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Survival Game: Unlock billions of talents in the beginning

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      Chapter 1 The most dangerous mental patient in history!

      Li Xuan opened his eyes.
      There was a slight headache.
      “This is ……”
      He looked around and found that this was a completely closed room. The surrounding copper walls and iron walls were made of concrete, about twenty square meters.
      There was a metal door in the center of one of the walls. It was also completely sealed. There was only a small, locked dining room.
      “Am I locked up?”
      “No way, right?”
      “Is this really a game game?”
      Li Xuan had a headache.
      He only remembered that he was still playing a survival game called “Life in the Dead” in the Internet Cafe. He suddenly lost consciousness and appeared here the moment he woke up.
      It was at this moment.
      The dining room on the metal door was opened.
      A dish of food was brought in.
      Li Xuan could vaguely see the small hand that served the meal. Its wrist was slender, and its five fingers were long. It was extremely beautiful. It should be a woman’s hand.
      He glanced at the dish.
      There were rice, chicken, and vegetables. They were quite rich.
      “Could it be poisonous?”
      He did not intend to eat this dish. After all, he was not sure what was happening right now.
      “Quick, eat.”
      At this moment, an ice-cold woman’s voice rang out from outside the door.” I’ ll give you five minutes.”
      The woman’s voice was very clear and melodious.
      Perhaps it was a beautiful woman.
      But Li Xuan frowned slightly. Where was this place where there was a time limit for eating?
      After some thought, he picked up the dish and poured it into the toilet bowl.
      For the time being, no one could see anything unusual.
      However, he didn’ t dare to eat anything and could only pour it down.
      “Even the toilet bowl is made of concrete.”
      Li Xuan cursed in his heart.
      When he emptied the food, he was suddenly stunned. He saw a line of small words on the stainless steel plate……
      Green Vine Mental Hospital!
      “I was imprisoned in a mental hospital?”
      Li Xuan was stunned.
      As for that?
      Wasn’ t it just playing for a while to eat chickens?
      Why did he enter the mental hospital?
      “Could it be that I have transmigrated?”
      He looked at his own body and realized that it had not changed. Wasn’ t it still him?
      Or did he directly pass through another world?
      This was just too ridiculous!
      He was locked in an airtight concrete room!
      Moreover, everyone else had their own systems.
      Where was his system?
      Li Xuan was a little depressed.
      But no matter what, he had to understand his current situation first……
      At this moment, a conversation came from outside the room.
      The man said,” The most dangerous mental patient in history is him, right?”
      The ice-cold woman said,” It’s him, Li Xuan.”
      The man laughed mockingly,” Is he the one who claims to be the strongest in the world?”
      “If you underestimate him, you’ ll suffer a loss ……”
      Li Xuan listened quietly.
      Soon, his mood sank.
      He finally understood his current situation.
      He had unexpectedly become the “most dangerous psychopath in history “?
      It was unknown what he had done before.
      However, he claimed to be the strongest in the entire human race. He was an all-powerful super genius, and he possessed countless shocking and terrifying abilities.
      The reason why he was only given five minutes to eat…
      It was because he wanted to take away the plate and prevent him from using it to escape the room.
      “Isn’ t this too exaggerated?”
      “You don’ t even dare to leave me a plate?”
      “How afraid are these people?”
      Li Xuan was stunned.
      However, he clearly didn’ t have any skills!
      How should he escape?
      He felt as if he was going to get cold. Could it be that he would be trapped here forever?
      A mechanical and icy voice appeared in his mind:
      Do [participate in the survival game?]
      [Once you choose to participate, you will be sent to the survival map of the competition.]
      [You win in the game, you will receive survival points!]
      [Survival Points: Can be used for [Gene Enhancement ],[ Increase Lifetime ],[ Extract Game Props and Ability], etc.]
      Note 1: If you die in the game, your lifespan will be deducted and you will be sent back.)
      Note 2: The first game will be exempted from punishment.)
      Li Xuan’s heart shook.
      A survival game?
      Wasn’ t that like eating chickens?
      “If you win in the game, you will be able to gain survival points, which will strengthen your genes.”
      “Without a doubt, this is my chance to escape!”
      “As long as the gene is strong enough, it won’ t be difficult to smash concrete with one punch, right?”
      “Not to mention the ability to extract items and abilities ……”
      When Li Xuan thought of this, he suddenly frowned.
      It was because it was not easy to win a survival game where a hundred people competed.
      Once he died in the game, his lifespan would be deducted!
      Although participating in the survival game was a way to become stronger, it was also a great risk……
      It was at this moment.
      [Drops!The All-heaven Fu System was activated!]
      Instantly, Li Xuan’s eyes lit up.
      All-heaven Fu system?
      Was this his system?
      The outer ring had finally arrived!
      “System, what do you have?”
      Li Xuan immediately asked.
      Soon, a mechanical voice answered in his mind:
      Hello “host!”This system can unlock all of your [Survival Game] talents.”
      “For a normal person to enter the game for the first time, they can only activate the lowest level of F-level talent.”
      “But host, you can activate your SSS grade talent.”
      Li Xuan thought for a moment when he heard this.
      This survival game was different from the chicken he had played before.
      This game had a talent system!
      He asked,” Can this talent be used in reality?”
      “No,” the mechanical voice replied.However, the host could use his survival points to extract his unlocked talent to reality.”It’s only natural talent. Other equipment, skills, and other items in the game can also be extracted. However, the survival points that you need to consume are different.”
      Now, Li Xuan understood.
      This system could not directly make him stronger.
      However, it could allow him to become stronger in the [Survival Game]. It was as if he was on the hook, and he could obtain more survival points, thus turning him into a real strength.
      “Now, there is hope to escape from the mental hospital.”
      Li Xuan let out a sigh of relief.
      He arranged his thoughts.
      Suddenly, he asked,” Who are the people participating in this survival game?”*

      Chapter 2 Sss grade talent!Permanent invisibility!

      The mechanical voice replied in his mind:
      “Right now, the Blue Star civilization host has just entered the [Survival Game]. There will be a three-day test.”
      “There are a total of ten thousand testers. They are randomly selected from all over the world.”
      “Three days later, everyone in the world will be qualified to enter the game.”
      Li Xuan nodded lightly.
      It meant that he was equivalent to a testing player. He had three days to lead the other large forces.
      Not bad!
      Of course, he couldn’ t miss such an opportunity.
      Li Xuan did not immediately choose to enter the survival game.
      He waited for two minutes before placing the empty plate in front of the metal door.
      He heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the small white hand reach in and take the plate away.
      “This survival game seems to have teleported me away.”
      “For the time being, no one can find anything unusual.”
      Only then did Li Xuan choose to enter the game.
      His eyes darkened.
      Then, a sense of weightlessness came from his entire body. The concrete beneath his feet seemed to have changed, turning into a bumpy gravel path.
      He opened his eyes.
      What entered his eyes was a dark but open terrain.
      As expected, it was no longer the concrete room!
      He looked around him.
      His body was just like before, simple short sleeves and shorts.
      The ground was covered in rubble and weeds.
      The scene was dim, and it was hard to see what was going on in the distance. All they could see was a building ruin on their left. The dome collapsed and the flowerbed was messy.
      It looked like an ancient western building.
      In all directions, other than Li Xuan, there were no figures at the moment.
      [Welcome you to the survival game!]
      [Drops!I’ ve detected that you’ ve activated hundreds of millions of talents!]
      [Congratulations. Your talent in this game: Permanent Invisibility (SSS-level). As long as you do not launch an attack, you will be in permanent Invisibility.]
      Note 1: If the attack appears, it will return to invisibility after 2 seconds.)
      Note 2: This talent is only valid in this game.If he wanted it to take effect in reality, he would have to use his survival points to extract it!)
      When Li Xuan received the notification, his heart was racing.
      Permanent invisibility!
      As expected of an SSS grade talent!
      Although he didn’ t know what the rules of this survival game were, no matter what, this was a terrifying talent.
      Imagine, even in the chicken-eating game of survival in the dead, the ability to gain permanent invisibility, wouldn’t it be easy to survive until the end?
      This was undoubtedly an opening!
      When Li Xuan’s talent was activated, two seconds later, he lowered his head and realized that his body was completely invisible.
      Even he could not see him.
      “Was truly invisible ……”
      Soon after.
      The system notification came again:
      [Game specifications of this Council:100 people (2 people in a group,50 groups in total)!]
      [You have matched a teammate!]
      [You can search the map, kill wild monsters, and obtain equipment and skills (this game only takes effect).When your team survives to the end, you will win.]
      [Every time you kill another player, you will receive 5 points of total attribute improvement (this game only takes effect).]
      [A player dies, all equipment will be dropped.]
      [The death of a player, it would be deducted by 1-36 months of life (the earlier the death, the more life would be deducted).]
      After the game in this [, the player’s performance will be used to settle the “survival points “!]
      Note: This is your first game. Death is exempt from punishment!)
      Li Xuan looked at it and his mouth curled slightly.
      It meant that if they were to “land into a box” in this game, they would be deducted by 36 months, that is, three years of life!
      This punishment could be said to be extremely serious.
      After landing on the ground a few more times, it was likely that his lifespan would be cut off.
      “First game, exempt from death punishment……”It’s useless to me.”
      Li Xuan shook his head.
      In this game, he had activated his talent of “permanent invisibility “. Who could kill him?
      Besides that:
      Fighting Wild!
      Saving equipment and skills!
      This was the rule of this survival game. It was indeed similar to eating chickens.
      Li Xuan silently read the map.
      Then, a square map appeared in his mind……It was about a thousand meters by a thousand meters. His location was at the bottom right corner of the map.
      Outside the map, there was a black area marked [restricted area].
      This should be similar to the “Poison Circle “. It was used to shorten the game time and initially count down five minutes.
      Five minutes later, the [restricted area] began to spread, narrowing the player’s survival area.
      Li Xuan silently read the attributes. A list of attributes appeared in front of him:
      Survival Points:0
      Note: The average value of each attribute of the Blue Star human was 10 points.)
      Was he this strong?
      Each attribute was 2-4 points higher than the average Blue Star human!
      “Was worthy of being the strongest psychopath in history ……”
      Li Xuan shook his head.
      He acutely noticed that this survival game was the biggest difference from eating chickens.
      That was…Kill the Rising Attribute!
      Each time one of the other players was killed, it would increase the total attributes by 5 points (this game only takes effect).
      Without a doubt……In the game, the more he killed, the stronger he was at the late stage!
      If you were to think of Gou Ming, the late stage was definitely not a match for other players.
      “Moreover, the final settlement of the survival points was based on performance.”
      “If you’ ve been lying there, you definitely won’ t be able to obtain much points, right?”
      Li Xuan quickly analyzed the rules of the game.
      At this moment, he noticed a slender figure of a young girl beside the remains of that ancient building not far from him.
      According to the system notification, this girl should be his teammate in this game.
      This was a group of two, a total of 100 people’s survival game!
      “Killing the others will obtain all attributes……”Then if we kill our teammates, will we be able to obtain a full attribute reward?”
      Li Xuan looked at the map.
      In the lower right corner of the map, besides his own five-pointed star mark, there was also a circle mark that should be the location of his female teammate.
      “This means that she can discover my location through the map!”
      “Like this…”Isn’ t it useless to be invisible?”
      Li Xuan thought about it and decided to kill this teammate first!
      Not only did he eliminate the threat in advance, he also wanted to test some of the rules of the game.
      As a result, he maintained his invisible state and slowly walked towards the girl.*

      Chapter 3 Burst!Kill his teammates at the start!

      Soon, Li Xuan passed by the woman.
      He did not immediately attack.
      He continued to remain invisible and walked into the ruins of the building.
      This female teammate seemed to be studying the rules of the survival game.
      Her facial features were exquisite, and she looked very pure. Her beautiful eyes were like water as she curiously sized up the surroundings.
      She had an almost perfect figure curve. She was wearing a white cartoon short sleeve and a pair of tight jeans, displaying her pair of long legs vividly.
      Li Xuan ignored her.
      “Search for some equipment first!”
      He stealthily walked into the ruins of the building. Soon, he discovered that there were some sundries on a large stone within the ruins.
      He quickly walked over.
      [Bronze Dagger (Level F): Attack +15, Durability 240/240]
      [Bronze Wristband (Grade F): Arm Defense +10, Durability 70/70]
      [Patch: Repair 120 points of equipment durability.]
      [Cheese: Restores 50% health.]
      Pick them all.
      “It’s actually a cold weapon?”
      Li Xuan looked at the bronze dagger in his hand that was emitting a fierce light and was a little surprised.
      He thought it was like eating a chicken, a hot weapon.
      [Host, with the improvement of the survival game, you will face various completely different maps. The equipment/arms/skills of each type of map will vary greatly. Please know!]
      So it was like this?
      It meant that there would be hot weapons, and even more powerful things!
      Moreover, these things could all be extracted from reality with survival points!
      Li Xuan was a little excited.
      However, it seemed that this round was only a cold weapon.
      “It doesn’ t matter. In any case, I’ ll be forever invisible. I’ ll be the same as any weapon.”
      The corner of his mouth curled up slightly.
      Then, he equipped the bronze dagger.
      “I’ ll increase my attack power by one point for each power, plus the bronze dagger, my attack power now totals 27 points.”
      Li Xuan looked at his survival attributes.
      Each point of endurance was equal to 10 health points.
      He had a total of 130 HP.
      “The average human attribute is 10 points.”
      “In other words, that woman’s health is around 100 points.”
      “If she doesn’ t have any protective equipment, I will have 27 attacks. As long as I attack her four times, I will be able to kill her.”
      “Didn’ t know if this game had any vital points?For example, the head exploded ……”
      Li Xuan thought calmly.
      In just a few seconds, he left the ruins with a bronze dagger.
      He maintained his stealth state and quietly arrived behind his female teammates.
      [Your attack hit your vitals (head exploded), it caused 81 damage to your target!]
      [You killed the target (number 00498)!]
      [You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
      Li Xuan didn’ t expect to kill his teammates in a split second.
      This girl’s health was much lower than he had estimated.
      From the looks of it, damage to a vital point would cause three times more damage.
      In addition, killing teammates would also be able to obtain full attribute bonuses.
      “Killing your teammates will likely reduce the final settlement score and reward.”
      “But it doesn’ t matter.”
      Li Xuan shook his head.
      He didn’t think there was a problem with killing his teammates.
      In any case, this was the first round, and his teammates didn’ t lose.
      The key point was that his talent in this game was permanent invisibility, and his teammates could see his position…To him, this teammate was completely a burden. It might even be a bad thing.
      So just kill him first!
      He could also test some game mechanisms.
      Li Xuan believed that the most important thing now was to be familiar with the rules of the game, not to be obsessed with the outcome of the current game.
      Not to mention…
      He had activated his innate talent for permanent invisibility in this round. As long as he remained vigilant, there was no chance of him falling over.
      Seeing that his female teammates had turned into a wooden box, Li Xuan didn’ t have any interest in searching……After all, this teammate hadn’ t moved since he came out. There wouldn’ t be anything in the box either.
      Two seconds later, he returned to his stealth state!
      He opened the scoreboard.
      [Remaining players in this game:96!]
      Four of them had died in just a short while. It seemed that the competition in this game was extremely fierce.
      Li Xuan didn’ t think too much.
      He maintained his stealth state and continued to search the ruins!
      Blue Star.
      A certain apartment.
      A pure girl with a ponytail was sent back to her bedroom bed!
      Her name was Qin Shuangshuang, a freshman girl. She was selected as one of ten thousand test players in the Survival Game.
      At this moment, an inconceivable expression appeared on her pure and pure face.
      Due to her hurried breathing, her chest rose and fell rapidly.
      “I……”I landed in a box?”
      “Moreover, it was my teammates who killed me?”
      “This is too much!”
      “Fortunately, it’s the first game, exempting death punishment.”
      Qin Shuangshuang was filled with anger.
      She covered her chest and realized that her heart was racing. This game was simply too exciting.
      A survival game for a hundred people!
      The winner will receive survival points!
      Death would be deducted from his lifespan!
      The rules were similar to the popular “chicken eating” game on Blue Star, but the rewards and price meant that this was not just a game.
      “What kind of ghost teammate.”
      “Next time, we must take action first and kill our teammates first.”
      Qin Shuangshuang gnashed her teeth.
      Just like playing the chicken game, she subconsciously wanted to make the next move.
      But the system notification came:
      [Warning: This is your second game. If you die in the game, you will be deducted from your lifespan according to the time of death!]
      [Are you sure you have entered a match?]
      This reminder made Qin Shuangshuang instantly calm down.
      This was not an ordinary game…
      Death in the game would be deducted from the lifespan!
      He landed in a box. He didn’ t understand the content of the game at all. If he had another round, it would still be cold, right?
      After struggling for a long time in her heart, the girl decided to go online and check it out.
      In the end……
      He could not find any information about this survival game!
      In the end, she gritted her teeth.
      “Let’s go.”
      “As long as he obtained the survival points, he would be able to redeem his lifespan.He could even make up for the loss. If it really wasn’ t possible, he could stop the loss ……”
      “In any case, just go in and kill your teammates first!”
      In the end, the young lady made a decision.
      As for Li Xuan, he had long forgotten about his female teammates.
      He maintained his stealth and continued to search for the ruins of the building.
      He needed more equipment!*

      Chapter 4 Fighting Wild!Treasure chest!Skill Book!

      [Bronze Helmet (Grade F): Head Defense +7, Endurance 130/130]
      [Patch: Repair 120 points of equipment durability.]
      [Milk: Recover 30% health.]
      [[F-Class Skill Book]: Use a weapon to stab the target three times in a row. Each time it deals 110% damage, it will cooldown for 15 seconds.Short weapon limit.]
      He obtained an F-level skill book!
      Li Xuan naturally studied directly.
      He found that he had a total of four skill slots, similar to the previous MOBA games.
      “Could it be that it’s three small skills, plus one big move?”
      Li Xuan smiled and thought.
      The ruins were completely searched.
      He left the ruins and walked into a dark forest outside.
      Although he was in a state of stealth, Li Xuan was still very cautious. He tried his best not to make any sound or movement.
      Soon, in the middle of the dark forest, he saw three hounds resting.
      [Hound Leader (Level E):250 HP]
      [Hound (Level F):78 HP]
      [Hound (Level F):78 HP]
      Seeing these three hounds, Li Xuan thought of the “Three Wolves “……
      He was currently wearing a bronze helmet, and he also had a bronze wrist protector in his hand. He had enough defense.
      The main thing was that he had learned [Piercing] skills.
      Li Xuan calmly approached the resting hound leader. Because he was in stealth, the three hounds were completely unaware of the approaching danger.
      He brandished his dagger and directly aimed it at the head of the hound leader!
      [Your’ combo’ hit your vitals, it caused 96 damage to your target!]
      Three times in a row, each time it was 96 head-destroying damage, it directly killed the hound leader!
      When he made a move, he left the invisible state.
      The other two little hounds reacted immediately.
      Fierce and fierce, he revealed his sharp teeth and directly bit towards him!
      Li Xuan raised his arm and directly used a bronze wrist protector to block in front of him.
      [You were hit by a hound, your health dropped by 9, and your bronze wrist protector’s durability dropped by 10 points!]
      [You were hit by a hound, your health dropped by 13, and your bronze wrist protector’s durability dropped by 10 points!]
      No pain.
      It seemed that the game process was rather virtual.
      Without hesitation, Li Xuan turned his hand and slashed at the little hound’s head.
      -91(Explosive head)!
      Li Xuan’s movements were very brisk, and he felt that it was much smoother than usual. This was the effect of killing a teammate and increasing his full attribute by 5 points.
      There was also a little hound that wanted to bite.
      Li Xuan dodged to the side and swung his dagger.
      -91(Explosive head)!
      It was easy to deal with all three hounds.
      Then, a treasure chest appeared at the location of the hunting dog.
      [Treasure Box (E-class): Kill the spoils of war of wild monsters. Open it to receive an E-class reward!]
      Treasure chest!
      Grade E item!
      Li Xuan’s eyes lit up.
      The items he had obtained earlier were all the lowest F-level items.
      It was equivalent to eating a chicken’s first level head, first level armor, it was weak enough to explode.
      The item that this E-class treasure chest opened should be equivalent to a second-class head, right?
      Opening Treasure Box!
      [Please select one of the following items:]
      [Silver Sword (Level E): Attack +35, Durability 360/360]
      [Silver Armor (Grade E): Body Defense +30, Durability 300/300]
      [Sprint (E-level skill book): Sprint 10 meters in one direction, cooldown 8 seconds.]
      For a long time, this treasure chest had to be chosen from three.
      This made Li Xuan speechless.
      It was too stingy!
      “Long sword could add attacks, and armor protected his entire body. As for the Sprint skill book, it was as if it was a bit powerful ……”
      Li Xuan thought for a moment and chose the Sprint Skill Book.
      After all, skill books were the most precious.
      Equipment could kill other players and seize their spoils of war, but skill books were not easy to obtain.
      Those skills that had already been learned would not be dropped if they died……
      [You’ ve learned the’ Sprint’skill!]
      Li Xuan was satisfied.
      However, he suddenly thought of how he had only lost a treasure chest after fighting a wild monster…If these two teammates were to work together, how would they split their equipment?
      At this thought, the corner of his mouth curled up slightly.
      They were all strangers, who would give it to?
      “Looks like the choice to kill your teammates at the start is correct.”
      Li Xuan nodded.
      Then, he tried sprinting and found that he was still in stealth when he used sprinting.
      “This is not bad. It can travel, escape, and be a necessary divine skill for the family.”
      Li Xuan left the forest.
      What appeared in front of him was a small farm with two simple buildings.
      He observed the surroundings and found no one.
      “Go in and search.”
      He chose one of the small buildings to open, enter, and close.
      There were three rooms downstairs and two rooms upstairs.
      The light was quite dim, but fortunately, he could clearly see the items.
      Soon, he found a pile of debris on the straw pile in one of the rooms.
      [Silver Blade (Level E): Attack +36, Durability 320/320]
      [Bronze Armor (Grade F): Body Defense +10, Durability 140/140]
      [Heavy Strike (E-level Skill Book): Use a weapon to heavily slash at all targets within 4 meters in front, causing 100% damage and stun for 2 seconds.The long weapon limit.Cooling for 12 seconds.]
      Silver grade saber!
      Another E-level skill book!*

      Chapter 5 Dizzy Attack!Twin Kill!

      Silver saber!
      Li Xuan immediately changed into a one meter long saber, which was much stronger than the bronze dagger.
      The attack power instantly increased to 65 points.
      The bronze armor was not bad either.
      Put it on!
      This was his full body armor. Apart from his head, his entire body was protected from the top to the bottom. All aspects of his protection were much better than the bronze wrist guard.
      Then came the Heavy Strike Skill Book.
      “The long weapon is limited. In other words, the dagger can not be used.”
      “But I can use this saber.”
      “On the contrary, the previous skill can’ t be used. It’s a short weapon limit.”
      Li Xuan gave it a try and found that the skill could be directly replaced.
      However, he didn’t replace it for the time being. In any case, he still had the remaining skill slots.
      What if he picked up a higher level dagger?
      That’ Thorn’ was useful again.
      After searching this room, he was about to go search the other rooms.
      Suddenly, he heard footsteps coming from outside.
      “Someone else is here?”
      Li Xuan’s heart skipped a beat and he immediately stopped to make sure he didn’ t make any sound.
      The voices of the players outside were heard from afar.
      “There should be some equipment in this house. Search it.”
      “Be careful, if there is anyone.”
      “Don’ t worry. I have a talent for’ double hearing’. I didn’ t hear anything. There must be no one inside!”
      They were two men.
      Li Xuan was calm and did not act rashly.
      In any case, he was currently in stealth mode!
      Suddenly, someone opened the door.
      Li Xuan was about to make a move, but when he saw that there was no one outside the room.
      Just at this moment……
      A sound came from behind him. A young man jumped in from the window!
      This person was wearing a bronze helmet and holding a bronze sword in his hand. He was originally ferocious, but he jumped into the window and saw that there was no one!
      “I just heard something. Where’s the person?”
      At this moment, another man appeared at the front door.
      The two men’s expressions were somewhat unsightly.
      Li Xuan also became more cautious.
      These two men……Insidious!
      It turned out that the other party had already noticed that there was someone in the room, but he had deliberately chatted and pretended not to know that there was someone in the room.
      Thus, one person opened the main door to attract the attention of the people in the room.
      Another person took the opportunity to jump in from the back window and launch a sneak attack!
      “Fortunately, I have permanent invisibility.”
      Li Xuan let out a sigh of relief.
      Fortunately, he had calmed down. He hadn’ t attacked the main gate just now. Otherwise, not only would he not be able to hit anyone, he would also be able to break out of stealth by launching an attack!
      It seemed that permanent invisibility wasn’ t everything.
      Without any intelligence, this game was really hard to play.
      But it was easy to do now.
      These two men had no idea that someone was hiding in this room. They quickly searched the room.
      Without noticing anything, the two of them gathered together and turned around to leave.
      It was at this moment.
      [Heavy blow!]
      Li Xuan gripped his silver saber tightly and slashed heavily at their backs. The light of the saber landed on their heads!
      Two damage numbers floated up!
      At the same time, both of them were stunned for two seconds!
      “With his helmet on, it seems like he can’t cause head damage.”
      “Furthermore, the bronze helmet absorbed seven damage points.”
      Li Xuan had already appeared.
      However, with his back facing him, he had no idea who he was.
      “No matter what, they shouldn’ t have much blood left.”
      Li Xuan continued to swing his sword.
      The silver saber opened and closed. The two of them were stunned. Li Xuan could attack two people at the same time every time.
      Soon, three blades descended!
      Before the opponent could recover from his dizziness state, his blood was zero.
      [You killed the target (number 00412)!]
      [You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
      [You killed the target (number 00411)!]
      [You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
      [Double Kill!]
      A series of system notifications sounded out, and Li Xuan felt refreshed.
      Double Kill!
      Permanent invisibility, sneak attack dizziness, how could people block this?
      “Ten full attributes!”
      He felt his body becoming more and more light.
      The power of holding the silver saber grew stronger and stronger.
      Li Xuan’s Breathing Attributes:
      Killing three people in a row almost doubled Li Xuan’s attributes!
      “This smooth opening, wouldn’ t it be a direct departure?”
      His blood had reached 280 points!
      His attack had reached 63 points!
      Moreover, his movement speed and attack speed were greatly increased.
      “Licked the bag.”
      Li Xuan observed the surroundings and did not see anyone.
      As a result, he licked his bag.
      Soon, he finished searching the two wooden boxes…
      “Really poor.”
      Li Xuan casually glanced at them and found that they didn’ t have any equipment on them.
      There was only one repair piece and two bottles of milk.
      “He just lost 20 points of his blood.”
      “Drink a bottle of milk to calm your shock.”
      He now had 280 blood, and a bottle of milk had recovered 30% and 54 blood points. It was a bit wasteful to use it now.
      However, he wanted to see how his life would recover, whether it would recover instantly or slowly…
      Soon, he realized.
      After drinking the milk to recover his blood, he slowly recovered. He looked like he was about 5% per second, lasting for a total of 6 seconds.
      “I don’t know if the cheese is instantly returned?”
      Li Xuan thought for a moment, but he still suppressed the urge to directly eat the cheese.
      After all, he was now full of blood.
      When he was not full of blood, there was no harm in wasting a bit, so as to prevent him from being beaten to death by someone because he was not full of blood.
      “Continue searching.”
      Li Xuan left the room and headed towards the other rooms in the small farm building.
      When he arrived upstairs to search, the door opened and his eyes lit up.
      There were also silver grade E equipment!*

      Chapter 6 Swift Movement Like the Wind!What kind of beast attack speed was this?

      [Silver Helmet (Grade E): Head Defense +15, Durability 260/260]
      [Silver Boots (Grade E): Movement Speed +12]
      Li Xuan came out of the farm and his equipment changed.
      The silver helmet with higher defense replaced the bronze helmet.
      He even put on a pair of silver boots, increasing his movement speed.
      It was worth mentioning that his basic movement speed was 14 points.
      According to his observation, it was equivalent to 8-9 meters per second.
      After obtaining three kills, he increased his Agility by 15 points and increased his speed to 29 points.
      Putting on this pair of silver boots, it directly increased to 41 points!
      The 41-point movement allowed him to run, reaching a speed of more than 24 meters per second.
      It was equivalent to 84 kilometers per hour!
      It was simply as swift as the wind!
      “Just now, I was wondering why I didn’ t see any riding tools like mounts in this game.”
      “It’s been a long time since I’ ve managed to increase my speed.”
      Li Xuan thought to himself.
      The higher the Agility attribute, the more good the shoes would be. The speed of movement was several times that of the base. It seemed as if it was normal for them to not use a walking tool.
      When Li Xuan left the farm.
      The five minute countdown ended and the [Forbidden Area] on the edge of the map finally began to shrink.
      The next safe zone was close to the center of the map.
      Li Xuan’s current speed wasn’ t far.
      [Remaining players in this game:69!]
      Li Xuan took a look.
      He realized that the game was still very fast.
      In just five minutes, more than thirty people had already been eliminated.
      Soon, Li Xuan entered the safety zone.
      A black panther appeared at the foot of the hill ahead. There were also two players surrounding the black panther.
      [Black Panther (Level D): Health 550]
      It was actually a D grade wild monster!
      Wasn’ t this a D grade treasure chest?
      Li Xuan was very interested.
      In his observation, the two players were one man and one woman. They had quite a lot of battle experience, and they looked quite strong.
      Not far away from the battlefield were the corpses of two little black panthers.
      “It’s time to take advantage of it!”
      Li Xuan maintained his stealth state and approached the battlefield.
      Taking advantage of this opportunity, Li Xuan took the opportunity to dodge the Black Panther’s attack. Li Xuan slapped Leng Zi and directly landed on her waist!
      This sudden appearance made the female player panic.
      This strike was too sudden!
      She simply could not dodge!
      [Heavy blow!]
      Dizzy for 2 seconds!
      Because this female player was wearing a silver helmet, Li Xuan did not attack her head.
      Instead, he directly attacked her body.
      She was wearing a bronze armor, and her body was only ten points weaker than her head!
      Take advantage of her dizziness to kill her!
      Li Xuan realized that his current speed was much faster.
      At the beginning, it was about a second.
      And now, it was almost two strikes a second.
      He had benefited from the improvement in his Agility attribute!
      His attack speed increased from 1.18 to 1.71, which could be said to be a qualitative change.
      Within two seconds of his dizziness, he slashed out three times!
      [You killed the target (number 00425)!]
      [You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
      This female player had a bit more blood!
      In addition to that heavy strike, he had carried Li Xuan’s four strikes!
      At least 150 health points meant that she had killed other players.
      And that female player……
      He was completely dumbfounded!
      She had never expected that she would always pay attention to the situation around her, but in the end, someone would sneak attack her?
      Was this guy invisible?
      What kind of beast attack speed was this?
      How high was this person’s attribute?
      All of this had nothing to do with her.
      Li Xuan pulled back.
      At the same time, another male player finally reacted!
      Seeing that his teammate had been killed, the man became furious. Holding his sword, he swung his sword at Li Xuan from afar.
      His sword was only a meter long.
      But this strike was four to five meters away!
      [F grade talent: Sword Qi Extension.When using a sword-type weapon, it increases the attack distance by 4 meters.]
      This was the opponent’s F-level talent.
      Sometimes it was quite strong.
      But sometimes it would be spicy chicken.
      This was because the accuracy rate would decrease once the attack was extended.
      Li Xuan didn’ t fight head-on with the other party at all.
      He sprinted back ten meters and hid behind a tree trunk.
      The other party was caught up by the D-class wild monster Black Panther, so he couldn’ t catch up.
      Li Xuan quickly regained his stealth!
      After locking up his vision, Li Xuan returned to the battlefield.
      At this moment, the longsword-wielding male player had just killed the Black Panther. The D-grade treasure chest had already fallen to the ground.
      He was just about to open the treasure chest and quickly increase his strength…
      In the end, Li Xuan suddenly appeared behind him.
      [Heavy blow!]
      With a wave of his blade, he became dizzy for two seconds and directly held that fellow in place!
      “I have silver armor on my body!”
      When Li Xuan saw the man’s clothes, the corner of his mouth curled up slightly. He didn’ t greet the man with his saber and directly landed on his head.*

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      Chapter 7 Poison Refining Attack!This equipment was luxurious!

      After three strikes, the man’s blood was zero.
      [You killed the target (number 00429)!]
      [You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
      It was over!
      Li Xuan put away his saber.
      Two seconds later, he returned to stealth!
      No one came over.
      In less than half a minute, the two of them were killed by Li Xuan.
      Permanent invisibility!
      Forever Drip God!
      With this [Heavy Strike] stun skill, Li Xuan killed continuously as if he had divine assistance.
      Then came the harvest.
      He first opened the treasure chest.
      [Treasure Box (Grade D): Kill the spoils of war of wild monsters. Open it to receive an E-grade item reward!]
      This time, Li Xuan had experience.
      He opened the option:
      [Gold Helmet (Grade D): Head Defense +25, Durability 600/600]
      [Poison Hardening Attack (Level D Skill Book): Hardening poison during attack, deals 120% direct damage to target and 100% poison damage per second for 5 seconds.Cool down for 5 seconds.]
      [Dragon Roar (Level D Skill Book): Roar in one direction, causing 3 seconds of dizziness to target within the 12m sector!Cooling for 8 seconds.]
      A D grade treasure chest really produced something good!
      Li Xuan thought for a moment before choosing the skill book [Poison Hardening Attack].
      In this round, his talent was permanent invisibility, and he had also learned this flexible skill.
      Then what he was most suited for was his wandering style.
      If he encountered an opponent with stronger attributes, such as invisibility, approaching, dizziness, poison-quenching attacks, and then sneaking around, the opponent would not be able to touch him at all and would easily be killed by him.
      As for [Dragon Roar], although it was also very strong, for Li Xuan, it was a bit of a conflict with [Heavy Strike].
      It was only a second time for dizziness, and it was only a bit further away.
      “But I need to be on guard against others having such skills.”
      Li Xuan thought to himself.
      He looked at his skill list:
      Piercing (F-level)
      Sprint (E-level)
      Heavy Strike (Level E)
      Poison Hardening Attack (Level D)
      If he had a stronger skill, he would be able to replace the F-level combo.
      Then he began to lick his bag.
      “The silver armor belongs to me.”
      Li Xuan picked it up and put it on.
      [Silver Armor (Grade E): Body Defense +30, Durability 206/300]
      Poor durability?
      [Silver armor increased durability by 120 points!]
      This was full.
      Two minutes later.
      [Restricted area] continued to shrink. Li Xuan’s luck was not bad, and the safety circle was at his feet.
      As a result, he was not in a hurry and ran around the map.
      Along the way, he saw a group of two people and a single person, all of whom were harvested by him.
      [Remaining players in this game:47!]
      Li Xuan looked at the attributes:
      Two words, comfortable!
      He had already killed eight targets, and he had increased his total attributes by 40 points!
      In a forest, he found a giant bear.
      [Giant Bear (Level D):1300 HP]
      “Good fellow.”
      This giant bear had a bit high health, but fortunately there were no monsters around.
      Li Xuan did not attack!
      This was within the safety zone, so there was no need to directly attack.
      As long as he squatted here, sooner or later, someone would come and beat the giant bear.
      Li Xuan didn’ t wait long!
      Soon, a tall man wearing a golden armor and a golden helmet appeared in Li Xuan’s vision with a silver sword in hand.
      “This fellow’s equipment is luxurious.”
      Li Xuan’s eyes were slightly warm.
      He only had a set of silver equipment, but this fellow actually had two gold equipment.
      However, it was normal to think about it.
      As long as he killed a D-rank wild monster, he would be able to obtain gold equipment. Li Xuan might not be very lucky, so he didn’ t see any D-rank wild monsters.
      “The equipment is here.”
      Li Xuan looked at that fellow calmly, waiting for him to fight the giant bear.
      This tall man was still very cautious.
      Because he was in the forest, he spent a full minute walking around the surroundings.
      Li Xuan stealthily observed him.
      “His speed is about 20 meters per second.”
      “Attribute is lower than mine.”
      “But his equipment is a bit good. I think it’s almost impossible for him to do so in the next second ……”
      Li Xuan was not in a hurry either.
      After all, these equipment would soon become his.
      Of course, the tall man could not sense Li Xuan’s existence.
      He checked around and finally confirmed that there was no one else around. Only then did he rush towards the giant bear.
      [Half Moon Slash!]
      It was unknown what level of skill it was. The silver sword in the man’s hand slashed out and landed directly on the giant bear’s head.
      The giant bear was originally a neutral creature.
      After being struck by the man’s sword, he immediately roared and stood up.
      This giant bear……As expected of a giant bear!
      Just as he was crawling on the ground, he could not tell that he was three meters tall when he stood up.
      A bear’s palm struck the ground, sending the man flying!
      That man was planning to dodge the attack, but who would have thought that the giant bear would actually hit the ground?
      He was instantly thrown into the air.
      Li Xuan was not in a hurry either.
      This man’s protective equipment was too good. It was impossible for him to die just like that.
      The giant bear immediately slapped the tall man to the ground.
      The man had lost quite a bit of blood, but he finally ended his control. He turned around and rolled to avoid the giant bear’s slap.
      Li Xuan leisurely watched the play.
      Half a minute passed.
      “It’s about time.”
      Under Li Xuan’s observation, the man and the giant bear had fought back. The key point was that the man wasn’ t weak. Soon, the giant bear’s blood was almost 1,000 points dead.
      It was time to attack!
      Li Xuan maintained his stealth and directly arrived behind the man.
      Taking advantage of the moment when the man had just attacked the giant bear’s sword and hadn’ t returned the sword……
      [Heavy blow!]
      Li Xuan suddenly slashed out!*

      Chapter 8: Golden crossbows!Start the massacre!The eighth place!)

