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Start to challenge the list of last wishes, inherit 100 billion

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      Start to challenge the list of last wishes, inherit 100 billion
      Chapter 1 list of last wishes
      “Welcome to the wish list program.”
      “The program” will list “was established by the late chairman of Tianhe Group, Mr. Fu Tianhe, in the form of a will before his death.”
      “Mr. Fu Tianhe has been busy with his career and charity all his life. He seldom has time to travel, relax, do what he wants to do and pursue his dream.”
      “When he came to the end of his life, he found that he had many things he wanted to do but had no time to do them.”
      “Therefore, Mr. Fu set up the list of last wishes.”
      “Mr. Fu has written a list of his last wishes. He hopes to select 100 people from all over the country through the” list of last wishes “program to fulfill the wish that he wants to do but has no time to do.”
      “Now I’d like to introduce to you the rules of the last wish list.”
      “1. The program team will select 100 people for the challenge. During the period, if someone is eliminated, the program team will open the quota and make up for 100 people.”
      “2. Freely choose the last wishes in the list of last wishes and complete them according to the requirements.”
      “3. The initial capital of each challenger is 1000 yuan, and part of the cost of the will will be borne by Tianhe Group.Apart from the initial funds, no money can be used, but money can be earned through personal ability in the course of the program. ”
      “4. Every last wish will be rewarded.”
      “5. If someone completes all the last wishes on the last wish list at the same time, he will inherit the shares of major listed companies with a total global investment value of more than 100 billion US dollars invested by Mr. Fu Tianhe.”
      Mordu, a one family villa beside the Huangpu River.
      This is the site of the “list of last wishes” program. The market price of this villa has already exceeded 100 million, and it is also one of Fu Tianhe's heritages.
      At the moment, more than 500 people gather in the courtyard of the villa.
      There are more than 400 people in the program group.
      There are also 100 lucky people who have been selected through the audition.
      They sat on rows of stools, listening quietly to the host announce the rules.
      On the back of the chair, a handsome, tall man, about 24 years old, is calmly listening to the host introduce the rules.
      His name is Lin Feng. He came to this world three days ago and got the system.
      A system called “all professional development” aims to train him to be a man proficient in all professions.
      This system can draw lottery by reputation value.
      10Ten thousand reputation value, draw a prize.
      Reputation is fame.
      Just when Lin Feng was thinking about whether he had to open a live broadcast and publicize himself, he suddenly received a call from the program group of “list of last wishes”.
      It was also at that time that he found out that the original owner of the body had signed up for the program.
      And was chosen by the “wish list” program.
      He got to know the list of last wishes for the first time. After knowing it, he marveled at the old man who had already passed away. He even wanted to accomplish his wish in this way, and his handwriting was so big!
      He has only one idea about it.
      Money means you can do whatever you want!
      But he also admired Mr. Fu very much.
      Starting from a poor boy, he made money that ordinary people can't reach in their lifetime.
      In addition, Mr. Fu is also a philanthropist. In his whole life, he donated as much as 10 billion yuan to charity.
      “These are the rules of the last wish list.”
      “In addition, I would like to focus on you.”
      The host's tone was very serious and said: “every last wish of Mr. Fu Tianhe is dangerous. If you want to fulfill some last wishes, you may even get hurt or even die.If you can't do it, don't force it. ”
      “If you want to give up halfway, you can always tell the staff that they will help you at the first time.”
      The faces of the people were dignified. Of course, they knew how difficult these tasks were.
      Lin Feng also knows.
      He has seen the promotional film of the list of last wishes. It can be said that this program has gone beyond the meaning of ordinary programs.
      A total of 199 will, any one, are not ordinary people can complete.
      There are even many last wishes, with a very high mortality rate.
      “Well, now, you can take the stage to choose one last wish and start to challenge.”
      “From the moment you choose your last wish, the program team will arrange staff to follow you 24 hours a day.At the same time, this program will be broadcast after you have selected your last wishes. ”
      With the host's words finished, someone stood up, stepped onto the stage and began to choose the last wish.
      Other people also stood up and went to pick.
      Lin Feng didn't worry at all. When they finished the election, he would go up again.
      There is no limit to the program group. Even if 100 people here can choose a last wish.
      The program team doesn't mind that these participants help each other, but all the challengers are actually competitive. It's unlikely that they will help each other.
      If I help you, I will give myself another competitor.
      After all, if you fulfill one last wish, you can get a reward.
      This award is not ordinary.
      According to the current information, there are villas in the first tier cities, quadrangles in the capital, shares of listed companies worth tens of millions, super running worth tens of millions, and even islands on the sea!
      Of course, these awards are not even a drop in the bucket compared with the 100 billion you can get by fulfilling all the last wishes on the list.
      Lin Feng watched the participants choose their last wishes on the stage and said in his heart, “system, open the novice gift bag.”
      The next second, the sound of the system sounded in my mind.
      “Novice gift pack has been issued, please check it.”
      Lin Feng closed his eyes and saw something in front of him.
      [potential drink 2]: after taking it, you can greatly improve your physical fitness. You can take it repeatedly and explore the limits of your body. You are worthy of it!
      Sunscreen: are you still worried about going out to tan in the hot sun?Paint it, paint it, paint it!The system produces sunscreen to make your skin moist, glossy and protected. It can completely isolate ultraviolet rays. Even if you are exposed to the sun all day, you will still keep your skin tender and white!
      Lin Feng
      I'm afraid this system is not a ZZ!
      This is the big gift bag for novices?
      It's too crude.
      However, potential drinks look very powerful. As for sunscreen, he thinks that's what the system brings.
      He stood up, took a look at the people who had gone on stage to choose their last wishes, went to the photographer and asked, “where is the toilet, please?”
      “Over there.”
      “Thank you.”
      Lin Feng walked into the toilet. He was the only one here.
      He took out the potential drink, a total of two bottles, 300ml, glass bottle, no label.
      Twist open the bottle cap, a smell of finger movement floated out of the bottle.
      He did not hesitate to drink the two bottles, immediately felt that his body began to heat.
      A force is constantly surging from the depths of the body.
      It took five minutes to stop.
      He clenched his fist and felt like he had endless power.
      He even has a feeling that if he punches out, he can make the toilet more squat.
      Out of the toilet, there were only twenty people left on the stage.
      “It's almost time to go up.”*
      Chapter 2 is on air!
      Lin Feng leisurely walked onto the stage, swept the dense will.
      There are 199 last wishes.
      There are also many kinds of last wishes.
      For example, “fall in love with a girl and get married within a month.”.
      Female participants suffer more because the last wish is to fall in love with women.
      There are also some last wishes of five stars with difficulty coefficient, such as “participate in underground boxing”, “participate in international competitions”, “win 100 million US dollars in Las Vegas gambling city”.
      These are not what normal people can do.
      Lin Feng chose, and finally made a decision. His finger fell on one of them: “Article 133 will.”
      “133?”The host followed his fingers and read out subconsciously: “in one day, finish 10000 push ups, 10000 sit ups, 1000 pull ups, and a marathon.”
      The host looked at him strangely: “are you sure you want to choose this one?”
      “Well, you've made up your last wish. You can start.”
      “Thank you.”
      Lin Feng turned and left, followed by the cameraman.
      From now on, until Lin Feng completes his last wish or gives up, he will be in the live broadcast.
      Except for going to the bathroom, of course.
      In the villa, the last person has chosen the last wish to challenge, and the program team returns to the villa hall.
      In the hall, there is a super large screen.
      This screen is divided into 100 squares, corresponding to 100 challengers.
      At the bottom of the screen is a long table with five people sitting on both sides.
      They are the two hosts of the program, male host Zhang Kai and female host Miao Li.
      “Let's go.”Zhang Kai said.
      The cameraman compared an OK gesture, and the five people slightly adjusted their state.
      Next second, live broadcast begins.
      “Welcome to the last wish list. I'm Zhang Kai.”
      “I'm Miaoli.”
      “This program is independently produced by Tianhe Group. It will be shot 24 hours a day, recording the status of 100 challengers.”
      “Now, every challenger has chosen their last wish to fulfill.”
      “In the next few days, Miao Li and I, as well as three observers, will explain to you.”
      “Before we start, let me introduce the three observers.”
      “This is Qu Li, a best-selling writer, Zhou Lingling, a singer, and Jiang Hai, a national first-class actor.”
      With the official launch of the “wish list”, the audience rating is now starting to soar in a terrible manner.
      When the program was first publicized, it caused an uproar and heated discussion on the Internet. Countless people are looking forward to the program.
      After his death, an existence with a value of 100 billion and a name on the list of global rich businessmen set up such a program.
      You only need to fulfill the old man's last wish to get a reward.
      It's a reward that people can't refuse.
      This is a huge stunt in itself.
      So, when the program group publicized, netizens all over the country were boiling.
      Of course, there are also doubts.
      Let alone netizens doubt, even when the program group just received the notice, it is also a question mark in capital.
      This has been out of the normal reality show category. When Fu Tian contacted the program group with the company's leaders, the program group once thought they were joking.
      Until they were sure it was true, the excitement was almost unspeakable.
      As a media person, the program team can't be more clear about how great a sensation it will cause and how terrible heat it will roll up if it is really made into a program.
      Even their two hosts will be well-known with the broadcast of this program.
      When the list of last wishes began to recruit challengers, more than a million people signed up in just one day.
      This data is enough to prove how terrifying the popularity of this program is.
      Once there were people inside the program group who wanted to let their friends and relatives participate in the program through the black box operation.
      But it can't.
      The task of the program team is to explain and mobilize the atmosphere.
      In addition, Tianhe Group is responsible for everything else.
      The shooting team is the top shooting team hired by Tianhe Group from all over the country.
      The registration process is also notarized by the third party invited by Tianhe Group, so as to ensure absolute fairness and openness.
      The program just started, less than 10 minutes, ratings have reached the top, magic all at the same time, ratings first!
      In addition to the TV station, the network is also in synchronous live.
      The live broadcasting platform they cooperate with is tiger shark, the top three in China, with hundreds of anchor stations, involving various channels.
      But today, the most popular one is destined to be the last wish list.
      And in the future for quite a long time, “wish list” will become a bully list.
      Zhang Kai said: “the 199 last wishes of Mr. Fu Tianhe have been circulated on the Internet. I believe everyone has read them.”
      “In this program, the most selected last wish is No. 14: parachute jumping at an altitude of 20000 meters.”
      “Lingling, if it was you, which will you choose to challenge?”
      Zhou Lingling thought for a while and said, “I may choose to sing on the street.”
      Miao Li said with a smile: “the demand for street singing is not low, not only requires that the song is original, but also has to get 100000 yuan in one day.”
      Zhou Hui said: “original songs are relatively simple, but it's very difficult to get 100000 yuan purely by street singing, and it's almost impossible to complete them.”
      Zhang Kai asked, “Qu Li, which last wish do you think is the most difficult to fulfill?”
      Qu Li said without hesitation, “across the Pacific Ocean.”
      Jiang Hai also nodded: “this is really the most difficult.”
      Zhang Kai said: “yes, I was shocked when I saw this last wish.”
      Tiger Shark Live Room, the number of live online at this time, has reached one million, and is still soaring.
      All kinds of barrage came.
      “Across the Pacific, this is not what people can do, OK?”
      “I'm very suspicious now. From the beginning, Mr. Fu didn't think anyone could finish it.”
      “That's too absolute. I'm dying. I want to do something impossible. It's normal.”
      “I just want to know, what will these challengers choose?”
      “Hey, hey, I just came to see how these challengers were abused.”*
      Chapter 3 this face value, even in the peak period, I have to avoid three points!
      In the villa hall.
      Zhang Kai said: “OK, let's take a look at the current state of Challenger one.”
      “You can also choose your favorite challenger in the live room and directly click into the other party's live room to watch alone.”
      After that, the big screen in front of you switches to Challenger one.
      The number one challenger is Lin Feng.
      Zhang Kai had an impression on him. He didn't need to look at the information. He said directly: “this challenger's name is Lin Feng. He chose the 133 last wish.”
      “In one day, finish 10000 push ups, 10000 sit ups, 1000 pull ups, and a marathon.”
      After he said the content of the 133 will, Miao Li was stunned.
      Zhou Lingling's pretty face was a bit surprised: “he chose this?”
      Jiang Hai said with a bitter smile: “it's true that a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers. In my heart, this last wish is no less difficult than crossing the Pacific Ocean.”
      Qu Li said: “if street singing needs strong creativity and favorable time and place, then this last wish needs the abnormal physical quality of the individual.I'm afraid only professional athletes can complete it. ”
      On the screen, Lin Feng has walked out of the villa and on the streets of mordu.
      Zhang Kai said: “it is said that the reason why Mr. Fu Tianhe made this last wish is because he saw an animation.”
      This words just came out, Zhou Lingling and Qu Li blurted out immediately: “Qiyu Superman!”
      Zhang Kai said with a smile: “it seems that this animation.”
      “Every last wish has a month's preparation time. It seems that Lin Feng is not ready yet.Now, let's look at the next challenger. ”
      The big screen switches to the second challenger.
      On the other side, Lin Feng stopped suddenly.
      He looked up and saw a park not far away.
      “In the parkThere should be enough space for me to complete these sports. ”
      “But before that, I have to buy a better pair of shoes.”
      He took out his mobile phone, searched the nearby Nike store, and soon found one, only one kilometer away from him.
      Determine the route, Lin Feng is to go immediately.
      “Handsome, are you going to buy shoes?”
      “A thousand won't buy any good shoes, will you?”
      “Give up. You can't fulfill your last wish even if you buy a pair of shoes worth 10000 yuan.”
      “I don't know if I can see someone in my lifetime who can fulfill Mr. Fu's last wish, even one.”
      Lin Feng can't see the barrage. Even if he sees it, it doesn't matter.
      As the old saying goes, sharpening the knife does not miss the woodcutter.
      Running a marathon, shoes are the top priority, this thing is absolutely can't save.
      A good pair of shoes, and ordinary shoes, the difference is too big.
      Not to mention the marathon of more than 40 kilometers, it is 10 kilometers. If you run around in a pair of shoes with one or two hundred yuan, your toes can give you blisters.
      Shoes must fit. It's right to choose the best one within the range of fit.
      Ten minutes later, Lin Feng came to the store.
      The business in the shop is very good, and no one pays attention to them when they come in.
      Lin Feng found a waiter and asked, “Hello, are there any discounts on running shoes today?”
      The waiter said, “yes, men's shoes are 20% off. There is no discount for new models.”
      “Yes, thank you.”
      After understanding the discount, he came to the men's shoes area to see the price first and calculate the price after the discount in his mind.
      It has to be within 1000 yuan. He can't buy it even if he can afford it.
      “That's it.”
      He grabbed a pair of black and green running shoes and said, “this pair is a size 43 for me.”
      “Just a moment.”
      After a while, the waiter brought the shoes Lin Feng wanted.
      I tried. It's just the right size.
      He stood up and jumped in place. The cushioning was very good. The soles of his shoes were very soft. There was a feeling of stepping on excrement.
      “That's it.”
      “Yes, sir. Please follow me.”
      At the cash register, the little sister scanned the code to calculate the discount and said, “a total of 899 yuan. How do you pay?”
      “Alipay.”Lin Feng took out his mobile phone to pay and left with his shoe box.
      Go out and turn left, find a cheap sports shop and buy a pair of socks, a pair of shorts and a sleeveless T-shirt.
      Lin Feng is carrying big bag small bag, look to cameraman suddenly: “are you hungry?”
      Cameraman a Leng, shake head way: “not hungry.”
      “If you don't change shifts, you may not have time to eat all day.”
      “Ah?”The cameraman was at a loss. He didn't understand what Lin Feng meant.
      “What do you mean?The handsome guy is going to challenge? ”
      “A pair of Nike makes you swell?”
      “Not to mention, the brag of a handsome man has something of my style.”
      Everyone thinks that Lin Feng is bragging. His last wish seems to be one, but actually he has to do four things.
      10000Push ups, 10000 sit ups, 1000 pull ups, a marathon.
      If these four movements are separated, someone will be able to complete them, but put them together, and they are limited to one day, then no one will be able to complete them.
      The most terrible thing is that these four sports must be completed at one time, and there is no rest in the middle.
      “LinMr. Lin”Are you going to start fulfilling your last wishes?” the cameraman asked
      “Well.”Lin Feng raised his finger in front of him: “there is a park over there with a 400 meter track and horizontal bar.”
      Then he took out his mobile phone and took a look at the time: “it's 10:37 a.m., and it officially starts at 11 o'clock.”
      Finally, he asked, “do you need to report to the program team?”
      “NoThe cameraman shook his head: “we will record the whole process. When you finish, there will be professionals to identify.”
      “That's fine.”
      He nodded, crossed the zebra crossing and headed for the park
      At this time, there are 70000 people online in his studio.
      As the number one challenger, there is no doubt that he has an advantage.
      The host is the first one to introduce Lin Feng, who is also a handsome man with beautiful appearance, attracting a lot of people.
      In particular, when he said that he would start to challenge his last wish, the atmosphere of the live room suddenly rose.
      “Handsome guy seems to be serious.”
      “I know he's bragging, but anyway, his courage is commendable.”
      “There is a saying, brother this appearance value, even if it is the peak of appearance value, I have to avoid three points.”
      “What's the last wish list for such a handsome man? Please go on the road in place!”
      “You shouldn't have chosen this one. It's better to parachute at a fixed point.”
      We all know the last wish Lin Feng chose, but this last wish is not something that normal people can accomplish.
      Lin Feng is handsome, but he can't be a muscle.
      “Here we are.”
      Lin Feng walked into the park and had a brief look at the environment, which was not bad.
      There are horizontal bars, parallel bars, plastic track and a football field.
      He went to the track and started stretching.
      Before running, especially long-distance running, stretching is very necessary, which can effectively prevent cramps and joint dislocation during running.*
      Chapter 4 isn't it enough to have hands?
      After a brief stretch, Lin Feng said, “move the camera and I'll change my clothes.”
      “Oh, good.”
      The cameraman moved the camera, and Lin Feng put on all his new clothes and shoes.
      Tie tight shoelaces, stand up, jump a few times in situ, directly on the runway.
      Lin Feng is running too fast. When the cameraman calms down, Lin Feng has already run more than 100 meters.
      “Hurry up and fly the drone over.”
      Each challenger is equipped with three cameramen. They are equipped with shoulder resistant ultra light cameras and the most expensive professional aerial UAV on the market.
      These devices alone are worth hundreds of thousands.
      The cameraman controls the UAV and catches up quickly. Lin Feng rushes out like a rocket, very fast.
      “Is this guy crazy?Come up and run so fast? ”
      “OK, don't look at it. It's meaningless. He doesn't run like this at all. He's just a layman.”
      “The whole marathon is 42 kilometers, not 420 meters. No one can run so fast.”
      “Mom, even this kind of fool can be selected by the program group. Why didn't I be selected?”
      In a voice of swearing, the number of online people in Lin Feng's live studio is getting less and less, from 70000 to 30000.
      There were a group of onlookers, but when they saw him running like this, they lost interest in watching.
      After running for a circle, Lin Feng suddenly stopped and came to this side.
      How did the cameraman stop suddenly when he was staring?
      Can't run?
      Come on, brother, you've only run a circle!
      Lin Feng came over and said, “count for me.”
      “Ah?What's the count? ”
      “Sit ups.”
      “Isn't it running?”
      “Run at the end, do what doesn't take time first.”
      “Then you just…”
      “Oh, just warming up.”Lin Feng said with a smile: “just bought new shoes, I'm afraid of grinding feet, run around and found that it's OK.”
      “It's OK to warm up.”
      “All right, you'll be forced to do it. What else can I say?”
      “The little guy is not old. He has a set of forced routines.”
      “Go and see Challenger 33. He's a street singer. NIMA, I'm so happy.”
      “Hahaha, I'm also looking at No. 33. His own songs are just amazing. Can you call them songs?”
      “No matter what, at least they have the courage to sing it.”
      Compared with other challengers, Lin Feng is really mediocre.
      The main reason is that he chose his last wish, which is really not very attractive.
      What other people choose for street singing and parachute jumping is possible.
      Can you this all sorts of devil abnormal edition of exercise way, even if really Qi jade came also can't do.
      Lin Feng went to the grass and spread his changed clothes and trousers on the grass. Then he sat on his clothes and adjusted his posture. He said to the cameraman, “help count.”
      “Oh, good.”
      “Here we go.”
      With these words, Lin Feng put his hands behind his head, bent his legs and put his feet on the ground, and began to do sit ups.
      Sit ups are very simple, but when most people do it, they will press the instep with heavy objects, or let people press the instep.
      This way is more energy-saving.
      The standard sit ups are all done independently.
      The instep can't be loaded with heavy objects, which is completed by the strength of waist and abdomen muscles.
      This has a very high requirement on the abdominal muscles of exercisers.
      Lin Feng starts to do it, and the cameraman counts on one side.
      The cameraman didn't understand this, but he could see that Lin Feng's posture was very standard, not fast or slow, just right.
      [duck king]: this handsome guy's sit up posture is very standard.
      “I lost it, the duck king in front of me is around!”
      “It's really the duck king. Hahaha, I saw the duck king here.”
      “What does the Duck King say?It's a standard pose, isn't it?Do you have your standards for happy sit ups
      This duck king, is a video website up main, mainly to fitness, a body muscle quite beautiful.
      Because of its strong waist and abdomen strength, and often make a lot of difficult movements, it is jokingly called the duck king who wants to marry the rich family Bai Fumei.
      [duck king]: I didn't mean to praise him. His sit up posture is really standard. Now I especially want to see the muscles under his clothes.
      “Calm down, you are the duck king of the rich woman, you like women!”
      “What do I say? If there is no need for reproduction, men and men are true love.”
      “Duck king, how many sit ups can you do in a row?Ten thousand will do? ”
      [duck king]: according to the standard posture, ten thousand are definitely not good, and two or three thousand are no problem.
      As a fitness enthusiast, Lin Feng's standard sit ups make him feel comfortable.
      Originally, he just looked at it casually, but mainly wanted to see his sister.
      As a result, Lin Feng couldn't get out of here.
      He wants to see how much Lin Feng can do.
      If it's him, in the limit state, he thinks he can do about 3000 in a row.
      Time goes by.
      In the twinkling of an eye, 10 minutes have passed.
      The cameraman's mouth is a bit unskillful, and people are a bit silly.
      This guy's been doing it for ten minutes.
      And the speed did not slow down, always maintain the initial speed, even the posture is still so standard.
      “I suddenly found that this handsome guy seems to have two brushes.”
      “It's not two brushes, it's preparation!”
      “At first I thought he was bragging, but I didn't think he was really bragging.”
      “To tell you the truth, even if he can't finish it, I have to say” big boss, big cow! ”
      In a small village in Nanhu Province, a nearly perfect man in a sleeveless vest, about 30 years old, sat in his yard, staring at his mobile phone.
      On the mobile phone, it is the live video of Lin Feng doing sit ups.
      “NIMA, is this guy a pervert?”
      “322 sit ups in ten minutes!What's so standard? What kind of immortal are you
      The man's fingers crackled on the screen and sent a barrage.
      [duck king]: Lin Ge, are you from abroad?I know almost all the fitness circles in China. I have never heard of you.
      “What's the matter?Only three hundred. ”
      “Duck king, to be honest, are you just wasting money?That's the point. It's too much. ”
      Duck king: too much hair!Do you know the world record for sit ups?
      “There's a world record for this thing?”
      “Gillis is really getting more and more boring, making a record of everything.”
      [duck king]: the world record is 4 hours 48 minutes 41 seconds, making 9180 in a row!The average is 32 a minute!
      “32 a minute is not much. I can do it.”
      “Don't you just have hands?”
      Duck king: just hands?One minute is nothing. But you can do it for ten minutes. It's standard. No one can press your legs. Don't say ten minutes. I'll call you grandfather if you can do it for five minutes!
      “Er… It seems a little difficult to say that.”
      “It's nothing, it's only ten minutes. Believe in yourself, duck king, you can do it too!”
      It's mainly a civilian movement like sit ups, which can be done by individuals, so people just think that Lin Feng's work is relatively fast and standard.
      But they didn't really feel it.
      As time goes by, Lin Feng does more and more.
      Blink, it's been an hour*
      Look at it, reader
      Ask for flowers
      Ask for evaluation votes
      Seek reward
      For comment
      All of them
      I don't know if anyone like this type of movie
      If you like, please vote for me
      I don't want to say much more data
      It's the base of six every day
      On this basis, write as much as you can
      Thank you very much*
      Chapter 5 large scale scene of marriage recognition!What kind of animal are you?[Fifth watch] for flowers, for evaluation tickets
      The cameraman's voice was shaking.
      “Big brother, from today on, you are my big brother!”
      “Lingo, remember me, I'm the first one to call you lingo!”
      Duck king: go away, labor and capital are the first to call lingo!
      “An hour ago: what is this?Fifty minutes ago: don't you just have hands?Half an hour ago: bullshit.Now: brother Lin, Dad, grandfather
      “It's so vivid. This is my mental journey.”
      Compared with an hour ago, the atmosphere in the studio is totally different.
      In this one hour, the live broadcast room online, from 30000, skyrocketed to 130000!
      It's a hundred thousand yuan!
      Almost all netizens, are kneeling to see.
      The netizen who just came in didn't understand what happened. After seeing the bullet screen and message, and the number that the cameraman kept saying, he knelt down with a plop.
      Sit ups are very common and can be done by individuals.
      If you want to make others feel strong through this kind of ordinary sports, the simplest way is to keep doing it.
      Lin Feng used his own practical actions to tell the public what is called quantitative change causing qualitative change.
      One sit up is nothing, a hundred is nothing.
      But now more than 2000, and still look so relaxed, this special is cow force!
      At this point, the villa hall.
      The program team has made a circle in the live broadcast room of 100 challengers.
      “We've seen all the challengers so far,” Zhang said.Three observers, are there any challengers that impressed you?Or, which Challenger do you think is likely to fulfill his last wish? ”
      Qu Li slightly pondered and said: “Jiang Ting, No.10, I remember she is a parachute enthusiast, who has more than 100 parachute jumping experiences.She also chose a fixed-point parachute jump. I think she is most likely to fulfill her last wish. ”
      Zhou Lingling did not even think about it and said, “No.77.”
      Jiang Hai said with a smile: “I don't know why, but I have great confidence in number one.”
      “Number one?”A few people Leng next, Miao Li way: “I remember, No. 1 choice will, the difficulty coefficient seems to be the highest of all.”
      Jiang Hai said, “objectively speaking, what he chose is the most difficult to accomplish.”
      Zhang Kai asked, “then why do you think he can finish it?”
      “If I remember correctly, No. 1 is a student of Jinling University, which shows that his IQ is OK.A person with no problem in IQ will definitely choose the most confident one when he chooses his last wish.I think that since he has chosen it, it shows that he thinks it is the last wish he is most sure to fulfill. ”
      Miao Li said: “but if we analyze by this standard, all challengers are sure.”
      Zhang Kai said with a smile: “logically speaking, it's true, but objectively speaking, his last wish is the least likely to be fulfilled.Let's take a look at the current state of number one. ”
      He looked at the screen, the screen has not yet switched, but he is issued a light Yi.
      “It seems that the data of No.1 live broadcasting room is a bit high. There are 140000 online already.”
      “Being handsome really has an advantage.”Zhou Lingling said with a mischievous smile: “it's a pity that beauty can't make his last wish simple.”
      Screen switching, the screen is overwhelming barrage, the content of the screen itself are covered.
      I can't see anything except full screen subtitles.
      And this number of horror subtitles, are all uniform two words – Dad!
      Zhang Kai five people looking at the screen full of “Dad”, once fell into a dull.
      This is special. What's the situation?
      In front of the TV, as well as on the network are watching live audience netizens, see this scene, is also collective petrification.
      After a few seconds of petrifaction, the barrage smashed wildly.
      “Hold the grass, ha ha, I'm so happy. What's the ghost?”
      “Isn't it the tiger shark bug?”
      “No, I'm going to see what happened in studio one.”
      “A large-scale marriage scene?That's extraordinary! ”
      The netizens who watched the webcast went to Lin Feng's studio one after another.
      And the audience watching live TV is also tickling, but the TV is not a computer, there is no way to switch directly, can only be hard on the scalp.
      Zhang Kai responded and said, “please close the barrage first.”
      The barrage disappeared, revealing the true face of the video.
      “Why, number one, what are you doing?”
      “Sit ups.”Zhou Lingling was puzzled and suddenly realized, “has he begun to challenge?”
      Zhang Kai nodded and said, “well, it has already started.The cameraman is counting for him. He has been doing sit ups for more than an hour in a row. At present, there are 2240
      “So much!”
      Several people were shocked at that time.
      More than 2000 sit ups?
      Do you want to go to heaven?
      Although Jiang Hai intuitively believed that Lin Feng was absolutely sure, he could not help but marvel at this scene.
      After watching for a while, Zhang Kai said: “I don't know much about sit ups, but I can see that his posture is very standard, and he has been doing it continuously for more than an hour, but he still doesn't feel any difficulty.Lin Feng's physical quality is really excellent. ”
      Jiang Haidao: “the movement is very standard. He can maintain such standard and speed for more than an hour in a row. His physical quality is not excellent, but abnormal.”
      He is an actor, usually like fitness, after all, the actor for the physical requirements are very high.
      You can't be too fat or too thin.
      Of course, sometimes you need to gain weight or lose weight according to your role.
      So he knows a lot about sports.
      And Lin Feng, at the moment, is also counting silently in his heart.
      About 2000 an hour. At this speed, it will take him about five hours to complete this task.
      But he felt that it was a bit slow.
      “I have to speed up.”
      Lin Feng thought to himself that his body changed with him.
      He's doing sit ups faster.
      It used to be about two seconds. Now it's 1.5 seconds.
      At the beginning, no one noticed it. When he did more than a dozen, someone noticed it.
      He's starting to speed up.
      “Did Ringo speed up?”
      “I feel it too, much faster than just now.”
      “After more than 2000, do you still have the strength to accelerate?What kind of animal are you, lingo
      [duck king]: lingo is supposed to save time. After all, there are still three sports to do.
      “No one really thinks that Ringo can finish all the sports in the back, can he?”
      “Although Ringo is very strong, sit ups are the simplest of several sports. After my rigorous calculation, Ringo has no possibility of completing the following sports.”
      Lin Feng is really to save time, he now has a clear understanding of his physical fitness.
      Two bottles of genetically modified body can absolutely fulfill this last wish.
      But the process will not be very easy, even if the physical quality soars, it is not out of the scope of human beings.
      If you drink a few more bottles of gene drinks, his physical fitness may be able to get a greater degree of improvement.
      But for now, it can be done, but it can't be done with the most relaxed attitude.
      But that's enough*
      Chapter 6 records are used to break![sixth change] for flowers, for evaluation tickets, for monthly tickets
      Zhang Kai exclaimed: “I have a feeling that it is really possible for Lin Feng to fulfill this last wish.Although reason tells me that he can't finish it, I have an inexplicable confidence in him now. ”
      Jiang Hai said with a smile: “yes, I have this feeling from the beginning. Although it's very puzzling, my intuition tells me that this Lin Feng is not simple.”
      Zhou Lingling looked at Lin Feng, beautiful eyes flow: “I found for the first time, the original of this most common movement, also has such a great charm.”
      “It's not the sport that's attractive, it's Lin Feng that's attractive.”Qu Li made a clear statement.
      Zhou Lingling blushed slightly.
      Indeed, the attraction is not sit ups, but this handsome, nearly perfect man.
      Miao Li said: “I've calculated that Lin Feng can do about 40 sit ups per minute now, 2400 in an hour.With enough physical strength, it will take him a little more than four hours to finish
      After a pause, Miao Li continued: “next, he needs to finish 10000 push ups, 1000 pull ups and a marathon.I specially checked that the world record of push ups is 3877 per hour.The world record for pull-up is 457 in 30 minutes, and the world record for marathon is 2 hours and 01 minutes
      “So the total time he needs to spend is…”
      Miao Li grasped the pen, calculated quickly on the paper, and finally got the result: “11 hours.”
      Qu Li shook his head: “you can't count it like this. You count it according to the time of the world record. Do you think he can break the world record?What's more, how many world records have been broken in one day? ”
      “It's not so easy to break the world record,” Zhang said
      Miao Li said: “if he continues to do it at the current speed, it seems that he can break the world record of sit ups.”
      Several people suddenly stopped talking.
      “Well… Let's keep watching.”Zhang Kai Yankou waterway: “although I also hope that someone can fulfill Mr. Fu's last wishes, but Mr. Fu left every last wish is not easy to complete.”
      In fact, Fu Tianhe's original wish was not so abnormal.
      He simply wants to do these things, but his body does not allow him to do so.
      But his last wish is not just a last wish.
      As a reward for the legacy of more than 100 billion yuan, the difficulty of the last wish must be increased, otherwise anyone can complete it, and it is too easy to take this legacy.
      So there is the present version of the wish list.
      Every last wish has additional conditions. Even the initial capital is only 1000 yuan. The difficulty has been raised to a abnormal level.
      Blink, another hour has passed.
      The cameraman's mouth is almost cramped. He has been counting for two hours.
      The cameraman's mechanical counting.
      And Live Room online, at the moment has soared to 500000!
      It's all thanks to the program.
      Among the 100 challengers, Lin Feng is the only one with the most discussion and enthusiasm.
      Therefore, the program team also focuses on Lin Feng's live studio.
      Occasionally, I would switch to other challengers. At this time, the barrage would start to vomit fragrance.
      “What's good for a man to sleep?”
      “It's just a high-speed train. Look at his mother?”
      “I'll give you three seconds. Turn back quickly!”
      As a result, each time the program group switches to another live room, it will return to Lin Feng's live room for no more than two minutes at most.
      “???What is this studio?Why is it so hot? ”
      “If you don't understand, what's the difference between this handsome guy's sit ups and others?”
      “They have done 4500 sit ups in a row. Do you think there is any difference?”
      “Holding grass, 4500?Is it true or not? ”
      “There's nothing to fake. Watch it for yourself.”
      This group of netizens who are attracted by the heat of the live broadcast room are at a loss.
      After watching the replay
      “You see my kneeling posture is not standard?”
      “Who's the man who came down from the mountain?”
      “Ordinary push ups, just to see my blood boiling.”
      On the grass, Lin Fan just felt some burning sensation in his lower abdomen, that's all.
      “How long?”Lin Feng asked as he did.
      “Two hours, five minutes.”Another cameraman said.
      “It's a little slow.”Lin Feng said to himself.
      The cameraman's eyes are wide open. How slow is it?
      Brother, it's only two hours, you've done more than 4000!
      “What did lingo say?Slow down? ”
      “Please be a man!”
      “Fat house, I've been hit by 10000 points!”
      Zhang Kai smile a little stiff: “Lin Feng's physical strength seems to be still very abundant.”
      Qu Li said: “it's really full. It seems that he doesn't use any energy. I'm really curious about how he usually exercises.”
      Jiang Haidao: “this is a very self disciplined man.”
      “He's not going to accelerate, is he?”Miaoli's voice was trembling.
      Now it's about forty a minute. How fast will it be if you accelerate?
      It seems that in order to confirm her guess, Lin Feng slightly adjusted his breath.
      “Inhale ~ exhale ~”
      Then, speed up.
      From an average of 1.5 seconds a sit up to now, a second.
      Compared with the beginning, it's twice as fast!
      Lin Feng's heart silently count, but also in control of the body, so that their body to maintain a constant speed.
      “Now it's about three in two seconds, or 90 in one minute. According to this frequency, you can complete this sport in three hours.”
      Lin Feng quickly calculated in his heart and got the result.
      Then, just keep the frequency and start doing it crazily.
      “Did I accidentally double speed?”
      “It's live. It's a double speed option.”
      “Lingo, God forever!”
      “I just want to ask, will lingo's doing this lead to muscle dissolution?”
      [duck king]: it's a fart. It's obviously still within the range of my brother Lin. you can see from his expression how easy it is for him to do this. NIMA, beast!
      [Chengbei Xugong] rewarded 10 rockets and left a message: I always feel that no one can complete the last wish list, not one of them.Your presence has broken my point.
      “I lost it, and Xu Gong appeared in front of me!”
      “Check it out. It's really Duke Xu, a bull's-eye!”
      “Brother Lin, thank you very much. This is Xu Gong, who ranks ninth in the tiger shark reward list!”
      “Thanks to your sister, Ringo is doing sit ups, and he can't see the bullet screen.”
      Among the 100 people who participated in the list of last wishes, all the income of each person's live broadcasting room belongs to them.
      That is to say, even if they fail in the end, they will get all the benefits during the live broadcast.
      Of course, most people don't have much to gain.
      Like Lin Feng, on the first day of the live broadcast, there was a reward, and there were only 10 rockets at a time, which was converted into 10000 yuan of Daxia dollars, which was even less.
      After all, to netizens, they are strange.
      And it's not everyone who can make golden sentences like the anchor.
      So ninety nine percent of people just look and don't give presents.
      Lin Feng is a different kind of person.
      With the reward of Duke Xu in the north of the city, some netizens sent gifts one after another.
      It's not much, but it adds up to a lot.
      After all, the studio now has more than half a million people online.
      Time is passing by.
      Lin Feng still keeps the frequency of three in two seconds, doing crazy sit ups.
      Blink, another hour has passed.
      Instead of being boring, the cameraman was a little excited.
      When Lin Feng achieved 9000, his whole mood was high.
      Soon, he's almost done, my mouth, finally special can liberate!
      At this moment, the duck king suddenly sent a barrage.
      Duck king's barrage, bold in red, is very eye-catching on the screen.
      Duck king: record breaking!My brother Lin broke the sit up record!*
      Chapter 7 career card![seventh change] for flowers, for evaluation tickets, for flowers, for evaluation tickets!
      Three hours, three minutes, 9180 sit ups!
      The original world record is 4 hours 48 minutes 41 seconds, 9180!
      Lin Feng raised the new world record by more than an hour and a half!
      For ordinary people, this record has no meaning.
      But for fitness enthusiasts like duck king, this is the same existence of faith!
      [duck king] rewarded a rocket and left a message: brother Lin, you are my big brother from today on, and I'll hang out with you later!
      “He ~ Tui ~, duck king, are you going to make a relationship now?”
      “In terms of smell, duck king is really sharp.”
      “Hold your thighs in advance, this wave, this wave of duck king is in the atmosphere!”
      Zhang Kai looked at the barrage, surprised: “Lin Feng seems to have broken the world record.”
      Jiang Haien said: “it's broken, but without the supervision personnel of Guinness, this record will not count.Of course, no one can deny his strength. ”
      Miao Li was a little excited and said, “he is going to finish his first sport. He should have a rest later. I don't know what he will do next.”
      ten minutes later.
      The cameraman breathed out: “Lin Feng, you have finished it.”
      “Well, don't worry.”
      Lin Feng did not stop, but continued to do a hundred, which stopped and stood up from the ground.
      He was worried that the cameramen would make mistakes in counting, so it would not take much effort to make more insurance.
