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Please, it`s realy interesting book. My wife is the Scarlet Witch!

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      Li Bufan traveled to the Marvel universe and accidentally saved the Scarlet Witch. After three years of getting along, the Scarlet Witch became his wife, living a peaceful and happy life.

      The arrival of an uninvited guest broke this tranquility.

      Magneto, Professor X, The Avengers, as well as Abomination, Venom, Loki, Ronan, Demon Dormamu… even that big purple potato face!

      What can Li Bufan do?

      In order to save his life and to maintain the happy life of himself and his wife, he can only rely on the real scene extraction system to extract the skills of the world.

      Smoking, smoking…

      Magneto: “You are the future of mutants!”

      Demon Domam: “Many people say that I am a demon. Friends, believe me, this is definitely your illusion, there is something more ruthless on earth.”

      Thanos: “Don’t fight! Whatever you say, can’t I take it?”

      Chapter 1 Scarlet Witch!
      A towering apartment building.

      Early in the morning, half past seven.

      The warm sun shines into the living room through the huge floor-to-ceiling windows, and the white floor reflects a little scaly light.

      Li Bufan sat on the sofa in the living room and muttered, “System? System?”

      “If you are, say something?”

      “Don’t be rascal, the agreed time is up, hey…grass!”

      Li Bufan is not a person from this world. He comes from the earth and came quite early. He came 18 years ago.

      Whether it is the earth or the world, Li Bufan doesn’t care.

      Because in both worlds, he is a child with no father or mother. Anyway, he lives on his own. What does it matter where he lives?

      The two lives are human and their identities have changed.

      Originally, Li Bufan thought he had just come to a parallel world similar to the earth, but three years ago, an extremely accidental hero saved the beauty, and his worldview changed dramatically.

      The person he rescued was called…Wanda Maximov!

      That’s right, it’s the Scarlet Witch! !

      Until then, he didn’t know that this world was not ordinary at all, it was the damn Marvel world! !

      Li Bufan panicked instantly!

      You should know that the Marvel world, for ordinary people, can be said to be hell, all kinds of villains, all kinds of ruining things, even if there are those superheroes, it is not safe at all.

      Didn’t Thanos wipe out half of humanity with a snap of his fingers?

      Li Bufan has no longevity, how can he ensure that he is not half destroyed?

      Not to mention Thanos, the ultimate boss, if you encounter a villain, or a superhero fights a villain, if you have bad luck, you may want to GG.

      When gods fight, mortals suffer.

      system! !

      If you want to help yourself, there is only the system!

      But damn it, Li Bufan came to this world for eighteen years and called the system at least 180,000 times, but nothing happened. Until three days ago, the system finally responded, and Li Bufan was almost not moved to cry.

      Still very angry! !

      Why is it so late? !

      System: “Because the host is underage, the real-life red envelope extraction system can only be parasitic on adults. It can only be turned on after the host has passed its eighteenth birthday.”

      Li Bufan: “???”

      Where does the fucking setting come from here?

      After three long days of waiting, today was Li Bufan’s eighteenth birthday. After 12 o’clock in the morning, he was so excited that he couldn’t sleep and looked forward to it. Until now, the system still hasn’t responded.

      Li Bufan felt like he was going to explode!

      At this moment, Li Bufan’s mind suddenly trembled.

      He was overjoyed.

      coming! !

      After this mental fluctuation, Li Bufan suddenly appeared in his mind a real-world map, with him as the center, a radius of 1,000 meters, and all the scenes within 1,000 meters were all presented in his mind.

      He can also zoom the real map according to his own mind!

      This is simply installing a smart software similar to Gaode’s map into his brain, which is very powerful and convenient.

      Li Bufan’s eyes brightened.

      Hey, waiting for the whole night, not in vain, the system is produced, it must be a boutique.

      While happy, Li Bufan found that there was a red dot on the real map. He immediately zoomed in on the red dot, not elsewhere, but on the shower in his bathroom.

      The system’s rapid voice suddenly sounded: “Ding! Congratulations to the host, the real-life map has been opened, and the real-life red envelope extraction system is waiting to be activated!”

      “Warning! The host must press the start button within three seconds. Once the timeout expires, the system will be shut down permanently!”

      “Warning! This is not a joke!”

      Three seconds!

      He only has three seconds, and if he misses it, he will regret it for life.


      Li Bufan breathed a sigh of relief.

      System: “Ding! Congratulations to the host, you have completed the opening task… The real-life red envelope extraction system is now being opened… It will take about fifteen minutes, please wait patiently.”

      This time, finally, it’s coming!

      In response to that sentence, the system may be late, but it will never be absent.

      Chapter 2 Happy Birthday!
      There are still fifteen minutes, and the system matters first. The top priority is how to solve this little trouble at hand?

      Three years ago, Wanda was bullied by a group of gangsters. Li Bufan beat the gangsters and rescued Wanda with his good skills. When Wanda’s identity was determined, Li Bufan’s mood collapsed. .

      Damn it!

      God knows what happened, the chaos magic with one hand is so terrible, and even Wanda, who singles out Thanos, will be bullied by a group of gangsters? !

      Forget it, this is not the point.

      The fact is that many people have seen that group of gangsters bullying Wanda, taking photos of that group of people’s lewdness, shivering, and dare not do anything. Only he took action with righteousness and won Wanda’s favor.

      In the following three years of getting along, perhaps the two were orphans and sympathized with each other, and their relationship deepened day by day.

      Up to now, Wanda has loved Li Bufan to the extreme. If she leaves Li Bufan, she will violently go away in an instant, and it is possible to destroy the world.

      Although the relationship was deep, the two did not take the last step.

      The reason is also very simple. Three years ago, Li Bufan was only fifteen years old and he was not yet an adult. For Li Bufan, who was a human for two generations, his age was not a problem at all, he should be mentally mature. What’s more, his body matured early.

      But for Wanda, he is willing to compromise, but now, this is not a special situation.

      Wanda blushed, and said, “Don’t you hurry out?”

      “Oh, sorry, sorry!” Li Bufan was embarrassed and quickly explained, “Wanda, I didn’t mean it.”

      Wanda deliberately scowled and said: “Uncommon, then how do you explain now?”

      Wipe, Omei won’t be angry anymore, right?

      Li Bufan immediately extended his deepest regards to the system. You give the task, but I have no objection. What task can you give?

      Facing Wanda’s question, Li Bufan initiated a brainstorm.

      There is it!

      Li Bufan’s eyes rolled and said: “Wanda, after today, I will be eighteen years old, hehe… you promised me.”


      Wanda couldn’t help but laughed, and gave Li Bufan a mad look: “You little villain! I’ll talk about it another day, but not today, hurry up and get out.”

      Finally passed!

      Li Bufan said: “But Wanda, you know me, I absolutely respect your ideas, if you are not ready, I will never force you. I apologize for my rash actions, sorry——”

      “Do not!”

      Wanda stretched out his right hand, gently pressed it on Li Bufan’s mouth, and said tenderly: “No need to apologize, never need, my little man. I am not ready, but I am not angry, let alone you. apologize.”

      “Because you are my man, you saved me, understand?”

      Li Bufan was stunned for a moment, because Wanda’s eye circles were slightly red, apparently thinking of the time when the two of them had spent the past few years together.

      There have been difficulties and sorrows, but the two hearts are always together and never separated.

      Snuggling for warmth, that’s probably the case.

      Li Bufan had no other thoughts in his mind, just a lot of emotion.

      She came to this world without a family member. Wanda thought she saved her, but in fact, what she didn’t know was that she had saved him and saved a lonely soul…

      With her, Li Bufan has roots in this world.

      With her, Li Bufan no longer wanders in this world.

      At this point, Li Bufan smiled slightly and said, “Daughter-in-law, don’t say that, I saved you, but you saved me too.”

      young married woman.

      Wanda knows that this is the nickname for his wife in her lover’s hometown. She likes this name very much, and it contains Bufan’s deep love for herself.

      “Hmm, sweet little villain!”

      Wanda gave Li Bufan a blank look and said, “I know what you mean. I have to go to work today, and you will be late. If you are deducted from school again, I can’t save you!”

      “Bath, eat, and then go to school, you know?”

      “happy Birthday!”

      The working hours are almost here, and I will definitely be late if I don’t go out. Wanda didn’t have time to talk sweetly to his man, and said a few words, quickly put on clothes and simple makeup, then hurried out and rushed to Zhongcheng High School.

      Wanda is 20 years old and works as an internship assistant in Midtown High School. He is still in the three-month internship period. Whether he can stay depends on his performance in the last month.

      Li Bufan also studied at Zhongcheng High School, and this is the last year.

      The reason why Wanda went to Midtown High School to apply is entirely because of him, and for him, there are two options next, he can continue his studies, enter a good university, or directly enter the society and find a job. .

      In China, most people who work after high school are basically helpless choices because they can’t get into university.

      The Beacon Country is different. Many excellent high school students do not go to university and work directly.

      How should Li Bufan choose?

      It used to be a step-by-step process, and I’ll talk about it after college, but now it’s different. Let’s take a look at this real-life red envelope extraction system.

      Chapter 3 Real-life red envelopes: interesting system!
      Fifteen minutes later, the system officially started.


      It was like a burst of electric current rushing through his mind, and a huge amount of information emerged in Li Bufan’s mind.

      The system information he understands is as follows:

      First of all, the so-called real-life red envelope extraction means that the system will open the real-life red envelope activity every once in a while. With the start time, the position where he is standing is the center of the circle, and there will be many red envelopes in a certain range around it.

      Secondly, red envelopes are divided into seven levels, namely: B, A, S, SSS, demigod, god, and ancestor.

      The higher the level, the higher the rewards for the items in the red envelope!

      Such as: B-level red envelopes, according to the explanation of the system, if defined according to the strength of the Marvel heroes, it is basically a dragon set.

      A-level red envelopes, this is considered an elite level.

      The S-level red envelopes are already at the level of heroes.

      Third, there are many kinds of red envelopes, there are ordinary red envelopes, which can be obtained by clicking, and there are also task red envelopes, which can only be obtained by completing the tasks issued by the system.

      Fourth, the rewarded items are mainly divided into two categories, one is ordinary items, such as steel suits, and the other is special items, such as “Chakra Ouyi”, which is a teaching book for Chakra in Naruto World.

      For Li Bufan, this is not a book, but a skill that can be mastered in an instant. As long as you obtain it, you can immediately master the hidden meaning of Chakra operation!

      Fifth, and most importantly, how to upgrade! ?

      There are seven red envelopes with the lowest level B. All ghosts know that level B items are garbage, and they have not seen the definition of the system: Dragon set level!

      What a joke!

      Suddenly crossing, although it was not my intention, but now that he has crossed, Li Bufan can’t be satisfied, just being a passerby, how can he not fall into the name of a traverser!

      Well, in fact, this is all imaginary.

      This is Marvel World!

      Some super villains will destroy the world at every turn of Marvel! !

      Life-saving is the key!

      Anyone who wants to save their lives and control their own destiny is unreliable, they can only improve their own strength as much as possible.

      According to the system prompts, if you want to upgrade, you need to complete 1-3 ultimate tasks, sometimes once, sometimes three times. The trick is, whether it is once or three times. He has no authority to know before completing the previous ultimate task.

      right now?

      He is not even qualified to know the ultimate mission of upgrading from B-level to A-level.

      Damn permission dog.

      Having said that, Li Bufan, who received all the information, ticked his mouth and couldn’t help but laughed: “Real-life red envelopes? It’s really an interesting system.”

      After a short pause, Li Bufan looked forward to: “The system, isn’t there a novice gift package at first?”

      System: “Yes.”


      System: “Excuse me, the host, do you receive the novice gift package immediately?”

      Nonsense, now is the best time for him to cook, don’t use it at this time, keep it for the New Year?

      Li Bufan said without hesitation: “Receive!”

      System: “Ding! Newbie gift packs are being distributed, please start receiving them!”

      “Red envelope 1: 100*100*100 red envelope space, unit: meter, remarks: only soulless items can be stored, and subsequent items will be directly distributed to the red envelope space.”

      “Red Packet 2: The Top Hacking Technique…”

      “Red Packet 3: God-level singing voice and singing skills…”

      “Red Packet 4: Wing Chun, Dzogchen…”

      “Red envelope 5: bulletproof suit, casual style…”

      Messages flashed through Li Bufan’s mind quickly, and all the items appeared in the red envelope space as soon as his thoughts moved.

      He quickly scanned it, but he was taken aback.

      For example, Wing Chun.

      The message is below:

      【Name: Wing Chun, Chinese martial arts

      Quality: B-level second-class

      World: “Ip Man”

      Category: Special items, skills]

      It was a cyan book with the word “Wing Chun” written on the title page. According to the system, as long as you browse this book yourself, you will be able to practice Wing Chun to Dzogchen at once.

      Without any hesitation, Li Bufan quickly browsed through it.

      It’s really browsing, just flip through it, and after a few seconds, all the Wing Chun moves flashed through his mind, and he did it overnight, the Wing Chun that others could only practice for decades.


      Li Bufan’s eyes brightened and he whistled happily.

      Bulletproof suit, casual style, not bad.

      Put it on!

      Hacking technique?

      receive! !

      In an instant, Li Bufan mastered computer technology that many people would not be able to master even if they exhausted their entire lives.

      Finally, the song god?

      What the hell is this? This is Marvel, what use do I want this skill to do? Could it be that I was forced to dance and kill Ronan just like Xing Jue’s tease?

      Forget it, don’t hold yourself down if you have too much skill.


      “Ding! Congratulations to the host, you have reached the level of an S-rank singer!”

      “Ding! Congratulations to the host, you have reached the level of a great god-level singer!”

      “Ding! Congratulations to the host, you have reached the level of a heavenly singer!”

      “Ding! Congratulations to the host, you are now the god of song!!”

      Li Bufan smiled: “Try it…”

      Nothing else, the highest note of “Qinghai-Tibet Plateau” came right away. If it had only started before, it would have been broken, but now, I can sing it easily without any pressure! !


      Li Bufan whistled again.

      At this time.

      System: “Ding Dong! Congratulations to the host, the first B-level red envelope drawing operation is about to begin, and it will last 72 hours, that is, 3 days. After 3 days, all red envelopes will disappear. Please be prepared for the host!”

      That arrives so fast?


      Li Bufan smiled.

      Today Monday, he is still in class, but compared with red envelopes, class is obviously not a problem.

      Buzz, buzz, buzz! !

      A three-dimensional real-world map appeared in Li Bufan’s mind. With him as the center, a circle with a radius of 1,000 meters is not just the street, but 1,000 meters from the sky and 1,000 meters below the ground, which is an exaggeration.

      You know, human beings are only in the exploratory stage of 1000 meters underground.

      Chapter 4 Leaving Wanda: We are not the people of the world!
      In the real map, there is only one red dot.

      Every time a real red envelope is drawn, it is of course impossible to have only one red envelope. It is the same as if you want to upgrade the red envelope. Only by obtaining this red envelope can you receive the second one.

      The Red Dot is not far from Li Bufan, which is Lao Wang’s restaurant more than 100 meters away.

      It is a Chinatown with many Chinese.

      Lao Wang Restaurant, the owner is a native of Gansu, and mainly deals in noodles. Lanzhou Ramen is a must-have. The taste is extremely authentic. It is also Li Bufan’s favorite. I will take Wanda with him every other time and make Wanda fall in love with ** food. .

      Li Bufan got dressed and went downstairs quickly.

      Time waits for no one.

      Although three days are not short, all the red envelopes will disappear after the time has passed. The most regrettable thing is not to lose, but that he doesn’t even know what he has lost.

      He was in a hurry, but unfortunately, a phone call came, and the man said that he had come downstairs and asked to meet Li Bufan.

      Li Bufan was helpless, but this person had to meet, because his name was Pietro Maximov, Wanda’s twin brother and his elder brother.

      In the comic setting, Kuaiyin was born thirty seconds later than Wanda, but in Marvel Universe Film and Television, the setting was changed, which also made Li Bufan sure that he came to the film and television world of Marvel Universe instead of Comic world.

      Fortunately in misfortune.

      If it is really a comic, Li Bufan may not be able to survive even if he has the system. It is very simple, he may not have time to grow up.

      How chaotic the comic Marvel is, I can’t even think about it. I won’t talk about all kinds of villains that destroy the world. Even a decent villain may become a villain. If Wanda loses control of his spirit, he instantly kills the world, how terrifying it is. .

      Five minutes later, the hustle and bustle of Chinatown.

      Lao Wang Restaurant.

      A red dining table near the window and two benches are very unique. Li Bufan and “Quick Silver” Pietro sit opposite each other.


      A chubby middle-aged man smiled at Li Bufan: “Why don’t your kid go to school? Don’t be too long-winded, knowledge is the kingly way these days, otherwise you can only serve the plate like my kid. ”

      This middle-aged man is the owner of the restaurant-Wang Dahu, and he is called “Lao Wang” by others.

      He also has a son and a daughter, both in their twenties. He had no chance to study and could not find a good job, so he could only help in a restaurant. A family of four runs a restaurant, the business is very hot, and it is too busy, so six more people are invited.

      Li Bufan smiled and said, “Pharaoh, your family is very moisturized. Your restaurant has not made less money in a year, and those who work do not make much more than you.”

      A trace of complacency flashed across Wang Dahu’s face, and he waved his hand and said, “What, all he makes is hard money. What do you eat today? Or the same?”


      “Where is your friend?”

      “He can’t get used to our food.”

      Wang Dahu stopped asking more questions and rushed to the kitchen back: “Second son, a bowl of Lanzhou ramen, put more peppers and coriander, table No. 12.”


      Inside, Wang Dahu’s son responded honestly.

      Li Bufan swept his gaze toward the southeast corner, where there were four burly men, two blacks and two whites.

      Immediately afterwards, Li Bufan’s mouth twitched.


      Because – when his eyes swept over the four men, one of the white people’s right cheeks suddenly flashed red, and a golden red envelope appeared with five words “Fan I have a red envelope” on it.

      This is really real scene extraction, but is it too funny?

      “Hello. Hello.”

      Pietro’s face was full of frost, and he knocked his fists twice on the red table. He was very dissatisfied and said: “I have something to tell you, you can be serious!”

      Li Bufan said: “Pitro, what do you want to say? I don’t have much time. If you have something to say, you can make a long story short, okay?”

      “Boy!! This is how you talk to me?”

      Pietro glared at him, gritted his teeth and said, “Ill mannered brat, if it wasn’t for my sister’s face, I would have fixed you!”

      “I know, I know.” Li Bufan waved his hand casually, did not take Pitro’s threat seriously, and continued, “What’s the matter, let’s talk about it.”

      Pietro took a deep breath and suppressed the anger in his heart!

      Although he wanted to smash this bastard boy, he knew he could never do it, because he knew the weight of this boy in Wanda’s heart. If he really did that, no one knew whether Wanda would go violently.


      This guy is so annoying, and he doesn’t know what his sister is after. He just let this kid catch a chance and show off in front of his sister.

      “Your time is precious, my time is more precious than you.” Pietro said quickly, “So, let’s not talk nonsense, this is the last time, leave my sister!”

      Li Bufan shrugged and said speechlessly: “Please, Pietro, be mature. You said the same last time.”


      Pietro’s face blushed and gritted his teeth and said: “This is really the last time! I didn’t tell you before. It was because I wanted to live a peaceful life with Wanda, but it’s impossible now!”

      “That guy has found it! He wants us to go back!”

      that guy?

      Li Bufan frowned and said secretly: Is it Magneto?

      A trace of terror flashed in Pietro’s eyes, staring at Li Bufan, and said: “Boy, do you think you really know Wanda? No! You don’t understand it at all! You don’t even know what this is like. world!!”

      “However, this is not important, what is important is that we are not a world person at all!”

      “Some time ago, you should have heard about the rumors of monster wars in the suburbs of Los Angeles? What did the government say? Helicopter collisions? Oh, and video evidence. You must think so too, right?”

      Pietro was mocking, as if looking at a fool.

      Li Bufan’s mouth twitched.

      I think it’s a ghost, hell, that’s Hulk fighting with hatred, I really thought I didn’t know anything.

      Pitro unexpectedly came to showdown this time, so Li Bufan wanted to showdown too.

      Forget it, it’s better to keep a low profile before becoming absolutely strong. Early development is the kingly way.

      Chapter 5 Conflict in Restaurants!
      Although Pietro said it was a showdown this time, he could see that he still had some scruples. He didn’t fully confess everything, and he mocked for a while. He continued: “If you don’t leave Wanda again, you are sure will die!”

      “Although Wanda won’t die, she will do what she doesn’t want to do because of you!”

      “So, leave Wanda!”

      “Whether it’s for you or Wanda, it’s the best choice! Even if you don’t think about yourself, you should also consider Wanda? Do you really want to let Wanda do what she doesn’t like because of yourself What to do?”

      Li Bufan shook his head and said flatly: “No.”


      Did this bastard get rid of it?

      Pitro was overjoyed and said, “So you want to leave Wanda?”

      Li Bufan: “How is it possible?”

      Pietro: “??!”

      peat! !

      What the hell? Do you really tease me, and what’s the matter with your look like an idiot? !

      Pietro gritted his teeth angrily: “Smelly boy!! You are provoking the limit of my endurance! You don’t think that relying on Wanda, you can really be so presumptuous to me, right?”

      Li Bufan said: “Pitro, you are also provoking my limits. Since today is the last time you said this, then I will reply to you for the last time-impossible! It is impossible to leave Wanda, in this life It’s impossible, I can only rely on Wanda to eat soft rice and barely live a life.”

      Pietro: “…”

      Li Bufan made a joke, his expression suddenly became serious, and he said indifferently: “Pitro, I will never leave Wanda, and at the same time, I will never allow anyone to force Wanda to do things she doesn’t like or want to do. .”

      “If anyone dares to do this, I will let him know how to write the word’regret’.”

      Pitro was taken aback and looked at Li Bufan in surprise.

      This kid!

      At this moment, he felt an unprecedented domineering aura from Li Bufan, not the kind of arrogant dominance, but the gentleness like a spring breeze.

      I said, you can’t, you can’t!

      This kind of warmth and domineering, he has only experienced it in one person, and that person is…Professor X.

      Pietro shivered all over!


      He felt like he was crazy, and he would associate this kid with Professor X.

      Who is Professor X?

      That is the lifelong enemy of Magneto, the super god among mutants! !

      This kid is pretending to be coercive and talking big! !

      Thinking of this, Pitro was even more annoyed, and said with a look of disgust: “Asshole! Your kid doesn’t know what he’s talking about! I’ll say it again, you and my sister, we are not in the same world at all, and don’t want to die…”

      Li Bufan yawned and interrupted: “After doing Pitro, don’t talk about the chariots, will it be possible? One sentence back and forth repeatedly, you are not annoying, my ears are all calluses.”

      “Do you still have something to do? I have something to do.”

      After that, Li Bufan got up and walked towards the four men.

      Pietro dumbfounded!

      Soon, it was on fire! !

      This bastard boy who doesn’t know the heights of the sky, dare to talk to himself like this! !

      Hey, wait!

      What does he want to do? Wouldn’t you want to do what justice messenger was like three years ago? Haha… brat, you stepped on a nail this time, those four guys are not ordinary people, they all have snake tattoos on their necks.

      Not wrong, those four men belong to the Viper Gang!

      The Venomous Snake Gang, a gang entrenched in Queens, has only gathered up in the last two months. Now, of the four guys, two had eaten, and the other two poured their meals directly on the ground, obviously looking for fault.

      Seeing what the situation is now, Pietro laughed, staring at Li Bufan interestingly, and secretly said: “The little kid who hasn’t gotten out of the ivory tower, you will know right away,’We are not people in the world at all.’ Meaning.”

      There was already a picture of Li Bufan being beaten by those four guys in his mind. The kid had no choice but to beg for his own action…

      That’s cool.

      Pietro kept his eyes on, looking forward to it more and more.


      With a crisp sound, a white man with a face of Eastern Europe slammed the bowl to the ground and yelled: “Fuck!! What the hell is this? It’s terrible!!”


      The black man beside the white man pointed to the Lanzhou ramen scattered on the ground and exaggeratedly shouted: “Flies! Damn, there are three flies in this bowl! It’s so unhygienic!!”

      The white leader was even more annoyed. He grabbed Wang Dahu by the collar and roared angrily: “Fuck! Fuck! Damn yellow monkeys, what do you do for business?!”

      Wang Dahu was born with thick eyebrows, a simple and honest personality, and shouted: “You slander our restaurant! I brought the ramen personally. It is absolutely clean and hygienic! You put the flies in by yourself, you want to blackmail!”

      “Blackmail?” The white leader narrowed his eyes and said with a negative smile. “Yellow monkey, this word is good, we are here to blackmail. What do you want to do?”

      Wang Dahu flushed with anger: “I want to call the police!”

      boom! !

      The white leader slammed Wang Dahu’s face with a punch, and directly knocked Wang Dahu into the air. The restaurant suddenly turned over and the guests fled out one after another.

      Wang Dahu’s wife, son, and daughter were trembling with fright.

      Chapter 6 Wing Chun, show great power! !
      The huge restaurant was bustling and very noisy the moment before. It has become deserted and deserted at this moment. Even the staff employed by Wang Dahu ran away when the situation was not good.

      There are only four of Lao Wang’s family, plus Pietro who is watching the show and Li Bufan who is ready to shoot.

      For the time being, the attention of the four members of the Viper Gang was on Wang Dahu’s family of four. No one paid attention to them. The white leader stepped on Wang Dahu’s chest and laughed wildly: “Yellow monkey, what did you just say?”

      “Call the police?”

      “Do you think the police can help you? Tell you, this uncle is named Wilson, the Viper Gang, even if you call the police, so what? If the police can help you for a while, can you still help you? The police are gone during the day, uncle Come again at night, will you call the police again?”

      Wang Dahu was dumbfounded.

      It really is!

      The white leader arrogantly said: “Stupid yellow-skinned monkey! Tell you, starting this month, your restaurant belongs to our Viper Gang! Every month our Viper Gang sends people to check the accounts, and you must hand over 80% of the profit. .”


      Wang Dahu was anxious. Originally, he wanted to compromise and pay the protection fee every month, but he didn’t expect the Viper Gang to do such a great job. Not only did they collect protection fees, but they had to collect 80% of the profits. Then they would give it to the Viper Gang. Part-time job? Then open a fart restaurant? It doesn’t matter if you don’t open it!

      “Jie Jie!!”

      The white leader gave a weird smile and slammed his feet.

      Wang Dahu screamed.

      “It seems that you are asking for money but not life. You are worthy of being a yellow-skinned monkey. Money is more important than life!”

      Wang Dahu’s wife ran out and knelt in front of the white leader, begging: “Uncle, we were wrong. Whatever you say, we will do it all… Please don’t hurt our head of the house…”

      The white leader smiled: “It’s pretty much the same, but you’re not lying to me, want to delay time?”

      Wang Dahu’s wife was taken aback.

      It really is!

      Just now, Wang Dahu’s family wanted to understand that the Viper Gang had already been watching them. It was impossible for this restaurant to open anymore. As long as they passed this level first, then they would slip away. They couldn’t afford it, and they could still hide.

      Unexpectedly, this guy saw through.

      “Don’t dare, don’t dare…”

      “Jie Jie!”

      The white leader gave another weird smile and sneered: “You yellow-skinned monkeys are very cunning. Don’t think I don’t know what you think… That girl, temporarily lives in our Viper Gang, as long as you cooperate obediently, She will be fine…”

      He was talking about Wang Dahu’s daughter, Wang Xiaocui, who looked very ordinary, but she was in good shape and was already 21 years old.


      Wang Xiaocui was stunned and hid behind her brother.

      The white boss is full of lewd faces!

      Wang Dahu shouted: “Bastard! What do you want to do? Call the police, call the police immediately!!”

      Wang Dahu’s wife kept kowtow, crying in fright: “Uncle, we must cooperate obediently, please let my daughter go… I beg you, please…”

      “Fuck!” the white leader said impatiently, “Smith, what are you still stupefied? Go and get that girl over!”

      “Hehehe, good boss.”

      Snapped! !

      At this moment, Li Bufan shot, slapped the white leader’s right cheek.

      Crisp and neat.

      All four of the Viper Gang were dumbfounded, and the Wang Dahu family of four were dumbfounded.

      Li Bufan didn’t care, as if he was all right.

      “Ding! Congratulations to the host, get a quest red envelope!”

      “Ding! Task: At noon on the day of hoeing, sweat drips into the soil. Who knows that the Chinese food on the plate is hard work… It is shameful to waste, even if you order Lanzhou ramen, you will eat it even if you kneel

      After that, the host must ask the snake to help the four to finish all the ramen! ”

      “Ding! Mission reward: Super Soldier Genetic Modification Liquid… There is no penalty for mission failure.”

      Li Bufan glanced at the Lanzhou ramen scattered all over the place, and the corner of his mouth twitched.

      I like this task.


      The white leader’s eyes were blazing, he stared at Li Bufan fiercely, gritted his teeth and said: “You damn yellow monkey, you are looking for death—”

      Snapped! !

      Before the white leader finished speaking, Li Bufan made another move without leaving any hands. A Wing Chun fist hit the white leader’s throat. The white leader was instantly overturned and fell heavily.

      All four Wang Dahu’s family were stunned.

      Wang Dahu looked at Li Bufan in surprise, and said in shock: “Xiao Li, you?”

      Li Bufan smiled slightly, helped Wang Dahu up, and said, “Old Wang, you stand back and leave the rest to me.”

      “You. You have to be careful… this group of people is hard to deal with.”

      Wang Dahu will be skeptical.

      Li Bufan waved his hand to signal Wang Dahu to rest assured.

      “This kid…”

      Pietro, who was watching the play, was also dumbfounded.

      I originally thought that Li Bufan would be beaten up by the Viper Gang, but he didn’t expect that this kid would be the first to take the trouble.

      Yes, it is Kung Fu! !

      **The quintessence of the country! !

      The white leader was beaten by Li Bufan’s Wing Chun fist. He lost his face and roared: “Fuck! I’m going to kill you!! Kill this kid!!!”

      Huh! !

      The three Viper Gang members immediately showed their weapons and three daggers glowing with cold.

      Pietro reminded: “Boy, those guys have weapons, don’t be careless.”

      Li Bufan smiled faintly: “I know.”

      ps: The site review is too strict, the first chapter enters the small black room, speechless.

      The first chapter is about Li Bufan’s origins, and then obtained the system, impacted the bathroom to open, Wanda happened to be washing, and it should be released tomorrow.

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      Chapter 7 This kid has a terrible character, right?
      “Yellow monkey! Go to death!!”

      A black man with a hideous face, took a dagger and pierced Li Bufan’s chest. Li Bufan turned sideways and swiftly avoided it. It was a counterattack, hitting the black wrist.

      The black screamed, his wrists numb, and the dagger fell instantly.

      Li Bufan took advantage of the victory and chased him with his right hand into a fist, hitting the black temple with a heavy hammer.

      boom! !

      With a muffled sound, the black man flew out, hit the wall hard, and fainted directly.

      This series of actions were like running clouds and flowing water. In less than two seconds before and after, the member of the Viper Gang was GG. The remaining two members of the Viper Gang were terrified, knowing that this time they encountered a tough stubble, and they didn’t dare to make any big claims.

      The two cooperated and killed Li Bufan from two directions respectively.

      Three seconds later.

      In Li Bufan’s dazzling blow, both of them vomited blood and fell heavily to the ground.

      Pietro was completely amazed!

      “Damn it!”

      This kid is not embroidered with fists, but really fucking hard! !

      When was he so good?

      “Be careful!!”

      Pietro reminded him again, but it was too late, because when Li Bufan knocked over the three Viper Gang, the white leader had already drawn his gun and aimed it at Li Bufan’s head.

      “do not move!”

      The white leader yelled nervously, his gun hands trembling.

      Li Bufan was as calm as a mountain, looking at the white leader with a smile but a smile: “You have a gun in your hand, and there should be bullets in the gun. You are still facing my head at the moment, so…what are you nervous about?”


      The white leader yelled, yes, why are you nervous? What if this damn yellow-skinned monkey’s kung fu is good?

      I have a gun! !

      “Damn yellow-skinned monkey! You got into trouble, you got into someone who shouldn’t be offended! This uncle belongs to the Viper Gang, the Viper Gang!!”

      Li Bufan smiled.

      “Oh, this sentence is also for you. Your Viper Gang has also provoke people who shouldn’t be offended.”

      The white leader thinks this yellow-skinned monkey must be crazy, knowing that he belongs to the Viper Gang, he dares to be so arrogant!


      “Kneel down! I count three times. If you don’t kneel down for this uncle, you will die!!”

      Li Bufan shrugged and said with a smile: “You don’t have to be so troublesome, you can shoot now. Guess, can you hit it?”

      The white leader was speechless.

      This yellow-skinned monkey is a lunatic, do normal people dare to play like this?

      Pietro also felt that Li Bufan was playing with fire, and said: “Hey boy, don’t think that you have kung fu is great, no matter how good your kung fu, you can’t resist bullets.”

      He wasn’t worried at all, even if Li Bufan couldn’t stop him, there was still him.

      He is fast silver!

      Li Bufan smiled and said, “Shoot, why, don’t you dare to shoot, do you?”

      “Fuck!” The white leader was completely angered by Li Bufan’s contempt, and roared, “Go to hell!!”


      The gunfire sounded, but at the moment when the gunfire sounded, Li Bufan’s head could not be avoided.

      Pitro was surprised!

      His speed is very fast, and his eyes are faster, otherwise the speed is lifted up and he can’t see anything at all. That is the headless fly. Therefore, he can see the trajectory of the bullet clearly.

      The bullet flew past Li Bufan’s brain!

      Maybe only one centimeter!

      Do not!

      Only 0.5 mm! !

      Pietro was shocked.

      Is this kid a lunatic, or is he absolutely sure of his own strength?

      next moment.

      Li Bufan had already bullied him and his expression became extremely cold: “You really dare to shoot.”

      Click! !

      While speaking, Li Bufan shot like lightning, hitting his throat first, and when the white leader bends over, he hit his knees again, and there were two crisp noises. The white leader’s two knees actually shattered instantly.


      The white leader screamed like a pig.

      With frost on his face, Li Bufan took the white leader’s pistol by lightning and aimed it at the white leader’s head.

      The situation reversed.

      Now, the small life of the white leader is in Li Bufan’s hands. As long as he gently pulls the trigger, the white leader will return to the west.

      “No…” In the face of the threat of death, the white leader was completely intimidated, ignoring the sore knee pain, and begged in fear, “Don’t kill me! I was wrong! I apologize to you! Please, Do not kill me!!”

      “Idiot.” Li Bufan said with a look of disgust, “Didn’t your mother teach you that you can’t waste food?”

      The white boss is dumbfounded!

      The others were all dumbfounded.

      What the hell? !

      Did you act because I was wasting food?

      The white leader silently glanced at the Lanzhou ramen scattered on the ground, oh, there were three flies he added inside.

      The white leader cautiously said: “Heroes, heroes, what do you mean…”

      Li Bufan said coldly: “What should I do, do you still need me to teach you? If you want to survive, I eat up all the ramen on the ground.”

      Damn it!

      It really is.

      The white boss has a shit expression on his face. This is really self-inflicted and cannot live, but in order to survive, bear it.

      “Okay, okay… I eat, I must eat them all clean!!”

      The white leader crawled on the ground, enduring his nausea, and ate all the ramen on the ground. For fear that Li Bufan would regret it, he not only ate three flies, but even licked the ground. It was so clean that it couldn’t be clean.

      Pitro, who was on the side, had a nausea, almost did not spit out the overnight meal, and gave Li Bufan a dissatisfied look.

      This kid has a terrible character, right?

      Chapter 8 Super Warrior Genetic Modification Liquid!
      After the white leader finished everything, he looked at Li Bufan flatly, and Li Bufan said lightly: “Get out of here!”

      “Good, good!”

      Two other members of the Viper Gang, one carrying the white leader and the other carrying a fainting companion, also fled and left the restaurant.

      Wang Dahu’s family of four is still full of palpitations.

      “Little Li…”

      Wang Dahu is like not knowing Li Bufan, this little guy, he is just a high school student, why has he suddenly become a super master?

      Li Bufan smiled and said, “Pharaoh, the matter has been resolved.”

      Wang Dahu shook his head and said, “Not yet, Xiao Li, although you beat them away, they are just four young people from the Viper Gang. The Viper Gang will definitely get revenge… Hey, this restaurant can’t go on… …”

      “Don’t worry.” Li Bufan smiled and said, “I haven’t eaten enough of your Lanzhou ramen. I will take a day off today. It will open tomorrow as usual. You should be able to see the news of the destruction of the Viper Gang tonight.”

      Wang Dahu was shocked. He thought Li Bufan was going to single out the Viper Gang, and said nervously: “Xiao Li, don’t do stupid things. If this restaurant is gone, it will be gone. Just open it somewhere else, but your life If it’s gone, then it’s all gone…”

      “Pharaoh, what do you think, how could I single out the Viper Gang…”

      Li Bufan smiled, glanced at Pietro, and said, “But I have a very good friend. He has a good reputation in New York. Even the government sells his face. He will help the poisonous snake tonight.”

      “Friend, don’t you say so?”

      Pietro was so speechless that he didn’t expect this kid to stare at him.

      Forget it.

      Anyway, Magneto found their brothers and sisters, and it is impossible to hide them in New York. Maybe their brothers and sisters will start to flee soon, so they should be a gift to this kid before they leave.

      “Kungfu boy, don’t get too proud, otherwise you will die one day!”

      Pietro left these words and decisively left the restaurant, following the four little snakes from the viper gang, preparing to bring the vipers to the pot.

      Wang Dahu will be skeptical, but there is still a glimmer of hope.

      Just like Xiao Li said, close the door for a day and watch tomorrow’s news, hoping that a miracle will happen. After all, this restaurant was opened with great difficulty. If he had to, how could he give up easily?

      After Pietro left, Li Bufan also left and went to a boutique across the street.

      A system voice came from my mind: “Ding! Congratulations to the host, the task has been completed, and the task reward has been distributed to the red envelope space, please check the host!”

      Li Bufan’s thoughts flashed and he scanned the red envelope space. As expected, there was an extra bottle of red medicine, about 30ml.

      The attributes are as follows:

      [Item: Super Warrior Genetic Modification Liquid

      Attribute: ordinary items

      Quality: B-level high (grade, medium, high)

      World: “Star Empire”

      Use: direct injection, three minutes to complete the transformation]

      “Fuck, is there any mistake? This level of item is actually only B-level high-level?”

      Li Bufan quickly browsed the attributes of the item and was shocked.

      There is no other reason.

      This item comes from “Interstellar Empire”, what kind of world the Interstellar Empire is, Li Bufan doesn’t know, nor does he need to know, he only needs to know what the super soldier genetic modification fluid is.

      According to the information given by the system, this thing is to enhance the combat effectiveness of fighters in the interstellar empire.

      The effect is very explosive!

      Even if compared with the super soldier serum injected by the US team, it is not too much, it may be a little weaker. As a result… this thing is actually only B-quality, how fierce is that god-quality item?

      Absolutely more terrifying than the Marvel world, the so-called evil gods and gods, right?

      Li Bufan exclaimed.

      “Hello, sir, do you want to see this shirt?”

      At this time, a blond and blue-eyed shopping guide stepped forward and asked, but Li Bufan stopped in front of a row of shirt racks for too long, which attracted the attention of the shopping guide, thinking he wanted to buy a shirt.

      “Oh, yes.”

      Li Bufan smiled slightly.

      The shopping guide took a few shirts and smiled: “The fitting room is here, please follow me.”

      Li Bufan followed the shopping guide to a fitting room, took a red and blue plaid shirt, walked into the fitting room, threw the shirt aside, took out the super soldier genetic modification solution from the red envelope space, and injected it directly.

      hiss! !

      Li Bufan frowned, and immediately after the injection, he felt an indescribable pain, and every cell in his body seemed to burn.

      He can clearly feel every change in his skin, and he can more clearly feel that every cell of his own is being transformed.

      Are all strong!

      Pain and happiness! !

      Three minutes later, the pain was finally over, and the transformation was completely completed. Li Bufan felt like an ancient beast lived in his body, possessing infinite power!

