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Marvel: Turn into Thanos’s little brother

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      Thanos = Mie Ba

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      Marvel: Turn into Thanos’s little brother

      Chapter 1: Mie Ba’s Little Brother

      (PS: Due to the need of the story, the timeline of this book may be different from the timeline of the comic movie. Please take this book as the standard. Thank you!)
      “Zanos, what are you doing? Are you really going to destroy your planet?”
      “You’ re crazy! You’ re a complete lunatic!”
      “Death deceived you. You won’ t get what you want!”
      He opened his eyes in a daze. Bursts of curses mixed with explosions rang in Su Ke’s ear, making him a little sober.
      However, the scene before him shocked him.
      Countless corpses piled up in front of their eyes, blood covering the entire land, everywhere filled with wails.
      Not far away, a tall figure in armor was walking towards him step by step. His purple face made Su Ke instantly recognize his identity.
      Thanos was the strongest villain in the Marvelous Universe!
      Behind Mie Ba was a skeleton hidden under a black cloak…
      This was the goddess of death…
      “Crouch!What the hell was going on?”Is this a dream?”
      Su Ke was a little dumbfounded, completely unable to understand what was going on.
      But then, a powerful arm pulled him up. Before he could react, he was forced into a life capsule.
      “Child, if you want to live, never come back again!”
      After saying this, under Su Ke’s confused eyes, the life capsule slowly rose, then turned into a white light and disappeared into the depths of the universe…
      The moment Su Ke escaped, the planet he was on suddenly shattered. Then, it turned into a ray of light and completely disappeared into the universe…
      In the void, after harvesting all her life, the Death Goddess looked at Destroyer with a deep expression.” Honey, you hesitated just now. He couldn’ t escape. Could it be because he is your brother?”
      “No!”Mie Ba shook his head and said,” He can’ t escape. All life in this universe can’ t escape. All of this is just the beginning!”
      “Honey, I believe in you!”
      Another enchanting call rang out. Death Goddess wrapped her arms around Mie Ba’s neck. Then, they began to kiss her without any emotion…
      On the other side…
      After receiving the memories of this body with great difficulty, Su Ke felt a pain in his heart. He finally understood that not only had he transmigrated to the Maneuvering World, he had also transmigrated to become the only brother of Destroyer. He had almost died just now!
      Damn it!
      Su Ke only wanted to curse.
      “Please set your destination!”
      Suddenly, a sound rang out from the rescue pod.
      Su Ke instantly came back to his senses. One had to know that he was still floating in the universe. He had to find a place quickly. It wasn’t a problem to be floating like this!
      “Set the destination to Earth!”
      Su Ke said.
      As a native of Earth and China, even if he was reborn into an eternal group, Su Ke still had an infinite yearning for Earth. Moreover, his previous planet had been destroyed by his old brother’s destruction could not return!
      “The destination has been set successfully. It’s about 30 light years away from the destination. Please enter the sleep pod!”
      Along with the sound of the rescue cabin, the interior of the rescue cabin suddenly changed. The seat that had been sitting before was transformed into something similar to a sleeping cabin.
      The distance of thirty light-years was probably at least a dozen years. It was really not a solution to wait. It was time to digest all the knowledge about the Aeonians.
      With this thought in mind, Su Ke no longer hesitated and directly lay down.
      Soon, he closed his eyes, and his consciousness began to sink into the enormous knowledge in his mind…
      After an unknown amount of time…
      In Westchester, New York, USA. Zerville’s gifted youth school. This was a school specially set up for mutated humans. The one who founded this school was the famous professor x, a mutated human with powerful psychological senses!
      On this day, Professor X was flipping through the documents at his desk as usual. Suddenly, his door was pushed open and a blue-haired animal rushed in.
      Hank, what happened?”Why are you so panicked?”
      Professor X raised his head and asked doubtfully.
      At this moment, Hank was so excited that he couldn’t say anything. He just stretched out a finger to the roof.
      Professor X furrowed his brows even deeper. Just as he was about to read Hank’s thoughts, he heard a loud’ boom’sound. The entire ceiling suddenly exploded, and then a life capsule fell.
      At this moment, Professor X was completely dumbfounded!*

      My name is Qin Gray

      This day was definitely the most memorable day for the mutated human school. Even though Professor X thought that he had seen many things, there was nothing in this world that could arouse his curiosity. But today, his curiosity was no less than that of others.
      It wasn’t just because an alien had fallen from their place today!
      “Nick Frey, no matter what you say, I won’ t give him to you. He’s just a child, not a threat!”
      “Tony, I know what you want to do, but this is impossible. I won’ t let you do anything to him!”
      “Mr. President, I can assure you that this child will not cause any harm to this world. Please rest assured!”
      In less than half a day after Suke fell, Professor X was extremely busy. There were almost one phone call after another from all over the world, such as the director of the Bureau of Divine Shield, Nick Frey, Iron Man Tony Stark, and even the current president of the country.
      The only purpose of their call was to hope that Professor X could give Su Ke to them for research. In their eyes, Su Ke from outer space was a very dangerous existence…
      But of course, Professor X did not think so. In his eyes, Su Ke was just a child, and a child should not be treated like that!
      With a headache, he pinched his forehead. Professor X smiled helplessly at the wolf, Hank, and the demon lady in front of him.” The arrival of this little guy really caused a lot of trouble. Everyone wants him.”
      “This is also a matter of reason!”Hank, who had already turned into a human form, held his eyes and said,” Based on all the tests we did to him, we have reason to believe that he is not a simple alien.”
      “What’s going on?”
      Professor X became more interested.
      Hank continued,” His skin is very tough. It’s almost impossible to destroy. Laser and other things can’ t do any damage to him. Rogen’s Amanda Metal can do very little damage to him for a short time. However, in just a short moment, these damage will recover. Simply put, his body can’ t be destroyed, and his self-healing ability is even stronger than Rogen’s!”
      When the Wolf King Kong heard this, he gave a cold snort. However, he was unable to refute it because he had really tried earlier. The truth was true!
      “Also, at the beginning, professor, you tried to invade his consciousness to awaken him, but you failed. At first, we thought it was because he didn’ t have consciousness, but later we realized that it wasn’ t. The reason why this happened was because his spiritual ability was too powerful, completely resisting your consciousness invasion!”
      “Apart from that, based on his muscle density, we suspect that he should have super strength, super hearing, super speed. Special body structure can even allow him to absorb some strength, and maybe he can fly…”
      At this point, Hank could not continue speaking. Professor X was completely shocked. Although he knew from the beginning that this child from the universe was definitely not simple, he did not expect that he had so many abilities…
      These abilities, no matter which one they possessed, would become a powerful existence. When all these abilities were concentrated on one person, it was simply too terrifying…
      Just as Professor X was shocked, Su Ke was still lying on the bed in the medical room of the mutated human school…
      But of course, this was just a superficial phenomenon. Actually…
      “Big brother, when did you let me out?”
      In the deepest part of his consciousness, Su Ke shouted unlovedly.
      Ding!”Don’ t worry, host. According to the calculations, host will soon wake up!”
      No rush?I’ve been trapped here for 100,000 years. Can I not be in a hurry?
      Su Ke could not help but curse in his heart.
      To put it simply, the person who was talking to Su Ke right now wasn’t someone else, but the Golden Finger System that was a must for a transmigrator. Moreover, this system was still very awesome, called the Great Devastator System!
      Simply put, this was a system that could help Su Ke become a super villain!
      This system was triggered and bound in Su Ke’s consciousness after he fell into deep sleep.
      As an awesome system, there must be something like a novice gift pack when it was first bound. Su Ke also had it. However, this novice gift pack was a little too f*cky. He actually rewarded Su Ke for 100 thousand years!
      Originally, this should be a good thing. After all, who would be unwilling to live an extra 100,000 years!
      But who would have thought that this hundred thousand years would actually be the time to sleep. And before he could confirm, the System had already used this hundred thousand years for Su Ke…
      From Saturn to Earth, although Su Ke’s body had fallen asleep for less than ten years, his consciousness had fallen asleep for an entire hundred thousand years and ten years!This was no wonder Su Ke was about to curse!
      However, it wasn’t completely useless. During this period of time, Su Ke and Mie Ba had learned all the superhuman philosophies of the Aeonian race. This gave him the strength, endurance, resilience, and agility that he could n’ t surpass. His skin couldn’t be destroyed, and even if it was destroyed, it could be quickly repaired. Because of the power of his spirit, even if his body was completely destroyed, he could still create a body that looked exactly the same for himself through his mind!
      In fact, according to the System’s explanation, Su Ke realized that his abilities far exceeded this…
      This hundred thousand years was indeed worth it!
      “Hello!”A friend from the universe. My name is Qin Gray. Are you willing to be my friend?”
      Suddenly, a sound rang out in Su Ke’s consciousness.
      Su Ke was delighted. He was finally awake!*

      Chapter 3: We all have a bastard brother

      Su Ke slowly opened his eyes and smelled the smell of disinfectant. He looked around and found that he was right. He was indeed lying in a place that looked like a hospital.
      The familiar English letters and the panicked people clearly explained where this place was.
      This is Earth!
      “This… this is Earth!”I… I’ m finally here!”
      After seeing where he was, Su Ke was simply going crazy with joy. Ignoring the medical staff who wanted to dissuade him from lying down, he was ready to stand up.
      Who knew that before his feet touched the ground, his body floated up.
      “F*ck… I can actually fly?”
      Su Ke smiled. Even his brother, Mie Ba, did not have the power to fly!
      Wait… The voice that woke me up earlier was Qin Gray?Phoenix girl?Wasn’t this a character from the X War Police?Could it be that I am at mutated human school now?
      Thinking back to the sound he heard earlier, Su Ke felt a wave of confusion in his heart.
      Su Ke looked around and saw many children lying on the ground outside a glass wall not far from him. The biggest ones looked around twenty years old, while the smallest looked around four or five years old. They were looking at him in shock.
      Among them, there was an extremely special girl. She was about fifteen or sixteen years old. She had long fiery red hair, and she looked very beautiful. She was lying alone in a corner and looking over. For some reason, the other children did not seem to want to get too close to her.
      “Qin Gray!”
      Su Ke looked at the girl and could not help but shout out her name.
      In an instant, Qin Gray also noticed Su Ke’s gaze. He also knew that Su Ke had called out her name. He panicked and she quickly ran out.
      At this moment, Professor X and the others who had received the news rushed over.
      The moment he saw Su Ke, Hank could not help but shout,” Did you see it?”I said this guy can fly!”
      “Alright, alright, Hank, let the children leave this place. He just woke up and needs to be quiet!”
      Professor X shouted.
      Not long after, the surrounding children were taken away.
      After taking a bath and changing into a clean set of clothes, Su Ke followed Professor X to an office. Hank, the devil woman, and the wolf had been waiting here for a long time.
      “Child, if you think it’s not the time, we won’ t force you. We can wait forever!”
      Before the conversation began, Professor X asked again.
      From his point of view, Su Ke was an alien. For the first time he had come to Earth, he must have a lot of places he was not used to, and it would take a lot of time to adapt.
      However, Su Ke shook his head and said,” No need, professor. I think it’s time!”
      As an alien who came to Earth, Su Ke knew that a conversation could not be avoided. This kind of thing would have ended earlier. Moreover, the conversation was better than being tied to a table and dissected, right?
      Su Ke was so adamant that Professor X was no longer polite. Then, he asked,” Child, what’s your name?”Where did he come from?”
      “My name is Suk, from the eternal race on Saturn’s moon Titan!”
      Su Ke replied.
      Why did you come to Earth?Are you here to invade Earth?”And why did you speak our language? Did you start researching us early?”
      Hank asked like a curious baby.
      “This guy, he asked so many questions at once!”
      Su Ke muttered in his heart,” I came to Earth not to invade, but to escape. My planet was destroyed, only I escaped. And I don’ t only speak your language. I know all the knowledge and languages in the universe. Your language is just one of millions!”
      Hank was dumbfounded, completely speechless.
      “You said that your planet was destroyed. I’ m curious about who did it?”
      The Diamond Wolf asked.
      “It’s not someone else!”Suke shook his head and pretended to be a bit sad.” It’s my brother, Zanos, who destroyed my planet. He’s a powerful universe tyrant!”
      “Kid, it seems we still have something in common. We all have a bastard brother, but of course, my brother never thought of destroying Earth!”
      The Wolf King smiled and said. It was obvious that Su Ke’s words reminded the Wolf King of his brother, the Saber-toothed Tiger.
      An equally powerful mutated human!
      “Alright, let’s talk here today!Su Ke, on behalf of Earth, I welcome you here. You can treat this place as your own home. As long as you are willing, you can stay here forever. Hank, Su Ke will leave it to you!”
      As if seeing Su Ke feeling a little sad, Professor X immediately ended the conversation.
      “Let’s go, Su Ke. I’ ll show you around here. I believe you will definitely like this place!”
      With a slight smile, Hank left with Su Ke.*

      Chapter 4 Qin Gray

      “Suke, look, this is our classroom!”
      “This is where you live. You will live here too!”
      “This is the playground. School is over now, so there are more people here.”
      After walking around the mutated human school, Hank didn’t tire of introducing all of this, and his face was full of excitement. Clearly, he was very welcome to Su Ke’s arrival.
      “Hello, you… your name is Su Ke, right?”
      Just as he reached the lake, a soft female voice rang in Su Ke’s mind. Su Ke could not help but stand still.
      It was Qin Gray!
      “What’s wrong, Su Ke?”
      Seeing Su Ke suddenly stop, Hank asked in confusion.
      “Nothing.”Su Ke smiled and said,” Teacher Hank, can I stay alone for a while?”I need to digest everything you just said!”
      Of course!”Then I’ ll go back first. Remember to come find me later.”
      Hank smiled and then turned around to leave.
      After Hank’s figure disappeared, Su Ke looked at a large tree not far away. Behind the tree, a pair of big eyes were nervously looking at him.
      Su Ke was amused. He walked to the tree and said,” Hello, Qin Gray, my name is Su Ke. It’s nice to meet you!”
      “You… you know my name?”
      It was as if she knew that she couldn’t dodge. Only then did Qin Gray slowly walk out. He looked like a shy little girl.
      “Didn’t you already introduce yourself when I was asleep?”And I want to thank you. It was because of your previous introduction that I woke up!”
      Su Ke said amicably, but his heart was rather shocked.
      It must be known that this was Qin Gray. He was a famous Phoenix girl in the X-Men. There were a few Omega mutated humans who possessed BUG-level Phoenix power. In the X-Men series, there were a bunch of big shots killed by Qin Gray with Phoenix power. The Apocalypse, Professor X, and Myriad Magnet King were all trash in front of her.
      But of course, this was after Qin Gray learned to use the power of the phoenix. She was just a child with telepathic abilities.
      Wait a minute… Qin Gray was a mutated human with telepathic senses. Didn’t that mean that her thoughts would be sensed by her?In front of her, she would have no secrets?
      Professor X was unable to sense what Su Ke was thinking, but Qin Gray and Professor X were different. She was the owner of the Phoenix Power, and her ability was much stronger than Professor X…
      Could it be that she already knew the identity of her transmigrator?He even knew about the existence of the System?
      Su Ke’s heart ached. He could only continue asking,” Are you always reading my thoughts and thoughts…”
      Hearing Su Ke’s question, Qin Gray was obviously a little flustered. He quickly explained,” I’ ve never wanted to read the thoughts and thoughts in your mind, and I can’ t. Because your spiritual ability is too strong, it can even hinder my telepathy. I can’ t read anyone’s thoughts by your side. I didn’ t even know that you could hear my voice before… I should thank you, because you, I can’ t hear those chaotic sounds anymore.”
      Hearing this, Su Ke was completely relieved. His secret was finally safe. At the same time, he understood that Qin Gray really hated his ability.
      Because she could not control it, her mind was always filled with the voices and thoughts of the people around her, which made her almost collapse.
      What a pitiful child…
      Su Ke shook his head and stretched out his hand to gently touch Qin Gray’s hair to comfort him. At this moment, he seemed to have forgotten that he was just a sixteen-year-old child…
      However, what Su Ke did not expect was that such a simple act actually made Qin Gray extremely moved and even wanted to cry.
      Su Ke was a little embarrassed because the current situation was too easy to misunderstand…
      Following that, she seemed to notice that the two of them were too close. Qin Gray quickly took two steps back and said nervously,” Don’ t… Don’ t get too close to me. I… I might do some terrible things. I… I’ m a monster…”
      Su Ke knew that the monster Qin Gray was talking about was the power of the phoenix in her body. If the power of the phoenix exploded, it would be no different from the monster. But then again, Qin Gray’s power was still weak at this time. Professor X could still help her completely control it. After all, if the power of the phoenix was really that easy to explode, how could Professor X dare to let her live here!
      “What happened to the monster?” Su Ke smiled.I’m still an alien. In the eyes of humans and mutants, aliens are the real monsters, right?”You’ re not alone, because you still have a friend like me!”
      “Friend?”Are you willing to be my friend?”
      Qin Gray said in surprise.
      “Of course!”
      Su Ke smiled.
      In the office not far away, Professor X was looking at everything with a smile on his face. Qin Gray had always been a problem girl in the school. Because of her fear of her own strength, she was very afraid of getting close to anyone. However, she did not expect the new alien Su Ke to help her overcome the fear in her heart.
      In the next second, Professor X suddenly thought of something and his face turned ugly again. He understood that the director of the Divine Shield Bureau, Nick Frey, and the Iron Man Tony Stark were not that easy to deal with.
      These two guys would definitely make trouble for Su Ke!*

      Chapter 5: Batman in the dc universe

      As night fell, when everyone was asleep, Su Ke couldn’t sleep at all. First, it was because he had slept for too long, and he was n’ t sleepy at all. Second, he was sorting out all the information about the world in his mind.
      First, it was certain that the timeline of this world seemed to be different from what he had learned before.
      The mutated human school he was currently in was re-established after the Magnificent King’s Washington incident. Suke knew that this should be the timeline after the reversal of the future. It was only a year ago. According to the cartoon and movie settings, this would only happen in 1975, but now it was 2010, which was more than 30 years away from the timeline he knew.
      If this was just a different story, then what happened next was a bit of a scam.
      In the name list of the founders of the mutated human school, Su Ke suddenly found a name that was enough to make him feel incredibly painful!
      Bruce Wayne!
      This is Batman in the DC universe!
      At first, Su Ke thought that he had made a mistake. He thought that this was just two people with the same name and surname but had nothing to do with it. But after asking Hank, he realized that this was actually true!
      One of the founders of this school was actually the billionaire Bruce Wayne from Gotham City!
      According to Hank’s introduction, Suke knew that Hank did not know Bruce Wayne’s true identity, but it was clear that Professor X must know…
      If Batman really existed in this world, then it would be obvious that Superman, Fantastic Woman, Mars Hunter, Lightning Man, and Shazan must also exist…
      This was enough to show that the world he was in right now was the world where the two worlds of Manway and DC had merged.
      Originally, the Maneuvering World was a dangerous world. The same was true for the DC world. Su Ke had the urge to curse!
      Moreover, according to the current situation, Mie Ba would eventually come to Earth to search for the infinite gemstones on Earth. When the time comes, with a snap of his finger, half of the entire universe would die. Su Ke was not afraid of Mie Ba. With his current strength, it was enough to destroy Mie Ba. However, don’t forget that there was still a Death Goddess behind Mie Ba. This fellow was the God of Creation, and could n’ t die. How could he fight?
      The timeline was completely chaotic. Su Ke did not know what would happen next. He only knew that Mie Ba would eventually come to Earth to search for infinite gems. Similarly, Mie Ba would also come to look for him.
      Apart from the Destroyer, Daxes was also an awesome existence in the DC universe. Coupled with a day, day, day, and earth, no matter how hard he tried, he would never die.
      Earth was truly dangerous!
      Fortunately, the Avengers Alliance and the Justice Alliance both existed. The Hulk, Thunder God, Superman, and Fantastic Woman were all here as well. This gave Su Ke a bit of comfort. After all, he had finally arrived at Earth with great difficulty. He did not want Earth to be destroyed!
      Although Su Ke already possessed a great power, Su Ke did not think that he was invincible. After all, there were too many experts in this world. If he wanted to live in this world properly, he needed more power!
      “Hey, System, aren’t you a god-level rebel system?”How can you make me stronger?”
      Su Ke finally picked up the system’s idea.
      Ding!He sensed that the host was eager to gain power. Now, he released his first mission, obtaining a certain amount of mysterious power. Mission reward:10,000 counter points, a chance to draw a lottery!”
      Su Ke was completely speechless. If the System had a physical body, he would definitely beat him up right now. What the hell is your mission?
      Seemingly sensing Su Ke’s thoughts, the System said again,” Sensing a large amount of mysterious power within a radius of one kilometer from the host, please obtain the mission as soon as possible!”
      Nani?What a coincidence, right?
      Su Ke was shocked, but then he almost laughed. He didn’t expect the system’s mission to be so simple!
      “Alright!”I’ ll accept this mission!”
      Su Ke smiled and agreed. He got up from the bed. Since he couldn’t sleep now, he wanted to see what the System was talking about!*

      Chapter 6: You want me to sleep with Qin Gray?

      Su Ke walked out of the room with a light hand and foot. Following the coordinates given by the system in his mind, Su Ke easily found the so-called mysterious substance marked by the system…
      Through the window, Suke was dumbfounded when he saw Qin Gray lying in front of the table.
      “I say… the mysterious substance you’ re referring to isn’ t Qin Gray, right?”
      Su Ke asked in his heart, speechless.
      “The mysterious substance is not Qin Gray, but the Phoenix power in Qin Gray’s body!”
      The System replied.
      Was there any difference?One had to know that the power of the Phoenix was in Qin Gray’s body!
      This f*ck…
      Su Ke was so angry that he wanted to hit someone!
      However, Su Ke suddenly thought of something and quickly asked,” Wait a minute… The purpose of you asking me to obtain the Phoenix Power shouldn’ t be just a mission, right?”You said before that my body can absorb and emit energy. Does that mean that once I obtain Phoenix power, I will own Phoenix power?”
      Thinking of this, Su Ke felt an inexplicable excitement in his heart. Because the power of the Phoenix was one of the most powerful forces in the universe. Once he mastered the power of the Phoenix, even if the goddess of death came, he would not be afraid!
      However, the System poured cold water on him.
      “The Phoenix Force is one of the most powerful forces in the Maneuvering Universe. With host’s current strength, you can’ t grasp it. However, because of host’s special body, host can absorb the Phoenix Force and use it as your own power. Besides, host can absorb and emit all the energy in the entire Meiduan world!”
      The System explained.
      Su Ke finally understood. To put it simply, his body was like a super charging treasure. It could store or emit all kinds of energy at will, even if it was as strong as the power of a phoenix!
      Although he couldn’t have the power of a phoenix like Qin Gray, it was n’ t bad…
      “By the way, how do we obtain this Phoenix’s power?”
      Su Ke made sure to pay attention and asked again.
      “It’s very simple. The power of the phoenix exists in Qin Gray’s deepest genes. If the host wants to obtain it, it needs to have deep physical contact with Qin Gray. Simply put, it’s…”
      “You want me to sleep with Qin Gray!”
      Before the System could finish, Su Ke had already guessed the answer…
      “That’s right, this is the most direct method. Other than that, other physical contact is also possible. However, the power obtained will be less. Of course, the host can also allow Qin Gray’s Phoenix power to be absorbed after it has gone berserk!”
      Su Ke was speechless. He was really speechless. He never thought that the System would actually think of such a fucking method…
      She slept with Qin Gray?
      Su Ke thought too, but there must be a process like this, right?For example, if he had been in a relationship before, if he had been a bully, he would probably have become the most shameless existence in Manwei and the DC world…
      As for letting Qin Gray’s Phoenix power go berserk, Su Ke did n’ t even think about it. Because the berserk Phoenix power was extremely dangerous, he didn’t want to kill the others in this school.
      Moreover, this was a nightmare for Qin Gray…
      Su Ke did not want to hurt this innocent girl.
      “Who?”Where is he?”
      Suddenly, Qin Gray seemed to have noticed something. She quickly came to the window and opened it.
      Then, there was a scene of four eyes facing each other.
      Suke was embarrassed, while Qin Gray was surprised.
      Su Ke, why are you?”What are you doing here?”
      Qin Gray looked at Su Ke in surprise and asked.
      Su Ke scratched his head and said awkwardly,” Er… I slept for too long, but now I can’ t sleep anymore. I just wanted to walk out. I didn’ t expect to be here. By the way, why haven’ t you slept yet?”
      “I can’ t control my power. Even though it’s already midnight, my mind is still full of voices. Because of this, I sleep very late every day!”
      Qin Gray said helplessly.
      “I see!”
      Su Ke laughed, but he could not remember what to do next.
      The atmosphere became awkward.
      As if sensing the awkward atmosphere, Qin Gray’s face turned red and he asked,” Suke, do you want to come in and sit for a while?”
      “Alright, alright!”
      Without any hesitation, Su Ke immediately agreed.
      What a joke. Qin Gray was a real beauty in the universe. That’s why fools refuse such an invitation!
      Seeing how straightforward Su Ke had agreed, Qin Gray suddenly felt a little regret in his heart. If anyone else knew about this, what would he do…
      But regret now seemed to be useless, because Su Ke had already jumped in from the window…
      Tonight, it was destined to be a sleepless night…*

