrade our warships in the future, we can only build a portUpgrade frigates and destroyers, the main ship will have no way
      With that, Lin Ziyun pointed to Carrie next to him again, “but miss Carrie promised to help us solve this problem.”
      “May I ask you, Miss Carrie, who you are and why you want to help us, and what conditions do you have?”As Kate Vitra's words fell, the other twenty captains focused on Carrie.
      Looked at by so many senior officers, Carrie was a little nervous. “I am the daughter of the Lord of OBU, and the only heir. As long as you are willing to help me stop this war, I will inherit the throne of the Lord, and allow you to build large ports in our country, and I will provide you with some supplies.”
      Kate Vetra nodded, “the conditions are indeed attractive, but there are also certain risks. If we help you, we will be exposed to other forces on the earth. With human greed, we will definitely try our best to get such high technology. This means that we will face other forces on the earth except OBU”The threat of force.”
      Kate Vitra is the tallest officer here. She thinks of the advantages and disadvantages at once.
      Lin Ziyun nodded, “this is also the reason why I called you here. I want to hear your opinions on whether to help or not.”
      After ten minutes, the first one to speak was the captain of late autumn class No.1, Ruth ogla.
      “I think we should do something. It's undeniable that it's a bit troublesome for us to face the global forces, but it's just a bit troublesome. And we really need such a large port to work for us now.”
      The other captains nodded silently.
      “Captain Kate Vitra, what do you think?”Lin Ziyun asks Kate Vitra, who has been in the army for the longest time.
      “I agree with Captain Ruth that we really need such a large port, but it's up to you in the end. We will always follow you. Even if you want us to turn the muzzle to UEG, we will not hesitate, so it's up to you to decide.”
      Smell speech, Lin Ziyun a face touched, also for the first time to this group of people show gratitude, “thank you for your support, also thank you for my support, unexpectedly you all want me to decide, then my answer is to choose to help her.”
      Before, he had a more or less' Oh, they are just helping their own NPC 'idea in his mind, but now it's different. After this time, Lin Ziyun has treated them as his family.
      “Now my order is that the A1 SAR and the ships carrying out construction work in the SAR will remain unchanged, the endless fleet will continue to collect materials with the marathon, and the late autumn 1st, 2nd and 3rd, as well as ten Paris class, five firmness class, five double-edged sword class and seven halberd class will remain in the endless fleet.”
      “The new era aircraft carrier led two Paris class, five firmness class and six halberd class to form a new era fleet to the abandoned L4 colonial satellite, rendezvous with the archangel over there, and assist them in their operations.”Lin Ziyun said, seriously looking at Kate Vetra, “you are in charge of the fleet operation, please this time, Captain Kate.”
      “Yes!Commander. ”
      In the port of the abandoned L4 colonial satellite, many busy figures can be seen at this time, with orange tall boxes flying towards the two ships berthed in the airport.
      The two ships are the archangel and the pheasant, and the orange Gundam was also brought by the pheasant from dawn society. These mechas are their property.
      Outside the L4 colonial satellite, three patrol teams of up to are patrolling the meteorite belt.
      The driver of one of them opened the communication and said, “Princess Carrie has been away for several days. I don't know what's going on now. I'm worried.“
      “Don't worry, Julie. I'm sure Princess Carrie will be all right. Let's go back after the tour.”The other pilot said.
      PS: these three are Ms pilots from dawn society. I think many people remember the three pretty girls. They are them
      A few minutes later, when they left the meteorite belt and were preparing to enter the L4 port, dozens of lights suddenly lit up not far away.
      “Look, what's that?”
      As soon as Julie's words were finished, more than a dozen huge warships flew out of the light, and all the warships flew in the direction of L4.
      PS: I have something to do today, so I sent two chapters in advance, and today it's gone.*
      Chapter 22 preparation before the war
      “Are aliens coming?”Asaki said with an uneasy face.
      “Idiot, whether they are aliens or not, in short, inform the archangel and the pheasant.”Mayoula opened the communication channel and called to the archangel and others in L4, “call Archangel. This is the training team. We have an emergency here.”
      “This is Archangel. Patrol team, please report your situation.”
      “A fleet of 14 has suddenly appeared on the periphery of L4 colonial satellite!”Said Mayola hastily.
      “WhatWhen the correspondent of the archangel heard this, he was shocked and thought that ZAFT and the earth army were attacking. He quickly pressed the red button next to him, and the whole ship, including the harbor, sounded an alarm.
      In less than five minutes, Malu and others came to the bridge from the rest area, “what's the matter?”
      “We have just received a report from the patrol team that there is a fleet outside L4.”The correspondent then pointed to the radar next to him, “and our radar has no response.”
      “Report, we received a communication request of unknown origin.”Just then another man said.
      “Take a look.”
      With Maliu's order, a middle-aged man appeared on the big screen of the archangel. This middle-aged man was wearing a strange military uniform that Maliu knew. It was better to say that even if she died, she would not forget this kind of costume.
      Because just a few months ago, a group of people in the same clothes came to him and forcibly took several people away.
      “This is the flagship of the new era fleet of the UNSC Navy, the new era aircraft carrier. We have accepted your request of Princess Carrie to help you.”
      When Captain Kate Vitra finished, the screen changed to Carrie. She said with a smile, “everyone, we're back. You've been working hard these days.”
      Seeing Carrie, the archangel and the pheasant were all relieved. Fortunately, they were friendly. Otherwise, they might have been sunk before they were ready to sail.
      An hour later, the original empty port of the L4 colonial satellite was full of warships. Unfortunately, the new era class was too big, more than 2500 meters. The port of the L4 colonial satellite could not accommodate her huge body, so she had to continue floating outside.
      Of course, there are several destroyers with her, just like her escort, guarding her.
      After these UNSC warships entered the port, a large number of transport machines came out from the warships and began to carry materials on board. In fact, this was what Kate Vitra and Carrie agreed.
      They provided all the materials in the war, so as soon as the ship stopped, they began to cram materials into the ship, regardless of whether it could be used or not.
      It has to be said that Kate Vetra is very stingy. Of course, being stingy is only for others, but not for his own people.
      On the other side, the people of the archangel and the pheasant didn't feel strange when they saw it. In their eyes, they asked for help and used their own materials to fight for themselves. It's OK.
      Looking at many busy people, among them, only Carrie was bleeding in her heart.
      Hey, you don't need Gundam. What do you need so many parts for? And the one over there, why do you go to the shipyard crane?Are you going to pack it up and take it away?How poor are you? Hello!
      Carrie was speechless and wanted to stop them, but after thinking about it, she just wanted to take it. Anyway, with them, she was not afraid that she would not win the earth army and ZAFT.
      A few hours later, except for the docks where the archangel and the pheasant were berthed, the other docks had been demolished by them. Everyone was sweating.
      On the other hand, Lin Ziyun, who was still on the endless ship, came to the bridge and said, “how's the genetic transformation technology that Roland brought back before? Is there a way to use it on our soldiers?”
      “Not for the time being. People in this world have been modifying this technology for decades, but they have never changed the way to change 'natural person' into 'regulator'. It's not that they don't want to change, it's that they don't have the technical ability. What's more, it's not so easy for us outsiders to reverse an engineering.”
      “So we can only start with the fertilized egg, as regulators do?”
      “Not necessarily.”Roland shook his head. “The scientists said that if we can get the earth army enhanced human technology, maybe we can combine the two technologies, so that adults can also do reconstruction surgery.”
      “Well, I'll see when I have time. Let the Osiris team take a walk on the earth.”
      After dealing with some problems on the endless ship, Lin Ziyun returns to plant with Lacey.
      After coming back, Lin Ziyun contacted Andrew and asked him to go to L4 to join the archangel. He did not want to fight for ZAFT for a long time. He resolutely left the port with the eternal. A huge blue hole opened and the eternal entered the fault space.
      In Patrick's office at ZAFT headquarters, an officer, with his hands shaking and his waist bent, handed Patrick a PDA, who was dissatisfied when he saw his subordinate's gaffe.
      “What kind of soldier do you look like?Stand up straight and don't shake your hands
      Patrick took the PDA, took a look, put his hands on his head, shed two lines of tears from his eyes, and his face was covered with ferocious, “ha!Ha ha ha!!What did I do in my last life?Why did God do this to me? ”
      “First, the information was stolen, then Godhead Godhead was demolished, and his son ran away with justice Godhead. Now the eternal is abducted again. What did I do wrong?”?!Well
      “Speaker?Speaker?!What's the matter with you? Don't scare me. “Looking at Patrick who suddenly fell to the ground, the officer was startled, “come on, come on, the speaker fainted again!”*
      Chapter 23 Titan
      The time came quietly to August.
      At this time, hundreds of warships were assembled in the lunar base of the Earth Alliance fleet. Most of these warships were built in the lunar base, except for those with long service time.
      In the conflict with ZAFT a few years ago, ZAFT dropped a neutron jammer on the earth, which made the nuclear powered warships of the Earth Alliance completely lose power and unable to take off. The only mass accelerator that can send the warship into space is in the hands of orb, the neutral country. Therefore, after that, they handed over all the ship construction tasks to the moon baseThe ground.
      In a huge conference room of the base, more than a dozen senior officers of the Earth Alliance are sitting here. In this conference room where almost all of them are wearing Navy uniforms, one of them is wearing something different.
      He was wearing a light blue suit and trousers, just like an aristocrat who came to visit. The most important thing is that he actually sat in the forefront position, which shows that his identity is at least the same level as the commander in chief of the fleet.
      This man's name is Murta Azrael. His real identity is the leader of the earth radical blue universe (also known as blue cosmos), and he is also the actual ruler of the Earth Alliance. He is called 'angel of death'.
      “Don't make any noise!We've been fighting for so long, but we can't find a decent way. Let's just blow it up with a nuclear bomb. “Murta has been sitting here for more than half an hour, but they have been arguing all the time.
      What a bunch of losers.
      “Who are you? It's not a child playing house. It's a war!”An officer who obviously didn't know Murta gave him a rebuke. Several other people who didn't know him also looked at him angrily.
      Some of the officers who know Murta look at him with a look of mental retardation. He's really awesome. He dares to hate him. It's estimated that his military career is coming to an end.
      The commander-in-chief of the fleet, who was sitting next to him, couldn't see it any more. He said, “this is Murta Azrael, our commander-in-chief.”
      Wen Yan, who just looked down on him, was stunned by Murta's identity. The officer who just scolded his child was almost scared to pee. He just hit the muzzle of the gun.
      “Would it be too much to use nuclear bombs, because there are still a lot of civilians there.”
      When someone said that the adjusters were civilians, Murta said with a ferocious face: “civilians?You said those monsters were civilians?Please pay attention to your words. They are just a group of monsters. What are you worried about killing these monsters? ”
      When he was a child, he was often bullied by school regulators and influenced by his family, which led him to hate regulators and regard them as non-human species.
      “But in whose name should nuclear bombs be used?”
      After all, the use of nuclear bombs to harm civilians, in any case, will be under pressure from the media, they do not want to wake up the next day to see their photos in the headlines.
      “In my name!”Murta.
      The meeting was finally over. Within half an hour after the meeting, a nuclear bomb was taken out from the deepest part of the base and installed on the Ma that had been prepared.
      On the other side, the L4 colonial satellite, the Alliance fleet of the new era fleet, the archangel, the grassy pheasant and the eternal, has set sail and is on its way to the front.
      Since the archangel and the pheasant had no jump engines, the fleet led by Kate Vetra did not use the jump, but carried on a routine voyage.
      When they were halfway through the aisle, a fault space was suddenly opened in front of the fleet, and a Paris class frigate sailed out of it.
      On the bridge of the new era aircraft carrier, Kate Vitra looked at the Paris class frigate and said to the nearby communication officer: “ask about their situation and why they are here at this time.”
      The communication officer nodded and said a few seconds later, “report to the captain, the commander in chief is on the frigate of Paris class, and ask us to dock, saying that we have new equipment for us.”
      “New equipment?All right, tell the fleet to stop for the time being. “Kate Vetra leaves the bridge and plans to go to the hangar to see what new equipment it is.
      In the hangar, Lin Ziyun and lax are standing next to four huge metal boxes. Several researchers in white coats are standing in front of him with PDAs in their hands, saying something. Because it's too far away, Kate doesn't hear what they are talking about.
      Kate Vitra came to several people and saluted Lin Ziyun, “are these four boxes new equipment?”
      “Yes, it's a combat robot developed by ourselves. Its name is Titan. Because it's a beta version, the scientific research department needs to collect some data. Just as I know you're going to fight soon, so I transferred it to you.”
      “Is the test equipment on the battlefield now?How about security? I don't want our men to die on their own equipment instead of the enemy's guns. ”
      “Ha ha, you can rest assured. I've thought of what you can think of, so this time it doesn't need to be driven by people. AI is installed in the robot.”Lin Ziyun said with a smile.
      “Smart AI?Isn't it more wasteful? Even the whole intelligent AI of UNSC is not many. You can use four at a time this time, and the loser doesn't have to be so defeated. “Kate Vitra is speechless, you know, a smart AI can almost top a warship.
      Lin Ziyun shook his head. “How can it be? I'm not willing to accept those few intelligent AI. What's installed in it is just ordinary intelligent AI.”
      Kate Vitra breathed, “are you here just to send equipment?”
      “Of course not. I'm only here to learn. You've been in the Navy longer than me and have more experience. I want to learn more about command from you.”
      Lin Ziyun knows that he doesn't have much command ability at all. In the future, he can't beat kotana only by advanced equipment without moving his head. So Lin Ziyun decides to learn from this veteran Navy.
      Kate Vetra showed a happy face, “it seems that you are indeed a commander worthy of our life to follow.”
      PS: Titan is just like the picture. Of course, I borrowed the picture from the Internet.*
      Chapter 24 the crazy Earth Alliance
      On the special flagship ship of the United Earth fleet, the archangel, bajilulu, who used to be the battle commander of the archangel, has become a qualified warship captain in a twinkling of an eye.
      In front of the main angel, the earth United Fleet composed of hundreds of search warships is slowly moving forward. It is believed that it will soon meet the ZAFT army.
      Murta, sitting on the bridge of the angel, looked at the very retro mechanical watch on his wrist. “It's almost time. Before ZAFT sends someone to intercept, order the Ma to start.”
      The large main ships of the United Fleet began to open their hangars, one Ma with nuclear bombs started to set out, the two pairs of 'long feet' of the Lord angel were also opened, and three GAODA flew out one after another, which were disaster GAODA, forcible GAODA and the forbidden GAODA Lin Ziyun had always wanted.(previously, I inadvertently said that the prohibition was as high as in the second work)
      “Let calamity, forcible seizure and interdiction contain each other's MS, Ma full speed forward attack colonial satellite, this time we must drive these monsters out of the universe.”Murta said grimly.
      Next to bajilulu, she frowned. She couldn't understand why the fight between soldiers involved civilians, even though they were adjusters.
      Although she also regards ZAFT as the enemy, the fundamental reason is that she has the status of a soldier on earth, which is the duty of a soldier. However, it does not mean that she will kill the unarmed civilians with a gun.
      Now she is also a little regret to come to the universe to take over the captain of the angel. Unfortunately, there is no regret medicine in the world, and she can only do her part when she comes.
      She picked up the fixed line telephone on her seat and began to give orders. The three GAODA who got the orders rushed out of the formation first, leaving the MS behind far behind.
      “I don't know if those two guys will come.”Asked Shani Andras, the driver who stopped Gundam, to his companion.
      “What do you mean by justice and freedom?It doesn't matter whether I come or not. In the end, I will go to them myself and blow them to pieces. ”
      “Croft, you dare say that if I hadn't helped you many times on earth, you would be dead in the coffin now.”
      “What?!Olga, do you want to fight? When you were on earth, you were already upset. You fired many times and nearly hit me. You said you were helping me. I think you were helping the enemy, right? ”
      Shani Andras listened to their tearing and looked at the flashing red radar with a dull face. “Don't make a noise. There are guests coming. Let's go to receive them.”
      ZAFT army on the other side, they have long been ready to meet the United Fleet of the earth. Because ZAFT does not have as many space warships as the earth army, it can only rely on MS to make up the gap in quantity, so in the past few months, ZAFT has produced a large number of MS.
      Yitzhak, the only remaining member of Cruze's MS team, led his own team to the forefront of the ZAFT defense line. “Little ones, the people of the earth army are coming, ready to fight, let them taste our strength!”
      “Oh ~!”xN
      In the bridge of new era aircraft carrier, Lin Ziyun and others made use of advanced beyond visual range observation to see from a distance the three earth armies fighting with the yizak team as high as.
      Captain Kate pointed to the forbidden GAODA displayed on the holographic platform and asked Lin Ziyun, “is this the special mecha you said?”
      “Yes, this mecha has a special ability. The two shields on its shoulder can twist the beam of light. This technology is what I hope to get, so next I hope you can let the troops capture it.”
      “No problem.”Captain Kate nodded, then pressed the red button on the holographic platform, and the whole ship immediately sounded a battle alarm, “all personnel begin to enter the battle position, and the hangar is ready to launch the experimental Titan and broadsword fighters!”
      When the archangel next to her saw that her allies had begun to put in troops, Malu and others were confused and didn't understand what they were doing. You know, there is still a long way to go from the front line. Isn't it a waste of fuel to put in troops now?
      It's not unreasonable for them to think so. After all, according to the combat distance of the world, ship to ship combat is usually within a few hundred thousand kilometers. However, when UNSC and Xingmeng fight, they are always tens of thousands of kilometers.
      After all, UNSC is at a disadvantage. If you want to break through Xingmeng's shield, you have to use a long range and powerful magnetic accelerator gun. Each time the magnetic accelerator gun is fired, it has to go through a period of charging. Therefore, the main ship of UNSC will generally enter the combat state tens of thousands of kilometers away.
      After the main warship breaks through Xingmeng's shield, the high mobility frigates and destroyers will quickly break into each other's battle group and start close combat. This kind of combat method has become a habit of UNSC, which is difficult to change even if they come to another world.
      “Captain, what shall we do?Do you want to launch MS, too? “Asked an archangel officer.
      “Well, order Freedom Gundam and Justice Gundam to attack and follow their troops.”Anyway, freedom and justice are nuclear powered, and we are not afraid of wasting energy.
      “Report to the captain, we have detected a high radiation signal from the earth army. It's flying towards the colonial satellite. The number is as high as 400. It's a nuclear bomb!”A member of a new era aircraft carrier said in horror that he had never seen so many nuclear bombs.
      You know, even during the war between mankind and Xingmeng before, UNSC never put so many nuclear bombs into any campaign.
      “WhatCaptain Kate looked angry. “They are just a bunch of lunatics. They take 400 nuclear bombs to kill civilians!”
      Lin Ziyun also said: “you are right. The commander in chief of the earth United Fleet is a madman. He is the leader of the blue universe, an extremist organization. It's strange that the earth army is not crazy to have such a madman as the commander in chief.All of them have to be stopped, and there are a lot of Klein friends on plant. ”
      “Don't worry, they won't succeed.”Captain Kate nodded and ordered to the communication officer: “inform all broadsword fighters to intercept the nuclear bomb. The Titan team mission remains unchanged and the capture mission continues.”
      “Inform the Allies' fighters to watch out for nuclear bombs, and then let the fleet charge all the MAG guns, and the shooter missiles start to fire, targeting the main warships of the earth army.”
      Lin Ziyun said uneasily: “just in case, I'll inform the endless number and let it come out to help when necessary.”*
      Chapter 25 the prohibition of forced labor is as high as
      The nuclear bomb was finally launched by the lunatics of the Earth Alliance. Although the ZAFT army was desperately intercepting, the 400 nuclear bombs were not 40. It was said that they could be intercepted. Some of the 400 nuclear bombs could always pass through layers of defense.
      On the bridge of the angel of Christ, Murta smiles. He even fantasizes about the scene after the nuclear bomb explosion and the grief of these ZAFT troops. He is sure that this will be the most beautiful picture he has seen since he was born more than 30 years ago.
      Boom!Just when he was still thinking of Pianpian, the whole ship began to hear a huge vibration. The sudden vibration made him unstable, and he fell off his chair and landed on his face.
      “What's going on?”Murta, who grabbed the armrest and got up, looked at captain bajilulu angrily. He needed an explanation now.
