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The Third Empire: I lost power

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      The Third Empire: I lost power (Chapter 1-60)
      Chapter one be in power from today on
      “Sir, your express has arrived!”
      “OK, just a moment, please. I’ll come down and get it right away.”
      Ye Tian goes downstairs and takes back the express from the express brother.
      After the box was opened, a black iron cross appeared.
      “Is this the first grade iron cross that Adolf got in World War I?Can't it be fake?I spent a lot of money! “Ye Tian murmured.
      Ye Tian is an enthusiast of military history. His favorite is the study of war history.
      The bravery and tenacity shown by the troops of the second and third empires on the battlefield are highly praised.
      However, ye Tian is against Adolf's policy of ethnic massacre.
      Ye Tian's family is good, and his parents are businessmen, but they give him a comfortable material life, but at the same time, they make him lack the care of his parents.
      Fortunately, ye Tian did not catch all kinds of bad habits like other rich childe brothers, but was immersed in the sea of military history.
      This first-class iron cross was found by Ye Tian on a foreign Collector's website.
      The other side claimed that this was the iron cross that Adolf had won.
      Ye smallpox spent 20000 yuan to buy it from the other party.
      Now, however, it seems that he has been deceived.
      Suddenly, the sunny sky outside the window suddenly became overcast.
      One after another, the lightning winds through the dark clouds.
      Let Ye Tian stare big eyes of is, in the hand of that Iron Cross Medal suddenly burst out of the dark light, will he whole person all wrapped in inside.
      Then ye Tian disappeared.
      And the next second, all the dark clouds in the sky disappeared, as if they had never appeared.
      However, the world has lost a young man named Ye Tian.
      On January 29, 1933, the capital of Weimar was Bailin.
      There was a violent explosion at the headquarters of the national social security party.
      Then, there were countless angry and anxious voices in the headquarters.
      “Damn it, the party leader is in danger!”
      “Who is it?Who attacked us? ”
      “And the doctor?Where is the doctor? ”
      The whole headquarters of the national social party was in a state of confusion.
      I don't know how long it took for ye Tian to wake up from his lethargy.
      He heard a lot of people talking around him.
      “Why hasn't the deputy party leader woken up yet?Didn't the doctor say that the deputy leader of the party was not injured, just fainted?There won't be a concussion, will there? ”
      “Tomorrow is the day when the ruling party meets with the party leader.At that time, the party leader will be appointed as prime minister.The party leader has been killed. If the deputy party leader can't wake up tomorrow, what should he do? ”
      “Who did it?Himmler, what's your SS for?Aren't you responsible for the safety of the party leaders? ”
      In the face of accusations, the top SS commander, Heinrich Himmler, was livid and full of murders hidden in his eyes behind his glasses.
      “Needless to say, it must be the national defense forces!They don't want the party leader to be prime minister.I have known for a long time that the national defense forces are unreliable.We must ban the national defense forces and let our stormtroopers take their place! “The Stormtrooper captain, Ernst ROM, yelled.
      “You… Who are you?”Ye Tian wakes up and sees the tall white men standing around him. He can't help asking.
      Perhaps even he did not realize that what he said was not Chinese, but Germanic.
      “The deputy party leader is awake!”
      “Great, God bless you!”
      “Deputy leader, do you feel any discomfort?”
      All the people asked.
      Ye Tian just felt a headache, as if something had been poured directly into his head, which made him scream in pain.
      Then he passed out.
      And in his memory, there was once again a memory that didn't belong to him.In the process of coma, he began to gradually integrate this memory.
      “Deputy party leader!”
      Once again, the senior leaders of the national social party are in a hurry.
      I don't know how long later, ye Tian wakes up again.
      But instead of opening his eyes immediately, he was digesting the shock in his heart.
      “Are you kidding?Oh, my God!All over the sky god Buddha, Jesus God!Are you playing with me?Let me cross into Rudolph Hess?And it's 1933.In another eight years, I'll fly to the sun never setting Empire, and then I'll be locked up.Why Hess did it has always been a mysteryYe Tian was shocked.
      What's more shocking to Ye Tian is that the leader of the party, Adolf, was killed in the previous explosion. Fortunately, he was only injured.
      “My God!What should the third empire do in the future?Eh, Adolf's dead. I'm the deputy leader of the party. Didn't I replace Adolf? ”
      At the thought of these, ye Tian couldn't help getting excited.
      Let's settle down when we come!
      It also gives him a chance to participate in this legendary history.
      For nothing else, even if the third empire is no longer defeated, he has to do his best in the next time to reverse the war situation, the fate of the third empire and his own destiny.
      “From today on, there is no yetian, there is only Rudolph Hess!”Ye Tian told himself in his heart*
      Chapter 2 meeting with Hindenburg
      “Your deputy leader, according to the schedule.Today you are going to the executive government to meet with the ruling party.Your excellency in power will officially appoint you as Prime Minister of the cabinet today. “Martin Bowman, Rudolph Hess's secretary, told him.
      Originally Martin Bauman was Adolf's secretary, but Adolf had already died, and Hess, as the deputy leader of the party, naturally took advantage of the situation!
      Hess nodded, and now he was fully integrated into this new identity.
      When he woke up last night, he met with a number of senior members of the national social party, which relieved them a lot.
      They include Herman Goering, Paul Goebbels, who is in charge of the propaganda of the national social party, Heinrich Himmler, the supreme commander of the SS, and Ernst ROM, the leader of the stormtroopers.
      All of them are the current high-level members of the national social security party, and they are also the objects that the party will rely on in the future.
      However, Herman Goering is obviously ambitious for the position of party leader.However, as the deputy leader of the party, Hess is undoubtedly the first successor.Now Goering, it's a little short.
      The national social security party won 230 seats in last year's general election, becoming the largest party in Congress.
      Papen, who was then the Prime Minister of Weimar, tried to make Adolf the deputy prime minister, but Adolf refused.
      Papen hoped that marshal Hindenburg, who was in power at that time, could dissolve the Parliament and postpone the choice of Parliament indefinitely.
      At first, marshal Hindenburg agreed to him.However, it was not supported by Kurt Schleicher and the whole military.
      Later, marshal Hindenburg had to appoint Kurt Schleicher as the Prime Minister of Weimar.
      Kurt Schleicher tried to use grigo Strasser to split the national social party in order to stabilize his prime minister position, but failed.
      This made Marshal Hindenburg question Kurt Schleicher's ability.
      In addition, marshal Hindenburg was very dissatisfied with his alliance with the Communist Party, which made Kurt Schleicher's cabinet unable to continue.
      After a series of political transactions, Adolf got the support of the leaders of the people's party, such as Alfred hugenberg, yarma shaht and fortzitieson.
      The military also gradually changed its attitude and supported Adolf's coming to power.
      Even if Marshal Hindenburg was highly respected, he could not stop Adolf from coming to power at this time.
      But now it's cheaper, Hess.
      “Get ready and meet with the ruling party on time.”Said Hess.
      “Yes, your deputy leader!”Martin Bowman replied.
      After drinking a glass of milk and two pieces of bread, it was the end of breakfast.
      At eight o'clock in the morning, Hess got on his special car, a Mercedes Benz, and went to the government.
      Kampuka, the exclusive driver, was very careful today.
      The story of Adolf's bomb attack yesterday has spread all over the world.
      To this end, Heinrich Himmler, who is responsible for security, specially asked the Ss to strengthen security protection.
      There is a car in front of and behind his special car.In the back, there was a truck.Armed SS men, standing in the truck.
      The meeting with Marshal Hindenburg was arranged at 9 a.m.
      When Hess arrived, the time was just right.
      Under the leadership of the ruling secretary, Hess saw Marshal Hindenburg, an 86 year old legend, in his office.
      As early as the Second Empire, Hindenburg was appointed as the chief of staff and marshal of the Empire.
      After the fall of the Second Empire, he was in power of the Weima state.
      Now, in the whole country, it is a high power.
      “Good morning, your excellency!”In front of Marshal Hindenburg, Adolf was very low.
      The old marshal of Hindenburg nodded.
      “Good morning, Mr. Hess.I'm sorry about your excellency Adolf.I've ordered a full investigation. ”
      Hindenburg's secretary delivered the coffee, turned away, closed the office door, and stood outside.
      Make sure that the meeting between Hess and Hindenburg is not interrupted.
      “Your Highness, it is abominable that those despicable people should attack us by such means!It's a trample on the whole country.You can't forgive those guys! “Hess made an appearance of gnashing his teeth.
      Marshal Hindenburg nodded: “of course, this is absolutely intolerable!”
      “Sir Hess, as usual, I should appoint you Prime Minister of Weimar.It's just that I personally doubt it.Can you lead this country to prosperity, not destruction?I don't want to make this appointment if I have another choice! “Marshal Hindenburg was outspoken and didn't like Adolf.
      Hess knew very well that marshal Hindenburg didn't look up to him for his background, the purpose of the national social party, and so on. He was even hostile.
      Even in the current national defense forces, there are also many people who oppose Hess.
      “Sir, I know that you may have misunderstood me a lot.But I can swear in the name of God.I will fight for the rise and strength of the Germanic people all my lifeHess took a solemn oath on his face.
      Marshal Hindenburg fixed his eyes on Hess, as if to see through him as a whole.
      “Well, I believe you.Take the oathMarshal Hindenburg sighed.
      He is old, and feels less and less healthy. He doesn't know how long he can last. He can only give his country to Hess.
      “Yes, your excellency!”Hess was overjoyed.
      Then Hess completed the oath.Marshal Hindenburg, in the name of Weimar, formally appointed Hess as the Prime Minister of Weimar*
      The third chapter highlights the internal contradictions (new book upload, collection, flowers)
      “Prime minister!”
      “Good morning, Prime Minister!”
      When Hess left the government with a smile on his face, the staff all the way bent down to salute him.
      This gives Hess a sense of power.
      Although Marshal Hindenburg is still at the helm of the country, Hess knows that marshal Hindenburg will see God in another year and a half.
      By then, the whole country has the final say.
      However, before that, he must have the full support of the army and the people.
      When we returned to the headquarters of the national social security party in Bolin, the senior officials of the national social security party were already waiting for Hess.
      “Congratulations, Prime Minister!”
      “We have won, Prime Minister!”
      High level members of the national social party congratulated Hess one after another.
      To be able to win the election and put Hess on the throne of prime minister is the goal of the whole national social party!
      “This is not a victory for me alone, but for the whole national social party.Without your efforts and support, we will not be successful.I believe that we will achieve greater success in the future! “Hess said to the crowd with a smile on his face.
      “Pa Pa Pa!”The crowd immediately remembered the warm applause.
      Later, in Hess's office, a group of senior members of the national social party gathered here.
      Everyone looked at Hess with burning eyes, full of desire.
      Hess knew what they meant.
      Now Hess has been appointed prime minister by Marshal Hindenburg, and the next step is to form a cabinet.
      Then, there is no doubt that all the ministers in the cabinet are coveted targets.
      As the saying goes, if one person gets the right way, he will be promoted to heaven.
      Now that Hess has become prime minister, the top leaders of the national social party will naturally follow him.
      “Prime minister, do you have any plans for your cabinet this time?”Herman Goering asked directly.
      Hess nodded: “Goering, you are the head of the cabinet!”
      “Yes, Prime Minister!”Goering answered immediately.
      In many countries with cabinet system, the Ministry has been set up.That is to say, as a member of the cabinet, there is no clear responsible department to attend cabinet meetings, participate in government decision-making, and undertake special envoy affairs assigned by cabinet meetings or heads of government.
      In fact, Adolf knew that Goering was trying to squeeze him out and replace him.It's just that Goering won't have a chance.
      “Himmler, you are the interior chief!”Hess continued.
      “Yes, Prime Minister!”Heinrich Himmler also hastened to reply.
      “Well, that's it first.For the remaining positions, I need to consult with Deputy Prime Minister papen and the military. “Hess didn't dare to decide the position of the whole cabinet.
      At present, the national social security party has not yet reached the point of dominance.
      Especially the military, in the current Weimar political system, occupies a very important position.
      If any prime minister wants to take office and form a cabinet, the military can't get around it. It must get the support of the military.
      Other senior members of the national and social party nodded.
      But one of them did change his face.
      “Hess?What about me?Adolf is no longer, but you are his successor.Don't you want to live up to Adolf's promise to appoint me as the defense chief? “The Stormtrooper captain, Ernst ROM, had an angry look on his face.
      “Roma, calm down.Now, we need military support! “Said Hess in a deep voice.
      “Shit!Hess, that's not what Adolf told me.He said the IDF had fallen, it had decayed.We're going to use stormtroopers to change the IDF.I'll be the defense chief, the stormtroopers and the defense forces will be merged!By then, no one in this country will be able to restrict us any more! “Nstrom roared angrily.
      “Listen, ROM.I'm just on stage. I'm not on a steady footing.At this time, we must not tear our faces with the national defense forces! “Hess explained.
      “No, Hess.You want to change Adolf's will, you compromise with those dirty nobles.You betrayed me, you betrayed the stormtroopersErnstrom accused.
      “Roma, we should consider the overall situation, not for our own interests, let our cause suffer crisis!”Hess was livid.
      “Well!Hess.I have to decide the position of the chief of defense. If you don't agree, I swear you will regret it.Don't forget, there are three million members in the stormtroopers now! “Ernstrom snorted and left without looking back.
      Hess's eyes were full of murders. This guy was looking for death, forcing him to kill him*
      Chapter 4 military support (new books and flowers)
      “Prime minister, Roma is too presumptuous. He is totally provoking you. This is absolutely unforgivable!”Herman Goering looked very angry.
      Hess took a look at him. Herman Goering was very clear about what he was thinking.
      This guy wants to watch him fight with Roma, and then he can benefit from it.
      The stormtroopers, controlled by ernstrom, have become increasingly powerful and have become a threat to other senior members of the national social party.
      What's more, nstrom is still a crazy guy. No one knows what kind of crazy action he will make in the case of anger.
      “In any case, nstrom is our comrade in arms.His Stormtrooper team is our most important force.In my heart, I really want to appoint him as the defense chief.But we have to get the support of the military!Otherwise, we will be ousted soon. “Said Hess.
      Hess is also very angry about what nstrom is doing today.
      It's no wonder that Adolf in history will finally raise his butcher's knife to nstrom.
      “Yes, Prime Minister.Now we need to unite all forces, and there can be no internal strife. “Paul Goebbels said.
      “Bowman, make an appointment with general Sackett for me. I'd like to visit him tonight.”
      “All right, Prime Minister!”Martin Bowman nodded.
      General Hans von sequet, though relieved by Marshal Hindenburg from the post of commander in chief of the national defense forces.
      However, as the father of the national defense forces, he has a great influence in the national defense forces.
      It can be said that the present national defense forces are all set up by him.
      After the defeat of World War I, according to the Treaty of Versailles, the Weimar army was reduced to 100000.
      In order to preserve the military strength as much as possible and keep the hope of future rise, general Hans von sechte led the construction of the national defense force.
      General sequet made a plan to rearm and boost morale, so that the greatest advantage of the national defense force, the officers' regiment, could be retained, and new tactics could be developed.
      According to the treaty, the number of national defense personnel should not exceed 100000, so the standard set by general sequet is: soldiers are in good health and have more than 12 years of service experience;Officers should have more than 25 years of military experience.
      Once you become a member of the national defense force, you need to receive special training in a certain aspect, focusing on leadership.He attached great importance to the personal skills and initiative of soldiers.The treaty prohibited Weimar from having military academies. He established a military education system for units at the level of the regiment. Every private soldier was trained to be a sergeant, every sergeant was trained to be an officer, and every officer was trained to be a general.
      Exercise once every six months to improve professional skills and professionalism.Without tanks and antiaircraft guns, they are imitated with cardboard and wood. The national defense forces may be the only army that uses toy airplanes to simulate real airplanes to shoot at the air!During the exercise, individual soldiers should claim that I am a certain platoon, or represent an 8-man machine gun group.
      That's why before the outbreak of World War II, the defense forces of the Third Reich were able to expand rapidly, with millions of troops.Moreover, the combat effectiveness is also very strong.
      1933On the evening of January 30, 2005, Hess, who had just become prime minister, personally visited general Hans von sequet.
      He not only met with general Sackett, the current powerful figure in the national defense force, but also met with several others.
      For example, general bumberg, general blauchich, general lundstete and general Bok.
      Hess took a deep breath. He knew it was time to test him.
      If we can get the support of these generals, we will get the support of the whole military.
      Next, his power will be consolidated.
      Even, it can make the country work according to his will.
      Hess knew that these generals were arrogant. As aristocrats, they didn't look up to him who was just a corporal in the first World War.
      But these generals also have weaknesses.
      They yearn for glory, for the rise of the whole country, and for defeating the enemy on the battlefield.
      As long as Hess makes them believe, he can lead them to victory.
      Well, it's quite easy to get their support.
      “Good evening, general Sackett, generals!”
      In front of these soldiers, Hess had no airs.
      “How do you do, Prime Minister? Please have a seat.I've wanted to see you for a long time.I want to know, after you become prime minister, how do you plan to make our country strong? “General sequet looked at Hess with a scrutinized face. He didn't beat around the Bush and came straight to the point*
      Chapter 5 the temptation to expand the army
      “General secter, although I have never been a soldier, I have always longed to be a soldier.I am very clear that the army is the foundation of a country.Without a strong army, everything is empty talk.
      In the last war, we suffered shameful betrayal and betrayal.When we were still fighting on the front line, those guys betrayed us, humiliated the great soldiers, and humiliated the country.
      Once upon a time, those weak and small enemies all rode on our necks to shit and pee.All this is unfair to the national defense forces! ”
      Hess's indignation aroused the sympathy of the generals.
      Although it has been more than ten years since the defeat of the last war, it is still a pain in every general's heart.
      “After taking office, I hope that general Bromberg can take up the post of defense chief and lead the construction of the national defense force.The future national defense forces will never be as powerful as they are now. We will become more powerful.I can promise to wait until the economy gets better.To be exact, the national defense forces can secretly expand from 100000 to 300000 in the second half of this year or at the latest next year!In the future, we will look for opportunities to expand to 500000 people, even millions of people! “Hess put out his trump card.
      Sure enough, the generals, including general Sackett, couldn't help their eyes shining.
      As soldiers, they all want the national defense force to be stronger.
      Now, Hess has explicitly expressed his support for the expansion of the national defense force, and even proposed to start the secret expansion of the national defense force at the latest next year, which undoubtedly shows them the hope of the national defense force's growth.
      “The future national defense forces will not be subject to any restrictions.Guns, tanks, airplanes, aircraft carriers and submarines will be equipped.Our army is the best in the world.Even if we are suffering setbacks now, we will certainly become the most powerful army in the world in the future! “Hess continued.
      Hess's statement made the generals nod.
      As early as the Second Empire, the imperial army was the first in the world.The Imperial Navy is able to challenge the strong existence of the Imperial Navy.
      Unfortunately, they have suffered a lot in the Weimar period. Even some small countries dare to clamor in front of the third empire.
      “Prime minister, I have to admit that your promise can bewitch people very much.However, we are bound by the Treaty of Versailles.Whether it is to expand the army or to rearm the army, it will be strongly opposed by the allies and even lead to war. “General secter warned.
      “Sir, the Versailles contract is just what the treaty countries have imposed on us. It's unfair.It is inevitable that the allies will oppose us.However, the whole world is now devastated by the economic crisis.The economies of all countries are going through a cold winter, so it is impossible for them to take practical actions against us.At most, it's just a few words of verbal clamour. “Hess seemed very happy.
      As a reborn man, he was very clear about the urination of the allies.
      Eagle sauce countries on the other side of the ocean are busy with economic recovery. Isolationism prevails in the whole country, and they no longer want to get involved in European affairs.
      The sun never sets Empire suffered heavy losses in the last war. Now it is struggling in the economic crisis. In order to ensure its hegemony in the world, it is in dire straits.
      Although the Gaolu kingdom was a world feud with the third empire, they would not have the courage to fight against the third empire alone without the participation of the sun never setting empire.
      As for the kingdom of Flanders to the north of Gaul, it is only a small country.Without the support of big powers, they don't even have the courage to clamor.
      “In the future, once we are strong again.We will take back all that we lost in the last war, territory and glory! “Hess made no secret of his ambition.
      But this is very exciting for these generals.
      As soldiers, they know it.What is lost in war can only be retrieved through war.
      That's why, even in the most difficult times, the national defense forces have been holding on and getting stronger.
      General secter looked at the other generals, who he knew had been convinced by Hess.
      In other words, he was convinced by the promises he made.
      “Prime minister, the national defense forces can support you.But it all depends on your commitment. “Said general secter.
      “Sir, that would be the best.Together, we will enable our country to recover quickly and move towards a strong future! ”
      Hess was overjoyed by the military's statement.
      With the support of the military, his position will be really solid.
      Of course, Hess always believed that the army must be in his hands.Only in this way can we really feel at ease*
      Chapter 6 cheers of the people
      The army must be in its own hands.
      As a reborn, Hess knows this better.Without military power, the power in hand is not stable at all.
      The powerful general in charge of the army can drive him down at any time.
      But Hess is also very clear that even if the military now supports him, the two sides are only cooperative.He has a long way to go if he wants to control the military.
      Perhaps we can promote some young generals to expand his influence in the military, so as to achieve his goal of mastering the military.
      Hess clearly knew that those generals had a future.
      For example, Manstein in the army, Rommel, goodrian, Mitch in the air force, Katherine in the Navy, dennitz in the Navy, and so on.
      “Prime minister, one last question.How are you going to solve the problem?Now the stormtroopers are going too far. They have openly challenged the position of the national defense forces? “General secter raised the last and most important question.
      The other generals also looked at Hess with burning eyes.
      As soldiers, they can't agree with the unreasonable demands of the stormtroopers.If this problem is not solved properly, the military will not be able to support Hess.
      “Sir, I assure you.It is absolutely impossible for the stormtroopers to replace the national defense forces, nor will they.Nstrom, I'm going to get rid of his unrealistic delusions.In the future, the stormtroopers will be gradually reorganized, some of them will be incorporated into the Ministry of the interior, and some will be transferred to the Ss to take charge of public security in various places.The national defense forces can also select some suitable seedlings from them. “Hess sold the stormtroopers directly.
      General secter nodded, and Hess's answer satisfied him.
      “But ernstrom is a very stubborn man, a very arrogant man.”General secter warned.
      Hess understood what general secter meant.
      “Don't worry, sir.If nstrom doesn't accept it, I'll take care of him! “The murder in Hess's eyes flashed away.
      Hess is not the moustache he used to be.
      If moustache might still care about his former friendship, he would not.
      Enstrom and the entire Stormtrooper team, a time bomb, have been gradually out of the control of Hess.
      If we keep them, we might blow ourselves up.
      Hess valued the SS more than the stormtroopers.
      “Very well, Prime Minister. We see your sincerity.From now on, the army will give you its full support.However, the prerequisite is that your promises can be realized step by step! “General secter finally made his stand.
      “You will see all this, sir!”Hess nodded with a smile on his face.
      Hess was very satisfied with this meeting with the military.
      At this stage, to be able to obtain the support of the military has achieved his expected goal.
      Next, it's time for him to show off.
      Marshal Hindenburg has officially signed the appointment of Hess, who has become the Prime Minister of Weimar.
      Schleicher has moved out of prime minister's house.
      Therefore, Hess returned directly to the prime minister's residence after his meeting with the military.
      At the moment, a large number of supporters of Hess and the national social party have gathered outside the prime minister's residence.
      They cheered and celebrated the victory.
      “Prime minister, the people are cheering and celebrating our victory!”Martin Bowman was excited.
      Hess nodded. “Let's go to the balcony on the second floor. I'll meet the supporters.”
      “Prime minister, this is too dangerous.”Martin Bowman subconsciously wanted to stop it.
      After all, the bomb attack happened only yesterday.
      “Don't worry, the military has promised to support us.At this time, if you dare to assassinate me again, it will be against the military.At present, no one dares to fight against the military! “Hess seemed confident.
      When Hess's figure appeared on the balcony of the prime minister's house, the supporters cheered.
      “Long live!Long live the prime minister
      “Prime minister, we will always support you!”
      Many supporters were tearful.
      Hess' coming to power represents their victory. It can be said that they sent Hess to the prime minister's residence.
      Although Adolf was assassinated, Hess undoubtedly shouldered the burden.Many people believe that Hess can lead the country to prosperity.
      “Thank you, thank you for your support to me and the whole national social party!I promise you that I will do my best to make our country stronger and make people's lives better.Before long, everyone will have a job, and there will be enough bread and butter on every family table! “Hess made a loud promise to his supporters.
      And Hess's promise, let supporters cheer.
      Nowadays, everyone's life is very difficult.
      Hess undoubtedly gave them a glimmer of hope*
      Chapter 7 Where does money come from
      1933On January 31, 2008, Hess announced the list of cabinet members and submitted it to marshal Hindenburg of the Weimar state for review.
      Marshal Hindenburg had no comment on the list and approved the cabinet directly.
      Hess was the Prime Minister of the cabinet, and papen was the Deputy Prime Minister.
      In addition, the cabinet members include general Bromberg, the defense minister, von kloshik, the finance minister, Heinrich Himmler, the interior minister, Constantine von neulat, the foreign minister, Hermann walmpold, the economy minister, Friedrich Carr, the labor minister, Paul von Etz, the postal and transportation minister, and manus von Braun, the agriculture minister,The national employment and Eastern aid Commissioner, gounteglek, and the head of the Ministry, Herman Goering.
      After the establishment of the new cabinet, Hess immediately focused on the recovery and development of the national economy and the improvement of people's livelihood.
      He is very clear that to make this country strong, we must get rid of the economic crisis and develop the economy.
      At the same time, it is also a basic requirement for improving people's livelihood.
      Only in this way can he and the whole national social party gain greater support.
      “Gentlemen, the economic crisis is raging and the unemployment rate is growing.The whole country, even the whole world, has suffered a lot from the economic crisis.However, we can't go on like this any more. We must find a way to start the factory, so that people can have jobs and money to buy food!Otherwise, the country will collapse! “Hess had a serious face.
      “Prime minister, we naturally thought of these questions.However, domestic factories are seriously under started.Factories and banks are going bankrupt.It's very difficult to recover the economy. “Deputy Prime Minister papon said.
      He would like to see how Hess can change the current predicament.
      If he has no ability, how can he replace him?
      “Prime minister, the biggest problem at present is that there is no money. If there is money, all problems can be solved.”Hermann walmberd, the chief economic officer, was somewhat helpless.
      It's hard to make bricks without straw now.
      The cabinet has made a number of plans to revive the economy, but the lack of funds has made these plans stranded.
      Hess nodded. Not enough money is really the biggest problem.
      However, he has figured out how to solve the problem.
      In other words, how to solve the problem of moustache in another time and space after he came on stage.
      However, moustache's method is too radical and cruel.
      Hess will not use this time and space unless he has to.
      “I'll work out the way of funding.Or, I've figured out a way. “Hess had a clear mind.
      This makes the senior cabinet officials look at each other.
      Can Hess really make money?
      “In my opinion, if we want to recover the economy quickly, we must increase infrastructure construction.The cabinet worked out a five-year plan for the construction of transportation facilities and water conservancy projects in China.Through large-scale infrastructure construction, to meet the work needs of more people as much as possible, so that the country can develop rapidlySaid Hess.
      To put it bluntly, that's what Eagle sauce did for work relief.
      However, even though the eagle sauce, which is rich and powerful, has suffered a heavy blow from the economic crisis, it also has the money to carry out the whole plan.
      Weima state, however, has no such ability.
      So much so that the moustache of another time and space can only take the risk to cut the Jews.
      By persecuting the Jews and confiscating their property, the third empire had enough money to revive its economy.
      Hess can do the same if he wants to.
      However, if so, it would be a bit bloody.
      “Yes, Prime Minister!”Paul von ETTs, chief of post and transportation, and manus von Braun, chief of agriculture, answered.
      After the meeting, Hess kept Herman Goering, Rudolph Hess, Heinrich and Himmler.
      Later, Paul Goebbels also came to the prime minister's house.
      Hess gathered all of these people's true confidants for the only purpose, that is to solve the financial problem.
      “Once large-scale infrastructure construction is carried out nationwide, the national economy will soon enter a virtuous circle and develop.But it will take a lot of money to start the program.Even at the beginning, we need at least 5 billion marks, or even 10 billion marks! “Said von kloshik.
      “Prime minister, I can't get the money out at all!”Herman Goering also said.
      It's a lot of money for Weimar.
      You know, last year, the national revenue was only 4.994 billion marks*
      Chapter 8 Jewish ideas (third watch, for collection, for flowers)
      “We really don't have money.But some people have! “Said Hess.
      Several of his confidants frowned, as if thinking about the meaning of Hess's words.
      “Jews, they have huge wealth in their hands, and even the financial industry is almost in their monopoly.We can find a way to get some money from them.In this way, all the problems can be solved. “Said Hess.
      A few confidants immediately in front of a bright.
      In the 20th century, the anti Semitic thoughts of all countries were very serious, and many countries had violent treatment of Jews.
      It's not just the Third Reich, it's European countries, it's North America, it's a month.
