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      Marvel: Assassin’s Creed (Chapter 1-50)

      Chapter 1: Getting Back from the Game!

      New York, daytime…
      At this moment, Shaoqiu used his hand to pull the hood on his head. He looked at the crowd that passed by him. They were wearing what Shaoqiu thought to be vintage clothes. On both sides of the street were the wooden poles that had just been erected.
      “Have you crossed the wrong era?”
      Shao Qiu muttered to himself.
      Shaoqiu was not traveling for the first time. Originally, he was just a college student living in the 21st century who had just stepped into society. Because he had found a job, all of the games that he had downloaded for a long time in his computer to celebrate started playing. He unknowingly went to sleep. When he woke up again, he realized that he had already entered the game.
      The game he was playing was called “Assassin’s Creed. Origins “. He was still confused and hopeless when he first passed through, but when he calmed down, with his understanding of the plot of the game, not only did he become a legendary assassin, he also obtained one of Eden’s fragments, the Holy Grail!
      Shao Qiu, who had obtained the Holy Grail, gained the ability to live forever. Then, he went through the Assassin’s Creed 1, Assassin’s Creed 2, and so on……..
      When Shaoqiu finally collected the last piece of rejected metal fragment, his eyes darkened and he crossed again. Then, he appeared in this place.
      Looking around, Shao Qiu saw a park in front of him. There was a huge building in the middle of the park. In an instant, Shao Qiu rushed out like lightning!
      A blonde girl’s dress was blown up. She covered her dress with a scream and looked around, but she didn’ t see anyone.
      Soon, Shaoqiu arrived beside the tall building. Then, with a push of his feet, he leaped over two meters high!Just as he was falling, Shao Qiu grabbed a crack in the building with both hands and stepped on a raised place.
      Following that, Shao Qiu climbed over two meters in a second!
      After that, Shao Qiu continued to climb up. If there were any gaps or bulges, Shao Qiu would jump up again and step on the wall in front of him…….
      In a minute, Shaoqiu arrived at the top of the building. At the top of the building, there was only one foot. Zhang Yi squatted at the top. The white assassin’s clothes were shining brightly in the sunlight.
      At this moment, from Shaoqiu as the center, a colorful glow appeared and spread towards the surroundings!
      Only Shao Qiu could see and feel the glow.
      Instantly, the buildings and roads within a few miles appeared in Shaoqiu’s mind like a map.
      This was a skill called Eagle Eye. It could instantly remember all the objects in its line of sight. It could also see everything related to it, including characters, etc. However, the premise of this skill was that it could only detect the objects in its line of sight. All this was why Shaoqiu had to run to the top of the building.
      “This is New York, the year is 1900. Looks like it’s really early for me to travel.”
      Shaoqiu muttered to himself and then stood up. He opened his arms and jumped down. Below the building was a pool. The pool was not big and it was only about one meter deep.
      With a muffled sound, Shao Qiu fell into the water and walked out of the pool.
      When Shaoqiu jumped down from the sky, the people around him seemed to be completely blind. This was because Shaoqiu was a type of origin skill. As an assassin, he had to learn to hide his aura. When this skill was cultivated to the extreme, even if you stood by a person openly, he could not see your existence!
      He, who had almost experienced a thousand years in the game world, had already cultivated this skill to the extreme!
      Now that he knew where he was and how many years he had left, he would return to his hometown, where he had been away for nearly a thousand years!
      At the same time, in the deepest part of the Himalayas in Tibet, a palace stood there.
      “I can feel a powerful energy from another world!”Go check Gu Yi!”
      A white-haired man closed his eyes and said to a bald woman beside him.
      “Okay, Carl…”
      The woman nodded and turned to leave.
      It was night. At the dock in New York, Shaoqiu came here.
      “Hello, may I ask which ship is going to China?”
      Shaoqiu stopped an Asian woman wearing a western hat and short hair.
      She was stopped by Shaoqiu. She looked up at Shaoqiu with a white hood. The top of the hood had a triangular shape. She was dressed in a white robe. Her collar was red, and her right shoulder was covered with a metal shoulder armor all the way to her chest. The same was true for her left shoulder. There were two gorgeous wrist armor on her wrist. The man’s waist was also made of metal. A strange pattern blocked the man’s abdomen.
      The shoes under his feet were made of unknown materials. The tip of the shoes looked very sharp, just like the tip of a sword. If they were touched by these shoes, they would definitely be killed or injured!
      By the way, half of the man’s body was covered by a red and white cloak!
      “This lady…”
      Seeing that the woman in front of him did not respond for a long time, Shao Qiu asked again.
      “Ah… The third ship in front is…”
      The woman reacted and hurriedly pointed at a passenger ship nearby.
      “Okay, thank you.”
      Shaoqiu nodded and left.
      Seeing Shao Qiu leave, the woman was stunned and hurried to follow him.
      Soon, Shaoqiu arrived at the boarding point. At this moment, he slowly walked over. It was as if the people on both sides did not see him. Just like that, he let Shaoqiu go over.
      The woman behind him was shocked.
      “Hello, Miss. Please show me your ticket.”
      “Oh, okay. Why did the man in front of me just let him go without showing his ticket?”
      The woman handed the ticket to the ticket inspector and asked doubtfully.
      “The man in front?”Miss, no one boarded the ship just now. You are the first passenger.”
      The ticket inspector raised his head and handed the ticket to the woman.
      “Ah… Okay, thank you.”
      Shao Qiu’s ears twitched slightly as he entered the boat. A smile appeared on his face under his hood.
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      The second person who killed the shipjacking wanted to collect it!Pray for flowers!

      Mo Guilan believed in her own eyes. Just now, she had clearly seen the man in strange clothes on the boat. Why didn’t the ticket inspector see it?
      It was impossible for him to be blinded!And as a god, she believed that she hadn’t encountered any supernatural events, but why could n’ t they see it?
      Perhaps there was only one explanation. The man and the ticket inspector knew each other. They were playing a joke with him, and that man was wearing that strange clothes. It was better to explain because he wanted to know himself and attract his attention….
      “Hmph…. A naive person, this young miss has Fei Hong!”
      After understanding everything, Mo Guilan snorted coldly.
      After arriving on the ship, Mo Guilan found her seat and began to sit down.
      This ship was a small passenger ship. Whether it was environment or size, it was thousands of times worse than those large passenger ships. The entire ship was divided into four areas…
      The passenger’s seat, the passenger’s eating place, the staff’s resting place and the driver’s seat….
      Although the ship was small, its ticket price could not be lower than those ordinary or high-end passenger ships, because its speed was faster!
      Just like the high-speed rail of the 21st century, ordinary passenger ships would take a month or a half to reach China, but this ship would take half a month to reach China…
      He looked around and did not find the strange man. Mo Guilan was even more convinced of his own thoughts. It seemed that the man just now was still an employee of this ship!
      If he were to harass him halfway, it would be up to him to teach him a lesson!Although he didn’t have Fei Hong’s shadowless foot in Foshan, he would still be able to catch him. Aiya, he would be able to see Fei Hong in half a month. I wonder what happened to him….
      Mo Guilan sat there, thinking about it. At this moment, the passenger walked in after checking the tickets in twos and threes. Then, he found his seat and sat down.
      Ten minutes later, a bald man with tattoos walked in and looked around before walking out.
      Then the small passenger ship started to set off, and the ship slowly moved.
      Eighty percent of the passengers on this ship were Chinese people. After they felt that the ship was moving, they all smiled. They had already left their hometown far away and could finally go home.
      At the innermost corner, Shao Qiu stood there, his white robe mixed with the darkness. When the bald man came in, Shao Qiu felt a hint of killing intent….
      Thinking of a certain possibility, Shao Qiu walked out from the shadows and pulled on the top of his hood to cover his face. Then, he pulled on his cloak to cover his body and walked out.
      By the side of the passengers, the person sitting on the seat seemed to have not seen Shao Qiu. Even Mo Guilan was the same.
      When he arrived outside, Eagle Eye opened and a colorful beam of light spread out from Shaoqiu’s feet. Shaoqiu looked around. Through the metal-built wall, Shaoqiu could see dozens of white and a yellow translucent human-shaped objects sitting in front of him. There were also a few white human-shaped objects lying on the ground in the passenger ship’s second floor work area, and a few red human-shaped objects were moving.
      As expected!
      Shaoqiu slightly frowned and then relaxed. The ship was hijacked by someone. Those red people were the robbers. Because they were related to him, they would have different colors. Those white human figures were ordinary people who had no interaction with him.
      As for that yellow humanoid?Shaoqiu was also a little puzzled. In the game, the yellow color usually represented a mission, but when he returned to Earth, why would a mission appear?He had already reached the top level of the game. Whether it was the skills inside or the artifacts inside, they had all been collected and completed. What kind of reward could he give after completing the task?
      Although it was a little strange, it was better to deal with those people now………
      Thinking of this, Shaoqiu jumped up in an instant. He grabbed the railing on the second floor with his hands, and then he used his strength. He had already silently jumped onto the deck on the second floor.
      A sleeve sword popped out from Shaoqiu’s wrist. The sleeve sword was one centimeter wide and ten centimetres long. Under the moonlight, the blade gave off a cold light. The blade was very sharp, the tip was thin and narrow, like a silver needle!
      Shao Qiu looked at the sword in his hand and a trace of killing intent flashed through his eyes. He immediately stood up and walked towards the room where the robbers were waiting.
      For these ordinary people who did not have any fighting strength, there was no need to assassinate them!
      A loud noise!
      The hatch door was kicked open!Then, the robbers in the room stared at the door with their mouths agape.
      Shao Qiu walked in with her hands wide open.
      Just as the man in front was about to make a sound, Shao Qiu’s hand grabbed his neck.
      There was a slight sound!
      After that, Shaoqiu put his hand down and the man covered his neck. Blood flowed down the gap between his fingers. The next second, he fell to the ground. After a twitch, he lost his breath.
      When they saw their companions die in an instant, a trace of fear flashed across the faces of the remaining bandits, and then they became even more furious!
      “Kill him!”
      The bald tattooed man shouted at his companion.
      Before these bandits could charge forward, Shaoqiu rushed forward first, and with both hands, he flicked his sleeve and stabbed at the two people in the front!
      Immediately, two people lost their lives!
      As for the bandits, there were only two people left!
      The bald man took out a pistol and pointed it at Shaoqiu.
      Bang!A sound!
      Shao Qiu’s body slightly dodged the bullet.
      Seeing the strange man in front of him dodge the bullet, the bald man looked at him in terror!
      The other bandit beside him had already fallen to the ground in fright!
      No!”Don’ t come over!”
      Finally, the bald man let out a final scream……….*

      Chapter 3 Huang Feihong’s Thirteenth Aunt?Please collect!

      Mo Guilan, who was sitting on the first floor, frowned. When the bald man was standing at the door, she felt a little strange.
      After learning martial arts from Huang Feihong for a few years, he also had some understanding of the aura. The bald man just now had a fierce expression on his face, and there was a trace of blood on his body. It was the aura of a person who had killed a person, and he came to this ship……..
      Mo Guilan frowned and suddenly stood up.
      “Sorry, please make way.”
      He said to a passenger standing beside him, then Mo Guilan walked out and arrived on the deck outside.
      At this moment, Mo Guilan’s expression changed when she heard this!
      He hurried down the stairs to the second floor.
      The staircase on the second floor was facing the door of the control room. After arriving at the door, Mo Guilan looked inside.
      In the control room, there were a few staff members lying there, as well as a few men with fierce faces. However, the fierce faces revealed despair and lingering thoughts. Among them, the bald man was also lying there. There was another bloody hole in his chin. The bloody hole was still bleeding outside.
      Next to the bald man, there was a person in strange clothes. He was squatting on his body, his hand resting on a corpse. It seemed like he was about to pick up the corpse.
      He was about to throw the corpse into the sea when he heard the commotion behind him. He turned around and looked behind him.
      Mo Guilan also looked at Shaoqiu.
      The two of them looked at each other. Mo Guilan’s face was filled with terror. It was this man!The man who asked his way!
      Shao Qiu slightly raised her eyebrows when she saw the person behind her. She didn’t expect it to be this woman…
      Putting down the corpse in his hand, Zhang Yi turned around and stood up, looking at her like this.
      “You……”You… don’ t come over!”
      Mo Guilan said in terror as she retreated.
      Shao Qiu, on the other hand, was expressionless as he looked at the retreating woman. Now, he seemed to be familiar with the woman’s appearance.
      “I’ll tell you… do n’ t come over, I know martial arts!”Don’ t come over!”
      He continued to retreat.
      “I didn’ t move at all… Don’ t retreat, be careful……”
      Before Shao Qiu could finish, Mo Guilan had already retreated to the ladder’s steps. Because she could n’ t see the ladder behind her, she slipped and fell.
      Shao Qiu stared at Mo Guilan, who was rolling from the second floor to the first floor. She then turned around and bent down to deal with the corpses beside her.
      Ten minutes later, after throwing all the bodies into the sea, Shaoqiu used a mop to mop up the blood stains on the ground. Only then did he focus on the unconscious woman on the first floor.
      After jumping down from the second floor, Shao Qiu picked up the woman and returned to a bed on the second floor in the control room. He began to study the switches in the control room…
      After all, the staff and the robbers were all dead. No one opened the boat. It seemed that only he could.
      About half an hour later, Shaoqiu finally understood the entire ship thoroughly. In fact, it was very easy to control, as if he had experienced the ships of Assassin’s Creed. Black Flag.
      At this moment, a moan came from behind him. Hearing the sound, Shaoqiu looked at the woman lying on the bed.
      The woman slowly opened her eyes. First, she covered her sore head with her hand. Then, she looked around. When she saw Shao Qiu, her face once again revealed a frightened expression.
      “If you call again, I don’ t mind throwing you into the sea.”
      Shao Qiu walked to the seat next to the bed and the corner of his mouth curled slightly under his hood. He smiled and said to Mo Guilan.
      Mo Guilan immediately covered her mouth in fear. Because of her hood, she could not see the man’s face. She could only see his thin and sexy lips and his charming smile. Although she was smiling, Mo Guilan believed that as long as she was screaming, that man would definitely do what he said.
      “That’s good… I think there’s a misunderstanding between us. You saw that the people I killed were actually bandits. They kidnapped the ship, and then I found out that they had already killed the ship’s staff, and I had no choice but to give them some punishment… Of course, the punishment is over. I have to deal with it, and then it’s the scene you saw…. Do you understand now?”
      Shao Qiu asked.
      Mo Guilan blinked and nodded, indicating that she understood.
      “Yes, if you understand, can you tell me your name?”
      Shao Qiu asked.
      “I… I’ m Mo Guilan..”
      Mo Guilan put down her hand that covered her mouth and said nervously.
      “Oh?A very familiar name?”I think I’ ve heard of it somewhere before. By the way, where are you from?”
      Shao Qiu pondered for a moment and continued to ask.
      “I… I’ m from Foshan…”
      Mo Guilan said.
      Hearing Mo Guilan’s words, Shao Qiu suddenly thought of a piece of information he had seen… Could it be such a coincidence?
      “Do you recognize Huang Feihong?”
      “Ah… you know Fei Hong?”
      Mo Guilan immediately sat up from the bed and shouted.
      Looking at Mo Guilan’s performance, Shaoqiu stood up from his chair and looked at the sea outside. Was he in Huang Feihong’s world?
      Mo Guilan looked at the man’s back and slowly stood up from the bed.
      In an instant, Mo Guilan’s palm turned into a blade and slashed towards Shao Qiu’s neck!
      On the other hand, Shao Qiu’s upper body seemed to have eyes. When he landed on Shao Qiu’s neck in the next second, Shao Qiu took a step forward and spoke at the same time.
      “If I find out that you’ re doing this, you’ ll really die!”
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, Mo Guilan immediately did not move.*

      Chapter 4: Having not touched a woman for hundreds of years!Pray for flowers!

      “Mm, I like smart women. In this half month’s time, don’ t make me unhappy, otherwise you know…”
      Turning his head, he looked at Mo Guilan who was still standing in the air.
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, Mo Guilan obediently put down her arms and stood there with her head lowered. Her face was slightly red… Bah!Who wants you to like it!
      “Now you can go downstairs and give you five minutes to bring up your luggage. This half a month’s rest is here……”Don’ t tell anyone about what happened on this ship. Go…”
      After speaking, Shao Qiu walked out.
      Mo Guilan stood there, biting her lips. The expression on her face alternated. Finally, she helplessly sighed and walked downstairs.
      When Mo Guilan came back from the first floor with her luggage, she saw Shaoqiu getting a bed and a table. The table was filled with food. It looked like it belonged to the crew of this ship.
      “Leave your luggage here. Don’ t be nervous… As long as you don’ t do anything out of line, I won’ t hurt you.”
      Shao Qiu smiled.
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, Mo Guilan put her luggage aside. Then, she slowly walked to the bedside and sat down. She looked at Shao Qiu and asked nervously,” Why did those robbers kill them? You can tie them up and give them to the police when they reach the shore.”
      “It’ ll be easier to kill them, and it’ ll be very tiring to tie them up…”
      Shao Qiu gave Mo Guilan a reason to refute.
      The topic had just ended…
      After a while… Mo Guilan sat by the bed. She looked at Shao Qiu and then lowered her head. She looked up and then lowered her head……Just like that….
      Shao Qiu could still feel Mo Guilan’s actions, even though she didn’ t look over.
      “Did Huang Feihong call you your thirteenth aunt?”
      Shao Qiu asked.
      Mo Guilan, who was about to raise her head to look at Shaoqiu, asked in surprise,” How do you know?”
      “It’s fine… I’ m just asking.”
      Shaoqiu confirmed his guess. Sure enough, the person beside him felt a little familiar, much like a star when he had not transmigrated.
      “Let’s take a rest. It’s very late.”
      Looking at Mo Guilan who was still in a daze, Shaoqiu took the hood off his head and lay down on the bed beside him.
      Seeing Shao Qiu take off her hood, Mo Guilan finally saw the man’s face.
      Half-length black hair, Asian-specific black eyes, long and thin eyes. There was a faint scar on the bottom of the eyes that extended to the top of the lips, a tall nose bridge, thin and sexy lips…….
      This was a very handsome man, much more handsome than her Fei Hong!
      However, Mo Guilan didn’ t have time to admire Shaoqiu’s face. Seeing Shaoqiu lying on the bed, she hastily stood up and asked,” You… you’ re resting here too?”
      Hearing Mo Guilan’s words, Shao Qiu’s voice rang out.” Yes, of course. Otherwise, you’ll control the ship?”Don’ t worry, although I haven’ t touched a woman for hundreds of years, I’ m not the kind of man who likes to force a woman…”
      Mo Guilan covered her mouth, and her face turned pink again. At the same time, she became angry. Just as she was about to stand up and think of the man in front of her, she could only grit her teeth and curse at Shaoqiu lying there!
      “If you continue to curse me in your heart, I’ ll throw you into the sea and feed you to sharks…”
      Shao Qiu suddenly said with his eyes closed.
      “Ah… you can hear that!”
      Mo Guilan looked like she had seen a ghost.
      “It’s just a basic operation. Hurry up and rest. Tomorrow morning, I’ ll teach you how to sail the ship… When that time comes, I’ ll leave this ship to you.”
      Shao Qiu said indifferently.
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, Mo Guilan opened her mouth to say something…
      “I knew I’ d throw it out and feed it to sharks…”
      After muttering, Mo Guilan lay on the bed to rest.
      The next day, Mo Guilan opened her eyes and quickly checked her body. When she saw that her clothes were intact, she let out a sigh.
      Yesterday, although she heard the man say that he wouldn’t do anything to her, Mo Guilan was still on guard. It was until midnight that Mo Guilan unwittingly slept.
      “Wait for you to eat something, then I’ ll teach you how to operate this ship. After we teach you, I’ ll leave this ship to you.”
      Shao Qiu sat in the cockpit and said.
      Hearing the voice, she turned to look at Shao Qiu. Then, Mo Guilan nodded. She thought of herself saying something on the man’s back.
      He stood up from the bed, then Mo Guilan went out to brush her teeth and wash her face. Then, she began to eat. After everything was done, it was already an hour.
      Walking to Shao Qiu’s side, Mo Guilan looked at Shao Qiu who was already wearing a hood and said,” I’ m done…”
      “Yes, I’ll teach you how to control it now… This button controls the horsepower, which is also the speed……”This button is slowing down, that is, braking……”
      Shao Qiu pointed at the rows of buttons and began to speak. Mo Guilan listened attentively and nodded from time to time.
      At this moment, she wanted to learn quickly, and then let this man leave the control room quickly!*

      Fifth chapter, why do you need that?Please collect!Pray for flowers!Please reward!

      Half a month later, the passenger ship finally arrived at China. When the ship was docked at the dock, Mo Guilan, who was in the operation room, jumped up in excitement. She then thought of the man beside her and quickly suppressed her excitement!
      It was finally liberated!This half month was really too exciting. Not only was it a few pounds thinner, but there was also a beautiful sleeping silkworm’ black eye’ under its eyes.
      “Now you’ re free…”
      Shao Qiu looked at Mo Guilan’s face flushed with excitement and smiled.
      “Hmm… that… I…”
      Mo Guilan stuttered as she looked at the man wearing a hood.
      “Hmm?”What do you want to say?”
      Shao Qiu asked with a smile.
      “You… what’s your name?”
      Mo Guilan asked.
      “My name is Shaoqiu, I hope we can meet again…”
      Shao Qiu suddenly disappeared into the air.
      Seeing this scene, Mo Guilan stood there dumbfoundedly with her mouth wide open. She then stretched out her trembling hand and touched the empty air. However, only the air flowing in her hand did not touch anything!
      “This… This……”
      Ten minutes later, Mo Guilan walked down from the ship in a daze.
      “Aunt Thirteen!”
      At this moment, a voice shouted not too far away.
      Hearing the voice, Mo Guilan lowered her head and saw a man with a braid and a white robe standing there, holding an umbrella in his hand.
      “Fei Hong!”
      Mo Guilan excitedly ran over.
      “This journey has been hard…”
      Huang Feihong looked at the haggard Mo Guilan and said.
      Hearing Huang Feihong’s words, Mo Guilan was stunned. She then looked at Huang Feihong and asked,” Feihong, do you believe that there are gods in this world?”
      Huang Feihong rubbed his bald forehead in confusion.
      “Nothing, let’s go.”
      Mo Guilan shook her head. She then held Huang Feihong’s arm and said.
      “In public, don’ t do this…”
      Huang Feihong hurriedly broke free.
      After the two of them left, Shao Qiu, who was not far away, looked in the direction where the two of them left, and a disappointed expression appeared on his face.
      It turned out that Huang Feihong was a bit stronger than a normal person. If he were to fight with him, he would probably be unable to withstand a single move……
      At this moment, Shaoqiu’s expression changed. She could feel a strange fluctuation coming from the air!
      He looked around. In a remote corner, a bald woman in a robe was looking at him, her eyes full of vigilance.
      Shaoqiu raised his eyebrows and walked over with a playful smile on his face.
      “Sir, where did you leave from?”
      The woman looked at Shao Qiu walking over and asked in a strange posture.
      “Is your ability strange?”What is that?”
      Shao Qiu did not answer the woman’s question and instead asked.
      “Sir, please answer my question!”
      The woman frowned and said in a serious tone.
      “Oh?”If I don’ t answer?”
      Shao Qiu smiled.
      As soon as Shao Qiu finished speaking, the woman’s hand moved in mid-air. A pattern of light suddenly appeared in mid-air.
      Seeing this miraculous scene, Shao Qiu crossed her arms and continued to smile at the woman still gesturing.
      Two seconds later, the design was finished and the woman pushed with both hands!
      There was a strange fluctuation in the air. Shaoqiu saw that the surroundings were folded to one side like paper. Then, a brand-new scene appeared around him.
      “It’s an amazing ability.”
      Shaoqiu nodded in surprise.
      “Hmph! You outsider, tell me what the purpose of coming to Earth is!”
      At this moment, the woman said as she opened the picture.
      “I want to say that I have no purpose. Do you believe me?”
      Shao Qiu asked.
      The woman thought for a moment before shaking her head.
      “I won’ t tell you anything… Because if I tell you, you don’ t believe me either…”
      Shaoqiu shrugged and said.
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, the woman was so angry that she pushed the pattern in her hand forward. The pattern was circular, and rays of light shot towards Shao Qiu like lightning.
      Seeing the light in front of him in the blink of an eye, Shaoqiu grabbed the windshield behind him with one hand.
      Those rays of light shot into the cape and instantly disappeared, while the cape was intact!
      This cloak was made from one of the fragments of the Assassin’s Creed. This shroud was one of the saint artifacts left behind by the pioneers. It was used during the Good Friday. It could not only prevent any attack, but it also had the ability to revive the dead briefly and heal the sick!
      Back then, after Shaoqiu had obtained this cloth, he had specifically asked Leonardo da Vinci to help him create a cloak. Of course, not only the cloak, but also the sleeve sword, scepter, and apple fragments were all modified!
      “Is this magic?”A superpower or something?”
      Shao Qiu was still asking.
      The woman on the other side continued to attack Shao Qiu.
      However, these attacks did not hurt Shao Qiu at all.
      Looking at the woman who was about to draw a new pattern again, Shao Qiu’s body instantly disappeared. When he reappeared, he was already behind the woman, one hand in a palm cutting down on her neck.
      The woman’s eyes darkened, and the surrounding scene began to disappear. Shaoqiu appeared in the same place as before.
      Looking at the bald woman lying on the ground in front of him, Shaoqiu sighed.” Master… why are you doing that.”
      He then picked up the woman and walked towards the distance.*

      Chapter 6 Gu Yi and Faroe Karu asked for a collection!Pray for flowers!Please reward!

      When Gu Yi woke up, he found himself in a strange room. He was lying on the bed. Not far away from the bed, a man in a strange white and red robe was sitting there, looking at him with a smile.
      He hastily sat up and put his hands on his body to feel for himself. When he found that nothing was wrong, he let out a sigh of relief.
      “Are you all like this?Half a month ago, a woman did the same thing as you. If I wanted a woman, I would choose that woman instead of a nun…”
      Shao Qiu smiled at the woman in front of him.
      “You… outsiders!”
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, Gu Yi remembered that mysterious man who had come from nowhere!
      “Alright, don’ t call me an outsider. You’ ve already seen my ability. I hope we can sit down and talk about it. If you’ re making a move, I’ ll really kill you!”
      A cold light flashed in Shao Qiu’s eyes!Gu Yi trembled slightly!
      “Now tell me your name and what ability you just used.”
      Shao Qiu looked at Gu Yi and said.
      Gu Yi sat silently on the bed without saying anything.
      “Oh?”Actually, if you don’ t tell me, I have a way.”
      Shaoqiu raised his brows and then reached into the air. A golden scepter suddenly appeared in Shaoqiu’s hand. At the top of the scepter was a golden sphere.
      The scepter and the sphere on it were the other two pieces of saint artifact in the Assassin’s Creed. The golden apple and the scepter each had the ability to control one’s body and bewitch one’s thoughts. When combined, they were even more powerful.
      He pointed the top of the scepter at the bald head in front of him. Shaoqiu smiled and asked,” Tell me your name first.”
      “My name is Gu Yi…”
      Gu Yi’s face was filled with fear. At this moment, she could not control herself from speaking!
      “Gu Yi… Hmm, a very Buddhist name. Master Gu Yi, what was your ability to draw circles before?”
      Shaoqiu nodded and continued to ask.
      “It’s magic…”
      Gu Yi said in a trembling voice. At this moment, she wanted to attack Shao Qiu in front of her, but she could not move at all!
      Magic?Gu Yi?Could it be that the nun knows magic now?”Where is your temple?”
      Shao Qiu’s face was filled with doubt.
      “In the deepest part of the Himalayas…”
      Hearing Gu Yi’s words, Shao Qiu blinked her eyes as if she was familiar with it… This place, this name, and this kind of battle method, all seemed to have been seen somewhere before!
      “Gu Yi… Gu Yi… Gu Yi…”
      Shaoqiu stood up and tapped his head with his hand to recall his memories!
      Shao Qiu suddenly thought of something, and a shocked expression appeared on his face!
      Gu Yi!In the Himalayas!The battle with a circle of light, and the bald man’s appearance!Wasn’t this a character in a movie he had seen before!
      What kind of world had he come to!
      Huang Feihong… his 13th aunt… was considered a Chinese martial arts film.
      And this Gu Yi, wasn’t it a science fiction film of the country of rice!
      “Now stand up and take me to your temple. I know you have this ability.”
      Shaoqiu retracted his scepter and said to Gu Yi who was standing up and looking at him in fear.
      Gu Yi looked at the mysterious and powerful man in front of him. The ability that he couldn’t move and could n’ t control himself was even more evil than the dark dimensional leader Domam from the universe!
      If he was with his good friend Carl, he should be able to beat this person!
      Thinking of this, Gu Yi walked to the empty area of the room. He then stretched out one hand to form a palm and the other to draw a circle in the air. Soon, a circle of light appeared in the air. The center of the circle of light emitted a strange luster. Finally, the circle of light became a 1.5 meter long light door.
      At the same time, a teleportation portal suddenly appeared beside Karu in the temple in the Himalayas.
      “This is the teleportation portal.”
      Shao Qiu walked to Gu Yi’s side, grabbed Gu Yi’s arm and jumped in.
      When the two of them jumped into the portal, the portal disappeared, and Shaoqiu and Gu or two jumped out of the portal at the temple.
      He let go of Gu Yi and looked around. He began to look around.
      He was in a large hall. The hall was very spacious, all made of wood. The entire hall was lit with candles, making the hall look very bright. Not far away, there was an old man with white hair.
      Gu Yi hurried to Karu’s side as he looked around at Shaoqiu.
      Karu, this outsider is very powerful. The cloak behind him can be immune to magic attacks, and there is also a scepter that can force people to control their actions and movements!”We need to work together to win!”
      “Okay, okay!”
      Karu nodded and then put on an attacking stance. Gu Yi beside him was the same.
      “Hmm?”Are you going to fight again?”
      Shao Qiu turned around and asked the two of them who were posing.
      “Outsiders, tell us the purpose of your arrival on Earth!”
      Karu looked at Shaoqiu with a serious expression as he asked. At the same time, two circles of light appeared in his hands.
      “Forget it, there’s no reason for me to say it. You don’ t believe it either. It seems like there’s only one fight.”
      Shao Qiu shook her head.
      As soon as he finished speaking, Shao Qiu’s body became blurry and disappeared!
      Looking at this scene, Karu and Gu Yi’s faces turned red as they looked around cautiously.
      At this moment, Karu and Gu Yi felt a sharp sound coming from behind them. They hurriedly turned around and blocked it with both hands.
      In an instant, a pair of short sleeves appeared in the air, and Shao Qiu’s figure slowly appeared.
      Shao Qiu’s hands shot out a sleeve sword from his wrist, while Gu Yi and Karu’s hands shone with a magical luster, blocking the sleeve sword that was a few centimeters away from his neck.
      Shao Qiu’s arm was so strong that the two of them had no choice but to block it with both hands!
      Looking at the red faces of the two of them, especially Gu Yi, her shiny scalp turned a little red. Shao Qiu’s face revealed a playful smile, and then she pressed down with a bit of strength!
      Sensing the huge power coming from the arm again, the two of them bent down and the sleeve sword was closer to their necks. Their necks could feel the pain caused by the cold light from the sword’s edge!
      Shaoqiu had a smile on his face. His hands continued to press down, while Gu Yi and Karu continued to bend down. Finally, their backs were already on the ground behind them.
      A trace of blood appeared on their necks. Gu Yi and Karu closed their eyes!*

      Chapter 7: This place is not bad, right?Please collect!Pray for flowers!Please reward!