      He even felt that his various qualities had reached the pinnacle of ordinary humans! !


      Li Bufan’s mouth twitched and he couldn’t help whistling, and then took off his clothes all over, leaving only a pair of short pants.

      Then… I saw the explosion!

      Chapter 9 Qualitative Change! Explosive figure, perfect line!
      Wearing clothes is nothing, that is to say, the body feels heavier than before, but when you take off your clothes, the visual impact will come!

      Although the body remains the same, it hasn’t become five big and three thick, but the edges and corners on the body are like rock carvings…especially the nine-pack abs and the perfect mermaid line, releasing a thrilling charm! !

      “Tsk…” Li Bufan smiled and squinted, “Let’s try it.”

      He stood upright, like a javelin, and then his whole body leaned straight forward, using only one index finger in each of his left and right hands. Under such impact, not only did the index finger bear it, but there was no pain at all.


      With steady breathing, he quickly did a hundred push-ups.

      It’s easy and stress-free!

      “Come again!”

      With a smile at the corner of Li Bufan’s mouth, he suddenly lifted his left hand back, and used his right index finger to do push-ups alone.

      Another hundred! !

      Then he slapped the palm of his right hand on the ground, and he finished changing hands in an instant.

      One hundred more! !

      There was still no pressure. Li Bufan didn’t even sweat a single drop. A total of three hundred push-ups took less than three minutes. In other words, he had one index finger and one hundred push-ups, not even a minute.

      This physical fitness is strong enough to explode.

      At this moment, the beautiful shopping guide waited for a long time, worried that Li Bufan might have a problem, so he opened the curtain of the fitting room and said with concern: “Sir, are you okay? Ah—— ”

      The beauty shopping guide’s eyes went straight!

      Li Bufan patted the ground with his left hand.


      He stood up like a benchmark, and the beauty shopping guide saw the exploding figure approaching Li Bufan, his eyes widened! !

      Oh my God! !

      This little man didn’t think there was anything when he put on his clothes, but he took off his clothes…this figure is too explosive.

      With a rocky, angular body, every muscle on his body is clearly visible. You don’t have to try the law, you can feel a powerful and terrifying explosive force in this little guy! !

      Unparalleled power! !

      Perfect lines!

      Daisy swears that this little man is definitely the most perfect man she has ever seen. He has never seen such a bursting figure, as smooth as a cheetah! !

      “Okay, I really want to touch it…”

      Daisy’s cheeks turned red, her breathing became rapid, the eyes were staring, and the voice of the devil appeared in her mind.

      Li Bufan smiled and said, “It’s nothing, I’m about to try on clothes.”

      “Oh, good, good.”

      Daisy hurriedly drew the curtains back. This time Li Bufan didn’t waste any more time, put on the clothes quickly, took the shirt, and walked out of the fitting room, saying: “Wrap this dress, I want it. ”

      “Good, good…”

      Daisy quickly wrapped up the shirt, handed it to Li Bufan, and then personally sent Li Bufan out.

      When Li Bufan was about to leave, Daisy summoned her courage and stuffed a small note into Li Bufan’s hand.

      Daisy lowered her head and said with a flushing face: “Hello, my name is Daisy Barbara. I am a sophomore at St. Peter’s University. This is just my internship. If you can, please call me. ?”

      These words seemed to have exhausted the girl’s courage, she turned around and ran back to the store.

      Li Bufan opened the note with the girl’s address and phone number on it. He couldn’t help but smile, so that all the girls would give him a hug? Daisy Barbara, blonde and blue-eyed, is indeed a big beauty. It’s okay to have fun, but the timing is not right.

      Red envelopes are important!

      After another half an hour, the second red dot appeared, and Li Bufan shuttled through the Queens area and began to chase his second real-life red envelope.

      The time is hurried, and almost three days have passed in a blink of an eye, and it is still two hours away. This real-life red envelope drawing will end.

      During this period, Li Bufan didn’t even think about going to school, and didn’t even return home, but Wanda was very anxious, but there was no way. She knew that her man, although very young, was very assertive.

      Once he decides what to do, he will do it!

      After three years of getting along, he has never worried Wanda. Therefore, although he does not know what Li Bufan is doing during this period, Wanda still chooses unconditional trust.

      Li Bufan was busy drawing the real-life red envelopes. There was also an episode in which Wang Dahu closed the door nervously, ready to run away at any time, but in the evening, news broke that the Viper Gang had been wiped out.

      Wang Dahu was overjoyed and immediately called Li Bufan to thank him and promised that Lao Wang’s restaurant will always be free for him in the future.

      Li Bufan couldn’t laugh or cry. He didn’t expect that there would be an unexpected gain, and he would have a Bawang meal in the future.

      For nearly three days, Li Bufan has gained a lot.

      He drew a total of seven real-life red envelopes, including both ordinary red envelopes and mission red envelopes. The rewards obtained are as follows:

      1: Red high heels*1.

      2: Gauss individual pistol*1.

      3: Bulletproof umbrella*1.

      6: “Chakra Fundamentals”

      7: “The Profound Truth of the Dead”

      Well, of the seven real-life red envelopes, five of them are useless. They may be useful to others, but for Li Bufan, they are really useless.

      Red high heels?

      What use do I want this stuff for?

      Gaussian pistol?

      This is a laser pistol, a high-tech product, but not a black technology, because Iron Man has become famous all over the world. Not only did Tony Stark develop a steel suit, but also a laser weapon.

      Not to mention the bulletproof umbrella, it’s useless, only “Chakra Basic Uprising” and “Necrotic Uprising”, very useful!

      Chakra, the foundation of Naruto World, is the foundation of ninjutsu, illusion, and physical skills.

      The Marvel world does not exist at all.

      Li Bufan obtained the “Chakra Basics” and immediately mastered the method of Chakra operation. Although he has not yet extracted the skills of the Naruto World, he can already cultivate, generate and operate Chakra.

      As for “The Profound Truth of the Dead”, it comes from the world of death.

      Li Bufan, who has completely absorbed “The Profound Truth of the Necro”, can already see the necromancers, and can also practice like Ichigo Kurosaki, and use the soul-slashing knife in the world of death.

      Whether it is “Chakra Basic Uprising” or “Necrotic Uprising” is extremely important, because this is the basis for using the skills of the two worlds of Naruto and Death. Next, you only need to draw the red envelopes of the two worlds.

      Chapter 10 Monster! Terrifying strength! !
      Queens, subway station.

      Li Bufan passed the security check, walked towards the subway, and secretly said: “In the last two hours, the ninth real-life red envelope appeared. I hope this time I can draw the rewards of Hokage or Death World…”

      at this time!


      The system voice resurfaced: “Ding! Congratulations to the host, you have reached the qualification to know the ultimate mission, please check!”

      Like an electric current, a burst of information struck Li Bufan’s mind.

      [Ultimate mission 1: The host needs to complete an intimate contact with the “Black Widow” Natasha Romanova, the contact distance is -20cm! 】

      [Task duration: seven days. 】

      [Successful mission: the red envelope drawing will be upgraded from level B to level A; mission failure: the ultimate mission will be changed, but it will be released at least three months later. 】

      After browsing the information of the ultimate mission, Li Bufan was confused.

      To contact the black widow, the contact distance is still -20cm? !

      Walter Fak!

      You really know how to play with the system, day by day, you are so tactful!

      and also.

      Based on the tasks you posted, are you sure you are a red envelope real-scene extraction system, not a rogue system?

      The task is still to be done. If the system is not completed, it will not disappear, but if you want to do it again, you will have to wait at least three months. This is definitely not acceptable to Li Bufan.

      Thinking about this, Li Bufan walked into the subway. It was already five o’clock in the morning, the first train of the subway, and there were not many passengers.

      Li Bufan followed the directions on the real map and came to the third carriage, and found a seat casually.

      There are only three people in this carriage.

      A yawning old man, and two young people, a man, a woman, a man wearing a cape and unable to see his face, a girl with blond hair and blue eyes, tall, very young, still in college, in a trance Looking out the window.

      Li Bufan was so clear about the girl’s information because it happened that he happened to know the girl.

      Daisy Barbara, the girl who stuffed a note in his hand at the boutique three days ago.

      Unexpectedly, I encountered it again, fate.

      Li Bufan smiled.

      Next to Daisy Barbara, there was the young man standing, his right hand flashing red, and a heart-shaped red envelope appeared, no words, it should be an ordinary red envelope.

      After a glance, Li Bufan’s mouth twitched.

      Somewhat speechless.

      Early in the morning, I didn’t expect to encounter a subway wolf.

      There are not many people in this car, there are many seats, but the guy doesn’t sit anywhere else, but sits next to Daisy Barbara, rubbing his butt on Daisy Barbara, pretending to be pretty. Like.

      Looking at Daisy Barbara again, Li Bufan is even more speechless.

      The silly Baitian didn’t know what he was thinking, her eyes were blank, and the scenery outside the window flashed like the wind. She was completely immersed in her own world. She didn’t even notice what the man was doing. He was very nervous. At this level, there is no one.

      The man had a joy on his face, thinking that the girl had acquiesced, and he was much more courageous, and his right hand quietly walked around Daisy Barbara’s back and touched the girl’s soft buttocks.


      Daisy Barbara jumped up screaming, only then realized what had happened and stared at the man angrily.

      The man is obviously a veteran, even if he is found, his face is calm and his right hand swayed.


      A shimmering dagger slipped out of his sleeve and appeared in his palm.

      The man threatened in a low voice: “Sit down! There is no police here, no one will come to rescue you! If you cooperate, I promise you won’t hurt you, but if you dare to resist, I don’t guarantee what will happen… ”

      “Anyway, I have carried three lives in my hand, and you are not behind.”

      Daisy Barbara was desperate.

      God, my benevolent lord, can you save me? Please, please come and save me!

      Her prayer seemed to have worked, and a sneer sounded.

      follow closely.

      A tall, model-like young boy stood up from his seat and walked over here, and Daisy Barbara, who saw the young boy’s face, was full of surprises and even an incredible color.

      Oh, my god!

      The Lord not only heard her prayers, but also sent the boy she was thinking about.

      Since getting acquainted with Li Bufan, she has been awake at night.

      For these three days, Li Bufan’s shadow was always in his mind. As time went on, Li Bufan’s face was not blurred, but became clearer. This is probably the so-called love at first sight. Just now, she was still there. Aftertaste.

      The subway Mr. Wolf also saw Li Bufan, looked around at will, and laughed.

      “High school student?”


      He took the dagger, shook it towards Li Bufan, and said sarcastically, “Hey, brat, just get away if you don’t want to die! Just you want a hero to save the beauty? Don’t be kidding! A kid like you, I Can play ten.”

      Li Bufan stood still, four meters away from Mr. Wolf on the subway, and said with a chuckle: “Oh, isn’t it?”

      Mr. Subway Wolf also said that his threat worked, and he was even more proud. His face became more mad and fierce. Years of experience told him that the more he did this, the more frightened the other party would be.

      next moment!

      Whoosh! !

      Li Bufan jumped suddenly, and with this slight leap, the distance of four meters was completely wiped out.

      Mr. Wolf in the subway was scared and silly.

      “Fuck!! Damn yellow monkey, what kind of monster are you?”

      Click! !

      Li Bufan kicked the man’s dagger’s wrist, and the dagger fell to the ground. His right hand was like a nail, nailed to the wall of the carriage, blood raging, and Mr. Subway Wolf’s entire right hand turned into a pool of meat.

      Chapter 11 God’s Right Hand!
      “I go.”

      Li Bufan himself was a little surprised, this kick was too strong, and he was not particularly clear about his strength now.

      The man wailed like a pig, and immediately attracted the attention of the passengers in the nearby carriages, and they rushed over.

      Add it together, there are about twenty people.

      The passengers looked at Li Bufan and the terrible Metro Wolf Mr. Wolf in amazement. They looked at each other. They didn’t know what had happened. Someone had already called the police.


      The system voice appeared: “Ding! Congratulations to the host, I received an ordinary red envelope, and the item reward is-‘Metro Wolf·The Right Hand of God’!”

      [Item:’Metro Wolf·The Right Hand of God’

      Attributes: ordinary red envelopes-special items (skills)

      Quality: B-level high (divided into inferior, medium, and high)

      World: “Metro Wolf Empire”

      Remarks: Metro Wolf Empire, this is the paradise of Metro Wolf.

      In this world, everyone is working hard for the hand of the subway wolf with the highest skills, and the best among them is dubbed the title of the’right hand of god’.

      Once you have the’right hand of God’, your right hand will gain incredible magic power. Women who have intimate contact with you will get a hundredfold pleasure. No man is your opponent.

      As long as a relationship has occurred once, a woman will be unforgettable for a lifetime, and you can conquer 90% of the women in the world with the’right hand of God’ alone.

      You are the deadly poison for women!

      This title is the highest crown of the Metro Wolf Empire, and its recognition even exceeds the royal crown! 】

      My Nima!

      Li Bufan almost didn’t spit out a mouthful of old blood, looked at his right hand extremely speechlessly, and the moment he opened the red envelope, he had already acquired the inheritance of the’right hand of God’.

      But…what the hell is this subway wolf empire?

      The highest goal of everyone is to become a man with the’right hand of God’? There is actually such a country?

      Walter Fak!

      The right hand of God, it turns out that this is the right hand of God, so it’s so domineering.

      At this time, the two police officers arrived first, and immediately pulled out their guns and aimed at Li Bufan. One of them said, “Hey, boy, don’t act rashly, let the man go!”

      Daisy Barbara hurriedly defended Li Bufan.

      The two police officers believed, but they were still a little speechless. Others just used your girlfriend to be frivolous, but when you came up, you abolished one of the other’s hands. You are just too defensive, right?


      The policeman shrugged helplessly and said, “Big boy, we will definitely investigate the matter. Now you just need to let go of that man, and come back to the police station with me. I promise you will be fine, okay?”

      Li Bufan let go and chuckled, “That’s not going to work. I have to go to school today Thursday.”

      Daisy Barbar snorted at the police officer, and hurriedly said to Li Bufan: “My dad is Oden Barbara, he is a member of the Senate! I will call him right away, don’t worry, it won’t delay your schooling. .”


      Li Bufan was taken aback. He didn’t expect that this girl who was an intern in a fashion store had a lot of background, and she was actually a daughter of a councillor.

      The two houses of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives are in charge of different things. Compared with the two houses, they only have a different division of labor. It does not matter how large or small the power is. Compared to ordinary people, both the Senate and the House of Representatives are at the top of the pyramid.

      The power is terrible!

      There are 50 states in the United States. Each state, regardless of size, has two Senate seats. Daisy Barbara’s father, Oden Barbara, is one of the representatives of New York State. In the upper class of New York, it is famous. The presence.

      The most intuitive expression is that when she heard Daisy Barbara’s words, both the two police officers and the surrounding passengers changed their faces.

      The passengers looked at Li Bufan with envy.

      This kid, blessed, actually caught Oden’s daughter.

      The policeman changed his face and said, “It turned out to be Miss Daisy. Don’t worry, your boyfriend doesn’t need to go to the police station. You are already victims. My name is Kidd Michael. Please tell Oden for me. Greetings, sir.”

      Whoosh! !

      Suddenly a strong wind hit, a ghostly black shadow, flashed away.

      “Jie Jie!!”

      A malicious sneer appeared, and at the same time, a fishy smell suddenly appeared in the third carriage.

      The others didn’t react, and looked at each other, wondering what monster got in the carriage.

      Li Bufan raised his head in an instant, and there was an ugly man with a pimple face and a big mouth on the top of the carriage.

      Even if he had never seen this dignified face, Li Bufan knew who this guy was.


      In this matter, we must start with Magneto. He and Professor X are mutant worlds, two god-level leaders, but when it comes to dealing with humans, their ideas have essentially conflicted.

      Professor X hopes to live peacefully with mankind and live together.

      Magneto thinks this is nonsense. How can mutants live in peace with humans? Even if he could, he didn’t want to, because he believed from the bottom of his heart that mutants were a higher-level species than humans, so he advocated the elimination of humans.

      Even if humans cannot be eliminated, then this world should be a mutant.

      As a result, the two good friends parted ways. Professor X founded the X Academy, and Magneto created the Mutant League Brotherhood. The two people gathered a large number of followers to fight for their own ideas.

      Magneto created the Brotherhood, and there are four veterans under his command, Wanda and Kuaiyin brothers and sisters, and so is the toad man in front of you!

      The Wanda brothers and sisters did not want to be an enemy of all mankind. They did not approve of Magneto’s claims. They even helped the X-Men. After Magneto knew about it, they imposed harsh punishments on the two of them. They could no longer bear it, so they fled .

      The two tried their best to get rid of Magneto’s control. After they came to New York, they hid themselves and lived like ordinary people, never using their superpowers again.

      But I didn’t expect that even if they did this level, they would only have three years of peace.

      Magneto still found them!

      The toad in front of me, as the name suggests, is characterized by toadization. It has a sticky tongue that is 18 meters long. It has outstanding jumping ability. It can jump for more than ten meters.

      What needs special explanation is that this guy regards Wanda as a goddess.

      Thinking about it this way, Magneto sent this guy to find himself, and his attitude was very interesting.

      Chapter 12 Just you kid, are you worthy of Wanda?
      The passengers in the carriage, following Li Bufan’s gaze, also saw the toad people, they were all dumbfounded, and shouts of exclamation followed.

      “Oh, God, what kind of monster is he?”


      “My God, it’s disgusting.”

      laugh! !

      Toad’s mouth opened wide, and his tongue was like a bolt of lightning, which instantly pierced a man’s throat. After passing it, it did not retract, but like a fold-like lightning, it pierced through the throats of three people again.

      The mouth is too cheap, and now they all paid the price.


      Fear, like a virus, spread quickly among the passengers. The passengers were frightened and fled in a panic.

      The two police officers are no exception.

      Please, that’s a mutant, don’t run away at this moment, stay here for the New Year?


      Only Li Bufan and Daisy Barbara were left in the carriage. Li Bufan looked at Daisy in surprise. He didn’t expect this rich daughter to be brave.

      The girl took Li Bufan’s arm and shivered: “Let’s go!”

      Toad smiled strangely: “Girl, I’m afraid you won’t be able to go. What do you think I am doing here?”

      Daisy’s breathing was stagnant, and she realized that this weird person was either looking for Li Bufan or looking for herself.

      There was horror in her eyes, and she trembled: “I, I don’t know what you want to do, but my dad is a member of the Senate. You’d better not go crazy, or you will definitely be in trouble.

      “Jie Jie! Senator’s daughter…”

      Toad stared at Li Bufan mockingly, and said with a sneer: “Yellow kid, with Wanda, you are still not satisfied, but you are still messing around with flowers and weeds. You damn it, you know? But it’s okay, just you kid, what? Worthy of Wanda.”


      Li Bufan chuckled softly: “Wanda is my daughter-in-law, what are you, it’s your turn to talk about it?”


      Toad’s eyes are burning.

      “Daisy, this has nothing to do with you, you go first.”

      “then you……”

      “Do not bother me.”

      “Okay. Okay, will you call me then?”

      Li Bufan helplessly said: “If there is a need, I will contact you.”

      The girl was overjoyed: “Okay, then we’re settled!”

      After all, Daisy looked at Li Bufan with concern, hesitated, got out of the carriage and left the subway station.

      Toad sneered: “Hehe, I didn’t expect your kid to be a flower protector…no wonder you can trick Wanda into it, kid, I will let you taste the taste of life is better than death!”

      Li Bufan said lightly: “Idiot, you are not the boss, and you have no right to decide. Don’t say anything cruel. Magneto sent you, right?”

      Toad said in surprise: “You actually know Magneto?”

      Li Bufan sneered and said: “I not only know Magneto, but also your purpose. I don’t bother to talk nonsense with you. You can help me give Magneto a message and tell him that you are not allowed to play Wanda’s idea, otherwise, you will be at your own risk.”


      Toad was shocked, his face was incredible, as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world.

      Is this guy crazy?

      He’s just an ordinary person, and he’s just a high school student, how dare he threaten Magneto?

      “You…hahaha…” Toad laughed, “You yellow-skinned boy, that’s so interesting! Hahaha…what do you think the uncle came here for? Just to catch you, you stupid pig!”

      Li Bufan chuckled: “Of course I know, don’t you just want to control me first and then use it to threaten Wanda.”

      “Boy, since you know everything, then go with this uncle!”

      Toad’s complexion suddenly turned cold, his lumpy face seemed to be covered with a thin layer of frost, his mouth was open, and the long mucus-covered tongue shot straight towards Li Bufan’s chest.


      Li Bufan’s eyes narrowed, he was about to take action, and severely taught the toad, but at this moment—


      The gunfire sounded, and a bullet was fired at the toad.

      Toad’s face changed drastically, and he said angrily: “Do you dare to yin on me?”

      Even though the person who fired the gun suddenly got into trouble, the toad’s reaction was almost at its extreme. During the speech, the long tongue rolled back, and it accurately captured the bullet trajectory, and a lot of mucus was ejected from the tongue, which wrapped the bullet.


      The long tongue followed, and threw the bullet at the shooter.

      A black leather jacket slid into the carriage like lightning, and swiftly avoided the bullet.

      follow closely.

      A charming face came into Li Bufan’s eyes, the devil’s figure, the angel’s face, it was the’Black Widow’ Natasha!

      “Squat down!”

      Natasha screamed, straight and slender, like a model’s right leg raised suddenly, put it on Li Bufan’s shoulder, with a sudden force, a huge force weighing more than a hundred catties struck, involuntarily said, to forcibly overwhelm Li Extraordinary.

      If it was Li Bufan three days ago, he would definitely not be able to resist it, but now…

      He remained motionless, and curled his lips silently.

      Hey, what are you doing, Magneto is just going to stare at him, why are the people from S.H.I.E.L.D. coming?


      The black widow looked at Li Bufan in surprise, her face embarrassed.

      How is this going?

      According to information, the little man of the Scarlet Witch is just an ordinary high school student, with average qualities. How can he withstand the heavy pressure of his own iron leg without defense?

      Chapter 13 Wanda’s little man, it’s not easy at all!
      “Black Widow?!” Toad was shocked, and immediately said with a weird smile, “Are you S.H.I.E.L.D. also looking at Wanda?”

      Natasha pointed her muzzle at the toad, snorted coldly, and said, “Tell Magneto, this is New York, not where he went wild!”

      Bang, bang, bang–

      When the voice fell, Natasha decisively pulled the trigger and fired several shots.


      Toad stunned, cursed a few times, and quickly flashed around in the carriage, avoiding a few bullets, and then a jump, flashed out of the carriage, and shouted bitterly: “You bitch, I will talk to you sooner or later. Afterwards!”

      It must be possible to fight, but S.H.I.E.L.D. is also focusing on Wanda, and Toad must notify Magneto of this important information as soon as possible.

      This conflict broke out suddenly and ended even more suddenly.

      Toad left, Natasha’s right leg was still resting on Li Bufan’s right shoulder. For Natasha, it was easy and stress-free, and the flexibility of her body was simply inhuman.


      The corner of Li Bufan’s mouth twitched, but he thought of the ultimate mission. It is better to hit the sun if you choose a day. Now that you have met Natasha… Then today…


      At this point, Li Bufan immediately retreated, but Natasha did not expect it, and then retreated.


      The two directly hit the iron wall of the carriage. Natasha’s right leg was resting on Li Bufan’s generous shoulder, and it was too late to take it off. As a result, Natasha couldn’t help raising her right leg, and in the end it was already level with her own head Qi.

      Vertical one character horse! !

      Fortunately, it was Natasha, all qualities had reached the best of human beings, and if she wanted to be replaced by an ordinary person, under such a fierce impact, her crotch might have been torn apart.


      Rao was Natasha, who also exclaimed, frowning her eyebrows coldly, and exclaimed: “Boy, what are you doing?”

      Li Bufan chuckled, “Widow Sister, should I say this? What do you want to do with SHIELD?”


      Natasha looked surprised, her heart was shocked, and she was shocked by Li Bufan’s composure.

      The information is wrong!

      S.H.I.E.L.D. investigation results show that Li Bufan is an ordinary high school student.

      but now……

      Please, this big boy clearly knows her and knows SHIELD. From his tone of voice, he can even infer that he also knows the purpose of SHIELD. Look at his calm expression.

      Ordinary high school student?

      What a joke, this eighteen-year-old high school student is not ordinary at all!

      Just as Natasha was shocked, Li Bufan had already activated the’God’s Right Hand’ skill, and quietly pressed his right hand on Natasha’s soft and silky water snake waist.

      Zizi! !

      As if a burst of electric current hit, Natasha’s body trembled, and her beautiful eyes showed indescribable colors.

      A pair of beautiful eyes, instantly blurred.

      It seems to have seen heaven, colorful, beautiful and splendid.


      What kind of monster is this little guy?

      “So effective? It seems that the system didn’t lie to me.”

      All of Natasha’s reactions were naturally caught by Li Bufan. He chuckled and couldn’t help whistling. It seemed that the first ultimate mission was about to be completed.

      “Little guy, let go.”

      “Not urgent.”

      As a tenth-level agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., Natasha’s will naturally has nothing to say, but she is still suffering. This little guy’s right hand seems to have endless magic power, and there is always a voice echoing deep in her heart.

      Don’t stop, don’t stop…

      Every time she enjoys herself, her psychological defense is defeated by one point!

      “Damn little villain, don’t you want to know what S.H.I.E.L.D. is here? Put me down, let’s talk carefully…no more!

      Li Bufan squinted his eyes slightly: “No hurry, let’s do something interesting first, anyway, there is still more time.”

      After half an hour, the two parted ways. Li Bufan went home and then went to school. Natasha returned to the S.H.I.E.L.D. base.

      Another half hour passed.

      The headquarters of S.H.I.E.L.D. is located in Manhattan, New York.

      Natasha, who returned to the headquarters and resumed her life, trancefully walked in the corridor of the headquarters building, with a faint smile on her mouth from time to time, her stunning face shining brightly, showing a fascinated expression.

      After half an hour apart, she had returned to SHIELD headquarters, but the voice of the little villain still haunted her.

      Although it is only half an hour, it is unforgettable and unforgettable for a lifetime!

      Natasha felt that it was not half an hour, but half a century, how many times did she feel happy? It’s already innumerable, it seems to be all the time!


      I really don’t know what magic that little guy has.

      “Little villain…”

      Natasha couldn’t help laughing, her pretty face flushed.

      “Agent Romanova?” S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury’s voice sounded.

      He looked at Natasha strangely and asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

      Natasha recovered, only to realize that she had come to the director’s office, embarrassed, and hurriedly said, “Oh, Chief Fury, it’s nothing.”

      Nick Fury asked: “What was the result of the investigation?”

      Natasha regained her quality as a top agent and quickly reported on what happened on the subway an hour ago.

      Nick Fury sat at the desk, pondered for two seconds, and said: “Sure enough, Magneto has not given up on the Scarlet Witch… Next, some are busy. Agent Normanova will be formed soon. In the Avengers, the Scarlet Witch is in great need, so you must win her over!”

      Natasha: “Yes.”

      Nick Fury: “Still according to the original plan, starting with her little man.”

      That little villain?

      Natasha said: “Director Fury, I think our intelligence on Li is wrong, he is definitely not an ordinary high school student.”


      A hint of surprise flashed in Nick Fury’s eyes. I didn’t expect Black Widow to comment on Wanda’s little man, which is really rare.

      Natasha took a deep breath and quickly explained Li Bufan’s reaction on the subway.

      Nick Fury was taken aback and said, “Damn it! Hearing you say that, that little guy seems to know everything? How did he do it?”

      Natasha shook her head.

      “It’s weird.” Nick Fury smiled and said, “It seems that we really underestimated the little guy, but it’s nothing. He understands that he is in a better situation, lest we explain it again. If it weren’t for us today, he But I’m going to be caught by the toad.”

      Natasha nodded.

      Nick Fury said: “Continue to monitor, while staring at Magneto’s Brotherhood, and then seize the opportunity to chat with Kuaiyin and Scarlet Witch. We must grab Magneto and win their brothers and sisters over. ”

      Natasha: “Yes! I will deploy immediately!”

      Chapter 14 Wanda’s Little Trouble!
      When Natasha returned to S.H.I.E.L.D., Toad also returned to the Brotherhood’s temporary base in New York and reported everything to Magneto.

      S.H.I.E.L.D. and Brotherhood, the two major forces all acted, and the dark clouds enveloped Li Bufan and Wanda, and as the parties involved, one knew it well, while the other was still immersed in the little happiness of a peaceful life.

      I don’t know anything about what’s happening outside.

      The one who knew everything was Li Bufan, and the one who knew nothing was Wanda. The trouble had already come to his door. Li Bufan naturally started to solve it. Although Wanda did not know the trouble, he encountered other trouble.

      The trouble stems from Li Bufan!

      He was absent from class for three consecutive days.

      Wanda worked as an intern teaching assistant in Zhongcheng High School, and she had certain rights. In addition, she was beautiful and had a great personality, so she was very popular. She helped Li Bufan take sick leave, and the school passed.

      Therefore, although Li Bufan was absent from school for three days, it didn’t seem to be a problem.

      But in fact, it’s not.

      Three days of absenteeism for no reason will deduct credits. Once the deduction reaches a certain level, you will have to withdraw from school. No one pays attention to it. But unfortunately, someone happened to pay attention.

      The man was Morse, the senior director of Midtown High School. He was 30 years old, young and promising. He was about 1.8 meters tall. He looked decent and had a small background at home. He entered Midtown High School from Wanda. It’s like a male cat in heat.

      All kinds of flowers and gifts, hoping to win the hearts of beauties, it is a pity that the flowers are sentimental, and the water is unintentional.

      Morse confessed several times, but was ruthlessly rejected by Wanda. One time was at a teacher’s party. That time Morse also wanted to use the crowd to make waves and force Wanda to agree, but he didn’t expect that Wanda would not give any face.

      Refuse again!

      The scene was embarrassing, Morse lost face and couldn’t come to stage at all.

      Since then, his attitude towards Wanda has undergone a huge change. Various investigations, for nothing else, are to severely humiliate this woman and restore the lost face.

      In the office, there are only two people: Morse and Wanda.

      Morse threw a stack of documents in front of Wanda and sneered: “Teacher Wanda, what else do you have to say? As an intern teaching assistant, you didn’t set an example. You actually helped your students forge medical records! ”

      Wanda stared at Morse and said, “What do you want to do?”

      Morse smiled and said, “Ms. Wanda, it’s not what I want to do, but what you want to do, right?”

      Wanda said: “Okay, I admit that I have neglected my duty, and I will give you a resignation report.”

      “Resign?” Morse snorted coldly. “Do you think you can solve this by resigning? You are too naive, right?”

      Wanda frowned and said displeased: “Can’t I resign?”

      Morse tore off his disguise and laughed loudly: “Miss Wanda, you are really naive! Humph! You don’t want to think about what you did to me. You actually think that resignation can solve all the troubles. What happened to the yellow-skinned kid is unknowing!”

      what? !

      Wanda’s face changed, and he secretly said: Oops, solemnly said: “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

      “You don’t know what I’m talking about… Then, Miss Wanda, tell me, what is this…what is this…what is this again?”

      Morse took out a gray file bag from the drawer and threw photos in front of Wanda. All of them were photos of Wanda and Li Bufan. Some hugged each other in the park or kissed each other in Times Square. …

      This guy!

      Wanda glared at Morse angrily: “You despicable and shameless villain, you are looking for someone to investigate me?!”

      “Not bad!”

      Morse sat on the office chair with a victor’s posture, sarcastically, “Miss Wanda, if I didn’t investigate you, I really don’t know, it turns out that your private life is so wonderful…”

      “Tsk tusk, as a teacher at Midtown High School, you actually fell in love with your students. Oh, you are not only in love, you are all living together!”

      “Miss Wanda, I have to say, you really surprised me.”

      Wanda blushed and said coldly: “Whoever I am in love with, that is my freedom! When I was with Bufan, I was not a teacher at Midtown High School! You can’t control it!!”

      Morse sneered: “But you are now!”

      “Look what this is? This is the yellow-skinned kid’s annual report. As long as two more credits are deducted, he will get out. Miss Wanda, how many credits will be deducted for three consecutive days of absenteeism for no reason? Oh, I remembered It’s five credits!”

      “As long as I publish the fake medical record you forged for that yellow-skinned kid, he will be finished!!”

      Wanda’s eyes were burning, and he shouted: “Dare you?! I did this thing, it has nothing to do with him!”

      Morse sneered and said: “Is it relevant? If you say it, it doesn’t count, I say it! Also, Miss Wanda, guess what, if I publish the relationship between you and that yellow-skinned kid, What will happen to you two?!”

      Teacher-student love, still yellow skin, the consequences, of course, will be extremely serious, not only will not only drop out of school, but also it will be difficult to find a job in the future!

      Wanda, who figured this out, was cold all over!

      She stared at Morse, clenched her fists suddenly, and said in a deep voice: “Let’s talk, what is your request. I remind you, no matter what your request is, but as long as you dare to hurt the extraordinary, I will definitely Will kill you!”

      Chapter 15 Spider-Man: Old Iron, you are so awesome!
      Morse smiled indifferently.

      Wanda and Li Bufan, these young couples, he had already investigated clearly. Two ordinary people without any background, one of them is still a yellow race, and they want to threaten him?

      Ha ha… This kind of threat is really naive.

      In his opinion, Wanda’s threat is nothing more than a desperate woman’s fight between the trapped beasts.

      Not worth mentioning.

      “Miss Wanda, you don’t need to be like this at all.” Morse’s face eased and smiled lightly. “Publishing this information will not do me any good. I have no reason to do this. I just want to calmly talk to Miss Wanda. Chat.”

      Wanda: “Huh!”

      Morse spread his hands out: “OK, let’s be straightforward. My request is very simple. As long as Miss Wanda is with me tomorrow night, then I don’t know anything. Miss Wanda is still a teacher in Midtown High School, you The little man will be safe.”

      Wanda instantly exploded and said angrily: “Don’t think about it! I am absolutely impossible to betray the extraordinary, and…even if there is no extraordinary, I will absolutely, absolutely will not look at you like a despicable villain!”

      “you disgust me!”

      Not only was Morse not angry, but he enjoyed it very much. He looked at Wanda in despair, and then allowed himself to be devastated. This was what he expected.

      He put his hands on his chin, staring at his prey like a hunter, and said with a chuckle: “Miss Wanda, don’t say anything so absolute. There is no betrayal just because there are not enough chips. I believe the chips I showed are enough .”

      “As for Miss Wanda, it doesn’t matter if Miss Wanda looks down on me, I just need to see Miss Wanda.”

      Wanda was completely disgusted by Morse’s shamelessness, and cursed: “You are really disgusting!!”

      “Hehe… I also feel sick, so what?”

      Morse shrugged and continued, “Miss Wanda, if there is nothing else, you can leave. Oh, from now on until 6 o’clock tomorrow night, you have a total of 18 hours, please consider carefully , Don’t be impulsive.”

      At this time–

      “Oh God, did that guy get into Miss Wanda? Isn’t he too awesome?”

      A low exclamation sounded outside Morse’s office.


      A strangely dressed red humanoid monster, sticking to the wall outside the office like a spider, was dumbfounded and eavesdropped on the conversation between Wanda and Morse.

      This red humanoid monster is Peter Parker, the trickster Spider-Man, a good friend of Li Bufan.

      Peter Parker was so shocked that he couldn’t help but let out an exclamation. The decibels were very low. Morse, an ordinary person, didn’t notice it at all, but Wanda, a mutant, heard something vaguely.

      “Who is outside?!”

      Wanda screamed, and immediately ran to the window, and the troublemaker Peter Parker shook his wrist before Wanda opened the window, and a spider’s silk exploded and fled instantly.

      “Ha ha……”

      Morse shook his head and sneered: “Miss Wanda, I advise you not to pretend to be fools. My office is on the sixth floor, nearly 20 meters away. How can there be people outside?”

      “Stupid pig! You don’t know anything about this world.”

      Wanda cursed, opened the window, and looked around vigilantly. After confirming that there was no one, he was relieved.

      Midtown High School.


      It is lunch time and the students are all dining in the cafeteria.

      Li Bufan was carrying a sumptuous lunch, sitting at a table in the cafeteria by the window, beside him was a little fat man named Yawen. At this time, Peter Parker had changed his clothes and had no meals, so he hurried to this table. Come.

      Yawen shouted, “Hey, brother, if you don’t eat any more, just wait for the afternoon to get hungry.”

      “Yawen, help me get a meal. Please!”


      The little fat man said reluctantly, but he rolled his eyes and said, “It’s okay to let me cook for you, but you can give me some pictures of Goddess Wanda!”

      Peter Parker blushed, very embarrassed.

      Li Bufan almost didn’t smile.

      He and Peter Parker are good friends, and the reason is very simple. He didn’t have the awakening system before, and self-preservation was impossible. He could only hold the thighs of those heroes.

      After some analysis, Peter Parker, Spider-Man was selected.

      The two are about the same age and have a common topic. Peter Parker has good strength and a virgin personality, which is definitely the most suitable thigh.

      He transferred to Midtown High School three years ago. At that time, Peter Parker had not been bitten by a spider and was bullied by many people at school. Naturally, Li Bufan would not let go of this excellent opportunity and help him decisively.

      As time goes by, the relationship between the two gets better and better, and they gradually become good friends.

      A year ago, this little Asian fat man joined a small group of two.

      Goddess of Wanda.

      It’s easy to say that Wanda’s appearance can be played even in the entire universe, plus a few years older than them, the whole body reveals a style far beyond their age.

      Therefore, since Wanda entered Midtown High School, he has become the dream goddess of many boys.

      Peter Parker and Fatty Yavin are no exceptions.

      Peter Parker relied on his special abilities to be a hero next door while sneaking a lot of photos of Wanda. Li Bufan also told Wanda about this, and the two almost didn’t laugh.

      “Will you give it?”

      Yavin shouted when Peter Parker hadn’t responded.

      “Give me something!” Peter Parker was annoyed and said, “I have burned all those photos! All the photos on the phone have been deleted! Don’t talk nonsense, go and help me cook. I have something to say to Bruce. To say.”

      Bruce Lee, the English name of Li Bufan.

      “Deleted? You are crazy!”

      The little fat man widened his eyes in shock, got up with regret, and went to help Peter Parker with a meal. He shook his head as he walked, and murmured, “You are crazy, Peter.”

      Chapter 16 My trouble, I will solve it!
      As soon as the fat Yawen left, Peter Parker went crazy. He slammed his fists on the table and leaned forward, staring at Li Bufan angrily: “Old Tie, are you happy to see my joke? You are too much. !”

      Lao Tie, okay, this is naturally red near Zhu, and black near ink.

      Li Bufan smiled and said, “Don’t get excited, Peter, what happened?”

      “What happened?” Peter Parker stared. “Tiezi, tell me what happened? According to what you taught me, be lenient in frankness and strict in resistance. I’ll give you a reminder, Wanda teacher.”

      Oh, did you finally find it?


      Li Bufan said: “Did you find it?”

      “Sure enough!” Peter Parker was very angry, annoyed. “Why didn’t you say it earlier? Did you just want to see me joke?”

      Li Bufan shrugged and said casually: “Please, do you think I didn’t say it? Wanda, it’s all Wanda! She is now a teacher in Zhongcheng High School, although she is only an intern, if you let others know that she is talking to her students What will happen to the target?”

      Li Bufan decisively threw all the pot to Wanda.

      Peter Parker thought for two seconds, then nodded solemnly.

      Li Bufan laughed in his heart, you are really good enough to deceive.

      Peter Parker was still in a fit of fire, and said, “Then what you did is wrong! Tell me, will I tell you? That makes me and Yawenquan become teacher Wanda goddesses, but this goddess has long been taken by you. Soak up.”


      Li Bufan said casually: “OK, I’m not right about this, but Peter, don’t you have anything to hide from me? After school many times, you acted alone. What did you do?”

      Peter Parker said with a guilty conscience: “I, I’m going to work.”

      Li Bufan almost didn’t smile, nodded and said: “Okay, I happen to be short of money. I will work with you part-time in the future.”


      Peter Parker instinctively refused. If you will always follow me in the future, should I, the hero next door, do it?