      “The hull was damaged. Something hit the ejection chamber on the right side and penetrated directly, causing the ejection chamber on the left side to be punctured together.”Bajilulu checked the condition of the hull and said in disbelief.
      What is it? It has such power. Is it a high-speed meteorite?Impossible. There are no meteorites in this area, but what is it?
      Boom!While she was still thinking about what it was, an Agamemnon class space carrier flying in front of the main angel was penetrated by a streamer of light coming from the right side, which eventually exploded and turned into space junk.
      The speed of streamer is so fast that it is difficult to catch it with eyes. Moreover, after breaking through the Agamemnon class space carrier, it did not stop and continued to move forward at a very high speed. All the warships that resisted its forward route were shot through.
      It's not over yet. After the streamer disappeared into the deep space of the universe, there were several streamers on the right side of the fleet. Each streamer destroyed at least one warship. A few seconds later, more than 20 warships were destroyed by these streamers alone.
      “Report, there's a lot of thermal reaction on the right side of the fleet. It's missiles!”
      “What?”Bajilulu was shocked. She looked at the radar and found that there was no warship signal on the right side, only hundreds of red signals marked as missiles were flying towards this side quickly.
      “Is ZAFT's weapon so advanced that it can attack opponents at such a long distance?”
      Although the ZAFT troops in the distance tried their best to intercept the nuclear bombs, a small number of them escaped the interception, which was enough to destroy most of the colonial satellites.
      The ZAFT troops on the front line looked desperate. Nevertheless, they could only watch the nuclear bombs fly towards the colonial satellite. Just as these nuclear bombs were about to reach the detonating position, a warship with a length of more than 5000 meters jumped out of the fault space and crossed in front of the nuclear bombs.
      More than a dozen nuclear bombs flying in the front collided with infinity, and the explosion produced a huge light, which made people unable to open their eyes.
      “Report!We lost 40% of our shields, and some of our nukes are really coming towards us. “After listening to the report, deputy captain Miley gave Roland a look.
      Roland nodded and made an OK gesture. “The sentinel defense cannon has locked the remaining nukes.”
      MS, who intercepted the nuclear bomb in front of her, saw that the Big Mac warship suddenly appeared and even received the nuclear bomb with her face intact. She was shocked by the sudden action in her hand, which led to another part of the nuclear bomb crossing the defense line.
      At this time, a large number of fighters from unknown places suddenly joined the interception of nuclear bombs, greatly reducing their burden.
      While the ZAFT army wondered who these people were, they also wondered why these people still used the obsolete weapons of fighter planes, even though they looked very advanced.
      And Patrick, the commander in the rear, was shocked to see the mysterious troops and the huge space warship. What did he see just now?It's Space folding. Isn't that what ZAFT really wants.
      Since ZAFT found a non earth fossil, he has not stopped the development of the inter planetary engine, but it has never been successful.(stargazer Golder only appeared after the second season)
      “Who are they?Why is there such a force in the world that we don't have any information? ”
      “Report!The front-line forces were attacked by unidentified forces and suffered heavy losses, and the nuclear bombs were wiped out by the other side! “After the battle commander finished, he called out the picture of the front line, “this is the battle picture sent back by the disaster of the front line.”
      What is striking is that a broadsword fighter rushed into the Ma group and started the massacre.It turns out that these broadsword fighters started to fight with Ma on the front line after they helped intercept the nuclear bomb.
      “Fighters?”Murta's face is that you're teasing me. Fighter planes actually appear in the space battlefield. You know, fighter planes are rarely used in the earth, let alone in the complex environment of the universe.
      “This kind of fighter is different from the fighter we know, not only in design, but also in mobility.”Seeing Ma hanged by the other side, bajilulu commented.
      “I don't care where they are different. Now I want to know who they are?There are also disasters, interdiction and forcible seizure. Where are GAODA now? Tell them to cover the second batch of nuclear bombs as soon as possible! ”
      “Report to the commander in chief that they are entangled by four white bodies and can't get away.”
      On the other hand, at this time, the disaster, interdiction and seizing of Gundam's pilots can be described as desperate. Because the weapons used by the four Titans can emit the directional energy similar to that of the temple defenders, it can be said that it is a gun or a lightsaber. As long as you pull the trigger, it will always fire a controllable laser.
      You think, when you finally avoid the other side's beam, the other side's mouth moves with your direction, and the beam is like a long lightsaber cutting at you, how can you fight.
      What's more, the other side has a full range of defense shields, and their weapons can't hurt them at all.
      In fact, the most difficult is to ban as much as.It seems that the other party is playing with him. He doesn't intend to use distant weapons at all. He has been fighting with him in close combat. Even if you fight in close combat, you can at least bring a sword and other weapons, but they just don't bring it. Have you ever seen anyone beat and kick with fists in the whole process of fighting in GAODA? He has seen it today. He is very angry, but he can't help it.
      Of the four Titans, two are engaged in close combat with ban Duan, and the other two are entangled in disaster and plunder.*
      Chapter 26
      Whew, whew!
      Shani controlled the continuous beam of Gunda, trying to block the white mecha approaching him. Unfortunately, the opponent not only had strong defense, but also had terrible mobility. He could not hit it when he left the fire at close range.
      Seeing that he was close to him, shaniguo waved his battle sickle and cut at him.Titan raised his arm, and the battle sickle fell on the halo of his arm. It was hard to score half a point. At this moment, Titan raised his foot and kicked him.
      Bang!Ban GAODA was kicked by Titan again. He has been kicked by the opponent for more than 20 times since fighting.When Gao Da flies out, another Titan comes to Gao Da's back, just like catching the ball, kicks Gao Da back.
      “Ah!!Don't deceive people too muchShani, who was humiliated by the Titans, could not help but roar. He threw away his sickle and flew to a Titan. He started the self explosion system and wanted to die together.
      Two titans obviously know what he wants to do, and they don't want to play any more. One of them looks at each other rushing towards him, and I don't know when to pull out a red energy dagger and stab GAODA's cockpit.
      Miso ~!The energy dagger penetrates the phase change armor without any hindrance. The cockpit is destroyed and the hold is up to one action. Titan grabs one foot of the hold and drags it away from the battlefield.
      And another one also joined the siege and seizing team. They were already at a disadvantage and were soon destroyed by the Titans.
      On the other hand, the battle between the earth army and ZAFT army has begun. After the second and last batch of nuclear bombs of the earth army have been intercepted, the earth army began to use warships to fight with ZAFT.
      After the nukes were exhausted, the infinity left and went back to the infinity fleet. It continued to make soy sauce. However, although the infinity had left, the new era fleet had arrived at the battlefield with the archangel and the pheasant.
      In the original work, because the three ship alliance is the weakest of the three parties and the smallest fleet, they use the kind of dispatch similar to that in the Three Kingdoms period. Whoever is stronger, the three ship alliance will join hands with the weaker party. When the weaker party becomes stronger, they will go to the other side to join hands to weaken the forces of the two parties.
      But this time, because of the forces of Lin Ziyun and others, the alliance ship did not act as a wall grass like the original. This time, they were very direct, and the two forces fought together.
      However, there is also a disadvantage. For example, now, the beaten ZAFT army and the earth army have tacit understanding to stop each other and concentrate all the troops to attack the Alliance fleet.
      In the bridge of the new era, people were busy.
      “Report!The archangel lost 25% of its armor and 30% of its firepower. One of its auxiliary guns was damaged. The enemy asked for support
      “Order the fourth broadsword squadron to cover the archangel. What happened to the eternal?”Kate Vitra asked her men.
      “The eternal is exchanging fire with ZAFT's main MS forces, with minor damage.”
      Kate Vetra nodded. Because the weapon range of UNSC warships is very long, most of them are still in the back row, while archangel, pheasant and eternity have not so far range, so they can only run to the enemy's attack area to fight, which also leads to the earth army and ZAFT army gathering three warships.
      “Although we can minimize our damage by standing in the back row, we will not let our allies carry the damage for us all the time. We will order the halberd destroyers and Paris class frigates to advance forward, and the firm class frigates will continue to provide fire support in the rear.”
      On the side of the archangel, I don't know whether it's the correction of the plot or the reason, but the archangel finally matched the archangel.
      The archangel, which is only more than 300 meters long, is obviously not the opponent of the archangel, which is more than 400 meters long. The opponent is not only bigger in size, but also 1.5 times as powerful in firepower and armor.
      Although the archangel was pierced by a magnetic acceleration gun before, what was pierced was only the vacuum part of those two legs, which only affected the MS of take-off and landing, but had no other effect.
      “Hasn't UNSC reinforcements come yet?”It's been three minutes since Maliu's request for reinforcements, but the other party hasn't come yet. Sometimes she even doubts whether they are deliberately letting themselves wait for a shield.
      At this time, more than a dozen fighters with tail inflammation quickly flew to the angel of God, angel of God also saw this group of uninvited guests, near the gun began to spread metal barrage without money.
      The broadsword fighters threw several missiles at the main angel, then quickly separated, and the missiles quickly approached. However, the main angel's proximity artillery was not a decoration, and the dense metal barrage soon stopped them.
      At this time, the pilot of a broadsword fighter saw a close defense gun turning the angle of view to the far left in order to defend against incoming missiles. He seized the opportunity and quickly approached from its blind area on the far right. The fighter flew close to the deck of the main angel.
      When the fighter plane passed by the proximity gun, a bullet was shot out by him, and the proximity gun was instantly screened.
      When the archangel lost a close defense gun, the defense line finally appeared a loophole, and all the other broadsword fighters began to gather fire, which was a blind area of defense.
      The archangel was not outdone. All the filled grizzly missiles were launched at one time, and dozens of grizzly missiles flew toward the archangel with white smoke.
      Boom boom ~!Although most of them were intercepted, three of them hit the main angel, and a big hole of more than ten meters suddenly appeared on the main angel's armor.
      “Damn it, what's your captain for? Don't worry about those fighters. Concentrate all your firepower on the archangel!”Murta angrily accused bajilulu. Since the group of fighters just arrived, she did not take charge of the archangel because she attacked the fighters first.
      “If we don't solve these fighters, they will lose all our defense network!We'll have to defend with armor. ”
      Since most of the warships used energy weapons, the main angel and Archangel were equipped with anti thermal armor when they were built. There was almost no way to attack the powerful traditional missiles, so the defensive missiles could only be close to the anti artillery.
      “I don't care about that. I'm ordering you to attack the archangel with cation cannon!”
      Seeing that the other side was not moved, Murta pulled out the pistol at her waist and pointed to her, “I am now in the name of commander in chief, remove your position as captain, now get out of my way!”*
      Chapter 27 ZAFT who is watched by Lin Ziyun again
      “Report!There's a high heat signal ahead. Yes, it's the cation cannon of the angel coming towards us! ”
      “Dodge!”Cried Malu.
      “It's too late!”
      At the same time, on the other side of the battlefield, a large number of MS and ma have been assembled near the eternal and the pheasant, and the earth army warships far behind the enemy also make several rounds here from time to time.Of course, the allies in their rear, those UNSC warships, will also give them some firepower support.
      Carrie, driving Yanhong Gunda and several village rain Gunda to form a team, came to the front line to fight with several ZAFT MS and Ma of the earth army.
      “The royal highness of Princess orb is really a wild girl, but I have to admit that her MS driving skills are first-rate.”Andrew, captain of the eternal, said over coffee, looking at Carrie, who was driving up to the crowd.
      “Little ones, we can't fall behind because a little girl is working so hard. And you should take good care of her. Don't let that girl miss anything. Remember to provide her with some firepower support all the time.”
      “Yes?Why did the other warships suddenly cease fire?Have they left us alone? “Andrew doubts, a few minutes ago the other side's fire suppression has not stopped, but now not even a shot.
      In fact, it's not that the United Earth fleet doesn't care about them, but now they don't even care about themselves, where they have time to manage others.
      A few minutes ago, they had exchanged fire with the destroyers and frigates of the UNSC. Because the radar of the world could not detect the signals of the UNSC fleet, and the people of the UNSC fleet obviously knew this, they took advantage of this weakness to quickly approach each other and launch close combat with them.
      When the United Fleet found this sudden fleet, the other side was very close to itself, even the naked eye could see it very clearly.
      But the discovery was too late. Dozens of marksman missiles were launched from the riji class destroyer and the Paris class frigate. The marksman missiles with super high mobility could not be intercepted by these warship defense means at all.
      You know, even the Xingmeng warship is very difficult to intercept this kind of high-speed missile. They usually can only use the shield to resist it. After the shield fails, they can only rely on the armor to resist it.
      After the end of the missile, naturally, we can't do without the magnetic acceleration gun. A round of salvo fire went on, and more than a dozen warships were punctured. Looking back at the United Fleet, although it seems that it is equipped with high beam weapons, these weapons can't even penetrate the shield when they hit the UNSC warships. Several Agamemnon class main guns are not as damaging as the other star sprout's plasma gun.
      It can be said that the several UNSC warships that rushed into the joint fleet were just like the Holocaust mode, leaving a piece of wreckage everywhere.
      “What?Patrick, that guy is going to use Genesis to attack our fleet on the front line? “After hearing the news from higuel Klein, Lin Ziyun's first reaction was shocked. He didn't expect the old guy to hit himself instead of hitting him on the moon.
      However, after careful consideration, I can understand the old guy's idea. Although he claimed to attack the UNSC front-line fleet, in fact, he intended to fight with the United Earth fleet.
      If Genesis's large-scale damage weapon really hits the front line fleet of UNSC, it's estimated that even the nearby United Earth fleet can't run away.
      “Ha ha, I'm an old fox, but it's not so easy to destroy my fleet.”Lin Ziyun sneered and made a look at captain Kate, who nodded.
      “Command the front fleet to start the jump engine immediately, leave the battlefield and return to the endless fleet for standby.”
      Not many of the front lines who received the order immediately started the folding engine, while the nearby United Earth fleet was wondering why the mysterious fleet suddenly left. When a dazzling red light flashed, they lost consciousness immediately.
      “One shot actually killed 32% of the warships of the United Fleet. I have to say that this is a very good weapon. Unfortunately, after one shot, we have to change the reflector.”Lin Ziyun commented, “but anyway, the information about the weapon still needs to be obtained. It seems that Osiris team has a mission again.”
      “The earth army and ZAFT have retreated. Order the fleet to assemble.”Seeing the United Earth fleet that has begun to retreat, Captain Kate ordered.
      “Report to the captain, there's a message from the broadsword squadron that's going to reinforce the archangel, claiming that the archangel has lost its ability to move.”
      Lin Ziyun and Kate frowned when they heard the words. There was only one opponent of the archangel, her sister, the main angel. Was there a broadsword team that was still hanged by the other party? Even if it was hanged like the original, it would not lose its ability to move completely?
      “Send two firmness class frigates to see what's going on, and inform the pheasant and eternity to return to the fleet and get ready to leave.”
      Soon after, when the grassy pheasant and the eternal came back, the new era aircraft carrier received the latest news from two firm class frigates going to the location of the archangel.
      At this time, the archangel was in a mess. Due to the butterfly effect of Lin Ziyun, when the archangel was firing the cation cannon, Vlada was not nearby, that is, no one helped her block the cannon.
      But fortunately, although no one blocked the gun, it was not the bridge but the engine that was hit this time. When the cationic City breaker came, the archangel was just facing the main angel from the side, while the cationic City breaker hit the archangel's engine from the side, and four of the six engines were directly penetrated. Now the power can't even play 10%.
      But on the whole, it's pretty good. Although the power is gone, at least there are no dead people.
      As for the angel, after the city breaking cannon was launched, it suddenly did not move. When the broadsword fighter approached the bridge, it found that there were only a few bodies in the bridge. It must be something wrong with them.
      When Lin Ziyun understood the situation, he was speechless. What he said was that he would bring his own aura?How do you feel that since you came, the aura of the main character of the archangel has become a lot dimmer.
      If she is speechless, she has to help. Otherwise, with her less than 10% motivation, the war will be over when she comes back.
      So Lin Ziyun had to order the endless ship to pick her up. It's no problem for the endless ship to install ten firmness class ships, and it's nothing to install the archangel.
      PS: This is a picture of the MAG gun firing.*
      Chapter 28
      When the new era fleet returned to the L4 colonial satellite, the archangel had been sent back by infinity and had been lying in the dock for nearly six hours. However, when the infinity, a special vehicle, did not leave, she quietly stopped outside L4 and waited for her captain to return.
      When the crew of the eternal and the grassy pheasant, who had never seen the endless, saw her, they were undoubtedly shocked by her huge figure, especially the woman doctor named Erica Simmonds of the dawn society, who ran directly to Carrie and asked her to take her to the ship for a visit.
      For the first time, Carrie saw the doctor, who was always calm, so enthusiastic and excited that it was not easy to dampen people's interest. She had to promise her first, and then go to ask Lin Ziyun at some time.
      In a room on the L4 colony.
      With a PDA in his hand, Captain Kate read the above message: “this time our battle damage situation is as follows: the archangel was seriously damaged, 12 crew members died, 20 were injured, most of them were minor injuries.
      “The grassy pheasant was undamaged, 7 ms were destroyed, 5 people were killed, the eternal was slightly damaged, no casualties, the new era fleet warships were undamaged, 4 broadsword fighters were destroyed, no one died. The result of the first fight was pretty good.”
      Although there were casualties, everyone still showed a smile. After all, this is a war and casualties can not be avoided. Only greater victory can live up to those who have already died.
      “The armistice is only temporary. I believe ZAFT and the earth army will fight again soon, and this time, they will not join hands to deal with us.”Bullshit, the Earth Alliance fleet was killed 32% by ZAFT. If they are still glaring now, Captain Kate will definitely despise the Earth Alliance.
      “So next time is our chance to end the war completely.”
      “But if we don't solve ZAFT's genesis cannon, we will die when we go. How can we fight?”Carrie witnessed the power of Genesis with her own eyes. Even some warships at the edge of the ray were evaporated by it. If her warships were shot, they would also turn to ashes.
      “As for genesis, I'll send Osiris team to solve it. You don't have to worry.”Lin Ziyun said, “similarly, when the next battle starts, I will let the endless number participate, finish the fight early, finish early, and then go to aobu.”
      Now Lin Ziyun's scientists urgently need a place to test new technologies, and orb is a good place.
      The fifth day later, the battle started again. This time, Captain Kate was right, and the earth army and ZAFT began to tear each other.
      The archangel did not go to this battle. Because she was seriously damaged in the last battle, she is still lying in the dock of L4. Of course, killa and others who were originally on the archangel are going to the front line. They were transferred to the new era aircraft carrier and set out with the army a few hours ago.
      Infinity didn't fly slowly with them. Lin Ziyun planned to directly order infinity to use space to jump to the battlefield.
      On the 117 Bay of the endless, the Osiris team stands in a row. In front of them is Spartan commander-in-chief Sarah Palmer.
      “This time your mission is still the same, stealing the relevant information of Genesis, and then evacuating. Oh, by the way, leaving them a gift as their contribution to us in the past few times.”Sarah Palmer accented her contribution.
      The four Spartans of the Osiris team were amused by their commander's humorous tone. Captain James Locke asked, “what are you going to leave for them?”
      “This one.”Sarah Palmer took out a strange looking cylinder device from behind, with a small radiation warning sign on the side of the device. “It's not cheap. It costs tens of millions, maybe hundreds of millions. I hope they like it.”
      “Shh ~!”Edward Barker saw what she had in her hand whistling, with an air of solemnity, “tactical nuclear bomb?I'm sure the zafts will love it! ”
      “Ha ha, of course they will like it. If they don't like nuclear bombs, why do the earth army always throw nuclear bombs at their homes? This time, we will also learn from other people's earth army.”Wei Er also teases a way.
      “Well, let's go when you're ready. We'll wait here for your good news.”Sarah Palmer leaves after giving James the tactical nuclear bomb.
      When the Osiris team left with the pelican, infinity started its jump engine and entered fault space in the next second.
      More than ten seconds later, when the infinity just left the fault space, Lin Ziyun standing on the bridge saw a dazzling red light flash past from the distance, and the moon base far away from the battlefield was engulfed by the red light.
