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Online games: the God of the whole nation, start unlimited evolution

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      Online games: the God of the whole nation, start unlimited evolution
      Chapter one rebirth, the God of the whole people![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      “The epoch-making online game” the gods of the whole people “is officially released. It is expected to officially open at 12 o’clock tomorrow. At this time, the scene is extremely hot, and there are thousands of people in the empty Lane….”
      “According to the grapevine, the consortia behind” the gods of the whole people “are extremely mysterious. They are directly publicized by the federal government, and each player can actively participate in it and get various subsidies…”
      “When did you start to line up?what?three days ago!My God… ”
      Su Cheng is not in the mood to listen to the next report.
      He went to the French window and took a deep breath.
      “Reborn!I'm really reborn!And it's reborn to the day before “the gods of the whole nation” officially opens
      “God of the whole people”, an epoch-making online game, known as 100% virtual reality.
      Each player can play the role of God in it.
      Develop believers, accumulate beliefs, and finally ignite the fire, hold high the kingdom of God, and achieve immortal god!
      In previous life, Su Cheng was also one of the loyal players, and was regarded as Gao Wan.
      When that day comes, endless time and space merge, and different time and space gods cross the border, Su Cheng really understands that “the gods of the whole people” is not a game at all!
      It's a real world.
      And these players are also relying on this' game 'to become a real God!
      “No wonder, no wonder everything there is so real.”
      “Unfortunately, we wake up too late.”
      Although several true gods were born on the blue star, in front of the powerful gods of different time and space, the blue star really started too late.
      A Lord God.
      The other side just sent a main God and swept the Blue Star Gods.
      Thinking of the terrible scene of the gods falling in the dusk, Su Cheng could not help but spit out a smoke ring to calm his mind.
      “Fortunately, I am reborn!I have a chance to do it again
      “This time, I will never take it lightly!”
      In a previous life, as a rich second generation who inherited a lot of money, Su Cheng had too many things to play with.
      This also led to a month's delay in his entry into the national gods.
      Slow down, slow down.
      Even if his game talent is good, until the God of different time and space comes, he is only promoted to nine turns and a half god, but not to the real God.
      It had always been something he regretted.
      If he enters the game from the beginning, he believes that with his talent, it is not a problem to become the strongest group of true gods of blue star.
      As for now, with the leading role of “the gods of the whole people”, he has great confidence in the achievement of the LORD God!
      “The Lord is not enough.”
      Su Cheng can't forget that the great figure in the depth of the God of different time and space is even more terrifying than the LORD God.
      “Everything, you have to enter the game.”
      “There is no reason to give up when there is a chance to do it again.”
      “I have to prepare as soon as possible.”
      Next to the alloy desk, a full sense of science and technology wristwatch is placed on it.
      This is the divine domain connector connecting all the gods.
      Su Cheng is in a good position. Someone gave him this gift long ago, but it's a pity that he didn't take it seriously in his previous life.
      “This time, everything will be different.”
      He put the Shenyu connector on his hand and reported the federal government's speech. Su Cheng's face was full of sneers
      “Damn the federal government, stupid!”
      “It's stupid not to tell the truth when you know the essence of the game!”
      In the previous life, it was after the invasion of the gods of different time and space that someone from the blue star God told the truth.
      The demigod level also needs the help of the God domain connector to enter the endless God domain, but after the promotion of the true God, you can directly choose the real body to enter!
      And the first true God was born in the federal government!
      There was a trace of anger in Su Cheng's eyes. Obviously, in order to consolidate the status of some interest groups, the federal government chose to hide it.
      But I didn't expect that eventually led to this result.
      “If you have a chance, you have to talk about it.”
      God only invades, it is not realistic to rely on oneself alone, but now I'm afraid I will be treated as a madman.
      At least after the promotion of the true God.
      Su Cheng was relieved to make up his mind.
      “Now, I'll wait for tomorrow!”
      “There's still one day to deal with things.”
      Say to do, Su Cheng directly found an asset company.
      All the assets under the name, including the company, villa, luxury car, antique and other valuable things, are packed and processed on the condition that they arrive in one day.
      Everyone who knows Su Cheng thinks he is crazy, and countless calls come to persuade him.
      But Su Cheng is very sober, the era of universal deity has opened, and money is useless.
      Su Cheng received 300 million!
      “Fortunately, it's much better than I thought.”
      Su Cheng didn't stop at all. As soon as he arrived at the account, he immediately spent all the 300 million yuan, including the top bodyguards, all kinds of nutrition equipment, and even guns.
      He has to make sure he's safe before he becomes the real God.
      After the achievement of the true God, he is fearless of everything.
      All done.
      Su Cheng stayed in his last suburban villa, which was left by his dead parents, so he was not willing to sell it.
      Follow up safety measures will be put in place gradually.
      “Keep up your energy, the God of the whole people, I'm here!”
      In the blink of an eye.
      The next day at noon on time across.
      Countless players put on the God domain connector, Su Cheng is no exception.
      “Welcome players to log on to the” national God “, the system spirit will serve you!”
      “The player's name Su Cheng has been locked in the player's identity information. It can't be changed!”
      “Player's God name random, random end, player's God name is christen also….”
      “The initial God of the player is called random. When the random is over, the initial God of the player is called jackal and the God of killing!”
      “The initial divinity of the player has been confirmed, and the corresponding divinity is jackal (0.1%), killing (0.001%)
      “Player's initial priesthood has been confirmed. In the initial believer binding, the initial believer is jackal!”
      In Su Cheng's indifferent eyes, everything is over soon.
      The login of “all the gods” is such a wonderful work. Everything is done randomly by the system, which has suffered a lot of complaints in previous lives.
      But Su Cheng now knows that this is not random, but generated according to everyone's initial phase.
      At this time, there was no change in the name of his clergy or even the initial believers.
      “All player's information has been entered successfully. Please take the last operation to extract the God's talent. After extraction, you can enter the game!”
      Su Cheng's eyes finally changed.
      This is the only process in which players can have a sense of participation in the login process.
      “I just don't know if it is the same as the previous life, maybe it will be different?”
      Su Cheng went to the front of the drawing wheel with a little expectation.*
      Chapter 2 master level talent, unlimited evolution![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      “Please start to extract God's talent!”
      Hearing the hint, Su Cheng didn't hesitate any more and turned his right hand at will.
      The next moment, a warm current rushed overhead.
      “Congratulations to the player, draw to master level talent: [infinite evolution]!”
      “Master talent?”
      Su Cheng takes a breath.
      You know, there are bronze, silver, gold, epic, legend, God and super God levels.
      As for the master level, I have never heard of it.
      The best talent I've heard in my previous life is just epic level.
      As for Su Cheng, what he got in his previous life was a golden talent.
      “Is it the influence of rebirth?”
      Almost can't wait, Su Cheng will focus on the detailed introduction of talent.
      [infinite evolution]: you can evolve any item or creature possessed by a deity, with a 100% probability of one level, a 10% probability of two levels, and a 1% probability of three levels. No cooldown!
      Note 1: you can't use the same target continuously at the current stage, but you can use different items indefinitely;
      Note 2: targets with infinite evolution enhancement cannot trade.
      After Su Cheng was shocked, he was ecstatic.
      The pervert is strong!
      This is his first impression of the talent.
      Even with some restrictions.
      But there is no cooling time, which means that everything he has can be increased by at least one level. If he is lucky, even two or three levels!
      Think about it. How can a bronze level object be transformed into an epic!
      “There's hope!There is hope
      At this moment, Su Cheng's heart is endless joy.
      If it is said that he has faith in becoming the LORD God at most after his rebirth, it seems that it is not so difficult for him to be above the LORD God now?
      “Player's talent extraction is over, countdown to infinite divine realm begins, ten, nine,…”
      The next moment.
      Su Cheng's figure disappears and appears in the endless realm of God.
      Endless realm, the place where countless gods are located.
      The divine realm is the private land of each God. If you don't get invited to contact it rashly, it will be regarded as provocation and invasion!
      Then came the war!
      Holy war!
      Never die!
      Of course, the infinite God domain is too big. Without knowing the coordinates, it is difficult to meet the God domain of other gods.
      Sitting in their own spiritual realm, feeling their own strong power.
      Su Cheng opens the God panel.
      -Shenzhi panel-
      [real name]: Su Cheng
      [name of God]: Kristen also
      Jackal and the God of killing
      [clergy]: jackals (0.1%), killing (0.001%)
      Divine system: chaotic divine system
      [divine level]: half divine (0 / 5)
      [God's gift]: infinite evolution (Master level)
      [magic power]: 0
      Power of faith: 0
      [believer]: 0 (currently 100 initial jackal believers to be converted)
      The only change in the same panel as the previous life is the column of God's talent.
      The game of all gods is not complicated.
      It is to continuously cultivate believers, accumulate the power of belief, transform the power of God, so as to let oneself step by step.
      The conversion ratio between the power of belief and divine power is 1 million to 1.
      And if one half god wants to advance to the second half god, it needs five threads of divine power, which means that it needs to accumulate at least five million faith power.
      “Although it is called the God of jackal and killing, it is more inclined to the clergy of jackal. If it is more inclined to the clergy of killing, it will be developed.”
      Su Cheng looked at the proportion of power in the brackets in the column of clergy.
      0.1% means that he has one thousandth of the power in the order of the jackal, and the killing order is even rarer, only one in 100000.
      It's normal, too.
      After all, he's just a little bit of a trance.
      Moreover, to promote the true God, not only need to accumulate the divine power to reach nine turns and a half gods, but also need to occupy at least 1% of the power.
      Otherwise, emptiness without power is just a false god.
      Looking at the number of believers with 0, Su Cheng didn't panic at all.
      Because he knew that each new demigod had 100 initial believers of various races to be transformed, which he was familiar with.
      “Just try the power of infinite evolution!”
      Su Cheng looks forward to it.
      In the next moment, he broke through the barriers and appeared in another space.
      God only sits in the realm of God, but the believers are in another space.
      It's called the eternal continent.
      The eternal continent is boundless. Almost all the believers of gods live on it. In addition to the believers of gods, there are also non believers, a large number of wild tribes, exotic species, demons, mutants and even false gods.
      Eternal continent, intricate.
      Every new God will set sail from here, but there are rules to protect it. Before he is promoted to the true God, the realm of demigod is basically in a fixed corner of the eternal continent.
      It's a bit like the concept of a novice village.
      But it is definitely not a novice village, because in the previous life, only a few of the billions of demigods of the blue star were promoted to true gods.
      Somewhere in the eternal continent.
      A lush, scattered several nests distributed here.
      Su Cheng's idea suddenly came. This is the place where his initial believers, 100 jackals, will be born.
      “The first believer is born!”
      Su Cheng gives instructions to the system.
      At the next moment, 100 crystal bubbles suddenly appeared in the void, and a jackal was asleep in every bubble.
      The crystal foam shattered, and 100 jackal wolves broke away from their eyes.
      Then I saw the boundless dark clouds condensing over my head, and a dignified face staring at them.
      The vast and powerful voice echoed constantly:
      “I am the God of jackals and killing, christen also… Submit to me, believe in me, and I will give you strength to guide your way forward!”
      “Give your faith, and you will get food, power, and dignity!”
      The boundless power made all the jackals kneel on the ground and sob.
      “Great jackal and God of killing, jackal would like to offer our humble faith to you, please protect us and guide us!”
      With the oath of the Jackal.
      Su Cheng immediately felt a trace of power floating out of the Jackal and converging into his own divine realm.
      This is the power of faith!
      At the same time, the believer interface and the race interface are all activated.
      – – believer interface —
      Saint: 0
      Apostle: 0
      Crazy believer: 0
      Shallow believer: 98
      Pan believer: 0
      – race interface —
      [name]: xxxxx
      [race]: golbu Jackal
      [identity]: ordinary Jackal
      [rank]: black iron
      Occupation: Soldier
      [skill]: bite LV1, axe throw LV1
      [strength]: 5
      [Constitution]: 4
      [agility]: 5
      Spirit: 3
      [name]: Geduo
      [race]: golbu Jackal
      [identity]: jackal leader
      [step position]: Bronze
      Occupation: Soldier
      [skill]: bite LV3, axe throw LV3, fury LV1
      [strength]: 16
      [Constitution]: 15
      Agility: 16
      Spirit: 10
      [name]: Sallen
      [race]: golbu Jackal
      [identity]: jackal sacrifice
      [step position]: Bronze
      [profession]: Shaman Warlock
      [skill]: Black fireball LV1, dark vision Lv2, group augmentation Lv2, sacrifice LV1
      Strength: 12
      [Constitution]: 12
      Agility: 13
      Spirit: 17
      The believer interface is extremely simple.
      There are saints, apostles, fanatics, deep believers, shallow believers and pan believers.
      Two deep believers are the Jackal leader and Shaman warlock, and the other 98 shallow believers are ordinary jackals.
      And the race interface is to show every jackal's attributes clearly.
      In the eternal continent, the strength of believers is black iron, bronze, silver, gold, epic, legend and holy land!
      Further up, that's the realm of God.
      Only some powerful true gods, even the LORD God, can their believers have the strength of a God.
      Ordinary jackals are black iron ranks, while jackal leaders and shamans are bronze ranks.
      This is the same as the previous life.
      Su Cheng had no accident. Looking at the wolf man kneeling on the ground, his voice was bright
      “I feel your faith, and I will give you strength and new life!”
      [log]: you have used infinite evolution on jackal followers!
      [log]: infinite evolution will trigger with 100% probability. You have 88 jackal followers promoted to the first level!
      [log]: infinite evolution has a 10% probability to trigger. You have 11 jackal followers promoted to two levels!
      [log]: infinite evolution has a 1% chance to trigger. You have a jackal follower promoted to level 3!*
      Chapter 3: Crazy evolution, the leader of the epic jackal![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      Looking at the crazy scrolling system log.
      The joy on Su Cheng's face could not be stopped. It triggered a 1% chance to improve the third level.
      Although it's a 1% probability, it doesn't mean that one hundred evolutions can raise three orders one hundred times.
      even to the extent that.
      Su Cheng thinks it's very good that he can trigger five or six times with a 10% probability to increase two levels.
      But now, 11 believers go up two levels and one believer goes up three!
      I'm out of luck!
      And more importantly, the Jackal believer who ascended the third level was the Jackal leader.
      This means that he got an epic believer at the beginning of the game!
      “When did the believers in the previous life have the epic rank?Half a year or a year?“
      Looking at the jackals below, Su Cheng grinned.
      -Racial interface-
      [name]: Geduo
      [race]: gorbu bloodthirsty Jackal
      [identity]: jackal leader
      [rank]: Epic
      Occupation: Soldier
      [skill]: deadly bite lv8, axe throw LV7, bloody rage LV5, bloodthirsty strike LV5
      Strength: 46
      [Constitution]: 45
      [agility]: 47
      Spirit: 31
      [name]: Sallen
      [race]: gorbu bloodthirsty Jackal
      [identity]: jackal sacrifice
      [rank]: Gold
      [profession]: Shaman Warlock
      [skill]: dark fireball LV5, dark vision lv4, group augmentation lv4, devout sacrifice lv4, healing LV3
      [strength]: 25
      [Constitution]: 24
      Agility: 26
      Spirit: 37
      [name]: xxxxx
      [race]: gorbu bloodthirsty Jackal
      [identity]: Elite Jackal
      [rank]: Silver
      Occupation: Soldier
      [skill]: bite LV3, axe throw LV3, fury Lv2
      [strength]: 25
      [Constitution]: 23
      Agile: 23
      Spirit: 18
      [name]: xxxxx
      [race]: gorbu bloodthirsty Jackal
      [identity]: ordinary Jackal
      [step position]: Bronze
      Occupation: Soldier
      [skill]: biting Lv2, throwing Lv2 with axe, violent LV1
      [strength]: 15
      [Constitution]: 14
      Agility: 15
      Spirit: 8
      There is no doubt that the strength of all jackals has made a great leap.
      Originally, there were 98 black iron jackals, one bronze jackal leader and one bronze jackal sacrifice.
      And now.
      88Bronze jackal, 10 Silver elite jackal, 1 gold jackal and
      1The Jackal leader of epic rank!
      The 100 jackals call it a rebirth.
      At this time, all the jackals have been transformed.
      The high raised muscles and protruding tusks show their force, and the bloody pupils are daunting.
      Even the most common jackal is more than two meters tall.
      And the Jackal leader, more than three meters, is like a little giant!
      At this time, the Jackal leader, with 46 points of power, is not weak even in the epic level creatures.
      In “the gods of the whole people”, attribute points are not increased by multiple, but by index.
      46Point power is not only three times more than the previous 16 point power, but also tens of times more than a hundred times!
      Break through 50 power points further, that is the field of legendary creatures!
      Su Cheng is very satisfied with the strength of the Jackal leader.
      At this point.
      All jackals respectfully lie on the ground and dare not look directly at Su Cheng's power.
      “Great jackal and God of killing, your brilliance makes the sun and the moon pale, your kindness makes the Jackal cry, and the jackal is willing to give everything for you, including life!”
      The leap in blood has brought about a great rise in faith.
      [log]: your gift makes the Jackal believers feel grateful, and the Jackal's faith has increased greatly!
      [log]: you have 99 crazy believers and 1 apostle!
      [log]: you gain 15020 silk faith power!
      [log]: the strength of your jackal believers has greatly improved, and the power of your jackal clergy has increased by 0.1%!
      Su Cheng is very happy, but this is expected.
      As we all know, God's gift often leads to more religious belief, but too much is better than too much.
      However, it can be imagined how generous Su Cheng's gift is to make jackals with thin and cool nature have such deep faith.
      1A pan believer can provide one silk of faith power every day, which is ten times higher in turn. This means that a crazy believer can provide 1000 silk every day, while the Apostle can provide 10000 silk.
      Su Chengguang relies on the believers' daily passive belief to earn 108000 yuan!
      That is to say, he said that it doesn't even take ten days to gather a shred of magic power.
      This kind of speed simply takes the rocket, compared with the previous life does not know how much faster!
      Not to mention, the hunting, sacrifice and various activities of believers will bring the power of faith.
      “In this life, the speed of my promotion to the true God will absolutely make everyone dumbfounded!”
      But now, there is another advantage waiting for Su Cheng to take.
      That is, the first player to establish a believer tribe will be rewarded by the supreme rule.
      In this life, with such a strong jackal believer, Su Cheng is duty bound.
      “My believers, I feel your pious faith and prove your strength and courage to me. Now, tear up your enemies and build your own home!”
      “Under the great and merciful crown, the Jackal's courage can let them fight with the dragon, and the Jackal will not let you down!”
      After receiving the oracle of his belief in God, all jackals instantly boil.
      Scarlet eyes look more terrible, eager to tear up the enemy immediately.
      Geduo, the leader of the jackal, raised his head and roared with unparalleled power
      “Sarren sacrifice, you use magic to see who our enemies are, the rest of the jackals, wait for the command!”
      Billions of believers of blue star's new demigods were born into the eternal continent. Billions of them sound like a lot, but compared with the boundless eternal continent, they are just a drop in the ocean and can't stir up any waves at all.
      Because in the eternal continent, it's not just the new demigod of blue star.
      There are other new demigods of time and space, even some ancient gods of time and space!
      However, at this point in time, all believers of Blue Star New demigod received the first Oracle from their God——
      Build a tribe!*
      Chapter four building a tribe!The battle of destruction![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      Build tribes.
      This is the supreme rule, which is the system in the eyes of blue star players. The first task released is not only a test but also a reward.
      It's just that it's not easy to get this reward.
      There is a big force around all the new believers. Only by defeating this force and getting the cornerstone of the tribe from them can the new believers successfully establish the tribe.
      Su Cheng remembers that the fastest player in his previous life completed this task three days later.
      of course.
      This time, he certainly doesn't need three days.
      “Geduo, my perception tells me that there is a lowly goblin hidden in the dense forest ahead.”
      In his black robe of sacrifice, Sallen's blood color was not as exuberant as other jackals, but with a trace of wisdom.
      Gerdo grinned grimly
      “Ugly and weak goblin, the jackals are about to tear up their dirty green skin!”
      “Don't take it lightly, gerdo. The great God is watching us.”
      Gerdo looked solemn, nodded slightly, and then turned to roar at all the jackals
      “Weak goblin is hiding in the forest peeping at us, jackals, show your fangs, let these green monsters scream in fear!”
      “For the great jackal and the God of slaughter!”
      “For the glory of my God!”
      “Follow me!”
      Geduo roared up to the sky. His body, which was more than three meters long, expanded again, and his hair was tinged with blood.
      I saw my leader so overbearing.
      The rest of the jackals were howling and furious.
      A group of jackals rushed into the dark forest in the blink of an eye.
      Ho ho!
      The ugly roar echoed in the dark, and the green eyes lit up one after another.
      Then goblin's classic style appeared in front of Gedo.
      There are 400 goblins in front of us.
      Among them, there are more than 300 black iron grade little goblins and more than a dozen bronze grade big goblins.
      The goblin tribe surrounded the jackals, but they did not dare to do anything.
      The jackal in front of them was quite different from the thin and weak one they knew.
      With his bloodthirsty pupils, bulging muscles and sharp fangs, Goblin knew that the jackals were not easy to provoke.
      The elder goblin came out with a staff in his hand.
      The black flame of his staff threatened to say:
      “Jackal, get out of goblin. You are not welcome here!”
      [race]: dark goblin
      [identity]: elder goblin
      [rank]: Silver
      [profession]: mage
      [skill]: fireball lv4, threat LV3, prayer LV3
      Strength: 9
      [Constitution]: 8
      Agility: 12
      Spirit: 24
      Goblin elder's attribute is quite good. For ordinary players, this kind of attribute with more than ten bronze steps is simply a mobile fort.
      God has to exert all kinds of magic to win.
      But it's a pity.
      Goblin met Su Cheng.
      Even without Su Cheng.
      Even the weakest jackal under Su Cheng's command is a bronze rank.
      All the goblins were terrified by the roar of the jackals and their bloodthirsty pupils.
      Gerdo waved and all the roars stopped.
      “Humble goblin, give up your food and weapons, and give your faith to the great jackal and the God of slaughter!”
      “Otherwise, the jackals will tear you up and make you feel the pain!”
      Goblin elders screamed:
      “No way!The great God of goblin is watching us!Heretics, get out of goblin's domain! ”
      By this time, gerdo had completely lost his patience.
      “Jackal, tear up these green monkeys and let them repent in hell!”
      The jackals howl!
      Gedo is the leader!
      Bloody fury!
      Originally more than 3 meters body further expansion, become more tall terror, more than 4 meters!
      What a little giant!
      The rest of the jackals were also furious, and the blood color in their pupils became more intense.
      Group augmentation!
      Sallen gently waved his staff in the rear, an invisible wave covered all the jackals, making their fur more tough.
      “What monsters are these?”
      The goblin tribe is already in turmoil, and even the Centaur, known for its courage, will feel chilly in the face of such terrible jackals.
      Not to mention the cowardly goblin.
      Goblin elder fireball in all goblin look forward to the eyes of the hit in Geduo's body.
      With a dull sound, the fireball was about to go out, and Geduo didn't even drop a hair.
      Silver creatures and epic creatures are not exactly the same.
      Gerdo grinned grimly, and the hatchet whirled out of his waist. In an instant, he cut off the head of the elder goblin!
      Axe throw!
      “Tear them up!”
      Whoa, whoa, whoa!
      The jackals are the bloodthirsty jackals with the lowest bronze rank, which can't be resisted by goblin.
      It's almost the moment I just touched it.
      Goblin was defeated and more than 100 people were torn apart in the blink of an eye.
      Jackals are so bloodthirsty that some even grab goblin and start to eat it.
      “Bah, bah, it's terrible!”
      A jackal threw goblin's wriggling body on the ground and crushed it with one foot.
      “Monsters, you are monsters!”
      Goblin panicked and retreated to the depths of the forest, but where could he escape these terrible jackals.
      Seeing that all the goblins would be torn up by blood, the Jackal sacrifice to Sallen stopped and began to kill the crazy jackal.
      As the closest sacrifice to God, he understood the mind of God better.
      “Humble goblin!Give your faith and pray to the great jackal and the God of slaughter for a living, or you will all be the food of jackals
      “I will, we will believe in the great jackal and the God of slaughter!”
      “Merciful jackal and God of slaughter, please accept the humble goblin. Goblin is willing to give up his humble faith!”
      Goblin, who had been killed long ago, abandoned his faith in a flash.
      The original God of goblin did not know where they had been thrown.
      Goblin is a kind of creature with unswerving belief. It's their instinct to take the helm at the wind.
      All the cablin are kneeling on the ground, praying in fear, begging Su Cheng to accept their faith.
      Su Cheng, who witnessed all this, was extremely satisfied.
      “Sallen is very good.”
      [log]: there is a battle between your jackal followers and goblin tribe!
      [log]: your jackal followers killed 188 goblins and gained 18800 silk power of faith!
      [log]: your fear spreads in goblin tribe, and you have won 212 pan believers goblin!
      [log]: your jackal followers have brought crazy killing, and your killing power has increased by 0.001%.
      “Goblin, I accept your faith, believe in me, you will be reborn!”
      “Jackal, you have proved your courage and strength to me, and my glory will shine on you!”
      Su Cheng's dignified face appeared in the void again.
      The divine light of Taoism rose up in the sky and sprinkled on goblin and jackal below.
      The wounds on goblin and the jackals are restored at a speed visible to the naked eye. This is the basic magic that every God will master.
      Use the power of faith to treat injuries.
      But in the eyes of goblin and the jackals, it was the gift of the gods, which made them crazy.
      “Praise the great jackal and the God of slaughter, praise my God!”
      “Sallen, in goblin's lair, I have a gift for you. Jackals need to be stronger. Don't let me down!”
      Sallen put his head on the ground deeply, with tears in his eyes.
      God even read out his name. He could feel the envious eyes of all the jackals around him, especially gerdo. It was a great honor!
      This moment.
      Salem's faith, which was on the verge of limit, broke through again and became an apostle!
      “Under the crown of nobility, jackals will not let you down!”
      [log]: your jackal followers have successfully defeated the goblin tribe and obtained a cornerstone (silver) and 100 sets of worn leather armor (black iron)!
      [log]: you've used infinite evolution to the tribal cornerstone (silver) and the worn leather armor (black iron)!
      [log]: infinite evolution will trigger with 100% probability, and you will get 90 sets of ordinary leather armor (bronze)!
      [log]: infinite evolution has a 10% probability to trigger, you get 10 sets of exquisite leather armor (silver), you get the perfect tribal cornerstone (EPIC)!
      [diary]: Your glory shines on the believers, and the mad believer Sallen becomes an apostle!
      The system log that swipes a screen again makes Su Cheng very happy, but this is only appetizer.
      The rewards for being the first to complete the task of building a tribe are not only that, but also incidental.
      The system prompt sounds:
      “It's detected that the believers of the player are the first to complete the main task of building a tribe, and it takes less than 1 hour. The player is awarded 1 million silk faith power and legendary treasure life spring. The full service announcement will be made soon. Will the player choose anonymity?”*
      More rules!
      New books set sail!
      Four shifts a day!
      3000Flowers and a watch!
      1000Evaluation vote plus one more!
      30Monthly ticket plus one watch!
      100One comment plus one watch!
      No more BBS, go straight to the real guy*
      Chapter 5 demigod level treasure!Holy spring of life![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      “Sure enough, I think it's right. The faster the task is completed, the better the reward will be.”
      In a previous life.
      Su Cheng remembers that the first player who completed the task of building the main line of the tribe only got a dried up life spring of epic treasure.
      And it doesn't have the power of a million silk beliefs.
      Compared with the reward you get, it's not enough.
      What's more, you can use infinite evolution again with the legendary treasure you have obtained.
      “If we can evolve two or even three orders…”
      In an instant, Su Cheng's heart thumped.
      “Does the player choose anonymity?”
      The systematic inquiry interrupted Su Cheng's thoughts.
      “No anonymity.”
      Su Cheng always does not like to do that kind of hidden things, anonymous hiding in the dark is not his style.
      of course.
      He's definitely not mindless.
      Because now all players, even the federal government, only regard the national God as a game.
      Even if it causes some attention, it is extremely limited.
      The security system that I spent hundreds of millions of federal dollars to build is not vegetarian.
      Only when a player is promoted to the true God can he enter the endless God realm, then the truth of the game will be discovered by a small number of people.
      And Su Cheng.
      Have enough confidence to be able to promote the true God before all, or even pull them far apart.
      Rebirth, coupled with the dominance level talent such an adverse start, Su Cheng has no such confidence.
      It's better to kill yourself with a piece of tofu.
      [full service announcement: player Su Cheng's followers have established the first tribe of full service, and a million yuan is awarded for the power of faith and legendary treasure, the spring of life, as encouragement. I hope you can make persistent efforts to create your own brilliance in the endless realm of God!】
      Full service announcement rings 10 times in a row.
      All of a sudden in the blue star player group set off a wave.
      At this time, just an hour after the beginning of the game, countless players are still trying to figure out how to better command the believers. Only a small number of players begin to command the believers to attack the wild tribes nearby.
      However, the power of the wild tribe gives these players a heavy blow.
      Quite a number of high game players predicted in the players' forum that the believers of the players who are the fastest to establish tribes will appear in three days!
      But now.
      Full service announcement solid hit in the face of those high game play!
      Players are frying in groups.
      The God of Tauren: “lying trough!I'm such a strong believer. Tauren can't beat these dwarves. How did this man do it? ”
      God of fire: “my believers also have three casters. They can't bake these goblins by turns. I want to report it!”
      Frost God: “absolutely plug-in, garbage game, even plug-in, I want to retreat, collective boycott from plug-in you and I start!”
      Forest Goddess: “if you want to withdraw yourself, I will recognize such a grand and exquisite game even if there is a plug-in. What's more, how can there be a plug-in? Do you think the federal government is a fool?”
      God of healing: “that's it!If you can't do it yourself, you just know to be jealous of others, but who knows the identity of this player named Su Cheng? I really want to know him! ”
      The players are bickering.
      Some people think that Su Cheng is dead.
      But some people think that Su Cheng's strength and luck may have randomly arrived at a relatively strong initial believer who just restrained the surrounding wild tribes.
      But those high play games are bitter face, silent command of their followers launched a sprint.
      But Su Cheng didn't know that he had accelerated the speed of blue star players to build tribes.
      At this time, he is.
      Is watching jackal and goblin busy building a good tribe, and finally put the cornerstone of the tribe in the sacrificial hall!
      All of a sudden, countless colorful lights bloomed, and the tribal cornerstone officially took effect.
      [log]: your followers have successfully established a tribe called golbu tribe!
      [log]: if the tribe is established successfully, your believers will be able to reproduce normally and have sacrificial function!
      [log]: your believers' sense of belonging has increased greatly, and you have gained 11230 silk faith power!
      [log]: your believers held a bonfire party and prayed to you. The Jackal belief rose slightly, and the goblin belief rose slightly!
      Looking at the believers in the eternal continent, Su Cheng smiles.
      These jackals are very enjoyable.
      He doesn't have any opinions on this. The combination of work and rest is king. After all, believers are not their own slaves.
      But for now.
      The golbu tribe must be dominated by jackals, and goblin is at best a vassal.
      Su Cheng doesn't plan to make an infinite evolution of goblin now, because goblin's belief is not firm enough.
      Although jackals are also a race with a cold and thin nature.
      But because Su Cheng himself has a jackal priesthood, and his nature is more friendly with jackals, it makes jackals have a deeper faith.
      But goblin is different.
      At least they have to be cultivated into shallow believers so that Su Cheng can use infinite evolution for them.
      Otherwise, it would be meaningless to make wedding clothes for others.
      [gerbu Memorial Hall]
      Rank: Epic
      Caption: built by the golbu bloodthirsty jackals using the perfect tribal foundation.
      Golbu jackal's sacrifice effect to its God increased by 20%!
      Golbu jackal breeding capacity increased by 20%!
      Within 20 miles of the tribe, the combat effectiveness of golbu jackals has increased by 20%!
      Golmud jackals can recover slowly when they are not fighting within 20 miles of the tribe!
      After seeing the tribal attribute established by the perfect tribal cornerstone, Su Cheng is extremely satisfied.
      so to speak.
      None of these four attributes is abandoned, which shows how important a strong tribal cornerstone is in the early development of believers.
      “No wonder the first few players can be far behind other players.”
      Su Cheng is thoughtful.
      But now, he still has one of the most important gains he has not seen.
      That is the legendary treasure, the spring of life!
      The spring of life
      Rank: Legend
      Description: the treasure of the elves, with strong vitality, can be placed in the tribe.
      Daily produce a drop of life spring essence, has a strong healing effect!
      Long term drinking of the spring of life, the biological constitution can be increased by a small margin forever!
      Long term drinking of the spring of life, biological reproduction capacity increased by 100%!
      There is less chance to attract divine creatures!
      “It's really a good baby!”
      With the spring of life, there is a fixed pool of potions.
      But also can slowly strengthen their believers' physique, in the long run, even can make their blood jump.
      Su Cheng is not only satisfied with this.
      “Use infinite evolution!”
      [log]: you use infinite evolution on the spring of life. Infinite evolution has a 10% probability to trigger. The spring of life is increased by two levels. You have obtained the holy spring of life, a demigod treasure!
      “Hiss!Demigod!It's really improved two levels! ”
      Su Cheng is very happy.
      Although I had some expectations in my heart, I didn't have much hope.
      Never thought that happiness came so suddenly.
      Demigod level treasure!
      He can't wait to look at the attributes of the eye of the holy spring of life.
      The holy spring of life
      Rank: demigod
      Description: the most sacred thing of the elves, with incredible vitality and mysterious effects, can be placed in the tribe.
      Daily produce 10 drops of life holy spring essence, with extremely powerful therapeutic effect.
      Drinking the holy spring of life for a long time, the biological constitution can be increased greatly forever!
      Long term drinking of life spring water will increase the biological reproduction capacity by 400%!
      There is a great probability to attract divine creatures!
      (hidden attribute) can form matching effect with holy tree of life*
      Chapter 6 attracting unicorns?Chaos city![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      “Sure enough, it's the most sacred thing of the elves. It's really useless!”
      It's a demigod level race treasure.
      The holy spring of life is not a bit better than the spring of life.
      Every function has a big rise.
      First of all, the essence of life's holy spring. If the essence of life spring has good healing effects at all, then the essence of life spring can save you as long as you have one breath.
