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      Chapter 1 Foodstuffs and Late System

      “Fatty, are you going to eat when your stomach is almost broken?”Lin Tian said unhappily.
      “Brother Tian, you should make the best use of your time to eat something. Once you reach the island, you won’ t be able to eat such fragrant chicken legs and pig hooves anymore.”The fatty didn’ t even raise his head. His mouth quickly gnawed on the chicken leg in his left hand and the pig’s hoof in his right hand. He answered Lin Tian while swallowing.
      Lin Tian raised his hand to support his forehead. He could only smile bitterly.
      How could he survive in the wilderness?
      Fatty’s name was Chi Huo. He was born from Old Master Chi. Old Master Chi and his wife had worked hard for most of their lives to create a noble family. They were rather emotional about paying a share of the goods, so they gave Fatty a single name.
      It was said that people were like their names, and Lin Tian deeply suspected that Fatty was so delicious. It was all thanks to Elder Chi’s name.
      Chi Huo Chi Huo was clearly a foodie.
      However, although the fat man was still buried in bitter eating, Lin Tian was not angry.
      Lin Tian had traveled through this parallel world.
      At the time of his most downfall, Chi Huo’s family had taken him in. How many Spring and Autumn Periods had accompanied him, and the two of them had long since had a deep friendship.
      “, It’s almost time to gather in the hall.”If we miss out on the equipment, we’ ll really have to drink the wind on the island.”Lin Tian hurriedly urged the fatty when he saw that he had another big pig’s hoof.
      “Aiya, Brother Tian, don’ t be anxious.”You’ ve never heard of such a saying before. You don’ t have to work hard to eat and drink today.”The fatty was finally willing to leave the dining table. Of course, when he got up, he didn’ t forget to pick up two roast pig hooves.
      “You caw, you can’t say something good?”We’ re going to live on a desolate island. How unlucky are you to say this?”Lin Tian glared at Fatty.
      “Hehe, Brother Tian, didn’ t you say I’ m a lucky star?”If not, how could Da Hua’s several hundred million people register to participate in this wilderness survival?”Fatty was not angry at all. He grinned and took out a white tooth.
      Lin Tian no longer refuted this point.
      Dahua’s richest man had organized this’ Man vs. Wild 666 Days’ event with some ancient plutocrats.
      This was a huge match, and the bonus was enticing to the point!
      “If you persist for one month, you will receive a 1 million bonus.”
      “If you persist for 100 days, you will receive 5 million bonus.”
      “If you persist for 365 days, you will receive 50 million bonus.”
      “If you persist for 666 days, you will receive 500 million bonus.”
      Once the event was announced, hundreds of millions of people signed up.
      However, the final selection was only 100 groups, with a total of 200 people.
      Lin Tian, who had traveled for many years without a gold finger, felt that he definitely wouldn’ t have such good luck, so he paid a little attention and left it behind.
      Who would have thought that the fatty would secretly report the names of the two of them, and actually successfully selected them!
      Fatty was praised by Lin Tian as a lucky star.
      “Yes, yes, yes, yes. You are a lucky star. Lucky Star would be best able to ensure that we can run into a large amount of resources as soon as we get onto the island. This way, even if we can only last for a month, we will still be able to receive a 1 million bonus.”Lin Tian replied with a smile.
      “Ah, a 1 million bonus will be enough to buy many chicken legs and pig hooves.”The fatty’s eyes lit up.” Big Brother Tian, with you around, there’s no problem staying for a month, right?”
      “I don’ t dare to bid for this. After all, this is an original undeveloped island. The difficulty factor is not low.”Lin Tian frowned slightly.
      “That’s right. That’s the Primitive Forest. Didn’ t the organizer even ask us to sign a contract, saying that there’s a risk of death.”At this point, the fatty stopped gnawing at the pig’s hooves. Clearly, he was also worried.
      He paused for a few seconds.
      He bit down another piece of pork hooves and looked at Lin Tian with a serious expression.
      “Brother, if I am unlucky to fall on the Desolate Island, you should take care of the old man and the others with a pension.”
      “I don’ t want anything else. Every year, Qingming remembers to burn 365 chicken legs and 365 pig hooves.”
      “Yes, I’ll burn another 100 portions and two waiters. I’ m tired of eating chicken legs and pig feet.”
      After saying that, the fatty gnawed on the pig’s hoof in his hand again. He looked like it was fragrant.
      Lin Tian didn’ t pay attention to Fatty’s teasing. Instead, he thought about what he had just said.
      Indeed, survival in the wilderness was far from as simple as he had imagined. It was difficult for him to have a chance to become rich. If he couldn’ t grasp it, it would be a lifelong regret.
      [You look calm, but your heart is already beginning to worry. You have decided to do everything you can to persist on the island for a long time]
      [You have gained +2 Spirit]
      Suddenly, some subtitles appeared in Lin Tian’s mind!
      This is… the system?!
      As a transmigration party, Lin Tian realized that his late system had finally arrived.
      He looked at the fat man who was still eating his pig’s hooves with excitement. He resisted the urge to share this joy with Brother Tie.
      [Heartless Fatty]
      [Attitude: Absolute trust]
      [Favorite: Love to eat all the delicacies in the world, especially chicken legs and pig hooves]
      [Specialty: A fool is a fool. Being close to him will always bring unexpected good luck]
      [Monologue: Those who know food are handsome]
      As he stared at Fatty Chi, the subtitles in his mind appeared again.
      It was like a string of narratives.
      Lin Tian could see the narration!
      “Fatty, perhaps we might be able to survive for 666 days.”*

      Chapter 2: The small commotion caused by the fat and thin combination!

      By the time they arrived at the main hall, the place was already filled with people.The contestants, the staff, the numerous news media reporters… Everyone was in a heated mood as they talked about the upcoming wilderness survival topic.
      Lin Tian and Chi Huo entered.
      Very quickly, it caught everyone’s attention.
      Fatty’s body size was too strong. He was 1.9 meters tall and weighed over 260 kilograms.As a result, Lin Tian, who was over 1.7 meters away from him, appeared to be a little small. The two of them formed a sharp contrast.
      One thing that could not be ignored was that the fatty was gnawing on half of the pig’s hooves.
      The organizers gave the participants a chance to eat the last meal in half an hour.
      All kinds of delicacies were enough.
      In that half an hour, from beginning to end, only Lin Tian and Chi Huo were in the restaurant.
      There were no other participants.
      It was obvious that Chi Huo’s conspicuous figure and his character of not forgetting to eat had become a topic of discussion.
      On the field, the aircraft camera quickly found a spot to get a close-up shot for Lin Tian and Chi.
      The entire country’s largest live broadcast platform, Shaking Sun Live, also switched to their entrance screen. This reaction speed was extremely fast!
      At this moment, tens of millions of fans were already paying attention to everything here.
      “What did I see?”Is this a humanoid tank?”
      “Who can tell me that this tonnage can survive for a few days?”
      “I bet he won’ t hold on tonight!”
      “What was he holding in his hand, a pig’s hoof?”Are you going to go to the end?”
      “Fatty’s gluttony participation in the wilderness will become the hottest topic in this phase!”
      “In front of us, shut up. Where have you left our beautiful little sister Mu Yufei!”
      “As well as Shanghai’s Young Master Sun, that’s the real topic.”
      As soon as the screen was over, the +1 on the screen followed closely behind. Clearly, this woman named Mu Yuffi and that Shanghai’s young master Sun were extremely popular. Even though the close-up pictures were of Lin Tian and Chi Huo, the screen was instantly dominated by their crazy fans.
      A reporter-like man immediately came over and handed a microphone to the fatty’s mouth.
      “Could you tell me how you feel about having such a heavyweight figure but having the opportunity to participate in this program?”Are you worried that you won’ t be able to eat enough on the wasteland?”
      The fatty was just about to continue eating the pig’s hooves when the microphone and questions that came suddenly made him feel a little confused.
      [All-pervasive reporters]
      [Attitude: scornful]
      [Specialty: No matter how boring a topic is, it can attract popularity with dog blood]
      [Monologue: Heh, bro, do you have any privacy?Do you want me to explode the ingredients for you!]
      Lin Tian looked coldly at this reporter. He was almost unable to tolerate his rudeness towards Fatty.
      The caption just happened to appear in his mind.
      He didn’t dare to flatter this male reporter’s character, and the coldness on his face became heavier.
      “Fatty, ignore him. Let’s go.”
      In the end, Lin Tian still endured it and pulled down Chi Li’s clothes.
      [The disrespect of the reporter to his friends made you especially angry. You really want to punch him in the nose]
      [You have gained +2[ Strength]
      Huh?How could it still be like this?
      This sudden confession made Lin Tian a little surprised.
      He secretly clenched his fist. Sure enough, he felt that his strength was much stronger than before.
      The male reporter had no choice but to go over to the camera and continue to explain,” Looks like our fat and thin team’s players are full of confidence in the competition. What will they do next?”We will continue to focus on reporting for everyone. This is Yang Wei’s report, the host.”
      “There any delegates paying attention to the contestant information?”I’ ll give you three seconds. I want to know the name of that little brother with Fatty.”
      “Little Big Brother is a bit arrogant. His expression just now is cold!”
      “It was that reporter who went too far, asking directly like this would hurt your self-esteem.”
      “Ha, I know that little brother’s name is Lin Tian. That fatty’s name is actually Chi Huo!”
      “Chi Huo… foodie?”That’s right.”
      “Are you going to laugh to death?2333…”
      “This little brother Lin Tian seems to have quite a bit of energy. Why isn’t his brain too bright? Is n’ t it obvious that he’s choosing a’ pig’ teammate?”
      “The’ Pig Teammate’ upstairs is clever!”
      “No, this team must make a bet. I’ ll bet on a rocket. They won’ t last for three days!”
      “I bet on a yacht. Not to mention three days, tonight will be terrible!”
      “Did I only notice the name of the reporter?”
      Lin Tian didn’t expect that the moment the two of them appeared, they had already attracted a large number of fans’ attention. The number of fans in their independent broadcast room was also increasing.
      “Brother Tian, that reporter was just like we thought. Do you think there are enough coconuts on the island for us to eat?”But just eating coconuts is really not enough!”
      Fatty had a melancholy expression on his face, but his mouth did not stop. This last pig’s hoof had to be chewed clean. God knows when to eat the next pig’s hoof.
      “Don’ t worry. Follow me. I won’ t let you starve.”Lin Tian patted Chi Huon on the shoulder and said.
      If it weren’t for the System, Lin Tian would n’ t have dared to say such words. Now that he had the System, he still had some confidence.
      “Yes, that’s good.”The fatty replied vaguely.
      He was usually stupid. Other than eating, he was half a beat slower. All these years, it had been Lin Tian who had taken care of him and made up his mind, so he had absolute trust in Lin Tian.
      Before the host could announce the rules of the competition, Lin Tian was a little bored, so he looked around and observed the participants in the hall.
      Suddenly, a beautiful figure appeared in Lin Tian’s vision.
      “This girl has something.”*

      Chapter 3 Unusual Rules of Competition

      “Everyone, calm down.”
      The host suddenly appeared.
      Clearly, they were about to announce the rules of the competition and head to the island.
      “Hello, everyone. I am the host, Xiao Sa. I am very honored to be able to host this challenging program of “666 Days of Man vs. Wild” jointly organized by Mr. Ma and many large clans.”
      “200 Lucky children, the audience and friends in the live broadcast room. Where are your cheers?”
      Xiao San was indeed an outstanding host. He quickly mobilized the atmosphere in the live broadcast room and the live broadcast room.
      Lin Tian agreed with what the narrator system had given Xiao Sa.
      This was a man born for the host.
      “Next, I will announce the rules of the competition.”
      “Number one: Everyone can get a set of suitable charging clothes before they leave. Be careful, they are suitable charging clothes. Don’ t think that you can choose a set of the largest charging clothes to use when you live on the Desolate Island.”Xiao Sa said with a charming smile.
      “It’s just a set of clothes. Is it so true?”
      “The organizers set the rules so carefully?”This is to force us to a dead end.”
      As soon as Xiao Sa finished speaking, the scene began to discuss.
      The broadcast room was filled with scenes.
      “Well done!”
      “The program team is too ruthless, but I like it.”
      “Is the organizer a devil?”
      “Some people’s small plans were overturned…”
      “Sympathized with the contestants for a second. Haha, I laughed at 2333……”
      Theo had already calculated the reaction from the live broadcast and the live broadcast, so he didn’t worry too much. He asked everyone to calm down and continue reading the rules.
      “Each team member would not give out any survival tools here.”You will receive the tools that you randomly placed there.”
      “Theoretically, there are two tools for each group. However, to increase the randomness and interest of the program, some groups may only get one tool, while some groups will get three tools.”
      “And all of this will be decided by your luck.”
      Once this rule was announced, the crowd became restless again.
      “This program team really knows how to play.”
      “The Fortune Bell Divine Show has no show!”
      “It seems that it’s useless to be drawn. If you’ re not lucky enough to obtain a tool, then the difficulty of surviving will increase a lot.”
      “Luck is also part of strength.”
      “In front of me, I’ m afraid I’ m dumbfounded by reading a novel.”
      “I wonder how lucky our little brother Lin Tian and big brother glutton are?”
      “I want to protect my Yu Fei from obtaining three pieces of equipment…”
      “The one upstairs isn’ t awake, right? Yu Fei is also yours?”
      “Wake up, everyone. Shanghai’s young master Sun has also been selected. He is Mu Yufei’s hardcore follower.”
      Xiao San and the others quieted down and then said.
      “Actually, we don’ t need to worry too much. The program team didn’ t block everyone’s path. We still randomly hid 10 locations of treasures on the island. Someone who is destined to find them will be able to obtain the equipment and supplies inside.”
      It seemed that the program team had indeed made a lot of moves. This time, the content of the Challenger League had become much richer and more interesting.
      “Finally, there’s another rule that allows team formation during the challenge process. However, the island is not small. It’s not easy to form a team.”
      “It’s okay to fight, but it won’ t kill anyone.”
      “At the end of the day, I wish everyone a victory and a grand prize.”
      After the host finished his speech, Lin Tian brought Chi Shou to change his clothes.
      Lin Tian didn’t feel regretful that he could only choose clothes that fit him. With the support of the system, what else could he be afraid of?
      Coincidentally, when he went to the charging clothes collection place, he encountered the beautiful woman who had been secretly sighing.
      The discussion among the crowd made it easy for Lin Tian to confirm the identity of the beauty.
      Mu Yufei, a graduate student at Haitong University.
      Compared to before, this girl was indeed a delicate beauty.
      Her nose was quite curved, and her eyes were like a sea of stars. Her dark shawl’s long hair reflected the fair and cold beauty of her skin.
      [Cold and hot young lady]
      [Attitude: neither servile nor overbearing]
      [Specialty: Smart and vigorous, good at brain-moving outdoor sports]
      [Monologue: Apart from the beauty online, I have many advantages that deserve everyone’s attention]
      It seemed that this girl’s cold appearance was most likely fake. Her outstanding appearance caused her to receive too much attention. Her peaceful personality made her use an ice-cold mask to resist some unpleasant harassment.
      Lin Tian thought to himself.
      [A simple girl has successfully attracted your attention. You tried your best to tell yourself that you only like her personality, but you can not change the fact that you crave her body.[1]
      Heh, Brother Bai, don’t play around. I, Lin Tian, am not that vulgar.
      [You are trying to attract the attention of the girl. If you can form a team, you will have more opportunities to capture Fang Xin]
      [You have obtained +10 Charm Points]
      [You have obtained the Love at First Sight Skill]
      Mu Yufei suddenly looked at the boy beside her curiously. For some reason, she felt her heart racing when she first met him.
      [The girl’s gaze made you feel happy. You decided to throw a flirtatious glance at her and turn her down.[1]
      “Hello, this is Lin Tian. Can we form a team after we get to the island?”Lin Tian stopped his steps and sincerely invited Mu Yufei.
      As for the flirtatious operation, Lin Tian definitely wouldn’ t believe the system’s nonsense.*

      Chapter 4 Violent Girl and Shanghai Rich Young Master

      “My god, I heard it correctly. Little brother Lin Tian actually sent out an invitation like a goddess!”
      “Sure enough, his brain isn’t bright. Although Lin Tian looks pretty handsome, it’s still impossible for him to soak up Yu Fei.”
      “The toad wants to eat swan meat. I wish the fat and lean combination would be eliminated tonight.”
      Because Mu Yufei’s popularity had always been high, several aircraft cameras continued to monitor the goddess’ every action from various angles.
      Lin Tian’s bold invitation instantly went on the hot spot in the live broadcast room. However, there were only a few people looking after it.
      “Hey, young man, can we go out in the mirror?”You’ re still inviting me to form a team like this?”
      Before Mu Yufei could say anything, the female companion beside her took off her sunglasses, and her old-fashioned demeanor landed on Lin Tian.
      [An obedient young lady]
      [Attitude: Irony of the Red Fruit]
      [Specialty: martial arts combat, smart teeth]
      [Monologue: Don’t be afraid. Let’s have a three hundred rounds before we speak.[1]
      Martial arts combat?
      Lin Tian had a large number of young girls in front of him. They were dressed in strong clothes and had a hot body.It could be seen that he was indeed a person who trained frequently, but he did not seem to be able to fight.
      However, the system’s judgment had always been one of three points. Lin Tian didn’ t dare to easily attempt a spar.
      “What are you looking at? Then, look at your wolf eyes.”The young lady’s big eyes widened, her warning full of meaning.
      The young lady was wearing sunglasses before, and it wasn’ t very eye-catching. Now that she took off the sunglasses, her appearance wasn’ t much inferior to Mu Yufei’s. In an instant, it ignited the heart of the man in the livestream room.
      “This beautiful young lady is very spicy. My dishes are correct.”
      “Upstairs, don’t you dare to shout about your food before you are ready to lose your arms and legs.”
      “Jing Qiuyun’s little sister is on the line. She’ ll let us mourn for Lin Tian for three minutes.”
      “Little sister, come hit me. I’ m willing to…”
      “The one upstairs seems to be driving, but I have no evidence.”
      [You can’t help but want to have a fight with a girl. You think it must be very refreshing to destroy flowers with hot hands]
      [You’ ve obtained +10 power]
      Lin Tian asked himself that there was no tendency to be violent. How could such a cruel thing like killing flowers with hot hands be done only when he could not bear it?
      The joy brought by the increased strength of both fists could easily counteract the displeasure caused by the sharp teeth and sharp mouth of a beautiful woman.
      “Qiuyun, don’ t make a fuss.”Mu Yuffi hurriedly pulled Jing Qiuyun’s arm. This young miss could break the man’s arm at any time, so she couldn’ t stop him.
      “Sister Yu Fei, why don’ t you look at the situation between these two? One of them is as thin as a pig and the other is as fat as a pig. If you cooperate with them, then you won’ t be able to think too much?”Jing Qiuyun said in front of Lin Tian and Lin Tian, regardless of face.
      “Who do you think is too thin?”The pig’s hoof bone in Fatty’s hand was crushed.He could be said to be fat, but if someone wanted to insult Lin Tian with words, he would definitely not agree.
      “Yu Fei, what’s going on?”
      There was a deadlock on this side. Two more people came from the side.
      One person’s muscles were knotted, cold and capable.
      One of them had a handsome face and handsome appearance.
      The latter spoke.
      [Graceful young master]
      [Attitude: High and mighty]
      [Specialty: Pretend to show off your wealth]
      [Monologue: I have to buy two helicopters, one with the other]
      Because of the narration, Lin Tian quickly gained a preliminary understanding of this person.
      “It’s fine. A little misunderstanding.”Mu Yufei looked at the person and said with a far-fetched smile.
      “Sun Yu, Grand Young Master Sun, you’ re acting like a flower protection emissary. Nuo, I can’ t even endure this kid inviting Sister Yu Fei to form a team. Can you endure it?”Jing Qiuyun was immediately excited. He was afraid that things wouldn’ t be serious.
      At this moment, the broadcast room had completely exploded.
      “F*ck, Lin Tian and Sun Shao are stealing the goddess online?”
      “You’ re dead or I’ m alive!”
      “Even this skinny kid is worthy of fighting with Sun Shao. A single finger can kill him!”
      “Ah… Sun Shao is too handsome. Where did this country bumpkin come from? How dare he offend my husband?”
      “I’m a fanatic. I’ m looking at him. This Lin Tian Hall is shining. It’s obviously someone with great fortune.”
      “The fortune-teller upstairs, when did he see Yama?”It’s already 2020. There are still people who come out to talk about superstition.”
      “No one really thought that they would fight, right?Could it be?”No way?”
      For a moment, the livestream room was divided into two camps. One side thought that Lin Tian could be defeated by Lin Si and the other side thought that Sun Yu was Prince Charming.
      Brother “, give me some face and stop pestering Yu Fei. In front of the entire country’s audience, I promise you that even if you can only hold on for one day, how about our Shanghai Sun Young Master pay you one million as a soothing fee?”Don’ t worry, one million is just an allowance for my little friend.”Sun Yu said to Lin Tian with a smile on his face, but his disdain towards Lin Tian and the others was obvious.
      As a well-known rich second generation, he knew that the entire country’s media must be paying close attention to his every move at all times. Therefore, it was impossible for him to make a move. That would destroy his image as an elegant young master.
      As for one million yuan, he couldn’ t even buy him a watch chain. It was just a handout to this toad, but this could show off his wealth in front of the goddess and the entire country’s audience. Why not?
      “Wasa,1 million is just an allowance for a child. I want to be that child.”
      “Elder Sun Yu, I want to give you a monkey.”
      “If you have money, you can do whatever you want.”
      “Lin Tian is too miserable. Being slapped on the face in front of the goddess is something even a man can not endure.”
      [You think the little white face on the other side is really noisy. Breaking his third leg might make him shut up.[1]
      [You have gained +10 power]
      Lin Tianping calmed down.
      He knew that ignoring someone like this was the most direct form of contempt.As a result, he didn’ t even look at Sun Yu. Instead, he smiled at Mu Yufei and invited her again.
      “When we arrive on the island this afternoon, how about we team up?”
      [Your sincerity and unafraid of power have caused the goddess to take a new look at you. Your charm has increased endlessly]
      [You have gained +10 Charm]
      Only ten?Lin Tian silently cursed as he agreed that his charm would increase endlessly.
      However, this was no longer urgent, because Lin Tian had already received Mu Yufei’s affirmative reply.
      “Alright, I’ ll meet you all the way to the west after we get to the island.”*

      How could there be them everywhere?

      “I admit I’ m sore.”
      “This is no longer a dream, right?”Did Lin Tian successfully invite the goddess?”
      “Sun Shaoxi’s defeat, I’ ve rekindled my hope for life.”
      “Lin Tian is our idol!”
      “Let’s go. I’ ll just forget about it. Don’ t worry about the water in the world. He looks like he’s a young man. I want to marry his daughter to him.”
      “My father-in-law/mother-in-law in front of me, do you still lack a son-in-law?”
      The broadcast room exploded, but the scene was a little quiet.
      Mu Yufei didn’t know why she had agreed. Now that she recalled it, her face turned red like a ripe peach.
      Jing Qiuyun stared blankly at Mu Yufei, his mouth opening into a beautiful form 0.
      Sun Yu and Bai Jun’s face turned green, and they began to pant as their eyes shifted back and forth between Lin Tian and Mu Yufei.
      Even the muscular and fierce man who was with him was slightly surprised.
      Only Fatty chuckled.
      “Brother Tian, you’ re still strong. Such a beautiful girl has already arrived.”
      Fatty’s words undoubtedly landed a heavy slap on Sun Yu’s face. This time, it could be considered as losing face to all over the country.
      He took a deep look at Mu Yufei. For the first time, a feeling of disgust rose. However, he couldn’ t give up on his pursuit. The best way was to get his hands on it first. After playing enough, he would throw it away.
      No matter how good-looking a woman was to him, she was just a clothing item that he could throw away after wearing it twice.However, this dress was special. He didn’ t mind enduring this tone and playing with them.
      “You guys are very good. It’s best not to touch me on the island. The rules allow you to fight.”
      Sun Yu smiled coldly and said to Lin Tian before leaving without looking back.
      “Are you allowed to fight?”Lin Tian thought to himself.Feeling the power of the explosion, he cast a sympathetic gaze towards Sun Yu’s back.
      “If Lin Tian dares to offend Young Master Sun, he’s dead.”
      “I suspect that Lin Tian doesn’t have a chance to go to the island today. Young Master Sun wants him to die tonight. Who would dare to leave him to Tianming?”
      “Don’ t look too high at Sun Yu. No matter how awesome he is, can he break Mr. Ma’s wrist?”
      “A battle between dragons and tigers is about to take place. Which one of you said would withdraw first?”
      The popularity of the livestream room became more and more prosperous. Lin Tian’s independent livestream room was filled with a large number of fans who were frantically buying gifts like the rocket yacht.
      There were very few people who dared to fight against Shanghai’s young master Sun. Not only was Lin Tian not afraid at all, he had even defeated Sun Yu in this round of moves. Immediately, many people couldn’ t help but praise Lin Tian angrily!
      After saying goodbye to Mu Yufei, Lin Tian hurriedly brought Chi Kai to change his clothes. It was not far from the time he left.
      The scene in the broadcast room turned to the host of the broadcast room.
      At this moment, there were two more guests sitting beside the host. Theo began to introduce them to everyone with a smile.
      One was a famous man for survival in the wilderness, Grandpa Bei.
      As soon as Grandpa Bei appeared, the screen in the broadcast room started to swipe wildly.
      “Spicy werewolf, he’s here.”
      “I’ll give full marks for the Mandarin on the upper floor.”
      “Salute to the man standing at the top of the food chain!”
      “Call Lord Bei!”
      “Everyone knows that Grandpa Bei is the most awesome.”
      The other was a famous beautiful actress, Song Yi.
      “Wow, I finally saw my wife.”
      “I admit that I am a lemon essence.”
      “Sister Tie is getting prettier and prettier.”
      “It’s over, this elder sister’s eyes will be seductive,”
      “Mom, I’ m in love.”
      Originally, the host’s image should have been broadcasted, because they were responsible for explaining the entire challenge process.
      However, the incident just now involved Shanghai’s young master Sun. After all, he was the only son of a great figure. Someone came over to tell him not to interfere and let things naturally develop.
      Actually, it wasn’ t just Sun Yu. Mu Yufei and Jing Qiuyun’s backgrounds were also frighteningly large. Otherwise, Sun Yu wouldn’ t have been so easy to talk to.
      They were all high-ranking people. It was best for them to solve their own problems.
      When the three of them transferred to the main screen of the livestream room, the three of them didn’t mention just this.
      Xiao San said,” In the next moment, Grandpa Bei, Song Yi will be with Xiao San to explain the entire competition.”
      “Next, let’s see which team the most popular team will be.”
      However, when the scene changed, Little Thea was a little surprised. Why were there them everywhere?!
      The broadcast wasn’t about the goddess Mu Yufei, nor was it about Shanghai’s rich young Sun Yu.
      It was Lin Tian and Fatty.
      Their popularity had actually temporarily surpassed Mu Yufei and Sun Yu’s!
      Xiao San could understand this. He had been silently observing the entire scene, and he had long noticed Lin Tian and the others.
      As soon as the two of them entered the arena, due to their body size and other factors, they caused a small commotion. Soon afterwards, they had an encounter with Mu Yufei and Sun Yu. The two of them had countless fans. There were definitely many people who began to notice the two of them.
      In the blink of an eye, it wasn’t even a few minutes before the two of them were able to catch the attention of the audience.
      Lin Tian and Fatty were arguing with the staff at the place where they were collecting the charge clothes.*

      Chapter 6: The clothes are too small!

      “Our program team’s data are very accurate. You are 131kg, and you can only give up to 8XL yards of clothes. Otherwise, you’ ll be suspected of drilling holes.”
      The staff member said to the fatty in an amiable manner.
      He had already heard him repeat these words four times. Every time, they were exactly the same as a repeater.
      “Look at how tight my stomach is!”It’s not convenient for me to walk so fast. How do you want me to participate in the competition?”
      The staff member said,” Your clothes have already been given 9XL code numbers on an exceptional basis. You really can’ t change more codes.”
      Fatty:” But I still can’ t wear it.”
      “Forgive me for being blunt. I think your stomach is full of food. I suggest that you go to the bathroom first before you pick up your clothes.”The staff members kindly reminded him that he still remembered the scene where the fatty was still holding the pig’s hooves when he first arrived.
      “Please pay attention to your words!”Lin Tian really couldn’t continue listening. If it was n’ t for the system, Lin Tian knew that this staff member didn’t mean to mock Chi Huon. Lin Tian might have wanted to make a move again.
      [Attitude: meticulous]
      [Monologue: The boss’s instructions, even when facing his wife, he must strictly follow them.[1]
      This was the system’s summary of this staff member’s personality.
      “Chi Huo really did not disappoint us. His stomach was so strong that he couldn’ t put on any clothes. This is simply unheard of.”
      “Fatty’s faces have been thrown away.”
      “I think this is not a survival show. This is simply a fun show.”
      “First go to the bathroom and then come pick up the clothes. Was this worker serious?”It’s a little cute.”
      In the Dou Yang live broadcast room, the fans responded enthusiastically. Lin Tian and Chi Huon were getting more and more attention in an extremely short period of time.
      The broadcast room.
      “Master Bei, as a veteran wilderness explorer, do you think the charge suit is important to these contestants?”What do you think?”Theo asked.
      “First of all, the charge suit is extremely important to the field explorers. I’ ve carefully looked at our charge suit. It’s waterproof, windproof, and breathable. It’s all professionally designed. It’s undoubtedly very important to the participants.”
      “But similarly, a slightly larger charging suit could at most provide the contestants with some extra cloth. The impact was not that great.”Furthermore, this contestant is indeed unable to wear the current size of clothes. It’s reasonable for me to ask for a larger size.”
      Master Bei replied after some thought.
      “Yes, Lord Bei’s analysis is very professional.”Miss Song Yi, what do you think?”
      Song Yi smiled gently, and her lips parted slightly.” I think Chi Huon has always been quite sincere. Moreover, it’s true that he can’ t wear these 9XL clothes, so I think it’s unfair to him if I don’ t let him change the size.”
      “Since our two guests all felt that it was reasonable for Chi Huon to change a larger size of clothes, we should give this contestant a chance.”
      “With a responsible attitude, as well as respect for the rules of the competition and other contestants, the program team decided to have the netizens in the live broadcast room vote to decide whether or not to change the size of their clothes.”
      The result of the vote quickly came out.95.4% of the people agreed to change the larger size of clothes.
      As soon as the news came out, the staff received the news.
      “Our program team decided by voting that Chi Huo could change his 10XL assault suit.”The staff member continued to speak in an amiable manner.
      Not long after they changed their clothes, Lin Tian, Chi Huo, and the others were sent to the main island of Manos Islands, Odin Island.
      Odin Island was located in the depths of the ocean. It belonged to the tropical rainforest climate. The primitive forest was vast, a paradise for animals and plants, and a forbidden area for humans.
      Each group of players would be sent by helicopter to the landing point drawn by lots. The distance between each landing point was not close, so each group of players could not meet in a short period of time.
      They set off in the morning. At about two o’clock in the afternoon, the contestants would arrive at the landing point. At this moment, the sun was still very vicious, and it would be a great test for their stamina.
      In addition, it would be dark at 6 p.m. on Odin Island. In other words, the contestants only had less than five hours to prepare for the first night. Overall, it was quite difficult to survive in wilderness this time.
      Sitting on the helicopter, Fatty had been fiddling with the satellite watch on his wrist. Lin Tian also looked at his own piece.
      [A watch. When your life is threatened, it will be your life-saving straw]
      Everyone wore a watch like this before they left. If they wanted to leave or were in danger, they would press the red button on it for about 10 minutes and a helicopter would come to rescue them.
      There was also a blue button on it that was used to turn off the four aircraft cameras that had been shooting the two of them.Although it was a live broadcast, the privacy was still protected. The cameras could be turned off if three emergencies were solved every day.
      He raised his eyes and saw the 2 mini-aircraft cameras hovering in front of him continuously shooting.
      [Solar-powered aircraft camera, long-range,360-degree monitoring]
      Lin Tian knew that the audience in the livestream room was watching his every move through the camera in front of him.
      Through the small window on the helicopter, Lin Tian could see the boundless ocean. Green waves rippled slightly, extremely beautiful.
      Turning around, Lin Tian smiled at the camera.
      “For survival in the wilderness, I’ m here.”*

      Chapter 7: Can this be used as a survival tool?

      Lin Tian Deng Island was quite lucky.
      Yes, from the perspective of scenery.
      A sandy beach wasn’ t too big. The yellow and brilliant sand grains had been washed out by the waves for many years, and the waves were rolling up and down on the beach tirelessly.
      [Attractive coastline. Apart from beauty, it also breeds life]
      In the live broadcast room.
      “Wow, this place is too beautiful.”
      “Request the coordinates. I want to go on vacation.”
      “What kind of godlike luck is this Lin Tian and Fatty? He’s just a few blocks away from the other competitors in his birthplace…”
      Did “upstairs not have a brain?”It’s life, sunshine, no matter how beautiful the beach is, what’s the point of not having a living resource?”
      “That’s right. The next-door competitor can see the coconut tree while on the plane. That’s the winner of life.”
      “Lin Tian doesn’ t seem to have a sigh. As expected, there’s no harm without comparison.2333…”
      Whew, he finally landed on the beach. The moment he stepped onto the beach, Lin Tian knew that his and Fatty’s survival journey had officially begun. The helicopter had already gradually departed. The next time he saw it, it was time to leave.
      “Ah, this beach is really comfortable. It’s just that the sun is a little bit too hot.”As soon as Fatty arrived at the beach, he lay down. Judging from his appearance, he clearly came to take a vacation.
      The comments that the broadcast had made the most were:
      “I left the wrong scene?”I think Fatty is here for a vacation.”
      He kicked the lying fat man and said,” I don’ t want to be hungry or have nowhere to sleep tonight. Don’ t lie down. Let’s see what equipment we’ ve got first.”
      The program team dug a hole in the sand and threw the equipment inside. They definitely wouldn’t leave any bags or boxes for the survival contestants to use.
      Lin Tian looked at the pit and silently cursed at the program team’s actions.
      “True Pit!”
      “Big Brother Tian, it’s a saber and shovel!”Our luck is not bad.”
      Then, he knelt down and lit up his equipment.
      “F*ck, what did I see? The fat pig is actually so agile.”
      “Why do I have the same weight as Fatty? Why do I have to take two steps to catch my breath?”
      “Same fatty, different vital capacity.”
      “A machete and an engineer shovel. This equipment is too great.”
      “Don’ t be happy too early. Without the tools and pots, their days will not be easy.”
      Lin Tian took the machete from Fatty’s hand first.
      [Sharp weapons, whether they were cutting trees or killing pigs, would be especially handy.[1]
      He took a look at the shovel again. It was a folded-type engineer shovel.
      [Multifunctional tools, you also have a shovel, pickaxe, crowbar, saw and blade]
      Looking at the narration in Lin Tian’s mind, he could not help but sigh that Fatty was truly a lucky star. With this equipment, it would be much easier to survive.
      [You think that if you take advantage of the equipment, the difficulty of survival in the wilderness will be reduced. You can live on this island with the wind and water]
      [You have gained +5 Stamina,+2 Spirit [1]
      Originally, after getting off the helicopter, the sun was so hot that people still felt a little dizzy. At once, Lin Tian felt that his body had recovered a bit. Even a half marathon was not a problem?
      Lin Tian’s tools could be considered a normal situation, but others might not be so lucky.
      Mu Yufei and Jing Qiuyun’s landing site.
      “Did this program team’s brain sink into the ocean?”Jing Qiuyun cursed, not caring at all that her words were being transmitted to the ears of the audience all over the country through the live broadcast.
      However, the audience could still understand the feelings of the two beauties.
      Mu Yufei held a pan in her hand. Yes, it was the type used by the Red Wolf.
      The first pot was actually quite good. It could cook food or be used as a weapon. Especially when the pot was in Jing Qiuyun’s hands, it was the real Red Wolf.
      They had allocated two pieces of equipment.
      On the other hand, Mu Yufei wasn’ t too embarrassed to show it in front of the entire country.
      However, Jing Qiuyun was different.
      She had specially walked into the camera so that the audience could clearly see this special equipment.
      “This is…”A jacket?”
      “Does the program team want Old Moon?”
      “It’s also true. If the male and female team members meet, in a few hundred days, if there is a spark of love, the necessary protective measures will still be needed on the desolate island.”
      “The program team is too considerate.”
      “Little Sister Qiuyun should consider using it?”(Bad laugh)”
      “The fools upstairs have a lot of uses. They can hold water, make slingshots, and so on. If they don’ t have any culture, they can just read more. Don’ t embarrass themselves.”
      Due to the special nature of the equipment that Mu Yufei and the others had given out, they were originally beautiful women. The two of them added together, causing their popularity in the live broadcast room to soar!
      The broadcast room.
      “First of all, I want to clarify with the audience that every item released by the program team can be used as a survival tool. The key is to see how the contestants will use it.”Next, let’s have Grandpa Bei analyze this set of equipment for everyone. Apart from being a protective measure, what other wonderful uses it can have in the process of surviving in the wild.”
      “There’s actually a lot more use for a condom.”I’ ll talk a little bit about it. For example, some netizens have mentioned that it can be used as a tool for holding water, and it can be made into a slingshot. For example, it can be used as a shoe cover in rainy days. If it is injured, it can be used as a bandage tourniquet. If it is bitten by a snake, it can be used to cover the wound with drug-using liquid. That way, the rescuer will be much safer.”
      Xiao San said,” It seems that our Lord Bei is indeed an old hand. He knows how to use the condom like the back of his hand.”
      The fans responded positively to the explanation from the studio.
      “The class representative should come out and take notes.”
      “Master Bei’s analysis was too accurate. Unlike the previous scenes, it was actually some hooliganism.”
      “Xiao Sa, I suspect you were just driving, and I have evidence!”
      His favorite friend gave a fresh flower evaluation ticket.*I’ll get out of here first ~*

      Chapter 8 Some Happy Others Worry

      After listening to Grandpa Bei’s explanation, the audience immediately felt that Mu Yuffi and Jing Qiuyun were actually hidden Ou Huangs. This box of 24 suits could bring them great help.
      However, whether or not the party concerned could think through these matters was unknown.
      Compared to the fat and thin group, the Shuangmei group and the Fu Shao group were not that lucky.
      Sun Yu only received one piece of equipment.
      A bottle of mosquito repellent.
      Sun Yu had a gloomy face. Although he knew that he had the mosquito repellent liquid, he could not suffer from mosquito bites on the island.
      But other than that, without any other equipment, the difficulty of survival would increase exponentially.
      “Young Master, don’ t disturb me. Even if I don’ t have too much equipment, I will let Young Master successfully complete the challenge.”The robust man who had been following Sun Yu had finally spoken.
      “Yes, I have to trouble Uncle Dugu.”Sun Yu forced a smile.
      In the live broadcast room.
      “Sigh, I feel that my husband has been unhappy lately. My heart aches for a second.”
      “After the appraisal, there is no doubt that the woman’s boss is upstairs.”
      “What kind of identity does Young Master Sun’s bodyguard look like? He looks very powerful.”
      “I heard that the Sun family has a housekeeper, Dugu.”
      “No way. According to my understanding, Housekeeper Dugu is someone who has passed the Flower Armor. However, this person looks like he is only in his 30s.”
      “What’s so strange about this? A great clan has a deep foundation. It’s no wonder what kind of strange person there is.”
      There was more than one team like Sun Yu.
      Gao Zhiyuan, an extremely unknown barefoot doctor in a certain city.He took off his glasses and sat down on the beach.” Old He, it’s not a good start. There’s only one piece of equipment. I’ ll definitely lag behind others.”
      He Kaifu played with the dagger in his hand and sat down as well.” Don’ t be discouraged. At least it’s a dagger. It’s still quite effective. Moreover, I’ m a’ hunter’. You’ re a doctor. Perhaps we can work with others?”
      Gao Zhiyuan grabbed the dagger and said,” Everyone knows who we are. Don’t brag. My half bucket of water medicine is taught by my great grandfather. I usually watch cartoons and forget about a lot of knowledge.As for you, you’ ve been fishing with a friend twice and you’ re a hunter?”How did you learn to brag when you opened an excavator?”
      Gao Zhiyuan was a little cute. Their popularity wasn’ t too high for the time being, but their fans were very strong and their popularity had been rising.
      “This medicine hunting group is just fun. I’ ve already seen that they’ re hiding something funny.”
      “What kind of powerful mining technique is it? It’s a boasting hunter reading the wolf flying.”
      “Sure they were watching cartoons normally?”I think the action movie is more beautiful.”
      Of course, if there were unlucky teams, there would be lucky teams.
      For example, Lu Xiaoqiao and Zhang Dawei.
      The two Dragon Set Actors were intoxicated with their movie career. However, they couldn’t receive any more characters. They were usually insignificant characters, and they could n’ t survive two episodes.
      As the saying goes, the wind and the wind are turning and the wind is turning.
      They finally made a move.
      It was enough to prove that their luck was not bad.
      In addition, they had obtained three pieces of equipment as soon as they reached the island.
      “Engineer shovel, pan, windproof lighter.”Little Bu, we’ re about to send it!”Zhang Dawei was in high spirits, dancing and dancing.
      “Yida, you must know that there is no rehearsal in life. Every day is a live broadcast.”I’ m sure many beauties are paying attention to us, so I can’ t be too excited. I can’ t mess with my hair.”Lu Xiaoqiao flicked her hair at the camera and tried to make a pose.
      “Right, right, right. Xiao Bu, you’ re right.”Don’ t mess with your hair.”As a result, Zhang Dawei also made a pose for the camera.
      In the live broadcast room.
      “These two are a bit different?”
      “Speaking of which, that hair-raising action is still a bit handsome.”
      “I heard that they are two dragon actors, or the kind that can not live two episodes. Do you think they can live two days now?”
      “Let me see.”
      “I agree…”
      The 50 teams of contestants walked and landed on the shoreline of Odin Island. Most of them normally obtained two pieces of equipment, and only a few of them had one or three pieces.
      However, no matter what kind of situation, the first thing that 99% of the people had to do after entering the island was to check what equipment they had obtained first.
      However, the world was so large that there was nothing strange about it.
      On a beach, the young girl Wen Chuyao sat down with her grandfather with a helpless expression. She glanced at the coconut trees beside her. She always felt the coconuts waving at her.
      Not far away from them, there was also a hole with equipment on it, but Sir Wen did not let her take it.
      All their actions had to be arranged according to Grandpa’s hexagrams.
      As soon as he landed, he found five shells from the beach. Then, he muttered something and tossed the shells to the ground.
      “Grandfather, what do you say on the hexagram?”Wen Chuyao asked nervously.
      “Judging from the hexagram, my luck isn’t very good. If I were to pick up my equipment now, I would probably only have one item, and it’s not that useful.”Sir Wen sighed.
      “Grandfather, you’ re so powerful, you must be able to solve it, right?”Wen Chuyao wiped away her sweat and asked. The sun was too hot.
      “Yes, but I have to suffer a bit.”
      “I’ ll listen to Grandfather.”
      As a result, as everyone in the broadcast room had seen, they walked to the hole and sat down cross-legged.
      Sir Wen said that after sitting for an hour, three pieces of equipment could be produced from the pit.
      Wen Chuyao didn’t seem to doubt it at all. After all, they were fortunate enough to participate in this wilderness challenge. It was only after their grandfather had counted the specific time and seconds to sign up for it.*

      Chapter 9 The Map in Your Mind

      “Is there really a divination in this world?”
      “F*ck, I think this old man is probably not senile, right?”
      “Even if the old man is senile, how can you explain that girl? It seems that she completely trusts her grandfather.”
      “Two hucksters, and it’s the kind that has a bad brain.”
      “I have to sit in such a big sun for an hour. I love that girl with kindness.”
      Sir Wen and Wen Chu Yao’s unusual actions could be said to have caused everyone to be stunned.
      The broadcast room.
      “Miss Song Yi, do you believe in fortune telling and Yi Jing?”Theo asked with a smile.
      Song Yi said,” Dahua’s culture has been extensive and profound for thousands of years. I believe that there is a certain basis for the existence of those Feng Shui fortune telling and other things that ordinary people can not understand.”However, to be honest, I don’ t think it’s possible for me to be able to change the amount of equipment extracted by sitting in the sun for an hour.”
      “Master Bei, what do you think of Master Wen and his granddaughter’s actions?”Xiao San replied to Song Yi with a smile and then asked Grandpa Bei a question.
      “Dahua was a very miraculous country. It was like martial arts, making us curious.”If this old grandpa can succeed, I think I will be even more fascinated by Da Hua’s ancient culture.”
      Theo said,” We can’ t give an absolute answer if Sir Wen’s actions are credible. So let’s wait together. Time will reveal all the answers.”
      After obtaining the machete and the folding engineer shovel, Lin Tian began to ponder over the next plan.
      The acquisition of [equipment made you feel happy. The uncertain future made you worried.You should calm down and decide to look for the prime minister first.]
      Good old friend?Elder God Stomp Horse was in good company.
      Even if there was anything to do with Mu Yufei in the future, it couldn’t be described as an old prime minister, right?This narration system definitely failed the Chinese exam.
      Perhaps it was because the system had fallen in love at first sight, but now, Lin Tian was also a little obsessed with the girl he had just met.
      Lin Tian began to ponder.
      Mu Yuffi said that she would meet me all the way to the west. I would have to form a team all the way to the east.
      “Fatty, do you know which side is the east?”Lin Tian asked.
      “I know where the sun rises.”Fatty chuckled.
      Yes, this answer.
      No problem.
      [You want to meet up with Mu Yufei, you don’ t know the direction.[You think it would be great if you had a map]
      [You have obtained the map of the view of God]
      After speaking, Lin Tian was surprised to find a map in his mind. Where had he seen it before?
      It was the map of Odin Island!
      Odin Island was an undeveloped island. There was no chance for Lin Tian to see its map on the market.The reason why he was familiar with each other was because he had seen the entire island in a helicopter.
      Soon, he saw his location on the map, the landing beach.
      There was even a name on the map for this beach.
      [Meng Qi Beach: Where Dreams Begin]
      Meng Qi still had two symbols on the beach. One was golden “!”One was a blue dot.
      When Lin Tianxu locked onto the golden exclamation mark, a new caption appeared.
      [Lucky Heavenly Chosen: Lin Tian]
      [Five Sense:8(+0)]
      [Lucky Value: Lucky Star as a companion, Lucky Burst]
      [Remarks: Ordinary people have 10 attributes in all aspects]
      So all my attributes were only 80% of the normal attributes of ordinary people?
      This was Lin Tian’s first reaction.
      However, in the future, he would become more and more awesome.
      Since the golden exclamation mark represented him, the blue dot should represent the fatty.
      Fatty was indeed his lucky star, which was why he brought his luck.
      He locked onto Fatty’s blue dot.
      [Attitude: Absolute trust]
      [Monologue: I feel a little hungry again. I miss the taste of chicken legs and pig hooves]
      It seemed that the narration of the same person was not the same.
      Apart from him and Fatty, there were also some other blue spots on the map along the coast. Lin Tian counted them carefully.198 of them represented the other 198 competitors.
      These blue dots were not exactly the same.Two of them were closer to the two blue dots, with golden “?”Another two distant blue dots were marked with a red “!”.
      After some thought, Lin Tian understood.The question mark blue dot represented Mu Yufei and Mu Yufei, while the red exclamation mark was a warning sign. It represented Sun Yu and Sun Yu who had been in conflict.
      He placed his thoughts on Mu Yufei’s blue dot and a new caption appeared.
      [A man of nine words, and a girl’s promise to crawl over there as well]
      Climbing was impossible, but since she had already determined Mu Yufei’s location, she could think of a way to meet up with her.
      Fortunately, from the map, Mu Yufei was the contestant closest to him. As long as she walked along the coastline to the right, she could meet up.
      Of course, the two of them weren’ t close to each other. They weren’ t suitable to travel far today. There was only one afternoon left. It was best to find a shelter, water, and food.
      Lin Tian looked around. Meng Qi Beach might be able to find something to eat, but freshwater and temporary shelters needed to explore the island.
      The island usually had high tides at night. If they didn’t want to spend the night in the water, then the shelter would be far away from the beach.
      All the granddaughters, with the support of a bunch of fresh flowers, gave the little author the idea that he was not a single person.*I’m rolling away again ~*

      Chapter 10: Cutting Grass and Removing Roots?Brother Tian was ruthless!