      “It's genesis again. The earth army is really hard to force. 32% of the warships were subdued before, but now their hometown has been destroyed.”Without sighing for the earth army, Lin Ziyun ordered his subordinates to go ahead at full speed. Our enemy is ZAFT. As for the earth army, we will give it to captain Kate.“
      As soon as he finished speaking, hundreds of marksman missiles were fired by infinity and flew towards ZAFT MS fleet. This was not over. Then, several 10 2551 magnetic acceleration gun arrays with firing speed of at least 20 per minute fired at the same time, and a large number of broadsword fighters flew out of infinity like bees.
      ZAFT's MS may be able to evade with high mobility when dealing with shooter missiles, but when it comes to 2551 type projectiles, they are usually smashed before they react.
      “Damn, why is her fire so fierce?It's breathless. “An MS driver yelled on the public channel.
      “Fool!It's better to find a way to avoid her attack than to have the strength to yell here. ”
      “This is team 17. We're dead and wounded. Request reinforcements!Repeat… Ah
      At the headquarters of ZAFT army, Patrick looked at the rapidly disappearing MS signal on the screen, clenched his fists in anger, and yelled at a group of people under the command console: “start genesis for me!Take aim at that warship and break her up for me
      “You don't have a chance, old man.”Then a strange voice suddenly appeared behind Patrick.
      Bang ~!Before Patrick looked back to see who it was, he was hit hard in the back of his head. The powerful thrust smashed his old face on the table and fainted. Not only that, he also had several teeth broken off.
      Edward kicked him away, holding a PDA and sitting in Patrick's position, who rolled on the ground a few times before being trampled on by the other foot.*
      Chapter 29 armistice
      James stepped on Patrick's head and looked under the podium. There were hundreds of ZAFT officers below. He was scared by the four men who suddenly appeared.
      James raised his gun and said, “I'll give you ten seconds. If you don't leave in ten seconds, you'll stay forever.”
      A group of officers, who had been scared for a long time, left their work and ran towards the door.
      “Well, boss, we have downloaded all the materials we need.”A few minutes later, Edward unplugged the data line linking to the command desk and stood up from Patrick's position.
      James Wen Yan looks at Wei'er, who nods, takes the nuclear bomb on his back and presses the button on it. At this time, the nuclear bomb makes a sound and starts the countdown. Wei'er throws it down without hesitation.
      “What about the old man?”Edward points to Patrick who has fainted.
      “What else can we do? Give him a bullet in return for the last time he attacked our fleet with genesis.”James pulls the trigger and, with a bang, a bullet goes into Patrick's head.
      It's a pity that Patrick's old head can't bear such a large amount of kinetic energy, and his head is split in an instant.
      Edward, who was close to him, was splashed with blood. He wiped his power armor with disgust on his face. “I wiped it. It's a disaster when I die. It seems that I need to wash the armor well when I go back.”
      “Don't complain here. Get ready to evacuate. We only have less than 15 minutes. We have to hurry up.”
      Before long, a pelican transport plane carrying Osiris team flew out of here at its fastest speed, and then ZAFT army headquarters was engulfed by a bright light.
      MS, which was slaughtered by endless, also noticed the light. They looked at the headquarters behind them. There was no headquarters there. Only some floating debris proved its existence.
      The headquarters was destroyed, and they had no desire to fight. They flew in the direction of plant's colonial satellite. Just then, a voice sounded on everyone's channel.
      “I am shigell Klein, one of the twelve former Supreme Council of plant. In the name of the supreme leader of plant, I now order all ZAFT troops to stop all war operations and return to plant base.”
      “I thought he would have to wait a while before he announced it.”Lin Ziyun said a little surprised.
      It turns out that Lin Ziyun knew that the war would not last long before, so he told him to put down his work and sent a special force of hell paratroopers to secretly sneak into the Supreme Council to help him eliminate his enemies. He was waiting for the chance. As soon as Patrick fell down, he was coming out as the supreme leader.
      Although the surviving MS drivers wondered why they changed the top leader just after Patrick died, they didn't think much about it. After all, as long as they can survive, it doesn't matter who they are.
      “Damn, these useless things, want peace?It's not that easy! “Cruze said angrily in his heart that his goal is to destroy all human beings. How can it end here? He drove the newly assembled shenyigaoda to infinity.
      His action naturally can't escape Lin Ziyun's eyes, “what does he want?”
      “Won't we stop him?What if shenyigaoda starts the self explosion? It's equipped with nuclear power. “Lachs said anxiously.
      “Don't worry. The shield of endless can carry it. Now I just want to see what he wants.”
      While they were talking, kluzer's shenyigaoda had come to the side of the endless and was flying towards an open port. He had clearly seen many fighters flying out of this place, and he thought there must be no shield here.
      “I didn't stand in my way, but that's just what I want!”Cruze was tapping the keyboard in the cockpit, and soon the countdown began on the screen. “Even if you have an indestructible shield, you can't prevent an internal explosion!”
      But just as he was about to rush into the harbor full of hope, with a bang, Shenyi finally bumped into the golden energy shield, and Shenyi GAODA also turned into space garbage at the moment of hitting the shield.
      “I wipe, so 6 of it, this Sao operation can Oh!”Lin Ziyun was speechless for a while. When kluzer flew to the port, he already thought about what the other party was going to do. He knew that he would return to know, but Lin Ziyun didn't intend to stop him.
      I don't know where Cruze got his honey. His confidence made him think there was no shield.Of course, there are shields. Only when the fighter leaves, that small piece of shield will be turned off. After the fighter leaves, the shield will be activated again.
      When the ZAFT army saw their captain run to death, they raised their heart again. They were constantly cursing Cruze. Why don't they eat their own guns and run into people when they want to die? Aren't you provoking each other?If you die, you have to do harm to people.
      However, looking at the huge ship and no response, they are also relieved a lot.
      On the other side, on the other side of the earth army, when the new era fleet arrived, they had already begun to surrender under the white flag. In fact, they didn't want to fight any more long after the base was destroyed by ZAFT.
      Bullshit, the command center is gone, the commander is gone, and he's knitting.
      Since then, the war between the earth and plant has finally ended, and the place where the armistice agreement was signed is located on the earth. This time, in addition to ZAFT and the earth army, there are also representatives of OBU, kacarrie.
      According to the regulations, orb occupied by the Earth Alliance must be returned to the orb princess. When Carrie wrote her name on the white paper, she was moved to tears. She finally fulfilled her father's last wish and recaptured orb.
      “See, father, I've finally got orb back!”Said Carrie, with tears in her eyes.
      Later, when Carrie returned to orb, the whole nation celebrated, and a large number of people came to the airport to welcome her return.
      The next morning, when the people of orbu just got up, they found that the sky was covered by something. Looking up, dozens of huge warships stopped in mid air, which made the people of orbu nervous again. Fortunately, soon after, the government came out to appease the people.
      In the conference room of endless number, Lin Ziyun, lax, kakari and Maliu were sitting around a metal seat, discussing something.*
      Chapter 30 discussion after the war
      “I think the best place to build a port is here.”Lin Ziyun pointed to the map projected in front of his eyes, and the area in which he was pointed was instantly magnified by the computer.
      Before Carrie spoke, Erica, the doctor of Dawning society, said excitedly, “no way. This is the territory of Dawning society. We want to build a port for you. Where do we live?Unless you let me live on this ship and agree to let me study. ”
      After listening to the boss's words, several other members of Dawning society immediately said nothing. They sold dawning society and changed your room here. You only care about yourself.
      Lin Ziyun is also very speechless. Since she got on the ship, she always wanted to study the ship, but how could Lin Ziyun agree to let her study it? All Lin Ziyun resolutely ignored her.
      “Dr. Erica, don't make trouble if you save me.”It's impossible for Carrie to give dawning society to others. “You'd better choose another place. Dawning society is very important to orb. We can't give it to you to build a port.”
      “Well, I'll take it here. Anyway, it's basically destroyed here. It doesn't matter if you leave it to me?”Lin Ziyun pointed out a new place. This time, it was a harbor. Before, it was a military port, but it was destroyed by the war. Now, it is full of building debris.
      In Lin Ziyun's opinion, the land here is not only vast, but also, most importantly, it is far away from the residential area, avoiding some unnecessary troubles, such as eliminating spies and other people.
      “No problem, I agree.”Carrie nodded in agreement, then looked at Malu and others. “Do you have any requests? If you have any, just mention them. I'll be satisfied.”
      “Er…” marliu was a little at a loss. She came here out of a state of mind to see the excitement. She did not expect that Carrie would ask herself. She thought for a moment and said, “I hope you can arrange a shelter for us. You also know that we are traitors in the world now. There is no place to go at all.”
      “No problem. I'll have someone arrange for you to join our nationality later.”
      “That's OK. I'll arrange my people first.”Lin Ziyun saw that there was nothing wrong with him, and then said.
      “Please wait!”Just as he was about to leave, Carrie stopped him suddenly.
      “What else?”Lin Ziyun looks at her suspiciously.
      “I heard that you are willing to sell the technology of transition engine, so I want to buy it too.”
      It's no secret for Lin Ziyun to sell the cutting tengchuan transition engine to Klein faction in front of several people, and Andrew, the captain of the eternal, also said that their transition engine was made by the technology provided by Lin Ziyun.
      “I'm willing to sell technology, but you know, this technology is not cheap. You should know what it means when you master this technology, right?”
      It's not unusual for Chi tengchuan transition engine to be produced in halo world. As long as it's a cosmos shipyard, it can basically be produced. However, it's different in this world. In halo world, it's a little higher than cabbage class, and it can be regarded as a national treasure in this world.
      “I know what this means, and I know that all of orb's assets are not enough to buy this technology, but I'm not willing to give up like this.”
      What can a transition engine do?Can lead mankind out of the solar system; what can we do out of the solar system?To be able to obtain the endless resources in the universe that have not been exploited or declared sovereignty, Carrie knows that, so she must fight for the key to open the door of the solar system for orb.
      “I am willing to use all the technologies of Dawning society as the exchange transition engine technology. At the same time, I am willing to deduct 20% from the annual exploitation of all the resources in orb in the next 30 years and give it to you.”
      This time, Carrie has made a lot of money. You should know that she is talking about all the resources. The scope is wide. As long as the resources are considered available, they include food and so on.
      In the next 20 years, although orb's annual mining capacity is not very considerable, with today's technology, orb will start to use it soon after mastering the transition engine technology. It is believed that abundant resources outside the solar system will be found soon, which means that the 20% capacity will continue to rise every year.
      Lin Ziyun pondered that the leap technology was nothing unusual for him. It was no problem to sell it to her, but since she wanted to sell it, it was the same price as the Klein school.
      You can't sell it expensive, but you can't sell it cheap. If you do this, you'll be very sorry to your father-in-law. You know, now that Siegel becomes the national leader of plant, he will use all the power of plant to help himself.
      To tell you the truth, 30 years of resources are really attractive, but you can't use them. You should know that you can't stay in this world for 30 years.
      “Through the door, are you there?”At this time, Lin Ziyun suddenly thought of a way.
      “I'm here. What can I do for you?”After a few months, the familiar voice of crossing the door rang out in Lin Ziyun's mind again.
      “If I leave this world, will I have a chance to come back?”
      “If you want, I can help you remember the coordinates. Next time, if you want to come back, I can take you back anytime and anywhere.”
      “Great, please remember the coordinates every time I leave a world.”If you can come back anytime and anywhere, it means that when you want to upgrade or maintain your warships in the future, you can come back here. You don't need to build a port in every world. In this way, you can use those resources.
      Looking at Lin Ziyun, who was meditating and speechless, Carrie felt nervous. She was afraid that the other party would not agree. When she waited for a few minutes and saw that the other party had not answered, Carrie was just about to raise the 20% to 30% when Lin Ziyun finally said, “OK, I have a deal.”
      “Thank you ~!”Carrie sighed, stood up and bowed deeply to Lin Ziyun.
      Everyone on the archangel was also happy for Carrie and began to express their congratulations. Among them, Keira and Aslan were the happiest. One was Carrie's younger brother, the other was the man who had a secret love for her.
      The people of Dawning society are even more smiling. After all, this technology will definitely fall on them first. After all, they are the only capable Research Institute in orb.*
      Chapter 31 Stella
      (sorry, I confused the weapons of infinity before. I used 2551 magnetic acceleration gun as a fixed-point defense turret. M85 sickle is the fixed-point defense turret. 2551 is a powerful ship to ship turret, which can cause severe damage to CCS cruisers.)
      It has been three months since the end of the war. In these three months, all countries are carrying out post-war reconstruction, especially in countries like OBU where war has happened at home.
      Far away from the solar system, special zone A1 is also under construction. The speed of construction has surprised Lin Ziyun. Now it is almost over. I believe it will be put into use in a few months.
      But in A2 special zone (aobu), it's relatively slow. Because the engineering quantity of A2 special zone is too large, at least ten times larger than A1, and it's just started. Even with a lot of resources and equipment provided by plant and aobu, it will take at least two years to complete!
      But Lin Ziyun didn't have the patience to wait so long, so Lin Ziyun ordered all the construction teams to try their best to build a dock that can hold the endless number first, and then to build its port after the dock is completed.
      The ordered construction teams began to work in three shifts for 24 hours, and finally completed the rudiment of the dock in these three months.
      On this day, as usual, Lin Ziyun came to the bridge of endless to check the situation and deal with some documents by the way.
      At this time, deputy captain Miley came to him, “report to the captain, Osiris team has news, claiming to have found the target.”
      “Very good, tell them to stand by and wait for support, and order a destroyer and a hell paratrooper special force to support them.”Lin Ziyun nodded.
      Because the reverse engineering of the genetic transformation technology has not yet been completed, some time ago, Lin Ziyun ordered the Osiris team to set out to find the base for the earth army to secretly cultivate and strengthen human beings. After a few weeks, they finally found the secret base.
      “But will it break the peace agreement?”After all, sending warships and troops to launch military operations in other countries is tantamount to declaring war on other countries.
      Lin Ziyun sneered, “destroy the peace agreement?Such an inhumane experiment, when we find it, naturally they dare not admit that it belongs to them. It will definitely be pushed to the terrorists, and then they will thank us for carrying a terrorist base. ”
      Sure enough, in the next day's news, a certain country thanks UNSC's troops for destroying a secret terrorist base in his country, and there are a large number of missing and kidnapped children in the base.
      Lin Ziyun sneered at the attitude of that country, so he said that a Chinese saying was right: “the biggest hooligan in a country is the government of that country”, but the government of this country is not a hooligan, but a terrorist.
      On the third day, the Osiris team returned to the A2 SAR on the destroyer, bringing back a group of teenagers.
      “Captain, these children have been fortified with drugs, and they have no identification in that country. They are not accepted. I can only bring them back.”James Locke introduced to Lin Ziyun.
      Lin Ziyun's eyes glanced at the group of children, and suddenly found a familiar figure, short golden hair, seemingly petite and weak body, squatting in the crowd with hands and legs, like other children, with helpless expression on his face.
      Stella Lucier!Gao Da's role in the second season of seed is a supporting actress with tragic color. Although she appears as a villain, Lin Ziyun likes this sometimes dull female character when watching animation.
      Lin Ziyun came to her, squatted down and asked softly, “what's your name?”Although I know what her name is, I don't know if the name 'Stella' is her real name. In case it is the name given to her by the later organization.
      “Stella Lucier ~” Stella looked up at the man in front of her, and then whispered her name. If it wasn't for Lin Ziyun's good ear power, she might not be able to hear what she was saying.
      “Stella?It's a nice name. So, Stella, you'll follow me from now on
      “Is that the order?”
      “I don't know if you would like to follow me.”Lin Ziyun shook his head and put his right hand in front of her, waiting for her answer.
      Stella looked at the broad palm in front of her, hesitated for a while, and finally put her hand on it. Lin Ziyun gently pulled her up and took her aboard the pelican transport plane.
      When the transport plane was about to start, Lin Ziyun said to James, “give these other children to orb. They should be willing to accept these people, and then give the data in your hands to the scientists.”
      Leaving the ground, Lin Ziyun came to the endless, took Stella to the medical department, and said to the doctor of the medical department, “help her with the repair operation.”
      Although the strengthened Stella is several times stronger than ordinary people, she also has a great burden on her body. If she doesn't get timely treatment, I'm afraid she will not live for several years.
      Suddenly brought to this room full of medical equipment, Stella felt uneasy, because she had been to the same place, where she suffered great pain, which she could not forget.
      Lin Ziyun saw the uneasiness on her face and said in a soft voice, “don't be afraid. It just makes you become an ordinary girl. It doesn't take long, and it doesn't hurt. You just need to sleep.”
      “Can you stay with me?”Stella held him by the hand.
      “Of course.”Lin Ziyun gently takes her to bed and makes a look at the doctor next to her. The doctor nods and starts to operate on the computer.
      A mechanical arm on the top of the bed starts, and a needle tube is gently inserted into Stella's neck. The medicine in the needle tube soon works, making Stella faint. At this time, the mechanical arm begins to move on Stella.
      At this time, the door of the medical room was opened, and lax came to Lin Ziyun, looking at Stella on the bed, “I heard you brought back a girl?Is that her
      “Yes, a poor little girl.What, are you jealous? “Lin Ziyun joked.
      “No, I'm just curious which girl asked our captain Lin to receive her in person, so I came to have a look. You know, they didn't have such treatment at the beginning.”
      Hey, hey, aren't you jealous?Lin Ziyun said.*
      Chapter 32 prepare to leave
      In a twinkling of an eye, it was two years since the end of the last war. Two years ago, plant and orb built their own transition engine, which shocked the whole world.
      However, they soon guessed that these two countries must have the technical support of UNSC, otherwise they would not be able to build an interstellar navigation engine in a century.
      In fact, they also want to go to Lin Ziyun to buy technology, but the other party doesn't even bother to see them. As for stealing?All the spies sent out disappeared.
      In the past two years, Lin Ziyun has completed the modification and upgrading of frigates and destroyers, and Infinity has been lying in the dock a year ago. At the same time, the scientific research department of Infinity has also successfully improved the problem that genetic modification technology can't be used for human birth and birth defects. After being improved, Infinity has been used in small quantities in infinity fleet.
      Most of the people who received the genetic transformation were hell paratroopers, and of course Lin Ziyun. But Lin Ziyun received the transformation in the later stage, and the technology at that time was very mature, and there would be no problems.
      Today is a special day for Lin Ziyun, because today is the national day of his hometown China, and it is also a special day for the entire UNSC Navy.
      After more than a year of renovation and upgrading, infinity finally announced its completion today and is preparing to set sail again!
      After the upgrade, in addition to the original weapons, infinity is also equipped with a large number of directional energy weapons. These directional energy weapons integrate the technology of the world and halo world. They not only have the penetration and corrosion as powerful as Xingmeng directional energy weapons, but also have the explosive energy of the world beam weapons.
      Not only that, infinity is also equipped with a powerful deflector shield with excellent effect against the light beam. The original shield of infinity is similar to that of Xingmeng, which is almost close to the armor, while the deflector shield is similar to that of Xingling in SC2, which is composed of many rhombus, and it is not close to the surface of the armor.
      Of course, this kind of deflector shield needs a lot of energy. It will not be activated normally, but only in wartime.
      At this time, the port of A2 special economic zone is full of rows of people, at least tens of thousands of them. They are wearing unified UNSC uniform, and everyone's face shows a confident smile. Their eyes are focused on the front of the port, where there is a small platform, on which they stand the most respected person.
      That man is Lin Ziyun.
      “I'm sorry, I'm not very good at speaking, but I'd like to say a few words here today, because today is the most exciting moment of our UNSC Navy, because our most beloved carrier, the endless, will set sail today, which represents that we are closer to our goal, and also represents that our navy is more powerful.”
      “But this does not mean that we will be satisfied because our enemies are too strong for us to imagine. Our enemies will not allow us to stop. We must constantly build ourselves and make ourselves stronger!”
      “So, we still have a long way to go, and I hope you are ready!”
      “Now I declare that the second launching ceremony of the endless begins!”
      Hundreds of huge fixators were loosened, several pipes thicker than the truck were detached from infinity. Infinity's huge body rose slowly and stopped when it rose to a certain height.
      There was a round of applause from below, and all the UNSC Navy standing below clapped their hands to celebrate the moment.
      “All aboard!”