      With this.
      Su Cheng's followers can avoid death to the greatest extent when they are fighting outside.
      Moreover, drinking life spring water for a long time can not only greatly increase the physique, but also accelerate the reproduction.
      It's very useful to all believers.
      More believers can provide more faith. Su Cheng rubbed his hands excitedly.
      But what makes him happy most is the last two functions.
      There is a great chance to attract divine creatures!
      Divine creatures are the descendants of gods. They have the blood of gods and have all kinds of incredible abilities.
      And if we can kill the divine creatures, we can extract the divine from the divine creatures.
      As long as there are enough divinities, they can even condense corresponding clergy!
      It's just that even the weakest divine creatures are above the epic level.
      “The holy spring of life?Can it attract the legendary unicorn
      Su Cheng murmured in his heart.
      As for the last hidden attribute, it's a bit like the suit effect.
      Su Cheng doubts.
      The combination of the two treasures is very likely to double these attributes!
      But the tree of life is also a rare treasure, at least at the beginning of demigod level.
      “It seems that one of the half elves in blue star and the forest goddess got the Holy tree of life.”
      Secretly keep this in mind.
      Su Cheng put the holy spring of life behind the sacrificial hall.
      Spring water filled with strong vitality is constantly emerging.
      In an instant, the whole golbu tribe began to be full of vitality, and the surrounding plants and trees were more prosperous.
      Some old diseases of old goblin and old jackal have been eliminated.
      “The great jackal and the God of killing, praise you, you are the sun in the sky, guiding us forward, protecting our survival!”
      All the believers knelt down and appreciated Su Cheng's gift.
      [log]: you have given the holy spring of life to the golbu tribe, and the vitality of the golbu tribe has increased greatly!
      [diary]: thanks for your gift, your believers' faith power continues to rise, and you gain 21359 silk faith power!
      Su Cheng smiles.
      The holy spring of life is destined to be a treasure with long-term effect, and the effect in a short time will not be too significant.
      So he didn't continue to focus too much on it.
      ——Deity interface——
      [real name]: Su Cheng
      Jackal and the God of killing
      [clergy]: jackals (0.2%), killing (0.002%)
      Divine system: chaotic divine system
      [divine level]: half divine (0 / 5)
      [God's gift]: infinite evolution (Master level)
      [magic power]: 0
      [power of faith]: 1.1 million
      [believer]: 312 (100 jackals, 212 goblins)
      The holy spring of life
      ——Believer interface——
      Saint: 0
      Apostles: 2
      Crazy believer: 98
      Shallow believer: 13
      Pan Believers: 198
      In just a few hours, Su Cheng's interface has changed dramatically.
      Especially the believers.
      At this time, he can gain more than 120000 faith power just by the passive prayer of believers every day!
      And now most players are estimated to be able to get a minimum of 500 or 600 per day.
      The whole number of times the gap!
      At the beginning of the game, Su Cheng was very satisfied with such a good start.
      At present, there are 1.1 million silk belief forces, which can produce a trace of divine power, and there are 100000 belief forces left.
      Su Chengduan sits in the divine realm.
      “Refining the power of faith!”
      In the next instant, the huge and loose power of belief shrinks and condenses until it sublimes.
      A trace of brilliant divine power is condensed out, and then integrated into Su Cheng's body.
      Su Cheng only feels that his strength is rising.
      As soon as you grasp it, there will be thousands of thunder flashes, showing the terrible power.
      Even if it's only demigod.
      Is also a very strong existence!
      “No wonder the previous life always felt that this force was too real. I didn't expect that it was true. This powerful feeling is really good!”
      Su Cheng was filled with emotion.
      Only 4 silk magic power, you can be promoted to two turn half god, this speed is faster than before is not know how many times.
      “Friendly tips: Dear player, you have played for 12 hours now. In the next 12 hours, you will not be able to actively build a connection with believers. You can only be in the divine realm or go to the city of God.”
      Su Cheng eyebrows pick, time really fast, imperceptibly already past 12 hours.
      The rules of the game are very strange.
      Gamers can stay in the game all day, but only 12 hours during the day can connect with believers at will.
      But in the 12 hours of the night, players can only stay in their own realm of God to practice or go to the city of God.
      And in the 12 hours of the night, the flow of time on the other side of the eternal continent will become extremely fast, and nine and a half days will pass.
      in other words.
      All in all, one day for Bluestar, 10 days for the eternal continent.
      of course.
      During the 12 hours of the night, although players can't take the initiative to build a connection with believers, when believers encounter major danger, they can take the initiative to pray to God, so that players can come.
      This prevents players from finding their followers dead the next day.
      He tried to use his own mind and found that he could not break through the barrier to go to the eternal continent.
      Su Cheng didn't panic. He couldn't be more familiar with this situation.
      “Go to the city of chaos!”*
      Chapter seven long legged fierce girl!Lucky clover![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      In “the gods of the whole nation”, the places where players can go are divided into several pieces.
      The first is the eternal continent.
      But under normal circumstances, God can not come to the eternal continent, only to meet the special conditions.
      The second is the infinite realm.
      Endless realm is the place where almost all gods are located, but for the new demigods like blue star players.
      Basically, they can only stay in their own realm.
      Because there is a long distance between the divine realm and the divine realm, and there are extremely terrible chaotic creatures in the chaos of the divine realm. Even some evil gods are hidden in it, and it is impossible to cross without strong enough strength.
      So the third place that players go most is the city of gods!
      The city of gods is just a general term, which refers to the city built for gods, standing in the chaos of the divine realm.
      It's just like the main city of the traditional online game system.
      There are too many gods in the endless realm.
      According to the divinity of the gods, there are different divinity cities.
      And Su Cheng belongs to the city of chaos!
      Of course, he can also go to other holy cities, but that will cost a little.
      Send a little power!
      Now Su Cheng, naturally, will not waste his divine power in such a place.
      “Chaos city is transmitting, please pay attention!”
      As soon as the voice of the system fell, Su Cheng's figure rose to the sky, and was pulled by a beam of light. The next moment he appeared in an extremely grand holy city!
      “Don't miss it when you pass by. The secret book of fireball, which can be learned by believers for three times, only needs 10000 faith power!”
      “The scales of mermaid can increase the comprehension ability of believers of water attribute by 2%. The power of belief is 30000. It's the same price!”
      “The horn of Tauren…”
      “The inspiration of vagrants…”
      As soon as he opened his eyes, Su Cheng's ears were filled with all kinds of Shouts.
      In the eyes of believers, the gods are bargaining like vendors, some of them even blush.
      If we let the believers know that God in our eyes has this side, we are afraid that it will be shattered.
      Actually, it's normal.
      Whether it's the new gods of Bluestar or other old gods, they all have the same identity. Naturally speaking and doing things are more casual.
      What's more?
      In the eyes of Blue Star Gods, it's just a game.
      It's perfectly normal to trade equipment items.
      “But the price of these things is too high. I'm afraid few people can afford them.”
      Su Cheng shook his head.
      At this stage, it is a huge sum of money for other people to have 10000 faith power besides himself.
      Yes, the power of faith can not only be used to condense the power of gods, but also the hard currency for the trade between gods.
      However, he can't look up to these things. Although he can afford them, there is no need to waste the power of faith on them.
      Most of these stalls are old gods, that is, NPCs in the eyes of blue star players, but at this stage most of them are demigods.
      Only Su Cheng knows that these people are real gods of different time and space.
      Countless gods of time and space have different attitudes towards the new born gods of blue star.
      Some are greedy, trying to squeeze these ignorant leeks, some are neutral, and some are more friendly.
      And the God who finally destroyed the blue star in the previous life came from one of the time and space.
      Think of it.
      Su Cheng's eyes can't help but be clear.
      He slowly pushed away the players around him and walked towards the outside of the square.
      He came here with a purpose this time.
      Hidden mission!
      Hidden mission related to the order of the Jackal!
      As soon as he reached the edge of the square, Su Cheng was relieved to leave.
      All of a sudden.
      There was a clear and pleasant cry in my ear.
      “Lucky clover, can improve the God hide lucky 2 points, 100000 faith power!”
      Su Cheng's spirit was shocked.
      “How could a player be so lucky to get a treasure that can improve his luck?”
      He stopped and turned to the stall.
      The stall owner is a girl with long legs and a black gauze skirt. It looks very cold. It seems that she should be a god of the dark Department.
      Su Cheng looks up.
      How fierce!
      It's spectacular, isn't it!
      “Well!Lucky clover, a golden treasure, can affect players themselves. Do you want it? ”
      Ye ChuChu holds his chest in his hands and blocks Su Cheng's eyes. She hums.
      Su Cheng didn't have a brother pig. He was shocked and took back his eyes.
      Shake your head and say:
      “The power of faith is too expensive. It's not worth the price.”
      “However, it can improve the lucky attribute of our players. It's different from the treasures used to improve believers. If we were not too poor now, I would not sell 100000 faith power.”
      you bet.
      The treasure that can be used for God is much more expensive than the treasure that can be used for believers.
      “What's the use of telling me about luck?”
      “The power of 50000 beliefs is the same price. Now few people will buy it except me.”
      “If you agree, we'll make a deal. If you don't agree, you can keep it for your own use.”
      Su Cheng shrugs casually and plans to turn around and leave.
      “Well, how can you be like this? We can still bargain!How can anyone do business like that! ”
      Ye ChuChu's mouth pursed slightly, but when he saw Su Cheng, he turned around again.
      Immediately said:
      “Good, good!It's a deal! It's a deal
      Then he immediately pulled Su Cheng to open the trading interface, and soon completed the transaction.
      Looking at this fierce girl's smiling face, Su Cheng knows that the power of 50000 belief exceeds her psychological price.
      He shakes his head and laughs, but Su Cheng doesn't care.
      Because he was really worried about the low price he gave, the girl was so angry that she didn't sell it to him.
      Compared with the power of 50000 beliefs.
      Lucky clover is more important to you.
      Su Cheng didn't know what fortune was for other gods, but he was a great help to himself.
      Infinite evolution!
      Su Cheng guessed that his probability of using infinite evolution trigger should be influenced by his luck.
      The higher the lucky value is, the higher the probability of triggering the second and third order promotion is.
      Even in the future, if you can refine the lucky clergy, won't you have a 100% chance to upgrade three levels!
      At the thought of that picture, Su Cheng can't help but want to find the goddess of luck to have a deep communication with her.
      “Use infinite evolution on lucky clover!”
      [log]: when you use infinite evolution on golden treasure lucky clover, you will get Holy Land treasure lucky clover with 1% probability to trigger!
      Lucky clover
      Rank: Holy Land
      Caption: the accompanying grass growing next to the legendary lucky fruit.
      Effect: God only can increase 20 points of hidden familiar luck.
      Su Cheng was stunned and blurted out:
      “Crouch, bull!”*
      Chapter 8 hidden tasks?Jackal clergy?[kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      I don't blame Su Cheng for his excitement.
      1% of the probability that he ran into it again!
      Lucky clover, promoted to the third level!
      Become the lucky clover of Holy Land!
      Su Cheng looks at ye ChuChu next to him. No wonder she is lucky. Did the ancients cheat me?
      There was no hesitation.
      Fortunately, the clover was used on the spot, and a warm current poured in.
      [log]: when you use the Holy Land treasure lucky clover, your lucky attribute will be increased by 20!
      Su Cheng grins. Next time, he can try how much he has improved.
      But according to the effect of the Holy Land treasure in the previous life, there is no problem to increase your lucky attribute by at least 1.5 times.
      In this way, there is a 15% probability to increase two orders, and a 1.5% probability to increase three orders!
      “If you can get the holy fruit of God level treasure, it's really good!”
      Su Chengyou is not satisfied with the thought.
      “This girl seems to be really lucky.”
      Thinking about this, Su Cheng heard ye ChuChu say:
      “Why don't we add a friend? It's convenient for us to make any transactions.”
      Ye ChuChu's idea is very simple. Now that the man who looks very brave can show 50000 faith without changing his face, he may have a chance to cooperate in the future.
      “Tip: player ye ChuChu sent you a friend request. Do you accept it?”
      Naturally, Su Cheng will not refuse.
      He nodded slightly
      “In the future, if you have any treasures related to luck, you can contact me again. I always need them.”
      Besides, it's not a bad thing to have a long legged girl.
      “No problem.”
      Looking at Su Cheng's back, ye ChuChu suddenly pats his head.
      “I'll go, you confused ghost. You forgot to ask someone's name!”
      Punch in your friends list.
      Su Cheng, the only good friend, is lying there quietly.
      Ye ChuChu covered his mouth and whispered:
      “Su Cheng!”
      “He turned out to be Su Cheng!”
      “No wonder, no wonder he can not change his face and take out 50000 faith power!”
      “No, I have to tell Mengmeng that I just finished the deal with her idol and got a friend. Hee hee, this time, Mengmeng envies me to death.”
      Ye ChuChu's pretty face is full of joy, and her figure gradually fades, apparently offline.
      Let's talk about Su Cheng.
      After leaving trading square, he walked straight to a pub.
      This is the hidden mission of the Jackal clergy.
      Go into the pub.
      There are not many people in the pub, most of them are NPC. Obviously, the new players don't have the ability to consume.
      Su Cheng goes straight to an old man and shouts at the bar.
      “Bartender, two glasses of fire!”
      Facing the old man's eyes, Su Cheng reached out and motioned:
      “Drink it for you.”
      God is immortal and has an endless life span, even if it is a demigod. If a God is an old man.
      So there are only two possibilities.
      The first is that the God only likes the old man's appearance, which he did on purpose.
      The second is that this God only increases the source of damage, and is approaching the end of his life.
      And this one in front of you.
      That's the second one.
      And an old God dedicated to the Jackal ministry!
      Orcasso, the God of jackals!
      Once nine turn half god, as for now, five turn half god.
      In the endless realm of God, because God is endless, so to call a God is to call God with God's name, so as to distinguish.
      “New God, do you know me?”
      The old man's eyes were a little blurred, and he drank the flame in front of him.
      “As long as the God with the Jackal priesthood hears the name of the old man, so does Kristen.”
      “Ha ha, the little guy can compliment people.But you look like you've begun to take your own steps in the order of the Jackal
      “Also need to ask more from the elder auspico.”
      “Bartender, one more drink!”
      A cup of flame can burn the power of faith, but Su Cheng can afford the cost for the follow-up task.
      Aucasia looked at Su Cheng with admiration.
      Some of the acquaintances beside him said with a laugh:
      “Old aucasia, I think this little guy is good. It's time for you to find a successor.”
      Su Cheng looks forward to it.
      Sure enough.
      Ocaasso began to look at Su Cheng seriously, nodded slightly, and then said:
      “Kristen, you have great potential. I have a task for you. Do you want to accept it?”
      [tip: congratulations on the successful triggering of the hidden mission. The believer's dilemma. The God of the jackal, Osaka, asks you to help him solve the enemy that harasses the believer. Reward for the completion of the mission: the gift of authority from the God of the jackal, Osaka!】
      “I'll do it for you, master ocassio.”Su Cheng looks sincere.
      “Since you know me, you must have heard that I don't have much time. My believers were attacked by a group of underground cave people.”
      Needless to say, Su Cheng knows the cause and effect.
      In his early years, in order to promote the true God, he explored the secret place of God and hurt the origin. Not only his strength was greatly damaged, but also his life came to an end. In this way, he did not have the heart to protect his followers.
      That's the task.
      But Su Cheng's heart is full of sneers.
      “O'caso the fraudster!There is a great reputation in the past life
      you 're right.
      This hidden mission is fake!
      The name of “ask for help and release hidden mission” appears on the surface, but in fact, it is for these new half god jackal clergy!
      The purpose is to make up for their own origin.
      As long as you can kill death, you can plunder power!
      In the previous life, Su Cheng was late in the game, and only later did he hear about it. Many of the gods of the Jackal clergy died in the pit.
      You know, once the blue star players fall, although there will be no life-threatening in real life, it also means that they will completely lose the qualification to play “national gods”.
      It was not until more and more people were trapped in the back that the incident was completely detonated and known to all.
      At this time, the blue star players have a new understanding of “all the gods”.
      Inside the NPC will release a fake mission, but also pitfalls!
      It's only strange that the original players were fascinated by the rich rewards of this so-called hidden task.
      The reason why Su Cheng knew that it was the pit that would trigger this hidden mission was also for the purpose of Osaka's jackal clergy!
      Since aucasia wants to cheat, Su Cheng will use his greed to cheat him.
      “Your ministry and your power!I want them all! ”
      Su Cheng sneered in his heart.
      On his face, however, he responded with indifference
      “I understand. Then you will inform me, master aucasia, that I will let my followers go to your coordinates.”
      “No problem. You're ready. I'll let you know in three days.”
      It's a deal.
      Su Cheng left the pub.
      Looking at Su Cheng's back, a trace of indifference flashed in the turbid eyes of ocaasso.
      Next, Su Cheng did not continue to wander, but returned to his own divine realm.
      Practice in silence.
      A God who is familiar with his own strength and a God who is not familiar with his own strength is far from effective.*
      Chapter 9 the fast-growing believer, frost Troll![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      In the twinkling of an eye.
      The 12 hours of the night passed quickly.
      With the arrival of a new day, Su Cheng immediately urged his mind to come to the eternal continent.
      After nearly 10 days of development, I don't know what happened to the believers.
      As soon as they arrived, they found that the believers were praying and holding a sacrifice ceremony.
      The system log is scrolling wildly.
      [log]: in the past 10 days, your followers prayed daily, and you gained 1.26 million faith power!
      [log]: in the past 10 days, your followers have hunted the surrounding creatures, and you have gained 40000 faith power!
      [log]: due to the continuous influence of your divine grace, 98 goblin believers have become shallow believers!
      [log]: under the influence of the holy spring of life, your believers' reproduction speed has been increased. You have gained 4 new born jackal believers and 10 new born goblin believers!
      [log]: your followers are holding a sacrifice ceremony, and you have gained 100000 faith power!
      [log]: your believers sacrificed a “ice troll” to you!
      [log]: you have acquired a frost Troll follower!
      Too much information.
      Su Cheng took a long time to react.
      The first is the power of faith.
      All of them add up to a total of 1.4 million yuan, which can gather a trace of divine power again!
      You know, it's just a blue star day!
      “Tut Tut, that's too fast.”
      Su Cheng is very happy.
      If you go on like this, you may be able to be promoted to the second half god before completing the mission of aucasia!
      Then there is the deepening of the faith of the goblin believers and the new believers.
      4There are 10 new born jackal believers and 10 new born goblin believers. It can be seen that the holy spring of life has begun to work.
      Otherwise, the number will be more than doubled.
      “But it's not the most effective yet. When the holy spring of life comes into effect, the breeding speed can be doubled again!”
      It's a good start.
      You know, the most difficult thing for God is the initial stage of development.
      After that, believers will enter a stage of rapid development.
      In all the gods.
      Due to the influence of special rules, followers of blue star players will get extraordinary growth speed.
      Like the Jackal.
      It only takes half a year, that is, more than half a month for Bluestar to grow into a fighting young jackal.
      In this way, within a month, the number of Su Cheng's followers would have to be doubled.
      This is just counting the natural reproduction of believers.
      If you add in this period of time to gather some other believers.
      “It's a hundred times faster than before.”
      Su Cheng sighed.
      But what excited him most was the living sacrifice!
      Unexpectedly, the living sacrifice turned out to be a frost Troll!
      Living sacrifice is a special kind of sacrifice.
      Since gods generally can not come to the eternal continent, some items need to be sacrificed to gods by believers.
      This kind of general sacrifice is less restricted.
      But the living sacrifice is different.
      The eternal continent of 100 days can live sacrifice once.
      Because the living sacrifice creature will become the crazy believer of God directly!
      “It seems that these jackals are full of strength to give me a surprise.”
      Su Cheng said with a smile.
      However, it is reasonable that Su Cheng has given too much.
      God's grace is like a sea!
      “Great Lord, your believers sincerely pray to you that you will never fall like the sun in the sky!”
      “My Lord, you are everything, guiding us forward!”
      Below, Su Cheng's followers are still praying.
      Su Cheng couldn't see his face clearly, and his dignified face suddenly appeared in the sacrificial hall, accompanied by endless power.
      It excited the believers.
      “My Lord
      “I hear your piety, and I am satisfied with your gifts.”
      The believers are more excited:
      “All for my Lord!”
      As soon as Su Cheng showed his mind, endless divine light fell on the newly born 4 jackals and 10 goblins, as well as 112 goblins above the level of shallow believers.
      [log]: you have used infinite evolution for believers!
      [log]: you have 100 followers to upgrade one level and 26 followers to upgrade two levels!
      [diary]: Thank you for your gift, your faith continues to rise!You have 126 new followers!
      “Praise my Lord!”
      Looking at the tearful eyes of believers, Su Cheng smiles and opens the attribute panel of goblin after evolution.
      [race]: dark goblin
      [identity]: Elite goblin
      [rank]: Silver
      Occupation: Soldier
      [skill]: stick wave LV3, scream LV3, scare Lv2
      Power: 23
      [Constitution]: 22
      Agile: 21
      Spirit: 12
      Su Cheng focused on the attributes of silver elite goblin.
      As for bronze, he just took a casual look.
      no way out.
      Who told him to grasp a large number of bronze followers now.
      After all, players at this stage, let alone a silver level believer, even a bronze level believer should be a treasure.
      And Su Cheng.
      There are many believers in silver level, even epic level believers!
      If you let other players know, you may have to strangle him.
      Su Cheng shook his head.
      “Goblin's attributes can't be compared with jackals. After all, it's the bottom of the biological chain.”
      But it doesn't matter.
      Although the individual is weak, but goblin ah, and the reproductive capacity is also stronger!
      I'm playing one-on-one, but there's no problem with two and one and three.
      So Su Cheng is optimistic about the future of goblin.
      Collapse the property panel.
      Su Cheng once again raised a divine light, the Jackal's weapons have evolved for some time.
      After all, we can't favor one over the other.
      You don't have to think about it. The Jackal must be the main force in this live sacrifice.
      Then Su Cheng ignored these fanatical believers and turned his eyes to the biggest surprise.
      New zealots.
      Golden ice troll!
      [name]: zakov
      [race]: frost Troll
      [identity]: Elite Troll
      [rank]: Gold
      Occupation: Soldier
      [skill]: rapid regeneration lv6, throwing specialization lv6, frost skin LV5, terror bite LV5
      Strength: 38
      [Constitution]: 39
      Agility: 32
      Spirit: 23
      Sure enough, it's a troll race!
      Trolls have always been known for their powerful vitality and power.
      Up to 38 points of strength and 39 points of agility, even in the golden level is also the best!*
      Chapter 10 double headed ice troll leader!Traces of divine creatures![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      of course.
      Trolls are strong, but not without flaws.
      IQ is a great weakness of him.
      From his lack of spiritual attributes can also be seen some.
      “Great… Great jackal and God of slaughter, Zachary is willing to offer you his most loyal faith!”
      The ice troll's huge body curls up together and looks funny.
      But the face is very pious.
      After living sacrifice, the belief of becoming a crazy believer can not be false.
      Su Cheng nodded his head slowly, and his voice was loud
      “I feel your faith, Zachary. I will give you a new life!”
      A divine light came down.
      Zakhov bathed in the divine light, and Geduo's body gradually extended, his face full of comfort.
      But the next moment.
      A cry of pain came from his throat.
      Only to see its neck part of an amazing abscess is constantly bulging out.
      The second head with mucus stretched out and roared.
      [log]: you have used infinite evolution on ice troll!
      [log]: your crazy believer frost Troll has been upgraded to an epic double headed frost Troll!
      [diary]: Thank you for your gift. Your belief in double headed frost Troll has risen greatly and become an apostle!
      At this time, zakov's evolution was finally completed.
      The body expanded further, as if it had exceeded Geduo.
      The two ferocious heads scared the goblin believers to retreat.
      What a terrible momentum!
      “Zachary is willing to follow our Lord forever and sacrifice everything for him!”
      The huge body is like a hill.
      Although his face is ugly, his belief and piety are no less than those of other believers.
      Su Cheng's heart was filled with joy and regret.
      “It's a pity that I've only been promoted one level.”
      However, he also knew that this was the normal probability. It was a great luck to get the holy spring of life and lucky clover before.
      With the recent use of infinite evolution.
      Su Cheng also has a new understanding of this powerful gift of God.
      It's relatively easy to upgrade non biological treasures.
      For the strength improvement of biological class, it is determined according to the strength of the improvement target, and the probability will fluctuate up and down.
      And he guessed.
      It also has something to do with one's own strength.
      “If I were a real God now, I'm afraid zakov would have promoted more than one level.”
      Press your mind.
      Su Cheng checked the attributes of zacharv.
      [name]: zakov
      [race]: double headed frost Troll
      [identity]: Troll leader
      [rank]: Epic
      Occupation: Soldier
      [skill]: quickly regenerate lv8, throw specialized lv8, frost skin lv8, horror bite lv8, sacrifice lv6 (inheritance skill)
      Strength: 48
      [Constitution]: 48
      Agile: 44
      Spirit: 37
      Quite strong!
      Su Cheng can only feel this way.
      No exaggeration.
      From now on, the most powerful believer under his command has become zakov.
      The strength of 48 points is more exaggerated than that of Geduo 46 points, at least several times.
      This level of power.
      I'm afraid that only the dragon and giant of the same rank can surpass him.
      Worthy of being the king blood of trolls, double headed trolls!
      Su Cheng doubts.
      His infinite evolution should have inadvertently activated the double headed Troll blood hidden in zackov's body.
      Otherwise, even evolution.
      It will only be an epic frost troll, not a double headed frost troll.
      The strongest point of double headed troll is his inheritance skills.
      to sacrifice!
      Each double headed Troll can sacrifice his own head to gain extraordinary power in a desperate situation.
      A double headed troll in that situation.
      Even dare to challenge the dragon of the same rank!
      It's a great harvest.
      Su Cheng is very satisfied with his followers. It's really wonderful that his team is getting stronger and stronger.
      “Zacov, from now on, you will live in the GerB tribe and help gerdo and sarren a lot.”
      “Yes, my Lord!”
      Zakov replied respectfully.
      At this time.
      Geduo knelt down on one knee and said respectfully:
      “My Lord, Geduo has something to tell you!”
      For believers in the eternal continent, the god they believe in comes only once every 10 days.
      So if there is anything important, I will choose to tell you on this day.
      Su Cheng a Leng, also have no accident, signal Ge duo to continue to say.
      “My Lord, ten days ago, you gave the holy spring of life to the golbu tribe. In these days, the vitality of the holy spring of life has been growing.”
      “Just three days ago, there was a mysterious creature peeping at the side of the golbu tribe.”
      “The sarren cult can detect that this mysterious creature seems to be coming towards the holy spring of life.”
      “At that time, I was reminded by the sarren sacrifice and rushed to the site. The mysterious creature was scared away by me.”
      “It's a pity that the mysterious creature is extremely alert and too fast. Geduo can only see clearly that it's all white. It's a light creature. Geduo can't capture it and offer it to our Lord, and ask him to confess his sin!”
      Gerdo came slowly.
      His face was full of guilt and his head was heavily knocked on the ground.
      He has been feeling guilty for this matter these days, and he feels guilty for Su Cheng's grand grace.
      Su Cheng finished listening.
      Almost instantly thought of the fourth attribute of the holy spring of life, there is a great probability to attract divine creatures!
      “The whole body is white, and the light is life?”
      “Is it really a sacred unicorn?”
      “It should be. The sacred unicorn is very fast and likes to drink the water from the holy spring of life.”
      “But since this Unicorn can be found by Sallen, it should not be too high. Is it a young unicorn?”
      Su Cheng gets excited.
      The sacred unicorn is not an ordinary divine creature. Once it has grown up, it is a demigod.
      Among them, the Unicorn with excellent talent can even grow into a true God!
      If we can obtain this kind of believer, we can explore some secret places that only God can go to, whether in the eternal continent or in the future.
      That's a great help!
      What's more?
      The sacred unicorn is not always alone, but often with the wild elf tribe.
      “It's buy one get one free!”
      Su Cheng began to get excited in his eyes.
      Then he said to Gedo:
      “My apostle, it's not your fault. The speed of the holy Unicorn can't be overtaken by ordinary people.”
      “Give the GerB tribe a task to search around the tribe. If you find any trace of the wild elf tribe, don't scare the snake. Let me know on prayer day.”*
      Chapter 11 Mountain Giant!Tyrannical Troll![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      “Zackov, you help Gedo.”
      After thinking about it, Su Cheng added.
      All the believers responded respectfully
      “Yes, my God!”
      “If you have nothing else to do, go ahead and work hard. In a few days there will be important things for you.”
      Su Cheng said lightly.
      He remembers that at this point in his previous life, Mountain Giants once appeared around his believer field.
      At that time, the strength was far less powerful.
      I can only watch this opportunity miss.
      This time, Su Cheng will not let it go.
      Giant race, which can be compared with dragon race.
      As an adult, he has the strength of holy land level, and the outstanding one can even become a demigod, or even a true God!
      And the mountain giant, just in the state of growth.
      Su Cheng estimated that it should be epic level.
      It's just even epic.
      The power of Mountain Giants is not comparable to that of jackal leader and double headed troll.
      Maybe zakhov could sacrifice his head before he could wrestle with the mountain giant.
      But that's too expensive.
      So Su Cheng thought, let the believers develop for a period of time, if one or two epic believers can appear again.
      That's more sure.
      During this time, mountain giants should be around here.
      It's all in time.
      “To my Lord, Zachary has something to ask of you.”
      “He said
      “I have some of my kindred wandering in the wilderness. I want to find them, gather them together, believe in our Lord and ask for his permission.”
      Zackov was in a state of uneasiness.
      I'm afraid my God will be angry and sin against me.
      However, how can Su Cheng punish the double headed Troll.
      “Ha ha, this ugly guy is really my lucky star!”
      Su Cheng is very happy.
      The look in zackov's eyes became more agreeable.
      “The wandering Troll needs the glory of God to shine, Zachary. I'll grant your request.”
      “Thank you for your grace and wish you immortality!”
      Su Cheng smiles a little, then gradually takes back his mind.
      Zakhov's careful thinking, he can also guess some, only because he is the only believer under his command. He wants to get some help.
      It's also the nature of intelligent creatures.
      Su Cheng is not surprised, as long as his faith is firm and devout, that is enough.
      Zackov got up.
      Stride into the wilderness.
      Trolls generally roam in the wilderness without large tribes.
      a few days ago.
      Zakhov was caught by the jackals when he was hunting with four of his own people.
      In the end, it was sacrificed to Su Cheng.
      As for the other four members of his family, they were lucky to escape.
      And now.
      Zakov is going to look for them.
      “Kohler, they should still be in the nest.”
      Double headed frost Troll's speed is not fast, but can't stand it. It's huge, and it's a few meters away to take a step at will.
      Run up and leave a huge footprint.
      Not long.
      Zakov came out of a cave.
      “Stupid Kohler, get out of here!”
      In the cave, there were sounds. Several ice trolls came out and exclaimed in surprise
      “Zachary, you're not being killed by those jackals…”
      “Shut your mouth, I'm here to ask you to join me in believing in the great jackal and the God of killing, christen!”
      “You, you have betrayed the belief of troll God!”
      “Fart!I've never received a response from the so-called Troll God, and my God, he gave me a new life! ”
      With that, Zacher's neck was agitated, and her second head was stretched out instantly!
      “Double headed Troll!”
      “You are a double headed Troll!”
      Kohler and other ice trolls were stunned, and the suppression from blood made their souls tremble.
      After all, they're just silver ice trolls.
      Even zakov was not an opponent, let alone a double headed Troll at the epic level.
      “I don't agree. You have lost the glory of trolls. You are not welcome here, Zachary!”
      At this time.
      There are several ice trolls coming out of the cave again, led by a golden ice troll Blu, who was also the one who spoke just now.
      After zakhov was taken away by the Jackal tribe, the four trolls of Kohler were recruited by blu.
      Looking at the frost troll in front of me.
      Zachary was angry.
      This is totally different from what he imagined. According to his imagination, he shows himself as a double headed troll. Kohler, these bastards should go back with him.
      “It seems that you have forgotten the legend of the double headed troll.”
      The furious two headed Troll has completely lost his patience.
      The two heads roared wildly. Zachary picked up a huge stone and threw it at the ice trolls.
      Throwing expertise!
      The huge boulder smashed the arms of the two trolls and howled.
      Trolls have never been a kind race. The reason why Zachary is docile is just to Su Cheng.
      The real troll is a ferocious race that even the same race eats!
      Zachary is like a tiger in a flock.
      In the eyes of many ice trolls, they catch the golden ice troll blue.
      The blood suppression brought by the double headed troll, plus the power gap of a whole large level.
      Let Blu have no resistance at all.
      Zakov's two heads work together and gnaw on Blu's right arm.
      Blood was streaming, and blue screamed.
      His eyes were filled with fear.
      He originally thought that he had seven silver trolls on his side, plus his gold level, even if Zachary became a double headed troll, he couldn't get away with it.
      But the facts hit him hard.
      With almost no fighting back, he was nearly hammered by Zachary.
      “Miscellaneous!You've disgraced Zachary. Zachary's going to eat you! ”
      Terror bite!
      The big mouth of the double headed Troll has opened, and it's about to bite Blu's neck.
      At that time.
      No matter how powerful the trolls are, they can't survive.
      “Zackov, that's enough.”
      Critical moment.
      Su Cheng's idea came to zakov's mind in an instant.
      A golden ice troll, and then promoted to a level, at least an epic ice troll.
      He can't just let Zachary eat him.
      “This brat, fortunately, I took a look and almost lost a powerful believer.”
      Su Cheng is a little sad.
      Zakov heard the voice of his God reverberate in his mind, and the rage in his eyes disappeared like a flood, and he became extremely respectful.
      “Yes, my God!”
      At this time.
      The rest of the ice trolls gathered together in fear and looked at zackov in fear.
      And in the void.
      Su Cheng uses His Apostle Zacher as a medium.
      Divine power is coming*
      Chapter 12 the power of God!Adoring trolls![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      In the wilderness.
      The clear sky suddenly became overcast, and a strong pressure continued to condense.
      And with the wind and thunder.
      Boundless power, mighty!
      Each god can come at will except in a certain area where the sacrificial hall is located.
      Other areas.