      Lin Tian held a machete while Fatty held an engineer shovel.
      The two of them prepared to search for resources around the beach and determine where to spend the night.As for the resources on the beach, they could just come back and explore before the tide.
      [Water was the source of life. Without water, people could only live for three days. However, there was no water under the sun, so it was still a question if they could live for three hours.[You think the forest on the left is more lush and verdant than the forest on the right. Maybe you can find fresh water there]
      Just as he was worried that there was no direction, the narration caption appeared at the right time.
      “Fatty, let’s go. Follow me to the forest on the left.”Lin Tian called out and headed towards the forest.
      It was only about 100 meters from the beach to the forest on the left. Along the way, there were many shrubs, rocks, and twos and threes.
      As soon as the two left, the fans in the livestream room began to complain.
      “Why don’t you go to the beach and look for crabs and snails?”
      “That’s right. I’ ll watch the video of the sea rush. I can find many fish and shrimp by the sea.”
      Of course, no matter how much the audience ridiculed, Lin Tian could not hear it. Moreover, even if he heard it, he would probably only say one sentence: You are all brothers.
      The little sass in the broadcasting room said,” Lord Bei, if you were on the island now, how would you start your own survival?”
      “It’s past two in the afternoon. The temperature is still very high, and the evaporation of water in your body is increasing. Therefore, we need to find fresh water.”It’s better to find a shelter for the night.”
      Xiao San said,” We can see that most of the contestants have indeed started to search for resources. As for the results, everyone can continue to pay attention to their favorite contestants. If there are any special events, the broadcasting room will broadcast them to everyone as soon as possible.”
      “Brother Tian, are we looking for food?”Fatty asked.
      “Let’s go to the forest first to see if we can find fresh water. If we can find something to eat together, it would be best.”Lin Tian said as he walked.
      “Sigh, aren’t there coconut trees on the beach?”I saw those wild survival programs earlier. The main characters can easily find coconut trees, banana trees and so on at the seaside.”The fatty looked around and muttered.
      “Most of the programs for survival in the wilderness have scripts and arrangements, which are different from our reality.”Lin Tian explained.
      Not long after, the two of them had already approached the forest. The closer they got to the forest, the more dense the vegetation became. The trees grew even taller.
      Lin Tian had always used his machete to continuously beat the shrubs and bushes on both sides, and then confirmed that it was safe before moving forward.
      Grass-busting snakes were especially important in forest exploration.
      “Aiyo!”Fatty who had suddenly walked behind let out a cry of alarm. He staggered towards Lin Tian.
      “It’s over. Mount Tai is pressing down. Brother Tian will probably be crippled.”
      “This is to add men to men.”
      “I heard the sound of bones breaking.”
      The fans in the livestream room didn’t even dare to watch anymore. Fatty suddenly fell over and suppressed Lin Tian. Lin Tian probably could n’ t take it.
      [Sensed the pressure coming from behind. You realized that Fatty should have tripped over something. You don’t want to be overwhelmed by Fatty. Although you might not be able to hurt you, you really do n’ t want to add a man to the list.[1]
      [It’s already too late to react. You’ re very unwilling to accept it.[1]
      [You obtained +10 Agility]
      Soon, Lin Tian turned around in the blink of an eye. His left hand firmly supported Fatty.
      “F*ck, what kind of reaction speed is this!”
      “Little brother Lin Tian looks weak. I didn’ t expect his strength to be so great.”
      Lowering his head, he realized that Fatty was caught by a vine that he didn’ t know. Those vines were already broken.
      “Watch your steps.”
      Lin Tian replied and continued to leave.
      [Lie down wherever you fall. Maybe you will find something new.[1]
      However, just as he took a step forward, the caption suddenly appeared again.
      Could there be something wrong with this vine?Lin Tian hesitated for a moment before returning to observe the vines.
      “What’s wrong, Big Brother Tian?”Fatty also squatted down.
      However, Lin Tian was very helpless. After observing for a long time, he still couldn’ t see what was wrong with this vine. He didn’ t know about this kind of vine, but it wasn’ t thick. It shouldn’ t be a water vine either.
      [You have a flash of light. If you can’t find an answer on the ground, perhaps the answer is on the ground]
      “Fatty, use the engineer shovel to dig.”Lin Tian pointed at the root of the vine and said.
      “Brother Tian, there’s no need to be so ruthless, right?”That’s right.”The fatty scratched his head and said.
      “If you have a grudge, you will definitely get revenge. Kill the grass and root. Brother Tian is ruthless!”
      “This Lin Tian is too careful, right?Wasn’ t he just tripping the fatty’s foot?”Are you going to dig out this vine?”
      “No, no, no, no, no, no, no.”
      “This vine seems to be some kind of wild yam, right?”
      “The yams grow in the earth?”
      “Are you from Mars upstairs?”Could it be that the yam grows on a tree?”
      The audience in the livestream room couldn’t understand Lin Tian’s actions as well. All sorts of speculations and discussions were on the screen.
      “Don’ t waste time. Just dig it.”Lin Tian urged again.
      Fatty had always listened to Lin Tian. Since Brother Tian had said to dig, he should dig.
      As a result, the fatty began to dig up the soil. That movement was so familiar that it made people’s heart ache.
      Everyone knew that the first day data was especially important to an author.*There are flowers in hand that don’t want money, so give the little author some motivation ~*

      Chapter 11 Food in the Earth and Fresh Water in Bamboo

      This excavation lasted for more than ten minutes until a large hole was dug at the root.
      Fatty had already come to his senses. Lin Tian shouldn’ t be so bored as to let him pick the root of this vine.
      “Brother Tian, you have something!”Suddenly, Fatty cried out in alarm.
      Lin Tian squatted down and used his hands to peel away some of the dirt. He should have dug out this vine’s tubule, and it looked a little familiar?
      “Continue digging. Don’ t break this tuber.”
      After spending some time, he finally dug out the entire tubeworm.
      “This is… yams?”
      Looking at the item in his hand, Lin Tian and Fatty exchanged glances and finally recognized it.
      As the saying goes, he had never seen a pig run before. Who had never eaten pork before?They couldn’ t recognize the wild yam’s Teng Miao, but when they saw the yam’s true body, they still had some common sense.
      [Wild yam: a kind of tuber food]
      [Enough. With it, you can survive on the island very well]
      The caption once again confirmed the item in front of him.
      “Sure. Fatty, your luck isn’t ordinary.”Lin Tian praised.
      “It’s all because of Big Brother Tian. If it wasn’ t for Big Brother Tian letting you dig, we would’ ve missed this yam.”The fatty chuckled and didn’ t try to compete for merit.
      “It’s not that I missed this yam, but this yam.”Lin Tian pointed at the surroundings and said with a smile.
      The fatty fixed his eyes on it. There were quite a few vines around him. Every single one of them should be able to dig out yams. There was no need to be hungry tonight!
      “Brother Tian was careful?”Why didn’ t you speak?”
      “There are some people who haven’t seen their own experience and are blindly commenting on others. They deserve to be slapped in the face.”
      “My brother Tian is something you can guess?”
      “Wow, it turns out that Wild Mountain Herb is like this.”
      “My Big Brother Tian is so powerful. Even Wild yam can recognize him.”
      “This fatty’s luck is just too good. He stumbled out of a mountain medicine ground.”
      “Yam: I’ve been hiding underground. You can still find me?”
      The live broadcast room had always been very popular. The people who had ridiculed Lin Tian earlier did not make a sound. Most people praised Lin Tian for his wealth of experience and Fatty’s luck.
      Fatty “, you have to work hard to dig a few more. It’ll be enough for tonight and tomorrow.”I’ ll take a look in the forest first. I think I might be able to find fresh water over there.”Lin Tian greeted the fatty and continued to walk into the forest.
      The more he walked inside, the more dense the vegetation became. Without a machete, it would be difficult to advance.
      [Every single thing will leave traces behind. You are good at observing. You can see that the trees on this side are darker in color, lighter in color, and there is a layer of white powder at the connection between the two.[1]
      [You have obtained five senses +5]
      Lin Tian felt that he had become even more sensitive. His vision and hearing had increased a bit, and he could even smell the faint fragrance of plants and vegetation in the air. It could be said that his overall perception of the surroundings had increased by quite a bit.
      Lin na? ve wanted to sigh. It wasn’ t that I was good at observing, but that Bai Jun was good at observing.
      Lin Tian squatted down and wiped the powder with his finger to sense it. This should be the mark left behind by the tide.
      It seemed that if they wanted to establish a camp, they had to choose another place.
      Lin Tian continued to advance. Unfortunately, he didn’ t find any berries or other food.
      Suddenly, a special green color appeared in front of Lin Tian’s eyes.
      This is…A bamboo forest?
      Lin Tian was pleasantly surprised. Bamboo had too many uses, and it could be used to make various practical tools.
      This forest was not small. It should be some kind of bamboo. If one could find bamboo shoots, then there would be another kind of food.
      Lin Tian held onto a bamboo and extended his fist to make a gesture. Yes, the bamboo was even larger than his fist.
      Looking at this bamboo forest, Lin Tian had already seen a container of water and a bowl of food.
      [You have found a multi-functional plant. Using it will greatly improve your life]
      [You think you should carefully study this bamboo forest. If you are lucky, you might find clean water in a certain bamboo festival]
      Thus, the audience in the livestream room realized that Lin Tian had made another strange move.
      He continued to walk closer to a certain bamboo. Then, he held a machete in his hand and knocked on it. He tapped his ears against the bamboo pole while listening.
      “What kind of flirtatious action is Big Brother Tian?”
      “Brother Tian: Little Bamboo, is it painful to beat up your farts? Come on, cry for your brother to hear~”
      “Is the devil descending from the mortal world upstairs…”
      Finally, the sound of a bamboo section was strange. Lin Tian smiled. The machete cleanly cut off the upper part of the bamboo section and then separated the bamboo section from the lower section. Finally, he obtained a slightly heavy bamboo barrel.
      “Ah, my eyes are blind. This blade is so fast.”
      “So Big Brother Tian is a hidden martial arts expert.”
      Lin Tian’s move caused many spectators to cry out in alarm.
      According to the law, Lin Tian found another three bamboo tubes with water.There were a total of four bamboo tubes, which should be enough for him and Fatty to consume temporarily. However, this method could not be used for a long time. Based on the probability, this bamboo forest would probably be able to find another twenty or so bamboo tubes with water.
      After solving the problem of using water, Lin Tian decided to go back and meet up with Fatty. He had water and food, and the rest was to find a shelter to build a fire.
      Before he left, Lin Tian picked a few more large bamboo tubes and brought them back to make rice bowls and cups.
      He glanced at the satellite watch. It happened to be three o’clock sharp.
      From the moment he landed, he and Fatty had already finished the food and water in an hour.
      Wasn’ t it that difficult to survive in the wilderness?*

      Chapter 12 Fraud?Or a deity?

      Lin Tian’s good fortune attracted quite a few new fans, but everyone didn’ t always pay attention to him alone.
      There were quite a few others in the group of 50.At around three o’clock, the crowd gathered in the same broadcast room.
      It was obvious that the broadcasting room had also discovered this situation. Little Thea came out to explain to the two guests.
      The screen of the broadcasting room changed to “Fraud Group”
      The Fraud Team was the name given to Sir Wen and his granddaughter Wen Chuyao by the netizens.
      Their strange actions of sitting cross-legged under the scorching sun were constantly reported by many netizens.
      It was also because of the magical prophecy that had been silent for an hour. The equipment had changed from one to three. Before three o’clock, many netizens came to their livestream room and wanted to watch Sir System’s livestream slap on the face.
      “Grandfather, it’s already an hour.”Wen Chuyao’s mouth split open, her voice slightly weak.
      “Ah, good intentions hurt Chu Yao’s little sister. Why would she listen to that old huckster.”
      “Sigh, you are so stupid and cute. You look so beautiful in vain.”
      Wasn’ t there a coconut tree next to “?”Why don’ t you pick a coconut to relieve your thirst first.”
      “Just came from upstairs?”It’s just that I’ ve said that I don’ t need them to pick that coconut. I’ ll be able to obtain it after I take out my equipment.”
      “It’s three o’ clock. Next, it’s time to witness a miracle.”
      “Next, I’m afraid it’s to witness the moment Fraud Tian smashes his face.”
      Sir Wen’s condition was n’ t much better than Wen Chu Yao’s. He was an old bone. The scorching sun caused his eyes to go bloated, and his throat was even drier to the point of smoking.
      “Alright… alright, help me up.”Sir Wen’s voice was a little hoarse.
      “What’s the point of this.”Some netizens commented.
      Wen Chuyao hurriedly stood up to help her grandfather. Perhaps it was because she had crossed her legs for too long, or perhaps it was because the sun had become dizzy. When she stood up, she staggered and almost fell.
      The two finally got up with great difficulty. Wen Chuyao slowly walked towards the pit…
      At this moment, the netizens were frantically swiping the screen.
      “I think there are only 1 equipment button,1 3 equipment buttons.”
      A large number of people thought that it was one. Similarly, those who thought that three of them were equally matched.However, there were still some people who clearly had their own considerations. Why couldn’ t they be two pieces of equipment?They continuously used two screens…
      Even Xiao San, Grandpa Bei, and Song Yi all held their breath and gathered their energy to witness Wen Chuyao’s grandfather’s actions.
      The camera of the aircraft was well controlled by the remote control of the staff. No camera went to the pit to shoot the exposed answer. Instead, it followed the camera from afar, allowing Wen Chuyao to display the final result herself.
      Finally, Wen Chuyao got her equipment.
      She had a bitter smile on her face as she held a pot in her hands.” Grandfather, you’ re not accurate.”
      “It just a pot?”It’s not scientific. There will be three hexagrams.”Sir Wen frowned. Clearly, he was not satisfied with this result.
      “Let me just say, how could there be such a miraculous thing.”
      “There really are people who believe that one piece can be changed into three pieces, laughing to death.”
      A camera shot a close-up shot towards the pit. It was completely empty, and thus it completely declared that Sir Wen’s prophecy had failed.
      “It seems that Sir Wen had accidentally made a mistake. What will he do next?”Theo made a comment regretfully.
      Song Yi said,” I think Sister Chu Yao is very optimistic. Even with this result, she didn’ t complain and praised this strong girl.”
      “Perhaps Dahua has some ancient culture, but unfortunately, I have no chance to see it today.”Grandpa Bei’s tone was filled with pity.
      However, just as everyone was certain that Sir Wen had no doubt, the scene changed again.
      “Grandfather, don’ t be so depressed. Nuo, there’s still a lighter in this pot.”Wen Chuyao took out another lighter from the pot.
      Previously, because she was holding the pot, the flying machine didn’t look at the close-up camera, but she did n’ t find a lighter in the pot.
      “Haha, it’s two pieces of equipment. Please continue your performance.”
      “Chu Yao is too bad. She actually hid a piece of equipment.”
      “Even if it’s two, it still means that Sir Wen is a huckster.”
      “I’ ve never believed in fortune telling. One or two of them are all luck. As for the three of them, I’ ll laugh.”
      “That’s right. I really don’ t understand why there are so many nt that we can have three.”
      Wen Chuyao walked to Sir Wen’s side and handed over the pot and lighter to the latter. At this moment, the camera also gave them a big inspection. It was indeed only these two pieces of equipment.
      “Two?”That’s right.”It was obvious that Sir Wen still didn’ t give up. He frowned all the time. He felt that the hexagram was rather accurate this time, and there was no way anything would go wrong.
      “Aiya, Grandpa, two of them are not bad either. Besides, your divination isn’ t just a bad thing.”Chu Yao smiled and said. The wind lifted up her hair, and her face was exquisite and small.
      The wind blew.
      Hai Feng was still a bit bigger.
      Suddenly, a loud noise caused Sir Wen and the crowd in the livestream room to jump.
      Sir Wen’s gaze suddenly turned to one place!
      The camera immediately followed Sir System’s gaze and switched cameras.
      It was those few coconut trees!
      It wasn’t hard to discover that just now, a coconut was blown down by the wind and landed on a slightly strange stone under the tree.
      “Heh, Sir Wen is still a little level-headed. They really don’t need to pick coconuts themselves.”Immediately, a netizen teased in the broadcast room.
      The wind was still blowing. They all said that the trees were not wrong. The tops of those coconut trees continuously swayed in the wind.
      Another coconut landed on the stone.
      Looking at it, that stone had actually been smashed apart. Moreover, this stone was still hollow?
      “Let’s go. Little girl, go and take a look.”Sir Wen greeted him.
      It was only ten steps away. Wen Chuyao, who was a little weak earlier, quickly ran to the stone.
      The joy in her eyes was clearly visible on the screen of the broadcast room.
      It was only a few hours left on the first day. My favorite friend, the flower evaluation ticket, walked up. Your little support was my motivation.*The little author will also cheer up and try to get more ~*

      Chapter 13 You are still you!

      “Grandpa, Grandpa, you’ re hiding your rewards!”
      Wen Chu Yao was so happy that she wanted to jump, but considering that this was the live broadcast, she still slightly restrained herself.
      It turned out that this was a highly simulated stone. Previously, the program team had said that they had hidden 10 rewards on the island. Clearly, this was one place.
      “This is fine???”
      “As expected, your grandfather is still your grandfather.”
      “My mother asked me why I was kneeling and watching the live broadcast.”
      “Were the people who satirized Sir System in front of them?”Should I send you a bag of ice compress?”
      The livestream room exploded once again. Unexpectedly, it really made Sir Wen predict accurately.They had indeed obtained three pieces of equipment.
      “Just luck.”
      Some people still refused to accept it. They believed that no matter how many pieces of equipment, it was possible for them to appear.They truly could not believe that there was someone with the ability to foresee the future and change.
      However, no matter what, Sir Wen still added a mysterious color to everyone’s hearts.
      “It’s too inconceivable. Da Hua indeed hid some strange and strange people.”Master Bei sighed in admiration.
      Wen Chuyao opened the special stone skin and took out an automatic umbrella.
      “Was an umbrella!”But it’s useless.”
      “Silly girl, the umbrella is much more useful. You have to think more.”Sir Wen recovered his vitality again. This time, the things passed down by the Ancestor could be considered as exuberant.
      “Yes, with an umbrella now, it’s really comfortable not to be exposed to the sun.”Wen Chuyao walked to her grandfather’s side and supported the old man’s umbrella.
      Through a remote camera, the netizens could clearly see that the girl had covered most of her umbrella with the old man. In fact, most of her body was still basking in the sun.
      “Chu Yao is too filial.”
      “Sigh, that girl of my family only knows how to be more intimate when asking for money from this old bone. Why did she not know how to learn from Chu Yao.”
      “Don’ t even try to steal from me. My mother said that Chu Yao’s wife is about to be decided.”
      In the main broadcasting room, Xiao San, Bei Ye and Yi looked at each other in dismay.
      “It’s too inconceivable.”
      Grandpa Bei was constantly exclaiming in admiration.
      As soon as Sir Wen’s enthusiasm passed, the host studio switched to another hot scene.
      It was actually the location of Sun Yu and Dugu.
      At this moment, the scene was a little nervous.
      Dugu was in front, Sun Yu was behind, and one could clearly see that the latter’s face was slightly pale.
      Dugu still had a cold expression. He held a two-meter long stick in his hand. The tip of the stick had already been sharpened. At first glance, it looked like a simple wooden spear.
      The tip of the wooden spear was tilted to the ground. On the other side was a fierce tiger that grimaced and confronted the two of them.
      After receiving the news, the program team immediately sent out helicopters to stand by the nearby island. As long as Sun Yu and the other two pressed the survival button on the satellite watch, the helicopters would rescue them.
      However, depending on the situation, they did not seem to have such plans. However, due to the signing of the contract, it was not easy for the program team to send out a rescue team without asking for help. If the player died unexpectedly, the program team would at most release some soothing money.
      “F*ck, I feel like Young Master Sun is about to finish.”
      “Sigh, a good rich second generation isn’ t suitable. He insisted on coming here to join in some fun.”
      “The tiger didn’ t dare to go up to Dugu’s formidable appearance?”
      Why did “program team not save him?”This… could it be that we’ re going to broadcast the tiger eaters?”
      “Looks like this bonus isn’ t that easy to take. Money is tempting, but life is the most important.”
      The netizens were discussing amongst themselves, and the few people in the broadcasting room were also a little nervous.
      Song Yi had already covered her mouth with her hands. She was deeply afraid that she would cry out.
      Grandpa Bei frowned. Clearly, if it was him at the scene, it would be quite troublesome.
      “Please rest assured. Our helicopter is already on standby. Once the situation gets out of hand, the rescuers will immediately move out.”Theo tried his best to stabilize the hearts of the audience.
      “And everyone might not know much about this warrior with a wooden spear in his hand. In fact, Xiao Sa was confident in them.”Young miss Song Yi, I heard that Sun Yu is also your good friend. You should know something about the person with him, right? Can you tell everyone about it?”
      Song Yi calmed down. Just now, something had happened, and she was a little nervous.
      “Yes, I know a bit too.That was Senior Dugu. Although he looked to be only thirty or forty years old, he was already 67 years old.”As the old housekeeper of the Sun family, he’s a low-profile, deep-seated person. Therefore, very few people come into contact with him.”
      After a pause, Song Yi continued,” Everyone, don’ t worry too much. Senior Dugu is an ancient martial art practitioner, and even seven or eight special-class bodyguards can’ t hold on for two moves in his hands. I think this fierce tiger can also Senior Dugu’s strength.”
      After listening to Song Yi’s explanation, the netizens in the broadcast room immediately became restless.
      “Sixty or seventy year old demon?”Are you mistaken?”
      “Why do I feel that the old man is so powerful?”
      “Because you’ re still your uncle…”
      “I always thought that Gu Wu was lying.”
      “Young man, read more books, and feel more reverence towards unknown things.”
      “Hurry up and fight. I want to see grandpa tear the tiger apart.”
      “Tiger: This is a werewolf. It can’ t be provoked!”
      When they heard that Dugu was very powerful, the netizens instantly changed from worrying to watching the show. They wished they could start a great battle.
      Very soon, the audience’s hearts that had just calmed down rose to their throats.
      Dugu moved.
      Gudu’s cold eyes were sharp as he took a step forward with his left foot. The aura of self-respect could be clearly felt through the screen.
      The tiger let out a low roar. It wanted to pounce on the human’s neck and crush it. However, the animal’s natural sensitivity to danger made it unwillingly retreat.
      Far away in a suburb of Shanghai, in an ancient and simple house, there were two people staring at the screen.
      “Master, don’t worry. Old man Dugu’s move is even difficult for me to defend against. There should be no problem with dealing with a tiger.”
      “Yes, I am not worried about Gudu’s ability.”That’s right.”
      *(Thank you for your fresh flower evaluation tickets and rewards ~)*

      Chapter 14 Big Brother Tian is in danger!

      In the end, Dugu still did not fight the tiger.
      Dugu’s imposing manner was powerful, and the tiger retreated as he knew it was difficult.
      However, this move caused Sun Yu’s popularity to rise even higher. His status as a rich young master and mysterious guard. Such a combination could provide thousands of netizens with countless topics.
      “I remember a sin called Lin Tian from before, Young Master Sun?”
      “This is called self-defeating. Previously, that Lin Tian was in a complete mess. Next time, Young Master Sun will teach him a new life.”
      “Pitiful little brother Lin Tian ……”
      “Finished, how could Lin Tian be stronger than a tiger?”I’ m afraid he can only kneel down and sing to conquer.”
      “I really hope that they will meet soon.”
      It was unknown who was the first to mention the conflict between Lin Tian and Sun Yu, which caused a new wave of discussion in the live broadcast.
      Meanwhile, Lin Tian’s livestream room also flooded into a large group of people.
      “They all say that impulse is a devil. Brother Tian shouldn’ t have offended Young Master Sun before.”
      “It was Sun Yu who was lying to others. Brother Tian was not wrong.”
      “The question isn’ t whether it’s right or not. Rather, it’s that Lin Tian can endure facing Dugu?”
      “The program team will not allow Dugu to hurt anyone!”
      “Innocent. Since he allowed a fight, he might be injured by mistake. Lin Tian has caused trouble for him.”
      “Brother Tian is in danger. Please put your protection on the public screen.”
      Many true fans were already beginning to worry about Lin Tian, but the parties involved were completely unaware of this.
      Lin Tianzheng happily hugged a pile of bamboo tubes to meet up with Fatty.
      “Fatty, how many have you dug?”
      Lin Tian put the bamboo tube aside and looked at the muddy fatty.
      “I dug two more. Fortunately, the soil here is sandy, so this engineer shovel is also very efficient.”Fatty wiped his sweat and said.
      Lin Tian looked at the three wild yams that he had dug out. Each of them had a long arm, and it was also very thick. Together, it was probably about twenty kilograms.
      Lin Tian said,” With so many, it should be enough for us to have a couple of meals. We can go to the seaside to find out if there’s any seafood before the tide goes down. Let’s stop digging.”
      “Fine. Brother Tian, I’ ll listen to you.”By the way, Big Brother Tian, have you found any water? My throat is about to burst with smoke!”
      “Nuo, this is it.”Lin Tian pointed at the bamboo tube beside him.
      “These bamboos?”Apparently, the fatty had yet to react.
      Lin Tian brought out a bamboo tube with water, and then stabbed a hole with a machete.Then, two large cups were made from a dry bamboo tube. The bamboo tube tilted and a stream of water flowed into the cup.
      There wasn’t much water in the bamboo tube. Each person only had half a cup of water.
      “Come, drink some water first. The rest is better to go back and heat it up before boiling it.”Lin Tian handed Fatty a bamboo cup of water. Although the water looked very clear, the bacteria were not visible to the naked eye. If there was a condition, Lin Tian still believed that he wanted to boil it.
      “Brother Tian, you are too powerful. You can even find the water hidden in the bamboo.”Fatty was very happy. He took the bamboo cup and began to gulp.
      “Ah, so Big Brother Tian discovered that there was water in the bamboo before cutting it.”
      “As expected of my brother Tian. Fresh water and food are all minor matters.”
      “I also drank the water from the bamboo when I was young. It tastes very good.”
      “Aiya, I’ ve lived in the city since I was young. I even saw less bamboo, let alone drinking the water from the bamboo. What a pity.”
      “”Group, go to the mountains to search for water, sign up~”
      Lin Tian also finished drinking his cup of water. The entrance was clear and sweet, and there was a faint smell of bamboo. This hot day really wanted another cup.
      After packing up their things, the two of them returned to the beach.
      He found a grass to put the wild yams and the bamboo tube. Lin Tian called Fatty to go to the beach to find food.
      Most of Meng Qi’s beach was a golden beach. At a glance, other than sand, it was still sand.
      “Brother Tian, I feel like there’s nothing on this beach.”Fatty muttered.
      “Be patient. Look carefully. Many shells are hidden in the sand.”Lin Tian said as he carefully searched.
      “Is there anything you can gain from living on the beach?”
      “There should be a lot of white toads on the beach. I wonder if Lin Tian and the others can discover them.”
      The enthusiastic netizens had been paying attention to their every move.
      Perhaps because the five senses had increased, Lin Tian felt that the beach was somewhat different when he looked at peace. He could easily notice some details.
      Suddenly, he discovered that there were two inconspicuous holes on the beach in front of him. If it wasn’ t for the improvement of his eyesight, he might have been ignored.
      [Shells hid themselves in the sand, but the air holes made it difficult for them to escape the fate of being caught.[1]
      Seeing the caption in his mind, Lin Tian smiled. Now, he was sure to receive it.
      Fatty “, come here.”It’s like this. There’s usually shells below. Don’ t let it go.”Lin Tian called out.
      “Where?”No holes.”Fatty stared at it for a long time.
      The netizens in the broadcast room were also stunned.
      “I’ m blind!”
      “I can’ t compare to Brother Tian’s Fire-Eyed Crystal.”
      After Lin Tian pointed it out with his hand, the fatty finally saw it. Without saying anything else, he directly shoveled this pile of sand with an engineer shovel. Sure enough, he found a plum-sized shell in the sand.
      “Brother Tian, this flower armor is very large.”Fatty laughed happily.
      “This should be called the white toad. Find more and eat seafood at night.”
      With the first to receive the goods, the two of them began to search carefully on the beach.*

      Chapter 15 Jing Qiuyun: I want Lin Tian to be an ox!

      To the east of Lin Tian’s location was Mu Yufei and Jing Qiuyun’s landing site.
      The two of them had good luck. If they were to use the equipment properly, it would be quite useful. However, Miss Jing had a tricky appetite and was very dissatisfied.
      The pot was fine. Jing Qiuyun grabbed it and felt it.
      Yes, it was very convenient.
      It must be very refreshing to slap people.
      However, she was not satisfied with that box of gloves!
      Just this thing, besides satisfying a man’s idea, what else could it do?
      She started to think about the use of the sleeve.
      When the balloon blew.
      However, she would get tired of playing with air balloons all the time. After using her hands to break through the second set of balloons, she completely lost interest in this thing and threw the remaining set to Mu Yupi.
      As a diligent and studious beauty graduate student, Mu Yufei was not a vase that only relied on beauty to eat. At least she was good at brainwashing.
      “Qiuyun, I have an idea.”Mu Yufei smiled sweetly.
      “Sister Yu Fei, tell me.”Jing Qiuyun sat under the shade of a tree, holding his chin in his hand and asking with a lack of interest. At first, she was very excited when she was chosen, but the boredom after going to the island had already made her a little fidgety.
      Her family was also a prestigious family, so she didn’ t care about bonuses at all. She didn’ t want to think about what to do after going to the island.
      “We can’t just sit here all the time, right?”That’s right. I’ m afraid that I’ m not going to be able to do anything to you.”Mu Yufei frowned and said.
      Their luck was indeed good. Not long after they landed, they found a rather clean cave on the nearby high ground. It would be no problem for them to settle down tonight.
      “Are you a demon? My young miss, why are you still thinking about that Lin Tian?”When he spoke of Lin Tian, Jing Qiuyun instantly became spirited. He jumped up and stared at Lin Tian with his hands on his hips, filled with disdain.
      Mu Yufei couldn’ t tell why she was particularly impressed by Lin Tian after meeting this morning. Could it be that the legendary love at first sight really appeared on her?
      In the beginning, she was still embarrassed by her rash decision. However, because Jing Qiuyun had been holding her back on Lin Tianyun for so many times, she could treat him as usual.
      “It’s not that I’ m worried about him, but I promised him that he would join up with him. You don’ t want me to be a renegade, right?”Mu Yufei had her own reasoning.
      “There’s nothing that you can not disobey.”Jing Qiuyun did not buy it.
      “Alright, even if you’ re right.”But since you hate him so much, you should go meet him.”Mu Yufei said seriously.
      “You think, how could the two of us find food and shelter?”That’s right.”
      As a good sister, Mu Yufei knew very well how to talk about moving Jing Qiuyun.
      Sure enough.
      Jing Qiuyun’s eyes lit up and he instantly came back to life.
      “That’s right. Why didn’ t I expect that I would still want to woo you? I want Lin Tian to work for us.”
      The conversation between the two of them was transmitted to the live broadcast room by the original video camera.
      “Ha, this little sister Qiuyun is a little bit different,2333…”
      “I’ m afraid that Yu Fei sold it and helped me count the money.”
      “Fireproof, anti-theft, and anti-girlfriend!”
      “From upstairs, this doesn’t seem to be the case, right?”
      “Sigh, Mu Yufei is determined to find Lin Tian. If Young Master Sun meets her later, Lin Tian will suffer.”
      “That’s true. In these days, you really aren’ t someone you can provoke…”
      Mu Yufei smiled as she looked at her good friend who had regained the pleasure of life.
      She and Jing Qiuyun had been playing with each other since they were young. They were not the kind of plastic sister flowers. It was impossible for her to sell her best friend for a man.
      “That’s why we need to find a way to continue meeting them.”Mu Yufei continued to guide her.
      “But what can we do? I can’ t do anything without tools.”Jing Qiuyun was instantly drenched in cold water.
      Originally, she thought that she still had some skills. In the past, when she went hunting in the hunting grounds, when did she not return with full load?
      But there was no way this place could match you with a hunting spear. It was impossible for a woman to cook without rice.
      “This.”Mu Yufei lit up the jacket in her hand.
      “Yes, listen to me.”As a result, the two beauties bit their ears and muttered. The more Jing Qiuyun listened, the more excited she became. It was obvious that Mu Yufei had said something that she was interested in.
      However, because they were speaking quietly, the audience could not hear the details of their conversation.
      “What are they plotting?”
      “Is there someone like me who feels that Yu Phoebe Qiuyun is still in danger?”
      “It’s too much. I can’ t afford to offend it.”
      “If it’s true, I don’ t think they can hold on until they meet up with Lin Tian.”
      “Lin Tian, hurry and save Little Sister. I don’ t want them to be eliminated so quickly.”
      “Look at your words earlier. Yu Fei is from Young Master Sun.”
      “I just feel that Lin Tian and Yu Fei are worthy of each other. You bite me, dog!”
      The bickering in the livestream room did not affect the two beauties. They had already started their own survival career with their gloves.
      *The two big-legged little sisters asked the little author to ask all of them for fresh flowers to evaluate the monthly tickets ~*Get out and beg for support~*

      Chapter 16 Natural Shelter and Dangerous Aboriginals!

      After filling the two bamboo barrels with the white toad, Lin Tian and Fatty stopped.
      Who would have thought that this beach wasn’t too big, and only half of them found so many white toads.
      There will be some seafood tonight.
      After searching for the white toad, it was already past four o’clock. During this time, the two of them drank another bamboo tube of water.The weather was hot, and the consumption of fresh water was too fast.
      Moreover, the fatty was already hungry. Lin Tian and the others needed to find a shelter as soon as possible, then start a fire to cook.
      [After working hard all afternoon, you feel a little tired. The sun is very big, the pain of burning your skin makes you dislike it very much]
      [You have gained resistance +5]
      The system once again leveled up against his body. Lin Tian felt that his body’s fatigue had disappeared a lot. His endurance and resistance had improved.
      “Fatty, can you still hold on?”Let’s find a shelter and start to think of a way to cook. I’ ll make you a good meal.”Lin Tian patted Chi Huon on the shoulder.
      Chi Huo was sitting on the beach and rolling up his pants again. Because he changed his large size of charging clothes later, his clothes were suitable, but his pants were much longer, so he could only roll up his pants from time to time.
      Lin Tian’s question caused his stomach to growl, but he still said,” Brother Tian, I’ m fine. I’ m not hungry.”
      Although his belly wasn’t loud, Lin Tian was still a person with five senses. His hearing was n’ t as strong as an ordinary person, so he could still hear it clearly.
      [The hunger of your companions made you even more anxious to find a suitable shelter. You think that the terrain on the right side is higher and the leeward slope might have a good discovery]
      Lin Tian turned his head to look. On the right, there was a gentle slope slanting upwards. Then, there should be a small forest. A towering rock wall could be seen in the forest.
      The Leeward Slope must be behind the wall.
      “Fatty, grab something. Let’s go under that rock wall.”Lin Tian called out and headed in the next direction.
      Lin Tian raised his head to look at the still hot sun. It should be able to wreak havoc for another two hours.
      The two of them held a pile of bamboo tubes and took the wild yams and tools that had been washed by the sea. After spending half an hour, they finally arrived at their destination.
      Along the way, the two of them did not stop to carefully search for anything that could be eaten. After all, time wasn’t enough, but Lin Tian, who had strengthened his senses, still tried his best to keep an eye on the surrounding plants and trees. Only by being careful enough could he make full use of everything.
      The terrain on this side of the forest was relatively flat. There were shrubs and vines in the forest.
      “Brother Tian, look!”Fatty’s sudden exclamations made Lin Tian, who was still observing from left to right, recover from his shock.
      Not far in front of them was a stone mountain. However, it was very miraculous that there was a huge stone hall about two meters away from the ground.
      Lin Tian smiled. Actually, he had already seen this place a long time ago. It should be the system notification that it could be used as a shelter destination.
      Fatty’s exclamations did not attract much attention from Lin Tian. Instead, they attracted the attention of the fans in the broadcast room.
      “I discovered that Big Brother Tian and Fatty are true European Sovereigns. Such a natural shelter is waiting for them.”
      “Congratulations to Big Brother Xiti for entering the new residence.”
      “Next door, the contestant had painstakingly built a grass hut to compete with Brother Tian’s natural villa ……”
      The two of them sped up their steps and finally reached the bottom of the mountain. A gentle slope passed through the stone hall. If they were to use engineering soldiers to repair a row of stairs, it would be even more perfect.
      [Successive success made you feel a little complacent. Your rash intrusion angered the natives here, and you paid a painful price.[1]
      Lin Tian was indeed immersed in the joy of everything going smoothly. This sudden caption shocked him instantly.
      Pay a painful price!
      This was the first time he had been told that something bad would happen. Lin Tian’s heart instantly turned cold.
      “Don’ t go!”Lin Tian pulled the fatty who was about to crawl into the stone hall.
      “What’s wrong, Big Brother Tian?”The fatty asked in confusion.
      Lin Tian did not reply. Instead, he began to think quickly.The caption said that he and Fatty had rushed in rashly, so they had angered the natives in the stone hall. That was why he had paid a painful price.
      This meant that there were any aggressive animals in the cave?If he didn’ t rashly enter, he might be able to avoid it by checking the situation first.
      Lin Tian slowly calmed down. Indeed, the caption was only a reminder, and it was not a complete prediction of the future. Earlier, the caption had said that he would throw a flirtatious glance at Mu Yufei, so it was actually up to Lin Tian to deal with the situation.
      [You decided to observe the situation in the stone hall first. You racked your brains and finally solved this group of aboriginals]
      With this thought, the subtitle changed again, and it also provided an important piece of information: this group.
      This meant that there was more than one danger.
      At this moment, the map in his mind also automatically appeared. A red dot appeared in the stone hall.
      Red represented hostility or danger.
      His mind locked onto the red dot.
      [Cute little elf, but if you provoke it, you will risk your life with you]
      Alright, in the end, we can’ t provoke him, right?
      “There might be danger in this stone hall. Be careful.”Lin Tian reminded him.
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      The European Emperor was undoubtedly happy too early?

      The broadcast room had also noticed Lin Tian’s actions.
      “Our fat and thin combination has always been extremely lucky. Seeing that the sky was about to darken in more than an hour, they continued their good luck and found a natural stone hall.”Xiao Sa had a deep impression of these two youngsters.
      “Yes, they stopped?It turned out that Lin Tian felt that there might be danger in this stone hall. Grandpa Bei, what do you think of this problem?”
      “I think that Lin Tian’s methods are very accurate. In the caves and caves in the wild, there are often some animals like snakes and bats.”That’s why it’s best not to enter the cave rashly.”
      “Thank you, Lord Bei, for your reminder. This should be something that all of us explorers must learn and remember.”Miss Song Yi, what do you think?”
      Song Yi replied with a smile,” I think Lin Tian is very old-fashioned and very careful.Most of us had always thought that Lin Tian was the European Emperor. He was very lucky, but after thinking about it carefully, it was often because Lin Tian was good at observing and discovering things. Or rather, he had a lot of experience before, would bring us so much joy.”
      “Looks like our beautiful Song Yi girl is not stingy with Lin Tian’s praise.”If Lin Tian finds out, he probably won’ t be able to sleep tonight, right?”
      The netizens also expressed their support for the teasing.
      “I’ m envious of Big Brother Tian. It’s fine if I successfully invite Goddess Yu Fei. Now, Goddess Song Yi is also attracted to him.”
      “A happy man.”
      “Song Yi’s smile is so beautiful.”
      On the other side of the stone hall, Lin Tian had Fatty guard the things. He took a machete and carefully crawled towards the stone hall. Due to the angle, they could not find the source of danger at the foot of the mountain.
      [You think thirty-six tricks are the best.[If I can’ t beat him, I’ d better run]
      [You have gained +5 speed]
      Very good, very powerful. Lin Tian wanted to praise the system to the heavens.
      Closer to the stone hall, Lin Tian could finally see its full appearance. The stone hall was very large, with a width of about 3 meters and a depth of about 5 meters.
      The ground of the stone hall was relatively flat. Looking at the top, irregular stones hung upside down. The front part of the stone hall was only less than 4 meters high, but the higher it was, the higher it was. The highest part might be about 7 meters.
      Lin Tian had already arrived at the entrance of the stone hall, but he still did not discover who the dangerous aboriginals were.
      Looking at the map in his mind, the golden self and the red danger almost got together. Trying to enlarge it, it actually succeeded!
      Lin Tian took a few more steps into the stone hall. His gaze was fixed on a hanging stone pillar with its target behind it.
      [You’ re too nervous to ignore something. Maybe you should carefully observe the surroundings.[1]
      [You’ ve obtained five senses +3]
      There was a sweet smell in the air, stimulating Lin Tian’s nose and even stimulating his appetite.
      Buzzing sounds rose and fell from the eardrums. It was the sound of wings vibrating.
      He could feel his pupils contracting rapidly. Any movement of wind and grass could be perfectly captured. A small elf appeared in his pupils.
      It was a bee.
      Perhaps it was because they felt that someone was disturbing them, and a few more bees flew out. They buzzed, not knowing whether they were welcoming or warning the intruders to leave quickly.
      “It’s actually a bee. I’ ve eaten some honey.”
      “It’s definitely the European Emperor. Absorb European energy…”
      “It’s too early to be happy upstairs. With bees around, it’s still a question whether Lin Tian and the others can stay overnight.”
      “When I was a child, I was stung by a bee. How could it be so painful.”
      Lin Tian found bees in the stone hall. Some felt that it was a good thing to obtain honey. Others held different views that bees would threaten the lives of Lin Tian and Fatty.
      The director of the broadcasting room, Bei Ye, was invited out to explain.
      “Normally, if you encounter a beehive while living, that will be good news. Because honey can provide abundant energy.”
      “As long as you do not provoke the majority of the bees, they will not actively sting them. If you want to obtain honey, you can use the method of smoking to drive away the bees.”Grandpa Bei smiled and said.
      Xiao San:” Then let’s wait and see what our Lin Tian contestant will do.”
      Actually, Lin Tian did not have any good methods. As for the bees that were afraid of being smoked, he knew a bit about it. However, the problem was that they did not have any flames.
      After a visual inspection, he realized that the hive was about 3 meters away from the cave entrance. Furthermore, he felt that the bees flying around were not clearly attacking. Perhaps he could settle down and try.
      Lin Tian arrived at the cave entrance and called Fatty up.
      The two of them placed their equipment and food at the entrance of the cave. Fatty heard that there was a beehive inside, so he was happy.
      He also loved to eat desserts.
      “Brother Tian, let’s find a way to chase this bee away. I want to eat honey.”Fatty chuckled and explained his thoughts to Lin Tian.
      “Want to eat honey?”Let’s go to the forest and find the fire-inducing materials.”Lin Tian said angrily.
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      Chapter 18: I’ ve never heard of such a method!