      “GreatThe cameraman gave a thumbs up.
      Although the counting process is boring, he witnessed Lin Feng do 10000 sit ups in a row!
      [Chengbei Xugong] rewarded 10 rockets and left a message: it's a step closer to fulfilling his last wish!
      [Li Bai is very black] rewarded 8 rockets and left a message: come on, Lin Ge. I have a hunch that you really have the hope to be the first one to fulfill your last wish!
      [duck king] rewarded a rocket and left a message: I, the first licking dog under the seat of lingo!
      With Lin Feng standing up from the ground, a wave of reward wave of crazy brush screen.
      In just two minutes, the total daily reward of Lin Feng's studio reached 590000!
      Converted to Daxia currency, it's 59000!
      This kind of reward, even for some big anchors, can only be achieved when there are activities and strong calls.
      “Lin Feng's studio is really lively, and there are many gifts. I have a look, and the total amount of gifts is nearly 60000.”
      Zhang Kai praised: “with Lin Feng's ability, even being an anchor can make a lot of money.”
      Zhou Lingling said, “I'm very curious now. What's his next job?”
      Miao Li said, “he hasn't stopped for three hours in a row. Next, he should have something to eat and have a rest.”
      “In fact, he has to fulfill all his last wishes today, because he has no chance to challenge again.”Jiang Hai said suddenly.
      A few people a Leng, netizens also some do not understand.
      “Why must it be today?” Zhang asked
      Jiang Haidao: “forget the rules of the last wish list?Everyone's initial capital is only 1000 yuan. He has 900 yuan for a pair of shoes. After buying clothes, pants and socks, he can only use a few yuan now. He can't finish it today, and he can't even eat tomorrow. ”
      All of a sudden, they almost forgot the rules.
      “It's a pity,” Zhang said regretfully
      Miao Li sighed: “yes, it's a pity.”
      “Can't you have a little faith in him?”Zhou Lingling's eyes twinkled and said, “anyway, I think he really has the hope to fulfill this last wish.”
      “Believe me, brother Lin, I am invincible in the world!”
      “A few little observers, do you look down on me, lingo?”
      “Little brother, the road is narrow.”
      Compared with the regrets of these observers, netizens strongly supported Lin Feng.
      Lin Feng in situ simple activity for a while, touched the abdomen, burning hot feeling is alleviating.
      “Would you like to eat something?”Lin Feng asked again.
      The cameraman felt his stomach. He was a little hungry.
      “Let's just order takeout. Do you want to keep doing it now?”
      “Don't worry. Take a break and do it again.”
      He sat on the ground, immediately lying on his clothes, his hands crossed behind his head, and closed his eyes to sleep.
      The cameraman took out his cell phone and ordered takeout. Seeing Lin Feng resting, he didn't disturb him.
      Lin Feng didn't sleep. He was looking at his reputation.
      I don't know. I'm really surprised.
      Reputation value: 270000!
      It's only been a few hours, so much prestige.
      How did this come about?
      Is it the exposure in these hours?
      He opened his eyes, took out his cell phone and opened the studio.
      When he saw nearly 600000 people online in the studio, he took a breath.
      My popularity is so terrible!
      No, that's not all.
      It's just online in the studio, not including the ratings of the TV stations.
      Together, it's at least over a million online.
      Millions online, only 270000 reputation value?
      The conversion ratio is really low.
      If only we could calculate the popularity like Weibo.
      “Why, and gifts?”
      “There are more than 60000 gifts?”
      Lin Feng was quite surprised, but the money can only be seen.
      Not to mention the settlement cycle of the live broadcast platform, even if he can withdraw the money immediately, he can't use it.
      The rule of the program group is that the initial capital is 1000 yuan, but you can make money through your own ability in the process of fulfilling your last wish.
      And live broadcast income is not included in this category.
      [duck king]: Lin, are you watching the live broadcast?I'm duck king, your most loyal lick dog!
      Where's this funny guy from?
      Lin Feng couldn't help laughing. He looked back at the camera and said, “I'm watching the studio. Thank you for your support.Let me take a break. After they've had dinner, I'll have a rest before I move on to the next challenge. ”
      [duck king]: Lin, which one are you going to challenge later?Push ups or pull ups?Or a marathon?
      “It's suggested that Ringo do the pull-up first. The number is small.”
      “You think it's easy to do if the quantity is small?If you want me to say that among the four items, the difficulty of pull-up is the highest! ”
      Lin Feng said: “in terms of difficulty, push ups and pull ups are the most difficult. These two sports have very high requirements for arm strength and abdominal muscles.I plan to do pull-up first, and then do push ups. If there is no accident, I should be able to complete all the push ups in three hours.Pull up in an hour. ”
      “Really, if I didn't see your performance just now, I really think you are bragging!”
      [duck king]: I, lingo, said I can do it, that is, I can do it!
      Come on, you can do it!
      [Li Bai is very black]: I've put off all my work today. I'm just looking at you. I have a hunch that you will create a miracle!
      Lin Feng said with a smile: “everyone has confidence in me, which makes me feel a lot of pressure.However, I don't think it's difficult to fulfill this last wish if there is no accident. ”
      “This force, I give full marks, not afraid of your pride!”
      “Although I feel that the boss is bragging, I can't say anything to refute it.”
      [duck king]: you can do it, brother Lin. who dares to spray you? I'll help you spray it back. His ancestors didn't know him for 18 generations!
      Lin Feng put down his mobile phone and did not continue to communicate with netizens.
      He closed his eyes again and said to himself, “system, lottery.”
      “Congratulations to the host for obtaining [gene drink]”
      “Congratulations to the host for obtaining [career card]”*
      Chapter 8 street health, small achievements![the first change] for flowers, evaluation tickets, monthly tickets
      Occupation card: randomly generates an occupation. Do you want to generate it now?
      Lin Feng heart light Yi, some surprise, didn't expect his luck so good.
      Even though he got a bottle of gene drink, he got a professional card.
      Looking at this exquisite card, Lin Feng said without hesitation: “generation!”
      “Congratulations on your career: Jie Jian.”
      Jie Jian?
      He immediately clicks to see the details.
      [Jiejian (small achievement +): you master all the ways of street fitness, and can complete some simple movements with relatively small strength.
      This professionIt doesn't seem to work.
      After the excitement, Lin Feng found that this occupation is very weak.
      The only thing that works is genetic drinks.
      You can't buy food, you can only drink.
      Then he noticed that there were a few words (small achievement +) behind the skill.
      He tried to go and found that the plus sign meant that it could be upgraded.
      Upgrade on the basis of small achievements.
      However, upgrading requires 1 million reputation.
      Lin Feng smacks his tongue, which is too demanding.
      After lying on the ground for an hour, the cameraman's takeout arrived and finished.
      Lin Feng stood up and said, “I'll go to the toilet. When I get back, I'll start. Go to the horizontal bar and wait for me.”
      “Oh, good.”
      The cameraman waited in place, controlling the drone to follow him.
      All the way to the outside of the toilet, Lin Feng went to the toilet and drank the gene drink.
      He was not very hungry. He drank two bottles of gene drinks in the morning, which contained enough energy to keep him from eating and drinking for a day and a night.
      Even if it is this kind of high-intensity exercise, it won't make his physical fitness drop much.
      And now he drinks another bottle, he feels more powerful, and his physical fitness has improved significantly.
      One punch can make two more holes in the toilet!
      But he knows very well that the human body has limits.
      When he drinks more genetic drinks to a certain extent, the ascension will start to slow down, and in the end, he can't completely ascend.
      But in the early stage, the improvement is very obvious.
      Now, for example, he thinks he can punch a three inch thick steel plate into a hollow with one fist.
      Out of the toilet, Lin Feng went straight to the horizontal bar.
      Today is a weekday. The park is full of old people and old ladies.
      Or in the next table tennis table, or walking on the track to chat.
      There are only a few young people on the parallel bars.
      He went down to a horizontal bar and said, “count for me.”
      The cameraman quickly drank some water to moisten his throat.
      “It's about to start at last!”
      “There are 19 hours left, more than enough!”
      “It's only a thousand pull ups. It's a hair. Double for lingo!”
      “It seems that he is going to challenge the second one,” Zhang said
      “Three observers, do you think Lin Feng can complete a thousand pull ups?”
      Qu Li said with a bitter smile: “don't ask me, I really dare not talk nonsense.Now Lin Feng's popularity is very high, and there are many fans. If I say he can't finish it, I guess he will be scolded by netizens.Besides, I'm also afraid of being beaten in the face by Lin Feng. ”
      Jiang Haidao: “only from the objective data, he should not be able to complete, but as Qu Li said, now no one can be sure.Lin Feng's physical strength is so abundant that I can't see any fatigue on him.What's more, he didn't even have lunch. It should be impossible.But as I said before, I have an inexplicable confidence in him. ”
      “It's worthy of being a national first-class actor. Brother Jiang said so much, it's the same as not saying it.”
      “On the art of speaking, brother Jiang will demonstrate it for you.”
      “Boys, have you learned?This is Eq. how can I say it doesn't offend people? See? ”
      “I think he can do it,” Zhou said
      Miao Li nodded: “I feel it too!”
      Zhang Kai looks at Qu Li and Jiang Hai. The three men look at each other and smile bitterly.
      It is obvious that these two women have been fans of Lin Feng's circle.
      Just as men like to see beautiful women, women also like to see perfect men.
      Especially, this man with perfect figure is so handsome!
      That's ridiculous!
      There's no reason!
      Lin Feng stepped on the ground gently, jumped up and grasped the horizontal bar with both hands.
      Professional horizontal bar athletes will smear magnesium carbonate powder on their hands every time they train or participate in competitions.
      On the one hand is to prevent palms sweating, on the other hand is to increase friction.
      Lin Feng didn't have so much preparation, and he didn't have the money to buy it now.
      Directly on the ground with both hands rubbed against the plaster, make do with is done.
      He grabs the horizontal bar, works the upper latissimus dorsi, brachii and trapezius at the same time, and a standard forehand pull up is easy.
      Standing behind him, all parts of Lin Feng's arm are still. Every time he pulls his body, his big arm muscles are taut and full of explosive power.
      “Warri, lingo's big arm muscleI feel like he can beat me to death with one blow. ”
      “Be confident and get rid of feeling.”
      “What about duck king?Your brother Lin has already started to do it. Why is your first licking dog missing
      Duck king: I'm so busy exclaiming that I forgot to speak.Nima, lingo is lingo. It's really standard for me to pull up. Anyway, I can't find any fault.
      “It's so fast. How can it feel faster than doing sit ups?”
      “Because it's really faster than sit ups, I counted 45 a minute.”
      “WaitWhat's the world record? ”
      [duck king]: the world record in one minute is 46, and lingo is even by one.All of a sudden, I was a little worried. Lingo was a little too fast. His core strength was very high, especially high. If we slow down and keep a good pace, a thousand are really possible.But now, I'm not sure.
      Although he worshiped Lin Feng, he was not a meningeal worshiper.
      “Here we go. We made 45 in the first minute.”Zhang Kai said: “his speed is very fast. It seems that he wants to finish it earlier.”
      Qu Li said: “I'm afraid that he pursues speed too much and ignores his physical fitness.”
      Jiang Haidao: “pull up is a great consumption of physical fitness, and this kind of consumption is the whole body.”
      Zhou Hui said: “but I think he is still very relaxed so far. He doesn't have any difficulty at all.”
      Because it's not hard.
      When Lin Feng grasped the horizontal bar and made the first pull-up, he had a wonderful feeling.
      As if, this horizontal bar is a part of his body, he can rely on it to make all kinds of fancy movements.
      He knows that this is the fitness experience [Jiejian] has brought to him.
      He can even control every muscle in his back and arms when doing pull ups.
      In order to use the minimum consumption to complete the pull-up.
      Before that, he had no such consciousness.
      Of course, it can be done, but it's all done with brute force. There is no so-called skill. There is a significant gap between the two in terms of physical consumption.
      It seems that Jie Jian is not as chicken as he imagined.
      If the reputation value is enough, it is necessary to upgrade Jiejian.
      “How long?”Lin Feng finished one and asked casually.
      “Ten minutes.”
      “It's a little slow.”
      Lin Feng said to himself.
      Program group: –*
      Chapter 9 I have a hunchDon't step on the horse, shout 666![second watch] roll for flowers!
      “You call it slow?”
      “Brother, would you please be a man?”
      [duck king]: cough, my brother Lin doesn't pretend to force me sometimes. I hope you can understand.
      “I lost it. Lingo started to speed up!”
      “High energy ahead, I'm in rage mode!”
      Just as Lin Feng finished, he began to accelerate.
      The average is 45 a minute, which is very easy for him.
      But even if it accelerates, it won't be long.
      Well, that's from 45 per minute to 50 per minute. It's just five more per minute.
      Not much, not much.
      “900?”Lin Feng asked suddenly.
      “Pretty fast.”
      Lin Feng gently smile, said: “pull up is not difficult, it's too easy to do, I'd better improve the difficulty, otherwise it's meaningless.”
      “What do you mean, brother Lin?”
      “A thousand pull ups, you tell me it's not difficult?Are you insulting me? ”
      “In front of lingo, I feel like a waste!”
      “Please remember lingo's smile. It's the prelude to his pretending to be a force!”
      For Lin Feng, it's really not difficult. It's just taking some time to do the same action repeatedly.
      He does not know how many live rooms are online now, but it is estimated that there will not be too many.
      After all, today is a weekday, and at this point in the afternoon, all those who should go to school and all those who should go to work are at work. Few people can spare time to watch the live broadcast.
      He is the most popular Challenger among all challengers, but he is not satisfied with the popularity.
      Since there is an opportunity and a platform to expose him, I'm so sorry that I don't want to attract more people.
      The more people there are, the more popularity there is, and the more prestige there is.
      Step by step is not his style.
      If you want to play, just play a little more exciting.
      Lin Feng released his right hand: “hands a little tired, or one hand to do it, so a hand can rest.”
      “It's too much, lingo. You're too much!”
      “Both hands are tired, one hand saves energy, and one hand can rest. Well, the logic is perfect, so I can't find a loophole.”
      “God, one hand is easier than two hands (covering face)”
      “I feel like my IQ has been trampled on by lingo.”
      [duck king]: in terms of pretending force, Lin Ge is second, who dares to be first?
      Lin Feng adjusted his left hand a little and began to work.
      The body below the arm, still motionless.
      With only one left arm, it is easy to complete a pull-up.
      The cameraman looked up and opened his mouth. Everyone was silly.
      Is it so easy to pull up?
      “Why don't you count?”
      Half a day didn't hear count sound, Lin Feng doubts to ask a way.
      “Oh, 901, 902…”
      The five members of the program group are also gaping at the moment.
      “HeOne handed? “Zhang Kai swallowed: “what kind of immortal did you choose in this issue of the list of last wishes?”
      Qu Li sighed: “fortunately, I didn't say so absolutely, otherwise my face would be puffed up now.”
      Zhou Lingling and Miao Li are a little proud, said: “I will say it, Lin Feng will certainly be able to complete.”
      “One hand doesn't seem to mean much either.”
      With 50 left, Lin Feng stopped again.
      He first grasped the horizontal bar with both hands, then released the fingers of his left and right hands one by one.
      Finally, only the index fingers of the left and right hands hook the horizontal bar to stabilize the body.
      Just when people thought he was going to do it with two fingers, it was not over.
      Lin Feng's body, from the vertical state, is actually a little bit, slowly tilt.
      Until the end, the whole body is horizontal under the horizontal bar, similar to lying on the ground.
      The arms form a 90 degree right angle to the body.
      “Well, it's a little more difficult.”
      Lin Feng self-evaluation, two fingers, began to pull the body, continue to do the last 50 pull-up.
      The barrage in the studio disappeared for a time.
      People are already looking at it.
      [duck king]: let me popularize science for you. This movement is called horizontal bar front level. It has high requirements for abdomen and core strength.Of course, I can do it.But I only use two fingers to drag my body, and on the premise of keeping the front horizontal movement, I continue to do the pull-up. Sorry, I can't do it. It's not what human beings can do.Don't try. It's easy to strain your muscles and fall.
      “I really appreciate your science popularization.”
      “Try?Who gave you the illusion that I could do this action? ”
      “Brother Lin is a real animal!”
      Lin Feng's operation, which started again after another wave, directly made the netizens in the studio and the audience in front of the TV all look silly.
      It's also the first time for Zhang Kai. There is an embarrassment that he doesn't know where to explain it.
      “CoughHe, he's great. ”
      “Mm-hmm, very powerful.”
      A few people boast with the most common words. There is no way. They are really short of words now.
      And this kind of professional action, none of them know how to call it.
      Zhang Kai wanted to switch to other live rooms, but he couldn't.
      Now Lin Feng has become the audience rating of the whole program group. If you cut him off, you can be scolded by netizens and the audience.
      Lin Feng finished the last one, but still did not stop. As usual, he did dozens more and made sure that there must be more than 1000. Then he let go and fell to the ground.
      “Pa pa.”
      Clapping his hands and shaking his arm, Lin Feng took a look at the time: “less than 20 minutes, quite fast.”
      The cameraman said, “do you want to have a rest?”
      Lin Feng did not answer, but first looked at his reputation value.
      After the previous lottery, the remaining 70000 reputation value has now risen to 290000!
      Look at the heat of the live room, now online, has exceeded 600000!
      “No rest, keep doing it.”
      Lin Feng immediately made a decision and made a push up first.
      It's three o'clock. Ten thousand push ups. If you hurry up, you can definitely finish them in three hours.
      When the push ups are over, it's evening.
      During that period, white-collar workers got off work and students came home from school.
      It's the peak time of network traffic, when we can finish the final marathon.
      Perhaps, we can set a new high for the online broadcast room, and our reputation will reach an unprecedented height.
      He did as he said. Lin Feng hardly had any rest. He walked behind the table tennis table.
      There is a lot of space in the concrete field, and no one will walk around to disturb him.
      Although the lawn space is also large, but the lawn is soft and not suitable for making.
      It's not suitable for people to come and go on the runway.
      He went to the clearing and said, “count for me.”
      “I'll have a drink first.”
      The cameraman opened the cap of the mineral water bottle, poured it into his mouth and drank most of the bottle: “OK.”
      “Here we go.”
      Lin Feng squatted down, his hands on the ground, his legs extended, his toes on the concrete floor, his feet bowed to the ground.
      Take a slight breath, then lean down to make a standard push up.
      Before everyone was ready, Lin Feng had already begun to do it.
      “Brother Lin, you have just finished a thousand pull ups. At least you have a rest!”
      “Brother Meng!Tell me in a loud voice, can Ringo fulfill his last wish? ”
      “Yes!Must be able to!Today is the king of heaven, and I can't stop brother Lin from fulfilling his last wish! ”
      “I have a hunch…”
      “Don't have a premonition. As long as you have eyes, you can see it. This wave of LINGO can be completed!”
      “Ha ha ha, finally someone can fulfill his last wish. Now I especially look forward to what reward Lin Ge can get!”
      Program group, Zhang Kai smacked his tongue: “several observers, or that question, do you think Lin Feng can become the first challenger to fulfill his last wish?”
      There was a slight silence in the atmosphere.
      A few seconds later, several people nodded: “I think, can.”*
      Chapter 10 walking through no man's land![Third change] for flowers, for evaluation tickets
      In a flash of time, two hours passed.
      During this period, the program group still focused on the No. 1 studio where Lin Feng was.
      It's only by chance that I would go to another live studio.
      And other challengers either find a place to rest or eat.
      Because many people's last wish to challenge is not in Mordor, so they book tickets for tonight or tomorrow.
      Just like Lin Feng, he is the only one who has made up his last wish immediately.
      Five o'clock in the evening.
      Mordu, an ordinary noodle shop on the street.
      A beautiful young woman, sitting at the table by the door, eating noodles gracefully.
      There are three cameramen on one side, almost shooting without dead angle.
      Other guests in the noodle shop cast curious eyes.
      “Beauty is beauty, even noodles are so elegant.”
      “Wonder if beauty can pull Baba?”
      “Poof, don't break my fantasy about beauty, OK?”
      There are 50000 people online in the live room where women live.
      But that's the data, but it's already the top ten online challengers among the 100.
      At present, the number one is the official studio of the program group, and the second is Lin Feng.
      Many netizens will watch each challenger's live room one by one, and finally stay in the live room they are interested in.
      To make netizens interested and stay, you have to come up with something.
      The anchorperson of other people's game area is either full of coquettish words, or skillful, or amusing.
      It's all in the belly.
      But what do these challengers have?
      And it's only the first day, basically in a state of preparation.
      So there are many challengers in the studio, not many.
      This beautiful woman is also by virtue of extraordinary beauty, just left a group of male netizens.
      “Let's congratulate Lin Feng. If there is no accident, Lin Feng will set the third world record!”
      “In just half a day, he has set a record of 10000 sit ups in the shortest time, 1000 pull ups in the shortest time, and the push ups he is currently doing!”
      The TV set hanging on the wall of the noodle shop is also playing “last wish list”.
      Host Zhang Kai is introducing Lin Feng's current situation.
      “I'll go. Is the Challenger hanging like this?”
      “Record breaking?What did he challenge? ”
      The other guests in the noodle shop were very curious.
      Someone took out a cell phone to search.
      “Damn it, cruel man!He challenged Article 133. ”
      “What is the content?Don't play the game, just say it. ”
      “Ten thousand sit ups, ten thousand push ups, one thousand pull ups and a marathon in one day.”
      “Hold the grass!”
      “Hold the grass!”
      “Hold the grass!”
      After the man said it, the whole noodle shop was full of grass.
      “Is that what people can do?”
      “It's likeAnd he did
      “He's done pull ups and sit ups, and he's broken the world record, isn't he?”
      “It's not fraud, is it?”
      “What do you want to eat?This program is live, and who dares to help him cheat?The program group has the right to live broadcast. Tianhe Group is the boss. If there is any fake, Tianhe Group can find out. ”
      “The key is that he seems to have finished the third one. How do I feel that he can really fulfill this last wish?”
      The noodle shop suddenly became quiet.
      It's not just him, it's everybody else.
      All the audience and netizens who are watching the live broadcast feel the same way.
      “This is number one?”
      Looking at the TV, the beauty was dazed. She immediately took out her mobile phone and opened Lin Feng's studio.
      He is still doing push ups. He looks very relaxed, as if he has just started.
      She clicks playback and plays it at double speed.
      Soon after watching, the beauty was silent for a long time.
      After a while, he murmured to himself, “what a terrible man.”
      Her name is Qin Yue. She chose the fifth last wish, walking through no man's land.
      This last wish is very dangerous and difficult.
      What is no man's land?
      Not suitable for human habitation, almost no people, not by human involvement and development.
      It doesn't mean that you can call it a no man's land if you just look for a big mountain forest.
      Qin Yue's daring to choose this last wish is a very bold move in itself. Whether she can succeed or not, at least she dares to try.
      And at the moment, she watched Lin Feng do push ups in a crazy manner, and felt extremely surprised.
      “Buzz ~”
      The mobile phone on the desk vibrated. She picked it up and saw that it was a message from the group.
      This group is a group of 100 challengers drawn in by the program team for their communication.
      No one in the group has spoken since morning.
      [Challenger 4]: did you watch the live broadcast?Number one is a lunatic!
      [Challenger 7]: Yes, it's terrible. I feel that he can really fulfill this last wish.
      13: what's this guy's body made of?Doesn't he feel tired?
      [No. 88]: I just said how my live studio was so online, and my feelings were robbed by No. 1.
      At this point, almost all the challengers are having dinner.
      They all saw the dynamic of Lin Feng and were full of envy and jealousy.
      Qin Yue looks at Lin Feng's live studio, which has reached 800000 people online. She silently puts down her mobile phone, says nothing and eats noodles thoughtfully.
      Meanwhile, in the park.
      “Five hundred left?”Lin Feng asked.
      The cameraman seemed to have a feeling and asked, “youWhat are you doing? ”
      “It just doesn't feel difficult.”
      Sure enough, it's the same sentence again.
      The cameraman seems to have a premonition of what Lin Feng is going to do.
      “I remember. That's the smile. He's going to pretend it!”
      “High energy ahead, those who have nothing to do with it, please retreat, so as not to be intimidated by lingo's force!”
      The barrage of bullets was full of energy.
      “Two hands are very tired. You'd better do it with one hand, which can effectively save energy.”
      This kind of words, in Lin Feng's serious expression, let people have a kind of impulse to hit the wall.
      Lin Feng put his left hand behind him and put one hand on the ground to support his body.
      Then, he began to do one handed push ups.
      Although it looks very relaxed, but his clothes are still wet with sweat, just like a hot bath.*
      Chapter 11 peaceful years limit his play, 7 billion strong man real hammer!Seeking flowers and evaluation
      “I suggest you do more push ups when you're free. It's a very simple exercise that you can do without going to the gym.The main exercise of push ups is triceps brachii, while the exercise of deltoid anterior bundle, anterior serratus, Coracobrachial muscle.Long term adherence to do push ups can improve the muscle strength of upper limbs, chest, back and abdomen.Can effectively improve a person's body, walk no longer hunchback chest
      As Lin Feng does it, he does not forget to publicize the advantages of push ups.
      “Big brother, you can do push ups. Stop talking.”
      “Although lingo seems to be doing it easily, his wet clothes tell me that the 10000 push ups have consumed most of his physical strength.”
      “Most of them?Who do you look down on?At most, it will consume my three success forces! ”
      After finishing one hundred with one hand, Lin Feng said, “five fingers are a little tired.”
      “Ha ha ha, brother Lin is forced to roll over!”
      “That's good. It's very strong that you can make a hundred with one hand.”
      “Change your hands quickly, don't hold on.”
      Zhang Kai also said with a smile: “no matter how strong the physical quality is, it's tiring to do 10000 in a row, not to mention one handed.”
      Jiang Hai nodded and said, “well, this should be his limit.”
      However, Lin Feng's next sentence is to make netizens and program groups shut up instantly.
      “Do it with one finger, so you can relax the remaining four fingers for a while.”
      With that, he folded up his four fingers, leaving his index finger alone to support his body.
      “My horse Trooper just split!”
      “Five fingers are too tired, so do it with one fingerMy logic is distorted by lingo! ”
      “Brother Lin, please, don't show any more!”
      “This wave, show of my scalp numb!”
      Zhang KaiHe, what is he doing? ”
      Miao Li said: “is it difficult to do push ups with one finger?”
      Several men looked at him for a long time and said, “it's not very difficult, it's very difficult!Even with a finger to support the body, it is very difficult, let alone continuous push ups
      Jiang Hai said with emotion: “his physical quality is no less than that of professional athletes.”
      “I just found out that the number of online people in Lin Feng's studio is about to reach 900000!”Zhou Lingling was surprised and said, “his popularity is terrible.”
      Zhang Kai felt deeply: “I have a hunch that today, the number of people online in his live studio will probably break through seven figures and reach the million mark!”
      They have been amazed by Lin Feng's shocking performance and once forgot to pay attention to the data of Lin Feng's live broadcast room.
      Before you know it, it's close to 900000. It's frightening.
      At the same time, the chief director of the program team also asked the staff to contact Zhang Kai through the walkie talkie, and asked him to focus on the No. 1 live room next.
      It's not necessary for the chief director to say that Zhang Kai also knows how to do it.
      Next, Lin Feng did 100 push ups with one finger, and then changed his hand.
      First, one hundred with one hand, then one hundred with one finger.
      With the last 100 push ups left, Lin Feng suddenly dropped his hand behind him.
      “Sure enough, brother Lin has a limit.”
      “I saw that familiar smile again. Experience tells me that lingo is going to be a demon again.”
      “What else can we do?It's the limit of push ups, isn't it? ”
      “The limit?Hip hop dancers tell you that there are so many kinds of push ups that you can't imagine! ”
      It seems to confirm their conjecture.
      The next second, Lin Feng's feet, suddenly slowly left the ground.
      The cameraman's eyes widened, thinking that he was dazzled.
      How did he do it?
      Duck king: Gan!Push ups with feet off the ground!From today on, I would like to take lingo as the best!
      “I lost it. It's fuckin '”I've only seen this action in the Red Bull hip hop contest
      “I've seen it, too. The black man did five in a row last time!”
      “It is suggested that the program name should be changed to” Ringo show. ”
      The five members of the program group have been shocked and completely speechless.
      At the moment, Lin Feng left the ground with his feet, supported his body with the strength of his hands, and kept his body parallel to the ground.
      Even people who don't know anything about push ups can feel how difficult it is just by looking with their eyes.
      This must have a very strong waist and abdomen strength, as well as the core strength of terror, and a certain amount of strong arm strength, to be able to complete this action.
      There are many people who can do it.
      Many hip-hop dancers, as well as some fitness tycoons and rock climbing tycoons, can do it.
      But, like Lin Feng, after more than 9000 push ups, he is the only one who can still play this kind of tricks!
      In the eyes of the public, Lin Feng bent his arms and lowered his body to complete a fairly standard push up with his feet off the ground.
      He did a full 50 push ups at a time, then landed his feet and began to complete the last 50 with normal push ups.
      Although only 50 of them were made, they were still shocked beyond words.
      “II don't know why. Looking at his knees, he can't help kneeling down. ”
      “My mother asked me why I knelt down, and I knelt down directly. Now my mother went to the kitchen to get the knife. What should I do?”
      “Lingo is not doing push ups at all. He's just a big guy in the apocalyptic novel. His performance was limited in peacetime. Seven billion strong men are real hammers!”
      The atmosphere of the live room was transferred incisively and vividly under Lin Feng's various push ups.
      The cameraman finally finished counting and breathed a long breath.
      Lin Feng is still habitual, continue to do dozens, just stop, and then stand up from the ground, a slight movement of the body.
      “The muscles of both arms are sore.”
      “It seems that one day to complete pull-up, sit ups and push ups, for my current body, although can do, but also feel tired.”
      Lin Feng's analysis to himself.
      This last wish is not so much to fulfill as Lin Feng's own groping and cognition of his body after drinking the gene drink.
      “If you listen, do you agree?”
      “I'll feel tired too. What a word!It's ingenious, it's just right, it's hopeless! ”
      “I cried, like a fat man of 200 Jin.”
      “I said that lingo's physical quality is the best in the world. Does anyone have any opinion?”
      “Who dares to have an opinion?Those who have opinions are killed by lingo. ”
      Zhang Kai said: “first of all, let's congratulate Lin Feng. So far, he has completed three of the 133 last wishes. Now, he only needs to run a marathon to complete the 133 last wishes completely.”
      Miao Li said: “I'm very excited now. If there is no accident, Lin Feng will really be the first person to complete the list of last wishes!”
      Qu Li asked curiously, “if he finishes, what will be the reward?”
      Zhang Kai shook his head and said, “Tianhe Group won't disclose it until it's finished, so even I don't know what the reward is.”
      At present, in addition to fulfilling all 199 wills in the list of wills, Tianhe Group can get more than 100 billion shares.
      Others, the rewards for accomplishing a will alone, have not been specifically announced.
      Of course, it was mentioned in the publicity of the program group.
      For example, a villa, a courtyard, or a sports car.
      But it didn't say directly which will get these rewards.
      If these are announced in advance, some challengers will be affected to fulfill a last wish for a certain reward.
      Zhang Kai said: “it's 6:47 in the evening. Lin Feng's challenge started at 10:30 in the morning. So far, eight hours have passed.”
      “Next, let's continue to focus on whether Lin Feng chooses to take a break first or start the last stage of the marathon directly!”*
      Chapter 12 enter the room, the art of muscle![Fifth change]
      Tianhe Group is headquartered in Mordor.
      At the moment, several senior executives of Tianhe Group are either attending an important banquet or returning home to have a rest.
      Almost at the same time, these senior managers received a call from the secretary.
      There's only one phone call.
      “President Luo, the first person to complete the list of last wishes, may appear.”
      After hearing this sentence, these senior officials immediately asked and understood.
      A few minutes later, they opened the studio and found Lin Feng's personal studio.
      They have studied the list of last wishes left by Fu Tianhe. There are 199 last wishes in total, and none of them can be fulfilled by normal people.
      Unless a professional athlete happens to be lucky enough to be selected by the program.
      Otherwise, it is almost impossible for an ordinary person to complete it.
      But after they watched the live replay of Lin Feng today, they were dumbfounded.
      This young man has fulfilled more than half of Article 133 in one breath.
      Now, it's just the last marathon!
      Madman, this guy is a madman!
      They can't imagine what kind of explosive power this young man has in his body!
      After resting for more than ten minutes, Lin Feng asked, “would you like something to eat?”
      The cameraman shook his head and said firmly, “don't worry about us.”
      From the moment Lin Feng began to challenge, he had only 24 hours.
      Now, eight hours have passed.
      Next, Lin Feng has 16 hours to challenge for the final marathon.
      According to the time of a normal person running a marathon, it takes about 4 hours to finish the whole marathon.
      In other words, Lin Feng has four more opportunities to try.
      They are photographers, and their responsibility is to shoot Lin Feng.
      Hungry, thirsty, can not affect Lin Feng.
      Otherwise, if Lin Feng doesn't finish it, he will probably blame them.
      They are not willing to take the responsibility.
      “That's fine.”
      Lin Feng swept the runway of the park. At this point, all the people in the neighborhood came out for a walk.
      There are many young people, wearing professional short sleeve shorts and running shoes, wearing headphones jogging.
      The track is full of people, which is not suitable for Lin Feng to run a marathon.
      Let's change places.
      He took out his cell phone and searched the Mordor marathon route directly.
      We soon found the route.
      The starting point is Huangpu Binjiang Nanpu bridge, the way of Long Qi Road, the Bund, Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, Jingan Temple, Huaihailu Road, Xintiandi, and finally returned to Huangpu Binjiang Nanpu bridge, the whole process is 42.195 kilometers.
      He also looked at the location of Nanpu Bridge through the map. It was not far from him, only 3 kilometers.
      After determining the route, Lin Feng stares at the map carefully for two minutes, remembers the route in his mind, and then downloads a running software.
      After these preparations, Lin Feng put away his mobile phone and went straight away.
      The cameraman hastened to follow.
      Lin Feng walked out of the park and ran to the Nanpu Bridge.
      There are lots of people coming and going outside the park.
      A cameraman controls the drone to follow, then rides an electric car to follow.
      “Lingo, is this about to start?”
      “It seems to have started.”
      “He's really iron. He doesn't have to rest at all.”
      “Let's have a rest for more than ten minutes.”
      “Ten minutes is also called rest?Every time my girlfriend and I start in an hour, OK? ”
      “Come on, everyone knows you have a girlfriend.”
      “Paralyzed, this broken road can scatter dog food?Ganny
      Lin Feng hasn't started yet. He won't start until he reaches Nanpu Bridge.
      All the way, he was jogging, all of which should be warming up in advance.
      He looked at his reputation.
      He couldn't help but be surprised. Before doing push ups, it was less than 300000. In just three hours, it soared to nearly one million.
      Now he is very curious, what is the status of his Live Room online?
      Before, it was five or six hundred thousand.
      Now, I'm afraid there are at least 8.9 million, right?
      But even if it's 8.9 million, according to his calculation, there shouldn't be so many.
      But he doesn't know. He is the focus of the program now.
      In addition to the popularity of his exclusive live broadcasting room, there is also the double traffic bonus of the program team in the live broadcasting room and the TV station, which makes his reputation soar in just a few hours.
      He resisted the impulse of the lottery and looked at it every few seconds.
      When he ran a kilometer, his reputation finally broke through 1 million!
      Almost without any hesitation, he clicks on the plus sign behind [Jie Jian (little achievement +)].
      System: you will spend 1 million reputation value to upgrade [Jiejian (little achievement +)]. Do you want to upgrade?
      After the upgrade, it becomes “Jiejian (entering the house +).
      [Jiejian +]: you can master all the ways of street fitness, complete some complex movements with appropriate strength and skills, and accurately control part of the body muscles.
      Lin fan can feel that his control of the body is even higher. He can control almost every muscle of the body perfectly. This skill is absolutely a treasure!
      Lin Feng's eyes are bright, and his current feelings can't be explained too much in words.
      If you insist on explaining, that is, if you ask him to do 10000 push ups again, he can only use half of his previous physical strength to complete the same amount of exercise.
      It's the art of muscle!
      He looked at the plus sign behind the entrance and tried to click it. It showed that it took 10 million reputation points to upgrade.
      He couldn't help taking a cold breath.
      And I'm looking forward to it.
      He would like to know how much control he has over his body muscles if he continues to upgrade after entering the room?
      Perhaps, it is really possible to achieve, when doing a sport, only let the muscles of the sport move, let the muscles of other parts in a relaxed state.
      If so, it really means that he can control every part of his body perfectly.
      Half an hour later, Lin Feng arrived at Nanpu Bridge.
      He stopped and stood on the sightseeing sidewalk of Nanpu Bridge.
      At this point, it's half past seven.
      On the two-way six lane Nanpu Bridge, cars shuttle like running water, and the lights and bridge lights interweave into a colorful picture at night.
      The cameraman followed closely. Seeing Lin Feng stop, he got out of the car to shoot.
      “Why did brother Lin stop?”
      “I said it hasn't started yet. Before, he would ask the cameraman to count.”
      “How do you count marathons?Take a ruler and measure it in the back a little bit? ”
      Lin Feng took a look at the reputation value. The 1 million reputation value he had just used up also broke through 100000 again.
      Seeing the reputation value, he couldn't help but draw, so without any hesitation, Lin Feng said: “lucky draw!”
      “Congratulations to the host for obtaining [career card]”
      In the next two hours, millions of netizens will witness that I will break the World Marathon record![sixth change]
      “Congratulations on your occupation card.”
      Lin Feng's eyes are bright. When luck comes, I can't stop it. Another professional card!
      Without hesitation, I immediately opened this occupation card and a occupation jumped out.
      “Congratulations on [running +].”
      [running (xiaoyoucheng +): during running, breathe more scientifically, and keep a relatively comfortable rhythm of step frequency, arm swing and breathing.
      With Lin Feng's physical fitness, even if he doesn't know any running skills, he can easily complete a full marathon with his excellent physique.
      But since he realized the changes that Jie Jian had brought, he did not underestimate the ability that seemed to have little effect on him.
      Almost at the same time of acquiring [running] ability, he had a stream of running related information in his mind.
      How to adjust your breathing during running? Do you inhale in two steps or exhale in three steps.
      What kind of stretching should be done before and after running, as well as the step frequency and arm swing range during running, as well as the front and back of the foot landing point.
      He is not without feeling that even the simplest running seems to have so much knowledge.
      Even if many people have good physical fitness, but they don't know how to run, they will easily have a fork in the running process.
      This is something that Lin Feng had never thought of before. Once there is a fork in the running process, the next journey is not to stick to it.
      Lin Feng looked around and found that there was almost no one on the Nanpu Bridge and the sightseeing sidewalk at this point.
      He took out his cell phone and opened the studio.
      Online: 980000!
      Sure enough, as he expected, the online price soared, and the distance was less than 20000.
      “Is Ringo watching the studio?”
      “Brother Lin, why don't you run away?”
