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Marvel: To save the father of Iron Man at the beginning

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      Marvel: To save the father of Iron Man at the beginning(Chapter 1-50)

      Chapter 1 Stark’s Industrial Successor. Did he encounter Winter Soldier Baa’ ba?

      “Child, how long before the airport arrives?”
      “Probably… there’s still half an hour left.”
      “I hope I can catch up with this plane, or I will miss our vacation to the Bahamas.”
      “Mom and Dad, why don’ t we go?”
      “What nonsense are you talking about? Your father is at his leisure this time. It’s rare for us to go out for a vacation. It’s also a celebration of your 18th birthday party.”
      The night was like water.
      A car was driving on a slightly bumpy road. The woods on the road were retreating backwards.
      Ke Lin gripped the steering wheel with both hands, his head slightly dazed.
      Not long ago, he had traveled to the Maneuvering World.
      He became Howard Stark’s First Born, and also Tony Stark’s brother, the number one successor of the Stark Group!
      Stark Industrial Group was a giant enterprise.
      Its industries included high-tech industries such as military industry, artificial intelligence, aerospace, and energy. It was a well-deserved super-industrial empire. Even in the entire Marvel world, there were only a few.
      Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation
      This was simply a birth with a golden spoon, and the moment it was born, it stood at the finish line.
      Wealth, status, and beauty were all within reach.
      At first, Colin also lived a paper-drunk, extravagant life, until one day, the old man Howard Stack offered to go to the Bahamas for a vacation!
      Ke Lin was shocked!
      Going to the Bahamas for a vacation sounded familiar!
      Ke Lin was not unfamiliar with this plot.
      As one of the founders of the Divine Shield Bureau, Howard Stark had long become a thorn in Nine-Headed Snake’s side. He had been looking for an opportunity to get rid of it.
      As for the Howard Stark and his wife, they were driving to the airport and were killed by the Nine-Headed Snake’s Winter Soldier, Baaaki!
      Therefore, after learning of this decision, Ke Lin strongly opposed it and did not want the tragedy to repeat itself.
      However, Howard did not know what was going on. He ignored Colin’s objections and insisted on going. He said that this was a rare opportunity. At the same time, he took this opportunity to give Colin a bar mitzvah over eighteen.
      As for his brother Tony, he had just returned from studying abroad and stayed at home alone.
      In the original book, it was because of this that he was lucky to escape.
      However, Colin was in a bad situation. He rolled into the vortex of fate and tied it to the fate of the Howard couple.
      Through the rearview mirror, Colin glanced at Howard and Maria in the back seat with a complicated expression.
      They still had smiles on their faces and were still looking forward to this trip to the Bahamas. They did not expect that the Emerald Games would arrive quietly.
      It wasn’ t until Ke Lin gently touched the pistol in his arms that his nervousness calmed down.
      In order to deal with this crisis, Colin prepared a gun and weapon to defend himself.
      However, Baky was the most elite winter warrior trained by the Nine-Headed Snake. His strength could not be underestimated. It was unknown if Colin could return all of his body, but he could only plan for the worst.
      “Ke Lin, you seem to have something on your mind?”
      Seeing Colin’s uneasy expression, Howard could n’ t help but ask doubtfully.
      Ke Lin shook his head and answered absent-mindedly.
      He couldn’t show off his identity as a transmigrator and tell Nine-Headed Snake that he would send assassins to assassinate him, right?
      Even if he dared to say it, could Howard and Maria believe it?
      Everything had to be done at random.
      Chu Yunsheng’s mind was filled with thoughts. He was holding the steering wheel with both hands, his eyes were looking around, he was observing the movement, he was on guard against the winter soldier.
      The car continued to drive. The night was as dark as ink, and the night wind whistled past.
      In the unknown darkness, there seemed to be a ferocious and terrifying beast that opened its bloody mouth and waited for their arrival.
      Time passed slowly.
      Howard and Maria’s faces were filled with drowsiness. They could n’ t help but yawn and leaned back on the seat to rest.
      Ke Lin, who knew the danger ahead, did not dare to relax.
      He focused his attention on the enemy that would appear at any moment, as if he were facing a great enemy.
      At this moment, a blinding light shot over, accompanied by the roar of the engine.
      Following that, a Haley motorcycle suddenly rushed out from a road several hundred meters ahead. Its speed suddenly increased as if it was a fierce beast charging towards it.
      “It’s here!”
      A dazzling light shot over, blinding him. Colin could not help but narrow his eyes.
      Sure enough, what he was worried about still happened.
      Just as he was shocked, a mechanical electronic sound rang out by his ears:
      “Ding, match with host successfully, bind to god selection system.”
      “Given the current crisis that host is facing, give us three opening options.”
      “Option 1: Surrender Baa!”The mission is completed. Reward the healing technique.”
      “Option two: abandon the car and flee!”Mission completed. Reward magic broomstick.”
      “Option 3: Hit Baa’ba!”Mission completed, reward XiaoYaoZi template.”
      Hearing the voice in his mind, Ke Lin could not help but be stunned.
      The timeline was in the 1990s. Hank Pim had just set up Pim technology, not long before Nickfrey met Captain Marvel.)*

      Chapter 2 Xiaoyao Child Template!

      There was a saying in the transmigrator army.
      Golden Finger might be late, but he would not be absent.
      This sentence was undoubtedly confirmed.
      The System gave three options, and Ke Lin began to weigh the pros and cons.
      The three options were all around Baa’ba’s point.
      At this moment, Baa’ba had been brainwashed by the Nine-Headed Snake, becoming a heartless killing machine.
      His assassination attempt was a death order given by Nine-Headed Snake. There was no room for change. Even if Colin surrendered, it would be useless. He was still unable to escape death. Moreover, how could this trauma memory repair technique work?
      Therefore, Ke Lin gave up the first option without even thinking.
      As for this magic broomstick, it should be the broomstick inside Harry Potter. It could travel through the sky and into the earth. It was a rare flying weapon.
      But if Ke Lin was to abandon his car and flee, it would be impossible.
      Although he was a transmigrator and the Howard couple weren’t his real parents, they had a nurturing grace towards the owner of this body.
      Ke Lin could not bear to run away and abandon their lives.
      Moreover, even if he really abandoned the car and fled, it would be difficult for him to escape Baa’ba’s pursuit.
      As a result, Colin quickly gave up on this option after some thought.
      In this way, the result was obvious.
      The third option was to drive and be tough. This method was a little risky, but there was a chance of survival.
      Moreover, the reward for the third option was not bad.
      XiaoYaoZi was the leader of XiaoYao Sect. His martial arts were unparalleled, and he had reached the transformation stage. He was also a grandmaster of the sect. His strength was comparable to that of a sweeping monk.
      If he could get Xiao Yao Zi’s template, then Colin would be able to transform into a top-notch martial arts expert. Even in the Maneuvering World, he could still have the essence of standing still.
      The most important thing was to resolve the current crisis.
      As his heart spun, Ke Lin quickly made a choice.
      Ke Lin took a deep breath and stepped on the accelerator.
      As the engine roared, the car was driven by Kerin, and its speed did not decrease but increased. It directly crashed into the oncoming motorcycle!
      “What’s going on?”
      The sudden acceleration caused Howard and Maria to wake up.
      When they saw Colin’s crazy action, their expressions changed and they subconsciously protected their heads.
      Dong Bingbach was also stunned.
      He did not expect the other party to drive so decisively towards him.
      Could it be that the other party had seen through his intention to assassinate him?
      As an elite soldier of the Nine-Headed Snake, Baa’laki was stunned for a moment before he quickly calmed down.
      Just as the car was about to collide with the motorcycle, Bakiden leaped up from the motorcycle and dodged to the side.
      The next moment, with a dull sound, the silver car and the motorcycle that were rushing out collided heavily.
      The motorcycle was knocked to the ground, and the front face of the car was deformed.
      The car tires dragged two long tracks on the road before stopping.
      Fortunately, Ke Lin stepped on the brake at the critical moment, adjusted the angle of the collision and protected his head.
      Meanwhile, Howard and Maria, who were sitting in the back row, were only slightly bruised.
      “Ding, host has chosen the third option. Successful completion of the mission. Reward Xiao Yao Child Template (Age of Strong Years).”
      A notification sounded.
      A white robed man appeared on the system interface.
      He had sharp eyebrows and starry eyes, his long hair fluttering in the wind, his eyes shining like stars, and his bearing was extraordinary.
      A white robe fluttered in the wind, hunting and stirring.
      His figure was tall and straight, and his internal force was incomparable. His entire body emitted an aura of immortal wind and bone, and he looked like a top expert.
      In an instant.
      The white-robed man transformed into a ray of light and entered Colin’s body.
      As the light entered, Colin felt as if his body had undergone a complete transformation. He had cleansed his veins and broken his marrow. His physical body was strong, and his dantian was filled with heat. A deep true energy lay in his dantian.
      A sharp light shot out from Ke Lin’s eyes, and his entire aura changed.
      He adapted to Xiao Yao Zi’s template and walked down from the car.
      On the other side.
      Winter Soldier Baa’s face was expressionless as he walked over. His eyes were cold and murderous. The iron arm in his left hand flickered with a silver glint under the moonlight.
      Baa’ba quickened his pace, raised his arm slightly, and swung his fist towards him.
      His left arm had been transformed into an iron arm. It was extremely hard. If he used all his strength, he could even kill a bull.
      “Ke Lin, be careful.”
      Mother Maria exclaimed.
      However, Ke Lin turned a deaf ear to his mother’s reminder. He allowed the other party’s fist wind to blow his hair into a mess.
      The shadow of the fist was getting bigger and bigger. Just as it was about to hit the door, Ke Lin, who had been standing still, suddenly attacked.
      His five fingers were pressed together into a palm, and they shot out from below, separating Baa’ba’s iron fist.
      Following that, Ke Lin took the opportunity to take a step forward while the other party’s door opened. A palm strike landed on Baa’s chest.
      It seemed like a gentle palm strike, but it contained tremendous power.
      With a palm strike, a huge force erupted, carrying a fierce wind.
      Along with the sound of bones crushing, Baa’ba was hit by a heavy blow. He was like a deflated balloon flying backwards, blocking his waist and breaking a big tree by the roadside.
      “What a powerful force. Is this really the rumored Stark family trash?”
      As he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, Baa’ba slowly got up, his eyes filled with disbelief.
      The First Born of the Stark Family was lustful, arrogant, and extravagant. Over time, his body became very weak, even without the strength to bind a chicken.
      But when they fought today, Baa’ba suddenly realized that these rumors were all false.
      To be able to dodge his attack with ease, and to be able to unleash such a heavy palm strike, how could this be something that a person without the strength of a chicken could do?
      Ke Lin naturally did not know what the other party was thinking.
      A fierce glint flashed in his eyes. He stepped on the ground and flew forward like an arrow leaving the bowstring. His five fingers were slightly bent and turned into sharp eagle claws that bucky.
      Based on his experience as a killer, Baky knew that the man in front of him was not something he could handle with his bare hands, so he quickly took out a pistol from his waist and aimed it at Colin, who was rushing towards him.
      Seeing this, Ke Lin’s lips curled into a sneer.
      “Ling Bo Micro Step!”
      Ke Lin’s speed was as fast as a ghost when he condensed his true energy into the soles of his feet. He pulled out a shadow in the darkness, making it hard to figure out.
      Just as Baki pulled the trigger, Colin seemed to have made a prediction. His waist shook strangely and dodged in the opposite direction.
      “Bang bang bang.”
      After three shots in a row, Baa’ba had all missed.
      In the blink of an eye, Ke Lin had already approached him.
      “Sky Mountain Red Plum Hand!”
      In the blink of an eye, Colin stretched out his hand as fast as lightning. Under Baa’ba’s shocked gaze, he crushed the pistol with his bare hands.
      At the same time, his right arm coiled up like a spirit snake.
      The zhenqi surged and the inner energy burst forth.
      A Sky Mountain Six Sun Palm that contained a strong force suddenly shot out.
      Seeing this, Baa’ba was shocked. He quickly crossed his hands in front of him, hoping to block this attack.
      Although Baa’laki’s physique was superior to ordinary people and belonged to the level of a high-level agent, it was at most twice that of an adult man. In the end, it was still flesh and blood.
      How could such a flesh and blood body be able to withstand Xiao Yao Sect’s fierce palm strike.
      Amidst the miserable screams, Baa’ba was once again sent flying backwards, raising dust.
      The bones of his shoulder blades could be vaguely seen. His flesh and blood were torn apart, and blood flowed out from his wounds. An inexplicable sharp aura was running through his body, and his internal organs were about to shift.
      Under the excruciating pain, Baa’ba’s face was covered in pain, and cold sweat flowed down his face.
      Even such a cold-blooded killer was filled with shock. He decisively gave up on his actions and endured the intense pain. He hooked his waist and ran into the forest.
      Ke Lin stopped in front of the forest for a moment and did not chase after him.
      First, he had just obtained Xiao Yao Zi’s template, and there were many abilities that he was not familiar with.
      Besides, if Baa’laki were to be rushed, he would not know what kind of crazy action he would make.
      He withdrew his gaze from the forest, and Colin turned around to check on Howard and Maria.

      Chapter 3: A showdown. I am a peerless expert!

      Back in the car, Colin checked on Howard and Maria.
      Although the situation was dangerous just now.
      Fortunately, Colin pressed the brakes in time at the critical moment. Plus, the Howard couple was sitting in the back row. The impact was almost as low as possible, and there was nothing serious about it.
      The assassination incident left the Howard couple completely uninterested in taking a vacation. Who knew if there was an ambush ahead?
      They gave up on their vacation plans and chose the original route to return.
      The way back was very smooth, and nothing unexpected happened.
      The Stark family was in the villa of the Nunjo.
      “Crazy guy, this is a premeditated assassination.”
      Howard Stark sat on the sofa and said angrily.
      Thinking back to the shock she had just experienced, Maria also felt a lingering fear.
      Who would have thought that a trip that was supposed to be full of joy would be filled with killing intent.
      “But Sergeant Barnes, didn’ t he accidentally fall off a cliff and die while he was on a mission during World War II? Why is he still alive and still trying to assassinate us?”
      Howard frowned and muttered, his expression absent-minded.
      Doubts lingered in his mind as he pondered deeply.
      Ke Lin hesitated for a moment when he saw Howard with a blank look on his face. He said in a good tone,” It’s very simple to know this answer. If we get rid of us, the person who makes the most profit is the person behind it.”
      The authorities were watching from the sidelines.
      Howard was still in shock. He could not calmly analyze the situation. Ke Lin tried to guide him to the correct answer.
      “You mean the Nine-Headed Snake Organization?”
      “Other than them, who else can there be.”
      As Colin spoke, Howard Stark’s expression changed slightly.
      Howard was not stupid to be able to master a large group like Stark Industries.
      As his thoughts turned, he had some guesses in his heart.
      Speaking of which, although Stark Industries had many competitors in business, it was not enough to kill them.
      Only the identity of the creator of the Divine Shield Bureau caused him a lot of trouble.
      Over the past few years, there had been quite a few exchanges between S.H.I.I. Shield and Nine-Headed Snake. It could be said that the conflict was getting worse and worse. The Nine-Headed Snake wished that he could be eliminated quickly.
      If anyone wanted to get rid of him the most, then there was only Nine-Headed Snake.
      Now that he thought about it, there were a lot of strange things about Sergeant Barnes’ death.
      Sergeant Barnes had only fallen from the cliff, but his corpse had never been found. His whereabouts were a mystery, and it could not be ruled out that he was saved by the Nine-Headed Snake.
      Nine-Headed Snake Organization?Was it that evil organization that was spreading slogans, cutting off one head and growing two more heads?”They’ ll just give up.”
      As he muttered the words Nine-Headed Snake, Tony Stark was a little surprised.
      This future Iron Man was still a young boy. He had not been involved in the world, and he was ignorant. He did not understand the dangers of the world and the evil of the Nine-Headed Snake.
      The seemingly distant murder was imminent, and it almost took the lives of his family.
      This was undoubtedly a huge shock to the young Toni’s heart.
      “Don’ t worry, brother will protect you.”
      Ke Lin gently touched Tony’s head and consoled him.
      Tony raised his head and stared at his brother in a daze. He felt a sense of security in his heart, as if this cruel and vicious Nine-Headed Snake was not worthy of fear.
      “Speaking of which, it’s all thanks to Colin today. If it wasn’ t for our child, we would have gone to see God now.”
      After this shocking incident, Maria let out a sigh of relief.
      “Who said it wasn’ t.”
      Howard Stark nodded in agreement, then began to re-evaluate the First Born in front of him.
      At this moment, Colin had sharp eyebrows and starry eyes. His eyes were bright, and his bearing was extraordinary. He was completely different from the way he had been indulging in alcohol.
      “Oh right, my child, why did you seem like you’ ve suddenly changed into someone? You’ re actually able to defeat Sergeant Barnes with your bare hands. As far as I know, this guy isn’ t easy to deal with.”
      As he stared at Colin in front of him, Howard voiced his doubts.
      “You mean the Hua Xia Gongfu I just displayed?”
      Ke Lin’s eyes turned and he made up.
      On the way back, Colin had already thought of an explanation.
      “You mean chinesekungfu?”
      “That’s right. I’ ve been worried that the Hydra would make a move on us. That’s why I’ ve been practicing self-defense since two years ago. As we all know,,chinesekungfu is vast, profound, and has a long history. It’s also very appropriate to use it for self-defense.”
      “After all, we have to rely on our own strength in everything. We can’ t place all our hopes on super heroes like Captain Mi, right?”
      Facing Howard’s surprised gaze, Colin explained with a faint smile.
      “I see.”
      Hearing Colin’s explanation, a look of doubt flashed through Howard’s eyes, but it quickly returned to normal.
      Although this explanation was rather far-fetched, Howard still chose to believe in his child. Moreover, if it wasn’t for Colin’s hidden skill, it would have been disastrous today.
      Ke Lin sighed in relief when he saw that Howard did not continue to pursue this issue.
      “For safety reasons, we need to strengthen the security.”
      “That’s right. Looks like Hydra can’ t hold back anymore. We need to be more careful in the future.”
      He returned to the room and closed the door.
      Ke Lin thought of the System name in his heart and tried to communicate with the System.

      Chapter 4 Divine Shield and Nine-Headed Snake!

      “Select System?”
      “Golden Finger?”
      “An assistant?”
      Ke Lin tried to communicate with the System.
      However, for half a day, the System ignored him.
      It was a little cold.
      However, Colin wasn’t disappointed. It should still appear in the future.
      It was likely that something had happened before it was triggered.
      Those who should come would always come.
      The priority now was to familiarize himself with the Xiaoyao Zi template as soon as possible, comprehend all of his abilities, and give full play to the potential of the template.
      In this way, it would be possible for them to have the essence of being safe and living in the Maneuvering World.
      If they were to encounter a similar surprise attack, they would be able to overcome it and not let the tragedy in the original work repeat itself.
      Although the Stark family tried to suppress the news.
      But there was no wall in the world that could not penetrate the wind.
      The news of the incident between the Howard couple and the First Born spread widely.
      As America’s strategic defense, attack, and logistics support bureau, S.H.I. Shield Bureau had many spies and had the largest intelligence network. It had obtained the information channel at the first moment.
      Trident Building.
      The first agent to obtain information, Nick Frey, hurried to the director’s office and told the current director, Pierce.
      Hearing Nick Frey’s description, Pierce’s hand that was reading the document trembled slightly, and a strange look flashed through his eyes.
      “The Howard couple and their First Born were assassinated?”
      “Yes, thankfully, Colin Stark defeated the assassin’s plot. The three of them were able to escape and have returned home.”
      Pierce got up from his chair and looked down at the traffic flow downstairs through the window. He fell into deep thought.
      “This assassination must have been caused by the Nine-Headed Snake. They want to use this to weaken the Divine Shield Bureau. Chief, we must immediately arrange for agents to secretly protect the Howard family.”
      Nick Frey said solemnly.
      Everyone knew that Howard was one of the three founders of the Divine Shield Bureau.
      The Nine-Headed Snake’s purpose in assassinating Howard was very clear. It was to remove obstacles and indirectly weaken the power of Divine Shield Bureau.
      “It’s not too late to make a decision now. It’s not too late to send people to investigate.”
      Pierce decisively rejected Nick Frey’s suggestion.
      “Do as I say. Don’ t be so presumptuous!”
      Nick Frey looked at Pierce in confusion and nodded in hesitation.
      For some reason, he always felt that the director’s expression was strange, and his attitude towards Howard’s attack was somewhat abnormal.
      In a secret room.
      Looking at the wounded Winter Soldier Baa’ba who was kneeling on the ground on one knee, the figure in the darkness could not help but frown. He said unhappily,” You lost your hand?”
      “That person called Colin… he’s very strong. I… am not his match.”
      Baa’ba nodded expressionlessly.
      “How is that possible? He’s a playboy who doesn’ t have the strength to bind a chicken. How could you be defeated by him? How disappointing!”
      His deep words were filled with shock and confusion.
      Nine-Headed Snake was meticulous in his actions, and he would make a thorough investigation before every action.
      According to the intelligence reports, this Colin was just a rich playboy who had been emptied of his body by alcohol. It was nothing to worry about.
      This assassination operation should have been foolproof.
      But the truth was unexpected.
      Even Baky, one of the most elite nine-headed snake warriors, had been beaten to death by him. How could this not shock the leader of the nine-headed snake.
      “Colin Stark, is he hiding his strength?”
      The Nine-Headed Snake leader paced back and forth in the secret room, his expression changing.
      His heart was stunned. His anger could not be relieved.
      He waved his hand.
      Barbarian Winter was dragged out of the room.
      Then, a mournful wail rang out throughout the entire space.

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      Chapter 5: Maneuvering situation, Howard’s decision!

      Colin didn’t know about the reactions of Divine Shield and Nine-Headed Snake.
      In the following time.
      He locked himself in the room and continued to comprehend the ability of the Xiao Yao Zi template, immersed in cultivation.
      It had to be said that as a martial arts expert comparable to a sweeping monk, Xiaoyaozi’s template was still very powerful.
      Whether it was the strength of his physical body or the strength of his internal force, he had already reached the Xiantian realm.
      Not to mention the martial arts of the Xiao Yao Sect. They were proficient in martial arts and were superb.
      Ke Lin had tried it before. Simply using palm power could shatter a hard rock.
      As the cultivation progressed, Ke Lin had completely merged with the template, and his strength was still increasing, becoming even stronger.
      And in this month’s time.
      Colin had also taken on his role and gradually adapted to his family relationship with the Howard couple and Tony.
      Correspondingly, the family members saw Ke Lin’s change.
      The most profound feeling was Howard.
      The once drunk and lustful dandy turned into a calm and collected and unfathomable treasure young man. It was a magnificent transformation.
      In addition to being surprised, Howard was more pleased and happy.
      With the development of Stark’s industry, Howard had already passed through his middle age. He was gradually getting older. The management of the enterprise was not enough. There was an urgent need for someone to inherit the family’s industry.
      Tony was still in college and was still young.
      Therefore, this hope naturally fell on Colin.
      In order to make Colin adapt to his responsibilities, Howard began to bring Colin into the family business.
      As a result, Colin had a clearer understanding of the commercial situation in Manway.
      Manway’s main stage was on the New Year’s Day, and here were the world’s top technology companies and super companies.
      For example.
      Osborne Group focused on the chemical industry.
      Teslac Industries, created by Father Sentinel.
      There was also Hammer’s military industry, which belonged to the military industry as well as Stark’s industry.
      Oil giant Roxone Company, etc.
      As for AIM, which developed the Impassable Virus, it had not yet appeared.
      In such a large business area, these companies were competing for the lead, each having its own merits.
      Under such circumstances, competition and opportunity coexisted.
      It was worth mentioning.
      Ever since Baky’s assassination, the Stark family’s home and company had strengthened their security. They had brought many bodyguards along with them.
      However, with the sharp insight of a Xiantian expert, Ke Lin could feel someone secretly spying on him.
      These should be the people from the Nine-Headed Snake Organization. They seemed to be still stirring up trouble, planning to assassinate them. However, they were afraid of Colin and did not dare to act rashly.
      Soon, it was time for Tony to start school.
      On this day, Howard led his family to the Stark Building, saying that there was something important to announce.
      Ke Lin had some guesses, but he was not sure.
      Putting away his thoughts, Ke Lin sat in the car.
      A lengthened Lincoln sedan sped along the road in the center of the city, bringing the family to the Stark Building.
      In the magnificent hall, the press conference had already been arranged.
      In the venue, the people who sat down were all dressed in suits.
      From the board of directors to the department manager, almost all of them gathered here, including the major shareholder, Obadiah.
      The reason why there was such a grand battle was only because the CEO of Stark Industries, Howard, had something important to announce.
      Apart from that, there were also many reporters from various media.
      They held their microphones and the cameras were ready, waiting for the main character of the press conference to arrive.
      The crowd gathered together, and the noise began to boil.
      Everyone was waiting in anticipation, looking in the direction of the gate from time to time.
      “It’s here!”
      A low voice came from the crowd.
      Under the leadership of the staff, the Howard couple, Colin and Tony walked along the red carpet and walked into the venue.
      With the arrival of the Stark family members, all the higher-ups of the company got up from their seats and burst into thunderous applause.
      The shutter pressed, and the flash continued to flash. It gave off a bright light, illuminating the entire hall into a day.
      Howard and Maria smiled as they waved to the guests present.
      It was the first time Tony had seen such a big battle. He couldn’t help but pursed his lips and slightly quivered.
      As for Ke Lin, he looked very indifferent. His expression was indifferent. Every move he made gave off an air of elegance and elegance, which made one couldn’ t help but be surprised.
      Following that, Howard came to the front of the platform under everyone’s gaze.
      He looked around the bustling hall, cleared his throat, and said in a clear voice,” Welcome to the Stark Industry press conference.”
      “Just as everyone knows, I have an important matter to announce today.”
      “It’s been more than 50 years since the establishment of Stark Industries. After experiencing the storm and rain, it’s constantly developing, becoming a cross-guo company that has set foot in many fields.”
      “At the same time that I witnessed its rise and strength, I’ m also growing old and I’ m not strong enough.”
      “Hua Xia has a saying that it’s time for me to retreat. A vibrant company needs to inject fresh blood to continue to show its vitality.”
      Howard paused, then continued:
      “Now I announce that I will step down as president from now on. My eldest son, Colin Stark, will take over as president and continue to manage Stark Industries!”
      As he finished speaking, the scene was in an uproar.
      Everyone’s eyes seemed to be attracted by a magnet. They immediately landed on Colin beside Howard, with surprise, doubt, envy, envy, and surprise!

      Chapter 6: New Choice, System Secrets!

      Ke Lin was stunned.
      Even though he had a vague premonition, when Howard truly announced this decision, his heart still shook.
      However, thinking about it, it seemed to be reasonable.
      There was a saying in the ancient language of Hua | Xia that happiness is the foundation of disaster, disaster is the foundation of happiness.
      After the assassination incident, Howard had a new understanding of life.
      Life was short and unpredictable, accompanied by surprise and surprise.
      He had spent most of his life in the business sector, and it was time for him to retire and enjoy his life.
      It was precisely because of this that Howard had the idea of retreating from behind the scenes and changing Colin to take over the family industry.
      As Howard announced his decision, everyone present whispered to each other.
      “Howard is going to step down. Is this news too sudden?”
      “Ke Lin’s qualifications are still low. Can he manage the company well? How can he be able to serve the public.”
      “That’s right. In comparison, I think Obadiah is more suitable.”
      Everyone looked at Ke Lin.
      There were doubts, envy, surprise.
      Apart from that, there was a gaze filled with intense jealousy.
      Following this gaze, Ke Lin’s eyes narrowed as he keenly sensed the source within the crowd.
      Stark’s major shareholder was second only to the Stark family.
      He wanted to replace the Stark family and become the chairman of the board.
      In the original book.
      He was the one who secretly colluded with the Ten Ring Gang to plan the kidnapping of Tonistak and took the opportunity to win the highest Quan power in Stark.
      At this moment, O’Badai had mixed feelings.
      When he first learned about the attack on the Howard couple, he was very excited.
      After all, as long as Howard died, he could take advantage of the situation and slowly take advantage of Stark’s industry.
      However, he did not expect that the Howard couple would actually leave their bodies because of Colin’s display of power. And today, in front of the media, they announced their decision to hand over Quan.
      This made Obadiah’s ambition disappear.
      In the end, it was all because of Colin. How could he not be jealous of him.
      Ignoring Obadiah’s jealous gaze, Colin remained calm and collected as he stood there calmly. No one could guess what he was thinking.
      “Ke Lin, you are willing to take over as chairman. We respect your wishes.”
      At this point, Howard turned around and said to Colin with a serious tone, waiting for his reply.
      At this moment, Colin instantly became the focus of attention.
      Everyone’s eyes focused on him.
      Maria and Tony were also staring at Colin, their expressions filled with nervousness and anticipation.
      Ke Lin thought to himself.
      Just at this moment, a mechanical electronic sound that had not been heard for a long time rang out:
      “For the current situation, please make your choice.”
      “Option 1: Reject Howard’s request!”Mission completed, reward Black Magic. Dragon Breaks Slash (from the World of Exulting Magic Instructors).”
      “Option 2: Agree to succeed as chairman!”Mission completed, reward Meteor Volcano (from the Sea Thief World).”
      “Option 3: Recommend Obadiah!”The mission has been completed, and we will reward one of the Skywalker ships (from the Marvel World).”
      Ke Lin’s brows rose slightly when he heard the sound of the notification.
      After a month, the system notification finally appeared again.
      He still gave three choices.
      If one looked at the rewards alone, it was definitely the third reward.
      Skywalker was the crystal of Divine Shield Bureau.
      It was equipped with an anti-gravity system. The four-turbine engine was lifted into the air. It could achieve the invisible effect. It could launch an all-round attack on the target in the sky and sky. It was a well-deserved air overlord.
      According to the timeline, it was a high-tech product that was not born until 20 years later.
      To put it simply, with the Skywalker, he would have mastered twenty years of advanced technology. It was equivalent to having the Skywalker quan.
      This was an advantage that other military enterprises could not match. Even the military would be afraid of it.
      However, the prerequisite for the reward was to recommend O’Badaya. If that was the case, would n’ t it be like a sheep entering a tiger’s mouth and being slaughtered.
      What a joke. How could he let such a perfect start pass?
      Meteor Volcano, though, was not the reward Ke Lin wanted the most.
      However, it belonged to the nature system. The Lava Fruit’s skill could be called the Red Dog’s big move. It controlled the Lava Fist to descend from the sky. It had a terrifying destructive power, enough to burn everything.
      With such a big move, it was equivalent to having another talisman in the chaotic world of gods and devils.
      In addition, he said.
      Ke Lin could be considered to have understood the system’s urination.
      When it triggered some important events and needed to make a choice, it would give three choices.
      The three choices correspond to different rewards.
      However, these rewards weren’t given casually, they were regular.
      It could be roughly divided into magic, technology and fantasy.
      Therefore, even if he missed the Skywalker this time, it would not be a pity. When the system triggered the next event, there would be other technology rewards to choose from!
      As his mind spun, Ke Lin quickly made a decision.
      Facing the attention of everyone and the media, Ke Lin nodded without hesitation.” Of course!”
      Ke Lin’s words were filled with an unquestionable dignity, as well as an imposing manner.

      Chapter 7 Lava Power, Foxtail!

      Under everyone’s gaze, Colin agreed to take over as Chairman of Stark Industries.
      At the same time, a crimson ray of light shot out from the system interface and disappeared into Colin’s forehead.
      He instantly felt a burning energy circulating around him.
      “Alright, I have courage.”
      Howard nodded in satisfaction.
      Tiger father had no dog.
      As the First Born of the Stark family, he should have such courage and courage.
      After that, Howard spoke again.
      Although he had retreated from behind the scenes, he would still plan for Stark’s industrial development and assist Colin in managing the company.
      As soon as these words were said, the doubts of some shareholders and investors were dispelled.
      After all, in the eyes of many people, Colin was still too young. It would be much better if he had Howard to help him.
      “Alright, the press conference is over. Please raise the wine in the glass and enjoy the atmosphere of the cocktail party.”
      This time, it was not only a press conference for Stark Industries, but also a celebration party for the company.
      At the banquet, there was a mix-up between the two of them.
      Howard led Colin off the stage and chatted with the company’s shareholders and investors.
      On the surface, this move was to introduce high-level personnel to Ke Lin, but in reality, it was also to release a signal to help Ke Lin quickly stabilize his high position and suppress those with ulterior motives.
      This time was different from the past.
      Ke Lin had long since torn off the label of a good-for-nothing. He had a lofty appearance, and his conversation was extraordinary. Many people were shocked and looked at him with a new look.
      “Howard, my old friend, the news you announced today was too sudden. It caught people off guard.”
      At this moment, Obadiah walked over from the crowd and clinked glasses with Howard and Colin.
      “The times have changed. It’s time for the young people to have their own side.”
      Howard said with a smile.
      Once upon a time, Howard and Obadiah were both business partners and friends with deep friendships.
      Along with the increasing prosperity of Stark’s industry, Obadiah’s desire to covet it became more and more intense. Both the public and the private showed great ambition to fight for Quanli.
      However, the two sides were both tacitly understood each other and did not expose it.
      “That’s right. Fortunately, you found an outstanding successor for Stark Industries.”
      As he spoke, Obadiah looked at Ke Lin with a smile and changed his tone.” Ke Lin, congratulations on becoming the new chairman. Under your leadership, Stark Industries will definitely reach a new high.”
      “Where, this is not without the support of your shareholders.”
      Facing the other party’s hypocritical flattery, Colin said with a smile.
      Colin stared intently at the glass in his hand. In contrast, he seemed to be more interested in the glass.
      Upon seeing this, Obadiah frowned slightly. A shadow flashed through his long and narrow eyes.
      Unknowingly, the atmosphere became a little subtle.
      After a few small talk with Obadiah, Howard went to entertain other guests.
      Ke Lin didn’t want to bother with O’ Badaya either. He turned around and left.
      However, Obadiah caught up from behind.
      He approached Ke Lin and whispered,” Chairman, as a member of the board of directors, I have some suggestions for the development of the company.”
      “You mean the development of military business?”
      “That’s right. Stark’s business scope covers military industry, aerospace, automobile and other industries, but the most fundamental is the military industry.”
      Ke Lin nodded slightly, but did not refute.
      There was no denying that Stark Industries was a company specializing in arms.
      During the second half of the war, it was because Stark sold a large amount of arms to the military and made a fortune in the war that he stood out and became a large military enterprise.
      This could be said to be the history of Stark Industries, or it could be said to be a black history.
      Obadiah’s face was full of fat meat. His eyes narrowed into a slit and he continued to say:
      “Just as you know, in the eyes of the outside world, our Stark industry is based on war | wealth. It’s controversial. In the public’s impression, it’s not very good. You’ ve just taken office. This might have a certain impact on your reputation.”
      “Besides, those people from the Hexagonal Building are also very difficult to deal with…”If you can rest assured, I can help you. I will definitely do my best to manage this business.”
      Ke Lin’s fingertips lightly tapped on the glass. He thought to himself,” It’s finally revealed the fox tail.”
      In the original book,
      After Howard was killed by the Winter Soldier, Tony, who was still in college, hurriedly took over Stark Industries.
      At that time, Tony was very arrogant. He was tired of managing the daily chores of a large company, and he also cared about his reputation.
      O’Badaya was right on this point. In the name of sharing the pressure on the other side, he took the opportunity to take over the company’s arms business, and to take over Tony’s quan power.
      “Unfortunately, I happen to be very interested in the military business. If I can handle it myself, there’s no need to trouble you.”
      Ke Lin curled his lips and said with a teasing expression.
      One had to know that the military business was Stark’s lifeline. How could it be a fake?
      As for reputation, Ke Lin did not care.
      What was fame? Can this thing be eaten?
      Ke Lin decisively refuted. There was no room for change.
      He waved his large hand and left.
      O’Badaya clenched her fists as she watched Colin’s departing figure. Her face was gloomy.
      After attending the cocktail party, Ke Lin drove home.
      On the way, under the guidance of the air machine, Ke Lin could still feel someone tracking him and secretly spying on him.
      It was Nine-Headed Snake!
      Looks like they haven’t given up yet.
      He retracted his gaze from outside the window and looked at his palm.
      With a bit of strength in his palm, a violent lava energy flowed around his body. It immediately gathered in his palm, as if it would spray out at any moment.
      “I’ m just worried that there’s no place to use my newly acquired ability.”
      Thinking of this, the corner of Ke Lin’s mouth curled up, revealing a playful smile.