      We must use believers as a medium.
      The higher the degree of belief of believers, the more divine power will come.
      Although the power of God cannot be revealed on the eternal continent.
      But the divine power is not what ordinary creatures can resist.
      Ordinary wild tribes meet believers of gods.
      Or you can go back.
      Or die.
      Su Cheng's solemn and indifferent voice resounded in the sky
      “I am the God of jackals and killing, Christon. Believe in me and you will be reborn.”
      “God… God… Has really come“
      The eight frost trolls were shivering and terrified.
      Compared with the fear of facing zakov just now, the real fear has reached the extreme.
      They just thought Zachary was bragging, but they didn't know why they awakened the blood of the double headed troll.
      I didn't expect that I was really blessed by God.
      Don't look at what they just said about trolls.
      In fact, trolls are a kind of people who like to say hi.
      The so-called Troll God does.
      But they never got any response.
      let me put it another way.
      They are a wild race that has no gods at all.
      Su Cheng was the first deity they saw to come to Shenwei.
      It is also to see that there is no believer brand on them.
      Su Cheng will choose to come.
      To fight for another God's believer is to trample on God's dignity, which is more serious than killing believers.
      It will definitely cause a divine battle!
      “Believe in my Lord, or I will eat you!”
      Zakov's two heads were dripping with corrosive saliva, and his eyes were fierce, revealing this meaning.
      8Frost trolls kneel to the ground.
      How to choose between death and being blessed by a real God is needless to say.
      “Great jackal and God of killing, please forgive Troll's ignorance, please accept Troll's trivial faith, troll is willing to challenge dragon for you!”
      “I accept your belief that trolls should not be wanderers in the wilderness. I will protect you.”
      The trolls trembled with excitement.
      from this day onwards.
      At last, they are no longer poor people without God's protection!
      “Praise my God!”
      Trolls are grateful to kneel down, and Zachary grins with a big grin.
      [log]: you show the divine power and gain the belief of trolls!
      [log]: you have obtained 8 shallow believers!
      “It seems that these trolls have suffered a lot in the wilderness. As soon as they became obedient, they became shallow believers. It's not bad.”
      Su Cheng nodded.
      At the beginning, it's hard to talk. Once it's hard to obey, it's really fragrant.
      thus it can be seen.
      It's really hard for this kind of wild race to mix in the eternal continent.
      The trolls are devout, so Su Cheng will not be stingy.
      Shallow believers are the minimum standard for his use of infinite evolution.
      The divine light of Tao and Tao falls on the top of the head of BLU and others.
      8The body of a famous ice troll suddenly changed dramatically.
      The already terrifying muscles are expanding and the body is expanding.
      But unfortunately.
      Su Cheng has been concerned about the golden Troll blue did not evolve a second head.
      “It seems that zakov, a big fool, has a thin blood of two headed trolls.”
      [log]: you have used infinite evolution on 8 Troll followers!
      [log]: your 7 Troll followers are upgraded by one level, and 1 Troll follower is upgraded by two levels!You have 6 Golden ice trolls and 2 epic ice trolls!
      [log]: Thank you for your gift. Your belief of troll believers has increased greatly. You have added 8 crazy believers!
      “Great Lord, thank you for your generosity and kindness, and worship you for your brilliance. The troll will follow you and wipe out everything for you!”
      All trolls have evolved.
      I swear with great excitement.
      Today is really their lucky day. They are not only blessed by the Legendary God, but also so generous.
      Their gratitude can be imagined.
      I have made up my mind that I will never let my God down in the future.
      I think so.
      They even looked at zackov with gratitude.
      “Thanks to Zachary, how could we have been today?”
      Su Cheng is looking at the properties of trolls after evolution.
      [name]: Blu
      [race]: frost Troll
      [identity]: Elite Troll
      [rank]: Epic
      Occupation: Soldier
      [skill]: quickly regenerate lv8, throw specialized lv8, frost skin lv8, horror bite lv8
      Strength: 46
      [Constitution]: 45
      Agility: 42
      Spirit: 34
      Blu has successfully evolved into an epic.
      Although the attribute is not zakov metamorphosis, but also only weaker than the Jackal leader grid.
      The lucky one who has been promoted to two levels is not Blu, otherwise Su Cheng will have the first legendary believer!
      But now it's not bad.
      Add 2 epic believers and 6 Golden believers.
      And they're all trolls with strong single ability.
      Su Cheng's followers' high-end combat power is further expanded!
      A lot of things can be done ahead of time.
      Su Cheng's majestic voice sounded again
      “Blu, from now on, you will be under the command of zackov.”
      “Yes, my God!”
      “Next, Zachary, there's something you need to do.”
      “Find the trail of the mountain giant!”
      Su Cheng's eyes began to heat up.
      I was thinking about the mountain giant before, and I plan to develop it for a few days to find its trace.
      And now there are two more Troll believers at epic level.
      With zakhov and Gedo, there are four followers of epic stage.
      And the two commanders are outstanding in the epic stage.
      Have enough assurance to capture the mountain giant!
      “Maybe we can find the mountain giant before the appointment with aucasia!”
      “Maybe it will be a big surprise for aucasia at that time!”
      The corners of Su Cheng's mouth gradually curved a dangerous curve*
      Chapter 13 four kinds of clergy!Giant and dragon![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      In the realm of God.
      Su Chengduan sits on the throne of God, awe inspiring.
      The divine realm has begun to change gradually.
      The area is expanding, the space is stabilizing, and the power of rules is sprouting.
      The development of believers will feed back into the realm of God, making the realm of God more solid, perfect and powerful!
      And the power of the divine realm will also affect the power of the gods.
      It is not difficult for a powerful two turn half god to kill a weak three turn half god.
      without doubt.
      Su Cheng's divine realm is absolutely the best among the gods of the same rank.
      It can be foreseen.
      When he held high the kingdom of God, the kingdom of God turned into the kingdom of God is absolutely unprecedented!
      At this point.
      Su Cheng has just given orders to his followers.
      Try to find the trail of Mountain Giant!
      “I hope they can bring me good news tomorrow.”
      After all, the eternal continent will last 10 days. If you are lucky, it should be no problem.
      Su Cheng smiles.
      Feel their further strength, extremely satisfied.
      Just now, he once again refined a trace of divine power!
      It's not far from the second half god.
      “You can definitely get promoted before you go to complete the mission of aucasia!”
      “In the last life, there were two semi gods, which should be a month later?”
      Su Cheng is quite satisfied with his speed.
      Just a day and a half.
      The property panel has changed dramatically.
      —Shenzhi panel—
      [real name]: Su Cheng
      Jackal and the God of killing
      [clergy]: jackals (0.2%), killing (0.002%)
      Divine system: chaotic divine system
      [divine level]: one turn and half divine (2 / 5)
      [God's gift]: infinite evolution (Master level)
      Divine power: 2
      Power of belief: 450000
      [believer]: 335 (104 jackals, 222 goblins, 9 frost trolls)
      – – believer interface —
      Saint: 0
      Apostles: 3
      Crazy believer 107
      [deep believer]: 128
      [shallow believer]: 0
      Pan Believers: 97
      There are 335 believers.
      Among them, there are three apostles and 107 crazy believers!
      Every day, just by the passive prayer of believers.
      Can have the power of more than 150000 belief to enter the account!
      According to the time of blue star, it is a total of 1.5 million!
      What a terrible speed.
      Su Cheng is very happy.
      “However, to find opportunities, we have to strengthen the accumulation of the power of the killing God, otherwise it will be more troublesome when we are promoted to the true God.”
      He scowled as he looked at the power behind his killing clergy.
      Among all the gods.
      Clergy is generally divided into four categories.
      Race class, element class, rule class and other special classes!
      Racial clergy, as the name suggests, is the God of a certain race.
      Such as Su Cheng's jackal clergy.
      This kind of clergy, with a good early development of believers, can bring more growth to believers.
      At the critical moment, it can also make believers explode.
      But after the promotion to the true God.
      The strength of the true God is far less than that of the other three kinds of clergy.
      Only the higher class of clergy, such as the God of the giant, the God of the black dragon and so on, are qualified to compete with the other three kinds of clergy.
      But obviously.
      Su Cheng's jackal clergy belongs to the lower race clergy. In the early stage, it was good, but the more he came back, the more weak he was.
      Maybe it's very good for other players to be promoted to the true God.
      But for Su Cheng.
      This is obviously not enough.
      Therefore, this matter needs to be planned early. He doesn't want to become the bottom of the gods after he is promoted to the true God.
      His other clergy, the killing clergy, is a very good choice.
      Killing clergy belongs to the rule clergy, and it is a very powerful existence in the rule clergy.
      “If you remember correctly, a month after the previous life, the relic of the kingdom of God of the slaying God hirek was found.”
      At that time, Su Cheng just entered the game.
      So I missed the event.
      He vaguely remembers that there are many players who have benefited a lot from the relics of the kingdom of God and thus developed.
      “The power of the true God's clergy has been turned into essence and can be preserved. If we can gain something from the relics of the kingdom of God, there will be no problem in promoting the true God by killing the clergy.”
      “But apart from this road, the priesthood deprivation card has to be more careful.”
      The priesthood of blue star players is fixed according to their natural nature.
      If you are not satisfied with your ministry.
      Then there is only one way to plunder the priesthood of other gods!
      This requires the priesthood to deprive the card of this precious treasure.
      Su Cheng shook his head.
      “It's useless to think more. Now it's better to develop the strength of believers first. As long as the strength of believers is strong enough, they can seize any chance they meet.”
      Continue to practice with your eyes closed and feel the clergy.
      Power can not only be promoted in the development of believers, but also be sublimated in perception.
      That's the point.
      Su Cheng is ahead of everyone.
      The eternal continent.
      200 miles around the golbu tribe.
      A group of jackals are searching around, led by Gedo.
      Scarlet eyes, tall and strong body, it is very powerful.
      But at this time, his mood was a little irritable.
      “Five days. It's been five days since my God issued the oracle. The mountain giant's trace has not been found yet.”
      Gerdo growled at the Jackal nearby
      “Wolf cubs, give me more strength!Be sure to find the mountain giant before the ugly trolls
      “The glory of my God will always favor the jackal, and the foolish troll is only worthy to eat ashes behind the Jackal's ass!”
      The ice troll's submission began to put pressure on Gedo.
      If the number of ice trolls is not too small, I'm afraid Su Cheng's first race status will not be guaranteed.
      He wants to show himself more in front of Su Cheng and show the jackal, so as to win Su Cheng more attention.
      Where Su Cheng doesn't know.
      The believers have begun to fight secretly.
      of course.
      Even if he knew, he would only smile and encourage him.
      Healthy competition will only make believers more energetic and develop more rapidly.
      The jackals, too, howled.
      The stimulated eyes are more red.
      All of a sudden.
      A jackal stirred his ears and said excitedly to Gedo
      “Listen, chief
      The shaking voice of the earth from far to near, after the mountains in the distance, a dense forest was suddenly pushed away.
      Then a giant slowly appeared.
      It's said to be slow, but in fact it's very fast. It's just that the giant is so huge that his movement seems very slow.
      Mountain Giant!
      His skin was piled up of yellowish brown rocks. It looked very hard. His two huge pupils were even bigger than those of ordinary jackals.
      Every step will bring a huge bang.
      Countless trees were violently pushed down and splashed with dust.
      Even if they are far away, jackals can feel the shock and pressure coming from them.
      His body, which is more than 20 meters high, looks very exaggerated. Even Geduo is like a toy in front of him.
      “It's a mountain giant!”
      “With the blessing of God, we have found it at last!”
      Jackal people are very excited.
      However, gerdo's face was very dignified. He gave a low roar:
      “Shut up
      Jackal people look at each other, do not know why their leader did not look happy.
      Follow gerdo's eyes.
      The jackals looked up into the sky and saw a small black spot in the distance.
      The deafening roar reverberated, and many jackals covered their ears.
      At this time, they can see the true face of the little black dot clearly.
      Gerdo's face was discreet, and he said word by word
      “It's the dragon!”*
      Chapter 14 red dragon!Blood treasure!Attack![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      Above the sky.
      A ferocious red figure circled around the mountain giant.
      Red flesh wings, strong limbs, and scales with steel color.
      All will show the identity of the future.
      The most powerful red dragon among the five color dragons!
      “Chief, how can there be a red dragon?”
      The Jackal was stunned.
      As the overlord of the sky, giant dragon has more deterrent power than giant.
      In particular, in general, jackals are the subjects of the dragon race.
      Naturally, it is even more shocking.
      “How do I know why this damn red dragon is here?”
      Gerdo slapped his subordinates on the head with his backhand.
      “But it depends. The red dragon should be just a young dragon.”
      As the king of the superior race, the dragon is the holy land level once it reaches adulthood.
      And this one in front of you.
      Although it brought great pressure to Gedo, it didn't give him the feeling of suffocation.
      “It should be epic.”
      With this thought, gerdo's mind began to move.
      “Maybe it's a good chance. My God should have expected this situation!”
      In the distance.
      The mountain giant is holding up the boulder and throwing it at the red dragon. The red dragon is flashing its wings and roaring.
      “Damn stone monster, get out of my territory. You are not welcome here!”
      Red Dragon Kalis spurts out dragon fire, splashing countless stones.
      Monton, the mountain giant, protected his eyes with his arms. The sound of the sound reverberated around him
      “Greedy red dragon, this is where Monton found it first. Get out of here, or tear your chicken wings!”
      “No way!It's mine
      The two attacked each other, cursing each other.
      It's just that both of them are epic, and they are the same race. They can't help each other. They can only spray some rubbish.
      Gerdo's eyes brightened
      “What treasure do they seem to be fighting for?”
      “Even the mountain giant and the red dragon want to fight for the treasure, which is certainly not a mortal. If they can give it to our God, the glory of our God will shine on the Jackal again!”
      This moment.
      Gerdo even had the idea to act first.
      But at last he thought of Su Cheng's Oracle. If he had any news, he should report it first. Don't act without authorization.
      Bite your teeth,
      He orders to two clever jackals:
      “You, and you, follow them quietly and report to the tribe at any time.”
      “When my God comes, none of them can run away!”
      “Yes, sir
      “The great jackal and the God of slaughter will rule everything!”
      The Jackal man was so fanatical that he disappeared into the dense forest in the distance with a few leaps, following the mountain giant and red dragon.
      Time goes by.
      In the blink of an eye, it was God's day.
      That is the day when the players can come to the eternal land.
      Su Cheng came to the golbu tribe almost immediately.
      [log]: in the past 10 days, your followers prayed daily, and you gained 1.56 million faith power!
      [log]: in the past 10 days
      System log routine swipe screen.
      Su Cheng's power of belief suddenly increased, as if it had exceeded 2 million.
      But these gains are still expected by Su Cheng.
      At this point.
      What he wants to know more is whether his followers have found any trace of the mountain giant.
      Without waiting for him to ask.
      Geduo knelt down devoutly on the ground and respectfully reported:
      “To my God, the Jackal has lived up to your glory. Five days ago, Geduo was lucky enough to find the trail of the mountain giant!”
      “But there is a red dragon around the mountain giants. They seem to be fighting for some treasure. Please send down the Oracle!”
      “The Jackal will be the toughest axe in my God's hand!”
      Geduo finished, his face was full of fanaticism, and he wanted to fight with the red dragon next second.
      There's no fear of the superior race.
      Su Cheng was overjoyed when he heard that his followers had found the trail of the mountain giant.
      But when he heard that there was a red dragon, he was stunned.
      “It seems that I didn't find any trace of red dragon in my previous life. Was it my rebirth that affected me, or other reasons?”
      But immediately, he did not go into the reasons.
      A mountain giant, a red dragon.
      If he can be accepted as a believer, his strength will soar!
      say nothing of.
      The treasure that these two are fighting for is at least a legendary treasure.
      “Nine times out of ten, it's a treasure that can improve the purity of blood.”
      Su Cheng knows.
      For the upper races like giants and dragons, blood is the most important thing.
      The higher the purity of blood, the stronger the strength of adult, and the higher the ceiling of promotion in the future.
      “Double happiness, jackals really give me a big surprise.”
      Su Cheng was overjoyed and praised
      “Gedo, the Jackal did a good job.”
      All the jackals trembled with excitement
      “It's all the glory of my God!”
      Trolls and goblin are jealous.
      “But now, my believers, the giant and the red dragon are trampling on our territory, seizing our resources and proving your courage.”
      “Take up your weapons, I need to see giants and red dragons bow their heads to me before dark!”
      “Defend to the death the glory of my God!”
      “Trolls are fearless!”
      “Let's go!”
      Under Su Cheng's mobilization, all the believers were high spirited and roared one after another.
      Led by three epic trolls and Geduo, the leader of the jackal, and supplemented by many other golden believers, Su Cheng's men are all the best.
      Mountain Giant and red dragon!*
      Chapter 15 the fruit of divine blood!Believe in my God, or die![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      “Chief, the mountain giant and the red dragon are just ahead. They will come out to fight in a few days, but they are always around the hill in the center.”
      “I suspect that in the middle of that hill, there are treasures they need, but they haven't been bred yet!”
      “Moreover, according to my observation, they are fighting fiercely today. I see that many scales of the red dragon are broken, and the mountain giants are moving slower. It should be that the treasure is about to come out!”
      Gedo and zacov soon met the Jackal.
      The wolf man reported the situation in an orderly way, and let Geduo clap his head excitedly.
      This is the Jackal's way of approbation.
      Zakov is depressed, and his trolls are not so smart.
      “Wait for the moment. We'll kill them when they lose both.”
      Geduo was extremely calm, and his eyes were full of the sinister and cunning characteristic of jackals.
      “Troll, are you OK with the mountain giant?”
      “Of course not…”
      Zakov's voice is not lost.
      There was another roar in the distance.
      It's just that this time the roar was more intense than ever.
      Red dragon is angry!
      Monton, the mountain giant, was quietly leaning towards the Central Hill, but with his huge body, no matter how careful he was, the movement was enormous.
      “Stupid stone monster, get out of here!”
      Red Dragon carlis growled, and his breath was sprayed out like money.
      Along the way, there is a red melt path.
      Monton's whole body began to turn red, and he became angry.
      The lower limbs, like pillars supporting the sky, pounded hard, and the surrounding mountains began to tremble. The red dragon in the sky stopped breathing and felt dizzy.
      All of a sudden.
      The two began to fight for life and death.
      From the splashing boulders and scales, we can see that the two sides have already made a real fire, and they are no longer fighting like before.
      “It's the fruit of divine blood!”
      “If you get this fruit, I'm afraid the giant and the red dragon will have a good chance to be promoted to legend directly. No wonder they will fight so fiercely.”
      “I'll tell you how Mountain Giants appeared in places like this in previous lives. That's why.”
      Su Cheng discovered the abnormality of the Central Hill in an instant.
      The fruit of divine blood.
      It's a legendary treasure. It can not only purify blood, but also increase the level of creatures below the legendary level by one level.
      “The fruit is about to ripen!”
      Su Cheng's eyes brightened as he looked at the rising vision of the Central Hill.
      If he gets this fruit of divine blood, and then evolves it, the effect will explode!
      The fight between the red dragon and the mountain giant is more and more fierce.
      The red dragon's right wing has begun to crack. Just now, it was accidentally caught by the mountain giant and almost torn to pieces.
      And mountain giants have a hard time.
      His left eye was burned by Longxi, which had completely lost the visual effect, making his action more clumsy.
      What's more irritating is that the lung inflammation in the eye socket has not been extinguished and wants to invade his brain.
      “It's time!”
      Without Su Cheng's order, Geduo immediately found the best time.
      He was very clear that his God did not want two bodies.
      “Troll, mountain giant to you, red dragon to us!”
      The voice just dropped.
      Gedor has taken the lead.
      The body soared, more than 4 meters. Although it was not as exaggerated as the red dragon, the sense of explosive power was not weak at all.
      The jackal, who is famous for team hunting, cooperated with each other and finished the encirclement and suppression of the red dragon in an instant.
      Trolls, on the other hand, rushed to the mountain giants with a grim smile.
      Although the trolls are a little stupid, the power in the sky can not be false, especially the double headed ice troll zackov, whose power is as high as 48 points is weaker than the mountain giant.
      What's more, the mountain giants are not in good condition.
      In a flash.
      The situation on the field has changed from the battle between Mountain Giants and red dragon to the encirclement and suppression of Su Chengxin's disciples!
      “Damn reptile, get out of here!”
      “Humble jackals, who gave you the courage to extend your claws to the great red dragon?”
      Red Dragon Kalis growls.
      His injured right wing was hit by Geduo's sharp axe and almost cut off. The strong keel was visible to the naked eye.
      This humiliation made the proud red dragon angry.
      After all, in the eyes of red dragon.
      The jackal is just a waste, and only deserves to be a pug next to the dragon.
      Gedor's eyes were bloodthirsty.
      After the fury, his power rose sharply, but at the cost of a little loss of reason:
      “Fool, wait for me to cut off your chicken wings and make you a real reptile!”
      Gerdo is the leader.
      A group of jackals as a supplement, wantonly hunting red dragon Kalis.
      Have to say.
      Although the state of red dragon is not very good, it is enough to show that jackals after Su Cheng's evolution are indeed very powerful.
      “Damn it!Damn it
      Kalis a dragon inflamed down, a jackal burned flesh and blood.
      But the next moment.
      The Jackal burst out with unparalleled vitality, and his state instantly returned to its peak.
      Holy spring of life!
      This scene happened from time to time, which made carlis crazy and even exuded a trace of fear.
      These jackals are as if they can't be killed.
      “Damn, how can the great dragon be afraid of the lowly jackal!”
      Su Cheng lives high in the divine realm and looks at all this coldly.
      The law of the jungle, whether it's the eternal continent or the endless realm of God.
      The strong can kill the weak. He has no pity.
      He looked at the war.
      The progress of the ice trolls is smooth. After all, there are three ice trolls of epic level, and a very powerful double headed ice troll.
      Monton, the mountain giant, was completely overwhelmed and was about to be captured.
      It's red dragon carlis.
      It's a little slow.
      Su Cheng frowned. Soon, it will be 12 hours at night. He doesn't want to waste any more time.
      “Well, I've never been able to mobilize the power of the clergy since I've been reborn for such a long time. Just try.”
      The next moment.
      His surging power was transmitted infinitely through his mind and fell on every jackal in the field.
      The strange power of the Jackal clergy is at work.
      The howls of the jackals came one after another, and their bodies kept expanding.
      Geduo, the leader, has already broken through 5 meters, which is even more exaggerated than zakov. As for strength, it is even more terrifying.
      It's a shrunken version of the giant family.
      Now on the attribute panel, Geduo's power attribute has become 49!
      It's a power that's infinitely close to legendary!
      Unlike elemental clergy, once performed, it can cause a variety of thunderstorms or flame visions.
      The function of racial clergy is to greatly increase the strength of its followers.
      of course.
      You can only increase the race of your own clergy.
      “Reptile!Get out of here
      Gedor's eyes glowed and roared.
      The extremely developed muscles in his legs made him jump up and down on the back of the red dragon.
      Then he grabbed the wings of the red dragon with both hands and tore it hard!
      The red dragon kept on hissing, two wings were uprooted, and the pain went straight to the soul.
      Carlis is very unyielding.
      “If I didn't spend too much power with this damned stone monster, how could I, how could I be a lowly jackal…”
      The huge body fell to the ground.
      Geduo, the leader of the jackal, holds a huge axe and puts it on the side of the dragon head of the red dragon Kalis
      “Believe in my God!”
      “Otherwise, die!”*
      Chapter 16 the perfect fruit of divine blood!First saint![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      Almost a few seconds after Gedo tore off the wings of the red dragon.
      The body of the mountain giant also fell heavily.
      Exhausted by the fearlessness of the frost trolls.
      In the end, the two upper races all took advantage of Su Cheng.
      Not only did he become a prisoner.
      Even the fruits of divine blood have become the fruits of victory for others.
      “I hate it
      Kalis, the red dragon, looked at the Jackal who had picked the fruit of his divine blood, and couldn't help trying to swallow him alive.
      However, the pain in his body always reminds him of his identity.
      “I, carlis, have become the shame of the dragon. No, it's not true!”
      It's just when the red dragon is daydreaming.
      Geduo held the blood fruits in his hands and raised his head to pray respectfully.
      He knew that his God was watching him all the time.
      The power of blessing out of thin air just now is the blessing of the gods.
      “Great God, the Jackal didn't disappoint you. Please accept the heartiest wishes of the Jackal!”
      “The Jackal will tear up the dragon for you!”
      “Troll is willing to sweep everything for you!”
      The believers prayed devoutly and looked forward to Su Cheng's coming.
      Su Cheng didn't let them down.
      The next moment.
      Clouds change color, thunder roll.
      The infinite indifference of God's eyes on the earth makes believers more respectful.
      And red dragon carlis and mountain giant Monton are bitter.
      I didn't expect that the competition between the two of them finally made the Unknown God cheap.
      “I am satisfied, my believers, that you deserve the glory.”
      The divine light falls on the believers who have just experienced a hard fight.
      The scars on the jackals and trolls disappear at a visible speed, and some of the believers are even more powerful.
      This is a gift from the gods!
      [log]: your followers have experienced a hard battle and defeated the red dragon and the mountain giant!
      [log]: your believers sublimate in the battle, and your faith is more firm. You gain 80000 faith power!
      Su Cheng fixed his eyes on the fruit of divine blood.
      I'm overjoyed.
      [fruit of divine blood]
      Rank: Legend
      Description: a kind of magical fruit which is stained with the blood of the true God.
      1.To purify the blood source of living things.
      2.There is a 50% chance to upgrade creatures below legend level to one level.
      Although the fruit of divine blood has only two effects, each effect is quite useful.
      Purifying the origin of biological blood is equivalent to raising the upper limit of biological blood.
      For example, the ordinary jackal's blood level limits them to reach bronze level at most.
      But after taking this fruit.
      You can easily raise the upper limit to gold, even Epic!
      And the second effect to enhance the first level strength is more obvious.
      You know.
      Legendary creatures are not weak even among believers of the true God.
      It's just that the 50% probability is a little bit of a look at the face.
      But Su Cheng is not worried.
      Because he has infinite evolution!
      [log]: you have used infinite evolution on the fruit of divine blood!
      [log]: infinite evolution will trigger with 10% probability, and your Divine blood fruit will be improved by two levels to become a perfect divine blood fruit!
      Su Cheng is very happy.
      For a long time, he didn't trigger the second-order evolution and the third-order evolution of infinite evolution. He even thought that the lucky clover he ate was fake.
      I didn't expect that this legendary fruit triggered the second-order evolution.
      That means.
      He got a demigod level treasure again!
      [perfect fruit of divine blood]
      Rank: demigod
      Caption: originally a magical fruit stained with the blood of the true God, it becomes more magical after being strengthened by unknown forces.
      1.Purification of the origin of biological blood, there is a small probability of atavism.
      2.100% probability: creatures below legend level are increased by one level.
      There are still two effects.
      But after the evolution of the divine blood fruit, the effect is not a bit stronger than before.
      The first is the first effect.
      According to Su Cheng's perception, the purification intensity is more than 10 times stronger than before, not to mention the smaller probability of atavism!
      It means that it is possible to trace back to the source of blood, and blood has a qualitative leap!
      The second effect is more direct.
      The 100% probability will be promoted to the first level, which is better than the 50% probability.
      “It seems that my first legendary believer will appear soon!”
      All the creatures present put their yearning eyes on this flawless fruit of divine blood.
      The bright golden light is even more.
      Mountain Giants and red dragons, in particular, are constantly swallowing saliva, eyes full of greed.
      Su Cheng's cold and dignified eyes cast on Geduo
      “You're doing well this time. Eat it. Don't let me down.”
      Geduo suddenly froze, and then immediately reacted, shaking all over with excitement.
      Happiness came so suddenly that he almost didn't respond.
      But it's more exciting for him.
      Or Su Cheng's trust and attention!
      “My God, Geduo, Geduo will not let you down. Geduo will tear up any creature that challenges your majesty, even if he is the real God!”
      This moment.
      Gedo's faith level rose crazily, and then he was promoted to Saint!
      [diary]: your gift has greatly increased your Apostolic Faith and promoted you to sainthood!
      Su Cheng was stunned and then overjoyed.
      I didn't expect such an unexpected harvest.
      It's not a small gain at all.
      You know, it's a saint. A saint earns 100000 yuan a day just by praying!
      If you include the time flow of the eternal continent and the blue star.
      Blue star one day, Su Chengguang can obtain 1 million faith power, that is, a trace of divine power by virtue of this Geduo!
      Just then.
      The system prompt also sounds.
      “Congratulations on the promotion of believers under the player's command to saints. As a player who gets saints in full-service low position, the player is specially rewarded with 1 million faith power and epic treasure war horn. The full-service announcement will be made soon. Do you want to ask the player to choose anonymity?”
      “No anonymity, anonymity is a hammer.”
      Brothers, with the support of watching, it's six o'clock today!*
      Chapter 17 Geduo promotion legend!King of jackals![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      [full service announcement: player Su Cheng has won the first saint in full service. He is awarded a million faith power and epic treasure war horn as encouragement. I hope all players will make persistent efforts to create their own glory in the endless divine realm!】
      The usual 10 times full service announcement.
      The players are stupid.
      “Saints?Saints?!Are you sure it's a saint?!Laozi doesn't have any crazy believers, so elder Su Cheng is a saint? ”
      “Let's see if I'm right. A saint can provide 100000 yuan of faith every day, and Bluestar can provide one million yuan a day. In this way, as long as five days, Su Cheng can be promoted to the second half god?”
      “666, math is good, but why do I want to kill you?”
      “As a friendly reminder, big brother Su Cheng has won the system reward twice, but he still has 2 million faith power, which can't be used for five days…”
      “Wokuo, is this a game that everyone is playing? Why is there such a big gap between people? I doubt that it will take me several months to be promoted to the second half of God…”
      Players who are busy living to give their followers the Oracle sigh one after another.
      It's really more popular than people.
      Now a crazy believer can show off for a long time and become a high-end player, but Su Cheng already has saints.
      The big gap scares people to death.
      Endless realm.
      In ye ChuChu's divine realm, a cute girl is chatting with her. This is her best friend, Lin Meng.
      God can only invite other gods to his own realm.
      It's just that you usually do this only when you have a very good relationship. Otherwise, you'll expose yourself to others.
      While they were laughing, the full service announcement rang in their ears.
      Make them dull on the spot.
      Ye ChuChu pinches Lin Meng's balloon with a smile and jokes:
      “Sure enough, you are your idol. You can always make such amazing moves.”
      With a cry of surprise, Lin Meng kills ye ChuChu's thief
      “Sister ChuChu, what kind of person did you see him last time?”
      “He's very handsome, but hum, he's ruthless in cutting the price.”
      “Ah, that's right!”
      Ye ChuChu suddenly clapped his hands and said:
      “Didn't you tell me last time that you were just born and received a hidden task? It seems that the difficulty is very high. Why don't we ask Su Cheng for help?”
      “I don't want you to finish the task yourself, Mengmeng. If you hang up, you can't play this game. It's boring for me to play alone.”
      Ye ChuChu looks cold, but he is very cheerful in front of his friends.
      Lin Meng's eyes brightened at first, but he shook his head
      “Forget it. We don't know him well. I'll try myself first. If I can't do it later, I'll ask him for help.”
      “That's OK. You can try it first. Anyway, I have Su Cheng's friends. I can't invite him then.”
      “I remember that your hidden mission seems to have something to do with your clergy. What's the secret place? We can give that to him at that time. He will get a lot of benefits if we ask Su Cheng to help him. I don't think he will refuse us.”
      There was a trace of expectation in Lin Meng's eyes.
      If Su Cheng is here.
      You can see that Lin Meng is the half spirit and the forest goddess who got the Holy tree of life in the previous life.
      Around the golbu tribe.
      After receiving Su Cheng's reward, Geduo became a saint.
      Then he swallowed the golden fruit of divinity in his envious eyes!
      The golden fruit turned into the morning light and melted into Geduo's whole body.
      Jackal leader ushered in a new change!
      Gerdo let out a violent cry of pain, but different from the usual kind of howl.
      This roar is more dignified, and it begins to have the oppressive feeling of the superior creature.
      The originally bloodthirsty pupils began to glow with gold, and so did the hair.
      But the difference is.
      This is evolution.
      Geduo's body not only did not soar, but shrank back a little.
      But no one will despise this state of Geduo, because that kind of pressure makes them palpitating.
      Geduo after evolution.
      The body is only a little bigger than the general jackal, far from the exaggeration before.
      But the golden pupil is more magical.
      Su Cheng looks at the change of Geduo and is surprised.
      “This is, this is completely from the lower creature to the upper creature!”
      Can't wait to open the attribute panel of Geduo.
      [name]: Geduo
      [race]: gorbu bloodthirsty Jackal
      [identity]: King of jackals
      [rank]: Legend
      Occupation: Soldier
      [skill]: deadly bite lv10, axe throwing lv10, bloody rage Lv9, bloodthirsty strike Lv9, bloodthirsty field LV5, flying instinct LV3
      Strength: 58
      [Constitution]: 56
      Agility: 59
      Spirit: 47
      The attributes of Geduo have increased greatly, and both skills and basic attributes have changed dramatically.
      It's time for legend.
      Although it is nothing in the eyes of the gods, it can be used as a strong name among the believers.
      But what makes Su Cheng most interested.
      Or Gedo, king of jackals!
      This means that any jackal is inherently suppressed in the face of gedor.
      No matter which tribe it is!
      Su Cheng guessed.
      Gedo is likely to be the first jackal to become a legend in the history of the Jackal race!
      It's because the Jackal's blood is so bad.
      Even the gods who have the priesthood of the Jackal can't make the Jackal cross so many levels of blood shackles.
      Or rather.
      It can be done, but the cost performance is extremely low.
      Only Su Cheng, with infinite evolution, can make Geduo upgrade three levels at the beginning.
      And the perfect fruit of divine blood.
      Let Geduo completely break the shackles of his own blood.
      From now on.
      Gedo has a bright future.
      He is already a superior creature now, if he follows Su Cheng and keeps improving.
      I'm afraid one day.
      The Jackal will complete the race leap because of Gedo.
      “My God's favor will always be remembered in the blood of all jackals, and jackals will always follow my God's steps until death!”
      The Jackal swore solemnly.
      Su Cheng nodded with satisfaction.