      Carrie and Maliu, who were invited to attend the ceremony, looked at the Big Mac warship in the sky and exclaimed, “when can orb have such a warship?”
      “At the present level of our technology, it may not be possible in a hundred years. We haven't completely solved the problem of anti gravity. Even the 300 meter long boat like the archangel can't float in the earth for a long time.”Erica looked at the endless number and said.
      A few days later, all the tests of infinity have been completed. At night, Lin Ziyun takes lax and Stella to a high-end hotel in orb. When the three people enter the hotel, there are many people standing here, including UNSC, orb, archangel and HIGGER.
      “Commander in chief, you're too late. The wedding has already started.”Captain Kate came to Lin Ziyun with a goblet and said.
      “Sorry, sorry.”Lin Ziyun is also helpless, if it is not for the two women to choose the dress for a long time, he will not be late.
      Of course, the wedding was not between linziyun and lax, but between Aslan and Carrie. Because of their intervention, the second war did not start, so Aslan and Carrie walked happily together.
      Lin Ziyun came to the bridegroom and bride, “I don't have to say more if it's unnecessary. I'm here to bless you two.”
      “Thank you.”Aslan bowed slightly to him and said, “I'm here to bless you and lax, too. When are you two going to get married?”
      Carrie also looked at Lin Ziyun curiously.
      “Married?Don't worry. I won't let her wait for me too long. We'll get married as soon as I come back from this departure. “Lin Ziyun put his arms around Lacey's waist.
      “Leave!”?!Are you going anywhere? ”
      “Yes, I'm going to take them out of the solar system in a few days. Of course, I'll take Rex with me.”Lin Ziyun didn't tell them that he was actually leaving the world. For example, if he told them that there was too much information, they would not necessarily believe it.
      “How long will I be going to your wedding?”Asked Carrie.
      “Don't worry, it won't be long.”In fact, he couldn't tell exactly how long Lin Ziyun would take, so he had to give her an ambiguous answer.
      Three days later, all the UNSC personnel of the A1 special zone left, and only a small number of Klein people were still stationed there. However, in the A2 special zone of OBU, construction had stopped, all the warships had left, and dozens of warships were assembling in the high altitude orbit of the earth.
      “We're leaving in a moment. Shall we talk to your father again?”Lin Ziyun asked to lax, who gently shook his head, “no, I already said hello yesterday.”
      Seeing that the other party didn't need it, Lin Ziyun didn't say much. He closed his eyes and began to contact the crossing door, “crossing door, I'm going to start crossing. What should I do?”
      “Oh?I am going now.You don't need to do anything. Just let me know. I'll take you away*
      Chapter 33 eggs
      It's a good feeling. You don't have to worry about anything. You can help with everything through the door. This kind of golden finger is good.Wen Yan Lin Ziyun thought of it silently in his heart.
      “Can I choose the world I want to travel through?”In fact, he wanted to ask this question for a long time. As he said before, he was afraid that he would cross into a world where science and technology were advanced enough to explode watches or an era when he was still using cold weapons.
      “I'm sorry, you can't choose, and I can't either. After all, even I can't know what the next world is. All I can choose is the world we've been to. I already have coordinates for the world we've been to once.”
      “Well, I hope we don't go to the technologically advanced world or the stone age this time.”
      A huge 'black hole' opened in front of the endless fleet, and the crew were shocked. They didn't start the transition. Besides, the transition would not have such a huge black hole, but why is this black hole not attractive?
      Although Lin Ziyun saw him for the first time, he also knew that the black hole was opened through the door, so he ordered: “don't worry, this black hole is the door to other worlds. Now I order all ships to fly to the black hole!”
      Everyone in the fleet was a little curious about why Lin Ziyun knew that the black hole was the door to the world, but they would not ask at this time, because they did not know how long the door could be opened. All the crew members who heard the order began to control the ship to fly towards the black hole.
      A few seconds later, the fleet left and the black hole disappeared. Since then, the universe has been quiet again.
      In the solar system of another world, near the sixth planet of the solar system, Saturn's rings, space is suddenly torn apart to form a huge black hole. Dozens of warships fly out from the interior of the black hole. This is the endless fleet led by Lin Ziyun.
      It didn't take as long as Lin Ziyun thought. They only stayed in the black hole for a few minutes and then came out.
      “Yes?”Lin Ziyun suddenly felt a slight change in his body, but he couldn't tell exactly where it was. He was puzzled and asked, “why do I have a feeling that my body seems different from before?”
      “It's normal for you to have this feeling, because it's my reason.”The sound of crossing the door sounded, “when you and your people are crossing, I will adjust the time of your body to the time when you first cross, that is, two years ago.”
      “That means we're using the same body as we used two years ago?Isn't that me and the hell paratroopers who have been strengthened have become ordinary people? ”
      “How can I let everything you have done be in vain? I said that I just adjusted your time back to two years ago. The physical aspect will not change, but will refresh your life after every crossing.”
      “Well, would Lachs and Stella do the same?”Lin Ziyun asked him the question he was most concerned about. His situation is equivalent to having an eternal life in disguise. As long as he keeps crossing, he will live forever.
      “Not this time, but next time, because they weren't there last time, I didn't have their records, but this time I did.”
      Hearing the words, Lin Ziyun sighed. He was really afraid that they could not have the same eternal life as themselves.
      Lin Ziyun sorted out his mood and said: “Roland, report our current coordinates.”
      “I'm near Saturn, the sixth planet in the solar system.”Roland had already positioned himself when he arrived, waiting for Lin Ziyun to ask himself.
      Lin Ziyun nodded, “as usual, intrusion network, I want the latest and most accurate information.”
      After a while, the Deputy captain handed him a PDA. Looking at the PDA in his hand, Lin Ziyun frowned, and the name of an animation appeared in his mind: Gao Da Dan.
      Yes, the world we came to this time is as high as 00. This world tells the story of the next 2307 years. Due to the depletion of the earth's oil, mankind began to look for a new form of energy, a giant solar power generation system composed of three huge orbital elevators.
      However, only some of the world's major powers and their allies, the three superpowers with three huge rail elevators and their alliances can share this energy: the “union” led by the “United States of America” as the central government, the “Alliance for human innovation” centered on China, Russia and India, and the “Alliance for human innovation” centered on Europe“AEU (new European Community).
      Although the world's major powers seem to be very peaceful on the surface, in fact, there are many conflicts in the dark. In a world full of wars, a private armed organization, which claims to be heaven and man, also claims to root out war by force and end war by war.
      In Lin Ziyun's view, the protagonists in this world are just a group of secondary school children who have been robbed by others. Although they use the same method as the archangel in the later period, they all end the war with war, but their methods are completely different.
      Archangel is the weakest party to intervene in the war, when the wall grass, break the meeting, consume the forces of both sides, and then force them to end the war.
      However, heaven and man use overwhelming technology to attack all the forces on the earth, and then force all the countries on the earth to unify. Although they succeed in the end, they also make a mess of themselves, and are almost destroyed. Finally, they find that they are used as abandoned children by bald men.
      Moreover, although the earth has been unified, its internal contradictions have never stopped. This is a typical palliative rather than permanent solution.
      Of course, Lin Ziyun came to this world not to evaluate these bear children, but to plunder technology. But for the time being, the only thing Lin Ziyun can see in this world is the GN solar oven.
      However, it is said that GN particles can make people evolve into reformers, but reformers have bigger defects than regulators, which Lin Ziyun doesn't like, so he doesn't intend to make his own people evolve into reformers.
      Of course, what he is most interested in is a kind of alien species called 'els alien variant metal life body' opposite the wormhole of Jupiter. This kind of life body can assimilate any object that touches it. If we turn them into controllable weapons and put them on the enemy's side, it must be wonderful.
      “It's early again. I went to seed last time, and this time.”Lin Ziyun murmured a few words, and then returned the PDA to Deputy captain Miley. Today is October of 2306, more than three months before the beginning of the plot. At this time, it is estimated that the pilots of Tianren are still in training.
      “It seems that the GN solar oven is going to talk about it in the future. Now let's go to Jupiter first.”Lin Ziyun sighed helplessly.”Roland, change the course of the endless fleet, target Jupiter!”
      “To Jupiter?What are you doing there? “Roland asked curiously.
      Lin Ziyun mysterious smile, “of course, is to find a wormhole.”
      PS: the picture is a Paris class frigate.*
      Chapter 34 wormhole on Jupiter
      The shortest distance between Saturn and Jupiter is more than 800 billion kilometers, but this distance is nothing to the endless fleet. It takes only a few seconds to start the transition.
      “Organize a Spartan investigation team, and then enter the interior of the planet. Be careful when investigating. If you find alien species, return to infinity immediately.”Lin Ziyun opens the designated notice and contacts Sarah Palmer.
      Lin Ziyun doesn't plan to send ordinary soldiers to investigate, because behind the wormhole is an entire alien group. In order to prevent accidents, Lin Ziyun directly sends those powerful Spartans to carry out the investigation task.
      “Spartan Osiris team, rhinoceros fire team, shadow fire team have boarded the pelican transport plane and set out.”A minute later, Lin Ziyun heard Sarah Palmer's reply.
      Because Jupiter is a gaseous planet (woodlike planet), which is not mainly composed of rocks or other solids, the more it moves towards the interior, the greater the density and pressure of the gaseous state, so they can only be detected within the pressure range that the pelican transport can bear.
      Three Spartan squadrons divided into three groups, piloted Pelican transports from different directions, began to use exclusion detection, and then narrowed the detection area a little bit.
      Finally, 17 hours later, the reconnaissance team finally found the target. The wormhole is located between Jupiter's atmosphere and liquid hydrogen helium layer. Near the wormhole, they did not find any other suspicious objects, which means that the aliens are not coming from the opposite side now. This is good news for the forest clouds.
      In the external observation area of infinity, Lin Ziyun stands with a young man with eyes. The young man seems to be about 28 years old, wearing a big white coat and some advanced instruments, staring at the wormhole outside the window.
      Although he is bigger than Lin Ziyun, he is despised when he is about 7 or 8 years old. He is the chief doctor (Engineer) of infinity. His name is Glassman. People who have played halo4 will never forget this doctor who died.
      “I can't believe it. Since the establishment of UNSC, we have never found such a naturally formed wormhole. Captain, I suggest that we set up a scientific research station here to carry out long-term research on this wormhole, which is absolutely helpful for our future development!”Grassman had a look of excitement.
      “Doctor, you should know that it's not realistic to set up a scientific research station here. There are a group of dangerous alien species on the opposite side of the wormhole. The interior of the planet is very dangerous. There are turbulence and storms all the time. Working here, life is threatened all the time. You can't afford to lose anything to me.”Lin Ziyun didn't even think about it and denied his suggestion.
      “I know, I know all these, but you should know that for US scientists, exploration and research is not a dangerous job. Now it's just a dangerous environment.”
      Lin Ziyun shook his head helplessly. He knew he couldn't pull him, so he had to promise: “OK, I promise you, but it's impossible to build a scientific research station, but I'll let a firm class frigate. When your temporary 'scientific research station' meets danger, it can also ensure your safety, and take you away when necessary.”
      “Thank you, Captain!”
      Looking at the young doctor bowing to himself, Lin Ziyun couldn't bear it. He reached out and lifted him up. “This is what I should do.”
      After making the decision, Lin Ziyun ordered the endless fleet to leave Jupiter and come to Europa. He began to build a small test base on Europa's ice surface, covering an area of only about the size of a destroyer.
      In fact, it's not right to say that it's construction. It should be said that it's assembly base. The components of this base were built as early as Aubrey. Before that, they just took out these built square buildings and assembled them.
      This base is built for the follow-up test of the world's black technology. If new technology is tested on infinity every time, it will be subject to certain restrictions. For example, the test of new weapons cannot exceed the endurance of infinity laboratory, so the complete data of new weapons cannot be obtained.
      If the test base is built outside, there will be no such restriction.
      As for why we choose Europa, a place with a bad environment, to set up a test base, it is also for future consideration. If one day in the future, the group of alien species come, infinity can go to suppress them immediately to ensure that the group of scientists can study the wormhole at ease.
      When the test base officially started operation, a week had passed. Early this morning, Lin Ziyun came to the bridge. What was different from usual was that he didn't wear the captain's uniform today. Instead, he was wearing a white T-shirt and jeans. He looked like he had just come back from a holiday.
      Lin Ziyun opened his mouth to the really busy vice captain and said, “during the time when I leave, the fleet will please you.”
      “Don't worry, captain.”Deputy captain Miley said confidently.
      And the next artificial AI Roland looked at him suspiciously and asked, “what are you doing?Leaving again? ”
      “That's right. After all, when you come to this world, how can you not visit the earth? You know, this world is very different from the previous one.”
      With that, Lin Ziyun just wanted to leave the bridge. He suddenly remembered something and looked back at Roland. “By the way, do you have any information and design drawings for unlimited power generation?Wireless transmission. ”
      “Yes, each of our warships is equipped with one or more nuclear power stations to provide the ship with endless power, and all of them are wireless transmission, but what do you want?”Roland wondered.
      Lin Ziyun nodded, “that's good. I'll give you a task. Use your powerful network ability to set up an energy company, and then go to the moon to build a huge nuclear power plant.”
      “Are you going to let that power station generate electricity for the earth?”Roland, who has known the earth situation in the world, knows Lin Ziyun's idea at once.
      “It's really smart. You have to know that many countries in the world can't share energy because they haven't participated in the rail elevator project. How many countries are controlled by those rogue countries using electric energy?How many rights do you have?What if we also set up an energy company… ”
      Before Lin Ziyun finished, Roland interrupted, “we can control those countries indirectly, right?It's really a good idea, but to provide so many countries with the terminal, it must be very large, at least as large as a late autumn cruiser. We can't do such a huge project, and we don't have the materials just for the construction. ”
      “I'll do something about it. Now you just need to help me set up an energy company and wait for my orders.”
      Roland said helplessly: “well, I have established the company. You can go to the manufacturing area when you leave. I believe that after you arrive, the ID card and other things have been done.”*
      Chapter 35 is zero, not euro
      “It's AI. Efficiency is speed.”Lin Ziyun breaks down towards Roland, and then walks out of the bridge.
      A few minutes later, when he arrived at the hangar with his ID card, lax and Stella were waiting for him by a pelican transport plane.
      In fact, the main purpose of this trip to the earth is to find a planned partner and take them to play by the way. After all, it's not good to stay on the boat all the time. If you want to go out for a walk, you can just experience the different style of the world.
      Lin Ziyun didn't take Sparta as a bodyguard when he went to the earth this time. Anyway, they didn't go to do business in the earth this time, and they also went to a relatively safe country, so there's no need to take Sparta with them.
      On the earth's high-altitude orbit, three huge orbital elevators link to the earth's surface, and the top of the three orbital elevators is also linked with rows of golden solar panels that can't be seen at a glance. These solar panels are the main devices to provide energy for the great powers of mankind today.
      When the pelican transport plane carrying Lin Ziyun approached the earth, Lin Ziyun looked at the three huge buildings from a long distance. “Although they are much smaller than the 120 colonial satellites of plant, they still have to admire the construction ability of these people.”
      “Why do they use electricity?Even if the global oil is exhausted, nuclear energy can be developed? “Laches asked curiously, standing next to him.
      “Hundreds of years ago, a bald man put forward the fallacy that future human beings must use space power generation system instead of nuclear energy. Then countries all over the world believed the bald man's words. After that, nuclear energy was almost abandoned, and no one else was allowed to build nuclear power plants in the earth. The only nuclear power plants left in the world were no more than the first-hand index, and they were built a long time ago.”
      This is why Lin Ziyun did not build a nuclear power station on the earth, but went to the moon instead.He also had to admire the brains of the people in the world. A bald man would make them give up nuclear power.
      At the same time, he also had to admire the skinhead's ability of mouth gun. In a word, he has cheated the world for more than 200 years, which is better than Naruto's mouth escape.
      “Then they can also go to the universe and exploit the resources in the solar system. The resources in the solar system alone will be enough for the earth to use for thousands of years. Is that the reason why they have no technical ability?”Laches continued.
      “Who knows, so far, although the major mainstream countries in the world have put forward plans for space exploration, they do not attach importance to this plan.”
      It can be said that the world is wonderful. The egg is already in the 24th century. Seed seems to have not entered the 24th century. However, almost all the resources in the solar system have been exploited in the seed world, but the government of the egg world still clings to the power, saying that technology is not good?Obviously, it's impossible. Even such a large project as elevator can be built, so it may not be able to develop the universe.
      The only possibility is that they are used to electricity and are not willing to switch to other energy sources.
      A few hours later, in a shopping mall in the special economic zone of Tokyo, a global island country, Lin Ziyun was carrying more than a dozen packages in his hands, all of which were clothes and cosmetics.(the island country is very close to the elevator of rengelian. Most of the first plot revolves around it. I don't have any other meaning in choosing island country.)
      Here, Lin Ziyun once again exclaimed at the power of AI, especially the intelligent AI like Roland, who not only prepared their identities, but also bought them a luxury apartment on the earth. He went to the bank to check the balance under his ID. although the money was not much, it was enough.
      “You two have had enough shopping. It's time to go back. It's getting late, and I'm hungry.”Lin Ziyun's stomach is a little disheartened.
      Lacey put a finger to her chin. “Well, I think I've bought everything. It's time to go back, Stella. What about you?”
      “It's the same with me. I've bought them all.”
      “Then go back.”Lin Ziyun's face was finally liberated when he saw that lax was finally willing to go back.
      After a period of time, when people came to the door, Lin Ziyun sighed: “great, I'm finally back. I'm really tired. The woman is so terrible. I've been wandering all day and I'm still so energetic without a rest.”
      “Fortunately, if you look at other people's boyfriends or go shopping with their girlfriends, which one is not energetic.”
      You tell me, which man is still energetic after running for several hours with more than ten jin package!It's almost exhausted!Lin Ziyun said in his heart, but he didn't dare to say it.
      “Poof!”At this time, a small sound came from the crowd, which attracted the attention of the three people.
      When they looked to the side, they saw a girl with long golden hair, probably only a teenager, covering her mouth with her hands. She was very cute with a strong forbearance.
      'it's her!'when Lin Ziyun saw the girl, he recognized her at first sight.
      Louise Harvey, the girl's name, is a supporting actress with tragic fate in this work. At this time, she is still a lively and naive girl, not as cold as she was in the later stage. Moreover, she is still a student of cosmology engineering. Lin Ziyun, the eldest lady of a big family in Spain, still remembers that she has a boyfriend, but what is her specific nameHe forgot the name.
      After all, Lin Ziyun won't bother to remember the name of a supporting actor.
      “I'm sorry, I'm not laughing at you. I just think what this sister said is very reasonable.”Louis said apologetically.
      “You see, people agree with me.”Lax smiles at Louis and says, “Hello, my name is lax Klein.”
      “Louise Harvey.”Louis also introduced himself, “I haven't seen you here before. Are you new ones?”
      “Yes, we moved in today. Please give us more advice in the future.”Lacey crossed her hands in front of her belly and bowed politely.
      “I'm the one here. Please wait for advice later.”Louis bowed to the three.
      After talking for a while, lax and Lewis said goodbye to each other and went into their own home.
      After entering the home, Lin Ziyun put down the package and lay down on the sofa, then sighed: “ah, it's still comfortable on the sofa. I really want to lie down today.”
      When lacs saw his useless appearance, she gave him a white look, picked up her apron and went into the kitchen to prepare dinner, while Stella sat down beside Lin Ziyun and swam on his back with both hands. “It's hard for you today. I'll give you a massage.”
      “Ah, Stella is still good to me. I love you.”Lin Ziyun squinted comfortably and said to her.
      Stella smell speech face slightly a red, with only their own can hear the voice gently said: “en, I love you, oh, Ziyun.”
      PS: the name of this work has always been controversial. I found some strong evidence to prove that GAODA's egg is called GAODA zero, not Ou ou. Even Du Niang calls it zero.*
      Chapter 36 energy company established by Roland
      “… next is the next news. Yesterday morning, an energy company named 'UNSC' was founded. It is understood that this new energy company is planning to build the world's fourth space power station. At present, this company is seeking global partners.”