      Just as the two of them were about to see Death’s sickle fall, their hands suddenly retracted.
      “Assassin’s three principles, the first one is not to hurt the innocent… But you have a connection with me, so killing you is not against the assassin’s principles, but I can give you a chance to survive.”
      Shao Qiu looked at the two with closed eyes and said with a faint smile.
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, Gu Yi and Karu opened their eyes. They looked at each other and stood up.
      “First of all, let me explain. Although I’ m an outsider, I don’ t have any malicious intentions. In fact, I’ m also a member of Earth, so you can rest assured that I won’ t cause any trouble to Earth….”
      Shaoqiu smiled as he looked at the slowly happy expressions of Gu Yi and Karu and said in a long voice.
      “No… but what?”
      Gu Yi hurriedly asked.
      “Hehe, although I am a kind person, you’ ve bullied me like this. I can’ t just let you off like this… How about this, I think your place is pretty good… How about you build another temple in the Himalayan Mountains that is similar to this one.”
      Shao Qiu smiled and said.
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, Gu Yi and Karu let out a sigh of relief. Although this request was difficult, it could still be completed. As long as the two of them were looking for some villagers to help, they could build it.
      The villagers in the vicinity had always accepted their favors, so they would definitely not hesitate to ask for their help.
      “We agree to this request, as long as you don’ t do anything harmful to Earth.”
      Karu nodded.
      “Hehe, this isn’ t the time to state the terms. Your life is in my hands. And at first, you were the one who directly attacked without discrimination, so this matter is just to make up for your loss to me…”
      Shao Qiu’s words immediately made Karu stop talking. His life was in his hands, and he did not have the ability to negotiate terms.”Alright, now that we’ ve agreed on compensation, let’s start talking about the second question. If you want to live, tell me everything about your world, including how many people like you still exist in this world…”
      Shao Qiu said again.
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, Gu Yi and Karu were silent for a moment before nodding.
      “Alright, that’s fine. Actually, I’ m very kind, right? There’s one more thing I’ ve forgotten. I’ ve been living here for a while. I’ ll leave when the temple is built.”
      After saying that, Shao Qiu turned and left.
      When Shaoqiu’s figure disappeared, Gu Yi and Karu opened their mouths. In the end, Gu Yi first said,” What should we do?”Are you really going to give him the information?”
      Karu said with a bitter smile,” Of course I have to give it. Otherwise, what should we do? Now, we only hope that what he said is true.”
      After that, the two fell silent again.
      At this moment, Shao Qiu walked out of the main hall and arrived outside. Shao Qiu directly jumped to the top two steps, and then Eagle Eye began!
      This had already formed a habit. Every time he came to a strange place, Shao Qiu would first open his eagle eyes to understand the surroundings.
      Soon, all the surrounding information appeared in Shaoqiu’s mind. It turned out that this temple was built on the snow mountain. This temple was not only Gu Yi and Karu, but also had about a hundred magic apprentices. At the same time, there were more than a dozen villages below the snow mountain. It seemed that those villages were built under the snow mountain to be protected by the temple.
      After learning about the surrounding terrain and environment, Shaoqiu jumped down. He was less than 20 meters tall and would not be hurt at all.
      At this moment, some magic apprentices outside the hall discovered Shao Qiu’s existence. They looked at Shao Qiu who was dressed in a strange outfit and looked at him cautiously. Some of the magic apprentices had already rubbed out their halos.
      Gu Yi’s voice reached the ears of the apprentice. Everyone stood up and looked at Gu Yi respectfully.
      “This is our honored guest. We can’ t do anything rude!”
      He warned the surrounding apprentices with a stern face.
      “Yes… Mage Gu Yi.”
      The apprentices nodded respectfully.
      “Yeah, you’ re really good here. Why don’ t you give me this place.”
      Shao Qiu smiled at Gu Yi.
      Gu Yi’s face turned pale when he heard Shao Qiu’s words. Just as he was about to speak, he saw Shao Qiu laughing,” Haha, I’ m joking with you. You look pale. Is there a secret here?”
      “You’ re joking. There’s no secret here, but there are some villagers at the foot of the mountain who have been greeted by us all the time. If we suddenly move here, it will cause some trouble.”
      Gu Yi hurriedly said.
      “Haha, I’ ve already said it’s a joke. Master Gu doesn’ t understand humor at all. I’ m tired. When can I eat?”
      Shao Qiu laughed and patted Gu Yi on the shoulder.
      “We can eat anytime…”
      Gu Yi hurriedly said.
      At this moment, the apprentices below saw that the supreme mages in their hearts were so afraid of this person. They all revealed expressions of seeing ghosts.
      “Mm, let’s eat first. I haven’ t had a good meal for a long time…”
      Shao Qiu missed it.
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, Gu Yi hurriedly nodded and began to make arrangements.*

      Chapter 8 One month laterPlease collect!Pray for flowers!Please reward!

      A month later, in the Himalayas, Shaoqiu was sitting in the main hall. Gu Yi and Karu were standing there.
      “The temple has already been built?”
      Shaoqiu looked at Gu Yi and Karu who were standing on the ground and said with a smile.
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, Gu Yi’s face revealed a trace of pride. A huge palace covering an area of 100,000 square meters was built in a month’s time, and it was all made of wood. Only they could build it!
      One had to know that there was not a single piece of wood in the vicinity of the Himalayan Mountains. There was a large pile of rocks, and they were all buried more than ten meters deep under the snow…
      “Yes, a distinguished guest.”
      Gu Yi said respectfully.
      “Oh?”Where can I take a look?”
      Shao Qiu stood up and smiled.
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, Gu Yi hastily stood up and opened the teleportation portal.
      It had to be said that this skill made Shao Qiu envious. If he wanted to go, he could just open a teleportation portal. It was so convenient. He didn’t want to run at all….
      Although he could use the bird-view point to teleport in the game, when he returned to Earth, this skill completely disappeared!
      “Can I learn this skill?”
      Shao Qiu looked at the portal and asked.
      “Guest… Sorry, this really won’ t do…”
      Gu Yi said without thinking.
      “Oh?”Are you sure?”
      Shao Qiu’s eyes flashed with a cold light as he said coldly.
      “I really can’ t!”
      Gu Yi closed his eyes and said resolutely.
      “Haha, you’ re kidding. Forget it if you can’ t… Let’s go and see what the temple you built for me looks like.”
      Shao Qiu laughed and patted Gu Yi on the shoulder.
      Gu Yi let out a sigh of relief and looked at Shao Qiu with a hint of fear in his eyes!
      Then, the two jumped into the teleportation portal.
      The next second, Shaoqiu appeared in another hall. This hall was larger than the one in the ancient temple. There were countless candles hanging on the ceiling above the hall, which illuminated the entire hall.
      “Yes, not bad.”
      Shao Qiu nodded in satisfaction and began to look around.
      Half an hour later, Shaoqiu visited the temple, or perhaps the palace.
      The palace was built on a snowy mountain in the depths of the Himalayas, covering an area of 100,000 square meters!
      It was all made of wood and stone. There were three floors in the palace. Each floor was narrower than the next one. Outside the palace was a huge square.
      Behind the palace, there was a huge rock protruding from the outside. Standing there, one could overlook the entire mountain range.
      Walking to the edge of the rock, Shao Qiu was slightly stunned. There were a few traces left behind by sharp scratches on the rock beneath his feet.
      Turning around, Shao Qiu returned and said with a smile.
      “Not bad, really not bad. Haha, First Master Gu really thanks you all this time.”
      Shao Qiu’s words caused Gu Yi’s mouth to twitch and he hastily said,” Don’ t be polite, respectful guests.”
      “Hehe, there’s no need to call me a guest. It’s too much. Just call me Shaoqiu.”
      Shao Qiu’s face was filled with joy.
      “Okay, Mr. Shaoqiu.”
      Gu Yi said.
      “Alright, let’s go back.”
      Looking around, Shao Qiu said.
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, Gu Yi hurriedly walked towards the main hall. Halfway through, he saw Shao Qiu still standing there.
      “Mr. Shaoqiu, aren’ t you going back?”
      Gu Yi asked softly.
      “Why are you going back? You’ ve built this place for me. Why should I go back.”
      Shao Qiu turned around and asked.
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, Gu Xin was instantly excited!
      This demon had finally left!
      Although he was excited, Gu Yi still pretended to be disappointed.” Alright then, Mr. Gu Yi, I’ ll leave first.”
      After that, Gu Yi quickly left.
      Looking at Gu Yi’s back, Shao Qiu smiled and shook his head. He was not a fierce beast, so why was he so afraid of him.
      On the other side, Gu Yi walked out of the teleportation portal and returned to his temple. Karu, who was beside him, looked at Gu Yi when he saw Gu Yi’s return.
      “It’s fine. That person isn’ t coming back.”
      Gu Yi said after seeing Carl’s gaze.
      “Not coming?What’s going on, Gu Yi?”Could it be you?”
      Karu looked at Gu Yi in shock. At the same time, there was a trace of excitement on his face. If his good friend Gu Yi had reached that level, then Dormam would never dare to come to Earth again!
      How could Gu Yi not understand Carl’s thoughts? She shook her head with a bitter smile and said,” It’s not what you think. That person said that his palace has already been built. Now that he has a place to live, he won’ t come.”
      “How could this be?”
      Hearing Gu Yi’s words, Karu was dumbfounded.
      “Why is he here just like that?”Is there any purpose?”
      “How do I know? So what if I have a purpose?”It’s just a fight!”
      Gu Yi also shook his head and smiled bitterly.
      After speaking, both of them fell silent.
      “How soon can we go down the mountain and find a few people to come back.”
      After some time, Gu Yi suddenly said.
      “Yeah, it’s time to find a successor. I feel like my life is slowly slipping away…”
      Karu nodded and said sadly.
      “Life, death, illness, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death
      Gu Yi persuaded.
      “I know.”
      After Kalu said that, the conversation between the two ended.*

      Chapter 9 Change Sea East Green seeks to collect!Pray for flowers!Please reward!

      The next day, Shao Qiu walked out of the main hall and arrived at the square outside.
      The cold wind blew across Shaoqiu’s face like a knife… He took a deep breath and then slowly exhaled. White mist suddenly appeared in his mouth…
      “The air here is really good…”
      Shaoqiu had a happy expression on his face as he said with a smile. It had been a long time since he had been so relaxed. For a thousand years in the game, he had to face the pursuit of the holy knights and other families every day. Only after he had a divine weapon did he begin to fight those knights!
      “But it’s still a bit cold here. Looks like we need to find some people to come back.”
      Shao Qiu muttered to himself, then came to the edge of the protruding rock behind him and sat down.
      Looking at the entire mountain range ahead, Shao Qiu was thinking about something.
      This was an eagle cry from afar!
      Hearing the sound, Shao Qiu’s eyes lit up, and a trace of surprise appeared on his face!
      Ying, who had been playing in the game for almost a thousand years, could see the scratch on the stone yesterday!There was an eagle living here!And it was also a very fierce breed!
      Hearing Ying’s cry, Shao Qiu looked at Ying who was flying over from afar. It was Hai Dongqing!However, Hai Dongqing usually lived in the northeast of China, and this place was the Himalayas!There was actually a Hai Dongqing!
      Looking at the incoming eagle, his entire body was basically pure white. There were only a few small brown spots. His wings were about two meters long!
      The claws beneath his feet were as black as iron, and there was even a hint of sharp coldness!If they were caught by this claw, they would definitely leave behind a few bloody holes!
      “Mutant Sea Dongqing!”
      Shao Qiu excitedly muttered to himself!
      Ordinary Hai Dongqing was already known as the God of All Hawks, while mutated Hai Dongqing could be called the God King!
      At this moment, Hai Dongqing, who was diving towards Shaoqiu, was filled with anger!
      That location was where it was always waiting!From that location, one could see every part of their territory!And he could see the prey far away!
      In an instant, Hai Dongqing had already rushed in front of Shaoqiu, and his sharp iron claws were grabbing Shaoqiu’s face!
      Shaoqiu raised his arm, and Hai Dongqing’s claws caught his wrist armor and made a metallic sound!
      What sharp claws!
      At this moment, Shaoqiu’s other hand grabbed Hai Dongqing in front of him. Sensing the crisis, Hai Dongqing flapped his wings and flew back!Then, he circled over Shao Qiu’s head, looking for an opportunity!
      Seeing Hai Dongqing hovering above him, he directly sat down. Then, he lay on a stone and used his hands as a pillow. Just like that, he looked at the giant falcon in the sky………
      Ying was arrogant, especially Hai Dongqing. He was the God of All Eagles!Now that he was being looked down on by this creature, how could he not be angry!
      An angry eagle roared!Hai Dongqing retracted his wings and pointed his hawk-like beak at Shaoqiu’s face like a white lightning bolt!He shot straight over!
      Shaoqiu revealed a faint smile on her face. She looked at Hai Dongqing who was diving down and slowly extended her hand….
      Anyone who had ever played “Assassin’s Creed” knew that Ying was a symbol of an assassin!Even the Assassin’s logo was made up of Eagle’s mouth. It could be said that Eagle was the incarnation of the Assassin. They stood high, looking at the target’s’ prey’ below, looking for a chance to kill in one strike!
      Another point was that when the assassins killed the target, they would take out the eagle’s feathers and take blood to prove that they had completed the mission.
      In Origin, the protagonist raised an eagle to search for targets, track prey, interfere with enemies, and so on……
      At the beginning, Shao Qiu crossed into the Origin. Then, he found the protagonist, Bayeck. After gaining his good feeling, he asked for a way to tame the eagle…
      Bayeck’s method was n’ t to tame it, but to let Ying agree with you!It wasn’t like the 21st century. In order to tame an eagle, not only did it have to boil an eagle, it had to be watered, and so on… There was also a saying that it could n’ t be full. If it was full, it would be far away…
      All the training of the 21st century eagle could also be described as torturing the eagle. If they did not torture the eagle, they would be trained.
      Shaoqiu thought that Bayeck’s method was the same as that of the 21st century, but when he saw Bayeck grab an eagle, he looked straight into the eagle’s eyes and made a strange sound. Five minutes later, the eagle’s originally fierce eyes looked at Bayeck’s friendliness.
      This was Bayerk’s method. Let Ying agree with you!Invite it to become your partner!This was the way to truly obtain Ying’s friendship!
      Hai Dongqing’s speed could reach over 300 kilometers!It was three times faster than a cheetah!In the blink of an eye, Hai Dongqing had already rushed in front of Shaoqiu, and the eagle’s beak slammed into Shaoqiu’s eyes!
      However, Shaoqiu’s hand caught Hai Dongqing’s neck and lifted it up!
      Being caught by Shaoqiu’s hand, Hai Dongqing flapped his wings and struggled!However, no matter how it struggled, it was useless!At the end of the day, Hai Dongqing stopped struggling. His sharp eagle eyes looked at Shaoqiu, his head slightly forward, ready to seize the opportunity to use his eagle’s mouth to ruthlessly smash this creature!
      He had been a friend of Ying for a thousand years, so Shao Qiu naturally understood what Ying was thinking. He smiled slightly, then his mouth moved slightly, chanting an ancient and strange language.
      As Shao Qiu’s voice rang out, the viciousness in Hai Dongqing’s eyes slowly disappeared. Ying’s face actually revealed a trace of human-like suspicion. However, the suspicion disappeared. Looking at Shao Qiu in front of him, Hai Dongqing’s eyes revealed a kind expression.
      After Shaoqiu finished his last sentence, Shaoqiu placed Hai Dongqing on the rock. Hai Dongqing flapped her wings and flew to Shaoqiu’s shoulder. She rubbed Shaoqiu’s face affectionately and made a chirping sound.
      “Hehe, my friend, how about I call you Little White in the future?”
      Shaoqiu turned to look at Hai Dongqing on his shoulder and asked with a smile.
      Hai Dongqing’s eyes immediately revealed a look of disdain…
      “Don’ t like it?”
      Shao Qiu asked.
      Hai Dongqing nodded.
      “My name is Shaoqiu, how about calling you Shao Bai?”
      Shao Qiu asked again.
      This time, Hai Dongqing’s neck was crooked, then she nodded and shouted!*

      Chapter 10 Shao Bai’s FamilyPlease collect!Pray for flowers!Please reward!

      The next day, Shaoqiu was interrupted by two chirps and heard Shaoqiu open his eyes.
      In front of him, Shao Bai was looking at him with his head tilted, and beside him was Hai Dongqing.
      This Hai Dongqing was a little smaller than Shao Bai. His whole body was white, his eagle mouth was darker and thicker than Shao Bai, and his claws were more powerful. At this moment, Hai Dongqing’s eagle eyes were filled with ferocity and anger, just like a man in a green hat who saw his wife’s cheating man!
      Although this metaphor was not appropriate, Shao Qiu could feel that Hai Dongqing was thinking this way!
      “Shao Bai, is this your husband?”
      Shao Qiu sat up and asked Shao Bai with a smile.
      “Coo… Coo… Coo…”
      Shao Bai nodded.
      Although he could not understand Shao Bai’s words, Shao Qiu could still feel Shao Bai’s meaning.
      “Hehe, Mr. Hai Dongqing, I’ m Shaoqiu, your wife’s friend.”
      Shao Qiu smiled and said to Hai Dongqing.
      “Coo… Coo…”
      The male Hai Dongqing cooed twice as he continued to look at Shaoqiu with a fierce expression.
      Seeing this, Shao Qiu’s eyes were also looking at it. At the same time, the ancient language from yesterday spread out again.
      A minute later, Shao Bai and the male Hai Dongqing were standing on both sides of Shaoqiu, rubbing their heads against Shaoqiu’s neck.
      “Hehe, okay, how about it be called Bu Bai?”
      Shao Qiu asked with a smile.
      Hearing Shaoqiu’s words, the male Hai Dongqing immediately flapped his wings and hit Shaoqiu’s head.
      Shaoqiu laughed and did not move. He had already established a relationship with them. No matter what, they would not hurt him!There was time for Shao Qiu to think that Ying was better than others…
      “You’ re kidding. Don’ t get excited. Why don’ t we call you Young Emperor? Ying Zhong Emperor, what a domineering name…”
      Shao Qiu said.
      This time, the male Hai Dongqing nodded and agreed with the name!
      “Hehe, in the future, you should stay here. I’ ll make a home for you later.”
      As soon as he finished speaking, Shao Bai started to chat.
      “Oh?”You want to bring the child here too?”
      Shao Qiu asked.
      Shao Bai and Shao Huang nodded at the same time.
      “Hehe, that’s fine. I’ ll build your house first, then follow you and bring your child over.”
      Shao Qiu said.
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, Shao Huang and Shao Bai exchanged glances and nodded.
      After talking with the two hawks, Shao Qiu began to build rooms for the two hawks.
      Half an hour later, Shao Qiu built the Eagle’s Nest and arrived at the edge of the protruding rock. Then, he looked at Shao Bai and Shao Huang hovering in the sky. His body leaped and his arms spread out!
      At the same time, Shao Bai and Shao Huang let out an eagle cry!They swooped down towards Shaoqiu. They knew that humans could not fly. The friend they had just met, who had just jumped down from here, was definitely dead or injured, so they wanted to save Shaoqiu!
      Although their dive speed had reached more than 300 kilometers, Shaoqiu’s speed was even faster!In the blink of an eye, Shaoqiu landed on the ground. He fell into the snow and climbed out of the snow.
      Seeing that Shaoqiu was safe and sound, Shao Bai and Shao Huang opened their wings and slowed down. They flew to Shaoqiu’s side and looked curiously.
      “Hehe, I’ m fine. Let’s go. Now, go and bring your child over.”
      Shao Qiu smiled and touched the heads of the two hawks.
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, Shao Bai and Shao Huang flapped their wings and flew off into the distance. Shao Qiu was running on the snow below!
      Hai Dongqing’s dive speed could reach 350/km/h, and his flying speed could reach 180/km/h. Shao Bai and Shao Huang were flying as fast as they could, while Shao Qiu had been following them all the time. Because the snow them was lifted up too fast, it looked like a white dragon swimming in the Himalayas!
      Ten minutes later, one man and two hawks arrived at the place. Seeing the two hawks flying into a small cave at the edge of the cliff, Shao Qiu jumped up in an instant and climbed towards the small cave on the cliff.
      The small cave wasn’t big, so he could only just get under Shaoqiu. Shaoqiu climbed on the cliff and looked at the three white eagles in the eagle’s nest. He smiled faintly.
      When the three white eagles saw Shao Qiu, they started to chat in panic. However, after Shao Qiu recited the ancient language again, the three white eagles calmed down and looked at Shao Qiu with kindness.
      Then Shao Qiu slowly climbed down from the three little eagle houses.
      Although he could jump straight down, there were still three eagles in his arms. For the sake of safety, it was better to climb down.
      Shao Bai and Shao Huang saw Shao Qiu’s actions. The two hawks smiled. Although they were not humans, they could tell that Shao Qiu did not neglect them and their children because they were animals.
      With a cry, two hawks flew out towards Shaoqiu’s palace. However, this time, they were not fast because Shaoqiu was still holding three hawks in his arms.
      In an hour, Shaoqiu returned to the palace and placed the three white hawks in the nest.
      The Eagle’s Nest was made of withered branches. The top of it was covered with thick dried leaves, with a diameter of 5 meters. The Eagle’s Nest was built on the third floor of the palace. The area of the third floor was almost 10,000 square meters. The Eagle’s Nest with a diameter of 5 meters was very small in the area of 10,000 square meters…
      The three white eagles looked at their new nest and began to chat excitedly!
      His new home was much bigger than his original home!*

      Chapter 11 The Holy Shard in Assassin’s Creed for Collection!

      After settling down the five hawks of Shao Bai’s family, Shao Qiu returned to the hall on the first floor and took out a small notebook from his chest.
      This book was written by Gu Yi to Shao Qiu. It recorded the names of the Earth ability users that they had discovered over the past few years, as well as their addresses.
      Sitting on the spot, Shao Qiu opened the book and looked at it. He saw:
      Logan Haolit, nicknamed King Kong Wolf, was born in Canada in 1832. His ability was self-healing and anti-aging. His hands could reach out with sharp claws. Risk: medium, damage: low.
      Looking at the message in front of him, Shao Qiu sighed. If he was an assassin, then he would have saved his sleeves….
      After closing the notebook, Shao Qiu suddenly realized that the information here was useless to him. According to his previous life, the most powerful heroes were Gu Yi and Karu.
      Apart from Earth, that was Odin of the Heaven Realm. He did not know where to destroy the overlord in outer space. There was also Star Lord’s father, Igo, from the Protoss, and Odin’s first child, Death Hila.
      Although these people could destroy the existence of the planet at once, it was nothing to Shao Qiu who had all the fragments of the saint artifact.
      The combination of the fragment apple and the holy staff could control the thinking and physical movements of all living beings, and could also create illusions…
      Holy Sword: An ancient weapon that could destroy everything. It could allow the wielder to acquire the possession of the War God. With a skill, War God’s Fury: Instantly, thousands of people died.
      Holy Grail: It can allow the owner to realize eternal life.
      Shroud Cloth: It can temporarily revive the dead and cure all diseases!
      Crystal Skull: Add blood to the skull to observe the movements of the blood user, forming a holographic projection.
      Spear of Fate: The spear that killed Jesus could protect the owner from death, but once it was lost, the owner would immediately die!
      Philosopher’s Stone: Able to turn anything in contact into gold.
      Reject Metal: Can make firearms and other attacks ineffective!
      All of the above were fragments of the Assassin’s Creed. These were all collected by Shao Qiu. Shao Qiu, who had these things, believed that the only person in this universe that could compare to him was the Dark Dimension Master Thomas.
      However, in the comics of his previous life, Domam was defeated by Gu Yi. When he reappeared, he was trapped in the cycle of time by Dr. Strange.
      There was a lot of difference in the ability between comic and film. Shaoqiu knew that he had transmigrated into a world dominated by film and television, because in the cartoon, there was a white-haired old man. In film and television, there was a bald woman…
      Thinking of this, Shao Qiu suddenly remembered that he had always called Gu Yi as Master. So he had called him wrong. Next time, he was going to become a mage…
      “Why don’ t we form a fraternity in this rambling world?”
      Shao Qiu suddenly thought of something. This thought was like a flame, instantly occupying Shao Qiu’s mind!
      He recalled the thousand years he had spent in the game, the friends he had known, Artel, Eggio, Edward, Connor, Conda, Bayeck, and Shaoqiu’s most memorable girl…
      The Assassin Alliance must rise again!Not just for himself!”For this world!”
      Shao Qiu muttered to himself, then stood up from the ground and walked outside.
      Shao Qiu whistled outside!
      Shao Huang and Shao Bai flew over from afar.
      “I’ m going to go out for a trip. I might be back in a few months. Help me take a good look at my home.”
      Shao Qiu said to Shao Bai and Shao Huang on both shoulders.
      “Gulp… Gulp!”
      On his left shoulder, Little White chirped twice.
      Shao Qiu smiled and said,” No need. You have children at home. Just watch them at home.”
      Shao Qiu walked out of the palace, and Shao Bai and Shao Huang spread their wings and flew into the sky.
      After arriving outside the palace, Shao Qiu waved at Shao Bai and Shao Huang, who were hovering in the air, and then ran down the mountain!
      According to the map in his mind, Shaoqiu came to the edge. He then climbed to a high place and used Eagle Eye. Instantly, the image of a hundred kilometers around him appeared in his mind again. In the map, Shaoqiu saw a temple building He marked the path in his mind. Then, Shaoqiu jumped down from a high place and followed the marked path towards the temple.
      It had been an hour since they arrived at the foot of the temple.
      The villagers in the village at the foot of the temple mountain looked puzzled when they saw Shao Qiu wearing a strange dress.
      In their impression, those noble mages who lived at the top of the snow mountain were not wearing these clothes…
      “Hello, distinguished guest. May I ask who you are?”
      An old man walked up to Shao Qiu and asked respectfully.
      “Hello, this old man. I’ m just passing by. I want to go up there.”
      Shao Qiu hastily smiled.
      For the old man and the kind villagers, Shao Qiu still had a good impression of him. Because he had transmigrated into the game, the first friend he knew was Egypt’s Guardian, Bayeck. After staying with him for a long time, Shao Qiu had changed to be like him.
      But of course, he only had a good impression of a kind person……..
      “So the Lord is going to the Divine Hall!”It’s almost noon now. Do you want to eat at our place? We’ ll send someone to bring you up?”
      The old man hurriedly said when he heard Shao Qiu’s words.
      Hearing the old man’s words, Shaoqiu really felt hungry. After all, he had n’ t eaten since Gu Yi left yesterday. When he reached the top, he had to ask them to send something over.
      “Haha, thank you. To be honest, I’ m really hungry…”
      Shao Qiu smiled.
      “Alright… Dear guests, please come in. Duba, hurry and kill a Thar Goat. We need to entertain our esteemed guests!”
      As the old man brought Shaoqiu into the house, he shouted to a man in thick cotton clothes not far away.
      “Alright, Village Chief!”
      The man by the name of Duba replied, then he hurriedly ran away.*

      In Chapter 12, too much respect was to seek collection from fear!Pray for flowers!

      The Tal Goat in the Himalayas was a very rare animal. It was also known as a snow leopard, bear monkey, and long-tailed gray leaf monkey. There were only 5000 of them. Because they were covered with long hair and could grow up to 18 cm, they were also called long-haired sheep.
      Because there were few and long hair, most people would cut off their hair to make clothes after catching it, while the sheep would be put back. Killing the Tal sheep to entertain guests was the highest welcome in the village….
      Soon, a pot of mutton soup was brought in.
      “Distinguished guest, this is the only thing in the village that is simple and crude. I hope you don’ t take offense…”
      The old man said respectfully.
      “Hehe, thank you, old man. Hurry up and sit. Let’s eat together.”
      Shao Qiu hurriedly said, then pulled the old man and asked him to sit down.
      “No need. Dear guest, just eat. We’ ve already had lunch…”
      The old man sat down and hurriedly said.
      “Hehe, let’s eat together. I’ m too embarrassed to eat while you’ re here…”
      Shao Qiu smiled and said.
      But no matter what Shao Qiu said, the old man just waved his hand and refused to eat. At this moment, the door was opened and a round figure ran in from outside.
      “Wow… there’s mutton. What day is Grandpa today!”Hmm… delicious!”
      The one who came in was a little girl about ten years old. She was petite and dressed in thick clothes. She looked a little stupid. At this moment, she was grabbing the mutton in the basin and placing it in her mouth. As she ate, she said. Her eyes were completely on the mutton on the table. She did not notice Shaoqiu’s existence at all.
      “Krasi!Stop!”How could you be so unreasonable in front of a distinguished guest!”
      The old man shouted angrily. Then, he hurriedly said to Shaoqiu, who was looking at his granddaughter,” The distinguished guests are all bad for Krasi. I beg you to forgive her for being rude…”
      He was about to pull Krasi to his knees.
      Shao Qiu hurriedly reached out to stop the old man.
      “Hehe, it’s fine. I can’ t finish eating so much. Let’s eat together.”
      Shaoqiu smiled and then reached out to grab a piece of mutton from the bowl.
      To be honest, this Thar Goat’s mutton was really not delicious. There was a taste of it. Shao Qiu slightly frowned and swallowed the mutton into his stomach, then his brows relaxed.
      When the meat entered his stomach, he immediately felt his entire body warm, as if he had swallowed a large mouthful of 54 burning knives!
      The old man beside him pulled the little girl called Krasi and stood there motionless. Although the distinguished guest in front of him did not show any anger, and he also forgave Krasi’s unreasonable behavior earlier, he definitely would n’ t dare to let them eat with Shaoqiu!
      Seeing that the two of them were standing still, Shao Qiu stopped after eating a few more mouthfuls of mutton.
      “Hehe, thank you for your hospitality. I still have something to do. I’ ll go first…”
      Shao Qiu’s figure instantly disappeared!
      The old man and the little girl in the room were stunned. However, they quickly came to their senses. After all, they had seen the abilities of the mages on the snow mountain, so they were not that surprised to see Shao thin air.
      “Grandpa… was that man from earlier also the Venerable One of the Temple?”
      Krasi looked up at his grandfather beside him and asked curiously.
      “I don’ t know, but it should be the guests of the mages. The mages don’ t wear the clothes of the guest just now.”
      The old man shook his head and said.
      The little girl nodded.
      He hid his aura and ran straight to the temple on the snowy mountain.
      The feeling just now made Shaoqiu lose his interest in eating. He didn’t like the feeling of being high and above. He really did n’ t like it. Moreover, from the people’s performance in the village, it could be seen that they were very respectful to the mages in the temples. Their respect had turned into fear. This was not a good phenomenon!
      Ten minutes later, Shaoqiu arrived at the entrance of the temple. Shaoqiu’s figure slowly appeared. When the apprentices saw Shaoqiu at the entrance, they were stunned. One of the chubby youths hurriedly ran in.
      Gu Yi and Karu, who were sitting in the hall drinking tea, hurriedly stood up and walked outside when they heard the words of the apprentice.
      As soon as he reached the door, he saw Shao Qiu walking in and looking at them with a smile.
      “Dear Mr. Shao Qiu, how are you…”
      Gu Yi hurriedly bent down and said, while Karu beside him hurriedly said.
      “Hmm… Hehe, I haven’ t come here in a day. I’ m thinking about this place, so I’ ll come over and take a look.”
      Shao Qiu then walked into the hall.
      The two people outside looked at each other and hurriedly turned around to follow.
      Entering the hall, Shao Qiu sat in the middle, looking at the two nervous people below.
      “Hehe, don’ t be nervous. Hurry up and sit…”
      Shao Qiu smiled and said.
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, Gu Yi and Karu directly bent their knees and sat down.
      After the two of them sat down, Shao Qiu said,” I came here this time because I need your help….”
      “Mr. Shaoqiu, if you need any help, please just say it..”
      Kalu hurriedly said.
      “I hope you can send out a mage who knows how to teleport spells with me for a while. Also, please send me some food…”
      Shao Qiu smiled.
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, Karu and Gu and the others heaved a sigh of relief. This was just a simple matter for them.
      “Alright, Mr. Shaoqiu, let’s go and arrange it now…”
      Karu stood up and quickly left after giving Shaoqiu a bow.
      After Karu left, Shaoqiu said to Gu Yi,” Hehe, Mage Gu Yi, there’s one more thing. I just passed by the village under the snow mountain… I found some problems.”
      “What’s the problem?”
      Gu Yi was stunned and hurriedly asked.
      “Hehe, it’s better for Gu Yi to go and see this for himself. However, there’s a sentence that I want to give to Gu Yi. I’ m worried that the villagers will treat you as a family, not a god…”
      Shao Qiu stood up and walked out.
      Gu Yi was left behind to sit there in a daze. Shao Qiu’s words just now made her feel that she was a step closer to that state!*

      Chapter 13 Baron Modu, please collect it!Pray for flowers!Please reward!