      Then the dignified and indifferent eyes swept to the mountain giant and the red dragon.
      Monton and carlis have a heart arrest.
      Even if they were born superior creatures, they could not completely offset the majesty of the gods.
      “Mountain giant, red dragon, now, it's your choice!”
      Today is really not a drop, please support ah!!!This is the second day of the book!!!It's OK to squeak in the comment area without flower evaluation ticket!!*
      Chapter 18 Mountain Giants surrender!Deserter![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      The more powerful the mountain giant and the red dragon were under pressure.
      After Gedo became a saint.
      The idea that Su Cheng can come is also more powerful.
      According to Su Cheng's previous life, after he was promoted to the true God, he was even able to come to the power projection in the eternal continent.
      The reason why we can't see it now.
      The reason is that the new gods of blue star are only demigods, and the believers are all in the demigod region of the eternal continent.
      “Don't you think about it!The false gods are not qualified to submit the noble dragon! ”
      The head of red dragon Kalis was pressed to the ground, but he still roared.
      Just words just export, red dragon's head is heavily trampled into the ground.
      Gerdo's voice was cold:
      “No more disrespect to my God, cut off your limbs.”
      Hearing that carlis dared to call Su Cheng a false god, Geduo's eyes were full of killing intention.
      If Su Cheng hadn't given the order, he would have killed red dragon on the spot.
      Su Cheng glanced at the miserable red dragon.
      Not surprisingly.
      The dragon clan is extremely arrogant, not to mention the most powerful red dragon among the evil five color dragons.
      Generally speaking.
      It's almost impossible for a demigod to gain the belief in a dragon.
      Except in one way.
      Live sacrifice!
      This is the place Su Cheng has long thought of for carlis.
      Just by the way.
      What he really wants to conquer is the mountain giant.
      The Titans, who are both superior creatures and have Titan blood, are more respectful to the gods.
      There are even a lot of giants.
      They will select some new gods as their right and left to seek their own advancement.
      “Giant, tell me your answer.”
      Monton, the mountain giant, shivered as he watched the miserable end of red dragon carlis.
      He finally lowered his heavy head and held his hands on the ground to show his submission.
      “The great jackal and the God of slaughter, I, the mountain giant, Mundon, would like to give my faith to seek your light!”
      [log]: your God awed the mountain giant!
      [log]: you've got a new mountain giant named Mundon!
      “It's just pan believers.”
      Su Cheng murmured in his heart.
      The belief level of believers obtained through fear and intimidation is indeed not high. In addition, Mountain Giants are the superior race, and their strength is not low.
      So it's no surprise that the degree of belief is only pan believers.
      “In my bowl, I don't want to run.”
      Su Cheng chuckles. He is confident enough to promote the belief of mountain giant.
      [name]: Monton
      [race]: Mountain Giant
      [identity]: deserter of Mountain Giant
      [rank]: Epic
      Occupation: None
      [skill]: born giant lv8, meteorite lv8, earth spike lv8, rock armor lv8
      [strength]: 50
      [Constitution]: 48
      Agile: 44
      Spirit: 42
      Mountain Giant's property panel is undoubtedly extremely luxurious.
      All lv8 level skills, even more exaggerated is that his strength has reached 50 points!
      This is a category that has touched the legendary level.
      It can only be said that it deserves to be a superior race, and its talent is incomparable.
      If the mountain giant and the red dragon hadn't been defeated just now, Su Cheng's followers would have had to pay a price if they hadn't taken them so easily.
      “Unfortunately, Mundon's belief level is still too low. When his belief is stronger, he will be given unlimited evolution.”
      A glimmer of expectation flashed in Su Cheng's eyes.
      An epic mountain giant, even if only promoted to a higher level, means that he will have a second legendary believer.
      “What does this mountain giant deserter mean?Abandoned by race?Or deportation? ”
      Su Cheng feels vaguely.
      The reason why Monton is so easy to surrender himself may have something to do with his identity.
      Seeing the Mountain Giants submit to their gods, the jackals and trolls finally slow down.
      After all, this is what Su Cheng explained at the beginning.
      Without the divine light, dozens of life springs are being washed down by mondun.
      In Gedo's tender eyes.
      Monton's injury recovered at the speed visible to the naked eye, and even his right eye, which had been blinded by Longxi's burning, grew out again.
      “Great jackal and slayer, Monton, thank you for your gift!”
      Su Cheng is noncommittal.
      “Gedo, arrange the rest.”
      “Next live sacrifice ceremony, I want to see the red dragon.”
      “Yes, everything is as my God wishes!”
      Geduo respectfully took orders and looked at the red dragon with ferocious eyes.
      The pupils of Kalis are shrinking
      “No!noYou can't do that!Living sacrifice to the dragon will be hated by the dragon clan forever!The gods of the dragon clan will not let you go! ”
      “Dear jackal and the God of killing, please let me go. Carlis is willing to give all his treasures!”
      you bet.
      In the eyes of the dragon.
      Living sacrifice to the dragon and training the Dragon into a bone are all actions worthy of death. They will be blacklisted by the dragon clan and pursued infinitely.
      The dragon clan is powerful, and there are many gods.
      But Su Cheng doesn't care so much. It's just soldiers coming to block the water and cover the land.
      It's not so easy for him to spit out the fat in his mouth.
      What's more.
      At that time, it's really not sure who will pursue and kill.
      “I'm not interested in scrap metal.”
      Ignoring carlis's roar, Su Cheng instantly takes back his mind.
      Although it's a little bit before 12 hours of the day.
      But there must be some sense of boundary between God and believers, which is more conducive to maintaining their own dignity.
      “There's still one day to go before the mission of oscasso.”
      “Just take advantage of this day time, promote two turn half god.”
      “It's a big surprise for aucasso at that time!”
      Su Chengduan sits in Shenyu, a sneer flashed in his eyes.*
      Chapter 19 promotion two turn half god!War horn![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      —Shenzhi panel—
      [real name]: Su Cheng
      [name of God]: Kristen also
      Jackal and the God of killing
      [clergy]: jackal (0.35%), killing (0.01%)
      Divine system: chaotic divine system
      [divine level]: one turn and half divine (2 / 5)
      [God's gift]: infinite evolution (Master level)
      Divine power: 2
      [power of belief]: 3.16 million
      [believer]: 356 (110 jackals, 236 goblins, 9 frost trolls, 1 Mountain Giant)
      – – believer interface —
      Saint: 1
      Apostles: 2
      Crazy believer 123
      [deep believer]: 120
      [shallow believer]: 30
      Pan Believers: 80
      Looking at his luxurious property panel, Su Cheng couldn't help laughing happily.
      All players think it will be a few days before Su Cheng can be promoted to the second half god.
      But they don't know.
      Su Cheng can be promoted now!
      316The power of ten thousand beliefs is enough to transform three silk power!
      “Refining the power of faith!”
      Su Cheng's heart murmured.
      The huge power of belief began to condense and sublimate into the extremely powerful divine power.
      All of a sudden.
      In the divine realm, the wind and clouds are surging, thunder is flashing, and some plants are crazy to sprout.
      The power of rules is constantly in the air.
      The area of Shenyu is also expanding.
      Wait until Su Cheng opens his eyes again.
      The divine mark in the pupil flashed away. He felt the power in his body several times stronger than before, and sighed heartily:
      “It's a wonderful feeling.”
      Now he is.
      Has been successfully promoted to the second half god!
      even to the extent that.
      With many powerful believers' blessing, Su Cheng even feels that he is no weaker than he was when he was half divine in his previous life.
      “Aucasso is now a five turn half god, head-on combat, I am certainly not his opponent.”
      “But as long as all his followers are slaughtered, his strength will drop sharply, and then he can be attacked.”
      “As long as I can swallow the Jackal clergy and residual divine power of Osaka, my strength will usher in a leap, and many plans can be advanced again!”
      Su Cheng thought slightly and began to think about the hidden task to be completed tomorrow.
      Although the previous life heard about the story of aucasia pitching people.
      But he didn't know the details.
      After all, he did not expect that he would be reborn. How could he remember every plot and strategy so clearly.
      “But it doesn't matter. With the strength of my followers, as long as I'm careful, there's absolutely no problem.”
      “Speaking of it, I now have more than two million dollars of faith every day.”
      “It takes 10 threads of magic power to promote the second half god to the third half god. It only takes less than 5 days for me to be promoted successfully!”
      Think of it here.
      Su Cheng can't help laughing.
      The harvest this time is really great.
      Yu Weng Deli not only captured the mountain giant and red dragon, but also successfully promoted Geduo to the legendary level.
      The speed of development is further soaring!
      “By the way, I almost forgot this!”
      Su Cheng clapped his forehead and took out a golden horn from the storage space.
      It's the war bugle that the first saint before rewarded.
      So much that he almost forgot the reward.
      [war horn]
      Rank: Epic
      Description: the legendary imitation of Warlord's horn has a small part of the effect of war horn.
      1.Blowing the horn in battle can increase the combat effectiveness of followers by 20% (this effect only works for followers below epic level)
      2.Blowing the horn in a battle can increase the morale of followers by 20% (this effect only works for followers below epic level)
      “It's really a treasure of group growth!”
      There was a glimmer of clarity in Su Cheng's eyes.
      This kind of treasure is very powerful.
      Think about it.
      The believers of the two gods are in a fierce battle. If the fighting capacity or morale of the believers of one side suddenly rises by 20%, it will be overwhelming in an instant.
      Although the war horn only works for believers below the epic level.
      But in the early stage, this treasure is undoubtedly a treasure, even better than the general legendary treasure!
      What's more?
      Su Cheng has unlimited evolution!
      [log]: you have used infinite evolution to the war horn!
      [log]: infinite evolution has a 100% probability to trigger, and the war horn is increased by one level!
      “Unfortunately, it's just a step up.”
      [war horn]
      Rank: Legend
      Caption: the legendary replica of Warlord's horn has been greatly enhanced by unknown forces.
      1.Blowing the horn in battle can increase the combat effectiveness of followers by 30% (this effect only works for followers below legendary level)
      2.Blowing the horn in a battle can increase the morale of followers by 30% (this effect only works for followers below the legendary level)
      The clarion call of war has been raised one level.
      Both the growth rate and the limitation of believers' strength have been greatly improved.
      For Su Cheng now.
      The most suitable!
      “Call on the war horn at the critical moment, and cooperate with the Jackal clergy, tut tut.”
      Su Cheng was extremely satisfied.
      Think about that picture.
      As for the future.
      If you can get the legendary warlord horn, it's even better!
      “There is nothing else for the time being. Go to the city of chaos.”
      A beam of light flashed, and Su Cheng disappeared into his own divine realm.
      Now the power of faith is more abundant.
      Su Cheng didn't need to be too thrifty. He took a walk around all kinds of stalls in the chaotic city.
      Zaqizaba also bought some items with strong fighting power, such as armor, weapons or other skill books.
      After Su Cheng's infinite evolution, some ordinary items have become silver, gold and even epic treasures.
      of course.
      Su Cheng doesn't plan to reward all these things to the believers. He only rewards them slowly after they have made contributions.
      In this way, a virtuous circle can be formed.
      Make the believers more religious.
      But it's a pity for Su Cheng.
      This stroll was no longer as good as the lucky six leaf grass, which made him think of Ye ChuChu.
      “Forget it, I don't want to ask her. Anyway, I told her last time that I found the treasure with lucky attribute and told me the first time.”
      Wandering around the city of chaos.
      Time goes by.
      In the twinkling of an eye, it was the second day.
      This time, Su Cheng did not come to the eternal land at the first time.
      But as promised came to the flame tavern.
      Aucasia, waiting for him there.*
      Chapter 20 ideal is beautiful, reality is cruel![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      “Kristen, you're very punctual.”
      Flame tavern, already waiting at the door of aucasia saw Su Cheng coming, showing a heartfelt smile.
      He was a little worried in his heart. Su Cheng was afraid of the difficulty of the task.
      Su Cheng smiles
      “I've been looking forward to the task of Mr. ocassio for a long time. I hope to solve your troubles as soon as possible.”
      Ocaasso nodded with satisfaction.
      Then he said:
      “My believers have found out the situation of underground cave people. Their strength is quite strong. My believers have seen a lot of gold. Can you deal with it?”
      There was a flicker of temptation in his eyes.
      Su Cheng knows in his heart that this is auspico testing the strength of his followers.
      “Of course not!There are many golden jackals among my believers. They will tear everything up
      Su Cheng pretended to be full of confidence, patted his chest and said.
      “As soon as he was born, there was a golden jackal believer. This boy seems to have great potential. No wonder I feel that his jackal theocracy has gone further.”
      “Did this boy have a treasure when he was born?”
      Thinking about this, a strong sense of greed suddenly flashed in ocaasso's eyes.
      “Whatever it is, it will be mine later!”
      With this in mind, he didn't show a cent on his face, but praised:
      “Your talent is unheard of. Maybe the jackal is waiting for a true God like you.”
      “Then we won't delay. You lower your mind and let the believers be ready to send it to the coordinates I gave you.”
      “I'll get ready first.”
      Su Cheng immediately returned to his own divine realm.
      The smile on his face gradually turned cold:
      “Good play, it's about to start!”
      Golbu tribe.
      The believers are still praying.
      Su Cheng's thoughts come down!
      “My believers, prepare your weapons. Jackals are being invaded by crypts. You need to fight to prove that jackals are powerful!”
      “Sallen, you will lead the team this time. Monton will come to support you later.”
      “No matter who it is, it's the enemy who attacks you!”
      “Gedo, zakhov, you stay in the tribe, hide, there are more important things waiting for you!”
      All the believers got excited and began to deploy in an orderly way.
      His own God gives the oracle.
      The battle is about to begin!
      Both jackals and trolls are aggressive in nature. They are never afraid to fight.
      “By my God's word
      Seeing that his followers were ready, Su Cheng communicated with the gods of Osaka.
      All of a sudden.
      The sky above the golbu tribe suddenly opened a terrible crack.
      Aucasia's idea said to Su Cheng:
      “Kristen, let your followers send it quickly. This coordinate channel won't last long!”
      Su Cheng nodded.
      In my heart is a sneer.
      For other blue star players don't know what's going on, but after crawling for so long in his previous life, he can see the intention of Osaka at a glance!
      Record the coordinates of the Sucheng believer tribe.
      When Su Cheng's troops sent to encircle and suppress the so-called underground cave people, they directly attacked Su Cheng's nest.
      The reason is simple.
      One God only wants to go to another God's domain. If he is not invited, he can only send it through the sacrificial hall!
      Aucasia wants to invade the divine realm and kill Su Cheng's real body!
      So as to capture Su Cheng's jackal priesthood and the origin, for their own life!
      “The dream is beautiful, but the reality is cruel.”
      The strength of Su Cheng's followers is far more exaggerated than aucasia imagined!
      He thought that Su Cheng's golden jackals were already most of Su Cheng's followers' strength.
      But it's a pity.
      This is just the tip of the iceberg!
      As the peak of jiuzhuan Banshen in the previous life, it's only half a step away from being able to promote the real God.
      Su Cheng's insight is no less than that of ogaso.
      Just now, while aucasia locked the coordinates of Sucheng tribe, Sucheng also locked the coordinates of aucasia tribe!
      Su Cheng's goal has never been a reward for hidden tasks.
      “Don't blame me for being unkind!”
      He wants to treat people in his own way, and kill the gods in the divine domain of aucasia!
      There is a big difference between the two.
      But in the demigod stage, God and believers are both prosperous and disadvantaged.
      If Su Cheng killed all the followers under the command of aucasia, then the strength of aucasia will definitely drop to an exaggerated level.
      “This time, my strength will usher in a surge!”
      Su Cheng's heart is full of expectation.
      Then the mind turned.
      “Sallen, get ready to teleport!”
      The next moment.
      Headed by the Jackal sacrifice to sarren, supplemented by a dozen golden jackals, and most of the jackals, all disappeared in the same place.
      And the space cracks in the sky gradually dissipate.
      Su Cheng breathed slowly and said with a confident smile to Osaka's mind:
      “Don't worry, Mr. ocassio. Thrall is not a common golden jackal. If you have him, you can't be afraid of the underground cave man.”
      Aucasso praised:
      “I'm very lucky to find such an excellent new spirit. After defeating the underground cave man, I can trust to hand over my jackals to you.”
      But his heart was full of laughter
      “Sure enough, the new gods are easier to cheat, naive and stupid.”
      They complimented each other casually, then dispersed their thoughts.
      Su Cheng, on the other hand, locked his mind on Sallen.
      He wants to see what's going on with the caveman over there.*
      Chapter 21 the faith of Monton is on the rise, the divine war begins![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      The eternal continent is infinitely vast.
      Although Su Cheng's believer tribe and Osaka's believer tribe are still in the same demigod area, the area they need to cross is also quite vast.
      Therefore, we will choose to use the means of transmission directly.
      Macedonian tribes.
      That's the tribe of the orcas.
      Around 300 miles east.
      A flash of light, Salem and many jackal figures will appear here.
      “My God's Oracle, the enemy this time is the underground cave man.”
      Sallen's serious eyes swept over every jackal.
      “If anyone drags his feet, I'll drive him out of the golbu tribe myself!”
      As one of the thousands of jackals, Salem's eyes are very deterrent.
      “Underground cave people will feel the majesty of my God!”
      All the jackals growled in a low voice.
      In fact, there is no need for Sallen to emphasize that everyone's belief in jackals is extremely firm.
      Even if he died, he would not want to disappoint Su Cheng.
      As the God of jackals, coupled with the gift of God, every jackal is the most devout believer.
      Sallen nodded with satisfaction.
      He didn't know what the layout of his gods was, but he knew what he had to do.
      Turn over these underground cave people!
      “Spell detection!”
      “Dark vision!”
      After two spells in succession, a sneer appeared on Sallen's face
      “Come with me, these little mice like to burrow in the ground, so we'll play hide and seek with them.”
      Sallen took the lead and took all the jackals through a dark hole.
      Sometimes it's the addition of dark vision.
      The originally dark tunnel is reflected in the blood thirsty pupil of the Jackal and becomes clear.
      A slightly alarmed squeak sounded from the corner of the tunnel.
      You can see it clearly.
      There was a small shadow with a bent body, who fled to the distance in panic.
      “It's the underground cave man!Follow me
      Sallen gave a grim smile.
      The jackals howled bloodthirsty.
      With the constant use of the holy spring of life during this period of time, the physical quality of jackals is further improved, even in this tunnel, they are extremely flexible.
      Su Cheng looks at the scene and smiles.
      “However, there seems to be a believer mark on the underground cave man just now?”
      “It's really a cunning ocassio. Where there's any underground cave man attacking, it's his followers.”
      “If the average player is really fooled, it's a pity that you met me.”
      A change of mind.
      Su Cheng is a mountain giant who has been waiting for a long time.
      “Monton, go and meet them. I don't want to see any crypt people howling.”
      “As you wish, my Lord!Your will is the direction of killing! ”
      The mountain giant hummed.
      during this period.
      He lived around the golbu tribe and watched the jackals and goblins grow stronger day by day.
      He also accepted the fact that he believed in Su Cheng.
      “Maybe Christon will be a great God under the crown!”
      Su Cheng feels Monton's faith and nods slightly.
      “In a short time, Monton's faith will rise to a higher level, and he will be able to use infinite evolution.”
      He is looking forward to it.
      Then he used his magic power to send Monton to the underground cave man area.
      Macedonian tribes.
      All the believers under the command of auspico are standing in front of the chapel.
      Waiting for the call of their gods.
      478Among them, there are 50 golden jackals and even 3 epic jackals!
      This power is far beyond the average player.
      It's no wonder that so many players have been killed in previous lives.
      But aucasia's face was full of gloom.
      Every time he saw his followers, he would think of his peak.
      “Damn the God of killing, Shrek, you deserve to fall. You can't let people live when you die!”
      He thought of that again.
      In order to promote the true God, he set foot on the relic of the kingdom of God of Shrek, the God of killing, but he was severely damaged by the legacy of Shrek.
      As the God of killing, it's not a good God.
      It was this that led to the tragic appearance of aucasia.
      “When I get back to my origin, I must set foot in your kingdom again. All your remains are mine!”
      Gnashing his teeth in his heart, the idea of ocaasso came to the Macedonian tribe!
      “My faithful believers, on the far side of Macedonian tribe, the gods of jackals are coveting my power. I need you to fight for me and spread my glory!”
      “Fight for my God!Tear the disguise of the gods
      Macedonian jackals roar.
      Ocaasso nodded his head with satisfaction, randomly mobilized his divine power, and a space channel in the void was formed again.
      “Let's go!The holy war begins
      478Famous jackals are on the move.
      This time, aucasso was cruel and wanted to take Su Cheng's nest.
      “Don't blame me for being cruel, Christon.”
      Above the golbu tribe.
      The sky was clear.
      Goblin and a small number of jackals are working and hunting.
      All of a sudden.
      There is a crack in the sky.
      Then a large number of Macedonian jackals came in an instant, and the strong breath swept through everything.
      A lot of goblins looked alarmed.
      A left behind golden jackal howled and roared:
      “This is the place of glory under the crown of the great jackal and the God of killing, Christon. You are not welcome here. Get out of the golbu tribe!”
      Castr, the Macedonian jackal leader, is the most powerful jackal in the three epic stages. His eyes are full of murders
      “The great God of the jackal, o'caso, crown down the Oracle, clear the Jackal
      “Young jackal, your talent is good, submit to Macedonian tribe, believe in the auspicious crown, you will get a new life!”
      “Otherwise, prepare for death!”
      All of a sudden.
      Macedonian jackals have completed the siege of the golbu tribe.
      All the remaining members of the golbu tribe bared their teeth and glared at the Macedonian jackals.
      The situation.
      be triggered at any moment!*
      Chapter 22 sorry to disappoint you![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      “The great christen!Your believers are suffering unprecedented disaster. Please send down your miracles to save your believers
      “Great God!You are the light that covers all things…. ”
      “My Lord!Please send down the Oracle, your believers are not afraid of everything… ”
      In the face of this dilemma.
      Some of Su Cheng's followers began to pray for a miracle.
      Play and do the whole thing.
      These are, of course, already planned.
      Although these believers don't know exactly what they are for, their own gods are everything!
      As these believers pray.
      Su Cheng's idea finally arrived!
      He immediately understood the situation on the field and said to ocaasso in amazement:
      “Mr. ocassio, this is…”
      Ocaasso laughs and tears his disguise completely
      “Thank you very much, Christon, for telling me your coordinates. You are so naive and stupid.”
      “If you don't want all of your followers to fall, let them go.”
      Su Cheng seems to be surprised and angry
      “So there is no invasion of underground cave people at all?”
      “Of course, naive fool, do you think I can still use you poor golden jackals with such a powerful believer?”
      “To tell you the truth, those underground cavemen are also my believers, and they have an epic existence. I'm afraid you jackals won't see the sun tomorrow, ha ha!”
      Maybe my plan is about to succeed.
      Aucasia's words are so many, with a hint of madness.
      “Why are you doing this?”
      “For your ministry and origin, of course, stupid new God!”
      After enjoying a sense of superiority, aucasia gave a ferocious smile
      “Now, let's watch all your believers fall!”
      “Macedonian jackals, tear up the waste in front of you, and let the gods who have been in my power fall down completely!”
      At the command of their own gods, Macedonian jackals howled one after another, jumping around Su Cheng's followers.
      Caster is in the lead.
      His right hand was still high, ready to charge.
      Just then.
      Sudden change!
      There was a sudden earth shaking sound in the distance.
      Su Cheng changed his panic and joked:
      “I'm sorry, o'sacasso. I'm afraid things can't go as you wish. I'm going to let you down.”
      To the east of Macedonian jackals.
      A giant is constantly moving forward, with shocking pressure, came to them in the blink of an eye.
      Mountain Giant!
      Behind the mountain giants, there are jackals like Sallen.
      With the support of Mountain Giants, a wave of meteorites directly destroyed the underground cave people and crushed them to death under the tunnel.
      Giant Mountain Giants deal with shallow creatures like caveman.
      It's like Tianke!
      After killing the underground cave people, Su Cheng immediately sent them over.
      The reason why we talked so much nonsense with aucasia just now is to wait for Monton and Gedo to finish the packing!
      “Mountain Giant!”
      “You have mountain giant believers!”
      “And the jackals, why are they here? Shouldn't they be killed by the crypts?”
      Ocaasso screamed, his face full of disbelief.
      He immediately switched his mind to see the underground cave man.
      However, reality made him cool.
      Underground cave man.
      All dead!
      “Damn, you've already seen it. You're scheming me!”
      Finally, Osaka responded.
      He said to Su Cheng viciously.
      Director Su Chengwei:
      “There's no pie in the sky. I just never believed you.”
      “Well!Even if you have Mountain Giants, my followers are far superior to you in both strength and quantity. You can't escape the fate of falling today! ”
      There was a trace of madness in the eyes of ocassio.
      “Yes?Mountain Giants are not enough. What about them? ”
      Su Cheng joked.
      The voice just dropped.
      The Macedonian jackals appeared one after another in the north and south.
      It's in the north.
      It's the ice troll headed by zakov. Zakov's two heads drool, which makes all Macedonian jackals shiver.
      It's in the south.
      Gedo stood there alone.
      But the power is more exaggerated than the mountain giant and the frost troll.
      Blood golden pupil incomparably indifferent, let all jackal person whole body produce cold.
      The blood pressure made their legs tremble.
      “What the hell is that?”
      “Mountain Giant!”
      “Double headed frost Troll!”
      “King of the jackals of legend!”
      “How could it be?”
      “How can it be!”
      Orcasso is completely dull, just like his followers.
      “How can a new God have so many powerful believers? I don't believe it. They are all fake!”
      “It's all fake!”
      “Yes, it must be his companion treasure!”
      Ocassio is like self hypnosis, thinking of a possibility.
      “Let me tear up his illusion!”
      “All Macedonian jackals, charge me!”
      All of a sudden.
      Aucasso began to mobilize his clergy.
      With the blessing of the Jackal priesthood, all Macedonian jackals finally stopped shaking, but still did not dare to look directly at Gedo.
      “For the great aucasia!Charge
      Macedonian jackal leader Castel clenched his teeth and ordered him to take the lead in rushing to Gedo.
      The source of his fear.
      Su Cheng lived in his own divine realm and watched all this happen.
      He shook his head slightly.
      “It's just a stubborn struggle.”
      The next moment.
      Among the sacrificial halls of the golbu tribe, the passionate and heroic trumpets reverberate in the sky.
      War horn!
      “My believers, it's time to test your strength!”*
      Chapter 23 absolutely crush!Forsaking the believers![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      The bugle of war.
      Increase the fighting power and morale of believers under legend by 30%!
      This moment.
      Su Cheng's followers with high morale are more eager to fight.
      Double headed frost trolls and mountain giants with 30% increase in combat power can be called half step legend!
      Although the number of believers under the command of auspico is more than 100 than that of Su Cheng.
      But the high-end combat power is far inferior.
      Just three epic jackals.
      And Su Cheng's side.
      One legend, two half step legends, plus two epic ice trolls!
      The lineup is incredible.
      “No matter how many golden steps there are, they're just ants.”
      Gerdo looked at caster, who was running towards him, and sneered.
      The majesty of the king of the Jackal was instantly diffused.
      “Bloodthirsty field!”
      Geduo's blood golden pupil suddenly burst out a burst of scarlet light, covering all Macedonian jackals who rushed towards him.
      All of a sudden.
      All Macedonian jackals had a terrified look on their faces, chopping around like they had met something terrible.
      Only the more powerful Macedonian jackals can struggle.
      Castel roared, forced his inner fear, and stretched out his claws to Geduo.
      Castel's right paw was firmly held by Geduo, unable to advance or retreat.
      Gerdo shook his head slowly
      “The God you believe in is not worthy to be the God of jackals.”
      Castel's face was red and he was crazy to pull out his right paw.
      He wanted to defend.
      But at the bottom of my heart, I don't know why, a voice came out again. It seems that the king of jackals, who has never been stronger before, is right.
      “Unfortunately, if it wasn't for your God, my God would be happy to take you in.”
      Gerdo had some regrets.
      As early as before the war, Su Cheng had already issued an oracle.
      No one left!
      This is to minimize the strength of aucasia.
      With a crisp sound, Geduo poked his golden claws into caster's heart.
      “The jackals will go to a new height under the leadership of my God.”
      Gerdo murmured and drew out his claws.
      Caster's body falls to the ground, and a picture emerges in his mind.
      Jackals finally get rid of their inherent inferior race status, under the guidance of that great figure, extremely brilliant!
      Gerdo takes a casual glance at caster's body and takes back his bloodthirsty territory.
      The field is easy to use, but it can't last.
      Without any women's benevolence, Geduo turned into a red shadow and killed among Macedonian jackals.
      Geduo of legend level, no one can stop him!
      And in other directions.
      The killing is also going on.
      The ice troll ate it, and Zachary's head was full of oil.
      Macedonian jackals look at them in horror.
      Even other believers under Su Cheng's command quietly opened the distance between them.
      The troll who eats everything is really frightening!
      And Mountain Giants.
      It's even rougher.
      A random stomp would turn a few jackals into meat cakes.
      From time to time, earth spikes and meteorites from the sky are even more difficult to prevent.
      The giants are the superior race.
      Under the blessing of the bugle of war, the destructive power of Monton is no worse than that of gedolai.
      Even because of its size advantage.
      The destructive power is even more terrifying!
      The situation on the field is clear at a glance.
      Macedonian jackals are losing!
      It's a lot of dead and wounded.
      It will not be long before the situation develops.
      Macedonian jackals will all die in the golbu tribe!
      Osaka finally panicked.
      No matter how crazy he urged his clergy, he could not recover the slightest bit of the situation.
      Su Cheng's followers are too strong.
      “Christon, how about we stop here? You will win my true friendship!”
      Oscasso began to beg for mercy.
      These Macedonian jackals are his last team.
      If this fall, I am afraid there will be no hope of turning over.
      Su Cheng sneered
      “Your friendship?I don't care.When you start calculating me, the result is already doomed. ”
      “No, I used to be a powerful nine turn semi God. I can guide you to avoid many detours. As long as you ask your followers to stop, I can swear to the supreme rule!”
      “Sorry, I don't need it.”
      Su Cheng sneers.
      He himself was also a nine turn semi God in his previous life, and he still needs a nine turn semi God who has fallen to the rank to guide himself?
      What's more?
      How could he see the fat in his mouth slip away like this.
      “Damn it, damn it!You forced me!You forced me
      “Kristen, you remember!From now on, I will try my best to revenge you, so that you can never turn over! ”
      Aucasia looked at Su Cheng oil and salt not into, immediately vicious curse.
      Make up your mind.
      After this time, I'll take out my family and find someone to offer a reward. I must take revenge on Su Cheng!
      His mind suddenly disappeared above the golbu tribe.
      Osaka knows.
      My own followers, it's over.
      Sensing the departure of their gods, all Macedonian jackals seem to have collapsed.
      “God, great God, don't abandon us!”
      “Don't abandon your faithful followers!”
      “We fight for you, how can you abandon us!”
      “Great God…”
      Macedonian jackals howl, and their hearts are shattered by both physical and spiritual blows.
      And Su Cheng is in front of his eyes.
      He never thought that aucasia would abandon his followers before the end of the battle.
      What he thought was.
      Get rid of all the believers under the command of aucasia, and weaken the strength of aucasia to the greatest extent.
      Because unless a God is killed, it is almost impossible for his followers to change their faith.
      But now.
      Orcasso abandoned the Macedonian jackals and made their faith collapse!
      This gives Su Cheng a better way to deal with it.
      Su Cheng's divine thoughts suddenly came, and the divine voice was brilliant
      “Invaders, for the sake of jackals, I, Kristen, the God of jackals and killing, give you a chance to get a new life!”
      “Believe in me and kill the hypocritical wolf God ogasu with me. You will become a member of the golbu tribe.”
      The heartless Macedonian jackal crawls on the ground and sobs.
      After the massacre, there are only more than 50 left, and they are abandoned by the gods they believe in.
      The jackals had already lost all hope and gave up resistance.
      At this time, I heard Su Cheng's voice.
      A glimmer of hope was rekindled, and they seemed to find a new home.
      “Under the crown of the great jackal and the God of killing, the Macedonian jackals are grateful for your kindness. We are willing to believe in you and fight for you. Please protect us!”
      Macedonian jackals are constantly changing their faith.
      It was not until all the remaining Macedonian jackals were completely obedient that Su Cheng's followers stopped killing themselves.
      This is the battle.
      gain a complete victory!
      Su Cheng, on the other hand, looks at the crazy rolling system log with a smile on his face.*
      Chapter 24 great harvest!The legend of Monton promotion![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      [log]: your believer has encountered the underground cave man!
      [log]: led by mountain giant Monton and jackal priest sarren, your followers have successfully defeated the underground caveman!
      [log]: your followers killed 167 underground cave people!
      [log]: your followers have brought crazy killing, and your power to kill has increased by a small margin!
      [log]: your believers' faith is more firm, and you have gained 320000 faith power!
      The first is the battle log of Monton and Salem leading the Jackal to wipe out the underground caveman.
      167A famous underground cave man was killed madly.
      Let Su Cheng's power to kill rise again.
      More Than This.
      It also brought quite a lot of faith harvest and some weapons and treasures.
      of course.
      For Su Cheng now, the treasures below the silver level are not very attractive.
      As a reward to the believers.
      And the play is still behind.
      After all, the home court of this battle is still on the golbu side.
      [log]: your tribe has been invaded by other gods!
      [diary]: your followers are praying to you!
      [log]: under the leadership of Geduo, the king of jackals, zakhov, the double headed frost troll, and Monton, the mountain giant, your followers have successfully defeated the invaders!
      [log]: your followers killed 360 Macedonian jackals!
      [log]: your followers have brought extreme killing, and your power of killing continues to rise!
      [log]: under your divine power, your believers' faith is more firm, and you have gained 800000 faith power!
      [log]: your divine grace has made the remaining 118 Macedonian jackals very grateful, and you have won 118 new believers!
      [diary]: Macedonian jackal believers are very grateful for your kindness. Your faith continues to rise. You have 118 shallow believers!
      [log]: your pan believer Mountain Giant Monton's belief in you continues to rise in the battle and is promoted to a shallow believer!
      [log]: you get
      The system log is still beating.
      The harvest of man Ping makes Su Cheng smile.
