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Marvel: Seize the Shock Fruit at the Beginning

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      Marvel: Seize the Shock Fruit at the Beginning (Chapter 1-50)

      001 Mark 3 was born in advance!

      Located on a bustling street in the center of the city, on the top floor of a skyscraper was a garden-like villa built in the air.
      In the villa, in front of the open French window, a muscular black-haired man slowly put down the dumbbell in his hand, as if he had just finished a round of training.
      The black-haired man was about twenty years old. He was very young. He had short black hair, and his black eyes had a touch of gold. He had a special charm.
      His face was as clear as a sculpture, with sharp eyebrows and starry eyes. It belonged to the standard oriental face.
      The muscle lines on his body were obvious and not exaggerated. One could tell that after a long period of training, he was rich in explosive power. He was over 1.9 meters tall and belonged to the golden ratio.
      The black-haired man’s name was Li Wei and his full name was Li Wei Stark. He was related to the famous Tony Stark.
      To be precise, Li Wei was Tony Stark’s cousin.
      Back then, Tony’s father, Howard Stark, had a biological sister, but Li Wei’s mother. Later, Li Wei’s mother married a Chinese-American, and Li Wei’s father gave birth to Li Wei.
      Due to an accident, the two of them died unexpectedly, leaving the young Li Wei alone.
      Later, after Tony’s father, Howard, knew about this matter, he took Li Wei to his home and changed his name to Li Wei Stark.
      More than ten years had passed in a flash. The Howard couple had also passed away, so only Li and Tony Stark remained in the Stark family!
      “More than ten years have passed since I came to the Maneuvering World. Has my Golden Finger not awakened yet?”
      Li Wei muttered in his heart. He closed his eyes and thought of a special item deep in his mind.
      This was an ancient anchor. Its shape was similar to that of a boat anchor. The anchor tail was connected to a broken chain. The anchor body was engraved with complicated divine patterns, and it looked very mysterious.
      Li Wei had a secret. He was not a person in this world. In his previous life, he had come from Earth and accidentally traveled to this world.
      In the beginning, he thought it was an ordinary transmigration, but he didn’t expect that he would actually come to the Maneuvering World!
      It was because of this that he actively trained himself. Even if the environment was excellent, Li Wei had never slackened.
      Because he knew how dangerous it was in the world!
      After more than ten years of training, Li Wei was proficient in all kinds of fighting techniques, swordsmanship, archery, and so on. As long as it was related to fighting, all eighteen types of martial arts were not weak!
      However, Li Wei also understood in his heart that if he wanted to survive in a dangerous situation, he could only rely on self-training. The effect was not very great. He could only rely on the mysterious anchor that brought him through.
      However, until today, no matter what kind of method Li Wei used, the mysterious anchor in his mind had never reacted.
      “Master, Mr. Tony is here.”
      Suddenly, a clear female voice came from the empty hall.
      This was the smart housekeeper that Tony Stark had developed on Friday, just like the smart housekeeper Jarvis at Stark’s residence!
      Although Tony Stark and Li Wei were quite different in age, their relationship wasn’t unfamiliar, and it could even be considered harmonious.
      On the one hand, there were only two people left in the Stark family. Their blood was connected and there was no other way to rely on them.
      On the other hand, Li Wei never competed with Tony Stark for the property of the Stark family.
      After all, as a transmigrator, Li Wei knew what the future world was like.
      This was a world where the strong were respected. As long as the wealth was enough, it would be useless. Therefore, Li Weining was willing to spend more time on cultivation.
      Plus, Li Wei’s thoughts were more mature. Sometimes, he would say some ideas about making money in his previous life, which shocked Tony Stark.
      For various reasons, the relationship between the two of them was harmonious.
      However, Tony Stark treated Li Wei quite well. Not only did he prepare a copy of the smart housekeeper he developed, it was Friday.
      Even the villa Li Wei currently lived in was a gift from Tony Stark to Li Wei on his eighteenth birthday.
      “Let him in.”
      Li Wei took a towel to wipe his sweat and said to Friday.
      Soon, a man with sunglasses and a moustache walked in!
      “Hey, my dear cousin, long time no see!”
      As soon as Tony Stark walked in, he wanted to give Li Wei a hug, but Li Wei avoided him.
      “Men don’ t get married. Why are you here today when you have time? You didn’ t go on a date with your little girlfriend? Oh right, I forgot to ask, who is your current girlfriend?”
      “Don’ t slander me. I’ m a pure-hearted man. I’ m very serious about every relationship, even though it’s not more than three days.”
      Lee Wei’s words made Tony Stark feel a little embarrassed. However, Tony Stark’s face was thick and he acted as if nothing had happened in the blink of an eye.
      “I came here this time to send you a good item. Want to know what it is?”
      Tony Stark’s face was filled with joy as he held a two-meter-tall suitcase in his hand!
      “Could it be that you’ ve developed it?”
      Lee Wei looked at the huge suitcase beside Tony Stark, and a glint flashed in his eyes. He seemed to have guessed what Tony Stark was talking about.
      “That’s right, please enjoy my latest masterpiece, Steel Armor Mark 3!”
      Tony Stark said excitedly, pressing the button on the suitcase!
      The huge suitcase opened from the middle and unfolded to both sides.
      A red-gold humanoid metal armor lay quietly inside the box!
      This was Stark’s steel battle suit, and it was also the third generation battle suit that could be officially put into use. This was the most famous Mark 3 in Iron Man!
      Mark 3 was born early!
      That’s right, it was born early. Stark had not been kidnapped yet!
      In truth, the early birth of Mark 3 was related to Li Wei!
      In the original book, Stark needed to be kidnapped and suffered many hardships before he became a Iron Man.
      But a long time ago, Li Wei reminded Stark that he was going to start developing a steel battle suit!
      After all, since he had been taken care of by Stark since he was a child, he naturally hoped to give back some to Stark.
      That was why Mark 3 was born in advance!
      At the same time, after Stark showed Mark 3, the mysterious anchor in Li Wei’s mind slightly flashed!
      A faint fluorescent light emitted from the mysterious boat anchor, turning into an attractive force, instantly pulling Li Wei’s spiritual energy into his mind space.
      In an instant, Li Wei was stunned.
      After a while, Li Wei finally came back to his senses and a look of joy appeared in his eyes!
      Because his golden finger had finally arrived!*

      002 First invasion: Sea Thief World!

      The world anchor!
      This was the name of the mysterious anchor in his mind, and its function was very simple!
      As long as there was enough world origin, the world anchor could lock onto the nodes of other worlds and break through the boundary walls of other worlds!
      In other words, Li Wei could use the world anchor to locate other worlds and plunder resources from other worlds to strengthen his own strength!
      It could be said that this was a supreme treasure that plundered the heavens!
      This way, he could become stronger!
      That was why Li Wei was so happy!
      As for the way to obtain world origin, as long as Li Wei changed the original plot, he could obtain a certain world origin.
      The reason why the world anchor was activated was because Li Wei had changed the story of Iron Man.
      Stark had to go through the calamity of being kidnapped before he could become a Iron Man.
      However, before the plot started, Mark 3 had already been born!
      The storyline of Iron Man had deviated, and Li Wei had obtained a certain world origin. Only then did he activate the world anchor!
      Speaking of this, he had kindly reminded Stark to develop a steel battle suit. It was a blessing in disguise, and it helped him in turn!
      Li Wei was a little thankful for his previous actions!
      “Li Wei, what are you thinking about?”
      Stark waved his hand and pulled Li Wei back.
      “It’s nothing. I thought of something happy, so this set of steel armor is for me?”
      Li Wei smiled. He didn’t linger on this topic. Instead, he said about the steel battle suit!
      Stark brought Mark 3 over. Could it be that he wanted to give it to him!
      “You’ re right. I’ ve made two sets of Mark 3. This set is based on your physical data. I call it” Mark 3. Li, are you surprised?”
      Stark said as if he was offering a treasure, his eyes filled with anticipation!
      This cousin of his was good at everything since he was young. He was just a little too mature, as if he was paralyzed. He wanted to see other expressions on Li Wei’s face.
      For example, she was moved to tears!
      After all, you must be very touched by the gift that Great Official Stark gave you!
      It was nothing. Even if he was moved to tears, it was still normal. Officer Stark expressed his understanding. After all, he was such a great person!
      “I see. Then leave it behind.”
      Li Wei smiled. His expression was the same as usual, and he was very calm. Stark was a little disappointed.
      However, Stark did not notice that there was a hint of warmth in Li Wei’s eyes.
      He remembered something, but there was no need to say it.
      “Alright, it’s time for me to leave. I still need to make a trip to the drought tomorrow. It’s really troublesome. Those people from the military won’ t accept the experimental results themselves. I have to make a trip.”
      Stark was a little bored when he couldn’t see Li Wei’s emotion. He muttered and prepared to leave.
      But before he left, Li Wei was a little concerned.
      “You’re going to drought?”It’s not a good place to bring your steel armor.”
      Li Wei warned Stark seriously.
      It seemed like the plot was about to begin. Stark had better pay more attention.
      “There’s no need for that. That’s the military base. It’s very safe, and I do n’ t want to expose Mark 3 for now…….”
      “Listen to me, bring Mark 3. Be prepared!”
      In the beginning, Stark felt that there was no need to do this because he had just made a routine trip. He had also made such a trip before. Moreover, he did not want his steel armor to the world for the time being.
      But after Li Wei reminded him again, Stark still agreed.
      Only after a while did Stark leave.
      Li Weicai brought Mark 3 Li to his training room.
      Wearing Mark 3– Li, Li Wei was familiar with the function of the steel battle suit.
      A moment later, a red-golden steel figure soared into the sky and flew out of the villa, practicing flying around the building!
      It had to be said that Stark was a very intelligent person. He was simply a genius among geniuses. The design of a steel battle suit was simply too awesome!
      For the first time, Li Wei could feel the feeling of flying and escaping!
      During this period, Li Wei tried to use the hand impact cannon. The effect was quite impressive.
      After half a day, Li Wei finally returned to the villa.
      “Friday, activate the highest level of defense. No one is allowed to enter without my command.”
      Li Wei gave the order to the smart housekeeper on Friday.
      His golden finger was already activated, so he should try to invade other worlds!
      “Yes, Master, activate the highest level of defense!”
      After giving the order, the defensive net of the villa immediately opened, surrounding the villa into a wall of metal.
      Only then did Li Wei begin!
      Looking at the world anchor in his mind, Li Wei stretched out his right hand and a light appeared in his palm, condensing into an ancient illusionary boat anchor.
      The chain at the end of the illusionary anchor was connected to Li Wei’s palm!
      Tap ~
      Like a drop of water, it fell on the calm water surface.
      A ripple appeared in the space in front of Li Wei ·······
      The illusionary anchor was like entering the water, entering the ripples of space, searching for an unknown world!
      In the boundless void, the illusionary boat anchor continued to move forward. The chains behind it seemed to be endless, extending endlessly.
      At a certain moment, the illusionary anchor seemed to have noticed something and rushed to a certain direction.
      Breaking through the limits of dimensionality, the illusionary anchor appeared near a plane!
      This was a blue ball of light, emitting a faint light. It was also a real plane!
      The next moment, Li Wei opened his eyes and a glint flashed through his eyes!
      If we have found a new world, do we want to invade it!]
      The spirit of the anchor gave Li Wei a message!
      Without any hesitation, Li Wei nodded directly!
      The illusionary anchor received Li Wei’s order and nailed it directly onto the light film of the azure ball of light.
      The light film of the ball of light was broken. The anchor hooked it up and fixed it in place, connecting the two worlds together!
      Host: Li Wei Stark
      Invasion world: Sea Thief world
      World Level: Extraordinary
      Time: Top Battle
      Time remaining:01:00
      During the invasion, a message appeared in Li Wei’s mind!*

      003 Plunder Shock Fruit!

      Sea Thief World
      Marin Fando, Navy Headquarters
      “Dad, quickly open your eyes!”
      “Tic, you bastard, you actually killed your father!”
      “Bai Huzi is finally dead!”
      After a difficult battle, the outcome of this battle had already appeared!
      The Black Beard Gang suddenly appeared and killed White Beard!
      White Beard was straight and straight. Even if he died in battle, he did not bend his knees and stand proudly on the battlefield!
      “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
      Blackbeard Tic’s eyes were greedy.
      It wasn’t easy to kill White Beard. It was time for him to reap the rewards. The Shock Fruit was his!
      Black Beard could not help but walk towards White Beard’s body!
      A thunderous sound rang out!
      At the same time, a dazzling light appeared above Malindo, drawing everyone’s attention!
      “What is this?”
      “What happened?”
      Everyone’s eyes were filled with doubt. They did not know what had happened.
      At this moment, regardless of whether it was the navy, Qi Wuhai, White Beard Gang, or Black Beard Gang, they all stopped their actions and stared at the sudden group of light!
      The light slowly disappeared, revealing an illusory anchor!
      At the end of the anchor, there was a long chain attached to it. It directly spread into the void, looking very strange!
      This was the anchor of the invading world!
      “This is the Sea Thief World, is it the top war?”
      Li Wei’s consciousness appeared on the anchor!
      At this stage, the level of the world anchor was too low. It was impossible for Li Wei to open a space channel, so Li Wei’s main body could not follow the ship anchor and invade the pirate world.
      However, Li Wei’s consciousness could be attached to the anchor, sensing the surroundings.
      As his consciousness spread out, Li Wei could “see” the destroyed scaffold not far away, the navy in a righteous robe!
      Such a scene, as well as these characters with distinctive characteristics, Li Weibei was familiar with it!
      If he wasn’t mistaken, this should be the world he had seen in the past, the world of the Anime Sea Thief King. And now, it should be the time to fight, when White Beard died!
      [Back to countdown:00:41]
      The spirit of the anchor gave Li Wei a message!
      Although the World Will of the Sea Thief World did not have mature thoughts, it would instinctively reject intruders.
      Not to mention, this was Li Wei’s first invasion. His world did n’ t have much origin and couldn’t provide a long-term residence!
      Originally, there was a minute, but more than ten seconds had passed since entering this world. Now, there was only 41 seconds left.
      After the countdown ended, the world anchor would be forced back to its original world!
      “There’s no time to hesitate!”
      Li Wei’s expression changed slightly as his consciousness quickly swept across the surroundings!
      The world anchor did not have much time left in this world, so he could only search nearby to see what he could bring back!
      “That is…”
      Li Wei’s “gaze” landed on the white bearded corpse in the middle of the battlefield!
      Perhaps this was the only thing he could plunder!
      “It’s you. Come here!”
      The illusionary anchor instantly moved and flew towards White Beard’s corpse!
      The illusionary anchor was faintly discernible. It did not seem real. It was extremely illusory, emitting a faint glow. The end of the chain was connected to the invisible void!
      Just as the world anchor was moving, the people on the battlefield finally reacted!
      “Stop! Don’ t hurt your father’s body!”
      “What a strange thing! How dare you steal food from a tiger!”
      The previous voice came from Marco, the captain of the White Beard Gang!
      The latter voice came from Black Beard Ditch!
      Although they didn’t know what the world anchor was, they did n’ t know what effect the world anchor had!
      But they knew that this was definitely not a good thing!
      At this moment, Marco turned into an Undying Bird and rushed over!
      As for Blackbeard Ditch, he took out a long knife and directly slashed towards the chains connecting the world anchor, as if he wanted to cut off the chains!
      However, these were useless.
      The illusionary anchor was like it didn’t exist. It pierced through Black Beard’s saber and instantly entered White Beard’s body!
      From White Beard’s body, the illusionary anchor drew out a round ball of light emitting a pale white color.
      When the light ball of light was drawn out, it instantly turned into a strange fruit with spiral patterns!
      This was the Demon Fruit!
      No, this was from White Beard. This should be the Shock Fruit!
      The World Anchor had plundered the Shock Fruit from White Beard!
      “No, damn it, that’s mine!”
      Seeing this scene, Hei Hu Zi Diqi’s expression changed greatly. He roared furiously and charged towards the world anchor!
      However, Blackbeard Ditch no longer had a chance!
      [Back to countdown:00:00]
      [Start Return]
      The time that the world anchor stayed in the Sea Thief world had already ended. With the end of the countdown, the world anchor instantly disappeared in the void, leaving only the people of the Sea Thief world who were stunned in place.
      Diffusion World
      Sky Garden Villa
      Li Wei opened his eyes, a smile on his face!
      “This is invasion. It’s really interesting!”
      Li Wei still had some lingering thoughts. The invasion was too short. He still had a lot to do.
      The first invasion was successful. Do you remember the coordinates of the pirate world?]
      “Write it down!”
      Li Wei nodded slightly.
      This time, the invasion was too short. First, remember the coordinates of the sea thief world. If there was a chance to continue the invasion in the future, it might be possible to obtain something good!
      However, he remembered that at the end of the day, the Illusion Body of the World Anchor had drawn a white ball of light from White Beard’s body. It should be a good thing.
      Thinking of this, Li Wei hurriedly summoned the world anchor.
      An illusionary anchor appeared in Li Wei’s palm. A strange fruit with spiral patterns hung on its tip.
      This was the Shock Fruit that had been obtained from White Beard!*

      The terrifying power of the 004 Shock Fruit!

      “Is this the Demon Fruit? And it’s still the Shocking Fruit, making a big profit!”
      Looking at the shock fruit in his hand, Li Wei was extremely excited.
      There was no need to say how powerful the Shock Fruit was!
      Just by looking at White Beard’s strength, one could see what was happening!
      With a punch, it directly shattered the atmosphere and even triggered an earthquake and tsunami!
      This was the power of the Shock Fruit!
      The Admiral Warring States of the Sea Thief World had once commented that this was a power that could destroy the world!
      Although there was also a reason why White Beard was powerful, it could be seen how precious the Shock Fruit was!
      That was why Li Wei wasn’t excited to get such a valuable item after his first invasion!
      “Wait, if I ate the Shock Fruit, wouldn’ t I be restrained by the sea like other Demon Fruit ability users?”
      Li Wei suddenly thought of the disadvantage of the Demon Fruit and he hesitated.
      Even though the Shock Fruit was extremely powerful, if it had such an obvious negative effect, it would be a little bad!
      If it was because of the Shock Fruit, it would leave a obvious disadvantage to him. This was something Li Wei did not allow.
      Because he had the world anchor, he could plunder other worlds. In the future, there would be many opportunities to become stronger!
      It could be said that the Shock Fruit was not his only chance to become stronger. He had other options, so Li Wei hesitated.
      Master, don’t worry. This Shocking Fruit is a manifestation of the laws. It has no original shortcomings……]
      The voice of the anchor spirit appeared in Li Wei’s mind and explained it to him.
      This Shock Fruit did not have the disadvantage of being restrained by the sea!
      To be precise, the anchor of the world wasn’t plundering the real shock fruit, it was a law of shock, the original white light cluster!
      It could be said that this was part of the laws of the Sea Thief world. It was also the purest source of the Devil Fruit, not the true Devil Fruit!
      Therefore, if Li Wei ate the Shock Fruit, he would only gain the ability of the Shock Fruit. There was no negative effect of being restrained!
      “I see. That’s great!”
      Li Weixin said happily. He didn’t have any doubts and directly ate the Shock Fruit!
      The shock fruit turned into a warm stream and entered Li Wei’s body.
      There was no so-called stinky smell. Perhaps it was because this was the embodiment of the rules, not the real devil fruit.
      However, this was a good thing for Li Wei. After all, he had no idea of eating something that could not be described.
      Soon, Li Wei ate the entire Shock Fruit.
      Li Wei closed his eyes and silently felt the power of the Shock Fruit!
      At this moment, Li Wei seemed to understand a lot of things!
      When Li Wei opened his eyes again, he raised his right hand and formed a fist. A translucent round ball of light gathered on Li Wei’s fist.
      A punch!
      The fist landed on the air, producing a cracking sound!
      The atmosphere was like a mirror shattering!
      Several visible cracks erupted from Li Wei’s fist, spreading outwards!
      The surrounding walls seemed to have been struck by a huge force and were instantly shattered!
      In an instant, Li Wei’s residence instantly fell into pieces!
      Even more so, this terrifying impact instantly exploded, directly rushing to the floor below!
      The building was like a crisp biscuit, easily shattered!
      The terrifying shock spread to the ten floors below, and only then did the shock slowly disappear!
      But at this moment, the ten-story building that Li Wei was in was completely broken!
      Cracks spread, and the entire building looked like ugly scars!
      The building was on the verge of collapse, as if it could fall at any moment!
      Is this the power of the Shock Fruit?!”
      The broken building did not make Li Wei nervous. Instead, he was excited!
      One had to know that he had just obtained the Shock Fruit, and he probably couldn’t even unleash one percent of its power!
      But even so, Li Wei punched out and directly shattered ten floors!
      The tenth floor, the first floor was about three meters!
      In other words, the destructive power of Li Wei’s punch directly affected the range of thirty meters!
      This was a little scary!
      After all, Li Wei had just eaten the Shock Fruit, and he could only use a small portion of his power. He had yet to show the true power of the Shock Fruit!
      If Li Wei were to completely control the power of the Shock Fruit, the destructive power would not be able to cover the entire city!
      But thinking about it carefully, this was also an inevitable thing!
      White Beard used the Shock Fruit to destroy an island. It was a very easy task. It could even subvert the ocean!
      That kind of power was truly terrifying!
      Compared to White Beard, Li Wei’s power was a little bit of a sham!
      But even so, Li Wei was still very happy!
      Because he had just gotten the Shock Fruit, he had not fully developed its ability!
      By the time he developed the power of the Shock Fruit, he would be able to become such a peak expert!
      The first time he invaded another world, he had obtained such a valuable ability. Li Wei was even more hopeful about the future gains of the world anchor!*

      New books for collection!

      Please collect!!!
      Pray for flowers!!!
      Ask for a vote!!
      Please reward!!!
      Seek support!!!*

      005 Initial Sense Shockwave Woman Skye!

      Under the building, Li Wei was wearing a black windbreaker and wearing sunglasses. He leaned against a handsome red sports car and closed his eyes in peace as if he was waiting for someone.
      “Young Master Li Wei, your new residence is already ready for you. It’s on Manhattan Brick Street ·····”
      A blonde woman with freckles on her face came to Li Wei with a string of keys.
      This was Tony Stark’s assistant and life secretary, Pepper Poz.
      Because Li Wei tried to shake the fruit’s ability, but it destroyed the villa, something happened now.
      Li Wei had no place to live now ·····
      Helplessly, Li Wei asked the smart housekeeper to contact Little Pepper on Friday to prepare a new residence.
      After all, not only was Little Pepper responsible for the company’s affairs, she was also responsible for part of the Stark family’s work. It would be best for her to do such a thing.
      “Thank you, Little Pepper. By the way, how is your relationship with Tony?”
      After taking the key, Li Wei casually asked.
      Of course, Li Wei didn’t have any thoughts of destroying their relationship.
      Not to mention the others, Little Pepper was not Li Wei’s type. She was too skinny, and there were too many freckles on her face.
      And Little Pepper was much older than Li Wei.
      The third year held gold bricks, but Li Wei did not have the idea of holding four or five gold bricks. Stark was more suitable for her.
      Li Wei was just curious as to how the relationship between Little Pepper and Stark was progressing.
      After all, the two of them had been a bit hesitant since before, but they had not been able to make it clear.
      “Young Master Li Wei is joking. I only have a relationship with Mr. Stark.”
      It was rare for Little Pepper to blush, but there was a hint of helplessness in her words.
      Stark, a prodigal son, did not know when he would know her intentions.
      “Trust me, you will soon be more than just a subordinate.”
      Li Wei smiled and said without saying anything else. He took the key prepared by the little pepper and drove his red run to leave the building.
      Li Wei’s salute was very simple. It was the car he was driving and the luggage on the back seat. Inside was a steel battle suit,” Mark 3– Li “.
      Li Wei didn’t carry anything else because he had everything in his new residence.
      As for the garden villa in the sky that he had destroyed, Li Wei didn’t ask, because Little Pepper would handle the follow-up matters.
      The red sports car flew across the road. Feeling the wind, Li Wei was in a good mood.
      After all, on this day, not only did he activate his Golden Finger, but he also gained the ability to shake the fruit. He had a strong capital.
      Of course, the steel armor that Stark had developed was a good harvest, but it was slightly inferior to the previous two.
      Sha ·····
      The red sports car suddenly stopped!
      It wasn’t a red light. It was a pickup truck in front of Li Wei that had a flat tire. It also stopped at the intersection and blocked Li Wei’s path.
      “Sorry, sorry. Please give me a moment.”
      A young woman with an oriental face walked out of the car and apologized to Li Wei. She quickly took out a new tire as if she was about to change it on the spot.
      “It doesn’ t matter. Please do it.”
      Li Wei waved his hand and said calmly.
      Having been with Stark for a long time, Li Wei also had some manners towards women.
      Not to mention, because of today’s gains, Li Wei was still in a good mood. He would n’ t care about such small things.
      A moment later, the young woman finished changing the tires.
      After packing up, the young woman came to Li Wei’s window.
      “I’ m sorry to have caused you trouble.”
      The young woman bowed slightly and apologized to Li Wei.
      He bowed slightly to the extreme, revealing a beautiful scene. Li Wei was stunned, but he instantly recovered.
      Yes, the capital is not small ······
      “It’s nothing. It’s just a small matter. You’ re Chinese?”
      Li Wei raised his head slightly and looked at the young woman.
      It was only at this moment that he could clearly see the woman’s appearance.
      A typical oriental face, long wavy hair, a slim figure, a moth-like eyebrows, bright eyes and white teeth, and a hint of heroism.
      Although they were all oriental faces, the Chinese were still somewhat different from other countries.
      That was why Li Wei could tell at a glance that this woman seemed to be a Chinese.
      “How do you know that you are also Chinese?”
      The young woman was a little surprised, her eyes filled with anticipation.
      After seeing Li Wei nod his head and admit it, the young woman was even more delighted!
      Who would have thought that he would actually meet a fellow here? This was not a small fate!
      “Get to know me. My name is Skye.”
      Skye reached out and shook hands with Li Wei.
      Li Wei was slightly stunned.
      Because of this name, he was a little familiar.
      After learning that he had transmigrated into the Manwei world, Li Wei spent a period of time to recall the memories related to Manwei in his previous life and memorize some famous characters!
      One of the female heroes was called Skye!
      Or perhaps it was Shockwave Girl Skye!
      Shockwave Woman, formerly known as Daisy John, was one of the pillars of the S.H.I. Shield Bureau in the future. She had the S.H.I. Shield Bureau Level 10 security authority. She was the only agent with this authority except for Frey and Black Widow!
      Her father was Mr. Hyde, and her mother was Jia Ying.
      However, this information was not important. The most important thing was that the shock wave woman’s ability was shock!
      Shockwave Woman can create shock waves, similar to the effect of seismic waves. She can accurately aim with her seismic waves, then make the target vibrate, and explode from inside out.
      This was the name of the Shockwave Woman!
      “This kind of ability is very similar to the shock fruit’s ability!”
      Li Wei muttered in his heart as a glint flashed through his eyes!
      Who would have thought that on the road, he would actually encounter the Shockwave Woman in the future!
      Such an opportunity was too rare. It seemed that he could not let this little sheep off easily!
      Ps: new books needed support, collection, flowers, and evaluation tickets. All of these were free, as long as it was a little bit light, please support them greatly.
      (As for rewards, if you don’t insist on it, it’s fine if you don’t. If you do, it’s better. Thank you).*

      006 One Stone Three Birds’ thought!

      Skye’s shock wave from now on was similar to Li Wei’s.
      If he could study Skye’s abilities, perhaps it would help Li Wei develop the Shock Fruit!
      If he could take the shockwave woman under his command, this would be quite beneficial to Li Wei!
      On the other hand, after activating the shockwave super ability, the shockwave woman’s strength would also become very strong. Moreover, Skye was a hacker, and he could bring Li Wei great convenience.
      The most important thing was that the collection of world origin needed to change the original plot.
      In the original book, Skye would join Divine Shield Bureau in the future. Then, he would unlock his identity step by step, understand his background, and activate her power shock wave!
      If Li Wei could intercept the Hu in advance and change the storyline of the Shockwave Woman, he might be able to obtain some world origin!
      It could be said that this was the idea of one stone and three birds.
      Skye’s voice called Li Wei back.
      “Get to know me. My name is Li Wei. Have you lived on a date since you were young?”
      Li Wei smiled. He shook hands with Skye and chatted casually with him.
      If he wanted to subdue the Shockwave Woman, he could not be in a hurry.
      If he had said that he wanted to subdue Skye the moment he saw him, a fool would have agreed. Perhaps Skye would turn around and leave in the next second!
      This kind of thing could only be done step by step. Li Wei expressed that he was not anxious. He was very patient.
      “Yes, I grew up in Mary’s orphanage. I grew up on a date…”
      The two of them chatted as they talked about something that wasn’t there.
      Because of Li Wei’s kindness, Skye’s guard gradually decreased, and he was joking with Li Weiyou.
      Then, Li Wei casually asked where Skye was.
      “I’ m going to Manhaton to see if there’s a job that suits me.”
      “Coincidentally, we’ re on our way. My place is at Manhaton. Shall we go together?”
      As they spoke, the two of them realized that their destination was the same. This surprised Skye.
      In reality, this path was the path leading to Man Hatton. It was not going to Man Hatton, but where could it go!
      After figuring it out, Skye immediately agreed!
      The two cars started together, one left and the other right.
      On the main road, a red sports car walked side by side with an old pickup truck. It wasn’t fast, and it was leisurely driving. Li Wei would occasionally say something to Skye.
      This scene seemed a little sudden, but it was very harmonious.
      Bang bang!!
      Just as Li Weibei was chatting, a gunshot rang out from behind!
      A series of whistles sounded!
      Looking at the rearview mirror, Li Wei instantly realized that there were a number of cars chasing after him!
      The leader was a taxi, followed by four police cars.
      There were several figures with black headgear on the taxi. They were holding weapons in their hands, shooting at the police car behind them from time to time. The police car was also chasing after them.
      “It’s really not peaceful. You can run into robbery even if you go out.”
      Li Wei muttered and shook his head slightly.
      Needless to say, this must be another incident like robbing a bank.
      This was a very common thing in terms of the engagement.
      It had to be said that although this bustling metropolis appeared to be bright and bright on the surface, there were still a lot of rotten existence in the dark.
      It could only be said that in such a place, only with enough capital could one live well.
      Fortunately, he did not need to face these things. Because the Stark family belonged to the top family, Li Wei lived in an optimal environment, and did not need to struggle to survive.
      Even more so, this was the first time he had truly seen such a scene since he came to this world.
      Therefore, it was rare for Li Wei to have some interest. He watched the chase behind him with great interest.
      After all, he already had a certain amount of strength. Ordinary robbery incidents did not pose any threat to Li Wei.
      “Skye, come over here.”
      Of course, Li Wei didn’t forget to remind Skye that she had to drive a pickup truck towards Li Wei.
      There was a gun battle in the rear, so it was better to avoid it.
      After all, the current Skye was just an ordinary person. He wasn’t the shockwave girl in the future. It was always right to avoid some.
      When Skye heard this, he nodded repeatedly. He accelerated slightly and drove to the front of Li Wei, making way to avoid being injured by the bandits!
      “Fake, that bunch of damn white guys! They’ re biting so hard that they can’ t get rid of them!”
      “Didn’t you just grab a box of money? Why do you have to fight so hard?!”
      “Head, the car is running out of gasoline!”
      “Damn it, it’s just this time!”
      On the taxi, the robbers cursed.
      They had robbed a few times before, how could they not have seen these guys work so hard!
      The leader of the bandit was puzzled. It seemed like a black box was beside him.
      They had only snatched a box today. Compared to the previous robbery, the amount was much lower.
      However, those white guys were usually very lazy and lazy. They were all drawing water, but today, they were chasing after each other. Could it be that this box of money something special?!
      The leader of the bandit thought it wasn’t right, but now was n’ t the time to think nonsense.
      Because they had a big problem!
      The taxi they stole was almost out of gas!
      If they were to wait until the gas was exhausted, they would really not be able to escape. This was not the result they wanted to see!
      The bandit leader’s face was gloomy as he scanned the surroundings!
      Suddenly, he saw a red super-running, black-haired Dongfang man sitting on it!
      “Quickly speed up, rush up. We stole that red sports car!”
      A hint of ruthlessness appeared in the eyes of the bandit leader!
      The quality of taxis and sports cars was simply incomparable!
      If they could grab the red sports car in front of them, with the speed of the sports car, they would definitely be able to get rid of the police cars behind them!
      At the thought of this, the robbers’ cabs rushed towards Li Wei’s sports car!
      “You’ re courting death.”
      Looking at the rapidly expanding taxi in the rearview mirror, Li Wei naturally knew that the bandits were approaching him. It was very likely that they were coming for him.
      Originally, Li Wei had no intention of making a move, but now, he had no choice.
      It seemed like he could use this to do some things, such as subjugating Skye.
      Li Wei’s eyes turned slightly as he thought of a plan.*

