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The holy right side of a combinational cartoon: foreword

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      The holy right side of a combinational cartoon: foreword
      Chapter one the book of 777
      (new books for collection, support!)
      “Edward, ah, Edward!!Why are you so stupid? ”
      “Oh, even the people who believe in God and preach justice are so uglyIn this case, reading the Bible is bound not to get the truth, blindly follow the teachings of our ancestors and give up their own thinking, can only get that ugly
      The young man named Edward Alexander whispered in a tone of questioning and mockeryIn this way, it is up to me to find out the truth, and it is up to me to take back the road lost by people’s stupid blind obedience! ”
      Early 20th century, 1919, London, England——
      Roy Crowley put the book he had finished reading on a slightly old solid wood table and closed it heavily. He rubbed his forehead with his hand and whispered wearily: –It is worthy of being the “original code” of the book of evil ways. Reading alone seems to be as painful as poisoning. If a normal person reads it, he will be eroded by the toxin in it, either crazy or dead. ”
      “……Ha, am I not normal?Or should I be grateful for the blood flowing through my body? ”
      Roy laughs at himself and stands up from the chair that matches the table after a short rest with his eyes closed.
      He looked around and saw a slightly old apartment with furniture that looked old for years.
      The furniture has been wiped clean. There are not many decorations on the table. There is a small potted plant on the windowsill.
      There are no luxuries in the room. It seems that the most valuable thing is the books in the bookcase in the corner. From the furnishings of this room, we can see that although the owner of the room is not poor, he is definitely not rich.
      Roy is very satisfied with this small house full of warmth. In London at the beginning of the 20th century and just after the end of the first World War, he can not live in the slums, but have a small house of his own in the residential area with his sister. He has nothing else to ask for.
      I don't know whether we should thank the father we never met or the mother who died soon after giving birth to their brother and sister?
      Ah, it's the mother that should be appreciated. Although the mother with the body didn't do her best to raise her, it was force majeure.
      The existence of the father may even have forgotten their brother and sister. Fortunately, Roy was an adult who had worked before crossing. Although the life after crossing was hard, he raised his sister with his own maturity.
      Thinking about this, Roy looked at the book he touched with his fingertips.
      The paper is cold, the book looks very new, without any sense of history. But if this book is thrown into the world of magic, it will cause a sensation for all magicians.
      ——Book of 777 by aresta Crowley
      “Magic forbidden book catalog…”
      Roy murmured, then shook his head helplessly.
      Soon after he crossed the world, he knew which world he had come to.
      He is familiar with and unfamiliar with the world of the catalogue of forbidden books of magic. He is familiar with it because he has seen the animation. Although he can't recall many details, he can at least know some general plot flow.
      It's strange because he seems to have traveled a little earlier than a hundred years. Now, let alone being a garden city, even alesta Crowley, his father and the boss behind the scenes, has not been put into a nutrition can to be a hanging man.
      In this era of unfamiliarity in interpersonal relationship and even more unfamiliarity in various forces, Roy did not go out to die, but chose the most correct decision, that is, to live honestly with his sister in this shabby apartment in London.
      Roy didn't want to go to aresta Crowley at all. He even wanted to go as far as he could go. If his memory is right, aresta Crowley should be hunted down by magicians all over the world. It's not too much to say that he is against the world.
      If you dare to go out and say that you are the son of aresta, you will have to face countless magicians to kill you that day. It's hard to live to the next day.
      Now Roy is very glad that aresta has forgotten their brother and sister. Even as a father, he has forgotten his children, not to mention other magicians. This has given Roy and his sister a relatively stable living environment.
      What's more, Roy can't do it even if he wants to go out and do business. He's not the 'original stone' with only a few dozen people in the world. He doesn't have the natural super ability, and at this time, he doesn't have the super ability development of the School Park city.
      Roy can learn some magic, but it's only a few. Roy learned these magic by self-study. He didn't receive basic education in magic since he was a child. He can only learn by relying on some books left by aresta.
      Roy's mother should be the closest lover of aresta, and aresta has definitely lived in this apartment, otherwise he would not have left many of his books here. The books in the bookcase are Roy's greatest wealth now.
      The most valuable one of these treasures is the book of 777, which Roy put on his desk.
      In the Bible of the cross, the number 7 is of great significance, representing integrity and perfection.
      It took God seven days to create the world, and on the seventh day he rested.
      In revelation, God lists seven churches, representing all the churches in the whole church period.
      7It is the seven Spirits of God. In the process of judgment, there are seven seals, seven numbers, seven bowls and seven disasters.
      After Noah entered the ark, God remained seven days of grace.
      And Solomon built the house seven years, and kept the feast seven days.
      The Lord Christ spoke seven famous words on the cross.
      ——Wait, wait, wait.
      '777' is the most important number in the Bible, which has great magic power.
      If people in the magic world see the book of 777, they will suspect that the book is related to the “cross religion”. In fact, what is recorded in the book is the analysis of Kabbala's tree of life, mysterious rituals, the names of angels, and even astrology and divination.
      (Note: the book of 777 is real in reality, written by aresta Crowley.)
      But only Roy, who has read this book for more than ten years, knows that the knowledge recorded in the book of 777 is only the most superficial thing. What this book really expounds is actually the thought of aresta Crowley, which can be described as aresta's masterpiece and his real source of strength.
      What is recorded in that book is not the tree of Kabbala's life at all, but the inverted tree twisted by aresta himself, also known as the 'tree of evil'.
      '7' was originally the holy number of the Crusade, but aresta connected '7' with 'beast', which made the original book full of 'human evil', full of rebellious rebellion against God, showing aresta's arrogance.
      “It's worthy of being called 'the beast of revelation','the most evil man in the world '. It's a betrayal of the world created by God.”
      Roy breathed heavily. Just thinking of the contents recorded in the book of 777, Roy would feel a dull pain in his head. The original sin full of 'human evil' would almost drag his body and soul into the muddy mud.
      Just then——
      “Brother, I'm back!”
      Outside the apartment door came a sweet voice.*
      Chapter 2 Lola Stuart
      (I went to the gym today. I'm weak. I need a good exercise…)
      The voice is light and sweet, with the lively and sweet of a girl. Roy, who is staring at the magic book in his hand, relaxes his facial muscles and shows a gentle smile.
      He has been listening to the beautiful voice outside the door for more than ten years. That's his sister.
      In the face of his sister, Roy will try his best not to show any distress and sorrow, but will show the happiest side in front of her.
      This is what a qualified elder brother should do. We can't let her have any worries.
      Roy's nature is like this, he will perfectly do things in line with his own identity, as a brother, he will become the best brother, there will be no slack.
      The old door was pushed open. In the narrow gap, a bright light filled Roy's eyes. It was a beautiful and pure girl.
      The girl's long blonde hair, which reaches to her ankles, is as fine as the sand on the beach. In this old and dark apartment, it is also shining, bringing hope to Roy's restless heart.
      “Lola, you're back.”
      Roy quickly walked two steps to the door, took the basket from Lola's hand, touched her fine golden hair, and saw the light dust in the palm of her handGo and clean your hair first. ”
      At the beginning of the 20th century, London was like a black factory, a real fog city. People would soon get a layer of dirty haze when they walk on the streets, and the houses here also need to regularly clean up the thick dust outside.
      “Don't worry about hair, just keep the food clean.”
      Lola's delicate fingers carefully lifted the white cloth on the basket. The white cloth had already been stained with a layer of ash, while the bread and fruit under the white cloth were clean and warm. Seeing this, Lola patted her gradually bulging mouth and slightly breathed out.
      Roy stretched out his hand to smooth the messy hair on his sister's sweating forehead, making Lola smile sweet and innocent.
      Lola Crowley, Roy's twin sister of his father and mother, grew up in London after her irresponsible father was far away and her mother died of serious illness.
      Roy stares at her sister. Her beautiful face is like a blooming flower. Her red lips are embellished on it. Her blue eyes are like the most beautiful sapphire, showing innocence and shyness. Her gradually growing facial features have their own beauty.
      Different from the general western women, Lola does not have such three-dimensional facial features. Her soft facial features are more like those of the Oriental women. Her jade muscles are as white as porcelain dolls, with a touch of pink, which can be broken by blowing.
      Staring at Roy's eyes, the 15-year-old girl's cheek gradually turned red. She turned her head embarrassed and did not dare to look at Roy's eyes. She grasped her simple white dress and whispered: “I'm sorryMrs. Mary next door gave me more fruit today. ”
      “Well, Mrs. Mary has taken care of us a lot, and I've only helped her write a few letters. Her husband should be back from the front line soon. We'd better not bother others in the future.”
      Mrs. Mary is a neighbor of the Roy brothers and sisters. She is very enthusiastic. She always gives Lola one or two of the fruits she bought so that their poor brothers and sisters can improve their food.
      Roy and Lola did not live in the orphanage since childhood. Their dead mother left a sum of money. It is very likely that the money was left by their father, alesta. As an adult who graduated from university and worked hard, Roy spent his childhood with that money when he was young with Lola.
      After that, Roy used what he had learned in the past and now to help people write letters, and he could barely make a living. In this era, there is no saying that child labor can not be employed.
      Although he is a traveller, the world today is no different from his impression in history, but Roy does not jump around like his predecessors to make any major historical changes, which is really related to his identity.
      The identity of aresta's son is not a glory in this era, but a complete reminder of life. As long as Roy doesn't want to go out, he will be killed by the magician, then he should be honest.
      “Water and fruit should be enough. I'll make some jam. Today we'll be a little more extravagant. Let's spread the bread with jam.”
      Because of Roy's distraction, Lola thinks that her brother has been staring at her. She grabs the basket at hand, lowers her head, walks in a hurry, and leaves Roy's sight like a gust of wind. A shy look appears on her white face.
      Seeing this, Roy just had no choice but to smile. Only when Lola left him a figure and saw the picture on Lola's gorgeous blonde hair, the smile on Roy's face gradually disappeared.
      On Lola's blonde hair, there is a picture like Picasso's abstract painting, like the boundless starry sky, deep and heavy. In the 'mural' painted on Lola's blonde hair, Roy clearly sees a devil's face forming in it.
      In the middle ages, it was said that there was a devil in a woman's hair, but now there is a terrible devil in Lola's hair.
      Roy couldn't help shouting out his sister's name.
      “What's the matter, brother?”
      Lola stopped and asked, turning her head slightly.
      Although she was shy in her heart, she didn't want to turn a blind eye to her brother. They grew up together and tasted the warmth and coldness of the world. In Lola's heart, her brother was her only relative and everything in her life. Even though she was burning shy in her heart, she would try her best to do whatever she wanted from her brother and didn't want to let him down.
      Roy didn't speak, just step by step to Lola's back, embrace her soft body from behind, two people have enough height difference, low head to kiss on her beautiful blonde hair.
      Then, Roy read out her name as if it were a trialLola Crowley
      All of a sudden, a heavy and oppressive momentum gushed from Lola's delicate body. Her pure blue eyes darkened, and the gloom that could never appear on a 15-year-old girl appeared on them. Even the corners of her mouth with a sweet smile were open, and became evil and dark.
      “I don't like the name, brotherI want you to call me, again, Lola Stuart
      At the end of the speech, Lola walked into the narrow kitchen with a heavy step and a basket.
      Roy's eyes narrowed gradually. He bit his own lip and suddenly turned to the empty air behind himHow can I save her? ”
      Behind Roy, a figure like light gradually emerged. It was an angel!*
      Chapter three archangels and Demons
      (picture: Edwards)
      In modern mysticism, there is a name that can be described as the existence of belief, that is “secret leader”(secret.chief)。
      The so-called “secret leader” refers to a kind of human or alien life body with high strength and wisdom. They have knowledge that is too large to be described in words, and they are almost omnipotent. Then they will pass on some of the knowledge to the next magician.
      In the famous “silver star system” of the magic association “Golden Dawn”, which has completely influenced the modern mysticism, “secret leader” is the highest level description of the realm. It is divided into three levels. The most basic “secret leader” is called (8 = 3), which means “understanding the divine meaning through human body”, that is, “magic God”!
      In modern times, there is a famous mystic Helena Blavatsky, who is the ancestor of Theosophy. It is said that she got the favor of a “secret leader” and got wisdom.
      And the angel behind Roy is a “secret leader”. According to this angel, he can be regarded as an alien life with knowledge and inheritance.
      The angel has long golden hair and a tall figure shining with light light. He is dressed in a simple white cloth, with a pair of bare jade feet emitting light light and a halo of angel on his head.
      It is impossible to distinguish his gender only from the perspective of human beings, but Roy thinks that he should be called 'female'. Perhaps it is because of Roy's idea that the angels in front of him are more and more close to the concept of 'female' in terms of their feelings and looks.
      “Guardian angel” Edwards is her name, the “secret leader” summoned by aresta Crowe using his wife's body, a mysterious existence.
      Roy didn't know when Edwards appeared behind him like a spirit behind his back. He had seen Edwards since Roy was conscious.
      Roy once asked why Edwards was around him, and the reason given by Edwards was——
      'you are an interesting person, a person who should not appear, a person I want to look for. I will observe you around you and find the place I have been searching for but can't find.'
      The words of Edwards are ambiguous. He is a complete mystic, and Roy is not worried about it. Because the secret existence of Edwards is mysterious, and he will never tell you the truth and knowledge easily. He is more like an observer, observing the existence he is interested in, such as aresta Crowley and Roy Crowley.
      The existence of Edwards can't be a single individual. She can turn herself into a plural. That is to say, there is an Edwards beside Roy and another Edwards beside alesta. They are all Edwards, observing the father and son together.
      “Answer your question…”
      Edwards has emotions such as happiness, anger, sadness and so on, but Roy always has a strange feeling from the bottom of his heart when facing her, just as in the deepest part of the angel's happiness, anger, sadness and so on, there are different emotions from human beings.
      Her voice is a bit far away, just like the 'Zilla' sound from an old TV set with bad signal. According to Edwards, this is because her words are difficult for human beings to understand, so this distortion phenomenon occurs.
      “……In Lola Stuart's body is the great devil, Cologne Zun. He is a symbol of '333'. Ten years ago, he failed in his attempt to occupy the body of aresta and somehow went to the Ying kingdom of London. ”
      Edwards's voice is always unclear, as if she is trying to translate some secret words that are difficult for human beings to understand into ordinary English. It sounds very awkward.
      “Cologne?Since you are called the guardian angel, is the Cologne like you
      Roy frowned. If the devil in Lola's body was the same as Edwards, it would be very troublesome. He never thought that the devil was so big.
      It's interesting to think about their two brothers and sisters, one with an archangel behind him and the other with a demon in his body.
      “You can understand Cologne Zun as a fallen angel. He is indeed similar to meOur existence is living in the higher aspect of xxxxx, which can only appear in the material world in the form of 'spirit'. As' spirit ', we can not exert too much influence on the material world. We have to have a physical medium to do it. This is why Cologne Zun wants to win aresta and Lola's body. Without media, he is just a person who can only do itThe spirit of observation. ”
      There is a part of Edwards' words automatically blocked. Roy knows that it's not Edwards's intentional omission, but when she says the noun herself, it's because Roy's brain can't understand it, and it's automatically filtered out by his brain.
      “I don't want to know the origin of Cologne Zun. I just want to ask avass, what can I do to expel the demon's spirit from Lola's body.”
      Roy interrupts Edwards' long speech, asking the most critical question for him.
      “You can't do it.”
      Edwards made a firm answer.
      “Who can do that?”
      “Maybe alesta Crowley can.”
      “Where is alesta now?I'll find him
      This time, Edwards didn't answer Roy. The guardian angel, the “secret leader” from a high-level aspect, gave Roy a strange smileRoy, I ask you, “is lola Stuart really your sister?”
      “What do you mean?”
      Roy was shocked to hear the words of Edwards and see her strange smile.
      Just when Roy is ready to continue to ask, Edwards is shining with a brilliant angel's posture, so he faintly disappears in front of Roy.
      Roy knew that as long as Edwards didn't want to, he couldn't get more out of his mouth.
      Roy breathes out his heart. He clenches his fist and comes to a floor mirror.
      He knows that this is because he is too weak and has not enough strength to be so passive. If he has strong strength and rich knowledge, he can try to expel the devil in Lola's body. If he has strong strength and rich knowledge, he can not rely on any outsiders to find the truth.
      “Power, knowledge…”
      Roy whispered that he had never been so eager for power and knowledge.
      Standing in front of the floor mirror, Roy looks at himself in the mirror. Although the body is only 15 years old, he is nearly 1.8 meters tall. He has a cool silver short hair and a neutral face. Standing there without speaking, people can't tell the beautiful faces of men and women. Yes, it can be described as beautiful.
      Roy knows that his hair and appearance should be inherited from aresta Crowley. Even though he has never met the man named 'father', Roy also knows that aresta is a charming man with long silver hair and extremely neutral beauty.
      Anyway, compared with what Roy looked like before crossing, he's much better looking now.
      “If I could look like this in the past, I don't think I would be short of girlfriends at all?”
      Roy laughed at himself and looked into his own eyes in the mirror.
      It was a pair of dark eyes, Roy inherited from the past is the only sign of their own, because in that pair of dark eyes, there are two pupils, it is the legendary sage phase – double pupil!
      According to the records of the history of the heavenly Dynasty, there are eight people with ChongTong in their eyes, such as Cangjie, Yushun, Chonger, Xiangyu and so on. Before crossing, Roy was also called Roy, but his surname was Luo Mingyi, instead of becoming a surname now.
      Roy used to come from Jiangsu, which was the place of the ancient Chu state. He was born with double pupils. When he was a child, he was ridiculed by other children. Until he grew up and read a lot of history books, he realized that “eyes with double pupils” was the face of a saint. He also felt proud that he was reincarnated as the overlord of Western Chu.
      Until one day, Roy went to the eye hospital. After the ophthalmologist said 'double pupil is actually a phenomenon of early cataract. It's adhesion distortion of the pupil', he finally broke his mind to be the overlord of Western Chu.
      In his later life, he had nothing to do with the Western Chu overlord. Have you ever seen the Western Chu overlord finally become a photographer, occasionally taking welfare photos for his sister with his own photography skills?
      Roy couldn't help laughing when he thought of the funny things in the past.
      But soon he is convergence mood, once again the eyes fell on his silver hair.
      What's the color of the mother's hair?I don't seem to rememberHe inherited aresta's silver hair, Lola's long golden hair is inherited from her mother's hair color?
      Is lola Stuart really her sister?
      Looking back on what Edwards had just said, there was a faint fear in Roy's heart.
      If Lola is not her sister, who is she?Who is Lola, who has lived together for so many years, always smiles sweetly and calls him “brother” and occasionally laughs at herself like a fool?
      Roy suddenly hit one side of the wall with his fist. The pain came from the nerve endings of his hand and stimulated his brain. The bright red blood slid down the wall between his fingers.
      “No, Lola is my sister, that lovely and beautiful sister. No matter who she is, no one can deny that she is my sister!”
      Roy said so firmly without any hesitation.*
      Chapter IV book of Secrets
      “Brother, your hand?”
      The bright red blood flowed down the mottled wall, and the sweet and pure voice behind him made Roy's consciousness come back. His face showed a gentle smile again, and he quickly turned around and said: “I'm sorrySorry to scare you, Lola!Just now, I was a little agitated by the contents of that book. When I came back, it became like this. ”
      Roy nodded at the book of 777 on the desk.
      As a brother, he can't pass on his troubles to his sister. He is the one who can perfectly fulfill the responsibilities brought by his identity.
      It's a highly toxic original book of the devil's way. It's just like a book recording the essence of evil spirits. It's OK for a dull person to see the mysterious knowledge recorded on the surface inside. However, the more intelligent the person is, the more he can dig deep into the ideas belonging to aresta in this book, and the more he is eroded by the deep and terrible venom.
      “Aresta Crowley…”
      Lola Stuart saw the author's name on the paper, her eyes as blue as the sea flashed a trace of haze, and even her pure sweet voice became lowYou'd better not read this kind of garbage man's writing. You'll be poisoned by it. ”
      Since childhood, Lola always had a deep resentment when she mentioned “alesta”. At that time, Roy thought that Lola hated alesta for forgetting their brother and sister, leaving them helpless. But after hearing what Edwards said, Roy thought that Lola's resentment towards alesta should have a deeper meaning.
      “Oh, no, brother, your hand is still bleeding…”
      Some of the girls seemed to react at this time. When they saw that the blood on Roy's hand was still flowing slowly, they hurriedly found a roll of gauze.
      At the end of World War I, it was easy to find the military supplies that could be used in the front line in London. Lola found scissors to carefully cut a piece of gauze, gently and carefully wrapped it on Roy's right hand.
      Roy lowered his head, and the fragrance of the girl's body filled his nose. He watched Lola's gorgeous and beautiful blonde hair scattered on the ground in disorder. His delicate face was very serious, and his slender hands were like a touch of jade. He carefully wrapped the wound on his hands with gauze, but it was just a mistake——
      “Lola, I advise you to keep your kindness and never do anything to do with nurses.”
      Roy looked at his bloated hand with tears and laughter. He always felt that after he was wrapped by those gauze, his big arteries were strangled. It would be strange if he could stop bleeding.
      If it's on the front line of the battlefield, it's estimated that those soldiers didn't die in the battle with the enemy. In the end, Lola would strangle them with gauze.
      “Why?Is my skill really that bad?I have been taught… ”
      Lola's eyes wandered and she didn't dare to look at Roy. Her delicate face showed a light red color. She was very guilty and showed an awkward smile like a silly goose.
      “Who taught you how to bandage?”
      “Sister Ella in the Puritan church not far away.”
      “I can trust sister Ella's dressing technique. She probably won't teach you to dress like this.”
      Roy looked at his own gauze wrapped weird right hand, said jokingly.
      “Is my dressing skill really so bad, brother? Are you kidding?”
      Lola opened her mouth slightly with a look of surprise on her face.
      Roy rolled his eyes and had to say that his sister, Lola Stewart, was really a natural fool when she was unique, until she didn't understand.
      “The bread is going to be cold. As soon as it's cold and hard, it won't taste good. I'll bring it over.”
      Maybe she was embarrassed by Roy's look. Lola stood up in her long skirt to get today's dinner. It was only because she had been kneeling on the ground for too long that her blood circulation was not smooth. When she stood up, she accidentally stepped on her long hair, which was almost the same height as her. Her feet were unsteady. If Roy didn't hold her, Lola would have fallen on the groundIt's too late.
      Roy was amused to see Lola Run into the narrow kitchen like this.
      This is his sister who has lived with him for more than ten years. She is almost useless except for her beautiful face. It seems that she can't do any work. Maybe the only thing she can do is to have a cute smile.
      Dinner starts on the old table in such a warm atmosphere. It's not a malicious laugh to say that Lola is good for nothing, because she really can't do many things well. For example, the simple dinner she did was very ordinary, and the homemade jam was too sour. Roy could only swallow it reluctantly.
      But he won't complain. It's not the 21st century. In London, where the war has just ended, it's very happy that two poor children can eat a little jam. Roy has learned to be simple after more than ten years of hard life.
      After dinner, Lola went to clean up the house. Although she was very diligent, she was in a hurry. Roy didn't dare to let her touch dishes and bowls. If she accidentally broke them, they might have to grab rice by hand for a long time.
      In the leisure time after dinner, Roy goes to the bookcase and draws a book out of it.
      As if thinking of something, he asked Lola, who was busyIs there any news today? ”
      Lola, who is cleaning the table and accidentally bumps her knee, hears Roy's question. After thinking about it, she says: –Sister Ella said that the countries at war seem to have a meeting
      Because they were taken care of by the church when they were young, they are qualified believers. When they have free time, they always go to the church to do some volunteer work to help others.
      Roy muttered.
      At this time, Roy was already thinking about whether he wanted to find a way to move to North America. In the first half of the 20th century, the safest place should be there. There were more or less wars in other countries.
      However, there are still more than ten years to go before the beginning of the war. Maybe at that time, he has become a powerful magician who can save himself and his sister in the war, so Roy is not in a hurry.
      He read the book for a while, then closed it, turned to the cover and saw the author of the book, aresta Crowley.
      This book is not a magic book, but a complete and functional novel.
      In Roy's few memories, alesta Crowley is the ultimate boss who stands behind many curtains and seems to play with the whole world. But in fact, alesta Crowley is an uncle who is extremely sullen in his heart. It's not too much to say that he is' lecherous'.
      Alesta's life is very chaotic, many lovers, love to tell strange jokes, wandering among women.
      It's just that aresta doesn't have any respect and sanctity for 'love'. In this room, there are letters written by aresta to Roy's mother. From the few words in those letters, we can know that aresta has this idea because he is so handsome.
      Yes, alesta is so handsome that he can easily capture women's heart with his appearance. For him, getting women is like eating and drinking. Therefore, he doesn't care about women, even he doesn't know that he has an illegitimate child.
      (Note: I didn't make it up. Alesta in the original book is such a person.)
      “This sad, hateful world of looking at faces!”
      Roy wailed. Before crossing, it was very difficult for him to find a girlfriend. Now he is really sad.
      However, after seeing himself in the mirror, the lemon planted in Roy's heart soon changed from sour to sweet. It seems that he doesn't need to be envious because of the excellent genes inherited from aresta.
      “Even aresta has the limitations of the times. What these novels are about can't compare with the Chinese essays I've read. Even now, I'm better than him.”
      Roy shakes his head and tucks the novel back into the bookshelf. Alesta loves to write strange essays, but he doesn't write very well. No publisher wants to publish it at a loss. In the end, alesta paid for it himself.
      After straightening out his mood, Roy went back to his desk. He took a deep breath and took out a book from the bottom of his desk.
      This book is a real taboo book, a book that all religious magicians fear.
      Roy looked at the name of the book cover——
      Book of law(Law.of.the.Thelema)*
      Chapter five aresta Crowley
      Many people think that the book of the law was written by aresta Crowley, but in fact, this book was dictated to aresta by Edwards and recorded by aresta. Therefore, the knowledge recorded in the book of the law is not owned by aresta at all, but belongs to “Saint guardian angel” Edwards.
      Apart from the book of 777, which few people know, aresta's real achievement is the book of Thoth.
      With his knowledge of Egyptian mythology, Judaism, Hebrew symbols, the book of changes, alchemy, astrology and psychics, aresta created a new set of tarot cards, thottaro, which is recorded in the book of thottaro.
      Thottaro is the most classic set of tarot cards in the world. It occupies a great position in mysticism and is an important object of practice.
      Nowadays, Edwards appears behind Roy in the form of plural. If Roy wants to, he can rewrite the book of law through Edwards.
      “The book of the law should have been written by aresta Crowley, right?If I write another book of law, will it conflict with aresta's book of law
      Roy sat in front of the chair, playing with a quill in his hand, and opened the book of law in his hand.
      Three quarters of the book of Dharma has been written, and only one quarter of it still has blank pages. For the book of magic, before it is written, it is just an ordinary book recording words. However, when the book of magic is completely completed, there will be incredible magic.
      “The magic as like as two peas” is just a medium that a magician records his knowledge of his whole life. If someone else copied the book of magic, because he could not understand the knowledge in the book, the new book copied was just a common thing. But if he is the original creator of the magic book, if he has the ability, he can write two identical magic paths.
      Evans's voice was still so obscure, like a distorted recorder, but Roy understood what she meant.
      That is to say, if it is transcribed by others according to the contents of the book of law, it will not have any magic power. But if a new book of law is dictated by Edwards himself, then there will be two books of law in this world.
      Edwards Ben is a “secret leader” who has the ability to create two books of the same magic way.
      “I see. Let's continue to copy now. Let's finish the book of law today.”
      Roy's voice falls, and the Evans behind him disappears. Then Roy's eyes become empty, as if his body is controlled by others.
      The slender hand holding the quill glides spontaneously on the paper, and it seems that a 'spirit' is manipulating his body, passing on “only the necessary part of the necessary knowledge” to him by word of mouth.
      “In Chapter 3, verse 72 of the book of Dharma, I am the master of the two powerful staffs, which areCOPH.NIABut my left hand is empty, because my right hand has smashed the universe and left nothing
      “Book of the law 3:74, my hidden and glorious name is as bright as the midnight sun is a son forever!”
      “In Chapter 3, verse 75 of the book of the law, the word that ends everything is: abrahadabra!”
      “The book of law is written and then hidden,AUM.HA,AUM.HA!”
      When Roy finished writing the last letter of the book of Dharma with the right hand of the quill pen, the book suddenly became windless, and the sound of paper roared through the bedroom. Roy's eyes were still unconscious. His heart beat strongly and his breath was steady, but his brain lost its movement, as if his spirit had left his body, shuttled through the material world, and went to another place where he was notIn the aspect known to the world.
      This is a phase that only exists in spirit. It lacks any known material. Neither the laws of physics nor the rules that people are familiar with can be applied here. It has its own set of laws.
      Roy is in this wonderful aspect for the first time. Because he is not familiar with this aspect, his body can't move for the time being. Even the body doesn't exist. All he has left is thinking.
      While Roy was thinking only, a voice suddenly came from this “aspect” where Roy should have no other existence.
      The voice was like a man or a woman, as if full of infinite possibilities. The owner of the voice exclaimed as if he had discovered something novelInteresting. How did you get to this aspect
      “……ohLet me think about it. It should be through the book of law. I remember that book should have fallen into the hands of the Roman Orthodox Church. Are you one of the people who read the book of law by the Roman Orthodox Church? ”
      “It seems that I underestimated the Roman orthodoxy, and someone could find the most correct way to interpret it in endless mistakes.”
      The voice spoke to himself in a slightly frivolous tone, and Roy 'saw' that a human form appeared in the void aspect.He has long silver hair that goes straight to his back, wears a magnificent black coat that looks like a military uniform, and wears a long military cloak on his shoulders, which makes this man more serious in his luxury.
      This is a man who can make countless women fall in love with only his face and temperament.
      Alesta Crowley, Roy recognized the man at the first sight.
      His father, the father he never met, the beast of revelation, the king of beasts, the most evil man in the world and so on are all his names.
      After meeting aresta Crowley, Roy was surprised and became ecstatic in vain. He was still thinking about how to find this man, but he didn't expect to see him in this wonderful 'aspect' after he finished the book of Dharma.
      Roy wants to speak, but he can't utter a word. The law of 'aspect' is totally different from that of the material world. Even a simple act like 'speaking' can't be done before he adapts to the law here.
      Now Roy doesn't even have a body. He's just a spirit, a spirit who can think.
      But alesta is different. He obviously knows this aspect very well and has done in-depth research. He can not only speak easily here, but also show his body posture.
      “This is the aspect of imaginary number. It's your misfortune to meet me here, unknown person'Fantasy killer' was broken in the battle with Mathers. For my sake, now is not the time for you to pass on my location information to the magicians. ”
      This is what alesta Crowley said. Then, in Roy's eyes, the greatest magician of the 20th century slowly raised his right hand. He clenched his fist with his right hand, extended his thumb and index finger, and made a well-known shooting gesture.
      And that gun was aimed at Roy!*
      Chapter six beast666 and beast777
      It's a unique 'magic suit' belonging to aresta – spirit trip foot, which is a kind of magic that forces the image of self meditation into the mind of the viewer.
      In short, it is guided by the performer's gesture. The recipient will spontaneously associate with the weapon, power and power represented by the other's gesture. Then the magic will turn this part of the imagination into reality and impose it on the recipient.
      It's a kind of magic that allows the victim to be killed by his own imagination.
      Yalesta makes a shooting gesture in front of Roy. First, it reminds Roy of the pistol, which is the weapon he knows best. But then, on the hand where yalesta makes a pointing gesture, three numbers of '50, 21, 35' appear in the sparks.
      These mysterious numbers are connected to Roy's brain and guide the diffusion and imagination of his thinking. In Roy's mind, the small pistol has become an anti equipment sniper rifle.
      For Roy now, an anti equipment sniper rifle is enough to cut him off and kill him completely.
      But it's not enough. Aresta's empty left hand move and a silver wand like a spiral tower appear in the palm of his left hand.
      The wand of impact, which belongs to Arista's master Alan Bennett, was handed over to Arista by the dead Alan Bennett after something happened.
      Neither the 'stick of impact' nor the 'spirit trip' has any exaggeration in their respective abilities, but when the two 'techniques' are combined together, they will emit unimaginable power.
      As an auxiliary skill, the wand of impact will increase the imaginary power of “spirit trip foot” by ten times. This is one of the cards that aresta dares to fight against “demon” with mortal body.
      The magic God, who can distort all rules, has more knowledge than people can imagine, so it will have an immeasurable imagination. Even the magic God will not be able to bear the increase of ten times of the guide of imagination and the impact of the rod.
      Roy didn't expect that aresta should look up to him like this. Maybe he was surprised that Roy had 'cracked' the secret of the book of law. From the beginning, he almost used the unique skill of pressing the bottom of the box, and he must be solved with one blow.
      But Roy has absolutely no glory and pride in this. In his perception, the power of the anti equipment sniper rifle is almost transformed into an intercontinental missile with the increase of the 'rod of impact'.
      One anti equipment sniper rifle is enough to kill Roy, not to mention the exaggeration of using intercontinental missiles to kill an ordinary person.
      The fear of death surged up from the depths of Roy's sea of consciousness like a volcanic eruption, and filled his mind. The endless despair almost made him completely crazy. The evil from infernal hell would pull him into the void world that can no longer escape.
      He will die, he will die, even if he is a strong man with 'heart and eye', he can't find any chance to survive in this desperate situation.
      Roy is just an ordinary 15-year-old boy. He only knows some of the most basic suggestive magic. He doesn't understand a little more powerful and systematic magic.
      The enemy he faced was the greatest magician in the 20th century, the founder of modern mysticism, who tried to destroy magic with one person and dared to fight against the world like a mythical existence – aresta Crowley!
      Aresta's enemy to the world is not an exaggeration, but a real fact. All the magicians in the world are his enemies. Even the magicians who can reverse life and death, tamper with rules and distort the world have long been written on the list of enemies by aresta.
      This gap has made people despair, but in order to ensure that aresta is safe, he used one of his strongest means to fight against the devil!
      “『BEAST』666!!(the beast of revelation)
      It was only at this time that aresta said his magic name. In the modern world of magic, this represents the situation that both sides never die.
      Roy's mind burst in an instant, and all his consciousness was completely broken, as if the whole sea had been evaporated.
      It's like an ordinary human being being being hit by an intercontinental missile. Under the fierce flame and shock wave, all he can save is small pieces of corpse, even the pieces of corpse can't be found.
      Roy's mind flashed countless strange scenes, there are pictures of him crossing the ordinary life more than 20 years ago, there are scenes of him living in London with Lola after crossing, living a warm but hard life.
      Every picture is so clear, it's like letting Roy finish his life again in a flash.
      He knows that this is what people call the afterglow before death.
      Until the end of the picture, Roy's consciousness comes to a book, the book of 777, which is a masterpiece of aresta Crowley's thoughts.
      In fact, the idea of this book is full of the imagination of aresta Crowley. It's just like the great man in the martial arts novel has created a secret book, but in fact, even the creator himself has not practiced the highest level of this secret book.
      The book of 777 records more like his imagination of his own future, a realm that even he himself has not reached.
      Just before Roy's death, his thinking seemed to have been sublimated endlessly, and the content of the book of 777 was thoroughly integrated into his knowledge——
      “Beast 777, I will overcome the evil of mankind!”
      The name of magic is the reason why a magician uses magic. It will be remembered by the magician. It is the thought that guides the magician forward like a beacon. It is the root that the magician can never forget.
      At this moment of death, Roy, with the knowledge recorded in the book of 777, finally realized his firm road. He will carry the human evil in the name of God, which will become the beginning of the creation and the end of revelation!
      With Roy pronouncing his magic name in this imaginary aspect, his form finally emerges in this aspect.
      When aresta saw Roy's real face, the expression on his face was wonderful.
      Surprise, surprise, disbelief, suddenly, calm, bitter, until the tragic despair.
      In this way, the rod of impact slipped from the palm of aresta's hand and fell on the nihilistic land. He knelt on the ground.
      Roy didn't know why, but he just wanted to laugh.
      Did not expect their own life so inexplicable end?
      Hearing that it is possible to die in the evening, this sentence from the Analects of Confucius has become the best description of Roy today.
      Just then Roy seemed to hear a sigh and a slight whisper——
      “To do what you want is your law.”
      Roy's consciousness sank completely.*
      Chapter seven the supreme Bishop
      Alesta Crowley, a man with various defects and shortcomings, is quite different from the description of “perfect man”.