      The two of them returned to the forest and began to search for materials that were suitable for lighting the fire. Fatty’s task was to find more large branches and wooden sticks.
      On the other hand, Lin Tian was prepared to find some suitable wooden sticks and fleece grass as tools to drill wood for fire.
      After spending nearly half an hour, the two of them successfully returned to the stone hall.
      “Brother Tian, hurry up and use the method of drilling wood to get the fire up.”The fatty held a fresh branch in his hand, which was used to ignite and make smoke.
      He had always been thinking about eating honey.
      Lin Tian didn’t reply. Instead, he was thinking about the process of drilling wood for fire.
      [Looking at this bunch of withered branches and leaves in front of you, you are worried that you can’ t be sure if the wood drilling fire that you’ ve watched on TV can ignite the fire.[1]
      [You have obtained the [Drill Wood Fire]
      Lin Tian’s mind instantly grew more and more detailed knowledge of drilling wood for fire. It was as if he had experienced countless times.
      [Use your right hand to pick up a wooden stick and prepare to make a fire]
      Lin Tian took out a sturdy wooden stick in his hand and then took out a machete. He prepared to cut one end of the wooden stick as a drill bit.
      The blade had just pierced through the bark of the wooden stick when Lin Tian’s hand stopped abruptly. As if he had thought something, he glanced at the folding engineering shovel that was leaning against him.
      [Everyone used the method of drilling wood for fire to create a fire pile. You think it’s too old-fashioned, so handsome you’ ll think of a more handsome method]
      Yes, Bai Lintian still agreed with him.
      [The scene of the blacksmith beating the iron sheet with a heavy hammer in your mind flashed through your mind. I think that the friction between the machete and the folding engineer shovel will also cause sparks of love.[1]
      [You have obtained the Love Friction and Fire Skill]
      The title was updated again.
      Lin Tian placed the flammables and withered leaves together. He picked up a machete and folded engineer shovel in the fatty’s puzzled eyes. The machete met each other, and then quickly and skillfully slashed.
      Mars quickly enlarged in the fatty’s eyes.
      The fleece grass in front of him lit up with flames, and the flames illuminated Fatty’s stunned face.
      “Crouching Grass… Brother Tian, how did you do it?”That’s fine?”
      Even Fatty couldn’t help but utter a rough sentence.
      “This is too awesome!”
      Fatty spoke incoherently. He couldn’t help but admire him.
      [If you succeed in putting on a show, your heart will be filled with satisfaction and pride, so much so that your expression will be happy and vulgar]
      [Your Charm Value +2]
      You’ re the one who’s vulgar!Lin Tian said unhappily.
      “Heavens, what did I miss?”
      “Help me. I used my father’s Swiss military knife and kitchen knife to cut. The fire did n’ t light, but the blade of the military knife was curled.”
      “Brother Tian is able to make a fire like this. I’ ll kneel down for Brother Tian.”
      “Brother Tian is definitely going to hang up. How could he possibly light the firewood?”
      In the broadcasting room, Grandpa Bei took the initiative to speak,” I’ ve never heard of such a method of lighting fire!”
      Lin Tian quickly added a few large branches and surrounded them with a few more stones. A fire was completed.
      “Brother Tian, give it.”Fatty was very happy. He handed Lin Tian a fresh tree branch torch because Lin Tian had told him that he would be responsible for obtaining honey.
      Lin Tian took it and tightened the branches, making the space inside as small as possible.
      Light the branch on the fire. Because it was a fresh branch, the gaps between the branches and leaves were small, and the air did not circulate. Although it could be ignited, there was basically no open flame. It just continued to smoke.
      “Fatty, go and hide.”
      Lin Tian most likely used the smoke to smother the bees. If Fatty were to stand at the entrance of the stone hall, he would probably be surrounded by bees.
      [You were holding a smoke torch to approach the beehive, the scene of the bees escaping from the smoke did not appear.[1][1][1][2][3][1][1]
      Just as Lin Tian had walked two steps, the threatening narration appeared in Lin Tian’s mind.
      Lin Tian’s footsteps paused. He could still endure being stung by a bee once or twice. However, if his face was swollen into a pig’s head, then it would be ruined!
      [Were truly fierce warriors. They dared to face the miserable life and the swollen pig head.[You regain your courage and bravely walk to the hive]
      [You have gained courage +5]
      Lin Tian stuffed his pants into his shoes and tightened his sleeves. After he put on his cap, his entire face and hands were exposed to the air.
      Then, he strode forward, the fear and worry in his heart swept away.
      “Brother Tian is powerful. At first glance, he looks like he’s from a professional demolition team.”
      “If such a large beehive were to attack, would Lin Tian be stung into a pig’s head?”
      “The smell of smoke will stimulate the bees. It is likely that they will suck honey and run away.”
      “I should make a beehive first.”
      “Upstairs, this was a true wilderness survival. Do you think it was a game of famine?”Where did the materials come from?”
      “Bee: Little people, it’s time for the team to gather and fight the bayonet!”
      Lin Tian had overcome his fear, but the netizens in the livestream room were sweating for him.
      The gray smoke quickly drifted towards the hive.
      The swarm of bees were stimulated. They hurriedly drilled out of the hive and flew up and down. Buzzing sounds could be heard. A bee stopped on Lin Tian’s charging clothes and crawled up and down.
      Suddenly, the figure of a bee grew clearer.
      Lin Tian saw it landing on his nose.
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      Chapter 19 Taming the Queen Bee

      [The delicate legs of the bee on its nose trembled slightly. You feel a little itchy. You sneezed, and the bee on its nose was blown away. However, it successfully attracted a large group of bees to fly towards you.[1]
      Lin Tian did feel that his nose was itching, but no matter what, it was someone with increased resistance. He still had this bit of endurance.
      That was why the system was once again excited.
      He continued to smoke the beehive with his left hand. More and more bees began to suck honey and flee.The bee on its nose, however, did not seem to be aware of it. It continued to crawl leisurely.
      From the corner of his eyes, Lin Tian could even see the sharp needles on the bee’s tail shaking from time to time.
      Could it be that he was studying where the needles were suitable?
      Lin Tian stretched out his right hand. His thumb and middle finger were tied together. Then, he quickly and accurately flicked at the bee on his nose.
      “He died on the spot!”
      The netizens made a complete summary of the bee’s tragic fate.
      His nose no longer itched. Lin Tian was finally able to use the smoke to drive away the bees.
      “These bees are too honest. They are actually not stingy?”
      “Brother Tian is a professional brawler!”
      “He succeeded in stealing the house. The enemy crystal is about to be destroyed.”
      [You saw that the Queen Bee had already drilled out of the hive. If you could control it before it flew away, you would be able to obtain the entire swarm of bees]
      Wasn’ t this nonsense?
      Lin Tian silently cursed. No matter how inexperienced he was, he still knew the principle. The Queen Bee was the main body of the entire swarm. Where the Queen Bee was, the swarm usually followed.
      If there was a big bag or wooden box, perhaps he could try to drive the swarm inside.Unfortunately, this operation was still a little hasty. There was nothing at the moment.
      [You’ re upset about why you didn’ t prepare enough. You decided to take off your charging clothes and use it to capture this nest of bees.[1]
      [You have obtained a beast tamer skill]
      Take off your charge clothes?Should he be so ruthless?
      Lin Tian didn’t agree with the system’s suggestion, but the beast tamer skills that followed gave him new surprises and hope.
      A three-dimensional image of the Queen Bee appeared in Lin Tian’s mind, so he tried to use his thoughts to touch the Queen Bee.
      [You controlled the Bee King and successfully obtained a free labor force from a hive]
      Lin Tian felt a strange connection between him and the Queen Bee. He could give the Queen Bee some simple instructions.
      For example, if King Bee was to control the swarm of bees, they would not be allowed to attack him and Fatty.
      The bees were still buzzing around. The pungent smell of smoke made them feel extremely uncomfortable.However, Jian Yi could feel that the bees were no longer hostile towards him. The map in his mind turned into a mini blue bee.
      Blue represented companionship or friendship.
      Lin Tian put the smoke torches on the ground and stamped them out. Since he had already subdued them, there was no need to torture these elves.
      Lin Tian’s strange actions once again made the netizens unable to understand. Although most of the bees had already left the hive, it was too early to kill the smoke torches right?
      “Brother Tian is floating…”
      “Bees, your enemies have already abandoned their weapons. What are you waiting for? Go up and take revenge!”
      “I just want to say that I won’ t die if I don’ t do it. I’ ll laugh when Lin Tian is stung into a pig’s head.”
      “More than half of the bees have flown away. It should be fine to exterminate the smoke right now.”
      The netizens were still discussing amongst themselves, but the stone hall changed again. The fleeing bees flew back.
      “Brother Tian, those bees have flown back.”Fatty reminded him anxiously at the cave entrance.
      Lin Tian made a gesture to reassure him. He stood there patiently and waited for all the bees to return. This was why he had asked the Queen Bee to recall the bees.
      “Look, let’s play.”
      “The bee flew back again. Is Lin Tian planning to laugh to death?”
      “Sigh, my Big Brother Tian has also failed…”
      As the netizens watched the bees fly back, they all said that Lin Tian Mie Yan was asking for trouble. It was too floating.
      But then, they were even more dumbfounded.
      Lin Tian slowly took off his charging clothes and tried to rush all the bees into the charging clothes.
      The netizens knelt down once again when they saw Lin Tian with his bare arms exposed.
      “Brother Tian is feeding the bees with his body?”
      “Brother Tian is also a fierce warrior.”
      “Today next year, remember to burn more paper money for Big Brother Tian.”
      “If I can even receive this nest of bees, I will eat it live*”
      Lin Tian was very calm because he had already controlled the queen bee. Very soon, all the bees entered his charging clothes. Then, he took a pack of bees out of the stone hall with ease. He was ready to let the bees settle in the forest outside the stone hall first.
      “This…”Not scientific!”
      “Lin Tian must have gone off!”
      “Brother Xintian, you must live forever.”
      “Let’s start your show.”
      The netizens went completely crazy. Lin Tian refreshed their understanding time and time again, and even the little Sass in the broadcasting room expressed his admiration.
      “Lord Bei, can you explain Lin Tian’s actions? This is something an ordinary person can do?”Theo asked.
      “Lin Tian’s performance was very impressive. Indeed, many beehive hunters were able to successfully capture honeycombs in the wild when they were fully prepared.However, like Lin Tian, he took off his clothes and calmly completed the entire process. He was the first person I’ ve seen before.”Grandpa Bei gave a thumbs-up, expressing his praise for Lin Tian.
      “So, in reality, using clothes or other tools like Lin Tian to collect and capture bee hives also exists in real life. However, Lin Tian’s courage and calmness made us viewers even more shocked. Did you mean that?”Theo asked.
      Grandpa Bei:” Yes.”
      “Could it be that Lin Tian has raised bees before?”That’s right.”
      Theo teased,” I now think that Lin Tian has experience in everything he does.”
      Lin Tian, who had already arrived at the entrance of the stone hall, suddenly stopped.
      He looked at the camera suspended by the side and smiled.
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      Chapter 20 Bamboo tube rice, large-scale eating and broadcasting site

      Lin Tian placed the beehive on a large tree in the forest and prepared to make a special hive after settling down.
      Of course, Lin Tian could order the Bee King to lead the swarm to settle down in the forest from the start. This was also why he extinguished the smoke.
      However, the subtitles that appeared after the smoke was extinguished changed his mind. Only then did he realize the shocking action of the light-armer collecting the bees.
      [You’re going to let the bees settle in the forest, so you put out the smoke. The netizens did n’ t understand what you’re doing and felt that you’ re a retard. You decided to use a wave of tricks to hit their faces]
      This was the first time the title mentioned a netizen. This filled Lin Tian with curiosity.He decided to make a joke with these fake fans who might have ridiculed him in the live broadcast. Perhaps there would be people who would be so proud that if he succeeded, he would have a live broadcast and eat* or something?
      It was fun to think about it.
      By the time Lin Tian returned to the stone hall, the fatty had already eaten his mouth full of honey.
      The bamboo cup contained half a cup of fresh honey. The fatty didn’t care about his image at all. He did n’ t know where the whole tree branch came to pick up honey and eat it.
      “Brother Tian, where did you leave the bees?”Let me tell you, this honey is too sweet.”Fatty ate happily.
      “The beehives are now in the forest. Don’ t eat them for now. I’ ll use bamboo to make you a pair of chopsticks later.”Lin Tian said helplessly.
      “Brother Xingtian, I’ ll listen to you.”The fatty nodded as he picked up another piece of honey. En, it was too sweet.
      After tossing around for a whole afternoon, there was only orange and soft light left outside. The forest and the wilderness were all covered in a layer of gold. If he wasn’ t hungry, it would be a good thing to lean against the stone wall and see this ruined sun fall.
      It was obvious that Lin Tian was temporarily not in such a mood. Not to mention Fatty, even he himself was very hungry.
      “Fatty, you should take care of the white toad tonight.”Lin Tian greeted him.
      “What a pity!”He immediately ate some. Fatty was full of energy.
      A large stone, a small stone, this was Fatty’s tool. If he put the white toad on a large stone, he could smash the outer shell of the white toad with a single smash. Then, he picked out the white flesh and put it in a bamboo bowl.
      Lin Tian himself used a machete to peel off the wild yam that had been washed clean by the sea. Then, he put it in a bamboo bowl and crushed it into mud.
      After the materials of the two of them were properly processed, it was already dark outside. Fortunately, tonight, the moonlight was bright and reflected the light of the stone hall.
      Lin Tian took a bamboo tube.
      The bamboo tube was a complete section, but when Lin Tian was at the beach, he used a machete to open a square hole on the bamboo tube. The inside had already been washed with seawater.
      The rammed yam paste and the white toad meat were put together. Then, some honey was added into it, mixed well, and then put it into the bamboo barrel bit by bit. Finally, with the clear water in the bamboo, the bamboo slice cut from the opening was put back.
      Half of the meal was completed, and the rest was roasted on the fire.
      There were a total of three bamboo tubes of rice. Fatty had a large amount of rice. At least two of them were needed to eat.
      Don’t slack off on the cooking bamboo tube rice. You must turn the bamboo tube frequently to make the entire bamboo tube heat evenly.
      “Brother Tian, how much longer will it take to eat?”Fatty’s nose twitched. He could already smell the fragrance coming from the bamboo barrel’s lid.
      “Let’s roast it for a while. After the bamboo robe turns yellow and becomes soft, we can eat it.”
      After about twenty minutes of roasting, Lin Tian announced that the bamboo tube rice was ready.
      Taking off the bamboo cover, a fragrance assaulted the face. The snow-white yam paste was decorated with white toad meat. Just this color had already tempted you to swallow your saliva continuously.
      “Wow, it looks so fragrant.”
      “I just finished dinner, and now I’ m hungry again.”
      “You’ ve had a meal in front of me. I just got off work and I look even more hungry!”
      “When I saw them eating bamboo rice, I suddenly felt that the pig hooves in my mouth were no longer fragrant.”
      Lin Tian was quite polite. He tasted it one by one. Perhaps it was because the five senses had increased. He could taste the various types of taste in the bamboo tube rice.
      The fragrance of bamboo, the softness of yams, the freshness of white toads, and the sweetness of honey. The combination of several types of Dao Seeking, and the fine ones could be well distinguished Lin Tian had no choice but to sigh: High-end delicacies only require simple cooking.
      Bamboo bowls, bamboo chopsticks, bamboo rice. On this desolate island, this kind of eating method actually had a unique art.
      The fatty’s food was still fierce and fierce. He wasn’ t afraid of scalding either. He took large mouthfuls of food into his mouth and quickly wiped out the two bamboo barrels.
      “Fatty, are you full?”Fatty Lin Tianchong asked.He had basically finished his bamboo meal.
      “I’ m full. Brother Tian, I didn’ t expect this wild yam to be so fragrant with the bamboo rice roasted by the white clam.”Fatty replied with a smile.
      “It’s good that you’ re full. Today’s time is short, so I can only make do with it first. Tomorrow, I’ ll make you something delicious.”Lin Tian said.
      “Yes, I wish I could eat chicken legs or pig feet tomorrow.”Fatty chuckled.
      “I haven’t even figured out the situation on the island. Where are you going to get your chicken legs and pig’s hooves?”Lin Tian laughed and cursed.
      Lin Tian and the others were lucky to be able to eat warm food on the first night on the island.Many other teams were still hungry.
      Have you eaten breakfast on the new day?*If you don’t have one, come and spit out some bamboo ~)*

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      Chapter 21 Ranking of Popularity

      The first day of survival in the wilderness was nearing its end. In fact, it could be said to be half a day. After all, it was only one afternoon.
      The little sass in the broadcasting room was doing the first day’s report for many netizens.
      “A nervous afternoon has passed. Up to now, no one from our 100 teams has left. Everyone has bravely overcome the difficulties of the first day.”
      “Let’s take a look at the top 10 contestants.”
      “First place: Shuang Mei combination, Mu Yufei and Jing Qiuyun.The two beauties’ popularity had always been high. However, they were only two girls after all. Their physical strength was weaker in all aspects. How long could they last?”
      “Second place: Fu Shao combination, Sun Yu, Dugu.Our Shanghai Young Master Sun had always been the focus of the conversation.”As for Senior Dugu, he used a wooden spear to scare away the fierce tiger. It can be said that he well publicized my Da Hua’s ancient martial art culture, and it also attracted a lot of people for their combination.”
      “Third place: Fat and skinny combination, Lin Tian, Chi Huo.”Two ordinary ordinary people who don’ t have much reputation, but after arriving on the island, they showed the audience their experience and full of Ou Qi. Will they become a dark horse?”
      “Fourth place: Fraud combination, Sir Wen, Wen Chu Yao.”The two of you, the beloved grandfather and grandson, can their magical divination techniques help them defeat the wilderness? Let us all look forward to it.”
      “7Th place: Long Tao Combination, Lu Xiaoqiao, Zhang Dawei.”Two young, hilarious and unknown actors. Each time they act, they won’ t be able to survive two episodes. How long can they last?”
      “10Th place: Medicine hunting combination, Gao Zhiyuan, He Kaifu.”Dr. Water Doctor and the hunter of the excavation machine. They don’ t seem to be here to survive. They are more like here to be funny. How many days can they be funny?”
      Theo could leisurely sit in the broadcasting room and make fun of our contestants with words. However, the contestants might be worrying about dinner.
      For example, our beautiful group.
      “This crab is so small, how can it be eaten?”Jing Qiuyun said disdainfully.
      They also stayed in a cave.Like Lin Tian, they also used stone piles and wood to make a fire. The only difference was that they had a pot.
      There were two red crabs and a fish in the pot.There were two black birds beside the pot.
      In the afternoon, Mu Yufei used her brain and thought of two ways to use the sleeve.
      They filled the jacket with water, which turned it into a magnifying glass.
      Under the scorching sun, the condensing effect of a set of magnifying glasses was surprisingly good. They successfully lit the fire-inducing fleece.
      The second method Mu Yufei thought of was to use the extension of the sleeve to make a slingshot.
      Then, they turned the little stone into a bullet.
      In this way, Jing Qiuyun began to fight the birds with his slingshot.
      She was worthy of being a person who often hunted and touched guns. Even if it was an unused slingshot, she still had the right head. She had successfully killed two birds.
      However, it was useless to hit a bird. The two beautiful young misses had never dealt with the bird.
      Helpless, he could only put it on the fire and roast the bird without pulling out any hair. When that thing came out, the entire bird’s body was charred with feathers, and there was no way to lower its mouth.
      Fortunately, Mu Yufei found two crabs on the beach. Under a small puddle of rocks, she managed to catch another two-fingered fish.
      Fortunately, when they were so thirsty that their throats were smoking and it was almost dark, they found fresh water, a very small stream.
      “Let’s make do with it first. A small crab like this can be eaten with its shell, right?”Mu Yufei said.
      “What?”Eat shell?”Jing Qiuyun immediately looked at Mu Yufei in shock. What kind of joke was this? Normally, she would only decide not to eat the Emperor Crab made by the chef in her family depending on her mood, let alone this meatless crab.
      “How about this? I’ll eat these two crabs. You can eat this fish. Then, you can also drink some fish soup and drink plenty of water.”Mu Yufei said helplessly.
      “Sigh, Sister Yu Fei, why don’ t we go look for Sun Yu? Even that old ice man Dugu has left the mountain. Their lives will definitely not be bad.”
      Mu Yufei said,” You also know that I don’ t really like people like Sun Yu. Moreover, the island is so big. Where are we going to find them?”
      Jing Qiuyun asked,” Hehe, if you can’ t find Sun Yu, you can just find Lin Tian?”What do you mean?”
      “What nonsense are you talking about? It’s only the first time we’ ve met this afternoon. How could it be interesting?”But over the years, you’ ve seen someone who dared to invite me in front of Sun Yu. Such a person is either stupid or has the confidence we don’ t know.”
      “Alright, alright.”Let’s go find that Lin Tian tomorrow. I hope that kid can get something to eat.”
      “Then why don’t you hurry and eat something? Otherwise, how will you have the strength to travel tomorrow?”
      Jing Qiuyun helplessly pouted and could only choose the fish unwillingly.
      There was no other way. He was too hungry.
      It wasn’t as bad as the previous two days.
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      Chapter 22 Bee Guide, Problem Solving

      Lin Tian didn’t sleep well on the first night on the island. He got up in the dark.
      He hammered his shoulders and back with his fist, trying his best to move his muscles and bones.
      Due to the rush of time yesterday, they found Stone Hall Shelter, but they really did not have time to make a soft bed.
      Even though his physical fitness had improved by quite a bit, the hard stone floor was really uncomfortable.
      This wasn’ t the main point. The main point was that there were really many mosquitoes on the island. It was endless for mosquitoes to bite.
      Unfortunately, the caption did not remind him how to deal with this problem. It seemed that the trigger conditions had not been met.
      However, no matter what, he had to solve these two problems today. In addition, he had to find a stable source of fresh water and food as soon as possible so that he could set off in a planned way to find Mu Yufei and the others.
      Therefore, today’s mission was not easy.
      “Brother Tian really got up early.”
      Many netizens were already active in the broadcast room.
      Those who got up early, those who stayed up late at night, and those who couldn’t sleep at night. Many people had been active in the livestream room all day.
      “The early bird has the worm to eat. I wish Big Brother Tian good luck to continue today!”
      “The early Bug is eaten by birds. Big Brother Tian must protect his little Bug. Don’ t hit me.”
      “What nonsense is Brother Tian talking about? He is clearly a dragon!”
      “F*ck, you can even drive here. My uncle will take care of you.”
      “In front of you, if your uncle refuses to accept it, we don’ t care. May I ask if your aunt refuses to accept it?”
      “The speed is too fast. I want to get off!”
      Lin Tian kicked the fat man who was still asleep.” Fatty, get up and work.”
      Fatty was still sleeping soundly, his eyes not even opening.
      Lin Tian was helpless. He could only move closer to Fatty’s ear and increase his decibel.” Fatty, you’ ve got to eat chicken legs!”
      “Chicken Legs?”How could there be chicken legs?”
      The fatty suddenly opened his eyes and sat up.
      “If you don’t get up again, let alone chicken legs, it’s a question whether you can fill your stomach.”Lin Tian said unhappily.
      “Sigh, Big Brother Tian, it’s alright if you don’ t mention the chicken legs. With this chicken legs, I’ m hungry again.”Chi Huao said with a frown.
      “Then get up and make breakfast. We have to work when we are full. We have a whole day today. We need to get more resources.”
      Yesterday, the white toad used half of it, and the yam used one of the largest and two smaller ones. They could barely hold on to breakfast and lunch.
      For breakfast, he continued to cook the yam white toad bamboo tube rice. This time, he consumed another three bamboo tubes, so he still had to cut some bamboo back today.
      After eating breakfast, Lin Tian arranged a mission for Fatty in the morning: go to the yam land to dig out more wild yam. Before finding any other food, wild yam would be their main food.
      After Fatty left, Lin Tian added some wood to the fire.
      He then picked up a machete and a bamboo tube and set out into the forest. Yesterday, he was in a hurry to find firewood near the stone hall. He did not have time to carefully search for resources, so he decided to investigate the surroundings of the shelter in the morning.
      [Mu Yuffi’s location wasn’ t close to the shelter. If she wanted to travel far to meet up, enough fresh water was a must. The elves in the forest would give you a hint]
      Just as he was about to leave, the caption appeared in his mind.
      The elf in the forest, Lin Tian, knew that he was referring to his bee colony.
      The new hive of the beehives was very close to the stone hall shelter. When Lin Tian arrived, the beehives were busy building a new hive.
      [Water was the source of life. No animal or plant could live without water.[Bees usually build their nests near the water source. This way, whether they are thirsty or building their nests, they don’ t have to fly too far away to collect water.]
      [With a flash of light, you found a water source through the bees.[1]
      [You have obtained +1 Spirit]
      Lin Tian’s eyes lit up. That’s right. He could have a bee lead the way to the water source. If that was the case, the problem would be solved.
      As a result, he decisively gave the Queen Bee an order to send the worker bees to the water source.
      After all, the bees were too small. Moreover, he could only control the queen bee and could no longer control the worker bees. Therefore, in order to avoid losing track, the order given to the queen bee was to send 100 worker bees out to collect water.
      A large group of bees flew out of the hive.
      At this moment, Lin Tian was standing beside the new beehive. It was as if a swarm of bees were attacking Lin Tian.
      “Aiya, why did Big Brother Tian provoke these bees again.”
      “Bee: Let you tear my house apart. Lin Tian, you’ re dead!”
      “Even the bees are the ones who will take revenge.”
      “Brother Tian will never be able to escape and become a pighead.”
      However, the scene of the bees attacking Lin Tian did not appear. The bees did not care about Lin Tian at all. Instead, they slowly flew into the depths of the forest.
      “……”Who can explain this?”
      _O_o_unk2″That’s right!”
      “This should be a split bee. The swarm has created a new queen bee.”
      “I see…”
      Lin Tian followed this swarm of bees unhurriedly. His speed had increased before, so it wasn’ t difficult to follow.
      After walking for about 20 minutes, Lin Tian heard the sound of running water.
      A few more steps forward, a half meter wide stream appeared in front of Lin Tian!
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      Chapter 23 Hidden dangers by the creek

      The bees began to fly back after collecting water at the stream, leaving Lin Tian alone happy.
      At the same time, the audience that had been following closely could no longer remain calm.
      “Agreed to split the bees?”Why do I feel like these bees are collecting water?”
      “You are not mistaken. They are indeed gathering water. However, are the bees gathering water in groups?”
      “Lin Tian is indeed the Ou Emperor. He followed the bees to find the water source.”
      “How could there be an emperor? My Tian ge is good at observing and discovering things. He must have long thought of the bees going to fetch water, so he followed them all the way.”
      “As expected of my Big Brother Tian. He knows everything.”
      “I wonder if Brother Tian has a girlfriend. I think…”
      He finally discovered the source of the water. This was an important part of survival in the wilderness.With a stable water source, he had the confidence to hold on for even longer.
      Lin Tian drank water once or yesterday afternoon. The last section of bamboo water was used to make breakfast in the morning, so he was really thirsty now.
      Seeing the endless stream of flowing water in front of him, Lin Tian was extremely happy. He didn’ t even think about whether he needed to burn it first and just wanted to drink.
      However, just as he took his steps, the new title immediately stopped Lin Tian.
      [Pleasant surprise made people lose their sense of reason and judgment.[You are so thirsty that you quickly run to the side of the stream to drink the water. Because you are so complacent, you ignored the dangers hidden by the side of the stream. This is the last time your taste buds taste the sweet water]
      There was danger beside the stream!
      Moreover, this danger was fatal!
      Lin Tian’s hair stood on end. He gripped his machete in both hands and cautiously observed any movement of grass by the stream.
      “Did Brother Tian discover anything else?”
      “I feel Brother Tian is too sharp. I admire him.”
      The netizens also noticed the change in Lin Tian.
      Even though the five senses had increased, Lin Tian still didn’ t notice anything. By the way, Lin Tian suddenly thought of the map in his mind.
      Sure enough, when his thoughts were immersed in the map in his mind, a red dot appeared beside him.
      The eye-catching red was warning that if he was not careful, it would be a lesson from blood!
      Lin Tian finally found the hidden assassin.
      In the grass not far from him, a triangular snake’s head was spitting out a scarlet letter. Its body perfectly merged with its surroundings.
      Lin Tian was certain that if he had truly gone to drink without any precautions, this hidden assassin would have quickly fled, bit two holes in his neck, and instantly injected poison into his body.
      But now that the location of the assassin had been exposed, the hunter and prey’s characters instantly changed.
      [This stream must be included in his own territory. This is related to the construction of the entire camp in the future. You have decided to kill this poisonous snake]
      [You have gained +2[ Strength]
      [You have gained +3 speed]
      [You have gained courage +2]
      [You gained +4 Agility]
      [You’ ve obtained five senses +2]
      Five points in a row, Lin Tian instantly felt his entire body in an unprecedented state of shock. He was not afraid of a poisonous snake that would kill anyone at any time.
      There was a gust of wind on his feet. He gripped the shape of a machete in his hand and quickly approached the viper. The viper was still spitting out its tongue a second ago, but in the next second, it was suddenly startled. It felt that this human in front of it had gone crazy, yet it dared to take the initiative to attack?
      Its head shrank back slightly. Its eyes were cold and ghastly. Its body quickly wriggled and twisted. When Lin Tian approached, it would instantly snap at the enemy.
      They weren’ t far from here. Lin Tian was fast and fast. In the blink of an eye, Lin Tian had already approached the viper. The beast’s reaction was also fast. As soon as Lin Tian arrived in front of him, it shot over. Lin Tian quickly turned sideways and barely dodged the viper’s attack.
      The venomous snake’s attack wasn’ t heavy, and its head swung in the air. It was about to retract its body and launch again, but it was already too late. Lin Tian’s speed and agility erupted again, and his reaction was exceptionally quick. At the same time that he turned his body sideways, the machete in his hand was already aimed at the snake’s head.
      Fast, ruthless, accurate.
      With a single slash, the snake head was chopped down!
      “F*ck, when did this snake come out?”
      “Just as I was scared to death, a snake suddenly appeared. It scared me to the point my face turned upside down…”
      “Brother Tian is an immortal?”It’s obvious that he’s already discovered the viper.”
      “Do you guys have a clear look at Brother Tian’s movements? Isn’ t that too fast? I only saw that snake, and in the next second, it was already beheaded by Brother Tian?”
      “Brother Tian really was an ordinary person?”Could it be that you know ancient martial arts like Dugu?”
      “I never believed in something like ancient martial arts until I saw Big Brother Tian.”
      Lin Tian had never imagined that he would act so straightforwardly. Only when the snake’s head was chopped off and only the snake’s body continuously wriggled in the grass did he realize that his back was already drenched in sweat.
      He found two branches and dug a deep hole in the distance. He couldn’ t recognize this snake, but the triangular snake head had already reminded him that it was a poisonous snake.
      Even if a poisonous snake died, if someone accidentally touched or stepped on its fangs, it would still be poisoned.Therefore, it was best to bury the safety points.
      After returning to the brook and checking that there were no red dots in his mind many times, Lin Tian was relieved.
      Finally, he could go drink some water.
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      Chapter 24 Toad, New Friend

      Even though he had initially confirmed that there was no other danger by the side of the stream, Lin Tian had still carefully reserved an extra heart.
      Every time he moved forward, he would first hit the grass with a machete and make sure it was safe before leaving.
      When his palm touched the ice cold that he had not seen for a long time, Lin Tian felt that water, especially freshwater, was so precious!
      He scooped up a handful of water with his hands. The entrance was slightly sweet, clear and cold.
      This was the flowing fresh water in the mountains. Generally speaking, there was no pollution.
      Moreover, Lin Tian was indeed thirsty. He could not help but drink five or six cups of water in one gulp. Only when his stomach was slightly swollen did he stop.
      After that, he used the bamboo tube he brought with him to fill up a bamboo tube of water. Fatty should be too thirsty. Not to mention that digging wild yams was a work of strength, and the water loss was faster. Therefore, he decided to give Fatty a water before doing other things.
      This stream wasn’t far from the stone hall. It was about 20 minutes away. It was n’ t that troublesome to take water in the future, but it was better to have a larger container for water.
      Of course, these were the following words.
      Just as Lin Tian was about to return, an object in the grass not far away caught his attention.
      Was that a bullfrog?
      Lin Tian was slightly delighted. If he grilled bullfrogs, it would definitely be more fragrant than bamboo rice,
      He approached with his cat, deeply afraid that he would run this bullfrog.But when he walked closer to see the bullfrog, he was not surprised or disappointed.
      How could this be a bullfrog? It was simply a toad!
      Toads could not be eaten.
      “Haha, Big Brother Tian Bai is delighted.”
      “Big Brother Tian, don’ t be scared. If you grab it back and roast it, it’ ll be crispy and crispy.”
      “Ah, it’s so disgusting upstairs. I’ m eating, your second uncle!”
      Lin Tian abruptly withdrew his blade and the headless snake’s body and prepared to leave.
      [Frogs can not be judged by appearance. Even though the ugly toads lacked beauty, eating mosquitoes was a good hand.[You decided to tame it]
      This toad was a good hand at eating mosquitoes?What was there to lack? Last night, they were bitten by mosquitoes and their hands were covered in a bag. If this thing was tamed, it would be a living mosquito scent!
      Would Lin Tian still find it ugly at this moment?If it didn’ t exist, it would be good if it was practical. What was the point of being ugly?
      The image of a toad appeared in his mind. Lin Tian had also successfully tamed it.
      Then, he grabbed the toad from the cries of many netizens. In the future, he would scatter it around the stone hall and eat all the damn mosquitoes.
      “Heavens… Brother Tian didn’ t even spare a toad?”
      “Could it be that the toad can really eat it?”
      “In front of you, haven’t you learned a lesson yet? Brother Tian, do n’ t guess what you’re doing, let alone make a blind decision. Otherwise, you’ ll only get slapped in the face.”
      “Heh, you’ re just too flattering Lin Tian.”
      “If you don’ t believe me, we’ ll just wait and see.”
      After Lin Tian returned, he first placed the Toad in the stone hall, then cut some honey and placed it under the tree of the beehive. Thanks to these industrious elves, he still had to reward them.
      In addition, in the next few days, Lin Tian would occasionally cut some honey and feed it to him. It was a good name to do a good job.
      When he found the fatty, the fatty was trying to dig out the third wild yam. This kind of thing was quite hard to dig.
      “Fatty, are you thirsty? Come, drink some water.”As Lin Tian spoke, he handed over a bamboo tube.
      “Yes, Brother Tian, you’ ve gone to chop off the bamboo with water again?But wasn’ t the bamboo forest on the left?”Why did you come from the right.”The fatty took the water and looked doubtful.
      “Just try it.”Lin Tian smiled.
      “Wow, this water is so cool.”Fatty drank half of the bamboo tube in one gulp.” Brother, you found fresh water?”
      Fatty was delicious, but his mouth was actually very unruly. The difference between bamboo water and stream water was obvious, so he could naturally find the difference with just one drink.
      “Yes, I found a stream. It’s in the depths of the stone hall forest. It’s twenty minutes away.”
      “That’s great. Although it’s only been a day, I feel like a day without water is too difficult.”The fatty finished and took another gulp.
      “How many yams have you dug?”Lin Tian asked.
      “There are three of them. We still have one at home. It should be enough for us to eat tomorrow noon. However, there will be a day when we will dig out all the yams.”The fatty said worriedly.
      “Yes, I will do this.”Let’s go back first. I’ ll introduce you to a little friend.”Lin Tian smiled and said.
      “Little friend?”You’ ve encountered another contestant?”Fatty said in surprise.
      “No, you’ ll know when you go back.”
      Before returning, Lin Tian went to the bamboo forest and chopped down a few bamboo sticks.
      Yesterday, he had brought back a pile of bamboo tubes. This time, Lin Tian didn’ t pick up and directly brought back a few bamboo tubes.
      In any case, he had great strength right now. It was as if he was dragging a few ten-meter-long bamboo as if he was dragging two pieces of foam.
      While Lin Tian was cutting the bamboo, Fatty dug out another large yam and even cleaned it up by the sea.
      The two of them returned to the stone hall. Because they found the water, their expressions were very relaxed. When they saw the headless snake’s body, Fatty’s eyes lit up. Finally, they were able to eat meat!
      But when he saw the toad, Fatty was greatly disappointed.
      “What kind of friend is this? He’s still so ugly.”
      “Fatty, don’ t blame it for being ugly. It’s extremely useful.”
      “Really?”What’s the use of this toad?”
      Lin Tian smiled,” It eats mosquitoes.”
      “Haha, Big Brother Tian, you’ ve also made a fool of yourself. I know that toads can eat mosquitoes, but the problem is that they can run away. They won’ t stay here every day to eat mosquitoes for us.”
      “It’s fine. I feel like it won’ t run. In any case, we don’ t need to pay anything. Just let it stay here. Don’ t bully it.”Lin Tian explained.
      “Haha, even Fatty felt that this toad was not reliable. It seems like Big Brother Tian has finally failed this time.”
      “Really funny. Lin Tian was still counting on a toad to catch mosquitoes every day?”It’s already closed down.”
      “I also feel that Brother Tian’s idea this time is a little naive.”
      “In the future, Big Brother Tian will become a naive brother…”
      Toad was just a small episode, and Lin Tian wasn’ t too worried about it.
      He had more important things to do next. He would make a comfortable bed and find more food.
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      Sun Yu was in despair!

      The water and food on Lin Tian’s side had been gradually settled. Life on the Desolate Island was slowly on the right track.
      However, on the other side of the island, Sun Yu felt a little despair.
      There was no lighter or flint, but this was not a problem. Dugu successfully used the method of drilling wood to draw fire.
      Without the luck of Lin Tian, Mu Yufei, and the others, they could directly encounter a cave, but this wasn’ t a problem. Dugu used branches and large amounts of ferns to build a temporary shelter.
      He didn’ t even have the trouble of biting mosquitoes at night because he had a bottle of mosquito repellent.
      As for the food issue, it was not a matter of worry. The success rate of Dugu’s trap was quite high. He was eating meat faster than Lin Tian.
      Dugu was like Sun Yu’s death, making his survival in the wilderness extremely simple.
      “Senior Gudu is too powerful.”
      “Having money is truly omnipotent. With the help of such a strange person, who else can compare to me, Young Master Sun?”
      “I heard that Lin Tian’s popularity is also very high. His number of fans is already forcing Young Master Sun.”
      “What kind of thing is Lin Tian? In front of Young Master Sun and Senior Dugu, he might not even be able to lift his shoes.”
      “To be honest, Sun Yu only has Dugu. Otherwise, he would not be able to compare to Lin Tianzhen.”
      “As long as Dugu listens to Sun Shao, that’s Sun Shao’s ability!”
      Due to the Gudu’s help, Sun Yu’s popularity had always been very high. Even though he wasn’ t strong in the wilderness, the rich young master should have a powerful housekeeper, right?
      Most people thought that Gudu’s strength was actually equivalent to Sun Yu’s.
      Originally, under such circumstances, according to Sun Yu’s personality, he must be full of spirit and pride.
      However, they still had a fatal problem that they hadn’t solved, or perhaps it was n’ t as good as Sun Yu’s.
      They had never found fresh water.
      There was no stream, no river.
      There were no bamboo forests, coconuts, or water-carrying plantain.
      Fire, shelter, food, if not, loneliness could be easily solved.
      However, lack of water was indeed more troublesome.
      Moreover, lack of water was the easiest way to drive people crazy.
      However, to this question, Dugu still did not feel ashamed of Jiang or Old Spice.
      He still thought of two methods.
      The first method, which Grandpa Bei had used many times, was to drink urine.
      But who was Sun Yu? Shanghai’s young master!Right now, the entire nation was watching their every move through the live broadcast. Gudu actually let him drink his urine?
      He was so angry that he wanted to directly punch Dugu, but he couldn’ t beat him, so he didn’ t have the guts.
      Dugu also said that the camera could be shut down for a while, and there was no need for a live broadcast. What was the point of being wronged by a man?
      “No, I will not!”
      Sun Yu strongly objected.
      “Young master, there is only a second method.”Dugu also knew that Sun Yu had good face. These words were all spoken by ear.
      “What method?”
      “Drink blood!”
      Sun Yu’s hair stood on end as he directly drank the animal’s blood!Only primitive people could do this!
      Sun Yu still strongly objected.
      However, Gudu didn’t provide the third option. Sun Yu had already persisted for an entire afternoon and a whole night without drinking water. His lips were dry and his throat and eyes seemed to have been roasted back and forth on an iron stove. It was too dry.
      “Uncle Gudu, have you found fresh water?”
      Gudu left the shelter early in the morning to search for fresh water for Sun Yu. Only now did he return.
      “Young master, our luck is really bad. There is no fresh water in this area, but I caught this.”Gudu Liang gave Sun Yu a weasel.
      Sun Yu’s eyes were blood-red. He knew what Dugu meant.
      This Weasel was still alive. If it was killed, it could provide him with blood circulation.
      Really want the Weasel’s blood?
      What was the difference between this and savages? Just thinking about it, Sun Yu was about to collapse.
      But he really couldn’ t hold on anymore. He was thirsty to death.
      “Alright, Uncle Dugu, do it.”
      Sun Yu was still defeated by reality. In front of survival, everything else was lacking and powerless.
      “Alright, I’ ll take action soon, but I want to remind Young Master that the camera can’ t be turned off.”Dugu suddenly said.
      “Wh… what?”Why!”Sun Yu was about to go crazy. Why did he say he couldn’ t turn off the camera?
      Could it be that he wanted to drink the Weasel’s blood in front of the entire country’s audience?
      It was better to kill him!
      “From yesterday until now, we haven’t drunk any water. The audience must have seen it too.”
      “If I want to drink this way, the thousands of netizens can even think of it.”
      “If you turn off the camera, the netizens might have guessed that the young master had turned off the camera just because he drank urine.”
      “If they have such a guess, then the yellow mud will fall into the crotch of their pants. It is neither shit nor shit.”Gudu had no expression on his face, but he carefully analyzed it for Sun Yuzai.
      Sun Yu was in despair. Why did he have to go through such a thing!
      In the end, he chose to give in.
      The smell of the Weasel’s blood was pungent and pungent. The taste of it was still lingering in his throat. It really made Sun Yu’s life worse than death!
      “F*ck! Sun Shao Taiman!”
      “I always thought that Sun Yu was a little white face. I never thought that he would have a bloody side.”
      “Ah, why are you so scared? I want to go to the bathroom…”
      Sun Yu’s performance made his fans admire him. Most of them praised him as being very man and able to endure hardships.
      This was because Sun Yu was unable to see the scene. Otherwise, let alone drinking blood, he would directly spit out blood!*

      Chapter 26 Methods of the Medicine Hunting Combination

      Sun Yu was actually quite lucky. Everything had been arranged by Dugu. Unlike other competitors, everything had to depend on him.
      For example, Gao Zhiyuan, who had only gotten one piece of equipment at the start of the match like Sun Yu, He Kaifu.
      They only had one dagger.
      The experience of survival in the wilderness was far from being as experienced as Dugu. In fact, they almost didn’ t even have a chance to live.
      Fortunately, their luck wasn’t always that bad. Last night, when it was dark, they were very lucky to meet a wild plantain.
      They used a dagger to cut off a plantain. The plantain core was relatively tender and edible. Moreover, there was a large amount of fresh water stored in the plantain. They relied on it to temporarily live from the plantain.
      However, the two of them were also worried. After all, this plantain wasn’ t very big. Even if they didn’ t mind that the plantain core wasn’ t delicious, there would always be a day when they finished eating.
      Cutting down the stem of the plantain tree could produce some fresh water every day. Although it wasn’t much, it could still support the consumption of two people for the time being.
      The bigger problem now was that the two men had food problems. They were really hungry.
      “Heh, didn’t that excavator driver say he was a hunter?”Why aren’ t you hunting?”
      “Rather than let the boasting hunters hunt, let our doctors study whether the Breaking Valley Pill can be made.”
      “There’s no doubt about the high-grade black upstairs.”
      It could be said that the strength of the drug hunting group was not very optimistic among the netizens. However, these two people had a characteristic. Even if they were already so hungry that their chests were sticking to their backs, the two of them should be fighting each other, bragging or bragging. As a result, their popularity was not bad.
      At this moment, the two of them were studying how to hunt.
      Although the excavator driver was known as a hunter, he did not know how to do the most basic traps. Under Gao Zhiyuan’s disdainful gaze, He Kaifu quickly emphasized,” Even though I don’ t know how to make traps, I can watch the Beast Dao!”
      The path of beasts was the path of beasts.
      It could be seen that the path of the beast was indeed an awesome method worth bragging about. This was probably because He Kaifu had always emphasized that he was a hunter.
      However, the netizens’ comments were surprisingly consistent.
      “What use is there!”
      However, Gao Zhiyuan stretched out his hand to support his glasses.” As long as you can see the path of the beast, I can get the prey.”
      They found a kind of plant fruit that was a bit like chestnut, but people couldn’ t eat it. It really tasted too strange, difficult to swallow. However, some rodents loved to eat it.
      Then, Gao Zhiyuan found a kind of wild grass in the forest.
      This was his trump card.
      “Senior, are you sure this thing is useful?”He Kaifu asked doubtfully.
      “Sigh, what kind of expression are you looking at?You still don’t believe me?”I’ ll tell you what.”He Zhiyuan patted his chest and promised.
      “But didn’t you only know how to heal people?When would he even use medicine?”Furthermore, this person is different from an animal.”He Kaifu said.
      “It’s medicine. I don’ t understand it even if I tell you.”
      Looking at He Kai Fu’s disdainful expression, He Zhiyuan added,” I don’ t know what the name of this thing is, but my great grandfather gave it a very appropriate name. I can’ t beat it!”
      “Regardless of whether he is a human or a beast, as long as the amount of food he eats in one go exceeds the critical point, as long as one minute is enough, he will be able to pull the sky and the earth into darkness, even cleaner than an enema!”
      “Fine, I’ ll trust you once.”I’ ll take you to the Beast Dao.”
      Their plan was very simple. Apply the juice of this kind of grass on the bait. Once an animal ate the bait, they would definitely pull it to collapse. At that time, they only needed to pick up prey near the bait.
      Once the plan was announced, the netizens’ comments immediately exploded.
      “Comparable to magic!”
      “Although I don’ t think this method is effective, I think Senior Gao is a ruthless character.”
      “The only way to pour beer without bubbles is to pour it down.”
      “No, I have to look at the follow-up. I haven’ t seen the animals that were pulled to collapse.”
      They came to a place.
      “This is what you call the Beast Dao?Didn’ t you learn to fish for a few days?”How can I learn to see the Beast Dao?”
      However, after arriving at his destination, Old Gao looked at He Kaifu with a face full of doubt.
      It was because he could not see any traces of a beast passing by.
      “You are a layman, of course you can’ t understand. Look at the terrain. There are rocks and weeds on both sides. Only the small piece of ground in the middle is short and flat.”
      “And the distance from this path was even shorter, right?”Those beasts are all extremely refined. The path to saving time and effort is definitely their best choice.”Old He explained confidently.
      Old Gao fixed his eyes on it. Although his analysis was quite good, even if he looked at it according to the analysis, he only had a slight feeling. This beast path was not obvious.
      “Am I blind or am there a problem?”Why didn’ t I see anything special after Old He explained it?”
      “You must be blind. I can tell that there really is a beast dao.”
      “I learned it.”
      “I didn’ t see it either. Let’s just wait until we can catch our prey.”
      The netizens had their own opinions on what Old He said. It seemed that the Dao of Hunting was indeed something.
      “Alright, I’ ll trust you once.”Elder Gao said in the end.
      “Don’ t worry. As long as you have medicinal effects, you will definitely eat meat today.”Old He swore,” Let’s go. Let’s find a few more beast paths. From this path, it seems that this prey isn’ t big. We need to make more of it.”
      Seeing that He Kaifu could still determine the size of a beast, Old Gao finally believed a bit.
      Then, the two of them set up more food traps with even greater confidence.
      After preparing to sign the contract, please scram and ask for some support.Flower ~ Tickets ~ Anything ~ Your support is my motivation ~)*

      Chapter 27 Fishhook made from Thorn Vine

      The competitors closest to the herbal hunting group were none other than our huckster group, Sir Wen and Wen Chu Yao.
      The grandfather and grandson pair could be said to be a clear stream of all the contestants. They came to live in the wilderness, making decisions on important matters.
      Perhaps it was due to the fact that the System was able to calculate their fortune. Their opening was generally considered lucky.
      Sir Wen exchanged three pieces of equipment for lighter, pot, and umbrella.
      Strictly speaking, it wasn’ t just that the special stone skin used to hold the umbrella had also become their equipment. At the very least, it wasn’ t bad to use it to hold water.
      The lighter allowed them to easily ignite a fire. As for the pots and umbrellas, they were not of much use for the time being.
      Their only source of food and water was the coconut tree they had encountered at the beginning.
      Fortunately, Sir Wen wasn’t so rigid that he waited for the wind to blow down the coconuts every time. Otherwise, it would be difficult for the two of them to last the first night.
      Wen Chuyao would climb a tree.
      A tree that dared to climb very high.
      This was something that exceeded the expectations of all the netizens.
      “Sister Chu Yao looks very quiet. Why did she climb the tree?”
      “Chu Yao needs to be careful. With such a tall coconut tree, my legs are trembling.”
      “I bet Chu Yao must be a monkey!”
      “If it’s true, not only can such a tall tree climb up, it can eliminate most of the people.”
      “I’ m the most afraid. Looks like Little Big Sister is so powerful.”
      Chu Yao climbed so fast that she really was as agile as a monkey.
      “Grandfather, is this?”
      Wen Chuyao pointed at a coconut beside her and asked. Every time she went up the tree, she could only pick three coconuts, and it was also the designated coconut.
      This was a good plan.
      “That’s right. After picking it up, hurry down. The wind has changed. We can go fishing.”
      Sir Wen sat under the shade of the tree and commanded, but when the audience saw that he was drowsy, they were so angry that they could not even lift their eyelids.
      “My family’s Chu Yao is pitiful. How could she have such a grandfather?”
      “Sir Wen was serious?He didn’ t even open his eyes and ordered Chu Yao to pick coconuts?”
      “If you want me to say that you’ re a pure huckster, why are you still here to live in the wilderness?”
      “Be careful with the words in front of you. Be careful to listen to Sir System’s fortune-telling!”
      Wen Chuyao picked up coconuts one by one and brought them back to their temporary shelter. Under a big tree, a large section of the tree was blown off by the wind. When it fell down, it formed a shed with the nearby mountain wall. Wen Chuyao carefully laid some hay. A simple shelter would be completed.
      However, Sir Wen said that this place could only be a temporary shelter. The hexagrams indicated that they wanted to search for those who were destined to survive on the island for even longer.
      “Are you looking for Lu Xiaoqiao and Zhang Dawei?”
      Wen Chuyao asked.
      How could “find them?”They haven’ t been on the island for long.”Sir Wen sneered.
      “Ah?”Didn’ t you tell them that it’s time for them to transfer?”Wen Chuyao’s eyes were wide open. His grandfather had tricked others?
      “From their point of view, they were definitely going to change their fortunes in the near future, but they weren’ t closely related to this wasteland island, so this change wasn’ t due to rewards from the wasteland island.”I’ ve only seen some clues. If I want to have good relations with them, I can help you.”Sir Wen said slowly.
      “I see.”Wen Chuyao had never doubted her grandfather’s words. Although her grandfather’s level of divination was unstable, many times he could still be considered to be extremely close.
      As for the matter of changing the equipment in the sun at the beginning, she didn’ t really understand either. She only learned a little about Grandpa’s hexagram. She didn’ t really understand the shells that Grandpa casually tossed out, but she was definitely unable to interpret such a specific explanation.
      However, the little girl was so simple that she didn’ t go deep into the matter. She just wanted to spend more time with the old man.
      After putting away the coconuts, they went fishing by the sea. The fishhook was made of a thorn vine that Sir Wen had found on the island.
      This type of thorn vine itself was extremely tough and not easy to break. Moreover, the vines were extremely tough, but it couldn’ t be used directly. It needed to be roasted on the fire and cooled down in the sea water. Only by doing this would the fishhook be qualified.
      On the other hand, the fish thread was woven from the bark of Wen Chu Yao. The bark was torn into fine threads, and then five fine threads were woven into a fish thread.
      As for the fishing rod, he was not prepared at all. Sir Wen did not expect to catch the big fish.
      When they arrived at the sea, they placed toothpick-sized earthworms on both of the fishhooks.
      This kind of small earthworm was very suitable for fishing, but it tested the hand speed and reaction ability of the fisherman. Because the earthworm was small, the fish would eat the thorn in one gulp. Therefore, it was necessary to seize the opportunity and pull the line when it contained the hook.
      Because there was no pole, Sir Wen directly used his hand to drag the fishing line to fish. This way, he could also sense the situation under the water.
      “I didn’ t expect Old Man Wen to have something else. I’ ll take this fishing tool. If I can catch fish, then it’ ll be a very good case for survival in the wilderness.”
      “I don’ t even have a fish float. How stupid a fish would have to be to catch it?”
      Just as someone over here had finished questioning, the netizens in the video saw Sir Wen pulling the fish thread in his hand, and the two silver threads immediately drew out from the water.
      As expected of Sir Wen. This fishing technique was good.
      As soon as he made a move, it was Shuangfei.*

      Chapter 28 Closing the door to fish, simple and rough!