      Chapter 8: Brilliant Meteor Shower!(For fresh flowers, for evaluation tickets)

      As the press conference was held.
      This also meant that Colin officially succeeded Howard as the new chairman of Stark Industries.
      Howard’s Quan power would also be transferred to Colin’s hands.
      Only after sitting in this position did Colin truly understand how much influence Stark Industries had.
      In the 1990s, it had a market value of 10 billion.
      Strong financial resources and large scale. It was a multinational enterprise that involved many fields.
      There were powerful military weapons and transportation research and development centers.
      Due to the arms trade, there were numerous connections with the military and even the Divine Shield Bureau.
      Apart from that, there was also a well-known world expo venue. Every year, there would be regular expo events, bringing together countless epoch-making technology products, attracting experts and technology fans from all over the world to visit.
      Luxury cars, wealth, and beauty were all within reach.
      However, before that, there was another more important matter that Ke Lin had to do.
      Thanks to Howard’s foundation, Stark Industries had a close relationship with the military and Divine Shield Bureau.
      Based on his relationship with S.H.I.I. Shield Bureau, Colin quickly found out about some branch of Nine-Headed Snake.
      Night fell.
      Ke Lin drove out of the villa and killed two spies on the road.
      Then, under the cover of the night, he drove towards the suburbs.
      A seemingly unremarkable abandoned factory building in the suburb of Niya was the secret stronghold of a Nine-Headed Serpent branch.
      When he arrived at a nearby mountain, Colin’s heart spun. An energy that contained the power of lava surged in his body like a tide.
      Ke Lin lifted his clenched fists and raised his shoulders, pointing straight at the sky.
      “Swish swish swish!”
      It was accompanied by a sharp and ear piercing sound.
      Flames surged as fireballs condensed from lava shot into the sky like cannonballs.
      The dark sky was dyed by the multicolored light. It was as bright as day.
      The next moment.
      The Magma Fireball that was thrown into the sky turned into a giant fist that fell from the sky.
      From afar, it looked like an exploding meteor shower!
      However, this meteor shower was formed from hot lava, with a fatal danger.
      The entire Nine-Headed Serpent Division was enveloped in the lava meteor shower.
      The intense heat caused the air to distort, and the water nearby evaporated.
      “Boom! Boom!”
      Following the falling of the lava meteor shower, the entire Nine-Headed Serpent Division was completely shattered, completely incinerated and turned into a sea of lava.
      “Late yesterday night, an abandoned factory in Brooklyn was attacked by an unknown object.”
      “The scene was burned to ashes. It’s a piece of rubble. It’s shocking. Besides that, there are dozens of corpses with suspicious identities.”
      “It’s said that several witnesses saw a meteor shower in the air.”
      “Astronomers say that this is most likely a meteor shower that is a hundred years away.”
      “The incident is still under further investigation. We can’t rule out the possibility of foreign objects ……”
      The next day.
      A news report quickly spread, shocking the world.
      As if on a calm lake, a huge rock was thrown down, causing layers of ripples.
      Western Europe, in a certain basement.
      A man in a black robe was holding a communicator, his expression extremely excited.
      “The Brooklyn Division has been destroyed. What’s going on here.”
      “What, did you say that the spy who was tracking Colin disappeared that night? Then, the branch was attacked and burned by the meteor shower?”
      The black-robed man could not help but gasp. His heart was filled with shock.
      After a long silence, Black Robe said hoarsely to the person on the other end of the communicator,” From today on, stop all actions against the Stark family. Remember, stop all actions. You can’ t even put your eyes on them. Remove them all!”
      “Summoning a meteor shower, this is something that a god can do. It’s just as inconceivable as a magical universe cube… This guy, he’s too terrifying. He’s not something we can provoke!”
      Zerville’s talented youth academy, director’s office.
      As usual, Professor X would turn on the television after classes for mutated human students to understand the real-time dynamics of the outside world.
      After all, as a shelter for mutated humans, Zerville’s Innate Teenage Academy was a relatively closed environment, but it could not be completely cut off from the human world.
      Many times, watching TV was a good way to understand the real-time dynamics of the outside world.
      After switching to some worthless programs, Professor X’s attention was fixed on a news report.
      “Late yesterday night, an abandoned factory in Brooklyn was attacked by an unknown object ……”
      Abandoned factory, meteor shower, dozens of unidentified remains?
      These keywords interweaved in his mind. There was a faint connection, as if it contained shocking secrets.
      From his keen perception, Professor X realized that there must be something strange about it.
      Professor X closed his eyes and stretched out two fingers to hold his temples. His mind sank.
      Soon, his psychokinesis extended to a hundred kilometers away.
      Around the abandoned factory, they searched for all the humans within a radius of dozens of kilometers, read their thoughts and memories, and then screened and analyzed the information obtained.
      Not long after, the amazing scene that the witnesses saw that night formed a clear picture that appeared in Professor X’s mind.
      “Making lava rain with your bare hands is truly amazing. Could it be that this new chairman of Stark Industries is also a mutated human?”
      His mind was filled with thoughts. Professor X could not help but murmur.

      Chapter 9 Crow, Zhen Jin!(Flower, evaluation)

      Stark Building.
      Ke Lin didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he watched the numerous reports on the news.
      He was just setting up a “fire” in the Nine-Headed Serpent Division, yet it caused such a big commotion.
      The power of this Meteor Volcano really wasn’t beyond his expectations.
      It seemed that in the future, he would have to properly control it so as not to destroy all of the buttons.
      Of course, the effect of this move was immediate.
      With this kind of intimidation and warning, the Nine-Headed Snake had indeed restrained itself a lot recently, and no longer saw the tracking eye.
      Ke Lin couldn’ t help but sigh. Only strength is the king.
      The Nine-Headed Snake’s people were all talented people, and their words were nice. Every time I hit the table, they would calmly reason with me. They were super fond of……
      Nine-Headed Snake was done with it, but this did not mean that Colin could take it lightly.
      If he wanted to take the position of chairman, he had to be on guard against some ulterior motives.
      For example, O’Badaya, this old man coveted his position. He was ambitious and always wanted to take his place.
      Speaking of which, O’Badaya was the largest shareholder in the company that was second only to the Stark family. She was cunning and experienced, and she had used her reputation to win over a group of confidants. She ruled out any dissidents, and she held an important position in the company.
      Although Howard was in charge now and the other party did not dare to act recklessly, as long as the old fox stayed in Stark for a day, it would always be a disaster.
      If there was a chance, he must be eliminated.
      Ke Lin’s eyes flashed brightly, and he already had a plan in mind.
      “Ta Ta Ta.”
      At this moment, a series of footsteps interrupted Ke Lin’s thoughts.
      Assistant Jarvis walked into the office respectfully.
      This person was the same age as Howard. Whether it was appearance or clothing, he looked like a gentleman.
      Previously, Jarvis had been following Howard.
      As Ke Lin took office, he became Ke Lin’s assistant and housekeeper.
      It was worth mentioning that the artificial intelligence housekeeper Jarvis developed by Iron Man was named after him.
      From this, it could be seen that the relationship between the Stark family and Jarvis was very deep. This was one of Colin’s most trusted people in the company.
      “Master, there’s a person named Crow in the hall who wants to meet.”
      “Do you have an appointment?”
      “No, he said he had something important to discuss with him, and that you would be interested in what he brought.”
      Ke Lin frowned slightly.
      This name sounded familiar.
      “Let him in first.”
      Jarvis nodded and then turned to leave.
      Not long after.
      Jarvis brought the man to the office.
      Ke Lin looked over.
      It was a man with a rough face and a beard who was carrying a suitcase in his hand.
      “Hello, Mr. Colin.”
      Crow respectfully approached Ke Lin and took the initiative to reach out to him.
      Ke Lin glanced at him indifferently. He didn’ t have the intention to shake his hand. Instead, he said indifferently,” I’ ll give you a minute. It’s best if you can make me interested. Otherwise, don’ t waste my time.”
      Crouch awkwardly retracted his hand and sat in front of Colin with some formality. Then, he went straight to the point:
      “Mr. Colin, I know you must be very busy just now, but please believe me. You will definitely be interested in what I brought.”
      Crow placed the suitcase on the table, pushed it over, and slowly opened it under Colin’s gaze.
      There was an irregular shape of ore lying in the box. The surface was uneven, but under the sunlight, there was a metallic luster that seemed to be dazzling.
      “Zhen Jin?”
      Colin’s eyes lit up.
      The surface looked like ore, but it actually contained the characteristics of metal. This made Ke Lin think of Zhen Jin. This was one of the hardest materials in the world.
      Crow nodded and said proudly,” That’s right. This is indeed Zhen Jin. Sir is indeed a person who knows what to do. It took me a lot of effort to get it.”
      Hearing this, Ke Lin narrowed his eyes slightly.
      Zhen Jin was originally a meteorite from the sky. Later, he landed in Wakanda, a non-continent country, and became a special resource of Wakanda.
      In other words, from the entire Earth, only Vakanda had the resources to store the resources.
      Then the question came. Where did Crow get Zhen Jin?
      Ke Lin began to re-evaluate the rough man in front of him. Then, with the memories in his mind, a hint of enlightenment rose in his heart.
      Ke Lin finally figured out who he was.
      Crow, his identity was also an arms dealer.
      But what was different from Stark’s self-developed weapons was that most of Crow’s work was to smuggle arms.
      The reason why Crow was able to smuggle Zhenjin’s resources was because he and Prince Vakandani Bujo were colluding with each other.Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation)
      The two of them colluded with each other to obtain what they needed.
      Crow obtained Zhen Jin from Niejob and sold it to build his own military network.
      Nijob received money from Crow to support Wakanda’s armed rebellion, but he was later killed by his royal brother, Techaca.Black Panther’s father.)
      With this thought, Ke Lin finally understood the origin and origin of Zhen Jin.

      Chapter 10 Exorcizing the Tiger and Swallowing the Wolf!(Flower, evaluation)

      After learning about the origin and origin of this Zhen Jin, Clinton came to a sudden realization. He also understood what the other party was coming to.
      “Mr. Colin, I don’ t need to say how precious this Zhen Jin is. Whether it’s casting cold weapons or using it as an armor shell, it’s a great choice. So why don’ t we work together?”
      Pointing at Zhen Jin on the table, Crow smiled and said with a bewitching tone.
      His fingers tapped the table rhythmically, and a glint flickered in Colin’s eyes.
      The vibrating gold material was extremely hard and had the characteristics of absorbing kinetic energy.
      If it was used for military equipment, it would definitely be like adding wings to a tiger. It was more suitable.
      Everyone knew that Captain Mi’s shield was created by Zhen Jin, and it happened to be created by Howard.
      During the Second World War, Howard accidentally received a few rare rewards.
      Unfortunately, the amount of these Zhenjin was limited. It was only enough to build a shield, and it was not enough for mass production.
      But now, there was a turnaround.
      Hearing what Crow said, he should have some stock in hand.
      “How much gold do you have?”
      “At present, there are five hundred kilograms of stock, one hundred thousand dollars per kilogram. If your company wants to cooperate, we can continue to provide it.”
      Five hundred kilograms. Although the quantity was not much, its effect was extremely great.
      Each kilogram of a hundred thousand dollars was fifty million dollars. Compared to such precious military materials, it was not too expensive. It could be said that it was worth it.
      Even if it was fifty million dollars, it would be more than enough for Stark Industries. As long as Colin was willing, he could buy all of them now.
      However, Colin had a sudden flash of inspiration. He had come up with a plan, one by one, one by one.
      “Your proposal is indeed not bad, but I’ ve just taken office as the chairman of the board. I’ m not too familiar with the company’s military business. The military business is now under the responsibility of Obadiah. You can talk to him.”
      Ke Lin muttered to himself.
      “Alright then…”
      Hearing this, Crow was stunned. He left the office with a somewhat disappointed expression.
      Crow was a little speechless. He had wasted a long time to introduce his goods, but in the end, Colin had said such a thing. It really made him a little depressed.
      Looking at his depressed back, Ke Lin sneered and then left the office.
      Crow came to the vice president’s office, where he met Obadiah.
      After learning about Crow’s intentions, Obadiah was very excited and agreed to buy all the Zhenjin materials.
      The two sides agreed to make a deal in a port in Manhattan two days later.
      Their conversation was clearly heard by Ke Lin, who was hiding in the doorway. The latter’s heart twitched slightly and a sly smile appeared on his face.
      Time quickly arrived two days later.
      Obadiah and Crow agreed on a date for the deal.
      Night fell.
      The night sky seemed to be shrouded by a black veil, with only a faint moonlight.
      Manhattan Harbor.
      Crow had already brought his subordinates here, waiting for the deal.
      A few men in black, armed with weapons, were guarding a truck.
      What they did not know was that a handsome man was watching their movements near a container not far from the port.
      Ke Lin quietly withdrew his gaze from the harbor. He took out a green-faced yaksha mask from his chest and put it on his head. His face was covered and only a pair of eagle-like sharp eyes remained outside.
      After doing all this, Colin ran out of the container.
      Under the cover of the night, Colin was like a ghost in the night, quickly approaching Crow and the others!
      “Who is it?”
      Crow vaguely heard the faint noise from the darkness and cried out warily.
      He looked in the direction of the sound but did not see anything.
      When he turned around, he saw a black shadow flash past his eyes.
      The river breeze blew, bringing with it a chill.
      Killing intent was fierce. The surrounding temperature seemed to have dropped, giving off a feeling of falling into an ice cave.
      “Be careful, there’s someone nearby!”
      Crow reminded him.
      However, before he could finish his sentence, a subordinate on his left hand had already collapsed.
      At this moment, the black-clothed person present reacted and hurriedly raised the weapon in his hand.
      “Da da da.”
      “Tu Tu Tu Tu.”
      As the flames flared, bullets shot out from the barrel.
      However, the dark shadow of the yaksha seemed to have fused with the night. Its figure was like electricity, and it was like a butterfly piercing through a flower as it shuttled through the black-clothed man. Its iron palm was flying like a dragon, and its fierce energy penetrated through its body.
      “Boom! Boom!”
      Wherever Yaksha’s shadow passed, blood splattered everywhere, wailing incessantly.
      Amidst the miserable screams, the black-clothed man collapsed one after another in a pool of blood, cutting off his aura.
      Seeing this scene, Crow couldn’ t help but take a deep breath. His hair stood on end and he quickly found a dark corner to hide.
      Under Crow’s terrified gaze, the dark shadow of Yaksha, after killing the black-clothed men, entered the truck that was loaded with Zhenjin. In an instant, it started the truck and rushed out of the harbor.
      It wasn’t until the truck was far away that Crow walked out from the shadows.
      Crow’s eyes turned red as he looked at the truck. He gnashed his teeth in anger,” Obadiah, I can’ t spare you!”
      At this moment, Crow took the dark shadow of the Yaksha as a matter of course.
      One had to know that only he and Obadiah knew about the items and location of the transaction.
      Apart from Obadiah, Crow really did not expect anyone to do such a thing.
      A while later, a group of carriages drove over from afar.
      Claude looked over. In the middle of the convoy was a car that belonged to Obadiah.
      Seeing this, Crow’s eyes revealed hatred and venom. He thought that this must be Obadiah’s trick.
      “I will definitely let you taste the price of being disobedient!”
      The malicious and malicious words resounded in the harbor.
      Before Obadiah’s convoy entered the port, Crow hurriedly left.

      Chapter 11 One Arrow and Three Sculptures, completely controlling Stark!(Flower, evaluation)

      “Obadiah hasn’ t come yet?”
      “He’s really arrogant. He’s actually going to be late for the board meeting. As a major shareholder, he doesn’ t follow the company’s articles of association. How is this supposed to be!”
      In the conference room.
      Colin’s expression was gloomy as he paced back and forth in the conference room, cursing loudly.
      The higher-ups looked at each other in dismay.
      Not long after Colin took office, he began to establish his power within the company. Even the elder-level Obadiah did not show any mercy.
      In Hua | Xia Gu’s words, it seemed like a new official was on fire.
      At the same time, everyone was puzzled.
      Although Obadiah was an old scholar, he was usually very punctual. On the contrary, today’s important board meeting was delayed. It was indeed a bit unusual to leave everyone here.
      At this moment, an emergency news interrupted the internal communication channel:
      “Emergency news interrupted.”
      “Just 20 minutes ago, three people were hit by a car and shot dead on the road. They were killed on the street. One of them was confirmed to be the vice president of Stark Industries, Obadiah.”
      “The murderer drove away after the murder.”
      “Obadiah was shot more than ten times in a row. Guns and guns were deadly, and they were full of retaliatory attacks. It was suspected to be a revenge attack from a commercial competitor.”
      “The details are still under investigation by the police ……”
      The contents of the news broadcast echoed in the conference room. It was as if a thunderbolt exploded in everyone’s ears.
      “The vice president is dead, how is this possible?”
      “It’s really unbelievable!”
      “No wonder he didn’ t attend the board meeting. It turned out he was unlucky.”
      Everyone, look at me and I look at you. All of them were in disbelief.
      Obadiah actually died. This was too unexpected!
      In an instant.
      Everyone’s mood became a little depressed, as if they were covered in a layer of gloom.
      Ke Lin was the only one who had expected this. A trace of success flashed through his eyes.
      Obadiah died.
      This caused quite a stir in Stark’s industry and even in the business sector.
      Recently, there had been a lot of things happening in Stark Industry.
      The first was the assassination of the Howard couple, but they survived without any danger.
      However, O’Badaya’s luck wasn’t that good. On the way to work, he was killed by the killer who fired more than ten shots. His gun was fatal and he was directly killed on the street.
      A series of calamities came in, which shocked all of Stark’s higher-ups and staff. For a moment, people were panicking.
      In fact, because of the previous experience, many people guessed that the murderer of Obadiah was the Nine-Headed Snake.
      After all, the Nine-Headed Snake group were all crazy terrorists. There was nothing they could not do.
      Fortunately, along with the investigation and pursuit by the police, the murderer, Crow, quickly fell.
      In the face of the police’s interrogation, Crow admitted that Obadiah had been killed by him. The purpose was to avenge Obadiah’s backstabbing and betrayal.
      Just like that, with Crow’s capture, the incident of Obadiah’s attack finally calmed down. The people who were originally terrified calmed down.
      It was worth mentioning that according to Crow’s clue, the police also dug out a huge arms smuggling network.
      It was just that this matter was very important. It even involved a secret country in Africa, so the news was suppressed and not exposed.
      This made the missing 500 kilograms of Zhenjin a mystery.
      No one knew that the missing 500 kilograms of Zhenjin was in the hands of Chairman Colin!
      Colin secretly stole Zhen Jin and framed Obadiah. Then, he used Crow’s hand to get rid of Obadiah.
      In other words, things would develop to such a state. It was all because of Colin’s plan.
      This was to drive out the tiger and swallow the wolf.
      In this way, not only did he indirectly eliminate Obadiah, but even the only one who knew what was inside was locked up in prison.
      Most importantly, the five hundred kilograms of Zhenjin had also become Ke Lin’s possession.
      This was no longer a stone and two birds, but an arrow and three birds with one stone!
      Of course, with Obadiah’s death, the situation within Stark’s industry instantly became more subtle.
      The group of people who followed him with their heads lost their hearts and became a group of dragons without heads, like a pack of scattered sand.
      While these people were still immersed in the grief of O’Badaya’s death, before they could react, Colin quickly fired a few birds of a feather and set an example.
      Following that, he acted with all his might to eliminate his opponents.
      He stabilized the situation and cultivated his confidant.
      Within a few days, Colin used a swift and fierce manner to remove the remnants of Obadiah’s forces and completely control Stark’s industry in his own hands.

      Chapter 12: Divine Armament, Unrivaled Attack!(Flower, evaluation)

      After removing Obadiah, everything became much smoother.
      Colin truly controlled Stark and firmly held the military weapons business in his hands.
      Under Colin’s management, Stark’s industry was developing along the established trajectory.
      Apart from that, there was another item waiting for Colin to deal with.
      That was the five hundred kilograms of Zhenjin that was taken from Crow.
      “Zhen Jin, this is on par with Edman’s alloy. It’s one of the hardest materials in the Marvel world. It’s truly famous.”
      Ke Lin played with a basketball-sized Zhenjin in his hand and could not help but be complacent.
      Surprisingly, this basketball-sized Zhenjin was not heavy, but rather light.
      More importantly, it was easy to control and could absorb kinetic energy.
      The reason it was called Zhen Jin was because these meteorite minerals were constantly shaking.
      In the original work, one could see that when the American team’s shield was hit by a bullet, the bullet would immediately fall, instead of bouncing off as we thought. This was because Zhenjin could absorb kinetic energy!
      Such a material was simply a natural choice for military equipment.
      Ever since the system was activated, Colin now had the foundation of a martial arts grandmaster, as well as a big move like a volcano shooting star. However, he lacked the same weapon.
      Thinking of this, Colin brought these Zhen Jin out of the office and went to find his father, Howard Stack.
      At home, Colin saw Howard.
      He also showed all Zhen Jin to the other party and explained his thoughts.
      “Where did these Zhenjin come from?”
      When Howard saw this number of Zhen Jin, he could not help but widen his eyes. His wrinkled old face was full of shock.
      “I accidentally picked it up by a ditch.”
      Ke Lin shrugged his shoulders and found a reason to prevaricate.
      “Are you sure?”
      Howard could not help but roll his eyes.
      You’re not trying to fool me.
      Such a rare metal was actually found by the side of a mountain ditch. You think it’s picking up cabbage.
      Where was that mountain ditch? You should tell me, let me also pick it up……
      Howard cursed inwardly, but when he saw Colin, who was getting stronger and stronger, Howard still swallowed the words he had said.
      Ke Lin was no longer the same kid as before,
      Speaking of which, Colin was becoming more and more mysterious. His entire body seemed to be covered in a thick layer of fog, and it was unfathomable. Even Howard could not see through his son.
      Whether it was the loss of Winter Soldier Baki with one hand, or the control of the company and the establishment of his own prestige, Howard saw all of this.
      The unfathomable power and the city were both amazing. At the same time, Howard was very pleased. The Stark family had a successor, and he had not let down his expectations.
      As a result, as long as it wasn’t a rude request, Howard would naturally respond to Colin’s request.
      “In that case, how do you want to deal with this Zhen Jin.”
      “It’s naturally used to forge weapons. First of all, I want to forge a Zhenjin Sword.”
      Zhenjin Sword?”Is it better to use a defensive equipment like a shield?”
      In Howard’s opinion, according to Zhen Jin’s characteristics, it was better to use defense equipment such as shields.
      It was well known that Captain Rice’s Zhenjin Shield was from Howard.
      The fact proved that the captain of the Mi Country was still very powerful after he had the support of the Zhenjin Shield. In the battle with the Nine-Headed Snake, it could be said that there was no end to it.
      “Don’ t worry about that. After all, it’ ll be over for me to build.”
      Ke Lin waved his hand and interrupted his persuasion.
      Ke Lin naturally had his own considerations regarding the use of Zhen Jin to forge a sword.
      As the saying goes, attacking is the best defense.
      If he were to blindly defend, he would only be in a passive position.
      Only with a sharp method of attack could one be as powerful as a bamboo, turning danger into danger!
      Moreover, Ke Lin had also obtained the Xiaoyao Sect’s sword techniques because of his inheritance.
      The Zhenjin Sword was already sharp. If it were to be combined with the Xiaoyao Sect’s sword techniques, it would be even more powerful, as if a tiger had added wings.
      Due to these two reasons, Ke Lin finally made up his mind to build a Zhenjin Sword!
      “Alright, then do as you say.”
      Seeing that Colin had made up his mind, Howard no longer insisted. He decided to follow what Colin had said and use the materials to build a Vibrating Gold Sword.
      After that, Howard went into the construction of the Zhen Jin Sword.
      This was because Howard had experience forging a golden shield earlier.
      In addition, this time, the vibrating gold materials were also very abundant, which was convenient for smelting and forging.
      Therefore, the entire process was unexpectedly smooth. In less than three days, the Zhenjin Sword was completed.
      The entire blade was three feet long, and the blade was incomparably sharp. It flashed with a cold light.There was a sinister-looking yaksha logo on the sword’s head. It looked fierce and murderous.
      In the forging room.
      Ke Lin gripped the hilt of the sword and held the Zhenjin Sword in his hand.
      The weight was moderate. It was neither too light nor heavy. It was very handy.
      Ke Lin held the golden sword in his hand and swung it a few times before suddenly falling down.
      A millstone-sized granite was broken into two pieces, leaving a smooth cut.
      “It really is an unparalleled weapon!”
      Ke Lin’s eyes lit up when he saw this. He was delighted.
      This golden sword’s sharpness could be seen from this. Its hair was blown and its hair was cut off. It was as sharp as mud.
      If he were to cooperate with the Walkabout Sword Technique, it would be like adding wings to a tiger, unstoppable!
      From the looks of it, Ke Lin not only had to cultivate his cultivation techniques, but also had to cultivate more sword techniques.
      In this way, Ke Lin would be able to live with his family. It would be better to buy another villa and move out. This way, he could cultivate better!
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      Chapter 13: Professor X and Lady Storm!(Flower, evaluation)

      The sword forged by Zhen Jin was extremely sharp.
      It could be described as blowing hair and breaking hair, cutting iron like mud.
      From this, it could be seen that Ke Lin’s decision was very wise.
      It was worth mentioning that after forging the Zhenjin Sword, there were still more than 200 kg of Zhenjin materials and some scraps left.
      As for the remaining materials, Ke Lin decided to temporarily keep them for later use.
      At the same time, in order to facilitate his cultivation, Colin decided not to live with his family anymore. Instead, he bought a beach house and moved out alone.
      Firstly, it was easy to cultivate, and secondly, it could hide its own secrets.
      Morning in Manhattan.
      The sun was bright and the sea breeze was gentle. It was exceptionally refreshing and cool. There was a salty and moist air in the air.
      Colin hugged the enchanting blonde while lying on the balcony of the Seascape Villa, letting the cool sea breeze blow on his cheeks.
      He lifted his eyelids and looked faintly. The sea not far away was covered in a clear blue color. The waves were rising and the waves were sparkling. One could vaguely see the goddess standing there.
      Colin was delighted.
      Half a month ago, he moved out of his home and bought a set of seascape villas in Manhattan.
      Facing the sea, spring bloomed.
      Normally, he was immersed in cultivation techniques and sword techniques.
      In his spare time, it was fun to find some beautiful blondes to play a friendly match.
      The blonde sent a peeled grape into his mouth, and Colin chewed it with enjoyment.
      At the side, the blonde girl’s long hair was like a waterfall. Her eyes were filled with emotion. A refreshing fragrance drifted into the tip of her nose, making Ke Lin’s heart go hot.
      Ke Lin was so excited that he couldn’t wait to join her again.
      “Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.”
      Just as Ke Lin was in high spirits, a dark cloud suddenly appeared on the surface of the sea. Then, without warning, a gust of wind blew up.
      The demonic wind came and went quickly. In a short while, the wind dissipated and the rain disappeared.
      However, after the gale dissipated, there were two more people on the originally empty balcony.
      The blonde girl screamed in terror.
      Facing this sudden scene, Ke Lin’s heart trembled. His pupils constricted as a powerful true energy gathered in his palm, ready to attack.
      “I’ m sorry, I’ m taking the liberty to visit Mr. Colin’s residence. It’s too much trouble, but please believe that we don’ t have any malicious intentions.”
      A deep and magnetic voice sounded with a hint of apology.
      Ke Lin followed the words and stared intently.
      The two of them did not seem to be hostile.
      One of them was a slightly tanned woman with elegant snow-white hair. Her body was proud, like a black elf walking out of the snow and snow. She had a unique charm.
      As for the other person, he was dressed in a suit. His bald head was shiny, elegant, and his light blue eyes carried a deep and wise brilliance.
      However, his legs seemed to have a disability. Otherwise, he would not have been sitting in a wheelchair.
      An elegant bald man, a black woman with snow white hair……Coupled with the strange gale that had just been rolled up.
      With all this connected, Ke Lin had a guess about the identities of the two people in front of him.
      Professor X and Lady Storm!
      There were many experts in the Diffusion World.
      Not only were there super heroes with superb skills, there were also many mutated humans with extraordinary talent.
      Professor X and Lady Storm belonged to the mutated humans.
      But why did these two people come to their villa instead of staying in Academy X?
      As his heart spun, Ke Lin’s mind began to ponder.
      “I never would have thought that the grand chairman of Starck would be a playboy.”
      When she saw the scene that Colin and the blonde girl couldn’ t describe, Orollo couldn’ t help but grumble.
      “Tch, I’ ve been disturbed by you guys. I haven’ t even settled the bill with you guys yet. Why don’ t I find you to make up for it?”
      Facing the opponent’s disdainful gaze, Ke Lin curled his lips in disapproval and said with a playful smile.
      O’Lauro’s face turned red when he heard this. He was secretly angry, but it wasn’t easy for him to act up in front of Professor X.
      As for Professor X, he was also someone who came over. Seeing this situation, he only smiled and did not find anything strange.
      Following these two words, the originally tense atmosphere finally eased a bit.
      Ke Lin waved his hand and sent the blonde away. His gaze fell on Professor X.
      Although he had already recognized their identities, Ke Lin still pretended to ask,” Who are you?”
      “Let me introduce myself. My name is Charles. Some people call me Professor X.”
      “This is O Luo Luo, my student. You can also call her Storm Lady.”
      Professor X had a kind smile on his face, giving off a refreshing feeling.
      “Professor X, Lady Storm, it sounds like that. Lady Storm… Could it be that she caused the demonic wind earlier?”
      Ke Lin said calmly.
      “That’s right. There’s always a lot of extraordinary abilities in nature. Although it’s unbelievable, it actually exists……”For example, I have the ability of telepathy and mental control.”
      “Just now, I activated my ability to delete the short memory of your female companion. Therefore, she will forget everything she saw just now. This way, there will be no unnecessary trouble.”
      “People like us who have mutated genes and special abilities are called mutated humans.”
      Professor X explained patiently.
      His smile was gentle and elegant, like a spring breeze. It carried the power of warmth, making people unable to raise their guard.
      Professor X changed his tone and said with interest,” As far as I know, you also have a special ability similar to summoning a meteor. We came here to confirm whether you are our kind.”
      Hearing Professor X’s words, Ke Lin frowned and couldn’ t help but stand up from the recliner.
      The ability to summon a meteor?Could it be that Professor X had already investigated the lava shooting star that destroyed the Nine-Headed Snake Division a while ago.
      According to Professor X’s ability, it was not difficult to do this.
      After all, in the original work, Professor X had used telepathy to easily find Little Naughty in the vast crowd.
      That was why it was not surprising that he could find out about the destruction of the Nine-Headed Snake Division.
      However, from what Professor X had just said, he seemed to have mistaken himself for a mutated human, that was to say, their kind?
      Just as Ke Lin was hesitating, thinking about how to answer his question.
      By his ear, the mechanical electronic sound rang again:
      “Facing Professor X’s question, please make your choice.”
      “Option 1: Deny it is a mutated human!”Mission completed, reward the Nine Yang Divine Technique (from the martial arts world).”
      “Option two: admit to being a mutated human!”Mission completed, reward magic skills: Extreme Ice Feast (from Underground World).”
      “Choose three. Ambiguous!”Mission completed. Reward the blueprint of the spaceship Bliv (from the Seven Dragon Pearl World).”
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      Chapter 14 Ke Lin is a mutated human?(Flower, evaluation)