      But no matter how many shortcomings aresta has, there is only one thing that is lofty enough for everyone to admire, that is, his' love 'for his family.
      This man seems to be indifferent to almost no human feelings, but it's just a disguise of his deep love in his heart. Aresta is a man who is willing to pay everything for his family, and even willing to make enemies with the world.
      The reason why he chose to destroy magic in an attempt to let the devil fall is not that he had any lofty ambition and ideal, but that the existence of magic made his eldest daughter die before she was born.
      Yaresta is such a simple and pure man. For a child who died before he was born, he has to fight against the whole world, just to revenge the magic world that makes her daughter unable to survive and break the fate that he absolutely does not agree with.
      The moment Roy disappeared, he saw the essence of aresta.
      He is a person who always lives in failures and setbacks. No matter what aresta wants to do, no matter how meticulous his plans are for decades, he will encounter setbacks in the process. He will definitely fail in the result. Then in the failure, he will stand up again and continue his life which will never succeed.
      This is a pathetic man who laughs when Roy realizes his father's real face.
      For a man who loves his family so much, killing his son himself, even if it is a mistake, will be a nightmare that he will never forget.
      This irresponsible father, this is his biggest revenge!
      Lola Stuart wiped her delicate hands with a washed white but clean towel and walked out of the storage room, calling her elder brother's name in confusion. Usually, when she called her elder brother, the elder brother would respond to her for the first time, but today Roy didn't make any strange sound.
      But when she went to the living room and looked at the chair that her brother always sat on, it was empty.
      The perplexity on Lola's face slowly disappeared. She just went to the table in silence.
      The book of 777 on the desk is burning without fire, little by little.
      Lola knows that for the original book of magic, it means that all the knowledge in this book has been completely obtained by others, and the original book of magic has lost its role.
      The book of 777 is completely turned into fly ash, and the last part that disappears is the place where the author of this book signed – aresta Crowley.
      Lola gently touched the chair with Roy's remaining warmth, and then left the room without looking back.
      St. George's Cathedral in London is the base camp of British Puritanism. Puritanism (Protestantism) is one of the three major factions of crusadism. There are 900 million people in the world who believe in this sect.
      Lola didn't know when she changed from a simple dress to a beige monastic suit.
      Compared with a 15-year-old girl, this monastic dress is a little bloated, as if it was not prepared for her figure. As Lola step by step up the steps of St. George's Cathedral, her body has changed a lot.
      That light golden long hair is straight to the ankle, but in an instant, it grows rapidly, almost to 2.5 times of Lola's height. Her barren body has also changed, from slightly malnourished thin to plump. A 15-year-old girl seems to have grown up directly to 18 years old, and it is most mature to have a girlBeautiful body.
      Lola turns her long hair back from her ankles, and then turns it back again. Even after two turns in a row, her beautiful hair is still as long as her waist.
      A silver hairpin was taken out of her hair to fix it. At the same time, the turned back hair covered the devil's face perfectly in her hair.
      St. George's Cathedral was dark and eerie.
      Lola walked slowly from the corridor to the cross of the church. She lowered her head as if praying to God. After a long time, she suddenly put out her left hand and snapped her fingers.
      The candles in St. George's Cathedral were lit one by one, which dispelled the darkness. I don't know when several men and women in friars' clothes were kneeling on the ground behind Lola, like a pilgrimageWhat can I do for you, Archbishop? ”
      “Give me orders to find the evil and despicable magician and kill him!”
      Lola's voice is still pure and sweet, just like a little girl who is not familiar with the world. She has a great affinity, so that people can easily forget the difference between her identity and Lola.
      She is the supreme bishop of Puritanism, the actual controller of Puritanism, and the spiritual leader of 900 million people in the world!
      But what does not agree with Lola's sweet voice is the killing and coldness in her wordsKill him, at all costs
      The Puritan magicians, who were kneeling on the ground to accept the order, hesitated for a moment. One of them scratched his head and said: “I'm sorrySupreme bishop, your order seems to be beyond our ability. That man is looking for by magicians all over the world. If his whereabouts could be found so easily, I'm afraid he would have died long ago. ”
      “……It's impossible to determine his whereabouts only by the strength of our Puritanism. I'm afraid we need to join hands with the Roman Orthodox Church and the Russian adult church. ”
      Facing the supreme bishop of Puritanism, these subordinate magicians didn't mean to be afraid. Instead, they were talking to her like a friend. This is also the atmosphere Lola wanted. It's her own blessing.
      “Alesta Crowley, he will come to Yinguo, he will come to Yinguo, because there is a reason why he has to come here. Mobilize all the forces of Puritanism, and be sure to find him, find him and destroy him when he sets foot on this land!”
      Lola Zhizhu in hand, said confidently.
      “Yes, Archbishop!”
      The magicians did not ask Lola why she was so sure. For their supreme bishop, although they had little respect on the surface, they trusted her deeply.
      The Puritan magicians retreated, the candles in St. George's Cathedral went out again, and Lola stood in the dark, looking up at the cross with a slightly complicated look.
      “This is what I have planned for a long time, and the development of things is also going forward in my planTo bring in alesta Crowley to finish the contract, but why do I feel empty
      “……Roy, my brotherMy brother… ”
      The supreme bishop of Puritanism murmured, covering his heart with his hand.*
      Chapter 8 the initial construction of Xueyuan City
      On December 1, 1947, in a village in England where the Severn river flows, in a dilapidated weed shed, aresta Crowley lies on a haystack. He breathes heavily, and his whole body is stained red with blood. He looks like a dilapidated doll.
      Life is withering in his body, I'm afraid it won't be long before he will meet the arrival of death.
      “It's really ugly. I failed in the endThat's what I have to pay for killing my own children myself. ”
      Alesta was lying there in a big shape, unconsciously recalling the 30 years of life.
      In 1919, alesta was hiding in Egypt and began to build the beginning of his plan. He did not expect that one day he would meet a stranger in the imaginary phase. He guessed that the other party would find the imaginary phase he was hiding because he had cracked the book of Dharma. Therefore, he did not hesitate to use his own method. When he set the enemy as a demon, it would be enough to arouse ten timesThe most powerful skill of the Big Bang is to kill the opponent.
      Alesta succeeded. He was the greatest magician in the 20th century who could fight against the magic God with mortal body. Alesta also failed, because what he killed was not the so-called 'enemy', but the son who had his blood and was called the existence of his family.
      At the moment of seeing each other's real body, no matter from the inheritance of genes, the flow of blood or the resonance of magic and soul, aresta is undoubtedly convinced that it is his child, one of his countless lovers, born for him.
      At that moment, aresta was completely crazy. He abandoned his reason as a human being and the beginning of his plan. He left Egypt without hesitation and returned to the land of Yinguo, which was extremely dangerous for him. He did his last duty as a father to find the trace of the child he killed by mistake.
      He knew what he was going to face, which would be the pursuit of all the magicians in the world. No one who had the power of magic would let him go of this' biggest heresy 'who tried to eliminate magic and was able to do it.
      Among the magicians who chased him, the one who was puritanized by the English GUI was the most crazy and desperate. Although alesta was strong, he was only a human after all. From 1919 to now, in 1947, alesta had been fighting with magicians all over the world for 28 years. The day before, alesta, who had run out of oil, was finally cleared by the English GUIThe assassins seized the opportunity and seriously injured him in the countryside of England.
      “……This is really in line with my ending
      There is no sadness and despair in aresta. All his despair was filled up at the moment when he killed his children 28 years ago. He clearly knows what his life is like, that is, he will always face failure and frustration, and failure and frustration are absolutely impossible to defeat aresta.
      No matter the devil who can destroy everything and distort everything, no matter how difficult the road to heaven, no matter how desperate, can't defeat this terrible and powerful man. The only one who can defeat aresta is his family!
      The door of the straw hut in the country was pushed open, and alesta listened to the footsteps coming outside. Before his death, he was so calm that he joked with frivolity: “what's moreWhich lucky guy found me?Puritanism?Roman Orthodox Church?Russian adult education?Or a magic association?I guess it's more likely to be puritanical. ”
      “……Take my head in exchange for a reward. I think my head is still valuable in this world. ”
      The people who walked in the room didn't make a sound, as if they wanted to frighten aresta with this repressive atmosphere.
      Then, alesta finally met the visitor——
      Aresta looked at an old man with a frog face in front of him in amazement. He was wearing a pair of black frame glasses, and his body was a little bloated. However, aresta had never seen him. It seemed that the old man was not the magician who chased him before.
      “How can we call someone frog when we meet? It's so impolite.”
      The old man murmured discontentedly, then came to aresta and looked at him seriouslyIt's a serious injury. If it's too late, you'll die. ”
      “Who are you?”
      Aresta is now as weak as a newborn baby. Facing this old man who can kill him at any time, he doesn't have much vigilance, just asks calmly.
      “Who am I?”
      The old man whispered a word. He looked back at the Severn river not far from the straw house, as if he saw the surging water of the water town in the south of the Yangtze River, and a friend who was not afraid of power and life and death in Humen a hundred years ago, while singing poetry, laughing and burning the opium that broke the ridge of the nation.
      He shook his head and said with a smileI don't use the name of the past any more. If you want, please call me the ghost of the underworld! ”
      “The underworld pursues the soul?”
      What a wild name it was, but alesta didn't laugh.
      “Yes, time is pressing. You'd better stop talking. I need to renew your life now.”
      After that, the old man called the ghost of the underworld squatted down to prepare for emergency treatment.
      “My body has no possibility of rescue, no matter what magic can not cure me.”
      Alesta continued to say calmly that he knows his injury well.
      “If magic doesn't work, use science!”
      The dark earth pursues a soul not to care of of retort way.
      Yaresta looked at the old man, his dark eyes brightened again.
      Of course, he doesn't want to die. It's not the fear of death. It's just that he hasn't achieved his goal and that wish.
      For aresta, even death is only one of his setbacks, not the reason why he can give up.
      “Do you know who you are saving?”
      “I don't care who you are. I only know that you are a patient in urgent need of surgery. No matter what happens, I will never abandon my patient!”
      The dark earth pursues the soul and says with awe inspiring determination.
      “It's really a guy who is too gentle and strange…”
      Arestaton stopped for a moment and went onI have too many enemies in Yinguo. I can't stay here any longer. ”
      “Let me seeThen go to Japan. Japan has just been defeated. That land is in need of everything. The environment there can accommodate you. ”
      A little reflection on the pursuit of the soul in the underworld is to point out a way for aresta.
      Later, with the help and treatment of Hades, aresta saved his life and moved to Japan.
      In the eyes of the wizarding world, aresta Crowley, an evil and terrible magician, died in the countryside of England on December 1, 1947.
      In 1950, Xueyuan city was first built——
      In the darkness, Roy opened his eyes.*
      The holy right side of a complex_God killer
      Chapter one “raise the rebellious sword to my gorgeous father”
      (it is estimated that the update speed will be slow before putting on the shelf, but it will be faster after putting on the shelf.)
      Roy didn't want to use the familiar and strange ceiling to describe the current situation, but Roy had to.
      Because the place where Roy is now is the bedroom in front of his crossing, and Roy himself is still lying on the bed in his pajamas. He suddenly opens his eyes like a man just waking up from a big dream.
      Roy sat up from bed with his body propped up and covered his head with his hands. The more than ten years of life in London, England in the early 20th century was too clear. If it was a dream, it was too long and too real.
      “No way.”
      Soon Roy was aware of something wrong. He first looked at his hand, which was a little too white. It was totally different from him before crossing, and his pajamas were much smaller, because Roy was not so tall before crossing.
      He quickly followed his memory to the mirror. After seeing his face in the mirror, he knew that what had happened in London at the beginning of the 20th century was not a dream, but a real thing.
      The man in the mirror is Roy Crowley, not the Chinese name 'Roy'.
      Roy's parents have already died. It's not an accident, but a normal death. He belongs to Lao laizi. When he was 22 years old, his old and ill parents died one after another. As Lao laizi, Roy was spoiled since childhood. Although he was born in Jiangsu, his parents worked in the Imperial capital, so Roy was very youngLiving in the imperial capital.
      After his parents died, he did not leave much cash legacy, but left two suites in the imperial capital, one for himself and the other for rent. In this high price imperial capital, he also lived on his own.
      Because he doesn't have to worry about food and clothing, Roy's work is his hobby. After several years of hard work, he has become a qualified photographer, shooting wedding scenes, charging girls in the secondary circle to shoot cos positive films, charging hundreds to thousands at a time.
      In addition to the fact that he is not handsome and has no rich love history, Roy's conditions are excellent.
      “But now in terms of blood and soul, my father should be aresta Crowley.”
      “But what's going on?I went through it, and I came back? ”
      For a moment, Roy was confused about the situation.
      All of a sudden, he felt that the atmosphere in the room was not right. He quickly turned around with tight muscles. Then he saw the spiritual existence behind him – “Saint guardian angel” Evans!
      But now the body of Edwards looks strange. Her body is like an old black-and-white TV, unable to receive signals. There are all kinds of mosaic like patterns on her body, which seems to be gone with the wind at any time.
      After meeting Edwards, an 'acquaintance', Roy relaxed a little. After living in London for more than ten years at the beginning of the 20th century, he returned to the world where Roy used to be, where everything seemed strange to him, even though it should be his hometown.
      “You finally notice me, RoyI thought you couldn't see me anymore. ”
      The saint guardian angel's face full of faint light showed a curious look and looked at everything around him.
      Roy knew she wasn't looking at the room, she was looking at the world.
      “I remember I was in the magic of aresta.”
      Roy recalled the scene before he fell into the dark, clearly remembering the desperate alesta kneeling on the ground, and the pain of his soul and mind being torn apart.
      “You saved me?”
      He asked thoughtfully.
      “When you were in the art of aresta, I boarded my spirit on you in a dependent way and withstood the strike of aresta for youAlthough aresta's technique is powerful, it's not without weakness. The maximum output of his technique can reach the level of the big bang, but his output can't be controlled by himself. The power varies from person to person. ”
      “That is to say, his technique is strong when he is strong, and weak when he is weak?”
      Roy nodded at Edwards' explanation. At that time, aresta launched the operation with Roy as the target, which was almost as powerful as an intercontinental missile. This kind of power was enough to kill a wizard like Roy. However, the destructive power of the intercontinental missile level was absolutely impossible to hurt Edwards. Therefore, Edwards helped Roy block this attack with an appendage.
      It's impossible to hurt Alvars unless he started the operation with Alvars as the target.
      At this time, Roy suddenly thought of a sentence that Edwards had said to him when he first met him, and blurted out: “I'm not sureYou once said that I'm the person you're looking for. I can let you find the place you've been searching for but can't find. Is this the world you're talking about? ”
      Edwards smiles at Roy. Roy can even feel the joy the angel is trying to expressThis is the place I'm looking for. It's not the whole, but it's the important part. I'm very glad that I found you first. If the demons find you first, they will surely imprison you and try their best to get the key to “here”. You have the “ideal and hope” pursued by the demons
      “Ha, it's not funny at all. The qualities that attract the attention of demons will only lead to danger.”
      Roy shrugged and was not at all happy with his so-called 'Qualities'.
      The full name of the demon God in Edwards' mouth should be called “the God of magic”.
      Life must die, apples must fall from top to bottom, and one plus one must be equal to two. This is the 'law' that can never be changed in the material world. The existence that can reverse all this, let one plus one equal to three, let apples fall from bottom to top, and let dead people resurrect is the so-called “demon God”.
      They are a group of magicians who have unlimited power, can subvert all laws, and the world is vulnerable to them, reaching the realm of God!
      According to yaresta's system, the demon God has achieved the existence of the “secret leader” rank, just like Edwards is also a “secret leader” in front of her. However, in Roy's view, Edwards is at most the same as the demon God in terms of her reign, but she does not have the expressive power of a real demon God.
      Roy doesn't think it's funny to be targeted by such a group of beings that can be called 'true gods'.
      Roy raised his cell phone and looked at the time. He tried to think about it and found that it took him a short time to cross it, just like sleeping.
      He opened the refrigerator, took out some food and wolfed them down. He suffered a lot during his ten years in London because he was too poor. Now he has a chance to make up for the loss of his taste buds and intestines.
      “Edwards, what's going on in my world.”
      “Roy, do you know Kabala's theory of four worlds?”
      “Kabbala's theory divides the universe into four worlds: the archetypal world, the creative world, the formative world and the material world. Are you asking me this?”
      Roy hardly thought about it. He just said Kabbala's theory of the four worlds. In London for more than ten years, toyalesta left all kinds of books. Roy had profound theoretical attainments in mysticism and magic.
      In this theory, the archetypal world corresponds to God, the creative world corresponds to archangels and wisdom, the formative world corresponds to the primitive wind behind angels and matter, and the material world is the place where human beings live.
      Roy knows that Edwards exists as a spirit. Is the essence of Edwards in the archetypal world or in the creative world?
      Just as Roy was thinking, Edwards took over his words and said, “wellAnd this world is likely to be outside or above the archetypal world. Even if the devil can only cross the infinite aspect, he can never get rid of the quadruple world. ”
      “……You, who can travel between the four worlds and beyond, are naturally the object they covet. ”
      After a pause, Edwards suddenly said, “wellI've decided that in the past I just wanted to observe you, and I'm not ready to intervene. But you have brought me so much information and surprise. Now I'm ready to intervene in your life, which may let me get more. ”
      “Roy, what do you want now?”
      “What desire do I have now?”
      Roy laughs, “…”Now I just want to do one thing, that is “raise the rebellious sword to my gorgeous father”. If he didn't fulfill his responsibility as a father, if he didn't show mercy around and didn't even know that he had a child, how could these tragedies happen now, whether to me or Lola! ”
      “……But before that, I have to find out how I cross, and whether I can cross back! “*
      Chapter 2 “climbing the ladder of God”
      Kabbala is the mystical philosophy of Judaism. According to this mystical theory, the universe is divided into four parts. According to Edwards, the world in which the demons are forbidden follows this theory, while Roy's pre crossing world, known as the real world, exists outside this theory.
      Why does the real world have novels, cartoons, comics and other contents about other worlds? Does the other world really exist?And why they will cross and so on, almost let Roy think of breathless.
      He shook his head and looked at EdwardsCome on, these are not the questions I should be thinking about now, Edwards. Can you still use your own abilities in this world? ”
      Avastin, who was watching the world curiously, said: “I'm not sureMy power has been greatly limited and weakened in this world. ”
      At this time, Roy noticed that the voice of Edwards was no longer as it had been in the forbidden world before, as if separated by a veil. Her voice became clearer and more feminine, which made Roy suspect that because of the particularity of the real world, the gap between Edwards and his personality was greatly narrowed, so Roy could easily understand her words.
      Roy frowned. He took a pen and paper and drew some magic figures and mysterious symbols on it. In the forbidden world, although he is a bad magician, he knows some basic magic.
      “Magic can still be used, but as you said, the power of magic has been greatly suppressed in this world, but some basic suggestive magic is OK. As long as there are no other supernatural powers in this world, if I want, suggestive ability alone will be enough to stand on the top of this world.”
      Roy shrugged his shoulders. He didn't have much excitement and excitement. Compared with the magnificent and colorful “two dimensional” world, the real world is a bit too boring.
      Unlike “secret leaders” like Edwards, who are curious about the unknown and incomprehensible world, Roy is not qualified to explore the secrets of the real world.
      It's like playing a game. If Edwards is a full-scale character who is breaking the upper limit of his level by seeing more unknowns and gaining more knowledge, Roy is now a first-class character. What he needs to do now is to find a way to upgrade himself to full-scale instead of exploring the world after full-scale.
      “It's just that my game life is a little different. The protagonists of other people's RPG games are all slowly upgrading and then facing the final boss, but I saw the final boss as soon as I came up and was killed by the final bossThe producer of this game is simply higher than Miyazaki
      Roy laughed at himself. He closed his eyes and began to think about how he got through.
      He has lived in the forbidden world for more than ten years. Before, as an ordinary person, he did not have the ability of 'absolute memory'. It is very difficult to recall the facts that happened more than ten years ago.
      “I remember that night when I was crossing, I seemed to see a strange spell. I felt curious and wrote down the spell. Then I went to bedAfter that, I woke up and went to another worldNo, that night I had a dream. I said a spell in my dream
      When Roy thought of the incantation, the content of the incantation appeared in his soul. The incantation was written in simple Chinese, but it was strange that Roy could not understand the Chinese at all. He knew every word, but when these words were connected together, they became something he could not understand.
      He opened his mouth and recited silently. On one side, Edwards noticed that Roy was wrong and stared at him closely. As Roy recited the last word, Edwards's expression finally changed greatly. With a light 'eh', her body and Roy just disappeared in this bedroom.
      Roy only felt that he was in the dark for a moment, and the next moment he came to an unknown world.
      It's like a vast wilderness. Roy is standing in the middle of the wilderness. There is a ladder leading to the sky not far ahead. The sky above is very low, only about 100 meters.
      The sky is a white fog like chaotic airflow, as if it contains endless mystery, but at Roy's feet, it seems that there is a huge transparent glass, under which there is a cosmic starry sky!
      The starry sky is like a colorful oil painting, which is dyed with countless colors. When Roy looks at the starry sky, he will know that the starry sky is the 'forbidden' world he was in before, and he can enter the starry sky at any time if he wants.
      “I remember that I once came to this world in my dream. At that time, it was still a white fog. I thought I was having a sober dream, so I tried to imagine that I would go to the world of the second dimension, and then I was reborn to the forbidden world…”
      Many people should have such an experience, that is, when they are dreaming, sometimes they will suddenly wake up and know that they are dreaming. At that time, as long as they rely on imagination, they can control their dreams to a certain extent. That's what Roy did at the beginning.
      But he did not expect that his' dream 'turned into reality.
      “Do you know this place, Edwards?”
      Roy turns around and looks at the “guardian angel” behind him. At this time, Edwards seems to be silly, but he looks at this wonderful place in amazement and dullness.
      After a while, she came back to her senses and said, “I'm sorryI'm sorry, Roy. Everything here is beyond my knowledge. I'm here because of you
      “Since you don't understand this place, I won't go to the bottom for the time beingI can feel that I can go back to the world of 'magic prohibition' at any time here, but now I'm just alone and nothing can be changed. I'd better explore this wonderful place first. ”
      Roy lowered his head and took a deep look at the cosmic starry sky that looked like an oil painting under his feet. Then he walked forwardI clearly remember that in my dream, this ladder was closed before, but now there is a door on it
      He stepped on the stairs with great interest, and walked to the top of the stairs a little bit, while Edwards floated behind him and followed him.
      “Edwards, it suddenly occurred to me that since we can really cross into different worlds, what would happen if I went back to the real world and forced the authors to modify the contents of their works?”
      Roy had a whim and said to Edwards.
      “It doesn't have any meaning. The world is a complex whole, which is composed of infinite variables. It follows the most basic logic. A world without logic and too contradictory will put you in dangerBesides, does it really exist in the world of books?It's better not to reverse this causality. My existence is the most powerful proof. If I can appear in the so-called 'real world' in your mouth, it means that I really exist, not a passage in words. ”
      “……That is to say, because the world existed first, its information would spread here in a way that we can't understand, and become the story in the book. This kind of thing is not incredible. The devil can do this. They can seal the story in a book. You can't deny that the world in the book is false, and the world we are in nowThis mysterious space may be built by a more powerful being than the devil. ”
      Edwards almost explained to Roy in a way of teaching. As the “guardian angel” said, she was no longer ready to be Roy's observer, but was willing to help him.
      “I've been taught.”
      Roy nodded and said that he didn't listen to Edwards' words in one ear, but kept them in mind.
      “You can regard the contents recorded in those books as' prophecies', but don't believe too much that there is a theory of 'Butterfly Effect' in the human world, which is also suitable for fate. The more you know, the more you will be bound by fate. Only the unknown can create more possibilities.”
      By this time, Roy and Edwards had reached the last step of the ladder. If they took a step further, they would cross the foggy sky and go to the other side of the door.
      Roy stops. He looks back at Edwards and says, “if you understandWhat I need to know is “only the necessary part of the necessary knowledge”. That is to say, I only need to know the context of a story and the important people, but I should never take the initiative to pursue them. Is that right? ”
      Roy understands the meaning of Edwards, just like in the forbidden world. Roy knows that it is the forbidden world and knows some main characters, but he only has a vague memory of the specific story. Even because Roy doesn't read all the books, he doesn't know the future development at all.
      And Edwards is telling Roy not to take the initiative to read the development behind the storybook, which will make him unable to change his fate because he can see through the future.
      “That's what I mean.”
      “So it is, Edwards, you are also bound by fate, so you are looking for the unknown to break the cobweb of fate.”
      Roy chuckled.
      He knew that there was a purpose for AVAs to help himself in this way, but no matter what the purpose of AVAs was, Roy didn't matter as long as it didn't endanger his life. It was just like this time when he faced aresta. If it wasn't for the help of AVAs, he would have been killed by aresta by mistake.
      Roy's life of more than 30 years can only be described as ordinary. Compared with the knowledge and life experience of Edwards, he is a brother. It will only be beneficial for him to have such a person.
      Without hesitation, Roy crossed the last step of the steps and came to the second layer of this mysterious space. Just as he saw in his dream, the second layer was completely shrouded in white fog, and a new step could be seen in front of him, but the sky there was temporarily blocked.
      “There is still room to go up. How many layers of the world are there?”
      Roy said casually, looking at the white world around him.
      Edwards didn't answer him because he didn't know anything about it.
      Roy didn't plan to let Edwards answer himself. He thought for a moment and said, “wellI don't know how many layers these ladders have, and I don't know where they lead. In order to have a better understanding, let's call them “the ladder to God.”
      The last time Roy came to this world, he was in a hazy dream. This time, he came consciously. When he stepped into the second layer of this mysterious space, he knew how to apply it here.
      It is like a wish machine, but it will not directly fulfill your wishes, it will only give you a chance to achieve your wishes.
      Roy pondered for a moment and said slowly: –Take me to a world where I can grow stronger quickly
      As soon as his voice fell, the white chaotic fog that floated in this space, like clouds, suddenly contracted like a hurricane.
      Roy's figure disappeared in the pure white.*
      Chapter three archangel and Heavenly Kingdom clerk
      “It's a success!”
      When Roy's consciousness jumps again and comes to a new world from that mysterious space, he can't suppress the joy in his heart. He clenches his fist and waves it hard.
      The joy came and went quickly. Roy quickly sank his mind and began to look around to make sure he was safe.
      Although Edwards promised to help Roy, his greatest help can only be knowledge. In terms of pure destruction and power, what Edwards can help Roy is actually very small.
      The essence of Edwards is a 'spirit' in a higher aspect. As she said, she is an observer, like an alien creature. In the state of being a 'spirit', Edwards has little influence on the material world. If she wants to give full play to her power, she needs to give her a body, that is, she needs to be 'subject to the flesh'.
      However, as an angel in the creative world, or even in the higher archetypal world, it is impossible to find a usable body for Edwards. Although she can temporarily give strength in the form of attachment, it will affect the 'spirit' and 'soul' of the host. Therefore, Roy will never let Edwards go unless she has to, just like facing the situation of death like arestaHe's very interested in his attachment.
      “Saint guardian angel” Edwards has many powerful Angel skills. To use human body to launch Angel skills with the power of Edwards is to attempt suicide.
      This is also the reason why aresta wants to use the aim diffusion force field of the campus city to create a usable body for avass, because avass without a body can't exert all his strength, which is equal to the devil, but has a gap in expression.
      The temperature around is a little sultry and dry. What you can see is a dreary yellow desert without any trace of human beings.
      “First of all, I have to make sure whether I am still on earth, which world I have reached, and whether this world is a place I am familiar withIf I am still in the earth mountain, I need to make sure which corner of the earth I am in
      With the dry desert around him and the sun overhead, Roy couldn't be sure where he was.
      “Be careful, RoyYou have a powerful magic reaction on your right front. ”
      Edwards suddenly reminded.
      “Right front, magic?”
      Roy looked doubtfully to his right front. The next moment, his face changed greatly. Just less than two kilometers away from where he was looking, a terrible sand wave surged into the sky and turned into a pure darkness. Even the sun above his head was covered by the 100 meter high sand wave.
      “Sandstorm?No, what is that, angel? ”
      In the sand, Roy vaguely saw two angels with wings on their backs fighting.
      One of the angels' wings, like the light in the sky and the flame forging the majesty of God, was fighting in the sandstorm that blocked the sky and the sun.
      Another angel's wings also seem to be a burning flame, but different from the previous angel, this angel has countless wings on his back. At a glance, Roy can easily count more than 30 pairs of his wings.
      “There are 36 pairs of wings on his back, which are like the wings of fire. He appears as an angel of fire. Is this angel Metatron, the angel of patronus, the clerk of heaven recorded in the book of Enoch?No, it should be called Enoch! ”
      “……Another angel is holding a red cross sword, with wings on his back like light and flame. According to the Bible, it should be Archangel Michael. What kind of world did I come to, and how could I see the two angels with the highest status recorded in Judaism and crucifixion?And why do they fight?Yes, are these two angels fighting for the title of “the most favored angel before the throne of God”
      Although Roy is an unsophisticated magician, he has some knowledge in the field of occult science. His knowledge comes from aresta Crowley except for the “only necessary knowledge among necessities” taught by Edwards.
      Aristotle was born in a crucifixion family, but he didn't care about it. However, this man studied the mystical field of crucifixion deeply, otherwise he would not have written the rebellious book of 777.
      Roy, who has read almost all of aresta's works, as well as the canon and the bogus canon of the Crusade, can naturally recognize the two distinctive angels in front of him at a glance.
      “The book of Enoch records the story that Enoch walked with God for 300 years, and finally ascended to heaven to become the strongest angel 'little Lord' and 'God's agent' Metatron. However, this Scripture has long been proved to be written by someone under the guise of Enoch's handwriting, which was denounced as a pseudonym by the cross. In the cross system, there is no 'Metatron' angel at all.”
      “… but in Judaism, Metatron has a very high status, even surpassing Christ. In some mysterious Judaism sects, he is placed at the top of Kabala's tree of life.”
      “In the Old Testament, there are actually only two angels mentioned, one is Michael, the other is Gabriel. Michael is called 'similar to God' and sits on the right side of God. He is undoubtedly the strongest angel in front of the throne of God.”
      “… there are many overlapping places in the power between Michael and Metatron, and they have almost the same status in the two religions. This battle is simply a battle between the orthodox and the pseudo canon of the cross, a battle between Judaism and the cross!”
      “… what a messy world this is!”
      Just when Roy was confused by the battle between the two angels, the fierce sand wave was approaching him quickly, and the aftereffects of the collision between the two angels turned the hills into nothingness.
      “Grass (Chinese and Japanese)!”
      Roy murmured, turned his head and ran back. No matter how the two angels appeared or why they fought here, Roy only knew one thing, that is, as a bad magician, he was crushed by the aftereffects of the two archangels who were similar to gods.
      Roy doesn't want to die again for no reason. It's likely that he won't wake up again.
      But how can Roy run faster than a sandstorm? In the blink of an eye, his body was overturned by the sandstorm, rolling in the sand for several times, eating salty sand.
      Soon, Roy's vision became weaker and weaker. He gradually lost his sense of light when he entered the sandstorm. He knew that if he didn't find a way to escape the sandstorm, he would drown in the sand without the help of the two angels.
      “Why?Is there a sand hole here? ”
      In a hurry, Roy saw a cave under the sand and went in without thinking about it.
      The sandstorm was still chasing behind him. He quickly ran forward in the cave. There were obvious artificial traces in the cave. At first sight, it was not formed naturally. But at this time, Roy didn't think about whether there were people in it or whether there was danger.
      No matter who is in the cave, no matter how dangerous it is, there is absolutely no danger of the two archangels fighting outside!
      After several turns in a row, Roy came to a cave like a secret chamber. The secret cave was made of sand all around. There were magic symbols on it. It should have been blessed by magic. It looked as solid as a rock. When he saw the layout in the cave, Roy's eyes shrank and then he showed his joy*
      The fourth chapter is “angel falling.”
      The things placed in this cave are extremely messy. There are strange earth dolls, fragmentary amulets, and some age-old sheepskin rolls. If a person who doesn't know how to come here, he might think that he has entered the flea market and saw someone selling some worthless fragmentary things.
      But Roy, who has knowledge of magic, knows that these strange gadgets may not have much magic, but they are all important symbolic objects in mysticism.
      “Judging from the patterns of these objects, the original owner of this cave was not a believer of the cross, but a believer of Judaism, and should also be a believer of a secret Jewish sect.”
      Roy didn't touch these things casually. This secret hole under the sand is like a magician's workshop. It's an extremely dangerous place. Any small gadget in it may be a trap that makes life worse than death.
      “Is there any danger here, Edwards?”
      Instead of acting rashly, Roy asks about Edwards.
      As the “guardian angel” who can impart knowledge to others, there are few people in the field of mystics who are better than Edwards.
      “The magic symbol here has disappeared.”
      Although it is no longer the world of magic, nor the real world where Roy lives, under some unimaginable influence, many of the world's mystical knowledge is interlinked, such as the famous Kabala tree of life theory, which is common in many worlds.
      Edwards took a look and gave Roy the answer. Then the angel looked at the world curiously.
      As for the existence of Edwards, what she cares about is never the so-called power, but the unknown information and rule knowledge she gets after coming to a new world, which is what Edwards yearns for most.
      “Also, if the magician's workshop has the function of fighting enemies, I should be attacked when I run inside.”
      With the assurance of Edwards, Roy began to search all kinds of magic symbols and props around him.
      “From this paper, this is the original version of Enoch?”
      Roy picked up an old parchment and glanced at it.
      “Well, this is…”
      On the edge of the parchment was a piece of linen, which was stained red, like dried blood, “… The shroud of Jesus?This is the holy cloth
      After discovering these precious objects in Judaism and Crusade, Roy quickly began to turn around some books nearby.
      Soon, Roy was able to define his own world——
      “This is the world of the God killer!”
      “… the owner of this workshop is a magician who believes in Judaism. No, he should be called a magician in this world. This guy carried out a large-scale magic ceremony with many precious magic props and tools, trying to summon the disobedient God!”
      “Judging from these props, the magician is so bold that he wants to summon two disobedient gods, one of whom should be Metatron, and the other one should be Christ the son!”
      Roy, according to his knowledge of mystics and the guidance of Edwards, soon found out the whole story.
      The magic props and utensils in this cave are extremely precious. It is impossible to collect so many without a hundred years. Moreover, the ceremony of summoning the disobedient God is too grand, and this ceremony also needs to be prepared for decades. The things displayed in this cave represent the efforts of hundreds of years and generations of a mysterious Jewish sect.
      As for why the Jewish magician wanted to call Metatron and Christ Roy, we can understand that this is the fundamental contradiction between the two sects. Although they all believe in God, Judaism does not recognize the status of Christ, does not recognize that Christ is the savior or or Messiah, and only considers him a righteous saint.
      But the Crusade does not recognize the existence of Metatron, so the magician probably wants to call the supreme angel of Judaism to kill the son of the Crusade, Christ, in order to desecrate the crusade.
      “They succeeded, but they also failed. They summoned the God who did not obey. But what these magicians summoned was not Christ the son, but Michael the archangel Archangel. In the crucifixion myth, Michael was the strongest fighter in front of the throne of God!”
      “… there are some passages in the Bible about Michael that are not like describing angels at all, but more like describing the son of God, which is not allowed to be blasphemed in the crucifixion. However, this is exactly what is recorded in the Bible. Therefore, some scholars believe that the son of Christ and Michael are actually the same person,That's why the words of the son of God are used to describe Michael in the Bible
      Roy shakes his head in a funny way. It is estimated that when the Jewish magicians saw that the God of disobedience they summoned was Michael, their expression must be the same as constipation.
      “That mysterious space really fulfilled my wish and sent me to a world that can make me strong quickly… But God killer, there is indeed the fastest way to become strong in this world, which is the difficulty of that method…”
      Roy laughs bitterly. Killing the gods and then getting the power of the gods are really a good way to reach the sky. But the premise of all this is killing the gods!
      It is an impossible miracle that mortals want to kill the disobedient God. The power and wisdom of killing the disobedient God are of little use, because no matter how strong the power and wisdom mortals can master, they are small and humble in front of God. Therefore, it is said that God killer is the pronoun of miracle.
      In Roy's opinion, the most important way to kill death is luck!!
      In this world, if you have this luck, you can naturally become a god killer. If you don't have this luck, even if you have the power of magic and knight, you can't accomplish this great cause.