      “Lingo, do you like men?The kind of man who can dance, swing his hips and act like a spoiler. ”
      Lin Feng
      What kind of sand sculptures are they?
      Zhang Kai said strangely: “he stopped. Is there something wrong with his body?”
      Jiang Haidao: “it's about three kilometers from the park to here. This distance should not be an official start. He may be planning to take Nanpu Bridge as a starting point.”
      Qu Li said: “I think he really needs to rest for a while. Anyway, there's only one marathon left. He doesn't need to worry.”
      Miao Li said: “he has no extra money to spend, so I think he should finish the final marathon as soon as possible.”
      Zhou Lingling said, “he may be resting now.”
      Lin Feng looked at the growing online, and constantly asked why he did not start running netizens, a smile, said: “I'm waiting.”
      “Wait for what?”
      “He's smiling, that's the smile again!”
      “He's laughing wildly!”
      “I have a bad feeling!”
      Lin Feng looked at the break through 990000 online, said: “I'm waiting for the number of Live Room online to break through 1 million!”
      “I lost it. It's 990000 online!”
      “Mom, I've witnessed a newcomer from scratch. It took only one day to reach 990000!”
      “Don't brag, I've built a million online live studio with Ringo!”
      [duck king]: brother Lin, if you want to rest, just say it. Don't worry. No one dares to laugh at you. Who dares to laugh at you? I'll kill him with my muscles!
      Just at this time, the Live Room online, from six digits, finally rushed to seven digits.
      Now, one million online!
      “Online has reached one million.”
      Lin Feng smiles and looks at the other end of Nanpu Bridge. Suddenly, the world record for marathon is 2 hours, 01 minutes and 39 seconds
      People listen to the clouds, do not know what Lin Feng suddenly said this for.
      He continued: “in the next two hours, with one million friends in the studio, you will witness the birth of a new world record.”
      When he said this, Lin Feng stopped for two seconds, his posture suddenly stood upright, his tone was sonorous and forceful, and his words hit people's heart: “and I am the one who broke the marathon world record!”
      With that, he turned on the running software of his mobile phone, put it in his pocket, opened his legs, and ran out along the Nanpu Bridge, under the bridge light, toward the bridge like a long dragon.
      Looking at the back of the man who ran out like the wind, they were stunned for more than ten seconds before waking up from his words.
      The barrage exploded instantly, and the atmosphere of the live broadcast room was pushed to the peak in Lin Feng's words!
      “I'm in the middle!Lin Ge's words are too fuckin 'pretentious! ”
      “Wo RI, I'm very excited. What's the matter?”
      “Zhenima pretends to be too much, but why am I so excited?”
      “Because Ringo is qualified to set three world records in one day, even if there is one more, I don't think it's a problem!”
      [duck king] rewarded 10 rockets and left a message: come on, lingo. From today on, you are my idol!
      [Chengbei Xugong] rewarded 18 rockets and left a message: brother Lin is very confident. Although I think this passage is arrogant, he should be a man!
      [Li Bai is very black] rewarded 10 rockets, and left a message: listen to me, my blood is surging, brother Lin is the most hanging, no doubt!
      A wave of reward, crazy hit, almost covered the entire live room, even the live room screen can not be seen.
      The barrage was even more terrifying. In just a few minutes, more than 10000 barrages were added.
      Almost everyone's emotions were aroused by Lin Feng's words.
      Miao Li and Zhou Lingling gently stroked their chest with their little white hands. Their lips were slightly red. They looked at Lin Feng running on the bridge, and their eyes were flowing. Their tone of worship was: “his confident appearance is really attractive.”
      Zhang Kai is also slowly sober from the shock, shaking his head and exclaiming: “he is indeed a very confident man.”
      Jiang Hai added: “his confidence comes from his strength and confidence.”
      “It's true.”Qu Li agrees.
      Zhang Kai has a hunch that the program “list of last wishes” is likely to make history!
      How many program groups dream of the existence of Lin Feng?
      He created so many topics in only ten hours.
      Moreover, his image is so good.
      Zhang Kai even once felt that Lin Feng was a man without shortcomings, at least he could not see Lin Feng's shortcomings.
      If you insist on the shortcomings, it may be that you are not mellow enough.
      At the moment, the staff of the program technology department are observing the data of each live room.
      Lin Feng's studio is the focus of the Ministry of technology.
      From the data feedback point of view, the data of Linfeng live broadcasting room is the best.
      “The ratings of the program group are starting to skyrocket.”Suddenly, an employee called.
      “What's the increase?”
      “In the first five minutes of the same period, the increase is more than 5%!”
      “How much is the webcast room online?”
      “Three million are online at the moment.”
      “How about the number of people online in studio one?”
      “1.1 million online at the moment!”
      “Didn't it just break through one million?”
      “1.15 million already!”
      “Lying trough!”
      The online number of program groups is only 3 million, and the online number of Lin Feng's live studio alone is nearly half.
      This is unprecedented!
      The staff of the technology department, at this time, can't help but burst with rude words in their hearts: what a devil!
      [fifteen thousand words for the sixth watch, which is equivalent to seven and a half of other people's. in order not to affect the reading, I only ask for flowers in the last chapter ~ the data is very miserable. All day long, flowers, evaluation tickets and monthly tickets are all up (crying). If you see here, move your little finger and vote for some fresh flower evaluation tickets. Thank you ~ go to bed, and continue to start the sixth watch tomorrow]*
      Chapter 14 I feel great now!Seeking flowers
      At seven thirty-seven, this is the time for Lin Feng to leave.
      During this period of time, students have come home from school, and white-collar workers have come home from work.
      The students have had meals, or reviewed their lessons, or went to self-study in the evening. Some parents don't want their children to work too hard, so they let them play games or watch TV.
      White collar workers, after a day's hard work, lie limply on the sofa, brush idol dramas, variety shows or microblogs with their mobile phones.
      “Eh, today is the start date of” the list of last wishes ”
      “I envy these lucky people who were selected by the program group.”
      “If only I could take part in the show. It's impossible to finish, but it's a hope.”
      Since the “last wish list” program came out, almost everyone hopes to be able to participate.
      For an ordinary person with a monthly salary of 3000-4000 yuan, the “last wish list” and buying lottery tickets are their only hope to turn over and cross the class.
      Although they know that they can't finish it, it's still an idea.
      These people, open “last wish list”, hear the host talking.
      “There are four items in Lin Feng's 133 last wish: 10000 push ups, 10000 sit ups, 1000 pull ups, and a full marathon.”
      “So far, Lin Feng has finished three of them, and he's in the final marathon at the moment!”
      “This is an exciting moment. As long as he runs 42 kilometers, he will finish all the 133 last wishes!”
      “Today is the first day of the broadcast of the list of last wishes. So far, only Lin Feng has begun to challenge.”
      “And Lin Feng is also the person closest to fulfilling his last wish!”
      “Next, let's wait and see if Lin Feng can become the first challenger to fulfill his last wish!”
      Zhang Kai's words were impassioned and emotional.
      Together with, let these just click in the audience and netizens, mood is also mobilized.
      “Damn it, no way. The program just started today, and someone is going to fulfill his last wish?”
      “It's a great God. It's terrible!”
      “The contents of 133 last wishes can't be fulfilled by man at all. How can he do it?”
      “New comer, don't doubt if you don't understand. Go and read the playback before you speak.”
      These newcomers, knowing the contents of 133 last wishes, do question them.
      However, they are very clear that there is absolutely no possibility of fraud in the list.
      Because it's a live show, there's no chance to cheat.
      And every last wish, if completed, Tianhe Group will be awarded only after rigorous review and confirmation.
      They watched the playback, and after that, their brains went down.
      Who the hell is this?
      You tell me, this guy is human?
      Such a terrible amount of exercise, this guy, in less than 10 hours, did it?
      What's more, after finishing such a terrible amount of exercise, I still have extra strength to run a marathon here?
      More careful people found that from the beginning of the challenge to the present, Lin Feng has not drunk a mouthful of water or eaten a mouthful of rice.
      Under such terrible consumption, will he not be thirsty or hungry?
      Live Room online, rising, blinking has broken through 1.4 million!
      The audience rating of the program group TV station has reached a new high!
      “You've run a kilometer. It takes 2 minutes and 50 seconds. The fastest pace is 2 minutes and 50 seconds. The average pace is 2 minutes and 50 seconds.”
      The sound of running software's time per kilometer rings from Lin Feng's mobile phone in his pocket.
      “250 speedLingo, is that crazy? ”
      “NIMA, I'm really crazy. It's such a terrible group of people who come up and run so fast.”
      “If you don't understand, how fast is a kilometer in three minutes?I went to school faster than this.When you blow, can you be a little bit logical? ”
      “The pupils upstairs?”
      “Real hammer, is the primary school students, what do not know to put this brush sense of existence.”
      “Can sprint and marathon be confused?Don't say 250. You run a marathon at a pace of 7 minutes. You're awesome. ”
      Miao Li said strangely, “what's the meaning of pace?”
      Jiang said: “the average running time per kilometer is 2 minutes and 50 seconds for Lin Feng's first kilometer, which is 250 pace.”
      Zhou Lingling asked, “is the speed fast or slow?It doesn't feel like it's very fast. ”
      “Soon!”Jiang Haidao: “these netizens should be runners. They are right.Sprint is different from long-distance running. After all, sprint only needs to run a few hundred meters, while marathon is more than 40 kilometers.Think about it. What's the concept of running a marathon at 250? ”
      Zhou Lingling spat out his tongue: “it seems terrible.”
      Jiang Haidao: “it's not very terrible, it's very terrible.For normal runners, it's not easy for the whole horse to enter the four pace
      Zhang Kai said: “the current world record for marathon is 2 hours, 01 minutes and 39 seconds. After calculation, the average speed per kilometer is 2 minutes and 53 seconds.In other words, if Lin Feng can keep this pace and run the whole race, then… ”
      Speaking of this, Zhang Kai swallowed and said, “well, as he said, he will break the World Marathon record.”
      “ShouldNot likely. “Qu Li shook his head.
      “I don't think so.”Jiang Hai also shook his head.
      Although Lin Feng is very powerful, he shows excellent physical quality.
      But running and push ups are not the same exercises.
      Especially long-distance running, which requires a long time of training, can be done.
      42There are many accidents in the course of the marathon.
      For example, there is a fork in the air, for example, the rhythm is suddenly disordered, or there is a cramp, or there is no strength on the way, and there is no enough supply to dehydrate.
      Either way, it will lead to failure.
      Professional athletes can avoid these situations as small as possible, but ordinary people do not have systematic training. Once they meet such situations, it is almost the end.
      But that's for ordinary people.
      At the moment, Lin Feng feels great.
      When he stepped out of the second, his body is almost subconscious, began to adjust breathing, and the frequency of the step.
      When he ran about 100 meters, he had adjusted everything to his most comfortable state at the moment.
      Every three steps, take a breath, then two steps, slowly exhale.
      The stride between each step is about one meter three, which is very accurate.
      At the moment, he keeps the rhythm perfectly.
      And the 250 pace is already fast, very, very fast.
      Ordinary people will feel very tired and out of breath when they run at this speed for one kilometer.
      Lin Feng, however, was quite relaxed.
      If you don't have the skill of running, you can run so fast only with your physical fitness, but it will consume a lot.
      Now he is running in a very scientific way.
      Not only does it look pleasant to the eye, but Lin Feng himself also feels that the consumption is very small.
      “You've already run 2 kilometers. It takes 5 minutes 40 seconds. The fastest pace is 2 minutes 50 seconds. The average pace is 2 minutes 50 seconds.”
      The time call sounded again.*
      Chapter 15 record, right in front of you!Seeking flowers
      “You've run 3 kilometers, it's 8:30, the fastest pace is 2:50, the average pace is 2:50.”
      “You've run 4 kilometers, it takes 11 minutes and 20 seconds, the fastest pace is 2 minutes and 50 seconds, and the average pace is 2 minutes and 50 seconds.”
      “You've run 5K, it's 14 minutes and 10 seconds, the fastest pace is 2 minutes and 50 seconds, the average pace is 2 minutes and 50 seconds.”
      The sound of telling the time keeps ringing.
      In the blink of an eye, Lin Feng has run five kilometers.
      Miao Li said: “he runs so fast, I feel that he finished the last marathon, it should not be a problem.”
      “Indeed, if there is no accident, he can really finish the final marathon,” Zhang said
      There are some feelings in his heart, and some unreal feelings.
      Just at the beginning of the program, such an immortal figure appeared, who was about to fulfill his last wish.
      The key is that he chose such a difficult last wish, which is just a beast.
      “I don't know if you've noticed a detail.”Jiang Hai said suddenly.
      “What are the details?” they asked
      Jiang Haidao said: “Lin Feng has run five kilometers, and the five kilometers, his time of every kilometer is 250.”
      A few people Leng for a while, surprised: “really, you don't say I didn't notice.”
      “Did he deliberately control the speed?”
      “Although I'm not willing to admit it, the fact is right in front of me. He really controlled the pace in an accurate range, and accurate to seconds.”
      Jiang Hai shook his head and exclaimed, “it's really rare to be able to do this.The speed of every kilometer is not bad every minute. What kind of abnormal degree does it need to control the body to achieve? ”
      “However, it also shows that he is in a very good state at the moment and has a very good running rhythm.The stride length and stride frequency are kept in the right place, so we can run such a perfect pace
      A few people nodded. They didn't understand marathon.
      Jiang Hai is the only one who likes sports in his spare time. He doesn't know much about marathon, but he still knows more than them.
      Netizens were also surprised to hear this.
      “Haige doesn't say that. I haven't found out yet. Lingo's speed control is as high as a millisecond.”
      “There is a big God in our running group. Every time we run, the speed error is within two seconds, but there is still a big gap compared with Ringo.”
      “What kind of demon is NIMA…”
      More than one million people are online, just watching one person run.
      If put in peacetime, this is almost dare not think of.
      Although the marathon is well known, it is not a hot sport.
      Running a marathon, running more than one million online, is simply appalling.
      “You've run 20 kilometers in 56 minutes and 40 seconds. The fastest pace is 2 minutes and 50 seconds. The average pace is 2 minutes and 50 seconds.”
      20Km, Lin Feng still maintained the initial speed.
      The White Sleeveless body has long been wet with sweat, tightly attached to the body, showing a nearly perfect muscle profile.
      “Oh, my God, he has abdominal muscles. Eight yuan. Look, it's so clear!”
      “No, I can't see my legs are soft. Lin Ge's figure is just too much!”
      “I really eat brother Lin's face too much, wuwuwu, such a perfect man, I really want to have it.”
      A group of female netizens, head close to the screen, staring at Lin Feng that close to the clothes of abdominal muscle contour, one by one saliva DC.
      The heat of the studio is high. Whether Lin Feng is playing his last sport, or his appearance and figure, they are all attractive.
      In addition to the focus of the program group on Lin Feng, today's “wish list”, can be said to be Lin Feng's special show!
      At this time, the challenger's wechat group, a piece of information constantly.
      [No.3]: what's the point? Where did the program group invite the gods? Is it still alive?
      77: he has run more than 20 kilometers. It seems that there will be no accident.
      [No. 90]: I'm so envious. Now I want to know what reward he can get for fulfilling his last wish?
      [No.8]: no matter how bad it is, there are millions. Alas, how can I not have such good luck.
      [No. 11]: it's not good luck. It's strength. 199 last wishes are chosen together. You can choose this one if you have the ability.
      Although this is true, the truth often hurts the most.
      Lin Feng is completely on his own strength to complete, but also can not be copied that.
      This last wish contains four items. If you take any of them out, they will not be able to be fulfilled by ordinary people.
      They can do nothing but envy and jealousy. They can only watch Lin Feng approaching the end.
      “It's better to have a cramp in the middle of the run.”
      “Running so fast, why don't you fork in the air?”
      “I'm paralyzed. I hope he's hit by a car.”
      Many challengers are cursed with evil in their hearts.
      However, it's useless. Lin Feng still keeps the perfect rhythm.
      The sound of software time keeping ringing.
      “You've run 39 kilometers in 1 hour, 50 minutes and 30 seconds. The fastest pace is 2 minutes and 50 seconds, and the average pace is 2 minutes and 50 seconds.”
      The time call sounded again.
      “39 kilometers!”
      “Come on, brother Lin!”
      “It's still three kilometers away. I'm so nervous. What should I do?”
      “Break it, break it, there are still three kilometers left, keep this pace, the world record is near!”
      Netizens are excited.
      [duck king] rewarded 10 rockets and left a message: come on, lingo, hold on!
      [Li Bai is very black] rewarded five rockets and left a message: I'm a witness, too. Lingo is really strong.
      [Chengbei Xugong] rewarded 10 rockets and left a message: brother Lin is really cruel, breaking four records in a day!
      At this point Lin Feng has crossed Huaihailu Road and arrived at Xintiandi. This is his last stop.
      As long as he runs out of the new world and returns to the Nanpu bridge and ends the last few kilometers, he will complete 133rd wishes thoroughly.
      At this time, the live room has reached an amazing 1.7 million!
      The live broadcast room of the program group, online also reached a terrible 4 million!
      The audience rating of TV station has reached 2.093%!
      Before that, even if the toilet station's original variety show running man, the audience rating was only 1.459%.
      As a result, once the list of last wishes was published, all the variety shows were directly hanged and ascended to the top.
      Such a grand occasion is rare!
      Zhang Kai listened to the data reported by the staff on the walkie talkie, and his heart beat faster.
      With the popularity of the program, as the host, his popularity also rose.
      With some excitement in his voice, he said: “with the last 3.195 kilometers, Lin Feng will finish the marathon.By then, he will be the first challenger to fulfill his last wish since the program “list of last wishes” was launched
      “I can't wait to know what kind of reward Lin Feng will get when he finishes,” Jiang said
      “I believe the audience in front of the TV is just as curious as the netizens in front of the studio,” Miao said
      “The zebra crossing is in front of us. After crossing this zebra crossing, we will see the Nanpu Bridge.”
      Zhang Kai stood up directly from his chair, his voice full of excitement.
      Nanpu Bridge is close at hand. Millions of viewers and netizens are all holding their breath, looking forward to the last distance and the perfect ending of Lin Feng*
      Chapter 16 the first challenger to fulfill his last wish, breaking four world records in one day!Seeking flowers
      Nanpu Bridge, close at hand!
      With perfect rhythm, Lin Feng crossed the zebra crossing and ran towards the Nanpu Bridge.
      The sound of the hour kept ringing.
      “You've run 41 kilometers in 1 hour, 56 minutes and 10 seconds. The fastest pace is 2 minutes and 50 seconds, and the average pace is 2 minutes and 50 seconds.”
      “You've run 42 kilometers in an hour and 59 minutes. The fastest pace is 2 minutes and 50 seconds. The average pace is 2 minutes and 50 seconds.”
      Distance from the whole horse, only the last 195 meters!
      However, even if the distance has exceeded 195 meters, Lin Feng still did not stop.
      It's not a game, it's a last wish.
      He has to make sure he runs more than the entire marathon.
      So he continued to run at the same speed.
      “You've run 43 kilometers, it takes 2 hours, 01 minutes and 50 seconds, the fastest pace is 2 minutes and 50 seconds, and the average pace is 2 minutes and 50 seconds.”
      “You've run 44 kilometers in 2 hours, 04 minutes and 40 seconds. The fastest pace is 2 minutes and 50 seconds, and the average pace is 2 minutes and 50 seconds.”
      “You've run 45 kilometers in 2 hours, 07 minutes and 30 seconds. The fastest pace is 2 minutes and 50 seconds, and the average pace is 2 minutes and 50 seconds.”
      After running another three kilometers in a row, Lin Feng slowed down.
      So far, he has finished the last sport.
      Zhang Kai stood up excitedly and said in a loud voice: “let's congratulate No.1 Challenger Lin Feng for completing the last marathon. He became the first challenger to complete his last wish among the 100 challengers in the list of last wishes, and also the challenger with the shortest time!”
      Miao Li and the three observers also stood up one after another and applauded.
      The barrage is overwhelming, and netizens are even more excited than Lin Feng.
      “If you run, you'll break the record. Who else is there besides Ringo?”
      “I always felt that these last wishes could not be fulfilled by anyone. The appearance of LINGO broke my understanding!”
      “I'm short of words, only one sentence of holding grass!”
      [duck king] rewarded 10 rockets and left a message: breaking four records in a day, that's how I'm hanging!
      [Chengbei Xugong] rewarded 18 rockets and left a message: Lin Ge's strength is beyond doubt!
      [Tianhe Group] rewarded 100 rockets and left a message: congratulations to Lin Feng for completing his last wish. Next, our company will send someone to verify the results and publish the conclusion within three days.
      “I lost it, and Tianhe Group also came?”
      “What's so special?More than a million people are watching. It's more real than pearls! ”
      “I'm sure they will, but Ringo is not afraid to be identified at all!”
      The cameraman came over, and they rode with them all the way. They felt even more tired than Lin Feng after running 40 kilometers.
      Lin Feng asked, “did you help me with my clothes and shoes?”
      “Er… It looks like it's still in the park.”
      “All right, I'll get it myself.”
      Anyway, it's only three or four kilometers away from the park. I'm afraid the clothes will be picked up.
      But it doesn't matter. Anyway, he's finished. He doesn't have to be restricted by the rules of the program group any more.
      Big deal, buy another set.
      He turned and walked towards the park, took out his mobile phone, wanted to see the heat of the live room.
      When I saw the 1.8 million people online in the live broadcast room, I was surprised. The corners of my mouth rose unconsciously, and I was a little proud.
      He is an ordinary man and has vanity.
      Being praised by so many people, although they are calm on the surface, they are actually proud on the inside.
      Look at the reputation value, 1.9 million!
      Lin Feng's eyes are shining, and he can't resist the impulse to draw the lottery immediately.
      Now he has fulfilled his last wish and is not in a hurry.
      Soon, he went back to the park with his clothes, trousers and shoes.
      He doesn't care about these things, mainly because his ID is still in his pants.
      He picked up his clothes and left. Soon, he came to a cheap hotel and spent 300 yuan to stay.
      The cameraman is also staying in the next room.
      Lin Feng's No. 1 Studio is now in a black screen state.
      But even in the black screen state, the number of online people still has more than 500000 terrorist data.
      In the hotel room, after washing, Lin Feng sat on the sofa and ordered a takeout with his mobile phone.
      I was going to call my parents, but it was too late, so I didn't call.
      Although he is a passer-by, in his memory, the parents of this body are very good to him.
      Although his parents are the most common people, they never treat him badly in terms of food, clothing, housing and transportation, and try their best to provide him with the best service.
      Now that he has the ability to make a lot of money, he will naturally give back to his parents.
      Now he really wants to know what kind of reward he can get after completing his last wish. It's really exciting!
      According to the rules of the “list of last wishes”, when he completes his last wishes and publishes the results of Tianhe Group, there is no need to continue the live broadcast.
      After the results of the day and the group come out, after receiving the reward, he can choose whether to continue to challenge the remaining wishes or not.
      According to his idea, he naturally wants to continue to challenge.
      On the one hand, through the popularity of the program group, he can gain more reputation in the process of fulfilling his last wish.
      On the other hand, he can also get corresponding rewards by fulfilling his will.
      Soon after, there was a knock on the door and the takeout arrived.
      He ordered a lot of food, although gene drinks can supplement physical fitness, but if there is a choice, who can refuse delicious food?
      After a big meal, Lin Feng went to bed.
      Lying in bed, looking at the reputation value that has risen to 2 million, Lin Feng began to study.
      He now has street health and running skills.
      “Jie Jian” has entered the stage, and “running” is still a small success.
      But [Jiejian] needs 10 million reputation to upgrade. He is not so rich yet.
      [running] can be upgraded, but it doesn't seem to be necessary for the time being.
      After much deliberation, he decided to try the lottery first.
      “System, lottery.”
      “Congratulations to the host for obtaining [gene drink]”
      “Congratulations to the host for getting [eye drops]”
      “Congratulations on getting [insole]”
      “Congratulations to the host for obtaining [career card]”*
      Chapter 17 the best sighted people in the world![Fourth change] for flowers, for evaluation tickets
      “Career card?”
      Lin Feng immediately stopped drawing, one by one looking at these things.
      [eye drops]: the system produces eye drops to protect your eyesight, protect your eyes, effectively prevent cataract, glaucoma and astigmatism, and make your eyesight return to the peak.One drop per day can increase the vision to 8.0, and the static and dynamic objects can be seen at 800 meters.
      The first half of the story made Lin Feng unable to resist Tucao, and the latter sentence made him make complaints about Niu tun.
      Vision 8.0, what's the concept?
      The vision of normal people is 1.2, and that of pilots is 2.0.
      As far as he knows, Marseilles have the best eyesight in the world, with naked eyes up to 8.0!
      This means that with this eye drops, his vision will also be able to reach 8.0!
      Holding back his excitement, Lin Feng continued to look at the others.
      [insole]: the insole produced by the system can effectively relieve plantar fatigue, has massage effect, and has excellent heat dissipation and air permeability.Even if you fall from a height of tens of meters, it can also play a damping effect.
      Lin Feng
      Who would jump from tens of meters?
      But the insoles are really good.
      Finally, he stares at the career card and gently.
      “Congratulations on [parachute jump (small achievement +)”
      [parachute jumping (small achievement +): you are proficient in all the skills of parachute jumping, and can adjust the parachute timely through the wind direction, and have certain experience to deal with emergencies.
      This is Lin Feng's third career after Jie Jian and running.
      He stopped drawing because of his career card. He wanted to see what he would get from this career card.
      If he remembers correctly, one of the last wishes in the list is skydiving!
      He thought about it, click the plus sign to upgrade the parachute.
      Reputation value immediately lost 1 million, and parachute upgrade completed.
      Parachute jump: you can master all the skills of parachute jump and use them freely.Before opening the parachute bag, you can adjust the direction at high altitude by swinging your arms and legs, and make highly ornamental and difficult movements.Even in the face of turbulence, birds, and other emergencies, there are certain ways to deal with it.
      Lin Feng frowned slightly. It seems that the skill of skydiving is not enough.
      After all, it's 20000 meters high!
      In the event of an accident, there is almost no life or death. If he is not 100% sure, to be honest, he is not willing to take risks.
      After all, his goal is prestige, reward, not mindless death.
      Don't look at the last wish of [20000 meters high altitude fixed-point parachute jump], which is the one most selected.
      But he was almost certain that those who chose this last wish did not understand how terrible it was.
      20000 meters. What's the concept of that height?
      The altitude of the sky, oxygen is thin, poor constitution has not risen to that altitude, will produce hypoxia reaction and coma.
      Not to mention, the temperature at that height has reached more than – 100 degrees below zero!
      In that case, the first thing you need to consider is not how to find the point under 20000 meters, but whether the parachute can be opened.
      He even suspected that when the challengers stood at an altitude of 20000 meters and looked down, there was no one who dared to jump down.
      He looked at the remaining 1 million reputation value, did not continue to draw.
      He decided to collect the reward of this last wish before making a decision.
      Lin Feng fell asleep, but many people lost sleep.
      When Lin Feng finished the last mile, the other 99 challengers suddenly felt the pressure doubled.
      Although they know that even without Lin Feng, it is difficult for them to fulfill their last wish of challenge.
      But people will compare themselves with others. The better the people in the same industry are, the weaker they are.
      But they can't change it.
      After all, most of the challengers are ordinary people.
      At the moment, a few senior members of Tianhe Group, who didn't sleep, arrived at the company directly.
      In the conference room, several senior leaders held a meeting.
      “Let the professionals conduct the appraisal tomorrow. If everything is qualified, the Article 133 reward will be announced immediately.”
      “Well, that's it.”
      “I didn't expect that someone could fulfill the last wish left by Fu.”
      “Yes, when we suggested to Mr. Fu to increase the difficulty of these last wishes, we never thought that anyone could really fulfill them.”
      After the meeting, they went home separately.
      At this time, Jinling City, an ordinary rental house.
      A young man is sitting in front of the computer.
      His name is Liang Haoran. He is a we media.
      On the computer screen in front of him is the content of Lin Feng's live broadcast today.
      Liang Haoran is editing the video.
      After he saw Lin Feng's live broadcast today, he was addicted to it.
      When he finished, he found that it was late at night.
      Then he found that there was not much discussion about Lin Feng on Weibo or other forums.
      What's more, it's about the discussion of the last wish list.
      As a we media personage, he has a keen sense of smell and accurately senses the business opportunities contained in it.
      So, he stayed up late to edit and make the video, the purpose is to be the first person to eat crabs!
      He believes that with Lin Feng's amazing performance today, and he is the first challenger to complete the list of last wishes, as long as the video is sent out, it will definitely cause great heat!
      I stayed up all night until six o'clock in the morning, and the video was finally finished.
      He has produced more than 20 videos, including one or two minutes of short videos, more than five minutes of videos, and all the videos played at multiple speeds.
      Not only that, Lin Feng made all those fancy push ups and pull-up videos.
      But a good video must have a good title.
      It's nearly seven o'clock when he titles all the videos.
      After the completion of the production, he did not hesitate to publish it on all the platforms of microblog, force, shaking voice, slow hand and so on.
      “Brother Lin, it's up to you whether this wave can be fired or not!”
      “Hot car beauty!No fire, keep eating the dirt*
      Chapter 18 what is the experience of being recognized by a world champion?[Fifth change] for flowers, for evaluation tickets
      [Article 133 of the list of last wishes has been fulfilled, and the reward is…]
      [shocked!This man broke four world records in a day
      [fancy push ups, high definition video shows you the 100 details of LINGO's “wish list”!】
      [complete video of LINGO's fulfilling Article 133 wish, the only video of the whole network!】
      After this shock body was released, Liang Haoran fell on the bed and went to sleep.
      The efforts are hard, the rest depends on the will of God.
      Morning, eight o'clock.
      At this point, students have come to school to study or do morning exercises.
      White collar workers take the subway, or the bus, their faces are still a bit sleepy.
      They hold the rings in one hand and their mobile phones in the other. While on the way to work, they watch news and short videos on the Internet
      “Has someone finished the last wish list?”
      A young man curiously opened this video, which is one of the videos made by Liang Haoran.
      There are seven minutes in the video. At the beginning, the host announces the program rules. Then Lin Feng goes on stage to choose the 133rd wish, and then the specific content of this wish.
      When he saw this, the young man muttered to himself, “how can this last wish be fulfilled?”
      Then the video turns around and jumps to Lin Feng doing sit ups, while the cameraman counts.
      This video is played in 30 times fast forward. With Lin Feng's uninterrupted sit ups one after another, young men's mouths are unconsciously open.
      Then, Lin Feng began to pull up again.
      A thousand done, young men completely hoodwinked.
      And then, 10000 push ups.
      When you see this, the young man's brain is blank.
      He just felt his knees soften and wanted to kneel down for the man.
      So that at last, after Lin Feng finished the marathon, the host stood up and said a lot of words excitedly, but he didn't hear them clearly.
      “It turns out… Someone can do it!”
      “This Lin Feng, the physical quality is simply strong abnormal!”
      On the major forums, these videos are also popular.
      The heat of every video is frightening.
      “I'm a fool. Really, I'm a fool. Is Lin Feng a human or a ghost?”
      “Is there a big man to talk about, normal people after exercise, in the end can do him like this?”
      “It's really terrible, but there are some people who can do it. There are only three or two of them in the world.”
      “It's terrible that he can make so many pull ups and push ups.”
      “The most terrible thing is that he broke four world records in one day!”
      “Kneel down when you don't listen. What's the problem?”
      At nine o'clock, Weibo, a topic, quietly appeared on the hot search list.
      This topic is about the first man to finish his last wish list#
      At the moment, this hot search is the 39th hot search.
      But its heat is soaring at a terrifying rate.
      A few minutes later, the ranking rose to 31.
      A few minutes later, the ranking rose to 16!
      At 9:30, this topic has reached the seventh place, and officially reached the top ten!
      One morning, almost all the forums were swiped by Lin Feng's related news.
      At ten o'clock.
      “Wish list” official micro blog, also released a micro blog.
      “Congratulations to No.1 player Lin Feng, who has completed all the challenges of Article 133. At present, Tianhe Group is appraising the challenges he has completed. The appraisal results will be announced tomorrow. Please look forward to it!”
      After this micro blog was published, Lin Feng's already hot popularity went up to a higher level.
      “Now I want to know what the reward will be for lingo.”
      “Villa?Sports car?Shares in the company? ”
      “No matter how bad it is, there will be millions.”
      “I'm envious of my horse.”
      “I hate that I'm not a daughter. I can't agree with each other.”
      On this day, although Lin Feng did not appear in the live studio of the program group, he was the shadow of Lin Feng on the whole network.
      Meanwhile, in the capital, in the gym of a five-star hotel.
      A skinny black man got off the treadmill and went back to his room.
      As soon as I got back to my room, my cell phone rang. It was his agent.
      “Hey, IRUD, your record is broken!”
      The black man laughed: “Oh, Robin, is that true?That's amazing. ”
      “I'm not kidding, erud,” Robin said in a serious tone
      “Really?””Who broke it?” said IRUD
      “A man from Daxia, he ran into 2 hours!”
      “Is that true?”IRUD couldn't believe it.
      He is the world record holder for the marathon and the first runner to run the marathon within two hours.
      Although, he ran into the 2 hours of that game, is not recognized by the IAAF.
      But that doesn't stop him from setting a new world record.
      Internationally, no one can run a marathon for two hours except him.
      Now, his agent told him that his record had been broken.
      If the person who says this is not his agent, he will feel that the other party is joking.
      This summer is also to participate in a sports event.
      But I didn't expect to meet such a thing, which really surprised him.
      “I've sent the video to you. Take a look at it for yourself. He's very powerful, very powerful.”Said Robin.
      Erud click on the link. This is the video of Lin Feng's marathon.
      Erud began to look, very seriously.
      Lin Feng's stride length, stride frequency and breathing rhythm are perfect.
      As soon as he came up, he found the perfect rhythm.
      For a professional athlete, shoes are the wings that carry their dreams.
      A pair of Nike, a pair of very ordinary nike shoes.
      It is estimated that it will not exceed 1000 yuan.
      He broke his own record with these shoes?
      Erud continued to look.
      Soon, the video was over.
      He couldn't help standing up, watching the video and clapping with both hands: “he's a natural runner!”
      He was very excited and didn't get angry because his record was broken.
      On the contrary, he has a feeling of meeting a confidant.
      He wanted to share the joy of the moment.
      He picked up his mobile phone, opened his microblog, typed a paragraph, then translated it into Chinese with translation software and released it.
      [IRUD]·Kipchogg: congratulations to Lin Feng for setting a New World Marathon record. You are a born runner. You are still so young. I firmly believe that you can still run better!
      “Grasps the grass, AI Shen appears!”
      “Ma, this is the God of Egypt, really the God of Egypt!”
      “The lingo cattle have exploded. Even the God of Egypt has approved you!”
      “What's the experience of being recognized by a world champion?Lin Ge: Thank you. You are in Mordor. You have just broken four world records. ”
      “There's that smell. Isn't that NIMA's usual voice?”
      With the emergence of this micro blog, Lin Feng's popularity has been booming.
      Not only that, this microblog, also in a short period of more than half an hour, instant rush hot search*
      Chapter 19 list one, dominated by Lin Feng![sixth change] for flowers, for evaluation tickets
      Mordor, in the conference room of a company.
      A man sat at the front of the conference table with a list in his hand: “the cast of the last master is going to be on the list today. You'll have a good look later.”
      This company, is mainly for star artists brush data.
      In the industry reputation is very good, and the ability is also very strong.
      They can take care of any position the customers ask for.
      Whether it's hot search first or hot search second.
      “Well, let's get to work.”
      The man finished and stood up to end the meeting.
      Everyone back in front of the computer, start to operate.
      Hire water, forward, comment.
      Through multi ID brush click volume, visit volume.
      These are their usual operations. Although they seem very simple, they are very useful.
      “At present, the number one popularity of hot search is 1.77 million.”
      “The popularity of the last master has risen to 170000, and it has been listed in the top 50 of the hot search list.”
      “The last master was hot 410000, hot search 28000.”
      Every once in a while, the voice of these technicians will ring in the office.
      “The last master was 1.11 million in popularity and ranked the fourth in hot search.”
      “The last great master has a popularity of 1.5 million, ranking second.”
      “Master of the last generation” is a hit of 2 million, with 1 hot search. ”
      The staff clapped their hands and said with a smile, “2 million heat is enough to stay in the first place for a few hours.”
      “There is no one who can fight.”
      “How do you do that?I can't fight. ”
      Unless there is such phenomenal news, there is no news that can compare with them.
      After all, they are professional.
      “Hold the grass!”
      All of a sudden, someone yelled and scared everyone else.
      “Lao Wu, what are you shouting about?”
      “NIMA, give me a fright.”
      Others blame it.
      Lao Wu stares at the screen, his eyes widened, and says, “our hot search has been pushed down.”
      “Ah?It's impossible, isn't it? ”
      “Are you dazzled?”
      People think it's impossible at all. For the sake of insurance, they specially brush the heat to 2 million.
      But I opened the hot search for a look.
      At this point of view, a group of people are stupid.
      In a few seconds.
      “Hold the grass!”
      “Hold the grass!”
      “I've been beaten!”
      “Who is Lin Feng?Which studio did it?The heat is 2.4 million yuan, which is even worse than us. ”
      “Paralysis, no matter which studio he works in, it's over!”
      “Hurry up, work, press down this hot search!”
      A group of people continued to work.
      In half an hour.
      “Paralysis, which studio is this?Are you crazy? ”
      “The heat is 4 million. Is there something wrong with this studio?At such a high cost? ”
      “Dry, five million!”
      “What on earth is this?”
      “Ganniniang, it's too hard to brush!”
      They can't help but stop and refresh the hot search.
      Every time it refreshes, the hot topic of the first hot search is almost soaring with 100000.
      #Lin Feng, the first challenger to complete the list of last wishes#
      “The data doesn't seem to have been brushed out.”
      “But how is it possible?”
      “No brush?The heat is so terrible. What kind of demon is NIMA
      Curious, they click on the microblog.
      After watching, they were stupid and understood what was going on.
      “Damn, this is the challenger of the last wish list!No wonder it's so hot. ”
      “Has he finished his last wish list?Wori, he broke four World Records
      “Finished with Duzi, today's hot search for the first iron must be dominated by him, but he can't even brush it.”
      “Go and tell Mr. Li, or he will return the list.”
      They are human beings, not gods.
      At present, the upsurge of hot search number one, as well as the spread and influence of these news items, have become phenomenal news.
      They came to the office: “Mr. Li, today's hot search can't be done. The first one has been bullied, so it can't be done.”
      What the hell is that?
      A group of professional brushes, even told themselves, brush up???
      A few minutes later, President Li finished.
      Sure enough, I can't brush it.
      The heat difference between the first and second hot search is millions, which is outrageous!
      Bad luck, isn't it?
      He felt that his mind was going to collapse.
      President Li covered his heart and waved them out.
      I can't continue to listen. If I continue to listen, I'm going to have a heart attack.
      On Weibo, Lin Feng dominated the hot search.