      Li Xuan swung his blade and landed on the other party’s golden helmet.
      Dizzy for 2 seconds!
      When the target’s helmet and armor were of the same quality, the head damage was definitely higher.
      The reason for that was because the helmet had a lower defense than the armor.
      With a heavy strike, the opponent was stunned:
      [Poison hardening attack!]
      Without any hesitation, Li Xuan continued to use his blade to poison the target.
      After a successful attack, Li Xuan turned around and charged into the forest.
      By the time that man woke up, he had completely disappeared!
      From the beginning until the end, that man didn’ t see exactly who was attacking him.
      The man in golden armor looked around, his face extremely gloomy.
      He’ d clearly already explored the surroundings, so why was he ambushed?
      Moreover, the sneak attack was too cunning!
      He immediately ran away!
      He didn’ t even see the other person’s shadow!
      In this two seconds of dizziness, not only had he been attacked by Li Xuan’s poison, but he had also been slapped by the giant bear. He had less than half of his blood left.
      Fortunately, he had plenty of resources.
      The man took out the cheese and bit it down. White light began to appear on his body and his health slowly recovered.
      At the same time, he didn’ t dare to fight the giant bear.
      He put away the silver sword and ran out of the forest.
      Li Xuan’s speed was much faster than his. He also had a sprint skill that could assist in chasing people!
      When the man finally ran to the edge of the forest.
      A heavy blow!
      A blade light appeared behind him.
      Dizzy for 2 seconds!
      The man was immediately stunned. His entire body was about to collapse.
      What the hell is this!
      While he was running away, he had clearly been carefully observing the surroundings. There was definitely no one around!
      Why did he get dizzy again?
      Poison hardening attack!
      Even though this man was wearing golden armor and golden helmet, he still couldn’ t withstand Li Xuan’s attack!
      Two consecutive invisibility sneak attacks caused this fellow’s health to finally drop to the bottom!
      Seeing that the dizziness time was about to end, Li Xuan once again slipped and hid behind a large tree, quickly recovering his invisibility!
      After hiding, Li Xuan walked out from behind the big tree and followed behind the man, waiting for the skill to cool down.
      [F-level talent: Apply oil to the bottom of your feet!Use the Backward Movement Speed to increase by 20% for 60 seconds and cool down for 300 seconds.]
      This man’s talent was not bad.
      It was precisely because of this talent that he had just entered the game, and soon after, he obtained two pieces of gold equipment by moving to the wild.
      Unfortunately, these two pieces of gold equipment would soon become Li Xuan’s spoils of war.
      The man activated his feet to smear oil and finally left this small forest!
      As he ran, he looked back.
      “I’ m sure he didn’ t follow.”
      “He definitely won’ t be able to catch up.”
      Blue veins popped out from the man’s body. He was extremely nervous as he continuously looked around.
      However, he didn’ t know that even if he activated the bottom of his feet to smear oil, Li Xuan still followed behind him with the same speed as the wind.
      Just when the man felt that he should be safe……
      Li Xuan’s skill had cooled down.
      A heavy blow!
      Suddenly, he swung his blade and the man was stunned again!
      Poison hardening attack!
      [You killed the target (number 00448)!]
      [You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
      After three consecutive stun attacks, Li Xuan finally killed the opponent.
      Only a wooden box was left on the spot.
      That guy was probably going to have nightmares even when he slept. He didn’ t even see Li Xuan’s appearance from head to toe, but he was somehow killed.
      Although he had seen the opportunity quite quickly and had decided to flee after being ambushed, it was a pity that he was not as fast as Li Xuan.
      “Licked the bag!”
      Li Xuan maintained his stealth state and took away all the equipment left in the wooden box.
      Gold armor,+50 points of body defense!
      Gold helmet, head defense +25 points!
      With these two pieces of equipment on him, Li Xuan’s defensive attributes had reached the highest!
      In this game, unless there were supplies like airdrops, D-grade gold equipment was the best equipment.
      Then, Li Xuan turned around and killed the giant bear.
      He obtained another D grade treasure chest.
      Open the treasure chest, choose one of three!
      [Gold Continuous Ballistae (Level D): Continuous ballistae, attack +96.The shooting speed was fast, the longest attack distance was 35 meters.[60 Crossbow bolts (recyclable)]
      [Gold Armor (Grade D): Body defense +50 points.[Durability 640/640]
      [Block Counterattack (D-level skill book): Block any melee damage and double the damage back to the opponent. Cool down for 8 seconds.]
      Li Xuan only took a glance at it, and without any hesitation, he chose the first one: the golden crossbow!
      This was probably one of the few long-range weapons in this game.
      “This weapon, combined with a permanent invisibility ability, is truly invincible!”
      “And this attack power is too high, right?”
      “Not to mention I still have poison-quenching attacks that can be attached to crossbow bolts!”
      When Li Xuan held the golden crossbow in his hand, it meant that he was invincible on this map!
      Start the massacre!
      Li Xuan first tested the accuracy of the golden crossbow in the small forest. Then, he retrieved the bolts and returned them to stealth and set off.
      [Restricted region] continued to shrink.
      [Remaining players in this game:39!]
      There were fewer and fewer players.
      The area where the players could survive grew smaller and smaller.
      When Li Xuan arrived at a building ruin, a beam of light descended from the sky and landed at the center of the ruin!
      At the same time, a platinum chest appeared from the top of the pillar of light and slowly descended.
      “Isn’ t this an airdrop?”
      Li Xuan was interested.
      He leaned back against a corner of the ruins.
      In this corner, besides him, there were two other players hiding here.
      A burly man and a petite young lady.
      “Wait for you to cover me. I’ ll go get the treasure chest. It’s a platinum treasure chest. It’s definitely a C-grade equipment better than a D-grade equipment!”
      The burly man said to the girl.
      The girl held a short bow weapon in her hand and nodded excitedly.
      Unfortunately, they did not know.
      Li Xuan stood beside them right now!
      If Li Xuan wasn’ t invisible, it would seem like the three of them were all in the same team……
      At this moment!
      Li Xuan was holding a golden crossbow and aimed it at the burly man’s head.
      “The biggest disadvantage of such a long-range weapon is its accuracy rate and ammunition limits.”
      “But with my invisibility, I could completely slap my face!”I don’ t believe you can still fight askew?”
      This burly man had a silver helmet on his head.
      The defense should be 15 points.
      Li Xuan practically placed the golden crossbow on his head and pulled the trigger.
      The golden crossbow was accompanied by a poison attack!
      In just two seconds, a crossbow bolt was inserted into the burly man’s head. His blood was reduced to zero and he turned into a wooden box.
      He didn’ t even have time to recover his blood!
      “Who is it!”
      The little girl was shocked.
      She hastily turned around to look. However, how could she find Li Xuan?
      Li Xuan had just pulled the trigger when he had already sprinted back and hid behind another wall!
      Like a ghost, it appeared and disappeared!
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      Chapter 9 What was called invincibility!The finals!

      The little girl did not see Li Xuan.
      However, she knew very well that she could no longer stay in that position.
      After losing her teammates, she was obviously a little flustered. She hastily found a corner and started running.
      Li Xuan had just arrived at this corner!
      He maintained his stealth and was a little speechless as he watched the delicate girl run towards him.
      When she ran over and squatted in the corner, Li Xuan had no choice.
      The golden crossbow aimed at her head……
      Poison hardening attack!
      Li Xuan didn’ t have any thoughts of taking pity on her.
      [You killed the target (number 00437)!]
      [You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
      Li Xuan’s attacks grew higher and higher.
      Attack speed and movement speed were also getting faster and faster.
      Just the words’ swift as the wind’ were no longer enough to describe him.
      By now, he had already killed eleven!
      Moreover, there was still a platinum treasure chest that was falling in front of him!
      He leisurely circled the ruins of the building.
      Seeing that many teams were hiding in the ruins, they were preparing to seize the platinum treasure chest.
      Li Xuan was specifically looking for those who were left alone.
      He launched a sneak attack from behind, sending an arrow to Xitian.
      His current attacks were getting higher and higher. With the attack of the golden crossbow, no one could withstand his attack.
      Gold crossbows combined with poison-quenching attacks, even if the opponent was wearing a gold helmet, the total damage could reach 800 points.
      He was simply going to kill!
      “If the others obtain the Golden Crossbow, the effect is really hard to say.”
      “As long as your speed is high enough, you will be able to dodge long-range crossbow attacks.”
      “But my stealth was close…”Who wants to?”
      Li Xuan was incomparably comfortable.
      Just as the platinum treasure chest fell, he killed four more lone warriors hidden in the ruins.
      The total number of attacks had reached 15!
      This meant that in this game, Li Xuan’s entire attribute had increased by 75 points.
      In addition to his basic attributes, if he were to kill a few more, he would have broken a hundred.
      What was called invincibility?
      This was!
      At that moment.
      There were also three teams around, nervously looking at the platinum chest that was about to land.
      They had no idea that the hidden Lone Wolf had been secretly killed.
      The platinum chest was about to land.
      The three teams restricted each other, yet no one dared to step forward!
      As a result, Li Xuan, who was in stealth, swaggered over to the platinum chest.
      Then, he opened the platinum treasure chest……
      Opening the treasure chest was not considered an attack.
      Therefore, Li Xuan remained in stealth!
      [Platinum Helmet (Grade C): Head Defense +40, Durability 960/960]
      [Platinum Armor (Grade C): Body Defense +80, Durability 1080/1080]
      [Strength of Focus (Class C Skill Book): Coalesces strength, causing the next attack to be critical, causing 200% of critical damage, cooldown 5 seconds.]
      Li Xuan glanced at them and picked them up.
      “F*ck, the items of this airdrop treasure chest can actually be completely picked up?”
      Li Xuan was stunned.
      He thought he could only choose one of them.
      This was awesome!
      However, he didn’ t dare to stay there for too long.
      The surrounding three teams and six players could not see Li Xuan, but all of them saw the cover of the platinum chest open!
      For a moment, the six of them widened their eyes.
      What was going on?
      Clearly, no one was close to the treasure chest. Why did the lid of the treasure chest open?
      For a moment, the scene became tense!
      These three teams and six players were not weak at all.
      After all, there were only 19 remaining players in the game.
      Each of them was a golden set!
      The weapons were also gold grade.
      However, their number of kills and individual attributes were far inferior to Li Xuan’s.
      Not to mention talent…
      “Looks like this game equipment is not the most important.”
      “The main thing is talent and skills!”
      Li Xuan stealthily walked in the surroundings and arrived behind one of the players……
      “Poison Tempering Attack!”
      An arrow shot out!
      -389(Critical Strike!)
      [You killed the target (number 00464)!]
      [You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
      Li Xuan was like a god of slaughter.
      Wherever he went, where he killed.
      The key point was that every time he made a move, he immediately released a “dash “, sprinting to the spot that he had observed in advance, avoiding everyone’s line of sight.
      Two seconds later, he returned to stealth!
      “This place is haunted!”
      The remaining players’ expressions changed greatly.
      All of them planned to leave this place.
      How could Li Xuan just watch these’ attribute babies’ slip away?
      Seventeen kills!
      Eighteen kills!
      Twenty kills!
      Twenty-one Kill!
      Li Xuan went crazy!
      “This is too easy.”
      “Just like playing the MOBA game and going to the low end of the game to abuse the dishes, ten minutes of divine clothing, all the way flat?”
      “This one should be stable, right?”
      Li Xuan couldn’ t help thinking.
      His entire attribute was close to 120 points!
      The movement speed was 78 meters per second!
      Attack speed 3.45!
      Of course, under the condition of holding the golden crossbow, the attack speed would not take effect.
      The speed of the golden crossbow was based on its filling speed.
      It didn’ t matter to Li Xuan.
      In any case, it was an arrow for him to hit anyone.
      Just when Li Xuan felt that he was invincible, he did not know that there were two other players on the same map who had the same idea.
      “I didn’ t expect to eat chicken first. I’ m too strong!”
      “Didn’t know how many survival points could he earn in this game?”How much strength can I exchange for?”
      “Nice, hey!”
      After a bald youth killed eleven people, he couldn’ t help but laugh.
      This person was a chicken-eating host, the live broadcast ID “bulb “.
      Luck was selected as one of ten thousand test personnel in the survival game.
      Although survival games were different from eating chickens, there were some small details that were common.
      This made him look like a fish in water along the way. His development was especially good.
      At this moment, he was extremely swollen!
      “It’s a pity that this game can’ t be broadcasted now. Otherwise, the fans will definitely have a huge boost!”
      It was a pity for the young broadcast.
      And very quickly!
      The restricted area continued to shrink!
      The finals……They arrived.
      [Remaining players in this game:3!]
      Although the bulb expanded, it still became a little nervous.
      The final circle was a small forest.
      The light bulb was stuck at the edge of the safety circle, hiding behind a tree, observing the circle.
      But he didn’ t know.
      Just at this moment, a person had already quietly arrived behind him, aiming his bald head with a golden crossbow……*

      Chapter 10 Numbering is unlucky?Win!

      Li Xuan aimed his arrow at the bald head of the broadcast lamp.
      Then, he took a slide step and sprinted back to a tree and hid it.
      The other party couldn’ t find him at all!
      “This attack was blocked?”
      Li Xuan looked at the bald man from afar, somewhat surprised.
      An arrow landed on the back of the bald youth’s head, but no damage figures jumped out.
      [F grade talent: I’m bald!Every 24 seconds, he could be immune to head attacks or effects!]
      Li Xuan naturally could not see what the other party’s talent was.
      But it didn’ t matter.
      If he was immune to one attack, he couldn’ t always be immune, right?That was no longer invincible?
      Two seconds later, Li Xuan returned to stealth!
      He once again sneakily approached the other party!
      “Fortunately, this game is not like eating chickens.”
      Li Xuan rejoiced!
      In this survival game, he could control his movements to reduce the sound of movement.
      Even if they moved slowly, they would be able to make no sound.
      This was useless to others.
      However, to Li Xuan’s talent of permanent invisibility, it was extremely crucial.
      Soon, he arrived behind the bald youth.
      Clearly, this fellow had already discovered that he had been ambushed.
      He pulled out the golden crossbow bolt from the back of his head and looked around suspiciously, but he didn’ t find anyone.
      He began to squat.
      Squat down, stand up, squat down, stand up——
      This was a habit that had been cultivated from the chicken game, in order to prevent people from exploding!
      At the same time, he kept looking around to find out where the person who had ambushed him was.
      “Why can’t he move?”
      Li Xuan was shocked.
      He held the golden crossbow in his hand and followed the other’s bald head. In a while, he could not aim at it!
      Even if they were close to each other, it was very likely that they would be empty.
      As for this, it fully indicated that this broadcast lamp really had something!
      To be able to break into the finals, it would definitely be very detailed.
      “Heh, heh…”This is actually a bit tiring?”
      The bulb was a little depressed.
      In the past, when the keyboard was operated, squatting down could be said to be extremely familiar.
      But now, he was personally doing this…
      Not only was he a bit tired, he also felt like a sand sculpture.
      “Forget it.”
      Li Xuan studied it for a while and decided to forget about it.
      He changed into a D-grade golden saber that he had picked up earlier.
      He turned behind the bald youth and didn’ t attack his head. He directly slashed out!
      Dizzy for 2 seconds!
      “Poison Tempering Attack!”
      Li Xuan replaced the’ Focus Power’ with the original’ Piercing’skill.
      After losing consciousness, the golden saber slashed out!
      -273(Critical Strike!)
      [You killed the target (number 00444)!]
      [You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
      [Remaining players in this game:2!]
      The bald youth fell to the ground and turned into a box.
      The young man was stunned.
      What the hell!
      Not even a single shadow could be seen, yet he was dizzy, and then he was killed by the poison and two blades?
      “I’ m so fat, I actually couldn’ t eat chickens!”
      “Could it be that the number 444 is too unlucky?”
      “My top grade equipment……What a pity!”I’ ve let that sneak attack go.”
      The light bulb left the game regretfully.
      But what he did not know was that Li Xuan had no intention of licking his bag.
      His top-grade equipment was all spicy chicken to Li Xuan.
      There were still two people left in this game!
      In other words, other than Li Xuan, there was only one left.
      He had already seen his opponent’s position.
      Li Xuan continued to tiptoe closer……
      It was a middle-aged uncle who seemed to be furtively looking around. He looked a little puzzled because he had not seen anyone in the safety zone.
      Li Xuan was just about to finish off the middle-aged uncle with dizziness.
      In the end……
      He was just three meters away from him.
      The middle-aged uncle immediately noticed something. He quickly ran and hid behind another tree a few meters away.
      Li Xuan was not in a hurry as he continued to approach carefully……
      It was still three meters away.
      The other party seemed to have discovered something at once. He moved again and shifted his position.
      [F grade talent: Danger Perception.With an enemy approaching 3 meters, his heart would accelerate.]
      Thus, Li Xuan felt uncomfortable.
      He didn’ t move, nor did he move.
      As soon as he approached, the other party would flee.
      However, the other party didn’ t know Li Xuan’s exact location. Several times, the middle-aged uncle’s face was filled with doubt!
      Did he not see anyone?
      Why was his heart racing?
      Finally, Li Xuan was enraged.
      Did he really think that he could only fight in close combat?
      It wasn’ t like he hadn’ t practiced his golden crossbow before!
      He could only pull out his golden crossbow and shot it at the middle-aged uncle from afar, hitting his back with an arrow.
      Every time Li Xuan made a move, he would stop and sprint, change positions, and become invisible.
      One after another, golden crossbow bolts shot towards the middle-aged uncle from different directions.
      “Is this a secret division?”
      The middle-aged uncle was shocked.
      He tried to dodge, but Li Xuan’s hit rate was extremely high!
      Earlier, when Li Xuan shot an arrow from close range, he was not afraid that he would not be able to hit it. He was just greedy for ease.
      But now……
      There were arrows shooting out of the woods, leaving the middle-aged uncle nowhere to dodge.
      It was as if someone had surrounded him!
      But he didn’ t even see a single person!
      The uncle could only eat the cheese. His body was suffused with white light, and blood continuously returned.
      However, the crossbow bolts continuously interrupted his recovery.
      As a result, the uncle continued to eat cheese.
      “How much cheese does this fellow have?”
      Li Xuan was shocked.
      Fortunately, he had enough crossbow bolts. In the end, when there were still more than twenty bolts left, he finally shot the middle-aged uncle into a beehive.
      [You killed the target (number 00471)!]
      [You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
      [Congratulations on winning this game!Please receive the settled survival points reward!]
      A series of system notifications sounded out.
      He finally ate the chicken!
      Li Xuan let out a sigh of relief. He really didn’ t expect that these two fellows would really be a bit tiring if they were to deal with them in the end?*

      Chapter 11: Harvesting Survival Points!Exchange rules!

      Right at the moment when Li Xuan won.
      Another game of survival.
      Qin Shuangshuang, a pure and pure girl, was carefully sweeping the fields, searching for pictures and upgrading her equipment.
      It was as if she had been killed by Li Xuan.
      This time, Qin Shuangshuang had already killed his teammates!
      This allowed her to have five full attribute bonuses at the start.
      [Drops!Congratulations to your team for winning in the end!]
      [Because you have contributed 5 full attributes to your teammate number 00497, you have received 1 survival point reward!]
      When the girl Qin Shuang heard the system notification, her beautiful eyes widened.
      “That Hun Dan actually ate chicken?”
      “You even gave me a survival point?”
      “Are you mocking me?”
      “, My purpose was to contribute 5 points to him?”I spit!”
      The girl was furious!
      [Number 00497 won this match.]
      [Now, settle the survival points!]
      All Li Xuan’s players heard the system notification.
      For example, the anchor light bulb took the third place and finally settled 26 survival points.
      That middle-aged uncle, second place, had settled 32 survival points.
      Li Xuan’s survival points were undoubtedly the most important!
      [Survival Points Settlement:
      Survival points:100 points!
      Talent score:256 points!
      Equipment score:26 points!
      Skill score:21 points!
      Kill/assist points:24 points!
      Special settlement: You killed your teammates and deducted 30 points!
      Summary:397 points!]
      A total of 397 survival points!
      Clearly, the most important thing was the talent score.
      However, the system explained that survival points were the basis. If they did not win in the end, not only would they be deducted from their lifespan, the other points would also be greatly reduced.
      After the settlement, Li Xuan’s eyes darkened, and a sense of weightlessness could be heard from his entire body……
      He opened his eyes again and returned to the concrete room, as if nothing had happened.
      However, when he thought of the “survival game “, he would be able to open the survival points shop panel!
      Instantly, a dazzling list of items appeared in front of him.
      [Survival Points Exchange List!]
      [Upgrade Gene: Each survival point can upgrade a certain attribute by 0.02 points!]
      [Lifetime Increase: Every point of survival points can be exchanged for 1 month of lifespan!]
      Li Xuan looked at it and frowned slightly.
      The rate of gene strengthening was too low, right?
      In this round, he had settled 397 survival points. He could only strengthen 8 points.
      Of course, his 8 points were already quite a bit.
      Only the other players……Even if he ate a chicken, he could only obtain more than 100 survival points!
      It could only strengthen 2 points!
      “If that’s the case, wouldn’ t the others’ improvement be very slow?”
      Li Xuan shook his head, not thinking too much.
      Right now, he had no time to worry about himself. He had nothing to do with others.
      The next stage was the main stage.
      Extraction of game equipment, skills and talent!
      Li Xuan looked at them one by one.
      “There is no limit to the equipment extraction. As long as you have obtained it in the game, you can choose to extract it.”
      “For example, an F-class equipment would require around 100 survival points to extract reality. However, this level of equipment might not be useful ……”
      “Wasn’t just F-class equipment. It should be said that this series of equipment was useless.”It’s about 200 points for E-class equipment and 400 points for D-class equipment. If it’s just some cold weapons, it’ ll be a waste of points.”
      Li Xuan even suspected that even a C grade platinum armor could not be bulletproof, right?
      Of course, if a hot weapon appeared in the future, or something like that of the Iron Man, it would definitely not be a loss.
      Next was the skill extraction.
      “Skill extraction. Just like equipment, only the skills obtained in the game can be extracted.”
      “Was divided into one day and one day.”It’s a long-term skill. It requires 100 times more survival points than a day.”
      “For example, for an F-level skill, if you extract 100 points for a day, if you want to. If you want to extract it permanently, you will have 10,000 points.”
      Li Xuan was a bit regretful.
      In the game, he did not obtain the skills to help him escape from the mental hospital.
      [Sprint] looked a little bit like this, but this wasn’ t teleportation. It wasn’ t able to penetrate through obstacles, so it wasn’ t helpful to Li Xuan.
      “Looks like I’ ll have to search for more skills in the future. Maybe there will be skills that can help me escape.”
      Li Xuan thought to himself.
      It was worth mentioning that there was an upper limit on the number of skills that could be extracted from reality.
      This upper limit was related to the player’s position in the survival game.
      As for the rank!
      This thing seemed to be very important.
      Li Xuan inquired about the system and soon understood.
      This stage was just like the MOBA game he had played in the past. It was divided into Gold Platinum Diamond King and so on.
      According to their battle record, the player’s rank would naturally increase. However, when they advanced, they needed to enter a promotion match.
      “There are limits to the extraction of equipment, skills, and even talent.”
      “For example, I am currently at the Bronze rank, so I can only extract F, E, and D levels.”
      “Even if I obtained a C grade platinum armor and a platinum helmet in the game, I still can not extract it.”
      Then, Li Xuan began to check the exchange of talent.
      He was very curious!
      How many survival points would it take to extract the SSS level permanent invisibility talent to reality?
      Once this talent was extracted, it would be easy for him to escape this mental hospital!*

      Chapter 12: Crazy Evolution!His teammates were actually her?

      Li Xuan thought about the talent of permanent invisibility.
      However, he glanced at the Tian Fu Exchange List……
      He was stunned.
      [You have unlocked “SSS grade talent: permanent invisibility “!The survival points needed to extract reality were 2.56 million!]
      Two million survival points!
      Just now, Li Xuan had only obtained 397 survival points after eating chicken. If he wanted to extract this talent to reality, wouldn’ t he have to eat several thousand chickens?
      Hello [host!As you increase your rank, you will gain more and more survival points in a single game. Please know!]
      The system gave a timely reminder.
      When Li Xuan heard this, he heaved a sigh of relief.
      “If you want to extract your talent, you must first unlock it.”
      “And the amount of survival points that he used to extract his talent was 100 times more than his ability to unlock it!”
      Li Xuan looked at the unlocking list:
      To unlock a random F-level talent, it required 100 survival points!He needed 10,000 points to extract.
      To unlock a random E-level talent, it required 200 survival points!It would require twenty thousand points.
      To unlock a random grade D talent, it required 400 survival points!It would require 40,000 points.
      Double increase, and so on!
      If there was a talent that was not needed, it could be recycled (only the talent that was actively unlocked could be recycled), and 80% of the survival points would be returned.
      But now, everyone was at the bronze rank.
      At most, he could only unlock a D-level talent or randomly unlock it. It was very likely that he would get a useless chicken rib talent.
      Even if the people were to step up.
      In this unlocking list, at most, it was only at Grade A talent.
      Any talent that had reached Grade S had no way to unlock it!
      “It is enough to show that my entire innate talent system is strong!”
      “You’ ve actually unlocked all of your F-level and SSS-level talents. You’ ve automatically selected the highest level of talent in the game!”
      “Low-grade talent might be useless.”
      “But every SSS level talent was very strong!”At most, it’s just different.”
      “Unfortunately, it couldn’ t be recycled……”If not, I’ ll be able to recover some useless talent and use it to strengthen my genes.”
      Li Xuan felt a bit regretful.
      [Host, this system isn’ t just like this!When you increase your rank, this system will unlock more talent for you, such as god-level talent and so on!]
      This news lit up Li Xuan’s eyes.
      This was not bad!
      This meant that his system could be upgraded as well.
      Right now, everyone else was an F-level talent. He was using an SSS-level talent.
      By the time others used their A-level talent, he would have already eliminated even SSS-level talent, using God-level or even stronger talent!
      This meant that in the survival game, he would always have an advantage.
      He looked around.
      The room made of concrete formed a dark cage, locking him up.
      He began to think about the fastest way to escape from this place.
      “There are two ways.”
      “First, from the myriad of heavenly gifts I’ ve unlocked, I’ ll find the talents that can be used to escape the mental hospital. Then, I’ ll save enough survival points and extract them!”
      “Second, search for skills in the game. If you encounter skills that can be used to escape the mental hospital, you can directly extract them.”
      These two methods could be carried out simultaneously.
      In any case, just save the survival points.
      If he hadn’ t obtained any skills, he would have to wait for his talent to be extracted.
      If he acquired a skill halfway through, then he would be able to extract it. He didn’ t need to extract it permanently. Just one day was enough for him to escape.
      There was still a third path, which was to strengthen genes.
      Who knows how much strength it needs to be to escape from this mental hospital?
      It was too easy for accidents to happen if the front was hard and rigid!
      If he wanted to escape, he had to start with skills or talent.
      “Can the system search for talent that will allow me to escape the sealed space?”
      Li Xuan asked in his mind.
      [Host, please explore on your own!]
      Soon, the system answered.
      Li Xuan couldn’ t help but curse at the Spicy Chicken System. He didn’ t even have a search function……But it was quite understandable.
      There were too many types of talent in this survival game!
      The System probably didn’t know what kind of talent he was capable of allowing him to escape the sealed space.
      “Yi, this talent is not bad.”
      Li Xuan quickly found a D-level talent from his talent list: Soul Release Transposition!
      [Grade D talent: Soul Divination Transformation!He could brand his spirit onto an object, and then exchange positions with it at any time!]
      Li Xuan thought of the plate that the woman had carefully taken away.
      “I branded my spirit on the plate.”
      “When she takes it away, she will secretly exchange positions with the dishes?”
      Li Xuan fell into deep thought.
      A plan slowly formed in his mind…Of course, there were many details. This was just a preliminary idea.
      “You need 40,000 survival points to extract your D grade talent.”
      “If you get more points from eating chicken, then a few dozen will be enough.”
      “Before this……”Save your points and search for your skills in the game.”
      Li Xuan’s thoughts were very clear.
      Thus, he chose to enter the game again!
      397 Survival Points, temporarily not used.
      If it were someone else, they would probably be busy converting it into lifespan, or perhaps carrying out gene strengthening…
      But to Li Xuan.
      None of this was necessary!
      [Welcome you to the survival game!]
      [Drops!I’ ve detected that you’ ve activated hundreds of millions of talents!]
      [Congratulations, you’ ve drawn your talent in this game: Crazy Evolution (SSS level). Every 30 seconds, you can choose an equipment or skill to evolve its attributes!]
      Note: The same equipment or skill can evolve 12 times at most!)
      SSS grade talent, insane evolution!
      Li Xuan’s eyes lit up.
      As the name implies, to evolve an equipment or skill was to increase the attributes of an equipment or skill, or even add some special effects. Moreover, it could be increased 12 times in a row!
      “With this talent, even the worst F-class equipment will still surpass platinum-level equipment in the end!”
      “It seems like this one is for me to play with equipment and skills.”
      Li Xuan thought to himself.
      Right at this moment, he had just raised his head to observe the area in front of him. He discovered that this was the ruins of the arena.
      He stood at the edge of the ruins.
      Outside the arena, there seemed to be an ancient city ruins. It seemed like it had been a long time…
      Suddenly, an ice-cold female voice came from behind him:
      “No.00497, you are my teammate?”
      Li Xuan’s expression immediately changed as soon as this cold female voice sounded.
      Could this voice be…
      The cold woman who had just given him food?
      If he had guessed correctly, this woman was his main guard.
      Who would have thought that this woman would become one of the 10,000 testers in the survival game?
      Not only did he compete with him.
      He even became his own teammate!
      This was terrible!*

      Chapter 13, I’ ll make up for you!Evolution sprint!(1/5)

      “Fortunately, she was born behind my back.”
      Li Xuan calmly pondered.
      The other party probably hadn’ t recognized him yet, or else he wouldn’ t be called “No.00497″……
      In that case, there was a way!
      “As long as I don’ t see my face in this game.”
      “The best way is to separate from her!”
      “In any case, it’s useless to have a teammate in this game. Not only are they fighting for their equipment, they’ re also fighting for their heads. They won’ t be able to develop at all.”
      Li Xuan’s heart skipped a beat.
      Just at this moment, he heard the soft footsteps behind him.
      It should be that icy cold woman approaching him…
      “I won just now,” he said as he approached.You can help me in this round.”My equipment, skills, and heads are my priority!”
      Her voice was extremely cold.
      There was an unquestionable tone.
      “Ha ha ha ……”
      Li Xuan didn’t wait for her to come to his side and walked towards the ruins of the arena.
      Moreover, he deliberately used a hoarse voice to dryly laugh, giving people a sinister feeling.
      He said in a hoarse voice,” I think we should split up.”
      After saying that, he saw a broken stone pillar in front of him. There was a pile of resources running towards that pile of resources.
      “Split up?”That’s fine, so you won’ t hold me back.”
      The ice-cold woman said coldly.
      That was what he said.
      But when Li Xuan heard the footsteps, he realized that she had actually followed!
      Of course, his speed was not as fast as Li Xuan.
      Li Xuan’s initial agility had reached 14 points,4 points higher than normal people!
      Even if this woman ate chicken last time, even if she used her survival points to strengthen her agility, she could not compare to Li Xuan.
      But this was a reminder for Li Xuan.
      It was clear that if the real world attributes were genetically enhanced, the initial attributes of the game would be even higher!
      “Looks like we still have to strengthen our genes.”
      “Otherwise, if you can’ t keep up with the initial attributes of entering the game, you might lose on the starting line.”
      Li Xuan thought to himself.
      Feeling the ice-cold woman following him, he continued to ask in a hoarse voice,” Didn’ t you split up?”
      “It doesn’ t mean you can’ t compete for equipment, right?”
      The ice-cold woman also asked.
      It turned out that she had taken a fancy to the pile of resources in front of Li Xuan.
      Unfortunately, Li Xuan’s position was better than hers!
      A few seconds later, he arrived in front of the pile of resources and picked them up.
      “Teammate, leave a bottle of milk for you to replenish.”
      Li Xuan thought for a moment and said with a hoarse smile.
      Then, he put a bottle of milk back on the stone pillar.
      The cold woman almost died of anger!
      She still needs to make up?
      However, she was not as fast as Li Xuan. She could only watch as Li Xuan picked up everything else!
      “Even if you are my teammate, I will kill you!”
      The ice-cold woman gnashed her teeth.
      Li Xuan said in a hoarse voice.
      In any case, to him, this ice-cold woman was hostile to him. If she had the chance to disgust her, she would still be quite refreshing!
      Then, he ran away with other supplies.
      His speed was actually much faster than before!
      [Scurry (F-level skill book): Activate the back movement speed +50% for 5 seconds.Cool down for 15 seconds.]
      Of course, he had learned this skill book directly.
      In addition, he obtained a bronze sword with an attack power of +15 points and directly put it in his hand.
      “We can evolve.”
      It happened to be 30 seconds before the game started. Li Xuan had the opportunity to evolve for the first time.
      “Let’s start. Let’s evolve crazily!”
      He directly chose the [Quick Run] skill.
      [Your’ Scurry’skill has evolved successfully!]
      [Sprint +1(F-level skill): Activate Backward Movement +100% for 7 seconds.Cooling for 13 seconds.]
      The speed shift effect doubled!
      It also increased the duration by one second, and decreased the cooldown by one second!
      “According to this situation, as long as we evolve two more times, the duration will exceed the cooldown.”
      “This means that it can be activated all the time!”
      This crazy evolution talent was powerful!
      After Li Xuan evolved to sprint, his speed increased by a large amount.
      He ran very fast!
      A streak of smoke disappeared from the cold woman’s vision.
      “I successfully escaped.”
      “Next, it was best to obtain stealth skills or mask equipment to kill that woman ……”
      Li Xuan shook his head.
      Whether or not he could obtain such things would depend on his face.
      He circled around the ruins of the Arena.
      Since he could see the position of that woman (teammate) from the small map, as long as he deliberately avoided it, he would never see her again.
      That woman did not follow Li Xuan.
      Although she was shouting that she wanted to kill Li Xuan, she knew very well that if she had been chasing after Li Xuan, how would she still develop?
      The equipment, skills, and heads were all snatched away by Li Xuan!
      Of course, she didn’ t know that number 00497 was Li Xuan!
      Half a minute later.
      Li Xuan left the ruins of this arena and entered the ruins of an ancient city with more complicated terrain.
      “It’s time to evolve!”
      [Your’ Scurry’skill has evolved successfully!]
      [Sprint +2(F-level skill): Activate Backward Movement +150% for 9 seconds.Cooling for 11 seconds.]*

      Chapter 14 A Sword Burst!Gradually defying the heavens!(2/5)

      He had to evolve again!
      The sprint skill was directly +2. Although it was only an F-level skill, after being evolved twice, it was even more impressive than a D-level skill.
      Activate plus 150% movement speed!
      Lasts for 9 seconds, cooling for 11 seconds!
      “Only two seconds left.”
      “And this skill could evolve 12 times in total?”How heaven defying will it be in the end?”
      Li Xuan was speechless.
      This game had only started for a minute.
      The others might not even be able to obtain F-level skills. He already had such a powerful skill!
      At that moment, he was in the ruins of the ancient city.
      He saw a pile of equipment on the rubble in the ruins.
      “Hmm?”Someone wants to snatch it?”
      Li Xuan saw that there were already two players more than twenty meters away from the pile of rubble. They should be a team that was approaching the pile of rubble.
      “You’ re thinking too much.”
      Run, activate!
      Li Xuan directly started sprinting.
      Even though he hadn’ t yet been killed and didn’ t have any footwear equipment, his speed had reached 35 points!
      35 Points?
      Each second was close to 21 meters!
      In the last round, Li Xuan had killed three times. He had also obtained a pair of silver boots, which had surpassed this speed.
      And now……Li Xuan had started so quickly!
      He completely ignored the two players.
      Smoke rushed over and picked up the equipment on the pile of rubble.
      Silver armor with +30 defense!
      There was also an E-level skill book!
      Before Li Xuan could see what it was, he turned around and ran.
      “F*ck!He snatched it away!”Then why did B run so fast?”
      “He should have activated the acceleration skill, chase!”
      The two players who had been robbed instantly became furious.
      They chased after Li Xuan!
      “We can evolve again!”
      “Continue to evolve, sprint!”
      As Li Xuan ran, he evolved.
      [Your’ Scurry’skill has evolved successfully!]
      [Sprint +3(F-level skill): Activate +200% of the movement speed. The first attack after activation will receive *2 additional damage!It lasted for 11 seconds.Cooling for 9 seconds.]
      The sprint skill that had evolved once again changed.
      His movement speed had reached 200%, and the first attack after he activated would have a damage bonus.
      The damage was multiplied by 2!
      “Under the condition of 200% acceleration, my movement speed is 42 points.”
      “In other words, it has 84 additional damage.”
      “This is too refreshing?”
      One had to know that this game had just begun!
      Li Xuan only had a bronze sword in his hand, but he was fearless.
      Turn back!
      Like a gust of wind, he held the bronze sword and approached the two players.
      “He actually dared to turn around?”
      “Might be that it was almost time to speed up. He knew that he couldn’ t run away, so if he wanted to go all out, be careful not to get killed ……”
      Just as he finished speaking.
      Li Xuan activated his +3 sprint. Before the other party could even react, his sword slashed across one of them’ heads!
      -303(Head Explosion!)
      Because Li Xuan moved too fast, the other party had no time to determine his position.
      His head was blasted apart by a single strike!
      It turned into a wooden box.
      [You killed the target (No.00369)!]
      [You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
      When another player tried to attack Li Xuan with his saber, Li Xuan had already run away, far away from his attack range.
      “What the hell?”
      “Why is it so fast?”
      The player was shocked.
      Li Xuan was not in a hurry either.
      He was waiting for the sprint to cool down. The damage bonus would only take effect once every time he started the sprint.
      He first ran into the distance and looked at the skill book he had just obtained:
      [Body of Steel (E-level skill book): Increases defense by 20 points. Passive takes effect.]
      A defensive skill!
      He directly increased his defense by 20 points.
      For some players, this skill might not be bad, or it might be useless.
      But for Li Xuan……
      It seemed to be alright?
      “Can I preview the evolution effect?”
      Li Xuan thought for a moment.
      The system quickly gave back:
      Body of Steel +1: Defense increased by 40 points. Passive effect.
      Body of Steel +2: Defense increased by 70 points. Passive effect.
      Body of Steel +3: Defense increased by 110 points, reducing head damage by 70%.Passive entry.
      He looked over and felt that there was no need for evolution.
      Even though he had been evolving for a long time, he could increase his passive defense by several hundred points.
      He would not lose blood even if he was beaten.
      However, he wasn’ t this type of person who stood and was beaten!
      “Preview the evolution of the sprint.”
      Li Xuan immediately previewed his sprint skills.
      He discovered that when he sprinted at +7, the speed of movement increased by 400%, the cooldown decreased to 1 second, and the additional speed of movement *6 was activated.
      “It seems that a skill that has been evolving will be stronger.”
      “Let’s start with +7.”
      At this moment, Li Xuan’s sprinting skill had finished cooling down.
      He turned around and chased after the remaining player.
      That player just saw that he couldn’ t catch up to Li Xuan, and he already wanted to run away!
      How could he escape?
      Every round of Pig Feet was a random SSS grade talent!That was why the fighting style would change, but no matter what kind of talent he had, he would be very happy!)*