      And whether it's luck or luck, it can't be measured and changed. At least Roy can't do it now.
      “It can be seen that these Jewish magicians also have ambitions. They also want to kill gods and become God killers. But in the end, these guys failed and were probably killed by the two angels face to face.”
      Roy picked up as like as two peas in these props, the tiny piece of metal that was stained with the same color as the sacred cloth, which had a very strong mystery and magic reaction, so Roy suspected that the metal piece should be one of the fragments of the legendary “Jinoos gun”.
      Those Jewish magicians should just want to kill the gods with the fragments of Longinus gun and some big magic rituals, but they failed in the end.
      “However, I don't know if I have the luck to become a god killer, but if it is you, it should be enough to change people's luck!”
      Roy puts down the pieces of Longinus' gun and suddenly turns to look at AVAs.
      It's not strength and wisdom to be a god killer. Whether it's the use of foreign things or the acceptance of others' help, the process is not important. What's important is that Roy only needs to complete the result of his own God killing.
      “Guardian angel” Edwards is his “luck”!
      Edwards looked at Roy's question. She nodded her head and said: “the props here can complete an angel skill -” angel falls. “*
      Chapter five the great cause of killing God is here!
      “Angel technique,” angel falls ”
      Roy whispered. He was very impressed by the magic way.
      “In Kabbala's tree of life theory, the number of human beings and angels has long been determined. Therefore, under normal circumstances, human beings can never be upgraded to angels, and the function of this technique is to make angels downgrade to” people “when the ceremony starts.”
      “… however, there are certain differences in information and rules between this world and my world. In addition, the time is too short to set up too large a ceremony field and accurate proofreading. I can guarantee that this technique will work, but I'm afraid it will only work for a short time.”
      “Moreover, it's very dangerous to use the angel's skill as a human body. It will bring you too much 'poison' and arouse your original sin. The best time to start the skill in a moment will not affect your body and soul.”
      Edwards is an angel who does what she likes and seldom interferes in reality. But Roy's particularity brings her too much unknown and novel exploration, which is a miracle that the demons all envy and pursue. Therefore, she works very hard to ensure Roy's life.
      If it wasn't for the fact that Edwards was just a 'spirit' and couldn't interfere too much with reality, I'm afraid the 'guardian angel' would have come to an end in person.
      At Roy's side, she really played her name as “guardian angel.”.
      “That is to say, I have to decide in a flash?Ha, under normal circumstances, I will not do such a thing that the winning rate is too low, but now it is an abnormal situation. I have a hunch that if I miss this opportunity, I may lose all my courage, and my life will become the same as that of aresta. ”
      Roy licked his dry lips and said, “come on, tell me how to set up the ceremony, Evans!”
      “As you wish… Put the scepter which symbolizes fire at the bottom of Kabala. Since it can be determined that the external angels are Michael and Metatron, it is the place where they put their symbols in the Kingdom and turn angels into human beings… The silver knife is located in the victory place, and the magic number is 93, 70… The beauty in the center is Michael, and the crown is Metatron…”
      “Heresy, steal my power, like a crafty devil, spy on the face of God, I will judge you today!”
      In the wild desert, the archangel with long red hair and handsome face is opening his wings like fire and light. Holding the Red Cross sword, he is fighting with the heretic Angel Metatron in front of him.
      In fact, 'Metatron' is just the title of an angel, which symbolizes' the most beloved angel of God ', and does not represent a particular angel. In the crucifixion, Michael is undoubtedly Metatron, but in the book of Enoch, Metatron becomes Enoch.
      “Michael, you should worship me here, or you will disobey the majesty of the Lord. It is the greatest blasphemy to regard a righteous man as a Messiah and make him equal to the Lord.”
      Unlike Michael's fearless and awe inspiring voice, Metatron's voice is very soft. In the book of Enoch, although Metatron is the most respected angel, his duty is to be the 'secretary of heaven', which can be described as a civil servant.
      “Needless to say, I will cut you off like a red dragon and let you go to hell forever to repay your deception to the Lord.”
      Michael's look of justice is high. In the Bible, Michael stands for 'absolute justice', and what he does is a righteous act.
      The two angels fight again, the earth is cut open, the sky is torn, as if the scene of doomsday judgment is shown in front of Roy, reflecting on the desert.
      The fierce sand sea is formed again, the hurricane blows, the tornado is continuous, the blazing sacred sun's flame is shining in the scorching sun, which turns this desert into a huge melting pot.
      It's a battle that mortals can't imagine. It's the doomsday scene that the most powerful magician can only run in despair. This is the God of disobedience coming from the myth. They are moving natural disasters and desperate doom. Even if there are good gods in the myth, when they turn into disobedience, every move will bring death and tears to human beings.
      In other words, God is the pronoun of disaster for human beings. No matter good or evil, no one can bear God's grace and punishment. Therefore, these gods are woven into myths and can no longer harm the world.
      “Kill me, Enoch!I will never admit your name of 'Metatron'. After I kill you, I will wander on the earth and look for the 'demon king' on the earth. Either I will kill the demon king to save the people, or I will be killed by the demon king to let me return to heaven and serve the Lord again!To live or to die is to me a victory
      Michael cried out in a loud voice, his handsome face full of fighting spirit.
      “Artifact, artifact!You are not the Michael I know, who led me to heaven. You are just a distorted artifact of myth
      Metatron's fury echoes Michael's, and the two angels ravage the earth and the sky again.
      “It's a little bit bad…”
      The fierce sandstorm tore Roy's skin and turned it into bloodstains. The temperature around him rose under the fire and almost melted him.
      But Roy was walking in the sandstorm with his own will, gritting his teeth in pain.
      In his hand, there are only fragments of the gun of Longinus. If he wants to kill Michael or Metatron, he has to be close to them. However, the fighting range of the two angels is too large, and the power of the aftershocks is enough to wreak havoc on everything. The more Roy wants to accomplish the feat of killing gods, he has to endure the doomsday environment and get close to them as much as possible.
      Fortunately, the two angels are not interested in Roy, an ordinary man. They just fight with each other, so that Roy can have a chance to be close to the two angels on the battlefield as a mortal.
      “I remember that the strength of the disobedient God is mainly due to the affirmation of the disobedient God to himself. No matter Michael or Metatron, they all have a firm understanding of their own identity. Although they are disobedient gods, they are infinitely close to their own appearance in mythology.”
      “… when the two angels' cognition is equally powerful, the description in myth will play a crucial role.”
      The scene in front of Roy was somewhat unexpected. Roy thought that the power of Metatron and Michael overlapped in many ways, and their status was almost the same. The fight between them should be a fight between both sides.
      But the reality is that Michael is beating Metatron.
      Although it's not an irresistible massacre, Metatron's counterattack will also cause damage to Michael, but even Roy can see that there is a big gap between the two angels' fighting power, which is definitely not a situation of losing both sides. In the end, it will be Michael's victory.
      “No, the only description of Metatron in the classics is Enoch. He has no description of his achievements except walking with God for 300 years… But Michael is different. Almost all the 'wars' and' battles' in the Bible are operated by Michael, and even Satan is driven to hell by him,He is the angel of war and victory
      If we can't let the two angels lose each other, it's almost impossible for Roy to attack the seriously wounded Metatron in front of Michael or kill the winner Michael directly.
      “No, Metatron would choose to run away!”
      Finally close to the two angels, the scene in front of Roy surprised, he never thought that Metatron would choose the option of escape after being injured.
      The earth is so big, and the speed of these two angels is beyond imagination. If Metatron runs away and Michael goes after him, Roy will definitely lose his target. After that, if he wants to find the two angels in the earth again, it's just like a fool's dream.
      And it's rare to see two disobedient gods fighting. Although Roy has a vague memory of the story of the world of the 'God killer', he remembers that many of the first time the two disobedient gods killed their gods, which were successful after the two disobedient gods fought each other.
      That is to say——
      “No more hesitation, success or failure depends on it!”
      At this moment, Roy gave up all the thinking of the wise and turned into a fool. He took out the original book of law from his arms, which was the only thing he brought out from the world of magic.
      He rushed forward against a blade like sandstorm and hissed at Michael, who was about to catch up with Metatron.
      This is the great cause of killing gods*
      Chapter 6 the birth of the devil
      Today is my birthday. It's my birthday
      It is not advisable for a wise man to do the deeds of a fool.
      Prometheus, representing human wisdom, is prescient.
      Epimetheus, representing 'human folly', is hindsight.
      Fear is the greatest wisdom of human beings. Only because of fear can we know the strength of each other, and only because of fear can we know the true meaning of escape. It is precisely because of the existence of fear that human beings can find the way to live in that dangerous environment, so that they can reproduce and become the final winner.
      When Roy saw Michael, there were boundless fears in his heart and his soul. Those fears warned him to run away and warned him of the danger in front of him.
      If you are a wise man, you will choose to turn around and run at this time, because hitting a stone with an egg is not the way a wise man will choose.
      Only a fool will rush up foolishly, and then be as bright as a summer flower for a moment, and finally be destroyed by the object of fear.
      It is the truth that it is absolutely impossible to defeat him, and it is absolutely impossible for mortals to defeat the gods.
      But only the fool can find the only miracle in the truth!
      “In Chapter 1, verse 11 of the book of Dharma, people praise the fool. They and their gods are all fools!”
      “… the word that ends everything is – abrahadabra!”
      Roy recited the contents of the original book of Dharma and started the operation in it.
      “Wow –”
      With the opening of the operation, Roy's throat is fishy and sweet, spitting out a mouthful of blood.
      The original code of the devil's way contains a deadly toxin. The toxin is not the so-called substance, but a will that will pollute people's spirit. If we can't understand the knowledge and content of the original code of the devil's way, just observing the original code will be enough to cause people's death.
      The book of law is the essence of Edwards's knowledge, which contains knowledge that does not belong to the world. Its countless wrong solutions are more than a concealing of the real knowledge, rather than a defense mechanism to prevent the fool from losing his life without reading it.
      Roy, as a fool, now interprets part of the knowledge in the book of the Dharma in a correct way. This knowledge alone, like poison, brings him the pain of death.
      “Fool, this is not the mode of thinking that should be respected by human beings. Let me tell you how stupid your behavior is!”
      If all human beings think like fools, I'm afraid that the race of human beings will perish long ago, because only the wise can guide human beings forward.
      Michael, who is ready to catch up with Metatron, is attracted by Roy's ignorance. When he sees Roy abandoning his fear and summoning up courage to run towards him, Michael knows his purpose.
      Michael is the winner in the battle with Metatron. He is not a defeated God who is on the verge of death. There is no possibility that he can be killed by mortals.
      No, it should be said that even the dying god of disobedience will not be killed by mortals, because killing a God is an impossible miracle.
      “Since you don't listen to admonishment, welcome your own end like all fools.”
      With a wave of Michael's hand, the archangel, which symbolizes fire, sends out the fire of heaven that can burn everything.
      It's just a blow from the God of disobedience, but for ordinary people like Roy, it's the end of despair.
      “Ah, ah, ah, ah –”
      Pain, the skin seems to be burned, like a snake like molting into coke, revealing the flesh and blood under the skin, the pain from the peripheral nerve directly to the brain, let Roy can't help crying out in pain, in order to vent the unbearable pain in the body.
      The brain wants to play its own defense mechanism to make him coma, but Roy stubbornly confronts him with his own will. In the tragic tragedy of the coma, he keeps the last soberness and a trace of reason.
      This is enough to turn Roy into a flame of ash, but under the protection of the book of Dharma, it just gives him the unimaginable burning pain, and makes Roy break out of the sea of fire in the way of almost complete burning of his skin.
      He knew that this was the closest distance to victory.
      The distance is less than ten meters.
      The awe inspiring and just Angel didn't expect that Roy didn't die. There was a trace of surprise on his handsome face.
      “Fool, I have to marvel at your bravery and fearlessness, but that's it!”
      Archangel Michael raised his red sword like a cross.
      He killed 150000 Assyrian troops with this sword.
      He used this sword to fight the beast at the end of the day.
      He used this sword to imprison Satan for thousands of years.
      He is the most dazzling and famous archangel of the cross, Michael!
      The ordinary sword stabs out, and the power curse surging on it is enough to tear any human to pieces.
      Michael didn't care about the fragment of the 'Longinus gun' in Roy's right hand. It was really a tool to kill the disobedient God, but it needed the disobedient God to give up resistance.
      Even if a baby picks up a knife, it is still a baby. It is impossible to defeat an adult. Even if a mortal gets a tool to kill a God, he cannot pierce the self-protection of the God.
      Even if Michael stands still, as long as he doesn't have the desire to give up life, he can't be assassinated by mortals.
      This will be another victory for Michael, who is sure to win. For the archangel, who has endless victories, this is also a trivial victory in his life.
      ——It should be, but the miracle is to trigger the possibility out of the impossible.
      “Let's start the magic trick –” angel falls “!”
      When Roy is about to be killed by Michael's sword, he starts the angel spell that had been set in the ceremony field before.
      At the same time of the ceremony, Michael's personality fell from the tree of Kabala's life and fell on the 'Kingdom', which belongs to human beings.
      This operation can only affect Michael, almost only a second, but this second is enough to tell the outcome!
      Roy didn't block Michael's sword because it would take his last chance.
      He straightened his chest and moved his position a little. He didn't let the sword pierce his heart. He just let the sword pierce his heart. If the sword was still a 'God's sword', the charm on it would be enough to kill Roy instantly. However, under the influence of 'angel falling', the sword became a 'human's sword' for the time being, which was not enough to kill him directly.
      Roy is now seriously injured, but he will not die directly. He will always have time to struggle before he dies.
      And Roy, while he was pierced by the sword, pressed the fragment of Longinus' gun in his right hand into Michael's heart.
      Then, the “angel fall” technique was released, and Michael's personality returned from “human” to “God”. The “fragments of the holy spear” that once killed the son of death but was only a sharp spear for human completely broke out.
      In just one second, Roy sent his turn over killing move into Michael's' core ', which was able to kill the' son of God '. It burst like the big bang in Michael's body.
      That one in a billion miracles, here.
      Awe inspiring angel, his handsome and beautiful face showed a moment of astonishment, followed by a burst of laughterWell done, son of a fool!This is the end that I expect, to return to the embrace of the Lord and to uphold the rule of God before the throne of the Lord! ”
      “……I am Michael the godlike, and I am the angel of victory. Here I send blessings and curses to the sons of fools
      “Go ahead with my victory, and wipe out everything with my fearlessness until the end of the day!”
      Roy seems to hear what Michael is saying in a daze. By this time, he has been in a complete coma due to serious injury.*
      Chapter 7 Pandora's dark sacrifice
      Roy was awakened by the soft touch of his head and the faint aroma in his nose.
      He opened his eyes and looked around warily.
      Here is only a gray world, gray space has been extended to the end of the horizon, empty, lonely and quiet, but also reveals a mysterious strange.
      Then, Roy found himself lying in a certain place. He was shocked and was about to stand up subconsciously.
      But a pair of small hands pressed his shoulder and pushed back the body he had just raised.
      It was then that Roy raised his head and looked straight up, opposite the owner's eyes.
      This is a girl who looks only about thirteen or fourteen years old. She has a lavender hair with a pair of horsetails. The color of her hair is like Medusa, a famous monster in Greek mythology. She has a correct face, a lovely baby face, and a girl's innocence and liveliness. But on her tender and lovely face, she has a sense of enchantment, which makes people forget her appearanceAge, naturally comes up with the word 'mature woman'.
      She was wearing a light white dress, the whole person looked very slim, a little too slim.
      And Roy is lying here with a knee pillow.
      Roy was a little embarrassed, but he wasn't one of those innocent teenagers who didn't even touch a girl's hand and blushed at the sight of a woman. He quickly calmed down and asked warily: –who are you?Where is this place? ”
      In fact, Roy already knows who the woman in front of him is, the source of everything in the world of God killer, the creator of the dark sacrifice of God killer, and Pandora, the first woman given to mankind by the gods in Greek mythology!
      It was only at this time that Roy understood why Edwards said before that he should not understand the details of a world and not take the initiative to understand.
      Because if human beings know too many things, they will instinctively become arrogant and will naturally put themselves in the position of the superior and look down upon others. This is a very dangerous behavior.
      If Roy accidentally reveals that he knows Pandora's identity, says more things, and makes Pandora curious and even suspicious of him, so as not to hold the dark sacrifice for him, Roy will lose a lot, and the previous effort to succeed in killing God will be in vain.
      It's not the rule of the world itself to kill the disobedient God and usurp power. It's a Pandora's ceremony. In essence, this ceremony is a big magic, but the conditions for magic to start are too harsh. You need to kill the gods and take them as sacrifices to succeed.
      So, Roy tried to make himself confused and at a loss.
      Pandora didn't have any doubt. She just looked at Roy with strong curiosity, and said with a seductive smile: '”I'm your 'mother' ~ ~ ~ as for where this is, it's OK to tell you. Anyway, you will soon forget. ”
      “……This is the realm of life and immortality. According to Greek, it's the world of thought. According to Persian, it's the world of mind. Because of the great cause of killing the gods, you started the ceremony to come here and become my 'son'. Come on, listen to mom. ”
      Roy looked at Pandora's expectant eyes and mischievous smile. He just turned his lips to ignore her.
      How dare you say it's your 'mother'? It's very courageous to know that her father is alesta Crowley. If you let that bad man know about your existence, it's estimated that poor Pandora will be caught in the 'windowless building' by that evil man and put it in a jar full of formalin to study. That man will definitely do so.
      Roy murmured.
      Seeing that Roy ignored him, Pandora pouted and hummed angrilyAs for who I am, I'm Pandora. As you think, Pandora, it's too troublesome to explain why you see me, so I won't explain. Anyway, it won't be long before you know everything. When you come here again, you will know everything. ”
      Pandora has no goddess's authority at all, just like an ordinary junior high school girl, with a little bit of willfulness.
      But very soon, she just showed a sad look that she didn't know whether it was' true 'or' false ': “In this era, the seventh God killer has appeared, and the strongest steel is about to wake up. My youngest child, your luck is a little poor. You can't enjoy all that the great cause of killing gods brings to you, so you have to face the end. ”
      Pandora's words moved Roy's heart. Although her words were few, they exposed a lot of information.
      For example, he is the seventh God killer, and according to Roy's memory, the original protagonist of the God killer should be the seventh, which means that he came to the world before the original story of the God killer, but the interval is not too long, because the first six God killers have been born.
      'I'm really predestined with 7.'
      Roy's expression is a little strange, I don't know whether to cry or laugh.
      Roy moved his head to make himself more comfortable. Now that he knew that Pandora was in front of him, he had no fear of the unknown. He enjoyed Pandora with great interest and felt that his eyes were much more comfortable.
      She is undoubtedly a beautiful woman. In more than 30 years of Roy II's life, apart from his sister Lola, he has never seen a more beautiful and tasteful woman than Pandora. Of course, Roy also knows that this is because he has seen too little of the world.
      “Well?It's a special child. Your reason and wisdom don't look like a god killer. However, when you face the gods, you are undoubtedly a qualified 'son of a fool'
      In the face of Roy's painting of oil and salt, Pandora just looked on calmly, and said rather helplessly: “I'm afraid thatWhy don't you say something?It's stupid of me to sing a monologue like this. ”
      “It's very impolite to interrupt, Miss Pandora. I just don't want to interrupt you.”
      Roy finally spoke up at this time. Now he really doesn't want to talk with Pandora here. He just wants her to finish the ceremony quickly and get the power he wants.
      “Miss Pandora is too outspoken to call me. If you call me mom, call me mom ~ ~ if you call me 'Mom', I will give you a special reward.”
      “……Looking at it carefully, my youngest child is really handsome and young, much more lovely than that silly boy before. ”
      Pandora's hand gently combs Roy's messy silver and ear short hair. It is clear that he is a young woman, but he exudes the tenderness of “maternal love”.
      Roy's brow flicked. He just wanted Pandora to finish these chatting words quickly and satisfy her directlyMom
      “Hee hee ~ ~ it's almost time. This is a special reward ~ ~”
      With these words, Pandora's slender fingers took Roy's cheeks and bent down.
      In Roy's surprise, the fragrance came.
      At the same time, the ritual magic of killing God, Pandora's dark sacrifice begins!*
      Chapter 8 power and function, “holy right”
      Roy opened his eyes again.
      He found that he had been spending this period of time with his eyes closed and open. It can be said that he was shuttling back and forth in a short time.
      He is still in the desert where he killed Michael before. The sun is shining high in the sky, but the glare of the sun will not hurt his pupils. The sand lying under his body is extremely hot, but the slight temperature will not scald his body.
      Roy knows that he has completed the transformation, and he has really reached the top of the world. He has changed from a bad magician to a god killer who can fight with the gods.
      Holding up his body and standing up from the desert, Roy looks at the ragged clothes on his body. If he had not made a layer of protection with the original power of the book of law, it is estimated that even if Roy can become a god killer now, he would have to face the embarrassing situation of standing in the desert naked.
      Looking down to think about it carefully, Roy was surprised to find that he remembered everything that happened when he saw Pandora in the realm of life and death, and did not forget anything at all.
      He smacked his lips, leaving a warm touch on his lips. His mouth was sweet, like a bell orchid, exuding a sweet and confusing flavor. Even Pandora's surprise at that time and his bold exploration into her mouth to explore the warmth of the fragrant tongue are still fresh in his memory.
      “Aresta has a profound study of 'aspect'. The realm of life and death you just reached is one of the aspects. You who have fully understood aresta's masterpiece the book of 777 are able to resist the negative effects of different aspects.”
      At this time, it seems to be aware of Roy's question. Behind him, the “guardian angel” Edwards answers his questions with her unique, signal blocking noise.
      The book of 777 is the condensation of aresta's “beast” thought. In fact, there is no detailed record of magic rituals in that book. It only contains aresta's “philosophy”.
      Therefore, even if Roy fully understood the book of 777, he did not become strong directly, and he did not master any powerful techniques, but he could directly show his body in the “imaginary number aspect” that he faced with aresta before.
      But this book gives Roy an opportunity to create his own powerful technique with the philosophy in the book of 777, just like aresta's technique of “spiritual stumbling”.
      Roy's former realm was deep, but he had no practical operation ability. He was a typical 'giant in thought, a dwarf in action'. Now with his success in killing gods, he has become a god killer under Pandora's dark sacrifice, and finally he has the ability of action.
      “Edwards, you justDid you go to that aspect, too? ”
      “After noticing that your spirit is going to that aspect, I don't trust you to go and have a look.”
      Roy's mouth turned when he heard the words. What's the angel saying? It's so ambiguous that he even said 'don't worry about you'.
      “Didn't Pandora find you?”
      “It's impossible for her to find me.”
      In a short sentence, Roy knows that neither Pandora nor the disobedient God of the world can match the angel from the higher aspect of Kabbala's tree of life theory.
      “It's a novel world. The ceremony used by the woman named Pandora is just in line with the origin of the world, but her ceremony has great defects. She should be able to do better, but that's all.”
      There is no scorn, ridicule and other emotions in her expression, but from her short words, we can see that she is different. Just at a glance, she can feel the core of Pandora's dark sacrifice and point to the defects of the ceremony.
      Roy was trying to observe the operation of the ceremony of Pandora's dark sacrifice, but he could only vaguely see a little bit with his knowledge.
      Soon Roy felt that it was no big deal. Edwards was a symbol of the number of '93', “secret leader” of 'keeping knowledge' and 'imparting knowledge'.
      “Edwards, can you interpret Pandora's dark sacrifice?EvenMake this ceremony more perfect? ”
      Roy was curious about Pandora's ceremony.
      “It can be done in theory. It's just a ritual magic that adapts to the rules of the world. It's just that I need more time to observe the world. There are too many changes in the 'variables' of different worlds, which can't be completely generalized.”
      “……I know what you mean, Roy. Even if you don't ask me, I'll try to analyze the ceremony. I'm always interested in observing the unknown and interesting. ”
      “Ha, like me and my father alesta?Because you think it's very interesting, you will observe it and even go to the end yourself. ”
      Roy wasn't questioning. He just said yes in a calm voice.
      Edwards did not answer because she had already told Roy her answer with her own actions.
      Sometimes, Edwards likes to hide secrets and is not willing to say anything, but sometimes, the angel is very honest and tells you his choice with practical actions.
      “Let's take a look at my power after I became a god killer. Pandora's dark sacrifice can be studied as a long-term project.”
      So Roy closed his eyes and felt the change in his body.
      After killing the gods and offering them as sacrifices, Roy's body emerged with a huge 'magic power', or high-quality magic.
      At the same time, great changes have taken place in his body, the biggest of which is' magic resistance ', which has almost reached an exaggerated level. Ordinary magic can not cause any influence and damage to him at all. Even the big magic has been weakened a lot in front of his' magic resistance'.
      This is why powerful magicians can't fight against disobedience. Disobedience is almost immune to mortal magic, and only a few powerful magic can work.
      Compared with the resistance to magic, the growth of the 'physical resistance' of the God killer is not so exaggerated. The strength of energy and physical strength has far exceeded that of ordinary people, but it is not insurmountable. Powerful magicians can also exercise to this point.
      To be exact, although the physical quality of the God killer is strong, it is still within the scope of human beings.
      However, the God killer does not rely on physical fitness to eat, it is only the basis of what they have. The real strength of the God killer lies in plundering the power of the gods!
      After killing the gods and completing the ritual of killing the gods, Roy instinctively knew the function and use of his power.
      “The power of usurping from the gods is closely related to the characteristics and phase of the God killer. Even if two God killers kill the same God, they may not get the same powerAnd I understand the book of 777, and the number of 'seven' is really predestined
      Roy's expression is quite strange. The book of 777 records aresta's thought, and the actual content is the desecration of the perfect meaning in the crucifixion Bible.
      The God he killed was the most glorious and powerful angel in the Crusade and had the greatest connection with the seven.
      Roy has gained seven powers in one breath. The comprehensiveness and power involved in these seven powers are amazing to him. Just like the protagonist in the original work, because there are too many powers in one breath, there are restrictions on the use of these powers.
      Each of the seven powers has its own name. Roy thought about it and said, “wellMichael is a “God like person” who sits on the right side of God. He is an angel who is equal to God, and “right side” means “equal honor” in the cross. In this case, these seven powers are collectively referred to as “holy right side.”*
      Chapter 9 “Jacob's hands and feet”
      Campione is a king who kills the gods in the sky and seizes their supreme power——
      Campione, a god killer, is a tyrant. Because he controls the power of killing gods and usurps it, he dominates the mortals on earth——
      Campione the God killer is the devil, because no one in the world can have the power to fight against him!
      In the sand sea, a young man is walking on foot in ragged clothes, just like a lost traveler in the desert. He is fighting against the terrible natural environment with perseverance, as if he might lose his life at any time.
      But if you look closer, you will find that this young man is full of energy. Even in the hot sun, there are few sweat stains, and he is marching forward with his head high.
      “Metatron doesn't know where he's gone. He's probably far away from here.”
      Roy, who has just finished killing gods, is walking in the sand sea. The God killer has a wonderful feeling to the God of disobedience. As long as they meet, they will recognize each other immediately. Therefore, Roy walks in the sand sea in the hope of finding the breath of Metatron.
      Metatron was seriously injured in the battle with Michael. According to Roy's analysis of his power, if Metatron does not have the power of resurrection or healing, it will take a long time for him to recover completely. At this time, it is the best time to kill the gods. Roy certainly does not want to let go.
      It's just that in today's situation, he wasted too much time on Pandora's dark sacrifice, and Metatron may have gone far.
      Unless there is special power, it is beyond the scope of the God killer's ability to find a hidden God in the 510 million square kilometers of the earth.
      Now that Roy, a god killer, has seen it, he will never let Metatron go. The 'celestial scribe' has become Roy's next target.
      “It's impossible to find Metatron on my own. I need enough people.”
      Roy rubbed his chin with his hand. Now he is the “King” on the ground. If he tells the world that he needs his men, there will definitely be countless magic associations to apply for jobs and become his loyal running dog.
      However, Roy is not a person who refuses everything. Even if he is a subordinate, he also needs the other party to have enough energy. At least he has a great influence between the mysterious world and the secular world.
      Of course, it's best to create a new force by yourself, but Roy doesn't want to waste his time with the absolute power of the God killer and doesn't have to worry about the loyalty of his subordinates.
      “Decided, go to the Vatican to find the Crusade!The God I killed is Michael, who is like God. Now I am also Michael's incarnation on the earth. It is the object that the Crusade should kneel down to. Killing the pagan gods and the heretic archangels in the name of Michael must be in line with the doctrine of the crusade. Let them do things for me sincerely
      Roy clapped his hand and immediately had a decided destination – the Vatican in Rome, Italy.
      As for whether the holy see is willing to be loyal or not, Roy has never thought about it. He is the devil of the earth, and he should do as he wishes.
      Roy has a rule of life, that is, he will definitely do what suits his identity.
      Just like in the forbidden world, he is Lola's brother, so he will make himself the best and the best brother, and will present everything that the 'brother' should do perfectly.
      Now that he is a god killer and a demon king on the earth, he will take the demon king's behavior style as the code of conduct. If the Vatican is willing to serve him, it's better. However, if not, Roy doesn't mind killing the Vatican's 2000 year history with his “holy right”.
      “To judge the Holy See with the power of Michael, people will only think that it is the fall of the Holy See and disappoint God, because the just Archangel will never be wrong!”
      Roy chuckled and stepped up a little. He had seen the crowd.
      His “holy right” has a power that can be used to drive. However, because most of his power is limited by time and the number of times of the day, if it is not used to fight but to drive, it will be a waste. Therefore, Roy will choose to walk to find people and use human transportation to go to Italy.
      Roy's right hand was tied with a red cloth and inserted in his pocket. The cloth was the 'holy relic cloth' he found in the magic workshop in the desert cave. The reason why Roy did it was because the strongest of his seven powers involved the 'Lord of hosts' and the only true God of the Crusade, Javert'.
      This power is quite limited, but it is also extremely powerful and difficult to control.
      If there is no restriction, Roy's right hand will have a 'vision', so he will entangle his right hand with the divine effect of the relic cloth to make the 'vision' disappear.
      In front of Roy's eyes is a mountain like a sand dune. The mountain is not very high. There are many vehicles at the foot of the mountain. Some people are exploring the mountain as if they are doing archaeological work.
      Some of the busy people in the instrument room at the foot of the mountain saw Roy. They saw that Roy was in poor clothes and alone. They thought he was a lost traveler. After talking to the people around him twice, they came running quickly.
      “Hey, friend!I think you may need help! ”
      It was a blonde Western man, in his twenties and thirties, who was warmly greeting Roy.
      “Do you need a doctor?Or we can borrow a cell phone for you to contact the Embassy in Jerusalem. ”
      The man ran over and was surprised to see Roy's face. He didn't expect that Roy was so young. He was only 15 or 16 years old from the appearance. He had a pair of strange double pupils under his silver and short ears and hair. His temperament was also very contradictory. He looked like a man, a woman, a child and an elder. It was like a sea of smoke.
      “……That, or do you need to contact your parents? ”
      The blonde man hesitated a little, because although Roy was poorly dressed, he was so energetic that he didn't look like a lost traveler.
      “Thank you. I think I just need a glass of water now.”
      “Oh, just a moment, please!”
      The young man quickly ran to get the mineral water. Somehow, the boy in front of him looked young, but he was nearly thirty years old. He felt really scared, just like seeing a beast in the jungle. That was the fear instinct from his brain.
      Roy also got a message that this is Israel.
      After he saw that the magic workshop in the desert cave belonged to a Jewish magician, he had already guessed his location by contacting the surrounding environment, and now the blonde Western man gave him affirmation.
      “What are you doing, archaeology?”
      Roy took the mineral water from the man, took a sip and asked.
      “Oh, yes, we're in archaeology. I'm a doctoral student. I'm going out with my tutor for archaeological exploration.”
      Hearing Roy's question, the man's eyes lit up and said that maybe he didn't play a big role in the archaeological team. He was so excited when he saw someone willing to listen to him mention his professional knowledge.
      “The object of our archaeology is the Jewish 'first temple', which is also the legendary Temple of Solomon. Although there are descriptions of King Solomon and the temple in the Bible, in fact, there are very few archaeological materials about Solomon, which makes many people doubt whether King Solomon really existed.”
      “……According to our research and exploration of ancient maps, this should be mount Murray, the heart of ancient Jerusalem. Traditionalists believe that the temple of Solomon is located on Mount Murray. Now we are looking for the ruins of this temple. ”
      Listen to the man's words, Roy secretly nodded his head, he was also raised interest.
      “The temple of Solomon?King Solomon of wisdom?It's really interesting. ”
      Roy raised his eyes and looked at the many archaeologists carefully excavating on Mount Murray. Their actions were so cautious, as if they were afraid that if they made too big a move, they might destroy the remains of this exploration.
      But Roy doesn't want to wait. He doesn't care about historical value. The only thing he's interested in is the name Solomon.
      Gently lift your foot to pour magic power, and then step on the ground heavily.
      “Boom and boom”
      At the same time, the sand dune like Mount Murray began to shake, the sand sea collapsed, the peaks broke, and a crack appeared on the earth. In the shaking, the main body of Mount Murray appeared a crack.
      “What's the matter?Is there an earthquake? ”
      “Be careful, everyone!”
      “MountainThe mountain is going to collapseMount Murray is going to collapse! ”
      Roy watched the collapse of Mount Murray without expression, waiting for the temple remains that might exist in the mountain.
      This is the only one of Roy's seven powers that has no limitation of time and quantity. As long as he still has incantation power, he can launch it at any time.
      This power is the ancient fighting skill recorded in the Bible, and the strongest wrestling skill with archangels — “Jacob's hands and feet”!*
      Chapter 10 Solomon's divinity
      And the man said, do not call your name Jacob any more, but Israel, for you are victorious in your struggle with God and with men.
      In genesis, the Bible records a story about Jacob's wrestling with an angel at Jabbok ferry when he returned to Canaan.
      In the book of Zerubbabel, Michael answered Zerubbabel, “I am the one who wrestled with Jacob at the ferry of Jabbok.
      It is from this allusion that one of Roy's seven powers, Jacob's brothers, came from Michael.
      Jacob is the ancestor of Israel, which means to defeat the messenger of God, and “Jacob's hands and feet” is an unparalleled fighting skill, even the archangel can defeat, which contains the power of myth and legend of the Bible!
      Roy is an unsophisticated magician, and he has never practiced martial arts. However, with this power, he is now a warrior who has reached the extreme of martial arts, which is similar to Tao.
      Because this unique martial art, which is more powerful than the archangel, should not be owned by ordinary people.
      The existence of the God killer is such an exaggeration. Ordinary people work hard all their lives, taste all the ups and downs, shed all the blood and sweat, but they don't see it in their eyes.
      The great cause of killing gods is a miracle. For thousands of years, only a few people have won this honor.
      Roy's charm gradually dissipated, and the shaking of the earth gradually stopped. Mount Murray, the heart of ancient Jerusalem, collapsed and became a broken wall.
      The archaeologists of Mount Murray groaned, climbed up from the ground full of fine sand and gravel, and began to search around in a panic. Their expressions looked like they were afraid that the unknown 'earthquake' would completely destroy the relics they might have here.
      “ThisThis is… ”
      An archaeologist suddenly exclaimed, trembling with tweezers, he picked up a fragment of pottery from a debris dune and put it in front of his eyes to observe carefully.
      “This is an early relic of the Jewish kingdom. This is probably the site of the temple of Solomon.”
      The cry of the archaeologists caused other people's disturbance. Many people got close to him. Even the doctoral student who entertained Roy said hello to him and ran over excitedly.
      “AVAs, can you detect any God related objects here?”
      Roy watched the archaeologists get together and discuss happily. He asked him about the invisible Edwards road behind him.
      The God killer is not omnipotent, especially in the aspect of perception. In addition to recognizing the God of disobedience instinctively, if the two God killers do not show their strength, they may even sit together and drink tea for a whole afternoon without knowing that the opposite party is their own kind.
      “I'm not an angel who is good at searching. I have no specificity for perception and searching.”
      Although Edwards said that, she still pointed out the direction for Roy after a pauseSeventy meters in this direction, there is a mysterious atmosphere in the underground. If we dig, it will take a long time. ”
      “You are really a capable angel.”
      Roy smiles approvingly at Edwards, and then says: –There's no need to dig. I'm a god killer. I'm a devil with no taboo. To me, the historical relics of mortals have no value. Digging is the work of ordinary people or magic associations, and all I have to do is — ”
      Roy walked 70 meters away according to the words of Edwards. He raised his fist to launch power again and waved another fist at the broken ruins of Murray mountain.