      Outside, Karu was already standing there with a young black man in a white robe. Seeing Shao Qiu come out, he said respectfully:
      “Mr. Shaoqiu, he is the best mage here.”
      “Hello, Mr. Shaoqiu. I’ m Mo Du.”
      The black man bowed and said respectfully.
      Hearing the black man’s words, Shaoqiu looked at the black man in front of him curiously.
      This person was Mordor, commonly known as Baron Mordor. In the cartoon, he had learned dark magic and betrayed him. However, in the movie, he had become the assistant of Dr. Strange. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had begged Gu 15 hours, Dr. Strange would n’ t have been able to enter Gu 1’s door…
      At this moment, Mo Du was being watched by Shao Qiu. He could not help but take a step back. He wondered if the person in front of him who even Master Karu did not dare to offend was a special hobby…
      “Hehe, not bad… just him.”
      Shaoqiu nodded in satisfaction.
      “Okay, Mr. Shao Qiu……”You’ ve been by Mr. Shao Qiu’s side all this time…”
      Carl left quickly after he finished speaking.
      At this moment, only Shao Qiu and Mo Du were left. Shao Qiu looked at Mo Du and smiled, then signaled for him to follow him.
      Although Mo Du was scared, he obediently followed behind.
      After arriving outside, Shao Qiu stopped and looked at Mo Du with a faint smile.” Alright, let’s start. Let’s go to Guangzhou now….”
      Mo Du was stunned as a black question mark appeared in front of Shao Qiu.
      “Open the teleportation portal… I’ m going to Guangzhou now.”
      Shao Qiu repeated.
      “Ah… okay, Mr Shao Qiu…”
      Mo Du reacted this time and hurriedly extended his hands to open the teleportation door.
      When the teleportation door opened, Shao Qiu jumped in and Mo Du followed behind.
      On the other side, Guangzhou Foshan.
      At this moment, Bao Zhilin was his third aunt.He was wearing a neutral Western outfit. Beside him was Huang Feihong, who was wearing a white robe. Behind them was Liang Kuan, who was wearing a black robe. He was wearing a hat and his back was full of luggage.
      “Fei Hong… How about you change your clothes…”
      Looking at the white robe Huang Feihong was wearing in front of him, Aunt Thirteen remembered the mysterious and powerful man on the cruise ship a month ago!
      “Hmm?”What’s wrong with me?”
      Huang Feihong lowered his head and examined the clothes on his body. He did not find anything wrong.
      “Go and change it.”
      His aunt didn’t know how to explain it, because she, who had received western education, did n’ t believe the words of the ghost and snake god at all. However, that man disappeared into thin air. This completely overturned her 20 years of world view….
      Was there really a god in this world?
      “Alright, then I’ ll go change one…”
      Although Huang Feihong didn’t understand why his thirteenth aunt asked him to change his clothes, he still nodded and obediently turned around to return to the room.
      This invitation from the International Medical Association was to attend the forum in Guangzhou. Huang Feihong had done his homework, because now, Chinese medicine was declining. Not only in foreign countries, but also in China, many places thought that Chinese medicine was not as good as Western medicine……
      Therefore, Huang Feihong’s participation in the International Medical Association this time was not only for the sake of communication, but also for the sake of giving Chinese medicine a proper name!
      Very soon, Huang Feihong changed into a blue robe and walked out. When his 13th aunt saw Huang Feihong wearing a blue robe, she felt a little more comfortable.
      “Alright, let’s go now. Hurry up and go to the station. Otherwise, we won’ t be able to get in.”
      He took out his pocket pocket watch and said hurriedly.
      Then, the three of them hurried towards the station.
      When they arrived at the station, there were many people at the station. They were all crowded. When the three of them got into the car, they were already sweating profusely.
      Just as the train was about to start, the three people walking in the carriage, except for their 13th aunt, Huang Feihong and Liang Ku, almost fell down… but fortunately, the two of them had martial arts and stabilized their bodies.
      Huang Feihong saw a Westerner drinking soup on the table next to him. His eyes lit up as he said with a hint of fighting spirit,” Good martial arts!”You’ re still able to eat in such a situation. If you have a chance, you must spar with this Western Master!”
      When his sister-in-law heard Huang Feihong’s words, he was stunned and did not know whether to laugh or cry.” They don’ t know martial arts. It’s just because they often sit. Look at the fact that those who can sit and eat are basically Westerners…”
      After saying that, his aunt looked around and saw that he was heading towards the other side in an empty position. Huang Feihong hurriedly followed, leaving behind Liang Kuan’s exclamation as he looked at the falling trees outside the train.
      Soon, the three of them sat down with their luggage. At this moment, Liang Kuan shook his head and his eyes were a little confused.
      “Hey… A-Kuan, are you alright?”
      Huang Feihong asked when he saw it.
      “It’s fine. I just feel a little dizzy… My chest seems to have exploded…”
      Liang Kuan frowned and said.
      Hearing Liang Ku’s words, his sister-in-law hurriedly said,” Oh… I know, this is car sickness. You don’ t have to eat later, or you’ ll spit it out!”
      Liang Kuan didn’ t mind Aunt Thirteen’s words.” It’s fine… There’s Western food here. Even if you spit it out, you have to eat it… Hehe.”
      He chuckled.
      A man took three bowls of soup from a tray and walked over. He smiled politely at Huang Feihong, then put the soup on and left.*

      Chapter 14: The White Lotus Sect Begging for Collection!Pray for flowers!Please reward!

      An hour later, the train finally arrived at Guangzhou Station. Aunt Thirteen got off the train in high spirits, while Huang Feihong and Liang Ku both had a look of decadence on their faces…
      After this hour of experience, the two of them made up their minds. They would definitely not sit here and go back after the exchange meeting!
      After getting out of the car, the three of them walked out from the station. Immediately, a lively and noisy street appeared in front of the three of them. There were shouts of “selling” and “cursing “. Not far away from the three of them, there was a group of people holding white shouting loudly!
      “Objection to the Ma Guan Treaty!”
      “Oppose Li Hongzhang’s begging to Japan!”
      The people in the procession shouted!
      Several men drinking tea upstairs heard the shouts below and looked down.
      “What are they doing?”
      “It’s war. Taiwan has been ceded…”
      “Where is Taiwan?”Not big?”
      “It should be on the sea, right? After all, it’s called a bay. However, who knows if it’s big. Now that even this big provincial city is managed like this, what is there to do in Taiwan?”
      After the discussion, the three of them did not care about the situation below. They continued to pull out a large cigarette bag from their side and began to smoke.
      At this moment, a man saw the 13th aunt who was walking below him and said in surprise,” Look, that woman is dressed like this!”
      Hearing the man’s words, the other two men also looked in the direction of their 13th aunt. Their actions and discussions caused everyone around to look at their 13th aunt.
      At this moment, a few children who were playing around nearby heard the sound and ran over as well. When they saw their 13th aunt, they hurriedly ran to one side, carrying a bowl of chicken blood from somewhere.
      At this moment, Aunt Thirteen did not know what the girls were doing. She looked at the girl’s clothes and smiled.” Wow… your clothes are so beautiful!”
      As soon as she finished her sentence, a little girl with chicken blood in her hand at the front started to pour the chicken blood from the bowl onto her aunt’s body!
      “Kill the fake ghost!”
      Immediately, the remaining children also held the rotten cabbage, the leaves of vegetables, and the others… smashed towards his aunt.
      Huang Feihong’s expression changed. He dashed forward and grabbed his sister-in-law’s arm and pulled it to one side. At the same time, Liang Kuan was furious when he saw her sister-in-law being attacked. He picked up a teacup from the table and smashed it on the girl’s forehead!
      Blood immediately poured out of the little girl’s forehead. Everyone dispersed, while the little girl covered her forehead and cried loudly.
      “Sister… You’ re bleeding. Let’s go find Ninth Uncle!”
      The little girl’s sister saw the blood on her sister’s forehead and hastily said.
      Then, the two little girls ran towards the distance.
      “Why are you like this!”He actually smashed a child!”
      “Kill the fake ghost!”
      “Kill them!”
      When the surrounding people saw this scene, they all gathered around and looked at Huang Feihong and the others angrily.
      Seeing this scene, Huang Feihong walked to the front of Aunt Thirteen and protected Aunt Thirteen. Liang Ku tightly hugged the camera in his arms!
      This thing was Aunt Thirteen’s treasure. If it was damaged, Aunt Thirteen would definitely die of grief!
      Just as everyone was about to make a move, a voice reached everyone’s ears.
      “My neighbors!”The White Lotus Sect is opening up in front of the telegraph office. Everyone, why don’ t we hurry over and worship!”
      Hearing this voice, everyone immediately dispersed and ran in a direction!
      Huang Feihong, who was already prepared to have Liang Kuan leave with his aunt, was stunned. Liang Kuan and aunt were the same!
      However, the reason why Huang Feihong and Liang Kuan were stunned was because they were wondering why these people had left. As for Aunt Thirteen, she saw a figure wearing a strange white robe, a hood, and a white red cape behind her.
      “It’s him!”
      Aunt Thirteen’s face turned red and she quickly walked towards that figure.
      But the surroundings were full of people. When Aunt Thirteen followed the figure for a few minutes, she suddenly realized that the figure had disappeared again!
      “Why is it gone again!”
      Aunt Thirteen said in disappointment.
      “Aunt Thirteen, why are you here!”
      This was Liang Kuan’s voice from the side.
      Hearing Liang Kuan’s voice, Aunt Thirteen looked around and found that she was surrounded by people. In front of her, there were a few people dressed in guard. The musket in her hand was looking at her side with a face full of vigilance.
      In an empty area nearby, a group of men and women in white clothes were walking towards them!
      “Tianfeng and Earthfire are coming together, killing all the foreigners is the right thing to do
      “Today, Bai Lian will come to save the world.”
      A white-robed man in front of him was waving a burning incense in his hand!The white smoke floated out from the incense tip and spread around the man. It looked like it was spitting mist!
      The surrounding people lowered their heads or knelt down in worship!
      Seeing that the people’s passion had been mobilized, the man stopped shouting. He threw two incense sticks in his hand at the door of the telegraph office and shouted,” Burn the telegraph office!”
      Then, the man took out two yellow talisman papers from his clothes. When the surrounding people saw the man taking out the talisman papers, they all shouted the slogan that the man had just shouted!
      “Tianfeng and Earthfire are coming together, killing all the foreigners is the right thing to do
      White Lotus descended into the mortal world, and all the people turned around, breaking away from foreign objects and enjoying peace
      At this moment, there were more and more shouts from the surrounding people. The man holding the talisman paper and ringing the bell was getting more and more excited!He raised his head to the sky and his face turned red. The veins on his neck bulged up!
      Pfft!With a muffled sound, a white light flashed through the crowd!
      The originally crazy people immediately stopped moving!Stupidly standing there!*

      Chapter 15: Revisiting Aunt Thirteen!Pray for flowers!

      The scene quieted down. Everyone turned their heads to look in the direction of the white light. They saw a woman wearing a western coat and a hat with a strange object in her hand. The object was still smoking.
      In a corner where no one was paying attention, Shaoqiu saw this scene and his mouth twitched. This stupid woman…
      Seeing that everyone was looking at him,13th aunt smiled and then said thank you to everyone…
      Thank them for taking this photo for themselves…
      However, after a few seconds of his sister-in-law’s smile, her face turned flustered!
      “She is a demon, she can discharge!”Run!”
      All the people around her ran away in fright, while the man in white pointed at her and shouted,” She’s a demon!Grab her!”Kill her!”
      Immediately, a group of people from Lotus Flower Sect rushed forward!
      Looking at the Lotus Flower Sect members rushing over, Liang Kuan hurriedly protected his thirteenth aunt behind him!
      “You misunderstand!”She’s from the Heavenly Dynasty!”
      Humph!”If you’ re wearing a foreigner’s clothes, you’ re not a demon. Grab her and burn her to death!”
      The leading man said fiercely, then reached out to grab his aunt.
      In an instant, Liang Kuan kicked out and landed on the leader’s chest. The man let out a miserable scream and flew backwards, smashing the two people behind him.
      Seeing Liang Kuan kick the altar master flying, the remaining members of the White Lotus Sect immediately rushed forward!
      “Aunt Thirteen, go quickly!”
      Liang Kuan clenched his fists and opened his fist!All the people who rushed up were knocked down. However, after all, his martial arts were not as good as Huang Feihong’s. Moreover, there were too many members of the White Lotus Society, so he could n’ t resist it very quickly. Fortunately, Huang Feihong arrived at the scene.
      At this moment, Huang Feihong soared into the sky and kicked three times. The three people beside him were knocked to the ground and let out a wailing sound…
      “A-Kuan, what about Third Aunt?”
      Huang Feihong looked around and did not see his thirteenth aunt’s figure. He hurriedly asked Liang Kuan.
      “Right behind me…”
      Liang Kuan kicked a man who was rushing over and turned his head. But when he saw that there was no 13th aunt behind him, he was stunned.
      “He’s not enough!”
      Huang Feihong said angrily as he looked at Liang Kuan!The force under his feet increased a bit!
      At this moment, his 13th aunt only felt her eyes go blank. Then, she realized that she was in an alley. There was a man in a strange white and red robe beside her, and behind her was a black man.
      Ah!”It’s you!”
      Looking at the man in front of him, Aunt Thirteen shouted in surprise.
      “Hehe, we met again. Do you miss me?”
      Shao Qiu asked with a smile.
      Pah!”Who would have thought of you!”
      Aunt Thirteen’s face turned red and she retorted angrily. Then she thought of something and asked,” Why am I here?”Where is this place?”
      “If it wasn’ t for me, you should have been burned to death by those people from the White Lotus Sect…”
      Shao Qiu said with a faint smile.
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, his aunt hurriedly refuted,” I still have Fei Hong!”Fei Hong will definitely save me!”
      “Yeah, it’s also… After all, those five scum aren’ t enough for Huang Feihong to play with…”
      Shaoqiu nodded and agreed with Aunt Thirteen.
      Aunt Thirteen:”……………”
      “Who are you?”Why do you have that ability?”
      At this moment, Aunt Thirteen looked at Shao Qiu with a smile and asked.
      “Hmm….how about that, you can call me the Guardian…”
      Shao Qiu thought for a moment and said.
      “Guardian?”Are you protecting this land?”
      Aunt Thirteen asked again.
      “Mm, it’s about time. Alright, then you can go back first. I still have some things to do first…”
      After saying that, Shaoqiu walked towards the distance, and Baron Modu hurriedly followed.
      The 13th aunt who was standing there wanted to follow, but when she heard Huang Feihong’s cry from afar, she turned around and ran towards Huang Feihong.
      Soon, Aunt Thirteen saw Huang Feihong and Liang Kuan anxiously searching for him.
      “Fei Hong, A Kuan, I’ m here!”
      Aunt Thirteen shouted loudly, waving her hands!
      Hearing his aunt’s voice, Huang Feihong and Liang Kong finally let out a sigh of relief. If Aunt Thirteen really had something to do, they really did n’ t know what to do!
      “Aunt Thirteen, where did you go just now?”You’ ve disappeared in the blink of an eye.”
      Liang Kuan hurriedly asked.
      “Hmm… It’s fine. I saw too many people and ran away first…”
      Aunt Thirteen blinked and said.
      Hearing his aunt’s words, Liang Kuan and Huang Feihong did n’ t ask any further. Then, the three of them headed towards the hotel they had booked.
      When they arrived at the hotel, Aunt Thirteen directly entered the room. Then, she locked the door and locked herself inside. Meanwhile, Huang Feihong and Liang Ku also entered the room and began to prepare. Because tomorrow was the beginning of the medical exchange, and the name of TCM would be announced tomorrow!
      On the other side, Shao Qiu and Mo Du were walking on the street. The people around them looked at them, eyes filled with hatred!
      One was a black ocean, and the other was a person wearing strange clothes that couldn’t see his face. Although he did n’ t know if this person was a foreigner, being with a foreigner was definitely not a good person….
      Mo Du, who walked to the back, looked at Shao Qiu walking in front of him unhurriedly. He was curious about Shao Qiu’s purpose in coming here.
      One had to know that they had already arrived here since yesterday. They had been wandering around for the entire day. Mo Du had a feeling that Shao Qiu was too lonely to travel alone, so he had to call someone who could teleport to accompany him…*

      Chapter 16 Piglet?No!It was a child!Please collect!

      Soon, Shaoqiu arrived at a residential house. He walked to a very crude house inside. Shaoqiu stopped and knocked on the door.
      “Who is it!”
      Just as the door knocked, a deep man’s voice came from inside.
      Shao Qiu said indifferently.
      After more than ten seconds, the room door was opened. A pair of triangular eyes looked at Shao Qiu and Mo Du outside. When they saw the two of them, they were obviously stunned. Then, they opened the door.
      The door was opened, and a moldy smell spread to Shao Qiu and Mo Du’s noses. Shao Qiu’s face was expressionless, while Mo Du slightly frowned.
      “You are Bai Lian’s?”
      The man looked at Shaoqiu’s strange white and red clothes. His shoulders were covered with shoulder armor and his chest was covered with a pair of gorgeous wrist armor. Although it looked gorgeous, the man could feel the smell of blood from his wrist armor. That was how many people killed could have this kind of murderous aura!
      “No… I’ m just a guest…”
      Shao Qiu said with a faint smile.
      “Then you’re an American?”What’s the purpose of buying those goods?”
      The man frowned and continued to ask.
      “I’ m from the imperial court. I want to buy some to support myself.”
      Shao Qiu said.
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, the man moved away and turned to walk inside. Shao Qiu followed behind.
      After entering the house, Mo Du walked to the back and closed the door.
      At this moment, the man in front of him suddenly turned around and pointed a short musket at Shao Qiu’s forehead!
      “Take the hat off!”
      The man said coldly.
      Mo Du, who was at the back, saw Shao Qiu’s face change when he was pointed at by the Fire Spear. A pair of orange-colored rings suddenly appeared in his hands!
      Ah… You guys!You are demons!”You…”
      The man’s face was filled with fear. Before he could finish his sentence, he spat out a mouthful of blood and looked at his chest.
      A short sword pierced through his chest and pierced into his heart!
      With a sound of sheathing, the man slid to the ground…
      Looking at the blood on his hand, Shao Qiu picked up a piece of cloth on the table next to him and wiped it on the man’s face.
      “May death bring you peace… rest…”
      After saying that, Shao Qiu stood up and walked inside, while Mo Du, who was behind him, withdrew his light circle and looked at the underground corpse before following him.
      Walking to the bottom, Shao Qiu stopped.
      “Do you know why I killed him?”
      “Because he threatened you…”
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, Mo Du said without thinking.
      Shao Qiu smiled and shook her head.
      “I use blades as my eyes. It can cut through the darkness…”
      After saying that, Shao Qiu’s foot stomped on the ground!
      The stone slab beneath Shaoqiu’s feet instantly turned into powder!Then there was a series of frightened child cries!
      Hearing this, Mo Du looked at Shao Qiu’s feet.
      Shao Qiu’s foot was a large cellar!And their current house was under the cellar!
      Countless eyes under the cellar looked at him. Those eyes were filled with fear and despair. At the same time, there was a trace of hope. However, that hope was buried in the depths of anxiety!
      The owners of their eyes were trembling. They hugged each other tightly. They knew what they were going to experience later, but they could not resist at all!
      Among the owners of these eyes was a little girl dressed in flower clothes. The blood on her forehead had dried up into a scab. If Aunt Thirteen saw it, she would definitely be able to recognize that this child was the little girl own chicken blood!
      “These… these children… are the goods that you mentioned earlier?!”
      Mo Du looked at Shao Qiu in shock.
      Shaoqiu nodded without saying anything, but her eyes were filled with pity and anger!
      Although he had lived in the game for a thousand years, he had seen a scene that was even more miserable than this scene before, but not like today, his heart was filled with anger!He could not help but want to kill!
      “Save them, arrange them and send them to my temple…”
      Shao Qiu’s cold voice reached Mo Du’s ear, causing Mo Du to shiver uncontrollably….
      “Alright… Mr. Shao Qiu.”
      Mo Du hurriedly said.
      “Yeah, I’ ll find you later…”
      Shao Qiu turned around and left.
      Looking at Shaoqiu’s back, Mo Du knew that many people would die tonight!
      A night of silence….
      The next day, Aunt Thirteen, Huang Feihong and Liang Kuan walked out of the hotel.
      “I heard!”Last night, all those selling pork were dead, and all those little pigs were gone!”
      “Really?Those were all from the White Lotus Sect!”Who dares to offend the White Lotus Sect?”
      “I don’t know, but I killed him well!”Even though the White Lotus Sect is for the sake of our common people, some things are too heartless!”
      “Shh… Don’ t talk. Let’s go first. The entire city is filled with white lotus disciples. Be careful that they hear you!”
      At this moment, the conversation between the two men reached the ears of the three of them.
      Hearing the conversation, Aunt Thirteen and Huang Feihong frowned, their faces full of doubt…
      Selling pork?The piggy disappeared?Selling pork was a matter of conscience?
      “Master… Master… what are they talking about?”
      Liang Kuan asked doubtfully.
      “Someone should have stolen all of Bai Lian’s pigs…”
      Huang Feihong thought for a moment and said.
      “Oh… I stole it!”
      Liang Kuan nodded in realization.
      “Hehe, this little pig is not that little pig… Sir, you’ ve misunderstood…”
      At this moment, a man in black robes said with a faint smile while holding a pocket watch.
      “Oh?”What does that mean?”
      Hearing this, Huang Feihong and the others looked at the man.
      “Piglet… is the meaning of a child, and those who raise pigs are human traffickers…”
      The man walked up to Huang Feihong and said softly. Then, he turned and left.*

      Chapter 17 Sun Yi seeks to collect!Pray for flowers!

      “Mr. Shaoqiu, all the children have been settled. They have already been given food. They have also put on thick clothes and sent them to your palace. Mage Gu Yi is there to look after them.”
      Mo Du’s face was full of fatigue, but his eyes were still full of vigor. He had made a dozen trips back and forth yesterday and rescued nearly 1,000 children. Most of these children were without parents, only half of them had relatives.
      After learning magic for nearly 20 years, Modu had always believed in learning magic to save the people. Although he would often go down the mountain to save the people in some villages, he had never been like yesterday!
      “Mm, that’s good…”
      Shaoqiu nodded and casually closed his eyes.
      “Mr. Shaoqiu, are we still helping those children tonight?”
      Mo Du looked at Shao Qiu with his eyes closed.
      “This area is gone.”
      Shaoqiu said softly.
      “Then we’ ll go eradicate the White Lotus Cult tonight?”
      Mo Du asked again.
      “No… Bai Lian taught someone to take care of it. We’ ll rest for two days, then we’ ll go back…”
      Mo Du nodded.
      The room fell into silence again…
      On the other side, Huang Feihong brought Liang Kuan to the International Medical Exchange and found his seat to sit down.
      Ten minutes later, everyone had arrived, and a foreign host announced the start of the exchange…
      “Please ask Dr. Smith from Ying Country to come on stage..”
      A middle-aged man with a blonde coat walked up to the stage, while his assistant pushed a bed in the middle.
      An hour later, Huang Feihong was looking down in the stands. He couldn’t understand what these foreigners were saying. Liang Ku was already lying on the side and sleeping.
      “Foshan Baozhi Lin Huang Feihong, please go on stage…”
      At this moment, the white coat on the stage bowed and returned to his seat.
      Hearing his name, Huang Feihong and Liang Kong hurriedly stood up and walked off the stage.
      Then, Liang Kuan took out a picture from his bag and hung it on a board. There was a picture of a human body on the paper, as well as some acupuncture points.
      “People have five elements, metal, wood, water, fire and earth, and the corresponding one is human……”
      Before he could finish, the doctors on the stage began to discuss.
      What happened?”Master, is your voice too low?”
      Liang Kuan asked doubtfully.
      “It should be… my voice is a little louder..”
      Huang Feihong nodded, his voice raised and repeated.
      However, there were still noisy discussions on the stage.
      “Brother, they can’ t understand your words. How about I translate it for you?”
      At this moment, a man stood up and smiled.
      Looking at the man standing up, Huang Feihong was stunned because this man was the one he met this morning. He was the one who explained to him that a pig was a child…
      “Okay, thank you!”
      Huang Feihong cupped his hands in gratitude.
      “Hehe, it doesn’ t matter.”
      The man chuckled and then came down from his seat and walked to the side of the stage.
      Half an hour later, all the Western doctors clapped and cried out in surprise!
      Huang Feihong’s acupuncture and moxibustion today completely suppressed them, making them sigh at the vastness and profoundness of the medical skills of the Tian Dynasty!Just by gently inserting two small needles on his feet, it could completely disable the nerve reaction on his legs!
      Seeing all the foreigners standing on the seat standing up and clapping, Huang Feihong’s face was filled with excitement. He then said to the black-robed man beside him,” This brother is too grateful to you. I, Huang Feihong, have you not asked for your advice?”
      “Hehe, Master Huang is too polite. My name is Sun Yi.”
      The man chuckled.
      “Sun Xian… be careful!”
      Huang Feihong smiled and just as he spoke, his expression changed. He reached out to push Sun Yi aside!
      At the same time, an arrow with yellow talisman paper on it shot through the window at Sun Yi’s previous position!
      The arrow was like a signal, and then hundreds of arrows shot in from outside!
      A scream rang out!
      A few foreigners were shot right away!
      “Mr. Sun, let’s go!”
      Huang Feihong hurriedly said.
      Sun Yi hurriedly nodded and ran towards the exit, while Liang Kuan and Huang Feihong followed behind.
      When he reached the exit, Huang Feihong saw a small luggage bag under the seat where Sun Yi had previously sat and reminded him,” Mr. Sun, your medical bag!”
      “Don’ t take it!”
      Sun Yi’s expression changed, but it was already too late. Huang Feihong extended his leg and hooked the box over. He grabbed it in his hand.
      When the three of them ran to an alley, they stopped when they saw that there was no sound behind them.
      “Huhu… Master, who are those people!”
      Liang Kuan asked while panting.
      “It should be from the White Lotus Sect…”
      Huang Feihong’s tone was filled with a hint of anger. An honest man, he was really a little angry at this moment. From the beginning, when they had just arrived here, they had caught their 13th aunt and now they were shooting arrows at the room, regardless of whether there were innocent people inside!
      “Master Huang, I still have something to do, so I’ ll go first…”
      At this moment, Sun Yi took out his pocket watch and hurriedly said.
      “Ah… Ok, Mr. Sun… Then we’ ll have a future…”
      Huang Feihong said with a smile.
      “There will be a future…”
      Sun Yi cupped his fists and said, then hurriedly took the box and left.
      PS: want to show off!All for me!Otherwise, I’ ll use the Little Sleeve Sword to stab your little chest!!*

      Chapter 18 Fragrant Meat = Dog Meat for Collection!Pray for flowers!Please reward!

      Looking at Sun Yi’s retreating figure, Huang Feihong said angrily,” These White Lotus Sects, they’ re doing nothing!”You’ re really going too far!”
      Ah… Master!”Ah!”
      At this moment, Liang Kuan thought of something and hurriedly said.
      What!You actually didn’ t tell me earlier!”Let’s go!”
      Huang Feihong’s expression changed and he rushed out in an instant, while Liang Ku hurriedly followed.
      Soon, the two of them arrived at the entrance of the inn. Just as Huang Feihong was about to kick the door open and rush in, he heard the voice of his 13th aunt.
      “Damned guy… You’ re a little ignorant… You’ re causing me to fall asleep for a month…”
      Huang Feihong frowned when he heard his sister-in-law’s voice. He stood there motionless, and Liang Ku was running over. Just as he was about to open the door, Huang Feihong stopped him.
      “Damn Shaoqiu, don’t let me see you!”Hmph!”
      At this moment, his thirteenth aunt’s tone was full of shyness, causing Huang Feihong and Liang Kuan to feel slightly sour when they heard that… their hearts were filled with hostility towards this fellow called Shao Qiu!
      “Master!”Who is Shao Qiu?”
      Liang Kong could not help but ask.
      “Hmph… Don’ t be disrespectful, don’ t be disrespectful…”
      Huang Feihong glared at Liang Kuan and then knocked on the door.
      “Ah… Come in!”
      The 13th aunt in the room was interrupted by a knock on the door and hurriedly said.
      Then, Huang Feihong and Liang Ku walked in.
      When they saw their thirteenth aunt, they were stunned!
      Originally, she had already disappeared from her western attire. At this moment, Aunt Thirteen was wearing a pink cloth coat, embroidered with lotus flowers, and the hat on her head was gone. Instead, it was a pair of cute braids….
      They had never seen his sister-in-law dressed like this before.
      What happened to you?”Am I that ugly?”
      Aunt Thirteen lowered her head to look at her clothes and asked doubtfully.
      “No… Aunt Thirteen, why did you think of wearing this dress?”
      Huang Feihong shook his head and asked.
      “Hehe, it’ ll be a lot of trouble to wear that suit. It’s better to wear this suit…”
      Aunt Thirteen said with a smile.
      At night, in the inn, the 13th aunt and Huang Feihong and Liang Kuan were sitting on the table. There was a large casserole on the table, and the smell of meat came from inside.
      “I went to buy some fragrant meat in the afternoon and gave it to Aunt Thirteen…”
      Liang Kuan said as he ate the meat.
      Hearing Liang Kuan’s words, Huang Feihong, who had just sat down, looked at his sister-in-law who was eating happily. He turned around and asked Liang Kuan,” Did you not tell sister-in-law?”
      Liang Kuan stopped his chopsticks and shook his head.
      Huang Feihong glared at Liang Kuan angrily and then asked his aunt,” Aunt Thirteen… Do you like dogs?”
      13Th aunt, who was chewing meat, raised her head and nodded happily.” Yes, dogs have intelligence!”I really like dogs… what’s wrong?”
      After saying that, he looked at Huang Feihong and Huang Feihong in confusion.
      “Hehe… It’s fine, it’s fine… Eat and eat…”
      Huang Feihong hurriedly pointed at the meat in the casserole.
      At this moment, there was a loud noise outside the door!
      “Quickly go over there and take a look!”
      “Get him!”
      Hearing the sound from outside, Huang Feihong frowned and then said,” I didn’ t expect the provincial cities to be in such a mess. A-Kuan, you’ ll pack your bags later. We’ ll go to the railway station tomorrow morning… We’ ll make a fire and return to Foshan…”
      Liang Kuan nodded and lowered his head to continue eating. As for Aunt Thirteen, she hastily picked up a few pieces of dog meat into Liang Kuan’s bowl.
      “Then you have to eat more tonight. Don’ t eat tomorrow, or you’ ll spit out all of them on the train!”
      Liang Kuan nodded.
      At this moment, Huang Feihong was stunned for a moment before he said,” Aunt Thirteen, when you’ re finished eating the dog meat, you come with me. I’ ll teach you some defensive techniques. Now that the world is in chaos, you need to learn some defensive techniques…”
      Hearing the defensive moves, Aunt Thirteen thought of the man in a white robe.
      “Okay… Wait a minute… You just said this was dog meat?!”
      Aunt Thirteen asked as she looked at the meat on her chopsticks.
      Hearing his sister-in-law’s words, Huang Feihong and Liang Ku hurriedly lowered their heads. The sister-in-law instantly stood up and ran to the distance. Then, they heard the sound of vomiting!
      On the other side, Shao Qiu was woken up by the sound of vomiting. She opened her eyes and frowned….
      “Mr. Shaoqiu, do you want me to remind you next door…”
      Mo Du asked with keen eyes.
      “Mm, no need. Go and help me find someone called X Wen…”
      Shaoqiu shook his head and said.
      “Alright, Mr Shao Qiu…”
      Mo Du said respectfully and then left the room.
      The next morning, Zhang Yi came out of the room, followed by Mo Du.
      “Mr. Shaoqiu, I already found Xwen’s location yesterday. He is drinking tea not far from this inn…”
      “Yeah, now go find him.”
      Shaoqiu nodded.
      The two of them walked out of the inn. Just as they walked out of the inn, Aunt Thirteen and Huang Feihong also walked out of the room.
      At this moment, Aunt Thirteen suddenly saw a figure flashing downstairs…
      “Aunt Thirteen, what’s wrong with you?”
      Huang Feihong looked at the stunned Aunt Thirteen and asked doubtfully.
      “It’s fine… let’s go.”
      Aunt Thirteen shook her head.*

      Chapter 19 I am an assassin seeking to collect!Pray for flowers!Please reward!