      Chapter 15: The moment you see someone!King of the ruins of the ancient city!(3/5)

      [You killed the target (number 00572)!]
      [You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
      Double Kill!
      Li Xuan chased after him and killed the player.
      With the additional damage of +3 sprinting, even if that player had a bronze helmet, he could not withstand Li Xuan’s damage.
      He was directly eliminated!
      “All attributes increased by 10 points.”
      “And I can evolve again.”
      “Evolution Scurry!”
      [Sprint +4(F-level skill): Activate +250% of the movement speed. The first attack after activation will receive *3 additional damage!It lasted for 13 seconds.Cool down for 7 seconds.]
      The damage was even higher!
      Right now, this skill reminded Li Xuan of a hero of the MOBA game in his previous life. He activated and accelerated, and his speed grew faster and faster as he kicked to death.
      “It’s almost there.”
      Li Xuan smiled.
      In the beginning, he had lost his [Permanent Invisibility] talent, and he really wasn’ t used to it.
      But now…
      This [Crazy Evolution] talent was definitely not weaker than permanent invisibility.
      From a certain point of view, it was even stronger!
      Because the upper limit was high.
      The choice of equipment or skills for evolution was different, and the path of development was completely different. However, no matter how one developed, it would be extremely heaven-defying.
      Li Xuan walked through the ruins of the ancient city.
      Normally, he didn’ t start sprinting to avoid being seen by others. If he was mentally prepared, it wouldn’ t be that easy to sneak attack again.
      “Take the bronze helmet first.”
      “Silver saber, not bad!”
      Li Xuan found a pile of equipment and changed into a silver saber.
      In fact, he didn’ t have much need for weapons. In any case, his current damage was mainly due to the speed of the sprint.
      However, the durability of the bronze weapon was too low. It wouldn’ t take long.
      If it was a silver saber, the game would be over.
      [Your teammate killed a number 00127 and obtained 5 full attributes!]
      [Your teammate killed a target of 00718 and obtained 5 full attributes!]
      [Your teammates have obtained double kills!]
      A series of system notifications sounded out.
      “That woman still has some skills.”
      “Her talent was only F-class, her advantage in the game of survival came from her own ……”
      “In other words, in reality, she might be a cultivator.”
      “Special Forces?”Martial arts experts?”
      It was hard to say.
      However, he could guess that someone who could be sent to guard him, the most dangerous psychopath in history, was definitely not weak in reality.
      “But in the game of survival, she is definitely inferior to me.”
      Li Xuan shook his head.
      Suddenly, he noticed a target and immediately began to move.
      Start sprinting!
      He rushed towards a broken wall and swung out his silver saber!
      Just behind the wall, the player tried to dodge, but how could he dodge?
      Li Xuan moved too fast!
      Instant kill!
      This time, it wasn’ t an instant kill.
      When the other party realized that there was a danger, he had already avoided his head with all his strength, allowing Li Xuan’s blade to fall on his body.
      This person was also wearing silver armor.
      Even so, Li Xuan still dealt 294 damage to him!
      “Right now, my basic speed is 24 points. After I start sprinting, it will be 84 points!”
      “Just the additional speed shift damage alone has reached 252 points!”
      How could he be so good?
      Moreover, after he killed three times, his entire attribute had increased by five points.
      The base speed was even faster, reaching 29 points!
      “Time has come, continue to evolve!”
      Li Xuan continued to evolve and sprint!
      This talent was well known! It really was a crazy evolution!
      [Scurry +5(F-level skill): Activate the Backshift +300%. The first attack first attack, you will receive an additional damage of *4!It lasted for 15 seconds.Cool down for 5 seconds.]
      It was even more terrifying!
      The base movement speed of 29 points increased by 300% to 116 points.
      The additional movement speed multiplied by 4 was 464 damage.
      “This is heaven defying.”
      When Li Xuan thought back to the first round, he concealed his golden crossbow and combined it with the poison attack. The total damage of an arrow was only 800 points.
      And now, just two and a half minutes into this game, he could deal more than 500 damage.
      In fact, his speed was almost the same as when he was eating chicken.
      Most importantly…
      The skill of sprinting had barely evolved half!
      “The best way to develop is to find someone to kill!”
      “No equipment or skill exists!”
      “As long as you kill people, increase your stats, and increase your base speed, you’ ll be able to eat chickens in this round.”
      Li Xuan knew very well how he would play next.
      [You killed the target…!]
      [You killed the target…!]
      [You killed the target…!]
      Li Xuan relied on his’ Scurry+5’skill, and it would take a second to see someone!
      When he left the ruins, he was the only one left in the ruins. He was the king of the ruins!
      At this moment, five minutes had finally passed.
      The safety circle began to shrink. It was a bit far from him, but it didn’ t matter.
      Because his sprint skill had already evolved to +10!*

      Chapter 16 A man who was troubled by his speed!(4/5)

      [Sprint +10(F-level skill): Activate +550% of the movement speed. The first attack after activation will receive *9 additional damage!In addition, during the sprint, there was a 50% chance to forcibly dodge any attack.It lasted for 60 seconds.Cooling down for 1 second.]
      Evolution +10 sprint!
      “A total of eight were killed in the ruins of the ancient city.”
      “All attributes increased by 40 points.”
      “He even got a pair of silver boots!”
      Li Xuan looked at his own attributes.
      54 Points of agility,54 points of movement speed, plus the 12 points of movement speed of silver boots, the total was 66 points of basic movement speed.
      “If you start sprinting, it will be 429 points!”
      “255 Meters per second!”
      “I almost exploded!”
      Li Yi had never expected this speed to be so terrifying.
      It was just an F-level skill. After evolution +10, it actually changed so much.
      “The current me is no different from being invisible.”
      “This speed is too fast!”
      “If you want to get close to your opponent, you can’ t find me at all.”
      At the same time, Li Xuan looked at the map.
      He discovered that his cold female teammate was very far from him on the map.
      This “very far” meant that he was looking very far on the map.
      In reality, the distance between them was less than 1,000 meters.
      “This map is only 2000m*2000m. In other words, I can traverse the map in less than ten seconds?”
      Li Xuan shouted loudly.
      Was this crazy evolution?
      As expected of an SSS grade talent!
      At this moment, the game had only begun for five minutes. The restricted area had just begun to shrink for the first time!
      On the grassland.
      A bald youth was fighting a D-class wild monster.
      [Rock Golem (Level D):1200 HP]
      “Sister, although my equipment is average, I still have no problem fighting this rock puppet.”
      The bald youth was the host.
      Now that he had a set of silver equipment, he had also learned two skills. On the plains, there were no other players.
      Beside him was a female teammate.
      “After finishing the Rock Golem, I’ ll be able to learn a D-level skill, or I’ ll have a gold equipment to lay the foundation for eating chickens.”
      The light bulb said in a serious tone.
      “This rock puppet looks very fleshy. Can your silver weapon break through?”
      The girl was suspicious.
      “Rest assured.”If I can’ t break through, no one in this game can break through.”
      The light bulb was extremely confident.
      However, just as he was about to take action.
      A blur appeared in front of the two of them, as if an afterimage flashed past them, bringing with it a white sword light.
      The rock puppet was instantly killed!
      A D grade gold treasure chest appeared under the corpse of the rock puppet.
      The light bulb and the girl were stunned at the same time.
      What was happening?
      Has it come out of BUG?
      Why did this rock puppet die?
      A second later!
      Another blur flashed past them.
      A white sword light flashed.
      The bulb felt as if his bald head was feeling a little chilly. Just now, it seemed as if a sword light was flying over from head to toe…
      “Someone just attacked me?”
      “My talent has cooled down. Is there really someone attacking me?”
      “Damn it, just like the last one?”
      The bald youth was terrified.
      This game was poisonous!
      Another second later.
      A streak of sword light once again flew past afterimages.
      [You were killed by number 00497!]
      [You have already been eliminated!]
      The bald youth turned into a wooden box.
      “It really is him again!”
      Number two!”What kind of talent is this fellow?”
      The light bulb once again left the game regretfully.
      Remember the number 00497!
      “This bald head again?”
      Li Xuan looked at the system notification and found that he had killed number 00444. He couldn’ t help but feel depressed.
      If he saw this bald man again, he would definitely not attack his head.
      This fellow’s head was immune to a single attack!
      Fortunately, his speed was too fast.
      In just a second, he was over two hundred meters away, completely out of sight of the other party. Only then could he kill the other party without notice.
      Then, Li Xuan brutally killed that girl.
      In this game, everyone was his child!
      “Kill two more.”
      “All attributes have increased again.”
      “A bit distressed.”
      “This speed is too fast. I don’ t even know where I am?”
      Li Xuan scratched his head.
      He wasn’t talking nonsense.
      Two hundred meters per second……It had completely exceeded the limit that humans could react to.
      Even when he came out of the ruins of the ancient city, he often bumped into walls.
      After coming out, he often bumped into trees.
      “Looks like the sprint skill no longer needs to evolve.”
      “Your speed is fast enough, your injuries are high enough.”
      “If you continue to evolve, you won’ t be able to control it.”
      “Change and evolve!”
      Li Xuan had wanted to evolve his [Body of Steel] skill, but after he opened the stone puppet’s treasure chest, he immediately changed his mind.*

      Chapter 17 Who said I was here to help?(5/5)

      [Gold Armor (Grade D): Body Defense +50, Durability 720/720]
      [Shadow Veil (Grade D): Mask the face,+10 facial defense,200/200 durability]
      [White Bone Iron Rope (D-level skill book): Gather a string of white bone iron ropes, lock target, bind target, lock target for 5 seconds, cool for 18 seconds!]
      One of the skill books that the wild monster dropped.
      Li Xuan directly chose “Shadow Veil (Grade D)”!
      The main reason was that the equipment could cover his appearance.
      “Put it on!”
      Li Xuan directly brought it along.
      Although he moved quickly and was more than two hundred meters in a second, he was afraid that his ice-cold female teammates would have too good eyesight.
      If she could see her face, the problem would be a little big.
      Once she knew that Li Xuan had entered the survival game, the difficulty of escaping the mental hospital would undoubtedly increase.
      After all, whether the other party was prepared or not was very different.
      “Preview the evolution effect.”
      Li Xuan directly previewed the effect of the shadow veil’s evolution:
      Shadow Mask +1: Face Defense +20.
      Shadow Mask +2: Face Defense +40.
      Shadow Mask +3: Face Defense +70.New effect: Blurred figure.There was a 9% chance to forcefully dodge all attacks.
      This piece of equipment only had facial defense, which was a bit useless.
      It was basically useless.
      Could it be that Li Xuan would be so stupid as to grab a knife with his face?
      However, the effects after evolution were not bad.
      +3 Added a blurry figure. Every time he evolved, he would have a +9% chance to dodge all attacks. At most, he would have a +12 chance to dodge 90%!
      With Li Xuan’s +10 sprint effect, he was almost 100% able to dodge the attack!
      This kind of dodging probability was forced dodging.
      Even if it was the [White Bone Iron Rope] locking skill, once it was triggered to dodge, it would immediately disable it.
      What was even more powerful was that after this equipment evolved by +6, it would definitely dodge!
      Within 4 seconds of activation, he forced 100% to dodge all attacks against him. Cooldown:20 seconds!
      Without a doubt, this was an extremely powerful life-saving skill.
      Right now, Li Xuan didn’ t have any other equipment or skills to evolve.
      Just evolve the shadow veil.
      The game had started for seven minutes.
      Li Xuan still had the opportunity to evolve four times. He transformed the shadow veil to +4 at once
      [Shadow Veil +4(Class D equipment): Face Defense +110.There was an 18% chance to forcefully dodge all attacks.]
      “It’s impossible for ordinary people to choose this equipment.”
      “Dignified golden equipment was just a cover ……”
      “It’s better than some helmets.”
      However, after Li Xuan put it on, he realized that the effect of the shadow veil was extremely good.
      Not only did he hide his face, he also changed his entire temperament.
      “This time, that woman will definitely not recognize me.”
      Li Xuan thought for a moment.
      As long as he continued to evolve this equipment, he would eventually be able to achieve a 90% chance of dodging. With the addition of 50% dodging in the sprinting state, all of them would be forced to dodge. The combined effect would be even greater!
      Although it was not 100%, the probability of the enemy hitting Li Xuan was extremely low.
      It could be said to be invincible!
      “Continue killing and harvesting!”
      “Among the rewards that have been settled in the end, there are some points for killing, as well as points for equipment and skills.”
      “As long as it’s a D grade gold equipment, all of it belongs to me!”
      Li Xuan continued to pursue the entire map.
      Now, his speed had reached a terrifying level!
      After he scurried around the map, almost as if he had entered the uninhabited realm. After killing seven more people, he finally had a set of golden grade equipment.
      But now, his speed was simply too fast.
      He had to control his own speed, or else he couldn’ t control it at all!
      Under such circumstances, Li Xuan’s speed in the open terrain was extremely fast.
      However, in complex terrain like architectural ruins and groves, it was actually restricted…It was too fast. It was too easy to hit a wall or a tree.
      “What’s going on with this person?”
      At this moment, Li Xuan’s ice-cold female teammates were already stunned.
      She could see Li Xuan’s location from the map.
      In addition, he could obtain Li Xuan’s killing information!
      “He killed fifteen in a short period of time?”
      “What kind of talent does this person have?”
      The ice-cold woman was shocked!
      The most important thing was Li Xuan’s speed.
      It was too terrifying. It was as if this map was a skating rink.
      That speed must be one or two hundred meters per second, right?
      “How did he do it?”
      The ice-cold woman was puzzled.
      She felt a little funny, but she could not laugh at all……
      With such a terrifying speed, she was simply dreaming if she wanted to kill Li Xuan.
      This made her teeth tickle with hatred.
      This person actually dared to tease her!
      The key was that he was really that strong!
      In comparison, she was much less.
      In these seven minutes, she had only killed five people in total. Even half of Li Xuan’s time was far away!
      In reality, she was already very strong.
      But compared to Li Xuan……He was simply a weakling.
      “She’s only one person. Don’ t run!”
      At this moment, two male players were attacking the ice-cold woman.
      She was wearing tight black clothes, cold and murderous. Her figure was exquisite and graceful, forming an extremely perfect curve.
      But what was strange was…
      She did not have a weapon in her hand.
      “Very good.”
      “Take down these two heads first.”
      The cold woman thought to herself.
      However, just as she wanted to take her head.
      Suddenly, she felt a gust of wind blowing past her. Then, a blade light flashed past her eyes.
      One of the players attacking her was instantly killed by the blade light!
      After two rounds, the two male players had already laid their corpses and turned into wooden boxes.
      “My head!”
      The ice-cold woman was stunned.
      “Other than me, no one has the right to kill my teammates.”
      Following a hoarse voice, Li Xuan’s figure appeared in front of her.
      After putting on the shadow veil, his entire aura was cold and emotionless.
      His words drove the ice-cold woman crazy.
      This man……Wasn’t that too pretentious?
      “What did you say?”I don’ t need your help!”
      The cold woman was furious.
      She simply couldn’ t recognize that this veiled man in front of her was actually the target of her guard in the Green Vine Psychiatric Hospital—the strongest psychopath in history, Li Xuan!
      “Who said I came to help you?”
      Li Xuan laughed hoarsely!*

      Chapter 18 No.00497!Was he a human or a ghost?(1/5)

      That’s right!
      Li Xuan was not here to help her.
      He just wanted to take those two heads away.
      In fact……
      He wanted to kill this cold female teammate.
      Unfortunately, he now knew that when he killed his teammates, he would be deducted 30 survival points.
      Most importantly, if he killed this woman now and this woman went to his concrete room to find him, what if he wasn’ t there?
      Therefore, he could not!
      If he did, something would happen.
      “Why didn’t you take your weapon?”I’ ll give you a golden blade?”
      Li Xuan said in a hoarse voice and threw out a D-grade golden saber.
      If he didn’ t kill her, it would be difficult to guarantee that she wouldn’ t be killed by others.
      Give her a blade to prevent her from being killed out of the game in advance.
      He carefully examined the woman in tight black before him through the shadow veil.
      This was the first time he had seen her.
      “You look pretty good.”
      He couldn’ t help but sigh in admiration.
      This woman’s facial features were exquisite and perfect. Unfortunately, she had a murderous and cold aura that made people not dare to approach.
      “I don’ t need weapons.”
      The ice-cold woman said unhappily, not even glancing at the golden saber.
      “Your talent is karate?”
      Li Xuan sneered in a hoarse voice.
      He paid no more attention to the other party and turned around to leave.
      But he probably knew.
      This woman’s talent was most likely related to her lack of weapons……If he didn’t equip a weapon, would he have an attribute bonus?
      Or would there be some special effects?
      Li Xuan didn’ t know.
      However, he couldn’ t be bothered to inquire about her talent.
      In any case, they were only F-level talents. There was nothing worth investigating!
      [Remaining players in this game:43!]
      The game lasted until nine minutes.
      Li Xuan had already killed a total of 21 people.
      At the same time, he had obtained four more opportunities to evolve.
      “Evolution, Shadow Mask!”
      [Shadow Mask +8(Class D equipment): Face Defense +370.There was a 54% chance of forcing him to dodge all attacks.Absolute Evasion: Within 6 seconds of activation,100% of all attacks against him will be forced to dodge. Cooldown 18 seconds!]
      It was definitely enough to dodge!
      In the six seconds he had activated Absolute Evasion, he was almost invincible.
      However, it was important to note that this could only dodge the attacks that targeted him.
      Looking at the explanation, if it was a range attack, it would be impossible to dodge.
      However, even if it was a range attack, he still had a 54% and 50% chance to dodge. It was the effect of the combination of the Shadow Veil and the Sprint skill.
      When the two dodge rates were put together, they were not simply added together.
      It was a multiplication.
      Therefore, if 54% and 50% were combined, it would be 77% dodge rate.
      “It’s already over.”
      The corner of Li Xuan’s mouth curled up slightly.
      He realized that the progress of this game was much faster than the previous game.
      Firstly, he already understood the basic rules of this survival game.
      Secondly, his insanely evolving talent made his development incredibly fast.
      Now, he was completely up!
      Just 21 strikes alone gave him 105 full attributes.
      Agility reached 119 points!
      His speed had already exploded. Li Xuan couldn’ t even be bothered to count it……In any case, he was equivalent to teleporting on the map, but sometimes he couldn’ t control it himself.
      Collision with walls, trees, rocks, and the like happened from time to time.
      “Yi, there’s a pillar of light up ahead.”
      Li Xuan saw a white pillar of light appear on the plains ahead.
      A platinum treasure chest slowly descended from the top of the pillar.
      “Right now, the bronze bureau’s equipment skills on the map, including wild monsters, are at most D-level.”
      “Only a platinum treasure chest can produce a C-level item.”
      “The competition must be very intense!”
      Li Xuan thought to himself.
      Li Xuan naturally obtained this platinum chest.
      After all, there were also skill points and equipment points in the survival points settled!
      Class C equipment and skills were of course better.
      For a moment, the wind rose and the clouds surged!
      As the white pillar of light appeared, four or five teams quickly arrived on the surrounding plains.
      Some were single, some were double, and all of them were observing the surroundings warily.
      They saw each other, but they didn’ t make a move easily.
      They were all waiting for the platinum chest to land.
      “If you don’ t do anything, I’ ll do it!”
      Li Xuan was extremely happy.
      Right now, he moved extremely fast, but it wasn’ t that easy to find every player accurately.
      After all, many players had hidden themselves.
      They were all very shrewd, and there was even the existence of Voldemort.
      Now that the white gold treasure chest appeared and gathered a group of players together, wouldn’t it be a pleasure for Li Xuan?
      “It’s starting!”
      Li Xuan stared at a male player from afar, found an angle, and then……Charge!
      In an instant, he held his golden saber and charged out over two hundred meters.
      A blade slashed across a female player’s chest.
      Instant kill!
      “I’ m sorry. I hacked it to a side.”
      Li Xuan’s face darkened.
      It seemed that the speed was too fast to control.
      But it was fine.
      He then began to sprint back and look at that male player again!
      A blade slashed across the chest of another female player.
      Instant kill!
      However, it turned crooked again.
      This time, before Li Xuan was depressed, the group of players who wanted to snatch the platinum chest had already exploded.
      “What happened?”Why did two suddenly die?”
      “I don’ t know. I only saw a flash of light flash past, and then they’ re gone!”
      “Were all killed by number 00497!”Is this a person or a ghost?”
      “Where is he?”
      Everyone looked around!
      Unfortunately, Li Xuan had already charged over a hundred meters away from everyone’s line of sight.
      How could they find Li Xuan?
      “Come, continue!”
      When Li Xuan saw that these people hadn’ t left, he saw that he was delighted and could continue to kill them!
      “Let’s continue today!*Weakly, please ask for flowers, monthly tickets and evaluation tickets ~~)*

      Chapter 19 was truly a manslaughter!A man who could not be monitored!(2/5)

      The appearance of the platinum treasure chest’s supply attracted the ice-cold woman’s attention.
      She was observing the pillar of light from afar…
      Why did “feel a little wrong ……”
      She saw many players running in all directions on the plain around the pillar of light where the platinum treasure chest was located.
      Like an ant!
      Those fleeing players had completely lost their thoughts of fighting, only thinking of escaping this place.
      As for the ice-cold woman, she realized that her teammate number 00497 was sliding in and out of this area, and then continuously jumped out of the teammate’s killing information……
      “His speed is too fast.”
      “How did you play?”
      She was not surprised that those players were fleeing in all directions.
      After all, in this game, the sooner one dies, the longer one’s lifespan is deducted.
      That was why everyone wanted to go all out to push the ranking forward!
      This was no longer the first round.
      If everyone died, their lifespan would be deducted.
      Even if he only died one place late, he might be able to recover a month’s lifespan!
      That was why it was too normal for these players to flee in all directions.
      It was at this moment.
      The cold woman’s heart suddenly trembled.
      It was dangerous!
      A streak of light slashed towards her from a distance of more than two hundred meters ahead, cutting through her face!
      “F*ck!”It’s wrong again!”
      Li Xuan’s figure appeared behind her.
      He was dumbfounded.
      Originally, he wanted to kill a man who was running for his life.
      In the end……His speed was too fast and he couldn’t stop. He walked over and accidentally killed his teammates.
      “This was truly a mistake ……”
      Li Xuan spat out blood!
      It seemed that too fast was really bad!
      He was not worried about being deducted 30 points for survival.
      However, after this woman left, would she become angry from embarrassment and go to the concrete room to find trouble with him?
      “I have no choice but to defend.”
      “This battle must be concluded quickly.”
      Li Xuan instantly transformed into a heartless assassin.
      [Remaining players in this game:24!]
      This was the second time he had shrunk back!
      In the end, there were only 24 people left.
      According to the game of survival in the dead, it could basically be judged that there were immortals in this game.
      And now……
      Li Xuan was this immortal!
      Now that he was facing a problem, his speed was simply too fast.
      He ran so fast that he couldn’ t see the surroundings clearly.
      But if he slowed down, he would give others a chance……
      He could only slowly become familiar with it!
      Even with his current speed, Li Xuan was slowly becoming familiar with it, gradually controlling it.
      It was a pity that he couldn’t hold back that slash just now.
      He killed his female teammates with a single strike.
      “26 Killing ……”
      “27 Kill ……”
      In just ten minutes, Li Xuan had already developed to the point of dominating the entire match.
      In reality!
      Green Vine Mental Hospital.
      Xia Ye was stunned as he was sent back to his office.
      She was the cold woman that Li Xuan had just killed!
      “That slash is so fast!”
      “Clearly, my talent has already reminded me of the flaws of his blade.”
      “But I can’ t keep up at all!”
      Xia Ye couldn’ t help but reminisce about that strike.
      She was a Martial Addict.
      He was extremely infatuated with all sorts of fighting techniques.
      “Sure enough, the martial arts in the world are only as fast as possible?”
      Xia Ye’s gaze changed from a bit of bewilderment to a cold and firm one.” From this point of view, a gene strengthening must be done by strengthening agility.”
      “We can’ t break fast!”
      Soon, she recalled her mission in the Green Vine Mental Hospital.
      “That’s right. I wonder if that psychopath will be selected for the survival game?”
      Her expression was somewhat grave.
      A mysterious survival game appeared out of nowhere.
      With his thoughts, he could enter the game and earn survival points, strengthen his genes, and even extract ability within the game.
      “If that psycho entered the game, it would be a big problem ……”
      “The content of this game is too complicated!”
      “Once he grasped the ability of the game, he might escape.”
      After some thought, she immediately went to the surveillance room.
      She was wearing a pair of sneakers as she walked up. Her graceful figure was extremely eye-catching.
      “Send out the surveillance of the 001 ward.”
      She entered the monitoring room and ordered.
      The group of people in the monitoring room were still blowing each other’s water. When they saw Xia Ye appear, they immediately shut their mouths.
      One of the fatty pointed to a screen of surveillance footage.” Chief Xia, the surveillance in the 001 ward has never been normal. It’s always bad, right?”
      The surveillance scene was filled with snowflakes. There was no scene at all!
      He simply could not see the situation inside the concrete room, and……It was too dark inside.
      Even if there were surveillance cameras, they would not be able to see clearly.
      “That’s right, Chief Xia. The patient in the 001 ward is too evil. One of the cameras is bad, so I decided not to!”
      “That’s right. That’s a man who can’ t be monitored. Haha.”
      Everyone in the monitoring room had already gotten used to this, and even started to joke with a smile.
      Xia Ye shook his head.
      In this situation, she had no choice.
      He could only personally go to ward 001.
      As for the cameras, it was useless to install as many of them as she could. She wouldn’t even stick to her waist bag to buy the cameras.
      She was about to leave.
      Suddenly, everyone in the monitoring room cried out in alarm.
      “Damn it!”Where’s that person?”
      “F*ck, why did he suddenly disappear?”
      “Quick, quick!”There’s something wrong with ward 002!”
      When Xia Ye heard that, his expression froze.
      Could it be that the mental patient in ward 002 had been selected as a survival game?*

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      Chapter 20 How hungry!You eat first, then I eat!(3/5)

      Five minutes later.
      Xia Ye arrived at ward 001 with a solemn expression, which was the door of Li Xuan’s room.
      Just now, the patient in ward 002 was confirmed to have entered the survival game.
      Otherwise, how could a living person disappear from a sealed room?
      As a result, she had people guard ward 002.
      The other party entered the survival game from the ward and would return to the ward after the game ended!
      At least in a short period of time, the other party could not escape.
      She then arrived at ward 001.
      She took a deep breath.
      “I hope the person is still there.”
      She stretched out her hand and took out a string of keys from her slender waist.
      Then, he carefully inserted several key holes on the metal door.
      This was a special metal door to prevent the patient from escaping!
      The door opened.
      With a gentle push, she was ready to fight.
      However, the expected attack did not appear.
      “You guys stay outside.”
      She said to the two staff behind her.
      The two of them held the shock stick and nodded solemnly.
      Then, Xia Ye entered the room.
      As soon as she entered, she noticed a figure on the concrete floor.
      A young voice rang out.
      The figure raised his head and appeared in front of her was a familiar young face, looking very handsome.
      It was an insane person!
      Li Xuan raised his head with a smile on his face.
      He was a little nervous.
      He finally caught up!
      As soon as he killed the ice-cold girl, he immediately increased his speed. In the end, he killed thirty-five people and ate chickens!
      As soon as he was sent back, the metal door of the ward was opened before he could even count his survival points.
      He immediately sat on the ground and resumed his steady breathing.
      Then, when Xia Ye came over, he raised his head and asked with a smile.
      “Li Xuan, are you hungry?”
      Xia Ye asked coldly.
      “I just ate, not hungry.”
      Li Xuan smiled and shook his head.
      He admired her with interest.
      In the dark room, her face was not very clear, but her figure displayed a perfect outline, and it also emitted a faint fragrance that made one feel relaxed and happy.
      “I’ ll take a look. You’ ve emptied that plate of food.”
      Xia Ye continued to speak coldly.
      Li Xuan was dumbfounded.
      He had poured that dish of food into the toilet bowl and then washed it off!
      Did this woman even have to check the toilet?
      Li Xuan was willing to bow down!
      “Looks like this woman has gone all out to guard me.”
      Li Xuan thought to himself and became even more vigilant.
      It was clear that this woman was not an easy target.
      “You suspect that the food is poisonous?”
      Xia Ye gave a cold laugh,” How many times have I said it? If I really want to kill you, you’ ve already died ten thousand times. How could we poison your food!”
      “Be careful.”
      Li Xuan sighed,” Sigh……When you say that, I feel so hungry.Would you give me some more food?If he sent it in, you should eat it first, then I will eat it.”If not, I won’ t be at ease.”
      “You can’t just watch me starve to death, can you?”
      He was truly hungry!
      But he was really worried about the food!
      He could only let the other party eat first. After confirming that there was no poison, he could eat it again.
      “Alright, I’ ll have a snack.”
      Xia Ye coldly shouted outside the door.
      She looked cold on the surface, but in reality, she was relieved.
      Li Xuan was in the ward!
      Of course, this did not mean that Li Xuan had not been selected into the survival game. Perhaps he had just entered and just happened to be out.
      Therefore, she still had to move further.
      Soon, the food arrived.
      She picked up the plate and looked at Li Xuan. Her beautiful eyes glared at him, and she intended to pick it up with her chopsticks.
      Li Xuan immediately stopped.
      After that, he carefully mixed the dishes and handed them to Xia Ye. He stared at Xia Ye and gestured for her to eat first.
      “You don’ t need to be so steady, right?”
      Xia Ye was powerless to complain.
      However, she did not say anything.
      He quickly took two bites!
      “Take it. Hurry up and eat. After eating, I’ ll ask you a few questions.”
      She glared at Li Xuan and gave him the food.
      Li Xuan sized her up from top to bottom, and only then did he nod and confirm that the food was fine.
      “I’ m finally able to eat.”
      Li Xuan ate.
      Five minutes later, he was finally satisfied!
      He drank another large bottle of mineral water and had Xia Ye drink it first.
      “If you have any questions, ask.”
      Li Xuan sat on the concrete floor again.
      “You have to answer these questions in a second.”
      Xia Ye said coldly,” If you can’ t do it, I won’ t give you a test in the future. If you want to eat or not, starve to death is your request.”
      Li Xuan agreed.*

      Chapter 21 was overthinking!He didn’ t have any common sense at all!(4/5)

      “Li Xuan.”
      “What did you eat just now?”
      “Green vegetables, potatoes, chicken.”
      “How many legs does a cat have?”
      The problem froze.
      Xia Ye looked at Li Xuan as if he was looking at a fool.” How many legs does a cat have?”
      He thought to himself: As expected of a mentally ill person……
      Li Xuan felt a little wronged.
      He had just passed through this world. Who knew how many legs of this world’s cat were there?
      What if the cat in this world was different from his original world?
      This was a game of survival.
      Even if a six-legged cat appeared, it wouldn’ t be strange, right?
      “Alright, let’s continue.”
      Xia Ye suppressed the depression in his heart and continued to ask,” My favorite animation.”
      “The gourd boy saved Grandpa.”
      Li Xuan replied.
      “What is that?”
      Xia Ye was dumbfounded.
      When Li Xuan saw the beautiful woman’s gaze, he immediately confirmed his guess……As expected, he had traveled to another world.
      Otherwise, this woman didn’ t even know how stupid she should be?
      Originally, the other party had come to inquire about Li Xuan.
      In the end, Li Xuan had seized the opportunity to find out something!
      “You don’t even know about the gourd baby?”
      Li Xuan pretended to be exaggerated.” Oh right, let me ask you. Do you have any pandas here?Is there a crocodile?”How many legs are the cats here?”
      Xia Ye’s expression darkened.
      He stood up, turned around, and left.
      “I really think too much.”
      “This is a mental illness. It can not communicate normally!”
      “What gourd child?”What panda? What crocodile? What are those?”
      “Just how many legs are there to return the cat?”
      She almost died from anger.
      Originally, she wanted to ask Li Xuan some common sense questions.
      After Li Xuan habitually answered, she suddenly asked a basic question about the survival game……
      As long as Li Xuan participated in the survival game, the probability of revealing the truth was as high as 90%!
      This was a common interrogation logic.
      She realized that she was wrong.
      His mistake was absurd!
      This was an insane person. He didn’ t have any common sense at all!
      She closed the metal door.
      Li Xuan leaned against the wall and squatted down.
      In the darkness, the corner of his mouth curled up slightly.
      In his mind, he was still reminiscing about the graceful curves of the cold beauty’s back when she left. It was very delicious!
      “This world seems to be different from my original world.”
      “No panda, no crocodile.”
      “That was the problem…”Is this world’s cat four legs?”
      Li Xuan fell into deep thought.
      Of course, he wasn’ t really entangled with this question.
      Instead, he was thinking about the essence of this question. That was, what was happening outside this world?
      Obviously, unless he could escape from the mental hospital, he would never be able to get an answer to this question.
      “This woman wants to trick me?”
      “Next, let’s see what I do ……”
      He smiled faintly.
      “Survival Points, exchange, invitation letter!”
      “Use invitation letter, target: No.00666!”
      [Hello!No.00666 is currently free. Would you like to invite her to participate in the survival game?]
      Li Xuan cancelled.
      Number 00666 was the number of the ice-cold beauty Xia Ye’s survival game!
      Because he had teamed up with her once, Li Xuan remembered her number.
      He had just asked the system.
      Since this survival game was a double-row game, could they form a double-row game?
      The answer was certainly yes.
      With just 500 survival points, one could exchange for an invitation letter!
      When the players used the invitation letter, they would first confirm whether the target of the invitation was in the survival game.
      If it was in the game, it would prompt [Target is in the game, please try again later!]
      If he wasn’t in the game, he would be prompted for a second confirmation like [Target is free, whether to confirm the invitation].
      After all, the invitation was a valuable item. It was normal to have a second confirmation!
      “In the future, I’ ll wait until she enters the game.”
      “Don’ t let her run over to check in half!”
      This way, it was safe!
      Li Xuan even exhaled the system and set himself “No one is allowed to invite double rows “.
      In order to prevent others from using the same method to test their state.
      “”500 Survival points, it’s a huge sum for ordinary people.”
      “It can be exchanged for 500 months, that is to say, a total lifespan of over 40 years!”
      “How could he be willing to exchange for something like an invitation?”
      The corner of Li Xuan’s mouth curled up slightly.
      Most importantly, this invitation only had three days.
      If it was not used for three days, it would disappear.
      In the survival game, this invitation book was usually used during the promotion competition. After all, the price was too expensive. It could only be used when it was very important.
      But for Li Xuan……
      With these three days, how many survival games could he participate in?
      How many survival points could he earn?
      “According to my current efficiency, even if I only row two in an hour, I would be able to earn 10,000 points every day.”
      “Spend 500 to ensure safety, it’s worth it!”
      Five minutes later.
      [Hello!Number 00666 is in the game. Please try again later!]
      When Li Xuan used the invitation letter, he received a prompt.
      That woman had finally entered the game!
      “This woman is quite anxious. From the looks of it, she is someone who wants to rapidly increase her strength.”
      “Unfortunately……”You will never grow faster than me!”
      “Now, match!”
      Li Xuan began to match!*

      Chapter 22 Great Ripple!Extremely dangerous!(5/5)

      By the time Li Xuan started to match, Xia Ye’s game had already begun.
      In the future, they would never be in the same match.
      “In the game, we won’ t meet again.”
      Li Xuan had no choice but to admit that this woman was very attractive. Regardless of her appearance or figure, she had reached the peak level he had seen before.
      But if he could choose, he didn’ t want to know this woman……
      “Last round, thirty-five kill and eat chickens. A total of 459 survival points were settled.”
      “With 397 points in the first round,856 points in total.”
      “He spent five hundred to exchange for the invitation letter. There are only 356 points left. They all increased their genes and their agility attributes.”
      “From 14 Agility points to 17 Agility points!”
      This meant that Li Xuan’s initial Agility was 17 points.
      This gave him an even greater advantage!
      [Welcome you to the survival game!]
      [Drops!I’ ve detected that you’ ve activated hundreds of millions of talents!]
      [Congratulations, your talent in this game: SSS-level – each time you eat, you will receive a permanent gain (this game only works).In addition, he could devour wild monsters and obtain wild monsters’ skills (this game only takes effect)!]
      In this match, his talent had changed again.
      Li Xuan looked at it with curiosity.
      How should he play with this talent?
      Every time he ate, he would gain permanent gains……In other words, with milk and cheese, just eat it?
      He had to try his best to find wild monsters and devour them to obtain their skills.
      It didn’ t seem like he was too talented……
      “Forget it, I’ ll know when I play.”
      Li Xuan didn’ t mind either.
      This was an SSS-level talent no matter how one put it, based on permanent invisibility and insane evolution, it was impossible for them to be
      [You have matched a teammate: No.01314]
      The system notification immediately came.
      Then, a beautiful pink girl appeared in front of Li Xuan.
      “Another female teammate?”
      Li Xuan was a little surprised.
      Three of them were female teammates. This was too exaggerated.
      Was there so many women participating in this survival game?
      In his opinion, a woman in this game was a huge pit!
      Xia Ye could be considered very strong. He even had the power to eat chickens, but……After they lined up with Li Xuan, they were completely weak.
      Therefore, in Li Xuan’s opinion, Xia Ye’s ability to eat chickens was not because she was too strong, but because the other players were too weak.
      However, what Li Xuan didn’ t expect was…
      The moment that beautiful pink girl appeared, she took a glance at him and covered her mouth with joy.” Big brother Li Xuan?”
      “You know me?”
      Li Xuan remained calm on the surface, but he was surprised.
      “Big Brother Li Xuan, you don’ t remember Fei’ er anymore?”We are neighbors. I live next door to you.”
      The graceful girl raised her head and a pair of cute little tiger teeth appeared on both sides of her mouth, revealing a sweet and gentle smile.
      “Really?”I really can’ t remember.”
      Li Xuan gave a friendly smile.
      “It doesn’ t matter!”I’ ve been lucky enough to be with Big Brother Li Xuan. I’ ll let Fei’ er assist you in this match.”
      The charming pink girl who revealed her cute little tiger teeth smiled gently as she raised her hand.
      He directly gave Li Xuan a skill!
      [You have received the blessing of an angel!]
      [Angel’s Blessing:100% increase in all basic attributes!]
      Seeing this, Li Xuan was a little surprised.
      This pink girl actually had this kind of ability?
      It seemed to be a good talent!
      “If you need anything, go ahead and instruct Fei’ er!”
      The graceful girl’s eyes were blurred.
      A chill rose from Li Xuan’s back……
      He acutely sensed that this woman was probably not a normal woman.
      There was definitely a problem!
      He carefully sized her up.
      He discovered that she looked like a little girl, but her figure was very’ fierce’. The place that should be big wasn’ t small at all!
      “Alright, then go find me some milk.”
      Li Xuan probed.
      “A mere milk, wrap it on me!”
      The pink girl numbered 01314 narrowed her eyes on the spot. Her pair of tiger teeth appeared extremely cute.
      She turned around and ran to the side to search for things.
      A few seconds later!
      She returned to Li Xuan and handed over a bottle of milk.” Big Brother Li Xuan!The milk you want!”What else?”
      “I need more milk and cheese, as long as I eat it.”
      Li Xuan said.
      The pink girl turned around and ran off into the distance.
      Li Xuan looked at her cute figure who was bouncing around. He always felt a little confused.
      “Let’s drink a bottle first.”
      Li Xuan wanted to test the effect of this talent and directly drank the bottle of milk.
      [You drank a bottle of milk!]
      [You’ ve obtained a permanent gain: Thorns – When you’ re attacked, your damage will be reduced by 50%, and your’ Strength +100′ damage will be rebounded (this game only works!)]
      It was…Reduce damage and rebound damage?Or was it real damage?
      Li Xuan was extremely surprised!
      This was completely beyond the scope of cold weapons!
      “It seems that the SSS level talent really surpasses the bronze rank.”
      “Any one of these gains will be the true damage rebound of the supermodel!”
      “How could the others fight me with cold weapons?”
      Li Xuan gasped.
      It was simply a dimensional descent attack!
      Moreover, he only drank a bottle of milk!
      If he drank a few more bottles and added a few more gains, wouldn’ t he be invincible?
      At the same time.
      Green Vine Mental Hospital.
      At the entrance of ward 002, a group of people were fully armed and guarding the entrance.
      “Inform Chief Xia……Su Fei’ er appeared, but she immediately disappeared. She should have entered the next game of survival!”
      Everyone present had a solemn expression.
      This was because although Su Fei’ er was not as dangerous as the patient in ward 001, it was also extremely dangerous!
      “Bad!”Sir Xia has also disappeared!”
      Soon, the news came.
      Everyone looked at each other in dismay.*

      Chapter 23 You can’t drink milk when you’ re full of blood?(Flowers added!)