      The fine sand turned into gauze and sputtered to a height of 100 meters. Cracks appeared in the ground under Roy's feet, and then the ground collapsed again in the roar, creating a deep crater like a meteorite impact.
      All around the cheering archaeologists' voice suddenly stopped, everyone was swallowing saliva, gaping at Roy's inhuman terrorist power.
      As ordinary people, they are expected to be surprised by each other's abilities when they see magicians. Now, when they see the God killer, who is called 'the devil on the ground', their nerves tremble with the power far beyond the imagination of ordinary people.
      Only then did they know that the earthquake was not a natural phenomenon at all. It was probably caused by this terrible young boy.
      Roy didn't pay attention to the frightened eyes of the people around him. He squatted down and made a copy of the sand with his left hand. As the gravel slipped between his fingers, what appeared in Roy's palm was a simple ring.
      “Bronze?A magic weapon?Is it the ring symbolizing wisdom that Solomon used to serve the devil in legend?In the mysterious demonology Book Raymond Geddon, it is recorded that King Solomon is an excellent demon summoner. Maybe it is true? ”
      Roy weighed the ring with his left hand. It is indeed an immortal artifact, a artifact related to God.
      However, not everyone can use the artifact, especially this artifact that directly refers to Solomon. Roy is not Solomon, so he can't use it at all. However, this artifact has a great origin with Solomon, but it can be used as a tool material for magic rituals.
      Roy put the ring away, and some of the archaeologists around opened their mouths. They wanted to say that it was a valuable cultural relic and hoped that he could put it down. But when they thought of the great power that Roy had shown before, they all shut their mouths from their hearts.
      Only one of these people showed a look of shock and awe. He felt the extreme exaggeration and heavy incantation of Roy when he used his power before, and boldly guessed his identity.
      “IWhat can I do for you?”Wang”! ”
      The person who recognized Roy's identity hesitated and tangled for a long time, then came forward tremblingly, lowered his head and said respectfully.
      Although it's dangerous to walk into the sight of a god killer, it also represents an opportunity.
      Other archaeologists were surprised to see their investors suddenly become so humble, and secretly guessed that this young man was a big man?
      No, how can a man who has the power of a monster not be a big man!
      “The magician?”
      Although Roy is an unsophisticated magician, he can recognize it at a glance when the other party dare not conceal his identity and actively exude his own magic.
      “Yes, king, I am England…”
      “Stop, I'm not interested in which country or association magician you are. I have only one request now. Prepare a clean new dress for me, and then prepare a ticket to Rome, Italy. As for the identification, you can do it yourself.”
      Although he had never seen the magician in front of him, Roy ordered as if he were facing his faithful servant.
      The magician also took it for granted that he didn't want to know his identity when he saw Wang. He didn't dare to say more, so he quickly answered.
      It wasn't long before a special plane took off from Jerusalem, Israel, carrying the only guest to Rome, Italy.*
      Chapter 11 King's Cross
      The seventh God killer appeared.
      According to Wang himself, his name is Roy Crowley. After investigating people with the same name all over the world, it is not found that his past is a pseudonym.
      The first witness of the new king was the magician of the Greenwich Council of sages, who met on Mount Murray in the heart of ancient Jerusalem.
      Based on the investigation around Mount Murray and the things found in the magic workshop of a secret Jewish Association in Israel, it is speculated that the God killed by the new king is Archangel Michael.
      Michael, the most famous archangel of Abraham, is recorded in the Tanah, the Bible, the New Testament, the Koran and other religious classics. He is on the right side of the God and has outstanding merit, symbolizing fire. He is the supreme commander of the angel army, the angel of victory and war, and the only angel with the title of Archangel.
      Because of Michael's brilliant achievements, it is impossible to guess the power of the new king.
      (Note: never test the power of the new king. He is one of the demons who are above us.)
      ——Investigation report on Roy Crowley, the seventh God killer compiled by Greenwich sage Council
      The Vatican in the northwest corner of Rome, the capital of Italy, is the headquarters of the crusade.
      Roy is sitting in the Vatican Library of the Vatican, looking through the books of the secret sympathies and Demons accumulated by the Crusade over the past two thousand years. As the heart of the most famous Crusade in the world, the Vatican collects books of knowledge unimaginable by other magical associations and organizations.
      “In addition to me, there are six other God killers, although there are magicians, but they have not dedicated their lives to the master of magic. Even among them, some of them were once humble and completed the great cause of killing gods because of their luck.”
      “……Although this proves that 'not the most high-ranking magician is the God killer, the relationship between magician and God killer is just specious existence', it also proves that the God killer is a group of stupid people, a group of shortsighted fools! ”
      Roy closed his books and said sarcastically.
      He was wearing a red cardinal robe with a silver cross on his chest. This robe was extremely gorgeous. It was woven with gold and silver thread and contained mysterious symbols of the cross. In addition, it was engraved with mythological stories from the Bible in a very delicate way.
      This cardinal's robe is specially designed. It is woven with a pocket on the right side of the body. Roy usually inserts the pocket in his right hand to hide the vision on his right hand. This cardinal's robe also gives Roy more charismatic temperament.
      “However, I can also understand the ideas of those deicides. No matter how much knowledge they have learned, these mortals can't compete with those who don't follow. Therefore, they regard these knowledge of the evil way as useless dross. They don't know that even Pandora's dark sacrifice is just a magic ceremony that is complex enough and involves the essence of the world.”
      Roy seems to be talking to himself. In fact, he is chatting with Edwards behind him. Although Edwards is not a good chatting partner at all, this “guardian angel” sometimes has a poisonous mouth and doesn't like to talk all the time. She prefers to observe as a spectator.
      After leaving Jerusalem from Israel, Roy went all the way to the Vatican without any hesitation. He thought that the Vatican, as a 2000 year old Crusade base, would firmly refuse to surrender. Even Roy was ready to force them to surrender.
      However, the actual situation was somewhat unexpected. After knowing Roy's identity, the Vatican not only did not have any resistance, but directly confessed Him. Especially when they knew that the God Roy killed was Michael, these church officials shamelessly gave him the title of 'son'.
      It was not until then that Roy fully understood the status of the God killer in the world. For the magic association, it is not an insult to make them loyal to the God killer, but a kind of honor, even for a religion of the size of the cross.
      The Crusade in this world is not as powerful as it is supposed to be, just because there is a god of disobedience in this world. For the 'monotheism' of the Crusade doctrine, the existence of the God of disobedience is the biggest blow to the doctrine, especially those pagan gods of disobedience are so powerful that even if they are inclined to the Crusade, they can't defeat one of them, and the only one who can fight against the God of disobedience is murdererThe divine.
      In this case, some god killers are willing to protect them. Of course, the Crusades are willing to. In particular, Roy's power is the sacred Archangel Michael, not some pagan god. This is undoubtedly the blessing of the Lord for the Crusades.
      Because the Crusade had so much information and knowledge, he could know more about the inviolability and power of the God killer. After Roy came to the crusade as the 'son of God', he also knew some secrets.
      For example, about 200 years ago, Marquis WOBAN, the oldest God killer, made a big fuss at the Vatican. If he had not found anything useful for his God killer in the Vatican and left because he was bored, the Vatican might have been destroyed more than 200 years ago.
      Thus, it can be seen how sad the organizations without the protection of the God killer, especially the large organizations like the Crusade, are in this world. They can only act cautiously, for fear that they will disobey a demon king.
      The sound of footsteps came from the quiet library. Roy was sitting on a luxurious chair in the library room. He put down his book with his left hand, looked up at the warm sun shining on the transparent glass window on the top of the library, and said lazily: “I'm sorry, I'm sorryCan I help you? ”
      This library is Roy's favorite place, so no one dares to disturb him unless there is an important event.
      “Son, we have news from the heretic Archangel Metatron.”
      The visitor was a young clergyman. He did not dare to look up at Roy on the steps. He just stood at the junction of mottled sunlight and darkness and said respectfully.
      “Oh?Where's Metatron? ”
      Hearing the good news at last, Roy got up from his chair, turned around and asked condescensively.
      It is true that the crusade is the religion with the largest number of believers, and it has rich sources of information. If Roy is asked to go to mettatron himself, he may not find it all his life. However, with the power of the Crusade, he will have news of the God who did not follow in a few days.
      “Return to your son, according to intelligence sources, the heretic Metatron was found in Italy.”
      Said the young clergyman.
      “Ha, how bold!The supreme angel of Judaism dares to come to the place where the faith of the cross is strongest. ”
      Roy chuckled and went onJust tell me the exact location. Italy is so big, that's not the answer I want
      The clergy of the church were sweating, and their faces were in fear, even fear.
      The character of the God killer is extreme, and the word “Saint son” in front of him shows the word “God killer” and “devil king” incisively and vividly. He can do whatever he wants and has no taboos to the extreme.
      This is Roy's biggest code of conduct. He will definitely do what is in line with his identity. If he is a magician, he will demand himself according to the standard of a magician. Now that he is a god killer, he will naturally take the behavior of a god killer as his guide.
      “Don't be afraid. I'm not the devil in hell. As long as you can give me a satisfactory reason, I won't be angry with you.”
      Roy's words of comfort didn't make the clergyman feel relieved. “Moodiness” is also one of the labels of the God killer. Even this clergyman thinks that his “son” is actually similar to the devil of the devil king, Marquis WOBAN, the oldest God killer.
      “Although the Vatican is located in Rome, the most powerful magic alliance in Italy is the 'Seven Sisters'. If you want to know the specific location of Metatron, you may need to use the power of the' Seven Sisters'. The Vatican can only know that Metatron is in Italy now, but you can't find a specific location.”
      Roy frowned. This is the most troublesome part of the world's Crusade. Although the influence is far away, the depth of influence within each country is not enough. Because there are too many magic associations in the world, it is difficult for the strong dragon to defeat the local leader.
      “Since the seven sisters can find Metatron for me, go and tell them to come and see me.”
      What else did the clergyman want to say, but when he looked up and saw Roy's calm and strange eyes, he immediately choked his words back and said in response: “wellYes, Lord son!I'm going to inform the seven sisters. “*
      Chapter 12 crossing the abyss of God killer
      I'm so tired to go to the gym every day recently
      Roy stands in the Vatican Palace in his cardinal robe, holding information about Italy's seven sisters magic alliance.
      The Vatican Palace was originally the living place of the Pope, but it became Roy's residence after he came to the cross as a 'son'.
      On the ceiling and walls of Sistine Chapel are Michelangelo's famous murals' Genesis' and 'final judgment', which took four years to draw. The magnificent hall filled with works of many famous artists is full of sacred breath.
      “Seven sistersThis is the most prosperous Italian football, which is called the seven sisters during the small world cup. I don't remember the content of the work “the God killer” clearly, and I haven't finished watching it, but I'm not happy about it
      Roy murmured to himself that he was only sixteen years old now. In the sixteen years of magic prohibition, his memory of those before crossing had been blurred for a long time.
      “The red bronze black cross is AC Milan, the bronze black cross is Inter Milan, the old lady is Juve, the capital of lilies is Florence, the female wolf is Rome, the blue hawk is Lazio…”
      Roy laughingly put down the information in his hand, and then fell into meditation. Although these seven magic associations conflict with Roy's memory, which makes him feel very interesting, they are actually the strongest forces in the mysterious field of Italy.
      “How is the analysis of Pandora's dark sacrifice and disobedience, Edwards?”
      Standing under the famous painting of the last judgment, the shining figure of Edwards appeared behind Roy. He began to ask.
      “We have come to a conclusion about the form of existence and the general emergence of the God of disobedience. Because of the fear and belief in the unknown, human beings created the concept of gods, and then woven myths to let the gods return to their respective positions. For some special reasons of 'magic', a very small number of gods broke away from the myth and became the God of disobedience on earth.”
      “……The God of disobedience is more like the incarnation of a God. It exists because of the core. Pandora's dark sacrifice is to integrate this core with human beings, so that human beings can acquire the ability of a God. The God killer can be called “pseudo God.”
      Edwards describes his research on the relationship between the God of disobedience and the God killer.
      “That is to say, the God of disobedience is actually like a spirit, but the incarnation of God is much stronger than those human beings who have been promoted to the spirit because of their great achievements. The conceptual information of the God exists in the myth, and the coming of the God of disobedience is the process of using these information to become an entity under the joint action of the rules and magic of the world.”
      Roy nodded his head gently to fully understand the existence form of the God of disobedience, which is almost the same as the concept of the spirit in the 'fate' game he played in the past, except that the message of the spirit is in the 'seat', while the message of the God is in the myth.
      They all come in the form of incarnation, and the core is' Psychic base '. Under normal circumstances, no matter the incarnation of the spirit or the God of disobedience will disappear and return after being destroyed, but Pandora's dark sacrifice is to leave the psychic base of the God of disobedience, and then let it integrate with human beings, thus giving birth to the God killer.
      In fact, there is no real God in the world of God killer, which is just the conceptual information sublimated by human belief in myth. When these concepts have consciousness, they are the gods who do not follow when they come to the earth, and when they do not come to the earth, they are the gods bound by myth. This is a paradox. Gods can never appear in front of mortals, but can only appear in front of mortalsThe God of God.
      “So, in fact, it's not difficult to completely eliminate the gods, because the gods exist because of the myths woven by human beings. We need to make clear the relationship between cause and effect, that is, there are gods before myths, not myths before gods. As long as we eliminate human beings or human history, the gods will naturally disappear.”
      (Note: This is the original text of the God killer. If we want the gods to disappear completely, we must let the human beings disappear.)
      This information is very important to Roy. He doesn't stick to killing the God he doesn't want to gain power from, but will explore something more original.
      Roy's goal is to raise the rebellious sword to his' Duanli's father '. With the power of the so-called God killer he now possesses, in front of aresta Crowley, it is as ridiculous as a child's toy.
      So Roy has to turn these toys into real weapons.
      “What do you think of the deicide's flaws, Edwards?”
      Roy asked again.
      Although the God killer can make mortals ascend to the sky at one step, directly across the countless time to achieve great achievements, the upper limit of the God killer is too low.
      No matter how many disobedience gods you kill, the spell power you have is the same. The spell power will not accumulate at all, and the power you have will not evolve. It will only change in quantity.
      The gap between the oldest God killers and the newly born God killers is not only the amount of power, but also the experience. God killers do not become stronger with time, and have long lost the 'infinite possibility' of the future.
      If it is compared to a game, the God killer will make a mortal at level 1 become level 50 directly, but that's it. Even if the God killer is given 100 kinds of powers, the upper limit of these powers is only level 50. In addition to making you play all kinds of tricks, it doesn't get stronger at all.
      This is the huge defect of Pandora's dark sacrifice as mentioned by Edwards. In addition to the qualitative change caused by the first killing of gods, how to kill gods after that, the killing of gods can only obtain new power, and there is no change at all in essence, and can never break the limit of level 50.
      This is not what Roy wants. If he only depends on himself, Roy will not be able to break through the shackles of this layer of God killer in a short time, but he has the help of Edwards. As a “secret leader”, he has the same status as the devil. Edwards is far more powerful than all the gods in the world.
      Compared with the mysterious space that allows him to travel through the world, Roy thinks that AVAs is actually the 'plug-in' that helps him the most.
      “I need to combine the local knowledge of the world with my knowledge in order to improve Pandora's dark sacrifice and let Roy break through this layer of limitations.”
      Edwards responds to Roy.
      “Well, please, Edwards!I will try my best to acquire knowledge so that your knowledge can be applied. ”
      Roy said softly.
      Although he has the help of Edwards, he can't do nothing, just like a primary school student facing a university teacher. Although he doesn't need to calculate those complicated mathematical problems, he just needs to write the formula according to the teacher's dictation, but a primary school student doesn't even know the basic mathematical symbols, and even if the teacher dictates, he can't write a word.
      Roy is like a primary school student in front of Edwards. He does not want to have the same amount of knowledge as Edwards, but at least his knowledge should be rich enough to write and recognize the things spoken by Edwards.
      It's the same as other mobile games, isn't it'
      Roy make complaints about himself.
      “Well, knowledge needs to be added slowly, and things need to be done one by one. I'd better go to see Italy's” Seven Sisters alliance “in person. Those magic associations must be hesitating now. It's not that they are not afraid of the God killer and dare not obey my orders, but the existence of Salvatore Tony, the 'King of the sword', makes them not dare to make a decision between the two God killerChoose. ”
      He snorted, his right hand in his pocket, the cardinal's robe swaying, and the red figure left the Sistine Chapel.
      “Tell me where the leaders of the Italian seven sisters league are. I'm going to meet them!”
      In the shock and horror of the clergy at the door, Roy said.
      The clergyman did not expect that Wang would go out in person!*
      Chapter 13 the coming of the king
      On the street of Rome, a luxury car drove by. In the back seat of the car, there was a middle-aged man and a beautiful young girl.
      The middle-aged man is nearly 40 years old. He has an upright face like a statue of David. He is full of intellectual and elegant temperament. He leans back on the car chair, and his steady eyes are watching the scene of the Roman street outside the window. He doesn't know what he is thinking.
      It's Paul brantre, the commander-in-chief of the Italian magic association, the red copper black cross.
      At the call of the king, he rushed to the headquarters of Milan. However, Paul brantre did not plan to go to the Vatican to meet the king now. Instead, he went to the headquarters of the female wolf of magic association in Rome to hold a crucial meeting.
      Beside Paul browntree, there is a gorgeous Italian girl. She is only 14 or 15 years old, but she has a good figure and beautiful long golden hair. She is wearing a red dress with a straight waist, showing the white smell of snow-white shoulders and collar. She attracts people's attention with her maturity that does not conform to her age.
      The girl was sitting beside Paul browntree, with an awe inspiring look, like a sword out of its sheath, but with the grace of a noble lady all over her body.
      “Uncle, aren't you going to meet the new king?It doesn't seem to be the way to the Vatican, it's the female wolf headquarters. ”
      The girl looked at the scenery outside the car window, her beautiful eyebrows slightly wrinkled, asked with a sweet voice of doubt.
      “Erica, before we go to meet the king, our Italian seven sisters need to hold a meeting. Although you have seen the leaders of the other six magic associations, you have never attended such a formal alliance meeting. This is a chance.”
      Paul browntree said gently that his words, though simple, revealed a lot of information.
      Erica Brantley's frown was smoothed, and her expression was faint with joy. As the commander-in-chief of “red copper black cross”, her uncle took her to such an important meeting, which was already a kind of explicit value for her. Maybe the title of “crimson devil” will finally be handed over to her.
      But very soon, Erica's agitation was suppressed. Compared with the honor she won over her competitors, the deep meaning of this meeting made her care more.
      “Uncle, is it because of the new king and Salvatore doniqing?”
      Erica asked with a hint of concern.
      Paul didn't make a sound, but just nodded to Erica to guess well. The atmosphere in the car gradually solidified, and they didn't speak any more until the car drove into the female wolf headquarters.
      Under the red dress, a jade foot in White Velvet socks is stepping on the same bright red high-heeled shoes. The heel of the shoes is walking on the ground and there is a 'tap' sound. Erica ignores the expressions of surprise, awe or admiration of other young magicians in the female wolf headquarters. Holding her head high, she follows her uncle and walks into the headquarters of the conference room.
      The headquarters of the female wolf has gathered the best knights and magicians in Italy. In the center of the hall, there is a round table with seven seats, which is the position of the leader of the seven sisters.
      There are five people sitting on these seven chairs. The seventh magic association is now in a turbulent period and has not yet elected its new general manager, so it is excluded from this meeting.
      Erica just glanced around and then met an acquaintance.
      The silver haired Knight Ji is standing behind a pretty young woman. She looks straight. Although she has the same beautiful appearance, she lacks a little girl's coquettishness because of her temperament and has a touch of seriousness that a knight should have.
      Liliana crannichard, the eldest daughter of the famous crannichars in the magic world, belongs to the magic organization bronze black cross.
      Although red copper black cross and bronze black cross are the seven sisters' alliance, the two magic associations with headquarters in Milan have been hostile for hundreds of years. Therefore, Erica and Liliana have a good relationship in private, but they are also competitors.
      After meeting her acquaintances, Erica's pretty face showed a playful smile and winked at Liliana.
      Liliana just stares back at Erica, and then continues to squint, ignoring her provocation.
      Erica did not continue to tease Liliana, and soon she was as serious as Liliana and stood behind her uncle.
      In this conference hall are all famous figures in the Italian magic world. She is not qualified to be too casual here. It will lose their “red copper black cross” face and make people feel that she is impolite.
      “Paul browntriching has arrived. Let's start the meeting. Don't let the new king wait for us for a long time.”
      The commander-in-chief of the magic association “city of lilies” made his voice first. He is a young man under 30 years old. His real name has been abandoned. Instead, he inherited the name of every generation of the commander-in-chief of “city of lilies” – Purple knight.
      Trino, the commander-in-chief of the “old lady” of the magic association, said: “it'sAs for the purpose of this meeting, I think you have made it very clear. Don't waste time on the content. Let me just ask, who has detailed information about Xinwang?It's about our seven sisters alliance. I hope you don't hide anything. ”
      The commander-in-chief of “bronze black cross” is the young woman dressed in front of Liliana. Her name is Diana Milito. As soon as Trino's voice is over, she just says: “I'm sorry'old lady', you will come out from the headquarters. It seems that Xinwang has brought you a lot of pressureAccording to the information we got from the Vatican Crusade, the new king is said to be a 16-year-old boy, only two years older than my family Liliana. ”
      “……As for the power of the new king, we can only guess that it has something to do with Michael. Even those idle people in Greenwich haven't found out more detailed information. This “King” has no record of killing gods, and the process of killing gods is unknown. Since the Crusade has identified him as a God killer, we must deal with him in a face-to-face manner. The Crusade believes thisThere is still a reputation. ”
      “People who kill gods are never powerful magicians…”
      Paul browntree's suave voice said, “wellI have had many contacts with the black prince, a god killer in England, and I have witnessed the horror of the God of disobedience. Even with my strength, I am as weak as a child when facing the God of disobedience. People who can kill the God should never care about his age. The God killer is so unreasonable that it has nothing to do with our knights and magicians. ”
      When the meeting was silent, everyone's breath seemed a little heavy. Paul brantrey was undoubtedly the Italian knight and the top figure of magic. It's not too much to say that he was the strongest one. But even if he said that, it made people feel desperate and sad about the God of killing and disobedience.
      Not everyone has seen the God of disobedience. Although the God of disobedience is a natural disaster, there may not be a god of disobedience in a few years. Even if it does, it's not their turn to face it. There will be a “King” in person.
      Even the young general manager of the “city of lilies” has never witnessed the God of disobedience, let alone other young magicians present.
      But it's because you don't look directly at the God of disobedience that a kind of 'disobedience' is hard to find.
      “Stop talking about your great achievements, Paul browntree. This is not the place to tell about your glorious past!”
      As a hostile magic association, Diana Milito interrupts Paul's words in a rather blunt toneWe don't know much about the new king, but only from this small amount of information, we can see that the new king's personality is quite 'arbitrary', we can regard it as the willfulness of young people. Therefore, we are here to vote, whether we choose to continue to support our southern European leader, Lord Salvatore Tony, or choose to betray and join the new king's arms… ”
      “I'm sorry to interrupt you, Mr. Milito. Please listen to me. Liliana and I have had contact with Salvatore. His character is not suitable for loyalty. Especially if the new king's character is too indulgent, we may get revenge for disobeying his orders!In particular, Salvatore is only our nominal leader. Our 'Seven Sisters' are not his real subordinates. This is not treason, so I suggest that… ”
      In the face of the gaze of many Italian magicians, Erica is not afraid to speak out in awe. Her confident attitude makes the old magicians secretly nod their heads. She is envious of the outstanding younger generation of “red copper black cross”.
      But before Erica finished her words, she was interrupted by the young general manager of the lily capitalErica browntriching, please pay attention to the occasion. Although you are an outstanding descendant of the red copper black cross, you don't have the right to speak here… ”
      The 'Purple Knight' was very dissatisfied.
      Erica's face turned red and all her words were choked back. After a long time of patience, she finally sighed and bowedIt's Erica who made a mistake. I hope you'll understand. ”
      Paul browntree was about to comfort his niece when the door of the conference room suddenly opened.
      Everyone is frowning. There should be no more people here. I don't know which magic association would be so impolite and dare to break into such an important meeting room.
      Countless people looked at the gate, where a young boy in cardinal robes appeared, his right hand in his pocket, looking at them with interest.
      “You Aiqing gathered together, which really saved me the time to find you one by one. I'm very happy with your kindness… But why do I see you here for a meeting when I ask you to see me?”
      Voice down, the presence of all the magicians and knights are a change of face*
      Chapter 14 I am the devil of the earth!
      He was a very young boy, only 15 or 16 years old in appearance. He was dressed in a complicated and gorgeous cardinal robe, which would not affect his action. His face was too neutral. On the contrary, it was hard for people to detect gender for a moment. His eyes with double pupils were emitting a chilling light, which was in sharp contrast to the gentle smile at the corner of his mouth.
      Like a man, like a woman, like a child, like an adult, there is an indistinguishable possibility just in appearance. It is not the power brought by killing gods, but the temperament of Roy Crowley himself.
      Although it's just for the first time, everyone recognized his identity.
      The seventh God killer killed the great cause of Archangel Michael, the existence at the top of the world.
      Purple knight, the commander-in-chief of “the city of lilies”, turned pale. His forehead was sweating unconsciously. His dry lips were slightly open, and his body was shaking slightly. It was not like the arrogance he had before when he faced Erica browntree. The whole person was afraid.
      Roy did not use any power of his own, but the huge spell power obtained by killing the gods, which can be described as' heterogeneous', was enough to make these knights and magicians shudder.
      This deep and huge magic power only exists, which is enough to offset the magic used by most mortals!
      Young magicians and knights are more or less frightened. Only the generals of magic associations, such as “old lady”, “bronze black cross” and “female wolf”, can keep calm in the face of Roy because of their life experience. But even so, the general of “red copper black cross” who has always been gentle and easy-going, and the strongest knight in Italy, Paul browntree, looks gradually convergent,Get serious.
      Although the generals of these major magic associations may not have witnessed the God of disobedience in their lives, they have more or less contacted with the God killer. Compared with the God of disobedience whose way of thinking is quite different from that of human beings, the God killer is still within the scope of human beings. Even though they have strong power, they still have the possibility of communication.
      Therefore, in the face of the God killer, how to know each other's character and not to go against each other's bottom line because of ignorance is the basic strategy to face the devil.
      Among the existing God killers, the most difficult one to deal with is the 'self respecting' demon sect leader in the ancient oriental countries, and the other is the king of Eastern Europe, the 'merciless' Marquis WOBAN.
      Although the seven sisters magic association of Italy has not contacted Roy, the new king, it is known from the limited information that the new king is very similar to Marquis WOBAN in character. He is a very self-centered person, and this kind of character is also the most difficult to deal with for his subordinates.
      “Why don't you talk, gentlemen?”
      Roy walked through the corridor leading to the round table in a quiet and strange atmosphere, pulled open the last chair under the gaze of the people, and took it for granted.
      His left hand held his cheek on the table, and his eyes swept over all the leaders of the magic association. Then he stopped for a moment on Erica browntree and Liliana crannichar, two different 14-year-old girls, and then looked at the whole conference hall.
      Although Roy doesn't remember the story of the God killer so clearly, he also knows the importance of the two girls in front of him in the original story. It should be said that they are the smart girls of Zhong Tiandi. The girls loved by the world, no matter Erica or Liliana, do have amazing talent and beauty.
      In this repressive and silent atmosphere, Roy waited for a long time and gave enough pressure before he spoke out: “I understand that you Aiqing are vacillating between me and Salvatore Tony. Anyway, Tony Dawu… No, Tony is all my compatriots and predecessors, although he killed God less than two years earlier than me.”
      “… he is the leader of the southern European magic alliance. Although you are not loyal to him, you are also his subordinates in name. Human beings have the instinct to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. They will take the initiative to choose the strong to rely on. I agree with this, because this is the embodiment of wisdom. You will be puzzled about which is better, which is weaker, and whether you will be retaliated by the other party after making the choice,It's all human
      “And if you choose to obey me and come under my name, there may be rumors of 'betrayal', which is bad for your reputation.”
      Many people are relieved to see that the new king is not as reckless as in the materials, and even he is quite rational. He even thinks in a different position and looks at problems from the perspective of the weak. They feel that the new king can communicate well.
      Diana Milito, the commander-in-chief of the bronze black cross, sat up straight and said respectfully: “thank you, Wang, for your understanding of us. We…”
      “Shut up
      Without waiting for Diane Milito to speak, Roy just interrupted her with a low drink and asked her to hold back the next words.
      “I haven't finished. It's not your turn to cut in, ma'am!I remember that my order was to let you come to the Vatican to see me as soon as possible, but you didn't go to see me after you came to Rome. Instead, you held a so-called meeting here. Is that against my order?Or, you don't care about me? ”
      Roy suddenly showed a sneer. Although he didn't remember the original story clearly, he still knew that the main character in the original story, the grass shaved guard hall, was used by others as a god killer, and even was yelled at by others, which was totally different from what a god killer should be.
      Even he will be in front of these magic associations to 'test' as a reason to carry out a so-called battle test, this is simply the following gram, is an insult to the God killer.
      When does the God killer need to be proved by others? Since the God killer is the devil on the earth, the dispute should be settled by the devil's means.
      Roy's code of conduct is people who will do things according to their own status. In his view, only Marquis WOBAN and the leader of rohao can really meet the name of the God killer. Who dares to have any disrespect in the face of these two oldest God killers.
      The mysterious lady Aisha is also one of the qualified God killers. She is also a devil who completely imposes her own will on others at will, regardless of whether that will is good or evil.
      As for the new era of the birth of the God killer, in Roy's view, are not qualified ah.
      Roy's sudden change of temperament made all the magicians present take back their previous ideas. The God killer is indeed a god killer, and the new king is as Moody as the information says.
      One moment is still understanding each other, the next moment is the question of life and death.
      “Do you doubt my power!I'm not interested in acting like a monkey in a circus, but you can feel it with your own body. ”
      Roy suddenly looked at the commander of the bronze black cross and launched his second power.
      This is Roy cheloo's naked dismount*
      Chapter 15 the crime of Sodom
      Roy is not a 'bullying' person, nor a person who becomes arrogant and forgetful because he gets the power.
      In fact, he is a very gentle, thoughtful and decisive man.
      He was not a great man, otherwise he would not have lived just as a photographer before crossing.
      But Roy has a talent beyond imagination, which is his code of conduct, and the course of action that will perfectly reproduce it in his own position and identity.
      When he is an ordinary person, this kind of behavior will make him more ordinary, but when he gradually becomes great, it will make him greater.
      If he becomes a knight, he will be strict with himself;
      If he is a magician, he will spur himself to pursue truth and root;
      If he is the Messiah, he will save the world with his own efforts.
      Roy is such a simple but not simple person.
      It's a pity that he is neither a knight nor a magician now. He is a god killer now, so he will act in the way of a god killer!
      The pair of devilish eyes looked at the commander-in-chief of the bronze black cross, Diana Milito. Then, under the frightened gaze of the crowd, the young lady began to turn her feet into salt pillars.
      “The power of Marquis WOBAN?”
      “Pupil of Sodom!”
      “Diana, don't move!”
      The whole meeting hall was in a state of confusion, and everyone was in a state of panic. Several general managers of magic association stood up from their seats and yelled anxiously at Diana, asking her not to move.
      Even though the seven Italian sisters may be hostile in organization, the relationship between these generals in private is very good, and it is their alliance that keeps the Italian magic industry developing smoothly.
      Otherwise, with the wonderful situation that Italy still has the headquarters of the Crusade, the Vatican, it would have become a mess.
      Diana Milito's expression was very ugly. She listened to other people's instructions and did not dare to move. She could only look pale at her feet turning into salt, and then the salt column went up little by little, turning her legs and thighs into salt.
      At this time, no matter who touched her salted body, it would make the powerful magician lose part of her body.
      As the commander-in-chief of “bronze black cross”, Diana's strength is naturally not weak. She is one of the top figures in the whole Italian magic world. However, such a powerful magician with wisdom may lose her life almost at any time under the eye of a god killer.
      “The power of Marquis WOBAN?No, I don't know which God the Marquis WOBAN killed to get such a magic eye, but I know that his power is absolutely a fake of castration, and what I hold is the original power, which reproduces the myth of the destruction of Sodom, the evil city in the Bible. This is one of my seven powers! ”
      “The sin of Sodom,” which is Roy's second power.
      According to genesis, Sodom was one of the five cities in the Moab plain. It was heard of Javert's sin of indulging in male sex. The LORD sent two angels to destroy the city because there was a righteous man in Sodom who was innocent with his wife and daughter. The angel rescued the righteous man and his family.
      Javert burned the evil city with fire and sulfur. The angel warned lot and his wife and daughter to run forward and never look back at Sodom.
      But lot's wife didn't listen to the angel's warning. She looked back and turned into a pillar of salt.
      In the book of Zerubbabel, Michael once said: I am the one who brought sulfur and fire to Sodom and Gomorrah.
      It is this myth that gives Roy this power. The limit of “crime of Sodom” is that it can only be started once in three days, but once it is started, the sky fire will fall from the sky, sulfur will gush from hell, and a city will be annihilated in an instant. It is a large-scale AOE power among Roy's seven powers.
      Other God killers, such as Marquis WOBAN, have large-scale natural disaster power, but they are not as powerful as Roy. Most of Roy's power belongs to the type of “must kill”. Although there are various restrictions, they are unusually strong.
      The 'pupil of Sodom' is more like the additional state of this power. It reproduces the divine punishment of not listening to the angel's warning. It is the highest level magic eye comparable to Medusa's petrified eye. It can turn any creature into salt. It can even be said that it is the strongest killing move in the face of ordinary magicians and knights. As long as Roy's eyes are on it, he will die. It is a real killing with his eyes.
      “Seven powers?”
      “It's impossible, it's impossible to kill a God and get seven powers. This is a situation that has never happened before.”
      Roy's words caused another disturbance, and Liliana was already shocked at this time.
      She is a member of the bronze black cross. Diana Milito, the commander in chief, is also her magic teacher. When Roy sees her teacher, she almost turns into a column of salt. The column of salt has invaded Diana's abdomen. When her head becomes salty, it is the moment of Diana's death.
      In a panic, Liliana recites the mantra to Diana and shows the magic of lifting the curse.
      Seeing that her magic had no effect on the salt phenomenon, Liliana panicked.
      “Don't waste your efforts, Lily… It's the power of the gods, not ordinary magic.”
      Although Diana is facing death, as the commander-in-chief of “bronze black cross”, she can barely keep calm. Seeing that Liliana still wants to use the magic of lifting the curse, she stops her.
      “How could it be!”
      Seeing that three-quarters of her beloved teacher's body has become a pillar of salt, Liliana's upright and clear eyes are gradually filled with water mist, and her eyes are all red.
      If Diana had not been an extremely powerful magician with strong anti magic power, she would have been cursed into a complete salt pillar by the absolute divine punishment.
      Looking at the teacher's pale face and desperate eyes against the curse, Liliana's string of reason suddenly broke. Unconsciously, she pulled out her love sword, the silver giant, and was about to point the tip of the sword at Roy.
      At this moment, a bright red figure flashed over Liliana's eyes. Erica rushed to Liliana and grasped her slender wrist holding the sword.
      Then she saw the light of the sword in Erica's left hand, and the heart of the lion was held in her palm. Under the attack, the sword in Liliana's hand, which had lost her sense and lost her reaction power, was shot away.
      At the same time, Erica tugs at Liliana's wrist finger, and when Liliana falters, she bumps her knee into Liliana's abdomen, making her kneel on one knee. The pain also brings her reason and thinking back.
      “Liliana crannichar, if you dare to raise your sword against the king again, I will cut off your head myself!”
      After that, Erica quickly turned to the sword station and knelt down on one knee. She looked down at Roy and said, “king, I'm Erica browntree, the knight of the red copper black cross. We deserve to die and offend your majesty. I dare to meet you. I hope you will forgive us for our sins and let us have a useful body to redeem our sins.”
      At the end of the speech, Erica motioned anxiously to Liliana with her eyes.
      After a moment's silence, Liliana reacts. She shows her gratitude to Erica. She also goes to kneel down on the ground, but compared with Erica, she is not good at words. She just blushes and her eyes are full of crying*
      Chapter 16 the king of Italy
      “Oh?Erica browntriching, you mean you're going to be guilty? ”
      Roy is more interested in Erica than liana, who is not good at words and is full of shame.