      “Horses have no night, grass is not fat, people have no windfall, wealth is not rich, although the risk of war is great, but once won, the harvest is unparalleled.”
      After this war.
      With the essence of life and holy spring, the followers of Sucheng are extremely resilience.
      Only a dozen goblins and a few jackals were killed.
      But the harvest is far more than the loss.
      The first is the power of faith!
      Directly, the power of 1.12 million beliefs was recorded, and the power of killing was further enhanced.
      Then there is the harvest of believers.
      118 new jackals!
      You know.
      These jackals are far more powerful than the golbu jackals before Su Cheng's evolution.
      There are 12 golden jackals!
      This means that after Su Cheng's unlimited evolution talent, there will be at least 12 more followers of the epic level jackal!
      There may even be a new legendary jackal!
      But that's a very small possibility.
      This makes Su Cheng feel sorry. The three jackals in the epic stage killed too fast just now.
      If you stay.
      That's three new legendary jackals!
      But Su Cheng also knows that this is impossible.
      If the Macedonian jackals were not killed to rout the whole army, it would be impossible for him to abandon the believers.
      There would be no such windfall at all.
      so to speak.
      The 118 jackal followers were totally picked up.
      Su Cheng is not greedy.
      But what pleased him most was the belief change of Mountain Giant Monton.
      Although it had long been felt that Monton's faith had reached a limit.
      But when he was promoted to a shallow believer, Su Cheng's heart still couldn't help beating violently.
      The mountain giant!
      How powerful is infinite evolution.
      Absolutely more powerful than the king of jackals!
      Thinking of this, Su Cheng did not hesitate.
      “I'm very satisfied that you've made the first contribution this time, Mundon.”
      The mountain giant knelt down on one knee and looked reverently at the majestic face in the sky.
      “Where the glory of my God shines, Mountain Giants are fearless.”
      “You deserve God's blessing, and I will give you a new life!”
      Su Cheng is very satisfied with Monton's attitude.
      A divine light poured down in a moment.
      [log]: you have used infinite evolution on mountain giant Mundon!
      [log]: infinite evolution will trigger with 100% probability, mountain giant will be promoted to one level and legendary level!
      The mountain giant roared suddenly.
      The huge body rustles.
      Earth elements are constantly converging towards Monton's body.
      Click, click!
      Monton's body is expanding.
      When Monton's body was finally shaped, it had already reached the exaggeration level of 30 meters!
      It's like covering up the sky.
      A pair of muddy yellow pupil is like two huge holes.
      Corresponding to this exaggerated figure, Monton is full of pressure.
      Gerdo's eyes were fixed.
      There was a strong sense of threat from Monton.
      “Sure enough, I'm still far away from this natural superior creature.”
      “But one day, under the glory of my God, I will catch up with them!”
      And the joy on Monton's face could not be concealed.
      It never occurred to him that the God he believed in had such magical means.
      I've just raised myself to a higher level!
      And even the origin of blood is up one level.
      That means.
      He can continue to grow up!
      To the holy land, even to the demigod!
      “It's probably the most right thing I've ever done in my life to believe in the great christen.”
      This moment.
      The level of faith in Monton's heart is infinitely high.
      Thinking of the red dragon Kalis who was imprisoned in the GerB tribe, he felt a strong sense of superiority.
      “Fortunately, I'm not that stupid.”
      “Under the crown of the great Christen, where you will be, is where Monton is
      The solemn oath of Monton.
      Let Su Cheng nod with satisfaction.
      Although it's a pity that Mundon only raised one level, he also knows that it's normal. The higher he goes, the lower the probability of raising two levels and three levels.
      This has something to do with one's own strength.
      [diary]: Thank you for your grace, and the shallow believer Monton is promoted to a crazy believer!
      Su Cheng can't help but open the property panel of Mundon.
      [name]: Monton
      [race]: Mountain Giant
      [identity]: deserter of Mountain Giant
      [rank]: Legend
      Occupation: None
      [skill]: born giant lv10, meteorite lv10, earth spike lv10, rock armor lv10, earth realm lv8
      [strength]: 60
      [Constitution]: 59
      Agility: 55
      Spirit: 53
      PS: seeing that everyone has been talking about the talent of the protagonist and the clergy, I'll explain it alone.
      First of all, infinite evolution means that you can infinitely evolve whatever you own and your dependents. You can't infinitely evolve for the same goal. Otherwise, it's meaningless to increase the 10% probability by two orders and the 1% probability by three orders. It's the end of the book and I don't have much to write.Of course, in the future, the talent of the protagonist will continue to upgrade. Don't worry, I'll make a balance between rationality and coolness.
      Then there is the question of the clergy.The Jackal clergy is just a transition, which is also mentioned in the book. The promotion of race clergy will be weaker, so the protagonist will not choose. The follow-up protagonists will definitely change to killing, death and other clergy. Of course, there are many powerful clergy. Don't worry. There is any favorite clergy comment area left for the protagonist to arrange.I'll take care of it.In order to avoid spoilers, I will not say too much. In a word, we believe that I am.
      Finally, continue to kneel for your support!!!!
      Author part-time every night to write two or three o'clock, the body will not be able to withstand, intend to give you more weekend!*
      Chapter 25 the strength of believers soars!Into the realm of God!You didn't expect that, did you?[kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      It can only be said that it is a superior race.
      Both the four-dimensional attributes and the talent skills are powerful.
      The power of 60 points shows the superiority of Mountain Giants.
      After the promotion of legend, Monton once again surpassed Geduo and became the first fighting force under Su Cheng's command!
      This makes Su Cheng look forward to being locked up in the red dragon Kalis of gerbu tribe.
      “There's about a week left for another living sacrifice.”
      “I hope it will bring me a surprise.”
      The reward of playing with Monton.
      Su Cheng then cast his eyes on the Jackal who had just returned.
      These jackals changed from despair to hope, so as soon as they became obedient, they reached the level of shallow believers.
      No hesitation.
      Su Cheng used infinite evolution to them.
      [log]: you have used infinite evolution on 118 jackal followers!
      [log]: infinite evolution 100% probability trigger 103 times, 10% probability trigger 15 times, you get 15 epic level jackal believers, you get 80 golden level jackal believers, you get 23 silver level jackal believers!
      There was a great light.
      The newly converted jackal has changed greatly in form.
      The fur is stronger, the claws are sharper, and the body is stronger.
      “It's a pity that no golden level jackal can trigger an upgrade of two levels, otherwise there will be several more legendary level jackals.”
      Su Cheng has some regrets.
      But there is no doubt.
      The strength of his followers has soared again!
      Especially after the merger of these two groups of jackals, jackals seem to have become the absolute biggest force under Su Cheng's hand!
      Troll completely lost the qualification to fight with jackal.
      Su Cheng can even feel it.
      Their own jackal clergy is rising!
      “My Lord, your gift to jackals is as deep as the sea and as vast as the sky. Only in this way can you always be the sharpest knife in your hand and clean everything for you!”
      The Jackal knelt gratefully on the ground.
      Kissing the ground.
      He expressed high respect for Su Cheng.
      [log]: your God's bounty makes jackals extremely grateful. The Jackal's faith level has increased greatly. You have 90 crazy believers and 18 deep believers!
      Su Cheng nodded with satisfaction.
      From now on, these jackals have completely become his faithful followers.
      It has nothing to do with half a dime of Osaka.
      Even if Osaka comes again, these jackals will not be able to turn around.
      The degree of faith says it all!
      Who told orcasso to abandon them.
      But now.
      Su Cheng has one more important thing to do.
      That's it.
      Enter the realm of aucasia!
      Plunder all that belongs to aucasia!
      The realm of the gods of aucasia.
      Ogaso is sitting on the cloud throne.
      this moment.
      He's not in good form, or rather bad form.
      Start with the caveman.
      His followers were killed in a frenzy.
      At the beginning, aucasia had not been backfired.
      But when more than half of the believers were killed.
      Antiphagy is already quite obvious.
      His power is declining.
      After the 118 Macedonian jackals changed their faith one after another, this kind of backfire reached its peak!
      Five turn half god!
      Four turn half god!
      Three turn half god!
      “Damn it, damn it, Christen, I hate it!”
      Aucasia is getting older and older.
      The God's power backfire brought by the believer's total loss has moved the God's power source that he had damaged before, making its backfire more serious.
      The original five turn half god.
      He fell down to three turns and a half, even three turns and a half.
      After swallowing several treasures he had accumulated over the years, he managed to stabilize himself.
      During this period of time, he is not going to do it. Once he uses his own divine power, he will have the risk of aggravating backfire.
      “Damn, the hard work of these years has been completely destroyed, and I can never recover to the original state. True God, ha ha, true God…”
      “Damn Christen, you've ruined all my hopes. I won't make you better, I swear!”
      The old face of ocaasso squeezed out a pile of folds, which was extremely venomous.
      Clench your teeth for a moment.
      He stretched out his hand and took out a mysterious key with a strange light.
      He looks very complicated.
      “Anyway, I don't have any hope. I may fall soon. It's no use holding you.”
      “The key to the relic of the kingdom of sirik, the God of the slaughter…”
      “Christon, I already know the coordinates of your tribe. Don't worry, you won't feel better when I die. You will be trapped in endless pursuit until you die!”
      Orcasso roared wildly.
      He made up his mind to offer Su Cheng a reward with the key to the ruins of the kingdom of God.
      He coughed twice and was ready to be transported to chaos.
      But the power has just been mobilized.
      He found something wrong.
      I couldn't go to the city of chaos.
      “How can it be?”
      God can't go to the city of God from his own realm, there is only one possibility.
      That is their own God domain is being invaded!
      Finally, he realized that something was wrong, and he was eager to send his thoughts to his tribe's sacrificial hall.
      I saw the scene that made his eyes want to split.
      I saw that all his followers had become Su Cheng's dependents, and they were killing dozens of them.
      “How can it be?How could Christon know the coordinates on my side? ”
      Aucasso tried hard to endure the pain of backfire.
      And this time.
      Su Cheng's followers completely slaughtered the followers of aucasia and put them into the sacrificial hall!
      Transmission condition reached!
      Su Cheng looks at this scene.
      Turn your mouth.
      Step forward, the next moment is the whirl.
      Su Cheng has stepped from his own realm into the realm of aucasia.
      Look at the unbelievable eyes of okasona.
      Su Cheng walked leisurely and jokingly
      “I guess you want to know why I know the coordinates of your tribe now?”*
      Chapter 26 kill the gods!Broken crystal of killing divinity![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      Looking at Su Cheng walking slowly, ocaasso's eyes are full of shock:
      “How can it be?How do you know my tribal coordinates? ”
      Su Cheng said with a smile:
      “Do you think you made little hands and feet when you opened the coordinate channel? I don't know?That's when I locked in your tribal coordinates. ”
      “You, you are just a two turn half god…”
      But he didn't know that Su Cheng had reached the realm of nine turns and half gods, even closer than his distance from the true God.
      Naturally, Su Cheng knows this little skill.
      “Aucasia, your arrogance and greed make you look down on your opponent.”
      “From the beginning, you were doomed to failure.”
      “Now, prepare for death.”
      Su Cheng said coldly.
      As soon as the words came down, the incomparable power appeared all over the body.
      Su Cheng is more powerful than other players because of his previous understanding of power.
      After all, the national God is not a real game.
      If we really want to digitize the attributes of gods, Su Cheng's data is at least twice that of gods of the same level.
      The fight between gods is more important than three points.
      The first is divine power.
      This has a lot to do with the fact that you are a semi God, but also with your own feelings.
      The second is divinity.
      But in the demigod stage, everyone's so-called magic is basically the foundation, and the power is not too different.
      The third is the clergy.
      Elemental clergy can directly manifest heaven and earth and strengthen their own divinity, while racial clergy can be nurtured by believers of their own race.
      The stronger the believers of exclusive race are, the higher the degree of feedback will be.
      Su Cheng now has a legend, more than ten epics, and sixty or seventy gold followers under his command.
      It's more than enough to increase Su Cheng's strength to sanzhuan Banshen!
      “Don't forget, this is my kingdom!You're just a half god! ”
      Aucasia coughed up blood constantly, and his old face was full of ferocity.
      As a result of the death of the last believer, he suffered from the extreme.
      Originally, he fell to the realm of three turns and half gods, which was even more unstable.
      It's like I'm about to fall to the second half.
      He madly urged his own divine realm, regardless of all costs or even burning the source, to stabilize his realm.
      Ogaso is not willing to fall like this.
      He wants Su Cheng to pay the price!
      Before he dies, he has to pull Su Cheng on his back!
      Regardless of everything, the God domain is stimulated, causing the surrounding space to be broken.
      Su Cheng shook his head indifferently
      “It's just a stubborn struggle.”
      “Without believers, you are just Ping without roots. You can't last long.”
      The huge divine power nurtured by the believers turned into a blade of killing and appeared in the void.
      Since the rebirth.
      Su Cheng was conscious of his killing clergy, although he had not yet transformed his whole body of divine power into killing divine power.
      But it has begun to take effect.
      This blade of killing is the result!
      The void is shaking.
      It is not clear whether it is the result of forcing the divine realm or the destruction caused by the blade of killing.
      The pupil of ocassio is full of shock.
      “Is this really just a new God?I have such a deep understanding of the clergy. ”
      His eyes are full of despair, crazy burning their own source.
      The price is that the face is getting older and the body is crumbling.
      Just like a mortal, the vitality dissipates at the speed visible to the naked eye.
      Su Cheng waved his right hand gently.
      The blade of killing is shining with blood.
      The divine body of ocassio was completely cut into two parts and lost its vitality.
      There is no fluctuation in Su Cheng's eyes.
      If we have to have compassion, then we have no right to live in the endless realm of God.
      But at this point.
      His eyes were full of expectation.
      Only in the place where aucasia fell, a piece of crystal clear light is constantly flashing, exuding an attractive atmosphere.
      This is the reward of the supreme rule.
      Blue Star gods or newborn gods unique reward!
      It is also because of this.
      Let Bluestar players always take it for granted that this is an epoch-making online game.
      Su Cheng is one of them.
      Now, of course.
      He doesn't think it's the equipment that comes out after killing the boss, although the two are very similar indeed.
      Just looking at the harvest.
      The surrounding divine realm suddenly gives out an invisible roar, which is about to collapse and be melted by the void.
      As soon as Su Cheng's face changed, he immediately went back to his own divine realm before the collapse of aucasia's divine realm.
      After returning to the realm of God.
      Su Chengcai breathed a sigh of relief.
      It would be miserable to be involved in the chaos and void.
      Demigods are not qualified to survive in the chaos of the void, and those void monsters will be happy to have a snack.
      “Congratulations on the player's successful killing of Osaka, the demigod. As the first player to kill the demigod in the whole service, he is specially rewarded with the power of 5 million belief and the shattering killing divine crystal of the holy domain treasure. The whole service announcement will be made soon. Will the player choose anonymity?”
      Su Cheng was stunned, then ecstatic!
      “It's amazing that he rewarded the crystal of killing divinity!This time, it's really a success
      He selectively ignores the fragmentation in front of him. For him with infinite evolution, this is a crystal of killing divinity!*
      Chapter 27 the shock of players!The power of killing has increased greatly![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      [full service announcement: congratulations to player Su Cheng for becoming the first player to kill gods in the full service. We specially reward player Su Cheng for his 5 million belief power and the smashed killing divinity crystal of holy domain level treasures as encouragement. I hope you will make persistent efforts to create your own glory in the endless holy domain!】
      This time the players were in a collective uproar.
      Compared with the previous two full-service announcements, the shock this time is more intense.
      If the first two times there may be luck in it.
      So this time.
      It's definitely real strength!
      “I'd like to call big brother Su Cheng the strongest!”
      “My God, how can this be done? I heard that God only exists invincible in his own divine realm. Unless he is much stronger than him, he can be killed. How can he be regarded as the second turn semi God now?”
      “It's too strong. Are we playing the same game?”
      “My guess is that elder brother Su Cheng accidentally found the coordinates of a god tribe. If he killed all the believers in the tribe, it's really possible.”
      “Hiss!Kill all the believers, that's too cruel
      “Don't forget, Mr. Su Cheng has a saint under his hand. The prerequisite for becoming a saint is not only the level of belief, but also the level of strength, at least the legendary level!”
      “Grass, you don't say I forget this stubble!”
      All in all.
      The repercussions of Su Cheng's killing of Osaka shocked everyone.
      Far more exaggerated than the first two.
      This is still under the premise that the full-service announcement does not show the strength of aucasia.
      If players know that Su Cheng killed a wuzhuan Banshen this time, I'm afraid they will be shocked and speechless.
      But even so.
      Su Cheng is also known as the first player of the national God!
      Make a crowd of high play extremely depressed.
      And this time.
      The gods of the whole nation only serve for the fourth day!
      Su Cheng naturally doesn't know the reaction of the players.
      Even if you know, you will not be satisfied.
      This life.
      His progress is far ahead of all the players, even he didn't expect to be so fast.
      He is confident enough to achieve the true God before everyone else.
      No one will be able to threaten him then.
      Su Cheng at this time.
      Is hot eyes staring at their hands bright red crystal.
      [broken crystal of killing divinity]
      Rank: Holy Land
      Caption: the divine crystal condensed by a true God of killing has lost most of its power after a long time.
      Effect: increases the killing clergy power of the demigod by 0.05%
      It's a very simple effect.
      But it makes Su Cheng's breath very short.
      You know.
      He has been busy for such a long time, only to increase his right to kill to 0.01%.
      And now.
      As long as you use this divine crystal, his power will be directly increased by 5 times!
      What's more?
      He has infinite evolution!
      No hesitation.
      [log]: you have used infinite evolution on the broken killing divine crystal!
      [log]: infinite evolution will trigger with 100% probability. The broken killing divine crystal will be upgraded by one level to become a complete killing divine crystal!
      [complete crystal of killing divinity]
      Rank: demigod
      Description: the divine crystal condensed by a true killing God, after being strengthened by unknown forces, is restored to a complete state again.
      Effect: increases the killing clergy power of demigod by 0.2%!
      Complete killing divine crystal effect directly increased by 4 times!
      in other words.
      After using this divine crystal, Su Cheng can increase his power of killing by 20 times!
      If you let your followers do the killing.
      How many people have to be killed.
      Su Cheng was filled with emotion. It was an unexpected surprise.
      There was no hesitation.
      He chose to use this complete crystal of killing divinity.
      All of a sudden.
      The divinity crystallized into endless scarlet light and penetrated into Su Cheng's mind, while the power of killing the clergy rose greatly.
      Finally, it stays at 0.21%!
      You know.
      To promote the true God, you need not only the divine power to reach nine turns and a half gods, but also the minimum power of the clergy to reach 1%!
      Now, Su Cheng is not too far away from this goal.
      “The biggest regret of the previous life is that I haven't been able to improve my right to kill. I didn't expect this life to be so smooth.”
      Past life.
      This is also the reason why Su Cheng has not been promoted to Zhenshen.
      “Plus the remains of the kingdom of Shrek, the God of slaughter, who will soon be born.”
      “This time, I will definitely be able to increase the power of killing to 1% or even more before the nine turn half god!”
      Su Cheng clenched his fist.
      His eyes were full of burning light, and even the surrounding void was shaking under the fluctuation of divine power.
      You can imagine the excitement in his heart.
      He took a deep breath and adjusted his mood.
      It's just an appetizer.
      The treasure left by aucasia is the main dish!
      “The first one to kill God must have a little bonus.”
      Su Cheng is looking forward to it.
      Suspend the object that just killed Osaka in the void.
      A bright pure divine power!
      An illusory clergy!
      A key with evil light!
      A scroll with mysterious atmosphere!
      Su Cheng grinned.
      What a bumper harvest!*
      Chapter 28 promotion four turn half god!The key to the ruins of the kingdom of God![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      First of all, the bright pure divine power!
      It's a group.
      In fact, it's just divine power entangled together, and it doesn't form a liquid mass.
      If it does form a liquid mass.
      Then Su Cheng is really fat!
      Because a drop of magic power is about 100 silk, a ball of words there are at least dozens of drops.
      “A total of 30 silk magic power, not bad!”
      Su Cheng counted and nodded with satisfaction.
      If it is the peak period of the nine turn semi God, it is impossible for aucasia to burst out such a little magic power.
      But Osaka was attacked one after another.
      Su Cheng is very satisfied with 30 silk.
      Plus the 5 million belief power awarded by the system and the more than 2 million accumulated by myself.
      Su Cheng seems to be able to transform 37 silk power.
      This means that he can be promoted directly from the second half god to the fourth half god!
      Take off directly!
      A big step towards the true God.
      without demur.
      Su Cheng began to transform the divine power.
      The surging and incomparable pure divine power turned into a bright light and was absorbed into Su Cheng's body.
      I can see that the surrounding God domain is expanding towards the chaos and void.
      The breath of vitality is further sublimated.
      For the gods.
      Apart from the fact that the clergy is a god of life, the divine realm will have a strong vitality.
      Other gods.
      Only when the divine realm is completely transformed into the kingdom of God can it accommodate life, or even evolve life.
      Su Cheng is ahead of all the players on this road.
      After absorbing the divine power, Su Cheng once again began his clergy.
      [the order of the Jackal]
      Rank: Special
      Caption: the priesthood of the nine turn half god okaso
      Effect: after merging, you can increase the power of jackal clergy by 0.5% (only for players who already have jackal clergy)
      “It's a pity that infinite evolution can't be used on the clergy.”
      Su Cheng has some regrets in his heart.
      As early as the first day of infinite evolution, he tried to evolve his own, but it was a pity that he didn't succeed.
      Su Cheng speculated that it might have something to do with the fact that the priesthood did not belong to the category of treasures.
      It's also possible that there are some limitations to infinite evolution.
      In a previous life.
      He had heard that someone had been lucky enough to evolve his divine gift to a new level.
      “If my infinite evolution talent can evolve further…”
      Think of it.
      Su Cheng's heart can't help jumping.
      What a terrible thing that should be!
      He secretly put these things in his heart and raised the priority to the first place.
      Once you know the news.
      We must do whatever we can to get it!
      After all, infinite evolution is what makes him so powerful today.
      It's useless to think more. Su Cheng simply integrates the Jackal priesthood into his body.
      The power of the Jackal clergy is rising, and it seems to have reached 1%!
      That means.
      Su Cheng only needs to constantly accumulate divine power, and then he can be promoted to the true God by virtue of the Jackal clergy!
      of course.
      1% is only the minimum requirement for promotion. Of course, the higher the power, the better.
      After the promotion, the strength will be stronger.
      However, Su Cheng did not plan to promote himself to the true God as a jackal for the time being.
      For him, this promotion is really God, the stronger the better!
      “The priesthood is a good thing.”
      Su Cheng can't help feeling.
      It's a pity that demigod players can't break the clergy by killing each other. Only by killing other gods can they break the clergy.
      Otherwise, Su Cheng would not be a woman.
      There are many people who have offended him in previous lives, but now they are busy with development and have no time to find trouble with them.
      Take it back.
      Su Cheng then cast his eyes on the third item, a key!
      The key that radiates evil light!
      After reading the properties.
      Su Cheng's eyes suddenly burst into bursts of surprise light.
      “It is
      “The key to the kingdom of Shrek, the God of slaughter!”
      “According to the information from previous lives, Shrek, the God of killing, is not weak even among the true gods. There must be many treasures in his kingdom relics.”
      “What's more, maybe we can get more killing deities there!”
      Su Cheng thought a lot.
      [key to the ruins of the kingdom of God (Shrek, the God of killing)]
      Rank: Special
      Caption: when Shrek, the God of killing, falls, the kingdom of God falls into the eternal continent. On his deathbed, he is one of the 15 keys to the infinite realm and the eternal continent
      Effect: with the key, you can enter the relic of the kingdom of Shrek, the God of killing (all 15 keys can be activated only after they are born)
      In a previous life.
      Because Su Chengjin's game is a month late.
      I've long missed the great event of the ruins of the kingdom of Shrek, the God of the slaughter.
      I just heard later.
      If you have the key to the relic, you can directly enter the relic of the kingdom of God.
      If you don't have a key, you need to go through many difficulties to get in.
      It is said that a large number of Blue Star Gods only hurt their believers here, leading to a lag in development.
      When Su Cheng enters.
      The relic of the kingdom of God of Shrek has been developed and turned into a regular copy.
      Good things have long been seized by pioneers.
      It has been a great pity for him.
      After all, this relic and his power to kill fit perfectly.
      I didn't expect this life.
      He got the key to the ruins early, which made Su Cheng unhappy.
      When he put away the key properly, Su Chengchang breathed out with a smile on his face
      “Now, we'll wait for other keys to come out. According to the time of previous lives, I believe it won't be long.”
      “This time my strength is far ahead of other players, there will definitely be a big harvest!”
      Almost none of the first three harvests is useless.
      This makes Su Cheng look forward to the last harvest.
      It's a mysterious magic scroll.
      [void jump]!*
      Chapter 29 one star magic void leap!Prepare for the red dragon![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      [void jump]
      Rank: semi God level magic
      Effect: the power of space can be used to shuttle in the divine realm
      “Sure enough!It's a rare magic in space
      Although it's only a demigod level magic.
      But there is no doubt.
      Void jumping is extremely powerful.
      We should know that in the divine domain, especially in the divine domain of other gods, the invading gods can't shuttle through space at all.
      No exaggeration.
      If Su Cheng had learned how to jump in the void just now, he didn't need to wait for aucasia to bite back.
      With the power of the blade.
      You can kill aucasso by surprise!
      Then you can get more divine power.
      “This magic is definitely not owned by aucasia. It should be a gift from the supreme rule.”
      Su Cheng's heart flashed enlightenment.
      Among the gods of the whole nation, killing powerful creatures will indeed explode some items.
      But these things will not appear out of thin air, they will only be what the creatures have.
      If aucasso can jump in the void, Su Cheng is likely to fail this time, or even be in danger.
      This kind of space magic is absolutely an extra reward for Su Cheng as the first God to kill.
      “Demigod level magic is so powerful, if it goes further!”
      Su Cheng's eyes are full of fire.
      “Use infinite evolution!”
      [log]: you have used infinite evolution to the void jump of demigod level magic!
      [log]: infinite evolution has a 100% probability to trigger. The demigod level magic is increased by one level, and you get a star magic void transition!
      “Sure enough, infinite evolution can elevate things to a higher level than myself!”
      See the message of log refresh.
      Su Cheng's heart was finally released.
      Originally, he was worried that because he was a demigod, he could not upgrade the demigod level items to a higher level.
      After all, all previous items have been upgraded to the demigod level.
      But when the void jump successfully turned into a star magic void jump, the joy on his face could no longer be hidden.
      It's a magic trick!
      Generally speaking, the demigods can never touch the magic!
      If you take it to the market and trade with the true God, the power of faith you get is absolutely huge!
      In all the people.
      The treasure or magic above the true God is divided into one star to twelve stars.
      One of the six stars corresponds to the true God!
      Seven to twelve stars correspond to the LORD God!
      Although it is only the lowest level of one star magic, it is also extremely powerful for demigods.
      [void transition]
      Rank: one star magic
      Effect: you can use the power of space to jump in the surface of God and chaos void
      “After the evolution, the void transition can make space blink on the surface of chaos void!”
      Su Cheng was shocked.
      He didn't expect evolution to have such a powerful effect.
      He even felt that the void transition should not be just one star magic. It's not too much to be listed as two stars or even three stars!
      To know the chaos and void, that is the place where the demigod can never exist.
      Only the true God can spy one or two.
      With the void transition, even the demigod can survive in the chaos void for a period of time.
      This means that Su Cheng has a card to protect his life.
      He was extremely satisfied with the void transition.
      In a word.
      This harvest is really rich, no!
      And now.
      Su Cheng's panel has also undergone earth shaking changes.
      —Shenzhi panel—
      [real name]: Su Cheng
      [name of God]: Kristen also
      Jackal and the God of killing
      [clergy]: jackals (1%), killing (0.21%)
      Divine system: chaotic divine system
      Spirit level: four turns and half spirit (7 / 40)
      [God's gift]: infinite evolution (Master level)
      Magic: void transition
      Divine power: 42
      [power of belief]: 340000
      [believer]: 450 (220 jackals, 220 goblins, 9 frost trolls, 1 Mountain Giant)
      – – believer interface —
      Saint: 1
      Apostles: 2
      Crazy believer 250
      [deep believer]: 120
      [shallow believer]: 77
      Pan believer: 0
      Looking at his luxurious property panel, Su Cheng is very happy.
      This holy war.
      He not only changed himself directly from a two turn semi God to a four turn semi God, but also greatly promoted the power of the two great clergy.
      Not to mention also learn a powerful space class one star magic!
      And the believers.
      The number has increased to 450!
      Just the passive prayer of every believer can provide him with more than 370000 faith power!
      “In this way, in a few days, I'll be promoted to the top five again!”
      “This speed, tut tut.”
      Su Cheng was filled with emotion.
      A war saved me at least a month!
      It's a pity that this kind of good thing won't happen often.
      Other gods will not be so stupid, trade rashly exposed their own coordinates.
      Su Cheng didn't let up.
      It's easier in the early stage of demigod.
      But the higher the level of demigod, the more divine power is needed.
      Eight turn half god promoted to nine turn half god.
      We need 640 silk magic power!
      That's the power of 640 million beliefs!
      Not to mention the promotion from jiuzhuan demigod to true God, the power of belief is huge!
      Even if it is based on Su Cheng's current believers, they all feel numb.
      But the power of God's faith comes not only from the prayer of believers, but also from more ways in the future.
      Otherwise, the players will be desperate.
      “It's not unreasonable that the whole blue star in the previous life was so real. However, it has something to do with the blue star players who have been trapped several times.”
      I think about some things in my previous life.
      Su Cheng can't help but feel cold in his eyes.
      This time.
      He's not going to let the other gods succeed.
      On the other hand, Su Cheng has to pit them.
      Based on what he is now.
      It's not only the players who are ahead of the blue star, but also the new gods of different time and space.
      “We have a long way to go, and we have to continue to work hard.”
      Su Cheng is in a good mood.
      They sent all the believers back to the golbu tribe.
      “It seems that it's not long before the next memorial day.”
      Su Cheng's eyes brightened.
      Start looking forward to the next living sacrifice.
      He didn't forget.
      A red dragon is still in captivity in his own tribe!
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      Chapter 30 the legendary red dragon carlis!Divine creatures reappear![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      “The great God of jackals!You are the eternal direction of the Jackal. Your brilliance guides the Jackal forward. The jackal is willing to give his most devout faith
      “Great God of killing!You are the embodiment of killing, your existence makes everything pale
      “Great master!Please listen to your humble believers, who are willing to give everything for you
      “Great God!Your believers pray to you… ”
      “Please accept the humble wishes of your believers.”
      time lapse.
      In the blink of an eye, it was seven days later.
      Ten days have passed since the last Memorial Day. Today, we can live again!
      In the last seven days.
      Su Cheng quietly digested his soaring strength, and his followers also developed rapidly step by step.
      In just seven days, Su Cheng soared again, close to 3 million faith power!
      At this time, the distance from the promotion of five turn half God has been close at hand.
      More Than This.
      Just a few days ago.
      Su Cheng's followers once again conquered a group of grey dwarves, and from then on, a new group of Su Cheng's followers emerged.
      With the grey dwarfs.
      The weapons and armor of believers have been greatly improved, and their combat effectiveness has been increased once again.
      Su Cheng lives high in the realm of God.
      Looking at the praying voice of the believers in the eternal continent, he nodded with satisfaction.
      Due to the growing power of Su Cheng's clergy and the ethnic preference of his followers.
      These believers also have different names for Su Cheng.
      For example, jackals prefer to call Su Cheng the God of jackals, while trolls and gray dwarfs prefer to call Su Cheng the God of killing.
      As for the mountain giant Monton, he prefers to call him the great master.
      But Su Cheng's attention is not here.
      But on the red dragon, the target of believers' living sacrifice!
      At this time, the red dragon carlis.
      Still retain their own consciousness, the original broken wings have been restored to life's holy spring essence, with strong dragon body looks very extraordinary.
      But at this time, his face did not have a trace of arrogance.
      It's full of fear.
      “No!No, no!Under the crown of the great Christian!I will submit to you and believe in you
      “Please don't let them sacrifice me alive!”
      “Christon's crown!!”
      Carlis roared wildly, and the fear in his eyes grew stronger and stronger.
      You should know that the living sacrifice is to change a creature's thought abruptly, and whether the creature after the living sacrifice is the original one still wants to say.
      Although it retains the original memory, it is a new creature.
      “It turned out to be a soft bone. I thought it was hard.”
      Su Cheng shook his head slowly.
      During this period of time, red dragon carlis has been threatening his followers, even threatening himself to let him go. Unexpectedly, on this day, he has become so soft.
      Let Su Cheng have some speechless.
      However, Su Cheng couldn't let him go. He had to break the living sacrifice, which was a great blow to his believers' faith.
      “Who told you you didn't know interest before?”
      With the scream of red dragon carlis.
      From the ferocious dragon horn began to burn, until the dragon tail, finally burned out.
      Then the ashes of the fire recombine in the air.
      In the blink of an eye.
      It's like the red dragon again.
      It's just obvious.
      The look in the eyes of the new red dragon Kalis is completely different from before. His piety to Su Cheng seems to be inborn!
      It's more terrifying than any brainwashing in the world.
      This is because it is a belief completely engraved in the spiritual origin, which is equivalent to changing the biological thought from the root.
      [log]: in the past 10 days, your followers prayed daily, and you gained 3.86 million faith power!
      [log]: your believers are holding a sacrifice ceremony, and you have gained 300000 faith power!
      [diary]: your believers sacrificed a red dragon to you!
      [log]: you have won a red dragon CALIS!
      At the moment when the ceremony was successful, the system log was also rolling wildly.
      “Sure enough, as soon as the living sacrifice started, he became a crazy believer.”
      Su Cheng smiles.
      The living sacrifice can be regarded as the supreme rule's preferential treatment to the Blue Star Gods.
      The Blue Star Gods only need 10 days to live to sacrifice once and get a strong believer.
      Other gods of time and space.
      The conditions are much harsher.
      “The great master of killing!Your will to kill makes carlis willing to give everything, and your immortality makes carlis worship
      Red dragon roars up to the sky, his eyes are full of respect, and solemnly vows to Su Cheng.