      007 Kill the bandit and save the Shockwave Woman!

      Li Wei was thinking about how to recruit Skye.
      According to Li Wei’s previous thoughts, he was prepared to have a good relationship with Skye. After that, he would slowly plot to see if there was a chance to recruit Skye.
      But now, it seemed like there was a better idea.
      This idea fell on the bandits behind them!
      Thinking of this, Li Wei deliberately accelerated to make the sports car drive faster.
      It looked as if they were afraid of the bandits approaching and wanting to stay away from them.
      Hurry up!”That sports car is about to run away, catch up!”
      When the bandit leader saw this scene, he was worried that the sports car would leave, so he hurriedly asked his men to speed up. He did not care if the taxi could withstand this speed!
      With the danger of the taxi being scrapped, the speed of the taxi increased greatly, gradually approaching the red sports car.
      The bandits came behind Li Wei!
      The taxi was only three meters away from the red sports car!
      The bandits were very happy. As long as a few seconds passed, they could jump directly onto the red sports car, grab the red sports car, and then escape!
      Just a little closer!
      Suddenly, Li Wei brake!
      The quality of the red sports car was extremely high. When Li Wei brake, the red sports car instantly stopped on the road!
      It was like a flying bullet that suddenly stopped in the air!
      The red sports car stopped, but the cab behind it did not stop!
      In order to catch up with Li Wei, the speed of the taxi was extremely fast. Moreover, the quality of the taxi was far inferior to that of a sports car. In such a short distance, it was impossible to stop in time!
      The faces of the bandits at the back changed drastically. They wanted to pull the hand brake, but it was too late!
      The head of the taxi hit the rear of the red sports car!
      Under the tremendous impact, the entire taxi was directly sent flying!
      The whole cab flipped 180 degrees and directly flipped over Li Wei’s head, crashing into the pickup truck in front of him!
      As the taxi flipped over, a black box on the taxi fell directly onto Li Wei’s back seat, lying with the suitcase that was holding the steel battle suit, Mark 3, Li.
      However, Li Wei did not notice this small matter. Instead, he stared fixedly at the taxi that was knocked flying!
      The taxi passed Li Wei and directly hit the pickup truck in front of him. It directly hit the rear of Skye’s pickup truck, creating a hole!
      SKY shrieked and hurriedly pulled over.
      For a moment, the pickup truck, taxi and red supercar stopped.
      “Skye, you’ re not injured!”
      Li Wei opened the door and quickly came to Si Kai’s side to watch the situation.
      After all, he just wanted to damage Skye’s pickup truck and did n’ t want Skye to be injured.
      That’s right, this was Li Wei’s plan!
      During the conversation with Skye, Li Wei already knew that the pickup truck had been transformed into an RV by Skye. It was both Skye’s seat and his home. She lived in the truck.
      If the car was damaged, there was no place for her to stay. Li Wei could invite Skye.
      For this reason, Li Wei was able to push the boat smoothly and use the bandits. That was why this situation appeared.
      “I’ m fine. I’ m fine.”
      SKY’s face was pale, and he was still in a state of shock. Fortunately, he was n’ t injured, but he was a little scared.
      Li Wei took the opportunity to console Skye and calm him down!
      “Damn yellow skin guy, you actually dared to stop!”
      The leader of the bandit climbed out of the cab with great difficulty. With a pistol in his hand, he angrily walked towards Li Weishi!
      These two damn yellow-skinned fellows actually caused them to roll over. He wanted to kill these two damn yellow-skinned fellows in one shot!
      However, reason told him that it was unwise to kill him now!
      The siren was approaching and the police car was approaching. If he continued to delay, he would definitely be surrounded by the police car!
      At that time, he was really finished!
      For now, only by taking these two people hostage would he have a chance to leave this place!
      However, the bandit leader was still very angry, wishing to kill someone to vent his anger!
      “Damned yellow-skinned woman. If it wasn’ t for you, our car wouldn’ t have been destroyed. Dammit, I’ m going to kill you!”
      The bandit leader picked up his pistol and directly aimed at Skye, ready to kill him!
      On the one hand, it was inconvenient for the two hostages to bring along, which would slow down his speed.
      On the other hand, he could see that Li Wei’s identity was not simple. Just that sports car was not something an ordinary person could possess.
      If Li Wei could be taken hostage, the police would be more cautious, and his chances of escape would be greater.
      But that Dongfang woman was different. She was driving an ordinary pickup truck. She must be an ordinary person. If she died, she would die. No one would pay attention to her!
      It was time to kill him, to vent his anger!
      “No, don’ t kill me!”
      Skye was in a state of panic. His face was pale, and he was already in despair.
      Because under this situation, she had no chance to survive!
      “A scum-like fellow, living in this world is a waste of food.”
      At this moment, Li Wei spoke.
      Li Wei snorted coldly and clenched his fist into a fist. A round ball of light enveloped the fist!
      In the next moment, Li Wei punched out at the bandit leader!
      Li Wei’s fist smashed into the air!
      Cracks appeared in the atmosphere like mirrors!
      The shattered atmosphere instantly turned into a terrifying shock wave that swept towards the bandit leader!
      Before the bandit leader could react, he was directly hit by this terrifying force!
      His entire body was sent flying, smashing into the taxi!
      A huge hole was created by the taxi!
      Even more so, the bandit leader directly smashed through the taxi and landed on the ground, leaving behind a deep pit!
      The shockwaves of the impact spread, tearing the ground apart, leaving cracks on the ground!
      The earth shook and the mountains shook!
      With a single strike, the leader of the bandit was completely dead. Even bones were shattered and turned into a pile of rotten flesh!
      Do you really think Li Wei is a good-tempered person? He actually dared to shout in front of him like this, and even called him a yellow-skinned guy, seeking his own death!*

      08 Successful abduction of Shockwave Woman!

      “What power is this? How powerful!”
      “Li Wei, are you a mutated human?Just like the X-Men?!”
      Seeing Li Wei’s punch kill the bandit leader, Skye was shocked. His eyes widened, and he was speechless.
      Such power was not something an ordinary person could have!
      With a punch, the atmosphere in front of him was shattered like a mirror. There were even cracks on the ground!
      Compared to these exaggerated situations, the leader of the bandit was hit by a hammer and it was quite inconspicuous!
      That was why Skye was so shocked!
      As for the mutated humans in Skye’s mouth, yes, this world was not a pure movie universe. There were mutated humans, and they were well known!
      At the end of the last century, the mutated humans led by Professor X had gained quite a reputation!
      Even ordinary people had heard of the name of War X Police as a heroic team.
      Li Wei naturally knew that, which was why he used the shock fruit’s ability without any fear.
      “Not really, but it’s pretty much the same!”
      Li Wei nodded slightly. He didn’t say anything and admitted his ability.
      Of course, even without the existence of the mutated human, Li Wei would not hide his strength because there was no need for this.
      In a few years, people would understand how happy it was to have a strong power in this dangerous world. Weak people could only struggle hard!
      Weakness was the original sin. In some aspects, this was the most fundamental rule!
      “Oh right, thank you, Li Wei. You saved my life!”
      A while later, Skye calmed down and looked at Li Wei gratefully.
      In the beginning, she was shocked by Li Wei’s power, but after she calmed down, Skye remembered that Li Wei had attacked the bandit leader to save her.
      This made Skye extremely moved.
      She would never forget the feeling of hopelessness.
      It was also because of this that Skye was so grateful to Li Wei.
      Just now, how desperate was it, how grateful was it now.
      At this moment, Skye felt that Li Wei’s body was full of fascinating charm, which made Skye a little distracted.
      A series of whistles approached, and a number of police cars rushed over, quickly surrounding Li Wei and Li Wei.
      There was no misunderstanding of Li Wei and Si Kai as robbers because they were not bandits.
      However, the situation before them made the police officers unable to figure it out.
      The two people who should have been held hostage were standing here.
      On the other hand, they were extremely vicious criminals. They were all lying on the ground, and the leader of the bandit was dead.
      Moreover, looking at the broken ground, it seemed that there had been a terrifying battle. It was a bit shocking!
      “What’s going on? Mr. Li Wei, can you tell us about the situation?”There’s also a crack on the ground. Is this using grenades?”
      The leading police officer asked Li Wei. Although he had already recorded it, he still did not understand how the cracks on the ground had come.
      This kind of damage was simply too terrifying. It could be caused by non-human forces.
      “They want to kill us. I’ ll defend myself. It’s that simple.”Li Wei said simply.
      Of course, Li Wei didn’t say anything about the shock fruit’s attack.
      Although Li Wei did not intend to hide his strength, it was too troublesome to explain it to them slowly. Li Wei was lazy to explain. After all, the level was different.
      If the director of Divine Shield, Nick Frey, came, Li Wei would be in a good mood. Perhaps he would not mind talking to Nick Frey.
      “Is there anything else? If not, we’ ll leave.”
      Li Wei looked at the leading police officer and did not want to waste any more time.
      Li Wei was a little impatient after staying here for too long.
      “Be honest, if you don’t cooperate, I can suspect that you have something to do with the robber…….”
      A black police officer beside him was very dissatisfied with Li Wei’s attitude because Li Wei was too perfunctory.
      But before he could finish speaking, he was stopped by the leading police officer.
      “Mr. Li Wei, you can leave now. If you have any doubts later, please cooperate with the official consultation.”
      The leader’s attitude was very good. It could even be said that he was kind, which surprised Li Wei.
      However, it was a good thing to have less trouble.
      Thinking of this, Li Wei directly returned to Skye.
      “Captain George, why did you let that guy leave? His attitude is too perfunctory. I think he has something to do with the bandits!”
      The black police officer was still a little angry, as if he was dissatisfied with the captain letting Li Wei leave. It would be too cheap for him to let Li Wei leave just like this!
      “Put away your thoughts and tell you, his surname is Stark!”
      Captain Stacy gave a cold snort, startling the fat officer!
      Which Stark?Could it be Stark from Stark Industries!
      At the thought of this, the black police officer immediately shut up and said nothing more.
      People at that level were not something that they could handle. If there were any problems, it would also be the matter above.
      At that time, the higher-ups had nothing to do with them, so they could handle the robbery properly.
      Li Wei didn’t know, because his surname helped him solve some trouble, even though Li Wei did n’ t care about it.
      After returning to Skye, Li Wei prepared to leave with Skye, but Skye had a problem.
      “My car has been destroyed. What should we do?”
      Skye was a little worried. Her pickup truck had been damaged by the bandits and was completely scrapped and could not be used.
      “Then take my car. We’ re on the way anyway.”
      Li Wei smiled. Although his sports car and taxi had collided once, due to the good quality, the rear of the car was slightly sunken and did not affect the use. He could just let Little Pepper handle it later.
      Moreover, he had designed those bandits for this moment.
      As long as he abducted Skye first, Li Wei naturally had a way to subdue him and make him use it.
      It could be said that using some of the wear of the sports car to exchange for a shock wave woman was a very worthwhile business for Li Wei.
      “Isn’ t that good?”
      SKY hesitated, but after Li Wei tried to persuade him, SKY agreed with him with a red face.
      On the one hand, the two of them were on their way to Manhaton.
      On the other hand, Li Wei’s performance just now had left a deep impression on Skye. It was the best time for him to reject Li Wei.
      So after hesitating for a while, Skye collapsed and directly agreed to Li Wei.
      As a result, Li Wei took Skye and left in a red sports car.*

      009 I got the raw materials of Edman’s alloy!

      Skye didn’t have many things, mainly a computer and some living things.
      Li Wei directly asked Skye to take her computer and then head straight for Manhaton.
      This time, they didn’t encounter any trouble. They arrived at Manhaton smoothly.
      According to the navigation set from the beginning, Li Wei drove a red sports car to a villa.
      That’s right, Li Wei’s new residence was still a villa.
      Unlike the previous Sky Garden villa, this was a manor-style villa.
      European style decoration, exquisite garden, and it looked like a magnificent and grand atmosphere.
      “My god, this is your home?”Honestly, do you have anything to do with Tony Stark?”
      Looking at such a magnificent villa, Skye was shocked. After all, she still used the RV as her home, and she had never seen such a place before.
      To be honest, when Officer George was recording, she had heard Li Wei say that his full name was Li Wei Stark.
      However, at that time, Skye’s attention was on Li Wei. He did n’ t notice that much.
      Only now did she realize that Li Wei’s identity was special.
      “It’s a little bit related, but it’s not a big deal. Let’s visit together.”
      “Oh right, you can live here. I won’ t accept your rent.”
      Li Wei smiled. He didn’t stop on this question. Instead, he took Skye and visited the villa.
      After all, this was the first time Li Wei had come here. If he wanted to stay here in the future, he still needed to familiarize himself with his residence.
      During the visit, Skye cried out endlessly. Li Wei was much calmer. After all, he was used to it.
      However, Li Wei also found some unexpected places.
      Li Wei discovered that the layout of the villa was very similar to his previous residence. Even the smart housekeeper had it on Friday.
      It was unclear if it was Stark who had made Little Pepper prepare for him.
      After the tour, Li Wei asked Skye to choose a room and set up his own things. Only then did Li Wei have time.
      Entering the garage, Li Wei arrived in front of the red sports car. He prepared to put away the steel battle suit, Mark 3– Li.
      “What is this? The things that the bandits robbed earlier?”
      Li Wei’s gaze landed on the black box next to the steel armor.
      This black box was obviously not his stuff, and Skye’s stuff had already been sent to the room. Li Wei could only think of the bandits.
      “Don’ t tell me you want to give me money!”
      Li Wei smiled and opened the box.
      However, Li Wei discovered that what was inside the box was not a bill, but a black ore, about the size of a human head!
      “Friday, scan this ore.”
      Li Wei naturally didn’t know what this ore was, but he had this smart housekeeper on Friday. He could easily understand the secret of this ore.
      “Master, according to the scan results, this ore should be an extraterrestrial meteorite.”
      “According to classified information, this ore was once refined into a special metal called the Alderman alloy.”
      “Edman alloy’s raw materials?”
      A glint flashed in Li Wei’s eyes!
      Edman alloy was also very famous for its use. The invincible bones of the Diamond Wolf were made from Edman alloy!
      One had to know that with the aid of the Alderman alloy skeleton, the Diamond Wolf had resisted the attack of the nuclear bomb. This could be seen how powerful the aiderman alloy was!
      He had not expected that his luck would be so good. He could even find such things.
      In fact, that group of bandits had also been mistaken.
      Originally, they were just trying to grab a box of notes, but they didn’t expect that they would accidentally grab this extraterrestrial meteor.
      This was also the reason why the group of robbers were being chased.
      If not for the police interfering later, perhaps they would have fallen into the hands of other mysterious people.
      But now, this extraterrestrial meteor had fallen into Li Wei’s hands.
      “If it’s in my hands, there’s no possibility of sending it out.”
      Li Wei smiled and asked the smart housekeeper to save this extraterrestrial meteorite in the villa’s secret vault on Friday. He could do some research when he had time.
      That night, Li Wei prepared a candlelight dinner to welcome Kai.
      It wasn’t until late at night that Li Wei returned to the master bedroom.
      “Anchor Spirit, how many world sources are there now?”
      He closed his eyes and closed his eyes. Li Wei entered his mind and thought about the world anchor.
      Today, he had changed the story of Shockwave Girl Skye. He had brought her here, and he should be able to obtain some world origin.
      Li Wei really wanted to know what he had gained today!
      [World Origin:25%]
      “It’s only 25%. It’s too little. Could it be that the shock wave woman’s influence is weaker than Iron Man’s?”
      Li Wei frowned, thinking about this!
      According to the description of the Spirit of Anchor, every [1] of world origin could activate the world anchor to search and invade other worlds.
      Right now, it was only 25%, just a quarter!
      Could it be that it was because of the storyline of the Shockwave Woman that was less important than Iron Man?!
      After all, the previous Tony Stark had only developed a steel battle suit in advance. Li Wei had obtained a chance to use the world anchor and successfully invaded the pirate world!
      This time, he took away the Shockwave Woman and only managed to accumulate 25% of the world’s origin energy.
      “That’s not right. Although Skye was taken back by me, Skye might still be able to join Divine Shield and become the original Shockwave Woman.”
      Li Wei’s spirit flashed and suddenly thought of this question.
      Although the shockwave girl, Skye, had been kidnapped back by him, there was still a period of time before Skye became the shockwave girl. He did not change Skye directly in that plot.
      In other words, even if Li Wei brought the Shockwave Woman back, Skye might still follow the original plot in the future.
      At the thought of this, Li Wei instantly understood.
      Unless he really completely changed Skye’s fate and completely eliminated the fate of her becoming a Level 10 S.I.E.I. Shield Bureau agent, he would be able to obtain a large amount of world origin!
      This was the difference between a small change in the plot and a complete change in the plot.*

      010 Stark was still kidnapped!

      “I see. Looks like we need to find a chance in the future to completely let Shockwave girl Skye fall under my command. We’ ll cut off her chances of entering Divine Shield Bureau and completely change her fate.”
      After understanding what was going on, Li Wei relaxed.
      After all, Skye had already come to his side and wanted to completely change Skye’s fate. This was n’ t particularly difficult for Li Wei.
      After thinking about it, Li Wei immediately felt much more relaxed.
      Thinking of this, Li Wei temporarily put this matter down. After studying the power of the Shock Fruit, Li Wei also rested.
      Li Wei took a break, but this night, some people could not rest.
      In a dark room, several black figures gathered together!
      “Still not found?”
      “No, those bandits, along with the entire police bureau, we’ ve secretly searched through it, but we didn’ t find any boxes!”
      “Damn it, where did that thing go?!”
      “You all know that the things in the box are very important to the people above. If we can’ t find them, we’ ll all be in trouble!”
      “They’ re all those hateful bandits. They actually accidentally stole the box!”
      “The more you think about it, the more angry you get. Cut those damn fellows off!”
      “Also, continue to investigate and investigate anyone they might have come into contact with. We must find the box back!”
      The sound slowly faded, and several black figures slowly disappeared, scattering in all directions!
      But there was one thing that was certain that they would not give up until they found the box!
      However, Li Wei did not know about this.
      Even if he knew that someone was looking for that box, Li Wei would not care!
      Because he had absolute confidence that he could withstand any trouble, and this confidence came from his strength!
      The power of the Shock Fruit gave Li Wei enough confidence!
      The infinite possibility of the world anchor was exactly what Li Wei was confident in!
      If those guys had the guts to find him, Li Wei wouldn’t mind letting them know why the flowers were so red!
      One night, he was speechless.
      The next morning, Li Wei woke up according to the law of his biological clock. He then went to the gym to complete his daily training!
      Li Wei’s training included swordsmanship, archery, fighting skills, and the use of firearms.
      Li Wei didn’t drop any of these possible combat techniques.
      Eighteen martial arts skills, all kinds of proficiency, it was Li Wei!
      But today, Li Wei’s training program had an extra one!
      Study the ability of the Shock Fruit.
      Of course, this time, Li Wei seemed to be very careful, not as exaggerated as yesterday!
      After all, a single exercise would destroy a villa. Ordinary people would go crazy!
      Of course, Li Wei could afford it, but if he changed his residence one day, Li Wei also felt that it was troublesome.
      Only after Li Wei’s training ended did Skye walk out of the room in her pajamas.
      “I’ m awake. How did you sleep last night?”
      Li Wei smiled gently and handed Skye a glass of milk.
      “I’ m sorry, I slept too hard.”
      Skye’s face was slightly red, somewhat embarrassed.
      She didn’t expect that she would just stay here the first day and sleep so hard. This was too embarrassing.
      However, Skye didn’t understand why she felt so relieved by Li Wei’s side!
      Maybe it was because of Li Wei’s strength yesterday that Skye felt a great sense of security.
      She seemed to know that with Li Wei here, she would not be in any danger.
      This was the first time she had such a feeling in 20 years.
      “It’s fine. This means you’ re treating this place as your home. I’ m glad you have such a thought.”
      Li Wei smiled lightly and said a little, causing Skye’s face to turn red again.
      After a few words, Skye was defeated and quickly returned to his room.
      Li Wei didn’t chase after them. After all, he could n’ t be in a hurry.
      Another reason was that an unexpected figure had arrived.
      “Master, Mr. Stark’s assistant, Miss Chili Pepper, has arrived. Will you let her in?”
      The smart housekeeper’s voice sounded in the hall on Friday.
      “Let her in. I happen to have something to look for her.”
      Although Li Wei was surprised by Little Pepper’s arrival, he still nodded because he had something to look for.
      After all, his sports car was damaged yesterday. He wanted Little Pepper to take it to handle it.
      “Young Master Li Wei, something has happened. Mr. Stark has been kidnapped!”
      After Little Pepper came in, she hurriedly ran to Li Wei. Her eyes were red and swollen, as if she had cried for a while.
      She brought some bad news. Tony was kidnapped!
      How could this be?”Tony was still kidnapped?”
      Li Wei frowned slightly, somewhat surprised.
      Stark had clearly developed a steel battle suit and had the ability to protect himself.
      And Li Wei had told Stark to take Mark 3 with him. How could he be kidnapped?!
      Li Wei could not understand.
      Why did the plot return to its original trajectory!
      In fact, even though Stark listened to Li Wei’s words, he brought along his steel battle suit.
      However, with Stark’s arrogance, it was destined that he would not listen to Li Wei’s words too much.
      This led to a result.
      Although Stark had brought a steel battle suit, he didn’t wear it. He just brought it with him, so he was still hit!
      “Tony, when he comes back, I have to beat him up!”
      Li Wei also guessed the reason and was speechless at Stark.
      Stark, this idiot, when he came back, he had to scold Stark properly!
      “Alright, Little Pepper, don’ t worry about this. I’ ll bring Tony back!”
      Li Wei looked up and said to Little Pepper.
      Not to mention anything else, given his relationship with Stark, he would not sit idly by.
      Not to mention, changing the plot was a great opportunity for Li Wei to gain world origin!
      Therefore, Li Wei would not miss this matter!
      Li Wei had already made a decision!
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      011 The wolf that broke into the sheepfold!

      He consoled Little Chili and let Little Chili relax. Finally, he let Little Chili bring a red sports car to repair it.
      Only after Little Pepper left did Li Wei’s side quiet down.
      “Friday, locate Tony’s steel battle suit!”
      Li Wei said to the smart housekeeper on Friday.
      Stark’s Mark 3 had a positioning device. It was n’ t difficult to find Stark’s location.
      However, if the thugs who kidnapped Stark had a shielding device to block the signal from the steel armor, it would be a bit troublesome.
      “According to the location, the location of the steel armor is in the arid desert. The exact coordinates are *****”
      To Li Wei’s surprise, the signal from the steel armor was not blocked!
      This was something that Li Wei could not imagine.
      Was it that easy to find it?He thought it would take a little more effort!
      In fact, the thugs only valued Stark himself, not the steel armor. After all, the current steel armor was not famous.
      As a result, the cave where Stark was imprisoned naturally had a device that blocked the signal. Stark was not allowed to send out news!
      However, the situation on Iron Armor was different.
      When the steel armor was dismantled, it was impossible to see its original appearance.
      The thugs thought that the red and golden parts were just parts of a new type of weapon that Stark had developed.
      Therefore, the thugs only placed the parts of the steel armor outside the cave without paying too much attention.
      For this reason, Li Wei was able to easily locate the steel battle suit!
      It had to be said that this was the effect of the plot change.
      Because of the early appearance of the steel armor, although Stark was still captured, many things had become different.
      According to Li Wei’s estimation, the current Stark should n’ t be building Mark 1. Instead, he was racking his brains and trying to get Mark 3 back!
      This was the difference between the changes in the plot!
      “Looks like this matter is not difficult to resolve. I’ ll make a trip later.”
      Lee Wei nodded slightly. Knowing Stark’s location, it would be easy. He could go directly and bring Stark back later.
      Thinking of this, Li Wei rested for a while, recovered his physical strength from the morning exercise, and took the time to take a bath.
      After everything was ready, Li Weibei and Skye spoke before returning to the garage.
      “Friday, help me wear Mark 3 Li!”
      Although Li Wei had the ability to shake the fruit, he did not have the ability to fly at the moment. If he wanted to go to the drought to save Stark, he could only rely on the power of the steel armor.
      Following Li Wei’s instructions, several mechanical arms appeared, wearing steel battle clothes for Li Wei!
      This scene was just like the original one. Stark was wearing Mark 3 for the first time. The mechanical explosion was almost a bgm!
      Soon, a brand new steel soldier appeared in the garage!
      “Next, it’s time for me to take action!”
      Li Wei instantly activated the launcher, and a scorching flame appeared. It shot into the sky and disappeared into the villa!
      “Warning, there’s a UFO flying at a speed that exceeds the speed of sound. It’s flying above the buttons. All departments, please pay attention!”
      When Li Weifei made the appointment, the various monitoring departments could not help but sound whistles!
      What happened?An alien had invaded Earth?!”
      “How is that possible? Maybe it’s a test from another country!”
      “Activate all aspects of the investigation and find that UFO!”
      For a moment, the various departments of the manual were in chaos!
      However, Li Wei wasn’t sure about these things because he had already flown out of his engagement and headed straight for drought.
      After a while, Li Wei arrived at the desert and followed Friday’s instructions to a desolate mountain!
      “Sensing, there’s a gathering place ahead. There are 123 people in total. They have a large number of Stark’s industrial weapons. Mark 3’s signal source is here…….”
      Li Weiju walked down, looking down on the ground in midair!
      He could see that some ant-like figures were busy on the ground.
      And the source of Mark 3’s signal was here. It seemed that he had already found a place.
      Thinking of this, Li Wei drove Mark 3 Lee down!
      The thugs on the ground were installing their weapons when they suddenly heard the sound of advancing in the air.
      The thugs could not help but stop their work and look up at the sky!
      They could see a red and golden figure descending from the sky!
      Under the refraction of the sun, the red-gold figure shone with a metallic luster!
      Li Wei, dressed in a steel battle suit, landed in the middle of the mob with a handsome appearance!
      “Fake, what is this!”
      “Quickly shoot, kill him!”
      For a moment, the thugs panicked. Everyone picked up their weapons and fired at Li Wei!
      The sound of metal clanging sounded. The bullet hit the steel armor without any effect. At most, it left a shallow mark.
      Li Wei raised his arm and the impact cannon in the middle of his palm instantly launched an attack!
      With a boom, the thug that was hit by the impact cannon instantly lost its aura. Even the thug that was standing in the back was directly pierced through without any resistance!
      “Devil, is this a devil!”
      “Damn it, where did this mech come from?”
      At this moment, Li Wei was like a wolf that had broken into the sheepfold, wreaking havoc without restraint!
      Not long after, all the thugs fell.
      No mob could stand in front of Li Wei without incident!
      “How boring! It’s too weak!”Li Wei sighed.
      In the eyes of ordinary people, these thugs were terrifying Death Gods, but in front of Li Wei, they were like little sheep, allowing Li Wei to kill them.
      In fact, Li Wei didn’t even need to use the power of the Shock Fruit, which was why Li Wei felt bored.
      But now, this battle was over!
      Li Wei came to the cave and directly opened the iron door of the cave. He saw Stark again!