      Following the system’s notification, the three options were placed in front of Ke Lin.
      Each of them answered Professor Ying X.
      Ke Lin pondered for a moment. Facing Professor X’s burning gaze, he replied in a vague manner,” This… I’ m not sure.”
      “As you know, I do have a unique ability, but I’ m not sure if it belongs to the category of mutated humans.”
      After careful consideration, Ke Lin finally chose the third ambiguous answer.
      The reason was simple. He did not want to expose his trump card so quickly.
      If he admitted that he was a mutated human, it was inevitable that the other party would find a flaw.
      If he denied that he was a mutated human, it would be equivalent to being in a situation of confrontation with Professor X, and even all the X war policemen.
      As the saying goes, if it is not a race, its heart must be different.
      Looking at the three options, only the third option was the safest, allowing Ke Lin to deal with them easily.
      In this way, they would not be exposed to any loopholes, nor would they be on the opposite side of the mutated humans. Even after a conflict between humans and mutated humans broke out, there was still room for change.
      Of course, there was another important reason. Ke Lin had long wanted a technology reward.
      There was a saying that the poor relied on mutation, while the rich relied on technology.
      Iron Man was the best example.
      With the help of technology, he was more intelligent than Jian Shen with his mortal body.
      Although Colin had an ability, he did not mind adding icing on the cake.
      “Even you’ re not sure?”
      Professor X frowned when he heard Ke Lin’s reply.
      As the director of Zerville’s gifted youth academy, Professor X had been dedicated to protecting and guiding the mutated humans all these years.
      Whenever a mutated human awoke, Professor X could sense it and give them timely help and support, or bring it to Academy X to teach them how to control their own power.
      However, Colin’s situation was a little special. He clearly had a special ability, but Professor X could not sense it.
      If it weren’t for the Nine-Headed Snake Division incident, Professor X would never have discovered Colin’s terrifying ability.
      Thinking up to this point, Professor X opened his deep eyes as wide as a blue lake. He stared intently at Colin. At the same time, he slowly extended his finger and pressed it against his temple.
      He activated his telepathic ability and tried to explore Ke Lin’s inner world.
      At the same time, Ke Lin felt a powerful spiritual force probe, and he could not help but feel his heart freeze.
      However, perhaps because of the system’s restrictions, this probing force was isolated from the outside, making it difficult for him to enter Colin’s mind.
      “Chi chi chi chi.”
      Two invisible brain waves clashed in the air, creating invisible ripples.
      As time passed, Professor X’s veins bulged and beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.
      “Professor, are you alright?”
      Seeing this, Lady Storm asked worriedly.
      Ignoring Tempest Girl’s concern, Professor X stared intently at Ke Lin, hoping to detect a hint of clues from the change in his expression. However, Ke Lin did not show any flaws.
      After a while, Professor X finally gave up.
      “Your situation is very special. Even my telepathic senses can not be identified. This is the first time I have encountered such a situation.”
      Professor X sighed and a bitter smile appeared on his face.
      “That’s strange. Could it be that my ability is hidden?”
      Ke Lin heaved a sigh of relief and pretended to be confused.
      Professor X rubbed his swollen forehead. Only after a while did he recover. He said softly to Colin,” No matter what, the doors of Zerville’s talent academy will always be open for you. You are welcome at any time.”
      “Thank you.”
      “Let’s meet again.”
      As soon as she finished her sentence, she saw Storm Lady take a deep look at Colin. Her eyes that looked like autumn water suddenly changed, and her eyes instantly widened, spreading to her entire pupil.
      Following a whistling sound, a gust of wind rose from the ground and swept through the air. Professor X and Lady Storm rose into the air and disappeared from the balcony.
      In the blink of an eye, the two of them appeared on a private plane thousands of meters away.
      “Professor, do you think that guy is telling the truth?”
      At this moment, Storm Lady was finally unable to restrain her doubts.
      “I don’ t know……”I don’ t know why. My spiritual energy can’ t invade his brain, so I don’ t know what he’s thinking.”
      Professor X shook his head in confusion.
      Perhaps it was because of Colin’s status as Chairman Stark that he had many concerns. Professor X could not help but think this way.
      Looking at the private plane that entered the sky, Ke Lin was slightly stunned.
      He didn’t expect that one of his unintentional actions would actually enter the mutated human’s line of sight. It seemed that the water in the World of Maneuver was deeper than he had imagined.
      Fortunately, his acting skills were online. This time, he was lucky.
      Looking away from the horizon, Colin lowered his head and looked at the blueprint of the spaceship.
      Blive was Buma’s father, the founder of the All-purpose Capsule Company, an outstanding and eccentric scientist.
      In the original work of the Seven Dragon Beads, in order to help Wu Fan and the others go to search for the new Dragon Beads on Planet Nameike, Buiv imitated the small spaceship Wu Kong had taken when he was young and built a large spaceship for the three of them. This was the origin of the Buiv spaceship.
      It could travel through the starry sky at the speed of light, even across galaxies, and travel through the endless universe.
      Although it was just a design diagram, it described in detail all the design principles of the Bliv spaceship, including a series of systems and devices.
      For example, light speed engines, anti-gravity devices, hypergravity chambers, electronic pulse guns, and other scientific concepts and specific schemes were all covered within, everything was within.
      As long as they followed the plan on the design, they would be 100% able to build the spaceship Bliv.
      But the problem was, who was to implement this design plan.
      There was a specialty in the art industry, and Ke Lin wasn’t good at scientific research, but he was worried about giving it to ordinary people.
      Colin had thought of handing it over to Howard to implement it, but he dismissed the idea as soon as it came out.
      After all, Ke Lin had just asked him to build the Zhenjin Sword. If he took out another blueprint of a spaceship that was far ahead of the current technology, he would definitely be suspicious.
      Besides, it wasn’t too bad to cheat on his father once. If he went back to such a scam, it would be a bit unreasonable. Therefore, he had to try to cheat on someone else.
      His mind was filled with thoughts. As Ke Lin’s mind spun, a suitable candidate quickly appeared in his mind.
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      Chapter 15: Tony’s Shock, Freedom Sword Technique!(Flower, evaluation)

      Apart from Howard, the other thing Colin thought of was Tony.
      That’s right, it was Tony!
      This future Iron Man had already shown extraordinary intelligence and talent when he was a teenager.
      At the age of 17, he had already advanced in all studies of the Electrical Engineering Department of the University of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was about to graduate.
      His scientific talent was unquestionable.
      On the other hand, Tony was his younger brother. For reasons of family, he could trust Tony.
      After making up his mind, Colin immediately drove back to his home in the city center of Nuyo.
      As soon as he opened the door, he saw Tony dressed up in a suit. His hair was shiny due to a lot of cream. He was dressed in a very grand manner. It looked like he was about to leave.
      “Tony, where are you going?”
      “Go to a dance. Brother, you know that I’ m almost 18 years old. It’s time to enrich my social life.”
      Tony grinned.
      However, what he saw was Ke Lin’s backhand jerk and a face-splitting shout.” What kind of social dance is this? Isn’ t it just to flirt with |girls? You stinky brat, you’ re not learning well day by day. What kind of sister is it to flirt with? Can you do down to business? Why don’ t you go back to research!”
      Tony touched the back of his head, which was rapidly swelling into a small bag. He looked at Ke Lin with an aggrieved face.
      It was as if he was saying, why would you be able to play a friendly match with the blonde from time to time? I couldn’t just flirt with a girl. Using the ancient Chinese language, I just needed to set the state officials on fire!
      However, because of his elder brother’s dignified image, Tony hesitated for a moment but did not dare to refute.
      He couldn’ t afford to offend them!
      Glancing at Tony who was feeling wronged, Ke Lin casually tossed the design to Tony.
      “What is this…”
      Tony asked in puzzlement, but when he opened the design drawing and glanced at it, he was shocked.
      His fiery gaze seemed to be attracted by a magnet. He stared at the design as if he had obtained a treasure. The shock and joy in his heart were self-evident.
      A spaceship that could cross the starry sky!
      After all, it was still the 1990s. A spaceship that traveled at the speed of light was still an elusive concept. However, the appearance of this design drawing was possible.
      Tony soon realized that this would be an epoch-making product. Once it appeared, it would definitely cause a sensation in the entire scientific community!
      “Brother, where did you get this blueprint?”
      “Don’ t ask that much. I’ ll ask you if this spaceship can make you.”
      “It’s extremely difficult. Let alone the entire spaceship, the speed of light engine and fusion energy is an extremely difficult problem. Just the complicated knowledge involved in it is enough to give people a headache……”It’s a good thing that all the design principles and schemes are indicated on this design. I can try them out.”
      “Then take it slow. Don’ t think about getting it done overnight. First create a simple version, then gradually upgrade it.”
      “Alright, I’ ll go study it now.”
      Tony couldn’t wait to change into his clothes. Then, he went into Howard’s laboratory and began to bury his head in the experiment. It was like a mad scientist. He was immersed in the experiment and couldn’t pull himself out. The proof of every design principle made him extremely excited.
      Ke Lin could not help but smile when he saw this.
      The current Tony was only 17 years old. Due to the current conditions, he had not reached the height of producing steel warframes in the future.
      But the young Tony was more energetic and creative.
      In addition to the inspiration from the design drawings, Tony would progress faster than in the original work. His achievements would certainly increase in the future.
      However, what made Ke Lin most happy was that he could have a scientific genius who worked for him for free.
      “Clang clang clang.”
      Along with the sound of sword training, Colin used the Zhenjin Sword to use the Xiaoyao Sword Technique in the courtyard.
      XiaoYao Sect’s martial arts were light and elegant, elegant and meaningful, and Ke Lin’s sword techniques were also well-versed.
      From time to time, it was as swift and fierce as a sword.
      From time to time, it was as dense as rain, and water did not enter.
      Once again, the sword came out into the rainbow. With a flick, there were countless changes, strange and unpredictable.
      The tip of his foot suddenly stepped on the wall of the courtyard. Ke Lin leaped up, and his invisible internal force instantly poured into the golden sword. He turned back to look at the moon, and a cold light appeared. A crescent-shaped sword qi swept out.
      “Bang bang bang.”
      A violent sword qi swept out.
      In the next moment, a rockery dozens of meters away exploded with a loud bang. The rocks collapsed and debris flew everywhere, turning into powder and floating in the air.
      He weighed the Zhenjin Sword in his hand, and Ke Lin’s lips curled into a smile.
      The Zhenjin Sword, combined with the Xiaoyao Sect’s sword techniques, was indeed like a tiger adding wings, extraordinary.
      However, the sword was sharpened.
      Ke Lin was still in the training stage.
      The true profound sword technique could only be fully displayed through the tempering of life and death.
      He had to find a place to try his sword.
      Soon, Colin thought of a good place to test his sword.
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      Chapter 16 Hell Kitchen!(Flower, evaluation)

      Hell kitchen.
      Manhattan’s eight blocks were known for their high crime rate.
      This place was close to the slums. The security was very poor.
      Stealing, peddling, gun battles, robbery, and all kinds of criminal incidents occurred frequently. It became the pronoun of chaos and crime.
      If the Hudson River was the symbol of Manhattan’s prosperity, then West Central City was the dark side of evil and evil.
      This was especially true in the hell kitchen at night.
      A few hooligans were blocking a narrow street. Some of them were holding daggers and some were holding baseball bats, squatting here waiting for an opportunity to rob passersby.
      Just then, they robbed a middle-aged couple who passed by and collected a large amount of money.
      After tasting the sweetness, they didn’t stop. Instead, they were looking for their next target.
      The street lamps were flickering and flickering.
      For some reason, only the bleak autumn wind carried a few fallen leaves. The streets at night seemed exceptionally cold.
      “Ta Ta Ta.”
      At this moment, a clear sound of footsteps broke the silence of the street.
      “It’s here.”
      “Hehe, since you’ re here, I’ ll leave you some money for the road. If you don’ t, you won’ t be able to see the sun tomorrow!”
      The hooligans immediately cheered up and surrounded the incoming people. At the same time, they were still using the murder weapon.
      “Oh?”Are you serious.”
      “Nonsense, you don’ t have to ask around. This is the Hell’s Kitchen, Jin Concurrent’s territory.”
      “Coincidentally, I’ m looking for him!”
      The figure in the darkness slowly raised his head, revealing a sinister and terrifying Yaksha mask. The corner of his mouth curled into a teasing smile as he asked in a faint voice.
      Under the bright moonlight, the silver sword in his hand reflected a terrifying and terrifying cold light!
      In the depths of the hell kitchen.
      In a noisy building, a group of black bangs were drinking wine and laughing, swallowing clouds and mist.
      Shouts rose and fell, and there was an indescribable miasma.
      On the gem-covered seat, the leader Jin sat there, counting the stacks of banknotes on the table. His eyes revealed boundless greed.
      “This month’s entry rate is half higher than last month’s. As long as we continue to expand our territory, money and benefits will roll in. Sooner or later, we will have to make the entire coin or even the crime of the Rice Country in our hands. Haha!”
      Jin Jian, he was twice as big as a normal person. His eyes narrowed into a slit, revealing treachery and glee.
      Following his laughter, his fat body trembled uncontrollably.
      Jin was one of the biggest underworld leaders in the United States, and he did nothing wrong.
      With his ruthless and sinister methods, his power was rapidly expanded, and his black | Dao network spread across the country.
      It was no exaggeration to say that about 40% of the current crimes were directly or indirectly related to Jin. It was as if he was the ruler of the underground world, and the hell kitchen was his base.
      “Boss is the ruler of the underground world.”
      “If we follow the boss, we will have endless glory and wealth.”
      The subordinates below all chimed in, and the clamor grew louder.
      “Boss, this is bad!”
      At this moment, a blood-stained scoundrel with staggering steps ran into the building in panic, interrupting the party.
      “What is it that is so flustered.”
      “A scary guy broke into the street and killed many of our brothers.”
      “Damn it, who has the guts to dare to break into my territory? Could it be that he wants to die.”
      “Be careful, he’s going this way…”
      He did not finish.
      A cold light flashed.
      The subordinate’s head fell to the ground in response. His eyes were filled with fear and trembling.
      Then, a black-robed man wearing a yaksha mask walked into the building, his sword still dripping with blood.
      Colin’s entire body was covered in black clothes and a mask. Only his eyes were visible outside, as sharp as a falcon. He looked around at the Black Bang members present, with an incomparable sense of pressure that made one’s heart palpitate.
      “Kill him for me.”
      Jin was stunned by the sudden scene before he said angrily.
      In a split second, a few burly men roared and charged at Colin like wolves.
      “Hehe, a bunch of ants dare to act so brazenly in front of me!”
      A sharp glint flashed through Ke Lin’s eyes, and the astral energy around him instantly released.
      With Colin as the center, surging Qi-Jin surged in all directions like mountains and seas.
      As they screamed, a few burly men spat out blood and flew out. Some of them were buried in the wall, some were crushed into pieces, some were planted in the rotten garbage can, and all of them died on the spot.
      The Black Bang members were shocked. They all took out their guns and aimed them at Colin. They even had shoulder-fired rockets.
      “Da da da.”
      “Tu Tu Tu Tu.”
      Fire gushed out, and countless bullets poured out, forming a dense net of fire.
      Seeing this, Colin laughed coldly. With his wrist shaking, he swung his golden sword and created a circular sword screen. It was like a defensive net that blocked the bullets.
      As sparks flew, the kinetic energy of the bullets was absorbed and fell onto the ground.
      Even the rockets that were fired were easily split into two by Colin, and their power was instantly reduced.
      Seeing this scene, Jin did not have to take in a breath of cold air. He was terrified!
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      Chapter 17: The Fear of Being Dominated!(Flower, evaluation)

      Jin gulped deeply, his eyes filled with fear and disbelief.
      The other party actually used his sword to block all the bullets, and he was able to split apart the powerful rockets. Such a battle power was too terrifying.
      After blocking all the bullets, the blade of the Vibrating Gold Sword trembled slightly and let out a clear buzzing sound.
      Vibrating gold could absorb the vibration energy and kinetic energy around it. When it absorbed kinetic energy, it was observed that the vibration frequency of its own molecules did not increase significantly.
      When absorbing the external vibration energy, the energy would be stored in the molecular bond of the vibrating gold. Normally, the more kinetic energy the vibrating gold absorbs, the harder and more durable it would become. At the same time, it could accumulate and release most of the absorbed energy!
      Feeling the surging energy contained in the Zhenjin Sword, Colin’s eyes flashed with a strange look.
      Ke Lin’s feet stomped heavily on the ground. The floor beneath his feet cracked inch by inch, turning into countless sharp stone fragments that rose into the air and surrounded Ke Lin.
      Following that, Colin suddenly raised his golden sword and slapped the fine bits of stone around him.
      “Boom! Boom!”
      Under the push of the energy of the Vibrating Gold Sword, the fine pieces of stone shot out like countless flying blades, like a flower scattered by a goddess. They were magnificent.
      With the sound of explosions, dozens of Black Bang members’ bodies were pierced by stone shavings. They were riddled with holes, like a bloody beehive. Blood spurted out from their wounds.
      In the blink of an eye, dozens of Black Bang members fell. A thick smell of blood instantly floated in the air.
      “Give it all to me!”
      The fear in Jin Xiao’s eyes grew even more intense. He endured the fear in his heart and gave orders to all his subordinates.
      Under Jin’s command, all the subordinates gathered together and charged forward.
      “That’s good. Today, I’ ll do the best I can. I’ ll send you to see God atonement.”
      Ke Lin’s eyes were sharp as he snarled and plunged into the crowd.
      Ke Lin stepped forward like a butterfly as he passed through the shadows of a sword and light. With a flick of his sword, he turned into a flash of lightning and shot out.
      Jin Zhen’s sword was light and sharp, and then combined with XiaoYao Sect’s sword technique, it was like a clear autumn water, coming and going like lightning, dazzling, containing a dangerous aura!
      This time, Ke Lin came to the Hell’s Kitchen, mainly to sharpen his sword skills in life-and-death battles.
      Weapon techniques were as important as their own strength. This was also applicable in the Diffusion World.
      If Thunder God didn’t have Meier, if Destroyer did n’ t have a double-edged machete, their strength would be greatly reduced.
      In the same way, if he wanted to become stronger, Ke Lin had to sharpen his own sword skills.
      During the battle, Ke Lin integrated the Walkabout Sword Technique into the Zhenjin Sword. Together with Ling Bo’s footwork, it was like adding wings to a tiger. Its power multiplied.
      Unknowingly, Ke Lin’s sword technique was lighter and more swift, and there were more changes.
      As the battle progressed, Colin had a deeper understanding of the Xiaoyao Sect’s sword techniques, and even a new level of skill in the Sword Dao.
      “Swoosh swoosh swoosh!”
      The sword was like a flash of lightning
      Wherever they passed, blood splattered everywhere. Broken limbs flew in the air, and dust flew everywhere. It was filled with heart-wrenching cries, as if it was the Asura Purgatory World.
      The Black Bang members in the building were quickly slaughtered by Colin.
      At this moment, Colin was covered in blood. His cold eyes were bloodthirsty. He was like a terrifying bloodthirsty demon.
      Seeing this scene in Jin Jie’s eyes, Jin Jie’s expression became even more stunned.
      Jin He was extremely scared. He didn’t know how to provoke such a fiend.
      The worst part was that this fiend’s gaze had already locked onto him, and was rapidly approaching him.
      “Da da da.”
      Ke Lin approached Jin. Every step he took was like stepping on his opponent’s heart, bringing an incomparable sense of oppression.
      At this moment, Jin was already forced into a corner, unable to retreat.
      Jin let out a furious roar and waved his walking stick at Ke Lin.
      It was worth mentioning that Jin Jie was able to master the black | Dao network all over the world, and also had his outstanding qualities.
      More than 90% of his body was full of muscles. His strength was astonishing. He could punch through a wall with his bare hands, and he was also a world-class combat expert. He had the highest level of human combat power as the punisher.
      In addition, his walking stick could also emit lasers and smoke, making the opponent unable to defend against it,
      However, he and a high-level agent like the Punisher could still be on the same level. In front of Colin, he was just a match.
      Ke Lin’s wrist trembled slightly, and a sharp sword light flashed. The walking stick in Jin Dou’s hand was broken into two pieces, and it fell to the ground with a click. It was completely useless.
      “Sir, there might be some misunderstanding between us, right?”
      “As long as you can spare my life, I am willing to share all my assets with you.”
      Jin also knelt on the ground and repeatedly kowtowed to Ke Lin to beg for mercy. Even though his head was bleeding, he did not notice.
      Although Jin Jie was big, it did not mean that he was a brainless fool.
      On the contrary, he was meticulous, had a high IQ, and was able to bend and stretch. Otherwise, he would not have been able to let so many criminals be driven by him and manage all the Black | Dao networks in an orderly manner.
      As a result, Jin gave up on the idea of resistance and chose Ming Zhe to protect himself.
      “Divide all your assets equally?”
      “That’s right. Please accept it with a smile.”
      Jin didn’t rush to bring in a large number of dollars from the safe. He put them in front of Ke Lin, trembling with fear. His eyes revealed a nervous and nervous expression.
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      Chapter 18: Making a profit in blood, the path of advancement of super Sayans!(Flower, evaluation)

      Looking at the large banknote in front of him, he then glanced at Jin He who was looking forward to it. Ke Lin narrowed his eyes,” You want to trade this money for your life?”
      Jin He nodded nervously.
      “How about this, I’ ll ask you a question. If you can answer correctly, I’ ll let you go.”
      “Please speak.”
      “Compared to the Nine-Headed Snake Organization, which of your Black Dao powers is more powerful?”
      Colin smiled mischievously. He imitated the characteristics of the System and gave the other party two choices.
      Jin He was drenched in sweat.
      What did this question mean? Could it be that it was testing him?
      If the answer was his Black Dao power, would it be too arrogant?
      But if the answer was to the Nine-Headed Snake Organization, it would be right for the other party. After all, no one knew if the Fiend God in front of them had any problems with the Nine-Headed Snake.
      Jin was in a dilemma.
      No matter which answer, there was a risk!
      Could it be that this was a sending proposition?
      He had to answer carefully.
      After pondering for a while, Jin finally answered carefully,” I think both sides have their own strengths. If I’ m judging by the influence of the Black She Society, then I definitely have an advantage. If I’ m afraid of action, then the Nine-Headed Snake is better.”
      “You’re very smart. You did n’ t fall into the shackles of the problem itself. Instead, you chose a clever answer……”You’ re too smart.”
      Jin Yuan:”??????
      Ke Lin’s face turned cold as he raised his wrist.
      Under Jin He’s astonished gaze, a cold light flashed. The Zhen Jin Sword suddenly pierced into his chest, and his clothes were dyed with blood.
      Jin’s red face was filled with fear and unwillingness. His eyes quickly dimmed and he poured it into a pool of blood.
      “You deserve it.”
      Ke Lin sneered without pity. He wiped off the blood on the sword and began to search the building.
      Inside the building, there were many safe boxes and vaults, all of which were thick gold and gold jewelry.
      Without exception, it was all gold and through illegal means, it burned the unjust wealth that had been snatched from it. It could be said that it was covered with his criminal imprint.
      He took out all the money and packed three heavy sacks.
      Blood profit!
      Looking around, Ke Lin carried the three bags on his shoulder and disappeared into the building.
      Not long after Ke Lin left, Jin, who was lying in a pool of blood, moved his finger and crawled up from the ground in pain.
      Jin Ju’s body size was twice that of an ordinary person. The structure of his body’s organs was also different from that of an ordinary person. That was why his heart avoided a fatal blow.
      Looking at the scene of corpses and blood in the hall and being ransacked, Jin He’s expression changed, and he was extremely angry.
      Then, he took out a portable phone and dialed a number. When the other phone was connected, Jin said meaningfully,” Master Man, long time no see ……”
      On the other hand, after Ke Lin left the kitchen, he began to plunder the money from Jin He.
      It had to be said that Jin He’s accumulated a lot of resources.
      Cash and gold jewelry were at least 200 million USD.
      Although Colin had inherited Stark’s industry and was wealthy, he was also a wealthy man, who would think he had too much money?
      Moreover, it was the 1990s. In the era of prosperity in the Maneuvering World, the more money they had, the more capital they had to invest.
      In this way, it would be convenient for Colin to invest in more new industries and thus have a greater appreciation space!
      It was just that these money were all gold and unjustly obtained. They could not be seen. They had to use hidden methods to wash them before they could use them.
      With this thought, Colin dressed up and started to launder money in some leisure and entertainment places and casinos.The exchange was for the money that had been converted into a fa.
      However, the amount of this money was too large. It wasn’t something that could be dealt with in a short period of time. It still needed some time to digest it.
      While handling the money, Colin still needed to take care of Stark’s industrial affairs.
      As a large-scale weapons supplier, Stark’s industrial business was very extensive. He had long-term cooperation with S.H.I.E.I. Shield and even the Fang Department of the US.
      In the next few days, Ke Lin still had to discuss with the military about the new military products.
      In another two months, the Stark World Industrial Expo was about to be held. This series of events was all about Ke Lin making decisions.
      On the other side, Tony was also doing his best to study the spaceship.
      Although there was a reference to the design drawings, it had to be said that it was too difficult to build this spaceship on schedule.
      Therefore, Ke Lin quickly changed his strategy and made Tony turn to zero. He first studied some of the basic components and facilities, such as the Gravity Room!
      Comparatively speaking, what Ke Lin cared more about was the Gravity Room.
      One had to know that in the Seven Dragon Pearl, Wukong and Becquita had used the Gravity Room to increase their physical strength and combat strength!
      From this, it could be seen how powerful this gravity chamber was.
      According to the strength standards of the Maneuvering World, Colin was probably above Earth-level. He was not even at the Heavenly Father level, and there was still a lot of room for growth.
      Even if Ke Lin wasn’t a super Saiya, he could use this to train his physical body, polish his blood and blood, and improve his martial arts combat strength!
      Plus, with the support of the System’s golden finger, he might really be able to reach the height of a super Sayan in the future. Ke Lin could not help but be filled with anticipation.
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      Chapter 19: Ousben Group, Hammer Military Industry, Stark Industry, Arms Contractor Competition!(Flower, evaluation)

      As time passed, it was closer and closer to the meeting between the military industry and the military.
      On this day, Hua Shenton’s Hexagonal Building was extremely lively.
      “Da da da.”
      Following the sound of the propeller, a helicopter slowly landed on the tarmac.
      Colin and Jarvis came down from the helicopter and walked into the conference hall of the Hexagonal Building under the crowd of staff.
      Following that, representatives from all sides entered.
      Not long after, the large conference room was packed.
      All of them were representatives from the military, Divine Shield Bureau, the federal investigation department, and the military industry.
      The military representatives were General Ross, General Stryker, and Colonel Rod from the air force.
      The S.H.I.E. Bureau was represented by senior agents Nick Frey and Colson.
      As for the military enterprises, they were represented by Stark Industries, Hammer Military and Osborne Group.
      At the meeting, everyone looked at Ke Lin intentionally or not.
      As the newly appointed Starck CEO, Colin was undoubtedly a brand-new face at this meeting. Naturally, he would have more or less attention.
      Today’s meeting was hosted by General Ross of the military.
      General Ross was dressed in a military suit. He had a pair of tiger-eyed, eagle-like eyebrows. His expression was determined, and he gave off an unafraid aura.
      Seeing that everyone was here, Ross glanced at the people present and cleared his throat. He said in a clear voice,” Welcome to participate in the military industry meeting.”
      “Everyone should know that the recent situation in many parts of the world is not very optimistic. For example, Budapest, Central | East, and Western Europe (where the Nine-Headed Snake’s headquarters is located), there have been occasional disturbances.”
      “The future situation will also become more and more serious.”
      “That’s why in order to do a good job in dealing with the situation, the military will also purchase a large-scale batch of military equipment and weapons this year. This is also the main purpose of this meeting.”
      At this moment, the S.H.I. Shield Bureau’s Nick Fury also took the lead and said,” In the past few years, the S.H.I. Shield Bureau and the Nine-Headed Snake Organization’s confrontation has never been interrupted, and even intensified. In order to better control the development of the terrorist forces, our S.H.I. Shield Bureau urgently needs to upgrade advanced weapons and equipment.”
      Colin followed his voice and looked up at Nick Frey.
      Nick Frey, the future director of the Divine Shield Bureau, had thick hair. His left eye had not been scratched by the Elemental Devourer Beast. It could be said that he was a young man.
      Next to Nick Frey was General Stryker.
      Stryker was the old enemy of the Diamond Wolf. He wanted to exterminate the mutated humans.
      Speaking of which, this meeting could be said to be a gathering of celebrities. There were military bosses, the future director of Divine Shield, the future Green Devil, and ambitious people who were all bent on destroying mutated humans.
      All the big shots gathered together, it was interesting!
      Just as Ke Lin was thinking, he heard General Streicke say in a deep voice,” That’s right. It’s not as if anyone here is here to cooperate.”
      “Then let’s go to the main topic now. A’s Group, Hammer Military, and Stark Industry. What are your preparations for this meeting.”
      Stryker’s deep gaze swept past Norman Osborne, Nelson Hammer (Justin Hammer’s father) in turn. Finally, he looked at Colin with deep meaning.
      Just as Stryker had said, whether it was Osborne Group, Hammer Military Industry or Stark Industry, they were all involved in the arms industry, and they had long-term cooperation with the Fang Department of the Mi Kingdom.
      Most of the military expenditure of the Hexagonal Building was related to these three enterprises.
      Correspondingly, the arms and weapons produced by these three companies were mostly sold to the Hexagonal Building.
      To put it bluntly, the relationship between the three companies and the Hexagonal Building in the military industry was the production-marketing connection.
      This meeting was a discussion about weapons and equipment.
      The three companies displayed their weapons and equipment respectively, while the military and S.H.I.E.I. Shield Bureau made purchase orders according to their respective needs.
      From this, it could be seen that this meeting was very important to all parties.
      “Alright, since that’s the case, let our Osborne Group start.”
      Norman Osborne was the first to show off his products.
      He did not display many products, there were three in total.
      They were blood serum that could help heal wounds, jet boots that could reduce the energy consumption of soldiers, and mini infrared night vision goggles that could be seen as day in the night.
      Osborne Group was large in scale and strong in strength. It was mainly focused on biotechnology. The military industry was just a sideline.
      Even the military products developed this time were focused on the field of biotechnology.
      Of the three products, the most powerful was the body repair serum.
      After injecting this kind of serum, it could help the soldiers slowly recover their damaged physical skills. It could help to relieve the soldiers’ injuries during the battle. It was a simplified version of the Impassable Virus.
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      Chapter 20. With all due respect, everyone here is trash!(Flower, evaluation)

      This type of body repair serum was a simplified version of the Impassable Virus.
      After Norman’s introduction, General Ross and the other military officials became interested.
      The think tank behind him discussed and based on the unit price of a repair serum of $5000, he temporarily booked an order of $100,000, or $500 million.
      Norman’s eyes turned when he heard this result. His expression was calm, neither excited nor disappointed.
      After all, the Osborne Group was mainly focused on biotechnology and the arms industry was a sideline.
      A hundred thousand orders weren’t too many, but it was acceptable. It was enough to obtain a stable order. It could be considered as completing the mission.
      “Wonderful, but the show has just begun.”
      The well-dressed Nelson Hammer said confidently.
      After you sang, it was Nelson’s turn.
      He touched his palm lightly, and the assistant on the side hurriedly carried the equipment warehouse.
      The box opened, and all that came into view were firearms and weapons.
      Under everyone’s gaze, Nelson put on his gloves, took out his weapons one by one, and personally displayed them to everyone.
      “Clarridge’s high-tech semi-automatic pistol,9mm calibre, extremely fast.”
      “FN-2000 submachine gun, automatic loading, extremely strong penetration, steel plate in front of it is as if nothing.”
      “A 40mm grenade launcher. It can fire tear gas and smoke.”
      “M134 machine gun, six independent gun barrels. One shot can make people disappear.”
      “This is a rattlesnake missile. It’s equipped with a whirlwind explosive. It’s a chemical ring, trimethyl trinitroamine. It’s enough to blow up a bunker and the bunker hidden underneath. It can flatten any building. It’s a masterpiece that I’ve been researching and developing for more than ten years. I call it” Xiao Fei “……”
      “Rattlesnake Missile, Xiao Fei?”
      Ke Lin almost burst out laughing.
      This reminded him of the “ex-wife” that Nelson’s son Justin had introduced to the military in Iron Man 2.
      This kind of “ex-wife” tracking missile was introduced as fierce as a tiger, but the actual combat strength was worrying, so much so that the netizens had spread the “ex-wife” as the strongest weapon in Manwei!
      In Colin’s eyes, Nelson and his son, Justin, were exactly the same. Not going to sell would be a waste.
      However, it had to be said that most of the weapons that Hammer Military had launched this time were still applicable to the battlefield.
      The military’s eyes were burning as they watched Nelson demonstrate his weapon on the stage. Their eyes could not help but shine, unable to hide the surprise on their faces.
      “Hammer Military has come prepared this time.”
      “He actually brought out more than ten kinds of weapons and equipment at once. What a big deal.”
      “Looks like Hummer’s military industry won’ t lose much.”
      Everyone knew that according to the size of the enterprise, from high to low, Osborne Group, Stark Industry and Hammer Military Industry were arranged in turn.
      However, Osborne’s military field was not their true focus. Only Hammer’s military field and Stark’s industry were the main focus, and they were also the main competitors of the contractors of the Fang Department!
      There were quite a few types of weapons rolled out by Hammer Military, and all of them were standard weapons that had been tested countless times. From semi-automatic pistols to rattlesnake missiles, they were all available. They basically included the weapons that soldiers needed to fight, and their power was extraordinary.
      The strength of Hammer’s military industry was obvious.
      He looked around at the people from the military who were praising him. Nelson arrogantly pushed his glasses with his fingertips, not without a hint of pride. His inner vanity was also greatly satisfied.
      On the other side, the think tank of the Hexagonal Building was whispering among themselves.
      After a while of discussion, after discussing with the higher-ups, they finally announced an order worth 1.9 billion USD.
      Nelson Osborne was overjoyed.
      Although the order for 1.9 billion USD had not been finalized yet, it still needed to be approved by the General Assembly and Guo, but it should not be different from the final result.
      After Nelson calmed down, he returned to his seat.
      “Mr. Colin, this time Stark Industries should also bring a lot of weapons, right?”
      General Ross looked at Colin with interest and said.
      Following his words, everyone’s eyes fell on Ke Lin. They looked forward, and Ke Lin instantly became the center of attention.
      Facing everyone’s gaze, Colin spread his hands and said indifferently,” General Ross has been disappointed. This time, Stark Industries only brought one product, and it’s not a pure military weapon.”
      The clear words spread to every corner of the conference room, causing everyone present to be stunned and look at each other in dismay.
      Colonel Rod was puzzled.
      Nick Frey crossed his hands against his chin and fell silent.
      Ross and Stryker both had strange looks on their faces. They were puzzled by Colin’s performance.
      Even Jarvis, the assistant, was worried. He couldn’t help but sweat for Colin. Was this product really effective?
      “There’s only one product. Is your company right?”
      “One product is enough.”
      Ke Lin raised his sharp eyebrows. His handsome face was filled with calm and calm, as if he was holding on to victory.
      Actually, Ke Lin still had a subtext that he didn’t say. With all due respect, just this product is enough to beat up the trash!
      Just one product?”What a joke. Ke Lin, I’ ve interacted with your father more than once. He’s much more pragmatic than you.”
      Nelson narrowed his eyes, his words filled with sarcasm.
      Hua Xia had a good word to say. He didn’t have any hair on his mouth, and he did n’ t have a good job. Nelson assumed that Colin was such a poor kid, and it wouldn’t be a big deal.
      “Hehe, rare things are precious. A truly top-notch product is not the quantity but the essence. Just this product alone will be able to crush those weapons that you say are falling into chaos!”
      Ke Lin curled his lips and retorted.
      Nelson was speechless for a moment. He was so angry that his face turned green and red. He immediately endured the anger in his heart. He wanted to see what kind of medicine Colin was selling.
      No longer paying attention to Nelson, Colin snapped his fingers. Jarvis took out a three-foot square box and placed it on the table.
      When the box was opened, everyone looked at it and their expressions changed.
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      Chapter 21 Shocked the entire audience, an epoch-making product!(Flower, evaluation)