      At an open-air teahouse on the side of the road, Sun Yi was sitting at the tea table, holding a pocket watch in his hand and frowning.
      At this moment, he felt a person sitting opposite him. He looked up and saw a man in strange clothes sitting in front of him. The man was wearing a hood and could not be seen clearly. Behind the man was a black man wearing a black robe.
      “Brother, may I ask who you are?”
      Sun Yi looked at the man in front of him and asked with a frown.
      “What is the world in your mind like?”
      The man didn’t answer Sun Yi’s question and asked.
      Hearing the man’s words, Sun Yi was stunned for a moment. In his heart, his purpose had appeared when he had founded the Agricultural Society!
      “To create a republican government!In order for all the commoners to take charge!For people to no longer suffer from hunger, no longer fight for food with hungry dogs!In order not to freeze people to death on the streets…
      For thousands of children to learn!For everyone to think highly of their illness!In order to make the motherland prosperous!
      “For the sake of my child’s ability to walk out of the country, I can straighten my back!”
      Sun Yi’s voice gradually increased!The surrounding people looked over and looked at him as if they were fools. How could such a world appear?
      “Then what is your creed?”
      Shao Qiu’s voice reached Sun Yixian’s ears again.
      This time, Sun Yi said without thinking,” For the sake of my country, I’ m willing to give up my life!”
      As soon as Sun Yi finished speaking, he realized that the buildings around him had disappeared in an instant. He appeared in a dark space, with only the man beside him.
      “This… this is…”
      Sun Yi looked around in shock.
      What was the truth?With the faith in our hearts, we can see the true appearance of the world and hope that one day everyone can see it…
      What was the world?It was just a fantasy. We could choose to follow blindly like others, or we could choose to surpass!
      What was transcendence?”Remember that everything is empty and everything is allowed!”
      At this moment, Shaoqiu walked in front of Sun Yi and said softly. His words made Sun Yi dumbfounded!
      “Who are you?”
      Sun Yi asked.
      “I’ m an assassin… I’ m moving in the dark and fighting for the light!”
      “Are you going to join us?”
      Shaoqiu asked softly.
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, Sun Yi was stunned.
      “Can you help me, help this world?”
      “Of course…”
      “I’ ll join!”
      After Sun Yi answered, he saw the man in front of him with a smile on his face. Then, the surrounding scene disappeared and he reappeared in the small teahouse. The man in front of him was looking at him with a smile.
      Although Mo Du had no expression on his face, his heart was filled with shock!
      Shao Qiu’s words had not only affected Sun Yixian, but also affected him!
      “Modu… You’ re bringing Sun Yi back to the palace and have him take care of the children over there…”
      Shao Qiu said.
      “Alright, Mr Shao Qiu…”
      Mo Du hurriedly nodded his head and looked at Shao Qiu.
      Then Sun Yi and Mo Du left, while Zhang Yi sat at the table, drinking tea quietly.
      “I’ ve met you again…”
      Shao Qiu smiled faintly as he looked at the three people walking over.
      Perhaps it was because she sensed Shao Qiu’s gaze that she turned around to look in Shao Qiu’s direction. When she saw Shao Qiu, she was stunned!
      “What’s wrong with Aunt Thirteen?”
      Huang Feihong and Liang Kuan, who were walking, saw his sister-in-law stop in her tracks and asked curiously.
      “Aunt Thirteen?”Aunt Thirteen?”
      After shouting a few times in succession, Aunt Thirteen did not react at all. She followed Aunt Thirteen’s gaze and saw Huang Feihong and Liang Kuan see a man in a white red robe. He was wearing a hood as he looked over with a smile.
      At this moment, Aunt Thirteen finally reacted and walked towards Shao Qiu, while Huang Feihong and Liang Kuan followed closely behind.
      When she arrived in front of Shaoqiu, Aunt Thirteen looked at Shaoqiu who was smiling at her.
      “Why are you here?”
      “Don’ t you know that I’ m here…”
      Shaoqiu shrugged and smiled.
      “Who is Aunt Thirteen?”
      At this moment, Liang Kuan approached his aunt and asked.
      Before his sister-in-law could say anything, Huang Feihong suddenly cupped his fist and said with a smile,” Foshan Huang Feihong, this brother, may I have your name!”
      “Hehe, just call me Shaoqiu…”
      Shao Qiu said with a faint smile.
      “Ah… Master, he’s Shao Qiu!”
      As soon as Shao Qiu finished speaking, Liang Kuan hurriedly said.
      “Oh?”You know me?”
      Shao Qiu was a little puzzled. Could it be that his aunt had told them?
      “Of course I know you. Yesterday, Aunt Thirteen said your name and said that you don’ t know anything about pity and beauty…”
      “Shut up!”
      Huang Feihong frowned and interrupted Liang Kuan’s words. His sister-in-law’s face
      At this moment, Shaoqiu felt a little proud. Being remembered by a woman was indeed something to be proud of, especially since this woman was still a thirteenth aunt….
      “That… is not what you think… I…”
      Aunt Thirteen’s face was red as she hurriedly explained.
      Suddenly, a loud noise came from afar. Looking in the direction of the noise, he saw a group of people running towards him. There were a few of them with this knife wound!
      “What’s going on!”
      Their expressions changed.
      “Brother, are you guys here?”
      Huang Feihong hurriedly asked when he stopped a person running over.
      “Bai Lian taught Fire to burn Tongren Hall and beat people up. Hurry up and run!”
      “Master, what is Tongren Hall?”
      Liang Kuan asked curiously.
      “It’s the place where the foreigners teach… but there are still many students inside!”
      Thirteen’s aunt ran in the opposite direction, while Huang Feihong and Liang Ku followed.
      Shao Qiu, who was sitting on the chair, stood up and slowly followed behind.*

      Chapter 20: Meeting with Huang Feihong for Collection!Pray for flowers!

      Soon, the four of them arrived at Tongren Hall. The entire house was covered with yellow talisman paper, and there were some blood and broken arrows outside…
      Seeing this scene, Huang Feihong and the others frowned while Shaoqiu was expressionless.
      “Let’s take a look inside!”
      Huang Feihong spoke and then quickly walked into the house. Shao Qiu and the others followed behind him.
      When they entered the hall, the scent of the book was completely gone. There were broken tables, chairs, and so on. There were a few corpses with arrows all over their bodies.
      At this moment, a scream rang out and a figure rushed towards them.
      In an instant, Huang Feihong, who was at the very front, kicked away the figure that was rushing towards him. Then, the figure fell motionless…
      It turned out that the person who fell down was a dying foreigner…
      Wow… Master is so amazing!”So quickly!”
      Liang Kuan gave a thumbs-up and then glanced at Shao Qiu who was looking around.
      Huang Feihong was immediately embarrassed.
      “There are living people upstairs…”
      Shao Qiu, who was observing the surroundings, suddenly said.
      Tch!How do you know?”You didn’ t go up and look!”
      Liang Kuan said with a cut.
      Shao Qiu didn’ t mind Liang Ku’s words and continued,” A dozen children, they’ re hiding in the cabinet on the second floor.”
      “The more you say it, the more evil it is… It’s just like you saw it…”
      Liang Kuan continued to despise him.
      As soon as he finished speaking, he heard Peng’s voice from upstairs. Immediately, Liang Kuan was stunned. Huang Feihong was also slightly stunned as he stared at the man named Shao Qiu.
      This person was good at martial arts!He didn’t realize that there was another person on it, and this person could feel it on the first floor. Could it be that this person had entered the legendary realm and could feel everyone’s aura?
      F*ck… F*ck…
      At this moment, his sister-in-law hurriedly ran upstairs. The others followed behind.
      Upstairs, Shao Qiu walked towards a corner. There was a huge cabinet at that corner. When he reached the cabinet, Shao Qiu opened the cabinet door.
      There was a sudden sound of frightened children in the cabinet.
      At this moment, Huang Feihong and his sister-in-law and his sister-in-law also surrounded him. When they saw the dozen or so frightened children in the cabinet, they were all stunned.
      “You… how do you know… there’s a child here!”
      Liang Kuan pointed at Shao Qiu and shouted in shock.
      “Hehe, basic operation… don’ t care about this..”
      Shao Qiu laughed calmly.
      Huang Feihong:”……..”
      Liang Kuan:”…”
      Aunt Thirteen:”…………”
      “How do we deal with these children?”
      Looking at the frightened children in the cabinet, Aunt Thirteen looked at Shao Qiu and asked.
      “We need to send them to the inn right now… and then send the children home…”
      Huang Feihong said.
      Hearing Huang Feihong’s words, Liang Kuan hurriedly nodded, while Aunt Thirteen continued to look at Shaoqiu because she knew that Shaoqiu had some special abilities, so she might have a better idea.
      “Hmm… If you’ re close to home, you can send them back. If you’ re far away, leave it to me.”
      Shao Qiu said with a faint smile.
      “That… children, come out…”
      The children in the cabinet walked out.
      “Which of you live in this neighborhood?”
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, three children raised their hands.
      “Alright, take these three children and leave first. Leave the rest to me.”
      Looking at the three raised children, Shao Qiu said to Huang Feihong and the others.
      “Then… how are you going to settle the remaining children?”
      Aunt Thirteen asked.
      “I’ ll wait for my friend to come over and ask him to send all the children with parents back. Those without parents will stay and adopt.”
      Shao Qiu said.
      “Your friend?”Is it that black man?”
      Aunt Thirteen asked doubtfully.
      Shaoqiu nodded.
      “Then we’ ll wait until you’ re done…”
      At this moment, Aunt Thirteen’s eyes turned and she said. Huang Feihong and Liang Kuan did n’ t say anything. Obviously, they agreed with Aunt Thirteen’s decision. Perhaps they were worried about this man who suddenly appeared….
      Shao Qiu ignored the thoughts of the three of them. He nodded with a smile and agreed to his aunt’s request. Then, he helped up a chair that was lying on the ground and sat down.
      “That… Mr. Shao Qiu, you don’ t contact your friend?”
      Huang Feihong asked curiously as he looked at Shao Qiu who was sitting on the chair.
      “Hehe, there’s no need to contact him. He should be here soon..”
      Shao Qiu chuckled.
      “Then… okay, but please let your friends come as soon as possible. I’ m afraid those White Lotus followers will be here later.”
      Huang Feihong nodded and said worriedly.
      “Yes, it’s fine. It’s your Master Huang.”
      Shao Qiu smiled and said.
      “Of course… I’ll tell you, my master’s martial arts is definitely number one in the world!”Even if there are a hundred, my master will be able to handle it.”
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, Liang Kuan hurriedly said in a solemn tone. It was as if he were talking about himself.
      Ah Kuan!”Shut up!”
      Huang Feihong frowned.
      Liang Ku covered his mouth and obediently stopped speaking.
      The atmosphere immediately quieted down. The entire second floor was filled with whispers from the children as well as the voices of the 13th aunt comforting the children.
      After an unknown amount of time, just as Huang Feihong and Liang Ku could not wait, Shao Qiu, who was sitting in a chair, suddenly said,” He’s here…”
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, the three of them were stunned. Then, they saw a circle of light with a diameter of 1.5 meters in front of them!*

      Chapter 21 Assassin’s Creed for Collection!Pray for flowers!Please reward!

      “Mr. Shaoqiu, Sun Yi had already arrived at the palace and stayed with the children.”
      Mo Du jumped out from the door of light and saw that the three foolish people did not care. They directly walked to Shao Qiu and said.
      “Yes, good. Apart from these three children, all the others with parents are sent to his parents. No parents are sent to my palace.”
      Shaoqiu nodded and pointed at the children standing beside him.
      “Alright, Mr. Shao Qiu!”
      Mo Du nodded, then jumped in with a few children, then jumped back, then jumped in again……Just like that, they were moving back and forth.
      At this moment, Huang Feihong, his 13th aunt, and Liang Ku were completely dumbfounded. Seeing this scene, they had completely overturned their outlook on life and world!
      Even though Aunt Thirteen had already seen some of Shaoqiu’s miraculous abilities, she was still shocked to see the light door that appeared out of nowhere and the other scene inside it!
      Huang Feihong was the same as well. Although he was a Chinese native of the Earth Way, he was not like other Chinese people. He believed in those ghosts and snakes, but now that he saw this, he did not know if he it or not…
      Was there really a deity in this world?
      “Ah… Lord God!”Lord God!”
      At this moment, Huang Feihong and his sister-in-law woke up from their shock and looked in the direction of the voice. Liang Kuan was kneeling on the ground, kowtowing in terror!
      Huang Feihong saw Liang Kuan’s actions and did not stop him because he did not know what to say in the current situation.
      “You… you’ re an immortal?”
      At this moment, Aunt Thirteen looked at Shaoqiu and asked a question that troubled her.
      Hearing his aunt’s words, Shaoqiu smiled. On his face, there was a look of contempt or disdain for her aunt’s words…
      “Immortal?”At most, it’s just a group of pioneers. I’ m just an assassin…”
      That ability?This……”What is this?”
      Aunt Thirteen was speechless. At this moment, she did not know what she was talking about.
      “Mm, how do you say that……”
      Shaoqiu touched his head and did not know what to say.
      “Mr. Shaoqiu, the children have already been sent over…”
      Mo Du said.
      “Okay, wait a moment…”
      Shaoqiu nodded and then stood up to invite his sister-in-law and his sister-in-law.” Hehe, do you have time to make a trip together?”
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, Aunt Thirteen nodded without thinking.
      Seeing his aunt nod, Shao Qiu pulled her aunt’s hand and jumped into the light door.
      “Aunt Thirteen!”
      Huang Feihong shouted, but Aunt Thirteen had already jumped in.
      “Master… I… what should we do?”
      Liang Kuan got up from the ground and asked foolishly.
      What should we do!”Take a look!”
      After saying that, Huang Feihong pulled Liang Kuan and jumped in. Finally, it was Mo Du…
      At this moment, the 13th aunt’s hand was pulled by Shao Qiu. She immediately felt a heat flow into her mind, causing her mind to become sluggish. Then, she felt a chill….
      He looked around in bewilderment and realized that he was in a huge hall. The hall was so large that it was as large as the eye could see. There were candles lit on the hall. Those candles did not have any support. They just hung in the air like that….
      Not far away from him, there were countless children. There were men and women. They were wearing thick cotton clothes. There was a little girl among them. Thirteenth aunt felt very familiar…
      Wasn’t that the little girl who used chicken blood to throw herself at him?!
      “This is the Himalayan Mountains. Put on your clothes…”
      At this moment, Shaoqiu took a thick leather coat and covered his 13th aunt’s body.
      Aunt Thirteen’s face turned slightly red.
      “This is… these children…”
      Huang Feihong’s voice came from behind him.
      Huang Feihong and Liang Kuan also jumped in. Feeling the cold, Liang Kuan could not help but rub his arms, while Huang Feihong gritted his teeth and persevered….
      At this moment, Mo Du took out two thick clothes and handed them to Huang Feihong and Huang Feihong… The two of them hurriedly took over the clothes and put them on, which made them feel better…
      “These are all the children that the peddlers of the White Lotus Sect have caught. Some of the children with parents have been sent back. The rest are orphans. I’ ll let them live here…”
      Shao Qiu said with a faint smile.
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, Huang Feihong, who was not very fond of him, immediately felt a trace of admiration in his eyes!
      When he first saw that magical ability, although he was shocked, he didn’t have the admiration for Shao Qiu… But now he admired….
      “Master Huang!”
      At this moment, a familiar voice rang out.
      Hearing the voice, Huang Feihong turned around and saw Sun Yi, who had met him once, walking towards him with a face full of joy.
      Huang Feihong was also stunned. He cupped his fist in surprise and said,” Mr. Sun, why are you here?”
      “Hehe, I’ m Mr. Shao Qiu’s subordinate right now…”
      Sun Yi chuckled.
      “Don’ t say that… We’ re friends, we don’ t have any subordinates to say that… Our goals are all for our creed……”
      Shao Qiu said with a faint smile.
      “What creed?”
      Liang Kuan suddenly asked.
      “Assassin’s Creed…”*

      Chapter 22 The Brotherhood welcomes you for collection!Pray for flowers!

      On the street, Huang Feihong and Liang Ku were walking on the street. At this moment, Huang Feihong lowered his head and frowned. Meanwhile, Liang Ku was looking at Huang Feihong, wanting to say something but hesitating….
      “Master, be careful…”
      Liang Kuang bared his teeth as he looked at Huang Feihong, who was squatting down and covering his forehead.
      “Master… I didn’ t have time to remind you…”
      Liang Guang explained.
      Hearing Liang Ku’s words, Huang Feihong stood up and looked at the wooden pile in front of him. He smiled bitterly and recalled what had happened half an hour ago. Huang Feihong turned to look at Liang Ku and asked,” Ah Ku… Is this master’s decision wrong?”
      Time returned half an hour ago…….
      “Assassin’s Creed?”You’ re an assassin?”
      Huang Feihong frowned as he looked at Shao Qiu.
      Shaoqiu nodded.
      “Then you plan to train them as assassins in the future?”
      Huang Feihong pointed at the children nearby, his brows furrowed even tighter!
      This time, Shao Qiu heard Huang Feihong’s words and did n’ t answer, so he agreed.
      “These are still children. You actually made them assassins!”Mr. Shaoqiu, I thought you were a people for the country, but now I understand what’s the difference between you and Sect!”
      Huang Feihong said loudly, and Liang Kuan hurriedly nodded.
      “Mr. Shaoqiu, is it too cruel to let these children be assassins…”
      At this moment, Aunt Thirteen also said.
      Hearing his sister-in-law’s words, Shao Qiu laughed lightly. Just as he was about to speak, Sun Yi beside him said,” Master Huang, this girl… I think you guys understand wrongly…”
      “Cruel?Just look at the world right now!These children were called piglets. The peddlers did not treat them as human beings, but as goods….
      Do you know what these children were bought for?Be a slave!Human body test!They broke their legs, dug out their eyes, and let them go out to beg..
      Now that Mr. Shaoqiu had saved them, those with parents had all been sent back. Only those without parents and family would stay…
      If you don’t stay and send them back, do you know what they will experience?
      “We’ ll be caught by the traffickers again. What we’ re waiting for is a more cruel day!”
      Everyone at the scene fell silent. Only Sun Yi was there. His eyes turned red as he spoke. His tone was filled with helplessness towards this world. There was also the sound of crying… A strong man nearly 40 years old, his eyes were red as he roared!
      “Mr. Shaoqiu, give them a chance to grasp their own life, and at the same time make our country more beautiful. And you actually say Mr. Shaoqiu is cruel!
      Huang Feihong… I think I was wrong about you!”If there’s nothing to do, I’ ll have to trouble you to leave!”
      Sun Yi didn’t care that Shao Qiu was the owner of this place. He directly started to chase Huang Feihong away.
      “We are assassins… We operate in the darkness and fight for the light!”
      At this moment, Shaoqiu took off his hood and pressed his arms together. Two sleeve swords popped out from his wrist and said softly.
      The hall was completely quiet. Sun Yi and Mo Du looked at Shao Qiu who had taken off his hood. Their eyes were filled with enthusiasm!
      “I’ ll stay…”
      A voice broke the quiet hall.
      Everyone turned to look in the direction of the voice. They looked at his sister-in-law’s red face and then gritted their teeth.” Mr. Shaoqiu, can I stay?”
      “Brotherhood welcomes you…”
      Shaoqiu looked at Aunt Thirteen with a smile.
      “Ah… Master, how about we…”
      Liang Kuan looked at his sister-in-law agreeing to stay and hastily looked at Huang Feihong.
      “Let’s go…”
      Huang Feihong was stunned, then he spat out a word.
      “Let’s go!”
      This time, Huang Feihong’s voice became furious!
      After saying that, Huang Feihong stepped into the teleportation portal. As for Liang Ku, he looked at his sister-in-law, then at the teleportation portal. Then, he left with Huang Feihong.
      “Master… you want me to tell the truth or lie?”
      Liang Ku looked at Huang Feihong, who had some redness on his forehead.
      “Hehe… Forget it, I already know your answer… I also know I’ m wrong…”
      After that, Huang Feihong continued to walk forward.
      “Master… Master… then let’s go back now!”
      Liang Kuan hurriedly said.
      “Back?Do you know where the Himalayas are?Can you find any traces of these people?Shall we go back?”How are we going back?”
      “I can’ t go back…”
      “I really can’ t go back…”
      As he walked forward, Huang Feihong muttered to himself.
      At this moment, Liang Kuan, who was standing behind Huang Feihong, suddenly felt as if his master’s waist had bent down!
      On the other side, in the Himalayan Mountains, Shaoqiu looked at Mo Du in front of him in surprise.
      “Mr. Shaoqiu, please accept my request!”
      Mo Du bowed again and asked.
      “You’ ve decided?”
      Shao Qiu asked.
      “Yes, Mr. Shaoqiu, I’ ve already thought about it. I’ ve been cultivating with Mage Gu Yi for decades, and I’ ve been lost all this time, but I’ m no longer lost by following you. I want to follow your footsteps and create such a world with you!”
      Mo Du’s eyes were filled with fanaticism as he looked at Shao Qiu. It was as if he had seen a movie called “Hitler and His Men,” in which the de soldiers looked at Hitler!
      “But… Mage Gu Yi’s side…”
      Shaoqiu pretended to frown and asked.
      “Mr. Shaoqiu, I’ ll go tell Mage Gu Yi right now… Mage Gu Yi is very free for us. As long as we don’ t do anything harmful, she still agrees to let us leave!”
      Mo Du hurriedly said.
      “If that’s the case, then fine… Brotherhood welcomes you…”
      Shao Qiu Mian said for his difficulty.
      PS: Thank you for the reward from the Big Boss Igeo Oditore…*

      Chapter 23: Mysterious Methods!Pray for flowers!

      “Why don’t you let the old demon eat his god and take away his demon’s body,” the chaotic demon said.”You have to wait for the old devil to send the python out. The ants outside the treasure ship are all steamed or cooked. Everything is up to you.”
      Seeing that Chaos magic could sense the existence of Wang Chong and other people and the chance to kill them, Shao Qiu was secretly afraid. The magic spirit that wanted to recover into a primitive embryo was very special, and it might be much stronger than the true ruler of Nirvana Kingdom.
      Normally, Shaoqiu would put the tires of the city’s Chaos Magic Garden in the magic flag and put them in the small beard ring, for fear that the tires would secretly learn to recover their interest in the Red Gate Garden from the virtual element beads.
      At this moment, he really wanted the Chaos Demon to devour the python’s soul, and let it take away the python’s body. Once the wild and untamed Chaos Demon turned around, he had no control.
      Shao Qiu ignored the chaos and focused on the black snake lying in the valley.” If you work with Shao Qiu and inject Shao Qiu’s life blood into your soul, Shao Qiu can keep your consciousness alive.”
      The Black Snake Demon Viper suddenly opened its ferocious mouth. It was as red as a blood tongue and as red as a spear.
      A green lotus flower came out of his body, directly breaking the snake’s long tongue.
      “Very good,” Chaos saw Shao Qiu determined to kill the Black Venom Snake and said,” It’s no use turning this python into a puppet for you, but it’s best to use tools to refine his god remains into a spiritual sword.Shao Qiu saw that your sword lacked a Heavenly Sword to suppress her eyes. Otherwise, its power would double.”
      “Can the bones of the Devil Python be refined into swords?”Shao Qiu asked doubtfully.
      Seeing Shao Qiu’s suspicious expression, the chaotic demon angrily said,” When you fought with this python, you saw it spit out a black spirit sword to help it!”
      “Yes, every time it turns into human form, you can spit out a powerful sword, but it doesn’ t seem as powerful as a magic sword.”Shao Qiu was still staring at the chaos with suspicion.
      “The Devil Python turned the bones in its body into a single sword, but you turned all its flesh essence into this sword, and then you refined it into the soul of a sword,” said the chaotic demon.”How do you think this amulet sword is better than a perfect magic sword?”
      If it was a sword with a soul, then its value would be far higher than ordinary celestial weapons.
      Spirit might not be able to increase the power of magic weapons, but worshippers had spiritual help. Only a few sacred knowledge could be used to protect magic weapons.
      This meant that Shaoqiu could sacrifice four magic weapons at the same time, but now Shaoqiu could sacrifice five magic weapons at the same time and place the Lucky Valley Spirit Sword into the Knife Formation. This would easily double the power of the sword formation.
      The Voldemort Sword really wanted to refine it. It offered sacrifices alone, and its power was also the strongest. Shaoqiu had seen the demon python use its sword to release hundreds of hidden thunder, and he really wanted to turn the essence of the demon python’s flesh into Fu Bone’s divine sword. The power of the secret Shaoqiu would also greatly increase.
      However, the chaotic demon was very active. Shao Qiu asked anxiously,” How did you know about this?”
      The devil chuckled,” Gu Yu and the others have been chasing this demon python for more than half a year. Just for this bone sword, how do you think this father knows?”Not only that, there was also a refined method.”
      Looking at the chaotic devil standing in the middle, it must be a good thing for Shaoqiu. It would be a method refined by Fu Guojian.
      “When Shaoqiu extinguishes your soul, you will naturally find a way to refine it in your memory fragment.””Will Shaoqiu be hijacked by the chaos?”He asked coldly.Furthermore, Shao Qiu did not believe that you would really help Shao Qiu.”
      “If you want to enter the ocean market, you will die forever.If you die, the old devil will fall into the hands of others. He will have to be sacrificed again,” the devil bitter melon said fiercely.” No matter how tough the old devil’s mind is, it will be torn to shreds.”
      After Shaoqiu learned how to refine the bone sword, Shaoqiu finally understood that Gu Yu and the others were chasing and killing the demon python and why they brought these two instruments to his body.
      Chaos degenerated into Chaos Xuan Tian. As the wind seized the fire to refine the python, the python’s soul was forced to retreat to the bone. Shao Qiu took this opportunity to seal its soul into the bone, and then he could use the wind to seize the fire to take care of the python’s remaining flesh and bones, and enter the bone.
      Apart from a large amount of residue, the final refined Bone Splendid Sword could be said to be a giant alien sword. Its body was as red as blood, and its blade was like a cold snake tooth. Its mouth opened like a ferocious python.
      The alien sword’s tail was almost eight feet long, two feet longer than Shaoqiu’s. Its entire body was like a giant python filled with thorns, and it was suppressed into a sword-shaped form by an infinite amount of power.
      “This time, you should know how deep you offended Xu Zhaorong, the Dao Sect in the sky.”Chaos and depression could not be separated from the ten-foot magic flag, which meant that there was a sense of schadenfreude.
      The wild tribes of Snow Dragon Mountain had a secret way to refine demons and wild beasts into magical equipment.
      In fact, on the basis of the Black Poison Snake King’s python bone, Shaoqiu also tried to refine the tower in the wilderness. However, this was a huge project, refining a wonderful celestial instrument.Even if the Kui Dragon Pavilion did its best, it would still take several years or more to succeed.
      With the help of the chaos, he used more than ten days to make the bone sword creepy. It was truly shocking.
      With the refinement of the wind and fire, the python’s bones seemed to have been born before the jagged shape of a sword. There was no need for Shaoqiu’s extra control.
      The collapse of the heavens and the earth was a disaster, the wind and the fire. Everything in the heavens and the earth returned to its origin.
      Stealing wind flame was different from any kind of sky flame, but it was not weaker than any kind of sky flame.
      The value of the chaotic magic element tire was much higher than that of the two instruments.
      Now that the Heavenly Axiom Sect believed that the chaotic devil tire had been hanged by him, they could only abandon the two instruments, the Xuan Tian Pan. If the Heavenly Axiom Sect knew that the chaotic devil tire was actually controlled by him, how would it react?
      “Xu Zhaorong hasn’ t even been repaired into a single embryo yet. Why should I listen to your tone? It seems that she is more difficult than her brother Xu Zhilong?”Shao Qiu asked.
      “If she doesn’t fight twice, she will be destroyed by the soul, far more than her brother,” the chaotic devil said gloatingly.”Even so, she still has the right to fight for the true story of Heaven. Her combat strength will not be in the Nirvana Kingdom.”
      “What kind of magical equipment does she have? What kind of mysterious method does she have?”Shao Qiu asked.
      *Shao Qiu was caught by his father, Xu Zheng. Shao Qiu was forced to make a secret oath in the depths of the Yuan Dynasty.*

      Chapter 24: The Spear of Fate!Pray for flowers!Please reward!

      After returning to the palace, Shao Qiu came to the second floor and sat cross-legged. Shao Qiu’s hand grabbed towards the air and saw that Shao Qiu’s hand had a long spear-shaped weapon, but the outside was wrapped in cloth strips!
      He slowly opened the cloth and saw a pitch-black spear. The spear gave off a pitch-black and mysterious light. The tip of the spear was pitch-black, with some dark red at the top, like the color of blood….
      This spear was the spear of fate. It was the weapon that killed Jesus. As long as he had this weapon, he could save his master from death!But the flaw was that he would die immediately after losing it!
      Therefore, Shaoqiu did not dare to reach out and take it. He could only wrap it with a cloth!
      He placed the Spear of Fate on the ground, and then Shao Qiu’s sleeve shot out!
      He slashed downwards!He saw that the spear of destiny was cut off from the middle!
      Following that, Shaoqiu’s hand did not stop. The other hand’s sleeve also popped out. His hands quickly looked at the spear in front of him. The black spear body was like a cucumber, cut into countless pieces!
      Shao Qiu’s hands did not stop and continued to chop downwards!
      Peng… Peng…
      The voice attracted Shao Bai and Shao Huang from the third floor. The two hawks flew down from the third floor. When they arrived at the second floor and saw Shao Qiu, they cried out in excitement….
      “Don’ t come over… Wait for me first.”
      Shao Qiu said to the two hawks.
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, the two hawks stopped there.
      Ten minutes later, Shao Qiu stopped moving and looked at the countless small black particles in front of him… These small particles were so small that they were almost invisible to the naked eye!
      After packing up the small particles, Shaoqiu stood up.
      “You think I’ m not…”
      Opening his hands, Shao Qiu looked at Shao Bai and the young emperor and said.
      The two hawks flew onto Shao Qiu’s shoulder, and they were so excited that the hawks were clinging to the ground…
      “You two don’ t move…”
      Shaoqiu smiled. Then, the sword on his wrist popped out and stabbed at Shao Bai and Shao Huang’s ass.
      Shao Bai and Shao Huang called out immediately. Shao Qiu could hear shyness and shame from their cries!
      Following that, Shaoqiu used his sleeve to pick out two black particles and put them into the pierced wound.
      Those particles were very small. When they touched the wound, they instantly merged with the blood!Then the wound automatically healed…
      After doing this, Shao Qiu smiled in satisfaction.
      Although Shao Bai and Shao Huang did not understand what Shao Qiu was doing, they knew that Shao Qiu must be doing it for their good, so they also called out.
      “You guys go play…”
      He said to the two hawks on his shoulder, and then Shao Qiu walked downstairs with the small black particles.
      When they reached the first floor, they saw Sun Yi coming back with the children who had just finished running.
      “Mr. Yi…”
      “Mr Shao Qiu…”
      Sun Yi hurried over.
      “Yes, this is for you…”
      Shao Qiu handed the bag to Sun Yi.
      After taking the bag, Sun Yi opened it and looked at the small black particles inside, looking at Shaoqiu in confusion.
      “These things can save people from death. After you plant them on each child’s arm, then you plant one as well… Remember, you must be careful later. Don’ t lose them.”
      Shao Qiu said.
      What!”There’s such a miraculous thing!”
      Sun Yi looked at the black particles in his hand in shock!
      “Yes, but there’s a flaw. If you lose it, you’ ll die immediately. So this thing must be implanted into your body. It will fuse with your blood…”
      Shaoqiu nodded.
      “Okay, Mr. Shaoqiu, I understand!”
      “What are you talking about?”
      At this moment,13th aunt walked over. The shyness that she had felt before had long disappeared.
      After that, Shaoqiu explained the function of this item again. Hearing Shaoqiu’s words, his 13th aunt revealed the same expression as Sun Yi.
      “I want… I want…”
      Aunt Thirteen said excitedly.
      He could avoid death. What a powerful function!
      “Mm, okay… I’ ll get it for you..”
      After saying this, Shao Qiu’s sleeve shot out.
      Looking at the sword that popped out, Aunt Thirteen shrunk her neck in fright and hastily said,” Well… I think it’s better for Sun Yi to help me. After all, he’s a doctor… He knows how to be professional…”
      “Whatever you want… Remember, when you implant it in your body, you must pay attention!”If you’ re done with this, you must put it away!”
      After warning them, Shao Qiu did not care about the two of them and directly walked towards the distance.
      Now that the palace was bustling with activity, plus there were more than a thousand children… Now it was time to transform the palace…
      As for rebuilding the palace, Shao Qiu decided to let the mages from Gu Yi help him faster…
      Walking out of the palace, Shao Qiu quickly found Mo Du. At this moment, Mo Du was carrying out the mission Shao Qiu had given him.
      He used magic to control the wood floating in the air. One of his hands was like a knife, cutting through the air..
      Every time Mo Du’s arm fell, the wood would cut off more than one part.
      Soon, a few straight wooden boards appeared. The rest was to assemble….
      A minute later, a brand-new bed was prepared and placed beside it….
      Looking at the efficiency of the work, Shao Qiu began to think about whether to build a magic assassin alliance…*

      Chapter 25: Acrophobia, Aunt Thirteen!Pray for flowers!