      As far as I can see, I'm almost talking about Lin Feng.
      Even Lin Feng didn't think of this terrible heat.
      When he returned to the hotel after dinner, he found that his reputation was soaring.
      At first, a thousand, a thousand.
      After that, there was a sharp rise of three or four thousand. Later, every change was six or seven thousand!
      He was completely at a loss. He had no idea what was going on.
      He didn't live today. Where did he get such a terrible reputation?
      Is there something wrong with the system?
      Looking for a long time, finally found the reason for the surge.
      Hot search on their own, and, or the first!
      And you can see your own videos everywhere.
      Fancy pull ups, push ups with feet off the ground
      Almost every video has tens of thousands of likes, and the popularity is unprecedented.
      “Well, IRUD, congratulations?”
      He saw this micro blog, which was indeed sent by Ehud himself.
      After thinking about it, he left a message under IRUD's microblog: Thank you.
      At the same time, he also saw the microblog released by the program group.
      The audit results of Tianhe Group will come out tomorrow!
      At this time, his mobile phone suddenly a slight shock.
      Pick up a look, let him is very surprised, this is a friend application.
      This friend application is from the challenger's wechat group.
      His name is Qin Yue.
      He agreed to the other party's friend application.
      Just passed, Qin Yue sent a message: do you have time?Can we meet?*
      Chapter 20 cooperation between challengers?[the first change] for flowers, for evaluation tickets
      Lin Feng was a little curious and asked: is there anything wrong?
      Qin Yue: I want to talk to you about something. Is it convenient?
      Lin Feng: you don't have to fulfill your last wish?
      Qin Yue: don't worry.
      Lin Feng: that's OK. I'm in room 505 of SU8. Come on.
      Qin Yue: OK, I'll go now.
      What a strange woman.
      He is curious about what the other party is looking for.
      But I didn't think much about it. I'll see you later anyway.
      He opened the program of “list of last wishes”, and Zhang Kai and others were explaining the current progress.
      Today's program, without him, the heat dropped a lot.
      And the other challengers have little to see.
      But there are some people who have arrived at the parachute base, but they didn't jump immediately.
      What this kind of program lacks most is people like Lin Feng.
      Choose a good wish, without saying a word directly start, not out of water.
      Half an hour later, Qin Yue came.
      The cameraman is behind you. He's following the camera.
      The crew just transferred to her studio.
      Zhang Kai said: “I came to a hotel on the 18th. Eh, this hotel looks familiar.”
      Zhou Lingling said: “it's like the hotel Lin Feng stayed in.”
      “It really is.”Qu Li said, “is this a coincidence?”
      Jiang Hai shook his head: “it must not be a coincidence that she has her own rental house in mordu.I guess she should have come here specially to find Lin Feng. ”
      “Isn't this woman going to seduce Lin?”
      “Ha ha, my brother Lin is not short of women.”
      “Well!Gorgeous bitch
      Qin Yue's sudden appearance attracted many people's curiosity.
      Even Zhang Kai wanted to know why she suddenly appeared here.
      Qin Yue came to room 505 and said to the photographer, “I want to talk to him about something.”
      The cameraman immediately contacted the program team. A few minutes later, the cameraman said, “we'll wait for you outside.”
      Qin Yue came forward and knocked.
      Soon the door opened.
      Lin Feng looked at the woman in front of the door, and a trace of amazing color flashed in his eyes.
      This is a very beautiful woman, and the figure is excellent, temperament is also excellent.
      “Come in, please.”
      “Thank you.”
      The door closed as they entered.
      “Ah, I hear lingo's voice!”
      “The cameraman is awesome, I want to see brother Lin.”
      “Really, people say you don't shoot if you don't let them. How can you be so honest?”
      Netizens are almost crazy. The soul of gossip is burning in their hearts. They are eager to know what Qin Yue wants to do with Lin Feng.
      In the room.
      Qin Yue sat down and said, “I want to invite you to cooperate.”
      “Well?””What is the cooperation?” Lin Feng asked
      Qin Yue said, “do you know what will I choose?”
      “I don't know.”
      “Article 5.”
      “Walking through no man's land?”Lin Feng immediately remembered the content of this article.
      Qin Yue said, “I think we can work together to complete this project.”
      Lin Feng looked at her with a smile: “venture to ask, what is your major?”
      Qin Yue added: “I used to travel a lot. I used to travel on the Sichuan Tibet line by myself.I have some experience in living in the wild. ”
      “It's still not necessary.”Lin Feng shook his head and refused her.
      Qin Yue said: “I have analyzed this last wish in detail. If I was alone, I would have a 60% chance to complete it.But if you and I cooperate, I'm sure, there's a 90% chance to complete it!Moreover, I can choose to let you be the one to fulfill my last wish at the last moment.You just need to give me half when you get the reward. ”
      She said very sincerely, but Lin Feng still shook his head: “the 60% probability is not low, since there is such a big assurance, there is no need to cooperate with me.”
      Qin Yue was a little worried: “Lin Feng, my cooperation is not harmful to you or me. I don't understand why you refuse it?”
      Lin Feng said: “cooperation is based on the premise that both sides agree.I don't think this kind of cooperation will help me, so I refuse. ”
      Qin Yue was worried, but Lin Feng refused very simply. She bit her lip and stood up and said, “well, I'm sorry, but I respect your choice.”
      After that, Qin Yue turned and left.
      It's easy for Lin Feng to refuse her because she takes it for granted.
      A woman who has traveled several times can say that 60% of them are sure to cross the no man's land on foot. It's just a boast!
      Lin Feng even doubts whether she knows what no man's land is.
      Moreover, Lin Feng did not believe that she would let herself fulfill this last wish at the last moment.
      Two people do not know each other, just verbal agreement, who if seriously, who is a fool.
      Of course, the most important thing is that his next will to challenge has been roughly determined.
      It's impossible to waste this time with her.
      Lin Feng leans on the sofa, ready to call his parents.
      Lin Feng grew up in a small village in Huizhou. His parents rented a shop and opened a small restaurant in Luzhou.
      This morning, as usual, Lin Feng's parents went to the vegetable market to buy vegetables and prepare for today's work in the restaurant.
      Busy to noon, dad stood outside the restaurant smoking for a rest.
      At this time, Lin Feng's phone call came.
      “Xiao Feng, how can you remember to call me?”
      Hearing his father's voice, Lin Feng almost blurted out: “Dad.”
      This cry from dad is not awkward at all. It's like blood is thicker than water.
      “Dad, if there's no accident, you can close the restaurant there tomorrow.”
      Lin Feng came up and enlarged his moves, but he startled his father: “what's the matter?What are you talking about?Do you owe someone money outside?How much do you owe?Don't be afraid. Tell Dad that he has money
      Lin Feng:
      It's really my father. You can't expect me to be better.
      I'm a black sheep in your eyes, right?
      Lin Feng could not laugh or cry. He was moved and amused.
      Originally, I wanted to sell a pass, but now I just told him about my participation in the list of last wishes and the completion of the last wishes.
      My parents also know about this program, but I didn't expect that my son was selected and finished.
      They know that this program can be rewarded for fulfilling any last wish.
      Although I don't know what kind of reward it is, it's definitely different.
      “Xiao Feng, is that true?”
      “It's true, of course, but we won't know what the reward is until tomorrow.”
      After talking with his parents for a while, Lin Feng said, “I'll talk to you when the reward comes down tomorrow.”
      After hanging up, Lin Feng didn't go out all day. When he was hungry, he ordered takeout.
      Time flies, it's late at night.
      After eating supper, Lin Feng simply washes and is ready to rest.
      Before going to sleep, he took a look at prestige.
      610Ten thousand!
      One day, the reputation value soared nearly 6 million!
      When Tianhe Group publishes the reward results tomorrow, his popularity will soar, and it will directly impact 10 million at that time, which is not impossible.
      If he has 10 million reputation value, he can upgrade [parachute jump].
      At that time, he will be 90% sure to complete the dangerous last wish of 20000 meters high-altitude fixed-point parachute jump!*
      Chapter 21 reward of the first will![second change] seeking flowers, flowers, flowers
      A new day is coming.
      After getting up to wash and having breakfast, Lin Feng sat on the sofa in his room, watching the live broadcast and quietly waiting for the audit results of Tianhe Group.
      half past ten.
      Zhang Kai is hosting the program when he receives a notice from the backstage in his earphone.
      When he heard the news from the backstage, he was stunned for two or three seconds, then took a drink from his glass.
      Then he looked at the camera and said, “just now, I received a notice from Tianhe group that the appraisal result of the 133rd will completed by No. 1 Challenger Lin Feng has come out.”
      Miao Li and the three observers immediately cheered up.
      “Come out at last!”
      “Tianhe Group is quite efficient.”
      “Talk about it, talk about it. What's the reward for lingo?”
      Netizens are nervous and looking forward to it.
      Lin Feng was also watching the live broadcast. After hearing this, he held his breath.
      Zhang Kai said: “the reward of Article 133 is a house located in the magic city. You should have heard of this house. It is Tangchen Yipin!”
      “Hold the grass!”
      “Hold the grass!”
      “Hold the grass!”
      The live broadcast room is full of grass, and netizens' envious eyes are red.
      Even Miao Li and others, also breathing a little rough, envious heart.
      When Zhang kaigang just learned the news, he was also shocked.
      He calmed down and continued: “the Tangchen first-class mansion Lin Feng obtained is a duplex residence with a total area of 838 square meters, including two underground garages.In addition, as the first challenger to fulfill his will, he will receive an additional cash reward of 1 million. ”
      “Ah, envious!”
      “There's a million dollars in cash, NIMA. My eyes are red!”
      “ThisLingo has changed into a billionaire? ”
      “Just looked at it, the unit price of Tangchen's first product is 230000 yuan per square meter, which is 190 million yuan!”
      “230000 is the low rise, Tangchen Yipin's house is one room with one price, and Lin Ge's 800 plus flat is the front two first-line river view houses, with an average price of more than 300000.”
      “300000 per square meterI'm desperate. ”
      “Although I am envious, I am not envious at all. Almost no one in the world can fulfill this last wish except lingo.”
      “I always thought that the list of last wishes was deceiving. I didn't expect that it was true. There was a real reward for the completion of last wishes. It was also a luxury house worth two or three hundred million!”
      After listening to Zhang Kai's words, Lin Feng felt a little untrue.
      He guessed that the reward would not be too bad, but he never thought that the reward would be so rich!
      A set of Tangchen Yipin worth two or three hundred million!
      By contrast, a million dollars in cash, it seems insignificant.
      “Hum ~”
      The shaking mobile phone pulled him back to reality, and he immediately connected the phone: “hello…”
      “Is that Mr. Lin Feng, please?”
      “It's me.”
      “Hello, I'm Yang Tian lawyer from JUNHE law firm. Please come to our company now and accept Mr. Fu Tianhe's legacy.”
      “Well, I'll go now.”
      Hang up the phone, Lin Feng will take the identity card, go out immediately.
      Out of the hotel, take a taxi, Lin Feng sitting in the car, calm down for a while, by the way, a look at the reputation value.
      Good guy, after Zhang Kai said the reward of his last wish, his reputation began to soar.
      The momentum is no less than that of yesterday.
      On the microblog, Lin Feng's reward news went on the hot search without suspense.
      #The first prize in the list of last wishes: a luxury house worth 260 million yuan#
      “I watched the live broadcast crying all the way.”
      “I really want to give birth to a monkey for lingo. I really want to.”
      “It took lingo only one day to become a winner in life.”
      “How fast is a billionaire born?”
      At the same time, Luzhou city.
      Father Lin specially closed the door for a day's rest today. As soon as the couple got up early, they were reading the list of last wishes.
      They sat in the room, watching the small TV and listening to what Zhang Kai said, and were silent for more than ten seconds.
      “Wife, is the house of Tangchen Yipin very expensive?”
      “It seems expensive.”Lin Mu is not sure: “at least also must several million?”
      “I'll check.”Lin Fu picked up his mobile phone, inquired about it, and soon found the price.
      His eyes were wide open and he was short of breath. “This houseMore than two hundred million! ”
      “How much is it?”
      “You see.”
      He handed over his mobile phone, and Lin's mother finished reading it, which was the same reaction with him.
      Shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, want to stand up, but feel a little soft legs.
      “Buzz ~”
      All of a sudden, the mobile phone vibrates. When you take it up, it's a strange number.
      Lin Fu connected: “Hello, who is calling?”
      “Second brother, it's me, Liu San, your cousin!”
      “Liu San?Oh, Hello, hello
      This Liu San is the son of his distant cousin. Although he has no five clothes, he is not close.
      Usually every new year, almost no contact, today is a sudden call.
      “Second brother, when are you going home?I'll go and have a drink with you. ”
      “It's going to be new year.”
      “OK, we'll have a good drink for the new year.”
      The phone just hung up, and then the phone rang again.
      “Second brother, I'm going to your house today. Are you not at home?Ah, you open a shop outside?Oh, look at my memory
      “Hey, nothing else. I just don't think I've been in touch for a long time. I'll make a phone call to have a chat.”
      “When are you going home?I haven't seen you for a long time. Let's have a drink and I'll be the host! ”
      “My father talked about you all the time last night. No, he called you early this morning.”
      “My nephew doesn't have a girlfriend, does he?I have some good girls who know the root and the bottom. When do you have time, call Xiaofeng back, and I'll introduce them to him. ”
      For an hour, the couple's phone was on.
      Just hang up, within five seconds, a new call came in.
      Husband and wife from the beginning of the confusion, but also gradually understand.
      These relatives and friends who usually don't get in touch with each other are probably aware of Lin Feng's reward, so they can't wait to call one by one.
      Poor in the downtown, no one asked, rich in the mountains have distant relatives.
      That is the situation of Lin Fu and Lin Mu at this time.*
      Chapter 22, second will, yes![Third change] seeking flowers
      Eleven in the morning.
      JUNHE law firm.
      Lin Feng signed all the documents.
      From now on, this 32 story, 838 square square luxury duplex residence belongs to Lin Feng.
      It also includes two underground garages.
      The total value is close to 300 million!
      The whole process of his signing documents was broadcast live by the program team.
      In this way, the conspiracy theorist who questioned the truth of the last point also shut up completely.
      “Congratulations, Mr. Lin.”Yang Tian stretched out a hand and shook hands with him: “the contract is in effect at the moment. A million dollars in cash will be transferred to your card today without any accident.”
      “Thank you.”
      Lin Feng smile, from today on, my brother is also a person with a room.
      “Lingo, can I go to your house and take a picture?”
      “I can't imagine a house of more than 800 square meters.”
      “In other words, Lin Ge won the reward, won't he continue to challenge?”
      Netizens are very curious, and the members of the program team are also very curious.
      Zhang Kai said: “Lin Feng has got his reward. Now, let's connect with Lin Feng and ask him whether to give up the challenge or continue to challenge.”
      The staff dialed Lin Feng's phone, and from the live room, we can see that Lin Feng took out his mobile phone and pressed the answer button.
      “Hello, Lin Feng. I'm Zhang Kai, the host.”
      Zhang Kai said: “excuse me, do you want to continue to challenge next?”
      Without hesitation, Lin Feng said, “of course.”
      Zhang Kai said: “OK, then you need to choose one of the remaining 198 will to challenge.Later, the staff will send the wish list to your mobile phone. You can choose one day and have seven days off. ”
      Lin Feng said: “the 14th will.”
      Zhang Kai was stunned for a moment.
      Lin Feng said: “I choose the 14th last wish. If I remember correctly, the 14th last wish should be [20000 meters high altitude fixed-point parachute jump].”
      Zhang Kai said: “this is the content. Are you sure you want to choose this one?After selection, it cannot be changed. ”
      Zhang Kai patiently repeated the rule: “your initial capital is 1000 yuan, and skydiving expenses are borne by Tianhe Group, but there is only one chance of skydiving.There are 30 days to prepare for your last wish.And you have seven days off.In these seven days, you will not participate in the live broadcast. When you decide to challenge, please contact the program team as soon as possible. ”
      Lin Feng nodded. Of course he knew the rules.
      “Good luck.”
      Finally, Zhang Kai ended the call.
      Looking at Lin Feng in the studio, he sighed: “Lin Feng's choice to continue to challenge is really beyond my expectation.I was also surprised by his last wish that he chose to parachute at an altitude of 20000 meters. ”
      Jiang Haidao: “there are 11 challengers who choose this last wish. Plus Lin Feng, there are 12 challengers.”
      Qu Li said: “he didn't have any hesitation to choose this last wish. It can be seen that he is very confident.”
      Zhou Lingling said: “I don't know why. I have a feeling that Lin Feng seems to be able to challenge success!”
      “I'm not sure.”Zhang Kai gave a bitter smile. Miao Li and Zhou Lingling now seem to be Lin Feng's little fans.
      On the other side.
      The cameraman also shut down and stopped the live broadcast of Lu Xuan.
      “Mr. Lin, when you confirm the challenge, contact the program team. This is the contact information of the program team.”
      The cameraman handed him a business card.
      “Thank you.”
      Put away the business card, Lin Feng left the law firm.
      Seven days' rest is too much for him.
      From this point of view, the program group is more humanized.
      At least, they didn't let Lin Feng continue to challenge that day.
      If so, it will increase the difficulty of the challenge.
      After all, everyone has to rest, not to mention Lin Feng, who has just acquired a luxury house worth more than 200 million yuan.
      The SMS bell rings. Pick it up and have a look. It's from the bank.
      “Your Daxia bank's x643 bank card, to account 1 million…”
      Here we go!
      “The efficiency of Tianhe Group is really high.”
      The value of the house is really high, but it takes time to realize it.
      This one million is equivalent to relieving his urgent need.
      “Hello, Dad.”
      Walking on the road, Lin Feng contacted his father for the first time and told him the good news.
      “You don't have to open a shop outside. From today on, my son will support you!”
      Lin Feng is high spirited. When his father and mother heard this, their noses are a little sour.
      When my son grows up, he can make his own money and make a lot of money.
      “If you save this money, dad will work hard for a few years to earn more and save more, and you won't have to provide for the aged in the future, so as not to add burden to you.”
      The father was very happy, but he didn't want to let his son provide for the aged now.
      He has hands and feet, and his business is stable every day.
      Although you can't make a lot of money, it's not a problem to support yourself.
      Lin Feng has some helplessness. No matter what he says, his father insists on opening the shop.
      In the end, he didn't say anything more. His parents had their own lives.
      Moreover, they are not very old. For them, they are not used to the old-age life of waiting for death.
      After hanging up, Lin Feng directly transferred the 1 million yuan bank card to his father.
      After a while, dad called.
      “It's useless to put money on me. When you and my mother have time to see the house, they will pay the down payment first.”
      “You have all the houses you want to buy. If you don't buy them, save them and use them when you marry your daughter-in-law.”
      “OK, I'll wait for my daughter-in-law.”
      Lin Feng said with a smile.
      Instead of going to the hotel, he took a taxi to Tomson Yipin.
      Half an hour later, the car stopped at the downstairs of Tomson Yipin.
      As soon as he entered the reception hall, the housekeeper welcomed him: “Mr. Lin, welcome home.”
      Lin Feng said strangely, “do you know me?”
      The housekeeper smiles: “someone told us your identity information in advance. From today on, if you have any problems in your life, you can contact us at the first time. We will provide you with the best service.”
      “Yes, thank you.”
      Lin Feng looked at the huge luxurious hall and asked, “where is my house?”
      The housekeeper said, “please follow me.”
      Tangchen Yipin is too luxurious. The elevator goes directly to Lin Feng's house, and the owner needs to hold the room card to reach the floor.
      Ten minutes later, he stood outside the door and the housekeeper stepped back with a smile.
      He pushed open the door, the entrance of the porch is equivalent to a small single room apartment, and the living room is even bigger.
      Decoration is low-key luxury, light warm color.
      Lin Feng left the key and the door card on the porch counter, went through the living room and came to the balcony.
      Standing here, you can have a panoramic view of the Huangpu River.
      In addition, the house is a duplex type, there is a floor upstairs.
      It took Lin Feng 40 minutes to walk upstairs and downstairs.
      This house was specially bought by Fu Tianhe as a reward after confirming his last wish list. So far, no one has lived in this house.
      Lin Feng is the first master here.
      It's not six shift today. I have to write seven shift and eight shift. I have to stay up late.Just ask for your flowers, evaluation tickets and monthly tickets. It's really hard for the data not to go up*
      Chapter 23 the first eliminated challenger, the first substitute challenger!Seeking flowers
      Lin Feng became the first challenger to fulfill his last wish.
      And won the total value of more than two billion awards!
      This news, after the announcement of the program group, has firmly occupied the first position of hot search.
      The heat is no worse than yesterday.
      Other challengers, at lunch break, saw the news.
      In fact, they've been watching since yesterday.
      They want to know more than anyone what kind of reward Lin Feng can get.
      Now, they know.
      [No.4]: two houses worth more than RMB 100 million and one million in cash. I envy them!
      77: as long as I complete the challenge, I can also get such a reward!
      [14]: it's not so easy to fulfill my last wish. I feel that we are here to make up for it.
      Yes, they're here to make up.
      Lin Feng's choice of last wish is totally different from their choice of last wish.
      Before Lin Feng chose, he had already analyzed which will be more sure according to his own situation.
      And they, by pure contrast, choose the one they think is the simplest.
      To put it bluntly, they are a group of ordinary people, who have no chance to fulfill their last wishes, even one in a million.
      They don't even have the qualification to run with them. They just make up.
      Qin Yue looked at Lin Feng's reward and said nothing.
      The heart is envious.
      Soon, in the evening.
      Lin Feng had dinner and went back to the house.
      After washing, he leans on the sofa, opens the live room, and constantly switches among the live rooms of each challenger.
      After watching it around, I feel a little bored.
      This is the third day of the challenge. These challengers have not even started to challenge.
      If it wasn't for the huge gimmick and attraction of the program group itself, it would make the program group cry for their parents because of their performance.
      He took a look at the prestige value, 9.58 million!
      Ten million is almost a step away.
      Near midnight, the reputation value finally broke through the 10 million mark!
      Without any hesitation, Lin Feng directly upgraded [parachute jump].
      [parachute jumping (Master)]: you have the parachute jumping technology beyond professional level, you can use skills to deal with various possible risks, and you have achieved the real unity of human and parachute!
      Just from the introduction point of view, it seems that compared with entering the room, the promotion is not big.
      But in fact, at this moment, accepting the knowledge of [parachute (Master)], he can extremely clearly distinguish how big the gap between the two is!
      This gap is mainly reflected in the handling of some emergencies, as well as the more exquisite control of parachute jumping technology.
      This is what Lin Feng needs most.
      If we say that he is confident that he will be able to complete this challenge.
      Then master level parachute jump, he is 100% sure!
      After all, this last wish is more than 20000 meters skydiving.
      If it's just like this, it's enough to meet Lin Feng's requirements.
      But the most important point of this will is the fixed point!
      After jumping from a height of 20000 meters, the parachute is controlled to accurately land at the specified place below 20000 meters.
      When all the prestige values are used up, Lin Feng goes to sleep.
      The next morning.
      Lin Feng is eating breakfast outside and watching the program at the same time.
      “Just now, I got a message.”Zhang Kai's voice came from the screen: “Challenger 62 was officially eliminated at 8:10 this morning.”
      Lin Feng was stunned.
      Someone's been eliminated?
      So fast?
      “No. 62 Challenger challenged the 176th will [to participate in underground boxing], he did not participate, but chose to give up this morning,” Zhang said
      The mainland does not allow the existence of underground boxing, so the Challenger went directly to Xiangjiang and signed up for an underground boxing match.
      These two days, he watched the underground boxing match on the spot, but was scared by the bloody and dangerous underground boxing match.
      So he finally decided to give up.
      This is a very rational choice.
      After all, the requirement of underground boxing is not just one fight, but 18 consecutive wins!
      For an ordinary person who has not experienced training, let alone 18 games, it is impossible to stick to one.
      This is actually a simple multiple choice question, money or death.
      62Challenger number one chose life.
      “Now, Tianhe Group will randomly select one applicant to become a new challenger.”
      Zhang Kai stared at the plane on the table and said, “Tianhe Group will soon choose a new challenger. Let's wait quietly.”
      Almost at the moment when his voice had just dropped, the landline in front of him rang out.
      He put through the phone, click on the PA: “Hello, this is the” wish list “program group, I am the host Zhang Kai.”
      “Hello, I'm the notary of Tianhe Group. The new challenger has been selected and the information has been sent.”
      “Yes, thank you.”
      Hang up the phone, Zhang Kai said: “please send the new challenger information to the staff.”
      Soon, a staff member appeared in the camera and sent a piece of information.
      The audience and netizens were also surprised by the sudden appearance of elimination information.
      “It's only the fourth day, and someone has been eliminated?”
      “No. 62, I remember him, is a fat house. I was still wondering at that time that the fat house had the courage to choose this last wish.”
      “There are substitutes. Does that mean I have a chance?”
      “Wake up, don't dream, millions of people sign up, 100 people are selected, you have a chance to fart.”
      Zhang Kai took the information and said, “the new challenger 62, named Li Dongliang…”
      After a pause, Zhang Kai suddenly said softly, “well, Mr. Li Dongliang, his resume is really not simple.If only from the perspective of his resume, I think he is likely to become the second challenger to fulfill his last wish in the “list of last wishes” program
      Qu Li said, “what does he do?”
      Jiang Haidao: “don't play tricks, or the netizens will scold you to death.”
      “NIMA, Kaizi, you are gone with the wind. Speak quickly!”
      “Gan!Believe it or not, millions of soldiers will come and give you a mouthful of saliva? ”
      Lin Feng was also curious. Just looking at his resume, he felt that he had hope to fulfill his last wish.
      How good is this man?
      Zhang Kai said with a smile, “let me talk about the last wish he chose. Like most challengers, he also chose the 14th last wish, [20000 meter high altitude fixed-point parachute jump].”
      “And his identity is…”
      At this point, Zhang Kai pondered again for a few seconds, until the barrage began to appear greetings, then said: “he is a retired airborne soldier!”*
      Chapter 24 start the challenge, go to the parachute base![Fifth change] for flowers, for evaluation tickets
      “He's a retired airborne!”
      Zhang Kai said: “in addition, during his service, he once won two collective second-class meritorious service, one individual second-class meritorious service and four third-class meritorious service, and was rated as an excellent soldier.”
      Jiang Hai tut tut exclaimed: “this resume is really dazzling.”
      Qu Li said: “what's more, the last wish he chose was just made for him.”
      “You're right. He could really be the second successful challenger.”Miao Li said.
      “If I remember correctly…” Zhou Lingling embroidered eyebrows and frowned: “what Lin Feng chose is also this last wish.”
      Zhang Kai said with a smile: “yes, he also chose this last wish.And Lin Feng's physical quality is also excellent. Now, it depends on who can fulfill this last wish. ”
      “What if two people fulfill a last wish at the same time?” Jiang Hai asked
      “Whoever finishes first will be rewarded,” Zhang said
      “What about the other challengers who choose the same will?”
      “They will be eliminated immediately.”
      “Well, the rules are cruel.”
      A few people talk between, the landline on the table, rings again.
      “Hello, this is the” wish list “program group
      “Hello, Zhang Kai. I'm Lin Feng.”
      “Lin Feng?HelloZhang Kai had some accidents.
      When others heard that it was Lin Feng, they did not speak and listened quietly.
      Lin Feng said: “please contact the cameraman. I will start today to challenge my new will.”
      “OK, please keep your mobile phone unblocked. The cameraman will contact you at the first time.”
      “Yes, thank you.”
      Hang up the phone, Zhang Kai said: “very unexpected, really unexpected.”
      Miao Li said, “yes, I thought Lin Feng would wait seven days before he began to challenge.”
      After a sip of tea, Jiang Hai said thoughtfully, “I guess Lin Feng may feel the pressure.”
      “I feel the same way.”Qu Li said: “he probably worried that the No. 62 Challenger would finish the challenge before him, so he ended his vacation ahead of time.”
      Zhang Kai asked: “several observers, who do you think is more likely to fulfill this last wish, Lin Feng or Li Dongliang?”
      Qu Li and Jiang Hai said in one voice: “Li Dongliang.”
      Zhou Lingling also said: “although I like Lin Feng very much and think highly of him, he is a retired airborne soldier after all.Only this last wish, Lin Feng does not have any advantage. ”
      “Although my brother Lin is strong, this last wish can't be done with excellent physical quality.”
      “Yes, and the other side is still airborne, which is very professional and appropriate!”
      Duck king: no brain supports me, lingo!
      Lin Feng chose to challenge today for some reasons.
      But in fact, since last night when he upgraded parachute jump to master, he has decided to start the challenge today.
      The appearance of Li Dongliang only made him advance the time a few hours.
      Although he felt that even the professional parachutists could not always complete the fixed-point parachute jump.
      But the lion must fight the rabbit with all his strength.
      He will never underestimate any of his rivals.
      Nanshan County, Huizhou.
      In an ordinary residential building, a 30-year-old man with a height of 1.83 meters, a strong figure and a long hair, suddenly received a phone call.
      After answering the phone, a smile appeared on the man's face.
      He became a substitute challenger of the “list of last wishes” program group. When the other party asked him which last wish he chose, he did not hesitate to say what he had already decided.
      In three hours, the cameraman will arrive and begin the official live broadcast.
      And he also began to prepare for the challenge.
      Professional running shoes, with good shock absorption effect.
      Warm clothes, can let him resist the cold.
      There is not much preparation he can do, but within the scope of preparation, he has to do his best.
      On the other hand, Lin Feng waited at home for an hour and a half.
      The cameraman arrived.
      He had put on his sneakers, put on his baseball cap and met the cameraman in the hall.
      “Are you ready, Mr. Lin?”
      “All right.”
      “OK, let's start live.”
      The cameraman turns on the camera, and the No.1 studio with black screen for a few days starts broadcasting again.
      When the live broadcast room started, the number of online people broke through 500000 in an instant!
      Duck king: Lin Ge, your licking dog is coming!
      “Finally, I see brother Lin again. I miss you so much!”
      “Two days. I haven't seen you for two days. Do you know how I got here these two days?”
      “Did you find out?It seems that Lin Ge has become handsome. ”
      “Brother Lin is handsome, OK?”
      “I mean, Ringo's got more temperament.”
      “NIMA!Even if a dog lives in a few hundred million mansions, it can also have temperament!If you want to lick it, don't you think so? ”
      Zhang Kai looked at the crazy rising data in Lin Feng's live broadcast room and said, “it's worthy of Lin Feng. The popularity is really terrible.”
      “It's more than terror. On the first day of the program, he was on the microblog hot search, and he occupied the top of the hot search list for two days in a row!”
      “It's said that even the world champion of marathon, congratulations to him personally.”
      Jiang Haidao: “his strength is worthy of this heat.”
      Zhang Kai gave a hum and said, “he seems to be booking tickets.”
      Lin Feng is indeed booking tickets. He is booking tickets for the high-speed railway to Jiande.
      There will be a place for him to challenge his second will.
      The crew immediately ordered tickets for the cameraman on the same train as Lin Feng.
      After booking the ticket, Lin Feng walked outside and stopped a car, which was toward the high-speed railway station.
      Getting off the bus, Lin Feng suddenly turned around and stretched out his hand to the three photographers: “the taxi fee is 30 yuan, for four of us, 7.5 yuan each.”
      The cameraman was stunned, you look at me, I look at you, and finally said: “that… We have to contact the program team.”
      “Keep in touch as you go.”
      Let's take the bus together. According to the principle, it's no problem to divide the fare equally among four people.
      However, Lin Feng's operation really failed many people to respond.
      Zhang Kai was a bit embarrassed: “Lin Feng is really economical.”
      Zhou Lingling said, “he doesn't violate the rules of the program group, does he?”
      “Not really.”Miao Li shook his head: “after all, the photographer really rubs the car…”
      “Ha ha ha, laugh to death, brother Lin, you are also a billionaire. How can you pull this face?”
      “I really can't open this mouth.”
      “Other challengers have also played with cameramen, but lingo is the first one to ask for money.”
      Duck king: what do you know, lingo? It's a reasonable use of all rules within the scope of permission. It's all right, OK?What's more, more than 20 yuan is enough for Lin Ge to have a meal. This money must be saved!
      While waiting for the bus, the photographer gave the money to Lin Feng, 22.5 yuan.
      Lin Feng put it in his pocket and asked casually, “when we get to the place later, let's have lunch together?”
      The cameraman shook his head like a rattle: “no, no, we'll eat it ourselves.”
      “All right.”
      Lin Feng has some regrets.
      If we eat together, we can order more dishes and share the money equally. What a good deal.
      I really don't know how to live*
      The difficulty of Chapter 25 can be ranked in the top three, but you think it is the simplest?Seeking flowers
      Taking the high-speed railway, Lin Feng closed his eyes.
      Program group, Zhang Kai suddenly said: “just now, the program group ushered in a new observer.”
      Zhou Lingling said strangely, “is there a new observer?”
      “Yes, the observer is outside. Let's welcome him,” Zhang said
      At the end of the speech, a 30-year-old man walked into the camera and sat down on the vacant seat beside the table.
      “Let me introduce you.”
      Zhang Kai said: “this is Mr. Luo Jun, who is a field survival expert and proficient in field survival knowledge. He has d-level parachute jumping coach certificate and diving Certificate…”
      With his introduction, several people on the scene are open mouth.
      “Wow, brother Luo is so powerful!”
      “With so many certificates, how did you do it?”
      Luo Jun with a reserved smile: “these are nothing, an ordinary person, as long as want to do, also can do.”
      “Dear, the program team invited a great God this time.”
      “I lost it. It's Luo Jun!The true God of extreme sports, once sponsored by red bull. ”
      “He took part in low jump last year and won the championship.”
      “How do I feel, this is a special observer for Ringo?”
      “I feel the same way.”
      Indeed, as they guessed, the program group was Luo Jun specially invited.
      From the first wish of Lin Feng's challenge, the program team suddenly found that the three observers invited had no way to explain.
      It was also their fault.
      According to the general program, the observer is the activity atmosphere, through their own experience, output some views.
      But the wish list is not the same as other programs, or even has nothing in common.
      The old method is useless in the list of last wishes.
      Do you give chicken soup to the audience when they do push ups?
      It's too disobedient, OK.
      So they invited Luo Jun.
      At least, there has to be a professional who can live in town.
      As for the others, just shout 666.
      Zhang Kai simply said the current situation once again, and then looked at Luo Jun: “Luo Jun, do you think, among these challengers at present, who is the most hopeful to fulfill his last wish?”
      “62.”He calmly and rationally analyzed: “this Mr. Li Dongliang is a retired airborne soldier. His own quality has been reflected in his resume.He is the most hopeful person to fulfill his last wish. ”
      He changed the subject and said, “No.1, there's a chance.”
      “But No. 1 has no experience in parachute jumping, at least according to the information we got,” Zhang asked
      Luo Jun shook his head: “do you forget so soon that he has just completed a last wish?”
      Qu Li said, “but his last wish has nothing to do with skydiving.”
      “Who says it doesn't matter?”
      Luo Jun laughed and said, “it's related, and it's very related.”
      Jiang Hai said curiously, “how do you say that?”
      Luo Jun said: “parachute jumping is also a sport, and belongs to a kind of extreme sports.Any extreme sports, for physical fitness requirements, are very high, parachute jumping is the same.I have read the 133 last wish of challenge 1.His physical quality is quite abnormal, even for professional athletes, there is no way to compare with him.His body is in a fairly balanced state. No matter what sports he participates in, he can achieve good results
      “Although he doesn't have parachute jumping experience, judging from his excellent physical fitness, he has great talent in all kinds of sports, which complement each other.”
      “Therefore, among the 100 people, No. 1 is the only one except No. 62. I think he is very likely to complete the challenge.”
      “Of course, parachute jumping requires not only physical quality, but also psychological quality.”
      After the analysis, Luo Jun said in silence: “in fact, I don't particularly understand why there are so many people choosing the 14th will.”
      “I can understand the choice of No. 62 and No. 1, because their physical quality is excellent, and one of them is a retired airborne soldier.”
      “But I can't understand other people's choice.”
      Qu Li said: “I think it's easy to understand, because in contrast, fixed-point skydiving is really the easiest.”
      Jiang Hai nodded: “I think so, too.”
      “Easy?”Luo Jun's eyes were strangely swept over the two faces, and immediately looked at other people: “do you think so, too?”
      Zhou Lingling and Miao Li nodded, and Zhang Kai also nodded.
      They really think that the fixed-point parachute jumping is relatively the simplest.
      “Isn't it?I also think it's the easiest. ”
      “What's Luo Da Shen's personal opinion?”
      [duck king]: in fact, it's normal for Luo Da Shen to have this reaction. In fact, at the beginning, I knew that most people chose this last wish, and I was also very confused.
      Luo Jun shook his head and said with a bitter smile, “you've neglected a little.”
      “This is not an ordinary fixed-point parachute jump, but a 20000 meter high-altitude fixed-point parachute jump!”
      “I don't know if you have a clear understanding of the height of 20000 meters.”
      “I'll talk to you briefly.”
      Luo Jun took up his pen, wrote and drew on the paper in front of him, and said: “when the height rises to 20000 meters, the air at this height is very thin, and it is almost difficult to breathe enough oxygen for survival.And the temperature is very low, about 130 degrees below zero. ”
      He put down his pen, looked at some dull looking people, and asked with a smile, “now, do you still think that this last wish is the easiest to accomplish?”
      “Wori, 130 below zero?”
      “NIMA, how do you dance?”
      “I thoughtIt's like a normal parachute jump. ”
      Duck king: normal parachute jumping is three or four kilometers. How can it be the same?It's right for the program team to invite Luo Jun, the great God. It's too professional. Most people don't have such professional knowledge at hand.
      “Not to mention lingo, even if it's the airborne soldier, I don't think I can finish it.”
      “Take away the feeling, it's impossible for anyone to do it.Twenty thousand meters high, even if you dare to jump, who can guarantee to fall at that point?You can't see anything at that height. ”
      “I don't know if Lin Ge will give up when he reaches the height because he is too scared to jump…”
      They thought it was just a little more difficult parachute jump.
      But now, after listening to Luo Jun's explanation, they found that it was not human that could jump.
      At three pm.
      Members of the film crew come to Li Dongliang's home and repeat the rules of the program team to him face to face.
      “Mr. Li, if there's no problem, we'll live from now on.”
      “No problem. Let's go.”
      “All right.”
      Room 62, which has been black for a long time, is open again.
      Meanwhile, the cameraman said, “from now on, you have 30 days to fulfill this last wish.”
      Li Dongliang said, “I'm going to Jiande now. You can also book a ticket.”
      What's the meaning of this?
      You're about to challenge?*
      Chapter 26 class D professional parachutists, jump 10000 times, probably can complete one time
      Li Dongliang is very decisive. He has already determined what he wants to do.
      So as soon as the cameraman arrived, he immediately ordered the tickets.
      In his opinion, this kind of thing can't be delayed.
      The initial capital is only one thousand yuan. What's that enough for?