      The box opened.
      What caught his eye was an oval, curved model of the spaceship.
      From the looks of it, there was nothing unique except the realistic appearance.
      “Is this the product Stark Industries wants to display?”
      “This is Hexagonal Building, not a toy exhibition. What a joke.”
      Seeing this, the crowd was dumbfounded. They were discussing amongst themselves. They were even a little angry, thinking that Ke Lin was playing with them.
      Ignoring the looks of surprise around him, Colin took out the small spaceship from the box and began to introduce it slowly.” This isn’ t an ordinary model. It’s a mini spaceship with a light speed engine. It uses the fusion reactor as the energy source.”
      “It can overcome the effects of gravity, traverse the starry sky, and even realize the intergalactic leap!”
      Ke Lin’s words echoed in every corner of the conference room.
      This mini spaceship wasn’t something else. It was a simplified version of the Bliv spaceship. Although it did n’ t have electronic pulse cannons, laser weapons, and other fire support systems, it had a unique light speed engine, which made this simplified version have a navigation power system comparable to the original version.
      “In order to demonstrate this mini spaceship, we have set up a camera inside it to record its journey…”Of course, your military can also use the radio location radar to monitor the spaceship’s trajectory.”
      In the conference room.
      The military personnel looked at each other in dismay, unsure of what to do.
      General Stryker pondered for a moment before nodding.” Do as he says.”
      As soon as he finished speaking, the military personnel in charge immediately got busy. They contacted the nearby aviation control and military radar stations to let them launch electromagnetic waves, lock onto the mini spaceship, and monitor its movements in real time.
      Everything was ready.
      At this moment, Colin came to the window. At the same time, he grabbed the mini spaceship and went out of the window. He was about to start.
      The atmosphere in the conference room unconsciously became tense. Everyone couldn’t help but hold their breath when they saw this scene. The camera was turned on, recording the scene before the launch in real time.
      Even Nelson Hammer stood up from his seat and stared at the mini spaceship in surprise. For some reason, his heart was filled with anxiety.
      The next moment.
      Under everyone’s gaze, Colin activated the spaceship.
      Under the power of fusion reactor, the mini spaceship’s speed of light engine was running rapidly.
      The mini spaceship broke through the sound barrier in the blink of an eye and disappeared into the blue sky. It was so fast that it could not even see a shadow.
      As for the camera’s image, in an instant, the surrounding scene quickly retreated backwards. Then, the image stopped abruptly and turned into a pitch-black scene.
      “Where’s the spaceship?”
      Colonel Rod blinked as he stared at the dark screen. He couldn’t restrain his doubts and asked in astonishment.
      “I’ ve already broken through the speed of light and flown out of the surface. To be more precise, I’ ve already been annihilated in the stars.”
      Ke Lin shrugged and said disapprovingly.
      Since it was the speed of light engine, the mini spaceship would be able to surpass the speed of light with all its power. In just a few milliseconds, it had already transformed into a beam of light that crossed the universe and flew more than 300,000 kilometers away.
      However, this mini spaceship was a simple version after all. It did not carry a defense barrier and could not withstand the impact of space turbulence. As a result, it had already been extinguished in the stars and turned into dust. Even so, it did not affect the ability to display the light speed engine and the fusion reactor energy!
      “Impossible. This must be a trick you’ re trying to fool us into. As long as you investigate the radar, it’s fine. The scanning of electromagnetic waves will not lie!”
      Nelson Hammer slammed the table in disbelief and roared at the monitors.
      At this moment, General Ross was also curious. He asked the monitor,” How was it? Did the results come out?”
      “Reporting to General, we just mobilized all the aviation surveillance radar and military radar nearby to lock in the position of that mini spaceship…”But without exception, all of them failed.”
      “Right now, the only thing we can confirm is that the mini spaceship is no longer on Earth. Instead, it has gone into space and flew to an unknown galaxy!”
      “Pa da.”
      Nelson’s hand slid, and a bullet that he held in his hand dropped to the ground, bouncing a few times.
      What did you say!”It really surpasses the speed of light?”
      General Stryker’s expression suddenly changed. He jumped up from his seat and his eyes were filled with shock and disbelief!
      The scene was completely silent. The needles could be heard.
      The sound of gasps rang out in the conference room.
      Ross, Stryker, Rod, Nick Frey, Colson, Norman, and Nelson all had shocked and disbelief on their faces. When they looked at Colin, they could not hide their surprised expressions!
      Looking at these people’s shocked expressions that they had never seen the world before, Ke Lin grinned, feeling extremely happy.
      Light speed engine, fusion reactor energy.
      No matter which of these two technologies, they were all epoch-making technologies that could cause a sensation in the world and have a milestone significance!
      Now, they finally understood the meaning of Ke Lin’s words.
      This time, Colin only brought one product. He didn’t need to be so fussy. Just this product was enough to slap Osborne and Hammer and turn their products into dregs!
      And just as Ke Lin had said, this was not a purely military product. Instead, it had already surpassed the military category and become the pinnacle of technology that could lead the future!
      “If this spaceship is used as an army, then the formation of a space army will not be limited to imagination, but will truly become a reality.”
      Colonel Rod from the air force, his palms were sweating and wet.
      “The speed of light engine, the speed that surpasses light, this is simply too inconceivable.”
      General Stryker’s breathing froze. His veins were exposed, and his eyes were filled with extreme fanaticism.
      The assistant, Jarvis, smiled bitterly in his heart. It seemed like he was thinking too much. This was already within the chairman’s expectations.
      “So this is Ke Lin’s trump card ……”
      Nelson sat down weakly. His unfocused eyes were about to lose focus. A sense of shame rose from his face.
      One had to know that he was still there to refute Stark’s industrial products, but he did n’ t expect to be slapped in the face by the second of light speed, and it was extremely painful!
      But among everyone, the one who felt the most was General Roth. The appearance of this spaceship made Roth’s mind quickly visualize that secret Pegasus plan!
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      Chapter 22: Heavy Order, Restarting the Pegasus Program!(Flower, evaluation)

      At this moment, Ross and Stryker exchanged glances. From each other’s eyes, they realized that there was a tacit understanding. They simultaneously thought of that secret Pegasus plan!
      This plan had to go back to the 1940s and 1950s.
      After the victory of World War II, Howard and Cathy set up the S.H.I.I. Shield Bureau together. They also mounted three research projects: the Goliath Plan, the Breakaway Plan and the Pegasus Plan.
      Goliath’s plan was to study the deformation of the body and enlarge and shrink the substance on the atomic plane.
      During the cold war, Hank Pim, who was working in the Divine Shield Bureau, made a breakthrough in the research of Goliath. He developed the Pim particle technology and became the first generation ant. He was engaged in quantum technology research.
      It wasn’t known for the time being that he had been contracted by a person called Reid and his research team.(Future Magic Four Swordsman).
      As for the final Pegasus plan, it was a little special.
      Its content was to revolve around the dark energy of the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube and develop a fighter jet that was traveling beyond the speed of light, thus achieving the goal of crossing interstellar space and time.
      Unlike the other two plans, the Pegasus plan was the most arduous and ambitious, so it was researched by NASA, Divine Shield Bureau, and the military.
      Just five years ago, with the progress of the research, a scientist named Wendy Lawson had mastered the core technology. At one point, he had developed a fighter with a light speed engine.
      But just as the Pegasus plan was about to achieve great results, an accident happened.
      During a test drive of the light speed engine fighter, scientist Wendy Lawson and Air Force pilot Carol suffered an unexpected and bizarre crash. Wendy Lawson died on the spot, while pilot Carol was nowhere to be seen.
      Along with Wendy Lawson’s death, the Pegasus plan collapsed. The whole plan came to an abrupt end, and a series of riddles were wiped out.
      It was worth mentioning that this was the highest secret of the military and the S.H.I.E.I. Shield Bureau. Therefore, at the current level like Colonel Rod and Nick Frey, of course, they did not know about this many years of secrecy.
      However, in the past five years, there had actually been a technology product that was even more powerful than a light speed engine!
      With the advent of this mini spaceship, the Pegasus plan had once again turned around.
      Both Ross and Stryker were acutely aware that this might be an opportunity to restart the Pegasus program!Thinking of this, they were instantly immersed in joy.
      “How long will this spaceship be able to complete?”
      “It will take about three months.”
      Ke Lin gave a rough estimate and then said. Now, Tony and his technical team were in intensive research and development. It was estimated that they would be completed in three months as soon as possible, not more than half a year.
      Ross was delighted to hear this, and then he asked,” Then what is your offer?”How many can we sell at most?”
      “Three billion swords, based on the current progress, we should be able to build three by the end of next year!”
      His fingers tapped on the table rhythmically. Ke Lin thought for a moment before giving a bid.
      One had to know that the current F22 fighter jet cost 300 million U.S.Kelin had calculated that this spaceship would have to be seven or eight times more expensive.
      “What, three billion swords, this is too exaggerated!”A F22 mech is only 300 million dollars.”
      “This is simply a big deal. Your Stark Industries are too greedy.”
      Several higher-ups of the military were dumbfounded when they heard the offer and said with some dissatisfaction.
      From their point of view, Colin was asking too much for money. He was simply treating the Hexagonal Building as an ATM, right?
      Norman Osborne and Nelson Hammer were shocked.
      Three billion swords?This price was too daring. In comparison, wasn’t the price of the weapons and arms they sold to the Hexagonal Building the price of cabbage?
      “Nonsense, isn’t it all cost to develop and improve this spaceship?If you don’t have the money, you can build one for me?”The price is fixed. A bid is three billion dollars. If you are willing to buy it, you can buy it. If you don’ t buy it, you can buy it!”
      Ke Lin waved his hand and said in a willful manner. His words carried an unquestionable dignity.
      It was clear that this spaceship was the seller’s market.
      Moreover, Ke Lin’s offer was one thing. Such an epoch-making product, whether he was willing to sell it was still one thing!
      If he didn’t buy it, he would n’ t have to worry about where to go anyway. Ke Lin believed that as long as he revealed some news, the big dog on the middle | east side would definitely come to buy it as soon as they got the news!
      As he spoke, Colin was ready to greet Jarvis and leave the meeting room.
      “Wait a moment…” General Ross immediately stood up to urge him to stay and smiled apologetically.
      He quickly made a phone call using his personal computer. Then, he put his hands behind his back and paced back and forth in the conference hall.
      After a long while, Ross gritted his teeth and punched his fist in the palm. It was as if he had made an extremely difficult decision. His eyes were filled with pain.” Alright, according to the price of three billion US knives, all three spaceship hexagonal buildings are needed.”
      Hearing General Ross’ words, the entire scene was in an uproar.
      Nickfrey, Colson, and Colonel Rod could not help but gasp in disbelief.
      Knowing that Colin was asking for a huge price, Ross, Stryker, and the other higher-ups still made this decision.
      The unit price was 3 billion USD, which meant that if all three of them were bought, it would be 9 billion USD, almost 10 billion USD!
      Thinking about it carefully, this should be the largest purchase order ever made by the Pentagon so far!
      In a row of arms dealers, Norman Osborne and Nelson Hammer were shocked as well. Their pupils shrunk, and they were filled with shock and disbelief. Their jaws were about to fall!
      With nearly 10 billion orders, the Hexagonal Building couldn’t be crazy!
      One had to know that the total assets of the entire Hammer Military Industry was only a hundred billion market value!
      Stark Industries and Hexagonal Building. One dared to bid, and the other dared to place an order!
      Norman Osborne and Nelson Hammer looked at each other with pale faces and a bitter smile.
      Who would have thought that Ke Lin would throw such a heavy bomb at this meeting, and even laugh until the end, becoming the real winner!
      This time, Stark’s industry was doing a real big project. Compared to Osborne’s 500 million and Hammer’s 1.9 billion orders, they were truly dwarfed.
      Without comparison, there was no damage!
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      Chapter 23 Unknown Secret, Paperclip Plan!(Flower, evaluation)

      With the order of the three spaceships, the result of this docking meeting was undoubtedly settled.
      Three spaceships, nearly 10 billion orders.
      Stark Industries was undoubtedly the biggest winner!
      However, considering the progress of the research and development and the construction period, the three spacecrafts would be delivered in two years. At the same time, Stark Industrial retained the patent technology right.
      Under Norman Osborne and Nelson Hammer’s resentful and jealous eyes, Colin and Ross, the military officials represented, signed an order agreement and issued a foreign cooperation statement.
      After discussing the matter, Ke Lin left Hexagonal Building under the escort of the higher-ups of the military.
      “Mr. Colin.”
      At this moment, Nick Frey ran up from behind.
      “So it’s the big red person from the Divine Shield Bureau. Is there something wrong?”
      Colin sized up the future Director of Divine Shield. He couldn’t be considered to have any good feelings or disgust. After all, although Colin did n’ t really appreciate Nick Fury, his perseverance and diligence were commendable.
      Not to mention, Howard was also one of the founders of the S.H.I. Shield Bureau. To some extent, Stark Industries had a deep connection with the S.H.I. Shield Bureau.
      “I just want to ask if Nine-Headed Snake has come to trouble you recently.”
      Nine-Headed Snake?”Since the defeat of the last assassination, they’ ve stopped a lot.”
      Ke Lin raised his eyebrows and said meaningfully.
      To be more precise, the Nine-Headed Snake Organization had retreated a lot under Colin’s warning of the Meteor Volcano. It was unknown where the Nine-Headed Snake Organization was hiding, and it had not appeared for a long time.
      “Yeah, but it’s better to be careful. After all, according to the Nine-Headed Snake’s style, they won’ t give up easily.”
      “Maybe. Speaking of which, these Nine-Headed Snakes are really stubborn. They haven’t been wiped out even though they have been entangled with your Divine Shield Bureau for decades. It seems that their vitality is really strong. Could it be that they can grow two more heads after being chopped off?”
      Colin teased with a playful expression. His words were not without ridicule.
      One had to know that as a pair of old enemies who loved each other and killed each other, Divine Shield and Nine-Headed Snake had been in a stalemate for decades from the second battle period until now. However, no one was able to kill each other.
      It was unknown if the Nine-Headed Snake was too tenacious, or if the Divine Shield Bureau was too useless. Perhaps both sides were half a pound!
      Nick Frey couldn’t help but blush when he sensed the sarcasm in Colin’s words. But it was true, and there was no reason to refute it.
      Moreover, Nick Frey also felt that this matter was quite strange.
      Ever since De Guona’s defeat, the Nine-Headed Snake that had been attached to him had also suffered a great loss of vitality. According to the situation at that time, the Divine Shield Bureau could have taken advantage of the victory to kill the Nine-Headed Snake Retreat.
      However, for some unknown reason, every time they attacked the Nine-Headed Snake, the other party seemed to be able to predict the enemy first. Each time, they were able to resolve the crisis without any danger, so they were able to survive and remain powerful until now.
      Due to the keen sense of smell of an elite agent, Nick Frey felt that this matter was not simple. There must be something strange about it, but this also reflected the weak response of Nine-Headed Snake.
      Just as the atmosphere was in an awkward state, another mechanical electronic sound rang out by Ke Lin’s ears:
      “In the face of Nick Frey’s doubts, please make your choice.”
      “Option 1: Conceal the truth as if nothing had happened!”The mission has been completed. The reward is Flowing Blade (from Death World).”
      “Option 2: Reveal the truth and expose the undercover identity of Divine Shield Director Pierce!”Mission completed, reward Yu Zhibo for helping the inheritance (from Fire Shadow World).”
      “Option 3: To frame Peggy Kathy as a spy for the Nine-Headed Snake!”The mission has been completed and we have obtained a Batmobile (from the DC world).”
      When Colin heard the system notification, he could not help but feel excited.
      He never thought that he would be able to trigger a choice when facing Nick Frey.
      Soon, Colin gathered his thoughts and focused on these three options.
      The most trouble-free option was definitely the first option. To hide the truth, one could obtain a reward without doing anything. It was simply to earn a reward by lying on the ground, and it would not cause any trouble.
      However, the reward for the first option was a sword skill.
      In terms of sword techniques, Colin already had the Xiaoyao Sect’s sword techniques. Moreover, he had already completed his training with the Zhenjin Sword. Its power was extraordinary, and it was enough for now. If he chose another sword technique, it would be a little repetitive.
      As for Grandpa’s Batmobile?Ke Lin indicated that he was not interested at all. He already had a spaceship. What bike did he need?Hmm?
      Moreover, Nine-Headed Snake was his common enemy with the S.H.I. Shield Bureau. It would be a good thing if he could take advantage of the opportunity to get rid of the spies in the S.H.I. Shield Bureau.
      Considering this, Ke Lin already had an idea.
      Thinking of this, Colin took a deep look at Nickfrey and said,” You want to know why the Divine Shield Bureau has been unable to completely eradicate the Nine-Headed Snake many times and is still being led by them?”
      “Could there be something hidden inside?”
      Nick Frey was stunned.
      “The walls have ears. Let’s go somewhere else.”
      There were people coming in and out of the Hexagonal Building one after another. This place was full of people and was not a place to talk.
      Fifteen minutes later, in a corner of a coffee shop.
      “What do you mean that the Nine-Headed Snake has already infiltrated the S.H.I.E.I. Shield Bureau and has a lot of spies?”
      Nickfrey couldn’t help but look stunned when he heard what Colin had revealed.
      Ke Lin could not help but roll his eyes when he saw Nick Frey’s shocked expression and keep quiet.
      Nick Frey realized that he had lost his composure. He looked left and right and saw that nothing had happened. He lowered his voice and said,” Are you sure this is true?”
      “Do you think it’s necessary for me to lie to you? Moreover, this is a sneak plan that Nine-Headed Snake has planned for a long time. It’s called a paper clip plan!”
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      Chapter 24 Nick Frey = Gin?The soaring battle power!(Flower, evaluation)

      The so-called paper clip plan was an infiltration plan.
      Back then, after the Red Dragonfly disappeared, the Divine Shield Bureau had recruited all sorts of talents from the Nine-Headed Serpent.
      However, the Nine-Headed Snake’s people believed that they could not die. They gradually turned the S.H.I. Shield Bureau into the Nine-Headed Snake’s lair. This way, they could retain the blood of the Nine-Headed Snake and root in the S.H.I. Shield Bureau.
      These spies wanted to split up from within and encroach on the power of Divine Shield.
      As for some inner ghosts, they had held high positions during the decades of ups and downs. Even within the entire S.H.I.E.L.I.D. Bureau, they had a single hand that covered the sky and played an important role.
      “Your current director, Pierce, is the leader of Nine-Headed Snake in Divine Shield Bureau.”
      Then, Colin revealed another shocking truth.
      “How is this possible?”
      These words were heard by Nick Frey, and it was like a thunderclap. It immediately made him even more surprised.
      The current director, Pierce, was actually a spy for the Nine-Headed Snake. Wasn’t that too unbelievable?!
      But when Nick Frey calmed down and thought about it, he could vaguely sense some clues.
      Now it came to mind that when the Chief Pierce learned that Winter Soldier had failed to assassinate Howard, his expression was very strange. Moreover, he did not take any protective measures against Howard in time. Just this alone was questionable.
      “But how did you learn about this information?”
      Nick Frey’s eyes revealed a hint of confusion.
      “Oh, have you forgotten that my father, Howard Stark, is one of the founders of the Divine Shield Bureau? As a member of the Stark family, I naturally know a lot of inside information that you don’ t know. Is there anything strange about this?”
      Ke Lin opened his hands and asked, saying the words he had long wanted to explain.
      Ke Lin paused for a moment before adding,” If you don’ t believe me, you can investigate carefully. The truth will come out naturally.”
      Under Nick Frey’s gaze, Colin tore off another memo from the dining table. Following that, he wrote down the names of many people and handed it to the other party.” The names on this list are all undercover agents of the Nine-Headed Snake. Of course, these might be just the tip of the iceberg.”
      This……”We’ ve dug a mole.”
      Looking at the densely packed names on the note, Nickfrey couldn’t help but cover his forehead. His scalp went numb, and he felt his thick hair was almost bald!
      Opposite his seat, Colin looked at Nick Frey sympathetically.
      As his thoughts diverged, Colin suddenly thought of the gin in Conan and realized that the two of them had many similarities.
      Nick Frey and Gin had a common characteristic, that was that their own business ability was excellent.
      However, on the other hand, they were either useless trash or spies planted by the enemy.
      All of them, without exception, were undercover agents of the Divine Shield Bureau.
      As for Nick Frey, he was like a member of the Divine Shield Bureau. He fell into the base of the Nine-Headed Snake. Even a king dressed in divine clothing could not bring a bunch of bronze!
      “Thank you for your reminder, sir. I will definitely investigate it.”
      Nick Frey put away the list with a serious expression and left the cafe in a hurry.
      Looking at Nick Freeman’s back, Colin gently gulped down the hot coffee in his cup, his eyes shining brightly.
      Although Nickfrey’s position in the Divine Shield Bureau was n’ t very high, his business ability was outstanding. With the list he provided, Nickfrey only needed to conduct a targeted investigation. He believed that it wouldn’t take long for everything to come out. He just needed to wait for the good news.
      At the same time, news about the speed of light engine spaceship and the 10 billion orders signed by the Hexagonal Building and Stark Industries spread quickly. It also caused a huge sensation in the business and technology circles.
      “20 Times.”
      “30 Times.”
      “40 Times.”
      “50 Times.”
      “60 Times.”
      “63 Times.”
      In a spherical gravity cabin that was the size of a house and filled with technology, Colin was training on gravity loads.
      As the number gradually increased, an unimaginable force of gravity pressed down on Colin’s shoulder like a mountain. The bones, blood vessels and internal organs of his body were all under great impact.
      Under such extreme circumstances, Colin still had to do a series of exercises, such as sprinting, push-ups, jumping, and so on, to cultivate his physical strength.
      For ordinary people, three to four times the gravity was the limit. A few people could reach six to seven times the gravity. However, in this half a month’s time, Ke Lin could control at most 63 times the gravity through tireless cultivation!
      As the cultivation progressed, Ke Lin’s physical strength was also increasing. He was even more tough and tough. His blood and blood surged like a tide, his spine like a dragon, and his crotch like a tiger. His entire combat strength also soared!
      However, Colin was not complacent. In the Seven Dragon Pearl, Sun Wukong could withstand at most 300 times the gravity. Only then did he achieve the terrifying combat strength of the super Saiya people. Therefore, Colin still had a long way to go on this path of cultivation.
      Two hours of cultivation was short and long.
      After finishing his training, Ke Linchi walked out of the gravity cabin with his upper body covered in sweat.
      Seeing this, the maid hurriedly wiped the sweat off Ke Lin’s body with a towel.
      At this moment, Ke Lin was strong and sturdy. The muscles on his body were bulging and bulging. He was tough and powerful, and had a strong visual impact. Under the sunlight, he gave off a bronze luster.
      A strong hormonal aura could not be suppressed as it emanated out from Colin, causing the maid beside her to be unable to restrain herself. A brilliant red rose from her face.
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      Chapter 25 Stark’s New Era, on Tony’s psychological shadow area!(Flower, evaluation)

      After training, he took a comfortable hot bath. Colin couldn’t help but feel comfortable. He did n’ t have time to rest. He drove to the Stark Building again. There was still an important meeting waiting for him today.
      By the time Colin arrived at the meeting room, everyone had arrived.
      There were not only the heads of the company department, but also prominent shareholders. Even Howard and Tony were among them.
      Today’s meeting was to listen to the company’s recent performance and to announce new measures for the company’s future development.
      According to the comprehensive reports of several departments, Stark’s industry’s revenue steadily increased, especially the order for the speed of light engine spacecraft, which increased by more than 30 percentage points compared to previous years. It could be said that the results were remarkable.
      Following that, Colin announced another important strategic plan, which was that while Stark Industry insisted on the military industry, it would also accelerate the investment in aerospace, energy and artificial intelligence, and expand the scale of the industry.
      The reason he had made such a decision was naturally because of the deep abyss.
      The reason Stark’s industry was able to develop at a high speed was actually due to the impact of the cold war. It was in line with the needs of various countries and regions to expand their forces. However, once they passed this stage, the scale of the military industry would inevitably decline.
      Stark’s industry had to adapt to the trend of the times and make better planning and transformation. In the future, it needed to move closer to new industries like aerospace, energy and artificial intelligence!
      After nearly an hour of speech, the conference room erupted into thunderous applause after a moment of silence. The eyes that looked at Ke Lin were filled with respect and admiration. They were filled with endless longing and longing for the future.
      “The chairman is really forward-looking.”
      “In the foreseeable future, aerospace, energy, and artificial intelligence are all huge vents. We need to make sure that the speed of light engine spaceship is the best example.”
      “We need to develop these new industries as soon as possible while the Ao’s Group and Hammer Military Industry are still in the old eye. Only then can we open up our distance from them.”
      Looking around at the excited participants, Ke Lin’s eyes narrowed as a deep light flashed in his eyes.
      Stark Industries needed to make the necessary transformation based on the original foundation, which meant that the development of Stark Industries would enter a new era.
      Until the end of the meeting, the higher-ups were still immersed in hope, unable to calm their excitement for a long time.
      “Ke Lin, you’ re actually able to make brilliant and far-sighted decisions. It’s unbelievable.”
      Howard patted Colin on the shoulder in a kind manner, not concealing his relief and admiration.
      “Hehe, that’s a small matter.”
      Ke Lin shrugged his shoulders disapprovingly.
      Are you kidding me? We’re a man with God’s perspective. We have a good grasp of the future economic development and trends, so we can naturally make the right decisions.
      Howard looked at Colin with a pleased expression, full of spoiling.
      Recently, Colin’s performance was even more surprising.
      Whether it was a single-handed defeat of Winter Soldier Baki, or a commercial success.
      Whether it was to control the Stark Group in a swift and decisive manner, or to obtain the design drawings of the light speed engine spaceship and the 10 billion orders signed by the Yu Hexagonal Building, these series of methods were all exquisite and amazing. Indeed, they did not disappoint him.
      “In this way, I can leave the company to you with confidence and then travel around the world with Maria. This is what we have always dreamed of.”
      “Traveling around the world?”
      “That’s right. If it wasn’ t for the Nine-Headed Snake’s assassination that delayed the trip, we would have been playing a few rounds in the Bahamas.”
      Ke Lin nodded thoughtfully.
      That was true. With Howard’s age, it became his long-cherished wish to enjoy traveling and life after he had successfully retired.
      It turned out that he wanted to help Colin manage Stark from the side. He would not retreat until everything was stable.
      Now that Stark’s industry was back on track, of course, he did n’ t have to worry anymore. He could start his retirement without any scruples.
      “As for Tony, I’ ll leave it to you in the future.”Howard glanced at Tony and said in an educational tone,” Tony, when we’ re not here, you have to listen to what brother says. Don’ t cause trouble.”
      When Tony heard this, he looked at his brother, Colin, who had a bad smile on his face. He immediately wanted to cry without tears.
      Once upon a time, he was also a child of someone else’s family, but now, his brother Colin’s limelight had completely overshadowed him.Now, whether it was Howard or Maria, they were all proud of Colin. Colin was about to become his psychological shadow.
      On the other hand, not only was Tony not surrounded by the aura of genius, he was also working as Colin’s free labor force while continuing his studies. It was simply terrible!
      Colin’s smile was “amiable” as he touched Toni’s dog’s head. He promised Howard that he would take good care of his brother and reassure them. Under Colin’s “coercion “, Tony had no choice but to reveal a slightly stiff smile.
      Howard nodded in satisfaction when he saw Colin and Tony’s friendly looks. He then left the Stark Building and impatiently started their global trip with Maria.
      “Tony, we need to take care of each other in the future.”
      Ke Lin smiled brightly as he spoke to Tony with a warm face.
      Tony raised his head to look at Ke Lin’s “genial” smile. For some reason, his heart skipped a beat. Suddenly, a bad feeling arose.
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      Chapter 26 Changes in Divine Shield Bureau, Strange Events!(Flower, evaluation)

      At this moment, a bad feeling rose in Tony’s heart.
      Under Colin’s “benevolence and kindness “, Tony really did” mention “more than ten scientific research projects. He could not help but shed tears of” happiness “.
      It could be predicted that for a long time in the future, he would be surrounded by these research projects. He didn’t want to have a good night’s sleep. This was Tony’s first time feeling helpless about his scientific talent.
      Ke Lin’s lips curled into a smile as he watched Tony leave with a heavy back.
      In the original work, although Tony was a genius inventor and problem solver, he was also an indifferent manager. He didn’t have much to do with super companies like Stark Industries.
      If it wasn’t for Little Pepper helping him manage the company, the company would definitely be in a mess. It was simply unthinkable.
      As a result, Tony was naturally suited to research and was not good at managing companies. In contrast, Ke Lin was better able to coordinate the overall situation.
      Therefore, Ke Lin asked Tony to focus on the research field for his own good. He believed that he should be able to understand his good intentions. Ke Lin could not help but think so.
      After the meeting, Colin returned to his office.
      As soon as he stepped into the office, Colin could not help but frown. His sharp eyes swept around the office.
      He felt that something was wrong in the office, but he could not tell what was wrong.
      “Could it be my illusion?”
      Ke Lin muttered as he sat down on the chair behind the desk.
      Not long after he sat down, the portable phone on the table rang.
      When the phone was connected, the car whistled from the other end of the phone, mixed with the sounds of firearms fighting.
      “Mr. Colin, I’ m sorry to disturb you at this time.”
      Nick Frey?”What’s going on with you? Could it be that you’ re putting on a realistic version of your speed and passion?”
      “After careful investigation, we finally found evidence that Pierce is a spy of the Nine-Headed Snake. Now, I’ m leading my subordinates to hunt for Pierce who escaped from the news.”
      “So that’s the case. You’ ve finally found out. That means your Divine Shield Bureau has not reached the point where there’s no medicine to save.”
      Only then did Colin realize what was going on. The investigation about Pearce had finally come to an end. It seemed that Nickfrey and his teammates were not too useless. They could be taught!
      Listening to the voice on the phone, Nick Fury and the others had mobilized a lot of power. It shouldn’t be a problem to catch Pierce.
      “By the way, Mr. Ke Lin, do you know the Ten Ring Gang?”
      “I heard something. What’s wrong.”
      Ke Lin was slightly startled. Why did the other party suddenly mention the Ten Ring Gang? Could it be that there was something hidden inside.
      As far as I know, the Ten Ring Gang seems to have targeted you recently. You are the most careful……”Let’s not talk about it. Pierce seems to have some reinforcements arriving. We definitely can’ t let him escape.”
      Nick Frey hung up quickly. He seemed to have encountered something on his side.
      After putting down the portable phone, Ke Lin crossed his fingers on his chin, and his pupils constricted slightly.
      Ten Ring Gang?
      Ke Lin remembered that he didn’t have any grudges with this organization. Why did he have his eyes on him? Could it be that there was someone inside who wanted to collude with the Ten Ring Gang and take over the position of chairman.
      However, this thought was quickly rejected by Colin. At present, Obadiah was dead, and Stark was united. No one could stand up to him, let alone replace him.
      Therefore, if there was any conflict, it would also come from outside!However, the exact reason was unknown.
      However, even so, Ke Lin was not worried. After all, Ke Lin’s current combat strength had soared, especially his physical body and martial arts realm had already reached the Xiantian realm. Even compared to the Heavenly Father level, he would n’ t care about a Ten Ring Gang.
      Ding…Congratulations on the host successfully breaking through the undercover identity of Divine Shield Director Pierce!”After the mission is completed, I will reward Yu Zhibo for helping the inheritance.”
      Just at this moment, a system notification sounded out by his ears, making Ke Lin’s eyes light up.
      In the system interface, a blurry figure gradually became clearer.
      This was a young man dressed in a sleeveless dark gray vest. Behind him was a symbol of the Yu Zhi Bo family’s fire. His expression was cold, his eyes were scarlet, and the Liu Hai in front of his forehead was a little messy. He held a grass sword in his hand, and his entire body emitted a fierce and murderous aura, as if he was a god of death without any feelings!
      Yu Zhibo assisted the inheritance!
      In the next moment, it turned into a flash of light and disappeared into Ke Lin’s forehead.
      It had to be known that the probability of a person’s inheritance reward being displayed in this selection system was still very low. It was equivalent to a rare card being drawn while playing the game. It could be encountered and not requested!
      Not to mention Yu Zhibo, one of the protagonists of Fire Shadow World!
      Not to mention anything else, just the eternal kaleidoscope writing wheel eye could unleash an unfathomable eye skill. It could even summon Xu Zuo to be close to him. Such a secret skill that was both offensive and defensive was also a supplement to Ke Lin’s lack of defense.
      With Yu Zhibo’s help, Ke Lin had another trump card. He was n’ t afraid of anyone below Heavenly Father!
      Just as Ke Lin was secretly delighted, he suddenly heard a loud noise in the office. This time, he listened attentively, sure it was not an illusion.
      This sound was extremely weak, and it was still constantly moving. It was extremely strange. If it wasn’ t for Colin’s ability to sense it, it would have been impossible to detect it.
      “Writing Wheel Eye!”
      Ke Lin tried to use Yu Zhibo’s Handwriting Wheel Eye. He turned his right eye, and his black pupils suddenly turned red. It was like a blood-colored windmill, slowly turning, giving off a frightening evil light.
      At the same time, his eyesight increased by dozens of times in an instant. His dynamic vision was enlarged. Under the focus of his eyes, everything in the office could be seen clearly. He could see everything clearly. There was nothing that could escape his eyes!
      Ke Lin quickly found the source of the sound!
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      Chapter 27 First Generation Ant!(Flower, evaluation)