      Compared to Sir Wen’s superb fishing skills, Lin Tian’s fishing methods were much simpler and more crude.
      The two of them first cut some long grass in the forest. Large amounts of ferns were placed on the open ground and dried. This way, they could have a soft bed to sleep at night. Perhaps they could have a good dream.
      After that, the two of them took a dozen bamboo barrels to the stream to fill the water. Although they only had 20 minutes of foot travel, if they didn’t bring some water back at once, it would be troublesome to run back and forth.
      Finally, he saw the fresh water that he hadn’ t seen for a long time. Moreover, the fresh water continuously flowed. Fatty’s heart was especially excited.
      “Brother Tian, how did you discover this stream?”
      The fatty asked while holding the water in a bamboo tube.
      “”Asked you to read more books. No, honeybees have a water collector’s character. I came with the water collector’s bee.”Lin Tianxing blew off the bull and tried to hide the secret that he could control the Queen Bee.
      “Brother Tian, you are too intelligent. If it were me, I would have thought that the honey was very sweet.”
      “Fatty, you have to remember one sentence. The so-called wisdom comes mostly from experience.”Lin Tian smiled and said.
      “Wow, Big Brother Tian’s words are too philosophical.”
      “Lin Tian: It’s a showdown. Actually, I’ m a philosopher.”
      Fatty only chuckled at Lin Tian’s warning and did not take it seriously. Instead, the netizens deeply agreed with Lin Tian’s opinion.
      “Why did Lin Tian steal my words?”
      Theo also said helplessly to Grandpa Bei and Song Yi.
      Song Yi said,” I’ ve always believed that Lin Tian has a wealth of experience.”
      Grandpa Bei said,” I also like this young man. If there is a chance, perhaps I will invite him to live in wilderness together.”
      In the broadcasting room, Little Thea and the others were also paying attention to Lin Tian’s every move from time to time. After all, their popularity had risen rapidly. The organizers had already noticed this group of fat and thin players.
      [Could cook rice and raise fish.[You suddenly thought of why you didn’ t try to find out if there was any fish in the water other than cooking [1]
      As he was pouring water into the bamboo tube, the caption appeared in his mind again.
      Lin Tian looked up at the murmuring stream. The stream was clear, and he could see the rocks and fine sand at the bottom of the stream.
      The water and grass on the shore were beautiful and beautiful. They were reflected in the water together with the trees and blue sky, beautiful as a painting.
      However, he did not find any fish.
      Actually, he had already observed it the first time he came to the stream. He didn’ t see any fish swimming.
      But when he was in a hurry to send water back to Fatty, he didn’ t observe it too carefully.
      Now that the caption appeared, it was likely that he had overlooked something.
      The water was very clear, and the rocks at the bottom of the stream were not big. If there were fish, then they could only hide in the grass that was facing the water.
      [You carefully observed the environment of the stream, you found that the water and grass on the shore were beautiful and suitable for fish and shrimp to avoid.]
      “Fatty, watch out for fish and shrimp in this stream?”Lin Tiandao.
      “Fish shrimp?”Brother Tian, I heard people say that water is as clear as fish. This water is so clear, there shouldn’ t be any.”The fatty scratched his head and said.
      “There is no absolute matter. Moreover, other people’s views may not be correct at all times.”
      “Look at how lush the water grass on the two sides of the stream is. When the fish heard someone come over, they were so scared that they hid in the water grass.”
      “If we use a machete to poke, won’ t we know?”Fatty’s eyes lit up. If he could catch the fish, there would be more meat today.
      Lin Tian stood on the shore, probing the water grass with his machete.
      The first time, there was no reaction.
      The second time, there was still no reaction.
      At the third time,” Hua!”With a sudden sound, the stream instantly became muddy. It was a big fellow!
      “There’s a fish. I saw its tail!”Fatty cried out in alarm. The netizens in the broadcast room were also excited, afraid that this big fish would run away.
      Lin Tian’s five senses grew stronger. Of course, he also looked at the fish. However, its speed was too fast, and the water was mixed up again. Now that it was hiding in the grass, Lin Tian couldn’ t even notice it.
      Can you hide?
      Lin Tian had Fatty use rocks to form a barrier downstream of this stream. Water could flow through cracks in the rocks, but fish would definitely not be able to pass through.
      He went to the upper reaches of the river and prepared it according to law, directly surrounding this stream.
      This was to catch a turtle in a jar.
      But Lin Tian did not choose to fish in troubled waters.
      He had a more direct method.
      [A firecracker’s explosion in the water could knock fish and shrimp out. If there was a wooden stick and a powerful force, the same effect could be achieved]
      [You’ ve gained +3 power]
      Lin Tian used his machete to cut down a branch that was as thick as an arm on the nearby tree. After removing the branches and leaves slightly, he prepared a handy tool.
      Of all the attributes, Lin Tian’s power increased the most. He didn’ t doubt the power of his strike.
      “Brother Tian, you want…?”Fatty had already guessed Lin Tian’s plan, but he was not sure.
      “Fatty, today, I’ ll show you a move to close the door and fish.”Lin Tian smiled brightly.
      Lin Tian stood inside the stream. Then, he held the wooden stick in his hand with both hands, raised it, exerted strength, and fiercely swung it down!
      The stream instantly exploded under the tremendous force, and water splashed everywhere as it rippled towards both sides.Before the water could calm down, Lin Tian had already swung his next move.
      Lin Tian waved his hand six or seven times before stopping. The water was still in a state of constant flow, and many white objects appeared in the muddy yellow water.
      Lin Tian knew that it was the belly of a fish that had already fainted.
      “Fatty, pick up fish.”*

      Chapter 29 Delicious Honey Roast Fish

      “Brother Tian’s attack, the fish and shrimp will return to the west.”
      “Brother Tian, you’ re done for.”
      Lin Tian’s rod not only stunned the fish in the stream, but also the netizens in the broadcast room.
      “So it turns out that great strength can truly produce miracles.”
      “A sudden calamity has beenfallen.”
      “Fishy: It’s too violent. The Sa family has been shaken into a concussion.”
      The stream gradually calmed down, and a few fish floated on the water without moving.
      “Brother Tian, fish, many fish!”Fatty was in high spirits. He didn’ t even stack his pants and ran straight to the stream to pick up fish.
      “One, two……”Seven!”
      “Brother Tian, there are seven fish in total!”
      There were a total of seven fish, large and small. The biggest of them was the one that had stirred up the stream.
      A catfish weighing two catties.
      “Congratulations, Brother Tian.”
      “Chi Huo was so happy that he looked like a fatty weighing 200 kilograms.”
      “Upstairs, you fake fan, the harvest is 262 Jin!”
      By the time the stream became clear, no new fish could be seen floating in the air. It seemed like this short stream was only seven fish, but this was already a good harvest.
      Lin Tian tossed the machete to Fatty, letting him deal with the fish first. There was a flowing stream here, so it was a good opportunity to clean the fish’s internal organs.
      It had always been Lin Tianxiao who cooked food. Fatty was responsible for handling raw materials, so Fatty’s work was smooth and smooth.
      After dealing with the fish, Fatty broke down a water grass from the side and passed through the gills, stringing seven fish of all sizes into a string.
      The two of them brought back to the shelter with bamboo tubes and fish strings filled with stream water. This trip to fetch water from the stream brought them 12 bamboo tubes of fresh water and 7 fish, which could be considered as a full return.
      “Brother Tian, what do you want to eat at noon? Fish or snake meat?”
      “Take advantage of the fact that this fish has just been killed, and it’s still fresh, first roast these little fish. Then, cut some snake meat and find a large bamboo tube to make a bamboo tube snake meat yam meal. Leave the remaining big fish and snake meat for dinner.”
      Even though it was a small fish, it was still the size of two fingers. There were quite a few of the six together.
      “Alright. Today’s lunch, roast fish with honey, yam snake soup.”Fatty happily picked out the name for the two dishes.
      Lin Tian cut off some long bamboo sticks with a machete and used them to skewer fish on the fire to roast.
      [The experienced chef can use the bonfire to bake delicious fish. You looked at the bonfire and lost in thought. It was as if the Duke of Zhou had dreamt about it.[1]
      [You have obtained the bonfire fish roasting skill]
      Lin Tian held a bamboo stick fish in his left and right hands. The fish’s body had changed into a flower blade, and he placed it on a bonfire to roast.
      The outer flame temperature of the flame was high, while the inner flame temperature was low. How long it would take to bake in different layers of flame was very important. When appropriate, the fish would be turned over and the fish would be thoroughly tasted by brushing honey.
      “Brother Tian is very skilled.”
      “It looks so tempting. I really want to eat!”
      “I don’t think Brother Tian will. This roast fish technique will definitely be a hot business.”
      It was almost done. The two fish were golden and fragrant. They were all drooling from the screen.
      “Come, fatty. There’s no salt, no chili noodles, and so on. Let’s just eat.”Lin Tian handed the roast fish to Chi Huo, and then held the two fish in his hand to continue roasting.
      “Mm… Brother Tian, it’s delicious!”Brother Tian, I feel that your skills have improved greatly!”Fatty praised without end.
      “Wow, Big Brother food is delicious.”
      “Aiya, I can’t. I have to go out and have a barbecue tonight.”
      “To be honest, we definitely don’ t have the smell of bonfire barbecue like them when we eat barbecue on the street.”
      “Did everyone ignore one thing? Lin Tian and the others went to seek survival in the wilderness. Why is it that they are traveling to eat and sow?”
      Lin Tian handed one of the roasted fish to Fatty and the other to taste.
      The sweetness of the honey, the freshness of the fish meat, and the fragrance of the roasted fish skin. All kinds of taste were slowly released in the mouth taste buds, making people unable to give up.
      It was delicious. It seemed that his craftsmanship was really good. Lin Tian boasted in his heart.
      After eating the grilled fish, Lin Tian and the other two ate a large portion of the “yam medicine snake soup “. In fact, it was still a bamboo tube meal. However, the white toad meat was changed into snake meat, and the taste was quite different.
      After gulping half a barrel of water, the fatty rubbed his round belly and grunted.
      It wasn’ t that difficult to survive in the wilderness, the fatty thought.However, there were some shortcomings. He had not eaten chicken legs or pig hooves for several times.
      [The hot temperature will aggravate the deterioration of food. If you don’t want to waste your hard-earned meat, making dried meat is a good choice]
      [You have obtained the Smoked Pork Skill]
      Lin Tian was wondering if the temperature on the island was so high. If the remaining fish and snake meat were to go bad at night, the subtitles appeared in his mind.
      He was already used to this kind of life where someone gave a pillow when he fell asleep.
      “The tobacco from the cypress tree is the best choice for bacon, because there are basically no toxic substances.”Lin Tian said to himself. After obtaining some sort of skill, he could also grasp some of the corresponding knowledge.
      The cypress tree?
      Lin Tian recalled that there were many cypress trees in the forest outside the stone hall. Now, they could be used.
      The total weight of the snake meat was about three kilograms, and the fish meat was about two kilograms.After five kilograms of meat was made into bacon, one could eat a bit every day to ensure that there would be meat if there was no new meat increase.
      “Fatty, let’s go. Let’s cut down the trees.”
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      Chapter 30 Long Tao Combination: Old Fraud, you lied to us?

      “Hua… la!”
      A tree fell.
      Zhang Dawei was holding an engineer shovel in his hand and directly lay back. It was really too tiring!
      Although the saw part of the engineer shovel could be used, it was not a real saw after all. It was not that easy to use.Moreover, Zhang Dawei usually did less physical work, so he was already tired after sawing a tree.
      “Yida, your strength is not enough.”Lu Xiaojiao teased Bi Ye as she gestured at the camera.
      “Lu Xiaobu, don’t stand there and speak without hurting your back, okay?”I’ m sawing a tree. You shout for help, who are you tired of?”Zhang Dawei instantly sat up and angrily said to Lu Xiaojiao.
      “Yida, don’t get angry. Just think about it. There must be a lot of female netizens watching you through the camera. You have to pay attention to your manners anytime and anywhere.”Lu Xiaoqiao earnestly taught.
      “Hello, everyone. I am Zhang Wei. You can also call me Zhang Yida.”After hearing Lu Xiaobu’s words, Zhang Dawei looked at his flying machine camera and quickly smiled and made a brief introduction.
      Lu Xiaoqiao walked to Zhang Wei’s side.” Come, eat a piece of watermelon. We’ ll saw this tree later and tie up our Noah’s Ark with straw vines. We’ ll be finished!”
      That’s right, what they were holding were real watermelons. People were more popular than people. Some of the contestants had not even eaten enough food after going to the island, but the two of them were lucky enough to have met the Wild West melon ground.
      “I had always thought that Lin Tianchi was the Ou Emperor. Only when I met Lu Xiaoqiao and Zhang Dawei did I realize that Ou had no upper limit.”
      “Too lucky for them. Could it be that’ two’ can really be transferred?”
      “Earlier, they said that they wouldn’ t live for two days. Based on their current luck, I don’ t think it’s a problem to persist until the end.”
      The netizens were envious of the two’s luck. It was as if some people could win tens of millions just by buying a lottery ticket.
      “Sigh, Xiao Bu, do you think we really want to cross the river to find Old Fraud and the others?”Zhang Dawei asked nervously.
      “That’s necessary. Didn’ t the old huckster say that the hexagrams show that we can find them all the way to the west? At that time, it’ ll be time for us to completely turn around.”Lu Xiaoqiao’s eyes drifted away, not knowing what he had imagined.
      “Sigh, how could there really be such a miraculous person in this world?Ever since you changed your name to Lu Xiaobu and I changed my name to Zhang Dawei, we have been lucky.”But why would he help us?”Zhang Dawei asked with a frown.
      “Don’ t worry about it. After all, he said that in the future, Lu Xiaobu and Zhang Yida’s names will definitely spread throughout the entire country. It’ ll be good if they can. He still cares about its purpose.”Lu Xiaoqiao said indifferently.
      “Old Fraud?”Is this referring to Sir Wen?”
      “F*ck, it turns out that their luck was guided by Sir Wen?”
      “Sir Wen was really that godly?”This is too inconceivable!”
      “Give it back to Lu Xiaobu. Zhang Yida’s two names will become quite popular in the future. Even Jiang Hu’s liars would believe their words. At first glance, they would be brainless.”
      “The people in front of them haven’t paid any attention to the huckster group, right? To be honest, they really are a bit miraculous.”
      After eating the melon, the two of them arranged the fallen trees in a row and then tied them into a raft with straw vines.
      There was nothing they could do. They wanted to head west, but there was nothing they could do about it. A large river in front of them blocked their path.
      This was probably near the entrance of a large river on the island. The water surface was wide, and the flow of water seemed to be quite smooth. It was unknown how long it would take to make a detour, so the two decided to build a boat and cross the river!
      The two of them dragged the raft to the shore, feeling a little nervous as they watched the slowly flowing water.
      “Yida, can you swim?”
      “I… won’ t.”What about you?”
      “I… will not.”
      “Then why are we going… not going?”
      “… Go!”
      The raft went into the water with four watermelons tied to it.Actually, there were still quite a number of wild watermelons, but the two of them could not bring too many.
      When the two of them started to carry the raft to the shore, the program team had already sent out helicopters and speedboats. They were joking, they wouldn’t be willing to take risks. What if these two guys thought that they were Dugu?
      Once the two of them fell into the water, regardless of whether they asked for help or not, the program team would save them first. Of course, after they were saved, they would no longer be able to continue the competition.
      After carefully getting onto the raft, the wooden pole reached the shore, and the raft completely arrived in the wide river.
      “Truth be told, I don’ t understand why they are taking such a risk.”
      “It seems that the water flow is not urgent, but it is very likely that there will be a hidden surge. Even those who are very capable of water will still be unable to escape. The two of them are probably hanging over.”
      “If he falls into the water, he really won’ t be able to live for two episodes.”
      “This is really using life as a joke.”
      “Water can cook porridge, but it can also destroy boats.”
      When he really pulled the raft into the river, he realized that the river was not as simple as it seemed.
      The raft spun down and drifted down, completely out of their control.
      “Xiao Bu, what should we do?”
      “Ask me, who will I ask!”
      The two of them were dumbfounded. This was completely different from what they had expected!
      The old huckster clearly said that the time for their great luck to change was about to come, but right now, if they were to turn over the boat, then they could only go and talk to the Yama!
      When they thought of this, their hearts were filled with sorrow.
      Old Fraud, you lied to us?
      It’s finally the weekend tomorrow!*Wishing everyone a happy weekend ~ Good night~)*

      Chapter 31, Group 1 eliminated members!

      Suddenly, the two of them heard the buzzing sound of a huge helicopter. They realized that this was the reserve rescue team that the program team sent out in fear that something would happen to them.
      “It’s the rescue team!”
      “The program team is still responsible.”
      “You guys say that if they fell into the water and didn’t ask for help, would the program team save them or not?”
      “Are you stupid? The people all over the country are watching. You must definitely save them!”
      “Then why didn’ t the program team immediately prepare for the rescue when Young Master Sun encountered a tiger?”
      “Dugu’s background program team definitely knows. Does that bull need to be saved?”
      The two of them were much more relaxed. With the rescue team around, at least they wouldn’ t lose their lives, right?
      Looking at each other, the two of them seemed to have made an invisible communication. They used all of their strength to pull the pole to the opposite side.
      It was still somewhat effective for the two of them to use more or less force in one direction. The raft was still drifting down and down, but at the same time, it was slowly moving towards the center of the river.
      Suddenly, Zhang Dawei cried out in alarm.
      He didn’ t know what was going on with his pole, causing him to lean forward as well…
      Lu Xiaoqiao did not abandon his teammates at the moment of crisis. He quickly reacted and pounced forward, grabbing Zhang Dawei who was about to fall into the river.
      However, at the same time, the raft finally lost its balance because the two had their center of gravity to one side.
      The two fell into the river together.
      The little sass in the broadcasting room anxiously explained to everyone.
      “Everyone, don’ t be impatient. We can see that the helicopter rescue team and the speedboat rescue team have already reacted immediately. Our two contestants will definitely be safe and sound.”
      “Are you really convinced that the reason why your parents brought them up is to let them waste their lives like this?”
      “You don’t have any brains at all. You ca n’ t force water to cross the river. You deserve to drown.”
      “Shut up in front of you. Can you show some sympathy?”
      “That’s right. Survival in the wilderness already has many dangers. They are at least very brave, okay?”
      “At the last moment, Xiao Bu completely subconsciously wanted to pull Yida. It can be seen that their brothers have deep feelings for each other, but unfortunately…”
      “I hope the frogmen can quickly rescue them…”
      “I wish for peace.”
      “I wish for peace.”
      Only a few netizens were more vicious, pointing at Lu Xiaobu and the others that they should not risk crossing the river.And they were quickly opposed by many other netizens. Most people still hoped that Lu Xiaobu and Zhang Dawei would be safe.
      Life was precious after all.
      The rescue team did not disappoint everyone.
      Lu Xiaobu and Zhang Yida’s good luck continued. Perhaps their names had changed well. There was a mysterious power protecting them?
      No one could say it clearly, but the two were still saved.
      “Fortunately, I saved him. I didn’ t even dare to look at him earlier.”Song Yi’s face was still a little pale. Seeing that an accident had happened in front of him, it really made one’s heart tighten.
      “In the wilderness, danger could happen at any moment.”We must take safety as the first priority when we take risks and challenges. We can’ t be lucky because not everyone comes to rescue us in time, nor does everyone have such good luck.”Grandpa Bei reminded everyone with lingering fear.
      “Even if we don’ t die, I’ m afraid we’ ll really be able to transfer it?”
      “I’ ll go. Quickly suck in Xiao Bu’s and Yida’s Ou Qi. I don’ t know if there will be good luck.”
      “There will always be a blessing in disguise.”
      “Praise our frogmen rescue team!”
      At the same time, at a certain film crew in Shanghai.
      “Did you find out anything about them?”
      “Director, I’ve found out that he’s always been a Dragon Runner. Because there are too few scenes each time, I can’t see too many things.”
      “I’ ve been watching their performance for the past two days. I think they’ re still very special and have great potential.”
      “Director prepared to use them?”Is it a bit hasty to be the main character?”
      “You also know that the style of our show is quite special. Like the actors of Zeng Xiaoxian and Hu Yifei, they all have very strong personalities. Lu Xiaoqiao and Zhang Dawei also have such characteristics. I think they can do their part well.”
      “Alright, the two of them are quite popular. They might have already been taken fancy by the other cast and crew. I’ll leave now and sign them down if I say anything.”
      Soon, the program team informed everyone through the satellite phone that the first group of eliminated members had been born.
      After hearing the news, Lin Tian didn’t have much thoughts. After all, it was only an entire day’s time to ascend the island. It was normal to eliminate a group of team members. Even if he didn’t know who was eliminated?
      However, since he had a map of his mind, he could confirm that it was definitely not Mu Yufei or Sun Yu who were eliminated.
      “The first group had just been eliminated?”It seems like the others are not trash.”Sun Yu muttered after hearing the news.
      “What?”I’ ve only eliminated one group so far. It’s too slow, isn’ t it? I can’ t hold on any longer!”Jing Qiuyun’s eyes were wide open as he roared at the satellite phone. Seeing this, Mu Yufei could only helplessly laugh bitterly. What a beautiful girl, that was her temper…
      “It should be Lu Xiaojiao and the others.”Sir Wen said as he drank the coconut soup.
      The fish he hooked up with the coconut juice finally boiled into thick soup in the pot. It tasted quite delicious, but it was too hard for the old and the young to use a sharp stone to break the coconut shell.
      “Grandfather, you didn’ t even get the hexagram. How did you know?”Wen Chuyao also asked curiously as she drank the fish soup.
      “Before I left yesterday, I had already secretly observed their direction. There would definitely be a great change in the day, but it should be safe.”
      Wen Chiyao replied vaguely and continued to drink the fish soup.
      Clearly, fish soup was more attractive than these gossip.*

      Chapter 32 Manufacture of Smoked Meat (please collect fresh flowers and evaluate tickets~)

      The location of the cypress tree was not far from the stone hall.
      Lin Tian took a machete and walked with Fatty in ten minutes.
      Actually, Lin Tian was quite familiar with cypress trees. In the past, cypress trees were one of the most common tree species on campus or on the streets.
      “Brother Tian, why did you choose to chop the cypress tree to make smoked meat?”Fatty was a little curious. In his opinion, no matter what tree it was, it was enough to create smoke.
      “The culture of smoked meat has a long history. Naturally, it has its own special features.”Lin Tian began to explain.
      “Overall, there were several reasons.”First, although the cypress leaves taste bitter, they are rich in oil and have a special fragrance. They can prevent moths.”
      “Second, the smoke from the cypress tree was rich in heat-clearing and detoxifying ingredients. Furthermore, it could sterilize and disinfect”
      “Third, the cypress leaves were extremely dense. After being ignited, the smoke would be strong, and the smoke effect would be good.”Furthermore, the cypress tree can be used as medicine. It has a certain medicinal value.”
      “All in all, the cured meat that was smoked from the cypress tree was transparent and shiny, and its color was bright. When it was eaten, it tasted mellow and fragrant, and it was not greasy. Naturally, it became the first choice material for smoking.”
      Fatty stared blankly at Lin Tian. In the past, he had also felt that Lin Tian was smarter and more capable than him. However, Lin Tian wasn’ t as powerful as before, right?
      “Brother Tian, why do I feel like you are becoming more and more knowledgeable and powerful?”The fatty said curiously.
      “My brother Tian is a mobile library and encyclopedia.”
      “Our side is also using Platycladus orientalis as smoked meat.”
      “We’ ll be more casual now. We’ ll directly hang the beam above the stove. It’s possible to burn any firewood.”
      “”Means that we don’ t have smoked meat. They are all bacon.”
      “Was the same principle. It was caused by geographical differences.”That’s right.”
      “I want to see Big Brother Tian and the others eat smoked bacon. Thinking about it, it’ ll be delicious.”
      After he finished his lesson, Lin Tian began to do business. With a machete in his hand, it was actually very easy to cut a few cypress branches. Soon, they carried the branches back to Stone Hall Shelter.
      [You need to make a bacon rack]
      The subtitles appeared, but they didn’t obtain any skills. After all, the production of the bacon rack was extremely simple.
      Lin Tian tied one of the three three-fingered wooden sticks together with a straw rope, and the other stood on the ground separately. This way, he could make a stable tripod. On the two tripod stands, there was a thick wooden stick. A simple bacon rack was ready.
      In fact, the best way to make smoked meat was to pickle the meat with salt for a period of time. This way, the bacon would be stored for a longer period of time, and the taste of the meat would be even better.
      However, their current conditions were limited, and there was no salt.Moreover, Lin Tian felt that this little piece of meat could only be eaten in three to five days. He didn’t intend to store it for too long, so he directly omitted this step.
      The catfish was cut into thin pieces, and the snake meat was also cut into small pieces. Although this way, the steps were a little complicated, the thin meat was beneficial to the quick drying of the water, which could speed up the preparation of the bacon.
      It took more than half an hour for the two of them to cut meat slices, tie meat slices, and so on. After placing the lit cypress under the bacon rack, the entire production of bacon was basically completed.
      After smoking for about six or seven hours, the bacon could be considered a preliminary success. However, if the bacon was to last for a long time, it would normally require more than a month of smoking.
      Looking at the satellite watch, it was only more than three hours before nightfall.The grass on the open ground had already dried, so the two of them began to carry the grass one by one towards the campsite.
      Lin Tian placed a large amount of ferns underneath and then laid a layer of soft long-haired grass.
      Going up there, it was no longer the feeling of a stone slab. Instead, it was extremely soft and comfortable.
      He placed a few more pteridophytes and long grass on one end, until a suitable pillow was raised.
      Not far away from the new bed, the toad that had been brought back was waiting quietly. However, Lin Tian also saw its mouth open from time to time. Its tongue quickly popped out and quickly retracted back. Every time it attacked, an annoying mosquito would disappear from this world.
      He should be able to sleep well tonight.
      Fatty soon finished making his own bed. Right next to the bed, the area was naturally much larger.
      After he finished laying the bed, Lin Tian took out the engineer shovel again. He was going to build a staircase several meters from the stone hall to the forest. This way, it would be much easier to go up and down.
      After finishing all this, it took more than an hour.The food and water were barely enough for two days. If there was no new source of food in two days, they would return to the actual wilderness!
      Today, he had already eliminated a group of contestants. He had a system, but he was only able to pass by temporarily. Those who did not have the system and were not too lucky would probably find it difficult to persist for too long.
      Mu Yufei and Jing Qiuyun were just two girls. How long could they last?
      He even took the initiative to invite a team. He couldn’t wait so long to find them, right?That was why he had to completely stabilize himself within a day or two before leaving to receive Mu Yufei.
      There was still more than an hour before nightfall. It was not enough time to go to the seaside. Lin Tian decided to take a walk in the forest in front of the hall and find out if there were any new resources.
      *(The plot is all set through the entire novel. Don’t skip it. Otherwise, it’ ll be easy to miss something interesting or important ~ In addition, you’ll have to roll around and ask for some fresh flowers to ticket ~)*

      Chapter 33 Special Hazards (Collection of Flowers and Evaluation Tickets~)

      Yu Yang tilted to the west and Mu Se quietly spread from the depths of the forest.
      It was still a relatively bright day outside, but when it entered the forest, with the trees and leaves blocking it, the light had already become much dimmer.
      However, to Lin Tian, who was clear-eyed, these were not considered to have affected him.
      The unknown insects started to squeak incessantly. The heat and dryness had also faded away. The sea breeze blew from Meng Qi Beach and sucked into the nose. It was a faint salty smell of seawater.
      “Brother Tian, what are we looking for?”
      Fatty looked around and followed Lin Tian.
      “If you don’ t find anything, just come out and take a walk.”Lin Tian followed suit.
      Lin Tian answered Fatty without saying anything. If Lin Tian said anything, he would just follow suit.
      However, the netizens in the broadcast room began to tease.
      “Brother Tian is extremely human. The place where he walks is so different.”
      “Even before the sun sets, the forest is already dark. It looks a bit sinister.”
      “That’s right. In such a dim environment, if it was a poisonous snake or something, it wouldn’ t be able to discover it at all. This is too dangerous!”
      “My brother Tian has never been afraid of these snakes, insects, rats and ants.”
      Lin Tian did not care about the danger. Instead, he had already marked the two dangers in the forest with red dots in his mind. He wanted to get closer to see what kind of animal the red dot was!
      There was danger so close to home. If he didn’ t figure it out clearly, he wouldn’ t be at peace in his heart. Otherwise, if he fell asleep at night and was attacked, he wouldn’ t know.
      “Stop.”Lin Tian suddenly stopped the fatty and said softly.
      “There is a situation?”The fatty gripped the engineer shovel tightly with both hands, his body slightly lowered, his eyes wide as he observed the surroundings.
      The reason why he stopped was because he had already arrived at the dangerous location in the notification.
      [The reason why night was dangerous was because the enemy had already targeted you, yet you didn’ t know anything about it.[1]
      [You have obtained five senses +5]
      The five senses increased once again, and Lin Tian could feel the greatest increase in vision.
      The originally dim forest environment grew brighter in Lin Tianjian.
      Moreover, he could easily catch something that he had neglected earlier.
      A bird gently jumped from one branch to another.
      There was a mountain rat that was clinging to the fallen leaves on the ground, lightly and quickly drilling into a certain stone crack…
      Most importantly, he had clearly seen the dangerous animals that were prompted by the narration.
      Yes, not one. It was a group.
      [Skunk: It’s a group-living species that makes people fearfully. It doesn’ t have the ferocity of a lion or tiger, but the stinky liquid from its butt can make an opponent’s eyes go blind for a short period of time. Moreover, the stinky liquid will stick to his body for a long time.[1]
      This was truly troublesome. Lin Tian thought to himself.
      “There are three skunks in front of them looking for food. This is a kind of gentle animal. However, once they are stimulated, their skunks will spit out a foul liquid to the enemy. As long as they are within 3.5 meters, the probability of hitting the target is almost 100%.”Lin Tian pointed to a spot in front of him and explained.
      “Skunk?Where?”Why didn’ t I see it?”
      Fatty looked forward, his eyes widened even wider, but he still did not find any skunks. If it wasn’ t for the fact that he had always trusted Lin Tian, he even felt that Lin Tian was teasing him.
      “Am I blind?”What kind of skunk is there?”
      “Thousand Miles Eye Heavenly Brother, go online.”
      “This is probably a video with a taste.”
      Can “skunk be eaten?”Don’ t tell me Brother Tian wants to hunt skunks, right?”
      “You should be able to eat it. I remember Grandpa Bei and Grandpa De both ate it.”
      Indeed, right now, they were dozens of meters away from those skunks, and in the dimly lit forest, ordinary people truly could not find any traces of them.
      “Come with me. Be quiet. Be careful not to disturb them. I’ ll bring you closer and take a look.”Lin Tian called out and slowly moved forward.
      “Brother, we’ re going to hunt them. Can we eat this thing?”The fatty asked curiously. After all, it was meat. If he could eat it, it would be best for the fatty.
      “We should be able to eat it, but the taste is probably unacceptable. Unless we have no other choice, we don’ t choose to eat skunk meat.”Lin Tian thought for a moment and said.
      “Alright…” Fatty was somewhat disappointed. Little thing, if you didn’ t stink, then Big Brother Tian would choose to eat you.
      After walking a long distance, the fatty finally looked at the skunks. They were about the size of a small pet dog. Their four limbs, lower abdomen and head were mostly pure black, and their squirrel-like tail and back were white.
      “Wow, it really is a skunk. Why is Big Brother Tian’s eyes so long? You can see it from such a distance?”
      “I’ ve heard that some’ trendy’ people in foreign countries now have skunks as pets.”
      “This thing can be a pet?”If you spray a smelly liquid into the room, you can still live?”
      “I suddenly want to see if Brother Tian will take a skunk as a pet.23333…”
      After confirming these skunks, Lin Tian was in a bad mood.
      There were usually 5-6 skunks in a group. There were even 10-12 skunks.
      There were only a few of the three here.
      If this was a group of rabbits, then Lin Tian would be very happy because the rabbits were moving flesh.
      However, skunk meat was not within the range of normal recipes. It was meaningless to hunt them.
      On the other hand, the skunk’s domain was quite wide. His shelter was nearby, so it was hard to avoid encountering him. It was more or less troublesome.
      *(Grandpa with fancy tickets ~)*

      Chapter 34 Yida Gum, one was even stronger than six!(Please collect some fresh flowers for evaluation~)

      When they returned from the forest to the stone hall, the two of them made a lot of dry firewood. After all, every moment of the fire was burning firewood. Lin Tian wanted to prepare more to deal with unexpected situations.
      Lin Tian was prepared to ignore these skunks for the time being. If he could tame the leader of the skunks, he would be able to control the skunks and keep them on the periphery as a protective layer?
      The two of them simply ate something for dinner. The lighted bonfire and the bacon fire added some new firewood, and then the two of them prepared to sleep.
      In the city, in the life of human society, the lights were red and the wine was green. All kinds of rich night life beckoned to you. Therefore, even if you didn’t go out all night, watching movies and playing with mobile phones in your home would still be until midnight.
      However, it was different in the wilderness. Not to mention that he had been busy for a whole day, his body and mind were a little tired, and there was no entertainment at night. It would be a good choice to sleep early and recuperate.
      “Ah, this grass bed is comfortable.”
      Fatty praised.
      “Yes. If we have the conditions in the future, we can upgrade our transformation and make it more comfortable.”Lin Tiandao.
      “Even though I miss Xi Mengsi very much, it’s much more comfortable than last night. I’ m content.”Fatty said happily.
      “It’s easy for you to be satisfied.”Lin Tian smiled.
      Brother “, I saw that toad just ate the mosquito!”It’s no wonder I said no mosquitoes bite me.”Suddenly, Chi Huo said with joy.
      Coincidentally, this mosquito-eating scene happened to be within the recording range of a camera. This scene immediately switched to the broadcast room.
      “Wow, the toad really eats mosquitoes.”
      “This thing’s tongue is too long, right?”
      “I already want to raise one at home, so I don’ t need to buy a mosquito-repellent incense.”
      “That toad is so obedient. Why didn’ t it leave Lin Tian’s shelter?”
      “Are the people upstairs stupid? Why would they leave with mosquitoes?”
      Lin Tian smiled and didn’ t answer Fatty. Soon, he fell asleep.
      With a soft bed with a pillow and no mosquito bites, this night’s sleep was exceptionally comfortable.
      When he slept until dawn, the morning light outside was slightly bright. The moon had yet to completely disappear from the horizon.
      [High-quality sleep can disperse the fatigue of a day and make people feel energetic to welcome a new day]
      [You have gained +2 Spirit]
      He had just woken up when the system gave him welfare.
      Lin Tian smiled and the new day began again.
      The morning broadcast room welcomed two special guests.
      “Hello, everyone. I am the host, Xiao Sa.After two days of hard wilderness survival, we finally had a contestant who was unfortunately eliminated. How would they feel about their experiences?”Let’s welcome Lu Xiaoqiao, Zhang Dawei!”Xiao Sa said.
      “Hello, everyone. I am Lu Xiaoqiao.”
      “Hello, everyone. This is Zhang Dawei.”
      The two of them greeted the audience with brilliant smiles. They even tried their best to show what they thought was the most handsome pose.
      The two of them were in a good state of mind. There was not even a feeling of lingering fear on their faces.
      Theo:” May I ask if you find it difficult to survive in the wilderness?”
      Lu Xiaoqiao said,” Man vs. Wild is actually not difficult for the two of us. We can even eat watermelon and look at the stars. It can be said that we only have a little challenge.”
      Zhang Zhang Wei also quickly added,” Yes, Brother Xiaobu and I have a heart. There’s no difficulty in customer service.”
      “It seems that our two competitors have always been prepared for the challenge of survival in the wilderness. But what kind of accident is this time?”Xiao Sa asked.
      “Life had never died. If he died sooner or later, he would die.”Since we’ ve participated in the survival of the wild, we should be brave enough to challenge all sorts of difficulties. There’s nothing that can stop us from living brilliantly!”Lu Xiaoqiao replied passionately.
      “Death isn’ t terrifying. It’s only when we sit there and wait for death that we’ re terrifying. We’ ve only been working hard to make our lives even more exciting. We might as well do it.”Zhang Dawei also smiled and said with white teeth.
      Theo’s teeth hurt a bit. They were all people who had left the Ghost Gate. Why didn’ t they keep a low profile?
      Song Yi also held back her laughter. These two people were still a bit cute, so she smiled and asked,” Then don’t you feel regretful that you were eliminated?”That’s right.”
      Lu Xiaobu:” When God closes a window for you, don’ t lose heart because he will open a door for you!”
      Zhang Dawei:” We were very lucky to be chosen by a big director of Shanghai. We were lucky to be one of the main characters of the upcoming youth romantic comedy “Love Apartment “. We will no longer make dragon suits.”
      Lu Xiaobu said,” At that time, I would like to invite all the audience to show their support!”
      Both of their faces were filled with complacency. As expected, they were people who had great luck.
      Song Yi:”………”
      Grandpa Bei:”………”
      Only Little Thea could react.” Congratulations, you two. To be able to recognize you two like this, his vision is very special.”
      “Thank you to the host, Xiao Sa. A powerful person once said that my name, Lu Xiaobu, will one day become popular all over the world. I think’ Love Apartment’ is the stage for us to show off. Please do not feel sorry for us. Support us. Please support’ Love Apartment’. If there is a chance, perhaps we will return to the stage of survival in the wilderness.”Lu Xiaobu said affectionately.
      “Yes, perhaps one day, we will return to the program of Man vs. Wild.”I’ ll be leaving soon. I’ ve brought you a special gift, Yida gum.”As he spoke, Zhang Dawei took out a few bottles of gum and distributed them to Song Yi and Grandpa Bei.
      “Yida gum, one is stronger than six!”
      “Bright white teeth, no sugar!”*

      Book 6 Chapter 35- Fish Traps with Traces of the Meticulous Technique (Collection of Flowers and Evaluation Tickets~)

      Today was the third day on the island.
      The breakfast was a bamboo tube yam rice made from smoked meat.
      Compared to the bamboo tube rice made from raw meat, the smoked meat had a unique fragrance. The lean meat was brown, red and lustrous, while the fat meat was not greasy. Moreover, the yam paste was wrapped in a rich smell of smoked meat, and it became even more delicious.
      If there was a pot to stir-fry smoked meat, it would be even more perfect.
      Lin Tian was thinking about whether or not to make a pot or something, but after thinking about it, he pushed this question back a step. Adequate food sources were the main issue.
      [Reliance ate mountains and water.If they were on an island, if they could obtain food from the water, the food problem would be solved very well.[1]
      [You decided to make fishing traps and fish in the sea and streams]
      As Lin Tian was thinking about this question, a new reminder appeared in the caption in his mind.
      If they were to make fishing traps, there was indeed a good choice on the material island where they were made. Bamboo.
      Bamboo was crisp and crisp. It had a strong cracking property. It was full of elasticity and toughness. Moreover, it was easily woven and sturdy.
      Many people used bamboo to make all kinds of survival tools, including fishing traps.
      “Fatty, follow me to the bamboo forest.”
      Lin Tian called Fatty over. Fatty had never been to the bamboo forest before, so it would be good to show him the way. In the future, he would not have to personally go to the bamboo forest every time.
      “Wow, what a large bamboo forest.”
      After arriving at the bamboo forest, the fatty was in an extremely good mood. The bamboo wind blew, bringing with it a unique fragrance of bamboo, refreshing the mind.
      “I brought you here not to visit Qingqing. Today, we will use bamboo to make fishing traps.”Lin Tian supported an arm-thick bamboo and said.
      “Fishing trap?”Brother Tian, you know this?”Fatty was slightly shocked. After all, he had never seen Lin Tian make this thing before.
      “In my previous home, my grandfather was a craftsman. I had learned a lot of things.”It’s not difficult for me to catch a fish trap. You should learn from it. In the future, you have to do it as well.”Lin Tian started to panic. However, he didn’t say that it was easy to make fishing traps. Instead, when he saw the bamboo forest, a new caption appeared.
      [Bamboo is a very flexible woven material. You are prepared to use bamboo to make fishing traps.[1]
      [You have obtained the skill to make fishing traps]
      The detailed knowledge of fishing traps was like data, transmitted into Lin Tian’s mind, and it was deeply branded.
      “Brother Tian, it turns out you have an ancestral technique!”Fatty’s face was filled with admiration. Lin Tian seemed to know everything.
      “I guess so.”Lin Tian mumbled.
      Then, he raised his sword and chopped down the bamboo he was holding.
      He left the branches and leaves of the bamboo and cut them in the middle. The next section of the bamboo was thick and sturdy, and Lin Tian was going to use it to make more bamboo bowls.
      And the upper and middle section of bamboo was much more flexible, more suitable for weaving.
      He first intercepted a piece of bamboo tube about a meter long and then cut it into a centimeter wide bamboo strip with a machete.
      Fortunately, with a machete, this step could be done more easily. He used the machete to carefully cut the humps on each bamboo strip.
      Even though it was a simple fishing trap, it could be seen that Lin Tian was very serious.
      “This method of cutting bamboo strips is truly an ancestral technique.”
      “I didn’ t expect Big Brother Tian to be such a coincidence.”
      “There are fewer and fewer Bamboo Mie Craftsmen. Many of their skills have already been lost. I hope Brother Tian will be able to develop his ancestral skills.”
      After dealing with this, this thick bamboo strip could be used as the skeleton of the fishing cage.
      He took another piece of bamboo tube and cut some bamboo strips.
      However, he took another step to deal with the bamboo strips. He placed the bamboo strips on the ground and then cut them into the middle of the bamboo strips with a machete. He then separated the thin layer of bamboo strips from the outside.
      This step was called Kai Mie.
      After that, the raw materials were basically processed.
      Lin Tian inserted the thick bamboo strip that was not separated into green strips into a circle on the ground. The strip that was inserted into the ground was as close as possible, while the outer part was scattered in a radial manner.
      He then inserted Mie Qing on the thick bamboo strip every other time. He could use Mie Qing to tightly connect the thick bamboo strip.
      When all the thick strips were tightly packed in circles, it was like an awl or Christmas hat that was inserted upside down into the earth.
      This way, the outer part of the cage would be completed.
      He pulled out the fish cage from the soil. There was a small hole in the tip of the fish cage that was the size of a ping-pong ball. He used Mie Qing to tighten this part to prevent the fish and shrimp from escaping from this opening in the future.
      After that, he used the same method to make a small size, which could be called an inner cage.
      However, the inner cage was slightly different. The opening at the tip was specially reserved. It was the passage for fish and shrimp to enter the cage.
      After installing the inner cage into the outer cage and fixing it, a fish cage was ready.
      Put the bait inside, and the fish and shrimp will enter through the opening of the inner cage. This way, they can be left in the fish cage.
      “Wasa, I feel like I’ ve learned it too. Brother Tian, this fishing trap doesn’ t seem to be difficult to make.”
      “Don’t brag. Usually, it’s just that your brain knows how to handle it.”
      “Although it’s simple, this bamboo cage fishing trap is really exquisite. I love it…”
      Lin Tian looked at the fishing trap in his hand. The bamboo strips were uniform in size, and their overall shape was also a beautiful cone. He was quite satisfied with his first finished product.
      Then, in the following time, he made three similar fishing traps, preparing to put two at the beach and two at the stream.*

      Chapter 36: Shooting Fish with slingshot (please collect fresh flowers and evaluate tickets~)