      “Okay.” Peter Parker said helplessly. “Brother, I do have something to hide from you, but I didn’t mean it. It’s all for your good. You will know about it in the future.”

      Li Bufan is noncommittal.

      Upon Li Bufan’s question, Peter Parker was mentally balanced. He secretly said that Li had something to hide from me, but I also had something to hide from him, and it was even.

      After I figured it out, my mind became alive.

      Little Spider was full of excitement and shocked: “Damn it! Brother, you are so awesome. You have been soaked in Teacher Wanda without knowing it, you are my idol! Tell me, how about you Did it?”

      Well, this guy is actually a funny comparison.

      Li Bufan quickly talked about himself with Wanda and heard Peter Parker nodding his head again and again, especially when Wanda was bullied. Others did not dare to come forward. Only Li Bufan acted righteously and was deeply moved.

      Li is such a person!

      “Ah! What a mess!”

      Peter Parker exclaimed.

      Li Bufan wondered: “What’s wrong?”

      “Teacher Wanda is in big trouble!”

      Peter Parker quickly informed Li Bufan of his previous experience.

      Li Bufan’s eyes suddenly turned cold, his whole body released the evil spirit of Sen Han, and he chuckled: “Morse? He is so kind, he dares to hit my woman!”

      Peter Parker said: “Bruce, what do you want to do? That guy is not an ordinary person, and there are two bodyguards with him every day! Don’t be impulsive, and I will help you tomorrow night.”

      “No need.” Li Bufan said with a light smile, “I will solve my troubles.”

      Peter Parker secretly said: “But brother, you can’t solve it.”

      Now Peter Parker didn’t want to reveal his identity. Hearing Li Bufan’s refusal, he didn’t say any more. He still has something to do tonight, so I can help my brother solve this problem tomorrow.

      Hey, Lao Tie, one day, I will surprise you too!

      Peter Parker, little spider, looking forward to it.

      In the afternoon, Li Bufan and Peter Parker went to class as normal, and soon after school time came, Peter Parker was still the same, found an excuse for part-time work, and went away.

      Little Fatty Yawen murmured: “Is there any mistake? I slipped away again!”

      “Lee, do you know what Peter is doing lately? When did he become so diligent, I always feel that he has something to hide from us!”

      Li Bufan shook his head: “I don’t know.”

      Yawen said: “Don’t care about him! Li, let’s go to the electric city together, I will definitely be able to beat you today.”

      Li Bufan shrugged and said, “Sorry Yawen, I also want to go to work.”

      Yawen: “???”

      The small group of three seemed to be gone. Until Li Bufan left, the little fat man still looked dumbfounded and muttered: “Damn it, what happened to Peter and Li lately, should I go to work too?”

      It is impossible for Li Bufan to work part-time. How could Li Bufan only be his own master?

      Besides, how can part-time work be more interesting than a gun?

      After breaking up with Yawen, he went to pick up Wanda for the first time, and the two returned to the love nest together. It could be seen that Wanda was full of thoughts, depressed, and worried on his face.

      Morse, of course, does not stop there.

      What she was afraid of was that once she used her superpowers, Magneto would provoke them, and there might be other messy troubles. Now this kind of peaceful and happy life, don’t think about it.

      Li Bufan didn’t break it either, just a few words of comfort.

      At ten o’clock, after Wanda went to sleep, Li Bufan opened his eyes and went out quietly. About an hour and a half later, he came to Morse’s villa.

      The lights are brilliant, and the guy is having a party with four friends.

      Outside the villa, there are four bodyguards patrolling back and forth. The security is quite strict, but for Li Bufan now, it is rubbish. He has taken the Super Soldier genetic modification liquid, and his explosive power is not inferior to the beauty. Captain of the country, at best, the staying power is almost the same. child.

      The most abnormal ability of the captain of the United States is that his energy is never exhausted. The famous saying is: “I can fight like this one day and one night!”

      Chapter 17 Action, Action!
      The wall of the villa is very high, at least three meters.

      “Friend, here I am.”

      Li Bufan hooked his mouth and jumped.

      Whoosh! !

      A three-meter-high fence jumped over. Under the dim light, he was like an agile cheetah. With a flash, he passed by a bodyguard, rushed into the villa, and quietly arrived behind the villa. garden.

      “Fuck!” the bodyguard yelled.

      “Paul, what are you calling nonsense?”

      The bodyguard said, “Hey John, do you feel it?”


      “Just now… how did I feel that someone passed by me?”

      “Fuck! Are you taking drugs again? That night, what nonsense? There are no figures!”

      The bodyguard wiped the cold sweat on his head and muttered: “Maybe I really think too much.”

      In the back garden of the villa, five white men are drinking, Morse is in it.

      A white man said dissatisfied: “Morse, what’s the matter? You broke my big business, that little star I’m about to succeed!”

      Morse looked disdainful, and curled his lips. “Please, what’s a pity for just that kind of stuff? Compared to Wanda, that bitch is not a woman at all.”

      The white man made a cut and mocked: “Of course I know, but that girl is a thorny rose. You have already spent two months. You still haven’t won it.”

      Others said one after another: “Yes!”

      “Brother, it’s hard to come by! You can’t eat it, but there are us!”

      A trace of hatred flashed in Morse’s eyes, and he spitefully said: “But after tomorrow night, everything is different. What do you think I called you for? Tomorrow night, that bitch will let us do it!”

      “Do you know what’let us push’ means? Just do whatever you want! Hey…”

      The other four people suddenly became interested and asked what happened.

      Morse quickly revealed the relationship between Wanda and Li Bufan, and then recounted his threat and Wanda’s despair in detail.

      Everyone’s eyes are bright!

      “Wonderful!! That female teacher in your school is really avant-garde, living with her own students?”

      “Haha… this is not the point.”

      “The point is, tomorrow night, we can do whatever we want with her, Morse, don’t worry, we will help you ravage her so hard that she will never forget her in her life! Hahaha…”


      A cold voice appeared: “Oh, that’s a pity, you can’t wait for tomorrow.”

      Laughing, the man’s face changed drastically, and he shouted, “Who?”

      scold! !

      A cold light flashed, Li Bufan with a frosty face suddenly appeared behind the man, holding a steel pipe in his hand, which had penetrated the man’s throat.

      Everyone was shocked!

      After a successful blow, Li Bufan drew the steel pipe back and stabbed it out again.

      Huh! Huh! Huh!

      Three consecutive times, swift as lightning, and before everyone had time to react, Morse invited the four friends and friends to join the grand event, all of which were killed.

      One by one, his eyes widened and he couldn’t squint at all.


      Morse collapsed to the ground in fright, looked at Li Bufan in disbelief, and said in horror: “You are Li Bufan! Do you know what you are doing? How dare you kill someone!?”

      Li Bufan took the steel pipe and sneered: “Why, if you are allowed to commit a crime, I am not allowed to kill?”

      Morse: “??!”

      I haven’t committed a crime yet, why are you murdering? No, isn’t this guy an ordinary high school student? How did he get in?

      Li Bufan chuckled and said, “I heard you want to trouble me?”

      “Misunderstanding, misunderstanding!” Morse’s face was pale, knowing that at this time, he must not be confronted with Li Bufan, and hurriedly said, “Student Li Bufan, believe me, all this is a misunderstanding…”

      “Cut, it’s boring.”

      Li Bufan twitched his mouth, too lazy to talk nonsense, and raised the steel pipe to aim at Morse who was limp.

      At this moment, a cold drink suddenly sounded.


      The four bodyguards had come in, all standing behind Li Bufan, and the four pitch-black muzzles were aimed at Li Bufan’s head.

      The head of the bodyguard cursed in disbelief: “Fuck! Someone actually came in! Yellow-skinned kid, you broke into a private house and committed first-degree murder. Even if we kill you, you deserve it! If you don’t want to die, just take that. Put down the damn steel pipe!”

      Morse saw the rescuer suddenly and laughed wildly: “Yellow kid, you’re a little too tender!”

      “I thought I had investigated everything clearly, but I didn’t expect that I still underestimated you. You actually know Kungfu! Kungfu, hahaha… You are so arrogant, even if you know Kungfu, what about it?”

      “Don’t look at what era is now, can your kung fu stop the bullet? You are dead, and your woman is mine too!!”

      “kill him!!”

      Li Bufan’s eyes were cold.

      The bodyguard leader said coldly: “Boy, you are out of luck! Seeing that you are still young, I originally planned to let you go, but since the employer wants you to die, you can only die.”


      At this very moment, a strange laugh suddenly sounded, and a sticky tongue came out of the bright light, like a fold-like lightning, piercing the wrists of the four bodyguards.

      The four bodyguards suddenly screamed.

      Whoosh! !

      Amidst the strange laughter, Toad jumped into the back garden and appeared in front of Li Bufan again.

      “Monster!” The bodyguard leader was shocked and yelled in horror, “This guy is a monster! Run away!!”

      Toad didn’t even look at the man. He opened his mouth wide, and his long tongue shot out again. It pierced the throats of the four bodyguards like lightning. After a sudden, the four bodyguards covered their throats in pain, in panic. Fell to the ground.

      Morse was dumbfounded.

      What the hell?

      What happened before his eyes completely subverted his worldview.

      Chapter 18 What kind of monster is your kid?
      Li Bufan chuckled and said, “Toad, you are late.”

      Toad said in surprise: “Do you know I will come?”

      “Nonsense.” Li Bufan sneered, “Who is Magneto, who swears not to give up unless he achieves his goal, how could he let go because of a small setback? But you’d better move faster, because people from SHIELD, Staring at me too.”

      Toad laughed and said, “Boy, don’t you think the people from SHIELD can save you this time?”


      Amid the laughter, a fierce fight suddenly sounded outside the villa, and violent air waves rushed towards the villa.

      Li Bufan frowned and immediately understood, and smiled: “That’s right, since Magneto already knows that S.H.I.E.L.D. people are under surveillance, then he can’t be careless and only send you over. Besides you, there are Who?”

      Toad said “Huh” and said, “You kid, you are actually quite smart.”

      Li Bufan sneered, “Idiot, this is also called smart? Is basic common sense good?”

      Toad was furious: “Asshole! What is your attitude?!”


      Amid the loud noise, a behemoth with a height of at least 2.5 meters, forcibly slammed into a huge hole in the courtyard wall of the villa and rushed in.

      The man had a sturdy face, especially a mouthful of silver steel teeth, reflecting the light of his debut under the moonlight.

      The mutant big steel teeth, awakened the Juli gene, and a punch was enough to knock over a car. He and Toad were all under Magneto, but compared with other mutants, these two were miscellaneous fish.

      Toad stuck his tongue out and asked: “Big guy, all the people outside have solved it?”

      Dagang snarled his teeth and said with disdain: “They are all SHIELD’s miscellaneous fish, two fourth-level agents. But we must move fast. Within five minutes, SHIELD’s support will arrive. It’s a little troublesome to go.”

      Toad nodded, and grinned at Li Bufan: “Boy, don’t resist, or the uncle will interrupt your dog legs! Magneto just told us to take you back, but it’s impossible to hurt you.”

      “Not urgent.”

      At the moment of the enemy, Li Bufan is still calm, waved his hand at the two mutants, looked at Morse, and chuckled: “Let’s put aside in advance, I still have some personal matters to deal with.”

      “Spare!!” Morse was scared to pee, knelt down without hesitation, and begged in horror: “Student Bruce Lee, I was wrong! I shouldn’t—”

      Huh! !

      The cold light flashed and the steel pipe broke through the air. The moment Morse raised his head, the steel pipe pierced his throat accurately. The powerful inertia flew Morse upside down and fell heavily into the swimming pool.

      Li Bufan clapped his hands: “Okay, the personal affairs are done, we should have a good chat.”


      “Talk about it?”

      Hearing Li Bufan’s words so eloquently, Toad and Big Steel Teeth were all taken aback. The two laughed at the same time as if they had heard the funniest joke in the world.

      Da Gangfang smiled and hurt, and said: “Toad, you didn’t tell me that this kid is neurotic… I really thought I knew a little about the kung fu of a three-legged cat, so I could do whatever he wanted, and then I could make conditions with us? ”

      “Hahaha…I’m going to be laughed to death by this little guy.”

      Toad Yinsi said: “Don’t laugh, work! Take down this bastard!!”

      “No problem, I can solve him with one finger. Boy, are you ready?”

      Da Gangfang grinned and rushed towards Li Bufan. There was a bang in the air, and the tiles on the ground were all shattered! !

      Good job! !

      Li Bufan’s expression sank. Since this body was remodeled, he had never really fought against anyone, so it happened to be tested with this guy.

      boom! !

      There was a blast in the air, and the big steel teeth blasted at Li Bufan with a fist like a casserole. At the same time, he laughed wildly: “Boy, don’t you know how to use kung fu? I only used 30% of my strength. I punched to death, then you deserve to die…”

      Li Bufan hooked the corner of his mouth and punched in the backhand.

      next moment!

      Da Gangya’s face changed drastically, and he looked at Li Bufan incredulously.

      I felt an indescribable huge force coming from his wrist, and it was not only huge force, but also seemed to contain a strange inner strength, and got into his arm.

      It broke our hearts! !

      Li Bufan’s fist is naturally not simple. His body has been completely remodeled. He also possesses incredible power. It is not a problem to get rid of the big steel teeth. What’s more terrifying is that he has used Wing Chun fist to practice the essence of national arts.

      Gang Jin! !

      Combining boxing techniques with strong strength, and Da Gangfang only used 30% of the force, this kind of result will naturally occur.


      Big Steel Tooth screamed, flew back, fell heavily, and was directly smashed into a big hole in the ground.

      “What?!” Toad exclaimed with an incredible expression, “What kind of monster are you kid?”

      Damn, you still have the face to say that others, we two, are you more like a monster, right?

      Li Bufan sneered. After instantly killing Big Steel Tooth, he jumped and flashed across the swimming pool. He pulled out the two-meter-long steel pipe from Morse’s body, and then flashed his feet on Big Steel Tooth’s chest. Step on it.

      Click! !

      Several big steel teeth had broken ribs, vomiting blood violently, Li Bufan went down with the steel pipe, tried his best, and pierced it down.

      Run through!

      Da Gangya stared unwillingly and killed him! !

      Compared with superheroes, most mutants are more like human beings. They are stronger than Magneto and Professor X. They eat a peanut, damn or die. They are more like long-range mages, and their melee ability is really worrying.

      Of course, the premise is that you don’t get controlled.

      Not to mention the miscellaneous fish like Dagangya, dead is dead, there is absolutely no suspended animation.

      Chapter 19 S.H.I.E.L.D. Bureau is stunned!
      “You kid!” Toad’s eyes flashed with terror, but his mouth was extremely tough, “I’m going to kill you!”


      Li Bufan smiled, also at this moment.


      The system voice appeared again: “Ding! Congratulations to the host, you have reached the authority to know the ultimate mission 2: Join SHIELD!”

      “Ding! Explanation: To upgrade from level B to level A, you only need to complete two ultimate tasks, and the host only needs to complete the second ultimate task to complete the upgrade!”

      Join S.H.I.E.L.D.?

      What a joke!

      I can’t do it by myself, so what is it to join S.H.I.E.L.D.? Work for Nick Fury? Why?

      Li Bufan was very dissatisfied with the second ultimate mission.

      He quickly browsed the relevant information and his eyes lit up because he suddenly discovered a loophole in this ultimate mission. What is the mission? Join SHIELD! What can I do after joining…

      No regulations! !

      In other words, he only needs S.H.I.E.L.D. to certify a special agent brand, and then even if he quits by himself, he will be deemed to have completed the mission.

      Hey, then there is nothing to complain about.

      In an instant, all kinds of thoughts flashed through Li Bufan’s mind, and when he looked at the toad, his eyes were blazing. When it heats up, you and Dagangya are my name for joining SHIELD!

      Toad: “???”

      What are your eyes? I don’t engage in foundation!

      Manhattan, S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters.

      Director Nick Fury, Black Widow Natasha and other core executives are planning to create the Avengers, Iron Man Tony Stark has confirmed to join, and the original captain Steve Rogers has been unfrozen.

      In a few days, Steve Rogers will visit the S.H.I.E.L.D. base, and Nick Fury will meet him personally. It is not a problem to let him join the Avengers.

      Oh, and the Hulk, this is a bit troublesome, but it’s not a big problem.

      In addition to these three, plus S.H.I.E.L.D. Hawkeye, Falcon, and Black Widow, the basic framework of the Avengers Six is ​​already there, but it is not enough. Scarlet Witch, Fast Silver, Ant-Man, these are all Nick. · What Ferry needs.

      Especially Scarlet Witch, that is a hero-level master who has mastered magic.

      In the Avengers, Tony Stark and Dr. Banner are on the technology side, Steve Rogers is the spiritual leader, and Natasha, Hawkeye, and Falcon are direct descendants of S.H.I.E.L.D., and supervision is not a problem.

      The most lacking is the mysterious magician!

      On the way to the meeting, an emergency call came.

      Natasha frowned, picked up the phone, and then her face changed drastically, and she said solemnly: “Director Fury, it’s not good! Magneto is doing it again!”

      Nick Fury’s face changed suddenly: “So fast?”

      Natasha nodded: “It’s not just fast. With yesterday’s failure, this time he directly sent two capable men, one is Toadman, and the other is Dagangya! We sent to monitor Li’s two. Level 4 agents, all killed!”

      “Damn it! Big Steel Teeth!!”

      As the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury naturally also knows about mutants.

      He clenched his fist and said solemnly: “We made a mistake! No one expected Magneto to react so quickly! That little guy must be taken away!”



      “You rush to the scene immediately, I want to know the exact information!”

      “S.H.I.E.L.D. colleagues have rushed over!”

      “Agent Coleson!”

      At the conference table, a middle-aged man dressed in a suit and looking resolute responded with a solemn expression. This person is exactly the eighth-level agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent-Phil Coleson.

      “You go to the Scarlet Witch at once!”


      Natasha said: “Director Fury, now is not the right time, the Scarlet Witch may not accept us.”

      Nick Fury shook his head and said: “Agent Normannova, don’t you know the current situation? Magneto has captured Li and already has enough chips. If we don’t make a move, we will completely lose the opportunity to get the Scarlet Witch. opportunity!”

      As Nick Fury spoke, Natasha’s phone kept vibrating.

      She answered the phone.

      Colleagues from S.H.I.E.L.D. had already arrived at the scene, thinking that the scene should be countless corpses, empty, but…well, there are indeed a few corpses, but they are not empty.

      That high school student is still there.

      The stunned S.H.I.E.L.D. agent quickly dialed Natasha’s phone. She was the direct person in charge of the mission. The phone was connected, and there was a quick report.

      Natasha was also dumbfounded.

      Seeing Natasha answering the phone, Nick Fury said to Phil Coleson, “Agent Coleson, act now.”

      Phil Colson: “Yes, Mr. Director.”

      “Uh, wait a minute.”

      Natasha hung up the phone and spoke at the same time, interrupting Nick Fury’s deployment.

      Nick Fury frowned and said with extreme displeasure: “Agent Normanova, I think what’s going on now, I have already said very clearly!”

      Natasha said: “Yes, Director Fury.”

      Nick Fury said: “Then what else do you have?”

      Natasha said helplessly: “Toad and Big Steel Tooth failed to take the little guy away.”

      Nick Fury glared at him and asked shockedly: “What’s the situation? Could someone help?”



      “Only the little guy was there. He killed the big steel teeth and pulled off the tongue of the toad.”

      hiss! !

      In the meeting room, everyone was wide-eyed, with an expression of seeing a ghost.

      All sounds stopped abruptly, and the atmosphere was extremely quiet.

      The needle drop can be heard! !

      Chapter 20 He is such a jerk!
      In the conference room, there was a long dead silence. For a full thirty seconds, no one spoke, including Nick Fury, and all the senior officials of S.H.I.E.L.D. were shocked by the sudden news.

      Please, they only want the Scarlet Witch. As for her little man, she is just an ordinary high school student.

      Well, he is very smart, he is the man of the Scarlet Witch, and the little spider who has just awakened is also his friend, but what about it, can this change his identity?

      Obviously, no.

      But what is going on now, a big holiday gift, buy one get one free?

      “Wow, wow, wow!”

      Thirty seconds later, Nick Fury suddenly clapped and exaggerated his expression. He blinked at the Black Widow and Coleson, and said with a smile: “Gentlemen and ladies, it seems that we all underestimated the little guy. …”

      “The Scarlet Witch, Quick Silver, and the little spider who is the troublemaker, plus this guy who turned out to be born, Zhongcheng High School is really a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.”

      “Mrs and ladies, don’t you find it interesting?”

      Nick Fury, a big man who has come from the age of war, although he has no special abilities, he is a great man in S.H.I.E.L.D.

      Mortal body, god ambition!

      After the shock, he quickly recovered his calm. He has seen big scenes. He has encountered incredible things in decades. There are too many to mention. A high school student exploded. Compared with those things, it is nothing at all.

      “Agent Normannova, what did that little guy say?”

      Nick Fury is like an old fox, smiling: “Morse Manor, the owner is dead, the owner’s four friends are dead, and the owner’s four bodyguards are also dead. This is a felony. I’ll be in jail for half my life.”

      Natasha said: “He denied it.”

      “How does he deny it?”

      “Our people, stay with him right now. He said that those people were all killed by toads and big steel teeth. He just walked there by accident and heard the call for help and immediately shot.”

      Nick Fury’s eyes widened: “I remember where he lives, at least thirty miles from Morse Manor, right?”

      “Yes it is.”

      “Hahaha, that’s really interesting. It was almost twelve o’clock. He didn’t sleep at home, but he took a walk for thirty miles and accidentally scattered to Morse Manor! Interesting, interesting!”

      Natasha was also speechless, saying: “Before our people arrived at the scene, he had wiped off his fingerprints and replaced them with toads and big steel teeth. There were no loopholes. I have to say that the little guy is a Criminal genius.”

      “By the way, he also asked Bill to bring us a word.”

      “What are you talking about?”

      “you are welcome.”


      Nick Fury’s eyes widened, he paused for a while, and said: “What he means is that even if he doesn’t do this, we will help him cover it up, and if he did it in advance, it is equivalent to helping us, so we Should I thank him?”

      Natasha chuckled lightly: “It should mean that.”

      Nick Fury suddenly applauded and burst into laughter: “This arrogant little villain is very interesting. I really like him more and more, but—”

      Huh! !

      Nick Fury’s face suddenly turned, like Chuan Shu’s face changed, suddenly extremely cold, and his whole body released awe-inspiring evil spirits, and said coldly: “In him, I can’t see the slightest respect for the law!”

      “If this kind of person is placed in the society, it will be a time bomb, which will have a great impact on the stability of the society!”

      “Agent Normannova, you immediately go to Morse Manor, meet that little bastard, and let him join S.H.I.E.L.D.E.L.D.. After an hour, I want a complete report! If he refuses, send him in. prison!”

      “This kind of instability must be controlled by our SHIELD!!”

      Natasha nodded.

      At the end of the S.H.I.E.L.D. high-level meeting, Nick Fury remained in the office. About an hour later, Natasha returned to the headquarters. Her person and report appeared in front of Nick Fury at the same time.

      Nick Fury looked through the report and asked, “How about, what did that little bastard say?”

      “He agreed.”

      There was no change in Nick Fury’s expression, and the fool would refuse, which he expected.

      “But he has one condition.”

      Natasha added.

      Nick Fury raised his head and said with a sneer: “He killed at least five people. We S.H.I.E.L.D. helped him wipe his fart. This saved him from jail, and let him join the most mysterious institution in our country. How dare he actually? Conditions?”

      Natasha shrugged and said, “His condition is that he can join S.H.I.E.L.D., but he must have the right to act independently, and he cannot harass the Scarlet Witch for the time being.”

      Nick Fury thought for two seconds and said: “How many levels does New York need to act independently?”

      “Level five!”

      “If I remember correctly, if an ordinary person joins S.H.I.E.L.D., it will take at least fifteen years to rise from level one to level five, right?”


      “Haha… this little bastard is really arrogant. Want to have the right to act independently? Also want to keep the Scarlet Witch out of the picture? Yes, it depends on whether he has this ability!”

      Nick Fury sneered.

      “Agent Normanova, three days later, send someone to take the little bastard over and go through the induction procedures for him. If he is a trash, then he has no right to ask for anything. Of course, if he has the ability, what I meet all the requirements.”

      Natasha nodded.

      Chapter 21: A funny comparison!
      The next day, eight o’clock in the morning.

      Midtown High School.

      At the school gate, students talked a lot.

      “Hey, have you heard that there was an earthquake in Brooklyn yesterday!”

      “Damn, how could it be an earthquake?”

      “Why is it not an earthquake? Didn’t you read this morning’s “New York Times”, it has already been published in the newspaper!”

      “Please Kidd, can you use your brain to believe it?”

      “I heard that it was not an earthquake at all, but Spider-Man! There was a group of people selling arms in Brooklyn, and Spider-Man took action and destroyed that group’s base!!”

      “God, it’s Spiderman again!!”

      Peter Parker and Little Fatty Yawen also came to the school gate with their schoolbags on their backs. Hearing everyone talking, Peter Parker’s eyebrows were smiling, and they almost yelled: “Yes, it was Spider-Man! ”

      “I am Spiderman!”

      Little Fatty Yavin mumbled: “Spider-Man! Hey, I don’t know who he is. It would be great if I had the ability of Spider-Man. Peter, what do you think?”

      Peter Parker pretended to be foolish: “I don’t know.”

      “Hey, didn’t you just work in Brooklyn yesterday, and didn’t hear anything?”


      “That’s a shame.”

      The little fat man said regretfully.

      not far away.

      Li Bufan and Wanda appeared side by side. If in the past, in order to avoid suspicion, Wanda would not try to do so with Li Bufan whether it was school or after school.

      She would definitely not agree to that bastard’s disgusting request, but there was no other way but to use super powers.

      Once the super power is used, it will definitely be locked by Magneto!

      In addition to Magneto, there is also the government. This is New York. There are too many mutants and secret agents, which means that this kind of peaceful and peaceful life is gone forever.

      Thinking of this, Wanda couldn’t help but feel heartache.

      She just wants to seize every minute and every second and enjoy this last little happiness! !

      “Wanda, what’s wrong with you?”

      Li Bufan asked.

      “Oh, no, nothing.”

      “Really nothing?”


      Wanda nodded, then looked at Li Bufan deeply, and said tenderly: “Unfan, my man, I, I have something to hide from you, you may be surprised, but please believe that I love you, love You three thousand times!”

      She is kind of wanting a showdown!

      “I know.”

      Li Bufan blinked at Wanda and said, “Unfortunately, I have something to hide from you, so we are even. Moreover, I don’t want to tell you those things for the time being, so please don’t tell me either. Okay?”

      “Wait when you want to say it, it’s never too late to say it, never force yourself.”

      Wanda’s smart eyes suddenly became a little moist.

      This is my man!

      You little villain, can you hide anything from me? You say this just to make me feel better.

      Li Bufan took out the wet tissue, handed it to Wanda, and said, “Please, this is the school. Pay attention to the image and don’t be seen by others, Teacher Wanda?”

      Wanda burst into laughter, and suddenly raised his face: “Student Bruce Lee, this is how you talk to the teacher? You are not allowed to have another time, otherwise it depends on how I punish you!”

      “Okay, Teacher Wanda.” Li Bufan bowed his head at Wanda and said in a very low voice: “Tonight, I will punish you like yesterday.”

      Wanda’s face blushed, and Li Bufan gave Li Bufan a strange look.


      Do you dare to say anything without looking at the occasion? But it was the first time, when I recalled last night, I was really shy, you little villain, where are so many tricks!

      “Teacher Wanda, goodbye!”

      Li Bufan smirked and separated from Wanda. At the school gate, countless boys stopped, indulged in the charming smile of Wanda, and cast an enviable look at Li Bufan.

      If a smile can kill people, it must be Wanda’s smile!

      “Old, old, old…Oh my god!!”

      The little fat Yavin was stunned, and excitedly hugged Peter Parker’s arm, and said in shock: “Peter, did you, you, did you see it? Li fellow, when did he have such a good relationship with my goddess?”

      “Did you see Teacher Wanda’s smile? I, I can’t breathe, I’m going to die!!”

      Peter Parker twitched his mouth, kicked the little fat man, and vomited: “Idiot, then go to hell!”

      If you don’t know the relationship between Wanda and Li Bufan, he might be like Little Fatty, but now, what Peter Parker feels is Li Bufan’s deep malice towards his single dog! !

      He looked at Li Bufan’s gaze, and suddenly felt resentful.

      Damn it!

      You are too much. Even the goddess is soaked in your hands, and you are still showing affection. Are you going to be struck by lightning, don’t you know? If it’s not for the sake of you being my brother, let’s see if I can help you!

      It’s time to fix that bastard Morse! !

      The small group of Li Bufan, Little Spider, and Little Fatty Yawen reunited. Little Fatty hugged Li Bufan’s thigh and almost didn’t kneel down for him. He strongly demanded Li Bufan to teach him the secret of picking up girls, which made Li Bufan laugh and cry.

      Peter Parker held Li Bufan’s shoulders and said proudly: “Brother, you can’t deal with that bastard Morse, but I have a way!”


      This funny bi kept blinking at Li Bufan, strongly suggesting that you should ask me how to do it.

      Li Bufan was speechless.

      You are so funny! !

      Chapter 22 Moral, Intellectual, Physical, Art and Labor, All-round Development!
      “Morse?” Little Fatty Yavin said suddenly, “Peter, don’t you know! There were two big news last night, one was the Brooklyn explosion, and the other was the Morse Manor murder. The bastard is dead.”

      Morse, his background is not low, the family put him in Midtown High School, which is used to accumulate seniority and pave the way for politics in the future.

      That guy didn’t want to teach at all. He had a bad reputation in Midtown High School, and many people avoided it. Among the students, it was even word of mouth bastards who did a lot of disgusting things. His death was a delightful one.


      Hearing Yavin’s words, Peter Parker’s entire expression froze, as if he had eaten a fly. Halfway through the meal, he realized that he was stuck in his throat. Swallow it and feel sick, but he wants to vomit but can’t vomit it out.

      Li Bufan suppressed his smile and patted Peter Parker on the shoulder: “Old iron, it seems that I don’t need your help anymore.”

      “Damn it! How could that guy die?” Peter Parker swore annoyed and cursed in annoyance. He immediately thought of something, staring at Li Bufan, and whispered: “Li, you wouldn’t do this, right? ?”

      “How is it possible? That’s murder!”


      Peter Parker nodded and immediately eliminated Li Bufan’s suspicion. Not to mention that he did not have the courage, even if he had the courage, he would not have the ability.

      Now he, unlike Li Bufan, already knows many unknown truths in this world.

      This good friend will still rely on him to guard in the future!

      Peter Parker glanced at Li Bufan with confidence, and said in secret: Friend, you will be a happy boy with peace of mind in the future, everything is mine.

      By the time of the morning, Morse’s tragic death had spread throughout Midtown High School. The explanation given by SHIELD was… Vendetta, Morse played with a woman’s feelings, and the woman was not convinced and asked the killer. Killed Morse.

      The reason is made up, but the story is true.

      Morse’s death did not cause any waves in Midtown High School, no one felt sorry for him, and even many people felt happy, showing how unpopular that bastard was at Midtown High School.

      Wanda was already ready to tear his face, and was overjoyed when he heard the news suddenly! !


      Her peaceful life will continue, no matter who killed Morse, she prayed for that person! !

      Three days later, it was Monday again. Wanda went to school very early and reminded Li Bufan again and again before leaving that he must not absent from school.

      Li Bufan made a guarantee, but unexpectedly, the accident still happened.

      Before leaving the house, a mysterious empty number entered his mobile phone. The caller: S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Phil Coleson, the eighth-level agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., was already downstairs and wanted to pick him up. Shield Headquarters Base.

      Li Bufan refused decisively.


      Yesterday, he received the system prompt that the second ultimate mission was completed, the level was increased, and the real-life red envelope extraction was upgraded from B to A. That is to say, he has obtained the certification of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents. This time, let himself pass…

      The goal should be to consider one’s own strength, and then rank oneself.

      He didn’t bother to care about it!

      Coleson looked dumbfounded and said: “Lee, why did you refuse?” He was a little angry, and said, “Please remember, you are now an agent of SHIELD, and your information has been entered into the archives department of SHIELD. !”

      “Also, no one can refuse SHIELD! You must give me a reasonable explanation!”

      Li Bufan said: “I want to go to school.”

      Coleson: “?????!”

      Walter Fuck?

      Li Bufan is still a high school student, and today is Monday again, so… this is really a reasonable explanation.

      At this moment, Coleson felt like a dog.

      He took a deep breath, resisted his anger, and calmed himself down: “Lee, I will help you settle the school affairs. It’s very simple. Just a phone call will do. You won’t have any trouble, and you won’t have any trouble. People are suspicious.”

      “That’s not okay.” Li Bufan curled his lips and refused decisively. “You know, I am a five-good student with comprehensive development in morality, intelligence, physical education, and art. I will never miss class.”

      Colson: “???”

      Shente Mode, intellectual, physical, art and labor in an all-round development! !


      Coulson’s mood was broken.

      “Mr. Colson, if there is nothing else, then I hang up and I will be late for school…”

      Li Bufan fastened his shoelaces and prepared to go out, just at this moment——


      The system voice suddenly appeared: “Ding Dong, congratulations to the host, you have reached the level of awareness upgrade, from A to S, you only need to complete one ultimate task: become an official S.H.I.E.L.D. agent at level 10!”

      Li Bufan’s mouth twitched, this ultimate mission…

      One word: difficult!

      The level of S.H.I.E.L.D. agent is set by Commander Maria Hill. Levels 1-3 are the dragon set. There is no top secret. You can only understand the operation and management of S.H.I.E.L.D., and levels 4-6 are middle-level backbones. , Level 7 is a watershed.

      Level 7 or lower can only access general secrets, and only level 7 or higher can understand big news that ordinary people cannot access.

      The 8th and 9th levels are basically the veteran level, such as Phil Colson and Maria Hill.

      Tenth level, this thing can not be achieved by strength alone, but also… fate, currently Li Bufan knows, there are only two people, one is the current director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury, and the other is black Widow Natasha.

      If the captain is thawed, he will also be awarded the title of tenth-level agent, but it is only an honorary certification. It is impossible to have access to the military’s top secrets like Nick Fury, and it is impossible to have the monstrous power of Nick Fury.

      Various thoughts flashed through Li Bufan’s mind like lightning, and he chuckled lightly: “Agent Coelson, no kidding, I will report to S.H.I.E.L.D. immediately and look forward to seeing you.”

      Colson: “???”


      Coleson almost didn’t drop the phone.

      Today is a big day for him, because his only idol is going to S.H.I.E.L.D.E.L.D., and he even prepared a collection of the full set of Captain’s Card, just waiting for the Captain to sign it. As a result…

      The good mood of the day is gone!

      “You nasty bastard!” Coleson hung up the phone irritably, “I’ll show you good looks later!”

      Chapter 23 Hostility from the Agents!
      Two hours later, Manhattan, S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters.

      I don’t know if Li Bufan made the joke too much, or for other reasons. Originally it only took half an hour, but it took him a full two hours to arrive at the headquarters of SHIELD. The agents who came to respond were basically Go around in circles.


      Li Bufan’s patience was very good. He was not angry, but was angrily laughed at by SHIELD’s childish actions.

      After entering S.H.I.E.L.D., Li Bufan was taken by a fourth-level agent to the secret underground base by elevator. When he reached the sixth underground level, the fourth-level agent returned the same way.

      The authority of the fourth-level agent ends here, and he has no right to enter the seventh floor!

      The elevator doors opened.

      “Wow!” Nick Fury opened his hands and laughed: “Come and see, our little hero, the future of S.H.I.E.L.D. is finally here!”

      This old guy, just like in the movie, has a very bad personality.

      Li Bufan’s mouth twitched.

      On the seventh floor underground, the first thing that caught his eye was the neatly standing S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. There were 30 people in total. The lowest level was level 5. These people can be said to be the backbone of S.H. The operation of the bureau.

      Phil Colson and Black Widow Natasha were there.

      Seeing Li Bufan, a trace of unhappiness flashed in Coulson’s eyes, and Natasha was expressionless, as if she didn’t know Li Bufan at all, and what happened in the subway not long ago hadn’t happened at all.

      Nick Fury’s obvious sarcasm caused a commotion.

      Thirty agents standing neatly couldn’t help but laugh out loud, followed closely, talking in low voices.

      “Huh? The future of S.H.I.E.L.D. is this yellow kid?”

      “Is he worthy?”

      “You two idiots, Mr. Director is saying something ironic, can’t you tell me?”


      “This yellow-skinned boy, he doesn’t have much skill, but he has a big temper. I heard that Agent Coleson asked him to report to S.H.I.E.L.D. today, but the boy actually refused! Agent Coleson almost I didn’t drop the phone.”

      “Damn, what is he, dare to refuse Agent Coulson?!”

      “Hey, brothers, don’t forget what our mission is. We will use our true skills later and give a severe lesson to this ignorant boy!”

      “Yes, give me a tough lesson!”

      “Of course! Let this kid know how good we are in a moment! Humph, S.H.I.E.L.D., not all cats and dogs can come in!!”

      It needs to be explained that in SHIELD, the level and position of agents are not completely symmetrical.

      Like Phil Coleson, although he is only an eighth-level agent, he is one of the veterans of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Nick Fury’s most trusted confidant. He has the greatest power in S.H.I. Fury.

      Whether it is a level agent with him, or even a level nine, he must follow his instructions.

      He is upright and upright, and he is well-known in SHIELD. Li Bufan actually dared to reject Coleson. This naturally aroused the dissatisfaction of other agents, and the reason they stood here was to investigate Li Bufan.

      Li Bufan completely ignored those people’s comments.

      “OK, OK!”

      Nick Fury rubbed his hands, like an old fox, and smiled lightly: “You, the troublemaker, have finally come. I have been waiting for you for a long time. First of all, I am very happy to meet you and welcome you to join God. Shield.”

      Li Bufan said, “I am also very happy to meet you, Director Fury.”

      The two shook hands.

      “Very mature.” Nick Fury smiled: “OK, I’m very busy. The entire S.H.I.E.L.D. is very busy, so let’s not talk nonsense. Let’s go directly to the topic. Little guy, your file has entered Aegis. Bureau Archives, since yesterday, you have been an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., but there is still a small problem. We are not very clear about your abilities and cannot rate you. Therefore, you need to participate in the agent assessment.”

      Li Bufan said: “No problem.”

      Nick Fury smiled and said, “Little guy, don’t blame me for not reminding you that these guys standing in front of you are not easy to mess with at all. At least they are level five, there are two levels seven, and there is even one. Level 8.”

      A sly flash flashed in Li Bufan’s eyes, and he smiled lightly, “Does that mean that if I pass the examination of an eighth-level agent, I can be set as an eighth level?”

      Nick Fury was taken aback.

      Coleson’s face sank, and he said sternly: “What nonsense! Do you know what the eighth-level agents represent?”

      Li Bufan ignored Coleson and stared at Nick Fury.

      Nick Fury clapped his hands and said happily, “OK, OK, I didn’t expect you, a little fellow, to have such ambitious ambitions… As long as you pass the eighth-level agent examination, your agent level is eighth.”

      “As the head of S.H.I.E.L.D., I assure you.”

      It’s done! !

      What Li Bufan wanted was this certification. With Nick Fury’s words, his goal was achieved.

      Of course, an old fox like Nick Fury who has practiced for decades, although he has promised Li Bufan, how could he not have a back move? Even if he really sets Li Bufan’s level as eighth, he will never give him eighth right.

      This old guy is dark.

      Li Bufan knew this well, but he didn’t care. According to the mission information given to him by the system, he only needs to be certified as a level ten agent by S.H.I.E.L.D., even if the mission is completed, as to whether he has the right to be a level ten agent, It doesn’t matter at all.

      Even, as long as he becomes a tenth-level agent and immediately rebels against S.H.I.E.L.D., there is no problem!

      The conditions are set, and the assessment will begin.

      Li Bufan and the agents began to prepare, Natasha acted as the referee, Nick Fury and Phil Coleson stepped aside, and the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, who acted as assessment teachers, had been completely enraged by Li Bufan’s arrogance and ignorance.