      The ferocious dragon's horns and claws almost pierced the sky and looked extraordinary.
      Su Cheng is looking forward to opening the property panel of red dragon carlis.
      The red dragon in the epic stage is better than the mountain giant.
      This is in Su's expectation.
      Last time, if it wasn't for his own profit, it was very likely that red dragon would be the winner.
      After all, red dragon is the most powerful branch of the evil five color dragon!
      Su Cheng did not hesitate.
      “Use infinite evolution.”
      [log]: you have used infinite evolution to red dragon Kalis!
      [log]: infinite evolution will trigger with 100% probability, and red dragon Kalis will be promoted to one level and legend level!
      [diary]: your crazy believer, red dragon Callis, is grateful for your God's grace. Your faith has been greatly improved and your apostle has been promoted!
      The red dragon roars wildly, and its terrible power covers the top of golbu tribe.
      I saw the divine light in it.
      Kalis's dragon body began to grow savagely.
      The dragon's horns are more ferocious, its claws are sharper, and its huge wings block out the sun!
      The shining and tough dragon scales show the strength of the red dragon.
      After the evolution of the red dragon, it galloped around happily.
      Then he fell to the ground respectfully, folded his wings and prayed respectfully to Su Cheng like a bird
      “Great master, thank you for giving the red dragon a new life!”
      Su Cheng smiles.
      Can't wait to open carlis's property panel.
      [name]: carlis
      [race]: Red Dragon
      [identity]: young dragon
      [rank]: Legend
      Occupation: None
      [skill]: Hot dragon breath lv11, dragon language magic lv10, strong fitness lv10, defensive instinct lv10, red dragon Lv9
      [strength]: 60
      [Constitution]: 60
      [agility]: 60
      Spirit: 58
      Appreciating carlis's terror attribute, Su Cheng can't help laughing.
      You are the red dragon!
      It's so strong!
      Four dimensional attributes, three of which have broken through the 60 level!
      Plus a variety of powerful talent skills.
      Su Cheng even suspected that carlis was enough to fight against the weaker creatures of the holy land.
      At this time, he could not help but be glad.
      At that time, carlis was not directly killed, but chose to stay until now for living sacrifice.
      Otherwise, I would have missed such a powerful believer.
      “My Lord, your followers have something important to tell you
      Su Chengzheng ponders.
      Suddenly I heard his Saint Gedo praying respectfully to himself.
      “You said
      Su Cheng in the void into a dignified face, light way.
      “My Lord, the divine creature you told the jackals to pay attention to has finally reappeared
      Su Cheng was stunned, and then he was completely inspired!
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      Chapter 31 Sophia the holy Unicorn!The wind chaser tribe![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      “Divine creatures!It's finally coming back! ”
      Su Cheng still remembers.
      At that time, the holy spring of life, a demigod level treasure, was just placed in the golbu tribe. On the second day, Geduo reported to himself that he had found a trace of a divine creature.
      At that time, he also speculated that it was probably a sacred unicorn, and issued an oracle to search the surrounding tribes.
      It's just that it's been a long time.
      The eternal continent lasted for more than three months.
      That divine creature didn't appear again, which made Su Cheng almost think that this creature was just passing by occasionally.
      There are still some regrets in my heart.
      I didn't expect to turn around, this is the divine creature finally appeared again!
      “My Lord, this time Geduo can see clearly, that is a unicorn.”
      Gerdo continued respectfully.
      “However, the strength of this Unicorn seems to be much stronger than last time. It should also be a legendary realm.”
      “I didn't disturb her this time. She secretly drank some life spring water and went away, but I quietly left a mark on her body, asking my Lord to send down the Oracle!”
      After his promotion to legend, his strength and cunning have been greatly improved.
      Su Cheng quietly praised Geduo's wit.
      “You have done well, my saint.”
      “Unicorns often don't appear alone. They will accompany the elf tribe, Geduo, and give you a task.”
      “Follow your mark to find out the enemy's strength distribution in the fog. Don't act without authorization.”
      “Yes, my God!”
      Gedo's face is full of fanaticism, which shows the saints' faith incisively and vividly.
      After he took the order.
      Then he went out of the tribe.
      The holy Unicorn has the talent of extreme speed. It's easy for ordinary believers to be found when they go there. Su Cheng doesn't worry about it, so that this piece of fat will not slip away.
      What's more, it was the mark planted by Geduo himself, which was naturally the most suitable one for him to go.
      Looking at GE's figure, Su Cheng's dignified voice continued to ring:
      “Kalis, zackov, sarren, stand by and support Gedo!”
      “Don't be careless, Mundon, you stay with the tribe!”
      Su Chengjing has one.
      He had already been concerned.
      When Gedo finds traces of the unicorn and ELF tribes, he can tear open the space cracks and send his followers.
      of course.
      This is not something every God can do.
      It is the result of Su Cheng's understanding of the void transition of one star magic during this period of time.
      The morale of all believers is high!
      “Yes, my God!”
      Su Cheng's eyes are so far away that he has no sense of guilt as an aggressor.
      God's way.
      A man's success is the end of all his bones.
      A soft heart is not the Supreme Master.
      Since we have chosen this road, we must have the consciousness of killing others or being killed by others at any time.
      “Holy Unicorn… Elf tribe…”
      The area where Sucheng tribe is located is actually a huge mountain range called Yinyue mountain range.
      The silver moon mountains are crisscross with numerous branches.
      Countless biological tribes, ethnic relics, or believers of gods are intertwined.
      There are so many powerful creatures hidden.
      Therefore, even Su Cheng did not dare to let his followers wantonly expand outwards. If he awakened any powerful existence, the whole army would be destroyed, and that would be the end.
      Although this probability is very small, but also have to prevent.
      At this point.
      More than 2000 miles east of the golbu tribe.
      The wind chaser tribe.
      Here is a dense and extremely lush forest, more vibrant than other places, filled with a special atmosphere.
      All of a sudden.
      A pure white figure stays in front of an ancient tree.
      It's the holy Unicorn!
      The unicorn's four hooves are blazing with white light, and a spiral unicorn is engraved with complicated and mysterious patterns. It looks very beautiful.
      But more impressive.
      Unicorn's eyes are pure, clean and holy.
      The unicorn just made a stop.
      There was a stir above the ancient tree, and two fairy maidens with bows and arrows jumped down with a slight jump. They were full of excitement
      “Sister Sophia, you're back!”
      The unicorn, that is Sophia, turned into a beautiful and holy girl with a flash of silver body.
      With a smile in her mouth, she was very gentle
      “Little flora, little Anna, it's your two patrolling today. You should refuel well.”
      “By the way, have you found any trace of those demons around the tribe recently?”
      Two fairy girls show their fist
      “Those demons didn't dare to come when Sophia's sister showed her power last time!”
      Sophia just smiles gently and goes deep into the tribe.
      The truth is that she knows better than the two little guys in front of her.
      Last time, I tried my best to beat back those demons. Next time, I won't be so lucky.
      “Fortunately, I was lucky to find a holy spring of life, otherwise I really don't know what to do now.”
      “It's a pity that the holy spring of life has its own owner. The Jackal and the God of killing don't sound like a good God…”
      “We can't go any more. If we find out again, the wind chaser tribe will be finished.”
      “The current wind chaser tribe can't stand the encirclement and suppression of the two gods.”
      “If only sister Angela were still there…”
      Think of it.
      Sofia's eyes flashed a little gloom.
      The two fairy maidens looked at Sophia's bleak back, looked at each other, and spat out a little:
      “Sister Sophia must be thinking of Angela again.”
      “What a kind and kind God Angela is crowned with. It's a pity…”
      They sigh at each other, then hide in the ancient trees again, monitoring the movement around.
      Just where they didn't find it.
      A blood red figure has slipped in quietly.
      After all, they are just two young elves in the silver level, which is three steps away from the king of jackals in the legendary level.
      There's no way they can find Gedo.
      Geduo's blood golden pupils thought:
      “Sophia the holy unicorn?An Unknown God, Angela
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      Chapter 32 once a fairy goddess!Accept the possibility of being a believer![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      Gedo didn't stay much.
      They carefully drilled into the dense forest.
      Without knowing the specific strength of the enemy, the king of jackals is still cautious enough.
      At least the holy unicorn is not inferior to himself.
      I plan to find out the situation before praying to my God.
      And Su Cheng.
      I have seen all this in the divine realm for a long time.
      After all, he was very interested in divine creatures.
      “It's a sacred unicorn, and it should be quite extraordinary.”
      At the moment of seeing Sophia turn into a human figure, Su Cheng's eyes flashed a glimmer of brilliance.
      You know.
      Basically, non-human creatures can only be transformed into human beings at least by the holy land level, including the dragon.
      And like Sophia, the legendary stage can be transformed into human form.
      There is only one explanation.
      That is, she is also a highly gifted existence in divine beings.
      But beyond that.
      Sophia's unique pure and clean temperament still impressed Su Cheng.
      There are many beautiful men and women in Shenzhi, but the unique temperament is rare.
      Su Cheng's brows gradually wrinkled.
      Sophia's appearance just now was too short for him to fully feel it.
      But now I feel the two fairy girls.
      The feeling gradually became clear.
      A vestige of faith!
      “What's the matter?Is this tribe of unicorns and elves a believer in other gods
      “But I don't feel the breath of other gods.”
      Su Cheng's face is full of doubts.
      There seems to be some contradiction.
      Only after the belief in God, there will be a brand of faith, but the traces of faith brand on the elf girl are so light.
      If it wasn't for Su Cheng's sensitivity, he wouldn't even be aware of it.
      “Have the gods they believe in fallen?”
      Combined with the dialogue between unicorn and fairy girl just now, Su Cheng vaguely understood something.
      “It's not right. Once the gods fall, the believers will either choose to be buried with them or turn into free creatures, instead of leaving the mark of faith like them.”
      Su Cheng's eyes brightened, and his breathing began to be a little short.
      “Is it… That kind of situation?”
      In a previous life.
      He once heard that when God was in danger of falling, he could choose to use a special treasure to seal himself and sleep to avoid danger.
      But this kind of seal sleeps the price to be quite big.
      After the seal, although a life was saved, the divine realm of the God would be directly broken, fell from the endless divine realm to the eternal continent, and fell into deep sleep.
      And after waking up.
      God will lose his qualification for promotion.
      let me put it another way.
      Even if he has saved his life, he will only be a powerful demigod and true God from now on. He can no longer recruit believers to develop great power, but can only rely on his own cultivation.
      For most gods.
      Even the fall will not choose this way.
      Su Cheng's heart flashed with curiosity.
      The unknown probability is why the God of the Elven priesthood chose such a result.
      But for him.
      What's more important is that.
      In front of the dense forest, there is a once God sleeping!
      You know.
      A God with a clergy can't believe in other gods. At most, he can become a subordinate God.
      This is a golden opportunity for Su Cheng!
      “If you can accept her as a believer!Hiss
      Su Cheng thinks it's exciting.
      That's the real take-off!
      If a former God, even a demigod, can be accepted as a believer.
      At this stage, it is absolutely invincible!
      Think of it.
      Su Cheng immediately came to communicate with Geduo
      “Gedo, keep up with the unicorn and see where she's going.”
      Because it was too far away from the golbu tribe, he could only use Geduo to come to the gods and exert his divine power.
      “My God, your will is above all else!”
      Gerdo had some doubts.
      But he did not hesitate to carry out Su Cheng's order.
      He was going to spy on the strength distribution of the wind chaser tribe. Hearing Su Cheng's words, he immediately stopped and chased Sophia.
      Sophia went all the way to the center of the tribe.
      “Sister Sophia!”
      “Elder Sophia!”
      The elves call Sophia miscellaneous, but without exception, they are extremely respectful to her.
      It can be seen that Sophia has a great reputation in the wind chaser tribe.
      It's supposed to be a guardian.
      Sophia cordially greets the elves around, and then slowly steps into the sacrificial hall.
      Gerdo looked at the scene.
      I'm a little anxious.
      The distribution of elves here is too dense. If he continues to follow up, he will be found.
      “My God, it's easy to expose my position if I go further. Do I need to go further?”
      Geduo began to ask Su Cheng.
      “No, that's enough.”
      Su Cheng's mind quietly expands to the surrounding area, taking a panoramic view of everything.
      In the sacrificial hall.
      Su Cheng saw it clearly.
      The mysterious and complicated magic array is wrapped with colorful crystal coffin.
      And in the crystal coffin, the quiet and beautiful fairy girl is lying in it.
      It was once the fairy goddess, Angela!*
      Chapter 33 the devil is coming!Copy your nest![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      This is Su Cheng's first impression of Angela.
      The gentle and clean smile on the corner of the mouth is enough to make people intoxicated.
      Even in deep sleep.
      The fairy goddess is still able to make life out of full favor.
      “It turned out to be a God made by the elves. No wonder…”
      If Su Cheng has some understanding in his heart.
      In the endless realm of God.
      There are not many ways to become a God.
      The first is that players like blue star are directly selected by the supreme rule and become new gods in a unique way.
      But this kind of way can be met but not sought.
      And there are some unclear reasons.
      The second is that the descendants of powerful gods will directly become gods.
      But this can not be achieved by any God's offspring. At least it must be the achievement of the true God, even the ordinary true God.
      The third is that creatures in the eternal continent or other planes practice by themselves and step into the endless realm of gods by chance.
      As for whether there are other ways.
      Su Cheng is not sure.
      In front of Angela, the third kind depends on the situation.
      Combined with the occasional murmurs of Sophia and other elves, Su Cheng vaguely knows the reason why Angela fell asleep.
      Most of them choose to sacrifice themselves in order to protect their followers.
      “It's a silly God. I don't know how she made it.”
      Su Cheng shakes his head.
      There are all kinds of strange things in the world, and there are countless gods in the endless realm.
      Some gods do treat believers as their own children.
      “But it's not a small price to wake her up.”
      Otherwise, Sophia and the elf tribe would have awakened the goddess long ago. Su Cheng would not be naive to think that he could wake her up casually.
      “In this way, it is best not to directly choose violent invasion, or it is likely to cause a rebound.”
      Among all the gods.
      It's not so easy to accept believers.
      On the one hand, the power of God is strong enough, and on the other hand, the nature of biology and God is more consistent.
      Before Su Cheng was able to easily accept trolls and Mountain Giants.
      That's why.
      Trolls do not exclude him as the God of jackals and the God of killing.
      But the elves are different.
      Apart from the fallen elves, most of them are creatures yearning for beauty and peace.
      It's almost impossible to believe in a god of killing.
      Except under special circumstances.
      It was before I came here.
      What Su Cheng thinks is.
      Direct violence to subdue the holy unicorn and ELF tribes, if the unicorn does not want to surrender.
      Then wait until the next living sacrifice to sacrifice her directly.
      And as much as the elves are willing to submit, that's how much.
      But now.
      The temptation of a demigod believer was so great that Su Cheng even changed his mind.
      He plans to postpone his work and look for a better opportunity.
      Let unicorns and elves believe in themselves willingly.
      Because according to the news just now.
      The wind chaser tribe seems to be targeted by a demon God!
      Su Cheng is thinking.
      Sophia lies low on the crystal coffin and looks at Angela's sleeping quietly.
      “Don't worry, sister Angela, I'll find a way to wake you up.”
      “Some time ago, I have found the trace of the holy spring of life. As long as I find the Holy tree of life again, you will wake up.”
      “You are a kind and kind God, and you should not suffer such a disaster.”
      Sophia is talking softly.
      As the guardian of the wind chaser tribe, she can't show her fragile side in front of those elves.
      In front of the crystal coffin, she was most relaxed.
      I don't know how long it's been.
      All of a sudden.
      Outside the sacrificial hall came the voices of the elves in panic.
      “Elder Sophia!No, the demons are coming again
      Sophia looked surprised.
      He turned into a white light and appeared in front of the spirit.
      “Where are they?How many demons have come? ”
      “Anna, they found out first. 50 miles away from the tribe, the first demons are building the transmission altar!”
      “Damn it
      Sophia's silver teeth bite.
      If the transmission altar is completed, then a large number of demons will be transmitted.
      She is the only legend of the wind chaser tribe, and there are only a few epics left. It is impossible to resist so many demons.
      “Damn bastard, this demon God Scala can't help it at last.”
      “I have to destroy the transmission altar!”
      Sophia was extremely anxious, and the speed of unicorn was shown incisively and vividly.
      In an instant, he rushed out of the wind chaser tribe.
      The elves followed.
      Geduo's eyes lit up when he saw all this.
      “Good chance!”
      He stealthily conceals his figure and touches it in the sacrificial hall.
      He has just received an Oracle from his own God.
      In the sacrificial hall lies a God who once lived.
      And his task is to occupy the sacrificial hall!
      Waiting for the reinforcements of your tribe!
      Su Cheng's idea is simple.
      He directly copied the old nest of the wind chaser tribe, controlled everything in his own hands, and then threatened Sophia and the elves to surrender himself with Angela.
      From all the signs.
      Angela, the fairy goddess, is definitely a weakness of Sophia and others.
      The possibility of this method is very high!
      “It's a good time for this demon God to appear. He gave me a big gift.”
      Su Cheng is smiling.
      In my heart, I gave a big praise to the devil God I had never met.
      If you let Scala, the demon God, know that what she was trying to capture, she would get ahead and spit blood.
      He made a wedding dress for nothing.
      Geduo continued to move forward, and the elves who stayed on patrol were extremely vigilant. They staggered outside the sacrificial hall and never let go of any suspicious movements.
      After all, in the sacrificial hall.
      Sleeping is the crown of their most respected Angela.
      “Who is it?”
      One of the elves cheered coldly. The bow and arrow in his hand were raised instantly, and the arrow formed by the force of a strong wind aimed at the dark place in the dense forest.
      Geduo's tall body walked out slowly, his blood golden pupils with a hint of ferocity, grinning:
      “King of the jackals, Gedo!”*
      Chapter 34 balonit!Stolen home?[kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      “Evil race, you are not welcome here. Leave the territory of the wind chaser immediately!”
      The leader of the elf team gave a cold drink.
      All the elves react, and the arrows formed by the force of the wind are too many.
      But the spirit captain's heart couldn't stop sinking.
      He just broke the epic stage.
      But the sense of oppression brought by the king of jackals was no less than that of elder Sophia.
      The jackal in front of us is legendary!
      “Damn it, how could a strong man of legendary level touch it secretly? Is he a new believer of demon God?”
      I think so.
      He began to move quietly in his hands, ready to call Sophia for help.
      “Friendly tips, it's better to stop your small actions, otherwise I can't guarantee the life of your companion.”
      Gerdo pulled out a ferocious smile from the corner of his mouth.
      In a moment, he appeared behind the leader of the spirit, making his hair stand on end.
      Whew, whew!!
      There is the sound of breaking the air, the wind arrows in the hands of the elves are flying towards Geduo.
      A little scarlet flashed in gerdo's eyes.
      All the flying arrows stopped in mid air, then shot back at a faster speed.
      Not controlled by the elves, the wind and arrows mercilessly pierced their bodies.
      The elves screamed and looked at the terrible invader with indignation.
      Captain spirit wants to fight.
      However, he was pinched by Geduo and hung in the air without any resistance.
      Captain spirit just broke through the epic.
      Where is more than the legendary peak.
      It's as weak as a baby.
      Although the blood of elves is stronger than that of jackals, Geduo is no longer a jackal.
      What's more?
      No matter how strong your blood is, you have to grow up.
      “Be quiet, elves, or I'll show you cruelty.”
      There was a trace of bloodlust in gerdo's eyes.
      If it wasn't for their own gods, they would have died just now.
      Make sure these elves don't have any more resistance.
      Geduo strides into the sacrificial hall in the despairing eyes of the elves.
      “Gedo, stay here for 10 minutes, carlis. They'll come to support you in a minute.”
      Su Cheng's dignified voice echoed in Geduo's mind.
      Let his indifferent face become respectful.
      “The will of my God is above all else!”
      Su Cheng nodded with satisfaction.
      Things went very well, which made him very happy.
      The reason why Geduo is allowed to hold for 10 minutes is to connect the coordinate channel and transmit his followers.
      no way out.
      The eternal continent is too ruthless in suppressing the power of the gods.
      This is still under the premise that Su Cheng mastered the magic of one star, the void transition, to achieve this.
      For other gods, the believers would have to come on foot.
      Or even worse, like the demon God Scala, it can only deliver a very small number of believers.
      Let the believers build the transmission altar and then send the believers.
      East side of the wind chaser tribe.
      A small group of demons are rushing to build the transmission altar.
      “Asshole!Hurry up, the Elves will come to the end
      “My Lord is watching us. Who dares to be lazy? I'll kill him!”
      “For the glory of my Lord!”
      “Damn fool, faster!”
      The big devil at the head swears and looks anxious.
      The great demons who were chosen as pioneers by their gods a few times ago didn't come to a good end. They were all killed by the damned unicorn.
      He doesn't want to die like this.
      “Soon, soon, when the construction is finished, Lord baluoyan can send it. It's a unicorn, so there's no way to be arrogant.”
      “This time my Lord has given me a way to hide. Those elves should not find it.”
      However, things will not be what he wants.
      The altar was almost finished.
      A blazing white light sped by the horizon.
      Sophia's here!
      First she breathed a sigh of relief, then her pretty face was full of anger.
      “Dirty demons, get ready for the Holy Baptism!”
      Then the white light flashed into Unicorn form.
      The sacred flame of the unicorn's four hooves soared and turned into a sea of fire, enveloping the demons.
      How disgusted Sophia was that demons harassed her again and again.
      As soon as they came up, they directly used their own tricks.
      Holy flame!
      The unicorn of the light attribute can restrain the demons, not to mention the sacred flame with purification effect, which is the disaster of demons.
      When the sacred flame is stained with the devil, it burns wildly.
      In an instant, those little demons were burned to ashes.
      The only big devil struggled a little for a moment, but still could not escape the fate of being burned to death.
      Just then.
      On the transmission altar, which is about to be completed.
      A demon's arm, burning with a terrible flame, came out, followed by the other arm, and then the head.
      No less than the legendary demon of the sacred Unicorn!
      Baluoyan devil will struggle out of the transmission altar as soon as he supports his hands.
      But how could Sophia make him do it.
      Unicorn's sacred unicorn, mysterious and complex patterns on the flashing light of the sacred.
      The light became more and more intense, and finally connected into a white thunder!
      Thunder of purification!
      The white thunder column blasted on the transmission platform, which instantly exploded into countless pieces.
      And balonit was also affected.
      The root of the ferocious devil's horn appeared terrible bloodstains, and was almost cut off directly.
      Balonit roars wildly.
      Trying to struggle to get out before the transmission altar is completely destroyed.
      But the holy thunder kept pounding.
      Baluoyan devil's head and arms constantly shrink, can only roar angrily.
      “Unicorn!Don't be proud!The great demon God will come here again to wash the wind chaser tribe with blood
      “You wait!The great demon God has found a new way
      “Unicorn!You wait! ”
      Sophia looked at the disappearing balonit and breathed a breath.
      “Fortunately, we arrived in time this time, otherwise it would be really bad for baluoyanmo to send us.”
      “Damned Scala, shameless, not only made Angela fall into sleep, but also wanted to covet her body. I will never let you succeed!”
      Sophia's face was full of hate.
      On an expedition.
      Scala calculated Angela and got her tribal coordinates.
      Finally, with the believer army forced Angela to sacrifice himself into a deep sleep.
      Angela fell from the endless realm to the eternal land.
      Sophia immediately moved the tribe with sleeping Angela and the elves, but the demon God Scala did not know where to get the coordinates after the migration.
      That's why there have been a series of demonic invasions recently.
      Listening to the final roar of balonit, Sophia's face was a little ugly.
      “A new way?Does Scala have a new way of transmitting? ”
      “If so…”
      Sophia made up her mind.
      “Even death, the spirit will not submit to the devil!”
      She glanced at the elves behind her and said softly:
      “Let's go back.”
      Just then.
      In the direction of the wind chaser's tribe, countless magic flames burst into the sky.
      But the look of Sophia and the elves suddenly changed.
      Because that's the only distress signal of the wind chaser tribe!
      “Damn it!We've been cheated!Scala has another group of believers
      “This is just bait?”
      Sophia was very angry and her eyes were cold
      “Despicable Scala!If Angela has something to do, I will never die with you! ”
      She leads the way.
      It turned into a blazing white flame and swept away in the direction of the wind chaser tribe.*
      Chapter 35 voluntary living sacrifice?Sophia's choice![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      The wind chaser tribe.
      In the middle of the tribe, outside the chapel.
      Circle after circle of Elves were tied, hands sitting together, look resentful.
      In the middle is the torch!
      And around them.
      One after another, the jackals, with their sharp axes, were watching them.
      Just now.
      Su Cheng links the coordinate channel through Geduo and sends his followers wave by wave.
      Then, all the elves left behind by the wind chaser tribe were arrested.
      Only some of the outer elves escaped and sent out a magic fire warning.
      But at this time.
      It's all settled.
      Instead, Su Cheng is happy to see the magic flame used to ask for help.
      “Beautiful fireworks, unicorn. I'm looking forward to your choice.”
      Su Cheng muttered to himself.
      In Su Cheng's silent waiting, the unicorn Sofia finally arrived!
      “The jackal, not the devil?”
      Sophia's eyes were heavy.
      The elves who escaped by chance reported to her that the invaders were jackals and some trolls.
      She had a sudden look:
      “Is it…”
      “Jackals and believers of the God of slaughter?”
      “How can it be that the wind chaser tribe is so far away from there, and I can travel quietly with my speed. How did these jackals get here…”
      “Too bad…”
      By this time.
      Sophia didn't know where she was. She revealed her whereabouts.
      The other side came prepared!
      With a heavy heart, she led the elves to the direction of the sacrificial hall.
      “Jackals, the wind chaser tribe has never provoked you. Why step into the wind chaser's territory and invade the wind chaser's home?”
      Sophia's voice slowly passed, the beautiful figure appeared in front of many jackals.
      The noble and pure temperament makes the jackals who are famous for their cruelty a little stunned.
      The captured elves are excited:
      “Sister Sophia, leave us alone!”
      “Elder Sophia, save Angela now
      Geduo pushed away the jackal in front of him. His tall body was like a haze in the hearts of the elves.
      He grinned
      “Unicorn, your memory is really forgetful. You went to our golbu tribe twice to steal the holy spring of life. Do you want me to remind you when it is?”
      Sophia's face flashed a trace of shame and annoyance. It's really not a glorious act to steal someone's tribal treasure.
      He would not have done this if he had not been desperate to recover from his injury.
      But now that Angela is in their hands, she doesn't dare to offend the jackal in front of her.
      “Dear king of jackals, if you come here for the holy spring of life, Sophia would like to extend her most sincere apology and compensate you ten times.”
      She bowed slightly and apologized sincerely.
      Sophia was acutely aware that the jackals did not seem to have killed any of the elves.
      This makes her happy at the same time, the heart is heavy.
      Because it only says one thing.
      What these jackals want!
      “Is… The god they believe in…”
      Sure enough.
      Geduo said with a deep smile
      “Lady unicorn, I'd like to accept your apology, but it's a pity that the great jackal and the God of killing, Christon, has been crowned with an oracle. The wind chaser tribe needs to give up its faith!”
      “It's impossible!”
      Sophia turned pale with surprise.
      Around the elves also collective uproar.
      “I can never believe in a god of killing!”
      “I'd rather die!”
      Su Cheng, who is in the realm of God, can't help turning his lips when he sees this scene
      “Sure enough.”
      It was in his expectation.
      If the believers are so easy to accept, then the former blue star players will not have only a little God.
      Gerdo's face was angry
      “You dare to blaspheme the crown of the great christen and seek death!”
      Sophia said quickly:
      “The king of jackals, we have no such intention. It's just our nature that we can't give our faith. Besides, we have our own God…”
      “A God who has fallen from the endless realm?”
      With a strong dignified words reverberate in the top of the wind chaser tribe.
      Su Cheng's idea came in an instant.
      Originally, the clear sky was already covered with dark clouds, and the thunder continued to flicker!
      And Su Cheng's dignified face is coldly watching the unicorn below.
      I saw my own God come.
      All the believers chanted enthusiastically:
      “The great christen is crowned!”
      But the unicorn Sophia's heart is even more stormy, the sudden arrival of the God to bring the pressure even more terrible than the devil's God.
      On her face, she was extremely respectful
      “Sophia has no intention of offending you, but Angela is the spiritual pillar of the Voyager tribe. Please forgive that the Voyager tribe can't trust you. The Voyager tribe is willing to pay the price of your satisfaction!”
      “Including you?”
      “Including me!”
      “Well, if you voluntarily accept the living sacrifice of the GerB tribe, I will let the wind chaser tribe live.”
      Voluntary living sacrifice is different from passive living sacrifice.
      This is also a way for believers to convert to other gods.
      The higher the degree of pain, the higher the degree of belief after living sacrifice.
      The passive living sacrifice is generally a crazy believer.
      But voluntary living sacrifice, at least an apostle, may even be a saint!
      Su Cheng is curious about Sophia's choice.*
      Chapter 36 special hidden mission!Destroy the demon God![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      “No!Sister Sophia!You can't promise! ”
      “Elder Sophia!”
      The Elves were in a collective uproar and spoke to Sophia.
      They would rather die than Sophia sacrifice themselves like this.
      A huge roar interrupted the noise of the elves.
      I saw a frightening shadow above the wind chaser tribe flashing.
      Exaggerated wings and ferocious claws all show the identity of the comer.
      Red Dragon carlis!
      “And a legendary red dragon!”
      The elves covered their ears in pain.
      And Sophia, this is a heart completely sink to the bottom.
      If Geduo, the king of the jackal, still has some assurance, then with a legendary red dragon, she can't have any chance of winning.
      Sophia's face was full of bitterness, and then said firmly:
      “Dear Christen, as long as you let go of the Voyager tribe, I am willing to sacrifice myself alive.”
      That's what I said.
      Some young elves can't help crying.
      Su Cheng was a little surprised.
      There's something new about this Unicorn girl.
      He didn't expect that Sophia would really choose to live for himself.
      It takes a lot of courage.
      More importantly.
      This requires a spirit of self sacrifice, which is not possessed by his followers at present.
      This makes Su Cheng look forward to accepting Sophia.
      He knows.
      Once the unicorn in front of us succumbs, it will never betray itself, and the degree of belief is absolutely high.
      Su Cheng's goal is not just a Sophia.
      Children make choices, adults want them all!
      Whether it's Sophia the unicorn, or the elf, or Angela the sleeping elf goddess.
      He won't let go of any of them!
      Su Cheng's light laughter echoed in Sophia's ear:
      “Unicorn, your courage and dedication have won my respect. Now, I give you a new choice.”
      Sophia's expression was bitter. She only had time to bow to show her respect. She heard Su Cheng continue to say:
      “I can help you wake up the sleeping goddess.”
      In the sacrificial hall.
      The colorful crystal coffin rises in the air, bursts out and stays in front of everyone.
      Fairy goddess Angela's peerless appearance makes everyone marvel, even if it is sleeping, that kind of unique quiet temperament is full of natural affinity.
      Even the ferocious jackals are restrained from themselves.
      “Sister Angela!”
      Sophia whispered.
      “To awaken her, we need the joint action of the vitality of the holy spring of life and the Holy tree of life, and I, who own the spring of life, also know the whereabouts of the Holy tree of life.”
      Sophia got excited.
      She's been looking for ways to wake Angela up.
      Hear Su Cheng's words.
      Sophia didn't have the slightest doubt, because it was exactly what she thought.
      She also believed that the Jackal and the God of killing would not deceive herself, and that the arrogant God would not lie to a lower creature.
      For the gods.
      Any creature that is not a God is a lower creature, even a dragon.
      I don't know why, she always felt that the God in front of her was not as rude and unreasonable as she thought before.
      Sophia takes a deep breath
      “Dear crown, as long as you are willing to wake up Angela, I am willing to believe in you with the wind chaser tribe!”
      She didn't wait for Su Cheng to ask.
      He took the initiative to say it.
      Angela is everything to her and to the Voyager tribe.
      As long as they can wake Angela up, they are willing to give everything, even their own faith and life.
      After all, after Angela's fall from the infinite.
      It's no longer possible to bring faith back to God.
      This choice is undoubtedly the best result.
      Su Cheng was very pleased with Sophia's success.
      “It will take some time for the tree of life that I know to be born. Wait patiently. When I get the tree of life, I will wake up Angela at the first time.”
      Naturally, Su Cheng is not cheating Sophia.
      He does know where the tree of life is.
      In a previous life.
      He knew that Bluestar had a half elf and a forest goddess who had once obtained the tree of life.
      “It seems to be Lin Meng?”
      “I'll have to pay more attention in the future.”
      This time, Su Cheng was completely absorbed.
      As long as he gets the tree of life, it means that he will have one more demigod!
      The earlier you get it, the more powerful the demigod will be!
      As for whether Angela is willing to believe in herself after she wakes up, it is beyond Su Cheng's consideration.
      If you don't want to believe, live sacrifice is.
      What's more.
      Su Cheng believes that with the feelings of these people.
      Sophia and the vogue tribe believe in themselves, where can Angela go.
      Sooner or later, it's in your own bowl.
      At this time.
      Sophia is already swearing to the supreme rule.
      “I, holy unicorn, Sophia, swear by the supreme rule.As long as the great jackal and the God of killing christen is willing to awaken Angela, I will always believe in him and be loyal to him forever
      “I, the spirit of the wind…”
      this moment.
      All the wind elves in the wind chaser tribe don't have the feeling of resentment before.
      After hearing that Su Cheng could wake Angela, all the Elves were very happy.
      Without hesitation, he followed Sophia to swear to the supreme rule.
      Su Cheng looks at this scene.
      I can't help but wonder what magic this once fairy goddess Angela has. Even after sleeping, she can be so loved by these former believers.
      [log]: Holy Unicorn Sophia vows to the supreme rule that you will get a pan believer holy Unicorn!
      [log]: the wind elves of the wind chaser tribe swear to the supreme rule that you have won 134 pan believer wind elves!
      “Ding Dong!Congratulations on triggering a special hidden mission: wake up Angela, the sleeping fairy goddess
      “Ding Dong!The belief of sacred unicorn and wind spirit has been detected, which is very special for players. Congratulations on triggering a special hidden task: destroy Scala
      Su Cheng, who is checking the system log, is stunned.