      Colin activated his Wheel Eye, as if it had been buffed by a super microscope. His eyes were as bright as fire. Every tiny corner of the office was visible, and nothing was hidden.
      Soon, he found the source of the sound. It was a tiny ant-like object that was moving rapidly.
      Ke Lin finally saw it clearly. It was not an ant, but an ant-sized little man dressed in strange clothes. At this moment, he was doing something beside the safe.
      “So it was a little thief who slipped in.”
      Ke Lin locked onto the other person’s tracks. He took a step forward, and in the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of the little man. He stretched out his finger to grab the little man.
      Seeing this, the little man was shocked. He had clearly carefully hidden his tracks, how could he be discovered by the other party?
      The little man didn’t have time to think about it. He turned to the bottom of the bookshelf beside him when he saw that the situation was not right. His tiny body flashed and moved in the corner of the office. It came and went freely, and it was very flexible. For a moment, it was hard to catch it.
      “Darknorth Divine Skill!”
      With a low shout, Colin stretched out his palms and pointed his fingers at the little man. The true energy in his palms was like a vortex, and with a strong suction force.
      The Dark North Divine Skill was one of Xiao Yaozi’s greatest techniques. Simply put, it was to absorb the internal force of a person by using the negative pole and the positive pole. The deeper the internal force, the greater the suction force.
      There was a strange gale in the office. The little person was sucked into the air by this strange suction force. Colin seized him in the palm of his hand and firmly imprisoned him.
      Colin blew a breath at the little man in his palm. The latter was like a grass in the wind, swaying around in the wind. He looked extremely miserable, mixed with frightened screams.
      “Tsk tsk, he really is a weak ant.”
      Colin was playing with this little man as if he were playing with a toy.
      “Damn it, you brat, quickly let me down.”
      The little man looked up at Colin with difficulty. He said in an old tone. At the same time, he was surprised. Why was Colin so powerful? He was much more powerful than the legendary Captain of the Rice Country. Could it be that the new chairman of Stark had been hiding his true strength all these years?
      “Oh, you sneak into my office. You still have a reason?”If you’ re tactful, then quickly show your true body. Otherwise, I wouldn’ t mind silently crushing your ant.”
      A stern look flashed through his eyes. Colin spoke in a cold tone. There was an unquestionable sense of authority in his words. Now, he could easily crush this little man with just a flick of his finger.
      “Alright, you’ re ruthless.”
      The little man’s heart trembled. He had seen how powerful Ke Lin was. He could only transform his body into a giant and regain his original appearance. At the same time, he took off his mask.
      Ke Lin looked at the little man who had returned to his normal state with interest, his eyes shining brightly.
      This was an old man in his 70s. He was wearing glasses and his hair was gray, but he was still very spirited.
      Sure enough, as Colin had expected, this person was not someone else. It was the first ant, Hank Pim.
      Hank Pim had also worked for the S.H.I.E. Shield and developed Pim particle technology. Later, because the S.H.I.E. Shield had copied his Pim particle without permission, Kartes and Howard had started Pim technology company after leaving.
      So, to a certain extent, Hank Pim and Howard, even the S.H.I. Shield Bureau, had connections. However, why did this old man secretly turn into an ant to run to Stark Industries instead of staying in his company?This old man must have another purpose.
      “Who am I talking about? So it’s Dr. Pim. If you’ re not staying at Pim Technology, what’s wrong with coming to my Stark Industrial? Are you trying to catch up with my father?”
      Ke Lin said with a faint smile.
      “Hmph, what’s there for me to catch up with that guy? Am I here to thank them for copying my Pim particle?”
      Hank Pim scoffed. It seemed like he was still brooding over what happened a few years ago and couldn’t let it go.
      “Since you’ re not here to catch up, then what’s your purpose? According to the law, you haven’ t been allowed to sneak into the company’s territory. Just this one is enough for you to drink a pot in the prison.”
      Pim couldn’t help but blush. He was a little ashamed. After a moment of hesitation, he pushed down his glasses and revealed the truth.” To be honest, I came here to admire the name of the light speed engine spaceship.”
      Under Colin’s questioning, Pim finally understood his intentions.
      Actually, Colin had some guesses about Pim’s intentions.
      Previously, with the news of Stark Industries and the 10 billion orders of the Hexagonal Building spread, both in the business and technology circles had caused a huge sensation.
      It was not only because of this huge order, but also because of the priceless technology behind the light speed engine spaceship.
      After all, at the current level of technology in Marvel, it was only ten years ago that fighter planes broke through the speed of sound. It was even more impossible for the speed of light.
      The speed of light engine technology that Colin possessed had undoubtedly broken through the existing shackles and led the technology to a new era. How could such an epoch-making product not be coveted?Hank Pim also came for this reason.
      One had to know that similar situations were not the first to happen to Hank Pim.
      As a first generation ant, Hank Pim had become a legendary agent with outstanding achievements during the Cold War. He often transformed into an ant and carried out various espionage activities. He even completed such a difficult task as intercepting missiles with his wife, the Hornet Girl. His secret service methods were obvious.
      However, this time, Hank Pim had used this kind of secret agent method in business.
      One was to steal the technology of the light speed engine, and the other was to retaliate against Howard. Although Stark’s current chairman had become Colin.
      After figuring out what was going on, Ke Lin suddenly laughed coldly, and a sly smile appeared on his face.
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      Chapter 28: Enter Pim Technology and determine the cultivation system!(Flower, evaluation)

      After figuring out what was going on and what was going on, Ke Lin knew what was going on.
      “I didn’ t expect you to be so interested in the speed of light engine. Unfortunately, this isn’ t an academic exchange. Instead, you trespassed into our company’s territory and attempted to steal the most high-tech secrets. I wonder how long you’ ll need to stay in prison for such a crime.”
      Colin sat down on the sofa, looking at Hank Pim, and said meaningfully.
      “What do you mean?”
      Hank Pim narrowed his eyes, showing vigilance.
      “You don’ t want this to happen, right?”At this point, Colin immediately changed the subject.” How about this? I’ ll subcontract some of the spaceship project to you. In exchange, your Pim technology will allow me to invest 35% of the shares. How about this?”
      Ke Lin also had his own calculations.
      Three spaceships, nearly 10 billion orders, this was undoubtedly a big project. With Stark Industries alone, it was hard to swallow. It would be better to subcontract some parts that were not too high in technology to other companies to speed up the order.
      Of course, the most important thing was that he had taken a fancy to the potential of Pim’s technology. As a technology enterprise that could rival Hammer’s military industry and AIM in the future, Pim’s technology had an undisputed dominant position in the micro-sector industry.
      Investment in Pim Technology and the early deployment of micro-scale industries would bring a very generous return in the future!
      Moreover, the money that had been stolen from the Hell’s Kitchen had already been cleaned up. Adding on the 10 billion orders that had just been signed with Hexagonal Building, Colin was worried that there was no place to invest so much money.
      As the saying goes, if you have to go through all kinds of trouble, you will have to work hard. The Pim technology in front of you is a good choice.
      No one expected that Hank Pim’s words would be rejected.” No, as we all know, Pim Technology is a family enterprise. It never allows external capital to interfere, so I advise you not to plan on Pim Technology.”
      Pim’s technology gathered Hank Pim’s hard work. How could he allow others to touch him? Moreover, because Pim’s particles had been copied by the Divine Shield Bureau without permission, Hank Pim had never cooperated with others.
      “Then there’s no need to discuss it?Since that was the case, I could only tell the police about it. I believe there will be a news in the headlines tomorrow: a well-known entrepreneur who went into Stark to steal business secrets and was sentenced to ten years in prison, leading the industry to an uproar……I’ ve already thought of the title for you. It’s called: The legendary agent of the past, the prisoner of today’s rank, the Eye Absorption Index will definitely explode.”
      “Are you threatening me?”
      Hank Pim couldn’t help but be furious when he saw Colin who was clearly about to eat.
      “No, you’ ve misunderstood. I’ m not threatening you. I’ m just feeling a little sorry for you. A scientific genius like you has spent most of his life, but in the end, he won’ t be able to survive. His reputation has been ruined. It really makes people sigh.”
      “If I remember correctly, you should have a daughter called Hope. I wonder how she will feel when she knows that she has such a ruined father.”
      Ke Lin shook his head and pretended to sigh.
      In the face of Colin’s psychological attack, Hank Pim’s face was red and green.
      In the end, when Ke Lin spoke of Hope, he undoubtedly hit his weakness. His pupils contracted abruptly,” Hmph, it’s true that you have a father and a son. No, to be precise, you’ re even more shameless than Howard. You’ re even better than Howard.”
      Hank Pim felt aggrieved. Thinking about it, he was really unlucky.
      He had originally wanted to secretly steal the speed of light engine technology from Stark today, but he did not expect Colin to catch him. He even got caught by the other party, using this as a threat to seize the stake in Pim Technology.
      Although he silently cursed, he understood that Ke Lin was not joking.
      One had to know that Stark’s industry had a close relationship with the military. As long as Colin did a little trick, the consequences would be terrible. Besides, Hank Pim himself had some shady stuff.
      “Where is it? It’s too much.”
      Ke Lin grinned and said with an unashamed smile.
      “Alright, let’s do as you wish.”
      After a moment of silence, Hank Pim sighed helplessly and had no choice but to compromise.
      This time, it was like stealing chicken and losing rice.
      At this moment, Hank Pim’s heart was full of mixed emotions. He even came up with a thought. He had been tricked by Howard Stark in the past, but now he was still being tricked by Colin Stark. Could it be that the Stark family was the nemesis of his life?
      But if he thought about it carefully, it was not all bad news. At least Pim Technology could get a share of the ship’s orders. He could not help but hide and comfort himself.
      Seeing this, Colin took advantage of the heat and quickly signed two agreements with Hank Pim.
      One was an agreement to subcontract some of the spaceship’s work to Pim Technology, while the other was a copy of Colin’s stake in Pim Technology.
      “In this way, we’ ll be business partners in the future. We’ ll be happy to work together.”
      “Then should I thank you?”
      “That won’ t be necessary, but besides that, there’s something else I want to trouble you.”
      “Me ……”
      Hank Pim was so angry that he almost flipped the table on the spot. However, considering that his handle was still in Ke Lin’s hand, he could only calm his emotions and leaned forward to listen.
      After sending Hank Pim away, Colin felt extremely comfortable.
      Not only did he get a stake in Pim’s technology as he wished, but he also worked with Hank Pim to get him to do something for him. It would be more and more interesting next. Colin could n’ t help but look forward to it.
      He gathered all his thoughts, and Ke Lin’s consciousness was immersed in his mind. He continued to fuse with Yu Zhi Bo’s inheritance and cultivate.
      It had to be said that Yu Zhibo’s power system was still very complicated. There were both the Thunder Escaping Ninja technique that Kakashi had taught him, the Yu Zhibo family’s secret technique, and the power of the curse seal obtained from the Snake Pill.
      A variety of power systems interweaved and merged into Zuo Jia’s body, truly explaining what it meant to be more powerful than others.
      However, Ke Lin’s idea was that abilities did not lie in many, but in the essence. Therefore, he decided to select a few of these miscellaneous abilities to cultivate purposefully!
      They were writing the Wheel Eye Secret Technique and Thunder Escape. Of course, they had to understand the ultimate Reincarnation Eye!
      After figuring out the joints, Colin’s eyes narrowed. He quickly focused on his cultivation. After all, in this chaotic world of gods and devils, technology was only an aid. Only strength was the true king!
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      Chapter 29 Butterfly Effect, Cloud Movement!(Flower, evaluation)

      Just as Colin was immersed in his cultivation, the huge impact of the light speed engine and Stark’s 10 billion orders continued to ferment.
      Osborne Group.
      Since the return of the Hexagonal Building, Norman Osborne had created an urgent sense of crisis due to the rapid development of Stark’s industry, so he spent all his energy on the development of new products.
      Outside the laboratory, Norman Osborne put his hands behind his back and walked back and forth anxiously.
      Today was the day when the new product of Osborne Group was put into trial. This was of great significance to Norman and the entire group.
      After a long experiment, the group’s chief scientist came from the laboratory.
      Before he could take off his mask, Norman Osborne rushed forward and pulled his hand.” How’s the result?”
      “Experiments have proved that the human body strengthening drug developed by our company can make the experimenters’ physical strength far exceed that of ordinary people. At present, the side effects of the drug are under control.”
      The chief scientist replied with a smile.
      “That’s great. The investment has not been wasted.”
      Norman Osborne was instantly overjoyed. His arms fluttered, and it was hard to hide his excitement.
      At the same time, the phone rang in the room.
      As soon as Norman Osborne picked up the phone, he heard the baby crying from the other end of the phone. Then, the medical staff said,” Congratulations, Mr. Norman. The child was born. It’s a boy. Now the mother and son are safe.”
      “God bless, this is the second good news I heard today. The Osborne Group has ushered in a new successor.”
      Today, many good things were coming. For Norman, it was a joyous occasion. Finally, it diluted the sorrow that had enveloped Norman’s heart.
      “Mr. Norman, you haven’ t given the child a name yet.”
      “It’s called Harry Osborne.”
      Hammer Military Industry.
      Nelson Hammer was hit by his defeat at the docking meeting. Ever since the Hexagonal Building came back, he had locked himself in his room. He was unhappy. However, in just a few days, he had aged a lot more, looking as if he had grown old.
      On this day, he called his son Justin Hammer into his office.
      “Justin, in the future, you will take over the Hammer Military Industry.”
      Nelson lifted his heavy eyelids and looked at Justin with a gloomy gaze filled with anticipation.
      “Father, why did you suddenly make this decision?”
      “The times have changed now. I am no longer suitable for today’s shopping malls. In the future, it will be your young people’s world……”Justin, don’ t let me down. Remember, your real opponent is Colin. You can’ t be compared to him.”
      “Got it, I’ ll remember your words in my heart.”
      Facing Nelson’s burning gaze, Justin nodded heavily and said solemnly.
      Pim Technology.
      When Hope saw the new terms of the new equity book in his hands, he asked his father, Hank Pim, with some confusion,” Father, when did Colin Stack become our new shareholder, and he even took up a lot of shares. Didn’ t our company always refuse the involvement of external capital?”
      Hank Pim sighed.” It’s a long story… but we’ ve also obtained some subcontracted projects for the light speed engine spaceship. This is not a good opportunity for us.”
      Hope thoughtfully,” I hope so.”
      In the laboratory of a university in China.
      “It failed again.”
      After another experiment failed, Dr. Gillian felt frustrated. He even smashed the experimental equipment on his hand angrily.
      When he saw the Corinthian poster hanging on the wall, his eyes lit up.
      When he looked carefully, he saw Colin Stack’s poster hanging on the walls of the laboratory. There were also a lot of Colin Stack’s reports on the bookshelf. There were even videos of Colin Stack’s speech on the computer. The “surroundings” of Colin Stack were everywhere.
      Kirian was a loyal fan of Colin and regarded Colin as a great idol.
      What was different from the other fans was that Kirian admired Colin and even became paranoid!His dream was to become a science and business genius like Colin one day!
      “I must become a genius like Ke Lin!”
      At this thought, a fervent expression appeared in Kirian’s eyes. He then recovered his composure and threw himself into a new round of experiments.
      Zerville’s talented youth academy.
      Professor X scanned the news about Colin Stack and the speed of light engine technology. His eyes lit up and he muttered,” Colin can lead the new era of technology. He’s simply a rare business genius. I hope he can change the human’s perception of mutated humans. He might become the link between humans and mutated humans to maintain peace.”
      Hearing this, Qin Gelei, who was making tea for Professor X, could not bear to beat him up.” Professor, don’ t be too happy too early. It’s still a mystery whether the other party is friends or enemies.”
      Qin Gelei said so, but after all, there were actually people in this world that Professor X could not see through. It was a rare and strange thing.
      After taking a sip of the hot tea, Professor X maintained a gentle smile.” Qin, let’s wait and see. Remember what I told you, never be too pessimistic. Humans and mutants can live in harmony.”
      “I hope you’ re right.”
      Divine Shield Bureau, interrogation room.
      “What? Ke Lin actually saw through my real identity?”
      When Pierce found out the truth, he could not help but cry out.
      Pierce was surprised. He had always had no enmity with Colin, how could he have provoked such a fiend.
      Moreover, the fact that he was an undercover agent of the Nine-Headed Snake was almost the highest-level secret within the Nine-Headed Snake. No one except the leader of the Nine-Headed Snake knew about it.
      Over the years, he had been very careful in the S.H.I. Shield Bureau. He hadn’t revealed any flaws. How did Colin know about the problem?
      A series of doubts lingered in his mind, causing Pierce’s expression to become grave and shocked.
      “In a Hua Xia language, paper can’ t keep the fire. As long as you do this, there will be a day when you will be exposed.”
      Nick Frey’s deep eyes stared at Pierce as he shouted loudly.
      It was not only Pierce who was puzzled, but even Nick Frey was shocked. Colin accurately recognized Pierce’s undercover identity. This was simply an unfathomable ability. In Colin’s words, this was calculated by the Hua Xia divination technique he had obtained by accident.
      If Pierce were to find out about Grant Ward, these Nine-Headed Snake spies were all from Colin, who knew what he would think.
      Without wasting any time with the other party, Nickfrey’s expression turned serious.” Alright, you should also bring out all of the Nine-Headed Snake’s schemes!”
      On the other side, when the Nine-Headed Snake headquarters received the news that Pierce and the other spies had been arrested and that the paper clip plan was completely bankrupt, the Nine-Headed Snake’s higher-ups were in a state of panic. They hurriedly ordered all the operations to be carried out underground and enter hibernation.
      In a hidden cave in the east.
      A sinister-looking man with ten rings in his hands stared coldly at a photograph of Colin Stack in his palm.
      The next moment, killing intent appeared in the man’s fierce eyes. His fingers were slightly close together, tearing the picture to pieces in an instant. Then, he got up and flew out of the cave.
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      Chapter 30 Lord Man and Jin Ju!(Flower, evaluation)

      Just as the outside world was surging with wind and clouds.
      Ke Lin’s strength also increased day by day with his cultivation. Whether it was the control of his physical body, martial arts, lava power, or the integration with Yu Zhibo’s legacy, he had made great progress.
      According to the level of the Maneuvering World, it was divided into Earth-level, Heavenly Father-level, Single Universe-level, Multiverse-level, Super Universe-level, All-around Universe-level, Beyond Universe-level, and OAA (All-know-all-energy).
      Putting aside the spiritual force, in terms of physical body and martial arts, Ke Lin was not much inferior to Father in Heaven. He was already very close.
      This kind of combat strength was enough to kill the Hulk, who was in a non-furious state. Even if he encountered Odin and Mage Gu Yi, he still had the strength to fight!
      The only thing that was lacking was the lack of spiritual force. Of course, this wasn’t done overnight. It would take time to accumulate. Gu Yi and Odin were old monsters that had lived for thousands or even tens of thousands of years. How long had cultivated?With the addition of the buff from the System, it was only a matter of time before he could make up for the lack of spiritual force.
      On the other hand, the business community had been receiving frequent news recently. Osborne Group could not wait to launch their new products. Hammer Military Industry had also replaced its new CEO, Justin Hammer. The business community was in a state of flux for a moment, as if it had arrived at a delicate node. All parties were preparing to launch, seeking opportunities.
      Of course, Stark’s industry was also the best.
      Along with Colin’s series of business initiatives, Stark’s industry also showed a thriving momentum. Military weapons orders were even soaring, attracting the attention of many large customers.
      This included the big dog households from the Central | East. Apart from enjoying the extravagant life, the ones who needed the most were arms. Now, the arms trade with Stark Industries was increasing.
      On this day, after Ke Lin attended an arms exhibition, he took a Rolls-Royce ride back along the original road.
      The results of this arms show were still very fruitful. With Tony’s newly developed new submachine guns, howitzers and rockets, Colin and the big dog owners were able to negotiate an order of more than three billion. It could be said that be a full return.
      Unknowingly, the car passed through a wilderness of hills. This place was extremely desolate and remote. There were only a few buildings along the way.
      Colin looked around from the window and a strange look flashed through his eyes. He muttered,” Strange.”
      The driver who was driving the car in front of him could not help but ask curiously,” What is the chairman saying?”
      Ke Lin:” It’s too quiet here.”
      Following Ke Lin’s line of sight, the driver was also suspicious.
      This place was indeed too quiet. It was so quiet in the daytime that even birds and beasts were nowhere to be seen. It was a little strange!
      The next moment.
      The road in front of them suddenly trembled slightly. Two armored vehicles drove out from the hidden mountain rock and ran over the bumpy road towards them.
      At the same time, a buzzing sound of a propeller was heard in the sky not far away. Two armed helicopters were flanked by them.
      “F*ck, where did the armored vehicles and helicopter gunships come from.”
      The driver’s expression changed.
      As for Ke Lin, he calmly sat in the back seat. There were no ripples on his face.
      Two armored vehicles and two armed helicopters came from three different directions, surrounded by horns, trying to block the way Colin’s car went.
      “Da da da.”
      “Swish, swish, swish.”
      The next moment, two armored vehicles and two armed helicopters simultaneously launched attacks.
      As the flames burst out, countless bullets poured out from the barrel.
      Several shells were fired from the gun barrels on the armored vehicle.
      Under the repeated attacks of the machine guns and artillery shells, the car was first riddled with holes and then exploded with a loud explosion. The fire was burning and smoke filled the air.
      “Shua shua.”
      Two black shadows flashed. A fat man and a tall and happy man jumped down from two armed helicopters.
      “Jin He, this is the Yaksha God Killer you mentioned?”It’s already done with two rounds. This is too weak.”
      The person who was the first to speak was the tall man with a slender face. He had long hair draped over his shoulders, and his hands had a few rings of different colors and shapes on his ten fingers. There was a strange magic power flowing around him.
      “Hehe, it’s still Lord Man who has a way. He’s actually able to bring in so many firepower and secretly set up an ambush. He killed him without a single soldier. As expected of the leader of the Ten Ring Gang, he’s as straightforward as ever.”
      Jin, who was standing by the side, nodded in agreement. He smiled, his words filled with flattery.
      Ever since Jin was plundered by the mysterious Yaksha Killing God’s blood last time, he had been filled with hatred towards the Yaksha Killing God. After painstaking investigation, he finally found out that it was Ke Lin.
      Jin did not know that he was no match for Ke Lin, so he turned to Lord Man of the Ten Rings Gang for help.
      One had to know that Jin was the leader of the Black Path with a criminal network spread all over the world, and Lord Man’s Ten Ring Gang was the leader of a terrorist organization that could shock the entire world.
      As the two leaders of the evil forces, they had a lot of private dealings and cooperation. Jin and wanted to avenge Colin. Lord Man also coveted Stark Industries. The two of them decided to join forces to deal with Colin snap. This was the scene just now.
      Master Man and Jin were still laughing smugly the last second. However, the next moment, their faces froze and they couldn’t help but gasp.
      When the smoke from the car’s explosion dissipated, Ke Lin walked out of the smoke unharmed. His calm expression contained a cold aura.
      Ke Lin grinned, his lips curled into a devilishly charming smile.” I didn’t expect the leaders of the two powers to join forces to deal with me. They’ re really scheming……”It’s just a pity, if you think you can kill me like this, it’s just too overestimated.”

      Chapter 31 Ten Rings, Colin vs. Man!(Flower, evaluation)

      Ke Lin’s heart skipped a beat.
      Lord Man and Jin and the other two joined forces to set up a ambush here. They even used armored vehicles and helicopter gunships. It was really hard work.
      Speaking of which, this was also the second assassination he had encountered since he came to this world. The difference was that the first time it was the Nine-Headed Snake that had targeted the Howard couple, and this time it was for him.
      “I didn’ t expect that I wouldn’ t be able to kill you.”
      Man Man frowned, his face filled with astonishment.
      Jin and recalled the scene of Colin’s bloodthirsty massacre that night. A chill ran down his spine. He looked worriedly at Man Man,” What should we do now?”
      “What are you panicking about? Do you think the ambushes I set up are just decorations?”
      Man Man waved his hand, and the two helicopter gunships in the sky seemed to have received some sort of command and started the fire control system.
      “Swish. Swish.”
      The two rattlesnake missiles mounted on the helicopter suddenly started, and a crimson flame streaked across the air, locking onto Colin’s location.
      Just as the missile was about to arrive, Colin’s expression instantly turned fierce. His protective aura spread all over his body, like a layer of solid armor.
      With a strong roar, the two rattlesnake missiles exploded, and a terrifying shock wave surged in all directions. As for the center of the explosion, Ke Lin’s body was not injured except for his clothes that were slightly messy.
      The day after day of training in the Gravity Room allowed Colin to forge a strong and indestructible body. In addition to the Xiaoyao Sect’s protective technique, it even allowed him to withstand the power of the missile!
      “I’ m giving you a chance. I’ m not using it.”
      A look of contempt flashed through Ke Lin’s eyes. Killing intent flickered in his eyes as a powerful aura rose.
      Then, Colin’s hands began to melt. He raised his arms and raised his shoulders. Like a machine gun, he shot out many lava bullets into the sky.
      Soon, the lava balls turned into giant lava fists and fell down from the sky. They emitted a red glow. From afar, they looked like a beautiful meteor shower.
      The Ten Ring Gang’s terrorists were dumbfounded when they saw this:
      “How could there be shooting stars in the daytime? Isn’ t this too strange?”
      “Why did the temperature suddenly rise and become so hot.”
      “No, those aren’ t meteor showers. They’ re lava rain falling from the sky!”
      Terrorists cried out in fear. They all abandoned armored vehicles and helicopters and fled. Even Jin He was scared to the point of hiding behind Man Man, provoking his contempt.
      The Meteor Volcano continued to expand as the falling speed accelerated. Like a golden sun, it shone with dazzling light. Hot and terrifying heat assaulted the face, as if it could instantly vaporize the water in the human body!
      Amid the deafening sound, the volcanic meteor transformed into a raging lava rain that swept through the entire area. Wherever they passed, the helicopter gunships and armored vehicles on the ground were instantly crushed, melting into molten iron and flowing. Those terrorists were even burned to the point of not being left behind.
      Just as the lava rain was about to devour the man, he moved his right thumb. The ring inlaid with blue gemstones suddenly shone with precious light.
      As the magic power surged, a black light that was filled with a dangerous death aura shot out from his thumb ring.
      The black light turned into a black fog and spread out. The moment the lava touched the black fog, it disappeared like a mud bull.
      “Ten Rings?”
      Ke Lin’s eyes darted past the ten rings on the man’s hand, and his pupils contracted slightly.
      One must know that the reason why Lord Man was able to survive and lead the Ten Ring Gang to become a terrifying organization that could rival the Nine-Headed Snake was because of his ten Demon Rings.
      These ten Rings were: Resetters, Influencers, Time Tensioners, Wind Callers, Night Callers, Divine Controllers, Flames, Thunderclapers, Liesers, Black Icemen.
      Ten types of Lord Rings were corresponding to ten powerful abilities, such as material recombination, various beam attacks, material acceleration, and controlling airflow and wind.
      The lava flames that Colin had released earlier were devoured by the Domain of Darkness created by Zhao Ye’s ring on Lord Man’s right finger.
      It was worth mentioning that most of the Ten Rings had a characteristic that they focused on long-range attacks like beams of light, so the best way to deal with them was close combat!
      Thinking up to this point, Ke Lin’s sharp eyebrows rose, his sharp eyes like falcons shot out a brilliant light!
      As the true energy gathered at the soles of his feet, Colin’s footsteps landed heavily on the ground, and he flew towards Man Man like an arrow.
      Seeing this, Man Man frowned.
      He stretched out his index finger again, and the light on the ring of influence circulated. With the sound of piercing through the air, a condensed and strange beam of light shot out from the ring. The beam contained a terrifying penetrating force, as if it could pierce through everything.
      Ke Lin’s heart skipped a beat, and his right eye suddenly opened the Wheel of Writing Eye. It was crimson, spinning like a blood-colored windmill.
      At the same time, strands of purple flames suddenly appeared on Ke Lin’s body. The flames soared in the wind, turning into purple ribs and arms that wrapped around Ke Lin’s head, heart, knees and other key parts.
      Xu Zuo’s appearance helped Ke Lin block most of the light beams. Even if he was hit by the light beams, Ke Lin’s movements were slightly sluggish. He then stepped on a mysterious and strange wave of footsteps and rushed out without slowing down!
      However, in the blink of an eye, Colin had already quickly approached Man Man.
      Sensing a sharp aura, Man Man’s expression changed and his heart trembled.
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      Chapter 32 Cut Grass and Eliminate Root, The Lord Ring!(Flower, evaluation)

      Seeing Colin approaching, Man Man could not help but frown.
      Even if Lord Man didn’t want to fight in close combat, he could only face it head-on in such a situation. He immediately activated the ability of the Resetter Ring.
      The ability of the Resetter was to reset and combine objects at the subatomic level.
      Along with the frenzied surge of magic power, the entire body was also reset.
      His skin was even more firm and tough, and his muscle density increased. His bones also became like steel casting. His entire body seemed to have been reshaped, becoming steel and iron, invulnerable to knives and guns!
      At the same time, Colin was already close to Man Man. His iron palm was flying, and his attack was like a dragon.
      As for Man Man, who had strengthened his body, he also tried to use a body refinement technique to fight Ke Lin.
      At first, Master Man could barely fight Ke Lin for a couple of rounds with his steel-like body. However, with Ke Lin’s gradual strength, Master Man quickly fell into a disadvantageous position.
      At this moment, the results of Ke Lin’s day-to-day training in the Gravity Chamber showed that he was able to withstand 70 times the gravity of his body, making Ke Lin’s strength and speed far exceed that of an ordinary person by a hundred times.
      Ke Lin’s attack was swift and violent. It was extremely domineering, as if it was a storm that swept out like a storm. A terrifying power surged out, one after another!
      The flesh and blood in the man’s body surged, and he felt his bones being squeezed inch by inch. His face was filled with pain.
      Master Man was shocked. Could this Colin’s body be made of titanium alloy?He was able to withstand the bomb attack, and his fists and feet contained a powerful force that was as strong as a thousand kilograms. It was terrifying!
      Who would have thought that a genius in the business world like Chairman Stark would be able to use such a powerful technique.
      Wearing a suit would be able to talk and laugh in the shopping mall, shaking the wind and clouds, and wearing a military suit would also be able to soar across the river and brutally kill all directions.
      “This guy is too scary… Could he be a monster wearing human skin?”
      Jin, who was hiding behind the rock, was trembling in fear.In just two short months, Ke Lin’s cultivation had actually become much stronger. His thoughts were racing, and he was frustrated by his decision to provoke Ke Lin again.
      Ke Lin’s fighting spirit was high, and the power on his body exploded. In order to prevent the Lord from using the power of the Ring, he had to end the battle as soon as possible.
      Thinking up to this point, Ke Lin immediately activated the small phaseless technique, and his thick internal force quickly circulated within his body.
      In an instant, his aura was like a rainbow, as if there were six small golden wheels around him.
      “Sky Mountain Six Sun Palm!”
      The next moment, Ke Lin’s true energy poured into his palms, and the true energy in his body seemed to have found a way to vent. It turned into a surge of tyrannical energy that exploded out!
      In the face of this powerful attack, a strong sense of fear flashed through Man’s eyes. He stretched his hand to the side and quickly grabbed Jin who was hiding behind the rock to block him.
      Jin’s fat body was shattered on the spot. Before he could let out a scream before he died, he had already turned into a rain of blood.
      Although Man had avoided a fatal blow, he was still heavily injured by the shockwaves of the air force. His body was badly mangled and his sternum collapsed. Besides that, there were several bones on his body that were broken.
      Following the death of Jin He and the subordinates of the Ten Rings Gang, only Colin and Lord Man remained in the vast wilderness.
      The smell of blood pervaded the surroundings, filled with a solemn and murderous intent.
      “Your companions are dead. It’s time for you to go and accompany them.”
      Ke Lin slowly walked over under the frightened eyes of the Lord. He gradually approached, his indifferent words without any emotion.
      He looked around at the corpses and armor fragments, his heart filled with extreme cold.
      “It’s not that easy to kill me!”
      Under such circumstances, Man Man’s eyes revealed a look of madness. He turned his eyes and suddenly raised his wrist. He suddenly used the ability of the Black Iceman Ring to release a large number of Black Ice Arrows that shot out.
      Ke Lin’s heart skipped a beat, and the Vibrating Gold Sword popped out from the storage device. Following that, Ke Lin’s wrist shook violently, and he quickly brandished the Vibrating Gold Sword, turning into a sharp sword light that swept out from the sky!
      Along with the crisp sounds, the black ice arrows were instantly cut into pieces by the sword light.
      After defusing this move without any effort, Ke Lin followed the direction of the arrow and saw Lord Man’s strange expression.
      His fingers were like electricity, rapidly changing.
      Along with a series of obscure incantations, he used all his strength to activate his magic power.
      The monstrous magic power enveloped his entire body like a black mist. It was so dense that it was about to drip water. His long hair danced wildly, and his black robes fluttered about. It looked like an evil god descending into the mortal world.
      At the same time, the sky was suddenly filled with dark clouds. Gale roared, thunder rumbled, and thunder danced wildly.
      Following that, a raging flame appeared out of thin air in the hills. Under the strong wind, it was like the flames of a fire mountain spreading rapidly. The surrounding space was distorted by the intense heat.
      There were raging thunderbolts in the sky, and on the ground, there was a strong wind that caused the raging flames to rapidly sweep over.
      When Colin saw this scene, he took another glance at the shining Lord’s Ring. He could n’ t help but look surprised.
      It turned out that Master Man had controlled the magic power of the three rings of Thunder, Sunflame, and Windbreather at the same time. He had combined the three natural powers of Thunder, Flame, and Windbreat. Its power was no less than a terrifying natural disaster!
      Thunder and wind and flames simultaneously struck Colin.
      Just as Ke Lin was about to be devoured by the lightning,” Ke Lin’s body “suddenly turned into a ball of white smoke and disappeared into the air.
      “This is not his real body!”
      Master Man’s pupils constricted when he saw this. A cold air shot out from the bottom of his feet. He did n’ t expect his full energy attack to hit the air?An ominous premonition suddenly arose in his heart.
      “Since this is only his identity, where is his clone?”
      Master Man looked around, looking around, trying to find Colin’s tracks.
      The next moment, a ball of white smoke appeared again. Colin appeared behind Man Man without any warning. The blue lightning in his palm emitted a piercing sound like the cries of thousands of birds.
      “Thousand Birds!”
      Under the shocked gaze of the Lord, Thousand Birds, who had gathered the power of lightning, passed through his body. The terrifying power of lightning instantly engulfed his entire body. His internal organs and blood vessels were instantly burned to ashes, and the leader of the Ten Ring Gang fell into endless darkness.
      Ke Lin struck with a single strike, not giving Master Man the chance to escape. Otherwise, he would become the next golden union, and the grass would be uprooted.
      “I’ ll accept your ten Ring.”
      Colin went forward and took out ten rings from the charred corpse. He put them on his fingers and played with them, looking as if he was playing with it.
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      Chapter 33 The Secret of the Ring, King Kong Wolf!(Flower, evaluation)