      It's just that the moustache of another time and space is the most cruel.
      “Prime minister, this is a good way.The Jews, they are very rich indeedHerman Goering's eyes were full of greed.
      Several other people also nodded.
      Originally, the national social security party was extremely opposed to Jews. Many members of the national social security party hated Jews.
      If Hess was going to attack the Jews, they would agree.
      “Prime minister, do you want to arrest the Jews.Then, confiscate their property! “Heinrich Himmler suggested.
      Hess shook his head. “No, no, it's cruel and bloody.It's going to make us the killers who are being resisted all over the world.Of course, if the Jews don't know the face, then we can't help it. ”
      Hess didn't want to take extreme measures against Jews.
      Among these Jews, there are a lot of talents.Especially in nuclear physics, there are a lot of talents.
      Another time and space, hawk sauce's Manhattan Project, these Jewish scientists are in it.
      “Help me meet the richest Jewish businessman in the country!”Said Hess.
      “Yes, Prime Minister!”Secretary Martin Bowman replied.
      The next night, two old Jewish men appeared in the prime minister's residence.
      One is Benjamin and the other is Jacob.
      Both of them are the leaders of the rich Jewish merchants in Weimar, and also the leaders of the chamber of Commerce.Their industries, covering finance, chemical industry, food, clothing and other industries, are absolutely as rich as ours.
      However, they were very worried about the trip to the prime minister's residence.
      It's no secret that Hess hates Jews.Even the aim of the whole national social party is against Jews.
      This also makes the Jews living in Weimar very worried.
      They are worried that after Hess comes to power, they will be suppressed or even persecuted.
      This time, Hess summoned them as an opportunity to make a correct judgment.
      If Hess really shows that, they may have to plan for the next step as soon as possible.
      “Good evening, Mr. Benjamin, Mr. Jacob!”Hess had a serious expression.
      “Good evening, Prime Minister!”Seeing Hess's expression, Benjamin and Jacob couldn't help feeling nervous.
      “I hate Jews very much myself, as you must know.”Hess was outspoken.
      This is to let Benjamin and Jacob two people, eyes can not help but flash a trace of panic.
      “Once upon a time, I was also a businessman.However, I am obviously not a qualified businessman.Or in this respect, there is no talent.So, my business didn't succeed.Of course, many people have said that the failure is entirely due to you black hearted Jews.You have seized wealth by despicable meansSaid Hess, biting his teeth.
      Benjamin and Jacob were already stunned and ready to cry.
      In their opinion, Hess is making trouble out of no reason at all. He forced the dung basin to their heads!
      “Prime minister, it's none of our business!”Benjamin pleaded.
      “Well!None of your business?Do you mean I don't have the talent to do business at all? “Hess asked with a black face.
      “No, no, prime minister, that's not what we mean.No one can match the prime minister's talent in business.It's just that people at that time were too stupid to discover it.Of course, it is the failure of the prime minister in business that makes him an outstanding politician.Otherwise, our country will lose a wise leader. “Jacob explained quickly.
      Hess nodded with satisfaction. He had to admit that Jacob was very good at speaking. This flattering method was perfect*
      Chapter 9 money or life
      “Well, you two, I won't beat about the bush with you.”Hess looked back at Benjamin and Jacob.
      Benjamin and Jacob are sitting together.
      “Now, I am the prime minister.However, affected by the worldwide economic crisis, our country is now facing great difficulties.The unemployment rate remains high, and many people have their last meal.It is undoubtedly my duty to develop the economy and improve people's livelihood.But I need your help.Otherwise, even if it's my prime minister, I can't help it! ”
      “Prime minister, what can I do for you?”Asked Benjamin.
      “Money!I need a lot of money to get this country's economy back on fire.The cabinet has worked out a massive infrastructure program.But it's going to take a lot of money. ”
      Benjamin and Jacob's face suddenly became very ugly.
      Jews love money very much, which makes them strive for money.
      There are so many successful businessmen among the Jews.
      Now, Hess actually coveted their wealth, which undoubtedly made them very angry.
      “Prime minister, we are just businessmen.I'm afraid there's nothing we can do about it at the national level! “Said Jacob.
      Hess couldn't help frowning. These Jews really want money and life!
      No wonder the moustache of another time and space will be cruel to them.
      “Have you thought about the consequences, gentlemen?”There is a threat in his words.
      “What?Can the prime minister forcibly confiscate our wealth?Private property is sacrosanct.We are legal businessmen. We have gained wealth by legal means. No one can take it away! “Benjamin's attitude also hardened.
      “Ha ha!I don't think I'm being too kind. “Hess laughed with rage.
      “My men suggested that I send out the Gestapo to arrest all the Jews and confiscate all their property.In this way, we will have enough funds for economic construction! ”
      “No, you can't.Even if you are the prime minister, you have no such power! “Benjamin had an angry face.
      “If you do, the people will oppose you.Other countries all over the world will also denounce you and condemn you! “Jacob's voice trembled a little, with a trace of panic in his voice.
      “Two, I admit.It would be cruel to do that.But I'm afraid the people will clap their hands?After all, people all over the world don't feel good about you. They think you are a group of thieves who steal wealth.If you are using propaganda to discredit you, I think it will get the support of the vast majority of people! “Hess continued.
      Benjamin and Jacob were both frightened. They looked at Hess with fear in their eyes.
      In this era, the reputation of Jews is really very bad.
      This is also the reason why there are anti Semitic voices in various countries.
      Jews are a vagrant people. They have no country of their own.
      Even if they join the country of residence, they have no sense of belonging to the country.
      It's just a place where they live and earn money.
      Once the crisis comes, they will run away immediately and will never contribute to the country.
      This naturally disgusted people all over the world, and they would not regard Jews as their compatriots at all.
      Coupled with the wealth of Jews in business, the vast majority of Jews are very rich.
      This naturally makes many people hate them.
      If Hess uses propaganda means to discredit the Jews, it can absolutely destroy the reputation of the Jews.
      After all, the propaganda organization of the national social party is very powerful, especially Paul Goebbels, who is absolutely a genius in propaganda.
      After arousing the National People's hatred of the Jews, Hess took advantage of the situation to attack the Jews again, and everything would come naturally.
      However, this is undoubtedly a result of losing both sides.
      Even if Hess could plunder enough wealth from the Jews by such means.
      However, it will be hostile to the whole Jewish nation.
      The Jews in the scientific community, in particular, are even less likely to serve him.
      Therefore, Hess still hopes that these Jews can know a little bit and actively contribute part of their wealth, so that the country can rely on these wealth to tide over the crisis.
      “Prime minister, please let us go!What we need to do, we will do our best. “Jacob was the first to give in.
      Benjamin hesitated, lowered his head and gave up the fight.
      Money is important to them.But life is undoubtedly the most important thing*
      Chapter 10 the temptation of national restoration
      There was a smile on his face, and Benjamin and Jacob gave in.
      Then the Jews of the whole country will also give in.
      This means that the funding problem that plagues the cabinet will be fundamentally solved.
      “Mr. Benjamin, I know that your personal assets are 500 million marks, and Mr. Jacob's assets are about 500 million marks.In this way, each of you will give half of your assets to the cabinet in the form of interest free loans!Except for you, the rest of the Jews, who have assets of more than one million marks, lend half of them to the cabinet! “Hess made his request directly.
      Benjamin and Jacob were directly shocked.
      This is not the lion's big mouth, but intend to swallow them!
      You know, although they are very rich, personal assets are one thing, and how much money they can take out is another!
      Many of their wealth are real estate, factories and banks.
      “Prime minister, we simply can't afford so much money.Otherwise, we will be bankrupt! ”
      “Yes, Prime Minister.Unless we sell the property under our name, it is impossible for us to spend so much money! ”
      Benjamin and Jacob both begged that Hess was a greedy devil in their mind. They wanted to eat them all!
      “You two, it's not a problem.The cabinet can coordinate with the Imperial Bank to get them to lend to you.I believe that with your management ability, you will be able to get more wealth in the future.I assure you that after this time, the cabinet will not target you or discredit you.You will be truly integrated into this country.Because you've made a contribution to this country. “Said Hess.
      Benjamin and Jacob's faces were very ugly. They knew what Hess meant. They used half of their wealth, or half of the wealth of the Jews living in Weimar, to keep peace!
      They want to refuse, but they know that if they refuse, this hateful and despicable guy will take extreme measures to deal with them.
      At that time, I don't know how many Jews will lose their lives.
      As for wealth, it is even more impossible to keep it.
      “Well, prime minister, we agree.However, we can only persuade others as much as possible.But we can't guarantee that all Jews will accept this condition. “Said Benjamin.
      Jacob nodded again and again. When the forest was big, there were all kinds of birds.
      They can't guarantee that there will be people who want money but not life among the Jews.
      “Of course, if they don't accept this condition, don't blame me for taking other measures!”Hess laughs wickedly.
      This makes Benjamin and Jacob feel that those who don't want to give up their wealth will die this time.
      Hess was very satisfied that he could get a lot of wealth from Jews in this way.
      Conservatively, this will enable the cabinet to obtain more than 10 billion yuan.
      It's twice the revenue of last year.
      With this money, large-scale infrastructure construction can be pushed forward.
      The economy and industry of the whole country will once again become dynamic, even worse than a virtuous circle.
      Of course, despite the wealth of 10 billion marks, Hess's goal is far beyond that.
      “The greatest disaster of the Jews is not only because of the wealth in your hands.More because you don't have a country.Maybe I can support you in this respect! “Said Hess suddenly.
      Benjamin and Jacob were stunned at first, but then looked at Hess in disbelief.
      When Jews became rich, they naturally wanted to build their own country.
      In this way, Jews living all over the world will have a home.
      “I know you've been working hard to restore your country.However, in various countries continue to run into the wall.And I can help you.In the future, our country will be strong.At that time, we can support the Jews to establish their own country.Even if it's going back to your ancestral land, it's all right! “Hess continued.
      This immediately excited Benjamin and Jacob.
      It is undoubtedly the dream of many Jews to establish their own country, especially to return to their ancestral land!
      However, they are very clear that there is no free lunch in the world.
      “Prime minister, what are we going to pay?”Asked Benjamin.
      “Financial and human support!”Hess made his own offer*
      Chapter 11 large scale infrastructure construction
      As a nation wandering for thousands of years, it has not been assimilated by other nations, but developed more and more powerful.
      Many of the world's outstanding businessmen, scholars, scientists, or elites from all walks of life are Jews.
      It can be seen that this nation is outstanding.
      But just because of this, this nation was almost targeted by the whole western world in the early 20th century.
      “Prime minister, are you telling the truth?”Asked Benjamin.
      Such a big event, he must be determined again and again.
      “Of course, I can promise.I can swear in the name of God.As long as our country can rise again and become strong again.And the Jews are always on our side.Then, I will support the Jews to establish their own country. “Hess looked serious and sincere.
      “With respect, prime minister, your previous position has always been anti Semitic.”Jacob asked, too.
      Hess chuckled, not thinking.
      “Time changes, so do people.In the past, anti Semitism was aimed at gaining the support of the people.Now that I am prime minister, I need to consider more national interests. ”
      Benjamin and Jacob both nodded in agreement with Hess.
      Which of these political figures is not full of lies and deceiving voters?
      “Prime minister, we will contact with the high level of the organization of restoration.We will try our best to persuade the organization to cooperate with you.But, you know, the voice of the whole organization of restoration is in the hands of those people on the other side of the ocean.We can't affect the whole organization at all. “Said Benjamin.
      Hess nodded: “well, I believe they are not stupid and will make the right choice.”
      After that, Benjamin and James left the prime minister's house.
      For them, today's meeting with Hess shocked them too much.
      Though, they will lose half of their wealth.
      But as long as they can keep the industry, they will soon be able to earn it back.
      Hess's proposal to help them recover their country made them excited. This is the dream of the whole nation for thousands of years!
      If they can restore their country, they will no longer be homeless people without a home. They will have a place to rest.
      After Hess reached an agreement with the Jews, the Jews in Weimar gave up half of their wealth one after another.
      Of course, there are people who want money but not life.
      It's just that Hess has ways to deal with them.
      The Gestapo sent out and put a lot of shit on those guys' heads, which not only ruined their reputation, but also put them in prison and confiscated their property.
      After such a warning, the rest of the Jews did not dare to fight any more.
      If you give up half of your wealth, you can continue to live comfortably.Otherwise, we will lose not only our wealth, but also our life.
      Through this measure, the Weimar country's fiscal revenue soared a lot, and the large-scale implementation of infrastructure construction, the funds to stimulate the domestic economy will naturally have.
      At the end of February 1933, Hess announced in the name of the Prime Minister of Weimar that large-scale infrastructure construction was officially started.
      The construction of expressways and railways proposed by Paul von ETTs, the postmaster and communications chief, was approved.
      A lot of money has been invested in the construction of expressways and railways.
      This makes a large number of government orders pour into steel, cement and other fields.
      The factory, which was seriously under started, began to run at full capacity.
      At the same time, large-scale infrastructure construction also needs a large number of workers.
      Even if it's hard work, it's better to get paid and support the family than to wait for relief.
      Under the stimulation of large-scale infrastructure construction, the economy, which was stagnant and even suffered heavy losses due to the economic crisis, began to recover rapidly.
      This also makes the support of Hess start to soar.
      What the people need now is such a prime minister who can do practical things, change their lives and make them live a prosperous life.
      Although Hess's original promise can not be realized in a short time, at least the people can see the hope, and naturally more people are willing to support him.
      This is especially true within the national and social party.
      The top officials of the national social party, who originally opposed Hess, also changed their attitude and almost obeyed him.His will will will be greatly carried out.
      Of course, Ernst ROM, the Stormtrooper captain who failed to become the defense chief, was increasingly resentful.He insisted that Hess had betrayed Adolf and violated his original promise*
      Chapter 12 the change of Hess
      “Prime minister, the domestic economy has begun to recover, and people's support for you is soaring.If you compete with Hindenburg for power now, you will be able to beat him. “Martin Bowman had a look of excitement.
      Hess chuckled, not thinking.
      According to the development of history, marshal Hindenburg has reached the last moment of his life, and will go to see God in more than a year.
      At that time, no one in the whole country will be able to compete with him for the ruling position.
      Therefore, there is no need for him to challenge Marshal Hindenburg at this time.
      You know, marshal Hindenburg has a huge influence in the army.
      The regiment of officers, controlled by the Prussian nobility, almost controlled the national defense forces.
      Hess still has a long way to go before he can win the support of the army, or control the army completely.
      “What about the others?”Asked Hess.
      As a confidant of Hess, Martin Bauman undoubtedly understood what Hess meant.
      After becoming prime minister, many leaders of the National Social Party became cabinet members.
      Power makes the mentality of these bigwigs gradually change.
      “Prime minister, we all work hard.Mr. Heinrich, Mr. Himmler and Mr. Herman goring have worked hard.However, ernstrom's resentment against you is growing.He has accused you many times in publicMartin Bowman said.
      Hess's face suddenly became very ugly.
      The stormtroopers have now shown that they can't get rid of the situation, and enstrom has become a time bomb, which must be removed.
      Another time and space, mustache killed enstrom more than a year later, and bloody suppression of the entire Stormtrooper team, thousands of people lost their lives.
      “Let Reinhardt hederich come to lunch with me!”Hess thought about it, and then said.
      “Yes, Prime Minister!”Martin Bowman nodded.
      Soon after receiving the notice, Reinhardt hederich arrived at the prime minister's residence in fear.
      Now Reinhardt Heidrich is less than 30 years old.
      However, he has become the number two of the Gestapo.
      Hess actually invited him to lunch, which makes Reinhardt heidricht particularly excited, feel very honored.
      In the dining room of the prime minister's residence, Reinhardt Heidrich made it.
      “Reinhart, I've seen your recent work. You're doing very well.”Hess had a look of approval.
      “Prime minister, it's my pleasure to be of service to you.Your will will be the direction of my progressReinhardt had an excited look on his face.
      Hess recognized his work, which means that he will be prosperous next!
      “I'm going to appoint you as the head of Gestapo.Himmler is in charge of the Ministry of the interior. It's a busy business. You are in charge of the Gestapo. I'm more relieved. ”
      Reinhardt was stunned, and then there was a burst of ecstasy.
      “Yes, Prime Minister!”
      Hess nodded: “after you take office, you should speed up the development of Gestapo and spread it all over the country.Besides, I need you to focus on enstrom.ROM is crazy. He even doubts me, opposes me, and even wants to collude with external forces to betray us!This is something I can never accept or forgive.You have to take control of ROM's every move.If he has any cross line behavior, report it to me immediately. ”
      “Yes, Prime Minister!”Reinhardt Hedrich replied.
      Although, ernstrom is also the head of the national social party.
      But with his blatant opposition to Hess, many people think he is looking for death.
      With the support of Hess, Reinhardt Heidrich will not pay attention to him.
      “ServeSaid Hess.
      Then, the chefs of the prime minister's house brought up the prepared dishes.
      Not only sausage, but also steak and red wine.
      This surprised Reinhardt hederich.
      Isn't Hess a vegetarian and a teetotaler?Why do you have to drink and eat meat now?
      Hess cuts the steak with a knife and chews it in his mouth.
      The delicious food stimulates the taste buds and makes him very intoxicated.
      “Reinhart, the situation is different now. Everyone has to change, including me.Now I am the prime minister, I need to work day and night for the country.So I need more nutrition and energy.Vegetarianism, on the other hand, can't provide that energy at all.So, I can only make painful changes! “Hess saw Reinhardt's doubts.
      Hess's explanation made Reinhardt Heidrich respect him.
      For the sake of the country, the prime minister has changed his living habits for many years*
      Chapter 13 let's get married
      Reinhardt Heidrich was appointed as the head of Gestapo and had dinner with Hess, which caused quite a stir in the whole national social party and even in Weimar.
      Almost everyone knew that Hess valued the young man, who was less than 30 years old.
      The future of this young man is almost bright.
      Despite Heinrich Himmler's displeasure, Gestapo is out of his hands.
      But under the threat of Hess, Heinrich Himmler did not dare to do anything.He knew that if he dared to jump out at this time, Hess would never let him go.
      He's already the interior chief, and he's in charge of the SS. He's a big man.There's no need to offend Hess because of the Gestapo. It's too much to lose.
      At the same time, Hess ended his vegetarian life and turned to eating meat, which also caused quite a stir.
      Everyone has great admiration for the idea that anyone in Hess needs to change.
      Even the prime minister is changing himself for the sake of the development and strength of the country. Why don't others make efforts?
      This makes Hess's influence and support further increase.
      1933At the end of April, he had been prime minister for three months.
      In these three months, the whole country has changed dramatically.
      The economy is recovering and people's lives are improving.Even though it is still very difficult, we have undoubtedly seen the hope.The German people, who are tenacious in nature, are willing to fight for it.
      “Prime minister, Miss Anne is here.”Said Ms. enderres, the housekeeper.
      Hess was stunned, then got up to meet him.
      Annie Ballack, no doubt, is a hurdle he can't get around after he takes over Hess.
      As Hess's pillow, Anne Ballack is undoubtedly very familiar with Hess.He was afraid that Annie Ballack would notice something wrong with him.
      If everyone knew he was a fake, he would be in trouble.
      A young woman with long golden hair was standing at the gate of prime minister's residence. She looked very sunny and beautiful.
      Hess knew that they were twenty years apart.But they fell in love at first sight, and Annie Ballack, regardless of her parents' opposition, must be with Hess.
      In another time and space, Hess flew to the Empire and abandoned him directly.
      “Annie, here you are.”Hess walked by, his eyes full of love.
      “Hess, if you don't invite me, I'll come myself!”Annie Ballack said with a smile, she had a good smile.
      “Well, come in and have a look.From now on, this is your home! ”
      Annie Barak was stunned, and then her eyes were filled with joy.
      Her existence has always been kept secret.Other than the top of the national social party, no one knew that she was Hess's girlfriend, not even her parents.
      Now, Hess obviously means to disclose the relationship between the two sides, which is undoubtedly her dream.
      “Thank you, Hess!”
      Next, Hess took Anne Ballack to visit the prime minister's residence.
      After a sweet dinner, they went back to their room to have a rest.
      And this time it's no longer separate rooms, it's together.
      When the passion is over, Annie Ballack lies in his arms.
      “You seem stronger, Hess.”
      “Well, I've been exercising lately.I need a stronger body to lead this country. “Although Hess is 39 years old, his soul is only in his twenties.Especially after rebirth, he can obviously feel that this body is also gradually becoming young.
      “Hess, if the people know about my existence, will it affect you?”
      “No!There are too few Germanic people. We have to find a way to increase the population.As the prime minister, I will set an example.So, Annie, marry me and give me two, no, at least threeHess looked at the beauty in his arms.
      “Hess, I will marry you.I'll have children for you, at least five! “Annie Ballack's face is full of surprises.
      Hess proposed to her and asked her to have a baby for him, which Annie Ballack never thought of.
      Although she was acutely aware of the great changes in Hess.
      But isn't that what she expected?
      “Well, when the situation stabilizes.At the end of next year, we'll get married! ”
      By that time, marshal Hindenburg had died, and he had become the supreme ruler of the country.
      “Well!”Annie Ballack nodded.
      Then, the two fused together again, fighting for the next generation*
      Chapter 14 secret military expansion
      In July 1933, it was already hot.
      The whole Weimar state is also in full swing.
      Large scale infrastructure construction makes the domestic economy begin to recover.
      The unemployment rate continues to decline, and the living standard of the people is still very low, but at least most people are able to eat.This is already commendable in the international environment where the economic crisis is raging and all countries are crying.
      More importantly, people's self-confidence has been greatly improved, and everyone is full of confidence in the future.
      It has been half a year since Hess came to power.
      Through a series of policies, let the domestic economy begin to grow.At the same time, it also makes his prestige in China grow with each passing day.Now, it's not even worse than Marshal Hindenburg. It's just that marshal Hindenburg's influence is far less than Marshal Hindenburg's.
      However, as Hess must control the army, it is impossible to let it go.
      7At the end of the month, Hess met with senior officers of the army and navy of the national defense forces at the prime minister's residence.
      The chief of defense, general Bromberg, general blauchich, general Bok, and the Navy's generals Randall and Donitz.
      “Generals, you can feel that our country is recovering rapidly.I believe that we will soon be able to get out of the economic crisis! “Hess had a confident smile on his face.
      Now he is not only in power.At the same time, there are beauties.
      It can be said that he is in charge of the world and drunk.
      “Prime minister, we all understand your administrative measures, which are really admirable!”General Bromberg was impressed.
      “Yes, Prime Minister.It's still very difficult.However, we all believe that the next will be better and better! “General Ryder also said.
      Hess nodded: “what I have done is not enough. Next, I will work harder to make our country strong.However, economic strength alone is not enough.Don't forget, we still owe the Allies a lot of war reparations.So we need to have a strong armed force.Then we can say no to the allies.As for the compensation, they can't get any marks! ”
      Hess's view is undoubtedly shocking.
      It's clear that even if you don't want to fulfill the Versailles contract.
      However, this is undoubtedly to the taste of these generals.
      As soldiers, which of them is not unwilling to the failure of the last war?I want to tear up the Versailles contract.
      “Prime minister, if we tear up the Versailles contract, I'm afraid it will cause a strong rebound from the whole treaty group.”General Bromberg warned.
      However, he also wanted to disobey the Versailles contract and rebuild a strong army.But he knew it was a big risk.
      “Indeed, there are risks.However, I believe that under the circumstances of economic crisis, the Allies dare not do anything about us at this time.Of course, we must be careful in all our actions and keep them as secret as possible! “Hess had a serious face.
      The generals were also very serious. They knew that Hess was taking risks, even gambling.
      If it fails, the consequences will be unimaginable.
      But again, they simply can't refuse to expand their armed forces.
      It's a temptation for all of us.
      The total strength of the national defense force is only 100000, which is really a bully.
      The navy is unable to own large surface ships and submarines, so that they who were once so powerful and even dare to challenge the Royal Navy have been humiliated all the time.
      As for the air force, it no longer exists. It is a service prohibited by the treaty countries.
      “From now on, we are secretly expanding the army.The total strength of the general was expanded from 100000 to 300000.The army began to form armored forces, equipped with heavy artillery.The Navy began to build large warships and submarines in secret.In addition, the air force needs to be rebuilt.In the future war, the air force will be an indispensable main service. “Hess made his own demands.
      The generals looked at each other and expanded their total strength to 300000. This is undoubtedly a big step forward for the army.
      Although far from being comparable with Gaul, at least the kingdom of Flanders was oppressed.
      It is a shame for a small country with a population of more than 8 million to insult a big country with a population of 66 million.
      You know, in terms of population, Weimar is the second largest country in Europe after the bear.
      The kingdom of Gaul is only 41 million, and the Empire of sun never sets is only 46 million.
      “Prime minister, we agree to secretly expand the army.But if the Allies react violently, we will stop immediately.Now we have no strength to confront them. “Said general Bromberg.
      Hess nodded without forcing a demand*
      Chapter 15 three great generals
      Hess knew very well that the generals wanted to expand the army.No general is willing to accept the fact that there are only 100000 troops in the whole country.
      However, the current country is too weak, and they are afraid that once they expand their troops, they will be strongly opposed by the group of allies, or even go to war.So, there will be scruples.
      But in the end, they could not resist the temptation to expand the army.
      At Hess's instigation, the high-level military also began to discuss.
      Finally, it was decided to start secretly expanding the army.
      The army is still secretly mobilizing forces to suspend retired soldiers.
      The Navy also began to develop a huge ship building plan.
      The air force, which had been canceled, also began to rebuild secretly.
      In the reception room of prime minister's residence, three young officers were drinking coffee, waiting for the prime minister's call.
      In other words, even they can't guess how the prime minister summoned them.
      After all, in today's national defense forces, they have already shown their leading role.But it's not that famous.
      However, Hess came back from later generations, and naturally knew that the future of these three officers was limitless.
      They are Manstein, goodrian and Rommel, who have become the three great generals of the third empire.
      Among them, Mannstein and Rommel were promoted to marshal.Goodrian, on the other hand, was a little bit unlucky. He was just a general of the army.
      In fact, with goodrian's talent, it is enough to be a marshal.
      You know, he founded the armored forces of the third empire that swept across the European continent.
      He is known as the father of the armored forces of the third empire. Armored warfare and Blitzkrieg are his theories, which have been put into practice on the battlefield.
      “Three, prime minister, please come over.”Prime Minister Secretary Martin Bowman looked at the three officers in front of him.
      He wondered why Hess valued the three officers, three men, two colonels and a lieutenant colonel. It seemed nothing strange.
      However, since Hess is optimistic about them, they are doomed to prosper.
      “Yes, sir!”Manstein and others answered.
      Then they got up to tidy up and followed Martin Bowman to Hess's office.
      “Welcome to prime minister's house, young officers.I firmly believe that you will be the brightest generals of the national defense forces in the future!Even MarshalHess made no secret that he was optimistic about the three of them.
      This moved Manstein and others.
      “Prime minister, you have a great reputation.”Manstein and others are very modest.
      “Sit down, everyone. Don't be too restrained.I want to talk to you about the future of the national defense force. “Said Hess.
      But even so, Manstein and others are just as serious.
      “Mannstein, what do you think of the future?I mean between us and the allies? “Asked Hess.
      You know, Manstein was known as the most outstanding strategist, strategist and one of the most famous commanders of the third empire.
      “Prime minister, there will be a war between us and the allies.Last time we failed, our country and our people are being humiliated.However, the tough Germanic people will never be willing to accept the status quo and endure all this in silence.We will rise.The allies will never let us rise.So we have no choice but to fight and defeat them. “Manstein had a serious face.
      Hess nodded, saying that war would surely break out in the future. This is the view of almost all men of insight.
      The vast majority of the people want to be shamed before the snow.
      “Goodrian, I heard that you are studying the theory of tank and other arms cooperation?Can you tell me about it? “Asked Hess.
      “Of course, prime minister, it's my pleasure.”Colonel goodrian was very excited.
      Is his theory finally going to be appreciated?
      “Prime minister, I think only when the other arms supporting the tank have the same speed and cross-country power as the tank can the tank give full play to its power.In the combined corps of various arms, tanks should play a leading role, while other arms should act according to the needs of tanks.Therefore, tanks should not be included in infantry divisions, but armored divisions including all arms should be established so that tanks can play a better role. “Goodrian made his theory clear.
      “I totally agree!I believe that in the future, armored forces will be the absolute main force on the battlefield.In the future, you should strengthen the research in this field and put it into practice. “Said Hess.
      “Yes, Prime Minister.”Goodrian was very excited. He recognized Hess's approval of him.
      “Rommel, what about you?”Hess looked at Rommel, who was now only a lieutenant colonel.
      The well-known 'Fox of the desert' is not a mere name.
      After a conversation, Hess felt that these people were born for war*
      Chapter 16 Navy's plan Z
      Three days later, Manstein, goodrian, Rommel and others received orders.
      Manstein went to work in the Army Department and became the deputy head of the operations department.
      Goodrian, on the other hand, became the director of the armored forces, responsible for the formation of the armored forces.