      “Fuck! That damn yellow monkey, what does he think S.H.I.E.L.D. is?”

      “I want him to know what the real agent is!”

      “Level 8 agent? The yellow-skinned kid who doesn’t know the heights of the sky, he is not worthy to join S.H.I.E.L.D.E.L.D.! All his skills at the bottom of the box are used to make him fail the assessment and get out of SHIELD!!

      “Bill, what do you need to say? Let him know how great it is later!”

      Chapter 24 How Could He Win?
      Nick Fury and Coleson stood not far away watching the show.

      Coleson said: “Director Fury, are you serious?”

      Nick Fury said: “Of course.”

      Coulson said anxiously: “How can this be? That’s an eighth-level agent!”

      Nick Fury pointed at the agent group, a little speechless: “Please, Agent Coleson, look at that big guy, he was discovered by you. Do you really think that little bastard can win the big guy?”

      Almost all of the thirty agents started warm-up preparations, with only one exception.

      The guy was wearing a blue peaked cap and black casual clothes. He was very burly, at least two meters tall and probably weighing 200 kilograms. He was sitting quietly in the corner like a hill with his head down.

      Big guy, a veritable metaphor.

      He was very quiet, like a quiet beast. The dangerous aura released from his whole body gave people a kind of pressure that no one would get close to. Even S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and colleagues had subconsciously pulled away from him.

      Coleson shook his head and said: “How could that little bastard be Oden’s opponent? If he angered Oden, I can guarantee that Oden will tear his small body in half.”

      Nick Fury smiled and said, “So, what are you still worried about?”

      “That little bastard is definitely not Oden’s opponent, but he is cunning. What if he wins Oden with any tricks?”

      “Then he is a Level 8 agent of SHIELD.”

      Before Coleson could speak, Nick Fury narrowed his eyes slightly and asked, “Agent Coleson, I promise to give him the treatment of an eighth-level agent, but there is no guarantee that he will be granted the right to an eighth-level agent, right?”


      Coleson was taken aback, and immediately shook his head helplessly, he was really worried.

      You are such an old fox!

      He looked at Li Bufan sympathetically and secretly said: Little bastard, no matter how rebellious you used to be, as long as you join SHIELD, it is impossible to escape the palm of this old fox.

      The agent exam began soon, and it was divided into three categories: physical fitness, shooting, and close combat. Li Bufan had absolutely no problems with physical fitness. Close combat was his favorite. Only shooting could not be done.

      Li Bufan had already thought about it, whether it was physical fitness or shooting, it was all nonsense.

      fighting! !

      Only close combat is fundamental, otherwise no matter how good your physical fitness is, no matter how good your marksmanship is, it will be useless.

      To put it simply, you just need to win, and a hard fist is the last word!

      The plan was perfect, but the accident still happened. Just before the assessment was about to begin, Li Bufan’s mind was shocked, and the real map reappeared and a red dot appeared at the same time.

      Li Bufan is overjoyed, the first A-level red envelope is here! !

      He likes this accident.

      After the red envelope level was upgraded from B to A, the coverage of the real map expanded from a radius of 1,000 meters to 5,000 meters. At the same time, the frequency of red envelopes increased, and the extraction time was still limited.

      Once exceeded, the red envelope will disappear.

      Li Bufan would naturally not miss the first A-level red envelope, but he did not lock the position of the red envelope for the first time because he didn’t need it at all. Natasha’s two red lips were shining in gold, and the book was written in five Song typefaces——

      “Kiss, I have a red envelope!”

      Time limit: ten seconds!


      Li Bufan has been unable to complain. He is absolutely sure that you are a rogue system.

      When Natasha saw Li Bufan staring at her with scorching eyes, her heart was like a little deer, and she secretly asked: This little villain, what does he want to do?

      “Agent Normanova, I have a question.”

      Li Bufan suddenly spoke.

      Natasha said: “What’s the problem…Um!”

      Yes, just when Natasha thought Li Bufan really had a problem, she didn’t expect that it was just Li Bufan diverting his attention.

      In full view, Li Bufan kissed his examiner before the examination started.


      It’s actually a bit sweet?

      The corner of Li Bufan’s mouth twitched, but now is not the time to recall the taste of Natasha’s red lips.

      The red envelope opens: “Ding Dong! Congratulations to the host for getting Xiao Li Fei Dao!”

      [Item: Xiao Li Fei Dao Cheats

      Quality: A-level medium (classified, medium, high)

      Attribute: Skills

      World: “Little Li Flying Sword”

      Feature: Xiao Li Fei Dao, without any false hair! You will get the mental power, eyesight, and skills corresponding to Xiao Li’s flying knife, which can be used in bows and arrows, firearms, and pierce the Yang with a hundred shots! 】

      Wipe, this is really going to sleep when a pillow fell from the sky!

      Hawkeye Button’s precise shooting is nothing more than that, but with such a bug’s ability, this is actually an A-level, and it’s not even an advanced one?

      Li Bufan’s heart attacked Xiao Li Feida, and at the same time, he immediately entered the red envelope space with a thought.

      Three seconds later, the world in front of him had undergone earth-shaking changes.

      This item is not only the skill of Xiao Li’s flying knife, but also changed his eyesight and mental power. When he concentrates, locks the target, the bullseye is fifty meters away, a very small point, but in Li Bufan’s eyes, it is big. Such as wheels.

      A-level red envelopes are as horrible.


      When Li Bufan was still immersed in the sudden improvement of his own strength, his mind was shocked again, and a red dot appeared on the real map, only then did he draw the first A-level red envelope, and the second A-level red envelope came again.

      This time, the red envelope fell on the big guy who bowed his head and sat quietly in the corner.

      Seeing the contents of the red envelope, Li Bufan’s mouth twitched.

      Ordinary red envelopes, task red envelopes, have you even chosen red envelopes now?

      System, you really know how to play.

      Chapter 25 Kid, you’re still far away!
      “Fuck! What did you do?!”

      “Damn it!”

      “I am going to kill you!!”

      Don’t let Li Bufan think too much, the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have all exploded.

      Black Widow Natasha, a tenth-level S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, in their eyes, it is a godlike existence, and would never stay in S.H.I. See a real person once.

      The charming amorous feelings on her is something that 90% of men in this world can’t resist.

      These agents, whether single or married, Natasha is the perfect goddess in their hearts. It is a great honor for them to say a word to Natasha, but now this kid is in full view. Next, Natasha was attacked.

      It was also successful! !


      The agents were all out of anger, one by one, like bulls in heat, they would swarm in the next moment and tear Li Bufan to pieces.

      “Damn it!” Coleson cursed, “This bastard!!”

      Nick Fury looked at Li Bufan speechlessly. He was really an unruly wild horse. Even if you are attracted by Natasha, you shouldn’t do it, right? The time is wrong, and the occasion is wrong.

      But he has no plans to end, and Natasha.

      When the others were filled with righteous indignation, Natasha’s brain was dumbfounded, still reminiscing about the beauty of her talent, and when she recovered, the agents had already fried the pot.

      “Shut up all!!”

      Natasha let out a cold yell, causing all the agents to shut up, followed by an annoyed look at Li Bufan and shouted: “You little bastard, I think you need to give me a reasonable explanation.”

      Li Bufan said: “Um, can’t help it?”

      Can’t help but you big head! !

      Even if you can’t help it, you won’t wait for the end of the assessment, only when we are the two?

      Natasha rolled her eyes madly in her heart, almost not mad at Li Bufan, and said with a stern face: “Just this time, don’t take it as an example! Otherwise I will make you pay a heavy price, you know?”


      “Okay. The assessment begins!”

      The agents stared at each other, looking at their goddess in disbelief.

      Damn it!

      Just this time, not as an example? This is the attitude of the goddess?

      how can that be? !

      There used to be a guy who didn’t know the heights and heights of the earth. He wanted to do something to Natasha because of his special ability. But Natasha broke the guy’s legs directly. If it wasn’t for the chief to intercede for that guy, Nata Sha definitely interrupted that guy’s third leg!

      Natasha didn’t mean to pursue it in the slightest, even if they were upset, they could only do so.

      The physical fitness assessment begins-5000 meters long run!

      The purpose of this assessment is simple and rude. It is to assess Li Bufan’s physical durability. Not all 30 agents participated. After the competition, there were 7 level 5 agents, 2 level 6 agents, and 1 level 7 agent.

      Li Bufan’s performance will be compared with these ten people. There are all level 5, level 6, and level 7 agents, and there is a complete comparison.

      The agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. took the lead and completed it very quickly.

      For the most part, the scores were about 15 minutes, and the best two: Level 6 Agent Tom Allen 10 minutes and 27 seconds, Level 7 Agent Phil Andrew broke ten in only 9 minutes and 11 seconds.

      The crowd cheered.

      This result is already very scary. You must know that the shortest time for the world’s five-kilometer race record is only 12 minutes and 37 seconds. If Phil Andrew participates in the Olympics, he will definitely be an undoubted champion.

      The agents looked at Li Bufan in a playful manner.

      There was triumph in Phil Andrew’s eyes.

      Li Bufan appeared on the stage. The guy was only a seventh-level agent. He definitely wanted to beat him, but there was no need to fully reveal his strength. Therefore, Li Bufan, who still had reservations, completed the race in 5 minutes and 27 seconds.

      “Damn it! This damn kid, something!”

      “5 minutes and 27 seconds? Is he still a human?”

      “This should definitely not be the speed of a normal person?”

      The agents were shocked.

      Phil Andrew’s face was blue, and he gritted his teeth and secretly said: “Damn boy! Let you win first, and in the next shooting, you must know what a real master is.”

      Nick Fury, Natasha, Coleson and others looked as usual.

      Toad and Big Steel Tooth are small characters among mutants, but they are much stronger than ordinary people. Being able to kill them has indirectly proved Li Bufan’s ability.

      “Not bad.” Nick Fury nodded, “Go to the next item.”

      The shooting assessment begins!

      As with the physical fitness assessment, ten of the 30 agents selected the best marksmanship. Among them, the fifth, sixth, and seventh levels are available, and then the pistol is fired at 50 meters, and the effective range of the pistol is 35 meters.

      Shooting at a target of 50 meters is already an extreme shooting, and the effective range of the bullet will deviate.

      Phil Andrew is still one of the ten.

      Soon, the agents completed the shooting. For each shot, the computer intelligently reported the count. After ten shots were shot, the computer would calculate the final result.

      “Armand 77th ring, Elton 72nd ring, Duncan 84th ring…Phil Andrew 100th ring!!”

      Of the ten agents, Phil Andrew was the only one, with no bullets, and all hit the hearts. The rest did not exceed the 90th ring, and the closest to Phil Andrew was only the 84th ring!

      Absolutely crushed.


      There was another exclamation, shooting at the limit of 50 meters, each shot was centered, with a hundred rings! !

      Won! !

      The boy’s marksmanship can’t be better than Phil, the worst case is that the boy hits a hundred rings, then it is possible to tie! But does that kid have this ability?

      How can it be!

      Phil Andrew also felt that he was bound to win. He looked at Li Bufan, sneered, and said, “Boy, learn a little bit, you are not far away!”

      Chapter 26 Terrorist shooting, ten shots pierced the heart!
      At this time, the real shooting master Hawkeye Button completed the mission, returned to S.H.I.E.L.D., and came to the agent’s assessment site.

      “Agent Patton. How about the mission?”


      “Has the assessment been completed?”

      “Almost, Andrew shot 50 meters, all ten shots hit the hearts.”

      Hawkeye came to Nick Fury and Coleson, exchanged a few simple words with Coleson, then nodded, and said: “Andrew’s shooting is unique, and other agents are inferior to him. This is the result. , Is also expected.”

      Coleson smiled and said, “That kid is planted this time!”


      Li Bufan was already in place. Natasha gave an order. He raised the muzzle decisively and shot ten shots quickly. The total time was less than three seconds. After he finished shooting ten bullets, the computer reported the number to report. the fifth.

      The cold mechatronics sound: “10 ring, 0 ring, 0 ring, 0 ring, 0 ring… 0 ring, 0 ring, 0 ring, a total of 10 rings!!”

      Next to Li Bufan, Natasha’s face changed drastically.

      “Damn it!”

      Hawkeye Button’s face also changed drastically, so excited that there were several bulging veins on his face.

      He widened his eyes and locked Li Bufan, as if he had seen a ghost.

      The agents were all stunned.

      The first shot came with ten rings, but the next nine shots all missed the target. What kind of magical operation is this?

      Mongolian! !

      That’s right, his first shot must be blind, otherwise such an unthinkable result would never happen, and he shot so fast, he didn’t aim at all, he must know that he couldn’t win no matter how he hits, so that’s why. It will be like this.

      This is the only explanation.

      “Hahaha…boy, you are a bit too tender!”

      “My grandma’s marksmanship is better than yours!”

      “Go back and practice for another ten years. A master stroker like you is not qualified to join SHIELD.”

      The agents burst into laughter and ridiculed unscrupulously, but they did not notice that the high-level S.H.I.

      Hawkeye Button said coldly: “Shut up all, a bunch of ignorant idiots! He didn’t miss the target, but hit all ten shots! The first shot hit the heart, and the remaining nine shots passed through the hole made by the first shot. Over!”

      “The reason why the computer misjudged is because of his nine bullets, none of them touched the target!!”

      The noise stopped abruptly, and the scene was instantly silent.

      The expressions of those hilarious agents all froze, especially Phil Andrew, who was dumbfounded and his face was hot!

      Hawkeye Button, this is the master of shooting, where to shoot there, there is no difference, the eyesight is terrifying, not to mention, since even he said so, then this is a fact, don’t you believe it? Look at Natasha’s expression…

      Look back at Director Fury’s…

      God! !

      What kind of monster is this kid?

      Nick Fury was shocked, and said at Hawkeye: “Agent Patton, how do you think this little guy’s shooting skills compare to yours?”

      Eagle Eye confidently replied: “Director Fury, I will not lose to anyone when it comes to shooting. But this little guy, in S.H.I.E.L.D., no one is his opponent except me!”

      “Even, his shooting skills are comparable to mine…”

      Finally, Hawkeye added another sentence.

      Coleson was shocked.

      Nick Fury stared at Li Bufan in the distance, and muttered: “How many abilities does this little guy hide… Summoning him to S.H.I.E.L.D., perhaps the most important thing since I became the head of S.H.I. The right decision…”

      Nick Fury, Coleson, and Hawkeye walked towards everyone.

      Nick Fury clapped his hands and announced: “Little guy, you have proven yourself. The close combat test will be exempted. I will fulfill my promise. From now on, you will be an eighth-level agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. .”

      Li Bufan smiled and said, “Thank you Mr. Fury.”

      Eagle Eye looked at Li Bufan deeply and asked, “Little guy, if it’s convenient, I want to know who your teacher is?”

      “Teacher?” Li Bufan shrugged and said, “Mr. Button, I don’t have a teacher.”

      Hawkeye was stunned: “There is no teacher? Then how did you get such perfect shooting skills? I believe that not only marksmanship, bows and arrows, or even throwing small stones, you can achieve a hundred shots, please don’t deny it, otherwise you are Insult my eyes.”

      Li Bufan said, “I’m not going to deny it.”


      “There is no teacher to teach me, if I have to say a teacher… then I count myself?”

      Eagle eyes shook, staring at Li Bufan, and then shook his head, and said: “Little guy, you don’t want to say it, no need to lie. You can have your own secrets, and no one can persecute you.”

      When Yingyan and Li Bufan talked, the agents of SHIELD had already exploded.

      An 18-year-old high school student was awarded the title of Level 8 Special Agent before joining SHIELD. This has never happened before, and I am afraid it will hardly happen again in the future, and this is definitely an insult to them.

      Yes, it is an insult! !

      How much effort did they put in for promotion?

      Three years, five years, or fifteen years?

      Even if he worked hard for S.H.I.E.L.D. for fifteen years, he might not be able to rise to the eighth level. Why can he be so relaxed?

      “Director Fury, we have an opinion, why don’t he be assessed for close combat?”

      “We are definitely not his opponent, but he is definitely not Oden’s opponent either!!”

      “This kid is arrogant and arrogant!”

      “Hey, Oden, what are you waiting for, teach this kid hard!!”

      Nick Fury frowned, his face was displeased, and he was secretly surprised. He knew his decision would arouse the dissatisfaction of the agents, but he did not expect these people to react so strongly that they completely ignored his authority. .

      It seems that these guys have to be taught severely and let them know who is the leader of SHIELD!

      At this moment, the big guy sitting quietly in the corner with his head down, suddenly stood up and smiled grimly at Li Bufan: “You brat, I want to tear you to pieces! !”

      Chapter 27 God-level selection, ninjutsu, and fire escape!
      The agents cheered.

      “Oden is angry! That’s the way it is! Big guy, take out all your strengths and teach this kid hard!”

      “Boy, you are dead!”

      “Oden, come on! We will all support you this time!!”

      Nick Fury was a big head.

      Bagley Oden, this guy is like a mini version of that green monster. His strength is definitely not comparable to that of the Hulk, but his temper is exactly the same. As long as he is up, he can do anything.

      This guy is also one of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s killers!

      The war that took place in Mexico not long ago, Sol wanted to get his sledgehammer back, it was Bagley Oden who resisted Sol, although Sol was deprived of Thor’s position, but even if it’s not Thor, that guy’s fighting power Still sturdy.

      When Li Bufan showed that he was not inferior to Hawkeye Button after shooting, Nick Fury’s mentality has changed.

      This little guy can make a great contribution to SHIELD!

      Bagley Oden is a gold medalist of S.H.I.E.L.D., and this little guy has also proved his strength. In that case, he will be given the title of eighth-level agent. Anyway, there is definitely no right. How about giving it to you?

      This is a win-win situation. There is no need to cause both loses. Once Oden goes crazy, the ghost knows what he will do. What if an accident happens?

      He considered everything, but he underestimated the anger of the agents!

      The agents didn’t know how he thought about it. They only knew that Li Bufan, an 18-year-old little guy, only joined S.H.I.E.L.D. and became an eighth-level agent.

      Bagley Oden’s face was fierce, and he grinned at Li Bufan: “Damn bastard, are you ready to meet my anger?”


      The corner of Li Bufan’s mouth twitched, and he looked at the big man in front of him jokingly. In a mysterious space that no one knew, Oden’s head showed a few lines of shiny Chinese characters.

      “Ding Dong, congratulations to the host, you have found a choice red envelope, you will have the following choices.”

      “1. Ignore Oden’s challenge: you will be awarded the title of’King of Indifference’.”

      “2. Reject Oden’s challenge: You will get the title of’coward as a mouse’.”

      “3. Accept the challenge of Oden: You will get three kinds of fire escape ninjutsu cheats.”

      “Dingdong, please choose?”

      Peat, as long as you are not an idiot, you know how to choose it, right?

      Li Bufan’s mouth ticked: “Okay, big guy, I accept your challenge.”

      System: “Ding Dong, congratulations to the host, you have obtained three kinds of fire escape ninjutsu: 1. The technique of impatiens (C); 2. The technique of dragon fire (C); 3. The head work hard (B).”

      “Ding Dong, after the items have been distributed, the host can check them in the red envelope space!”

      With a thought, Li Bufan scanned the red envelope space, and he found three cheats in the red envelope space, and immediately read it in his mind.

      The three kinds of fire escape ninjutsu, what I didn’t say, all come from the world of Naruto.

      The three ninjutsu levels are all A-level medium, but the power of laughter is different, such as the “dragon fire technique”. After the seal, a linear flame will be emitted, which is powerful enough to instantly break a giant tree with a diameter of two meters. Hard work is better.

      The user of this technique is a member of the Akatsuki organization, Jiao Du, and has two major characteristics.

      First, the killing range is extremely wide. A small fireball is spit out from the mouth to the ground, and when it falls on the ground, it can instantly expand the burning range and swallow everything around it.

      The second is that it is extremely explosive, once it is used, it is enough to make the surrounding land burn into a sea of ​​flames!

      “Huo Dun…Finally got something a little harder.”


      Li Bufan’s mouth twitched and he couldn’t help whistling.

      In just a few seconds, he has completely mastered the three types of ninjutsu, just like a ninja who has practiced for decades. The three types of ninjutsu’s knot printing methods are so familiar to the chest that they can complete the knot without even a second. Printed.

      “Boy, what are you laughing at? Am I funny?”

      Li Bufan chuckled and whistled, which completely angered Bagley Oden. He was like an angry maned dog, snarling fiercely: “You will pay for your actions, and I will tear you up soon. Fragments!!!”


      Li Bufan poked his mouth indifferently, letting you bark for so long, without beating you, how could it be passed? ‘

      At this time–

      Coleson roared with an iron face: “What do you want to do? This is S.H.I.E.L.D.E.L.D.! What do you think you are, do you think you are a gangster on the street, do whatever you want?!”

      “Oden, return it to me!”

      Oden still stared at Li Bufan fiercely, and said: “Agent Coulson, I absolutely respect you, but this kid is too arrogant and arrogant, I must teach him today!! He has accepted my challenge, please Don’t stop it!”

      “You are really…”

      Coulson’s head was big for a while, helplessly looking at Nick Fury.

      “Wow.” Nick Fury clapped his hands and said, “It seems that this battle is inevitable, so let’s start…”

      As he spoke, his expression changed suddenly, and he glanced at the other agents like a cold flash, and said sternly: “Now you are happy? What are you still trying to do? Hurry up and give these two heroes a place, and you will not be too tired. All right.”

      The agents were startled in a cold sweat, knowing that the previous behavior had angered the director, and they didn’t dare to speak any more, and immediately avoided.

      Chapter 28: Instantaneous Level 8 Special Agent!
      Li Bufan and Oden are ten meters away, standing opposite each other.

      The other agents have retreated far away. Nick Fury, Coleson, Hawkeye Button, and Natasha are the closest to them.

      Coleson said: “Director Fury, why do you agree?”

      Nick Fury said annoyed: “Agent Coulson, don’t you see the attitude of those agents? If I disagree, although there will be no trouble in front of me, there will be a lot of trouble in the future. It is better to solve it now .”

      Coleson sighed lightly.

      Nick Fury commanded: “Agent Patton, get ready, in the event of an accident, immediately stop it!”

      “No problem.” Hawkeye smiled and said: “Don’t worry, there will be no accidents.”

      Nick Fury looked at Li Bufan and said, “Little guy, are you sure? The big guy in front of you is not easy at all. He is our S.H.I.E.L.D. trump card. You must be careful. Hold on, or you will be injured.”

      “Do you know what I mean?”


      Li Bufan smiled, S.H.I.E.L.D. ace fighter? If this kind of strength is considered an ace fighter, then your S.H.I.E.L.D. is really weak, no wonder you will be bombed by Hydra.

      Nick Fury looked at Oden again, and warned in a deep voice: “Oden, take care! Don’t forget, you have already memorized two serious warnings. If you come again, you will go back to prison. !”

      Oden stared at Li Bufan with a weird smile, as if a hunter saw his favorite prey.

      I really can’t do anything with this guy!

      Nick Fury shook his head and said: “I announce the rules of close combat…the rule of close combat is that there are no rules. You can use any means as long as you can knock down your opponent.”

      “Now, the close combat has officially begun!”

      Oden’s eyes stared suddenly, and Nick Fury’s voice hadn’t fallen yet. He was like a furious beast, suddenly exerting force.


      With a muffled noise, the floor under his feet was completely shattered.

      next moment! !

      Oden suddenly jumped up. Mr. SHIELD Ace Fighter was still a bit strong. Instead of running forward, he jumped forward. This forward jump was at least four meters away. When he reached the top, he was away from Li Extraordinary less than three meters.

      Then, Oden charged his right fist, like a crossbow arrow, and shot Li Bufan directly.

      Oden grinned and said: “I don’t know how high the earth is, you think you are a human after killing two trash fish?! You still don’t know anything about real power, come and meet this uncle’s fist of anger!!”

      From the beginning to the present, only a second or two, Li Bufan still stood in place, as if he had not reacted at all.

      Nick Fury, Coleson and others were shocked.

      “This bastard!”

      Nick Fury’s face was pale, and he cursed, “He was a sudden attack, and I haven’t finished speaking… that little guy is not ready at all!! Hawkeye, take action to stop Oden, he will really kill that little guy! !”

      Hawkeye didn’t immediately make a move. He was staring at Li Bufan strangely. Although the little guy was standing there, he didn’t have any response. His hands seemed to be making something strange.


      Nick Fury called again, but Hawkeye had already missed the best time, and it was too late to think about it.

      Li Bufan didn’t make any surprises, but Jieyin.


      “Fire Escape·Dragon Fire Art!”

      next moment! !

      call out! !

      A straight flame shot from Li Bufan’s body and rushed straight into Oden’s chest.

      what? !

      Oden’s face changed dramatically.

      Li Bufan twitched the corner of his mouth and chuckled, “You still don’t know anything about real power. So, are you ready to meet the fire of my anger?”


      Accompanied by a heartbreaking scream, the dragon fire was like a sharp sword, easily pierced through Oden’s chest, and Oden’s momentum was like a rainbow, and finally it flew backwards like a rainbow. And back.


      Oden slammed into the concrete wall more than ten meters away, a big hole in his chest, his eyes widened in shock, the person is not dead, but even if it can be saved, it will take a long time to recover.

      Moreover, even if it recovers, it is impossible to have the current strength.

      This guy is useless!

      All the agents who were watching the battle were all dumbfounded.

      Nick Fury is dumbfounded!

      Natasha was dumbfounded!

      Hawkeye and Coleson are all dumbfounded! !

      “Old, old, god!”

      “What did I see? That guy, he’s a monster.”

      “What was that just now?”

      “That guy, is he a legendary magician? Damn it! There really are magicians in this world?!”

      The agents started talking in shock.

      “Damn it!” Nick Fury’s face was pale, and he stared at Li Bufan angrily, “Really a little bastard who can cause trouble at any time, how many abilities do you hide?!”

      Li Bufan said: “Compared to this, Director Fury, I think you should care more about your ace fighter, he is about to die.”

      Nick Fury yelled at the agents: “What are you still waiting for? Do you really want to watch Oden die! Damn, bring that hapless guy to the medical department!!”

      “Ah, yes, Director Fury.”

      Only then did the agents react, and rushed to Oden in a hurry. It was really unlucky, this guy basically only had half his life.

      Looking at Li Bufan again, all the agents who clamored before looked scared.


      This guy is really incredible. Fortunately, he didn’t make his head just now. If it wasn’t, he would be lying on the ground half alive, but it was not Oden, but them. More importantly, they did not have such a strong vitality as Oden.

      If they were to belch directly, right?

      “You, come to my office!”

      Nick Fury looked annoyed and pointed at Li Bufan, angrily.

      Chapter 29: Just a little trick!
      After a while.


      Only Nick Fury and Li Bufan, no one spoke, Nick Fury stared at Li Bufan in annoyance and helplessness.

      Li Bufan said: “Ah, Director Fury, no one has any opinions now, right?”

      Nick Fury: “???”

      Li Bufan reminded: “My eighth-level agent is serious.”

      Nick Fury instantly exploded: “You bad boy who can only cause trouble, you almost killed an eighth-level S.H.I.E.L.D. agent just now. Do you know what you did? In the end, this is your focus?”

      “Bad boy, are you sure you are joking with me?”

      Li Bufan: “Not at all. That guy is begging for death. I just met his wish. Director Fury, from start to finish, he is provoking him. Even if he is killed, it has nothing to do with me. Isn’t it true?”

      Nick Fury: “…”

      I have to say, it makes sense, but your kid’s mouth is too poisonous, what do you mean by asking for death?

      Nick Fury was completely speechless, shook his head and said: “That’s all for it, but in the future, little guy, I don’t want something similar to happen again, absolutely not allowed!”

      Li Bufan said: “As long as no one is looking for death, it won’t be.”

      Why is this guy smelly and hard like the stone in the pit?

      Nick Fury shook his head for a while and said, “Forget it, let’s talk about something else. Little guy, I want to know, what was that just now? Magic?”


      Li Bufan shook his head and chuckled lightly: “That’s what kind of magic, it’s magic at best, it’s just a trick.”

      Nick Fury glared one-eyed, and said speechlessly: “Little trick? That’s it? Your little trick instantly killed Bagley Oden, don’t you know? You want to say that, I’ll give you a code name, and you’ll be called in the future. The’Magic’ is ready.”

      Li Bufan: “Magic? Not bad, this is my code name.”

      Nick Fury frantically said: “Damn! Irony! I’m ridiculing you, don’t you know, you are driving me crazy!! Tell me, do you still have similar tricks like the one just now?”

      Li Bufan: “For the time being, that’s all.”

      “I can still develop it in the future, right?”

      Nick Fury waved his hand and said, “Okay, Mr. Magician, Level 8 Special Agent, you can leave! You are still a middle school student. If there are no special circumstances, you will go to school normally during school hours, and come to the bureau to report on Saturday and Sunday. , I will notify you if there is a task.”

      Followed by Nick Fury and said other things, such as Wanda and Magneto. Without the consent of Li Bufan, S.H.I.E.L.D. will not contact Wanda again. Magneto will also negotiate to ensure that Magneto does not Entangled with Wanda again.

      With the eighth-level agent certification, plus Wanda, Li Bufan’s goal has been achieved and he left S.H.I.E.L.D. with satisfaction.

      Just after he left, Nick Fury, who had been violent and frantic before, suddenly recovered his calm.

      Before that, all of them were disguised.

      An old fox like him who has been cultivating for decades, even Captain Marvel has seen the world-destroying weirdness, how could it be possible that Li Bufan has shown a little magic and lost his sense of measure?

      Of course, the shock is absolutely real.


      The wooden door of the office was pushed open, Natasha, Hawkeye, and Coleson walked in. Nick Fury slammed the three chairs and motioned for the three to sit down.

      Coleson asked, “Director Fury, how did you talk?”

      Nick Fury told the truth.

      Coleson stared, speechless and annoyed: “Little magic?! Damn, he called the killing skill just now little magic?! So what is the big one?”

      Nick Fury looked at Hawkeye and Natasha, and asked, “What do you two think?”

      Hawkeye said: “He didn’t lie. It shouldn’t be magic, at least not the magic we know in the West, but more like the’skill’ of the mysterious power in the East.”

      Nick Fury: “Then he will be Mr. Magician, an eighth-level S.H.I.E.L.D. agent from now on.”

      Natasha said: “Director Fury, I don’t think this is the most important thing… This little guy seems to have many secrets, of course, the most important thing is how he views our SHIELD and whether he is loyal.”

      “Loyal?” Nick Fury laughed. “This is the biggest joke I heard today. I didn’t see any of this from that little guy! Let alone loyalty. If I give him a task, he If he doesn’t want to do it, then he will never do it!”


      Natasha and Hawkeye looked helpless.

      To be honest, this kind of person is not only Li Bufan, but Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and Dr. Banner are all. If you want to invite them, you must have a good reason, otherwise they will not do it at all.

      But the difference between Li Bufan and those people is that those people are independent individuals and do not belong to S.H.I.E.L.D., but this little guy Li Bufan is already a member of S.H.I.E.L.D.

      Coleson said: “I have a doubt. He has such a dull personality and so many killers. He is definitely an S-class wanted criminal, but why should he join SHIELD? Moreover, he is very concerned about our certification!”

      Nick Fury chuckled and said, “Who knows, a funny and thoughtful little villain, what is your purpose… I will know in the future.”

      “Since I have joined S.H.I.E.L.D., you can’t let him eat plain rice. I will find some thorny tasks for him in a few days.”

      Coleson replied: “Yes.”

      Chapter 30 Crazy Plan!
      In the office.

      Nick Fury said: “OK, put that little guy’s aside beforehand, let’s talk about something else first, Agent Coleson.”

      Coulson said: “The sledgehammer has been solved, and Thor has returned to Asgard.”

      Nick Fury: “In other words, the alien trouble is solved?”

      Coulson shrugged: “It looks like this now, boss.”

      “Very good.” Nick Fury looked at Hawkeye again and said, “Agent Patton, where is that big green guy?”

      Hawkeye said: “After the suburban war, the Hulk Hulk disappeared. Just this morning, our people found Dr. Banner. He hid in the slums of Kolkata and used his knowledge to help the poor.”

      Nick Fury smiled.

      Hawkeye added: “He is now a doctor in the slums of Kolkata and his reputation is not small.”


      Nick Fury exclaimed, and said, “How long has the big green guy not come out? Half a year or a year, Dr. Banner is really amazing. Compared to him, another playboy hates him a lot.”

      “Agent Normannova, what’s the situation with that dude? Is the palladium poisoning done?”

      Natasha said: “Tony has suppressed the toxicity of palladium according to the video his father left him, but he still has a big trouble. The whip has been taken out of prison by Tony’s rival, Justin Hammer. ”

      Nick Fury said: “So, Justin Hammer has become the boss of the whip? That fool who tramples the law, he really thinks he can control the whip? Want to be the boss of the whip, how did he even die? Do not know at all!”

      “It’s really troublesome. Let Dr. Banner stay in Kolkata first. I hate that playboy very much, so Natasha, you will contact him next.”

      Natasha: “No problem.”

      “The meeting is over.”

      In addition to this trouble, there is one thing that Nick Fury didn’t tell Natasha and let Natasha take charge of Tony. Of course, it’s not just because of annoying, but because of him, Hawkeye, Coleson and more important things. Need to be dealt with.

      The Cube of the Universe! !

      The first phase of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s research on the Cosmos Rubik’s Cube is about to be completed, and it will soon enter the second phase-using the Cosmos Rubik’s Cube to develop higher-level black technology weapons! !

      Not to deal with other countries, but to save the earth and protect all mankind.

      The appearance of Thor, has made them understand that there are really alien intelligent creatures outside the earth. Their power is terrifying. To take precautions, Nick Fury must be prepared before danger comes.

      Li Bufan left S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters and then returned to school. As expected, Coleson said that it would be resolved with a single call without any trouble or doubt.

      Class normally.

      When Nick Fury racked his brains to tame his wild horse, Li Bufan also had a crazy plan in his mind.

      What is the ultimate mission this time? Become a Level 10 agent certified by SHIELD!

      He has always had a misunderstanding, that is, joining SHIELD, then making contributions, and finally being promoted, but he was wrong. The system only allowed him to become a Level 10 agent of SHIELD, but there was no prescribed method.

      Then, he can use his own means to force Nick Fury! !

      Of course, this requires absolute strength.

      “Then wait for a while, then it will be interesting…” Li Bufan, who had figured out everything, suddenly enlightened, only to feel that the sky is high and the birds are flying, and the sea is wide and the fish leap.

      Although that bitter egg is very ill-fated, joining S.H.I.E.L.D. actually has a lot of benefits.

      As I thought, although he was certified as an eighth-level agent, he only has the authority of a fifth-level agent. In New York, he can move on his own. S.H.I.

      In addition, he can also access a certain level of top-secret information, the most obvious of which is wanted criminals of various levels.

      In Li Bufan’s eyes, those people weren’t wanted criminals, but Franklins shining brightly.

      Wanted criminals are divided into four levels: B-level, A-level, S-level, and no authority. The last one is not authorized. Okay, manual funny. The lowest B-level reward is 500,000 U.S. dollars, and the S-level reward is reached. 2 million dollars!

      Inadvertently, there is an extra plan to make a fortune, which is really a surprise.

      Two days later, Thursday.

      Everything is business as usual.

      In the past two days, Li Bufan has browsed all the information about wanted criminals he has the authority to know, focusing on those who may still be in New York, and then go out for a stroll at night.

      See if you are so lucky to bump into a certain one.

      Facts have proved that he is not the emperor of Europe.

      In addition to these trivial matters, Coleson also contacted him once and told him that the negotiation between S.H.I.E.L.D. and Magneto was over and the two parties reached a preliminary agreement that within six months, the two parties should not entangle Wanda for any reason.

      For Li Bufan, this is the most important thing.

      School cafeteria, lunch time.


      Li Bufan’s spirit was shocked, and the real map reappeared, and a moving red dot appeared.

      Red envelopes appear again!

      Unlike before, this time, the system’s voice directly appeared: “Congratulations to the host, I found a special task red envelope!”

      [Task: Kill Sowan Kaul

      Time: twelve hours

      Reward: Unknown]

      Sowan Kaul, S.H.I.E.L.D. wanted criminal, with a bounty of $2 million.

      According to S.H.I.E.L.D. files, this guy was originally a thief, and once stole the military secret research institute.

      At that time, the military was conducting a nuclear experiment. He fled after being discovered. He fell into the gravel mixer by accident. When he was found, he was only left with two feet outside. Everyone thought he was dead. He didn’t expect this guy later. It unexpectedly popped up again.

      Robbing banks, killing people… There are so many crimes that ordinary policemen can’t deal with them at all. They have special abilities.

      In the Marvel world, how do the poor get superpowers?


      Nuclear radiation and being bitten by spiders are just like the magical skills of jumping off a cliff in martial arts novels. Ordinary people have died hundreds of times earlier. As long as they don’t die, they will definitely awaken their special abilities. This is no surprise.

      Li Bufan clicked the corner of his mouth. Although he is not the emperor of Europe, I have a special system, and I can’t make any less of the money!

      Chapter 31 The villain died of talking!
      Brooklyn, a bar named “Rose” on the coastline.

      The music is noisy, and the human voice is full.

      A punk-like young man with a full-body leather jacket and a studded peaked cap walked into the bar and came to the bar.

      The bartender who was mixing the wine said, “Hey, Kaul, something to drink today.”

      “A cup of red bombs.”

      “no problem.”

      This young man, it was Sowan Kaur, who finished drinking, he turned around and stared at the graceful figure that was swaying on the dance floor.

      A hot blonde girl came into his eyes.

      “Hey, it’s yours!” Sowan Kaul excitedly said, “Baby, it will make you so cool tonight!”

      He didn’t worry at all that he would be rejected, because no one could reject him.

      If there is, then be strong!

      Even S.H.I.E.L.D. has nothing to do with it, let alone ordinary people.

      New York, the headquarters of S.H.I.E.L.D., once on the blacklist of S.H.I.E.L.D., they often have to hide for fear of being caught by S.H.I.E.L.D. He also escaped from New York eight times, but every time he survived.

      Of course, he returned to the Big Apple City alive.

      This city has the prosperity of the whole world. He loves it to death and will never leave completely. To survive it is to avoid the limelight.


      Locking on tonight’s stunner, Sowan Kaur quickly drank the wine, then got up and walked to the dance floor, but at this moment, a joking voice sounded behind him.

      “Sowan Kaur, go out and chat with me.”

      Sowan Kaur didn’t look back, and said angrily: “I don’t know who you are and don’t want to know. You just need to know. I’m very angry now. If I lose three times, I will turn around. If you are still there, I I promise you will die miserably!”

      “Oh, then don’t count, turn around immediately.”


      Sowan Kaul screamed, turned his head sullenly, and saw a green but disgusting face.

      He gritted his teeth and said: “You don’t know how to live or die, you are dead!”

      “So bloody?” Li Bufan twitched his mouth and said with a chuckle, “Then let’s go outside, and you are welcome to kill me.”

      Two minutes later, the two came to the dark and dirty alley behind the bar. Vomit on the road was everywhere.

      Li Bufan chuckles and said, “Introduce myself, Li Bufan, a Level 8 agent of SHIELD.”

      “Huh? SHIELD?”

      The expression on Suwan Kaur’s face became very exciting, and he burst into laughter: “Please, has SHIELD been down to this level? Even the little guys who don’t have the same hair like you are taken? Are you kidding me?”

      Li Bufan chuckles: “What do you think? Move your poor brain cells, think about it carefully.”

      It’s definitely SHIELD!

      Because the danger level of Suwan Kaur is too high, ordinary policemen have no access to his core information, let alone related tasks. They don’t even know that Suwan Kaur lives by their side.

      “You bastard! You dare to look down on me!?”

      Sowan Kaul was furious.

      “Do you know that before you, S.H.I.E.L.D. had chased and killed me eight times, but every time, I survived. Eight chases, three encirclements and suppressions, five single-agent chases, but Now those five guys are all turned into corpses!”

      “Congratulations. This is the last time. You will never have to live in fear again.”