      “Yu Zhibo’s inheritance is truly extraordinary!”
      Feeling the evil energy contained in Yu Zhibo’s inheritance, Ke Lin could not help but sigh.
      The reason why he was able to successfully kill Man Man and Jin Ju was largely because he relied on Write Wheel Eye and Thunder Escape Ninjutsu, especially Write Wheel Eye. He could see the first opportunity and even use various mysterious techniques!
      Speaking of which, Ke Lin’s current use of the Eye of the Wheel was just a first glimpse of the path, and he did not fully grasp all kinds of secret techniques.
      Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any need for such effort. As long as one day’s illumination was activated, one would be able to unleash an undying black flame and burn the enemy to death.
      According to Colin’s knowledge, there were two ways to improve the pupil’s ability. One was to increase the anger and hatred in his heart. The other was to use the eye more often. Practice makes perfect.
      The so-called Writing Wheel Eye. Writing Wheel Eye was synchronized with the power of the mind. It could make people quickly become stronger. Along with the deeper hatred or negative emotions in their hearts, the stronger their pupils were.
      However, compared to this extreme method, Colin was more inclined to use the second method. He could steadily improve his pupils by cultivating. He did not want to be lost by hatred.
      He put away his thoughts and focused his attention on the ten Rings he had brought on his finger.
      Ten rings were shining brightly under the sunlight. Each ring was engraved with an obscure incantation, and a strange magic power swirled around it.
      Man Man’s power was mainly derived from these ten Rings.
      These ten rings were obtained from an alien spaceship that had fallen into the Soul Valley Cave. To some extent, these ten rings were the product of some advanced alien civilization.
      The poor relied on mutation while the rich relied on mutation. This sentence was really not bad at all~
      These ten rings contained shocking magical energy. They could control electromagnetic energy, flames, ice, wind, lightning, the Dark Domain, and so on. They were almost all-powerful divine artifacts. One could see how powerful they were.
      The Ring could also be used with a specific ability. For example, when using the Xuzuo Skill, using the Resetter could further increase its defense and levelness.
      When Colin used the Meteor Volcano, he could use the Flaming Ring to increase the power of the fire attribute.
      When using Wavelets, you can also use the Time Stretcher to speed up your own speed.
      As a result, with the support of these ten Rings, Ke Lin’s cultivation increased in all directions.
      The most important thing was to gather all the magic energy of ten rings and summon an alien creature called Feifan Dragon. Its deterrence and combat power should not be weaker than the legendary dragon!
      On the other hand, it also had a disadvantage: the energy inside the ring was not endless.
      With the release of magic power, the energy in the ring would also be consumed. After the energy was exhausted, it would need to be replenished to continue using it. In other words, it would be a skill to cool down the CD. Otherwise, it would be an invincible artifact.
      It was also because he had the ability to cooldown the CD, which was why Man would use the ability of ten Lord Rings instead of unlimited use.
      “Let’s first familiarize ourselves with their abilities.”
      Then, Ke Lin’s mind shifted, and his spiritual sense was immersed in the ten rings, trying to familiarize himself with their abilities.
      Resetter, Influencer, Time Stretcher, Wind Caller, Night Caller, God Controller, Solar Flame, Thunderbolt, Lieser……
      When Colin’s consciousness was immersed in the liar’s ring, along with the layers of magic, a blurry image suddenly appeared in his mind.
      The scene in the scene was probably an underground boxing arena.
      On the stage stood a muscular man with a rough face and a beard. He looked like a wolf full of wildness. He was aloof, arrogant and unruly.
      However, this muscular man was not enough to look at his tall and sturdy opponent.
      From the audience’s point of view, almost everyone thought that the big guy would win. No one was optimistic about the muscular man.
      But as the boxing match progressed, the muscular man was exceptionally brave. He did not show any resistance against the iron tower-like body of the big man, and he became more and more valiant.
      In the end, the muscular man defeated his opponent and won the boxing match.
      The audience around the arena cheered in disbelief.
      If you looked carefully, you would find that the muscular man was not injured after a fight. He was completely unharmed, not even bruised. To be more precise, his injuries quickly healed.
      “Diamond Wolf?”
      Such a familiar appearance, coupled with his extraordinary healing ability, made Colin immediately guess the identity of the other party. The Diamond Wolf Luogan, even if he did not reveal the iconic Alderman Alloy Wolf Claw in the boxing match!
      As the face of the X-Men in the future, Luo Gen was undoubtedly a powerful mutated human. However, no matter how powerful a mutated human was, it was still necessary.
      For Luo Gen, it was a good way to earn living in underground boxing.One was to be able to hide the identity of his mutated human and the other was to have a good income.
      But the problem was, why was there such an image stored in the Ring of Lies?
      The ability of the Lord of the Lies was similar to Professor X’s telepathic ability. He could scan a person’s mental activity. In other words, this image stored in the Lord of the Lies was like a scan record in a computer.
      Based on this logic, could it be that Man Man had once seen the inner world of the Diamond Wolf?What was the purpose of his actions.
      This secret became a permanent mystery along with the death of an adult.
      However, Colin guessed that it should be Lord Man who was gathering information about some experts. As the leader of the terrorist organization, Lord Man had to rope in experts for his own use and be wary of potential enemies, so it was reasonable.
      Looking around at the hill that had already turned into ruins, Ke Lin’s figure leaped up and disappeared at the end of the road.
      In the next few days, Colin continued to forge his body in the gravity room day after day, fusing with Yu Zhibo’s inheritance. At the same time, he was familiar with the abilities of the Ten Rings and turned them into his own!
      On the other side, under the joint efforts of Tony and the team, the first light speed engine spaceship was finally developed and entered the stage of test flight.
      Colin estimated that along with Nick Frey’s group’s series of operations, the Nine-Headed Snake spies hiding in S.H.I.E. Bureau were almost wiped out.
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      Chapter 34 Skuru people who infiltrated!(Flower, evaluation)

      Divine Shield Bureau, Trident Building.
      Nick Frey let out a long sigh of relief.
      After decades of investigation, interrogation, and capture, Nick Frey followed the list provided by Colin. Basically, the undercover Hydra hiding in the Divine Shield Bureau was cleared.
      After six years of civil service, Nick Frey had never been so tired before.
      “We can finally have a good rest.”
      Nick Frey wanted to take a nap on the sofa and recuperate. After all, he was very tired after a long period of high-intensity work.
      “Ding Ling Ling.”
      Just as Nick Frey was about to take a nap, a hurried phone call rang out.
      Nick Frey got up reluctantly and answered the call with his sleepy eyes.
      “This is Divine Shield Bureau.”
      “Hey, you might not believe it, but just now, I saw a woman wearing a laser gun costume fall down from the sky and broke the roof of Hundred Vision. The key is that he didn’ t have anything, and he even said some strange words.”
      Nick Frey couldn’t help but shiver when he heard the report.
      If an ordinary person heard such a report, they would definitely think that it was a prank of a boring fellow.
      But wasn’t the responsibility of S.H.I.E. Shield specifically dealing with all sorts of strange events? Nick Frey hesitated for a moment before saying,” Please tell me where you are.”
      Then, Nick Frey called the rookie agent Colson and drove to the location the reporter had mentioned.
      In a phone booth near the Centipede movie rental shop, Nick Frey saw a hole in the roof of the Centipede and the woman in strange clothes.
      This woman was wearing a laser gun uniform. Although she was a woman, she had a clean, short blonde hair. She was as powerful as a man, and what she said was inexplicable.
      For a while, the Kerri Interstellar Battle Team had come to hunt down the Skurus who had infiltrated Earth. They had also said that the Skurus were deformers who could replicate their appearance and DNA. It gave people a feeling of being in the clouds and mist. Hearing Nick Frey’s face, the black question mark was on his face.
      Nickfrey and Colson exchanged glances and decided to first arrest them and investigate.
      Unexpectedly, a person who was hiding on the roof of the building attacked them and shot them in the direction where they were.
      The Kong Wu woman pushed Nick Frey away. She then raised her hand and shot a beam of light at the attacker. The latter escaped and the Kong Wu woman took advantage of the situation to chase after him. The two of them rushed into the same train one after another.
      Nickfrey immediately called for Colson to sit in the car and chase after the Kongwu woman. However, because he was too hasty, Nickfrey did not notice the strange look on Colson’s face.
      Nick Frey drove his car through the busy streets and decided to go to the station to wait for a rabbit.
      The next moment, the car communicator suddenly rang.
      “Mr. Frey, this is Agent Colson. I’m still at Centered Vision?”Where did everyone go? I’ ve already completed the evidence collection.”
      Nick Frey:”???”
      He looked at the car communicator in a daze, then at Colson, who was sitting in the passenger seat. When Nick Fry noticed the panicked look on his face, he immediately realized that this was a fake.
      In the car, Nickfrey and the fake Colson were fighting each other.
      Because Nick Freeman was still driving, he was in a daze. The fake Nick Freeman grabbed his neck and almost couldn’t breathe.
      In a critical moment, Nick Frey suddenly turned the steering wheel. The car’s body’s “sh*t” was thrown and the right side hit a bus that happened to pass by.
      The fake Corson who was sitting in the driver’s seat was killed on the spot after suffering a severe impact. After a while, he finally revealed his green skin, sharp ears, and strange appearance like a lizard.
      Nickfrey was only slightly injured and dizzy. However, when he saw the lizard man beside him, his expression changed. He thought back to what the Kongwu woman had just said about the Skuru people and the deformed person who had copied shape. Could it be that the fake Korsen was the Skuru people?
      In the S.H.I.E. Bureau’s autopsy room, Nick Frey, who was still in shock, learned from the forensic examiner who had dissected the lizard man’s body that the lizard man was not carbon-based, and that his body composition was something that was not on the periodic table.
      One had to know that all the creatures on Earth were carbon-based, so this also proved from the side that the lizards were not from Earth, but aliens. It was very likely that they were the Skuru people that Kong Wu was talking about!
      If the Skuru people were really aliens who had infiltrated Earth, then this was undoubtedly a huge threat. Perhaps they could learn from the Kongwu woman how to deal with the Skuru people, so the priority now was to find her.
      With this thought in mind, Nick Frey began to track the whereabouts of Kong Wu’s woman through various means. Finally, he found Kong Wu’s woman in a place called Panqiao Bar in California.
      According to Kong Wu’s words, she seemed to have lived on Earth. However, many of her memories were lost. It was just a code name called the Pegasus Program.
      Nick Frey quickly realized that this Pegasus plan was most likely the key to solving all the puzzles.
      “Pegasus plan, Pegasus plan……”I thought of someone who might be able to help us.”
      Nick Frey repeated the Pegasus plan. The next moment, he seemed to have thought of something and murmured.
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      Chapter 35 Marvel Captain Carol, the plot of the Kerry Empire!(Flower, evaluation)

      Niao, Manhattan Seascape Villa.
      Colin, who was disturbed by two unexpected guests, looked at Nick Frey and Carol Danvers sitting on the sofa and a big orange cat. He immediately felt a little headache.
      One was an annoying high-level S.H.I.E.I. Shield Agent, and the other was a powerful and stupid girl. She looked like a pair of strange girls and a niece in the rebel phase.
      Nick Frey broke the silence first.” Mr. Colin, it’s been a long time since we met. Is it really too happy to see you again?”
      Ke Lin couldn’ t help but roll his eyes.” Happy, how happy are you?”
      Nick Fury:”……”
      Ke Lin successfully finished his sentence, but he didn’t care.
      If Colin remembered correctly, it was less than a month since he met at the last meeting at the Hexagonal Building. He had not expected this annoying fellow to come to his door again. Although he said that he had a happy cooperation experience, Colin did not want to have too much to do with the Divine Shield Bureau. Moreover, there was a silly Carol and the ferocious and unpredictable Primordial Devouring Beast.
      Nick Frey cleared his throat.” Let’s go back to the main story. Let’s introduce her. Her name is Fance……”You might not believe that she is an alien from the Kerry civilization.”
      Hearing what Nick Frey said, Colin looked at Carol who had just arrived on Earth with interest. Carol also looked at Colin warily.
      “Are you suspecting that I was changed by the Skuru people?”
      Ke Lin said with a faint smile.
      “How do you know about the Skuru people?”
      Carol’s face turned cold and she raised her arm. The photon energy cannon on her wrist was aimed at Colin, ready to fire at any moment. Even Nick Frey, who was beside her, was full of doubt.
      After all, Carol had been ambushed by the Skurus during a secret operation before falling to Earth. The Skurus had also infiltrated Earth. What they were best at was copying other people’s appearances, and even DNA could be copied.
      Once he was bitten by a snake, he was afraid of a well rope for ten years. Out of a defensive mentality, Carol looked like a Skull, as if she was suffering from delusion.
      “It’s up to me to ask you the other way around. You guys ran over to look for me, and you even wanted to make a big move for no reason. This is not a friendly signal!”
      Colin sat on the sofa with a hint of anger in his calm expression. However, the shocking aura he gave off made people feel shocked.
      “Fos, be careful. There’s no need to doubt Mr. Colin. Moreover, if he really is the Skullus, why did he take the initiative to mention this matter? Isn’ t it causing trouble?”
      Nick Frey tried to dissuade him, but Carol put away the photon energy cannon in a skeptical manner. The tense atmosphere also eased a bit.
      “We’ re here to ask you about the Pegasus plan.”
      Nick Frey answered and said to Colin with a serious expression.
      At the docking conference a month ago, along with Colin’s demonstration of the light-speed engine spaceship, not only had he obtained 10 billion orders from the Hexagonal Building, but also had the military’s people rekindled their hopes. They announced that they had joined forces with Stark Industries and NASA to restart the Pegasus program, which aimed to cross the interstellar space!
      As one of the participants in this plan, Colin should also know some of the inside information. That was why Nick Fury brought Firth to look for Colin.
      “Pegasus plan?”
      Ke Lin frowned slightly. Actually, the moment the two of them arrived at the villa, Ke Lin knew their purpose. However, at this moment, he was still hesitating whether to reveal the secrets of five years ago.
      However, according to the plot, Nick Frey and Carol would find out sooner or later. It would be better to tell them directly, so as not to disturb them endlessly.
      “The Pegasus plan, this has to go back more than ten years ago.”
      “More than ten years ago, a scientist from the Kerry Empire, Ma. Will, was ordered to infiltrate Earth. His alias was Wendy Lawson, who entered the Divine Shield and wanted to destroy Earth’s space technology.”
      “Ma Will met a pilot named Carol Danvers on Earth. The two of them were both teachers and friends. They worked together continuously..”
      “With the passage of time, Ma Will fell in love with Earth and turned to help mankind develop science. At the same time, she cooperated with the Divine Shield Bureau to develop the universe magic cube, using the extracted energy core to develop the light speed engine fighter.”
      “Just as the light speed engine mech was about to be developed, the Kerry Empire realized that Ma Will’s betrayal and sent out the Interstellar battle team to hunt down Ma Will and bring back the energy core.”
      “During the fierce battle with Brave Rogge, the plane that was driven by Ma Weir and Carol crashed. Ma Weir died on the spot. Carol was lucky to survive.”
      “In order to prevent Brave Rogge from seizing the energy core, Carol shot to destroy the energy core. Who would have thought that the cosmic energy emitted from the energy core would accidentally enter Carol’s body, causing her to possess powerful energy. At the same time, she lost her original memories. Brave Rogge brought her back to the Kerry Empire and transformed her into a Black Star Trooper.”
      “So your name isn’ t Firth, but Carol Danvers!”
      “As for the so-called Skuru people who ambushed you, they are not heinous. On the contrary, they have been persecuted by the Kerry Empire and strayed into the universe.”
      Carol listened to this unknown secret, and her expression changed. At the same time, the memories in her brain were triggered, and memories of the past gradually surfaced in her mind.
      Nick Frey looked at Colin with a stunned expression.” How did you know about this secret?”
      “Don’ t tell me you’ ve forgotten that during World War II, the American team, Steve, in order to stop the Nine-Headed Snake, flew a plane and sank into the Atlantic Ocean together with the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube. Although the American team had failed to search and rescue many times, the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube was salvaged by my father, Howard, and then handed it over to Ma Will, which is Dr. Wendy Lawson’s research.”
      Ke Lin spread out his hands and said unhappily.
      “I see. I did hear from the senior of Divine Shield Bureau a few times before.”
      Nick Fuliliu revealed a sudden realization. After learning that the Skullus did not have any hostility, he was able to breathe a long sigh of relief.
      Ke Lin smiled when he saw Nick Frey’s reaction. Actually, Howard had never told him about this. But as a transmigrator who was familiar with the plot, would Ke Lin tell others that he had a view of God?
      However, it had to be said that the Space Gem was truly magical. No matter whether it was Team USA, Iron Man, or Captain Amazing, their abilities all came from the Space Gem, or it was an extension of the Space Gem.
      Following Colin’s story, Carol’s expression changed a few times. Her originally gloomy eyes brightened. Those missing memories finally surged into her heart. It gradually became clearer and everything came to a sudden realization!
      “I remember. I remember everything!”
      Carol’s eyes widened, her heart filled with mixed emotions.
      She had not expected that she had been kept in the dark by the people of the Kerry Empire all these years. She had even been caught in the dark for the sake of a tiger. For a moment, she was filled with mixed feelings. Her heart was even more disgusted with the courage even the highest wisdom!
      “Then what are you going to do next?”
      Nick Frey asked.
      “The priority now is to rush to Ma Weil’s laboratory. The Cosmic Rubik’s Cube is there. It would be bad if we were to be defeated by Brave Rogge and the others!”
      Carole didn’t have the time to feel depressed. He quickly realized something more important.
      Before Marvel’s death, he had told her about the decoding coordinates of the laboratory. If nothing unexpected happened, the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube would be in that laboratory. If they were taken by the Kerrians, it would be bad.
      However, the problem came. The coordinates were located in a corner of outer space. It was also very far from Earth, so where would she fly to?
      Thinking of this, Carol raised her head and looked at Colin for help. A rare expression of embarrassment appeared on her heroic face.
      Ke Lin’s fingers tapped on the armrest as he muttered to himself,” Why is this guy still here?”Could it be that he was going to stick to him?He didn’t like a man.
      Just as Ke Lin was about to give the order, the familiar electronic voice suddenly rang out by his ear:
      “Facing Captain Marvel’s help, please make your choice.”
      “Choose one: expel Carol!”Mission completed, reward magic handkerchief (from the digital treasure world).”
      “Option 2: Refuse to help Carol!”Mission completed, reward Treasure King’s treasure (from the Fate World).”
      “Option 3: Help Carol!”Mission completed, reward Dragon Origin Physique (from Wind and Cloud World).”
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      Chapter 36 Super Serum + Impassable Virus + Blue Wave Ball + Immortal Elixir =?

      Select the System to trigger again!
      After sweeping through the three options on the system interface, Ke Lin’s heart skipped a beat, silently weighing the pros and cons.
      “Mr. Colin, take the liberty to ask, your company’s first light engine spaceship should have passed the test flight stage, right?”
      Nick Frey said.
      Carol followed Nick Frey’s gaze and looked at Colin. Her eyes lit up as a look of anticipation appeared on her heroic face.
      Although he didn’t understand how Stark Industries developed a light-speed engine spaceship that even the Kerry Empire could n’ t reach, if he could borrow it, he would undoubtedly be able to quickly reach the laboratory that Ma Weil had left behind.
      Facing the expectant gazes of Nick Frey and Carol, Colin could not help but curled his lips and said with a smile,” You not only asked about the news from me, but also borrowed my spaceship. Do you really think I’ m here as a free relief?”
      Nick Frey and Carol looked at each other in dismay. Their faces turned red, especially Carol’s.
      When they first met, they asked for more information and needed to borrow such a precious thing as a spaceship. Even a careless Black Star Trooper like Carol was a little embarrassed.
      As expected, Ke Lin changed his tone and said,” However, it’s fine to lend the spaceship to you for the sake of indirectly protecting Earth. However, you have to guarantee that you can’ t damage the spaceship. Otherwise, you will have to pay the corresponding compensation.”
      “Are you serious?”Carol was greatly surprised. She patted her chest and solemnly promised,” Don’ t worry, if I destroy the spaceship, you will be punished.”
      Colin rubbed his chin when he heard this. He took a second glance at Carol’s powerful but equally voluptuous figure and could n’ t help but smile.
      In the end, Colin still lent the spaceship to Carol for use. Of course, this was not to covet the other party’s “beauty “.
      As the saying goes, there are many friends and many paths. The spaceship is lent to Carol rather than given to her. It’s not a bad idea to be a kind person, let alone a favor from Captain Amazing.
      One had to know that Captain Marvel, who had released the restraint and activated the binary star state, had a single universe level that was enough to head on against the Destroyer who did not gather infinite gems.
      In other words, if Captain Marvel had returned earlier, there would be nothing wrong with the 3rd and 4th double unions. Therefore, the weight of this favor was definitely not light.
      Even if the spaceship was accidentally damaged, Ke Lin did not feel any pain at all. As long as he mastered the core technology, he would be able to build ten or eight more ships, which was equivalent to testing the performance of the spaceship.
      Of course, in the end, Ke Lin had made a third choice. Of course, he still valued the heavy rewards that it gave him!
      Dragon Origin Body!
      The so-called dragon essence was the essence of the dragon. It was condensed from the essence of the whole body of the dragon. It was something that had just reached the sun. It was incomparably violent. The body of the dragon essence was the supreme body that had evolved after taking the dragon essence. Even the bones and veins would be reconstructed.
      According to the system’s instructions, after exchanging for the Dragon Origin Physique, it would be able to live forever, increase its power greatly, not invade with a hundred poisons, stimulate its potential, and regain its consciousness. Moreover, there were no side effects!
      In other words, its effect was equivalent to super serum + Impassable Virus + Immortal Elixir + Mango Zhu Toad + Blue Ball!
      For the cultivation of martial arts, the importance of constitution and bloodline was self-evident.
      To cultivate martial arts, if the physical strength represented the lower limit, then the bloodline constitution would determine the upper limit of cultivation!
      Take Wukong and Becquita from the Seven Dragon Beads for example. If they only had powerful physical bodies and battle skills but did not have the super Syrians’ bloodline, then their strength would be greatly reduced. As for battle power like exploding stars, they would not even think about it.
      Without a good bloodline, even if you gave the Infinite Gloves to you, you would not be able to snap your fingers!
      It could be imagined that if Ke Lin wanted to break through to the Heavenly Father level, or even the single universe level, the multiverse level, having a supreme physical bloodline was indispensable!
      “Where is that spaceship?”
      “At the Stark Research Institute.”
      “Then let’s hurry over.”
      Carol’s character was fierce, and her words and actions were as fierce as lightning. She wished she could put her legs on a rocket and fly into space.
      Although Colin was a little speechless, he understood that the situation was urgent, so he immediately led Nick Frey and Carol to the Stark Research Institute.
      On the way, Colin reminded Carol to take off the suppressor at the back of her neck. With the contact of the suppressor, the vast energy sealed in her body was finally activated again. It instantly made Carol’s Phoenix Nirvana appear as if she had been reborn!
      Not long after, the three of them arrived at the Stark Research Institute.
      He arrived at the main hall of the research institute. Soon, an oval-shaped spaceship that was full of technology and supported by eight mechanical feet entered his eyes.
      When Carol saw this sci-fi spaceship, she was also amazed. It was even more advanced than the aircrafts she had in the Kerry Empire.
      Seeing the arrival of Ke Lin and the others, Tony, who was leading his team to build a second spaceship, also walked over. Ke Lin gave a brief introduction to both sides, which could be considered a mutual understanding.
      “Tony, let Captain Carol Danvers test the spaceship for us.”
      “Isn’ t the spaceship already tested.”
      “This time, it’s going to more distant space.”
      When Tony heard this, he nodded slightly as if he did not understand it. However, since this was Ke Lin’s decision, he, as a free labor force, naturally would not have any objections.
      After the hatch opened, the Devourer Beast, who liked to drill holes, immediately rushed in. Carol followed closely behind and entered the spaceship. She sat in the cockpit and first got familiar with the spaceship.
      Of course, there was no need for her to know whether she could drive. Whether it was Carol on Earth or the Kerry Empire, she was a skilled pilot.
      Following that, under Tony’s guidance and Carol’s own understanding, she quickly mastered the method of flying the spaceship.
      “Mr. Colin, thank you so much this time. I will definitely remember this favor.”
      Carol’s pink fist lightly pounded on Colin’s chest. Her hearty words were filled with gratitude.
      “Hehe, don’ t be so careless. Remember, if you ruin this spaceship, you’ ll have to pay for it.”There was a meaningful smile on Ke Lin’s face.
      “It’s a deal!”
      Carol activated the spaceship and entered the decoding coordinates.
      The eight mechanical feet slowly retracted, and the speed of light engine instantly activated.
      With a sound of explosion, the next moment, the spaceship turned into a dazzling beam of light and fled into the sky!

      Chapter 37 Alien Version Demon Female, Avenger Plan!

      Looking at the light speed engine spaceship that had entered the clouds, Nick Frey was slightly lost in thought.
      Colin glanced sideways at Nick Frey.” Why are you still here? Are you all idle?”
      The implication was that you should leave.
      Nickfrey didn’ t get angry when he heard this. Instead, he looked at Colin from the sky and said,” Unfortunately, such a relaxing day is very short. Soon, I will go to Budapest with Hawkeye and the others to carry out the mission.”
      A glint flashed across Ke Lin’s eyes.
      Nick Frey didn’t reveal much about the plan, but Colin guessed that the next step was to start a fight in Budapest. In short, it was the battle between the Divine Shield Bureau and Red House in Budapest.
      Over there, Nick Frey and Eagle Eye were about to fight the people in the red house.
      It was only after this Budapest battle that the Black Widow accepted Eagle Eye’s advice and jumped to the Divine Shield Bureau.
      Nickfrey naturally did not know what Colin was thinking. Instead, he asked tentatively,” What do you think of the Skullus people who came to Earth?”
      Ke Lin was slightly taken aback. So this guy was still thinking about this.
      What do you think?
      What else could he think of? Of course, he was standing and looking!
      Speaking of which, these Skurus people’s ability to replicate human shapes and DNA was n’ t something they could compare to. It was like an alien version of a witch.
      Tens of thousands of changes could be changed every day without any heavy changes.
      What kind of workplace beauty wasn’t it beautiful?
      Just thinking about it was very exciting!
      After a moment of silence, Colin said,” I can’ t give a specific answer to this question. Hua Xia has a saying that it’s not my race. It’s a different idea. Even if you understand and sympathize with these Skuru people, can you trust them completely?”
      “Let’s not talk about the Skuru people. Just say that you Black | people have been here for 400 years and still suffer discrimination, let alone aliens.”
      “Miluo claims that everyone is equal, but in reality, all kinds of inequalities are common. Can the white and black people really put down the barriers and treat each other honestly?”This is undoubtedly a big question mark!”
      “Earth and Skuru people are the same.”
      Ke Lin expressed his views.
      Nick Frey heard this and could not help but fall into deep thought.
      Instead of continuing to chat with Nickfrey, Colin sent people to send Nickfrey away. He bid farewell to Tony and returned to the villa. Now, there was another more important matter waiting for him to do.
      Manhattan’s seascape villa, quiet room.
      Ke Lin immediately called out the system interface.
      “Congratulations, the host has completed the task of helping Carol. He has received the Dragon Origin Body reward. Is it possible to restore his fleshly bloodline now!”
      Ke Lin took a deep breath and said firmly.
      As soon as he finished speaking, a golden dragon totem disappeared into Ke Lin’s forehead.
      Following that, Ke Lin’s body became hot as if he had been roasted by a stove.
      In the next moment, a fierce and tyrannical dragon elemental energy rushed through his body, sweeping through his flesh, bones, and meridians, even every inch of cells, rebuilding his body and bloodline.
      He broke and stood back, reborn!
      The process of rebuilding his body and bloodline was very difficult. The pain like a knife made Ke Lin grit his teeth, and his head was drenched in sweat.
      Fortunately, the pain did not last for too long.
      After the pain subsided, Ke Lin was surprised to find that his body had undergone a huge change.
      Unknowingly, his body was once again strong, and the muscles on his body bulged up. His blood started to expand, and his muscles were curling. It was full of explosive power, giving off a bronze luster under the sun. It was extremely visual impact!
      Then, Ke Lin was immersed in his thoughts and began to look inside his body.
      The bones turned into sparkling jade bones. They were tough and firm, bright and brilliant.
      The meridians all over his body were covered in a layer of golden luster. He widened them several times, and all the meridians were completely opened.
      The blood also turned golden. The blood from his entire body turned into a golden Wang Yang flowing through his body, illuminating his body with a golden color.
      Ke Lin casually clenched his fist and heard a crackling sound of bones exploding. A surging and boundless power surged within his fist.
      With just a single punch, one could hear the buzzing sound of the air, and even the sound of a dragon’s roar could be faintly heard!
      “Is this the power of the Dragon Origin Body!”
      Colin’s eyes shone brightly as he was ecstatic!
      This Dragon Origin Body was indeed an extraordinary creature. Ke Lin had completely reborn. His body and bloodline had all been reconstructed, becoming a supreme body!
      Not to mention anything else, Colin was already immune to all kinds of poison, and his lifespan had increased greatly. He could at least live for thousands of years, just like Di Shitian.
      Not to mention, his power was greatly increased, his potential was stimulated, and even he had an image of recovery. The so-called image of recovery was that he could recover within a short period of time, even if his arm was broken and his hand was broken!
      Flowers bloomed, each showing a branch.
      Just as Ke Lin was reconstructing the Dragon Origin Body.
      Carol, who had arrived in space, had also successfully found the Universe Demon in Mawell’s laboratory.
      Following that, Carol used her powerful combat ability to remove the restraints of the suppressor and activate the binary star state to defeat Yong Rogue. She returned back to the army of the Kerry Empire led by the accuser Luo Nan to protect Earth from the foreign war.
      After settling the dispute, Carol returned to Earth and handed the light-speed engine ship to Stark Industries. Then, she handed the universe cube and the element-devouring beast to Nick Frey for safekeeping, and gave Nick Frey and Colin a quantum pager!
      After that, Carol became the captain of the surprise team, staying on the outer planets, continuing to maintain the peace between the stars.
      As for Nick Fury, it was because of his outstanding performance in clearing the Nine-Headed Snake spies and protecting Earth from the invasion of the Kerry Empire that he was promoted to become the new director of the Divine Shield Bureau!
      After this incident, he realized that just by relying on ordinary people’s strength, it was difficult to truly defend Earth. Only by gathering more superheroes like Team USA and Captain Marvel could he!
      “Is it called the Guardian Plan or the Guardian Plan?”
      Just as Nick Frey was struggling with a plan on his computer, he caught a glimpse of a photo of Carol driving a fighter jet on Earth. The number of that fighter jet was called Avengers!
      “In that case, it’s called the Avenger Plan!”
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      Chapter 38 The Mutant Act, The Most Holy Place!

      Next, Ke Lin was still at the company, villa and training room.
      However, with the passage of time, Ke Lin’s strength was not as strong as before. Instead, it stopped. No matter how hard he tried, there was no breakthrough. This made him a little upset.
      Ke Lin realized that this was the bottleneck.
      “Cultivation is a trinity, and I’ m too focused on physical body and cultivation techniques.”
      Ke Lin could not help but sigh with emotion as he felt that his cultivation state was like a rock.
      The cultivation method was based on the trinity. The physical body, cultivation method, and spiritual power needed to go hand in hand.
      In terms of Heavenly Father level experts, Divine King Odin and Ancient One mages all had equal importance to the three elements. Their battle strength was unprecedented and their spiritual energy was boundless. Only in this way could they break through the shackles of heaven and earth and reach the Heavenly Father level.
      As for Colin’s cultivation, he focused too much on his physical body and cultivation methods, but he lacked the cultivation methods of spiritual energy, which resulted in a situation where one was more important than the other.
      In addition, cultivation wasn’ t just focused on hard cultivation, it had to be relaxed and have a way.
      As fast as possible, Ke Lin decided to stop cultivating first, change his mind and relax. Perhaps he might be able to gain some insights.
      Ke Lin sat on the soft and comfortable sofa. With a casual move, a few of the latest newspapers of the day fell into Ke Lin’s hands.
      “At yesterday’s Senate meeting, Senator Leonard promoted the threat of mutated humans. He believed that the existence of mutated humans would put the world in danger. He applied to Congress for the passage of a law to clean up mutated humans. General Stryker of the military and President Black of Teslack expressed their support.”
      “Professor Charles of Zerville’s Innate Teenage Academy is looking for various ways to communicate with the government of the United States and to eliminate the gap between humans and mutated humans.”
      “In a week’s time, the summit of the Union GUO, attended by the leaders of each GUO, will be held at the Hudson Building as scheduled.”
      “There’s a strange vibration near the Himalayas. Geological surveyors are investigating.”
      “Stark Industries has been making a lot of moves in recent days. First, it has invested in new companies such as Pim Technology, and then completed a three billion order arms deal with Central | East customers. At the same time, it has focused its development on energy, aerospace, artificial intelligence, and other fields. The rapid development momentum has been praised by capital.”
      “The legendary motorcycle stuntman Breser had an accident that day. He left the world. His son Johnny decided to inherit his legacy and continue his motorcycle stunt business.”
      Ke Lin swept his gaze over the newspaper and saw that the recent mutated human clearance bill was widely reported in the newspaper. This had also become a hot topic of discussion.
      One had to know that the mutated humans were very secretive at first, hiding their identities in the human world.
      However, since World War II, the mutated humans had slowly entered the human’s line of sight because of their extraordinary characteristics.
      Especially in the 1990s and even in the 21st century, because of the differences in race and position, the conflicts between humans and mutated humans became even more acute.
      In the end, even to the point where it could not be recovered, a protracted war began.
      Now, it was almost time for the X-Men 1 scenario. The conflict between humans and mutated humans had existed for a long time. It wasn’t just a day’s cold. Even Colin didn’t know how the disputes and conflicts had evolved.
      Just as Colin was beginning to think, Jarvis suddenly sent a fax.
      This fax was a business plan. It listed the company’s recent acquisition and investment plan. It was sent to Colin to take a look at it. This way, Colin could not leave his home, and he could firmly control the development of Stark’s industry.
      Ke Lin flipped through the plan in his hand. He was very aware of the company’s recent investment. When Ke Lin saw the end of the plan, there was a real estate that caught Ke Lin’s attention. There was a remark behind the real estate address: Greenwich,178A Brick Street!
      Not long after, Colin followed the address on the plan and drove less than ten minutes to Greenwich Town in Manhattan and found 178A Brick Street.
      However, Colin was not very interested in the house that he had just bought. Instead, he focused on the 177A house next door.
      This building was located in the center of Greenwich Town. It had a total of three floors. It was soft and quiet. Compared to the steel forest buildings nearby, it was unique.
      It was worth mentioning that the third floor had a round window with four streamline lines. Under the refraction of the sun, the silver glow was like a time turntable.
      It didn’t look strange, but Colin would n’ t be fooled by its ordinary appearance. This was one of the three most holy places in New York.
      The Holy Place was the connection point of the Multiverse, and it was also the base of the Paragons. There were two such Utmost Beings on Earth. They were at the Gunton and Xiang | Harbor.
      Because the Holy Place was the connection point of the distant universe, it could travel through the Multiverse through the springboard, and it also had to face the danger of invasion from other dimensions.
      Therefore, in order to protect the most holy place from the invasion of other dimensions, there would be supreme mages and apprentices waiting here, not to mention that there were also important magic treasures in the most holy place: the Book of the Emperor of Mount Wei, and the Eye of Agomoto (also known as the Time Gem).
      Ke Lin bought the house next door because of his own considerations.
      As the saying goes, cunning rabbit three……That was not the case.
      The protection of the most holy place was the duty of a supreme mage. Strictly speaking, the entire world around the most holy place was within the protection range.
      In this way, being a neighbor with a supreme mage was actually equivalent to having a free bodyguard. Moreover, he was at the Heavenly Father level.
      In the future, if there would be a Silver Shadow Warrior, Destroyer, or any other invasion of Earth, Ke Lin would still be able to use this place as a safe house!