      “But because the specific information of this company is strictly confidential by the other party, no one knows about the strength and authenticity of this company, so so so far, no one has taken the initiative to cooperate with it…”
      Lin Ziyun turned off the morning news, and then threw the remote control on the sofa, “Roland, since he named the company UNSC directly, he has done a good job for the time being. Next, I have to rely on myself. Ah, as the boss of the company, I have to find a partner myself. It's really hard.”
      Lin Ziyun tidied up his formal clothes and yelled to the kitchen: “lax, I'm going out to do something. It's estimated that I'll be back in a few days. I'll go out for breakfast.”
      Lin Ziyun just finished, a cute little head stretched out at the kitchen door, and lacks said, “really, I've done everything. Now I say, isn't it a waste?You said it yourself, shame on waste. ”
      Lin Ziyun's mouth twitched. When he said this, it was his fleet that jingled. Unexpectedly, she still remembered it.
      Looking at her lovely appearance, Lin Ziyun said with a smile, “let's give it to Stella. She's just stretching herself now. Eat more quickly.”
      Lin Ziyun walked towards the door. As soon as he walked out of the door, he saw Louis, who lived next door, closing the door. She seemed to be planning to go out. Lin Ziyun said politely, “good morning, Miss Louis.”
      “Hello, Mr. Lin, are you going to work?”Louis looked at his suit and asked curiously.
      “Well, it's work.”Lin Ziyun gave an ambiguous answer. After all, it was really a job for him to find a partner this time.
      “Mr. Lin is amazing. You look like a winner in life, and you are still so young.”As a young lady of a big family, you can see at a glance that Lin Ziyun is wearing famous brands, and it's the more expensive one among famous brands. You can't buy that dress alone.
      “Ah ha ha… It's not a winner in life. It's just the boss of a small company.”Lin Ziyun touched his head awkwardly. He was a little embarrassed to be praised by a beautiful girl.
      “Where are you going?”Lin Ziyun turns the topic to her.Louis replied, “I'm a student. I'm going to school, of course.By the way, is Miss lax your girlfriend of the two yesterday? ”
      “Well, it's my fiancee, to be exact, and Stella is my sister.”
      “Sister?”Louis carefully looked at Lin Ziyun, “it doesn't feel like it, and your name is obviously Chinese, and she not only has unique Western blonde hair, but also has Western-style names.”
      “Ha ha, we are not born. She is my sister.”Lin Ziyun explained.
      “Oh, I see.”
      Two people talk and laugh like this to pull up the routine, more than ten minutes later two people came to a intersection, Lin Ziyun said: “goodbye, I'll go this way next.”
      “Well, come to my house when you have time ~!”Louis waved to him and said enthusiastically.
      After separated from Louis, Lin Ziyun came to the airport and waited at the airport for almost half an hour. Lin Ziyun boarded the international plane to Huaxia.
      Huaxia is one of the major countries of the company, and it is also one of the most powerful countries in the world. The company is also the last one to establish an alliance of rail elevators. Their rail elevators have only been running for about 10 years. No, to be exact, it is less than 10 years, only 9 years and 10 months.
      After staying on the plane for a few hours, Lin Ziyun finally arrived at the destination of his trip: China magic capital.
      Lin Ziyun comes to a huge building. The owner of the building is the famous family of Chinese financial circles, the headquarters of the Wang family. Many people in the Wang family may not know about it, but Wang Liumei must be known by many people.
      Yes, Wang Liumei is the current leader of the Wang family.
      Wang family is not only famous in the world's financial sector, but also has strong strength in various fields. If we cooperate with them, the materials and manpower needed for construction will not be a problem.
      Lin Ziyun stepped into the building, came to the front desk, said to the front desk staff: “Hello, can you contact Miss Wang for me, oh, yes, I have an appointment.”
      Lin Ziyun took out a card and gave it to the staff. The staff took the card, knocked the keyboard in front of them, and then looked at the card. “Your reservation number is right. Please follow me, sir. I'll take you to the reception room.”
      “Just a moment, please. Your receptionist will be right here.”The staff took Lin Ziyun to the reception room and left. Lin Ziyun sat alone in the reception room, looking at the scenery outside the glass window. To be honest, the scenery from here is really good.
      “How about the scenery here?”Just as Lin Ziyun was absorbed, a female voice came into his ear.
      “Not bad indeed.”Lin Ziyun didn't look back when he heard that he had already guessed who was coming.
      Originally, she thought that the most direct receptionist was a senior executive, but she didn't expect that Wang Liumei actually took part in the battle in person. However, it's right to think that Roland used the identity of UNSC energy company when making an appointment for herself. She would pay more attention to this mysterious company that also dare to propose the construction of the fourth space power station.
      “Wang Liumei, President of Wangjia group, this is my stop red dragon.”Wang Liumei extended her hand to him and introduced herself.
      “Hello, Miss Wang Liumei and Mr. Hong long. I'm Lin Ziyun, President of UNSC ship… Energy company.”Lin Ziyun also extended his hand to hold the other party's hand, and immediately changed his words when he wanted to say 'fleet'.
      'Roland is really lazy. He can't be lazy like this. He doesn't even bother to take the name of the company. He even uses UNSC directly, which almost makes a mistake.'Lin Ziyun said something bad about Roland in silence.*
      Chapter 37 going to the Middle East
      Wang Liumei didn't care why he suddenly changed his words and said, “I don't know what kind of cooperation your company wants to have with us?”
      “Ha ha, I'm afraid you have guessed it. Of course, it's about the cooperation of the fourth space power station.”Lin Ziyun drank his mouth water and rinsed his throat.
      Wang Liumei really guessed one or two, but still a little surprised, “your company is not really planning to build a rail elevator, is it?”
      Lin Ziyun shook his index finger, “nonono ~ you underestimate the strength of our company. How can we build that kind of impractical and troublesome elevator? We are going to build a huge nuclear power station on the surface of the moon, and then use our own method to transmit that power to the earth.”
      “The nuclear power station is really innovative, but you are not afraid that the other three forces will trip you up?You're moving their cake, you know
      The three major forces are sitting on the only three rail elevators in the world, bringing them unlimited benefits. Some people want to share with them, but they are naturally unwilling.
      “You don't have to worry about that. Since we dare to speak out, we won't be afraid of what they do to us. Our customers are not the spheres of influence they control, but the countries in the Middle East, so we don't have conflicts.”
      Wang Liumei thought about it, nodded and said, “well, that's true. Do you need our investment?”
      “Investment?”Lin Ziyun shook his head. “No, we don't lack funds. We just lack two things.”
      “It's because you lack two things that you come to cooperate with me, right? Let's talk about the two things.”
      “People and materials, although we are not short of technology and capital, we are short of manpower and a lot of materials needed for construction. Although we can recruit people slowly, this method is too slow. It is impossible to recruit enough people in a short time. It is better to find a company to cooperate directly, so that we can get tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people in a short timeIt's a force
      Lin Ziyun drank water and continued: “as for materials, you know, now good materials are in the hands of the three major leagues, and they will certainly restrict our purchase, or even directly ban us.”
      “So you have found our royal family, and only our royal family, a powerful family, is the most suitable partner for cooperation. Am I right?”Wang Liumei said what Lin Ziyun said next.
      Lin Ziyun nodded and praised: “it's really worthy of being the head of the family, but you have such a strong business mind at a young age. You're right, but I don't know what Miss Wang thinks.”
      “Then how can I trust you? If you can't do it, won't my investment lose a lot?”
      “Miss Wang, from the moment you agreed to come to see me, you have believed in our ability, so don't beat around the bush. Let's just say, cooperation or non cooperation.”
      “Cooperation, of course, I can provide you with 50000 construction workers and a lot of construction materials in a short time, but I have to take 40% of the shares.”Wang Liumei said.
      “40%?You'd like to think, you know, you just provide me with manpower and materials. All the core technologies are provided by us. Is it unrealistic for you to want to hold 40% of the shares as soon as you open your mouth? ”
      “As a big man, you will be more popular with girls if you give girls a low price.”Wang Liumei saw that he turned a deaf ear to his words, so he had to give in. “He's really a gentleman. OK, 35% is OK?”
      Lin Ziyun shook his head and held out his two fingers. “20% can't be more. You have to understand how much benefit this space power station brings when it is in operation. 20% in one year alone can equal the total benefit you bring in one year now.”
      “All right.”Wang Liumei didn't know. It was because she knew that she wanted to get more shares. “But I have a question to ask. You just said that you have a large number of projects and need tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people. How do you send these people to the moon?”
      “You'll know then, and you've got one thing wrong. All these people don't need to go up. Just half of them will do, and the rest will stay on earth.”
      Half an hour later, Lin Ziyun left the building and left in the direction of the hotel.
      After Lin Ziyun left, Wang Liumei was still sitting in the reception room. She looked at the list of materials Lin Ziyun gave her and the number of people she needed. “Ha ha, what an interesting man. Originally, she thought that the energy company was just boasting, but she didn't expect that they were really going to do it.”
      Wang Liumei handed the contract to Honglong and said, “take good care of it. Don't lose it. It's about the future of the Wang family.”
      On the other side, Lin Ziyun, who returns to the hotel, leans on the sofa and looks up at the ceiling. “The people and materials are OK. The next step is to choose the construction site of the terminal. It seems that he is going to the Middle East.”
      Since most of the customers are from Middle East countries, the energy terminal will naturally choose to be built in the Middle East.
      “En ~ ~” Lin Ziyun stretched himself, and then said, “let's have a rest for two days. It's not easy to come to the magic capital of China. Naturally, we should have a good turn.”
      Two days later, Lin Ziyun left his room, entered the airport again, bought a ticket and flew directly to the Middle East.
      In the first-class cabin of the plane, Lin Ziyun is leaning on the high-class seat. Suddenly, the PDA in his pocket vibrates. Lin Ziyun just opens it, and there is only one message on it: “azadistan Kingdom has contacted you, and the other queen agrees to meet you.'
      It's true that his first target this time is azadistan Kingdom, which has a little sense of existence in the original book. This kingdom needs energy. Lin Ziyun, who knows this, has a good idea of this and intends to make this country his first user and make an advertisement for himself.
      Lin Ziyun puts the PDA back in his pocket, leans on the seat, and closes his eyes for a sleep.*
      Chapter 38 princesses of small Middle East countries
      At the capital airport of azadistan Kingdom, there is a long red carpet. On both sides of the red carpet stand a row of private soldiers. From their epaulets, we can see that these private soldiers are not ordinary soldiers, but honor guards composed of guards of the palace of this country.
      In the middle of the red carpet stood two women, one of whom was the queen of the country, and the other was Jeanne babzadi, the princess's aide, or she could be said to be the Queen's supervisor.
      As a queen, she has a supervisor. It's ridiculous, right? But there's no way. The country is on the verge of disintegration because of the Conservatives and innovators, and has to restore the princess system.
      Now the queen is elected by the state. In the final analysis, she is just a civilian. The senior officials of the state still don't believe in her ability. That's why the Queen's supervisor appears.
      When passers-by in the airport pass by, they can't help wondering if it is leaders or senior officials of other countries who want to visit the kingdom of azadistan?
      But it's not right. They haven't heard of any national leader coming here before. What's more, it seems that this weak and unstable country is not worthy of any national leader's personal visit.
      But soon they knew the answer. At the other end of the red carpet, a man in a suit came slowly. When the man appeared, the queen of azadistan stepped forward and came to the man.
      “Welcome to the kingdom of azadistan. I am Queen Marina Ismail of the kingdom. On behalf of the people of the whole country, I welcome you, Mr. Lin.”Marina spoke to the man politely.
      “Thank you. I didn't expect the queen to come here in person. It's a great honor for Lin.”Lin Ziyun was surprised to see that the queen of the kingdom of azadistan came to receive her in person. He did not expect that the head of a country should receive the boss of an energy company.
      “No, it's an honor for us and this country to have you. It's necessary for me to come here in person.”
      Although Lin Ziyun is a little surprised, it's normal for marina. Now the country is on the verge of collapse because of energy shortage. Because she has not participated in the rail elevator project, she can't share the power of the three major alliances. Now it's hard for an energy company to take the initiative to cooperate with her country. Of course, she will come to receive him in person.
      “Mr. Lin, please move forward and come back to the palace with me. We will talk about cooperation in detail after we arrive at the palace.”Marina did a please action, and then walked side by side with Lin Ziyun towards the long prepared extended car.
      After coming to the harem, Lin Ziyun completely knows what is the federal system and what is the difference between the princess system. Since he came in, he has been shocked by the local tyrant's breath.
      Take a look at the decoration method of the Imperial Palace, where gold is used as the pillar, silver as the lamp, and even gems are common. If the administrative center of the federal system is decorated in this way, it is estimated that this group of politicians will end up.
      When the maid served tea for them, Marina said, “I heard that you Oriental people like tea. I've specially prepared some black tea for you. I hope you like it.”
      Lin Ziyun doesn't like to drink that kind of tall tea. If you want to know what kind of tea you often drink, it must be iced black tea. However, since it is specially prepared by others, you still need to give it a superficial effort. “Thank you, this tea tastes good.”
      “Let's talk about cooperation.”Put down the teacup, Lin Ziyun entered the main topic, “all the documents are in here, please have a look, if you have any questions, just mention them, I will answer them one by one for you.”
      Marina took a stack of papers in his hand and looked at them carefully.
      A few minutes later, Lin Ziyun had already finished drinking the black tea in the cup. At this time, Marina finally put down the document in her hand, “I have a few questions to figure out first.”
      “Go ahead, please.”
      Marina pointed to one of the items in the document, “we naturally agree to establish a receiving terminal in our country, and we also allow you to send troops to guard the safety of the receiving terminal, but will there be too many troops of at least 10000?”
      “I don't think so.”Lin Ziyun took a sip of her full black tea and said, “you know, the public security problems in your country are not resolved now, and the mercenaries and terrorists around here are not in the minority. I think 10000 may be a little less.”
      Lin Ziyun did not tell her that in the near future, the world will become more chaotic after the appearance of the same day's people, and at that time, this small country in the Middle East will also be involved in the vortex of war.
      Marina thought about it. Although she still felt that it was not right, she had to promise for the sake of energy. “Well, I'll do that, but you must ensure that your army can't carry out any military operations in the country except protecting the safety of the receiving terminal.”
      Lin Ziyun nodded and said, “this is natural.”
      “Another one.”Marina pointed to another one, “you know, China's land area is small, only a few hundred square kilometers, and this project is huge, covering an area of 5 square kilometers. It's impossible for China to sell such a large area of land. Do you think it's a different way, such as concession land?”
      Indeed, as she said, this country not only covers a small area, but also has a population of less than 400000. Moreover, most of them are foreign workers and mercenaries employed to serve in the army. The real population of this country is only about 180000.
      “Ha ha, I naturally know this. It's because I know that I came to you, not to those real estate developers. You only need to transfer this land to us for construction in the name of investment, and I will let you get 5% of the shares for free. In this way, this land is equivalent to yours, and we only have a certain right to use it. The real right is still in your hands, OK?”
      “Good!There is one last question. This terminal only covers an area of 5 square kilometers. How can you complete it in half a year?If it's done, can you guarantee its safety and quality? ”
      “You don't need to worry about that. I promise that it will be finished in half a year, and it will be officially put into operation. It's useless for me to say anything about quality and safety. You'll know when it's time to use it.”
      Not to mention the project with a battlefield area of 5 square kilometers, we need to know that when OBO built the dock that could accommodate the endless ship, it took up 10 square kilometers, which was not completed in a year.
      “Since you can guarantee it, I have no problem.”
      “In that case, we have a good cooperation.”Lin Ziyun stood up and shook hands with her. “Now that the negotiation has been made, I won't disturb you any more. I just hope you can find a suitable place for construction as soon as possible. Please contact me when you find it, and I will send someone to start construction immediately.”
      “Hu ~” after Lin Ziyun left, Marina said with a sigh of relief, “the country's energy problem has been solved. It seems that we don't need to go abroad to seek help.”*
      Chapter 39 the fourth space power station to start construction
      “That's not necessarily. I don't think it's possible to complete such a huge project in half a year. So don't be too happy now. In case he's cheating us, we'll lose a lot.”Jennie babzadi, who just stood behind her and didn't speak, reminded her.
      “It's going to be revealed in half a year, isn't it?”
      After leaving the harem, Lin Ziyun came to the residence arranged for him by Marina and contacted AI Roland, who is far away on Europa. “I've got the manpower and material resources, and the power station can almost be built.”
      “Endless number here will also draw the drawings, technical personnel and related equipment have also been mobilized, waiting for your order.”Roland replied.
      Lin Ziyun without exclamation, there is a super AI is good, do everything has become much easier, save him a lot of steps, “first wait a few days, let our other partner will be people and things together in the beginning.”
      After spending a week in this small middle east country, Wang Liumei contacted Lin Ziyun when he was ready to return to the island. Lin Ziyun had to return the ticket and buy a ticket to China.
      When Lin Ziyun got off the plane, it was already seven or eight o'clock that night.
      “Come on, are you ready to contact me in such a hurry?”Lin Ziyun came to the city again, but this time, instead of going to the mansion of Wang's group, he came to Wang Liumei's private house.
      Today, Wang Liumei is not the last lady's suit, but a blue dress with a pair of ponytails on her head.
      “Yes, I have all the materials you need. As for the workers, due to the limited time, I can only mobilize part of the staff in the construction company under our name in China, with a small number of only 40000. However, I have also got a large number of automatic construction equipment, which can make up for the problem of the number of people.”
      Lin Ziyun nodded. Thanks to the big group, so many people can be mobilized in a week. In fact, the number is enough. After all, not all the work has to be done by people. There are a large number of Titans who can drive themselves on his side, and they can join the construction team.
      “Do they know where they are going to work?”Lin Ziyun asked.
      “I know. After all, if they don't tell them, they won't participate.”Wang Liumei saw that he did not object to his practice, and then asked: “the same question as before, how do you send these people and materials into space?”
      Instead of answering her question, Lin Ziyun asked, “what about people and materials?So many people, where do you put them? ”
      “The materials are all in 30 large container ships at the seaside port. As for the people, I mobilized them in a processing plant outside the suburb.”Wang Liumei looked at him suspiciously, “don't you want it now?”
      “What do you say?”Lin Ziyun smiles. As soon as he finishes, there is a roar of engines in the sky. A dark green aircraft is landing on the grass of the courtyard.
      Standing behind Wang Liumei, the red dragon immediately put out his hand in front of the former and looked warily at the sudden transport plane, protecting her like a bodyguard.
      Lin Ziyun laughingly looks at a nervous face, and they don't speak. At this time, the transport plane opens the cabin door, and several people wearing Raytheon hammer power armor come out.
      The Osiris team is on again.
      The Osiris team saluted Lin Ziyun. Lin Ziyun asked, “have all the 'transport ships' I want come?”
      “The report, it's all here.”
      Smell speech, Lin Zi cloud head also don't return to Pelican transport plane to walk, to behind of Wang Liumei two people waved, “goodbye, thank you for your hospitality, people and materials, I let my people take.”
      “What a mysterious guy.”Wang Liumei recovered from the shock and looked at the pelican transport plane that was about to disappear in the field of vision. She said with a smile, “I just don't know how it compares with heaven and man.”
      Wang Liumei suddenly thought of something and asked the red dragon beside her, “by the way, what's the matter with heaven and man? Is it time to show her face?”
      Recently, she has been busy cooperating with Lin Ziyun, but she almost forgot about heaven and man.
      “Heaven and man are still preparing. They claim that it will be three or four months before they start to act.”Red dragon bent over, a face of respect said.
      “It seems that the change of the world is about to begin.”Wang Liumei said with a mysterious smile.
      The next day, in the small kingdom of azadistan in the Middle East, 15 kilometers away from the capital, it used to be a huge mining site, but since the minerals here were mined, they were abandoned, leaving only a huge pit.
      Now, tens of thousands of people gathered here, wearing yellow helmets and blue safety suits, are busy here.Of course, in addition to these workers, we can also see a group of white mecha carrying heavy goods and some commanders in white coats.
      These people are the workers sent by Lin Ziyun secretly from China yesterday, and what they are building is the receiving terminal in Lin Ziyun's mouth.
      The abandoned mining site had gathered tens of thousands of workers, so naturally it couldn't avoid the eyes of other people. Soon the media reported this, but Lin Ziyun and Marina didn't intend to publicize it, so no one went to explain to the outside world what the workers were doing.