      There are more than 200 tickets. When you get there, you have to live. According to the minimum standard, you have to spend two or three hundred and one days.
      He has to keep in good shape. He can't treat himself badly in terms of food and drink, and he is also calculated according to the standard of 300 yuan a day.
      Although the cost of skydiving is borne by Tianhe Group, others only bear the cost of skydiving once.
      If one fails, there is no second.
      The money on them doesn't support them to continue for the second time.
      Therefore, this is a one-time success of the will challenge project.
      In that case, there is no hesitation.
      Go straight ahead, adjust to the state after you get to the place, adjust the state, and you can jump.
      He also saw other challengers, some of whom had already arrived at the parachute base a day or two ago, but refused to jump.
      I don't know what they're waiting for.
      If you wait like this, you'll run out of money, you'll be in a bad state, and you won't be able to complete the jump.
      The cameraman immediately ordered tickets and followed him.
      “It seems that Li Dongliang is going to set out directly.”Miao Li said: “he is decisive in doing things. Other challengers are hesitant on the first day. They feel that they can't start.”
      Jiang Haidao said: “if you set a good goal, you should start towards it. This is a soldier. There is a sense of self-confidence in his heart.”
      Zhou Lingling said: “he also went to Jiande. It's strange why he went there?Is it because you know Lin Feng is there? ”
      Luo Jun said: “Jiande is one of the top ten skydiving bases in China. His home is closest to Jiande, so it's normal to go there.”
      “Oh, yes.”
      Zhou Lingling spat out her little tongue. She really didn't know that.
      “Eh, the challenge starts on the 37th.”
      Zhang Kai looks at the switching studio. This is a young man. He is taking a high-altitude hot-air balloon to go up slowly.
      Zhou Lingling said strangely: “why take a hot air balloon?Isn't there a plane? ”
      Luo said: “civil aircraft can't fly as high as that. Generally, they can only fly to 12000 meters, and some can fly to 15000 meters.Beyond that, it's a commercial military aircraft, or a hot air balloon. ”
      “Oh, oh.”
      “I learned a lot from brother Luo.”
      “Mm-hmm, me too. I feel brother Luo knows a lot.”
      Zhou Lingling and Miao Li said with admiration.
      Luo Jun made a big red face, a little shy.
      He has never been praised by two such beautiful girls.
      “Let's see if Challenger 37 can succeed in the end,” Zhang said
      After all, it's not for the sake of watching a few of their observers and hosts that the program is started.
      With the rising of hot air balloon, netizens' emotions have been aroused.
      When the balloon reached 3000 meters, No. 37 suddenly turned pale and sat down in the balloon with a shaking voice: “II give up the challenge. ”
      How many people are Zhang Kai
      “Give up the challenge?What's wrong with the brain? ”
      “NIMA, how tall is that? You didn't even carry your umbrella bag and safety suit, so you gave up?”
      “Wori, a good place is wasted by you.”
      “Ha ha ha, I have hope, Ya's hurry to give up, the next 37 is me!”
      “Are you sure you want to give up?” the cameraman asked
      “Give up, let me down, I'll go down now!”
      “Why did you give up?”
      “Why?Because I'm afraid of heights
      “I…”The cameraman has nothing to say.
      “Poof, I'm so happy. I'm afraid of heights. Why do you choose skydiving?”
      “Ha ha ha, I'm crazy to laugh. A man who is afraid of heights has chosen skydiving. What a magical brain circuit this guy has.”
      “I guess I'm afraid of heights when I fly up.”
      “Laugh fart, change you also not to dare jump.”
      “If you don't brag, I'd dare to jump!”
      37No. 1 was eliminated.
      Tianhe Group continues to select substitutes.
      On the other side, Lin Feng has arrived in Jiande City.
      Out of the station, Lin Feng immediately stopped the car, and then looked at the cameraman.
      The latter, with a slight puff of his mouth, kept up.
      They have to follow the shooting 24 hours, they have to be in the same car with Lin Feng, and the car money has to be shared.
      On the bus, the driver asked, “where are you going?”
      “Thousand Island Lake Airport.”
      “Sit still.”
      The driver stepped on the accelerator, and the car was on the road, heading for the airport.
      There are many places to choose.
      The nearest to Lin Feng is Jiande Qiandaohu airport parachute base.
      It is also the first parachute base in East China and one of the bases with the largest passenger flow at present. It is very professional and has all kinds of equipment. It can even carry out one-to-one special customized service.
      An hour later, Lin Feng got out of the car and came to the parachute base.
      “Lin Feng has arrived at his destination.”
      Zhang Kai said: “he chose the hump skydiving club, which is a very professional skydiving base.”
      Miao Li said, “I'm looking forward to it.”
      “If there is no accident, Lin Feng should jump tomorrow.”Jiang Hai looked at Luo Jun and said, “I'm really curious. If a professional parachutist jumps at a height of 20000 meters, how many percent of the probability will he be able to do it?”
      Luo Jun pondered for a few seconds, pondered for a long time, and gave a data: “if a person with a d-level skydiving certificate jumps 10000 times, he can probably finish one time.”
      “So hard?”
      “My God, one in ten thousand chance!”
      Several people were shocked, and netizens were also frightened.
      “What's the level of d-level parachute certificate?”Zhou Lingling asked suddenly.
      Luo Jun said: “according to the meter standard, parachute jumping is divided into ABCD four standards, and D is the highest.A certificate needs to complete 25 independent parachutes, and pass the UspA's oral test parachute test to get it. It costs about 30000 yuan to pass one time.B certificate requires more than 50 times of independent parachuting, and in accordance with the provisions of action assessment, also need oral test.Add that up to about 80000 yuan. ”
      “The number of parachute jumping of C card is required to be more than 200 times. According to the required action assessment and oral test, it costs about 150000 yuan.”
      “D card is the most difficult, the number of parachute jumping is at least 500 times, and there are many difficult movements.Starting from certificate A, if the whole process goes smoothly, it will take three years at the fastest, and it will cost at least 300000 to get certificate D. ”
      People are so stupid.
      “D card300000?It's a money burning campaign. ”
      “Nonsense. Parachuting costs money. It costs two or three thousand yuan to jump once. Ordinary people can't afford to play.”
      “The great God of Luo Jun is a real great God. It's terrible to have a d-level certificate!”
      “The most terrible thing is that even D-class athletes have to jump 10000 times before they can fulfill their last wish?”
      Until now, people suddenly find out how difficult this last wish is.
      It's not as simple as they think.
      Looking at Lin Feng and Li Dongliang, they suddenly felt that even they could not fulfill this last wish.
      [7:00, take a bath, continue, ask for flowers and tickets ~]*
      Chapter 27 steel straight man, difficulty adjustment!Ask for flowers, monthly tickets and evaluation tickets
      Hump skydiving club is in Qiandaohu airport. Lin Feng came here and found a hotel to stay. It cost 400 yuan.
      Entering the room, he made a calculation, and the balance was less than 400 yuan, which was enough for him to eat and drink today and tomorrow.
      In the evening, when we were going to have dinner, the doorbell suddenly rang.
      Lin Feng went to open the door. Outside the door stood a man about his height. Behind the man were three cameramen.
      Leng for a while, Lin Feng immediately reaction, this person should also be a challenger.
      Two people smile to say hello, the other side way: “my name is Li Dongliang, 62 challenger.”
      Lin Feng unexpected way: “is today's substitute Challenger?”
      “Come in and sit down for a while?”
      “Have you eaten?”Li Dongliang asked.
      “Not yet. I'm going to dinner.”
      “Why don't we get together?”
      Lin Feng can't get it.
      Two AA system, you can eat several more dishes.
      “Dinner with Ringo on the 62nd?”
      “What's the situation?Do you want to cooperate? ”
      “You think too much about how to cooperate in skydiving.”
      “62 is not the one who came here to get off the horse, is it?”
      “Can't you think of the good?I think number 62 is very good. ”
      “This should be the first time that two challengers have dinner together,” Zhang said
      “Yes, and it's still in the process of challenge,” he said
      “They don't look nervous at all.”Zhou Lingling said: “I feel that they are both confident.”
      “They are confident because they don't know what 20000 meters means,” Luo said
      Lin Feng and Li Dongliang came to a restaurant and sat by the window.
      There are many people in the restaurant. There are many tourists who come to experience skydiving, mostly young men and women.
      No sooner had they sat down than someone found out.
      Two girls run past with small steps, looking at Lin Feng with bright eyes: “Lin Feng, are you Lin Feng?”
      “WellI am
      Being accosted by the girl, Lin Feng is a little uncomfortable.
      “Ah, it's really Lin Feng. I really like you!”
      “I watched your live broadcast a few days ago!”
      Excited for a while, the girl suddenly asked, “brother Lin, do you mind if we have dinner together?”
      Before waiting for Lin Feng to speak, Li Dongliang suddenly said, “sorry, I have something personal to talk about with Lin Feng.”
      The girl felt sorry, but she didn't have the cheek to stay.
      Take out your mobile phone, ask for a group photo, and then leave.
      “Hu ~” Li Dongliang breathed a sigh of relief and said in a low voice, “I only have 370 yuan left on me. You should be similar to me. The two of us add up to more than 700 yuan. We can't afford to invite this guest.”
      Lin Feng suddenly, he just really did not think of this heavy, at this time can not help but give Li Dongliang a thumbs up: “or brother Li considerate!”
      Li Dongliang said with a smile: “there's no way. I'll parachute tomorrow. Before that, I have to make sure I have enough to eat.”
      The conversation between the two people was completely captured by the camera.
      “Good guy, I'll step on the horse, good guy!”
      “The iron man in legend?”
      “Hahaha, brother Li, this wave is in the ozone layer!”
      “I was almost fooled just now, but they were on the air. What conversation can't be seen?Love is to save money. ”
      “Those two girls are expected to die of depression.”
      [duck king]: women only affect the speed of LINGO's sword drawing.
      Netizens simply laugh spray, in order to save money, just take the initiative to chat up the girl also drove away.
      Zhang Kai was also surprised by the wave of Li Dongliang's operation and said with emotion: “his reaction is really fast.”
      “Yes, it was really fast. Just now my first reaction was to agree to their demands.”
      “Me too.”
      Jiang Hai and Qu Li nodded one after another.
      Luo Jun said with admiration: “it's worthy of being a soldier. His on-the-spot reaction ability is very good.”
      Zhou Lingling and Miao Li were speechless and said, “shouldn't we invite them together?”
      “Ask them to come?”Several men looked at the two women with an incredible face: “they only have more than 700 yuan in total. Can you afford it?”
      “The most important thing is to fulfill the last wish.”
      “Besides, they don't know each other. Why invite them?”
      The two women had nothing to say for a while. After a while, they said, “they didn't say that they had to treat. It could be AA.”
      Luo Jun shook his head: “if it was me, I would do the same.Even if they will AA, but there is a certain possibility that they will not AA. For the sake of insurance, it's best to refuse directly. ”
      “That's right.”
      “If it were me, I would refuse.”
      Zhang Kai several people also said.
      The two girls had nothing to say.
      On the table.
      They ordered five dishes and one soup.
      Lin Feng said: “I've calculated that this meal adds up to 311.”
      “Within my reach.”Li Dongliang is very happy.
      Lin Feng asked, “brother Li, when do you Parachute?”
      “Tomorrow at noon, after lunch, about three o'clock.”Li Dongliang asked, “what about you?”
      “About the same time as you.”Lin Feng added: “the airflow at that point is the most stable.”
      Li Dongliang was surprised and said, “do you have any research on skydiving?”
      “A little bit.”
      “Well.”Seeing that Lin Feng didn't want to say much, he didn't ask much.
      After all, in terms of identity, they are actually competing.
      After a meal, the two AA paid, and then walked towards the hotel.
      After arriving at the hotel, Li Dongliang asked, “do you want to have breakfast together tomorrow morning?”
      “Then I'll come to you tomorrow.”
      Agreed on a good time, the two are separated, each back to the room.
      After washing, Lin Feng went to bed and had a rest.
      He lay in bed, eyes closed, looking at his reputation.
      The reputation value used up last time has risen to 500000 after today's live broadcast!
      Compared with the increase of 5.6 million in the previous day, only 500000 is not much.
      He immediately started the lottery.
      “Congratulations to the host for obtaining [gene drink]”
      “Congratulations to the host for obtaining [gene drink]”
      “Congratulations on getting [Sunglasses]”
      “Congratulations to the host for getting [chocolate]”
      “Congratulations to the host for obtaining [difficulty adjustment dice]”
      He took two bottles of drinks and let Lin Feng's heart blossom.
      He looked at several things behind one by one.
      [Sunglasses]: windproof sunglasses, which can block ultraviolet rays, prevent dust and wind from confusing eyes, and don't use lenses, you are worth having!
      OK, this is a kind of high-grade Sunglasses with special material.
      Chocolate: hungry, have a piece of chocolate!High calorie food is a necessary good food to satisfy hunger. One piece can cover the whole day!
      For Lin Feng, the only function of this thing is to save money.
      Difficulty adjustment Dice: it takes effect after shaking. After use, the difficulty is adjusted randomly and the duration is random.
      Thank you for your reward and your monthly pass.
      Eight more, crazy for flowers, monthly tickets, evaluation tickets]*
      Chapter 28 luck, idiot, hell mode![the first change] for flowers, for evaluation tickets, for monthly tickets
      “What is this?”
      Lin Feng stares at the dice, a question mark.
      He lifted the quilt, ran to the toilet, pretended to be a tuba, and took out the dice.
      This is a very common hexahedral dice, but there are no numbers on it, only difficult.
      “Lucky, idiot, simple, normal, difficult, hell.”
      Six words, representing six kinds of difficulty.
      Among them, the probability of meeting difficulties and hell mode is only two in six.
      Lin Feng wants to know how lucky the lucky mode is and how idiotic the idiot mode is.
      But he didn't use it immediately. He had to use it at a specific time, otherwise it would be too wasteful.
      Put away the dice, Lin Feng is back to bed to rest.
      The next morning.
      Hardly had he finished washing when there was a knock on the door.
      Here comes Li Dongliang.
      Two people eat breakfast, casual chat.
      “It's a nice day today, with high visibility, which is very suitable for skydiving.”
      “I heard that three more challengers were eliminated today.”
      “If you succeed in this challenge, which will you choose next time?”
      “Next…”Lin Feng shook his head: “I haven't thought about it yet.”
      Li Dongliang said: “walking through no man's land, underground boxing, I will choose one of these two last wishes.”
      Lin Feng took a look at him and was surprised.
      It's not that he's surprised by his two last wishes, but that he's been thinking so far.
      It can be seen that Li Dongliang is very confident in the fixed-point parachute jump at an altitude of 20000 meters, and seems to have a great grasp to complete it.
      It seems to see Lin Feng's surprise, Li Dongliang said: “we parachutists usually trained fixed-point parachute jump, of course, did not jump in 20000 meters high place, but the truth is the same.”
      After a pause, he said, “sorry, we are competitive after all. I have some experience and skills that I can't tell you without reservation.”
      “I understand.”Lin Feng nodded.
      After all, they had only known each other for more than ten hours and had little contact with each other.
      If only on the experience of parachute jumping, now in the world, no one dares to say that Lin Feng has rich experience.
      Although he didn't jump the umbrella once, his experience was imprinted in his bones.
      He is not clear about Li Dongliang's strategy, but he has his own strategy and will not tell him now.
      “Brother Li is very confident, especially confident, but Luo Dashen said that if you jump from this height, you may succeed once in 10000 times, so I don't think brother Li can finish it.”
      “It's hard to say that the training of parachutists can't be compared with ordinary parachute jumping.”
      “Anyway, brother Li is definitely the most likely one.”
      “Every second is like a year. I want to watch brother Li parachute now!”
      Since yesterday, Li Dongliang's popularity has leapt to the third place.
      Second only to the program group and Lin Feng, there are 700000 people online.
      Lin Feng's live studio has 1.1 million people online, which is quite terrifying.
      This is still nothing to do, when they start to challenge in the afternoon, traffic will soar.
      Zhang Kai said: “I just contacted the local meteorological department of Jiande. Today, the weather in Jiande is sunny, the visibility is very high, and the wind is very small. It's very suitable for skydiving.”
      Miao Li said, “I heard from Li Dongliang and Lin Feng that they are going to parachute around 3 p.m. why do they choose that time?Is there anything particular about it? ”
      This is to ask Luo Jun, the latter smile, said: “it is really exquisite.”
      “Generally speaking, the best time to parachute is when the sun just rises or one or two hours before the sun sets, because the wind is usually the calmest and the air flow is very stable during this period of time.”
      “For experienced skydiving enthusiasts, they don't consider these subtle factors, because the height of their parachute is not greatly affected.But for No. 62 and No. 1, these subtle factors become very important. ”
      “So it is.”A few people's expression of insight.
      This kind of cold knowledge is not professional. I really can't understand it.
      In a flash of time, it was afternoon.
      Lin Feng and Li Dongliang check out one after another and deposit their ID cards at the front desk of the hotel.
      Then he went to the restaurant and spent all his money on the lunch.
      “Brother Lin and brother Li, they don't leave a way out for themselves at all.”
      [duck king]: I appreciate lingo's indomitable momentum!
      “In fact, it should be like this. What's the point of having 30 days to prepare?Can 1000 yuan last a month? ”
      “Yes, it's better to leave it to God if it can be done.”
      Among the 100 challengers, Lin Feng and Li Dongliang are definitely the most alternative.
      In them, people see a kind of personality called “free and easy”.
      Other people would never dare to do this.
      After all, if you fulfill your last wish, you can get a huge reward.
      Whoever gets the quota of challenge will be more cautious!
      Even if they know that Lin Feng and Li Dongliang are the most correct.
      But they still dare not challenge at the first time.
      Even more dare not so natural and unrestrained 1000 yuan of initial funds, in a way without a plan to use up.
      Afternoon, two thirty.
      The two people who had a good rest took the shuttle bus of the parachute base to the parachute base.
      This is a huge open space, surrounded by green grass, in the distance is the Thousand Island Lake Airport.
      The roar of taking off and landing of airliners was heard from time to time.
      A parachute special civil aircraft, neatly parked on the tarmac, base staff with walkie talkie scheduling, coaches leading tourists to parachute to take the plane.
      Two huge hot-air balloons, already filled with helium, were tethered down from the hanging basket and nailed to the iron ring on the ground to keep them from flying.
      Lin Feng looked up and said casually, “the level 10 ball is filled with helium and reinforced with nylon shell. Even if it's hooked by the bird's claws, it won't be any accident.”
      Li Dongliang looked at him in surprise.
      Zhang Kai was also surprised: “Lin Feng knows a lot.”
      “It seems that he has done a lot of homework,” Luo said
      “What's the meaning of a tenfold ball?”The two women asked curiously.
      Luo Jun said: “the size of a hot-air balloon is the highest, with a volume of 4000-6000 cubic meters.If you want to go up to 20000 meters, you have to use a level 10 ball, and you have to fill it with helium.Ordinary hot-air balloon is to heat the air and generate buoyancy flight by the difference between the air density inside and outside the balloon.But if you want to rise to the height of 20000 meters, the density difference alone will not work, so you have to use helium
      “So it is.”
      Several people nodded.
      Zhou Lingling suddenly pointed to a huge net tens of meters away from the balloon on the screen and asked, “what is that net?”*
      Chapter 29 I was so scared that I knelt down and asked for flowers and evaluation votes
      On the flat ground, there are four huge concrete pillars, which are 40 meters high and square.
      It's a huge net with four corners fixed on four pillars. The net is very soft and I don't know what material it is made of.
      When Zhou Lingling said this, other people were also curious to see it.
      Luo Jun doubts a way: “I have been to this parachute base, do not remember to have such a giant net.”
      “To meet people.”Zhang Kai reminded: “have you forgotten the content of the 14th will?”
      This said, a few people suddenly realized.
      Luo Jun asked: “this huge net is the fixed position?”
      “That's right.””They need to jump from 20000 meters and fall into this safety net,” Zhang said
      The staff in charge of receiving the challengers of the list of last wishes are also introducing them to Lin Feng.
      “The safety net in front of you is the last wish you need to fulfill this time – the fixed position of skydiving.”
      “The length and width of this safety net is 40 meters. The net is made of nylon rope net made by nano technology. It can bear a weight of 1000 Jin falling from 10000 meters without any damage.”
      “What you need to do is to find a way to accurately land in this 4040 safety net from an altitude of 20000 meters.”
      Lin Feng and his wife nodded slightly. They knew the details of skydiving for the first time.
      Looking at the safety net in front of him, even Lin Feng felt that it was very difficult.
      But he can do it.
      However, the risk to be taken is very large.
      “It's hard, more difficult than I thought.”Li Dongliang said.
      He originally thought that the fixed position, at least 100 meters.
      However, it is only 40 meters, too small.
      However, this can not shake his confidence and will.
      “Wo RI, is this something that people can accomplish?”
      “20000 meters high… The fixed position is only so big, can the ghost complete it?”
      “It's such a difficult last wish that the most people are chosen. What do you think?”
      [duck king]: I'm sure Ringo can do it!
      “Duck king, I suggest that you change the label to” Ringo sit down first brainless lick dog. ”
      “Yes, licking is not like this. Luo Dashen said that it's more difficult for me to finish one lick in 10000 times. It doesn't mean that one person can finish one lick in 100000 times.”
      The difficulty of parachute jumping is far beyond their imagination.
      “List of last wishes” is a new understanding of their “last wishes” again and again.
      If we say that the first last wish Lin Feng challenges is the limit of his physical fitness, then this last wish is completely determined by the will of heaven.
      They don't even think that simple parachute jumping skills can have any impact on this last wish.
      “Are you challenging now?”Asked the staff.
      Li Dongliang hesitated for a moment, but Lin Feng said: “now.”
      “Yes, Mr. Lin, please follow me.”The staff took Lin Feng directly to one of the hot air balloons.
      They climbed up the balloon, and the cameraman followed up, fixed the camera in several positions of the balloon, and then went down.
      “Skydiving starts now.”
      The staff said this, then waved to the people below, and the staff below untied the rope fixed on the iron rope.
      The balloon began to rise.
      The staff turned around and took out a suit of pressing clothes from the basket and handed it to Lin Feng: “put this on.”
      “Pressure suit?”Lin Feng frowned.
      “Yes, it's pressure suit.”The staff are very surprised. There are not many people who can recognize this thing at a glance.
      From the appearance, pressure suit and space suit are very similar, and the price is very expensive.
      Most importantly, most people can't buy it even if they have money.
      Luo Jun shook his head and exclaimed: “even the pressure suit is ready. Tianhe Group is really well prepared.”
      Jiang Hai did not understand and asked, “what is pressure clothing?”
      Luo jundao: “the special equipment for aerospace personnel is mainly to avoid hypoxia, decompression sickness and cold effect. It's really needed at an altitude of 20000 meters.Otherwise, just rising to that height will cause coma or even death due to thin air and low temperature.This pressure suit, at least a million. ”
      “I'll go. I even have this stuff. Tianhe Group is really inhumane!”
      “These clothes are so handsome!”
      “A set of millions. I'm sorry to disturb you. Goodbye.”
      Pressure suit is really handsome, but it will also seriously affect Lin Feng's operation.
      He suddenly saw that he wanted a dress, and his eyes suddenly lit up: “give me that.”
      The staff immediately shook his head: “no, this is…”
      “Divide and conquer.”Lin Feng took over: “I know what this is. Give this to me.”
      “No way…”
      “Talk to the crew. I'll wait for you here.”
      There is no doubt that Lin Feng has a strong attitude.
      Pressure clothing is divided into full pressure clothing and sub pressure clothing. What he has is full pressure clothing, so it is difficult to walk on his body.
      It's much lighter, and it's also warm and can resist the cold.
      The difference is that only part of the pressure is reduced.
      Unless you are a trained professional, if you wear this, the pressure will be very high at 20000 meters, and all kinds of movements will be very difficult.
      But for Lin Feng, there are no such problems.
      With his strong physical fitness, he can completely ignore other factors and enjoy the freedom of 20000 meters as an astronaut.
      In the process of staff contact, Luo Jun is also explaining the difference between sub pressure clothing and full pressure clothing.
      Luo Jun said: “it seems that No. 1 feels that the full pressing suit is too cumbersome, and it is true that the split pressing suit is more light and flexible.With his physical quality, he can really only wear a uniform. ”
      Qu Li asked, “will Tianhe Group agree to his request?”
      Zhang Kai said: “I will definitely agree. It can ensure that his vital signs will not be affected. As for whether he can adapt, it's his own choice.”
      As he expected, the staff got a definite reply after communicating with the people of Tianhe Group.
      “Mr. Lin, Tianhe Group agreed, but I still want to remind you that there is no way to compare the effect of sub pressure clothing with that of full pressure clothing.”
      Reminder of staff's due diligence.
      Lin Feng said, “I know.”
      “It's a split suit.”The staff subdued him.
      He picked up the press suit and began to wear it.
      When you wear it, you must take all the things off your body.
      Necklaces, rings, cell phones, etc.
      When he took out his things one by one and took them out of his pocket, a die suddenly slipped out of his pocket and fell into the basket.
      Lin Feng looked down and scolded secretly.
      Your sister forgot to put this away.
      Seeing the dice smashed in the basket and rolling, Lin Feng raised his heart.
      Finally, the dice stop turning, and the word “hell” faces up.
      “[difficulty adjustment dice] has taken effect, difficulty: Hell mode.Duration: 2 hours. ”
      In the system, Lin Feng's heart was cold at that time.
      Standing on the hot air balloon, looking at the ground farther and farther away from him, he wanted to ask: can you wait two hours before starting the challenge*
      Chapter 30 leap of faith!At this moment, 20000 meters high belongs to me![Third change] for flowers, for evaluation tickets
      It's a one in six chance that he'll meet you.
      Lin Feng didn't know whether to cry or to cry!
      I'm sure I can't get down.
      The hot air balloon has begun to take off, which means the challenge has begun.
      “What is it?”The staff looked down and saw nothing.
      After the dice are rolled, they disappear.
      “Nothing.”Lin Feng casually should be a, the staff looked around again, nothing to see, thought it was falling to which corner, also did not care.
      He took and Lin Feng exchange of full pressure clothes, silently put on.
      Lin Feng also began to wear, wearing good, he found another hot air balloon also launched.
      Li Dongliang began to challenge.
      “Mr. Lin, put this on.”
      This is a head mounted camera. In addition to the head, waist, shoulders, and legs, micro cameras are also fixed.
      At that time, Lin Feng's live studio screen will switch from multiple angles, so that people can more clearly feel the shock of 20000 meters.
      “Inhale ~ exhale ~”
      “Hell difficulty… Let me see how terrible it is!”
      Lin Feng adjusts his breath. It's a foregone conclusion. Since he doesn't intend to give up, accept it.
      He quickly adjusted his mind, standing on the edge of the basket, holding the basket with both hands, looking at the slowly shrinking ground, feeling very calm.
      He is not very clear, the so-called Hell difficulty, from which aspect will appear.
      But it doesn't matter. No matter what happens, he is confident that he can solve it.
      As for others, he is not worried.
      This kind of difficulty is only for him, and will not affect others.
      Otherwise, if it affects Li Dongliang's parachute jump, he will feel guilty.
      At this time, the helium balloon is at the speed of six meters per second, rising rapidly to the high altitude.
      Lin Feng also said at this time: “the rising speed of the helium balloon is about six meters per second, rising towards the sky at a constant speed. It is expected that it will fly for about 90 minutes, and finally reach an altitude of more than 20000 meters, that is, the height of the stratosphere.”
      Staff Leng under, nodded: “yes, it is really six meters per second.”
      He didn't know what Lin Feng said all of a sudden.
      Lin Feng looked at one of the fixed cameras, took a picture of the clothing on his body, and continued: “you should be very curious why I wear this.Let me briefly explain that when the height exceeds 18900 meters, if you don't wear pressurized clothing or stay in the pressurized pod, the loss of pressure and lack of oxygen caused by thin air will make people lose consciousness and even die soon.So you have to put on a special pressure suit similar to a spacesuit when you take off. ”
      He's mobilizing the program.
      A simple parachute jump may surprise many people, but if we let them know some other information in detail, it can increase their shock degree.
      He wants to let people understand how difficult and extreme he is challenging.
      When the balloon rises to an altitude of 1000 meters, the parachute base below is just a square in the eye.
      Lin Feng stretched out his hand and pointed to the bottom: “see?That's where my goal is. ”
      Jumping from a height of 20000 meters and finally falling into a safety net of 40 meters long and wide, it is difficult for people to connect these two figures.
      “Well, now, let's have a good look at the beauty of the sky.”
      He sat in the gondola and, after a while, looked at the height indicator.
      “It's 3500 meters now. There's already a weak wind in the air.”
      “It's 5500 meters now. We're passing through the high-level clouds. This is all cirroccumulus. You see, this wavy cloud represents a fine day today.”
      “Now it's 8900 meters. We are still in the troposphere. According to the ascending and descending speedometer, we can see that the speed of our ascent has slowed down. Now it's only 3 meters per second.”
      “Now it's 14000 meters, which is the tropopause and the flight altitude of ordinary airliners. The air flow at this altitude is relatively more stable.And from the launch to now, through the cirrus, high-level clouds, there is no sign of rain, it seems that today is indeed a suitable day for skydiving
      “Now it's the stratosphere, also known as the stratosphere. It's a layer in the earth's atmosphere that is hot at the top and cold at the bottom. When you get to this layer, you will have a very strange feeling.We are now at 15000 meters. I can feel that the temperature has cooled down a little, but as the helium balloon continues to rise, the temperature will slowly get higher. ”
      “Now it's 17000 meters. OK, I should put on my helmet. Otherwise, once the height exceeds 18900 meters, the temperature will drop sharply in a straight line, from minus 10 degrees to minus 60 degrees.When I get to the height I need, the minimum temperature will be minus 130 degrees. ”
      He got up, picked up his helmet and began to wear it.
      In the process of rising for more than an hour, Lin Feng would give an explanation every once in a while.
      And every time they explain, they are quite professional.
      “Woge, lingo, how do you know so much?”
      “Did you study meteorology in university?”
      “Damn, I'm stunned.”
      “Lin Ge pretended to be a learned man, and suddenly showed me a face.”
      Zhang Kai was also surprised and said, “he knows a lot.”
      Luo Jun said: “I thought he just did his homework ahead of time, but from the various data he had at his fingertips, it is obvious that this knowledge has already been branded in his mind.”
      “The height between Li Dongliang and him is almost the same. They may rise to 20000 meters at the same time.”
      Qu Li said, “I'm curious which one of them will jump first.”
      Lin Feng's studio, in more than an hour, has risen to 1.8 million!
      Li Dongliang's live studio also reached 1.3 million online.
      Compared with other challengers, tens of thousands of online data are very humble.
      Some challengers who are resting are also watching their live broadcast, watching the terrible data, and they are very unhappy.
      “Height 19928 meters!”
      The voice of the staff rings, and Lin Feng stares at the height indicator. The number on it jumps at a speed of about three meters per second.
      At this time, the live broadcast room was also shot from Lin Feng's first perspective, which gave netizens a wonderful sense of being on the scene.
      As time goes by, when the number on the altitude indicator jumps over 20000, Lin Feng's voice rings again.
      “In 92 minutes, my current altitude is 20017 meters, and I have reached the target altitude.”
      The voice of Lin Feng is still clear in the live broadcast room.
      He stood on the edge of the basket, looking down, the camera looking down from his perspective.
      From the perspective of this height, it seems that it has separated from the earth and stood on the edge of the universe, surrounded by the earth's blue halo.
      And below the land, is turned into dark yellow soil, piece by piece together, like a giant jigsaw puzzle.
      180Under the wide-angle shooting, people have a feeling of being in it.
      “So tall… My legs are shaking.”
      “It took me an hour and a half just to take off. Really, I'm afraid just to think about it.”
      “Brother Lin, otherwise, let's stop dancing?”
      “Yes, don't jump. It's too scary. Luo Dashen said that he can finish one time in 10000 times. I think he is bragging. Even if he finishes one million times, he can't finish one time.”
      “It's so high, and there must be some deviation in the rising process of the balloon, so it's impossible for the immortal to fall into the safety net of 40 meters.”
      [duck king] rewarded 10 rockets and left a message: brother Lin, no matter whether you jump or not today, I will support you!
      [Chengbei Xugong] rewarded 18 rockets and left a message: follow your heart, don't jump and don't lose face. At least you are standing at an altitude of 20000 meters, and you are half successful.
      A reward covered the whole studio.
      The staff said, “Mr. Lin, it's too late for you to regret now.”
      “Regret?”Lin Feng is a free and easy smile, step toward the edge of the basket, hands to grasp the basket, eyes firm incomparable, sonorous tone, word by word into the public ears.
      “Only 20000 meters!”
      “Today, I want to conquer the blue sky!”
      He suddenly grabbed the rope connecting the basket and the helium balloon and climbed up. He stood straight on the edge of the basket, where he could see the whole world.
      “At this moment, the altitude of 20000 meters belongs to me, Lin Feng!”
      As Lin Feng climbed onto the basket, the camera fixed on the basket also captured this scene, and everyone's heart was hanging tightly.
      See, Lin Feng arms, toward the front of the blue sky, jump down.
      This figure, which is close to the leap of faith, is reflected in the eyes of all people. It severely strikes everyone's soul. Millions of people in the live broadcasting room and in front of the TV set seem to stop breathing at this moment.
      It's hard to keep breathing because of this sense of courage*
      Chapter 31 free fall, the sound barrier of ten thousand meters high![Fourth change] seeking flowers, evaluating tickets and monthly tickets
      Hovering on a hot-air balloon not far away, Li Dongliang, wearing a full press suit, saw the figure with his arms spread out and leaping down without fear through his translucent glass helmet.
      A trace of admiration flashed in Li Dongliang's eyes.
      He used to be an airborne soldier, and now he is standing at an altitude of 20000 meters, which is clearer than anyone can feel.
      Don't say jump, just follow the balloon up to this height calmly, the courage is not ordinary people can have.
      And Lin Feng, less than five minutes in the balloon, jumped down without hesitation.
      This courage deserves his admiration.
      “He jumped…” Zhang Kai swallowed hard.
      The other people were no less nervous than him.
      Even Luo Jun is subconsciously clenching his fist.
      The barrage in the studio disappeared for a time. It was clean and gave people the illusion that there was something wrong with the barrage function.
      And a few seconds later, a reward, almost overwhelming.
      [duck king] rewarded 10 rockets and left a message: lingo, you are the God forever!
      [Chengbei Xugong] rewarded 66 rockets and left a message: it doesn't matter whether they are finished or not!
      [mu Linsen] rewarded 100 rockets and left a message: I have never admired several people in my life, and you are one of them.
      “Wori, brother Mu is watching the live broadcast of brother Lin!”
      “Brother Lin, thank you quickly. This is the fifth big man on the tiger shark list
      “Thank you, brother Lin is parachuting!”
      The reward lasted for dozens of seconds. Many people could not watch without shielding the barrage and reward.
      But even if the barrage is blocked, it can't block this series of rewards.
      So many people went to the studio to watch the program.
      “It's my turn.”
      Li Dongliang adjusts his breath and mentality. He can see the picture at a glance, just like a jigsaw puzzle, which has a huge impact on his heart.
      However, as an airborne soldier, he is the freest bird in the air. They have conquered the blue sky for countless times. This time, even if they can't finish it, he can't be scared and timid at the height of 10000 meters. This is the pride of being an airborne soldier!
      “20000 meters, I'm coming!”
      Li Dongliang released his hands to grasp the rope and let his body fall freely.
      Program group, the screen is switched to 62.
      Zhang Kai said in a loud voice: “Li Dongliang also jumped!Ask the staff to release the broadcast rooms No. 62 and No. 1 at the same time. ”
      Soon, the live broadcast room of Lin Feng and Li Dongliang appeared in two on the big screen.
      In this way, people can see the state of two people at the same time.
      Both of them are on their heads and feet at the moment, but the difference is that Li Dongliang's arms and legs spread out.
      “The action of No. 62 can slow down the speed of descent to a certain extent.”
      Luo Jun nodded slightly: “very professional, worthy of retired paratroopers.”
      Looking at Lin Feng again, Luo Jun's face suddenly appeared the color of consternation.
      It took quite a few seconds for him to respond: “heWhat's he doing?Is he crazy? ”
      Zhou Lingling asked nervously, “what's the matter?”
      “Look at his posture!”
      Lin Feng's descending speed is very fast from the beginning, and is still accelerating.
      The pressure clothing on the surface of the body rubs against the air and makes a buzzing sound, just like someone constantly scraping the cutting board with a kitchen knife.
      His hands are close to both sides of his thighs, his legs are close together, and his body is in a straight line, like a javelin, vertically downward.
      Yes, vertically down, not obliquely down.
      “His posture, what's the matter?”Zhou Lingling was puzzled.
      Luo Jun said: “when he lands in this position, the speed will be very fast, very fast!”
      “Isn't it good to be quick?”
      “Of course not!”
      Luo Jun shook his head and sighed: “this is an altitude of 20000 meters, not three or four kilometers.This height jump, 62 posture is the most standard, that posture can effectively slow down the fall speed, prevent accidents
      “Accident?”Zhang Kai captured the keyword: “what's the accident?”
      Luo Jun was silent for a few seconds before he spit out two words: “sound barrier.”
      “If he falls freely in this way with the least resistance, he may have a sound barrier!”
      “What is the sound barrier?”The two women were at a loss.
      Luo Jun said: “in the low altitude where the air is not too thin below 10000 meters, when the aircraft breaks through the speed of sound, it will squeeze the air in front to form shock waves. This phenomenon is called sound barrier.But if it's just a free fall, the human body will eventually fall at a relatively uniform speed due to the air resistance. This is called the ending speed, which is much slower than the speed of sound.Of course, the air resistance is related to the air density. The thinner the air is, the smaller the resistance will be, and the higher the maximum speed of free fall will be.Therefore, if you want to surpass the speed of sound with a pure body, it is only possible to jump from a higher altitude where the air is thinner. ”
      “Now, Lin Feng's environment meets this demand.”
      “If there is no accident, about 20 seconds, his speedIt will reach supersonic speed, and it will slow down slowly from supersonic speed to normal descent speed when it descends to about 10000 meters. ”
      Luo Jun sighed again: “the sound barrier will have a certain impact on him. Even if he wears a sub uniform, he may be shocked and coma at the moment when the sound barrier occurs.”
      Several people's mouths are wide open.
      “In a coma?”
      “Ten thousand meters altitude comaThis… ”
      Netizens were also frightened by Luo Jun's words.
      “You're kidding. Are you kidding?”
      “How could you be in a coma…”
      “It's true, and the coma is light.Fortunately, Lin Ge wore a pressure suit. Otherwise, he would break through the sound barrier purely by his body. At the moment of breaking through, his body would be torn
      “Lingo, doesn't he know?”
      “I don't know. If he does, how dare he play like that?”
      “I suspect that Ringo may be in a coma.”
      Lin Feng has kept this action for dozens of seconds. He may be unconscious.
      All of a sudden, there was a loud noise, which sounded from the studio without warning.