      Rommel was promoted to the rank of colonel and served as the deputy commander of the armored forces and the division commander of the first armored division.
      Because of Hess, their talents were discovered ahead of time.This will also enable the three of them to go to a higher position and play a greater role in the future.
      The generals of the military, though they don't know why Hess valued the three of them.
      However, after some assessment, I also agree with their talents, so I will not set obstacles for them.
      8At the beginning of this month, general Reidel and general Donitz of the Navy met with Hess and submitted the Navy's ship building development plan, the famous Z plan.
      However, when Hess read the contents of plan Z, he could not help feeling a little pale.
      This plan is very grand.
      But it's also very expensive.After all, the Navy's warships are almost all piled up with money.Especially with the development of technology, Navy warships use a lot of new technology, not only more powerful, but also the construction cost is soaring.
      “Prime minister, if we want to defeat the allies in the future, the Empire will not be able to get around.One of the main reasons why the Second Empire was dragged to death in the last war was that the navy was unable to break the blockade of the Imperial Navy, so that the maritime trade lines were completely cut off and supplies could not be obtained.If we go to war with the allies again, the navy must defeat the sun never sets Empire and the Royal Navy to win! “General Ryder made his point.
      Hess nodded, and naturally he knew that.
      No matter whether it is the second or the third empire, no matter how powerful the country is, the shortage of resources cannot be changed.
      It can be said that they lack almost all the resources except coal.
      This has greatly restricted the country's war potential.
      In modern war, fighting is the comprehensive national strength of a country.Resources are undoubtedly a very important link.If this short board can't be made up, Hess can't change the future outcome of the war even if he tries his best.
      “The Navy really needs to beat the Royal Navy.That's our goal! “Said Hess.
      General Reidel and general Donitz were both happy. With the support of Hess, the Navy might be able to start building more warships.The rise of the navy is just around the corner!
      “But the plan is ambitious, even unrealistic.We don't have so much money to build so many huge warships! “Said Hess, grimacing.
      General Randall and general Donitz were embarrassed.
      They naturally know that the plan is too big.
      However, they are always in the mind of asking exorbitant prices to repay money.
      Deliberately make a very grand plan, even if Hess cut off most of it, they will have a huge harvest.
      In the Z plan submitted by the Navy, the future Navy will build 10 battleships with displacement of more than 56000 tons and 15 armored ships, including 12 20000 ton ships and 3 10000 ton ships.Ten battlecruisers with a displacement of more than 31000 tons.Four aircraft carriers with a displacement of more than 20000 tons.Five heavy cruisers with a displacement of more than 12000 tons.16 light cruisers with a displacement of more than 7000 tons.22 search cruisers, or destroyers, lead the ship, with a displacement of more than 5000 tons.In addition, there are 68 destroyers and 249 submarines.
      It can be said that if this ship building plan is to be implemented, it will not be enough even if all the fiscal revenue of the whole country is invested in the next few years.
      Moreover, in Hess's view, many warships in this plan are unnecessary.
      Armored ships, for example, are completely behind the times.Search cruisers, too, don't have to be built.As for battleships, although there is a certain demand, there is no need to build so many.
      You know, if the displacement of a battleship is more than 56000 tons, the steel used to build tanks, even leopard tanks, can produce 1300.
      You know, because of the lack of resources, the leopard tanks produced by the third empire in the war were only more than 6000 in total.
      Although this kind of tank is powerful, it can easily kill T-34 medium tanks.However, the number of both sides is not on the same level at all.However, the T-34 produced more than 84000 vehicles, which is 14 times more than the leopard tank.
      Even if the battle damage ratio on the battlefield is 1:6, the Maoxiong is enough to use the tank sea to submerge leopard tanks and stronger Tiger tanks*
      Chapter 17 submarines and aircraft carriers
      “Two generals, do you think the future naval battle will be the same as the previous one?”Asked Hess.
      General Randall and general Donitz's expressions were dignified.
      The last naval battle was undoubtedly the era of big ships and big guns.
      Caliber is justice!
      This made the navies of various countries struggle to build warships with larger tonnage and larger main gun caliber.
      However, the gap in resources made the second Imperial Navy win the tactical victory in the battle of Jutland, but it could not break the blockade of the Imperial Navy strategically, and finally became a fleet.
      “Prime minister, compared with the Imperial Navy, we are at a disadvantage.If you want to beat them, you can only catch up. “Said general redAll.
      Hess shook his head: “our national strength can't be compared with that of the sun never sets empire.In particular, the shortage of resources is very serious.Once the same day does not fall, the Empire in the large surface warships above the hard words, we are not their opponents
      “Prime minister, do you mean to develop the underwater fleet?”Donitz's eyes brightened.
      You know, in the last war, the submarine forces of the second empire made the sun never set Empire suffer.Almost strangled because the maritime trade line was cut off.
      Hess nodded: “we are at a complete disadvantage compared with the Imperial Navy.If you want to beat them, you can only find another way.In addition, the sun never sets, the empire is an island country, and its own resources are also quite scarce. Almost all of them rely on obtaining various resources from overseas colonies.It is undoubtedly the best way to defeat them and cut off their maritime trade lines.Our submarine forces are undoubtedly the most effective. ”
      General Randall and general Donitz nodded.
      Submarines are indeed a powerful weapon for the weak to win the strong.
      “We need to develop more modern submarines.More displacement, more underwater endurance, as far as possible to control the noise, so as to obtain stronger viability.In the future, we will be able to play a greater role.Of course, the quantity must be enough. “Said Hess.
      “Yes, Prime Minister!”Donitz was even more convinced of Hess's point of view.
      A lot of things happen to coincide with him.
      This greatly changed general Donitz's perception of Hess.
      “Prime minister, if there were no large surface warships, we would not have won the naval battle.Submarines can only destroy, but large horizontal warships can control! “General Ryder was a little reluctant.
      At present, the Navy's large-scale ship building plan has not started, but the Navy's generals are undoubtedly very much looking forward to it.
      “Large surface warships, of course.It's just that the focus needs to change.I always believe that with the development of science and technology.Aircraft will play an increasingly important role in naval warfare. ”
      “The plane?Do you mean to develop aircraft carriers? “Randall frowned.
      Today's airplanes, like toys, don't play a big role at all.
      Even many countries are carrying out research in this area.However, there are still quite a few people who think that battleships are the main force in naval warfare.
      Hess nodded: “yes, aircraft carrier.It's a combination of carrier and carrier based aircraft.Today's aircraft, the performance is really poor.However, with the progress of science and technology, I believe that carrier based aircraft that can carry heavy air bombs and heavy air torpedoes will soon be developed.When these carrier based aircraft take off from aircraft carriers and attack warships hundreds of kilometers away, that is when the mode of naval warfare is completely subverted. ”
      General Ryder nodded, though he didn't believe it.
      But he knew that Hess insisted.If the Navy refuses, the Navy's large-scale ship building plan will not be implemented at all.
      “Prime minister, the navy can make adjustments.Next, the development of the Navy will focus on submarines and aircraft carriers. “General Ryder chose to compromise.
      “It couldn't be better.I believe that the future Navy will be proud of today's decision.Because the Navy made the right choice! “Hess said with satisfaction.
      “Yes, Prime Minister!”Said general redAll.
      “The navy can modify the ship building plan.Build a number of submarines and aircraft carriers.Of course, the warships supporting the aircraft carrier must also be provided by the Navy.That is, air defense cruisers and destroyers.In particular, air defense firepower must be strengthened. “Hess specially exhorted.
      “Yes, Prime Minister.”General redAll replied.
      However, Hess knows that the leading role of the future naval battle is aircraft carrier and carrier based aircraft.And their navy, not only to have a strong strike capability, also need a strong air defense capability.Only in this way can we survive in the future sea battles*
      Chapter 18 plan x
      At the request of Hess, the Navy revised the large-scale ship building plan, cut down many unnecessary large surface warships, and concentrated limited resources on a few important warships.
      This plan is called plan X.
      In the plan, the Navy will focus on building submarines and aircraft carriers, as well as warships and aircraft supporting aircraft carriers in the next 10 years.
      In the whole plan, the Navy will build 300 submarines and 12 aircraft carriers.
      Among them, the displacement of aircraft carriers should be more than 25000 tons, and the number of carrier based aircraft carried should be more than 90.
      In addition, the Navy will build 12 large air defense cruisers, 36 light cruisers and 72 destroyers.Ensure that these aircraft carriers are equipped with strong air defense capabilities.
      In addition, the Navy will build six heavy cruisers with a displacement of more than 15000 tons and three battle cruisers.
      Hess was relatively satisfied with this plan.
      In fact, to defeat the Royal Navy, the role of large surface warships is relatively small.
      After all, the Empire was too close to Europe.As long as the Third Reich can sweep Europe in the future and deploy a large number of dive bombers and torpedo attack aircraft in Western Europe, it will pose a fatal threat to the Royal Navy.If we seize the opportunity, it is entirely possible for us to lift weights and even defeat the Royal Navy.
      However, there was a strait between the Empire and Europe.
      Even if the channel is not wide, it can not be passed by swimming.
      It is precisely because of such a unique geographical environment that the sun never sets naturally protected the Empire.So that it can control the situation on the European continent in isolation.
      To put it bluntly, the sun does not set, and the empire is a European scum.
      It pursues the principle of absolutely not allowing Europe to have a powerful hegemonic state.Once a powerful country rises, they will unite with other countries to besiege it.
      When the Gaul Empire rose in the Napoleonic period, the sun never setting Empire, together with many European countries, launched many anti Gaul wars, and finally defeated the Gaul empire which almost dominated the whole Europe.
      When the bear rose, the sun never set Empire also began to chase and intercept the bear, and even beat the bear in collusion with Gaul on the Crimea peninsula.
      In the last World War, the Second Empire rose to dominate Europe.The sun never setting Empire, together with the Gaul and Maoxiong Empire, besieged the Second Empire.
      This time, if Hess wants to lead the rise of the third empire, it is also inevitable that the Empire will go to war on the same day.
      If we want to win this war, we must defeat the sun never setting empire.
      It is inevitable to land on the mainland of the Japanese Empire.
      This makes the future of the third empire, must have a strong navy.Not only to be able to defeat the Royal Navy of the Japanese archipelago Empire, but also to provide support for the future landing of the sun never setting empire.
      Even after defeating the sun never setting Empire, we have to face another great power on the other side of the ocean in the Atlantic Ocean, that is, the world's first power, Eagle sauce country.
      This made it necessary for the third empire to have a strong navy.
      In other words, Hess approved the construction of 12 aircraft carriers, more for the eagle sauce on the other side of the ocean.
      After all, Eagle sauce country's strong industrial strength, especially shipbuilding strength, is enough to suffocate any country.
      Another time and space, even if the eagle sauce country is defeated in the Pacific battlefield, the loss is heavy.But still with its strong industrial strength, it dragged the eastern empire to death.
      If the third empire wants to defeat Yingjiang in the future, it must fight hard with the enemy in this respect.
      If we can take advantage of it at the beginning of the war, or even destroy the industrial bases on the east coast of Eagle sauce country, especially those shipyards, with the help of powerful aircraft carriers, the third empire will have a huge advantage in the future war.
      “Well, from now on, the navy can start to develop and build project X.I'm looking forward to our navy defeating the enemy and becoming the most powerful navy in the world in the futureSaid Hess.
      “Yes, Prime Minister!”Said general Randall and general Donitz.
      “Prime minister, in terms of carrier based aircraft, can we cooperate with the air force.In this way, resources can be more intensive. “Said general redAll.
      Hess nodded: “absolutely.The air force is about to rebuild.Next, huge resources will be invested to develop fighters that are ahead of the rest of the world.On the basis of the air force's fighters, the navy can improve them and refit them into carrier based ones. ”
      Hess clearly remembers that the bf-109 and fw-190 fighters of the future Third Reich air force are extremely advanced fighters.After changing to carrier based aircraft, it can also crush carrier based aircraft of other countries.
      At least, the sun does not set, the Empire's swordfish carrier based aircraft, the F4F fighter of Eagle sauce, absolutely can not compete with it*
      Chapter 19 rebuilding the air force
      “Prime minister, our air force has been disbanded for more than ten years.Now it's very troublesome to rebuild.I've listed a few people who can be responsible for the reconstruction of the air force. You can think about it. “General Bromberg, the defense chief, said.
      Hess nodded and picked up the list recommended by Marshal Bromberg.
      There were three men on it, including Col. Elhard milch, Col. Albert caselin, and Col. Hugo speiler.
      Hess clearly remembers that these three men became marshals of the air force of the Third Reich in another time and space.
      This is the result of Herman Goering's coercion.
      “When the air force was disbanded, the generals and officers of the air force either retired or went to serve in the army.Now, it's time for them to become the air force again! “Said Hess.
      “Yes, Prime Minister.”General Bromberg nodded.
      “Well, promote them to major general.Among them, general milch is the director of the air force, responsible for the reconstruction of the air force.General Katherine is the deputy director of the air force, focusing on the construction of the bomber force.General speler is the deputy director of the air force. He is mainly responsible for the training of pilots and the development of air force equipmentHess has an arrangement.
      Bromberg thought about it, and there was no objection.
      The air force has been disbanded for more than ten years. Compared with other Western powers, there is a big gap.
      If you want to catch up again, you can imagine the difficulty.
      When the air force was disbanded, tens of thousands of advanced fighters were dismantled.
      For more than ten years, due to the restriction of the Treaty of Versailles, Weimar did not develop air force any more.As a result, the air forces of other countries are making continuous progress, while the Weima state is stagnant, even regressive.
      Fortunately, over the past decade or so, aviation technology has changed with each passing day.However, Weimar did not lag far behind in this respect.Coupled with Weimar's advantage in machinery manufacturing, catching up is not a problem at all.
      If we add the guidance of Hess's foresight cheater and let the air force avoid many detours, there will be no problem in overtaking on the curve.
      “Your Highness, Herman Goering.”Martin Bowman whispered to Hess.
      Hess frowned. He didn't tell Herman Goering about rebuilding the air force.
      The aim was to avoid Herman Goering's forced claim to the post of air force commander.
      Hess is very clear that as an air force pilot in the last World War, Herman Goering is very persistent to the air force.
      However, in his view, Herman Goering, if in charge of the air force, this is not a good thing.
      In another time and space, Herman Goering is very arrogant and takes himself as the successor of moustache. One of the most important reasons is that he controls the air force of the third empire.
      Herman Goering even claimed that he was in charge of everything that could fly in the third empire.
      And the increase of power also made Herman Goering corroded and greedy.It's not just the weight that keeps going up, it's a big fat guy.He was greedy for ink, with a variety of means to occupy the wealth, is countless.
      In this time and space, Hess doesn't want this to happen again.
      Herman goring can no longer be allowed to control the air force, nor can he become a stumbling block to the development of the air force.
      “Let him in!”There was a chill in Hess's eyes.
      Originally, he intended to appoint the top of the air force without telling Herman Goering, creating a fait accompli.In this case, Herman Goering, even if dissatisfied, will not help.
      But I didn't expect Herman Goering to come.
      Obviously, he has got the news.
      In this case, there is no need to hide, directly to the point, to cut off Herman Goering's unrealistic delusions.
      “Yes, Prime Minister!”Martin Bowman nodded.
      Soon Herman Goering stormed in.
      “Prime minister, I heard that you are going to set up an air force?Why don't I know!In the whole country, no one is more suitable for the air force than me.And this is what you promised me at the beginning! “Herman Goering stares at Hess.
      On one side, general Bromberg, the defense chief, said nothing more and looked coldly at Herman Goering.
      He wanted to see what Hess would do.
      Hess took a deep breath and said, “goring, I've thought about it.You are not fit to run the air force!After all, you've been out of the air force for many years.For the sake of the air force and our country, we need more professional talents. “*
      Chapter 20 air force Outlook (fifth watch, for collection, for flowers!)
      “Shit!Prime minister, no one is more suitable for the air force than me.I was born to be a pilot. In the last World War, I was a hero in air combatHerman Goering's angry face.
      Hess's face became very ugly, Herman Goering, this is to provoke him.
      You know, Herman Goering's ability is a big problem in the first place.
      Plus his character and integrity, Hess would not believe him.
      “Listen, Goering.I've made arrangements for the commander of the air force.All you have to do now is obey meHess's tone grew colder and colder.
      “No!Hess, this is betrayal!ROM is right. When you become prime minister, you will break the promise of Adolf to us. “Herman Goering was used to being arrogant. He was not frightened by Hess, but intensified.
      “Asshole!Goering, can you still get into the cockpit with your figure now?Get out of here nowHess said angrily.
      Herman Goering was startled by the fury of Hess.
      Although he was very angry, he knew that it was not wise to irritate Hess at this time.
      Even if he didn't agree with Hess, he knew that Hess had mastered the main strength.It's impossible for him to collide with Hess.
      So Herman Goering left with a cold Snort and without looking back.
      But there is no denying that the rift between him and Hess is inevitable.
      “Prime minister, I didn't expect that Goering cared so much about the air force.”Said general Bromberg.
      Hess nodded. “Don't worry, sir. I know he's not the best man to run the air force.Even, he's going to cost the air force.I will never let him fool around.All I've done is to make our country strong and have a very powerful army! ”
      “Yes, Prime Minister!”Answered general Bromberg.
      This made Bromberg admire Hess a little more.
      Although in the military, there are still many people who look down on Hess and think that he is just a businessman and a failed businessman, who is not qualified to run the country.
      But it is undeniable that since Hess came to power, he has been trying to make the country strong.
      The military, in particular, is developing rapidly.
      Although all this was very secret, many officers and even generals changed their views on Hess.
      Even in the military, many people are his supporters.
      In this way, Hess expanded his influence in the army bit by bit.
      In particular, the generals and officers he promoted were loyal to him.
      Hess knew very well what the generals wanted.
      No doubt they are all eager to win.
      As long as he can lead the future third empire to victory step by step.
      Although there are still many people against him, most of them will support him and be loyal to him.
      The next day, Hess summoned three leaders of the air force at the prime minister's house, namely general milch, general kesselin and general speler.
      Three people are very excited, to become the head of the air force, which means that their future is bright.
      “Generals, though I have no experience in the air force.However, I am very optimistic about the air force.Compared with the army and Navy, the air force is undoubtedly a young service.But the future of the air force is limitless.It will play a more and more important role in the war.
      Compared with our enemies, we are far behind.But I hope we can catch up in the future.Catch up with our enemies in a short time.
      We need not only the most powerful fighters in the world, but also the strongest bombers.In this field, become the real number one in the world
      Hess made clear what he expected of the air force.
      Milch, Katherine and Spencer were moved. They did not expect that Hess had such great expectations for the air force.
      “Prime minister, please rest assured that we will live up to your expectations!”Said general milch.
      “Yes, Prime Minister.We will certainly catch up with and surpass other countries in the shortest time
      “Prime minister, we are sure to be number one in the world!”
      We all have full confidence in the air force.
      Hess nodded with satisfaction: “the next construction of the air force is up to you.You should pay special attention to two aspects.One is technological innovation, the continuous application of new technologies to develop more advanced fighters.The other is the training of pilots.We can even set up flight clubs around the world to increase the number of pilots as much as possible.Once a war breaks out, we need thousands of pilots. ”
      “Yes, Prime Minister!”*
      Chapter 21 organization for the restoration of China
      The air force began to form secretly. A large number of generals, officers and soldiers who had served in the air force in the last World War were organized again and began to rebuild the air force secretly.
      Pilots began to concentrate on training, and a large number of young men who are interested in joining the air force also began to carry out flight training.
      Although the current air force has no decent aircraft at all, it can only use the old Fogg fighters of the last World War.But this does not prevent the officers and men with full enthusiasm into the training.
      At the same time, the air force also secretly placed orders to various aircraft manufacturers, asking them to start developing new fighters.
      Under the guidance of Hess, this time the air force's new fighters required all metal monoplane.He knows that this is the trend of development in the future.
      We should know that most of the fighters used in various countries are biplane.The low altitude dogfight ability of the biplane is good, but the speed is too bad.In the future air combat, speed is the king.Depending on the speed and climbing rate, seizing the advantageous position at high altitude and launching an attack from high altitude is the most effective way of attack.
      Therefore, the new aircraft in particular requires the need to maintain an advantage in speed.In addition, the firepower must be strong and equipped with machine guns so that the enemy's fighters can be easily torn apart.On the voyage, we also need to improve as much as possible.At least it has the ability to take off from home, then fight over the sun never setting Empire, and then return.
      It can be said that many of Hess's demands are based on the bf-109 fighter.Even in terms of range, it has been improved.In another time and space, the bf-109 fighter is definitely the most powerful combat power in the early stage of the war.The only drawback is undoubtedly short legs. The maximum range is only 900 kilometers, which is not enough to see.If it can be further promoted to more than 1200 kilometers, it would be the best.Moreover, it is better to have the ability to install the auxiliary oil tank.In this way, we can further increase the range.
      While Hess is ambitious to secretly develop the army, sea and air force, on the other side of the ocean, a group of old men also secretly gather in a manor on the east coast of Eagle sauce country.
      These people are all big figures in the business world. They are very rich.
      But now they are very low-key.They all have one thing in common, that is, they are all Jewish.
      In the eagle sauce country, the Jewish power is very huge, they occupy a dominant position in many industries.Even, they have been able to influence the general election of Eagle sauce country to a certain extent.
      “Gentlemen, what do you think of the news from Europe?Shall we cooperate with the guy who is arrogant and hostile to us for a time? “Said an old man with gray hair and wrinkled face, but sharp eyes.
      He is Reuben, the current head of the organization, a millionaire.
      “Well!That guy can't believe it at all.He is a political speculator at all.All he did was to get money from us.He even forcibly took more than half of the wealth of the Weimar compatriots.This is robbery at allAn old man with an angry face was obviously dissatisfied with the experience of the Jews in Weimar.
      “Yes, Weimar is too weak now.They had already failed in the last war.Even if they are committed to supporting our restoration, it is impossible for them to offer us much help. ”
      “Eagle sauce country is the most powerful country in the world. We should continue to cultivate here and expand our influence.When we can influence the policies of Yingjiang country, let Yingjiang country support our restoration.In this way, the success rate will be much higher. ”
      Obviously, these people are not optimistic about Hess and the country he is in.
      Compared with the world's first powerful country, Yingjiang, Weimar is just a small and weak country limited by the treaty and with extremely weak military power.How can such a country convince them?
      Many people even think that Hess's delusion to cooperate with them is to cheat them out of their funds and support.
      Reuben nodded, then looked at Jacob, who had come from Weimar.
      “What's your opinion, Jacob?”Reuben asked.
      “Sir, I think we can try.The present Weimar state is indeed weak.But Hess was an ambitious man, a man of great ambition.Under his leadership, great changes are taking place in Weimar.And his support and influence are growing day by day. “Said Jacob.
      “In addition, the people of our country are generally dissatisfied with the failure of the last war, and their desire for revenge is even higher.In the future, the two sides are bound to break out war again.If Hess can win the next war.Then, everything is not a problem. “Jacob continued*
      Chapter 22 secret cooperation
      “Don't you think much of Weimar, Jacob?They were defeated in the last war.If we go to war again, I'm afraid they have no chance of winning either! ”
      “Yes, the kingdom of Gaul is bound to unite against them.Maybe the eagle sauce country will also take part in the war. ”
      Others are all against Jacob's point of view.
      Jacob nodded: “it's possible, and it's very possible.But I think Hess is a miracle man.Maybe, this time, he can really create a miracle.Although the strength of Yingjiang is very strong, isolationism prevails now.Especially in the last war, they didn't get any benefits, which made the very weak people strongly oppose participating in the war.What's more, in the last war, the powerful Maoxiong empire of the allies launched an attack from the East.Now, the bear Empire has collapsed.It is very difficult to say whether the Maoxiong League will take part in the war or not. ”
      Suddenly, many people were silent.They had to admit that Jacob was right.Fundamental changes have taken place in the current international environment.
      “Gentlemen.Although we have a lot of influence in Eagle sauce country.However, our efforts over the years have not yielded any results at all.Those in power and in power in Yingjiang also just want our money, but don't want to help us.Eggs can't be put in one basket.Maybe we can try something else.Even if we fail, we will not lose much.But if we succeed, then our goal over the years will be successful! “Jacob continued.
      Everyone was in deep thought, though many were not optimistic about Hess and the country he led.
      However, this does not prevent attempts in this area.
      As Jacob said, eggs can't be put in one basket.
      “Gentlemen, I think we can try.Bet on both Hess and Eagle sauce.In this way, no matter which winner is in the future, we may be able to achieve our goal! “Said Reuben.
      “You can have a try!”
      “With our financial resources, there is no problem at all!”
      Other people nodded at this time and did not continue to object.
      For them, one more supporter means one more choice. There is no harm.Even if it fails, it won't have much impact.
      “Jacob, go back first.We will then send a special envoy to Berlin in secret. “Said Reuben.
      “Yes, sir!”Jacob nodded.
      At the end of September 1933, Hess had a brief meeting with the special envoy of the restoration organization who came all the way to the prime minister's house.But it is this meeting that directly determines the future of a nation.
      “Prime minister, we are very happy to cooperate with you.And I'm willing to support you.But we need your commitment.After you win in the future, you must support us to restore our country! “The special envoy said.
      “No problem, of course!I firmly believe that we can win in the future.At that time, I will support you to return to your homeland.We can even provide you with all kinds of weapons and equipment, train your army and so on. “Hess showed sincerity.
      These guys are big dog families, one by one rich country.
      If we can get a lot of money from these guys, then we will have the money to stimulate economic development and expand armaments.
      The special envoy was very satisfied with Hess's reply, which is definitely the first country to express its support for them.
      “Prime minister, we are willing to provide you with a low interest loan of one billion dollars!”The special envoy said.
      Although it's definitely a lot of money, Hess is not satisfied with it.
      “Mr. special envoy, I think I have been very sincere.But your sincerity is not enough! “Said Hess.
      “Prime minister, if you have any request, I will convey it to the organization.”The envoy was not angry.
      “I promise to give you my full support in the future for your restoration and the establishment of your country.Even, to provide security for your country, to train your army, to provide weapons and equipment and so on.But I need your full support! “Said Hess.
      “Prime minister, what's more specific?”Asked the special envoy.
      “First, in terms of funds, I need a $500 million free aid.In addition, a $1.5 billion interest free loan.A three billion dollar low interest loan.
      Second, we need a lot of talents in various fields.
      Third, we need your intelligence support. ”
      Hess told the whole story.
      The special envoy did not answer immediately. Instead, he sent a telegram to yingjianguo asking the high level of the organization.
      Finally, the high-level of the organization accepted Hess's conditions and decided to cooperate secretly with Hess*
      Chapter 23 wolf tank
      “These guys are really big dogs!It's too rich! “Hess could not help but express such emotion.
      Five hundred million dollars in unpaid aid, one and a half billion dollars in interest free loans, plus three billion dollars in low interest loans.
      All in all, it's five billion dollars.
      In this era, the exchange rate between us dollar and mark is 1:2.5.Five billion dollars is equivalent to 12.5 billion marks.
      And this figure is more than twice of Weimar's annual revenue.
      With such a large sum of money, the next infrastructure construction and arms expansion can be carried out smoothly.
      “Prime minister, Jews are very smart. They are the best businessmen in the world.”Chief of the Treasury, Mr. kloshik, said.
      Hess nodded.
      Another time and space, moustache chose to kill these guys, and then forcibly plunder their wealth.
      Such a means is undoubtedly very bloody.But it's very effective.
      This gives mustache enough money to stimulate economic recovery and expand armaments.
      Now, Hess has chosen a more moderate approach.Though, he may not be able to catch up with moustache in terms of funding.However, it has established a long-term cooperation channel with the Zionist Organization.
      Next, as long as Hess and his country show greater strength, they will certainly get more support from those guys.That's a lot more than mustache.
      “Hess, 70% of the money will be used to stimulate economic development after it arrives.The other 30 percent is secret military spending.Now, the army, navy and air force are expanding rapidly, and they all need money. “Said Hess.
      “Yes, Prime Minister.”Hess nodded.
      11In June, Hess went to a military camp outside Berlin to observe the training of the first armored division of the national defense army.
      After he appointed goodrian and Rommel to be responsible for the formation of armored forces, with the strong support of the military, the first Armored Division was soon formed.
      However, although the first armored division is full now, there are no tanks.
      This is a treaty that explicitly forbids them to possess weapons and equipment.
      So now the first armored division is formed.But it's only enough to train with models of cars and tanks.
      We have to admit that goodrian and Rommel are indeed talents. Even if they don't have tanks to train, even if they use models for training, they also make the training model.
      At least, the tactical level of the armored forces is developing rapidly.
      Once the tank is taken over and familiar for a period of time, the armored force can have a strong strength.
      “Goodrian, Rommel, you've done a great job!Although the equipment is poor, the conditions are poor.However, the first Armored Division has a modelHess nodded with satisfaction.
      “It's all the support of the prime minister.”Said goodrian.
      “What about tanks?How's the design going? “Asked Hess.
      “Prime minister, rheinmetal and Benz Daimler are designing according to your requirements.Among them, rheinmetal is responsible for the manufacture of tank guns and turrets.Mercedes Benz Daimler is responsible for the manufacture of the car body and other parts.The tank's armor comes from Krupp. “Said goodrian.