      “That's right,” said the king. “Rather than let us die, we who are alive can be more loyal to you and bring you what you need. Therefore, I dare to meet you. I hope you can forgive our sins and the disrespect of the bronze black cross.”
      Erica bowed her head and prayed for Roy's mercy.
      Other young magicians in the neighborhood all admire Erica's bold resignation. They all know that Erica and Liliana are close friends, and “bronze black cross” and “red copper black cross” have been hostile for hundreds of years. But even so, for the sake of their friends and the survival of the hostile magic association,Erica, however, put down all her prejudices and dared to make an obeisance to the cruel king.
      Only those more experienced magicians and the high-level members of the major magic associations can understand Erica's deep meaning. They take a look at Paul browntree and secretly envy that “red copper black cross” has found a good enough successor!
      “Erica, look up and talk to me!”
      Hearing Roy's words, Erica raised her pretty face without any hesitation and looked at Roy boldly.
      She has a beautiful and exquisite face. Her blue eyes are full of the noble spirit and pride of a young girl. Her gorgeous golden hair is scattered, which is in strong contrast with her white and delicate skin. Especially the greasy white at the mouth of Yue Hun, where the dress is wide open, makes it difficult to divert her attention.
      “To ask you a personal question, how old are you this year?”
      “To Wang, I'm 14 years old.”
      “Fourteen years old…”
      Roy sighed. In his memory, Erica seems to be two years younger than when the original story happened, but even so, the girl who should have been in junior high school already has a kind of lady like charm, and although it is still a little strange, it has a deep and smart mind.
      Roy's exclamation for Erica's young age makes other magicians feel bad.
      Fourteen?What's the matter with the age of 14? According to the information, the “King” is only 16 years old.
      However, the 16-year-old “King” cleverly seized the best opportunity to force the magic associations in Italy, and almost effortlessly forced these magic associations to pledge allegiance.
      No one thought that the “King” would leave the Vatican and go out in person. At the time of their meeting, they caught a chance. It can be said that there were human and material evidences, which made them sit up to the result of disobeying the “King”'s orders and easily occupy the great justice.
      The Italian seven sisters are preparing to have a unified action step at this meeting to find the sword king who is far away in Africa looking for the God of disobedience. After that, there will be a battle between the new king and the old king. These magic associations only need to wait for the two kings to win or lose, and they will be loyal to the strong.
      But now Roy seizes the reason that they are against the “King” and forces these people to be loyal directly. If they don't agree, Roy has an excuse to put all these people to death. If the seven sisters agree, they will go all the way to the dark and have to support Roy forever.
      Because this oath is not the kind of loyalty with uncertain rights and obligations in the face of Salvatore Tony. When they come to this stage, they will have no chance of betrayal. No matter who wins or loses the battle between Roy and Salvatore in the future, the seven sisters League must firmly stand behind Roy.
      “This deep wisdom of thinking and means is not like a god killer, simple in the heart of the emperor, accompany the king like a tiger… It's really a terrible” king. ”
      The leaders of the major magic associations are good at playing with power, so they can understand the deep meaning of Roy's move and drive them to the shelves. There is no turning back.
      “Erica Ching, although you are young, you are really smart… You seem to be saying good things for the bronze black cross. You face up to the huge risks I face, but in fact, you already know that there is no risk at all. If I forgive the bronze black cross, the magic association will owe you a favor. If I don't forgive them,There is no harm in your “red copper black cross”. On the contrary, I have wiped out an enemy with my hand. ”
      “… ha ha ha!!Erica Ching, you have long seen that I have no intention of killing you. I'm just trying to bully you and force you to declare your position. At this time, you take the initiative to stand up and be loyal to me. The identity of 'the first loyalist' will make you and the 'red copper black cross' have a good impression on me. Later, you can use this good impression to make the' red copper black cross' in the seven sisters League,In the magic association of the whole Italy and even the whole world, we will gain greater benefits and status. ”
      After a pause, Roy continued: “isn't that so, Erica!Don't lie to me. Tell me what you really think. ”
      After hearing Roy's last words and looking at his strange and mysterious eyes, Erica opened her mouth. She still couldn't explain herself, so she had to bow her head and say bitterly: “Wang, you have bright eyes. You can see through all my careful thoughts,It's Erica's disrespect to try to guess Wang's mind. I hope you will punish her. ”
      Liliana, who is beside Erica, looks at her best friend in disbelief. Just now, she is really moved by Erica's coming forward. However, she didn't expect that her best friend even calculated everything, including her, and made good use of their “bronze black cross”.
      Other magicians and knights who don't see Erica's delicate mind are also scared. They are ashamed to think that Erica's “integrity” before. This woman is no integrity knight. She is just like a “devil” in her heart.
      Erica was really scared by this time. Her body was shaking, her mind was seen through, and she was afraid that Roy would be angry at her thoughts and actions.
      “Punishment?No, Erica, you don't have to be afraid. From ancient times to the present, ministers have to figure out Wang's mind. Only in this way can they become the people that Wang loves. It's not wrong for you to figure out what I think, but you should know enough, and don't use this wisdom in the wrong places. ”
      Roy took a deep look at Erica, and then he looked around and saidSo, dear Aiqing, have you come to any conclusion now? ”
      At the same time, Roy released his power and restored Diana Milito, the commander-in-chief of the bronze black cross.
      “Red copper black cross” commander Paul browntree first stood up, put his hand on his shoulder, and made a knight's salute”Red copper black cross” is willing to be your leader and respect you as our leader
      “The female wolf wishes…”
      “The city of lilies is willing to…”
      “The bronze black cross” is willing to… ”
      “Blue hawk wishes…”
      In the blink of an eye, six of the Seven Sisters on the scene swore allegiance to Roy. As for the one who didn't come, it had no choice.
      “Very well, ladies and gentlemen, I will issue the first task here. I will devote all your resources in Italy to find the trace of Metatron for me!”
      “……Secondly, we should increase the excavation and archaeological work of the relics in Italy to find the real ancient artifacts
      As the voice dropped, Roy got up from his chair and looked at Erica, who was still kneeling on the groundErica brantriqing, you really interest me. Your wisdom and means have been recognized by me. If you come to the Vatican to work for me tomorrow, I will also give you the status and favor of the red copper black cross. ”
      Many magicians and knights stood on both sides, respectfully watching Roy's red figure disappear in the conference hall, leaving the female wolf headquarters to return to the Vatican.
      With the loyalty of the seven sisters and the return of the Crusade stronghold, Roy is now worthy of the name of the king of Italy!*
      Chapter 17 the king understands the heart
      On the streets of Rome, a special luxury car is running slowly. Paul browntree, the commander-in-chief of the red copper black cross, looks at Erica sitting next to him. His elegant and easygoing face is slightly complicated, and he says in a low voice: –Have you made a decision, Erica!This new king is different from Salvatore, more similar to Marquis WOBAN and the leader of the Orient. It is not a simple thing to follow him
      Erica is the only daughter of brother Paul. They are also the last blood relatives of the browntree family. He has been doing his best to protect her, a niece with top talent.
      But Paul also knows that with Erica's opinionated character, she is not willing to follow the path he set. When the time comes, Erica will leave his protection and walk alone on a road that does not know the future. Now the time has come.
      “It's an order of the new king. What can I do if I don't want to?”
      Erica's tone seems to be forced by Roy to do so, but her expression is high spirited and even eager to try. It seems that she is challenging some problem, and Erica brantrey will become the winner.
      “Don't worry, uncle!I think that with my Erica's ability, even if the new king is as cruel and ruthless as Marquis WOBAN and the leader of the Orient, I will surely be able to get his trust and favor, as long as I am careful in my daily work. ”
      “……This is our best chance, uncle!When the new king just ascended the throne, he was short of trusted subordinates. At this time, he became the right arm of the new king. It would be an opportunity for me and the “red copper black cross”. The struggle against the “bronze black cross” for hundreds of years can come to an end, and the winner will belong to us! ”
      Erica's gorgeous face is full of youthful beauty and the girl's absolute self-confidence. This gesture makes Paul secretly happy, and even comforts his brother's spirit in the heart. His daughter has grown up to be the only one.
      Seeing that Erica has her own ideas, Paul doesn't get tangled in this issue. After thinking about it, he asks like a testWhat do you think of the new king and Salvatore
      “Sarvatoreqing is not a qualified leader. He only has' sword 'and' battle 'in his eyes. Two years ago, I saw sarvatoreqing who had just succeeded in killing gods. Although it's a bit disrespectful to say that, his brain is really in trouble.”
      Erica pondered, still using such a very bad word to describe the king of the sword.
      “It's because Salvatore has only battle and sword in his mind. Instead, he is a better person to deal with. He will never care about our 'betrayal'. At most, he will fight with the new king. And because of his character, even if we become his subordinates, we won't get much benefit, not even protection.”
      “……But Xinwang is different. Just from the information and contact, Xinwang is a man with a strong desire. Therefore, as long as we can win his favor, we will certainly get the protection of Xinwang. Even in the name of Xinwang, we can make the influence of “red copper black cross” more profound. ”
      “Salvatore doesn't know the heart, but the new king knows what we need!”
      Erica's words are solid, and her analysis is based on her personality.
      Although the God killer is incomparable to ordinary people, the God killer is human after all. As long as it is human, it has its own interests and hobbies. As long as you find this right, you can get along well with the God killer.
      A super luxury cruise ship is sailing at sea level in the tierenian sea on the west coast of Italy. Fish are shuttling under the sea and seabirds are singing in the air. Roy is sitting in a luxurious and spacious viewing room enjoying lunch and enjoying the beautiful scenery of the sea through the transparent glass around.
      The facilities in the viewing room are very modern, more like the living room of a five-star hotel. There are office mahogany tables, extremely soft circular sofas and a big bed, bottles of wine are placed on the bar, and a huge LCD TV is playing the program on the wall.
      Roy sat at the table with a knife and fork tasting the first-class young steak, with Italian Alba white truffle as seasoning, enjoying the beauty on the tip of the tongue.
      He is a man who knows how to enjoy. He will never treat himself badly if he can. Now that he is a god killer, money has completely become something outside his body. Of course, Roy will try his best to enjoy the most expensive and exquisite things in the world.
      Roy's life in the past 20 years is just an ordinary family. He can enjoy it once in a while, but he can't enjoy the delicacies. After crossing the forbidden world, his 16 years of life can be described as poverty. If he can eat enough every day, he will be satisfied. Where can he expect more.
      Now that he has the opportunity, Roy will certainly make his tongue and taste buds feel happy after 16 years of pain. He is not an ascetic who doesn't know about women's food.
      “Dong Dong Dong”
      There was a knock at the cabin door of the viewing room. Roy knew who it was. He put down his knife and fork, wiped his mouth with a tissue, and then said, “I'm sorryCome in
      The cabin door opened and a young girl came in wearing a red dress. She was as proud and luxurious as a Phoenix. She was wearing the same bright red high-heeled shoes. Her jade feet and legs were wearing white velvet socks. Although she only showed a thin leg, it was enough to make people feel the impulse to play in the palm of their hands.
      A red dress is very easy to let people wear vulgar feeling, but in Erica, it is completely different, only the natural noble temperament.
      “Excuse me, Wang!”
      Erica slightly bent down, not counting the past 20 years of life, now Roy is just a vigorous young man, the line of sight is subconsciously fell on the girl's neckline, that is the heart.
      But Roy didn't lose his mind just because he was naked. When he looked back, he asked with a smileWhat's up?”Erica Ching.”
      “We're going to Ponza Island soon. According to our survey of seven sisters, Metatron is on this island now. I'm here to remind you that I hope you can keep in better shape before you fight God.”
      Erica is like a housekeeper who reminds her master of her advice.
      “Thank you for reminding me, EricaHaving enough to eat before a battle is a must for all wars since ancient times. Do you want to have dinner together, Erica
      Roy nodded slightly, accepted Erica's warning and offered an invitation.
      “Thank you very much for giving me this honor, but I'm your exclusive knight, and I'm not supposed to have dinner at the same table with the host.”
      Erica maintained her elegant appearance and said with a gorgeous smile.
      “Knight?Ha ha ha, Erica Qing, I don't seem to have given you the title of exclusive knight
      Roy smiles twice. He gets up and pushes away his chair. Step by step, he walks up to Erica and looks at her sapphire eyes.*
      Chapter 18 “true wisdom”
      Erica's eyelashes quiver, which comes from the girl's instinctive reaction to people's eyes.
      Roy just watched Erica for a long time, and then he reached out. In Erica's surprise, there was a ripple around her body. Roy pulled out her sword of love, the heart of the lion.
      This behavior makes Erica feel quite surprised, to know that her 'heart of the Lion King' has always been hidden by magic, and Roy pulled out her sword is not God's power, just magic.
      She didn't expect Roy's magic level to be so high.
      “Surprised, can I do magic?”
      Roy looked at the “heart of the lion” sword. It was a very powerful magic costume in any wayA good sword, though not a weapon of God, is also the top work of magic costumes. ”
      “I really didn't expect that Wang should have such a strong skill in magic. I thought that people who hold the power of God like Wang would not care about magic.”
      Erica said with a compliment.
      “Power is also a kind of magic in essence, but whether it is a God who does not follow or a god killer, it can complete and unfold the great magic in an instant. Although the magician can achieve the same effect, it takes tens of people and hundreds of people to complete it in a few days and months.”
      After becoming a god killer, Roy has the ability. Of course, he won't let go of the knowledge of magic. He doesn't haughtily think that power is really stronger than magic. In fact, power is an advanced application form of magic, which compresses the magic that takes a long time to complete in a short time.
      The reason why the power of the God killer and the God of disobedience is so terrible is that the quality and quantity of the magic of the God killer and the God of disobedience are far superior to ordinary magicians.
      Although power is convenient and powerful, you have to say that the principle of power can not be explained by any God killer, and the God killer is only an applicator. This power has never really belonged to them.
      If he just lives in this world, it's enough to master power as a god killer. But Roy has a bigger goal. It's not enough for him to just use power. Therefore, he will try his best to learn all the knowledge and pursue “true wisdom”.
      He doesn't have to tell Erica about these things. After watching some masterpieces of the world's magic costumes, Roy puts his heart of the lion on Erica's white neck.
      At that moment, Erica only felt the chill on her neck. Even the hair that almost didn't exist stood up. Although the heart of the lion was a magic dress, it was sharp. Of course, as the master, Erica knew that as long as Roy used a little force, her beautiful head would fall to the ground.
      But even so, even if her life is in Roy's hands, Erica does not have any physical tension and fear, but tries to relax her body as much as possible, does not let her eyes Dodge, and tries to look at Roy.
      It was a beautiful flower like face, tender but noble.
      Slowly, Roy moves the sword to Erica's shoulder. At this time, Erica is kneeling on one knee, just like a knight.
      Roy looked down for a moment and said with a dumb smile: –Forget it, I don't know about the process of knighthood, but the meaning is OK. From now on, Erica, you are my exclusive knight. I hope you can act according to the rules of knighthood in the future, because you represent “me” now. ”
      Roy dances a sword flower, holds the hilt in his backhand and hands the heart of the lion to Erica.
      Erica took the sword with a light breath, and her eyebrows and eyes showed a happy look unconsciously.
      Sure enough, as she expected, Roy, the new king, did not have enough people to trust to handle his daily affairs, and Erica has proved her resolute conduct and handling ability with her ability in recent days, and has successfully come into the sight of Wang.
      As one of the only seven kings in the world, Roy has a lot of common things, and the most important thing for Roy is to acquire knowledge. He doesn't have so much free time to deal with those common things, and he can't leave everything like Salvatore.
      The magic association of Italy is loyal to him, so as the “King”, he has the obligation to give them higher honor.
      Therefore, Roy needs a person with strong enough ability to help him deal with daily affairs. Erica has done well these days, especially her good-looking and eye-catching. Compared with male secretaries, Roy prefers female secretaries.
      Anyway, it's secretary work, nothing secretary work.
      Roy went to the viewing platform with his right hand in his pocket and looked at the island not far ahead, which is Ponza, Italy.
      Under the cliff on one side of pengzha island is a small city like Venice, with a permanent population of only four or five thousand people. It is a tourist attraction, but usually there are not many tourists here.
      “It's finally here. I've smelled the God of disobedience.”
      He whispered.
      In a small local restaurant on Ponza Island, Roy tasted a cup of cheap coffee which was not very good.
      Opposite him, Erica, in her red dress, was sitting in front of her. There was a cup of coffee on the table in front of her, but she didn't move a mouthful, just waiting for Roy's order at any time.
      “There seem to be very few people on this island, not even tourists.”
      Roy looks at the sea view outside the restaurant.
      “After knowing that Metatron is on this island, the seven sisters alliance has asked the Italian government to ban tourism here. We have sent more than 4000 people who live here away from this island as far as possible, but the remaining hundreds are unwilling to leave. In this way, we will ignore them.”
      The magic association headed by “red copper black cross” is headquartered in Italy. They are very concerned about the stability of this country. It can even be said that all magic associations in the world will be extremely vigilant in the face of natural disasters such as disobedience.
      “Well, the Ponza islands have been a place of exile since ancient times. Since the Roman Emperor Nero exiled his wife Octavia here, many emperors regarded it as an island of exile. Even Mussolini was exiled here in the early 20th centuryMetatron chose such a place as his hiding place to recover from the injury. Did he also want to be exiled
      Erica didn't answer when she heard Roy laughing.
      She just felt that the heavy stones in her heart were finally put down, which made her whole person relax a lot.
      In recent days, she has been working hard for Roy, fearing that her slightest slackness and mistake would make the “King” furious. However, after two days of contact with the “King”, she found that the “King” was not as cruel and violent as she thought.
      No, “Wang” is still a capricious and capricious God killer, but the “Wang” in front of him is a person with a clear distinction between public and private. In private, the “Wang” is very gentle. As long as he doesn't touch his bottom line, he seldom gets angry. It can be said that he is worthy of being a king.
      And in the face of business, he will appear very cold, work has always been unscrupulous, and even can be described as ruthless, fully showing his style called 'devil king', is an absolute bully.
      After a preliminary understanding of Roy's character, Erica thinks she can deal with it perfectly. She is awed by him at work. In private, as long as she does not overstep her identity and maintains basic etiquette, she will not make Wang angry.
      Although he is moody, he will never impose his desire on innocent people.
      “King, Metatron is here right now…”
      “Don't talk, Erica!My blood has been boiling, my brain has been urging, just like the beast smelling the blood, for the God killer, the smell of disobedience is too strong. ”
      Roy looked at the top of the island.
      Metatron is right there!
      “Wait for me, heretic angel, I will kill you here!”*
      Chapter 19 “Saint Fu Long”
      Pengzha island is not big. Its total area is only about seven square kilometers, and the highest altitude is only about 300 meters.
      Roy and Erica walk in the jungle of the island. The jungle is not dense, because the island is not big. In addition, this is a tourist attraction. The seven square kilometer island has long been developed by the local people, and the roads opened up are everywhere. Even an ordinary person can move forward without difficulty.
      Walking in this sparse jungle, the whistling sound of the sea tide comes faintly. The birds that usually hover in the sky and sing are far away from the island. It's like for those wild animals, they have predicted that there will be a terrible battle here.
      The oppressive atmosphere was a little heavy, which made Erica's heart heavy, but Roy's expression was relaxed. He was wearing the gorgeous cardinal robe with one hand in his pocket and walking on the path with the fragrance of soil.
      “Erica Chin…”
      Erica is a little distracted spirit shock, by Roy's call to find God, I do not know whether she found herself and Roy's distance has been two steps away.
      Erica quickly stepped forward, straightened out her emotions, and said, “I'm not sureWhat can I do for you, Wang
      “I'm just watching you wander to remind youAsk you again, really don't leave here?Do you really want to see the fight between the God killer and the God of disobedience? ”
      Roy stopped a little and looked back at the young Italian girl with delicate face behind her. Her red dress's bare shoulder looks like snow, and her bamboo clavicle exudes women's delicate beauty, which makes people want to lick.
      Both of them were dressed in red costumes, one with gold hair and the other with silver hair. They were very conspicuous in the sparse green jungle.
      After hearing Roy's inquiry, Erica said without hesitation: –I've just been canonized as an exclusive Knight by the king. I don't ask for my humble power to help the king, but as a knight, how can I escape before the battle begins? My blade will cry. ”
      She pulled out her magic Costume “heart of the lion king”, with a firm tone and a look like a dormant lioness.
      “It's up to you, but I'd like to remind you not to be distracted just now. Even if it's just the aftermath of the battle, you need to bring up all your spirit to face it, or you will die. I won't help you in the battle. If you die here, it only means that the woman named Erica browntree is nothing more than that.”
      Erica was only 14 years old and had the strength of the rank of “Grand Knight”. Although the rank of “Grand Knight” can be divided into high and low, the commander-in-chief of “red copper black cross” and “city of lilies” are just grand knights. She has such strength when she is so young and has the heart of the lion in her hands, which is one of the best costumes in the magic world. In addition, Erica is extremely intelligentTogether, let the girl have a phoenix like pride.
      Because I haven't seen the God of disobedience with my own eyes, and I haven't seen the great power that the mortal magician can't resist, Erica, the arrogant girl, will naturally be 'unconvinced'. Maybe Erica will have the idea that she can kill gods herself.
      Only when she really faces the God of disobedience, can she know how ridiculous human talent is in front of God. Mortals never rely on strength to kill gods, but only a certain amount of wisdom and most of luck.
      Roy's repeated reminders make Erica be on guard. She clenches her sword and walks out of the woods with Roy.
      In front of the cliff is a hundred meters high, under the cliff is the only small town of pengzha Island, and the place directly opposite the cliff is the island's most famous Crescent Bay.
      On the edge of the cliff, a figure was standing there.
      When he saw this figure, Roy felt that his whole body was bursting with blood. It was like an addict who had just finished taking drugs. He was in the limit of pleasure and five senses.
      “Metatron, the Secretary of heaven!”
      Roy stood a hundred meters from Metatron, shouting his name.
      Metatron heard the voice behind him, and he slowly turned around. This is the first time Roy saw the real face of Metatron. He just looked at it from a distance when he was in Israel.
      Compared with Michael's incomparable handsome and fearless courage, Metatron's appearance is very ordinary, and his temperament is also very gentle.
      In the book of Enoch, it is recorded that Metatron was the angel of Enoch after he ascended to heaven, that is to say, Metatron's face should be the 'Enoch' of mortals.
      All of a sudden, Metatron's face becomes unreal, and the unreal quickly turns into reality. Roy suddenly finds that he looks at an extremely noble existence through Metatron's face, and Metatron's face and that noble existence's face become the same.
      At the same time, an unimaginable horror 'curse' comes into Roy's body as he looks at Metatron. Roy's huge charm and resistance to demons, as a god killer, instinctively confronts the 'curse' at this moment. A concept that Roy can't understand enters his brain. The sublimity and sanctity turn into a complete curse, which makes Roy lose his sense and lose his mindIt's like a complete madness.
      In horror, Roy quickly mobilized his powerful charm and began to contemplate the book of Dharma, which was the only way to suppress the curse. But even so, Roy found that his body was much weaker.
      Erica saw that Roy's quick action covered her eyes with her hand, and the broad and gentle palm was close to her face, which made her eyes dark. Erica didn't dare to make any action, just cried anxiously.
      “Erica, don't look at Metatron's face!”
      This' curse 'should be a kind of power of Metatron. He, the God killer, can't bear it even after seeing it. If Erica takes a look at it, she will be cursed to death instantly.
      “I was waiting for the false Michael, but I didn't expect that he had been killed and became a demon king on the earth.”
      Metatron sighed softly in a very gentle tone. With the voice of the archangel falling, 36 pairs of flaming wings were born behind him, and there was a halo on his head.
      “But whether it's the angel who betrays the Lord or you, the devil, what I want to do is to adjudicate the heresy!”
      “……Son of a fool, the devil who killed the heretic angel, come and meet the Prime Minister of heaven
      Metatron's tone gradually became severe. His body began to grow like a flame. In a moment, he became a giant. In the book of Enoch, he was the tallest of angels.
      “Prime Minister of heaven?Ha, don't make me laugh, you heretical angel born from the false Scripture, today I will behead you here in the name of the Lord
      Roy is afraid of the strange power of Metatron. He doesn't care about his body's discomfort and rises like a wild animal.
      “Beast 777, I will overcome the evil of human beings!”
      He read out his magic name and expressed his intention to kill Metatron.
      The power of “Jacob's hands and feet” is activated, and the huge power of the curse is concentrated on Roy's left fist. He jumps high and then falls like a shooting star.
      This is one of the most powerful fighting skills recorded in the Bible. It is one of the seven “Jacob's hands and feet” named by Roy
      ——”Saint Fu Long”!*
      Chapter 20 the champion of Israel
      Saint Martha is one of the twelve saints of Christianity. He is a famous Christian saint. According to legend, Martha has a younger brother and a younger sister. They are all famous legendary figures, one is Lazarus, the other is Mary Magdalene.
      There are few records of Martha. In the legend, besides being a devout Christian, his greatest achievement is that he met monsters in tarascong and subdued the Dragon tarascong at the request of the residents. Since then, St. Martha settled in tarascong, and the residents here also converted to the new religion Christianity under her inspiration.
      Roy's “Jacob's hands and feet” is the strongest fighting technique in the Bible. According to Roy's own research and understanding, it is divided into seven types. Each move has the power of the Bible, and can reproduce legends and myths.
      Even the legendary dragon will be knocked down by this blow.
      No matter how she inspired the dragon to subdue it in the legend of St. Martha, in the battle method of “Jacob's hands and feet”, she distorted it to subdue it with her fist.
      Metatron is as tall as a giant, which is no different from the legendary dragon. The punch of 'Saint Fu Long' is an absolute force, which is enough to surpass the dragon's great force.
      Roy's seemingly small fist collided with Metatron's arm, and a terrible shock wave burst out. The rock wall at Metatron's feet split in an instant. The heretic angel also uttered a cry of pain. Roy's huge body was smashed into the ground, and the rock jammed his waist, making the 'secretary of heaven' unable to stand up for a moment.
      “In the second form, 'Moses divided the sea'!”
      At this moment, Roy was transformed into a swordsman in the ancient oriental story, reaching the 'extreme of martial arts'.
      Roy's right hand, which had been in his pocket, suddenly stretched out. A mosaic like figure appeared on his right shoulder, distorting everything. This is the vision of Roy's right hand. He raised his right hand high, turned his fist into a palm knife, and waved it down to Metatron's left arm.
      His palm knife is sharper than any other blade. It cuts the arm of Metatron without breaking it directly from the arm of the God. The blood of the God sprays out. The rest of the blade is more powerful. It directly splits the only small town on pengza Island, tears the crescent beach, and divides the Tyrrhenian Sea into two parts to reach the distant horizon.
      The magnificent scene is like Poseidon's trident cutting the sea.
      After the separation of the sea, when the strength of Moses' separation of the sea dissipated, the sea closed again, and hundreds of millions of tons of sea water collided together, causing a huge wave, directly submerging crescent beach and the city on the island.
      In Exodus, Moses leads God's electors to leave Egypt and become no longer slaves. He divides the sea at the place of the Red Sea, so that the electors can cross the sea to the land of Canaan.
      Roy recreates the legend of Moses dividing the sea with “Jacob's feet” and distorts the “record” in it, so that Moses no longer splits the sea with his cane, but with his palm!
      “The third way is to kill children and sacrifice to gods!”
      After two moves, Roy didn't give Metatron any chance to react. Instead, he turned his right hand into a finger and pointed at the angel's chest.
      This move is to reproduce Abraham's intention to kill his child Isaac to prove his piety.
      According to the Bible, Abraham, with a knife in his hand, was determined to kill his son and offer sacrifices to God. This legend was distorted by Roy, and it turned into that Abraham wanted to run through Isaac with his fingers and take his life.
      This is just a fierce decision that embodies the piety of faith and the intention of killing. For God's sake, even his own children can be killed. Thousands of killing intentions are condensed on one finger. Nothing can resist this finger, and it will run through it.
      “Jacob brothers” is not the strongest one in Roy's power, but it is the most practical and suitable one for fighting.
      Roy gave Jacob brothers all kinds of Biblical myths and legends. He fought with his fists to express men's feelings and spirits.
      Now Roy just wants to compete with the leader of the demon sect. Is it because she has the theory of yin and Yang, the “flying phoenix twelve God palm” or her own “Jacob brothers” which has the theory of Biblical legend better.
      Jacob's other name is Israel. He is the ancestor of Israel. Today Roy can't say that he is the champion of Israel.
      The fingers run through the chest. Before Metatron's counterattack, Roy's leg is under the spell, and he jumps away quickly. Since “Jacob's hand and foot” is called “hand and foot”, it's a set of hand and foot fighting skills. However, Roy puts all his attacks on his hands, and his leg Kung Fu is completely used for maneuver.
      Metatron's left arm was cut off directly, revealing a huge hole in his chest. If a mortal were to die at this time, he would not be able to die again. However, the vitality of the God of disobedience is extremely strong, and the key of human beings can not act on the God of disobedience.
      Roy's fists beat Metatron's head in a daze. When he reacted, he let out a painful roar and waved his 36 pairs of wings to smash the cliff completely. Roy was far away from his attack range and stood in a rock ruins to confront the huge angel again.
      Erika, who was not far behind Roy before, had already run away. She was panting, and her red dress was torn open, revealing the delicate muscles under her dress.
      An Italian girl holds the heart of the lion king and uses her own swordsmanship and magic to block the aftershocks of gravel and roar. When everything stops for a while, she looks at the scene in front of her. Her heart is chilly, her scalp is numb, her right hand holding the sword is trembling, and her blue eyes are full of incomprehensible beauty.
      With one punch, one palm and one finger, Roy completely tore up the Italian tourist attraction Ponza island. The only city has become history under the falling stones and waves, and one third of the whole island has completely sunk into the bottom of the sea.
      Is this the power of the God killer?It's not that magicians can't do this kind of destructive power, but what they need is the combination of many magicians to launch big magic with ceremony. However, the God killer is just three punches and two moves, which is enough to smooth an island marked on the map.
      The God of disobedience is a moving natural disaster, and the God killer is the devil on the earth. At this moment, Erica finally understood the meaning and was ashamed of her boldness and unconventionality.
      Erica believes that she may try her best to block Roy's fist, but she can't block the second and the third!
      “Metatron, it seems that Michael's injury to you was very serious at the beginning, but now you haven't fully recovered.”
      Roy put his right hand in his pocket again. The twisted mosaic vision on his right shoulder disappeared. He looked at the injured 'secretary of heaven' in front of him. His blood was still boiling, but his voice was relaxed.*
      Chapter 21 power and function 3, “blowing the No.7”
      “You don't have healing powers, Metatron.”
      Roy forced down the surging impact of blood. He didn't like the fighting method of the God killer when he faced the God of disobedience. On the contrary, Roy was a man who believed in wisdom and knowledge, just as human beings evolved into civilization from drinking blood. In Roy's view, the man who fought by the instinct of the beast was just incarnating as a beast.
      Roy didn't want to be a beast. Instead, he wanted to subdue it.
      “You're right, son of a fool, I don't have the power to cure. The fake Michael hurt my core. Now I can only be regarded as a disabled God who doesn't follow.”
      Metatron's severed left arm and the big hole in his chest have not been restored. It can be seen that Metatron does not have strong immortality or therapeutic power.
      Although Metatron is called the angel closest to God in the book of Enoch, the pseudonym is the pseudonym. Metatron actually has no merit, and can not be transformed into power by mythology and legend. In addition, he is the 'secretary of heaven' and a civil servant, and has almost no power of fighting.
      It can be said that Metatron is an irresistible God for ordinary magicians, but he is very easy to deal with for any God killer.
      Compared with Metatron, Roy knows from his own power how powerful Michael was. He can kill Michael in one fell swoop. Wisdom and decisiveness are one of them, but the bigger reason comes from luck – luck is Edwards.
      “Return to the myth of your hypocrisy, Metatron!It's time for you to wander on the ground. Now it's the end! ”
      Roy took a deep breath. He raised his right hand high.
      Among his seven powers, he has used the most practical “Jacob's hands and feet” and the accessory ability “pupil of Sodom” of the power “sin of Sodom”. Now, Roy is about to exert his third power, which is called “the sin of Sodom”——
      “Blow seven”!
      This is a chapter in the Apocalypse of the New Testament of the Bible. It is also the origin of Michael's name as archangel and supreme commander of thousands of angel armies. It is the first doomsday legend that he blew the doomsday horn and led the angel army to fight with animals in the name of seven angels at the last judgment!
      “Angel, blow the horn of doomsday!”
      Roy sang aloud, and then the sky above him opened a door of heaven, from which came the sound of seven trumpets. If a devout Christian was here, he would recognize that it was the day of judgment!
      “Doomsday judgment?”
      As an Italian and a Christian, Erica, as a knight of the red copper and black cross, is not firm in her belief in the cross, but she believes in it and has read the Bible. After seeing the door of heaven opened and hearing the clarion of the seven guardian angels, she knows that Roy's power is to reproduce the scene recorded in the book of revelation!
      Behind the gate of heaven, hundreds of angels fly out of it. These angels are the condensation of magic. They have the basic human form. They can't distinguish between men and women. They have wings on their backs. Their bodies are like etheric bodies, emitting holy light.
      Erica was also shocked when she saw these angels. Each of these angels had extraordinary strength. They were flying in the air, like a forbidden army. Erica had no doubt that the angel army could kill all the gods and beasts. Even if the God of disobedience wanted to destroy these angels, it would take quite a lot of magic power, and she was the top one in the worldIf the knight is surrounded by the angel army, he will die.
      Roy can't really summon tens of millions of angels, but these hundreds of angels are strong enough. Under the leadership of his' Archangel ', any one who doesn't follow will have a headache.
      But when he saw the angels, he was not surprised, but pleased, and cried out in a loud voice: –I am the agent of God, and I will record all the deeds in heaven and on earth. ”
      Roy was on the alert when he heard that Metatron was also singing. The reason why he used this power to summon angels was that he saw that Metatron was at the end of his rope, so he decided to let the angel army destroy him.
      Roy doesn't know what power Metatron has. He's afraid that he has some powerful power that can only be activated when he is dying. Roy has taken advantage of the situation and is only one step away from victory. He naturally doesn't want to take risks. Today, Metatron is not the opponent of the angel Legion at all. Roy is ready to kill him by means of siege.
      When Metatron started his power, a book and a pen appeared in his hand. The book was transformed by power. When it appeared, the quill would write on it automatically. Next to Roy, he realized that the power he had just started “blow No.7” had disappeared, and the angels in the sky turned their weapons to Roy.
      “Is it usurpation?Usurping one of my powers?What are the starting conditions?Why can you usurp my legion of angels, but not my brothers and brothers of Jacob? ”
      Just as Roy was thinking about the limitations and effects of Metatron's power, Erica exclaimed, “I'm not sureWang, please be careful
      The angel Legion in the sky launched a charge against Roy. Seeing this, Roy frowned. He staggered at his feet and moved in a very small range to avoid the angel's sharp stab in front of him. Then he punched out and beat the angel into a basic etheric particle.
      At this time, Roy's upper, lower, left and right sides have been completely surrounded by these angels, each of them is like a powerful knight, like the best soldiers, with perfect cooperation.
      Roy's feet move constantly, or punch, or split hands, or whip legs, to block all the angels' attacks. At the same time, every counterattack can kill an angel.
      But there are still a few of these hundreds of angels. It's not difficult to kill them with the power of Roy's God killer, but it will waste a lot of physical strength, energy and incantation power. This is the use of this power. It uses a large range of group operations to consume each other and find the chance to kill.
      Roy turned his eyes and saw that after Metatron usurped his angel army, he did not cooperate with the angel army to launch an attack. Instead, he turned around and waved his 36 pairs of wings, and the gesture was to escape.
      Seeing this, Roy said angrilyMetatron, you can choose to keep on running! ”
      However, Roy soon calmed down and thought that it was not surprising that Metatron would make this choice, because even in all the records of the Scriptures and pseudo scriptures, Metatron was the only one who turned man into an angel. That is to say, he had a strong human nature, and it was reasonable that he would make a human choice.
      After seeing that Metatron is ready to run away, Erica has clearly realized the horror of the God of disobedience and the God killer. She knows that she can't fight against them. At this time, she still holds up her long sword, encourages her courage and pride. Even in the face of the enemy who can't win, she doesn't flinch. She recites the mantra and wants to defeat Metatron with her own strengthLong left:
      “The wedge of the Red Cross…”
      It's just that Erica's incantation was just read out, and Roy interrupted herStop, Erica!I order you to run now
      “Wang, what are you talking about?”