      At this time, Lin Ziyun has returned to the island.
      “Ah, finally back.”Just entering the house, Lin Ziyun sighed, then changed his shoes and came to the living room. After entering the living room, he found that there was no one at home. “They are not going out to play, are they?”
      Just as he thought of it, the door of the living room was opened, and lax came in with a basket of vegetables. “I said, why is there no one at home? You went shopping, but why are you alone, Stella?”
      “Welcome home. Stella must be at Louis's next door.”Lachs replied.
      “The Lewis family?”Smell speech, Lin Ziyun a bit of accident of say, “didn't expect to just come not long, they two so good?”
      “You don't know, when you're not at home, Lewis often comes here to play and sometimes takes Stella out shopping. She's almost sisters,” she said
      Lin Ziyun nodded. “It's OK. Stella really needs some friends.”
      PS: I'm tired and busy recently. When I got home yesterday, I wanted to lie in bed and squint for a while. As a result, the squint arrived at three in the morning…*
      Chapter 40 start up of space nuclear power plant
      Day by day, the blink of an eye is six months.
      In the past six months, there have been several major events that have shocked everyone.
      The first thing is the kingdom of azadistan from the Middle East. Outside the capital of the Kingdom, a huge circular building with a total area of 5 square kilometers and a height of 350 meters has sprung up.
      This building is a power receiving station. Because its engineering quantity is less than that of the power station on the moon, it should be completed earlier than that of the power station. It was completed as early as two months ago, but the power station on the moon was still under construction.
      This circular receiving station has no special feeling when viewed from the side, but there is a huge display screen on one side, but if viewed from the sky, it will be different.
      The top of the circular building is concave inward. From the sky, it looks like a huge pot. There is a big hole with a diameter of 100 meters at the bottom of the pot.
      And because it is black, since the building was built, it has been called the azadistan Kingdom big black pot by the outside world. Some people also ridicule whether the azadistan Kingdom makes such a big pot for cooking. Even if it is cooking, you have to block the hole at the bottom.
      Queen marina of the kingdom of azadistan did not give any explanation.
      The second thing is naturally the moon. When an astronomer on earth looked at the moon with a space telescope at night, he found that there was an extra building on the moon. This incident soon aroused the attention of all countries and major media around the world.
      And the major mainstream countries also admit that this building is not their own, many people began to guess who built this building on the moon, and even some people thought it was the work of aliens.
      Although various countries want to investigate, but recently they are also in a mess because of some things, so no one cares.
      The last thing is about the mysterious private armed “heaven and man”. A few days ago, it happened to be the 10th anniversary of the operation of the track elevator of the company. The major countries in the company will hold large-scale celebration banquets at the elevator terminal. The people's congresses attending will be the senior leaders of these countries or the big families with heads and faces in the company.
      Originally, this was just an ordinary celebration, but I didn't expect that the terrorists wanted to attack the elevator. Just when the terrorists wanted to blow up the elevator, an organization that claimed to be heaven and man sprang up from somewhere and killed the terrorists. It also claimed that it would intervene in all disputes in the world to end the war.
      Not only that, AEU alliance far away in Europe was also upset by a MS organized by Tianren, which killed several squadrons of MS.
      Lin Ziyun just laughs at the appearance of heaven and man, and then doesn't pay attention to them. After all, heaven and man and their UNSC can't beat each other at all. What's more, they are just a group of pitiful people who are shot by bald men. What's more, it's better to spend more energy on research and black technology to pay attention to them.
      Although Lin Ziyun needs their GN solar oven to do research, there is no need to go to Tianren now. Anyway, the technology of GN solar oven will be announced soon, just wait quietly.
      Today, Lin Ziyun believes that there will be another big event that will stir the world.
      At this time, there are many people standing in a temporary square outside the reception station of azadistan kingdom. There are invited journalists, unknown civilians, even security guards, of course, the queen of the country, Lin Ziyun and Wang Liumei.
      One of the male reporters reported to the camera: “this building, which has always been regarded as a big black pot, is going to be officially put into operation today, but so far we don't know what it is selling. It should not be an iron pot. Haha, of course, this is a joke. Audience friends who want to know the answer, please don't go away, because the answer will be revealed later.”
      After the reporter finished, the photographer pointed the camera at the center of the square. In the center of the square, a red ribbon was placed. Queen marina and Wang Liumei, the first lady of the Wang family of Chinese celebrities, were standing on both sides of the ribbon, while a young man in the middle was standing in the middle with a pair of scissors, preparing to cut the ribbon.
      “Today, I officially announce that the world's fourth space power station is officially in operation!”Lin Ziyun finished and cut the ribbon with scissors.
      After listening to his words, the crowd and reporters who came to join in the fun immediately looked at him like a fool. This big black pot is still a space power station. Even if they boast, they have to build it in space to blow. At least someone will believe you.
      Lin Ziyun didn't pay attention to the melon seeds. He took out a PDA from his pocket and ordered it. After more than two months of silence, the long completed building finally started.
      Five steeples with a height of up to 100 meters are slowly raised on the outermost part of the concave part of the top of the building. The steeples encircle the concave part like a palm with open fingers.
      At this time, the super large building on the surface of the moon was also started. The building is composed of four semicircular nuclear power plants in the shape of a field.
      In the middle of Tian Zi, there are two rectangular tower like buildings, both 100 meters long and 100 meters wide, and one kilometer high. The two towers are 150 meters apart in the middle, because there is a huge circular hole with a diameter of 150 meters at the bottom of their middle.
      From a distance, the whole building looks like a super large magnetic acceleration gun, and the round hole at the bottom is like the exit of a projectile.
      After the start of the building, there is a clear electric current that can be seen by the naked eye in the middle of the two towers. As time goes on, the electric current increases, and the hole at the bottom becomes brighter and brighter.
      A few seconds later, a very bright ball of energy plasma flew out of the hole, passing between the two towers at the speed of 1000 kilometers per second, and heading towards the earth.
      When the plasma left, the double tower current also disappeared, completely dimmed down.
      In the earth, Lin Ziyun and those UNSC personnel who are sent here to work silently take out a pair of sunglasses and stay in their eyes. When other people see them, they don't know what they are doing. If they wear sunglasses in the evening, their brains may be flooded.
      Even Wang Liumei looked at them with a look at the mentally handicapped.
      “Hey, look, there seems to be something in the sky!”At this time, a man in the crowd suddenly pointed to the sky and said.
      “It's really there, and it's glowing.”
      “Why do I feel like it's getting bigger?”
      Wang Liumei also looked at the luminous object in the sky, suddenly thought of something, and quickly cried: “no, that thing is not getting bigger, it is flying towards us, get out of here!”
      Unfortunately, their reaction is too slow. The speed of 1000 kilometers per second is not for fun. During their speaking time, this white light has come to the earth. As it gets closer and closer, the brightness becomes stronger and stronger. The human eyes can't adapt to this brightness. Everyone keeps their eyes closed. At this time, the dark night is brighter than the day.
      A few seconds later, the plasma crashed into the center of the huge building, and then the sky returned to its original darkness.*
      Chapter 41 energy plasma comparable to nuclear bomb
      After waiting for a while, the people who thought they were going to die found that they seemed to be OK. They gradually opened their eyes. Then they looked at their bodies and looked around. Nothing had changed. The only thing that had changed was the display screen on the side of the huge building. The original black display screen was already on, and there was a picture of mobile phone battery on the display screen, while the other one was notAnd the 100% words are also displayed next to it.
      “Is that how you send electricity to the earth?”At this time, Wang Liumei finally reflected that the light just now was nothing else but the energy that the receiving station needed to receive.
      Before, she had been wondering how they could send energy to the earth at such a long distance without any links.
      “Not bad.”Lin Ziyun took off his sunglasses and said, “we will compress the energy generated by the nuclear power plant into a high concentration plasma, and then shoot it into this receiving station. This receiving station can receive the energy needed by this country for three years at a time. Even if the whole Middle East countries use it together, it can also use it for at least three months.”
      “As for the super nuclear power station on the moon, it only takes a week to complete a charge. How about our advanced technology, throw away those elevators for dozens of blocks.”Lin Ziyun is proud.
      This technology is also inspired by the pioneer facilities. When playing Halo in the past, you can often see the pioneer ruins. There is a device that can emit a stream of energy, and then it is received by the same device at the other end in the distance. Lin Ziyun wants to see if it is possible to build such a building, and Roland tells him that it is feasible.
      “What about security?If the energy can not fall into the terminal accurately, will it lead to disaster? “Asked marina, a little worried.
      “If the plasma doesn't fall into the building accurately, it can cause disaster, but you don't have to worry. Every time you launch, you will go through the most accurate calculation, which can ensure every success. Even if there is an error, you don't have to worry.”
      Lin Ziyun pointed to the five inclined towers on the top of the receiving terminal and said, “those towers are called guiding towers, just like their names. They can play a guiding role. You can compare those towers to magnets and plasmas to iron blocks. The closer the two objects are, the greater the attraction will be. When plasmas enter the earth, it is the time when both sides have the greatest attraction. At this time, plasmas will ignore the gravity of the earth,Straight up here. ”
      After Lin Ziyun explained, Marina was a little relieved.
      The reporter next to them listened to their speech all the way, and finally responded. He said to the camera, “shocked!Since the mysterious building on the moon is the fourth space power station in the world, this' big pot 'is also a part of it!Are you shocked in front of the TV? ”
      The news soon spread all over the world, triggering a wave after wave of discussion.
      “What!Block four?Was it built by UNSC energy? ”
      “Sunc energy?Is it the one mentioned in the news a few months ago? It's amazing!I thought they were bragging all the time since they really did it. ”
      “I didn't expect to build it in the Middle East. That's great. Then my country won't have to worry about energy.”
      Regardless of the current situation of the outside world, at this time, Lin Ziyun and others had already returned to the palace. Marina specially held a small banquet in the palace. Only Lin Ziyun, Wang Liumei and dozens of leaders of the country attended the banquet.
      Marina, holding her glass, came to Lin Ziyun and said, “thank you again. If you don't show up, this country will probably disintegrate.”
      “No thanks, we're just mutually beneficial.”Lin Ziyun said with a smile.
      Just when Marina wanted to say something else, her supervisor Jennie came up to her ear and said something. Then Marina said apologetically, “excuse me. The news is spreading too fast. Now we have received requests from leaders of other neighboring countries. I want to deal with it.”
      When Marina left, Wang Liumei came to him with the red dragon.
      “Actually, I have a question that I wanted to ask you from the beginning.”Wang Liumei said, “this space power station you built can also be used as a weapon?”
      Lin Ziyun nodded: “that's true. As I said before, if the plasma cannot enter the receiving station, it will become a disaster.”
      “What's your real purpose in building it?Do you want to use it as a sword of Damocles and hang it on the heads of countries all over the world? ”
      “I have to say that your imagination is very rich. I built it purely for use as a power station.”He didn't lie. He said that he had a lot of more powerful weapons. Why use them.
      “I hope so.”Wang Liumei said a little incredulous.
      Ptolemy, as the MS carrier of heaven and man, is also the mobile headquarters of heaven and man. Since there has been no war recently, they are still at leisure.
      “Hey, look at the news. Something big happened. I didn't expect that 'UNSC energy company' really built a fourth space power station!”
      In the lounge of the Ptolemy, a girl with brown hair rushed in and turned on the TV on the wall for the others. The news on the TV was about the fourth space power station.
      After watching the news, Huang Li lonega, the captain of the Ptolemy, said: “it's OK. Because of the energy problem in the Middle East, wars have been happening all the time. After the operation of this power station, it can not only reduce conflicts, but also save us the number of sorties.”
      “Yes, but look at this.”It's the brown haired girl named gistina Sila, who holds a pad in her hand and exports the data to a TV screen showing the super power station on the surface of the moon and a series of data.
      “The energy emitted by this device is very powerful. It can be detected in the Ptolemy far away. Just now, I analyzed it and found that the speed of this energy body reaches 1000 kilometers per second. The most important thing is that its strength is conservatively estimated to have at least a 5 million ton nuclear bomb!”
      “What?Nuclear bombEveryone was surprised.Nuclear bomb, what a terrible name. Since it was built hundreds of years ago, it has always occupied the first place in the list of the most powerful weapons of mankind, never surpassing. Although no one here has seen the real power of nuclear bomb, everyone dare not despise it.
      Huang Li luonijia frowned and said, “I will contact Wang Liumei. It is said that she is also an investor. She should know about it.”
      PS: I want to ask, which is more beautiful among cotana, Serena and Isabel? I prefer the poisonous tongue Serena.*
      Chapter 42 black matter?Red matter?
      At three o'clock in the morning in Tokyo, the Island Special Economic Zone, when Lin Ziyun was sleeping soundly, suddenly the contact device on the bedside table began to ring, bringing Lin Ziyun back to reality from his dream.
      Lin Ziyun opened his eyes vaguely and looked at LAX, who was sleeping beside him and was not awakened. He was relieved. He got up and sat by the bed, reached out a hand, picked up the contact device, and said in a soft voice, “Roland, what's the matter? Contact me so late.”
      “Yes, Captain, Dr. Glassman has the latest information, so we need to contact you urgently.”
      “Dr. Glassman?”Lin Ziyun said suspiciously that when he came to earth, Dr. Glassman had already started to study wormholes. Was there something wrong with him?
      Roland obviously guessed what he thought and explained: “Dr. Glassman is very safe, but… There are some special circumstances over there, and it's hard to explain verbally. I hope you can come and see for yourself, captain.”
      Lin Ziyun frowned when he heard the words. Dr. Glassman didn't come up with any moths. Thinking of this, Lin Ziyun replied, “OK, you can arrange a transport plane, and I'll be right back.”
      “I know the captain will say that, so the transport plane has already set out, and it is estimated that it will soon arrive.”
      Lin Ziyun nodded and hung up the communication. At this moment, his hands hugged him from behind, and a lovely little head leaned on his shoulder and yawned.
      “What's the matter?I just heard you say you want to go back. What's the matter? ”
      Lin Ziyun nodded, “well, there's something about Dr. Glassman. I need to see it myself. I hope he doesn't make any moths.”
      Seeing that lax was ready to get dressed, Lin Ziyun stopped him and said, “go on sleeping. I'll go back alone. Anyway, I'll be back soon.”
      “Yes.”Lax gently kisses him on the mouth, then reaches out her hand to dress him better. “Go and come back quickly.”
      At the Europa test site, a pelican transport plane slowly landed inside the test site, and the forest cloud came down with Sarah Palmer. “Isn't Dr. Glassman studying wormholes on Jupiter's side?This is where we are?“
      Sarah Palmer: you'll see later
      Soon after, they came to a laboratory.Looking at the messy laboratory, Lin Ziyun said in silence: “Hey, I said Dr. Glassman, what are you doing these days? Why are you in such a mess here?And how long have you been up? Look at your panda eyes. ”
      “It doesn't matter, captain. Look what I found!”Dr. Glassman excitedly pointed to a glass trough in which there was also a black round object the size of a basketball. The black sphere could float in the glass trough without any fixing frame.
      “What is this?”Lin Ziyun looked at a floating object and asked.If you look at the surface of the black sphere spinning, it looks like a bottomless hole.
      “It's a long story,” Dr. Glassman explained. “When I studied wormholes, I found that in the process of wormholes growing, they would constantly emit a kind of microparticles that I had never seen before. These microparticles appeared quickly and disappeared quickly. I used a special method to capture them, and then collected them all.”
      “And then you've collected so much of them in the last few days?”
      “Of course not. The microparticles are smaller than bacteria. It's impossible to collect so many of them.”Dr. Glassman shook his head. “The reason why it's so big is because I used the transition engine on the firmness class frigate. You know, when the transition engine runs, it creates a resonance field. I put all the particles I collected into the resonance field, and then it's so big.”
      After hearing what he said, before Lin Ziyun said anything, Sarah Palmer sarcastically said, “yes, that's right. Because of your action, a jump engine was scrapped, which made the firm class frigate have to return to infinity for half a year's overhaul.”
      “You've been thinking so hard for such a long time. What's the reward for not paying? Although I broke a transition engine, I also got a super bomb!”Grassman said he was not satisfied and refuted her.
      “Wait, you just said superbomb?What a super bomb. “Lin Ziyun asked curiously.
      “This, of course!”Dr. Glassman pointed to the spherical object in the glass trough. “I found that this kind of object reacts to the fantasy particles. When it anticipates the fantasy particles, it will expand instantaneously, and then tear a short-lived gap in space, but this gap is as powerful as a black hole.”
      “A few hours ago, I separated a piece of material with the size of one millimeter from this sphere and tested it on a meteorite. The result of the test is that the meteorite with a diameter of 12 kilometers is directly engulfed by the black hole!If this whole sphere is thrown on the earth, it can absolutely devour the whole earth. Isn't it a super bomb? ”
      “You guy, you are really…” Lin Ziyun was speechless for a while, and sure enough, there was only a line between a scientist and a madman.But then again, it's just like the red matter in the movie star trek. It's just black. Should it be called black matter.
      “I have to say that this is indeed a super weapon, but I don't want the whole fleet to disappear due to accidents.”
      “It's very safe. As long as it doesn't touch fantasy particles, it's harmless. I just let a mouse go, but nothing happened to that mouse. You see.”Glassman pointed to a mouse in the enclosure next to him.
      “That's good, but if you don't have permission next time, you can't do such a dangerous research. This time, you're just lucky. There's no accident. Next time, it's not sure.”
      “Good captain!”Glasman replied with a straight face, and then showed a embarrassed expression, “but Captain, can you give me a frigate, my wormhole research is not finished.”
      Lin Ziyun nodded and agreed: “yes, but I have a request. You continue to collect those special particles, but don't take the transition engine to do experiments any more.”
      After getting his promise, Lin Ziyun returned to the endless number. He was woken up by Roland at 3 a.m., and now he is still a little sleepy. He plans to go back to the endless number and have a good sleep.*
      Chapter 43 endless numbers in front of the world
      Lin Ziyun just lay down for less than three hours in the captain's room of endless, and was forced to wake up by Roland again.
      Lin Ziyun opened his eyes and asked vaguely, “what's the matter again? Is there another transition engine in Glassman's side?”
      “No, it's the captain. Something's wrong with your wife.”Roland just finished, Lin Ziyun was surprised, sleepless, quickly grabbed the captain's clothes on the hanger and ran to the bridge.
      “What's going on? Be clear. What's going on over there?”Lin Ziyun asked uneasily. He didn't expect that he had just left for a few hours when something happened to lax. He couldn't help thinking whether God was against him.
      “Captain, you don't need to worry, Miss lacs. Miss Stella is still safe. Please tell me the details after you get to the bridge.”
      A few minutes later, as soon as he entered the bridge, Lin Ziyun saw the figures of Lars and Stella on the holographic stage. Seeing that they were OK, Lin Ziyun was relieved, and then asked, “what's the matter with you? Why are you wearing spacesuits? Have you entered the universe?”
      “Well, we're in the business district on the terminal of the orbital elevator, but something seems to have happened in our area. We broke away from the elevator and are falling towards the earth.”
      “How did you go where?”Lin Ziyun does not understand of ask a way, before can not hear them say to want to go there.
      “We've never been here before, so we wanted to come and have a look before, but we just didn't have time. Today, Louis and her classmates are coming, and then we'll follow them.””I'm sorry to have added unnecessary trouble to you,” lacs said apologetically
      Lin Ziyun shook his head and said in a gentle tone, “it's OK. You can do whatever you want. Don't worry. I'll come to rescue you right away.”
      Lin Ziyun knows that if the plot develops, lax and others will eventually be saved by heaven and man, but he doesn't intend to wait for the heaven and man. He can't put lax and others' lives under the unstable factors of the plot.
      The finger points on the holographic platform, and Lin Ziyun says: “attention, all personnel of the ship, get ready to enter the fault space, repeat…”
      The shortest distance between Jupiter and the earth is 630 million kilometers, and the farthest is 930 million kilometers. For such a long distance, conventional navigation alone is not enough. We can only rely on jump. For such a long distance and accurate jump, there is only infinity, and other ships will still have some deviation.
      PS: in fact, except for the infinity, other ships can't make the transition in the system, because the distance is too short, but we won't investigate this problem here. Let's take it as OK.)