      Chapter 7: I really want to sleep with Qin Gray…

      After Su Ke entered, the atmosphere turned awkward again.
      Su Ke was fine. After all, he was a man, but Qin Gray was different. One must know that she was just a young girl who had just been in love!
      Just inviting a man into his room in such a blatant manner, and it was still in the middle of the night. This… this was too embarrassing…
      If someone discovered this, how could she face the other students in the school…
      When she thought of this, her face instantly turned red. She looked like a familiar apple. Under the light, she looked exceptionally charming.
      Seeing this, Su Ke’s heart suddenly started to move. After all, he had the idea of an adult. How could he not guess what Qin Gray was thinking right now?
      In addition to the system’s previous mission, Su Ke really wanted to sleep with Qin Gray…
      Was this sort of thing a little anxious?It had to be known that he and Qin Gray could not recognize a day!This kind of thing should be discussed slowly!
      “Um… do you want something to drink?”
      Just as Su Ke was thinking, Qin Gray suddenly asked.
      “No need, I’ m not thirsty!”Su Ke smiled. Then, he thought of something and asked,” By the way, Qin, do you know if there is a guy named Scott here?”He’s also called Laser Eye. This fellow is also a mutated human. His eyes can emit red shock waves, and he’s also a more powerful mutated human!”
      In the X-Men series, the laser eye had always been Qin Gray’s official boyfriend. Suke had only thought of it just now. He desperately wanted to know if Qin Gray really knew the laser eye!
      If he didn’t know her, then everything was fine. If he knew her, then it did n’ t matter. Anyway, Qin Gray was about to make a decision…
      “Scott?Laser eye?”I’ ve never heard of this name before. I’ ve never heard of this kind of ability. A shock wave from my eyes. Is there really this kind of ability?”
      Qin Gray asked curiously.
      Hearing this, Su Ke was completely relieved. Sure enough, at this moment, Professor X had yet to recruit a laser eye.
      “Tch, what’s so amazing about that?”I can still emit all kinds of energy beams from all over my body!”
      After saying this, he immediately raised his hand.
      With a thought, a dazzling white light appeared in his palm, illuminating the entire room.
      “Is this… the energy of the sun?”
      Qin Gray exclaimed.
      “That’s right, my current ability is not very skilled, so I can only absorb and control some simple energy. But in the future, I can control all the energy in the universe!”
      Su Ke said confidently.
      This was not his bragging, but the truth was just that!
      As soon as the universe was mentioned, Qin Gray became interested again. He could not help but lean towards Suke and ask,” Suke, can you tell me what the universe is like?”Is it beautiful?”
      “Of course!”
      Suk lay comfortably on Qin Grey’s bed as he said with a smile,” There are countless planets, countless species and scenery in the universe. In my hometown of Titan, every time night falls, the stars in the sky will rotate around Saturn. That scenery, let alone how beautiful it is!”
      “Really?When you said that, I suddenly felt like I was going to take a look!”But I’ m not you, I can’ t go to the universe!”
      Qin Gray stuck out his tongue and said, then he also lay down beside Su Ke.
      Su Ke lightly smiled and said,” It’s not impossible. My brain stores all the scenery I’ ve seen and all the knowledge I know. I can let you see this!”
      After saying this, Su Ke gently extended his hand.
      Su Ke’s spiritual energy was very powerful. This allowed him to be immune to all mental attacks and magic attacks, but as long as he was willing, he could also share everything stored in his mind.
      Hearing this, Qin Green immediately smiled happily. Then, she extended her hand.
      When they held their hands together, the two of them unconsciously closed their eyes and began to fall into Su Ke’s consciousness…
      On a beautiful planet, the stars filled the sky like a beautiful net covering the planet, illuminating everything on the planet. Not far away, Su Ke held the excited hands of Qin Gray as he looked at all of this with endless nostalgia.
      Just like that, unknowingly, the two of them began to fall into the deepest consciousness sleep…
      Before he fell asleep, the System’s reminder rang.
      Ding!”I’ ve detected a mysterious substance. The mysterious substance is the Phoenix’s power. It’s being absorbed…”

      Professor X was shocked once again!

      “Professor, that’s bad. Suke… Suke is gone!”
      Early in the morning, Hank’s voice echoed throughout the school.
      Professor X broke out in cold sweat when he heard the news. In an instant, he thought of many bad things, but in the end, he calmed down and started to gather everyone to search for them.
      “There’s no trace of him in the kitchen!”
      “There’s no playground either!”
      “There’s no teacher either!”
      “There’s no dormitory either!”
      What happened?Where did he go?Did someone capture him?Didn’t Nick Frey call yesterday?The Divine Shield Bureau had always felt that aliens were dangerous. Perhaps he had done this!”
      The Diamond Wolf said while smoking a cigar.
      “No way!”Hank said,” With his ability, how could Divine Shield capture him?”And I didn’ t hear anything last night?”
      “Then what’s going on?”
      “I don’ t know…”
      Just as everyone was lost, Professor X suddenly thought of something and asked,” Is Qin awake?”
      “I don’t think so, do I?”I didn’ t see her just now.”
      The demonic woman said.
      “Let’s go!”
      When Professor X heard this, he no longer explained anything. Instead, he walked towards Qin Green’s room. Although the others didn’ t understand what was going on, they quickly followed.
      “Qin, are you here?”
      He knocked lightly on the door and Professor X asked.
      But at this moment, Su Ke and Qin Gray were still immersed in their deepest consciousness, unable to hear the outside world.
      “Open the door!”
      No one answered. Professor X no longer hesitated. With an order, the door was pushed open.
      In the next second, everyone was completely stunned. Their eyes were filled with disbelief. What did they see?They actually saw Su Ke and Qin Gray sleeping in the same bed!
      And they slept together!
      The atmosphere became awkward.
      As a telepathic person, Professor X knew that Su Ke and Qin Gray were communicating with each other, but in this situation, they could not continue…
      Although Professor X could not enter Su Ke’s thoughts, he could enter Qin Gray’s thoughts.
      “Qin, wake up. You should be back!”
      In her deepest consciousness, a sound suddenly rang in Qin Gray’s mind, bringing her out of Su Ke’s consciousness.
      She slowly opened her eyes. The first person to appear before her was Su Ke’s handsome face. When she thought of what happened last night, Qin Gray’s face turned red again.
      “Cough cough…”
      Just at this moment, an awkward cough sounded, and the startled Qin Gray instantly sat up.
      “Ah… teach… professor, teacher Luo Gan, teacher Hank… you… why are you here?”
      Qin Gray was a little flustered. What he feared the most was that it had happened.
      Professor X and the others were a little embarrassed. Although Su Ke and Qin Gray probably didn’t have any bad things happened last night, the current scene was just too confusing…
      “So this new alien kid slept with the most beautiful girl in our school the first night?”
      As if to ease the awkwardness, Luo Gen suddenly spoke.
      But his words made the scene even more awkward…
      Qin Gray’s face turned red. Without saying a word, he got out of bed and rushed out of the door…
      The rest of them looked at each other in dismay. In the end, they looked at Su Ke on the bed……
      At this moment, Su Ke had not woken up yet. Professor X~ was a little curious. Logically speaking, Su Ke should have woken up!
      Then, when he took a closer look, Professor X suddenly noticed that Su Ke’s body suddenly had an extremely powerful force.
      This… this is the power of the Phoenix?
      What happened?Could it be that he could even absorb the power of the Phoenix in Qin’s body?
      Professor X was shocked again.
      Not long ago, Qin Gray had used the power of the Phoenix. Although he had controlled it, that power left an indescribable shock in his heart. He understood that the power of the Phoenix in Qin Gray’s body was enough to destroy the world!
      But even this kind of power was absorbed by Su Ke…
      Just how powerful was this guy…
      “Hank, go look for Qin. Logan, you’ re here to look at Su Ke. After he wakes up, he’ ll bring him to my office. Everyone else can do whatever they want!”
      He took a meaningful glance at Su Ke on the bed and instructed the others before Professor X left.*

      Chapter 9 The Diamond Wolf

      Only in the afternoon did Su Ke slowly wake up.
      As soon as he opened his eyes, the old face of the King Kong Wolf with a beard came over.
      “Kid, you’re finally awake. Do you know that I’ ve been guarding you here for a long time!Oh my God!”I’ m not a nanny, why should I do something like this!”
      The Wolf King said helplessly.
      Where’s Qin?”Where did she go?”
      Su Ke ignored the wolf’s complaints and directly asked.
      When the Wolf King heard this, he suddenly became a little spirited. He leaned over to Su Ke and said with a wicked smile,” Kid, tell me, did you sleep with Jean Gray last night?”
      I really didn’t expect that the Wolf King would be so fond of gossip…
      Su Ke shook his head helplessly.” No, we just chatted last night!”
      Tch!”I’ m not honest at all. Everyone is a man. What’s there to be embarrassed about?”
      Clearly, the Diamond Wolf did not believe Su Ke’s words.
      Ding!Congratulations to the host for successfully obtaining the mysterious substance. The mysterious substance is the power of the Phoenix. Now, it has successfully merged into the host’s body. Mission reward:10,000 counter points, one chance to draw a lottery!”Is there a lottery draw now?”
      Suddenly, the System’s voice rang again.
      Su Ke’s heart skipped a beat. Then, he thought of something. Then, he looked at the wolf in front of him and said,” Teacher Luo Gen, can you let me stay alone for a while?”I have some personal matters to deal with!”
      “No problem. After seeing you for so long, I’ m a bit tired. But later, you remember to go find the professor. He said that you’ ll see you after you wake up!”
      Luo Gen said as he lit his cigar. Then, he left and closed the door.
      After Luo Gen left, Su Ke closed his eyes and began to investigate the Phoenix’s power in his body. Sure enough, somewhere in the deepest part of his body, there was a flame-like power stored in it. It was the Phoenix’s power!
      When Su Ke opened his eyes, he shifted his gaze to his hands again. With a thought in his mind, the Phoenix power within his body suddenly began to swim along the veins in his body as if it had been summoned. Then, it began to gather in his hands.
      Su Ke looked at the two balls of Phoenix power that he was holding in his hand. He felt like he was about to become a magician…
      The power of the Phoenix was a kind of powerful energy. In addition to Su Ke’s first contact with such power, it took a long time to absorb and fuse. This was also why he had been sleeping for so long.
      After checking the power of the Phoenix, Su Ke asked,” System, didn’t you reward me with 10,000 counter points?”What’s the use of this score?”
      “System Points can be purchased at the System Mall. Host, please look!”
      Following that, a screen appeared in front of Su Ke’s eyes. The screen was densely packed with items such as goods. Moreover, the classification was very clear. There were more than a dozen categories, including weapons, body techniques, magic, armor, and so on.
      Su Ke opened the armor.
      Mark 1 Armor:300,000 counter points
      Mark 2 Armor:700,000
      Mark 3 Armor:5,000,000
      Transformers Armor:** points of counter points
      Gao Da Armor:** points of counter points
      Su Ke was a little speechless. From what he knew, Mark 1’s armor should be Iron Man’s first armor. It was the one that Iron Man 1 had built in the cave. Its overall strength was simply too weak to describe it. However, such a thing actually required 300,000 anti- faction points!
      Of course, he didn’t expect the System to have Transformers Armor and Supreme Armor. These two things were not bad…
      Then, he flipped through the System Market and realized that he couldn’t buy anything with his little points. Suke was n’ t interested.
      Ding!”Host still has a chance to enter the lottery. Would you like to enter the lottery now?”
      The System reminded him again.
      “Come on!”I hope my luck is better and I can get something good!”
      Su Ke said.
      As soon as he finished speaking, the System Shopping Center in front of him suddenly disappeared. Instead, it was a huge disk that was used to draw a lottery. There were all sorts of prizes on it. After a closer look, there was actually something from other worlds!
      He had to get something good!
      Su Ke thought to himself. This was when he used his mind to rotate the lottery disk.
      Then, the disk began to rotate rapidly. After a long while, it stopped.
      Su Ke was dumbfounded.*

      Chapter 10 Overlord Dominance

      Although he already knew that the lottery draw could draw things from other worlds, he had never thought that he could draw the domineering aura of the world of’The Thief King’!
      There were a total of three types of domineeringness in the pirate king’s world. They were divided into three types: armed domineeringness, seen domineeringness, and overlord domineeringness. Among them, overlord domineeringness was the most rare. Moreover, it was impossible to obtain it through cultivation, and it could only be obtained through innate cultivation!
      Because he knew all the superhuman philosophies of the Aeonians, Su Ke’s current physical strength could no longer be any stronger. Armed dominance was completely meaningless to him. It might be a small use to see it, but it was definitely not as strong as the Overlord!
      This was because a person with a domineering aura could use this domineering aura to intimidate and intimidate an opponent without any need to make a move. It could also make an opponent weaker than himself faint. If it was a bit stronger, it could even start to produce a corresponding physical damage. For example, when Xiang Xex went to see White Beard in The Sea Thief, his domineering aura destroyed White Beard’s ship!
      But of course, the most practical function of the Overlord’s domineering aura was to clean up the soldiers. Once they were released during the battle, the enemy would at least lose half of them.
      In general, Su Ke was still very satisfied. Although his spiritual ability was also very strong, allowing him to be immune to any spiritual attack, it was more like a defensive mechanism. He could not use his spiritual ability to launch attacks. Domineering dominance was a good remedy for this!
      Moreover, in a beautiful world, all kinds of mental abilities could be solved or defended against by some method. However, the domineering aura of the overlord could not be solved because he did not belong to this world’s ability!
      To put it simply, with the domineering aura of the overlord, Su Ke had the ability to attack spirit that no one in this world had!
      The next method to cultivate the domineering aura of the overlord appeared in Su Ke’s mind. In a split second, Su Ke had already mastered the domineering aura of the overlord. Although it was still a bit weak, it must be known that he had just obtained the domineering aura of the overlord. With the powerful brain of the Aeonian race, Su Ke believed that he would soon master the domineering aura of the overlord!
      Thinking like this, Su Ke was once again excited.
      After the excitement was over, Su Ke suddenly thought of what the Wolf King had said before and went to Professor X’s office.
      “Professor, are you looking for me?”
      In the office, only Professor X was present. When he heard Su Ke’s voice, Professor X smiled and said,” Sit down. I just want to ask you something!”
      After Su Ke sat down, Professor X’s expression suddenly turned grim again. He then controlled his wheelchair to reach Su Ke and asked,” Su Ke, tell me, did you absorb part of the Phoenix’s power inside the body?”
      Professor X was a powerful mutated human, and he could help Qin Gray suppress the power of the Phoenix. This kind of thing naturally could not be hidden from him, so Su Ke directly said,” That’s right, but I don’ t know what’s going on. I originally wanted to let Qin see the scenery of the universe through my consciousness last night, but I didn’ t expect that she would absorb some of her power!”
      Su Ke naturally would not say anything about the System.
      “Then can you control the Phoenix’s power?”
      Professor X added. Obviously, he didn’t care much about other things.
      “Of course. My body can absorb and emit any energy in the universe. Of course, it also includes the power of the phoenix!”
      As Su Ke spoke, his mind moved again. In an instant, two red balls appeared in his hands.
      When he saw this scene, Professor X’s face turned green. He knew that if the two phoenix energy balls in Su Ke’s hands exploded, their power would definitely be no less than a nuclear bomb…
      “Alright… Hurry up and put it away!”I’ m just asking. You can control it…”
      Professor X waved his hand and said, speechless.
      It had to be said that Su Ke’s strength once again overturned his imagination.
      But of course, this was definitely a good thing for him. Along with Qin Gray’s growth, Professor X felt that he was about to be unable to deal with the Phoenix’s power in her body. Su Ke’s appearance had just made up for this. If anything happened to Qin Gray in the future, it would be let Su Ke absorb it.
      Moreover, Su Ke had absorbed a portion of the Phoenix Energy. Qin Gray would not have any problems for a long time. This was a good thing for everyone!
      “Professor, is there anything else?”If it’s okay, I want to see Qin!”
      Su Ke did not see Qin when he woke up. He really missed her now.
      Did this guy really like the zither?However, Qin seemed to like this fellow too. This was a good thing. As long as they were together, Qin would be safe!
      With this thought, Professor X smiled and said,” Go!”
      As soon as he finished speaking, Professor X felt a blur in front of him. Su Ke’s figure completely disappeared in front of him.
      This guy really had super speed!
      Professor X thought helplessly.*

      Chapter 11: The next Iron Man in the sky!)

      (PS: The book is almost twenty thousand words. The number of flowers and evaluation tickets is still pitiful. The evaluation tickets are even worse. It’s only thirty or so. Kneeling to everyone, if you have more flowers and evaluation tickets, please vote for the book!Thank you!)
      In the following period of time, Su Ke listened to Professor X’s advice and started classes like other mutated human children, learning everything about mutated humans and other things.
      However, what surprised Professor X~ was that Su Ke’s intelligence was simply too high. No matter how complicated the knowledge was, he would remember it. In just a week, Su Ke had learned all the knowledge that they could give him!
      One had to know that for an ordinary mutated human child, it was almost six years or even more!
      After learning all the knowledge, Su Ke didn’t want to go to class anymore. Professor X did n’ t say anything. After all, if Su Ke went to class again, what was the difference between letting a doctor go to a primary school class?
      After thinking for a while, Professor X began to let Suke learn combat skills, let the Diamond Wolf teach Suke combat skills, and let Alex, who was also the laser eye’s brother, teach Suke how to control energy. Similarly, Suke learned very quickly. In just a week, the Diamond Wolf and the shockwave had nothing to teach him.
      And in the recent period, Suke and Qin Gray were almost inseparable. They were already a couple. Because Suke had absorbed a portion of Phoenix Energy from Qin Gray’s body before, Qin Gray had been extremely relaxed in the recent period. He could even carry out simple material control.
      This made Professor X very happy. After all, the power of the Phoenix was extremely powerful. If Qin Gray could completely control it, it would be a good thing for everyone.
      On this day, Su Ke got up early. After a simple wash, he arrived at the playground. Professor X and Hank were waiting for him here.
      Su Ke had already learned all the knowledge and skills in the mutated human school. He had almost mastered his own abilities, so Professor X was prepared to let Su Ke try to expand his abilities.
      Or in other words, Professor X wanted to know how powerful Su Ke was!
      “Whenever powerful substances collide, there will always be enormous energy. It can be shock waves, or other energy…”
      “If I have a certain amount of non-material energy, then the power will only be more powerful…”
      “This kind of energy may not be controllable, but you must also learn to master it…”
      On the playground, Professor X explained seriously.
      Su Ke furrowed his brows at first, and then immediately reacted,” Professor, do you think that’s the case?”
      As he spoke, he immediately stretched out his arms and prepared to slap him.
      “Don’ t… don’ t face us, and the area here is too small. You should go further…”
      Seeing this, Professor X hurriedly stopped.
      Previously, when the Wolf King had taught Su Ke how to fight, Su Ke almost beat the Wolf King to death. Although he gradually mastered his strength, the Wolf King was still heavily injured. However, with his powerful self-healing factor, nothing happened to him.
      However, it was clear that Professor X didn’ t have any self-healing factor. He was really worried that Su Ke would accidentally injure him.
      “Yes, I understand!”
      After nodding his head, Su Ke’s body started to float. Rather than walking further away, he might as well try it in the air. In the air, it shouldn’ t hurt anyone else.
      After flying a thousand meters high, Su Ke stopped. He then extended his arm again and slammed his palm.
      In that instant, an extremely powerful shock wave suddenly exploded from his palm and spread out in all directions…
      “Crouch… this… this is an electromagnetic pulse!”
      On the ground, Hank said with a dumbfounded expression. The instruments beside him were already emitting green smoke. It was obvious that they had been destroyed by the electromagnetic pulse.
      Behind them, the entire school had been destroyed…
      Professor x was once again speechless. He had thought Su Ke could produce shock waves already, but he had not expected this guy to produce shock waves that contained electromagnetic pulses. This was truly beyond his expectations.
      By the time Suke landed, Professor X and Hank had no idea what to say…
      What everyone didn’t notice was that just as Su Ke was generating electromagnetic pulses, a few kilometers away, an armor that was flying in mid-air suddenly lost its power. Under a panicked shout, the armor fell down and smashed the ground into a big hole.
      In the pit, Son of Steel, Toni Stark took off the mask on his face and said with a face full of shock,” Jarvis, what’s going on here?”What attacked me?”

      Chapter 12 Tony Stark

      After calling several times in succession, he still did not get Jarvis’ response. Only then did Tony realize that the electromagnetic pulse had definitely destroyed the armored communication system, which was why he was unable to contact Jarvis!
      He took out his phone and found that he couldn’t use it anymore. Tony could only helplessly sigh.
      He had originally wanted to go to the mutated human school today to find Professor X~. Firstly, he wanted to ask about the alien falling earlier, secondly, he wanted to ask about the mutated human. However, what he did not expect was that he was flying well in the sky and was suddenly attacked by someone!
      Professor X knew that humans could not completely accept mutated humans, so the location of the mutated human school was extremely remote. There was no one living in a radius of tens of kilometers. That was why Tony could not find anyone to help him.
      “How unlucky!”
      He sighed helplessly. Only then did Tony climb out of the pit and look around. Not long after, he found a thick piece of rope.
      Tie one end of the rope to the armor and the other on his shoulder. Just like that, Tony slowly dragged his armor towards the mutated human school.
      In the evening, Tony finally arrived at the mutated human school!
      Professor X~ was not too surprised at Tony’s arrival because he understood that Tony would come early and late.
      Tony’s arrival instantly attracted a large number of mutated human children. Before he could take a few steps, he was completely surrounded.
      After experiencing the incident with Iron Man 1, Tony admitted his identity in front of the world’s media and admitted that he was an Iron Man. This caused a great reaction in the world. Similarly, everyone recognized him!
      Of course, Su Ke was included in the crowd. Su Ke had already guessed it. Needless to say, the armor that Tony was currently pulling was beaten down by him.
      “Hey, children, how are you guys!”
      Seeing that he was surrounded by a group of mutated human children, Tony hurriedly greeted him. At the same time, he was a little nervous. After all, he had not forgotten that these children in front of him all had mutated humans with super powers!
      “Alright, Tony, what are you trying to do here?”
      A sound rang out. The crowd dispersed and Professor X appeared in front of Tony.
      “Professor, don’t get me wrong. I’ m here to talk to you about business. But before that, can you let me in to have a drink?I was just flying in the air when I was attacked. I was hit by an electromagnetic pulse from the sky. After dragging my armor for so long, I was really tired!”
      Tossing away the rope on his shoulder, Tony said in a somewhat collapsed manner.
      As soon as he said this, the expression on Professor X’s face became a little unnatural. Hank was the same. After all, everyone knew what was going on.
      “Alright, come with me!”
      After saying this, Professor X began to lead the way.
      After walking two steps behind him, Tony seemed to have thought of something. Then he turned around and said to Hank,” Oh right, can you help me deliver this armor to your maintenance room?”The electromagnetic pulse has destroyed the power function of the armor. I need to properly repair it!”
      “No problem!”
      Hank replied straightforwardly.
      Very quickly, Professor X brought Tony to the office. There were also the Diamond Wolf, the Demonic Woman and the others who came in. Of course, there was also Su Ke!
      Although Professor X didn’t want Tony to know about Su Ke’s existence, he understood that with Su Ke’s current strength, he could n’ t hide it at all, so he decided to leave him alone.
      Moreover, with Tony’s ability, he could n’ t do anything to Su Ke…
      After Tony drank three glasses of water in one gulp, Professor X asked,” Speak, Tony, what are you here for today?”
      Seeing this, Tony didn’t bother to ask. He directly said,” You are here at the mutated human school. I came here naturally for the mutated human. Could it be for the alien?”
      In the last sentence, Tony was obviously referring to Su Ke, but he was ignored by Professor X. However, Tony’s words still aroused his interest
      “Tell me, what’s going on?”
      Professor X spoke slowly.
      Although Tony Stark was a playboy in everyone’s eyes, his words were too unreliable, but this was a mutated human school. Professor X~ believed that Tony would definitely not joke about the mutated human here!*

      Chapter 13 White Queen and Red Tank

      “To put it simply, two extremely powerful mutated humans have suddenly appeared in New York City recently. One of them is a girl. Her ability is that she can turn into a diamond shape, and she also has extremely powerful telepathic senses. The other one is very big. They call him Red Tank Ke, a mutated human with super power. These two guys have caused me a headache recently, so I hope you can send someone to solve it!”
      Tony said.
      Diamond form?Telepathy?
      Wait… Isn’ t this the White Queen?
      Hearing Tony mention the characteristics of the mutated human girl, Su Ke immediately guessed that what Tony said should be the White Queen!
      Queen White’s original name was Emma Grace Frost. Her abilities were telepathic and diamond-shaped. When she turned her body into a diamond, she could almost be immune to any physical attack.
      As for Red Tank Ke, it was also an absolutely dangerous super villain. The original name of Red Tank Ke was Keine Mark. It was a huge body with a height of 287cm and a weight of 1600kg. Its power was comparable to that of the Hulk and Thunder God. Its collision ability could instantly destroy the building. His body was almost invincible. It could even resist Thunder God’s Hammer and Diamond Wolf’s Edman alloy steel claws. When Red Tank Ke’s body was activated, nothing could stop him.
      To put it simply, this guy was a replica of the Hulk.
      In the Death Servant 2 movie, the guy who was particularly eye-catching and successfully pulled the Death Servant in half was Red Tank!
      Tony should not have produced anti-Hork armor yet. The White Queen and Red Tank were indeed enough for him. No wonder he would ask Professor X for help!
      When Professor X heard this, he was a little silent. A moment later, he said,” Tony, you should go down and rest first. I will definitely give you an answer by tomorrow morning!”
      This was a mutated human’s matter. Professor X couldn’ t ignore it, but Queen White and Red Tank were extremely dangerous. He needed to make a proper plan!
      “Well… I still have something else to ask you.”
      Tony was not in a hurry to leave. Instead, he suddenly stood up and looked at Professor X with a look of curiosity.
      Professor X naturally knew what Tony wanted to ask. In his opinion, this was something that he could not hide from, so he decided not to hide.
      “Half a month ago, my satellite detected that an alien life capsule landed in your school. If I’m right, that alien should still be in your school, right?”I want to see him!”
      Tony said.
      “What do you want to see him do?Was he trying to turn him into a specimen?”Still want to solve him?”
      Before Professor X could say anything, the Wolf King opened his mouth first. When he said that, he even gave Su Ke a pleased look.
      Su Ke was speechless.
      “Don’ t misunderstand!”
      Tony waved his hand and said,” I’ m not interested in this kind of thing. I’ m just curious. Before, there was already a guy in our world who was wearing pants and was flying around in the sky. Then came another guy who could summon lightning with a hammer. I’ m rather curious. What kind of guy would he be here this time?”
      Without a doubt, what Tony was talking about was naturally Superman and Thor…
      Although Su Ke had already known that this world was a world after Manwei and DC merged, Su Ke still felt a little awkward when he heard about Superman from Iron Man.
      For a moment, he could not help but think of the topics that had been debated endlessly in his previous life…
      Batman and Iron Man, who is powerful…
      Superman and Hulk…
      Mie Ba and Daxed were the true overlords of the universe…
      When he came to this world, Su Ke felt that he still had time to verify it!
      “Tony, I can promise you to see him, but you have to promise me that you can not reveal his true identity!”
      Just as Su Ke was thinking, Professor X’s voice rang again.
      Suk’s alien identity was no longer a secret in the mutated human school. The children in the mutated human school quickly accepted Suk’s identity. After all, in the eyes of all humans, mutated humans were like aliens. This was also why others could accept Suk’s identity.
      However, it was clear that Su Ke’s identity was too difficult for normal humans to accept. After all, even the superman who grew up on Earth was still an alien from some humans!
      “Of course!”Tony smiled.” But you’re making me more and more curious about Professor. I wonder what this new alien friend looks like. Is it eight eyes or eight legs?Or was it the same as ET?ET, you should know?”It’s a movie…”
      As Tony spoke more and more absurdly, Su Ke was completely speechless. The Diamond Wolf on the side was almost laughing to death.
      In order not to let this guy continue speaking nonsense, Su Ke could only walk over and say expressionlessly,” Hello, I’ m the alien you’ re looking for. My name is Su Ke!”
      For a moment, Tony suddenly could not laugh.
      There were actually two versions of Red Tank Ke. One of them was Red Tank Ke, which was not a mutated human, but a certain evil god. However, in the X-Men series and Death Servant 2, Red Tank Ke had appeared as a mutated human, so it was still set as a mutated human!)*

      Chapter 14 Participating in the Mission!Ask for a vote!)