      When Lin Tian was hunting fish, Mu Yufei and Jing Qiuyun made the same choice.
      On a beach, Jing Qiuyun rolled up her pants and stood in a shallow sea. Her legs were slender and straight under the sun, and her eyes were even more white.
      “Sister Qiuyun’s leg, I’ m just a girl.”
      “Mom, I feel like I’ m in love…”
      “This water is so white, this wave is so long.”
      “If only Qiu Yun had a gentler temper, who would have been able to withstand a single kick?”
      Now, she was in a strange posture.
      She stood on her side, her left hand bent over her chest, and her right hand raised high.
      She had been shooting at the eagle with a bow for a long time, but the target was not the sky, but the sea.
      The slingshot shot at fish. This was their new food source method, and the effect was not bad.
      A fish with a marker pen slowly swam to Jing Qiuyun’s attack range. The cold Jing Qiuyun finally revealed a trace of a smile. Finally, it wasn’ t in vain for me to stand here and bask in the sun for more than ten minutes!
      Slowly moving his arm, his aim had to deviate from the fish’s actual position. Due to the refraction of the water, the fish from the water surface was often not the actual position. This was all the experience that Jing Qiuyun had gained from shooting over and over again.
      The slingshot was already full of energy.
      This was the moment!
      A sharp stone whistled into the water. A blood-colored rose slowly rose from the bottom of the sea under Jing Qiuyun’s proud smile. Along with it was a small fish that had lost half of its head.
      Jing Qiuyun picked up his spoils of war with his hands. She was a war fighter, but she didn’ t feel cruel at all. Instead, she felt her adrenaline burning rapidly, full of excitement and sense of accomplishment.
      “Here, I will show you the fruits of my work.”
      Jing Qiuyun put the fish in his palm, allowing the camera to shoot and write.
      Although she was unable to interact with the netizens in the live broadcast room, she was certain that a beautiful and capable beauty like her was definitely being watched by many netizens.
      The actual situation was indeed as she had expected. Beautiful things were always the focus of attention.
      “I guess this is a sardine.”
      “I guess it’s the grouper.”
      “This is definitely not a shark.”
      “This is definitely not an octopus.”
      The netizens were always arguing about what kind of fish Jing Qiuyun shot to death with a slingshot. Sometimes, the competition was especially intense.
      For Jing Qiuyun, this was a fish that could fill his stomach.
      “Sister Yu Fei, give it.”She tossed the fish to Mu Yufei. At this moment, there were already 7.8 fish in the pot in her hands. It was all thanks to Miss Jing Qiuyun.
      At the very beginning, they had used slingshots to strike the birds, but how to deal with the feathers of the birds was not something they could do. So, Mu Yufei suggested that Jing Qiuyun use the slingshots to shoot the fish.
      What was new always filled Jing Qiuyun with passion. She had never shot a fish with a bow before. It was fun to hear.
      However, when she started to use it, she realized that the situation was far less simple than she had thought. The first thing she saw was that the fish had already fled from shock before the bow was pulled up.
      Helplessly, Jing Qiuyun could only remain motionless in the water first, waiting for the fish to swim to his side. Moreover, it was best to pull the slingshot and prepare for the attack first. This was because the fish and ghost in the water were With a movement of his arm, it immediately fled with a swish.
      With great difficulty, he waited for a fish to arrive. He clearly saw that it was in that position, but when a stone shot out, it always missed!
      This severely affected Jing Qiuyun’s confidence and passion.
      Fortunately, Mu Yuffi was calm and collected. She helped analyze the reason behind it and finally allowed Jing Qiuyun to find the correct method.
      It was also because she had always been competitive, so even though she was very tired and boring, she still persisted.
      With his body attached, he reached out his hand to find the stone that had already entered the bottom of the sea.These stones were all painstakingly sharpened by Mu Yufei. She couldn’ t bear to waste her sisters’ hard-working tools just like that.
      “Qiuyun, lunch should be enough.”Come back and rest. The sun is getting hotter and hotter.”Mu Yufei called Jing Qiuyun back and hid under a large tree to cool down.
      “Sigh, I can only eat the tasteless fish soup at noon. It’s a good day.”Jing Qiuyun slumped against the tree trunk.
      “I’ m not satisfied with the fish soup?”It’s hard to live in the wilderness. It definitely won’ t be able to compare to the big fish and big meat at home.”Mu Yufei smiled lightly and comforted her.
      Seeing that Jing Qiuyun was still lacking in interest, Mu Yufei hurriedly added,” I’ ve also got some new gains today. I found the Sour Salt Fruit and put it in a pot of soup. I guarantee it will be very delicious.”
      “Hydrochloric Acid Fruit?”Salt?”Jing Qiuyun’s eyes lit up.
      “Yes, a friend of mine taught me to recognize him when I was participating in the outer protection movement.”Then, I’ ll bake you a few more fish at noon, even though the fish I roast is not delicious.”Mu Yufei said.
      “Aiya, it’s alright. After all, our family conditions have never done this before. I think your cooking is already quite delicious.”Jing Qiuyun hurriedly said.
      Mu Yufei did not reply. She just looked west.
      “Don’t look. That dead Lin Tian has n’ t come yet. He even said that he hasn’t come to look for us for so many days. Could it be that he really wants to wait for our two girls to look for them?”Although Jing Qiuyun was careless, Mu Yufei’s actions were still noticed by her.
      “Sigh, I can’ t blame him for this. I even promised to meet them all the way to the west, but we’ ve been here for a few days.”Mu Yufei smiled.
      “Yes, it’s not bad to be able to survive. It’s too difficult to run around.”
      They were still discussing when suddenly, a voice came from the satellite watch.
      “The second group members are eliminated!”*

      Thirty-seventh chapter Sun Yu’s thoughts (please collect fresh flowers to evaluate the ticket~)

      “Uncle Gudu, it’s been three days since we eliminated two teams. They’ re so strong?”Sun Yuwo asked in the shelter under construction. The sun was too hot outside, and he was very unwilling to go out.
      It was strange to say that Dugu was in his sixties and seventies, and according to his seniority, Sun Yu should call out his grandfather. However, regardless of their seniority, their lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal lineal line
      “Survival in the wilderness was a test of every aspect.”Survival, luck, physical fitness, willpower.”Gudu said emotionlessly.
      Sun Yu didn’t think that other people could have survival skills like Gudu. They knew all sorts of things. The reason why others were able to endure until now was definitely because they were lucky. They had received good equipment and encountered abundant resources.
      Unlike them, their luck had always been bad. They ran around for three days in succession, only to find fresh water in the morning.
      Like Lin Tian and the others, it was also a small stream.
      With water, they could finally stabilize themselves. Gudu also said that there was no need to run for the time being. They would put the temporary camp here.
      Sun Yu also wanted to settle down. It was too tiring to run around, but with his identity here, many people would definitely be paying attention to him. He still had to fight to the death to prevent him from falling into the Sun family.
      “Uncle Gudu, when are we going to find Yu Fei and the others?”Sun Yu asked.
      He still couldn’ t forget about Mu Yufei. Moreover, he had already eliminated the two teams. After all, Mu Yufei and Mu Yufei were women, and they weren’ t like him. With the help of an old monster like Dugu, he was worried that the two of them wouldn’ t be able to hold on for too long.
      “This island is very large. Most of us are scattered. It’s not easy to find people. At the very least, we have to wait until we have settled down and prepared the resources for our long journey.”Dugu thought for a moment.
      “But I’ m afraid Yu Fei won’ t last long.”Sun Yu said worriedly.
      “Mu Yufei was calm and intelligent, and Jing Qiuyun was tenacious.”Don’ t worry. The two of them are not as weak as you think. They shouldn’ t be eliminated so early.”Dugu Dao.
      “Then prepare the supplies as soon as possible. I must find them as soon as possible or find Lin Tian as well!”Sun Yu’s eyes were filled with a hint of viciousness. Lin Tian and Mu Yufei had confirmed that they had joined the group. He wanted to find one of them before that.
      “Young Master, have a simple meal at noon. In the afternoon, we will go look for resources.”Dugu said emotionlessly.
      After all, it was Shanghai’s Young Master Sun, so the flow rate was still very high. The broadcast room also gave enough footage.
      “Lord Bei, what do you think of Senior Dugu’s summary of survival in the wilderness?”Theo asked.
      “I think this conclusion is very accurate. The main test of survival in the wilderness is two aspects, body and spirit.”
      “Survival and luck determine the amount of resources obtained. The amount of resources is directly related to whether the body of the contestant can eat it up. Of course, the physical fitness of the contestant is also a factor that affects the body.”
      “The other important aspect is spirit, which is to test the willpower of a competitor. Many people can’ t hold on and withdraw. It’s not a matter of food or water, but a lack of willpower.”Grandpa Bei clearly agreed with Dugu’s conclusion.
      “Regardless of whether it was Senior Gudu or Grandpa Bei, they all had rich experience in wilderness survival. Although their nationality and age were different, their conclusions were surprisingly the same.”Could it be described as the same as a hero?”Theo laughed and teased.
      “Indeed, the two of you make a lot of sense. I think we wilderness lovers will be able to learn from it.”Song Yi continued.
      “It seems that our Sun rarely has any lonely help. It’s equivalent to bringing Grandpa Bei to live in the wilderness. Clearly, his advantage is very great.However, it wasn’ t hard for us to see that Sun Yu was quite concerned about the other two groups of our competitors, Mu Yufei and Lin Tian. Would they meet somewhere?”If the friends watching the live broadcast are interested, they can pay attention to the live broadcast room of the three contestants.”
      “Sigh, Sun Yu is too open-minded, right?”
      “How can this be considered an open matter? Young Master Sun is only a member of the team. He has not relied on external forces!”
      “I really hope that the three teams will meet. It must be fun.”
      “From the video from the various broadcast rooms, Sun Yu and the other two teams are quite far away. However, Lin Tian and Mu Yufei are quite close to each other. I wonder if they will encounter each other.”
      “Definitely. I have an agreement. Kobold will save his life. Young Master Sun’s fans will spit out.”
      Sun Yu wanted to meet Lin Tian or Mu Yufei as soon as possible, while the netizens were more interested than him.No matter when, the onlookers would always be afraid that the excitement would not be big enough.
      At this moment, Lin Tian was also preparing to find Mu Yufei.The four traps had already been prepared, but if they wanted to catch the fish, they had to have a suitable bait and find a suitable location.
      He had prepared two kinds of bait, and there was another possibility.
      Of course, the first thing everyone would think of was an earthworm.It wasn’t difficult to find earthworms in a place where there was dirt. It could be considered as a convenient way to obtain materials.
      The second was the internal organs left behind by the fish meat and snake meat yesterday. This thing was also very fishy. It seemed that the baiting effect would not be bad.
      Because their internal organs had not been brought out from the shelter, they did not go back and take them. The bamboo forest was close to the beach, so they planned to dig some earthworms nearby the bamboo forest as bait for the two traps on the beach.*

      Chapter 38 Placing Traps (Collecting Flowers and Evaluating Tickets~)

      [Earthworms feed on rotten plants or other organic substances. You searched carefully in the bamboo forest and gained quite a few earthworms]
      Lin Tian picked a place where there were more humus and fallen leaves and the soil was darker. As expected, he could find some earthworms with the help of the engineer shovel.
      The earthworms that had been dug up were all carried in bamboo tubes. When they saw the earthworms dug up, the netizens started to chat.
      “Last time, someone said that the earthworm was a loach that struck me with lightning.”
      “It’s obviously an eel!”
      “Don’t throw away the earthworms that have been dug up. Wrap them with egg white and bread crumbs and fry them in the oil until both sides are golden and crisp. Both adults and children like to eat, and the children next door are crying.”
      “The child next door: Yes, yes, yes, I am greedy for everything!”
      “I’ve eaten it before. Duck meat. It’s best to add sesame seeds and pepper noodles/kobot head”
      After a while, the earthworms were dug up, and Lin Tian poured all the earthworms onto a few large leaves. Then, he kneaded the earthworms and the soil into a lump like a dough…
      “What is Big Brother Tian doing?”
      “I know. This is making earthworm pills.”
      “Noodle kneading.”
      “Rub the earthworm to death.”
      “Earthworm, you died so miserably ……”
      The netizens could not understand Lin Tian’s actions, nor could Fatty.
      “Brother Tian, why do you want to mass earthworms and dirt?”Fatty was curious.
      Lin Tian lit up the earthworms. He could see that most of the earthworms were in the mud, and only a small portion of them were wriggling outside.
      “We are using live earthworms as bait now, it would be much better to trap fish and shrimp.”The reason why I’ m not here is because I’ m not here.”Lin Tian explained.
      Fatty:” So there’s so much to say about letting an earthworm go.”
      Lin Tian replied,” Actually, everything you do has its laws and methods. If we analyze and master its laws and methods, the probability of success will increase by a lot.”
      Lin Tian didn’t pretend to be pretentious. He simply told Fatty what he was thinking. However, the fans felt that his words made sense.
      “Brother Tian is still a philosopher.”
      “All of a sudden, I felt like I was going to take a lesson.”
      “Big Brother Tian was really careful. He was too attractive, what should he do!”Wait!”
      “Why didn’t you beat me? If you could form a team with Brother Tian, it would definitely be very interesting.”
      “The first team to survive in the wilderness is Lin Tian.”
      After putting away the earthworm bait from the two fish cages, the two left for the beach to set up traps.
      [There was a small rock reef on the right side of the beach. The abundant food attracted a lot of fish and shrimp there. You think this is a good place to set up traps]
      Lin Tian looked to the right of Meng Qi Beach. Sure enough, there was a small rock reef in the distance. Under the immersion of the water, some black rock reef tips were faintly revealed.
      He brought Fatty all the way to the Rock Reef.
      Since the subtitle had said this, there should be a lot of gains.
      “There are fish, Big Brother Tian!”
      Just as he arrived, Fatty could not help but shout.
      This rock reef wasn’t big. It was probably just an ordinary volcanic rock that had been eroded by the sea. Lin Tian did n’ t know much about this either, and he didn’t intend to investigate.
      The water here was not deep. Under the sun, the sea was sparkling and sparkling. The water was clear, and some fish could be seen swimming on the rocks.
      The corner of Lin Tian’s mouth twitched slightly. The system was still very powerful, indicating that this place was quite rich in fish and shrimp. It was equivalent to a natural fishing ground that could be used continuously.
      “Wow, Big Brother Tian is so handsome with a smile.”
      “Brother Tian smiled and reported.”
      “I suspect Brother Tian’s eyes have binoculars. Just now, he came directly to this rock reef area. Clearly, he’ d seen this place a long time ago.”
      “That’s because Big Brother Tian is good at observing.”
      Lin Tian pulled up his pants and slowly descended into the sea with a fish cage trap. As soon as he came over, the sea water stirred, and the fish began to hide in hiding.
      Lin Tian didn’t want to touch the rocks or anything. Instead, he picked two places where there were a large number of fish. Then, he stuck the fish cage in a few rocks to prevent the fish cage from being washed away by the seawater.
      [During the high tide, the impact of the sea water increased. He didn’t want the fish cage to be taken away by the Sea God. The best way was to use large stones to compress the fish cage again]
      Come on, since the subtitles felt that they were not perfect enough, then they would add another layer of protection.
      Lin Tian found a few large stones and pressed them against the fish cage skillfully. The stones were not completely pressed against the fish cage, mainly because the fish cage was completely fixed and not swept away by the sea water.
      After finishing this wave, the two traps by the sea were completed.
      Half a morning had already passed. From Meng Qi Beach to the creek, it would take 40 to 50 minutes to walk quickly. Time was rather tight, so Lin Tian no longer went to search for other edible creatures at the rock reef.
      The two of them first returned to Stone Hall Shelter to retrieve the internal organs of the fish and snake, and then arrived at the stream together.
      Lin Tian’s wooden rods had knocked out seven fish from that section of water. It seemed that there might not be any new fish coming over soon, so Lin Tian decided to put the fish cage up and down the stream.
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      Chapter 39: Mountain Rats that Can’ t Be Born

      “In the wilderness, he was good at using traps. Not only would he be able to obtain more food with less effort, he would also be able to save our users’ physical strength and energy consumption.”
      In the broadcasting room, Grandpa Bei was explaining the use of traps in the wilderness for many netizens.
      “There are various types of traps. This test is how the user can use the materials and resources around him.”
      “For example, our Dugu competitor used the bark to weave rope traps. This is one of the simplest and most commonly used traps.”
      “As for the stone slab trap used by the contestants, it is also one of the most useful traps.”
      “For example, in our current scene, Lin Tian and Chi Huo were using a fishing trap. The principle is actually very simple, but the trapping effect is also quite good.”
      Grandpa Bei was an expert in wilderness survival. His words undoubtedly made the netizens more confident that Lin Tian’s fishing trap would gain a lot.
      Theo said,” By observing the survival process of all the contestants, we can see that many of them will use traps. This means that most of our contestants will receive a good prize for survival in the wilderness. They have done the necessary homework preparations.”
      Song Yi said,” I think everyone is so powerful. Many of the traps made my eyes light up. I want to learn from Grandpa Bei how to make some simple traps.”
      Grandpa Bei:” That’s fine. This is very simple. I can teach you if I have a chance.”
      Theo:” But to be honest, have you used the’ food trap’ of our medicine hunting group, Grandpa Bei?”
      Grandpa Bei gave a strange smile.
      “To be honest, when we make traps, we often use food as bait. However, the ones who truly catch animals are tied up, trapped, smashed to death, stabbed, and so on.”
      “And like our combination of medicine hunting, there are also some medicine that can be used. For example, some fish medicines can make fish and shrimps faint and lack oxygen to surface.”
      “However, it’s the first time I’ ve seen such a method.”
      “I felt that Dahua really was a miraculous country, hiding a lot of strange people, strange people, and strange thoughts.”A great nation!”
      Grandpa Bei’s sincere appreciation instantly won the praise of the netizens.
      “Even the man at the top of the food was stunned!”
      “Hearing Grandpa Bei’s admiration for me, he suddenly felt very proud!”
      “Dahua is a country with a long history. We have too many miracles.”
      “Grandpa Bei’s eyes are like a torch. You’ re too right to praise!”
      “To be honest, I also feel that the medicine hunting combination method is indeed unique!”
      “The key is that they succeeded. It’s simply inconceivable!”
      The herbal hunting group had been very popular for the past few days.
      The food traps they had created with’ Ca n’ t Puff’ were extremely useful, and they had successfully entered the meat-eating class.
      “Old He and Old Gao are going to’ pick up corpses’ again.”
      “He squatted down and guessed that it was a mountain rat again.”
      “Mountain Mouse,” I’ ve invited you. We really don’ t want to show up again.”
      Due to Gao Zhiyuan and He Kaifu’s special traps, most of the prey would collapse and lie on the ground, unable to move. Therefore, the netizens called it’ picking corpses’.
      “Your Majesty has called me to patrol the mountains~ prey, Mo Xin is trembling~”
      He Kaifu grunted as he walked in front of him while Gao Zhiyuan leisurely followed behind.
      Originally, the two of them were optimistic. Now that they had enough food, He Kaifu would occasionally show off his singing voice. Fortunately, his voice was quite normal, and it wouldn’ t be hard to hear.
      “Just Old He’s voice, which animal wouldn’ t tremble when it heard this?”
      “Lifeseizing Song~”
      Suddenly, Old He, who was walking in front of him, began to speed up his steps. The familiar netizens had already guessed the reason. Most likely, they had seen the prey.
      Sure enough.
      In a grassy field, a mountain rat was lying on the ground.
      When he heard someone come over, the mountain rat was clearly shocked. However, he couldn’ t lift his legs, and his limbs were weak. He couldn’ t even support his body, let alone escape.
      It’s eyes were somewhat lax as it looked at the person holding its tail with his hand.
      “It’s just a little small.”He Kaifu was dissatisfied.
      “I’ ve already cleaned up all the dirty things. How could it be that small.”Gao Zhiyuan returned.
      No matter how small a mosquito was, it was still meat. Not to mention that this mountain mouse was at least as big as a purple tomato. Of course, it was put away.
      “The mountain rat had thought that he might have tens of millions of methods of death, but he never thought that he would die one day!”
      “Smiling to death…2333”
      “I also want something that I can’t do. The neighbor’s big wolf dog is always barking at me. It’s time for it to experience what life is like!”
      “I feel that their trap can only catch the mountain rat.”
      “It should be the reason for the bait. Good.”
      “To die with such a good laugh”
      Indeed, as the netizens had said, He Kaifu’s trap was basically a mountain rat. However, they did n’ t dislike it. They had successfully ignited a fire. They used torches to roast and roast the mountain rat. It wasn’t a big problem to eat.
      This time, they had successfully captured three mountain rats in their 10 traps, at least enough for a meal.*

      Chapter 40: The knowledge of placing fish cages and new discoveries (please collect fresh flowers to evaluate tickets~)

      After arriving at the stream, Lin Tian habitually checked the map of his mind first to see if there was any increase in red dots.
      Although it wasn’t 100% useful, he could give him some tips.
      The result showed that there was no danger at the moment.
      Lin Tian took the bamboo cage trap and swam upwards. On the way, he used the method of striking grass to scare snakes.
      “As expected, he was bitten by a snake. He was afraid of the well rope for ten years. Lin Tian was obviously scared.”
      “Are the words in front of you just brainless? When did Big Brother Tian get bitten by a snake?”
      “If there is a snake, then it will be the rhythm of giving Brother Tian meat!”
      After observing the stream for a while, Lin Tian selected a place with a slightly deeper water level.
      [The fish in the stream usually swim against the water. If the fish cage is opened downstream, more fish will be caught.[1]
      Lin Tian was originally a random fish cage, because this was the first time he had let it go. He really didn’ t have much experience. Fortunately, he was reminded by the narration subtitle.
      He bent down and adjusted the cage again.
      “Big Brother Tian suddenly adjusted the direction of the fish cage. Is there anything special about it?”
      “What’s the point in putting a fish cage? You’ re probably thinking too much.”
      The netizens were curious, but they could not let Lin Tian hear their questions.
      Lin Tian stood up and just happened to see that the camera of the aircraft was very close to him. It seemed that the camera of the scene where he had placed the fish cage had taken a close-up shot.
      There should be quite a few people paying attention to him right now?
      Lin Tian smiled at the camera.
      “I think many of my friends must be curious about why I changed the direction of the fish cage later on.”
      “Because I suddenly thought that the fish in the stream were all swimming against the water, opening the fish cage to the downstream, there was a greater chance of attracting fish and shrimp into the cage for food or nesting.”
      Lin Tian’s sudden explanation caused the fans to lose their composure!
      “I suspect Brother Tian can see the screen!”
      “Brother Tian is a divine abacus?”How did he know that we were curious about how he adjusted the fish cage?”
      “I want to call the police. Lin Tian is watching me. Uncle policeman, hurry and capture him. I want to go with someone else~”
      “Object +1″
      Lin Tian’s sudden action also made Fatty feel amused.” Brother, do you think there’s anyone paying attention to us?”
      “Of course. Don’t worry. When we get the grand prize back, your reputation will definitely be famous. There will be countless female fans around you.”Lin Tiandao.
      “That feeling is good. I have to show it properly.”Fatty chuckled. He didn’t know what he was thinking. He also ran to a camera camera and said seriously,” Please support me and Brother Tian. When I get the grand prize back, I’ ll treat you to chicken legs and pig hooves!”
      “Fatty is so cute~”
      “My brother is also fat and chubby, but he is extremely warm.”
      “Aiya, I suddenly felt that it would be nice to find someone like Chi Shou.”
      “Wake up, sisters, your brother Chi Huo will always only have chicken legs and pig hooves in his eyes!”
      “Brother Tian, why did that fish swim against the current?”Fatty suddenly asked.
      Lin Tian replied,” There are two reasons. One is that you can eat more food from the upstream and the other is that you can get more oxygen.”
      After placing the two cages, he would wait until the afternoon to collect the fish.
      [Looking at the slowly flowing stream in front of him, you are curious about where it came from and where it will flow into it.[1]
      The appearance of new subtitles, the origin and destination, were like witches that enticed people. Lin Tian’s curiosity quickly grew and spread.
      It seemed that the stream was coming from a mountain that could not be seen here. If one were to explore the source, one would not be able to reach it in a short period of time.
      Looking at the direction of the stream, it was not the direction to enter the sea. It was more than 40 minutes away from the beach, and there was no entrance to the sea.
      This stream should have flowed towards it.
      “Fatty, let’s take a look and see where this stream flows.”
      The two of them walked slowly and unhurriedly along the stream. The stream curved, and after walking for a while, they actually made their way into the deeper part of the island.
      The stream grew larger and larger. After walking for more than 20 minutes, the stream and another branch together formed a large river two to three meters wide.
      “Brother Tian, this river is so big, there must be many fish!”
      Fatty was very excited when he saw the river. Only deep water could raise big fish. After all, the small stream was too small. Even if there were only a limited number of fish, this river was different now. The river was very deep and the flow was gentle. There must be big fish inside!
      The netizens were also wishing Lin Tian and the others good luck.
      “Such a large river has developed.”
      “Ding!”Your fish cage order has already been placed.”
      “From now on, Big Brother Tian will become a River God.”
      However, Lin Tian was not happy at this moment.
      There was something inside the river.
      It was extremely dangerous.
      However, he was temporarily unable to detect what that was.
      [You found a large river, the fish and shrimp in the river will become your rich source of food.But before you get close to the river, it’s best to make sure that everyone is in the river.[1]
      There was a big guy in the river.
      The eye-catching red dot on the map of his mind was at the center of the river, but the water was too deep. Even if Lin Tianwu’s senses had increased, he could not detect the details below the deep water.
      “Fatty, without my permission, you are not allowed to approach this river within a meter!”
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      Chapter 41 Long-term Planning, Yam Medicine Farm

      Lin Tian didn’t continue to study the dangers of the river. After all, there was still a source of water and water. He did n’ t have to conquer the river immediately.
      When they returned to the shelter, they ate roasted yams for lunch. They had been eating yams and bamboo rice for a long time. The yams that were directly roasted were even more fragrant, greatly increasing their appetite.
      [There are all the yams in the end. It will be empty if you eat the mountain.[1]
      [You realize that every day you go to dig for yams, there will be a day when you can’ t dig for yams. Therefore, you are preparing to build a yams farm and grow yams.[1]
      Planting yams?
      Lin Tian, who was eating yams, was slightly surprised by the caption.
      Indeed, he had considered that the yam would be dug out one day, but he had indeed not considered planting yam.
      He did not know how to plant yams.
      He didn’ t know which month the yam would be planted properly.
      But now that the caption gave a hint, no matter if the yams were planted in this season, with the’ cheating’system, they could be planted. The only question was how to plant them?
      [You racked your brains and recalled the scene of Grandma planting potatoes when she was young]
      [Both of them are the tubers of the Dioscorea family. You think their planting methods are the same. You are so excited that you shout and shout]
      [You have gained +2 Spirit]
      Of course, Lin Tian wouldn’t shout. He did n’ t even have an excited expression on his face. He just smiled. He had already remembered how he planted the potato.
      After lunch, Lin Tian began to deal with yams.
      First, cut the yam into sections 4-5 cm long, then cut each section in half.
      A piece of yam could be cut into four pieces, and a whole piece of yam could be cut into more than 80 pieces.
      “Brother Tian, are you not full?”
      Fatty was curious about what Lin Tian was going to do, but Lin Tian only wanted him to continue watching.
      These past few days, Lin Tian had already accumulated a large amount of wood ash by burning wood. Lin Tian put the yam into the wood ash and carefully wrapped it in a layer of wood ash.
      That appearance was like steamed meat wrapped in flour.
      “Brother Tian, are you planning to cook the dark dishes?”
      “It was covered with wood ash, and it exploded to the point it was pitch black and crisp. Even the child next door didn’ t eat it!”
      “What if it’s delicious?”
      The netizens did not understand why Lin Tian suddenly wanted to waste his precious food.
      However, if Lin Tian did not explain, they could only continue to watch patiently.
      Lin Tian carefully packed the yams and wood ash into a large bamboo tube. Then, he asked Fatty to bring the engineer shovel and machete out with him.
      [Carefully thought back to the growing environment of the wild yam land. You think of a similar place in the forest]
      The two of them arrived in the forest and found a sandy land.
      Lin Tian called Fatty to start cleaning up the shrubs and weeds on the ground.
      “It’s over. I think Big Brother Tian has gone crazy. Just now, he had painted the yams with wood ash, but now, he’s cutting down the trees and digging up the ground to consume his energy. There’s nothing normal about it.”
      “Could it be that the roasted yams were poisoned just now?”
      “God Stepping on a horse and taking yams will cause poisoning.”
      “I am from the countryside. I feel like Big Brother Tian is planting yams.”
      Wasn’ t “yam planted with seeds?”If there’s a big boss who will explain it.”
      “I don’t know. Usually, the supermarket will sell it. Who would know how to grow yams if there’s nothing.”
      Finally, he flipped the land over. Lin Tian cleaned up the grass roots and stones in the soil. He then ridged the land and finally dug out holes.
      It was already here. Whether it was the netizens or the fatty, they had already seen that Lin Tian really wanted to grow yams.
      Fatty said,” Big Brother Tian, we want to grow yams?”
      Lin Tian asked,” That’s right. What will you eat in the future if you just eat it?”
      The fatty scratched his head, feeling that what Lin Tian said was reasonable.
      “Brother Tian, have you planted yams before?”
      “Then how did you know that planting yams would wipe grass and wood ashes?”
      “The television school, the agricultural channel, and many other programs like the Getting Rich Scripture will be taught.”
      “What’s the use of wood ash?”
      “There are two effects. One is that plant ash is rich in potash fertilizer, which can supplement potassium elements. The other is that plant ash is alkaline, which has a certain sterilizing effect. It can prevent the yam from rotting due to bacteria.”
      Lin Tian chatted with Fatty one after another. At the same time, Lin Tian’s hands kept on holding the yams in the pit. Fatty was responsible for filling the earth.
      “It really is planting yams!”
      “Let me just say, how could Big Brother Tian be useless?”
      “I feel that Lin naïve knows everything…”
      “Lin Tian: It’s a showdown. I’ m actually an encyclopedia.”
      “Upstairs, you peed at me with laughter 2333…”
      After spending some time, the two of them took a bamboo tube to fetch water from the stream. Then, Lin Tian carefully poured water into every hole.
      The water was not finished yet.
      Lin Tian once again asked Fatty to pick some of the weeds that had been cleared and cover them on the ridge.
      In this way, on the one hand, it could prevent the sun from being directly exposed to the sun, and it had a moisturizing effect.
      On the other hand, it could prevent the growth of weeds and facilitate the germination of yams.
      [You have carefully cultivated a yam farm and continued to take care of it. In the future, you will gain a large pile of yam [1]
      [Netizens marveled at your encyclopedia]
      [You have gained +5% charm]
      The title in his mind was updated, and it was another joyous news.
      Lin Tian put away his tools and called Fatty back.
      “Fatty, take the fish and have a meal at night!”*

      Chapter 42 Collection of Fish Cage, Joyful Harvest of Silken Lobster!

      After planting the yam, the two of them directly went to the stream to check for the fish.
      He went upstream first.
      As soon as he got close to the cage, Lin Tian heard a strange sound coming from the cage. Moreover, the water around the cage became a little muddy.
      There were fish in the cage.
      Everyone was shocked.
      The corner of Lin Tian’s mouth curled upwards as he quickly put away the fish cage.
      On the shore, Lin Tian poured the fish in the cage onto the lawn.
      “Wa, fish!And shrimp!”This is a loach?”
      Fatty cried out loudly.
      “The European Emperor went online. The next-door contestant was so jealous that he wanted to cry.”
      “Not only had fish, but also shrimp and loach.”I can eat tonight.”
      “These fish are not big…”
      “The entrance should be too small.”
      The traps were effective. Lin Tian was happy. Fatty and the netizens were also happy.
      After putting the fish and shrimps into the bamboo tube, there were still quite a few of the fish and snake’s internal organs. Lin Tian put them back into the fish cage, and then picked a place where there was plenty of water and grass and put the fish cage back.
      If nothing unexpected happened, he would be able to make some gains by coming over tomorrow morning.
      Then, the two of them went to check the fish cage downstream, and they also obtained three small fish and two loach.
      After setting up the fish cage properly, the two of them took the fish back to the shelter first and also brought back a few bamboo tubes of water.
      After the fish was released, the two of them rushed to the beach without stopping. The setting sun had already lost its heat, and it was not too long before it was dark.
      Next time, perhaps the two of them could separate to get the fish harvest. Lin Tian thought while walking.
      After removing the stone that was holding the fish cage, Lin Tian lifted the fish cage up and began to hold it in his hands. He should have gained quite a bit.
      On the other side, the fatty also brought up a fish cage. The fatty was still in the ocean and could not wait to take out the cage.
      “Big Brother Tian, you’ ve got fish, crab, conch!”
      Lin Tian smiled. Fatty was a person with a true and simple personality. His joy and anger were written on his face. Fatty was happy that Lin Tian was also very happy.
      Only when they reached the inside of the beach did the two stop. They wanted to sort out the fish and put the fish cage back into the sea for the night.
      “Fatty, I haven’t seen the situation of this fish cage yet. Why do n’ t we compete? Who has more fish in this fish cage?”Lin Tian suddenly said.
      “Great!”Fatty happily agreed.
      “Let’s make a bet. I’ ll bet Big Brother will win!”
      “I bet on Fatty. I always felt that Fatty’s luck was exceptionally good!”
      “It’s truly a dead person who is more popular than others. The other contestants are still worrying about what to eat. This side can already bet on entertainment.”
      The two of them threw a hole at their feet. This way, they could easily take stock of the fish inside. It was not easy for fish and shrimp to jump anywhere.
      “Brother Tian, I have three fish, five snails, and two crabs.”Fatty was complacent.
      Lin Tian took a look, not too flustered.
      After taking out the inner cage, Lin Tian poured out the fish.
      Two fish, six snails, and two crabs. However, Lin Tian still had a big shrimp.
      The prawns were very beautiful and colorful. They looked exceptionally exquisite and beautiful.
      “Wow, it’s actually an embroidered lobster!”
      “What a beautiful lobster! I really want to keep it in a fish tank!”
      “Silken Lobster is so expensive. Previously, a fisherman had caught a 6.7 Jin Silken Lobster and sold it for an astronomical price of 660,000!”
      “Poverty limits my imagination.”
      “The value of Lin Tian and the others is too far apart. They can only sell for a few hundred to a thousand.”
      “I’ m very lucky.”
      Lin Tian also recognized the large shrimp in his hand. The larger the shrimp, the more expensive it would be.
      However, he was here to live in the wilderness. This lobster was just food.
      “Brother Tian, you won. You have more than me, and there’s also an embroidered lobster that’s worth more than me.”Fatty recognized the brocade lobster as well, so he laughed and admitted defeat.
      Lin Tian found a few straw vines and tied up all four crabs. Then, he put them into the bamboo tube together with the fish and shrimp.
      As for the fish cage, Lin Tian was prepared to continue fishing in the sea.
      [The sea climate was unpredictable. The sun was shining brightly during the day, and it might be a storm at night]
      [Your trap was swept away by the surging sea water until nothing was left]
      Hmm?There was a storm?
      Lin Tian looked up at the sky.
      In the distance, the sunset slowly melted into the orange-red sunset glow like a soft egg yolk.
      The same soft light spread out on the sea surface, causing the sea surface to shine golden, making it difficult for people to move their eyes.
      A layer of silver waves piled up on the beach tirelessly…
      Yes, the scenery was not bad.
      No matter what, it didn’t seem like a prelude to a storm.
      However, on tropical islands, heavy rain should be a common occurrence. If there wasn’t any rain these past few days, it would definitely be great for the contestants to have a buffer period.
      The caption said that there would be a storm tonight, and it was likely that they would not be able to escape.
      Because Lin Tian was standing still, staring blankly at the beautiful scenery in the horizon, the camera naturally switched the camera to the scene of the sunset by the sea.
      “Wow, what a beautiful sunset.”
      “I really wish I could sit down and enjoy this beautiful scenery with my beloved.”
      “The setting sun was infinitely good, but it was near dusk.”I originally thought that it was all nonsense from a scholar. Until this moment, I believe it.”
      “Brother Tian is too happy. This scene, every frame is wallpaper!”
      The netizens were especially envious of Lin Tian and Chi Huo. Everyone praised the beautiful scenery of this evening beach.
      However, Lin Tian’s words left everyone puzzled.
      “Fatty, put away the fish cage. Tonight, we won’ t leave the fish cage. Take the fish cage and follow me to the bamboo forest.”
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      Chapter 43 Setting up an Interception Barrier

      What was Brother Tian doing?
      Just now, he was looking back at the sunset and saw what was happening?
      Fatty grabbed the fish cage and bamboo tube and followed Lin Tian towards the bamboo forest.
      The broadcast room had just caught sight of Lin Tian and Lin Tian.
      In the evening, Lin Tian used his machete to lead the way. Fatty followed closely behind with a pile of things.
      “It’s already dusk. Our Lin Tian contestant didn’ t hurry back to the shelter, so why did he go to the bamboo forest?”Xiao Sa’s face was filled with doubt.
      Master Bei:” I don’ t think Lin Tian is a reckless person. He must have some plans, but I can’ t guess what he’s up to.”
      Song Yi:” You can’ t even guess me, Grandpa Bei?”
      Grandpa Bei said,” After so many days, we’ ve paid close attention to Lin Tian many times. His actions have always exceeded everyone’s expectations. I can’ t guess his actions anymore.”
      A man that even Grandpa Bei could not guess and praised.
      Although Lin Tian was young, he still gave off a mysterious and steady feeling.
      It was as if there was always a charm that attracted people to it.
      Song Yi’s face turned slightly red.
      What happened to him?
      How could there be such strange thoughts in his heart?
      Lin Tian thought as he walked.
      The terrain of the wild yam was relatively high, and there were no traces of the sea water flowing over.
      However, they came to the bamboo forest through the wild yam land. Along the way, they could find the sea salt left behind after the seawater subsided.
      In the event of a high tide, the water would flood into the bamboo forest, but the water would not flood from the wild yam.
      There was still a lower part of the bamboo forest that led to the sea!
      [The sea water surged. Countless fish and shrimps were forced to rush ashore. If a barrier could be set up and the sea water retreated, you would be pleasantly surprised.[1]
      [After observing, you discovered a good location on the bamboo forest]
      When they were at the seaside, the caption gave a prompt.
      This was also the reason why Lin Tian had called Fatty to hurry towards the bamboo forest.
      As the tide rose, countless fish and shrimps would be stranded.
      Lin Tian naturally did not want to miss such an opportunity.
      Following the terrain, he walked a distance from the bamboo forest to the left.
      The two of them arrived at their destination.
      [Natural calabash mouth. When the tide rises, the sea water flows up from there]
      Sure enough, it was a good place to set up a barrier. A three-meter-wide gourd was slowly extending from the seaside into the bamboo forest.
      This gourd mouth was just a little past the rock reef area.
      The reason for that was because he had left according to the subtitle. He first went to the tip of the bamboo forest.
      This way, he took a long detour.
      There was no time to regret it, as the sunset slowly descended to the west urging them to have time.
      “Fatty, you’ re digging a ditch from here to there.”Lin Tian handed the engineer shovel to Fatty.
      Chi Huo’s face was filled with greetings. It’s almost dark. Brother, why don’ t you bring me here to dig this ditch?
      However, he had always trusted Lin Tian. He knew that Lin Tian would not act recklessly.
      After putting the fishcage away, the fat man started to work as soon as he started to use the engineering shovel.
      “Come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come
      “I feel like this is digging trenches. Is this about to start a war?”
      “I think it’s just that I’ ve eaten my fill and I don’ t have any ideas. Look, not far from here, it’s the rock reef!”Do you have to go around?”
      “Brother Tian might be crazy about the road, right?2333…”
      “It seems that there are some people who don’t teach a lesson. They have n’ t been beaten enough by Big Brother Tian yet?”
      Lin Tian didn’ t have time to think about what the fans would do.
      [You decide to dig a trench and use trees and vines as a barrier]
      [You’ ve gained +3 power]
      [You have gained +5 Stamina]
      [You have gained resistance +5]
      Three attributes increased.
      Lin Tian was full of energy and energy. He had an endless amount of energy in his hands.
      He cut down a few small trees with a machete and then cut them into wooden stumps.
      Insert the wooden pile into the earth.
      Lin Tian’s movements were fierce, and he used all of his brute force to forcefully insert the wooden pile into the pile more than 20 cm deep.
      It was clear how fierce the water was.
      Then, he tied the branches to the wooden posts with vines, forming a knee-high barrier.
      The barrier was set in front of the trench.
      Lin Tian found some rocks nearby and continued to reinforce the barrier.
      The vines filled a few large cracks, ensuring that fish and shrimp would not slip through the cracks when the tide was gone.
      “I feel like Brother Tian is building a fence?”
      “I think it’s a trap. Just look at Fatty digging the ditch.”
      “I’ ve seen other people living in wilderness before. I used rocks to set up a barrier on the beach to stop fish and shrimps that ran aground when the tide subsided. I feel like Brother Tian is thinking this way.”
      “If that’s the case, then it’ ll be funny. This place is still a bit far away from the sea. How big of a tide would it be to flood up?”
      “What if it rains?”There are always storms on the island!”
      “What kind of rain is this good weather!”
      “That’s right. You thought Lin Tian would see the heavenly elephant!”
      The netizens’ comments were n’ t harmonious. There was no other way. Lin Tian’s actions could n’ t make people fully guess its purpose.
      “I think that setting up a barrier to intercept fish and shrimps is reasonable, but from the current weather, the probability of rain at night is relatively small.”Grandpa Bei said his guess, but it was clear that he was very smart and did not say anything to death.
      After all, it was already late. Lin Tian could only bring Fatty back to the shelter.
      After all, the wilderness at night was relatively unsafe.
      Run faster and return to the shelter before nightfall.
      But no matter how fast he ran.
      Some things could not be avoided.
      *(Good morning ~ New day. Come on ~)*

      Chapter 44 Ghosts?The strange face in the night!

      The two quickly ran back to the shelter.
      The broadcast room fans were also nervously watching.
      “It’s going to be dark. Come on, little brothers.”
      “The evening in the forest be so sinister?”I’ m afraid.”
      “1.7 Meters?”I’ m afraid there’s something wrong with the robust man.”
      “I’ ve always liked Lin Tian and Chi Huo. I hope they can safely return to the shelter.”
      “It’s so dark. If you come with a snake or something, you’ ll be dead.”
      In general, most of the fans in the livestream room were really fans.
      Most people were worried about their safety.
      Only a few people cheered, hoping that something unexpected would happen. Only then would they be happy to see it.
      The heavens really followed the wishes of this small group of people.
      The two of them had arrived at the forest in front of Stone Hall Shelter.
      “Was it because I was seeing things?”Why do I feel like there’s a face in front of me?”
      A net friend suddenly popped out a striking red screen.
      “Such a stupid trick, do you think we’ re big?”
      “Aiyo, there’s a face. I’ m so scared…”
      “In front of me, you scared me, lost money!”
      The netizens all thought that they were joking, and all sorts of teasing followed.
      Lin Tian and Fatty buried their heads in their journey, their eyes mostly focused on their feet.
      But he always felt something staring at him.
      A very strong feeling.
      After the five senses increased, Lin Tian’s perception increased a bit.
      Lin Tian slowed down and looked up in the air.
      He felt his gaze coming from there.
      “Fatty, stop!”Lin Tian suddenly roared.
      Through the screen, the netizens could hear his voice trembling slightly.
      Something that even Lin Tiandu was afraid of?
      The hearts of the netizens instantly rose to their throats.
      “What’s wrong, Big Brother Tian?”Fatty raised his waist and asked in a low voice.
      He could feel Lin Tian’s nervousness just now.
      “There’s a human face in midair!”
      Lin Tian spoke in a calm tone.
      Fatty suddenly felt a chill on his back as he followed Lin Tian’s gaze.
      Although he didn’ t see it very clearly.
      However, one could indeed see a human face floating in the air in front of them!
      He even felt that his pair of eyes were staring fixedly at him!
      “Ghost!”Brother Tian, there’s a ghost!”
      The fatty’s voice trembled, trying his best not to shout out.
      At this moment, more and more netizens in the broadcast room noticed this strange face.
      At this moment, those who were still boasting that they were not afraid all felt their backs turn cold.
      “What’s going on? I don’ t dare to continue looking down.”
      “It really is a human face. This is too terrifying!”
      “F*ck, is there really a ghost?”
      “Lin Tian and the others are finished. Gui Hui Fei, they can’ t even run.”
      “Hurry up and call the program team. Tell them to send a helicopter over.”
      What was the use of “helicopter?”I’ m afraid we’ ll have to wait for the helicopter to arrive.”
      What did “mean earlier? Was Gui still eating meat?”I’ m alone. Don’ t scare me.”
      As the popularity of the live broadcast grew higher and higher, the netizens hurriedly told their friends that the major discovery of the Desolate Island might prove that the ghost really existed!
      When everyone started to get nervous, Lin Tian calmed down instead.
      He did not think that this world really had ghosts.
      [The education you received made you believe in science and not ghosts and gods.[You decided to bravely reveal the truth of the matter]
      [You have gained +2 Spirit]
      [You have gained courage +6]
      Seeing this, Lin Tian calmed down.
      Since the subtitle was telling the truth, it was definitely not a ghost.Otherwise, the caption should indicate that he and Fatty had died miserably.
      “Fatty, stand here and don’ t move. I’ ll go take a look.”Lin Tian patted Fatty on the shoulder and walked towards his face without any fear.
      Calm, calm, brave.
      The netizens were moved. They had already arrived at the broadcast room. Master Sapei and the others were moved as well. Song Yi’s eyes flickered with strange colors, and at the same time, she was a bit afraid look at it.
      “Brother Tian is a true man!”
      “Brother Tian really values love and righteousness.”
      “I personally don’t think I have such courage.”
      “I hope Brother Tian is safe and sound.”
      “You have the responsibility, you are brave enough. This man loves him.”
      Lin Tian suddenly said that he wanted to go up and check, making Fatty almost unable to react.
      However, he hesitated for a second before placing the fish cage on the ground. He gripped the shovel tightly and followed Lin Tian.
      “Brother, I’ ll accompany you.”
      The fatty looked far less calm than Lin Tian. He could see the nervousness and fear in his heart as he his hands tightly.
      But his eyes were exceptionally firm.
      He wanted to advance and retreat together with Lin Tian!
      “Fatty is also a real man!”
      “This kind of brother is worth it in this lifetime.”
      “Chi Huo is our pride!”
      Lin Tian smiled as he punched Fatty’s chest.
      As expected of a brother.
      Everyone held their breath and stared fixedly at the scene. They followed Lin Tian and the others as they slowly approached the strange human face.
      [Owl: Assassins in the night. Not only are the mountain rats scared by the wind, but their looks that resemble human faces are also frightening to the timid.[1]
      As he walked closer, Lin Tian could already see the true face of the human face.
      The caption appeared in his mind.
      It was actually an owl.*

      Chapter 45 Kill and Eat Roast Chicken Legs?No!