      Of course, Li Xuan did not know about the actual situation!
      Very quickly!
      That pink girl Su Fei’ er found him a bottle of milk and a piece of cheese.
      After handing it to Li Xuan, the girl tilted her head curiously and asked,” Big brother Li Xuan is clearly full of blood. Why would he drink milk?”
      “Can’ t you drink milk when you’ re full of blood?”
      Li Xuan glanced at her.” You think I’ m wasting it?”
      “No, no. Big brother is right to do anything!”
      Su Fei’ er quickly shook her head and spoke with great force.
      Thus, Li Xuan took the milk and cheese she had found.
      Use it directly!
      [You drank a bottle of milk!]
      [Your health value recovers 5% per second for 6 seconds!]
      [You have obtained a permanent gain: Life Surge – Endurance +30, continuously recovers 3% of your life every second (this game only takes effect!)]
      [You ate a piece of cheese!]
      [Your life value recovers 10% every second for 5 seconds!]
      [You have obtained a permanent gain: Explosion-proof – Body Defense +30, Immunity to Explosion (this game only works!)]
      Li Xuan was delighted.
      Originally, his initial 13 points of endurance had been doubled by Su Fei’ er’s “Angel’s Blessing “. Now, he had added another 30 points, and his health had directly increased to 560 points!
      Moreover, he continued to recover 3% of his health every second!
      Moreover, he had obtained an “explosion-proof” effect. Not only was he immune to explosion, he had also increased his body’s defense by 30 points.
      Although it was only 30 points, it was equivalent to wearing a silver armor!
      “Alright, let’s go.”
      Li Xuan called the pink girl Su Fei’ er over,” Remember to pick things up along the way. Give me everything you have to eat and drink.”If you meet someone, leave it to me.”
      Su Fei’ er smiled gently, revealing a pair of cute tiger teeth as she followed.
      The same map.
      The bald youth was hiding behind a large stone.
      “You can’t leave?”I’ ve finished searching my equipment.”
      His teammate, a young man who looked very pretentious, had a grass in his mouth and said coldly beside the big stone.
      “Wait, I found it!”
      The light bulb checked the number list of players in this game, and soon, its face started to cry.
      Number 00497!
      Yet again!
      This bald youth almost fainted from anger.
      He had deliberately waited for a few minutes after settling the settlement, just to avoid 00497. Why did he still come together?
      This luck was heaven defying!
      Just in time, Li Xuan and Xia Ye clashed for a few minutes.
      “What are you looking for?”
      The young man with the grass in his mouth was a little impatient.” I’ ve already told you. Follow me and bring you to eat chicken!”
      “No.00497, this fellow is a thief.”
      The light bulb cried,” I was killed in the first two rounds without even seeing anyone.”
      When the young man with the grass in his mouth heard this, he took a closer look at the light bulb and laughed,” If I’ m not mistaken, are you that chicken-eating broadcaster’s light bulb?You’ re not weak when you eat chickens. Why are you here for such a survival game?”He died twice in a row, yet he still died in the same person?”
      The light bulb was dumbfounded. He had never thought that he would be recognized.
      Wasn’ t this too embarrassing?
      “Could it be that you’ ve been hanging around earlier?”
      The young man looked at his bald head with disdain.
      “I’ ll know when I meet you. This person’s talent is disgusting.”
      The light bulb shook its head.” I suggest that we meet him and take a detour.”Of course, we might not be able to see him and be killed.”
      “Is it as profound as you say?”
      “I’ ve even eaten two chickens. This game is simple!”Lord, follow me.”
      “No, let’s split up to avoid being carried away in one pot.”
      The light bulb said cautiously,” If we leave, we can’ t run into him on both sides, right?There would always be one who could survive!”Don’ t worry, as long as we don’ t encounter number 497 in this round, I will definitely take second place!”
      The young man looked at his careful appearance and found it hard to understand.
      This light bulb was actually scared to this extent?
      He didn’ t care either!
      After all, after eating chicken twice in a row, he had gained over 200 survival points, all of which were used by him to strengthen his genes.
      They all added 1 point.
      As for Agility, it increased by 2 points!
      The initial attributes were higher, and it was obviously easier to take off.
      “Then let’s leave.”
      The young man held the grass in his mouth and said indifferently,” When I see the 497 you mentioned, I will definitely take his head!”
      “Hehe, I wish you good luck.”
      Bulb laughed inwardly.
      You’ ll know when you meet him!
      However, when he turned around, he suddenly became apprehensive.
      He was a little worried. If his teammates really took down number 497’s head, would n’ t he lose face?
      After all, this survival game had to depend on development.
      What if this 497 did not develop well?
      It was at this moment.
      Su Fei’ er brought Li Xuan another piece of cheese.
      Li Xuan didn’ t even think about it. He directly ate it, full of blood!
      “Big brother Li Xuan is very particular!”
      The pink girl looked adoring.*

      Chapter 24 Shimmering Golden Light!Blind!

      [You ate a piece of cheese!]
      [Your life value recovers 10% every second for 5 seconds!]
      [You have obtained a permanent gain: Fire Sacrifice – Once activated, it will cause +100% fire damage to the surrounding enemies every second!)]
      Li Xuan’s eyes lit up.
      Fire sacrifice!
      Every second, it would cause fire damage to the surrounding enemies!
      “As expected of an SSS grade talent. There’s no way to defend against this damage in the Bronze rank!”
      Flame damage!
      This was an elementium damage that surpassed physics!
      How could there be such a thing in the Bronze Bureau at this stage?
      However, because this was an SSS grade talent that came with it, it had appeared in the Bronze rank!
      As Li Xuan gained the Fire Sacrifice Gain.
      The temperature in the air around him suddenly rose, making the pink girl Su Fei’ er feel a bit hot.
      Even if she was a teammate, she was sweating profusely because she was too close to Li Xuan.
      “Brother Li Xuan, I’ m so hot.”
      Su Fei’ er’s face turned red.
      “Then don’ t be so close to me.”
      Li Xuan curled his lips.
      “No, I’ m not afraid.”
      The pink girl shook her head and said,” On the contrary, only this kind of temperature can make me feel like I’ m still alive.”
      What kind of strange brain did this woman have?
      Suddenly, two players appeared in the forest.
      This map was a plain map.
      There were various architectural ruins scattered about.
      There were also small trees that separated each other.
      Li Xuan now had four types of gains, causing his body to emit four different colors of light.
      Although the light was very faint.
      However, walking in the small forest was especially conspicuous.
      The two players who were facing him immediately discovered Li Xuan.
      “F*ck! That kid is so bright!”
      “What special effect was that?”Is it because of talent?”
      “You’ re still showing your kindness in front of me and making trouble for him!”
      The two players were so angry that their teeth tickled.
      Seeing that there was actually a beautiful woman by Li Xuan’s side, they were all filled with envy and hatred!
      They did not approach Li Xuan.
      That was because their weapons were darts and long bows.
      More than twenty meters away, they began to attack Li Xuan.
      Arrows and darts attacked each other!
      When the two of them attacked, they had already considered the follow-up.
      They felt that Li Xuan would definitely dodge, so they left behind a back move, but……
      Li Xuan had no intention of dodging at all.
      He even took the initiative to welcome them!
      The arrows and darts landed on Li Xuan’s body, barely wiping out a trace of his blood.
      One had to know that he now had 560 HP!
      And he recovered 3% every second.
      After losing 26 HP, he recovered in less than two seconds.
      At the same time……
      Thorn gain, effective!
      Rebound’ Strength +100′ true damage!
      Not to mention, these two people’s blood was quite thick.
      He was still alive after being rebounded by Li Xuan!
      However, right after that.
      Li Xuan took a step forward.
      He directly enveloped the two of them within the ring of fire sacrifice!
      The damage of the Flame Sacrificing came out!
      Before the two of them could react, their eyes darkened and they all turned into wooden boxes!
      “You were killed by number 00497!”
      An ice-cold notification sounded.
      The two of them didn’ t understand anything until they died.
      How did he die?
      They clearly attacked Li Xuan.
      In the end, they were actually killed?
      “Double Kill.”
      Li Xuan almost didn’ t move. He obtained a double kill.
      It was simply heartless!
      He didn’ t waste time.
      After killing two opponents, his full attribute increased by 10 points, and his agility finally increased to 44 points.
      About 26 meters per second!
      With a dash, he arrived at the two wooden boxes.
      “Pick them all!”
      Li Xuan picked up the items from the wooden box.
      First, check the food.
      Two bottles of milk!A piece of cheese!
      “Great harvest!”
      Li Xuan’s eyes lit up.
      He didn’ t waste any time. He drank two bottles of milk and ate that piece of cheese.
      Along with the food!
      The color of the light around his body had changed into seven colors, especially a wave of light that flickered with golden light. It was simply blinding!
      [You have obtained permanent gains: Brother’s Strength – Strength +30, Endurance +30!]
      [You have obtained a permanent gain: overwhelming advantage – Intelligence +30, control duration +100%!]
      [You have obtained a permanent gain: Golden Light Shimmering – Your body is shining with golden light, enemies that are close to 5 meters will be completely blind!]
      Li Xuan didn’ t know if others were blind.
      Anyway, he was about to be blinded.
      “What kind of miraculous gain is this?”
      Li Xuan’s face darkened.
      “Ah, so powerful!”
      Su Fei’ er revealed that pair of cute little tiger teeth. Her beautiful eyes reflected golden light, filled with admiration,” As expected of Big Brother Li Xuan!”
      Li Xuan:???
      What was the power of lighting?
      “Am I a live target?”This golden light is clearly visible several hundred meters away.”
      Li Xuan thought for a moment before suddenly having a thought.
      Was this not bad?
      It just so happened that he had attracted everyone over, so that he wouldn’ t be too tired to look for them all!
      “Just like that.”
      Li Xuan shook his head and then raised his head.
      He saw a stone man and wild monster not far from him.
      [Rock Golem (Level D):1750 HP]
      “By the way, this great talent of Duoduo Yi can even devour wild monsters.”
      “Let’s see what kind of skill this rock puppet can give me?”
      Li Xuan was looking forward to it, so his entire body glowed with golden light as he quickly approached the rock puppet!
      (PS: There’s something unexpected going on this afternoon.Tomorrow’s ten times!)*

      Chapter 25 Why do you force me to kill my teammates every time?(1/10)

      When Li Xuan approached the rock puppet.
      The aura of the Flame Sacrifice began to cause damage from afar.
      Li Xuan didn’ t mind either.
      He approached the rock puppet and swallowed it!
      [Target’s health is over 20%, it can’ t be devoured!]
      Not only could he not swallow it, Li Xuan was also hit by the other party’s stone fist.
      Of course, this was on purpose.
      The rock puppet’s speed was not fast. It was easy to dodge its attacks, but there was no need.
      Anyway, Li Xuan was very meaty now.
      There was also an automatic recovery effect!
      As a result, with the help of the Fire Sacrifice and the Thorn Rebound, Li Xuan didn’ t even move, and the rock puppet’s blood quickly dropped.
      When the rock puppet only had over 200 HP left.
      Li Xuan’s mouth opened wide as he swallowed a three meter tall rock puppet!
      It wasn’ t that his mouth was more than three meters wide.
      Instead, the rock puppet was reduced and swallowed.
      This scene was still very frightening.
      Even Su Fei’ er was stunned.
      Who would have thought that my brother Li Xuan was actually a big stomach king?
      He ate a three-meter tall rock puppet in one bite!
      Li Xuan didn’ t care much.
      He looked at the system notification:
      [You used your talent of’ great pleasure’ to devour the rock puppet!]
      [You have obtained the skills: Rock Body, rugged appearance, Rock Heavy Fist!]
      [Rock Body (Passive): Strength +30, Endurance +50!]
      [Rugged appearance (passive): Body defense +60!]
      [Rock Heavy Fist: A punch, causing +100 damage and 3 seconds of dizziness.Cool down for 5 seconds.]
      Two passive skills and one active skill.
      Moreover, Li Xuan discovered that none of these three skills occupied his own skill slot!
      “Attribute is getting higher and higher.”
      “Although he hadn’ t killed a few people yet,……”
      “94 Points!”
      “146 Endurance points!”
      Li Xuan’s health had already reached 1,460 points!
      Moreover, he didn’ t wear any protective equipment. His entire body had already reached 90 points!
      To put it simply, there were only bronze and silver weapon players who could not kill Li Xuan.
      Even if it was a gold-level weapon, it would depend on whether or not the other party had been killed.
      If he killed less, he would not be able to break Li Xuan’s defense.
      But at this moment.
      [Your’ Angel’s Blessing’ vanished!]
      [You’ ve been subjected to the’ Demonic Charm’!]
      [50% Of your entire attribute has been transferred!]
      What was happening?
      Li Xuan was stunned when he heard the system notification.
      Then, she saw a girl in a black dress walking over.
      “Isn’ t this Fei’ er?”
      He was a little strange.
      Didn’t this woman just wear a pink dress?
      How did this turn into a black dress?
      The style was the same……Could it be that he flipped over his dress?
      It was different from the gentle Su Fei’ er.
      The current girl in a black dress looked extremely alluring, her tiny lips slightly curled up.
      Under the black cloth, her graceful figure was perfectly outlined.
      She walked forward.
      He stopped three meters away from Li Xuan.
      “Xiao Xuan, from now on, listen to me,” he said.”Big sister will bring you to eat chicken!”
      Her attitude was condescending.
      However, it could be seen that it was very special to Li Xuan.
      In fact, he even used the intimate title of “Xiao Xuan Xuan “!
      If it was said that the previous Su Fei’ er was a gentle little sister from the next family.
      So now……
      She was like a Demon Queen!
      It was domineering and powerful, but it was impossible to give up.
      How could Li Xuan be tempted by her?
      “Take my attributes?”
      He laughed coldly in his heart!
      He took a step forward and arrived in front of the black skirt Su Fei’ er.
      The corner of Su Fei’ er’s mouth curled up slightly as she looked at him with interest.
      A pair of tiger teeth appeared on her mouth. Her long leg was stepping on a stone, revealing her Queen’s demeanor.
      “Xiao Xuan, if you’ re so close to me, first turn off your halo.”
      “Otherwise, he would be so hot that he couldn’ t stand it.”
      Even her words were crisp and crisp, causing her heart to tickle.
      Not to mention her actions.
      Every single move carried an indescribable sense of beauty, giving off an extreme temptation.
      “I’ ll kill your sister!”
      “Rock Fist!”
      Of course, Li Xuan didn’ t turn off the Flame Sacrificial Halo. Instead, he took advantage of the fact that the other party wasn’ t paying attention to him and attacked with a heavy fist!
      Six seconds of dizziness!
      Although his attributes had been shifted by half, Li Xuan’s special effects were still there.
      [Overwhelming advantage – Intelligence +30, control duration +100%!]
      With the addition of this gain.
      Rock Heavy Fist’s stun time increased to 6 seconds!
      Looking at the sexy girl who was stunned, Li Xuan felt a little helpless.
      “Why do you force me to kill my teammates every time?”
      There was no other way.
      This girl had taken away dozens of attributes from him. If she didn’ t take back this attribute, wouldn’ t it be a loss of blood?
      If he killed her, his attributes should be back!*

      Chapter 26 Who said Number 497 was very strong?(2/10)

      [You killed the target (No.01314)!]
      [You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
      Li Xuan took down the third strike of the game.
      Even though he killed his teammates…
      However, all attributes were added as well.
      The 50% of all attributes that had just been transferred had returned to Li Xuan.
      Li Xuan called out the attribute panel:
      As he lost the Angel’s Blessing, his attributes slightly decreased.
      However, the effect was not great.
      After all, the Angel’s blessing only doubled his initial attributes. In total, it was only ten points.
      “This woman ……”
      “Is it a dual personality?”
      Li Xuan felt a bit regretful.
      Originally, this teammate was quite good.
      They were both good-looking and obedient. They could also find milk and cheese for themselves.
      In the end, he changed his personality and stole his attributes!
      Of course, he couldn’ t endure it.
      It was at this moment.
      Li Xuan’s sparkling golden light finally attracted the two nearby players and quietly approached.
      “The prey has arrived.”
      The corner of Li Xuan’s mouth twitched!
      Green Vine Mental Hospital.
      In ward 002, a young girl in a black dress suddenly appeared!
      A group of fully armed staff members were shocked.
      When they saw the girl clearly, their expressions changed greatly.
      “F*ck, it’s black. Let’s go!”
      “It was still red when I entered!”
      A group of people quickly ran out of the ward. The door closed, and one by one, they leaned against the wall, panting heavily as if they were panting after.
      In the ward.
      The corner of the girl’s mouth curled up slightly.
      In the darkness, an extremely alluring smile appeared.
      “Xiao Xuan, if you dare to attack elder sister, it’s still so heavy.”
      “Wu ……”
      “In the next round, elder sister will go and play with you.”
      Under surveillance.
      This time, she didn’ t immediately enter the game.
      He was waiting for something!
      In the game.
      Li Xuan had already finished searching the wooden boxes of the two players.
      One bottle of milk and two pieces of cheese.
      “I really don’ t have anything to eat in Fei’ er’s box.”
      “Looks like it’s all for me.”
      Li Xuan thought for a moment.
      “We have to speed up. Who knows if that woman will be eliminated earlier?”
      Of course, he was thinking about Xia Ye.
      He could guarantee that every time he followed that cold woman into the game.
      But there was no guarantee that he would come out sooner than she did.
      That was why they had to end it quickly!
      Very quickly.
      All three portions of food were eaten!
      [You have obtained a permanent gain: Strength +50!]
      [You have obtained a permanent gain: Intelligence +50!]
      [You have obtained a permanent gain: Sour Skin – Applies a “corrosion” effect to the target that is attacking you, causing a “Intelligence +20” poison damage per second and slowing down by 50%.It lasted for 5 seconds.]
      At this point, Li Xuan already had ten types of gains.
      A total of ten colors of faint light surrounded him. The most dazzling golden light even reached several hundred meters away.
      Extremely conspicuous!
      It was two hundred meters away from him!
      A young man with grass in his mouth quickly walked through the grass.
      It was none other than his teammate!
      He was approaching Li Xuan.
      There was no other way. That golden light was simply too dazzling. It made people couldn’ t help but want to come over and see what it was!
      The young man held a golden crossbow in his hand.
      He wore golden armor and a golden helmet.
      He had already been killed seven times.
      Its attributes were very high!
      This made him extremely confident.
      “This is number 497?”Why is it so bright?”
      Soon, the young man approached Li Xuan thirty meters away.
      He hid behind a tree.
      Then, he quietly stretched out the golden crossbow and aimed it at Li Xuan from afar!
      “This is too easy.”
      The young man laughed coldly.
      In his opinion, Li Xuan was swaggering around in the forest. He was actually not alert at all.
      The main thing was to make his body so bright!
      He was completely courting death!
      “Under this kind of rule-based survival game, I actually didn’ t even hide my consciousness.”
      “This is too much!”
      “Bulb still said that this person was very strong?”Are you laughing at me?”
      “Kill this person first.”
      “Meet up with the bulb again…”This chicken is stable!”
      He held the grass in his mouth and pointed it at Li Xuan from afar. He pulled the trigger of the golden crossbow!*

      Chapter 27 Start Harvesting!The ability to end the game!(3/10)

      The arrow shot out!
      He went straight for Li Xuan’s head!
      “You don’ t even have a helmet on your head. Isn’ t that an arrow dead?”
      The young man with the grass in his mouth laughed coldly.
      He looked at Li Xuan, who was shining with golden light, and increasingly felt that this 497 was a chicken.
      The arrow hit Li Xuan’s head.
      It didn’ t explode!
      Moreover, the number of injuries was extremely low!
      The young man’s expression suddenly changed.
      One had to know that his current strength attributes had all reached 75 points, plus 100 damage bonus points from the golden crossbow.
      Even if they hit a player wearing armor, they could still deal more than a hundred damage!
      In the end……
      Attack this helmetless 497, which caused 42 damage?
      And it didn’ t explode!
      What was going on?
      Of course, what this young man valued the most was not why his injuries were so low.
      It was because……
      [You attacked number 497!You’ ve suffered a’ Thorn’ backlash and 247 True Damage!]
      [You attacked number 497!You’ve suffered from the corrosion of’ acid skin’. You’ ve suffered 128 poison damage per second, and you’ve slowed down by 50% for 5 seconds!]
      “What the hell is this?”
      The grass in the young man’s mouth was all spat out by him.
      His expression became extremely grave. Clearly, he found that he could not beat number 497!
      “If not for my good talent, I would have died in two seconds!”
      “Fortunately, I can still struggle for a bit.”
      The young man gritted his teeth.
      [E-level talent: as powerful as a bamboo.When the target was killed, the reward was changed from 5 points to 30%.]
      With this talent, the more he killed, the more powerful he was.
      It was a bit weaker at the beginning.
      However, as long as he killed three or more people, his profit would be higher than the others!
      The more he killed, the more he folded!
      When he had 100 stats, as long as he killed one, he would be able to gain 30 stats!
      This was the main reason why he had eaten chickens in the previous two rounds.
      But this time……
      He was in trouble!
      Right now, he had a total of 750 health points. After attacking Li Xuan once, he started to lose blood crazily.
      He took out a piece of cheese and directly ate it.
      He began to recover his blood!
      He was slowed down!
      Then, Li Xuan approached him.
      Fire sacrifice!
      A terrifying amount of damage!
      He even ignored his golden armor and golden helmet!
      Just relying on cheese to recover his blood, he simply could not recover.
      Within three seconds.
      The young man’s blood was reduced to zero, and he fell to the ground and turned into a box!
      [You were killed by number 00497!]
      The system notification sounded out, making the young man’s entire body go cold.
      He had just felt that number 497 was very delicious.
      In the blink of an eye, he was killed by Number 497 in less than three seconds!
      The method of killing was unbelievable.
      Rebound damage!
      Rebound poison!
      Flame Sacrificial Halo!
      “I’ ve never seen such a skill book in this game before?”
      “Could it be a talent?”
      “His talent isn’ t the same. How could he have so many effects at the same time?”
      The young man was stunned!
      Li Xuan picked up the item that this young man had dropped.
      Gold armor!
      Gold helmet!
      Golden crossbows!
      All the equipment.
      Four bottles of milk and three pieces of cheese. Now, Li Xuan was developed.
      It was a pity that “didn’ t kill him just now and gave him a piece of cheese ……”
      “There’s no gain for living.”
      Li Xuan was a pity.
      Fortunately, the effect was not great.
      “This fellow is actually able to struggle. Looks like he’s killed quite a bit. There’s plenty of resources!”
      He began to eat happily!
      [You have obtained a permanent gain: Agility +50!]
      [You have obtained a permanent gain: Endurance +50!]
      [You have obtained a permanent gain: Speed Shift +60!]
      [You have obtained a permanent gain:+50% of all body defense!]
      [You have obtained permanent gains: Blood Bull – HP +500, Body Defense +30!]
      [You have obtained a permanent gain: Weapon Master – When using a weapon to attack, stun the target for 2 seconds.Cool down for 5 seconds.]
      [You have obtained permanent gains: Vastness – All effects range increased by 100%.]
      2430 HP!
      170 Points of defense!
      This attribute was already heaven-defying. Even Li Xuan’s first two skills had never been so good.
      In addition, he obtained two new gains.
      Weapon Master!
      When using a weapon to attack, the target would be stunted for 2 seconds every 5 seconds. For Li Xuan, the target would be stunted for 4 seconds, almost unlimited control!
      All effects increased by 100%.
      For Li Xuan, the main effect of this increase was…The range of damage from the Fire Sacrifice was increased to 40 meters.
      Li Xuan looked at his own speed:157.
      93 Meters per second!
      “Start harvesting.”
      The corner of his mouth curled up slightly.
      He was completely capable of ending this game!
      The golden light shone on the plains.
      Many of the surrounding players were attracted over, and then……He was killed like a moth!
      Once a player wanted to run, Li Xuan raised his golden crossbow.
      A single arrow shot out, stunting for four seconds!
      “Fu Yue!”I’ m actually killed?”
      “Ah!”Don’ t come over!”
      “It’s over! I was shot unconscious by him!”
      Six kills!
      Seven Kill!
      Although Li Xuan hadn’ t killed many people in the early stages of this match.
      But his attributes were extremely high!
      Moreover, due to the flickering golden light, more and more late-stage players came to trouble him.
      His number of kills quickly rose.
      Every time he killed a player and licked his bag, he would get some food.
      More and more benefits were brought about by the talent of “Da Duo Yi “, and their attributes were getting higher and higher.
      Five minutes later.
      The game was over!
      Li Xuan looked at the system notification.
      The survival points he had settled for this round had completely exceeded his expectations!*

      Chapter 28 Don’ t blame elder sister for being ruthless~(4/10)

      [Survival Points Settlement:
      Survival score:100 points
      Points:412 points
      Attribute score:154 points (for attributes with more than 200 points,1 point survival point for every 10 points)
      Equipment score:16 points
      Skill score:18 points
      Kill/assist points:34 points!
      Special settlement: You killed your teammates and deducted 30 points!
      Summary:704 points!]
      A total of 704 survival points were settled!
      Li Xuan ate a total of three chickens, and the settlement points were all different.
      Through observation, he discovered a few patterns.
      “Number one, there were fluctuations in talent points.”The more you use your talent in this round, the higher your talent points will be!”
      “Second, attribute score.”It’s only after the game is over 200 points that we can settle into survival points.”
      “Third, points for equipment and skills.”
      In the second round, Li Xuan had drawn out his crazy evolution talent.
      As a result, when the second round was finished, his equipment and skills had reached over 50 points.
      But in the first and third rounds, he was only a gold-tier player.
      In the third round, he had not even obtained a grade C platinum equipment. He only scored a dozen or twenty points on equipment and skills.
      Li Xuan was constantly summarizing the rules.
      After all, he needed too many survival points!
      While others were still racking their brains to survive for a while, Li Xuan was already thinking about how to maximize his survival points.
      “It’s just this killing and assists.”
      “It’s a little strange.”
      “It seems like killing one person to give one or two points. Isn’ t that too rare?”
      Li Xuan frowned.
      Of course, there was a difference between one and two points.
      This seemed to be related to the strength of the target.
      “In other words, in these three games, not many opponents have reached a level of two.”
      “Most of them can only get one point if they kill them.”
      “I can’ t change this.”
      “What can I do about the opponent’s dishes?”
      Li Xuan shook his head.
      Unless he was able to raise his rank……
      However, he hadn’ t received a notification for the promotion stage.
      He took the initiative to ask. The system also indicated that he could not participate in the advancement competition.
      “Looks like we can only continue to line up.”
      Li Xuan didn’ t think too much.
      He casually used the invitation letter.
      [Hello!No.00666 is currently free. Would you like to invite her to participate in the survival game?]
      Li Xuan cancelled the invitation.
      After thinking about it, he used the 704 survival points he had just obtained to strengthen his genes.
      Strength +5!
      Endurance +5!
      Agility +4.08!
      He realized that the initial attributes were very useful.
      This way, he could gain an advantage faster and end the game.
      He carefully considered the conditions needed to escape the mental hospital. His physical fitness could not be too weak.
      If not, how aggrieved would he be if he randomly encountered someone?
      His basic attributes were increased to:
      Among them, intelligence and spirit were not particularly useful at this stage, so Li Xuan temporarily ignored them.
      As for strength, endurance, and agility, they were almost twice as strong as ordinary people!
      When the other players ate chicken with great difficulty, they could only increase their attributes bit by bit……
      If Li Xuan ate a handful of chickens, he would be able to increase by more than ten points!
      What was the difference?
      This was the difference!
      He continuously tried to use the invitation letter.
      Finally, three minutes later, the ice-cold woman had entered the game.
      Li Xuan finally decided to match.
      At the same time.
      When Li Xuan’s third round was somewhat settled, all the 100 people in that round received a notification.
      Including Su Fei’ er!
      “You, I think you’re going to continue to line up, right?”
      The young girl in a black dress in the darkness, her small mouth slightly tilted up.
      She did not directly enter the match.
      Instead, he closed his eyes.
      Her cute ears trembled slightly as if she was quietly feeling something……
      It wasn’ t until there was a little movement that no ordinary person could sense in ward 001 that she finally decided.
      She disappeared from the ward again.
      Unfortunately, the staff simply had no choice.
      The appearance of the survival game not only caused the Green Vine mental hospital, but also caused a series of changes in the entire society.
      A small mental patient didn’ t receive much attention at all!
      After a wave of weightlessness.
      The girl in the black dress, Su Fei’ er, opened her eyes again. She discovered that she had already arrived at an underground cave. On both sides were yellow dirt, and there was only a passage in front of her.
      “Check out the number of participants in this game.”
      Very soon, an alluring smile appeared on her pretty face.
      Because she saw a familiar number in this game……
      She was not in the same team as him.
      “Xiao Xuan, we are our opponents in this match.”
      “Don’ t blame big sister for being ruthless~”
      Her small mouth curled up slightly. Like a queen, it made people involuntarily want to submit!*

      Chapter 29 Sss grade talent: Blood Desire!(5/10)

      The surrounding underground caves were filled with yellow mud.
      The girl in the black dress, Su Fei’ er, slowly walked out along the passage. Her pure face carried a faint smile.
      Behind her.
      At the landing point, in the underground cave, there was a male player who had already turned into a wooden box.
      [Grade A talent: Angels and Demons!]
      [Demon Form: Demon’s Charm, Queen’s Order!]
      [Demon’s Charm: Charm a teammate, transfer his current 50% full attribute to himself.If his teammates weren’t determined, they could customize the loot attribute value!If he chose to plunder 100% of his attributes, his teammates would be killed.Cool down for 300 seconds.]
      [Queen’s order: To forcibly control a target for five seconds.Cool down for 60 seconds.]
      Note: The success rate of the Queen’s command was related to her own intelligence and target spirit!)
      After being captivated by her, her young teammate directly contributed more than ten attributes to her, and then died.
      A teammate who died in such a way was not considered to have been killed by her.
      In the end, she would not deduct the survival points she had obtained!
      Su Fei’ er carried a faint smile……Entering!
      Li Xuan appeared in another underground cave.
      Looking around, there was a patch of yellow dirt.
      “This is an underground map?”
      Li Xuan quickly realized this.
      Suddenly, he felt as if he had been beaten.
      -27(Explosive head)!
      Someone was beating him?
      He quickly took a step forward. Then, he turned around and found that the person who was beating him was actually a girl……Moreover, she was a little familiar.
      “What are you doing?”
      Li Xuan glanced at her.
      This glance almost scared the girl to tears.
      She hurriedly retreated, leaned against the yellow mud wall behind her, and said with a dejected expression,” Big Boss, don’ t kill me!I was just habitually taking action. I didn’ t see that it was a big shot ……”
      That’s right!
      This girl was the female teammate that Li Xuan killed in stealth when he first entered the game.
      A pure beauty with a ponytail, a freshman girl, Qin Shuangshuang!
      Ever since she was killed by Li Xuan, she was in a state of pain.
      The next two rounds……
      She had a good example. She had killed her teammates at the start!
      After that, with these five points of all attributes, she was like a fish in water. In the end, she was actually in the top five.
      She realized that there were advantages and disadvantages.
      The advantage was that it would be easier for the early stage to fight with others, and the chances of winning would be even greater.
      At the very least, they were able to survive to the late stage and obtain a better ranking. Thus, the lifespan deducted was extremely small!
      For example, in the first two rounds, she had only been detained for one or two months.
      With the survival points settled, he could easily recover his lifespan.
      But the disadvantages were…
      The survival points obtained from the settlement would be reduced by about 10 points.
      Including the 10 survival points that had been deducted, her final survival points were only 10 or so!
      This was still the case when she performed well.
      She even suspected that if she didn’t perform well, would the final settlement of survival points become negative?
      Of course not.
      In the rules of the survival game, the result of killing teammates was to deduct 50% of the final settlement points.
      The upper limit was 30 points!
      Therefore, killing a teammate at the start was basically a loss.
      Unless he could eat chickens, that would be fine.
      As for Li Xuan…
      He ate chicken in every game. He didn’t know that the deduction of 30 points was the upper limit. He thought that killing his teammates would deduct 30 points for survival.
      Li Xuan looked at Qin Shuangshuang and his mouth curled up slightly.
      Although he had been beaten 27 points of blood just after the start, he didn’ t mind.
      Because his talent in this match was…
      [Congratulations on your talent in this game: Blood Desire (SSS level)!]
      [Blood Suck: Sucks 50% of the current HP of the target within 10 meters (if the target’s HP is less than 50, it will be killed).Bloodsucking, and it was permanently transformed into the upper limit of one’s life.Cooling for 120 seconds.Every time a target was killed, the cooldown would be reduced by 30%!]
      [Blood Chase: All players whose HP is less than 50% of your HP limit will be displayed on the map.]
      Bloodsucking talent!
      Li Xuan thought for a moment and knew how to use this talent.
      Bloodsucking, turning the target’s current 50% blood volume into his life limit!
      This was nothing.
      The key was……
      Each time a target was killed, this blood sucking would permanently reduce the cooldown by 30%.
      As Li Xuan killed the target, the cooldown decreased from 120 seconds to 84 seconds,58.8 seconds,41.1 seconds,28.8 seconds……And so on.
      In that case, with only ten kills, the cooldown time for blood sucking would be reduced to 3.38 seconds.
      Fifteen kills, cooldown time 0.56 seconds.
      In the final battle, no matter how much blood or defense the opponent had, he would directly suck and suck!
      No matter how much blood you have, you will be sucked to death in a second!
      After all, this blood sucking was a percentage of damage!
      “This talent, if he developed well, his HP limit would probably be even higher than the previous one!”No matter how you play, you won’ t die!”
      Li Xuan slowly raised his head.
      He looked at the beautiful woman, Qin Shuangshuang, who was forced to a corner by him and revealed a kind smile.
      Blood sucked, starting with his teammates!*