      Although Tony had noticed Su Ke walking in with Professor X and the others from the start, this did not attract his attention. He only thought Su Ke was a mutated human. After all, Su Ke was no different from ordinary humans!
      But who would have thought?It was this young man who didn’t look like he was an alien?
      Before coming here, Tony had already made plans to communicate with the aliens. After all, from Professor X’s previous attitude, that alien shouldn’ t be a threat to Earth.
      But what he said earlier seemed to have offended Su Ke…
      The atmosphere started to feel awkward…
      Tony laughed awkwardly before saying,” I was just joking just now, and obviously, you don’ t have eight legs and you don’ t look like ET either…”
      Su Ke was speechless again. This guy really knows how to chat…
      Sensing something was wrong with the atmosphere, Professor X hurriedly said,” Alright, Tony, you should go rest first. I’ ll give you an answer soon about what you said!”
      “No problem, then Professor, I’ ll wait for your good news!”
      Tony was eager to leave this place. Hearing this, he greeted Professor X and left.
      “I never liked this guy!”
      As soon as Tony left, the Wolf King suddenly took a sip of his cigar and said.
      Su Ke was amused. Based on his previous understanding of the Wolf King, it seemed that this guy had some problems with the Avengers Alliance, especially Hao Ke. As soon as they met, they would basically fight to the death. No one knew what was going on.
      “Then let’s talk about what Tony said earlier!”
      Professor X said,” Actually, not long ago, I found a mutated human with telepathy in New York City. They called her White Queen, but she seems to be immune to telepathy, so I couldn’ t find his exact location. I didn’ t expect Tony to find her in the end. Apart from White Queen, Hong Tan Ke is also a very troublesome opponent. Luo Gen, I’ m going to leave this mission to you!”
      As Professor X spoke, his gaze turned towards the Diamond Wolf.
      The King Kong Wolf had always been an extremely powerful combat power among all the mutated humans. This matter was naturally left to him.
      Originally, steel warriors were better suited to this mission than the Diamond Wolf. However, steel warriors were currently on other missions with the Iceman, Little Naughty, and some other mutated humans outside, so this mission could only be done by the Diamond Wolf!
      When the Wolf King heard this, he frowned and said,” Professor, I’ m not worried about Red Tank. I’ m worried about the mutated human with telepathic feelings you mentioned. This will be very troublesome.”
      “I know!”
      Professor X nodded and said,” That’s why I won’ t let you go alone on this mission. Qin’s performance has been quite good recently. I’ m going to let Qin go with you!”
      When the Wolf King heard this, his hand unconsciously trembled and the cigar between his fingers fell to the ground.
      “Professor, I think it’s better for you to carefully consider this matter…”
      The Diamond Wolf said seriously.
      When the Phoenix power in Qin Gray’s body had gone berserk, the Diamond Wolf was beside him. That time, it actually made him feel the threat of death
      And he had not felt this way for a long time!
      He knew what kind of power it was, and what kind of danger it would be if it went berserk. After all, he was not Professor X. He could help Qin Gray control the Phoenix power in his body!
      Although the Wolf King didn’t say anything, Professor X and the others still understood the Wolf King’s concern. Hank said hesitantly,” Professor, I also feel that this is a bit inappropriate…”
      “Professor, I also want to participate in this mission!”
      At this moment, Su Ke’s voice suddenly rang.
      It had been more than half a month since he arrived on Earth. Su Ke had been staying at the mutated human school for more than half a month, and he had never been there before. It was finally time to go out and take a look. After all, he was not a mutated human and could not have stayed at the mutated human school all the time.
      Professor X was silent.
      In less than half a month, Su Ke had learned all the knowledge and fighting skills they knew. They no longer had anything to teach Su Ke anymore. Moreover, Su Ke had come to Earth to live on Earth. In that case, he had to integrate into human life, not stay with mutated humans forever.
      After all, he was not a mutated human!
      In addition, if Suke were to go together, this mission would be much easier. After all, no matter if it was the White Queen or Red Tank, neither of them seemed to be Suke’s opponent. Moreover, with Suke around, there was no need to worry that the Phoenix power in Qin Green’s body would explode!*

      Chapter 15: Impressive Iron Man

      With this thought, Professor X nodded and said,” Yes, but child, I still have a request. I hope that you can temporarily disguise yourself as a mutated human. After all, compared to your status as an alien, the identity of a mutated human is easier to accept!”
      “I promise you!”
      Su Ke nodded.
      When Su Ke had just transmigrated into this world, his planet had been destroyed by his elder brother. After that, he came to the mutated human school. Although he didn’t live here for a long time, to him, this place was equivalent to his home.
      Professor x~ was like a kind elder. The King Kong Wolf was like a teacher or a brother, Hank was like a big brother, and the devil-shaped woman was like a big sister.
      Especially with the existence of Qin Gray, Su Ke felt like he was home here.
      It was also because of this that Su Ke had lived here peacefully. Otherwise, with his strength, who could stop him if he wanted to leave?
      No matter what, with Suke’s participation, King Kong Wolf, Hank and the others were relieved to let Qin Green go together.
      Just like that, the people who went to New York were finally certain. King Kong Wolf led the team, Su Ke and Qin followed.
      Time passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, the next morning…
      “Do I really need to wear it like this?”
      Su Ke looked at the neat outfit in front of him, speechless.
      At this moment, what appeared in front of him wasn’t anything else, but a set of special equipment for the X-War Police. It looked quite handsome, but Su Ke was a little embarrassed because it reminded him of the high school life in front of him…
      The era of uniform…
      “Ever since the Magnificent King made a scene in Washington, the professor has customized this kind of equipment in order to separate us from mutated humans like Magnificent King. Moreover, this kind of equipment was confirmed by Mr. President. Simply put, as long as you put on this set of equipment, the police and local government officials will not come to trouble us!”
      Hank explained to the side.
      And this kind of benefit?
      Hearing Hank’s words, Su Ke did n’ t say anything anymore. He picked a suitable set and put it on.
      On the side, the Diamond Wolf and Qin Gray were also dressed up.
      This was Qin Gray’s first mission. Before this, Qin Gray had always stayed at the mutated human school and had never been on a mission. Even though Professor X had explained everything, she was still a little nervous.
      Su Ke stretched out his hand and gently pulled on Qin Gray’s hand.” Qin, don’ t be afraid. Everything has me!”
      This was not an empty sentence, but a promise.
      He would always protect Qin Gray, the girl he loved, and everything around him!
      In the future, the appearance of Tianqi, the fact that the X-Men was on the verge of extinction, and the arrival of his elder brother’s destruction would cause everything in this world to panic.
      But no matter what, Su Ke would keep his promise!
      He would definitely protect everything he loved and cared about!
      With Su Ke’s consolation, Qin Gray’s mood finally relaxed…
      On the other side, Hank constantly warned the Wolf King about killing people!
      The Wolf King was the backbone of the X-Men. He had been on many missions, and every time he was on a mission, he would have a very serious social impact. If those bad guys were to fall into his hands, they would most likely die!
      Facing Hank’s warning, the Wolf King replied impatiently. However, there was an indifferent expression in his eyes. Clearly, he didn’ t take Hank’s words seriously…
      Su Ke knew that the Vajra Wolf was a special existence in War X. The rest of them were on the principle of not killing people. Only the Vajra Wolf was an exception. He never cared about this, so he did not care about it.
      After everything was ready, the three of them arrived in front of the X-Men special plane. After looking around, the wolf asked curiously,” What a strange thing. Where’s that tin can?”
      Needless to say, Iron Can was naturally Iron Man!
      “Hello, are you looking for me?”
      As a sound rang out, a steel armor suddenly appeared in the air. It seemed extremely windy. The mutated human girls nearby could not help but scream.
      The Iron Man was indeed worthy of being a flatterer!
      “I really hate this guy!”
      After spitting out a mouthful of saliva, the Wolf King walked into the plane.
      Su Ke had the ability to fly, so he naturally did not need to fly. However, when he flew, Tony was somewhat surprised.
      After he recovered, Tony chased after him.*

      Chapter 16: Avengers Alliance!Ask for a vote!)

      Because of the previous incident of the Magnificent King causing trouble in Washington, ordinary humans already knew about the existence of mutated humans. In addition, Tony had previously admitted that he was a Iron Man in front of reporters, so when Suke, Tony, and the Diamond Wolf came to New York City, they did not cause much commotion.
      Even so, the flirtatious Tony led the group of girls below to scream.
      At this moment, Su Ke was too lazy to bother with Tony. He flew over New York City and observed everything in this bustling city. He really had a strange impulse in his heart.
      Sure enough, the life of the mutated human school was not suitable for him. He was still more suitable for modern urban life.
      “With regard to the two mutated human robberies in New York City, I’ m sure this matter must have something to do with Spider-Man. Spider-Man is a worm, a worm that lives in New York City, jumping and jumping. I call on everyone to drive Spider-Man out of New York City and let this city have a better life…”
      At this moment, a huge sound suddenly came from below.
      Suke lowered his head and looked at it. He almost burst out laughing. At this moment, there was a huge LCD screen below. It was James, the boss of the Horn Daily. At this moment, James was still scolding Spider-Man as usual.
      Of course, he even put the mutated human’s matter on Spider-Man’s head.
      With such a guy, Spider-Man was really unlucky!
      But since they had arrived in New York City, it seemed that it was a little unreasonable to not see Spider-Man…
      “Suke, you’ re called Suke, right?”
      Just as he was thinking, Tony’s voice suddenly rang in Su Ke’s ear.
      Su Ke rolled his eyes. He knew that Tony must have something to say, so he directly said,” Alright, Tony, if you have something to say, just say it!”
      Tony smiled first, then said,” What are your plans after this matter is over? Are you going to stay at the mutated human school or what?”If you’ re willing, you can stay here. I…”
      What?”Are you inviting me to join the Avengers Alliance?”
      Before Tony could finish, Su Ke suddenly spoke and interrupted him.
      The Avengers Alliance?”Wait… how did you know about this?”
      Tony asked in surprise. It had to be known that the Avengers Alliance was only one of his thoughts, and it had not really been implemented. He had never told anyone about this, right?
      For a moment, Su Ke quickly reacted. It seemed that the Avengers Alliance had not been established yet…
      Just as he was about to explain, Tony suddenly thought of something. Then he said with a face full of frustration,” Looks like Professor X has read my memories again. Isn’ t this guy saying he won’ t read my memories anymore?”
      Obviously, Tony was convinced that Professor X had read his thoughts and told Su Ke.
      Seeing this, Su Ke was too lazy to explain anything.
      Poor Professor X, just like that, he carried a black pot for Su Ke.
      After complaining about Professor X, Tony said again,” That’s right, that’s probably what it means anyway. After this matter is settled, I hope you can join the Avengers Alliance. I always feel that this world will encounter some kind of danger in the future. And this kind of danger is not something that I can handle alone. I need your help!”
      It was a good idea to join the Avengers Alliance, but don’t forget that he still had a super villain, Elder Brother, to destroy the Avengers. Moreover, he was n’ t the kind of person who could team up…
      Su Ke could only laugh as he thought about this.” Let’s talk about this later. We should deal with the Red Tank~K and White Queen first.”
      Tony wasn’t angry at Su Ke’s reply, because if he didn’t refuse, it meant there was hope. Anyway, he definitely would n’ t give up trying to rope in Su Ke’s powerful strength!
      After flying for a while, he finally arrived at the Stark Building, the future Avengers Alliance base. It had to be said that Tony was really generous. His Stark Building was almost the most eye-catching building in New York City.
      As expected of a flirt!
      Tony and Stark landed steadily on the roof of the building, followed by the Diamond Wolf and Qin Gray.
      “Tony, you’ re finally back!”
      As soon as they entered the Stark Building, a sexy woman walked in with a look of concern. Needless to say, this was naturally Tony’s official girlfriend, Little Pepper.
      “Honey, I’ m fine. By the way, let me introduce you. These are the mutated human heroes I invited from School X. They will help me deal with Red Tank and White Queen.”
      As he removed his armor, Tony introduced Little Pepper.
      In fact, without introducing Little Pepper, they already knew their identities through the clothes Su Ke and the others wore.
      “Ladies, welcome to New York!”
      Little Pepper said warmly.*

      Chapter 17 Spider-Man!Ask for a vote!)

      Facing Little Pepper’s enthusiasm, even the Diamond Wolf, who had always been biased against Tony, could n’ t put on a show,
      Although that was the case, the Wolf King still sat down on the sofa and asked,” Do you have any alcohol?”I’ m used to drinking some wine before I leave the mission!”
      “Of course, we have everything here. What do you need?”
      Little Pepper quickly said.
      “Vogat can do it!”As the Wolf King spoke, he looked at Su Ke and Qin Gray.” Kid, what do you two want?”
      “No need!”
      Su Ke waved his hand and said,” I’ m going to go out with Qin and see if I can find Red Tank and Queen White!”
      He really could not enjoy it!
      Shaking his head, the Diamond Wolf no longer said anything. Although he was leading the team this time, he understood that he could not order Su Ke. Su Ke might not listen to him either, so he could not be bothered to say anything.
      Instead, Tony suddenly thought of something and handed Su Ke a black card.” Suke, I’m sorry for yesterday’s incident. This is a credit card. Even if it’s my previous apology, please accept it!
      War policeman X didn’t have any salary. Su Ke did n’ t have any money on his body. Qin Gray was the same. Originally, Su Ke had been thinking about how to spend some money, but he hadn’t expected that the money would be delivered to his door.
      With this thought, Su Ke did not hold back. He smiled and took the credit card that Tony had handed him. Only then did he leave with Qin.
      Su Ke and Qin had just left when Little Pepper said worriedly to King Kong Wolf,” Mr. Logan, Red Tank and Queen White are very dangerous. Do you want these two children to look for them?”What if they are injured?”
      In Little Pepper’s opinion, even though Su Ke was a mutated human and possessed great power, they were still only two children aged fifteen or sixteen. It was too dangerous for them to act alone.
      Hearing this, Luo Gen felt that it was funny.
      One was a telepathic person with Phoenix power, and the other was an alien with super power, super speed, and ability that had not yet been fully developed. Just these two guys went out and not letting others get hurt was not bad. Who could hurt them?
      Wasn’t this a joke?
      “Little Pepper, don’ t worry. They’ re not ordinary children. Don’ t worry!”
      Tony said with a relaxed expression.
      Seeing this, Little Pepper could not say anything.
      Coming to the downstairs of the Stark Building, Suk naturally took Tony’s luxurious car and then took Qin to the center of New York City.
      In his previous life, Su Ke was just a young man who was seventeen or eighteen years old. The same was true in this life. At his age, he naturally liked to play. Now that he had finally come to New York City with great difficulty, he naturally had to play hard.
      As for the mission, it was better to talk about it later. Anyway, there was no news about Red Tank and White Queen at this moment.
      Qin hadn’t been to New York City for a long time. She looked through the window at the city full of life. She was also excited.
      Then, she thought of something and turned to look at Su Ke who was driving.” Suke, are we going to look for Red Tank~ke and Empress White right now?”
      “Of course not!”Su Ke said,” It’s hard to come out. I’ ll take you to have a good time first. As for Red Tank and White Queen, let’s talk about it later!”
      At this moment, Qin was just a fifteen-year-old girl. She was at the age of playfulness. In the past, when she was at the mutated human school, she had become extremely lonely because she was afraid of her own strength. She did not communicate with anyone, nor was she willing to go out. However, since Su Ke arrived, her personality had changed dramatically.
      At this moment, she was just a playful little girl.
      With a sweet smile, Qin didn’t say anything anymore. She just looked at Su Ke with a warm gaze.
      Since it was a shopping trip, the X-Men outfit was too conspicuous. After stopping at a high-end clothing store, Su Ke took Qin and walked in.
      When they came out, the two of them wore expensive designer clothes. At the same time, Suke also knew that the credit card Tony had given him was worth $5 million, which surprised him.
      But no matter what, he was not short of money now.
      After buying their clothes, the two of them came to a high-end restaurant. Because the two of them were dressed beautifully and were driving high-end sports cars, the waiter was naturally enthusiastic.
      “Sir, look, this is our specialty. The taste is very good. I recommend you…”
      Just as the waiter was warmly introducing his signature dish, a loud explosion sounded from above. Following that, a red and blue figure fell with a pile of broken stones.
      This sudden change caused the guests in the dining room to scream, and then they fled.
      In the next second, a spider web head peeked out of the rubble and said in a speechless manner,” Damn it, it must be too late to go home now. Aunt Mei will definitely scold me…”
      Not far away, Su Ke was also speechless. He had not expected that he would actually meet Spider-Man on such an occasion…*

      Chapter 18 Spider-Man and Professor Lizard!)

      It wasn’t easy for Spider-Man to stand up from the ruins. He shouted at the people in the dining room,” I’ m sorry to disturb everyone’s lunchtime, but I ca n’ t do anything about it. Who could have caused another giant lizard monster to appear in this city?”From Spider-Man’s advice, if you don’ t want to be eaten by the giant lizard, leave this place quickly.”
      Obviously, even if Spider-Man didn’t say anything, no one was willing to stay here anymore, because in the next second, a huge green monster suddenly descended from the sky and smashed into a nearby place.
      From the look of the monster, it was clearly a large green lizard!
      Su Ke was amused. He did not expect to see Spider-Man this time, but also one of Spider-Man’s enemies, Professor Lizard!
      Professor Curtis Kot Conners, a former military doctor, became a university biology professor after his retirement. Because he lost his right arm during the war, he had been studying limb regeneration.
      Later, according to the lizard’s ability to regenerate its tail, it generated inspiration. It developed a drug containing lizard DNA serum and injected it into its body. Unexpectedly, the drug had a strong side effect. Although Conus successfully regenerated his severed arm, at the same time, it became a monster of half a human and half a lizard.
      When he was a human, he was a very kind human, but when he was a lizard, he was just a cruel and cold-blooded killer!
      “Hey, what happened to you two?Why didn’t he go out yet?”This is not a place for ordinary people to stay!”
      Following that, Spider-Man also discovered Su Ke and Qin. This surprised him a little. He did not expect that there would be someone here.
      Su Ke smiled,” Don’ t worry about us, Spider-Man, just do your job!”
      “You guys… bad!”
      Spider-Man was just about to say something when the spider senses in his mind suddenly gave a warning. Turning around, he saw the lizard man already swinging his huge tail towards him. He couldn’t dodge in time and was instantly sent flying. Then, he slammed into the wall.
      Qin looked at Spider-Man worriedly and then said to Su Ke,” Su Ke, should we help him?”
      “Help him?Stupid human, who do you think you are?”How dare you say such big words!”
      Before Su Ke could reply, the lizard man who was not far away spoke. He then started to target Su Ke and Qin and walked over step by step.
      The first time Qin saw such a monster, she immediately became nervous.
      “Don’ t be afraid. Everything has me!”
      Su Ke looked at the lizard not far away and said with a playful expression,” This is a bit ironic. Dr. Connors, before you became this monster, weren’ t you an ordinary human?”
      When the lizard man heard this, his steps suddenly stopped.
      He never thought that this unremarkable child in front of him would actually know his true identity. He had never told anyone about this.
      What?Dr. Connors?”You think this lizard monster is Dr. Connors?”
      Spider-Man descended from the sky and said in disbelief.
      Spider-Man knew Dr. Connors because Dr. Connors was a famous person in the field of biological research, and he had come to Spider-Man’s school to teach.
      However, Spider-Man still couldn’t connect this monster to that kind-hearted doctor because the difference was too big.
      “Stupid human… So what if you know about this?”I… I’ ll kill you all!”
      As the lizard man spoke, his entire body suddenly swelled up and became stronger.
      He pointed his sharp fingernails at Su Ke and said,” The first one starts with you!”
      Su Ke wasn’t angry either. On the contrary, he felt that this was an opportunity, the first opportunity in real combat!
      Seeing that the lizardman was about to attack Su Ke, Spider-Man panicked. He quickly said,” Don’ t, just come at me if there’s anything. I’ m your opponent. Don’ t hurt innocent people!”
      As he spoke, Spider-Man was ready to attack.
      Su Ke did not want Spider-Man to interfere in this matter, even though this was originally Spider-Man’s enemy.
      “Qin, stop him!”
      As soon as Su Ke spoke, Qin immediately understood what he meant. Following that, Qin’s gaze turned towards Spider-Man and telepathically activated it. Spider-Man only felt as if his body was being controlled, unable to move at all!
      What happened?
      Spider-Man was stunned.
      On the other side, the lizard man had already brandished his huge claws towards Su Ke. His white claws made people shiver, while Su Ke still had an expressionless face.
      Just as the lizard man’s claws were about to pierce Su Ke’s body, Su Ke finally moved!
      In an instant, the lizard man felt a flash in front of him. Su Ke’s figure suddenly disappeared, and then a chill suddenly came from behind him.
      At the back!
      The lizard man was shocked. He quickly turned his head and saw a fist strike at him.
      With a huge boom, a wave of air began to spread out in all directions. In an instant, all the glass in the restaurant was blown apart. The air continued to spread outwards, shattering all the glass in the car with the restaurant as the center.
      Apart from that, the earth began to tremble, as if it was an earthquake.
      After the smoke dissipated, a huge pit with a diameter of ten meters appeared in the dining hall. Within the pit was the unconscious lizard man who was beaten up by Su Ke with a punch!
      Spider-Man was completely stunned!*

      Chapter 19 Divine Shield Bureau!!!)