      “Mr. Shao Qiu..”
      After making a bed, Mo Du turned around and saw Shao Qiu. He hurriedly stood up and said.
      “Yes, you’ ve made several?”
      Shao Qiu asked.
      “I’ ve already prepared more than a hundred of them…”
      Mo Du said.
      “Alright, go to Mage Gu Yi’s place first. Tell them to send some people over to help me reconstruct the palace..”
      Shao Qiu saw Mo Du standing there, wanting to say something…
      “What’s wrong?”
      Shao Qiu asked doubtfully.
      “Mr. Shaoqiu, I came back from Mage Gu Yi yesterday. Their mages have all gone down the mountain. There are only a few apprentices guarding the mountain….”
      Modu lowered his head and said.
      “Down the mountain?What?”He’s gone?”
      Shao Qiu asked.
      This was because the people in the villages below had some misunderstanding about mages, so…….”
      Hearing Mo Du’s words, Shao Qiu nodded. It seemed that the words he said to Gu Yi the last time he left helped…
      “Then why don’ t we just work hard on you?”
      Shao Qiu looked at Mo Du and asked with a faint smile.
      “……”…”: Mo Du.
      “Brotherhood believes in you… I’ ll give you a surprise when you’ re done…”
      Shao Qiu walked over to Mo Du and patted her on the shoulder. Then, he slowly walked towards the distance.
      Mo Du was stunned. Then, he took a deep breath. His passion for work increased by a bit…
      A week later, Shaoqiu was lying at the back of the palace. On the protruding rock, Shao Bai was lying next to Shaoqiu.
      He closed his eyes and basked in the sun, making him feel sleepy…
      At this moment, footsteps came from behind…
      Shao Qiu continued to lie there as if she didn’ t hear him. On the contrary, Shao Bai looked up and continued to lie there…
      “I’ m still looking for you… So you’ re here…”
      13Th aunt came to a stop not far from Shaoqiu. She didn’t dare to go to that raised place….
      “Hmm… what are you looking for me for?”
      Shaoqiu was lying there with narrowed eyes.
      “Mo Du has already transformed the palace… I’ ll call you over to take a look…”
      Aunt Thirteen said.
      “Oh?So fast?”Yes, I know. I’ ll go later…”
      Shao Qiu continued to speak in the sun.
      The 13th aunt behind him looked at Shao Qiu’s casual appearance and pouted her lips….
      “Why do you still have time to bask in the sun!”
      She couldn’t help but say again.
      Hmm?”What happened?”
      Shao Qiu asked in a daze.
      “As the president of the Brotherhood, you should have taken the lead!Sun Yi had been training the children for the past few days. You don’ t know how much you care about the children!”
      The more he spoke, the more angry he became. Finally, his aunt glared at Shaoqiu!
      Hearing his sister-in-law’s words, Shao Qiu changed from lying down to sitting. He chuckled and then beckoned her over.
      Suddenly, Aunt Thirteen’s head turned into a rattle drum. This mountain was more than 400 meters high!As for her fear of heights, she didn’t dare to go up even if she was beaten to death….
      Shao Qiu stood up and asked doubtfully,” Are you afraid?”
      Thirteenth Aunt hurriedly nodded.
      Shaoqiu nodded and then revealed a thoughtful expression.
      With a flash, Shao Qiu appeared behind his aunt, and then Shao Qiu hugged her!
      She was suddenly hugged by Shao Qiu, and Aunt Thirteen was so scared that she closed her eyes and screamed. She subconsciously hugged Shao Qiu’s neck with both hands.
      “Okay… you can open your eyes now…”
      Shao Qiu’s voice reached his ears.
      Hearing the voice, Aunt Thirteen opened her eyes. It was Shao Qiu’s handsome face… The breath of his nose blew to Aunt Thirteen’s neck, and Aunt Thirteen’s face immediately turned red like a red scholar…
      “You can’ t be so brave… Be good… Look below… Isn’ t the scenery below very beautiful?”
      Shao Qiu slowly put his sister-in-law down.
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, Aunt Thirteen steadied her weak body and looked down.
      The sunlight shone on the snow, reflecting a bit of dazzling light, as well as something like a sparkle crystal……
      Because it was 400 meters high, there seemed to be some fog in the middle…
      Just looking at her head, she felt a little dizzy…
      “So beautiful…”
      Aunt Thirteen couldn’t help but sigh.
      “Hehe, it’s very beautiful, right? Now you’ re imagining that I’ve always been an eagle, flying in the Himalayas……”
      Shao Qiu leaned her head against her, and her mouth was close to Aunt Thirteen’s ear. Her voice carried a hint of seduction…
      With Shao Qiu’s voice, Aunt Thirteen’s eyes became blurred….
      “Slowly spread your wings… gently wave…”
      Shao Qiu continued.
      The 13th aunt followed Shaoqiu’s voice and slowly opened her arms. Then, she fiddled with it from top to bottom. She felt like she had become an eagle, soaring in the sky, breaking free from the restraints, flying freely…
      Flying… Flying tired, because the first flight… a little dizzy… Her body slowly leaned forward…
      All of a sudden, he grabbed his hand!Let her wake up!
      Looking around, he was standing at the edge of the cliff. The tip of his foot had already left the rock. He was exposed outside the cliff!
      *Third Aunt let out a scream, then her eyes darkened…*

      Chapter 26 Assassins = Free to Collect!Pray for flowers!Please reward!

      When his aunt woke up, she found herself lying in her own room.
      He slowly stood up and left the room. He went downstairs and saw Shao Qiu and Mo Du standing there.
      “That’s right… You’ ve worked hard this week…”
      Shao Qiu smiled and nodded in satisfaction.
      The entire hall was divided into two dormitories and dining hall. The dormitories were separated into several hundred rooms by wooden boards. Each room had a bed on the upper and lower floors, a long table and a bed table on the third floor. The dining hall was also made of wooden boards, tables and benches… everything was complete…
      “For the Brotherhood…”
      Mo Du lowered his head and said seriously.
      “For the Brotherhood…”
      Shao Qiu replied seriously.
      “Wait, you go to Sun Yi’s place and ask him to implant a black crystal for you…”
      “Alright, Mr Shao Qiu…”
      Mo Du nodded and turned to leave.
      After Mo Du left, Aunt Thirteen walked to Shao Qiu’s side.
      “You’ re awake..”
      “Mm… It’s all your fault. I have a fear of heights!”
      Aunt Thirteen said angrily.
      “I’ m treating your fear of heights…”
      Shaoqiu looked at his aunt’s angry expression and said seriously.
      “Treat my fear of heights, just let me stand on the edge of the cliff!”
      “You don’t understand. If you want to become an assassin, if you want to join us, you must overcome the fear of heights!”If you can’ t overcome this, you will never be an assassin!”
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, Aunt Thirteen was stunned. She wanted to say something but did n’ t know what to say….
      She suddenly felt that Shao Qiu was a fan… or a person who was changing…
      Sometimes he felt that he was very humorous, sometimes he felt that he was very cold… Sometimes he felt that he was interested in himself, sometimes he felt that he did not care about himself at all!
      Bah!Why should he care about his own place!
      “Come with me…”
      At this moment, Shaoqiu looked at his stunned aunt and said, then walked out.
      Aunt Thirteen silently followed behind Shao Qiu. Soon, the two of them came to the side of the rock again. Shao Qiu stood at the edge and looked at the entire mountain range!
      The thirteenth aunt behind her wanted to walk over, but her legs did not seem to be her own. She could not move at all.
      Turning around, Shao Qiu’s back was facing the cliff, and his heels were standing on the edge of the cliff. His eyes were looking at Aunt Thirteen, whose legs were trembling.
      “Do you know what an assassin means?”
      Shaoqiu asked softly.
      “Assassinate… Complete the target…”
      “Hehe… No…”
      Shaoqiu shook his head and then let out a whistle!
      Shao Bai flew over and stopped on Shao Qiu’s shoulder!
      “Actually… the meaning of an assassin… is freedom!”
      Shao Qiu said as he fell straight behind him!
      13Th aunt immediately covered her mouth in fright. She forgot her fear of heights and ran to the edge of the cliff to look down!
      The falling Shaoqiu was like a gliding eagle!
      She seemed to hear the sound of an eagle echoing through the entire Himalayas!
      When he saw this scene, his 13th aunt’s panic disappeared. If an ordinary person jumped off the 400-meter cliff, he would definitely not be able to survive, but if it was Shaoqiu, it would be different!
      “Bad guy!”I’ m so worried!”
      Looking at Shao Qiu who had already turned into a black dot, Aunt Thirteen cursed, but she was more worried….
      Ten minutes later, Shao Qiu returned to the palace…
      He jumped down and ran up again… If he had known, he wouldn’t have made a leap of faith!
      He was still tired!
      When he arrived at the hall on the first floor of the palace, Shao Qiu saw his aunt looking at him.
      “How is it?”Do you know what the assassin means now?”
      Shao Qiu asked with a smile.
      “Mm… I see, but you don’ t need to jump down…”
      Aunt Thirteen nodded and said.
      Shao Qiu was stunned…
      At this moment, Mo Du walked in from outside. Seeing Shao Qiu, he hurried over.
      “Mr Shao Qiu…”
      “Hmm, what’s wrong?”
      Shao Qiu looked at Mo Du and asked doubtfully.
      “Can this thing really save people from death?”
      Mo Du held the black crystal in his hand and asked excitedly.
      “Yeah, that’s right… But when you leave this place, you will instantly die…”
      Shaoqiu nodded.
      “This… This… Mr. Shao Qiu, for the sake of the Brotherhood, I am not willing to give up my life!”
      Mo Du began to show his loyalty.
      Seeing Mo Du’s serious expression, Shao Qiu chuckled and patted him on the shoulder. He turned around and left.
      In fact, the Spear of Fate was useless to Shaoqiu. Although it could be said that people would not die, the premise was to put it on him… and he already had the Holy Grail, so using something that he could not use to exchange for these people’s loyalty to the Brotherhood was really worth…*

      Twenty years from now!Pray for flowers!Please reward!

      Twenty years later, thousands of men and women in white robes were standing on a cliff behind the palace. They were wearing white hoods with a at the top of the hood, looking like an eagle’s beak…
      The man in the front was also wearing a white robe, but outside the robe was a layer of shoulder armor covering his entire body. A red and white cloak covering his left arm completely…
      The waist was also a metal belt. The belt was a triangle with an oval shape on the underside. It looked like an eagle’s skull…
      The man looked at the straight men in front of him….
      “When everyone blindly pursues truth, please remember…”
      “All things are useless…”
      “Remember when everyone is bound by laws and morals……”
      “All things agree…”
      At this moment, a petite white robed man walked up to the man.
      “What is our creed?”
      The man looked at the person in front of him and asked.
      “We’ re assassins. We’ re in the dark… We’ re not fighting in the light!”
      A clear and firm voice came from the mouth of the petite person.
      “Are you ready?”
      After answering Shaoqiu’s question, Aunt Thirteen turned around and walked to the edge of the cliff. She looked ahead…
      His aunt jumped up and flew out!His arms opened!Feeling the flow of wind!
      There were countless eagles hovering in the sky… Among them, more than ten white eagles appeared to be very obvious among the group of black eagles!
      Especially two that looked more than twice as big as the other Eagle!
      At this moment, a pure white eagle let out a bang!He swooped down towards his aunt!
      “Not bad…”
      When Shao Qiu saw this scene, a smile appeared on his face under his hood…
      This Hai Dongqing was the descendant of Shao Bai. It could be said that besides Shao Bai and Shao Huang, he was the fiercest among the other eagles!Shaoqiu originally thought that it would choose Sun Yixian or Mo Du, but he didn’t expect that it would choose Aunt Thirteen….
      At this moment,13th aunt, who was falling, heard the sound above her, her face revealed an excited expression!
      With a muffled sound, Aunt Thirteen fell into the snow. A few seconds later, she crawled out!
      Hai Dongqing, who was standing above her, saw his sister-in-law climb out of the snow and dive down. He then flew to his sister-in-law’s shoulder and stood there, his face rubbing against his sister-in-law’s neck….
      Haha!Shao Chun!”Itch…”
      Aunt Thirteen smiled as she pushed Hai Dongqing away.
      Even though he knew that his 13th aunt had mastered the leap of faith, seeing his 13th aunt climb out of the snow safely, Shaoqiu let out a sigh of relief.
      “Mr. Yi… Looks like we have to change our words in the future…”
      At this moment, Mo Du nudged Sun Yi with his shoulder and said softly.
      “Hmm?”What do you mean?”
      Sun Yi asked in confusion.
      “Did you not see Mr. Shao Qiu’s expression?”
      Mo Du gestured to Shao Qiu.
      “Modu… you’ ll be the second one…”
      Shao Qiu’s cold voice rang out.
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s voice, Mo Du was stunned and then walked over.
      “What is our creed?”
      “We are assassins… for… ah!”
      “Let’s go!”
      Seeing Mo Du fall, Shao Qiu retracted his kick and shouted behind him,” Next…”
      In the past 20 years, all the children brought back from Guangzhou had grown up. The youngest one was 23 years old. They had experienced 20 years of cultivation, from the most basic concealment of assassins to combat… from Eagle Eye to the leap of faith!
      Today was their final test of becoming an assassin!
      Complete the leap of faith and let Falcon choose his partner!
      Because their bodies were implanted with fragments of the Spear of Fate, even if they did not complete the leap of faith, they would not die!At most, he was only injured…
      One hour later, a thousand new assassins completed the leap of faith. Each of them had their own Falcon on their shoulders, looking at the man who had rescued them from the hands of the human traffickers at the front edge of the cliff!
      “I use blades as my eyes. It can cut through the darkness!”
      On the edge of the cliff, Shao Qiu looked at the assassins below and said.
      “I use blades as my eyes. It can cut through the darkness!”
      The voices of a thousand assassins rang out at the same time!Their eyes were filled with a belief!
      He emphasized the promise, the light of life and death, don’t kill, rape people, enter the darkness, move towards the light!
      My God, with his sleeve, eagle eyes, right and wrong, death first, reincarnation!
      I used my sword to cut through the sky!Piercing through nothingness, greed, nightmares, demons, making light appear, making everyone understand that truth is in their body, making all evil away from themselves….
      At this moment, in the sky above the snow-capped mountain, it was as if there was a huge eagle standing there. Its eagle eyes tore through the sky!
      On the other side, in the temple, Gu Yi and Karu, who were meditating, suddenly opened their eyes and looked in the direction of the palace. Their eyes were filled with shock!
      “This… This…”
      Gu Yi was so shocked that he couldn’ t say anything!
      “Old man… Earth doesn’ t need to worry anymore…”
      Karu said softly.
      Hearing Karu’s words, Gu Yi recovered from his shock…
      “It’s time, old man…”
      Karu’s voice was filled with reluctance… Then he closed his eyes and did not move at all…
      Gu Yi looked at Karu and sighed…
      PS: I don’t know how much more…*

      Chapter 28 Being single is for a reason!Pray for flowers!Please reward!

      The next day, Shao Qiu, who had just gotten out of bed, heard from Modu that Karu was dead….
      The mage who had discovered the profound mysteries of magic with Gu Yi had died…
      “Mr. Shaoqiu, I want to see…”
      Mo Du was wearing a pure white assassin’s uniform.
      “Yeah, let’s go, but I won’ t go. I’ ll send me a bunch of flowers… white……”
      Shao Qiu said.
      “Alright, Mr. Shaoqiu, then I’ ll go first…”
      Mo Du turned and left.
      After Mo Du left, Shao Qiu left the room and went to the first floor.
      On the first floor, there were thousands of assassins sitting there drinking and chatting, reading and dating…
      As for love, Shao Qiu would not object to it…
      Love is the only emotion that breaks through age, time, place, race…
      Moreover, the lover loved each other, then married, and a little assassin was born… It would save Shaoqiu from recruiting people…
      However, even though he agreed with the members of the Brotherhood to have a love affair, Shao Qiu looked at the two assassins who were kissing me in front of him with a black line on his face…
      I’ve lived for more than a thousand years, yet I still do n’ t have a girlfriend… You guys are showing kindness in front of a bachelor who has been single for a thousand years, aren’t you afraid of retribution!
      “You two go feed all the Falcons!”
      When the two assassins who were showing their love heard Shao Qiu’s voice, they realized Shao Qiu’s existence. They quickly bent down and left.
      Seeing their panicked expressions, Shao Qiu felt a little better.
      “Mr Shao Qiu…”
      All the other assassins saw the scene just now and stood up respectfully.
      Shaoqiu nodded and went to the bar next to him for a glass of wine.
      The first floor had been rebuilt again ten years ago. This time, Shaoqiu had modified it according to the memories in the game. There were not only bars, but also libraries, and arena… Wait…
      But there must be no brothel…
      “So you’ re here… I’ m still looking for you…”
      At this moment, Aunt Thirteen’s voice rang out.
      “What’s wrong?”
      Shao Qiu asked in confusion.
      “I want to go back to Foshan…”
      She walked in front of Shaoqiu and said after a moment of hesitation.
      “Back to Buddha Mountain?”Sure…”
      Shaoqiu nodded.
      “Well… I just want to go check it out. It’s been 20 years and I’ ve been here… Don’ t worry, I’ m not going to see Huang Feihong…”
      Aunt Thirteen hastily said.
      Hearing his aunt’s words, Shao Qiu was stunned. Even if he went to see Huang Feihong, it had nothing to do with him..
      “It’s fine… If you want to go and see Huang Feihong, then go and see…”
      Shao Qiu smiled and said.
      “……”…” Aunt Thirteen.
      Old monster who had lived for more than a thousand years…. There was a reason why he was single….
      “Let’s go back tomorrow. Modu has returned to the temple over there…”
      Shao Qiu said again.
      Aunt Thirteen nodded and left.
      It had been 20 years since Aunt Thirteen left. She looked like she was 20 years ago. Maybe it was because of the spear of fate. Mo Du and Sun Yi didn’t change at all, but their temperament looked more mature. Not only that, their physical fitness was also growing rapidly during these 20 years…
      After all, the Spear of Fate was a spear that could kill Jesus. There was a mysterious power in it. According to the records, people with the Spear of Fate could control fate…
      Shao Qiu wasn’t sure if the Spear of Fate had such ability, but he knew that since the Spear of Fate was one of the saint artifacts in the Assassin’s Creed, there must be something amazing about it…
      The next day, Mo Du came back from the temple. His mood looked a little gloomy. After all, Carl was a teacher who had taught him for 20 years, and he could be considered half a father.
      Then, Aunt Thirteen found Mo Du and asked him to open the portal.
      “At this time tomorrow, you can open the teleportation portal again…”
      After speaking to Mo Du, his aunt turned around and jumped in.
      She could only feel her eyes turning dark. Aunt Thirteen appeared in an empty alley. Looking at the unfamiliar and familiar surroundings, Aunt Thirteen took a deep breath and walked out of the alley.
      Walking on the street, the people on the street all looked at their 13th aunt in white robes, and 13th aunt was also looking at them.
      Compared to 20 years ago, the street looked even more dilapidated. The pedestrians were walking like walking corpses. There was no emotion in everyone’s eyes, and even their expressions were the same….
      “Please give me something to eat!”
      At this moment, a voice came from beneath his feet.
      Hearing the sound, Aunt Thirteen lowered her head and looked in the direction of the sound. She saw a girl who could not see how old she was looking at her. The girl’s body was very thin and her clothes were too broken. She could only block some parts, while the others were all exposed.
      The girl’s nose was bleeding, her eyes were blue, and the corners of her mouth were the same….
      Just by looking at it, one could tell that it was made…
      At this moment, the girl knelt in front of Aunt Thirteen, her eyes filled with pleading. Her hands were on the ground…
      Seeing this scene, Aunt Thirteen’s heart immediately ached. She bent down and helped the little girl up.
      “Get up first… Follow me. I’ ll take you to eat…”
      13Th aunt helped the little girl up and said.*

      Chapter 29: Things are human, not human!Pray for flowers!Please reward!

      The little girl was pulled up by her aunt.
      Holding the little girl’s hand, his third aunt looked at the little girl’s limp and asked,” Can you leave?”Is his leg injured?”
      Hearing her sister-in-law’s words, the little girl’s face immediately revealed a frightened and anxious expression,” Sir, I’m fine… I can leave, I’ m not injured, please don’t do me!Let me do anything!”Please!”
      Seeing the little girl’s appearance, Aunt Thirteen’s heart ached even more. Ignoring the dirt on the little girl’s body that would stain her white robe, she held the little girl in her arms and said softly,” It’s okay, Auntie won’ t want you….”
      After she finished speaking,13th aunt’s tears fell, and the little girl in her arms trembled as her body quieted down.
      “Milord… I’ m very easy to support. Please, give me a bite of food. Please!”
      “Mm, okay… I’ ll let you eat when we get there.”
      After saying that, Aunt Thirteen directly picked up the little girl, then stood up and walked towards that place in her memory.
      The little girl in her arms did not move at all, as if she was asleep…
      Soon, Aunt Thirteen arrived at the door of a large house. She looked at the plaque at the door, and Aunt Thirteen stood there.
      Bao Zhilin… It had been 20 years…
      Walking to the door, Aunt Thirteen knocked on the door.
      “Who is it!”
      An old voice came from the house.
      Hearing the sound, Aunt Thirteen felt very familiar…
      Then, the door was opened. A man who looked a little hunchback was wearing a robe. The man was about 40 years old, but he was already covered in white hair… his face was full of wrinkles.
      “You… you are?”
      At this moment, the man looked at the white-robed woman standing outside the door. He was still holding a child in tattered clothes. Because he was wearing a hood, he could not see the woman’s face, but he had a familiar feeling…
      Aunt Thirteen took off her hood and revealed her face 20 years ago. The person in the door was stunned. His hand was trembling, and his lips were trembling….
      In 20 years, the guy in his early 20s had been baptized by the cruel world. He had already turned into a hunchback with white hair. And that girl was still so beautiful. In 20 years, it was like sleeping at her place for a night…
      “Ten… Thirteen… Boo… Boo… Boo…”
      In the end, Liang Kuan still did not call out his 13th aunt’s name. He stood there and cried loudly!
      “What is the ghost name in the morning? You want to die!”
      At this moment, a year ago’s voice was heard. Then, a year ago’s figure walked to the door. The man’s age was not that old, he looked around 18 years old, and his mouth was covered with green fur. He looked very similar to Huang Feihong… When he walked to the door, he first glared at Liang Kuan, who was still crying loudly. Then, when he saw his 13th aunt outside the door, his eyes immediately lit up.
      “Hehe, Miss, may I ask who you are?”
      Hearing the man’s voice and his attitude towards Liang Kuan earlier, Aunt Thirteen frowned.
      His sister-in-law, who was frowning, looked even more beautiful in the eyes of the man…
      “Hello, Miss. Could you come to see this little girl? I’ m Huang Hanxi… Hehe… I…”
      “Shut up!”
      Looking at the man who was about to speak, Aunt Thirteen opened her mouth and interrupted him. She then looked at Liang Ku and asked,” He’s Huang Feihong’s son?”
      Liang Kuan also stopped crying and nodded.
      “Hmph… what about Huang Feihong?”
      Aunt Thirteen asked.
      “What’s the matter with you looking for my father?”I’ m telling you, my father is too old to be useful. I’ m better than him now, so I’ d better look for him. I think the child in your arms is seriously injured. Quickly come in and take a look!”
      Huang Hanxi hurriedly said, then stretched out his hand to pull his aunt.
      As he looked at his hand, his third aunt’s eyes flashed with a cold light. Then, her body swayed and she took a step back. The hand that she grabbed immediately missed.
      “Now take me to look for Huang Feihong..”
      He said to Liang Kuan.
      “Okay, Aunt Thirteen!”
      Liang Kuan hurriedly nodded while Aunt Thirteen followed behind.
      “Sigh… Miss, don’ t leave…”
      Huang Hanxi quickly followed and shouted.
      Seeing Huang Hanxi chattering beside him, his third aunt stopped.
      “Stop the noise!”
      A cold voice rang out, and at the same time, Aunt Thirteen’s foot instantly kicked out!
      With a scream, Huang Hanxi flew out and fell to the garden two meters away.
      Liang Kuan in front of him saw this scene and his face flashed with a hint of speed!It could be seen how Huang Hanxi’s attitude towards him over the years!
      “Let’s go…”
      He did not even look at Huang Hanxi, who was lying in the garden wailing. His 13th aunt looked at Liang Kuan and said.
      “Alright, Aunt Thirteen, Master is now behind…”
      Liang Kuan continued to lead the way.
      Very quickly, he walked past the front yard and came to the backyard. Looking at the surroundings, there was no change at all. There were only a few tall trees in the yard.
      He walked to the side of a locust tree and his aunt reached out to touch the tree trunk. She remembered that this tree was planted by her own hands 20 years ago. At that time, she said that she could eat the locust tree in a few years…
      “Every summer, Master will brew tea under this tree and practice martial arts…”
      Liang Kuan said softly.
      “Hmm… what about Huang Feihong?”
      Aunt Thirteen nodded and asked with a frown.
      “Over here…”
      After saying that, Liang Kuan walked to the door of a room not far away and knocked on the door.
      “Cough cough… A-Kuan… Come in…”
      The sound of Huang Feihong coughing came from inside.
      PS: These two sheets can be considered as an explanation for Huang Feihong…*

      Chapter 30: I’m so sorry to ask for a collection!Pray for flowers!Please reward!

      Hearing the sound in the room, Liang Kuan pushed the door open and walked in. Behind him, his 13th aunt put down the little girl in her arms and told her to wait outside before following her in.
      The room was filled with the smell of Chinese medicine. A thin body lay on the bed in the innermost part of the room. From time to time, coughing sounds could be heard from the other side of the bed…
      “A-Kuan, what’s wrong?”
      Huang Feihong’s voice became very old and weak…
      Hearing Huang Feihong’s voice, Aunt Thirteen was stunned. Although she had already noticed it when Liang Kong knocked on the door, she was still shocked!
      Once upon a time, that spirited man, that man who acted heroically and acted arrogantly and arrogantly. The man who had beaten all the invincible men in Foshan, now lying on the bed, making Aunt Thirteen’s eyes red….
      “Fei Hong… you…”
      Looking at Huang Feihong on the bed, Aunt Thirteen walked to the bed and whispered to him.
      “You!”Ten… Thirteenth aunt!”
      Huang Feihong’s eyes were a little murky. He saw Aunt Thirteen standing in front of him, dumbfounded.
      “Fei Hong… Long time no see…”
      Aunt Thirteen said softly.
      “Aunt Thirteen… Okay… Long time no see…”
      Huang Feihong finally said these four words when he looked at his still young 13th aunt.
      It would be even more appropriate if he put on a song from the previous world…
      Ten minutes later, in the backyard, a table was placed under the locust tree. Aunt Thirteen and Huang Feihong sat beside the table. Liang Kuan had already brought the little girl to treat her injuries. At this moment, only Aunt Thirteen and Huang Feihong were in the backyard.
      “Hehe… you still haven’ t changed at all…”
      Huang Feihong sighed as he looked at his sister-in-law who was drinking the cup.
      It was not only the habit of drinking tea… but also the appearance…
      “You’ ve changed a lot.”
      Aunt Thirteen put down the cup in her hand and sighed.
      “That’s right… I’ ve changed a lot. In 20 years, who’s been bypassed by time… Hehe.”
      Huang Feihong sighed.
      “Regret?”If you chose to stay, then you’ re just like me…”
      Aunt Thirteen asked softly.
      “Regret… Hehe… maybe.”
      Huang Feihong shook his head.
      The backyard quieted down, and neither of them spoke. They just lowered their heads and drank tea.
      “How did you become like this?”
      At this moment, Aunt Thirteen asked.
      “Hehe, nothing. How have you been in these 20 years?”
      Huang Feihong smiled and asked.
      “Not bad… I’ m on the snow mountain every day, and then I train and cultivate… I just finished my last condition yesterday, and now I’ m an assassin…”
      As he spoke, a trace of pride appeared on his face.
      “Oh… Then I really congratulate you.”
      Huang Feihong said.
      “Actually, you can go back with me, and you can go back like me…”
      At this moment, Aunt Thirteen said seriously.
      Hearing his sister-in-law’s words, Huang Feihong’s hand, which was holding a teacup, suddenly trembled. He then shook his head with a bitter smile and said,” Forget it, I won’ t go. When you leave, just keep A-Baban. It’s been so hard for him for so many years… Sigh…”
      “When I came over earlier, I saw A Kuan…”
      “Sigh… You’ re not filial… You can’ t move even if you’ re old… I’ ve thought of expelling him many times, but…”
      Huang Feihong’s entire waist bent down as he spoke. He also put down his hand that was holding the teacup and forcefully supported the chair to prevent himself from falling down.
      “Then you… take care of yourself…”
      13Th aunt looked at Huang Feihong. After a moment of silence, she sighed and stood up.
      “Take care…”
      Huang Feihong raised his head and said to Aunt Thirteen who was standing up.
      She nodded and turned around to leave the front yard.
      When they reached the front yard, Huang Hanxi had disappeared, and Liang Kuan was leading the little girl towards them.
      “Aunt Thirteen, the injuries on the child’s body are all skin injuries. They’ ve already been cleaned up. Just pay more attention to rest…”
      Liang Kuan walked to his aunt and said.
      “Alright, go get some food for her. Then you pack up and we’ ll leave.”
      Aunt Thirteen nodded.
      “Okay… what?”Am I leaving?”
      Liang Kuan was stunned.
      “Yes, leave with me. Go to my place…”
      “I…Third Aunt…I…”
      Liang Kuan said stammeringly.
      “Huang Feihong decided to go see Huang Feihong later.”
      Hearing his aunt’s words, Liang Kuan fell silent. After a long time, he said,” I’ m sorry, aunt Thirteen… I want to be with my master!”
      It was as if she already knew about Liang Kuan’s decision. Aunt Thirteen was not surprised by Liang Kuan’s words. She just sighed and looked at Liang Kuan.
      “Aunt Thirteen, after you left, Master married three wives. Each of them died of illness, and there were two children. One of them got the true legacy of Master… Unfortunately, he died a few years ago… Now he only has one child, but this child… Sigh… if I left with you, there really isn’ t a single person by Master’s side… Akuan wants to accompany him by Master.”
      After that, Liang Kuan stood there with his head lowered.
      “Then take care…”
      13Th aunt nodded, then she led the little girl and prepared to leave.
      “Aunt Thirteen, wait…”
      At this moment, Liang Kuan hurriedly said, then walked to a room not far away. Very soon, he came out with a few steamed buns and handed them to the little girl.
      “Yes, thank you.”
      Aunt Thirteen nodded.
      When Aunt Thirteen left, Liang Kuan returned to the backyard. He saw Huang Feihong still sitting under the locust tree, drinking tea. Hearing the footsteps behind him, Huang Feihong let out a sigh.
      “You should have left..”
      “Master… I can’ t trust you…”
      Liang Kuan walked to Huang Feihong’s side and said.
      “Hehe… A-Kuan… Master, I regret it… I really regret it… If I had chosen to stay 20 years ago…”
      PS: Huang Feihong has come to a conclusion for the time being. The follow-up may or may not appear… Let’s give some advice *

      Chapter 31 Xiao Yun = Shao Yun, please collect!Pray for flowers!Please reward!

      After leaving Bao Zhilin, his third aunt held the little girl’s hand while the little girl was eating the steamed bun with her other hand.
      She lowered her head and looked at the little girl after she finished eating. Aunt Thirteen smiled and asked,” Are you full?”
      “Mm… I’ m full.”
      The little girl said with a smirk.
      “Hehe, even if I don’ t have enough, there’s nothing I can do. I don’ t have any on me, and I don’ t have any money… I’ ll bring you back tomorrow. I’ ll eat whatever I want when I get there…”
      Hearing her sister-in-law’s words, the little girl’s eyes were filled with longing.
      “Is there really this place?”
      “Yes, of course. There are many big brothers and big sisters there… They are very kind. There are all kinds of food there, steamed buns, meat, rice and so on…”
      Aunt Thirteen said with a smile.
      At this moment, the little girl stopped in her tracks and knelt down on her knees. Her eyes were red as she looked at her 13th aunt. She then kowtowed and cried,” Sister, thank you. Xiao Yun will repay you for being a cow and a horse in the next world!Thank you!”Thank you!”
      After all, the little girl was still young. She didn’t know what words to use to describe her gratitude towards 1.3 billion. She only had to kowtow with all her might and use the simple word “thank you “…
      “Quick… Quick!”
      Aunt Thirteen hastily pulled the little girl up. Seeing that her forehead was a little red, Aunt Thirteen stretched out her hand to touch her.
      “You’ re called Xiao Yun, right? Be good… Don’ t kneel in the future.”
      “Yes, thank you, sister… thank you, sister.”
      Xiao Yun continued to thank him.
      “Hehe, there’s no need to call me sister. In the future, just call me sister-in-law.”
      Aunt Thirteen chuckled. Although she was very happy to be called sister by the little girl, she still spoke.
      “Aunt Thirteen?”
      “Yeah, I’ ll call you Aunt Thirteen in the future. Let’s find a place to rest tonight. We’ ll go back tomorrow…”
      Thirteenth Aunt nodded and then led the little girl towards the distance.
      The next day, when it was dawn,13th aunt led Xiao Yun to the alley yesterday.
      “Aunt Thirteen, why are we here?”
      After a whole night, the little girl was not as afraid of her aunt as she was at the beginning.
      “We’ re waiting here. In a moment, an uncle will come to pick us up..”
      Aunt Thirteen touched Xiao Yun’s head and said.
      Xiao Yun nodded obediently. She was like her 13th aunt. She stood there motionless, but she still had injuries on her leg. After standing for a while, her body tilted towards the injured area…
      “Come, I’ ll hold you…”
      13Th aunt saw Xiao Yun’s expression and said with heartache.
      “It’s fine, Aunt Thirteen… Xiao Yun is fine…”
      Xiao Yun shook his head and said.
      As soon as he finished speaking, a teleportation portal appeared in front of the two of them. Then, Modu jumped out of the portal.
      “Thirteenth aunt… is this little girl?”
      Mo Du saw the silly little girl beside his sister-in-law and asked doubtfully.
      “The child I saved…”
      Aunt Thirteen explained.
      Mo Du said no more.
      Looking down at Xiao Yun who was still stunned, his third aunt touched her head and softly shouted,” Xiao Yun… Xiao Yun!”
      Ah!”Are you gods?”
      Hearing his aunt’s words, Xiao Yun finally reacted.
      “Hehe, no, we’ re just ordinary people. Let’s go.”
      Aunt Thirteen smiled, then held Xiao Yun’s hand and walked towards the portal.
      Although she was filled with fear towards the portal in front of her, Xiao Yun still chose to trust Aunt Thirteen.
      Then, his aunt pulled Xiao Yun and jumped into the teleportation portal. Then, she disappeared… and Mo Du jumped in as well.
      A few seconds later, the teleportation portal disappeared, and the alley became the same as before.
      In the Himalayas, above the snowy mountains, at the entrance of the palace, his 13th aunt, led Xiao Yun, appeared here. Then, Mo Du’s figure suddenly appeared.
      The cold wind made Xiao Yun shrink her neck.
      “Let’s go in…”
      Thirteenth Aunt hurriedly pulled Xiao Yun to push the door of the palace and walked in.
      Entering the palace, Xiao Yun saw many men and women in white robes. They were chatting, drinking and reading….
      “This is your home in the future…”
      Aunt Thirteen squatted down to be level with Xiao Yun and said softly.
      Hearing her aunt’s words, Xiao Yun did not reply. Instead, she continued to look around. Everything around her was very curious to her. The candles that could float in the air, thousands of brothers and sisters wearing the same clothes, some of them had an eagle on their shoulders that looked very fierce….
      At this moment, Xiao Yun saw a man dressed differently from them walking towards him. The man’s clothes were more gorgeous than theirs…
      “Shaoqiu, this is the child I met. I saw that she was pitiful and brought her back…”
      Aunt Thirteen walked to Shao Qiu and said.
      “Yeah, let Yi Xian implant her a black crystal later.”
      Shaoqiu nodded and then walked over to Xiao Yun. She looked at Xiao Yun and a gentle smile appeared on her face.” What’s your name?”
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, Xiao Yun hastily said,” I… I’ m Xiao Yun…”
      Xiao Yun?”Then you can call you Shao Yun in the future..”
      Shao Qiu stood up and touched Xiao Yun’s head before walking away.
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      Chapter 32 Shao Yun’s experience is for collection!Pray for flowers!Please reward!