      Chapter 39 Gu Yi’s Visit!

      Colin was temporarily staying at 178A Brick Street.
      All kinds of flowers, raising dogs, and experiencing the quiet and leisurely life in the town.
      It had to be said that although this kind of life was flat, it was still leisurely.
      Furthermore, he was able to let Ke Lin get rid of his impetuous state of mind and truly immersed himself in thinking about some problems. This even allowed him to understand many of the problems he had neglected before, thus gaining new insights.
      On this day, Colin was watering plants in the courtyard.
      “Mr. Colin is really interested.”
      An empty and clear voice came from outside.
      In the next moment, a fiery magic door appeared in the center of the courtyard. A human figure crossed the dimension and entered the courtyard.
      Ke Lin followed the sound and saw that she was a sharp-eyed, extraordinary middle-aged woman dressed in a yellow mage robe. Although she had no hair at all, it was still hard to hide her soft wisdom.
      With such an extraordinary temperament, coupled with the iconic magic door, who else could it be other than the supreme mage Gu Yi?
      As for how the other party knew about him?
      The chairman of Stark Industries, an eighteen-year-old business genius, such titles and titles were shrouded in Colin’s body, so much so that Colin had become a household name in the New York City. Even if he walked on the street, he would often be recognized by others. Moreover, it was not difficult for Mage Gu Yi to investigate his identity.
      Sigh, maybe this is the worry of celebrities.
      “So it’s Gu Yi. You’ re not staying at Kamataiji. You’ re actually interested in visiting me. You’ re such a rare guest.”
      Surprise flashed in Colin’s eyes. He waved his hand and the kettle in his hand automatically floated down to the side of the pool.
      He had originally thought of going to the Holy Place to investigate the situation in two days, but he had not expected Gu Yi to take the lead.
      Gu Yi’s eyes narrowed when he heard this.” You know this mage?”
      Ever since he learned that a new neighbor named Colin Stark had arrived at the Holy Place, Mage Gu Yi began to pay attention to him. Today, he took the initiative to visit him to test the new neighbor’s authenticity.
      After all, a well-known arms dealer moved to the next door to the Holy Place without any warning. This was indeed a bit suspicious, especially when Colin revealed his identity directly.
      “As you know, as a businessman who likes to collect various kinds of information, I naturally have my own channels of information. Didn’ t you know my identity too?”
      “Besides, you know me, I know you. Isn’ t this just the same information?”
      “Hua Xia has a saying that you have friends coming from afar. It’s a pleasure, let alone we are neighbors. Please take a seat.”
      Ke Lin smiled indifferently and sat down on a stone bench under the vine rack.
      Mage Gu Yi looked at Colin and saw that she gently flicked her sleeve and brushed away a few leaves on the stone bench. Then, Mage Gu Yi arrived at Colin’s opposite side and sat down. His manner was filled with an immortal aura.
      Ke Lin took out a delicate tea set and began to brew it. At the same time, he asked tentatively,” I don’ t know what Mage Gu Yi is talking about. I’ m afraid it’s not as simple as just visiting a neighbor, right?”
      “No, I’ m just curious why the famous Mr. Colin chose to stay in a corner of Brick Street.”
      Gu Yi smiled and could not see any expression on his face.
      “Haha, although I’ m used to living an extravagant and rich life, can’ t I have a rare experience of such a happy and self-satisfied pastoral life? Moreover, I’ m not buying a house within the jurisdiction of your New York Holy Place, right?”
      Ke Lin also had an indifferent expression, his face carrying a warm smile.
      “Of course. If you want to live there, it’s naturally your freedom. But since you know about the most holy place, you should know the meaning behind the most holy place. There’s also a certain risk here.”
      “Thank you for your reminder, but there’s a saying in the shopping mall that risks and opportunities coexist. Although I’ m not a business person who takes advantage of opportunities, I don’t mind looking at the risks of living next to the Holy Place. What kind of opportunities will be created?”Maybe it’ ll open the door to a new world.”
      As he spoke, Colin handed a cup of hot tea to Mage Gu Yi.
      Mage Gu Yi stared at Colin, his deep and distant eyes shining brightly. The purple mist was dense, just like a vast and boundless brilliant galaxy. It was as if he would be sucked in if he didn’t notice.
      At this moment, Ancient One was trying to use some kind of psychic magic to spy on Colin’s inner world.
      But what was strange was that Ke Lin’s inner world seemed to be enveloped by an unfathomable spiritual sense, able to isolate and even bounce back all the outside world’s exploration.
      All the psychic powers that Mage Gu Yi gave off were melted like ice and snow. There was no news. After all, he could only shake his head and give up this thought.
      “You’re stronger than I expected.”It’s hard to detect.”
      After collecting his thoughts, Mage Gu Yi picked up his cup of tea and gulped it down.
      In an instant, a fragrant and fresh fragrance of tea spread through the mouth, refreshing the heart and lingering aftertaste. This could not help but brighten Gu Yi’s eyes.
      “You’ re not the first to say that.”
      “The last one is?”
      “Professor X from Zerville’s talent academy.”
      “Even Charles can’ t read your thoughts and memories. You really aren’ t ordinary.”
      “You all have the same point.”
      “All of you are bald.”
      Professor X and Mage Gu Yi, without exception, all had shiny bald heads. This reminded Colin of the classic words that were passed down in the future. They became stronger, and at the same time, they became bald.
      Professor X was a mutated human at the alpha level. If he used all his strength, it could even cause the hearts of thousands of people to collapse instantly. It was simply an existence of dimensional damage.
      Even more so, as a Heavenly Father-level expert, Gu Yi could easily strike the Hulk’s soul out of its body with a light wave of his palm. It was obvious that his cultivation was exceptional.
      It was worth mentioning that Professor X and Gu Yi’s abilities were also in the spiritual legal system category. Could it be that they could not become qualified spiritual legal system experts without baldness?Ke Lin could not help but think.
      “Make a joke. You all believe in your intuition, but sometimes your intuition is unreliable.”
      “Just like now, you’ re on guard against my motives for coming to Brick Street, but I’ m not interested in the dispute between your magic world and the Dark Dimension. I don’ t want to arrogate to myself. I just came here to experience a leisurely idyllic life and cultivate my sentiments. Of course, I don’ t mind having another supreme mage as a neighbor.”
      “Alright, I hope the truth is as you said.”
      Along with Colin’s words, although Mage Gu Yi still had some doubts, his guard and vigilance had eased a lot.
      Actually, it was reasonable for Gu Yi to think about it.
      As a supreme mage, Gu Yi was responsible for preventing Earth from being invaded by the Multiverse and other dimensional forces, especially Domam, who was on guard against the dark dimensions!
      Gu Yi was selfless and patient, silently protecting Earth’s peace and calm. If there were other dimensions that threatened Earth’s safety, then she would not hesitate to stop it!
      Under such circumstances, Gu Yi’s nerves were in a tense state. It was inevitable that he would be suspicious. In her words, this was called being careful. After all, the Dark Dimension’s Domam was eyeing closely at the plan to devour Earth.
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      Chapter 40 Zerville’s Innate Youth Academy!

      Mage Gu Yi’s vast and deep gaze was like a star as he stared at Colin in front of him, trying to sense something from his expression.
      However, Ke Lin’s expression was still the same as usual.
      “Alright, I’ ll just say something for now. I hope you’ ll have a good time in Brick Street.”
      As he spoke, Mage Gu Yi slowly stood up.
      The fiery magic door appeared once again. Mage Gu Yi walked into the magic door and tore through the air. Before he left, he said,” Oh right, the tea you made is very good.”
      “Welcome to tea anytime.”
      Ke Lin smiled and nodded.
      Seeing Gu Yi’s departure, Colin muttered to himself. It was not polite to come and not to go. Next time, he should go to the next door to visit the most holy place, the legendary magic holy place, Kamataiji.
      Not long after Gu Yi left, Colin suddenly heard the sound of police sirens outside. The sound of chaos came from the train station in Manhattan.
      “What happened?”
      Ke Lin muttered to himself. With curiosity in his heart, he leaped out of the courtyard and flew up above Greenwich Town. He approached the train station in Manhattan like a ghost.
      Because of the gravity room’s cultivation, Ke Lin was able to get rid of the constraints of gravity. In an instant, he was able to reach a distance of tens of meters.
      After a few breaths, Colin appeared on the roof of a building near the railway station. At the same time, he looked over.
      At this moment, the Manhattan railway station seemed to have just witnessed a fierce battle. The scene was ruined and ruined.
      There were many police cars parked outside the railway station. Some of the cars were damaged, and the ground was littered with guns. On the other hand, the policemen were also in a sorry state.
      Everyone looked at a helicopter in the distance and sighed helplessly.
      “Mr. Colin, long time no see.”
      A sound of voice transmission suddenly sounded in Ke Lin’s mind.
      Ke Lin frowned slightly as he followed the direction of the sound transmission. His gaze was focused on a car not far from the railway station. He happened to meet Professor X’s gaze. Professor X’s face was pale, his expression depressed, and his expression disappointed.
      “Professor X?”
      Ke Lin couldn’ t help but sigh. This world was really small. He didn’ t expect to meet Professor X here.
      But the scene before him gave him a feeling of deja vu.
      The incident at the train station, Professor X and Qin Galey, as well as the helicopter that soared into the sky, wasn’t this the story of War policeman X1.
      Could it be that Little Naughty had already been kidnapped by Myriad Magnetism King?If that was the case, the Magnificent King would immediately implement the plan to turn the higher-ups of Lianhe into mutants.
      Just as Ke Lin and Professor X communicated with each other via voice transmission, Qin Gelei, who was sitting next to Professor X, was also looking at Ke Lin. His eyes lit up.
      It was an imposing, sharp-eyed, tall and sturdy body. It was even more handsome and handsome than it looked on television. Its eyes were full of brilliance and wisdom. There was an extraordinary aura in its face.
      It was as if she had caught a glimpse, causing Qin Ge Lei’s heart to ripple. Her beautiful eyes shone with light, and an inexplicable emotion flowed in her heart.
      In Westchester County, Zerville’s talented youth academy.
      Ke Lin put his hands behind his back and looked out through the window. He could see everything in the academy.
      A classic European-style castle with a large area and beautiful scenery.
      During the break, the mutated human students in the academy were playing and playing in the academy. They were brimming with youth and vitality. It could be said that they were different.
      Many mutated human students were playing on the lawn.
      A female student with the ability to control water controlled the jet of water from the fountain and poured it down from a boy’s head.
      On the basketball court, a tall and thin student could stretch his arms as freely as rubber. Even with half a basketball court apart, he could dunk and score repeatedly.
      There was also a fat boy. His body seemed to be extremely elastic. He curled up into a ball and bounced on the lawn.
      There was also a person with strong and thick limbs, climbing and moving between the walls, as if on flat ground.The next moment, he opened his mouth and his tongue popped out like a long string. He grabbed a butterfly flying through the flowers and swallowed it into his stomach.
      The students of Academy X were really talented, each with a unique skill.
      What was different from normal mutated humans was that these mutated human students had been taught by Professor X, Laser Eye, Qin Gelei, and the others. Most of them had accepted their status as mutated humans, and they would use their abilities flexibly and skillfully. At the same time, they were more disciplined and disciplined.
      If it wasn’t for Professor X’s invitation, Colin might not have seen such a spectacular scene.
      “Charles, we have to do something right now. Could it be that we’ re not saving the little mischievous?”
      At this moment, a thick and impatient voice interrupted Ke Lin’s thoughts. Ke Lin withdrew his gaze from the window and looked at everyone in the director’s office.
      He saw the Wolf King Kong asking Professor X with dissatisfaction.
      “Luo Gen, calm down. The professor will never disregard the safety of any student, but Little Naughty has been kidnapped by the Magnet King.”
      O’Lauro, the Lady of Storm, tried to persuade her. Although he could understand Luo Gan’s eagerness to rescue the little naughty boy, he should not question the professor’s kindness.
      “Isn’ t finding someone exactly what you’ re good at, Charles? Just like you used your brainwave enhancer to find Little Naughty just now. Why don’ t you find it again?”
      “Luo Gen, this is not a simple matter. Just now, looking for Little Naughty has exhausted my spiritual energy greatly. I can’ t activate my telepathic energy in a short period of time.”
      Professor X had a bitter smile on his face. His face was as pale as paper. Both his physical strength and spiritual energy had reached their limits. He was extremely weak, unable to activate his telepathic power at all.
      As soon as these words were said, everyone present could not help but fall into silence.
      As for Qin Gerein, she pursed her lips tightly. She was hesitating whether to activate the brainwave enhancer by herself. Although it would be quite risky, she could only try it now. Otherwise, Little Naughty would be in danger. Moreover, Qin Gerein had a feeling that there might be a hidden conspiracy behind the kidnapping of Little Naughty.
      Just as the X-Men were in a daze, Ke Lin said unhurriedly,” Finding someone isn’ t necessarily a brainwave enhancer. Perhaps I can help with this.”

      Chapter 41 Ten Thousand Magnet King’s plot, X war police attack!

      A quarter of an hour later, a Blackbird mech rose from Academy X and flew towards the Hudson River Estuary like a black demon bird that spread its wings.
      In the mecha, except for the X-Men members, the Wolf King, the Laser Eye, the Storm Woman, and Qin Galey, Colin was also in the queue. The atmosphere in the cabin was a little depressing.
      Logically speaking, Ke Lin shouldn’t have been involved in the X-Men’s actions, but he couldn’t stand Professor X’s plea and reluctantly agreed to help.
      In Professor X’s words, if Ke Lin could help them, their chances of winning would be even greater.
      Luo Gen broke the atmosphere and couldn’t hold back the doubts in his heart. He said to Colin,” Are you sure that the Myriad Magnetism King and the others are in the Statue of Liberty?”
      As soon as these words came out, the same machine’s laser eyes, Storm Lady, and Qin Gelei all looked at Colin. Their expressions also carried a hint of confusion.
      “You should know that our Stark Industries has its own channels of information. Some of the information that you seem to be hiding is easily collected from me.”
      Ke Lin’s eyebrows twitched slightly when he heard this, and he casually made up a sentence.
      Of course, this information was not obtained by Colin from the S.H.I.E. Shield Bureau. It was a forethought of the plot.
      Speaking of which, it had to be said from the standpoint of Myriad Magnetism King. Myriad Magnetism King and Professor X had been friends for many years, and they parted ways with Professor X for human reasons, creating the Mutant Brothers.
      Because he had experienced the cruelty of World War II and the human’s wild attacks on mutated humans, the Magneto King hated humans.
      Following the launch of the mutated humans bill, the Magneto King’s hatred and disgust towards humans was even greater, so a huge plot was brewing.
      The Ten Thousand Magnet King’s ability was to control any form of magnetic field, and then use special equipment to amplify it. It could even emit powerful magnetic field wave-particle rays, which could make human body machine mutated and become a mutated human!
      The reason why the ray was launched at the Statue of Liberty was also because tonight, on the other side of the Hudson River, there was a summit of the He Country. At that time, the leaders of all countries would participate. As long as the ray was launched, they would become mutated humans.
      Myriad Magnet wanted to punish humans with this and make them become mutated humans that they hated. They deeply understood the hatred and pain of mutated humans.
      It was unknown that the mutation caused by this radiation would eventually cause the cells in the human body to self-destruct because they could not withstand the intense radiation. Leonard, the congressman who had been kidnapped by the Ten Thousand Magnet King for experiments, was the best example!
      “You mean Divine Shield Bureau?”
      The laser eye frowned slightly.
      “To be precise, our information channels include but are not limited to Divine Shield Bureau.”
      “The Divine Shield Bureau may not be reliable.”
      “That’s right, this news is true. The answer will be revealed soon.”
      Ke Lin’s fingers tapped on the armrest rhythmically and said with a mysterious smile.
      Laser Eye and the others exchanged glances with each other, all of them bewildered.
      They did not understand why Professor X trusted Colin so much. After all, in their eyes, it was still unknown whether Colin was a mutated human.
      Only Qin Gelei believed in what Ke Lin said. He believed that Ke Lin, who could summon the lava meteor shower with his bare hands, was a mutated human. However, his situation was a little special.
      Just like Qin Gelei, her body also had the power of phoenix. After intense stimulation, she would even go berserk. This was a special form of mutated humans.
      “Pay attention, the Statue of Liberty is about to arrive.”
      At this moment, O Luo Luo reminded him.
      Everyone looked in the direction he pointed at. Sure enough, they saw the statue of Liberty standing in front of them and getting closer and closer.
      At the same time, O’Lauro’s eyes instantly widened to the size of his eyes. He pulled the wind around the blackbird fighter jet and gathered the black clouds in the sky. This was to hide their whereabouts and avoid being discovered to scare the snake.
      The Statue of Liberty was surrounded by the Hudson River and stood tall. It was especially eye-catching in the night.
      The river was as inky as the night breeze.
      On the torch of the Statue of Liberty, All Magnetic King Eric stood proudly with his arms open.
      Looking down at the brightly lit Hudson Building on the other side, Eric’s turbid eyes were filled with madness.” Tonight, it will be the end of these arrogant and ignorant humans!”
      He withdrew his gaze from the distance, and Eric turned to the interior of the torch.
      There was a golden circular instrument that looked like a globe.
      Meanwhile, Little Naughty, who was kidnapped by the Myriad Magnet King, was tightly bound by the chains, unable to break free.
      Little mischievous curled up in a corner weakly, shivering in the cold wind.
      “Little naughty, although I don’ t want to intimidate you like this, some sacrifices are unavoidable.”
      “From now on, your name will be recorded in the history of the mutated human and become an extremely glorious existence!”
      Eric looked at Little Naughty with anticipation. His words carried a bewitching tone.
      As mutants, Eric didn’t want Little Naughty to die, but Little Naughty was born with the ability to absorb other people’s abilities.
      Activating the magnetic energy emitting device would greatly consume Eric’s energy and vitality. If it was n’ t possible, it might even cause him to die from exhaustion.
      However, as long as Little Naughty absorbed his abilities, he would be able to activate the magnetic energy emitting device instead of himself. This way, it would not be necessary for Eric to risk himself, and he would be able to own plot!
      Hearing Eric’s words, Xiao Tao’s eyes were filled with despair.
      “It’s almost time for the leaders to enter the venue. It’s time to act.”
      As he spoke, Eric fixed the little naughty hands firmly on the opposite interface of the magnetic energy emitting device. At the same time, he ordered his saber-toothed tiger to activate the device.
      However, at this moment, a series of fierce fighting sounds came from downstairs, causing Eric to frown.” It’s the X-Men. They’ re still here.”
      The devil woman and toad were fighting with them to stall for time. There was no time to delay. Eric urged them to move quickly.
      As soon as he finished speaking, he heard a loud bang, and a hole was opened in the wall, raising dust.
      After the dust dissipated, Eric looked over and saw that two people suddenly appeared on the torch.
      One of them had a rough beard. His body was sturdy and sturdy. Every move he made gave off a wild aura. A pair of Edman’s alloy claws stretched out from his fist, reflecting a cold light under the moonlight!
      The other person was handsome and valiant. He had sharp eyebrows and starry eyes. He wore a black robe and was dancing with the wind. He had a golden sword with a sheath on his back. He had ten rings with different shapes on his fingers. The mysterious magic power flowed about, and it looked very strange.
      “It’s you guys!”
      When Little Naughty, who had already been in complete despair, saw the appearance of Luo Gen and Colin, his eyes could not help but light up, and his gloomy mood renewed hope.

      Chapter 42: Heavenly God’s Fury, Colinvs Thousand Magnet King!

      The appearance of Colin and the Diamond Wolf made Little Naughty see hope again.
      “If I’ m not mistaken, you should be Colin Stark, right? Why would you disturb me with the X-Men.”
      Eric frowned.
      He was not surprised by the appearance of the Vajra Wolf and the others, but he did not expect Ke Lin to be among them.
      “It’s nothing. It’s just a request from a friend.”
      Ke Lin shrugged his shoulders, a harmless smile on his face.
      “You mean Charles?”
      Eric narrowed his eyes and his face darkened. There was actually a human involved in the dispute between the mutated humans, which made Eric furious. But the most important thing now was to activate the magnetic ray instrument.” Saber-toothed tiger, it’s time for you to show your loyalty.”
      The saber-toothed tiger’s hair was stretched out, and it let out a beast-like roar. Its strong muscles bulged up and rushed over like a fierce tiger descending the mountain. The ground also trembled slightly as its footsteps stomped.
      “Your opponent is me. It’s time to understand our grudge.”
      The Diamond Wolf dodged and blocked the path of the old enemy. Edman’s alloy claws flew out from his palm, and he fought with the Saber-toothed Tiger.
      Ke Lin did not get involved with the grudge between the Wolf King and the Saber Tooth Tiger. He walked straight towards Eric.
      The first thing to catch a thief was to capture the king. If he wanted to rescue Little Naughty, the most decisive method was to deal with Eric. Colin’s goal was very clear.
      “If you are tactful, don’ t spoil my good deeds!”
      Seeing Ke Lin pressuring him, Eric opened his fingers and pulled at him with one hand. He controlled a few heavy metal pieces to wrap around Ke Lin’s body, trying to tie up Ke Lin’s limbs.
      “Do you think you can stop me like this?”
      Ke Lin gave a cold snort and a sharp glint flashed through his eyes.
      With a flick of his wrist, a few iron fists formed from lava suddenly swept out. The blazing and scorching heat directly melted the iron pieces into molten iron, dripping onto the ground and burning out several fist-sized holes.
      “Looks like we need to clean up all of you before we can implement that plan.”
      A sharp cold glint flashed in Eric’s eyes. He opened his arms and crossed his fingers. The steel pipes, steel bars, blades, and sharp iron pieces around him were all rising into the air. Under the ear piercing sound, they shot towards Colin like thousands of arrows.
      Even the Zhenjin Sword behind Ke Lin showed signs of attacking him.
      Ke Lin used the ring on his right index finger to gently snap at the Zhenjin Sword. As the devil energy surged, the attributes of the Zhenjin Sword were instantly reset and turned into a near wood attribute sword!
      With a flick of the sword in his hand, Ke Lin swung his golden sword rapidly, turning into a sky full of sword shadows!
      “Chi chi chi chi!”
      “Swish swish swish!”
      Although the wood-attribute Zhenjin Sword’s toughness and sharpness were reduced, with the support of Ke Lin’s thick true energy and the ingenuity of the Unfettered School’s sword technique, its power was also not to be underestimated. It had even reached the level of a heavy sword that had no sharp edges. It was a skill that could not be underestimated!
      The dense sword shadows slashed out with lightning. The steel blades were instantly cut into pieces by the sharp sword qi.
      At the same time, Ke Lin’s right eye was scarlet, and the Writing Wheel opened.
      Strands of purple flames rose up, transforming into ribs and arms that covered Colin’s entire body, forming the shape of a skeleton. Following that, the purple flames expanded, gradually covering the meridians and flesh of Chakra’s body. It looked like a combat spirit’s body.
      With the support of Xu Zuo, Colin was as powerful as a bamboo, invincible.
      The sharp sword energy surged through the space, and even the ground and walls were covered in cracks. The items along the way were all exploding, and they were cut apart inch by inch. Even Eric had to form a shield to defend passively.
      At this moment, the laser eye and the others who had balanced the demon-shaped woman and the toad had already arrived at the first floor of the torch. When they saw that Ke Lin had beaten Eric back, they all revealed expressions of surprise. They were all speechless at Ke Lin’s strength.
      They finally came back to their senses after a long while. Laser Eye and Storm Lady helped the Vajra Wolf defeat the Saber-toothed Tiger, and Qin Gelei also used his psychic power to save Little Naughty.
      Everyone retreated to the side to make room for Ke Lin and Myriad Magnetism King to watch the situation on the field.
      “Magneto, since you’ ve sworn to be the future of the mutated human, why didn’ t you go generously and launch the launcher yourself? Instead, you want to push the little brat who is also a mutated human into the fire pit.”
      “Hmph, in order to change this world, sometimes sacrifice is inevitable. If I’ m missing, then the mutated human camp will have no leader.”
      “Funny, you’ re just making excuses for your own defeat and ambition.”
      Ke Lin curled his lips and said jokingly.
      At the same time, Ke Lin’s internal force poured into the Vibrating Gold Sword like a spring. Then, it slashed out from the bottom up.
      A flash of lightning flashed past, and the steel shield condensed by the magnetic control power of Myriad Magnetism King was instantly cut into two pieces.
      The sword energy left a deep mark on the helmet that was specially used by Myriad Magnetism King to prevent soul attack.
      “History has always been written by the victor. As the leader of the mutated humans, I will definitely reverse the order of the world and write a new history. No one can stop me!”
      Myriad Magnet King seemed to be completely enraged. His bloodshot eyes were gradually occupied by ruthlessness and fanaticism. Even his old face was twisted and twisted into a hideous and terrifying sight!
      Under the astonished gazes of everyone, the Magnificent King rose and hung in the air. The cloak behind him fluttered and whistled with the wind.
      His fingers crossed, guiding the electromagnetic field between heaven and earth. The terrifying electromagnetic pulse was concentrated, and even Colin’s Xu Zuo could not withstand it, scattering in the air.
      As a mutated human at Alpha level, the Magnificent King possessed an unparalleled ability.
      Not only could he control and create a magnetic field, he could control metals through the action of the magnetic field and use them as weapons.
      It could also interfere with Earth’s magnetic field, counteract gravity, and fly at high speed. It could sense and control the electromagnetic spectrum around it, and even act on the atomic level!
      At this moment, Myriad Magnetism King had completely unleashed his own shocking power!
      The entire statue was shaking violently, on the verge of collapse.
      The steel structure and material within it were being pulled by the magnetic force. They all broke out and gathered from all directions, circling around Eric’s head.
      The endless gravity of the magnetic field combined them into a giant mountain. The metal object rumbled and contained terrifying power!
      When Eric’s electromagnetic gravity reached its peak, the giant steel mountain covered Colin’s head, as if it was threatening to crush him into meat paste.
      “Be careful.”
      Qin Gelei exclaimed.
      Laser Eye and the others on the side also revealed worry.
      Ke Lin did not show any fear at all. Instead, his fighting spirit was high, and a glint flashed in his eyes.
      His eyes were like a blood-colored windmill as Chakra’s power surged.
      At the same time, he quickly formed a seal with both hands and chanted something. A powerful fire dragon skill entered the sky.
      “Lei Dun, Qilin!”
      Following that, the sky was filled with dark clouds. Thunder rumbled and purple lightning danced wildly, as if the wrath of the gods was stirring the clouds.
      With a wave of Colin’s hand, the thick lightning light turned into a thunder qilin. The tyrannical Chakra roared, and just as the giant steel mountain was about to fall down, it struck over.
      With a deafening explosion, the giant steel mountain collapsed before the endless lightning power. Moreover, the metal was conducting electricity, and the magnetic force around it also collapsed.
      Under the guidance of the air machine, All Magnetic King Eric’s blood was dyed in his clothes. His aura fell to the bottom of the valley and fell from the sky.

      Chapter 43 Hidden Dragon Entering Abyss, Professor X’s invitation!

      The thunder qilin roared, and a terrifying thunderforce swept through the surroundings. All Magnetic King Eric was shocked, and he spat out a mouthful of blood. He fell from the sky.
      Everyone gasped when they saw this scene. Their eyes were filled with shock and disbelief.
      The King Kong Wolf was stunned. He had thought that Ke Lin was a weak existence as a member of the business community, but Ke Lin’s strength had directly refreshed his three senses. It could be said that he had a new look at Ke Lin.
      Although Ke Lin was a rich man with a wealth of resources, he didn’t stop him from killing everyone.
      “This is really too unbelievable. Ke Lin can summon the meteor shower, and he can also trigger the thunder of the Nine Heavens. Could it be that his ability is similar to Storm Lady?”
      Looking at Ke Lin who had put the Zhenjin Sword into the scabbard, Qin Ge Lei’s beautiful eyes were filled with shock and admiration,
      “No, to be precise, he’s far more powerful than me!”
      Storm Girl’s face was also full of astonishment. As a mutated human who could control the weather, O’ Lauro could summon lightning as well, but at most, it was a strip lightning. After all, it was limited in power, but Ke Lin had directly summoned Wan Jun Lightning. It was as if a god was angry. It was powerful and powerful as a ghost.
      Hearing the surprise of the people on the side, the laser eyes could not help but frown.
      One had to know that as the captain, the laser eye had always been the core of the team. It was admired by others, but Colin had directly overshadowed him. This made the proud laser eye envious and jealous.
      At this moment, Ke Lin casually dusted the dust on his body. He turned around and walked over. Seeing the shocked expressions on the faces of the Wolf King Kong and the others, he said doubtfully,” What are you guys still standing there for? There’s such a big commotion here. Someone will be rushing over soon. If you don’ t want to cause trouble,.”
      After Ke Lin’s reminder, Laser Eye and the others finally recovered.
      At this moment, the goddess statue was in a complete mess. Not to mention that the powerful magnetic field and the Heavenly Lightning Elephant had already attracted the attention of others. There were many forces rushing over.
      The laser eye quickly activated the Blackbird mech, while the Diamond Wolf carried Eric, who was unconscious and heavily injured, into the Blackbird mech with Colin, Qin Galey, Little Naughty, and Storm Girl.
      Following a whistling sound, the Blackbird mech left the Statue of Liberty and quickly entered the clouds.
      “Where is this?”
      After a long period of unconsciousness, Eric slowly woke up from his unconsciousness, his blurry vision slowly becoming clearer.
      The first few figures that came into view were the members of the X-Men and Colin Stack, who had seriously injured him!
      Eric couldn’t help but shiver when he saw this. He wanted to break free, but his torso was locked down. He subconsciously stretched out his hands, trying to control the surrounding metallic materials. However, the electromagnetic force around him did n’ t respond, and he couldn’t sense the existence of the metal!
      “Strange, why can’ t I sense the electromagnetic force.”
      Eric was surprised. When he looked around with difficulty, he realized that he was in a room made of pure plastic and wood.
      The doors, windows, cabinets, and even all the daily necessities were made of plastic wood. There was no metal, and even the iron elements in the air were almost spiritual!
      In such an environment, the Magneto King’s magnetic control ability was completely useless. It was as if a lion that had lost its sharp claws had been locked in the zoo.
      “Old friend, don’ t panic. This is Academy X, our mutated humans’ common home. However, in order to prevent you from making a big move, we properly modified the environment here.”
      Professor X slowly walked over in a wheelchair. Although his face was haggard, there was still a warm smile on his face. His tone was soft, trying to ease Eric’s nervousness.
      “Charles, you really let me down. Don’ t tell me you forgot what humans did to us. You shouldn’ t turn against me, but you should deal with those despicable humans.”
      Eric slapped the edge of the bed with both hands and roared angrily.
      Seeing Eric’s angry expression, both the Laser Eye and the Diamond Wolf could not help but sigh. It had to be said that Eric’s obsession was too deep.
      “Eric, be more rational. Don’ t be fooled by hatred. Such extreme actions can only hurt both humans and mutants.”
      Professor X tried to persuade him, trying to awaken the mind of the Magnificent King.
      However, only Ke Lin knew that Magneto’s hatred for humans was deep into his bones. At a deep-rooted level, how could he be shaken by a few words?
      Thinking up to this point, Colin answered,” It’s better to let you live in Academy X for the time being than to be imprisoned in the dark. You can take advantage of this opportunity to study here and reflect on what you have done over the years.”
      “Colin Stack, I won’ t let you go.”
      Eric said coldly.
      “Someone said this before, but their graves are already tall. I hope you don’ t follow their footsteps.”
      Ke Lin curled his lips and sneered. He then turned his head to look at Professor X.” Alright, I won’ t disturb your old friends. I’ ll take my leave first.”
      Ke Lin was just about to leave, but he was urged to stay by Professor X. His gaze was filled with anticipation as he said to Ke Lin,” Ke Lin, should we consider joining the X-Men? We need a strong and reliable partner.”
      Professor X’s sincere proposal sounded in his ear. Ke Lin could not help but be slightly stunned. The laser eye, Myriad Magnetism King and the others also cast their gazes at the same time.
      Especially Qin Gelei. Her beautiful eyes were like a blue agate as she stared at Colin. Her breathing froze slightly, and there was an inexplicable throbbing.

      Chapter 44: Kamataiji!