      This was not the first time Spider-Man had fought Professor Lizard. They had fought several times before, but almost every time they ended up with Spider-Man failing. There were even several times when Spider-Man was almost killed by Professor Lizard!
      It was also because of this that Spider-Man knew that the power that Professor Lizard possessed was extremely powerful!
      But now, such a powerful lizard professor was actually killed by this young man in front of him. How powerful this fellow must be!
      Qin didn’t have much reaction to the outcome of this matter, because it was the most normal thing for her. After all, according to Hank’s test, Su Ke’s strength should be limitless. Defeating a monster was nothing.
      After defeating Professor Lizard, Qin no longer controlled Spider-Man’s movements. As soon as her telepathic senses were removed, Spider-Man suddenly fell to the ground. However, he reacted quickly enough and leaped up with a gentle push of his hands.
      “Wow, is this telepathy?Are you mutants?”And… you’ re really powerful. You actually killed this guy with a single punch!”
      As soon as they landed on the ground, Spider-Man came to Su Ke and Qin’s side and said in a surprised tone.
      Su Ke shook his head lightly and said,” I thought this guy should have stronger strength, but it seems like I’ m overthinking it. This guy’s strength is too weak!”
      Spider-Man was speechless. How was this guy weak?It was clearly because you were too powerful, okay?
      Even so, Spider-Man still reached out to Su Ke in a friendly manner.
      “Hello, I’ m Spider-Man!”
      “My name is Su Ke, from… Mutant School, this is Qin!”
      Halfway through the conversation, Su Ke suddenly thought of Professor X’s instructions and quickly changed his tone.
      “My guess is right. You guys are really mutated humans!”Speaking of which, I’ ve encountered a few mutated humans before. One of them is huge. Even Tank can’ t do anything to him. There’s also a person who can turn into a diamond…”
      Spider-Man seemed to have heard something.
      Hearing this, Su Ke and Qin could not help but look at each other. They did not expect that they would actually get news of Red Tank and White Queen here.
      Then, just as Su Ke was about to ask what was going on, a loud sound rang out outside the door.
      “Listen to the people inside. You are already surrounded by Divine Shield Bureau. Please put down your weapons and launch a sneak attack immediately!”
      Divine Shield Bureau?Why are these guys here?
      Su Ke was a little surprised, but then he was relieved. After all, this was a beautiful world. No matter what happened, it was normal.
      On the other hand, Qin and Spider-Man were somewhat nervous when they heard this sound.
      Spider-Man looked at Dr. Connors, who had gradually become human, and said,” Dr. Connors is a good person. I can’ t let him fall into the hands of Divine Shield Bureau. I have to take him out of here!”
      Qin leaned over to Su Ke’s side and whispered,” Su Ke, the Divine Shield Bureau has never accepted mutants. The professor said before that we can’ t have a conflict with the Divine Shield Bureau. Let’s hurry and leave!”
      Su Ke naturally did not care about S.H.I. Shield Bureau. With his current strength, S.H.I. Shield Bureau could not do anything to him, but considering Qin, he finally nodded.
      “Spider-Man, follow me!”
      After saying this, Su Ke hugged Qin in his arms and flew out of the cave that Professor Lizard had knocked open from the roof.
      “Alright, this guy can actually fly!”
      Spider-Man speechlessly looked at Su Ke and said. He then carried Dr. Connors on his shoulder and shot out a spider silk from his wrist.
      When the Divine Shield Bureau rushed inside, there was already no one here.
      In the pit, a one-eyed black man frowned and observed the surroundings. Then, he looked at an S.I.E.I. Shield Agent behind him and said,” Phil, who do you think this is?”
      “I don’ t know!”
      Phil Colson looked down at the document and said,” But according to our database, there seems to be special cosmic energy here.”
      “Universe energy?”You said this was done by aliens?”
      Nick Frey’s eyes lit up as if he had thought of something.
      On the other side, Su Ke, Qin, and Spider-Man also stopped in a remote place.
      First, he carefully tried to see if Dr. Connors was breathing. After confirming that Dr. Connors was still alive, Spider-Man breathed a sigh of relief.
      “Don’ t be so happy too early. He’s just temporarily recovering his human form. The effect of the serum is still there. It won’ t be long before he becomes a lizard man!”
      Su Ke said indifferently.
      Spiderman was dumbfounded when he heard this. He thought to himself that this matter had not been played anymore.*

      Chapter 20 Mutant Personality Arena

      “Could it be that there’s no way for Dr. Connors to return to normal?”
      Spider-Man asked unwillingly.
      “I’ m not sure about that, but it’s because of the lizard DNA serum that he became like this. If he can optimize this serum or create a corresponding antidote, it should be able to help him recover!”
      Su Ke said thoughtfully.
      “That’s right!”Why didn’ t I expect it?”
      When Spider-Man heard this, he was instantly amused. When he looked at Dr. Connors again, he finally let out a sigh of relief.
      After all, he had a good relationship with Dr. Connors. He really did not want to just watch Dr. Connors become a monster or be locked up forever.
      Because of Su Ke’s punch, Dr. Connors was still in deep sleep so far. He could n’ t shout out. Spider-Man didn’t know where his home was, and the Divine Shield Bureau was still looking for them. Spider-Man could only wait until evening to send Dr. Connors back.
      Taking this opportunity, Qin quickly asked,” Oh right, you said you’ ve seen two mutated humans before. One of them has the ability to turn itself into a diamond. Do you remember where you saw them?”
      “Of course I remember, but…”
      Spiderman hesitated.
      Looking at Spider-Man’s expression, Qin did not continue asking. With a thought, she instantly got the information she wanted.
      But at that moment, her face turned ugly again.
      “What’s wrong?”
      Su Ke asked doubtfully.
      “Mutant Personality Arena… There’s a Mutant Personality Arena in New York City… Red Tank and White Queen are there. Besides that, there are other mutated humans…”
      Qin said nervously.
      Hearing this, Spider-Man cried out in shock.” What?You… how did you know?I didn’ t say anything?Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!!! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!! Hey!!Was there a need for this?”I will definitely tell you…”
      Spider-Man was annoyed. The reason why he was hesitant was because he had been to the Mutant Personality Arena, and he did not want anyone to know about this.
      But now, it seemed that it was already a little late.
      Ignoring Spider-Man who had been complaining, Su Ke finally understood why Qin was so nervous when she heard the mutated personality arena.
      In the Maneuver world, ever since people learned about the existence of mutated humans and the powerful power of mutated humans, the mutated humans began to receive the attention of some people!
      These people included the gangsters, the rich and the army!
      What was most common among them was the mutated personality arena that filled every place!
      The fighting of ordinary humans was no longer something new. People were no longer surprised. Compared to this, the fighting between mutated humans with all kinds of abilities was what those rich people expected!
      Just like that, the Mutant Personality Arena came into being. But of course, apart from a few of the Mutants who participated in combat voluntarily, most of them were forced to participate or were forcibly captured.
      Su Ke had seen many comics and movies about the X-Men before. In fact, most of them mentioned the mutated human arena. It was worth mentioning that because the mutated humans possessed powerful strength, the battle between them usually ended with death!
      This was a contempt for the mutated human’s life!
      Professor X, as a powerful mutated human, naturally wouldn’t let such a thing happen and ignore it. However, this type of mutated personality arena was usually well hidden, and it would shift from time to time. Therefore, Professor X had always been powerless and could only save one.
      Wait… If this was true, then wouldn’ t it mean that Red Tank and White Queen were forced to do something bad?
      Su Ke shook his head because he suddenly thought that the Red Tank~K family was completely a villain. Regardless of whether they were forced or not, this guy had always been doing bad things. On the other hand, Empress White. Although she had appeared as a villain in the beginning, she had finally become an X-Men.
      No matter what, it seemed like he had to go to the mutated personality arena. However, this matter could not be carried with Qin. After all, that place was too dangerous…
      “Suke, we have to go back. We need to tell Teacher Luo and Professor Luo about this!”
      Just as she was thinking about it, Qin suddenly grabbed Su Ke’s arm and said with a nervous expression.
      What did he really think of…
      Su Ke’s heart skipped a beat, but he said seriously,” Qin, you’ re right. Then I’ ll leave this matter to you. Quickly go back to Teacher Luo Gen and discuss with the professor what to do. I’ ll stay here and continue to investigate!”
      What?”Aren’ t you going back with me?”
      Qin asked worriedly.
      “We still don’ t know where the mutated personality arena is. I’ m going to have Spider-Man take me to look for it. Don’ t worry, with my strength, do you think someone can hurt me?”
      Su Ke smiled and said.
      Seeing this, Qin could not help but say something. After telling Su Ke a few more words, she left.
      After Qin left, Su Ke looked at Spider-Man behind him and said,” Now, please take me with you!”*

      Chapter 21 Dive into the Mutant Personality Arena!

      “Are you sure you want to go?”Spider-Man said reluctantly,” That place is much more dangerous than you think. And I’ m still here to look at Professor Connors. It’s really hard to leave!”
      Obviously, Spider-Man did not want to go to the Mutant Personality Arena.
      Su Ke was not angry either. He just smiled and said,” What?”Is Peter Parker scared?”
      “Fear?Are you kidding me? I didn’t… Wait… What did you just call me?”How do you know my name?”
      Spider-Man rushed in front of Su Ke and asked in shock.
      One had to know that his identity had always been a secret. No one else but him knew about it. This was simply too strange!
      Su Ke only found it funny, but he still said mysteriously,” Don’ t care how I know. In short, I need your help!”
      New York City was very big. The mutated personality arena had been deliberately hidden. In addition to being unfamiliar with New York City, it was too difficult for Su Ke to find the mutated personality arena. That was why he wanted Spider-Man to lead the way.
      Even though it was a little strange…
      After hesitating for a while, Spider-Man pulled off the mask on his face and said helplessly,” Alright, I promise to take you, but I can only help you in. I can’ t go in with you. And my identity, you have to help me keep it a secret. I can’ t tell anyone!”
      “Don’ t worry!”
      Su Ke smiled.
      After hiding Connus in a secret place, he took off his spider suit. Spider-Man took Su Ke and left.
      When night fell, the two of them finally arrived at a hotel that looked very high-end. There were all kinds of luxury cars parked outside the hotel. There were bodyguards everywhere, and each of them was equipped with a pistol. Obviously, it was not an ordinary place!
      “Is the mutated personality arena you’ re talking about here?”
      Looking at the hotel not far away, Su Ke asked softly.
      Peter Parker, who had already taken off Spider-Man’s coat, nodded.” That’s right, it’s here. The Mutant Personality Arena is dozens of meters deep underground in this hotel. This hotel is just a cover.”
      At this point, Peter Parker added,” Mutant Personality Arena is not open to outsiders. Those who are able to enter this place are all familiar people, so this method naturally can’ t be done. Moreover, this place can’ t be forced into. Once threatened, the Mutant Personality Arena will be closed quickly, and the mutated humans will be quickly transferred. This way, you’ ll come for nothing.”
      Su Ke was curious because Spider-Man seemed to know too much about this mutant personality arena, right?
      With that thought, he asked,” I’ m really curious. Why do you know this place so well?”
      Peter Parker’s face turned red at first, then he said awkwardly,” When I first obtained the ability of a spider, I was mistaken for a mutated human being caught by them, so…”
      Su Ke was speechless.
      However, he still said,” Alright, thank you for sending me here. I’ ll leave the rest to me. You go, Professor Connors should be awake now!”
      When Peter Parker heard this, he suddenly remembered that Professor Connors was still lying in the wilderness!
      “Then I’ ll go first. Be careful!”
      After speaking in a low voice, Peter Parker left.
      It might not be easy for others to enter this place silently, but it was not so for Su Ke. Among his many abilities, there was also super speed!
      Although this speed wasn’t as fast as Lightning Knight’s, it was something that most people would never notice!
      “Sir, please show me your membership card!”
      At the entrance of the hotel, two security guards were checking the people entering the hotel. After the guests took out their membership card, they turned aside and made way out.
      But at this moment, the two security guards felt as if something had flashed past their eyes, and even the tie on their chest was blown away.
      Strange?What happened?
      The two of them were puzzled, but with the arrival of the next guest, they didn’ t really care anymore…
      At the same time, Su Ke had already arrived at the mutated personality arena that was dozens of meters deep underground…*

      Chapter 22 Hedgehog and Scorpion Man

      Inside the underground mutated personality arena, there were people who had fallen into a frenzy. Coupled with the dazzling lights, no one could sense Su Ke’s arrival.
      At the center of the arena, there was a rather large arena. The surrounding arena was completely covered by a thick ~ strong grid, leaving no gaps. There was only a small door on one side for the mutated humans to enter.
      There were bloodstains everywhere on the power grid, and there were even burnt skin and flesh hanging in some places. One could see the cruelty of the Mutant Personality Arena!
      Kill him!”Kill him!”
      “Hurry up and kill him!”You bastard!”
      “Damn it, I bought you to win. Hurry up and get up!”
      Su Ke’s gaze also turned towards the arena as a series of shouts rang out.
      At this moment, there were two mutated humans fighting in the arena. One of them was covered in spikes. The one who survived was a hedgehog, and the other had a long scorpion tail. It moved like a scorpion.
      Although Hedgehog was covered in long spikes, the Scorpion Man was not a vegetarian either. He swung his long tail and occasionally pulled out a spike from Hedgehog, causing him to grimace in pain.
      Suke wasn’t interested in such a battle, but he could n’ t help but feel pity for these two guys. After all, everyone could tell that these two guys were completely forced to fight
      Sure enough, in this world, if you are not strong enough, you will be enslaved by others!
      Su Ke sighed slightly in his heart. Only then did Su Ke find a place not far away to sit down. Then, he began to examine the surroundings.
      Spider-Man was right. The security measures here were really well done. Even inside the arena, there were security guards with guns all over the place, and they were constantly observing everything here. Apart from that, there were many cameras around.
      It could be seen that the criminals who ran this place cared about safety!
      Oya!”I knew this kid would win!”
      “Damn it, that scorpion-like guy made me lose fifty thousand dollars!”
      “Hahaha, I won 100,000 USD!”
      Soon, the battle in the arena was decided. The hedgehog man finally defeated the scorpion man, but he was also seriously injured. As for the scorpion man, the hedgehog man’s body was riddled with blood holes of various sizes. However, this guy was stubborn and still alive. It seemed that the hedgehog man had deliberately avoided the vital points.
      In this battle, no one died. It should be considered a better outcome.
      At this moment, Su Ke finally understood the layout of this place.
      With a thought, Su Ke used his super speed. In an instant, Su Ke entered behind an iron gate without anyone noticing. Behind the iron gate was a long corridor. At the end of the corridor was a huge open space. On the open space was a prison-like room. There were all sorts of mutated humans in it. Roughly, there were over thirty people!
      At the same time, in a certain cell, two tall black men were dragging a seventeen or eighteen-year-old man with blindfolds onto a chair from the ground. Then, they took a rope and seemed to be tying him up.
      The man who was blindfolded did not show any resistance, as if he had fainted.
      It was unknown if the strength had increased. The unconscious man who had been blindfolded suddenly shook his body and instantly scared a black man.
      “Damn it, can you be a little lighter?”This guy is a very powerful mutated human. He can emit a red shock wave from his eyes. If he looks at him, we will die!”
      A black man said in shock.
      “What are you afraid of?Did you not see the suppressor on his neck?”There’s nothing to worry about with this thing around!”
      The other black man said impatiently and tied the rope tightly.
      “That’s right, but is n’ t it useless sometimes?”And this guy is too dangerous…”
      “What’s the danger? We… Hmm?”Brat, who are you?”
      The other black man was just about to answer when he suddenly saw a strange figure appearing at the door. He could not help but be stunned.
      Su Ke was too lazy to bother with the two black men. Instead, he looked at the man who was tied to the chair and whose eyes were blindfolded.
      He really did not expect to encounter a laser eye here!*

      Laser Eye

      In War X, the laser eye had always been an extremely important existence!
      The laser eye was originally named Scott Summers. He was a powerful mutated human. His natural eyes had the ability to emit red shock waves. After that, he was recruited by Professor X to join the X-Men. Due to his outstanding leadership ability, he had long served as the captain of the X-Men. After that, he took over as Professor X to become the director of Academy X and became the leader of almost all mutated humans.
      In addition, it was worth mentioning that in the original scenario of the Manway Universe, the laser eye had always been Qin Gray’s standard boyfriend. But of course, with Suke coming to this world, such a thing no longer existed.
      Qin Gray could only belong to Su Ke!
      But to be honest, Su Ke was somewhat surprised to see such a person in this place.
      At this moment, the two black men who were binding the laser eye were getting impatient.
      In an instant, two pistols were aimed at Su Ke.
      “Kid, who are you?This place was absolutely forbidden to outsiders. How did you enter?”If you know what you’ re talking about, then I’ ll be rude!”
      One of them threatened.
      The place where mutated humans were imprisoned had always been their most important place. Entering and exiting this place required the permission of the boss. How could they let a stranger in just like that?This matter must not be simple!
      However, it was clear that their threat was not of any use to Su Ke. Su Ke could not even be bothered to say a word.
      With a cold look in his eyes, a suffocating aura suddenly erupted from Su Ke’s body and rushed towards the two blacks in front of him.
      In an instant, the two black men fell to the ground, completely unconscious.
      This was a domineering power!
      Su Ke snorted disdainfully and slowly walked over. After standing in front of the laser eye, he patted the laser eye and said,” Hey, wake up!”
      Perhaps it was because his strength had increased, the laser eye actually woke up.
      However, the first thing that this guy just raised his head was that he couldn’t wait to tear off the cloth covering his eyes…
      Su Ke was shocked. He thought that it was bad. He hurriedly tried to stop him, but it was still a step too late.
      In an instant, two red shockwaves containing powerful energy shot towards the surroundings. The surrounding buildings were no different from tofu under the power of the red shockwave.
      Su Ke cursed in his heart. He quickly reached out to cover the laser eye’s eyes. The powerful shock wave shot directly into his hand, but it only made him feel a trace of warmth.
      At the same time, the System’s voice rang.
      Ding!”I found that the shock wave energy is absorbing. Please wait a moment…”
      Ignoring the system’s prompt, Su Ke shouted beside his laser eye,” Scott, I’ m not your enemy. I came to save you. Close your eyes!”
      The shock wave from the laser eye did not cause much damage to Su Ke. Su Ke even converted it into his own energy. If it was at other times, Su Ke would not be bothered to stop him. However, it was clear that this was not the time because there were more than 30 mutated humans here to save him!
      As expected, when he heard this, Laser Eyes immediately closed her eyes. She then said in shock,” You… who are you?”How do you know my name?”
      Facing a mutated human, it was naturally easier to use the identity of a mutated human.
      With this thought, Su Ke said,” My name is Su Ke. I’ m from the mutated human school. I came to rescue you.”
      So it was like this!
      Hearing this, Laser Eye let out a sigh of relief. But then he seemed to have thought of something. Then, he said anxiously,” Damn, I… Did I hurt you just now?”
      “You didn’ t hurt me, but the others were miserable!”
      Su Ke said helplessly.
      Just now, the unscrupulous attacks from the Laser Eye had not only destroyed the structure of this place, but also destroyed many prisons. They had also injured many mutated humans. When these guys came out, they were all filled with ferocious looks. They were going to strip the Laser Eye alive.
      “Hey, you guys, don’ t be unsatisfied. Let’s run now. If you get caught again, you won’ t have such good luck!”
      As he spoke, Su Ke quickly moved to each mutated human’s side. Then, he pulled off the suppressor on their necks, and then punched towards a wall next to them.
      With a world-shaking explosion, the entire prison began to shake. After the shock, a big hole that led to the ground suddenly appeared in front of them.
      All the mutated humans couldn’t help but gasp. Even the mutated humans who had been looking for trouble with Laser Eyes did n’ t dare to take another step forward.
      “Very good!”
      Su Ke nodded in satisfaction,” Now use your abilities to save the others!”
      What about me?”What do you need me to do?”
      Laser eyes hurriedly said.
      Su Ke threw the rag over and said,” Cover your eyes. Don’ t do anything, just help!”
      Laser Eye:”…….”*

      Chapter 24 The shame of mutated humans!(Ask for fresh flowers for evaluation!)

      The collapsed building crushed the structure, causing the people above to be unable to get down. This gave Su Ke some time. According to his request, the other mutated humans were quickly released.
      Not long after, more than thirty mutated humans stood in front of Su Ke, waiting for Su Ke to speak.
      Some of the mutated humans wanted to leave this place quickly, but when they thought of the power Su Ke had displayed, they could only temporarily suppress their thoughts. After all, they could see that they were not Su Ke’s opponent at all!
      Rather than taking his own humiliation, it was better to wait for it. In any case, his life was saved by someone else!
      Su Ke looked at the mutated humans in front of him and felt quite a headache. This was because the majority of these mutated humans weren’t good people except laser eyes and a few people. They definitely could n’ t take them to the mutated human school.
      At the mutated human school, Professor X and the others were promoting the spirit of peaceful coexistence between humans and mutated humans. However, these guys had been enslaved by humans before, and they had long hated humans in their hearts. Bringing these guys back would only bring their hatred back.
      In that case, he could only let them leave. This was what Professor X had told him before. He would never force any mutated human to make a choice.
      With this thought, Su Ke said,” I have nothing to say, but those who are willing to follow me to the mutated human school can stay. Those who are not willing to go can leave now. However, I hope that you can live a good life after you leave. After all, you don’ t meet me every time!”
      As soon as these words were spoken, the crowd slowly began to stir. In the end, only two mutated humans chose to go to the mutated human school with Su Ke. With the addition of laser eyes, there were three. The others chose to leave!
      However, just as the mutated humans who had chosen to leave were about to leave, they did not know what was going on, but a few of them suddenly attacked the others like crazy.
      “Damn it, what are you doing?”We don’ t need to fight anymore!”
      A mutated human covered the wound on his stomach and said angrily.
      “No… it’s not me… I… I can’ t control my body anymore!”
      The mutated human who launched the attack said in terror.
      “Me too!”Someone has controlled me. Don’ t get close to me…”
      “Damn it, it must be the White Queen again. Only she has this ability…”
      “Sorry, I can’ t control myself…”
      With a series of frightened voices, the entire stadium was once again in chaos.
      Empress White……
      Su Ke’s heart sank. He didn’ t expect the White Queen to actually attack these mutated humans.
      Dong Dong Dong…
      Then, a heavy sound of footsteps came from the door that was buried not far away, shaking the entire ground.
      Following that, Su Ke saw an extremely large figure slamming into the wall and appearing in front of everyone. The iconic helmet and physique immediately let everyone know his identity.
      Red Tank~K!
      Behind him was a tall white-haired beauty. It was the White Queen!
      Damn it!”How did you attract these two guys!”
      “Be careful, if they catch you, you’ ll die!”
      “These two guys are the shame of the mutated humans!”
      Facing the sudden appearance of Red Tank and White Queen, the other mutated humans immediately revealed deep fear. However, the fear was mixed with indescribable disgust!
      It was finally time to come!
      Unlike the other mutated humans, Su Ke was delighted when he saw Red Tank and White Queen. He had always wanted to find a strong opponent to try out his own strength. Originally, his first choice was Hulk or Thunder God, but these two guys were too hard to find. As for Red Tank, although it was a bit inferior to Hulk, it was still enough.
      With this thought, Su Ke did not have the slightest hesitation. He immediately flew up and landed firmly behind Red Tank and White Emperor.
      Following his appearance, Queen White was shocked. The moment Su Ke landed, her telepathic senses could no longer be used. She could no longer control the mutated humans!
      Such a thing was within Su Ke’s expectations. According to Professor X~’s explanation, this was all because Su Ke’s spiritual energy was too powerful. He would form a spiritual barrier within a certain range and block the ability of telepathy. Of course, if Su Ke was willing, he could also remove this spiritual barrier!
      The moment Queen White’s telepathic senses disappeared, the mutated humans who had been under control immediately felt as if they were pardoned. They knelt on the ground and panted heavily. Looking at their injured companions, they felt a wave of self-blame!
      “Alright, let’s leave this place if you need anything. Leave this place to me. I’ m very interested in these two guys!”
      Su Ke turned around and shouted at the mutated humans nearby.
      Once these words were said, the mutated humans did not even have time to say a word of thanks. They immediately helped each other out in fear, and even Scott was taken away.*

      Chapter 25 I might kill you today!Please collect!Pray for flowers!Seek evaluation!)