      A lot of people's hands were shaken and their mobile phones were almost thrown out.
      “Holding grass, what's the situation?”
      “It's the sound barrier, the sound explosion!”
      “It's really beyond the speed of sound. It's too much!”
      In the live broadcast room of Lin Feng, the angle of view changes from the first angle to Lin Feng's legs, which can see his whole body.
      As soon as the sound burst, people saw that Lin Feng's falling body suddenly leaped forward, and at his tail, a white cloud stopped, and it took a long time to dissipate.
      And Lin Feng is also in this sound explosion, speed up again, faster down.
      One second
      Two seconds
      Five seconds
      When the 17th second, Lin Feng's speed, obviously slower.
      And the color in the studio is suddenly bright, without the previous darkness and depression that seems to be on the edge of the earth.
      “Hoo ~”
      A breathing voice suddenly sounded in the live broadcast room full of strong wind.
      The crowd was stunned, and immediately the barrage of bullets came in.
      “Holding the grass is lingo's breath!”
      “He's still alive!”
      “Nonsense, I'm sure I'm alive!”
      “Lingo is awake, he is awake, he is not in a coma!”
      The mood of the people was too excited to express.*
      Chapter 32 please shut up. You're sucking LINGO to death![Fifth change] for flowers, for evaluation tickets
      Lin Feng force of vomit a breath, then, the voice rings out slowly.
      “The falling speed just broke through the sound barrier.”
      “You must want to know what kind of experience it is to surpass the speed of sound with your own body.The specific experience, in fact, is no different from the normal fall, just can feel that the air in all directions, all converged in front of me, these air crazy compression towards me, if the physical quality is general, and do not wear pressure clothes, the body's bones will be directly crushed by this powerful pressure. ”
      “Now, my height is about 9000 meters, and my descent speed is about 250 meters per second. My height and speed are in a safe range.The air at this height is enough for me to breathe
      At this point, Lin Feng suddenly opened the glass mask.
      Then he took out the sunglasses he had prepared and put them on. With his eyes under the sunglasses, he looked at the world below.
      “Now, I have to find the location of the landing point, and then find a way to adjust my body and move closer to the safety net.”
      The simplest way to parachute is to let your body fall to a certain height.
      Then determine the position of the landing point at high altitude, and then open the parachute.
      However, at an altitude of 20000 meters, there will be deviation in the process of rising. It is extremely difficult to adjust to a specific position.
      “Ha ha ha, my brother Lin is a gondola. He can break the sound speed directly and still talk and laugh!”
      [duck king]: Lin Ge, who can make me a dog licker, is not a mortal after all.
      “It's too forced. Really, lingo is too forced. But I have nothing to say. After all, it's forced by hard power!”
      “I'm 18 years old. Before today, I liked women. Now, I like lingo.”
      Zhang Kai's mood also relaxed a lot, but still kept patting his chest: “it was really scary just now.”
      “He has a lot of guts.”Luo Jun doesn't know how to describe it.
      “Now, it depends on whether he can land in the safety net smoothly,” Jiang said
      “Do you think he can do it?” Zhang said
      Luo Jun was the first to shake his head: “it's hard, almost impossible.”
      Jiang Hai and Qu Li also shook their heads: “it's really impossible.”
      This can not be accomplished only by physical fitness, or Luo Jun, who has thousands of parachute jumping experiences, is not sure, let alone Lin Feng?
      From a height of 20000 meters, it is difficult to land on a safety net of 40 meters in length and width. It is like looking for a goldfish in the sea of Wang Yang.
      “CertainlyZhou Lingling looked at Lin Feng with both eyes.
      Miao Li also nodded: “I think he can finish it, too!”
      Well, there's no point in asking them.
      They had been captured by Lin Feng for a long time, and their views were not objective enough.
      “Daxia mountains and rivers are really beautiful, just like an ink painting. Unfortunately, I don't have time to enjoy them now.”
      Lin Feng opens his mouth again. From the first perspective, people can enjoy this magnificent mountain and river just like him. It's really as beautiful as a painting.
      These days, he would drop a drop of eye drops every morning and evening, and the thunder would not budge.
      After the transformation of the gene drink, his physical quality is better than ordinary people, and his eyesight is not bad.
      With the blessing of eye drops, although the vision has not yet reached 8.0, it has also reached an enviable 5.0.
      This allows him to see the world more clearly.
      “Eh ~”
      Lin Feng suddenly light Yi, eyes staring at the approaching clouds.
      “That cirrus cloud…”
      Lin Feng stares at the cirrus below, and his words suddenly stop. A few seconds later, less than 100 meters away, he suddenly reacts: “the storm is coming!”
      Everyone looked at the picture from the first perspective and was stunned.
      Originally in the sun white clouds, almost in a few seconds, instantly become as black as ink, like 18 layers of hell, if you can devour people.
      And Lin Feng is falling into it.
      Oh, my God!
      Dog system, pit me!
      Lin Feng scolded wildly in his heart.
      He finally knew what the hell model was.
      The process of hot-air balloon launching is quite smooth, and it is also smooth when jumping from the hot-air balloon.
      For a time, he forgot that he still had two hours of hell.
      Carefully calculate the time, he still has nearly half an hour of Hell difficulty.
      There is no doubt that this sudden storm layer is the so-called Hell difficulty!
      Carefree for an hour and a half, it turned out to be a big move!
      Zhenima pit father!
      “This is to kill me!”
      Lin Feng wants to cry without tears, but now it's too late to regret.
      “Pa”, he put on his helmet again, and his eyes were firmer than ever.
      His arms and legs, which had been unfolded, were also brought together again. He made his body straight as a javelin and went straight into the storm clouds. He wanted to cross the storm layer as fast as he could!
      As long as I'm fast enough, you can't catch up with me!
      Come on, let the storm come harder!
      “Hoo Hoo ~”
      The sound of the storm filled the whole studio in an instant.
      Everyone was frightened by the sudden accident.
      It was also because of the sudden appearance of the storm layer, which covered with a layer of haze.
      No matter from the first perspective or other perspectives, the pictures are black.
      “Lin Feng, heWill it be all right? “Zhou Lingling was very nervous.
      “It won't be. It'll be all right.”Miaoli's voice was trembling.
      “Luo Jun, will he be in danger?”Asked Jiang Hai.
      Luo Jun was silent for a long time before he said, “look at his luck.”
      These words, several people are a heavy heart.
      This basically means that there must be danger.
      Whether he can survive or not depends on whether his character is hard enough.
      “It's the sound barrier, it's the storm layerThis NIMA, went out to step on Baba? ”
      “It's miserable. It's really miserable for lingo.”
      [duck king]: it's not that serious. It's just a storm. As long as there's no thunder, it's OK.
      Who knows, duck king just finished, “boom” a thunder, from the live room.
      Zhang Kai: “how many people…”
      Duck king:???
      “Just now, was it thunder?”
      “It's like…”
      “Lingo won't be hit, will he?”
      “NIMA, you can't see anything. You have to guess.”
      Duck king: what are you worrying about? Are you stupid?It's thunderstruck. Can this camera still exist?
      “That makes sense.”
      “Or duck king calm down, I did not think of this layer.”
      However, the next second
      A burst of sound, from the live broadcast room in an instant.
      People are staring at the studio. Just now, there was a flash of lightning in the studio, making the dark studio as bright as day.
      At that moment, they saw a fragment flash past the lens.
      Miao Li said in a bumpy voice: “just nowWhat is it? ”
      “Technology department, replay the screenshot,” Zhang said
      Soon, the screen shot just now showed.
      In the picture, lightning strikes and a tiny camera flashes in front of the camera.
      All of you: —
      Duck king: “actually…”
      “Shut up
      “Duck king, please, stop talking!”
      “You're sucking LINGO to death!”
      “You crow's mouth, if lingo hangs up today, he will die in your mouth!”
      “……”Duck king: “it's nothing. After all, the camera is conductive. It's nothing to be hit. Anyway, there are several cameras on brother Lin, not afraid.”
      Netizens: “shut up
      It was less than two seconds after duck king finished.
      The thunder came in a dense way and rang out continuously.
      Then netizens see, a lightning, constantly appear in the live room.
      Pieces of debris are constantly flashing from the lens.
      It took a long time for a barrage to pass.
      “It's over. This time, Da Luo Jinxian can't save brother Lin either.”*
      Chapter 33 after the storm, finally ushered intyphoon???[sixth change] for flowers, for evaluation tickets
      Duck king put his hand on the keyboard and stopped silently.
      He looked at a dark studio and murmured to himself, “isn't lingo really struck by thunder?”
      No one knows. They have to wait.
      This waiting is anxious and makes people panic.
      In the end, duck king couldn't help but send a message: it should be OK, at least two cameras are intact.
      “Duck king, please, stop talking.”
      “Come on, do you have any special ability to say what you say?”
      “Lingo has a lot of bad luck today.”
      “Give brother Lin a stick of incense.”
      “Hoo ~” suddenly, a long exhalation sounded from the studio.
      Then, a light reappeared in the studio.
      Just a few seconds later, Lin Feng felt like he was swimming between life and death.
      The black clouds are like hell, and the terrible thunder and lightning are constantly ringing all around. Several cameras on the body are hit.
      He can clearly feel the damage caused by lightning on the camera.
      Finally, he saw a glimmer of light.
      I'm going through this thunder cloud!
      When the light reappeared, Lin Feng took a long breath and said in a calm voice: “I'm still alive.”
      “I stepped on my horse to pee!”
      “I knew that Ringo would never die!”
      “It's so exciting. My pants are wet.”
      Duck king: I'll tell you what. Lingo is OK.
      “If brother Lin knows that it's all caused by your crow's mouth, he will definitely chase you for thousands of miles, believe it or not?”
      Listening to Lin Feng's voice and looking at a bright perspective restored, everyone's mood relaxed instantly.
      Zhang Kai was also afraid: “it's terrible.”
      Miao Li patted his chest and said, “yes, it's scary. Fortunately, Lin Feng is OK.”
      Jiang Hai pointed to Li Dongliang on the split screen: “eh, the storm layer has dispersed.”
      They looked at it at once.
      Li Dongliang and Lin Feng almost jump down one after another. Lin Feng has experienced layers of thunder clouds, and several cameras on his body have been hacked away, even almost to himself.
      Li Dongliang, who jumped down after him, was only a few seconds away from Lin Feng.
      At the moment, Li Dongliang is also approaching.
      But what is confusing is that the storm layer, which was just lightning and thunder, suddenly dispersed.
      From Li Dongliang's first point of view, the thunder clouds below quickly dispersed and soon disappeared completely.
      “This…”Zhang Kai didn't know what to say. He was not a meteorologist, and he couldn't explain it scientifically.
      Several people look at Luo Jun, and Luo Jun shows his hand: “I don't know what's going on.”
      “The legendary son of Qi Yun!My brother Li is the son of luck
      “Brother Lin helped brother Li block the most dangerous one.”
      “If Lin Ge knew about it, he would be depressed and vomit blood.”
      “Lingo is already miserable. By comparison, NIMA is even worse.”
      “Don't say anything, brothers, don't go through the procedure, just cry.”
      Li Dongliang did not know that there was a storm layer below. Although he was falling rapidly, he was thousands of meters away from the clouds. If he wanted to see through his eyes, he had to fall to at least 100 meters.
      By the time he arrived, the clouds had already disappeared.
      At this time, Lin Feng is still falling rapidly.
      After passing through the storm layer, Lin Feng kept a straight body posture and shot downward.
      In order to prevent the emergence of any moth later, Lin Feng did not dare to stay too much in the air.
      Hell mode is terrible, but there are not many factors that can threaten him.
      It's just a storm.
      As long as the height is lowered to 2000 meters, it will be basically safe.
      However, when he was proud of his wit, a gust of wind suddenly came from the side.
      “Hoo Hoo ~”
      The strong wind can be heard clearly in the live broadcast room.
      “Wori, what a strong wind.”
      “Didn't you say it wasn't windy today?”
      “How dare you believe the weather forecast?”
      Duck king: after the storm, are you afraid of the wind?Unless it's a typhoon, the general wind has no effect on lingo.
      “……I suddenly had a bad feeling
      “Me too. I always feel like the duck king's mouth is open.”
      “Hoo Hoo ~”
      The wind is getting stronger.
      At the same time, Zhang Kai also contacted the meteorological observation Office of the parachute base for the first time.
      “Hello, I'm Zhang Kai, the host of the list of last wishes. What's the wind speed of the parachute base today?”
      “Wind speed 4.”
      “What is level 4?”
      “It doesn't affect parachuting.”
      “Oh, thank you.”
      Zhang Kai was relieved. He really thought Lin Feng was in trouble again.
      But when he was ready to finish the connection, the staff of the other party suddenly exclaimed: “typhoon is coming!”
      “What did you say?”
      “Typhoon!”Staff nervous: “just now, the wind reached 12, has reached the standard of a typhoon!”
      Zhang Kai opened his mouth and looked at Lin Feng's constantly shaking perspective. He didn't know how to describe his mood at the moment.
      It's very bad, isn't it?
      Just experienced a storm, followed by another typhoon!
      “It's level 2. The wind speed of the typhoon has reached level 2!”
      “It's level three!”
      “Dudu ~”
      The staff have hung up and are informing the owner of the parachute base to ask all the guests who are preparing to fly to cancel the plan immediately.
      Miao Li said, “didn't he say that the level 4 wind is not serious?Why worry about Level 3 instead? ”
      “The third level he said is typhoon Level 3, which is equivalent to level 15 of ordinary wind,” Luo said
      “Alas.”Jiang Hai sighed: “it seems that Lin Feng's luck today is really bad, even this extreme weather let him meet.”
      “It's too miserable that brother Lin has done something outrageous.”
      “Fortunately, it's just a typhoon, much better than the storm just now.”
      “Duck king, get out of here, you crow mouth. Do you want to kill brother Lin?”
      “Suggest tiger shark ban duck king's account number!”
      Duck king wants to cry without tears. What's the matter with me?
      I really have this ability. What kind of fitness area anchor can I do? Can I just go to the road to pick up money?
      Lin Feng's bad luck is the only one to blame.
      Lin Feng is now feeling the intensity of the 3 typhoon, heart crazy curse: Gan ah!This place is a special airport area. In order to get me, even Taifeng has appeared!Dog system, do some personnel!
      The wind is very strong, and others are in mid air, so they can't keep steady. They are constantly swaying around.
      If it wasn't for strong physical fitness, another person would have been shaking and vomiting.
      Bad luck, spit out things, maybe can be blown back to the mouth by the wind.
      I can't bear the taste when I think about it.
      The wind is getting stronger and stronger. In the end, Lin Feng can't control his body. He scolds “damn”. His body is completely out of balance and begins to spin in mid air.*
      Chapter 34 What is he waiting for?Two words: suicide![the first change] for flowers, for evaluation tickets
      “How strong is the wind?”
      “It's over. Ringo's rolled up.”
      “The legendaryThe magic of love
      “The magic of God's special love
      Netizens look at the world in the lens and spin wildly. From the lens of Lin Feng's calf, they can see more clearly that Lin Feng's body is indeed spinning.
      Lin Feng also felt dizzy at the moment. He couldn't tell which direction was the sky and which direction was the earth.
      After rotating for about ten seconds, Lin Feng gradually felt that the wind was weak.
      He tried his best to control his body, and finally he was balanced again.
      He knew that he was lucky this time.
      Because hell mode is for him, and it doesn't affect other people.
      Li Dongliang is just behind him. The hell mode must not affect him. In this way, the difficulty will be weakened.
      “I have to invite elder brother Li to have a good meal later.”
      Lin Feng thought to himself.
      He took a look at the altimeter. His current altitude is six kilometers.
      He kept his posture to minimize the wind resistance and maximize the descent speed.
      After the storm and typhoon, he didn't believe it. What could be more hellish than this?
      “Lin Feng is OK!”
      “Through the lens tied to his left leg, we can see that he has regained control of his body, and the whole person is in a very good state,” Zhang said
      In just a few minutes, Zhang Kai, as the host, was in a tense mood.
      He is really afraid of Lin Feng's accident.
      Although the accident will not affect him, it will leave him a psychological shadow.
      “TyphoonIt seems to have disappeared. “Miaoli's eyes were wide open and his face was incomprehensible.
      Just now, they watched Li Dongliang fall to the same height.
      Let alone a typhoon of magnitude 15, there is no typhoon of magnitude 4.
      “Lin Feng, heWhat a bad day. “Zhou Lingling couldn't help saying.
      “It's really bad luck.”Jiang Hai and several others seriously agreed.
      I thought the storm was the limit, but who thought of thunder.
      I thought that through the minefield, the light reappeared.
      But without waiting for them to relax, a typhoon came.
      It's so special. It's killing me.
      They have never seen Lin Feng so miserable.
      This made them feel as if all these natural disasters were aimed at Lin Feng.
      “I don't expect Lin Feng to finish the challenge now, I just hope he can land safely.”Zhang Kai said with a bitter smile.
      Several people nodded one after another, and they thought the same.
      Finish the challenge or something, is it a ball?
      To be alive is God's greatest favor.
      “Brother Li is a bit unlucky.”
      “Yes, it's against the sky, especially with Lin Ge as a foil. It's against the sky.”
      “It seems that brother Li can really fulfill his last wish today. As for brother LinJust be safe. ”
      [duck king]: I believe lingo can definitely finish it!
      “You can quickly shut up, lingo is not easy to get out of the typhoon, you don't talk nonsense.”
      [duck king]: believe me, lingo can do it!Storms, typhoons and so on, it's a ball of wool. As long as there's an umbrella bag, let alone a 40 meter safety net, it's a 4-meter safety net. I can fall into it steadily. Do you believe it?
      “I have another bad feeling…”
      “Me too. I always feel that something has to happen to lingo.”
      “Duck king, that's a good mouth!”
      But duck king didn't like it. He thought that no matter how bad Lin Feng was, he couldn't be worse.
      Lin Feng felt the same way.
      He landed at nearly 70 meters per second.
      Thirty seconds passed quickly, and the world on the ground was slowly magnified in the eyes with a very small amplitude.
      Soon, it was only 2000 meters from the ground.
      At this height, some architectural features can be seen on the ground.
      Lin Feng continued to fall, no sign of opening the umbrella.
      His calm voice, also sounded again: “I am fast approaching the ground, the current height of 1500 meters, falling 67 meters per second.I'm in a very good physical and mental state at the moment
      “If there is no accident, I will open the parachute in 20 seconds and glide for about three minutes, during which I will control the parachute and land in the safety net accurately.”
      He spoke slowly, calmly, and said his plan.
      “I just calculated that 67 meters per second, 20 seconds is 1340 meters. Lingo is 1500 meters now. That is to say, when he opened the umbrella, the height from the ground was only 160 meters. Which God said, is it really OK to open the umbrella at this height?”
      “There's a problem. It's a big problem.”
      “What's the problem?”
      “It can be summed up in two words: suicide.”
      “Brother Lin is making a fool of himself. I have been parachuting for so many years, and the lowest parachute opening is 390 meters. At that height, I was almost scared to pee.”
      “Opening the parachute at low altitude has the advantage of controlling the parachute to fall at a more accurate point, because the wind at low altitude is smaller than that at high altitude, so it's better to grasp. I think lingo's decision is based on these.”
      Many parachutists, even some enthusiasts who parachute no less than Luo Jun, feel that he is crazy after listening to Lin Feng's words.
      What does this height mean? They, who often parachute, know better than anyone.
      In the program group, Luo Jun suddenly slapped the table hard.
      “Pa” sound, Zhang Kai several people are scared.
      “He's crazy!”Luo Jun said aloud with a frown.
      “WhyWhat's the matter? “”What's wrong with him?” Zhou Lingling asked
      After that, he nervously looks at Lin Feng and thinks that Luo Jun has found some details that he has not found.
      Luo Jun said: “after 20 seconds to open the umbrella, his opening height is only one or two hundred meters, he is just in mischief!”
      Jiang Hai asked, “is there anything particular about this height?”
      “The safe height is 700 meters, and 500 meters is the minimum opening height.”Luo Jun said: “you can't play like this without hundreds of parachute jumping experiences.In case of an accident when opening the parachute, the height of one or two hundred meters will not provide an opportunity for adjustment and remedy. ”
      “ThisMaybe he's sure? “Qu Li said uncertainly.
      Luo Jun tightened his eyebrows and said nothing.
      At the moment, only Lin Feng can decide when to open the umbrella.
      He opens his umbrella whenever he wants.
      Even if Luo Jun cracked the table, it would not affect Lin Feng's decision.
      Moreover, as a challenger, Lin Feng has the right to make any decision without harming the interests of others.
      Even this decision is extremely dangerous to outsiders.
      But it was also his own decision.
      The altitude is falling.
      Lin Feng still keeps his hands and legs together and falls freely in a straight posture.
      The distance between him and Li Dongliang, who kept the same free fall posture, has been pulled to more than 800 meters.
      Li Dongliang has been observing and catching Lin Feng.
      If Lin Feng opened the parachute, he could see the parachute at this distance.
      But he didn't see it,
      When Li Dongliang looked at the altimeter, he could not help frowning.
      He hasn't opened his umbrella yet?
      What's he doing?*
      Chapter 35 eight seconds later, I will complete the second wish in the list of last wishes!Seeking flowers
      Li Dongliang couldn't see Lin Feng and didn't know how long Lin Feng was separated from himself.
      But he estimated that it would have to be at least seven or eight hundred meters.
      That is to say, Lin Feng is about seven or eight hundred meters away from the ground at the moment.
      This height is the most suitable for opening an umbrella.
      No matter how low it is, there will be some danger.
      And as far as he knows, this is Lin Feng's first parachute jump.
      In the process of the balloon rising, the staff must have told him the relevant precautions for parachuting.
      So, he can't have no idea at what height to parachute.
      “Come on!”
      Li Dongliang said in silence.
      The distance between Lin Feng and the ground is shrinking rapidly.
      At this time, Lin Feng suddenly opened his arms and legs in a big shape, and slowly adjusted his posture.
      The original head, foot, became parallel to the ground.
      The wind resistance suddenly increased, and the huge wind was crashing against his body from below.
      The resistance generated at this moment made him slow down. It was a very wonderful feeling.
      It was as if the whole person was carried up by a strong wind for several meters.
      “How high is it?I can see the plane below. ”
      Duck king: I see the safety net. Come on, lingo!
      “From this point of view, the height is about 900 meters, and now it's the most suitable time to open an umbrella.”
      However, Lin Feng did not mean to open the umbrella.
      The eyes hidden under the sunglasses are searching quickly below.
      He's looking for the location of the safety net.
      It's about 30 meters away from him.
      He made a swimming stroke with both hands, and his body kept approaching the position above the safety net.
      However, there is no reference object in the air, and it is impossible to intuitively feel whether his body is moving or not.
      Program group, several people watched nervously.
      Lin Feng's distance from the ground is too low. There is a little mistake at this height. Lin Feng has to give his life here today.
      Lin Feng's live room has the largest number of people online at the moment. As early as a few minutes ago, it has exceeded 2 million!
      More than 1.8 million online at the time of the first challenge!
      And online data is still climbing.
      But no one is paying attention to the data.
      Everyone was attracted by Lin Feng's situation at the moment.
      One by one or nervous clench fist, or frown pursed mouth, even dare not make a sound.
      It seems that a little noise will affect Lin Feng.
      Lin Feng's hands swim very fast, just a few seconds.
      This kind of action, which is more difficult for some people with dozens or even hundreds of parachute jumping experiences, is the most basic operation in front of Lin Feng.
      There was no sign of anxiety on his face. He took a calm look at the altimeter.
      “590 meters.”
      With a faint smile, Lin Feng reached for the umbrella opening device.
      He was ready to lose his balance and sense of gravity for a moment due to the huge reverse thrust he suffered after opening the parachute.
      Just before pulling, Lin Feng also turned to look at the sky and said to himself, “sorry, brother Li, I won this last wish first.”
      He put a slight force on his hand.
      But after a moment, Lin Feng's face went crazy.
      No response!
      There's something wrong with the umbrella bag!
      Hell mode, you can't stop!
      Lin Feng tugged hard several times, but it didn't work. The parachute didn't react at all.
      Lin Feng yelled, and his mouth was like honey.
      And he this angry scold, also let the public reaction come over in an instant.
      “Umbrella bagThere seems to be something wrong? ”
      “Damn it, isn't it, such a low probability situation can be met?”
      “Brother Lin, don't make fun of your horse. It's not funny!”
      “I have a bad heart. I can't see it anymore. I'm going to have a heart attack.”
      Netizens turned pale and their typing hands were shaking.
      What kind of luck is this.
      You should know that the probability of parachute accident is not big. Occasionally, there are one or two accidents, which are all personal reasons and have nothing to do with parachute.
      Today's parachute, the design is very perfect, almost impossible to failure.
      And the failure rate of none in ten thousand was met by Lin Feng.
      “He…”Zhang Kai bumps and bumps. He doesn't know how to explain it.
      “There's something wrong with the umbrella bag.”Luo Jun the most calm: “but nothing, there are spare umbrellas.”
      “What is a spare umbrella?”
      “It's the spare umbrella specially made to prevent the problem of No.1.”
      Luo Jun said: “in the process of climbing the balloon, the staff told him that he must remember.”
      What he didn't say is that people like Lin Feng, who have no parachute jumping experience, are easy to forget these details when they encounter such an emergency.
      Lin Feng did not forget that he knew the structure of the parachute better than anyone else.
      Tried several times to make sure the main parachute didn't open.
      He immediately went to open the spare umbrella.
      The spare umbrella can't be opened.
      He didn't really have much hope.
      What is hell mode?
      The hell mode is that when you think you have hope, reality will make you feel more desperate.
      The parachute on my back is completely useless.
      After trying, unable to open the spare umbrella, he gave up completely and calmed down in the shortest time.
      He kept his arms and legs open and tried to slow down his descent. He said quickly and calmly: “I had bad luck today. I met a storm, was struck by thunder, met a typhoon, and now even my parachute is broken.I think it's in the storm layer. It's struck by lightning somewhere
      “My height is 480 meters.”
      “There is no essential difference between jumping from 20000 meters and hitting the ground from this height. They are all corpses.”
      “I have to help myself.”
      Lin Feng fixed his eyes on the safety net at the bottom of the slope and said: “although the parachute can't be opened, it doesn't mean that I will definitely die.The safety net is not vertical to me. Now I need to adjust my angle to appear directly above the safety net as soon as possible, and then let my body fall in the safety net. ”
      The deviation of more than 10 meters is not big.
      He has self-confidence, can accurately fall in the safety net, safe landing without damage!
      Everyone was shocked by his words.
      “HeIs he going to jump into the safety net? “Zhang Kai can't set channel: “thisIs that possible? ”
      “I don't know.”
      Luo Jun shook his head: “no one has ever tried this, but I hope a miracle can happen.”
      The others didn't speak, and it was not appropriate to say anything at this time.
      Netizens were scared by Lin Feng's words.
      “Brother Lin, try again!”
      “Maybe you didn't pull the parachute. You have to pull it hard.”
      [duck king]: brother Lin, I
      He didn't know what to say.
      Starting from Lin Feng's jumping down, he found that no matter what he said, it all came true.
      He is an atheist, but now he can't help but start to doubt that he is not really reincarnated?
      “Right now!”
      But at this time, Lin Feng stopped.
      Height, 399 meters!
      His open hands and feet, suddenly tightened, and close to the body, again like a javelin, head and feet, toward the ground rapidly falling.
      “Brother Lin, calm down, don't worry!”
      “Open your hands and feet, or you'll die faster!”
      “If you adjust again, you can't see clearly on it. If you don't fall into the safety net, you will fall into Lin's Pancake!”
      Lin Feng's eyes did not blink. Under the 5.0 line of sight, the distance and angle between him and the safety net were a straight line in his eyes.
      “Four hundred meters. With my landing speed approaching 50 meters, it's only eight seconds.”
      Speaking of this, Lin Feng's voice suddenly raised: “please put the countdown on the public screen!”
      “In eight seconds, I'll finish the second wish on the last wish list.”
      “You will witness with your own eyes how I did unprotected parachute jumping at an altitude of 20000 meters!”*
      Chapter 36 this jump consumes his luck for the rest of his life
      “Hoo Hoo ~”
      1In the No.1 studio, it was Lin Feng's falling speed too fast, and the sound of the fierce wind generated by the friction with the air.
      The studio was cut into two parts. These are the only two cameras left in Lin Feng's head and calf.
      Leg camera image, visible half of Lin Feng's body, and below the ground quickly approaching.
      Lin Feng is very stable and straight as a gun.
      The head picture is a parachute base at 180 degrees.
      Can clearly see below, because the distance is too large, and appears to be very small safety net.
      And a line of civil aircraft in the distance, staff and skydiving tourists standing everywhere.
      All these people are standing in the same place now, looking up at the sky.
      Suddenly, the picture changed.
      People see Lin Feng falling from the third perspective.
      It turned out to be the shooting team on the ground. They controlled the UAV and flew to the same height as Lin Feng.
      The UAV is tens of meters away from Lin Feng and will not affect him.
      Cameramen are also afraid, because of their own operation, resulting in Lin Feng accident, danger.
      When Lin Feng said his last words, nearly 2 million online netizens in the live broadcast room were all in their throats.
      “Lin Feng is sure to succeed!”Zhou Lingling holds the powder fist and says aloud.
      Zhang Kai smiles bitterly, but he has no time to be distracted.
      More than 400 meters, seven or eight seconds.
      It doesn't take them long to see the end result.
      He is thinking about what he should say in case of an accident.
      But in the live broadcast room, it was at this moment that a neat barrage appeared.
      Millions of netizens played out the same number, in this way, for Lin Feng countdown.
      Such a scene is quite spectacular.
      Although we can't hear their voices, we can feel the mood of the people at the moment through the numbers.
      They express all their blessings in this way.
      And the last three seconds, the safety net, right below.
      Lin Feng's eyes were wide open and his eyes were firm. He cried out: “this last wish is mine!”
      With the voice down, the body “Shua”, the last 100 meters, almost blink.
      Under the UAV shooting, people clearly see that Lin Feng's body is precisely smashed in the safety net.
      The huge safety net, like a soft veil, shakes with the falling of Lin Feng, without any sound.
      The end of Lin Feng's last challenge is quiet.
      It is in sharp contrast to the tension in the hearts of the people and the atmosphere of fear at the scene.
      The UAV flew quickly and hovered over Lin Feng's head.
      Lin Feng lies in the soft safety net. Just as he falls, this huge safety net perfectly removes all his impact and takes him safely.
      Safety net rippling gently, he lay in a big shape, looking at the blue sky and white clouds overhead.
      Even if he has great confidence that he can safely fall into the website without parachute.
      But at the moment, there is still a kind of happiness for the rest of life.
      He gently exhaled, adjust breathing, let the beating heart, steady down.
      And people see this scene, nervous mood, also instantly relaxed down.
      Then there was carnival.
      Only belong to the carnival of Lin Feng.
      “Ha ha ha, I knew it, I knew it, lingo can't hang up!”
      “Lingo, you are the best!”
      “Niubi, too Niubi, 20000 meters jump down and live!”!!!I'm afraid you've used up all your luck for the rest of your life! ”
      “Wool luck, this is strength, lingo's unique strength!”
      [duck king]: I said that lingo is the strongest man on the surface. Does anyone have any opinion?
      “Duck king, shut up. If you let Lin Ge know that it's all your crow mouth and sell Tangchen every minute, can you believe it
      “It's too strong. I watch it on my knees all the way.”
      “On your knees?I'm afraid you don't know that the picture [the most standard kneeling posture] circulated on the Internet recently is my self portrait. ”
      “I can't learn how to kneel. I'm not even good enough to lick a dog?”
      “Cry, is the standard of licking dog so high now?”
      [mu Linsen] rewarded 88 rockets and left a message: Xu Gong and I said that this challenger is very powerful. I still don't believe it. Now I can see it with my own eyes and I'm convinced.
      [Chengbei Xugong] rewarded 66 rockets and left a message: my recommendation is not bad. Now even I have to shout brother Lin!
      The reward is crazy, and these two tiger sharks, who are the top ten in the total reward list, are even more generous.
      The atmosphere of the program group is also relaxed.
      Several people picked up the water cup and took a drink.
      However, the hand holding the water cup is slightly shaking.
      “Lin Feng is really lucky.”Zhang Kai smile, heart is burst rude: Mom, please don't choose this kind of difficult last wish next time, I'm a host, don't want to play with your heartbeat!
      Luo Jun said: “there are elements of luck, more is the strength, he did not jump the umbrella, but the air balance ability is very strong.”
      The heart is also Tucao, this beginner make complaints about the luck of the rest of his life.
      “This is his second last wish, isn't it?” he said
      “Ah?Is this the completion of the challenge? “Qu Li doubts a way: “this one last wish, it is fixed-point parachute, but he did not even open parachute, also calculate?”
      This said, immediately several people are asked.
      Zhang Kai incorrect channel: “this has to ask the sky and the group, they will ask professionals to determine.”
      Luo Jun said calmly: “of course, why not?Jumping from 20000 meters, he carries a parachute on his back. Don't care if he opens it or not. As long as he falls to a fixed position safely, it will be finished.What's more, this kind of natural disaster is uncontrollable and not subjective.And this is higher than the fixed-point parachute, which is called unprotected fixed-point parachute in the industry
      Zhou Lingling also said: “yes, why not?It has to be counted. ”
      Miao Li said: “wait for Tianhe Group to decide.”
      Lin Feng is not worried at all. Unprotected parachuting is also parachuting.
      Even if Tianhe Group finally decides that his way is not considered, it will have a chance to do it again.
      No parachute can be completed, with a parachute, even more powerful.
      “Well?Why don't you let me down? “Lin Feng had enough rest. He looked around. The staff stood at the bottom, but they didn't mean to put him down.
      Lin Feng called: “Hey, put me down.”
      Staff member: “Mr. Lin, you are waiting. Mr. Li will open his umbrella soon. We will let you down when his challenge is over.”
      “Good.”I almost forgot brother Li.
      He was not in a hurry. He put his hands across the back of his head and stared at the sky.
      After more than ten seconds, he saw an umbrella bag blooming from the sky.
      That's Li Dongliang.
      “It's a little crooked.”Lin Feng said to himself.
      From his professional perspective, Li Dongliang's parachute opening position is not good. He is 500 meters away from the safety net.
      But the height of his umbrella is only 500 meters.
      At this height, it's not easy to control the parachute to accurately land 500 meters away.
      As time goes by, Li Dongliang's parachute is getting closer to him.
      But Lin Feng shook his head and couldn't finish it.
      As if to confirm his words, Li Dongliang finally fell to the ground when he was 178 meters away from the safety net.
      At this moment, Zhang Kai several people subconsciously relaxed.
      Netizens are also relieved.*
      Chapter 37 Lin Feng: I predicted your prediction![Fourth change] for flowers, for evaluation tickets
      Standing on the ground, Li Dongliang frowned at the safety net 100 meters away and sighed.
      I felt sorry, but I didn't complain.
      In his view, completion is completion.
      Failure to complete is failure to complete.
      Sorry, but no excuses.
      He untied the parachute and slowly cleaned it up, but saw the staff running towards the safety net.
      He had some doubts. He didn't see the parachute on the safety net.
      What are the staff doing?
      He asked people around him, “where's Lin Feng?”
      Staff pointed to the safety net: “there it is.”
      “Where?”Li Dongliang asked: “on the opposite mountain?”
      “In the net, he succeeded in the challenge.”
      Li Dongliang can't believe: “where's the parachute?”
      “He didn't open the parachute.”
      “WhatLi Dongliang was really shocked.
      Didn't open the parachute, but landed in the safety net?
      Although it was him, there was a moment of dullness.
      “How could it be?”He said to himself.
      The staff was excited and said, “why not?When a group of us saw it, he went straight into the safety net from the sky. It was a terrible mess! ”
      “I'll see.”
      Li Dongliang still can't believe that this is not his jealousy, but this kind of behavior has gone beyond his understanding.
      He gave the parachute to the staff to clean up and ran quickly towards the safety net.
      Came to the safety net, a look up, you see lying in the center of the net bag of Lin Feng.
      He carefully observed that the umbrella bag on Lin Feng did not open.
      Li Dongliang is stupid. How did he do it?
      That's 20000 meters high.
      He just jumped down from there and knew better than anyone how difficult it is to accurately fall into the safety net without parachute and only rely on body control!
      This can be tried, but the risk is beyond imagination.
      Lin Feng, a rookie who hasn't even tried skydiving, has accomplished such a feat.
      He couldn't have imagined it if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes.
      “Lower the safety net!”A staff member yelled.
      But just then.
      The sound of something breaking suddenly rang.
      Although there was no wind, the site was huge and no one heard the sound.
      But Lin Feng heard it.
      His physical fitness has soared, and his six senses have become sharp.
      He looked for a sound and looked at one of the ropes fixed to the post.
      The sound of just breaking came from the corner of the safety net.
      Lin Feng scolded wildly in his heart.
      He suddenly reaction, hell mode two hours, so far, at least 20 minutes!
      Lin Feng has almost guessed what is about to happen. He turns over from the safety net and grabs the net with both hands.
      What's the matter with brother Lin
      “The legendary salted fish turned over, beautiful, I give full marks!”
      [duck king]: hahaha, salted fish turns over. It's so vivid.But brother Lin, you still don't move. You just have such a big impact. If you break the safety net, it will be a tragedy.
      The safety net in that corner is completely broken.
      Without a corner of the safety net, inertia swings down.
      Duck King
      “Wori, duck king, you crow mouth!”
      “It's very effective again. Jesus can't protect you this time. I'm from lingo!”
      Zhang Kai
      He has nothing to say.
      What happened to Lin Feng today?
      Unfortunately, one by one, it's like a reverse hanging.
      [duck king]: it's OK. There are still three horns. They can't all be broken.
      Two consecutive breaking sounds, almost sounded together.
      The remaining three ropes of the safety net, one after another, broke two in succession.
      All of you
      Duck King
      Zhang Kai
      Even a few members of the program group have an impulse to name the duck king.
      This mouth is really poisonous.
      When the two ropes broke, Lin Feng caught hold of the mesh and smashed the broken safety net to the last pillar.
      Lin Feng's spirit is highly concentrated. When he is about to hit the post, his feet are straight. When he is about to step on the post, he suddenly bends. In this way, he dissolves the impact.
      He didn't stop. After dissolving, he released the mesh for the first time and let his body fall on the broken safety net.
      He doesn't believe that the last corner can hold, especially if you don't play dead, you are not in hell mode.
      The pillar is 40 meters high. The safety net falls vertically and can be towed directly to the ground.
      He's still 20 meters from the ground.
      If the last rope is broken, Lin Feng will fall directly from the height of 20 meters.
      Although he is physically strong, he can't die if he falls down.
      Can special what can ache!
      He went down quickly, about five meters from the ground.
      Familiar voice, once again.
      Lin Feng heart secretly scold, both hands immediately grasp the mesh, stop the fall, and then continue to loosen, let the body fall.
      Five meters, you can't fall!