      Suwan Kaur frowned deeply, and he still didn’t know what Li Bufan meant.

      “No one will chase and kill people, will they?

      Li Bufan smiled and added.

      That’s what it meant! !

      “Damn bug! You must pay the price of your life for your own words!!”

      Sowan Kaur immediately drew his pistol and pointed it at Li Bufan’s head.

      boom! !

      The bullet drilled out of the barrel. At the same time, Li Bufan dragged down a thick steel pipe from the side and threw the bullet at the moment Sowan Kaul shot.

      Sparks are flying! !

      The steel pipe accurately collided with the bullet, blasting the bullet directly, and then, like a crossbow arrow, it shot at Suwan Kaur’s chest.

      what? !

      Suwan Kaur’s face changed drastically, and he said solemnly, “You bug, you have a good deal of skill.”

      Click! !

      In the muffled sound, the thick steel pipe pierced Sowan Kaur’s chest, but there was no blood flowing out, but countless sands turned out.


      It seems that the special ability of this hapless creature to awaken is desertification, but those feet…According to the archives, most of this poor insect’s body got into the mixer, only one pair of feet was exposed.

      Achilles’ heel is a fatal flaw.

      Sowan Kaul stretched out his hand, slowly pulled the steel pipe out of his chest, and said jokingly: “Why, are you surprised? You don’t know what my special ability is? Is it because SHIELD doesn’t know. ?”

      “No, they have hunted and killed me eight times. How could they not know, but why didn’t they write it down in the file?”

      “Want to know the reason, let me tell you, because you little bug is not my opponent at all. I don’t let you know it. I don’t want you to perform the task. I don’t want you to perform the task. I don’t want you to die.”


      Before he finished speaking, Li Bufan had already made another move. He casually removed two slabs from the wall and threw them out, smashing Sowan Kaur’s feet into smashes.

      “I’m going to kill you bastard!!”

      Sowan Kaur screamed heartily, staring at Li Bufan spitefully.

      Chapter 32 Absolute Guardian of the Soul!
      Li Bufan curled his lips and sneered: “Idiot, as a villain, you haven’t heard a very reasonable saying… The villain died of a lot of talk. Also, from which eye did you see me very surprised?”


      “Fire Escape·The Art of Impatiens!!”

      Whoosh! !

      Impatiens seeds that fluttered all around at the touch of a touch, several petal-like flames rushed towards Suwan Kaur, instantly turning Suwan Kaur into a fireman, amidst the screams , Sowan Kaulsha.

      Except for the feet, all the other parts of the body were deserted, clamoring bitterly, “I’m going to kill you”, and flew towards Li Bufan.

      But when he was about to fly in front of Li Bufan, the flame went out, and every grain of the sand that had been burned by a thousand degrees of heat shattered, turned black, and fell on the ground.


      For Li Bufan, the trouble now is, how can he explain to others that this dark thing is Sowan Kaur?

      Li Bufan’s mouth twitched.

      “Dingdong, congratulations to the host, complete the task, and you will get-“Absolute Guardian of the Soul” Profound Truth!”

      [Item: “‘Absolute·Mind Guardian’ Profound meaning”

      Quality: A-level high

      Attributes: Special items-skills

      World: “Witcher World”

      Features: Refining spirit, absolute spiritual protection ability, any spiritual system ability can not cause damage to your mind]

      Absolute guardian of the mind?

      Li Bufan was overjoyed and immediately put aside the trouble of not being able to recognize the corpse. According to the item information given by the system, this is a reward without any offensiveness, but it can absolutely protect the spirit.

      He needs this so much!

      Professor X is rubbish when he is weak, and a myth when he is strong. He can use equipment to know the whole world without leaving his house-into the whole world, anyone’s brain!

      Except for Professor X, the “Phoenix Girl” Jin Grey and Loki, the god of tricks, all possess similar abilities.

      Phoenix Female Musician Grey can read the consciousness of others and control the opponent at the same time. The reason why Loki, the god of tricks, has the ability to control his mind is because he has a psychic scepter inlaid with spiritual gems.

      In that sensational New York War, Loki almost controlled Tony Stark. If he succeeds, the ending of the New York War will definitely be rewritten.

      Mind control, this ability is too buggy, don’t worry about it now.

      Li Bufan’s thoughts flashed, entered the red envelope space, and quickly browsed it. After about half a minute, he completely mastered this ability. Even if Professor X stood in front of him, it was impossible to cause any interference to his spirit.


      Li Bufan was so happy that he could not help but blew his whistle and returned to Queens.

      Two days passed in a hurry, and soon came Sunday.

      Everything is business as usual.

      Nothing special happened.

      Li Bufan is a layman. Nothing happens is a good thing. He just needs to guard his daughter-in-law and live a small life that belongs to him and her daughter-in-law. By the way, he waits for the red envelope to appear and get it.

      For example, now, the two are lying on their own sofas, enjoying the bright sunshine.

      Of course, Li Bufan’s hands are not idle, he is playing the ball wantonly.

      “Little villain, don’t go any further!!”

      Wanda blushed, angrily grabbing Li Bufan’s hand.

      Li Bufan laughed and said, “Sorry, sorry, I can’t help it.”

      Wanda gave Li Bufan a coquettish look, and said, “The little villain who can never be fed!”


      The two were in love with their concubines, when a block more than two hundred meters away suddenly burst into a loud noise, a huge wave of air impacted all around, and the whole building was slightly shaken.

      “What happened?”

      Li Bufan and Wanda’s expressions changed, and they immediately got up and came to the huge glass window.


      It’s Tony again!

      Li Bufan’s mouth twitched.

      I saw Tony Stark in Chinatown more than two hundred meters away, wearing an Iron Man suit and the Mark 5th generation convenient suit, and he was fighting with a brawny man in simple armor and waving two energy whips on his wrist.

      How is this going?

      Li Bufan frowned. According to the timeline provided by the Marvel movie, Thor’s sledgehammer fell on the earth, which happened after Iron Man 2. SHIELD found that the sledgehammer appeared at the end of Iron Man 2. In the easter egg.

      In this world, Sol has managed to send Loki to the earth to kill his destroyers and return to Asgard. Why hasn’t Tony Stark been able to get the whip? !

      Li Bufan secretly said: “It seems that the timeline of this world is a little different from what I think.”

      Forget it, it’s not important.

      Downstairs, Tony Stark fought with the whip and walked away. It came suddenly, caused great damage, and disappeared suddenly.

      Wanda came up with a little temper, and said coquettishly: “Hate guy! This weekend was perfect, but now it’s all destroyed by them.”

      Li Bufan said: “Daughter-in-law, don’t be angry, anyway, we have more time at night.”


      Wanda instantly understood Li Bufan’s meaning, a pair of powder fists fell on Li Bufan’s chest, and said in shame: “You little villain, who made you angry because they destroyed you! Let you talk nonsense…”

      Li Bufan laughed and looked at Wanda, who was so embarrassed by him, that it was also a kind of enjoyment.

      At this moment.


      The system voice resurfaced: “Ding Dong, congratulations to the host, touch the plot branch, open the special task red envelope: kill Ivan Vanke the whip, time limit: twelve hours!”

      “Ding Dong, note: There is no tracking display for this mission!”

      Touched the story line and opened a special mission?

      Is there such an operation?

      Li Bufan was taken aback, followed by a tick at the corner of his mouth, his eyes flashed with cunning, you two guys disturbed Lao Tzu’s dream, how could it be that way? I must ask you to collect a certain amount of interest. I took this red envelope incidentally.

      “Wanda, I have something to go out, you stay at home obediently, don’t run around.”

      “I know, I’m not a child, pay attention to safety.”

      “it is good.”

      Wanda didn’t react until Li Bufan left, and his eyes widened with anger: “You stinky fellow, what kind of attitude is that? Please, I am better than you. Why do you treat me like a child and make me so angry? Ahhh!!!”

      While talking, Wanda laughed.

      His face is full of happiness.

      This feeling of being pampered is really good.

      Chapter 33 Iron Man is about to be driven mad!
      Two hours later, at Tony’s villa, Pepper Potts was treating Tony’s wounds. This guy was very embarrassed with countless wounds just like the first time he met with the whip.

      “Aw! Miss Potts, I think you should be lighter!”

      “It’s already very light.”

      “No, I think you could be a little lighter, a gentle and considerate person like you.”

      “Don’t be pitiful!”

      Little Chili gave Tony a sullen look. This guy was already hurt like this, and his tongue was so glib.

      While helping Tony treat the wound, she asked with concern: “Tony, what’s the situation?”

      “Vanke is not in prison!”

      Little Pepper was shocked: “What?”

      “Yes, that guy did not stay in jail, he has already come out, I can even be sure that he has been out for a long time!”

      “Oh, God!”

      Little Pepper stopped in shock.

      “do not stop!”

      “Oh, sorry.”

      Little Chili hurriedly continued his work. All the medicine was applied. All he had to do was to tie a bandage. He continued: “That dangerous guy, who released him from prison? How come there is no news at all.”

      Tony put on his shirt, thought for two seconds, and already had the answer in his mind, and said, “Miss Potts, you must know that money can make ghosts worse.”

      “But this is too exaggerated.”

      “It’s not an exaggeration. It may not be possible to have money alone, but if that person has both money and power, it will be easy.”

      Little Pepper’s eyes brightened, and he exclaimed, “Justin Hammer! My God, in order to defeat you, he actually did this to such an extent? Is he crazy, and would cooperate with that extremely dangerous lunatic?”

      Justin Hammer, Tony’s competitor.

      Because Tony Stark refused to release the manufacturing materials of the Iron Man suit, which annoyed the U.S. military, Justin Hammer stepped forward and cooperated with the military on the one hand and the whiplash on the other. A copycat version of the Iron Man suit was released.

      He has money; he also has rights. It couldn’t be easier to get the lash out of prison.

      Tony craps: “Oh, it’s nothing surprising. Everyone who wants to defeat Tony Stark will eventually become a madman. Vanke is the whip, and so is Hammer.”

      Little Pepper said: “Then what are you going to do?”

      Tony said, “I already have a perfect plan. I can solve that guy tonight!”

      At this time, the smart butler Jarvis suddenly said: “Mr. Tony,’Miss N, who is a bit annoying’, come to visit!”

      Little Pepper: “??!”

      Who is Miss N who is a bit annoying?

      “Damn! I knew it!” Tony explained quickly, “It’s the woman who came to apply for a special assistant last time, you met.”

      “she was?”

      “She is from SHIELD! Jarvis, open the door and let her in.”

      Soon, Natasha walked into the villa, but she was not alone.

      Li Bufan is also there.

      Tony, Potts and Natasha greeted Natasha briefly. Tony looked at Li Bufan casually, activated his venomous tongue, and said with a serious expression: “Miss Normanova, who is this little guy? Is your son? During work. Do you have to take care of the children? It’s really hard work.”

      Natasha smiled and said, “Tony, if you dare to talk nonsense, I promise you will tear your mouth!”


      She couldn’t continue, because Li Bufan had already sealed her attractive red lips.

      Well, use your own mouth!

      “Oh, God! What did I see?”

      Tony exclaimed.

      Little Chili was also stunned!

      “You guy!” Natasha broke free with the will of the agent, and asked with a reddish cheek, “What are you doing?”

      Li Bufan said, “I just proved it to Tony.”

      Tony gave a thumbs up: “Witty enough.”

      Natasha glared at Li Bufan, tidied up her clothes, and then said, “Tony, Pepper, let me introduce him, this is Li Bufan, a level 8 agent of S.H.I.E.L.D..”

      “Oh! Great little guy.”

      Tony exclaimed.

      Little Pepper was skeptical, and said: “Impossible? How old is he, how could he be an eighth-level agent?”

      Natasha said: “He won it back by strength.”

      Tony interrupted the conversation between the two of them and said, “I’m very busy, so we have something to say. He means that he will replace you and meet me in the future?”

      “Of course not.” Natasha shook her head and continued, “This task has nothing to do with this guy, and I didn’t plan to let him come, but he said he has an account to settle with you, so I brought him here. Up.”

      Tony looked at Li Bufan and said, “Children, do we know each other?”

      “I don’t know each other, this is the first time I met.”


      Li Bufan recounted what had happened before.

      Natasha and Little Pepper both looked dumbfounded.

      Tony stared his eyes, and said, “You mean, I disturbed you and your wife, so I have to compensate you?”

      “That’s it.”

      Li Bufan nodded.

      “What are you kidding? This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard this year! Oh no, please wait a minute, you said you are married and live with your… uh, wife?”

      “God, you’re just a high school student.”

      “Oh and, don’t come up and just call me Tony. It’s too rude. We don’t know each other so well. You should call me Mr. Tony.”

      Tony looked ridiculous, and at the same time corrected Li Bufan’s name for himself.

      very serious!

      Li Bufan followed kindness and nodded, “No problem, Tony.”

      Tony said: “Damn it! Call me Mr. Tony!!”

      Li Bufan: “Okay, Tony.”

      Tony Stark: “???”

      Li Bufan said with a serious face: “Tony, how much do you plan to compensate me and my wife for mental damage? I have already calculated it in advance for you. One million per person, totaling 2 million US dollars, please pay within three days.

      Tony was going crazy and shouted, “Oh my god, the damn mental damage fee!”

      “Listen, Hanmer’s product exhibition is about to begin. I don’t have time to waste here. You need a mental damage fee? Jarvis, find out this little guy’s account and put two million dollars in it. ”

      Jarvis: “No problem, sir, it only takes five minutes.”

      Tony continued: “There is no problem now? You nasty kid, stop pestering me, okay? Because Tony Stark is about to save New York. Jarvis, get ready!”

      When the goal is achieved and the information he wants to know is also known, Li Bufan will naturally not block it.

      Want to save New York?

      No problem, the head that can be lashed is mine.

      Chapter 34 What he can do is beyond your imagination!
      Mark 6, the sixth-generation suit of Iron Man, the latest invention of Tony Stark. He developed a brand-new Ark reactor. At the same time, he added an infrared laser knife to his wrist, but cut the steel door! !

      The power of this suit is unprecedentedly powerful. The only flaw is that the weapon consumes too much energy.

      After a cool outfit, Tony has turned into Iron Man!

      “Wow! Cool!”

      Although he entered the Marvel world, this was the first time that Li Bufan had come into contact with Iron Man so close, and he couldn’t help whistling.

      Iron Man is worthy of being Marvel’s C position.

      Although Tony this guy is poisonous, rich, self-willed, tattooed, and picking up girls, he is still a good boy. A few years later, this guy sacrificed himself in order to save half of the human race, which is even more great.

      How should I say, the body of a mortal is like a god.

      Li Bufan would not do that, but from the bottom of his heart, he has a respect for such a person.

      “Hey!” Tony pointed at Li Bufan and said, “S.H.I.E.L.D. must be crazy, and even recruits little guys like you. Boy, are you still weaned?”

      rub! !

      There was a black line on Li Bufan’s forehead, and he took back his words, now that respect is gone.

      “New York will be very dangerous later. It’s more dangerous than before. You’d better hide, or it won’t be the cost of mental damage. It’s useless even if you have to pay for the dead, right?”

      “Oh, no, the dead will not be compensated at all.”

      Although this guy didn’t care about the money, he lost Li Bufan two million, but how could he be the kind of master who is willing to suffer losses, he must ask for it back.

      The character is still very bad.

      Li Bufan’s mouth twitched, which is unlucky. We are half a catty, you are poisonous, you are bad, and the little master is not bad.

      “Wait!” Natasha frowned and immediately said, “Tony, what happened? What are you going to do now? You must explain it clearly to me.”

      “Sweetheart, I don’t have time to explain to you.”

      Whoosh! !

      Tony activated the Iron Man armor, turned it into a red streamer, and flew towards Manhattan.


      It was Justin Hanmer who held the first set of unmanned steel soldier press conference of Hanmer Industries. Yes, unlike Tony’s Iron Man suit, the steel armor designed by Whiplash for Hanmer Industries is a remote-controlled model.

      Of course, in order to prove himself, Justin Hammer also put together a wearable, controlled by Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes.

      In the US military, Rhodes is the best soldier in handling steel suits. He has a very good relationship with Tony, but he is in the rivers and lakes and can’t help himself. He can’t disobey the military’s orders, even if Justin Hammer is Tony’s enemy.

      Even if he himself hates that guy extremely, he still has to cooperate with Hanmer.

      “Vanke that lunatic!” Little Chili exclaimed as if thinking of something.

      Natasha looked serious: “Miss Potts, what happened?”

      “There is no time to explain. Let’s go to Justin Hammer’s exhibition right away! As we walked, we said, Jarvis, prepare the Phantom sports car!”

      Little Chili looked eager.

      Jarvis: “Okay, Miss Potts.”

      Ten minutes later, Li Bufan, Natasha, and Pepper drove the Phantom sports car and galloped towards the exhibition center.

      On the way, Little Pepper quickly sorted out the matter and exclaimed: “It’s incredible.”

      Li Bufan smiled lightly: “It’s very simple.”

      Little Chili glanced at Li Bufan: “Where is it simple?”

      Li Bufan shrugged and said, “Although SHIELD has great magical powers, it does not mean that no one can control it. What if the lashes were released by the President himself signing a document? It was just a prisoner.”

      Little Pepper fell into deep thought: “That’s what Tony said.”

      Natasha said: “Miss Potts, what do you want to do with the whip? What does Tony mean?”

      Little Pepper shook his head: “I don’t know. Whiplash must have a big plan. Tony should have guessed it, but he didn’t say it. I only know it must be related to Hanmer’s product exhibition, and I will know it there.”

      Natasha cursed: “Damn it! That bastard Tony is as arrogant as before, always thinking she can solve it!”

      The corner of Li Bufan’s mouth hooked.

      Little Chili doesn’t know, but he knows, but he didn’t say it. I have to say, who brought him to the exhibition site?

      After another ten minutes, the Phantom sports car had arrived at the door of the product exhibition, but the car had not stopped.


      There was a loud noise inside the exhibition site, and the sudden sound of machine gun shooting sounded at the same time.

      Among them, it was accompanied by the exclamation and screams of the audience.

      Natasha and Little Pepper’s face changed drastically!

      At this time, Li Bufan suddenly said: “Natasha, you’d better rush to Hanmer Industries now.”

      Natasha had a question mark on her face.

      Li Bufan casually explained: “Justin Hammer worked with Whiplash to develop an unmanned steel suit. Hanmer thought the whiplash was to create a super weapon to suppress Tony. In fact, he didn’t know that the whiplash had another plan. ”

      Natasha asked, “Speak clearly.”

      Li Bufan shrugged and said: “The whip has controlled all the unmanned steel soldiers. Now they are killing them. You have all seen them. Of course, including Lieutenant Colonel Rod!”

      “Damn it! How did you know?”

      “Whip that lunatic!!”

      Natasha cursed, Little Pepper exclaimed, and Li Bufan had already opened the car door, got out of the car, and walked in towards the exhibition.

      “Little guy, what are you doing?!” Little Chili’s face changed greatly and worried, “Don’t go in, it’s very dangerous there!!”

      Natasha angered Li Bufan: “You knew it, right? Why didn’t you say it earlier?”

      Li Bufan said without looking back: “You didn’t ask either.”

      Natasha: “…”

      Her forehead is full of black lines, and she can’t wait to beat Li Bufan violently. Forget it, now is not the time to settle accounts with that little bastard, she shouted at Li Bufan: “Damn little bastard, pay attention to my safety!”

      “Roger that.”

      Li Bufan smiled and strode into the exhibition.


      Natasha started the sports car again and ran towards Hanmer Industries.

      Little Chili looked worried and said, “It’s dangerous there, is it okay to let him in?”

      Natasha annoyed: “Miss Potts, don’t be fooled by that guy’s appearance, what he can do is beyond your imagination! You little bastard, when this matter is resolved, I will settle the ledger with you!! ”

      Chapter 35 Don’t follow me again, or you will die!
      The Hanmer Industrial Products Exhibition site has been messed up, and the attendees have suffered numerous casualties.

      In the Marvel movie, taking the New York War as an example, the Kitari alien army invaded the earth and used this super technology to kill in New York, but the alien army collectively blinded, either attacking buildings or attacking vehicles. .


      No, basically you can’t see anyone killed or injured. The Kitari are not here to invade, but want to come to a technology show. It’s just hilarious.

      But that was just a movie, not reality.

      The reality at this moment is that at least 60 people have died, and there are countless injured people. When Li Bufan entered the exhibition, all he encountered were people who had fled. When he saw Li Bufan, the little guy who was looking for death, they all met. A surprised look.

      Only two well-meaning people reminded him not to go in, Li Bufan smiled slightly and ignored it.

      “Damn it!”

      “Little guy, you will die! Don’t go in anymore!!”

      In the silent exclamation of passers-by, Li Bufan walked into the venue with a confident expression.

      At the control center in the venue, Justin Hammer was completely dumbfounded, and roared at the technicians: “Damn! What the hell does that bastard Vanke want to do? It’s over, it’s all over!!”

      It is indeed over.

      Originally, in this weapons exhibition, Justin Hammer wanted to prove to the military how advanced and powerful his weapons are, but he was lashed into a massacre scene. The anger of the people cannot be quelled, and the military will not let go. Pass him.

      The only thing he can do now is to minimize the loss!

      “Cut off Vanke’s control of the steel soldiers! Damn it, hurry up!!”

      “Boss, the signals are all blocked.”

      “Fuck!! Then quickly contact the control center of Hanmer Industrial Headquarters to modify the control program of all the steel soldiers, and it can be done there!”

      “Uh, boss, the signal is blocked.”

      Justin Hammer was going crazy and yelled: “Damn, you idiot, the signal is blocked, don’t you know how to use a landline?”

      “The phone cord has also been cut.”

      Justin Hammer: “…”

      At the venue, In addition to Justin Hammer, Tony is also working hard to prevent the massacre. He did a good job. If it weren’t for him, the number of deaths would never be so small, at least twice as many.

      His enemies, in addition to those unmanned steel soldiers, and his good friend James Rhodes!


      boom! !

      Tony tried his best to avoid Rhode’s attack. While dodging, he asked, “Rhode, hasn’t the control been lifted yet?”

      Rod exclaimed: “No! Tony, think of a way! I’m still locked on you now!!”

      The cleverness of the whiplash trick is that Rod is different from those steel soldiers. In the face of the steel soldiers’ attack, Tony can fight back unscrupulously without psychological pressure, but he can’t face Rod.

      He can’t get this cruel hand.

      “Oh, friend, it seems we are in a bit of trouble.”

      “A little bit?” Rod vomited, “Tony, what do you call this situation a bit?”

      Tony said: “The people here are too dense. If you fight, it will cause a lot of casualties. You can’t stay here.”

      “Where are you going?”

      “Kennedy Garden!”

      “What about the whip?”

      Tony shrugged and said with a smile: “My friend, the purpose of the whip is to kill me. It’s not these ordinary people, he will definitely follow.”


      Rod said, and then turned his head and saw the VIP seats in the audience. Except for the dead, all the people in the venue had left, but there was still a calm and calm big boy sitting there, not panicking at all.

      With his thighs and two legs cocked, there was a faint smile on the corners of his mouth, as if he were watching a play.

      “Damn! What’s the matter with that big boy?” Rod exclaimed, and said to Li Bufan, “Hey, get out of here quickly! Otherwise you will be killed!”

      “Oh damn little bastard!”

      Tony also saw Li Bufan, and Li Bufan waved to him as a greeting.

      Rod said strangely: “Tony, do you know that big boy?”

      Tony resolutely said: “How could I know that unreasonable, unreasonable, extremely annoying little bastard!”

      Rod nodded: “That’s acquaintance, who is he?”

      “I’ll introduce to you later.” Tony rose up into the sky and yelled at Li Bufan at the same time, “Little bastard, I’ll tell you one last time, don’t follow it again, or you will really die!!”

      Whoosh! !

      Tony flew towards the empty and huge Kennedy Park, followed by the steel soldiers controlled by Vanke, and Rod also flew straight into the sky.

      Kennedy Park is not far away, only two kilometers away.

      Li Bufan got up, twisted his neck, and said with a chuckle: “Let you play for so long, it’s time for me to appear.”

      Whoosh! !

      He suddenly activated, like a crossbow arrow, shot out of the product exhibition scene, flashed around the street, and rushed to Kennedy Park as quickly as possible.

      Total time used: 1 minute and 56 seconds!

      In less than two minutes, he appeared in Kennedy Park and locked the target in a place near the man-made lake.

      Chapter 36 My God, Damn It!
      Tony is in a fierce battle with the unmanned steel soldier, and Rod has always locked Tony and carried out continuous force output on him. Tony vomited: “Damn it, Miss N, you are not a bit annoying now, but very annoying!”

      Hasn’t Natasha changed Rod’s operating system yet? The work efficiency is really a bit low.

      Li Bufan has the same idea as Tony.

      He originally wanted to wait for Natasha to finish and finish it by himself, but he didn’t expect… it was too slow. In that case, I’ll do it myself.

      Li Bufan’s mouth twitched, and he suddenly appeared in front of Tony and Rod.

      “Oh, god!” Luo Luo was shocked and exclaimed, “Tony, I think you need to introduce this little guy to me now, what ability does he have, how can he keep up with us?!”

      “Damn it!” Tony was also taken aback for a moment, and muttered, “You lingering little guy, you have a bit of skill, am I mumbling about you?”

      Li Bufan said: “Hey Tony, can’t your mouth be so stinky?”

      next moment!

      Li Bufan suddenly used his force, like a cannonball, and shot straight towards Luode.

      Rod’s face was dumbfounded: “Uh, Tony, what does he want to do?”

      Tony didn’t have time to answer him, yelling: “Damn little bastard, don’t be foolish, you will die!!! Get out of here!!”

      The hero is a hero, even if he is extremely annoying, but Li Bufan is in danger, Tony will do his best to save, but this time there is no need for it.


      In the loud noise, Rhode received a fatal blow in the chest, which was not only the source of power for the steel armor, but also a fatal flaw.


      Luo Luo was shocked, and at the next moment, an incredible scene appeared. Li Bufan stepped on Luo Luo’s chest, and then as if cutting melons and vegetables, he tore off all the steel suits on his body.

      In just three seconds, Li Bufan completely removed Rod’s steel suit!

      Rod looked dumbfounded!


      What kind of monster is this little guy? Tearing the armor with bare hands? This is too exaggerated.

      Li Bufan clapped his hands and said, “There is no trouble now.”

      Tony looked at Li Bufan in surprise and swallowed abruptly. There is indeed no trouble. Hell, Lord’s steel suit has been completely scrapped, how can the whiplash be controlled?

      quite a while.

      Tony said: “You little guy, it really surprised me. OK… I take back what I said before, you are fully qualified to enter SHIELD! Little guy, you have gained my approval.”

      Li Bufan rolled his eyes and said silently, “Damn, Tony, I need your approval? What are you kidding?”

      Tony craps: “The whole world needs Tony Stark’s approval.”

      “Go eat shit!”

      Li Bufan’s narcissism towards Tony is completely speechless.

      Without Rod’s restraint, Tony’s firepower was fully on, and the infrared laser knife cut the steel soldiers like melons and vegetables. With the roar, all the remaining steel soldiers were quickly resolved.

      But before there was time to celebrate, a heavier roar suddenly came from the sky, and a gray-white steel monster descended from the sky.


      The whip fell heavily on the ground, and a huge hole appeared ten meters in front of Li Bufan.

      Zizi! !

      The whip at this moment is fully armored, and the biggest difference between his suit and the Iron Man suit is that two energy whips are connected to his wrist. The power is stronger than before, enough to cut off the metal stairs, or even cut one. army.


      The armored helmet was removed, revealing a rough face with a toothpick in his mouth, of course Ivan Vanke’s whip.

      “Welcome back!”

      He greeted Tony first.

      There is a reason for this sentence. Previously Tony was depressed due to palladium poisoning. Through the video tape left by his father, Tony created a new element and fixed the palladium poisoning, which then re-emerged.

      “As for you…”

      The lashing eyes flashed anger, staring at Li Bufan, and said, “You don’t know what you did. Although I don’t know where you came from, you will be for you. What he did has paid a heavy price!”

      Unlike other villains, there is no basket of nonsense, and you have to do it after you say hello.

      Two energy whips, shimmering with terrifying electric lights! !

      It’s like a controllable lightning.

      “Oh oh!” Tony exclaimed, and said to Li Bufan, “Little guy, do you want to show us the shredded armor again? I must remind you that this big guy is not easy to tear, his manufacturing materials and those trash fish different.”

      “No, I decided to change the gameplay.” Li Bufan smiled.

      “Oh please, now is not the time to make a joke, what can you do?” Tony shrugged his shoulders.

      Li Bufan’s mouth twitched, and his hands quickly formed seals.

      “Huo Dun·Head work hard!!”

      A small fireball ejected from Li Bufan’s mouth and landed at the feet of the whip.

      “Uh, that’s it?” Tony’s eyes widened.

      The whip was also extremely speechless, looking at Li Bufan like a joke, and shook his head: “Little guy–”

      Huh! !

      Without waiting for him to speak, the next moment, with the whip as the center, a flame suddenly soared, and it spread around at a very fast speed.


      The whip sent a stern participation. This guy greeted Tony and Li Bufan just now. The helmet was removed, but before it could be closed, the sky flame instantly surrounded him, and the body in the armor was quickly scorched.

      “My God!!” Rod’s eyes widened in disbelief.

      “Damn it!!”

      Tony looked at Li Bufan dumbfounded.

      Chapter 37 Flight Ability and Shadow Clone Technique!
      This sudden raging flame almost burned them all.

      This kind of oolong will naturally not appear.

      These flames are all controlled by Chakra, and Li Bufan can control the attack range of Huo Dun as he wants.

      “God!” Tony exclaimed, “Who are you? What was that just now? Magic? Are you a magician? Or a legendary magician? Hell, how can a magician exist in this world!!”

      Before Doctor Strange joined the reunion, no one believed that there really was magic on the earth.

      Not to mention Tony, even Doctor Strange himself, after his hands were abolished, he went to Nepal to find a way to heal his hands. When he first met the Gu Yi mage, he absolutely did not believe that Gu Yi was a magician.

      For Doctor Strange and Tony, magic has completely subverted their existing worldview.

      “Not magic.”

      “what is that?”

      Tony asked in shock.

      Li Bufan smiled and didn’t explain much. He just pointed to the iron soldier who had been torn apart by Tony on the ground, and said, “Tony, I think you are focusing on the wrong thing now.”


      The chests of those steel soldiers began to flash red, which meant that these steel soldiers were about to explode.

      “Damn!! Vanke this bastard!!”

      Tony’s face changed drastically, and he cursed fiercely. He immediately picked up Rod and rose into the sky. At the same time, Li Bufan, who was still rushing to the ground, said: “Little guy, you should be fine, right?”

      “leave me alone.”

      Li Bufan casually said, Tony has a lot of trouble. At the gate of Hanmer Industry, in front of Little Pepper, there is also a steel soldier who was destroyed by Natasha.

      A few minutes later, Li Bufan appeared in a coffee shop.

      System: “Ding Dong, congratulations to the host, you have completed the side mission of the plot, you will get “Flying Profound Truth” and a kind of ninjutsu. The related rewards have been distributed to the red envelope space, you can check it yourself!

      Li Bufan immediately checked the profundity of flying.

      [Item: “Flying Profound Meaning”

      Attributes: special items-skills

      The World: “The Supreme Law”

      Quality: A-level high

      Special effects: Once you master the “Flying Profound Truth”, you will gain the ability to fly. ”

      “Flying? This ability is pretty good.”

      Li Bufan nodded and quickly browsed through the entire cheat book.

      Two minutes, the browsing is over.

      Hum! !

      It was as if electric current ran all over the body, and a huge flood of information entered Li Bufan’s mind. At the same time, he also felt that his body seemed to have undergone subtle changes.


      Li Bufan was taken aback for a moment, what’s going on? Your body seems to be strengthened again?

      He re-read all the information in “Flying Profound Truth” and quickly understood it.

      “Flying Profound Truth”, the top spell in the Supreme Law world, yes, this Supreme Law is the world of wizards, Li Bufan masters the flying profundity, the highest speed can be comparable to that of Iron Man, and the flying height can rush into the atmosphere.

      Without the corresponding physical fitness, how could it be possible to fly so fast and so high?

      As the top spell in the magician world, such flaws are impossible. Body strengthening is also part of this top-level spell. The fundamental reason why this spell can become the top-level existence in the magician world is instant!

      No spells are required. Once the practice is successful, flying will become the magician’s natural magical powers.

      Putting it in this world basically means that Li Bufan suddenly awakened the super power of flying. This reward was unexpectedly powerful, but it was also in Li Bufan’s expectation that it was an A-level high-level reward!

      “Let’s see what ninjutsu is rewarded.”

      Li Bufan’s thoughts swept through the red envelope space.

      [Item: The technique of multiple shadow clones (A)

      Attributes: Special items-skills

      Quality: A-level high

      World: Naruto

      Special effects: as you know, it’s hard to guard against, win by quantity]

      “Damn! This thing!”

      Li Bufan felt a deep malice.

      The technique of multiple shadow clones, A-level ninjutsu, was developed by the second generation of Naruto Senjutsu, whose root is the B-level ninjutsu shadow clone, which was originally used by the second generation of Naruto for espionage.

      The biggest difference between this ninjutsu and ordinary avatars is that the caster can use his own chakra to create a physical avatar, and act and fight like the caster’s body, with a consciousness independent of the caster’s body and a certain amount of Anti-strike ability.

      The technique of multiple shadow clones can be applied to various ninjutsu. After the normal release, the memory and experience of the clones will return to the main body.

      The number of shadow clones is very small, just two or three.

      However, the technique of multiple shadow clones is different. This A-level ninjutsu can create dozens or even hundreds of shadow clones. Take Naruto Uzumaki, the son of Destiny, whether he is trained or against the enemy, he depends on himself. It’s the strength of the human column, and Naruto Uzumaki can conjure hundreds of clones each time.

      But if ordinary people do this, they are looking for death!

      Because the chakras of each clone will have a very small amount of distribution due to the huge amount, fatigue will also be superimposed on the body, which will seriously threaten the life of the operator. Therefore, the second generation of Hokage lists this technique as a forbidden technique.

      Even at the level of Hagaki Fifty-Five Kai, he didn’t dare to use multiple shadow clones, let alone Li Bufan.

      It’s also A-level ninjutsu.

      Learn now!

      Chapter 38 Mom, look, someone is flying in the sky!
      Li Bufan’s thoughts flashed, and he quickly browsed the technique of multiple shadow clones, and secretly said: “I have too few chakras, and multiple shadow clones can’t be used. You can get two clones and it’s still easy. This is also a blessing in misfortune… …”

      The basis of multiple shadow clones is the technique of shadow clones. This reward is equal to two, rewarding one A-level ninjutsu, and an extra B-level ninjutsu as a gift.

      Soon, Li Bufan completed his cultivation and has fully grasped the profound meaning of multiple shadow clones.

      Li Bufan secretly said: “Multiple shadow clones, this ninjutsu is a bit interesting, but it’s a pity that you can’t use it after learning, system, what level of reward is Chakra God Tree?

      That’s right, don’t you just need chakras? You can get the sacred tree directly. How many chakras do you want?

      The system machine replied: “The host has no permission.”


      With damn authority again, Li Bufan shook his head, and continued: “Then let me ask another question, what level of rewards are the nine big-tailed beasts?”

      System: “Report host, S-level advanced.”

      That’s it!

      The sacred tree is the true face of the ten-tailed beast, and the nine big-tailed beasts are derived from the sacred tree. Since the nine big-tailed beasts are S-level higher, it indirectly shows that the sacred tree is at least SSS-level, or even demigod, or god level.

      Of course, it is absolutely impossible to be the ancestor level.

      Marvel is a multi-universe civilization, while Naruto is just a civilization of one planet, maybe it’s not a god level.

      When he got the information he wanted, Li Bufan nodded in satisfaction, and secretly said: “It seems that it is time to raise the level of the red envelopes. Director Marinated, I will give you a big surprise soon!”

      After drinking the coffee, Li Bufan walked out of the coffee shop and came to a small alley next to him.

      “Come on, try new abilities.”

      Li Bufan smiled slightly, his mind moved, his feet slowly left the ground, and the whole body soared up, getting higher and higher. When he was 20 meters above the ground, he stopped still.

      Overlooking the ground.

      “This new ability is cool.”

      Since ancient times, flying has been the dream of mankind. Later, mankind finally realized it, but it only relied on flying machines to realize it indirectly, just like Iron Man, but also on that set of steel armor. How could it be like Li Bufan?

      “Go, go home!”

      Li Bufan blew his whistle happily, like a rocket launching, and with a squeak, he swept across the Brooklyn sky and flew towards Queens.

      Soon, he flew to his own community.

      Outside the cold drink shop on the street, an eight-year-old kid was eating ice cream. He raised his head by accident, his eyes widened suddenly, and the ice cream on his face dropped out of his hands.

      “Mom! Mom! Someone is flying in the sky, Superman, Superman!!”

      This is the Marvel world. There is no Marvel comics, but there are DC comics. In the DC world, the omnipotent Kryptonian Superman has countless fans.

      Whoosh! !

      While the little boy was still exclaiming, Li Bufan had already fallen to the ground and came to the little guy’s side and caught the ice cream that fell.

      The little boy was stunned!

      At this time, the little boy’s mother also came out and looked at the little boy suspiciously: “Tom, what did you say?”

      “I’ll give you ice cream, don’t drop the little one.”

      Li Bufan stuffed the ice cream into the stunned little boy. The little boy’s mother hurriedly said, “Thank you.”

      “You’re welcome.”

      Li Bufan blinked at the little boy, then turned and walked into his neighborhood.

      Only then did the little boy react, where he could care about ice cream, he took his mother’s arm and exclaimed excitedly: “Superman! Superman! Mom, he was flying in the sky just now! Really, I didn’t lie!”

      The little boy’s mother said with a serious face: “Tom, when you lie, you always say that I didn’t lie!!”

      “Really mother! It’s definitely true this time!”

      “Also! Go back with me and let your father teach you!!”

      “Ah, he really can fly, mother.”

      The little boy yelled helplessly. It’s a pity that no one would believe him.

      Happy weekends always go by very quickly, and it comes to Monday in a flash.

      Li Bufan goes to class normally, making fun with Peter Parker and Yawen the little fat man. After school, Peter Parker goes to be his hero next door, while Li Bufan returns to the love nest and has a happy little life with his wife.

      That night, eleven o’clock.

      Li Bufan fought with Wanda for two full hours, and he flew to the sky. After his body was strengthened, his ability in that area was strengthened at the same time. Li Bufan felt that even if he fought for two more hours, there would be no problem at all.

      Moreover, I really enjoyed it, but Wanda couldn’t stand it, and almost kicked him out of bed, taking advantage of him to go out and drink water——


      With a muffled sound, Wanda closed the door and locked the door from the inside.

      Li Bufan was speechless: “Hey, my daughter-in-law, don’t you need to do this?”

      Inside, Wanda said in a bad mood: “God! You are a hungry wolf whose head is never fed! Bad guy, is your body made of iron? You can find a few more women. Anyway, I am the one who suffers. It’s impossible.”

      Li Bufan smiled and said, “Really?”

      “Do you dare!? Hmph, you can do whatever you want, but you are not allowed to let me know, you are not allowed to bring it back, and it is impossible to enter my Li Mansion!”

      “No, my daughter-in-law, you have watched a lot of costume dramas, don’t you pay back to Li Mansion?”

      “It’s Li Mansion, I’m Li Mansion… Uh, Zhenggong, yes, Zhenggong Niangniang! Cuckold…little bastard, I have to go to work tomorrow. I don’t have time to make trouble with you. Tonight you sleep in the same room.”

      “You are driving me into the cold palace.”


      Amidst the flirtatious laughter, Wanda happily entered her dream. Since having Li Bufan, her sleep quality has been significantly improved, and her sleep has become much more stable.

      Even Wanda doesn’t understand this point.

      Obviously he didn’t have any special abilities, he was just an ordinary high school student, but with him, Wanda felt an unprecedented sense of security and an unprecedented peace of mind.

      Chapter 39 X-Men’s Foursome!
      Outside, Li Bufan drank the water and didn’t immediately return to his room. Instead, he nestled on the sofa in the living room and used his phone for half an hour.