      In the face of all this, Hong Tan Ke did not pay attention to Su Ke. Instead, he turned around and looked at the White Queen behind him.” Emma, what’s going on?”Why did you let them leave?”
      Empress White shook her head first, then looked at Su Ke in front of her and said,” It was him who blocked my telepathic senses. Be careful, we still don’ t know his specific ability!”
      When Red Tank heard this, his huge head turned around and stared at Su Ke.
      As an overweight mutated human, Red Tank had always looked down on other mutated humans. Of course, he did have such strength.
      So, he didn’t listen to Su Ke’s words, nor did he care at all.
      Even when he looked at Su Ke, his eyes were only filled with contempt. In his opinion, as long as he was willing, he could kill the kid in front of him with a finger.
      What?Was he underestimated?
      Sensing Red Tank’s contemptuous gaze echoing on him, Su Ke felt a sense of amusement in his heart. But no matter what, this was the first real battle. He felt that he was still a little more rigorous.
      “Red Tank~K, right?”I’ m very happy to meet you here, but I’ m sorry because I might kill you today. If I accidentally kill you, please don’ t mind!”
      Su Ke said with a smile on his face. He pretended to be very good.
      When Red Tank heard this, he burst into laughter as if he had heard a huge joke. His entire space trembled.
      In his life, he had many powerful opponents, such as the Diamond Wolf, the Steel Strengths, and even Hulk. Although it wasn’t always possible for him to win a battle with them, each of them never dared to underestimate him. He never thought that this little guy in front of him would dare to underestimate him like this. This made him feel extremely amused.
      “Hong Tan~ke, don’ t be careless. This fellow is not an ordinary mutated human…”
      Behind Red Tank, Empress White whispered a reminder.
      From Su Ke’s appearance until now, Empress White had been trying to find a way to invade Su Ke’s spiritual thoughts. But who would have thought that Su Ke’s spiritual thoughts were so powerful that it was even stronger than Professor X, who was known as the strongest brain. She had used all her methods and was unable to invade successfully. Instead, she was almost affected by Su Ke’s spiritual thoughts!
      In her eyes, this was almost impossible, but it happened in front of her. This made her nervous.
      However, faced with the White Queen’s reminder, Hong Tan Ke said impatiently,” Emma, what do you mean?”Do you really think this kid will win against me?”
      After that, before the White Queen could say anything, Hong Tan Ke looked at Su Ke fiercely and said,” Kid, I hate your attitude, so you should die!”
      As he spoke, Hong Tan Ke immediately raised his huge fist and smashed it towards Su Ke. He was bound to smash Su Ke into meat paste with one punch!
      The next moment, the entire place suddenly became strangely quiet. Empress White felt that her breathing was about to stop. The place where Red Tank was standing was already empty, as if there was nothing here before…
      There was a loud noise. This was the sound of a heavy object smashing through the roof and directly flying into the sky…
      There was another loud noise. This was the sound of a heavy object landing on the ground. And this giant object was nothing else. It was actually the Red Tank that stood in front of Emma earlier…
      Following Red Tank’s up and down, the buildings here could no longer hold on.
      With a huge boom, the entire hotel finally collapsed. The underground mutated personality arena was completely buried…
      On the ground, seeing Red Tank’s move, the gangsters waiting outside could n’ t help but gasp. Almost everyone felt like they were seeing things!
      Was that possible?
      Could someone throw Red Tank into the sky like a leather ball?
      What was going on?
      Was he seeing things?
      This is not right…
      It was fine if one person was seeing things, but everyone was seeing things together…
      Everyone was nervous. They had no idea what had just happened below.
      After that, another explosion sounded. Then, the ruins of the building were completely blown into the air. Amidst the dust, a handsome young man carried a woman who had completely turned into a diamond and slowly flew out…*

      Chapter 26 Rocky!)

      Chapter 26 Divine Guidance
      What happened?Who was he?
      Looking at Su Ke flying out from afar, the gangsters looked at each other in dismay. No one knew what was going on.
      But this wasn’t important to them, because they could already see that it was all because of this man!
      “Kill him!”
      Next, who knew who shouted first? The gangsters immediately aimed their pistols at Su Ke!
      Su Ke’s eyes turned cold. The domineering aura within his body instantly spread out around him, like a volcano erupting!
      In the next second, the gangsters suddenly fell to the ground with their necks tilted, without any resistance.
      As for the White Queen Emma, who was being held in Su Ke’s arms, she was naturally affected by the domineering aura of the Overlord. Although Su Ke had deliberately avoided her, she was still affected by the spiritual effects. She could not even maintain her diamond form and instantly turned into a human form!
      Originally, Su Ke shouldn’t have saved Emma. After all, through what Emma had done to other mutated humans earlier, it was enough to show that she was n’ t a good person!
      But then again, in the original universe of the X-Men, even though Emma had been a bad person at first, she didn’t seem to be that bad, right?
      Moreover, in comics and movies, Emma had always been a proud person. She had even fought against humans with the Magnet King. How could she be willing to work for an ordinary human gang?
      This was really not right!
      Just as Su Ke was puzzled, Emma was deeply shocked!
      As a mutated human, she naturally understood the mutated humans very well. However, the powers Su Ke had displayed before were simply too powerful and unbelievable. These powers were not something that a mutated human could possess!
      After the mutated human awoke, although it would gain power, it was usually just a simple ability. Of course, there were two or more. For example, she had both telepathic and diamond-forming abilities, and for example, the Diamond Wolf. At the same time, she had super self-healing ability and the ability to stretch out a steel claw from the back of her hand.
      But what about this man in front of him…
      It had a powerful spiritual power that could resist any telepathy.
      He had the ability to fly.
      He had a super power that could even punch Red Tank into the air.
      She had a super ~ spiritual attack that even she could not describe.
      This was just the ability he had displayed. As for what he had not displayed, who knew how many more?
      Was this really something a mutated human could possess?
      With this thought in mind, Emma muttered,” That’s not right… This isn’ t right… Your power… isn’ t something a mutated human can possess. Just who are you?”
      With a slight smile, Su Ke looked at Emma and said,” Obviously, I’ m an alien!”
      Although this was the truth, Su Ke had a bit of a teasing tone, but when she heard this, Emma’s eyes were still a little lost.
      After landing on the ground, Su Ke put Emma down and slowly asked,” Tell me, what’s going on?Why did he help the human gangs harm the mutated humans?”Why are you going to make a big fuss about New York City?”
      Seeing that all her abilities were useless to Su Ke, Emma wasn’t prepared to escape. It was obvious that she could n’ t escape!
      She gently shook her head and said,” Even if I told you, you won’ t understand. Ordinary people won’ t believe such a thing.”
      “Just tell me, I’ m not an ordinary person!”
      Su Ke smiled.
      After a short silence, Emma finally spoke again.
      “Red Tank and I did this not because of our intentions, but… it was because of God’s guidance…”
      The moment Su Ke heard this, he thought that he had heard wrongly. But when he saw Emma’s serious face, he realized that he had heard correctly…
      “You just said that it was God who guided you to do these things. Then who is this God?”
      Su Ke became interested and asked again.
      Emma was nervous at first, but she still spoke slowly.
      “Cthulhu Rocky!”
      When Su Ke heard this, he felt as if there were 10,000 grass ~ mud ~ horses running through his heart. Although he had already expected that the White Queen might have been forced to do such bad things, he had not expected that the mastermind behind this matter would be Loki…
      That’s right, it was Thor’s brother, the famous god of prank in the Manwei universe…
      This script seemed a little wrong!Wasn’t the mutated human’s god Tianqi?When did it become Rocky?
      *This matter is getting more and more interesting…*

      Chapter 27 Energy Attack!Please collect!Ask for a vote!)

      Then, just as Su Ke was about to ask what was going on, another boom rang out from the nearby ruins.
      Then, a huge head appeared. If it wasn’t Red Tank, who was it?
      After climbing up with great difficulty, Hong Tan Ke casually patted the dust on his body and looked at Su Ke with a fierce expression.
      Red Tank Ke’s defensive ability was definitely the number one in the entire Manway universe, so Suke was n’ t too surprised at the result. To be more precise, he was very satisfied with Red Tank Ke’s performance.
      This was because he had originally planned to use Red Tank Ke as a sandbag. If he destroyed the sandbag with a single punch, it would be meaningless!
      “Brat, you really offended me. I underestimated you just now, but now, I won’ t underestimate you anymore!”
      As Red Tank Ke spoke, he quickly ran towards Su Ke. It was clear that he was planning to use his body size and strength to give Su Ke a barbaric collision. This move was one of his ultimate moves. If he used it, no matter if it was Thunder God Torre or the Hulk, could not block it!
      To Red Tank’s surprise, Su Ke did not seem to have any intention of fighting against him this time. Seeing that he was about to rush in front of him, he remained indifferent.
      What?Did he give up on resisting?
      Hong Tan Ke was surprised to think that his steps did not stop at all. With every step he took, there would be a huge pit on the ground. The surrounding ground was also shaken, as if it was an earthquake!
      Just as Red Tank Ke was about to hit Su Ke, Red Tank Ke suddenly realized that Su Ke’s eyes were a little different…
      His eyes began to turn red, and it was not ordinary red. It was like the kid they had caught that could release a red shock wave…
      In the next second, a red shock wave suddenly shot out from Su Ke’s eyes and directly attacked Red Tank!
      Red Tank was shocked. He had not expected Su Ke to have such an ability. He had suffered a lot when he caught the laser eye. Now that he had encountered this kind of red shock wave, he subconsciously wanted to avoid it. However, it was too close and he was too big to dodge.
      Gritting his teeth, Red Tank could only suddenly cross his arms and block in front of him, ready to fight Su Ke’s red shockwave attack!
      Su Ke had already known about his own strength from the simple strength test before, so there was no need for the strength test. He wanted to test the ability to emit energy again. He had just coincidentally absorbed a lot of the red shock waves from the laser eye, and now it was directly used.
      The red shockwave collided with Red Tank’s body. Although it did not damage Red Tank’s body, the high temperature contained within it still caused Red Tank to grimace. In less than a moment, his arms were burned red like metal!
      Just as he was about to fail, Su Ke finally stopped.
      “Damn it…”
      He waved his arm, which had been burned red by the red shock wave. Red Tan Ke’s eyes were filled with blood. One must know that he had not been so miserable since he obtained the ability!
      “Sure enough, this guy’s defense is really strong. Even the red shock wave from the laser eye can’ t destroy his skin…”
      After stopping the shock wave from his eyes, Su Ke thought to himself as if he had realized something. He ignored Emma, who was already shocked to the extreme!
      At this moment, Emma looked at Su Ke as if she was looking at a monster…
      By the way!
      Phoenix power!
      The next second, Su Ke’s mind suddenly lit up. How did he forget about the Phoenix’s power?The red shock wave from the laser eye might not be able to cause any damage to Red Tank, but the Phoenix’s power was definitely enough…
      Su Ke didn’ t have the slightest hesitation when he thought about this. In an instant, his eyes turned hot again, and they were even redder than before…
      “Crouch!”Still here?”
      Seeing this scene, Red Tank was about to curse.
      Following that, another red energy shot out and slammed into his body…
      The difference was that the power contained in the red energy was much more powerful than before. The moment it touched him, it instantly destroyed his skin and began to invade his body without restraint…
      The powerful impact caused by this had even sent him flying…
      This time, Red Tank finally understood the principle that the boy in front of him was not someone he could fight against…
      In front of him, he was still too weak!*

      Rocky is coming!

      A moment later…
      Su Ke sat lazily on a huge rock. Meanwhile, Red Tank and Queen White Emma were standing in a place not far away. They had long since lost their arrogance.
      Emma didn’ t say anything. After seeing Su Ke’s power, she had completely lost the idea of resisting. In her opinion, any resistance was futile.
      As for Red Tank Ke, he was completely defeated. As a heavyweight mutated human, Red Tank Ke rarely convinced others. If he wanted to accept it, he could only defeat him. Clearly, Su Ke had done this.
      The place where he had been injured had gradually healed. However, one could imagine that if he had been a little later, he might not have had the chance to heal himself!
      This was Su Ke’s mercy. Although Red Tank sometimes acted rashly, he was not an idiot. If he continued to attack in this situation, it was likely that this life would really be left here.
      Suke was quite satisfied with Red Tank and Emma’s performance. He still had some questions to ask. If they were willing to cooperate, he would save a lot of trouble.
      Su Ke tapped his finger lightly on his head. Only then did he ask,” Tell me, how did you guys know Rocky? How did you treat him as a god?”
      Knowing that he couldn’t dodge, Hong Tan Ke was more cooperative now. He said,” It was about a year ago, when I was caught by the S.H.I. Shield Bureau and locked up in the S.H.I. Shield Bureau’s prison. Then, Rocky suddenly appeared. He called himself God and asked me if I wanted to be free. I thought about it, and then he said that this was a price. I had to do something for him. I didn’t think much about it at that time, so I directly agreed to him. Then, I followed his instructions and acted according to his instructions. I did n’ t know what happened, and I was unable to disobey his orders.”
      Su Ke was a little speechless. At the same time, he also noticed that Red Tank Ke had been controlled by Rocky. As one of the few mages in the Maneuvering universe, Rocky could do such a thing completely, let alone Red Tank Ke was an easy-to-control guy.
      Although he really wanted to ask Hong Tan Ke something more, he also knew that Hong Tan Ke was a muscular and simple-minded guy. If he continued to ask, he would not be able to ask any useful information. He could only look at Emma again.
      What about you?”How did you know Rocky?”
      “I’ m not close to Hong Tan Ke. I was also rescued by Loki after being caught. I’ ve been working for him since then. He’s my savior and god. I won’ t go against his intentions!”
      Emma lowered her head and said.
      Evidently, Emma was also controlled by Rocky…
      According to Su Ke’s previous understanding, his current timeline should be before the war in New York. At this time, the captain of the Mi Country had just woken up from his hibernation. Iron Man was still thinking about how to form the Avengers Alliance. Thunder God was still in love with each other. Hoke didn’ t know where he was hiding…
      In other words, Rocky had already started to prepare for the war in New York…
      The Avengers Alliance 1 plot was about to be staged in this world…
      As for the reason why Loki controlled Red Tank and Emma, in Suke’s opinion, it was very simple. He just wanted to use them to provoke the relationship between humans and mutated humans. This way, it would be much easier when he started to invade Earth…
      For a moment, Su Ke was even more speechless. He had just arrived on Earth and hadn’t been idle for a few days, yet he had encountered something like this again…
      However, no matter what, all of this was Loki’s pot. White Queen and Red Tank were just pieces that Loki used to incite humans and mutants.
      Thinking like this, Su Ke felt a little sympathetic towards Red Tank and Emma.
      “System, can you make Red Tank and Emma return to normal?”
      Suke wanted to help Red Tank and Emma get rid of Rocky’s control, but Rocky was a very skilled mage. Although he was immune to magic, he did not understand magic at all. He had to resort to the System.
      Ding!”Scanning, please wait…”
      Ding!The scan was successful!Rocky used a high-level spell of confusion. The person who was confused would unconditionally obey all the commands of the caster and could not disobey. It would take 1000 points to cancel the spell. Are you sure?”
      Su Ke said in his heart without any hesitation. He could still afford this point.
      In the next second, Su Ke felt that something had suddenly appeared in his hand. He lowered his head and saw that it was actually two small bottles of magic water.
      Sleeping tank, if you dare to remove magic, you still have to take it!
      Su Ke was completely convinced!*

      Chapter 29: This mission is fine!

      “Hey, here are two bottles of magic water. It can help you remove Rocky’s magic. You will be free again!”
      Su Ke said as he handed over two bottles of magic water.
      Without any hesitation, Red Tank threw the magic water bottle into his mouth. He chewed and swallowed it. Emma hesitated for a moment, but in the end, she drank the magic water!
      Rocky used advanced magic, and the Rubik’s Cube was different from telepathic, so Red Tank and Emma had never noticed it at all. They only thought that they were really grateful to Rocky for helping him.
      However, with the magic water taking effect, Red Tank was a little angry.
      “Dammit… Dammit Rocky, you dare to control me… I’ m Red Tank…”
      Red Tank Ke kept cursing as he walked back and forth, shaking the entire earth. It was clear that he was really angry now.
      Emma’s face was filled with fear. When she was under Rocky’s control, she didn’t feel guilty about what she had done. But now that she woke up, she finally realized how hateful she was before…
      As a mutated human, she actually helped humans kill their own kind…
      Although it was something that he had only done after being controlled, it was still something he had done after all…
      Seeing this, Su Ke could only comfort him,” Don’ t blame yourself too much. You’ re just being controlled. This isn’ t your fault. If you want to blame it, you can only blame Loki!”
      Ding!Sensing the change in the timeline of the main world, he began to release the main mission of the Marvelous World: search for spatial gems and help Rocky invade Earth and help Iron Man form the Avengers Alliance!”
      “Search for spatial gems. Mission rewards:500,000 points and a chance to draw a lottery.”
      “Help Rocky invade Earth. Mission reward:800,000 points and a chance to draw a lottery.”
      “Help Iron Man create Avengers Alliance, reward 1 million points and two chances of raffle”
      Suddenly, the System’s voice rang again.
      Su Ke was completely shocked. Although he had already guessed that the System would definitely let him search for infinite gems, he never thought that the System would actually let him help Rocky invade Earth!
      He could understand the rest, but wasn’t it nonsense to help Rocky invade Earth?
      Surprised, Su Ke quickly asked in his heart,” Hey, I said System, did you send the wrong mission?”What kind of mission is helping Rocky invade Earth?”
      Ding!”The system won’ t make a mistake. Please help Rocky invade Earth!”
      The System said directly.
      Su Ke was speechless again…
      However, in the next second, Su Ke’s face suddenly ached because he suddenly thought, was n’ t this his system called the Great Devastator System?
      Just because the System did not issue a rebel mission earlier, he did not care about this.
      With this thought, this mission seemed to be fine…
      After all, he was a supreme villain…
      Su Ke sighed in his heart again. Only then did he look at Hong Tan Ke who was not far away.” Hey, where are you going next?”
      Hong Tan Ke’s fists were bulging with veins as he fiercely said,” I won’ t go anywhere until I kill Rocky!”
      “Very good, I just happened to be going to look for Rocky. If you’ re willing, follow me!”
      Su Ke said.
      The system’s mission was to help Loki invade Earth, but it did n’ t mean to help Loki conquer Earth. In other words, as long as Loki invaded Earth, Suk’s mission would be completed…
      After that, no matter what he did, the System would not care about him anymore…
      “No problem, boss!”
      Red Tank agreed to Su Ke’s suggestion without any hesitation. He even called Su Ke boss!First, he really hated Rocky. He wished he could tear him to pieces. Second, Su Ke had helped him get rid of Rocky’s control. Combined with Su Ke’s previous power suppression, he couldn’t help but have some thoughts of obedience towards Su Ke.
      Su Ke only felt a sense of amusement when she heard Red Tank’s name. Then, she looked at Emma again.
      “Emma, what about you?”
      Emma raised her head and her expression became even more helpless.
      “I don’ t know where to go, nor do I know what to do. After doing so many bad things, there is no place for me in this world. No one needs me…”
      In War X, Emma had always been a strong and confident woman. In front of everyone, she was always a powerful woman. No matter when, she had never shown her weakness to anyone.
      But today, she revealed her most unknown feelings.
      At this moment, Emma was only eighteen to nine years old. She was the same size as Su Ke. She was just a little girl after she had thrown away the identity of a mutated human.
      But at this moment, she was suddenly held up by someone. When she looked carefully, who was it if it wasn’ t Su Ke?
      “Who said there’s no place for you in this world?Who said no one needed you anymore?”If you’ re willing, just follow me!”
      Su Ke smiled.
      At this moment, Emma’s heart suddenly trembled. She felt as if she had finally found a way to rely on her life…*

      Chapter 30: Where can I find the Infinite Gem? I still have to go to Divine Shield Bureau!

      In the original story of the X-Men, Emma was actually not a good person, and her style of life was quite problematic. However, all of this happened after she was twenty years old. At that time, because she was constantly being used and cheated, her character and life had undergone a tremendous change.
      But right now, Emma was just an ordinary girl, and it was obvious that Su Ke would change her original fate!
      “Boss, what are we going to do next?”
      Red Tank walked to Su Ke’s side and asked.
      Su Ke was about to speak, but his expression changed slightly. Then, he smiled and said,” Wait a moment. We have guests!”
      Red Tank was curious. He did not understand what Su Ke meant, but before he could say anything, a huge beam of light suddenly lit up in the air not far away. It directly aimed at them. At the same time, a warning sounded.
      “This is Divine Shield Bureau. You are already surrounded by us. Please put down your weapons and surrender, so as not to cause unnecessary damage!”
      Following that, a huge aircraft carrier suddenly appeared in the night sky. It was the space shuttle of Divine Shield Bureau, and dozens of fighter planes appeared around the space shuttle.
      In the grass not far away, hundreds of S.H.I.I.E. Bureau agents were slowly approaching in full armor…
      Faced with such a scene, Hong Tan Ke was not worried at all, but rather excited.
      With both hands clenched into fists, Hong Tan Ke said excitedly,” Divine Shield is not a friend, I want to smash them!”
      As a super villain, Red Tank Ke had always been the target of S.H.I.E. Shield’s capture. Of course, they had caught him before, but in the end, he still escaped.
      It was also because of such a grudge that Red Tank did not have any feelings for S.H.I.E. Shield. Other than doing it or doing it!
      First, he put down Emma in his arms. Su Ke waved at Red Tank and said,” Don’ t do anything. If you want to find Rocky, we need to go to Divine Shield Bureau first. But of course, it’s not as a criminal, but as a guest!”
      “No way!”
      Red Tank shook his head and said,” The Divine Shield Bureau will only lock us up and not treat us as guests!”
      “Don’ t worry, I have my own way. In short, don’ t do anything. If they really dare to do anything to catch people, then I’ ll blow up that empty sky dome first!”
      Su Ke pointed at the huge sky in the air and said.
      Seeing Su Ke’s words, Red Tank finally put away his fist. However, his eyes were still filled with hostility. Clearly, he did not trust Divine Shield!
      In the Maneuvering world, it was not a good thing for S.H.I.E. Bureau to have a relationship with him. Initially, Su Ke did not want to deal with S.H.I.E. Bureau, but just now, he suddenly thought of something!
      That was the space gem within the infinite gem. It should be in Divine Shield!
      Back then, the Space Gem was unexpectedly acquired by the Nine-Headed Snake’s leader, Red Skull. After a great battle, the captain of Rice defeated Red Skull, but he was frozen in the Arctic with the Space Gem.
      After that, S.H.I.E. Shield saved the captain of the country, and also got the Space Gem!
      And Rocky had gone to S.H.I.E.I. Shield to search for dimensional gems!
      If Loki wanted to invade Earth, he had to use the Space Gem to open a tunnel, so that he could send his alien army over. If he wanted to find Loki, he would have to find the Space Gem first!
      As for the matter after finding the Space Gem, Su Ke had already made a plan in his heart. Such an important thing was still suitable for him to personally take care of…
      Su Ke raised his head to look at the sky. Suddenly, something inexplicable appeared in his heart.
      If there was an infinite gem, they still had to go to Divine Shield!
      Su Ke smiled and shook his head. Then, he looked at Emma and said,” Emma, please help me inform the Director of Divine Shield, Nick Frei, that I have something to talk to him about!”
      Hearing this, Emma quickly nodded and started to use her telepathic senses.
      At the same time, in the sky, the director of the Divine Shield Bureau, Nick Frey, was standing in the driver’s seat, frowning. To be honest, the situation today was a little too strange. That fiery-tempered, quick-witted Red Tank Ke had yet to make a move. Instead, he stood there quietly. If it was n’ t for the fact that others had seen it, Nick Frey would have felt something wrong with his other eye!
      This should have been a good thing, but Nick Frey couldn’t be happy at all. This was just too weird…
      In the next second, a female voice suddenly rang in his mind.
      “Mr. Director, we have something to talk to you about!”
      This was… telepathy?
      Nick Frey’s heart sank at first, then he stared at Red Tank. Then, he ordered,” Get ready. I want to go down and talk to them!”*

      Chapter 31 I’ve given you all a chance!

      Not long after, a small fighter jet flew down from the sky. Then, the director of the Divine Shield Bureau, Nick Frey, brought a group of fully armed agents over.
      However, when he was still several hundred meters away from Su Ke and the others, Nick Frey suddenly stopped. Because he was so far away, he was about to feel the killing intent in Red Tank’s eyes!
      Red Tank had always been an extremely troublesome fellow for the S.H.I.E. Shield. It was almost second only to Hulk. The S.H.I.E. Shield had spent a lot of effort every time they caught him. However, this time, they came in a hurry and did not carry any specialized heavy weapons, so Nick Frey felt that he should be more cautious!
      After receiving the speaker from his subordinate, Nick Frey shouted at Su Ke and the others,” Aren’t you looking for me?I’m already here. What are you guys talking about?”I think it’s necessary for me to tell you again. You’ ve already been completely surrounded. Any resistance is futile. It’s best to surrender!”
      When he said this, Nick Frey was somewhat lacking in confidence. One must know that the other party was not only Red Tank, but also a telepathic person. Sometimes, telepathic people were more dangerous than Red Tank!
      In addition to a mutated human with unknown abilities, if he was not nervous at this moment, it must be fake!
      Hearing this, Hong Tan Ke instantly became angry again. However, under Su Ke’s motion, he finally endured it.
      “Wait for me here. I’ ll go talk to him!”
      Su Ke calmly instructed and then walked over.
      Facing Su Ke’s arrival, all the agents, including Nick Frey, became a little nervous. For a moment, all the weapons were aimed at Su Ke. As long as Su Ke had any bad intentions, he would be beaten into a sieve in an instant!
      But of course, this was just the speculation of the S.H.I.E.I. Shield agents. With the weapons in their hands, even Su Ke’s hair could not be injured.
      After walking to Nick Frey’s side, Su Ke smiled and said,” Don’ t be nervous. I just want to talk to you. There’s no need to make such a fuss!”
      Compared to Red Tank, Suk, who was only fifteen or sixteen years old, was obviously more reassuring. He sized Suk up from top to bottom, and after confirming that there was no danger, Nick Frey whispered to an agent beside him.
      In that instant, all the guns that were aimed at Su Ke were taken back, but they were still in a defensive posture.
      “Tell me, what do you want to talk about?”
      After retreating from the other subordinates, Nick Frey took another step forward and asked.
      “I need one of your things!”
      Su Ke directly said.
      “What is it?”
      Nick Frey asked curiously.
      “Space Gem, you should be calling him Universe Cube, right?”But it doesn’ t matter. I need him!”
      “You… how do you know that the Universe Cube is in our hands?”
      Nick Frey said in surprise.
      One had to know about the Cosmos Cube, which had always been the most important secret of the Divine Shield Bureau. Only the most advanced agents could know about it. Other than that, no one else knew about it!
      Since that was the case, how did this youth know?
      Faced with Nick Frey’s surprise, Su Ke did not care at all. He continued,” Don’ t care how I know. I can only tell you that in the near future, Earth will face an unprecedented war. And this war is something that you have never encountered before. It is the Cosmic Cube that caused this war. He is not something that belongs to you humans, but will only bring you disaster!”
      Nick Frey was a little silent at first, but after a moment of hesitation, he suddenly smiled and said slyly,” I’m sorry, although I do n’ t know how you know about this, you don’t have any qualifications to negotiate!”Attack!”
      Following the word “attack “, a drone hidden in the dark suddenly threw out three blue-colored chains. In an instant, it caught Su Ke, Red Tank~K and Emma’s necks!
      At the same time, hundreds of agents picked up their weapons again…
      “This is the latest mutated human suppressor developed. It can be launched from a long distance. Speaking of which, I have to thank you. If it wasn’ t for your precious time for me, I wouldn’ t have caught you so easily!”
      Nick Frey smiled and said.
      Sigh, I originally wanted to have a good talk…
      Seeing this, Su Ke felt a little disappointed. He had originally thought that he could have a good conversation with Nick Frey, but now it seemed like there was no chance. In this world, it was better to speak with strength.
      “Remember, I already gave you a chance!”
      After saying this, Su Ke’s eyes suddenly turned cold. In an instant, a powerful killing intent began to emerge. The domineering aura within his body was sensed, and in an instant, with him as the center, it spread outwards.
      It had been so long since he had arrived on Earth. Su Ke had never been fooled like this before, so at this moment, he had not deliberately controlled his domineering aura. And this kind of result was a complete burst of domineering aura!
      Like a volcano erupting!