      Chapter 30 Suck!Moving the Blood Bag!(6/10)

      Li Xuan slowly walked to Qin Shuangshuang.
      He did not attack immediately. Instead, he began to observe her.
      Qin Shuangshuang was so scared that she felt goosebumps. She weakly asked,” Boss, can you not kill me?I only ask for Gou’s life, I don’ t want to be deducted from my lifespan ……”
      “You see, killing me would still be deducted from my survival points. How uneconomical ……”
      She looked pitiful and scared.
      Because this survival game, the consequences of death were too serious!
      Especially when he died at the start of the match. If he landed in a box, he would be reduced to three years of life!
      She managed to survive two rounds with great difficulty and earned around 20 points of survival points. Only by adding them together could she exchange for one and a half years of life……It wasn’t enough to fall into a box!
      Her eyes were clear and pure, water-spirited, and it really made people feel pity.
      Unfortunately, Li Xuan was completely unmoved.
      This woman……
      Judging from her familiar attacks, it was clear that she had repeatedly committed crimes. She had probably killed her teammates before.
      When she killed her teammates, she never thought that her teammates would be reduced by three months?
      No one who chose to enter the survival game was innocent.
      No one was worthy of pity!
      Weren’ t they all here to participate in the survival game for the sake of becoming stronger?
      If he wanted to become stronger, he had to take the risk.
      This was a law that remained unchanged in the world.
      Of course, Li Xuan did not intend to kill her this time.
      There was no need.
      In contrast, it was better to keep her as a moving blood bag.
      He continuously added his life limit!
      But now, there was a problem.
      That was because this woman had too little blood!
      Less than 90 points!
      Li Xuan could clearly see many red dots representing players on the map.
      [Blood Pursuit: All players with less than 50% of their HP will be displayed on the map.]
      His initial endurance was 18 points and his health was 180 points.
      That was why.
      All the players with less than 90 points of blood were displayed on his map.
      This included Qin Shuangshuang!
      Less than 90 points of blood, what did this mean?
      This meant that as long as Li Xuan took a breath of her, she would have less than 50 health points left, and she would die on the spot.
      How could he use her as a moving blood bag?
      “What kind of talent do you have?”
      Li Xuan asked.
      He had to think of a way to bring her blood up, then collect all sorts of food and give her blood.
      “I……”I can increase my life limit by twenty percent.”
      She hurriedly said.
      He was afraid that he would be killed by Li Xuan a step too late.
      “Didn’ t you say earlier?”
      Li Xuan glanced at her.” Add it to yourself.”
      Qin Shuangshuang did not dare to disobey.
      She could tell that Li Xuan’s attributes were much higher than hers.
      Just as she had just punched Li Xuan, Li Xuan immediately advanced several meters and dodged her subsequent attacks.
      This speed was definitely twice her agility!
      The difference was too great!
      As a result, she obediently gave herself a +20% increase in her life limit.
      It finally exceeded 100 points!
      Li Xuan suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed her shoulder.
      Qin Shuangshuang’s body trembled……
      Soon after!
      Li Xuan leaned close to her neck.
      [Blood sucked!]
      [You absorbed 50 health points from number 00498!]
      [You’ ve recovered 50 HP and converted it to a permanent HP limit!]
      Qin Shuangshuang was about to cry in fright.
      In the end, he didn’ t die?
      It was as if half of his blood had been lost.
      And Li Xuan!
      His HP was fully recovered, and he increased his HP limit by 50 points, reaching 230 points!
      He glanced at the small map.
      All the players with less than 115 HP appeared on his small map……Sixty or seventy red dots appeared densely.
      Most of the players actually had less than 115 HP!
      “An ordinary person’s basic endurance is 10 points. His blood is 100 points.”
      “Even if you use your survival points to increase your endurance, it will not increase that much.”
      Ordinary people weren’ t like Li Xuan, who instantly strengthened more than ten attributes.
      After playing a game, it would be great if they could strengthen the attributes of a few points!
      “Blood sucked into 120 seconds of cooldown. We must kill first.”
      “Find your equipment first!”
      Li Xuan thought calmly.
      He asked Qin Shuang to stay in the cave first. Then, he followed the path and quickly walked out of the cave.
      There were torches hanging on both sides of the passageway, providing a faint yellow light source.
      Li Xuan’s initial speed was very fast.
      He quickly arrived at another cave!
      In the middle of the cave, he saw a loess stone table, on which was a pile of equipment it.
      “Sure enough, it would be beneficial if the initial speed was faster!”
      The corner of Li Xuan’s mouth curled up slightly.
      In the next cave, two players from another team were also rushing towards the cave.
      But the other party wasn’ t fast enough.
      Li Xuan was the first to ascend!
      [Bronze Sword (Level F): Attack +15, Durability 240/240]
      [Bronze (Grade F): Repair 120 points of equipment durability.]
      [Cheese: Restores 50% health.]
      [Milk: Recover 30% health.]
      [Endurance Enhancement (Level F Skill Book): Passively increases 10 points of Endurance.]
      Pick them all!
      Li Xuan held the sword in his hand.
      They headed towards the two close players……He could clearly see his opponent’s movements with his blood.
      The other party didn’ t know that they had already been targeted!
      [PS: I can’t write it anymore, continue tomorrow!~)*

      Chapter 31 Big Boss treats me so well?Take another breath!(7/10)

      Li Xuan hid at the corner.
      He was observing the small map……
      [Blood Chase] This special effect was extremely useful. As long as the opponent’s blood volume was lower than Li Xuan’s 50% life limit, it would display a red dot on Li Xuan’s small map!
      “As long as my health is high enough, I can see where all the players are!”
      “Unfortunately, I can’ t tell who the person is.”
      Li Xuan was a bit regretful.
      However, in reality, in the survival game, the ability to distinguish identities was useless.
      However, there was a player that he cared about in this round, which was why he thought of this.
      Number 01314, pink girl Su Fei’ er……Or perhaps the Demon Queen, Su Fei’ er.
      It was also here!
      He had just seen it.
      He was quite interested in this.
      But now, naturally, it was mainly development.
      Very quickly.
      Two players from the next cave were about to arrive at the corner.
      Li Xuan held the bronze sword in his hand and swung it out!
      He failed to explode.
      However, the damage was not low!
      After all, it was quite normal for him to ignore the angle and blindly guess the attack.
      His sword strike scared the two of them.
      “There’s an ambush!”
      “Damn it, we were beaten first. We don’ t have weapons……”Retreat first?”
      The two of them glanced at Li Xuan. Their expressions changed, and they immediately turned around to flee.
      Li Xuan’s initial agility was as high as 21 points, and his movement speed almost doubled!
      As a result, Li Xuan chased after him.
      It was aimed at the head of one of them.
      He swung his bronze sword!
      -96(Explosive head)!
      An instant kill!
      When the other person saw this, he gritted his teeth and knew that he couldn’ t run away. He turned around and raised his fist and punched Li Xuan.
      Li Xuan dodged the punch with his agility.
      The sword struck at the other party’s head, but in the end, the other party extended his arm and blocked the sword.
      “There’s still a little bit more to do.”
      “Unfortunately……”It’s just a dying struggle.”
      The corner of Li Xuan’s mouth curled up slightly.
      Then, he swung his sword and killed two people!
      This was the difference between having a weapon and not having a weapon.
      Li Xuan’s speed was even faster. He first grabbed a long sword and laid the foundation for him to fight one against two!
      On the other hand, if he didn’ t have a weapon and was given a sword by the other party first, then he could only escape.
      “Initial Agility is really useful.”
      Li Xuan nodded in satisfaction.
      It was comfortable running fast!
      Soon after, he didn’ t search the boxes of these two fellows. After all, the other party didn’ t get anything and directly landed in the box.
      Each of them had their lifespan reduced by more than thirty months!
      As for Li Xuan……He was killed twice.
      All attributes increased by 10 points!
      [Blood Suck ]’s cooldown was reduced by two times by 30%, leaving only 58.8 seconds.
      It could be absorbed once a minute.
      “Go find her.”
      After Li Xuan killed the two of them, he brought the F-level skill book back to look for Qin Shuangshuang.
      The skill book was passive plus 10 points of endurance.
      If Li Xuan learned it, he would increase his blood by another 100 points.
      But if he learned it himself, it would be even less cost-effective.
      Therefore, he decided to learn it for Qin Shuang!
      “After this woman learned this skill, her endurance will increase to 18.4 and her health will reach 184 points!”
      “Adding on the 20% HP limit, there will be a total of 220 HP!”
      “This way……”I’ ll be able to absorb 110 HP with a single breath!”
      Li Xuan already regarded her as his mobile blood bag.
      Moreover, he was able to continuously increase his life limit.
      “After that, all we have to do is search for the blood food and kill the others while reducing the cooldown of blood sucking.”
      Li Xuan nodded.
      Soon, he returned to the cave where he had landed.
      Qin Shuang was still waiting for him in the cave.
      “Learn this skill and eat the cheese.”
      Li Xuan tossed the skill book and cheese to her.
      “Wu…”Let me learn?”
      The girl picked up the skill book and found that it was actually a passive skill book!
      Big Boss didn’t learn?
      “Are you worried that I will die too quickly?”
      “Big Boss actually treated me so well?”
      For a moment, Qin Shuangshuang was slightly moved.
      Since the boss asked her to learn skills, she didn’ t act pretentious and directly chose to learn!
      Then, he ate the cheese in one gulp.
      Return his blood.
      As a result, Li Xuan had barely recovered her blood when he moved closer to her neck……
      [You suffered a blood sucking!]
      [You lost 110 HP!]
      Qin Shuangshuang was a little dumbfounded.
      Why did the boss suck away the blood he had just recovered?
      In her opinion, Li Xuan wasn’ t injured just now!
      Full of blood!
      Why did he want to suck her blood?
      Immediately, this pure beauty was covered in tears.
      “Drink the milk. Come with me.”
      Li Xuan gave her another bottle of milk. He told her to drink it, and 30% back!
      In any case, the cooldown of blood sucking could not be wasted.
      He could absorb as much as he could!*

      Chapter 32: Li Xuan entering, four kills!(8/10)

      Li Xuan used blood to suck twice.
      The first time he absorbed 50 blood, the second time he absorbed 110 blood, his life limit was increased by 160 points.
      In addition, he had obtained two kills and increased his total attributes by 10 points.
      He now had 440 HP!
      All the players whose blood volume was lower than 220 would be marked on his small map.
      At this moment, he began to observe!
      Some of the players’ red dots had just disappeared, and now they had reappeared.
      “This means that someone had just been killed and had increased his blood volume. For the time being, he was unable to be identified by my blood.”
      “But now, my blood has increased, and I see them again!”
      Li Xuan nodded.
      He led his teammate and sister along the loess tunnel towards the next cave.
      There were two teams fighting in the cave ahead!
      There were a total of four players.
      After a while, the outcome had yet to be decided.
      “Wait here. Don’ t appear.”
      Holding his sword, Li Xuan rushed into the cave.
      As soon as he raised his head, he saw three men and one woman fighting in chaos.
      Two of them had weapons.
      There was a bronze dagger and a silver saber.
      The person who had obtained the saber was a woman. She was not young, but she seemed to have practiced it before. A saber was playing like a tiger.
      However, the difference in attributes between the four of them was not big.
      Therefore, it was not that easy for them to decide the outcome.
      At this moment, Li Xuan slowly entered!
      He headed towards the woman holding the silver saber.
      Holding the bronze sword, he swung it!
      The other party naturally had some preparations, so he turned around and dodged.
      Li Xuan had just slowed down.
      When he swung his sword, his speed suddenly increased, making that woman unable to react at all!
      -136(Head Explosion)!
      Li Xuan’s strength increased.
      A single strike directly caused 136 head damage!
      Li Xuan didn’ t even think about it. He squatted down and picked up all the items in the box.
      Silver saber, equipment!
      A piece of cheese and a bottle of milk. Not bad. It can be used for Qin Shuangshuang’s blood!
      “F*ck, attack him!”
      The remaining three were shocked.
      Clearly, Li Xuan’s combat strength was very strong!
      This allowed them to know that if they didn’ t kill Li Xuan, they would most likely die here. After all, Li Xuan’s movement speed was too fast!
      [F grade talent: Sweep.He used his weapon to sweep forward three times. Each time, his attack range increased by 10 meters!Cool down for 30 seconds.]
      One of them held a bronze dagger and waved it at Li Xuan.
      One slash!
      Two blades!
      Three blades!
      The range of attacks this talent had increased was still very far.
      Even Li Xuan didn’ t have time to dodge all of them, and he suffered two injuries on the spot.
      Unfortunately, his health was too high.
      After receiving two attacks, he was completely unharmed.
      [Combat Fist (E-level skill): Releases consecutive Combat Fist moves against the target. Four attacks in total. The damage increases in turn!Cool down for 7 seconds.]
      Another bald man released an E-level skill.
      One punch after another struck at Li Xuan.
      Li Xuan retreated one after another and easily dodged the first three punches, but when he used the last punch, his back hit the cave wall!
      Thus, he received a solid punch.
      This damage was extremely high!
      In a short period of time, Li Xuan had already been killed by over 130 blood.
      If it were someone else, they would have already fallen into a box!
      This was because Li Xuan was agile enough to dodge most of the attacks.
      When they hadn’ t developed yet, fighting one against four was indeed quite difficult!
      After all, everyone else had their own talent and skills.
      But at this moment……
      The other player who had yet to make a move turned around and fled.
      It was the dead woman’s teammate!
      To this person, he didn’ t need to participate in this chaotic battle. He didn’ t have any weapons or skills, so why didn’ t he stay and wait for death?
      It was hard to snatch a head.
      Thus, this person directly ran away.
      Moreover, he directly ran over to where Qin Shuangshuang was.
      The head could not be let go!
      When Li Xuan noticed this person fleeing, he instructed Qin Shuangshuang:” Stop that person. You have too much blood. You won’ t die!”
      Then, he brandished his silver saber and launched a counterattack!
      The remaining two players, one fighting punch and the other sweeping, were completely unable to withstand Li Xuan’s attacks after using up their methods.
      In just three short seconds, he had fallen under Li Xuan’s saber.
      Soon after.
      He quickly rushed to where Qin Shuangshuang was.
      In the end, she saw that the girl had indeed stopped the guy who had just escaped.
      The other party wanted to run.
      However, Qin Shuangshuang’s ankles were tightly gripped!
      Although the girl was dragged away by him, his speed of movement became especially slow.
      The other party had no choice but to kill Qin Shuangshuang first.
      In the end, Li Xuan had already turned around.
      The silver saber swung out!
      -222(Head Explosion)!
      One slash had died!
      Four kills!*

      Chapter 33 is too much!Was he mentally ill?(9/10)

      Number of kills:6
      Li Xuan looked at his battle record. He had already obtained six kills.
      This caused his blood to suck and drop to 14.1 seconds of cooldown!
      “He finally took off.”
      The corner of Li Xuan’s mouth twitched!
      In this wave, he had harvested four heads, and at the same time, he had obtained quite a few blood-retaining food.
      He gave all these food to Qin Shuangshuang!
      “Let’s go first with a bottle of milk.”
      Li Xuan instructed Qin Shuangshuang.
      Qin Shuangshuang was still very obedient. She discovered that this teammate was simply too strong!
      If he could eat chickens alive, how many survival points would he reward?
      The more she thought about it, the more excited she became!
      Thus, Li Xuan ordered her to do whatever she wanted.
      The girl drank a bottle of milk.
      It was full of blood.
      Then, Li Xuan hugged his shoulder and sucked in another mouthful.
      “There are two pieces of cheese, two bottles of milk, and three more times.”
      Li Xuan was quite satisfied.
      At this moment, after killing the six of them, his entire attribute increased by 30 points.
      He had absorbed Qin Shuangshuang three times, and his life limit had already reached 750 points!
      He continued to suck his blood and only needed 14 seconds to cool down!
      “It’s also a developmental talent.”
      “Although you’ ve developed very well, you’ re feeling a bit unhappy in the early stages.”
      “When will you give me a battle-type talent?”
      Li Xuan thought to himself.
      Of course, this SSS-level talent that blood yearned for was truly invincible once it developed.
      He led Qin Shuangshuang along a path and walked towards the second floor of the map!
      From the three-dimensional map, he could see that this map was divided into three levels.
      Everyone landed on the lowest floor.
      Now, he took the girl to the second floor.
      Just as he was on the second floor, he noticed that a wild monster had appeared in front of him!
      “Looks like the lowest level of this map is to delete some of the players.”
      “I mainly rely on searching the map to obtain F and E grade equipment.”
      “Once we reach the second level, we’ ll be able to obtain D-grade equipment through wild fighting!”
      [Molten Fire Stone Monster (Level D):1400 HP.]
      Li Xuan’s eyes lit up when he saw the wild monster.
      “My blood sucking should be able to suck wild monsters, right?”
      Just think about it!
      Li Xuan looked at the small map.
      At the moment, there were no hostile players nearby, and the surroundings were very safe.
      On the way up, he made Qin Shuangshuang eat cheese and drink milk to recover her blood.
      Every time he returned, he would suck half of it away.
      This allowed him to have a total of 1080 HP limit!
      All the players with less than 540 blood points would show up on the map. However, there were very few players with 540 blood points.
      Li Xuan was about 10 meters away from the Molten Fire Stone monster and directly used blood to suck it.
      A beam of blood flew out from the Molten Flame Stone monster and was sucked into Li Xuan’s body.
      [You’ ve absorbed 700 HP of the Molten Fire Stone Monster!]
      [You have recovered 700 HP and converted it to a permanent HP limit!]
      It was true!
      Li Xuan’s eyes lit up. This time, he’s too awesome!
      Qin Shuangshuang stood behind him and looked at the way he used blood to suck at the wild monsters. Her eyes widened at once.
      “He’s actually able to absorb from afar!”
      “Then why do you hold my shoulder and suck my neck?”
      “Too much!”
      She was a bit angry!
      Her face turned red!
      His beautiful eyes were filled with incomprehension!
      Was he mentally ill?
      Could it be that long-range suctioning was necessary?
      Could it be that there was a hobby of acting as a vampire?
      In reality…
      Li Xuan simply thought it was fun.
      If there was any deeper reason to insist, it was probably because holding her to suck blood would cause some psychological pressure to her.
      Thus, there was a psychological hint in her heart.
      It would make her feel that Li Xuan was her master, making her lose all thoughts of resisting…
      Li Xuan didn’ t understand much either.
      But theoretically, there should be such an effect?
      He didn’ t think too much.
      After all, there was still a Molten Firestone monster chasing after him with its life!
      “This wild monster still has 700 blood!”
      “It’s a bit of a waste to just suck it once, suck it once more!”
      Li Xuan ran in front of him while the Molten Fire Stone monster chased after him.
      The stone man’s body was suffused with flames, causing damage to the surrounding five meters of enemies every second. It was similar to Li Xuan’s previous flame sacrifice halo.
      If it were any other player, it would still be a bit difficult to kill this wild monster.
      But Li Xuan was relaxed!
      “Blood suck!”
      In next to no time,14 seconds passed, and his talent had completely cooled down.
      He continued to inhale at the Molten Fire Stone Monster from afar!
      [You’ ve absorbed 350 HP of the Molten Fire Stone Monster!]
      [You’ ve recovered 350 HP and converted it to a permanent HP limit!]
      After absorbing the Molten Firestone Monster twice, Li Xuan’s life limit had reached 2,130 points, a terrifying increase!
      Then, he held his silver saber and turned around to attack the Molten Flame Rock monster.*

      Chapter 34 was ambushed?Let me take a look!(10/10)

      The Molten Fire Stone Monster only dealt 20 damage per second to the surrounding area.
      But its blood was thick!
      Therefore, if a normal player wanted to fight the wild and kill the Molten Fire Stone monsters, they would still be more injured.
      Either use a long-range weapon.
      Or, like Li Xuan, he would use his skill to consume a wave of blood.
      When Li Xuan attacked, the Molten Fire Stone monster only had the last 350 health points left.
      And now that he was holding a silver saber, he had obtained six attacks and increased his attributes by 30 points.
      He directly looked at the head of the Quasi-Melting Fire Stone Monster and instantly swung out two blades!
      51 Points of Agility made his attack speed reach 2.25!
      That was, more than two blades per second.
      -156(Explosive head)!
      -156(Explosive head)!
      The Molten Fire Stone Monster still had less than 50 points of blood left!
      Li Xuan casually added a blade and killed the Molten Fire Stone Monster.
      A grade D golden treasure chest appeared!
      Li Xuan directly opened the treasure chest:
      [Shock Rod (Level D): Attack +30.Lightning attack +30.[Durability 640/640]
      [Potential Awakening (Level D Skill Book): Passive increase by 50% of all attributes.]
      [Air Step (D-level skill book): Passive increase of 30 speed. In the air state, you can use the force to turn three times.]
      Shock stick?
      Li Xuan fell into deep thought.
      With an attack of 30, a lightning attack of 30, and a combined damage of 60 points, it seems not bad?
      The key point was that the lightning attack seemed to have a chance of paralyzing the enemy.
      “It’s a bit better than an ordinary gold weapon.”
      “It’s just that it doesn’ t matter to me.”
      Li Xuan directly gave up on the option of the electric shock stick.
      The other two options were skill books.
      Stepping in the air was a skill that increased flexibility. In the air, he could use the force to turn three times. It should be useful in battle.
      However, Li Xuan also didn’ t need it.
      He chose to awaken his potential!
      This D-level skill book had a passive 50% increase in all attributes. For Li Xuan, it was most suitable!
      He did not intend to awaken his potential to Qin Shuang.
      Although learning to teach a sister would increase her blood volume and increase Li Xuan’s blood consumption.
      But there was no need!
      Li Xuan could use this skill to make his final attribute value exceed 200 points, thus obtaining an additional survival point reward.
      Li Xuan directly studied.
      This potential awakening was a passive effect, increasing his total attribute by 50%.
      The effect was extremely good.
      It was equivalent to that if he obtained a single kill, he would be able to increase his attributes by 7.5. Killing two was equivalent to killing three others.
      Li Xuan looked at his current attributes:
      All attributes had been greatly improved!
      When Li Xuan finished opening the golden treasure chest, his blood sucking had once again cooled down.
      “Come over and take another sip.”
      Li Xuan waved at Qin Shuangshuang.
      Qin Shuangshuang was still resentful just now.
      However, the moment she saw Li Xuan beckon with her hand, she quickly leaned over……
      [Your life limit was increased to 2425 points!]
      “I don’ t know, if the upper limit of life exceeds a certain level, will there be additional survival points?”
      Li Xuan was looking forward to this.
      It just so happened that this round could be tried.
      Just after he hugged the girl and sucked in another mouthful of blood.
      An arrow suddenly flew over and stabbed into Li Xuan’s shoulder.
      Why was there someone?
      Li Xuan was a little puzzled.
      His life limit was now over 2,400. As long as the other people’s blood was not more than 1,200, it would be displayed on his small map.
      There was clearly no red dot on his small map!
      “Someone has over 1,200 HP?”
      He immediately turned around!
      In the end, he saw a familiar figure……
      The girl in a black dress, Su Fei’ er!
      She was walking out of a passageway with a graceful figure and a pair of long legs that made one look sideways.
      “Xiao Xuan, you’ re actually carrying older sister on your back and kissing her younger sister?”
      The corner of her mouth curled up slightly.
      Her beautiful eyes were filled with temptation.
      He walked over gracefully and shot another arrow towards Li Xuan……
      Silver crossbows!
      However, she had learned some kind of skill and increased her damage. She could hit 156 damage with an arrow!
      This was because Li Xuan did not wear protective equipment.
      Of course, he did not need to wear protective equipment.
      Facing Su Fei’ er’s attack, he didn’ t dodge or dodge!
      “Powerful, actually able to ambush me.”
      The corner of Li Xuan’s mouth twitched!
      Su Fei’ er’s health had actually exceeded 1,200 points?
      He hadn’ t been able to sense her approaching even though he was chasing after his blood!
      If it were someone else, being ambushed by Su Fei’ er like this, they would most likely have already died.
      Li Xuan had too much blood!
      “It’s just right.”
      “Let me see how much blood you have?”
      Li Xuan estimated that 1,200 points of blood should be about Su Fei’ er’s limit.
      After all, this was the Bronze Bureau!
      However, there were not so many items and skills that could stack the players’ blood to an extremely high level.
      No matter what…
      Li Xuan casually took a sip from her and he would be able to increase at least 600 HP!
      (PS: If there is no special explanation in the future, any increase in the game’s attributes will only be effective in this game ]~ A boss mentioned this question, so explain it.It hadn’t been written recently because he was afraid of being sprayed with water……)*

      Chapter 35 Reinforced Iron Bone!State resistance!(1/5)

      Li Xuan approached the girl in the black dress!
      Seeing this, Su Fei’ er’s heart was a bit scared.
      “I’ m lucky in this round. After obtaining a passive skill to add blood and a badge to add endurance, I’ ll be able to have 1,300 points of blood.”
      “Xiao Xuan was shot two arrows by me and lost more than 300 blood, yet he’s still unhurried?”
      She was a little puzzled.
      In the game of survival, one could not see the blood of others.
      Only the life value of wild monsters would be displayed.
      Therefore, Su Fei’ er had no idea how much blood Li Xuan had!
      She could only continue to pull the trigger.
      Li Xuan was too lazy to hide.
      Seeing that the blood was sucked cold, he stepped forward and took a mouthful.
      It was released ten meters away!
      [Blood sucked!]
      [You’ ve absorbed 660 health points from number 01314!]
      [You’ ve recovered 660 HP and converted it to a permanent HP limit!]
      A bundle of blood floated up from the girl in the black dress and was sucked in by Li Xuan.
      Life limit:3085 points!
      In addition, after being shot three arrows by Su Fei’ er and lost more than 400 blood, it was completely recovered.
      Su Fei’ er’s beautiful eyes were filled with astonishment.
      “Bloodsucking skill?”
      She frowned slightly. Seeing that Li Xuan was about to approach her…
      “Earth wall!”
      She raised her slender hand and instantly created a wall at the entrance of the tunnel!
      The wall directly blocked the passage.
      Separate her from Li Xuan!
      She didn’ t have the confidence to defeat Li Xuan, so she planned to run first before developing.
      Li Xuan originally wanted to kill Su Fei’ er, but in the end, he was blocked by the earth wall.
      “Earth Wall?”This skill is useless in other maps.”
      “On this map, it had a miraculous effect ……”
      Li Xuan shook his head.
      He did not think too much.
      On the small map, he could see the little red dot that represented Su Fei’ er, moving far away from him.
      The corner of his mouth curled up slightly.” You’ re the first one who can still escape when you meet me!”
      Ten seconds later, the wall disappeared.
      Li Xuan didn’ t intend to chase either.
      Ten seconds later, the opponent had already run far away.
      Therefore, Li Xuan led Qin Shuangshuang along another path.
      He discovered…
      With his blood more than 3,000 points, there were actually some different red spots on the map.
      “These are wild monsters?”
      Li Xuan understood.
      As long as his life was less than half of his blood, even wild monsters would be displayed on the small map!
      “The introduction of talent is lying to me.”
      “Didn’ t he say that he only showed the players?”
      This way, Li Xuan would feel even more comfortable!
      In next to no time, he found another Molten Flame Stone monster, squatting beside a flowing Molten Flame River.
      This lava river was suffused with boiling hot air.
      Once they fell, they would most likely lie down in seconds.
      Moreover, even the box was in the melting flames, so it was probably impossible for others to pick it up.
      “Blood suck!”
      Li Xuan aimed at the Molten Fire Stone Monster and took a deep breath.
      Another 700 HP limit!
      Following the order, a Molten Firestone monster was not difficult.
      Half a minute passed.
      After the Molten Fire Stone monster had contributed 1050 HP, it was killed by Li Xuan.
      Life limit:4,135 points!
      [Gold Nose (Level D): Attack +60, Attack Speed +1.[Endurance 800/800]
      [Gold Armor (Grade D): Body defense +50 points.[Durability 640/640]
      [Steel Reinforced Iron Bone (Level D Skill Book): Body Defense +30, State Resistance +50.]
      Li Xuan opened the golden treasure chest.
      After thinking for a while, he chose the reinforced iron bone.
      The main reason was to take a fancy to the state of resistance.
      With 50 points of state resistance and Li Xuan’s super high spiritual attribute, almost no one could control him!
      As for equipment……
      He could completely obtain it by killing other players.
      After learning the skill, he looked at the small map.
      There seemed to be two players surrounding a wild monster in the next cave.
      Let’s go!
      Li Xuan directly rushed towards the cave.
      In the end…
      “Is this talent or skill?”
      He discovered that the ones attacking the wild monsters were not two players, but a young man and a clone.
      The two bodies looked exactly the same, but the clone looked a little pale.
      “Gold Armor, Gold Sword, Gold Helmet?”
      “That’s right. It’s all mine.”
      The corner of Li Xuan’s mouth curled up slightly.
      If you lacked equipment, someone would give you equipment. How comfortable!
      When Li Xuan appeared at the entrance of the cave, the young man gave up on the Molten Fire Stone monster.
      His original body and clone rushed towards Li Xuan at the same time!
      The young man was very confident.
      In this round, he had already killed seven people, and his development was not bad.
      One set of gold equipment!
      Moreover, his skills were complete!
      He also brought two control skills!
      The key was……
      As for his clone skill, apart from his full attribute being 50% of his original body, his skill equipment were all copied.
      Previously, when he encountered an opponent, he used control skills together with his clone. It was infinite control.
      It was easy to deal with both of them at the same time!
      A mere Li Xuan was completely beneath him.
      In his eyes, Li Xuan was here to give him a warm attribute baby!
      The young man held the golden sword in his hand and swung a control skill towards Li Xuan.*

      Chapter 36 Despair!How much blood did this person have?(2/5)

      The young man was extremely fast.
      He rushed to Li Xuan’s face and swung his sword.
      [Heavy blow!]
      Li Xuan had obtained this skill in the first round. It was a two-second stun skill limited by a long weapon.
      The attack range was four meters.
      This young man’s actions were extremely tricky.
      Together with his clone, he attacked left and right, releasing a heavy blow.
      No matter how fast Li Xuan was, there was no place to hide!
      [Target resisted your stun effect!]
      The young man’s sword landed on Li Xuan’s body and received a feedback notification.
      Resistance to dizziness?
      His expression changed slightly.
      Following that, Li Xuan flipped his hand and sucked in a mouthful of blood.
      He directly absorbed 320 of his opponent’s blood, becoming his life limit!
      “State of resistance is indeed formidable.”
      Li Xuan was very satisfied.
      Of course, it was not all about controlling resistance.
      Now, his spiritual attributes had reached 63 points, providing 63 points of state resistance. Together, he had 113 points.
      If the other party’s intelligence attribute was too low, it wouldn’ t be able to control Li Xuan.
      It was normal to resist dizziness!
      “Come again!”
      The young man did not believe it.
      [Taishan Leg!]
      Another control skill.
      The spinning kick sent the target flying for three seconds!
      Moreover, he continued to use this skill with his clone to prevent Li Xuan from finding an angle to dodge.
      In the end……
      [Target had resisted your attack!]
      Resistance again!
      Li Xuan also launched a counterattack.
      The silver sword in his hand swung out and landed on the golden helmet of the opponent.
      The damage was not enough……However, the effect was not great.
      In any case, Li Xuan’s blood was now as high as 4455 points!
      “I can’ t control it!”
      Half of the youth’s blood was sucked away. He gritted his teeth and decided to continue fighting Li Xuan.
      In his opinion!
      Li Xuan didn’ t have any protective equipment.
      And he was a full set of golden equipment!
      Can it be compared?
      “As long as the blade explodes, this person will definitely not be able to withstand it!”
      The young man’s body and clone slashed towards Li Xuan’s head.
      Li Xuan dodged to the side, but was still hit by his clone’s head.
      -273(Head Explosion)!
      With two strikes, Li Xuan lost 383 lives.
      It could be seen that this young man was indeed very powerful!
      The main body and the clone attacked at a tricky angle. Even if Li Xuan was extremely agile, he couldn’ t completely avoid the opponent’s vital attacks.
      Li Xuan was even stronger!
      383 Blood?
      He didn’ t care at all!
      If it were anyone else, they would have already died of nervousness. However, Li Xuan, he would not have lost a tenth of his blood.
      Now that his attack speed had reached 2.77, the silver sword in his hand continuously swung out.
      Li Xuan could hit the young man’s head with every strike!
      Because of its high agility and fast attack speed!
      The young man’s eyes had already turned red.
      Although his blood was constantly decreasing, he was still betting that Li Xuan would die before him if he continued to fight.
      After all, his entire set of golden equipment!
      Li Xuan didn’ t even have a helmet!
      Li Xuan’s expression didn’ t change even if he had gone through three times and lost nearly a thousand blood.
      It was as stable as Mount Tai!
      On the other hand, the pressure on the young man grew more and more intense. Soon, he was drenched in sweat, feeling anxious.
      How much blood did this person have?
      Seeing that he didn’ t have much blood!
      The young man finally turned around and ran away. He took out a piece of cheese and wanted to recover his blood.
      His main body fled, and he even used his clone to block Li Xuan. His operation was quite smooth.
      Unfortunately, Li Xuan’s agility was too high.
      He was simply not given a chance!
      He directly bypassed his clone and caught up with his true form.
      [You killed the target (No.04396)!]
      [You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
      However, Li Xuan didn’ t forget that there was a Molten Fire Stone monster beside him.
      “Blood suck!”
      After taking a breath, Li Xuan recovered 420 blood.
      This Molten Fire Stone monster had just lost a third of its blood by the youth, making Li Xuan feel a little uncomfortable.
      The benefits of bloodsucking had decreased!
      Fortunately, he was killed once more, and the cooldown of Bloodsucking was reduced by another 30%. Only 9.8 seconds remained.
      “Blood suck!”
      10 Seconds later, Li Xuan took another sip of the Molten Fire Stone monster before killing it to death.
      Life limit:5085 points!
      Li Xuan opened the Molten Fire Stone Monster’s golden treasure chest and his eyes lit up.
      [Healing (D-level skill book): For a target, restore its life value to full value.Cool down for 20 seconds.]
      Healing Skill Book!
      Li Xuan directly chose and learned.
      He had already had a lot of blood. Who could withstand a single healing of five thousand blood?
      “Can this healing be used against wild monsters?”If it’s possible, wouldn’ t it be possible to brush blood all the time?”
      Li Xuan looked forward to it.
      He came to the young man’s wooden box and picked it up!
      Gold armor, gold sword, gold helmet, equipment!
      Then, he looked at the small map and rushed towards another hollow red dot representing the wild monster.
      “Boss, boss, wait for me?”
      Qin Shuangshuang followed.
      However, she was simply unable to catch up with Li Xuan.
      The difference in speed was too great!
      “Big Boss should have forgotten about me, right?”
      Qin Shuangshuang was covered in tears.*

      Chapter 37 I shot all my arrows. He’s not dead yet?(3/5)