      Lin Tianxin let out a sigh of relief.
      At the same time, he felt a little embarrassed.
      Would the fans laugh at him and fatty when they were scared to death by a bird?
      By the time he got closer, Fatty could tell that it was an owl.
      “Brother Tian, it’s an owl. It scared me to death.”
      The fans in the broadcast room were filled with righteous indignation.
      “This owl is too bad. Big brother almost pisses in fright.”
      “No, I think this owl is quite cute. If I catch it, it’ ll be delicious whether it’s barbecue or soup.”
      “Brother Tian, you must not let this flat-haired animal go. You’ re scared of Grandfather.”
      “Owls are protecting animals. They can’t eat them, right?”
      “All the resources on the island have been approved and can be freely obtained. Bird lovers, please leave and turn left.”
      Lin Tian stopped moving and was already very close to the owl. It hadn’ t flown away yet. This was beyond Lin Tian’s expectations.
      [Injured Young Owl [1]
      [Attitude: Curiosity]
      [Specialty: Capture All Weak Animals]
      [Monologue: You can’t understand bird language either.[1]
      The captions in his mind shocked Lin Tian.
      The same captions as people were different from the queen bee or toad she had encountered before.
      Was this because the owl was a bit more advanced and more human?
      Lin Tian didn’t elaborate. At least the subtitles provided quite a bit of useful information.
      [The Dark Night Hunter, who had a human nature, might be able to be tamed as a loyal assistant]
      It was another animal that could be tamed.
      Lin Tian controlled the excitement in his heart as he thought about the new owl image in his mind.
      Taming succeeded.
      Lin Tian could feel the owl’s trust and dependence on him.
      “Fatty, this should be an injured young owl. I’ ll try to catch it and bring it back to the shelter.”Lin Tiandao.
      Fatty’s eyes lit up.
      “Brother Tian, this owl and chicken should be the same, right?”This time, we can eat Roasted Chicken Legs!”
      Lin Tian replied….”
      The netizens were speechless….”
      Protecting animals?Bird lovers?
      The fatty didn’ t even think about it. In his eyes, there were only chicken legs and fried chicken legs.
      Of course, on the island, Fatty felt that roast chicken leg was the most realistic.
      “If we don’ t eat this owl, I’ ll make a few rope traps later to see if I can catch a wild chicken and make you a roast chicken leg.”Lin Tian said helplessly.
      “Alright, I’ ll listen to you.”But what if we don’ t eat it?”The fatty said curiously.
      “The owl is actually a very human bird. It’s a young owl, and it’s also injured. Now that I have a good chance of helping, I can tame it.”Lin Tian prepared his words and said.
      “But taming an owl is useless.”Without chicken legs to eat, the fatty lacked interest.
      “Fatty, don’ t underestimate owls. They are extremely powerful at night. Mountain mice, rabbits, snakes, and even some birds are within their hunting range.”
      “You mean you can tame this owl as a falcon?”
      Although he didn’ t think it was possible, Fatty still chose to trust Lin Tian.
      Moreover, if the taming was successful, there would be more meat to eat in the future.
      However, many netizens did not believe it.
      “Brother Tian, can you capture it first and then consider taming?”
      “Owl, please hurry up and fly away. I want to watch this man hit his face on the live broadcast!”
      “I feel like Big Brother Tian is about to act again.”
      “A wild owl can tame a thread. It’s not bad to be able to catch it.”
      Little Thea and the others were also discussing intensely.
      “Lord Bei, do you think the matter of taming owls that Lin Tian mentioned is possible?”Theo asked.
      “There are many examples of owls, eagles, and others that have been domesticated by humans. However, most of them have been raised since they were very young and could not fly, or they have been raised successfully.”
      “It’s very difficult for a wild owl to tame it, so the success rate of Lin Tian’s idea is extremely low.”
      Master Bei’s words clearly announced that Lin Tian was likely to fail, but Song Yi clearly held different views.
      “I think Lin Tian is very likely to succeed. This young man has already done a lot of things that surprise us. I think it would be normal if he could tame an owl, right?”Furthermore, I’ ve raised an owl in my friend’s house.”
      “It seems that Song Yi really thinks highly of our Lin Tian contestant. Let’s wait and see. I hope that Lin Tian will continue to bring us joy.”Xiao Sa said.
      “I support Grandpa Bei. The wild owl still wants to tame it. It’s too difficult.”
      “I support Song Yi. Brother Tian can always bring us pleasant surprises, right?”
      “Do I think Song Yi always appreciates Big Brother Tian?”
      “I already felt it ……”
      Everyone discussed as they watched Lin Tian’s actions in the video.
      He slowly approached the owl.
      However, the image of the owl flying away did not appear.
      Lin Tian slowly extended his hand towards the owl.
      It was over.
      Lin Tian’s hand was about to be pecked!
      Peck!Let this arrogant man see blood!
      Brother Tian is so handsome, you must not peck at me.
      The netizens stared fixedly at the screen as they struggled inwardly.
      The owl only hooted softly, yet its voice was actually somewhat obedient?
      Then, he saw Lin Tian carry it off the branch.
      He gently stroked the feathers on the head of the young bird.
      “Let’s go, I’ ll take you home~”
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      Chapter 46: Amazing use of honey, Father Chi was wronged!

      When the two of them returned to the shelter, it was almost dark.
      There was no moon tonight. Twilight enveloped the entire island like ink.
      The fire in the shelter was about to burn out, leaving only a few red charcoal that stood out in the twilight.
      He added some hay to the fire.
      The firelight lit up the stone hall. Beside the fire, the fatty sat tiredly, the fish cage placed aside.
      Lin Tian also placed the owl beside the fire. Then, he added a few thick pieces of wood to the fire. It wouldn’t be long enough to burn the grass.
      The owl was very obedient and stood motionless.
      The copper bell-like eyes shone brightly. Its black pupils were exceptionally large, and it was wrapped in a bright yellow circle.Around his eyes were white and brown feathers arranged in a circle.
      The back feather was yellow, brown, and white. The tail feather was only yellow and black.
      The black eagle’s beak was like a sharp sickle, coupled with the sharp claws of an iron hook on its legs. It looked imposing and domineering.
      “What a handsome bird!”
      “What a big bird.”
      “Upstairs, there is no proof of suspicion.”
      “This owl is so handsome. I really want to raise one.”
      “I sell all kinds of flying birds and climbing pets. I need private chat.”
      “Just sell it privately, and even advertise it publicly?”I’ m afraid I don’ t want the police uncle to treat you to tea.”
      After warming up the fire, he picked up the owl and observed it.
      For some unknown reason, the pitiful little fellow’s wings and right leg were injured, and there was still faint blood oozing out from his wounds.
      Do you need to bandage, disinfect, and stop the bleeding?
      Lin Tian suddenly thought of this.
      But at the same time, he found it funny.
      It was already dark outside. On this desolate island, where could he find something to stop the bleeding?
      [As you were worried about your new partner’s injury, images flashed through your mind. You thought of the question on the web page about whether the bees could sterilize and stop bleeding.[1]
      He had indeed browsed through the relevant web pages before.
      However, at that time, he only glanced at the title curiously. The specific content was just a glance at the Horsewalking Temple Flower, and the details were already unclear.
      It was a strange feeling.
      After the announcement, the memories of the web page in his mind became clear.
      [You decided to wipe the owl’s wound with honey and feed it a fish. The owl has recovered faster.[1]
      Lin Tian decided to follow suit when the new title was updated.
      No matter how ordinary things were, with the special support of the system, their effects were much better than before.
      “Brother Tian, are you wiping honey for the owl?”The fatty asked curiously.
      “That’s right.”Lin Tian did not raise his head and carefully wiped the honey.
      “What’s the use of this?”
      “When the wound is not large, honey has a certain effect on disinfecting and stopping bleeding. At the same time, it can also speed up the healing of the wound and form a layer to block the entrance of bacteria outside.”Lin Tian patiently explained.
      “Brother Tian, why do I feel that you know so much? Even though your brain is more flexible than mine, I have never seen you know so much.”Fatty squatted beside Lin Tian and asked.
      “Normally, the old tutor and the others will help us deal with everything. We don’ t need to worry about anything. Of course, you won’ t be able to see me through this.”
      “Yes, I wonder what happened to my parents. They should be watching our challenge as well, right?”I really miss the chicken legs and pig hooves made by my mother.”Fatty was a bit sad. He was a bit homesick.
      “Sure. A child would be able to travel thousands of miles to shoulder the burden.”Don’ t worry about us.”
      In front of the screen, Old Patriarch Chi and his wife were wearing old sunglasses, staring fixedly at them.
      “Chi Sheng, this brat, knows how to eat and eat all day long. Why can’t he learn Xiao Tian?”Chi Miao was so angry that his face trembled slightly.
      “Sigh, you old man, at least you’ re his own son. What’s wrong with eating something?”I’ m not sure if my son and Little Tian are suffering on that desolate island. Don’ t tell me your heart aches?”Jiang Ping used her hand to twist Chi Miao’s waist, causing the latter to grimace in pain.
      “You crazy granny, you’ re already such an old man, yet you’ re still so rude!”I want to divorce you!”
      Every time Chi Miao was threatened by divorce.
      However, he had been gone for a lifetime. The old couple were still quarreling every day, but they did not succeed.
      “If you get divorced, you’ ll get divorced. My son and Little Tian are all with me!”
      “Little Tian and I are not worried about you. My son definitely can not follow you!”You’ re so used to the fact that Chi Sheng, this brat loves to eat chicken legs and pig hoofs!”
      “If my son wanted to eat, could I not do it?Besides, don’t you also love eating my chicken legs and pig’s hooves?”Isn’ t it that fat?”
      Chi Miao looked at his fat figure and could only helplessly sigh.” I’ m not convinced. You clearly used chicken legs and pig hooves to feed your son to fatness. Why did you want me to carry this black pot?”It’s because my name isn’ t good that I made Chi Huo become a foodie.”
      Jiang Ping patted his wife’s back and smoothed her breath for her.” Don’ t be too angry, old man. Those are all those knife-hands. They’ re all joking around on the Internet. Don’ t think it’s true.”
      “That is called Duan Zi Shou, not Blade Shou.”
      Wasn’t “just a knife?”It’s a joke, but it’s a joke. It’s a stab in the back!”
      The two elders were nagging, but the topic had always been on Chi Huo and Lin Tian.
      It was truly pitiful for all of the world’s parents.*

      Chapter 47 Before the Storm

      Lin Tiantu was very serious, and during this period, the owl had always obediently accepted Lin Tian Shi.
      “So, besides making tea and drinking honey, there is also this effect?”
      “I think Big Brother Tian knows too much!”
      “Big Brother Tian has changed a hundred times. Today, it’s a vet.”
      “Owl is so obedient, not resisting at all. I really envy Big Brother Tian.”
      After putting honey on the owl, Lin Tian picked some smaller fish and shrimp to feed it.
      “Wild owls mainly ate small rodents, such as mountain rats.”I also eat insects, frogs, birds, fish and other animals.”
      “But it doesn’t like eating fish and shrimps very much. It ca n’ t feed them too much. Now, let’s eat some.”
      “Even owls have the habit of spitting out” food pills “. They usually have the ability to digest food. Food is often swallowed, and residues of bones, feathers, hair, chitin and other things that can not be digested in food are integrated into lumps, forming small masses that pass through the esophagus and mouth and spit out. The food pills are also called saliva.”
      “Scientists can understand their eating habits based on their analysis of food pills.”
      As Lin Tian fed the food, he explained it in detail. He didn’t know if it was for Fatty or for the netizens watching the live broadcast.
      “Kneel for Big Brother Tian!”
      “I originally came to watch the live broadcast, but in the end, is this a biology class?”
      “Is there any class representative who took notes? Draw the key points and take the final exam.”
      More and more netizens were paying close attention to Lin Tian and Lin Tian. Lin Tian’s rich knowledge reserves would always make everyone’s eyes and ears refreshing. They would benefit a lot.
      [The storm was about to arrive. With Xinhuan, you forgot about your old love. The storm destroyed the beehive and beehive.[1]
      The announcement made Lin Tian suddenly stand up.
      “What’s wrong, Big Brother Tian?”Fatty was shocked.
      Lin Tian:” It’s fine. I just remember the beehive in the forest.”
      Fatty:” What’s wrong with the beehive?”
      Lin Tian:” I just looked at the sky. There might be a storm at night. I’ m worried that the hive will be destroyed by the storm.”
      “Storm?”Brother Tian, when did you learn to observe the heavenly images again?”
      Fatty’s face was filled with curiosity.
      “How could I have seen a heavenly elephant? I just saw a group of ants moving by the forest in the afternoon.”
      It would rain if ants moved. Many people had heard of the common sense that Lin Tian was just using it as a cover.
      “Then what should we do?”It’s so dark outside, isn’ t it convenient to cover the hive?”Fatty didn’ t doubt Lin Tian’s words at all.
      “The insect’s perception is much stronger than ours. The ants will move to a higher place in advance. I don’ t think the bees are stupid. It’s very likely that they will return to the hive in the stone hall later.”Lin Tiandao.
      “Ah?”Will they attack us when they return?”
      “I don’ t think so. We’ ve been feeding them honey from time to time for the past two days. Should we be familiar with it?”Lin Tian smiled.
      Even if Lin Tian said that, the fatty was still a little worried. If he fed some honey, would he be able to ripen the bees?This didn’t seem to be a dog.
      But there was no time for the fatty to think about it.
      The buzz outside had already sounded. When Fatty and the other netizens were dumbstruck, the bees slowly flew past the two and returned to their lair in the stone hall.
      “He really flew back. Could it be that Lin Tian is the prophet?”
      “Didn’ t he say that this was his guess after observing the ants moving.”
      “I don’ t believe it!”How could anyone be so accurate!”
      The netizens were all shocked.
      Moreover, they were all curious as to whether it would be a storm or not.
      [You summoned the swarm of bees back to their base and successfully rescued a group of elves]
      [Your successful prophecy shocked many netizens]
      [You have gained +1 Spirit,+3 Charm]
      “Let them spend the night inside tonight. Tomorrow morning, I will build them a hive in the forest.”Lin Tian pointed at the bees and said.
      “Why don’t we just let them inside? There’s no need to do anything about it.”Fatty suggested.
      “It’s not proper. Even though they’ re familiar with us for the time being, the cave entrance is our fire. It’s very inconvenient for them to enter and exit. It’s possible that a bee might have been stimulated to come up to your butt from your side.”Lin Tian smiled and said.
      Fatty clutched his big butt and chuckled,” Big Brother Tian, you better get them out tomorrow.”
      This time, Lin Tian’s words were n’ t nonsense. Instead, it was really possible for such an accident to happen. After all, he only controlled the Bee King.
      After finishing their work, the two of them started to prepare their own dinner.
      He was already very hungry.
      There were a lot of ingredients tonight. Lin Tian was prepared to have a big meal. Tomorrow, he estimated that there would be a lot of gains from the barrier by the sea.
      The fish and shrimps that were caught in the creek were left to feed the owls. They mainly had a seafood meal tonight.
      [You’ve always been eating food while roasting. You’ re already a little tired of it. If you can drink fish soup, it’s just a pleasure.[1]
      [You thought of using a bamboo tube to fill up water and then roasting it on the fire. Isn’ t that equivalent to a pot?[1]
      Lin Tian’s eyes lit up. It was easy for him to think of bamboo tube rice because he could eat it at some night stands.
      However, he just thought about it and did not try it, because it was different from bamboo rice.
      He would keep rolling the bamboo tube while cooking the bamboo tube. The fire was not always burning towards the same part of the bamboo tube.
      However, the drum pot could not be rolled. The fire had been burning towards the bottom of the drum, and it might burn through the drum.
      Right now, the narrator system gave a notification.
      Lin Tian did not have to worry about this.
      He could drink seafood soup.*

      I heard that the rainstorm and seafood soup are better

      Lin Tian cleaned up all the fish he had trapped by the sea.
      There were five grouper, four shuttle crabs, a few small snails and a brocade lobster.
      “Fatty, let’s have seafood soup tonight.”
      “Seafood soup?”But we don’ t have a pot, Brother Tian.”
      “This bamboo tube is big and thick, making a pot is appropriate.”
      Lin Tian erected a tripod on the fire and used a machete to make two symmetrical holes in the opening of the pot.
      After passing through the hole, she could hang the bamboo pot on the fire.
      Although the bamboo tube was very thick, it couldn’ t put so many things down. Lin Tian could only put the cut fish section and the yam section into the decoction.
      After boiling for a while, the water in the bamboo tube started to boil, gulu bringing with it the fresh fragrance of fish.
      “Brother Xiang!”The fatty’s throat squirmed. Apparently, he was already hungry.
      “Although there is no seasoning, it is fortunate that the seafood originally contains a small amount of salt, and its original flavor is exceptionally delicious.”Lin Tian said as he flipped through the fish with his bamboo chopsticks.
      After careful observation, the lower part of the bamboo tube had turned into a yellowish brown color, but there was no sign of burning through.
      “Seafood Soup, look so fresh.”
      “Looking at Brother Tian’s seafood soup, tears of envy trickled down my lips…”
      “Is it okay to shed tears at the corner of your mouth?”
      “Use a bamboo tube to cook seafood. What kind of divine manipulation is this!”
      This sea fresh soup was indeed delicious. Just the smell alone was enough to increase one’s appetite.
      But Lin Tian thought of more.
      Salt is an indispensable and important substance for the human body. It can provide sodium elements to the body. It can promote the body’s metabolism and enhance the body’s immunity.
      The human body needed to inject about 6 grams of salt every day. Long-term lack of salt was obviously harmful to the body.
      Before making salt, eating seafood could satisfy some of the body’s needs for salt.
      Suddenly, a bolt of lightning tore through the night sky, followed by a bolt of lightning, causing many competitors to panic!
      The storm was coming.
      Lin Tian used a bamboo bowl to hold the fish soup and handed it to Fatty. Thunder and lightning flashed outside, and the rain seemed to be pouring down like a basin.
      Lin Tian was completely unaffected.
      “Brother, it’s really raining.”
      The fatty sucked in the milk-white fish soup and looked at the storm outside.
      “I know, but we don’ t have to worry. We all have firewood, food, and beds, and we can’ t get drenched in the rain.”Lin Tian also served himself a bowl of soup.
      Just in time, the camera came to take a close-up shot.
      Lin Tian pointed his bamboo bowl at the camera and smiled.
      “I heard that Rainstorm Day and Seafood Soup are better. Let me try the taste for everyone.”
      Then, he began to taste it without caring.
      Like that, he looked at the scum.
      At this moment, the various broadcast rooms had already exploded. The sudden torrential rain caused most of the contestants to panic.
      As for Lin Tian’s live broadcast, his popularity exploded.
      “Big Brother Tian has predicted that it really will rain!”
      “Rainstorm and seafood soup were better?”Brother Tian, you’ re floating.”
      “A solid hammer floated.”
      “I see that several of the competitors next door are worried about the problem of leaking rain from the shelter. Brother Tian is still feeling good, drinking seafood soup and listening to the sound of wind and rain.”
      “This soup looks like a picnic by the sea.”
      “It’s raining heavily, but I don’ t have Brother Tian’s fish soup.”
      Lin Tian leisurely stewed the fish soup. After eating the grouper, he followed up with the snails and crabs.
      Moreover, some honey was added.
      The taste was even more delicious.
      After drinking a few waves of soup, Lin Tian decided to change his eating method. Crabs and brocade lobster were steamed.
      Sufficient food allowed the two of them to eat happily. Only when their stomachs were round and round did they stop.
      [The sudden storm didn’t affect you, but many of the contestants did n’ t have a good time tonight]
      Would it be difficult to have a contestant?
      Lin Tian could imagine their situation.
      Not everyone could find a natural stone hall and cave as a shelter.
      Most people relied on branches to build shelters. It was fine in sunny days. In a storm like this, even if they weren’ t blown over by the gale, it was very likely that rain would leak out.
      Moreover, the bonfire might be wiped out by the rain.
      A stormy night without fire was a severe test of willpower.
      Perhaps many teams would be eliminated.
      “This unannounced storm almost swept through Odin Island.”This has caused a great deal of trouble for most of our team.”
      “The shelter of a group has already been destroyed by the wind.”
      “There were several teams of fire that were inadvertently drenched in rain. It was easy to imagine how difficult it would be to spend a stormy night in the dark.”
      “The torrential rain also caused the mosquitoes to avoid the rain in the dry area. A contestant was bitten by a poisonous snake and had already dialed a satellite call for help.”
      “Our helicopter rescue team will be on standby all night. Let us cheer for the contestants.”
      In the broadcasting room, Little Thea was in a slightly heavy mood as he announced the news.
      This storm was undoubtedly the first great challenge facing the contestants after they ascended the island.
      That night, many people did not fall asleep. They were all paying attention to the situation of the various contestants.
      Lin Tian and Fatty had already laid down.
      After eating and drinking, the rain made the air much cooler and fresher.
      Why don’t you sleep in such a rainy day?
      As for mosquitoes?
      There was no need to worry.
      Toads and owls were constantly protecting them. Mosquitoes came and went.
      On the new day, everyone, Ollie!)*

      49 Stone, Gugu

      Today was the fourth day after they ascended the island.
      The storm was very heavy last night.
      In his dream, Lin Tian could vaguely hear the sound of trees collapsing, the sound of helicopters rumbling past, and the sound of contestants being eliminated from the satellite watch.
      However, overall, he and Chi Huo slept well.
      Early in the morning, the mountains and rivers were washed clean by the rain.
      The fresh smell of plants and trees in the air, the smell of soil and dirt, and the salty smell of seawater were wrapped together.
      It stimulated the nasal cavity, causing people to wake up even faster.
      In the east, the sun had slowly risen. The sun would turn from gentle to hot, and then evaporate the dampness after the rain.
      When the owl saw that Lin Tian had woken up, it flew over to his shoulder and intimately rubbed its head against his neck.
      [Healthy Young Owl [1]
      [Attitude: Intimate]
      The injuries on the owl’s legs and wings had almost recovered. Lin Tian didn’ t believe that ordinary honey had such a powerful effect.
      However, the honey that had been buffed by the system was clearly possible.
      Lin Tian fondly rubbed the owl’s head. Little fellow, you’ re so intimate to envy the netizens in the live broadcast room. Lin Tian thought.
      The truth was exactly what he had thought.
      “Wow, this owl is so obedient.”
      “What kind of magic does Big Brother Tian have? Didn’t he just feed a few fish last night to treat his wounds? Why is this owl so close to Big Brother Tian?”
      “How could an owl like this be taken? Give me a beating!”
      “Last night, the storm was so heavy that most of the contestants had been tormented to the point of not sleeping for the entire night. Only Big Brother Tian and Fatty were eating well and sleeping soundly.”
      “Heard that they had eliminated four teams last night.”I wonder if there will still be any competitors eliminated today.”
      Lin Tian fed the owl a loach and called the fatty up.
      “Brother Tian, this owl didn’ t fly away?”You’ re still willing to stand on your shoulder!”Fatty’s face was filled with astonishment.
      “Might have been because of last night’s help, but now it had accepted us.”In the future, it will be our little friend.”Lin Tiandao.
      “Alright, I will bring it out to hunt in the future!”Fatty said happily,” Brother Tian, why don’ t we give this cat-headed eagle a name?”
      Lin Tian looked at the owl on his shoulder and the motionless Toad by the wall. Well, it was time to give these two little things a name.
      “Yes, not only was it an owl, but it was also the toad.”It was so heavy last night, but we didn’ t bother with mosquitoes. It’s all up to them.”Lin Tiandao.
      Fatty walked to the side of the wall and held the Toad in his arms.” You’ re still eating mosquitoes these days, but you’ re always staying motionless in the corner. Otherwise, I’ ll call you a stone.”
      Lin Tian also felt that this name was quite appropriate.
      “Alright, that toad is called a stone.”
      “I’ ve already given you a name. You can just give me the owl.”
      “This little fellow’ coo’ all day long. Why don’ t we just coo?”
      “Alright, I think this name is nice.”
      Fatty happily agreed.
      “Can’t you call it a better name?”Stone, is it too casual?”
      “There are many books you read upstairs. You can take them.”
      “I think it’s fun to get a name. It’s better than the little flower, little black, and big white that other people often get, right?”
      “The name is secondary. The key question is where do you have such a pet collar!”
      After giving the two little fellows a good name, the two of them were more like a family.
      There was still a bee.
      However, it was really difficult for the Queen Bee to introduce them to everyone. It was necessary to keep a low profile.
      Lin Tian was making breakfast.
      A voice suddenly rang out from the satellite watch.
      “Group 7 contestants are eliminated!”
      Group 7?
      Already eliminated so many?
      Lin Tian checked the map of his mind. Sure enough, with the addition of Fatty, there were only 185 blue dots left.
      Fortunately, the blue dots representing Mu Yuffi were still there, but they did not know how much the storm had affected them last night.
      However, the blue dot representing Sun Yu was still there. The eye-catching red exclamation mark was still standing above the blue dot.
      Lin Tian narrowed his eyes. From the system’s conflict with that day, Lin Tian could roughly tell that Sun Yu’s survival ability in the wilderness was not strong.
      Their team was able to endure the storm last night, and that must be his teammate.
      It was a pity that all his attention was on Sun Yu that day. There was no introduction from that cold man.
      If he encountered someone in the future, he would have to pay close attention to that person. Lin Tian thought to himself.
      After having a simple breakfast, Lin Tian beckoned Fatty to leave. Gu Gu, stay at home. It could also move during the day, but it was not suitable.
      Today’s mission was very heavy. He had to go to the gourd mouth to check the harvest of the barrier and make a beehive.
      Not far from the steps of the stone hall, Lin Tian saw a large tree collapse on the ground.
      The tree was uprooted, revealing the brown-red dirt underneath
      [Fallen tree: The trees are beautiful in the forest, the wind will destroy them.[1]
      Lin Tian frowned. Heh, system, are you trying to persuade me to keep a low profile?
      “Last night, the wind was so strong that even such a large tree was uprooted.”It’s no wonder I eliminated several teams in one night.”The fatty said with lingering fear.
      No matter how powerful a person was, he was still insignificant in front of nature.
      The fans in the livestream room also followed their cameras to watch the forest that was in chaos after the storm.
      The fallen trees, the muddy land, the ruined flowers and fallen branches were everywhere.
      “Man vs. Wild is really not easy!”
      “Do you think the reward is so high and so easy to take?”
      “I hope Big Brother Tian and Fatty can hold on until the end.”*

      Chapter 50 New Rankings, New Team

      “Hello, everyone. This is Xiao Sa. Let me summarize the ranking of the team members after the storm”
      In the broadcasting room, Theo began to report to everyone.
      “The storm last night was too sudden and fierce. I could feel the terror of nature through the screen.”
      “As for our competitors, they were the most direct ones to experience this experience. Some of them were relatively lucky. They had already found stone caves and other natural shelters that could perfectly protect against the wind and rain.”
      “But there are also some contestants. Unfortunately, the shelter in their building was destroyed. They had no choice but to dial our satellite watch for one reason or another.”
      From last night to this morning, the “had eliminated five teams.”That’s right!”
      “As for what’s going on with the medicine hunting combination, we’ ll make an exclusive interview tomorrow. We welcome everyone’s continued attention.”
      “There were still 93 groups on the island.”Next, I will announce the top 10 contestants.”
      “10Th place: Farmer Group, Zhao Tiezhu, Guo Shaohai.”The two of us are rural men. Although we don’ t have much expertise in wilderness survival, the rural people have come into contact with nature since childhood. They still have some understanding of the wilderness.”
      “Plus, they are extremely hardworking, so we are all very optimistic about their long-term performance.”
      “9Th place:………”
      “Sixth place: brother and sister combination, elder sister Ouyang Manman, younger brother Ouyang Jingyu.Ouyang Manman was a 23-year-old female college student. Her personality was stubborn and strong.”Little brother is a high school student who has just turned 18 years old. He’s still immature, but his heart aches for elder sister.”
      “The way the two siblings supported each other was very moving. Their popularity has been rising.”
      “5Th place: Fraud combination.”My grandfather and granddaughter, Wen Chuyao, may be due to the fact that he’s been fishing recently. His popularity has slowed down and has dropped from fourth to fifth.”
      “Fourth place: mother and daughter combination.”My mother, Shu Yue, is a fitness coach. The woman, Jiang Eno, is a freelancer, but she loves swimming.”
      “We often say that women are inferior to men, but this mother and daughter let us see what it means to be a woman without a beard. We look forward to their better performance.”
      “Third place: The rich and young combination. Our Shanghai Sun and Senior Gudu are still very popular. Although Sun doesn’ t seem to be used to living in the wilderness, we can see his progress with Dugu’s help.”
      “Second place: Twin Beauty Combination.”I don’ t think we need to introduce this team. Everyone loves to see beautiful women. I know that the audience understands them better than I do.”
      “After that, everyone felt that it was inconceivable. Our popular competitors, Mu Yufei and Jing Qiuyun, had actually fallen to second place?”It’s not that their popularity is not high, but that some people’s popularity is rising too fast.”
      “Number one: Fat and skinny combination!Lin Tian and Chi Huo, two ordinary people with no special background, had always brought us a pleasant surprise after entering the island. Especially last afternoon, Lin Tian had decided that there would be a storm at night through the details of moving ants. He even sucked in countless fans for them.”
      What made people even more’ angry’ was that last night, when almost all of the contestants were unable to sleep due to some of the troubles brought by the storm, they were full, drunk, and asleep.Could they continue to go this smoothly?”Let’s wait and see.”
      In a storm, several groups of players were eliminated. It could be seen that the true survival in the wilderness was not as simple as they had imagined.
      Too many accidents could happen. Only those with both strength and luck could hold on for even longer.
      In a suburb of Shanghai, in a simple and simple house.
      “Old Ma, this number one Lin Tian is the one who has clashed with Yu’ er?”
      “Yes, Master.”
      “Not bad young man. Focus on their situation. If Yu’ er meets them, remember to inform me immediately.”
      “Good. Master, we already know the general background of Lin Tian. He lives at Chi Huo’s house.”I will arrange contact with Chi Huo’s family.”
      “Yes, it’s better to have a friend than an enemy.”
      “Don’ t worry, Master. I know what to do.”
      Sure enough, it was a big tree move. Lin Tian did not act too deliberately, but he was already noticed by someone with a heart.
      At this moment.
      The two of them had already arrived at the bamboo forest.
      [If there was a large bamboo basket, it would be more convenient to collect gifts from the sea]
      [You have obtained the Braid Fish Basket Skill]
      This was a hint that the barrier’s harvest was not bad?
      Originally, he and Fatty had brought a few empty bamboo tubes.
      It seemed that this time, the fish had more than a few fish and shrimps. It was as simple as a few crabs.
      What would it be?
      Lin Tian was filled with curiosity.
      But first, it was better to make the fish basket first.
      Lin Tian chose the bamboo and cut it into pieces.
      His technique was very skilled. He quickly moved his hands back and forth with the sliced pieces, Mie Qing, and a bucket-sized fish basket quickly formed.
      It was exquisite and beautiful.
      It was not an exaggeration to say that it was a work of art
      He also used the vines he had found to fill the fish basket with two straps, making it more practical.
      He made two big fish baskets in one go.
      Next, it was time to witness the miracle.
      *Today, all aspects of the data are a bit low. The little author is asking for some fresh flowers to evaluate the ticket ~ I’ve climbed to the yardstick ~)*

      Chapter 51: Picking Fish and Getting Tendons!

      “Brother Tian’s craftsmanship has become more and more skillful. I really want him to help me make one.”
      “Looks like Big Brother Tian has great confidence in obtaining fish. He even specially woven two large fish baskets.”
      “I’ ve never seen this man get slapped on the face. The heavens have protected a fish without getting caught…”
      “Upstairs is simply insane, but I really like this proposal!”
      “I think there will be some gains. As soon as the water rises in our school, the fish in the lake will follow the shore. After the water has dried up, the road will be filled with dumb fish stranded.”
      “Was undoubtedly our school, Royal Ocean College!!!”
      Lin Tian excitedly made a fish basket.
      On the other hand, the netizens were discussing him and Fatty with great interest.
      After the fish basket was prepared, the two of them carried one by one.
      The engineer shovel and machete could also be put into a basket, which was equivalent to liberating both hands.
      The more he went to the sea, the harder it was to walk.
      The soil was soaked by rain and seawater. It was extremely muddy. There were even small ponds in some places.
      Lin Tian didn’t bother to check if there were any fish in those ponds. He just wanted to quickly come to the barrier at the mouth of the gourd.
      Just look at the number of fish catches that were mentioned in the caption.
      It was not easy to walk. They spent more time than usual before they arrived at the mouth of the gourd.
      “Fog Grass!”
      This was the first time Lin Tian had spoken out in his heart.
      Although there was a caption, there was a general expectation in his heart.
      But the actual situation was far more than expected!
      His five senses increased. Even though he was still a distance away, it was enough for him to see the situation at the fence.
      Near the fence, a large expanse of white fish was stranded on the ground with its belly overturned.
      The trenches dug by the fatty in front of the fence were filled with fish and shrimp.
      It was because there was still water in the ditch. Many of the fish were still alive, still struggling and swimming.
      How many fish were there?
      It might not be enough for a week!
      “Brother Tian, fish!”Many fish!”
      After walking closer, Fatty also saw the white fish.
      He shouted again.
      The lines were astonishingly similar to the previous ones.
      “Yes, I saw it.”
      Lin Tian acted very calmly.
      The clouds were light.
      Isn’ t it just a bunch of fish? Calm down!
      Looking at Lin Tian’s calm expression.
      Fatty scratched his head in embarrassment.
      “Brother Tian, did you think of such a result long ago?”
      “That’s why we had to build this fence yesterday.”
      Lin Tian smiled faintly.
      “I just want to try my luck.”
      “But luck seems to be pretty good.”
      This was called luck?
      This was too good.
      The netizens could no longer remain calm. Brother Tian was floating!
      It really floated!
      “Brother Tian, let’s be a little more confident. Can we just go?”
      “What sin did you create in your previous life? Only in this life can you have such luck!”
      “Are you sure that your previous life will bring good luck?”
      “With so many fish catches, how can those competitors who are still worrying about food in the next room endure?”
      “The others are hungry and cold after the storm. Big Brother Tian is eating meat after the storm!”
      The two of them arrived at the fence.
      He put down the fish basket and began to pick up fish.
      This was a grouper.
      This one looks like a turtle?
      En, yellow croaker?Such a big yellow croaker!
      The sardines, small ones, were also taken away.
      All kinds of fish were called famous and unknown. Soon, they filled most of the fish baskets.
      “Brother Tian, the fish basket is not enough.”Fatty said as he picked up the fish.
      “Pick up all the stranded fish first. The living fish in the ditch will come back later.”
      “Remember to look at the gills. If the gills are not fresh, don’ t take them.”
      “We are not lacking in fish.”
      What a good sentence.
      It was just that the other contestants could not hear it. Otherwise, they would be so angry that they would spit out blood.
      Very quickly, the two of them filled up their fish baskets with fish, shrimp, and crabs.
      The fire was burning.
      He took the fish back to the shelter first.
      Then, he rushed back to the gourd mouth to deal with the remaining fish.
      “Brother, there are snakes in this water, biting people!”
      Fatty suddenly cried out in alarm.
      Actually, Lin Tian had been paying close attention to the surroundings. He had also seen the snake that almost bit the fatty.
      “It’s not a snake, it’s an eel, but a bite is especially painful.”
      “Don’ t worry about that fish. I’ ll deal with it later.”
      Greenfish, Flatfish, Octopus…
      More species of fish were discovered one after another.
      Without exception.
      Let’s just grab them into the cage.
      Fatty’s face was filled with excitement.” Brother Tian, this is the first time I’ ve caught so many fish in one go. Today, I want to eat a lot of fish!”
      “Yes. Today, you can let go of your belly and eat.”
      There were so many fish.
      He was even more confident when he spoke.
      Unfortunately, most of the fish died very quickly, so they could only use the time to get rid of the dried fish.
      Finally, he had caught all the fish and shrimps in the trench and caught some green crabs inside!
      Lin Tian tied the green crabs with straw ropes and prepared to go back and eat them.
      Whew… I was exhausted to death.
      Lin Tian and Fatty brought all the fish catches back to the shelter. After a long time of torment, both of them were a little tired.
      Fortunately, Lin Tian’s Physique had improved quite a bit, and his energy was still exuberant.
      “Fatty, clean up the dead fish’s internal organs. I’ ll go out.”
      Lin Tian spoke to Fatty before leaving again.
      Just leave the fish and shrimp to fatty to handle. He was very experienced.*

      Chapter 52 Slate Roast Fish, Quick Control of Water!

      Fatty found some large leaves in the forest and placed them on the ground to place the treated fish.
      He moved very quickly, and his technique was also very skilled.
      It was like an innate ability.
      It was clearly his first time dealing with some fish, but he was always able to find the most suitable location. He quickly opened his stomach and cleaned up his internal organs.
      When Fatty finished dealing with about a quarter of the fish.
      Lin Tian had returned.
      At the same time, he brought back a few large stone slabs.
      The stone slabs were not very regular, but fortunately, they were all of the right thickness, and their texture was very hard.
      [You’re going to make a stone-plate roast fish table. This way, you can quickly dry fish and shrimp and make them into dried fish]
      Originally, Lin Tian was prepared to directly use the sun to dry the fish, but it would take a bit longer.
      Moreover, the outside was still wet and not very convenient.
      If it was directly roasted on the fire, it could greatly increase the speed of making dried fish.
      Following the announcement, Lin Tian found these stone slabs.
      [Use two stones to support the stone slab, and then burn some firewood below. The simple stone slab roast fish table will be ready]
      It was indeed a job with no technical skills.
      Lin Tian quickly made a few grilled fish tables and placed the fish and shrimp on them.
      It was simple, but the effect was not bad.
      It didn’t take long before they could basically dry the water from the fish and shrimp.
      The fish and shrimp dried up and hardened.
      But it could be stored for even longer.
      “Brother Tian, it’s very convenient to bake fish like this.”Fatty said.
      “Yes, I just thought of a way.”
      “After drying the water, these fish and shrimps can be eaten for a long time.”
      “Unfortunately, I don’ t have any oil. Otherwise, I’ ll make a plate of fried fish for you to eat.”
      “Slate Fried Fish!”
      Just thinking about it made him feel delicious.
      The two of them were busy, tired, but happy.
      “Our Lin Tian and Chi Huo can be said to be the biggest beneficiaries of this storm.”The director said.
      “I think that’s what Lin Tian and the others deserve. Lin Tian used his wisdom to win this.”Song Yi continued to praise Lin Tian.
      “I agree with Miss Song Yi.If it were me, I wouldn’ t be able to predict the weather so accurately.”It’s just that he’s able to quickly gather resources after predicting the weather. He’s a very powerful man!”
      Grandpa Bei was not stingy with Lin Tian’s praise.
      Even if they found the right method, they could do more with less effort. The two of them were still busy working for more than two hours before making most of the fish and shrimp into dried fish.
      As for the rest.
      Lin Tian boiled the fish soup and roasted the fish skewers.
      Mei Mei Mei took a mouthful of fish soup and then took a mouthful of crisp, golden fish meat. The taste made her drool when she thought about it.
      The boiled green crab peeled off its shell. Pure white crab meat, golden yellow crab roe, each mouthful was the essence.
      “Envy Brother Tian, what kind of immortal life is this.”
      “If I can’ t afford to eat seafood, I’ m already unconscious in the toilet.”
      “I was so allergic to seafood that I cried and fainted in the hospital.”
      After the fatty had eaten his fill, he let out a satisfied burp.
      “Brother Tian, I feel like this charging suit is back.”
      “If I eat like this every day, I’ m afraid I’ ll get fat.”
      Fatty looked worried.
      Was this human?
      Wake up, fatty!
      You went to live in the wilderness.
      How could you become fat?
      The netizens were truly unable to remain calm. Lin Tian was floating, and even Chi Huon was floating.
      You must always leave some face for the other contestants and their fans!
      “It doesn’ t matter if you become fat. Once you stabilize, I’ ll take you to train and lose weight.”Lin Tian smiled faintly.
      Lin Tian’s words were even more devastating!
      After checking the bamboo pot that boiled fish soup, he could no longer hold on until the next time he used it.
      Every time he boiled the soup, he would consume a bamboo pot.
      It would not be a problem to continue like this.
      It seemed like he had to burn the pot.
      [With the use of iron-rich clay, after being burned at a high temperature, all kinds of pottery vessels can be made.[1]
      [You have obtained the Earth Kiln Burning Pottery Skill]
      The rich knowledge of pottery making appeared in his mind.
      Lin Tian was able to understand the principles of the burning pottery videos he had seen on television.
      [You go to the fallen tree. Those brown-red dirt are not bad raw materials for burning pottery]
      The tree that had been uprooted by the wind last night was indeed brown-red.
      The ingredients were very close, so it was convenient.
      It was even to the extent where it had just finished raining, the soil was still very wet. Even the steps of adding water and mud were saved.
      The only thing to do was to build another earth kiln.
      “Fatty, aren’t you afraid of being fat when you’ re full?”Let’s go. I’ ll take you to train and digest.”Lin Tian took the engineer shovel and fish basket and walked out.
      “Brother Tian, we already have too many fish to eat. Where are we going to fish?”Fatty also picked up the fish basket and quickly followed.
      The two of them quickly arrived before the fallen tree.
      “We’ re not here to fish, we’ re here to dig.”Lin Tian pointed at the root of the tree and said.
      “Digging?”Why are you digging properly?”Fatty asked.
      “I want to use these red clay to make a pot, so it would be much more convenient for us to boil soup.”I need to make some sealed pots to seal the dried fish.”Lin Tiandao.
      “Just use this earth?”I see many of them on TV using yellow mud.”
      “The yellow clay is also a good raw material for making pottery. It is strong in viscosity, and it is not easy to break the sintered pottery.”
      “And now, what we’ re going to dig up is red pottery. It’s rich in iron, and the pottery we’ re burning is even more sturdy and durable.”*

      Chapter 53 Playing Clay and Playing Artwork

      [Fallen tree]
      [Don’ t ignore the details of life. The big tree can only be used as firewood. The red mud from the root of the big tree has a greater effect]
      When he saw the tree again, the contents of the narration were updated.
      He emphasized the role of red clay again.
      “Brother Tian is still so careful. He loves him ~”
      Was “finally going to burn pottery?”I’ m looking forward to Brother Tian’s work.”
      The fans expressed.
      The small bench had already been moved. It was just waiting for Lin Tianxiu’s technique.
      [You screened out the large particles in the clay, increasing the success rate of making the finished product]
      Because it was raining and the clay became wet, Lin Tian was unable to make a sieve to screen the clay.
      He could only warn Fatty to clear away the stones, roots and other debris from the clay.
      “Theoretically speaking, most of the soil can be used to produce finished pottery.”
      “But the quality of pottery is one of the key factors that determine the quality of pottery.”
      “Impurity-free red clay is an excellent material for making ceramics.”
      Lin Tian explained as he dug up the mud.
      The two of them used a fish basket to transport a large pile of clay back.
      Lin Tian picked out a piece of the baking table that was used to bake fish and shrimp.
      It was used as a platform for making pottery.
      Dry some of the clay and sprinkle it on the workbench.
      After making the pottery, the pottery would not stick to the table.
      “Rubbing the soil is the key step to the success of the pottery burning.”
      “The better the soil is rubbed, the more viscous it is, the less likely it will break during the burning process.”
      Lin Tian carefully rubbed the soil while Fatty was helping out.
      “I was actually watching Brother Tian play with mud!”I’ m still enjoying it!”
      “Brother Tian’s technique and method of rubbing the earth means that obsessive-compulsive disorder is extremely comfortable~”
      “Ah… I want to be that lump of mud… shy…”
      Lin Tian began to make pottery after the soil was almost crushed.
      The first thing to do was the pot.
      He took out a large pile of soil and slowly took out the embryonic form of the bottom of the pot. After that, he rubbed some long strips and circled around the bottom, slowly stacking them up.
      Every time he finished building the new earth bar, he had to crush it with the lower part to make the pot wall solid and firm.
      It was also to prevent the pot from being destroyed during the burning process.
      After the pot was made, Lin Tian made a suitable size lid.
      After finishing the pot, he then made a few small pots to store dry goods.
      Actually, the steps of making pottery were similar, but the shape of pottery was different.
      “This pottery is too beautiful.”
      “Brain: I will.Hands:” I’ m crippled!”
      “Brother Tian still want it?”Don’ t send it to me.”
      “Play with mud and create art!”
      Just as they had finished making the pottery, the netizens had already knelt down. The shape of the pottery was too exquisite to believe their eyes.
      Lin Tian began to build an earth kiln.
      “Actually, it is possible to burn pottery in the open air. This is the most primitive technique.”
      “But the quality of the finished product is average.”
      “This is because the other key factor of the pottery is the temperature. The temperature of the pottery in the open air is not enough, and the heat dissipation is not even enough. Therefore, it is impossible to burn high-quality pottery.”
      “We need to build an earth kiln to make pottery. Only this kind of finished product is outstanding.”
      Lin Tian used the stones that he had found around the shelter to form a circle, and then slowly stacked them up.
      The cracks in the stone were painted with clay, further increasing the temperature in the kiln.
      The stone was placed at a proper height.
      Lin Tian found a few long stone strips as the furnace bridge to place the original pottery embryo.
      After slowly putting the dried pot into the kiln, Lin Tian continued to shrink the upper part of the kiln. This way, the heat preservation effect would be even better.
      This was because this time, it was a simple earth kiln. It wasn’t big. It could n’ t burn all the pottery at once, so it wasn’t sealed.
      [You have completed the construction of the earth kiln. The perfect earth kiln has greatly increased the quality of the finished pottery.[1]
      [Earth Kiln Obtained High Temperature Bonus]
      Lin Tian looked at the decent earth kiln. It was indeed a hundred thousand li away from perfection.
      However, since the system had given a high temperature bonus, there was no need to worry about the temperature of the earth kiln.
      Only the last step was left.
      Fatty volunteered. He would be in charge of burning fire.
      “This is the most industrious fatty I’ ve ever seen.”
      “Toolman go online.”
      “Looking forward to the finished product~”
      The temperature of the earth kiln was probably around 1,500 degrees.
      After all, it had a system high temperature boost.
      Even at such a high temperature, it would take 7-8 hours to burn a perfect pottery.
      The first batch of pottery should be released at night.
      With Fatty in charge of burning fire, Lin Tian did not have to worry about burning pottery.
      One afternoon, he was about to make out the hive.
      It was still the collapsed tree.
      [Fallen tree]
      [This tree has been lying on the ground for a long time. It can only be used as trash. If you bring it back to the shelter, it will become firewood. If you have any skills, it will become a work of art.[1]
      [You decided to make a hive with your dexterous hands]
      [You have obtained the hive making skill]
      This narration system.
      The tree that had been mentioned earlier could only be used as firewood, but now it was suggested that it could be used as a work of art?
      It was too willful and mischievous!
      But I like it.
      Lin Tian was still delighted.
      However, the netizens in the broadcast room saw that it was indeed another Lin Tian.
      Calm, calm, steady.
      He was holding a machete and an engineering shovel and starting to deal with this big tree.
      *(After passing by, the handsome and beautiful girls will give some support ~ The little author will thank you first ~ all of you for your money ~)*