      Time came to half past eleven.

      suddenly! !

      His spirit shook suddenly, a powerful mental consciousness was invading his brain, and the’Absolute Mind Guardian’ was activated instantly, immediately blocking that mental consciousness from the brain.

      Li Bufan’s face was cold, and he said in a cold voice, “Mind control? Is this Professor X or Phoenix?”

      “Ding Dong, congratulations to the host, trigger the plot branch, open the special quest red envelope: defeat the X-Men quartet!”

      “If the mission is successful, corresponding rewards will be issued!”

      Oh, it looks like the X-Men came to the door.

      Li Bufan has already figured out the characteristics of the red envelope system. It is not only a real-scene extraction system, but more like a portable smart housekeeper. Whether it is a released task or a task reward, it perfectly fits Li Bufan’s needs.

      Li Bufan’s face sank, a little angry.

      Magneto first, then Professor X, what is going on with these mutants? If you don’t want to trouble them, they should burn the incense, but they do it well, angering themselves one after another, and now they are coming to the door.

      It’s nothing more than going to the door. Without saying a word, I tried to enter my mind and read my thoughts.

      This behavior is extremely rude and excessive!

      “Boom, boom, boom!”

      There was a knock on the door, and a gentle voice came in: “Mr. Li, we have no intention of offending, but there is something we want to talk to you. Would you please open the door?”



      With a hint of coldness at the corner of Li Bufan’s mouth, he opened the door blankly, and two men and two women appeared in front of him.

      Two men.

      A man with glasses and gentleman, but once this guy activates his superpowers, his body will be covered with blue hair. He is the’beast’ Hank McCoy, and the X-Men has both power and IQ.

      The other one wearing red quartz glasses with opening and closing devices is the laser eye Scott.

      Two women.

      The one on the left is full of silver hair, dancing without wind, tight-fitting leather clothes, silver cloak, devil-like bumpy figure, delicate skin and shiny, all over his body exudes a strange temperament, what a black pearl!

      It is Olloro, the storm girl!

      The other person is a typical white beauty. The explosion of her figure is comparable to that of Storm Girl. Her natural red hair adds a charm to her, but it is Phoenix Girl Qin Grey, who just failed the invasion and made her mouthful. pant.

      His white forehead was covered with dense drops of sweat.

      Li Bufan looked at Qin Grey and said lightly: “You’d better be careful in the future. When you don’t even know the strength of your opponent, you’d better not use superpowers casually.”

      “Oh, more.”

      “It is very impolite to try to get into other people’s brains and read other people’s thoughts without their permission.”

      The Phoenix girl looked at Li Bufan in shock, and said in confusion, “What are your abilities, why…”

      “What ability do I have, why should I tell you?” Li Bufan asked with a sneer.


      Hank the Beast and Olloro, the Storm Girl, were shocked.

      As long as people with a little temperament, I am afraid that they will not be able to accept the behavior of Phoenix Girl, let alone the man in front of him, not only has a temper, but he is more capable! !

      The Beast helped his glasses and immediately said: “Mr. Li, we are indeed reckless in this matter. I apologize to you on behalf of Qin.”

      Li Bufan sneered: “I haven’t finished speaking, her behavior is very impolite, is your behavior very polite?”

      The X-Men quartet looked dumbfounded, what did we do?

      “You came to visit without permission. Do you still feel reasonable?”


      The group of four is still dumbfounded, is this impolite? According to your statement, as long as we don’t get your permission, we can’t come to your house or even contact you? We just came to talk to you, and didn’t do anything.

      You are too domineering, right?


      The faces of Storm Girl, Laser Eye, and Phoenix Girl all turned cold. The beast responsible for the IQ is a good temper, and hurriedly waved his hand: “Mr. Li, don’t be angry. We are here to look for you this time. There is no malice. You are not ours. Compatriots?”


      Li Bufan pointed to himself with a weird expression: “You mean I am a mutant?”

      The beast said: “Isn’t it? Professor X has sensed it. Not long ago, your mutant gene worked, and you gained the super ability to fly.”

      With that said, Li Bufan understood a little bit.

      In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there is a strict distinction between mutants and superpowers.

      Mutants possess congenital mutant genes and do not acquire superpowers, just because the mutant genes lurking in the body are not awakened, and superpowers are different. Tech fanatics like Iron Man must have nothing to do with Mutant Mao.

      The most similar should be Spider-Man, Hulk, and Fantastic Four, but they are all mutated, not congenital.

      Li Bufan is different.

      The “Flying Secrets” he obtained from the world of the Supreme Law completely transformed his cells, even with genetic changes. It is not a mutant, but it is slightly different from the way Spider-Man acquires superpowers.

      Chapter 40 Conflict!
      After reading this, Li Bufan shook his head and said, “Professor X made a mistake. I am not a mutant.”

      The Beast was taken aback, and shook his head, thinking that Li Bufan was an identity that rejected mutants.

      As we all know, in this world, superpowers are heroes, and variable races are born of stepmothers. Humans regard them as heretics and don’t want to live in peace, but always think about how to eliminate all these heretics.

      The other three couldn’t help it.

      The Storm Girl sneered: “Your denial has no meaning. Don’t think that you don’t identify with your identity as a mutant, and you are not.”

      Laser Eye said grumpily: “Come to the college with us, and when you see Professor X, you will know everything.”


      Li Bufan narrowed his eyes and said with a sneer: “So, the purpose of your coming here is to take me away? If I don’t agree, you will forcibly take me away?”

      Laser eyed his neck and said, “How about it!”

      At this time, Professor X and the beast Hank telepathically said gently: “Hank, stop other people, don’t let the situation develop beyond control.”

      The beast immediately said: “Don’t be impulsive, everyone, if you have something to say, please.”

      “Nothing to say.” Li Bufan said with a cold face, “You don’t think they can leave without a bad word after a lot of cruel words? How can I count my face?”

      It’s impossible to speak well. If you want to speak well, what about my task?

      Of course, the task is not important. The important thing is that you are all so arrogant. How about giving you a severe lesson, where is my face?

      “Huh! I want to fight, okay!”

      Laser Eye’s temper was already rushing. Seeing Li Bufan’s uncooperativeness, how could he bear it? Yelled, “The man opposite, you don’t want Wanda to discover your secrets, do you? Let’s go to no man’s land! This time I must severely teach you this brazen boy!”

      “Okay.” Li Bufan’s mouth twitched, “Then you don’t want to run away, you have to keep up.”

      Laser Eye and Storm Girl are going crazy.


      They are X-Men, what are you talking about?

      But they soon understood what Li Bufan meant, because just after Li Bufan uttered that sentence, wearing sandals, he went out and closed the door carefully without making a sound.


      Whoosh! !

      Li Bufan flashed out like a flash of lightning and disappeared instantly.

      His speed is Iron Man. The difference is that Tony needs to use that suit of steel suit, and he doesn’t need anything. For this alone, the two have already made a judgment.

      Storm Girl can also fly, but the speed is so slow that it cannot be compared with Li Bufan.

      “My God!” The Storm Girl said with a tongue, “What level of superpower did that guy awaken, how can he fly so fast?”

      The Beast shook his head and smiled bitterly: “I don’t know, I only know that we are really in serious trouble this time.”

      Laser Eye said displeased: “Hank, what’s the use of fast light? You don’t think we will really lose, do you?”

      The beast did not speak.

      “Huh, keep up! One can’t do it, let’s just four together, we must give him a severe lesson!!”

      Laser Eye said, and immediately rushed downstairs.

      Twenty minutes later, everyone rushed to the forest outside the suburbs.

      The Big Apple City is very large and very prosperous, but there are few foreigners, and the suburbs are real suburbs and retain many natural gifts.

      The Beast, the Storm Girl and the group could not keep up with Li Bufan at all. When Li Bufan deliberately slowed down, the Storm Girl barely kept up, and then reported to the others. The Beast, the Phoenix Girl, and Laser Eye arrived by helicopter.

      “That’s it.”

      Li Bufan nodded in satisfaction and suddenly landed on the ground.

      The laser eye is ready to go.

      “Wait!” The beast ran out to disrupt the situation again, and said anxiously: “Mr. Li, can’t you really listen to me?”

      Li Bufan said impatiently: “Blue-haired monster, what else to say, I have said all that should be said.”

      Blue-haired monster?

      The beast’s mouth twitched and looked at Li Bufan speechlessly. Is this kid such a poisonous tongue? You will have no friends.

      “Hey, blind man, what are you waiting for?”

      The blind man… the corner of the beast’s mouth twitched again.

      Laser eyes and lungs were almost exploding, and roared: “I must tear your asshole’s mouth! You have to pay the price!!”

      Nourish! !

      In the anger, Laser Eye pressed the button to open it, and a red laser shot at Li Bufan angrily.

      Li Bufan turned sideways and flashed directly.

      Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

      The laser eye continued to attack Li Bufan, and the laser beam shot out became thicker and thicker. In the end, it even reached the level of a bucket. The surrounding trees and rocks were all destroyed, but Li Bufan’s clothes were not even touched.

      “It’s too slow, haven’t you eaten?”

      Li Bufan ridiculed unscrupulously, laser eyes burned with anger, and he could only scream, but he had nothing to do with Li Bufan, because Li Bufan reacted too quickly.

      The Beast, Phoenix Girl, and Storm Girl are all speechless.

      Because after fighting for five full minutes, Li Bufan didn’t fight back. He just kept teasing Laser Eye, like an adult playing with a child. Will the adult use his full strength? No, because it will hurt the child.

      What’s more surprising is that if you want to change to them, you can avoid it, but it will definitely not be as easy as Li Bufan.

      Chapter 41 Super Powers with Endless Levels!
      The Phoenix girl said with a weird expression: “Then, what kind of monster is that guy? With such a high-intensity confrontation, his physical fitness doesn’t seem to decrease at all. What was it like five minutes ago, and what it is now, too abnormal?”

      Yes, this is the key!

      After fighting for a full five minutes, Li Bufan was still energetic. Looking at Laser Eye, he was already out of breath. After another ten minutes, Li Bufan didn’t need to fight back. Laser Eye was about to fall down.

      The Storm Girl frowned and said, “Did Professor X feel incomplete?”

      Phoenix girl: “What do you mean?”

      Storm Girl guessed: “With this kind of abnormal physical ability, will he not only awaken his flying ability, but other things?”

      “It’s possible!” The Phoenix girl nodded.

      At this time, Professor X’s voice suddenly appeared in the minds of the Beast, the Phoenix Girl, and the Storm Girl: “Hank, Qin, Auroro, take it. Scott can’t hold on anymore, since this battle cannot be avoided. , Then let that little guy know that the strength of our mutant academy is also good.”

      The three of them all responded.

      The beast instantly activated its superpowers, and blue hair grew all over its body, and its stature suddenly expanded, like a giant blue-haired ape.

      Over there, Li Bufan had already noticed the changes of the three of them, and said with a light smile: “Why, are you finally going to make a move?”

      The Beast said: “We don’t want to bully too much, but Scott can’t hold it anymore. If you fight him head-on, we won’t make a move.”

      The Storm Girl sneered: “Hmph, are you just hiding?”

      Li Bufan said speechlessly: “Please, I have speed. This is my ability. He can’t hit me. This counts as my head? Do I have to stand here and let him shoot? What do you think? The police is too domineering, right?”

      The beast and the party’s laser eyes are all red.

      awkward! !

      Never reason with an angry woman, the Phoenix Girl and the Storm Girl at this moment are unreasonable.

      Phoenix female said: “Then you don’t blame us for deceiving less!”

      “To bully the less? What do you want?” Li Bufan twitched his mouth and said, “Want one to one? Simple.”

      The Beast frowned and immediately observed its surroundings, and said vigilantly: “Do you still have a helper?”


      “Shadow clone technique!”

      Huh! Suddenly, before the voice of the Beast fell, three people exactly like him appeared around Li Bufan.

      The X-Men quartet changed color in amazement.

      Damn it, what is this operation? !

      The Beast’s scalp was numb by Li Bufan’s show, and in his consciousness, Professor X, who saw this scene through the eyes of the Beast, was equally shocked and beyond words.

      The beast said in a speechless voice: “Professor X, what’s the situation?”

      Professor X, who was far away at the Mutant Academy, shook his head: “I don’t know either.”

      “Illusory? Magic? Four Li Bufan, three of them are fake? Shouldn’t they have any offensive ability?” The Beast asked a series of questions.

      Professor X said: “It should be magic. He is just one person. It is impossible to suddenly become four.”

      Have a short pause.

      Professor X ordered: “You, Storm Girl, and Laser Eye will go together, and Qin and I will find out the body of the little guy, and see if it can enter his brain and control his consciousness.”

      “no problem!”

      The beast responded and immediately issued combat instructions to the remaining three.

      “Fight separately.”

      Li Bufan’s deity chuckled and gave orders to the three branches. The three avatars confronted the Beast, the Phoenix Girl and the Laser Eye respectively, and his deity fought against the Storm Girl, but the accident still happened.

      The Beast and Laser Eye fought against a clone of Li Bufan. Qin Xiuli’s cheeks secreted countless drops of sweat. At first, it was just dense sweat, but almost instantly, it turned into a bead of sweat.

      She stared at a clone who was walking towards her in horror, and shouted, “How is this possible?”

      After turning his eyelids, he fainted directly.

      The face of the beast, the laser eye, and the woman of the storm who floated into the air changed drastically, and at the same time exclaimed: “Jin!!!”

      Li Bufan’s clone, with a dumbfounded look, spread her hands, and said innocently: “Hey, hey, she fell down before I took a shot. This has nothing to do with me. You are touching porcelain. Don’t you know?”

      “It’s you!” Laser Eye shouted angrily.

      boom! !

      An iron fist hit the laser eye’s temple, and Li Bufan, who was fighting against him, sneered and said: “Idiot, fight with me, you still dare to be distracted, do you think your life is too long?”

      Laser Eye was also stunned by a punch.

      Uh, this scene is actually easy to understand. This is the Marvel movie universe, not a comic. The laser eye in the comic can cut off the terrifying existence of the planet. If the world is still so fierce, what is Iron Man and Spiderman? Don’t play anymore.

      Among the X-Men, with the exception of a handful of Beasts and Wolverine, most of them are long-range mages, and their melee capabilities are pitifully weak.

      “My God! What the hell is going on? Impossible…”

      At this time, Professor X’s shocked exclamation appeared in the Beast’s mind at the same time.

      Chapter 42: The Man Who Resists Thunder and Lightning!
      The beast was taken aback!

      In his eyes, Professor X was wise, peaceful, and absolutely calm. No matter what or when, he did not show such strong feelings. Well, in fact, he was too horrified.

      “Professor X, what happened? Why did Jin faint suddenly?”

      “She’s okay, just rest for a few days. Just now, I and Qin intended to find the deity of the little guy, and then enter his brain, but I was surprised to find that all four people have their own consciousness, and Qin could not bear it. This kind of intensity makes me fainted.”


      The Beast was completely horrified, and said in disbelief: “How is this possible? How can a person have four consciousnesses at the same time? Doesn’t that mean that the four guys are independent, and each is Li Bufan?”

      “God, it’s impossible, how could this happen?”

      Professor X has calmed down, his face is unprecedentedly dignified, and said: “I don’t know what the situation is. You continue to fight with Storm Girl. His consciousness is extremely strong, like a steel plate. I can’t get in at all, but at least It can have some influence on him, and I will assist you from the side.”

      “I know the professor.”

      The Beast no longer communicates with Professor X, and instead fights with Li Bufan in front of him wholeheartedly.

      “Blue-haired monster, you are finally finished, let’s fight a battle… I can’t wait!”

      The Beast was speechless, and Li Bufan in front of him was like a naughty child, but he immediately learned the horror of this bear child.

      “Huo Dun·Head work hard!!”

      Boom! !

      A small fireball spit out from the avatar Li Bufan’s mouth, and quickly expanded, like a huge wall, overwhelmingly attacking the beasts, crushing the ground, the ground instantly burned, and it turned into a sea of ​​flames.

      Damn it, what is this again? !

      The beast’s eyebrows were throbbing, and he looked at Li Bufan in shock, shocked.


      They all underestimated the strength of this little guy, not only is he not weak, but also very strong!

      It’s not so strong, but… terribly strong!

      Although the beast escaped, the blue hair was burned a lot, all scorched, extremely embarrassed.

      In the air battlefield, the battle between Li Bufan’s deity and the Storm Girl is also in full swing. The Storm Girl is suspended 50 meters above the ground, completely still, her eyes are whitening, and there seems to be a sea of ​​stars hidden inside.

      Rumble! !

      The sky changed color, the weather was still clear and cloudless, and the dark clouds were shrouded in an instant, and the mighty and mighty sweep came, and the end was coming.


      Feeling that the Phoenix girl is about to take action, Professor X, who is far away from the mutants academy, jumped out of the beast’s brain, and with the help of the brain wave device, began to launch the most fierce offensive in history against Li Bufan.


      Li Bufan only felt unprecedented shocks in his head, dizziness, vertigo, and flaws in his incomparably hard defense of consciousness. The consciousness was like a copper wall and an iron wall, and a gap like a spider web appeared.

      “Giving up resistance, attribute to me… Give up resistance, attribute to me…”

      A diabolical voice circulated in Li Bufan’s mind. If this continues, Professor X will definitely break through his conscious defense.

      The shortcomings of the shadow avatar technique appeared.

      In addition, there is another point, that is Professor X’s ability, unexpectedly powerful.


      Li Bufan made a decisive decision and immediately retracted the three shadow clones, his consciousness defense was solid again, and the devilish voice disappeared, but he felt a little dizzy.

      Crackling! !

      At this time, the storm girl in the sky, with silver hair flying, had completed the preparation work, and the raindrops dripped down like the sound of drumming.

      But this is just a prelude!

      The dark clouds in the sky became denser and thicker, and it turned into a downpour in a flash, and then—


      There was a thunderstorm, and then a serpentine lightning tore through the night sky. The lightning was as strong as a window, and under the guidance of Storm Girl, it struck Li Bufan unstoppably.

      At this moment, Professor X suddenly stopped, and Li Bufan’s dizziness disappeared.

      With the help of the mouth of the beast, Professor X quickly said: “Little guy, I am Professor X. Hurry up. You can do it with your ability. I have no intention of being invincible with you, let alone hurting you… Do this, just Let you see our strength…God!”

      “Hurry up! Auroro!! Stop it!!”

      The storm girl in the sky changed her face and exclaimed: “I can’t control it anymore! Damn, Professor X, didn’t you stop, then why didn’t he avoid it?”

      Yes, Li Bufan stood there, and he was already able to avoid him, but he didn’t move.


      The mud cracked and dust was everywhere. Li Bufan was bombarded with a big hole by thunder and lightning.

      There was a dead silence all around.

      The Storm Girl looked down on the ground, full of regret, and asked at the beast below: “Hank, is he dead?”

      The beast yelled in response: “I don’t know, it should be dead, you are too impulsive.”

      At this moment, a cough suddenly sounded, followed by Li Bufan’s complaint: “Hey, I just want to try the taste of being struck by lightning. Why did you pronounce it dead?”

      The beast’s pupils shrank and shouted: “He’s not dead!!”

      “Professor X, did you hear that?”

      “heard it.”

      The Beast was surprised: “Professor, not only did he not die, but he didn’t seem to hurt at all! His physical fitness is too good, right?”

      Professor X was silent, obviously surprised by Li Bufan’s amazing performance.

      The reason why Li Bufan stayed still and insisted on resisting the storm girl’s thunder and lightning strike was not to pretend to be forced, but to know how strong his body is at present, whether he would be injured, and if so, he would suffer multiple injuries.

      The answer is… a thunder and lightning has almost no effect on him.

      Chapter 43 Bastard, I’m going to kill you!
      Li Bufan raised his head and grinned: “Black Pearl, I let you chop it for no reason, what do you think should be calculated?”

      The Storm Girl snorted coldly: “You asked for it.”

      Whoosh! !

      Li Bufan took off like a rocket and rushed straight towards the Storm Girl. In a blink of an eye, he came to the Storm Girl. Before the Storm Girl reacted, he took her in his arms.

      “You bastard, I’m going to kill you!”

      The Storm Girl ran away in an instant, and she wanted to hit Li Bufan when she changed her hands. Unfortunately, her melee ability was really worrying, Li Bufan grabbed her two wrists with one hand and held her behind her back.

      “let me go!”

      Li Bufan sneered and said: “Woman, where is this and where, you can’t stand it? Tell you, this is just the interest I charged in advance, and I will settle the general ledger with you later. Before that, you carefully consider this account. How to calculate.”

      Right below, the beast looked up.

      Professor X borrowed the mouth of the wild beast and said, “Mr. Li, please don’t hurt Olloro. I have already said that the Mutant Academy has no intention of being invincible with you, let alone hurting you, please come down, listen to my words, and then make a decision. It’s not too late.”

      At this moment, Li Bufan’s mind sounded a system prompt, and the task had been completed.

      “Okay, I also want to hear what you want to say.”

      Li Bufan chuckled lightly and brought Storm Girl down, landing straight on the ground.

      His purpose was originally to teach the X-Men quartet to complete the task. It was not a deep hatred, and it was far from a life-and-death struggle.

      Furthermore, he is neither a villain nor a murderous demon.

      After falling to the ground, Storm Girl hummed blushingly: “Don’t let me go!”

      It was okay to be on the top just now, but now that he is down, the guy is still holding himself, wishing to find a place to sew in.


      The Beast looked embarrassed, turned his head, pretending that he was looking at the scenery.

      “no problem.”

      Li Bufan let go, and the Storm Girl immediately returned to the Beast, not daring to look at the Beast’s eyes, for fear that her companion would make fun of it.

      “Storm Girl, remember what I just said, oh, the same thing, please also transfer to Phoenix Girl for me, she wants to control my consciousness without my permission, she is more rude than you, let her think about it. How can I apologize to me…”

      This bastard is a rascal!

      The Storm Girl stared at Li Bufan shyly and angrily. She wanted to go crazy, and she wanted to question Li Bufan, why are I alone with Qin, Hank and Scott? Are you just staring at our women, huh, men who are not breathless!

      However, the situation is stronger than that of others, and Li Bufan has already proven her strength, and she does not want to cause trouble again.

      If it’s because of yourself, the relationship with this guy deteriorates, it will not be worth the loss.

      Therefore, the Storm Girl resisted the angry questioning and did not speak.


      Li Bufan looked at the beast. He knew that Professor X was in the consciousness of the beast, and said, “Professor X, what do you want to say, just say it.”

      Professor X said: “Okay. Mr. Li, are you really a mutant?”

      Li Bufan shook his head: “No.”

      Professor X stopped struggling with this question and continued: “The reason why we came to Mr. Li is because of Magneto. He still has a zealous heart towards Wanda. After all, Wanda is a veteran of the Brotherhood and a capable man. ”

      Li Bufan frowned, and said, “The halogen egg said, hasn’t S.H.I.E.L.D. government reached an agreement with Magneto?”

      “spiced corned egg?”

      Professor X, the Beast, and the Storm Girl were all taken aback, and immediately understood that Li Bufan was referring to the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Nick Fury.

      The Storm Girl chuckled out loud.

      Professor X couldn’t help but smile: “Mr. Li, your analogy is very unique. Let’s get back to the subject, S.H.I. It’s just Magneto’s strategy to stabilize S.H.I.E.L.D., he still hasn’t given up on it.

      Magneto, this old guy, is really old and cunning, and it’s especially a tendon. Whatever is recognized, it must be achieved no matter what.

      To some extent, Li Bufan admires Magneto.

      To a certain extent, that guy is not his own enemy. If he is, it’s a different matter.

      Li Bufan narrowed his eyes and chuckled: “I don’t like trouble very much, but I am not afraid of trouble at all. If someone wants to trouble me, then I must let him know how to write the word’regret’.”

      Professor X nodded and said, “Now I believe Mr. Li has such ability.”

      Li Bufan said: “Any other things?”

      “Nothing.” Professor X said, “Mr. Li, although you deny that you are a mutant, I can feel the genetic mutation in your body. There may be other reasons, but you should also be considered a half mutant. They are our compatriots.”

      “Please accept the kindness from the Mutant Academy. If there is any need for our Mutant Academy to help, we will definitely help.”

      Professor X, the founder of the Mutant Academy, and a godlike existence among mutants, used this attitude towards an 18-year-old kid?

      Both the Beast and Storm Girl were shocked.

      “No need.” Li Bufan waved his hand and said: “My trouble, I can solve it by myself, but I accept the kindness of the Mutant Academy.”

      that’s enough.

      After getting the answer he wanted, Professor X nodded in satisfaction, and asked: “I take the liberty to ask, is it magic that you just used?”

      Chapter 44 The Power of the Phoenix!

      Now, Doctor Strange doesn’t even know that Birth is not born. Gu Yi still takes her students to hide in the shadows. Every time he fights, Gu Yi will take the initiative to open the mirror world, which is roughly equivalent to the inner world of Marvel.

      Therefore, neither the superpower nor the mutants have ever been exposed to magic. For them, it is still a strange story passed down in legends and novels.

      Li Bufan shook his head and said, “It doesn’t count.”

      Professor X, the Beast, and the Storm Girl all breathed a sigh of relief. It wasn’t magic, otherwise their worldview would collapse.

      Li Bufan smiled secretly, almost couldn’t hold back the spoiler.

      Super-powers, mutants, look forward to the expressions of these guys when they see magic and their worldview collapses. It will be very interesting.

      After the matter was finished, Li Bufan wanted to leave. Suddenly he thought of one thing, that is, the timeline of the X-Men is really messed up. In this world, he returns to the Marvel Cinematic Universe family, and he doesn’t know how far it has developed. Up.


      This time the X-Men quartet came here, but there is no Wolverine Logan. That is the melee role of the X-Men and the mental totem.

      Thinking of this, Li Bufan asked: “Professor X, I want to ask you something.”

      Professor X said: “What’s the matter?”

      Li Bufan said: “Wolverine Logan, have you joined the X-Men now?”

      Professor X shook his head and said: “Wolverine is a good fellow. He saved the children of Mutant Academy, but after the children were rescued, he was nowhere to be found. I tried to find him but failed.”

      So, even the story of the X-Men hasn’t even started yet? That’s not fun yet.

      Li Bufan blew his whistle and said, “You will succeed. I’m going back to sleep. Oh, I almost forgot the most important thing.”

      Professor X said: “You said.”

      Li Bufan said: “Unless Wanda volunteers, you are not allowed to disturb her, because she enjoys her current life. Also, no one is allowed to tell Wanda about me.”

      Professor X: “This is not a problem. We didn’t plan to let Wanda join the X-Men. We just didn’t want Magneto to succeed.”

      Li Bufan nodded and flew back home quickly.

      If Magneto said this, it is absolutely false, but if he is Professor X, it would be another matter.

      When Li Bufan disappeared, the Beast and Storm Girl couldn’t help it anymore.

      The Storm Girl snorted and said, “Professor X, that bastard is a stinky rascal! Why are you so polite to him? Don’t think he is only eighteen years old, but his eyes are dead.”

      “Auroro, what can you do if you are welcome? You have already learned his strength.” Professor X said helplessly.

      The Storm Girl glared: “But you didn’t fully use your strength just now, and Hank and I have hidden things. If we really start, we may not have no choice but to use him! And the piano, that guy must not be ours. opponent!”

      Professor X sighed: “Auroro, you also said, let’s shoot together.”

      The Storm Girl was speechless.

      Indeed, she overlooked the most important point. Even as she said, all of them showed 100% of their strength and defeated Li Bufan, so what? Doesn’t this show in a disguised form that that guy is resisting the existence of the mutant academy by one person?

      Storm Girl glanced at the fainted Phoenix Girl and said, “If Qin uses the power of the Phoenix, that guy must not be our opponent!”

      “Auroro!!” Professor X’s expression suddenly became extremely severe, and he stared at Storm Girl: “Listen, I don’t allow you to mention the power of Phoenix any more, do you know?”

      The Storm Girl was taken aback, knowing that she had touched Professor X’s inverse scales, and hurriedly said, “Professor, I won’t be anymore.”

      The power of the phoenix, the most mysterious power in the Marvel world, is also one of the most powerful!

      In the comic setting, the power of the phoenix is ​​the embodiment of the life force and emotional power of the universe. It is immortal and fickle. Even in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the power of the phoenix is ​​still one of the biggest bugs.

      In the battle of Apocalypse, Professor X, Magneto, Quicksilver, Storm Girl, Laser Eye, Beast, Demons and many other X-Men teamed up. They were not the opponents of Apocalypse, but Qin used the power of Phoenix to burn Apocalypse. The ashes!

      If the battle involving the life and death of all mankind, if not for the power of the phoenix at the last moment by Jean Grey, the final outcome will be rewritten, and mankind will go to extinction!

      Seeing Stormgirl confessed her mistake, Professor X no longer criticized him, and sighed lightly: “Auroro, you have to remember that even if you can’t turn him into our comrade-in-arms in the face of this level of superpower Become an enemy.”

      “His strength is unfathomable. We have kept hands, but he may not have it.”

      Storm Girl widened her eyes in disbelief, and exclaimed: “No, he still hides his killer?”

      The Beast said helplessly: “The professor is right.”

      Professor X suddenly smiled and said, “That little guy, I really value Wanda. Since he said that, we don’t have to worry about it anymore and concentrate on our own affairs. As long as there is that little guy, Eric will Impossible to succeed.”

      Storm Girl worried: “Will he kill Magneto?”

      “No.” Professor X shook his head, “Eric is Wanda’s father after all, and that little guy is not a bloodthirsty mad demon. I have a hunch that that little guy will bring hope to our mutant world! ”

      “Hank, Olloro, bring back piano and Scott.”

      The Beast and the Storm Girl responded, the Beast carried Scott on his shoulders, and the Storm Girl picked up the Phoenix Girl, boarded the helicopter, and returned to Xavier Genius Youth Academy.

      Chapter 45 Someone is going to be unlucky!
      Queens, at home.

      Li Bufan poured a glass of cold water and drank it as he said: “The system can issue task rewards.”


      The sound of the system’s machinery sounded: “Ding Dong, congratulations to the host, for completing the special task, you can get a special task red envelope reward, and related items have been distributed to the red envelope space, and you can check it yourself.”

      O it!

      Li Bufan’s thoughts flashed, and he found the rewarded treasure in the red envelope space in an instant.

      “There are actually two more?”

      Li Bufan was overjoyed.

      Yes, after defeating the’X-Men Quadruple’, the item rewards won are not one, but two, just like the previous triggering of the Iron Man 2 story line. This gave Li Bufan a bold conjecture.

      The task red envelope is definitely a kind of item reward, but these two times are two kinds, the fundamental reason is that the story line is triggered.

      Will it…

      This also gave Li Bufan a reminder that he still shouldn’t be too salty. Whenever he encounters the beginning of any incident in Marvel, he must participate as much as possible. Only in this way can he have more opportunities to trigger the story line.

      “Never mind this, just look at the reward items.”

      Li Bufan thought, and received the first reward item information.

      [Item: Empty Cicada

      Attributes: Special items-skills

      Quality: A-level high

      World: “Reaper”

      Special effects: based on instant step, higher teleportation method]

      “The teleportation method is good.”

      Li Bufan nodded.

      Kong Cicada, a skill from the world of death, cannot be transferred over long distances, and is suitable for close combat.

      Based on the instant step, in the rapid movement, the visual afterimage made the enemy mistakenly believe that the opponent had been pierced, but in fact it only pierced the outer clothing. As for the person, he had already disappeared.

      This is an extremely clever body technique, mastering the empty cicada is equivalent to mastering the instant step!

      In other words, this is also a reward equal to two.

      Learn now! !

      Two minutes later, Li Bufan had completely mastered Kong-Cicada, without any changes in his body, just an extra skill.

      Li Bufan ticked the corner of his mouth and said with a chuckle: “Come on, try new skills.”

      Whoosh! !

      Before he finished his words, his deity had disappeared from the sofa in the living room and appeared at the door of the bathroom. He fixed his eyes and looked back. There was still his afterimage on the sofa.

      Confusion has a great effect.


      Li Bufan blew his whistle, cast empty cicada again, and instantly sat back on the sofa, and immediately browsed the second item reward.

      [Item: Lei Dun·Raeche (S)

      Attributes: Special items-skills

      Quality: A-level high

      World: “Naruto”

      Special effects: S-rank ninjutsu, as you know]

      Li Bufan frowned.


      This technique was developed by Hagi Kakashi, and it is an improved version of Thunder Dunge and Chidori. In other words, this is still a reward equal to two. As long as Li Bufan has mastered Raiche, he will have mastered Chidori.

      Hagi Kakashi used this technique to sever the lightning in the sky when he was a teenager, hence the name Leiqie.

      Facts have proved that even if they are both A-level high-quality, there is a difference.

      This is the first S-level ninjutsu that Li Bufan has obtained. It is powerful enough to penetrate the human body directly, but the problem is that this is Lei Dun, and Li Bufan previously used it as Huo Dun, with different Chakra attributes.

      Can you learn by yourself?

      I haven’t considered this question before, but now I have to think about it. Li Bufan asked the system immediately and the answer was yes.

      He underestimated “Chakra Operation Profound meaning”, it is not only the profundity of Chakra operation, it is also a cheating device against the sky. He has quietly transformed Li Bufan’s body so that he can use five attributes for investigation. carat.

      “Tsk, even if it is the Six Dao Immortals, it is nothing more than that, right?”

      Li Bufan is happy.

      I didn’t say anything, learn now.

      Two minutes later, he had completely mastered this ninjutsu, and at the same time he had mastered Rae Che, he also realized that he had a complete Chidori technique. There was no need to try this technique. It was so loud at night that it was too bad for Wanda to sleep.

      The daughter-in-law is above all else!

      “Mr. Braised Egg, I will give you a big surprise tomorrow.”

      Li Bufan’s eyes flashed with cunning and expectation, then got up, returned to his room contentedly, and went to sleep.

      The next day, eight o’clock in the morning.

      Everything is business as usual.

      Wanda got up very early, finished packing, and left a loving breakfast for Li Bufan, telling him that he must eat, not to be late, so he hurried to Zhongcheng High School. What is a bit unusual is that his wife’s brows are uncomfortable, as if There is something on my mind again.

      what’s going on?

      Li Bufan asked, but Wanda refused to tell him, only blaming him and said that there was nothing wrong with you, you little bad guy who can’t get enough to feed you!

      No fart, when I’m blind.

      When Wanda left, Li Bufan took his breakfast slowly and went to SHIELD.

      At this time, Coleson called.

      “Damn bastard! You’re causing us trouble again! Now, immediately, come to S.H.I.E.L.D.E.L.D.! Don’t tell me what you want to go to school, I will help you settle the matter over the school, a phone call! ”

      “Do you know what I mean? Now, immediately, now!!”


      Snapped! !

      Coleson didn’t give Li Bufan a chance to speak at all, so he hung up the phone.

      Li Bufan’s expression turned cold.

      Very good, Mr. 8th-level agent, you are very tugged, besides, congratulations, successfully ruined my good mood of having a loving breakfast!

      Li Bufan didn’t know what could provoke Coleson into a rage.

      Don’t care, don’t want to know.

      The only thing he knew and was certain was that Mr. Level 8 Agent was going to be unlucky.

      Chapter 46 The Return of the Legend!
      Li Bufan quickly ate up his breakfast, and then went straight to the rooftop. Now that he has mastered flying skills, how could he use other means of transportation?

      Three minutes later, Li Bufan descended like a god and appeared above S.H.I.E.L.D. Bureau.

      In other places, in order not to cause public panic, it is natural to hide special abilities, but this is S.H.I.E.L.D., which is another matter.


      Li Bufan frowned. What happened?

      I saw:

      The S.H.I.E.L.D. Bureau went around, and the guards were quite strict. The agents who were usually in charge of these tasks were all level 1 to 3 agents, basically all of them, but it was different today. Those dragons were absent, and they were all replaced by elite agents.

      There are still many familiar faces among them, but aren’t they the ones who clamored to be good-looking agents when they graded their agents.

      That seventh-level agent Phil Andrew is also there.

      When Li Bufan looked around, all the agents found him, and their eyes widened in an instant, showing an expression of disbelief.

      “God! What’s going on? How can that guy fly?”

      “Damn it! Is this also his special ability?”

      “I really want to know how many superpowers he hides. Isn’t this too exaggerated?”

      “Your focus is wrong, that guy didn’t use any equipment, he wouldn’t be a mutant?”

      “Hmph, I think he is a mutant!”

      In dumbfounded, the agents screamed one after another, and talked about why Li Bufan could fly without any modern equipment, and came to a unified conclusion that this guy is a hateful mutant.

      When it comes to mutants, the eyes immediately become complicated, with both disdain and fear.

      “This is now, mutants. Compared with Spider-Man and Fantastic Four, they are really stepmothers… Spider-Man and Fantastic Four can become household superheroes, and they can be the strongest mutants in humans. All eyes are alien…”

      Li Bufan sighed, but he understood Magneto’s concept of fighting for fellow mutants.

      Not everyone is Professor X.

      As long as there is a chance, humans want to exterminate mutants. How many mutants can not hate humans? How many can, like Professor X, embrace the idea that the strong should protect the weak, unswervingly, and fighting for it for a lifetime?

      Various thoughts flashed through Li Bufan’s mind like lightning, and followed him slowly to the gate of SHIELD.

      hiss! !

      As if seeing the devil, those agents instinctively stepped back and looked at Li Bufan’s eyes, revealing undisguised horror.

      Li Bufan hooked his finger at Phil Andrew.

      The arrogant guy who was in the assessment of Agent Li Bufan and threatened to give him a severe lesson, shivered all over his body at the moment, shrank and did not dare to step forward, and trembled: “I, I didn’t speak ill of you, nor did I provoke you! ”

      Hey, this is the guts of the seventh-level S.H.I.E.L.D. agent?

      Li Bufan sneered, and said, “What are you afraid of? I didn’t say what to do with you. I just wanted to ask you, what’s the situation now?”

      Phil Andrew let out a sigh of reverence, and said, “The legend is back… the captain is inside, and you’ll know when you go in.”

      It’s clear.

      After a long time of trouble, it is the captain who thaws finally here, but this posture is too much, right? But this is no way. Who will let the captain have the ultimate fan, and the power of the eighth-level agent is so powerful.

      Li Bufan stopped staying, and strode into SHIELD.

      After entering S.H.I.E.L.D., he received a call from Coleson and asked him to go to the seventh floor-there was surveillance at the door. When Li Bufan came to S.H.I.E.L.D., Coleson knew.

      The tone is still very aggressive.

      “Mr. Level 8 Agent, you are really getting more and more interesting.”

      Li Bufan walked into the elevator and pressed his fingerprint.

      “Ding, you are welcome, Agent Li Bufan, you have permission to enter the seventh underground floor!”

      Soon, the elevator stopped on the seventh floor underground.

      Below the circular corridor is an area similar to a training base. The huge area is divided into many small areas with many training equipment.

      Li Bufan lowered his head and swept away, and he saw the legend in the eyes of Director Laden, Natasha, and the agents.

      Captain: Steve Rogers!

      The streamlined figure is like an agile cheetah. At the same time, without having to fight, Li Bufan can feel the terrifying power contained in his body, as well as the more terrifying explosive power, this is a masterpiece of human technology!

      I didn’t think there was anything before, but after seeing the captain, Li Bufan realized the difference between his super soldier genetic modification fluid and the super soldier serum.

      Nick Fury was chatting with Steve, and Natasha was by her side.

      Natasha felt Li Bufan’s gaze, raised her head and glanced at him, and threw him a big white eye, just lip-synching, and silently said to him: “Little troublemaker! You are in trouble! ”

      Li Bufan smiled. He didn’t know if he was in trouble, but the eighth-level agent must be in trouble.

      He provokes himself.

      Speaking of Cao Cao, Cao Cao arrived. At this moment, Coleson walked out of the office with an old man in a white scientific research uniform.

      “Dr. Sevig, I will arrange the materials you want right away, don’t worry, you just need to do your job.”

      “it is good.”

      “I will send you away.”

      Coleson also saw Li Bufan, gave him an angry look, and said solemnly: “You! Don’t go anywhere, just wait for me here!!”