      In fact, Li Xuan did not forget that he still had a beautiful teammate.
      However, he didn’ t need this blood bag anymore.
      It was only 220 points of blood, but it was only 110 points of blood. What was the use?
      Too few!
      After taking a sip, she still had to wait for her blood to return, feeling tired.
      Thus, he simply ignored her.
      Let her die.
      Soon, Li Xuan found another D-rank wild monster.
      [Lava Golem (Level D): HP 1800]
      This wild monster was larger than the Molten Fire Stone monster!
      More blood!
      There was no damage from the flame halo, but with the control of the area of the ground, the attack was even higher.
      It was very suitable for Li Xuan!
      When he had just arrived, he had encountered a team along the way.
      He relied on his golden equipment to kill those two without any pressure.
      Two more kills!
      His total attribute had exceeded 90 points, and the cooldown time of blood sucking had decreased to 4.8 seconds!
      [You absorbed 900 HP from the lava golem!]
      [You’ ve recovered 900 HP and converted it to a permanent HP limit!]
      How comfortable!
      Then, Li Xuan gave it a try……
      [You’ve unleashed healing on the lava golem, the life value of the lava golem has completely recovered!]
      “This is awesome!”
      Li Xuan’s eyes lit up. Using this lava golem, he was completely able to reach the limit of his life!
      The rock puppet moved slowly.
      Li Xuan just kept flying.
      Li Xuan’s state resistance was still strong enough, not affected at all.
      Five seconds later, the blood sucked and cooled.
      [You absorbed 900 HP from the lava golem!]
      [You’ ve recovered 900 HP and converted it to a permanent HP limit!]
      The healing skill cooled down for 20 seconds.
      Therefore, Li Xuan could take four breaths and heal the rock puppet.
      With this, Li Xuan’s life limit would increase by 1687.5 per 20 seconds!
      Still hesitating?
      More than a minute later.
      [Restricted area] began to shrink for the second time.
      The lower layer of the cave where the players landed had completely become a restricted area.
      Only the middle and upper levels remained in the safe area.
      Moreover, the next time he pulled back, the middle layer would also be submerged!
      [Remaining players in this game:36!]
      Just when Li Xuan had finished six rounds and reached 16,110 HP.
      “Boss, save me!”
      Qin Shuangshuang’s graceful figure appeared in a sorry state at the entrance of the cave.
      She chased after him for two minutes.
      He finally caught up to Li Xuan!
      On the way, they were chased by two players.
      A golden arrow shot out from the cave entrance.
      A middle-aged man with a golden crossbow appeared at the cave entrance, an arrow……Shot askew!
      The arrow landed on the lava golem.
      The lava golem did not have much blood left. It was shot to death on the spot!
      The golden treasure chest appeared at Li Xuan’s feet.
      Li Xuan was stunned..
      He had used this Lava Golem to brush the blood limit perfectly. Someone actually ran out and shot the monster to death?
      A disaster!
      Although there was no reward for killing monsters.
      The golden treasure chest could also be snatched.
      The proper Blood Brush Tool was gone?
      He couldn’ t endure it!
      “That’s good. It’s time to brush heads.”
      Li Xuan calculated the time.
      If they didn’ t swipe their heads, they would all be snatched away.
      “Don’ t move the treasure chest.”
      “When I finish killing, you can lick your bag.”
      Li Xuan walked past Qin Shuang and said to her.
      The pure lady nodded repeatedly.
      At this moment, Li Xuan’s life limit had reached sixteen thousand!
      The rest of the other players in the map had less blood than him, and they were still far away.
      This was the SSS grade talent!
      This type of developmental talent was basically invincible at the late stage, but it was slightly weaker at the early stage.
      In the next battle, there were no flowers in it.
      Just beat it hard!
      Li Xuan didn’ t even dodge the attack. He charged forward and slashed.
      The two of them were both very well developed.
      One had a high defense, and the other had a golden crossbow at the back.
      The golden arrows continuously landed on Li Xuan’s body and head.
      It caused him more than a hundred injuries.
      Li Xuan didn’ t care.
      The young man who was standing in front of him was fighting with passion!
      “I shot all my arrows!”F*ck!”
      Soon, the middle-aged man’s expression changed greatly.
      “We beat him at least three thousand blood, right?”Why are you still alive?”
      The young man in front of him also panicked.
      He was about to lose control!
      He only had over 800 blood.
      Li Xuan slashed at him for over a hundred!
      He turned around to run, but how could he possibly run away?
      Li Xuan caught up and killed him with a single strike!
      [Your’ Blood Suck’ cooldown has decreased!Current cooldown:3.4 seconds!]
      Next was the middle-aged man.
      In next to no time, Li Xuan caught up and killed him!
      [Your’ Blood Suck’ cooldown has decreased!Current cooldown:2.4 seconds!]
      At the same time, his entire attribute had finally reached 100 points!
      “We can harvest it.”
      Li Xuan casually healed himself.
      Full of blood!
      The corner of his mouth curled up slightly as he observed the remaining thirty red dots on the small map……Set out!
      (PS: Does anyone read this book?QAQs who felt that the fresh flowers and evaluation tickets hadn’t moved ~ the big shots cast the fresh flowers and evaluation tickets after reading them. Give the author Jun some motivation ~)*

      Chapter 38 Completion of Development!Vampire Demon King!(4/5)

      [You killed the target (No.03299)!]
      [You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
      [Your’ Blood Suck’ cooldown has decreased!Current cooldown:1.7 seconds!]
      [You’ ve obtained your 13th strike!]
      [Your’ Blood Suck’ cooldown has decreased!Current cooldown:1.2 seconds!]
      [You have obtained the 14th strike!]
      [Your’ Blood Suck’ cooldown has decreased!Current cooldown:0.8 seconds!]
      When Li Xuan arrived at the top of the map.
      He had already obtained 17 kills.
      The cooldown time for blood sucking was only 0.3 seconds!
      Moreover, his entire attribute had already exceeded 150 points.
      Especially his spiritual attributes. He opened a’ Firm Will’skill book from the golden treasure chest. After learning it, he directly increased his spirit by 70 points, reaching over 220 points.
      [Remaining players in this game:19!]
      He looked at the small map.
      His innate blood hunting effect allowed him to know exactly where the remaining players were!
      Therefore, his killing speed was extremely fast.
      “0.3 Second cooldown is enough.”
      “I can directly suck people to death.”
      The corner of Li Xuan’s mouth curled up slightly.
      At this point, he had completely completed his development.
      Become a vampire devil king!
      There were two players who took two turns in front of him. He calmly walked over.
      It was a sinister young man with a set of golden equipment.
      He brought a woman with some broken equipment.
      This young man held an old-fashioned musket……
      [Man Fire Spear (Grade C): Attack +420.[Durability 1200/1200]
      It was actually a C grade weapon!
      Moreover, it was a long tube fire spear!
      Long-range weapons that were more than double the attack of the golden crossbow were considered to be hot weapons.
      It should have been obtained from a supply treasure chest.
      Because this was the map of the underground cave, the treasure chest wasn’ t from the sky. As for the exact method, Li Xuan didn’ t know.
      “Go, stop him!”
      This sinister young man was hiding behind the girl with the Marne Fire Spear in his hand.
      He wanted the woman to come up and hold Li Xuan back.
      Then, he used his long-barrel fire spear to attack Li Xuan!
      The woman didn’ t say anything and directly rushed towards Li Xuan……In order to earn points for survival, a woman was willing to become a tool man.
      Li Xuan calmly walked forward.
      Blood sucking *3!
      In less than a second, three strands of blood floated out of the woman’s body and were sucked into Li Xuan’s body.
      After that, the girl directly died!
      As long as the blood was sucked, the target’s blood volume would be less than 50 points, and he would die.
      Clearly, this girl was not more than 400 points full of blood.
      It was at this moment.
      Three flintlock bullets landed on Li Xuan.
      The damage was extremely high!
      If it were any other player, being hit by these three shots would be almost enough.
      Li Xuan had only lost a tenth of his blood!
      He was calm and composed, ten meters close to the sinister youth.
      Blood sucking *5!
      Less than two seconds.
      Five streams of blood floated out from the sinister youth and was sucked away by Li Xuan.
      During that time, the young man shot Li Xuan again.
      Unfortunately, it was useless!
      To Li Xuan, it almost tickled him.
      Five times he sucked in blood, the sinister young man also died, not even having a chance to struggle.
      “This Fire Spear really hurts.”
      Li Xuan still paid more attention to this weapon.
      Go up and pick them up.
      He discovered that there were only three flintlock bullets left in the wooden box.
      “So there’s a ammunition limit.”
      “The arrow of the golden crossbow can be recovered. This bullet can’ t be recovered. It’ ll be gone when it’s used up.”
      “However, this weapon is indeed a top tier weapon in the Bronze Bureau.”
      Of course, Li Xuan didn’ t need this weapon anymore.
      Fire Spear was too powerful.
      He chose to leave the flintlock behind, but he took the bullet away…
      In this way, others would not be able to fire the Fire Spear.
      [You’ ve obtained a total of 19 kills!]
      [Your’ Blood Suck’ cooldown is 0.13 seconds!]
      It was just three breaths a second.
      In the blink of an eye, it had reached seven breaths a second!
      [Restricted region began to shrink!]
      [, Please head to the safety zone as soon as possible!]
      The system notification sounded out.
      Li Xuan left two wooden boxes and turned around to walk into the safety zone.
      Behind him, a pitch-black restricted region spread over, drowning out large sections of the map…
      The map of the underground cave, the top, the center.
      This was a large-scale cave with a diameter of more than fifty meters!
      This was the final safety zone.
      The remaining 13 players, including Li Xuan and Qin Shuangshuang, gathered here from different channels.
      When Li Xuan began to harvest, Qin Shuangshuang was completely unable to keep up with him.
      Finally, they split up.
      His luck wasn’t bad. He had n’ t been killed by anyone during this time.
      When she arrived at the central cave, she saw Li Xuan with a glance. Her eyes lit up and she quickly ran to Li Xuan’s side.
      At the same time……
      Opposite the central cave!
      A young girl in a black dress slowly appeared. Her aura was elegant, and her long legs gave off a strong visual impact.
      Su Fei’ er!
      Moreover, it was also Su Fei’ er who had reached the limit!*

      Chapter 39 Why is he so wavey?Ten breaths a second!(5/5)

      Su Fei’ er was a grade A talent.
      The demonic form’s innate effect could increase her entire attributes by a bit.
      Furthermore, she had a five-second control skill, the Queen’s command.
      It was thanks to this five-second order of the Queen that she was able to rise up quickly.
      She held a long red whip in her hand.
      [Molten Flame Noose (Level C): Attack Power +80, Flame Damage +80, Attack Speed +1.[Endurance 1800/1800]
      Class C weapons!
      Long whip-type weapons might not have high attacks, but they all had attack speed corrections.
      If she had 100 points of Agility, her current base attack speed would be 3.16, three attacks per second.
      Plus, the attack speed of the long whip was modified four times per second!
      She also obtained a pair of C-class platinum boots from the supply treasure chest, increasing her speed by 60 points.
      That was why her speed had reached more than 50 meters per second!
      Of course, she did not act rashly.
      After all…There were too many people in this central cave.
      Although she had developed to the limit, if these people attacked her, she definitely wouldn’ t be a match.
      Not to mention that.
      There was also Li Xuan who she cared about very much.
      There were a total of thirteen people present.
      No one dared to act rashly!
      Other than…
      Li Xuan!
      Qin Shuangshuang hid behind him. He did not care.
      It was a waste to kill a teammate and deduct 30 survival points!
      He took a step into the arena.
      As a result, everyone’s eyes focused on him.
      What happened to “big boss?If they were to attract the attention of others at this moment, it would be disastrous if they were surrounded ……”
      Qin Shuangshuang became nervous.
      With great difficulty, she saw a chance to eat chicken.
      Big Boss was very powerful!
      If he were to manage it carefully, he would definitely eat chickens!
      She did not understand.
      Why is Big Boss so wavelike?
      He actually took the initiative to attract everyone’s attention!
      Too inflated!
      “Could it be that the big boss thinks he can beat them all by himself?”
      Qin Shuangshuang was extremely nervous. He did not dare to move at all!
      However, Li Xuan didn’ t care.
      If he knew what Qin Shuangshuang was thinking, he would definitely say……That’s right!I can beat them all by myself!
      This central cave was extremely spacious.
      At the center was a pool of lava.
      Everyone was far away from that magma pool, afraid of being pushed in.
      For the sake of safety, Li Xuan was the same.
      He took several steps along the edge of the cave and soon arrived ten meters away from a player.
      Blood sucked!
      Blood sucked!
      Blood was sucked every 0.13 seconds!
      In less than a second, four streams of blood floated out of the player’s body and was sucked away by Li Xuan.
      Then, the players fell to the ground.
      It turned into a box!
      Following that, Li Xuan stepped on the box.
      Not even the box was opened.
      Because he no longer needed it!
      He was only interested in the treasure chest of wild monsters. After all, it might be possible to open a skill book that would help him escape from the mental hospital.
      And the equipment dropped by the players……
      It was no longer useful to Li Xuan.
      [You’ ve obtained a total of 20 kills!]
      [Your’ Blood Suck’ cooldown is 0.09 seconds!]
      Killing another person, ten breaths a second!
      It was faster than everyone else’s attack speed!
      Moreover, a single suck was 50% of the current HP!
      He continued to walk along the edge of the cave!
      The other players’ expressions changed.
      They had no idea what method Li Xuan had used to kill!
      It looked like bloodsucking!
      But why would bloodsucking kill someone?
      “Kill that fellow first!”
      A player shouted and immediately shot out a golden crossbow bolt at Li Xuan!
      Li Xuan didn’ t dodge and continued forward.
      Arriving in front of the player……
      Blood sucking *5!
      Five streams of blood floated out and were sucked over.
      The players fell to the ground!
      Li Xuan once again stepped over the box.
      This time, the entire place was in chaos.
      To attack Li Xuan together?
      They had originally thought that Li Xuan’s bloodsucking skill would definitely have a long cooldown.
      In the end…
      He sucked twice and directly killed two!
      How could they dare to approach Li Xuan?
      In reality, Li Xuan didn’ t just suck it twice. Instead, he sucked it four or five times in a short period of time.
      After absorbing so much blood, his life limit had reached twenty-three thousand!
      When Li Xuan killed two players.
      There were still eleven people left!
      Apart from Li Xuan himself, Qin Shuangshuang and Su Fei’ er, there were only eight people left in the arena.
      These eight people……
      They all chose to stay away from Li Xuan!
      There were even two people fighting on the other side of the cave.
      They originally wanted to watch.
      But now, it seemed like they had a father in this round!
      It was impossible to eat chickens. How many people could be counted as many!
      As much as possible, he could obtain some survival points!
      [Inch Punch (D-level): Charge out ten meters, deal 200% damage to the enemy, and repel the target 15 meters!]
      One of them, a strong man, aimed at a young man beside him and punched out.
      In the blink of an eye, the young man was pushed back and directly crashed into the lava pool in the center of the cave!
      The young man burned up and died on the spot.
      [Remaining players in this game:10!]
      This scene caused Su Fei’ er’s eyes to shine.
      “Xiao Xuanxuan is a bit powerful!”
      “As soon as I get close, I will be sucked to death by him!”
      “From this point of view, there is only one way. It is to control him from afar and let him jump into the magma pool!”
      Su Fei’ er’s beautiful eyes lit up!
      From afar, she began to move.
      [Queen’s order!]
      She aimed her innate skill at Li Xuan.
      [Your Queen’s command effect was resisted by the target!]
      Su Fei’ er was dumbfounded.*

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      Big Boss
      Fantasy Coins: 101

      Chapter 40 A frightened girl!The advancement competition was opened!(1/5)

      [You have resisted the Queen’s order number 01314!]
      Li Xuan received the system notification.
      He raised his head and looked at the black-robed girl at the edge of the cave.
      Then, when the young lady saw his gaze, she seemed to be shocked.
      He immediately turned around and ran back to the tunnel.
      The young lady’s graceful figure disappeared from Li Xuan’s vision.
      He didn’ t mind.
      He continued to step forward.
      Blood sucked!
      Ten breaths a second!
      No one could stop it!
      He sucked blood from the other players.
      As he walked, boxes appeared one after another.
      [Remaining players in this game:9!]
      [Remaining players in this game:8!]
      [Remaining players in this game:3!]
      Soon, Li Xuan walked around the edge of the cave.
      Kill all the players in the central cave except Qin Shuangshuang.
      A total of 26 people were killed!
      Of course, there were still people who wanted to resist him.
      Unfortunately, resistance was useless.
      He had too much blood!
      Furthermore, he was able to continuously suck blood. With the addition of a healing skill, he could not even die.
      There were even people who wanted to smash him into the lava pool in the center.
      He was immune to his high state of resistance!
      In the end!
      Only three people remained.
      Apart from Qin Shuangshuang, only Su Fei’ er was left.
      Li Xuan walked towards the exit where she had disappeared.
      Then, she discovered that the pretty girl carefully stretched out her head at the entrance of the tunnel.
      He looked a little scared and looked very cute.
      “I don’ t want to be killed by Big Brother Li Xuan!”
      She ran out angrily.
      He actually ran straight towards the lava pool in the center of the cave.
      Li Xuan was stunned.
      This young lady……
      When did it turn into a pink dress?
      After that, she watched as she closed her eyes and jumped into the lava pool shivering, instantly turning into ashes.
      Li Xuan was a little stunned.
      [Congratulations on winning this game!Please receive the settled survival points reward!]
      [Survival Points Settlement:
      Survival score:100 points
      Score:429 points
      Attribute score:29 points (for attributes above 200 points,1 survival point for every 10 points)
      HP Score:178(over 10,000 HP,1 HP per 100 HP)
      Equipment score:26 points
      Skill score:27 points
      Kill/assist points:48 points!
      Summary:837 points!]
      This time, the survival points were extremely high!
      Li Xuan used his SSS grade talent, Blood Desire, to display it perfectly, almost to the limit.
      He originally wanted to find some more wild monsters and get more HP.
      Unfortunately, there was no time left.
      The restricted area continued to shrink. There were no wild monsters in the remaining survival circle, and Li Xuan had no choice.
      Overall, this round’s harvest was not bad!
      A total of 837 survival points was equivalent to five or six chickens eaten by other players.
      “This is just a reward from the Bronze Bureau.”
      “In the future, wouldn’t it be a few thousand survival points in one round?”
      “It’s easy to extract low-level equipment skills and even talent.”
      Li Xuan could not wait to advance.
      After he received the settlement’s survival score.
      He immediately returned to ward 001, which was made of concrete.
      At this moment, a notification sounded out……
      [You have already reached the criteria for participating in the advancement competition!]
      [Were they participating in the advancement competition?]
      Note: The promotion competition is a four-person arena.There were four people in a team, and 25 teams participated.The four who finally won could advance to the Silver rank!)
      The corner of Li Xuan’s mouth curled up slightly.
      It was finally here!
      However, there were some things that needed to be clarified.
      “If I advance to Silver rank, can I still match the game?”
      He asked the system.
      After all, Blue Star only had 10,000 people participating in the survival game.
      There were definitely very few people who could reach the criteria of the promotion competition.
      Li Xuan should have already reached the standard.
      But no one was in line with him!
      Therefore, the promotion competition could only be started after the other 99 people had reached the standard.
      In other words…
      After he advanced, it was very likely that there were only four Silver rank players.
      If he couldn’ t match a bronze rank player, wouldn’ t he be unable to enter the game for a long time?
      Soon, the system replied:
      [Host!High-level players could participate in matches for low-level games.]
      [High-level players, in low-level games, one person was equal to two.]
      [Two high-level players, in the low-level game, one person was equal to four.]
      (Note: During the three-day test period, the single field and the ordinary four-person field will not be opened.)
      Li Xuan immediately understood.
      It meant that if he advanced to Silver rank, he could still be ranked to Bronze rank.
      However, the others were two people. He would only have one person.
      One person was equivalent to two!
      “How am I supposed to be?”
      “I was worried that having my teammates would be too troublesome!”
      Li Xuan’s eyes lit up.*

      Chapter 41 Enhanced Listening!Double points!(2/5)

      Li Xuan didn’ t immediately choose to participate in the promotion competition.
      Instead, he first dealt with the survival points he had obtained.
      A total of 847 survival points.
      He noticed that he had obtained a total of 26 kills in the last strike, but his killing and assisting points were 48. It could be seen that a single strike gave him more survival points.
      “In other words, in the previous map, the overall strength of the players is stronger than before.”
      “Indeed. Even a hot weapon like the Marne Fire Spear has appeared.”
      “If I were to appear in the first two rounds and bring this kind of equipment with me, wouldn’ t it be the first three?”
      Of course, if one wanted to eat chicken, it was not enough to rely on strong attacks.
      After all, this was a survival game!
      Life-saving abilities were the most important.
      Just like Li Xuan.
      Permanent invisibility, frenzied evolution, huge appetite, blood thirst…
      These SSS grade talents all had very strong survivability.
      “847 Survival Points. A total of 16.94 points can be increased.”
      “5 Points of endurance,5 points of spirit, and all the rest are strengthened with Agility.”
      Just now, Li Xuan felt the importance of spirit.
      State resistance!
      If the state’s resistance wasn’ t high enough, it would be useless even if the attack’s defense was too high. It would still be possible for them to be killed.
      As for power, it was just a basic attack……The impact was not particularly great.
      Therefore, the priority of strengthening was lower.
      As a result, his basic attributes became:
      This was his true nature.
      It was also the initial attribute after entering the game!
      Whether it was reality or the beginning of the game, his speed had already reached 16 meters per second.
      He had already surpassed the previous world champion!
      Getting 847 survival points in one round was simply unreasonable. Their speed was too fast.
      If the others on Blue Star wanted to reach his current stats, they would have to eat dozens of chickens in succession.
      As for the others, how could they eat chickens so easily?
      “Hearing, dynamic vision, perception…”It’s all increased.”
      Li Xuan closed his eyes.
      A lot of noise came from his ears.
      Even though his ward 001 had a strong soundproof effect, he could still hear some chaotic sounds from outside.
      “This wanted criminal has already entered City S…At present……The police were looking for him ……”
      Someone was listening to the news.
      There were also scattered footsteps.
      Li Xuan carefully listened to the source of the voice……
      “Still not strong enough.”
      “You need to be more agile to understand the structure outside the ward.”
      Li Xuan shook his head.
      If he wanted to escape from the mental hospital, he must first figure out the structure of the entire mental hospital.
      He was not in a hurry either.
      Take your time!
      He had plenty of time.
      After all, if he casually ate a handful of chickens, he would be able to exchange his survival points for several decades.
      What was there to worry about?
      “This promotion competition should be the strongest hundred out of ten thousand people participating in the test.”
      “There are four people in one team. There are a total of twenty-five teams.”
      “There was only one team that won, and four players could advance ……”
      “System, if someone dies in the middle of the winning team, can the fallen players successfully advance?”
      [Host!As long as the team won, regardless of whether the players survived or died, they would be able to advance to the new stage!]
      After receiving the answer, Li Xuan nodded.
      This setting meant that a team of players had to work together……
      “Four people in a group.”
      Li Xuan shook his head.
      What was the use of such a thing as a teammate?
      However, since the rules for the advancement competition were like this, he had no choice……
      “Take part, advance!”
      Once he was ready, he would participate!
      [You have confirmed your participation in the advancement competition!]
      [Waiting for other players to confirm……]
      [In this competition, your survival points will be doubled!]
      [Notification: The map of this promotion competition is 5000*5000 meters!]
      Following the system notification, Li Xuan narrowed his eyes.
      Double points!
      The map was huge!
      It seemed like this one had to have a good time.
      He had to pile up his attributes!
      “The points you get from killing people won’ t do.”
      “The points you get from the brush attribute, fine!”
      “I hope to give me another talent for development.”
      The corner of Li Xuan’s mouth curled up slightly.
      Three minutes later.
      All the players confirmed their entry.
      Li Xuan’s eyes darkened. A feeling of weightlessness could be heard, and soon, he was on the ground again.
      Standing steadily on the ground.
      He opened his eyes and looked at his teammates first:
      Number 01234!
      Number 10000!
      Number 09527!
      “No one knows him.”
      Li Xuan looked around and found that his teammates were two men and one woman.*

      Chapter 42 Wilderness Hunters!Commercial exchange?(3/5)

      Li Xuan temporarily ignored his teammates.
      Instead, he looked at the system notification……
      [Drops!I’ ve detected that you’ ve activated hundreds of millions of talents!]
      [Congratulations, your talent in this game: Wilderness Hunter (SSS level)!]
      [Hunting Technique: You can acutely sense the location of the wild monster closest to you. When moving towards the wild monster, your speed will increase by 50%.]
      [Punishment: Your damage to wild monsters will increase by 500%!]
      [Collect everything according to the order: Kill the treasure chest opened by the wild monster. All three items can be obtained, and one of them can be upgraded.]
      [Hunting Experience: Each time you kill a wild monster, your entire attribute will be increased by 10 points, and you will gain a special ability (no limit)!]
      This is…
      Wild talent?
      Li Xuan looked at it and probably knew how to play with this talent.
      Without a brain, everything would be over.
      Killing wild monsters was much more profitable than killing them.
      Not only could he obtain 10 points of all attributes, he could also obtain the special abilities of the wild monster!
      After killing the wild monster’s treasure chest, the three items could still be collected according to the order. In fact, one of them could even be upgraded!
      “As long as I kill more than 20 wild monsters, I’ ll have more than 200 points of all attributes, and I’ ll receive additional attribute points.”
      “Isn’ t this a simple matter?”
      “Moreover, the more you brush, the higher your attributes will be!”
      “Only pity was that this talent didn’ t have any life-saving methods……”I have to rely on skills and the special abilities of wild monsters.”
      Li Xuan clearly analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of this talent.
      If it was a small map, then this talent would not be too good.
      But now it was a 5000*5000 Earth Map!
      Therefore, there must be a large number of wild monsters on the map.
      In fact, if Li Xuan could kill 100 wild monsters in this round, his entire attribute would be over 1,000 points. He could easily eat chickens.
      Just as he was studying his talent.
      His teammates also entered the game and began to communicate.
      “Eh, isn’ t this An Muqing?”
      The fat man numbered 09527 revealed an extremely friendly smile and said to the female teammate,” Xiao An, why don’ t you be your mercenary eldest sister in City S and come here to play?”
      This fatty had a large belly. He didn’ t seem to be able to fight.
      However, being able to participate in the advancement competition meant that this person’s strength was definitely not weak.
      The one he called “An Muqing” was the beautiful teammate numbered 10,000.
      “Director Tang Ling?”
      The beautiful teammate looked at the fatty and said with a chuckle,” I didn’ t expect this round. With the famous Laughing Face Buddha Team, it seems that we have a chance to advance.”
      Tang Ling, who was called a smiling Buddha, was the deputy director of the Supervision Department of City K.
      An Muqing, a mercenary regiment commander in City S.
      They were all people with a face!
      This woman named An Muqing was wearing a black leather coat.
      Her figure was extremely tall and slender, yet she still displayed an explosion curve. Her slender legs were extremely elastic, and it was obvious that they contained extremely strong strength.
      His personality was quite straightforward. His long black hair was simply tied up.
      Her face was especially beautiful, especially her pair of eyes, giving people a star-like feeling.
      Unfortunately……There was a shallow scar three centimeters long on her left eye, revealing a killing intent that was more intense than that of an ordinary mercenary.
      Even so, it could not conceal her beauty in the slightest.
      On the contrary, it gave off a special charm that made people forget about it.
      “That’s why I should be glad. I’ m in the group with Xiao An, and I’ m sure I’ ll be able to advance in this round.”
      Smiling Tiger Tang Ling chuckled.
      “How could it be? Chief Secretary Tang must be much more powerful than me. This round will depend on Chief Secretary Tang.”
      An Muqing was extremely polite on the surface.
      This was the beginning of a trade war?
      Li Xuan glanced at the two of them, not paying much attention.
      On the contrary, he was more concerned about his other teammates…This fellow was a young man with a slender figure and a white robe.
      He also wore a pair of white gloves and looked elegant.
      From this moment on, Li Xuan felt an extremely dense sense of slaughter!
      At this moment.
      Tang Ling and An Muqing had finished their business and finally looked at their teammates……For a moment, they all focused their attention on the white-robed young man.
      Their expressions changed at the same time.
      “Linghu Xiu?”
      The terrifying wanted criminal who had just escaped to City S!
      He actually participated in this survival game!
      “You guys, don’ t follow me.”
      The white-robed young man turned his head to the side. He narrowed his eyes and revealed an elegant smile.” If it destroys my art of killing, I’ ll even kill you…”Kill together.”
      Right, the two businesses blew each other, and the one pretended to be a criminal.
      There was something wrong with his brain.
      Li Xuan didn’ t have time to care about them. He turned around and left.
      On his small map, there was already a wild monster that was closest to him. He had to make the best use of the time to sweep the wild.
      Time was the attribute.
      The attribute was survival points!
      An Muqing glanced at him and asked with a smile,” Little brother, where are you going?”This match is a group of four. It’s very dangerous for you to leave alone.”
      “At first glance, he was stunned. Xiao An, let’s forget about him. Just hug him.”
      Fatty Tang Ling chuckled.*

      Chapter 43: Terrifying Wild Revenge!(4/5)

      Li Xuan looked at the small map.
      No one followed.
      In fact, the other three teammates all walked in different directions.
      It seemed that they were all very confident.
      “This map is so big!”
      Li Xuan glanced at it and felt that the map of this promotion competition was completely different from before.
      They initially landed at the foot of a mountain.
      The entire promotion competition map was actually a continuous mountain range. The terrain was extremely complicated.
      “There’s a weapon rack here.”
      On the way to the first wild monster, Li Xuan saw a weapon rack placed under a tree.
      He approached.
      Pick them all!
      [You have obtained the “Bronze Sickle (Grade F)”!]
      [You have obtained the “Bronze Armor (Grade F)”!]
      [You’ ve obtained “milk “!]
      [Bronze Sickle (Level F): Attack power +10. It can damage the target by 10 points per second for 3 seconds.]
      A bronze sickle with poor attributes!
      However, Li Xuan still happily put on his equipment.
      This bronze scythe might be very bad for others, but for Li Xuan……Not bad!
      It was because his damage to wild monsters would increase by five times!
      “Get up!”
      Li Xuan continued to move in the direction of the wild monster.
      On the small map, among the four of them, it was obvious that he moved the fastest, even more than twice as fast as others.
      This made the other three people think that the 00497 must be an initial speed increase talent.
      “It’s a bit unlucky to match this teammate!”
      The middle-aged fatty Tang Ling was a little depressed.
      What was the use of initial acceleration?
      He casually brought in a pair of shoes, killed two people, and quickly caught up!
      It was good at the early stage. When he encountered someone with strong attributes in the middle stage, he couldn’t beat them, nor could he run away. Was n’ t this a gift?
      “Fortunately, the other two teammates were reliable ……”
      Tang Ling let out a sigh of relief.
      He was very confident in the strength of An Muqing and Linghu Xiu.
      Although Linghu Xiu was a wanted criminal, forming a group in the survival game still gave people a sense of security.
      Li Xuan naturally didn’ t know what the others were thinking.
      He didn’ t want to know either.
      [Wild Fox King (Level E):400 HP]
      [Little Wild Fox (Level F):120 HP]
      [Little Wild Fox (Level F):120 HP]
      One wild fox king and two small wild foxes.
      Li Xuan held the bronze sickle and charged forward.
      He swung his sickle!
      A sickle instantly killed a small wild fox!
      [You killed a “Little Wild Fox (F-level)”, your entire attribute increased by 10 points!]
      Li Xuan’s initial attack speed was 1.67. After killing a small wild fox, he added 10 points of agility.
      Attack speed increased to 1.95!
      It meant two strikes a second!
      He turned his hand and killed another little wild fox.
      [You killed a “Little Wild Fox (F-level)”, your entire attribute increased by 10 points!]
      All attributes had increased by 20 points!
      At this moment, the Wild Fox King bit at Li Xuan’s arm.
      Due to Li Xuan’s bronze armor, which provided 10 points of defense, he didn’ t lose much blood.
      At this moment, his strength had risen to 37 points!
      The backhand slash landed on the Wild Fox King.
      Just one slash!
      Li Xuan ran away after a single strike. He used the bronze sickle to cut through the damage and kill the Wild Fox King.
      “It’s too easy.”
      “But if I didn’ t have the talent of a wilderness hunter, I would only have a bronze armor and a bronze sickle. I really wouldn’ t be able to defeat F-class wild monsters.”
      The corner of Li Xuan’s mouth curled up slightly.
      30 Points!
      If he were to kill, he would have to kill six times to obtain 30 stats.
      As for him, he had only struck a wave of wild monsters, lightly releasing +30%!
      This was just an attribute benefit.
      In this wave, not only did he obtain attributes, he also obtained a special ability from the Wild Fox King!
      [Jump: Initiates a jump attack at the target, adding an additional +20 damage.Cool down for 5 seconds.]
      This ability was of little use.
      However, it could make up for his lack of damage in the early stages.
      Based on his current 47 points of power, he would be able to increase his attack by 67 points.
      If it was a wild fight, it would be nearly 400 damage if it increased by five times.
      “As expected of an SSS grade talent!”
      “It’s only been a short while since we’ ve been fighting.”
      “Let’s see what the treasure chest can open.”
      Li Xuan came to the fox nest and had an E-class silver treasure chest.
      The other players could only choose one of three to fight the wild.
      However, Li Xuan could take all three of them!
      He could even choose one of them, increase to Gold rank, D rank!*

      Chapter 44 The opening of the pink girl!Chaotic Force!(5/5)

      [Silver Helmet (Grade E): Head Defense +15, Durability 260/260]
      [Invulnerability (E-level skill book): Any enemy that attacks him will lose 80% of their movement speed and attack speed for 2 seconds.]
      [Chaotic Force (E-level skill book): Any attack you make will be randomly divided between 50% and 250%.]
      Li Xuan took a look.
      “The power of chaos is either halved or 250%?”
      Do you think I look like 250?
      Li Xuan cursed in his mind and directly chose the Chaotic Force to upgrade!
      [Chaotic Force (D-level skill book): Any attack you make will be random between 50% and 350%.]
      That would be great.
      If he could have dealt 100 damage, he would have randomly dealt 350 damage!
      Of course, it was also possible to reduce the damage by half. However, after upgrading to a D-level skill, the probability of the damage being reduced was greatly reduced.
      Overall, this skill had a high benefit in terms of damage improvement.
      Then, he learned [Inviolability].
      As long as he attacked his enemy, his speed would be reduced by 80%. For two seconds, it was simply a defensive divine skill.
      Although it might not be useful at certain times.
      Especially when facing a skill, the effect was not obvious.
      But no matter what, it would definitely be extremely disgusting.
      One level D skill, one level E skill!
      With the addition of the E grade silver helmet, it could effectively prevent the head from exploding.
      Li Xuan looked at his stats. He only had 53 stamina points and 530 health points.
      If a weapon like the Marne Fire Spear appeared, he would be gone with just one shot……
      “However, it’s only now that we’ ve fought.”
      Li Xuan looked at the small map.
      The wild hunter’s innate hunting skills had already given him the next location of the nearest wild monster.
      Set out!
      On the other side of the mountain range.
      A pink girl walked alone in the forest, her appearance cute, her eyes gentle like water.
      “Where will Big Brother Li Xuan be?”
      “I have to help Brother Li Xuan advance in this round~”
      Su Fei’ er had already left with her teammates.
      Or rather, she had deliberately left.
      She didn’ t want to be with those stinky men’s teammates…
      In this match, she was not in the form of a demon, but an angel.
      [Grade A talent: Angels and Demons!]
      [Angel Form: Angel’s Blessing, Angel’s Prayer!]
      [Angel’s Blessing: Increases his or her basic attributes by 100%!]
      [Angel’s Prayer: Whenever one item was obtained, if it was n’ t the item he needed, it could be randomly replaced with another item of the same grade.Cool down for 2 seconds!]
      The angel’s prayers were extremely refreshing.
      If it was something that he didn’ t want, he could change it as he pleased.
      Of course, if it were to be exchanged several hundred times and waste time on this, there would be no time to develop…
      Therefore, it was almost enough.
      After confirming that the item had been obtained, this talent could no longer be used.
      Only when the item was newly acquired could it be replaced.
      She stood beside a weapon rack.
      “Replacement……Replace……”Yi, bronze crossbow.”
      The young lady’s eyes lit up.
      She held a crossbow in her hand, yet no one could feel any threat. It was because she was too cute!
      Little, pink.
      The crossbow was her first choice weapon!
      Suddenly, her cute ears moved and she heard a faint sound of footsteps coming from nearby.
      Moreover, there was more than one person!
      “Look, there’s a loli over there!”
      “Why is Little Sister here alone?”
      “Hehe, let your brother comfort you ……”
      A group of four young men appeared in the forest. All of them smiled maliciously and walked towards Su Fei’ er.
      In the end……
      A crossbow arrow shot directly onto one of the young men’s faces.
      -63(Explosive head)!
      The four youths were furious, quickly rushing towards Su Fei’ er.
      Their speed was completely inferior to Su Fei’ er’s.
      This girl’s survival points had all increased her Agility. Coupled with the Angel’s Blessing, her initial Agility had doubled!
      Her current speed was comparable to Li Xuan’s initial state!
      A one against four kite started.
      After using the’ Angelic Prayer’ talent to replace the long-range weapon, Su Fei’ er was practically invincible in the early stages.
      The enemy retreated and entered!
      The enemy entered and retreated!
      One arrow after another, the opponent couldn’ t even run away!
      At this moment.
      Li Xuan had already arrived before the second wild monster.
      [Scorched Earth Tree Essence (Grade E): Health 750]
      This wild monster would give players a’scorched earth’state, causing continuous damage. Moreover, there was a chance that it would ignite, causing even higher continuous damage.
      If the resistance was not high, the scorched earth tree spirit would still be very injured.
      He had to eat a piece of cheese after he finished.
      But to Li Xuan, all of this was not a problem.
      Although Li Xuan still held the bronze sickle, it was completely true.
      Over five meters away, he leaped towards the scorched earth tree essence and swung his sickle towards the tree essence!
      [You triggered the Chaotic Force!]
      [Your attack caused 302% damage!]
      In seconds!
      The effect of punishment was five times more severe. Fighting wildness was comfortable!
      (PS: The new month has begun ~ Author Jun weakly begged for next month’s tickets, flowers and evaluation tickets ~~~)*

      Chapter 45: You only have control skills?Earth Crashing!(1/5)