      “When will we be able to build a prototype?And then mass production? “Asked Hess.
      “We expect to be able to build a prototype car by the end of this year.We can start mass production next year. “Goodrian replied.
      “Good.Next year, the first Armored Division will be full.Then, form the second armored division, and even the third Armored Division! “Hess made a request.
      “Yes, Prime Minister!”Goodrian nodded.
      Although he didn't know why Hess was in such a hurry, he still decided to obey the order.
      With the present scientific and technological strength, Weimar could not develop too advanced tanks.What's more, it's the first tank developed by them in more than a decade, so the technical standard is relatively low.
      Hess gave specific technical requirements and indicators, and the army agreed.
      Because this tank is absolutely advanced in this era.
      This tank, named wolf light tank, is 5.52 meters long (including gun barrel of 6.41 meters), 2.95 meters wide and 2.50 meters high.The front part is tilted armor, 35 mm thick, and the side and back parts are 25 mm thick, weighing 15 tons.The maximum speed of road march is 30 km / h, and the maximum speed of cross-country is 15 km / h.The weapon is a 57mm tank gun and two 7.62mm heavy machine guns.One is a heading machine gun and the other is a coaxial machine gun.Among them, tank guns have 90 rounds and heavy machine guns have 2000 rounds.
      At Hess's request, the future Third Reich will no longer develop tanks No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4.
      There are only wolf type light tank, leopard type medium tank and tiger type heavy tank.And continuous improvement on these three models*
      Chapter 24 development direction of tank
      The performance of wolf light tank is absolutely very advanced in this era.
      57The millimeter tank gun is powerful enough to pierce the armor of any tank.The armor, 35 mm thick and tilted, is enough to withstand most tank guns.
      You know, the most representative tank at present is undoubtedly the Gallic Renault ft-17 tank.It's just a super light tank of less than ten tons.Two models, one is equipped with an 8 mm machine gun, the other is equipped with a 37 mm tank gun.
      Many countries in the world are equipped with gallic ft-17 tanks.It can be said that this kind of tank is completely popular.However, in terms of performance, it can't be compared with wolf light tank at all.
      Not to mention, wolf light tank is just the first tank of Hess.It's not even the main tank.
      The leopard type medium tank to be developed next is the main tank of the Third Reich in the future.Wolf light tank will be used as the support tank of power search unit or infantry unit.Leopard tank is the main force in the future battlefield.As for the stronger Tiger tank, it will be a sharp sword in the future battlefield.
      Of course, the food should be eaten one by one, and the road should be taken step by step.
      With the current technological conditions, it is God's blessing that leopard tanks can be developed and equipped with troops within four to five years.
      After inspecting the first armored division, Hess personally summoned the person in charge of the tank project and made a request to him.
      “We must speed up the research and development of wolf type light tanks, and begin mass production early next year to equip the troops.At the same time, the army should speed up the development of medium leopard tanks.In the next four years, we must equip our troops. ”
      “Yes, Prime Minister!”The person in charge nodded.
      Although he knew it would be very difficult to complete the task.However, Hess has made a request, they can only do their best to complete.
      “In addition, the structure of the tank should be as simple as possible, not too complicated.Even if the performance will be reduced a little, it is acceptable.In addition, we should try our best to make the parts universal.In this way, the tank can be manufactured with minimum man hours. “Hess emphasized.
      “Yes, Prime Minister!”The person in charge replied.
      The reason why Hess emphasizes this point is to avoid these guys falling into the disadvantage of pursuing excellence in the process of tank development and production.
      Take another space-time leopard tank and Tiger tank as an example. In the Second World War, these two tanks were absolutely advanced and powerful.
      The only drawback is that the structure is so complex that it is difficult to produce.And in the maintenance time, enough to make the armored soldiers collapse.In contrast, Lao maozi's T-34 tank is much better.
      Although the performance is far from being compared with leopard tank and Tiger tank, it is simple in construction, easy in production and simple in maintenance.Coupled with the advantage of quantity, laomaozi was able to directly submerge leopard tanks and Tiger tanks in the war with T-34 tank sea.
      In this time and space, of course, Hess should try his best to avoid this situation happening again.Otherwise, the armored forces of the future Third Reich will encounter a nightmare.
      Hess hopes that leopard tanks and Tiger tanks equipped by future armored forces should not only have advanced performance, but also be easy to produce and maintain.We need to make as many tanks as possible.
      Even if it can't be compared with the bear in quantity, it can't be too big.At least there should be no more than ten times the quantity gap.Only then can the third empire win in the future wars.
      Under the attention of Hess, their armored forces have embarked on a different development path in this time and space.
      It will not be like the third empire in another time and space. Although it has produced advanced Tiger tanks and leopard tanks, it is difficult to produce them because of its complicated structure and lack of resources.
      Even though the tiger and leopard tanks are more advanced in performance, the T-34 tank that can crush laomaozi is still submerged by the T-34 tank sea.
      In this time and space, if the output of leopard tanks and Tiger tanks of the Third Reich can reach more than 20000 in the future, it will be enough to solve the problem of laomaozi.
      Of course, in terms of the resources of the third empire, it is still very difficult to produce 20000 tanks.
      Don't forget, besides the armored forces of the army, the navy is also a big consumer of steel resources.
      Besides, these tanks are oil tigers.Without enough oil, these tanks can't move at all. They're just steel coffins.
      These problems are what Hess needs to solve next.Only by solving these problems can the future third empire win the war*
      Chapter 25 opponents
      Southern Weimar, Bazhou, munihe.
      This is the place where moustache started, and also the place where he was most influenced by the national social party.
      The headquarters of the stormtroopers are also set up here.
      The Stormtrooper captain, Ernst ROM, has returned from Berlin to Daomo naihei.Originally, although moustache hung, Hess became prime minister.He thought that he would get what he wanted and become a prominent figure in the cabinet.
      But what he never thought was that Hess would treat him like this. He broke moustache's original promise and refused to appoint him as the defense chief.
      But this, also let enstrom next stage ambition have no way to realize.
      Enstrom is also a man with lofty aspirations. His biggest expectation is to use the stormtroopers to transform the national defense forces in an all-round way.In other words, the national defense forces should be merged with the stormtroopers.
      In this way, he can completely control the military power of the country.At that time, even Hess had to depend on his face.
      But unfortunately, Hess is not a fool, at the risk of breaking, will not let Ernst ROM get what he wants, which makes Ernst ROM very angry.
      “Captain, Hess, this is ingratitude.Without the full support of the stormtroopers, how could he beat others and replace mustache?Now that he has become prime minister, he has turned us aside. It's really inappropriate. “Ernstrom's confidant, Stormtrooper captain heiners said on one side.
      Speaking of this, nstrom's face became very ugly.
      “Well!Hess really wanted to turn his back.However, I am not at his mercy.Don't forget, we have three million stormtroopers.If he wants to continue to sit in the position of prime minister, he must get our support! “Nstrom seemed confident.
      In this period, the stormtroopers had a tendency of being too big to lose.
      It can be said that the stormtroopers are already a huge force within the party.Even Hess can't be ignored.
      “Sir, it is said that Herman Goering is quite dissatisfied with Hess.Why don't you meet Herman Goering? “Hinas suggested.
      Nstrom seemed hesitant.
      Herman Goering was very dissatisfied with Hess. Naturally, he was very clear.
      Herman Goering wanted to be in charge of the air force, but in the end he stood him up and resented him.
      In any case, however, Herman Goering is much better than ernstrom.
      Herman Goering is a powerful minister in this cabinet.And although ernstrom is the leader of the powerful Stormtrooper team.But he didn't get any job in the cabinet.
      “If I meet Herman Goering, it means I'm going to tear my face open with Hess!”Nstrom was a little worried.
      He knew Hess's character very well.
      Once he unites with Herman Goering, he is already a huge force, which is enough to pose a threat to Hess.If we can unite with other parties, we can even form a majority in the Congress and drive Hess from the position of prime minister.
      This is absolutely unacceptable to Hess.
      In time, Hess will certainly attack them.
      “Captain, Hess is not satisfied with you.At this time, we should start first.If it's too passive, it's just waiting to die.At that time, if Hess thinks that you are a threat to him, he will be in great trouble. “Hinas warned.
      Nstrom's face changed when he heard it.
      He had to admit that it was very likely to happen.
      “Since Hess is unkind, I can't be blamed for my injustice.Keep a secret contact with Herman Goering, and I'll meet him! “Instrom said.
      “Yes, sir!”Heinerston was overjoyed.
      He was nstrom's confidant.If enstrom and Herman Goering can join hands to drive Hess out of power and take his place, then their confidants will naturally rise and prosper.
      Herman Goering was very dissatisfied with Hess because he didn't take charge of the air force.
      In the face of nstrom's invitation, Herman Goering chose to accept it.
      A week later, Herman Goering secretly met with ernstrom under the guise of visiting munihai.
      It also means that his opponents want to unite against him*
      Chapter 26 Prince William
      “Come on, man, have a drink.How long has it been since you've tasted the black beer? ”
      In a brewery, nstrom puts a large glass of beer in front of Herman Goering.
      Herman Goering took it and took a big drink.
      “That's the taste of the black beer.But some people have changed! ”
      “Ha ha!”Enstrom naturally knew what Herman Goering meant.
      “Some people are now in a high position and have naturally forgotten their original commitment.This is a betrayal to us!Goering, let's join hands and pull Hess downNstrom made no secret of his ambition.
      Herman Goering's face suddenly became serious.
      “Do you really want to go this far?”
      “Yes, man.This can't blame us. It's all Hess's fault. He cheated us and betrayed us first!So, we just take back what belongs to us. “Said nstrom.
      Herman Goering hesitated, then asked, “what are you going to do?”
      “Man, the stormtroopers can affect a lot of people in Congress.Plus your people, it's not a small number.We can even cooperate with other forces.In this way, we can have a majority in Congress.At that time, it will be enough to pull Hess down from the position of prime minister.I'd like to see if he can still be so arrogant after losing his position as Prime Minister? “Ernstrom's eyes were full of hate.
      In his opinion, Hess betrayed him first.Well, he's going to make Hess pay.
      “I'm afraid it's not easy.Hess has done a lot since he took office.Now the domestic economy has begun to recover, and the people are very supportive of him. “Herman Goering is worried.
      “No, it's not a problem.As long as we get rid of Hess, we will continue to implement these policies to ensure a sustained economic recovery.The people will support us as well.People just need to have a good life. It doesn't matter who leads them. ”
      “But Hess is very close to the military.He now has the support of the military.If the military opposes, it will be very difficult for us to succeed! ”
      “The military?Those shameful aristocrats.They are not qualified to represent the military, the will of the military of the whole country.Originally, I wanted to use the stormtroopers to transform the national defense forces.However, in order to flatter those noble smelly feet, Hess repented.This time, I will not compromise.When we come to power, we can transform the national defense forces and turn them into our strength.You will be in charge of the air force as you wish. “Said nstrom.
      Herman Goering can't help but be moved. If he can take charge of the air force, it will greatly increase his strength.
      “Man, this is our chance, but we can't miss it!”Said nstrom, bewitching.
      “ROM, I'll think about it.”Herman Goering did not immediately agree.
      Nstrom was a little upset.
      “To tell you the truth, man, there are big people willing to support us.So Hess is dead this time! ”
      “Who?”Herman Goering asked.
      “His Royal Highness Prince William.”
      “What?Is the royal family involved? “Herman Goering was taken aback.
      “Of course!Naturally, the royal family is not willing to hand over its power.For more than ten years, the royal family has always wanted to return to Bolin.Hess has become a hindrance to the royal family.With the support of the royal family, what else can we be afraid of?Even those nobles in the military will support the royal family, I'm afraidNstrom looks like he's in the bag.
      Herman Goering nodded.
      Although after the defeat of the last war, the royal family fled Berlin and took refuge in the kingdom of Netherland.
      However, the influence of the royal family has always been great.He has always been ambitious to come back to China and seize power.
      He did not expect that nstrom would collude with the royal family.
      “Well, ROM, I promise.Let me know when it startsHerman Goering made a choice.
      “Ha ha!Good!Great.As long as we work together, we will win this time. “Nstrom laughed.
      In an old castle not far from the black curtain, Prince William, dressed in hunting clothes, is looking out of the castle.
      “Your Highness, Roma's meeting with Goering is over.The two have reached a consensus. “Said an old man with white hair.
      “Well, I see!”Prince William nodded.
      “Your Highness, do you really think ROM can succeed?”Asked the old man.
      Prince William shook his head: “whether or not ROM can succeed.As long as this country is in chaos, we have a chance.People will miss the Second Empire.With the support of the people, the royal family will be able to return. “*
      Chapter 27 don't blame me for being cruel
      As the royal family of Prussia and the royal family of the Second Empire, hohensoren family once led the country to glory.
      If they had won the last war.Now, the Second Empire may have dominated the whole of Europe, and even the eagle sauce on the other side of the ocean may not be able to fight against it.
      Unfortunately, they failed in the end.
      The result of failure is the collapse of the Empire and the escape of the royal family.
      But even so, the royal family never gave up to return to the country and regain power.
      The Prussian officers' regiment, which controls the national defense forces, has many ties with the royal family. Once the royal family returns, it will certainly get their support.The only thing that worries the royal family is undoubtedly the opposition of the domestic people.
      For more than ten years, the domestic people have been living in hardship, which makes them very angry about the malposition of the royal family in the war.The difficulty of regaining power to the royal family can be imagined.
      So Prince William wanted the country to be in chaos.
      At that time, the royal family will appear as the Savior, which will undoubtedly be easier to obtain the recognition and support of the public.
      This made Prince William ignore the success of enstrom and Herman Goering.
      What he wants is to get the country into chaos.
      Even if ernstrom succeeds.When the royal family returns, he will not be spared.
      Bailin, Prime Minister's residence.
      Gestapo director Reinhard Heidrich is reporting to Hess.
      “Prime minister, our people find that ROM is very dishonest recently. He often meets with the leaders of the stormtroopers in the name of inspection.During this period, he openly criticized you for betraying him and deceiving him.In a meeting with diplomat Ludek, he said: Hess can no longer trample on my ideas as he used to. I'm not what I used to be.Don't forget that I have three million stormtroopers, all the key positions are occupied by my people, and Hess knows that I have many friends in the IDF.If Hess is reasonable, we will solve the problem calmly.If he doesn't, I'm going to use force, not for myself, but for all of us. ”
      Hess's face suddenly became very ugly, and nstrom was absolutely suicidal.
      “In addition, Goering went to munihe to meet with ROM.Although I don't know whether the two have joined hands.But it's very possible. ”
      “Well!Is even Goering going to betray me? “Hess gave a cold hum.
      Hess had already guessed that the failure of Herman Goering to take charge of the air force would certainly arouse his dissatisfaction.
      However, it never occurred to him that he openly colluded with nstrom to oppose him.
      And this, no doubt, is to seek death!
      “In addition, our people also found that Prince William had secretly arrived in munihe and probably met with Rom.”
      “Is the royal family ready to step in?It seems that the situation is getting more and more complicated! “Hess sighed.
      He has to admit that power is intoxicating.
      The partners who once fought side by side have turned to the enemy in order to fight for power.
      With the participation of other hostile forces, the situation in the whole country is becoming more and more chaotic.
      “Since they are going to challenge me, don't blame me for being cruel.In any case, the country's economy has just begun to recover. I will never allow anyone to disrupt the country's development. “There was a flash of murder in Hess's eyes.
      “Yes, Prime Minister.I will always be loyal to you, waiting for your order.Your will will will be my direction. “Reinhardt Hedrich expressed his loyalty.
      Hess nodded: “keep a close watch on ROM and Goering, and let me know if they have any action.”
      “Yes, Prime Minister!”
      “Mr. Bowman, call me general Bromberg, I want to see him!”Said Hess.
      “Yes, Prime Minister!”Martin Bowman went to arrange it immediately.
      Soon, general Bromberg, the defense chief and the current representative of the military, appeared in the prime minister's office.
      Hess has to admit that the combined strength of enstrom and Herman Goering can not be underestimated.Even, it has been able to pose a great threat to him.
      If the royal family gets involved again, the threat will be even greater.
      If it doesn't work well, it will really drive him down from the position of prime minister.
      If you fail in the struggle, you're in trouble.Even I can't save my life.
      This kind of struggle is very cruel.
      Therefore, Hess is not going to be merciful any more. He has to be ruthless to solve these problems.
      Before that, he has to get the support of the military.Otherwise, everything is empty talk*
      Chapter 28 be loyal to me
      “How do you do, Prime Minister?”General Bromberg was quite respectful in front of Hess.
      Especially since these days, Hess has tried his best to restore the economy and enhance the military strength, which has continuously improved the strength of the national defense force.This has greatly inspired the generals and officers of the military.Along with this, the vast majority of people's perception of Hess also has a fundamental change.
      “Sit down, sir.What has happened to the national defense forces since then? “Asked Hess.
      “Prime minister, the secret expansion of the national defense forces has been very smooth.The army has completed its expansion and the newly formed forces are training.Soon, all units will have combat effectiveness. “Bromberg had a smile on his face.
      There is no doubt that the national defense forces are recovering bit by bit.Even if there are only 300000 people now, the generals have seen the hope of revival.
      Hess nodded: “well, that's just the first step.I plan to launch a second round of military expansion in the next three years.At that time, our troops will be expanded to more than 600000! ”
      “600000 people?”Admiral Bromberg exclaimed.
      Although, in times of war, it's nothing.
      But in peacetime, it was close to the standing army of the Second Empire.
      Once the strength of the national defense force is restored to 600000, the national defense strength will be significantly improved.
      “Prime minister, that would be the best.However, I am afraid that this will cause great stimulation to the allies. “Admiral Bromberg was worried about that.
      Everyone knows that the allies will never watch them become powerful again.
      “Don't worry, the Allies dare not do anything about us.Now they are wailing in the midst of the economic crisis.We have stepped out of the economic crisis and are recovering.But they're still in it.As long as our second round of military expansion is completed, they will not dare to do anything with us.Because if they fight, they will pay more. “Hess seemed confident.
      Admiral Bromberg nodded.
      If the strength of the national defense forces is restored to 600000, they will not be afraid of the Gauls in the West.
      As long as the sun does not set and the Empire does not intervene, the Gauls themselves have no courage to fight them.
      “All along, I've always been determined to make our country strong again.And that's what I've always done.Do you agree with that, sir? “Asked Hess.
      “What the prime minister has done since he took office is really admirable.”Said Bromberg.
      Just then Martin Bowman came in.
      “Your Highness, here are general Ryder and general milch.”
      “Invite them in!”Said Hess.
      Bromberg, on the other hand, had some doubts. The former was the commander of the Navy, while the latter was the director of the air force.
      Obviously, Hess invited more than one person today, including the army, navy and air force of the national defense force.
      This made admiral Bromberg guess Hess's intention.
      “Prime minister, chief minister!”
      General Reidel and major general milch came in and saluted general Hess and general Bromberg.
      “Sit down, you two!”Hess was smiling.
      “What's the situation with the Navy now?”Asked Hess.
      “Prime minister, the first submarines of the navy have started.We started 12 U-boats at the same time.It is expected to be able to serve next year.In addition, aircraft carriers, heavy cruisers, large air defense cruisers, light cruisers and destroyers are also involved.Construction will start one after another. “Admiral Randall was excited.
      Although the battleship he attached great importance to was not approved, he was very happy to see the Navy begin to build battleships and resume strength.
      Hess nodded with satisfaction. Under his intervention, the Navy temporarily abandoned those unrealistic big guys and turned to develop and build more practical submarines and aircraft carriers.
      This will make it possible for the navy of the Third Reich in the future to win with the weak and win with the strong.
      “What about the air force?”Asked Hess.
      “Prime minister, the air force has completed its formation and is training pilots.In addition, the air force has begun to develop the first generation of new fighters and bombers.It is expected that the troops will be equipped within three years. “Major general milch is also excited.
      “Good.Our army, navy and air force are developing rapidly.I believe that the strength of the national defense force will develop by leaps and bounds in the future.From now on, no country can bully us any more.One day, we will be a snow before shame, let those who imposed on our head humiliation, a thousand times backSaid Hess confidently.
      Admiral Bromberg, Admiral Reidel and major general milch all nodded, and they believed in it.
      “Now, generals, I need the loyalty of the army.Because our country is already in danger! “Hess's expression suddenly became serious*
      Chapter 29 selection of national defense forces
      The expressions of admiral Bromberg, Admiral Randall and major general milch became serious.
      They didn't seem to expect that Hess would make such a request at this time.
      Although Hess has done very well in this period of time, it has greatly restored the strength of the national defense forces.
      But is it arrogant of him to ask the national defense forces to be loyal to him?
      Don't forget, marshal Hindenburg is still alive.Even if they are dying, there are not many days to live.But he is still a symbol of the military.
      “Prime minister, we are loyal to the country.”Said Admiral Bromberg.
      Hess nodded, as he had expected.
      However, he was not discouraged.
      He believed that the military would be loyal to him sooner or later.
      “Prime minister, what did you mean just now?”Asked admiral Ryder.
      “Some people don't want our country to regain strength.So, I want to make trouble secretly. “Said Hess.
      “What?This is absolutely unforgivable! “Bromberg had an angry look on his face.
      “Yes, such people should definitely be solved!”Admiral Randall agreed.
      “You should know that ernstrom, the leader of the stormtroopers, wants to be the defense chief and use the stormtroopers to transform the defense forces.It's just that I refused.This also made me and ROM break up.And Roma has repeatedly said publicly that he wants me to pay the price. “Said Hess.
      “Prime minister, those people in the Stormtrooper are not worried.Even if there are three million of them, they are just a mob.They want to transform the national defense forces, and they want to suppress their delusions.If they dare to have a change, the national defense forces will never let them go! “Admiral Bromberg made a statement immediately.
      The national defense forces have always been very dissatisfied with the stormtroopers. They think that they are the only armed force in the country and prohibit the emergence of other armed forces.
      The emergence of the stormtroopers and their attempt to annex the national defense forces have long dissatisfied the generals.
      Hess nodded and went on: “it's the same with Herman Goering.He wants to run the air force.But I know that he doesn't have the ability at all.It would be a disaster if the air force were handed over to him.So, I also rejected him.And now, he's with Roma. ”
      “Prime minister, the air force will fully support you!”Major general milch made a statement.
      As air force chief, he certainly would not allow Herman Goering to ride on his head.So, naturally, he will support Hess.
      However, the air force has just begun to recover and its strength is too weak.Among the national defense forces, there is no influence.
      “If it's just Roma and Goering, it's not a concern at all.What's more, I've got the news, and the royal family is involved. “Hess continued.
      “What?Is the royal family involved? “Admiral Bromberg and others couldn't help changing their faces.
      Although the royal family has been ousted for more than a decade.However, the influence of the royal family in this country is still very large.
      Especially in the national defense forces, many aristocratic generals and officers have close ties with the royal family.
      “Prince William appeared in Murakami, and had contact with the madman Rom.”Said Hess.
      After Hess finished, he looked at general Bromberg and others, as if waiting for them to make a choice.
      “Now that the royal family has left, they can't come back.In the last war, they lost.Naturally, I will be responsible for that! “Major general milch was the first to make a statement.
      “Yes, it's hard for our country to recover now.The national defense forces also have a bright future.No one can undermine the development of the country and the national defense forces! “Admiral Ryder also followed suit.
      Although the influence of the royal family is great, what the royal family did in the last war made everyone dissatisfied.
      Especially now, the national economy is gradually recovering.
      The national defense forces will also get rid of the shackles of the treaty and become strong again.
      If the royal family intervenes at this time, the impact will be very big.It may even affect the development of the country and the national defense forces.
      Hess didn't say much, but waited for Admiral Bromberg to say.
      After all, the army is the leader of the national defense forces.It is also the party most involved with the royal family.
      “Now that the royal family has left, it really shouldn't come back.The present situation has not come easily!No one can destroy it.Your excellency, the national defense forces will fully support you. “Admiral Bromberg made a choice.
      Hess was relieved to hear that admiral Bromberg had done so.
      “Well, with the support of the national defense forces, I will soon solve these problems.”Hess seemed confident.
      With the support of the national defense forces, everything is not a problem*
      Chapter 30 get ready to start (fifth watch, for collection, for flowers!)
      Bailin, the government.
      General Bromberg, the defense chief, is meeting with Marshal Hindenburg, the ruling Weimar state.
      The old Marshal with a legendary life is coming to the end of his life.Perhaps he himself knew that time was running out.
      “General Bromberg, it seems that we all underestimate Hess.Originally, I thought he was just a political speculator.A guy who does everything to achieve his own goal.However, his performance since he came to power has been very surprising.Whether it is to start to restore the economy or to support the development of the national defense forces, we have done a very good job. “Marshal Hindenburg made no secret of his praise for Hess.
      General Bromberg nodded. In fact, he did not expect that Hess would do so well when he became prime minister.
      “It's up to Hess to deal with this one.This time, the national defense forces will fully cooperate with him.In any case, it's not easy for the country to have a good situation, and it can't be affected by it! “Continued Marshal Hindenburg.
      He was an old man who lived through the glory of the Second Empire, from the peak of the country to the present.Naturally, we hope to rise again one day.
      For now, at least, Hess has done a good job.
      “Yes, your excellency.”Answered admiral Bromberg.
      “But, my Lord.Hess is crazy. Sometimes he is like a gambler.I'm afraid that he will lead the country to the abyss of disaster. “Admiral Bromberg was a little worried.
      “It is possible.But even worse, can it be worse than last time?I'm getting older and I'm getting worse.Maybe sometime, I'll see God.Next, it's up to you. “Marshal Hindenburg had a sense of hero's twilight.
      “Don't worry, sir.I will do my best to protect our countrySaid Admiral Bromberg.
      Marshal Hindenburg nodded. He was very optimistic about general Bromberg.
      In December 1933, the stormtroopers became more and more unrestrained.
      Across the country, stormtroopers are starting to create chaos.
      They denounced some of the cabinet's policies, even denigrated Hess.
      With the participation of other opposition forces and even the royal family, the domestic situation is getting worse.
      Many people are even more worried because of this, for fear that the good situation of the country will be ruined.
      At this time, Hess would not bear it any longer.
      Having won the full support of the national defense forces, he has enough strength to deal with all problems and challenges.
      12On the evening of August 8, Hess summoned Heinrich, Himmler, Paul Goebbels, Reinhart, Hedrich and others in prime minister's house.
      They are all at the top of the national social party. Of course, the other two are Herman Goering and Ernst ROM.
      However, the two of them have now become enemies, and it is them that Hess will solve this time, so he will not find them.
      “Everyone, I think you all understand this period of time, so I don't have to say more.Roma and Goering, they're not happy with my arrangements.So, you want to deal with me and pull me down.For this reason, they do not hesitate to cooperate with other opposition forces, even with the royal family!I can't stand that! “Hess was furious.
      No doubt, all the high-level officials at the meeting felt Hess's anger, and they were all sitting in a tight seat and did not dare to say anything more.
      Hess's position in the national social party is absolutely at its best.
      Even in the whole country, it has unparalleled influence.
      Enstrom and Herman Goering are trying to fight against Hess, which is a suicide.
      “Prime minister, can we talk to ROM and Goring again.After all, we were all comrades in arms.If we fight, it's all our strength that's lost. “Suggestions were made.
      “Well!Now that the matter is over, can it be settled peacefully?They want to oust the prime minister.Even, they have contact with other hostile forces, which is absolutely unforgivable! “Paul Goebbels is adamant.
      “Yes, now that they have done so, we can't blame them.We have to get rid of them! “Heinrich Himmler also said.
      Hess nodded. He had reached this point. Naturally, he would not miss the chance to solve enstrom and Herman Goering.
      “Now, there is no room for relaxation.So we can only do it first! “Hess also expressed his attitude.
      Other high-level officials turned to support Hess*
      Chapter 31 the sly Goering
      “Now that you have come to an agreement.Then, get ready to act. “Hess looked at the crowd.
      “Yes, Prime Minister!”Everyone answered.
      “Where are Heidrich, Goering and Rom?”Asked Hess.
      “Prime minister, Goering is still in Bolin.During this period, he constantly met with various forces.He even tried to get on the line with the military and constantly visited some powerful figures in the military. “Reinhardt said.
      “Well!It's just wishful thinking.General Bromberg has already told me.Under the Royal arrangement, some generals and officers met with Goering.However, those real power figures simply ignored Goering.It's just some unimportant people who get mixed up with him.General Bromberg's side, after this, will clean out those peopleSaid Hess with indifference.
      The military has made it clear that it will be on his side, and even if the royal family exerts influence, it can't change it.
      After all, he is leading the country to power.
      The national defense forces are also constantly recovering and developing.
      Under such circumstances, the generals and officers who support him are naturally more.
      Even if it's not enough to make the whole military loyal to him.However, many generals and officers have regarded him as an object of worship.
      When he really leads the future third empire to victory, these arrogant generals and officers will naturally be loyal to him.As for ordinary soldiers, they adore him even more.