      Erica, who is standing the heart of the lion king in front of her, stops the incantation and asks in a loud voice.
      “I won't say it again for the third time. Now, immediately, immediately, get out of here, or you may die next!”
      Seeing the serious look on Roy's face, Erica just hesitated for a moment, but obeyed ordersYes, Wang!As your knight, Erica will take your command as the first priority
      If Roy is in danger now, I'm afraid Erica will choose not to listen to his orders and fight bravely against the enemy. But after seeing that Roy is not in any danger now, she doesn't hesitate to listen to his orders.
      Although this woman has a lively mind, sometimes she is too assertive and seems to be self righteous, as long as she gets her loyalty, she will really gamble her life as a knight.
      “Fly, Hermes' boots!”
      Erica launched the magic to fly, the body light quickly back.
      At the same time, while fighting with the angel legion, Roy chanted new words:
      “Your sins are heard of by the Lord, and sulfur and fire will burn everything!”
      This is the complete gesture of Roy's second power, the sin of Sodom.
      It's a city level power that can be used once in three days to destroy the capital of sin!*
      Chapter 22 see also 'adoptive mother'
      It seems that the dust and smoke from the volcano covered the sky, the red flame suspended on the burning ashes, and the twisted whirlpool emerged in the sky one by one.
      On the sea and on the land of the island, there are boiling bubbles and the smell of sulfur. It seems that this land has been connected with the legendary hell, and an atmosphere of extermination, destruction and repression fills this space.
      Dozens of etheric angels of light are still pestering Roy. At this time, Roy finds the trouble of his power. Although these angels can't defeat him, it's completely possible to temporarily pester him and consume his physical strength and energy. At the same time, they can also make the master who calls these angels escape at any time.
      Like what Metatron is doing now.
      “Destroy, sinful Sodom and Gomorrah!”
      “Whew, whew, whew”
      The sky flame filled with the power of the sun falls from the sky, countless fire showers fall like meteor shower in the universe, the sulfur flavor of the earth becomes more and more rich, surging magma and blazing ground fire gush out from the core of the planet from hell.
      It's the fire of heaven that can burn all evil, it's the fire of earth that will drag everything into hell. When the fire of the day and the fire of the earth merge and blend in the human world, it's the day of destruction of all things.
      The burning sea and the gushing sulfur fire burst into the sky with a huge impact, and the big holes in pengzha Island were blasted to pieces. The rock wonders and beautiful beaches formed by nature, the modern cities and man-made things opened up by human beings were turned into debris under the anger of the gods, and the flame of the sun coming from the sky crushed those debris againThe bottom turned to fly ash.
      Erica does not dare to look back. She can only feel the roar of the sky, the anger of the earth, the raging waves of the sea, and the blazing light that makes all evils invisible.
      The knight of the red copper black cross thinks of the story recorded in the Bible. Lot's wife looks back because she misses Sodom and turns into a pillar of salt. Erica doesn't know if Roy's myth of the burning city of sin also has such power, but she dares not try. She can only fly in the opposite direction with her eyes closed, for fear that she will lose her eyesA little bit of the remaining light of the horn will be punished by God just like lot's wife.
      The angel around Roy is quietly burned into etheric particles under the confluence of heaven and earth's flame, and the fleeing Metatron is fiercely attacked by the sky fire and earth fire, endless meteors hit him, and the sulfur flame in hell burns his soul. In the earth shaking sound, Roy seems to hear the tragedy of MetatronI heard him shouting something.
      “It's over. Go back to the myth, you heretic!”
      Roy raised his left hand and clenched his fist fiercely. The last flame of heaven and earth suddenly roared. Under the roaring vibration, the sea was directly burned into a huge hole, and a huge vortex with a diameter of several hundred meters appeared where the destroyed pengza Island disappeared.
      The anomaly of the Tyrrhenian Sea caused a chain reaction of nature. At this time, a tsunami impacting the beach also appeared on the west coast of Italy, which was a disaster that human beings could not predict in advance.
      “HissWhat happened on Ponza island? Even the west coast of Italy was affected. ”
      On the shore of the West Sea, there are no tourists. Dozens of magicians and Knights have been waiting here for a long time. After seeing the wave, they directly launched the magic ceremony that had been prepared to stop the tsunami from causing too much damage.
      Fortunately, this is not the tsunami caused by the earthquake. After Roy's power ended, the tsunami that triggered the west coast of Italy gradually lost its power and became an ordinary wave.
      Many magicians and knights look at the other side of the sea in awe and fear. Even here, they can feel the unusual magic surge and the vision of the day like the doomsday judgment.
      “Lord Paul brantre is worthy of being the strongest knight in Italy who fought with the beast and the God killer. If Lord Paul hadn't anticipated that the fight between the king and the God of disobedience would lead to the reaction of natural disasters, this coast would be severely damaged now.”
      Some Knights exclaimed that they were just ordinary magicians and knights. Although they knew the tyranny of the “King” and the natural disaster brought by the God of disobedience, this was the first time they witnessed the battle between the two.
      No, it's not a witness at all. It can only be regarded as facing each other across the sea. But even so, even across the tyrenian sea, the fighting between the two sides can still cross this sea and affect the Italian mainland. It's no exaggeration to describe the God killer and the God of disobedience in those ancient books.
      This is the magic king on the earth and the moving natural disaster. No wonder the God killer can do whatever he wants on the earth, and no wonder only the God killer can fight against the God who does not follow. This kind of battle is no longer what ordinary magicians and knights can intervene in.
      Those who are still mortal stage of the God killer, and what a miracle, in order to complete the great cause of God killing ah!
      Roy at this time did not know the exclamation of those magicians and knights in Italy, even if he knew it, he had no time to pay attention.
      Roy's spirit and will once again condense into a secluded body, appearing in the realm of life and immortality, which belongs to Pandora.
      “We meet again so soon, my lovely son.”
      It's like the continuation of the last time he left. When Roy's consciousness was faint and regained consciousness, he smelled the smell of poppy like charm. At the back of his head, he felt the slightly slender but soft thighs.
      'knee pillow again.'
      The idea flashed through Roy's mind.
      The second killing God came to this space again. Roy had almost no concept of coma. It was not like that it took him a long time to recover consciousness when he killed God for the first time.
      When you open your eyes, the first one you see is the goddess who has a very thin body and looks only twelve or thirteen years old. I don't know whether she should be described as loli or a girl. Although she looks young, she has a bright and mature smile on her mouth. The girl who should be green reveals her charming charm.
      Then, Roy's eyes fell on Pandora's thin but enchanting red lips. What he thought back was the last time he left, he boldly tasted the drunken fragrance in her mouth.
      Roy has only one idea at this time. Will Pandora revenge himself in anger and not hold the dark sacrifice of killing God?Although Roy doesn't have much interest in new powers, his “holy right” is very comprehensive. Instead of getting new powers, it's better to find ways to make the existing ones more powerful, not limited, or even evolved.
      Quality is always more important than quantity.
      “Oh, are you looking forward to your mother's kiss again?It's a greedy son. It's not impossible to get a reward from his motherIt's just that you're a little amazing, my youngest child
      Pandora opened her red lips and laughed in her tender but charming voice.
      But she looked at Roy with curiosity and exploration in her eyesIt's amazing that I can still keep my memory of this place after I leave the secluded world. ”
      Roy was surprised that Pandora knew.*
      Chapter 23 types of gods
      Roy was a little uneasy, but he looked calm, as if he didn't understand his “weird” at all.
      He didn't know if Pandora was testing himself.
      In fact, even if Pandora is suspicious of himself, knows about the existence of Edwards, and no longer holds the dark sacrifice of killing gods for him, Roy doesn't care. He has got the best and most suitable power, and has no interest in pursuing new power. What he and Edwards are studying now is how to improve the upper limit of power level, not the number of power.
      However, if it is possible, Roy still hopes that the dark sacrifice of killing God can continue, because every time Pandora holds a dark sacrifice, Roy and Eduardo can watch it, so as to speed up the progress of the analysis.
      While Roy was thinking wildly, Pandora's tender fingers pointed at his red lips and said with a little doubt: –Only those who have a deep understanding of human beings can keep a memory here, but such people are absolutely impossible to become God killers. How did my little Roy do it
      Pandora seems to take himself as Roy's mother, intimately calling his nickname, and the finger that touched his red lips fell on Roy's forehead, drawing a circle there, just like looking at a naughty child, saying in a motherly voice: –Well, it doesn't matter. Little Roy, it's a good thing that you can keep the memory here, so I can tell you something. ”
      Roy really regards himself as a 'son' to Pandora, and there is no conflict. His parents died long ago before crossing, and his mother has no memory after crossing. Adding up the two worlds, Roy only lived for more than 30 years. Compared with Pandora's age calculated by thousands of years, he does not suffer by calling her mother.
      The only thing Roy can't understand is whether the goddess, who created the God killer, is very deep in the city or really innocent. This is a woman Roy can't see through for the time being.
      “What do you want to tell me, Pando…”
      “It's called 'Mom'!”
      Pandora seems to be very interested in this kind of mother and son game. She pinched Roy's nose with her slender fingers and said with some dissatisfaction. At the same time, she adjusted her position to make Roy more comfortable in her lap.
      “……All right, mom. ”
      To some extent, Pandora is indeed his own rebirth parents, giving him a new, powerful new life, so Roy does not care about the title.
      “Hee hee, what a clever and obedient boy.”
      Pandora giggled, with a charming smile, like a tempting poppy. She lowered her head like a reward and took a sip on Roy's forehead. Then her face suddenly became seriousSuch a lovely child, mom, I don't want you to be in danger. I'll tell you some important things about the gods so that you can be prepared in advance. ”
      “……Listen, I'm going to talk about the source of the gods and their nature. ”
      “In ancient times, human beings were still in matriarchal clan society. At that time, women were the main bearers of production and had the ability to bear children. In the era when there were no surplus materials and human beings were struggling for reproduction, women were the dominators. Therefore, human beings were endowed with the gods of belief, and the goddess was the one with lofty status.”
      Roy didn't speak. He was just listening to Pandora's words. He was lying on the thigh of loli's adoptive mother, who only looked like thirteen or fourteen years old, listening to her 'telling stories'. Roy had no reason to refuse this contact.
      Anyway, he knows that he is only a spiritual body now, and his time is different from that of the outside world, so he is not worried.
      “With the development of human civilization, as human beings have learned how to make tools, especially the development of smelting metal, human beings have possessed 'Steel' weapons, the threat of wild animals has been reduced, materials have become rich, men's physical strength and fighting ability have become the needs of survival and development, and matrilineal clan has gradually become paternal clan.”
      “……In the field of mythology, the status of goddesses began to decline, while the status of male gods rose. In the past, the goddesses who came to the peak of mythology also became the wives, daughters and other appendages of male gods. Among them, the most miserable goddesses directly degenerated into monsters, that is, dragons and snakes. ”
      “Little Roy should have heard a lot of myths and legends about killing dragons and snakes. Malduke killed Tiamat, suzhan mingzun killed Baqi snake, Perseus killed Medusa, ziegfried killed favna, and even Michael imprisoned the ancient dragon Satan. These myths symbolize the rule of male chauvinism, and the heroes use their 'Steel' to capture the past noble goddessThey defeated the repression and became “heroes of steel.”
      “……The gods are generally divided into three categories: the ancient Earth Goddess with the attribute of dragon and snake, the steel hero with the attribute of steel who overthrows the rule of the goddess, and other gods derived from the battle between the two. ”
      Pandora's finger belly gently rubbed Roy's cheek, and the sadness and worry on her face became more and more intenseI have created a dark sacrifice that can give birth to a god killer, and the gods, in order not to let the devil on the earth be too presumptuous, have also recommended the 'strongest Steel' with the help of oath. ”
      “……He is the 'Last King', the enemy of all dragons, snakes and demons. Whenever the number of God killers is irretrievable, the 'Last King' will wake up. He will sacrifice the goddess of the ancient dragon and snake to obtain the great power of destroying all demons. Many God killers have been born in thousands of years, but none of them can live to the present. They have been annihilated by the 'Last King'。”
      “Today's era has given birth to seven God killers, more than any other era in the past. The awakening of 'the last king' will be inevitable. Little Roy, in the face of 'the strongest Steel', even I have no way. All I can do is to wave the flag and shout for you behind you. You must be careful of him. Although I know that being careful doesn't have any effect, it's not a good thingI have to convey it to you. ”
      Pandora seemed to be looking at her child who was about to suffer. Her tone was sad.
      Roy recalled the myths and legends about Pandora at this time. Perhaps Pandora was also an ancient god of earth, the goddess of dragon and snake. She hated the hero of steel and even all the gods, so she created the dark sacrifice of killing gods.
      “Why do you care so much about me?”
      Roy asked a puzzling question. Pandora's concern seemed overdone.
      “Because you are my child.”
      Pandora full of maternal love said.
      “You should have a lot of children. In this era, plus me, there are seven God killers. In the past thousands of years, how come there are more than a dozen or twenty?”
      “That's different. A smart, lovely, obedient and unruly child like little Roy is the first one for my mother. Come on, close your eyes and remember what your mother said. In this way, your mother will reward you.”
      With such a soft and charming voice, Pandora hugged Roy's head and lowered his head.
      The ceremony of offering gods as sacrifices was launched again.*
      Chapter 24 speed, power, the king of light
      Erica flies by magic on the wreckage of Ponza island. Her clear voice, with anxiety and fear, shouts.
      No, this can't be said to be the wreckage of Ponza Island, because this Italian tourist island has been completely submerged, and all its natural scenery and human traces have disappeared on the earth. From today on, the world map can completely erase this island.
      A huge whirlpool on the sea has not completely dissipated, and the power inside is enough to twist any creature into foam in an instant. Erica clenches her teeth. She purses her lips and flies down to look for Roy under the sea. However, when she gets close to the sea, a little pain flashed on her white face. Erica hums and gathers her magic to continue to explore.
      However, blisters and hot smoke appeared on the skin closely following her slender arm, as if the water in her body was evaporating, and even her delicate skin was burning.
      It's the residual power left by Roy's power, which makes the sea as hot as magma hell. Before the power is completely dissipated, no magician can get close to it, even a knight like Erica can't.
      After finding that she can't find Roy even if she sinks into the sea, maybe she will be burned to death. Erica has no choice but to fly back to the sky again and use her eyes impatiently to find.
      Not all God killers can fly. Flying, a human dream, seems simple. In fact, it's a very profound magic in the mysterious world. Ordinary magicians can't learn it at all, and there's no 'flying' in God killers' natural abilities, unless they have special powers.
      Most of the God killers are ordinary people before killing gods, and they can't do such profound magic at all. After killing gods, almost no one studies magic. Therefore, although God killers have powerful power, they are all ignorant.
      Among the known God killers, only the Eastern religious leader is a figure at the top of martial arts and magic before killing God. Even if she does not kill God, it is a legend in the mysterious world.
      Erica believes that Eloy's body is strong, and he has the absolute upper hand when he fought against meitatron. He can't be killed by his own power, and he can't drown in this sea.
      At this time, the “King” should be in the most need of help. Someone needs to pull him to rescue him from the sea. However, as a knight of the “King”, he is too weak to break into this sea area to rescue the “King”. Such incompetent himself is really ashamed of the name of a knight.
      Think of here, Erica more uncomfortable, she would not like to pour magic over the sea, looking for Roy's trace.
      All of a sudden, Erica's feet in the sea covered by the abnormal magic force, there was a roar of shells, and a water wave of tens of meters high was splashed on the sea level.
      Erica thought that the enemy was not dead, so she held the heart of the lion warily. But the speed of the enemy was too fast, which could be described as “super speed”. Erica could feel that the speed of the enemy was definitely higher than the speed of sound. It was only because of the mysterious power that the sonic boom of physics would not occur.
      There is almost no time difference. The lightning like figure is just before Erica's body. This speed is beyond the limit of human nerve reaction, but Erica has no fear. Holding the sword in her hand is preparing to meet the enemy.
      It's not until the figure makes a sound that Erica's tight heart is completely broken. The sudden change from extreme danger to extreme safety makes her body and soul feel unbearable fatigue.
      “The calculation of time is a little different, but I fell into the sea.”
      The gentle voice is somewhat casual, but it has its own dignity and awe inspiring. Erica looks at it and is surprised to see that Roy's appearance has changed greatly.
      Behind him grew a pair of huge wings that looked like flames. Above his head, there was a halo printed with the pattern of the God of the cross. Pieces of feathers made of energy fell from the sky and floated on the sea. There was a brilliant holiness in the beauty.
      Roy has become an angel in every way.
      This is the fourth of Roy's seven powers, the Lord of light!
      The name of the great king is the meaning of the prince and the ruler.
      This power reproduces the fighting posture recorded by Archangel Michael in the Bible. He once annihilated 150000 Assyrian troops invading Jerusalem overnight. He once led the angel to fight against beliel, the ruler of darkness, as the Deputy king of heaven and the monarch of light.
      And the power to reproduce this fighting posture gave Roy the ability to fly, and at the same time, he gained 'super speed'.
      However, this power is also limited. It can only be used once a day, and the use time is only 10 minutes. Roy can easily get the speed beyond the speed of sound and the limit of human body reaction.
      There is a 'Black Prince' Alexander Gascoigne among the God killers. He once defeated the fallen angel remir and got the power of 'speed'. Gascoigne's speed has no time limit, but in the super high speed movement, the God killer needs his own body to bear the side effects of speed, so the God killer can only use the power of speed intermittently.
      Roy didn't have this worry. After he started his power, he didn't need to worry about his body's endurance in ten minutes. Michael's fighting posture was enough to offset it. The two men's power of speed had its own advantages and disadvantages. Roy's outburst was more fierce, and Gascoigne's endurance was stronger.
      However, in the general battle between the God killer and the God of disobedience, the battle can be divided in a few moves, so for Roy, this power limit is also sufficient for the time being.
      Although a god killer has a lot of incantation power, it can't increase the upper limit of incantation power, and the use of power consumes too much incantation power. Therefore, a god killer generally has no incantation power to continue fighting after using several powers. Most of the God killer's continuous fighting ability is not very strong.
      “Erica, you're in a mess now.”
      Roy looked at Erica with a funny smile. Today, Erica's beautiful blonde hair is charred, her fair face is also stained with the dust after the fire, which makes her gorgeous appearance dirty. Her dress is as ragged as a patch, and her delicate arm skin is covered with a disgusting blister.
      “……But I'm not much better
      Roy looked at himself again, laughing at himself.
      Before he accidentally fell into the sea, although the launch power flew out of the sea, but now he is also wet.
      “Are you worried about me, EricaI'm worried that something is wrong with me, so that you, the “red copper black cross”, have just found a support but lost it
      Roy staring at Erica, can feel the girl's heart of fear and loss, she is only a 14-year-old girl, and then mature also has a little girl's uneasiness.
      “It's impolite of you to see me in a mess!Wang, I don't know why you don't trust me so much. Although your reason is one of my worries, the most important thing is that you have made me your exclusive knight. As a knight, of course, I feel anxious about the safety of Wang. ”
      Erica sighs with a wry smile. She has long found out that Roy does not trust her. It seems that the relationship between the two sides is only based on Roy's powerful power, more like employment.
      She secretly blamed herself for making any mistakes in her previous work, or for being too smart, which made Wang wary of herself?
      “Call yourself a knightSo, Erica, as a knight, how much can you do for me
      “If the king has orders, I am willing to give all I have!”
      Gorgeous noble girl said with a voice.
      Roy is deeply staring at Erica. Although the girl's bangs are messy, her sapphire eyes are clear and firm.
      “So, Erica, you are a good girl, tooAfter that, I'll try to trust you completely. ”
      Roy can feel Erica's sincerity. In addition to her strong instinct as a god killer, Roy has recently studied the magic of lies.
      “Thank you for your trust,” Wang said!And I will live up to your trust. ”
      Erica was about to salute, but her body trembled, the magic on her feet disappeared, and she fell directly from the air.
      This Flying Magic consumes magic power extremely, which is used urgently by Erica in combat. Such a long time flying in the air has almost consumed all her magic power.
      Roy directly hugged her soft and slender waist with the princess under the girl's exclamation and said with a smile: “well, my knight, you have done a good job. Next, let me take you to a safe place.”
      As soon as the wings behind him unfolded, Roy launched “super speed” directly and disappeared in this sea area in an instant.
      He needs to find a place to stay and study his new booty*
      Chapter 25 “seeing the face of God”
      A competition across the sky, to exceed the speed limit of human reaction fell on the deck of the luxury yacht.
      Before, Roy used the power field generated by these wings to shield Erica from the impact of the external environment in the state of 'speed'.
      With the wings turning into little brilliance and disappearing, the halo on Roy's head also dissipates, and he changes from an angel's posture back to human form.
      Gently put down Erica's delicate body, the Italian girl's face seems to be feverish, and her heart is beating faster. In the past, Erica's status in the “red copper black cross” was equivalent to that of a princess, and which man dares to be rude to a beautiful woman.
      After all, Erica is only a 14-year-old girl. Although her figure has developed a little too much, it's just when she was pregnant. Now, Roy, who is similar in age, is embracing her intimately. Because of the fragmentation of the dress, even the girl's tender skin, which has never been touched, is in his hands. Even the awe inspiring Knight will feel shy.
      “Well, the decision to keep this yacht as far away from Ponza island as possible was right, otherwise I would fly to Italy with you.”
      Roy's actual age is in his thirties, and he is not a dead house without touching a girl's hand. He won't feel embarrassed for any ambiguous behavior with a woman.
      The crew on the yacht were not ordinary people, but magicians sent by “red copper black cross”. When they saw someone suddenly landing on the deck, they were faced with great enemies one by one. When they saw that it was Roy, they put down their guard and looked respectful and afraid.
      On this yacht, although they did not see the specific scene of Roy fighting with Metatron, they could see the tragic annihilation of Ponza island and the roaring tsunami. The frightening power and strong magic made these magicians heartbroken.
      Now when they see their own princess, it seems that they are very close to the king. They look at each other and retreat quietly.
      “It's impolite, Wang!Please allow Erica to clean up first, and then listen to the king's orders. I'm in a bad way now. ”
      Erica took a deep breath, suppressed her shyness and made a knight's salute.
      “If you say that, I may have to clean up a little bit.”
      Roy took a look at his clothes. The cardinal's robe has magic protection, but it won't wrinkle or dirty because it's soaked in water. However, Roy's body is also stained with the smell of sea water.
      “Then… Let me go to serve the king first to clean up. I'll clean up after serving the king.”
      “Serve?How to serve?Do you take off your clothes and relax for me in the bathroom with your youthful body? ”
      Roy laughed suddenly.
      Erica was shocked. She didn't expect that Roy, who always showed his cold indifference, would burst into tears. Was it because she got Wang's real trust that she saw Wang's unknown side?
      The girl with the rank of great knight is in a mess. Even her usual cleverness is stuttering. “King, please respect yourself a little… Of course, it's not that I don't want to. Although the task of serving in bed doesn't belong to the knight… But if you really want me to do this, I hope you can give me a place!”
      After all, Erica is not her best friend Liliana. She will lose her thinking ability because of shyness. She soon calms down and even makes a request calmly.
      She also knew that when she became Roy's subordinate in the name of knight, if Roy, the “King”, had a wrong idea for her, she would not escape the vicious hand. She was so confident in her beauty, but giving up her body in this way was not what Erica wanted. What she wanted more was a reputation.
      Erica's character is like this. She will think and solve problems in the way of maximizing benefits. After knowing that she has nowhere to escape, she even dares to use her body as a means to obtain more benefits. This woman is a little too smart, so sometimes she will make people hate her. But I have to say that when she thinks of you wholeheartedly, she will make people feel very relieved,She has great talent.
      “Ah, I'm joking. Erica, don't take it seriously.”
      Roy's face became calm and cold again.
      The sudden change of temperament made Erica feel uncomfortable and even worried about gain and loss. Is it because Wang didn't think much of herself and didn't think she was beautiful enough?Or does “Wang” feel that he is not qualified for a position?
      In her complicated state of mind, Erica said with some disappointment: “yes, Wang, please go to wash first.”
      “No, Erica, you can go. I'm not in a hurry…”
      After a pause, Roy suddenly grabbed Erica's arm, looked at the layer of burning blisters on her white skin, and gently brushed his fingers over the warm voice: “does it hurt?”
      Roy's cold and gentle appearance made Erica's mood even more disordered. Her eyebrows slightly picked: “compared with my training as a knight in the past, the pain is nothing, but now I don't have enough magic power to perform the healing magic. I'll go to apply some medicine first, and then use magic to cure after the magic power recovers.”
      Hearing Erica's indifference to the pain, Roy didn't speak, just recited the mantra in a low voice. Then, in Erica's surprise, he directly used magic to cure all the blisters on her arm.
      “Different from other God killers, I'm still very interested in magic. The first time I used this kind of healing magic, it seems to work well. It's better for girls to cherish themselves, but don't leave scars on such delicate skin.”
      Roy's palm gently rubbed on Erica's slender arm, and then said, “go ahead, Erica, pack yourself up.”
      “Yes, Wang.”
      Erica put her left hand around her injured right arm, as if she hadn't recovered. She walked to her room on the yacht.
      When the girl's back disappeared, Roy pressed his head and said to himself, “I used to be not shy when I was facing girls, but I'm not a good talker. Why do I suddenly have such talent now?”
      “… I don't think so. This is also my ability inherited from aresta Crowley. In the past, only Lola didn't show this ability in life… No, it seems that I always liked to tease Lola in the past.”
      Roy breathed and went to his room. The so-called “my fair lady” is very nice. Now that he is the devil on the ground, it seems that even if he collects beautiful women to play for himself, he can say it's in the past.
      If one day I really become a scum who will play with girls' body and mind at will, it must not be my fault, it must be alesta Crowley's fault, because alesta is such a villain who deceives women's feelings. He is just a son from his father's career.
      Roy was quick to understand, not to worry about these things, but to focus on the new power gained by killing Metatron——
      “See the face of God”*
      Chapter 26 the power to kill the enemy with a handsome face
      Back in his luxurious room on the yacht, Roy began to examine himself. This time Pandora's dark sacrifice brought him a new power – “see the face of God”!
      Metatron is said to have the title of “face of God”. It is said that mortals can't look directly at God. Among many angels, Metatron is the only one who has the honor to look at God and see the great face of the Supreme God.
      The power of “seeing the face of God” comes from this legend.
      “It turns out that when I saw Metatron's face on Ponza Island, I felt a kind of cursed weakness, which came from this power.”
      Roy is sitting in his luxurious and simple wooden chair, feeling the yacht is speeding up to Italy.
      “There is no kesuru myth in this world… However, it takes hundreds of years to produce a myth, and it has to be linked with the history of human beings. Kesuru is only created in a hundred years, and it is also a novel. It will take hundreds of years for this myth to be born,At the same time, in a few hundred years, the ksuru myth system will have to be remembered by human beings. ”
      “… in the ksuru mythology system, people who see evil gods will go crazy, because human brain can't understand the existence of evil gods and will be polluted by them. It's also true to apply this conclusion to 'Javert'. Because human cognition can't understand the greatness of God, they will be cursed when they see his' face '
      “From this point of view, whether they are evil gods or other gods, they are all the same.”
      Roy breathed softly, recalling that when Metatron used this power before, he did see another great existence through Metatron's face, which made him suffer a terrible curse, even the curse became weak.
      When this power is used on its own initiative, it will make people who see its face as if they see 'Javert', thus confusing cognition and weakening in the strong curse.
      If it's a god killer who has a high level of magic power, he will be cursed at most, that is, he will be weak. But if it's an ordinary person who has no magic resistance, he will go crazy and even die. This is a real power to die with his face.
      “Even if you kill the same God, different God killers get different powers. This is related to the nature of the God killers themselves. Why do I get this power?”
      Roy touched his face with his hand, and then he said, “I don't think I was old enough to make complaints about my face not being handsome enough to find a girlfriend. So, under this desire, I got a power to directly kill people.
      Though make complaints about it, Roy thought it might be the truth.
      In the battle with Metatron, Metatron used two powers, one was “seeing the face of God”, the other was usurped by writing.
      The usurped power seems to be powerful, but there should be many restrictions on how to launch it. Now Roy's “holy right” has enough restrictions, and the “holy right” is extremely comprehensive in terms of fighting. Therefore, Roy really has no interest in Metatron's usurped power.
      In Roy's opinion, today's “seeing the face of God” is very suitable for him. This kind of auxiliary unlimited power can improve his combat effectiveness.
      Fortunately, this power can be freely controlled, divided into 'active' and 'passive', otherwise Roy may have to find a mask to put on, and when he needs to take off the mask, he will die.
      In a passive state, this power will spontaneously bring Roy 'the majesty of God' and make him look more sacred. In short, it will make him more like a god stick. In a way similar to a curse, it will make people easily believe him, just like the 'son of God'.
      In Roy's view, if it is in a fierce battle, the two sides of the battle have to keep a close eye on each other. If this insidious power without warning is suddenly launched, the enemy will not react to it, so that there will be a huge flaw in the curse, creating a chance to kill himself.
      It's a very useful auxiliary ability, whether in daily life or in combat. This is Roy's evaluation of “seeing the face of God.”.
      “I just want to evolve the” holy right “and make me change qualitatively rather than acquire a new power.”
      Roy frowned and clenched his fist. After he killed Metatron, as he thought, there was no superposition of his own incantation power, which was no different from that after the first killing of God, and there was no change in his “holy right” power.
      If this is the God killer, then even if Roy is killing dozens of disobedient gods, there will not be any change except the diversification of his power, and there will be no qualitative change at all.
      With more power and ability, there will be more choices in the face of enemies with the same strength, which will easily lead to victory. However, the biggest weakness of the God killer is that the God killer will not become stronger in terms of quality, which is just like the limiter.
      In Roy's view, the legends of Metatron and Michael are very overlapping in all aspects, but even if he killed the two gods, there is no change. If he killed other gods who did not follow, there would be no change.
      “Don't worry. I've kept what you call the 'LINGJI' from the 'core' of Metatron.”
      At this time, a light appeared behind Roy. The “guardian angel” Edwards, with long golden hair and waist, wearing a white linen robe and a halo on his head, appeared in an illusory manner.
      “The spirit base of Metatron is very similar to the spirit base of Michael, and there is a great chance of successful integration. After I thoroughly analyze and tamper with Pandora's ritual, I can apply the new ritual to you, so that you can break through the limit of God killer, and see Pandora's dark sacrifice again, which makes my understanding more profound.”
      “… however, even if this new ceremony is completed, not all the gods who do not follow will be able to integrate with you. Your original target of killing God is Michael, who already has the nature of Michael. Therefore, only the part similar to Michael can be integrated. The more similar the gods are to Michael, the greater the benefits will be gained by killing them.”
      Hearing the words of Edwards, Roy had a clue about his worries all the time. He looked happy and said: “it's worthy of being Edwards. He was able to intercept the spirit base of Metatron.”
      “As a spiritual body, I can't interfere in the physical world. It's only because you killed Metatron and left the physical world when his spiritual base is about to dissipate.”
      Edwards said calmly, her voice has a strong human emotion, but there is no sense of pride in this sentence.
      “But Roy, please note that all I can do is tamper with the ceremony, but… So you need to learn more.”
      Part of the words of Edwards turned into unknown signals, which Roy could not understand. After he frowned, he roughly understood what Edwards meant, “… You mean that you can only transform rituals, but you can't hold rituals, so you can only teach me new rituals, and I will start rituals myself,I have to have enough knowledge to understand what you tell me? ”
      “That's right. There are so few meanings that human words can convey. There are some things that I can't explain. You need to understand them in a magic way.”
      Edwards nodded slightly.
      “I see. That is to say, I will continue to study hard in the future. Ugly people need to study more. If I had the motivation to study, I would have been admitted to Tsinghua University and Peking University.”
      Roy laughed at himself, and then he took out the ring he had found in the ruins of Solomon's temple*
      Chapter 27 spirit vision and thousand mile eye
      Roy leaned back in his chair, rubbing the pristine ring with his hand, lost in thought.
      “Dong Dong Dong”
      Behind the door came a rhythmic knock, Roy did not look back and said: “come in, Erica!”
      Even if he didn't look at it with his eyes, Roy knew it was Erica, because only Erica would come to his bedroom, and other people on the yacht didn't dare to disturb his rest.
      With the subtle sound of opening the door, a fragrance permeates the luxurious and huge bedroom. Roy's nose is very smart. It's the smell of Erica, the smell of bathing dew she often uses.
      Roy just turned around to see Erica, a young but proud figure, standing upright at the door of the room.
      Her dress has been damaged, rare change that a red dress, put on a regular dress, golden hair because it is too long and not completely dry, there is steaming moisture, water, tender skin is full of bath, bath pink.
      “Wang, you can wash up, or if you need my service.”
      The girl completely regained her sense. Her tone was clear and vivid, with a light sense of seduction. In her beautiful eyes, she was not in line with her age.
      “No, don't worry. Although the fishy smell of the sea is uncomfortable, it doesn't make me unable to accept it.”
      Roy stares boldly at the straight legs under the girl's long skirt. Erica finally takes off the White Velvet stockings, revealing the creamy jade muscles. She can even see the faint blue tendons on the instep of her red high heels.
      With different status, people with low self-esteem will become more confident, not to mention Roy has never had low self-esteem.
      At this time, Erica saw the ring in Roy's hand. She felt it a little. She embroidered her eyebrows and said: “Wang, what you have in your hand has a very subtle magic wave. It looks like a magic weapon?”
      “Well, it's the artifact I found on the ruins of Solomon's temple, if it's really Solomon's temple.”
      Roy nodded back.
      “The temple of Solomon?Is it the remains of the first temple discovered by archaeologists in the heart of ancient Jerusalem in the news not long ago?This event caused a great sensation. Although King Solomon is called a symbol of wisdom, there are few records to prove his existence. The third king of the world-famous ancient kingdom of Israel made such great achievements because the unearthed cultural relics made people doubt whether he really existed. ”
      As a leader in magic, Erica is very interested in these ancient legends, history and even relics and antiques.
      “I was also at the site of the archaeological excavation at that time. Because I thought it was interesting, I used my power to destroy the site and found this ring.”
      Listening to Roy's indifferent words, Erica has a wry smile. The God killer is really reckless, so casually destroying the remains of Solomon's legend.
      “Your first eyewitness record also appeared in ancient Jerusalem. At that time, a magician from the Council of wise men was also following the archaeology there, thus discovering the whereabouts of the king. However, the king's past experience is indeed a mystery. Many magic associations have investigated you, but there is no useful information.”
      Erica said frankly that she was not afraid to tell Roy this kind of thing. Since Wang has given her trust, she must repay the trust. What's more, this time of contact with Wang has also made Erica believe in the wisdom of Roy. I'm afraid she already knew that these magic associations had investigated him.
      “The investigation of my magic association also includes” red copper black cross ”
      “Yes, it also includes the” red copper black cross “, but the most rigorous investigation of you is the” Council of wise men “, who will conduct the most detailed investigation of every living devil.”
      Erica said honestly.
      “Let them investigate. Even if they are looking for witches and witches to do 'spiritual vision', they can't find out any information about me.”
      Seeing that Roy is so sure, Erica is also curious about Roy's past. However, she knows that there are some things that subordinates should not ask about. Even if she is curious, she doesn't mean to explore.
      Roy is from another world, which, of course, can't find his resume no matter how much investigation.
      “Witches and witches' vision is a wonderful ability. They can be inspired and see the past and the future. Do you know where the inspiration comes from?”
      Roy asked as if he were a teacher testing the students.
      Erica shook her head and said: “my grandfather is a demon king like you. Although there is' the blood of the demon girl 'in her blood, the blood of the demon girl is very weak. I don't know her secret.”
      “It doesn't matter if you don't know. As long as you listen, the world is roughly divided into three levels. The material world we are in now, and then the realm of life and immortality, which is called the 'secluded world' by magicians. After crossing this realm, it is the last World, the 'immortality realm' where the gods live.”
      Roy learned a lot of knowledge in the teaching of Edwards and learning from books. He also saw through the true face of the world of the God killer. This world is like a derivative of Kabala's quadruple world theory, which is full of mistakes and logical.
      In Roy's view, the so-called immortality state in which the gods live is the seat of the world, where all kinds of information about the gods in mythology are recorded, and these information will change according to the spread of human beings in the material world.