      Chapter 32 I am not the Holy Mother

      In almost an instant, the agents around Nick Frey suddenly fell down one after another. The agents surrounding Su Ke and the others were the same. Only a few agents with strong willpower were still struggling to survive!
      Nick Frey was the director of the Divine Shield Bureau. He had already received training in Will since he was very young, so even if he was directly attacked by Su Ke’s domineering aura, he still did not faint. He just fell to his knees in front of Su Ke helplessly!
      But even so, he was not feeling well. That powerful aura directly crushed his heart. It was like a mountain that made him unable to breathe and almost fainted.
      He had never encountered such a power before!
      It was as if at this moment, the person standing in front of him was not a mutated human, but a god!
      Ignoring the beads of sweat on his forehead, Nick Frey raised his head and said with an ugly expression,” What’s going on? The suppressor should be effective!”Why… why is this happening? Who are you?”
      Su Ke laughed coldly when he heard this. Then, he casually pulled the suppressor off his neck and threw it onto the ground.
      “Nick Frey, you don’ t need to know who I am, because this is no longer important. I’ ve given you a chance just now, it’s just that you don’ t cherish it. Next, prepare to welcome my anger!”
      After saying this, Su Ke raised his head and looked at the Sky Mothership in the air. In an instant, his eyes suddenly turned red again.
      With a huge boom, a shock wave containing the power of the phoenix suddenly shot out from Su Ke’s eyes and directly landed on the sky above.
      The enormous power instantly shot out a large hole in the Void Sky Mother’s ship, destroying his power. In an instant, the Void Sky Mother began to crumble and crash towards the ground…
      At the same time, countless drones that were out of control were also flying and falling down. The entire field became incredibly violent…
      Step by step, Su Ke walked to Red Tank and White Queen’s side. Su Ke casually pulled off the suppressor on their necks, and then calmly instructed Red Tank,” Go, except that you can’ t kill anyone, the rest is yours!”
      When Red Tank heard this, he revealed a cruel smile and quickly rushed over…
      As for Emma, she obediently stayed beside Su Ke…
      The huge sky dome slammed down, and in an instant, another big explosion occurred, destroying many buildings. Countless drones exploded, and there was another explosion. Plus, with Red Tank’s sins, this place was like hell!
      Su Ke, on the other hand, only looked at everything with a calm expression. His heart was completely calm!
      When he arrived on Earth, even if he carried a super god anti-party system, Su Ke still hadn’t thought about becoming a anti-party. Of course, he had n’ t thought about becoming a super hero!
      If he had to say it, he wanted to be a good person, but of course, he had never wanted to be a bad good person.
      What was a good person?
      They were people who were willing to do whatever they wanted. They sacrificed themselves to make others gain. They gave in to make others save their face.
      He would rather hide his tears in his smile than destroy the harmonious atmosphere. With the spirit of martyrdom, people would be moved for three minutes but feel guilty for a lifetime.
      This kind of person spent all his time thinking about how to preserve a beautiful image in the eyes of others.As a result, he sometimes had to watch the sail, and sometimes he even bent his integrity to curry favor with others.
      More simply, this was also called the Holy Mother…
      Su Ke, on the other hand, had never been a Holy Mother!
      If Nick Frey had directly rejected Suk, Suk would not have done anything. At most, Suk would have left this place with Red Tank and Emma. Then, he would have thought of a way to obtain the Space Gem. But?
      Nick Frey, on the other hand, played Suke. This was something Suke could not bear!
      As a Titan, Su Ke was as proud as his brother, Destroyer. He did not allow any deception or betrayal, but anyone who dared to deceive or betray them would suffer the strongest blow!
      Even if this world was defined as a villain, Su Ke would not hesitate!
      Instead of becoming a Holy Mother, he was more willing to become a villain!
      And Suke believed that with this lesson, Nick Frey would probably start to reconsider his suggestion…
      On the other side, after wiping out all the remaining S.H.I.E. Bureau agents who could still stand up, Red Tank Ke arrived at the S.H.I.E. Bureau’s empty space. He smashed the prison where he was previously imprisoned. Then, he pulled Nick Frey’s leg and arrived in front of Su Ke with a relaxed expression.
      “Boss, listen to you. I didn’ t kill anyone!”
      He threw Nick Frey in front of Su Ke, and Red Tank said cheerfully.
      When he had called Boss Suke earlier, Red Tank was more afraid. But now, he was completely convinced. In the blink of an eye, he had killed the entire Divine Shield Bureau and shot down their empty space from the sky. This kind of thing was likely that there would be no other person in this world other than Suke!
      This little brother, he was quite convinced!*

      Chapter 33 Sleeper!Batman stole the dimensional gem?(Ask for flowers, ask for evaluation tickets!)

      Su Ke lowered his head slightly and looked down at Nick Frey on the ground.” Nick Frey, should we reconsider my previous proposal now?”
      All of the agents were instantly killed and the Skywalker was destroyed. Nick Frey was completely out of temper now.
      And he wasn’t stupid. He could tell that Su Ke did n’ t want to become their enemy. All of this was caused by his own actions…
      One could imagine how good it would be if he had not chosen to make a move just now and had chosen to rope Su Ke in…
      With a sigh, Nick Frey said,” I’ m sorry for offending you earlier, but I really can’ t do anything about the Cosmos Cube because… the Cosmos Cube has been taken away by someone…”
      Su Ke was slightly shocked when he heard this. He had not expected that Rocky would get a Space Gem so quickly!
      If that was the case, then it seemed like the Battle of New York was about to erupt…
      But it seemed like something was wrong?According to Su Ke’s previous understanding, the Battle of New York should have started in 2012, and it was only 2010. It should be two years before the Battle of New York began!
      Moreover, the Avengers Alliance hadn’t been established until now, and it was only an idea of Iron Man. If the Battle of New York really broke out, how should they fight?
      The more Su Ke thought about it, the more he felt a headache. He could only continue asking,” Then do you know where Rocky is now?”
      Rocky?”Who is Rocky?”
      Nick Frey asked doubtfully.
      Su Ke was a little speechless. He thought to himself that your grandpa was still pretending to be furry with me at this time!Looks like you’re not being honest!
      Just as Su Ke was about to have Red Tank greet Nick Frey again, Emma whispered,” He’s not lying. He really doesn’ t know who Rocky is!”
      Suke was a little dumbfounded. He naturally believed Emma’s words, but how could Nick Frey not know who Rocky was?
      The dimensional gem was not stolen by Rocky…
      Su Ke was shocked again when he thought of this, because he really didn’t know who else besides Rocky could steal the dimensional gem from Divine Shield Bureau. However, he did n’ t know that it didn’t matter. would be good if someone knew!
      “Tell me who stole the Space Gem from you!”
      Suke looked at Nick Frey again and asked.
      Nick Frey didn’t say anything. Instead, he took out a metal item from his pocket and handed it to Su Ke. Then, he said,” It’s this guy!”
      When Su Ke saw that thing clearly, he felt a little bad!
      Because it was not something else, but a special flying dagger. The shape of the flying dagger was completely a bat…
      This is the sign of Batman!
      Crouch!Batman stole the dimensional gem?
      Su Ke was really a little drunk. What was it that Batman stole a space gem from Divine Shield?Space gems were not your DC family’s stuff. Why didn’ t you have any professional ethics…
      After Marvel and DC merged, the world really made people feel incredibly painful…
      It seemed like he had to go to Batman’s hometown, Gotham City…
      “Someone’s here!”
      Just as Su Ke’s face was in pain, Emma suddenly whispered in Su Ke’s ear.
      Not long after, Tony and an X-Men plane landed.
      “Hey, hey, hey, what’s going on here? It’s an earthquake and an explosion. What’s the S.H.I.I.E. Bureau doing? Nick Frey, you… you… lie down!”What’s wrong with you?”
      Tony looked at the surroundings and said in surprise. At first, he thought it was the S.H.I.E.I. Shield that had done this, but now that he saw Nick Frey’s appearance, he realized that it was n’ t like that…
      On the other side, King Kong Wolf and Qin also walked down from the plane. They looked around at the miserable situation. King Kong Wolf looked helplessly at Qin and said,” Let’s make a bet with you. This must be Su Ke’s doing!”
      However, at this moment, Qin could not be bothered with the Wolf King. She quickly came to Su Ke’s side and asked worriedly,” How is it?”Are you injured?”
      Su Ke gently stroked Qin’s cheek and smiled.” Don’ t worry, I’ m fine!”
      Then, Tony, Diamond Wolf and Qin discovered Red Tank and Emma next to Su Ke.
      He couldn’t help but say that the Diamond Wolf’s pair of steel claws extended out, and Tony also entered a state of alert.
      Seeing this, Hong Tan Ke immediately raised his fist and prepared to attack.
      As for Emma, she looked at Qin who was standing beside Su Ke with a dazed expression. She did not know what she was thinking.
      In general, the atmosphere suddenly became tense again…*

      Therefore, you are not a mutated human!(Ask for a vote!)

      (PS: Request for an evaluation ticket. It hasn’t been a thousand years since the evaluation ticket has been broken. My heart is filled with frustration… Please give me an evaluation ticket. Thank you very much!!!)
      “Don’ t do anything!”
      Seeing this, Su Ke immediately stopped him,” Red Tank and Queen White were under control, which is why they did the same thing before. But now that they’ re fine, they won’ t do anything bad anymore!”
      “Really?”What’s going on here?”
      Tony turned to look around and said.
      “This… I can explain…”
      Before Su Ke could say anything, not far away, the director of the Divine Shield Bureau, Nick Frey, suddenly stood up and said to Tony,” This is just a misunderstanding, but it’s already fine!”
      Tony looked around speechlessly. He couldn’t imagine what kind of misunderstanding this was that would cause the entire Divine Shield Bureau to be wiped out.
      But at this moment, Nick Frey was too lazy to explain anything to Tony. Instead, he came back to Suke.
      “So you’ re not a mutated human, are you?”
      Nick Frey pointed at the broken mutated human suppressor on the ground.
      Su Ke nodded slightly and admitted to such a thing. After all, Nick Frey was not an idiot. Such a thing could not be hidden from him.
      “Half a month ago, a life capsule from outer space landed at the mutated human school. If I’ m not wrong, it’s you!”
      Nick Frey asked again, his face serious.
      “Is this important?”
      Su Ke smiled and said.
      “It was important before, but now… it’s not important anymore!”
      Nick Frey said slowly, and his tone instantly became relaxed. Although Suke did not directly acknowledge his alien identity, Nick Frey had already obtained the answer he wanted.
      The loss of Divine Shield today was tragic, but it was not completely worthless. At least Nick Frey was certain that Suke was not a threat to Earth, or else they would have died long ago!
      After all, in front of Su Ke, they had no chance of winning!
      After a brief pack, everyone followed Tony back to the Stark Building. Of course, other than Nick Frey, he still had more important things to do now.
      Along the way, the Vajra Wolf and Red Tank Ke had always been in an incompatible state. This made Su Ke somewhat speechless, but there was still nothing wrong.
      After returning to the Stark Building, Red Tank Ke and Emma were simply arranged. Suke came to a meeting room in Stoke Building. Here, Tony, Diamond Wolf and Qin were already waiting here.
      The most eye-catching place was Professor X’s hologram.
      Su Ke greeted him.
      Professor X forced out a smile because he already knew what had happened from the Wolf King. Although Nick Frey had always emphasized that this was just a misunderstanding, how could such a thing be hidden from Professor X?
      “The matter between Red Tank and White Queen has been resolved. The mutated humans in the mutated personality arena have all been saved. We can go back tomorrow, but what are we going to do with Red Tank?Bringing this guy to school was too dangerous, right?”And this guy doesn’ t know what’s going on. Right now, he’s only following Su Ke’s orders!”
      King Kong Wolf said to Professor X, speechless.
      Professor X was a little silent before he said,” Let me consider this first. Suke, do you have anything to say?”
      As he spoke, Professor X looked at Su Ke again.
      Su Ke nodded slightly before saying,” Professor, I’ m afraid I won’ t be able to go back for the time being. I have to go to one of the Gotham City. Someone stole an important item from Divine Shield Bureau. I have to go find it!”
      Professor X had a rough understanding of this matter after the conversation with Nick Frey. Although he did not know what the so-called’space gem’ was, there was no doubt that what made Nick Frey and Su Frey and Suk pay so much attention to was definitely not ordinary!
      “If that’s the case, then be careful. Gotham City is different from New York City. It’s a very special city. When you get there, you need to be careful!”
      Knowing that Su Ke had made up his mind, Professor X couldn’t say anything more. However, considering that Gotham City was a chaotic city, he still repeatedly reminded him.*

      Chapter 35 Emma’s Request!Pray for flowers!)

      Early the next morning, everyone woke up early. Iron Man wanted to help S.H.I. Shield Bureau clear the battlefield yesterday. Diamond Wolf wanted to bring Qin back to mutated human school. Su Ke wanted to go to Gotham City to find Batman. In general, everyone was very busy!
      Before they left, Su Ke and Qin naturally became reluctant to part.
      “Su Ke, I heard Teacher Luo Gan say that Gotham City is a very dangerous place. It is filled with darkness and crime. If you go there, you must be careful!”
      Qin said worriedly.
      Su Ke smiled and scratched Qin’s nose.” Silly melon, do you think I will be injured?”But I promise you, I will definitely be careful!”
      “Hey, what should these two guys do?”They don’ t want to go back with us!”
      At this moment, the Diamond Wolf suddenly walked over with a look of impatience. Behind him were Red Tank and Emma.
      Due to the strength of Red Tank and Emma, Professor X finally decided to let the Wolf King take them back to the mutated human school. However, he didn’t expect them to refuse all of them. They did n’ t want to go to the mutated human school at all. The Wolf King didn’t like Red Tank, but he was a little impatient. The two of them almost started fighting.
      Su Ke thought for a moment, then said to the Wolf King,” Forget it, Teacher Luo Gan, leave the two of them to me. Don’ t worry, I promise I won’ t let them do anything again!”
      The Wolf King was eager to get rid of Red Tan Ke’s problem. Hearing this, he quickly agreed,” Alright, then they’ ll leave it to you. Qin, let’s go!”
      Then, in Su Ke’s reluctant eyes, King Kong Wolf and Qin left on a plane.
      Actually, Su Ke wanted to bring Qin to Gotham City with him, but considering Gotham City’s special dark side, he finally gave up on this idea. After all, Gotham City was a crazy city, and Qin was not suitable to go there.
      Walking in front of Red Tank Ke and Emma, Suke looked at Red Tank Ke and said,” Tell me, why aren’ t you willing to go to mutated human school?”
      “There are children in the school. I don’ t like children!”
      Hong Tan Ke said in a somewhat awkward tone.
      Alright… This was also a reason…
      However, since Hong Tan Ke was unwilling to go to the mutated human school, he had to find a place to live. It was best if someone could watch him. Otherwise, who knew what trouble he would cause.
      Thinking of this, Su Ke’s heart suddenly moved. Then, he looked at Tony not far away and said,” Tony, did you just say you wanted to help Divine Shield clean up yesterday’s battlefield?”
      “That’s right!”What’s wrong?”
      Tony asked doubtfully.
      “How about I send you a helper?”
      Su Ke patted Red Tank’s body and smiled.
      Tony’s face stiffened at first, then he said in a speechless manner,” Good, good. I’ m afraid this guy will disobey…”
      “Don’ t worry about that. As long as you don’ t use the mutated human suppressor to restrain him anymore and don’ t attack him, I guarantee he won’ t do anything!”
      Su Ke promised.
      “Alright then!”
      Hearing Su Ke say that, Tony finally agreed.
      “Did you hear what I just said?”
      Su Ke turned around and looked at Red Tank.
      “I heard that, but what if they still want to catch me?”
      Red Tank scratched his head and said. It was clear that he still did not trust Divine Shield.
      “Don’ t worry, with Tony around, no one will catch you. But of course, you have to be careful. This time, you’ re going to help, not fight. Do you understand?”
      Su Ke instructed.
      Although Red Tank Ke did not trust the Divine Shield Bureau, he still trusted Su Ke quite a bit. Plus, he did not have any place to go. In the end, he agreed.
      After dealing with the matter of Red Tank, Su Ke looked at Emma and said,” Emma, why didn’t you go?”Don’ t tell me you hate children as much as Red Tank?”
      “I want to accompany you to Gotham City!” Emma’s face turned red, then she said as if she had gathered her courage!No matter what you want to do, I can help you!”Please bring me along!”
      It had to be said that Emma’s request was really beyond Su Ke’s expectations.
      Looking at Emma with a serious expression, Su Ke couldn’t immediately refuse.
      But after thinking about it, it seemed like it was a good idea to bring Emma along. After all, she was also a telepathic person who could help him obtain any information he wanted.
      Of course, the most important thing was that Emma was also a beauty, and she was also a goddess-level beauty. If this was…
      “Cough cough cough…”
      Su Ke immediately coughed a few times when he realized that he was thinking of something wrong. Then, he nodded and said,” Alright, then you can go with me…”
      Hearing this, Emma smiled.*

      Chapter 36 The riots in Black Gate Prison!(Request for fresh flowers for evaluation!)

      The City of New York was a long distance away from Gotham City. Because they were going to bring Emma along, Suke couldn’t fly over directly. Moreover, this was a bit too ostentatious.
      Fortunately, with Tony, a wealthy man, there was no need for Suke to speak. With a wave of Tony’s hand, a helicopter landed on the top floor of the Stark Building.
      “Let’s go!”
      Su Ke greeted Emma. This was when Su Ke and Emma sat on the helicopter.
      The helicopter flew through the air. Soon, the Stark Building was no longer visible…
      “Well… if you don’ t mind, I have something to ask you!”
      On the helicopter, Emma hesitated for a moment before finally opening her mouth.
      Su Ke looked out of the window and nodded.” Ask, there’s no need to be so restrained with me. I won’ t eat you!”
      As he spoke, Su Ke couldn’ t help but look at Emma again. When he saw Emma’s tall, sexy figure, he suddenly felt like eating Amy was the right choice…
      However, Emma didn’ t notice Su Ke’s special gaze. She then whispered,” You shouldn’ t be a mutated human, right?”
      Su Ke smiled,” No!”
      “Then who are you?”
      Emma immediately began to look forward to it.
      Su Ke pointed at the sky first and then said,” I came from the distant Saturn Titan. Because my planet was destroyed, I came to Earth!”
      Sure enough!
      Hearing this, not only was Emma not shocked at all, she completely relaxed and let out a long sigh of relief.
      Originally, when she saw the various powers Su Ke displayed yesterday, she had already guessed that Su Ke might be an alien, because it was impossible for a mutated human to possess such powerful powers!
      But at that time, it was just a guess from her, and it was not confirmed. Now that Su Ke had personally said it, she completely relaxed!
      But what was the difference between humans, mutated humans, or aliens?When Su Ke said last night that she needed her and wanted to give her a shelter, she had already vowed in her heart that she would follow him for the rest of her life!
      When she thought of Su Ke’s intimate actions with that red-haired girl this morning, Emma felt a sense of grievance in her heart because she was not inferior to that girl at all…
      “You two, I’ m sorry that I can only send you here. Gotham City is too chaotic, and they don’ t welcome outsiders. I can’ t go in anymore!”
      At this moment, the pilot suddenly shouted at Su Ke. Su Ke nodded and realized that he had already arrived within Gotham City.
      Su Ke did not say anything about the pilot’s words because he understood that Gotham City was indeed a chaotic city!
      Then, the helicopter began to fall.
      At the same time, a riot erupted in Gotham City’s Black Gate Prison…
      “Damn it, hurry up. Those guards are coming soon!”
      “If you’ re not the only one who can make a bomb, I’ ll definitely kill you!”
      “Can you guys just stay quiet for a while? I can’t even work anymore. This thing is a bomb. Do you want to die?
      In Black Gate Prison, a few criminals in prison uniforms were doing something in front of an iron gate. From time to time, there would be a series of curses.
      No one knew who shouted. The prisoners surrounding the iron gate immediately moved away from the iron gate.
      Soon after.
      A huge explosion sounded and the huge iron door was blown away.
      With the help of some materials from the infirmary, the people from Black Gate Prison easily made a chemical bomb and exploded the prison door.
      “Brothers, we escaped!”
      With a shout, the entire Iron Gate Prison suddenly started to boil. Soon, iron gates were opened and all the prisoners were coming out.
      Before the guards of Black Gate Prison could figure out what was going on, they saw a large group of prisoners coming out of the corridor. They were so scared that they quickly pulled out their pistols.
      But before they could shoot, they were hit by the crazy criminals. The criminals took the prison key from the prison guards and began to release more prisoners…
      “Brothers, we’ re free!”
      “Damn it, I’ m going to get revenge. I’ m going to kill those bastards who framed me!”
      “Gotham City belongs to us, this is our city!”