      The other top management couldn't help laughing. In everyone's eyes, what Goering did was like a clown.
      Without the support of the military, Goering and ROM want to replace Hess, which is a delusion.
      “Roma stayed in the mud.During this period of time, he frequently met with the powerful figures in the stormtroopers.I want to twist the whole Stormtrooper team into a rope to fight against the prime minister. “Reinhardt Hedrich went on.
      Reinhardt Heidrich was ordered to keep an eye on Roma and Goering, and naturally sent a very elite force from the Gestapo to carry out this task.
      It can be said that every move of the two is under his control.
      “Roma is very smart. He knows that if he controls three million stormtroopers, it will be a very powerful force.”Rudolph Hess said.
      You know, the population of Weimar is only 66 million.
      The stormtroopers have already accounted for one in twenty-two.
      If their relatives and friends are included, almost half of them will be affected by the stormtroopers.
      Hess's eyes flashed a kill, since the stormtroopers have not listened to his orders, and even threatened him.Then, naturally, we can't stay any longer.
      “Get ready, Himmler, and I'll go to munihai.If ROM wants to die, he should be helped.The core leaders of the Stormtrooper team are all out.After that, the stormtroopers were disbanded.Some of the essence was absorbed by the SS and Gestapo.The rest are recruited by the national defense forces and then invested in national construction.Now is the time to need human resources. “Said Hess.
      “Yes, Prime Minister!”The rest replied.
      Rampant throughout the country, a large number of stormtroopers, will soon become history.
      Meanwhile, Herman Goering's house.
      The secretary is reporting to Goering.
      “Sir, someone has seen Himmler, Goebbels and Heidrich go to the prime minister's house.”
      Herman Goering's heart suddenly tightened, and he was acutely aware that Hess was about to start.
      “Damn it!Hess, are you ready to get rid of us? “Herman Goering couldn't help swearing.
      “What shall we do, sir?”The secretary was in a hurry.
      Herman Goering has been in contact with the IDF these days.
      But in fact, it has not achieved any effect at all.
      If Hess had killed now, they would not have been able to resist.
      The expression on Herman Goering's face is constantly changing, obviously thinking about countermeasures.
      “Hess is now in the ascendant.If you want to fight against him, it's just a mantis.Even with the support of the royal family, it's also death seeking.If we continue to oppose him, we will die! “Herman Goering looked decadent.
      “Sir, let's surrender.”The Secretary suggested.
      In this way, they may be marginalized or even lose power.
      But, at least, a small life can be saved.
      Herman Goering hesitated for a moment, then nodded: “OK, prepare the car and go to prime minister's house.”
      “Shall we inform your excellency Rom?”Asked the secretary.
      Herman Goering shook his head. “This time, Hess is going to be serious. Someone has to die.Let ROM die*
      Chapter 32 the night of long sword
      “Prime minister, here comes Goering!”Martin Bowman said to Hess.
      “Goering?What is he doing here? “Hess could not help frowning.
      He has just made a decision to take this opportunity to get rid of Goering.
      After listening to this, other senior executives were also very puzzled.
      “Let him in!”Hess decided to meet Goering first.
      “All right, Prime Minister!”Martin Bowman nodded.
      Then Goering's iconic, fat, bloated figure appeared in the conference room.
      When he saw other senior members of the national social security party, he could not help but feel nervous.
      He knew very well that he had been marginalized by Hess.Even he can be sure that these guys are gathering for a meeting to deal with him and Roma.
      Fortunately, he chose to come here on his own initiative.Otherwise, he would be dead this time.
      “What can I do for you, Goering?”Hess asked rudely.
      “Prime minister, up to now, I have to confess to you.ROM, that hateful guy should go to hell. He has betrayed you.He has decided to fight against you.He even contacted with other opposition forces and colluded with the royal family to drive you down from the position of prime minister. “Goering was filled with indignation, as if ROM were a heinous man.
      “Oh?Is that so?But why did I hear that you were among the people who jumped up and down with Rom? “Hess sneered.
      “No, prime minister, I have never thought of betraying you. I have always been loyal to you.I don't care if I can't run the air force. “Said Goering hastily.
      He knew that Hess really wanted to move them this time. If he didn't surrender completely, he would be dead.
      Hess could not help frowning. He knew that goring, a fat man, was so cunning that he realized something was wrong and immediately surrendered.In this case, he has no reason to kill this guy.
      Otherwise, it will certainly have a great impact.
      After all, Goering has a lot of influence in the party.
      “You didn't tell ROM about your coming here, did you?”Asked Hess.
      “No, prime minister, I promise!”Goering shook his head.
      “Well, in that case, I'll give you another chance.From now on, stay here honestly, no going anywhere, no contact with anyone.Otherwise, I will never let you go! “Said Hess viciously.
      “Yes, Prime Minister!”Goering replied quickly, acting very clever.
      He knew that if he didn't follow Hess's advice, he would be dead.
      Other high-level people, looking at Goering's eyes, inevitably with a trace of contempt.
      This guy betrayed ROM in order to survive.
      However, he was lucky to save his life.
      They knew that Hess had given orders to get rid of Goering.
      Now, of course, he has a way to live.
      However, it can be predicted that Goering will no longer be trusted and reused by Hess.His status, too, will decline sharply.And this is undoubtedly what many people are happy to see.
      “Mr. Bowman, keep an eye on Goering!”Said Hess.
      “All right, Prime Minister!”Martin Bowman replied.
      Goering was then taken out of the room.
      “Gentlemen, let's get ready to go!This time, we will win again.No one is going to beat us!After this time, we will be the real rulers of this country! “Said Hess.
      “Yes, Prime Minister!”Everyone answered.
      Hess and Himmler left Berlin on a special train for munihai.
      At the same time, the head of Gestapo, Reinhardt Heidrich, also began to operate in Berlin and around.
      This night is doomed to be a bloody night. I don't know how many people will be washed away and how many people will be killed without trial.
      With the full support of the military, Hess can do whatever he wants.
      He has made up his mind to take advantage of this opportunity to clean up the opponents.Not just Roma, but other opposition forces.
      In this case, the opposition will be dealt a heavy blow.For a long time to come, I'm afraid it will no longer pose a threat to him.
      “I am destined to have my hands covered with blood!But in order to win, they have to die.The whole country can only have one voice and one willOn the train going south, Hess muttered to himself*
      Chapter 33 bloody slaughter (third watch, for collection, for flowers!)
      Late at night, Bailin is very quiet.
      There are no pedestrians on the street, and the whole city seems to have fallen asleep.
      Sidecar motorcycles and trucks drove through the streets, full of heavily armed SS and Gestapo, with firm faces and grim eyes.The people selected for the mission were loyal to Hess.
      The stormtroopers are outside Bolin's headquarters, where several trucks are parked.
      Dozens of Party members, led by the Gestapo, rushed in directly.
      “Who are you?What are you doing?This is the StormtrooperA guard yelled.
      The guard fell to the ground at the sound of the gun.
      The gunshot awakened the people inside, and the people who were already sleeping ran out of the room.
      “Kill, not one!”Ordered the leading Gestapo.
      Fierce gunfire immediately rang out, all the people in the whole building were killed in more than ten minutes.
      The person in charge of the Stormtrooper in Bolin district was also arrested.
      “Why do you kill me?I'm a senior member of the Stormtrooper team. I know the prime minister! ”
      “Well!You have betrayed the prime minister, so you all have to die! “Gestapo snorted, and the pistol went straight to the other side's head.
      “No, I didn't.Please, let me go
      The gunfire went off and the bullet went straight through the head.
      “Go, go to the next place!”Ordered the Gestapo chief.
      A group of people left and drove to the next target.
      Tonight, they will be very busy, there are too many people to be washed out.
      Reinhardt Heidrich, as the person in charge of Gestapo and the red man around Hess, is definitely a real power figure.
      Even so, in this action, he also personally took part.
      It's not because of the shortage of manpower, but he needs to express his loyalty to Hess through his own practical actions.
      Even if many people call him the Hound of Hess, he doesn't care.
      He was even more than happy to be a hound for Hess.
      Because in this way, at least his ability has been brought into full play.
      Papen, now Deputy Prime Minister of the cabinet.
      At the beginning, Hess was able to take office because of his alliance with papen.
      This time, however, pappen also jumped up and down, trying to oust Hess.
      In that case, Hess would not let him go.
      Reinhardt hederich, himself, surrounded papon's house and rushed in.
      “Heidrich, what do you want to do?I'm the Vice Prime MinisterPappen, in his pajamas, was shaking with fright, but he was still fierce.
      “Vice Prime Minister, come with us. Don't make us embarrassed.”Reinhardt said with a smile.
      “Why do you arrest me?”Pappen raised his head.
      “Are you going to rebel?You are trampling on justicePiper's secretary, Herbert von boss, lashed out.
      Reinhardt Hedrich took out his pistol and fired.
      Persia, who was shot in the chest, fell to the ground on the spot.
      He didn't understand why Reinhardt hederich dared to kill him.You know, he is the Secretary of deputy prime minister papen!
      “Vice Prime Minister, do you have any questions?”Asked Reinhardt Hedrich.
      Pappen shook his head. The Secretary died in front of him, which made him lose the courage to resist.
      Then pappen was taken away.
      However, he was lucky that he was not killed.
      Because when Hess returned to Bolin, papen wept bitterly and fell on his knees in front of Hess, praying for his forgiveness.He also promised that he would be obedient to Hess and never betray him.
      Given papen's attitude and his influence in domestic politics, Hess spared his life.
      But Kurt von Schleicher, the last prime minister, was not so lucky.
      Kurt von Schleicher is also one of the most popular people in this anti Hess action.
      So Gestapo went straight into his house and shot Kurt von Schleicher and his wife.
      In addition, Glasgow Strasser et al.He is the leader of the left wing of the national social party.Almost all the people in this faction are against Hess.
      Then, naturally, they are also the targets of slaughter.
      On that night, Strasser in Glasgow was shot dead at home.
      As for another representative figure of the left wing, von Kar, he was even more miserable and was hacked to death with a sharp hoe.
      The whole faction has been bloody cleaned, and almost no one can escape*
      Chapter 34 you are a mean person
      As the Gestapo and SS cleaned up the stormtroopers and the opposition, the IDF also moved.
      The goal of the national defense forces is the stormtroopers all over the country.
      During this period, there have been a lot of Stormtrooper led violence throughout the country.
      Hess provided the IDF with a list of people on Roma's side.They're all the targets to be cleaned up this time.Because of the large number of people, Hess directly asked the IDF to do it.
      The national defense forces, of course, are happy to help.
      The contradiction between the national defense forces and the stormtroopers has existed for a long time.
      Ernstrom has always wanted to eliminate the Prussian aristocracy's leadership of the army, or let the three million stormtroopers annex the national defense forces, and make the national defense forces subordinate to the stormtroopers.
      This is absolutely unacceptable to the generals of the national defense forces.
      The generals of the national defense forces have long wanted to get rid of the stormtroopers.Even if there are a large number of stormtroopers, they are just scattered in the eyes of the national defense forces.
      In the face of the suppression of the national defense forces, the stormtroopers had little power to fight back.This is still the case when the national defense forces have not deployed heavy weapons, but the well-trained national defense forces are still not comparable to the stormtroopers.
      To use the national defense forces to deal with the stormtroopers is to kill chickens with ox knives.
      One after another, stormtroopers were pulled out, and the person in charge was arrested or shot.Anyone who dares to resist will be killed.The rest of the stormtroopers were as scared as quails.No more arrogance and arrogance.
      Soon, the stormtroopers will be history, they will be gone.
      The defense forces, the SS and Gestapo will divide the essence of the charge team.The rest of the other ordinary players, or when a common people.Anyway, now the economy is recovering and workers are needed everywhere.
      Munaihei, Stormtrooper headquarters.
      Ernstrom was drinking and having fun with the top brass of the stormtroopers.
      “Captain, we have news from Bolin that our people have been arrested or even slaughtered.The SS, the Gestapo and the IDF are all involved.Could it be that Hess has done something to us? “Hennas, Roma's confidant, was a little anxious.
      “No, hennas, no more than worry.Hess, who I know, won't do that.We have three million stormtroopers. If Hess wants to win the next election, he has to get our support. “Nstrom didn't care.
      In other words, the strong strength of the stormtroopers has made him lose himself.
      In his view, holding the Stormtrooper team, he has enough strength to confront Hess head-on.And Hess didn't dare break with him at all.
      Not to mention, this time he has the support of the royal family.
      Haynes nodded, and he thought Hess wouldn't be that crazy.
      But unfortunately, they did not guess that Hess chose to take risks this time.
      It is the so-called “long pain is better than short pain”. We should solve the stormtroopers by thunder and dig out this time bomb. He will not be threatened any more.As for the next election, Hess is not worried at all.
      Marshal Hindenburg will soon go to see God. When he becomes the ruler of Weimar, he will be the ruler, the prime minister and the commander of the armed forces.The power of the whole country is in his hands.
      There is no need to hold the next general election.
      12On the evening of September 9, Hess and Himmler arrived in munihe.
      The troops of the national defense forces stationed here will fully cooperate with him.Meanwhile, the SS and Gestapo are ready.
      “Where's Rom?”After getting off the train, Hess asked.
      “Prime minister, ROM is at the headquarters of the stormtroopers.”
      “Good, let's go straight there!”Hess nodded.
      After the order was given, Hess drove directly to the Stormtrooper headquarters.
      The national defense forces, the SS and the Gestapo took the first step, and after encircling the headquarters of the stormtroopers, they entered directly.
      “Asshole, who are you?This is the Stormtrooper headquarters!I'm ernstrom
      Asked nstrom aloud as he was pointed at the gun.
      “I'm sorry, we've been ordered to arrest you!”The officer in charge of the national defense force was indifferent.
      “You are looking for death!Get rid of themInstrom ordered.
      A lot of stormtroopers are ready to start, but the IDF, SS and Gestapo are moving much faster than them.
      Gunshots rang out and one after another stormtroopers were shot dead, including the backbone.
      Seeing this scene, nstrom yelled, and he finally understood that Hess was serious and wanted to kill him.
      “Hess, you are a mean man.You took advantage of me and the whole Stormtrooper team, and now you're selling us to the military again? “Roma roared angrily*
      Chapter 35 the death of ROM
      By the time Hess walked into the Stormtrooper headquarters, the IDF, SS and Gestapo were in control.
      Everyone, including ernstrom, was either killed or controlled.
      Most of the people were shivering. They looked at Hess with fear and anger.
      “And Rom?”Asked Hess.
      “In his office.”
      Hess nodded and went straight to ernstrom's office.
      When the door of the office was pushed open, Hess saw nstrom.
      Now nstrom, there is no initial panic.In other words, he has guessed his fate, so he has been appointed.
      “ROM, I never thought we would be where we are today!”Hess looks at nstrom.
      “Well!FALSE!Hess, you've always been so hypocritical.From beginning to end, we are your pieces.In order to become prime minister, you supported the development of the stormtroopers and promised us all kinds of benefits.But now, with the moustache down, you hook up with the IDF.You forget what mustache promised.Even more shamelessly betrayed us, betrayed us to those guys of the national defense forces.Hess, you are a mean person.You will go to hell after you dieROM pointed at Hess and yelled.
      “Enough, ROM, you're to blame for all this.If you had not been arrogant, forced the prime minister and even colluded with those opposition forces, it would not have been today.Now that you have decided to betray the prime minister, no wonder others. “Himmler stood up and defended Hess.
      “Well!Himmler, you're just a running dog of Hess.You are willing to be Hess's running dog for the sake of high office and power. “Roma snorted coldly. He looked down on Himmler at all.
      Himmler's face is very ugly. He looks at ROM like a dead man.He is very clear that this time Roma is dead, Hess will never let Roma have another chance to live.
      Hess looked at ROM coldly and did not refute his words.
      Indeed, he is a mean man.
      But if it's not mean, can it be Prime Minister?Can you be the master of the country's future?
      All he has done is for this country to rise again and change its destiny.
      “Himmler, let's go!”Said Hess, turning away.
      “All right, Prime Minister.”Himmler nodded and followed Hess away.
      “Hess, you wretch, you coward.Don't you want me to die?If you have the courage, you will kill me directly! “ROM broke out.
      But Hess didn't care at all.
      “Prime minister, what do you want to do with Rom?”Asked Himmler.
      “Since he wants to die, do as he wishes!”Said Hess.
      Himmler nodded.
      “Come on, give rom a pistol and let him kill himself!”Said Hess.
      “Yes, Prime Minister!”Replied SS Colonel Theodore Ike.
      Later, Colonel Theodore Ecker and Lieutenant Colonel Michelle belitt entered Roma's office.
      “Mr. ROM, the prime minister wants you to stop yourself.We'll give you ten minutes.Otherwise, we will be the only ones to carry out it. “Said Theodore Ike.
      “Asshole!Get out of here and tell Hess.If you want to kill me, he will do it himselfROM was furious.
      Theodore Ike took a cold look at ROM, said nothing more, and left the office with Lieutenant Colonel Michelle berry.
      “Damn itRoma watched the two leave, and couldn't help swearing.
      You know, Theodore Ike used to be in the stormtroopers, but later he joined the SS.
      “Well!Do you want me to commit suicide and put all kinds of charges on me?No way, I won't let you do itRoma had a look of disdain.
      Ten minutes passed quickly, but there was no gunfire in the office.
      Apparently, Rom refused to commit suicide.
      Theodore Ecker and Michelle bellitt push open the door of the office and enter.
      “Mr. ROM, have you given up this opportunity?”Asked Theodore Ike.
      “Go away!Come if you want to kill me?Let Hess come in person? “Snarled nstrom, tearing open his clothes and revealing his chest.
      Theodore Eck winked at Michelle bellitt.
      Michelle bellitt took out the pistol without hesitation.
      Gunshots rang out and the bullet hit nstrom in the chest.
      Blood flowed from his body, and his whole body fell to the ground.
      Perhaps, to death, he did not expect that these guys actually dare to kill him*
      Chapter 36 hands covered with blood
      When the gunshot rang out, Hess, resting on the sofa, opened his eyes.
      He knew that nstrom had been killed.
      You know, nstrom was one of his early comrades in arms.But now, he ordered the end of his life.
      Maybe it's a bit callous, but Hess doesn't regret it.
      The road to power is full of blood and killing.
      Only those who are truly ruthless can reach the peak of power.
      Along the way, I don't know how many people will fall down and lose their lives.
      “Himmler, am I too cold?”Asked Hess.
      “No, prime minister, it's ROM's way to death!”Himmler replied.
      Hess nodded in agreement with Himmler.
      “This time, I don't know how many people will die.However, for the sake of the rise of our country and nation, I will not hesitate! “Hess's eyes hardened.
      “Prime minister, I will firmly follow you and strive for our cause!”Said Himmler.
      Hess patted Himmler on the shoulder, though he knew Himmler might not mean it.But he didn't care.As long as he keeps getting stronger and winning.Then, no one would dare to oppose him or betray him.
      After the execution of ROM, Hess immediately returned to Berlin by train.
      Although the large-scale solution of those enemies and the dissolution of the stormtroopers this time will inevitably cause some confusion.However, he believes that everything will be stable soon.
      At the moment, Prince William is waiting for the news in a small town dozens of kilometers away from Mu Ni Hei.
      After he urged nstrom to oppose Hess, he hid himself.
      When he saw the stormtroopers start to do things nationwide, causing violence, Prince William no doubt very much looked forward to the chaos of the country.That way, the royal family will have a chance.
      Prince William is also very unlucky. Now he is 51 years old and has been the crown prince for decades.However, he had no chance to ascend the throne and become emperor.
      Not because of anything else, but because his father, second Emperor William II, was still alive.
      Although he is seventy-four years old, William II is still very strong.Therefore, it is impossible for Prince William to replace him.
      Not to mention, now the Second Empire has collapsed.
      Unless the royal family can come back to power, there will be no chance for him.
      “Your Highness, Hess has taken action.They began to arrest the leader of the Stormtrooper.Even many people who opposed Hess were arrested or even shot
      “What?How dare that guy be so bold? “Prince William was stunned. He didn't seem to think that Hess would be so decisive.
      “Your Highness, I'm afraid ROM will be finished. It's not safe here. Let's go!”
      “Damn it!How could that be?Does he dare to kill me? “Prince William is very reluctant.
      “Your Highness, Hess is a madman. There's nothing he doesn't dare to do.Especially this time, I am afraid he has the full support of the national defense forces.That's why he's so unscrupulous. ”
      “Asshole!Those guys from the national defense forces, have they betrayed the royal family? “Prince William's face became very ugly.
      All along, the army controlled by Prussian nobles was the foundation of the royal family.
      Now, it seems, the army no longer believes in the royal family and has chosen Hess.
      This is definitely not good news for the royal family.
      Without the support of the army, the royal family wants to come back to power, which is just wishful thinking.
      “Come on, let's get out of here!”Ordered Prince William.
      He knew it would be hard to succeed this time.
      If it doesn't work out, Hess will get back at him and take his life.So Prince William chose to escape temporarily.
      Save your life first, then you will have more opportunities.
      Half an hour later, the gestapos rushed into Prince William's house.
      But they found that it was already empty.
      Prince William and his party have left. They have left the Weimar kingdom to replace reish and return to the kingdom of Netherland to seek new opportunities.
      Under the bloody killing, the night of long sword is finally over.
      Thousands of people were killed in a two-day mass operation for him.Among them, the leader of the Stormtrooper team was almost wiped out.In addition, a large number of political opponents have also been killed without trial.
      Thousands of people have been arrested in various names, and it will be very difficult to be released.
      Although it makes his hands bloody, it brings him a step closer to the peak of power*
      Chapter 37 the end of an era
      “Your Highness, Prince William and others have fled.Our people are a little late. By the time they arrive, they are empty. “Reinhardt Hedrich reports.
      Hess nodded, and he understood.
      Prince William is also the former prince. How can he be so easy to kill?Even if the Second Empire collapsed, but with the royal heritage, still has a very strong strength.
      “The Gestapo then stepped up its surveillance of the royal family.This time they failed.However, they will never give up.Next time, they will find another chance to deal with us. “Said Hess.
      “Don't worry, Prime Minister. We will never let the royal family have another chance.”Reinhardt Hedrich is confident.
      “Good, that's it.Next, the Gestapo will also focus on monitoring various places. I believe there must be some people who are against us hiding.You have to find a way to find them
      “Yes, Prime Minister!”
      “Prime minister, what will papen do?He has been scared out of his wits. He has shown his obedience to you and will be obedient to you from now on. “Said Himmler.
      Hess thought about it, and then said, “spare his life.Warn him, if you dare to play tricks, we can kill him anytime, anywhere! ”
      After all, papen is the deputy prime minister, who has great influence in the cabinet and politics.If you kill him, I'm afraid it will have a great impact.
      “Yes, Prime Minister!”Himmler nodded.
      “Ladies and gentlemen, after this time, we have preliminarily eliminated those opposition forces.Our influence in China will be further enhanced.But we can't relax.I believe there will still be a large number of opponents trying to pull them down.Even want my life.The only thing we can do is to develop our economy and make people's life better and better.In this way, more people will naturally support us! “Said Hess.
      “Yes, Prime Minister!”Everyone answered.
      Little by little, the large-scale infrastructure construction implemented by Hess has achieved initial results.
      Large scale infrastructure construction has stimulated economic development.At the same time, people's livelihood has been restored.
      The unemployment rate has dropped significantly and many people have jobs.
      Although life is still very hard, but will not be starved to death.Even occasionally, people have meat and butter on their tables.
      This makes the people who have been suffering for a long time very happy.They can feel that their lives are getting better and better.Along with that, their support for Hess is getting higher and higher.
      In the twinkling of an eye, it has entered the summer of 1934.
      After more than a year of development, the domestic economy has been significantly improved.It can even be said that they have come out of the economic crisis.
      The first phase of the national defense force expansion plan has also been completed.
      The first armored division that Hess has been focusing on has been formed and equipped with advanced wolf light tanks.Next, the second and third armored divisions will also be formed.
      These three armored divisions will become the main forces of the national defense forces for a long time.It is also the sharp knife unit that Hess is going to carry out military operations.
      At this time, marshal Hindenburg, who had a legendary life in Weimar, had come to the end of his life.
      Hess clearly remembered that marshal Hindenburg died on August 2.It's not far away from this day.
      8On January 1, Hess went to the bailiff's government for a final meeting with Marshal Hindenburg.
      When Hess saw Marshal Hindenburg, he knew that the old man had run out of oil and the lamp had run out.
      “Prime minister, although I didn't agree with you at the beginning.But I have to admit that you've done a good job for more than a year. “Hindenburg said this with difficulty.
      “Your Excellency, I will do my best to lead our country to rejuvenation.”Hess knew what Marshal Hindenburg was most concerned about.
      Marshal Hindenburg laughed and nodded: “well, the IDF will give you full support.I'll watch it in heaven. ”
      “Your Excellency, I promise, I will never let you down!”Hess was determined.
      Then Hess left.
      After stepping out of the government, his mood is a bit complicated.
      In fact, he was looking forward to the death of Marshal Hindenburg, so that he could really reach the peak of power.But at the same time, he was also very much in love with marshal pechindenburg.
      However, life, old age, illness and death are natural laws, and no one can escape them.
      1934Marshal Hindenburg passed away on August 2, 1956.This marks the end of an era, a new era has come*
      Chapter 38 The Third Empire
      After the death of Marshal Hindenburg, Weimar held a grand memorial ceremony.
      On the day of Marshal Hindenburg's funeral, the whole park was empty.
      Countless people spontaneously saw off the legendary marshal.
      In particular, the funeral of Marshal Hindenburg was held by almost all the generals and principal officers of the national defense forces.
      As prime minister, Hess naturally attended the funeral.Over the past year, the generals of the national defense force have changed their attitude towards Hess.
      Most of the generals and officers have identified with him.Especially after the death of Marshal Hindenburg, Hess naturally gained the loyalty of these generals.
      You know, in the current national defense forces, there is no one who can compare with it in prestige, nor is he qualified to replace the position of Marshal Hindenburg.
      Under such circumstances, it is understandable that Hess became the commander of the army.
      After the funeral of Marshal Hindenburg, there was a general election in Weimar.
      In this election, no one competed with Hess.So Hess became the only candidate for power.
      People all over the country went out to vote.
      This day, Hess has been in his office, did not go out.
      Although he knows that his election to power is a foregone conclusion.
      However, how many votes he can get is his concern.Another time and space, after the death of Marshal Hindenburg, moustache did not hold a ruling election.Instead, a bill was passed by the cabinet, declaring that the ruling power was temporarily suspended and transferred to the prime minister, which made mustache the ruling power and concurrently the prime minister.At the same time, he became the supreme commander of the armed forces.
      Originally, Hess could do the same.But he knew that many people would object to doing so.
      Even if they don't dare to do anything about him, it will undoubtedly leave hidden dangers.
      Therefore, Hess simply held a general election.He firmly believes that he will succeed.
      Sure enough, perhaps because of the shock of the long sword night at the end of last year, no one dared to compete with him.
      Now the only thing that worries Hess is that he doesn't know how many people will support him.He also hopes to get more support.In this case, it represents his prestige in this country.
      “Hess, you are the best. No one can compete with you.”Anne Ballack was with Hess.
      Hess nodded: “I know.But I want to know how many people support me and how many people oppose me in this country.In this way, I will know my shortcomings. ”
      “Hess, I'll stand by you no matter what!”Annie Ballack said affectionately.
      Hess holds Anne Ballack in her arms.
      Time passed quickly. After sunset, the general election ended.
      Each counting point started the intense counting work.
      Because Hess is the only candidate, voters have only two choices after voting, either support or oppose.There is no other choice.
      The vast majority of the people are satisfied with the policies implemented by Hess since he came to power.But there are also a small number of people against him.Those whose interests have been damaged, in particular, will naturally oppose him.
      At 9 p.m., Deputy Prime Minister papen, who was in charge of the selection, and interior minister hederich Himmler delivered the election results.
      “Prime minister, congratulations on your successful election!”Pappen's face was full of smiles.
      After last year's knife night, pappen has become a complete running dog of Hess.
      “Prime minister, we won!”Himmler is even more excited.
      “How many opponents are there?”Hess took a deep breath.
      Of course, it's not surprising that he will be elected.
      After all, it would be strange if he was the only candidate to lose the election.
      “9.94 percent.”Said Himmler.
      “HooHess breathed a long sigh of relief.
      9.94% of the people oppose him, that is to say, 90.06% support him.
      It's not easy. More than 90% of the people support him.
      This means that he has won absolute popular support.
      “Good.However, there is still room for improvement and improvement! “Said Hess.
      Then Hess came to the balcony on the second floor and waved to the cheerers.
      “Thank you!We won!From now on, this country will enter a new era.I hope that we will create a new and powerful empire.The third empireCried Hess.
      “Long live!Long live the third empireSupporters cheered*
      Chapter 39 grand wedding
      Hess won the election with absolute support and became the ruling president.
      At the same time, it directly declared the establishment of a strong third empire.
      This has caused an uproar at home and around the world.
      After Hess took office, he did not step down as prime minister, but continued to be prime minister.At the same time, he also served as the supreme commander of the armed forces.