      He landed one by one, and the insoles produced by the system relieved most of the power.
      He took advantage of the situation to roll twice on the ground to defuse the falling trend. Then he stood up, looked up at the safety net which was completely broken and smashed down, and pretended to smile: “I predicted your prediction!”
      After loading force, the head does not turn back, and then run.
      Until hell mode is over, no place with buildings is safe.
      He was really afraid that if he stayed any longer, the safety net would not break. Maybe these four cement pillars would fall down.
      Running more than ten meters, Lin Feng saw a familiar figure: “brother Li?”
      Li Dongliang looked strange and said: “you… Didn't open the parachute?”
      Lin Feng said: “the umbrella bag was hit by thunder and lightning, and it's broken.”
      Sure enough, there were obvious burnt marks on the umbrella bag.
      Li Dongliang said blankly: “thunder and lightning?”
      What the hell is this?
      Lin Feng en said: “today's luck is very bad, the landing process encountered a storm layer, we walk and say, it's not safe here.”
      “Storm layer…”
      “Oh, and the typhoon.”
      Now think about it, Lin Feng is also a little scared.
      I'll smoke this stuff later, absolutely not!
      Although he wanted to know how lucky the lucky mode was, he still didn't dare to try it.
      He completely understood the hell mode.
      The so-called hell mode is to make use of all the things around you that can threaten you.
      He's in mid air. What's the threat?
      Wind, storm, parachute, safety net
      It's really the best thing to do.
      Walk out for hundreds of meters and stand in an open space.
      Lin Feng looked around again. The plane was hundreds of meters away from here. There were several ferry cars, but they were not afraid. They were all electric cars with low power. They could react to the collision.
      “Mr. Lin, are you ok?”The medical staff came to inquire at the first time.
      “I'm fine.”Lin Feng expressed his gratitude and immediately said to the cameraman, “the challenge is over. Let's broadcast it.”
      “Oh, good.”
      The cameraman feels sorry and would like to remind Lin Feng that your live studio online has exceeded 2 million, which is the hottest time.
      But still respect Lin Feng's choice, turn off the camera.
      It's not that Lin Feng doesn't want more exposure, but he doesn't dare.
      There are more than 20 minutes to the end of hell mode. God knows what natural and man-made disasters will happen at this time.
      When the camera was turned off, Lin Feng directly sat on the ground and said, “I'm a little tired. I want to have a rest here for a while. Go and be busy.”*
      Chapter 38 I'm careless, no flash![Fifth change] for flowers, for evaluation tickets
      With a light cough, Zhang Kai said, “first of all, let's congratulate Lin Feng. He has fulfilled his 14th last wish. In the process, there are many dangers, and he has encountered several dangers.But he has still finished. Next, Tianhe Group will send professionals to confirm. ”
      Jiang Hai laughed: “I don't know whether Lin Feng is lucky or not.You say he's lucky. It's a storm, a typhoon, a parachute failure, and a broken safety net.But you say he's not lucky. He's always safe from so many accidents. ”
      A few people listen, it's true.
      It's bad luck.
      The good is too bad.
      It's hard to say whether it's good luck or bad luck.
      Zhang Kai said: “the 14th will, together with Lin Feng and Li Dongliang, has 12 challengers.At present, No. 62 Challenger Li Dongliang, failed to complete the challenge, directly eliminated.Later, Tianhe Group will randomly select new challengers again. ”
      “In addition, if Tianhe Group finally determines that Lin Feng's challenge is effective, then the remaining 10 challengers who also choose this last wish will all be eliminated.”
      Miao Li said: “up to now, this may be the most one-time elimination.”
      Qu Li said: “since you have participated in the list of last wishes, you have to be ready to be eliminated at any time.”
      “Let's see what the other challengers are doing.”
      “Challenger 18 seems to be ready. Her current position is Daxing'anling, and her last wish to challenge is No. 5, [walking through no man's land]…”
      Lin Fengjing sat on the ground and watched all the people, cars and planes around him
      Occasionally I look up at the sky. After all, there are parachutes flying around in the sky.
      Li Dongliang sat opposite. He asked a lot and watched the replay of Lin Feng's live studio.
      After reading it, he realized how terrible Lin Feng's 20000 meter journey was.
      In this game, he was not unjustly defeated.
      If I were myself, I would be lying in the funeral home now.
      A clear sound.
      Li Dongliang looked up, slightly surprised.
      Lin Feng's head, more than a lump of fresh bird dung.
      Lin Feng reached out to touch, looking at the bird droppings on his fingers, the corners of his mouth twitched.
      Mom, sell it!
      It's not over!
      Li Dongliang restrained his smile. Lin Feng pretended to be indifferent and said, “I'm careless. There's no flash.”
      Jinling City, a rental house.
      Liang Haoran is busy editing the video.
      A few days ago, he stayed up late editing Lin Feng related video, explosion fire on the network.
      It's so hot that it's beyond his imagination.
      That wave, his fans on several forums and websites, ushered in a wave of terrible surge.
      He realized a truth, follow lingo, there is meat to eat!
      Therefore, when he learned that Lin Feng chose to continue to challenge, he paid close attention 24 hours a day.
      Today's challenge, he was thrilled to see.
      Lin Ge is not challenging. He is just playing with his life.
      But he still managed to hold back his inner panic, watching and editing all kinds of videos in front of him.
      “It's done at last!”
      Looking at the videos on the screen, Liang Haoran was very satisfied.
      He was not in a hurry to send it immediately. Instead, he lit a cigarette and relaxed.
      By the way, how to name these titles.
      “Buzz ~”
      The phone vibrated slightly.
      In order to concentrate on his work, he set the phone to silent mode.
      Pick it up and have a look. It's from my girlfriend.
      “Hello, Xiao Ke, can I borrow some money?No!You give me a year, no, half a year, you give me half a year, I will make the down payment!Xiao Ke, do you believe me?Well, believe me, half a year, I will definitely earn the down payment. I don't need you to borrow it. I can do it myself! ”
      Hang up the phone, Liang Haoran in the hands of cigarettes also burn to the end.
      He pressed the butt of his cigarette and took out one to rekindle it.
      He and his girlfriend have been talking for three years, since college.
      My girlfriend is considerate and kind-hearted, and my parents are also very good, but I also put forward that if I get married, a house is necessary.
      They don't want to buy any villas or large apartments, but at least they have to have a home.
      And also proposed that the down payment can be 50% each.
      But even if they each pay half, in the city of Jinling, the down payment alone will cost six or seven million yuan.
      Half of it is more than 300000.
      He can't bring it out. He is a rural family, and his parents can't support him. He never thought of relying on his parents.
      Just now, his girlfriend Xiao Ke told him that she could borrow it from her relatives and friends, and then they would return it together at work.
      Liang Haoran refused, not because of male chauvinism.
      But he felt that he could make 300000 now!
      All he needs is time.
      The video of Lin Feng, which was made by Lin Feng, was popular on the Internet and let him see this hope.
      In just a few days, his accounts add up to millions of fans.
      Today this wave is released, he is confident, and there is hope that the number of fans will double.
      In the future, even if Lin Feng is eliminated, with his current volume, as long as he operates well, it is absolutely not a problem to earn hundreds of thousands.
      After smoking a cigarette, he sat up straight, staring at the screen, secretly cheered: “brother Lin, my whole life depends on you!”
      With that, he clattered on the keyboard.
      Inspiration is like a spring, literary thinking is like a diabetes insipidus.
      One by one, the headlines seem to be shocked but not shocked, and they are taken out like flowing water.
      [Lin Ge's lifelong enemy, duck king!】
      [fixed point parachute jump at an altitude of 20000 meters?No, I can jump without parachute!】
      [rainstorm, lightning, typhoon of magnitude 15, parachute clapping, safety net breaking, and the dangers encountered in the process of forest front challenge]
      One by one exaggerated but very eye-catching headlines were released simultaneously.
      With a certain fan base, plus Lin Feng just a few days ago on the overheating search.
      As soon as these videos were sent out, they attracted the attention of many people.
      “When I saw the ghost title, I snapped it in. Soon, and then I directly ordered it×Let's go. ”
      “20000 meters, no parachute?I've reported it. I've reported it. ”
      “First look at the title, what's the matter, and then take a closer look, oh, Lin Feng, my brother Lin, no problem.”
      “NIMA, really no parachute?Kneel, kneel
      “Gan!It's thunder and lightning, it's typhoon, the parachute is broken, it can't die? ”
      “Who will tell me whether it is true or not?”
      “It's terrible. This guy is really special. He's not human. I would have died more than ten times.”
      “It's true. Go to tiger shark and you can see the replay.”
      “This wave of operation, Red Bull see all call professional!”
      Many people do not look at the title of the video, up on the spray.
      After watching it, Qi Shushu knelt down to the ground, a kneeling voice.
      Among these videos, in addition to Lin Feng's complete parachute jump video, which is played several times faster, the most popular one is duck king's poisonous tongue
      “We've split up, duck king. Did this trigger the hidden talent?”
      “It's terrible. I've even paid attention to the duck king. How can this mouth be so smart?”
      “No good, no bad, King duck, you are just a bad luck!”
      “@ duck king, please read the following: Zhang Xiaoli, if you give Wang Shan a green hat, you will get AIDS!”
      “Poof, isn't it a fool upstairs?”
      “Ha ha ha, what's the operation of this wave? I'm confused.”
      “I laugh to death. Now the whole world knows that Wang Shan is green capped by his girlfriend.”*
      Chapter 39 am I a celebrity?[sixth change] for flowers, for evaluation tickets, for monthly tickets
      Half an hour later, Lin Feng stood up.
      Patted the dust on the pants: “brother Li, let's go and have a good meal. I'll treat you to this meal.”
      “Then I won't be polite to you.”
      Li Dongliang said with a smile.
      Although it's a pity that he didn't fulfill his last wish, he admired Lin Feng's calm mood even more.
      It's not unfair to lose to such a person.
      When they came to the restaurant, there was no restriction on consumption. Lin Feng ordered the dishes vigorously.
      Soon, a table of food came to the table.
      At this time, there are two girls came: “brother Lin, what a coincidence, we meet again.”
      Two people are slightly surprised, these two girls, a little familiar.
      They remember, this is not the girl who wanted to share the table with them yesterday.
      The two girls were somewhat resentful. After they were rejected yesterday, when they went back to their room to have a rest, they watched Lin Feng's live playback and heard what Li Dongliang said.
      It turned out that they refused them just to save money.
      The two girls were so pursed that they could hang oil bottles.
      Although they are not peerless beauties, their appearance and figure are absolutely not bad. It's the first time that they are rejected simply because of money.
      Most importantly, they had never thought of inviting Lin Feng and Li Dongliang to treat them.
      However, they also understand that they are in the process of challenging.
      A cent has to be broken and crumpled.
      “Cough, hello.”Lin Feng was a little embarrassed. Fortunately, the cameraman left and there was no live broadcast.
      Otherwise, it's estimated that netizens will laugh to death.
      “Did you eat that?”Lin Feng asked.
      “Not yet.”The girl's big eyes blinked and blinked.
      “Or would you like to eat together?”
      The two women responded with a smile.
      So, four people put together a table.
      They had a good time here. It took them more than an hour to finish.
      After eating, say goodbye to the two girls.
      “Brother Li, are you going back today?”
      “Well, take a break and leave later.”Li Dongliang asked, “what about you?”
      “I'll go back, too.”
      “Back to the devil?”
      “Well, go back to Mordor first, and then go home.”
      “Where is your home?I'll come and play with you when I have time. ”
      “Linjia village, Laian County, Huizhou.”
      He plans to go back. He has seven days off anyway.
      Moreover, these seven days are calculated only after Tianhe Group has determined its will.
      As for whether to continue to participate in the “wish list”, there is no doubt.
      No one will give up.
      Back at the hotel, the staff looked at him differently.
      A bold waiter came over and whispered, “brother Lin, may I take a picture with you?”
      Lin Feng Leng for a while, half a day to respond: “can ah.”
      “Thank you, lingo.”
      The waiter was very happy.
      Other people see, also Zhuang bold son, have come to ask for a group photo.
      Lin Feng does not refuse anyone who comes. There is a strange feeling in his heart.
      Do you really seem to be famous now?
      Although he has a lot of reputation every day, he never feels like a celebrity.
      I'm not ready for that either.
      Now, there are people taking pictures of themselves.
      It gives him a sense of not being clear.
      He took his ID and sat in the hotel lounge.
      Just as he was about to see his reputation, Li Dongliang came over with his backpack on his back.
      “Fengzi, what time is the flight?”
      “Eight in the evening.”
      “I'm seven fifty. It's about time. Let's go together.”
      It's six o'clock now, but the hotel is near the airport. It used to be very close.
      They got up to go out and took the ferry directly to the airport.
      After taking the ticket, they sat in the waiting hall chatting.
      “Fengzi, have you considered your last wish for the next challenge?”
      He did not ask Lin Feng whether he would continue to challenge or give up.
      Although their contact time is not long, he feels that Lin Feng is not the kind of person willing to be ordinary.
      So, no need to ask, he will continue to challenge.
      “Not yet.”Lin Feng shook his head.
      He's really not ready. He's going to study it tonight.
      Li Dongliang said: “think hard, don't worry, and don't put too much pressure on yourself. You have fulfilled two last wishes.I believe you, the following will, you will certainly be able to complete
      “I believe it, too.”Lin Feng nodded hard.
      After chatting for a while, the radio announced that their flight would start checking in.
      Li Dongliang stood up, opened his arms and hugged Lin Feng: “come on!”
      And then it's different.
      After Lin Feng got on the plane, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.
      He took a look at the reputation, 970000.
      The live broadcast online this time is only 2 million, only 200000 more than last time.
      The reputation value is two or three hundred thousand more than last time.
      He didn't rush to draw the lottery. He had a rest first and would wait until he got home.
      I'll go back to Mordor tonight, sleep in the mansion for one night, and go back to my hometown tomorrow.
      At this point, on the network.
      After several hours of precipitation, the flow of major forums also ushered in the peak of the day.
      Liang Haoran sent out a few videos, but also get more attention, heat began to soar.
      When Lin Feng's flight landed in Mordor, the topic about him finally rushed to the hot search.
      And in such an exposure on the hot search list, the heat is almost several times faster, in a nearly rampant way, all the way to the top of the list.
      Evening, 9:30.
      Lin Feng stepped into the house.
      And his topic, also appears again in the hot search first position.
      #Lin Feng, the first challenger to fulfill two last wishes in succession in the list of last wishes#
      “I'm so envious. This guy is so lucky!”
      “It's not luck, it's strength!”
      “Wo RI, it's only a few days now. Lin Ge has been on the hot search again?”
      “Falling speed, breaking the sound barrier, so terrible!”
      “NIMA, I'm stupid!”
      “It's a real pervert. The body breaks the sound barrier. Isn't lingo the legendary monk?”
      “I don't know what kind of reward Lin Ge will get for his last wish. I'm looking forward to it.”
      “Tianhe Group has announced that the audit will be completed within two days.”
      “Will Ringo continue to challenge?Or give up? ”
      Whether Lin Feng will be challenged and what kind of reward he will receive are hotly discussed on the Internet.
      Although there are many admirers, after watching Lin Feng's parachute jump, no one feels that Lin Feng is not qualified.
      It's really life in exchange.
      Tomson one.
      After taking a bath, Lin Feng whistled out, threw himself on the sofa and picked up his cell phone.
      “Why, did dad call me?”
      [90000 words in five days, the update should be fast.I sincerely ask you to vote for me with flowers and evaluation votes. Today, we also set a goal: 2000 flowers plus one watch, 500 evaluation votes plus one watch, and three rewards plus one watch.If you dare to vote, I will dare to add more, until I can't write!】*
      Chapter 40 million level lucky draw, fixed place random trigger![the first change] for flowers, for evaluation tickets, for monthly tickets
      Lin Feng calls back.
      “Hello, Dad.”
      “Xiao Feng, are you ok?”
      “What can I do for you? I'm fine.”
      “It's OK.”
      Mom and dad are busy all day. When they close, they are called by a group of relatives and friends.
      They were very confused. Why did they call again?
      It wasn't until someone casually said that they realized that their son was challenged again today.
      After watching the video, their hands were shaking.
      It's terrible. It's dangerous.
      “Xiaofeng, you…”Dad wanted to talk and stopped, finally said: “when will you go home?”
      He wanted to say that now there is enough money and a house. Otherwise, don't continue to challenge.
      These challenges make him a father, who is very nervous.
      Although the reward is very rich, but the son also takes a huge risk.
      After all, Lin Fenggang has just finished the challenge and can't pour cold water on him.
      Lin Feng said, “I plan to go home tomorrow.”
      “Back to the village?”
      “Yes.”Lin Feng said, “go back and see your grandparents.”
      “Then your mother and I will go back tomorrow. These two days your grandfather called me and said that many relatives are going to their hometown.”
      “Let them run.”
      Lin Feng smile, people are like this, there are people around developed, always want to get some light.
      He doesn't resent it. It's not that he is generous, but that he has his own set of rules.
      Good relationship, usually walk around, always help their own, then they developed, naturally also want to help each other.
      But the relationship is not good on weekdays, and you don't walk around on New Year's day. If you don't reach out when you need it, I'm sorry. In the future, you should do it in this way, and no one should cross the border.
      However, their immediate family relations are good, several aunts, uncles and aunts, the relationship is very good.
      There is no gap between brothers and sisters.
      Although these elders are not rich, they do not attach much importance to money.
      They always feel that it is the best for a family to be safe.
      As for money, enough is enough.
      Hung up the phone, Lin Feng looked at the reputation value, is ready to draw.
      But it surprised him a little.
      When I got on the plane, the reputation value was less than 1 million, but now it has reached 1.9 million!
      How long has it been?
      It's just over three hours.
      He opened the microblog, and sure enough, he went on the hot search again.
      Look at this posture. If there is no accident, it should be similar to last time.
      “Lucky draw!”
      “Congratulations to the host for obtaining [gene drink]”
      “Congratulations to the host for obtaining [gene drink]”
      “Congratulations to the host for obtaining [designated purchasing channel of encyclopedia]”
      “Congratulations to the host for obtaining [designated purchasing channel for folk craftsmen]”
      “Congratulations to the host for obtaining [career card]”
      “Congratulations to the host for winning [million level lucky draw experience card]”
      Lin Feng immediately stopped drawing.
      “Million lottery experience card?”
      He stares at the reward he just drew and checks it immediately.
      [million level lucky draw experience card]: 1 million reputation value can be drawn, and you will be rewarded randomly.
      The introduction is very simple, even a little crude.
      “I don't know what I can draw. Can I draw what I can get from ordinary lottery?In that case, it would be too wasteful. ”
      “However, since it's a million level lottery, we can definitely draw something that we can't normally draw.”
      Looking at the remaining 1.3 million reputation value, Lin Feng didn't hesitate to smoke directly.
      Now the most important thing is reputation.
      This wave can at least earn tens of millions of reputation.
      As long as the follow-up challenge, he will not be eliminated, and will continue to gain reputation.
      “Lucky draw!”
      “Congratulations to the host for obtaining [fixed location random trigger]”
      What is this?
      [random trigger at fixed location]: at any location, rewards may be triggered randomly.
      That's it?
      No more?
      He had an old groove in his heart and couldn't help vomiting it out.
      100Ten thousand reputation value, it's gone
      He had the heart to hit the wall.
      With a sigh, he looked at the things he had just drawn.
      Two bottles of gene drinks. This is a good thing. No matter how many Lin Feng is.
      [designated purchasing channel of encyclopedia]: the only authentic purchasing channel of the system certification. There are 10 animal categories, and the reputation value of each category is 100000.There are 89 orders of plants, with a reputation value of 100000 per order.You only need 9.5 million reputation value for one-time package purchase. Are you excited to roam in the ocean of knowledge?Click the purchase button below to take it home!
      Lin Feng was dazzled and stunned. Is this special? Is it crazy?
      Add up to 99 categories, 9.9 million, 9.5 million after discount.
      One word, expensive!
      The last sentence gave Lin Feng the illusion of being sold face to face by salesmen.
      However, it's expensive, but it's definitely worth the money.
      He needs only 9.5 million reputation to become a walking encyclopedia.
      No one can resist this temptation.
      Just imagine, when you and a beautiful woman are walking on the road, the beautiful woman suddenly points to the weeds on the side of the road and asks you: what is that?
      Then you blurt out: Cyperus rotundus L, a Latin scientific name, is a perennial plant of Cyperaceae, which generally grows in wet places
      When you say these professional words in a casual and indifferent tone, the beauty will certainly look up to you with admiration. That night, she will go home with you and discuss the Great Harmony of life with you.
      It's exciting to think about it.
      Of course, the most important thing is that this is knowledge, no one can refuse knowledge!
      Pretending to be forced to pick up girls or something, the low burst, wandering in the ocean of knowledge, isn't it fragrant?
      Unfortunately, there's not so much reputation at the moment.
      And he didn't seem to be able to use them for the time being.
      He continued to watch.
      [purchase channel for folk craftsmen]: the only genuine product purchase channel certified by the system, including weavers, potters, bricklayers, blacksmithsIt only costs 1.8 million to pack and buy each category with 100000 reputation value.
      “Hoo ~”
      “Can't afford it, next one.”
      He didn't know whether he was lucky or unfortunate today.
      These two kinds of rewards are not direct rewards, but a general door. There are many categories below, which are equivalent to a small store. You can buy the small things in it separately.
      But most of them are meaningless to him at present.
      He looked at the last professional card he drew and gently tapped it.
      “Congratulations on your career: chef.”
      [Chef (little achievement +): as a chef with little achievement, you have mastered the five dimensions of basic cooking skills, and everything is just right.
      Well, a chef without knowledge is not a good skydiver.
      Yes, it's very systematic.*
      Chapter 41 I, Lin Feng, the image ambassador of my hometown![second change] for flowers, for evaluation tickets, for monthly tickets
      After drawing the prize, Lin Feng did not continue to draw.
      The remaining hundreds of thousands of reputation value, let it lie down, in case of emergency.
      On the Internet, Lin Feng's popularity has not decreased at all.
      This time, Lin Feng's topic is no less than last time.
      In addition, there is a crow's beak like duck king, which makes Lin Feng have more topics.
      In cheap hotels all over the country, other challengers who also took part in the “last wish list” are lying in bed, looking at Lin Feng, who is exploding on the Internet, but his heart is cold.
      [No.8]: he has fulfilled another last wish.
      31: this man is terrible.
      [No.19]: if the parachute can't be opened, he can finish it. What kind of evil is this
      [No. 92]: Fortunately, I didn't choose to parachute, otherwise I would have been eliminated directly.
      22: I chose skydivingI'm going to jump tomorrow. I don't know whether I want to jump or not. Alas.
      This sigh, the way to do the sad.
      Other challengers who also choose parachute jumping are also very sad.
      They didn't even jump, so they decided their fate. They were really not reconciled.
      Although they also know that even if they jump, it is almost impossible to complete, but they are not happy.
      However, the audit results of Tianhe Group have not come out yet, and no one knows whether Lin Feng is the completion of the challenge or not.
      On the edge of Daxing'anling, in a tent, Qin Yue glanced at Lin Feng's news and put away her mobile phone.
      It's hard for her to imagine that under such circumstances, Lin Feng could fall into the safety net smoothly, which can't be described as a miracle.
      “He can survive, and I can cross Daxing'anling!”
      Qin Yue bit her lips to cheer herself up. Then she wrapped her quilt tightly and closed her eyes to let herself fall asleep as soon as possible.
      One night, it's gone.
      The next morning, Lin Feng got up and took a look at his reputation.
      As expected, 3 million!
      It's only one night. When it's tonight, it's not a problem to double the reputation.
      But although the reputation value is much, it makes him feel that it is not enough.
      Things in the dog system are really expensive.
      Laian County, a small and common County in Huizhou, is next to Jinling.
      Here is Lin Feng's hometown.
      But his hometown is in a village under Lai'an county.
      At this time, the county government building, the county magistrate called everyone, held a meeting.
      “Take up the information in front of you and have a look.”County Magistrate Wei Kangcheng said.
      “County magistrate Wei, who is this man?”
      “Lin FengWhat's his matter?Is something wrong? ”
      “You have to find a bureau to commit a crime.”
      Wei Kangcheng, a black line, next to director Ji of China Merchants Bureau, coughed and said, “what's the matter? This is Lin Feng. We come to Anxian County!”
      People still look puzzled.
      Wei Kangcheng said: “I've told you many times that I have time to pay more attention to the Internet. Now it's the Internet information age. You have to keep up. If you don't study, you will be eliminated!”
      “This Lin Feng, who is from Linjia village, Anxian County, is the most popular one on the Internet recently.”
      Someone asked, “what did he do?”
      “Is he a star?The young man is really handsome. He is not a mother
      “Stars have nothing to do with us.”
      “He took part in the list of last wishes,” Wei said
      “I'll go, really?Is he so lucky? ”
      “I know this program. It's said that if you fulfill all your last wishes, you will get a legacy of 100 billion, and it's still US dollars!”
      The meeting room was full of excitement. Obviously, they had also heard the program.
      Director Ji said, “everyone, be quiet. Let me briefly talk about the purpose of the county magistrate's meeting today.”
      “Up to now, Lin Feng has fulfilled two last wishes.After the completion of his first wish, he got a mansion of Tomson Yipin with a value of nearly 300 million. ”
      In the meeting room, there was a moment of silence, and all the people opened their mouths.
      Three hundred million
      How many zeros is that?
      Not enough fingers.
      Director Ji continued: “yesterday, he fulfilled his second last wish. The reward is still unknown.But he has become a celebrity on the Internet. Today, he is on the hot search list of microblog, Zhihu and other forums. ”
      “I've been paying attention to Lin Feng all the time. I think this is a very good publicity opportunity for us to come to Anxian county. I also discussed this matter with the county magistrate in private, and the county magistrate also approved my proposal.Therefore, the main purpose of today's meeting is to seek the opinions of all comrades. ”
      At this point, director Ji raised his tea cup, drank water and moistened his voice, and continued: “we plan to invite Lin Feng to be the image ambassador of an County. This is the theme of today's meeting. You can talk about your opinions.”
      “I don't mind.”
      “I don't mind either.”
      “That's a good thing.”
      All the participants were approved.
      Lin Feng did not take a plane, but took a high-speed rail.
      The high-speed railway arrives at Jinling, and then takes a taxi from Jinling to get home in four hours at most.
      On the way, when Lin Feng was planning to study his next wish, his mobile phone suddenly rang.
      A strange number.
      “Hello, is this Mr. Lin Feng?”
      “I am.”
      “Hello, Mr. Lin Feng, I'm Ji Jinming, director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Anxian County…”
      This phone call, Lin Feng listen to the whole at a loss.
      After listening, he was stunned for two seconds.
      Image ambassador
      “Mr. Lin Feng, are you free these two days?We can meet you according to your time
      Ji Jinming said politely.
      Lin Feng responded and said, “I just went home today.”
      Ji Jinming was very surprised: “that's great. What time does Mr. Lin get his car?I'll pick you up in my car. ”
      “No, I'll just go back myself. I'll be home by about the afternoon.”
      “OK, let's go to Linjiacun in the afternoon to meet with you and discuss the details.”
      Hang up the phone, Lin Feng has an unreal feeling.
      Hometown of the county, even ask themselves to do image ambassador?
      It was a surprise to him.
      He knew he was hot now, but it still surprised him.
      It's not to say that the image spokesperson is very attractive to him.
      He doesn't have much money at the moment, but it's enough.
      Image spokesmen, especially official image ambassadors, will not give Lin Feng too much money.
      What really surprised and excited him was that it was his hometown that invited him to be the image ambassador!
      There are few young people, especially those who were born ordinary but made money when they were young, who are not vain.
      Most people like to show off, some show off luxury cars, some show off houses, some show off watches.
      This is a disguised way to gain vanity.
      However, at such an age, few of them have been invited as image ambassadors by their hometown.
      What is pretending to be forced?
      First of all, there is a necessary prerequisite for charging, that is, the radiation range of forcing gas.
      It's quite different to force in front of people you don't know or in front of people you know.
      Image ambassador or official appointment.
      This identity, it is no exaggeration to say, can let Lin Fan family, in the whole village have face.
      Anyone who sees it has to give a thumbs up and say: the Lin family is promising!*
      Chapter 42 tentative, Article 5 [Third change] for flowers, for evaluation tickets, for monthly tickets
      After hanging up, Lin Feng calmed down.
      Then he took out a stack of materials from his backpack. These are all his last wishes printed out.
      A total of 199, all on top.
      Take out the two he's done and 197 are left.
      Lin Feng looked down one by one, and finally his eyes fell on the fifth wish, “walking through no man's land.”.
      There is also a specific requirement in this last wish, that is, to stay in no man's land for at least 30 days.
      Lin Feng stares at this last wish for a long time, suddenly light Yi.
      “I have an encyclopedia!”
      He suddenly reflected that the encyclopedia he got in yesterday's lottery seemed to have a place to use all of a sudden.
      But encyclopedias alone are not safe.
      Being able to recognize all kinds of animals and plants can at most ensure that he will not eat poisonous wild fruits by mistake.
      If you want to fulfill this wish, you need to know how to survive.
      After all, once you choose this last wish, you have to stay in the mountains for at least 30 days.
      Lin Feng took out his pen and spent a circle on this last wish.
      He has plenty of time anyway.
      half past eleven.
      Lin Feng takes a taxi. In ten minutes, he will be home.
      On the way, he talked to his father on the phone, and his mother and father got home at ten o'clock.
      Sitting in the car, looking at the scenery outside the window, Lin Feng is in a good mood.
      Soon, the car stopped at the entrance of the village.
      Lin Feng paid for the car, carrying big and small bags from the car down, toward the village.
      These are the nutritional products he bought for his grandparents, uncles and other elders.
      Because there is no car, many things I want to buy are not easy to bring back.
      He walked towards the village, looking at the familiar village, some can't wait, the pace is unconsciously accelerated.
      Lin village is not rich, but it is not so poor. Every family builds their own houses and two-story buildings.
      The outside is painted with new paint. It looks like a new countryside.
      Not far away is a low mountain, surrounded by a lake, although it is not a famous scenic spot, but also pleasant scenery, fresh air.
      As soon as people came into the village, some villagers came face to face. Seeing Lin Feng, they were surprised and said, “Xiaofeng is back?”
      “Uncle Rong.”Lin Feng replied with a smile: “come back to see my grandfather.”
      “I heard that you took part in a program and made a lot of money. Is that true?”Lin Rong asked curiously.
      Lin Feng didn't hide it either. Well, he said, “I made a lot of money.”
      Lin Rong tut said: “I said that you must be promising in the future. It's different when you go to university. You have so many things to mention, right?Here, uncle, get you some. ”
      “No, no…”
      “Stinky boy, if you want, give it to me.”
      Lin Rong catches it. It's all farmers. This is a ball.
      As they walked, they chatted: “the fifth master's house is very busy these two days. There are cars coming every day. They don't stop from morning till night.”
      The fifth is Lin Feng's grandfather, Lin Guocheng. His brothers rank fifth, and now only Lin Guocheng is left.
      People in the village call him the fifth master.
      Lin Feng asked, “who are they?”
      Lin Rong said: “there are people from other villages and counties. They say they are relatives, but they haven't seen each other in the past.”
      Lin Feng said nothing more.
      It is estimated that they are all distant relatives. As for why they came, you can guess with your toes.
      Two people came to the door, Lin Rong across the door shouting: “five ye, Xiaofeng back.”
      The yard was very busy. A silver haired old man was sitting on a cane chair. It was grandfather Lin Feng.
      Next to him, a middle-aged man with short sleeves is Lin Feng's father, Lin Daishan.
      This voice, let them all see.
      “Xiao Feng is back.”
      “Come on in.”
      “Ah Rong, come in and have a cup of tea, too.”
      “No, I have to go to the fish pond. I'll come later.”Lin Rong left with a smile and a wave of his hand.
      Since Lin Fenghuo died, some young people in the village knew it for the first time, and soon the whole village knew it.
      However, compared with these distant relatives, the villagers have a better mentality.
      “See, that's a good way to read. You can use snacks instead of playing.”
      “When I grow up, I don't want to be like Xiaofeng, but I have to buy a house in a big city.”
      For a moment, Lin Feng became a child of others.
      Into the yard, Lin Feng swept a look, some surprised.
      All the people in the yard are from their own family. Besides my father and grandfather, there are also my uncle and uncle.
      He thought there would be other distant relatives, but he didn't see any.
      He didn't know that many people wanted to come here today, but they were all rejected by his grandfather.
      Today, when his grandson came back, he didn't want these distant relatives to harass him.
      “Grandfather, Uncle…”
      Lin Feng shouts one by one, puts the thing in the room, comes out to ask: “Ye, where is my milk?”
      Grandfather said: “I went to the river to wash vegetables. When I know you're coming back, I'll run west in the morning, catching chickens and killing ducks.”
      Words will fall, grandma and aunt with vegetable basket back.
      In the basket are washed chickens and ducks, as well as large intestine.
      “Milk.”Lin Feng ran over and took the basket. He said, “how old are you?I always run to the river. It's slippery by the river. Don't go there. Just wash vegetables at home. It's not that there's no water
      The old woman grabbed Lin Feng's arm, and a smile bloomed on her wrinkled face: “my dear grandson is back. Are you tired?Go and have a rest. Grandma will make you something delicious. ”
      “I'm not tired. I'll be home by the bus.”
      This is Lin Feng's first contact with his family after crossing, but he has no sense of being born.
      On the contrary, there is a blend of nature, as if this is their home, this is their parents, grandparents.
      Mom and grandma went into the house to cook. Lin Feng was bored outside, so he also ran in to help cook.
      Soon, a pot of food out of the oven, a family sitting around a table.*
      Chapter 43 finalize the contract, wish the results of audit![Fourth more] for flowers, for evaluation tickets, for monthly tickets!
      The elders talk and boast when they are full of wine and food.
      Lin Feng sitting on one side quite boring, at this time, his mobile phone rings.
      “Hello, Mr. Lin, we have arrived at Linjia village. Do you have time now?”Ji Jinming asked.
      “Yes, come here.”
      Put down the mobile phone, Lin Feng stood up and said: “Dad, you talk first, I'll pick up a guest.”
      “Are there any guests today?”
      “You said earlier and asked them to have dinner together.”
      “People want to talk to me about something.”Lin Feng went out.
      As soon as I went out, I saw a black car coming and parking outside the gate.
      When the car stopped, two middle-aged people in short sleeve shirts came down.
      Two people come up, Lin Feng also welcome up.
      “Hello, Mr. Lin.”
      “Real people are more handsome than on TV.”
      Ji Jinming said, “this is Wei Kangcheng, the county magistrate.I'm Ji Jinming
      “County magistrate Wei, director Ji.”
      Lin Feng led them home. As soon as they saw that there was someone in the yard, they hurriedly said, “if there are too many people, we won't go in and disturb you. Just walk around. Do you think it's ok?”
      They have a very good attitude. They just talk to each other. They have no airs at all.
      “Xiaofeng, bring the guests in and have a cup of tea.”Mom called from behind.
      Lin Feng said with a smile, “let's go in.”
      “All right, all right.”They laughed.
      Walking into the yard, my father looked puzzled.
      My son's guest is not young.
      But I didn't ask much.
      After thinking about it, Lin Feng said, “this is county magistrate Wei, and this is director Ji of China Merchants.This is my mother… ”
      One by one, they shake hands with each other.
      Dad and his party were a little confused.
      county magistrate?
      After shaking hands, they came to the side and sat down with Lin Feng.
      They did not come forward to disturb, mother made two pots of tea to send.
      The voice of their chat is also small, mainly want to listen to what Lin Feng and the county magistrate are talking about.
      “Mr. Lin, this is a endorsement contract. If you think something is wrong, you can tell me that I will revise it on site.”Wei Kangcheng said.
      “Let me have a look.”
      The other side is very well prepared, is running to the purpose of signing Lin Feng today.
      Lin Feng picked up a careful look, this kind of endorsement contract mainly on a few points of attention.
      The first is compensation, the second is breach of contract, and the third is duration.
      The salary is similar to what he expected. It's not high. It's only one million a year.
      At least compared with his current popularity, it's very low.
      In terms of breach of contract, the terms are very loose, and the penalty is also 0. He knows that this is a manifestation of the sincerity of the other party.
      The fixed number of years is one year, which Lin Feng is most satisfied with.
      If the other side comes up and signs once every three or five years, it's more or less a bit of a hit.
      In the first year, Lin Feng could accept a price of 1 million yuan. After all, he was his hometown.
      He is also happy to contribute to his hometown.
      And have such a heavy identity, grandparents, what they meet in the future, can also get some care.
      But it would be a bit too much to keep the price the next year.
      “I have no problem with the contract,” Lin said
      They were obviously relieved.
      “Thank you very much, Mr. Lin,” Wei said
      Ji Jinming said: “the price of this endorsement is very low compared with your current popularity. Thank you very much for agreeing to be the image spokesperson of our county.If you have any problems in the future, you can contact me at any time. If you are within your ability, I will help you solve them. ”
      “Thank you.”
      With a smile, Lin Feng took up his pen and signed his name.
      The next step is to take a picture of the bank card and send it to the other party. When the other party finishes the process, the endorsement fee will be paid to his account at one time.
      After signing the contract, they didn't leave immediately, otherwise it would be impolite.
      The two sides chatted for nearly an hour before leaving.
      Lin Feng watched them leave and turned back to the yard.
      As soon as he came back, he couldn't help asking, “Xiaofeng, what does the county magistrate want you to do?”
      Dad asked, “what's the meaning of the endorsement you just talked about?”
      Lin Feng simply said it again. After listening to it, the whole family was surprised.
      “Image ambassador!”
      “I'll pay you back?”
      “This means that in the future, our county will use you as a publicity tool?”
      “Yes.”Lin Feng said with a smile: “I will be a celebrity in the future.”
      At this point.
      On the Internet.
      At the same time, there are many netizens who are guessing what will be Lin Feng's next wish.
      “I'm really curious. Which one will lingo choose next?”
      “I guess it's a millionaire!”
      “It's impossible. It's brain power. The two last wishes that Ringo has fulfilled are muscle work.”
      “Skydiving is muscle work?I'm afraid you don't live in a dream. ”
      “Let's put it this way. People who are gifted in sports usually have good brains.”
      “Blind guess across the Pacific!”
      “I think you want me to spiral up in the same place.”
      In the evening, several photos suddenly appeared on the Internet.
      In these photos, a group of professionals are talking under the safety net of the parachute base.
      “It's the person invited by Tianhe Group!”
      “I'm sure we're identifying Ringo's parachute jump.”
      “Tianhe Group is efficient.”
      “It's a good fart. What's the need for on-site identification for such a simple and clear matter?Just watch the video. ”
      “Wuwuwuwu, it's someone else who gets the reward. Why do I look forward to it?”
      This group of photos, let countless netizens began to look forward to, Lin Feng in the end will get what kind of reward.
      And for the first time, Lin Feng won several hundred million worth of luxury houses, as well as a cash reward of one million.