      Chapter 37 Civil Style Simple Gotham City

      The criminals in Gotham City, without exception, were extremely vicious bad people. Among them, the worst of them were locked in Black Gate Prison and Arkham Mad Men’s Court. It could be said that the criminals in Black Gate Prison and Arkham Mad Men’s Court were the best among the bad guys in Gotham City!
      For example, Clown, Penguin, Bain, and so on…
      These guys, no matter which one of them, could make Gotham City turn upside down…
      When Su Ke brought Emma into Gotham City, all he saw was chaos.
      Gunshots, cries, roars, and begging for forgiveness rang out in his ears. There were prisoners wearing prison uniforms with weapons everywhere on the road. The prisoners rushed into other people’s homes and then recklessly robbed their owners like wild dogs…
      No one dared to resist because anyone who dared to resist would face the risk of being shot.
      “Sure enough, it’s a simple Gotham City!”
      Walking on this street, Su Ke could not help but sigh.
      How could this be a city!It was simply a hell!Only a dark hero like Batman could adapt to this kind of place. If it were Superman or Iron Man, they would have been driven crazy in minutes!
      Gotham’s citizens were valiant, and the entire DC was famous. The bad guys here did almost anything bad. Even when the DC’s biggest villain, Daksaid, led his demon-like army to invade Earth and the humans in other cities gave up on resisting, Gotham City’s bad guys directly fought with the demon-like army!
      This was the only thing in the entire DC, even in the Maneuvering Universe…
      This was the real Gotham City!
      Looking at the chaos in front of her, Emma felt very uncomfortable. She whispered to Su Ke,” Do you want to help them?”
      “No need!”
      Su Ke waved his hand and said,” This kind of thing happens almost every day in Gotham City. I can’ t care about it. Moreover, Gotham City has always been protected by someone, so let’s not interfere!”
      This wasn’t Su Ke’s ruthlessness. It was just that along the way, things like this could be seen everywhere. If he really cared about it, who knew when would he care about it?
      Moreover, these matters should be the work of Gotham Police Department and Batman. He did not need to interfere!
      As the Dark Knight of Gotham City, Batman had always cared about people interfering in Gotham City. He didn’t have to do such a thankless thing.
      The most important thing for him right now was to find Batman and take back the Space Gem!
      As for other matters, who cared about him?
      “Hey, hey! I didn’t expect that!There was actually such a beautiful woman here. Beautiful woman, this place is very dangerous. Do you want me to protect you?”I promise I will be very gentle!”
      Suddenly, a fat, middle-aged fat man in prison clothes stopped Su Ke and Emma and started drooling at Emma.
      “Bastard!”I saw this woman first. Go die!”
      Before Su Ke and Emma could say anything, a series of angry voices suddenly rang out from the side. Following that, a series of gunshots rang out. The fat man’s head was instantly blown and he fell to the ground powerlessly.
      “Damn fatty, you dare to steal my woman? You’ re tired of living!”
      A skinny man rushed forward and kicked the fat man again as he cursed.
      Then, he looked at Emma with a malicious expression.” Beauty, don’t be afraid. This fatty has already been killed by me. How can a beauty like you be with such a fatty?”You should be with me!”
      The skinny man was extremely skinny, but his eyes were very prominent. He looked like a human-shaped toad. Emma looked at him and almost spit it out.
      Su Ke was a little speechless. He patted Emma on the back and said,” There’s no other way. Gotham City is such a chaotic city. It’s like this trash. This city is everywhere!”
      “Trash?”Brat, you dare to call me a bastard!”
      Hearing this, the skinny toad instantly became furious. Then, he raised his gun and aimed it at Su Ke.
      “Kid, look at how you look like a rich man. This woman should be your woman too, right?”I’ ve always hated rich people like you. I’ m going to kill you and rob your woman!”
      As soon as he finished speaking, the toad skinny man pulled the trigger.
      Su Ke felt a little helpless. Why did these guys like to be cheap?He clearly did not want to kill someone…
      In that instant, Su Ke stretched out two fingers and lightly pinched the bullet.
      Under the shocked look of the skinny toad, Su Ke turned the direction of the bullet and gently flicked it towards the skinny toad’s head.
      A sound of air breaking could be heard, and the bullet instantly penetrated the skinny toad’s head…
      “You shouldn’ t have offended me!”
      This was the last sentence the skinny toad heard before he died.*

      Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationAsk for a vote![No rewards]

      Su Ke was neither a virgin nor a super hero, so he did not follow the rule of not killing people. In Gotham City, the winner was the king. If he were just an ordinary person, he would have died under someone else’s gun!
      This was the first time Su Ke had killed someone, but his heart was still a little scary. It was as if he had killed an ant instead of a human.
      After thinking about it, as a Titan, wasn’t humans just ants?
      After walking through the chaotic streets, when they arrived at Gotham City Center, the situation was obviously much better. Although there were still many criminals in prison uniforms wandering around, there was still no such thing as killing people on the streets.
      Su Ke didn’ t know much about the current timeline in the DC universe. Before looking for Batman, he felt that he had better understand this world first!
      As a world where Marvel and DC merged, Emma naturally understood this world!
      She came to a restaurant and casually ordered some food. After that, Emma began to tell Su Ke about the city’s current situation.
      After hearing what Emma had said, Su Ke only felt a headache. He realized that the situation in Gotham City seemed to be much more troublesome than he thought.
      And the current timeline should be after Body of Steel, before Batman fought Superman.
      Why did he say that?
      According to Emma, the Kryptonian invaded Earth last year, causing immeasurable losses and many lives. Although they were defeated by Superman, the shadow left by the Kryptonian remained.
      It was worth mentioning that Gotham City seemed to be involved in the Kryptonian battle. Gotham City’s largest Wayne Enterprise was destroyed because of the Kryptonian battle, and this directly caused hundreds of people to die…
      “So, is Batman about to fight Superman?”
      Su Ke thought to himself as he stirred the coffee in front of him.
      He didn’t expect Gotham City to encounter such a shocking thing.
      Superman versus Batman. This was a crucial event in the DC universe. In this event, Batman relied on human strength and intelligence to defeat and even nearly killed Superman, who was regarded as a god by a few humans!
      If Superman was the representative of light, then Batman was the incarnation hidden in the darkness of Gotham City. He was the dark knight of Gotham City and even the entire DC universe!
      This was a battle between light and darkness!
      This was a battle between humans and gods!
      In the end, people would defeat gods!
      Thinking about it, it really made people look forward to it…
      Ding!Congratulations to the host for triggering the main mission in the DC world: As a super god villain, how could he miss such an important matter?”Help and encourage the battle between Superman and Batman, help Batman create the Justice Alliance!”
      “Help Superman fight Batman. Mission reward:500,000 points and a chance to draw a lottery.”
      “Assist Batman to create the Justice Alliance, reward 1 million points and two chances of raffle!”
      Without any warning, the System’s voice rang again in Su Ke’s mind.
      Su Ke almost spat out the coffee he had just drunk. Was there something wrong with your grandpa?Didn’t he just released the main mission of the Maneuvering World?Why was the main mission of the DC world released now?What exactly happened one after another?
      And until now, he hadn’t even finished one-tenth of the main mission of the Maneuvering World, yet he had ushered in the main mission of the DC World. Was n’ t scam?
      Although the rewards were abundant, Chenqie couldn’ t do it…*

      Chapter 39: Batman with Crisis of Trust!]

      For a moment, Su Ke felt like he was the most bitter host in history. Not to mention the task after task, it was extremely difficult. Why couldn’t he start fighting monsters like others?
      Su Ke was speechless in his heart. He could only ask in his heart,” Hey, I’m talking about the System, is n’ t this a bit too cheating?”I haven’ t even completed one of the three missions I’ ve assigned to the Maneuvering World. You’ ve given me two more missions at once. I’ m under pressure like you!”
      “It’s right if there’s pressure. As a villain, it’s normal if there’s pressure. The mission can’ t be changed or reduced. Please complete it as soon as possible!”
      The System replied.
      What a f*ck!
      After a series of complaints, Su Ke could only accept such a fact. Fortunately, the System was a little conscientious. It did not limit the time for completing the mission. Plus, the timeline of this world was a little chaotic because of the fusion ofway and DC, so Su Ke had absolutely enough time to complete the mission!
      Moreover, Rocky’s invasion of Earth required Space Gemstones. As long as Su Ke mastered the timeline of the World of Maneuver as Space Gemstones, it could be said that Su Ke was completely in control.
      From this point of view, the System was not too much of a scam!
      But now that Su Ke had arrived in Gotham City, it was still necessary to do a mission in Gotham City. If Su Ke remembered correctly, Batman had established the Justice Alliance after Superman’s battle with Batman, then the matter of helping Batman create the Justice Alliance could be discussed later. The most important thing now was to promote the battle between Superman and Batman!
      Due to his understanding of Batman, Suke knew that this matter should not be too difficult because Batman had always believed in few people except himself. Even after the establishment of the Justice Alliance, he still made a plan to defeat all members!
      To put it simply, Batman was a person with a crisis of trust…
      However, thinking about it carefully, it didn’t seem to blame him. After all, in the Justice Alliance, he was the only one who did n’ t have super powers…
      At this thought, Su Ke was stunned again. He suddenly thought that the reason why Batman stole the Space Gem of Divine Shield Bureau was to defeat Superman?
      After thinking about it, this matter was really possible!When Superman had fought with General Zode, he had destroyed Batman’s Wayne Tower and killed hundreds of Batman employees. As the Dark Knight of Gotham City, how could Batman ignore it?
      However, General Zode had already died. Only Superman was alive, so he would definitely target Superman…
      If he wanted to defeat Superman, the human power alone would not be enough. He needed something stronger!
      For example… Spatial Gem!
      This way, everything made sense…
      “Suke, what’s wrong with you?”
      All of a sudden, Emma’s voice rang out, bringing Su Kla back to reality.
      “Oh, it’s nothing. It’s just thinking about what you said before!”
      Su Ke returned to his senses and casually said.
      Emma had no doubt about Su Ke’s words. After taking a sip of coffee, she asked,” Then where are we going next?”
      “Big news!”We’ ve already confirmed that Bruce Wayne has announced that he will hold a charity party at Wayne Manor tonight. The charity money he receives from the party will be used to build a building that was destroyed by aliens a year ago, and part of it will be used as a grant for orphans because of this disaster…”
      Just as Suke was about to speak, a striking news appeared on the television not far away. It was accompanied by a picture of Bruce Wayne.
      “I’ve decided!”Let’s go to Wayne Manor tonight!”
      Su Ke turned around and smiled at Emma.
      Why?Weren’t we here looking for the dimensional gemstones that Batman stole?”Why are you going to Wayne Manor?”
      Emma asked curiously. Clearly, she did not know that Bruce Wayne was Batman!
      Su Ke didn’ t explain. He just smiled and said,” You will understand when the time comes!”
      Time passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, it was evening. Because they were going to attend the party hosted by Bruce Wayne, Suke and Emma changed into a suit. Suke was dressed in a handsome suit, while Emma was dressed in a white dress. Coupled with her tall and slender figure, it really made people wonder.
      With his clothes, he still needed a luxury car. However, buying a car was a bit troublesome. In order to save trouble, Suke directly found a more famous local drug dealer, and then’ borrowed’ his super luxury car worth tens of millions of dollars!
      As for how he borrowed it, he had to ask the drug dealer who was lying in the hospital with a broken body…*

      Was this a seduction?

      As he drove to Wayne Manor, Suk’s eyes occasionally turned to look at Emma, who was in the passenger seat. There was no reason for that. It was just that Emma’s dress today was too fancy…
      It had to be said that Su Ke was tempted.
      Facing Emma like this, any man would be tempted!
      Sensing Su Ke’s gaze from time to time, Emma’s heart was already filled with joy. However, on the surface, she didn’ t show it at all.
      “I said, it’s not like we’ re actually going to the party today. Do you need to dress like this?”
      Su Ke retracted his gaze and said as he stared ahead.
      Emma pursed her lips and pretended to be unhappy.” Didn’t you make me look better?”Am I not good-looking?”
      “It’s pretty, but I’ m afraid… Forget it, it’s nothing!”
      Su Ke had only wanted Emma to pick a suit for the party. After all, Wayne Manor was not an ordinary place, so he needed to pay attention to it. However, he had not expected Emma to pick such a sexy suit.
      He originally wanted to keep a low profile, but now it seemed like he couldn’ t keep a low profile anymore…
      “You mean I’ m beautiful?”
      Suddenly, Emma approached Su Ke and blinked her sexy and charming eyes. Her eyes were full of charm.
      F*ck, is this a seduction?
      Su Ke thought.
      It had to be admitted that being seduced by a beauty like Emma was a very comfortable thing. If it wasn’t for the current situation being a little inappropriate, Su Ke would definitely take down Emma.
      But considering what he had to do tonight, he finally reached out and pushed Emma’s chin aside.
      “Don’ t make a fuss. We have business tonight!”
      Hearing this, Emma snorted and turned around to look outside the window, ignoring Su Ke.
      Although she pretended to be angry on the surface, at this moment, Emma was extremely excited.
      Because she could tell that Su Ke was already interested in herself.
      As for the others, there would always be a chance!
      Not long after, Suke and Emma finally arrived at Wayne Manor. They saw that this was a magnificent European-style castle. Because the reason for the party, even though it was already evening, it was still brightly lit. Countless luxury cars were parked around, and the rich and socialites of Gotham City could be seen everywhere. It could be seen that the name Bruce Wayne was still very appealing!
      In this kind of environment, Emma’s appearance instantly attracted everyone’s attention. Most of the men’s eyes were filled with longing and surprise, while the women’s eyes were filled with envy and anger…
      Su Ke felt a little helpless, because Emma’s appearance made him, an alien handsome man, lose everyone’s attention. It could even be said that he was ignored…
      This feeling really made people feel helpless.
      Su Ke casually tossed the car key to the waiter by the side. Only then did Su Ke walk to Emma’s side. Emma naturally grabbed Su Ke’s arm. Then, under everyone’s envious or jealous eyes, the two of them walked into Wayne Manor.
      From afar, Su Ke suddenly saw that the guard at the door was examining something. After a careful look, he realized that it was an invitation!
      This was a little troublesome. Before he came, he had not expected that he would need an invitation to attend the party.
      It was as if she could see what Su Ke was thinking. Emma immediately whispered,” Don’ t worry. Leave this matter to me!”
      Just like that, the two walked towards the door.
      Sure enough, when they reached the door, the security guard stopped them.
      “Hello, please show me your invitation!”
      When Su Ke heard this, he glanced at Emma beside him and said slowly,” Honey, isn’t the invitation at your place?”Take it out!”
      “Oh, I’ m sorry, I almost forgot!”
      Emma smiled. Then, she opened the bag and took out… a ball of air.
      Facing the air that Emma handed over, the security guard actually reached out to take it. After taking a look, he immediately said respectfully,” Mr. Suke, Miss Emma, welcome you!”
      Next, the door opened and Emma walked in with a proud expression.
      Su Ke smiled and shook his head.
      Telepathy, this ability is really good…*

      Chapter 41 Superman in dc Universe!Pray for flowers!Ask for a vote!]

      “Hey, Ke Lake, look, there’s another beautiful woman over there. This beautiful woman is much more attractive than those before. She’s simply a top quality!”
      In the lobby of Wayne Manor, a reporter used a camera to shoot Emma, who had just walked in, as he excitedly tugged at the sleeve of a man beside him.
      Ke Lake Kent!
      If Su Ke heard this name, he would definitely be a little surprised at this moment because this person was not someone else, it was the superman in the DC universe!
      Ke Lake Kent’s original name was Carl-Ile. He was born on Krypton Star. When Krypton Star was about to be destroyed, his parents sent the infant to Earth with a spaceship.
      The spaceship landed in Simoville, Kansas, Michigan. Karl was picked up by the farm owner, Mr. and Mrs. Kent, and brought up under Ke Lake Kent’s name as Earth.
      After becoming ~ people, Ke Lake came to metropolis and became a reporter for Planet Daily.
      He was born with super powers and a strong sense of justice and compassion. Every time he was in danger, he would put on a blue tights, put on a red cape, and turn into a superman. In the DC universe, superman was recognized as the strongest hero!
      Ke Lake turned around and speechlessly looked at his companion.” Wes, we’ re not here today to shoot beauties. We’ re mainly here to interview Bruce Wayne!”
      “Of course I know. Do you think I might forget such an important matter?”
      Wes continued to take pictures as he said,” But you don’ t think about who Bruce Wayne is. How could he let us reporters interview him? Why don’ t you bring some other things back? At least you won’ t get scolded!”
      Ke Lake felt a little helpless when he heard this. He realized that Wes was right. Bruce Wayne really wouldn’t be interviewed by a small reporter like them.
      But of course, the reason he came here today wasn’t all to interview Bruce Wayne. The most important reason was that he wanted to talk to Bruce Wayne’s other identity!
      And this identity was Batman!
      Ke Lake had a super penetrating eye and could easily see through anyone’s disguise. Of course, it also included Batman. However, as a super hero, he did not want to expose Bruce Wayne’s identity. He just wanted to persuade Batman to stop such brutal law enforcement!
      But according to Batman’s bad temper, Ke Lake knew that he might not follow his advice.
      Ke Lake could not help but sigh when he thought of this. He then turned to look at the beauty Viss had mentioned earlier.
      He needed his current job, so he had to bring something back.
      Just as the camera was aimed at Emma, a young man suddenly appeared in the camera. Then, he naturally pulled Emma’s hand. With a single glance, Ke Lake’s expression suddenly shook.
      Ke Lake put down the camera in his hand and gently touched Vis.” Vis, who is the man next to that woman?”
      “I don’t know, but it should be a young rich man or rich second generation!”Gotham City is a chaotic city. Everything will happen!”
      As Wes spoke, the camera in his hand kept ringing.
      Ke Lake no longer paid attention to Vis, and his expression suddenly became a little grave. Following that, his eyes began to heat up. He had already used his eyes.
      Seeing Su Ke’s first glance, Ke Lake’s instinct told him that Su Ke could not be an ordinary person. On Su Ke’s body, there must be an extremely shocking secret.
      He needed to know what this was!
      But what surprised him was that his eyes could not see through Su Ke’s body!
      Was it lead?
      No… not lead…
      (PS: Lead can block Superman’s vision. As long as you wear a mask made of lead, Superman will not be able to see through it!)
      Ke Lake’s expression became serious…
      On the other side, Su Ke, who was accompanying Emma under the spotlight, suddenly sensed something and looked towards a place not far away.
      In that instant, his eyes met.
      Was this… Superman?
      Sensing the special aura on the other person and the ordinary appearance of a reporter, Su Ke instantly guessed his identity.
      It had to be said that this was a surprise. Su Ke never thought that he would encounter Superman here!
      What a coincidence!*

      Chapter 42: Comparing Strength with Superman!]

      “Emma, I met an acquaintance. Let’s go and say hello first!”
      He whispered in Emma’s ear, and Su Ke walked straight towards Ke Lake.
      Emma was a little surprised. Su Ke was an alien, and he had never been to Gotham City before. How could he meet an acquaintance here?
      Although she was surprised, Emma didn’t show any signs on the surface. She was still smiling at the scene in front of her eyes.
      On the other side, when he noticed Su Ke walking towards him, Ke Lake quickly put away his eyes and turned around to avoid Su Ke’s gaze.
      “Hi!”Hello, my name is Su Ke. I’ m very happy to meet you!”
      Su Ke smiled and extended his hand.
      Seeing that he couldn’ t dodge, plus he was also very curious about Su Ke, Ke Lake smiled. Then, he put down the camera in his hand and extended his hand,” Hello, Ke Lake Kent!”
      Sure enough!
      This guy is Superman!
      Then, both hands clenched together.
      Because he knew that Ke Lake was the strongest hero of the DC, Superman. In addition, Su Ke wanted to know about Superman’s power. When he shook hands, Su Ke did not control his own power at all.
      In that instant, Ke Lake felt the super power from Su Ke. This was a power that was almost on par with him!
      Sure enough, he was not an ordinary person, and it was very likely that he had already guessed his identity!
      Ke Lake’s hands could not help but use his super power. For a moment, the two of them were secretly fighting each other. Their grip strength had already reached 100,000 tons!
      Such power could easily shatter an asteroid!!!
      “You’ re quite strong!”
      Su Ke smiled, but his heart was very excited. After all, comparing strength with Superman was not something that could be encountered every time.
      “You’ re not bad either!”
      Ke Lake smiled as well, but his heart was incomparably shocked!
      He subconsciously believed that Su Ke should be his own kind, but then, he instantly rejected this idea because Su Ke did not have the aura of his own clansmen…
      Suke was not a Kryptonian!
      Of course, he was not a human either!
      “Bruce Wayne, it’s Bruce Wayne!”
      “Bruce Wayne has finally appeared!”
      Ke Lake, what are you still standing there for?Hurry up and interview Bruce Wayne!”As long as he says a word to our camera, we will be able to complete the mission successfully!”
      Suddenly, a shout came from a place not too far away. At the same time, Viss hurried Ke Lake!
      The two of them gave their hands off in tacit agreement, and then looked at Bruce Wayne who was slowly walking into the room.
      Unlike comics and movies, Bruce Wayne was only in his thirties. It was the time when a man was the most energetic, and also the peak of his body!
      When he saw a small band-aid on Bruce Wayne’s forehead, Suke knew that Bruce Wayne was n’ t idle at night. After all, the riots in Black Gate Prison were already well known. As the Dark Knight of Gotham City, Bruce Wayne was definitely Batman!
      “Who… are you?”
      Although Bruce Wayne’s appearance was very eye-catching, Ke Lake’s attention was no longer on him. At this moment, the only thing he could care about was Su Ke beside him!
      Suke smiled as he looked at Bruce Wayne.” If you say it carefully, we all have the same experience. Like you, I came here after the destruction of the planet. But of course, I’ m not a Kryptonian!”
      Su Ke’s words confirmed Ke Lake’s guess. After a short silence, Ke Lake asked again,” Then what’s your purpose in coming here?”
      “Just like you!”
      Suke pointed at Bruce Wayne who was not far away.
      For Bruce Wayne?
      Ke Lake was a little surprised.
      “So you already know his identity?”
      “Honey, why are you still here?”The party has already begun!”
      Before Su Ke could say anything, Emma suddenly walked over and grabbed Su Ke’s arm.
      “I’ m sorry, although I really want to talk to you for a while, I have to leave now!”
      With a faint smile, Su Ke pulled Emma’s arm and left.
      Looking at Su Ke’s departing figure, Ke Lake felt a surge in his heart.
      His intuition told him that something terrible was about to happen in this world…*

      Batman and Luther!]

      A few steps later, Emma suddenly leaned close to Su Ke’s ear and whispered,” The man beside you just now is very strange.”
      Su Ke’s heart skipped a beat.” What’s wrong?”Did you just invade his thoughts?”
      “No, it’s just a feeling, and I think it’s not easy to invade his thoughts!”
      Emma frowned.
      “Forget it, don’ t worry about him. We’ re not here for him this time. Let’s get down to business first!”
      Su Ke said.
      In the DC universe, Superman was always synonymous with power. His power was almost incomparable in the DC universe!
      However, Superman also had weaknesses, such as Kryptonite, Black Sun, and of course, magic attacks!
      Superman’s magic resistance was almost zero. No power attack could harm him, but magic was the only thing he could not resist!
      It was also because of this. To Su Ke, Superman did not have the power to threaten him. Although he was Superman, he was still not his opponent!
      As long as he was willing, he could defeat Superman in just a few minutes!
      It wasn’t long before Bruce Wayne appeared not far from Su Ke. It was worth mentioning that there was a man standing beside him. The iconic bald head immediately made Su Ke guess his identity.
      Lex Luthor!
      Lex Luthor, also known as Alexander Luther, was one of the cleverest people on Earth. Bleniac calculated that he had a level nine intelligence. He had run for the president of Rice, and he was the chairman of Lex Group.
      Ever since the day Superman appeared, Luther had been dedicated to letting the world escape the “threat” of this alien. According to Luther, Superman had weakened human potential.
      From then on, Luther was no longer just an ambitious man. He became an obsessive man. He constantly proved to the world that he was stronger and better than Superman. He wanted to destroy Superman. From the initial hatred to the envy of Superman, he also had conflicts with other different heroes in the DC universe.
      But now it seemed Luther hadn’t revealed his ambition. Otherwise, he would n’ t have been drinking with Bruce Wayne.
      “Mr. Wayne, I’m curious. What do you think of the so-called Gotham Dark Knight?”Do you think his existence really helped Gotham City?”
      Luther smiled as he drank the champagne in his hand and asked.
      Bruce smiled and said,” I’ ve never cared about this kind of thing. But in my opinion, his existence at least scared Gotham City’s criminals. This should be a good thing for Gotham City, right?”
      What about Superman?What do you think of him?”Since last year’s battle, many people have regarded Superman as a god. Do you think he is a god?”
      After taking a sip of champagne, Luther asked with interest. A sly look flashed across his eyes.
      Brosnan’s face stiffened when he heard this, but in an instant, he recovered and said indifferently,” There is no god in this world. Even if there is, it won’ t be like that. God won’ t bring a group of monsters to fight on Earth and slaughter innocent people!”
      “Wow, I didn’t expect you to say such a thing, but I have a thought. Are you really a Dark Knight of Gotham City?Or was it a superman who was regarded as divine by humans?”Can humans defeat gods?”
      The smile on Luther’s face grew even more intense.
      “The battle between humans and gods, the battle between the Dark Knight and the Son of Kryptonian, this matter sounds interesting!”
      Before Brosnan could say anything, a voice rang out. In the next second, Su Ke and Emma appeared beside Brosnan and Luther.
      “The battle between humans and gods, the battle between the Dark Knight and the Kryptonian Son… That’s not bad. I like it. By the way, my name is Luther!”
      After silently muttering what Su Ke had just said, Luther felt his eyes light up. He was also interested in Su Ke.
      “Hello, Su Ke!”
      Su Ke smiled and extended his hand.
      “Honey, you guys talk first. I’ ll go over there and rest!”
      Knowing Su Ke was going to do business, Emma immediately found an excuse to leave.
      Brosnan stared at Emma’s departing figure and said with a face full of admiration,” Nice girl!”
      He was a romantic and rich second generation ruffian.
      But everyone knew that he was completely pretending.
      “By the way, Suke, I heard you say that you were interested in Batman and Superman. Do you think that Batman is a match for Superman?”It’s not that I look down on Batman, but Superman is too powerful. He can’ t even hurt Superman’s hair!”
      Luther looked at Su Ke and said with an exaggerated expression, completely disregarding the already unnatural expression of Bruce!
      Su Ke was a little speechless at this moment, because he suddenly realized that his mission seemed to be a bit unnecessary. With Luther as the god-ass assistant, it was likely that even if Batman and Superman didn’t fight, they would n’ t be able to fight……*

      Chapter 44: People can defeat God!