      012 Rescue Stark, Skye was kidnapped!

      “Li Wei, you came to save me. I knew you wouldn’ t leave me in such a dangerous place. My dear cousin, I really love you too much!”
      He looked at Stark Taze and ran over to hug Li Wei. Even if he was wearing a steel battle suit, Li Wei’s goosebumps were about to rise.
      Li Wei hurriedly pushed Stark away!
      The man didn’t want to hug Stark. Stark looked so sloppy now!
      After he had dealt with the mob, he opened the cave and saved Stark!
      At this moment, although Stark looked very sloppy and miserable, his spirit still looked fine.
      Just like before, Stark was still injured. His chest was pierced by shrapnel. Stark’s own ark reactor was embedded in his chest, absorbing the bullet fragments in his body to avoid damaging his heart.
      “I told you not to listen to me. Now you’ re suffering!”
      Li Wei called out to Stan.
      Li Wei didn’t think it was difficult to solve the problem of bullet fragments. He still had a way to solve it, but now he wanted Stark to remember this lesson!
      “I know. In the future, I will definitely bring my battle clothes with me at all times.”
      Stark smiled bitterly and said, feeling a little helpless. He then told Li Wei about the two days.
      Stark’s experience was roughly the same as what Li Wei had expected. It was because of Stark’s arrogance that caused this trouble.
      If Stark had followed Li Wei’s instructions and brought the steel armor by his side, there would n’ t be such a problem.
      “Remember this lesson. In the future, you have to think twice before doing things. It’s always true to be cautious.”
      Li Wei took this opportunity to give Stark some words.
      He was thinking about whether to train Stark as a prudent hero.
      A very cautious Iron Man, it was interesting to think about it.
      However, there was a certain reason for what he said.
      Stark himself was just an ordinary person. Although he had a steel battle suit, it was still an external force. If he didn’t have a battle suit, it would be easy for something to happen.
      If Stark were to become a very cautious person, the chances of an accident would be much lower.
      Of course, Li Wei didn’t need to think about this. If he did n’ t get the anchor of the world, perhaps Li Wei would also be on the path of relying on steel armor.
      But now that he had the anchor of the world and had great capital, he did not need to rely too much on the steel armor.
      For Li Wei, the steel armor was a good help, but it was not all. That was why Li Wei said that.
      “Alright, let’s go back first.”
      Li Wei said that Stark had already been saved and it was time to leave.
      Stark’s steel battle suit was right outside the cave. As long as he wore it, he could use it, saving Li Wei some trouble.
      As for the scientist who helped Stark, Dr. Silversen, Stark originally wanted to bring him to the Nunjo, but he wanted to return to his hometown.
      Therefore, after sending Dr. Yin Sen back to his hometown, Li and Stark used their steel battle clothes and directly flew back to the Nunjo!
      After spending some time, Li and Stark returned to Stark’s residence.
      “I want to take a good bath. I want to eat hamburgers. I want to hold a press conference. I want to have a good sleep. I miss my bedroom!”
      “Oh right, I still have to tell Lil Pea and Rhodes that I’ m back!”
      After a trial, Stark realized that he had many things to do.
      Li Wei was lazy to pay attention to this and prepared to return to his own residence.
      “By the way, Tony, do you know why you were kidnapped?”
      Before he left, Li Wei suddenly said to Stark.
      There was another matter that needed to be dealt with. It was the inner ghost beside them.
      Stark’s abduction this time was not an accident, but someone betrayed Stark.
      “What you mean is that those thugs have a plan and come for me. I have a mole beside me!”
      Stark seemed to have thought of something and his face darkened.
      He was not a fool. Thinking back to the past two days, especially in the thug base, the weapons produced by Stark’s industry, Stark had already made a guess.
      “Looks like you’ ve already guessed it. You can handle it yourself!”
      Li Wei smiled and said nothing.
      He naturally knew who was doing this.
      He was one of the shareholders of Stark’s industry, O’ Badaya Stani, who Stark called his uncle!
      Obadiah had done a lot of things because he wanted to seize Stark Industries.
      In the original work, he even collected the fragments of Mark 1 and assembled it into the Iron Tyrant Warframe.
      With Li Wei here, Obadiah had no chance to do anything.
      But this was just a small matter. Li Wei believed that Stark would handle it well, so he would not interfere.
      After giving an explanation, Li Wei left and returned to Man Hatton’s residence.
      “Wait, someone came in!”
      When he returned to the villa, Li Wei immediately noticed something was wrong.
      The ground was a little messy. The tables and chairs fell to the ground, as if there had been a conflict!
      “Friday, tell me what happened!”
      Li Wei called out the smart housekeeper Friday and asked what happened at home when he left.
      “Master, five men in black came in this afternoon and took Miss Skye away, leaving behind a phone.”
      Friday’s voice appeared in the hall.
      A screen of light appeared on the wall. This was the surveillance video that came out on Friday!
      On the screen, five masked men in black broke into his residence and destroyed Friday’s protective net. They came all the way to the villa and searched for something.
      In the end, the five men in black did not seem to have found what they wanted, so they directly grabbed Skye and left behind a phone.
      “You’ re quite brave. You even dare to capture my people!”
      Li Wei’s expression turned extremely gloomy, his eyes filled with anger!
      Who would have thought that after he left for half a day, someone would dare to break into his residence and capture Skye!
      This made Li Wei extremely angry!
      Li Wei was angry. The consequences were serious!

      The 013 Shocking Fruit showed its might and killed the bandit!

      “Your little girl from the East is in our hands now. If you want to redeem her, bring the black box you obtained yesterday, we will wait for you in Queens!”
      The black-clothed man who had captured Skye had left behind a recording on his phone.
      But it was also because of this recording that Li Wei finally knew the purpose of these guys!
      This group of black-clothed people came for that piece of Outer Sky Meteorite that could be refined into Edman Alloy!
      This was the group of black figures searching for the black box in the dark night.
      This group of people had a special background, so it was easy to investigate something!
      It took them less than half a day to find out that the person who had clashed with the robbers yesterday was Li Wei.
      For this reason, the next morning, these black-clothed people directly rushed to Li Wei’s residence!
      At that time, Li Wei happened to be on his way to rescue Stark, so he missed each other.
      As for that extraterrestrial meteor, because it was stored in the secret room, it was hard for outsiders to find it.
      The group of black-clothed people did not find anything, so they chose to kidnap Skye!
      From that recording, Li Wei had already sorted everything out!
      “It’s for that meteor. Looks like it’s from the previous group. They’ re quite brave!”
      Li Wei laughed coldly!
      It was already a good idea that he had not bullied others, but he never thought that someone would offend him!
      Li Wei didn’t care what his background was, why did he come here!
      He only knew one thing. Those guys made him angry!
      Li Wei would let them know what would happen if they offended him!
      Thinking of this, Li Wei had already made a decision!
      The previous red sports car had been brought to repair by Little Pepper, so Little Pepper left a black supercar in the garage.
      Li Wei didn’ t pick either. He directly drove the black sports car and headed straight for Queens!
      Very soon, Li Wei arrived at the location they had mentioned. This was an abandoned factory. It looked desolate.
      As soon as they arrived at the abandoned factory, two masked men in black jumped out from the corner and blocked Li Wei’s path.
      What about the things?”Where’s that black box!”
      The two men in black looked at Li Wei who was empty-handed and couldn’t help but feel annoyed. They raised their pistols and held Li Wei’s chest!
      Did this kid dare to fool them? He actually didn’ t bring that thing!
      “Take me to meet Skye, you will get what you want!”
      Li Wei spoke indifferently, looking straight at the black-clothed man. His eyes were deep, without any ripples, as if he was looking at a dead person!
      Of course, he didn’t bring that extraterrestrial meteor because they had no chance to use it!
      In Li Wei’s heart, they were already dead, and dead people couldn’ t use anything!
      “Bring him in first!”
      The two men in black looked at each other and seemed to have made a decision. They led Li Wei to the abandoned factory!
      As soon as he entered the abandoned factory, Li Wei discovered that there were still a few black figures wearing masks in the factory. They were probably the accomplices of the robbers.
      However, Li Wei did not pay any attention to them. Instead, he looked at Skye who was being handcuffed.
      “Are you alright, Skye?”
      He quickly came to Si Kai’s side. Li Wei was observing Si Kai’s condition.
      Fortunately, they didn’t seem to have suffered any damage. After all, they were only here for the extraterrestrial meteorites, and they did n’ t want to get hurt!
      “I’ m fine, but I’ m so scared!”
      Skye said with a lingering fear. Skye couldn’t help but feel a little scared when he suddenly encountered such a thing. However, Li Wei’s arrival clearly made Skye much.
      At Li Wei’s side, Skye had a strange sense of security!
      “Kid, you’ve already seen her. We did n’ t hurt her. Where’s that black box?!”
      Only then did the masked man say, wanting to return to that black box!
      “I didn’ t bring the box because dead people can’ t use anything!”
      Li Wei raised his head slightly and looked at the people in black. He said indifferently!
      “Bastard, you dare to fool us!”
      “Fake, take him down!”
      Hearing Li Wei’s words, the people in black instantly became furious. They all picked up their weapons and wanted to teach Li Wei a lesson!
      Li Wei stretched out his right hand, clenched his fist into a fist, and put on a striking posture!
      A white round ball of light instantly covered Li Wei’s fist!
      The next moment, Li Wei directly threw his fist in the direction of the black-clothed people!
      Li Wei’s fist slammed into the air, causing a heavy crash!
      The atmosphere was like a mirror, and cracks could be seen in the flesh and eyes, spreading everywhere!
      Following the rumbling sound, the atmosphere instantly exploded!
      A terrifying force exploded out from Li Wei’s fist and charged towards the surroundings!
      The man in black who was closest to Li Wei was instantly blasted apart by this terrifying impact!
      This black-clothed man’s body was shattered!
      Li Weizhen was really angry because these guys actually rushed to his residence and kidnapped Skye!
      This matter made Li Wei extremely angry, so Li Wei did not hold back at all!
      What is this?”Devil!”
      “Damn it, why does this guy have such power!”
      The black-clothed people panicked and looked at Li Wei in fear. They had not expected that Li Wei would have such power!
      In fact, if they were more patient when investigating Li Wei’s information, they would find out.
      Yesterday, Li Wei not only had contact with the robbers, he also used extraordinary power to capture them!
      However, they wanted to complete the mission quickly, and they did not find out about this.
      So now they had no chance!
      Li Wei punched again, and a terrifying shock wave swept through the entire abandoned factory!
      In the end, the entire factory collapsed!

      The intervention of Divine Shield!

      It wasn’t a few days before Li Wei got the Shock Fruit, so Li Wei’s level of development wasn’t too deep. It was just the initial stage, and he could only mobilize a small portion of the power of the Shock Fruit!
      But even so, the power that Li Wei had unleashed was extremely terrifying!
      With a punch, the entire abandoned factory was trembling. Supporting the pillars of the factory, it could not help but let out a wail!!
      The second punch was thrown out. The ground shook and the mountains shook. The terrifying impact swept through the entire factory!
      The entire abandoned factory collapsed under this terrifying impact!
      Along with the sound of collapse, waves of smoke rose!
      By the time the smoke dissipated, the entire abandoned factory had already disappeared, leaving only a mess on the ground!
      Only Li and Kai were in a good position.
      There were no injuries on the two of them, and even the corners of their clothes were intact. All the rocks that fell were shattered by Li Wei!
      As for those black-clothed people, they were all in this shock. They were buried under the ruins, and none of them could escape.
      “Let’s go, let’s go home!”
      Li Wei consoled Skye, ignoring the people in black who were buried under the ruins!
      “Mm.”Skye nodded obediently.
      Although her face was still a little pale, her mood was much better than before.
      Taking the black sports car parked outside, Li Wei led Skye back to the villa.
      After comforting Skye for a while, Li Wei let Skye go back to his room to rest.
      After all, she was a little tired today and needed a good rest.
      “Thank you, Li Wei!”
      Skye suddenly turned around and peck at Li Wei’s face. Then, with a red face, he ran back to the room.
      Li Wei was slightly stunned. It took him a while to recover.
      “Am I ambushed?”
      Li Wei couldn’t laugh and cry. He did n’ t expect that Skye would suddenly attack.
      But after thinking about it, it seemed normal.
      He and Skye met for two days, but in these two days, Skye had already encountered danger for the second time!
      Moreover, the two times of danger were all caused by Li Weili!
      Such a miraculous experience, even Skye would inevitably fall!
      He originally wanted to slowly change Skye and find a suitable opportunity to subdue him.
      But now, it seemed like he didn’t need to do anything.
      Perhaps as long as he said one word, Skye would happily agree to any of his requests!
      Li Wei did not know whether to laugh or cry.
      In this way, those black-clothed people could be considered as his officials.
      Shaking his head, Li Wei let his emotions return and called out the smart housekeeper Friday.
      “Friday, investigate the identities of those guys who broke in today. I want to know everything about them!”
      As he said this, a cold glint flashed through Li Wei’s eyes!
      Although he had already destroyed the men in black, Li Wei did not intend to let go!
      He understood in his heart that those guys were coming towards the extraterrestrial meteor. Presumably, there was someone behind them, or even an organization!
      To be honest, he was too impulsive just now.
      Before they could interrogate them, they directly killed those guys!
      However, Li Wei did not regret it either. After all, those guys really made him furious!
      If it was destroyed, then it would be destroyed. Even if the investigation later would be more troublesome.
      However, with Friday’s ability, he should be able to find out something. That was why Li Wei handed this matter to Friday.
      “Yes, Master. I will do my best to investigate the identities of those men in black.”
      Friday replied that Li Weicai had temporarily put this matter down.
      On Friday, Li Wei returned to his room after asking for someone to clean up the villa.
      After all, he was a little tired after this day.
      He ran to save Stark in the morning and came back in the afternoon to destroy an abandoned factory. He was almost in a state of chaos and did not have a good rest.
      Therefore, Li Wei quickly fell asleep during the rare rest period.
      The ruins of the abandoned factory
      Some police cars surrounded the abandoned factory and pulled up warning lines to prevent ordinary residents from approaching!
      Such a large factory collapsed like this, naturally attracting the attention of many people!
      The authorities quickly received the news and surrounded this place to prevent ordinary people from entering and injuring themselves.
      “Did you find anything?”
      “It doesn’ t seem to have collapsed naturally. It seems to have been impacted by a powerful external force, which caused the collapse.”
      Two police officers were discussing this matter.
      “What’s going on in the past two days? Yesterday, a robbery just happened. Today, something like this happened. I have a bad feeling!”
      A police officer sighed helplessly. This was Captain George who was in charge of the robbery case yesterday. Today, he was in charge of this matter again.
      Captain George had a bad premonition. There seemed to be a conspiracy appearing in the dark, but they knew nothing about it.
      “Everyone, we’ ll take over this place. Everyone can rest.”
      At this moment, a team in a suit arrived.
      The leader was a slightly bald, seemingly honest middle-aged man.
      “You’ re from that department. We didn’ t receive the notification from the higher-ups!”
      Captain George frowned slightly. He was very dissatisfied with this sudden arrival of the team.
      Because the other party was too powerful, they had to take over all the matters here!
      One had to know that this kind of case was originally the matter of their police. When did other people have the right to interfere!
      “That’s a good question. We’ re from the Bureau of Homeland Strategic Defense, Attack, and Logistics. You can also call us the Divine Shield Bureau. I’ m Phil Colson, the special agent of the Divine Shield Bureau!”
      The honest and honest middle-aged man said, taking out a work card and not putting it on the collar.
      This matter still attracted the attention of S.H.I.E.L.I.D. Bureau and stepped in forcefully!

      015 The change of Skye, the growth of world origin!

      S.H.I.E. Shield had a lot of rights, so after showing his identity, Colson took over the abandoned factory.
      After some investigation, the people from S.H.I. Shield Bureau also discovered some things.
      “Sir Colson, we found traces under the ruins. Someone should have fought in the factory before.”
      “According to the results of the investigation, there are ten different reactions. Ten people should have died.”
      “Most importantly, according to the DNA investigation, we found that the people buried under the ruins should be our S.H.I.E.I.D. agents.”
      When his subordinates reported the results of the investigation to Colson, Colson was instantly shocked!
      The person in trouble was actually someone from the Divine Shield Bureau?!
      No, if it was a mission assigned by the director, the director would tell him more or less before they arrived.
      At this moment, Colson had a lot of doubts in his heart, so he directly contacted the Director of Divine Shield to report this matter!
      What!”The person who died was a special agent of our Divine Shield Bureau, and ten people?”
      “That’s not right. I didn’ t send my men to an abandoned factory to carry out a mission!”
      At the headquarters of Divine Shield Bureau, in the director’s office on the top floor, sat a bald-headed egg.
      This was the current director of the Divine Shield Bureau, Nick Frey.
      At this moment, Nick Frey was also very puzzled.
      He didn’t send his hands to do any missions. If it were a few or two people, perhaps he would have missed it.
      However, ten people’s missions were already considered medium-sized missions. He could not forget about them!
      Could it be that someone secretly mobilized the agents of the Divine Shield Bureau?!
      There was a problem!
      Nick Frey’s face darkened. His intuition told him that this matter was strange!
      “Colson, cover up this matter. You secretly investigate this matter. You must investigate it clearly for me!”
      Nickfrey solemnly explained to Colson.
      He had a feeling that there must be a great conspiracy behind this!
      Li Wei didn’t know that this matter involved Divine Shield Bureau.
      If Li Wei were here, he would definitely understand what was going on!
      The S.H.I. Shield Bureau’s agents were not sent by Nick Frey. There was only one possibility!
      That was Nine-Headed Snake!
      Only the Nine-Headed Snake hiding in S.H.I. Shield could have such an ability!
      He rested for a day. The next morning, Li Wei’s biological clock woke him up on time.
      According to the usual practice, Li Wei came to the gym to complete his schedule training.
      But at this moment, Skye had also arrived at the gym!
      “Morning, Skye. Why are you getting up so early today? Why don’ t you take a rest?”
      Li and Shi Kai greeted him and looked at Shi Kai with some doubt!
      Yesterday, she was not so early!
      “Li Wei, I want to ask you something.”
      Skye looked at Li Wei seriously, as if he wanted to ask Li Wei for help.
      “Say, I can do it. I will definitely help you.”
      Li Wei nodded slightly.
      “Can you train me? I want to become stronger!”
      Skye looked at Li Wei seriously and said sincerely.
      The events of these two days had greatly touched her!
      Although Li Wei did not blame her, Skye knew that it was because she was too weak that she was tied up and left.
      Skye was very upset. She didn’t want to become Li Wei’s burden. She hoped that she could help Li Wei.
      Because of this, Skye rarely had the idea of training, which was why he got up so early.
      It could be said that because of Li Wei’s existence, Skye’s thoughts had completely changed!
      In this way, the possibility of her going on the original path became even lower!
      “Do you want to have power?”Sure!”
      Li Wei was a little surprised, but he still agreed.
      This was a good thing. Skye, who had always been interested in hacker technology, actually had the idea of training. Li Wei agreed.
      Of course, Li Wei knew that only after Skye activated her powers would the Shockwave Woman truly rise!
      However, it was not bad for them to train in advance. They could increase their self-protection ability.
      “Why don’ t we find a chance to wake up Skye?”
      Li Wei thought to himself!
      It might be very interesting if the shockwave woman was brought out in advance.
      Thinking carefully, this was a good idea.
      Over the past few days, Skye had followed Li Wei and experienced many things.
      Although the two of them didn’t spend much time together, Skye was almost secretly interested in Li Wei. He would n’ t leave Li Wei at all.
      Skye’s development path was completely different from the original work.
      If the shock wave woman could be born in advance, Li Wei could also have a powerful combat strength beside him!
      This was a good thing for Li Wei!
      It seemed like this matter had to be remembered!
      Li Wei silently remembered this matter.
      In the next moment, Li Wei began to teach Skye how to train himself.
      After half a day, Li Weicai left the gym sweating profusely.
      This was not something he and Skye were doing in the gym.
      But training oneself and teaching others to train were two different concepts.
      Therefore, the process of teaching took Li Wei a lot of time.
      Of course, during the teaching process, Li Wei also received a lot of benefits.
      After all, sometimes, Li Wei needed a hand to teach Skye some exercises.
      At this moment, the two of them would have some intimate contact, which made Li Wei feel a little painful and happy.
      Only in the afternoon did Li Wei have some free time.
      “Anchor Spirit, how many world sources are there now?”
      It was rare to have a spare time. Li Wei immediately asked the spirit of anchor, wanting to know the current progress!
      Over the past two days, he had done a lot of things. Not only did he save Stark, he had changed the story of Iron Man’s birth, but he had also changed Skye’s original thoughts.
      These changes in the plot should be able to provide him with a lot of world essence!
      [World Origin:2.50]
      Li Wei’s eyes lit up as he sensed the feedback from the spirit of anchor!
      [1]’S world origin could activate the world anchor once and invade once.
      Now that he had [2.50], wouldn’ t he be able to invade other worlds again!
      At the thought of this, Li Wei was excited!

      016 Once again invaded the pirate world!

      [Consumption of 1 unit of world origin, can increase the level of world anchor?]
      After discovering that the accumulated world origin had reached [2.50], Li Wei naturally had the intention to invade another world.
      After all, the first time he invaded, he had obtained the Shock Fruit. Li Wei’s strength had also been greatly improved!
      Li Wei was naturally unwilling to miss such an opportunity.
      But just as Li Wei was about to activate the world anchor again, the spirit of the ship anchor sent a message to Li Wei.
      The world anchor could be upgraded!
      “If the world anchor’s level has increased, then the next invasion will not allow my body to enter another world?”
      Li Wei’s eyes lit up!
      The last time he invaded, because the world’s anchor level was too low, he could only attach his consciousness to the world’s anchor, unable to enter the pirate world with his original form.
      If the world anchor’s level was increased, would n’ t he be able to enter another world?!
      “Increase the world’s anchor level!”
      At the thought of this, Li Wei immediately agreed!
      For a moment, the world anchor in Li Wei’s mind began to change.
      A faint white light wrapped around the world anchor. This was the world origin that Li Wei had collected. It was increasing the level of the world anchor!
      After a while, the white light slowly dissipated!
      At this moment, the anchor of the world had become different.
      The original bronze anchor body turned into a silver-colored one. The divine patterns on the anchor body became even more complicated, as if it contained some kind of strange charm!
      Host: Li Wei Stark
      World Anchor Level: Silver (↑)
      World Origin:1.50
      Recorded coordinates: Sea Thief World
      Looking at the changes in the data, Li Wei nodded slightly.
      The world anchor’s level had increased from bronze to silver, so he could enter other worlds!
      This was considered to be the biggest gain after the upgrade.
      Of course, after a level increase, the consumption of world origin energy that invaded other worlds would also decrease.
      But this reduction was for the same level of worlds.
      For example, in the Sea Thief World, the Sea Thief World was a Transcendent World. Previously, Li Wei had to consume [1] units of world origin.
      Now that they invaded a world with a level of Transcendence, the consumption of world origin would be reduced.
      These were all hidden benefits, but these were all trivial matters, not worth mentioning.
      “Master, if you choose to enter a world that has already invaded, the consumption of world origin will be very low.]
      After completing the upgrade of the world anchor, Li Wei prepared to invade another world.
      But for this invasion, Li Wei had two choices!
      One was to invade the known world, that is, the pirate world.
      The second option was to open up a new unknown world.
      There were some differences between the two.
      Because Li Wei had the coordinates of the Sea Thief World, if he invaded the Sea Thief World, the consumption of world origin would be much lower!
      If it was to open up a new world, the consumption would be the same as before!
      Every [1] of world origin energy was consumed, it could provide an invasion.
      But this consumption was to activate the world anchor. Whether or not it could find a new world was also unknown.
      Because the void was so vast and boundless, filled with unknown mist, the dimensions overlapped.
      It was not easy to find a plane hidden behind many dimensions in such an environment!
      Previously, Li Wei had discovered the pirate world in one go. This was already a miracle, and luck was so good that Li Wei had not expected it.
      Therefore, choosing to invade a known world in such a situation was a good choice.
      “If we invade the pirate world again, how about the consumption?”
      Li Weisi asked the spirit of anchor.
      [Invading the recorded world only requires 0.01 world origin]
      Hearing the feedback from the Spirit of Anchor, Li Wei was shocked!
      The difference of 100 times was too big!
      In other words, once again invading the pirate world, the consumption was simply negligible!
      “From this point of view, invading the Sea Thief world again can be considered a better option. You can also stay in the Sea Thief world for a bit longer.”
      Li Wei muttered, closed his eyes and pondered, thinking about the gains and losses within!
      According to the current situation, to invade the pirate world again was the most advantageous to him.
      One had to know that staying in other worlds would also consume a certain amount of world origin.
      This was because Li Wei did not belong to the Sea Thief world. The World Will of the Sea Thief world would unconsciously reject Li Wei.
      Li Wei needed to consume a certain amount of world origin energy to stay in that world!
      Of course, this kind of consumption would not be very large. After all, the most important thing was the initial invasion phase. The subsequent duration would not consume much, but there were still some.
      If there were more world sources, Li Wei could stay in that world for a longer time!
      Perhaps it would be necessary to wait until the world anchor’s level was raised to a certain level. It would surpass the World Will that invaded the world and could restrain the other party.
      Li Weicai could stay in this world without consuming the world’s essence.
      But for now, it was still necessary to consume a certain amount of world essence.
      “It’s decided, the pirate world!”
      Li Wei had already made a decision!
      Looking at the world anchor in his mind, Li Wei’s right palm flashed with light.
      The fluorescence condensed into an illusionary anchor. The chain at the end of the anchor was connected to Li Wei’s palm!
      Tap ~
      The space in front of Li Wei was like a calm mirror, causing ripples to appear…….
      The phantom ship anchor entered the mirror-like void and headed towards the location of the Sea Thief World according to the coordinates recorded earlier!
      After passing through the boundless void, the illusionary anchor appeared next to a blue ball of light emitting a faint light.
      This was the pirate world!
      The illusionary boat anchor was directly pinned to the light film of the azure ball of light, forcefully breaking through the protective shield of the world and connecting the two worlds together!
      Li Wei’s figure turned into a ray of light and instantly disappeared from the spot!
      Ps: data was no longer moving. I beg everyone to support me greatly!

      017 The Clown Baki!

      Sea Thief World
      On the vast blue sea, a pirate flag with the sign of a clown, dressed like a circus, was sailing on the sea.
      This was the Clown Baki’s group of Baaki pirates!
      On the pirate ship, many burly men in prison uniforms gathered on the deck, surrounded by clown Baaaki!
      At this moment, the Clown Baki was extremely proud.
      A while ago, not only did he successfully escape from Propulsion City, he also brought out a group of powerful subordinates. He was even appointed as Wang Xiaqi Wuhai by the navy headquarters!
      Baaaki felt like he was going to get to the top of his life!
      “Captain, the world government has received news that World Destroyer Bondi Waldo has attacked the Skydragon!”
      “The world government wants the Seven Martial Seas to mobilize and cooperate with the navy to capture World Destroyer Bondi Waldo!”
      Mr.3 Gar Tino came to the deck and said to Baki.
      The people who had escaped from the city were not only Baa’laki and the grass hat kid, but there were also some sea bandits imprisoned in the infinite hell!
      World Destroyer Bondi Waldo was one of them!
      Bundy Waldo had been imprisoned for thirty years, and he had attacked the Heavenly Dragon people as soon as he came out, welcoming the fury of the world government!
      That’s why the world government wants Seven Martial Seas and the navy headquarters to work together to deal with Bondi Waldo!
      What!That World Destroyer?”I’ m dying!”
      Baa’ba’s face turned extremely ugly, and there was a hint of panic in his eyes!
      It was actually that world destroyer. That was someone that Captain Roger praised back then. If he were to face that terrifying fellow, he would definitely be killed!
      Baki wanted to discard the name of Seven Martial Sea and run away!
      No, it’s too dangerous. We definitely ca n’ t get involved in that matter!
      A boom rang out from the sky.
      A dazzling ray of light appeared in the sky above the Baa’bais Gang, like a small sun, covering up the other rays of light.
      Everyone in the Baa’bais Gang could not help but close their eyes.
      Only after the light slowly faded did the members of the Baki Gang slowly open their eyes. They looked up at the sky and the source of the change!
      They could see that there was another existence in the cloudless sky.
      It was an illusionary anchor!
      The long chain connecting the stern of the anchor directly spread into the void, looking very strange!
      This was the anchor of the world that invaded again!
      “Why does this scene look so familiar? I think I’ ve seen it somewhere before!”
      Baki let out a sigh of emotion. He always felt that this thing looked familiar.
      Ba… Baa!It was a chain!Appear at… Navy Headquarters…”The chains!”
      Mr.3 Gar Tino was sweating profusely as he looked at the chains in the air in fear!
      Because he was too flustered, Mr.3gar Tino’s words became stutter!
      This was the chain that appeared at the navy headquarters. He remembered it very clearly because he was not far away!
      Hearing Mr.3’s words, Baa’ ba panicked!
      The incident at the naval headquarters had caused a huge commotion!
      An ability user who was suspected to be a chain fruit, the tiger’s mouth seized the food and took away the shock fruit of White Beard from the hands of Black Beard Titch and Undying Bird Marco!
      This was the biggest winner in the war!
      An existence lurking in the shadows took the shock fruit from White Beard’s face!
      This not only hit the face of the sea thief, it also hit the face of the navy headquarters, even the world government!
      This was because the world government had used it to make a show of power!
      In the end, they were slapped in the face. How could the world government not be angry!
      After the war ended, the navy headquarters even issued a reward for the mysterious chain master!
      The reward was set at 500 million Bailey!
      So when he saw the chains again, Baa’ba and the others would be so flustered!
      At the same time, a ray of light appeared on the chains, turning into a black figure!
      Li Wei successfully transmigrated to the Sea Thief World!
      Due to the gravity, Li Wei fell downwards. However, Li Wei relied on his physical fitness and accurately landed on the top of the ship’s mast.
      The chains wrapped around Li Wei’s body, giving off a faint light. It was like a snake circling around, giving Li Wei a mysterious aura, making Li Wei look even more mysterious.
      Li Wei stood tall and looked down at everyone below!
      “This is, Baa’bais Gang!”
      Li Wei glanced at him and instantly confirmed Baa’ba’s identity.
      Because Baa’er’s logo was too easy to recognize.
      That big red nose could not be forgotten.
      It was too late!”The Lord of the Chains has appeared!”
      “Are you coming to kill us? Shit!”
      The people from the Baa’bais Gang were in a panic.
      This was especially true for the leader Baa’ba, who was scared. The rest of the people were even more flustered!
      Li Wei ignored them. Instead, he checked the situation of the invasion.
      Host: Li Wei Stark
      Invasion world: Sea Thief world
      World Level: Extraordinary
      Time: After the end of the war
      Time remaining:36:00:00
      “36 Hours, a day and a half, it’s finally not as hurried as last time.”
      Li Wei was delighted!
      This time, his world origin was enough to allow him to stay in the pirate world for a day and a half.
      In this way, no matter what he wanted to do, there was plenty of time.
      After thinking about it, after leveling up to the world anchor, there were only 1.5 units left in his world origin.
      1.5 Units of world origin could stay for a day and a half.
      In other words, one unit of world origin could reside for a day.
      Li Wei’s eyes turned slightly and he instantly understood his situation.
      But when he thought about it, it was the ocean around him. The sailing boat was on the ocean, and it was normal that no one else could be seen in more than ten days.
      Although he had more time this time, he probably wouldn’ t be able to go anywhere in a day and a half!
      In this way, even if he wanted to plunder any resources, he could only plunder them nearby!
      “Looks like the target this time is only Baky!”
      Li Wei’s gaze turned slightly downwards, looking at the clown Baaaki on the deck!
      It seemed like his target this time was only the Clown Baky.
      Ps: was grateful to [Dark Luck Dragon State] for their great rewards and support!

      News of World Destroyer 018!