      If someone really breaks through the “secluded world” and reaches the realm of immortality, he will not see any living gods. What he sees is only a pile of incomprehensible information, which is the same as the concept of the spirit.
      “……The 'secluded world' has a magical function, just like the 'Akasha record', it will record all the information that has happened in the material world. The ability of the Witch and the witch's vision is to see the information recorded in the secluded world, so that it can reproduce the past; as for the future information, it is the Witch and the witch's ability to speculate the possible future after sorting out and compiling the known informationThe maximum probability event of life. ”
      “……In fact, this is a kind of simple 'magic of Laplace', which can predict the future by obtaining and inferring all the information in the past. This is the so-called 'clairvoyance'
      Roy shakes his finger in a leisurely tone. Sometimes the more things you learn, the more ignorant you will feel. But sometimes when you know enough, you will find that they are such simple things.
      “It turns out that this is the secret principle of the witches. Your knowledge is really rich and amazing,” Wang said
      Erica said with admiration and joy in her voice.
      For magicians, mastering power is not their goal. Knowledge is what they want.
      “There is nothing else in the Vatican, but there are countless kinds of ancient books in the past two thousand years. The library there is a treasure.”
      Roy smiles, and then he suddenly asks: –Tell me, Erica!Where are the best witches and witches in the world? ”
      Erica was stunned for a moment, and what she didn't want to do was to reply, “I'm sorryIf the most powerful witch in Europe is the most powerful witch in Europe, then it is the first speaker of the Greenwich sage parliament, the daughter of the Duke of high dudet, who is known as the princess of Alice, Lewis.*
      Chapter 28 Princess Alice
      Greenwich is located on the South Bank of the Thames River in the southeast of Greater London, England. It is the location of the prime meridian. In the Royal Greenwich garden on the Thames River, there is a world-famous comprehensive Observatory Greenwich Observatory.
      This is an observatory with hundreds of years of history.
      Although the Greenwich Observatory moved away 50 years ago, the original site has been left. Ordinary people think that the observatory was abandoned because it was too old. But only people in the mysterious world know that the reason why the observatory moved away is that the original site was used as the headquarters by a comprehensive magic association in England, which is the Greenwich Council of wise men.
      The origin of the Greenwich sage Council is very funny. It was not established by someone, but by a group of good people. Because it was too gossip, it formed a small intelligence exchange group. Who could have thought that such a small group was not even a magic association, but eventually developed into a very famous organization in the mysterious world.
      There are magicians, goblins, mystics, even scientists, civil researchers, clergy, artists, nobles, royalty, and some rich people.
      The Council of sages can never be called a tight organization, but a loose circle. It is used for the exchange of information. It is also the best channel for people who have relations with the mysterious world to know the information of the mysterious world at the first time.
      Today, a non routine meeting is being held at the gnilinzhi observatory.
      The reason why the Council of sages is called the Council is that the managers of this organization are a group of elderly sages. In the name of Diogenes, the ancient Greek philosopher, they decide the direction of the organization in the way of the Council.
      “An emergency meeting is being held today. Who is the devil who has caused a big problem?”
      Among a group of gray haired old scholars, there is a very special woman. She is slim and slim, with shining white golden hair, skin is frosty and snowy, and looks about twenty years old. But in meditation, she has a kind of elegant gentlewoman feeling.
      The woman has the most charming perfume like the most precious perfume in the world. She wears a white sweater embroidered with neckties embroidered with flowers, and her shoulders are wrapped in expensive shawls. Her hands overlap on both sides of the chair. The beautiful voice is slightly helpless in her speech, but she is permeating with deep curiosity and enthusiasm.
      It's Alice Louis ove nafal, the former speaker of the Greenwich sage Council and now the special adviser, who has the name of 'white princess'. People always call her' Princess Alice '.
      Although Princess Alice is the youngest in the parliament, she is the most powerful witch in Europe. Her strength is not in combat, but in vision. With her talent and knowledge, she can become speaker in her teens.
      Although for the Greenwich sage Council, the speaker's role is not big.
      After that, perhaps the princess felt that she was not interested in being the speaker, or that she was really tired, so she resigned on the ground of 'physical discomfort'.
      This is not a false reason, but the princess is much weaker than ordinary people because of her spiritual power, or the weakness that can not be cured by magic and science.
      “Princess Alice, this emergency meeting is about the new king.”
      “Ah, Mr. sage, please don't use this honorific name to call me. It will make me feel embarrassed.”
      Said Princess Alice, with an elegant manner, sitting upright.
      Then she gave a smile of expectationWe have very few reports on the new king. Is there anything special this time? ”
      “The new king successfully killed a disobedient God in Ponza, Italy this time. According to our information, the disobedient God is Metatron, the archangel recorded in the book of Enoch. We don't know about the power gained after killing Metatron for the moment, but we have already found out about the power of the new king to kill Michael.”
      “……This is the battle scene of Ponza island at that time, which we borrowed from the military satellite of the English government
      An old Diogenes scholar played a video directly with a projector. Magicians in this world are not against technology. On the contrary, they are very good at using technology. For example, when they know that they can't get close to the battlefield of God killer and God of disobedience, they will use technology to spy.
      “The destructive power of God killers to make trouble is still so strong, whether it is the old king or the new king.”
      Seeing that Ponza island in the video was completely annihilated under Roy's power, Princess Alice sighed.
      “Princess Alice, this video will be sealed up in the archives later, and only Diogenes level members can view it. We should be careful to keep any information about the king, so as not to offend a king…”
      “……According to the known information, the power obtained by the new king after killing Michael is different from that of other God killers. It is one power with multiple uses. Now there are four kinds of functions exposed by the new king. As for the number that has not been exposed, we do not know. ”
      “One is extremely powerful melee power.”
      “The second is to destroy the large-scale sky fire power of Ponza island and the same magic eye power as Marquis WOBAN.”
      “The third is the power to summon the Legion of angels.”
      “The fourth is the power to become an angel. From the effect, it should be similar to the speed of the black prince.”
      “……It's impossible for a god killer to kill a God and gain multiple powers. Therefore, we suspect that there are some restrictions on these powers. The specific situation belongs to the secret of the king, and we dare not watch. The powers used by the new king are all related to Michael's achievements, but the Archangel's achievements are too many, so we can't guess the remaining powers of the new king. ”
      The old scholar explained to all the people present with cadence.
      “Have you named the powers of the new king?”
      Princess Alice folded her hands on her belly, and the lady asked.
      “We have asked the king for his opinion. At the request of the new king, this right can be named” holy right “And Princess Alice, please see, here are some information about the new king's character from your former Knight Paul browntree
      “……More specifically, it's a secret that only Erica browntree, the only exclusive Knight of the new king, can know. She can't reveal it. The great knight has won the title of “red copper black cross” and “crimson devil” not long ago
      The old scholar handed a paper material to Alice.
      After a quick look at the information, Princess Alice said with a headacheThis is really the God killer I am most afraid to meet. You wrote in the materials that the new king's character is very similar to Marquis WOBAN, but in my opinion, he is more like Alexander Gascoigne. ”
      “……No, he is more difficult to deal with than Marquis WOBAN and Gascoigne. Gascoigne is calm and likes to make decisions later, but it is precisely because of his prudence that there is a bottom line in doing things. As long as he can grasp his bottom line, his actions can be predicted. Marquis WOBAN is ruthless and ruthless in doing things, and he will do anything to achieve his goal, but he is headstrong. As long as he takes gentle means, it is no harmI can't please him. ”
      “This new king is different. From what he did in Rome, we can see that he is not only reckless enough, but also wise and resourceful. He is the type I fear most.”
      “……A terrorist who has strategy and likes planning is a disaster*
      Chapter 29 the devil who catches the princess
      “White WitchPrincess Alice
      In an extremely luxurious villa and manor in Rome, Roy is in an antique and Baroque style luxurious room. He holds a stack of materials in his hand and taps his fingers gently. His face shows a look of interest.
      The room is covered with soft red carpet, decorated with precious Renaissance murals and armor, and the overhead chandelier seems to be a starry sky, which fully shows what luxury and dignity are.
      The most famous ancient palaces in Rome, Italy, are almost owned by the church, but that place is more suitable for office or visit than for living. If the residential property is more suitable, the modern villa is more comfortable.
      Roy will not treat himself badly. Except when he needs to go to the Vatican to study quietly, he spent most of his time in this villa in Rome. For the local magicians, it's a great thank you for being able to stay at home like this.
      While Princess Alice in Greenwich, England, was studying Roy, Roy was also studying the princess.
      “Wang, these are all materials provided by my uncle Paul browntree. As for Princess Alice, I'm afraid more detailed information can only be found in the reference room of Greenwich sage Council.”
      In front of the mahogany desk, 14-year-old Erica, wearing her signature red dress, slightly raised her head and said confidently.
      Her round and white fragrant shoulders hold up the fitting dress, which is more dazzling under the light, like a layer of moist light.
      “I heard that your uncle used to go back and forth between England and Italy to fight with the black Prince as a knight of Princess Alice. He even guarded the sleeping beauty in the hands of the beast, rescued the Sleeping Princess, and played the role of a knight to save the princess?”
      Roy threw the information aside. He leaned back in his chair and joked.
      “Wang” seems to be joking, but Erica doesn't dare to smile. She shakes her head and says: “I'm sorryThat's all my uncle's adventurous career when he was young. Now the red copper black cross is loyal to the king. My uncle is not a knight of Princess Alice, but your subordinate. If the king asks, the red copper black cross will obey you. ”
      Erica was calm and heartfelt.
      “What kind of love story does your uncle have with the royal highness of the princess?”
      When she heard Roy's gossipy question, Erica was also a little helpless, but she still replied with a smileMy uncle is 20 years older than Princess Alice. It happened ten years ago. At that time, the princess was only about 11 years old, but my uncle was almost 30 years old. I don't think this age gap can happen
      “No, Erica, you are wrong. There are always some perverts in the world who like little girls in their early 10'sWell, let's not talk about that. ”
      Erica can't laugh or cry now. She really wants to say that her uncle is not so abnormal, but when she sees that “Wang” has omitted the topic, she also cheers up and waits for Roy's new question.
      “The princess's spiritual power is the most powerful in Europe. She belongs to the Council of sages. There is no protection of any 'God killer'. Let's start with her.”
      Roy used his hand to point at the picture of Princess Alice in the information, which he couldn't refuse.
      Erica thought of seeing Roy's' Solomon's artifact 'on the luxury yacht and seeing that Roy needs powerful witches and witches. She immediately thought of an incident that happened two years ago. Marquis WOBAN arrested many witches and witches all over the world to summon the God of disobedience for herself, and that incident also made many witches and witchesDied in the ceremony.
      She knew that Roy wanted to reproduce the tyrannical rule of Marquis WOBAN, and his first goal was Princess Alice, who had a great reputation in Europe and even the world!
      Erica doesn't dare to say anything about Roy's decision. During the period of contact with Roy, she has got a general understanding of Roy's character. She knows that the “King” allows other people's advice, but that requires you to have sufficient reasons, otherwise you should be ready to meet the “King”'s anger.
      But now Erica has no reason to admonish. Does she tell the king that calling the disobedient God is likely to cause many people's sacrifice?No, the “King” in front of him doesn't care about this. It will only make him angry.
      So Erica didn't think of any advice at all. She just followed Roy's way of thinkingThe king, Princess Alice and the English God killer Alexander Gascoigne are hostile, but their relationship is not very clear. Will the capture of Princess Alice arouse the hostility of this God killer? Shall we take gentle measures to let Princess Alice take the initiative to cooperate with us? ”
      “Don't worry, Erica!Alexander Gascoigne is too cautious. He always chooses to wait when he encounters things he can't understand. However, such a person is easy to miss the opportunity and won't appear in front of me until he is sure that he is not in danger. What's more, even if he appears, what's the fear? ”
      Roy said with a nonchalant smileErica, do you know what the role of a princess is?That is to live in the magnificent castle, waiting for the dragons to seize themselves. Although I am not a dragon, I am the devil. The princess has been waiting for a long time in the castle. I can not let the princess's Royal Highness wait for a long time.
      Erica was speechless when she heard Roy's cold joke.
      “And this witch named Wan Li Gu you li in the extreme East, who was one of the survivors of Marquis WOBAN's calling ceremony two years ago?It seems that Marquis WOBAN thinks highly of her. In this case, we believe that once Marquis's eyes caught her as one of the Witches of the ceremony. If she doesn't want to, we will treat her as Marquis WOBAN treated her. She has no right to refuse. ”
      Erica nodded slightly that she had heard Roy's order.
      There's a saying called 'dead friends don't die in poverty'. For Erica, she doesn't want to pay attention to how Princess Alice and the witch named Wan Li Gu you Li will be treated. As long as the king she serves in front of her is happy, the rest is beyond Erica's consideration.
      “But it's not enough to have the best witches alone. I need more witches and witches to hold ceremonies together, so that King Solomon can be summoned…”
      Roy played with the ring in his hand, which symbolized the wisdom given by the God to King Solomon, and said calmly.
      As Roy's exclusive knight, Erica naturally wants to solve the problems for her master. She wrinkled her pretty eyebrows and thought with a little hesitationAmong the five prison saints in the ancient oriental countries, there are excellent nuns like Princess White. However, the Lord will not allow you to go to her territory to arrest the witch, which will make you conflict with the Lord. ”
      “……I'm not saying that you will be afraid of the leader of the East, but at this stage, for your sake, you should slow down. ”
      Erica said cautiously, trying to control her speech so as not to touch Roy's pride.
      “Erica Ching, your suggestion is very good. It's really not the time to conflict with the leader. I'm afraid what I'm doing now has fallen into the eyes of the black Prince and Marquis WOBAN. With a leader, I'm on the verge of success.”
      “……But now I don't need a witch with 'quality' like Princess Alice, as long as I have quantityBy the way, I remember that the girl named Liliana in the bronze black cross that I saw at the female wolf headquarters in Rome was also an excellent witch, right
      Before has been the same complexion, for Roy's advice Erica this time is finally a big change in complexion, can be said to be shocked.
      “Wang, do you need Liliana?”
      She asked nervously.*
      Chapter 30 Liliana crannichar
      “Take it easy, take it easy. There's nothing to be nervous about, but it can make Erica have such a big reaction to you. That girl named Liliana is very important to you.”
      Roy smiles and presses his hand down, signaling Erica not to be too nervous.
      His words of comfort gradually calmed Erica's mind. No matter his voice or his face, every slight action made Erica like seeing a gentle priest in the church or an angel from the sky. People unconsciously wanted to listen to Roy's words.
      This is the passive ability of Roy's newly acquired power to “see the face of God”. When he is angry, it will be more frightening than in the past, just like the waves of God's anger; when he is gentle, it will also make people feel gentle than ever before, like the sea of God's grace.
      As a knight, Erica can vaguely perceive Roy's curse like ability on his beautiful face, but she doesn't have any fear and resistance. On the contrary, Erica even feels that she can be comforted by the king, which makes her more satisfied.
      After hesitating for a moment, Erica said without hiding anythingI am the same age as Liliana. Although she is a member of the bronze black cross, a hostile organization of the red copper black cross, our relationship has always been very good. She is one of my few friends, a true friend. If I can, I don't want her to be hurt. ”
      “……Wang, I dare to ask that there are many witches and witches in this world. I will find qualified candidates for you. I hope you don't let Liliana bear the pain she shouldn't bear. ”
      Erica kneels on one knee and lowers her head. She does not dare to look at Roy. Although she is nervous in her heart, she is full of voice. This “devil” like woman has more admirable integrity for her friends at this time.
      “Erica, you are also worried that if Liliana comes here, it will make me less fond of you.”
      Roy said in his spare time.
      “I have this consideration. I'm afraid that Liliana will take away your love for me. Although I'm confident, I have to admit that Liliana is a rare beautiful girl with irresistible charm. I don't want to be able to enjoy Wang's love alone, but I still want to make this love more lasting when I can.”
      Erica's tone is sincere. She has been with Roy for a long time. She also knows that it's better not to tell lies in front of this “King”. He is a person who likes to listen to the truth, even if the truth is hard to hear.
      “I like your honesty, EricaI also know what you are worried about, because two years ago, when Marquis WOBAN held the summoning ceremony of disobedience God, although he successfully summoned disobedience God, many witches and witches were killed. You are afraid that I would make Liliana one of the witches who presided over the ceremony and risk her life. ”
      Roy came out from behind the mahogany table. He came to Erica and put his hand on the girl's smooth face.
      Well, he is the devil on the earth. It's his right to have such a beautiful girl.
      Erica is neither shy nor evasive of Roy's mischief. In fact, she has already made all preparations, just waiting for the cruel “King” to ask her.
      “After taking a deep breath, Erica said in a deep voiceThat's what I'm worried about, “Wang”. I witnessed the greatness of the God killer and the disaster of the God of disobedience on pengzha Island, and let me know the truth of the world thoroughly. If I want to let the terrible existence come, I will pay a great price. ”
      Generally, the appearance of disobedient gods is completed by coincidence, or the petition of the people. Gods are the product of faith.
      In this coincidence and petition, the message of “undead state” will cross the secluded world and come to the material world, and then absorb the essence of the earth and the magic power in the air to form a spiritual base, so as to turn into wandering gods on the earth. At the beginning, these disobedient gods usually complete something according to the people's petition. When this “contract” is over, they will completely enter into the wandering state, so that they can not followBring endless natural disasters to the world.
      Whether it's a good God guarding the people or an evil god killing the people, when he wanders, it's a disaster for mankind.
      “I'm afraid Liliana will be the price. Think twice!”
      Erica sincerely asked that for her friends, she could intercede with the tyrannical demon king, which was enough to prove Erica's feelings for Liliana.
      Roy took back the hand that had been wreaking havoc on Erica's face and said with a wry smileI can't believe that the girl who is called the 'Red Devil' has such a fragile and kind side in her heart. By the way, I haven't congratulated you on getting the title of 'Red Devil'
      “That's what I deserve. It's just a matter of time before I get it.”
      Erica is not modest at all when she wins the title of 'Red Devil' over her competitors. She smiles confidently.
      “But I'm here to congratulate youYou don't have to worry about the ceremony of calling the God of disobedience. I'm different from the ignorant old man Marquis WOBAN. My level of magic is quite high. Erica, you should know this very well. Therefore, my ceremony will not have any problems. Now it's just the witch who is in charge of the ceremony. So you don't have to worry. Your friend Liliana won't be affectedHurt, as long as she doesn't disobey my orders. ”
      One of Roy's fingers lifted Erica's golden hair, then released his hand and watched the beautiful hair pour on the girl. Then he turned back to the tableI've explained to you what it's time to do, and then you just have to do as I ask, Erica
      “I see, Wang!Thank you for your tenderness. ”
      The maiden Knight kneeling on one knee knows that this is Roy's ultimatum. All she can do is to carry out the order. However, Erica is also vaguely moved in her heart. Roy could not explain the order to her directly, but Roy just explained the pulse of the dragon to make her feel at ease.
      Although Wang is strong and does not allow others to refute him, he also has an unspeakable peace of mind and tenderness under his inviolability.'
      With this in mind, Erica salutes and follows Roy's instructions to find Liliana.
      “Lily, this time, I risked my life to invite Wang to give you a chance to work for Wang, so that Wang can change his view on your bronze black cross. How can you repay me?”
      The red devil shows a malicious smile, inducing the pure Knight Ji, so that the other party can make a miscarriage of thinking, so that she owes a big favor.*
      Chapter 31 going to England
      “Thank you so much, Erica!We “bronze black cross” have been thinking about how to get the forgiveness and recognition of the “King”. What happened last time in the headquarters of “female wolf” in Rome has made the teacher suffer a lot of criticism in the “bronze black cross”. Some elders even think that she should give up the position of “commander”
      “……At that time, my behavior was also out of line. Fortunately, in the result, “Wang” forgave us
      Liliana said gratefully to her friends.
      Although I was in the headquarters of female wolf, my best friend calculated for me, but compared with the survival of “bronze black cross” and the consolidation of the teacher's status, the gain and loss of my honor and disgrace is nothing.
      Erica and Liliana are on their way to the villa. Because Roy doesn't set a time for Erica, Erica is not in a hurry. Instead, after finding Liliana, they use the time to go to the villa to tell Liliana what they should pay attention to when they meet Wang.
      “Since Wang said that he had forgiven the bronze black cross, he would not make trouble afterwards, so lily, you don't have to worry, let alone…”
      After a while, Erica didn't say what she said. Her good friend was too insensitive in politics. Now she doesn't realize that the “King” was not angry with the “bronze black cross” at that time. The “King” was just looking for an excuse to incorporate the Italian seven sisters League.
      Liliana's “bronze black cross” just happened to be treated as a typical example by Wang, which can only be said to be bad luck.
      But since Liliana can't see through some things, Erica is not prepared to say more.
      The little devil like girl blinked, and said mischievously: –Lily, don't you think you should thank me when I admonish Wang with my life in danger
      “Erica, how do you want me to thank you?As long as I can do it, I will do it. ”
      Pure Knight Ji said straight.
      But Liliana was also afraid. Why did Erica use the word “danger to her life” to describe it? Is it true that “Wang” is so cruel.
      As a matter of fact, when the old rival, the red copper black cross, completely took refuge with the new queen, the bronze black cross also had the idea of whether to take refuge with another “King” to obtain the means of survival, and even decided the candidate, that is, Marquis WOBAN, the oldest demon king.
      But Roy's compulsion in Rome made all the seven Italian sisters loyal to him, and had completely cut off the betrayal of these magic associations, so that the whole Italian magic association could only follow him and become a vassal.
      Just as Liliana was thinking about the recent disasters, Erica's eyes lit up and said with a smile: –Lily, you might as well use your love stories as your reward. I always want to read Lily's novels. Don't worry, I will become your loyal fan! ”
      “You, you, you, youErica, how do you know I'm writing a novel
      Liliana was shocked when she heard Erica's words. She almost jumped up. Her crystal clear skin was pink because of shame.
      “I just overheard your maid, Caroline jankovsky, mention it, but look at Liliana's reaction, it turns out that it's true.”
      Erica is thoughtful.
      At this time, Liliana realized that she had been teased. Her face turned red. She thought carefully about what happened after she saw Erica, and suddenly said: –Erica, you lied to me. It's not that you admonished the king and gave us the bronze black cross a chance to make amends. It's that the king needs me
      “Oh, I knew I couldn't fool you, lily. Although you look stupid, you're actually a fool!”
      Erica sighed with exaggeration. In fact, she also knows that her friend is very smart. It's just that under the current environment and atmosphere, she can't think rationally.
      “You are so bad, Erica!No wonder everyone blames you for calling you a “devil like woman!”
      Two 14-year-old girls came to Roy's villa in a noisy room.
      “Bronze black cross” Liliana crannichard, meet Roy the king, the leader of our seven sisters! ”
      In the luxurious residence, Liliana kneels on one knee and salutes Roy with perfect chivalry.
      She was dressed in a knight's suit which was very suitable for action. She wore a black and blue shawl on her fragrant shoulders. Between her skirt and white knight's socks, she revealed a pink and tender absolute realm.
      Liliana's voice is not as gentle as Erica's, but more awe inspiring. It's easy to associate her with chivalry such as honesty and bravery.
      “Liliana crannichar, I'm very impressed with you. You were the only one who dared to draw a sword at me when I was at the female wolf headquarters.”
      Roy's tone was easy, neither angry nor smiling, as if he were just telling a very common fact.
      But this simple sentence made Liliana sweating all over. Her body on one knee was shaking. An unspeakable fear struck her heart. Especially with Roy's power, this fear was magnified infinitely. If Liliana's spirit was not strong enough, she might have fainted.
      “Liliana has offended Wang. I'm willing to take any punishment.”
      Although the girl is afraid, but the words are sonorous and powerful, without any retreat.
      And in the side of Erica just low browed, did not make a sound.
      “Willing to take any punishment?”
      Roy asked in a funny way. He got up from the chair behind the mahogany table, stepped on the soft carpet and came to Liliana. Then he squatted down in Liliana's surprise.
      They were so close that Roy could clearly see Liliana's beautiful face, even her thin, greasy and flawless skin.
      The girl's unique fragrance rubbed into Roy's nose, bringing a trace of sweetness to the cold atmosphere.
      Liliana stirred up for a moment. Although she was not used to Roy's being so close, she still said seriously: “I'm not used to itYes, Wang!I am willing to accept all punishment, only to make you change your attitude towards our “bronze black cross” and make you believe in our loyalty
      “Look up, then!”
      Lilyana raised her head and saw Roy gently blow on her long neck.
      The light heat swept around her sensitive and sensitive neck, making Liliana 'cry', her body became soft, and her whole body even had goose bumps. She had to hold her hands to keep herself from falling.
      “Ha ha ha!!Erica said that Lilia's neck is very sensitive. It seems that she is not cheating
      It's like getting a funny toy. Roy laughs.
      Liliana doesn't dare to complain about Roy. I just stare at Erica secretly, feeling that she is bullying herself, while Erica blinks innocently, indicating that she doesn't know anything.
      “Well, it's OK to punish you. Since I've forgiven you for a long time, I won't turn over the old account afterwards. Now I have a task for you, Lilia naqing!”
      “……Follow me and Erica to England. After finding all the materials, hold a ceremony for me with your witch's blood and magic
      Liliana didn't know what Roy asked her to do, and she didn't ask much about it, so she answered it directly.
      A plane took off from Rome's Fiumicino airport for England.*
      Chapter 32 kidnapping of the princess
      A cafe on the street of London, England, is not luxurious. It is a common chain store on the side of the road. At the window of the cafe, Roy, Erica and Liliana are sitting here, tasting the coffee of the common people and the cake that looks greasy to Erica.
      Erica and Liliana sit on both sides of Roy. This combination of two men and two women also attracts the attention of English gentlemen. Many men working with laptops in coffee shops peep here from time to time.
      Erica has the unique passion of Italians. Her beautiful golden hair, haughty noble girl temperament, delicate and gorgeous face and proud figure make her look as elegant as gems. Such a woman can become the focus of attention on the road.
      Not to mention that alika is surrounded by a beautiful girl who is quite different from her style, but equally amazing. As an Eastern European, Liliana is white and fair, like a lovely doll, especially the awe inspiring chivalrous style when she straightens her face.
      Roy, surrounded by two girls of different styles, naturally becomes the object of other people's eyes and even envy.
      However, Roy was not interested in the gaze of the 'common people'. He just looked at the building that could be called a palace through the window and the road.
      “This is the residence of the Duke of golddine. If there is such a palace in London as a residence, even if it is not in the Central District, it is enough to see the power of the Duke's ancestors.”
      Roy tut tut a sound, sipping a cup of ordinary coffee.
      “Prince godding has a close relationship with the royal family. This palace belongs to the royal family. As the only daughter of Prince godding, Princess Alice, who is well-known in the whole European magic circle, lives here nowWang, why should we observe here instead of in the past? ”
      Pale into insignificance by comparison, Erica heard make complaints about Roy. Although she wanted to make the whole Vatican all the same, she had taken the whole Vatican as her own thing. The palace building of Duke of gandin was almost nothing compared to the Vatican. But she still suppressed her impulse and gave Roy a brief explanation of the Duke's ancestral glory.
      “Before kidnapping the target, we always need to step on the spot, so that we can be safe. What we are doing now is to step on the spot.”
      For Erica's questions, Roy explained to her casually.
      “Wang, don't we ask Princess Alice to meet her and ask her to help him finish the ceremony?”
      Liliana couldn't help but ask.
      “What if this Princess Alice doesn't want to go to the ceremony for me?”
      Roy asked back.
      “I don't think Princess Alice dares to refuse the king's request?”
      Liliana said with her own understanding.
      “Ha ha, lily, although you are smart, you are still a little simple. Even the king is not respected by all people. If you say anything, others will obey. This' white princess' has been involved in Alexander Gascoigne's affairs for many times. With the example of this' Black Prince ', I don't want to see a princess who gives me false advice.”
      Roy gave a hearty smile, but immediately after him, his expression became cold and coldSo in the face of some people, you have to be strong, to make her afraid of you, know that you can do evil things without bottom line, only in this way can she dare not resist in fear. ”
      “……What's more, I'm the “King”. I don't need to ask for meeting. It's a shame. When I come here, our princess should welcome me. I'm not Alexander Gascoigne. I'll make this princess feel able to deal with me. ”
      “Hum, why did the Marquis of WOBAN go to the Far East to find the witch two years ago? If the Marquis came to London to find the princess then, I don't have to be so tired. I think the white princess will know how to flatter her under the guidance and instruction of the marquis. Let's go and meet the princess who is most famous in Europe now.”
      Roy gets up and pushes the door of the coffee shop across the road. Erica follows him, while Liliana quickly gets up and checks out.
      “The king, according to the information from Oceania, Salvatore did not find the God of disobedience. He may return to Italy in a few days.”
      Erica, who follows Roy, whispers.
      “What do you think of Salvatore Tony, EricaDo you think he's going to be angry that I've taken something from him? ”
      “From what I know about Salvatore, I'm afraid he won't careIt's just that he is likely to challenge the king. He is a fighting maniac obsessed with sword. ”
      What Erica didn't think about was the answer. Obviously, she had already thought about it.
      “Well, Erica, you're right. That man's brain is short of muscle. If he comes to me, I'll fight with himI know what you mean. Don't worry. I'm not a devil. I don't like to create meaningless killing when it's unnecessary. If he wants to fight me, I'll choose a quiet place. ”
      Erica smiles when she hears Roy's comment on the king of swords, but she has to admit that Roy is right. At the same time, Erica is also relieved. After learning that Salvatore is going to return to Italy, the seven sisters League urgently informs Erica, hoping that she can find ways to persuade the new “King” to try not to cause too much damage to Italian cities.
      If two God killers fight in big cities like Rome and Milan, it's a war!
      Erica herself is still worried about how to persuade Wang, who is cruel and goes her own way, but now it seems that although Wang is a little strange in thinking and acting, he is not the kind of person who neglects people's lives.
      At this time, Liliana also finished the account and ran two steps to keep up with them. After seeing the hint in Erica's eyes, she was also at ease. As a magic association, they were in Italy and Italian people. Naturally, they didn't want the land and people in Italy to suffer from disasters.
      “Sorry, this is a private property, not a palace to visit. Please leave here.”
      When Roy and others approached the gate of the palace style building, security personnel came forward and stopped them.
      These security personnel are ordinary people and have nothing to do with magic.
      Roy hasn't spoken yet. Erica and Liliana just look at each other. The two girls come forward at the same time and directly launch a hint magic to let the security personnel go. They are afraid that these people will disobey the “King” in exchange for the result of turning into a pillar of salt.
      Inspired by the magic of the security personnel quickly get out of the way, let Roy several people into the manor.
      Roy is not angry about Erica and Liliana's behavior. He knows that these two girls want to minimize casualties.
      Roy only wants the result, but he doesn't care about the process. Whether he kills all the way in to see the white princess or he uses suggestive magic to go in and see the white princess, it doesn't matter as long as the result doesn't change.
      As for the kindness in Erica and Liliana's heart, Roy doesn't hate it either. No matter they are kind or murderous, as long as they don't rebel against themselves, don't think they are right, they will abide by their own status, don't do transgressions, and have the ability, they will get Roy's joy.
      Since they have this kind, then don't distort their temperament, let them bloom this kind flower as much as possible.
      All the way smooth, in the two knights as a pioneer, Roy is very easy to walk through the garden into the building.
      Then Erica and Liliana's suggestion magic finally failed, and a middle-aged woman stopped them.*
      Chapter 33 a princess with a good reputation in Europe
      In front of Erica and Liliana is a woman in her 40s. She wears expensive but low-key clothes. Although she is middle-aged, she is well maintained. At first glance, she thinks she is only in her early 30s.
      The woman's expression is very serious, with a pair of silver rimmed glasses on the bridge of her nose, which easily reminds people of dormitory administrators and the like.
      “This is Prince Golding's daughter, his highness Alice's house!I don't know why you dare to rush here. ”
      The middle-aged woman repressed her anger and asked sternly.
      Erica and Liliana look at each other. When they see that Roy, who is walking slowly behind them, doesn't speak, they just ask instead of RoyWho are you? ”
      “I am the housekeeper and protector of Her Highness Alice, and who are you?Why use this method to break into Princess Alice's residence
      The housekeeper quickly restrained her anger and didn't let her lose her mind. But looking at Erica and Liliana, her eyes were full of hostility and deep fear.
      Since she can be called Princess Alice's bodyguard, the housekeeper is not weak. However, when she realizes that Erica and Liliana are young, but they have powerful magic in their bodies, she is also secretly shocked. These two teenage girls are both big knights.
      The title of knighthood is given to a person who has reached a peak in the field of fencing and magic. Even Salvatore Tony could not become a knighthood because he had no magic talent before he became a god killer.
      “I'm Erica browntree of the bronze black cross, and this is Liliana crannichard of the bronze black cross. I'm sorry for breaking into Princess Alice's house, but a big man has arrived. Princess Alice should come to meet her!”
      Erica stopped the idea that Liliana wanted to speak. She was better at this kind of foreign negotiation. She said politely with a confident and elegant smile on her gorgeous and delicate face.
      Compared with Roy, a god killer, Erica can't do whatever she wants with her strength. Now she not only represents Roy, but also represents “red copper black cross”, so she doesn't want to lose her courtesy.
      “Red copper black cross”?It's a magic association in ItalyAre you the next successor who just won the title of 'Red Devil'?Well, isn't the big man you're talking about… ”
      At this moment, the housekeeper's face finally changed. As the housekeeper of the former speaker of the Council of wise men, she certainly knew a lot about the information of the magic world. She thought that this young girl named Erica had served the new king not long ago, that is to say
      When the housekeeper was shocked, Roy had already walked to the four story palace like building. He didn't look like a “kidnapping” at all. Instead, he was touring the mountains and waters, and even enjoying the flowers and plants planted in the courtyard.
      “Roy the king!”
      Seeing Roy as like as two peas in the intelligence record, the housekeeper finally changed her color, and quickly gathered all her anger and bent down to greet the devil.
      “Princess Alice has a strong and loyal housekeeper like you, enough to see her excellence.”
      Roy, dressed in the most gorgeous cardinal robe, with his right hand in his pocket, walks from the road where Erica and Liliana make way to the housekeeper.
      “Your praise scares me. I'm just…”
      Just as the housekeeper was about to be modest, she heard Roy suddenly say in an angry voice: –Why didn't Alice come to meet me when she knew I was coming
      This sentence can be said to be extremely willful, Princess Alice did not know the arrival of Roy, had not been informed before, and how to meet.
      But the housekeeper did not dare to retort. At this time, she had covered her heart with her hand. A kind of pain that almost tore her mouth was standing in the heart.
      That's Roy's ability to see the face of God. Although Roy didn't initiate this power, the housekeeper was already affected when she saw his face.
      Roy's previous gentleness, with the blessing of power, made the housekeeper feel like a spring breeze, but his sudden fury seemed like a cold winter wind. This too abrupt mood change, with the blessing of power, even broke the blood vessel of the housekeeper who was almost a knight.
      Take a deep breath to make your body feel more relaxed. The housekeeper said in a hoarse voicePlease calm down, and I'll go to inform the princess right now
      The devil's willfulness is famous, the housekeeper dare not pestle against, even the slightest bit of resentment dare not rise.
      “Presumptuous!Since I have come here to see her, do I need to report to her? ”
      Roy personally demonstrated what is called moodiness, and the terrible appearance even made Liliana tremble and fear. Only Erica, who has lived with Roy for a period of time, knows that Roy's action must have deep meaning, so she stood by Roy's side and fulfilled her knighthood duty.
      That pair of rather strange eyes looked at the housekeeper, and then the housekeeper found that her soul, body and even the magic power seemed to collapse. From her toes, her whole body began to salt, and in an instant, half of her body became a pillar of salt.
      This is the highest level of eye in Roy's holy right, the pupil of Sodom!
      Seeing this familiar power, Liliana's face flashed an imperceptible fear. At the beginning, Roy almost killed her teacher, the commander-in-chief of the bronze black cross, with one look.
      “Please stop, Roy king!The Alice you are looking for has come to meet you
      Not far behind the housekeeper came a woman's sweet drink. Her voice was very flexible, like a lark in an empty valley. Her delicate voice was elegant with anger.
      A woman's figure appeared in the doorway of the building from a false appearance. She had a white gold hair, enough to make any man compliment the beautiful appearance and beautiful figure. The movement between you was very threatening and elegant.