      Chapter 54 Sirs are all very decadent

      He had just experienced a storm last night.
      This was a storm in nature.
      It was also the storm in the hearts of the contestants.
      Even if many of the contestants were not eliminated, their states were not ideal.
      When Lin Tian was about to make a beehive.
      Sir Wen was sitting on a stone.
      “Grandfather, the old saying is good. There is a storm in the sky.”
      “It’s hard to guarantee 100% accuracy about the Stargaze at Night.”
      “Last night’s wind and rain were unpredictable.”
      “Why do you have to deny yourself?”
      Wen Chiyao was sensible and consoled Sir Wen as she pinched his shoulder.
      “Little girl, stop comforting me. Grandfather is indeed old.”
      Sir Wen looked at the shell in his hand and sighed deeply.
      In fact, he would make a divination every morning.
      The hexagram of the previous night was clearly a moon star in the night.
      But what about the truth?
      Mother Xi Pi!
      That demon wind almost ran away from the shelter!
      It was also fortunate that Wen Chuyao had used some wooden sticks to strengthen the shelter yesterday afternoon. At the same time, she had used large palm leaves to cover the shelter even more tightly.
      That was why they were able to survive a night without any danger.
      Suddenly, Sir Wen thought of something.
      His eyes widened and he turned to stare at Wen Chuyao.
      “Little girl, did you already see that it would rain at night?”
      “Grandfather, you can’ t even see what’s going on. How can a girl like me who just entered the school do that.”Wen Chuyao quickly shook her head and denied.
      “Don’ t lie to me. This matter is very important.”Sir Wen was suddenly very serious.
      “I promise not to lie to you. I really can’ t understand that hexagram.”Wen Chuyao quickly replied.
      Seeing that the System did not ask, she quickly changed the topic.
      “Grandpa, last night, the wind blew away the remaining coconuts, and the sea water rose to drown the previous fishing position. What should we do next?”
      “Let me think about this. When I count the hexagrams, it’s time to shift positions.”Sir Wen said meaningfully.
      Wen Chuyao sighed inwardly.
      Fortunately, Grandpa did not ask.
      Otherwise, he would not have lied and could only tell his grandfather the truth.
      Seagull flew low.
      Earthworms drilled out of the ground.
      The ants carried food to move.
      When fishing, the fish ate abnormally.
      And the sixth sense unique to girls?
      He couldn’t tell his grandfather that he was using these methods to determine the probable rate of torrential rain, right?
      He had persevered for the rest of his life, but he had easily guessed it.
      How sad should Grandfather know?
      Both grandfather and grandson were still living a decent life. Even though it might not be accurate to hear the grandfather’s words, his fishing skills were first-class.
      They still had quite a few dried fish.
      Moreover, they had also found a very small stream of stone spring water that they could drink normally.
      However, it would be more difficult to shift positions.
      As the surrounding area became more and more familiar, the utilization rate of resources increased.
      It was impossible to guarantee that he could find enough fresh water on his way.
      However, Wen Chu Yao still remembered her grandfather’s hexagram instructions. They were going to search for someone with a fate.
      Although Sir Wen didn’t say it clearly.
      However, Wen Chu Yao could feel that her grandfather’s attitude towards this hexagram was more firm than any other hexagram in the past.
      She was truly unable to convince herself not to accompany her grandfather on his journey.
      The netizens in the livestream room also paid close attention to the situation between the grandfather and grandson.
      “Haha, it’s truly fragrant. It’s time for Sir Wen to fail.”
      “Could the people upstairs not be so sour?”Why didn’ t you say anything when Sir Wen found the stone spring water?”
      “I always feel that Little Sister Chu Yao is very filial. If only I had such a little sister.”
      At the same time.
      Sir Gudu, who had also impressed the netizens deeply, also had a gloomy face.
      He was applying medicine to Sun Yu.
      It was also due to the heavy rain last night.
      Dugu naturally had the ability to be sent by the Sun Clan to accompany Sun Yu to participate in the wilderness.
      Although he didn’ t have the ability to see the sky at night, he didn’ t have Wen Chuyao’s care and intelligence.
      When the wind blows and when it rains.
      It was impossible for him to know.
      However, Dugu was mature and knew to plan ahead.
      The shelter was built extremely sturdy, and it was also wind-proof and waterproof. The wind did not move, and the rain could not be drenched.
      The netizens maintained a great support for this mysterious old man. In fact, many of Sun Yu’s fans slowly turned their gazes towards Dugu.
      But things were always so coincidental.
      One by one, the unfortunate events had come to the door.
      First, a bolt of lightning struck their shelter, and it also set the shelter on fire in the torrential rain.
      “Help, what’s going on!”
      Sun Yu was so scared that he almost peed in his pants. He rolled and crawled out of the shelter.
      Standing in the rain, his legs trembled slightly.
      It was unknown if the rain was too cold or if there was lingering fear.
      Gudu’s hands and feet were numb. He quickly used the rain and branches to extinguish the fire.
      However, he was not happy.
      The older a person was, the more he treasured and respected life.
      There were also some special matters that were more taboo.
      For example, a rainy day was struck by lightning.
      No matter what, it was not a good omen!
      The two of them returned to the shelter. Although the fire had not been extinguished, they did not have enough firewood.
      Helpless, Dugu could only draw some firewood, causing the fire to be slightly lit.
      No matter what, the flames had to endure until dawn.
      Otherwise, if there was no fire in the rain, it would be extremely dangerous in the wild.
      When people are unlucky, danger is not something you can hide from.*

      55 Sun Yu’s Wails and Struggle

      Time replayed.
      “Ah!”How painful…”
      A miserable wail rang out from Sun Yu’s shelter.
      Dugu suddenly opened his eyes.
      Under the faint flames, he saw a green figure beside Sun Yu.
      At this moment, Sun Yu was currently wailing as he randomly threw stones at him.
      “Young Master!”
      Dugu grabbed Sun Yu’s hand and stopped him from moving. It was a green snake whose head had been smashed into pieces by Sun Yu.
      Dugu quickly added some firewood to the fire, then grabbed the dead snake and looked at it.
      Finally, he looked at Sun Yu’s swollen left hand.
      Shockingly, there was a zigzag tooth imprint!
      “Young Master, it’s Zhu Yeqing.”Dugu said coldly.
      “Zhu Yeqing!?”
      Sun Yu’s face was livid as beads of sweat rolled down his face.
      On the one hand, it was painful.
      The wound on his arm was as painful as a knife.
      On the other hand, he was scared.
      “I heard that this snake… is very poisonous?”
      “Will I die!”
      Gudu Mily used his shoelaces to tie the upper end of the wound. This way, it could effectively prevent the poison from flowing back to his heart and spreading to his entire body.
      “Poisonous, but not fatal.”
      As Dugu spoke, he used a special technique to squeeze the wound on Sun Yu’s arm.
      He wanted to squeeze out as much poison as possible!
      Sun Yu clenched his teeth. It was truly unbearable pain!
      This wasn’ t over yet. Dugu picked up a burning branch with his hand. Before Sun Yu could react, he quickly grabbed his hand and burned it on the wound for a few seconds.
      “Ah!”What are you doing?”Sun Yu was a little angry.
      “Using fire can reduce the poison.”
      Dugu’s words caused Sun Yu to lose his temper.
      Although it was Dawn.
      However, all the people in the livestream rooms were full.
      Due to the storm, many fans chose to stay up all night to watch the situation of the competitors.
      Sun Yu’s misfortune could be said to have been witnessed by the entire audience.
      “F*ck, it’s Zhu Yeqing!”It hurts!”
      “Why is Young Master Sun so unlucky? The shelter was struck by lightning. This is the first time I’ ve seen it. Now, it’s being bitten by Zhu Yeqing.”
      “Fortunately, with Senior Dugu present, I feel that Senior Dugu knows a lot. He is a bit like Lin Tian next door.”
      “After all, he’s a senior. There’s nothing to be surprised by how much he knows. As for Lin Tian, he’s so young. Only by understanding everything can one admire.”
      “This person is just an idiot. How much money does his family need, yet he still comes out to suffer this sin? Serves him right!”
      “After being bitten by a poisonous snake, will Young Master Sun withdraw?”
      The netizens were most concerned about whether Sun Yu would withdraw after being injured.
      After all, he was a young master of the rich family. Regardless of whether he was powerful or not, there would always be many people watching him. They wanted to see how the rich young master who lived in the sky was different from the ordinary people on earth.
      In addition, many of them wanted to see the people in the sky fall down in an extremely miserable manner.
      Sun Yu and the others were also discussing this issue.
      “Young master, I’ ve already cleaned up the poison for you.”
      “I’ ll go out and find some more herbs for you later. Theoretically, there’s no big problem”
      “However, I also had a chance to fail, so the young master decided whether we should give up the competition and go back to seek medical treatment.”
      Sun Yu’s expression changed after hearing this.
      He trusted Dugu. He knew ancient martial arts and had many experience points. As long as his luck wasn’ t too bad, he could guarantee that he would finish the match relatively easily.
      This was also the reason why he didn’ t hesitate to participate in the competition.
      Otherwise, why would a grand and wealthy young man come out to suffer this sin?
      But everyone was afraid of death.
      Rich people cherished their lives!
      Sun Yu hesitated.
      It was naturally safer to go back, but he was not willing to give up on the competition. The entire nation was watching!
      Moreover, he hadn’ t found Mu Yufei and Lin Tian.
      Before the competition, he had said that Lin Tian would look good in front of the entire country.
      If he gave up now, where would he put his face aside?
      “I don’ t know what’s going on between Lin Tian and Mu Yufei. I said I wanted to find them.”Sun Yu said.
      Dugu raised his eyelids slightly. Clearly, this answer was within his expectations.
      “Young master really doesn’t need to stick to this matter.”
      “Odin Island is a vast and undeveloped place. The contestants are far apart. In fact, the chances of them meeting each other are extremely low.”
      “Even if it was me, I would not be able to find them with my young master.”
      “Not to mention that seven teams have already been eliminated.”
      Sun Yu’s eyes widened as Dugu’s words woke him up.
      What a cunning program team. No wonder they allowed their team members to form a team. No wonder they allowed them to fight!
      It was a vast area. If they couldn’ t meet each other, no matter if it was team formation or fighting, none of them existed!
      Moreover, they had already eliminated seven groups of competitors. Could there be Lin Tian and Mu Yufei inside?
      Even with Dugu’s help, it was so difficult. How long could they only rely on themselves to endure?
      Sun Yu almost blurted out that he wanted to give up.
      At the same time, he realized another problem.
      His grandfather very much agreed to support him in challenging this Man vs. Wild.
      Was Uncle Dugu really just here to protect him?
      Sun Yu’s back was covered in cold sweat.
      The pain in his arm weakened slightly as he thought about it. He didn’ t know if Gudu’s blood release had worked.
      “Uncle Gudu, I can still persist. I can’ t slap the face of our Sun family!”
      Dugu did not reply.
      He went out to look for the herbs when the sky was slightly bright.
      Only now did he come back to apply medicine for Sun Yu.
      However, his expression was gloomy. It had only been one night since the storm had happened.
      How many unknown dangers would he encounter if he wanted to persist on the island for a long time?
      What worried him the most was that from the time he ascended the island until now, his luck had never been better.
      This was simply too strange!*

      Chapter 56: Building a villa for the bee colony!

      [This fallen tree is not small. You should first use an engineer’s shovel to cut it into sections and then use a machete to grant suitable boards.[1]
      [You have gained +3 Stamina,+3 Resistance]
      Yes, not bad.
      Originally, it had already taken quite a bit of energy to dig up soil and burn pottery.
      Now that the system had given him an attribute bonus, Lin Tian felt that his entire body was filled with energy.
      [You need to cut the trees into pieces. This is an individual’s strength, but to you, it is not difficult at all]
      Lin Tian first used a machete to cut down all the branches on the main tree.
      Then, he began to saw the trunk into a section about a meter long.
      With just a glance, he had confirmed the position of the engineer shovel. Without measuring, Lin Tian was confident that the error would not exceed 1 cm.
      The cut of the engineer shovel was not very deep.
      However, Lin Tian’s skill was very good. His arms quickly pulled back and forth, and the wood shavings immediately flew away.
      “Brother Tian will never be tired.”
      “This hand is faster than my spear!”
      “F*ck, how dare you drive?”
      “What are you thinking? I’m talking about shooting!”
      “Right, right, right. What we’re talking about is shooting!”
      Not long after, Lin Tian saw the middle and lower parts of the tree into a length of one meter.
      As for the treetops.
      He cut off his blade and turned back to be a firewood.
      [Then, you prepared to split the tree section into wooden boards. Your blade technique was extraordinary, and you successfully played with a wave of handsome [1]
      Lin Tian stood up.
      He chopped down with a sharp blade.
      The outer skin of the tree section was split open.
      The cut was flat, straight and smooth.
      Move the wooden segment to an angle.
      Three consecutive strikes chopped off the remaining bark of the tree.
      Although he struck very quickly, his strike was exceptionally accurate. The last three strikes were 90 degrees at right angles to the previous one.
      4 Blades.
      The whole round section of the tree became a beautiful cuboid.
      “I*m*, I can’t cut this rule even with a machine, right?”
      “My mother asked me why I was kneeling and watching the live broadcast…”
      “I always thought there was no god in the world until I met Big Brother Tian.”
      “Ah!”I’ ve split open!”
      However, the shock and joy that Lin Tian brought to everyone was far more than that.
      Lin Tian then swung his knife and quickly cut the entire cuboid tree into large, thick, and uniform boards.
      This hive production skill really wasn’t something!
      But it was not just as simple as putting together a hive.
      How to split the raw material (wood) into the regular wood actually included it.
      “Perhaps everyone is curious as to why I can chop such rules?”
      “Actually, practice makes perfect.”
      “When I was young, my family was poor, and I had to chop firewood every day.”
      “It’s purely training.”
      Lin Tian raised his head and looked at the flying vehicle that had been tracking the photography.
      Yes, it was so straightforward.
      No one said that he couldn’ t have a coincidence, right?
      “Brother Tian is too strong. He can even train his skills by chopping firewood!”
      “I really regret that I didn’t chop wood properly when I was young. If the heavens gave me another chance, I definitely would n’ t choose to use an axe, but a machete!”
      “All of you are a bunch of clowns~”
      The screen was particularly active, but the atmosphere was quite good.
      In the broadcasting room, Grandpa Bei looked at Xiao Sa and Song Yi in admiration.
      “Dahua is too miraculous, too great!”
      “Not only does the old man know ancient martial arts, martial arts, and divination.”
      “Even such a young man has all sorts of skills!”
      “In Da Hua’s words, what do you say? This Chai cleaves my temper?”
      Xiao San and Song Yi had smiles on their faces. They could feel that Grandpa Bei wasn’ t joking, but was truly shocked by Lin Tian’s wood chopping skills.
      Hearing the heartfelt sighs of their fellow citizens from other countries, who would not feel a sense of pride in their hearts?
      “Amazing! Even Grandpa Bei was convinced.”
      “Really give our Da Hua a face.”
      “I have a feeling that it won’ t be long before the world’s number one man for survival in the wilderness is about to change.”
      “Support my Heavenly Brother’s glory on the Heavenly Ranking!”
      Lin Tian simply explained.
      Then, he continued to work on the other segments.
      Cut the wooden boards and cut off the horizontal strips.
      First, prepare all the raw materials for installation.
      [Materials have already been prepared, but you need some nails to nail the wooden boards and bars together]
      [You think it’s such a good time to use nails too much. It’s time to show off Dahua’s tenon and tenon technique like the rest of the world]
      [You have obtained the Tenon and Tenon Connection Skill]
      “Next, we will assemble all the wooden boards.”
      “I’ m not going to make nails. The ancestor used tenon and tenon to connect the two components.”
      “I happen to be a little bit too. I hope that more people will like the culture passed down from the ancestor.”
      Lin Tian used his machete to carve out tenon and tenon structures on the wooden boards, and then slowly a miracle happened.
      When the two wooden boards buckled together, the protruding tenon could perfectly fit the concave tenon (mortise).
      It could be said that the sky was flawless.
      If the naked eye didn’ t look closely, it might even think that this was a complete piece of wood.
      “Cheating Grass!”
      “Kneel for Big Brother Tian again.”
      “I deeply suspect that Lin Tian is the inheritor of Dahua’s intangible cultural heritage!”
      With the help of the system.
      Lin Tian quickly made a beautiful beehive.
      Lin Tian looked at the artwork in his hand, his heart filled with pride.
      However, Lin Tian was a little worried.
      Someone should have seen the tenon and tenon technique he displayed, right?
      *(I’m going to fight soon ~ I’ ll ask for some fresh flowers to reward the evaluation votes ~ Kneel to thank you ~)*

      Chapter 57 Gugu: Are you demons?

      After the hive was prepared, Lin Tian placed it under the tree where the hive had built a new nest.
      He used wooden boards to build a shed for the hive, so there was no need to be afraid of the rain.
      This matter was settled.
      Lin Tian decided to go back and pretend to chase away the bees with smoke.
      [You think you’ ve neglected something, so you decided to go back and investigate the fallen treetops]
      What else was happening at the treetops?
      Lin Tian returned to the fallen tree.
      The treetops were dense, and they needed to wait for a few days for the sun to explode.
      [Go closer and search for the tree branch]
      This was a nest!
      Lin Tian finally realized what the caption was saying.
      He carefully inspected the nest.
      Beneath the nest……There was actually a complete egg?
      “Wow, it’s actually a bird’s egg. Unfortunately, only one is good. Otherwise, Big Brother Tian can have a good meal tonight.”
      “I’ ve seen eggs before. I’ ve never seen a bird egg before.”
      “Chicken was also a kind of bird. Although it couldn’ t fly, you couldn’ t discriminate against a chicken?”(Kobold has a bad smile)”
      “Do you think Big Brother Tian ate this egg or was it used to hatch a bird?”
      “Big brother, this is survival in the wilderness. Do you think you’ re at home and still incubating a baby bird?”
      Lin Tian looked at the thumb-sized white bird egg in his hand.
      Just such a small egg?
      It wasn’ t enough to fill the gaps!
      Forget it, bring it back first. When the pot is ready, boil some egg soup.
      It was also a delight.
      “Brother Tian, you’ re back. The hive is ready?”
      Fatty looked at Lin Tian and handed him a bunch of roast fish.
      “I’ m really bored to sit here. The fire is burning so much that I want to roast a few fish to eat.”
      “But it’s not as delicious as you roasted.”
      Lin Tian sat down and took the roast fish. He ate it without any objection.” It’s very fragrant. We’ ll bring out the salt later. It’ ll be even more fragrant.”
      “I’ ve already prepared the hive. I’ ll just lead the swarm over in a moment.”
      “By the way, this is a bird’s egg that I picked up. I can have an egg soup at night.”
      The fatty took the bird egg and looked at it. He was very disappointed,” This is too small.”
      “That’s right. It’s so small. Big Brother Tian, please spare this egg!”
      There was a netizen wailing in the broadcast room. Perhaps it was a kind-hearted little sister.
      Unfortunately, Lin Tian was unable to hear her request.
      Just as Lin Tian was about to answer Fatty, he saw Gu Gu flapping his wings and flying to Fatty’s arm.
      Tong Ling’s big eyes were staring at Bird Egg with a curious expression.
      “Gu, are you interested in this bird egg?”
      Lin Tian reached out his hand and rubbed his cooing head.
      Gu Gu gently pecked Lin Tian’s palm with his bird’s beak. His legs moved back and forth on Fatty’s arm.
      Lin Tian knew that this was an expression of intimacy and joy.
      After thinking about it, Lin Tian let go.
      Gu Gu was still a young bird. He was probably like a human child, and he was also greedy and curious.
      “Sigh, Big Brother Tian.Do you think coo would hatch a bird’s egg?”If I don’ t let Gugu hatch this bird egg, it will have a companion.”Fatty’s eyes suddenly lit up.
      Then, the netizens and Lin Tian saw Gu Gu’s head suddenly shrink back. His two eyes stared at the fatty and widened.
      Lin Tianfen clearly understood his thoughts from his cooing eyes.
      “Something?”You actually let me hatch a bird’s egg!”
      Lin Tian felt that he wasn’ t wrong. This was what Gu Gu wanted to express.
      “Was it my illusion?How could I feel the shock in the bird’s eyes?!”
      “You’ re not mistaken. Gugu is too human.”
      “I raised an owl before. Coo, it looks like a young male bird.”
      “Ha?Young male bird!”No wonder Gu Gu is so shocked and scared.”
      “Fatty was a devil?”I’ ve actually wanted a young male owl to hatch a bird’s egg. I’ ve laughed so much that my egg hurts!”
      “Didn’ t you really like this bird egg?”Why aren’ t you willing to incubate it?”Lin Tian tried to ask.
      With a coo, he flew to the pile of firewood that Lin Tian and the others had stored.
      Then, the sense of vigilance in his human eyes was very strong.
      “I’ m curious.”
      “But that doesn’ t mean that a minor bird like me is about to bring a baby, right?”
      “Moreover, I’ m public!”
      “Please respect my gender.”
      Lin Tian once again felt his heart growling.
      Could it be because of the system?
      However, this was not important.
      Most importantly, now that Lin Tian was interested, he wanted to see a male bird as his father!
      Lin Tian found some hay.
      Then, he spread out on the pile of firewood to form a bird’s nest.
      Carefully put the egg in.
      Then, in his frightened eyes, Lin Tian grabbed it and placed it into the nest.
      “Be good, coo, you can, trust yourself!”
      Lin Tian tried to deceive her with a strange smile.
      Gugu wanted to resist.
      It wanted to protect its dignity as a bird!
      Perhaps it was because Lin Tian had used the system to tame it, Coo could only grit his teeth and use his beak to push the egg into his feathers.
      Then, he moved in his nest to find a comfortable position.
      Why was his movements so skilled?
      Gu Gu, you have a lot of talent.
      Yuan Yi smiled happily.
      “Ah, I think Brother Tian and Fatty are both demons!They actually forced a male bird to hatch a bird’s egg!”Furthermore, it’s a young male bird!”
      “Didn’ t everyone find it miraculous?”That’s right.”
      “Gugu looked so cute just now. It will definitely become a qualified bird dad.”*

      Chapter 58 Honeybees Moving Home Success

      After placing the egg on the ground, Lin Tian made a torch with a tree branch, as if he was smoking the bees.
      “Brother Tian, is this a bit reckless?”
      “I think I need to bring the hive over to get the chance to chase the hive inside.”
      “Bee: Lin Tian, you are the real madman!”Let’s go.”
      “Bee: Hello,110?”I’ m going to call the police, but the bad guys are here to break the house again…”
      The netizens were discussing in high spirits.
      [Frightened swarm of bees, control the queen of bees![Let them calm down]
      The Queen Bee received Lin Tian’s order and flew with the swarm towards the hive in the forest.
      “Brother Tian, what if they flew out?”
      Fatty was still a little worried. Although there was still a lot of honey left in stock, he would definitely finish it one day, right?
      “It’s fine. I’ ve painted a lot of honey inside the hive outside. They’ ll be there.”
      Lin Tian was not worried at all.
      Instead, he slowly put out the tree branch fire.
      “This…”Alright.”In the end, Fatty chose to trust Lin Tian unconditionally.
      After the torch was extinguished, Lin Tian cut some honey and beeswax.
      “Go, fatty.”Let’s go take a look.”
      The two of them arrived at the hive. Lin Tian opened the lid of the hive. There was indeed a buzzing swarm of bees inside.
      “It really is here. Brother Tian, you are too powerful.”Fatty scratched his head. This matter was too inconceivable to him.
      “Brother Tian is cheating!”
      “I’ ve seen a ghost. If Lin Tian were to torment these bees back and forth like this, would they not run away?”
      “Brother Tian’s charm is no longer suitable for people. Don’ t you think Stone and Coo will not leave without Lin Tian?~”
      Lin Tian only smiled faintly at Fatty’s exclamation.
      He looked rather calm and collected.
      This shocking incident did not cause Lin Tian’s emotions to fluctuate.
      Then, Lin Tian put the honey and beeswax into the beehive, which could speed up the construction of the new hive.
      As he put it in, bees continuously crawled over and over in his hands.
      The netizens held their breath, afraid that if they made any sound, they would scare the bees on the screen and attack Lin Tian and the others.
      Lin Tian let out a sigh of relief.
      Fortunately, it wasn’t known if it was the ability of the Bee King’s little brother, or if the bees were giving face to themselves.
      Even when Lin Tian covered the hive, not a single bee attacked the two of them.
      It would be good if they did not roll over.
      The busy time always passed quickly.
      The sun that had roasted the island for a day gradually dispersed. The golden sun spread across the forest. On the mountains and rivers, the world after the storm was as beautiful as a painting.
      It was only about an hour before the dark.
      Dinner wasn’t done so early. After the pot in the kiln was cooked, it could be cooked.
      There was only a bamboo tube of fresh water left in the shelter.Before night fell, Lin Tian prepared to bring some bamboo tubes to the stream to carry water.
      “I’ ll go with you, Big Brother Tian?”Fatty said.
      “No need. I’ ll go alone. I’ ll be back soon.”Lin Tian replied with a smile.
      After being buffed by the system, Lin Tian’s speed was much faster than normal people.
      Not to mention Fatty was flexible.
      However, running fast or running fast wasn’ t his specialty.
      When he arrived at the stream, the entire stream had doubled in width.After a day of flowing, the stream was still slightly muddy.
      However, the effect was not great. It would be fine if it was set back and boiled.
      The two traps that had been placed here yesterday afternoon had long disappeared, and most likely they had been rushed to the river.
      There was nothing to feel sorry for. There were still a lot of bamboo in the bamboo forest, so Lin Tian was going to make more than ten.
      After taking the water, Lin Tian hurried back.
      When they arrived at the shelter, the sky had just darkened.
      Seeing Lin Tian return, he cheerfully called out. At night, it was far more active than during the day.
      “If you’ re hungry or bored, go out and find something to eat, but don’ t fly far.”
      Lin Tian stroked his cooing feathers and said.
      Gu Gu tilted his head and narrowed his eyes. He looked like he was enjoying himself. He didn’ t know if Lin Tian had heard what he said.
      “Wow, it’s already enough for others to masturbate with a cat. Big Brother Tian will masturbate with a cat!”
      “I really want to have an owl like Coo as a pet ~”
      “Wake up, coo, coo. This man only wants to use you as an incubator!”
      “Is the incubator still alright?”
      Seeing Lin Tian and cooing, Fatty also lifted up the stone that was standing on the ground.
      “Brother Tian, I’ ve always been worried that Gugu would eat stones. I didn’ t expect them to be safe and sound.”
      Gugu’s closed eyes opened a gap. He glanced at the stone in Fatty’s hand, not knowing what it meant.
      “Don’ t worry. They are all our friends now. They won’ t fight inside,” Lin Tian said with a smile.
      He had already instructed him to coo. Regardless of whether it was the bees that entered or exited, the stones that were still waiting on the ground would not be able to move.
      The fire in the kiln was still burning. Lin Tian was about to burn it for another hour.
      After that, he used red clay to make some simple containers and put them on the side to dry.
      Once the kiln was finished, the next kiln would follow.
      As he made pottery and chatted with the fatty, time quickly passed.
      “Fatty, you’ ve left the kiln!”*

      Chapter 59 Same Island, Different Night

      The new day was coming to an end, and the broadcasting room was circulating the current situation of each group of players.
      The current scene happened to be a combination of farmers.
      Zhao Tiezhu, Guo Shaohai.
      Their luck was quite good. The two pieces of equipment they received were quite practical.
      A pickaxe with a cross-shaped crane’s mouth.
      The tip was like a large awl, impenetrable.
      The flat head was like a wide hoe, with sharp edges.
      It could be said that this pickaxe was the main weapon they were searching for to use all sorts of survival resources.
      For example, their shelter.
      Two tree trunks were cut down with a pickaxe, leaning against a large stone wall. The triangular space formed was their home.
      On the two tree trunks, a small long wooden stick was tied with the bark of the tree. Then, it was covered with moss and leaves.
      The roof that could cover the wind and rain was finished.
      They had not even found a flowing stream or river.
      On a relatively damp sand near the shelter, they forcefully dug out a “well” two meters deep with a pickaxe.
      In order to avoid collapse, the well was in the shape of a funnel. In fact, it was at the tip of the bottom. Fresh water seeped out every day.
      At this moment, they were roasting meat outside the shelter.
      Huo didn’ t need them to do anything about it.
      The other item was a lighter.
      “Wow, did Uncle Tie Zhu and Uncle Shao Hai eat roast snake meat tonight?”
      “Why are they so powerful? Snake Cave is so secretive that they can dig it!”
      “Bear Die, don’ t you understand? There are quite a few people in the countryside who will hunt snakes.”
      “This reminds me of the pitiful Guo Shao. He hasn’ t recovered after being bitten by Zhu Yeqing.”
      “Uncle Tie Zhu: Bamboo Leaf Green and the like are all side dishes. Eat one ~”
      The netizens liked these two simple uncles very much. Their popularity had steadily increased.
      “As expected, our farmer group is eating snake meat again. It’s very appropriate for them to have a pickaxe. If they can really survive for more than a year, the snake holes on the island will probably be dug out.”Theo laughed and teased.
      “Actually, the snake meat is very delicious. It is very comfortable to eat it in the wilderness.”Grandpa Bei smiled and said,” I heard that there are quite a few snakes in Shanghai?”
      “Yes, Dahua has a long history of eating snakes. The snake meat in Yang City is very famous. We can take you and Miss Song Yi to taste it when we have time.”Xiao Sa said.
      “Oh, I’ m looking forward to it!”Grandpa Bei’s eyes lit up.
      “I have many good friends who say that snake meat is not bad, but I never dare to try it.”Song Yidao.
      Tie Zhu and Shao Hai were still eating snake meat. This was a necessity that they could endure.
      The broadcast room had already switched to the next group of players.
      The fourth-ranked mother-daughter combination.
      Four days on the island, no one had said that Shu Yue and Jiang Yino were vases.
      Indeed, both of them were very good at fighting in terms of looks and figures, and they were no weaker than some celebrities.
      They were naturally beautiful flowers.
      However, the two of them were also very capable of self-reliance.
      The netizens still remembered the first day on the island.
      Jiang Yinuo, who was fond of swimming, held his breath at the bottom of the ocean for nearly five minutes and successfully pulled out a large octopus that was hiding in the cave.
      If it wasn’ t for Shu Yue telling everyone that they didn’ t need to worry, the helicopter rescue team would have already moved out!
      Shu Yue, as her mother, was not inferior to her. As a fitness coach, she was usually fond of sports. Her strength and stamina were stronger than those of some men.
      When her daughter went down to the sea to touch the fish, she was flipping through crabs by the sea. She could easily flip over several tens of kilograms of large stones.
      Sometimes, the Great Green Crab could be found beneath the stone.
      Holding two large pincers, it was extremely fierce!
      “You dare to compete with me?”
      Shu Yue’s two sleeves were stacked on top of each other as she mercilessly stomped on the green crab.
      Then, he quickly used his hands to break off the green crab’s two pincers…
      Green Crab:”!!!!!”
      The netizen:”?????”
      “The word tiger wolf!”
      “Violent Spice Mother!”
      “Sympathize with the green crab for 1 second, but those two green crabs are really big~”
      “???Two green crabs?”Isn’ t there only one?”
      At this moment, the mother and daughter were sitting in the shelter with their backs against each other. They were grinding the sharp rocks on the big rocks while chatting about some interesting stories from before in the city.
      “How warm!” Song Yi’s eyes lit up with stars. No matter how bitter or tired the mother and daughter were, they encouraged each other. They were both mothers and sisters.
      The camera turned again.
      The scene was a combination of our siblings.
      “Sis, is this how you made it up?”Ouyang Jingyu pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and asked.
      “Yes, that’s right. However, each leaf needs to be tighter.”Ouyang Manman patiently taught.
      Ouyang Manman was currently using palm leaves to weave baskets.
      There happened to be quite a few palm trees where they landed, which made Ouyang Manman happy.
      Their siblings were just as lucky, so they were given two pieces of equipment, a tent and a large aluminum pot.
      The tent was a single-person tent. It was not impossible for the two of them to sleep together, but after all, the two siblings had grown up and could not sleep together.
      Although his younger brother was only 18 years old, he was very sensible.
      He insisted on Ouyang Man sleeping in the tent.
      He was setting up another shelter outside his sister’s tent.
      At the age of 18, Ouyang Jingyu was already a man.
      Due to the palm tree, Ouyang Manman agreed to his brother’s decision.
      As the leader of the DIY Society, she was best at weaving.*

      Chapter 60 Don’ t underestimate a young man

      The day they ascended the island.
      The siblings picked many palm leaves.
      Ouyang Manman used these palm leaves to weave palm leaf mats that were the size of individual mats.
      After spending more than three palm leaf mats, they made the roof of their brother’s shelter.
      Not only would it not leak water, it also looked exceptionally beautiful.
      “Manman’s hand is too coincidental~”
      “Ah, not only is this elder sister beautiful, she’s even so powerful!”
      “The leader of our DIY club would only bring everyone to dinner, play games, and talk about how powerful he was.”Compared to Manman, I’ m in the mouth.”
      As for the shelter that Ouyang Manman had woven, the netizens were endlessly praising it. Even Grandpa Bei had repeatedly praised it.
      But even so.
      In the beginning, the siblings were still not optimistic.
      They had no tools, no fire.
      He was still two young men.
      To survive, just weaving was far from enough.
      “As long as we can make fire, fire will be our weapons and tools!”Ouyang Manman stubbornly said.
      “Maybe we can use this?”His younger brother took off his glasses.
      Ouyang Manman’s eyes lit up.
      Then, he found some dry grass and successfully lit the fire under the sun.
      When they saw this netizen, they instantly became restless.
      “Isn’ t our glasses a concave lens?”When will the concave lens condense?”
      “That’s right. It’s too strange.”
      “Old Flower Mirror is a convex lens. What’s so strange about this? I ca n’ t understand you guys. You guys are all shocked.”
      “The one in front of him is a simple-minded person. You 18-year-old boy, tell me that he is wearing an old flower mirror!”
      “I am a doctor. It means that the congenital distant vision is a convex lens.”
      Actually, the result of the discussion was the truth of the matter.
      Ouyang Jingyu was a congenital distant vision. His glasses were equivalent to an additional magnifying glass equipment.
      It was truly a blessing in disguise.
      With fire, the siblings had a chance to survive.
      Ouyang Manman put the tree trunk that had been broken with great difficulty onto the fire and roasted it. That was to say, it was carbonized.
      After carbonization, the tree trunk was then polished to a sharp point on the stone. This way, a spear could be prepared.
      “Sis, why do you think the wooden stick will become even harder and sharper after baking?”Ouyang Jingyu asked curiously.
      “I happen to know your question.”
      “When the wet wooden stick is roasted on the fire, the water will evaporate and the wood fiber will shrink inside.”
      “The more you bake, the more you shrink, the more dense the wood fibers become. This kind of rapid shrinkage of the wood fibers in a short period of time will make the spear extremely hard.”
      Ouyang Manman explained patiently and in detail.
      “I see, but I think the baking time should be a bit too, right?”
      “Time was too short, and if there was more water, the hardness would be insufficient.”If it’s too long, it’ ll likely crack or break.”
      “Yes. Normally, we only need to bake until 60%.”
      He was indeed worthy of being a brother and sister. Both of them were skilled in brainwashing and could think independently.
      “I think the two of them are definitely overlords!”
      “I’ ve always seen others carbonize wooden sticks to make spears. Only today did I know that there are so many reasons inside.”
      “It seems that reading more is still useful~”
      A total of two spears were made, one by one.If he encountered a beast or something, it would be considered a weapon.
      With Mao and the shelter, the siblings searched for fresh water and food.
      In the end, they found a pond!
      Moreover, he was lucky to find a few fruit gathering banyan trees near the pond!
      There was no need to worry about water or food.
      Now that the siblings had some time to spend at night, Ouyang Manman taught his brother how to weave baskets. This way, they would have containers when they went to pick up the Fruit Gathering Banyan Fruit.
      “What a warm sister and brother~”
      “Big sister is powerful. Little brother is obedient. This is too warm.”
      “I’ m just worried that they won’ t be able to last long.”
      “I don’t think I need to worry. Just those fruit gathering banyan trees are enough for them to eat for a while.”
      “That’s right. Don’ t underestimate the young man. I think they’ re very tough.”
      At this moment, it was also the young man Lin Tian and Chi Huo.
      They had already burned their pots and vats.
      This earth kiln only had one pot, two pots, and three covers.
      “Brother Tian, you’ ve succeeded!”Fatty’s eyes glittered.
      “Clang clang clang~” Lin Tian flicked the pot with his finger and could hear a clear sound.
      “Hey Big Brother Tian, be careful. Don’ t break it. I still need to use it to cook fish soup and crabs!”
      Seeing that Lin Tian didn’ t seem to be careful, Fatty hurriedly said.
      “Don’ t worry. My strength is not bad, and don’ t underestimate this pot.”
      “Look at it, it’s dark in color. It’s not very beautiful, but it’s actually rich in iron. This kind of pot is sturdy and durable.”
      “It’s not that easy to break through!”
      “I don’t dislike it.”Fatty laughed.
      “This is a preliminary attempt. When we become more stable, how about we build a super large earth kiln, burn bricks and tiles, and build a small villa?”
      “That’s fine. Brother Tian, I won’ t have any problems with digging!”
      Man vs. Wild Challenge. If he could build a small villa and eat chicken legs and pig feet every day, wouldn’ t that be an immortal’s day?
      Fatty almost laughed when he thought about it.
      “Let’s forget about it. I promise you these questions won’ t be too big.”
      “What about now is to boil a pot of fish soup and have a good meal!”

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      Chapter 61 Pottery Boiled Soup, Delicious to the point of swallowing your tongue!

      Finally, the clear stream of water was poured into the pot.
      As for the water that had just returned, there were still some mixed things. Lin Tian was prepared to settle down and use it tomorrow.
      Cover the lid of the pot. This way, the water opened quickly.
      At this moment, it was obvious that Lin Tian’s craftsmanship was superb.
      The lid and mouth of the pot perfectly matched.
      A large thread was too tight, a small thread was too loose.
      Moreover, there was a small hole on the lid of the pot that was used to vent.
      “Brother Tian’s technique is awesome!”The netizens sighed.
      Most of the fish were roasted into dried fish. Fresh fish only had some grouper, green crab and conch.
      In fact, Lin Tian ate very little seafood and made even less seafood.
      Plus, there wasn’t any seasoning right now, so he did n’ t have to think about it.
      A pot of stew.
      Braised!Boil out the thick soup!
      After stewing the fish and crabs in the pot, Lin Tian started to pack the dried fish.
      The aquarium containing the dried fish also had a lid, and its sealing was exceptionally good.
      In that case, the storage time of the dried fish could be extended by a lot.
      However, there were only two small pots, only half of the dried fish.
      However, without any hesitation, Lin Tian once again placed a new pottery embryo into the earth kiln. This time, there were three pottery vats.
      Two were then used to store sealed food, and one could be used to store some drinking water.
      The thermal conductivity and thermal insulation of the pot should be much better than the bamboo pot.
      They waited for more than ten minutes after the dried fish was put away.
      Then, Lin Tian opened the cover and inspected the seafood stew.
      As soon as the lid was opened, a unique fragrance of seafood assaulted his face.
      The soup was rich, but it was still slightly white with milk. The decocted grouper, the red green crab… looked incomparably delicious.
      “Wow, it looks like the fish meat is fresh and tender. I want to eat it!”
      “Crab: I’m finally red~”
      “The original taste of seafood is really great. Every time, it makes people want to stop.”
      “Ah ~ It means that a child who grew up in the interior has never eaten seafood in his teens. I’ m so envious.”
      Before Lin Tian and the others could eat it, the netizens started drooling.
      Lin Tian added another bit of honey to it, bringing it up.
      Moreover, this was the only seasoning that the two of them had.
      He used chopsticks to stir the fish soup and fish meat. The sweet fragrance of honey mixed with the fresh fragrance of the fish meat, causing people to immediately swallow their saliva!
      “Let’s eat, Big Brother Tian?”Fatty could no longer endure it.
      “Alright, I’ ll give it to you.”
      The spoon that scooped the soup was made of bamboo by Lin Tian. It was the same as the bamboo spoon that was used for drinking or soy sauce in the ancient times.
      However, Lin Tian had made a leak through the hole.
      One person, a large bowl of fish soup, some fish meat, and a large green crab.
      The taste was really good.
      The soup was exceptionally rich. The taste of eating into one’s mouth would stay at the root of one’s mouth for a long time, making one’s taste endless.
      “Friends who had never eaten seafood recommended you to eat it just like this. It’s original, and it’s completely different from the salty, spicy, and numbing that we usually eat!”It’s simple. It’s mellow.”
      Lin Tianchao explained to the camera.
      “Brother Tian… This soup is too delicious… You said that when we speak to the camera, can the audience hear it?”The fatty said as he gulped down the soup.
      “It should be possible. Right now, the technology is so advanced.”Indeed, the technology of this parallel world far surpassed Lin Tian’s mother planet. There was also a slight difference in the popularity of people.
      “Could hear it!Can Big Brother foodie not drink so much soup?”I’ m even more hungry!”
      “That’s right. You must never look at the way Fatty eats. It’s too tempting to eat!”
      “Fatty can come out and become a gourmet host ~”
      “Brother Tian was so calm and collected when he ate. He was simply too handsome!”
      After drinking some soup, Lin Tian began to deal with the large green crab.The crab belly was square, which meant that it was a female crab.
      Such a large female crab should have crab roe, right?
      Peel off the crab shell. It was full of crab cream!
      Lin Tian didn’t use his chopsticks anymore. Instead, he took out the delicious crab roe with his mouth.
      It was no exaggeration to say that.
      It was too delicious!
      He was simply about to swallow his tongue!
      “Can’t do it anymore. I want to take the pass!I was excited to see you all suffer in the wilderness, yet you ended up eating so much?………”Ah, look at the real fragrance~”
      “I’ m so hungry, but not long after I finished my dinner~”
      Not long after dinner with “, they were also hungry!2333……”
      Lin Tian and Fatty finished a large pot of seafood. They didn’ t even have any soup left!
      “Brother Tian, this soup is too delicious!”
      The fatty obviously ate so darnly that he temporarily forgot about the chicken legs and pig hooves.
      “Yes, it might be a problem with the pot. It will make the food taste more perfect.”
      It could also be a problem with the system. The taste of the food had a certain amount of added value.
      Of course, Lin Tian could only think about this in his heart. He could not say it.
      After eating and drinking.
      He could not go to bed immediately.
      It was not like a pig.
      The two of them sat at the entrance of the stone hall and looked at the moon.
      The moonlight was like water.
      Anyone who saw this scene alone would not think that they were here to live in wilderness.
      After all, she was too satisfied with her sitting posture and expression, right?
      “Fatty, I’ m almost going to look for Mu Yufei and the others.”Lin Tian said.
      Are “going to find sister-in-law?”I’ ll go with you!”Fatty chuckled.
      Lin Tian:”?????”
      You were more active than me.
      Lin Tian did not refute and explain.
      There was no denying that Mu Yuffi was indeed one of the best goddesses.
      But he wasn’t a pervert!
      Lin Tian knew very well in his heart that the most important factor in his constant concern for Mu Yufei was the system’s random selection of mandarin ducks!
      And from the very beginning, the system had indicated that they wanted to meet up with them. It was like a system mission.
      Up until now, completing the system mission was a good reward!
      There was no reason not to receive the prize, right?
      Lin Tian patted Fatty on the shoulder and smiled.
      “You’ ll guard your home. I’ ll go back quickly.”
      ‘I’ m finally going to find the female lead ~ begging for support ~*

      How could someone be luckier than fatty?

      Lin Tian said that going alone wasn’t an aimless thing.
      After checking the map of his mind, the distance between him and Mu Yufei was not close.
      Even if it was him, his speed bonus could directly strike the target straight ahead.
      It would take a few days to be conservative.
      The wilderness was ultimately a wilderness, and danger could happen at any moment.
      Although Lin Tian felt that since the system was directing the mission to the other side, it would probably be able to sweep away a wave of resources along the way.
      But there was no absolute situation. What if there was danger?
      He could not let Fatty take the risk with him.
      “Brother Tian, how could you go alone?”How many can I help you with!”Fatty was a little impatient. He also didn’ t want Lin Tian to take risks alone.
      “Don’ t worry. You know I’ m very powerful.”
      “You’ re here. There’s fresh water, food, fire, and shelter. It’s not certain if you follow me out.”
      Fatty said,” Brother, I’ m not someone who can not endure hardships!”
      Lin Tian said,” I know, but think about it. It’s easier for me to find food and fresh water for one person in the wild than two people, right?”
      Fatty said,” But… I don’ t trust you to go alone. Old Patriarch and the others will never let me eat chicken legs and pig hooves!”
      Lin Tian:”?????”
      Lin Tian did not know whether to laugh or cry when he was still thinking about chicken legs and pig hooves.
      “We’ve roughly looked at the nearby resources, but we did n’ t find any pheasants or wild boars. I went out to investigate the surrounding environment and resources.”If you want to survive on the island for a long time, the resources you can find are not enough.”
      “Moreover, I don’ t want to persist here. Believe me, I will find more useful things. We want to live a good life on the island!”
      “Must we go?”Perhaps Mu Yufei and the others have already been eliminated.”
      “I don’t think they are that easy to eliminate, and even if they are eliminated, we still have to explore outside, right?”It’s one thing to find them. After all, they’ re the people I’ ve taken the initiative to make an appointment with. I’ m a grand seven-foot man. I can’ t break my promise!”
      “You can’ t go back on your word.”But…”
      Fatty was a little powerless to refute.
      “Don’ t worry, I’ m very strong.”
      Lin Tian smiled faintly.There was no fear or worry about exploring alone.
      “It’s over. My Big Brother Tian has actually been blinded by the woman!”
      “Heroes can’t pass Beauty Pass. No matter how powerful Brother Tian is, he ca n’ t escape.”
      The hero of “farts was clearly a person with a high level of respect and a low level of friendship!”It’s such a big island. By the time Lin Tian finds Mu Yufei, she’ ll be like a monkey!”
      “Brother Tian has also said that finding someone is one aspect, and finding resources is also one aspect. I think it’s no problem.”
      “Young Master Sun has been clamoring to find Mu Yufei all this time. Tell me who will find her first.”
      The netizens had different opinions about Lin Tian’s plans. There were many people who supported him and many people who opposed him.
      Lin Tian could imagine everyone’s reaction.
      There were definitely quite a few people who said that they cared more about friends than about friends. However, it was fine. With the help of the system, those people would soon swallow back what they had said.
      He had indeed decided to go out to look for resources.
      There were also hidden treasures mentioned by the program team. With the help of the system, they might be able to try their luck and find one or two places.
      That’s right!
      Lin Tian suddenly had a flash of light.
      The things that [ignored finally became clear in your mind. You think the location of the treasure should be marked on the map.[1]
      Lin Tian was pleasantly surprised. He quickly checked the map in his mind.
      As expected, the patterns of treasure chests gradually became clearer on the map.
      It really was possible!
      The hidden treasure that others had to use their luck to discover was something that he could use to grab!
      What was going on?
      Lin Tian was shocked.
      Nine of the ten treasure chests were closed.One of them was opened!
      Someone had already discovered and opened the hidden treasure!
      Just who was it?
      Such powerful luck?
      The hidden treasures of the program team were definitely not so easy to discover. There were ten treasures on the vast island, and without a certain amount of luck, a certain amount of luck.
      Could this person be even better than Fatty?
      Lin Tian was bewildered.
      However, he soon became happy again.
      It was near Mu Yufei and the others.
      Shockingly, there was a diagram of a treasure chest!
      Sure enough, the system wouldn’ t let him run for nothing. What a joke! How could the Heavenly Chosen be able to run for nothing?
      “Alright, brother.”I support you.”
      Fatty heavily patted Lin Tian on the shoulder.
      “Old Patriarch and the others have been urging us to find a wife to get married and give them a few fat boys.”
      “Brother, your conditions are better than mine. I will teach you this task.”
      “Even if we can’ t last for a month, it doesn’ t matter. As long as you take care of Sister-in-law, we won’ t make a trip for nothing.”
      Lin Tian:”!!!!”
      The netizen:”????”
      “The others are here to live in the wilderness, and they are here for blind dates?”
      “So it turns out that the fatty is the one who is ruthless. It’s fine to find a wife, but it’s normal to have a child. It’s too much to have a few more ~”
      “Right now, it’s not like a multi-faceted treasure trove is popular…”
      “Brother Tian’s future had already been decided by all of you before the words left?”It’s true that the emperor is not anxious.”
      “I’ m happy~”
      “Ah~ I want to give Big Brother Tian a monkey ~”
      This decision was decided.
      Tomorrow morning, Lin Tian would set off and head east, looking for someone to find a treasure.*

      Chapter 63 Special breakfast, departure!