      Although some people are dissatisfied with this, they think that Hess broke the rules.
      However, Hess now has absolute power.At the same time, there is military support.Plus the SS and Gestapo's crackdown on the opposition.In the whole country, there is basically no voice of opposition.
      So many foreign media claim that Hess has become the new emperor.
      Although he was not the emperor in name, he became the emperor in substance.Even, he had more power than the emperor.
      This aroused the attention and even vigilance of the allies.
      Especially in Gaul and Flanders.
      Gaul and the third empire are feuds.Over the past 100 years, wars have been breaking out on both sides.Since Napoleon's time, wars have been going on all the time.
      It can be said that Gaul is absolutely unwilling to see the rise of the third empire.Therefore, at the last peace meeting of the tower city, they asked to weaken the enemy to the maximum extent.
      The Gauls knew very well that once the third empire rose again, they would find revenge.In time, Gaul will certainly suffer.Therefore, they tried every means to prevent the rise of the third empire.
      However, the ravages of the economic crisis made Gaul miserable.
      This makes it impossible for Gaul to take substantive action at all.After all, sending troops also needs money.If we want to fight, we need a lot of military expenditure.When the cannon goes off, it's ten thousand taels of gold.
      In particular, if they did not get the support of the sun never setting Empire and rely on Gaul alone, they would not have the confidence to fight against the third empire.
      In the last war, although the Second Empire failed, it also caused great losses to the Gauls, and almost beat them out.
      After Hess came to power, he continued to vigorously develop the domestic economy.At the same time, further expansion of armaments.
      Although it is still a secret expansion of military power, there is no impermeable wall in the world. Paper can't contain fire.
      In fact, the Allies were well aware of the arms expansion of the third empire.It's just that they don't want to break up with the third empire at this time, so they just pretend they don't know.
      This made the military forces of the Third Reich almost expand on the surface.
      1934At the end of September, Hess and Anne Ballack held a grand wedding in Berlin.
      Although the body is 40 years old, it is also the first time to get married.That makes Hess nervous.
      All the military and political figures, celebrities and business tycoons of the third empire attended Hess's wedding.In addition, they gave valuable gifts.
      These gifts alone will be enough for Hess and Anne Ballack, and their descendants, to spend two or three lives.
      Anne Ballack's parents, on the other hand, are not happy.Even if Hess was in power in the Third Reich, he was too old.
      You know, Hess is 20 years older than Anne Ballack.Almost the same age as Mr. Barak.
      I'm afraid most people won't accept their daughter's marriage to someone their age.
      In particular, Hess's identity is so special that it will naturally cause many people's bad associations.
      But Annie Ballack loves Hess very much, even crazy.
      Her parents had nothing to do with him.
      The wedding was conducted in the traditional way.
      Under the leadership of the bishop of Berlin, Hess and Anne Ballack became legal couples.
      This is fundamentally different from another time and space.
      Another time and space Hess, who didn't know what he was possessed with, flew a plane to run away from the sun never setting Empire when the third empire was in full swing and the whole European continent was under threat.Even in later generations, this mystery has not been solved.Anne Ballack, on the other hand, is the object of abandonment.
      In this time and space, it's all different.
      Hess has married Anne Ballack.
      Besides, Hess is ready to raise his own children.
      He firmly believed that in the future war, the Third Empire would win.
      So, what does it matter to marry and have children*
      Chapter 40 population growth plan
      The wedding of Hess and Anne Ballack has been blessed by many people.
      Many of his supporters even spontaneously went outside the government to support them and express their blessing.
      Anne Ballack is very happy and happy.For a woman, being able to be with the people she likes is undoubtedly a kind of happiness.
      After the wedding, Hess and Anne Ballack took a week-long honeymoon trip.
      In his capacity, it is impossible to leave the third empire.So you can only go to a castle in the Alps for a holiday.
      Even in this process, Hess is very busy.
      A large number of government and military affairs were sent to him by telegram and telephone, waiting for his reply.
      But even so, Anne Ballack is very happy.This is the first time that Hess has been with her for such a long time.
      After his honeymoon, Hess returned to Bolin to continue his busy work.
      A month later, the private doctor told Hess that Anne Ballack was pregnant.
      This makes Hess very excited, previous life and this life together, two lives, he is about to have his own offspring.
      Annie Ballack was very happy and relieved to see Hess.She knew that Hess didn't seem to like children before.
      For more than a year, she has been with Hess.He was also acutely aware that Hess had changed a lot, even his living habits, just like a completely changed person.Moreover, Hess's physical fitness seems to be very good, very young, not like a middle-aged man in his forties at all.
      Annie Ballack also doubted whether Hess had been switched.
      But she had to admit that the changed Hess made her even more addicted.So, she naturally accepted all this.
      1934At a cabinet meeting in October, he put forward a new plan.
      “Gentlemen, the Third Reich is out of the economic crisis.However, I found a very big problem that has been bothering us all the time.That is, our population is too small!The whole third empire had only 66 million people.Although, in Europe as a whole, only less than the bear League.But that is still not enough.Excellent Germanic people must be further improved in number! “Said Hess.
      “Yes, I fully agree with your excellency.We need more people to build our country and strengthen our nation. “Pappen was the first to say yes.
      The other members of the cabinet naturally gave their unconditional support.
      Now the third empire is completely in the hands of Hess.His will, like the will of the gods, no one dares to object.
      “In this case, the population growth plan will be implemented from next year in the name of the cabinet.If conditions permit, families should have at least three children.The imperial government gave special birth allowance to every family.In addition, education and medical care are also inclined to them.Ten years from now, the population of the third empire will exceed 100 million! “Said Hess.
      “Yes, your excellency!”Everyone replied.
      Next, the propaganda department in charge of Paul Goebbels began to vigorously promote the population problem of the third empire, and instilled in the people the necessity of having more children and strengthening the Germanic nation.Let the people of the Empire realize the benefits of the rising population for the Empire and the nation.
      Especially after the imperial government and their wives set an example and began to raise their children for the Empire and the Germanic nation, the people were shocked.
      You know, the ruling Lord is 45 years old and still raises children, which is undoubtedly worth learning for many people.
      This made many couples who had no family planning put children on the agenda.
      Originally, many families with only two children are also planning to have a third child.
      It can be said that his words and deeds have affected all the people.
      The reason why Hess carried out the population growth plan is entirely for the future.
      Maybe it's too late to encourage childbearing in the next war.
      However, the increasing number of newborns can undoubtedly leave seeds for this country and nation.
      Twenty years later, when these new babies grow up one after another, the country and nation will become more powerful.
      Even in the future war, a large number of young people will be lost.
      But as the children grow up, the lost population can be replenished.
      This will enable the Third Reich to achieve greater development in the future, even no longer afraid of failure*
      Chapter 41 bf-109 fighter
      “Mr. Bowman, do I have any plans for the afternoon?”Hess asked after he had finished his business.
      Eva Braun's stomach has grown up, and Hess is used to accompany her for a period of time after dealing with government affairs and official business.
      Even though he was busy with his business for only a short time every day, Anne Ballack was very satisfied.
      Such days were almost unimaginable.
      “I'm afraid not today, sir.We're going to the air force to see the performance of the air force's new fighters. “Martin Bowman said.
      “Well, say sorry to the lady for me.”Hess nodded.
      The air force's new fighters were equipped with troops, which was a big deal. Of course, Hess had to watch them himself.
      At his request, the air force of the Third Reich developed very rapidly in this time and space, and at the same time, many detours were avoided.
      As a result, the development process of many new fighters has been shortened a lot.
      Hess even summoned the designer of bf-109 fighter, William Messer Schmidt, to discuss the design of new fighter with him.
      In the end, William Mercer Schmidt had a sense of astonishment.
      He really did not expect that the great ruling party had such profound attainments in aircraft design. These opinions made him suddenly enlightened.This naturally accelerates the design of aircraft.
      By the time Hess arrived at the air force airport, the air force generals had arrived.
      “Good afternoon, your excellency!”Major general milch, the air force chief, major general Katherine, major general speler, and others all came up.
      “Good afternoon, my generals!”Hess had a smile on his face.
      “Is everything ready, Mr. Messer Schmidt?”Asked Hess.
      “Sir, everything is ready.I'm sure it's the most advanced fighter in the world! “William Mercer Schmidt is obviously very confident in the fighter he designed.
      Hess, surrounded by the crowd, came to the runway of the airport and saw the beautiful fighter plane parked there.
      It's a single engine, single wing fighter with streamlined fuselage, long nose, all glass cockpit, retrievable landing gear, and all metal fuselage and wings.
      This is definitely ahead of the world in this era.
      “Your Excellency, this fighter has been tested and its performance is excellent.When diving down from high altitude to launch the attack, the maximum speed reached 710 km / h.This is definitely the fastest plane of our time.The nose is equipped with a 20 mm machine gun, and the wings are equipped with a 12.7 mm aircraft gun.The maximum range is 1300 kilometers. “Major general milch introduced Hess.
      Hess nodded with satisfaction. After his proposal, this space-time bf-109 fighter is more powerful than another one.It mainly solves the problem of short legs.
      Another time and space bf-109 fighter, only 900 km range.Even when the Third Reich air force bombed the sun never setting Empire, it could not even provide full escort for the bombers, so that it suffered heavy losses in the bombing operation.
      After adding 400 kilometers of voyage, at least in the future, the bombing will be able to get full protection when the sun does not set.
      Especially in terms of speed, it is absolutely ahead of the world.
      The old enemy gallians have just completed the first flight of the d.510 fighter, and its maximum speed is just over 400 km.Compared with bf-109 fighter, it is a big gap.
      The hurricane fighter under development of the sun never setting Empire has a maximum speed of only 500 km.Moreover, with the development speed of the sun does not set Empire, I am afraid it will not be able to serve until 1937.
      As for the Maoxiong alliance in the East, the I-15 fighter, which has just begun mass production and service, is still an old-fashioned biplane with a maximum speed of only 400 km.The more advanced I-16 fighter has a maximum speed of more than 500 kilometers, but its range is too short and is still under development.If you want to serve, you'll have to wait until the second half of next year at least.
      The eagle sauce country on the other side of the ocean has not yet grown into Uncle Sam who is hanging all over the world. At most, it is just a young Sam.In the field of aviation, it is far from comparable with the western world.The old biplane, the first generation monoplane, the P-36 fighter, is still in use. It will not be developed until next year when the Chinese Army Air Force puts forward relevant requirements.
      It can be said that the early birth of bf-109 fighter makes the third empire in the aircraft carrier has been in the leading position in the world.
      Then, the bf-109 fighter took off and began its air show.
      Its lightning speed and powerful firepower greatly satisfied everyone.
      Hess immediately indicated that if there were no problems, large-scale mass production could be carried out to equip the troops*
      Chapter 42 the strongest air force
      “This is the most advanced aircraft, an epoch-making aircraft!The Third Reich air force will become the most powerful aircraft in the world because of this aircraft.Mr. Messer Schmidt, thank you for designing such an advanced aircraft for the Third ReichHess exclaimed.
      “Your Excellency, I'm ashamed.If it had not been for the forward-looking designs put forward by your excellency, our design would not have been successful so soon. “Said William Mercer Schmidt.
      “Is the factory ready?When can mass production take place.The air force needs to train as soon as possible. “Said Hess.
      “Your Excellency, the factory is ready. The production line and installation are ready.Mass production is available at any time. “Said William Mercer Schmidt.
      “Good, then mass production will start now.How much can the output reach? “Asked Hess.
      “Your Excellency, we are now at full power and can produce more than 150 aircraft a month.”Answered Mercer Schmidt.
      Hess shook his head. “No, it's too small.The monthly output should be increased to at least 500! ”
      “GodWilliam Mercer Schmidt was completely stunned.
      If 500 are produced in a month, it will be 6000 in that year!Does the air force of the Third Reich need so many fighters?
      Even the top of the air force of the Third Reich was shocked.After all, there must be enough pilots to produce so many airplanes!You can't park at the airport, can you?
      “You have to believe that the size of the Third Reich air force will continue to expand.We need a lot of fighters.The air force should expand its scale and train more pilots.At the same time, more fighters are needed. “Hess seemed confident.
      He clearly remembers that in another time and space, the third empire produced 33000 bf-109 fighters.It's just this fighter.
      Therefore, even if the monthly production is increased to 500, it is not much.
      In the future war, if the third empire wants to gain decisive advantage and seize the air supremacy, it will be very necessary to equip enough bf-109 fighters.
      “Yes, your excellency.Next, we will arrange more production lines.,We will strive to double the output next year.The next year, it will be raised to 500 a month. “Said Mercer Schmidt.
      Hess nodded. He knew the capabilities of the Ibaraki aircraft factory, unless it was in wartime.Otherwise, it is very difficult to further improve the output.
      “The air force should immediately carry out adaptive training after receiving the fighter.By March next year, we will have at least five fighter wings with combat effectiveness! “Said Hess.
      “Yes, your excellency!”Major general milch replied.
      The air force establishment of the Third Reich consisted of two fighters in a two aircraft formation, divided into long aircraft and wingmen.Two two aircraft formation, namely four aircraft for a small team.Three squadrons, or twelve aircraft, form a squadron.Three squadrons plus four spare aircraft, that is, 40 aircraft, form a brigade.Three brigades, or 120 aircraft, form a wing.Five regiments, or 600 aircraft, form an air force.
      At present, the number of pilots in the Third Reich air force has grown to nearly 2000.
      But the aircraft is not equipped with much, except for some old Fogg aircraft as a trainer, there are no other advanced fighters.
      After large-scale mass production of bf-109 fighters, they will be able to equip large-scale units with such advanced combat effectiveness.
      Once the number of equipment reaches 600, it will be enough to compete with other countries at this stage.
      Even though the number of Gauls' aircraft is far more than that of the Third Reich, the performance of their fighters is too backward. In front of the bf-109 fighters of the Third Reich, they are rubbish.Only those who have been ravaged.
      “What about the bombers?”Hess looks at major general Catherine.
      In the air force, major general Katherine is responsible for the formation of the bomber force.
      “Sir, the air force bombers are under intensive development.There are two types of fighters, the ju-87 dive bomber and the ju-88 medium bomber.It is expected that the research and development work will be completed and mass production will begin at the beginning of next year. “Major general Catherine replied.
      Hess nodded.
      “Well, the formation of bombers also needs to be accelerated.”Said Hess.
      A strong air force cannot have only fighters but no bombers.
      The ju-87 bomber, also known as the Stuka dive bomber.Although the missile load and range are not outstanding, they can dive at an angle of nearly 90 degrees to accurately hit the target.
      Hans ruder, the ace bomber pilot of World War II, piloted the Stuka dive bomber, which destroyed 519 tanks, 150 artillery positions, more than 1000 other vehicles, 70 small ships, three fighters, sank and injured a battleship, two cruisers and a destroyer respectively.Such a fighter plane is against the sky.
      The ju-88 medium-sized bomber was also chosen by Hess after weighing.This is an advanced fighter with a missile carrying capacity of 3 tons and a maximum range of 2700 km. Its performance is more advanced than that of he-111*
      Chapter 43 underwater wolves
      Bf-109 fighters, ju-87 dive bombers and ju-88 medium bombers are definitely the star weapons of the Third Reich air force during World War II.These three kinds of fighters all compose the glory of the air force of the Third Reich.
      Under the leadership of Hess, these three fighters are developed in advance and will continue to improve.This will make the Third Reich air force more powerful.In the future war, it will be able to occupy a greater advantage.
      Although time was running out, Hess was satisfied with the development of the air force.
      Compared with another time and space, the air force of the Third Reich in this time and space will develop more rapidly, and it can take fewer detours and make less useless things.Thus, limited resources can be saved to produce more practical fighters.
      For example, in another time and space, the air force of the Third Reich did not have the heavy bombers.The eagle sauce man on the other side of the ocean built three powerful four engine heavy bombers, namely B-17, B-24 and B-29.There is no doubt about the role of heavy bombers. In the later period of the third empire, they were bombed by these heavy bombers, which led to the weakening of war potential?
      Therefore, in this time and space, the air force of the Third Reich must have its own heavy bombers and set up its own strategic bombers to carry out strategic strikes against the enemy.
      Especially when dealing with the Maoxiong alliance, in the face of the vast territory of the Maoxiong alliance, ordinary medium-sized bombers could not attack the Maoxiong heavy industry base in the hinterland.Heavy bombers are not the same, enough to destroy the bear's heavy industrial base.Once these heavy industrial bases are destroyed, even if the bear has a strong population advantage, it will not be able to arm enough soldiers to defeat the third empire.
      After his inspection of the air force, Hess rushed nonstop to port Kiel, the site of the naval headquarters of the Third Reich.
      The Third Reich Navy's x-ship building plan has been implemented for more than a year, and it is time to achieve initial results.
      By the time Hess's special train entered port Kiel, Admiral Ryder and lieutenant general Donitz were already waiting at the railway station.
      “Your Excellency, welcome to port Kiel.”Admiral Ryder was very enthusiastic.
      Hess's speech to the navy was very strong. He allocated enough military funds to the Navy, which naturally made the Navy's generals support him very much.
      “Sir, you have worked hard.”Hess nodded.
      “Your Excellency, shall we go to the headquarters first, or to the wharf?”Asked admiral Ryder.
      “Go to the submarine base.How are our wolves? “Hess is very concerned about that.
      Although the navy of the third empire began to rebuild, it was gradually revived.
      However, compared with the powerful enemy, the navy of the Third Reich was not a bit worse. It was really a short board.
      At the beginning of the war, I'm afraid we can only strike the enemy by means of asymmetric war.
      Submarine, a weapon hidden under the water, has become an important weapon for the navy of the Third Reich to defeat the enemy.
      “Your Excellency, the first 12 UV II submarines have been put into service.Next, we will not build such submarines, but build UV Ⅱ C submarines with larger displacement. “Lieutenant general Donitz said.
      UV II submarine has a displacement of only 300 tons and a maximum speed of 13 knots on the surface and 8 knots underwater.The crew is 25 people, equipped with a 20 mm anti-aircraft gun and three 533 mm torpedo tubes, which can carry five torpedoes.
      The UVic submarine, on the other hand, is much larger, with a water displacement of 769 tons and an underwater displacement of 850 tons.The maximum speed is 17 knots on the surface and 8 knots underwater.The water surface range has reached 8500 nautical miles, and the underwater range has reached 80 nautical miles.In terms of armament, it is equipped with an 88 mm naval gun, a 20 mm antiaircraft gun and five 533 mm torpedo tubes, carrying a total of 14 torpedoes.
      This kind of performance is already very strong.
      The u-vii submarine is only a training submarine for the submarine forces of the third Imperial Navy.
      The next large-scale mass-produced UVic submarine is the main combat submarine.
      Hess was on the dock, visiting the u-vii submarine.
      Although it looks very simple, this kind of submarine has become the cradle of the Third Reich to cultivate submarine soldiers.
      They will become the warriors of the navy of the Third Reich, overcoming all kinds of difficulties and fighting against the powerful enemy in a narrow space.Many people will sleep in the deep sea.
      There is no doubt that they are the real warriors, the real heroes.
      Later, Hess went to the shipyard and visited the UVic submarine under construction. He was full of praise for this kind of submarine.
      “General Donitz, I now appoint you commander of the submarine force of the Third Reich Navy.I hope you can lead these underwater wolves and tear up powerful enemies! “Said Hess.
      “Your Excellency, I'm glad to help you!”Answered lieutenant general Donitz*
      Chapter 44 Qi Bolin class aircraft carrier
      “Your Excellency, the UVic submarine will be the main force of the next submarine force of the Imperial Navy.Major shipyards have received orders from the navy to start building this submarine.Now, thirty six UVic submarines are under construction on the slipway. “Said Admiral Ryder.
      Hess nodded. He remembered that in another time and space, the third empire had built 688 UVic submarines.
      The actual combat proved that this submarine is undoubtedly a very good performance, or very practical submarine.
      This submarine in the Atlantic Ocean, but also to the enemy caused extremely heavy losses.
      In this time and space, the third empire will also vigorously build this submarine.
      Of course, further improvements will be made on this basis to build a more powerful submarine.If we can build a submarine with AIP System, it would be better.
      In that case, the submarine can dive underwater for a long time, and its speed will be further improved.Such submarines are the real underwater killers.Unlike the current submarines, most of the time they can only sail on the water, and only when they fight can they dive into the water for a short time.
      “General Donitz, what about submarine tactical exercises?”Asked Hess.
      “Your Excellency, the submarine forces have started to use your wolf pack tactics during the exercise.After demonstration, this is definitely a very suitable tactic for submarine troops.Once the imperial submarine forces grow up, we will implement wolf pack tactics on a large scale in the Atlantic Ocean in the future.This is absolutely a disaster for our enemies! “Lieutenant general Donitz was excited.
      Wolf pack tactics are indeed very suitable for submarines. Once several or even more than ten submarines form a wolf pack in the ocean, it will pose a huge threat to the enemy.
      Once the submarine troops of the third empire appear in large numbers in the Atlantic Ocean, the Empire will have a headache if the sun does not set.Even if the shipping lines were cut off, the powerful empire would be vulnerable.
      After discussing with Lt. Gen. Donitz what the submarine force should pay attention to in its future use, Hess continued to visit the shipyard.
      In the shipyard, there are a large number of warships under construction.
      And the most eye-catching is undoubtedly the aircraft carrier that is gradually forming on the huge slipway.
      Hess and a group of people also came to the berth.
      Another time and space, the Third Reich Navy's Qi Bolin class aircraft carrier has not been completed, only 85% of the construction has been completed, and it has to stop because there are no resources.
      At that time, the third empire was short of resources, and the army, navy and air force needed a lot of resources.The army's Tiger tanks, leopard tanks, all kinds of assault guns and armored vehicles all need to consume a lot of steel.
      A large number of fighters and antiaircraft guns of the air force also need to consume a lot of resources.
      The navy is also a big consumer of resources.Especially for large surface warships.The displacement of each H-class battleship is more than 55000 tons.The displacement of Bismarck Class Battleships also reached more than 40000 tons.If you add a ticket of battlecruisers and mini battleships, you will need to consume more resources.
      But in this time and space, Hess cut down the construction plans of those battleships, battlecruisers and pocket battleships, and used all his resources to submarines, aircraft carriers and aircraft carrier escort battleships.
      In this way, we will still face the problem of resource shortage.
      However, with the strength of the Third Reich, there should be no problem in completing the 12 aircraft carriers in plan X.
      What's more, these 12 aircraft carriers are not built at one time.Only four ships were built in the first batch, and the construction of the next eight ships will not start until these four ships are completed.
      By that time, perhaps the third empire will have won an overwhelming victory on the European continent and be able to use more resources.
      “Your Excellency, this is the first ship of Qi Bolin class aircraft carrier, Qi Bolin.The other three were built in other shipyards.It's just that we don't have the experience of building aircraft carriers.It has not even been more than ten years since large surface ships were built.So, construction is slow.It is estimated that it will take three years to complete the construction. “Said Admiral Ryder.
      Hess nodded. Three years was not short, but it was acceptable.
      With the current shipbuilding strength of the third empire, it can't be compared with Eagle sauce.
      With the increasing strength of the third empire, even after the integration of the whole Europe in the future, it will make the third empire have more powerful industrial power.It's not even worse than Eagle sauce.
      Hess looked at the aircraft carrier “Qi Bolin” on the berth, his eyes were blazing. This was the hope for the revival of the navy of the third empire*
      Chapter 45 the revival of the Navy
      “Your Excellency, Qi Bolin class aircraft carrier, with standard displacement of 24500 tons, full displacement of 31300 tons, length of 262.5 meters, width of 24 meters, maximum speed of 30 knots, is equipped with six dual mounted 105 mm anti-aircraft guns, 11 dual mounted 40 mm anti-aircraft guns, 28 single mounted 20 mm anti-aircraft guns, and can carry 96 fighters.”General redAll said.
      Hess nodded, which is no worse than the future mass production of Essex class aircraft carrier.
      Of course, although the name is still the Qi Bolin class aircraft carrier, the Qi Bolin class aircraft carrier planned to be built by the Third Reich in another time and space has changed a lot.
      First of all, the speed has been reduced. The maximum speed has been reduced from 34 knots to 30 knots. In this way, some boilers can be reduced and more space can be saved for hangar, aircraft parking, fuel and ammunition storage.Secondly, the cancellation of the eight 150 mm dual main guns will be enough to free up a lot of space for aircraft parking in the hangar.Thirdly, the number of fighters carried has been greatly improved, no longer embarrassing 42, but 96.On the one hand, the aircraft carrier has been optimized.More fighters can be parked on the deck and in the hangar.On the other hand, it is to optimize the carrier based aircraft, folding the wings when parking, which can save a lot of space.
      The greatest combat effectiveness of aircraft carrier undoubtedly comes from carrier based aircraft.If the number of carrier based aircraft is not enough, the combat effectiveness will be enough.
      When these Qi Bolin class aircraft carriers can carry up to 96 carrier based aircraft, and are very powerful carrier based aircraft, their combat effectiveness will undoubtedly be very terrible.
      “Good. I'm looking forward to what it will be like when the Imperial Navy's 12 chiplin class aircraft carriers are completed.”Hess was looking forward to it.
      “By the way, the fighters in the air force have been finalized.The navy can immediately improve it as the first carrier based fighter. “Hess continued.
      “Yes, your excellency.”Answered admiral Ryder.
      There is no doubt about the performance of the bf-109 fighter, but to get on board, the engine needs to be changed from water-cooled engine to air-cooled engine.
      When fighting in the ocean, there is no way to provide enough fresh water for the fighter engine.
      In this way, the performance of the fighter will be reduced to a certain extent, and the maximum speed will also be reduced.But even so, it is enough to hang the carrier based aircraft of other countries.
      In addition to the Qi Bolin class aircraft carrier, other warships of the Third Reich navy are also under construction.
      “Your Excellency, large air defense cruisers, heavy cruisers, light cruisers and destroyers are also under construction.However, according to your instructions, the Battlecruiser has not startedSaid Admiral Ryder.
      “Sir, our resources are limited. At present, it is natural to give priority to the construction of submarines and aircraft carriers.Later, if there are resources, battlecruisers and battleships may also be built.Not too much, but at least there will be. “Said Hess.
      Hess is very clear that general Reidel is also a big gun supporter, eager to have a strong battleship.
      However, after Hess made it clear that he would not consider battleships for the time being, he had to suppress his inner thoughts.
      “Yes, your excellency, I can understand!”Admiral Randall nodded.
      Hess patted general Ryder on the shoulder to comfort him.
      After all, the third empire is not as rich as the eagle sauce. With its abundant financial resources and abundant resources, the eagle sauce can build a large number of aircraft carriers and battleships without fear.
      In another time and space, it was with this heroic style that Eagle sauce turned the unfavorable situation in the Pacific battlefield and consumed the Asians.
      If the third empire had such financial and resources, it would not have to be frugal.
      The Navy needs battleships. Just build a dozen.
      But unfortunately, the third empire was doomed not to have such a life. Every ton of steel had to be used sparingly.
      In shipyards, large air defense cruisers, heavy cruisers, light cruisers and destroyers are being built step by step.Most of these warships are equipped with aircraft carriers.
      Hess was well aware that an aircraft carrier going to sea alone was to seek death.There must be supporting warships to provide air defense and anti submarine protection.Only in this way can the combat effectiveness of the aircraft carrier be brought into full play.
      The navy of the Third Reich is still weak at the beginning.But they are reviving bit by bit.Maybe in a short time, the whole world will be shocked by the navy of the third empire.Both the old overlord and the new power will fall at the foot of the navy of the third empire*
      Chapter 46 the first test
      On January 1, 1935, the Third Reich government held a new year's reception.
      The third empire's military and political dignitaries, celebrities and so on were invited to attend the reception.Eva Braun, the ruling lady, didn't attend because her stomach was getting bigger and bigger.Now Eva Braun is completely focusing on the baby in her stomach.
      “Gentlemen, thank you for your support for the empire throughout the last year.We have made great achievements in the whole year of last year.In the case that all countries are troubled by the economic crisis, we successfully walked out of the economic crisis and controlled the unemployment rate at 3%.We have also built a number of Railways and expressways, which has greatly improved the traffic situation in China.People's life has also improved significantly.Although we have not done well enough, there are still many areas that need to be further improved.But I firmly believe that the future of the third empire will be better and better! “Hess said to the crowd excitedly.
      “Long live!Long live the Empire!Long live the government
      All the people at the meeting cheered and looked at Hess admiringly.
      In their minds, Hess brought hope for the revival of the third empire.
      Over the past year, the Third Reich has not only revived its economy, but also strengthened its various powers.In particular, the national defense forces and the three armed forces have been greatly developed.
      One armored division of the army has become an army, and the other two armored divisions are in the process of being formed, which will soon be able to form combat effectiveness.
      Even after the army passed the assessment, it realized the strong combat effectiveness of the armored division and planned to form more armored forces in the future.
      The Navy and submarine troops began intensive training.A large number of submarines and surface warships are under construction.Maybe it won't be long before the Third Reich navy has a strong submarine force and surface fleet.