      “I’ m sorry, I suddenly remembered that I still have other things to deal with. Please take care of yourself!”
      At this moment, Brosnan suddenly gave a stiff smile. Before Luther and Suk could say anything, he turned around and left.
      Luther pretended to look at Su Ke helplessly.” Really, what’s going on with that guy?”I’ m talking about Batman, not him!”
      Just continue pretending!
      Su Ke sneered in his heart. Luther was really too sinister!He clearly knew that Bruce was Batman, and he was still pretending to be ignorant here!
      “Wait… I seem to have discovered another amazing guy. I really didn’ t expect to see him here…”
      In the next second, Luther’s eyes suddenly lit up. Without saying another word, he walked towards Ke Lake.
      It was clear that he was preparing to provoke Clark!
      But his departure was a good thing for Suke, because Suke really couldn’t stand a person like Luther, even if he was smart.
      He returned to Emma’s side and sat down. After taking a sip of champagne, Su Ke asked,” How is it? What did you find out?”
      Emma was a smart woman. She knew that Su Ke would not be able to find anyone to chat with for no reason, so she had already used telepathy to check on Bruce and Luther!
      “I really didn’ t expect Bruce Wayne, the grand prince of Gotham and the heir to Wayne Enterprise, to be Batman!”
      Emma said in surprise, as if she could not accept such a thing.
      “If you’ re so shocked, then it’s a bit early!”Su Ke smiled and said,” Do you still remember the reporter I was chatting with?”
      “Remember!”What’s wrong?”
      Emma asked curiously.
      “Like Batman, he has another identity. He’s Superman, the son of Kryptonian!”
      Hearing this, Emma was a little surprised. But then she thought of something and suddenly realized,” No wonder my telepathic senses have no effect on him…”
      “Gotham City is much more lively than I imagined. If I’ m not wrong, there will be a battle between Batman and Superman!”
      Su Ke took out the champagne and spoke again.
      “Is that possible?”No matter how powerful Batman is, he’s just a human, and Superman is a powerful alien. The power between them is not equal, there’s no way to fight!”
      Emma said in disbelief.
      Seeing this, Su Ke didn’t want to explain anything else. It was not just Emma, almost everyone who heard this would not believe that Batman would defeat Superman.
      But the final result would prove everything!
      Man can defeat God!
      Su Ke stood up again and tidied up his clothes. Then Su Ke asked,” Where did Bruce go when he left?”
      “It seems like a place called Bat Cave. It’s under Wayne Manor!”
      Emma lowered her voice and said.
      “Very good, I’ ll go talk to him now. You wait for me here!”
      After saying this, Su Ke immediately turned around and left.
      The super speed was activated, and Suke silently arrived in a bedroom at Wayne Manor. The bedroom was empty, and only a bonfire was burning in the fireplace.
      “I wonder if the switch to Bat Cave is here. It’s the same as in the movie.”
      According to the description in the Batman movies seen in his previous life, Suke found a button on the cabinet and gently pressed it.
      Then, the burning fireplace suddenly rose up and an elevator appeared in front of Su Ke’s eyes.
      Very good!It was exactly the same as in the movie!
      Su Ke smiled and walked in.
      Originally, with Su Ke’s ability, he did n’ t need to be so troublesome to go to the Bat Cave. He could just punch through a tunnel, but considering that this was Batman’s secret base, he decided to use a peaceful method to solve this problem.
      If Batman wasn’t willing to hand over the Space Gem, then there was no other way. Suke could only use brute force.
      As long as it was something he wanted, he would definitely get it!
      Anyone who dared to stand in front of him would become his enemy!
      Thinking like this, Su Ke’s heart suddenly became happy again. He seemed to be more and more like a villain……*

      Su Ke and Batman!Ask for a vote!]

      At the same time, in Bat Cave, Brosnan was deep in thought towards an open safe. Inside the safe was a space gem stolen from Divine Shield!
      Suke was right. Batman really wanted to use Space Gem to deal with Superman!
      Last year, General Zode invaded Earth with the remains of Kryptonian, destroying half of Gotham City’s buildings. Even during the battle between Superman and General Zode, Wayne Tower was destroyed. This directly caused hundreds of his employees to die!
      Although this was not his responsibility, he still fell into deep self-blame for it!
      General Zode was already dead. He couldn’t hold a dead man accountable, but he could n’ t tolerate that the superman who had done all this to Gotham City was still worshipped as a superhero or even a god!
      In his opinion, Superman was not a god. It was just a devil who descended from the sky and brought disaster to Earth.
      He wanted to kill the devil, but with just human power, he could not do such a thing. He needed to use other powers, and then he would steal the Space Gem!
      It was true that he had obtained the Space Gem, but he did not know how to use it. Moreover, the Space Gem could not be directly contacted. He had used a white mouse to do an experiment, but in an instant, the white mouse was decomposed.
      He just got something that he couldn’ t use……
      Thinking back to what Luther had said earlier, Batman felt powerless…
      “Could it be that people really can’ t defeat God?”
      “That’s not right!”
      Suddenly, in the darkness not far away, a voice suddenly rang out, making Batman like he was facing a great enemy.
      “Who is it?”
      With a shout, Batman casually picked up the Bat Throwing Knife on the table and flung it over.
      “Hey, hey, Brosnan, you’re so forgetful. Did n’ t we just meet?Do you need to say hello like this?”This suit is very expensive!”
      In the darkness, Su Ke slowly walked out, holding the Bat Flying Dagger that Batman had thrown earlier.
      “It’s you!”
      Brosnan was a little surprised. He didn’ t expect to see Su Ke here.
      But then, he thought of something and said coldly,” Who are you and how do you know this place!”
      “Don’ t be nervous!”
      Suke smiled first, then casually pulled a stool and sat down. He looked at Bruce with a playful expression and said,” First, I want to ask first. Should I call you Bruce Wayne or Batman now?”
      Sure enough… This man not only knew his secret base, he also knew that he was Batman!
      “Tell me, what do you want?”
      Brosnan was a smart person. He knew that Su Ke had come here not just to talk to him. He didn’t like to beat around the bush, so he went straight to the point.
      Sure enough, he was smart!
      With a light smile, Su Ke pointed at the dimensional gem inside the safe beside Bruce and said,” You took something that doesn’ t belong to you. I came to take it back!”
      “You’ re from Divine Shield Bureau?”
      Brosnan was a little surprised.
      “Don’ t misunderstand, I don’ t have anything to do with S.H.I. Shield. I’ m just myself!”
      Su Ke said indifferently.
      “I took this item from S.H.I. Shield Bureau. If you’re from S.H.I. Shield Bureau, then maybe I’ ll give it back to you, but you’ re not from them at all. Why would I give it to you?”And this thing is still useful to me, so please forgive me for not following it!”
      Brosnan suddenly rolled and took the rifle from the weapons rack in his hand, then aimed it at Su Ke.
      “There’s no need to waste bullets!”
      Su Ke said helplessly,” Bullets can’t hurt me at all. All your weapons ca n’ t hurt me at all, and I don’t want to fight with you either. Besides, although the Space Gem has a powerful power, its power is just to open the passage between the universe. It ca n’ t help you defeat Superman at all?If you really want to defeat Superman, wouldn’t you just use Kryptonite?”It’s so simple to use kryptonite as a bullet or spear to directly penetrate Superman’s heart!”
      When Batman heard this, his face was filled with confusion, as if he did not know what Suke called the Kryptonite.
      Seeing that Batman didn’t seem to be faking it out, Su Ke’s heart skipped a beat. Speaking of your sister, could it be that Batman still doesn’t know about the Kryptonite?*

      Chapter 46 Getting a Space Gem [Ask for an Evaluation Ticket]

      (PS: Old young masters, let’s give Zhang an evaluation ticket. It’s only a few in a day now. I’ m begging for a thousand…)
      Then, Batman’s words proved Su Ke’s idea.
      “You… what kind of kryptonite are you talking about?”Can it really kill Superman?”
      Batman said excitedly. His breathing was a little hurried.
      Sure enough, this f*ck did not know about the Kryptonite…
      Although he was a little helpless, Suke still explained,” Kryptonite is a special mineral from Kryptonite. It’s not harmful to humans, but it’s deadly to Kryptonite people. When Kryptonite people touch Kryptonite, they will lose all their powers. Even an ordinary human is inferior. If you use Kryptonite to make bullets, even Superman will die!”
      Batman became more and more excited as he listened. He slowly threw the rifle in his hand to the side and asked,” Then, do you have any kryptonite?”
      Of course I didn’t. Why did I want that thing?It wasn’t me who was fighting Superman. Besides, I did n’ t need kryptonite to fight Superman!
      Su Ke could not help but grumble in his heart.
      But then, he suddenly realized a problem. What if Batman could not find the Kryptonite…
      After all, kryptonite was too rare, and its distribution range was too wide. It could be on the bottom of the ocean, in the Grand Canyon, or even in a volcano. If Batman found it, it would be fine. If he couldn’t find it, how would he fight Superman?
      If he didn’t fight, how could he complete his mission?
      Moreover, the Justice Alliance was established after the battle between Superman and Batman. If these two guys were not allowed to fight, how could the Justice Alliance be established?
      This f*ck…
      Could it be that I’m trying to get Kryptonite?
      How could I know where to find Kryptonite…
      By the way!
      It was difficult to find the System!
      Su Ke didn’ t have the slightest hesitation when he thought about this. He quickly asked in his heart,” Hey, System, do you have any kryptonite?”
      Soon, the System replied.
      “Of course. Host, please take a look!”
      In that instant, Su Ke felt a flash in front of him. Then, the interface of the system’s shopping mall appeared in front of him. What was displayed was the kryptonite!
      Suke took a look at the price of the kryptonite. His eyelids twitched. The kryptonite thing was actually sold on a gram basis. A gram of 1,000 counterpoint points. According to his current score, he could only buy 20 grams…
      This price was too f*cky…
      Su Ke could not help but grumble in his heart.
      Ding!”This system’s price is reasonable. No one can deceive you. Please don’ t slander us!”
      This was the same as a child?
      If the System had a physical form, Su Ke would definitely slap his mouth.
      Although the price of the Kryptonite was a bit of a scam, Su Ke was relieved when he thought of the points he had obtained after completing the mission.
      “You’ re ruthless, exchange all your points for kryptonite!”
      Following that, Su Ke felt as if something had appeared in his hand. When he looked at it, he saw that it was a green kryptonite. It was just a little smaller than a ping-pong ball.
      “This… is this kryptonite?”
      Seeing that Su Ke didn’t reply, he suddenly took out a green stone. Batman immediately guessed!
      “That’s right, this is Kryptonite. If you want to defeat Superman, then using this item is much better than Space Gem. Take the Kryptonite and give it to me!”
      Su Ke said in pain.
      The 20,000 anti-party points that he had managed to save were all exchanged for Kryptonite for Batman. This f*ck, it really was a night back before liberation!
      Batman stole the Space Gem just to defeat Superman. If the Space Gem couldn’t help him defeat Superman, then what’s the difference between it and trash?
      Using a Space Gem in exchange for a Kryptonite that could defeat Superman was worth it!
      He tossed the kryptonite in his hand to Batman. Suke came to the safe and took out the dimensional gem.
      However, the current spatial gem could not be called a spatial gem. It was more accurate to call him a cosmic cube because the real spatial gem was inside him!
      With a slight pinch, the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube was shattered and a blue gem appeared in Su Ke’s hand.
      This was the true spatial gem!*

      Chapter 47 Can we stay here for one night?

      Ding!”Congratulations to the host for successfully obtaining the Space Gem. Mission reward:500,000 points and a chance to draw a lottery.”
      Ding!”Congratulations on the successful match between Superman and Batman. Mission reward:500,000 points and a chance to draw.”
      The moment he got the Space Gem, the System’s voice rang again in Su Ke’s mind.
      Su Ke was a little surprised. He had thought that the rewards for Superman and Batman’s duel should only be given when they were fighting, but he didn’ t expect to give them now!
      Su Ke looked up and realized that Batman’s temperament had changed. His eyes were filled with fanaticism.
      Su Ke understood that after obtaining the Kryptonite, Batman would definitely find Superman…
      Staring at the points displayed on the interface, Su Ke only found it funny. Just now, his points had almost all been cleared, but now, he had a million system points and two chances to draw!
      It had to be said that this trip to Gotham City was indeed worth it!
      The Space Gem had already been obtained. The battle between Batman and Superman was inevitable. There was no point in staying here anymore. Suke was prepared to leave.
      But of course, he was going to use the power of the Space Gem this time!
      Space gems were an uncontrollable power for humans, but it was an easy task for a Titan.
      With a thought, the spatial gem within Su Ke’s body was sensed. In an instant, it formed an elliptical spatial passage. The other end of the spatial passage was a corridor of Wayne Manor!
      Before he left, Suke had wanted to say hello to Batman, but he didn’t expect Batman to start researching the kryptonite right now. He did n’ t realize that he wanted to leave.
      It could be seen that he really wanted to defeat Superman!
      Seeing this, Su Ke was too lazy to say anything else. He stepped in and instantly appeared at Wayne Manor.
      Walking through the corridor, the party that appeared in front of Su Ke was still in progress. Su Ke scanned it and found that Superman and Luther had left for some reason. It seemed that Luther had successfully tricked Superman.
      No matter what, Gotham City’s mission was completed successfully. It was time to leave this place.
      Seeing Su Ke walking towards him, Emma immediately stood up and asked,” How is it?”Did you get it?”
      Su Ke nodded and reached out to take the glass from Emma’s hand. Then, he drank it all and said,” We’ ve already obtained the things. We’ re done with what we should do. Let’s go back!”
      “Don’ t…”
      Who knew that when she heard this, Emma became a little anxious.
      “What’s wrong?”Su Ke asked curiously,” Is there anything else you can do here?”
      “No… but I’ ve drunk a lot of wine before and I’ m a little dizzy. And now it’s so late. I think… can we stay here for a night before leaving?”
      Emma said with a slightly red face.
      From Emma’s point of view, if Su Ke returned, then Su Ke would definitely continue to be with Qin. At that time, she would not have a chance to get along with Su Ke. Such a thing, just thinking about it would make her uncomfortable.
      “Alright then!”
      Su Ke did not reject Emma’s request, and he faintly felt that something wonderful might happen tonight…
      Soon, the two left Wayne Manor and drove to the largest hotel in Gotham City.
      Seeing Su Ke and Emma come together, the waiter at the front desk naturally thought that they were a couple, so he only handled a room card for them, and it was also a couple suite!
      When she walked into the room, Emma was both scared and excited.
      After all these years, although most of her had been used, no one had ever touched her. She was just a girl.
      She was not afraid of what Su Ke did to her, but what Su Ke did not do to her…
      Because long ago, she had believed that Su Ke was the only man in her life, regardless of whether he was human or not.
      If Su Ke did something to her tonight, it meant that she had a position in Su Ke’s heart. If she didn’ t do anything tonight, then Emma didn’ t know what to do in the future…
      With this kind of fear and excitement, Emma finished taking a shower and then came to the bedroom with a red face.*

      Chapter 48: A Space Gem!]

      Looking at the empty room, Emma felt as if someone had poured cold water on her head.
      He… He actually left…
      Under such circumstances, he actually left…
      It seemed that all of this was because I thought it was too much. He did not like me at all and did not care about my feelings at all…
      For a moment, Emma felt her heart twitch like a knife. Tears dripped down her cheeks. She even felt that she no longer had any hope of survival…
      “Hey, what happened to you?”Why did you suddenly cry?”
      However, at this moment, Emma felt that two hands had suddenly been placed on her shoulder. Then, Su Ke’s voice rang out.
      Emma looked up in shock and saw who was not Su Ke and who was in front of him?
      “You… where did you go just now?”
      Ignoring the tears in the corner of her eyes, Emma cried out in disgust.
      Su Ke said helplessly,” I didn’t go anywhere!”Just sit on the sofa and rest.”
      Hearing this, Emma felt even more wronged.
      But before she could cry again, a figure leaned over.
      Su Ke was not an idiot. He naturally knew about Emma’s feelings for him. However, in order to obtain the Space Gem, he didn’ t have the time to express his love for Emma. But now that he had the Space Gem, he no longer hid his feelings.
      At this moment, looking at the man in front of her, Emma felt that the grievance in her heart had suddenly disappeared without a trace. Instead, it was filled with happiness.
      “You can only be my woman!”
      Then, Emma’s heart was filled with the words Su Ke had just said in her ear…
      Then, there was a different scene…
      After a long time, Su Ke drank the red wine with a comfortable expression. Meanwhile, Emma was already asleep. However, from the look on her face, she knew that she must be very happy.
      No matter what kind of role Emma had played in the X-Men, or what kind of person she was, she was only Su Ke’s woman in the future. No one else but Su Ke could think of anything about her!
      After drinking the red wine, Su Ke did not feel any sleepiness. He decided not to sleep anymore. Instead, he took the Space Gem in his hand and began to play.
      Now that he had the Space Gem, Su Ke should consider what to do next.
      According to the system’s mission, the next step should be to help Rocky invade Earth and start the Battle of New York. At this moment, the Avengers Alliance began to form!
      Although according to the timeline, this would not happen until about two years later, with the integration of the two worlds, the timeline had changed, and many things had changed. The Battle of New York was likely to happen early!
      Su Ke did not think it was a bad thing to help Loki invade Earth. No matter which time line it was, it was destined to happen. No one could change it. This was the main line of the Diffusion World. Without this main line, the Diffusion World would probably no longer exist.
      However, after all, the Space Gem was already in Su Ke’s hands. Su Ke did not intend to give the Space Gem to anyone, but according to the system’s mission, he had to help Rocky invade Earth. This would make Su Ke a little difficult.
      Not only did he want to help Rocky invade Earth, but he also didn’t want to give the Space Gem to Rocky. This was indeed a very troublesome matter!
      Just at this moment, Su Ke’s heart skipped a beat. It was certain that he couldn’ t give the Space Gem to others, but what if it was a fake?And it was a fake that could be used!
      With this thought in mind, Su Ke immediately asked in his heart,” System, do you have a replica of a spatial gem here?”
      “Of course. Host, please take a look!”
      Following the sound of the System’s voice, the System Shopping Center appeared in front of Su Ke again. What was displayed on it was a Space Gem, or rather, a high-simulated Space Gem. There was actually a line of words below the high-simulated Space Gem.
      “A highly imitated space gemstone,100% completely imitated. It contains a small amount of universe energy, and can open the universe channel once!”
      This was it!
      Su Ke was delighted. Although this imitated space gem could only open the universe channel once, it was still enough to complete the system’s mission!And it completely met his requirements.
      Even though the price was a bit bogus and required 300,000 System Points, compared to a real Space Gem, such points were not worth mentioning!
      It was it!
      Without any hesitation, Su Ke immediately exchanged for a high-profile Space Gem!
      Although this thing was cheap, it was enough to achieve its purpose. In any case, he would never take out a real dimensional gemstone. Since that was the case, he could only use this fake to count it!
      Moreover, Suke wasn’t really interested in the Battle of New York because he already knew the outcome of this battle. Rocky could n’ t bring up any big waves. At most, it was just destroying some buildings!
      But of course, it was also because of this war that led to the formation of the Avengers Alliance.*

      I still have a System Space?

      Then, a space gem with a light blue light appeared in Su Ke’s hands. It was still the Cosmic Rubik’s Cube. It seemed that the System was still very human.
      Su Ke looked at the high-simulated gemstone in front of him and smiled. He realized that the System was right. This high-simulated gemstone was no different from a real gemstone. It was exactly the same in appearance and energy!
      The only difference was the power within it!
      The real space gem possessed infinite space power. However, this high-simulated space gem only possessed a small amount of space power. It could only open the space channel once. After using it, he would completely disappear.
      But clearly, this was enough!
      As for how to deal with this high-simulated Space Gem, Su Ke had his own plans. He was prepared to give S.H.I.E. Shield Bureau some face and return this high-simulated Space Gem to S.H.I.E. Shield Bureau. If he had given the Space Gem to Rocky himself, it would have made him feel a sore.
      Although he had to do this, he didn’t think it was necessary for him to take action. He had to let S.H.I.E. Bureau do it on his behalf. He could just watch it in the dark. Anyway, Loki would always go to S.H.E. Bureau to steal space gems!
      After saying that, the dimensional gemstone had already been obtained, but how should it be preserved?After all, they can’t always hold it in their hands, right?Although the Infinite Gloves were very handsome, who the hell did he have to wear an iron gloves all day?
      At the thought of this, Su Ke was suddenly speechless. He suddenly thought that his older brother had done this…
      “System, do you have anything that can store infinite gems here?”It’s best not to be seen by others, but I can continue using it!”
      With the idea of finding the System with difficulty, Su Ke asked in his heart.
      As soon as he finished speaking, the System’s voice rang.
      “The host can store the infinite gem in the system space. The system space is closely connected to the host. Even if the infinite gem is placed inside, the host can still use it as usual!”
      Su Ke was dumbfounded.
      I still have a System Space?Why didn’t I know?
      “Why didn’ t you tell me earlier?”
      Su Ke was a little angry. He actually did not know about this until now!
      “You didn’ t ask either!”
      The System said in an aggrieved tone.
      Su Ke was speechless…
      Then, according to the guidance of the System, Su Ke opened his own System Space. This was a 10m *10m large square space. It could store anything inside, even living things, and Su Ke had absolute control.
      Although the System did not tell him in advance that there was such an awesome space, Su Ke was still quite satisfied with the result!
      Next, it was the lottery draw. Su Ke had completed two missions before and had obtained two chances for the lottery draw. However, there was no time for the lottery draw at that time. Since he could not sleep at this moment, he decided to just draw it.
      “System, I want to draw!”
      As soon as he finished speaking, a huge disk appeared in front of him, which was used to draw prizes!
      He had to get something good!
      Even though this wasn’t Su Ke’s first draw, Su Ke was still a little excited.
      Su Ke thought to himself. This was when he used his mind to rotate the lottery disk.
      Then, the disk began to rotate rapidly. After a long while, it stopped.
      Ding!”Congratulations, host!”
      Super Healing Serum?What was this?
      In Su Ke’s puzzled eyes, a pure blue liquid suddenly appeared in his hand. After a careful look, there was a line of notes below.
      “Super Healing Serum. It can treat any disease or bodily injury. As long as the creature being treated is not dead, it can heal instantly!”
      This thing looked pretty darn, but it didn’t seem like it was of much use to him. Not to mention that no one in this world could harm him. Even if he was really injured, the self-healing factor in his body could be automatically repaired in an instant. This thing was a little unnecessary.
      Su Ke thought in disappointment.
      But in the next second, he was suddenly stunned again. Although this thing was useless, it seemed to be very useful to a person…
      This person was none other than Professor X!
      With this super healing serum, Professor X, who could only sit in a wheelchair for a lifetime, could stand up again…*

      Chapter 50 Infinite Gloves!]

      Professor X was the first person Su Ke had truly accepted since he came to Earth, so Su Ke had decided to give this super self healing serum to Professor X!
      “Continue drawing!”
      Su Ke added the super healing serum into the System Space.
      Following that, the disk started to rotate rapidly again. After a long while, it stopped.
      Infinite Gloves?
      Are you sure?
      Then, in Su Ke’s shocked eyes, a special metal glove suddenly appeared in his hand. After a closer look, it was really an infinite glove!
      But of course, this was just a glove without infinite gems. To be precise, it was just a prop that carried infinite gems!
      This f*ck…
      Looking at the infinite glove in his hand, Su Ke was really in extreme pain right now. He really did not expect that he would actually get this thing…
      He put the infinite glove on his hand and moved it slightly. Su Ke immediately looked disgusted because it was really uncomfortable!
      The reason why Destroyer wanted the Infinite Gloves was because the Infinite Gloves could help him gather the power of five Infinite Gemstones. However, the System now had the System Space, and the System Space could also help Suke gather the power of Infinite Gemstones. Therefore, this Infinite Gloves was not of much use to Suke.
      But then again, this thing could be considered a treasure no matter what, it should be kept first!
      With this thought, Su Ke also threw the infinite glove into the System Space.
      In the Maneuvering universe, there wasn’t only one infinite glove. When the dwarven king helped Mieba cast infinite gloves, he actually cast several, so Suke had infinite gloves and Mieba had infinite gloves. There was no conflict between them!
      It was already midnight and Su Ke had finished all the work. Now, Su Ke finally felt a little sleepy. After lying down gently, he reached out and hugged Emma’s soft/manual body in his arms. Only then did he fall asleep.
      The next morning, when Su Ke opened his eyes, he saw Emma staring at him with a smile on her face. Her face was red and her eyes were filled with excitement. She only used a thin piece of gauze to cover her important parts, making her look even more charming!
      “Wake up, what do you want to eat? I’ ll get someone to prepare!”
      Emma said shyly.
      “No need, you’ ll be enough to eat!”
      After saying this, in Emma’s shy cry of alarm, Su Ke pressed her down again…….
      By the time it was over again, it was already noon!
      “Gotham City’s matter has been settled, so where are we going?”
      Emma was wearing her clothes as she looked at Su Ke on the bed and asked.
      Su Ke thought for a moment and then said,” Let’s go to the Divine Shield Bureau first. There’s still something I need to deal with there. Then, I’ ll go to the mutated human school. I have something to give to Professor X!”
      What?”Are you going back to mutated human school?”
      Hearing this, Emma asked in surprise.
      Su Ke shook his head and said,” It’s just going to give Professor X something. After that, I’ ll say goodbye to them. Although the mutated human school is a good place, it’s not suitable for people like me.”
      “Then… what about that girl?”
      As Emma spoke, her tone suddenly became unnatural.
      Because in her eyes, Su Ke and Qin were the real pair. She had only emerged from the middle of the road. If Su Ke saw Qin again, would he forget about her?
      Su Ke wasn’t an idiot. He immediately understood what Emma meant. He smiled helplessly first. He got out of bed and walked to Emma’s side. Then, he hugged her tightly and said,” Don’t worry, the existence of Qin wo n’ t affect my feelings for you. You are my woman, and you can only be my woman!”In this lifetime, other than following me, you don’ t want to go anywhere!”
      Hearing this, Emma’s face turned red again. By now, she finally didn’ t have the slightest concern!
      She raised her head and took the initiative to put her mouth closer. Following that, the two of them kissed each other again, unable to separate for a long time…
      But considering that there was still something to do next, Su Ke did not push back on Ai Ma.
      Not long after, everything was ready. Su Ke grabbed Emma’s hand and thought to himself. The spatial gem within the System Space was sensed and instantly opened a spatial tunnel in front of him.
      On the other end of the dimensional tunnel was Divine Shield Bureau!*

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