      Because of the time, Li Wei was doomed to be unable to go to too many places.
      As a result, Baky, who was closest to Li Wei, naturally became Li Wei’s target!
      After thinking about it, Baa’ba’s ability was pretty good.
      Fragmented fruit can split the body and body, immune to sharp blade attacks.
      If he reached the limit, he might even be able to split other objects. It could be considered a good ability.
      Of course, with the Shock Fruit’s top-level attack ability, Li Wei was n’ t particularly concerned about the ability to split apart!
      After all, even if it was developed to the extreme, with the ability to split the surrounding objects, the attack power would not necessarily exceed the Shock Fruit!
      As for the iron rod on the Baki ship, Yarrita and Mr.3 Gal Dino’s abilities, Li Wei could not even see them.
      One was the Smooth Fruit, which could make his skin smooth.
      The other was the melting fruit, which could become a candle melting.
      These two fruits seemed a little strange to Li Wei, and there wasn’t much practicality!
      It could be said that Li Wei had already decided to attack Baa’ba!
      As for the law that the Devil Fruit could not eat the second one, it had no effect on Li Wei.
      Ordinary people could only eat one Demon Fruit, not a second one. Otherwise, they would explode and die, with the exception of Blackbeard.
      But Li Wei was different. He did not plunder the Demon Fruit, but the law within it.
      Therefore, this restriction had no effect on Li Wei!
      Long ago, Li Wei had already asked the spirit of the anchor to understand the situation.
      Thinking of this, Li Wei immediately made a move!
      With a wave of his hand, the chains surrounding Li Wei shot out like a poisonous snake towards Baa’ba!
      In an instant, the chains of the illusionary boat anchor bound Baa’ba and pulled him in front of Li Wei!
      As long as Li Wei lightly waved his hand, Baa’laki would be chained to death!
      Baa’laki’s ability was only effective against sharp blades. He did not have the ability to resist against the chains!
      “Captain Baki!”
      The pirates on the deck shouted in panic!
      Some of them picked up their weapons and wanted to attack Li Wei to save Baa’lba!
      However, they could not do anything against Li Wei!
      Li Wei clenched his fist and punched downwards.
      The atmosphere instantly shattered like a mirror!
      A powerful shock wave erupted from Li Wei’s fist and shot towards the deck!
      The deck instantly broke into a huge hole. The pirates on the deck were all blasted into the sea!
      The power of a punch!
      With just a light punch, Li Wei defeated the members of the Baa’laki Gang!
      This was the result of Li Wei’s gentle wave.
      If Li Wei attacked with all his strength, the entire pirate ship would probably be destroyed!
      However, Li Wei also knew that if the pirate ship was destroyed, it would be of no benefit to him!
      After all, in the next day and a half, he still wanted to use this pirate ship to have a foothold in the sea, so he would not destroy the pirate ship!
      This ability is……”Wait a minute!”
      “You actually have the ability of the white bearded old man!”
      He was about to die!He was about to die!”If I had known, I would have promised the world government to deal with the world destroyers!”
      Baa’ba was completely flustered, almost crying!
      He regretted it. If he had agreed to the order of the world government, he might not have encountered such a thing!
      It could be said that in Baa’ba’s heart, Levi’s world was far more terrifying than the world’s destroyers!
      After all, Li Wei was too mysterious, and he also possessed White Beard’s Shock Fruit ability!
      On the other hand, the World Destroyer was already old, and he had been arrested by the Navy Headquarters. Although he appeared again on the sea, he was already 78 years old!
      By contrast, Baaaki felt that Li Wei was even more terrifying!
      It could be said that Baa’ba was in despair!
      But at this moment, Li Wei’s movements stopped!
      “You’ re talking about Bundy Waldo?”
      Li Wei suddenly spoke and looked at Baa’ba.
      “Eh… I’ m talking about World Destroyer Bondi Waldo!”
      Baky was at a loss. He didn’t know why Li Wei suddenly stopped. But for Baky, this was definitely a good thing, so Baky obediently answered Li Wei’s question.
      “Interesting, Baki Clown, I’ ll give you a chance. If you can find Bundy Waldo, I can not kill you.”
      Li Wei’s eyes turned slightly. He seemed to have made a decision and slowly said one sentence.
      After Baa’laki nodded frantically, Li Wei waved his hand slightly and released the chains.
      Baaaki directly fell onto the deck!
      Li Wei changed his mind!
      He was targeting another person, World Destroyer Bondi Waldo.
      Bondi Waldo’s ability was the Momo Fruit!
      Mo Mo Mo Fruit could increase the size and speed of the object in contact by a hundred times. It could also increase the speed and power of the user.
      To put it bluntly, this was an amplification ability!
      This was what Li Wei wanted!
      One had to know that his Shock Fruit was powerful enough in terms of attack!
      As a result, Baa’ba’s abilities were not particularly useful to Li Wei.
      But with Mo Mo Mo Fruit, it would be different.
      Li Wei could allow his own strength to increase by tens of times, or even a hundred times!
      If it was said that Li Wei’s previous strength could destroy a factory!
      Once Mo Mo Mo Fruit was obtained, Li Wei’s strength might affect a city!
      This was the most suitable ability for Li Wei!
      For this reason, Li Wei changed his mind when he heard Baky mention Bondi Waldo, the world’s destroyer.
      Of course, Li Wei was not sure that he would be able to find the World Destroyer. After all, he only had one and a half days!
      However, Li Wei wasn’t worried. If he could n’ t find it, then he would take away Baa’er’s broken fruit. It was a great harvest.
      It could be said that no matter what, Li Wei would not return empty-handed!
      After all, the prerequisite for him to let Baa’laki go was for Baa’ laki to find a world destroyer!
      If he couldn’t find it, then he could n’ t be blamed!
      “Don’ t worry, Sir. I will definitely find Bondi Waldo for Sir!”
      Baa’laki was overjoyed. He hurriedly said to Li Wei, indicating that he would definitely find World Destroyer Bondi Waldo!

      019 Against Bundy Waldo!

      In order to save his life, Baa’ba became much more diligent.
      After rescuing the crew from the sea, The Clown, Baa’laki, immediately ordered the crew to set off, moving towards the navy headquarters without stopping!
      This was because the world’s destroyer, Bondi Waldo, was near the naval headquarters.
      After escaping from the Propulsion City, Bundy Waldo had always wanted to retaliate against the Navy Headquarters and attack the Navy Headquarters and the Holy Land of Mary Joa, which was why he was wandering around the Navy Headquarters!
      In more than a day, an island-sized pirate ship appeared in front of the Baki Gang!
      On the pirate ship, a pirate flag with a green beard was inserted at the top of the island pirate ship!
      This was the ship of the world’s Destroyer, Bondi Waldo, the Gulas Adi!
      “Yes, Lord Li Wei. That island ship is Bondi Waldo’s pirate ship!”Bundy Waldo is right there!”
      Baa’ba wiped his sweat and respectfully said to Li Wei.
      During this half a day, Baa’ba always felt that Li Wei’s gaze towards him was getting more and more dangerous.
      In fact, Li Wei was prepared to attack Baa’ba!
      Baki had never found Bundy Waldo.
      After all, it had been more than a day since Li Wei arrived in the Sea Thief world. He had less than half a day left. He did not have much time to waste!
      If he couldn’t find Bundy Waldo again, Lee Wei really wanted to make a move.
      Fortunately, they finally found Bondi Vador!
      “Very good, you guys did a good job!”
      Li Wei nodded slightly and patted Baki on the shoulder.
      Although there was less than half a day left, it was enough!
      Thinking of this, Li Wei waved his hand.
      The chain instantly moved. Holding Li Wei’s body, it rushed towards Bondi Waldo’s pirate ship!
      “I finally sent this devil away.”
      Seeing Li Wei leave, Baa’laki collapsed on the deck and let out a sigh of relief!
      He almost thought he was going to die!
      “Captain, do we want to fish in troubled waters and kill Bondi Waldo and the Lord of the Chains?”
      A subordinate came to Baaaki’s side and offered his advice!
      “Kill you a dead man! Quickly leave this place!”
      Baaaki directly slapped him!
      The current Baa’laki just wanted to leave this place, far away from Li Wei!
      Li Wei naturally did not know what happened behind Baa’laki. At this moment, Li Wei had already arrived on Bondi Waldo’s pirate ship!
      At this moment, several figures were fighting on the ship!
      A man with a straw hat and a beautiful long-haired woman were fighting Bondi Waldo!
      This was the straw hat kid and the female emperor Han Cook. They were fighting World Destroyer Bondi Waldo!
      In order to destroy the alliance between the navy headquarters and the Seven Martial Seas, Bondi Waldo originally intended to take down Han Cook.
      But because he couldn’t find Han Cook, Bundy Waldo captured Han Cook’s two sisters!
      At this moment, the straw hat kid and the Empress Han Cook came to rescue her two sisters!
      “There’s a fish here. This isn’ t where you should be!”
      Bundy Waldo glanced at Li Wei, grabbed a stone and threw it at him!
      Momo ten times shot!
      In an instant, the bullet instantly expanded!
      His body size increased by ten times. The small bullet instantly turned into a small meteor and smashed towards Li Wei!
      “Should I come or not? It’s not up to you to decide!”
      Li Wei let out a cold snort, clenched his fist into a fist, and directly hit the meteor!
      The atmosphere was broken like a mirror and cracks appeared!
      A powerful attack erupted from Li Wei’s fist!
      The meteorite that smashed towards Li Wei was instantly shattered into pieces!
      Even more so!
      This terrifying impact did not diminish in the slightest. It was as powerful as a bamboo, and it directly rushed towards Bondi Waldo!
      This attack was……”No!”
      At this moment, Bondi Waldo’s expression finally changed. He hurriedly took out a shield!
      Mo Mo Mo Baibe Shield!
      The shield in Bondi Waldo’s hand instantly turned into a giant shield, thick as a mountain!
      The terrifying impact collided with the changing giant shield, causing an intense collision!
      The violent wind from the collision tore through the ground and wreaked havoc in the surroundings!
      It took a while before the calm gradually returned.
      At this moment, Bondi Waldo’s ship had already been split in half!
      The attack directly destroyed Bondi Waldo’s island ship!
      But Bundy Waldo’s attention was not on the pirate ship at all. Instead, he was staring at Li Wei!
      “Brat, who are you? Why can you have the Shock Fruit of Newgate!”
      “Tell me, otherwise I’ ll kill you!”
      Bundy Waldo yelled at Li Wei!
      Why would White Beard’s Shock Fruit appear on Li Wei’s body!
      This was impossible!
      “Why should I tell you.”
      Li Wei smiled indifferently. He did not care about Bundy Waldo’s threat at all. He even made provocative actions!
      “Damn brat!”Die!”
      Bundy Waldo was angry. His hands were covered in a layer of armed domineeringness. He charged straight towards Li Wei, wanting to take him down!
      “If you want to kill me, it depends on your strength!”
      Li Wei was not afraid at all. He clenched his fist into a fist and used the power of the Shocking Fruit. His hand was covered in a circular air barrier and he directly blasted towards Bondi Waldo!
      He had always wanted to know what kind of stage his strength had changed after receiving the Shock Fruit!
      But before that, Li Wei had never encountered anyone who could make him use his full strength!
      Now, it was time for him to exert all his strength. Bundy Waldo would be his best trial stone!
      For a moment, the power of the Shock Fruit exploded out from Li Wei’s hand and fiercely smashed towards Bondi Waldo!
      A terrifying shock exploded!
      For a moment, the mountain collapsed!

      020 Seized the Momo Fruit!

      Li Wei finally knew how terrifying the power of the Shock Fruit was when it completely exploded out!
      A terrifying shockwave erupted from Li Wei’s fist, unleashing it in all directions!
      All the surrounding items were torn apart by this terrifying shock!
      The entire island ship was shattered into pieces!
      The surrounding sea shook, and the sea surged violently, turning into a tsunami that shot towards the island pirate ship!
      As for Bundy Waldo, he had already made all preparations!
      Armed domineeringness covered his entire body, allowing Bondi Waldo to be covered in a layer of black, like an ink man!
      Even Bundy Waldo was still holding a hundredfold shield!
      But all of this was useless!
      The terrifying impact instantly tore Bondi Waldo’s hundred times shield and struck Bondi Waldo!
      Bundy Waldo instantly spat out a mouthful of blood as he slammed into a huge cannon!
      This huge turret was prepared by Bondi Waldo for the Navy Headquarters and the Holy Land of Mary Joa!
      Combined with Bondi Waldo’s Momo Fruit ability, it could instantly destroy an island!
      However, under Li Wei’s outburst, Bondi Waldo’s body directly smashed through the huge turret, smashing through layers of ground before finally stopping!
      At this moment, there was only a deep human-shaped hole left on the ground!
      With his full strength, Li Wei directly defeated Bondi Waldo!
      This was inevitable. Even though Bundy Waldo looked only forty to fifty years old, he was already seventy-eight years old.
      After years of ice, Bondi Waldo’s body cells were aging, unable to exert his original strength!
      In the original book, even a grass hat kid who didn’t fully learn to be armed and domineering could defeat Bondi Waldo.
      Not to mention Li Wei!
      It could be said that Bondi Waldo’s defeat was inevitable!
      Li Wei waved his hand, driving the phantom ship anchor!
      The illusionary anchor instantly penetrated through the hull and directly penetrated Bondi Waldo’s body!
      When the illusionary anchor appeared again, two balls of light appeared on the hook of the anchor!
      One of the balls of light instantly turned into a strange fruit with mysterious lines when it left Bondi Waldo’s body!
      “Mo Mo Mo Fruit is finally here!”
      Li Wei was delighted. He must be Mo Mo Fruit!
      As for the other light cluster, Li Wei had no time to pay attention to it!
      Imagine the world’s anchor and check on his remaining time.
      [Back countdown:05:00]
      Although Li Wei had spent a lot of time in this battle, the results were still pretty good, and there were still a few minutes left.
      However, Li Wei did not continue to linger here. He called out the world anchor and let it take him away!
      A burst of light appeared and wrapped around Li Wei’s body, instantly disappearing in front of everyone.
      But one thing was certain.
      Even if Li Wei left the pirate world, the impact he had on the pirate world would increase!
      Even more so, the legend of Li Wei gradually appeared in the pirate world!
      However, Li Wei was not aware of this.
      Because at this moment, Li Wei had already left the pirate world and returned to the Marvelous World!
      Diffusion World
      Callout, Man Hatton
      A burst of light appeared in the villa. Li Wei’s figure appeared in the villa.
      Li Wei successfully returned to the Maneuvering World!
      “Even though I’ ve already invaded another world before, I still feel that it’s inconceivable!”
      Li Wei opened his eyes, a smile on his face!
      The last time he invaded, he only briefly entered the Sea Thief world, and there was almost no conflict. He just plundered the Shock Fruit and left.
      After all, the last time he invaded, Li Wei’s world did n’ t have enough resources. He only had one minute.
      This time, Li Wei had spent a full day and a half in the pirate world!
      On this day and a half, Li Wei felt the magic of the Azure Sea.
      The boundless feeling of freedom made Li Wei like it!
      Of course, the most memorable thing for Li Wei was the battle with Bundy Waldo!
      This was a battle that Li Wei had fought with all his strength. It made Li Wei feel like he was enjoying himself!
      “It’s a little sore. It’s over.”
      At this moment.
      Li Wei’s arm trembled slightly, and it seemed to be swollen!
      This was the sequelae of a full-blown attack!
      After all, Li Wei was currently unable to fully control the Shock Fruit.
      His physical fitness was temporarily unable to keep up with the power of the Shock Fruit!
      That was why, after the full-force explosion, there was still some side effects!
      This was the reason why the invasion was still a few minutes away, but Li Wei immediately returned to the Maneuvering World.
      It seemed like it would take a day or two to get back to normal.
      “Looks like we need to find a healing ability in the future to avoid any sequelae.”
      Li Wei muttered, as if he had thought of the dark injury on White Beard.
      However, this matter was not difficult to resolve. He had the ability to invade other worlds. There must be some healing ability in the heavenly planes.
      At that time, he would be able to plunder a healing ability, and there would be no worries!
      Thinking of this, Li Wei summoned the world anchor and wanted to see what he had gained this time!
      Following Li Wei’s call, the world anchor appeared in front of Li Wei.
      Two objects were hooked on the world anchor!
      One was a demon fruit with mysterious patterns, while the other was a pale white light cluster.
      Ps: took up a small amount of time for everyone to lose. This book had been opened for three days. There were 40,000 words updated every day, at least five hours a day, one more two thousand words. The author was full of sincerity, but the author found a problem.
      A book’s data growth would take a certain amount of time to accumulate. If the update was too fast and all kinds of data could not keep up, there would be some problems when it went on the shelves. This book now had such problems. The data growth was a little slow, and the author was a little worried.
      In this way, the author’s bacteria might need to slow down the update speed. I think everyone does n’ t want to wait for the update slowly. How about we discuss it with each other. You should give us more support. The author’s bacteria should update more. Okay, thank you.

      021 Unplanned gains, high-level armed domineering!

      Two objects were hooked on the world anchor!
      One was a demon fruit with mysterious patterns.
      The other was a pale white light cluster.
      “This is Mo Mo Fruit. Then what is this ball of light?”
      Li Wei looked suspiciously at the pale white light cluster on the world anchor.
      There was no need to say more about the Demon Fruit. It must be Mo Mo Fruit.
      However, Li Wei did not know what it was.
      If he didn’t know, he would know if he tried.
      Thinking of this, Li Wei picked up the light ball of light and pressed it on his forehead!
      In an instant, an inexplicable feeling exploded in Li Wei’s mind. Countless experiences appeared in Li Wei’s mind, causing Li Wei to crazily absorb them.
      After a while, Li Wei opened his eyes.
      Li Wei’s eyes were filled with joy.
      “A high-level weapon is domineering. It’s actually this thing!”
      Li Weixin murmured happily, revealing the secret of the light cluster!
      This pale white ball of light was the military aura that Bondi Waldo had cultivated for so many years!
      To be honest, Li Wei was surprised by this harvest!
      He had not expected that the World Anchor could not only plunder items like the Devil Fruit, it could even plunder skills!
      Armed domineeringness was one of the three. It could increase one’s defense and attack power, and could also capture the flowing body of nature.
      With a high-level armed aura, Li Wei’s attack and defense abilities would greatly increase.
      To be honest, Li Wei didn’t really care about the bonus of the armed domineeringness in terms of attack.
      With the Shock Fruit and the Momo Fruit, his power in attack would be extremely powerful.
      But Li Wei wasn’t weak either. His defense ability was n’ t particularly strong, or even weak.
      However, with the armed domineeringness, Li Wei’s defensive ability would be greatly enhanced!
      Li Wei stretched out his left hand and used his armed aura to cover his left arm with a layer of black energy.
      The next moment, Li Wei picked up a long knife in his right hand and swung it down, slashing towards his left hand!
      There was a sound of metal colliding, followed by a sound of cracking.
      The long blade broke in half and fell on the ground.
      Li Wei scattered the armor on his left hand. His left arm was intact without any injuries!
      “A high-level armed force is domineering. You really have some skills!”
      Li Wei nodded slightly. He was very satisfied with the domineering power of the advanced armed forces!
      This way, not to mention ordinary firearms, even more dangerous weapons would not be of any use to Li Wei!
      Li Wei was naturally delighted when the defensive weakness was added.
      “The rest is Mo Mo Fruit!”
      Li Wei put down his aggressive and armed actions and looked at the Demon Fruit in his hand.
      This was Bondi Waldo’s Momo Fruit.
      Without any hesitation, Li Wei instantly ate Mo Mo Mo Fruit.
      The moment Mo Mo Mo Fruit entered, it turned into a warm stream that entered Li Wei’s body and spread out in all directions.
      Her lips and teeth were fragrant.
      Li Wei closed his eyes and silently felt the power of Mo Mo Fruit.
      Momo 20 times faster!
      In an instant, Li Wei’s figure instantly disappeared from the spot.
      The next moment, Li Wei had already arrived in the hall!
      One second and 20 meters was Li Wei’s original limit. This was the result of years of training.
      However, with the addition of Mo Mo Mo Fruit’s ability, Li Wei instantly reached a distance of 400 meters in one second. In the blink of an eye, he had crossed a distance of 400 meters!
      At such a speed, even most heroes could not catch up with Li Wei!
      Apart from Fast Silver’s special situation, Li Wei’s speed was probably the fastest!
      Most importantly, this was just the beginning!
      After all, Li Wei’s physical fitness was far from reaching the peak. Feng, when Li Wei seized the ability related to his physical fitness, his physical fitness would be even more terrifying!
      It could be said that Li Wei was constantly growing stronger. There was still a long way to go before Li Wei’s limit!
      On the other hand, this was only 20 times the speed. Li Wei could still double,70 times, or even 100 times!
      As for the 100 times or more buffs, Li Wei was not sure because Bundy Waldo did not use more than 100 times the buffs.
      However, Bundy Waldo might be due to his aging body, and his physical fitness could not withstand such a boost!
      Theoretically, it was still possible to break through 100 times the bonus!
      This was the most terrifying part of Mo Mo Fruit!
      It was constantly piling up!
      He was constantly adding!
      That increased power was the most terrifying!
      “This time, choosing to plunder Bondi Waldo’s ability is a correct method!”
      Li Wei was more and more satisfied with Mo Mo’s ability. He felt that his choice this time was very correct.
      Such a heaven-defying ability, Baki’s fragmented fruit, was far more powerful!
      After that, Li Wei continued to practice Mo Mo Mo Fruit’s ability.
      The object doubled, the speed doubled, and so on. Li Weidu had practiced it once!
      Of course, Li Wei didn’t practice for too long. After all, his arm still had some injuries. That was the legacy of the shock fruit being used too much. He needed to rest for a day or two.
      For the next two days, Li Wei stayed inside the villa and did not run outside.
      On the one hand, Li Wei helped Kai train.
      On the other hand, Li Wei was also paying attention to the situation at Stark Industries.
      After learning that there was an inner ghost, Stark used lightning to quickly dispose of Obadiah Stani.
      In the end, it seemed that Obadiah Stani had been sent to prison and sentenced to thirty years of imprisonment!
      With Obadiah Steanni’s age, thirty years later, he might have become a pile of bones.
      Li Wei did not interfere in this matter. He just paid a little attention to it.
      However, because Stark’s treatment was different from the original work, this made Li Wei gain a wave of world origin, which made Li Wei a little happy!
      Two days later, the swelling on Li Wei’s arm disappeared and his arm returned to normal.
      It could be said that everything went smoothly, as Li Wei had expected.
      Today, someone came to visit.
      He said his name was Phil Colson, from the National Strategic Defense Attack and Logistics Bureau!

      022 First meeting Nickfrey, a deal!

      “Hello, Mr. Li Wei, my name is Phil Colson. I’ m from the Homeland Strategic Defense Attack and Logistics Support Bureau!”
      Colson, dressed in a suit and slightly bald, showed Li Wei his ID card and showed him his identity.
      This morning, Colson came to Li Wei’s villa and rang the doorbell.
      “I know you. Is S.H.I. Shield looking for me for something?”
      Li Wei said indifferently.
      Although he had made a few moves before, he was not worried that the S.H.I. Shield Bureau wanted to attack him.
      Because of his special status, even if the S.H.I. Shield Bureau wanted to attack him, it had to think twice.
      On the other hand, Li Wei’s strength was not weak. Even the Divine Shield Bureau could not do anything to Li Wei.
      Li Wei was curious about Colson’s purpose, which was why he let Colson in.
      “I want to ask Mr. Li Wei about something. I wonder if you’ ve heard of the collapse of the abandoned factory?”
      “According to our investigation, Mr. Li Wei seems to have appeared there. May I know what you have to do with that incident, Mr. Li Wei?”
      Colson looked at Li Wei seriously.
      In the past few days, they had finally found Li Wei.
      “Do you still need to ask? If you can find this place, you’ ve already decided that I did this.”
      Li Wei said indifferently, without any denial.
      To be honest, with the ability of S.H.I. Shield Bureau, it was normal for Li Wei to be able to investigate. Li Wei was not surprised at all.
      However, it took them three or four days to find Li Wei. This made Li Wei a little surprised.
      “Sure enough, Mr. Li Wei is a mutated human, right? I wonder what grudge you have with those people?Do you know their identities and origins?”Why did they attack you?”
      Colson asked Li Wei again. He didn’t seem to be looking into Li Wei’s thoughts. Instead, he was a little anxious, as if he wanted to understand what was going on with him.
      This was a strange thing, which surprised Li Wei.
      With the ability of Divine Shield Bureau, it was not easy to find out the identity of the other party. How could they ask him instead?
      Could it be that the group of black-clothed people had something to do with Divine Shield Bureau?
      Wait, it had something to do with Divine Shield……….
      Li Wei’s spirit light flashed and an idea appeared in his mind.
      “I see. I finally understand.”
      The corner of Li Wei’s mouth curled up slightly. He was already clear in his heart.
      Colson’s attitude was so abnormal that it meant that the identities of the black-clothed people were very special, even related to the Divine Shield Bureau.
      Moreover, those black-clothed men were definitely not people on Colson’s side. Otherwise, Colson would n’ t have specifically visited the door. Instead, he would have let the S.H.I.E. Bureau agents attack.
      Colson was someone from Nick Frey, not someone from the S.H.I.E. Shield Division…….
      This way, there was only one possibility.
      Nine-Headed Snake!
      Nine-Headed Snake hiding in Divine Shield!
      From Colson’s words, Levi instantly guessed the truth!
      Thinking back to the man in black who had fought with him earlier, he actually came from the Nine-Headed Snake. No wonder he had been hiding!
      A cold light flashed through Li Wei’s eyes!
      This bunch of damn rats actually targeted his people. Then don’ t blame him for being impolite.
      Li Wei had already made a decision!
      “Mr. Li Wei?”
      Colson’s call pulled Li Wei’s thoughts back.
      “I probably understand. If you want to know something, I can guess who those people are.”
      “Let’s just say that. That group’s identity is related to your homeland strategy and defense……”A big secret in your bureau!”
      “Bah, your names are hard to read. If you don’ t change your name quickly, the Divine Shield Bureau is not bad.”
      Li Wei started to talk about business.
      “Colson, you can’ t do this. Tell Nickfrey, I want to make a deal with him!”
      “Trust me, Nick Frey won’ t refuse because this transaction is related to the survival of your Divine Shield Bureau!”
      Li Wei said indifferently.
      A thought appeared in his mind. He was going to make a deal with the director of the Divine Shield Bureau, Nick Frey.
      This……”I’ ll go contact the director.”
      Colson was a little shaken because Li Weitai was confident.
      After a moment of hesitation, Colson came to a decision. He immediately contacted Nickfrey and told him everything, without missing anything.
      “I see. Tell Li Wei, I’ ll go now.”
      Nick Frey’s voice came from the phone.
      After Colson reported this to Nickfrey, Nickfrey immediately made a decision.
      Even more so, in order to prevent it from being eavesdropped, Nick Frey came to Li Wei’s side.
      It seemed like Nick Frey also had some doubts.
      A while later, a baldy with a one-eye mask appeared in Li Wei’s villa.
      This was the current director of the Divine Shield Bureau, Nick Frey!
      “The first time we meet, Mr. Li Wei, we have a lot of fate. Your uncle, Howard Stark, has a deep connection with our homeland strategic defense, attack, and logistics support bureau. We are a family.”
      As soon as Nick Frey arrived, he was close to Li Wei as if he wanted to close the relationship between them.
      Nick Frey knew that if his guess was true, perhaps they would need Li Wei’s help.
      “There’s no need to be so close. Let’s go directly to the topic. I’ ll make a deal with you.”
      “I can tell you a big secret that concerns your Divine Shield Bureau, but in contrast, I want a special item in your treasury.”
      Li Wei went straight to the point and directly said to Nick Frey.
      “I can ask first, what is the special item you mentioned?”
      Nick Frey frowned slightly. He didn’t agree directly. Instead, he wanted to see what the special item Li Wei had mentioned was.
      “I want the Obelisk!”
      Li Wei looked at Nick Frey and said his conditions seriously!

      The 023 deal was concluded. Nick Frey was worried!

      The obelisk!
      This was what Li Wei wanted.
      However, Li Wei did not want this thing for himself, but for Skye!
      Because the obelisk was a treasure of the alien race!
      The abilities of the alien race were similar to those of the mutated humans, but the two were essentially different. The awakening conditions of the alien race were also very different from those of the mutated humans.
      As long as a mutated human received strong stimulation or encountered any special accident, there was a certain chance that they would awaken their abilities. However, this was not the case for the alien race.
      As the alien race was the product of the Krish experiment, they needed a special item called Terigan’s Mist to awaken their powers.
      The obelisk was sealed with some Taligen crystal pillars!
      If he could obtain the obelisk, Li Wei would be able to use the Taligen crystal pillar inside to help Skye complete the awakening of his power!
      According to Li Wei’s memories, he remembered that there was an obelisk in the treasury of Divine Shield Bureau!
      Of course, the people from the Divine Shield Bureau naturally did not know what this was.
      All they knew was that if an ordinary person touched the obelisk, they would be petrified and turned into charcoal.
      Therefore, the Obelisk was completely sealed by the Divine Shield Bureau as a dangerous item.
      For this reason, if he could exchange information from the Nine-Headed Snake for the Obelisk, it would be a good deal for Li Wei!
      On the other hand, Nine-Headed Snake was also a cancer for Li Wei.
      Perhaps, Nine-Headed Snake was in the dark right now, staring at him closely, wanting to attack him at any moment!
      Li Wei didn’t care anymore because he had enough power.
      But Nine-Headed Snake was a bunch of crazy people. If they found out that they couldn’t deal with Li Wei and instead attacked the people around him, this was n’ t what Li Wei wanted to see.
      Finally, if the plot between Nine-Headed Snake and Divine Shield Bureau changed, it could also bring some world origin to Li Wei.
      No matter what time, Li Wei would not find it too much!
      It could be said that this was the plan of one stone and three birds!
      That was why Li Wei wanted to do this business with Nick Frey!
      “Obelisk?What was this?”I don’ t really understand.”
      Nick Frey was a little puzzled. He didn’t know what the obelisk was.
      “A metal prism, a sharp one. Ordinary people will be petrified if they encounter it………”
      Li Wei briefly described the shape and petrification characteristics of the obelisk, and Nick Frey came to a sudden realization.
      “So you’ re talking about that dangerous item. Mr. Li Wei, that’s a very dangerous item!”
      Nick Frey frowned and hesitated.
      Because he knew how dangerous the obelisk was. At least the scientists who had come into contact with the obelisk had been petrified without exception.
      It could be said that the obelisk was a bomb in Nick Frey’s heart!
      If Li Wei wanted to do something bad with the obelisk, it would be terrible!
      “The reason you think the obelisk is a dangerous item is that you don’ t understand it.”
      “What’s more, if I really want to destroy it, do you think I need to use an external object?”
      Li Wei smiled calmly. He didn’t believe that S.H.I.E. Shield did n’ t know anything about him!
      Especially regarding the abandoned factory, maybe the S.H.I.E.I. Shield Bureau had a special investigation team for him.
      Li Wei was just trying to see through it.
      If he really wanted to destroy it, why would he need to rely on something else!
      Li Wei, who had just obtained the Momo Fruit, if he really went crazy, he would probably have a huge disaster on the entire secret engagement!
      Nick Frey took a deep look at Li Wei and fell into deep thought.
      It was only after a while that Nick Frey let out a breath!
      “Yes, we’ ll trade with the Obelisk!”
      Nick Frey still nodded and agreed to this!
      Because this was the best option he could do right now!
      “Smart choice, happy cooperation!”
      Li Wei smiled and was very satisfied with the result.
      Nick Frey was a very decisive person.
      After making the decision, Nickfrey didn’t drag on any further. He directly gave Colson a permission document to return to the headquarters of the Divine Shield Bureau and take out the obelisk.
      Cole Sen got the order and quickly left.
      “Can you tell me what you’ re saying now, what’s the big secret that matters to our survival?”
      Nick Fury turned around and looked at Li Wei.
      “Nine-Headed Snake.”
      Li Wei opened his mouth and said three words.
      When these three words came out, Nick Frey’s expression changed instantly.
      Nick Frey’s face turned grave. His pupils constricted as he looked at Li Wei in silence.
      As expected……”I knew it.”
      After a long time, Nickfrey finally spoke.
      It was obvious that he had some doubts before. He just couldn’t believe it. He did n’ t expect his worries to come true.
      Moreover, those guys had been hiding for so many years, and they didn’t know how much they managed. If they were to make trouble!
      Nick Frey shivered.
      At that time, S.H.I.E.L. Shield would face an apocalyptic disaster!
      For the current plan, he could only remove these poisonous tumors and save the Divine Shield Bureau!
      “Do you know the list?”
      Nick Fury urgently asked. If there was a specific list, then this matter would be easier to deal with.
      “I know a few names……..”
      Li Wei said, but he did not say his name.
      Without seeing the obelisk, how could he say it?