      The same is true of the air force. At present, there are two fighter air wings. The ju-87 dive bombers and the ju-88 medium bombers have also started mass production to equip their troops.Then there are more fighter wing and bomber wing.This will enable the Third Reich air force to gradually develop into the most powerful air force in the world.
      The growing military strength naturally made the waist of the third empire more and more straight.
      In the face of many problems of the allies, we will not give in without a bottom line.
      For example, the issue of SAL state, the issue of the Rhine demilitarized zone, and the issue of war reparations.
      Hess was determined to gradually solve these problems as the military strength of the Third Empire became stronger and stronger.
      Among other things, Sal state, controlled by Gauls, must return to the third empire.It was a very important center of heavy industry in the third empire, especially in coal and steel, second only to Ruhr.
      As for the Rhine demilitarized zone, it was also controlled by the Gauls and the kingdom of Flanders.According to the original “Versailles contract”, the military power of the third empire was not allowed to appear in this area.
      This is undoubtedly a kind of restraint and even insult to the third empire, which naturally wants to re-enter the Rhine DMZ.
      Hess didn't want to pay back the war reparations.
      Even now the third empire has come out of the economic crisis and started to develop rapidly.
      However, the disciples of the third empire are too weak, and there are more places to spend money.If this part of the money can be saved, the third empire will have more money to develop armaments and improve people's livelihood.
      Of course, whether the war reparations can be relied on in the end depends on the following series of manipulation.
      At the beginning of the new year, the eyes of the third empire were fixed on Sal state in the West.
      Although it is only an area of more than 2000 square kilometers with a population of only a few hundred thousand.
      However, not only the industry here is developed, but also the geographical location is very important.
      In the last World War, after the defeat of the Second Empire, Gaul sent troops to occupy the state of SAL and wanted to annex the area.
      However, it was strongly opposed by the Weimar state at that time.
      The Empire did not want to see the Weimar Kingdom weakened and the Gaul Kingdom strengthened, so it did not support the Gaul kingdom.
      In the end, Gaul had to agree to occupy Sal state temporarily.After that, a referendum will be held in SAL state to determine its ownership.
      If most of the saars decide to return to the third empire, the third empire will recover here.
      If most of the saars want to belong to Gaul, then it will become the territory of Gaul.
      However, judging from the current situation, the vast majority of the saars are interested in the third empire.
      But the biggest problem is that Gauls have great ambitions for Sal state. They will not watch the third empire recover here.This is undoubtedly a great test for the third empire*
      Chapter 47 the determination of the Empire
      “Your Excellency, according to the treaty signed at the beginning, in another half a month, there will be a referendum in SAL state to determine its ownership.”Deputy Prime Minister papon said.
      Hess nodded. Naturally, he was very clear about the importance of SAL state.
      “What?Is there a problem with the referendum? “Asked Hess.
      “There is no problem, sir.Over the past year, we have also developed a lot of forces in SAL state.More than 90% of the Saar people are devoted to the third empire.If there is a referendum, we will surely win! “Paul Goebbels also said.
      In the past, Goebbels' propaganda agency has been working in SAL state.
      “Well, people are worried that the Gauls will go back.”Said Hess.
      “Yes, your excellency.Since the end of the last war, the Gauls have been trying to weaken us as much as possible.That's why they sent troops to occupy Sal state.In order to weaken the power of the Empire, gallic people would try their best to prevent the return of SAL state to the Empire.In the past decade or so, Gauls have also used various ways to suppress the SAL people, cultivate running dogs, and divide forces loyal to the Empire.But they all failed. “Von kloshik also said.
      “That is to say, if the result of the referendum is the return of SAL state to the Empire.Then, the Gauls are very likely not to admit it, or even directly occupy Sal state.And we are very likely to have a conflict with the Gauls because of SAL state, and even turn into a war. “Said Hess.
      “Yes, sir, that's what we're worried about.”Deputy Prime Minister papon said.
      “Sir, if we fight the Gauls for Sal, can we defeat them?”Asked Hess.
      Other key cabinet members also looked at general Bromberg, the defense chief.
      “Sir, in terms of our present strength, there is undoubtedly a certain gap between us and the Gauls.Even the Gauls have been hit hard by the economic crisis.But still better than us.Their standing army is far more than ours.Now, they have a standing army of more than 600000 people.But even so, if there is a war, we may not lose to the Gauls. “Admiral Bromberg is confident.
      Even compared with Gaul, the third empire was at an absolute disadvantage in military strength.
      However, the fighting capacity of the army of the third empire was definitely stronger than that of the Gauls.In particular, the third empire formed a strong armored force, once the fight started, it would be inevitable to defeat the Gauls.
      “Our enemies are not just Gauls.If only the Gauls, the Empire was not afraid of them.But the kingdom of Flanders and the Gauls are already wearing the same trousers.In addition, the attitude of the empire is also very important. “Foreign Minister Constantine von neulat warned.
      “Indeed, the attitude of the empire is very important.If the sun does not set and the Empire does not intervene, we can take a tough attitude. “Said Admiral Bromberg.
      “It's not likely that the Empire will step in on this issue if the sun does not set. After all, it's because the Gauls don't abide by the treaty.What's more, the empire may not be willing to see the Gauls annexe Sal state without setting the sun.Although they are allies, there are also sharp contradictions. “Said Hess.
      A group of cabinet officials nodded, but everyone was worried.
      Once there is a conflict, even a war, it will cause heavy damage to the third empire.
      After all, the third empire is now in the process of recovery, and its strength is far from being restored to its strongest state.
      “Well, be prepared.The defense forces are secretly preparing for battle.If the Gauls want to go back, we'll send troops directly into sal.If the Gauls dare to attack us, then the war will begin.But I think the Gauls are likely to compromise. “Said Hess.
      “Yes, your excellency.I suggest that preparations for the second round of military expansion can begin.If there is going to be a violent conflict or even a war, mobilize immediately.In this way, we will have enough strength to deal with the Gauls. The kingdom of Flanders has been establishedAdmiral Bromberg suggested.
      Hess thought, then nodded.
      “Yes, preparations for the second round of military expansion can begin.”
      According to the plan, after the second round of military expansion, the national defense forces of the Third Reich will be expanded from 300000 to 800000.
      Such a military force is already very strong in this era.
      Even the Gauls and the kingdom of Flanders were not rivals to the Third Reich.
      “Gentlemen, on the issue of SAL state, the Third Reich must show our determination.In this way, our enemies will be afraid and compromise!Once we compromise and give in, the enemy will only think that we are easy to bully, and will further bully us! “Hess was determined*
      Chapter 48 the ambition of Gauls
      The Third Reich actively began to deal with the consequences of the referendum in SAL state, and the other country, Gaul, also paid close attention to it.
      When the Gaolu kingdom was in power, Albert lebulun called together the prime minister, Pierre frandan, the chief of foreign affairs, general busson, the chief of national defense, general Wei Gang, and the chief of staff of the army, general gamolin, to discuss countermeasures.
      “Gentlemen, according to the original treaty, there will be a referendum in SAL state soon.Even though we've been trying to assimilate those people in SAL state for more than a decade.Unfortunately, our assimilation policy has not been successful.Those people are still extremely hostile to us.Plus the propaganda of the Third Reich there.We can foresee that in this referendum, the vast majority of the residents of SAL state may choose to return to the third empire. “Albert lebluen has some worries.
      “The Germanic people are so stubborn that it is very difficult to assimilate them.We made a lot of efforts, but in the end we failed. “The prime minister, Pierre frandan, looked very depressed.
      “What shall we do?Can't you just watch the Third Reich take over Salzburg? “Asked foreign minister bouissant.
      “Sal state is very important. It not only has developed heavy industry, but also has an extremely important strategic position.Once the third empire regains Sal state, it will gain great development and pose a great threat to us! “General Wei Gang, the defense chief, said.
      “But now that the referendum is around the corner, can't we refuse it?In that case, it will be a great blow to our reputation. “Albert lebluen frowned.
      “Your Excellency, from the perspective of the military, it will be very beneficial for us to continue to occupy Sal state!So we have to do everything we can to continue to control Sal state. “General gamolin, chief of staff, said.
      Albert LeBron nodded, and he knew it.
      “Gentlemen, Sal state is very important to us. Naturally, we have to find a way to annex it.However, the Third Reich would certainly not agree, or even strongly oppose it.So, how can we achieve our goal? “Asked Albert lebluen.
      “Your Excellency, if we send more troops into Sal state and forcibly occupy it.Even in the face of international condemnation, if we do not give in, the third empire will have nothing to do with us. “General Wei Gang said.
      In this way, it may damage the reputation of Gaul, but it can benefit them.
      For a country, reputation is naturally very important.
      But what is more important is undoubtedly the benefits.
      If we can occupy Sal state, it will not only enhance the strength of Gaul, but also weaken the strength of the third empire. Undoubtedly, it will kill two birds with one stone.
      “Can we defeat the third empire in one fell swoop if conflicts, even wars, break out as a result?”Asked Albert lebluen.
      As the ruler of Gaul, he must prepare for the worst.
      “Your Excellency, the third empire may not dare to fight us for Sal state.Even if there was a war, they would not have won.Now, there are 800000 troops in Gaul.Much more than the third empire. “Admiral Wei Gang is very confident.
      “But according to the information we have, the Third Reich has recently begun a secret expansion.”Prime Minister Pierre frandan warned.
      “Yes, the third empire, like a mouse, began to expand its army secretly.That's a shame.Their behavior is undoubtedly a blatant violation of the original treaty.We can even fight against the third empire on this condition! “General Wei Gang said.
      However, the situation in Gaul is also very bad. The impact of the economic crisis is very big and Gaul has suffered a lot.Until now, we have not been able to get out of it.
      “Sir, we can also unite the kingdom of Flanders.Although the kingdom of Flanders was only a small country, they were also hostile to the third empire.Be extremely alert to them.If we unite with them, it will be enough to suppress the third empire! “Admiral gamolin also said.
      “Well, in that case, we'll be invincible.”Albert lebluen was very satisfied.
      “Your Excellency, on behalf of Gaul, go to Berlin and inform Hess.Let them agree to cancel the referendum in SAL state, and let Sal state be incorporated into Gaul.Otherwise, we will fight them on the ground that they have torn up the treaty! “Said Albert lebluen.
      “Yes, your excellency!”Bouissant replied.
      They all know that it's just a threat to the Third Reich.
      If the Third Reich is scared, then everything will be fine.
      But the key question is, will the Third Reich be scared*
      Chapter 49 Never give in
      January 8, 1935, is only a week away from the Saar state referendum.
      The foreign minister of Gaul, Bouisson, arrived in Berlin to formally hold urgent consultations with the Third Reich on the issue of the referendum in SAL state.
      Hess, the ruler of the Third Reich, personally met with bouissant. He wanted to see what the Gauls wanted to do.
      “Your Excellency, we have occupied Sal state for seventeen years.Over the years, the citizens of SAL state have been used to our rule, and even recognized our rule.As far as I know, many of the citizens of SAL state regard themselves as Gauls.Under such circumstances, there is no need to hold a referendum.In that case, it will only make the third empire more embarrassed.Therefore, we think it is better to cancel the referendum.Conform to the wishes of the citizens of SAL state, let Sal state join the Gaul.This is the best result for usBuyson had a smile on his face.
      Hess's face suddenly darkened, saying that diplomats should be cheeky.
      However, the guy in front of us can't be described as cheeky any more. It's shameless to the extreme!
      “Sir, as far as I know, the citizens of SAL state are not willing to join Gaul as you said?They have long been looking forward to the return of the third empire.Your country has done a good job in annexing the territory of the third empire. ”
      Being exposed face to face by Hess made Buisson's face very ugly, and the smile on his face also disappeared.
      “Your Excellency, I come here with great sincerity.Gaul wants peace with the third empire. “Bouyson's words are obviously threatening.
      “Peace?We also love peace.But if such peace is to be exchanged for our territory and our people, we would rather not. “Hess is very firm on this issue.
      There was a chill in the way bouyson looked at Hess.
      “Your Excellency, according to the information we have, your country has begun to violate the Versailles contract.The number of your national defense forces has already exceeded 100000.If we want to investigate, we can even go to war against your country for that! “Buyson warned.
      “Sir, can I understand that this is threatening us?”Asked Hess.
      “No, sir, it's not a threat, it's advice, good advice!”Buyson shook his head.
      But Hess knew that the Gauls were warning the Third Reich.
      They asked the third empire to give up Sal state as a bargaining chip for Gaul not to pursue the third empire's violation of the Treaty of Versailles.
      Hess took a deep breath, and then said: “Sir, the original Versailles contract was originally an unequal treaty forced by the victorious countries to sign, which is unfair.This treaty has bullied our people. ”
      “Your Excellency, so you don't intend to recognize the Versailles contract?”Buyson's tone began to be aggressive.
      “No, sir.We will not deny the Versailles contract.However, I think there are some unreasonable points in it, which should be revised! “Said Hess.
      If he can, of course, he wants to tear up the Versailles contract.
      However, the strength of the third empire is far from being restored. Tearing up the “Versailles contract” now will be very detrimental to the third empire once war begins.
      Therefore, it can only be tolerated temporarily.
      “Your Excellency, the treaty has been signed. It is impossible to amend it now!”Said buyson.
      The greatest function of the Treaty of Versailles was to weaken the third empire.
      This is very beneficial to the Gallic state. Of course, they will not agree to the amendment.
      “Your Excellency, a referendum in SAL state is just around the corner.The people there are looking forward to returning to the Third Reich.The third empire will never abandon themHess's attitude was obvious.
      “Sir, don't you have to think about it again?”Bouissone asked.
      Hess shook his head: “on this issue, don't think about it.The Third Reich will never compromise
      “Well, your excellency.I hope you won't regret today's choice! “When buyson finished, he got up and left.
      Naturally, we already know his attitude, so there is no need to waste time.
      Looking at Buisson's back, Hess's face was livid.
      “Damned Gauls, you are too arrogant.Do you really think you can bully the third empire at will?Mr. Bowman, tell general Bromberg that the second phase of the expansion plan can begin! “Said Hess.
      “Yes, your excellency!”Martin Bowman replied.
      If there is to be a war, the second phase of the expansion of the Third Empire must be completed.In this way, the strength of the national defense force will be increased to 800000.Even in the face of the Gauls, there is definitely the power of the first World War, even to defeat it*
      Chapter 50 the cocky Gauls
      Gaolu, tower city, Elysee Palace.
      In power, Albert lebrunn, Prime Minister Pierre frandan, defense chief General Wei Gang and army chief of staff general gamolin and others gathered again.
      “Gentlemen, your excellency bouissant sent a telegram back in Berlin.The Third Reich formally gathered our demands and was very tough.Not only did they not agree to cancel the referendum in SAL state and hand it over to us.Even ignoring our threat of war. “Albert lebluen was very angry.
      “Well!It seems that they have forgotten the taste of failure.They're just the losers. In that case, we'll take Sal state by force.I'll see if they dare to fight against us for thisGeneral Wei Gang snorted coldly, as if he didn't pay attention to the third empire.
      “We can prepare the army for battle.Once the result of the referendum goes against us, we will directly occupy and annex the state of SAL! “Admiral gamolin also said.
      The military leaders in Gaolu seem to be very arrogant.In other words, it seems very confident to defeat the third empire.
      They seem to forget that they won the last war.But it's also a huge loss and exhaustion.
      If it wasn't for the support of the sun never sets Empire, Maoxiong and other allies, they would not have been able to hold on for a long time.
      Even, in the end, it was the hawk sauce country's forced intervention, which became the last straw to crush the camel.
      Otherwise, Gauls alone would have been abused by the Second Empire.
      Albert lebluen nodded, and the military's self-confidence also boosted his confidence.
      “Your Excellency, we'd better communicate with the Empire on this issue.It would be great to have the support of the sun never sets empire. “Pierre frandan warned.
      “Yes, the sun never sets. As a member of the treaty, the empire is an important ally.Now that the Third Reich has violated the Versailles contract, they should be on our side.Your excellency prime minister, the foreign minister is still in Bolin. On behalf of the kingdom of Gaul, you can visit the sun never sets empireSaid Albert lebluen.
      “Yes, sir.”Pierre frandan nodded.
      “The chief diplomat sent a telegram to send him home immediately.Before returning home, I went by the kingdom of Flanders.We need the support of the kingdom of Flanders! ”
      “Yes, your excellency.”Said Pierre frandan.
      Although Flanders is just a small country, they did quite well in the last war.Even if the army of the Second Empire was very strong, it could not occupy the whole kingdom of Flanders.
      At the same time, because the last war caused great losses to the kingdom of Flanders, it also made them extremely hostile to the current third empire, for fear that after the rise of the third empire, they would invade them again.
      It can be said that among the allies, the most active countries in weakening the third empire were Gaul and Flanders.
      Although the kingdom of Flanders has a small population, its industry is very developed.If fully mobilized, an army of 500000 people can be armed.This is not a small number on the battlefield.
      “Gentlemen, for Gaul, for victory, we must weaken the Third Reich.And in this incident, we expressed our tough attitude.If the third empire refuses to compromise, it will defeat them and let them taste the taste of failure againSaid Albert lebluen.
      “Yes, your excellency!”Everyone replied.
      “From now on, in the name of being in power, I give orders that the army, navy and air force are in a state of combat readiness, ready to deal with all threats and challenges!”Albert lebluen gave the order.
      “Yes, your excellency!”Answered admiral Wei Gang and Admiral gamolin.
      Their faces are full of confidence.In other words, he was full of confidence in defeating the third empire.
      After the meeting, Pierre frandan, the Prime Minister of Gaul, rushed to the sun never setting Empire, hoping to get the support of the sun never setting empire on this issue.
      If the sun does not set this time, and the empire is still on their side, it will win.
      They have enough confidence to defeat the third empire, remove the threat of the third empire for Gaul, and ensure the interests of Gaul.
      You know, after the last World War, Gaul regarded itself as the overlord of the European continent.
      The Gallic army is known as the most powerful army in the world.
      However, it will soon prove that Gauls are too arrogant and feel good about themselves.
      In another time and space, the third empire solved Gaul in only one month.
      In this time and space, the third empire will be more powerful.Perhaps, in less than a month, we can solve the problem of Gaul*
      Chapter 51 the attitude of the empire that the sun never sets
      Sun never sets, Empire, fog.
      As a symbol of the industrial revolution, the city is shrouded in thick fog in winter.
      It used to be a symbol of the power of the empire that never sets, but soon they knew that when they absorbed more of the fog, they would have all kinds of strange diseases.
      Today's sun never sets Empire, although it still claims to be the world's overlord, is actually declining.
      The emerging powers on the other side of the ocean have completed their rise and have been able to challenge the sun never setting empire.
      The reason why the Empire was able to maintain its hegemony was due to the colonies all over the world and the powerful Royal Navy.However, in a short time, when the war breaks out again, the Empire will be severely damaged.At that time, I'm afraid the hegemonic position will not be maintained any longer.
      As the Prime Minister of Gaul, Pierre frandan received great courtesy in the sun never setting empire.
      Even though Gaul is now weak, it is still the top power in the western world.
      Ramsey MacDonald, Prime Minister of the sun never setting Empire, met with Pierre frandan at the prime minister's house in Downing Street, and John Simon, foreign minister of the sun never setting Empire, also attended the meeting.
      “Sir MacDonald, the economic crisis is raging and has caused great losses to our country.But still, the economic crisis has passed step by step.Our country, too, will gradually recover.However, the former enemy has begun to rise gradually, which will once again pose a threat to us.So we have to take action. We can't keep silent any more. “Said Pierre frandan.
      “Please be more specific, sir frandan.”Ramsey MacDonald pretended not to understand.
      “Mr. MacDonald, since Hess came to power, the Third Reich has become even more crazy.According to the information we have obtained, the Third Reich's national defense forces have already broken through the limitations of the Versailles contract and exceeded the size of 100000 people.So we have to take action against them.Otherwise, once we watch them grow stronger, it will pose a great threat to us.I'm sure they want revenge. “Continued Pierre frandan.
      Ramsey MacDonald frowned.
      As the sun never sets, the changes of the third empire will be clear.
      It's just that the Empire doesn't want to pay attention to things on the European continent.
      On the one hand, the resistance of the colonies kept the Empire struggling.Although the existence of a vast colony allowed the Empire to pass on the economic crisis.However, it is precisely because of their cruel oppression of the colonies that the people of the colonies are very dissatisfied.With the awakening of the nation, people everywhere resisted the colonial rule of the sun never setting empire.So much so that the energy of the Empire was restrained by the colonies.
      On the other hand, the Empire could not wait for the sun to set for Gaul to fight with the third empire.It's better to lose both.In this way, the Empire will be more secure if the sun does not set.
      For a long time, the sun never sets, and the Empire did not want a hegemon on the European continent.In that case, it will seriously affect the interests of the Empire.
      After the last war, Gaul claimed to be the overlord of the European continent, which has made the sun never set Empire very dissatisfied.
      Therefore, the sun never sets Empire would strongly oppose weakening the third empire.They are eager to find a rival for Gaul on the European continent.
      “The third empire has gone too far.If the Gauls want to teach them a lesson, we understand.However, in view of our own situation, it is very difficult for us to participate in it. “Ramsey MacDonald said.
      Pierre frandan's face began to look a little ugly.
      The purpose of his trip is to drag the Empire of never setting sun into the water.
      But now the sun does not set, the Empire does not want to participate, which is absolutely not what Gaul would like to see.
      Once Gaul and the third empire are defeated, won't the Empire last forever?
      “Sir MacDonald, the third empire is not only our enemy, but also the enemy of the sun never sets empire.Once they rise, they will also pose a threat to you. “Said Pierre frandan.
      Ramsey MacDonald laughs: “unfortunately, we really don't have the extra energy to be involved.”
      In Ramsey MacDonald's view, the security of the Empire was guaranteed.
      The existence of the Strait ensured the safety of the Empire.
      If the third empire wanted to threaten the sun never setting Empire, it had to cross the Strait first.With the weak navy of the third empire, enpo could not have done it.
      The Royal Navy is strong enough to deal with all threats and challenges.
      Unfortunately, Ramsey MacDonald never thought that the navy of the third empire was weak, but the air force was strong.
      Soon, the powerful air force of the Third Empire would fly across the Strait and bombard the sun never setting empire*
      Chapter 52 referendum
      The Empire did not want to be directly involved in the confrontation with the third empire, which made the Gallic side very dissatisfied.
      They want to bring the sun never setting empire in, not let the sun never setting Empire take advantage of it.
      “Monsieur MacDonald, there is going to be a referendum in SAL state.We don't want Sal to return to the Third Reich.Otherwise, it will pose a great threat to us.After all, Sal state has developed industries. “Pierre frandan was no longer hiding. He explained his intention directly.
      “Do you mean, sir, that Gaul is going to swallow Sal?”Ramsey MacDonald was a bit surprised.
      What the Gauls did was to destroy the original agreement!
      Pierre frandan nodded: “yes, sir.”
      “I'm sorry, I can't agree with that.The referendum in SAL state is the agreement we reached at the beginning.It would be unreasonable for Gaul to return at this time. “Ramsey MacDonald is directly against it.
      Pierre frandan's face suddenly became very ugly.
      “Sir MacDonald, the sun never sets empire is an ally of Gaul, and the third empire is our common enemy.The Empire should be on our side at this timeSaid Pierre frandan.
      “No, no, sir.We should be on the side of justice! “Ramsey MacDonald said with a smile.
      “Shit!Bullshit justice.These damned Anglo Saxons just want us to fight against the third empire, so that they can take advantage of itPierre frandan cursed in his heart.
      The attitude of the empire that the sun never sets made Pierre frandan angry and dissatisfied.
      This made it impossible for Gaul to pull the sun never setting empire into the water.
      This meeting naturally broke up in a bad mood.
      “Well!Stupid Gauls, don't they claim to be the overlord of the continent?In this case, let the third empire fight against them.On the European continent, there should be no hegemony at all! “Prime Minister Ramsey MacDonald snorted.
      Although they were allies of the allies, at this time, the sun never set Empire had to consider more for its own interests.
      When Pierre frandan returned to the city of the iron tower, he told the Gallic side of the attitude of the sun never setting Empire, which caused the dissatisfaction of the high-level Gallic.
      The sun never sets empire's obvious behavior of sitting on the mountain and watching the tiger fight undoubtedly gives the Gauls a slap in the face, and also makes the high-level of Gaul worry about gain and loss.
      “The kingdom of Flanders made it clear that it would be on our side.But the attitude of the empire is very disappointing. “Said Pierre frandan.
      “The sun never sets empire is too cunning. They want to weaken us with the help of the third empire.”Said Albert lebluen.
      “Then, your excellency, what shall we do?”
      Albert lebluen hesitated, too.
      If the state of SAL is allowed to hold a referendum, you don't have to think about it. The final result is definitely the return to the third empire.
      If Gaul does not accept this result, it means that there will be fierce conflicts or even wars with the third empire.
      Although the Gauls were arrogant, they were confident that they could easily defeat the third empire.
      But what if something unexpected happens?I'm afraid it won't end well.
      What's more, the sun never sets, and the empire is waiting to pick up a bargain.
      This makes it even more necessary for Gaul to act cautiously and not give the enemy a chance.
      Time passed little by little in the hesitation of Gauls.
      On January 15, 1935, a referendum was held in SAL state.
      Hundreds of thousands of citizens of SAL state decided their own destiny through this referendum.
      The past decade has been a period of humiliation for them.
      The oppression and bullying of the Gauls have long made them suffocate.
      But who defeated their country?
      Without the protection of the state, they are like children without parents. They can only endure the bullying of the enemy in silence.
      Fortunately, after so much suffering, the third empire finally rose again.
      Now, they can decide their own destiny.
      All the saars went out of their homes and went to the polling stations to vote.
      Many groups organized spontaneously, shouting slogans such as returning to the third empire and gallic people getting out.
      There are even a lot of sardins going to Gauls' barracks to demonstrate. They are waiting for the result of the referendum to come out, and these Gauls leave their land in ashes.
      That night, the results of the referendum came out.
      Ninety eight percent of the saars agreed to return to the Third Reich, and only two percent agreed to join Gaul.
      This means that the jurisprudential basis of SAL state's return to the third empire has been realized*
      Chapter 53 the victory of the Third Empire
      “Your Excellency, the result of the referendum has come out. 98% of the saars support the return to the Third Reich!”Deputy Prime Minister papon was very excited.
      “Ha ha, that's great.This proves that our third empire is still the aspiration of the people. “Hess was very happy.
      Although two percent of the saars chose Gaul.But when the forest is big, there are all kinds of birds. It is quite good that 98% of the saars are willing to return to the third empire.
      “Your Highness, it's up to the Gauls to choose.Do they conform to the will of the people, or do they hang on? “Paul Goebbels said with a smile.
      “No matter what the Gauls choose, we have to take it back to thrall.”Said Admiral Bromberg.
      Hess nodded: “if the Gauls know the truth and accept the result, it would be the best.If they don't know the face, we'll send troops to take Sal back.All the consequences are borne by the Gauls themselves. ”
      The leaders of the Third Reich all nodded, which has long been a consensus.
      “Let the elite troops, including the first armored division, move westward.In addition, there is no need to hide the second round of military expansion. “Said Hess.
      “Yes, your excellency.”Answered admiral Bromberg.
      He knew it was deliberate pressure on the Gauls to retreat.
      “Goebbels, mobilize our people in SAL state, start protesting, drive out the Gauls.”Hess continued.
      “Yes, your excellency, I will arrange it.”Paul Goebbels nodded.
      Next, the Third Reich has made a move.Then, it's up to the Gauls to choose.
      “Gallic, get out of here!This is our land
      “Gaul, get back to Gaul!”
      “The referendum is over, we are back to the Third Reich!”
      “Get out of our land!”
      A large number of thars gathered outside the Gaul barracks in SAL state to protest.
      Some young and strong guys even tried to attack the barracks.
      And the Gallic army in the barracks was also facing the enemy.
      Heavy and light machine guns have been set up to target the outside protestors.
      “General, those Sardis are crazy.If they attack the barracks, it will pose a great threat to us.I need authorization to order fire in an emergency! “Pleaded a Gaul officer.
      “Shit!Those are unarmed civilians.If we shoot, we will be condemned by the international community. “A major general shook his head.
      “But, general.The order from the superior is to let us take control of SAL state. “The officer retorted.
      “It's impossible to control Sal state now.Almost all the SAL people are against us.Unless we fire directly to get rid of all the saars.That would set off a war between us and the Third Reich.I'm afraid we will be the first to be killed by then! “The major general was furious.
      “General, what shall we do?”
      “To keep the soldiers in check, I immediately sent a telegram to the army staff for instructions.Oh, my God!Why are we sent here? “The major general was very depressed.
      Tower City, Gaul has also known the result of the referendum.
      This result did not come as a surprise to them, but at the same time, it also made the high level of Gaul feel helpless.
      The fact that only 2% of the Saar people agree with Gaul is undoubtedly a failure of them in the past decade.
      Then, they have only two choices.
      Or accept the result and leave Sal state.Or it is determined not to withdraw, and then ready to break out a war with the third empire.