      After insta-killing the scorched earth tree essence, Li Xuan stepped forward and opened the dropped E-class silver treasure chest:
      [Silver Long Stick (E-level): Attack Power +30, Attack Range +2m, Durability 300/300]
      [Silver Boots (Grade E): Movement Speed +12]
      [Ground Crushing Strike (E-level skill book): A single step on the ground causes 2 seconds of dizziness to the enemy within 5 meters.Cooling for 9 seconds.]
      Pick them all!
      Others could only choose one, and Li Xuanquan wanted it!
      Not only that, he could also choose one of the items to upgrade.
      “Choose the Earthquake Strike Skill Book to upgrade.”
      Li Xuan thought for a moment and raised the Earth Crushing Skill Book to Grade D:
      [Ground Crushing Strike (D-level skill book): One step on the ground, causing 3 seconds of dizziness to the surrounding enemies within 10 meters.Cool down for 7 seconds.]
      The dizziness range doubled!
      The dizziness time increased by one second!
      The cooldown was reduced by 2 seconds!
      This would be an extremely useful control skill.
      Apart from that, Li Xuan also obtained a special ability from the scorched earth tree essence.
      This special ability was the same as the [Jump] provided by the Wild Fox King. It would not occupy the skill slot:
      [Burning of scorched earth: An attack has an 80% chance of causing a scorched earth effect to the target. Every second, it causes +20 intelligence fire damage, lasting for 3 seconds.]
      The probability of scorched earth reaching 80%!
      Moreover, if the intelligence attribute was high, it could increase the probability.
      Li Xuan looked at his current attributes:
      This attribute was already double that of most players at this stage!
      Therefore, with Li Xuan’s current intelligence points, if he were to attack other players, it would basically be 100% effective.
      Li Xuan put on his silver spear and boots.
      The attacks, attack range, and movement speed were greatly improved!
      It was at this moment.
      [Your teammate,”01234″, killed a target,01978, and obtained 5 full attributes!]
      [Your teammate,”01234″, killed a target,01749, and obtained 5 full attributes!]
      That teammate named Linghu Xiu had actually obtained a double kill.
      Although this person had some problems with his brain, his combat strength was not low. He should be quite talented.
      His talent should be related to killing, right?
      Li Xuan didn’ t know the details.
      He didn’ t mind either.
      In any case, he couldn’ t rely on others to win this round of advancement.
      To Li Xuan, victory was certain.
      All he cared about was how many survival points he could gain.
      At this moment, Li Xuan was heading towards the next wild monster spot.
      Very quickly, he arrived at the entrance of a sealed valley. The small map showed that there was a wild monster inhabiting the valley.
      From afar, he heard the sounds of battle.
      “Someone is fighting?”
      Li Xuan was completely unmoved as he directly entered the valley!
      At first glance, one could see a D-class [Mountain Forest Bear] being surrounded by two players in the valley.
      A player held a silver shield in his hand, blocking the forest bear’s attack.
      Another player held a long sword and attacked the mountain forest bear from the side.
      Li Xuan didn’ t hesitate at all. He jumped forward.
      Holding the silver rod in his hand, he swept towards the back of the shield player.
      The player reacted quickly. He turned around and raised his silver shield to block Li Xuan’s attack!
      After all, he was a player who could participate in the promotion competition.
      There was some guarantee of basic combat strength!
      [You triggered the Chaotic Force!]
      [Your attack caused 288% damage!]
      [You destroyed the silver shield!]
      Li Xuan was a little surprised.
      A stick smashed the other party’s shield?
      In the survival game, every piece of equipment was durable.
      Once the durability was exhausted, the equipment would shatter.
      A physical attack would destroy as many durability points as it could deal damage, including shields, armor, and helmets……Wait.
      It was even suitable for many weapons.
      Generally speaking, the durability of weapons was relatively high, so it was unlikely that they would be shattered.
      But now, this player had just used his silver shield to block quite a few [Mountain Forest Bear] attacks, and his durability had already consumed quite a bit.
      This time, he was smashed down by Li Xuan’s rod and his shield exploded on the spot!
      This White Silver Shield had blocked Li Xuan’s move. It could be considered dead, or else the other party would have been killed.
      Following that, another player with a sword turned around and threw a skill at Li Xuan.
      Sword Qi rose from Li Xuan’s surroundings, imprisoning him!
      [You were imprisoned by the Sword Prison!Unable to move in 2 seconds!]
      This was clearly an E-level skill.
      However, using it to imprison and control his opponent was not bad.
      “You think only you have control skills?”
      “Earth Crashing!”
      After Li Xuan was imprisoned and unable to move, he directly stomped on the ground.
      Immediately, a wave of fluctuation spread to the surrounding 10 meters, causing those two players, along with the forest bear, to become dizzy!
      The other party was only restricted, making Li Xuan unable to move.
      This Earthquake Strike was three seconds of dizziness!
      Hard control!*

      Chapter 46 What kind of immortal skill is this?Try upgrading!(2/5)

      Dizzy for 3 seconds.
      If it was an ordinary player fighting against three seconds of dizziness, the outcome would not have been decided.
      Because ordinary people’s attacks weren’ t that high.
      But Li Xuan was different!
      He was locked in place by the Sword Prison, but with his long stick and attack distance, he could completely attack the player who had just broken the shield.
      He swung his long rod and smashed it!
      [You triggered the Chaotic Force!]
      [Your attack caused 102% damage!]
      Without the jump attack bonus, the Chaotic Force didn’t have too much effect. It landed on the bronze helmet, causing 79 damage.
      But the effect was not great!
      [You’ ve created a “scorched earth burning” effect on your target!]
      Two seconds later.
      Li Xuan’s “Sword Prison” was released.
      The shield player in front of him was also burned to death by Li Xuan’s scorched earth effect……This contestant only had a total of 200 blood. With a single stick and burnt soil, it became a box.
      Then, he swung his club at the player holding the sword.
      [You triggered the Chaotic Force!]
      [Your attack caused 350% damage!]
      This time, there was no need to burn the burnt soil. It directly triggered the maximum effect of the Chaotic Force, and it was instantly killed!
      Two kills!
      All attributes increased by 10 points!
      In addition, there was a D-rank wild monster next door, the Mountain Forest Bear. This would bring Li Xuan a huge boost!
      Just when Li Xuan killed these two opponents.
      His three scattered teammates were surprised.
      “Double Kill?”
      The white-robed young man with white gloves, Linghu Xiu, smiled faintly.” Unfortunately, it’s not as fast as me.”
      He was developing well now.
      But what he didn’ t know was…
      Li Xuan’s talent this time was his talent in the field.
      The benefits of Li Xuan’s killing was not worth mentioning when compared to Shuan Ye!
      Therefore, comparing the killing speed with Li Xuan was meaningless.
      If he were to compare his attributes, Li Xuan’s current attributes were already two or three times that of him!
      “It seems that anyone who can enter the advanced stage can not be underestimated.”
      The beautiful woman with an explosive figure, An Muqing, couldn’ t help but think of the two killing tips.
      A smile appeared on her peerlessly beautiful face.”This promotion match should be very smooth.”
      She acknowledged Li Xuan’s strength.
      Just now, she had also killed a lone player.
      But what she didn’ t know was that their level was completely different from Li Xuan’s!
      It was at this moment.
      Smiling Buddha, Tang Ling, and his paunchy body moved swiftly through the forest.
      Although he was fat, his skills were not bad!
      “The three of them have already killed someone, so it’s time for me to kick up the fuss.”
      Tang Ling maintained his smile and pushed aside a cluster of grass.
      What appeared in front of him was a young lady in a pink dress, with her back facing him, searching for a wooden box on the ground.
      “She is a little girl?”
      “That’s right. I just happened to try the silver spear I just found!”
      Tang Ling held a silver spear in his hand and decided to attack that girl!
      However, what he didn’ t see was that.
      Just as he was about to make a move, the pink girl who was squatting on the ground, as if she didn’ t notice, suddenly curled her lips.
      A pair of cute little tiger teeth revealed her loveliness, but it also seemed that she was a bit cunning!
      She……He had long sensed Tang Ling’s existence!
      [You triggered the Chaotic Force!]
      [Your attack caused 119% damage!]
      Li Xuan wiped out all the blood left by the Mountain Forest Bear.
      [You killed a Mountain Forest Bear (D-level), your entire attribute increased by 10 points!]
      [You have learned the ability from the forest bear: tough skin!]
      [Tough skin: body defense +50, head defense +50, elementium damage reduced by 50%!]
      A passive defense skill!
      Not only did he increase the defensive power of his entire body and head, he also increased his elemental damage reduction.
      For example, fire damage and poison damage could be considered the most common elementium damage in the Bronze Bureau.
      Before this, Li Xuan hadn’ t seen anything that could withstand such injuries. Now, he saw it.
      After the mountain bear was killed, a D-grade golden treasure chest appeared on the ground.
      “Three gold items!”
      “One of them can even be upgraded to a platinum item!”
      Li Xuan walked forward.
      Opening the golden treasure chest:
      [Gold Helmet (Grade D): Head Defense +25, Durability 600/600]
      [Golden Boots (Grade D): Movement Speed +25]
      [Throw Attack (D-level skill book): Throw any equipment, long-range attack, attack distance 25 meters.Damage (equipment quality *200+ power) points!]
      Throwing attacks?
      What kind of immortal skill was this?
      Li Xuan looked at his backpack. There were quite a few extra equipment.
      Especially after killing the two of them, he also found several pieces of bronze and silver equipment from the box.
      “Looking at the introduction, the damage caused by this throwing equipment seems to be very high. It’s still a long-range attack.”
      “Try upgrading!”
      Li Xuan chose to upgrade this skill book to Level C, Platinum!*

      Chapter 47 Super Burst!One of his teammates was killed?(3/5)

      [Throw Attack (C-level skill book): Throw any equipment, long-range attack, attack distance 35 meters.Damage (equipment quality *300+ power *2)!]
      After this skill was upgraded to Platinum C, the attack distance increased by another 10 meters!
      Moreover, the damage was even higher!
      “Even if I threw a piece of bronze equipment, it would cause 454 damage!”
      “If you include Chaotic Force, you will be able to unleash up to 1589 damage!”
      It was still a long-range attack!
      A platinum skill was powerful!
      Of course, when combined with Chaotic Force, it was true strength.
      Otherwise, the damage would be normal.
      However, this was only the damage of throwing bronze equipment.
      If he threw a silver weapon, it would be 754 basic damage.
      Throwing gold equipment would instantly damage 1054 basic damage.
      Not to mention white gold equipment!
      “This skill can kill people from afar.”
      “System, can this equipment be recycled after being thrown out?”
      Li Xuan couldn’ t help but ask.
      [Host![The equipment used for the [Throwing Attack] skill is a consumable item. I hope you understand ~]
      No wonder the damage was so high……
      If this piece of equipment was thrown out, it would cost one piece of equipment.
      Who could withstand it?
      Fortunately, Li Xuan had obtained the wild hunter’s talent this time. He definitely didn’ t lack equipment.
      When the time came, the repeated gold equipment could even be upgraded to some white gold equipment.
      He learned this skill.
      As a result, his four skill slots were full:
      Inviolability (E-level)
      Chaotic Force (Grade D)
      Earth Crashing (D-level)
      Throw Attack (Grade C)
      If he continued to acquire any more skill books, he could only choose to replace one of them.
      As for what to replace, let’s wait until we get the new skill book!
      “The nearest wild monster is only a hundred meters away.”
      “Let’s go and try this throwing attack first. It’s enough to throw a bronze equipment.”
      Li Xuan headed towards the next monster.
      Soon, he arrived beside a pile of dead trees and saw an E-class wild monster.
      [Deadwood Tree Essence (Level E): Health 1180]
      “I’ ll throw it away!”
      Li Xuan took out the first bronze scythe and threw it at the withered tree sap from afar.
      [You triggered the Chaotic Force!]
      [Your attack caused 176% damage!]
      The bronze scythe landed on the withered tree essence’s head. A bright red figure jumped out and instantly killed it.
      The punishment effect could increase Li Xuan’s damage to wild monsters by 500%!
      Combined with Chaotic Force and throwing attacks, he hit a number of injuries he had never expected.
      [You killed a Withered Wood Tree Essence (E-level), your entire attribute increased by 10 points!]
      [You learned the ability from the Withered Wood Tree Essence: Aging!]
      [Aging: Reduce movement speed by 30 points, but increase body defense and head defense by 100 points!]
      Li Xuan looked at it and felt a little depressed.
      Reduce the speed of movement, increase 100 points of body defense and head defense?
      “Fortunately, I already have 98 points of Agility, plus my gold boots, I’ ve reached 123 points.”
      “Even if I reduce it by 30 points, I still have 93 points to move.”
      “Three more wild monsters will return!”
      Li Xuan shook his head.
      Although it was a bit painful, it didn’ t have much effect on him.
      If this ability was given to others, then it would be a joke. Perhaps it would be reduced to a negative speed, unable to move.
      In that case, he could only watch helplessly as the restricted region continuously shrank in, and then died in the restricted region.
      The key point was that Li Xuan’s defense had exploded!
      Body defense:160 points!
      Head defense:175 points!
      The reason why his head defense was even higher was because he was wearing a golden helmet, and the armor was only a bronze armor.
      This defense was terrifying!
      As long as he hadn’ t obtained more than ten kills, even if he held the golden crossbow and shot an arrow at Li Xuan’s head, he wouldn’ t be harmed at all.
      Unable to break through!
      “However, there are some individual skills that have higher injuries that can still threaten me.”
      “Or perhaps it’s a single C-class weapon like the Marne Fire Spear that can kill me.”
      Li Xuan knew that he was not invincible right now.
      He had to continue to develop!
      Just as he was heading towards the next monster.
      A system notification rang out:
      [Your teammate number 09527 was killed!Killers: Number 01314!]
      One of his teammates was killed?
      Li Xuan looked over. Sure enough, one of the teammate icons on the map had just disappeared.
      The one who died was that fatty, the deputy director of the inspection department of City K, known as the Smiling Face Buddha!
      The number of the killer was a bit familiar.
      It was the little sister who called him Big Brother Li Xuan!*

      Chapter 48 Tang Ling!This equipment was a little lacking?(4/5)

      In the distant forest.
      Tang Ling was dumbfounded.
      He……He was actually killed?
      He was still killed by a harmless looking girl!
      [You have already been killed!]
      [This game, you can continue watching your teammates’ matches with your soul state!]
      Note: After advancing to Silver rank, the spectating function will be permanently unlocked.)
      Hearing the system notification, Tang Ling decided to stay and watch his teammates’ match.
      After all, it was a promotion match!
      The outcome was still very important.
      However, when he recalled the situation just now, Tang Ling’s expression darkened.
      This was a disgrace.
      The four of them were the first to be killed.
      Moreover, death in the advancement competition was actually double the punishment!
      He was the 19th person to be killed in this promotion competition.
      He was directly deducted from his 60-month lifespan.
      Five years had passed!
      Tang Ling’s heart ached so much that he would die for 60 months. If he couldn’ t eat chickens, he would have to make up for it three times in a row……
      Too miserable!
      “But that little girl is too strong.”
      “I never would have thought that a mere little girl would be so dangerous.”
      “It’s difficult for us to advance in this round.”
      He had a bad premonition!
      Just then, he wanted to attack that pink girl with his silver spear.
      His talent was not bad.
      Don’ t look at him as a fatty.
      However, his talent was a dash. He charged straight into someone’s face, sending his target flying.
      Moreover, it was a group flying!
      Generally speaking, he would be able to use his silver spear to stab the target to death with a single attack.
      When he charged forward!
      That pink girl actually turned around and jumped away!
      It was as if he had known that he would launch a sneak attack.
      As a result, his sprint was empty.
      Following that, the pink girl held a bronze crossbow and shot him to death.
      Seeing that he could not defeat him, he wanted to run away.
      But the pink girl moved too fast!
      He couldn’ t even run away!
      “Forget it. Let’s just look forward to Linghu Xiu and An Muqing.”
      “Take a look at their talent.”
      Tang Ling shook his head.
      He was straightforward and quickly turned his attention to other matters.
      He switched his view to Linghu Xiu and An Muqing.
      Linghu Xiu found some equipment in a cave.
      An Muqing had just hit a wild monster and was opening a treasure chest.
      “Unfortunately, I can’ t see their faces.”
      Tang Ling was a little disappointed.
      He could only see the movements of his teammates!
      He could not see the skills, equipment, and talent his teammates had acquired!
      Clearly, he still trusted Linghu Xiu and An Muqing even more.
      There was no hope for Li Xuan.
      Of course, he still took a glance at Li Xuan.
      “It’s really fast.”
      “Gold helmet, not bad.”
      “Bronze armor?”
      “Your weapon is a silver rank long stick?”
      He made a self-righteous analysis of Li Xuan’s combat strength and shook his head.
      This equipment was a little lacking.
      Compared to the other two teammates, they were a bit weaker!
      As a result, he turned his gaze away.
      It was not that he looked down on Li Xuan, but that he was more interested in Linghu Xiu and An Muqing.
      When Tang Ling’s gaze landed on Li Xuan.
      He had heard the system notification.
      “In the advancement competition, you’ re actually able to watch the battle if you die.”
      Li Xuan thought to himself.
      He asked the system what was going on during the battle and then felt relieved.
      He would not expose his talent.
      Even his skills would not be exposed.
      Even the equipment could only be seen through its appearance. There would be no data displayed.
      Of course.
      Even if Li Xuan knew about his talent, it didn’ t matter. After all, his talent in every match was different. He couldn’ t defend against him at all.
      At this moment.
      He arrived at a relatively low-lying place. This was also the edge of the first safety circle.
      [Swamp Crocodile (Level D): Health 960]
      A D grade wild monster!
      In the Bronze Bureau, D-level wild monsters were already the highest level of wild monsters.
      “It’s only 960 points of blood. It’s easy.”
      Li Xuan arrived 30 meters away from the Swamp Swine Crocodile and took out the bronze helmet he had found in someone’s box.
      Throwing attacks!
      This skill did not cool down.
      As long as Li Xuan’s backpack had enough equipment, it could be thrown indefinitely.
      Of course, a bronze helmet was enough to deal with a D-rank wild monster.
      “I’ ll throw it away!”
      [You triggered the Chaotic Force!]
      [Your attack caused 58% damage!]
      This time, the Chaotic Force actually triggered the lowest attack, a bit stiff.
      But there was no problem.
      This was because Li Xuan’s damage was simply too high. Even if the Chaotic Force reduced his damage by half, he still managed to kill the pig crocodile.
      [You killed a Swamp Swine Crocodile (D-level), your entire attribute increased by 10 points!]
      [You learned the ability from the Swamp Swine Crocodile: Feast!]
      [Feast: Pounce on a target within 5 meters, causing *10 damage and 50% bloodsucking.Cooling for 3 seconds.]
      Skill feast!
      It could attack the target and suck 50% blood.
      Li Xuan thought about it for a moment. With his current power attribute, this feast could cause nearly 1,000 damage. That was 500 bloodsucking points!
      The most important thing was……
      The cooldown of this skill was too short!
      Only 3 seconds of cooldown!
      “No wonder the Swamp Swamp Swamp Swamp Pig and Crocodile have less blood.”
      “If an ordinary person were to attack this Swamp Pig Crocodile, it would probably have been attacked by it all the time. It would have been hard to fight.”
      Li Xuan shook his head.
      This skill did not occupy the skill slot. As long as he killed more wild monsters, the more skills he had from wild monsters.
      This was his advantage.
      Some seemingly useless methods could also be used in some situations.
      Then, he went forward to open the D grade gold treasure chest left behind by the Swamp Swine Crocodile.*

      Chapter 49 Let me help?The sole of the shoe hit your face!(5/5)

      Li Xuan opened the golden treasure chest:
      [Gold Armor (Grade D): Body defense +50 points.[Durability 640/640]
      [Gold Dagger (Level D): Attack Power +65, Attack Speed +1.5.[Endurance 800/800]
      [Life Blessing (Level D Skill Book): Increases the life limit by 80%(Passive).]
      Li Xuan looked at the skill book first and was a little disappointed.
      It was still a skill that did not help him escape from the mental hospital.
      “However, I can learn this skill.”
      “In terms of survivability, it’s better than inviolability!”
      “After all, I’ m afraid of being killed right now. The more blood I have, the less likely I will be killed.”
      All the items were picked up by Li Xuan.
      This time, he chose to upgrade his golden armor.
      Level D to C!
      [Platinum Armor (Grade C): Body Defense +80, Durability 1080/1080]
      Just put it on!
      His entire body’s defenses instantly increased by 70 points, reaching a total of 230 points.
      The others were even more difficult to break through!
      Even if it was a Marne Fire Spear-level weapon, he would only lose over two hundred points of blood if he destroyed it.
      The passive effects from the scorched earth tree essence and the dead wood tree essence were too strong.
      “Gold dagger, equipment.”
      Li Xuan replaced the silver rod.
      However, it wasn’ t very meaningful for him to change his weapon now. After all, his main method of attack was to throw out his equipment……
      “Life Blessing. Replace it with inviolable.”
      Li Xuan learned this skill.
      His life limit had risen to 1854!
      Now, he was not worried about being killed.
      It was because not only did he have much blood, his defense was also high!
      [Restricted region began to shrink for the first time!]
      [This Council was a bronze rank to silver rank advancement competition!In order to allow everyone to adapt to the Silver grade battle, they had already placed a number of C grade wild monsters and C grade treasure chests on the map!]
      When the restricted area began to shrink for the first time.
      The remaining 75 players heard the system notification.
      C grade wild monsters!
      C grade treasure chest!
      Li Xuan raised his head.
      A few pillars of light appeared in the mountain range ahead.
      The white light pillar, with a platinum grade treasure chest at its top, began to descend!
      It was the treasure chest that he had seen before.
      There were also three black pillars of light, which should correspond to the three C-level wild monsters that were launched!
      “You can still cast wild monsters?”
      “It’s comfortable!”
      “Then wouldn’ t I be able to obtain B grade equipment and skills?”
      Li Xuan’s eyes lit up!
      He glanced at the small map……
      Shockingly, he discovered that the location of one of the black pillars of light was the location of the next wild monster that he had marked.
      In other words…
      He was very close to one of the C-class wild monsters!
      He ran straight towards the black pillar of light.
      “C-class wild monster?”
      “There should be many people fighting over it!”
      “We can see how this person fought.”
      Tang Ling had always maintained Linghu Xiu’s perspective.
      He was a wanted criminal, so of course he wanted to know more about him.
      He was a little excited now.
      Just now, Linghu Xiu had been developing all this time. He was searching for equipment and attacking wild monsters. He had already set up a full set of golden equipment!
      Unfortunately, no battle had happened.
      Thus, Tang Ling did not know exactly what kind of talent Linghu Xiu possessed or what kind of skill he possessed.
      It was completely impossible to tell.
      And now……
      Linghu Feng was running towards a black pillar of light.
      That black pillar of light was almost on his face. Of course, he wouldn’ t let it go. He would run for a hundred meters.
      “497 Is also heading towards this black pillar of light?”
      Tang Ling looked at the small map and quickly narrowed his eyes.
      Li Xuan looked at the small map as he ran towards the black pillar of light.
      He also discovered it.
      Teammate No.01234, Linghu Xiu, was not far from the black pillar of light.
      After the C-level wild monsters were unleashed, Linghu Xiu approached the black pillar of light.
      “Don’ t rob me.”
      Li Xuan used all his speed.
      At the speed of 103, he could run 61 meters per second!
      On the small map, he was quickly approaching the black pillar of light.
      The terrifying speed of the explosion shocked his teammates.
      This was too fast!
      In just ten seconds!
      Li Xuan arrived not far from the black pillar of light.
      Coincidentally, they arrived under the black pillar of light with the white-robed young man Linghu Xiu. They saw a four-meter-tall stone man.
      [Stone Golem (Class C): Health 3200]
      More than three thousand blood!
      Linghu Xiu took a look and frowned.
      “This C-class wild monster is really strong. With so much blood, it will take a long time to fight.”
      “And there must be some special skills.”
      Linghu Xiu thought to himself.
      He glanced at Li Xuan who had just arrived……He was also very surprised at Li Xuan’s high speed.
      Moreover, there was actually a platinum grade armor.
      “Luck wasn’t bad. He actually had platinum armor.”If that’s the case, you can help me kill the wild monsters.”
      Linghu Xiu immediately activated his voice on the team channel. His tone was unquestionable,” Give me your equipment. I’ ll take you to eat chicken. This one will definitely advance.”
      Li Xuan glanced at him.
      Was this person in charge?
      “If I said that I want to kill this wild monster alone, would you make way?”
      Li Xuan asked him a question.
      Hearing that, Linghu Xiu frowned slightly.
      Tang Ling, who was observing this side, laughed coldly as well.
      “This kid, if he wants to kill a C-level wild monster alone, wouldn’ t he think too much?”
      “Three thousand-plus blooded high-defense wild monsters, you want to use it alone?”
      Tang Ling found it laughable.
      Linghu Xiang wanted to speak!
      Li Xuan was already impatient.” Look, you’ re not going to let it go. There’s no way.”
      He took out a pair of silver boots.
      “I’ ll throw it away!”
      Throwing attacks!
      The sole of the silver boots directly landed on Linghu Xiu’s face from afar.
      [You killed teammate number 01234!]
      Linghu Xiu turned into a wooden box.
      Tang Ling, who was watching the battle, was instantly dumbfounded!*

      In chapter 50, if he had known earlier, throwing bronze equipment would have been enough!(1/5)

      Neither Tang Ling nor Linghu Xiu had expected that.
      This 00497 actually made such a decisive move!
      He actually threw out a pair of shoes. The sole of his shoes landed on Linghu Xiu’s face and directly smashed him to death?
      Tang Ling gasped.
      This 00497 was a ruthless person!
      “I underestimated him!”
      “I originally thought that he was the weakest member of our team, but I didn’ t expect that he would actually hide it from us?”
      Tang Ling immediately became alert.
      There were too many experts in this survival game!
      Originally, Tang Ling had thought that he would basically be able to crush him all the way with his talent of sprinting and flying.
      At least in the first few rounds, he had basically met people. They were all sprinting and flying, and they could kill their target in one go.
      But in this advancement match…
      He realized that his talent had become a little stupid.
      The current spectator list:
      Number 09527!Number 01234!
      Like Tang Ling, Linghu Xiu entered the spectating list.
      “Linghu Xiu, what does it feel like to be slapped on your face by the sole of your shoe?”
      Tang Ling chuckled.
      He discovered that the players on the spectating list could chat with each other.
      “Interesting, interesting ……”
      “I’ m very interested in this person,” Linghu Xiu said with a strange voice.He really wanted to know where his reality was?”I want him to know what cruelty is.”
      Hearing Linghu Xiu’s words, Tang Ling shuddered.
      He knew just how savage this wanted criminal was!
      Tang Ling was even more curious now.
      What kind of status was this 00497 in reality?
      He had never heard of such a figure before!
      [Your teammate number 00497 killed your teammate number 01234!]
      The beautiful teammate An Muqing, who was in the midst of the wild, also heard this system notification.
      “Wu ……”
      “They actually started fighting?”
      “Linghu Xiu was actually killed!”
      A trace of surprise appeared on An Muqing’s face.
      “Tang Ling is dead.”
      “Linghu Xiu is gone.”
      “What do you mean, now there is only number 497 and me left?”
      “This is a promotion match……”This number 497 actually killed his teammates. It’s a bit too much.”
      “However, it’s quite interesting.”
      She pursed her lips and smiled, but very quickly, she was a little worried.
      She had thought about it for a long time. She had even thought about the situation in the finals.
      If some of the well-developed teams lived to the end, then in the end, she would have to fight four with number 497……
      It was a bit difficult!
      Li Xuan had considered what his teammates would do.
      To him, this was to brush the wild, brush the wild, and brush the attributes to the highest!
      As for the promotion competition…
      Would it be stressful for him to eat chickens?
      Killing people was just by the way.
      Shua Ye was the king!
      [You killed your teammates (No.01234)!]
      [You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
      “He died in a split second.”
      “Waste me a pair of white silver shoes.”
      “If I had known earlier, I would have thrown a bronze equipment!”
      Li Xuan shook his head.
      But it didn’ t matter!
      After he killed Linghu Xiu, he would obtain a set of golden equipment from Linghu Xiu’s box.
      These equipment could be used for throwing!
      “Gold helmet!”
      Li Xuan picked up all the equipment that Linghu Xiu had dropped.
      Then, he started throwing attacks at the golem from afar.
      He held the golden helmet in his hand, emitting a golden light. Then, it was thrown out in a straight line.
      The next moment, it hit the golem’s face!
      At this moment, Tang Ling and Linghu Xiu were observing him.
      They were all guessing how long it would take him to kill the golem.
      In the end……
      [You triggered the Chaotic Force!]
      [Your attack caused 199% damage!]
      Instant kill!
      Even though the golem had more than three thousand lives, it was not worth mentioning under Li Xuan’s natural talent as a wilderness hunter.
      The punishment increased by five times, allowing him to crush any wild monster!
      The moment the golem collapsed.
      Tang Ling was stunned.
      Linghu Xiu shut his mouth.
      The two of them gasped at the same time.
      More than three thousand blooded C-class wild monsters?
      Was this 00497 still human?
      [You killed a Stone Golem (Class C), your total attribute has increased by 10 points!]
      [You learned the ability from the golem: rugged appearance!]
      [Rugged appearance: Reduce any damage received by 50%!It also increased 50 points of endurance!]
      Li Xuan received another boost, causing his life limit to rise to 3024!
      Most importantly!
      This golem had even dropped a new platinum treasure, its rugged appearance!
      All damage was reduced by 50%!
      Increase 50 points of endurance!
      His endurance increased to 168 points.
      Furthermore, with the increase of the [Blessing of Life] skill, his life limit had increased to 3024!
      Most importantly!
      This golem had even dropped a platinum treasure chest!*

      Chapter 51 Li Xuan still had thirty seconds to reach the battlefield!(2/5)

      [Platinum Blade (Grade C): Attack Power +240, Attack Range +7m, Durability 1500/1500]
      [Platinum Helmet (Grade C): Head Defense +40, Durability 960/960]
      [Sweep Thousand Army (Class C Skill Book): deals 200% damage to all enemies within 20 meters!Cool down for 2 seconds!]
      Platinum Blade!
      He swept through the thousands!
      This giant blade weapon combined with the C-level range attack skill book, even if there were dozens of wild monsters in front of Li Xuan, he would be able to sweep them all to death!
      However, Li Xuan didn’ t lack the means to attack.
      “A platinum blade can be equipped, and it’s better than a gold dagger. After all, it has a large range of attacks. It’ ll definitely be great to wave it!”
      “Skill of sweeping through thousands of troops……”I don’ t need it for the time being. Let’s put it there first.”
      Li Xuan finally decided to upgrade the platinum helmet.
      Above Grade C was Grade B.
      However, it was different from bronze platinum and the like.
      Most of the B grade equipment already had their own names.
      [You choose to upgrade your Platinum Helmet (Grade C)!]
      [Your Platinum Helmet (Grade C), increase to the Phoenix Feather Crown (Grade B)!]
      [Phoenix Feather Crown (Level B): Head defense +80, with a’scorching punishment’.[Durability 1200/1200]
      [Searing Punishment: It deals *3 Intelligence damage to enemies within 20 meters.]
      Grade B helmet equipment!
      Not only was the head defense double that of the C grade platinum helmet, it even had a special effect.
      Burning Punishment.
      Each second dealt three times more damage to the surrounding enemies.
      Based on Li Xuan’s 108 Intelligence points, the damage per second was 324!
      “As expected of a Level B equipment!”
      The strength of this equipment was far beyond the scope of the Bronze Bureau.
      Even Li Xuan coincidentally possessed the natural talent of a wilderness hunter. Adding on the fact that he had placed a Class C wild monster, he had the chance to obtain it in this advancement match.
      This would allow him to score more points in this round than in the previous four rounds.
      Li Xuan brought Huang Yu’s crown.
      His face was slightly blocked by several flame feathers.
      The streamlined flame feather made him look very elegant.
      “Next wild monster.”
      The corner of Li Xuan’s mouth curled up slightly.
      He ran towards the direction marked by another black pillar of light on the small map.
      His speed was even faster than before!
      “What level was his helmet?”Why is there still fire?”
      Tang Ling was watching the battle.
      The equipment on Li Xuan’s body made him feel a little hot.
      He had never seen such a luxurious equipment before!
      Platinum armor!
      Platinum Blade!
      Even the helmets seemed to be better than platinum grade equipment!
      Li Xuan dragged the two-meter-long platinum blade forward quickly. The blade left a deep mark on the ground, making a sharp sound of dragging the blade!
      Along the way!
      He swung his blade!
      The giant blade swung out, and an E-class wild monster was directly swept by the blade light and fell to the ground!
      Li Xuan opened the treasure chest.
      E-class silver equipment had become Li Xuan’s’ ammunition’ for throwing attacks. As for the E-class skill book, it was a single attack skill.
      It was useless to Li Xuan!
      After collecting all the items, he continued to advance.
      It was at this moment.
      “Yi, this side is fighting.”
      Tang Ling switched the viewing angle.
      When he realized that An Muqing had actually started fighting with someone, he immediately focused and began to observe.
      A wide dry valley.
      At the center of the valley, a black pillar of light shot into the sky. At the center of the pillar of light was a pitch-black spider that was four to five meters tall.
      [Bloodthirsty Mother (Level C): HP 2800]
      Around the giant spider was a total of eight small spiders. Each of them was actually a C-to-D-class wild monster.
      Their health was between 1200 and 2000.
      If Li Xuan saw this scene, he would simply be overjoyed.
      So many small spiders!
      If he were to kill all of these little spiders, wouldn’ t all of their attributes go crazy?
      This C-level wild monster was not very attractive to the others.
      After all, wild monsters were hard to fight. After finishing the treasure chest, they could only choose one piece of equipment. The price was too low.
      In comparison…
      The others preferred to go directly to the platinum-colored pillar supply chest!
      It was three hundred meters away from this Bloodthirsty Mother.
      In the withered forest by the river valley, there was a platinum pillar of light. The supply box was slowly descending from the sky.
      Around the withered forest!
      There were a total of about ten players!
      They were all waiting for the supply box to fall.
      Before the supply chest landed, these players had already started to fight intensely. Everyone wanted to obtain a platinum chest!
      Among them were An Muqing, as well as several competitors that Li Xuan was familiar with.
      Originally, Li Xuan had wanted to find the Bloodthirsty Mother of a C-rank wild monster.
      The withered forest that was about to fall from the white gold treasure chest just happened to block Li Xuan’s path.
      Li Xuan still had thirty seconds to reach the battlefield!*

      Chapter 52, why did you all run away?(3/5)

      Within the withered forest.
      An Muqing, who was dressed in black leather and had an explosive figure, was fighting another beautiful woman.
      Her opponent was Xia Ye!
      Ice-cold woman!
      Xia Ye’s battle record was not bad before, and he had also obtained the qualifications for this round of advancement.
      At this moment……One of them was empty-handed, while the other was close to their legs. They were all close to each other and were extremely eye-catching.
      [Grade D talent: Grandmaster of Combat.Strength +100%, Endurance +100%!Moreover, he could see through the enemy’s attacks!]
      This was the talent of the icy cold woman Xia Ye.
      As long as he kept empty-handed, he could double his strength and endurance.
      Most importantly, he could see through the enemy’s attacks.
      Under this kind of bare-handed fighting environment, she had a great advantage.
      However, An Muqing was not weak either!
      She held a D grade [Golden Claw].
      Gold equipment.
      The initial talent was also based on her constitution, giving her a D grade:
      [Grade D talent: Excellent Leg Skill.He was naturally proficient in leg attacks. When he used leg attacks to attack his opponent, his attack speed was +100% and attack speed was +2!Moreover, the leg defense was strengthened by 100 points.]
      An Muqing’s match wasn’ t very smooth.
      Because he didn’t get a skill book related to leg skills.
      However, this did not make her very weak.
      Right now!
      She relied on her combat experience in reality, jumping up high, her great leg spinning and kicking!
      His long, elastic leg smashed down on Xia Ye’s shoulder with lightning speed.
      This attack was too fast!
      The leg attack speed +2 meant that she could kick three times a second!
      Although Xia Ye could observe the flaw in An Muqing’s leg technique, he could see the flaw and couldn’ t keep up with it.
      She could only continuously retreat, dodge, and stand in a stalemate with An Muqing.
      Occasionally, both parties would be able to attack the other party and wipe out some of their blood.
      But most of the time, no one could do anything to anyone……
      It was at this moment.
      A golden arrow attacked from a particularly tricky angle.
      The arrow hit An Muqing’s back.
      “Sixth Sister, I’ m here for you, hehe!”
      A bald young man came out from behind a tree. It was the broadcast lamp!
      He was on the same team as Xia Ye in this round.
      “My side has also settled it.”
      Following that, two figures appeared on An Muqing’s left and right.
      These two figures were identical.
      Shockingly, it was the clone youth that Li Xuan had killed once!
      It seemed that this young man’s talent was a clone. Otherwise, if it was a skill, it wouldn’ t have been so coincidental. He had obtained a clone skill in both rounds.
      However, if the initial talent was related to the player’s body constitution……
      Was this fellow mentally split?
      Number 00444, bald youth, anchor light bulb.
      Number 04396, clone youth, called Chen Tianxiu.
      No.00666, the ice-cold woman Xia Ye. Because the number was too six, she was called by her teammates as “Sixth Sister “……
      Another member of their team had already died.
      Right now, the remaining three had actually joined forces and surrounded An Muqing!
      “Xiao Ye, you’re playing dumb.”If you can’ t beat him, you’ ll call him a teammate?”
      Seeing this, An Muqing pursed her lips and smiled.
      It seemed like these two girls knew each other?
      “Sister An, who told you to have no teammates?”
      Xia Ye laughed softly.
      “Wu…Who knew?”My teammate is still alive. He seems to be rushing over.”
      An Muqing looked at the small map and found that his teammate number 00497 was actually extremely fast!
      Could it be that he found himself in danger?
      So they came to support him?
      An Muqing was a little surprised.
      “What number is your teammate?”
      Xia Ye suddenly frowned.
      “497, Have you seen it before?”I just killed another of our teammates.”
      An Muqing actually started to chat with her, looking a little depressed.
      When she said this, the atmosphere in the arena suddenly changed.
      Hearing An Muqing’s words, the expressions of the three people who surrounded her instantly changed.
      “Me!!!”I have to run away, everyone. There’s something urgent at home.”
      The bald youth immediately pretended to be anxious and turned around to run away.
      “I suddenly remembered that my family’s clothes were still confiscated. Let’s take a step first, Oli!”
      Chen Tianxiu’s expression changed as well.
      He turned around and left with his clone.
      “Sister An, you ……”
      Xia Ye sucked in a breath of cold air.” Is your luck too good?This chicken is stable……”I have to leave first, keep my life span, stabilize my ranking, see you again!”
      After saying that, she turned around and ran away.
      An Muqing was dumbfounded.
      A trace of doubt appeared on her peerlessly beautiful face. What was going on?
      “Eh, why did you all run away?”
      It was at this moment.
      She saw her teammate number 497 on the small map, finally arriving at the edge of this withered forest.
      She had yet to see her teammates.
      The notification that his teammates had killed their target continuously rang out in his mind. Moreover, it was a continuous killing!*