      024 Obelisk!

      After waiting for half a day, Colson finally arrived!
      This time, there were two figures beside Colson.
      One was a man with a bow and arrow on his back, dressed in special agent clothing, who looked very cold!
      The other woman was wearing a tight battle suit and had long wave hair. She looked very beautiful!
      Needless to say, Li Wei had already guessed the identities of the two of them.
      If Li Wei was right, these two should be Nick Frey’s capable men as well. The two high-level agents of the Divine Shield Bureau, the Eagle-Eyed Kristen Barton and the Black Widow, Natasha Romanov!
      It was obvious how much Nickfrey valued this incident!
      “The thing is here!”
      Colson opened the box and revealed the situation inside.
      A completely sealed transparent glass container with a prismatic metal body inside. The metal pillar was carved with strange symbols, which made people unable to understand it.
      This was the obelisk!
      The script on the obelisk was written by the Crees!
      This was because the Xeno-race was originally the experiment product of the Crees, and the obelisk was something left behind by the Crees. That was why it was so strange.
      “Now you can tell me the name you know.”
      Nick Frey spoke and looked at Li Wei.
      “Of course, I’ll keep my word……..”
      Li Wei smiled and told Nick Frey some of the names he knew.
      Among them, there were some more famous characters such as Qianlian, Cross Bone.
      When Li Wei said about Alexander Pearce, Nick Frey’s face changed completely, shocked!
      One must know that Alexander Pearce was one of Nick Frey’s best comrades, and he was even the last Director of Divine Shield. He had great power.
      Even more so, when Nick Frey was elected the director of the Divine Shield Bureau, there was the reason why Pierce recommended him!
      If even he was a member of Nine-Headed Snake, it would be troublesome!
      If Pierce was a Nine-Headed Snake, then during the period of his management of Divine Shield Bureau, there would definitely be many Nine-Headed Snake people!
      Nick Frey’s scalp went numb. He could imagine a scene.
      The entire building in Divine Shield Bureau was densely packed with Nine-Headed Snake members!
      No, this matter must be resolved as soon as possible!
      Otherwise, the entire Divine Shield Bureau would be destroyed by him!
      At the thought of this, Nick Frey couldn’t sit still and hurriedly left with Colson and Black Widow!
      It could be predicted that in the next period of time, S.H.I.E. Shield would have a major cleansing.
      However, Li Wei was happy to see such a scene.
      This was because when the S.H.I.E.I. Shield changed, it was time for him to harvest a large amount of world origin!
      It had to be said that due to Li Wei’s influence, many things in the Maneuvering world had started to become beyond recognition!
      Not only was the Iron Man changing, but the Shockwave Woman was no longer the same as before. Even the Divine Shield Bureau was about to undergo a major change!
      However, these changes were good for Li Wei.
      Only by constantly changing would he be able to gain a steady stream of world origin energy.
      “Friday, let Tony know. Let him build a temporary laboratory for me. The laboratory needs a sealed space and a wall with shock-absorbing effect………”
      “Also, the location of the laboratory should be far away from the city. Don’t be in the crowd. Try to find a secret place………”
      Li Wei was serious. He temporarily put away the sealed glass container for the obelisk.
      The matter of the Divine Shield Bureau was just a small matter. Li Wei was going to do a big thing next.
      That was to help Skye wake up!
      The obelisk was already in hand, so he was ready to help Skye wake up!
      But before that, Li Wei needed to build a temporary laboratory.
      After all, Li Wei only knew about the situation of the alien race. He did not really try to awaken the alien race and did some preparations.
      Three days later
      “Master, the laboratory has already been built. It completely meets your requirements.”
      Stark’s speed was still very fast. In about three days, a special laboratory was completed.
      Of course, Stark only conveyed Li Wei’s words. The person who was really in charge of building the laboratory was Little Pepper’s right-hand assistant.
      Because he had been kidnapped, Stark’s thoughts had changed a lot.
      After taking down Iron Tyrant O’Badaya, Stark gradually released his power and focused all his energy on the research of the steel armor.
      The person in charge of managing Stark’s industry was Stark’s personal assistant, Little Pepper.
      By the way, Little Pepper was no longer Stark’s personal assistant. She had been officially promoted to the CEO of Stark Industry and was in charge of managing Stark’s industrial affairs.
      It was worth mentioning that the relationship between Stark and Little Pepper seemed to have improved greatly since Stark returned.
      Of course, Li Wei had heard all this from Stark.
      Li Wei did not say anything.
      To be honest, in the beginning, Stark wanted him to manage Stark’s industry, but in the end, Li Wei directly rejected him!
      He did not want to waste his time on these matters.
      Wouldn’ t it be nice to increase your strength?!
      Knowing what the future was like, how could Li Wei waste his time on such trivial matters.
      That was why Little Pepper took over and was in charge of Stark’s industry.
      It was a bit off-topic. Speaking of which, after the construction of the laboratory was completed, Li Wei led Skye directly to the laboratory, ready to wake him up.

      The 025 Shockwave Woman was born!

      According to the set navigation, Li Wei drove a sports car and brought Kai to a courtyard in the suburbs.
      This was the laboratory that Little Pepper had prepared. It was just to hide her eyes and ears. It looked like a courtyard, so as not to attract the attention of the outside world.
      This was Li Wei’s request.
      “Let’s go. Let’s go in and take a look.”
      Li Wei led Skye into the courtyard.
      Inside the room, there was another scene. Precision instruments, all kinds of professional machines, like a high-tech base.
      “I seem to have overprepared.”
      Li Wei looked at the laboratory with a black line on his face.
      In Li Wei’s plan, there was one that could cushion the shock and a sealed space was enough. In the end, he had not expected Little Pepper to be so prepared!
      This was inevitable. Little Pepper did not know what Li Wei was planning to do. When she heard that Li Wei wanted a laboratory, she thought that Li Wei was planning to do a high-tech experiment.
      Therefore, she was naturally very well prepared, trying her best to satisfy all of Li Wei’s conditions.
      Fortunately, the equipment he requested was still ready!
      In the center of the entire laboratory, there was a completely closed glass room with a diameter of three meters.
      “Are you ready?”Skye.”
      Li Wei turned his head and held Kai’s hand. He looked at him seriously and said.
      He did not have absolute confidence in this matter. He needed Skye to be mentally prepared!
      “I’ m ready. I must become stronger!”
      Skye’s hand trembled slightly, but his eyes were firm!
      She didn’t want to experience what had happened before. She did n’ t want to experience the feeling of despair again!
      So when Li Wei told her that there was a certain chance of awakening his powers, Skye had already made a decision!
      Even if this chance was not high, she still had to try it once!
      Because she did not want to hold Li Wei back. Rather than hiding behind him, she wanted to stand beside him and fight alongside him!
      Thinking up to this point, Si Kai went straight into the glass room and closed the glass door!
      “Then let’s start. Open the glass container, take out the obelisk and press your hand on it!”
      According to Li Wei’s instructions, Skye opened the obelisk that had already been prepared and then pressed his palm onto it!
      The words engraved on the obelisk showed a faint light. The top of the obelisk split open and fell off into four pieces!
      The obelisk shattered, revealing a blue crystal inside. This was the Thyrrigen crystal pillar.
      The moment they came into contact with the air, the crystal pillar of Terigan instantly shattered.
      A cloud of smoke-like gas instantly floated out from the crystal pillar of Terigan.
      This was Terigan’s fog gas, a special gas that could awaken the alien race!
      The Tyrigan Fog was only effective against the Xeno-race. The rest of the creatures would be petrified when they came into contact with the Tyrigan Fog and could not be recovered. Therefore, Li Weicai built this sealed glass room.
      Terrigan’s fog seemed to sense the existence of Skye, who was a stranger, and they rushed towards Skye.
      In the blink of an eye, Skye’s body was surrounded by Teregan’s fog, which was gradually absorbed into his body!
      A layer of gray charcoal appeared outside Skye, wrapping his body around him.
      Skye’s body gradually turned into a stone sculpture.
      Li Wei was watching quietly outside, not disturbing Skye.
      Time slowly passed………
      Skye’s sculpture began to change!
      Cracks appeared on the stone skin that was wrapped around Skye’s body as they fell to the ground, revealing Skye’s figure.
      At this moment, Skye seemed to have undergone a tremendous change.
      His eyes grew brighter and his temperament became more obvious, as if he had become more confident.
      An invisible shock wave appeared around Skye!
      Shockwave Woman, officially born!
      “How do you feel?”Can you feel your power?”
      Li Wei opened the glass door and asked Skye.
      Skye stared at his body in puzzlement, then thoughtfully, and punched the wall.
      A powerful shockwave erupted from Skye!
      The glass room in front of Skye was instantly shattered. It turned into pieces of glass and was sent flying!
      Even more so, this intense shock wave directly rushed towards the surrounding walls!
      With a boom, the shockwave from Skye hit the wall and was absorbed by the shockproof device on the wall. It didn’t have much effect.
      “This is my power?”Li Wei, my ability looks like yours!”
      Skye was delighted. This was the first time she had felt a sense of power!
      She had a feeling that she could easily destroy a house!
      However, what made Skye even more happy was that her ability seemed to be very similar to Li Wei’s shock ability!
      This was what made Skye most happy!
      Who would have thought that she and Li Wei were so fated to have such similar abilities? Could it be that the two of them were destined to be together.
      As soon as he thought of this, Skye’s face turned red as he quietly glanced at Li Wei.
      “It’ ll be great if we succeed in awakening. All we need to do next is to exercise properly and control this kind of power!”
      Li Wei smiled and said, not noticing Skye’s actions.
      Li Wei was also in a good mood because Skye had successfully awakened!
      In this way, there was a seed with great potential beside him!
      As long as Skye grew up, there would be an expert beside him!
      This would be of great help to Li Wei, so Li Wei was also very happy!

      026 Encounter Hulk!

      Skye was delighted that he had successfully awakened his shockwave ability.
      So for the next half day, Skye was in the laboratory, practicing his own abilities!
      Li Wei didn’t have anything important in the past few days, so he was here to accompany Skye!
      On the other hand, Li Wei was also observing Skye’s abilities.
      Skye’s ability was shock wave, and his ability was shock fruit. There was a high similarity between the two.
      So Li Wei wanted to see if there was any difference between Skye and his abilities!
      For this reason, Li Wei had been observing from the side!
      However, from Skye’s point of view, Li Wei was paying attention to her, which made Skye extremely happy. His super powers were even more powerful.
      Only after Skye had exhausted all his strength did he stop!
      At this moment, the entire laboratory was almost destroyed. After all, the laboratory could not withstand a long period of destruction.
      However, Li Weicai was furious and did not care about this small loss.
      “Li Wei, my arm hurts a little.”
      Skye looked at Li Wei in pain.
      At this moment, Skye’s arm trembled slightly, and it was a little red and swollen!
      “It should be that your super powers are overused. For the next few days, you should not use your super powers for the time being.”
      “Also, after the arm recovers, even if you need to practice your abilities, you have to restrain yourself a little. Just practice a little bit.”
      Li Wei frowned and pondered for a while before speaking to Skye.
      He could tell that Skye’s situation was similar to his previous situation. They were all overused.
      Li Wei’s physical fitness had already reached the human limit due to his long-term training. Therefore, his physical fitness was much stronger than Skye’s, so he was much stronger than Skye’s!
      On the other hand, Skye had only practiced for half a day, but he had overused it. It was obvious how weak Skye was!
      Thinking about it, Reesekai had the same problem, but her problem was more reflected in bones.
      In the original book, Skye, who had been using the shockwave power for a long time, suffered a lot of damage and needed to use medicine to maintain it.
      It seemed that he needed to find a way to deal with the future problems of Skye’s body. The best way was to plunder treasures from other worlds.
      However, at present, the things that the world anchor brought out could only be used by Li Wei himself, not by others.
      Unless the World Anchors were upgraded to a certain level, the items that were brought out could only be used by others.
      It could be said that in a short period of time, there was no way to solve this problem. He could only make Skaddo pay attention to it and try not to overuse it.
      The road is very long…….”
      Li Wei muttered in his heart, temporarily letting go of this matter!
      “Alright, today’s training is over here. Let’s go back first.”
      Li Wei said to Skye. It was very late and it was almost time to go back.
      Thinking of this, Li Wei led Skye and left the laboratory.
      The black sports car sped along the road, heading towards Man Hatton!
      Just at this moment, a sound of shock came from a nearby street.
      There was also a faint roar in the rumbling sound!
      This sound……”Don’ t tell me there’s a berserk beast here!”
      Li Wei frowned slightly and looked at the street where the sound came from!
      He didn’t care about that sound. Li Wei was concerned about the roar behind him!
      The hoarse roars could not be heard by humans at all. It was as if some terrifying prehistoric beast was roaring!
      It was a bustling metropolis with a dense population. How could there be any berserk beasts in such a place!
      But this roar sounded very real!
      That was why Li Wei was a little puzzled. He even had the urge to go and take a look!
      However, thinking that there was still Skye beside him, Li Wei temporarily let go of this thought!
      A giant green monster suddenly crashed into the wall and rushed to the road!
      All right, Li Wei didn’t need to go to the street to see it because the other party had already arrived on the road.
      On the road in front of Li Wei, the huge monster directly smashed down, creating a huge crater in the road!
      Only then did Li Wei see his face clearly!
      A ferocious appearance, explosive muscles, a two-meter tall and sturdy body, and only a pair of wide shorts.
      The most important thing was that the other party’s skin was green!
      Green skin monster!
      Instantly, Li Weilima understood his identity!
      “I actually met Haoke here. This is really unexpected.”
      Li Wei muttered. His eyes turned slightly, and he had some thoughts in his heart.
      In the Maneuver world, Hulk was also a very special existence. If he could change Hulk’s plot, he would definitely provide Li Wei with a large amount of world origin!
      At the thought of this, Li Wei was unwilling to leave.
      “Skye, you drive. You go around first. Don’ t stay here!”
      Li Wei did not turn back at all and said to Skye beside him.
      He wanted to do something, but Skye had only awakened his super powers for a short time, and now he had some overuse of his abilities. It was not a good choice to stay here.
      So Li Wei was prepared to let Skye go first!
      “I know.”
      Skye was very obedient and nodded without any rejection.
      She knew that staying here would only give Li Wei trouble, so Skye directly agreed.
      Thinking of this, Li Wei got out of the car. Skye drove Li Wei’s sports car and left the car!
      After Skye left, Li Wei turned around and looked at Hooke seriously!
      Next, it was time for him to take action!
      Ps: thanked [Three Rats] for their great rewards.

      027 World Destroyer!

      Da da da!!!
      When Li Wei let Skye leave, an armed team rushed out from the street. With a submachine gun in hand, they frantically shot at Haoke!
      Fire tongues flickered, and countless bullets landed on Haoke!
      However, this kind of fire suppression could not leave any scars on Hooker, it would only anger him!!
      Haoke pulled up a car beside him and smashed it towards the armed squad!
      With a boom, the armed team was thrown into a frenzy. A few of them were directly smashed into pieces.
      “Hey, big guy, are you interested in playing with me?”
      Li Wei suddenly spoke, holding a pistol in his hand!
      After obtaining the Momo Fruit, Li Wei brought a pistol with him, because it was a good help.
      Hooke roared and ignored Li Wei.
      All of his attention was on the soldiers of the military.
      That’s right. That armed unit was a military unit, and it was only a vanguard unit. There were more soldiers behind.
      The military was Hao Ke’s strong enemy, so Hao Ke didn’ t care about Li Wei at all.
      “Dr. Bennett has never taught you before. Should I look into the other person’s eyes when talking to him!”
      Li Wei gave a cold snort and shot at Haoke!
      Momo 20 times!
      The bullet left the chamber and instantly grew larger, turning into a giant bullet with a diameter of more than one meter!
      The addition of the Mo Mo Fruit to objects was not only the addition of volume and quality, but also the addition of speed!
      The size of the bullet was increased by 20 times, and even its speed was increased by 20 times!
      In this way, the kinetic energy of the bullet became extremely terrifying!
      The giant bullet whistled out, and the sound of tearing through the air rang out, bringing with it a glimmer of dazzling fire!
      The giant bullet smashed towards Haoke!
      Haoke didn’ t notice and was directly sent flying by the giant bullet!
      Hulk’s massive body slammed into the ground, creating a crater on the ground. It stretched for dozens of meters before stopping!
      “F*ck, what happened? Haoke was knocked down?”
      “My god, there’s actually someone who can send Hooke flying?”
      The members of the armed team were stunned as they watched this scene with great shock!
      They had fought Hulk several times and knew how terrifying Hulk’s power was!
      In the end, a young man could actually send Hulk flying!
      They did not even dare to think about such a thing!
      If Hooker was a monster, then wasn’t he even a monster!
      Before they could recover, Hulk had already stood up once again.
      Haoke let out a furious roar and charged towards Li Wei!
      This time, Hooke would no longer ignore Li Wei.
      On the contrary, Hulk was very serious, and he was also very angry. He was about to smash Li Wei!
      “That’s right. Let me see Hooke’s strength!”
      Li Wei smiled indifferently. He didn’ t seem to care at all as he charged straight towards Haoke!
      Momo 20 times faster!
      In an instant, Li Wei’s figure instantly disappeared, turning into a blur!
      Li Wei’s physical and physical qualities were among the best among humans. This was related to his years of training.
      For this reason, Li Wei’s speed became extremely terrifying when he added 20 times his speed. With a speed of 400 meters per second, Li Wei instantly arrived in front of Haoke!
      He clenched his fist into a fist and wrapped it around it. A layer of black energy flew towards Hooke!
      Armed hardening!
      Li Wei directly used the domineering power of the high-level armed forces. With the help of Mo Mo Mo Fruit, Li Wei’s fist slammed into Hao Ke’s stomach!
      Haoke was sent flying!
      After breaking the trees on the road, Hogg smashed them on the ground!
      Every time he encountered a battle, Li Wei could not use the Shock Fruit to solve it.
      After all, the power of the Shock Fruit was too powerful, not suitable for all battles.
      On the one hand, the Shock Fruit exploded with all its strength. Li Wei’s current body and physical quality could not withstand that kind of strength!
      On the other hand, because of the power of the Shock Fruit, its destructive power was too strong. Sometimes, it would cause unnecessary damage.
      For example, if Li Wei and Skye practiced, if they continued to use the power of the Shock Fruit, they might injure Skye. This was not what Li Wei wanted to see.
      So Li Wei was looking for a different path.
      He wanted to try not to use the Shock Fruit, if he could use a powerful battle power!
      For this reason, in this battle, Li Wei did not use the power of the Shock Fruit. Instead, he only used the high-level weapon’s domineering aura and Mo Mo Mo Fruit!
      It turned out that even if he didn’t use the Shock Fruit, the power he had unleashed was still quite impressive!
      The dominance of the armed force made Li Wei’s fist even harder. Mo Mo Mo Fruit’s speed increased, making Li Wei’s explosive power extremely strong!
      Although the destructive power was far inferior to the Shock Fruit, it was still quite impressive in a single combat!
      Just like now, Li Wei used his armed domineering aura and Mo Mo Mo Fruit to smash Hok!
      In fact, the current Li Wei was a world destroyer, and his combat power was naturally not inferior to that!
      One must know that in the Sea Thief world, the young World Destroyer, Bondi Waldo, was also an existence that the world government was afraid of!
      It could be said that even without the Shock Fruit, Li Wei’s strength was also very strong. There was no need to worry about anything!
      “Haoke hates you!”
      Haoke stood up once again and let out an angry roar as he charged at Li Wei again!
      Haoke was angry. He wanted to hammer Lee Wei hard!
      Li Wei welcomed this very much. As long as Haoke had such strength!
      Thinking of this, a great battle began again!

      028 Haoke was knocked over!

      On the road, the sound of explosions rang out!
      Two strange figures were fighting madly!
      One of them had a tall figure, a malevolent appearance, and green skin. It was as terrifying as a monster!
      Another capable and strong, short black hair, looking very handsome face from the East!
      This was Hooke and Li Wei!
      Because of Hooke’s ferociousness, Li Wei looked much weaker and harmless!
      But in reality, the advantages and disadvantages of the two were directly reversed!
      Li Wei used the combined power of his armed dominance and Mo Mo Mo Fruit to attack Hao Ke.
      On the other hand, due to the addition of the Momo Fruit, Li Wei’s speed was extremely fast. Haoke was unable to touch Li Wei at all.
      As a result, Li Wei crazily attacked Haoke, but Haoke could not touch Li Wei. He could only defend bitterly!
      This kind of contrast caused everyone around them to be stunned, completely stunned!
      This was especially true for the military’s armed forces. They stood still, completely speechless.
      Some soldiers did not even notice the weapons in their hands falling on the ground!
      “My god, I must be hallucinating. How could someone be able to beat Hooke up? That’s impossible!”
      A white old man in military uniform sat on a helicopter and looked at the battle on the ground. He was dumbfounded!
      This was General Ross!
      General Ross was Hulk’s old enemy. It was because of his research project that Dr. Bennett became Hulk.
      For this reason, General Ross had always wanted to catch Hulk and study his body.
      This operation was ordered by General Ross. He wanted to take down Haoke.
      But when he saw this scene, General Ross was dumbfounded!
      This was really the Hooker he knew!
      Wang Haoke was destroyed by that god, the Buddha, and the Buddha?
      Why does it look like a poor kitten? Could it be a fake!
      For a moment, General Ross hesitated. He didn’ t know if he should continue to let his soldiers attack!
      While General Ross was hesitating, Li Wei did not relax. Instead, he frantically attacked Hooker!
      “No, Haoke is very angry!”
      Haoke let out a furious roar!
      “If you’ re angry, just endure it!”
      Li Wei said loudly. He clenched his fist into a fist, forming a circular air barrier on top of his fist!
      At the end of this battle, Li Wei was ready to end this battle!
      With a punch, the atmosphere shattered like a mirror!
      There was a loud boom, like thunder that shook the sky, deafening!
      The shattered atmosphere instantly transformed into a terrifying shockwave that shot towards Hooke!
      Hao Ke’s massive body was blasted flying by Li Wei. He fiercely smashed into a tall building, and then directly smashed into a large hole!
      Hulk was knocked unconscious and slowly returned to Dr. Banner’s appearance.
      This battle, Li Wei won!
      “Finally won!”
      Li Wei muttered and exhaled a mouthful of turbid air!
      To be honest, Haoke’s strength or brute strength was extremely strong!
      The terrifying sound of his muscles gave Hulk endless power, as well as his powerful recovery power, making him look like a real monster!
      If it was an ordinary person, he probably wouldn’t be able to do anything to Haoke!
      Even Li Wei couldn’t completely defeat Hulk even with the power of his armed dominance and Mo Mo Mo Fruit. At most, he could only cause some injuries to Hulk!
      In the end, it was because Li Wei’s Shock Fruit was so powerful that it knocked Hao Ke unconscious. Only then did this battle end!
      On the other hand, Hulk had not been born for a long time. He had not fully grown up yet, and his strength was far less than that of the future. That was why he was so easily defeated!
      Otherwise, this battle would have to continue for a while!
      However, no matter what, Li Wei still defeated Hooker. The winner of this battle was Li Wei!
      Thinking of this, Li Wei came to Dr. Bennett’s side and prepared to take him away!
      “Stop, you can’ t take him away!”
      Seeing that Li Wei was going to take Dr. Banner away, General Ross couldn’t sit still any longer. He quickly ran down from the helicopter and crawled to Li Wei’s side to stop him from taking Dr. Banner away!
      It must be known that General Ross had long considered Hokk to be in the bag. How could he let Li Wei take Dr. Banner away like this!
      “You want to stop me?”Alright.”
      Lee Wei turned his head slightly and glanced at General Ross before saying something.
      What a joke! He had defeated Haoke, and this guy was going to come out to pick a peach. Was there such a good thing in the world!
      General Ross’ expression stiffened slightly.
      He could clearly see the battle just now.
      Although Li Wei looked like an ordinary person, Li Wei’s strength was even stronger than Haoke’s!
      General Ross looked at himself and shivered slightly.
      His small body could not withstand Li Wei’s fist.
      But even so, he could not back down, because Hooker was too important to him!
      As for the soldiers under General Ross, they were far away and did not dare to approach.
      Because they had personally witnessed Li Wei’s actions and knew Li Wei’s strength, they didn’t want to do anything stupid!
      General Ross was the only one who stubbornly blocked Li Wei’s path.
      Li Wei’s gaze gradually turned cold, becoming more and more dangerous!

      029 Please, kill me!

      Seeing that General Ross was so ungrateful and still trying to block his path, Li Wei’s gaze towards General Ross grew colder and colder.
      To be honest, he wouldn’t care about General Ross’ identity. If he were to provoke him, he might just kill General Ross!
      It could be said that Li Wei already had the intention of making a move!
      At this moment, a sound of air breaking came from the sky.
      A red steel figure descended from the sky and landed in the middle of General Li and Ross with a handsome appearance!
      Stark is here!
      Previously, Stark went to the villa to look for Li Wei, but he only saw Skye alone.
      After asking, Stark finally knew what was going on here. He knew that Li Wei was going to fight a big monster.
      Although ordinary people didn’t know about Hooker’s matter, with Stark’s status, he still knew something.
      That was why Stark knew how dangerous Haoke was and how destructive it was!
      Stark, who was worried about Li Wei’s injury, hurriedly put on Mark 3 and hurried over.
      “Li Wei, are you alright? That monster didn’t hurt you…..”
      Stark hurriedly turned his head to see if Li Wei had been injured by Hulk.
      However, after seeing the scene, Stark was stunned!
      The situation seemed to be somewhat different from what he had imagined………
      Why did Li Wei look like an injured person?
      On the contrary, the opponent’s situation looked even more miserable!
      “Tony, you came just in time. I’ ll leave that guy to you. Let’s go back and talk.”
      Li Wei smiled and said, ignoring General Ross, he brought Dr. Banner with him to Stark’s side!
      Stark came just in time. He didn’t want to waste time with General Ross, so it would be better if he handed General Ross over to Stark.
      Thinking up to this point, Li Wei left with Dr. Banner, who was unconscious. Only Stark and General Ross were left, stunned.
      “Who can tell me what’s going on?”
      Stark was puzzled. He didn’t know what was happening right now. This situation left him a little confused.
      “You’re Tony Stark?How did you come here?What was your relationship with that person?”What about your armor?”
      General Ross seemed to recognize Stark. After all, their military had some contact with Stark.
      But at this moment, General Ross had a lot of doubts!
      No!”Don’ t take Dr. Banna away!”
      After a while, General Ross finally came to his senses and recalled Dr. Banner’s matter.
      Unfortunately, Li Wei had already gone far, and even his figure had disappeared.
      “Alright, let’s take care of this first, but my lawyer should be on the way. Please be careful when you speak.”
      Stark said with a headache. He always felt that Li Wei had caused him a lot of trouble.
      But let’s talk about this later. Stark knew very well that what he had to do now was to put General Ross down!
      Stark expressed his confidence in this point.
      As a businessman, he had great confidence in the art of speaking.
      It could be predicted that there would be a verbal battle next!
      Unfortunately, these matters had nothing to do with Li Wei.
      After stopping a taxi, Li Wei led Dr. Banna back to Manharton’s residence.
      “Li Wei, are you not injured?”
      As soon as he saw Li Wei return, Skye hurried to Li Wei’s side and looked worriedly at him.
      “Don’ t worry, I’ m fine.”
      After comforting Skye, Li Weicai brought Dr. Banner to the hall.
      He gave Dr. Bannah a shudder. Dr. Bannah instantly woke up from the pain.
      “Why am I here? What happened?”Who are you?”
      Dr. Bennett was still a little confused, not knowing what had happened.
      Dr. Bennett, I can tell you everything you want to know……….”
      Li Wei sat on the sofa and said to Dr. Banna!
      Li Wei naturally didn’t know why Dr. Bennett had transformed into Hulk. All he knew was that Hulk suddenly rushed out and fought with him.
      Li Wei didn’t hide anything about these matters. He explained them one by one.
      The more he listened, the more shocked Dr. Bannah became.
      He actually went berserk again, and he was still on the street. He would probably cause quite a stir!
      But even more so, Dr. Bennett was surprised.
      The man in front of him actually defeated Haoke!
      Dr. Banna was so shocked that he could not speak!
      Only Dr. Bennett knew how terrifying Hulk’s power was!
      It could be said that ordinary people would be very happy to gain powerful power.
      However, compared to the joy of obtaining a powerful power, Dr. Bennett was more afraid of Hulk’s power!
      It could be seen how terrifying Hank’s strength was in Dr. Bannah’s heart!
      In the end, the young man in front of him actually defeated his source of fear!
      Such a thing was simply unbelievable!
      But in his mind, the fear that Hulk felt was telling him that this matter was real!
      “Mr. Li Wei, can I ask you to do me a favor?!”
      Dr. Bennett seemed to have thought of something and looked at Li Wei anxiously.
      “Tell me.”
      Li Wei waved his hand and signaled Dr. Banna to continue.
      “I want to beg you, kill me!”
      Dr. Bennett looked at Li Wei seriously and slowly said something!

      030 General Ross’ retreat!

      “I want to beg you, kill me!”
      Hearing Dr. Banna’s serious words, Li Wei was stunned.
      He had not expected Dr. Bannah to be so desperate!
      Yes, it was despair!
      Because of the existence of Hulk, Dr. Bannah felt frustrated, so he even thought of Qing Sheng!
      Before that, Dr. Bannah had even tried to swallow a bullet and kill himself, but it had no effect.
      Because at the moment Dr. Bennett swallowed the bullet, Hulk’s survival instinct would stop Dr. Bennett!
      It could be said that Dr. Bannah was tortured to death by Hooker.
      So after seeing Li Wei’s ability to defeat Haoke, Dr. Bannah saw hope. He felt that Li Wei had the ability to end his life!
      That was why Dr. Bannah said such words!
      “To be honest, I don’ t think I’ m a good person, but I won’ t kill you because human life is still very precious.”
      Li Wei looked at Dr. Banna quietly, and only after a long time did he say something.
      The reason why he was fighting Hulk was that he wanted to try Hulk’s power on the one hand and earn some world origin.
      It was also for this reason that Dr. Bana was brought over, so he could not agree to Dr. Bana’s request.
      “Really not?”
      Dr. Bannah was in despair as he sat down on the ground.
      “Of course, I won’ t kill you, but have you ever thought of a different way.”
      “You should know that I can suppress Haoke’s power, so I want to make a deal with you.”
      “You work for me. I’ ll help you suppress Haoke.”
      Li Wei suddenly said and explained his thoughts.
      Dr. Bennett was a genius, and he had great achievements in scientific research. Otherwise, he would not have been invited to his research project by General Ross.
      If Dr. Bennett could stay by his side, he might be able to bring him some help.
      Of course, Li Wei was not sure. Dr. Bennett would agree to his deal, so Li Wei had prepared some conditions that would make Dr. Bennett feel tempted. He believed that Dr. Bennett would agree.
      “Really? I agree!”
      Dr. Banner hurriedly said, not even hesitating at all. Li Wei was stunned.
      He didn’t expect Dr. Bannah to agree before he could even say anything else!
      There was no other way, because Dr. Bannah really wanted to solve this problem!
      As long as there was a hint of hope, Dr. Bannah would try hard!
      Therefore, as soon as Li Wei spoke, Dr. Bannah immediately agreed without hesitation.
      “Since that’s the case, the cooperation is happy.”
      A smile appeared on Li Wei’s face.
      Dr. Bannah was willing to agree, so what happened next would be much easier.
      “Let’s go. I’ ll take you to see someone.”
      Li Wei said to Dr. Banna. He was going to take Dr. Banna to see someone.
      Dr. Bannah naturally did not have any objections to this.
      After talking to Skye, Dr. Li and Dr. Banner immediately left the villa!
      A moment later, Dr. Li and Dr. Banner had arrived at a luxurious modern villa. It was built on the shore and looked very unique.
      This was Stark’s residence.
      Jarvis did not stop him as he walked inside. Li Wei was unimpeded and soon arrived at the villa’s hall.
      “My cousin, you’ re finally here. Can you tell me what you’ re doing now?”
      Stark seemed to know that Li Wei was coming. He was already waiting here.
      “I brought someone over to see you. How was it? How was the result?”
      Li Wei casually sat on the sofa and looked at Stark.
      What he asked was naturally how to deal with the previous matter.
      He had a conflict with General Ross, and Stark was finishing off. Li Wei wanted to know what Stark was doing.
      “What do you think? Is there something I, Tony Stark, don’ t understand?”
      Stark boasted.
      But Stark did have his own self-confidence. He had solved Dr. Bennett’s problem!
      As for the solution, it was also very simple.
      One had to know that Stark Industries was the largest arms supplier.
      Although Stark’s industry was slowly transforming, its influence in the military was still enormous.
      On the other hand, although General Ross was a member of the military, the military was not just General Ross’ military.
      General Ross’ position in the military was not that important.
      That was why Stark and the big shots of the military had to give up on hunting Hulk after a little adjustment.
      In fact, in the eyes of the big shots of the military, Hulk was just a failure item, not that important.
      Only General Roth would be willing to attack Hulk.
      Under the pressure of the military, General Ross could only give up on this matter.
      It could be said that this matter was like this or else the curtain would fall.
      This was the benefit of power and power. Even if Li Wei did something excessive, he could easily solve the following problems.
      “I’ ve already solved everything that should be solved. Can you tell me what you’ re going to do now?”
      Stark looked at Li Wei and asked Li Wei. He wanted to know what Li Wei was up to.
      “I’ ll introduce you to a person. This is Dr. Bennett!”
      Li Weilue flashed and pushed Dr. Banna out!