      “Two special hidden tasks triggered?”*
      Chapter 37 it's Sophia's honor to be the mount under the crown![kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      [special hidden task: wake up Angela, the sleeping fairy goddess]
      Caption: Angela, the former fairy goddess, was in great danger. She fell from the endless realm of God and fell into deep sleep. She needed to find the holy spring and tree of life to wake her up.
      Reward: Angela's faith level + 2
      [special hidden mission: destroy the demon God Scala]
      Caption: Scala, the demon God, is covetous of Angela, the sleeping fairy goddess, and the wind chaser tribe. To defeat the demon God, there will be unexpected gains.
      Reward: Holy Unicorn Sophia becomes a saint, and the wind spirit of the wind chaser tribe becomes a crazy believer
      After reading the description of two special hidden tasks, Su Cheng takes a breath.
      without doubt.
      The two special hidden tasks are specially issued by the supreme rule sensing the obsession of the sacred unicorn and the wind spirits of the wind chaser tribe.
      When the blue star has not yet integrated into the endless realm of God.
      The supreme rule is very favorable to the new demigods of blue star.
      The specific performance is to accelerate the strength growth of blue star demigod in the form of games.
      For example, killing boss, exploding equipment, triggering hidden missions, various copies and so on.
      In fact, they are all gifts of the supreme rule.
      No hesitation.
      Su Cheng accepted both tasks.
      There is no reason to push out such a good thing.
      What's more, he had planned to fight against Scala, the demon God. This task is just pushing the boat along the river.
      How can the silent development of Shenzhan grow faster.
      What should be knocked still needs to be knocked.
      Su Cheng knows very well.
      The reason why the supreme rule will issue the task is naturally because of the obsession in Sophia and the wind elves.
      in other words.
      This is Sophia's test of Su Cheng.
      Although she believed that Su Cheng would not go back, she had to consider the future of Angela and the wind chaser tribe.
      However, she also attached enough sincere chips.
      Become a saint yourself!
      And the wind elves become crazy believers!
      It is equivalent to giving Su Cheng all his future.
      This is a game.
      According to Sophia, that's it.
      If you can turn over the devil, then I completely believe that you can wake up Angela and believe in you from now on.
      If not.
      Then Sophia and the wind elves are forced to believe in the surface of power at most.
      Just now.
      Su Cheng has tried that he can't use infinite evolution on Sophia and the wind elves.
      This means that although they have become their own pan believers, there is still some resistance in their hearts, so the mission statement only says that their faith is special.
      Therefore, the advantages of this task far outweigh the disadvantages for Su Cheng.
      Finish the task.
      That will harvest a large number of powerful fanatics and a legendary saint.
      And it doesn't use the power of infinite evolution.
      After using infinite evolution.
      Su Cheng will even have the first believer in holy realm!
      Its strength will usher in a blowout!
      Although he knew that it was good for him, Su Cheng was not happy at all.
      Su Cheng hums coldly, and the thunder keeps rolling, as if he wants to bring down the divine punishment.
      This made Sophia look frightened, and quickly lowered her head to admit her mistake
      “Please forgive me. Sophia didn't mean to challenge her majesty, but
      Before he finished, he was interrupted by Su Cheng.
      “As punishment, I will punish you as my mount for ten thousand years.”
      After becoming a saint, you can be brought in and out of the endless realm of God and the city of God by God.
      It's very popular to use Unicorn as a mount. Besides, it's such a beautiful unicorn girl.
      As for how to ride besides being a mount.
      It depends on Su Cheng's mood.
      Sophia didn't know what was on her mind. Her face turned red and she whispered:
      “It's Sofia's honor to be the next mount in the crown.”
      When he told his followers to clean up the mess, Su Cheng took back his mind.
      The 12 hours of the day are almost over.
      He had to think about how to finish the task of exterminating the demon God.
      In the realm of God.
      Su Cheng began to look at the attribute panel of the sacred unicorn.
      [name]: Sophia
      [race]: Holy Unicorn
      [identity]: Unicorn * Divinity
      [rank]: Legend
      Occupation: None
      [skill]: holy flame lv11, purifying thunder lv11, galloping lv10, healing aura lv10, holy realm lv10
      Strength: 56 (58)
      [Constitution]: 55 (58)
      Agility: 59 (61)
      Spirit: 59 (61)
      without doubt.
      Sophia's property panel is extremely luxurious.
      You know, not every unicorn is a divine creature.
      Only the Unicorn with extremely powerful talent and inherited the ancestral divine blood can be regarded as a divine creature.
      “It turns out that Sophia's injury has not yet healed.”
      Su Cheng looked at the number in brackets.
      This level is even better than the red dragon Kalis, which is absolutely comparable to the weaker existence of the holy land.
      “It seems that Sophia's blood is very strong. This time, I have found a treasure.”
      Su Cheng is very happy.
      Among all the gods.
      Believers are basically blood creatures. If you work hard to fight and cultivate blood power, you can reach the upper limit of your own blood.
      For example, the saint Gedo of Su Cheng.
      At the time of his arrival, as the leader of the jackal, his upper limit of blood was the golden level, and his strength at that time was the bronze level.
      It means that he only needs to fight step by step, and then constantly awaken his blood power.
      You can reach the golden level smoothly.
      As for going up.
      If you want to break through the golden level, you need a strong talent and continuous mining of blood power.
      So here we have to mention the power of Su Cheng's infinite evolution of God's talent.
      Infinite evolution is not only to enhance the current strength of believers, but also to raise the blood limit of believers directly!
      It's like Gedo.
      At that time, he triggered the 1% probability of infinite evolution and promoted it to the third level.
      This means that not only his strength has been promoted from bronze to epic, but also his upper limit of blood has been raised from golden level to holy land level!
      This is the real abnormality of infinite evolution.
      Otherwise, Su Cheng's talent will not be worthy of the name of dominating talent.
      Now Geduo, because he had taken shenxuemai fruit before, the upper limit of Xuemai was raised again.
      To the point of demigod.
      It means that as long as he keeps fighting and tries to awaken his blood power, he can reach the realm of demigod.
      It's just that the training and time needed during this period will not be less.
      As for the future, more opportunities are needed.
      And Sophia.
      According to Su Cheng's perception, the upper limit of her blood directly reached the demigod.
      If we use infinite evolution on her, Sophia's future achievements can even reach the true God!
      True God!
      Think awesome!
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      Chapter 38 Su Cheng wants to be a Yin man!Hidden transmission altar![1. Kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      “The most urgent task is to finish the task of exterminating Scala as soon as possible.”
      “If Sophia becomes a saint, I can use infinite evolution for her.”
      “Soon, my strength will be soaring again!”
      “Although the wind elves are just ordinary elves, which can't compare with those upper elves, after my infinite evolution and promotion, it should be no problem to raise the upper limit of blood to epic.”
      “The best of them can even reach the legend, even the Holy Land!”
      Su Cheng's eyes twinkled.
      I began to think about how to solve the devil God Scala.
      “According to the information given by Sophia, Scala knows the coordinate position of the wind chaser tribe, and has repeatedly wanted to build a transmission altar to invade.”
      “Although the balonit demon failed to invade just now, there must be another invasion soon.”
      Su Cheng's mouth turned and he was joking.
      “Scala would never have thought that I was the first to win the race.”
      “In this way, they can even take the initiative to build a transmission altar next time.”
      “Kill a balonit demon first, and weaken the strength of scala's followers.”
      “And then –”
      “Lock the coordinates of the demon tribe by teleporting the altar.”
      “Kill again!”
      Su Cheng thought for a moment, then thought of an excellent way.
      It's just an information gap.
      Before the demon God Scala knows that the wind chaser tribe has been taken in by himself, give him a hard blow!
      “Now, wait for the demons to invade again.”
      “Give them a big surprise then.”
      Su Cheng can't wait to see the demons' eyes.
      “Besides, I'm about to be promoted.”
      “According to Sophia, Scala is at most this realm.”
      “There is a good chance of winning this battle.”
      “You can fight!”
      In the realm of God.
      Everything is accompanied by the ups and downs of Su Cheng's thoughts. He is the master in the divine realm.
      Time goes back.
      Demon tribe.
      A roar of anger reverberated over the tribe, spilling pieces of blood.
      Baluoyan devil covers his demon's horn and roars in pain:
      “Damn Unicorn!I will catch you and let you wail in hell for ten thousand years
      The transmission altar was destroyed just now.
      He also suffered a lot.
      “The plan failed again, lasso. You are such a fool!”
      The nightmare Knight next to him held his chest in his hands and said sarcastically.
      “GERT, do you want to die?”
      Baluoyan devil yells angrily, and the burning flames all over his body soar again, as if trying to devour the nightmare knight.
      As two legendary believers of the demon God Scala.
      The two are always against each other.
      “Well, you'd better think about how to explain to my Lord.”
      Nightmare Knight's eyes are very dark, which makes Baluo's body stagnate.
      Just then.
      Above the demon tribe is shrouded by divine power, and a pair of terrible eyes open in the void.
      SCARA, the demon God!
      “Lasso, you failed again.”
      Baluoyan's body trembles:
      “My Lord, the unicorn is so cunning that she destroyed the transmission altar before it was finished.”
      “Please punish me.”
      Scala was in a bad mood.
      “Angela, that bitch, would rather sleep and fall into eternity than let me kill and absorb the divine power.”
      “Now it's not easy for me to find them. No matter how much I pay, I will conquer them!”
      “The divine power of a holy unicorn, plus the divine power of a once demigod, is enough to promote me to a six turn demigod!”
      “It's going to save me a lot of time.”
      “This rubbish!”
      The horror of the void in the eyes of indifference incomparable, so that baluoyan devil and nightmare Knight did not dare to speak.
      “Lasso, you let me down.”
      This sentence makes baluoyan devil fear incomparably.
      The devil God's attitude towards demons is not so friendly. Most of them become believers with fear and violence.
      “My Lord, you give me another chance. Lasso will succeed this time.”
      “One last chance.”
      “This is a new hidden teleportation altar. It can teleport 10 creatures at a time. When you get there, build a bigger teleportation altar as soon as possible.”
      “I need to see the demon army wash the wind chaser tribe!”
      “The humiliation of the devil needs blood to wash away, and the humble spirit can't escape the pursuit of the devil!”
      A black light came down in the void.
      It's the hidden transmission altar.
      It took Scala 10 million faith to trade from other gods, which made his heart bleed.
      If he doesn't succeed this time, he will be furious!
      Baluoyan magic lasso looked at the altar, overjoyed.
      With it, the unicorn won't find it this time.
      There was a vengeance in his eyes
      “Unicorn, your time is up!”
      The demon's tall body knelt down to his eyes on the void
      “Thank you for my Lord's gift, baluoyan devil will not let my lord down!”
      The empty eyes slowly dissipated.
      Baluoyan devil got up and grinned a ferocious smile.
      This makes the nightmare Knight go away
      “I don't know why my lord values you so much, you fool.”
      “Damn GERT, I'll deal with you when I finish my mission.”
      Baluoyan devil's eyes flashed a trace of cruelty, and began to arrange.
      “The demon army is coming, elves, are you ready?”*
      Chapter 39 promotion five turn half god!I'm a balonit![2. Kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      Time goes by.
      Su Cheng's followers are praying devoutly.
      [log]: in the past 10 days, your followers prayed daily, and you gained 4.23 million faith power!
      [log]: in the past 10 days, your followers have hunted the surrounding creatures, and you have gained 230000 faith power!
      [log]: due to the continuous influence of your divine grace, you have added 23 deep believers and 56 shallow believers!
      [log]: your demigod level treasure holy spring of life has fully taken effect. Your followers' reproductive ability has been increased by 400% and their constitution has been increased by 80% permanently!
      Routine system log swipe screen.
      Su Cheng is very happy.
      Every time to the day of prayer, to see this continuous brushing, let him have a kind of harvest pleasure.
      “The holy spring of life is finally fully effective!”
      “From now on, the believers under my command will be able to multiply faster and become more powerful!”
      “Although the holy spring of life is only a half god level treasure, even one star God level or even two star God level can not match it.”
      “If you can get a stronger ancient spring of life, it's really hair!”
      Su Cheng can't help feeling.
      The help of the holy spring of life, a demigod level treasure, was undoubtedly great.
      He not only added many new believers, but also avoided a lot of damage every time he fought.
      The healing effect of the essence of life spring is absolutely first-class.
      This makes him look forward to a stronger ancient spring of life.
      “If we can get the divine crystallization of life in the future, we may be able to make the holy spring of life evolve.”
      “However, with the power of today's faith, I have been able to be promoted to five semi gods!”
      Su Cheng was very satisfied.
      You know.
      Now the most powerful group of blue star players are only able to be promoted.
      I don't know if it is because of Su Cheng's influence that the players of this life are promoted much faster than the last time.
      of course.
      Compared with Su Cheng, that's a big difference.
      I'm not even qualified to follow Su Cheng.
      There was no hesitation.
      The huge power of belief is once again bound into pure and clean divine power, which is only a small step short of crossing the realm of five turns and half gods.
      At this time, the divine power surged.
      when water flows , a channel is formed.
      In the divine realm, Su Cheng's divine body is more crystal clear and powerful.
      Five turn half god is several times better than four turn half god!
      “It takes 80 threads of magic power to upgrade from five turns to six turns.”
      “Even based on my current believers, it will take nearly 20 days.”
      “It will take more than ten or even hundreds of times for other gods.”
      After all, not every God has so many powerful and devout followers.
      Like Scala, the demon God.
      He has been a gifted demigod, and he doesn't know how many years he has developed.
      “However, five turn demigod is not weak even among the demigods. After all, most of the demigods are trapped below four turn.”
      Although gods have a long life.
      But the believers will not.
      If we can not seize the opportunity in the early development, then the demigods are likely to have been in place.
      After all, there are too many unknowns in the eternal continent, even if there are not a few creatures at the level of true gods.
      It's not easy to develop a new group of believers when the believers are dead.
      Five turns half god, already let Su Cheng have enough qualifications.
      “Now, wait for the demons to enter the urn.”
      Su Cheng gently smiles and takes the initiative to pay attention to the movements of the believers.
      He was not sure when the devil would invade, so he had made many arrangements.
      Time goes by.
      In the blink of an eye, it was another day of prayer.
      This day.
      100 miles away from the chaser tribe.
      There was a wave in the void.
      Then an altar appeared, which was full of strange magical patterns, making people dizzy.
      One devil after another crawled out of the middle.
      Nine epic demons!
      As soon as the great demons came out, they stood respectfully, waiting for the final leader to come out.
      Burning arm straight out, hands a support, up to 5 meters of the body will soar up, fell outside the altar.
      Baloim's deep and cruel laughter reverberates in the wilderness:
      “Hey, unicorn, this time I'll catch you and tear up those fragile elves one by one in front of you!”
      A few times ago.
      He's fed up with it.
      This time, we must take revenge!
      “Don't be in a daze, build the transmission altar quickly. As soon as our Lord's demon army arrives, we will immediately wash the wind chaser tribe with blood!”
      “Yes, Lord baroyan!”
      The great demons took out all kinds of precious materials and began to build the transmission altar.
      And balonit is a warning around.
      Prevent unicorns and elves from making trouble again.
      “It only takes 15 minutes. It's your time to die!”
      Baluoyan devil thought bitterly in his heart.
      Just then.
      Once again, a white flame across the sky, holy Unicorn Sofia detected the trace of the devil.
      This time, however.
      Baluoyan demon didn't panic at all. He failed several times because his body didn't transmit completely.
      And now.
      With him in charge, he doesn't believe that unicorns can destroy the transmission altar in his presence.
      “Be ready to enjoy the feeling of powerlessness, and watch the demon army step by step to ask for the feeling of unstoppable, hehe.”
      Baluoyan devil licked the corner of his mouth, and the pupil of fire was full of revenge.
      According to his idea.
      At this time, the unicorn must be panic and angry.
      However, Sophia just looked at him quietly, even with a mocking smile.
      “Devil, you must be very proud now.”
      Baluoyan devil is very angry with such plain words.
      “Damn it, why are you so calm.”
      He roared angrily: “unicorn, this time I will show you the cruelty of demons and the howling of elves!”
      “I'll see.”
      Sophia shrugged, and the irony in the corner of her mouth was more obvious.
      Baluoyan devil became more and more angry, and wanted to take action against Sophia to vent his feeling of suffocation.
      But at this point.
      The great demons who are building the transmission altar are stunned and stop their actions one after another.
      “My Lord, you… You see…”
      On the horizon in the distance, a huge figure is coming slowly.
      Hard rock skin, up to 30 meters of body, brings a shocking visual effect and strong pressure!
      Montan, the mountain giant!
      At the same time, a shrill sound of the dragon also sounded from the horizon.
      Exaggerated wings, ferocious dragon horns, cold scales.
      Red Dragon carlis!
      And behind the demons.
      Geduo, the king of jackals, quietly appeared, and his blood golden pupils coldly watched the demons, which brought them great pressure.
      The legendary believers under Su Cheng are moving!
      One legend after another appeared.
      The terrible momentum interweaves and makes the great demons howl.
      Baluoyan devil's arrogant look suddenly froze in the face, full of disbelief.
      “Mountain Giant?”
      “Red dragon?”
      “And an unknown mutant jackal?”
      “And this hateful unicorn.”
      “That's the four legendary levels?”
      “How can it be!”
      This moment.
      Baluoyan is confused.
      Completely confused!
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      Chapter 40 you don't talk about martial virtues!Double headed Troll promotes legend![3. Kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      “What the hell is going on?”
      “Isn't there only one legendary unicorn in the wind chaser tribe? How come so many legendary creatures suddenly appear?”
      “What's wrong?”
      Poor balonit just didn't think his head was enough.
      I'm completely confused.
      Obviously, it should be their own demonic army to wash the wind chaser tribe.
      On the contrary, he became the target of encirclement and suppression.
      But Sophia and others will not kindly explain to him.
      With a startling dragon chant, red dragon carlis takes the lead.
      His wings are suspended in the air, the temperature in his mouth is extremely high, and the dragon breath with extreme destructive power is constantly spitting out.
      In the blink of an eye, it will cover all the baroyan demons and the great demons.
      The great demons kept howling.
      This powerful dragon breath can even burn through the rock armor of Mountain Giants, not to mention the epic level demons.
      Balonit's body is full of flames.
      Can stop the dragon breath.
      But the next moment.
      Sophia becomes a unicorn, and the sacred flame soars.
      It overlaps with Longxi to form a double strike.
      This time, the fire barrier of balonit lost its function.
      Even he was howling with fire.
      “Damn it
      Baluoyan devil's demon wings show and instantly soar.
      As for the demons behind him.
      I have no time to take care of them.
      Within a few breaths, these epic demons were completely reduced to ashes.
      After all, it's the red dragon and the unicorn.
      If you don't even have this power, it will be a waste of Su Cheng's hard work.
      “No, I have to run quickly!”
      Baluoyan devil saw the great demons' tragedy, and his heart couldn't help shrinking.
      These four legends.
      If it's one-on-one, he still has some assurance.
      But now it's one against four, there's no chance of winning.
      Running for life is the best choice.
      The devil's wings are flying across the sky, leaving countless phantoms.
      Just when he was proud.
      Boom, boom!!
      A burst of air came from above, and huge stones fell from the sky.
      Meteorite from the sky!
      The mountain giant's eyes radiate yellow light, accurately locking the position of baluoyan devil.
      There was a loud noise.
      Meteorites hit baluoyan demon's body one after another, and the terrible attack power made him be blasted into the ground like a shell.
      Balo's reaction is quick.
      The powerful bouncing force made him rush out in an instant.
      But without waiting for him to catch his breath.
      The thunder of purification strikes again.
      The holy thunder makes the embarrassed baluoyan devil miserable, paralyzed and slow.
      “Ah, ah, ah, ah!”
      “You have the ability to challenge me alone!”!!It's nothing to fight more than to fight less! ”
      He growled in anger.
      Then he was met by the sharp claws of gerdo.
      The bloody golden claws are invincible, even more sharp than ordinary epic weapons.
      Geduo tore his hands hard.
      The devil's wings were almost uprooted.
      The king of jackals seems to have a special love for the wings of flying creatures.
      At the beginning, he almost tore the wings of red dragon carlis.
      Carlis spits out his breath. Seeing Geduo's action, he thinks of his bad memory.
      Can't help but vent a nameless anger on baluoyan devil.
      Seriously injured, there is no resistance to the baluoyan devil, he was high up.
      It's rising.
      Finally, fall down again!
      This time, baluoyan devil no longer had any resistance.
      There's a huge hole in the ground.
      The mountain giant scratched his head and took back the giant foot he was about to step on.
      The sound of a jar:
      “What a weak devil, is this also the legendary stage?”
      Sophia gave him a white eye.
      What a fool.
      If the four people can't work together to get rid of the balonit devil, then they can really wash and sleep.
      Baluoyan devil heard the mountain giant's words, and he almost vomited blood.
      “If you don't talk about martial arts morality, you'll still talk sarcastic words here. You'd better choose one by one.”
      However, he has no strength to speak.
      And my heart is full of fear.
      The end of defeat is death. He doesn't believe that these people will let themselves go.
      Sometimes death is a very easy thing, some things are even more terrible than death.
      Dada dada——
      The footstep sounds, baluoyan devil desperately wants to open his eyes.
      In a daze.
      Only two ferocious heads stretched out.
      And then——
      “Ho ho…”
      Baluoyan devil only felt that his throat was bitten open, and the blood was constantly flowing.
      “Double headed Troll…”
      There was infinite fear and resentment in his heart.
      I didn't expect that I would become the ration of a troll.
      you 're right.
      It's double headed ice troll commander zackov!
      The reason why he didn't kill baluoyan demon directly was that Su Cheng had already ordered him.
      Because trolls have a unique talent.
      You can strengthen yourself by swallowing creatures.
      The stronger the biological power of phagocytosis, the higher the promotion.
      Zakov is on the verge of breaking through the legend.
      This is a good opportunity.
      Click, click!!
      The gruesome sound of broken bones continued to ring.
      Sophia frowned and turned away.
      Although she is a believer of Su Cheng, she still can't accept this evil behavior.
      You can't see.
      As for the red dragon three, it doesn't matter.
      Even Geduo took the initiative to alert zackov around.
      After all, he and Zacher are the earliest followers of Su Cheng, and they have a sense of empathy.
      Zakov is very happy to be promoted.
      It took quite a while for the tearing to end.
      I saw the place where baluoyan demon lay, let alone a hair, even a bone fragment.
      The two headed Troll roared violently.
      The body rose wildly, and the two heads dripped with corrosive saliva, making a Zizi sound on the ground.
      And even more terrifying.
      The troll's back is constantly agitated by two huge meatballs.
      A pair of demon wings stretched out from the troll's back.
      After devouring balonit, the double headed Troll gains the talent of demon wings.
      And now.
      Zakov's whole body is full of strong breath.
      Has been promoted to legend!
      So far.
      Su Cheng has the fifth legendary believer under his command!*
      Chapter 41 cut leeks one after another!Trolls' strength soars![4. Kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      [log]: your believer has encountered a demon team!
      [log]: your followers have killed 9 great demons of epic level and 1 baroyan demon of legendary level, and you have gained 120000 faith power!
      [log]: your believer, double headed ice troll zackov, devours balonit and is promoted to legend level!
      [log]: your believer's belief in ice troll zackov has been greatly increased, promoted to Saint!
      In the realm of God.
      Su Cheng looks at Zachary's successful promotion as expected.
      I couldn't help smiling with satisfaction.
      Not only that, Zacher's faith also rose sharply, becoming the second Saint under Su Cheng's command!
      This means that the power of Su Cheng's belief gained every day has been greatly improved.
      “Great master of killing, your humble believers feel your will above everything and are willing to kill all enemies for you!”
      Frost Troll's two ferocious heads are down.
      Su Cheng was delighted by his devout belief.
      [name]: zakov
      [race]: double headed frost Troll
      [identity]: Troll leader
      [rank]: Legend
      Occupation: Soldier
      [skill]: rapid regeneration lv10, throwing specialization lv10, frost skin lv10, terror bite lv8, sacrifice Lv9 (inheritance skill), frost field lv8, demon wings LV5
      Strength: 55
      [Constitution]: 53
      Agility: 52
      Spirit: 46
      But it's a pity.
      Now zakov is at most the legendary middle class.
      Like before, Geduo, red dragon or giant have reached the peak of legend directly after their infinite evolution.
      of course.
      Su Cheng also knows that he is just a little greedy.
      Take your mind back.
      Then he looked at his followers.
      It's not going to stop there.
      Teams of jackals and wind elves methodically went to the altar of transmission, and then began to work.
      Just now.
      Su Cheng's four legendary believers can wait until the transmission altar is almost completed before they choose to move, just for this moment.
      The transmission altar at this time.
      Just wait for the final activation, you can continuously send demons from the demon tribe.
      As Su Chengxin continues to work.
      The sky beam soars into the sky, and the transmission altar is completely activated!
      Demon tribe.
      Powerful demons are on their way.
      Little devil, big devil, Yanmo, Feitian devil
      There are quite a lot of kinds, and the number is extremely exaggerated.
      It's more than 1000.
      This is the inside information of the believers under the demon God Scala. I have to say that Scala is indeed a demigod with extraordinary talent.
      At this point.
      All the demons are waiting anxiously.
      “Damn, what the hell is lasso doing? How to transfer the altar card is the key activation link!”
      Roared Chester, the chief General of the great devil.
      He is one of the only three legendary believers under Scala and the strongest.
      “If you want me to tell you, you shouldn't send this fool. I'm better than him.”
      Nightmare Knight GERT said lukewarm beside him.
      Just then.
      The altar of teleportation suddenly lights up and is completely activated!
      The big devil general Chester's eyes flashed a fierce light and yelled:
      “Demons, prepare to enjoy the feast of killing!”
      One demon after another walked orderly toward the altar of transmission.
      But they don't know.
      It's not a feast of killing that's waiting for them.
      It's the fear of being killed!
      The wind chaser tribe.
      The transmission altar left by the demons.
      The wind spirit has lit up the sharp arrows containing the power of the strong wind, and the Jackal has also raised his sharp axe.
      “Lord baluoyan, under the order of the general, come to help you and take over the follow-up demon troops…”
      An epic demon came out.
      Said respectfully.
      However, when he saw clearly the scene in front of him, he couldn't help standing there.
      “What's going on here?”
      “Hordes of elves, and jackals?”
      “Where's Lord baluoyan?”
      It's better to wait for him to respond.
      Whew, whew, whew!!!
      Dozens of arrows of the wind had penetrated his head.
      A great demon of epic stage died here!
      The elves' faces were full of pleasure. Unconsciously, they had a deeper belief in Su Cheng.
      For themselves.
      There's no chance of this kind of hand blade devil.
      And it's just an appetizer.
      The feast of killing demons has just begun!
      One demon after another crawled out of the transmission altar, and in the process of being forced, he was beheaded by the arrow of the wind or the axe of the Jackal.
      Then he was dragged down for trolls to eat.
      It's like a section after section of leeks.
      Cut and soon come out.
      It's inexhaustible.
      More than 300 demons of all kinds were hacked to death at the transmission altar.
      The Jackal and the elves have been killed to the point where they can't hide the excitement in their eyes.
      It's hard to believe that this is the spirit of the wind yearning for peace.
      It's the demons that have brought so much persecution to the wind elves.
      And now.
      With the devouring of many demon corpses, several trolls under Su Cheng's command broke through the epic, and their belief level also increased greatly.
      Let Su Cheng be in the realm of God.
      I was overjoyed.
      And this time.
      The devil tribe.
      Chester, the demon general, finally found something wrong.
      So many demons sent in, but there was no response.
      “Something's wrong!”
      He stepped forward and uncultivated a big demon who was about to deliver.
      A head went out.
      However, as soon as he reached out, he heard a whistling sound.
      Instinct made him quickly retract his head.
      “Mean and cunning spirit!”
      The demon general roared wildly.
      By this time.
      He didn't know that all the demons in the past were cut as leeks.
      Just now, if not for his powerful strength and vigilance, he would have been shot through the head.
      “Destroy the transmission altar!”
      Demons wake up like a dream.
      Attack after attack on the hard-working transmission altar. The transmission altar was smashed into pieces.
      Chester's face was so gloomy that it was almost dripping.
      “Prepare to sacrifice, please tell my Lord!”
      “It's bad. Other gods are involved!”
      Just that moment.
      He could see clearly that there were not only wind elves, but also many jackals and even trolls.
      There is only one explanation.
      The spirit of the wind has been overtaken by other gods!
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      Chapter 42 God war begins![5. Kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      “The great devil!Your believers are facing an unprecedented crisis. Please send down your Oracle and point out the direction for your believers! ”
      “Great master…”
      The demons began to pray devoutly.
      But their prayers have just begun.
      In the void.
      The cold eyes of Scala, the demon God, have appeared.
      this moment.
      Scala's eyes were filled with endless anger.
      Just now, he was concentrating on cultivating and polishing his divine power when he suddenly noticed the death of a large number of his followers.
      Then he lowered his mind to see what was going on.
      I just saw this scene.
      Different from the new born gods of blue star, due to the favor of the supreme rules, the efficiency and speed of refining the power of faith of blue star demigods are amazing.
      But other gods can't do it, they need to polish and refine wholeheartedly.
      As a result, they will not have enough time to pay attention to the development of believers like the blue star demigod.
      “Who's going to tell me what's going on?”
      Hear the words of endless anger in your own gods.
      The demon general was shaking.
      For fear of getting angry.
      “My God, baluoyan devil that fool was calculated by others, resulting in more than 300 demons sent to be beaten to death.”
      “A strange spirit intervenes!I clearly see a large number of jackals and trolls standing with the wind spirit, asking my God to send down the Oracle
      SCARA looked angry and shocked
      “How could other gods have conquered the wind elves and unicorns first?”
      “Damn it
      “This bunch of crap!”
      His eyes began to twinkle
      “Do you really want to ask your father for help again?noI want to prove myself!I'm not relying on my parents! ”
      Scala gritted her teeth.
      He plans to return to the city of the God to see if he can find out about the God, and then make plans.
      But at this point.
      In front of the demon tribe.
      A terrible space crack was torn open by violence, and a stable coordinate channel was built successfully.
      Demons can even see the Jackal and the wind elf on that side through the passage.
      SCARA's eyes were shocked
      “Space magic!It's definitely a kind of space magic
      Just listen on the other side of the coordinate channel.
      Su Cheng's vast and majestic voice is echoing:
      “My believers, the demons have been severely damaged, and the invaders will be punished!”
      “Shenzhan, open up!”
      All believers are crazy:
      “For the glory of my God!”
      “The will of my Lord is above all else!”
      “Banish the demons, punish the invaders!”
      “Fight for my God!”
      “For the great jackal and the God of slaughter, Christon
      The trolls who have just been promoted take the lead, one legendary troll and eight epic trolls, with unparalleled momentum!
      The jackals followed.
      And the wind arrow of the elves has already formed.
      It's in the rear.
      The sound of the bugle of war reverberated constantly, which raised the morale of Su Cheng's followers and further improved their combat effectiveness!
      Mountain Giants are trampling on the earth!
      The wings of the red dragon spread out to block out the sun!
      The holy light of the holy Unicorn makes the demons howl!
      Scala's face was very ugly.
      He didn't think of it.
      This unknown God not only mastered the space magic, but also locked the position of the demon tribe through its own transmission altar.
      And the believers are so powerful.
      Five legends, and many epics!
      You know.
      At his peak, he had only three legendary believers and more than 30 epic believers.
      Now it's damaged balonit, and more than a dozen epic followers.
      The high-end combat power of demon tribe is far inferior.
      “Damn, where is this monster coming from?”
      A curse that Scala hated.
      This unknown God not only snatched the fruits of his victory, but now even invaded his divine realm.
      You deserve to die!
      “We can't wait to die, we can take the initiative to attack!”
      Think of it.
      He didn't hesitate any more, and immediately tried his best to activate his demon clergy.
      The demons, who had been overwhelmed by the momentum of Su Cheng's followers, changed their looks and filled their eyes with incomparable fanaticism.
      The combat effectiveness has increased greatly!
      That's what makes racial clergy so powerful.
      Especially the demonic clergy, even among the clergy within the race, is the powerful one.
      Su Cheng looks at this scene.
      Hot eyes:
      “Soon, your demon ministry will be mine!”
      “For the crown of the great demon God Scala!”
      Chester, the demon general, roars up to meet the red dragon Kalis.
      And the nightmare Knight GERT collided with the holy Unicorn Sofia!
      However, Su Cheng's side.
      But there are five legends!
      The remaining three legends can't be controlled by any demons. They have started to kill madly!
      Although there are more than 600 demons, more than Su Cheng's followers.
      But when it comes to high-end combat power.
      The demons are not as good as the demons.
      It's just a matter of time!*
      Chapter 43 The Battle of God!Despairing demon God![1. Kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      Dong Dong!!
      The mountain giant's huge body is earth shaking. With a wave of his hand, several demons are beaten into meat cakes.
      The king of jackals and the double headed frost Troll are like a tiger into a sheep.
      Wanton killing.
      No one can stop these two legendary creatures.
      Several demons of epic stage are struggling to delay their pace, but they are only delaying for a little time.
      There was no communication between the two gods.
      Because of God's war.
      Either you die or I die, there's no turning point!
      But Su Cheng's mood is very relaxed.
      Because his followers have the absolute upper hand, it is only a matter of time before the demons are exterminated.
      Scala had a heavy heart.
      His only two legendary believers were all held back and couldn't get away.
      “If you want to turn it over, only Chester and GERT can beat their opponents.”
      The eyes of the two gods were fixed on the core battlefield at the same time.
      The red dragon Kalis and the demon general are on a par, and no one can do anything about them.
      But the holy Unicorn side.
      The situation is very different, Sophia's powerful irresistible!
      during this period.
      With enough life, Shen Quan has recovered the injury, and Sophia has recovered to its peak.
      Sophia, in her peak state, has broken through 61 points in spirit and agility.
      That's the domain of the saintly realm.
      There is no doubt that nightmare knight is not an opponent at all.
      What's more, Sophia of the light attribute was born to restrain the nightmare Knight of the dark attribute.
      The abyss wildebeest under the knight of nightmare is fast, shuttling through the battlefield, trying to get rid of Sophia's entanglement.
      Unicorns, however, are inherently fast.
      Wherever the nightmare Knight shuttles, Sophia always follows.