      But now the double ten year old princess has destroyed the beautiful scenery because of her anger on her face, and her snow like white skin is also tightening.
      “You're finally here, Princess Alice!Before, you had been hiding there, peeping and not showing your face. You just asked your housekeeper to test me. What a bold act. Knowing that the devil was coming, you were so bold. It seems that our Mr. Alexander Gascoigne has given you a wrong judgment. ”
      “……White princess, who is famous all over Europe, if your housekeeper dies here, all the blame will be on you, on your temptation to use her as a chess piece. ”
      Roy's piercing words made Alice blush because of regret and shame, but what's more terrible is that Roy's eyes turned to her.*
      Chapter 34 red face and bad fortune
      Princess Alice Louis ORF nafal, the daughter of the Duke of Golding's family, now regrets it.
      Just as Roy said, she was using her housekeeper to test the new king. She thought it was very hidden. She hid her body to observe, or to observe the new king's character and behavior from the nearest distance, rather than using cold words.
      But she didn't expect that Roy could see through her little trick at a glance, and then make it difficult for her.
      'maybe I have been in touch with Alexander for a long time, and some of them forget that the God killer is the real devil.'
      Princess Alice laughs at herself. On the contrary, she has been in contact with almost all the God killers in this era. However, for other God killers, she has only one-sided relationship. Only Alexander Gascoigne has known each other for several years. Because of this, she is used to taking Alexander Gascoigne's character as a model of God killers,Completely forget that the devil is sometimes extremely cruel and merciless.
      Now Princess Alice has only one idea, that is, how to save her housekeeper, who is very loyal to her, but almost died because of her own mistakes.
      It's just that Roy's “Sodom's pupil” has already looked at her before Princess Alice puts down her posture to ask for a pardon.
      This time, even Erica and Liliana screamed. They didn't expect that Roy would use power against Princess Alice. Didn't “Wang” say that she needed Princess Alice's magic power to perform the ceremony? Why did she suddenly kill him? Was it Princess Alice's behavior that angered him and made him ignore it?
      Just as Erica and Liliana were stunned, the huge magic power fell on Princess Alice in the form of magic eye power. However, unlike what Erica and Liliana expected, Princess Alice's body did not turn into a pillar of salt, but directly disappeared like smoke.
      “It's a quiet body!The Princess Alice who appears here is her secluded body
      As the blood of the witch, Liliana recognized the skill used by Princess Alice. For the witches, the highest level of witchcraft is' the skill of crossing the secluded world '. The secluded world is the source of the witch's vision. Mastering this magic will naturally increase the power of the witch.
      'the art of crossing the secluded world 'is the highest level art that Liliana can't do now, and Princess Alice's ability to make' secluded body 'is even better. She can travel back and forth between the material world and the secluded world by virtue of the secluded body, even without much magic.
      “Princess Alice has gone too far to greet the king with her body
      This time, even Erica was a little angry. In the face of the arrival of the king, Princess Alice didn't use her body to greet her. Instead, she made a quiet body to hide and observe secretly. This is like not giving Roy face and trampling on the majesty of the king.
      Liliana is also a little resentful. She and Erica are both Roy's knights now. If the Lord is insulted, they are insulted. They are also insulted by the “red copper black cross” and the “bronze black cross”. People will instinctively pass on this kind of thing in their hearts.
      “Go up, our royal highness is waiting on the four floor.”
      Roy stepped over the housekeeper, who had become a pillar of salt, and went up the stairs.
      The housekeeper is not dead, but if Roy does not remove this power, or if the pillar of salt she becomes is broken, she will be dead.
      Princess Alice's residence is extremely luxurious, and here is Hampstead, one of the few high-end residential streets in London. It can be said that it is no longer a place with a garden that can be bought with money.
      Except for Princess Alice and her housekeeper, the rest of the four story house are maids. These maids are ordinary people. They are all shivering when they see that the housekeeper has become a salt pillar. No one dares to stand in front of Roy and watch them climb the stairs to Princess Alice's bedroom.
      The door of the solid wood was pushed open by Erica and Liliana. The room on the fourth floor was not allowed to enter except the housekeeper and a few maids. Now, a man and two women entered the princess's boudoir.
      The decoration of Princess Alice's boudoir is simple and elegant. The most striking thing is the princess who is decorated with a gauze curtain. A graceful figure looms behind the gauze curtain. She lies on the curtain like a sleeping beauty, waiting for the prince's kiss.
      “Roy Wang, please forgive Alice for not being able to meet you. It's not that I deliberately neglect you, but that my body does not allow me to receive you. It's just that it's not gentry for you to do such a cruel thing in a lady's room.”
      The soft voice came from behind the curtain, but it was much weaker than the voice of Princess Alice heard at the gate before.
      Her tone was elegant, but there was a trace of anger in that elegance, the anger of an uninvited guest like Roy.
      Roy didn't speak. He just motioned to Erica and Liliana with his eyes. Erica quickly came forward and lifted the curtain on the princess, while Liliana brought a chair from the house and put it on the side of the princess, and let Roy sit down.
      Lying on the princess's bed is a weak girl. Just like what I saw at the door of the house, Princess Alice in front of me still has an amazing face. The delicate figure under the quilt is slightly raised, forming a beautiful arc. But unlike Princess Alice in the secluded state, her real body is much thinner, and her face is even palerBlood color, it's easy to think of patients after surgery.
      “Then you are satisfied with me, Roy Wang!As you can see, my physical condition is very poor, even to the point that it is difficult to get down. I need a special person to press and rub to maintain my basic health. ”
      Princess Alice's pale little hands were holding the quilt, and her breath was panting. It seemed that even such a simple movement made her very tired.
      At this time, Erica knew that the famous Princess Alice turned out to be such a terminally ill girl. She quickly stepped forward and helped Princess Alice to support herself with her hands. She put a soft cushion on her back to make her lean on her head safely.
      “Thank you.”
      Princess Alice said thanks to Erica in an elegant and moving tone. She was more noble than Erica, an Italian girl. She was like a lady who lived in a dance for a long time.
      Her body is full of women's pajamas with ruffles, only a white wrist is exposed, and her blonde hair is not as beautiful as imagined, but has a deep silence.
      “You don't live long, Princess Alice!Now you are only 20 years old, and the function of your body can barely extend your life, but at most in another 10 years, your life will wither and wither when a flower is the most colorful. ”
      Roy glanced at Princess Alice, so sure.
      “It's probably the so-called bad luck.”*
      Chapter 35 compassion is evil, power five!
      Princess Alice was not surprised by Roy's death notice. Her face was neither shocked nor frightened, as if she had expected the result.
      She leaned against her head, raised her bloodless hand, lifted her blonde hair to one side, and gave Roy a smileI know my health very well, Roy Wang! ”
      “……It's not that I boast about myself, but in terms of my ability as a witch, I can be said to be the most powerful witch in the world, but I'm not happy about that, because you can see the price paid for it, which is my body now. ”
      “I have extraordinary spiritual power since I was born. I even mastered the most difficult 'magic' for a witch when I was ten years old. This powerful spiritual power can make me easily go to the 'secluded world', so as to get enlightenment and knowledge in the secluded world.”
      “That's why I became the speaker of Diogenes, the highest organization of the Council of sages with an average age of the elderly. Part of my knowledge is learned, but a large part is acquired by” vision. ”
      Maybe it's because she knows that her life is limited, and even she has lived more than two-thirds of her life, so Princess Alice can be fearless. When she is facing a fierce and powerful God killer like Roy, she can also face it with an ordinary heart, because she is not afraid of death.
      When a person is not afraid of death, she will lose her fear and become brave and crazy.
      “My body can hardly leave here, so I usually live in the form of 'secluded body','secluded body 'also has the advantages of' secluded body '. I can appear in every corner of the world in a flash, and use' secluded world 'as a pedal to cross the distance. I can go wherever I want to enjoy the beautiful scenery.”
      The long talk made Princess Alice look even paler. She covered her mouth and coughed twice, panting.
      On one side, Liliana poured some water from the bottle, carefully sat down next to Princess Alice, handed the edge of the glass to her thin lip, and fed her water.
      “Thank you. Are you miss Liliana?Although it looks awe inspiring from the outside, it's actually a girl with delicate mind. ”
      Princess Alice said thank you, and then looked at Liliana with a smile. She didn't know whether it was from the witch's “vision” or her own experience. She just saw through Liliana's heart with a few simple eyes.
      “I, I'm Liliana!But I'm a knight. I'm delicate and so on. ”
      Liliana face flustered, in the face of Princess Alice, the witch on the road of the predecessors and each other's huge fame, let not good at dealing with these things Liliana more embarrassed.
      “Hee hee ~ ~ this is not an embarrassing thing. Miss Liliana must keep her present appearance. This kind of contrast, which is upright in appearance but extremely sensitive in heart, will win more favor from Wang.”
      Looking at Liliana so funny, Princess Alice just made fun of her.
      “Don't bully lily.”
      Roy timely interrupted Princess Alice, in exchange for Liliana's grateful eyes.
      “Princess Alice, although the 'secluded body' is a very convenient ability and can travel all over the world at any time, it also has great defects, because it's only a spiritual body but not a physical body. When you act with the secluded body, you don't have taste or touch at all. You can't even be called a 'human'!”
      Roy's words to the point made Princess Alice smile bitterly on her elegant face.
      “Wang,” you are right, because I can't tell the fragrance of perfume because I don't smell, because I don't have any taste, so I don't taste what I eat. It can be said that I really did not feel the basic feeling of human beings, even if I would complain and hurt it.
      “……Just like a blind man, if he is born blind, he will not be too sad because he has never seen the color of the world. But if he is the blind after tomorrow, because he has seen the colorful world in the past, he will be more painful after losing all this. ”
      “When I was a child, I was in good health. I had tasted desserts, I was obsessed with lady's black tea, and I liked the fragrance of flowers. But all these things were lost when I was a teenager. My body and stomach are very poor. Now I can only live by nutrition, and I can't leave this house. That will speed up my death process. My life now is one dayOne day. ”
      Princess Alice's tragic life shocked Erica and Liliana. The two 14-year-old girls were sentimental. Listening to Princess Alice's vegetative life, their eyes showed pity.
      “Don't look at me like that. It'll make me more sad.”
      Princess Alice saw the pity in the eyes of the two girls and said something uncomfortable.
      “Yes, Erica and Liliana, don't have too much pity for the unfortunate people. Although pity is a human emotion, pity is also a human evil. It is a stain that human beings can't overcome and one of the main culprits of human destruction.”
      Roy reminded the two girls. Then she looked at Princess Alice's smiling but sad face and said softly: –No wonder you will encounter the God of disobedience when you are in your early ten years. That's because your spiritual power is fully awakened. No wonder you will resign after three years as the speaker of the Council of sages. I thought the so-called physical problems were just excuses, but now it seems to be true. ”
      “……No wonder two years ago Marquis WOBAN didn't look for you when he wanted to hold the calling ceremony of disobedience, because he knew your body couldn't do it at all
      Princess Alice nodded gently. Her smile was like a withered flower, beautiful and sadWhen you come to my house to look for me, Roy king, I will know your purpose. You will need a witch like me, and it can only be related to the God of disobedience. I'm afraid you want to call the God of disobedience, just like the marquis. ”
      “……But it's a pity that I let you go for nothing. It's impossible for me to leave here because of my physical condition. I'm afraid that I will die before I hold a ceremony for you. Magic can't cure my physical injury caused by my powerful spiritual power. Even the power of Lady Elsa can only cure trauma and internal injury, and it can't be useful to my stubborn disease like curse. ”
      “I'm afraid you'll have to ask someone else.”
      Princess Alice's smile was very happy, as if she had an absolutely irrefutable reason to make Roy, a god killer, very happy.
      “Ha, other people may be helpless in the face of Princess Alice's state, but I happen to have an ability in my power to solve the current dilemma.”
      Roy suddenly stood up and came to Alice in a fluster when she felt that the situation seemed to be out of control. He held out his left hand, grabbed the princess's sharp chin, looked at her shallow lips and bent down.
      This is the fifth of the seven abilities of the holy right!*
      Chapter 36 your life is called by me
      (when the wind is over, I'll update it in one breath.)
      There is a story in the Bible. God once decided to test Abraham, so he said to him, “I'm not sureTake your beloved son Isaac to Moriah and offer him as a burnt offering to me on the mountain I have appointed
      Abraham was shocked when he heard God's instructions, but he didn't dare to disobey God's will and finally decided to follow God's instructions.
      Just when Abraham was ready to kill his own son with a knife, an angel called from heavenAbraham, do not hurt this child. Now I know that you fear God. You did not leave your only son behind for me
      And in the book of Zerubbabel, Michael once said, “wellI am the one who saved Isaac and mourned for him
      This ability of Roy's “holy right” comes from this myth. It is the only one of Roy's seven powers related to healing.
      Because this ability is only one of the powers, not a complete power, it also has many limitations.
      It's not like lady Elsa's power, which can be released as long as she has magic power. Roy's power can only be used once a day.
      But also because of this limitation, his power is extraordinarily powerful in terms of effect. Lady Elsa's power is to save her as long as she has a breath, but she can't do anything in the face of the 'curse' or the 'negative state' of Princess Alice.
      When Roy's power is used to others, it can not only transform decay into magic, cure any pain, but also remove all negative states and form protection. When it is used to himself, it can make Roy quickly return to light no matter how seriously he is injured, even if he is on the verge of death, so that he can shield all injuries and return to the peak in a short time, until he is in powerAfter the effect, the injury will break out again.
      This can be said to be an ability to escape in a desperate situation.
      Roy named this ability the salvation of Isaac!
      This power wants to work on others. In fact, it only needs physical contact. The reason why Roy exchanges body fluids is that he only wants to do so.
      Princess Alice whimpered. Her pale hand pressed down on Roy, trying to push him away from her side. But the girl who had been lying on the bed like a vegetable had no strength. After struggling twice and finding that she couldn't do it, she had no choice but to give up and let Roy take it from her.
      Erica and Liliana stand beside and are very surprised. They never expect that Roy will do such a thing. They are just at a loss. Liliana has a whim. Somehow, a novel style of overbearing president comes into her mind.
      The smell of men makes Princess Alice's heart beat faster and her brain is dizzy because of lack of oxygen. Besides the smell of Roy, what Princess Alice feels most is the extraordinary 'Charm' in her body.
      This kind of magic power is completely different from ordinary magic power. In addition to the difference in quality and quantity, it also forms a mysterious function in a way that Princess Alice can't understand. She knows that this is the power of the God killer, the great cause that mortals take from the gods, and the existence that is difficult to be analyzed by mortals. Now the power formed by this kind of magic power is rapidly improving Princess Alice's body.
      Her weak body began to become more flexible because of her powerful spiritual power. It was like the rusty gear was filled with oil again and started smoothly again.
      Princess Alice has never felt her heart beating so forcefully, her brain so lucid, and her slender wrist finally had enough strength to push Roy away before she almost choked.
      “Hoo… Hoo…”
      “Don't you think it's shameless, Roy king?”
      Princess Alice scolded with shame. She breathed heavily and stroked her heart with her hand. Slowly, she let her breath go smoothly.
      Then Princess Alice was surprised to find that her roar was full of anger, which was totally different from that of the weak patient before.
      Her limbs became powerful, and even she could feel the rapid flow of blood in her body. Even her pale hands were bloody.
      Although she is still like a patient with anemia, which is much more empty than ordinary people, she has changed a lot in general compared with when she was terminally ill. At least she can eat, drink and walk like an ordinary person.
      This is the vigorous life that Princess Alice has never felt since she collapsed six years ago.
      Roy didn't follow Princess Alice's topic. He half narrowed his eyes like a aftertaste, smashed his mouth and said: “it's very strange. It seems that this is Princess Alice's first time. I thought you should have had intimate behavior long ago because of the relationship between Princess Alice and Alexander Gascoigne.”
      Roy's teasing words made Princess Alice even more upset. She said, “please don't compare me with that troublesome guy.”
      “Oh?Alice, you are called 'white princess', and that Gascoigne is called' Black Prince '. I thought you were made for each other
      Roy's face was surprised, but the surprise was his joke.
      “I feel helpless about it, but since everyone calls us that, I can't refute it… What's more, if I really have a close relationship with Alexander, what you have done before is equivalent to declaring war with him.”
      With strength in her body, Princess Alice became more eloquent.
      “I don't care about declaring war with him. Besides, if you really have a close relationship with him, I may be more excited now. As a demon king, I want to rob the princess who has love in her heart and let her and her loved ones despair.”
      “… Gascoigne, he is too cautious. He is so cautious that he is unique among the deicides. Do you think he is watching around now, thinking about whether what I have done is to lead him out, and then painfully envies that I can get Princess Alice's first time?”
      Roy said this and looked around as if Alexander Gascoigne was hiding in a corner now.
      “You are…”
      Princess Alice can't laugh or cry. What can she say to such a shameless person.
      And Erica and Liliana, in looking at Roy's eyes also appeared obvious change.
      Princess Alice murmured, then tried to calm herself down and said, “Roy, Wang, it's disgusting for girls to force her to do so regardless of their wishes. Although some girls like to be strongly treated, I'm not that kind of person.”
      “I don't care whether you hate me or like me, whether you like me or not. I'm the devil king. I'm the devil king who does everything on the ground. Now even if I announce that you are my woman, I want to open a harem collecting all kinds of beautiful girls in this modern age, people will not be surprised, because this is my power!”
      After a pause, Roy shrugged and said: “well, now that you can move, Princess Alice, you have no reason to refuse me. I'll call you up for the rest of your life!”*
      Chapter 37 gathering of clouds
      “Then… The next life is called up?”
      Erica browntree involuntarily exclaimed in a rising tone of voice, her face tense.
      This, this kind of confession like words make Erica flustered, there is a kind of anger and jealousy that is obviously her own things are robbed, so that her eyes to Princess Alice are not very friendly.
      Liliana, who is beside Erica, doesn't have so much thought. After all, her time with Roy is too short. She is just dizzy by Roy's bold speech. Many girl's marisu plots come into her mind when she loves to write love stories.
      Princess Alice was also stunned by Roy's words, but after all, she was a well-informed ex president of Parliament. In the face of Roy's bold speech, her heart beat faster, but not to the point of shouting.
      She calmed down, pursed her pink lips and said with a smile: “Roy Wang, are you confessing to me?Even I have to be careful with the bold confession of a “King” and dare not refuse it explicitly. ”
      Princess Alice's tone was like a joke.
      But Roy's expression was very serious: “this is not a confession, but an order!If I don't see a beautiful woman like Princess Alice, it's all right. Now that I see her and feel excited, then as the “King”, I have the right to fill the harem with beauties
      Princess Alice's arrogant speech made her tone change, and her face flashed with shame. This kind of unreasonable, unreasonable and serious' confession 'was the only thing she had ever seen in her life.
      “Wang, I hope you will think twice about this life-long event!You are too young to be attracted by such an old woman, but you should use the willpower of the king to fight against the temptation of the witch
      Erica was the first to object to the marriage. She was firm and upright. She was like a courtier who would admonish the emperor in order to get to the right path.
      At the same time, she murmured in her heart that there were beautiful girls like her and Liliana around the king, but why did the king behave like an ordinary courtier when facing them, while seeing Princess Alice was so bold? Did the king like an older woman?
      Only in terms of age, Princess Alice is five or six years older than Roy.
      The malice of Erica makes Princess Alice turn black. Girls always don't like to be told that she is old. She lifts the quilt and jumps out of bed in her pajamas. She is weak and unaccustomed to being inactive for a long time, but she still refuses Roy's help and relies on her own efforts to stand firm.
      “Roy Wang, since you have healed my body, I have to work for you in both emotion and reason. Otherwise, people will only say that I will not be grateful, but I also have a request…”
      Princess Alice held her hand in a reserved tone, elegant and beautiful manner, just like a noble woman, with the authority of a superior.
      “I know your request is for me to remove the authority of your housekeeper.”
      Roy said so, he raised his fingers in his left hand. “Well,” the power of Sodom “pupil” has been relieved. Wisdom, like your highness, you should have known that I did not come here to kill people, but forced you to do the ritual. Of course, if your highness refused,Then tomorrow's times will have a real story about the destruction of the rich quarter of London. ”
      Roy said something frightening in rather gentle words.
      Hearing this, Princess Alice said with a bitter smile: “it's really a demon king. This kind of reckless attitude is the same as that of all the God killers. It's said that the Lord of the East is even more cruel. Anyone who hears her fairy voice will have to cut off his ears and see her fairy face will have to cut off his eyes. Although you don't use this cruel means, the fear you bring to people is piercing to the heart,Better than that. ”
      “… so, Roy king, when do we start?”
      At the beginning, Princess Alice was still full of bitterness, but at the end, she became eager to try. She controlled her body to move back and forth, as if she was looking for the habit of using her real body to move, and her elegant eyes were full of expectations for what would happen next.
      “Sure enough, Princess Alice, you are a person who likes to join in the fun. There is no difference between good and evil for people like you. Even if the world is going to die tomorrow, you will be eager to see how magnificent the scene of the end is.”
      Roy saw through the nature of Princess Alice at a glance. She was a woman who was afraid that the world would not be chaotic. The more chaotic the situation was, the more dangerous it would arouse her interest.
      “I hope you don't slander a lady like this. I'm just curious about the unknown. I don't take part in it for my own pleasure.”
      Princess Alice is smiling, but the beautiful smile reveals a little bit of darkness.
      Then, the princess picked up the phone next to her and began to arrange the next action. At the same time, she complained: “where there are troubles in using her real body, you can't go to any corner of the world in a moment. It takes a long flight to go to the Far East.”
      Soon, Princess Alice arranged things in England and got a private plane ready at the airport.
      She put down the antique landline phone in her hand and turned to Roy. Her red lips were slightly open and she said with a funny smile: “Roy king, I need to change into a suit that is easy to move. I hope you can avoid it a little bit.”
      “It doesn't matter. Princess Alice, you can just change here. Erica and Liliana are here. I can't do anything to you. Besides, you can get used to changing clothes in front of me first.”
      “Used to what?”
      Princess Alice suddenly felt something wrong.
      “Your body's stubborn diseases can not be cured at one time, but also need follow-up treatment, just like our previous mouth to mouth treatment. Of course, if you want to completely recover, you may need a little negative distance contact.”
      Roy laughs brightly, this woman you can't let her, you have to take the initiative and be strong, otherwise you are likely to be led by her nose, no wonder Alexander Gascoigne will be helpless by her.
      Of course, the so-called means of treatment are all fake. His power can be activated only by slight physical contact. But Roy also wants to be a “demon king” and completely abandon his three outlooks in the past, so as to learn from his father's methods in those years.
      But alesta is willing to accept as long as she is a woman, while Roy only eats delicacies, even if it will make him pay more energy.
      Erica and Liliana are at a loss when they hear Roy's words, while Princess Alice is biting her silver teeth. Finally, they drop their hands on the neckline of their pajamas and untie the buttons one by one, revealing her beautiful body.
      The man's willfulness left her no choice.
      Deep in the Alps, there is a villa built in a fairyland. A gray haired old man is sitting in front of the fire, tasting a cup of steaming tea.
      “My new clansman is really a bold and jumping young man, which reminds me of that stupid boy with a sword. Two years ago, that stupid boy robbed my prey. Now there are young people who want to rob my toys. It seems that I don't move my muscles and bones. They don't know what respect for the elderly is.”
      The old man slowly put down his tea cup and stood up. He was strong and vigorous, dressed like a kind old gentleman, but his green eyes were full of the ruthlessness and ruthlessness of wolves.
      “… but thanks to the efforts of the young people, the little girl who lives in England is able to hold activities. If you add her, my new ceremony can be held now instead of waiting a few years.”
      The old man showed a cruel smile and ordered: “prepare the plane for me.”
      In an art gallery in the countryside of England, a man who looks like a noble childe looks at the information in his hand and crushes it without expression. He feels a sense of discomfort in his heart*
      Chapter 38 the Marquis of “Heroes save America”
      The Official History Compilation Committee is the largest organization in Japan, which is jointly established by the state and many mysterious families, and is the largest organization to manage the order of the whole Japanese magic world. The Tokyo Branch in Kanto and the Kyoto Branch in Kansai are also the most powerful departments of the Official History Compilation Committee.
      In the office of the Tokyo office, a young woman with short hair and looks like a beautiful teenager is sitting at the top. Below him are the leaders of the key departments of the whole Tokyo office.
      The female name is shayegong Xin, who is the successor of shayegong family, a big family in the mysterious world of Japan. The girl who just went to senior one had been promoted to the head of Tokyo Branch of the Official History Compilation Committee not long ago, and now is holding an emergency meeting.
      “Chief of Shaye palace, this is the information we just received. Lord Roy Crowley, the new” King “from the Vatican of Italy, has arrived at Haneda airport with his two knights and Princess Alice of Europe, and is taking a bus to the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Tokyo.”
      Kami dongma, an uncle in his 30s and 40s, is making a report. He is a subordinate of haye Miyagi Deli, and is acting as the external liaison of Tokyo office.
      “Mr. Gan, didn't the Official History Compilation Committee send someone to meet Wang?”
      “The new king didn't give notice to the official when he came to Japan, and we didn't dare to meet him. It would be a big trouble if he thought we were watching all the time.”
      The dawdling uncle replied in a frivolous tone.
      “Well, you've done a good job. Since the king's Knight didn't take the initiative to tell him, it means that the king didn't want to be disturbed… I have another piece of information here. The oldest Lord Marquis of the devil also arrived in Japan not long ago.”
      Shaye Gongxin took a deep breath, and her tone became more and more serious.
      “What, what?”?!Why did the two kings suddenly come to our tiny place
      The appearance of Gandan dongma, who had been fooling around, changed greatly, and the whole conference room also became chaotic. People were discussing with each other and showed their fear. Japan did not have its own God killers, and the arrival of the two God killers was undoubtedly a disaster like a big earthquake for Japan, especially the two God killers' reputation was not very good.
      “The Greenwich Council of sages has heard that the new king robbed Princess Alice in the residence of the Duke of golddine in London. Then the new king came to Japan, and the Marquis also came here. From these information, I think you already know what the two kings are going to do.”
      Shaye Gong Xin's body trembles slightly and says with her teeth.
      “It's for the benefit of Wanli Valley!”
      Gan Dun Dong Ma has a very high position in the Official History Compilation Committee. He knows a lot about the incident that happened in Europe two years ago when Marquis WOBAN called the God he did not follow. According to the information collected by the new “King” and Marquis, he immediately guessed the purpose of the two God killers.
      “That's right. The new king of Wanli Valley wants to follow the example of the Marquis and perform the calling ceremony of the God of disobedience. The Marquis has always regarded Wanli Valley as his important possession, and he can never give it to the new king. We can't sit and die. This is probably the biggest difficulty I met after I was promoted to head of the Tokyo office.”
      “… Mr. Gan, go to find Youli in Wanli Valley immediately, and then take her away from Japan. It doesn't matter where you take her, or even throw her to the wilderness!”
      Shaye Gongxin suddenly gives an extremely cruel order.
      Gan Dan dongma was surprised, and then suddenly said: “do you mean to let Wanli valley you Li as bait to attract the attention of the two kings?”
      “Yes, the task of our Official History Compilation Committee is to ensure the security of Japan's territory and people. In front of the two kings, we are not able to keep Youli in Wanli Valley, so the only thing we have to do now is to hope that the two kings will not conflict in Japan, especially in Tokyo!Compared with the security of our country, a witch is worthless, even if she has the talent to attract the covet of the two kings! ”
      “… Mr. Gan, don't hesitate to finish the task now!”
      Shayegongxin refused to give the order, while the other members of the Tokyo Branch were silent, sacrificing a witch in exchange for Japan's safety. In their view, this was a very correct decision.
      “Yes, I see, chief!”
      Sweet meal winter horse after accepting the order to move quickly.
      In the presidential suite on the top floor of Ritz Carlton in Tokyo, Japan, the daily cost of accommodation here is as high as one million yen. However, for a god killer like Roy, money is really something out of his body, just like the number written on white paper.
      “Where are your two knights?”
      Sitting at the table, Princess Alice is enjoying all kinds of delicious food on the table with a happy smile on her face.
      In the past few years, she has been lying on the bed because of her health. Her weak body can't make her enjoy the delicious food in the world. Now she is able to use her body to move, and her gastrointestinal function has been improved. Of course, she wants to eat it.
      “I've asked Erica and Liliana to arrest wanligu Youli. I don't trust the Official History Compilation Committee of this country. Those hypocritical guys may have nothing to do with me. Instead of waiting for them to send wanligu Youli, it's more convenient for me to send someone directly to arrest him.”
      Roy, with his right hand in his pocket and his left hand in front of the glass window, surveyed Tokyo.
      “I'm afraid that the Official History Compilation Committee of Japan will not send you Wanli Valley Youli personally. Roy” Wang “tells you that Marquis WOBAN, the oldest God killer, has arrived in Tokyo. At the same time, in the countryside of England, that guy Gascoigne has changed.”
      The noble and elegant Princess cuts a corner of a piece of cake and puts it into her lips to taste. As the former speaker of the Greenwich sage Council, her intelligence is the highest level in the whole world, because the sage Council is the gathering place of a group of gossipers.
      “Marquis WOBAN's action is within my expectation. This time, the old man came to Japan to 'save the United States with heroes'”
      Roy laughed jokingly, then turned to look at Princess Alice and said, “as for Alexander Gascoigne, the black prince, would you be so angry that he lost his mind if he saw you now?”
      The Princess Alice in front of her is quite cool. She is wearing a translucent gauze. Under the gauze is a close fitting inner garment with three points. A large piece of frosty skin is exposed in the room, especially in a hotel. It is easy to associate with some intimate things between the two people.
      Princess Alice has a delicate face, impeccable integrity, natural gentlewoman like temperament, and amazing slender figure, just like a lily blooming in the Royal Garden, which can not be ignored by any man.
      With a slight frown on her picturesque eyebrows, she said, “the relationship between me and Alexander Gascoigne is not as good as you think. It can't satisfy Roy Wang's strange interest.”
      “Then you should put on more clothes. In front of you, there is a man who is full of blood.”
      “Anyway, you've seen my body all over. It's not a big deal to be seen more. In the past, I had to wear such heavy pajamas to keep warm. Now I'm in good health. Of course, I have to emancipate myself.”
      The two gradually began to fight, which did not look like the relationship between the kidnapper and the hostage at all.
      Just then, there was a heavy sound of footsteps outside the presidential suite, and Roy's face changed at last*
      Chapter 39 red back
      The solemn and violent curse force surges out and tears the door of the presidential suite of Ritz Carlton Hotel. The room is like a hurricane with a force of 12. The curse force blows everything in the room and turns it into a garbage dump in an instant.
      Princess Alice's face turned pale and her body swayed slightly. Although she accepted Roy's power, her physical condition improved a lot, as Roy said, her body was not completely cured, and she still needed follow-up treatment.
      Even as the most powerful witch in Europe, Princess Alice's spiritual power is already unusually strong, but compared with the God killer, the princess's spiritual power is also small.
      As the door was torn open, the sound of footsteps outside the house became more heavy and clear. Under the gaze of Roy and Princess Alice, a hearty old man was slowly entering the house from the corridor outside. In the corridor, there were all hotel waiters who had become salt pillars.
      The old man has meticulously combed gray hair, wears a long windbreaker, with a clean shirt and tie in the windbreaker, and a pair of white gloves on his hand. No matter from any aspect, this is an old gentleman full of knowledge, which will make people think of the word “kind”. But only when he looks at his light green eyes like a wolf, his heart bursts outIt is the extreme cold and fear.
      “Marquis WOBAN!”
      The coquettish Princess Alice, shaken by the fierce curse of the Marquis, utters her voice in a hoarse voice. Her face is very haggard, with a faint fear. Compared with Roy, the new king, the fear that Sasha dyansdale WOBAN has brought to the world for two hundred years is more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.
      Even the famous white witch, in the eyes of the oldest God killer, is just a dispensable mole ant.
      Just when Princess Alice felt cold and trembling because of her instinctive fear, a red figure blocked her in front. At the same time, she felt her body warm. But Roy put a coat on her thin body and covered all her cool and bare white muscles.
      “In front of a strange man, Princess Alice, you should be reserved and at least dress well, although this strange man is a dying old man.”
      Princess Alice's pale little hand grabbed her coat and looked at the red figure behind her. She felt warm in body and mind. Her unspeakable emotion was about to come out. What made her unconsciously smile. Even her fear of meeting the old devil disappeared completely.
      Although the boy in front of him was four or five years younger than himself, and even not yet an adult, his broad back was like a warm harbor, blocking all the storm in front of her, which made Alice feel a sense of security she had never felt before.
      She is Princess Alice, the former speaker of the Council of wise men. She has always stood in front of others to shield them from the wind and rain, to meet the devil on the surface alone. This time, she felt the taste of being protected for the first time, which is something Alexander Gascoigne never did.
      “Don't worry, Alice!I'll protect you. With me, you don't have to be afraid of an old man who half steps into the coffin. ”
      Roy was smiling and gentle. He raised his left arm to protect Princess Alice behind him, but there was no smile in his strange eyes. Instead, he was cold and serious.
      Roy doesn't really look down on marquis WOBAN because he despises the enemy strategically and attaches importance to the enemy tactically. In Roy's opinion, Marquis WOBAN's greatest advantage is that he has a variety of powers and abilities. In battle, his threat is smaller than that of the eastern cult leader and the king of the sword of Italy.
      This is because there is a limit to the quantity of the power of the God killer, and the reason why the God killer will not increase the spell power also makes the oldest God killer and the new generation of God killer do not have a qualitative gap, but the Marquis WOBAN still can not be underestimated, in the same level of combat, the diversity of means also makes the Marquis WOBAN very difficult.
      “Heroism and tenderness are the privileges of young people.”
      Marquis WOBAN's tone is blunt, it seems that he is recalling the past, but he is more violent in his eyes like a wolf.
      He has never been a submissive old man, but a demon king who plays in the world and entertains himself by killing the God of disobedience.
      “My new born fellow, I don't care about your behavior. All the God killers have their own personalities, but as an old man who is dying as you said, I still want to give you a notice for the elderly. Too much affection is not a good thing. You can protect the girl behind you and the two little girls who were sent out by you to arrest the witch.”
      Roy frowned and remembered that Marquis WOBAN seemed to have a power related to the dead, which could revive the human beings killed by himself, imprison his soul, become his faithful servant, and maintain his strength.
      This power is not very useful in fighting against other God killers and disobedience gods, but it is absolutely impeccable when facing ordinary magicians and knights. He knows that it is Erica and Liliana that Marquis WOBAN is talking about to arrest witches, and this Marquis may have used this power to send his servants to intercept them.
      Roy is not worried about the safety of Erica and Liliana. The two girls are also geniuses of the generation of “red bronze black cross” and “bronze black cross”. It is impossible for them to face the God killer and disobedience alone, but they are just some resurrected servants. Even if they can't defeat them, they can definitely escape.
      But if the Witch of Wan Li Gu you Li was caught by Marquis WOBAN, it would be more troublesome to get her back from marquis.
      “Hum, I didn't expect that one of my servants, crannichard, had such an excellent granddaughter as a witch. However, I didn't pay enough attention to him in the past. Anyway, I still want to thank you for your help. Because you have cured the little girl behind you. It will take me two years to complete the ceremony. Now it can be held in advance.”
      “……But ah, you are too greedy. You should be prepared to bear the price if you arbitrarily take things from your elders without asking yourself
      Marquis WOBAN's voice is cold and arrogant, but he doesn't underestimate Roy. Anyone who can become a god killer is not a mortal. He suffered a loss in the hands of Salvatore Tony two years ago.
      'Liliana's grandfather is one of Marquis WOBAN's servants'
      Roy heard this information for the first time, but he was not surprised. In the magic world, if he was a famous family and strong man, he could only become a servant in front of the God killer.
      “Marquis, for those of us who have achieved great things by killing the gods, the contest of language is meaningless. In the end, we have to see the truth from the bottom of our hands.”
      Roy's double eyes look at Marquis WOBAN's fierce eyes, and let his face reflect in Marquis WOBAN's eyes. This is the opportunity for his power to be activated.
      “Ha ha ha!Well said, young fellow, it seems that you are not a pedantic person. From this point of view, I want to praise you! ”
      Marquis WOBAN laughed. His laughter was as cold as a bell. The walls around the room were rumbling.
      At this time, Roy showed Marquis WOBAN what it means to start first——
      Just as the Marquis's laughter fell, Roy directly launched his power to “see the face of God”!*

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