      The focus of world 031!

      Li Wei brought Dr. Bennett to Stark’s side to introduce Dr. Bennett to Stark.
      On the one hand, Stark and Dr. Bennett were both talented scientists. There should be a lot of topics to discuss between them.
      Although Stark’s mouth was a bit broken, the two of them had just met, and they were discussing the topic of scientific research. It was clear that the two of them were similar.
      The fact was that the two of them met as soon as they met. The conversation was very harmonious, and there was even a feeling that they had met late.
      As for another reason.
      Although he agreed to trade with Dr. Bannah, he did not want Dr. Bannah to live in his villa.
      Because Hulk was an unstable factor.
      If Hulk suddenly exploded when he was crossing other worlds, it would be hard for Skye to deal with Hulk!
      Li Wei would regret what happened to Skye because of Haoke’s violent behavior.
      Therefore, it was a good idea to pass Dr. Bennett to Stark.
      Of course, Li Wei just wanted Stark to help him look at Dr. Bennett. He didn’t say that Dr. Bennett was staying at Stark’s house.
      Stark probably didn’t want to do this either.
      After all, Stark and Little Pepper were the two of them. It was precisely when their relationship was getting warmer. How could they be willing to have someone put them in the middle!
      Finally, Li Wei thought of a compromise method to transform the laboratory used by Skye’s awakening into a real base.
      On the one hand, this base could be used as a research laboratory, giving Dr. Bana a good research environment.
      On the other hand, this base would also be equipped with many sensing devices.
      Once something happened, Li and Stark could also rush over quickly.
      It could be said that this proposal was approved by the three of them, so Stark immediately asked Little Pepper to prepare it.
      As for the problem of rebuilding the base, it was just a small matter. Just follow Dr. Bennett’s request to rebuild it.
      After all, for Li and Stark, things that could be solved with money were not big matters.
      For the next few days, Dr. Bannah remained on Stark’s side until the research base had been renovated.
      As for Li Wei, although Li Wei did not stay on Stark’s side.
      But almost every day, Li Wei would come over!
      This was not to say how much Li Wei cared about the progress of the research base. He had come to Stark’s side to beat Hooke.
      No, it should be said that he came here to help Dr. Bennett and suppress Hulk!
      In the past few days, as soon as Li Wei came over, he had Dr. Bennett turn into Hooker and practice with him.
      It was like this every day. At the end of the day, Hulk was about to cry!
      He had never seen such a shameless person before. He didn’ t want to fight anymore, and he even came to fight him every day!
      On the other hand, because of the events of the previous few days, it had caused a great impact on the outside world!
      It was because Hulk’s rampage was on a bustling street.
      Many passers-by saw Hulk and knew of his existence!
      In addition, Li Wei’s battle with Hooker was on the road.
      Some passers-by recorded the scene of Li and Hooker’s battle and uploaded it to the Internet.
      This matter caused a great discussion on the Internet!
      “My god, this green monster is too terrifying!”
      “How could such a monster appear in our human world?”The official didn’ t come out to explain!”
      “That’s not the point, right? That handsome youth is actually so powerful. He defeated that green monster!”
      “This is simply the prince who fought against the evil dragon. I’ m completely fascinated by him!”
      “I declare that from today onwards, I will be his fan. Please ask for his personal information!”
      “I think that green monster and that black-haired man are mutated humans, right?”Only mutated humans have such power!”
      “Seek the truth, we have the right to know the truth!”
      On the Internet, there were all sorts of comments, bustling with activity!
      Some people were afraid of Haoke and Li Wei’s power!
      Some people said that they had become Li Wei’s fan!
      Some people thought that Li and Hooker were mutated humans!
      It could be said that there were all kinds of comments.
      But one thing was certain.
      During this period of time, the two of them became the focus of the world!
      Li Wei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He did n’ t have any eye-catching thoughts.
      Therefore, Li Wei directly asked Stark to take action, control all kinds of fishing boats, and change the attention of the netizens.
      Stark slightly disagreed with this.
      Because in the online video, there was also his appearance. It was the section where he drove his steel battle suit!
      Stark was also in the limelight. Stark was more enthusiastic about such things.
      That was why he slightly disagreed with Li Wei’s approach to reducing his popularity.
      Of course, Stark still listened to Li Wei’s words and asked Little Pepper to take action to control the fishing wheel.
      After a few days, the popularity of this matter slowly decreased.
      However, because of this matter, Li Wei had obtained some world origin, which surprised him.
      A few days passed in a hurry. The research base was already built. Only then did Li Wei bring Dr. Banner to the research base.
      “Dr. Bennett, you can stay here in the future. If you need anything, you can talk to Stark.”
      Dr. Li and Banna said.
      After that, Li Wei handed a mission to Dr. Banna.
      The research was about how to adapt to and reduce the damage caused by the shockwave.

      032 I, Haoke, like peace the most!

      The damage caused by the shockwave was very important to Li and Kai.
      Of course, Li Wei did not care because he believed that he had a way to solve this problem.
      He asked more about Skye. After all, she needed to solve this problem.
      Dr. Bannah did not refuse and directly agreed.
      Because biology was something he was good at, otherwise, he would not have been invited by the military to study the American team’s serum.
      In a spacious training ground under the research base.
      A malevolent green figure and a black-haired young man were constantly fighting.
      From time to time, the sound of tremors would appear, but it was blocked by the shockproof wall!
      It was more like a battle than a black-haired man attacking the green monster!
      This was Li and Hao Ke!
      It had already been two or three days since Dr. Bana moved into the research base.
      Li Wei came over again to fight Hulk.
      During the battle, Li Wei continuously attacked Hulk, while Hulk repeatedly dodged.
      During this period of battle, Li Wei’s use of the Moro Fruit and the armed domineeringness became even more effective!
      In order to complete the agreement with Dr. Bannah and obtain the world origin, Li Weiyi came to the research base when he had time in the past few days to fight with Hulk.
      Of course, every battle, Li Wei chased after Hao Ke.
      On the other hand, Li Wei discovered that every time he fought with Hulk, his world origin would rise slightly.
      This might have something to do with the gradual change in Haoke’s mentality!
      “Hulk won’ t fight anymore. Hulk doesn’ t like fighting. I, Hulk, like peace the most!”
      Hooke let out a cry, crying and complaining about Li Wei’s violence. This guy’s beating was too painful!
      He really didn’t want to fight anymore, but this guy was still hitting him. How shameless!
      “Alright, let’s call it a day!”
      Li Wei was a little regretful, but he still stopped.
      Hulk hurriedly retreated and turned back to Dr. Bennett’s appearance. Dr. Bennett lay on the ground, breathing heavily.
      “This guy, is it really that painful when he’s armed and domineering?”
      Li Wei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he watched Haoke retreat.
      For the past few days, Li Wei had discovered something important.
      It was as if his armor was domineering, and it could make Hulk feel pain!
      This might have something to do with the weapon’s domineering aura being a manifestation of energy. It wasn’ t purely physical damage, it could directly damage Hulk!
      On the other hand, Li Wei also tried to use the power of the Shock Fruit.
      Of course, Li Wei didn’t want to destroy the research base. He was just looking for other applications of the Shock Fruit.
      The Shock Fruit was extremely powerful. This was without question.
      However, Li Wei also knew that the power of the quake fruit was not just a simple destruction of the world, there were other uses.
      For example, he would use a technique that would create a dark force and destroy the enemy’s body.
      Haoke’s skin was thick and thick, and his recovery was extremely strong. He was the target for practicing his hands, so Li Wei often practiced some unexpected abilities on Haoke.
      For this reason, Hooke was unwilling to fight Li Wei!
      Because fighting with Li Wei was too painful!
      Otherwise, with Haoke’s invulnerable skin, even if he was injured, he could recover quickly. He could n’ t have been hiding from Li Wei!
      To be honest, in Li Wei’s eyes, Hulk was like a little kid holding a sharp axe.
      There was power in the air, but intelligence was not mature.
      For this reason, Hulk often caused damage.
      But on the other hand, it was because of the little brat’s personality. If someone gave him pain, he would not dare to continue to enjoy himself. Instead, he had restrained himself!
      That was why Hulk did not like fighting Li Wei.
      In the end, Hulk even said,” I like peace most!”
      Destroying Kuang Haoke and saying that he liked peace was a joke.
      Li Wei did not know whether to laugh or cry.
      However, Hulk’s words meant that Hulk had really changed.
      Li Wei wasn’t sure what Hao Ke would be like in the future.
      But looking at the increased world origin, Li Wei felt that this was not bad.
      How did he feel? Jue Haoke was ruined by him……..
      “Dr. Bannah, I’ ll leave first. If there’s anything, just contact me or Tony.”
      After speaking to Dr. Bennett, who was lying on the ground, Li Wei left the research base and returned to the villa.
      Ring ring~
      Just as he returned to the villa, Li Weidu did not have time to sit down when the phone rang.
      “At this time, who would contact me?”
      Looking at the unfamiliar number displayed, Li Weiliu was slightly puzzled.
      Not many people knew his phone number, only Stark and Skye.
      But this was obviously not them, so Li Wei felt that it was a little strange. Could it be that they were selling advertisements?
      He thought so, but Li Wei still answered.
      “Mr. Li Wei, it’s me. I’ m Nick Frey.”
      Nick Frey’s voice came from the phone.

      033 Nick Frey’s embarrassment!

      “So it’s you. What’s the matter with the director looking for me?”
      Only then did Li Wei realize that he knew his identity.
      Although he didn’t give Nick Freeman a number, with Nick Freeman’s ability, it was normal for him to find his number.
      However, Li Wei didn’t have any idea of slowly blabbering with Nick Frey. He went straight to the point and asked Nick Frey what he wanted.
      “There’s one thing I think I should tell you.”
      The previous incident was revealed. Some of the Nine-Headed Snake members escaped. I was worried that they would retaliate against you………”
      Nick Frey said in embarrassment.
      Previously, Nick Frey and Li Wei had traded the Obelisk for the news of the Nine-Headed Snake.
      Because of this matter, Nick Frey went back and prepared to clean up the Nine-Headed Snake problem.
      However, for some reason, some of the Nine-Headed Snakes had escaped because of some rumors!
      If they were to find out, this matter was spread from Li Wei. Perhaps the Nine-Headed Snake’s people would attack Li Wei.
      “Son of a bitch, can you still trick me a bit more!”
      Li Wei’s face was pitch-black and he was speechless. He said to Nick Frey on the other end of the phone.
      This guy is really unreliable!
      He had already told Nick Frey the most important names of the Nine-Headed Snake’s leaders. In the end, Nick Frey actually made such a mistake.
      This made Li Weiyi speechless.
      In the past, how could he not have known that Nick Frey was actually this scammer!
      Ahem, this is our fault. Look, I need to send a few people to protect you……..”
      Nickfrey was a little embarrassed when he realized that he was in the wrong. He subconsciously ignored Li Wei’s call for him to be an idiot.
      On the other hand, Nick Frey wanted to compensate Li Wei a bit.
      For example, send a few trusted subordinates to protect Li Wei.
      However, before he could finish his sentence, Nick Frey could not continue.
      Damn it, with Li Wei’s ability, how could he need someone to protect him!
      One had to know that he had seen the road incident a few days ago.
      He naturally knew that in the video, the person fighting Hulk was Li Wei.
      Looking at the video, Li Wei hammered at Haoke’s fierce performance. Nick Frey felt that it was more or less about Li Wei coming back to protect them.
      So Nick Frey was a little speechless!
      In terms of financial resources, behind Li Wei was Stark Industries. There was no need to worry about money.
      In terms of strength, Li Wei’s strength could even be hammered by Haoke. He did not need their protection at all.
      In this way, it seemed like he couldn’t make up for Li Wei.
      Nick Frey was instantly embarrassed………
      “There’s no need to protect me. Let your people pay more attention to Tony.”
      “One more thing, help me gather some information about the Nine-Headed Snake and the mutated human.”
      Nick Frey, who was opposite Li Hewei, said.
      He only had him and Skye on his side. Li Wei didn’t have to say anything else. He was the only one who hurt others, so there was no one who would be rude.
      As for Skye, she had also awakened her shockwave super ability. She had a certain degree of self-protection, so she did not need to worry about anything.
      On the other hand, it was Stark’s side that was slightly troublesome.
      After all, Stark was just a mortal body. Although he had a steel armor, there would always be times when he would ignore it and ask S.H.I.E. Bureau to pay more attention to Stark.
      As for the Nine-Headed Snake’s information, although he wasn’ t worried about the Nine-Headed Snake’s revenge, he also intended to understand it. At least when the Nine-Headed Snake appeared, he could know the identity of the other party.
      On the other hand, Li Wei took this opportunity to ask for information about some mutated humans.
      Although he knew that there were mutated humans in this world, Li Wei had never seen them since before.
      No matter if it was the famous Professor X, Myriad Magnetism King, or the lesser-known mutated humans, Li Wei had never met them!
      Therefore, Li Wei was a little curious, wanting to know about the mutated human.
      On the one hand, as a part of the Maneuvering World, mutated humans had a great effect.
      On the other hand, Li Wei wanted to see if he could earn some world origin from them.
      This was Li Wei’s goal.
      That was why Li Wei had proposed such a condition. After all, the S.H.I. Shield Bureau’s intelligence network covered the entire world. They all knew a lot of secret information, so they were the right ones to find them!
      “I understand. I agree to this condition.”
      Nick Frey thought for a while and agreed to this matter.
      As long as it did not harm the interests of S.H.I. Shield Bureau, it was still possible to give Li Wei some information.
      Soon, the two ended their conversation.
      Only then did Li Wei sit on the sofa, thinking about what had happened during this period of time.
      For now, the only thing that could cause him trouble was the Nine-Headed Snake hidden in the dark.
      However, with Li Wei’s current strength, the Nine-Headed Snake would not be able to cause him any trouble.
      As for the other matters, they were basically small matters. Don’t care too much.

      034 Abomination that was born in advance!

      After figuring out these trivial matters, Li Wei finally let go of the Nine-Headed Snake matter.
      Then, Li Wei’s spirit entered his mind and thought about the world anchor in his mind.
      Host: Li Wei Stark
      Ability: Shock Fruit, Momo Fruit, high-grade weapon, domineering
      World Anchor Level: Silver
      World Origin:9.81
      Recorded coordinates: Sea Thief World
      The Spirit of Anchor presented Li Wei’s specific situation in the form of data, allowing him to visualize his own situation.
      “9.81 Units of world origin, close to 10 units.”
      Looking at the world’s origin data, Li Wei mumbled.
      He had done a lot of things during this period of time.
      The revelation of the Nine-Headed Snake’s plot made the Divine Shield Bureau greatly change!
      Help Skye awaken and let the Shockwave Woman appear in advance!
      He taught Haoke a lesson and changed Haoke’s plot!
      These changes in the plot brought world origin to Li Wei!
      Although it seemed that Li Wei didn’t get much world essence, it was already a lot.
      Previously, he had changed the story of Iron Man, and had also changed Skye’s fate to a small extent.
      The changes of a big event and a small event were only about three units of world origin.
      So now, three major events had obtained nearly 10 units of world origin. This was already a good result.
      “I wonder what kind of changes will happen after the world’s origin exceeds 10 units……”
      Li Wei muttered.
      According to the situation of the world anchor, the world anchor had evolved once after accumulating 1 unit of world origin.
      From bronze quality to silver quality.
      But now that they had accumulated 9.81 units of world origin, the world anchor had not changed at all.
      According to Li Wei’s guess, after the world’s origin exceeded 10 units, there might be a special change.
      However, for the moment, he did not have a chance to obtain the world’s origin energy. He could not allow the world’s origin energy to quickly pass the 10 units pass.
      The acquisition of world origin was not an easy task.
      Previously, when Li Wei had beaten Haoke, he had more or less obtained a bit of world origin.
      But in the last two times, even if he beat Hulk, he would not be able to obtain world origin.
      This might be because Hulk was scared of being beaten up. He no longer had his previous thoughts.
      This made Li Wei feel a little regretful.
      It would be even better if he could beat Hulk and let the world’s origin pass 10 units.
      Helplessly, Li Wei could only wait for a while longer to see if there was any chance of obtaining world origin.
      This was also the reason why Li Wei had Nick Furui to help him collect the mutated human data.
      This was because the mutated humans were a large branch and had many plots.
      Perhaps he could obtain some world origin from the mutated human.
      Suddenly, just as Li Weisi was examining the way to obtain world origin, the world origin suddenly jumped.
      [World Origin:10.34(↑)]
      “What’s going on? The world origin has suddenly increased!”
      Li Wei looked at the changing data and was slightly surprised!
      He didn’t seem to have done anything. Why did the world’s origin suddenly increase?!
      A minute ago
      A certain military experimental base
      General Ross stood outside the laboratory, looking nervously through the glass.
      A 40-something-year-old old soldier, without any clothes on his body, was tied to the experimental platform. There were also several scientists in white coats around him.
      “Bu Langsky, are you ready? This is our only chance. There is only one copy of Hulk’s serum!”
      General Ross grabbed a communicator and said to the old soldier on the experimental platform.
      Although Stark had suppressed Hulk’s previous incident, General Ross had no choice but to lower his head.
      But with General Ross’ temper, how could he be willing to give up just like that.
      That was why General Roth had some hidden actions!
      Previously, Li Wei and Haoke had fought and injured Haoke.
      Haoke was injured for the first time and shed some blood on the road.
      This blood was secretly collected by General Ross, and it was refined into a serum, which was optimized.
      General Ross planned to use the only Hulk serum to create a second Hulk, which was why he had this experiment!
      “I’ m ready. I’ ll definitely get that kind of power and completely defeat Hooke!”
      Emil Bu Langsky on the experimental platform had a look of madness in his eyes!
      The person who had been in charge of chasing Hulk was Bu Langsky.
      But every time they fought, Bu Langsky was tortured by Hulk. That was why Bu Langsky had a crazy idea in his heart!
      As long as he had the power of Haoke, he could defeat Haoke!
      For this reason, when he learned that General Ross was about to create a second Hulk, Bu Langsky was the first to register!
      “Then let’s start!”
      General Ross ordered the researchers to start the experiment.
      For a moment, the needle pierced into Bransky’s skin and injected Hock’s serum into his body.

      The 035 World Anchor was once again upgraded!

      As the experiment proceeded, Bu Langsky let out a series of miserable screams.
      But General Ross ignored him. He just stared at the changes in Bu Langsky’s body.
      By the time Hulk’s serum had completely penetrated his body, his body had begun to change!
      Bulangsky’s body began to expand and expand. He directly broke through two meters. His ferocious bone claws grew out, and a layer of gray bone covered his body.
      Blangsky turned into a monster that was two to three meters in size. It was very similar to Hulk’s, but the monster that Blangsky turned into was not as green as Hulk’s.
      On the other hand, the monster that Bu Langsky had transformed into was gray-brown skin. With the skeleton covering his body, it looked extremely sinister!
      “Bu Langsky, what do you think?”
      General Ross asked anxiously, wanting to know about Braunsky.
      He wanted to know if his experiment had succeeded!
      “I’ m very good, unprecedentedly good!”
      The gray monster yelled out in excitement as it smashed at the surroundings!
      With a loud bang, he destroyed all the equipment around him, even the researchers!
      “Bu Langsky, what are you doing?”
      General Ross looked at the gray monster in panic. He didn’t know what happened to Bu Langsky.
      Could it be that like Hulk, he had become an irrational monster!
      “No, I’ m no longer Bu Langsky. Please call me hate!”
      “I feel like I’ ve never been better now, and I really want to do something. I want to thank you, General Ross!”
      A cruel smile appeared on the hateful face as he slowly walked towards the panicked General Ross……
      Although the optimized Hulk serum did not make Bu Langsky’s reasoning disappear, his humanity completely disappeared.
      But one thing was certain.
      Hate, it was born early!
      It was precisely because of the early birth of hate that Li Wei obtained some world origin.
      This happened because Li Wei had changed the plot of Hulk, which was why it had changed.
      But Li Wei did not know this.
      In the villa
      “Although I don’ t know what’s going on, the world’s origin has already exceeded 10 units. The result is not bad!”
      Looking at the changes in the list, Li Wei was extremely happy.
      Although he didn’t know what had happened, such a gain was a good thing for Li Wei!
      [Detected world origin accumulation, over 10 units.]
      It consumed 10 units of world origin, but could it raise the level of world anchor again?]
      At the same time, the spirit of the anchor gave Li Wei a message.
      “Sure enough, I knew that if the world’s origin exceeds 10 units, there will definitely be a special change!”
      A look of joy appeared on Li Wei’s face!
      His guess was correct. The amount of world origin energy accumulated was more than 10 units, and the world anchor could be increased again!
      Li Wei was naturally unwilling to miss such an opportunity.
      In the beginning, because the world anchor level was too low, Li Wei could only attach his consciousness to the world anchor to enter a different world.
      But after the last upgrade, the world anchor changed. Li Wei could use his body to enter other worlds!
      This upgrade might bring Li Wei a new function!
      How could Li Wei miss such an opportunity!
      “Increase the world’s anchor level!”
      At the thought of this, Li Wei immediately said to the spirit of anchor!
      For a moment, the world anchor in Li Wei’s mind began to change.
      The white light from the world’s origin appeared in Li Wei’s mind, wrapping the world anchor in it, helping the world anchor transform!
      After a while, all the light slowly dissipated!
      At this moment, the anchor of the world had undergone a tremendous change.
      The originally white-silver-like anchor body turned into bright gold, emitting an extraordinary aura.
      The divine patterns on the anchor of the world became more complicated and mysterious. A kind of strange dao charm appeared on the anchor, making people look at it with awe!
      Host: Li Wei Stark
      Ability: Shock Fruit, Momo Fruit, high-grade weapon, domineering
      World Anchor Level: Gold (↑)
      World Origin:00.34
      Recorded coordinates: Sea Thief World
      Li Wei opened the list and checked the current situation.
      The world anchor had advanced from silver to gold, completing a new transformation.
      It was also because of this promotion that Li Wei once again became a poor egg. The world origin dropped below 1 unit.
      This made Li Wei feel a little distressed. After all, the accumulation of world origin was not that simple.
      However, this was not the most important thing.
      What Li Wei wanted to know most was whether the World Anchor would bring him new benefits after he was promoted to the Golden Anchor.
      Li Wei hurriedly contacted the spirit of the anchor, and there were only four words in the message from the spirit of the anchor.
      Anchor Inner Space!
      “The world anchor has created a core space?”If it’s true, then this ability is amazing!”
      Li Wei opened his eyes, and a light appeared in his eyes!
      As the name implies, the anchor’s inner space was the interior of the world’s anchor, creating a core space!
      With the transformation of the world anchor, the world anchor was further transformed. Even the core of the world anchor became an internal space.
      This way, the ability of the world anchor became even more powerful!

      The appearance of the 036 Anchor Inner Space!

      “Wait, the world anchor creates a core space that can store items.”
      “In this way, wouldn’ t I be able to bring items from other worlds to the Maneuvering World?”
      After understanding the ability of the Anchor Inner Space, Lee Wei’s eyes lit up!
      This was because the core space of the world anchor called itself a department and would not interfere with other worlds.
      In other words, when he invaded other worlds and prepared to leave other worlds, he would be able to collect all the gains from other worlds into the Anchor Inner Space.
      After returning to the World of Diffusion, he would take out the item.
      In this way, he could carry objects!
      On the other hand, he could bring things from the Maneuvering World directly into other worlds.
      If that was the case, then this ability would be amazing!
      The ability to ignore the interference of the world and bring items into and out of another world was extremely powerful!
      If he encountered an enemy that could not be defeated, he would directly transport a nuclear bullet into it……
      Tsk tsk, that scene was unimaginable!
      Of course, Li Wei also knew that the possibility of achieving this was very low.
      Although Stark’s industry was from the origin of weapons production, Stark’s industry had gradually shifted to the field of energy development.
      Moreover, Stark Industries did not have any business in this area. After all, there were still some differences between weapons and weapons.
      This kind of destructive thing was strictly controlled by the authorities. It was not easy to obtain it.
      Not to mention, this kind of indiscriminate destructive thing, if one were to be careless, it might injure one’s own people.
      Therefore, after this thought appeared, it was directly destroyed by Li Wei.
      Because Li Wei believed that with his growing strength, he did not need to use that kind of thing.
      “But with the anchor space, Skye’s problem might be solved!”
      Li Wei muttered, thinking of another matter.
      If he could find a fruit that could strengthen his body and bring it out through the inner space of the anchor, he might be able to solve Skye’s problem.
      At the thought of this, Li Weilima asked the spirit of anchor to know how likely it was to be achieved.
      [Yes, but it can not be used on a large scale. Otherwise, it will cause unpredictable changes.]
      The spirit of the anchor sent back a message.
      Li Wei’s guess was correct. He could indeed strengthen Skye’s body in this way.
      However, the method of giving things from other worlds to people in this world could not be popularized on a large scale.
      This was because if there were more things to use in other worlds, the World Will might change strangely.
      In other words, Li Wei’s ability could only be used to take care of the people around him. He could not abuse it recklessly.
      “This is inevitable. I am not the Holy Mother.”
      Li Wei smiled.
      He wanted to help Skye, but it was because Skye was completely focused on him. He could be considered Li Wei’s person, which was why Li Wei had such an idea.
      If it were anyone else, Li Wei would not be so kind.
      His principle was that as long as he did not violate his bottom line, Li Wei felt that it was enough.
      Li Wei would not care about anything else.
      Perhaps, someone would say that Li Wei was cold-blooded, but in reality, this was the real world!
      It wasn’t like Li Wei had never seen such a thing before. He would n’ t do such a thing.
      “But before that, all I have to do is deal with my own problems.”
      Li Wei muttered in his heart.
      Although he wanted to deal with her trouble for Skye, Li Wei knew very well that what he should do was to solve his own trouble.
      In fact, after finding a way to solve the problem, Li Wei first had to solve the problem of the back injury of his Shock Fruit.
      Only after his own matters were settled did Li Wei help Kai deal with this problem.
      Li Wei understood the order.
      Only by solving his own problems could he consider other problems.
      After thinking about these things, Li Weicai temporarily put this matter down.
      To be honest, Li Wei still wanted to try and enter the pirate world and try the ability to anchor the inner space.
      However, looking at the world origin that was about to reach the bottom, Li Wei still temporarily put down this idea.
      This world origin probably only allowed him to stay in the pirate world for a few hours. How could it be useful?
      After all, not every time, he could appear exactly where he wanted to.
      In fact, the anchor of the world had evolved, and its quality had increased from silver to gold. Therefore, when he entered a different world, the world origin he consumed had decreased a bit.
      Therefore, even if Li Wei only had 0.34 units of world origin left, he could still stay in the Sea Thief world for a while.
      However, Li Wei’s attention was attracted by the anchor’s inner space. He didn’t expect this at the moment.
      At the same time, a whistle sounded.
      “Master, the alarm at the research base has been triggered.”
      Friday’s voice rang out as he reported the situation to Li Wei.
      This whistle was from the research base.
      The whistle sounded, indicating that something had happened at the research base.
      In other words, something had happened to Dr. Bennett!