      “We will leave the fault space in 4 seconds. Please hold fast and get ready for the deceleration vibration!3. 2, 1 start! “Roland just finished, the huge body of infinity suddenly appeared next to the track elevator of rengelian. It quickly passed through the window of the elevator terminal, and the people inside were shocked.
      “Look, what's that, warship?How could it be so big? “Some people took the lead to recover from the shock and said.
      “I've photographed it. I'm going to send it online. It can definitely be big news.”Other people smell speech, all begin to take out their mobile phone, to endless number a burst of fierce clap.
      “Don't you see how she appeared?”Another detail emperor said.
      On the other side, the track elevator defense and command center were equally busy. A commander yelled angrily, “what's the radar department for? Such big things are flying to us. There's no alarm!”
      “Report, the radar can't find her for some reason!”
      “Contact headquarters for me.”
      After leaving the fault space, infinity flew directly to lax's position. When she was close to the commercial area which was separated from the elevator, more than a dozen Pelican transport planes flew out of the port.
      When the pelican transport plane approached the commercial area, a hook lock was shot from the bottom to firmly hook the commercial area. Then more than a dozen transport planes were fully powered at the same time, and the landing commercial area began to rise slowly.
      At the bottom of the business district, saki schmilov, who is driving an iron man, is confused. Can his iron man push such a big object.
      “No, it's impossible. Iron man doesn't have such a big push at all. It should be someone else pulling on it.”Thinking of this, he tried to release his hand. He found that the business district continued to rise. Then he left the bottom and went up. When he saw the huge object above his head, he was shocked and speechless.
      The headquarters of heaven and man is on the Ptolemy.
      “Big news, watch it!”With a PDA in her hand, gistina Sila rushed into Ptolemy's bridge, and then directed the contents of the PDA on the bridge's display screen.
      “… according to the latest news, everyone has been rescued. We don't know who this mysterious huge ship is. However, the latest pictures show that the words' UNSC infinity 'and' inf-101 'are printed on one side of the ship. Many people are also convinced that this ship named infinity belongs to UNSC energy company, but so far, UNSC energy company has not given any informationAny explanation. ”
      “Next, please look at the next video, which was taken by a photographer on the terminal.”After the host said that, a video was played, which was the picture of infinity opening the fault space and flying out of the fault space.
      Everyone's silence, in their hearts, has always thought that talent is the world's top technology organization, can hang the world, but when I saw this video, I realized that they are just frogs in the well.
      Tielia Eddie, a man-made man who is obsessed with heaven and man and Godard, looks jealous when he sees the endless number. In his heart, only heaven and man and Godard can stand at the top of the world, and the appearance of the endless number undoubtedly grabs the first title.
      At this time, Ptolemy's captain came to the bridge, “so you have read the news. I thought you didn't read it. I want to inform you.”
      “Miss Huang, what did Wang Liumei say?”Asked Justina.
      Huang Li luonijia shook her head gently. “No, Wang Liumei doesn't know anything about UNSC infinity. Even she doesn't know much about UNSC. It's just a simple cooperative relationship.”
      “Their presence has disrupted our plan. What should we do?”Said the master angel's pilot, arilua hadim.
      “Let's go step by step. I hope they won't take the initiative to start a war. If they take the initiative to start a war, we won't ignore it.”*
      Chapter 44 I like other people's wives
      Lin Ziyun, as the captain of the ship, doesn't pay attention to a series of remarks triggered by the endless number. At this time, he is talking with lax.
      “You can go home by yourself first. Pay attention to safety.”Lin Ziyun wants to send someone to pick them up directly, but he can't pick them up directly under the eyes of so many people, which will bring some unnecessary troubles to lacks.
      “Well, you too. Go home early.”Lax nodded and hung up.
      “Captain, the other side is requesting communication. Do you want to receive it?”After their conversation, Roland pointed to the elevator outside the bridge and asked.In fact, as early as a few minutes ago, they had been sending communication requests to infinity, but Lin Ziyun didn't tell him before he finished talking.
      “Refuse them, I'm not in the mood to chat with them now, start the jump engine, we're going back now.”
      Weng ~!There is a huge hole in the space. The huge engine of endless number pushes her to fly towards the hole. Soon, endless number disappears in front of everyone.
      Endless left the picture was photographed by the major media photographers all the way down, and then on the Internet triggered a speech.
      The next day, a pelican transport plane secretly sent Lin Ziyun back to earth.
      “I'm back, eh?Louis is playing again. WelcomeAs soon as Lin Ziyun came in, he saw Louis sitting on the sofa with Stella watching TV.
      Since Louise became friends with her two girlfriends, she would often drop in, and even lax would often leave her for dinner.
      “Well, when you go home, you don't care about your sister and wife. At first glance, you see if I'm here. Do you know that we almost died yesterday?”Louis has a lovely angry look.
      “Ha ha, of course I know, and it's because I know you're OK that I'm so relieved.”Lin Ziyun takes off his shoes and sits down next to Stella, who fondly rubs his arm.
      Lin Ziyun touched her hair and asked, “where's lax?Who hasn't seen her so much? ”
      “I went shopping, but I haven't come back yet.”Stella kept looking at the TV as she answered.
      “Oh.”Lin Ziyun nodded, then looked at Louis on the other side, “I was scared a lot yesterday.”
      “It's all right. Didn't you save us?”Lewis pointed to the TV and said, “you're a celebrity now, the boss of UNSC energy.”
      At this time, the news was reporting about yesterday, and there was also some information about UNSC energy company. Lin Ziyun, the only one who showed his face in the media, became the focus. Fortunately, his address was confidential, otherwise there would be a group of reporters here.
      “Did the big ship yesterday come and leave with a warp speed engine? How did you develop this technology?”Lewis asked curiously. Although she is a student of space engineering, she is still interested in the ability of science fiction.
      “No, it's an engine called fault space.”Lin Ziyun replied.
      “Oh, what's the difference?”
      “There is a big difference. The fault space transition engine is to tear a gap in the original space, so that the spacecraft can travel faster than light in this gap and avoid the negative effects of relativity.”Lin Ziyun patiently explained to her, “and we call this gap channel 'transition fault space'
      “Oh, I see.”Louis is still smart. After listening to his explanation, he understood something like that. “I didn't expect that this kind of engine could still be like this. In other words, the people who have developed this kind of engine must be very powerful.”
      “Yes, it is.”Lin Ziyun nodded.
      At this time, there was a sound of opening the door, followed by the voice of lax: “I'm back ~”
      Lin Ziyun got up and came to the door, took the two hand dishes that lacks was carrying, and asked, “are you tired? Let's have a rest first.”
      Then, Lin Ziyun put the vegetables she bought back into the refrigerator, and then went back to the sofa. Suddenly, lacce thought of something, and then said, “by the way, how about going shopping this afternoon?I haven't been out with you for a long time
      “Good.”Lin Ziyun nodded and said, I really haven't gone out with them for a long time, and I can't help it. I have too many things to do recently, and I don't have time to accompany them. I'm free today.
      “Will Louis go?Of course, you can call your little boyfriend. “Said lax with a smile.
      “Yes, of course, but shaci still doesn't call him. His wooden head only knows how to study all day. He has never had an appointment since he met him. Really, if only my boyfriend were as considerate as Lin Ziyun.”Louis grimaced at the mention of shaats.
      I don't know how I fell in love with such a nerd. If I knew Lin Ziyun who was gentle and considerate, I would never fall in love with Sha CI.
      Thinking of this, Louis sighed softly: “it's a pity that I met him too late, and he has a fiancee.”
      “Ha?Your boyfriend has a fiancee. Why don't I know? “Lin Ziyun's face was muddled. Although Louis said it in a low voice, he still heard it clearly.
      Louis didn't think that since he said what he wanted, his face turned red and he was very embarrassed, but fortunately, the other party didn't know that he was talking about himself.
      She quickly explained: “ah ha ha ha, no, it's not like this, I, I…” I'm actually talking about you!Of course, she didn't dare to say that.
      Lin Ziyun saw her for a long time and I couldn't say the following. He thought that the other party was embarrassed to admit that he liked a man with a fiancee. Then he patted her on the shoulder and said, “in fact, it's not a shame to like a man with a fiancee. Even I like other people's wives.”
      Speaking of this, Lin Ziyun could not help thinking of several figures in his mind, such as Alice Phil, the early teacher eloma, and many others. He liked them very much. Of course, even now, he had to admit that he still liked these ladies very much.
      “Oh!It turns out that you still have someone you like, and you're the wife of someone else's family. This is the first time I've heard of it. Can you tell me something about it, dear? “Lax always said this with a smile on her face.
      But then again, what's the black air behind you? It's a machine fight, not a daily fight. Don't give me such strange settings. Hey!
      Lin Ziyun has a sore face and blames himself for his cheap mouth. It's good to mention his otaku history. He was misunderstood by his wife. Now he doesn't even know how to explain*
      Chapter 45 terrorist attacks
      In the afternoon, after lunch, everyone came to the commercial street. Now Lin Ziyun is also a famous person. For unnecessary trouble, he specially wore a pair of large sunglasses to cover his face.
      I thought I would not be as tired as I was last time, but only two hours later, Lin Ziyun's hands were already full of packages, so he was tired.
      When walking to a place with a public chair, Lin Ziyun sat down feebly and said, “I said, three beautiful little sisters, it's time to have a rest. If you're not tired, I'm still tired ~!”
      Sure enough, going shopping with women is a kind of torture. After two hours, they can walk three times in a street. It's not over yet. They are planning to come again. Lin Ziyun really can't stand it.
      “Let's have a rest. You look really tired.”Lax looked at her man and said with a little heartache.
      Stella nodded in agreement, and then saw a mobile ice cream cart in the distance. “I'll go over there and buy some ice cream.“
      “I'll go with you. You can't take so much alone.”Louis suggested.
      Just as they were about to get close to the ice cream car, the car suddenly exploded. The shock wave from the explosion pushed them back.
      Lin Ziyun saw Kuang throw the parcel in his hand and rushed over quickly. He picked up the two people who were still lying on the ground and asked, “is it OK? Are you hurt?”
      “I'm fine.”Stella began to reply that she was OK. As a former fortifier, although she has now undergone repair surgery and become an ordinary person, she is still a little skilled. She subconsciously prepared for defense at the moment of explosion, so she was not injured.
      As for Louis, although nothing happened, she was greatly frightened. After she was picked up by Lin Ziyun, she held him all the time, and her face was full of fear. After all, she was just a carefree young lady. It's good that she could keep her sense in the face of such a terrorist attack.
      “Don't be afraid. It's all right.”Lin Ziyun patted her on the shoulder to comfort her, then looked at lax and said apologetically, “go back first today. I can't go shopping like this. I'm really sorry. I can't come out to play together, but I met this kind of thing.”
      “It doesn't matter. Life is more important than shopping.”Lacey shook her head and said, “not to mention shopping, there will be opportunities in the future.”
      After returning home, Lin Ziyun tells lax to take care of Lewis, who is still in a state of indecision. Then he comes to the room, opens the communication terminal, and prepares to contact infinity.
      For the first time this time, he felt a threat to his own life and his family. He swore that today was his most angry day since he became an adult. He decided not to let go of the terrorists who made today's terrorist attacks.
      “This is the endless, captain. What can I do for you?”Roland's voice came from the messenger.
      “I met a terrorist attack today.”Lin Ziyun calmed down and began to tell the story of this afternoon's terrorist attack. “I'll give you a task to find out the stronghold and all the people of this organization all over the world. Contact me when it's done.”
      “OK, no problem, I will definitely dig out these damned bastards, and I have ordered an ODST army to go to you to ensure your safety. Although it may hit you in life, I hope you don't refuse.”
      “I see.”Lin Ziyun doesn't object to this. In fact, even if Roland doesn't say it, he will consider whether to send someone over.
      After the call with Roland, Lin Ziyun returns to the living room. At this time, Louis has recovered, but the color of fear on his face still can't be erased.
      Lin Ziyun sat down on the sofa, put his hand on her head, stroked and comforted: “don't worry, these terrorists won't live for a few days. I swear, it won't happen again.”
      “This terrorist attack is not against us, but against heaven and man. Look at the news.”Lax turns on the TV for Lin Ziyun to watch.
      The news on TV is just about the terrorist attacks in the afternoon of a few days. However, the terrorist attacks are more than just this one. Around the world, there were seven explosions this afternoon, which basically took place in the capitals of major countries.
      At the end of the incident, someone claimed on the Internet to stop all military intervention, otherwise terrorist attacks will continue to occur.
      “Well!It's heaven and man again. Even if they make a mess of themselves, they also hurt others. That's why I hate these two sick bear children. “Although Lin Ziyun knew that this matter had nothing to do with heaven and man, the cause of the matter was still because of them, which led Lin Ziyun to transfer part of his anger to them.
      “Indeed, half a month ago, they were involved in the military exercise of the Republic of moraria, resulting in the death of at least hundreds of civilians involved in that battle. They chose to do whatever they can for world peace, which is no different from terrorists.”Lacs said.
      Space, the MS carrier of Tianren and the headquarters, Ptolemy.
      “Miss Huang, what should we do now?”Everyone looked at their captain. No one thought that such shameless terrorist organizations would appear and threaten them with the lives of civilians.
      “Well, although I guessed that our previous actions would be condemned and disapproved, I didn't expect that the first one to stand up was not the people of all countries, but the terrorists. This is really ironic.”The Emperor·Li·Ronija didn't know what to say.
      “Let all Gundam attack first, go to the Earth Alliance separately for standby, we will find the terrorist stronghold, and we will inform you at that time.”
      “I hope the major leagues can turn a blind eye to our operation even if they don't help us.”The Emperor·Li·Ronega left the bridge*
      Chapter 46 encircling and suppressing terrorists
      Lin Ziyun got up early the next morning, but apparently someone got up earlier than him.
      When he got up, he already found that there was no lacs beside him, but the smell came from the kitchen. Lin Ziyun knew who was cooking breakfast without thinking.
      After more than ten minutes of washing, Lin Ziyun came to Stella's room and saw that Stella and Louis were still sleeping. Lin Ziyun, who wanted to wake them up, shook his head and gently closed the door.
      “Forget it, let them sleep more.”
      Because Louis was frightened yesterday, lax and Lin Ziyun didn't trust her, and then let her stay here last night, so Lin Ziyun would see her sleeping together.
      Half an hour later, Stella and Lewis finally got up, and lax's breakfast was just finished. Lin Ziyun said to the two people who were still confused: “go wash and have breakfast.”
      “Yes?”Just as the crowd began to have breakfast, Lin Ziyun vaguely heard the bell of a contact in his room. He said, “you eat first. It should be Roland. I'll go and have a look.”
      With that, Lin Ziyun went into the room and turned on the communicator: “have you contacted me so early? Have you found the terrorist stronghold?”
      “It's true. All the strongholds, including all the members of terrorist organizations, have been found, so I contacted you early in the morning. I hope I didn't disturb your breakfast.”
      “Don't get in the way, order a firm class frigate and Titan troops to prepare for encirclement and suppression. Our Titans don't lack actual combat experience. This is just an opportunity.”What Lin Ziyun said about Titan is not the four experimental mecha that appeared in the seed world, but the mass-produced mecha that went through later.
      “I see, but when we looked through the information of these terrorists, we had an unexpected discovery.”Roland went on, “we found that the terrorist organization actually has the support of AEU senior management.”
      “Oh?In other words, yesterday's terrorist attack was backed by AEU? ”
      “Well, I can't say that.”Roland shook his head. “Yesterday's action was planned by the organization itself, but AEU is not clear about it. Moreover, only a small number of AEU's senior executives support the organization, and most of them are not clear about the existence of the organization.“
      “But no matter what, AEU is still connected, isn't it?”Lin Ziyun said with a cold face: “actually, AEU can't get rid of the relationship. Naturally, I have to go to AEU to ask for an explanation. Let the firm class frigate send someone to pick me up. Oh, yes, to expose this matter, I want people all over the world to see the face of AEU.”
      On the bridge of the Ptolemy, the brown haired girl, gistina·Sila yawned and was looking up information about terrorists when she received a news report from the earth. She wiped her eyes that she had not closed all night and looked at the news carefully.
      “What!How could AEU be connected to these terrorists? ”
      “What?You just said, “what does AEU have to do with?”The emperor who came after hearing the words·Li·Asked lonega.
      “See for yourself, Miss Huang.”She turned aside to let the emperor know·Li·Ronija's eyes could see the computer screen.
      “Now AEU is ugly. Can you check who sent this message?”
      “I'll try.”Jistina finished, her hands on the keyboard for a while, and soon she found the answer, “yes, it's UNSC.”
      “It's them, but why do they do this? They are offending AEU. Is it good for them?”The Emperor·Li·Lonega pondered.
      Just as she continued to meditate, a bright light suddenly appeared not far from the bridge. The dazzling light immediately attracted the two people's eyes. At this time, a warship with a length of five or six hundred meters flew out of the aperture.
      At the moment of her appearance, the streamer flies out of the hangar on her left and towards the earth. If you look carefully, you will find that those streamers are actually huge mecha.
      “Pull the alarm!”It should be said that it's the captain of heaven and man. Although she was also very shocked at this time, she was not as shocked as jistina. She didn't even have the most basic reaction of the soldiers.
      The alarm of the Ptolemy sounded. When the rest of the crew heard the alarm, they had no time to pack up and rushed to the bridge in plain clothes.
      Ptolemy found the resolute frigate, of course, the other side also found her, but the resolute frigate didn't come here to look for heaven and man, so even if she found Ptolemy, she didn't do anything, but quietly floated there.
      Just as the Ptolemy crew was nervous, a transport plane came from the direction of the earth and soon entered the firmness class frigate.
      The man in the transport plane was Lin Ziyun. When he saw the Ptolemy, he said doubtfully, “heaven and man?What are they doing here? ”
      “Well, I don't know. They were here when we jumped out of fault space.”The captain who came to meet Lin Ziyun said.
      “Forget it. We don't have to worry about them. What about the Titans?”Lin Ziyun asked as he walked toward the position of the bridge.
      “The titans have set out, and now they are almost at their destination.”
      At this time, high above the earth, several white bodies flew in the airspace of AEU, while the radar in the AEU base below did not respond.
      As they flew over a tropical rainforest, they began to lower their altitude. One of the Titan pilots said, “go ahead as planned. I'll take the strongholds in this area. You go ahead and solve other strongholds.”
      “I understand!”
      Then the pilot drove Titan out of formation and came to a canyon. There were wooden houses under the canyon. At this time, it was time for breakfast, and almost every roof was smoking.
      “Hum, a group of dying people, you don't have a chance to have lunch.”The driver sneered, then manipulated the mecha, shooting high-energy beams down.
      The light beam from the sky instantly destroyed some houses, and the terrorists below were immediately blinded.
      PS: I have something to do tonight. If I come back early, there will be one more. If I come back late, there may be only one more today.
      Also, it's not why I can't send comments. Anyway, I can't see it. I just don't know if you can see it*
      Chapter 47 the disaster of port Toulon
      Less than 30 kilometers away from Titan, a fat mecha is hiding here.
      “Yes?What seems to have happened over there, can't it be a terrorist? “”I'd better go and have a look, just in case,” said the driver, looking at the fire in the distance
      Thirty kilometers is not very long for the German angel. It can be there in a minute.
      When he arrived, what happened in front of him made him frown. Below him, there were incomplete bodies everywhere. There was no one alive. Directly in front of him, a strange looking white body remained in mid air with a gun in hand.
      “Did he do all this?”Tielia thought silently in her heart, “since slaughtering unarmed civilians, although we are terrorists in the eyes of outsiders, we will not do it.”
      “So…” tyelia controlled the German angel to point the muzzle at Titan, “the German Angel began to eliminate the root of the war!”
      Titan in the distance has long found this white fat man. When the opponent fired at him, a blue crystal like device on Titan's left wrist suddenly started, and a diamond shaped energy shield was placed in front of Titan.
      Boom!The thick beam of light hits the energy shield. When the light disappears, Titan floats intact.
      “What!How is that possible? “Tielia had a face of disbelief.
      “Tut.”Titan's pilot tut tut mouth, impatiently said: “terrorist body?Then go to hell with them
      Counting to the high-energy particle beam flying fast towards the German angel, tielia was surprised, did not expect that the other side was not using live ammunition, he immediately opened the GN particle shield.