      At this moment, Professor X, Qin Gelei, and the others looked at Ke Lin with burning eyes.
      Professor X threw out an olive branch, hoping that Colin could join the X-Men team.
      In his opinion, Colin’s shocking cultivation could better protect Earth. At the same time, because of his identity as chairman of Stark Industries, he might also be able to maintain peace between humans and mutants.
      Facing the scorching gazes of everyone, Ke Lin pondered for a moment before smiling,” Thank you for your kindness, professor. But I still like to be alone.”
      The X-Men was a well-disciplined team, and Ke Lin liked to be at ease. He did not like being tied up, so he declined Professor X’s invitation.
      “Sigh, everyone has their own aspirations. No matter what, the doors of Zerville’s talented youth academy will always be open for you.”
      Professor X sighed.
      Qin Gelei’s beautiful eyes darkened as she looked disappointed and disappointed.
      Ke Lin also took a deep look at Qin Ge Lei, who revealed a look of disappointment. He reminded Professor X,” Professor X, I know you’ ve been worried that the Phoenix’s power that you’ re sleeping in Qin Ge Lei’s body will go berserk. This is undoubtedly a potential danger, but if you just suppress it, it will only backfire. Sometimes, it’s better to stop it.”
      “What’s better than blocking?”
      Professor X muttered to himself as he repeated what Colin had said with a thoughtful expression.
      “Everyone, there will be a future.”
      As soon as he finished speaking, Ke Lin waved to everyone and disappeared into the room made of plastic.
      Returning to the residence at 178A Brick Street, Colin recalled the battle with Myriad Magnetism King. He had a better understanding of the situation of the mutated humans, and his heart was filled with feelings.
      It had to be said that the power of the Ten Thousand Magnet King’s control of the magnetic field was still very different. If he was able to defeat the other party, he would still be lucky.
      After all, the torch of the goddess was at a high place. The metal magnetic field around it was limited after all. If it was in another environment, it was still unknown whether or not it could defeat the Myriad Magnetism King.
      After all, the mutated humans were divided into eight levels:
      Omega, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Ipsilon-Delta, Ipsilon, and Zeta.
      Myriad Magnet was an alpha-level mutated human, second only to the highest Omega level, and it was also the group that stood on the pyramid.
      If it was based on the level of the gods, he should be considered as a master at the Heavenly Father level. He could rival the existence of Gu Yi and Odin.
      Further up, the mutated humans at the Omega level, such as the berserk phoenix girl, the ice man at the peak, and the Tianqi were at the Omega level.
      When their abilities were developed to the extreme, they all possessed the power to destroy the world and transform the stars. In terms of realm judgment, they were equivalent to Silver Shadow Warrior, Heavenly God Team, and Twin Star Marvel Team Leader!
      Just the old Magnet King was so powerful. It was hard to imagine how terrifying an Omega mutated human was. Colin could not help but think.
      “Before a single universe level, the Heavenly Father Realm is the first bottleneck that needs to be crossed.”
      Ke Lin’s eyes flickered with light as his desire for a breakthrough grew stronger.
      The next morning, Colin left the house and went straight to the next door.177A Brick Street was one of the three most holy places in New York.
      As the saying goes, the neighbors had to come and visit frequently. Last time, it was Mage Gu Yi who came to visit, so naturally, Colin had to come and visit the neighbors. It was only when they came and went that they were familiar with each other.
      With this thought in mind, Colin walked to the sanctuary and was about to knock on the door.
      With a creak, the door opened from inside. A black man with extraordinary bearing poked his head out. This was the current guardian of the New York Holy Place, Mage Modu.
      “So it’s Mr. Colin. Please come in.”
      Seeing that it was Colin, Mage Modu opened the door and raised his hand to greet him.
      Mage Gu Yi had already instructed that if this neighbor came to visit, he must not be negligent.
      “You know I’ m coming?”
      “It’s a supreme mage. She’s already waiting for you.”
      Colin nodded and walked towards the Holy Place.
      The space inside the sanctuary was much larger than the space outside. The corridor was like a maze, and there were many magical items stored in it, including the floating cloak, the Vatombo magic wand, and the book of the Emperor of Mount Wei. Of course, if you want to items, they had to get their approval first.
      Mo Du brought Colin to a magic teleportation formation.” Mr. Colin, please.”
      “I’ m sorry.”Ke Lin walked into the magic circle as he spoke.
      The runes engraved in the magic circle flashed, and a white beam of light rose from the bottom, enveloping Colin within the period.
      Colin instantly felt the world spinning. When he came back to his senses, he realized that he was already in a palace.
      Gu Yi, who was sitting on the futon, was brewing a pot of hot tea. It was as if he had expected Ke Lin to arrive. He smiled and said,” Ke Lin, welcome to Kamataiji.”
      “Is this the headquarters of the supreme mages.”
      Ke Lin’s gaze swept across the room.
      This hall was ancient in color. It was elegant and simple. The incense rose in the air, adding a mysterious charm.
      From afar, one could see that the rolling Himalayan Mountains were like an ice dragon that lay between heaven and earth, blocking all the disturbances outside, creating a pure land on earth.
      At the foot of the mountain was a city, the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu.
      The temple was flourishing, and there were Buddhist beads in hand and Nibor women in Lisha walking between the old houses.
      The temple was filled with smoke. The streets paved with bluestone bricks were mottled with years, filled with a holy and serene aura. People lived in harmony with nature, far from the noise of the world.
      If it wasn’t for the fact that there were travelers in modern service among the crowd, it would be easy to mistake them for being in the Middle Ages.
      Looking away from Kathmandu, Ke Lin came to the center of the hall and sat down on the futon opposite Gu Yi.

      Chapter 45 Dark Believers, Predicting the Future!

      “Come, how about tasting Kamataiji’s tea?”
      After taking the tea that Mage Gu Yi handed over, Ke Lin gulped it down. He immediately felt a fragrant fragrance pervading his mouth, leaving a fragrance on his cheeks and teeth, which could not be described as refreshing.
      “That’s right. There’s something different.”
      The tea in Colin’s house was good because the tea leaves were all high-quality, carefully selected tea leaves.
      Kamataiji’s tea was not good because of the tea itself, but because the surrounding area was full of rich spiritual energy. Plus, the pure snow water flowing from the Himalayan Snow Mountain was even more wonderful.
      Not only was the tea fragrance overflowing, but it was also beneficial to the human body. It could prolong life and cultivate the body.
      “You don’ t seem to be surprised by such a secret realm.”
      Mage Gu Yi sensed that Colin was surprisingly calm towards the existence of Kamataiji.
      “Even a teleportation portal that spans tens of millions of kilometers exists. It’s strange to have such a secret realm at the foot of the Himalayan Snow Mountain?”
      Ke Lin smiled disapprovingly. As a transmigrator with the perspective of God, Ke Lin still knew many things.
      “However, I have a question that I want to ask Mage Gu Yi. My cultivation has been improving smoothly until now, but now it’s still stagnant. I don’ t know why.”
      Mage Gu Yi’s eyes were like stars reflected in the lake. They were bright and brilliant. She patiently explained to Colin:
      “Actually, everyone in the world will encounter their own bottleneck. Just like the water in this teacup, it will overflow after pouring more. If you want to hold more water, you need to increase the amount of the cup. People also have the amount of the cup.”
      “The world is not just made of matter. There are also all sorts of strange light and mysterious magical psionic energy. Matter and psionic energy form the world together. The same is true for human beings. If we only focus on matter and not on soul ability, we will only be one and the other. It will be difficult to continue on the path of cultivation.”
      “It’s like in Kamataiji. There are cultivators from all over the world with all kinds of skin colors. They both cultivate the magic of Kamataiji’s lineage and cultivate various body techniques to strengthen themselves.”
      “On the contrary, you are too dependent on the development of your physical body, but you ignored the cultivation of your soul force.”
      Gu Yi’s words were even more proof of Ke Lin’s previous conjecture. His heart was enlightened.
      He relied too heavily on martial arts and techniques, but he ignored the cultivation of his soul.
      Only the dual cultivation of the Devil and Martial Arts could break the barrier of bottleneck and go up to another level.
      In the face of Ke Lin’s many puzzles in cultivation, Mage Gu Yi was always guided by the idea of being unclassified. He would n’ t tire of answering his questions, and Ke Lin also benefited greatly.
      Just as the two of them were talking about tea, a firelight suddenly appeared in the corner of the hall. The next moment, a smoking man with two swords behind him walked out of the door and arrived in the hall.
      “Disciple greets the Venerable One.”
      The smoky man cupped his hands at Gu Yi and said respectfully.
      “Casillas, you’ ve finally returned from your journey. You’ ve gained quite a bit from this trip.”
      “Yes, I’ ve traveled many places, and I have a deeper understanding of the vastness and mystery of the Multiverse.”
      “Alright, cultivation is endless. Keep going.”
      Mage Gu Yi nodded in relief. His words were filled with admiration.
      As a talented apprentice of magic, Cassillas was deeply valued by Gu Yi mage. In Kamataiji, he was second only to Gu Yi mage.
      When he was 18 years old, he could use the hanging ring skillfully. Before he was 30 years old, he could freely travel to and from the multi-dimensional universe, obtain energy from other universes, and forge his own magic weapon and weapon.
      Therefore, Mage Gu Yi had high hopes for him. He hoped that Casillas would inherit his legacy and become the next supreme mage to protect the safety of Earth.
      “This is?”
      Casillas glanced at him from the corner of his eyes. He could not help but look at Colin, who was sitting on an ancient face.
      Colin was also looking at her. Casillas’ smoky make-up was really amazing, even with some hot eyes.
      “This is Mr. Colin. He’s a guest of our Kamataiji.”
      “I see.”Casillas frowned slightly, as if his smoky eyes were flashing with an unfathomable look.
      Then, Casillas took the opportunity to retreat on the grounds of fatigue.
      Looking at Casillas’ back, Colin turned to look at Gu Yi and said meaningfully,” Venerable One, your eldest disciple seems to have something wrong.”
      “You mean?”
      Gu Yi revealed a puzzled expression. However, he understood that Ke Lin was not someone who had no intention of targeting. There must be a reason for him to say this. Under Gu Yi’s understanding, Gu Yi used a soundproof spell to prevent the walls from hearing anything.
      “As you know, the human universe is not the only one. Some are full of vigor and vitality, while others are full of evil and enticement, and even make people lose their minds and fall into the dark abyss. Can your disciple really endure such enticement?”
      In the original work, Casillas was a perfect second and fifth child. In order to absorb the endless dark power, he betrayed Gu Yi and her teachings. He summoned Domam from the dark dimension to Earth through forbidden spells, which triggered a series of subsequent events.
      Actually, when Colin was looking at the original book, he had a question in his heart. Since Gu Yi was able to predict the future with his magic power, why didn’t he predict the future of Casillas in advance? Would n’ t he be able to stop the traitor?
      Now, Ke Lin guessed that perhaps it was because Gu Yi had placed too much importance on this talented disciple that he had unconditionally trusted him, and that he had not been able to detect the fall of his heart as soon as possible. This was what the authorities had said.
      Upon hearing Colin’s words, Gu Yi vaguely guessed something. She immediately began to pinch her fingers and calculate. She seemed to have seen Cassillas in the future. Her expression could n’ t help but change. Finally, she let out a long sigh.
      Gu Xin had mixed feelings. She had not expected that she would be betrayed by her most trusted and trusted disciple, and it had caused a great disaster.
      “Colin, thanks to your reminder, I didn’ t expect Casillas to deviate from his original intentions. If you don’ t restrain him, the consequences will be unimaginable. Why don’ t you stay in Kamataiji for a few more days and let us watch over the changes.”
      Gu Yifa suggested.
      Ke Lin pondered for a moment before nodding in agreement.
      In any case, he had nothing to do with his leisure. He might as well stay in Kamataiji for a few days. In such a cultivation holy land, he might be able to have a new understanding of his cultivation.
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      Chapter 46 Weishan Emperor Magic!

      In the following days, Ke Lin stayed in Kamataiji.
      This place was full of spirit energy, pure and fresh, holy and peaceful, like a pure land isolated from the noise of the world.
      In such a unique environment, even if he didn’t do anything, he would be able to prolong his life and improve his health.
      From all over the world, people of different colors practiced piously, enjoying simple happiness and pursuing the perfection of life.
      Actually, Kamataiji’s origin could be traced back to the father of the secret arts, Agomoto, who could be traced back thousands of years ago. He obtained Agomoto’s Eye from Eternal, one of the five great creation gods, that is, the Time Gem. Then, he created the three most holy places to protect Earth in an unknown secret realm.
      Generation after generation of supreme mages continued to this day, and now it was Gu Yi who carried this burden.
      During Karmataji’s time, Ke Lin often asked Gu Yi about the problems of cultivation. Gu Yi was guided by the concept of teaching and learning. He spared no effort to guide Ke Lin’s cultivation.
      With Gu Yi’s guidance, Ke Lin became more and more familiar with his cultivation.
      At the same time, Colin began to come into contact with the mysterious magic of Mount Wei.
      Kamataiji’s line of magic could be said to be strange and varied.
      There were teleportation spells that could span thousands of kilometers, as well as secret techniques such as soul out-of-body and mirror dimension. They were complicated and mysterious.
      Not to mention, when the soul was sublimated, it could even surpass the limits of the physical body.
      It was as if there was a patient with a broken spine in the original work. After practicing the Weishan Emperor’s magic, his soul had been sublimated so that his injured body could be healed as soon as it was, and he was able to fly on the court to play basketball.
      Although Colin had already seen the original work, the Mountain Emperor magic displayed in the original work was only the tip of the iceberg. Only when he was in Kamataiji could he understand its magic. Just like that, a brand-new big door opened in front of Colin.
      In Kamataiji’s courtyard.
      Gu Yi was teaching Colin to practice teleportation magic.
      “This is a hanging ring, a magic tool that helps mages freely travel through all universes.”
      “As long as you imagine a place in your mind, and then use the power of the hanging ring, you will be able to draw out the portal leading to that place.
      With Gu Yi’s guidance, Ke Lin had a hanging ring on his left hand and a circle on his right hand. His eyes were closed, and his mind was immersed in it. He was imagining the specific outline and picture of the villa.
      After several failures, Colin finally successfully opened the magic door on the eighth time.
      About fifteen minutes later, he returned and teleported from the Seascape Villa.
      Next, Colin cast another teleportation spell to and from Stark Industries,178A Brick Street, Hell’s Kitchen, and even the Eastern Kingdom’s Chang’an City, Barry’s Iron Tower.
      From the initial unfamiliarity to the slow skill, the use of spells continued to improve!
      “Is this the teleportation portal’s magic? It’s simply too miraculous.”
      Ke Lin lowered his head and looked at the hanging ring in his hand. His eyes were filled with joy.
      After mastering this teleportation spell, Colin could ignore the barrier of distance. He could travel from one part of the world to the other. Whether it was for teleportation or for escaping, it was extremely useful!
      “Wow, Ke Lin actually took less than two days to grasp the teleportation portal.”
      “It’s really amazing. It’s too amazing. Sure enough, an outstanding person can do nothing bad.”
      “If only I could have such an ability, or else I wouldn’ t have stayed in Kamataiji for more than ten years and only learned this.”
      When they saw this scene, the mages gathered at the side of the courtyard cried out in surprise. They praised sincerely, their eyes filled with astonishment and envy.
      However, under these surprised and envious eyes, there was a sharp and hostile gaze.
      Colin followed this sharp gaze and found Cassillas in the crowd.
      Perhaps it was because the evil thoughts in Casillas’ heart had angered Gu Yi. Gu Yi’s attitude towards Casillas had gradually become cold and distant. He was no longer as important as before, and he even taught himself not to try to spy on the evil and evil dark magic.
      However, Casillas blamed Colin’s appearance on the reason why he had been snubbed. It was precisely because of this that he was repelled and hostile towards Colin.
      Casillas looked at Colin with envy, then coldly snorted and disappeared into the crowd.
      On this day, after practicing magic, Colin returned to his home in Kamataiji.
      He lay on his back on the soft bed, looking at the ceiling above his head. His mind was full of thoughts, and he was still recalling the many insights and gains he had gained during the day when he was cultivating the Weishan Emperor’s magic. He also remembered them and truly transformed into his own cultivation.
      Just as his eyelids were slightly heavy, he was about to fall asleep.
      All of a sudden, the ten rings in his hand trembled slightly, as if they had been struck by a strange resonance.
      “This ring contains demonic devil energy. If it can resonate with these rings, it means that there is a dark energy that is stirring!”
      Colin suddenly woke up and rushed out of his residence. Following the guidance of the Ring, he walked through the long corridor and saw an ancient magic library!
      Ever since the birth of civilization, ancient dignitaries had used incantations to gain energy from other universes and forged their own shields and weapons.
      After Agomoto created Kamataiji, he also copied the incantations and spells of these distant dignitaries into a book of magical secrets and stored them in this magic library!
      In the library, not only were there a lot of magical magic from Mount Wei, but there were also mysterious black magic hidden inside!
      Therefore, Kamataiji had an iron rule. It was that these ancient knights’ private collections could only be borrowed, but they could not be used for practice.
      As one of the most important places in Kamataiji, the library was usually guarded by the librarian Wang.
      But at this moment, the library was tightly closed, and Wang’s figure was nowhere to be seen. It was very strange, and there was a faint wail from inside the library.
      “It’s strange!”
      A strange look flashed through Ke Lin’s eyes when he saw this. After a moment of hesitation, Ke Lin tightened his grip on the ring and the hanging ring in his hand and pushed open the door of the library with a simple and colorful pattern.

      Chapter 47 Forbidden Secret Code, Mirror Essence!

      Ke Lin pushed open the door of the library with a creak.
      The library was a little dusky. Only two wall lights were dim. Colin’s eyes flashed with a strange expression, and his scarlet eyes instantly widened to his entire pupil.
      The clear visual movement allowed Colin to be able to see through the flames even in the dark. Everything in the dark environment was clearly visible.
      The librarian was under the uniform of a few people dressed in strong clothes. There was another person looking for something on the bookshelf in the most hidden corner.
      Although his back was facing him, Colin recognized him with a glance from Solon’s double swords.
      As he thought about it, Colin had already made some guesses. It seemed that Cassillas had chosen to submit to Domam in the dark dimension in the end. Otherwise, he would not have searched the library for the forbidden ritual secret book that had summoned Domam. Meanwhile, he was also a fanatic who believed in the dark dimension.
      “Casillas, are you going to betray Mage Gu Yi and become Thomas’ licking dog slave?”
      Ke Lin’s eyes narrowed as he said calmly.
      Ke Lin?”Why are you here? I warn you, don’ t try to stop me!”
      Casillas frowned. A look of surprise flashed through his long and narrow eyes. How did Colin know that he was looking for the forbidden secret manual?
      Casillas ignored Colin’s reprimand and continued to rummage through the bookshelf.
      Colin did not waste his time trying to persuade him. Instead, he walked towards Casillas.
      “Stop him!”
      Several of them rushed towards Colin, trying to stop him from approaching.
      “Out of control!”
      Ke Lin let out a light shout, and Chakra within his body quickly surged, condensing blue lightning in his palms. Lightning arcs flickered, and lightning swirled about, like the cries of thousands of birds.
      At the same time, Ke Lin stepped heavily on the ground, and he rushed past the fanatical disciples like an arrow.
      Lightning wreaked havoc, Thousand Birds howling!
      Before the aggressive fanatics could react, they were instantly knocked down by the lightning power Ke Lin had released.
      Ke Lin could not help but laugh coldly as he glanced at the crazy disciples lying on the ground.
      These were just fanatics who had been bewitched by Casillas. Even though Casillas’ brainwashing was not afraid of death, his actual combat strength was very weak. It was simply a fight.
      On the other side, Casillas took this opportunity to find the forbidden secret manual from the messy books and was about to put it into his arms.
      But in the next moment, the secret manual had a bang. Without any warning, it had turned into purple butterflies, flapping their wings in the library. It looked extremely gorgeous.
      Casillas didn’t care about the beautiful scenery. His pupils constricted, and he suddenly had a bad premonition.
      The next moment, Gu Yi walked over from the void. His deep eyes shone with light as he looked at Casillas.” You really let me down.”
      It turned out that Gu Yi had been silently monitoring Casillas’ movements since Colin’s reminder. He had used this to draw out the snake’s hole. What he could n’ t believe was that Casillas had actually betrayed Kamataiji and embarked on a terrifying path of destruction, so he quickly rushed over to stop him.
      Casillas said,” Gu Yi, don’ t be lying here. It’s not because you’ ve been to the Dark Dimension to absorb powerful dark energy that you have achieved your current level of attainment. Only by summoning Lord Domam can you make this world immortal!”
      These words seemed to be in Gu Yi’s mind. The latter’s heart trembled and he hesitated.
      As a supreme mage who traveled through the various universes, Gu Yi indeed did not withstand the temptation. She had once gone to the dark dimension, but it was because of this that she could understand the terror and decay of Domam!That was why the disciples of the Forbidden Sect had fallen into the dark dimension, but in the eyes of Casillas and other fanatics, this had become a reason to distort Gu Yi.
      Casillas smiled wickedly. He moved towards the corner of the wall. At the same time, he waved his left hand and drew a circle on his right hand. A teleportation portal with sparks flying appeared on the corresponding wall. He then took the remaining fanatics and turned around and entered the portal!
      “He was enslaved by Domam, we can’ t just let him go!”
      Ke Lin immediately reminded Gu Yi via voice transmission.
      Hearing Colin’s reminder, Gu Yi put away his heart of compassion. His dignified face was filled with determination, and he quickly chased after Casillas.
      “Wang, guard the library.”
      Ke Lin instructed Wang before sneaking into the teleportation portal.
      When Colin and Gu Yi arrived at the teleportation portal, they found that this place was in a bustling and bustling city. There were towering steel forests everywhere. Cars were moving like a shuttle.
      Casillas and the other devotees passed through the traffic and ran towards a narrow street, trying to escape Colin and Gu Yi’s pursuit.
      “Mirror essence!”
      Gu Yi chanted something, and a yellow light flashed. Two magic shields engraved with strange patterns appeared in his palm, dancing around.
      At the same time, the surrounding space also changed.
      The entire world seemed to have turned upside down.
      The originally stationary building spaces were folded and rotated endlessly.
      Tall buildings continued to spin and collapse and then stood up again.
      The gravity and magnetic field were completely chaotic here, without any laws to follow.
      The light was strange and strange!
      This was the mirror dimension, a virtual world that was reflected from the current world. What happened here would not affect the real world.
      However, if they were to lose their way here, they would cause the entrance of the dimension to be out of order, and they might fall into a vortex of endless circulation.
      Being trapped in this mirror dimension, the fanatical disciples surrounded Gu Yi with the heart of death, making it difficult for him to escape.
      In a critical moment, Colin activated the Windbreathing Lord’s Ring, one of the ten Ring’s, to chase Casillas at constant speed in the mirror element.
      “Damn it!”
      Two magic shields appeared in Casillas’ hands as well. After circling in the air, they pressed down heavily on the ground. After that, they turned into two magical lightning that looked like a horned dragon. They rolled and roared as they rushed towards Colin.
      Ke Lin patted the scabbard, and the golden sword snapped out of the scabbard. Under Ke Lin’s wave, it turned into a circular sword curtain.
      However, with a loud bang, the Zhenjin Sword was knocked flying.
      Ke Lin could not help but raise his eyebrows.
      It seemed that the Zhenjin Sword could only block physical attacks, but it was hard to resist such magic attacks.
      In a critical moment, Ke Lin’s body rolled to the side and brushed past the two lightning bolts.
      “I’ ll return you one too!”
      In the next moment, Ke Lin’s hands quickly formed a seal like a rolling wheel. Following that, a bolt of lightning power was stored in his palm. After being amplified by the Ring of Thunder, it transformed into an even more condensed and thick magic lightning strike!
      With a loud sound, the magic lightning struck Casillas’ left arm. In an instant, it was burned to ashes by the lightning, and half of his clothes were dyed red with blood.
      The endless pain stimulated the brain’s nerves, causing Casillas to almost faint.
      Just as he fell from the mirror dimensional space, he endured the pain and set up a teleportation portal below. Then, in a flash, he disappeared into the portal.
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      Chapter 48 When he awoke, he chose to come again!

      Ke Lin and Gu Yi exchanged glances.
      Even though Casillas had run away, he had lost one of his arms and couldn’t make any waves in a short period of time.
      Most importantly, he managed to save the forbidden secret manual that had been recorded to summon Domam and not let him fall into Cassillas’ hands. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.
      Then, Colin and Gu Yi worked together to wipe out the remaining fanatics. They were thrown into the mirror dimension and trapped in the endless vortex, unable to escape.
      Ke Lin used a casual move and pulled back the golden sword that had fallen on the ground. He looked at it and saw that the golden sword had already been cut open and was no longer as sharp as before.
      “Looks like the Zhenjin Sword can only withstand physical attacks, but it’s not effective against magic damage.”
      Ke Lin put his sword into his sheath and looked around in the dimensional world. Seeing that there was nothing left, he and Gu Yi returned to Kamataiji.
      The disturbance in the library quickly spread out in Kamataiji. It was as if stones were thrown into the calm lake, causing quite a shock.
      Everyone’s respected Eldest Brother Casillas actually betrayed Kamataiji and instead believed in the forbidden and unknown dark dimension. It was unexpected.
      Fortunately, with the return of Gu Yi and Colin, such an episode had calmed down. It could be considered as stabilizing the hearts of the people.
      At the same time, in order to prevent similar thefts, Gu Yi declared martial law in the Magic Library.
      Apart from the guardian king of the library, there were also some loyal apprentices with extraordinary strength. They were guarding the library together to prevent people with ulterior motives from stealing.
      Seeing that this matter was settled, Ke Lin did not stop. Just as he was about to return to his residence, he was called by Mage Gu Yi.
      “Colin, it’s all thanks to you this time. Otherwise, if this forbidden secret book is stolen, the entire Kamataiji and even Earth will be doomed.”
      Gu Yi smiled slightly. He still had some lingering fear in his mind.
      “It’s fine. I can’ t learn the Weishan Emperor magic you taught me for free.”
      Ke Lin waved his hand disapprovingly.
      “Now that Casillas has betrayed us, Kamataji has lost a devout guardian and a vicious enemy. Kamataji is in a weak state and needs such a powerful apprentice to assist her. Can you be willing?”
      Mage Gu Yi stared at Colin. His deep and distant eyes were like stars reflected in the lake. They reflected each other with brilliant radiance.
      Ke Lin was slightly startled.
      Just as Gu Yi had said, the current Kamataiji not only had to guard against Domam’s invasion, but also had to guard against this blackized disciple. It could be said that it was internal and external trouble.
      Gu Yi was worried that he could not support himself alone, so he wanted to invite him to join.
      Actually, Ke Lin had also thought of joining Kamataiji before. However, compared to this, he preferred to live freely. However, if he gave up such a cultivation opportunity, Ke Lin might find it difficult to break through.
      Just as Colin was in a dilemma, the familiar and melodious electronic voice rang out again by his ear:
      “When cultivation is at a bottleneck, we can’ t stop, but we need to make appropriate choices. Now that the host has reached a critical turning point, please make your choice.”
      “Option 1:10 years of cultivation in Kamataiji!”Mission completed, reward magic talent +1, Agomoto Spear!”
      “Option 2: Go to the Starfield Battlefield with Carol for ten years of experience!”Mission completed, reward martial dao talent +1, Titan Divine Body!”
      “Option 3: Go to Wharton School for ten years!”Mission completed. Reward for business talent +1, Huaer Street.”
      Note: The three choices correspond to three different promotion directions. Please make your choice carefully.)
      The electronic sound that rang in Ke Lin’s ears made his heart move.
      Compared to the past, the choice given by the System this time was rather special. It was no longer a single fixed choice, but a plan and extension for the future path of advancement.
      It was like in a game, when a character reaches a certain level, he will give you a few awakening classes.
      Rather than choosing a profession, it was more like deciding the path of advancement in the future. It could be said to be extremely crucial!
      The three options correspond to magic, martial arts and business.
      Actually, Ke Lin was extremely moved by these three options. To quote the classic words, I wanted them all!
      No matter which option he chose, he would be able to make Colin’s talent in one aspect advance by leaps and bounds, becoming an outstanding genius. With the addition of a talent halo, his future accomplishments would reach the pinnacle.
      But this wasn’t a multi-choice question on the exam paper. It was a single-choice question. Three choices were one. In the end, there was only one clear answer.
      Facing Gu Yi’s burning gaze, Colin rubbed his nose and carefully weighed the pros and cons. Then, he said in a deep voice,” Alright, I’ ll agree to your request. I’ ll cultivate ten years of Weishandi magic here. At the same time, I’ ll help keep watch over Kamataiji and intimidate the evil forces of other dimensions.”
      “But before that, I also hope to make an appointment with you.”
      “I want to be free to the maximum extent. I also plan my own path of cultivation in Kamataiji. I can freely travel through the multi-dimensional universe, freely enter and exit the magic library, and borrow other ancient books of Weishandi magic besides the Forbidden Secrets.”
      “Of course. I’ ll help you protect the three most holy places when necessary, but that doesn’ t mean you have to follow your instructions.”
      Mage Gu Yi nodded without hesitation.” Alright, just like you said, I only have one request for you. That is, don’ t repeat Cassillas’ mistakes.”
      “Of course.”
      After careful consideration, Ke Lin still chose the first option!
      Although martial arts and business talents were valuable, Colin’s most urgent task now was to sublimate his soul force. Only by doing so could he achieve the trinity of martial arts, cultivation techniques, and soul, and thus reach the Heavenly Father Realm!
      “If you want to sublime your soul, it’s naturally the fastest way to stay in Kamataiji’s cultivation.”
      Moreover, the Zhenjin Sword was already damaged, and it was no longer as powerful as before.
      Such a weapon could no longer satisfy Colin’s needs. What he needed was a magical artifact that could shake the gods.
      Thousands of years ago, when the secret magus Agomoto created Kamataiji, he also refined three divine artifacts: Agomoto Sword, Agomoto Divine Shield, and Agomoto Divine Spear!
      The Agomoto Divine Spear was supported by the Holy Spirit of Magic. It could last forever and could reverse the world. The sky collapsed, the earth collapsed, the stars pierced, and even contained the power of the laws of the world. It was profound!
      Not to mention staying in a pure land like Kamataiji to cultivate, it was also a great relief in life. Even if he didn’t do anything, with the rich spiritual energy and holy snow water here, he could prolong his life and benefit greatly.
      Wasn’t this a beautiful thing?
      Although it might be boring to go into seclusion for ten years, ten years of time was like a drop in the ocean in front of the vast universe era. It was even faster than before.
      After all, Ke Lin had decided to cultivate for 10 years in Kamataiji.
      But before that, there were still some things that he needed to deal with.
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      Chapter 49 Brothers are united, their profits are cut off!

      Before they officially entered Kamataiji’s cultivation, there were still some things that Ke Lin had to deal with.
      With a hanging ring in his left hand and a circle in his right hand, Colin entered the teleportation portal constructed by the Temporal Flame Stream.
      The next moment, Colin appeared out of nowhere in the villa in the city center of Niya.
      At this moment, Tony had just finished a cocktail party when he was drunk and lying on the sofa. When he suddenly saw someone appear, he could not help but be shocked.
      “Tony, look clearly. It’s me.”
      Colin walked towards him, smiling to appease the frightened Tony.
      “So it’s Brother.”
      After seeing that it was Colin, Tony let out a long sigh of relief. After drinking a large mouthful of water, his drunk brain finally woke up a little. However, he did not understand why his brother had suddenly arrived in the middle of the night.
      “This time, I’ m here to tell you that I’ m going to a secret realm to cultivate. It will take at least ten years.”
      “Ah?”Ten years, but what about Stark Industries?”
      The fact that Colin possessed a secret ability was not a secret in the Stark family. Ever since Colin had destroyed the Nine-Headed Snake Organization’s plot to assassinate Howard, he had become obsessed with cultivation.
      It was just that these ten years were too long. Moreover, where should Stark Industries go? This caught Tony off guard.
      “That’s why the burden will be on you for the time being.”
      “Tony, you can’t live under our protection all the time. You must grow up as soon as possible, and be on your own.I’ve already planned the strategy for the next ten years for Stark Industries. I just need to follow the plan and implement the plan.
      “Besides, there’s also Father and Jarvis’ assistant. They can all come up with a plan for you to secretly check.”
      Tony’s heart skipped a beat, but he also understood that what his brother had said was true. This burden had to fall on him in the end, and Ke Lin had also left temporarily. He would definitely return with a completely new attitude in the future!
      “Tony, I still have to tell you one thing. My father, when he was researching the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube, had revolutionary discovered the great potential of the energy of the universe, and had devised the elements that released this energy. It was just that at that time, he had fallen behind in technology and made a great effort. In the end, he designed the atomic structure into the layout of the Stark Industrial World Expo.
      “Now that the time has come, I believe that with your talent, you will definitely be able to crack this new type of element. This way, there will be a lot of potential.”
      Colin revealed the secret hidden in the exhibition hall.
      In fact, the meaning behind his words was that if I went to Karmataiji to cultivate, you couldn’t be lazy. You should continue to study advanced technology, especially weapon systems.
      “If we can research new elements, then the arms industry and the energy industry will face a huge change.”
      Tony was both surprised and delighted. He could not help but look forward to the future.
      “Tony, come on. Let’s not focus on Earth. Our journey is to the great sea of stars.”
      Colin patted Toni on the shoulder, his expression full of love and hope.
      The brothers worked together to break the gold. Ke Lin and Tony practiced martial arts one by one, and the other studied technology. Wen Neng Technology settled the world, and martial arts fought against Huanyu, and the future could be reached!
      “Tony, there will be a future!”
      As soon as he finished speaking, Ke Lin turned his head and entered the portal again.
      Looking at Colin’s disappearing figure, Tonistak clenched his fists and swore,” Brother, don’ t worry. I will definitely protect Stark’s industry for you!”
      After leaving the villa, Colin came back to the company and made plans for the research and development of the spaceship, the investment in Pim Technology, and so on. After everything was settled, Colin returned to Kamataiji and started a ten-year cultivation path!
      Although Ke Lin’s entry into the arcane realm was a secret matter, it was still being paid attention by the various forces and spread out.
      Nine-Headed Snake was located at the headquarters of West Europe. The leader of the Nine-Headed Snake could not help but let out a long sigh of relief. This Fiend God had finally left. The Nine-Headed Snake should not be worried about the risk of being destroyed in these ten years.
      The new director of the Divine Shield Bureau, Nick Frey, was a little worried. Carol and Colin were the candidates for the strongest superhero in his mind, but one of them went to the Starfield Battlefield and the other entered the secret realm to cultivate.
      In the next ten years of vacuum, how could the duty of guarding Earth be ensured? This caused Nick Frey to feel a strong sense of crisis, and he was more determined to implement the Avenger Plan!
      As for many business giants in the Manway world, such as Osborne Group, Hammer Military, Teslack Group, Essex Company, Pim Technology, Life Foundation, and so on, they were all mixed.
      They were happy that in the next 10 years, they might be able to reduce a lot of resistance in business and develop quickly. However, they were worried that when Ke Lin returned ten years later, he would definitely become even more unstoppable. Whether it was intelligence or temperament, he would be on the next level. At that time, how would he lead Stark’s industry and create a storm in the business world?

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