      Albert lebulun, the Prime Minister of gaulu, Pierre frandan and others are very embarrassed.
      They don't want to leave Sal state.However, they did not want to fight against the third empire.In that case, they will certainly suffer a heavy loss, and only let the sun never set Empire pick up a bargain.
      “Your Excellency, we must make a decision earlier.The saars are crazy. They protest outside our barracks and even want to attack our barracks.In addition, the army of the third empire began to move.A large number of elite troops are gathering westward.In addition, the mobilization of the third empire has been very obvious.A large number of young and middle-aged men who have served in the army have been informed to join the army.All this shows that the third empire is ready to fight against us for Sal state! “General Wei Gang's expression is serious.
      “Asshole!Those damned germanes, do they think they can beat us? “Albert lebluen was very angry.
      “Your Excellency, the third empire may not be the winner, but we are not.”Said Pierre frandan.
      Albert lebluen hesitated for a moment, then said, “order our troops out of SAL state!”*
      Chapter 54 army reform
      “Your Excellency, the Gauls have retreated. We have won!”General Bromberg reported to Hess,
      “Very well, it seems that the Gauls are as good as we think. They don't dare to challenge us at all.”Hess had a confident smile on his face.
      “Your Excellency, since the Gauls have chosen to compromise this time.Then, with the first time, there will be a second time.We should be able to make them continue to compromise in the future. “Said Paul Goebbels.
      “YesHess nodded.
      He clearly remembers that in another time and space, the sun never sets Empire and Gaul constantly compromised with the third empire until the outbreak of war.
      They want to bring disaster to the East, let the third empire attack the Maoxiong League, let the third empire and the Maoxiong League fight for each other, lose both sides.But the end result was that he lifted a stone and smashed himself in the foot. Moustache signed a non aggression treaty directly with the Maoxiong League, then turned his head and swept through Western Europe. In one month, he defeated Gaul and began to launch a large-scale bombing campaign against the sun never setting empire.
      “Sir, will the second stage of military expansion continue?”Asked admiral Bromberg.
      After all, the Gauls had compromised, and the expansion of the Third Reich was less urgent.
      “Of course, continue to expand.When the expansion is completed, we will try out the allies again.In time, march into the Rhine demilitarized zone.This is our territory. How can it be without our troops? “Said Hess.
      “Yes, your excellency!”Admiral Bromberg nodded.
      The existence of the Rhine DMZ is indeed a disgrace to the soldiers of the Third Reich.
      On the contrary, it is controlled by foreigners.
      After the rise of the third empire, it is natural to send troops into the Rhine demilitarized zone to end this state.
      Of course, this is undoubtedly another trial to the allies.
      However, the moustache of another time and space is a different gamble.
      The third empire of time and space is ready.After the expansion to 800000, it will be enough to deal with all problems.
      The return of SAL state made the whole third empire fall into carnival.
      Parades were organized all over the country to celebrate not only the return of SAL state, but also the rise of the third empire.
      The third empire, which has been oppressed all along, can finally say no to the allies!
      1935In February, he attended a meeting of the national defense forces and the army.
      Before, Hess proposed to reorganize the army establishment.
      The current Third Reich army still follows the army establishment of the last World War.Many weapons and equipment are the same as those used in the last war.
      For example, the Mauser 98K rifle used by infantry has been used for decades.Although improved, the performance and power are still very good.But, after all, it's an old-fashioned rifle.
      In the next war, infantry must have strong firepower.So Hess began to lead the reform of the army.
      On the one hand, it is the reform of weapons and equipment used by the army; on the other hand, it is the reform of the establishment.
      The current infantry squadron of the Third Reich army consists of ten men, one sergeant and nine soldiers, divided into a three man machine gun group and a six man rifle group.
      The monitor carries a submachine gun and two submachine gun bags.There are three 32 round magazines in each magazine.
      The shooter carried a MG34 general-purpose machine gun, as well as a 50 round cartridge belt or drum.
      The co shooter carries four 50 shot drums, a 300 shot magazine and two spare barrels.
      The third shooter carried two 300 round ammunition boxes and a Mauser 98K rifle.
      Each soldier in the rifle group carries a Mauser 98K rifle and 90 rounds of ammunition, as well as two or three grenades.
      Such firepower was very good at the beginning of the war, at least better than most countries.Especially for laomaozi, he was hanged.
      However, in Hess's eyes, this is far from enough.
      At the behest of Hess, the army has commissioned Mauser to develop semi-automatic rifles.It is expected that large-scale mass production can be carried out in one or two years.At that time, a large number of semi-automatic rifles will be used to replace 98K rifles.
      You know, the 98K rifle is single shot, and its firing speed is limited.The semi-automatic rifle in combat, often able to fire 40 bullets per minute.
      In addition, the infantry squad was equipped with a grenade.
      The catapult is a weapon with simple manufacture and uncomplicated technology, but it is an excellent infantry support weapon on the battlefield.
      In another time and space, the Third Reich and the Oriental countries were equipped with this kind of weapon, which had excellent performance on the battlefield.
      Now Hess is equipped with a catapult in the infantry squad, which further strengthens the infantry firepower*
      Chapter 55 armed to the teeth
      “Your Excellency, after improvement, the strength of each infantry squad has been increased to 14, including a sergeant squad leader, a two man machine gun group, a two man barrel throwing group, and a nine man rifle group.
      The squad leader used a submachine gun, carrying six 32 bullet magazines.The third shooter of the machine gun group will be canceled, and the surplus ammunition will be carried by the logistics units and distributed in wartime.The catapult group carries a catapult and 36 shells.In the group of nine rifles, four will be equipped with new semi-automatic rifles and five with Mauser 98K rifles.Among them, among the five men equipped with Mauser 98K, the best one is equipped with sniper rifle. ”
      Admiral Bromberg introduced Hess.
      The reason why the 98K rifle has not been completely eliminated is that it has good performance, long range and high reliability.At least in the early days of the war, we will not lag behind.
      At the same time, it can also effectively save ammunition and reduce logistics pressure.
      Although semi-automatic rifles are powerful, they consume a lot of bullets.For the third empire, which is already poor in resources, it will undoubtedly cause great pressure.In addition, it will also increase the logistical pressure.
      “Three infantry squads make up an infantry platoon.In addition to the platoon commander and Deputy platoon commander, there are two heralds, a heavy machine gun group and a mortar group.The heavy machine gun family is equipped with a 12.7mm heavy machine gun, and the mortar group is equipped with a 60mm mortar. ”
      In another time and space, the third empire was almost not equipped with large caliber heavy machine guns.Although MG34 universal machine gun and later M42 universal machine gun are very good.But this kind of machine gun is 7.92mm caliber after all, and its penetration is not strong for breast walls, sandbags, brick and wood bunkers.The infantry platoon is equipped with a 12.7mm heavy machine gun, which can form a suppressive effect on the battlefield.
      Mortars can be split and carried easily.A three man mortar team can carry one mortar, plus 50 rounds.
      In this way, the number of an infantry platoon reached 52.
      An infantry company consists of three infantry platoons. In addition, the company has anti combat vehicle group, heavy fire group, quartermaster unit and supply column.
      Among them, the anti combat vehicle group has three hunting teams, each of which has two people and is equipped with an iron fist rocket launcher.After optimization, the range can reach 100 meters, which can effectively break through the rocket launchers of all current tanks. It will become a sharp weapon for front-line infantry to kill the armored targets of the enemy.
      The heavy fire team has two 12.7mm heavy machine gun teams and two 80mm medium mortar teams.Further strengthen the infantry company's machine gun fire and mortar fire.
      The total number of the infantry company reached 201.
      The infantry battalion has a battalion, three infantry companies and a heavy weapons company.
      Among them, the heavy weapons company is equipped with six 12.7mm heavy machine guns and six or seven 120mm heavy mortars.
      The strength of each infantry battalion is more than 800.
      A infantry regiment has three infantry battalions, an anti tank company, an artillery company, a logistics company and a regiment headquarters.
      The anti tank company is equipped with 12 37mm anti tank guns.The artillery company was equipped with six 105mm light howitzers.
      The strength of the whole infantry regiment reached more than 3000.
      Each Infantry Division has division headquarters, three infantry regiments, one artillery regiment, reconnaissance battalion, anti tank battalion, Engineering Battalion and logistics regiment.
      Among them, the artillery regiment consists of a 150 mm heavy howitzer battalion equipped with 18 150 mm heavy howitzers and two 105 mm light howitzer battalions equipped with 18 105 mm light howitzers.
      The anti tank battalion is equipped with 36 57 mm anti tank guns.
      The strength of each Infantry Division was over 16000.
      After the reorganization, the infantry division's strength was slightly reduced by more than 1000 people.
      However, combat effectiveness has increased rather than decreased.
      In terms of artillery alone, we have 18 150 mm heavy howitzers and 54 105 mm light howitzers.In addition, each Infantry Division has 72 anti tank guns.So many anti tank guns, even in the face of the attack of the enemy's armored forces, can withstand, and even cause great damage to the enemy.
      In addition, each Infantry Division has 54 120mm heavy mortars, 54 80mm medium mortars and 81 60mm light mortars.That doesn't include more than 200 grenades.
      In terms of machine guns, 12.7mm heavy machine guns have been added. Each infantry division is equipped with more than 200 such heavy machine guns.Plus the same number of general-purpose machine guns.
      The infantry divisions of the Third Reich had enough machine gun firepower to hang any country.
      Not to mention that the infantry squad is equipped with grenades, semi-automatic rifles and sniper rifles.The firepower of the infantry squad has been further improved.It's not too much to arm your teeth.
      Such an elite infantry division can undoubtedly cause great damage to the enemy with its powerful firepower on the battlefield*
      Chapter 56 strong armored forces
      “Sir, after the second round of expansion, the Third Reich army will reorganize 35 infantry divisions.”Said Admiral Bromberg.
      Hess nodded, thirty-five infantry divisions, not many.However, with the strong fighting capacity of these infantry divisions, it is no doubt that they can defeat more enemies.
      You know, the army of the Third Reich has never won on the battlefield by the superiority of troops.It is to defeat the enemy directly with strong fighting capacity.
      Under the leadership of Hess, the infantry division's firepower was further strengthened.It can be predicted that these infantry divisions will perform better in the battlefield.
      “Sir, in addition to the infantry division, there are armored divisions in the army.At present, the first Armored Division has formed combat effectiveness.The second and third panzer divisions are being formed.In the next three years, we also plan to set up seven armored divisions to make the number of Armored Divisions of the Imperial Army reach ten! “Said Admiral Bromberg.
      “Yes!Although the armored forces are huge.However, it plays a very important role in the battlefield.It's absolutely necessary to set up ten Armored Divisions! “Hess agreed with the army's plan to form ten armored divisions.
      Subsequently, Hess approved the armored force establishment plan submitted by the army.
      Each Armored Division has one tank regiment and two mechanized infantry regiments.
      The regiment has three tank battalions, each equipped with 60 tanks.Each tank company is equipped with 18 tanks, plus six of the battalion's tanks, forming a tank battalion.
      Each tank regiment has a total of 180 tanks.
      Each mechanized infantry regiment has one tank battalion and two mechanized infantry battalions.
      Mechanized infantry battalion, equipped with two chariots.One is a hyena infantry combat vehicle with crawler structure. The front armor thickness is 20 mm, and the side and rear armor thickness is 15 mm.Equipped with a 20 mm rapid fire gun and a 7.92 mm general purpose machine gun.In addition to the driver and electromechanical staff, five members can be allowed to ride.There are shooting holes on the car body, which can shoot outward in the car.
      The other is the hound armored personnel carrier, which adopts a half track structure.The front armor is 20 mm, and the side and rear armor is 15 mm.Equipped with a 12.7mm heavy machine gun and a 7.92mm general machine gun.In addition to the driver and mechanic, there are five members in the back.There are also shooting holes on the car body for shooting.
      Each mechanized infantry squad is equipped with a hyena infantry combat vehicle and a hound armored personnel carrier.
      In this way, a mechanized infantry battalion is equipped with 50 hyenas, which are infantry combat vehicles and 50 hound armored personnel carriers.
      In this way, the armored divisions of the Third Reich were equipped with 300 tanks, 200 hyenas and 200 hounds.
      In addition, the armored division has an artillery regiment equipped with 18 150 mm self-propelled howitzers and 36 105 mm self-propelled howitzers.Each tank regiment and mechanized infantry regiment is also equipped with six 105mm self-propelled howitzers of one company.
      The division's reconnaissance battalion and power search battalion were equipped with a small number of wolf tanks, hyena infantry vehicles and hound armored personnel carriers.
      In addition, division headquarters, engineering barracks and logistics units.
      Each Armored Division has more than 12000 troops and more than 300 tanks.
      At present, these tanks are wolf light tanks.After the leopard tank mass production, some tank battalions in the armored division will be replaced by leopard tank battalions.
      As for the future tiger type heavy tanks, whether they will be incorporated into various armored forces or put into the battlefield as a unit of independent heavy tank battalions depends on the specific situation at that time.
      Compared with the armored division of the third empire in time and space, this armored division in time and space is undoubtedly larger and equipped with more tanks.Another armored division in time and space usually only has more than 200 tanks.
      The armored division in this time and space is half more.
      Of course, there is no way to compare with the heavy armored division of Yingjiang country on the other side of the ocean. Yingjiang is rich and powerful. Each heavy armored division is equipped with 152 light tanks and 232 medium tanks.Each division is equipped with 380 tanks.Even the light armored division was equipped with 77 light tanks and 168 medium tanks, with 245 tanks.
      In another time and space of World War II, Eagle sauce formed 16 armored divisions, including two heavy armored divisions and 14 light armored divisions.In addition, there are a large number of independent tank battalions.
      Of course, the performance of Eagle sauce's tanks is very poor. No matter m3 light tank, m3lee medium tank or M4 medium tank, they are not the opponents of leopard medium tank of the third empire.Not to mention facing the tiger type heavy tank, it is even more vulnerable.
      The only advantage is the strong industrial strength of Yingjiang, which can submerge the enemy in the way of tank sea*
      Chapter 57 hammer of Hess
      “Sir, in the future, the imperial army will continue to adopt the old-fashioned formation of group army, army and division.Or do you want to cancel the rank of losing the army directly? “Asked admiral Bromberg.
      Some generals think it is possible to keep the rank of the army, but many others think it is unnecessary to keep the rank of the army.
      With the development of communication technology, communication becomes more and more convenient.Through the wireless telegraph, the group army headquarters can accurately give orders to the division level troops, or even the regiment level troops below.There is no need to retain units at the army level.Make the command and management more flat.
      In this way, it is conducive to the improvement of operational efficiency.
      Hess himself is inclined to abolish the army level establishment.
      The staff officers of the Third Reich army were very capable, and the staff at all levels could make detailed operational plans.He can assist the commander in command.
      “Cancel the establishment at the army level.The basic units are infantry division and armored division.In wartime, infantry divisions and armored divisions were drawn to form a group army.The number of each group army can be between 200000 and 300000.If it is necessary for two or more army groups to attack a certain strategic direction, then they can form a group army group! “Said Hess.
      The group army group of the third imperial army is equivalent to Lao maozi's front army.
      “Yes, your excellency!”Answered admiral Bromberg.
      “By the way, what's the progress of the development of the heavy artillery I asked for?”Asked Hess.
      Hess asked the army to develop a heavy artillery with a caliber of more than 200 mm as a powerful artillery of the group army.
      In another time and space, the third empire did not have such cannons.This also makes the Third Reich army in the battlefield, when facing laomaozi's B4 heavy howitzer, very difficult.Often rely on a strong air force to destroy the old maozi B4 heavy howitzer.
      If the Third Reich army can be equipped with the same type of artillery, or even more powerful artillery, it will undoubtedly further enhance the army's strong firepower.
      “Your Excellency, the Krupp plant has been developing and is progressing very smoothly.It is expected that the research and development will be completed and mass production will begin next year. “Said Admiral Bromberg.
      Hess nodded. He believed that with the military scientific research strength of the third empire, it would be no problem to come up with a heavy artillery comparable to B4 heavy howitzer.
      “Compared with laomaozi's B4 heavy howitzer?”Asked Hess.
      “Your Excellency, our heavy artillery has completely surpassed laomaozi's B4 heavy howitzer.”Admiral Bromberg is confident.
      B4 heavy howitzer weighs 15.8 tons, and the crawler gun frame weighs 11 tons. With heavy tractor as chassis, it can provide limited mobility for artillery, which can be called a monster installed on tractor.At the same time, an auxiliary wheel is used to pull the rear part of the gun frame at a speed of 15 km / h.
      B4 heavy howitzer has a caliber of 203mm, a maximum range of 17.5km and a firing rate of one shot per minute.
      The power of this kind of artillery is very terrible, which makes the army of the third empire in another time and space suffer a lot on the battlefield, almost to the point where B4 heavy howitzer turns pale.
      This gun was also called “Joseph's hammer” by the soldiers of the third empire!
      In contrast, the heavy artillery of the Third Reich, with a caliber of 210mm and the chassis of a wolf tank as the artillery chassis, was self-propelled, weighing 24 tons, with a maximum range of 20km and a firing rate of two rounds per minute.
      In terms of range and speed, the heavy artillery of the Third Reich surpassed the B4 howitzer of laomaozi.Even on the battlefield, its self-propelled ability is far stronger than that of B4 heavy howitzer.
      “The code name of this heavy howitzer can be called 'Hess Hammer'!I'd like to see if the hammer of Hess is more powerful, or the hammer of Joseph of laomaozi is more powerful. “Said Hess with a smile.
      “Your Excellency, of course, the hammer of Hess is more powerful!”The generals in the army are very confident.
      As for the heavy artillery of Hess hammer, it is designated as the heavy artillery directly under the group army. It will be organized by the heavy artillery brigade. Each heavy artillery brigade has six heavy artillery battalions, each equipped with 18 210mm heavy howitzers.In this way, a brigade will come down to 108 gates.
      On the battlefield, if the Third Reich army gathers one or more such heavy artillery brigades to launch an attack, it will definitely pose a fatal threat to the enemy.This will enable the Third Reich army to have more powerful firepower on the battlefield.
      Even in the future, when fighting with Lao maozi in the plains of Eastern Europe, they will be able to use these guns to deal a heavy blow to Lao maozi, who was struck by the Blitzkrieg and surrounded by divisions*
      Chapter 58 rocket genius
      “Your Excellency, the man you told us to look for has been found.”Reinhardt Hedrich report.
      “Oh?When will you bring itHess put down his pen, which was marking the papers.
      “He can come to see you tomorrow morning!”Reinhardt said.
      Hess nodded. “Good job, Heidrich. Good job!”
      Reinhardt Heidrich was also very curious. He didn't understand why Hess was so interested in the young man named von Braun that he asked Gestapo to look for him.
      However, Reinhardt Heidrich knows that von Bryan, who is only 23 years old, may have been appreciated by Hess, and the future is bright.
      Today's von Braun is naturally unknown.However, later generations, this is a pioneer in the aerospace industry.
      During the period of the third empire, von Braun led the missile research of the third empire and developed the world's first ballistic missile, V2 missile.After the war, von Braun was taken away by Eagle sauce.
      When Lao maozi launched the satellite, Eagle sauce began to enter space.
      Under the guidance of von Braun, Eagle sauce developed the Saturn Launch Vehicle, which is a very terrible high thrust launch vehicle.It is this kind of launch vehicle that astronauts land on the moon.
      In this time and space, Hess naturally needs to invest in von Bryan earlier, so that he can play his talents in this aspect.
      In this way, perhaps at the beginning of the war, the Third Reich could be equipped with ballistic missiles.It can even lead the world and take the lead in launching man-made satellites into the sky.With man-made satellites, both communication and investigation can be further improved.
      The next day, Hess met von Braun in the government.
      Von Braun is still dizzy up to now. It seems that he never thought that he was actually received by Hess.
      “Young man, don't be nervous. I'm here to talk with you about something interesting.”Hess was smiling and affable.
      “All right, your excellency!”Von Braun is still nervous.After all, Hess was the most powerful man in the third empire.
      “Mr. Braun, I've read your graduation thesis last year. It's very good on all aspects of the principle and test of liquid propellant rocket engine.I hope you can turn what you have in your paper into reality. “Said Hess.
      Von Braun got excited. It was his dream!
      Now, the ruling party supports him, which makes him feel extremely honored.
      “Your Excellency, that's great. I will try my best to develop the rocket.”Said von Braun.
      “Mr. Braun, I can appoint you head of the Third Reich rocket Institute.I can support you with all the human and financial resources you need.However, this study should be kept absolutely confidential.You should be very clear that once this kind of rocket is developed, we can install warheads on the rocket and make it a powerful weapon with super long range.This will be an important weapon for the third empire to deal with the enemy in the future.Therefore, it must not be leaked enough. “Hess had a serious expression.
      “Your Excellency, I will abide by the relevant regulations!”Said von Braun.
      As long as his ideal can be realized, he doesn't care whether it is used as a weapon or not.
      What's more, the young people of the Third Reich in this era have a vengeful mentality, and naturally they are eager to make their own contribution to the country.
      Hess nodded with satisfaction.
      Later, Hess and von Braun talked about their own ideas for the rocket field.
      Many ideas have made von Braun amazing.
      In particular, when Hess proposed to develop a high thrust rocket to send man-made equipment into space and make it run in low earth orbit to form a man-made satellite, von Braun even stares at Yanjing and can't believe it.
      But at the same time, he was shocked, or conquered, by the ideas put forward by Hess.
      He found that his future goal has been very clear.That's to do everything that Hess says.
      In this era, to compare with von Braun, a rocket genius, is Sergei Korolev of the Maoxiong League.
      However, compared with von Braun, Sergei Korolev's life is hard.
      Joseph was accused and sentenced to ten years' imprisonment in the great cleansing. He was sent to Siberia to dig potatoes.
      It was not released until the end of the war.
      In this time and space, once the Maoxiong League is defeated by the third empire, Sergei Korolev will never have the chance to play his talent again.However, he could work for the Third Reich*
      Chapter 59 weapons of the devil
      In May 1935, Hess visited Bazhou.
      However, after attending two activities in Bazhou, Hess went deep into the Alps under the protection of the guards.
      Since last year, the Third Reich has deployed ten battalions of engineers to build a secret base deep in the Alps.
      After more than half a year of construction, the base has been put into use.
      And a large number of physicists and scientific research talents have settled here and started their work.
      They are working for a great plan.The plan was formally put forward by Hess and supported by the military.
      The national defense forces even sent a special general as the chief officer of the base.Of course, the general of the national defense force is responsible for the security, confidentiality and logistics of the base.
      The real task of scientific research is still in the charge of special scientists.
      In addition to the scientists of the Third Reich, there are also scientists from other countries working here.Some of them, though, may not be voluntary.However, the Third Empire used various means to make them serve the third empire.
      In this time and space, Hess did not slaughter Jews.He even turned to work with Jews and promised to help them recover.This makes many Jewish scientists not escape from the Third Reich, but work for the Third Reich.
      “Your Excellency, welcome here.”Major general Owen had a look of reverence.
      “Well, is the plan going well?”Asked Hess.
      “Sir, the plan is going well.Scientists have already begun to carry out the early theoretical demonstration of the projectSaid major general Owen.
      “And Dr. Oppenheimer?”Asked Hess.
      “The doctor is preparing something. I'll see you soon!”Said major general Owen.
      A few minutes later, the head of research, Dr. Oppenheimer, appeared in front of Hess.
      Although Dr. Oppenheimer is only 31 years old, he has become the research director of the program.As the director of Manhattan Project in another country, his ability is beyond doubt.
      Hess naturally hopes that Dr. Oppenheimer can lead the nuclear weapons development program of the Third Reich and achieve success in this respect.
      “Doctor, it's hard for you.”Said Hess.
      “Your Excellency, this is what I should do.”Oppenheimer said.
      “Your Excellency, we have gathered hundreds of experts in nuclear physics for scientific research.In addition to me, including my teacher Professor Max Born, my brother Enrique Fermi, and Professor Heisenberg, tarasman, metner, Betty, frank, Hungarian scientists Rabbi, Frith, silard, Taylor, and fairytale scientist Bohr.
      At present, we are building a theoretical model.After everyone's argument, it is almost certain that the formula you put forward is true. ”
      Dr. Oppenheimer introduced to Hess that his eyes were also full of worship.
      You know, Hess called together these scientists and directly wrote a formula, that is, e = MC ^ 2.
      Originally, this formula should have been put forward by Einstein.But he was extremely shameless plagiarized.
      After calculation, these scientists are even more astonishing and admire this formula.
      Therefore, in the eyes of many scientists, Hess is absolutely an outstanding nuclear physicist.But he was a scientist delayed by politics.
      “So when can we do further research?”Asked Hess.
      “Sir, after the theoretical model is established, we will proceed with the study of uranium enrichment.At the same time, it will take a lot of time to build a centrifuge plant to separate uranium that can be used for nuclear fission. “Said Dr Oppenheimer.
      Hess nodded. He knew this very well. He knew that nuclear weapons could not be studied in a short time.
      Another time and space Eagle sauce country, with huge investment and the support of almost the whole scientific community, also spent several years to successfully develop nuclear weapons.
      In this time and space, even if the third empire started the research ahead of time, it would undoubtedly take a lot of time.
      Of course, this is much better than another time and space.
      Another time and space, the Third Reich went on a wrong path, namely nuclear fusion reaction.
      With the technology at that time, it was impossible to develop a fusion technology.
      Therefore, Hess took the initiative to correct this path and let the Third Reich return to the right path of nuclear fission.
      In this way, with the full support of Hess, the Third Reich may not be able to develop nuclear weapons in a few years.
      In this way, the third empire will be invincible*
      Chapter 60 everything for victory
      “Doctor, can you succeed in five years?”Asked Hess.
      “Sir, I'm afraid I can't tell you that.After all, science is a very rigorous thing.It needs to be done step by step. “Oppenheimer said.
      Hess nodded and said, “doctor, this is very important to the Empire.So I hope to see results within five years.No more than eight years!I will give you the greatest support for this project in terms of human and material resources. ”
      “Yes, sir, I will do my best.”Oppenheimer said.
      Hess knew that with the scientific research capability of the Third Reich, the successful detonation of the first nuclear weapon within five to eight years should be a high probability event.
      Later, Hess met with other scientists, such as Enrique Fermi from Caesar Kingdom, who was the first scientist to successfully build a nuclear reactor.
      Hess, on behalf of the Third Reich, thanks these scientists for their efforts and is willing to provide them with all the assistance they can so that they can succeed in this project.
      After returning to Berlin, Hess summoned Reinhardt Heidrich.
      “Heidrich, we need more scientists, especially experts in nuclear physics, to work for us.In addition to these domestic scientists, you can send someone to invite those foreign experts in this field.No matter what way, let them serve the Empire as much as possible. “Said Hess.
      “Yes, your excellency.But I'm afraid there will still be some scientists who won't want toReinhardt said.
      After all, a lot of scientists have character.Although science has no national boundaries, scientists have national boundaries.
      Hess nodded: “if they don't cooperate, let them disappear.”
      Reinhardt Heidrich was stunned and nodded. He had understood what Hess meant.
      If you don't want to work for the Third Reich, send them to God.
      Hess is unquestionably cruel on this issue.
      Although most of those scientists are innocent.However, once these scientists suffer losses, it will cause a heavy blow to the nuclear physics of other countries.
      At that time, if other countries want to carry out research and development in this area, it will not be so easy to succeed.
      This will make the Third Reich absolutely able to win this nuclear physics competition.
      Later, the Gestapo, and even the intelligence agents of the Third Reich, invited many nuclear physics experts all over the world.
      Some experts accepted the invitation to work in the Third Reich with the help of the agents.As for those scientists who are not willing to cooperate, they die for various reasons.
      In order to avoid being detected by other countries as much as possible, the agents of the Third Reich also took great pains.
      All kinds of accidents were carefully prepared for those scientists.
      Some of them had car accidents on their way to work, some had gas leaks, and some even had burglaries.
      So many countries have not found any abnormality in these accidents.
      It was not until many years later, after countries became aware of the Third Reich's research on nuclear weapons, that they began to carry out relevant research and prepare to join the nuclear weapons race.
      But they found that a large number of experts in this field have died for various reasons.
      Many of them died in accidents.
      It was also at this time that they found that the cause of death of these scientists at that time was too strange.
      In other words, this is an occasion at all.
      But even if they knew it was the Third Reich, there was no way.
      The matter has passed, and without evidence, the third empire will not admit groundless accusations.
      What's more, the third empire was first laid out in this respect.By the time all countries reacted, the third empire was on the verge of success.Even if all countries try their best to catch up, they will not be able to catch up.
      When the Third Reich succeeded in this field, it was probably the time to win the war.
      When this kind of powerful weapon is applied to the battlefield, even the eagle sauce with the first industrial strength in the world can't hold it.
      After all, one can destroy a city.
      As long as you throw a few pieces into the local Eagle sauce, the eagle sauce will be finished.
      Even if the government is not willing to surrender, the angry people will not let the war continue.
      “Maybe my hands are covered with the blood of innocent people.I am a despicable person.However, in order to win, even carrying these names, what is it?All in order to winHess's eyes were full of determination*

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