      Bang Bang ~!The high energy particle beam hit the shield and made several holes in it, but the holes were soon covered by the new GN particles.
      “Tut, it's troublesome. If you can't do it remotely, try this one.”Titan takes out a grip from his leg. With a sound, a white translucent energy sword with the characteristics of starbud lights up from the grip.
      See the opposite Titan fly over, German Angel three turrets keep firing, but always unable to change the direction of each other's flight.
      “Damn it
      Miso ~!Titan's energy sword cuts down on the German angel.
      Ptolemy bridge.
      “Report, angel de suddenly lost the signal!”Said Justina, looking at the disappearing signal on the computer.
      “Well?Could it be that he was interfered with the signal or that he took the initiative to turn off the signal? “Captain·Li·Ronija asked calmly, but she was very confident in Godard and tielia. There could be no rival in the earth, so she thought that there were only two possibilities for the signal to disappear.
      “No, it's not.”Jistina shook her head and banged her hands on the keyboard. “There is no army or military base nearby. It's impossible to be disturbed. I checked his latest status report. His weapons and GN particle shield were activated a few minutes ago.”
      This is the emperor·Li·Ronija is also aware of the seriousness of the matter. According to the latest status report of the German angel, it is obvious who the German angel is fighting with, and is likely to be at a disadvantage or even defeated by the other side.
      “Who is it?Is it AEU?Jistina, check AEU's latest information on troop movements. ”
      “Yes, it's not AEU. AEU hasn't mobilized troops these days.”
      Wen Yanhuang, Li luonijia thought to his chin, “it's not AEU. Who is it? Is it rengelian or union?Obviously, it's impossible. The German angel's location is AEU's. It's impossible for them to send troops there.'
      'since none of the three major alliances is possible, it is even more impossible for other forces in the world. Wait, there is another one!Is it them?'
      Thinking of this, Huang Li luonijia looked up at the ship not far from the bridge and said, “UNSC!”
      “Report to the commander-in-chief, Titan's mission has been completed, all terrorist strongholds have been cleared, and they are preparing to return.”A combat commander reported to Lin Ziyun.
      Lin Ziyun nodded and said to the captain of the ship: “the terrorists have been cleaned up. It's time for AEU. What about the power of the two enhanced cationic City breaking guns installed on the ship?Can you destroy a city the size of New York? ”
      “In theory, the energy produced by a cationic City breaker is equivalent to that of a tactical nuclear missile, but that's all paper data given by scientists. We don't know exactly how. After all, we have never tried to hit a physical target.”Said the captain.
      “That's just right. There's a target for you to test next.”Lin Ziyun said to the gunner, “start the city breaking cannon and wait for my order.”
      After that, Lin Ziyun took a list to the correspondent and said to him, “here, send the list to AEU and tell them to kill all the people above in one hour, otherwise their port of toulun will disappear from the map forever.”
      The correspondent takes the list and starts sending messages to AEU.
      The headquarters of AEU is in the highest conference room in Brussels.
      “Too much deception!Even if the people on the list secretly collude with terrorist organizations without us being punished, they should also be punished according to our AEU laws. Why should they intervene? “AEU's German representative said angrily.
      “Indeed, we are not soft persimmons. We can pinch them if we want. I'd like to see how UNSC can erase toulun from the map.”The representative of France disdains to say.
      Port Toulon is located in France. As its owner, I know port Toulon best. Its land area is one third of that of New York City. How can we erase it.
      “Since both of you have said so, let's turn them down. Does anyone else have any opinion?”Smell speech, everyone shook his head to express no opinion.
      An hour passed quickly. Lin Ziyun, who didn't wait for the news, nodded to the gunner. In the next second, two bright red lights suddenly appeared in front of the firm class frigate and flew towards the earth.
      The Ptolemy, who has been a gourmand eater all the time, looks confused. They don't know what they are doing, but they soon understand, because before long, the news of the destruction of port Toulon will spread all over the world.*
      Chapter 48 one wave is not even, another wave rises again
      Port Toulon was once the largest military port in France in the 21st century. After France joined AEU, it was once expanded. Now it is not only the largest military port in AEU, but also one of the largest ports in the world.
      At this time, there are more than a dozen AEU's most advanced surface warships and hundreds of mecha parked in the port. There are tens of thousands of Navy personnel in the port. As long as they have a task, they can go out at the first time.
      Today, however, this huge port has finally come to an end. Just as everyone is preparing for lunch, two huge red beams of light fall from the sky. When the beam hits the ground, the huge energy begins to pour around like a liquid. Where the energy passes, everything turns into dust.
      The beam lasted three seconds, but it didn't end. After the beam ended, there was a huge explosion, and a huge mushroom cloud rose. The earthquake caused by the explosion could even be felt in cities hundreds of kilometers away from here.
      After the dust disappeared, there was no port or warship here. There was only a huge concave circle, and the sea water flowed in desperately.
      Lin Ziyun did what he said and said that if he wanted to erase it from the map, he would definitely erase it, leaving no debris.
      Two hours later, renge was even the capital of Chinese demons.
      Wang Liumei looked at the news on TV and said, “they really dare to do it. Do you know why they want to attack AEU?”
      Red Dragon nodded and said: “yesterday's terrorist attack in the island country's Tokyo special economic zone just affected Mr. Lin and his women who were shopping, and there was a small number of AEU senior support behind this terrorist organization.”
      “Oh, that is to say, it's his revenge?”Wang Liumei's face was surprised and said, “ha ha, is this a kind of anger?I really envy his woman for having such a man who loves her. ”
      On the other side, AEU's headquarters in Brussels.
      “Asshole!There are more than 100000 people there. How can they do what they say? It's a massacreThe French representative hammered the table and said angrily.
      The faces of other people are also very bad. Although the French died and the French military port was destroyed this time, in the final analysis, France is also a member of AEU. Those dead soldiers are all AEU soldiers, which is undoubtedly beating the face of AEU.
      “Or we'll listen to them and publicly execute the people on the list. Anyway, they are all traitors who will be executed sooner or later.”One of the representatives suggested.
      “That said, but if we do this, where should our AEU face go in the future?”
      While they were still discussing whether the prisoners should be executed in public, a woman in military uniform knocked on the door and came in, “report, UNSC sent another message, saying that they would not get the answer they wanted in an hour, and their next target would be Portsmouth.”
      “Damn, it seems that they are going to destroy the military ports of all AEU countries!”
      “Declare war on them. They want to destroy our military port. We can't just let it go. We can also gather our forces to destroy that facility in the Middle East and let them know that our AEU is not easy to cause.”
      “Declaration of war?Do you want to win? Besides, will a rash declaration of war lead to a group of shitty sticks from heaven and man? ”
      Hearing the speech, the crowd was silent. The heaven and man's excrement stirring sticks were really annoying. As long as there was a war, they would step in and fight the side who took the initiative.
      “By the way, what are they doing now? We have all been attacked by UNSC. Don't they come out? They agreed to end the war with war and eradicate the source of the war. Why hasn't it happened yet?”
      As a matter of fact, at this time, the heaven and man in the mouth of the AEU high-level are all forced by themselves. All the gunpowder are already on the earth, while the Ptolemy is just a MS transport ship. It's not armed, even without a machine gun. It's impossible to fight with the resolute class warship, which is armed to the teeth.
      “Miss Huang, what should we do? Their actions are provoking war. Should we do something?”Said fitter grace, the situation controller of the Ptolemy.
      “What can we do?Do you want to fight them now? “Huang Li luonijia said helplessly: “four GAODA, one is missing, and the other three are on their way back. It will be more than an hour before they come back. During this period, we are not armed. We can do nothing now.”
      “So we'd better wait. We won't be in a hurry to fight when the Goths come back.”
      “Report, there's a communication request. It's Miss Wang Liumei!”Justina.
      At this time, Wang Liumei's figure appeared on the big screen of the Ptolemy bridge, “I remind you, don't do some superfluous things.”
      Huang Li luonijia naturally knew what she said was superfluous. She was a little reluctant to say: “we are heaven and man who exist by eradicating war. What's more, tielia and angel de are missing. It is very likely that UNSC did it too. How do you want me to put it down?”
      “Isn't it the best that you're still alive?Of course, if you don't listen to me and have to die, I won't stop you. I just hope you don't ask me to go into the water at that time. “Wang Liumei said calmly.
      This time, she completely chose Lin Ziyun. If she had been in a dilemma before, she would have been able to throw a few hundred blocks away from Tianren with the strength exposed by UNSC.
      “Well, I know. I won't go to them for trouble, but please do me a favor. Help me find tyelia. If he is still alive, please bring him back.”
      “No problem.”
      An hour later, the bridge of the firm class frigate.
      “Report!AEU agreed to publicly execute all the people on the list and promised to do it within an hour! “Just as Lin Ziyun was about to order fire, a correspondent said.
      “Ha ha, I finally agreed. I thought they would hold on for a while.”Lin Ziyun sneered.
      Just when Lin Ziyun wanted to wait for the news from AEU quietly, another correspondent brought him another piece of bad news: Civil War broke out in azadistan Kingdom, which affected the receiving terminal!*
      Chapter 49 the origin of Civil War
      “Why did the civil war break out suddenly in the kingdom of azadistan?What's the situation at our receiving terminal? “Lin Ziyun asked, frowning.
      Although he could deploy 10000 troops to guard the receiving terminal in azadistan Kingdom, Lin Ziyun felt that there was not much turmoil in azadistan Kingdom during this period, so he only sent two or three hundred guards and five Titans.
      It's not a problem to protect the terminal with this quantity, but what he worries about is not the terminal, but the safety of the personnel in the terminal.
      There are many ways to get resources and equipment, but Lin Ziyun has no way to solve the personnel problem so far, so if one of these people dies, one will be less, and Lin Ziyun can't afford to lose.
      “Sorry, sir, we don't know the details, but the only thing we can confirm is that there are no casualties.”
      “Tut.”Lin Ziyun was not happy. He didn't expect that civil war would happen in the kingdom of azadistan at this time. It's a coincidence, “contact endless, let Roland investigate this matter, navigator, change the route, target the kingdom of azadistan!”
      Lin Ziyun is not the only one who has received the news, but also the Tianren beside them.
      “The civil war broke out in the kingdom of azadistan. The angel of energy and the angel of force are ready to attack!”Huang Li luonijia opened his mouth and ordered that the two men who had just returned to the Ptolemy had no time to take off their combat clothes and enter the cockpit.
      “Really, I don't let people rest. I haven't had lunch yet.”Luo shidangsi, the driver of force angel, complains gently.
      “Don't complain here. You go to this coordinate first. Miss Wang Liumei will meet you there. She must have prepared lunch for you.”Justina passed the coordinates to both of them and said.
      “Miss Huang, you see they are leaving.”Fitter pointed to the firm class frigate outside and said that the ship was heading towards the earth.
      “They must be going to azadistan, too.”Said Huang Li luonijia, looking at the firm level who had left.
      After an hour's flight, Lin Ziyun and others finally came to the capital of azadistan kingdom. At this time, the capital is no longer as prosperous as the last time Lin Ziyun came. Now we can only see the scene after the explosion.
      “Report!Found a number of machine armour is heading for the palace, is the azadistan Kingdom rebel machine armour
      “It's up to you. Remember to send some reinforcements to the terminal. I'll go to the Palace first.”Lin Ziyun said to the captain, and then walked toward the hangar.
      The captain nodded and then began to order, “aim the guns at the rebels and keep no rebels near the palace!”
      “Mr. Lin!Here you areJust stepped into the palace of linziyun was seen by Marina, Marina face sad said: “sorry, because the country's problems and implicated you.”
      “It doesn't matter. I don't have much to lose.”Lin Ziyun shook his head and then asked, “who initiated the coup?”
      “They are conservatives. Conservatives have always been rigid in thinking. They think that we should not cooperate with you, but continue to use the traditional oil energy.”Marina replied.
      Lin Ziyun knows a little about the conservative and reformist forces in this country.
      Conservatives have always believed that the land and the oil under it, which has been almost exhausted, were given to them by God. They think that oil should not be abandoned. To put it bluntly, they are a group of religious lunatics.
      “Then why did they have no objection at all when we were working, and they had to come out after all the facilities were running?”Lin Ziyun doubts a way.
      “Because at that time they had no reason to object, and this time the highest power of the Conservatives was kidnapped. The Conservatives thought it was the innovators, so they took this opportunity to start the coup.”But so far, no one from the reformers has come out to admit it, so we don't know whether the reformers kidnapped him or not
      At this time, an UNSC navy who came here with Lin Ziyun came up to him and said something. Then Lin Ziyun said, “it seems that the person who kidnapped the Conservatives is not an innovator.”
      Marina looked at him suspiciously, “eh?It's not the innovators. Who would it be? Are they directing and acting themselves? ”
      Lin Ziyun shook his head. “According to our intelligence, it's another third party force that kidnaps the hostages!”
      “Third party forces?Who would it be and why would they do it? ”
      “It's easy to start a war and profit from it!”Lin Ziyun said, “as for who will be, ha ha, in this world, only PMC can do such things!”
      PMC, also known as the civil military Association, is the most infamous Blackwater company in the 21st century. They usually use dirty means to provoke war and then intervene to profit from it.
      “How can they do that!”Marina said angrily, just for a little benefit in their eyes. Since the civil war in this country is very chaotic, “what should I do?”
      “I can help you with this civil war.”Lin Ziyun said, “but there is a condition that allows me to let the army enter China on a large scale.”
      “Are you going to get involved in this civil war?”Said marina, looking at him.
      “Yes, as long as we deal with the Conservatives, it's over?Moreover, since PMC has decided on me, I can't just let them go. Actually, they like war so much. Let's have a try. “Lin Ziyun showed a dangerous smile.
      Although PMC only provoked the war, they used the receiving terminal as the source of the conflict between the two factions, which is undoubtedly using the receiving terminal or UNSC as the spearhead.
      This undoubtedly angered Lin Ziyun, so he planned to retaliate against PMC.
      “But it's going to kill a lot of people!”Marina looked sad. “Although conservatives are the bane of this country, after all, they are also a lot of people's lives.”
      “You are so naive, marina. If you don't solve this group of conservatives, more people will die in the future. Even if this crisis is solved and only they are still there, there will be another one.”
      When Marina heard that she was struggling and didn't know what to do, her aide, Jennie, said, “Your Highness, I think Mr. Lin is right. Only conservatives will exist one day, and peace will never come to this country.”
      “Well, I agree with your proposal.”Marina finally agreed.
      Lin Ziyun nodded, “only in this way can you look like the head of a country. Sometimes it's not bad to be decisive.”*
      Chapter 50 Wang Liumei's conjecture
      “What about air defense missiles?Let me fire the antiaircraft missile and shoot down that SpaceshipThe commander of the rebel army is roaring at his subordinates. He is so angry because of the huge warship that suddenly appeared in the sky. Since her appearance, the rebel army, which was originally in the dominant position, has been hanged and beaten all of a sudden, and even the occupied area is shrinking rapidly.
      “The missile has been launched, but it's useless. Our missile can't penetrate her defense at all. By the way, we don't even bother to intercept it.”
      Bang!The table in front of the commander was overthrown by him. “Damn reformers, damn queen marina, they let those outsiders interfere in domestic affairs. They are a group of traitors!”
      On a hillside tens of kilometers away from the capital of azadistan Kingdom, a small pink aircraft landed here. Wang Liumei and the red dragon walked out of the aircraft.
      “It's not war at all, it's one-sided killing.”Wang Liumei took a telescope and looked at the resolute frigate in the distance.
      “Here they are, miss.”Red dragon pointed to the sky in the distance, and two GAODA came slowly. Those two GAODA were the angel of energy and the angel of power.
      In a flash, Luo and Gao came down from GAODA. In front of Wang Liumei, Luo took the lead in asking, “Miss Wang Liumei, long time no see. What's the situation here?”
      “See for yourself.”Wang Liumei nuzui toward the direction of the capital, “I originally thought that UNSC at most is to send people to guard the safety of the receiving terminal, but did not expect that they actually directly intervene in the civil war of the kingdom of azadistan.”
      “Do you know why they meddled in the civil war of azadistan?”Asked Luo.
      Wang Liumei shook her head. “It's not clear, but it's certain that someone has touched the scale (interests) of UNSC. With that man's style, he won't do such thankless things for no reason.”
      Just as they were talking, the sky was suddenly torn out of the mouth. In less than a second, several huge warships flew out of the mouth.
      Everyone was surprised to see these warships suddenly appear.
      “It seems that I'm right. Someone must have touched the man's scales.”Wang Liumei recovered from the shock and affirmed, “but it's really surprising that they have so many warships. I just don't know if they still have them. However, relying on these alone can destroy a big country, let alone a bigger one.”
      “Miss Wang Liumei, this is not the time to sigh. What should we do next?”The moment also restores his that standard three have no expression, looking at distant fleet to say.
      “What else can I do? Of course, I'll see what I can do. Do you want to take part in this battle?No doubt you are going to die. “Wang Liumei shrugged and said helplessly.
      “Well, Miss Wang Liumei is right. It's true that getting involved in this battle is killing us, but we can end the war in another way.”Luo Ao said, “intelligence does not say that the origin of this war is because someone of the Conservatives has been kidnapped. Maybe we can use our method to save him, or let those conservatives stop.”
      “If all this is directed and performed by conservatives, they may not admit it even if they rescue the hostages.”He asked in an instant.
      Luo lost a PDA to the moment and said: “according to Veda's conjecture, the cause of the country's civil war is likely to be caused by third-party forces. What's more, the Conservatives are now beaten like this, and they can't even admit it.”
      (Note: Veda is a super quantum computer of heaven and man.)
      Wang Liumei nodded, “it's really a way, so the rescue task is up to you, and it's time for me to see that man.”
      At this time, Lin Ziyun has returned to the firmness class frigate. This time, he mobilized five destroyers and two Paris class frigates from the endless fleet to participate in the war. This time, he vowed to uproot PMC thoroughly.
      “Report!All the rebel mecha units have been eliminated, and our ground forces have been deployed. In ten minutes, they will attack from three sides of the capital to encircle the remaining strength of the rebels. ”
      Lin Ziyun nodded, “what's the strength and equipment level of the remaining troops?”
      “The strength of the remaining troops is weak and small. They are all scattered people. Occasionally, some of them gather together, and the number is less than 100. As for the equipment, they are all light weapons, which are not a threat to our soldiers wearing special armor.”
      “Report to Commander!There is an aircraft outside the fleet sending us a communication request, and the other party claims to be your partner! “Then another correspondent said.
      Lin Ziyun frowned, “Wang Liumei?She came here to join in the fun, isn't it… Heaven and man?Oh, heaven and man really need to stir up all kinds of excrement. ”
      “Connect the communication.”Lin Ziyun just finished, Wang Liumei's figure appeared on the holographic stage.
      Lin Ziyun looked like an old friend and said, “Miss Wang Liumei, I haven't seen you for a long time. How are you recently?”
      “What do you say?”Wang Liumei gave him a white look. Recently, he almost fell out with heaven and man because of his affairs. He asked her if she was OK.
      “What?The grand boss of UNSC doesn't pick me up for tea when he meets his old friends. You know, my tattered aircraft can't match your luxury warship. I can't fly in the sky for long. If my tattered aircraft runs out of electricity and falls down, there will be a lovely girl missing in the world. ”
      Lin Ziyun picked to pick eyebrow, which person is so shameless, can also so boast own baa?Lin Ziyun said to the captain next to him, “let her in, and then let someone bring her here.”
      With permission to enter, the Red Dragon flew the aircraft toward the military port on the left side of the Jian Ding class frigate, and soon the aircraft passed through the blue air shield.
      Looking at everything in front of her eyes, Wang Liumei was shocked again. “Building this warship alone should be enough to finance the whole country for several years. Is UNSC another unknown Fourth World Alliance?”
      It's not surprising that she thinks so, because since she came in, she has seen many faces of different races, including black people in Africa, yellow people in Asia, and white people in the West.
      “If so, what is the purpose of what they are doing now, to dominate the world?It should not be possible. With their strength now exposed, it's easy for them to rule the world. They can directly declare war on the world, and there's no need to do anything extra. “The more she thought about it, the more curious she became.*

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