      The corner of Li Bufan’s mouth twitched, and he said with a smile.

      Chapter 47 This is really a big surprise!
      In the circular corridor, Li Bufan watched the two leave, looked at the scientist in the white scientific research uniform, and started thinking.

      Dr. Sevig, whose full name is Eric Seville, officially appeared in the first Thor, the world-famous astrophysicist, Thor’s little girlfriend is his student, of course, this is not the point.

      The point is, this guy is an expert in the universe’s Rubik’s Cube, and now he is involved with SHIELD.

      In other words, that sensational battle in New York is about to begin.

      Even Iron Man 2 can trigger the story line. It is impossible not to trigger such a campaign that shakes all mankind? How much benefit can this bring to me?

      Li Bufan’s mouth twitched, looking forward to it.

      After Coleson left, the U.S. team also saw Li Bufan, with eyes like a blue sea, flashing a hint of surprise, and asked: “Mr. Fury, what’s the matter with this kid? How could he appear here?”

      “You won’t tell me that he is also a member of SHIELD? This is too crazy, he is just a child.”

      Nick Fury shrugged and said, “Steve, you already have the answer in your heart, so why bother to ask?”

      “God! How old is he?”

      “A few days ago, I was seventeen years old, and now I am eighteen years old, an eighth-level S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, officially certified, and genuine.

      The US team shook his head and smiled: “Can you tell me the specifics? For example, if this little guy has any special abilities, he can become an eighth-level agent before joining S.H.I.E.L.D.?”

      “Oh, Steve, that’s a long story, so don’t talk about it.”

      Nick Fury smiled and said, “You are lucky, and we are unfortunate. Just last night, this little guy who likes to cause trouble caused us a big problem for SHIELD. We spent the whole night giving He wipes the fart.”

      “Later, I will definitely give you a big surprise.”

      The US team looked at Li Bufan and said with a chuckle: “If this is the case, then I’m really looking forward to it.”

      While talking, the US team took out a ten-dollar bill from the wallet.

      Nick Fury licked his mouth and took it smoothly.

      This is what he deserves.

      After the US team woke up, Nick Fury contacted him for the first time and told him that he wanted to form the Avengers. He hoped that the US team would join. He also said that the world is different from before and has undergone great changes.

      The US team smiled and said that what he saw now, he had experienced it seventy years ago, and there was nothing to surprise him.

      So the two made a bet.

      If the US team is still shocked by the current world, then he will lose $10 to Nick Fury. The US team firmly believes that he will never lose, but he did not expect to visit SHIELD and he would lose.

      Three minutes later, Coleson had sent the man away and returned again.


      He came to Li Bufan, glared at Li Bufan, and said angrily, “You damn little guy, do you know, what did we do in order to settle what you did last night and to keep the people from knowing?”

      “Damn it!”

      “At twelve o’clock in the morning, all S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were recalled and worked all night long. This falsified a perfect pilot operation error and the site where the helicopter crashed! You have no idea about the basic duties and responsibilities of a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. What is it.”

      “You don’t know? Huh?”

      “Let me tell you, S.H.I.E.L.D., the full name of the’National Territory Strategic Defense Attack and Logistics Guarantee Agency’, is our responsibility for all supernatural incidents in the United States. Covering all supernatural incidents and avoiding public panic is the basic duty of SHIELD !”

      “No matter what happens, you must never let yourself be exposed easily. This is the basic obligation of every SHIELD member!!”

      “Do you understand now?”

      When Coleson reprimanded in anger, Li Bufan was lazy and still picking his ears. When Coleson finished speaking, he blew the non-existent earwax and said casually: “Mr. Eighth level agent, have you finished talking ?”

      Coleson was furious: “This is how you talk to me?! I’m done, now it’s up to you to say!!”

      boom! !

      Li Bufan kicked out like lightning, hitting Coleson’s chest, Coleson vomited blood, and flew out of the circular corridor at the same time.

      The faces of Nick Fury, Steve, and Natasha changed dramatically.

      “Damn it!”

      Nick Fury cursed viciously.

      Steve hugged Coleson in a jump, but Li Bufan’s kick was so strong that he could naturally carry it off, but he would hurt the poor guy in his arms, and then turned on the ground a few times, unloading Lost a huge inertial force.

      In addition to the super warrior serum, Steve’s biggest advantage is his experience in battle.

      In the reunion civil war, the little spider fought against it. The US team relied on its rich combat experience and the on-the-spot adaptability cultivated by these experiences. When the book strength was not as good as the little spider, it defeated the little spider in a few rounds.

      Coleson was seriously injured, but his idol was rescued, and he was still very excited: “Thank you, you know… You are my idol since I was little, and my dream has always been to become a person like you. ”

      “You’re welcome, but Agent Coleson, this is not the time to talk about this.”

      The US team put down Coleson and stared at Li Bufan, but said to Nick Fury: “Mr. Fury, this is really a big surprise.”

      Nick Fury blushed and roared inwardly.

      This is not the surprise I said!

      As the head of S.H.I.E.L.D., at this moment, it’s really shameless.

      Chapter 48 God, are you crazy?
      Li Bufan shot suddenly, seriously injuring Coleson. The elite agents in the circular corridor and the office were all astonished, and then…


      “Shit! What did he do?”

      “This is too crazy, a mere S.H.I.E.L.D. newcomer, dare to attack the veteran of the SHIELD?”

      “How could he hurt Agent Coleson!”

      “This guy is absolutely crazy!!”

      After being shocked, all the elite agents reacted and drew their weapons one after another and aimed at Li Bufan.

      “Don’t move!”

      “Damn bastard, you dare to move, even if it’s just a small finger, I will shoot!!”

      Countless guns were aimed at Li Bufan’s head, but Li Bufan was like a okay person, as if those weapons did not exist at all, and said to Nick Fury: “Hey, Mr. Braised Egg, you are the boss of SHIELD Make sure…Is this your attitude?”

      Braised… Mr. Braised Egg? !

      Nick Fury’s mouth twitched, almost vomiting blood.

      He swears.

      If he could, he would absolutely squash this nasty venomous kid! !

      “Take all the guns away!”

      Nick Fury’s face was pale.

      Now that the boss said so, even if the agents were angry, they couldn’t do anything but obey.

      Nick Fury stared at Li Bufan, gritted his teeth and said, “Agent Li Bufan, what are you doing?”

      Whoosh! !

      Li Bufan jumped, jumped down the circular corridor, and said casually: “If I remember correctly, Coleson is an eighth-level agent, and I am also an eighth-level agent?”

      Nick Fury looked dumbfounded.

      So you mean, since you are both level 8 agents, so you two are equal, there is a problem with Coleson’s attitude when talking to you?

      “Damn it!”


      The agents were also dumbfounded, with too many slots, and they didn’t know where to start spraying.

      Can your eighth-level agent be the same as Agent Coulson’s eighth-level agent?

      Don’t you have any points in your heart?

      Li Bufan shrugged and said, “Since we are both eighth-level agents, he dared to use that attitude, so I decided to teach him a little lesson. Director of Salted Eggs, you don’t have any comments. Right?”

      Damn it, you really think so!

      The agents were all dumbfounded.

      Even the seriously injured Coleson was dumbfounded, with an expression as if you were making me laugh.

      “Enough!” Nick Fury said in a deep voice, “Little guy, don’t use Coleson’s attitude as a shield anymore. What do you want to do? Don’t be circumspect, just say it.”

      Hey, he deserves to be a legend of SHIELD, his mind is turning fast enough.

      Li Bufan shrugged and said: “Two things, the first thing, what are the conditions for me to join S.H.I.E.L.D., do you remember? You are not allowed to tell Wanda, and at the same time, S.H.I.E.L.D. negotiates with Magneto. He pester Wanda again.”

      “You can achieve the former, but the latter…”

      Coleson exclaimed: “The Magneto has promised that we will never harass Wanda again! You damn little bastard!!!”

      “Idiot!” Li Bufan said coldly, “That’s Magneto fooling you, don’t know! Mr. Eighth-level agent, are you a three-year-old kid so easily deceived? Or is it all in your mind? Is it shit?!”

      My Nima!

      Coleson almost didn’t squirt a mouthful of old blood. Is this little bastard’s mouth so poisonous?

      “Ok.” Nick Fury said, “The Magneto’s matter is our mistake. I will deal with it immediately and give him a severe warning. This time I will definitely give you a satisfactory answer.”

      “No need to!”

      Li Bufan sneered and said: “There is only one negotiation. Since Magneto does not want it, there will be no second time. This will be given to you as well. I have given you a chance, but you are not useful, I will solve it myself.

      Nick Fury nodded and said, “What’s the second thing?”

      Li Bufan said: “I want a tenth-level agent certification.”


      Nick Fury’s eyes widened, as if he had heard a joke.

      The elite agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are collectively dumbfounded.

      “Impossible!” Coleson categorically refused and said angrily, “Do you know what a tenth-level agent means? The highest level is currently set. Unless it is to make a great contribution to S.H.I.E.L.D., it is impossible to be promoted!”

      He glanced at the U.S. team and wanted to say that even the U.S. team is only an honorary tenth-level agent, and it is impossible to have the rights of a tenth-level agent.

      Nick Fury seemed to be unable to bear Li Bufan’s madness, and said, “Little guy, do you know what crazy things you are saying? I won’t agree at all!

      “No.” Li Bufan twitched the corner of his mouth and chuckled, “You will agree.”

      “Why are you so sure?”

      “If you don’t want me to kill, if you don’t want all the agents here to sacrifice, if you don’t want to kill yourself, you will definitely agree.”

      Nick Fury was shocked by Li Bufan’s words.

      Damn it!

      What is going on with this guy? Why are you crazy suddenly? In order to become a tenth-level agent, he did not hesitate to kill! What is his purpose?

      Not to mention the killing, even if it was against S.H.I.E.L.D., he would have no good fruit.

      Even if he can escape to death temporarily, don’t forget that his wife is still in their hands, and even his two good friends are also under the control of S.H.I.E.L.D., there is no benefit to him doing this! !

      Chapter 49 Yes, I’m just kidding you!
      The agents at the scene changed their colors in an uproar and looked at Li Bufan in disbelief.

      This guy is absolutely crazy!

      Coleson flew into a rage, gritted his teeth and said: “You damn bastard, you are the only one who want to threaten the entire SHIELD?

      “One person is enough.” Li Bufan shrugged and said, “Well, I am indeed threatening S.H.I.E.L.D., and indeed the whole, but for now, it is not all, just all the people present. ”

      Coleson exclaimed, “You lunatic! I tell you, no one has ever threatened SHIELD! We will never agree!!”

      Li Bufan chuckled, “I’m sorry, I’m afraid you will be ready to meet my anger.”

      “Hey, kid!”

      The American team showed its iconic sweet smile and suddenly said, “You still have time to look back, deny it… I promise you in the name of God, you will regret it.”

      Li Bufan: “Oh, really? An old antique that has been frozen for seventy years, you can’t keep up with the times, at least, you can’t keep up with me.”

      The US team shook his head and said, “It’s really a poisonous tongue, then let’s give it a try and see if my seventy-year-old antique can stop you.”

      The atmosphere at the scene is tense and fierce battle is on the horizon!

      at this time–

      “Wait!” Nick Fury suddenly said, stopping the US team that was preparing to take the shot, and stared at Li Bufan, “Little guy, don’t damn it with me anymore, let’s get it straight, why should you become an Aegis Level ten agent of the bureau?”

      Can I tell you that Lao Tzu doesn’t want to join SHIELD at all, is it all for missions?

      Certainly not.

      Li Bufan shook his head and said, “Mr. Braised Egg, this has nothing to do with you. You only need to answer yes, is it all right?”

      “Damn it! You are not allowed to call me Mr. Braised Egg!”

      “Okay, Mr. Braised Egg.”

      Nick Fury: “??!”

      I just don’t have hair. Where did you mess with you?

      Forget it, it’s not important.

      Nick Fury gritted his teeth and said: “Okay, I won’t ask, I can agree to your request, but I can tell you clearly, even if you are certified as a level ten agent by S.H.I.E.L.D., you cannot have level ten. Agent’s rights!”

      “Cut!” Li Bufan said with a sullen mouth and a look of disgust, “Who tells you that I want to have the rights of tenth-level agents, I just want the certification.”

      What the hell?

      Nick Fury was bewildered, what on earth this guy is going to do, why don’t you play cards according to common sense at all, as long as the title of the tenth-level agent, you don’t care about the corresponding rights of the tenth-level agent at all? !

      Without rights, the title of a tenth-level agent is a shit, and it’s okay to send one to everyone in the world!

      But this is also good.

      In this way, this inexplicable fight can be avoided.

      To be honest, let alone Nick Fury, everyone at the scene was stubborn and didn’t know how to describe their inner emotions. This guy did not hesitate to be an enemy of S.H.I.E.L.D., just for a shit tenth level certification?

      This guy is really crazy!


      Nick Fury raised his head and gave the female agent in charge of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s files on the second floor a wink. The female agent responded and immediately returned to the office to operate quickly, plus Nick Fury’s fingerprints and retina.

      Soon, the ten-level agent certification was completed.

      It took about ten minutes before and after.

      Li Bufan has also been waiting. When his S.H.I.E.L.D. file was upgraded from level 8 to level 10, the voice of the system rang in his mind.

      “Ding Dong, congratulations to the host, for completing the ultimate task of upgrading from A to S. From now on, the real-scene extraction of red envelopes has been upgraded from A-level to S-level! The relevant information about the real-scene extraction of S-level red envelopes has been instilled into the host’s mind, and the host can consult it by himself! ”

      That’s it!

      Li Bufan ticked the corner of his mouth. Sure enough, just as he had guessed, it didn’t matter what method was used to complete the task, the result was important.

      Nick Fury said: “Little guy, can you be satisfied with this?”

      “It’s quite satisfactory.” Li Bufan nodded, looked at Coleson, and said, “But you, Mr. 8th-level agent, are you really all shit in your mind? You wouldn’t think that you are only S.H.I.E.L.D. The second in command who is second to the salted egg, can you really order me, right?”

      “Don’t have another time, or you will die ugly, oh, you have no chance.”

      Coleson was furious!

      Nick Fury heard something in Li Bufan’s words and frowned, “Little guy, what do you mean?”

      Li Bufan said: “My dear Mr. Braised Egg, it means…I quit, you can cancel my tenth-level agent certification, or you can erase my file in SHIELD…Meaning, I will follow S.H.I.E.L.D.’s half dime relationship is gone.”

      Watt? !

      Nick Fury is dumbfounded!

      Everyone at the scene was dumbfounded. They were almost crazy. Just ten minutes ago, this guy didn’t hesitate to offend the entire S.H.I.E.L.D. Bureau for a shit tenth level certification, but now he actually said that again? !

      What kind of trick is he playing?

      “No, wait a minute!”

      Nick Fury is very smart and always has been, but at this time he feels very stupid because he can’t keep up with Li Bufan’s thinking at all!

      “You. Can you tell me why you are doing this?”

      Li Bufan said, “Oh oh oh, Mr. Braised Egg, don’t get excited, let alone get angry. You may think I am teasing you. I want to say, you have misunderstood me. Actually… Yes, brother is teasing. You play!”

      Li Bufan squinted slightly with a cynical expression.

      I am Nimafak! !

      Nick Fury flushed with a black face, and his anger went straight to his forehead.

      Other people also have constipation.

      Chapter 50 Fight against the US team, Kongchan is amazing!
      It’s not just Nick Fury that Li Bufan is playing around. He is humiliating the entire SHIELD.

      When is the level 10 agent certification of S.H.I.E.L.D. really a shit?

      If even the level 10 agents are a shit, then what kind of people are they?

      You must know that for many of them, Level 10 agents are just an unattainable dream. They only exist in dreams. They just keep improving themselves, hoping to become Level 8 agents like Agent Cole.

      “Enough, kid!!”

      Before Nick Fury broke out, the US team took the lead.

      He shook his head and said, “Although I don’t belong to SHIELD, as the government agency responsible for supernatural events across the country, SHIELD will never let you insult! Why do you dare to be so arrogant, let me see your true ability.”

      This time, Nick Fury did not stop.

      scold! !

      The strong wind howled, the shield in the hands of the US team broke out and blocked the chest.

      Natasha said: “Steve, don’t be impulsive! It’s no big deal!”

      The US team shook his head: “I have to make a move. This is not only because of SHIELD, but also because I want to know what this little guy said just now, whether I can keep up with the times.

      Natasha had no choice but to look at Nick Fury.

      Nick Fury also ignored. In fact, as early as when the US team was about to take a shot, he helped Coleson to exit the field automatically and headed towards the circular corridor.

      Natasha shook her head, jumped over several times, and went directly to the second floor corridor.

      Nick Fury came to the corridor, stood in front of the iron railing, and said: “The arena has been opened up, now it’s your turn to perform, Steve, let me remind you, don’t despise this little guy, or you will Suffer.”

      The US team said: “Don’t worry, I will never despise any enemy. Hey, kid, are you ready?”


      Li Bufan is full of fighting spirit, the US team, also known as the US team, is 50-50. The fighting power is high and low, which is confusing. He can not only compete with the Marvel super powers such as Iron Man and Spiderman, but also Can hardly resist Thanos.

      This can’t help but make people think: If Thanos doesn’t have the Infinite Gloves costume, can it be 50-50?

      What Li Bufan is curious about is whether he can be like him as well!

      Whoosh! !

      Before Li Bufan’s words fell, the US team had already rushed towards him, like an agile cheetah. It suddenly launched and reached the ultimate speed. The instant explosive power was so strong that even Li Bufan couldn’t help but take it. shock.

      “Little guy, are you really ready?”

      In the sound of chuckle, the US team took Li Bufan’s body half a meter as its center, and suddenly turned around, and instantly came to Li Bufan’s back.

      The back is a fatal flaw for anyone.

      That is not only a blind spot for a person’s vision, but also because there is no defensive power!

      “Wow!” Nick Fury exclaimed. “Is it going to become a feverish state before we fight?”

      Coulson looked at his idol with stars in his eyes.

      This is too strong, right?

      The other agents were dazzled by the American team’s offensive actions, and they cheered: “Come on, American team!” “Teach this unaware boy a tough lesson!!” “Let go of the fight, you can’t kill it!”

      Whoosh! !

      The fierce wind rose suddenly, and the US team had raised the gold shield and hit Li Bufan’s back hard.

      Although Li Bufan’s series of operations were very ridiculous just now, the US team is the US team. Even if Li Bufan’s character is very bad, he still fights with a speed of only 60%. This shield strike looks fierce, but it only uses it. Three percent.

      He still doesn’t know Li Bufan’s strength. This is just a test. If he rushes out and shoots this little guy to death, it will be bad.


      Li Bufan’s clothes burst at the sound, standing still, as if he hadn’t reacted.

      The surrounding agents cheered louder.

      Sure enough, this guy is also arrogant in front of them, facing a real superpower, isn’t he still powerless to fight back? This gave them great psychological comfort.


      The US team exclaimed, what is going on? I have already closed the fight, but this little guy can’t react?


      The afterimage that had been hit by him disappeared.


      Suddenly feeling a chill in the back, the face of the US team changed suddenly!

      Li Bufan’s calm voice sounded: “Mr. Fifty-Five Kai, I advise you not to have any reservations, otherwise you will die miserably.”

      The American team immediately rushed forward, letting their backs be as far apart as possible from Li Bufan.

      The faces of Nick Fury, Coleson, and Natasha changed drastically.

      The agents who were working hard to cheer for the US team all froze. They couldn’t help rubbing their eyes. Someone exclaimed, “God! What’s the situation? We obviously saw that guy was hit.”

      “Is this magic?”

      “This…this is definitely magic, it’s impossible for us to all be dazzled.”

      Nick Fury was shocked in his heart, and said in a deep voice: “It seems that this troublemaker has developed a new skill, which really surprised me.”

      Coleson was shocked and said: “What happened to that just now?”

      Natasha looked solemn, and said: “Shenzhen! My eyes can’t keep up with it, unparalleled. That little villain is not only a trouble maker, but also a surprise maker. Look, this is another big surprise. .”

      Coleson was shocked and speechless, hesitated about how to express his feelings at the moment.

      Chapter 51 Shock: An endless stream of superpowers!
      The U.S. team took a breath and chuckled: “Little guy, you are right. I did make a fatal mistake. I should go all out. What kind of posture was that just now is incredible.”

      Li Bufan shook his head and said, “Don’t explain it anymore.”

      “Why, worry about being seen through by me?”

      “No, like this kind of gadget, I know too much. It is too troublesome to explain one by one.”

      The US team was shocked and said speechlessly: “God, you call this a gadget? Well, you don’t need to explain, I am looking forward to how many such… uh, gadgets you have.

      He soon saw it!

      The three kinds of fire escape ignited the raging flames of the entire arena, and the American team was caught off guard. Taking advantage of his sigh, Kongchan launched and Li Bufan appeared behind him and launched a lightning-fast sneak attack.

      Comparing to Iron Man’s flying ability, it made the American team frown. Sometimes he was already in the upper hand and wanted to fight back, but Li Bufan suddenly flew away, making him very helpless.

      In this battle, Li Bufan did not intend to kill, and the US team did not.

      Even so, the process has been ups and downs.

      The US team was embarrassed by Li Bufan, but the US team was not beaten all the time. He saw Li Bufan’s various gadgets, and Li Bufan had a further understanding of the strength of Marvel’s superpowers.

      Can’t underestimate it!

      Even if reality is not a movie, these superpowers do not have the protagonist’s aura, but he also does not, and these experienced superpowers, strong on-the-spot adaptability, also taught him an extremely important lesson.

      “OK, then…” In the raging flames, the embarrassed US team shook his head slightly and said, “Are these all your gadgets? Honestly, they are really scary.”


      Li Bufan chuckled lightly and said, “Of course not, let you see another…Lei Dun·Lei Che!”

      Zizi! !

      Li Bufan, who completed the seal almost instantaneously, burst out a cloud of blue lightning on his right wrist. With his right hand as the center of the circle, numerous folded blue electric currents appeared, either long or short, with the short being less than 1 meter and the elder being three meters .

      In the circular corridor, the nearest poor bug was hit by the blue electric current, rolled his eyes and twitched all over.

      “Oh my God!!”

      The agents shrank suddenly, their eyes full of horror, as if they had seen a god.

      This is the first appearance of Lei Dun in the Marvel World!

      Even Nick Fury exclaimed with a numb scalp: “What the hell? Don’t tell me, you can control thunder and lightning! Damn, how much do you know?!”

      “O, my, god.”

      The US team’s mouth was wide open. Originally, Li Bufan had already shown many gadgets. He thought that the other party should show them all. Even if they didn’t, he couldn’t be surprised anymore, but he was wrong.

      He was shocked again!

      “Take it, Mr. Fifty-Five.”

      In his relaxed words, Li Bufan flew straight towards the US team like a cannonball. The US team immediately blocked it with a shield, but Li Bufan’s Raeche turned away and hit the wall on his left.

      Rumble! !

      In the astonishing explosion, the reinforced concrete blasted all around, dust and smoke, and when the dust and smoke dissipated, a huge hole appeared.

      The American team turned his face, and gave Li Bufan a surprised and puzzled look.

      It seems very surprised that Li Bufan didn’t attack him.

      Li Bufan sneered without explaining.

      Please, brother is not a murderous madman, and he has no plan to be a villain. I have no grievances with you, and I will kill you when I come up. It is really crazy to be my brother.

      “Enough! Enough!” Nick Fury shouted, “Little guy…no, Mr. Li Bufan, you have thoroughly proven yourself, there is no need to fight anymore.”

      I go! !

      The surrounding agents looked at their boss speechlessly.

      Just now that bastard could call you a braised egg, not to mention that you went back satirically, but even the little guy didn’t call him. It was Mr. Li Bufan, who was called so respectable?

      Really, from the heart!

      “What to look at! Clean the scene immediately!!”

      Nick Fury blushed and scolded him sternly.

      The agents acted immediately. What should they be doing? Anyway, no one dared to dangle in front of the boss at this time. They all knew that the boss was in a terrible mood at the moment. He didn’t dare to vent to the parties, so there was no venting bucket.

      Li Bufan looked at Nick Fury and said with a chuckle: “That’s right, people, you have to be self-aware. Compared to Mr. Braised Egg, Mr. Level 8 Agent is completely a stupid pig with shit in his head.”

      I, Nima Fak, dare you dare to speak a little bit more? !

      Nick Fury and Coleson were so angry that they exploded at the same time, Natasha smiled bitterly and shook her head helplessly.

      Li Bufan said: “Then I will go.”

      Feishen will leave.


      Nick Fury hurriedly called.

      Li Bufan said: “What else? If it is a S.H.I.E.L.D. mission, it has nothing to do with me. I have already told you that I will not do it.”

      Nick Fury said: “It’s not a task, it’s directly related to you. Go to the office and talk about it.”


      Is it related to Wanda?

      Li Bufan frowned, it should be, otherwise Wanda would not be in a state of worrying in the morning.

      “Okay, it just so happens that I have something to ask you.”

      In the office, only Nick Fury and Li Bufan.

      “What’s the matter, let’s talk about it.”

      Without obliviousness, Li Bufan asked directly.

      Nick Fury said immediately: “Your wife, Wanda has promised to join the Avengers. Soon, she will quit her job in Midtown High School. We at S.H.I.E.L.D. will find her a new job that conceals her identity.”

      what? !

      Li Bufan’s face suddenly changed, and his whole body released a terrifying evil spirit, like a beast that could run away at any time! !

      “I think you need to give me an explanation for not doing anything!”

      This kind of shocking power, even if it’s as hot as Nick Fury, he couldn’t help being afraid of it. He immediately said: “Don’t be angry, listen to me first!”

      “I’m listening.”

      “I didn’t break the agreement between you and me. It was Wanda who came to me by herself. She knew that I was forming the Avengers, and she knew that I wanted her to join, and then it became what I am now, and I have agreed.”

      what? !

      Li Bufan’s expression is weird, but Wanda took the initiative to apply to join the Avengers. What’s the situation?

      Chapter 52 The story is getting more and more interesting!
      Wanda masters chaos magic, and this skill is extremely magical in the setting of the Marvel comics world, and it is extremely powerful-even more terrifying than the power of the phoenix.

      At first, Li Bufan thought he was traveling through the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but with the emergence of the X-Men, he discovered that this world is not that simple, at least not a simple Marvel Cinematic Universe. The origin of Wanda’s ability follows the comics setting. .

      In the comics, Wanda and Kuaiyin are both children of Magneto and mutants.

      Ability is born!

      In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the superpowers of the two were obtained through Loki’s Mind Scepter, which was just fine-tuned. The Mind Scepter triggered the mutant genes hidden in the two of them.

      As for power…

      Not as buggy as in the comics setting, Wanda is still very strong, but it is not too outrageous. Of course, it is also possible that Wanda has not fully developed its own abilities now. If you encounter a stimulus, you may only see it.

      Li Bufan would not allow such things like runaways to happen.

      It is based on various factors that Wanda and Kuaiyin brothers and sisters will remain anonymous, but what is going on now?

      Nick Fury quickly explained.

      “I go.”

      Li Bufan’s mouth twitched and he was extremely speechless. It turned out that everything was because of Magneto, and of course, his wise brother.

      Didn’t S.H.I.E.L.D. and Magneto reach a settlement agreement? It’s a pity that Magneto is just playing tricks and temporarily delaying S.H.I.E.L.D. Get Wanda and Fast Silver.

      Magneto King was jealous of Li Bufan, who suddenly emerged. After folding the big steel teeth and toads, he did not contact Wanda directly, but found Kuaiyin instead.

      Kuaiyin knew Nick Fury’s thoughts again, so he decisively found Nick Fury and agreed to join S.H.I.E.L.D., with only one condition, and that was that S.H.I.

      This is Wanda’s heart.

      “My stupid eldest uncle, what have you done… and my cheap father-in-law, others are cheating fathers, you are not merciful at all to cheat your own baby.”

      There are too many slots, and Li Bufan doesn’t know what to say anymore.

      Fortunately, this little devil still makes sense!

      Yes it is.

      In the eyes of Nick Fury, Li Bufan has been upgraded from a little bastard to a little devil.

      Nick Fury took a sigh of relief. He used to think he could definitely control this little guy, but so many things happened suddenly that he knew how naive his thoughts were, no different from a three-year-old kid.

      Control this little devil?

      Ha ha……

      Don’t be kidding, it would be nice if he doesn’t demolish the headquarters of SHIELD, and he controls it! ?

      “That’s the situation.” Nick Fury said, “Although I have agreed, but if you don’t want Wanda to join the Avengers, I can refuse her.”

      Li Bufan curled his lips and said, “The salted egg, don’t come with me! I don’t know what you are like? If you really want to refuse, you would not agree to Kuaiyin at that time. Now you have agreed to refuse again. This will Makes Wanda suspicious.”

      Marinated… Marinated eggs?

      Nick Fury was going crazy, gritted his teeth and said: “Mr. Li, you can call me the chief, or you can call me by my name directly, please don’t call me’salted egg’ again?

      Li Bufan glanced at Nick Fury complainingly, and vomited: “Please, you are the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., so you are just a little bit more vigorous? What’s wrong with calling you a bitter egg?”

      Damn it! !

      Nick Fury, the Negro says hello, you are so reasonable.

      “OK, what you say is what you say.” Li Bufan waved his hand and said generously, “Little Nick.”

      Little, little… little Nick?

      Nick Fury: “??!”

      Li Bufan said: “Forget it, just join, but I have one condition, you are not allowed to reveal my true identity to Wanda.”

      Have a short pause.

      Li Bufan’s expression suddenly became cold, and he said, “Don’t think it’s a trivial thing. Whether it’s a fool like Coleson or another fool of SHIELD, if anyone leaks it, I will keep this account in On you.”

      Nick Fury clapped his hands: “No problem, your little couple are so cute. Do you know what Wanda would require to join the Avengers?”

      Li Bufan: “Isn’t it Magneto?”

      “No, that’s only one of the conditions, and there is one more important.” Nick Fury shook his head and chuckled softly. “She made a serious request to me and applied for a full-body suit that covered her face. That kind, I have commissioned Stark Industrial Design and production.”


      “Her request is that she must never let you know, whether it is her ability or being an Avengers hero.”

      Li Bufan smiled knowingly, whether it was really a family, and he thought of going together if he didn’t enter a house.

      Of course, it’s really cute.

      “Oh, if this is the case, then you entrust Stark Industries to help me make a full-body suit. I want a couple models.”

      Love, couple models?

      Is this showing affection with yourself?

      As a single dog, Nick Fury suddenly felt very uncomfortable and suffered 10,000 points of damage to his soul.

      “no problem!”

      Make a decisive commitment.

      Wanda’s matter was successfully resolved, Li Bufan asked casually, “How does SHIELD treat mutants? You seem to have a good relationship with mutants. There is no evidence, but you will know what happened there in the first place.”

      Nick Fury said: “We don’t have a good relationship with mutants, but with Professor X. The birth of the X-Men originally belonged to the government.”

      indeed so.

      The birth of the X-Men is described in detail in “The First War”. The mutant Black King deliberately provokes the US and the Soviet Union, and wants the two superpowers to break out of a nuclear war, and the mutants will come to power and rule all mankind.

      Professor X was also called Charles Xavier at the time, and Magneto didn’t have that nickname. He was also named Eric Lanchel. His mother was killed by the Black Emperor himself, and he wanted to avenge the Black Emperor.

      So the two teamed up and assembled a group of mutants to stop the Black Emperor’s conspiracy, and the X-Men was born.

      It’s a pity that human beings scold their mother when they put down the bowl.

      They had realized the horror of mutants. After the X-Men killed the Black King, they immediately launched an attack on the X-Men, trying to kill them all.

      ps: Seeking flowers and evaluation votes! ! It’s really important. Let me see your existence. As the title says, the story will become more and more interesting.

      Chapter 53 Nick Fury’s Request!
      Nick Fury said: “There are two camps of mutants. One is represented by Professor X, and the other is led by Magneto. Professor X is the wise man among the mutants. S.H.I.E.L.D. also supports Professor X, otherwise he It’s impossible to hide the school.”


      Li Bufan came to be interested, and said with a smile: “Aren’t you afraid of mutants?”

      Nick Fury sneered: “Why should you be afraid? Is it Stryker’s set of mutant threat theory again? He is an extreme human being, mutants are also humans, just humans with special abilities.”

      “That idiot doesn’t want to get along with the mutants, but just thinks about how to kill the mutants!”

      Li Bufan smiled and said: “His theory of mutant threats also has some truth. Once upon a time, Neanderthals were the overlords of the earth, but later, they were not replaced by Homo sapiens and completely extinct?

      Nick Fury shook his head and said: “They have not been replaced, let alone extinct. Homo sapiens, that is, us, still have 1% to 4% of Neanderthal genes in the body. They are just fused with the blood of Homo sapiens. .”

      This is an explanation.

      Li Bufan smiled, stopped discussing the topic, got up to leave, but was called by Nick Fury again.

      “What else?”

      Nick Fury stood up and said seriously: “Although you don’t want to work for S.H.I.E.L.D., but… please join the Avengers!”


      Li Bufan was taken aback, fixedly looking at Nick Fury, thinking for two seconds, then suddenly smiled, and said, “Actually, this is your goal, right?”

      Nick Fury was silent.

      Li Bufan continued: “You hope that Wanda and Kuaiyin will join the Avengers, but I have already warned you severely. Even if Kuaiyin finds you, you can delay it. You don’t have to agree to it immediately, but you still agreed. ”

      “Your purpose is not Wanda at all, but me, right?”

      The voice is calm, but his expression is getting colder and colder.

      Unleashing a terrifying power! !


      Nick Fury has set off a stormy sea in his heart. Is this kid really only eighteen years old? I said so much before, and the performance was so perfect, I couldn’t fool his eyes, and he could see through it at a glance?

      This is so spicy!

      Nick Fury couldn’t believe it at all.

      Li Bufan said coldly: “Little Nick, I won’t say that no one has ever dared to count me, but I can tell you that those who want to count me all die terribly.”

      Cold sweat! !

      Nick Fury had already let out a cry of cold sweat on his back, soaking the shirt underneath. He knew he had to say something, and he knew he could no longer play tricks.

      “I didn’t want to calculate you, just… what happened in New Mexico, you already know that this universe is not just our earth, this time it is Asgard, who will it be next time? The earth is getting more and more Danger, we must prepare early!”

      “That’s your business, what does it have to do with me?”

      Nick Fury said anxiously: “How can it be okay? Under the cover of the nest, there will be no eggs! If the earth is in crisis and the world is destroyed, you can’t be alone! More importantly, you have this ability!! You— ”

      “I have no interest in saving the world!”

      Li Bufan interrupted roughly.

      Nick Fury was extremely speechless.

      Li Bufan said: “Little Nick, do you know why I didn’t do it at S.H.I.E.L.D.? Because no one can order me—whatever I want to do.


      Nick Fury’s eyes lit up, and he keenly caught the subtext under Li Bufan’s words, and immediately said: “You can rest assured, as long as you join the Avengers, you are… the Avengers general counsel!”

      “For frontline combat, you are my spokesperson, with the supreme power, all heroes are under your control!”

      “The Avengers general counsel?” Li Bufan smiled: “What is this, does the Avengers have this position?”

      Nick Fury said: “I didn’t have it before, but I did it three seconds ago. You can rest assured that if the Avengers can solve the trouble, it won’t disturb you, and won’t delay you too much time.”

      “Moreover, Wanda is also in the Avengers, you can’t watch her appear in danger, right? This is not a threat, but a request. I ask you to join the Avengers!

      This is, my wife is still in the Avengers.

      Li Bufan smiled and said, “Little Nick, you have the idea, this Avengers general counsel…Look at it, if necessary, I will take action. Okay, tell me where the temporary base of the Brotherhood is. Where? It’s time to talk to this cheap father-in-law.”

      Nick Fury immediately informed Li Bufan of Magneto’s temporary location.

      A hidden cliff somewhere along the Brooklyn coastline.

      Li Bufan nodded, preparing to leave, just at this moment—


      Suddenly there was a shock, and a huge real-world map covering a radius of 30km appeared in his mind instantly, and a red dot appeared.

      The first S-level red envelope! !

      With a thought, Li Bufan locked the local real map and zoomed in continuously to determine the precise location of the red dot.

      Unfortunately, it was at the destination he was about to arrive.

      Li Bufan laughed and smiled secretly: “This is really interesting. It seems that my first S-grade red envelope is going to fall on my cheap father-in-law… I find that I like you a little bit.”

      No more nonsense.

      Li Bufan immediately flashed out of S.H.I.E.L.D., used flying skills, and flew towards the temporary base of the Brotherhood.

      Chapter 54 Mutant Brotherhood!
      Just as Li Bufan left S.H.I.E.L.D. and even closed the office door, Nick Fury’s expression changed suddenly, as if he had been greatly humiliated, roaring frantically, all kinds of vulgar curses, and machine guns. It seems to stand out.

      Well, as the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., the conversation just now was indeed humiliating.


      Suddenly there was a crisp noise from the office next door, as if the vase had fallen on the floor.

      Nick Fury clenched his fist and roared: “Damn it! You all come in! Come in if you want to, don’t be so sneaky!”

      Ten seconds later, Natasha, Coleson and the US team appeared in Nick Fury’s office.

      They all seemed to be holding back a smile.

      Damn it!

      Nick Fury blushed old.

      Coleson glanced at Nick Fury’s bald head, and was about to open his mouth. Nick Fury roared, “Don’t mention marinated eggs!!”

      Natasha said: “Little…”

      Nick Fury shouted again: “Don’t mention Nick!”

      Natasha and Coleson looked at each other and shrugged helplessly. They weren’t going to mention this, right?

      After holding back for about ten seconds, Nick Fury suddenly burst into laughter: “Hahaha…that damn little bastard, if I can, I really want to break his brain and see how his brain is structured. of……”

      “How bad is a person’s character to be so venomous.”

      Coleson and Natasha both showed knowing smiles.

      Coleson said: “Boss, are you sure you want to do this?”

      Nick Fury said: “What?”

      Coleson said: “Let the little devil join the Avengers, and appointed him as the Avengers general counsel.”

      Nick Fury said: “Please, Agent Coleson, didn’t you hear that? I have already saved the face of the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and asked him to join the Avengers. Of course it is true. That, that. The little devil hasn’t agreed yet.”

      Coleson frowned and said, “Is this wrong?”

      Natasha also said: “Director Fury, Lee has demonstrated extraordinary abilities, but the abilities he demonstrated are not strong enough to make you condescend, and there is no need to set up an Avenger General Counsel for him. position.”

      Nick Fury nodded and said, “Now he is really unnecessary. But—”

      Have a short pause.

      Nick Fury looked at the U.S. team and said: “Steve, you know what, just a few days ago, Lee showed us his ability. At that time, he was a perfect shooter and a super fighter. Know some magic.”

      The US team frowned slightly: “You mean…”

      Nick Fury looked solemnly: “It’s what you understand. Flying ability, lightning ability, and incredible body skills were all developed in just a few days.”

      The US team was shocked: “How is this possible?”

      “I don’t think it’s possible.” Nick Fury nodded. “The only explanation is that he retained most of his strength when the agent was evaluated. What happened just now? Everyone thinks that he is doing his best, but he has to pay it back. Like last time?”

      The US team sighed softly: “If that’s the case, it would be incredible. To be honest, he is really a terrifying little guy.”

      Nick Fury said: “Of course it’s horrible.”

      “Having this kind of terrifying ability is actually nothing, but the key is that he is really a little devil, doing his own way, recklessly, this kind of enchanting, only within my field of vision can be assured.

      “Otherwise, I’m afraid only God knows what earth-shattering things he will do.”

      The US team agreed and nodded in approval.

      But what he didn’t know was that there was another point that Nick Fury didn’t say. Who can enter the Avengers, which one is not a big coffee? Didn’t you Li Bufan not obey the order? Okay, then I will let you be the person who issues the order.

      As for whether those people listen or not, it depends on your own ability.

      The Brooklyn coastline is an absolutely hidden place. From the outside, it is just a cliff, but there is a neat and narrow gap on the mountainside more than ten meters high.

      If you press the switch button, a steel door will appear here.

