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      Original name: 都市之科技狂人群

      Chen Yang accidentally set up a chat group.

      This chat group is unusual.

      Because he is facing the Ten Thousand Realms, and only tech enthusiasts are eligible to enter chat group.

      “Ding, Iron Man Tony Stark joined the chat group.”

      “Ding, Begapunk joins the chat group.”

      “Ding, Skynet has joined thischat group.”

      “Ding, Norman the Green Devil joins thechat group.”

      This is a crazy chat group, but also a technical chat group.

      Chapter 001 Iron Man Joins the Group (1/8)
      “Ding, the system has started to activate, the current completion rate is 99%, 100%!”

      “Activation is successful, binding to the host…”

      Chen Yang suddenly woke up. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test

      He looked around in a daze, and when he saw a picture frame shattered on the ground, all his thoughts returned.



      Chen Yang ran into the toilet like lightning, brushing his teeth and washing his face in only 1 minute, and then returned to the computer.

      Strenuous activity.

      Let his stomach start to protest.

      After all, from last night to now, he has only eaten a bucket of instant noodles in more than 12 hours.

      Also the last bucket of instant noodles.

      The order now is very simple, but unfortunately he has no time.

      There is really no time.

      Because there is only a pitiful three days before the contract deadline.

      Originally, he didn’t need to be reduced to this point.

      However, his brother, who has been with him for more than ten years from junior high school to the present, stabbed Chen Yang without hesitation under the temptation of money.

      If so, that’s all.

      But the problem is that this so-called brother also took away the entire start-up team and all the technical achievements of Chen Yang, and what was left was the 300,000 yuan compensation after the breach of contract and the 100,000 startup loan applied for when the team was formed.

      Simply put.

      At this time, Chen Yang, one person must complete the workload of the entire team.

      It takes 3 days to complete the workload equal to no less than one month.

      Otherwise, 400,000 yuan will be compensated.

      With Chen Yang’s family background, this does not give him a chance to stand up.

      “Ding, the binding is successful!”


      Ten Thousand Realms tech mad crowd is established. Congratulations on becoming the leader of the group.” Chen Yang’s expression became stiff and his face was dumbfounded.

      But he quickly recalled that it was this voice that awakened himself just now.

      “Wan technology sector mad crowd introduction ︰ this group is to facilitate scientific and technological circles from Wan madman exchange of knowledge, the only intermediary of exchanges.”

      “Note ︰ current population level to the original level, groups up to 10 people.”

      Voice was sounded.

      And it still sounded directly in Chen Yang’s mind.

      This time Chen Yang was quite sure that he was not hearing voices.

      Because he is sober now.


      “If all of this is true…”

      Chen Yang completely forgot about the contract at this time.

      “I’m the only one in the group!”

      “System, how do I invite people?”

      Chen Yang calmed down and asked with the mentality of being a dead horse doctor.

      “Ding, since the host has just turned on the system, the prestige is only 1, so the system helps the host to perform random searches for free…”

      “This is a novice gift package in disguise.”

      Chen Yang waited patiently.

      Not long.

      Group news came:

      “Ding, I have joined the group.”

      “Ding, group task: Tony Stark’s friendliness to you has increased to 80 points.”

      Chen Yang did not wait for a reaction.

      The avatar of Tony Stark appeared in the group:

      his hair was messy and wet, his clothes were obviously not washed in a long time, and the most important thing was that his heart was connected to the car power supply.

      With such a classic image, Chen Yang involuntarily recalled the plot of “Iron Man 1”.

      No nonsense.

      Chen Yang decisively opened the personal introduction of Iron Man:

      Tony Stark, the second generation of super rich, one of the most colorful characters in the Avengers era.

      He is a super inventor, adventurer, billionaire, playboy, and a lunatic.

      It’s just that he is now in trouble and kidnapped by terrorists.

      “Thousands of science and technology

      fanatics ?” Tony Stark, who was not in a good mood, quickly raised his doubts: “Although this is a terrorist’s garbage computer, it is under my control after all. It was hacked without a word, you guys How did you do it?”

      “Look at it for yourself.”

      Chen Yang knew that he could not fool Iron Man with a super high IQ.

      So he was too lazy to talk nonsense and showed him the group introduction directly.

      of course.

      The group task is exclusive to Chen Yang.

      He was not stupid enough to show it to the mission target.

      “Ten Thousand Realms? Really nonsense!”

      “The name is loud, but this kind of scam technique has been out of fashion a few years ago.”

      Tony Stark quickly replied: “Forget it, the terrorists don’t have much time for me. I can’t even save my life now, and I have no time to talk nonsense with you.”

      “Can’t save my life?”

      “I just want to extract the palladium element from the Jericho missile and make it into a miniature Ark reactor to power your individual armor. It’s so simple that you can find an foundry. What is the danger?”

      “Make excuses ? , That would have to be refreshed.”

      Chen Yang not only relaxed, but also attached an emoticon.

      Cold field.