      My name is Xiao Yun. This is my name. I have forgotten my name.
      I remember when I was four years old, that night when my father went out, only my mother and my younger brother were one year younger. This night was the same as usual, there was nothing unusual about it…
      But the strange thing was that the next day, my father would come back from the outside every morning. Then, he pushed open the door and looked at my brother and I and then rested. This morning… I had been waiting for my father to push open the door and look at my brother and I, but I never waited…
      At noon, I heard the noise coming from outside. I poked my head out and looked at the large group of soldiers outside. They were walking towards them with fire guns in their hands….
      I’m very scared… I do n’ t know what to do…
      “Sister… what’s wrong?”
      My brother’s voice came from my side. When I heard his voice, I covered his mouth, because I ca n’ t let those soldiers who looked very fierce outside find us….
      His brother was very obedient. He looked at me covering his mouth and obediently stood there motionless. Then, I continued to look outside through the cracks in the door. I saw a few soldiers dragging a person over. That person was very familiar…
      He was my father, the father who had always been with me..
      I was panicking. I wanted to rush up, but for some reason, my feet couldn’t move. Why could n’ t I move?
      Next, her mother rushed out from the next room and ran to her father’s side, crying….
      The brother beside him heard his mother’s cry. He was struggling!He also wanted to run out, but I know I can’t let him out!
      So I used my hand to cover my brother fiercely, but my brother used his teeth to bite me. It hurts… It hurts… I saw my hand bleed…
      But even so, I did not let go…
      Next, I saw the soldiers punching and kicking their mother, and her mother lay motionless on the ground….
      After beating up his mother, the soldiers began to walk towards the room… I saw one of the tall soldiers in his direction…
      I was scared. I pulled my brother under the bed….
      Then the door was opened. I saw the feet walking over from the bottom of the bed. He was looking around…
      Then, he discovered that there was blood on the spot where I was standing. That was the one that my brother bit my hand on the ground…
      He lowered his head and found us under the bed. At that time, my brain was blank, and the soldier in front of me was frowning as he looked at me and my brother…
      In the end, he seemed to have made a decision. He pulled his brother off the bed and walked out, while he left me in the room….
      A few seconds later, I came to my senses. I quickly crawled out of the bed and rushed to the door. I wanted to rush out and grab my brother back…
      But I found that the door was locked. No matter how much strength I used, I couldn’t open the door….
      I screamed as hard as I could!I wanted to lure those soldiers over, I wanted to create a chance for my brother to escape, but no matter how I shouted, they didn’t bother with me….
      Finally, I heard the sound of a musket from outside the door, and then my brother’s cry stopped….
      At that time, I felt my eyes go dark and fainted…
      After an unknown amount of time, I vaguely heard a series of voices. The voices were very familiar… Uncle Wang in the village, Uncle Zhang, Aunt Xu and the others…
      I stood up and started shouting….
      Then they opened the door and found me. I was filled with fear. I saw the familiar people. I wanted to run into their arms and cry loudly… But they pushed me away… The look on their faces was filled with disgust…
      “It’s all dead, just that she’s alive… what’s the use!”
      “Sigh… If my brother is alive, then the old Zhang family is still alive, but what’s the use of only a girl left…”
      “Which one of you should take home and raise it…”
      “I don’ t care… I don’ t have any food at home anymore. How can I still live with a pair of bowls and chopsticks!”
      “I don’ t care either…”
      I was stunned as I watched them discussing. In the end, the three of them left without even looking at me……
      Then I stood up and walked to the other side of the house. I found that there was nothing at home…
      It was unknown whether it was taken away by those soldiers or by those three people. In short, there was nothing at home…
      There was nothing I could do but wander around…
      The wild dog and I had robbed the food, only a moldy steamed bun…
      I’ve eaten bark, I’ ve eaten wild grass, I’ve eaten everything….
      In the end, I came to Foshan and arrived at the door of a restaurant. I hadn’t eaten for three days and wanted to get a steamed bun. Although I knew they could n’ t give it to me, I still had hope and walked in… Finally, I was beaten and thrown out.
      I was used to this result. I slowly got up and slowly walked towards the front. Sometimes I wanted to end my life, but I knew I couldn’t because there was still the enemy who killed my parents waiting for me, as well as the tall soldier. I wanted to ask him what to choose my brother instead of me!
      In the end, I saw a woman in a white robe standing in front of me. Her robe was snow white, without any dust….
      Then I ran to her and knelt down, begging her to give me some food…
      She looked at me as if my mother was looking at me… She picked me up and reminded me of my mother’s embrace, so I did n’ t move in her arms..
      She brought me to a clinic and a uncle treated my injuries… Then she led me out of the clinic…
      I still have the steamed bun that uncle gave me…
      Then we randomly found a place to rest for the night. The next morning, she took me to the alley.
      What happened next was a miraculous scene. A circle of light appeared in the air… She led me in and then I appeared in another place…
      In the end, I saw many people wearing the same clothes as her. They saw my eyes full of kindness and kindness…
      And that man appeared. He touched my head and told me to call you Shao Yun from now on….
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      Chapter 33 Discuss the matter of going down the mountain and asking for a collection!Pray for flowers!

      The next day, early in the morning, Shaoqiu got up from the bed. His room was very big, almost twice as big as his 13th aunt and the others. After all, he was the president of the Brotherhood, and still had some privileges…
      Walking out of the room and arriving at the lobby on the first floor, they saw the assassins who had already finished their morning training and were walking in from outside in twos and threes.
      Now, they didn’t need to arrange their training at all. After all, they were n’ t fools. They knew what they lacked….
      They were all saved by Shao Qiu from the traffickers. Although they were still very young at that time, the despair and powerlessness at that time still made them remember, so everyone was training hard….
      Walking to the dining room, Shao Qiu was like the assassins. He came to the window and asked for a few steamed buns and a bowl of porridge before he sat up at a table.
      Two little assassins were already eating at that table. They were about to stand up when they saw Shao Qiu, but Shao Qiu stopped them….
      “Hehe, there’s no need to stand up. We don’ t have any relationship between superiors and subordinates…”
      Shaoqiu chuckled and then picked up the bun and ate it.
      The two assassins looked at Shaoqiu. Although they were not standing up, their eyes were still looking at him. Their eyes were filled with worship and fanaticism…
      Being watched by the two assassin girls, Shaoqiu immediately changed his habit of eating wolfishly. He held a bun and slowly put it in his mouth, then chewed slowly without revealing his teeth…
      Wow… Lord Shaoqiu looked so handsome when eating!Just like the young master of a wealthy family!
      At this moment, the two assassin girls had this idea in their hearts… Their eyes were sparkling as they looked at Shao Qiu, who was drinking porridge like a wine tasting….
      At the entrance of the dining room,13th aunt pulled Shao Yun over as well. She saw Shao Qiu as soon as she walked in. When she saw Shao Qiu’s pretentious appearance and the two assassin girls on the other side, she immediately puffed up her mouth…
      “Thirteenth aunt… who is that uncle?”
      Shao Yun, who was holding her sister-in-law’s hand, looked at her sister-in-law and asked doubtfully.
      “Hmph… a hateful man who doesn’ t understand the style!”
      Aunt Thirteen gritted her teeth.
      “Aunt Thirteen, do you like that uncle?”
      Hearing his aunt’s words, Shao Yun continued to ask.
      There’s no way ghosts like him!”This annoying fellow!”
      Aunt Thirteen’s face turned red as she retorted.
      The assassin apprentices who were eating looked towards the door, and then they saw his sister-in-law dancing and dancing. They were all stunned!
      The 13th aunt and the others all knew that it was not only their teaching teacher, but also their mother… In these 20 years, they had changed from a child to a teenage girl in their 20s. They were all with her!
      Sensing everyone’s gaze,13th aunt stopped moving in an instant. Her face turned expressionless. She then arrogantly snorted at everyone and walked towards the window….
      He thought to himself…
      Can’t see me… Ca n’ t see me… Can’t see me…
      A laugh reached Aunt Thirteen’s ears. It was so familiar!
      Damn Shaoqiu!Damn!Big bad guy!
      After a small episode, Shaoqiu finished his meal and left the restaurant. At this moment, Sun Yi walked over first.
      “Mr. Shaoqiu, there are some things that need to be discussed.”
      “Okay, come to my room.”
      Shaoqiu nodded.
      When they reached the room, the two of them sat on the bench.
      Sometimes, Shaoqiu felt that it was really good to have Mo Du and Sun Yi first. Mo Du was like an ancient soldier… specialized in performing missions, while Sun Yi was like a military advisor, specialized in making suggestions. In these 20 years, many of them were Sun Yi in the management of the Brotherhood…
      “Mr. Shaoqiu, it’s already been 20 years. The children have already grown up and become beginner assassins… I think we should let them go down the mountain to train?”
      As soon as he sat down, Sun Yi spoke.
      Hearing Sun Yi’s words, Shao Qiu began to think about it. In fact, he had also thought about this matter. He originally planned to discuss it with Sun Yi, Mo Du, and his 13th aunt in a few days.
      “Yes, go and call Aunt Thirteen and Mo Du over.”
      Shaoqiu nodded and said.
      “Alright, Mr Shao Qiu…”
      Sun Yi stood up and walked out of the room.
      Soon, the three of them arrived. The four of them sat in the room. Although Shao Qiu’s room was large, there were not enough chairs. All Shao Qiu and his aunt sat on the bed…
      Sitting on Shaoqiu’s bed, his nose seemed to smell Shaoqiu’s body. Thirteenth Aunt sat there nervously with a red face.
      Shao Qiu did not notice his sister-in-law. He looked at the three of them and said,” This time, I’ ve called everyone over here to discuss something. Our Brotherhood has been established for 20 years. Some of the assassin’s knowledge and skills have basically been learned by the children. Let’s talk about it this time and let the assassins go down the mountain to train…”
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, Sun Yi took the lead and said,” I agree with this. After all, the children have grown up, and they have never come into contact with this world. They have spent the past 20 years at the top of the Snow Mountain. Many societies have no experience, so we must let them experience it…”
      “But what if those children are in danger when they go down the mountain?”
      At this moment, Aunt Thirteen spoke.
      “What was our original intention to establish a brotherhood for… For the future world, sacrifice is always necessary…”
      Mo Du also said aloud.
      “But some sacrifices can be avoided…”
      “Our main goal is to let the children experience themselves…”
      “We’ ve lived with the children for 20 years. Each of them is our child… I don’ t want any of them to die…”
      In the room, besides Shao Qiu, Aunt Thirteen and Sun Yi started to argue.
      Shao Qiu suddenly spoke.
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, the three stopped talking and looked at Shao Qiu, waiting for his decision.
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      Chapter 34 Salty and Salty… No, please collect it!Pray for flowers!Please reward!

      “You must go down the mountain to train. How many members are there now?”
      Shao Qiu looked at Sun Yi and asked first.
      “There are now 1,030 members… all of them are qualified.”
      Sun Yi said first.
      Shao Qiu nodded when he heard Sun Yi’s words. After a moment of silence, he said,” Select 500 assassins and go to all parts of the country. The main task is to establish a shelter.
      “The shelter includes missions, weapons, healing, information, and so on.”
      Shao Qiu was silent for a moment. He looked at the three of them and continued,” Modu, is there any magic that can create a stable teleportation formation?”
      Mo Du was stunned. Then, he asked doubtfully,” Mr. Shao Qiu, do you mean the type of teleportation array that doesn’ t need people to operate?”
      “That’s right. It’s that type. It doesn’ t require human manipulation. It can be stabilized there.”
      Shaoqiu nodded.
      “This can be done, but it requires three people to use it at the same time..”
      Mo Du thought for a moment and said.
      “Yeah, well, you go to Gu Yi’s place and ask two people to come over to help. After you find his people, set up a teleportation formation in each province… If that’s the case, we can support them in time…”
      “There’s no need to be aggressive in establishing the shelter. We’ re assassins. We walk in the darkness… It’s not in the light of light..”
      “Every assassin down the mountain is not allowed to commit adultery and kidnap. Those who violate it will be killed!”When you’ re on mission, you have to kill with one strike. You can’ t expose your organization’s identity, you can’ t drag on your companions, you can’ t drag on the Brotherhood… Kill the violator!”
      “Yes!”The three nodded in unison.
      “Mm, you can go down. Modu, you can go to Gu Yi’s place now. Mr. Yi, you can gather the assassins and then select 500 people… Thirteenth Aunt… Hmm… You can take care of Shao Yun…”
      Sun Yi and Mo Du hurriedly nodded, then turned around and left, while Aunt Thirteen looked at Shao Qiu angrily.
      “Why… why do Mo Du and Sun Yi have missions, but I don’ t…”
      Looking at Shaoqiu, his third aunt said angrily.
      Hearing her sister-in-law’s words and looking at her angry expression, Shao Qiu suddenly realized that her sister-in-law was a little special today… That lips….
      As Shaoqiu looked at her, his 13th aunt’s face turned red. Although she had received advanced Western ideological education, she was still an oriental woman. She was conservative and reserved… It was the characteristic of every oriental woman.
      Why are you looking at people like this… so shy…
      This was what Aunt Thirteen was thinking…
      If Shaoqiu knew what his aunt was thinking right now, he would probably immediately shout that slogan….
      Kill the monster!
      However, Shaoqiu did not know what his aunt was thinking. At this moment, only Shaoqiu and his aunt were in the room…
      Both of them were sitting on the bed. Aunt Thirteen’s face was red as she rubbed her hands and fingers, while Shaoqiu was staring at Aunt Thirteen.
      The atmosphere was very ambiguous… The pink aura seemed to pervade the entire room…
      Shaoqiu’s head slowly leaned towards him. Feeling Shaoqiu’s aura coming from the shop, his 13th aunt felt her heart jump out.
      She closed her eyes, her body tensed up… her long eyelashes trembled…
      Slowly, she felt as if something had touched her lips… This made her almost jump up in fright!
      However, she still restrained her nervousness and opened her mouth slightly. Immediately, her tongue touched that thing….
      Hmm… a little salty… not thick… the front is very sharp…
      Feeling the stuff in his mouth, Aunt Thirteen opened her eyes!
      It was Shao Qiu’s sadistic expression, as well as his extended hand…
      At this moment, Shaoqiu’s finger was placed in his aunt’s mouth, and her aunt was dumbfounded….
      “Uh… I want to explain… Actually, I saw a leek in your mouth. I wanted to wipe it for you… But you…”
      Shao Qiu’s voice slowly fell. He saw that his 13th aunt’s eyes seemed to be spitting fire!
      “You bastard!Ah……”Ah!”
      13Th aunt stood up and yelled at Shaoqiu before leaving.
      Shaoqiu rubbed her head and looked in the direction where Aunt Thirteen left.
      On the other side…
      Sun Yi gathered all the assassins together.
      Standing at the front of the stage, Sun Yi first looked at the assassins apprentices dressed in white robes….
      “Children… what was the original intention of our Brotherhood?”
      Sun Yi asked loudly first.
      “In order to let the world see through some illusions… In order to let everyone no longer suffer from hunger, in order to let the light shine on the world forever!”
      Everyone below shouted.
      Hearing the words of the people below, Sun Yi nodded.
      “Today, we will select 500 assassins here. They will walk out of the Himalayas and spread all over the country… They will become our vanguard!Build a shelter for us!”There will be many dangers in the process… Although you all have black crystals, you won’ t die… But if you’ re hit in the head, you’ ll still die… So there’s someone willing to become one of these 500 people, stand up now!”
      As soon as Sun Yi finished his sentence,1030 assassins took a step forward!
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      Chapter 35 First, you have to have a girlfriend to collect!Pray for flowers!

      At this moment, they waited for a long time!
      After hibernating for 20 years, he could finally leave the mountain and complete all their goals. What was death…
      For its great purpose, death was insignificant in front of it!Even if they were to fall into hell, even if their souls were to be wiped out, they would not hesitate!
      Everything was for the creed!
      At this moment, Sun Yi, who was on the stage, first looked at everyone below, his eyes full of enthusiasm and yearning. He could not help but feel his blood boiling!He shouted,” I know that each of you want to become a vanguard, but this time, you only need 500. Half of you need to stay here!”
      “This time, the first 500 people down the mountain will continue to stay behind to train… Wait for the next step!”
      After that, Sun Yi turned around and left.
      After Sun Yi left first, the assassins in place did not move. Then, they looked at each other….
      “Hehe… Brother… Brother… let me go this time!”Let me go!”
      One of the assassin apprentices said to an assassin beside him with a dog-legged expression.
      The assassin was called Shao 900. Because he was an orphan, he didn’t know his name, so he used Shao Qiu’s surname instead of his name.
      There were many assassins like Shao 900. The assassin in front of him was also one. He was called Shao 4 or 5, and he could be considered one of the top 100 in the 1030 members.
      “That’s not what I’ m talking about… Mr. Yi Xian said that he needs the top 500 members… I can’ t do anything about that either…”
      Shao 4-5 shrugged.
      “Hehe… Brother… how about… how about you give this position to me?”
      Shao 900 chuckled.
      Shao 4-5 hurriedly waved his hand.
      Seeing Shao four or five rejections in front of him, Shao 900’s lips curled into a wicked smile.
      “Then you…”
      Shao Si was stunned. Then, he saw the person in front of him shaking slightly.
      Not good!
      In an instant, Shao Si thought of some possibility. His body leaped back and dodged Shao Si’s attack!
      “You… less than 900!”What are you doing!”
      Shao 4-5 shouted loudly.
      All the assassins around hurriedly looked over.
      “Hehe… Although the Brotherhood has a rule not to kill each other, it’s still possible to spar… As long as I knock you out, I can go instead of you…”
      Less than 900 walked forward and said.
      The expressions of the surrounding assassins changed!The lower ranked assassins all looked at the top ranked assassins with wolf-like eyes, while the top ranked assassins looked at the lower ranked people on guard…
      The situation had changed… The assassins on both sides were facing each other, each side had 500 people…
      They looked at each other’s chosen targets, their eyes fixed on each other. Everyone’s eyes were filled with fighting spirit!
      In fact, staying in the Snow Mountain was a better option, but they wanted to stay in the Snow Mountain instead of themselves. They regarded the vanguard as a kind of glory!
      At this moment, the door was opened and a figure walked in from outside the door..
      Instantly, more than a thousand pairs of eyes looked at the person at the door. Immediately, everyone’s expressions changed…
      “Well… you guys continue… I went to the wrong room…”
      After saying that, Shao Qiu turned around and left… Then she thought of something and turned around.” You can’ t use weapons… You can’ t kill someone… Otherwise, you’ ll all stay on the mountain for a lifetime!”
      The door closed again, and then only the assassins in the room looked at each other!
      The two sides collided with each other!
      Everyone had already found their target. They collided together!Fist to flesh!
      Grip grass!”Young Master Eight Seven, you brat, I actually took out my place!”
      “F*ck!”You’ re almost dead! You’ re courting death!”
      Ah!My mother’s squint!You little slut!”I’ ll go all out with you!”
      “Don’ t grab my hair!”
      At this moment, Shao Qiu and Sun Yi were standing outside the door. When they heard the sound from the house, they smiled at each other.
      “You’ re still worried…”
      Sun Yi looked at Shao Qiu and smiled.
      “They are all looking at the grown-up children. Which one is not our heart’s flesh…”
      Shao Qiu smiled.
      “They have their own limits. We should trust them…”
      Sun Yi said.
      “You don’ t understand. They’ re like our children. Even if we know they have a sense of propriety, they’ re still very worried…”
      Shao Qiu sighed as if she had come over.
      Seeing Shao Qiu’s appearance, Sun Yi was slightly taken aback.
      “It’s like you have a child… First, you should find a girlfriend…”
      After saying that, Sun Yi turned around and left, leaving behind Shao Qiu who was standing on the spot with a black face.
      Grip grass!”What right do you have to despise me!”
      As Sun Yi left, Shao Qiu shouted!
      However, Sun Yi didn’t seem to hear Shao Qiu’s shout. He continued to walk… There were still many things to do…
      When Sun Yi’s figure completely disappeared, Shao Qiu stopped shouting. He sat down on the steps next to the door, and the corner of his mouth could not help but reveal his lonely form…
      * I don’ t feel lonely anymore…*

      All of them went down the mountain to collect!Pray for flowers!Please reward!

      Ten minutes later, the door was pushed open.
      Shaoqiu quickly stood up and looked at the door.
      A male assassin with a bruised face walked out first, followed by many assassins…
      Everyone was bruised and swollen…
      “Mr. Shao Qiu…”
      Every assassin who walked out saw Shao Qiu shout respectfully, then walked to the empty space in front of him and stood straight.
      Soon,500 people came out. They looked at Shaoqiu in front of them, and Shaoqiu was also looking at them.
      Everyone lost their color… But they were laughing happily because the smile involved the wound on their faces, causing them to grimace…
      Congratulations!”He’s chosen to be the vanguard…”
      Shao Qiu looked at everyone below and said.
      “For the Brotherhood!”
      Everyone shouted!
      Looking at the excited crowd, Shao Qiu chuckled. Then, she waved her hand and said,” Alright, don’ t stand. Sit down…”
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, everyone looked at each other and sat on the ground.
      “It’s been 20 years… Hehe… You’ ve all grown up and become assassins…”
      As he spoke, Shaoqiu revealed a faint smile on his face. The 500 assassins below also revealed smiles and memories. At the same time, their eyes fell on Shaoqiu, revealing complicated feelings. That kind of feelings contained gratitude, family… etc….
      That’s right… It was so fast 20 years ago. They all grew up and became the image they had in their hearts when they were young… And that man was still so big and mysterious in their hearts!
      If there was a god in this world, then there was only one god. That was the man in front of him….
      When they were in despair, it was this god who saved them from the bitter sea…
      “Actually, everyone knows that many of you will die this time down the mountain… Are you afraid?”
      Shaoqiu asked softly.
      “Not afraid!”
      “Not afraid!”
      All of them shouted with red faces!For the sake of creed, they dared to face death!
      Looking at the red faces of the crowd and their blue veins on their necks, Shao Qiu’s face changed and he instantly stood up and pointed at the crowd below, shouting,” Shit!A bunch of fools!You guys are not afraid!I’m afraid!
      Labor and capital were afraid of your death!
      They were afraid that they would never see you again in the dining room or in the library!
      A bunch of selfish bastards!Damn it!Get lost!All of you are not allowed to leave the mountain!”Let’s go down the mountain alone!”
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s curse, everyone present fell silent.
      At this moment, a soft cry was heard!
      His eyes were red and swollen, his nose was still bleeding, and his mouth was also…
      “Mister Shaoqiu… I’ m afraid!I’m afraid of death… Wuu… Wuu… But… I’ m even more afraid of brothers dying!
      “I don’ t want them to die… I want them to live…”
      At the end, Shao 900 covered his face and cried!
      Less than 900 cries caused the others to cry as well.
      Seeing that everyone was crying, Shao Qiu’s angry expression slowly disappeared. Then, he looked at the people below with an expressionless face.
      In the house behind them, the 500 people who had been knocked down also walked out of the room. They walked out and saw the weeping crowd, as well as Shao Qiu who was standing there emotionlessly. They all walked to the front of Shao Qiu and knelt down.
      “I beg Mr. Shaoqiu to forgive them!”
      “I beg Mr. Shaoqiu to forgive them!”
      The 500 people shouted in unison.
      Hearing the cries of the people below, Shaoqiu remained indifferent. His eyes were still looking at the people who were crying…
      “Shut up!”
      In an instant, everyone stopped crying and looked at the expressionless Shao Qiu.
      “What is our creed!”
      “We are assassins. We act in the dark and fight for the light!”
      Everyone stood up and shouted loudly!
      I use my eyes as a blade, it can cut through the darkness!
      “Everyone, listen!”
      1030 People stood straight, looking at Shao Qiu in front of them.
      “Order the top 500 people to set up a first echelon, specifically responsible for establishing shelters and intelligence networks. The remaining 500 people set up a second echelon, specifically responsible for taking orphans back…”
      Shao Qiu turned around and left.
      When Shao Qiu left, everyone was stunned.
      “What did Mr. Shao Qiu say just now?”
      “Looks like we’ re all going down the mountain?”
      Grip grass!Really!God!Haha!!”
      Haha!”Brother… I’ m wrong… Hahaha…”
      “Get lost!”You’ re the one who got rid of the bad luck!”
      After leaving the courtyard, Shao Qiu came to the weapons warehouse. This was a special place for weapons…
      Just as he arrived at the door, he saw Sun Yi push the door open and walk out.
      “How is it?”It’s already arranged?”
      Sun Yi looked at Shao Qiu and asked.
      “Mm… Add another 500 sleeves…”
      Shaoqiu nodded.
      “Okay… what!Plus 500 sets?”You want it?”
      Sun Yi was stunned as he looked at Shao Qiu in surprise.
      “Let’s just let them go… It’s time for them to bring some children back… Sigh…”
      After saying that, Shao Qiu waved at Sun Yi and turned to leave.*

      My bed is very big. Together?Please collect!Pray for flowers!

      Shao Qiu!Open the door for me!Hurry up!”Open the door!”
      The next day, Shaoqiu, who was still in bed, was woken up by the sound of his 13th aunt outside the door.
      He got out of bed and opened the door to look at his angry aunt and asked,” What’s wrong? Who offended you again?”
      Humph!”Why let them all go down the mountain!”
      Aunt Thirteen’s almond eyes widened as she looked at Shaoqiu.
      “Oh?”I have my own plans…”
      Shao Qiu said indifferently.
      “Don’t you know that the world outside is in chaos right now!”And they’ ve never left the mountain. It’ ll be very dangerous!”
      Seeing Shaoqiu’s indifferent expression, Aunt Thirteen said angrily.
      “Yeah, I know. You came here early in the morning to tell me this?”
      “Then you know you want them to go!”You don’ t care about their lives at all!”
      The more Aunt Thirteen said, the more angry she became. She felt that she had misjudged Shao Qiu!
      “Come in…”
      At this moment, Shao Qiu let out a faint smile and then turned around and walked back.
      Aunt Thirteen hesitated for a moment. After seeing that there was no one around, she also walked into the room. Then, she quickly closed the door.
      “What… I feel like a thief..”
      Seeing his sister-in-law’s cautious appearance, Shao Qiu smiled and said.
      “Who… is the thief!”
      Aunt Thirteen’s face turned red after she said that.
      “Hehe, do you know why our assassin chose Eagle as his partner?”
      Shao Qiu chuckled as he looked at his aunt’s red face.
      “Hmm… because… because we are very similar to Ying…”
      Aunt Thirteen thought for a moment and said.
      “Aiyo, it’s not bad. You actually know… Do you know that we have those similar places?”
      Shaoqiu looked at his sister-in-law in surprise and continued to ask.
      “Uh……”That’s because Ying, like us, chose a good target and then killed it with one strike?”
      Aunt Thirteen was stunned and said hesitantly.
      “I wonder if you’ve heard a story about Eagle before?”Every newborn eagle will be brought to the top of the cliff by the eagles, and then the eagles will be pushed down…”
      “Because the eagles will one day leave Eagle’s arms. All they have to do is let them through the trials and tribulations… Otherwise, they will never grow up…”
      “Actually… I feel like this is very similar to our assassins…”
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, Aunt Thirteen stood there silently. Actually, she knew Shao Qiu’s words, and she also knew that Shao Qiu’s decision was correct, but she was still very reluctant to part with it…
      “If you were that type of female eagle… Uh… Eagle… I think you would make the same choice…”
      He rolled his eyes at Shaoqiu and his 13th aunt pouted, expressing her anger…
      “Hehe, all right, don’t make a fuss. If you get up so early, do you want to sleep for a while?”My bed is quite big… together?”
      Shao Qiu patted the bed and asked.
      “Ah… you hooligan!”
      Aunt Thirteen opened the door and ran out!
      A cry came from outside!
      Shaoqiu opened the door and saw his 13th aunt sitting on the ground while Sun Yi stood there with an innocent expression on his face.
      “I want to say, should I change my aunt to call the president’s wife?”
      Sun Yi asked doubtfully.
      Hearing Sun Yi’s words, Aunt Thirteen’s face turned red and she quickly ran away.
      “Well… actually, Aunt Thirteen isn’ t bad, Mr. Shaoqiu… when did you guys get things done? This way, the Brotherhood is considered to have a successor…”
      Looking at his sister-in-law, Sun Yi thought for a moment and said to Shao Qiu.
      Shaoqiu looked at Sun Yi with a dumbfounded expression… It seemed like he had misunderstood… Should he explain this misunderstanding?
      If he explained it, he would still be single!
      “Cough cough… that Yi ah… what’s the matter so early in the morning?”
      After coughing twice, Shao Qiu asked with a stiff face.
      “Mr. Shaoqiu, now that all the assassins are ready, the sleeves have been distributed.”
      Sun Yi hurriedly said.
      “Oh… okay, let them leave.”
      Shaoqiu nodded.
      “That… that… Mr. Shao Qiu, I’ ll go down as well…”
      Hearing Sun Yi’s words, Shao Qiu thought for a moment before nodding.
      “Alright, then you can go as well. Look at them more. If there’s any problem, immediately use the teleportation formation to return..”
      “Yes, I know Mr. Shaoqiu. Then I’ m ready to leave.”
      Sun Yi turned around and left.
      After Sun Yi left, Shaoqiu stood there and hesitated for a moment before turning around to walk outside.
      After arriving outside, Shao Qiu hid his body and aura and walked to the square outside the palace.
      At this moment, in the middle of the square, there were a thousand white-robed assassins. They were standing there, each standing on their shoulders with a falcon!
      Sun Yi stood in front of him. Beside him were Mo Du and the two mages he had brought.
      “Let’s start…”
      Sun Yi nodded at Mo Du.
      Then, Mo Du and the other two mages started to activate their magic. Immediately, three rings appeared in front of everyone.
      “Gansu Province… Enter!”
      Sun Yi first said to the people below.
      Then, ten assassins walked up. They crossed their arms and nodded at Sun Yi and Mo Du before jumping into the teleportation portal.
      Then, the remaining people started to jump into the teleportation portal in line. Each province had ten people… More people were scattered…
      After everyone entered the portal, Sun Yi also jumped in.
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      Half a year later, he asked for a collection!Please reward!Pray for flowers!