      “Gulp~ Gulp~”
      Early in the morning, Lin Tian was awakened by a coo.
      Lin Tian opened his eyes and fondly touched his cooing head.
      [Knew you were going to travel far away. My little friend went out to find you some delicious food and wanted to give you the last breakfast in the world]
      Early in the morning, Bai Jun, could you say something auspicious?
      “Pu…” Gugu flapped his wings and flew to the side of the pot.
      Lin Tian looked over and found the delicacies in the caption.
      It was actually three bullfrogs!
      It was obvious that Gu Gu had gone out to catch him last night or early in the morning.
      He had told Gu Gu yesterday that he didn’ t bring Gu Gu along with him when he was traveling. He had him help Fatty and try to hatch that bird egg.
      However, Lin Tian didn’ t have much hope for the eggs to hatch. He knew how long it would take for them to be outside.
      However, it should be no problem to help Fatty hunt some food.
      These three bullfrogs were the best proof.
      “Coo, so awesome!”
      Lin Tian walked over and once again touched his head and killed Gu Gu.
      At the same time, he checked the situation of the bullfrog.
      The three bullfrogs were not dead yet.
      The carbon roast bullfrog would become their final destination.
      “Coo is too powerful. Three bullfrogs a night?”
      “How could it be one night? I had already knelt down for Gu Gu. Gu Gu went out three times in half an hour, one bullfrog at a time.”
      “10 Minutes to catch a bullfrog?”Should I be this powerful?”
      “Brother Tian is so happy. With such a powerful coo, are you afraid that you won’ t have meat to eat?”
      Lin Tian woke Fatty up.
      “A bullfrog eat this morning?”Great!”
      “Although it’s not a chicken leg, a frog leg is also a leg!”
      Fatty was so happy that he got up.
      “Brother Tian, I’ ll take care of the bullfrog. Cut a few bamboo sticks!”
      Lin Tian smiled. Fatty had always been diligent, but he was even more diligent when it came to eating.
      It was very easy to cut the bamboo slips. Last time, Lin Tian had a large number of useless ones.
      “Last time, there were more.”
      Anyway, it was fine. Lin Tian stood to the side and watched Fatty deal with the bullfrog.
      The fatty first hacked the bullfrog’s head with a machete.
      Actually, it wasn’ t that the entire head was chopped off. It was that the upper part of the head and the lower part of the mouth were actually still left.
      After cutting off his head, the bullfrog was still alive. Fatty quickly used a toothpick stick to stab at the air hole, ending this pitiful pain.
      Then, he pulled the frog’s skin from the cut and took off the bullfrog.
      The last step was simple. He used a machete to cut open the belly of the bullfrog, without any internal organs.
      His internal organs were thrown into a special bamboo bowl beside him. The fish and shrimps were also placed there. They could be used as traps for fishing cages.
      The whole set was only a minute.
      Fatty took care of a bullfrog.
      His movements were extremely skillful.
      “Look at Fatty’s movements, he hasn’ t eaten much in the past!”
      Why would “eat frogs?”Isn’ t a frog a beneficial insect?”
      “This was the wilderness, not eating people, not starving to death?”Furthermore, the program team’s official website has also stated that all the resources on the island can be used at will. It has already been approved.”
      “Actually, those bullfrogs that we usually eat in our store are produced by a large number of farms. It’s not much different from eating chickens and ducks.”
      The bullfrog was handed over to Lin Tian. He used a string of bamboo sticks and placed it on the fire to slowly cook.
      Lin Tian had done this before. He was already skilled at it. Last time, he had also obtained the bonfire roast fish skill.
      This charcoal roast bullfrog was actually connected.
      When the roast bullfrog’s appearance had already changed color and started to drizzle slightly, Lin Tian applied another layer of honey.
      The brush was also made of bamboo, simple and practical.
      This caused Lin Tian to feel quite emotional. What a bamboo forest. It really greatly improved the quality of life.
      The sky was getting brighter and brighter.
      The popularity of the livestream room also increased.
      “Damn it, let me see such a tempting thing early in the morning. I’ ve already promised the male potty not to eat greasy food in the morning. Forget it, I should be fine just once…”
      “Coordinates: City A, District B, please recommend it. Where are there delicious charred bullfrogs nearby~”
      “Brother Tian, a great gourmet, early grilled bullfrog.”
      “That’s why the rhyme ghost on the upstairs got up so early?”
      Three bullfrogs. This time, Lin Tian ate two.
      Although the fatty had been shouting that the frog leg was also a leg, he was not greedy at this moment.
      He knew that the wilderness was alone, and there was no guarantee of food. He wanted Lin Tian to eat two bullfrogs!
      Lin Tian was not pretentious either. They were all his brothers.
      After finishing the bullfrog, Lin Tian was about to leave.
      He didn’ t want to bring many things with him. The two bamboo tubes had already precipitated fresh water.
      He made a bamboo cover that could be closed tightly. Then, he tied two straw ropes to his back.
      One bamboo tube was pure dried fish, one bamboo tube was dried fish and the remaining smoked snake meat.
      Fatty said that there was a variety of different flavors of meat.
      A bamboo tube of yam and yam were broken into proper pieces. When they were eaten, they would not be damaged if they were peeled.
      In addition, there was a tiny bamboo tube containing some honey.
      Then, he also prepared an empty bamboo tube to store things on the road.
      A pottery bowl that left the kiln in the morning was used to boil water and cook food on the road.
      There were six large bamboo tubes, one mini bamboo tube, and one pottery bowl. This was Lin Tian’s resources.
      Originally, he was going to give the machete to Fatty, but Fatty refused.
      “I will try my best to stay near the shelter and wait for you to return. Don’ t worry about me.”
      “Then, Big Brother Tian, you must be careful on your way.”
      The two of them hugged each other.
      Lin Tian smiled brightly.
      “Let’s go, fatty!”*

      Chapter 64: Walking by the river often, how can there be shoes that are not wet

      9 AM.
      When Lin Tian had already left for almost two hours.
      Two new guests were welcomed to the broadcasting room.
      “Good morning, everyone. The new day has begun again. Today, we have invited two special guests. The familiar audience must have already recognized them.”Xiao Sa said warmly.
      “Hello, everyone. I am Senior.”
      “Hello, everyone. I am Old He.”
      Shockingly, the two guests were Gao Zhiyuan and He Kaifu who had been eliminated yesterday.
      The two greeted the three of them and their friends.
      “Elder He is fine, right?”Theo asked with concern.
      He Kaifu:” Thank you for your concern. I’ m fine now. I wasn’ t injured at the time, so I was a little scared.”
      Xiao San:” It’s good that you’ re fine, but that situation was really scary.”
      Song Yi said,” It was really dangerous back then. I didn’ t even dare to look at it.”
      Old He:” The main blame is on me. I even got tired of Old Gao’s withdrawal from the competition so early.”
      Gao Zhiyuan said,” Old He, how do you say that? I can’ t refuse to save my life.”
      Old He sighed and did not reply.
      “I think that most of our competitors have watched the beginning and end of the matter through the live broadcast or live broadcast.”
      “Now let’s review the situation through video playback.”
      Xiao San said to the audience, and then the scene in the studio changed to the scene of the incident.
      It turned out that the two of them had always used food traps to hunt small rodents for a living.
      However, there were only a limited number of mountain rats nearby, and they could not eat them every day.
      As a result, Old He suggested expanding the scope of his exploration and trying to find a new source of food.
      They really succeeded!
      They found a swamp with plenty of water and grass, where they could obtain fresh water and fish and shrimp hidden in the water and grass.
      Such a precious place was simply heaven!
      But soon, they discovered that there were existences they could not afford to offend in the swamp.
      A crocodile.
      A crocodile that was nearly two meters long!
      The crocodile was occupying the marshland, which undoubtedly destroyed the two’s idea of including the marshland into their territory.
      However, the two of them were truly unwilling.
      He had already eaten the mountain mice for a few days, and even his meat was a bit greasy.
      They urgently wanted to obtain more other food in the swamp.
      He had no choice but to face the crocodile.
      This kind of even more terrifying and bold thought appeared.
      Hearing that crocodile meat was very delicious, the two of them decided to find a way to kill this crocodile!
      The two of them only had a single dagger and used it to cut off two spears.
      They couldn’ t be as careful as Ouyang Manman. Their spears weren’ t even carbonized.
      However, they wouldn’ t just bring two spears to the crocodile.
      They could not fight against each other, they could only use their wits.
      The two of them quickly thought of’ I can’ t take it for granted’.
      If he were to smear the mountain rat’s body full of liquid, perhaps he could pull the crocodile over as well?
      It was because every day, there were mountain rats that had gained something.
      The two of them were already extremely confident in the effect of being unable to take it.
      The two of them thought about it and felt that there was a play.
      As a result, under the worries of the netizens, they started their own crocodile hunting plan.
      They had wiped away a large amount of liquid from the trapped three mountain rats.
      Then, he went to the swamp to search for crocodiles.
      However, the crocodiles always hid themselves in the grass, only revealing their noses and eyes on the surface of the water. They simply could not find it.
      The crocodile locked onto them.
      They were attacked by the crocodile!
      Old He’s trouser leg was bitten by a crocodile and instantly tore apart. How good luck was this, yet he didn’ t hurt his leg!
      Elder Gao quickly inserted a spear into the crocodile and pulled Elder He away.
      The spear did not injure the crocodile. Instead, it provoked the crocodile’s ferocity.
      As a result, the audience was horrified to see a large crocodile chasing after two people.
      Suddenly, He Kaifu let out a cry of alarm. Because it was a swamp, some places could bear weight while others would sink.
      He Kaifu’s luck wasn’ t good, he fell into the swamp.
      His legs couldn’ t be pulled out, and he was still sinking. The crocodile behind him was already approaching.
      He Kaifu felt that his life was about to be handed over here.
      Gao Zhiyuan turned around to look at the place where he was safe and sound. Why did he sink in?
      Seeing the crocodile getting closer and closer.
      If he ran away, he would probably be fine. This place was almost at the edge of the swamp.
      However, if he ran, one could imagine how he would end up being rich.
      But if he went back.
      He himself would be in danger.
      Moreover, it might be a risk of losing his life!
      He hesitated for a moment.
      All of his thoughts flashed through his mind.
      He hadn’ t even figured out the pros and cons before he picked up the wooden spear and returned.
      “Run!”Don’ t worry about me!”He Kaifu shouted.
      “Don’ t move. The more you move, the deeper you sink!”Gao Zhiyuan roared.
      He crossed He Kaifu and grabbed the wooden spear with both hands to fight the crocodile to the death!
      Perhaps it was because Old Gao had already thought of risking his life when he returned.
      His aura was exceptionally vigorous!
      The moving crocodile slowed down.
      One man and one crocodile faced off.
      The scene was somewhat tragic.
      The battle was imminent.
      At this moment, the sound of a helicopter boom rang out above their heads…*

      Chapter 65 Elimination, Another New Student

      He was the first to die before he could defeat his master.
      He Kaifu and Gao Zhiyuan were all talking about.
      The mountain rats that had been prepared to smear on them had yet to come in handy. They had almost become crocodile food themselves.
      Like Lu Xiaoqiao and the others, when the program team saw that the two of them were going to trap the crocodile, the rescue team had already left.
      If Lu Xiaojiao and the others were to risk making a raft to cross the river, there was a certain probability that they would successfully reach the other side, then Gao Zhiyuan and the others would basically have no chance of survival if they had made a crocodile decision.
      It was also because their lives were high that the rescue team arrived in time.
      They had used their withdrawal from the competition to exchange for precious lives.
      “If you have a chance to return to the time when you first discovered the crocodile, would you still choose to trap it?”
      Gao Zhiyuan said,” Then I definitely won’ t go. Only when I’ ve truly faced death will I know how precious living is.”
      He Kaifu:” Indeed, in front of nature, we are truly too insignificant. This crocodile has warned us.”
      “That’s right. We can’ t underestimate any natural phenomena.”
      “Especially a ferocious creature like a crocodile. Don’ t provoke it.”Theo added.
      After a pause, Theo continued to ask Grandpa Bei a question.
      “Master Bei, you’ ve hunted crocodiles many times before. Can you introduce them to us?”
      Grandpa Bei said,” Crocodiles are carnivorous eggs that produce spine-like reptiles. They are the oldest reptiles of the same era as dinosaurs over 200 million years ago. They are also one of the most primitive animals that have survived so far.”
      “There are 20 or 30 crocodile species. Their body is between 1 to 9 meters long. Their bite force is astonishing. After biting their prey, they will use the’ Death Roll’skill. They are extremely dangerous creatures.”
      The “crocodile attacks on humans occurred from time to time, and the number of people who died of crocodiles had also increased.”That’s why if you encounter crocodiles in the wild, especially large crocodiles, it’s best not to provoke them.”
      Theo said,” Indeed. After all, not everyone has such a reaction and skill as Grandpa Bei. In the face of a terrifying crocodile, ordinary people will first panic. If they panic, they will be unable to resist the crocodile’s attack.”
      “There are quite a few crocodiles on Odin Island. If our other competitors encounter them, I hope they can treat them cautiously.”
      “At the same time, our rescue team will be on standby at any time. When the contestants’ lives are threatened, they will rush to rescue as quickly as possible.”
      He Kaifu and Gao Zhiyuan were still lucky. Under such circumstances, not only did they escape, they even suffered a few skin injuries.
      “Then what were the plans of the next two?”I heard that many people have contacted you again?”Theo asked with a smile.
      This was also a very natural phenomenon. In fact, no matter when each group of competitors left the competition, no matter how they performed during the challenge competition, there would definitely be many people who would contact each other after returning to the city.
      Of the hundreds of millions of people, the entire country’s people and even the other foreign people were watching.
      What kind of flow was that?
      Traffic brought benefits and money.
      Not to mention that Gao Zhiyuan and He Kaifu had quite a few fans because of their personalities and special hunting methods.
      Moreover, Gao Zhiyuan’s performance of not abandoning his companions at a critical moment was highly praised by the audience.
      This was also a good stunt.
      In short, they successfully attracted the attention of the crowd.
      “There are indeed many people who have contacted us. We are still considering it.”He Kaifu replied.
      “Then I wish you two a good future. In addition, if you have a chance to return to the stage of survival in the wilderness, are you willing?”
      “Yes, of course!”
      The two of them spoke in unison.
      The three of them then had some interactions and questions with Gao Zhiyuan and the others.
      At the end of the match, Theo sent another important message to the audience.
      “The program team has a prediction about the outcome of this wilderness survival.”
      “But, after all, it’s an undeveloped primitive island. The contestants are randomly selected. There’s a lot of uncertainty.”
      “Judging from the current situation, the difficulty of survival in the wilderness is not low. The elimination rate is high.”
      “If the late-stage competition rate is too high, the program team can arrange some of the contestants that the audience likes to’ revive’.”
      “The specific program team will continue to discuss it. If the audience has any suggestions or support, they can also leave a message in our comment area.”
      Most of the audience did not object to the program team’s plan.
      After all, no matter how much they revived, the bonus was also distributed by the program team. It would not affect their interests.
      A small portion of the audience saw a new opportunity.
      “If the program team wants to add a contestant, please come and pick again!”
      “If I had the chance to go to the island, I would definitely be able to shine!”
      “Choose me to choose me. I want to meet up with Big Brother Tian!”
      The fans were especially excited. Not only were they playing in the live broadcast room, but there were many other public platforms where everyone was discussing intensely.
      As for whether the program team really had such plans, or just creating a fishing wheel to attract traffic, no one knew.
      No one even considered this matter.
      The eliminated contestants might already have a good home.
      Perhaps this was something that the’surviving’ players on the island had not expected.
      I think my suggestion is obvious enough. If you have any suggestions, please leave a message in the comment area.*Thank you ~*)*

      Chapter 66 One Person’s Journey!

      Lin Tian left alone.
      He and Fatty were separated from each other.
      Before he left, he checked his attributes.
      [Lucky Heavenly Chosen: Lin Tian]
      [Five Sense:8(+15)]
      [Luck: Lucky Star is concerned about it, but luck is still the same]
      [Remarks: Ordinary people have 10 attributes in all aspects]
      Among the various attributes, the increase in strength and charm was the largest, but the increase in speed and stamina was slightly smaller.
      What made him most happy was that even if he wanted to leave the fatty, he was still lucky!
      Fatty was truly lucky. Lin Tianan swore to himself that the next time he came back, he would have to eat chicken legs or pig hooves.
      He could not treat his brother unfairly.
      Lin Tian walked along the coast.
      If they walked in a straight line, they had to pass through the stone mountain where the shelter was located. From the map, they could see that the stone mountain was deep and deep, and the altitude was not low.
      Although the coastal shoreline had made a little detour, it was actually much easier to walk.
      Lin Tian walked in front, two mini cameras shooting behind him.
      “Why is Big Brother Tian leaving alone and facing the wilderness alone? He is still so calm.”
      “I don’ t know how long it will take to find Yu Fei and Qiuyun. I really don’ t know if Lin Tian’s decision is right or wrong.”
      “Theoretically, as long as both sides are facing each other along the coast, they will definitely encounter each other.”
      “You’ re in theory. Actually, Mu Yuffi and Jing Qiuyun are still in the same spot right now. Moreover, they might be going inland tomorrow. I think Lin Tian is just a simple-minded person!”
      As for the discussion among the netizens, Lin Tian could not see it. If he saw it, he would continue to follow his own plan.
      There was no right choice in the world. All we could do was work hard to make the right choice.
      Lin Tian knew.
      From the moment he was chosen by the system.
      His survival in the wilderness wasn’t just as simple as surviving in a place where the challenge competition ended.
      Adventure was the essence of most people.
      Besides, Lin Tian only seemed to be taking risks.
      In reality, following the instructions of the system would always be more rewarding than paying.
      For example, now.
      After advancing for about three hours.
      [The storm had affected all the creatures on the island without any difference. The injured lamb was hiding in the grass and muttering in a low voice]
      There was a sheep?
      Moreover, he was injured!
      Lin Tian was overjoyed.
      He carefully observed the surroundings.
      In the grass not far to the left, one could vaguely see a bit of white moving.
      Cat Lin slowly touched it.
      The netizens in the broadcast room stared fixedly at the screen. They had no idea what Lin Tian had discovered.
      Soon, Lin Tian saw the lamb.
      [Injured Lamb]
      [Attitude: Panic [1]
      [Specialty: Foraging, Tricking]
      [Narrator: A sheep is so scared]
      Feeling someone coming over, the little lamb cried out in shock.
      It was just that its cries were inexplicably cute?
      But at this moment, Lin Tian couldn’ t care less.
      It was because that lamb had actually stood up from the grass and was about to flee!
      An adult goat could run about 13 meters per second, faster than a world champion sprinter!
      [You’ re worried that the big meat you’ ve finally encountered ran away, so hurry up and chase after it]
      [You have gained +5 speed]
      Just as Bai Jun was worried that his speed wouldn’t increase much, he immediately arrived.
      Too powerful!
      But just as Lin Tian was about to catch up.
      The lamb fell to its knees again!
      This time, Lin Tian saw clearly that the lamb’s right front leg was injured, so he probably couldn’ t run fast.
      Lin Tian quickly walked over and hugged this little lamb, trying to calm this little fellow down and not struggle.
      “Wa!The European Emperor discovered the lamb. Tonight, Big Brother Tian will probably eat the roast lamb!”
      “This lamb’s leg was injured, otherwise, Lin Tian wouldn’ t have caught it so easily, right?”
      “This lamb is so cute ~ Brother Tian, can you not eat it?”
      “Don’ t be silly. The contestants won’ t be able to see what we’ re doing. Moreover, if we don’ t eat this, we won’ t eat it. Will the contestants drink seawater?”
      “The little lamb is basically useless. Lin Tian must have killed someone who eats meat. If it was a pregnant ewes, it might have been stored up.”
      [You captured a lamb, and then you began to think happily. Would you like to boil the mutton soup or eat the roast lamb?[1]
      Of course it was roast lamb!
      Lin Tian chose it without hesitation.
      [You decide to euthanize this lamb and turn it into a delicious roast lamb]
      [You successfully missed the sheep]
      A flock of sheep?
      Lin Tian straightened his upper body and continuously looked around, but he didn’ t find any traces of the sheep.
      Could it be?
      Was this little lamb unable to eat?
      It would bring him to find the sheep?
      [You decided to save this lamb and tame it]
      As expected, a new caption appeared.
      Taming lamb?
      Lin Tian didn’ t know whether to laugh or cry.
      If it was a sheep, then taming would still have a great effect. Taming a lamb with fur thread?
      However, since the system had informed him.
      Then let’s do it first.
      Perhaps it would bring other pleasant surprises.
      An image of a lamb appeared in his mind.
      Lin Tian was familiar with the road and tamed it.*

      Chapter 67: Yellow Thistle!

      He felt an inexplicable connection with the lamb.
      This meant that it had been successfully tamed.
      The title in his mind was still at the beginning.
      [Injured Lamb]
      However, the other contents had changed.
      [Attitude: Intimate]
      [Narrator: Finally, there is no need for a sheep to be alone]
      Seeing the change in state, Lin Tian knew that he had another little pet lamb.
      Then, Lin Tian thought of the Queen Bee, Stone, and Coo.
      Only Gugu had the same introduction as the lamb.
      Lin Tian suspected that perhaps only a certain level of biological grade or an individual with extremely spirituality would have similar introductions?
      He didn’ t go into this.
      At this moment, he had to solve the problem of this little lamb first.
      It couldn’ t be that the little lamb wouldn’ t resist him for no reason, right?
      “Be good ~ I won’ t hurt you ~ In the future, follow me ~”
      Lin Tian gently caressed the lamb’s soft wool, as if he was coaxing a child.
      Then, the netizens saw that the little lamb that had been struggling in Lin Tian’s arms was no longer afraid.
      Instead, he stuck out his tongue and licked Lin Tian’s face.
      Lin Tian did not expect it to come here.
      However, if they did all of this, the netizens would at most suspect that they were trying to coax the little lamb into their hands.
      Thus, he could only grit his teeth and endure the two intimate actions of the little lamb, and then he secretly ordered the little fellow to obediently stay still.
      “This little lamb was subdued by Big Brother Tian just like that?”
      “There was a young owl in the past, and then a young lamb in the future. As for Big Brother Tian, he was very good at abducting young animals. He’s capable of abducting an adult again. I’ ll take a look/bad laugh”
      “What if Big Brother Tian succeeds in abducting an adult animal?”
      “If this is to succeed, I will definitely broadcast it!”
      “Sigh, now that there is a good show to watch, is Big Brother Tian able to gamble?”
      Lin Tian could only guess that he had almost finished his performance before stopping.
      He picked up the lamb’s right leg and took a look. There was a split in the joint, and there was still faint blood oozing out.
      It was probably due to the injury from the object.
      [You think this leg injury is too heavy, so there’s no need to treat it anymore. Why don’ t you just eat the roast lamb?]
      By the side, Bai Jun would occasionally play, and Lin Tian directly skipped this subtitle.
      Since they had already been tamed, they had even said in front of the entire nation that they wouldn’ t harm this little lamb.
      There was no need to think about roast lamb.
      Last time, Gu Gu was a superficial wound. Moreover, the wound was shallow. Lin Tian directly applied honey to treat it.
      As for the little lamb’s leg injury, it was much heavier. If the wound was large, honey would increase the wound’s infection.
      There was no need to think about honey saving sheep.
      Honey was only suitable for roast sheep.
      [If you feel sure to observe the surroundings, you might be able to find herbs with good effects]
      This was good news.
      Lin Tian placed the lamb in the grass and touched its head.
      Then, he stood up as if he was talking to himself.
      “You stay here obediently and don’t move. I’ ll see if there are any herbs nearby that can be used.”
      Lin Tian searched around.
      He continued to touch the branches and leaves of the weeds and shrubs.
      He hoped to trigger a subtitle reminder.
      Unfortunately, he didn’ t notice anything after a round.
      This wasn’t scientific. Since the title had already been announced, there should be some rewards around.
      Back in the grass where the little lamb was waiting, the little fellow was very obedient and didn’ t move.
      The moment he saw Lin Tian come over, he intimately called out.
      Suddenly, Lin Tian stared at the little bush behind the little lamb and didn’ t know whether to laugh or cry.
      It was truly a journey through the ages.
      He actually had an impression of that small bush!
      However, when he started to announce the “surroundings “, he ignored the place closest to him.
      It was a cluster of yellow thistles.
      [You’ ve discovered a bunch of yellow thistles that have the effect of stopping blood and turning blood stasis, speeding up wound healing]
      [You have obtained a medicinal effect bonus]
      It was indeed this thing.
      Huang Jing was actually very common. There were many green belts, and some people used the old roots of Huang Jing to make bonsai.
      Lin Tian remembered that if he had cut his hand when he was a child, his family would be poor at that time, and without a band-aid, he would usually use three methods to stop the bleeding: tobacco, spider nests, and yellow Jing Juice.
      Although it sounded strange, it did work.
      Lin Tian picked some yellow Jing leaves and crushed them on a nearby stone.
      “This kind of shrub is called Huang Jing. It’s leaves are crushed. It can be used to stop the bleeding and accelerate the healing of the wound.”
      “I’ ll make some now, and then I’ ll cut a cloth and wrap it around the lamb’s legs. This way, it should be able to walk on its own.”
      Lin Tian knew that the camera was definitely broadcasting the scene of him destroying Huang Jingye, so he decided to explain.
      As for the so-called cutting cloth, it was just cutting his own sleeve. He didn’ t have any other cloth.
      The little lamb was very obedient, not moving at all. It had Lin Tian apply medicine for it, bandaging it.
      After he finished, the little fellow probed the ground and slowly walked around, and it succeeded.
      The effect of the system’s bonus was simply terrifyingly fast. It was only a minute since he was old.
      A new caption appeared.
      [Healthy Young Lamb]
      [Narrator: I can run and jump again]
      Lin Tian hurriedly stopped the little lamb’s crazy thoughts.
      You’ ve just applied the medicine, you can run and jump. You want me to be caught and sliced?
      The little lamb let out a resentful cry.
      It did not understand why Lin Tian did not allow it to run freely.
      And he had to pretend to be limping and walking hard?
      Only an idiot could do this, right?!*

      Chapter 68 You haven’t weaned yet?

      Lin Tian didn’ t care if you were stupid or stupid.
      If it wasn’ t for the early announcement of the caption.
      Can you still act cute?
      It had long become a roast lamb!
      As a result, Lin Tian had to obey his orders.
      However, when the little lamb obediently followed Lin Tian and walked forward.
      Lin Tiancai realized that this was not enough.
      The speed was too slow!
      There was no choice but to carry the little lamb.
      “Brother Tian can’ t understand this?”
      “That’s right! Carrying a sheep away was clearly a burden!”How could Lin Tian be so stupid today!”
      “You guys are underestimating Big Brother Tian too much. In my opinion, Big Brother Tian isn’ t convenient to kill sheep right now. So, I’ ll first coax the lamb to treat him to his side and kill him when there’s no food. This way, there’ ll be fresh lamb.”
      “I’ m afraid that the enemy has not sent us here to attack Brother Tian, right?”
      “That’s right. Is my brother Tian a bad person?!”
      Lin Tian hadn’ t expected the audience to have such a powerful brain healing ability.
      Just like that, Lin Tian became the most exotic of all the contestants.
      He carried a little lamb and hurried on.
      “Lin Tian, what are you trying to do?How can I explain this?”What if I say something wrong?”
      Song Yi exclaimed inwardly,” Lin Tian is truly too caring. Even if helping the lamb might drag him down, he still did this. Such a man is truly too charming!”
      After walking for a while.
      The little lamb in his embrace cried out. Lin Tian could understand what it meant.
      The wrong way?
      Lin Tian put the lamb down and slowly turned left into a bush.
      [You feel that the little lamb is guiding you. Even though you feel that this is inconceivable, you are in a happy mood to accept it.[1]
      It really was as the system had said.
      He had originally wanted to walk straight along the previous path. If he hadn’ t had a lamb, he definitely wouldn’ t have turned left into this bush.
      Lin Tian followed the little lamb for a while. After confirming the direction, he picked up the little lamb.
      Time was running out, so he walked quickly.
      This trip lasted more than an hour.
      During this period of time, Lin Tian had changed directions many times, and he had continued to turn around and walk towards a certain place.
      He stopped halfway and drank some water.
      “Why do I feel like this little lamb is guiding us?”
      “I also feel that, but would such a small lamb be able to direct the way?”
      “Upstairs, he thought that a lamb would not be a lamb, right?”You want to laugh to death…”
      “It makes sense for the old horse to know the path. If it was an old goat, it might have a fixed path, but the little lamb shouldn’ t have this ability.”
      “I’ ll know if I look at it.”
      As he walked, a pile of objects in the grass in front of him caught Lin Tian’s attention.
      [Sheep Dung: Soya Bean Size Particles.[Good use, good fertilizer]
      A sheep manure was discovered here, which meant that there might be a flock of sheep nearby!
      It was just that Lin Tian didn’ t need to be curious. Along the way, he had also observed it, but there were no other sheep manure.
      How did that lamb find this place?
      Could it be due to Bai Jun?
      Since he couldn’ t think clearly, then he shouldn’ t think about it.In any case, it would not hurt him.
      [The sheep left traces behind. Perhaps the lamb had already smelled the scent of milk on its mother]
      Lin Tian looked at the little lamb in his embrace.
      You still haven’ t weaned yet???
      If it really came from smelling milk fragrance, then it would be too exaggerated!
      At this moment, the audience with sharp eyes also discovered this pile of sheep dung.
      “That’s sheep manure. Did Lin Tian find the sheep?”
      “Silly lamb, actually brought the bad guys home. It’s over, it’s about to end up in a nest!”
      “In the end, I’ ve underestimated Big Brother Tian. I should’ ve thought of it earlier. How could a little lamb satisfy my Big Brother Tian?”
      “Realistic Idiot Sheep and Wolf Lin!”
      Lin Tian placed the little fellow on the ground and asked it to continue leading the way.
      The little lamb cheerfully called out.
      Then, he slowly walked towards a place.
      As Lin Tian followed, he observed the surroundings.
      It was not hard to discover that the tender grass on the surrounding ground and the tender leaves on the shrubs all had traces of gnawing.
      Especially the traces of the tender leaves being eaten were even more obvious.
      [Goats have a wide range of food habits. They especially like to feed on branches and leaves. Their hind legs can stand upright, allowing them to fully feed on higher-level vines and shrubs]
      Indeed, the fittest survived.
      “Baa~ Baa~”
      Not far away, a goat’s cry rang out from ahead.
      Lin Tian saw the sheep.
      [A large group of running and jumping flesh, and their fur also had a great effect, provided that you could catch them]
      Lin Tian was not prepared to hunt sheep.
      To be precise, he was not prepared to hunt the sheep now.
      His current goal was to find Mu Yufei and the others. Perhaps he could consider how to deal with these goats when he returned.
      The lamb happily walked towards an ewe.
      When the mother and son reunited, both sides were extremely happy. If it wasn’ t for Lin Tian’s control, the little lamb would have jumped up in joy.
      First, it used its head to hold onto the ewe’s body to act coquettishly.
      Then, he turned around and looked at Lin Tian in embarrassment.
      Lin Tian gave a look of encouragement.
      Wasn’ t it just being spoiled? What’s there to be embarrassed about?
      Then, in the next second.
      Lin Tian was dumbfounded.
      The little lamb burrowed into the mother sheep’s belly, its mouth skillfully finding its spot, and then began to eat happily.
      He really hadn’ t weaned yet!
      The little author of this chapter is still quite fond of writing it. He’s been looking at himself as if I’ m narcissistic. What about you?Do you like this style?)*

      69 Zhu Ge, Fire Plow Technique

      Although the little lamb had already been tamed by Lin Tian.
      However, its bloodline relationship with the ewes still existed. This was the most instinctive thing for creatures.
      Lin Tian did not really laugh at this little fellow. He just felt that it was very cute.
      The netizens were also amused by the little lamb.
      “Haha, so it’s just a lamb that hasn’ t been weaned.”
      “Ah, what a shame. The little lamb’s drinking looks actually starved me…”
      “Do you want to drink fresh goat milk?”
      “Brother Tian was mercilessly abandoned just like that, pitying my Brother Tian for a second.”
      “Brother Tian has finally lost to an ewe.”
      Lin Tian looked at the satellite watch. It was already eleven o’clock.
      After a whole morning, he drank some water and felt a little hungry.
      Especially when he saw the little lamb’s mouth sucking in that satisfied expression, he became even more hungry.
      The bamboo wine contained yams, dried fish, and snake meat.
      However, he had to raise a fire.
      [If you decide to take a look around, you might be able to find the materials for the fire.[1]
      Lin Tian took the bamboo tube and the pottery bowl from his back and placed it on the grass.
      That pottery bowl was protected by Lin Tian’s straw vine net, so he didn’ t have to worry too much about breaking it.
      Then, he picked up his machete and began to explore the surroundings.
      The flock of sheep not far away looked at it curiously. From time to time, they would bleat out, but they did not run away in fear.
      Soon, Lin Tian discovered useful materials.
      [Zhu Ge: Light in texture and low in moisture. It is especially suitable to be used as the base for the Fire Plow Technique]
      Even if the caption didn’t indicate anything, Lin Tian had already recognized this kind of shrub that was very common in tropical islands.
      Lin Tian had learned about the use of Zhu Ge as a base and the use of the Fire Plow method to ignite fire in Grandpa Bei’s video.
      In fact, the so-called fire plow method was extremely simple. The two corks rubbed against each other, and the wood chips produced by the two corks were extremely easy to produce sparks in high temperatures.
      It was coupled with a flammable fleece.
      A fire could be created.
      However, the Fire Plow Technique was a test of one’s stamina and patience. It would take a long time to rub quickly before sparks could come out.
      Lin Tian was quite familiar with this.
      He found two dried hibiscus and some fleece grass.
      He then spent some time building the fire.
      “Set fire on the mountain and go through the prison!”
      “A fire in the morning and the police station in the afternoon.”
      “Brother Tian has finally used a method that normal people can use to make a fire.”
      “Is this a live fire ready to slaughter the sheep?”Bad laugh”
      Lin Tian naturally wasn’ t going to kill sheep. He cut a few wooden sticks with a knife and used his machete to string the snake meat and dried fish on the wooden sticks.
      He took a few more pieces of yams from the bamboo tube.
      For lunch, he was going to simply eat some roast dried fish and roast yams.
      After lunch, Lin Tian found a tree shade and closed his eyes to rest.
      [The sheep spent most of their time in this area. Understanding the surrounding environment would help them deal with these goats in the future]
      This place was almost half a day away from the shelter.
      Of course, if it was Lin Tian alone, he would be faster.
      Most of the surrounding area was covered with shrubs, low forests, and the grass on the ground was quite beautiful.
      If the flock of sheep were to move around this area as often as the subtitles said, then this place would become an important stronghold for them.
      Lin Tian stood up and began to probe the surroundings.
      The little lamb was already full of wine, and then it threw down the ewe and arrived at Lin Tian’s place.
      “Little fellow, are you drunk?”
      Lin Tian bent down and touched his head.
      He licked Lin Tian’s hand with his tongue. This was the expression of the little lamb’s happy mood.
      “Where do you usually drink water?”
      The two bamboo tubes had already consumed half of the water.
      He had to find a source of water to replenish.
      The little lamb called Lin Tian to follow him.
      The water source was not far from the bushes.
      There were some small hills around them, and under them was a patch of grass.
      It was vaguely visible that some water was slowly flowing in the grass.
      It could barely be called a small swamp.
      [The sheep are all replenishing the water in the swamp. If you want to be safe, you’d better find the source of the water]
      At this moment, one could see some goats running in the distance. They were also drinking water here.
      Seeing Lin Tian coming over, he immediately ran away.
      Drinking a water source with animals, if there was a large amount of water, then there would be no problem.
      However, if the water flow was small, it might even be stagnant.
      He had to be careful. Unless he had no other choice, it was best not to drink together.
      Lin Tian followed the direction of the flow of water.
      Ten minutes later, Lin Tian found a ditch between the two hills.
      There were still some thorns and shrubs outside the ditch. No sheep would have eaten enough to get in here to drink water.
      Lin Tian used his machete to cut out an entrance that could pass through. There was a small pool inside.
      The water was clear, and the bottom of the pond was filled with fine sand and gravel.
      There was actually Goldfish Grass.
      One could vaguely see the little shrimp swimming about.
      The water quality should be pretty good.
      He brought two empty bamboo tubes. Originally, there was only one, and the other had some water. He poured it into a pottery bowl and put it first.
      After the two bamboo tubes were filled with water, they decided to return to their original path.
      When he left, he cut down a small tree’s treetop from the side, just in time to block the entrance he began to cut out.
      After finding the water source, this place could become a temporary stronghold.
      Due to the lack of containers, he could only drink a portion of the boiled water from the shelter.
      This way, the newly-installed water could be boiled in a pottery bowl several times to cool.
      Although he was tormented, in the end, he still had a belly full of water. There were also two half-bamboo barrels of cold white open inventory.
      He was about to pack his things and proceed.*

      Chapter 70 Discovering Cong Guang!

      The little lamb came over to bid farewell.
      Lin Tian did not intend to bring it forward together because it would truly become a burden!
      As for staying here, together with the sheep, the lamb would be able to play a greater role.
      Because even now, the connection between Lin Tian, Coo, and Stone was still maintained.
      Although it was only simple to confirm their exact location.
      But that was enough.
      The little lamb was the GPS that Lin Tianan had planted on the sheep!
      As long as this little fellow did not leave the team again, or was not eaten by other ferocious beasts.
      Even if the sheep were to migrate, he could still find the sheep through the lamb.
      “Little fellow, follow your mother and your companions here. I will come back to pick you up in a while.”
      “Also, let me give you a name.”
      “I remember a novel I’ ve read before. The main character loves to drink beast milk. Everyone calls him the devilish brat.”
      “Look at you being so naughty and loving to drink milk, why don’ t you just call you devilish brat?”
      The little lamb happily replied.
      A sheep was named the devilish brat.
      One person and one sheep did not find it strange at all.
      “!”What kind of brain is Big Brother Tian?”
      “This is a great expectation for the little lamb. Is my Desolate Heaven Emperor’s legend going to continue acting on a little lamb?”
      “Why can’ t I understand where the devilish brat came from?”Is there a big boss explaining?”
      After parting with the devilish brat, Lin Tian extinguished the flames and continued to leave alone.
      After checking the map in her mind, Mu Yufei and the others should still be there.
      In reality, most of them were still on the spot.
      Because it was not easy for an accident to happen.
      Therefore, someone like Lin Tian, who was unwilling to be lonely and wanted to explore the map, instantly attracted the attention of the netizens.
      “Are you going to turn back to the beach again?”
      Lin Tian’s heart was underestimating him. The map showed him turning towards the sea. Of course, he followed the map.
      [The midday sun was like a furnace. Rolling hot air poured down from the top of people’s heads, as if it wanted to evaporate their water and blood.[1]
      [You wiped off your sweat and raised your middle finger at the sun. Then, you cursed and continued to advance]
      [You have gained +3 Stamina]
      [You have gained resistance +5]
      After the resistance increased, Lin Tian immediately felt that the sun was no longer as hot as the sun. The increase in physical strength made his footsteps even lighter.
      Of course, Lin Tian wouldn’t do such a middle-and-second action as pointing at the sun.
      To be reasonable, he really wanted to give Narrator a thumbs up.
      Even though it was always self-happy and playful.
      Time passed by.
      The water in the bamboo tube slowly decreased.
      After Lin Tian found the correct route, he continued to advance along the coastline. He directly walked in a straight line to find Mu Yufei’s path was too obvious.
      At this moment, he was walking in a forest.
      This was a pine forest.
      These pines grew straight and tall. Their branches and leaves were luxuriant, so they could block out quite a bit of sunlight.
      As Lin Tian advanced, he observed. He knew that the pine forest produced mushrooms.
      He didn’ t know if the timing was wrong. He didn’ t find any traces of mushrooms.
      Suddenly, a collapsed pine tree in front of him caught his attention.
      This was a large pine tree.
      The stump was probably as thick as a bucket.
      The reason why the pine tree collapsed and broke was unknown, and there was no meaning to explore.
      However, the pine tree’s fracture was worth exploring.
      Generally, the inside of the pine tree was yellow and white. However, from the fracture, the pine tree looked as if it was made of red sauce, like bacon.
      It seemed like he had come into contact before?
      Some images flashed through his mind.
      This was Cong Guang?
      Lin Tian was pleasantly surprised.
      Cong Guang was a dialect.
      It refers to a special product produced by the secretion of pine oil and its infiltration into the pine tree.
      Lin Tian quickly walked over. From a close observation, he was certain of his guess.
      “Wow, it seems like Song Mingzi. Brother Tian’s luck is too good!”
      “Man vs. Wild has discovered that Song Mingzi is a bit of an emperor~”
      “My heavenly brother has always been an emperor, okay?”What is Song Mingzi?”
      “Don’ t you know how to ask Mother Du?”
      [A dead pine tree]
      [Your good luck continues, this pine tree can extract quite a few pine seeds. Whether it’s playing or drawing fire, it’s a good choice]
      The caption appeared in his mind.
      More information about Song Mingzi appeared in his mind.
      “I wonder if any friends can recognize what this is?”
      Lin Tian asked the camera.
      After leaving alone, loneliness and loneliness would also quietly grow.
      Lin Tian knew that his fans were watching behind the camera. The fans could hear what he said.
      It was better to talk.
      “Our dialect calls this Cong Guang because this thing is flammable and can burn easily. In the past, when there was no flashlight in the countryside, lighting a cluster of light as a fire handle can illuminate it for a long time.”
      “Perhaps Cong Guang has heard of a few people. Most people call it Song Mingzi”
      “Song Mingzi usually only had old trees and big trees.”It must be a dead tree.”
      “Now that the technology has developed, there are all kinds of lighting equipment such as flashlight. Almost no one is using Song Mingzi as a light source or torch.”
      “However, if there were anyone who came into contact with the art, they would definitely be able to recognize this item. In the art world, it had a more refined name, North Agarwood, Amberwood.”
      Lin Tian introduced a bunch of them in one breath.
      After the introduction, he prepared to mine some Song Mingzi for backup without looking up.
      The netizens were boiling again.
      The Encyclopedic Book man was something to be admired!
      The number of words reached 120,000 in the morning.Tonight, he would fight.*Thank you for your support ~ This is the first chapter. At 4 o’clock, there is another chapter ~)*

      There was also a reward for not slacking off?

      “I really want to know if there is anything in this world that Brother Tian does not understand?”
      “Huang Jing, Song Mingzi, I’ ve never heard of them before!”Brother Tian, you know that.”
      “With such a large tree stump, will Big Brother Tian bring it along?”
      Of course, Lin Tian would not bring such a large piece of wood to travel.
      Song Mingzi was usually a large piece, and Lin Tian chopped down three long rolling pins with arms.
      As for the others, he had to stay here for now. He would come back and retrieve them when he returned. With the help of the map in his mind, he didn’ t have to worry that he wouldn’ t be able to find a place.
      “With these three pine seeds, we can basically handle some unexpected situations.”
      It was not long before the sky darkened.
      Lin Tian decided to find a place to build a temporary shelter.
      [If you can’t find a suitable place to build a shelter before dark, it will be hard for you to get a good sleep tonight]
      A suitable place?
      As Lin Tian pondered, he explained to the camera.
      “It will not be long before it gets dark. I want to find a place to build a temporary shelter before it gets dark.”
      “The ideal shelter is usually waterproof, windproof, and protected from beasts.”
      “That’s why I’ m looking for a place where the terrain is open and the vegetation is sparse. Because with more vegetation, it’s easy to hide mosquitoes, ants, and even poisonous scorpions and vipers!”
      After a while, Lin Tian’s eyes lit up.
      This place should be fine.
      [It is suitable to build a temporary shelter so that you can spend a night safely and smoothly]
      The caption displayed in his mind gave Lin Tian certainty and confidence.
      There were no trees or weeds in this place.
      The slightly raised slope in the middle ensured that water was not easy to accumulate here.
      On the right side of the slope, there was a huge rock that could be used as a wall of the shelter.
      Lin Tian cleaned up the area on the slope that was close to the boulder. At the very least, there were no stone or hidden ant nests.
      A few branches were cut from the nearby area and laid on the boulder. The roof of the shelter was already rough.
      [It’s a sunny night, so you won’ t have to worry about rain]
      Very good.
      Since it wasn’t raining, it would be better tonight.
      However, Lin Tian did not slack off as a crude shelter.
      “I’ ve already built the shelter, but I still need to find some big leaves to strengthen the shelter’s roof to prevent rain.”
      This area was empty. If one wanted to find large leaf plants, one had to go a little further.
      In the tropical islands, large areas of ferns were still very common. Lin Tian quickly used a machete to cut a large hug.
      Place the fern leaves on the branches in the same direction, then tie them tightly with the straw.
      Holding the fern leaves was not enough. Lin Tian returned to continue cutting.
      [You didn’t slack off. You continued to mow the fern grass to strengthen the shelter’s roof. Fortunately, you found a cluster of grass [1]
      So there was a reward for not slacking off?
      Lin Tian’s blade, which was cutting the fern leaves, paused, and his gaze locked onto a cluster of grass beside him.
      There were many types of argy grass, some of which could even be eaten. For example, Qingming’s green balls, some of which were made from argy grass.
      However, Lin Tian was not very familiar with it. He only knew that there was a big difference in plant size between it and the green grass.
      [Grass: A plant with abundant functions.If it were to be applied to its body, it could breed mosquito bites.[1]
      [You’ve obtained the enhanced effect of Aloyae Mosquito Repelling]
      It was actually a plant that could repel mosquitoes!
      Moreover, the system had also enhanced its effects!
      Lin Tianqiang couldn’t hold back his laughter. The stone was n’ t there. He was worried that he would become a mosquito feeding place after sleeping tonight.
      With this plant.
      That question would be easily solved.
      Moreover, not only at night, but even when walking in the woods during the day, there were mosquito bites. It was just that there were not many at night.
      Lin Tian had been troubled by this problem before, but he had not thought of any effective method.
      It seemed that he hadn’ t seen this plant at Meng Qi Beach before. At that time, he could transplant some back.
      Lin Tian first continued to mow some grass and carry it back. He completely completed the construction of the shelter roof and found some hay to make a bed.
      After that, he returned again and picked up most of the branches and leaves of the grass. He looked around for a few more.
      Each clump of argy grass only took branches and leaves, not destroying the roots. In a few days, it would sprout new leaves and buds.
      After collecting the leaves and branches of the grass, it was almost dark.
      After returning to the temporary shelter, Lin Tian quickly lit up his flames.
      The tool was the same as the one he had used in the morning. He had brought two of them with him, so he could use the Fire Plow to create a fire at any moment.
      However, it was only people like Lin Tian who had greatly increased their strength and strength that were able to carry a large pile of items into the wilderness.
      The fire quickly began to rise.
      The darkness dispersed from the surroundings of Lin Tian.
      Although it was not difficult to use the Fire Plow Technique to make a fire, it was still unpleasant to have to work hard at every place.
      Perhaps he could try to make a firecracker?
      Lin Tian looked at the three pine trees on the ground and thought.
      However, it was far from enough for Huo Zhezi to rely on Song Mingzi alone. This could only be a plan.
      Now, the fire had started.
      Lin Tian was going to cook some food first, then find a stone and beat it up with some grass juice.
      He had just put the snake meat into a pottery bowl to boil soup.
      Suddenly, a wolf howl rang out in Lin Tian’s ears.
      (This is the last and most important thing before the battle. Thank you for your support ~ I wish you every day a happy fortune~)*

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