      Tony Stark paused.

      “You are such a genius!”

      Tony Stark exclaimed excitedly: “I was just raised out of the water by the terrorists, and I can’t think of a countermeasure! You didn’t expect you to design it for me!”

      “Ding, Tony History Tucker’s favorability for you reaches 80 points, and you can randomly copy one of Tony Stark’s talents.”


      Chen Yang had nothing to say immediately.

      He found that he was not careful and leaked the “chance”.

      But this leaked well.

      I made a perfect time difference and got a lot of good feelings.

      “Brother group master, thank you very much.”

      “When I escape this damn place, I will contact you again.”

      Tony left these two sentences and immediately broke the contact.

      “Does the host perform random copying?”

      Before Chen Yang’s thoughts were converted, the system began to urge Chen Yang.

      “Iron Man’s natural ability.”

      “If I get his extraordinary intelligence, then…”

      Chapter 002 Copy Iron Man’s Ability (2/8)
      “If I’m able to get his extraordinary intellect, it Niubi miserable. Watermark watermark advertising advertising test test”

      , “even if no extraordinary intelligence, his talent invention also able to get good.”

      “Anyway, as long as It’s not the horrible talent for breaking the mouth.”

      Chen Yang quickly confirmed.

      “Random copy starts…”

      “Ding, congratulations on acquiring Tony Stark’s technological ability.”

      Chen Yang was taken aback for a while, almost jumping with joy.

      If extraordinary intelligence is the basic attribute of the body, and the talent for invention is a flash of light or a flashpoint, then technological ability is knowledge.

      And Tony Stark’s technological capabilities can no longer be described in a mere “top” word.


      Absolute evildoer!

      As Chen Yang accepted the copied knowledge, a huge amount of science and technology flooded into his mind.

      Full-information projection, Ark reactor, artificial intelligence, secondary life engineering…

      all of this quickly integrated into his physical instincts.

      Bit by bit, as if born with it.

      a long time.


      A call like a yellow ying, awakened Chen Yang, who was intoxicated with some kind of sourness.

      Chen Yang opened his eyes.

      What caught the eye was a petite beauty in a white sweater.

      It is Wen Susu, Chen Yang’s younger sister.

      The only person left on the team.

      Today’s Wen Susu dress is very simple, but very flavorful.

      Cardigan is a slim dress style.

      Although she couldn’t outline her figure, the pure white color vividly embellished Wen Susu’s elegant air, forming a perfect temperament match with her appearance, giving the whole person a lot of points.

      Even Chen Yang, who is not very mindful.

      Also attracted by this temperament.

      “Brother, why are you all night again!”

      Wen Susu came in carrying the porridge. The originally happy application saw Chen Yang with messy hair. Liu frowned and said with concern: “Brother, although the order is important, the body is more important. Ah.”

      Although she was unhappy, she brought the porridge to Chen Yang’s keyboard for the first time, and also brought paper towels.

      Because she knew that Chen Yang would be crazy once he started working.

      Even if the food is current.

      He will also dismiss it.

      “Susu, thanks for your hard work.”

      “I have to help others with tuition every day, and I have to help take care of this place.”

      Chen Yang picked it up and gobbled it up.

      It’s not that he is not afraid of heat, but that he is so hungry.

      “It’s okay.”

      Wen Susu responded verbally.

      With both hands, he cleaned up this messy rental house familiarly.

      This spacious rental house with insufficient lighting is the place where Chen Yang and the others started their business.

      It’s just that the original excitement is gone.


      “Don’t want this photo?”

      Wen Susu just scanned the broken picture frame.


      “Why not!”

      Chen Yang slowly picked up the broken frame, and even took the dust off the photo very carefully. Looking at the group of like-minded friends in the photo, the corners of his mouth gradually rose.

      He asked: “Susu, if you are the owner of a game company and buy the same type of auxiliary software at the same price, the first software can increase the efficiency by up to 10%, while the second software can increase the efficiency by 20%. Efficiency, which one would you choose?”

      “Of course the second one.”

      Wen Susu then added: “As long as it is not a fool or insider trading, everyone knows how to choose.”

      Chen Yang continued to ask, “Then if the second kind of software Can it increase the efficiency by 50%?”

      “The insider trading is useless.”

      Wen Susu nodded with certainty.

      In the game industry, improving the efficiency by 50% is basically the work of two eras.

      This is like the difference between using Zhiguo 4 and Zhiguo x to play the mobile game version of Eat Chicken.

      “Very good.”

      “What I want is such an effect.”

      Chen Yang looked at the picture without speaking, but his smile was a little weird.

      It seems to be asking:

      Are you ready?

      … the

      next afternoon.

      Bluefire Technology, which enjoys a reputation in the industry, has welcomed a special guest.

      And the arrival of this guest.

      Let the technical department of Bluefire Technology boil.

      “My God! How is this possible!”

      “This little game accelerator has increased the overall efficiency of the game by 50%!”