      Half a year later, in a certain county in Gansu Province.
      Wu Changgui was the county head of this county, and he was also the largest local ruffian in this county…
      Today was his 60th birthday. Many people in the city came to his house to celebrate his birthday……
      At this moment, he was wearing a big red birthday suit and was sitting on the chair. His face was red as he looked at the people below.
      “County Head Wu, this is a birthday gift from my Dongliang Rice Branch. I hope that County Head Wu will be as lucky as the Southern Hill!”
      A man in a suit and glasses was standing there with a box in his hand and said respectfully.
      “Haha, thank you, Dong Liang Mi!”
      Wu Changgui laughed and a servant beside him walked over to pick up the gift box in the man’s hand and deliver it to Wu Changgui.
      After taking the gift box from behind, Wu Changgui ignored the people standing below and tore open the bag and looked at the things in the gift box.
      A 10 cm long jade ruyi was placed inside the gift box. Wu Changgui smiled even more when he saw it.
      Haha!”Thank you, President Wang. I heard that the rice price has been declining recently?”
      “Sigh… Yes, County Head Wu. Originally, today is your old birthday. I don’ t want to say it, but sigh…”
      As he sighed and shook his head, President Wang said.
      “Alright, I also feel that the current price of rice is too low. Tomorrow, the price will be increased by 30% according to the previous price. If someone asks, say that it’s what I’ m talking about… A bunch of people are poor. If they don’ t have the money to buy rice to eat, scram and eat the bark!”
      Wu Changgui waved his hand and said.
      “Haha, thank you… Thank you, County Head Wu… Thank you…”
      President Wang said excitedly.
      “Alright, let’s go…”
      Wu Changgui waved his hand and told him to go down. Then, he asked the servant next to him to come up.
      Suddenly, a yellow lightning appeared in the dark sky, followed by a thunderous sound!
      Through the light from the lightning, two people in white robes squatted on the roof of the main house of the Wu Residence, looking at the people eating and drinking below…
      There were still two hawks on their shoulders. The two hawks were flapping their wings in annoyance….
      Because they were wearing hoods, they couldn’t tell whether they were men or women.
      “Why do you feel a little strange today?”It seems like I’ m very upset.”
      One of the white robed men stroked the shoulder eagle’s head and said.
      “Maybe it was thunder that scared me…”
      Another white-robed man touched the somewhat agitated Falcon and said.
      “Forget it, forget it… I’ ll finish the task first…”
      After a simple conversation, the two of them were not talking. Their eyes looked at the old man wearing a red robe.
      Wu Changgui did not know that there were two eagle eyes on his head!
      Haha!Drink!”No one is allowed to leave today!”
      Holding the glass in his hand, Wu Changgui said loudly to the people standing up.
      The surrounding people picked up their wine glasses and drank them all…
      “Haha, come and drink!”
      Seeing that everyone was happy, County Head Wu continued to pick up the cup.
      Just at this moment, there was a sudden burst of noise and exclamations from afar!
      Ah!”The pig ran out!”
      Not far away, two old black pigs, about 300kg in weight, rushed into the courtyard. They ran around like crazy.
      The originally bustling courtyard immediately became chaotic!
      A cry of surprise!Scream!And the sound of pigs!In the courtyard!
      “Good opportunity!”
      At this moment, a white-robed man hurriedly said.
      “No… Wait a moment… I’ ll find out if I make a move here!”
      Another white-robed man spoke.
      As soon as he finished speaking, two gunshots came from the courtyard below. Then, the entire courtyard quieted down.
      In the middle of the courtyard, Wu Changgui was holding a pistol in his hand. The barrel of the pistol was still emitting white smoke. There was blood on the heads of the two sows not far away from him, and they fell to the ground, twitching… They even let out a moan…
      “County Head Wu!”Good spear technique!”
      At this moment, a sharp-eyed man hurriedly said to flatter.
      “Yes!If County Head Wu lived in ancient times, it would definitely be Xiao Li Guanghua!”This spear technique is truly godly!”
      “Where to fight!”
      County Head Wu laughed when he heard the praise from the crowd. However, he frowned and said,” Why did this f*cking pig come here? Let’s see who it is!”
      After County Head Wu finished speaking, a middle-aged woman in shabby clothes walked over in fear. She then knelt in front of County Head Wu and said in panic,” County Head Wu… I’ m sorry… I’ m really sorry… I don’ t know what’s going on either. These two pigs were originally fine, but suddenly, like they went crazy, they broke through the pigsty and rushed out. No matter how they tried to stop them, they couldn’ t stop them… Please, County Head Wu, so it’s me!”
      F*ck!Let labor forgive you!Damn it!”It’s not easy for us to live for 60 years, but we’ ve all been destroyed by these two pigs. Now, we’ ll kill you!”
      After saying that, County Head Wu’s gun directly hit the middle-aged woman’s head!
      When the two white robed men on the roof saw this scene, their expressions changed!
      “No!”Four nine must go down now, or that woman will die!”
      One of the white-robed men said anxiously.
      The other white-robed man directly flicked his sleeve and coldly said,” Go!”
      After saying that, the two of them jumped down!
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      Chapter 39: All abnormal requests for collection!Please reward!Pray for flowers!

      A dull sound appeared in the quiet courtyard. Everyone immediately looked in the direction of the sound.
      Two white figures were running towards them. The white clothes were like two white ghosts in the dark night!
      Their speed was very fast!It was so fast that no one could react!
      At this moment, Wu Changgui looked at the white ghost rushing over and his expression changed!To be the head of a county, he must have his own ability!
      The gun in his hand was lifted up instantly. He didn’t even glance at it and directly shot a shadow towards him.
      The gunshots rang out and the white figure paused for a moment!Then, his speed increased!
      “Quickly protect County Head Wu!”
      At this moment, the security captain who was standing next to him shouted!
      When the surrounding people heard the security captain’s words, they also rushed forward!
      At this moment, when the two assassins saw the people rushing over, the sleeves in their hands popped out and the two of them jumped up high!A cold light appeared on the sleeve of his wrist!He raised his arm high!
      There was a muffled sound!Following that, everyone saw two bodies lying beneath the two white-robed men. Their eyes widened, revealing fear and despair. They were thinking about this world!
      He killed someone!”Run!”
      The surrounding people cried out in terror!They had no time to protect County Head Wu!
      “County Head Wu!”I’ ll bring my brothers to get a gun!”
      At this moment, the security captain hurriedly shouted and ran towards the distance!
      Looking at the escaping security captain, Wu Changgui cursed. If he could escape this time, he must kill this son of a turtle!Damn it!
      However, there was no time for him to curse because he saw the two white-robed men walking towards him step by step. Their hands were still stained with blood. Every step they took, the blood would two drops…
      “Two… two strong men… how did I, Wu Changgui, offend you?”I’ m here to apologize… We’ ve already settled this, and I’ ll give 500 yuan to the two warriors, how about that?”
      As he retreated, Wu Changgui said.
      The two assassins continued to walk towards Wu Changgui as if they did not hear him.
      “1,000 Yuan!”
      Wu Changgui’s face turned flustered!
      No matter how much he raised the price, the two of them still walked towards him. Soon, the two of them were two meters away from him!
      F*ck!”Go die!”
      Seeing that the two of them were so close to him, a smile appeared on their faces as they pointed their guns at one of them and cursed!
      Gunshots rang out!Both of their bodies flashed at the same time!However, one of them had a red flower on his shoulder, while the other came behind Wu Changgui and raised his right hand high!The sword tip of that sleeve still had the blood of that person!
      Then!His middle finger and index finger hooked his sleeve!Pull down!The sword in his sleeve immediately descended from the original stab to one-handed grip!
      He forcefully stabbed down!The blade directly pierced through the head cover!
      With another sound, the assassin pulled out his sleeve and released his hand… The sleeve had changed back to its previous state!
      Wu Changgui’s body fell to the ground…
      The two of them looked at each other and jumped onto the roof. Then, they quickly ran away!
      Another thunder!The blue lightning shone on the courtyard, only three corpses lay there… There were still some food left in the surroundings…
      In a shabby house in the county, two assassins opened the door and came here. Then, they walked to a cooking stove inside. One of them picked up the cooking stove and the other jumped down!
      It was like the previous anti-Japanese movie,” The Tunnel Battle “…………
      Beneath the house was a large cellar… Although it was underground, it was surrounded by large green stones… It looked very sturdy…
      There were three assassins in white robes sitting in the cellar. Some were wiping their sleeves and some were lying on the bed and resting with their eyes closed.
      Seeing the two of them enter, one of the assassins who wiped his sleeves casually asked,” Done?”Looks like it’s not going well?”
      “Mm… There are two pigs who don’ t know why, they’ re crazy… There’s no other choice but to move ahead…”
      49 Nodded and said, while the injured assassin walked to the side. He picked up a clip from the table to take out the bullet from the wound.
      What!It was destroyed by two pigs!”Hahahaha!”
      The assassin who had closed his eyes to rest suddenly sat up and laughed.
      His laughter led the other two assassins to laugh as well.
      Seeing the three of them laughing, Shao Sanjiu frowned and continued,” It’s strange today… Lonely Shadow is very agitated. It’s clearly a good weather, but it’s still thunder… Yellow and blue…”
      Shao 49’s words caused the three of them to stop laughing. Then, they frowned and began to think.
      “I feel a little strange when you say that… Today when I went out, I saw the dogs howling for no reason, and the chickens raised by the residents flying around for no reason…”
      “Me too… When he brought the Falcon to investigate today, it didn’ t want to fly out… And it was still barking around… It’s never done this before…”
      In the shelter, it quieted down. Everyone frowned. Even the injured assassin stopped moving…
      They had seen many miraculous things before, so they had taken these unusual phenomena seriously….
      At this moment, the entrance to the top was opened..
      One of the assassins jumped down and hummed,” A bowl of mutton is shaking. The good people in the world are shaking and killing. Gordon is shaking and shaking.The sickle came over and shook its back. It shook the three stone wheat and tickled.” Uh, why are you looking at me like this?”
      “It’s fine…300… Did you find anything strange when you went out today?”
      Shao Sanjiu asked with a frown.
      “Hmm… Nothing… It’s very normal… It seems like there’s something strange about this song that I sang yesterday, but today, all the children in the city will sing… Is this an abnormal place?”
      The assassin thought for a moment and then said.*

      Chapter 40: This is my first time asking for a collection!Pray for flowers!Please reward!

      At this moment, on the snowy mountain, Shao Qiu was lying on the bed.
      At this moment, there was a knock on the door. Shaoqiu walked off the bed and opened the door to see his aunt standing there.
      “You’ re here…”
      Shaoqiu looked at his sister-in-law and smiled.
      Seeing Shaoqiu’s smile, Aunt Thirteen’s face turned slightly red. She then lowered her head and gave a gentle nod.
      “En, come in…”
      As he spoke, Shaoqiu leaned to the side to make room.
      Aunt Thirteen pursed her lips and walked in.
      When his sister-in-law came in, Shao Qiu reached out to look at both sides and closed the door.
      The sound of the door closing made his sister-in-law’s body tremble slightly… Then he stood there and lowered his head.
      “Hmm… Come on… It’s getting late, hurry and finish…”
      Shaoqiu looked at Aunt Thirteen who was standing there with his head lowered and said with a smile.
      “Hmm… is it really not painful?”
      13Th aunt’s fingers twisted together and asked nervously.
      “Actually… Actually, I don’ t know either. But it shouldn’ t hurt…”
      Shaoqiu was a little embarrassed. After all, he was an old monster for a thousand years. He had never done anything like that before. It was really embarrassing to say it… But he was a little proud… He had collected something for a thousand years and handed it to you… You should be very grateful to me…
      “But… but… this is also my first time…”
      Aunt Thirteen said softly with a red face.
      “Hmm… Of course it’s your first time. Why else would I look for you? Alright… Hurry up and take it off…”
      Shaoqiu looked at his sister-in-law’s awkward expression and said anxiously.
      “You!Why are you so anxious!”I’ m very nervous for the first time…”
      His sister-in-law’s face turned red, and then her voice grew smaller and smaller…
      “Why aren’ t you in a hurry… It’s already a few minutes… I’ ll be able to sleep after I finish… It’s very slow to do this!”
      Ah!”Are you going to be so slow?”
      The slower the speed, the stronger I am!”Come on, let’s stop talking, hurry up and take off…”
      After saying that, Shao Qiu reached out and pulled his sister-in-law’s arm.
      Ah!What are you doing!”Hooligan!”
      Aunt Thirteen looked at her hand and jumped away like a rabbit!
      What are you doing!”Let me check it out!”
      Shaoqiu looked at his sister-in-law’s panicked expression and said helplessly.
      “I… I won’ t do it anymore!”
      After that, Aunt Thirteen quickly opened the door and ran out!
      “….Ha… a woman… isn’ t she just checking to see if there’s an Eagle Eye bloodline… It’s like something…”
      Shao Qiu muttered, then a cry came from outside…
      Shao Qiu opened the door and looked outside.
      His aunt sat on the ground and covered her forehead, while Sun Yi’s expression was as expected….
      Seeing this scene, Shao Qiu felt so familiar… It was as if this scene had happened half a year ago.
      “Well… there’s a saying in ancient times that husband and wife are fighting at the bedside and at the end of the bed… what can we talk about…”
      Sun Yi explained.
      “Ah… no… not…”
      13Th aunt’s face immediately turned red. She did n’ t care about a small bag on her forehead and hurriedly waved her hand.
      “Mm… It really isn’ t…”
      Shao Qiu nodded and said seriously.
      “Alright… You guys should take care of your husband and wife…”
      Sun Yi waved his hand.
      “Aiya… No, it’s Shao Qiu who told me to check if I have Eagle Eye bloodline…”
      Eagle Eye?”Didn’ t we all have it?”
      Sun Yi was stunned. He looked at Aunt Thirteen and Shaoqiu in confusion. He felt that Aunt Thirteen’s excuse was really bad…
      “Actually, the Eagle Eye you’ re learning isn’ t the real Eagle Eye. The real Eagle Eye needs blood to activate… And your one is just stimulating the inner part of your brain and forcibly remembering the surrounding terrain..”
      Shao Qiu explained.
      “Oh… Then do you think I have one?”
      Sun Yi nodded and asked.
      “It’s too late. Let’s talk about it tomorrow day… By the way, aren’ t you at the foot of the mountain? Why are you back?”
      Shao Qiu asked.
      “Oh… I just received a message from the shelter in Guyuan County, Gansu Province. There are some abnormalities over there…”
      Sun Yi said.
      “Abnormal phenomenon?What do you mean?”A sow has learned to climb a tree?”
      Shao Qiu was stunned.
      “I didn’ t learn to climb a tree, but I went crazy…”
      Sun Yi was not amused by Shao Qiu’s little humor.
      “Young Four Nine and Young Seven Three were on mission today, but they were destroyed by two pigs. They ran out of the pigsty for no reason. The Falcon beside them also suddenly became very irritable. The weather was very good at night, but there was thunder in the sky. The color was also blue and yellow… It was strange……”
      Hearing Sun Yi’s words, Shao Qiu gradually frowned.
      “By the way, there was an unknown song that spread throughout Guyuan County today. This song has never been heard before…”
      “What song?”
      “A bowl of mutton shakes, it’s white, the good people in the world shake, the thief kills……..”
      “Stop… your singing…”
      Shaoqiu hurriedly covered his ears and looked at the innocent Sun Yixian.
      “You made me sing…”
      Sun Yi shrugged.
      “But… I didn’ t expect your voice to be so penetrating!”
      Shao Qiu put down his hands and sat down on the ground, thinking…
      His sister-in-law looked at Shao Qiu sitting there and asked doubtfully,” What’s wrong with Shao Qiu?”Is there a treasure that is about to be born?”
      “I don’ t know… but I feel that something bad is going to happen..”
      Shao Qiu shook her head.
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      Chapter 41 Earthquake!Please collect!Pray for flowers!Please reward!

      “How many years is it today?”
      Suddenly, Shaoqiu raised his eyes and asked Sun Yi.
      “1920, What happened?”
      Sun Yi was stunned when he saw Shao Qiu’s appearance. His sister-in-law was stunned when he saw him!
      After spending 20 years with Shao Qiu, he had never seen Shao Qiu like this before!
      “1920!Gansu, Guyuan, and now it was winter!”It still happened!”
      Shao Qiu stood up and muttered to himself.
      “What’s wrong?”What happened?”
      Sun Yi and his 13th aunt looked at Shao Qiu and understood the seriousness of the matter!
      Quick!Quick!Inform all assassins to gather!Now, they all headed to Guyuan County, Gansu Province!And all the surrounding counties, let them send all the commoners to other places through teleportation channels!Quick!!!”
      Shao Qiuhong roared angrily at the two of them!
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, the two of them turned around and ran towards the teleportation portal!At this moment, they did not know what was going to happen next, but they knew that something big must have happened to make Shaoqiu react so much!
      Wait!”Aunt Thirteen, you stay!”
      At this moment, Shao Qiu behind him suddenly said to Aunt Thirteen.
      “You stay!”
      Shaoqiu looked at her aunt and said.
      As soon as he finished speaking, his third aunt felt Shao Qiu’s figure flash before her eyes darkened.
      What are you looking at!”Hurry up!”
      Holding his unconscious thirteenth aunt in his arms, Shaoqiu looked at Sun Yi and shouted.
      Sun Yi quickly ran over!
      Shaoqiu, on the other hand, ran to his room with his 13th aunt in his arms. After placing her on the bed, she turned around and left the room to run towards teleportation.
      As he ran to Shaoqiu, he thought back to the news he had read on the Internet a thousand years ago!
      One of the highest earthquakes in human history!12.16 Haiyuan Earthquake ”
      The magnitude 8.5 earthquake had been recorded by more than 90 seismic stations all over the world. Moreover, the aftershock lasted for three years, causing 280,000 people to die and 300,000 people to be injured. Just the city alone had destroyed four, and more than a dozen counties had caused serious damage!
      Just ten minutes!288,000 People died!What a terrifying thing!
      Soon, Shaoqiu arrived at the teleportation portal. Seeing Sun Yi standing there with an anxious expression, Shaoqiu’s heart trembled.
      “What’s wrong?”Why didn’ t you enter?”
      Shao Qiu asked in a trembling voice.
      “…… Entering… not entering…”
      “Let’s go to other places now. Gather everyone and teleport to the province next to Gansu Province!”Quick!”
      After speaking, Shaoqiu jumped into a teleportation portal.
      In Jingyuan County, Zhou Yan, the county head, came to the courtyard. The dogs in the courtyard kept barking!It was as if she was predicting what would happen next. She lifted her head and looked in the distance. A thunderclap sounded from afar!The lightning shone on the entire sky, blue… red… yellow… all kinds of colors… It looked like there were countless balls of light rolling in the sky.
      Zhou Yan frowned. His premonition grew stronger…
      This phenomenon… This phenomenon… It seems like someone has heard of it….
      At this moment, a dull sound came from beneath his feet!
      Not good!It was an earthquake!
      Quick!Quick!Everyone got up!”It’s an earthquake!”
      Turning around!Zhou Yan pointed to the surrounding houses and shouted!
      As soon as he finished speaking, the entire world trembled!The surrounding houses collapsed instantly!
      There was also his child, wife, and parents in the house!
      Then, a 5 meter wide and countless meters long crack appeared on the ground!This crack spread to an invisible place!
      Zhou Yan stood there, crying loudly!
      But no one in the surroundings answered him. His voice was drowned in the sound of the house collapsing!
      “Please stop!Hurry up and stop!”Please!”
      He was still shouting!
      But no matter how he called it, the earthquake was still shaking!The house was still collapsing!There was a faint scream!
      At this moment, a hand reached out from the collapsed house not far away. It was raised high!
      Seeing that hand, Zhou Yan ran over!
      “I’m here!I’m here!Steady!”Steady!”
      As he spoke, Zhou Yan straightened and moved the stone on that hand!
      However, the stone on it was too huge. No matter how much strength Zhou Yan had, he did not move at all…
      There was no other way. Zhou Yan knelt down and started digging with his hands!
      Soon, his hands were covered in blood!Two fingers fell off!But he was still digging!
      Because there was still someone alive beneath him!That person was reaching out for help!
      “Hold on!”I beg you to persist!”
      Zhou Yan shouted as he continued digging!
      But when he finished, he was stunned!
      That was because the hands that had been raised had lost all their strength and fell down!
      This indicated that the people below were dead!He was completely dead!
      The earthquake continued!
      At this moment, white snowflakes floated down from the sky…
      Zhou Yan fell to the ground helplessly. He looked at the snowflakes floating in the sky….
      “Boo… Boo… Boo… Boo…”
      She was crying like a child!She cried loudly!
      The snow grew bigger and bigger, as if the heavens had sensed his emotions!
      At this moment, he saw a group of people in white robes running around on the collapsed house!
      Was this the emissary from the snow mountain?!
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      Chapter 42 Saving People!! Please collect!Pray for flowers!Please reward!

      On the snowy mountain, countless white assassins were standing there. Shao Qiu, Sun Yi, and Mo Du were standing in front of them.
      “Mr. Shaoqiu, other than the assassins from Gansu Province, everyone else has arrived!”
      Mo Du walked to Shao Qiu and said.
      “Yes, now activate the nearest teleportation formation!”
      Shaoqiu nodded.
      Mo Du immediately activated the teleportation formation!
      After the teleportation formation was activated, Shao Qiu took a look at the crowd and jumped in!
      Then, the people behind all jumped in!
      Everyone who entered the teleportation formation had just landed on the ground when they ran towards Shao Qiu’s figure in front of them!
      In the pitch-black night, there was still a heavy snow in the sky. A white-robed assassin was like a ghost, his figure quickly flashing!
      Soon, they arrived at the periphery of the center of the earthquake. The houses that entered their eyes were collapsed, as well as the people who were wailing!
      Some were covered in blood, some were still digging in the ruins!
      They were saving their families and relatives!
      “Move now!”
      Shao Qiu said coldly, then took the lead and charged forward!
      The others also ran quickly!
      A thousand white-robed assassins suddenly appeared here, causing all the commoners to be stunned!However, when they saw these people in white helping to rescue the people, although they were curious about who these people were, at this moment, they were only grateful!
      “Are you alright?”If you’ re alright, hurry up and help save us!”
      At this moment, an assassin walked to Zhou Yan Ting’s side and asked.
      “You… who are you?”
      Zhou Yan asked stammeringly.
      “We’ re brothers. Hurry and save us!”
      The assassin turned around and ran towards the collapsed house!Because he could feel a few weak auras below him. If he didn’t help, it would be over!
      Walking up to the collapsed house, the assassin hugged the stone with both hands. He casually lifted it, and the veins under his neck bulged up!
      F*ck!Unable to move!Come over quickly!”Help!”
      He shouted at Zhou Yan who was still lying there.
      Zhou Yan came to his senses and hurried to the side. Then, the two of them lifted the stone to one side!
      “I have a seriously injured person here!”
      At this moment, the voice of an assassin came from not far away!
      Shao Qiu, who was digging the ruins, hurriedly ran over!He saw that the man who had just been dug out had already completely lost his chest!His mouth was spitting blood and some organ fragments…
      “He can’ t do it anymore…”
      Shao Qiu said softly.
      He had the shroud, but the shroud could only treat any disease… not injuries…
      By the way!
      There was another function!
      To revive the dead for a short time!
      Thinking of this, Shao Qiu immediately took down his cloak and covered it on the body of the deceased!
      The man who had just stopped breathing opened his eyes and looked around!
      Quick!”Help save him now!”
      Shao Qiu took down the cloak and said to the man.
      After saying that, Shao Qiu ran towards the next corpse!The man understood and knelt down at Shao Qiu. After deeply kowtowing, he stood up and joined the rescue team!
      With the addition of the assassins, people were saved every second. At the same time, people joined the rescue team!
      Some of the injuries were serious, but the ones that could be treated were taken to the snow mountain by Mo Du. There was Sun Yi there first… Shao Yun was helping Sun Yi first…
      “I have one here!”Help me!”
      Someone was shouting!
      “Coming!”It’s here!”
      After that, he ran over!
      At this moment, the entire ground shook violently again!
      The assassin who was running was directly buried underneath!
      “Shao Zhangqiu!”
      Looking at the assassin buried in the ground, a nearby assassin shouted with red eyes!
      “Your names are too earthy. Use numbers instead of…. Listen to my name. Shao Zhangqiu… My original name is Zhangqiu. All of my names are Shao Zhangqiu… You guys should be grateful for this name’s domineeringness!In the future, I will become an assassin like Mr. Shaoqiu!!”
      The voice of the middle-aged boy in white robes came to mind!
      “Save the people next to you, I’ ll save him!”
      Shao Qiu hurriedly said, then rushed to the ruins, his hands began to dig quickly!
      Soon, Shao Zhangqiu’s figure appeared!His head was full of blood… his chest was also flat…
      “Shao Qiu… Mr….”
      F*ck!It doesn’ t matter. You’ ve implanted a black crystal before. Unless your head breaks, you won’ t die!”Get up!”
      Red-eyed… Shao Qiu shouted at Shao Zhangqiu who was lying there.
      “Yes… Yes… Mr. Shao Qiu…”
      Shao Zhangqiu got up and fell to the ground!
      “Someone send him to the palace and let Sun Yi stop the bleeding first…. Come back and save the people!”
      Shao Qiu shouted loudly.
      As soon as he finished speaking, an assassin hurried over and grabbed Shao Zhangqiu and threw him into the teleportation portal.
      After that, he turned around and continued to run into the ruins, starting to dig out the living civilians!
      For Shao Qiu who had lived for more than a thousand years… Time was life. It was just farting…
      This sentence should be used here!
      Because every second they delayed, a commoner might die because of that second!!!
      All of them had to hurry up!Save everyone!
      When the surrounding people saw this scene, their eyes were all red… They thanked those people in white robes!Thank them!*

      Chapter 43: Human Greed for Collection!Pray for flowers!Please reward!

      “The aftershock is coming!”Quick, dodge!”
      Sensing the waves coming from the ground, Shao Qiu shouted!
      The surrounding assassins were stunned when they heard Shao Qiu’s voice. Then, they buried their heads and continued digging with their sleeves!
      Looking at everyone’s reaction, Shao Qiu was also stunned, but his eyes revealed a hint of satisfaction.
      Another assassin was buried below!
      Someone immediately ran over and dug him out!
      His chest was pierced by an iron weapon!
      “Don’t worry about me!Go save the people!”We can’ t go back!”
      The assassin did not hold his hand, he gritted his teeth and crawled towards the portal!
      He could not let them waste their time on him!There were still many civilians who had not been saved!
      At this moment, an old woman hurried over. Because of her age, she almost fell to the ground several times…
      The wound on her forehead had not been healed, but it had stopped bleeding. Her hair was white, and her face was covered in dust as well.
      “Wa… I… I’ ll help you…”
      The old woman then stretched out her hand and a woman in her thirties hurried over.
      “Come… Little brother… let’s help you over.”
      They were all people who had just been rescued. Originally, they wanted to help, but they were stopped by these white-robed men. Because there were still aftershocks, there was still danger… They did not want them to be in danger… So they were left behind…
      “Thank you… Thank you…”
      This time, the assassin did not refuse, because he also wanted to quickly return to the snow mountain, let Mr. Sun Yixian stop the bleeding, and then he came back to save these people!
      This scene was just a small episode. No one paid attention to it, because their hearts were all on those people who had not yet been saved!
      An hour passed…
      Two hours had passed……
      During this period, more than a dozen assassins were buried in the ruins by the aftershock, or they were smashed!
      Three hours had passed….
      The snow in the sky grew bigger and bigger. Those people who had been rescued all hugged their shoulders and trembled…
      “Mr. Shaoqiu, it’s too cold right now. Our constitution doesn’ t matter, but those commoners….”
      Mo Du wiped his forehead. That place was hit by a rock during the aftershock. Blood and sweat merged together and flowed into his eyes, making him very uncomfortable…
      “Yes, take a few people to the snow mountain and bring all the cotton clothes in the palace. If it’s not enough, you can go to Gu Yi’s place and ask them for something…”
      Shao Qiu lowered her head and continued to carry the stone.
      “Alright, Mr Shao Qiu…”
      Mo Du nodded and then turned to leave.
      At this moment, a loud noise came from nearby!Hearing the voice, Shaoqiu looked over and saw that the man who had been revived by Shaoqiu suddenly fell to the ground. He didn’t move at all. The surrounding people surrounded him.
      Then… another person fell to the ground…
      One… two…
      The last few hundred people fell to the ground without any breath.
      Seeing this scene, Shao Qiu sighed.
      He could only revive them for a short time… It was impossible to completely revive them…
      He!”They are demons!”
      A frightened voice came over and looked in the direction of the voice. A man with a middle score in glasses was pointing at Shaoqiu and the white-robed assassins.
      Shaoqiu was stunned. He then frowned and looked at the man who was still pointing at them in fear. He looked like a traitor in an anti-Japanese film.
      He!He was a devil!I saw him covering these people with that cloth, and then these people came to life. Now that they were all dead, it was definitely him!”It’s him!”
      The traitor continued to shout in terror, but Shao Qiu saw a hint of greed in his eyes….
      What was greed?
      When the surrounding people heard the traitors’ words, they all looked at Shaoqiu. Some people could not help but take two steps back.
      Seeing this place, Shao Qiu felt a little bored… very uncomfortable… very uncomfortable…
      At this moment, all the assassins stopped moving as well… Standing there, they were all holding blood as they looked at the traitor!
      At the same time, when they saw the actions of the people, they felt wronged. Sullen… their noses were sore… their eyes seemed to have flowed out!
      They were all very simple. They were only a few years old on top of the snow mountain and had lived for 20 years. They only wanted to save those people who were buried in the by the earthquake.
      What are they doing!What are you stopping for!How many people were buried inside!”Let’s continue digging!”
      Shao Qiu shouted at the assassins who had stopped!
      The assassins silently bent down to wipe the tears in their eyes as they continued to dig with their hands full of blood…
      After shouting at the assassins, Shao Qiu turned around and looked at the traitor. He asked indifferently,” Then what do you want to do?”
      “You… are the evil thing in your hands!That was the devil’s thing!”You have to hand it over!”
      The traitor finally revealed his greed in his heart… His eyes shone as he looked at the white red cape on Shaoqiu.
      “You’ re talking about this…”
      Shaoqiu’s face revealed a hint of bitterness. He held a corner of his cape in his hand and was stunned before he could finish his sentence because he saw…
      A brick behind him directly hit the back of the traitor’s head. Then, a middle-aged woman pointed at the bespectacled man who was lying on the ground screaming loudly,” You little bastard!This mother slapped you to death!Although this old lady had never gone to school and didn’t know a single word, this old lady still knew what you were thinking!Didn’t he just want the magic treasure in the hands of the immortals!”I’ ll kill you!”
      After that, the brick in the middle-aged woman’s hand continued to hit the traitor’s head!
      Haha, good fight!”Kill him!”
      “Kill him!”
      The surrounding people shouted.
      Only when the traitor lay motionless on the ground did he stop cursing.
      “That… Immortal Master, I’m sorry… He’s not something!”We know that you are not an evil thing, but an immortal treasure. I… we… thank you for everything you did for us..”
      As she spoke, the woman directly knelt down at Shaoqiu.
      “No need… no need…”
      Shaoqiu’s face changed and she flashed to support the woman.
      The assassins behind him raised their heads and looked at this scene… A smile appeared on their faces… The depression and grievance in their hearts instantly disappeared!*

      If you want to blame it, then blame this world!Pray for flowers!~

      After another three hours, the sky gradually brightened…
      The snow grew larger and larger… The thickness of the snow had reached 20 cm!
      The people who had been rescued were dressed in the clothes Mo Du handed over. They surrounded the group of assassins who had fused with the snow.
      They were still digging up the people buried in the ruins. Now, they had already passed 7 hours. Even if their physical fitness was strong, they still felt exhausted.
      Next to him, Mo Du was bringing a few women from the countryside to cook hot soup…
      The women in the countryside were all scared when they saw Mo Du’s skin color. But when they saw the wound on Mo Du’s forehead, they realized that Mo Du’s skin color was n’ t that scary. There was also some excitement…
      These rural women were all widows in the county…
      At this moment, a few white-robed assassins walked out from the portal. There was still blood on their chests, and some of them were covered with gauze…
      “Why are you here? Didn’ t I let you recuperate properly!”
      Looking at the person, Mo Du frowned and scolded.
      “Mr. Modu, just leave these to us. Although we can’ t participate in the rescue, we can still do these things…”
      The injured assassin in the lead said.
      Hearing the injured assassin’s words, Mo Du pondered for a moment before nodding.
      “Then leave this to you. I’ ll go save them.”
      After speaking, Mo Du turned around and left. He had been taking care of the people from the back. He saw those people buried in the ruins, screaming from time to time, and the aftershocks from time to time already wanted to rush to the front….
      Sometimes people are so cheap!
      They knew that it was very dangerous. It was very tiring. They might fall into disability, or lose their lives. They would also break through and fight for it!
      “Coming!”Sir, this is for you… It’s too cold, put on more clothes…”
      An injured assassin handed a thick coat to an old man who had just been rescued.
      “Ah… thank you… that old man doesn’ t need to. You guys are still very young and don’ t wear much. Hurry up and put it on…”
      The old man hurriedly said.
      “Hehe, Sir… I don’ t need my physique. Look at us all wearing so little. We’ re not afraid of cold..”
      The injured assassin was stunned. Then, he laughed and said, his eyes under his hood moving.
      “You’re too old to deceive me!No one was afraid of cold, baby!”Don’ t freeze!”
      The old man glared and said angrily.
      “It’s fine… Sir… Hurry up and put it on. I still have something to do…”
      After the assassin said that, he stuffed his clothes into the old man’s arms and hobbled away. Every time he walked, he gritted his teeth and persisted…
      When his leg was hit by another aftershock, he was hit by a rock falling from it. Then, his calf bone was broken. Now, he was clamped in a splint… and then he rushed back without stopping.
      After the assassin left, the old man looked at the clothes in his arms and stood still. He only woke up after knowing that the people around him had asked him to bring a bowl of hot soup.
      On the other side!The governor of Gansu Province, Wang Debiao, was anxiously pacing back and forth in his office. Due to the earthquake, his original office did not collapse, but he did not dare to enter…
      Now, he was building a tent in an empty place.
      Seven hours had passed since the earthquake. It was still snowing in the sky, and all the calls from the county could not be reached… The people sent out had not returned yet…
      At this moment, the secretary’s anxious voice came from outside the tent. Hearing the voice, Wang Debiao pushed open the tent door and was about to leave. However, just as he opened the door, he felt that the cold wind was like a blade on someone’s face. He could not help but take two steps back…
      After closing the tent door, Wang Debiao felt better…
      A few seconds later, the tent door was opened. Then, the secretary walked in, covered in snowflakes. His face was red, not knowing if it was because of anxiety or freezing…
      “Governor…. We’ ve made a thorough investigation. Guyuan County, Haiyuan County, and Jingyuan County… A few counties have been razed to the ground. More than half of the rest have been destroyed. There’s a 20 meter wide crack over there. We can’ t go through it… We can only see the periphery…”
      The secretary hurriedly said.
      Hearing the secretary’s words, Wang Debiao frowned.” If we send someone over now, how soon can we get there?”
      “It’ ll take a week as soon as possible, because the aftershocks are constantly coming, and the snow is very thick. Not only is there a shortage of supplies, but there are also many aspects… So….”
      The secretary did not say anything.
      “Yes, I see. Let’s wait until the aftershock is over…”
      After that, Wang Debiao waved his hand and asked the secretary to leave.
      He was left alone in the tent again. He took out a cigarette from his pocket and took a deep breath before slowly spitting it out.
      I’m really sorry… I also have a lot of troops to raise… I saved you all… I really ca n’ t raise you all… Really!
      It could only be blamed on this era!
      If you don’t do it for your own sake, you’ ll destroy everything!
      I am kind to you. Maybe someone will hit my door tomorrow…
      Because I have no ability to protect myself…
      So I hope you don’ t blame me… I hope you can wait until after the aftershock…
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      Chapter 45 Three Days to Collect!Pray for flowers!Please reward!