      Holy Land!
      Unicorn's spiral Unicorn erupts a dreamlike light, enveloping all around.
      The fierce sacred flame is burning fiercer!
      The increase brought by the sacred field makes Sophia's combat effectiveness more powerful.
      The power of purification surged to the nightmare Knight like a pithy drill.
      Nightmare knight is originally a strange creature awakened by the strong man who fell into the abyss after his death. His soul is not only his strong point, but also his weak point.
      The sacred flame burns the attributes of the soul and makes him miserable.
      “Nightmare sting!”
      The nightmare knight and the sitting wildebeest kill a rifle and turn it into an extreme shadow. They want to attack Sophia secretly.
      Sophia, however, was prepared.
      The holy one horn flickers, and a thunder of purification cleaves down fiercely.
      The wildebeest, which made the nightmare Knight sit down, let out a painful cry and turned into a black fog.
      Without the blessing of mount, the strength of nightmare knight is greatly reduced.
      With the speed of the unicorn can be unscrupulous to play with him.
      The sacred realm is shrouded, and the thunder of purification is chopped down one after another, turning into a sea of thunder.
      Not only will the nightmare Knight split to pieces, the surrounding demons are also affected into powder.
      Look at this.
      Scala's face was completely gloomy, even a little desperate.
      He knows.
      I lost, and I lost miserably.
      The only two legendary believers under his command have been removed, and there is no room for turning over.
      Sure enough.
      Sophia, who has spared his hand, immediately joined the battlefield of killing demons.
      The demon general roars unceasingly, and his strength is also one of the strongest among the legendary creatures.
      Being able to compete with the red dragon has already explained everything.
      Unfortunately, it's hard to be alone.
      With Sofia's help, the demon general immediately fell on the spot.
      Two legendary believers all fall.
      The demons are desperate.
      But Su Cheng's followers are not soft hearted.
      Even the wind elves, who are famous for their peace, know that they can't be merciful at this time.
      Su Cheng didn't intend to leave any demons.
      Because these demons' belief in the demon God is not low, it is difficult to change.
      One sided killing is going on.
      With the healing aura of Sophia, plus the constant supply of the holy spring essence of life.
      The damage of Su Cheng's followers is far less than that of demons.
      With the last demon down.
      The war is finally over.
      The demon tribe has already ignited a towering flame, reflecting the bodies of countless demons.
      Su Cheng's followers are extremely enthusiastic
      “The will of my God is above all else!”
      “The great master of killing, your presence makes the devil cold!”
      Su Cheng looks at all this.
      I'm overjoyed.
      [log]: you launched a divine battle!
      [log]: your followers have a fierce battle with the demon tribe!
      [log]: your followers killed 678 demons, and you gained 680000 belief power!
      [log]: your followers have caused crazy killing, and your power of killing has been greatly improved!
      [log]: your believers' faith is deepening. You have added 56 crazy believers and 132 deep believers!
      “Sure enough, the killing brought by God's war will not only deepen the believers' belief, but also make my power of killing grow faster!”
      Su Cheng feels his further power to kill, and his mouth is full of smiles.
      “But it's just an appetizer.”
      “The main dish, but it's still in the back.”
      His eyes pierced the void, as if he saw Scala in another divine realm from his own divine realm.
      The next moment.
      Su Cheng's power is surging, and his place has changed.
      To the realm of scala.*
      Chapter 44 kill the gods again!Great harvest![2. Kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      Just stepped into the realm of God.
      Su Cheng picks his eyebrows and finds something unusual.
      SCARA is in a fantastic state.
      There is no such frail appearance that believers will die and be strongly repulsed.
      “It seems that this demon God has many treasures.”
      Su Cheng speculates that he used some treasure to curb the effect of backfire, but the cost is certainly not small.
      Just look at the God's gnashing face in front of you.
      “But it's not a big problem. He's not my opponent.”
      I was thinking about it.
      “The Jackal and the God of slaughter, Christon!”
      Said Scala, word by word.
      When Su Cheng stepped into his divine realm, he knew Su Cheng's identity, which is a gift that every God has.
      “I have no grudge against you. Why do you plan on me and launch a divine war against me?”
      He looks at Su Cheng angrily, which makes Su Cheng dumbfounded.
      “As a God, if you don't understand the principle of the law of the jungle, it's really unfair for you to lose.”
      Su Cheng wants to laugh.
      The God in front of me is a little naive.
      God's world where there is no grudge, all in order to promote the true God achievement immortal!
      “Damn it
      “Don't be complacent. I don't know who will win or lose in my realm of God.”
      Scala's magic power surged, and immediately there was an overwhelming pressure of terror running over Su Cheng.
      This is to control the divine realm and use the power of the divine realm to suppress Su Cheng.
      If it's the other five turns.
      It's not necessarily an opponent.
      It's a pity that he met Su Cheng.
      Whether it's the Jackal's theocracy or the killing's theocracy, it's far beyond the general demigod, not to mention the powerful one star magic void leap!
      A flash of light.
      Su Cheng disappeared in the same place, and a terrible blade of killing cleaved toward Scala.
      The blade of the killing came silent.
      In a flash, she cut off one of scala's arms.
      Scala screamed bitterly.
      However, Su Cheng won't stop his means because he screams. Taking advantage of your illness is his consistent style.
      The blade of killing is constantly wielding and chopping, and the power combined with void transition is even more weird.
      Scala finally began to fear.
      If it goes on like this, he will really die.
      Seeing another blade of killing coming towards her neck, Scala could not help roaring:
      “Kristen!If you dare to kill me, you will face endless pursuit! ”
      Su Cheng's eyebrows are raised, and the blade of killing is hanging in the air.
      Scala said
      “My father is a great God. If you kill me, he will feel something. You can't escape at that time!”
      “If you let me go, we will let bygones be bygones. I can swear to the supreme rule that I will never trouble you from now on.”
      Su Cheng's eyes narrowed slightly
      “Are you threatening me?”
      “No, I'm just stating a fact.”
      “You don't have to ruin your future in order to kill me. With your talent, it's only a matter of time before you can achieve the true God.”
      Scala wants to live.
      Put down all their dignity, incomparably said.
      He has always wanted to prove to others that he has achieved what he is today, not relying on his father.
      Now, however, in order to survive, I have to name my father.
      It made him feel terrible.
      Su Cheng began to ponder.
      SCARA's face brightened, thinking Su Cheng had been moved by her own words.
      But the next moment.
      The blade of the killing flashed fiercely, and scala's head was still flying high with a trace of joy on her face.
      Su Cheng's faint words rang out:
      “If your father is a real God, just ask him to come to me.”
      “Don't say it's just a true God, even if your father is a Lord God, what can it be?”
      Su Cheng was not impulsive.
      He thought very clearly.
      Among the gods of the whole nation, demigods are the protected group.
      The God above the demigod just can't be unscrupulous to the demigod, otherwise he will be punished by the supreme rule.
      “Even if Scala's father wants to take revenge on me, he will spend a lot of money to calculate my tribal coordinates, and then ask other demigods to do it.”
      “And that's exactly what I'm most afraid of.”
      “Even if he really asked demigod to give me a hand, instead, he would send me nutrients to accelerate my growth!”
      “When I achieve the true God, I will find him slowly.”
      Su Cheng's eyes sparkled with danger.
      If Scala's father really doesn't know what to do, then don't blame him for sending them down for a reunion.
      Take your mind back.
      He just looked through the system log.
      [log]: you enter into the realm of other gods!
      [log]: congratulations on your successful killing of wuzhuan Banshen Scala!
      [log]: congratulations on your 100 silk magic power!
      [log]: congratulations on your obtaining the demon clergy!
      [log]: congratulations on obtaining the demon altar!
      Congratulations on winning the heart of the earth!
      [log]: congratulations on completing the special hiding task: exterminating Scala!
      [diary]: congratulations on obtaining 1 saint and 130 crazy believers!
      Looking at the continuous rolling system log, Su Cheng never stopped smiling.
      Another big harvest!
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      Chapter 45 baptism!Su Cheng, the demon God![3. Kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      Feel the broken and crumbling divine realm around you.
      It's a pity for Su Cheng.
      “If only I could devour the divine realm, then my divine realm would be more perfect.”
      “It's a pity that you can't find that treasure.”
      Shake your head.
      Su Cheng instantly returned to his divine realm.
      Wave your hand.
      All the harvest is suspended in the air, Su Cheng's eyes are full of fire!
      without doubt.
      Counting the harvest is the most satisfying part after the battle!
      First of all, it is the 100 silk magic power that emits the fluctuation of pure magic power!
      “The new five turns and a half God has only 75 silk power. If you add in some losses and burst out 100 silk power, I'm afraid this demon God will be promoted to six turns soon!”
      “Worthy of being the offspring of a true God.”
      Su Cheng was a little surprised.
      “Sure enough, Shenzhan is the quickest way to come to Shenli. Even I need nearly a month if I want to let Shenli develop by himself.”
      “It will take decades of development for other poor gods!”
      “After all, not everyone has so many saints and apostles like me. To other gods, crazy believers are precious pimples.”
      “This 100 silk magic power is enough for me to be promoted to six turns and a half, but
      Su Cheng hesitated and didn't choose to be promoted on the spot.
      Because of these powers, he has more important uses!
      Practice the devil's ministry!
      [demon clergy]
      Rank: Special
      Caption: the priesthood of the five turn demigod Scala
      Effect: after fusion, you can increase the power of demon clergy by 0.2% (only for players who already have demon clergy)
      Look at the devil clergy.
      Su Cheng's eyes are hot.
      The weak are weak, the strong are strong.
      For example, Su Cheng's wolf clergy is at the bottom of the chain of contempt.
      After all, it's just a lower race's priesthood. Even Su Cheng can use infinite evolution to raise their blood limit.
      But the bottom line is there.
      No matter how to improve, it is impossible to go against the weather.
      And the devil ministry is different.
      First of all, the scope of the demon clergy is broader. If we want to make an analogy, that is the difference between the orc God and the Jackal God.
      Although there are thousands of demons, some are strong and some are weak, the upper demons can even compete with the dragon.
      Therefore, the demonic clergy is absolutely at the top of the racial clergy!
      The most powerful of all the clergy.
      No less than Su Cheng's killing clergy!
      Demonic clergy and killing clergy can naturally cooperate with each other.
      One plus one is greater than two.
      “Scala has never been able to develop the real power of the demonic clergy.”
      “Otherwise, I would not have killed him so easily.”
      Su Cheng shook his head.
      “Unfortunately, it would have been better if this restriction had not been restricted to players who already have demon priests.”
      But Su Cheng knows it's unrealistic.
      Among the gods of the people.
      Players were born with a few clergy, that is, a few clergy.
      I want to add a new clergy.
      There is only one way.
      That is to use the fusion stone!
      You can integrate the ownerless clergy into your own divine system.
      But the fusion stone is a four-star God level treasure, which is not accessible to ordinary players.
      Su Cheng's hard pursuit in his previous life failed him.
      Finally, he chose another way to get lucky.
      Practice the clergy!
      Spend a lot of divine power to practice the ownerless clergy, and then replace your existing clergy!
      This is a step back option when there is no fusion stone.
      you 're right.
      Su Cheng is planning to replace his own wolf clergy with the demon clergy!
      As for the replacement of the Jackal clergy, Su Cheng has already thought about where to go.
      He is not a forgetful man.
      “In the previous life, the Jackal clergy was replaced by the thunder clergy after a lot of hard work. I didn't expect that this life would get the demon clergy with high potential so early.”
      Su Cheng is full of emotion.
      The beginning of this life is more than a thousand times smoother than that of previous lives.
      No more hesitation.
      As soon as the 100 silk pure divine power is stimulated, it becomes surging and surging, and passes through the demon clergy one after another.
      I saw that the illusory devil mark became more pure, and the above restrictions were eliminated step by step.
      Wait for the training to finish.
      100There are only 40 threads left in the silk magic power.
      Let Su Cheng flesh pain unceasingly.
      “Fortunately, it's all worth it.”
      Pain and happiness is about this feeling.
      “Replace the clergy!”
      The demonic clergy erupted into a bright light and merged into Su Cheng's body.
      And the order of the jackal is slowly emerging in the void.
      [log]: you used a lot of divine power to wash and practice the demon clergy!
      [log]: you have replaced the Jackal with the demon clergy!
      [log]: your clergy has changed, your name has changed!
      [diary]: due to the change of your clergy, your believers' beliefs have undergone subtle changes!
      When Su Cheng opened the property panel, he found that his God had become a demon and a god of killing.
      Although the proportion of devil clergy is not as high as that of jackal clergy.
      But at this time, Su Cheng felt that his strength became more powerful!
      At least 50% stronger than before.
      It can be seen from this that there is a big gap between the devil clergy and the Jackal clergy.
      That's why it's so easy to kill Scala.
      It was mainly the killing of the clergy and the void leap that made great contributions.
      At the sight of jackal, Su Cheng puts it away.
      He had long thought about the place where the Jackal's priesthood would go, and he didn't trade it.
      “Don't worry. Let's see what we've got.”
      Su Cheng is in an excited mood.
      Looking at the remaining two treasures again.
      The devil's altar and the heart of the earth!
      PS: you guys are very bad. You've got a lot of comments.-*
      Chapter 46 one star God and devil altar!Demigod treasure, heart of the earth![4. Kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      [demon altar]
      Rank: Holy Land
      Caption: the evil altar that can summon demons continuously.
      1.10 bronze level demons can be summoned every day, up to 1000.
      2.You can summon 1 silver level demon every day, up to 100.
      3.You can summon 1 Golden level demon every 10 days, up to 50.
      4.You can summon one epic demon every 100 days, up to 10.
      5.One legendary demon can be summoned every 1000 days, up to 3.
      (Note: the belief of all summoned demons in God is always fixed in the crazy believers, but each summoned demonic believer only provides 10 threads of belief power per day)
      Heart of the earth
      Rank: Holy Land
      Description: the crystal condensed from the most original earth elements has extraordinary effect on earth elements.
      There is a 30% chance to increase the level of earth element creature taking below holy land level by one level.
      without doubt.
      These are two treasures.
      Su Cheng's face is full of ecstasy.
      It's a great shower, especially at the devil's altar.
      I just got the devil's priesthood, and there are no devil believers under my command, so I came to such a treasure.
      “No wonder there are so many powerful demons under Scala. They all come from the demon altar.”
      “Although it's only at the holy land level, ordinary celestial objects don't have such powerful functionality.”
      Su Cheng muttered to himself.
      “Unfortunately, the believers summoned by the demon altar can only provide 10 silk of faith power.”
      Su Cheng licked the corner of his mouth, still greedy.
      But he knew in his heart that this was normal.
      If the crazy believers summoned by the demon altar can provide 1000 silk of faith power every day.
      It's not just a treasure of holy land.
      He was not surprised to be rated as a five-star or even a six-star.
      “I'm afraid that the upper real gods will covet this treasure, so it won't appear in Scala, or I'm afraid Scala has become a real God by this.”
      Su Cheng can't help shaking his head.
      In contrast, the heart of the earth is less prominent.
      But it's only relative.
      Just take it out, and the heart of the earth is also a treasure that the gods can snatch.
      30% chance to promote a legendary creature of earth element to holy land level.
      It's not a small probability.
      Su Cheng's eyes sparkled with fire.
      “Infinite evolution!”
      [log]: you have used infinite evolution on the demon altar and the heart of the earth!
      [log]: unlimited evolution will trigger with 10% probability, and your demon altar will be upgraded to a star God!
      [log]: infinite evolution will trigger with 100% probability, and your heart of the earth will be upgraded to a demigod level treasure!
      The system beeps.
      Su Cheng's mind is blank.
      “Yes, it's true this time!”
      He never dreamed of it.
      I have triggered a 10% probability of infinite evolution at such a critical time.
      The demon altar is directly promoted to a star God!
      “It seems that the six leaf clover still has some effect.”
      Su Cheng is smiling.
      Look at the two treasures after evolution.
      [demon altar]
      Rank: a star
      Description: an evil altar that can continuously summon demons. It has been greatly enhanced by unknown power.
      1.You can summon 10 silver level demons every day, up to 1000
      2.One golden level demon can be summoned every day, up to 100
      3.1 epic level demon can be summoned every 10 days, up to 50
      4.1 legendary demon can be summoned every 100 days, up to 10
      5.You can summon 1 Holy Land demon every 500 days, up to 3
      6.You can summon 1 demigod demon every 1000 days, up to 1
      (Note: the belief of all summoned demons in God is always fixed in the crazy believers, but each summoned demonic believer only provides 10 threads of belief power per day)
      Heart of the earth
      Rank: demigod
      Description: the crystal condensed from the most original earth elements has an extraordinary effect on earth elements. It has been greatly enhanced by unknown forces.
      There is an 80% probability to increase the level of earth element biological use below holy land level by one level.
      Su Cheng took a breath of cold air and was shocked.
      “It's so strong!”
      After evolution, the devil altar brought him a great surprise.
      First of all, all the demons summoned in the original function have been upgraded to one level, from the original bronze start legend capping to the present silver start Holy Land capping!
      And even more exaggerated.
      Unexpectedly, a sixth effect has been added, which can summon a demigod level demon every 1000 days!!
      You know, these 1000 days calculate the time of the eternal continent.
      That means.
      It only takes Bluestar 100 days to have a demigod demon believer!
      What a terrible thing it is.
      Although after awakening Angela, the fairy goddess, he is also likely to have a demigod.
      But when we can find the trace of the tree of life is not certain.
      On the other side of the demon altar, you can have a demigod follower in 100 days!
      “It's so cool!”
      Su Cheng takes a deep breath and tries to restrain his excitement.
      Next, we just need to farm silently and wait for a period of time.
      The strength of his followers will soar!
      And the earth heart, which was promoted to the demigod level treasure, also gave him enough surprise.
      80% chance to promote the legendary creature of earth element to holy land.
      This is a very high probability, as long as it is not a non chieftain, it can be promoted steadily!
      It's just right for the mountain giant.
      “Great harvest!It's a good harvest
      Su Cheng couldn't shut his mouth with a smile.
      As long as the digestion of this harvest, his inside information will be a huge increase!
      When the time comes, it will be more certain to go to the ruins of the kingdom of God of Shrek.
      Calm down.
      Su Cheng looks out of the divine realm at the believers who are waiting for his oracle.
      It's time to give God a favor.
      If the believer is a God, the God will naturally have a gift.
      This is the right way of development.
      PS: there's a problem.There are many attribute columns in this one, because I have listed two treasures before and after evolution.Because the golden finger of the protagonist is infinite evolution, I think it would be better to list all of them. It's not for the number of characters.But I'm a little afraid that you'll say I'm not good at the number of words, so I'd like to consult you.If you think that water is like this, I will only list the attributes after evolution after they are put on the shelves. It will definitely cost you every cent you subscribe to. I really don't want water at all!!!So your opinions on this view must be expressed in the comments area, so that I can correct it. Thank you for your support!*
      Chapter 47 bestows the priesthood, does not leave does not abandon the Jackal person, the Jackal devil![5. Kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      Demon tribe.
      At this time, Su Cheng's followers had already cleaned up the battlefield, waiting for Su Cheng to give the oracle.
      Led by five legendary believers, the major races are quite different, standing there quietly.
      It's just that.
      There is something wrong with Geduo, the king of jackals, and many jackals.
      Just now.
      They sensed that their gods had stripped the Jackal of its priesthood.
      It made them feel like the sky was falling.
      “Is it the Jackal that angered my God? Why did my God abandon the Jackal?”
      All the jackals were terrified.
      Although their faith is very firm and will not decline, but at this moment their hearts are afraid.
      I'm afraid Su Cheng will abandon them.
      Just as the Jackal panicked.
      The vast idea of God came!
      As Su Cheng's divine power becomes more powerful, the vision he brings when his divine thoughts come becomes more and more terrifying.
      The great power of God makes many believers more devout.
      Su Cheng's divine voice is immense
      “My believers, your bravery has enabled you to defeat the pagans. Your strength has proved you and spread my glory. I will give you God's grace.”
      Many believers are crazy:
      “It's our honor to fight for our God!”
      Su Cheng began to call the roll:
      This is his first saint. He always has some different feelings.
      And the jackals have helped him through the first difficult times in both previous and present lives.
      Geduo is excited to be on the line.
      He responded with fear
      “My God, your humble believer, please don't abandon the Jackal. The Jackal will always be the sharpest blade in your hand, clearing away all heresies for you!”
      “Jackals want to receive your glory forever and become your faithful believers!”
      It's in the rear.
      Big jackals kneel down.
      “My God, your humble believer, please do not abandon the Jackal!”
      This scene.
      Su Cheng was stunned.
      Only later did he realize that he had stripped off the priesthood of the Jackal and thought he was going to abandon the Jackal.
      This makes Su Cheng rather sad.
      These fools, the cunning power of jackals.
      But he also knows.
      It's not that jackals are stupid, it's that jackals have the deepest faith in themselves.
      Basically every jackal is a fanatic.
      Don't waste your usual preference for jackals.
      But Su Cheng doesn't show his emotions.
      A great divine sound reverberated in the ears of all the jackals
      “Godot, my saint, gives you the priesthood of jackals. I hope you can lead the jackals to change their destiny.”
      you 're right.
      From the beginning, Su Cheng thought of giving the Jackal priesthood to a race that followed him through all his life.
      Give Godot the priesthood.
      He will not become a God, but he will become a divine creature!
      From then on, there are unlimited possibilities.
      All of a sudden.
      A rich divine light fell and covered Geduo in it.
      In a moment, the Jackal's priesthood merged with Gedo.
      At this point.
      Gedo's appearance has changed dramatically.
      The original tall body further shrinks, and becomes the same as the normal jackal, but the whole body's prestige does not reduce but increases!
      The golden pupil of blood is stained with the brilliance of divinity.
      Gedo has been promoted to the holy land after merging with the order of the Jackal!
      Just now.
      The king of jackals, who had always been cunning and cruel, had tears in his eyes. He knelt down on the ground and kowtowed to Su Cheng, whimpering.
      At this time.
      Jackal where don't know, their God has not abandoned themselves.
      On the contrary, he gave his own destiny a chance!
      From then on, the jackals may have the possibility to get rid of the next race and be bullied forever.
      “My God, my God… Gerdo is grateful for my God's gift!”
      The king of the Jackal burst into tears, and the channel of his faith soared.
      All jackals are very devout and praise Su Cheng.
      This sense of happiness from despair to hope filled their eyes with tears.
      Su Cheng knows.
      If it were not for the restriction of the supreme rule, and the other stages of believers have not been opened up, Geduo's belief might have broken through to the next level.
      But what surprised him was still behind.
      See Geduo and many jackals on the body, suddenly out of a strong black light.
      Geduo raised his head and looked at Su Cheng with great enthusiasm
      “Great God!Your gift to the Jackal will always be remembered. You are the God of the devil, and the jackal is willing to fall into the abyss and become a jackal devil to follow you forever
      “Great God!The jackal is willing to fall into the abyss and become a jackal devil to follow you forever
      All the jackals yelled wildly.
      The black light on his body became more and more intense, gradually covering all jackals and turning them into a large black light cocoon.
      Wait until the black cocoon disappears.
      All the images of jackals have changed dramatically.
      The whole body's blood colored hair was replaced by the magic black.
      The fangs are more ferocious and have been replaced by the devil's tail under the crotch.
      There are even some jackals. No, jackal has demon wings on display!
      Today's jackal has completely turned into a jackal devil, and become a member of the devil!
      It's a voluntary choice.
      All the believers were shocked and silent.
      And Su Cheng was also shocked by the stagnant eyes.
      He was really shocked by the Jackal's faith.
      You know.
      It's not so easy to fall into the abyss and become a demon. It's often a strong obsession that leads the soul to fall into the abyss.
      thus it can be seen.
      How devout the jackals are to Su Cheng's faith.
      After half a ring.
      The great divine voice finally sounded out in the void
      “Jackal will always be my people.”
      Su Cheng used the word “Zi Min” for the first time.
      All of a sudden.
      He had a new understanding of the relationship between God and believers.
      “You give him divine grace and respect, and he gives you faith and eternity.”
      All the jackals screamed:
      “May you do everything for my God!”
      PS: it's a few hundred to 8000. Are you sure you don't want to rush? It's the fifth watch today.*
      Chapter 48 successive promotion to Holy Land!The strength of believers is great![6. Kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      Looking at the wolf devil who is very devout to himself.
      Su Cheng is very pleased.
      Then view the grid attributes that have been promoted to holy land.
      [name]: Geduo
      [race]: bloodthirsty Jackal
      [identity]: King of jackal * Divinity
      [rank]: Holy Land
      Occupation: Soldier
      [skill]: deadly bite lv15, axe throwing lv15, demon fury lv15, bloodthirsty strike lv15, demon realm lv15, soaring instinct lv12, demon chopping lv14, wolf devil heart lv14
      [strength]: 88
      [Constitution]: 82
      Agility: 87
      Spirit: 73
      In Su Cheng's heart, there are only these two words to describe Geduo at this time.
      At this time, Geduo merged with the jackal, and the priesthood had been completely transformed into a divine creature, and then degenerated into a jackal devil, and the attribute went further.
      As soon as I was promoted, my strength attribute reached 88 points!
      This is already an extremely powerful existence in the holy land.
      You know.
      Among the believers.
      There are two levels of existence in the Holy Land and under the holy land.
      Each level under the holy land corresponds to 10 attribute points. For example, the level between 50 and 60 corresponds to the legend level.
      But the holy land is different.
      Between 60 and 100 belong to the scope of holy land.
      Therefore, the gap between holy land and holy land may be more exaggerated than that between holy land and legend!
      Now Geduo should be regarded as the high level of holy land.
      As for the attribute breakthrough of 100, it completely involves the realm of demigod.
      Su Cheng is very satisfied with the fact that he has given Geduo the priesthood of jackal.
      Look at the other jackal properties.
      Sure enough, compared with before, they have been greatly improved.
      “In the future, under the leadership of Geduo, maybe one day jackal will become a real superior creature.”
      It's just hard to say how much effort and time it will take.
      The reward is not enough.
      Su Cheng's cold eyes go to the mountain giant.
      “My God, the mountain giant is at your service at any time.”
      “I give you the heart of the earth, and you need to wash away the shame of the deserter.”
      Long before.
      Su Cheng discovered the identity of the giant deserter of montan mountain.
      There has long been speculation about this.
      In nine cases out of ten, the mountain giant tribe was expelled for some reason.
      Sure enough.
      Hearing these words, Monton could not help roaring up to the sky, then knelt down on one knee, making the earth tremble
      “Monton does not disappoint the great master. One day, I will wash away all Disgraces and let the glory of my lord shine on the Mountain Giants!”
      Under the shadow of divine light.
      The heart of the earth is merging with Monton.
      In the center of his chest, the amber light of earthy yellow kept flashing, and the thick and pure earthy elements cast walls around him.
      Monton's body is soaring.
      In the blink of an eye, it is more than 50 meters!
      What's different from before.
      His rock armor became more and more tough, and the amber light was flowing on it, showing the strength of it.
      [name]: Monton
      [race]: Mountain Giant
      [identity]: deserter of Mountain Giant
      [rank]: Holy Land
      Occupation: None
      [skill]: born giant lv14, meteorite lv13, earth spike lv13, rock armor lv14, earth realm lv14
      Strength: 72
      [Constitution]: 72
      Agile: 73
      Spirit: 66
      Monton also successfully promoted to Holy Land!
      However, compared with Geduo's higher level of holy land, he is at most the middle level of holy land.
      “Thank you for my Lord's gift!”
      This moment.
      Monton's belief channel is expanding and deepening, and in a moment, it breaks through to the level of Apostle.
      And it's not too far from the saints.
      Su Cheng believes it.
      As long as a period of time, Monton will naturally become a saint.
      Su Cheng looks at Red Dragon carlis.
      Unfortunately, this time, we didn't get the treasure that can improve the strength of red dragon.
      He had a plan in mind, and would not favor one over the other.
      “Kalis, I give you the cutting edge.”
      A black spear with extreme sharpness was shot out and stopped steadily in front of carlis.
      This is the legendary weapon held by the former demon general Chester.
      Just now.
      It was with this powerful legendary weapon that the demon general fought against the red dragon for such a long time. Finally, he was rushed by Sophia, who solved his opponent first, and was beaten to death.
      And now.
      This legendary weapon was used by Su Cheng. After infinite evolution, it has been promoted to Holy Land weapon.
      Although weapons of the same level are not as valuable as ethnic treasures of the same level, they are better for individuals.
      Red Dragon carlis's eyes were full of gratitude.
      The dragon's head is down to show piety and respect
      “Thank you for my God's gift, your will is the red dragon's lifelong pursuit!”
      Then Zhang Dalong took a kiss and swallowed the black spear into his stomach.
      The dragon clan's way of using weapons is very simple, that is, swallowing them.
      The weapon's special effects will appear in their bodies.
      The cutting edge of Holy Land weapon has only two powerful special effects.
      The first is sharp!
      The second is cutting!
      After the red dragon Kalis swallowed the spear, the ferocious dragon teeth and four limbs and claws were filled with a strong sharp breath, which seemed to tear the space apart.
      It has the bonus of Holy Land weapons.
      Although the red dragon has not been promoted to the holy land, it is by no means inferior to the general level of the holy land.
      A succession of rewards.
      Su Cheng turns his eyes to Sophia, the sacred unicorn, and the spirit of the wind behind her.
      Su Cheng didn't forget.
      After finishing the special hiding task of exterminating the demon God.
      Sophia has become her own saint, and the wind elves have all become her own crazy believers.
      PS: today's bonus is finished. How about tomorrow's bonus of 10000 votes or 120000 flowers.*
      Chapter 49 ramov, the God of thunder![1. Kneel down and ask for the evaluation ticket]
      And complete the special hidden task.
      It means that Su Cheng can start to use infinite evolution for Sophia and many wind elves!
      this moment.
      Sophia, a saint, looks at Su Cheng with piety and respect.
      Especially when she witnessed that jackal was willing to fall into the abyss and become jackal devil for Su Cheng, her mind was greatly shocked.
      Such a God is worthy of their loyalty.
      “Sophia, in this battle, you and the wind chaser tribe will take the lead. I will give you a new life!”
      Su Cheng's divine grace is great.
      A great deal of divine light fell on Sophia and the wind ELF's head.
      “Infinite evolution!”
      [log]: you have used infinite evolution on holy unicorn and wind spirit!
      [log]: infinite evolution will trigger with 100% probability, and the holy Unicorn will be promoted to one level and holy land!
      [log]: infinite evolution has a 100% probability to trigger 110 times, and infinite evolution has a 10% probability to trigger 20 times. You get 60 golden level wind elves, 60 epic level wind elves, and 10 legendary level wind elves!
      The wave of promotion is continuous.
      The strength of the wind elves has increased greatly, and several lucky ones have been promoted directly from the golden level to the legendary level!
      The strength of Su Cheng's followers has soared again!
      Under Su Cheng's command, the epic stage is already a very ordinary believer.
      Even at the legendary level, he has double-digit followers.
      Even the holy land level, there are three!
      If this kind of luxurious lineup is pulled out, the whole world will be shocked.
      You know.
      At this stage, let alone the epic stage, even a believer in the golden stage is a treasure of the players.
      Let them know the strength of Su Cheng's followers.
      The eye bead that can envy absolutely is aglow.
      And now.
      Su Cheng looked at Sophia's soaring faith channel, and saw that he was about to break through the saint level, but he was stifled again, just like Geduo just now.
      He was helpless.
      Although the supreme rule has a lot of preferential treatment for the Blue Star Gods, it is not without the slightest restriction.
      Like the suppression of believers is one of them.
      According to the blue star players, that is to wait until the game update, will open a new expansion, unlock a new realm and level.
      Su Cheng vaguely remembers.
      The first game update came when the real God appeared in the previous life.
      But to be honest.
      In fact, it's not the supreme rule's suppression of the blue star players. It's Su Cheng who is too abnormal.
      At this stage, after all.
      Players don't mention the saints, even the apostles haven't touched them.
      Where can have Su Cheng this kind of trouble.
      Su Cheng shook his head.
      “Come on, when the restrictions are released, the belief levels of Gedo and Sophia will rise in an instant. Now suppress them.”
      He started looking at Sophia's attributes.
      [name]: Sophia
      [race]: Holy Unicorn
      [identity]: Unicorn * Divinity
      [rank]: Holy Land
      Occupation: None
      [skill]: holy flame Lv16, purifying thunder Lv16, galloping Lv16, healing aura lv15, holy realm lv15
      Strength: 82
      [Constitution]: 84
      Agile: 92
      Spirit: 93
      “92 agility, 93 spirit.”
      “It is worthy of infinite evolution, which directly promoted Sophia from the peak of legend to the peak of Holy Land!”
      Su Cheng grinned.
      Although it has been expected, but when we really see the terrible Unicorn panel, we are still happy and inexplicable.
      If Sophia had this property before the divine war.
      I'm afraid he alone can destroy the demon tribe.
      After sweeping the attributes of the elves of sweeping the wind at will, Su Cheng didn't find the existence of top-notch, so he didn't pay more attention.
      Now his appetite has been raised.
      He doesn't care too much about the potential or the holy land level.
      A divine battle.
      Su Cheng's strength will be a big step forward.
      And he hasn't forgotten that he still has 40 threads of magic power.
      “At the present speed, after refining these divine powers, I can be promoted to six turn semi God in a few days.”
      Su Cheng's heart is full of smiles.
      After giving God's grace to his followers, he let them make their own arrangements.
      And he himself.
      Just began to refine the divine power.
      Time goes back a moment.
      The moment Su Cheng killed Scala, the demon God.
      In a vast kingdom of God.
      A terrible being opens his eyes.
      What a god!
      It was Scala's father, ramov, the God of thunder!
      At this point.
      His eyes were filled with endless anger, and his voice was so powerful that countless creatures in the kingdom of God trembled
      “Scala, who killed you and took your priesthood!”
      “Scala, why are you so stubborn and unwilling to accept my help?”
      “Don't worry, I'll find your killer and put his spirit on the Thunder Mountain for thousands of years!”
      Within the kingdom of God.
      With the collapse of the mountain and the tsunami, the anger of the true God made many believers panic.
      Ramov, the God of thunder, stood up and said coldly:
      “Teleport chaos.”
      He wants to find the true God who is good at divination and find the whereabouts of the murderer.*

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