      037 Hate’s Invasion!

      “Dr. Bennett’s side is in trouble. Hulk has gone berserk?”
      Li Wei frowned slightly. A thought flashed through his mind.
      How could this be possible? Hulk should have been beaten and scared by him. How could he have gone berserk?
      Li Wei could not figure out what had happened.
      However, it wasn’t a matter of wild thinking. He had promised Dr. Bannah before, so he needed to go there now.
      Thinking of this, Li Wei directly put on a steel battle suit.
      Although Li Wei’s current strength had far exceeded that of steel armor, steel armor had a great advantage if it was used to travel.
      A moment later, Li Wei, who was wearing a steel battle suit, flew out of the villa and directly towards the research base.
      After spending a little time, Li Wei arrived directly above the research base.
      Li Wei looked down and saw it.
      A large gray figure was trying to break into the research base at the entrance!
      This monster is……Hate?!”
      Li Wei thought for a moment and immediately guessed the identity of the figure below.
      His body size and ferocious appearance, his grayish-brown skin, and the layer of bones that covered his body should be one of Hulk’s sworn enemies!
      Li Wei did not expect the Hate to appear here!
      According to normal circumstances, Haoke’s plot had been changed by Li Wei. It was impossible for the Hate to be born. He had not expected that the Hate would still appear.
      “No matter how you appear, I won’ t let you do anything on my territory.”
      Li Wei mumbled and quickly landed in the research base.
      “Mr. Li Wei, you’ re finally here. I’ m almost unable to suppress Hooke!”
      Inside the research base, Dr. Bannah’s face turned red. A hint of green appeared on the skin on his neck, as if he was struggling with the green, preventing the green from invading his head!
      Dr. Bennett was suppressing Hulk and preventing him from running out!
      Although Haoke was scared by Li Wei……No, it changed, but when he felt the appearance of the Abomination, Hogg still wanted to rush out and fight the Abomination!
      This was Haoke’s instinct!
      Instinctively, he told Hulk that he wanted to defeat the replica that imitated him.
      “Don’ t worry, leave it to me!”
      Li Wei nodded slightly and patted Dr. Banna on the shoulder.
      At this moment, the green color on Dr. Bannah’s skin retreated at an extremely fast speed, as if he no longer caused trouble.
      Li Wei did not know whether to laugh or cry.
      Could it be that he was even more afraid than hate? After sensing his aura, Hulk immediately retreated.
      “I’ ll go and deal with that ugly monster. You deal with Hooker.”
      Ignoring Hulk’s thoughts, Dr. Li and Dr. Banner said. They quickly removed their battle clothes and arrived at the gate.
      “Hey, big guy. Come to someone else’s territory. If you do n’ t talk to your master, you’ll just be here to behave. Is that what your master taught you?!”
      Li Wei looked at the hate outside the door and said a few words.
      “So it’s you. I know you, the guy who defeated Hooke earlier.”
      “Damn it, how could Hulk be defeated by a little guy like you? Looks like Hulk has become too weak!”
      Seeing Li Wei’s arrival, Hate stopped her actions and looked at Li Wei with contempt, but there was a trace of doubt in her eyes.
      He really could not understand why Hulk was defeated by Li Wei!
      After obtaining the power of Hulk, the Abomination could feel how powerful this power was!
      Under such circumstances, Hulk actually lost?!
      This was something that Hate could not understand!
      “Forget it, all of this isn’ t important. I’ ll tear you to shreds first, then I’ ll destroy Hulk. The results are the same!”
      Hate shook off the doubt in her heart and glared at Li Wei fiercely, a hint of cruelty in her eyes!
      Whatever the reason, it was good. In the eyes of the Hate, as long as he destroyed Li and Haoke, the remaining strongest person would be him!
      At the thought of this, the Hate of Hate strode towards Li Wei, wanting to tear him apart!
      “Before that, I want to know how you were born?”
      Li Wei smiled calmly, and his body flashed. Like a ghost, he instantly avoided the attack of the Hate.
      Momo 10 times faster!
      For Li Wei, he was not in a hurry to resolve the hate.
      He wanted to learn something from the detestable.
      Because now, he had a lot of doubts and needed to be solved by Hate.
      “Hahahaha, I still have to thank you, kid!”
      “If you hadn’ t injured Hulk, General Ross wouldn’ t have been able to extract a serum from Hulk’s blood.”
      “If I didn’ t have that serum, I wouldn’ t be able to create me now. Unfortunately, General Ross didn’ t have the chance to see……”
      The Abomination seemed to be very satisfied with this matter. It didn’t hide anything at all and spoke out in a careless manner!
      He was truly grateful to Li Wei. If not for Li Wei, he would not have been able to become so powerful!
      In return, he would tear Li Wei apart completely, just like he would repay General Ross and crush General Ross!
      A cruel smile appeared on the hateful face!

      Hate was beaten up!

      “I see. The mystery has finally been solved. No wonder the world’s origin has increased!”
      Hearing the hateful words, Li Wei came to a sudden realization. He finally knew what was going on.
      No wonder his world origin would break through 10 units. It turned out that it was provided by Hate.
      It seemed like he had to thank Hate.
      Li Wei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Was this not a deliberate decision.
      At first, he only wanted to change Hooker’s plot slightly. He did n’ t expect that even the hate plot would change. This allowed him to increase his world origin.
      But it didn’t matter anymore. What he had to do now was to take down the hate!
      “Thank you for your dedication, but now, you should lie down obediently for me!”
      Li Wei gave a cold snort and his eyes turned cold.
      With a slight movement, Li Wei’s figure instantly disappeared in front of the Abomination!
      Momo 20 times faster!
      In an instant, Li Wei arrived in front of the Abomination and punched the Abomination’s abdomen!
      An evil smile hung on the corner of hate’s mouth, not caring at all about Li Wei’s attack!
      What a joke!
      I wonder how terrifying his body is!
      After transforming into an abomination, he had tried his own resistance!
      For this reason, he had used a rocket launcher to smash himself, but even the rocket launcher was unable to break through his defense!
      That was why the hate didn’ t care about Li Wei’s attack at all. It didn’ t even bother to defend.
      He really wanted to see what kind of expression this brat had on his face when he realized that his attack was ineffective!
      Or despair?
      It could be said that Bu Langsky, who was originally just an ordinary person, had become very arrogant after gaining powerful strength. He didn’t care about others at all.
      Otherwise, he would not have come to his door the moment he was born and wanted to kill Hulk!
      It could be said that Hate did not put Li Wei in his eyes at all, even if Li Wei showed extreme speed.
      That was why Hate stood in place and allowed Li Wei to attack!
      Li Wei’s seemingly powerless fist slammed into the Abomination’s abdomen!
      The next moment, the hateful expression changed. It was as if it had been heavily injured. The hateful man stumbled backwards.
      The muscles on Abomination’s entire body seemed to be twitching. Its ferocious features were all wrinkled together, and it looked even more sinister and terrifying!
      “It hurts. Damn brat, what did you do!”
      The hate let out a scream!
      An incomparably painful feeling invaded his internal organs!
      It was as if his internal organs were struck by lightning and burned by flames.
      If Haoke was here, he would definitely gloat.
      This replica finally experienced his previous pain!
      That’s right, Li Wei used his fist to directly punch the power of the Abomination into his body!
      This was the same as the previous battle between him and Haoke.
      The only difference was that when facing Hulk, Li Wei was still a little restrained and only used a little bit of ability.
      However, when facing the hate, Li Wei did not hold back and directly blasted into a large shockwave!
      It could be said that the attack that the Abomination had suffered was far more than when Li Wei had attacked Haoke!
      That was why the Hate was so embarrassed!
      The Hate of Hate had a mouthful of blood, and there were some splinters of internal organs in the blood. It could be seen how his injuries were.
      “Damn brat, I finally know why you can defeat Haoke. So you have such an ability!”
      “But as long as you don’ t attack your body and body, your ability won’ t work!”
      “Next, I’ ll tear you to pieces and turn your bones into ashes!”
      Abomination stared at Li Wei with a sinister expression. Her scarlet eyes revealed a trace of madness!
      Although Hate’s self-healing ability was much weaker than Hooke’s.
      But compared to ordinary people, his self-healing ability was still very strong.
      As a result, after his internal organs were injured, he began to heal at a slow rate. The Abomination also recovered a certain degree of mobility!
      However, the thing that Hate wanted to do the most was to kill Li Wei!
      He must kill Li Wei, otherwise it would be difficult to undo the anger in his heart!
      The Hate of Hate roared and charged straight at Li Wei. His ferocious bone claw fiercely grabbed at Li Wei, wanting to tear Li Wei apart!
      “Who told you that my ability is just like this!”
      Li Wei let out a cold harrumph and charged forward without dodging at all!
      Clenching his fist into a fist, his fist was covered in a round air barrier, and it fiercely smashed towards the direction of the Abomination!
      He would let the Hate know that the power of the Shock Fruit was not that simple!
      Shock, burst!
      A shattering sound rang out. The atmosphere in front of Li Wei instantly shattered like a mirror!
      A terrifying attack instantly erupted from Li Wei’s fist. Like a dragon’s roar, it directly blasted towards the incoming hate!
      At this moment, the feeling of hate felt a terrifying power strike at his body!
      The bones covering the surface of the Hate’s body were instantly shattered!
      This terrifying impact directly landed on the body of the Abomination!
      With a loud sound, the Hate was sent flying!
      Abomination’s massive body dragged a distance of nearly 100 meters on the ground, crashing into cars and buildings!
      In the end, the Hate smashed onto the ground, leaving a deep pit on the ground!

      039 Kill the Hate!

      One strike!
      Under the explosion of the Shock Fruit, a terrifying shockwave landed on Hate!
      The Hate was heavily injured!
      At this moment, the Loathsome Evil lying in the deep pit had a huge hole in his chest!
      Blood splattered!
      During this period of time, Li Wei was constantly practicing the ability of the Shock Fruit during his battle with Hok.
      Li Wei had a higher degree of control over the power of the Shock Fruit.
      So the power that exploded out was even more terrifying!
      At this moment, Hate had hit Li Wei’s hand, which could only be considered as his bad luck!
      Li Wei slowly walked towards the Abomination and came to the deep pit, looking down at the Abomination!
      At this moment, the Abomination looked very weak. It was even a little moved and could not play.
      However, the flesh on Hate’s chest wriggled slightly, slowly healing at an extremely slow speed.
      Haoke had an extremely powerful regeneration ability. Important organs could be regenerated even if they were destroyed or destroyed.
      To be honest, in Li Wei’s memory, the one with the strongest self-healing ability should belong to the Diamond Wolf and the Death Servant. However, Haoke’s self-healing ability was also very strong.
      As for the Hate of Hulk’s Blood Serum, it also possessed some of Hulk’s regeneration ability.
      If Li Wei didn’t care about the Hate, he might be able to recover the Hate for a while!
      But it was clear that Li Wei could not give Hate such an opportunity!
      Obviously, it was the existence of the enemy, and it even allowed the other party to recover, giving him a chance to counterattack. This was something that a fool would do!
      Li Wei was obviously not such a person. After seeing the situation of the Abomination, Li Wei clenched his fists again!
      The white round air barrier covered Li Wei’s fist and then landed directly in the crater!
      Boom! Boom!
      The sound of explosions rang out, causing the people in the distance to tremble!
      When the boom was over, everything was over!
      The hate completely lost its aura and was completely killed by Li Wei!
      “Li Wei, where’s the enemy?”Where is the enemy?”
      A red steel battle suit flew through the sky and landed in front of Li Wei.
      This was Stark!
      Stark took off his iron mask and looked at the surroundings in confusion.
      Stark also had a copy of the alarm system at the research base.
      That was why Stark knew the moment this happened.
      It was just that Stark was delayed by some trouble, so he could not rush over immediately.
      By the time Stark arrived, the battle was over.
      “The battle is over. I’ ll have to trouble you for the follow-up!”
      Lee Wei said to Stark.
      The research base was located in a remote location. It belonged to the suburbs, but there were still one or two passersby passing by. As a result, Li Wei left the aftermath to Stark.
      “Why do I feel like I’ m here to help you finish off.”
      Stark rubbed his head and said helplessly.
      He had helped Li Wei finish the battle before and this time around.
      He felt like he was about to become Li Wei’s helper. He did n’ t even have the chance to act.
      He was a Iron Man. He was a sparkling star. How could this order be reversed?
      “It’s normal for those who can to work harder.”
      Li Wei smiled and patted Stark on the shoulder. He didn’t talk to Stark about this topic. Instead, he returned to the research base and looked at Dr. Banner’s situation.
      After confirming that Hulk was not abnormal, Li Wei was ready to leave the research base.
      “Wait, Li Wei, there’s something I think I should tell you.”
      Stark suddenly spoke and called out to Li Wei.
      “Your tone is very similar to that of an egg. Don’ t tell me, what kind of trouble is that.”
      Li Wei was speechless. The last time he used this tone, it was Nick Frey.
      At that time, Nick Frey told him that the Nine-Headed Snake incident had been messed up by him.
      Looking at Stark’s appearance, Li Wei felt that Stark would say something shocking.
      “What trouble? What are you talking about?”
      Stark’s eyes were filled with confusion. He did not know what Li Wei was talking about, but Stark told Li Wei the news.
      “The military has received news that General Ross has been killed. He’s in his laboratory. It’s suspected that the experimental body was attacking. According to the surveillance, the experimental body might find this side…….”
      Stark quickly said this.
      It was only when he received this news that Stark was delayed and arrived so late.
      “Oh, so that’s the case. You said it was too late. He’s already here.”
      Only then did Li Wei understand what Stark said.
      It turned out that what Stark was talking about was the hateful killing of General Ross.
      What?Where is it?!”
      Stark was shocked, and he quickly became vigilant.
      He had seen the surveillance and knew how terrifying that monster was!
      If that monster came, it would be troublesome. He was not confident that he could take down such a monster!
      “Don’ t worry, he won’ t be in a mess. As for where he is, he’s in a hole beside you.”
      Li Wei smiled and pointed to the pit beside Stark.
      Because of Li Wei’s constant use of the Shock Fruit, the Hate of Hate had long since disappeared. It was no wonder Stark could not recognize it.
      Stark was a little stunned. He was stunned!
      That terrifying monster was actually solved by Li Wei!
      His cousin’s strength was too exaggerated!

      040 Third invasion of the Sea Thief World!

      The effect of the Abomination’s appearance was not as great as the battle before Li and Hooker.
      This was because the Hate had come directly to the research base after it was born!
      On the way, the Hate did not cause any trouble. The Hate at that time was filled with the idea of killing Hooke.
      The only ones that were truly damaged were the outer buildings of the base!
      So it was still very easy to deal with this matter.
      Stark was able to deal with this matter with a little bit of energy.
      The appearance of Hate was like a wave in the sea. After jumping into the sea, it disappeared without a trace.
      Later on, Stark asked people to deal with it, and they would completely resolve all the effects.
      As for Li Wei, after settling the hate, Li Wei directly returned to the villa!
      [World Origin:00.95]
      In the villa, Li Weiguan looked at the situation of world origin and sighed slightly.
      “Although we’ ve solved the Hate and added some world origin, it’s still too few.”
      Li Wei sighed.
      After the battle with Hate, Li Wei changed the fate of Hate and Hate. He also gained some world origin.
      But in Li Wei’s opinion, such a world’s origin was still too few.
      It was almost impossible for this world to create a new world.
      Because the search and positioning of the new world was a process that consumed the essence of the world.
      Even if they went to the Sea Thief World, they probably wouldn’t be able to stay for a day. Many things could n’ t be completed.
      “Master, the world anchor has been upgraded to the golden anchor. The amount of world essence needed to invade the heavenly planes and worlds has decreased.]
      The spirit of the anchor suddenly gave Li Wei a message.
      “Consumption has decreased. How much has it decreased?”
      Hearing the news from the Spirit of Anchor, Li Wei was delighted and hurriedly asked about the situation.
      If he could reduce his consumption, he would be able to use the World Anchor right now.
      [Compared to the previous consumption, the current consumption is 10% of the original]
      The spirit of the anchor sent back a message.
      “10%, This ratio is not bad!”
      Li Weixin murmured happily, a smile on her face.
      Previously, he had consumed 1 unit of world origin energy and could spend a day in the Sea Thief world.
      Now it was reduced to 10%. In other words, he could spend 1 unit of world origin energy and stay in the Sea Thief world for 10 days!
      This was the difference between the two!
      According to Li Wei’s current world origin, he could probably stay in the pirate world for nine and a half days!
      If that was the case, then he could do many things!
      “The previous plans that can’ t be completed can be completed now.”
      Li Wei was extremely excited. His eyes shone with joy!
      This was extremely good news for Li Wei!
      In fact, the last time the world anchor evolved, it had this effect.
      The consumption needed to invade the heavenly planes and worlds decreased after evolution.
      However, the previous Li Wei’s attention was completely focused on the inner space of the anchor, thus ignoring this!
      So now that he knew, Li Wei naturally would not miss this opportunity.
      Li Wei quickly made a decision. He was going to invade the Multiverse for the third time!
      “Skye, I have to leave for a few days. If anything happens in the next few days, go find Tony or Little Pepper. They will help you……..”
      This time, the invasion would take a little longer, so Li Wei was prepared to explain some things.
      Li Wei came to Skye’s room and spoke to Skye, who was practicing his abilities.
      “I know. I’ ll wait at home for you to come back.”
      SKY nodded. Although she didn’t know what Li Wei was going to do, SKY knew that she just needed to wait at home for Li Wei’s return.
      After that, Li Wei told Stark and Little Pepper to take care of Skye.
      After everything was done, Li Wei would not be in his room.
      Li Wei stretched out his arm and thought about the world anchor in his mind.
      In his right hand’s palm, specks of fluorescence appeared in his heart, condensing into an illusionary boat anchor. The chain at the tail was connected to Li Wei’s palm!
      Tap ~
      The space in front of Li Wei was like a stone falling into a calm lake, creating a ripple…….
      The illusionary boat anchor directly entered the void, following the coordinates recorded earlier, heading towards the location of the Sea Thief World!
      Soon, the illusionary boat anchor arrived at the blue ball of light transformed by the Sea Thief world!
      He skillfully nailed it on the light film of the azure ball of light and forced the shield of the Sea Thief world to connect the Sea Thief world and the Manwei world together!
      Li Wei’s figure turned into a ray of light and instantly disappeared from the spot!
      Sea Thief World
      A dazzling light appeared on a deserted island.
      The light slowly disappeared and Li Wei appeared on the island.
      The chains that gave off a faint light surrounded Li Wei, giving him a mysterious aura.
      Li Wei once again descended into the Sea Thief world.
      “Is this landing on a desert island?”
      Li Wei muttered as he scanned the surroundings and roughly grasped the current situation.
      Being on a desert island, many things could not be done. Being on a desert island would only waste time.
      However, it wasn’t urgent because Li Wei had already prepared himself!
      With a shake of his hands, the space created a ripple. Li Wei directly took out a red suitcase from the inner space of the anchor.
      With a slight push, the suitcase instantly changed into a steel battle suit.
      The silver-red two-color steel battle suit stretched out on the basis of the suitcase and covered Li Wei, allowing him to wear it!
      A brand new steel warrior appeared on the desert island!
      Ps: data was no longer moving. I beg everyone to support me greatly!

      041 Undying Bird Marco!

      The set of steel armor Li Wei was wearing was the Mark 5 that Stark had just developed!
      Mark 5 was Tony Stark’s fifth set of steel battle clothes. The colors were mainly red and silver.
      Unlike other steel battle suits, Mark 5 was a portable battle suit that could be folded into a suitcase.
      However, in contrast, Mark 5’s combat and defense abilities were far inferior to other steel armor.
      In terms of weapons, apart from the palm of his hand and the Xiongnus pulse cannon, there were no other weapons.
      However, Mark 5 had a great advantage. It was portable and could be assembled anywhere. It could be folded into a suitcase when not needed.
      It could be said that in Li Wei’s opinion, this was the most suitable steel armor for him!
      For Li Wei, the steel armor was just a flying tool.
      He didn’t need steel armor. He had such a powerful combat ability.
      Because Li Wei’s combat strength was already very strong.
      This was the difference between Li and Stark!
      Stark needed to rely on the strength of the steel armor, but Li Wei only needed an auxiliary tool.
      It could be said that Li Wei was extremely satisfied with the design of Mark 5.
      As a result, when Stark was designing Mark 5, Li Wei directly asked for one. He had just gotten it in the past two days.
      On the other hand, Li Wei had the inner space of the anchor, so he could carry the steel armor. Therefore, Li Wei took Mark 5 with him.
      As expected, Mark 5 had really come in handy!
      The propeller ignited, and the steel armor rose into the air. Li Wei left the island and flew in a direction!
      An unknown bustling island
      A flame flew from the distant horizon and landed on the shore.
      The red and silver battle clothes shone with a metallic luster!
      This was Li Wei who left the desert island.
      Three days had passed since Li Wei left the island.
      Although Li Wei was wearing a steel armor and had the ability to fly, without a map and information, it was hard for him to find the person he wanted to find.
      That was why Li Weicai landed on this bustling island and wanted to see if he could hear some information.
      He put away the steel armor and placed it in the inner space of the anchor. Only then did Li Wei walk into the island.
      An exotic island, a bustling street, a man and woman in a medieval style dress.
      This kind of exotic atmosphere made Li Wei forget to return.
      But Li Wei didn’t forget about business.
      After a while, Li Wei found the location of the bar!
      The guests in the bar came from all over the world.
      Although the fish and dragons were mixed, it was also the most well-informed place.
      That was why Li Wei had come here to ask about something.
      He entered the bar and used some unknown pirate’s gold coin to rob him. Li Wei ordered a glass of rum and sat down in a remote place, quietly listening to the conversation of the guests around him.
      “Have you heard that Blackbeard Titch has launched an attack.”
      “Two captains of the original White Beard Gang were killed by Black Beard Titch!”
      “This matter has long been out of date. It’s said that the Undying Bird Marco of the White Beard Gang of Gangs is very angry and wants to fight the Black Beard Gang!”
      “That’s right, it’s said that they’ ve made an appointment. They’ ll fight to the death in three days!”
      Sure enough, Li Wei spent less than ten minutes in the bar when he heard some news that he wanted to know.
      That’s right, Li Wei’s goal this time was to be the captain of the original White Beard Gang, Marco!
      For Li Wei, what he wanted right now was a special ability that could deal with the backlash of the Shock Fruit.
      According to Li Wei’s guess, both the physical and healing abilities should be effective.
      These two types of abilities were either powerful animal demon fruits or special superhuman demon fruits.
      Marco’s Undying Bird Fruit belonged to the animal-type magical beast species. It had the powerful physical growth of the animal-type, as well as the unique healing effect of the Undying Bird.
      For Li Weilai at this stage, the Undying Bird Marco with the “Regenerative Flame” had the ability to suit Li Weilai.
      That was why Li Wei had targeted Marco’s abilities.
      For this reason, during the past few days, Li Wei had been searching for the position of the White Bearded Gang of Gangs, but he had never gained anything.
      After all, due to the death of White Beard, the remnants of the White Beard Gang had been targeted by various forces. It was not easy to find any traces of them.
      Only when he arrived at this bar did Li Wei get some information he wanted.
      At this thought, Li Wei picked up his rum and slowly came to the side of the wine guests who were talking about the White Bearded Gang and the Black Bearded Gang.
      “Gentlemen, I’ ll treat you to a glass of wine.”
      “Don’t worry, I do n’ t have any ill intentions. I’m just a little interested in the grudge between the White Beard Gang and the Black Beard Gang that you earlier………”
      Li Wei had a faint smile on his face as he spoke to the guests.
      A moment later, Li Wei walked out of the bar.
      At this moment, Li Wei had already obtained the duel spot between the White Bearded Gang and the Black Bearded Gang from the two wine guests.
      Three days later, it was located on one of the original territories of the White Beard Gang, a small island called Silent Island.
      As for the record pointer to the island, Li Wei also got one.
      This was also obtained from the wine guests.
      Those wine guests were also pirates. They wanted to join in the fun, but in the end, Li Wei used a little “friendly” means. They were very friendly and gave this recording pointer to Li Wei.
      Thinking of this, Li Wei directly put on a steel battle suit and headed straight for Silent Island!

      The battle broke out, Marco vs Black Beard!

      Sea Thief World
      Lee Wei drove Mark 5 to the direction of Silent Island!
      At the same time, on the sea, a pirate ship sailed past.
      On the mast was a black skeleton flag with three scratches on its left eye and two swords crossed behind it!
      This was one of the Four Emperors, the Red-haired Fragrant X’s Seagate!
      On the deck, the red-haired Shanks and the vice-captain, Ben Beckman, looked up into the sky, looking at Li Wei, who was flashing away.
      “Beckman, what exactly is that thing flying over the sky?”
      Red-haired Xiangx was puzzled and asked the vice captain.
      “I don’ t know, I’ ve never seen it before, but I guess it’s most likely the Lord of the Chain!”
      Ben Beckman pondered and slowly said one sentence.
      There was no other way. The chains around Li Wei were too conspicuous.
      The illusionary chains that emitted a faint light surrounded him. They were extremely strange in shape, and it was hard to forget when they saw them!
      After the battle with the World Destroyer, Li Wei’s features had spread throughout the entire great route.
      Everyone in the ocean knew that the character of the Lord of Chains was a figure surrounded by chains.
      That was why Ben Beckman had guessed Li Wei’s identity.
      The direction he was heading for should be Silent Island…….”
      Ben Beckman pondered for a moment before slowly saying something.
      “Silence Island, where Marco and Blackbeard will fight……”What is that guy doing?”
      Red-haired frowned as he looked in Li Weiyuan’s direction.
      He had a bad premonition that something might happen.
      “Let’s go and take a look!”
      The red-haired fragrance quickly made a decision and said loudly to his subordinates.
      The red-haired group of pirates started to set off and headed towards the direction of Silent Island.
      Silent Island
      This was an ordinary island, but because of the upcoming battle, it became the focus of the world.
      With the recording pointer, Li Wei could easily find the location of Silence Island!
      After spending a bit of time, Li Wei arrived at the waters of Silent Island!
      By the time Li Wei arrived near Silent Island, he could already see the Blackbeard Gang’s ship.
      Many pirate ships that looked like primitive rafts docked on the shore of Silent Island.
      On the canvas, there was a sign of three skeletons crossing bones. This was the sign of Black Beard!
      The Blackbeard Gang members had already arrived on the silent island and were stationed here.
      As for the remnants of the White Beard Gang, Li Wei had yet to see any traces of them.
      In order to avoid any unnecessary conflict with Black Beard at this moment, Li Wei did not go to the island. Instead, he found a place nearby to rest.
      “There are still more than three days left. It’s completely enough.”
      Li Wei muttered, thinking about what happened next.
      This time, he could stay here for almost nine and a half days. Previously, it had taken him three days to search for the White Bearded Gang of Gangs, and it was about three days before the battle began.
      Therefore, Li Wei still had three days left, which was enough for him to seize the Undying Bird Fruit.
      Thinking of this, Li Wei quietly rested, recovered his strength, and waited for the decisive battle to arrive!
      In half a day or so, more than twenty various pirate ships appeared at the end of the sea, heading towards Silent Island!
      The leader was a white whale-shaped ship with a white-bearded skeleton flag on its mast.
      This was the seat of the White Beard Gang, the Mobidick!
      Marco and his team leaders stood on the deck of the Mobidick, looking out at Silence Island!
      The group of pirates that followed behind them were the New World Gangs under White Beard.
      Although White Beard was dead, there were still a few pirate groups under him that were still following Marco!
      However, compared to the forty-three New World Gangs under White Beard’s management back then, their current scale had declined by a lot, leaving only about half of them.
      “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, Marco, you’ re finally here. I’ ve been waiting for you for a long time!”
      Darkbeard Titch led his men to the edge of the coast and looked across the sky with Marco!
      “Tic, you bastard! It’s not enough for you to steal my father’s territory. You even killed so many brothers!”
      Marco’s eyes immediately turned red when he saw the Black Bearded Tic. His boundless anger rose and he wished he could swallow the Black Bearded Tic alive!
      “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
      “You guys, do you think you can fight me with these shrimp soldiers and crab generals behind you?!”
      Black Beard didn’t even blame himself for Marco’s accusation. He was very calm.
      His gaze swept over the pirate behind Marco, and a hint of contempt flashed through Blackbearded Tic’s eyes!
      “Marco, I’ ll give you one last chance. Return to me and I won’ t kill you. Let’s create the strongest group of pirates and fight for the entire sea. How about that?”
      A trace of longing appeared in Black Beard’s eyes!
      Marco was a talented person. Otherwise, his red hair wouldn’t have recruited Marco before. It would have been better if Marco could be his subordinate.
      “You wishful thinking, I will kill you and avenge your father!”
      Kill!”Destroy the Blackbeard Gang!”
      Marco gave a cold shout and ordered the pirates behind him!
      Following that, Marco took the lead and turned into a bright blue Undying Bird, charging straight for Blackbearded Titch!
      Many of the pirates behind Marco started to attack the Black Bearded Gang!
      “Looks like we can’ t talk anymore. Kill!”
      Hei Huzi Tiqi did not say anything else. He waved his hand and directly sent his subordinates out!
      For a moment, two large teams rushed towards each other!
      A huge battle began!

      043 From Black Beard’s assists!

      A rumbling sound rang out on the battlefield!
      Following the battle, the entire Silent Island became chaotic!
      Smoke was everywhere!
      The cannon roared!
      All kinds of ability users stepped onto the battlefield and started fighting with the enemy!
      It could be said that although this battle was not as exaggerated as a war, it was still a huge battle!
      Although the White Beard Gang did not have White Beard anymore, the remaining forces were still very powerful. The team leaders of each team were all clear!
      On the other hand, although the Black Beard Gang was a rising star, Black Beard was not weak in its own right. In addition, it had recruited many vicious villains.
      The power was no small matter, not even inferior to the ordinary Four Emperors!
      It could be said that this was a great battle between the two Four Kings!
      For a moment, artillery fire was flying!
      Li Wei stood on a huge reef in the distance, looking at the battle. He quietly stared at the battlefield and did not immediately join!
      The person Li Wei was staring at was naturally Marco, who was fighting Blackbeard!
      At this moment, Marco and Ditch were completely engaged in a battle!
      The blue flames collided with the dark smoke and burst out loud explosions!
      Because the Shock Fruit was taken away by Li Wei, Black Beard lost the Shock Fruit.
      However, Black Beard found another fruit and successfully swallowed it.
      At this moment, Black Beard, apart from the power of darkness, also used a kind of impact-like ability to blast a powerful shock wave at Marco!
      Marco did not notice, but he was injured by Black Beard and landed on the ground!
      “Right now!”
      Li Wei’s eyes lit up as he waved his hand. The chains around him carried Li Wei’s body and charged straight towards the battlefield!
      At this moment, Li Wei, like a sharp blade, pierced directly into the abdomen of the battlefield!
      The illusionary chains that emitted a faint light were especially dazzling on the battlefield, attracting everyone’s attention!
      “The chains emitting light…….”
      “This is the Lord of the Chains!”
      “He had appeared at the top of the war and defeated the World Destroyer’s Chain Master!”
      “The Lord of Chains has appeared. What is he trying to do?”
      “Could it be that you want to participate in this battle!”
      Li Wei’s features were very conspicuous!
      When Li Wei appeared on the battlefield, someone recognized his identity!
      In fact, there were even pirates who directly abandoned their opponents and attacked Li Wei!
      However, Li Wei didn’ t even look at it and directly charged towards Marco!
      Momo 50 times faster!
      With the increase of the Momo Fruit, Li Wei was like a ghost. His body blurred in an instant, turning into a blur. He rushed towards Marco with lightning speed!
      At this moment, Li Wei’s killing intent completely locked onto Marco!
      The Lord of the Chains!”So it’s you! Damn it! Return your father’s Shock Fruit!”
      Marco’s eyes turned red when he saw Li Wei’s appearance!
      One had to know that the Shock Fruit was the power of his father!
      Although Marco didn’ t know what kind of ability Li Wei used to take away his father’s shock fruit at the top of the battle.
      But now, Marco wanted to take back his father’s shock fruit!
      So when he saw Li Wei, Marco even forgot about Black Beard, who was fighting with him, and directly turned to kill Li Wei!
      “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, interesting. Although you’ re a hateful fellow, let me help you!”
      When Black Bearded Titch saw this scene, a glint flashed through his eyes. His hands were covered in a layer of black smoke as he grabbed at Marco!
      Blackbearded Tiqi could tell that Li Wei was here for Marco!
      Because of Li Wei’s killing intent, he did not conceal it at all. His sword pointed at Marco!
      That was why Ditch was preparing to help Li Wei!
      To be honest, Blackbeard Ditch hated Li Wei because he had taken away the Shock Fruit!
      However, Blackbeard could see through the situation on the battlefield!
      To Blackbeard, the most important thing he should do now was to wipe out the remnants of the Whitebeard Gang.
      This way, he could truly take over White Beard’s territory and make his prestige even more powerful!
      So under such circumstances, Li Wei’s attack on Marco was a good opportunity for Blackbeard.
      If he could take advantage of this opportunity to wipe out Marco in one move, then the remaining white-bearded party would be nothing to worry about!
      Because of the White Beard Gang that had lost its white beard, Marco was their current spiritual leader!
      If something were to happen to Marco, the rest of the people would collapse without attacking!
      It could be said that Hei Huzi Ditch had seen through the situation on the battlefield thoroughly!
      This was the difference between Black Beard and Marco!
      Marco saw Li Wei and became emotional. He only wanted to attack Li Wei and take back the shock fruit of White Beard!
      But when Black Beard saw Li Wei, he suppressed the hatred in his heart. Instead, he wanted to help Li Wei and eliminate Marco!
      It had to be said that Black Beard was a true hero!
      Li Wei could naturally see Black Beard’s thoughts, but Li Wei didn’ t refuse. Instead, he was happy to see this scene!
      Why would he reject the assists that came to him!