      Let the public to his second reward, had a great expectation.
      They really want to know whether the value of this award can surpass Tomson's first grade.
      The night is deep.
      Lin Feng lay on the bed, looking at the 7 million reputation value and the 9.5 million reputation value needed by the encyclopedia, still resisted the impulse of the lottery.*
      Chapter 44 reward, and the third last wish![Fifth change] for flowers, for evaluation tickets, for monthly tickets
      In the early morning, Lin Feng got up early.
      Mom, they are up and cooking.
      White smoke came out of the chimney, and the smell of food came into my nose.
      After breakfast, Lin Feng shouts his father, who is going to go out.
      “Dad, when are you going to be back?”
      “Back to where?”
      “Go home.”Lin Feng said, “you don't plan to stay in Luzhou all the time, do you?”
      Dad said, “your mother and I are going to open another store.”
      In fact, he is also entangled, although opening a shop outside makes more money than at home.
      But it's too far from home, grandparents, grandparents are at home.
      Old man, if something happens, no one will take care of him.
      Uncle is not young, and his health has not been good, little uncle is doing physical work, usually only holiday can come back.
      He originally planned to come back and open a restaurant in the county after earning a few years.
      But Lin Feng suddenly gave him a million, which made him have the idea of expanding the scale.
      It's hard to choose between family and business.
      Lin Feng felt that he could do business in his hometown.
      I don't expect to make a lot of money. It's very easy to make a little money.
      And people are relaxed and close to home.
      In addition, he is now a little famous, so he can promote the new store.
      When Lin Fengzheng was about to speak, his mobile phone suddenly rang out.
      At the call, Lin Feng's eyes were bright.
      A call from the program!
      Needless to ask, it must be the audit result of Tianhe Group.
      “I'll take a call.”
      “You're busy. I'll talk about it later.”
      Program group.
      “The audit results of Tianhe Group have come out.”
      Zhang Kai's words, let millions of audience, all of a sudden to the spirit.
      A few observers, too, are holding their breath and waiting.
      Although they are hosts and observers, they have no special treatment.
      Every audit results, awards, days and groups are real-time notification.
      They know it a few minutes before the audience.
      “Let's get through to Lin Feng first,” Zhang said
      He pressed Lin Feng's number on the landline.
      “Dudu ~”
      “Hello, Lin Feng. I'm Zhang Kai, the host of the list of last wishes.”
      “You don't seem excited from your voice?”
      “I'm really excited.”Lin Feng smiles.
      “Well, you're the calmest Challenger I've ever seen.”Zhang Kai said with a smile: “the audit results of Tianhe Group have come out. Your 14th last wish is confirmed to be effective. Congratulations, Lin Feng.”
      “Thank you.”
      “You are not excited at all.”
      Zhang Kai is speechless. If he is approved, he will be rewarded accordingly.
      No matter how bad the reward is, there are millions. How can he be so calm?
      “In addition, the reward you get for fulfilling this last wish is…”
      Zhang Kai deliberately pause for a few seconds, leaving enough suspense, watching the netizens in the live room spit fragrance, he just said the following.
      “A car designated by any 4S store in the country and a cash reward of 2 million for continuously fulfilling the last wish.”
      “Wori, what kind of immortal reward is this?”
      “Poison, poison, poison must be bought!”
      “Buy your horse's poison, buy koniseg!”
      “If you're lucky enough to run into the car in stock, you can sell it for 40 million to 50 million!”
      “However, there are many in China.”
      After hearing this reward, netizens immediately went to court.
      Luxury house, sports car, this is the dream of many men.
      Especially the car!
      When many people make money, the first thing they do is not buy a house, but a car.
      It can be said that they are short-sighted, but it can be seen from the side that in many men's hearts, cars are really something that can improve face.
      Lin Feng's attention was not on the car. He moved his mind and asked, “if you finish your last wish continuously, you will get extra cash reward, won't you?”
      “I'm sorry, I'm not sure about the specific reward details,” Zhang said
      Tianhe Group did not disclose the relevant information, only by guessing.
      He did it for the first time, with an extra cash bonus of $1 million.
      The second one was completed, and another two million.
      He estimates that it may be true, as he guessed, that if the will is fulfilled in succession, there will be an extra cash reward each time.
      “Lin Feng, will you continue to challenge or choose to give up?”
      “Go on.”
      “Well, from now on, you have seven days off.”Zhang Kai asked: “I am very curious, the third wish, do you have a choice?”
      It's something that all the viewers are curious about.
      They want to know which one Lin Feng's third last wish will choose.
      “I've already thought about it.”Lin Feng a smile: “but now confidential.”
      Zhang Kai was shocked and said with a smile, “well, I'll wait for your call.”
      “Have a good holiday.”
      When the phone hung up, the live broadcast room was almost bombed by the barrage.
      “Ah, brother Lin, don't play tricks
      “I want to know what you want to choose!”
      “Close the door, duck king!”
      Duck king: quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack???
      Soon after hanging up the phone, 2 million cash has arrived.
      The endorsement fee of the image ambassador also arrived last night.
      At present, he has 3 million in cash in his account.
      So far, the revenue of live broadcasting room has reached 300000.
      More or less of the money is enough for him.
      And he can't use much money, at least for a short time.
      Not long after, Tianhe group called, and it was still lawyer Yang.
      “Mr. Lin, please contact me immediately after you select the vehicle you want, and I will inform Tianhe Group to pay.”
      “Yes, thank you.”
      “You're welcome.”
      The car
      Naturally, Lin Feng also likes it, but at present, his understanding of cars only stays at the level of BBA.
      Now, all of a sudden, he was given an unlimited choice.
      As long as the domestic 4S stores have cars, they can get them for free.
      Instead, he didn't know what car to buy.
      Personally, he likes SUVs. They are big enough, have a high chassis, have good performance and are durable. He can go wherever he wants.
      So this morning, Lin Feng was studying cars.
      Starting from a million level, I was dazzled.
      First of all, he doesn't like sports cars.
      Tens of millions of sports cars, he also directly ignored.
      It's very simple. I can't buy it in China.
      And even if you buy it, it's hard to change hands.
      It's better to choose one you like than to bother.
      He didn't plan to buy it and sell it anyway.
      It's only tens of millions. Sooner or later, he can make it.
      Now we should not focus on this aspect.
      In the end, he picked up some pictures of the car and ran to grandma.
      “Grandma, look at these cars. Which one do you like best?”Lin Feng handed her the mobile phone.
      “Good grandson is going to buy a car?”
      “Yes, when the bus arrives, you will wear a beautiful skirt, hat and sunglasses and let my father drive you out for a ride.”
      “I'm old enough to wear a skirt.”
      “Hey, hey, grandma, look at it.”
      “It looks good.”Grandma pointed to a picture.
      “Grandma has eyes. I like this one, too.”Lin Feng said, “just buy this.”
      “It's over a hundred thousand, isn't it?”
      “No money. It's free.”
      “Son of a bitch, even your grandmother fooled me.”
      “I really don't want money. I'm on the show, and they gave it to me.”*
      Chapter 45 ten million luxury car, the hunter who enters the house![sixth change] for flowers, for evaluation tickets, for monthly tickets
      Granny's choice is kulinan, with the top 10 million.
      On the same day, he contacted a Rolls Royce 4S shop.
      Luxury car 4S shops of this level are only available in first tier cities and some second tier cities.
      Lin Feng contacted mordu store and agreed to meet tomorrow to pick up the car.
      After lunch, Lin Feng chatted with his father again.
      Finally, dad decided to come back and open a shop.
      Lin Feng left one million for himself and beat him the remaining two million.
      Since you want to open a shop, open a better one.
      The two of them have the experience of opening a shop, and even if they lose money, they will not lose much.
      Confirm this matter, Lin Feng said: “tomorrow and I will go to the devil.”
      “What are you doing there?”
      “Pick up the car.”
      “Did you buy a car?”Dad's eyes are also shining: “what car?”
      “What brand is this?”
      “Rolls Royce.”
      “Hiss ~”
      Dad took a cold breath, his voice was a little shaking: “more, how much?”
      “The reward of last wishes, no money.”
      A day goes by in the blink of an eye.
      At night, Lin Feng is lying on the bed, and his reputation has already reached 11.5 million!
      He looked at the encyclopedia, gritted his teeth and bought it!
      “[Encyclopedia of animals] purchased successfully.”
      “[encyclopedia plants] purchased successfully.”
      More than 10 million reputation value. In a moment, there are only 2 million left.
      Let's look at the purchase channel of folk craftsmen. It takes 1.8 million yuan to buy all of them.
      Ten million spent, still care about this?
      “[folk craftsman] purchase is successful.”
      Two days of savings, more than 10 million reputation value, in an instant only 200000.
      Lin Feng click the learning button, suddenly, a stream of majestic information into the mind.
      He felt that his head was a little swollen. He closed his eyes and had a rest for a while before the feeling disappeared.
      “Learning makes me happy.”
      Lin Feng very shameless said.
      Then looking at the last 200000 reputation value, Lin Feng said: “lucky draw!”
      “Congratulations to the host for obtaining [gene drink]”
      “Congratulations to the host for obtaining [career card]”
      “Luck is coming. I can't stop it.”
      Lin Feng mouth slightly a pick, casually a smoke, is a career card, this luck, Ou Huang real hammer!
      He took out the gene drink and put it on the bedside table.
      He doesn't drink this bottle. He leaves it to his grandparents.
      Then click the occupation card.
      “Congratulations on [hunter]”
      [Hunter (small achievement +): even if you are unarmed and without open fire, you can still survive in the wilderness with the hunter's experience.Enter the mountain wasteland, you are the most beautiful boy in the mountain!
      “Hunter…”Lin Feng said to himself that he was not sure about [walking through no man's land] before.
      So when he draws [hunter], he is ready.
      The third wish is it!
      However, small achievements may not be enough.
      If you want to make sure it is safe, you'd better upgrade it to a master.
      That is to say, he still needs 11 million reputation.
      He is very clear that if he does not appear in the program group for a long time, his popularity will drop rapidly.
      The memory of netizens is similar to that of fish. If you are not active, you can only live in the dust of the Internet.
      These two days, he can still eat another wave of waste heat, but it is limited.
      It seems that he can't rest for a long time. He has to continue to challenge these two days.
      All night long.
      At breakfast the next day, Lin Feng poured the gene drink into several cups and gave it to his parents and grandparents.
      It's not much, but it can also improve their physical quality imperceptibly.
      Then he and his father went out to Mordor. On the way, Lin Feng registered a microblog account and then authenticated it.
      The information he provided was sufficient and the certification was successful soon.
      Then he posted the first micro blog: “on the way to buy a car.”
      After a few seconds, someone commented.
      “I wipe it. It's really Ringo!”
      “Authentication account number, not fake.”
      “Did Ringo buy a car?What car did you choose? ”
      “Pay attention, don't get lost.”
      [duck king]: brother Lin, your licking dog army is coming!
      Since we are not going to participate in the program for the time being, we have to find a way to improve our popularity.
      After the award was announced yesterday, everyone wanted to know what car he was going to buy.
      Since I'm curious, I'd like a live broadcast.
      Every other hour, Lin Feng will send a microblog.
      Nine o'clock: “already on the high-speed rail, is on the way to Mordor.”
      Ten o'clock: “we'll be in Mordor in an hour, looking forward to it.”
      11:00: “people in Mordor, just off the high-speed rail, with Dad, to the 4S shop.”
      Twelve o'clock: “we have arrived at the 4S store.”
      Attached is a photo of Rolls Royce 4S store.
      One morning, Lin Feng sent several microblogs, which just pulled back the popularity that had begun to fall.
      Four hours, more than one million people have paid attention to it!
      Under each microblog, there are more than 100000 comments and nearly a million likes.
      “Trough, Rolls Royce!”
      “Brother Lin is brother Lin, with unique vision!”
      “Only a few. Isn't it fragrant?”
      “I thought Ringo was a smart man, disappointed.”
      “Rolls Royce has to be several million bigger. It's not cheap.”
      12:30: “it has been selected, Rolls Royce curinan, top configuration, landing 10.99 million.This car is chosen by grandma. Grandma likes it very much, and so do I
      12:40: “the car is going through the formalities. I can pick it up and go home today.From today on, grandma will take this car every time she goes out. The man in the family is the driver of grandma's special car. He will take her on a tour and leave her smile on the journey. ”
      “Tears of envy.”
      “When can I buy grandma a curinan (crying)”
      [duck king]: Lin Gezhen is filial. He even let his grandmother choose the car. If he shakes his hand, it's a gap of millions.
      Looking at the rising reputation value, Lin Feng feels that his move is too right.
      One thing: I have already picked up the car.
      Lin Feng sent a picture of picking up the car, standing beside the car with his father.
      “Kurinan is so handsome!”
      “This horse is a luxury car!”
      “It's so handsome. A man must have a kulinan in his life!”
      “???So, I don't deserve to be a man? ”
      “Ha ha ha, I have your uncle!”
      Lin Feng and his father ate something outside and drove back.
      The car is a temporary license. They have to go back to apply for the license.
      Both father and son have driver's licenses. He can see that his father wants to drive, so he directly gets on the co pilot.
      The whole journey is more than 300 kilometers. Dad is not sleepy. The more he drives, the more energetic he is.
      It was evening when I got home. As soon as the car entered the village, several villagers saw it.
      “Second, did you buy a car?”
      “What kind of car is this?It's big. It's beautiful. ”
      “Dear, this car at least several hundred thousand?”
      The car was parked outside the door. The villagers turned around the car and asked curiously.
      While giving them cigarettes, my father clearly wanted to pretend to force them, but he said something that pretended to be modest.
      Lin Feng watched Zhile, sitting on the chair in the courtyard, looking at the reputation value of more than 5 million yuan, happily clicking the one behind the [hunter].
      [Hunter (entering the house +): as a veteran hunter, you can find the traces of wild animals walking. You know how to rest in the cold night. You can eat in the worst environment. Even if you fall into the swamp, you can do everything to save yourself.*
      Chapter 46 walking through no man's land?No, it's impossible![seventh change] for flowers, for evaluation tickets, for monthly tickets
      The upgraded hunter has increased a height obviously.
      If he can upgrade a hunter to a master, he thinks that even if he is thrown into no man's land for 300 days, he can live a different life.
      After dinner, wash and rest.
      He's going to have a good rest tonight because he decided to leave tomorrow.
      Since the program group announced yesterday that Lin Feng had completed his last wish, 11 people had been eliminated, and on that day, Tianhe Group re selected 11 new challengers.
      However, these have nothing to do with Lin Feng.
      The next morning.
      After dinner, Lin Feng and his parents said he would continue to challenge the news.
      Mother and grandmother obviously do not give up, said the words, although worried, but did not persuade him to give up.
      Dad drove him to the airport in the city. Before parting, Dad arranged his clothes for him and said, “be careful, do you know?If you can't, don't try to be brave. Your mother and I are going to choose a place in the hotel these days. The business will not be bad then. ”
      “Well, I know.”Lin Feng listened patiently and finally went to the ticket gate.
      Instead of going to Mordor, he flew directly to Daxing'anling.
      During the waiting period, he took out his mobile phone and swiped his microblog.
      He has fallen from the hot search, and his reputation is not as high as it was a few days ago.
      However, the popularity of “last wish list” is still high, and there are relevant news on the hot search almost every day.
      He saw that seven more people were eliminated yesterday.
      The speed of elimination is getting faster and faster.
      It has been more than ten days since the first batch of challengers.
      Lin Feng was still surprised. After all, they only had 1000 yuan of initial capital, but they can still support it until now. It's really not easy.
      He opened the live room of the program group and found that today's online is particularly high.
      At this point in the past, the online number of program groups was about 5 million.
      Today, there are more than 7 million.
      Looking at the barrage, he suddenly realized that today is Saturday.
      After watching for a while, Lin Feng called the program group.
      “Ding Ling Ling ~”
      Zhang Kai was explaining when the phone in front of him suddenly rang.
      He Leng for a while, next to Miaoli reaction is very fast: “is it Lin Feng?”
      Zhou Lingling said, “I don't think so. He just took two days off.”
      “Last time he didn't even have a day off,” he said
      “I lost it. Isn't it really lingo?”
      “Strong, take two days off and continue to challenge?”
      “On the bright side, it might be to call the crew and tell them that he is going to give up.”
      “Let's just answer it.”Zhang Kai said: “Hello, this is the list of last wishes. I'm Zhang Kai, the host.”
      “Hello, Zhang Kai. I'm Lin Feng.”
      Lin Feng's voice sounded, the dense barrage instantly soared, directly covering the live broadcast room, there was no dead space at all.
      “Gan!It's really Ringo
      “My brother Lin is invincible!”
      [duck king]: I'm in a muddle when I don't have Lin Ge. Lin Ge, you don't know how I spend these days!
      “Duck king, I advise you to shut up.”
      Zhang Kai said: “you call, is it…”
      “Well, I've made my last wish for the next challenge.”
      “Which one?”
      “Article 5.”
      “Let me see.”
      The staff has brought the list of last wishes. Zhang Kai finds the fifth one and reads it out: “walking through no man's land is required to be no less than 30 days.”
      After reading this last wish, Zhou Lingling said, “Lin Feng, are you sure?This last wish is very dangerous. Only one challenger has chosen this one at present. ”
      Jiang Haidao said: “every last wish is not simple. Lin Feng, you should be sure to choose this one, right?”
      Lin Feng said: “well, at present, I have the greatest grasp of this will.”
      “Please make sure that once it is selected, it cannot be changed,” Zhang said
      “All right.””Then please provide the location, and the program team will arrange the cameraman to go there,” Zhang said
      “Big star anling.”
      Zhang Kai a Leng: “big star anling?”
      “Yes.”Lin Feng said: “I choose the same route as Qin Yue.”
      “Well, I see.””The cameraman will go to Daxing'anling immediately. When you meet with the cameraman, the challenge will officially begin,” Zhang said
      “Well.”Lin Feng hung up.
      “Why doesn't Lin Feng have a rest?”Zhou Lingling couldn't figure it out: “are you worried that another challenger will finish before him?”
      “No, absolutely not.”Qu Li shook his head: “there are restrictions on this will. You must stay in no man's land for 30 days.In other words, anyone who challenges before him has a chance to finish before him.So no matter when he challenges, as long as the other side sticks to it, he will finish it before him. ”
      Zhang Kai looked at Luo Jun: “does he have hope?”
      Luo Jun said: “I don't know much about outdoor, only from the objective analysis, his physical fitness is very strong, this is an advantage, but also a disadvantage.”
      “The advantage is that he has more energy and can deal with many emergencies.”
      “The disadvantage is that the more he consumes, the more he consumes food and energy.”
      “A thousand dollars of food can't support him for 30 days.”
      “So he has to look for food in no man's land, which is the biggest difficulty of this will.”
      Although Luo Jun is not a professional in this field, his analysis is very reasonable.
      “The program team has just contacted an outdoor expert who will arrive at our program team this afternoon,” Zhang said
      “Poof, is the program team hiring relevant professionals for Lin Feng now?”
      “Lingo is really hanging. He has to rely on himself to force the program team to take special care of him.”
      [duck king]: my brother Lin deserves this treatment.
      “Seriously, I'm here for Ringo.”
      “If lingo is eliminated in the future, I don't know what else I can watch.”
      “Elimination is certain. It depends on how long Ringo can persist.”
      Lin Feng, who had a few days' rest, chose the message of his last wish again and immediately spread it to the Internet, sweeping the whole network like a hurricane.
      “Walking through Daxing'anling for 30 days is very cruel.”
      “Cruel what, before him already had a person to choose this last wish, is also big star anling, moreover is a woman, is a beautiful woman!”
      “Get to the point, beauty!”
      “Isn't brother Lin going for beautiful women?I remember that pretty girl and Ringo met in private
      “I feel that the possibility of fulfilling this last wish is very low, almost impossible.”
      “It's not very low, it's impossible.”
      “Why not?In my brother Lin, there is no impossibility! ”
      “Ha ha, young man, if you have nothing to do, read more books. First, understand what the no man's land is, and then go to see how big Daxing'anling is.Even if you are fully armed, you can't cross Daxing'anling alone. ”
      At this time, Lin Feng had boarded the plane and took off.
      He looked at the instant soaring reputation value, showing a satisfied smile.*
      Chapter 47 starting from no man's land, Hunter's knife, guwupu purchase channel![the first change] for flowers, for evaluation tickets
      Eleven o'clock at noon.
      Lin Feng came out of the airport and took a taxi to the city. He needed to buy some necessities.
      He didn't have much to buy, a backpack, some chocolate, a few bottles of water, a bunch of rope, rich seasonings, a windbreak lighter and a tin pot with a long nose.
      He also wanted to buy a knife to open the way.
      But this kind of knife belongs to the control knife, which can't be bought in the shop.
      He did not tangle, bought a fruit knife with him, and went to the store to buy a new pair of sports shoes, a down jacket.
      In addition to what you wear, the total value of other things should not exceed 1000 yuan, otherwise you can't bring them.
      All ready, Lin Feng is to continue to take the bus, toward the final goal.
      Two hours later, he arrived at the forest farm.
      Many tourists are enjoying the vitality of this primeval forest, and many people take out their mobile phones to record the beautiful natural scenery.
      Lin Feng took a look at the reputation value. In more than 20 hours since yesterday afternoon, the reputation value has soared from 4 million to 11 million.
      Without any hesitation, Lin Feng upgrades [hunter] directly.
      [Hunter (Master)]: the mountain is your back garden, and the forest is your second home. You are the king of the mountain!
      “So arrogant?”
      Lin Feng's eyes are bright, and his reputation of more than 10 million is not in vain.
      There's a million left, and he's smoking along.
      “Congratulations to the host for obtaining [gene drink]”
      “Congratulations to the host for obtaining [gene drink]”
      “Congratulations to the host for obtaining [hunter's knife]”
      “Congratulations to the host for [seeing and hearing]”
      “Congratulations on getting [gourmet]”
      “Congratulations to the host for obtaining [guwu Pu purchase channel]”
      A wave of ten even smoke, just gene drinks, Lin Feng took six bottles!
      It's an explosion of character.
      Instead of drinking all of them, he replaced the genetic drink with a bottle from Nongfu mountain spring and put it in a bag.
      Then I look at the new reward.
      [hunter's knife]: this knife can be broken by blowing. It can cut gold, iron and stone. It's a must for traveling and living!
      He went to several stores and couldn't buy a knife, so he had to make do with a fruit knife. As a result, he got one.
      He took out the hunter's knife. The scabbard was made of wood and covered with a thick layer of animal skin. It felt very good.
      The blade is sharp. Under the sunlight, there is cold light reflection, which is extraordinary.
      The blade is about 40 cm long. The blade is slightly curved and upward. It can split, chop and stab.
      As a hunter, it's reasonable to wear a knife with you?
      He continued to look at other things.
      [seeing six ways and listening to all directions]: your six senses will receive special training. You can't escape from your eyes and ears with a radius of 10 meters.
      [gourmet]: as a gourmet, your taste buds have been extremely developed. You can taste the most subtle changes in food, and you will be immersed in the perfect experience of food creation.
      [guwupu purchase channel]: the only authentic product purchase channel certified by the system is Taijiquan, Bajiquan, Tongbei, Zhanyi shibadi, Hongquan, Xingyi, and mazeThe price of each ancient martial arts manual is 1 million reputation value, and you can enjoy 50% discount on the first purchase.
      100Ten thousand
      Lin Feng almost couldn't hold back his curse.
      It's very expensive!
      Moreover, unlike previous encyclopedias, these ancient martial arts books can't be bought in a package.
      He probably counted several hundred kinds of Chinese martial arts and lightness skills.
      He was greedy, especially the lightness skills such as Wudang ladder cloud vertical and floating on water.
      However, the reputation value is exhausted. Even if you want to buy it, you can't buy it for the time being.
      But don't worry. Anyway, reputation comes quickly.
      At two o'clock in the afternoon, a new observer arrived.
      This is a man about 32 years old, with sharp broken hair, wheat skin, bright eyes, and powerful facial contour.
      As soon as the man sat down, netizens exclaimed.
      “Damn it, the program team has paid a lot of money, and invited brother Niu here!”
      “Brother Niu, brother Niu, brother Niu!”
      “If brother Niu challenges, this last wish will be easily fulfilled.”
      “Although I like brother Niu's outdoor programs very much, it's almost impossible for him to cross Daxing'anling alone.”
      Brother Niu, whose full name is Niu Zhi, was a veteran. He made an outdoor show by himself, and then the fire broke out.
      Although there is still a big gap with Beiye and Deye, their popularity is not low.
      Moreover, in Niu GE's program, his professional skills and outdoor survival knowledge are professional.
      And everything is very real, unlike some people today, acting completely according to the script.
      It is also because of the authenticity and his specialty that he has gained a number of fans in a short time.
      “Brother Niu, welcome to the last wish list.”
      “Welcome, brother Niu.”
      Several people applauded.
      “Thank you, and I'm honored to be an observer,” Niu said
      Zhang Kai said: “brother Niu, if you were allowed to choose, which will you choose?”
      Miao Li said, “it must be the fifth one.”
      “Brother Niu, if you choose this one, you will almost finish it steadily.”
      Several other people are also generous praise.
      This is not a commercial mutual boast, but they have seen brother Niu's survival video in the wild, which makes people's knees soften professionally.
      But Niu Zhi shook his head: “first of all, I will exclude the last wish of [walking through no man's land].”
      Several people were surprised.
      “I don't think it's difficult for you.”
      Even Luo Jun couldn't understand.
      “Hard, very hard!”Niu Zhi said solemnly: “it is because I have lived in the wild that I understand more about the difficulty of this last wish.”
      “When I recorded my own program, I spent 11 days in the wild at most.And it's not a no man's land, it's just a very common mountain. Even so, I've been in danger several times. ”
      “I once thought about going to Daxing'anling, but I finally gave up. There are so many uncertain factors there that even I dare not take risks.”
      Qu Li said, “is it really that difficult?”
      “Very difficult!”Niu Zhi nodded, affirming his doubts.
      “Even brother Niu said so. It seems that Lin Feng's last wish is not very wise.”
      Zhang Kai sighed slightly, and immediately a background voice came from his headphones. He said, “just now, I received a notice that the cameraman and Lin Feng had joined up.It's 2:17 p.m. now. The third last wish of Lin Feng's challenge officially begins! ”
      As the voice fell, the No. 1 studio where Lin Feng was was was lit up from the black screen.
      The familiar figure appeared on the screen again.*
      Chapter 48 the largest primeval forest, 1200 kilometers long, this is the hunter's blessing!Seeking flowers
      Live Room online, barrage flying, reward such as water hit.
      [duck king] rewarded 10 rockets and left a message: come on, lingo. It's only 30 days. It's absolutely easy for you!
      [Chengbei Xugong] rewarded 66 rockets and left a message: come on, brother Lin!
      [mu Linsen] rewarded 66 rockets and left a message: come on, lingo!
      “Come on, brother Lin!”
      “Come on, brother Lin!”
      “Come on, brother Lin!”
      Tens of thousands of barracks floated by, all of which were in four big words: “come on, brother Lin!”
      “Hello, everyone.”
      Facing the camera, Lin Feng smile, more leisurely than before: “behind me is Daxing'anling, which is the northeast of China, and also the largest area of virgin forest in China.”
      “I chose the fifth last wish, walking through the no man's land. This is the no man's land I'm going to challenge.”
      “In the next 30 days, I will lead you to deeply understand the beauty of Daxing'anling!”
      Lin Feng is like a professional host, with a loud voice and cadence.
      After that, he turned and walked towards the mountain.
      The invisible forest is like a dragon across the earth. Lin Feng's figure, moving forward, is more and more weak by contrast.
      “Lin Feng is very professional.”Zhang Kai said with a smile: “fortunately, he did not do the host, otherwise I have to lose my job.”
      Zhou Lingling said, “why is he wearing a down jacket?Is it cold there? ”
      Niu Zhidao said: “the temperature difference between day and night in Daxing'anling is relatively large. It's only two months in summer, and it's very cold at other times. The lowest temperature in winter is more than minus 50 degrees.”
      “So cold?”
      “It's August. Is it summer over there?”
      A few people listen to silly, big star anling unexpectedly so cold.
      Niu Zhidao: “August is the summer over there. It's not cold during the day, but you should keep warm at night, otherwise you will easily catch a cold and get sick.”
      “No wonder Ringo wears such a thick down jacket.”
      “Professional or my brother Niu professional, this kind of cold knowledge, I generally have to rely on Baidu.”
      “Is that the knife on brother Lin's waist?”
      “I wipe it. It's a knife. I'm well prepared.”
      “It should be to prevent the encounter of wild animals.”
      “In fact, it's useless to bring a knife. I'm going to meet you. A knife doesn't work at all.”
      “I feel that the camera crew is more dangerous than Ringo.”
      They couldn't see the cameraman and thought it was the same as before, only three.
      Not really.
      This last wish is too difficult, and there are many accidents that can happen.
      Tianhe company specially invited the national top camera team and outdoor experienced team, adding up to more than 30 people.
      In addition, the camera team finally negotiated and decided to shoot the whole process with UAV.
      The level of science and technology in the world is very high, and the UAV field is also quite abnormal.
      The UAV used by the shooting team can last more than 30 hours and transmit high-definition images in real time.
      In addition, their portable equipment can ensure good signal transmission even in no man's land.
      In this way, even if they can't keep up with Lin Feng, the UAV will automatically follow Lin Feng to shoot.
      In addition, they hired a security team and several local guides.
      This is to ensure the safety of the staff.
      Even if they meet bears, they are not afraid at all.
      In contrast, Lin Feng's equipment is simple and crude.
      Even though he knew that Lin Feng had completed two last wishes in succession, no one thought that he could cross Daxing'anling with a backpack and a knife that didn't look good.
      Lin Feng left the forest farm and went in the opposite direction.
      There is no map in Daxing'anling. Once you go deep into it, if you don't have a professional to lead you, you will easily lose your way.
      The mountains are luxuriant in branches and leaves, and there are countless towering trees. The flourishing canopy blocks out the sun. Even if you walk for a few hours, it is difficult to get out of the area covered by the canopy.
      I don't know how many lost donkey friends go to Dashan every year.
      “Through this grassland, you will enter the mountain forest.”
      “The route I chose, southwest, has a total length of 1200 kilometers.”
      “I just need to slow down and walk 30-40 kilometers every day. I can walk through it in 30 days.”
      As Lin Feng walked, he talked to himself. A UAV flew slowly in front of him, recording all his actions.
      “1200 kilometers?Wo RI, you can't go out even if you break your leg. ”
      “Slow down, thirty or forty kilometers a dayI'm sorry to say goodbye and disturb you! ”
      “Lingo, can you say something?I really don't understand that. ”
      “If you want to pretend to be a force, you have to see lingo. It's boring for other people to pretend to be realistic.”
      “It's called advanced Versailles. I strongly suggest you all in your circle of friends to learn it.”
      “Thirty or forty kilometers a day, it doesn't seem like a lot,” Zhou said
      “When I was in my first job, I commuted more than 60 kilometers every day,” Miao Li said
      “Yes, this distance is nothing.”
      Jiang Hai several people also said.
      Luo Jun and Niu Zhi look at each other in dismay.
      After their discussion, Niu Zhidao said, “youIs there no concept of distance? ”
      A few people doubt to look at him: “what's the matter?”
      Niu Zhi said with a bitter smile, “you used to go to and from work by car, didn't you?”
      “I'm sure I'll take the bus, or I'll go home.”
      “But Lin Feng doesn't have a car. He can only walk on foot. What's more, there is a big difference between the 30-40 kilometers in the mountains and the 30-40 kilometers on asphalt roads.”
      Niu Zhidao: “if it's me, I'll walk from morning to night, that's 20 kilometers, and I'll stick to it for two or three days at most.”
      After he said this, it was their turn to be surprised: “how can you walk so slowly?”
      Before Lin Feng challenged his last wish, he ran a full marathon in only two hours.
      So Lin Feng himself said that they really didn't feel anything when they walked 30 or 40 kilometers a day.
      However, after listening to Niu Zhi's explanation, they realized that it was not easy to walk so far in the mountains one day.
      Half an hour later, Lin Feng came to the edge of the forest. Behind him was the green grassland leading to the modern society.
      He looked back for the last time and raised a curve in the corner of his mouth: “see you in 30 days!”
      After that, he stepped into the forest.
      Just as he stepped into it, a voice suddenly rang out in his mind.
      “Fixed location random trigger…”
      “Trigger succeeded.”
      “Congratulations on [hunter's blessing]!”*
      Chapter 49 monkey, put down the bag![Third change] for flowers, for evaluation tickets
      Lin Feng at the foot of a tiny meal, check just got the reward.
      [hunter's blessing]: when you walk in the mountains, you will get the hunter's blessing.
      Just look at the introduction, nothing can be seen.
      According to Lin Feng's understanding, this should be equivalent to a kind of recessive buff.
      He walked on, and soon went deep into the forest.
      At the same time, a plane landed from Qiqihar airport.
      A tall man in his thirties came out of the airport.
      Behind him, there was a team.
      If Lin Feng were here, he would be able to recognize Li Dongliang.
      From the airport, they took a business bus that had been waiting for them.
      “Mr. Li, let's have a good rest tonight and start early tomorrow morning.”Said the man beside him.
      “Good.”Li Dongliang nodded slightly, his eyes always on Lin Feng's studio.
      Since the challenge failed, he went home that day.
      And the next day, someone came to the door.
      The other party is a brokerage company and wants to sign him.
      This company sniffs business opportunities from the “last wish list”. They plan to invite some professionals to take advantage of the popularity of the “last wish list”.
      Although Li Dongliang was eliminated, he was very popular in the list of last wishes, and he was also a retired soldier, so he was chosen by this company.
      Their idea is very simple, let Li Dongliang also challenge walking through no man's land.
      When Lin Feng said the place of the challenge, they immediately took Li Dongliang to come here, planning to synchronize the challenge.
      The car came to a hotel. After checking in, Li Dongliang simply ate something and went back to his room to have a rest.
      He needs to be in good shape. After all, in the next month, he needs to survive on his own in Daxing'anling.
      Although this is not the last wish list, it will comply with the requirements of the last wish list and various restrictions.
      Since you want to rub heat, if the difficulty is not equal, who will see you?
      That evening, a piece of news rushed to the hot search.
      #The eliminators of “last wish list” challenge to walk through no man's land. Who is better?#
      Once exposed, the news immediately attracted the attention of countless people.
      “Hold the grass, it's brother Li!”
      “Brother Li, are you crazy? You have nothing to challenge. Even if you finish the challenge, you don't have money to take it.”
      “Upstairs fool, identification is complete.”
      “Look carefully, Star River company has signed brother Li. It's rubbing the popularity of” last wish list. ”
      “Darling, Star River company this wave of operation, cattle, I give full marks.”
      “It's really good. If it's operated well, it's hot every day.”
      “Ha ha ha, I'm looking forward to it. Brother Li is still very strong.”
      “I like brother Li very much. When I was eliminated, I cried in my girlfriend's arms all night.”
      “Paralyzed, do not scatter dog food to be able to die?”
      Star River company is quite satisfied with the popularity of the Internet.
      Tomorrow, when Li Dongliang starts to challenge and buy another hot search, the marketing will be complete.
      “Take a break and eat something.”
      Lin Feng stopped. He started at 2:30 and walked for three and a half hours, more than 10 kilometers.
      Because the speed was too fast, the staff had been thrown away half an hour after Lin Feng entered the mountain, and only a few UAVs had been following Lin Feng.
      He went to a big tree and sat down. He took out the chocolate and ate it.
      “I bought a lot of high calorie food, which is enough to keep me from starving for four or five days.”
      He was eating chocolate and drinking a gene drink, but he didn't forget to look back: “they don't seem to keep up.”
      “If you run so fast, the ghost can't keep up with you.”
      “Let's slow down. In case of wild animals, many people can scare each other away.”
      “It's more than six o'clock. Why is it so bright?It's dark on my side. ”
      Zhang Kai said: “Lin Feng's speed is very fast. In one afternoon, he has walked more than ten kilometers.”
      Zhou Lingling said: “the first day was very fast. I remember the first day of the 18th was also very fast. I walked seven or eight kilometers, but in the next few days, I could only advance a few kilometers every day.”
      Luo Jun said: “his physical fitness is excellent. As long as he does not encounter danger, I think he can cross the forest with enough food and water.”
      “You've missed the most important point.”Niu Zhidao: “direction!”
      “If he lost his way, even if there was enough food and water, even if there was no danger to find him, it would be difficult for him to get through the forest.”
      “It is.”Luo Jun nodded in agreement.
      “Besides, the forest at night is the most dangerous.In fact, he has not gone deep into Daxing'anling yet. In a few days, if he goes deep into the forest, he will encounter many troubles that we can't imagine. ”
      Niu Zhi is not optimistic about him. He was not optimistic from the beginning.
      This is not aimed at Lin Feng, but an objective analysis and judgment based on his many years of experience.
      In the forest.
      While eating and drinking, Lin Feng checks his reputation.
      In one afternoon, the reputation rose from 0 to 2.1 million.
      He immediately selected the two most wanted ancient martial arts books from the [purchase channels of ancient martial arts books].
      “If the purchase of Wudang ladder cloud vertical is successful, 1 million reputation value will be deducted.”
      “[Taijiquan] is purchased successfully, and 1 million reputation value will be deducted.”
      [Wudang Tiyun Zong (small achievement +): Wudang's unique lightness skill can be called lightness skill among lightness skills. It pays attention to lightness and dexterity of body method, does not confuse opponents with changeable footwork, and aims at lightness of body shape and easy advance and retreat.Tips: standing for half an hour every day can improve your performance.
      [Taijiquan (small achievements +): Sanfeng real person inheritance, can be rigid or soft, rigid can shock the stone, soft can be four or two thousand jin.Tips: daily practice can be improved.
      Lin Feng's eyes are bright. They are good things. They can't be any better.
      The top lightness skill is a necessary skill to run for life!
      Taijiquan is not simple. Although Taijiquan is soft and weak, now Lin Feng, who is full of Kung Fu, knows better than anyone that it is powerful.
      What surprised him most was his last words.
      “If you practice boxing every day, you can improve.”
      Can we say that in addition to upgrading the reputation value, we can also improve it through continuous boxing practice?
      You'll have to have a try.
      After eating the last piece of chocolate, Lin Feng stood up and suddenly felt that he was urinating.
      He looked at the drone: “move the drone, I want to go to the toilet.”
      The drone flew away immediately.
      He stepped aside and began to be convenient.
      “Lingo, are we good friends?”
      “If it's a brother, don't hide it. I don't care. What do you care?”
      Duck king: the atmosphere is suddenly strange~
      Zhou Lingling and Miao Li's second daughter are blushing.
      Zhang Kai said with a smile: “people have three anxieties, they can understand.Let's look at the progress of the other challengers first… ”
      Before he finished, a sharp animal call came from the screen.
      Immediately after that, there was a roar of anger from Lin Feng.
      “Dry!Monkey, put the bag down for me*

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