      Three days later, in Guyuan County, a group of white-robed assassins were walking through the ruins. Their steps were very slow… because they had not rested and eaten for three days. Now, everyone was looking for this survivor with their muddy heads on their heads….
      Although they knew that the survivors were basically gone. After all, it had been snowing for three days in a row, and it had been aftershocks… but they still held a trace of hope…
      At this moment, the people who had been rescued were all arranged in the Himalayan Mountains. Some were arranged in the palace, some were arranged in Gu Yi, and some were villages in the Himalayan Mountains…
      After all, there were too many people. Just a palace couldn’t hold it, and food could n’ t be supplied…
      Come!”I still have one here!”
      This was an assassin who heard a faint breath. His face changed and he shouted excitedly!
      Everyone rushed over, and then their hands were holding on to the ruins. But when they dug them out, that person had already stopped breathing…
      Everyone was stunned. They looked at the corpse that was surrounded by them and remained motionless for a long time.
      Not far away, Shao Qiu stood behind him and followed Aunt Thirteen and Mo Du.
      Aunt Thirteen had already arrived from the teleportation array two days ago. She was very angry and happy about Shao Qiu’s knockout…
      He was so angry that he fainted, but he was happy because he was afraid that he would be in danger…
      “Tell everyone to go back…”
      At this moment, Shao Qiu, who was at the front, looked at the ruins in front of him and said aloud.
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, Mo Du and his sister-in-law were stunned.
      “Shao… Mr. Shao Qiu, how about we stick to it for a day…”
      Mo Du lowered his head and said.
      “That’s right, Shao Qiu, why don’ t we just stick to it for a day….”
      Aunt Thirteen also said.
      “No, let’s gather and go back now. Mo Du is ready to open the teleportation portal..”
      Shao Qiu shook her head and walked forward.
      Mo Du and his sister-in-law looked at each other, their hearts heavy.
      “Everyone gather!”
      Walking to an empty place, Shao Qiu shouted.
      Hearing the sound, all the assassins raised their heads and watched Shaoqiu walk over.
      Originally, there were only more than 800 assassins, each of them had tired faces and bloodshot eyes.
      “Alright, everyone..”
      Shao Qiu looked at everyone and said in relief.
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, everyone fell silent. What they heard about this was not relaxation, but depression and depression in their chest!
      “Mr. Shaoqiu!I can still!”Please let us stay for a day!”
      One of the female assassins shouted with tears on her face.
      Three days later, her hands had become bloody and bloody. She had never cried before, but now she was crying!
      “Mr. Shaoqiu!We can still!”Let’s stay for a day!”
      The other assassins cried out as well.
      Mo Du stood there and looked at Shao Qiu.
      “Are you fucking deaf!Now open the teleportation portal!”Otherwise, we’ ll be expelled from the Brotherhood!”
      Shaoqiu shouted at Mo Du with a sinister face.
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, Mo Du lowered his head and opened the teleportation portal.
      “I’ ll give you five minutes now. Those who are still here will all be expelled from the Brotherhood!”
      After saying that, Shao Qiu walked to the teleportation portal and jumped in.
      The second… the third… the fourth…
      Evicting the Brotherhood was equivalent to expelling the family and severing their relationship…
      Five minutes later, everyone returned to the snow mountain. Looking at the familiar scene, everyone lay on the ground. Then, there was a long sound of breathing…
      They all fell asleep on the ground. They hadn’t slept for three days and three nights. They had n’ t eaten a mouthful of food or drank any water. They finally couldn’t hold on and fell asleep.
      Seeing the children lying on the ground, Shao Qiu’s eyes flashed with a trace of heartache. Then, he walked to one of the assassins and hugged him, carrying him on his shoulder and walking towards the palace.
      The 13th aunt, Modu, and Sun Yi, who had been taking care of the injured people in the snow mountain, followed Shaoqiu silently, each carrying an assassin.
      At this moment, some of the people in the palace saw this scene. They saw the assassins lying there to rest. Each of them was just a 20-something-year-old boy. Each of them was injured, and each of their hands were mangled… all to save them!
      At this moment, a woman could not help but cry, but she covered her mouth and did not dare to make a sound because she was afraid of disturbing these heroes!
      Soon, Shaoqiu and his sister-in-law walked out of the palace. Then, they came to the assassins and continued to pick up another one to walk towards the palace.
      Just like that, they sent everyone back and forth to the bed and walked slowly, fearing that they would wake up!
      An hour later, he sent the last assassin to bed and Shaoqiu walked out of the palace.
      Outside the palace, nearly ten thousand people stood there, looking at Shao Qiu who had walked out.
      They knew it was this person who brought these people to save them!
      Everyone knelt down!
      Everyone kowtowed to Shao Qiu and stood up to look at him.
      If they didn’t have this man, they would have died…
      So this life was his!
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      What was that white cloth?Please collect!Pray for flowers!Please reward!

      The next day, Shaoqiu came back from the cliff behind the palace. Last night, he didn’t return to his room to rest because the rooms were all occupied by assassins and civilians…
      He originally wanted to stay in Shao Bai’s nest on the third floor for a night, but when he saw that there were a few newly born eagles in the nest, he gave up on this idea… What if he turned around in the middle of the night and crushed Shao Bai’s child to death…
      Moreover, sleeping with Shao Bai, Shao Huang might not agree to it either…
      Later, Shaoqiu wanted to squeeze in with Aunt Thirteen and Shaoyun, but she was rejected. There was no other choice but to come here to rest..
      As for why they didn’t go to Mo Du and Sun Yi to rest first, because they did n’ t have a room either…
      When they arrived at the square in front of the palace, the square was filled with tents that stretched as far as the eye could see… Fortunately, the peak of this snow mountain was very large, otherwise, they would not be able to pretend….
      At this moment, the people who had just come out of the tent saw Shao Qiu bending down to thank them.
      Seeing this scene, Shaoqiu suddenly rushed over to stop the people. Thinking back to yesterday, when tens of thousands of people knelt down and kowtowed, Shaoqiu did not know what it was like…
      Panic… and nervousness… at the same time…
      Although he had lived for a thousand years, he had never been worshipped by so many people before…
      Seeing the surrounding people surrounding him, Shao Qiu turned around and quickly walked towards the palace.
      It wasn’t that he hated these people. He just did n’ t want their respectful attitude towards him…
      He entered the palace and came to the dining room. Shao Qiu took two buns from the window and found a place to make them.
      At this moment, not far away, Sun Yi also walked into the restaurant. He looked around and saw Shao Qiu and hurried over.
      “Mr Shao Qiu…”
      Sun Yi approached Shao Qiu and said.
      “Hmm, what’s wrong?”Have you eaten yet?”
      Shaoqiu nodded and bit the bun.
      “No… I just compiled the data for the past few days… Now I’ ve reported it to you… Old…”
      Sun Yi took out a piece of paper from his pocket and read it out.
      “Hmm… Wait a moment, go get a bun first, and then eat next while saying…”
      Shaoqiu pointed at the window and said.
      Sun Yi was stunned, then he stood up to grab the bun.
      “Mm… Give me two more…”
      Shao Qiu shouted from behind.
      “……”…” Sun Yi.
      Actually, you want me to help you get your buns!
      At the dining table, the two of them were eating buns. Sun Yi held the buns in one hand and the paper in the other. He said,” In three days’ time,100,000 people were rescued. Among them,60,000 people were injured. There were 13,000 people in the 100,000 people’s palace. There were 20,000 people in Mage Gu Yi’s place. The rest were arranged in the village below..”
      “We’ ve injured 213 people. Five of them are the assassins around Gu Yuan. There’s no news even now…”
      Shao Qiu’s mouth suddenly stopped moving when he heard this. He had a complicated expression on his face, then he nodded to indicate to continue.
      “Of the 213 assassins, five have disappeared. There’s no news.24 are physically disabled. They can’ t be assassins anymore… The rest are more or less injured. Only 92 can fully recover…”
      After saying that, Sun Yi put down the paper and looked at Shao Qiu who was sitting there with no expression on his face.
      “Mm… I know. Let’s go…”
      Shao Qiu waved his hand.
      “Mr. Shaoqiu, there’s one more thing… Now we have more than 10,000 people. The food in the palace is a little tight… And I went down the mountain to check it out. Gu Yi and the village below are also…”
      “Mm… You follow me…”
      Shaoqiu nodded and then stood up to leave the restaurant. Sun Yi followed behind.
      The two of them came to the second floor. Shao Qiu pushed open the door and entered the room… The two assassins that slept in Shao Qiu’s room yesterday had already left. There were traces of their sleep on the bed… There was also a white cloth…
      Hmm?White cloth?
      Shaoqiu walked to the bedside and picked up the white cloth to observe it… It was a normal white cloth… It had a strange smell on it…
      Sun Yi looked at Shao Qiu’s white cloth and was stunned… Then, he looked at Shao Qiu with strange eyes.
      Shaoqiu didn’t know that white cloth, but he did. Because many female assassins from the Brotherhood went to him to get some white cloth to wrap their chests. It was easy to train and move like this.
      “What is this….”
      Shao Qiu was about to ask Sun Yi when the door was pushed open….
      A white-robed female assassin was running in. When she saw the white cloth in Shaoqiu’s hand, she immediately blushed… Then she covered her red cheeks with both hands and ran away!
      “Uh… what did she run for?”
      Shao Qiu asked doubtfully.
      “That… That Mr. Shao Qiu… You should be holding the female assassin in your hand…”
      Sun Yi pointed at the white cloth and said.
      “Oh… Then I’ ll give it back to her later…”
      Shaoqiu nodded. He casually placed the white cloth on his chest and patted it……
      “……”…” Sun Yi.
      “This is for you… It can convert any metal into gold… You take it and get some gold, and then you and Modu go abroad to exchange some food…”
      Shaoqiu took out an ordinary stone from his pocket and handed it to Sun Yixian.
      Sun Yi took the stone and stared at the stone in his hand in confusion.
      “Mm, just put the stone on the metal… Go… I still want to give this white cloth to that girl…”
      Shao Qiu left the room.
      Looking at Shao Qiu’s back, Sun Yi stretched out his hand…. Then he thought for a moment and put it down…
      He suddenly felt that the heavens were fair… given Shaoqiu’s abnormal ability, handsome features… finally, he added an extremely low EQ… Hmm… very perfect…
      It was really perfect…
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      Chapter 47 You have an idea?Please collect!Pray for flowers!Please reward!

      Leaving the room, Shaoqiu walked in the palace with a white cloth in his hand… The assassins on the way saw that they were looking at him with strange eyes…
      He lowered his head and looked at his clothes…
      Hmm… Not bad… Very handsome… But why are you looking at me like this…
      At this moment, his 13th aunt led Shao Yun over.
      Seeing the white cloth in Shaoqiu’s hand, his third aunt frowned.
      “Hey… what are you doing there!”
      His name was gone. Third Aunt asked.
      “Oh, it’s fine. It’s just that an assassin left me. I’ ll give it to her… What’s wrong?”
      Shaoqiu raised the bra and said.
      As soon as he finished speaking, he saw his sister-in-law, whose face was red, and his eyes were red as well.
      Why are you looking at me like this?”What is this thing for?”
      Shao Qiu asked doubtfully.
      “You don’ t know?”
      Aunt Thirteen was stunned as well. Her angry face turned into a blank expression.
      “Hmm… I don’ t know… what’s wrong?”
      Shaoqiu nodded.
      “You… you… give this to me, I’ ll give it to you!”
      Aunt Thirteen reached out to take the white cloth from Shao Qiu’s hand and then turned to leave.
      Shao Qiu stood there in confusion. The short Shao Yun looked at Shao Qiu’s confused eyes and blinked.” Mr. Shao Qiu… that’s a woman’s clothing…”
      “Women’s clothes?”Which clothing is cloth….”
      Half of Shaoqiu thought about what the white cloth was…
      “Mr. Shaoqiu, do you like this white cloth?”Don’ t you want me to give you that from your thirteenth aunt… She’s very fragrant… Shao Yun likes to smell it…”
      Shao Yun blinked her eyes, a hint of craftiness flashing through her eyes.
      “… Ah… no need, no need… how could I like that thing… Haha…”
      Shao Qiu rubbed her head awkwardly and hurried away.
      Looking at Shao Qiu’s back, a mysterious smile appeared on Shao Yun’s face….
      Compared to half a year ago, Shao Yun had become a bit fatter now, and her skin was also very white… Her big eyes were full of intelligence and intelligence, and her slightly rough eyebrows made her look very pure… Coupled with the mysterious smile on her mouth, it was a kind of unique beauty…
      In modern words…
      Death wasn’ t a loss…
      As if nothing had happened, Shao Qiu left the palace. Then, he walked to the teleportation portal and jumped into the portal.
      Although Gu Yi did not go to the scene, they also helped a lot. There were still tens of thousands of people there. Shao Qiu was ready to go over and thank Gu Yi…
      Although he was powerful, he could not be arrogant…
      He jumped out of the teleportation portal and saw that there was no one around him. Shao Qiu directly walked out.
      After walking out of the temple, Shaoqiu saw countless heads outside. One of the bald heads was very obvious…
      “Mr. Shaoqiu… You’ re here. I’ ll go inform Mage Gu Yi!”
      At this moment, a mage apprentice saw Shao Qiu and hurriedly said.
      Shaoqiu nodded.
      Then the apprentice ran to Shao Qiu.
      Gu Yi hurried over.
      At Shaoqiu’s side, Gu Yi hastily said,” Hello, Mr. Shaoqiu… I haven’ t seen you for a long time…”
      By the time Carl died half a year ago, Gu Yi had already broken through that realm and reached the level of a supreme mage… Although the realm was higher, she still felt a sense of danger when she saw Shao Qiu…
      “Hehe… Thank you, Mage Gu Yi, for helping settle so many people… I’ ll thank you for these people…”
      Shao Qiu chuckled.
      “No… no… there’s no need for Mr. Shaoqiu, these are what we should do… but food…”
      Gu Yi hesitated at this point, not knowing what to say.
      “Not enough food, right?”I know. I’ ve already sent someone to get it. I can send it over in two days. Don’ t let the people get hungry…”
      Shao Qiu said.
      “Okay, Mr. Shaoqiu, even if we are hungry, we won’ t be hungry to these commoners…”
      Gu Yi hurriedly said. He looked at Shao Qiu and wanted to say something.
      Seeing Gu Yi’s appearance, Shao Qiu chuckled and patted Gu Yi’s shoulder.” Gu Yi, you and I have known each other for 20 years. From the beginning, we didn’ t know each other, but now we’ ve become friends. If there’s anything you can say, you know who I am.”
      The corners of Gu Yi’s mouth twitched when he heard that…. It was n’ t appropriate for a confidant to use this…. And the method of controlling one’s consciousness and behavior, she still remembered…
      “Mr. Shaoqiu, how do you plan to settle these people?”I saw many injured people and many orphans…”
      After Gu Yi finished speaking, he looked at Shao Qiu. Shao Qiu was silent for a moment. Then, he smiled and said,” Hehe, it’s fine. I don’ t need to trouble Mage Gu Yi to worry about this…”
      Gu A bit of his head stopped talking.
      Then, the two of them stood there, looking at the crowd of people below. There were also a small number of magic apprentices among them….
      After an unknown amount of time, Shao Qiu’s voice suddenly sounded.
      “Mage Gu Yi… you have an idea?”
      Gu Yi trembled slightly when he heard Shao Qiu’s cold voice. He shook his head and said,” No… Mr. Shao Qiu, you’ re thinking too much…”
      Shao Qiu turned around and left.
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      Chapter 48 An Villagers Seeking Collection!Please reward!Pray for flowers!

      Two days later, Mo Du brought back tens of thousands of tons of grain… Not only grain, but also many vegetables and meat…
      One had to admire Mo Du. After all, in 1920, almost every country was short of food, and he actually made so many in two days….
      As soon as he got the food, Shao Qiu had Mo Du bring the food to the villages at Gu Yi and the foot of the mountain. At the same time, he had Sun Yi bring the people to the village below the snow mountain…
      But before building the village, they first gathered all the people and asked them what they thought… Would they leave or stay here…
      As for this choice, all the commoners chose downstairs. After all, their hometown had been destroyed and they could only stay here. Moreover, these people were their saviors. They believed that it would be better to follow these people!
      After all the people chose to stay, Sun Yi first brought over 10,000 people to the foot of the mountain and then started to build a village…
      Everything was made of wood or stone. All of them had Gu Yi’s mages help transport it…
      Therefore, the progress was very fast. In less than half a year, a village that could accommodate 100,000 people was successfully established!
      The village was under the snowy mountain of the palace…
      All the houses were made of stone and wood. Moreover, the shape of the house was very strange…
      If someone who had played the Assassin’s Doctrine saw it first, they would feel like they were in the game…
      After the village was built, Shao Qiu began to bring the other people over, and then sent them to the village…….
      Then, he bought countless food and animals suitable for raising in the snow mountain and sent them to the village… so that the villagers could feed….
      Everyone was grateful for what Shao Qiu had done. They knew that Shao Qiu did not want anything but for their good…
      For this reason, they specifically found Mo Du, hoping that Mo Du could help transport a large stone about 20 meters tall…
      Although Mo Du was curious as to why they wanted such a large stone, he still found one for them…
      Then, they carved the stone into Shao Qiu’s shape. In the middle of the village, every time they walked there, they would stop and bow deeply to Shao Qiu’s statue to express their gratitude…
      Knowing these things, he was initially dumbfounded… Then, he felt very strange. There was a feeling that he was commemorating the dead… Then he went to the village and found the village chief, Zhou Yanting…
      “There’s no need to make this statue. It feels strange…”
      Shaoqiu looked at the 20 meter tall statue with a black face and said.
      Zhou Yanting, who was beside him, hurriedly shook his head.” Mr. Shaoqiu, please don’ t remove the statue. With your statue in the village, we feel at ease. Only then can we feel at ease…”
      Hearing Zhou Yan’s words, Shao Qiu’s originally dark face turned even darker…
      Previously, he had a feeling of being remembered, but now he had a feeling of being treated as a door god…
      He waved his hand helplessly and Shao Qiu turned and left.
      After the completion of the statue, something new happened…
      One morning, Shaoqiu got up from the bed and walked out of the palace. He saw thousands of kids in open pants standing there obediently…
      Zhou Yan Ting and Sun Yi stood there.
      Seeing Shao Qiu coming out, Zhou Yan Ting and Sun Yi hurried up.
      “This is?”
      Shao Qiu pointed at the children and asked doubtfully.
      “Mr. Shaoqiu, these are the children of the village. Their parents are buried in the ruins of the earthquake, so the people all hope to send the children here to receive training… to become people like you.”
      Zhou Yan hurriedly said.
      Hearing Zhou Yan Ting’s words, Shao Qiu was stunned and then he looked at Sun Yi Xian beside him with a frown.
      Sun Yi nodded and said,” Well… Actually, they’ ve already discussed this matter with me. I think we can. After all, we only have a few hundred assassins. We can only maintain the shelter at the foot of the mountain. We can’ t do anything else…”
      After saying that, Sun Yi looked at the expressionless Shao Qiu.
      Shao Qiu stood there silently with no expression on his face. No one knew what he was thinking….
      One minute…
      Two minutes…
      Zhou Yan Ting and Sun Yi stood there nervously, unsure what to do….
      Another three minutes passed…
      The two of them became more and more nervous. Shao Qiu did not speak.
      Just as Zhou Yan couldn’t hold on, Shao Qiu suddenly spoke.
      “Yes, the children brought over to train in the future must be orphans. Those with family members can’ t join. Yixian, you can arrange the training for these children. Then, let’s see if the bed in the palace is enough. If not, let Modu do it.”
      After saying that, Shao Qiu left.
      When Shao Qiu’s figure disappeared, Zhou Yan Ting and Sun Yi looked at each other and smiled.
      “Brother Yi, thank you this time…”
      Zhou Yan cupped his hands in gratitude.
      “Hehe, don’ t thank me. I’ m just doing something I think is right.”
      Sun Yi smiled and said.
      “No… I’ m thanking you for these children. Although everyone in the village can adopt these children, their future days here will be better…”
      Zhou Yan Ting bowed deeply to Sun Yi.
      “No… If you really thank me, then thank Mr. Shaoqiu… Actually, he cares more about these children than we do.”
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      Chapter 49: Collection in the 15th Year!Pray for flowers!Please reward!

      On the square outside the palace, thousands of youths with different shapes were standing or sitting on their backs…
      More than a hundred adult assassins were patrolling around them…
      “If you want to become an assassin, the first step is to learn to hide. Only by learning to hide can you think of how to kill your target!”
      The iron megaphone in Sun Yi’s hand at the front shouted at the youths below.
      Hearing Sun Yi’s voice, everyone remained motionless. At this moment, their hearts seemed to stop and their breathing became extremely weak…
      Looking at the people below, Sun Yi nodded at the assassins.
      After that, the assassins in white turned around and left. Soon, everyone led a few Tal Goats over, and the eyes of the sheep were covered with cloth…
      Then, they pulled the sheep into the middle of the crowd and let go of the rope…
      The free Thar sheep ran around nervously, hitting the bodies of the youths. The youths did not move at all. They continued to maintain that position… And the sheep continued to run around…
      But after running for a while, it quieted down and began to stick out its tongue and nose to probe around….
      The sheep were very sensitive to the aura. They could detect the sounds of breathing and heartbeats of five meters around them…
      Therefore, Sun Yi first chose to use this method to train these assassins……..
      On the other side, at the back of the palace, there was a group of youths standing there. They were wearing the same clothes as the assassins, but the color was pure black….
      In front of them, Mo Du stood there with his hands on his chest and a strange finger print…
      “Magic has always been around us… Calm down and feel it seriously… Let your soul merge into it……”
      Mo Du’s voice was different from Sun Yi Xian’s. His voice was very soft… so soft that people had to concentrate to stop!
      The group of youths closed their eyes and then put on the same finger print as Mo Du…
      Then, a strange wave appeared in their hands…
      “That’s right… Very good… Let him guide this magic, let him follow your thoughts…”
      Mo Du continued.
      The young man below slowly moved his hands.
      They slowly opened their hands, and then slowly gestured in the air… A strange luster appeared behind their hands. The luster stayed in the air… Then it disappeared…
      Not far away, on the roof at the top of the palace… Shao Qiu could not help but nod when he saw this scene…
      Fifteen years ago, these children were sent here. After that, they trained all the time. More than 4,000 of them trained as assassins, while the remaining 1,000 were learning magic from Modu…
      Now, they had already shown their initial results, and could be considered as a beginner assassin…
      “Pfft… is the person learning magic called a magic assassin?”
      At this moment, his aunt looked at the assassins who were practicing magic and said with a smile.
      “Yes, it can be called a magic assassin apprentice… The name is very good…”
      Shaoqiu nodded and said seriously.
      He thought to himself that during the assassination process, he suddenly opened the teleportation portal and teleported to the target. His sword popped out, cut the target’s throat and cut off his windpipe… Then he jumped into the portal and left…
      Very refreshing… very handsome… very pungent…
      Thinking of this, Shao Qiu suddenly wanted to learn some magic…
      But just thinking about it, he decided to give up…
      After all, he had so many saint artifacts, and in fact, he wanted to be a salted fish…
      Of course, it wasn’t a complete salted fish… Some things had to be done… The Brotherhood had to be strengthened…
      “Why did you come up?”Shao Yun?”
      Shao Qiu looked at his aunt and suddenly asked.
      “What are you doing?!”
      13Th aunt was stunned. She looked at Shaoqiu cautiously, as if her eyes were protecting him.
      Looking at his aunt’s appearance, Shao Qiu rubbed his nose. In fact, he didn’ t have anything to do with Shao Yun… It was just that she and one of her friends were very similar… It looked like she was alone…
      She was Shao Yun, the girl she knew in the game world…
      He remembered that she seemed to be interested in him, but he rejected her……
      “It’s fine. I’ m just asking…”
      Shaoqiu shook his head and said.
      Aunt Thirteen snorted coldly as she looked at Shao Qiu with disdain. Her heart ached…
      He was such a beautiful woman, and a beautiful woman who had been familiar with him for decades had never paid attention to him before. She actually thought about Shao Yun!
      Even though he wasn’t as good-looking as that girl, it was n’ t bad either. Besides, he didn’t even look at your age. He actually wanted to eat tender grass!
      Sure enough, men are not good things!
      The more he thought about it, the angrier he became!He kicked Shao Qiu and jumped down.
      “Hey… what are you doing there!”You crazy woman!”
      Shaoqiu was stunned by the kick. Only after his aunt left did she shout at her back.
      The sound interrupted Mo Du and Sun Yi. The two of them looked towards the roof…
      Then, he turned around and began to train the assassins…
      In these fifteen years, such a scene would basically appear once every two days. They had already seen it as strange……
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      Chapter 50 Shao Yun’s clothing for collection!Pray for flowers!Please reward!

      After a while, Shao Qiu jumped down from the roof of the palace and returned to his room. He took out a bag and walked out.
      As he walked, Shao Qiu looked around and began to search.
      Soon, Shao Qiu found Shao Yun at the bar on the first floor.
      At this moment, Shao Yun was wearing a white robe and wearing a hood. She was sitting on a chair with both hands supporting the bar. One of her hands picked up a wooden wine glass and gently took a sip from the red wine glass before placing it on the table.
      Her figure was very slim and small, but the place where she should be plump was still very plump…
      Although the men around wanted to keep watching the beautiful back, they didn’t dare to… because everyone knew that Mr. Shao Qiu was interested in Miss Shao Yun…
      Yes, that’s right. I’ m just interested!
      Seeing Shao Yun at the bar, Shao Qiu smiled and hurried over with his bag in his hand.
      As Shao Qiu walked towards Shao Yun, the surrounding assassins all looked like this.
      “You’ re here… Come here for you. Hurry up and come back to my room and change into something!”
      Shao Qiu put her bag in Shao Yun’s hand and then pulled her away.
      Hiss… Is Mr. Shao Qiu so impatient?!
      Should he inform his aunt?
      Being pulled by Shao Qiu, Shao Yun was also stunned. She glanced at the bag in her hand… Very heavy. She raised her head and looked at Shao Qiu suspiciously.” What is Mr. Shao Qiu here?”
      “Clothes, specially made for you. Come with me and put them on for me to see…”
      Shao Qiu stopped and said.
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, the surrounding assassins were even more shocked!
      As expected, Mr. Shaoqiu was still Mr. Shaoqiu… He really knew how to play. He even got his special clothes…
      … Clothes?”What clothes?”
      Of course, Shao Yun wouldn’t think about that because she knew that Mr. Shao Qiu did n’ t mean anything to her.
      As she spoke, Shao Yun opened her bag.
      A chain fell to the ground. At the top of the chain was a sharp blade that gave off a cold light..
      Seeing what had fallen, other than Shao Qiu and Shao Yun, everyone else was shocked. Then, they took a deep breath and looked at Shao Qiu…
      Mr. Shaoqiu was really too good at playing!Even this could be used!
      “This is for you..”
      Shao Qiu picked up the chain blade and said.
      “Oh… Then this and that?”
      Shao Yun nodded and took out a short dagger from her bag.
      “Oh, this is also something you can use. Quickly change your clothes…”
      Looking at Shao Yun who was still rummaging through the bag, Shao Qiu anxiously grabbed Shao Yun’s hand and walked out.
      A group of shocked assassins were left behind.
      Soon, she arrived at Shao Yun’s room. Shao Qiu opened the door and pushed Shao Yun inside.
      “Quickly change into it… and then show it to me.”
      After saying that, Shao Qiu closed the door…
      Although he had a low EQ, he should avoid being single when he knew that a woman was changing clothes… Hmm…
      Ten minutes later, the door was opened and Shao Yun walked out.
      Shao Qiu’s eyes lit up when he saw Shao Yun’s dress!
      The clothes were all black, and the clothes were red. There were clouds on the clothes. On the left shoulder were three round shoulder armor with black light covering the entire left arm. The wrist of the right hand was covered by an unknown leather. There were more than a dozen silver needles with dark blue light on the leather!
      The waist was tied with a red ribbon… It was very light… It was floating… There was an assassin’s logo in the middle of the waist. There was a chain blade hanging on both sides of the waist while there was a bag of flying knives. The hilt of the flying knife appeared outside.
      The shape below the waist was like a swallow’s tail, stretching on both sides of the leg. The pants were gray, and there was no pattern on them. It looked simple, and it was on the opposite side of the dress. It looked very strange… At the same time, it looked a different kind of beauty.
      A sound!A 5 cm long dagger appeared in the middle of Shao Yun’s shoes..
      “Ah… what is this?”
      Shao Yun looked at the tip of the blade and asked in surprise.
      “Haha, this is a foot blade… There’s a switch on your little toe in your shoe that can control the ejection and retraction…”
      Shao Qiu laughed.
      Like!It really was too similar!It felt like Shao Yun had followed him through!
      “Thank you… Thank you, Mr. Shaoqiu…”
      Shao Yun’s face was red. She was also very satisfied with the clothes. Not only was it beautiful, but it was also very convenient when fighting, especially the foot blades, chain blades, and darts needles…
      “Haha, there’s no need to thank you. This is something I specially made for you…”
      Shao Qiu smiled and said.
      Hearing Shao Qiu’s words, Shao Yun’s face turned red. She raised her head and was about to speak when she saw Shao Qiu’s successor. She then blinked her eyes and asked,” Then… can you make it for me alone?”He didn’ t do it for Aunt Thirteen?”
      “It’s not just this set… I’ m just lazy to do it. It’s already very tired to do it…”
      Shao Qiu shook her head.
      “Oh… Then what if Aunt Thirteen knows she’s angry?”
      Shao Yun continued to ask.
      “Angry… if you’ re angry, then you’ re angry…”
      Shaoqiu pursed her lips. He was still depressed about that kick in the morning. He didn’t know how to offend her.
      “Oh… Alright, thank you, Mr. Shaoqiu…”
      Shao Yun nodded and quickly returned to the room.
      “Sigh… What’s the hurry!”I haven’ t seen enough of that yet, let…”
      Before Shaoqiu could finish, his 13th aunt’s voice came to mind.
      “Oh?”You still want to continue watching?”
      His sister-in-law’s cold voice made Shaoqiu, who had lived in the snow mountain for 35 years, suddenly feel cold…
      He slowly turned his head and looked at his sister-in-law’s frosty face. Shao Qiu’s face squeezed out an awkward and graceful smile.

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