      044 Undying Bird Fruit!

      Black Beard’s palm was covered in the power of the secret fruit, which was useful to Marco!
      Dark water!
      A powerful attraction erupted from the hands of the black husk Ditch!
      Marco, who had turned into an undying bird, was instantly attracted by Black Beard!
      Blackbearded Tiqi took this opportunity to grab Marco’s arms and let Marco move. He couldn’ t play!
      The blue flames instantly dissipated, revealing Marco’s original appearance!
      The ability of the Dark Fruit could make the Demon Fruit ability user ineffective. Marco, who was caught by Black Beard, was instantly unable to use the power of the Undying Bird!
      At this moment, Li Wei had already rushed in front of Marco!
      Armed hardening!
      Li Wei’s arm was instantly covered with an armed domineering aura. He turned his palm into a knife, and like a sharp blade, it pierced directly into Marco’s chest!
      Time seemed to have been frozen and stopped at this moment!
      All the pirates on the battlefield, even if they were still fighting, all stopped and watched this scene in shock!
      Black Beard grabbed Marco’s hands and Li Wei’s hand knife pierced through Marco’s body!
      Blood flowed out from Marco’s chest and mouth, dripping onto the ground, dyeing the ground red!
      It could be said that Marco’s situation looked extremely pathetic!
      However, behind Marco, Black Beard, who grabbed Marco’s hands, did not seem to be feeling well either!
      This was because Li Wei’s hand knife pierced not only Marco’s body, but also Marco’s body and Black Beard’s chest!
      Black Beard’s chest opened a bloody hole and blood dripped down from his chest!
      A hand-knife directly hit the two of them!
      Although Li Wei’s target was Marco, he would n’ t let the opportunity to harm Black Beard go!
      Li Wei knew very well that once he finished dealing with Marco, Black Beard would turn around and attack him!
      This was inevitable. Even though Black Beard had helped Li Wei deal with Marco, Black Beard still harbored a malicious intent!
      Drive the tiger and swallow the wolf!
      Black Beard was very familiar with this move!
      He was the one who commanded the navy headquarters to fight the White Beard Gang!
      Right now, Black Beard was trying to recreate the scene.
      Using Li Wei’s hand to kill Marco!
      On the other hand, Black Beard would never let go of the Shock Fruit!
      Once Li Wei destroyed Marco, Black Beard would deal with Li Wei and seize the Shock Fruit!
      So Li Wei took this opportunity to directly injure Black Beard!
      Ah!”What a pain! Damn chain bastard!”
      Black Beard let out a miserable scream and threw Marco down and rolled on the ground!
      The ability of the Dark Fruit made Black Beard a natural enemy of ability users.
      However, compared to other natural ability users, the Dark Fruit could not be immune to external damage through elementalization. Instead, it could absorb damage and double the pain.
      As a result, Black Beard’s pain doubled when he was attacked by Li Wei. He could n’ t bear the pain anymore and rolled on the ground!
      Marco was thrown on the ground. Although his aura had become weak, without Black Beard’s suppression, Marco’s ability had returned.
      Marco’s body began to show faint blue flames, as if he wanted to heal his injuries.
      Li Wei would not give Marco a chance to recover!
      With his arms wrapped around his arm, Li Wei shot straight at Marco!
      At the same time, the illusionary boat anchor moved and directly pierced Marco’s body!
      A blue ball of light was pulled out of Marco’s body by the illusionary boat anchor.
      The ball of light transformed into a blue fruit!
      The Undying Bird Fruit!
      “Captain, are you alright!”
      “Damn bastard, you dare attack the captain!”
      “Captain Tic, how are you?”
      “Are you alright, Captain Tiqi!”
      “Lord of the Chains, you’ re so bold! You actually dared to attack Captain Tiqi!”
      At this moment, whether it was White Beard’s gang or Black Beard’s subordinates, they were all furious!
      The people from both sides who were still fighting stopped at the same time and surrounded Li Wei aggressively!
      It could be said that because of this matter, Li Wei instantly became everyone’s public enemy!
      The White Beard Gang and the Black Beard Gang, which were supposed to be mortal enemies, now had a faint tendency to fight against each other!
      It had to be said that this was a very ironic matter, but it appeared at this moment!
      “If you want to take me down, you don’ t have that ability!”
      Li Wei’s expression was indifferent as he swept his gaze over the pirates around him!
      Li Wei had expected this!
      When he attacked, Li Wei knew that there would be such a result!
      However, Li Wei did not seem to be afraid. Instead, he was eager to try!
      He stretched out his hands and fiercely grabbed at the invisible atmosphere!
      The atmosphere was clearly invisible, but at Li Wei’s palm, the atmosphere seemed to be solid. Li Wei grabbed it and even created a wrinkle!
      The next moment, Li Wei suddenly pulled!
      Shock Fruit, ability activated!
      Mo Mo Mo Fruit, double amplification!
      A deafening sound rang out, blasting everyone’s eardrums!
      The earthquake occurred, and the entire silent island began to shake violently. It was as if the mountains were collapsing!
      The ocean in the distance was split apart!
      The sea level seemed to have been cut off, turning into several different plates that fell in different directions!
      The mountain collapsed!
      The sky swayed!
      The sea shook!
      At this moment, under the enhancement of the Momo Fruit, the power of the Shocking Fruit completely exploded!

      045 Black Beard’s interception!

      Having obtained the Undying Bird Fruit, Li Wei did not need to worry about any hidden dangers!
      That was why Li Wei let go of it and unleashed the power of the Shock Fruit!
      Li Wei even used Mo Mo Fruit to increase the destructive power of the Shock Fruit!
      At this moment, the mountain collapsed and the earth cracked, and the world changed!
      Silence Island was shattered!
      The ocean was also overturned!
      Everyone was completely flustered when they saw this scene!
      “It’s a huge earthquake. The ocean has been overturned. What a terrifying power!”
      “This is daddy’s power, daddy’s shock fruit!”
      “Father’s ability was obtained by the Lord of Chains!”
      “How could this be possible? That kind of powerful ability to control nature actually landed on that guy!”
      The people here, if it wasn’ t for White Beard’s men or Black Beard’s men, they had all personally witnessed White Beard’s power!
      Knowing how terrifying this power was!
      It was a powerful force that could destroy the world. It was like a god, and it made people admire it!
      But now, they had no time to think about it!
      Because of the power of the Shock Fruit, it attacked them!
      The broken ground threatened the life of the island!
      The slanting sea surface overturned all the pirate ships!
      The frenzied tsunami slammed towards Silence Island!
      Everyone was on their own, and there was no time to estimate anything else!
      If they wanted to target Li Wei’s people, they would not attack at this moment!
      Li Wei ignored the panicked pirates and turned around to leave the vortex!
      Mo Mo Mo Fruit’s ability was activated. With 50 times the speed, Li Wei instantly turned into a blur and shot towards the distance!
      He had successfully obtained the Undying Bird Fruit. Li Wei had no reason to stay here and wanted to leave!
      “Shock Fruit, this is the power of the Shock Fruit!”
      “Damn chain bastard, you actually ate the Shock Fruit!”
      Black Beard, who had just recovered a little, looked at the scene in front of him. His eyes were filled with complicated emotions!
      All emotions erupted!
      Actually, Black Beard still had a sliver of fantasy in his heart!
      He was the only one who could eat many Demon Fruits, so Black Beard was still dreaming.
      Perhaps Li Wei had just taken away the Shock Fruit and not eaten it!
      After all, at the top of the battle, Li Wei had already demonstrated the ability of a chain. Perhaps Li Wei was a Chain Fruit ability user!
      Although he knew that Li Wei did not have the chance to eat the Shock Fruit, it was almost as small as it was.
      However, Black Beard still had a sliver of hope in his heart!
      He imagined that Li Wei had not yet eaten the Shock Fruit!
      If Blackbeard had a good understanding of Li Wei, he would have known about Li and Bondi Waldo’s battle.
      He would know that Li Wei had demonstrated the power of the Shock Fruit!
      Unfortunately, in that battle, only the straw hat kid and the female emperor were watching.
      These two did not have much contact with the outside world, so they did not say anything about it.
      Therefore, in the world of pirates, there were not many people who knew that Li Wei had the ability to shake the fruit. At most, there was a Bakky!
      It was also because of this that Black Beard realized that Li Wei had the power of the Shock Fruit!
      But when he saw Li Wei using the power of the Shock Fruit with his own eyes.
      The jealousy in Black Beard’s heart exploded!
      “Katrina, stop that chain bastard! I want to cut him into pieces!”
      Black Beard let out a furious roar and gave the order to Katrina Deppen!
      If he couldn’t leave Li Wei here today, he would be unwilling!
      So even if he paid a heavy price, he still had to stay with Li Wei!
      As for why Black Beard only gave the order to Catalina Deppen.
      Because Li Wei’s breakthrough was in the direction of Catalina Dappen!
      Catalina Dappen was one of the four prisoners Black Beard brought out from the sixth floor of the Propulsion City.
      He was also the captain of the Blackbeard Gang of Six, an animal department, an illusionary beast species, a dog, a dog, a dog, a fruit, and a nine-tailed fox. She was known as the most dangerous female gangster on the great. Her strength was extraordinary!
      In Li Wei’s direction of breakthrough, only Catalina Dappen could stop Li Wei’s footsteps!
      And this was what Blackbeard wanted!
      As long as Catalina Dappen could intercept Li Wei for a short period of time and let the others arrive, he would not let Li Wei leave!
      Even if it was a wheel battle, he would have to kill Li Wei and take him down!
      Black Beard had only used such a plan against the exhausted White Beard!
      All of his subordinates attacked together and forcefully exhausted the last bit of white beard’s power. This was something Blackbeard had done in the war!
      And now, Black Beard was using this plan on Li Wei!
      It could be seen that Li Wei was the second white beard in Black Beard’s heart!
      “I see, Captain Tic, I’ ll try my best to stall him for three minutes!”
      Catalina Deppen’s scalp went numb, but she walked out helplessly!
      To be honest, if it wasn’t for Black Beard’s order, she wouldn’t be willing to give up!
      Having seen the power that Li Wei had just used, she didn’t dare to be arrogant. She felt that she could defeat Li Wei!
      In Catalina Deppen’s heart, she could only hold Li Wei for a little while.
      As for what happened later, she did not care!
      In fact, she had guessed something wrong. She might not even be able to hold on!

      046 Take the Nine-Tailed Fox Fruit!

      “Master of the Chains, Captain Ditch said that you should stay!”
      Catalina Dappen said. Her body changed slightly as several fox tails grew from behind her.
      A violent and violent aura emanated from Catalina Deppen’s body, holding a large chopper in her hand.
      Her armor was domineering, covering the chopper. Katrina swung the chopper and directly slashed at Li Wei!
      Although she didn’t want to fight Li Wei, Black Beard gave the order. She could only execute it!
      “If you want me to stay, you still don’ t have such strength!”
      Li Wei let out a cold snort. He clenched his fist into a fist. His fist was wrapped around the armor and was domineering, covering the power of the Shock Fruit. He punched Katrina Dappen fiercely!
      Armed Hardening Shock!
      Li Wei’s fist collided with Catalina Deppen’s broadsword!
      Crack! A crack appeared on the blade!
      The crack instantly expanded, and the great chopper instantly shattered!
      Li Wei’s shock shattered Katrina Dappen’s weapon!
      If he lost his weapon, it meant that he was in short contact with Li Wei!
      This was not a good thing!
      One must know that back then, White Beard was the most powerful of all was his pair of shaking fists!
      Li Wei, who had obtained the Shock Fruit, was almost the same!
      Catalina Deppen’s expression changed drastically. He tried to retreat, but Li Wei did not give Catalina Deppen this chance at all!
      Momo 50 times faster!
      In an instant, Li Wei approached and arrived in front of Catalina Dappen!
      Before Katrina Dappen could react, Li Wei punched Katrina Dappen in the abdomen!
      Internal shock wave!
      Catalina Deppen instantly felt her internal organs being shattered!
      A mouthful of blood spurted out!
      Catalina Deppen’s body was blasted backwards and smashed heavily onto the ground!
      Two punches!
      Catalina Dappen was defeated!
      The first punch, Li Wei destroyed Katrina Dappen’s weapon!
      In the second punch, Li Wei shattered Catalina Deppen’s internal organs and cut off Catalina Deppen’s life force!
      After two punches, Catalina Dappen directly fell to the ground!
      And the interval between these two punches was less than three seconds!
      Black Beard wanted Katrina Dappen to block Li Wei’s path.
      But Catalina Dappen could not even block Li Wei for three seconds, so how could he block Li Wei for three minutes!
      “Damn trash!”It’s not even ten seconds!”
      Black Beard, who had just completely recovered, was a little flustered when he saw this scene!
      Catalina Deppen, this trash, had wasted his efforts to bring her out of the city. In the end, he could not even do a small thing!
      However, Li Wei had no intention of paying attention to Black Beard!
      With a wave of his hand, the illusionary anchor instantly appeared and pierced into Katrina Deppen’s body!
      A purple ball of light was instantly hooked out by the illusionary boat anchor and turned into a demon fruit!
      Katrina Dappen was an ability user in the form of an animal, an illusionary beast, a dog, a dog, a fruit, and a nine-tailed fox. Therefore, this demon fruit should be the Nine-tailed Fox Fruit of the illusionary beast!
      “I finally got the Nine-Tailed Fox Fruit. I really should leave this time!”
      A smile appeared in Li Wei’s eyes.
      To be honest, he had chosen to break through from the direction of Catalina Deppen just now, not just casually!
      In truth, this should be Li Wei’s plan!
      That’s right, what Li Wei planned was the Nine-Tailed Fox Fruit of Catalina Dappen!
      Li Wei didn’t forget that Skye also needed to solve the shockwave problem!
      A powerful magical beast fruit should be of great help to Skye!
      Of all the pirates present, only the Nine-Tailed Fox Fruit of Catalina Dappen was like the Undying Bird Fruit. It belonged to an animal-style magical beast!
      Li Wei had already obtained the Undying Bird Fruit and could solve his own problems.
      Under the circumstances, Li Wei did not mind helping Skye!
      Of course, Li Wei was just trying it out!
      If there was no way, he wouldn’t risk his life to help Skye take the Nine-Tailed Fox Fruit!
      Do your best, not your best!
      This was Li Wei’s idea!
      If the danger was too great, he would give up.
      In the end, he never thought that things would go smoothly!
      Li Wei didn’t seduce Catalina Deppen into making a move. In the end, Black Beard, who was blinded by jealousy, directly ordered Catalina Deppen.
      Let her attack Li Wei and intercept him!
      Therefore, Li Wei took this opportunity to directly kill Catalina Deppen and successfully captured the Nine-Tailed Fox Fruit!
      In this way, the Undying Bird Fruit and the Nine-Tailed Fox Fruit all fell into Li Wei’s hands!
      Li Wei’s goal of participating in this battle was completely achieved!
      Thinking of this, Li Wei rushed into the distance!
      This time, he was really prepared to leave this battlefield!
      This time, no one came out to intercept Li Wei’s path!
      Because the case of Catalina Deppen was still in front of him, no one was stunned!
      Li Weibei successfully left Silent Island and completely disappeared into the distance!

      The power of the Undying Bird Fruit!

      Sea Thief World
      Silent Island
      After Li Wei left, the battlefield fell into silence!
      Everyone’s eyes were wide open, unable to speak, silently digesting the current situation!
      Not only did the Lord of the Chains successfully seize the Undying Bird Fruit, he even tricked Black Beard and killed Catalina Deppen.
      In the end, the Lord of the Chains left calmly!
      Not only did they make a wedding dress for others, they also personally handed it to the enemy!
      Such a result made it difficult for everyone to accept it!
      Especially Black Beard, his face was extremely gloomy. His pitch-black, bloodshot eyes were filled with shocking killing intent!
      Captain Tic, what should we do now?!”
      A member of the Blackbeard Gang was trembling in fear as he carefully asked Blackbeard Titch!
      “Kill all the remnants of White Beard!!”
      Black Beard Ditch yelled!
      At this moment, his anger was burning. He was almost at his limit.
      The current Dich needed to vent her anger!
      This target was White Beard’s ruined party!
      “No, run!”
      “Black Beard is crazy. Hurry and escape!”
      After losing Marco’s heart, the white-bearded scoundrel flew into the air and was defeated like a mountain!
      Under such circumstances, it was impossible for them to defeat the Blackbeard Gang!
      Even more so, they didn’t even have the intention to resist. They just wanted to flee.
      Under such circumstances, there was only one result, that was the destruction of the Blackbeard Gang.
      It could be said that the White Beard Gang was about to completely disappear on the historical stage.
      At this moment, a large ship slowly approached Silent Island.
      On the mast, there were three scratches on one side of the left eye, and there were two black skull flags hanging on the back of the mast!
      This was the red-haired fragrance of the Four Emperors who had arrived slowly!
      Perhaps with the appearance of Shanks, the remnants of White Beard might be able to retain a chance to survive.
      However, Li Wei was not aware of these matters.
      That was because Li Wei was already far away from Silence Island.
      In a certain sea area, on a nameless desert island.
      Li Wei, who was riding Mark 5, landed on the desert island.
      After leaving Silent Island, Li Wei did not immediately leave the pirate world!
      [Back countdown:40:20:00]
      After checking the countdown, he found that he still had more than a day and a half, less than two days.
      Before the decisive battle, Li Wei could still stay in the pirate world for three days.
      More than a day had passed, and Li Wei still had more than a day and a half.
      In a day and a half, Li Wei could do many things.
      So Li Wei did not immediately leave the pirate world!
      He landed on a deserted island and casually found a place where there was no one. Li Wei immediately summoned the world anchor!
      At this moment, on the anchor of the world, there were two Demon Fruits!
      A blue demon fruit was the Undying Bird Fruit that Li Wei had prepared for him!
      The other purple demon fruit was the Nine-Tailed Fox Fruit that Li Wei had prepared for Skye!
      He directly took down the Undying Bird Fruit. Li Wei bit it down and directly ate it!
      In an instant, the Undying Bird Fruit turned into a warm stream and directly entered Li Wei’s body.
      Li Wei closed his eyes and quietly felt the power of the Undying Bird Fruit.
      At a certain moment, Li Wei opened his eyes.
      A blue flame appeared at Li Wei’s fingertips!
      The flames spread and covered Li Wei’s body. Li Wei’s body began to change!
      The body made of flames, the blue wings of fire!
      A strange blue flame bird appeared on the desert island, emitting a strange radiance!
      Li Wei had successfully transformed into an undying bird!
      At this moment, Li Wei felt that all his injuries had recovered!
      In the previous battle, Li Wei exploded with all his strength, using the shock fruit and Mo Mo Mo fruit’s abilities.
      Especially the move that triggered the earthquake and tsunami, which had caused Li Wei’s strength to be overdrawn!
      This was also why Li Wei was anxious to leave the battlefield!
      If he continued to stay on the battlefield, he might suffer a backlash from his injuries!
      At that time, if Black Beard found out the flaws, it would be troublesome!
      Even when he landed on the island, Li Wei’s arms still trembled. This was the aftermath of the explosion!
      But now, after eating the Undying Bird Fruit, the Regenerative Flame covered Li Wei’s body. All the injuries on Li Wei’s body had been “burned down “!
      Li Wei felt as if he was reborn. All his injuries and dark injuries had disappeared!
      “Sure enough, the greater the risk, the greater the reward. This ability is worth it!”
      Li Wei’s eyes flashed with joy!
      After obtaining the Undying Bird Fruit, he would not need to estimate so much in the future. He could fight with all his strength!
      This was the best ability for Li Wei!
      Half a day later, Li Wei was on a deserted island, familiar with the ability of the Undying Bird Fruit!
      Half a day later, Li Wei left the desert island.
      Li Wei didn’t use his steel armor, Mark 5, and directly turned into an undead bird burning with blue flames, flying towards the sea!
      For the rest of the time, Li Wei casually flew on the sea.
      When he met the enemy, Li Wei rushed down to fight with the enemy and seized the enemy’s ability.
      The purpose of Li Wei’s trip to the Sea Thief World had been completely completed. Therefore, Li Wei was very relaxed and casual in the following time.
      Because whether he had any gains or not was not particularly important to Li Wei.
      For Li Wei, the rest of the time was more like the time for leisure vacation and ability training.
      Time slowly passed. After the countdown ended, Li Wei disappeared.
      He left the Sea Thief World and returned to the Maneuvering World!

      048 Skye, who had transformed into a Nine-Tailed Fox!

      Diffusion World
      A blinding light appeared in the bedroom, and a ripple appeared in the space.
      A black-haired, black-eyed Chinese man slowly walked out from the void!
      This was Li Wei who had returned to the Marvelous World!
      After receiving the Undying Bird Fruit, Li Wei spent more than a day in the Sea Thief world to practice his abilities.
      It was not until the time was completely exhausted that Li Wei returned to the World of Maneuver.
      “Li Wei, is it you? Welcome home!”
      SKY happily came to Li Wei’s room. When he saw Li Wei, he happily hugged Li Wei and gave him a big hug.
      During this period of time, she became more and more familiar with the ability of shock waves. She could even feel the shock waves.
      As soon as Li Wei returned to the Maneuvering World, Skye sensed the fluctuation in Li Wei’s bedroom and hurried over!
      “I’ m back, Skye. Did something happen during the few days I left?”
      After hugging Skye for a while, Li Wei finally let go of his soft embrace and said to Skye.
      To be honest, the flow of time between the Maneuver world and other worlds seemed to be somewhat different.
      Li Wei spent more than nine days in the Sea Thief world, but it seemed that only four or five days had passed in the Maneuver world.
      The flow rate between the two was about 1:2.
      As for this question, Li Wei had also asked the spirit of anchor, wanting to find out the details.
      But according to the news from the Spirit of Anchor, it seemed to be related to their own world rules.
      In other words, the velocity of time might be different in different worlds.
      Perhaps he would invade a world in the future and stay in that world for a long time, but when he returned to the Marvel world, he discovered that only a few hours had passed.
      Of course, to Li Wei, there were some benefits.
      At least he didn’t need to worry about staying in other worlds for too long, which would delay things in the Marvelous World.
      Furthermore, according to the description of the Spirit of Anchor.
      After the world anchor had reached a certain level.
      Perhaps, the world anchor could interfere with the rules of other worlds, thus affecting and controlling the flow of time in other worlds!
      If that was the case, then it would be heaven defying.
      However, these were all matters in the future. Li Wei still needed to cultivate in peace.
      The past few days had been extremely quiet. There was nothing big about it……”By the way, Mr. Tony has contacted you twice. It seems like he has something to look for you.”
      Skye seemed to have thought of something and hurriedly said to Li Wei.
      Over the past few days, Stark had contacted this side twice, as if he had something to discuss with Li Wei.
      “Tony came to me?”I know.”
      Li Wei nodded slightly, but he didn’ t care too much!
      He would make a visit once the matters on his side were settled.
      “Skye, how is your physical and physical burden?”
      Li Wei asked about Skye.
      As his super powers became stronger, could Skye’s body still bear it?
      My bones seem to have some problems……”But I’ ve already bought some bone strengthening drugs for me on Friday. There won’ t be any problems!”
      Skyla was slightly bitter.
      Previously, she wanted to become stronger, so that she could help Li Wei.
      In the end, she didn’ t expect her superpower to bear such a huge burden, even hurting her body.
      If she continued to train, it would likely leave a serious internal injury to her body.
      However, Skye hurriedly argued, saying that the smart housekeeper had helped her on Friday to buy some bone-enhancing drugs, which reassured Li Wei.
      Because Skye didn’t want to give up on his ability!
      Only when she became stronger could she keep up with Li Wei.
      He couldn’t do anything. He could only hide behind Li Wei. This was n’ t what Skye wanted to see!
      “Don’ t worry, I’ ve already found a solution.”
      Li Wei smiled and took out the Nine-Tailed Fox Fruit!
      “This fruit is a bit special. It can give you the power of Nine-Tailed Fox, turn into Nine-Tailed Fox, strengthen your body, and reduce the burden of shockwaves…….”
      Li Wei quickly explained the ability of the Nine-Tailed Fox Fruit!
      The more he spoke, the brighter his eyes became. His heart was stirred!
      “I’ m willing to eat this fruit!”
      He didn’t even hesitate at all. He did n’ t even doubt the origin of the mysterious fruit. Skye nodded immediately!
      Because she absolutely believed in Li Wei. As long as Li Wei said it, she would not doubt it.
      Li Wei nodded slightly and handed the Nine-Tailed Fox Fruit to Skye.
      Skye bit down and ate the Nine-Tailed Fox Fruit.
      A moment later, Skye’s body changed.
      A few long fox tails grew from behind Skye. A pair of furry and cute fox ears grew out. Their eyes turned golden. There seemed to be ripples in their eyes, and their figure became even more fiery.
      It could be said that the original Skye was a typical oriental woman with a hint of heroic spirit!
      However, after turning into Nine-Tailed Fox, Skye’s temperament changed dramatically, becoming even more beautiful and charming.
      Unlike Katrina Dappen, Katrina’s Nine-Tailed Fox was violent and violent, while Skye was beautiful, charming and charming. It was like Su Daji who had turned into a seductive person.
      Every frown and smile gave off an astonishing charm.
      Li Wei was a little surprised as he admired Skye’s changes.
      Without a doubt, Li Wei was extremely satisfied with this change!
      At this moment, regardless of his image and temperament, Skye was like a character in a game in his previous life. That was LOL’s A’ li!
      “Li Wei, do you like it?”
      Skye looked at Li Wei expectantly. She realized that Li Wei seemed to like her appearance very much.
      “It looks pretty good.”
      Li Wei nodded slightly, admiring Skye’s appearance.
      “Then do you want to do something special?”
      Skye approached Li Wei and hugged Li Wei with both hands. He looked at Li Wei with an infatuated look, his eyes filled with a faint mist.
      Not only did Skye’s temperament change, but even his personality changed a little. He became even bolder.
      Li Wei did not reject this. He picked up Skye and walked inside!
      Skye seemed to know what was going to happen next, but he didn’t refuse. His face turned red and he buried his head in Li Wei’s arms, letting Li Wei hold him because she had already given her heart to Li Wei.
      The door closed, covering up all the beautiful scenery.
      However, there was one thing that was certain. From today onwards, the relationship between the two of them would go further.

      049 Unanticipated gains, top-grade two-color dominance!

      In the master bedroom, Li Wei leaned against the white pillow and rested on the bed.
      At Li Wei’s side, Skye, who was overworked, had long fallen asleep.
      Although Skye had eaten the Nine-Tailed Fox Fruit and his physique had greatly improved, compared to Li Wei, there was still a huge difference.
      After all, Li Wei had the shock fruit of shock power, as well as the speed-enhancing Mo Mo Mo Fruit, as well as the recovering Undying Bird Fruit. His strength completely crushed Skye.
      That was why Skye was unable to break into the army and surrendered early. He was sleeping and recuperating.
      Because Li Wei had the ability of the Undying Bird Fruit, he quickly recovered his strength and was full of energy. Therefore, he had no time to rest.
      Taking advantage of this time, Li Wei let his spirit enter his mind, thinking about the world anchor and sorting out his own situation!
      Host: Li Wei Stark
      Ability: Shock Fruit, Momo Fruit, Undying Bird Fruit, top-class armed power, top-class heard power
      World Anchor Level: Gold
      World Origin:00.00
      Recorded coordinates: Sea Thief World
      At this moment, Li Wei already had three demon fruits. Moreover, these three demon fruits all had their own unique strengths!
      Shock Fruit was an attack type ability that could unleash a powerful attack power!
      Mo Mo Mo Fruit was an auxiliary type of ability that could increase speed and other aspects!
      The Undying Bird Fruit was a healing ability that could heal all kinds of injuries and give Li Wei a strong constitution!
      It could be said that Li Wei’s three Demon Fruit abilities corresponded to all aspects of their abilities, making up for Li Wei’s weakness.
      The current Li Wei was basically an all-round warrior. There would be no obvious weakness!
      This was also why Li Wei chose these three abilities!
      He didn’t randomly plunder his abilities, but rather planned to seize them. Otherwise, he would n’ t have abandoned Baa’laki’s fragmented fruit and chose Bondi Waldo’s Momo fruit.
      Although there were still some minor flaws, at present, these three abilities were the most suitable abilities for Li Wei.
      Li Wei was very satisfied with this match.
      As for the top-level military and the top-level audience, these two were unexpected gains!
      After receiving the Undying Bird Fruit, Li Wei did not immediately return to the Maneuvering World. Instead, he used the rest of his time to risk his life in the sea!
      Because of the characteristics of the Lord of Chains and the new world in the second half of the great route, many pirates who understood the two-color domineeringness chose to attack Li Wei.
      Their results were inevitable. All of them were in Li Wei’s hands.
      It was also because of this that Li Weili used the illusionary boat anchor to capture some domineering and armed light balls from these pirates.
      If there was more than one, the number would change drastically!
      These two-colored and domineering balls of light merged with each other, transforming into a top-notch domineering aura, as well as a top-notch armed aura!
      For this reason, Li Wei only had these two abilities!
      It was a top-level sight!
      The top-class armed force was domineering!
      The sense of dominance was an inductive ability that could sense the location and number of enemies outside the field of vision, as well as the actions the opponent would take in the next moment.
      The top-level audience was domineering, and they could predict a portion of the future.
      The armor was domineering, let alone it. Li Wei had it himself. It could evolve into an attack and invisible armor. It could also be wrapped around a weapon to increase the attack power!
      A top-level armed domineering aura was called Liu Ying. It could also break into the human body and cause damage.
      It could be said that these two abilities were extremely practical, and could bring some help to Li Wei!
      As a result, Li Wei was very happy that he had unexpectedly obtained a top-level two-color domineering aura.
      Three different types of demon fruits, as well as a top-level two-color domineering aura, this was all Li Wei’s current power!
      But this kind of power was enough to allow Li Wei to gain a foothold in this dangerous world. He could even dominate one side!
      However, for Li Wei, he didn’t have any idea of hegemony. He just wanted to increase his strength so that he could have a certain right to speak in the future world of Marvelous Power, so that no one would be killed!
      This was Li Wei’s idea. It was also Li Wei’s goal!
      After a while, Li Wei finally managed to get his current strength together.
      He left the bed and put on his clothes.
      Li Wei came to Yu’s room and took a cold bath to help him recover.
      After that, he came to the training room to practice the ability he had just obtained.
      After half a day, Skye slowly woke up.
      As soon as he woke up, Skye wanted to land on the ground and prepare food for Li Wei, but he was stopped by Li Wei.
      “You have a good rest. If you have anything to do, tell me Friday. She will do it well.”
      Li Wei let her continue to rest. After all, she had been overworked.
      After everything was arranged, Li Wei arrived at the garage and drove a sports car. He left the villa and headed towards the city center!
      Skye had said that Stark had come to look for him several times, as if something had happened to him.
      Now that his business was over, Li Wei was ready to go to Stark’s residence to see what Stark was looking for him for.

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