      This is the temporary base of the Brotherhood of Mutants. It was built a few years ago. The structure is extremely luxurious, with steel bars and iron bones running through the entire cliff. At the other end, there is an exit.

      In the wide silver hall, members of the Brotherhood, with Magneto as the core, are discussing the next activities.

      In addition to Magneto, there are two men and one woman.

      Two adult males, extremely burly in shape, full of suffocation, just looking at their appearance, you know that these two people are definitely not easy to provoke.

      One of them has ordinary features and no surprises, but his skin is red as blood, which is especially eye-catching. He is the famous Red Devil, whose real name is Asazo, has the ability to jump in mid-to-close distance.

      Another man, wearing a black suit, with a cold face, whose real name is Jenos, is known as Torrent!

      He has the ability to rotate rapidly. Through high-speed rotation, he can attract surrounding objects. At the same time, his bones can also produce calcifications. During overspeed rotation, these calcifications are released through the skin, which is more lethal than bullets!

      It is simply a walking arsenal.

      The only white female, tall, attractive, wearing a tight white leather jacket, perfectly showing her explosive figure.

      The woman’s real name is Emma Frost.

      She is the famous white queen among mutants, with two superpowers.

      One is telepathy, which can read the thinking and memory of others, and can also forcefully modify the memory of the other person and control their thinking. It can also perform mental shielding, connect the thinking of multiple people, and conduct silent communication.

      The second is the diamondization of the body. In the diamond form, the defense power reaches an extremely terrifying level, but there are also flaws. That is, the telepathy ability cannot be used in the diamond form.

      The strength of the Red Devil, the White Queen, and the rapids crushes the big steel teeth and the toad.

      The three of them were originally under the Black Emperor. Although Professor X and Magneto prevented the Black Emperor’s conspiracy, for Magneto, he fully agreed with the Black Emperor’s ideas.

      Everything the Black Emperor said, every punctuation mark agrees.

      He killed the Black Emperor simply to avenge his mother.

      After killing the Black King, Professor X and Magneto parted ways due to their different ideas. Magneto took over the revolutionary banner of the Black King and became the leader of the mutant hawks. The Red Devil, the White Queen, and Torrent naturally became Magneto’s subordinates.

      Chapter 55 Is He Coming to Die?
      In the wide silver hall, Magneto looked into the distance through the round window, thinking about something.

      The Red Devil Asazo twisted his neck and said, “Boss, what are you waiting for? The S.H.I.E.L.D. waste has been delayed. We should do it now to bring Wanda and Kuaiyin back! The Brotherhood needs They, and they also need the Brotherhood.”

      Torrent Janos contemptuously said: “To be honest, boss, I think you are too conservative in this matter. S.H.I.E.L.D.’s trash is not our opponent at all. We don’t need to pay attention to them at all, and we directly deal with Kuaiyin and Wanda. Just bring it back. They were originally our people.”

      “No! Torrent, you have made things simpler, and you have made S.H.I.E.L.D.E.L.D. simpler.”

      Magneto shook his head, turned around and said: “I told you, never despise any opponent. Contempt, arrogance, and arrogance will bring failure and destruction.”

      “S.H.I.E.L.D., that is the agency responsible for handling supernatural events across the country, how could it not have its own cards?”


      “As far as I know, they have a very good relationship with Charles. If we ignore it at all, the X-Men will join. At that time, the situation will become complicated, and a simple thing will become complicated.”

      The White Queen Emma chuckled: “Eric, we are not afraid of the X-Men at all, and don’t they keep against us?”

      Magneto shook his head and said, “You don’t understand. Although I don’t agree with Charles’ philosophy, there is one thing in common. We are all fighting for the destiny of mutants. Charles made sacrifices for our compatriots. Too much, too much.”

      “If we have to do it, we can’t have a conflict with the X-Men. Infighting will only make humans look at jokes, and it will also hurt both sides, allowing humans to take advantage of the ready made.”

      The three nodded.

      The White Queen said: “Then what should I do now?”

      The red devil had a full face and said with a strange smile: “Boss, IMHO, although Big Steel Tooth and Toad are our compatriots, they are trash. You shouldn’t send them to perform that task.”

      Torrent Jenos believes in himself: “If I had acted with the Red Devil, I would have brought Wanda and Kuaiyin back long ago.


      Magneto thought for two seconds, then sighed softly: “But it’s not their fault, it’s not anyone’s fault, no one knows that the little man of Wanda is actually a super power, maybe even our compatriots.”

      “He pulled off the toad’s long tongue, but didn’t kill the toad. He just hoped that the toad would return to spread the word for him.”


      The red devil had a strange expression, as if he had heard an extremely absurd thing, and said: “The kid said, as long as we pester Wanda again, it will show us good looks… Are all the boys so arrogant now?”

      “Jie Jie… a trash without self-knowledge.”

      Torrent Jenos said helplessly: “If it hadn’t been for the boss to stop him, I would have cleaned up that kid.”

      The White Queen said: “It’s not too late, Eric, do it!”

      Magneto said in a deep voice: “This time, I don’t allow it, and there won’t be any accidents. We can’t wait any longer. All of us are dispatched to bring back Wanda and Kuaiyin, and then leave Brooklyn!”

      at this time–

      Whoosh! !

      It was like a meteor piercing the sky and galloping towards the base.

      Magneto’s pupil shrank suddenly.

      The White Queen, the Red Devil, and Torrent immediately got up and came to the side of the Magneto King and saw this scene.

      The White Queen said with a stunned look: “What’s that? Cannonball?”

      Magneto narrowed his eyes: “People!”

      Torrent Jenos’ body was shocked, and he was surprised: “It’s the kid who doesn’t know the height of the sky!”

      He stared, unable to understand what the eyes saw, and said speechlessly, “God… we didn’t go to him, he came to us first. What he wants to do, there is no such thing as death.”

      The Red Devil Jiejie smiled strangely: “Boss, do you need me to kill him immediately?”

      “No!” Magneto shook his head slightly and said in a deep voice, “His ability…seems to have evolved again. He has become stronger and stronger. I am very interested in him. Open the door and let him in. I want to follow He has a good chat.”

      “Okay, boss.”

      The red devil responded, turning into a cloud of black smoke, and the smell of sulfur appeared in the air.

      next moment.

      The steel gate concealed halfway through the cliff opened, Li Bufan didn’t have any worries, and flew directly in. As he entered the silver hall, he saw the red envelope floating in the middle of the silver hall at a glance.

      The appearance of golden light is very beautiful.

      The red envelopes are of course red envelopes. Li Bufan didn’t even bother with Magneto and others. He frowned and found that the real-life red envelopes this time were a little unusual, because there was only one word on the red envelopes–

      bet! !

      What does it mean?

      Li Bufan was too lazy to think and opened it immediately.

      System: “Ding Dong, congratulations to the host, found a gambling red envelope.”

      “Task: Unknown.”

      “Reward: unknown.”

      “Ding! As seen by the host, this red envelope is a gambling red envelope. Ask the host to make a big bet: If you don’t know the task and reward, please choose whether to accept the red envelope within three seconds!”

      “Reject, the gambling red envelope will disappear.”

      “Accept, the host can get the task reward in advance, but if the task fails, the host will not only lose this reward, but also lose an ability that has been mastered. According to the current strength of the host, the host will lose the flying technique!”

      “Ding! Please choose, thinking time for three seconds!”

      Chapter 56 Abilities·Mind Power Drives Objects!

      Li Bufan’s eyes brightened, and he couldn’t help whistling.

      This gambling red envelope is interesting.

      Accept or reject?

      Li Bufan was born an adventurous person. How could he refuse such an interesting gamble?

      Decisively accept!

      System: “Ding Dong! Congratulations to the host, you have won the gambling red envelope reward. The reward items have been placed in the red envelope space, and the host can check it by yourself!”

      “Task: Complete this purpose and completely dispel Magneto’s idea of ​​the Scarlet Witch.”

      This is the first S-level red envelope reward, and it is impossible not to expect it.

      Li Bufan moved his mind and immediately scanned the red envelope space.

      [“Items: Thought Force Drives Objects

      Attributes: special items-skills-abilities

      Quality: S grade medium (classified, medium, high)

      World: “Super Power Out of Control”

      Special effects: Ability·Mind force driving objects, control distance: 0-100 meters; weight: 1 ton; speed: 10 meters per second! “】

      Li Bufan was overjoyed, this is the ability to read!


      So far, for many people in the Marvel Universe, it is still just a legend.

      Doctor Strange is amazing, right? After Gu Yi’s death, he succeeded Gu Yi as the supreme mage. He played magic with one hand, but he still lost in the battle against Thanos.

      Not only was it defeated by Thanos, but the most embarrassing thing was defeated by one of the five obsidian generals in Avengers 3 by Ebony Maw.

      And the most powerful ability of Ebony Maw is mind manipulation! !

      After all, a long-range mage is a long-range mage, and the melee ability is really worrying.

      Magic takes time to activate!

      What happens when Ebony Maw comes to the earth to grab the gem of time and fight against Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and Little Spider?

      I won’t talk about Iron Man and Little Spider. Just talk about Doctor Strange. Basically, when Doctor Strange was still using magic, he was dealt with by Ebony Maw.

      Reality is not a novel.

      Magic effects are very powerful and gorgeous, but no matter how powerful they are, they are flawed. Just like Omega-class mutants, many people simply cannot control their abilities.

      It is not that they are manipulating super powers, but they are controlled by super powers! !

      “S-level medium-level thought force driving objects, with a range of 100 meters, a maximum weight of 1 ton, and a speed of 10 meters per second… It’s already pretty good…”

      Li Bufan started to receive abilities while thinking.


      Buzz, buzz! !

      The power of mind drives things. This ability has something to do with the body and spirit. Therefore, Li Bufan’s genes and spirit have been strengthened again.

      He can feel every cell in himself shaking!

      He can feel that his spirit is strengthening! !

      The change is huge, but the process is very rapid. It takes less than ten seconds before and after the reception is completed. There is no need to try at all. Li Bufan already feels that his physical strength and spirit have undergone an earth-shaking change.

      Magneto stared at Li Bufan closely and frowned.

      what’s going on?

      He has an unbelievable premonition, as if just now, this kid has completed the strengthening process in front of them? How could this be possible, he didn’t do anything.

      The Red Devil looked impatient and sneered: “Arrogant kid, you don’t think that you can scare us away by pretending to be a fool, right?”

      Torrent Jenos smiled weirdly: “Boy, what are you doing here? Because you killed Dagangfang, you are worried and afraid, come over and pray for our forgiveness? Do you finally understand, don’t think you will be safe by joining SHIELD Up.”

      Li Bufan returned to his senses, glanced contemptuously at the Red Devil and Torrent, and said lightly: “Two stupid pigs.”

      “what did you say?!”

      “Asshole! I want to smash you into pieces!”

      The Red Devil and Torrent Jenos were furious in an instant.

      “I will give you a chance. Whether you can achieve your wish depends on whether you have the ability. By the way, you…I’ll go to your uncle! Are you Magneto?”

      Li Bufan spoke casually, but when his gaze fell on Magneto, he couldn’t help being taken aback.

      Can’t help but be surprised.

      The first part of the X-Men was a story that took place in the 21st century, and the world he wears now is the same. At that time Magneto and Professor X were all 60 or 70-year-old old men, and they could stand in front of him Magneto is only middle-aged, about forty years old.

      It’s messed up!

      The X-Men returned to the Marvel world. This timeline is completely different from what he saw in the movie. In other words, the X-Men stories that took place in the 70s and 80s either did not exist or had undergone great changes. .

      Anyway, it was definitely not what Li Bufan thought.

      Magneto revealed the iconic shark smile and slowly said: “I am Magneto. Although it is the first time we have met, I don’t have to be so surprised, right?”

      Li Bufan asked directly: “How old is Professor X now?”

      “38 years old.”

      “38 years old? Wipe, this timeline is really messy.”

      Li Bufan muttered to himself.

      Magneto frowned, puzzled: “What’s the mess?”

      “It’s nothing.”

      Li Bufan waved his hand and glanced at the Red Devil, Torrent, and White Queen.

      He knew these three people. The villain in the first battle movie, Magneto killed the Black Queen, they all followed Magneto, and they didn’t know what was going on now.

      In order to clarify the X-Men timeline, Li Bufan asked directly, Magneto didn’t mind, and answered them one by one. It was no secret anyway.

      Only then did Li Bufan know that Professor X and Magneto did team up to kill the Black King, but it didn’t take long. It just happened six years ago, and the process was similar to that in the movie.

      Chapter 57 You seem to be teasing me!
      Li Bufan chased the Magneto King and asked East and West, but did not talk about the purpose of his coming this time. The Red Devil, White Queen, Torrent Jenos and others were impatient for a long time.

      The red devil said annoyed: “Hey! Is your kid here to chat?!”

      The White Queen sneered: “Isn’t he from S.H.I.E.L.D.? I saw him coming, just to spy on intelligence.

      Li Bufan glanced at the White Queen and shrugged: “Correct a little, I am not working at SHIELD. What I want to do and what I do has nothing to do with SHIELD. Also, can’t you be telepathic? ?”

      “Enter into my brain, don’t you know if you look at it.”

      The White Queen hummed: “Okay! Brat, I’ll let you taste the taste of life is better than death!!”

      “Asazo, Emma, ​​don’t be impulsive.” Magneto said, stopping the two of them, smiling at Li Bufan, and said, “Little guy, you have asked so many questions, now it’s my turn. Why are you here? What is it?”

      Li Bufan said, “Oh, I almost forgot about the business. I came here to tell you that you are not allowed to disturb Wanda and Kuaiyin brothers and sisters in the future.”

      what? ? !

      Magneto looked like you were teasing me, and said silently: “That’s it?”

      “That’s it.” Li Bufan nodded, “Otherwise, what do you think I want to tell you? Except for this matter, it seems that we have nothing else to talk about? Honestly, I never understand, how can you talk to Wang? Da and Kuaiyin are so ruthless.”

      Magneto asked in confusion: “They are mutants, and they are my subordinates. Shouldn’t they be doing things for me?”


      Li Bufan frowned, and instantly understood that Dare to Wanda and Kuaiyin had not yet recognized Magneto. The two brothers and sisters knew Magneto was their father, but Magneto didn’t know that they were their own children.

      Although I don’t know what Wanda thinks, since she didn’t recognize Magneto, Li Bufan would naturally not talk too much.

      Magneto continued: “Oh, in fact, they are not doing things for me, but fighting for the future of all our mutant compatriots, kid, aren’t you also a mutant?”

      Wipe, come again?

      Li Bufan shook his head and sneered: “Professor X also thought I was a mutant, but I am not.”

      “No? How did your flying ability come from?”

      Magneto puzzled.

      Li Bufan was too lazy to explain, and said, “You don’t need to worry about it. You just need to know that I am not a mutant. Don’t talk nonsense. I am not interested in you, and I am not interested in what you want to do.”

      “I will not help you, nor will I stop you, but if you hinder me, you will be at your own risk, you and you, understand?”

      The Red Devil, the White Queen, and Torrent had constipation on their faces, just like seeing an idiot, looking at Li Bufan.

      Magneto looked ridiculous, shook his head, and said helplessly: “Little guy, you are really stubborn, I give up to convince you.”

      “Boss, stop talking nonsense, give this kid a lesson!”

      “As long as this kid is in our hands, Wanda will definitely come back! Hmph, I don’t know what’s wrong with Wanda, but I will fall in love with this kind of brat boy who hasn’t grown all the fur!!”

      The Red Devil and Torrent Jenos stared at Li Bufan and spoke.


      The White Queen looked at Magneto.

      Magneto turned and walked away, and said casually: “You can do it, but just to teach him a little lesson, don’t kill him. If you want Wanda to do things for me sincerely, he still has the value of being alive.”

      “no problem.”


      The Red Devil rushed to the White Queen and said: “Emma, ​​see how strong this guy’s mental strength is and can you control it directly.”

      Torrent Jenos smiled and said, “I bet this guy can’t bear it, alas, what a pity, I don’t have to play.”

      Among the mutants, many have awakening telepathy abilities, which can be strong or weak.

      Professor X is very strong, and the White Queen cannot be compared with Professor X at all.

      “it is good!”

      The White Queen sneered and immediately concentrated, launched a mental attack on Li Bufan, trying to invade Li Bufan’s brain.

      “Wa, Magneto, I will give back those words. You are really stubborn. I originally wanted to solve it peacefully, but I didn’t expect to do it. If I knew it, I won’t talk so much nonsense with you, wasting saliva… …”

      Li Bufan’s mouth twitched.

      When the White Queen launched a mental attack on him, he stood in place, looking at the White Queen with a smile, without stopping, allowing the White Queen to use his superpowers.

      The White Queen’s forehead began to sweat, and her bright eyes became more and more shocked!

      Li Bufan smiled and said, “Did you see it?”

      The Red Devil and Fierce Jenos were aware of something wrong, and even Magneto King frowned. If he stood still and allowed Emma to use telepathy, he would not be able to resist it unless he exercised.

      What’s the matter with this little guy?

      The red devil said: “Emma, ​​what’s the situation?”


      The White Queen exclaimed, and then she felt dizzy. She stepped back and almost fell. She was shocked and said: “What kind of monster are you? How can you and your mental defense be so strong?!”

      The Red Devil and Torrent Jenos’ face changed.

      Li Bufan chuckled: “Don’t be depressed. Professor X has also tried to get into my brain, but he has also failed. If you think about it this way, isn’t it much better?”


      Magneto changed his expression and said, “Even Charles has failed, little guy, your ability really shocked me.”


      He looked at Li Bufan with bright eyes, and said with a look of anticipation: “How about we make a deal? If you join the Brotherhood, I will never trouble Wanda again.”

      “Forget it! Let’s talk with your fist.”

      Li Bufan curled his lips without thinking, but refused decisively.

      Chapter 58 Horror: A crushing victory!
      “You’re looking for death!” The Red Devil gritted his teeth and sneered, “Damn bastard! If you don’t play with you, I will let you know how ridiculous your remarks are now! Janos, Emma, ​​do it! !!!”

      Whoosh! !

      Before the words fell, the red devil instantly turned into a cloud of black smoke, disappearing in place, and the smell of sulfur appeared in the air again.

      The Red Devil Asazzo, a demon-type mutant whose enemy is an angel-type mutant. The blood of angels can melt their bodies. In thousands of years of fighting, all the demon-type mutants have been expelled to a different space.

      This alien space becomes a transit point. As long as the strength is sufficient, it can instantly reach anywhere in the real world, and the sulfur gas comes from the alien space.

      The Red Devil only developed this spatial ability to medium and short distances.

      “Jie Jie!!”

      “I want to tear your neck!!”

      A strange laugh sounded, and the disappearing Red Devil instantly appeared behind Li Bufan, his sharp claws glowing with cold light, and he grabbed Li Bufan’s neck.

      Grab it! !

      A blood stain was immediately torn out of Li Bufan’s neck.

      The Red Devil sneered and said, “You can only talk big, you are too weak!!”


      “Be careful!”

      Magneto sat not far away, staring at the battle, his pupils suddenly shrank.

      The Red Devil said strangely: “What?”

      “Damn it!!”

      He exclaimed suddenly, the afterimage left by Li Bufan disappeared, where he tore a blood mark on Li Bufan’s neck, it was clearly caught in the air!

      Simultaneously! !

      A sneer sounded behind his back. At this time, he could not react, Li Bufan kicked behind him.

      The red devil had an old face and hit the ground hard.

      “I am going to kill you!!”

      The red devil became angry from embarrassment and disappeared again in an instant.

      “Fucky boy, come over here!!”

      Torrent Jenos gave a sneer, turned his body into a storm, and instantly produced a strong suction force, pulling Li Bufan towards him.

      Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang–

      In the screaming wind, countless white calcifications the size of glass marbles, like bullets, shot at Li Bufan overwhelmingly.

      Li Bufan’s body has been greatly strengthened, but it hasn’t been strengthened to the level of a steel man, bullets can still be shot into his body, he can only use the empty cicada, and instantly appear in the southwest corner from the middle of the hall.

      Those calcified marbles blasted the steel walls out of countless pits, and their power was more terrifying than bullets!

      “Want to hide? Can you hide?”

      Torrent Jenos grinned, he didn’t need to move his position at all, he only needed to move his mind to lock Li Bufan’s approximate position, and he could launch an all-round coverage attack.

      Li Bufan sneered and said, “Then don’t hide.”


      He snapped his fingers and heard a loud bang, and the heavy iron gate split in two and flew towards Li Bufan, blocking him in front of him.

      hiss! !

      Magneto couldn’t sit still anymore, stood up suddenly, and said in surprise: “You can also manipulate metal?!”

      Li Bufan smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t grab your job.”

      Magneto Wang said solemnly: “Then what is this?”

      Li Bufan: “Guess.”

      Magneto said in shock: “The ability to read!!”

      Li Bufan: “You guessed it right, but unfortunately there is no reward.”

      When the two talked, countless calcified marbles all hit the steel gate, and countless pits appeared on the gate. Fortunately, the steel gate was extremely thick and its weight reached the limit that Li Bufan could control—a full ton!

      If it is slightly thinner, it will be directly penetrated by calcified marbles, and the shield will become a sieve in seconds.

      That powerful suction still exists! !

      Li Bufan’s mouth twitched: “Want me to pass? Since you are so enthusiastic, then I will fulfill you.”

      The power of mind drive is launched!

      Under the suction power of the rapids Janos and the control of Li Bufan, a ton of steel can reach 10 meters per second without using even a second, and the acceleration exceeds 10 meters per second, while the force Equal to mass multiplied by acceleration.

      Therefore, the power of Li Bufan’s outrageous blow is more than ten tons! !

      Torrent Jenos also felt the threat of death, and shouted in horror: “No!!! Boss, save me!!!”

      It’s too late! !

      When Magneto realized that Torrent Jenos was life-threatening and was about to take action, ten tons of gravity had already blasted the Torrent Jenos, directly smashing the rapids Jenos into a pool of mud and blood all over the ground.

      “You guy…”

      Magneto was trembling, and slowly put his hand down.

      The Red Devil’s offensive continues, but it won’t be beneficial. If he uses his spatial ability, at this stage, it is impossible for Li Bufan to catch him from a different space, but the problem is that as long as he wants to attack Li Bufan, he must Close hand-to-hand combat.

      As for close combat, even though he was rough and thick, he was not Li Bufan’s opponent.

      “You can’t escape!”

      The corner of Li Bufan’s mouth twitched. When the Red Devil came out of another space again, his right hand locked the Red Devil’s shoulder and only attacked with his left hand.

      Space mutants can not only enter a different space by themselves, but also bring people into it.

      The Red Devil is this type, and so is the Nightcrawler.

      Then, the Red Devil was sorrowful, he could not get rid of Li Bufan at all, he disappeared, then disappeared with Li Bufan, he appeared, and Li Bufan appeared with him again, and soon he was beaten with a bruise and swollen face.

      The red face turned into a bloody pig’s head, and it was only then that he realized how ridiculous his previous cruel words were.

      Crush it.

      Riptide Janos was killed directly, and he was almost the same. Although he had the ability to transfer space and seemed invincible, it just seemed to be nothing. Compared with Li Bufan’s close combat and physical fitness, it was really too weak.

      Two minutes later, the two reappeared in the Silver Hall. Li Bufan pinched the Red Devil’s neck like a dead dog and threw it to the ground.

      The red devil’s eyes are full of terror! !

      This guy is too strong.

      He has no physical strength and energy, so he can move on to space.

      Chapter 59 Damn it, can you still play like this?
      After solving the Red Devil and Torrent Jenos, Li Bufan looked at the bumpy White Queen with a tick at the corner of his mouth.

      The White Queen did not participate in the battle of suitable talents. It was not that she did not want to. She was really powerless. Her two super abilities could not be said to be weak. Against ordinary people, which one was a big killer, but the problem was…

      Her opponent is Li Bufan!


      Garbage doesn’t do anything.

      Is the whole body diamondized?

      The defense is barely possible, but I want to use this to break the wrist with Li Bufan, but it is far from it. Her fighting skills are too weak, and she is stronger than ordinary people. It is difficult to be elegant, and she is not Li Bufan’s opponent.

      “What do you want to do?”

      The White Queen’s nerves were highly tense, staring at Li Bufan, she made up her mind: As long as Li Bufan moved her finger, her whole body would be diamondized immediately! !

      “Don’t worry, I won’t beat women.” Li Bufan said with a light smile, “Besides, I don’t want to do anything to you–”

      Huh! !

      The attention of the White Queen was distracted, and Li Bufan suddenly disappeared. He was only a few meters away from the White Queen and did not give the White Queen any time to react. In the blink of an eye, Li Bufan appeared behind the White Queen.

      Oops, it won! !

      The white queen’s face changed drastically, and she was about to use her diamond-like ability immediately.


      The damn bastard has hugged her from behind, his hands are not honest yet.


      The White Queen seemed to hear the voice of the devil, and the guy said, “God’s right hand.”

      Then… The White Queen was instantly lost, her eyes widened suddenly, revealing her unbelievable color.

      Damn it, what the hell is going on?

      This guy’s hand… seems to have indescribable magic.

      Deep in her heart, deep in her mind, a devilish voice appeared.

      “Don’t stop, don’t stop…”

      That’s herself! !

      “My God! You are a demon!”

      The White Queen was shocked, she couldn’t gather her energy at all, let alone make her whole body diamondized.

      It really works!

      Li Bufan twitched the corner of his mouth and laughed secretly. He originally thought that God’s right hand was just a chicken rib, but he didn’t expect it to have a huge effect.

      What he didn’t expect was that there was an additional surprise.


      The system voice appeared: “Ding Dong! Congratulations to the host, complete the hidden mission red envelope and get the corresponding reward!”

      “Hidden mission: The first close contact with Emma Frost, the White Queen.”

      [Items: Mind Power Driven Object Attribute Bonus Card

      Attribute: ordinary items

      Quality: S grade second grade (divided into elementary, medium, and high)

      World: “Super Power Out of Control”

      Special effects: the two attributes of’distance’ and’weight’ can be controlled by the ability of mind force driving objects to be ten times]

      Damn it! !

      Li Bufan was a little stunned by this sudden surprise. What’s the matter with this? His original intention was to do a small experiment, but he didn’t expect to complete the hidden task smoothly.

      Hell hidden task, no reminder, no reminder to trigger the task, either completed or missed.

      Li Bufan can only say: System, you really know how to play! !

      Forget it, it’s not important.

      Receive it now!

      After a few seconds, the system prompts that the point-adding card has been received, and Li Bufan checked the attributes of the lower mind force driving things.

      【Thinking force driving things: control distance 0-1000 meters; weight: 0-10 tons; speed: 0-10 meters/second. 】

      [Note 1: The effective control distance is 300 meters, and the control weight and speed can reach the highest value in an instant within 200 meters. 】

      [Note 2: The farthest control distance is 1000 meters. When the control distance exceeds the effective control distance, the weight and speed that can be controlled will be weakened to a certain extent. 】

      Li Bufan smiled and nodded in satisfaction.

      It’s a big profit to come this time.

      Magneto’s gaze swept over the tragic death of Torrent Jenos, the red devil Asazo who was beaten into a dead dog, and the white queen who was captured by Li Bufan and could not even use the diamond body, frowned.

      “Okay, let’s stop here, you have proven yourself, and I assure you that you will never entangle Wanda and Kuaiyin from now on!”

      “Let Emma go.”

      “Whether you admit it or not, you can’t change your mutant identity. All I do is not for myself, but for the mutant’s future. You are our compatriots, and we will not be your enemies.”

      Li Bufan gave Magneto a white look, let go, and let go of the white queen.

      The White Queen was ashamed and angry!

      Emma Frost is different from many mutants. Her family belongs to a typical white middle class. She is extremely wealthy and has good tutoring. After awakening her superpowers, she has never suffered such insults as she is today.

      “Magnetic King, remember your promise. There is only one negotiation. This time you just killed one of your subordinates. But if you dare to play tricks again, it will be your turn next time.”

      After Li Bufan finished speaking, he used flying skills to leave the base and return home.

      It’s time to go to school, or the wife will be nagging again.

      After Li Bufan left, Magneto smiled and said: “Next time it will be my turn…Little guy, you only know that I can manipulate metal, but you don’t know how terrifying my abilities are. Can you kill… …”

      The White Queen gritted her teeth and said: “Eric, did we just let him go?”


      “How can this be?”

      “Do you have a better solution?”

      The White Queen was speechless for a while, if she could solve it, she would not let Li Bufan do whatever she wanted to herself just now.

      Magneto: “Emma, ​​I know you are angry, but we all have to look forward.”

      “He is very powerful. Our Brotherhood does not have a conflict of ideas with him. It is not a wise choice to set up an enemy of this level simply because of personal grievances. According to him, Charles also sought him out and failed. ?”

      The White Queen nodded and said, “Then what shall we do next?”

      Magneto thought for two seconds, and his expression solemnly said: “Leave here, forget Wanda and Kuaiyin, look for other mutants to help, and then…start our plan immediately, this time we must completely fight against humans!!!”

      Chapter 60 Romance: Love Game!
      After the Magneto was completely resolved, Li Bufan immediately returned to school and went to class normally.

      The next day, there was definite news from S.H.I.E.L.D., that Magneto had led his subordinates to leave, completely lost track of them.

      To be honest, Li Bufan didn’t know what Magneto wanted to do next.

      The timeline of the X-Men was so messy that he couldn’t figure it out at all. That is, in the current Marvel master world, Li Bufan could have foresight, but he couldn’t be 100% sure.

      Because he is here!

      If it’s just an ordinary person, it’s a pity that he is not.

      This means variables!

      His own existence is a variable.

      Each of his actions will affect other people and the world. The greater the movement he makes, the greater the impact will be, and it will eventually be fed back to the real world… God knows what it will eventually become.

      Quantitative changes cause qualitative changes.

      This point has also troubled Li Bufan. He even considered whether he should keep a low profile. The result is:


      No matter how big the impact is, he cares about the plot and not the plot. Only in the shortest time, it is the king to improve himself as much as possible.

      A snapped finger, maybe he disappeared.

      After all, that big purple potato face has collected six infinite gems and completed his family planning office.

      Marvel’s super-powers relied solely on time and space to travel through this kind of leaky cheating device to complete the counterattack.

      Da Zishu Lian, he died unjustly.

      Furthermore, he has to consider not only himself, but also his wife, so let the low-key or anything go to hell.

      Become stronger!

      Be as strong as possible in the shortest time! !

      In the next half month, there were no more S-level red envelopes, and Li Bufan was also happy and peaceful, enjoying the good high school time.

      Although he desires to become stronger, he is not in a hurry.

      Urgency is useless.

      The only thing he can do is not to miss any opportunity to become stronger.

      S.H.I.E.L.D. Bureau fulfilled her promise and no trouble Li Bufan again. Wanda quit her job in Midtown High School and joined the Avengers. S.H.I.

      In the original plot, Wanda hasn’t joined the Avengers at this time, and hasn’t even appeared yet.

      To a certain extent, this is the huge change brought about by the emergence of Li Bufan——Wanda chose to work for S.H.I. Worries.

      During this time, the basic framework of the Avengers has taken shape.

      Tony, Steve, Wanda, Fast Silver, Black Widow, plus Hawkeye, the initial seven-member team was born.

      Dr. Banner is still incognito in Nepal, working as a happy barefoot doctor.

      Nick Fury really wants him to join the Avengers, but Dr. Banner is a double-edged sword.

      No one can control!

      Even Dr. Banner himself can’t do it. Once he becomes the Hulk, he will lose his mind. By then, no one can guarantee whether he will hit the enemy or his own.

      Therefore, Nick Fury chose not to disturb Dr. Banner for the time being, and continued to let him stay in Nepal quietly, as long as he knew his specific location and made sure that he would be able to find him when he wanted to find him.

      In addition, Stark Industries has developed two full-body suits in accordance with the requirements of S.H.I.E.L.D., similar to the Spider-Man suit, with the face completely covered.

      One set was prepared for Wanda, and the other set was prepared for Li Bufan.

      Li Bufan’s full-body battle suit, red and blue, and his face is the Shura Yaksha Hundred Ghosts figure proposed by Li Bufan himself. The image comes from Eastern mythology, hideous and terrifying, and equipped with a voice changer.

      In Li Bufan’s view, this is a romantic game between himself and Wanda.

      She considers herself to be an ordinary person, and still enjoys the ordinary and peaceful happiness of being an ordinary person, and is unwilling to destroy, then the only thing he can do is to cooperate.

      As for the future, let’s talk about it.

      Just live in the moment and enjoy every minute and second of the moment.

      After Wanda joined the Avengers, he was obviously busier than before. Before joining, he performed two tasks without any danger.

      Also, through the battle report sent to Li Bufan by S.H.I.E.L.D., he also discovered that Wanda did not understand the essence of chaos magic at all, the magic he used was not very skilled, and his power needed to be strengthened.

      During this time, Li Bufan’s life has changed quite a bit, but they are all expected.

      The only thing he is looking forward to now is, when will the New York war come?

      The answer is: Immediately! !

      At eleven o’clock that night, Li Bufan and Wanda tossed for another three hours. Wanda couldn’t stand it, so he repeated his skills. Taking advantage of Li Bufan’s time to drink water, he locked the door from the inside and beat Li Bufan. Enter the cold palace.

      Li Bufan smiled knowingly.

      Inside the house.

      Nourished by love, Wanda, who was full of happiness, was about to go to bed, and a mysterious call came!

      The S.H.I.E.L.D. agent level setter, and also the commander of S.H.I.

      hang up.

      There are only commands without any explanation.

      Level seven?

      This is a level that may lead to the destruction of mankind! !

      Wanda’s face changed drastically, he got up quickly, put on his clothes, opened the door carefully, and observed the movement of the living room. Seeing that Li Bufan was not there, he thought he had gone to bed in the second bedroom and let out a long, relaxed sigh of relief.

      She walked out of the room silently, wrote a note, posted it on the dining table, and immediately left home and rushed to the SHIELD headquarters.

      Chapter 61 Choice: Hell-level difficulty dungeon!
      Li Bufan was indeed in the second sleeper, but he did not sleep.

      He left the living room just to give Wanda a chance to leave. In fact, he had been observing in secret, and he had already heard Maria Hirna’s phone call.

      When Wanda left, Li Bufan walked out of the room and went to the living room.

      On the dining table, there is a note left by Wanda.

      “My dear, the company suddenly has a major trouble. I may be traveling for a few days. I’m not here these days. You have to be obedient-love you three thousand times, Wanda.”

      Hey, I love you three thousand times. This is Tony’s. Don’t use it like that.

      Li Bufan twitched the corner of his mouth and said secretly: “It seems that the battle in New York is about to begin. The poor baby Loki should have come to the earth now with the help of the power of the Cosmos Rubik’s Cube?”

      The entire battle of New York seems to be very simple, that is, Loki wants to occupy the earth, enslave all mankind, and then lead the Kitari army to invade the earth.

      But in fact, it is Da Zishu Face who controls everything behind the scenes!

      Thanos is the former guardian of the psychic gems, and all the Kitari are his subordinates. Through the hands of the Kitaris, he handed over the scepter inlaid with the psychic gems to Loki, and then used Loki’s king. Dream, let him act as the vanguard.

      This is a little test to see if the earth can stop it.

      To be successful even for Rocky, he doesn’t need to do it himself, just a few gems can be commanded by remote control.

      Li Bufan’s mind was shocked.

      coming! !

      He was overjoyed.

      Sure enough, the next moment, a system voice appeared in his mind: “Ding Dong! Congratulations to the host, trigger the main storyline, open the main storyline mission, the host will get a god-level task selection red envelope, do you want to check it?”

      Hum! !

      Li Bufan’s eyes flashed red, a golden light burst, and a red envelope of the sun as big as a palm appeared.

      Even the appearance is different from before?

      Li Bufan ticked the corner of his mouth without any hesitation: “Yes!”

      “Dingdong, congratulations to the host, the god-level task chooses the red envelope to open, you will get the following several difficult tasks, the higher the difficulty level, the higher the item rewards you will get.”

      “A-level difficulty: capture Loki, counter Chitari’s invasion, and save the earth!”

      “S-level difficulty: capture Loki, defeat Thor, and prevent the Kitari from entering the earth!”

      “Hell-level difficulty: Loki is the’God of Trick’, with a cunning nature, good and evil, good at disguising and deceiving. Once you choose this task, the host must absolutely suppress Loki in both spirit and combat!”

      “Remarks: If you choose Hell-level difficulty, you will get extremely rich item rewards for success. Failure will strip the host from three abilities. According to the host’s current strength, it will deprive flying skills, mind ability, and thunder escape!”

      “Ding Dong, the host has 30 seconds to consider, please consider carefully before making a choice.”

      Li Bufan narrowed his eyes.

      Level A and Level S difficulty are very simple for Li Bufan, and can be completed easily. Although Thor and Loki come from the Asgard Immortal Palace, they are known as gods, but the Western gods are different from the Eastern gods. great.

      To put it simply, Asgard is a civilization similar to that of the earth, and its origin is Nordic mythology. It is born with super powers to survive.

      In the original plot, Tony, Banner, Steve, Thor and others have joined forces to defeat Loki’s conspiracy. Now even Wanda and Quicksilver brothers and sisters have entered the game. Winning Loki is not a problem. Take these two This is meaningless.

      All kinds of thoughts flashed through Li Bufan’s mind like lightning. He chuckled and said decisively: “Hell-level difficulty!”

      System: “Ding Dong! Hell-level difficulty dungeon, officially opened, no specific time limit. From now on, until Loki is brought back to Asgard’s realm by Thor, he will all be in the S-level red envelope drawing period.”


      Li Bufan thought for a while, until Loki was brought back to Asgard by Sol? In other words, he can’t kill Loki myself?

      Also good.

      Loki is also Odin’s son. Although he is not his own, he is still the god of Asgard. If he wants to kill him forcibly, he might incur Asgard’s anger, and Odin may commit suicide on Earth.

      Then… let go of the child.

      Lokinawa, although calculating his elder brother and calculating father, likes to manipulate people’s minds, pranks, and although he has a dream of a king, he is still a good boy, but the child is too sensitive in his heart and desires everyone’s approval.

      But in Asgard, he was ignored by Odin and others. Although he didn’t say anything on the surface, his heart was miserable, and he was truly a poor baby.

      Of course, the most important thing is…

      Deep down, Li Bufan not only sympathized, but also liked this naughty bear boy. In the future, in order to save Asgard’s realm, this bear boy resolutely defeated the enemy, and was finally honored.

      Well, these are all imaginary, the problem now is…

      “The way you choose, even if you kneel down, you have to walk. Although Loki is a god, he is still beaten by Hulk. It is not a problem to defeat him in one battle, but what about the other?”

      “How can I completely defeat it mentally and let him admit it willingly?”

      This is indeed a big problem.

      In the original plot, although Loki failed to invade the earth, all his tricks succeeded, and the Avengers that was born were torn apart by him. As for the eventual failure, in his opinion, it was completely accidental.

      Who could have imagined that the ever-unfavorable psychic scepter could not control Tony?

      Who would have thought that the Hulk was so sturdy and so terrible that a mere earthly person could actually slap him, a god from Asgard?

      Therefore, even if he failed, Loki didn’t think he was inferior in resourcefulness, just because of bad luck.

      Loki doesn’t care if the value of force is not as good as human beings, but if he wants him to admit that he is not as resourceful as it is, it is really difficult.

      so what should I do now?

      Li Bufan frowned slightly and couldn’t help falling into contemplation.

      “Loki…prank…the god of tricks, pranks…trick…”


      Li Bufan’s eyes suddenly widened, gleaming.

      He thought of a brilliant idea!

      “Rocky, poor baby, look forward to the look on your face when the whole thing ends, it will definitely be very exciting…”

      Li Bufan was happy, blew a whistle, and returned to his second bedroom.

      go to bed!

      Why not act immediately?


      Loki’s poor baby came to the earth after all the hardships, and he always had to give others some room to show off. It was just the beginning. Even if Li Bufan joined, there would be no real impact, just grab Loki in advance.

      Furthermore, the real-life extraction of S-level red envelopes has started, but the first red envelope has not yet appeared.

      For red envelopes, Li Bufan is very patient.

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