      Chapter 53: An instant clearing!Even monsters!(4/5)

      Li Xuan had already arrived at the withered forest.
      He realized that his last teammate was here as well.
      Of course, this had no effect on him.
      “There are quite a few people here.”
      The corner of his mouth curled up slightly.
      Dragging the giant platinum blade, he walked step by step into the withered forest!
      With his powerful speed, he directly rushed in front of the two players who were fighting.
      Before he could take action, Huang Yu’s Crown’s scorching punishment had already caused 324 damage to these two players.
      This 324 damage alone did not kill them.
      There was still quite a bit of blood.
      However, right after that.
      Li Xuan slashed out!
      The blade light swept out, covering the two players with an attack range of 7 meters.
      [You triggered the Chaotic Force!]
      [Your attack caused 175% damage!]
      [You triggered the Chaotic Force!]
      [Your attack caused 125% damage!]
      With a single strike, both of them died!
      At this time, the players only had about four to five hundred blood cells, and the more they had, the more they would have about seven to eight hundred blood cells.
      He simply couldn’ t endure the burning of Huang Yu’s crown, plus Li Xuan’s slash.
      One had to know that this piece of equipment was a Class B equipment, and one was a Class C equipment!
      On the other hand, these people……They were basically D-class equipment, and there were even less than D-class equipment.
      Why were they gathered here?
      Wasn’ t it just for the sake of seizing the platinum treasure chest and obtaining C grade equipment?
      On the other hand, Li Xuan’s body was already a set of C grade equipment!
      Platinum Blade!
      Phoenix Feather Crown!
      Platinum armor!
      When faced with Li Xuan, these people’s results were already fated!
      When he joined the battlefield, the two of them instantly realized his existence.
      And…He could sense the dangerous aura emanating from his body.
      Someone began to attack him.
      A middle-aged man held a long golden bow and shot an arrow at Li Xuan!
      Compared to a crossbow, the shooting speed of a longbow weapon would be slower.
      However, Zhang Gong’s damage was *2 additional power. It was twice as powerful as a crossbow, and his growth was even higher.
      “Head exploded!”
      The middle-aged man was delighted when he saw an arrow landing on Li Xuan’s helmet.
      But soon, the system notification sounded out.
      [Target’s defense value is too high, your attack failed to cause damage!]
      The defense value was too high?
      Could it not cause harm?
      The middle-aged man was dumbfounded!
      Not only did his arrow come from a gold-rank weapon, it also carried twice as much power damage!
      He actually failed to break through?
      Soon after!
      He discovered that he had entered Li Xuan’s 20 meters range.
      He sensed a terrifying burning effect!
      After jumping for a moment, this fellow directly died and collapsed into a box.
      At the same time.
      Li Xuan maintained his speed and dragged the giant white gold blade into the forest.
      The’ Searing Punishment’ from Huang Yu’s Crown caused a large amount of damage to the four remaining players.
      Two of them didn’ t have much blood left. They died on the spot.
      There was also a short young man who saw that Li Xuan’s equipment seemed to be very good. He had the idea of taking risks.
      “Gale Thorn!”
      He held a golden dagger and charged towards Li Xuan.
      In the blink of an eye!
      Gust Sting: D-level skill, which causes extremely high amount of physical damage to the target!Cool down for 60 seconds!
      Gold dagger: Attack +65!
      Selfwalker: Grade E talent. When there are no other teammates around him, his damage will increase by 50%!
      This short young man kept the Gale Thorn Skill CD.
      Just for the sake of being able to obtain huge gains in one go!
      He waited for this strike for a long time!
      “I’ ve finally waited for someone with value.”
      The short young man sneered.
      The equipment on Li Xuan’s body seemed to belong to him in his eyes.
      His attack would definitely damage thousands of people. He believed that there was no way any player could withstand it at this stage!
      Very quickly!
      His golden dagger landed in front of Li Xuan’s chest with a sharp gust of wind.
      A number of injuries jumped out.
      The short young man’s expression changed drastically.
      Only four hundred injuries?
      This was not normal!
      His’ Gale Thorn’skill had a long cooldown period. He had tried to kill a wild monster before, but he had killed a D-level wild monster in an instant. It was over 1,400 damage.
      In the end……This person in front of him actually only had four hundred injuries?
      After this man suffered more than four hundred injuries, he just looked at him indifferently as if nothing had happened……
      This single glance!
      The continuous damage from the phoenix feather crown burned this short young man to death.
      He collapsed into a box!
      “Platinum armor had been destroyed for more than four hundred years ……”
      Li Xuan took a look and used the patch to repair the durability.
      Then, he looked around and then at the system notification.
      “You killed seven?”
      “Seemed to be burned to death ……”
      This wave had increased Li Xuan’s total attribute by 35 points.
      Moreover, the ground was covered in boxes!
      At the center of the withered forest, there was a platinum pillar of light. There was a platinum treasure chest that was descending!
      An Muqing looked back at the edge of the withered forest and saw this scene.
      “He has only come for two seconds.”
      “All the people in the forest are dead?”
      “Seven Killers?”
      An Muqing’s beautiful eyes widened in disbelief.
      What kind of existence was this teammate of his?
      They were completely more monsters than monsters!
      She couldn’ t help but recall what Xia Ye said to her just before she left……With number 497 in line, eating chickens was stable!
      Now, it seemed like this was really the case?*

      Chapter 54. Did he treat me as a hardcore?(5/5)

      An Mu Qing’s heart was shocked beyond compare.
      As the commander of a mercenary group in City S, she had seen many scenes.
      But now……
      She was truly shocked.
      That teammate, number 497, had actually killed seven players from the Dead Forest in an instant.
      Almost all of the killing notifications were on display!
      At first, this unremarkable teammate was actually the strongest?
      An Muqing felt that her head was a little dizzy.
      At the same time.
      Also witnessing this scene were Tang Ling and Linghu Xiu, who were watching the battle.
      Both of them were now speechless.
      Although it was possible to communicate through voice while watching the battle, neither Tang Ling nor Linghu Xiu said a single word.
      Because they had no idea what to say!
      Especially Linghu Xiu.
      He had wanted Li Xuan to assist him and ask him to take his equipment…Now, it seemed that Li Xuan’s strength was too much stronger than him!
      Number 497!
      At this moment, Li Xuan’s three teammates completely memorized this number in their minds.
      “No wonder Xia Ye had just run so fast ……”
      “It’s strange.”
      “Three of her team actually ran away when they heard 497?”Have you met him before?”
      An Muqing felt a little inconceivable.
      And now!
      The cold woman, Xia Ye, the bald youth, and the clone youth, who had already run far away, all let out a sigh of relief.
      Fortunately, he ran fast!
      They looked at the system notification……
      [Remaining players in this game:58!]
      [Remaining players in this game:57!]
      [Remaining players in this game:51!]
      Within two seconds.
      The current number of survivors decreased from 58 to 51!
      It was clear that number 497 had made a move.
      “This man is too terrifying.”
      Xia Ye’s face turned a little pale.
      But if she knew that this 497 was the most dangerous mentally ill person she was in charge of guarding, her expression would probably be very…
      Very quickly!
      Li Xuan searched through ten or so boxes in the withered forest.
      He had killed seven of them, but before he came, several of them had died in this withered forest.
      “The backpack is too small!”
      Li Xuan frowned.
      He wanted to search all the things in these boxes.
      Unfortunately, the backpack was not enough!
      Thus, he picked up all the gold equipment, as well as patches, milk, and cheese.
      The remaining silver and bronze equipment could only give up in pain.
      One had to know that these were all ammunition for throwing attacks!
      A piece of equipment was several thousand damage…
      However, compared to gold equipment, these equipment could only be abandoned.
      “A total of sixteen gold equipment. Not bad.”
      Li Xuan nodded in satisfaction.
      At this moment, he raised his head and saw the black-skinned beauty standing at the edge of the withered forest, An Muqing.
      She hugged her chest with both hands, as if she felt a little cold?
      “What are you standing for?”Search.”
      Li Xuan pointed at the boxes on the ground and said,” It’s all yours. If there’s anything you can use, just grab it. Don’ t be polite.”
      “Wu…”Thank you.”
      An Muqing was a little embarrassed.
      She was a very principled person. She definitely wouldn’ t want something that wasn’ t her own.
      She had never thought of stealing anything that Li Xuan had killed.
      Although she was from a team, she knew that it was not too polite to do so.
      But when Li Xuan asked her to search…
      She still subconsciously agreed, completely unlike her usual self.
      “By the way, protect this white gold treasure chest for me. Someone come and kill it.”
      Then, Li Xuan instructed her.
      “Where are you going?”Wait for the box to come down?”
      “I’ ll go brush Bo Ye first.”
      After saying that, Li Xuan continued to run towards the center of the valley 300 meters away.
      The C grade wild monster under the black light pillar was his target!
      Of course, it wasn’ t bad to collect a few heads along the way.
      The main reason was that these people gathered together was that it was very easy to put away their heads!
      An Muqing felt a little dazed.
      What was going on with this teammate?
      Unlike normal people?
      Even the platinum treasure chest didn’ t wait for a moment?
      She looked at the platinum chest that was falling down and estimated that it would still be half a minute.
      “Not even in half a minute?”
      She shook her head, not thinking too much.
      Then, he began to search the boxes left behind by the players on the ground.
      “All the silver and bronze equipment left?”
      “Why am I here?”
      An Muqing was dumbfounded.
      She had never expected this!
      Just now, Li Xuan had actually taken away all the gold grade equipment, milk, cheese, and other useful things!
      After all, she was already covered in gold equipment.
      What was the use of these silver and bronze equipment?
      “Spit blood!”
      She quickly thought of Li Xuan’s purpose.
      This teammate was not as generous as she thought.
      Having her search the box was simply to stabilize her.
      The real purpose of this man was to ask her to help protect the platinum treasure chest that had yet to fall!
      “Are you using me as a protective treasure chest?”
      The more An Muqing thought about it, the more something was wrong?
      There was a feeling of being fooled!
      Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationIt wasn’t a lot of updates, but after getting on the stage, QAQs would explode. Weakly, please ask for monthly tickets, evaluation tickets and fresh flowers. Please!~)*

      Chapter 55 Cleaning the Little Spider!A sneak attack from the ground-drilling players!(1/5)

      An Muqing was right.
      Li Xuan really treated her as a tool.
      He wanted to save time. He wanted to fight the wild monsters first, but he was afraid that before he could return, the platinum treasure chest would be taken away by someone else……
      So let his teammates guard it!
      However, it wasn’ t good to let your teammates guard it for nothing……
      As a result, she gave all the boxes on the ground to her.
      In Li Xuan’s opinion, this logic wasn’ t a problem.
      As for whether the items in those boxes were useful to his teammates, it was not Li Xuan’s concern.
      Very quickly!
      He arrived at the center of the valley.
      He saw the tall black spider and the eight small spiders around the black spider, the Bloodthirsty Mother.
      “Wild Hunter’s ability to increase by killing monsters is based on the number of monsters.”
      “There are so many small spiders, you’ ve made a big profit.”
      Li Xuan’s eyes lit up.
      The monster’s blood was visible. These two thousand-plus blood spiders were just food for him.
      Just now, he had killed seven players, and his attributes had increased by 35 points.
      Now, his intelligence had reached 143 points!
      The damage caused by the phoenix feather’s crown to the surrounding area reached 429 points per second.
      If the damage to wild monsters increased by five times!
      Those little spiders could burn to death in a second.
      As for the big spider, the Bloodthirsty Mother, it only took one second.
      Li Xuan dragged his platinum blade into the valley.
      They were directly discovered by the spiders!
      These little black spiders rushed towards Li Xuan one after another. They were only 20 meters away from Li Xuan when their bodies were instantly burned to death!
      On the other hand, the Bloodthirsty Mother spat out a string of silk at Li Xuan from afar.
      [You’ ve been entangled with Bloodthirsty Mother’s silk!]
      [You were imprisoned for 5 seconds!]
      Confined for 5 seconds.
      Li Xuan could only wait for the confinement time to end. The Bloodthirsty Mother also approached him after spitting out the silk.
      Then, he was burned to death by the scorching punishment of the phoenix feather crown!
      A C grade treasure chest appeared.
      It was at this moment……
      A young player wearing golden armor suddenly emerged from the bottom of the valley.
      This fellow actually had the ability to drill into the ground!
      He had been hiding under the river valley!
      While Li Xuan was trapped by the spider silk, this young player held a golden crossbow and directly attacked Li Xuan!
      Killing and seizing treasures!
      It had to be said that this person was very thoughtful.
      If someone else were to fight the Bloodthirsty Mother, perhaps he would really be the last of them.
      Although Li Xuan was imprisoned, he could still use his skills to launch attacks.
      “Throwing attacks.”
      “I’ ll throw away the golden armor!”
      He held a golden armor in his hand and threw it at the young player.
      His movements were even faster than the young players firing their golden crossbows!
      [You triggered the Chaotic Force!]
      [Your attack caused 81% damage!]
      An instant kill!
      Even if he couldn’ t use his Chaotic Force this time, he would still be able to deal more than a thousand damage and kill him!
      Li Xuan looked at his own attributes.
      Just now, he had continuously burned those little spiders to death. This time, he had killed another player, causing him to increase his entire attributes by 95 points.
      All attributes had reached 240 points!
      Among them, the endurance had reached 298 points under the [Rough Appearance] effect!
      Life limit:5364!
      [You have learned the ability from the Bloodthirsty Mother: Spider Silk Winding!]
      [Spider Silk: Shoot out a spider silk, entangle the target within 30 meters, imprison for 5 seconds!Cooling for 12 seconds.]
      Five seconds later.
      Li Xuan’s imprisonment was lifted and he first opened the Bloodthirsty Mother’s Class C treasure chest.
      [Hunter Fire Beetle (Class C): Attack power +720, but the farther the distance, the lower the accuracy.Durability 1360/1360](plus 8 rounds of ammunition.)
      [Platinum Armor (Grade C): Body Defense +80, Durability 1080/1080]
      [Precision Aim (Class C Skill Book): Make long-range attacks hit (passive).]
      Pick them all!
      He also chose to upgrade his platinum armor.
      In terms of combat strength, the combination of the Hunter Flame Dragon and the precise targeting skill was definitely extremely terrifying, but it was still not as powerful as Li Xuan’s “throwing attack “.
      Not to mention that this Hunter Fire Dragon only had eight rounds of ammunition attached to it. The limit was too great.
      That was why he had upgraded his platinum armor!
      [Alloy Armor (Grade B): Body Defense +300, Durability 3000/3000]
      After upgrading, it turned into alloy armor.
      Although there was no special effect, but……This defense was too explosive!
      It was almost four times as much as the C grade armor!
      Li Xuan put on his alloy armor.
      Body defense:450 points!
      “I almost couldn’ t break my defenses even if I hacked at myself.”
      Li Xuan clicked his tongue.
      There was no need to mention his own attributes, and he was still holding a 240 attack platinum blade.
      If others couldn’ t attack a hundred gold weapons, they wouldn’ t be able to break through his defenses.
      In the Bronze Game, graduated players only had about a thousand blood.
      With a 400-point attack, it was already a terrifying attribute to be able to kill an opponent with two or three strikes.
      However, the same 400 attacks struck Li Xuan……But he couldn’ t even break through!
      This was the difference!
      He then turned around and searched the box left behind by the young man who had just ambushed him.
      “His ground-drilling skill is very good.”
      “If I could still move through the ground, I would definitely be able to escape the mental hospital!”
      “I just don’ t know. Is this his talent or skill?”
      Li Xuan thought for a moment, then decided to look back and find out if there were any talents like the ones that he unlocked.
      Of course, the items left behind by this player could not bring him any improvement.
      After searching, he turned around and returned to the withered forest.
      The platinum chest had already fallen!
      Teammate An Muqing was hugging her chest as she leaned against a tree, waiting for Li Xuan’s return.*

      Chapter 56 No, I am very obedient!(2/5)

      “Are you done?”
      Seeing Li Xuan return, An Muqing’s pretty face revealed a look of surprise.
      So fast?
      The platinum chest had just landed!
      She had clearly received a notification from the system, and her 497 teammate had killed another player!
      Not only did he clear a wave of C-level monsters, he even killed people. It was only half a minute to go back and forth three hundred meters?
      This was too fast!
      As Li Xuan approached, he glanced at her……
      Li Xuan did not respond to her surprise!
      He only said,” We’ ve shrunk back. Let’s go.”
      He went forward to open the platinum chest……
      This time, his luck was quite bad. All three of them were white gold equipment and did not have skill books.
      They could only become the ammunition for his attacks!
      This was a treasure chest that could not be upgraded through the wilderness hunter’s talent.
      He could only use it as a point to raise his equipment.
      In order to pick up these three pieces of platinum equipment, Li Xuan also threw away the three pieces of gold equipment in his backpack.
      “In this round, your survival points will double!”
      “The points you can obtain will be extremely terrifying!”
      Li Xuan was extremely excited!
      After picking up the treasure chest, he left without waiting for his teammates.
      He ran straight to the nearest wild monster!
      Since his talent was a wilderness hunter, he had transformed into a wilderness hunter in this round…All the wild monsters on the map were his targets!
      An Muqing couldn’ t help but sigh when she saw how fast he was.
      “This person doesn’ t need any teammates at all.”
      “This is too powerful…”However, I can’ t stay here.”
      “I have to fight for a few more points in this round.”
      She chose a different direction from Li Xuan.
      Clearly, if she followed behind Li Xuan, she would not be able to find a human head.
      Five minutes later.
      The restricted area shrank twice.
      The original 5000*5000 map was only a small circle with a diameter of 400 meters.
      An Muqing, who was wearing a black leather coat, was charging towards a wild monster.
      It was a D grade wild monster!
      Although she had already set up a full set of gold equipment, the main reason for her wildness was for the skill book.
      Just as she was expecting this wild monster to fall…
      Suddenly, a white beam flew over from the side and landed on her face.
      [You’ ve been hit by the spider silk!]
      [You were imprisoned for 5 seconds!]
      Silk twining?
      She immediately became nervous!
      However, right after that, she realized that it wasn’ t her enemy, but…Teammate!
      This man rushed over from the side and shot out a white thread that wrapped around her face, imprisoning her and preventing her from attacking the wild monsters.
      An Muqing was dumbfounded.
      Then, she saw Li Xuan completely ignoring her.
      Instead, he charged towards the wild monster…
      After burning to death from afar, he opened the treasure chest and turned around to leave.
      Five seconds later.
      An Muqing was freed from the restriction and regained his freedom. Li Xuan had already disappeared from his sight.
      At the same time……
      [Your teammate number 00497 killed a player!]
      [Remaining players in this game:15!]
      [Your teammate number 00497 killed a player!]
      [Remaining players in this game:14!]
      It was already twenty!
      An Muqing was a little dazed.
      This teammate was simply too powerful.
      “And it seems like he didn’ t deliberately kill people.”
      “I’ ve been fighting the wild!”
      An Muqing had no idea what this teammate’s talent was.
      She continued on to the next safe circle.
      A lone chivalrous player appeared in front of him. He was sneaking around.
      “Very good. Let me kill you.”
      An Muqing’s eyes lit up as she was about to step forward.
      A white thread shot towards her from the side and once again wrapped around her face, imprisoning her!
      “Don’ t steal my head.”
      Li Xuan passed by her.
      He threw out a pair of golden gloves from far away and smashed them on the face of the solo player, instantly killing him!
      Full attribute +5!
      The attributes were points!
      Of course, Li Xuan wouldn’ t let anyone steal the points.
      When he finished killing the player, he left.
      His teammate An Muqing said in a somewhat resentful tone,” Big brother, can we change places in the future if we release the spider silk?”It’s very bad!”
      Li Xuan replied easily.
      “Something’s wrong.”
      An Muqing quickly realized something was wrong.” In the future, just say one word of your head. Stop messing with me, okay?”
      She wanted to cry without tears.
      “I’ m afraid you’ ll disobey.”
      Li Xuan said.
      “Don’ t! I am very obedient!”Don’ t mess with me next time.”
      An Muqing hurriedly said.
      If others were to find out that the grand boss of City S’s mercenary corps would actually be so obedient to a man, they would most likely suspect life!
      This man was too fierce!*

      Chapter 57 Is this woman mentally ill?00001!(3/5)

      At this moment, the restricted region shrank again.
      Only the last 200 meters in diameter was left in the safety circle. It was located at the middle of a dense forest.
      A pink girl appeared in front of Li Xuan.
      “Brother Li Xuan!”I’ ve eliminated more than ten opponents for you!”
      Su Fei’ er finally met Li Xuan!
      “Brother Li Xuan, if you kill me now, you’ ll definitely be able to increase your survival points!Fei’ er had already calculated.”In the game, the stronger the opponent you killed, the more rewards you will receive!”
      “Then I will not be polite.”I’ ll bring you to eat chicken next time.”
      Li Xuan was quite touched.
      This girl is not bad!
      He really liked the pink girl. This girl was really obedient.
      It was just that sometimes she would turn into a black girl, so she couldn’ t be used to it anymore. She had to make it one time and make her submit!
      [You killed the target (No.01314)!]
      [You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
      Li Xuan did not show any mercy.
      The girl did not resist at all!
      Very quickly, Su Fei’ er left this game with satisfaction……
      At this moment!
      A series of question marks appeared in the minds of the three teammates who were watching Su Fei’ er.
      “Is this woman mentally ill?”
      “I thought she was quite strong, but I thought she could eat chickens!”
      “In the end, he deliberately gave it to a man to kill?”
      “It’s simply a five-thousand-mile delivery!”
      Su Fei’ er’s three teammates were completely unable to understand her actions!
      As for Su Fei’ er, she left the game.
      They had also completely lost their qualification to watch the battle and had completely left the game!
      On the other side of the mountain.
      The clone youth Chen Tianxiu was running away.
      Of course, he no longer had a clone. The clone had already been killed, leaving only one body.
      “Why are there so many monsters in this game?”
      “How can people play with this!”
      “How difficult is it to advance to a higher level?”
      Chen Tianxiu was covered in tears.
      Just as he was running away……
      A streak of white gold sword light was like a shooting star as it chased after him.
      Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!
      Chen Tianxiu was killed and turned into a box.
      A silver-haired woman with a platinum machete appeared beside his box.
      This woman gave people an extremely dangerous feeling.
      A long silver hair was draped over his shoulder. He was over 1.8 meters tall!
      He wore Class C armor and held a Class C platinum machete.
      One set of platinum.
      The equipment and attributes were extremely terrifying!
      Under her Grade C platinum armor, she was wearing a red dress that wrapped around her graceful and perfect figure.
      Even her pupils were red.
      His eyes were icy cold, as if they were machines, without any feelings.
      Her speed was too fast!
      He moved like a shooting star. He swung his blade into a net, not giving anyone any way to live.
      Her mechanical pupils turned:
      [Target had been killed.]
      [Number of remaining targets:7]
      The silver-haired woman was expressionless, not even searching the box Chen Tianxiu left behind.
      A pair of mechanical pupils followed the surroundings once again……
      Chen Tianxiu entered the spectating list.
      “Old Tie, how miserable! You’ve finally come to accompany me.”I was also killed by this woman. Player 00001 is really strong!”
      Chen Tianxiu’s scalp went numb.” Who are these people?”That’s at least a hundred. Could it be that she killed more than twenty in this round?”
      “Who knows!”I’ ve killed at least 20 monsters, right?”
      Chen Tianxiu became interested.” Tell me, which is this silver-haired woman number one stronger than that number 497?”
      Bulb:” I’ ll see who eats chicken in this round!”
      At the edge of the safety circle.
      An Muqing finally met Xia Ye again.
      “We can compete this time.”
      These two top-grade beauties once again began to fight close to each other.
      Unfortunately, there was no audience this time.
      [Remaining players in this game:7!]
      [Remaining players in this game:6!]
      [Remaining players in this game:4!]
      In the final round, there were still four people left.
      There were a total of three teams!
      Li Xuan’s group of two.
      Xia Ye was alone.
      The silver-haired woman at 00001 was alone.
      An Muqing and Xia Ye were fighting each other.
      Li Xuan finally met with the silver-haired woman number 00001.
      “This woman……”Hiss!”
      Fatty Tang Ling, who was watching the battle, switched to Li Xuan’s view. When he saw the silver-haired woman, he once again gasped.
      He felt that Li Xuan was sure to eat the chicken.
      After all, after watching the battle, he discovered that Li Xuan’s combat strength was too strong. He was completely a crushing level.
      But when he saw this silver-haired woman, he seemed to recall something.
      In one round.
      This woman killed and ate more than forty chickens!
      “Her initial attributes are extremely high!”
      “But I’ ve never heard of a city where such a powerful woman has appeared before?”
      After all, Tang Ling was the deputy director of the Supervision Department, and he knew about the experts in each city.
      However, he was completely unable to recognize this silver-haired woman!
      “Could it be…”Someone from outside?”
      Tang Ling’s face darkened.
      He felt that it wasn’ t that easy for Number 497 to eat chicken.
      Right now!
      Li Xuan and the silver-haired woman met.
      “Don’ t fight first, let me finish the wild monsters first?”
      Li Xuan asked tentatively.
      In the end, the silver-haired woman was completely unmoved. She wielded a platinum machete and swung it towards Li Xuan.
      “This speed is quite fast!”
      “Unfortunately, it’s still far from me!”
      The corner of Li Xuan’s mouth twitched!
      He tilted his body slightly and dodged the silver-haired woman’s blade light. He turned his head and raised his hand: Spider Silk Winding.
      A strand of white spider silk shot out from his palm, wrapping around the silver-haired woman’s face, imprisoning her in place!*

      Chapter 58 Advance to Silver rank!Double points and punishment!(4/5)

      The silver-haired woman was trapped by spider silk and was immediately imprisoned.
      Then, Li Xuan ran to the front and killed another D-rank wild monster.
      “There are still a few wild monsters in the finals. We have to kill them all.”
      Li Xuan was very fast.
      He hadn’ t killed the silver-haired woman for the time being…It was because he wanted to get rid of the wild monsters first to maximize his survival points!
      There were still four people remaining in this round.
      He sensed that his female teammate should be facing another person.
      They had been standing there for quite some time.
      However, it was uncertain when he would be able to kill him…
      That was why it was safe!
      Li Xuan had to keep this silver-haired woman.
      For this reason, even the passive burning effect of Huang Yu’s crown was temporarily turned off, lest he accidentally burn someone to death!
      He began to brush off the wild monsters.
      Full attribute +10!
      Full attribute +10!
      At this moment!
      Li Xuan’s entire attribute had already increased to an extremely explosive level, higher than any previous one.
      The reason why each attribute was different was because the wild monsters he killed later provided the ability to increase passive attributes.
      “I wonder how many survival points I can have?”
      Li Xuan was completely satisfied.
      It must be known that under normal circumstances, even if he killed all 100 people in a round, it would only be 500 points!
      There was no passivity or talent.
      It was almost impossible for anyone to have an attribute of 200.
      As for Li Xuan……
      This round actually had over 700 attributes!
      He had killed more than 20 times.
      Shuye was close to 50 times.
      Almost half of the wild monsters on the map had been contracted by Li Xuan!
      Li Xuan nodded.
      Then, he discovered that the silver-haired woman had actually caught up to him.
      “It’s not bad to be able to catch up to me.”
      “Unfortunately, I won’ t play with you anymore.”
      The corner of Li Xuan’s mouth curled up slightly.
      Phoenix Feather Crown, Burning Punishment…Open!
      When the silver-haired woman attacked Li Xuan with a white gold machete, flames ignited on her body.
      [You triggered the Chaotic Force!]
      [Your attack caused 350% damage!]
      Before the silver-haired woman could approach Li Xuan, she was instantly killed!
      This scene!
      As for the fatty Tang Ling who was watching the battle, his eyes almost popped out.
      What the hell is this?
      Just now!
      He also felt that this silver-haired woman was extremely dangerous.
      In the end……
      Did he get burned by number 497?
      There were still three people left!
      Li Xuan’s footsteps moved and he found the beautiful teammate An Muqing.
      “It’s her again?”
      He glanced from afar.
      He discovered that it was the icy cold woman who was guarding him again!
      Xia Ye and An Muqing were fighting close to each other. One was a Grandmaster of Combat, and the other possessed superb leg skills. The fight was so overwhelming.
      The two seemed to know each other.
      If they lost their blood, they would split up and return their blood…
      It was as if they were sparring.
      “A waste of time!”
      Li Xuan took a look and threw out a pair of platinum boots towards Xia Ye.
      The sole of the platinum boots smashed directly onto her chest!
      [You killed the target (number 00666)!]
      [You have obtained 5 points of all attributes (this game only takes effect)!]
      [Congratulations on winning this game!Please receive the settled survival points reward!]
      [Congratulations on advancing to the Silver rank in the survival game!]
      It was over!
      This game was quite a long one for Li Xuan.
      He had long since ended the game.
      However, it was still worth spending this amount of time in order to get rid of the wild monsters.
      He first looked at the points he had settled:
      [Survival Points Settlement:
      Survival score:100 points
      Points for talent:574 points
      Attribute score:283 points (for attributes with more than 200 points,1 survival point for every 10 points)
      HP Score:49(over 10,000 HP,1 HP per 100 HP)
      Points:105 points
      Skill score:78 points
      Kill/assist points:128 points!
      Special settlement: You killed a teammate and deducted 30 points from total points!
      Summary:1287 points!]
      [Because this match was a promotion match, your survival points were doubled!]
      [Your final survival points were 2574 points!]
      Two thousand five hundred survival points!
      A great harvest!
      [Because you have already advanced to Silver rank, your survival points will be doubled every match. However, if you die in the game, the life deducted will also be doubled!]
      Li Xuan’s points would double every match.
      As for the death deduction, life expectancy doubled……
      Was this related to Li Xuan?
      “Two thousand five hundred survival points, if all of them had their lifespan, it would have been more than two hundred years!”
      “But of course, I don’ t need to change my lifespan now.”
      Li Xuan closed his eyes.
      He opened his eyes again!
      He returned to the concrete room.
      Five survival games allowed him to successfully advance to the Silver rank, and the next match would become smoother and smoother.
      “Let’s see if you have the talent to drill the ground.”
      “Also……”Since this game has a spectating function, I have to consider hiding my identity.”
      “No one else should know me.”
      “But he had to prevent the icy cold woman from recognizing him ……”
      Li Xuan thought for a moment and opened the Survival Points Mall.
      He chose to exchange for something!*

      Chapter 59 Warning: This person is extremely dangerous!(5/5)

      [Shadow Veil (Grade D): Mask the face,+10 facial defense,200/200 durability]
      This was a special equipment that Li Xuan had obtained in the second round.
      It could cover his appearance.
      “Consume 400 survival points, exchange for D-class equipment to reach reality!”
      Li Xuan directly gave the system a command.
      Immediately afterwards, he felt a piece of equipment appear in his hand…
      Shadow veil!
      In fact, it was just a black cloth. However, the material was not bad, and it had a bit of defense.
      [Host!The equipment carried in the real world will become your initial equipment after entering the game.]
      Every time [real-world equipment was brought into the game, its durability was reduced by 10%.]
      [Realistic equipment can also be destroyed in the real world, reducing durability. I hope you understand ~]
      Li Xuan nodded when he heard the notification.
      “It turns out that every time you bring the real-life equipment you exchange into the game, it will reduce the durability by 10%.”
      “Was actually a consumable item ……”
      “No wonder you used so few survival points.”
      For F-class equipment, it would only cost 100 survival points.
      Grade E equipment,200 points.
      Grade D equipment,400 points.
      At most, the bronze rank could only be exchanged for D-grade equipment.
      For ordinary players, there were a lot of survival points. Only eating chicken could obtain so many points at once.
      But to Li Xuan, it was just a drizzle!
      “Let’s look for more talent.”
      Li Xuan began to search for talent.
      A few minutes later, he finally found a kind of talent called “Earth Drill “……
      [F-level talent: Ground Penetration.He could get into the ground without any trace, but he could not move after getting down.Cool down for 600 seconds.]
      This talent……
      Too spicy chicken!
      It was fine if the cooldown was long. The key was that they could not move after drilling the ground!
      Li Xuan shook his head.
      It seemed like it still couldn’ t be done.
      He looked at the talent he had chosen earlier:
      [Grade D talent: Soul Divination Transformation!He could brand his spirit onto an object, and then exchange positions with it at any time!]
      This talent was obviously helpful for him to escape the mental hospital.
      “As long as we leave this concrete ward!”
      “There’s room for manipulation.”
      Just as Li Xuan was pondering.
      The outside world had already caused a huge commotion.
      The appearance of the survival game had spread throughout the entire world.
      Countless people were watching this survival game!
      They were all waiting for the survival game to open up and enter the game.
      Life expectancy!
      Extraction ability!
      Enhanced gene!
      At the same time, an organization about the survival game had quietly appeared.
      The organization was called Reincarnation.
      The moment the Reincarnation Organization appeared, it listed the list of super dangerous figures, causing countless public discussions.
      [Dangerous person NO1: No.00497![Male!His real identity was unknown!His talent was unknown!The battle style was extremely changeable.)
      [Warning: This person is extremely dangerous!No death records were detected!]
      [Dangerous person NO2: No.00001![Silver-haired Female!His real identity was unknown!The initial attributes were extremely high. At the early stages, they definitely couldn’ t be defeated!)
      [Dangerous person No.3: No.01314![Pink girl, or black girl!Realistic status: Green Vine Mental Hospital Patient Su Fei’ er……)
      [Dangerous person No.5: No.01234![Male!Reality: S-level wanted criminal, Linghu Xiu!His talent was unknown!He was fond of wearing white clothes and white gloves. He had a habit of cleanliness.)
      [Dangerous person No.8: Number 10000![Female!Realistic status: S City Nirvana Mercenary Corps Commander, An Muqing!His talent was related to leg skills, and his physical strength was extremely strong!)
      Note 1: This ranking list is based on the words of many people.It did not strictly represent authenticity, only for reference!)
      Note 2: This ranking does not completely cover all dangerous people, or even more dangerous people, yet it has not been confirmed!)
      Li Xuan had arranged a total of five survival games.
      There were at least four hundred people at the same time as him. He had killed over a hundred people.
      Therefore, it was easy to find out about him.
      Unfortunately, Li Xuan was naturally unable to see this list.
      Up until now, he completely didn’ t know that the pink girl, Su Fei’ er, was actually from this Green Vine Mental Hospital…
      He had thought that he had only known him in the past.
      What kind of neighbor’s little sister or something.
      At this moment.
      A total of 10,000 players who had been selected into the survival game in advance had started to develop in a completely different direction.
      Those who were more powerful had already obtained hundreds of survival points!
      Although he was occasionally killed and his lifespan was reduced by a few months, it was harmless.
      There were no more than a hundred top-level players.
      They all began to use their survival points to make themselves stronger…
      There were those who chose gene strengthening!Once the upgrade was completed, it would be a permanent upgrade. However, the upgrade speed was relatively slow, and it was not particularly helpful to the survival game.
      There were also those who chose to exchange for initial equipment and initial skills!
      The equipment exchange consumed survival points. It was still within the range of the players. There were also players who chose to exchange for a one-day-limited skill.
      Once they exchanged for equipment or skills, they would be able to acquire these initial equipment or skills when they entered the game.
      Although it was not a permanent improvement, it would be even more helpful to the survival game.
      Other than the hundred or so players, the other players were all a bit difficult!
      In particular, there were several hundred players.
      Every time they entered the game of survival, they would be killed soon, and their lifespan would be continuously deducted.
      In fact, there were already players who were warned by the system:
      [Warning: Your lifespan is less than 36 months!Participating in this survival game will probably lead to your death. Are you sure you want to participate?]
      Such a player was especially miserable!
      What if he died?
      Then I won’ t participate…
      In any case, he could only live for less than three years!

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