      “Even if our entire team

      has worked together for three months, we can’t achieve such a terrifying efficiency!” The technical staff of Bluefire Technology all looked at everything in front of them dumbfounded.

      Game accelerator, a technical program with a huge workload.

      At the beginning, Bluefire Technology outsourced this program because it disliked that the workload was too large and would occupy a lot of time in their development team.

      With such time, they can all develop a brand new game.

      As long as this game is a little less popular.

      That can bring tens of millions of profits.

      Tens of millions and small hundreds of thousands.

      Everyone knows how to choose.

      The president of Bluefire asked urgently: “How does this speed compare to similar markets?”

      “In terms of pure game utilization, it is at least two levels ahead of similar games.” The

      technical director replied admiringly: “And because the game is smoother, The experience is better, and the popularity it brings is incalculable.”

      “President Lanhuo, I didn’t lie to you?”

      Chen Yang looked at everything calmly.


      “Bring the contract.” The

      president of Blue Fire immediately called the secretary.

      The secretary also sent the long-prepared contract to the president of Bluefire.

      As long as the president of Blue Fire signs the name.

      That is a commercial transaction with legal significance, and the money must be called to Chen Yang within three days.

      This is not comparable to the previously initialed agreement of intent.

      “President!” The

      secretary reminded quietly: “Did you forget? We signed a memorandum with them, and they have priority to cooperate!”

      Dark stone technology.

      It was the new company opened by the so-called brothers of Chen Yang.

      Chapter 003 Great God (3rd more, for collection)
      “Prioritize cooperation?”

      “Tell them how far and how far away!” The

      president of Blue Fire scolded. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test No

      matter how high the priority level is, can it be compared with a 50% increase in efficiency?

      Huh huh!

      The president of Bluefire happily signed the agreement.

      Then he also said to the financial staff: “Transfer the money to Mr. Chen as soon as possible.”

      “Don’t worry.”

      Chen Yang asked confidently: “When making accelerators before, he accidentally discovered several loopholes in the game. Just make the patch, I don’t know if you are interested?”


      “Must have!” The

      president of Lanhuo gave a shock all over his body.

      Vulnerabilities are the most feared existence of every game company.

      If it doesn’t work, a big game may die in a short time.

      And the little fire game with a little viscosity is even more likely to be finished in an instant.

      “The patch for the vulnerability is here.”

      Chen Yang did not talk nonsense and handed the patch to the technical director.

      The technical director conducts a comprehensive inspection at the first time.

      It didn’t take long for the result:

      “This loophole will cause the game’s currency system to collapse, but we didn’t find it!”

      “Our three deadliest game loopholes were all corrected.”

      “Needless to say.”

      Bluefire president listen I got cold sweats.

      He knew he was lucky.

      Without Chen Yang, his housekeeping game would have to be taken off the shelves within a few months.

      The loss at that time was ten times or even a hundred times the contract price.

      But the president of Blue Fire is a businessman after all.

      He settled for a moment and said, “Mr. Chen, the accelerator comes with game patches. Our buyout price is 1 million, which is 700,000 more than the contract.”

      Chen Yang did not respond.

      1 million, has exceeded his estimate.

      After all, Bluefire Technology is only second-rate in the industry.

      One million is a big contract for them.


      Chen Yang knew the doorway.

      In other words, he is now holding the throat of Bluefire Technology.

      “1 million?”

      “Too little!”

      So Chen Yang pointed out his first finger and said, “First of all, the average monthly profit of this game is no less than one million, which is almost half of your company’s.”

      Then he said . The second finger: “Secondly, without my accelerator and game patches, your game will have to go downhill in two months. If it can last for three months, you can laugh.”


      President Bluefire Embarrassing enough.


      Chen Yang has done research and can’t fool him in this regard.

      Take a deep breath.

      The president of Blue Fire has never conducted such passive business negotiations.

      After calming down his thoughts, the president of Bluefire asked: “If we cooperate, how long does Mr. Chen estimate that our game can maintain the momentum?”

      “The super fluency of the game will increase your viscosity.”

      “After the patches are reduced, the entire game system will be more balanced.”

      “And according to this estimate, your game will have at least a year of prosperous period.”

      Chen Yang finally returned. He added: “If there is a breakthrough in the next year, it will not be a problem to extend it for another half a year.”


      The mathematics of the president of Blue Fire was not taught by a physical education teacher, and he naturally understood the difference.

      He tentatively asked: “1.5 million, what do you think?”

      “2 million!”

      Chen Yang didn’t refuse at all.

      He now pinches the opponent’s lifeblood and fully grasps the initiative.

      At this time, I am not slaughtering a fortune.

      Then he is a fool.


      President Bluefire calmed down forcibly and demanded: “But I have one condition, I hope Mr. Chen can agree.”

      “Tell me.”

      “I may not agree.”

      Chen Yang basically expected the president of Bluefire Requirements.

      Sure enough.

      The president of Bluefire asked: “I don’t know if Mr. Chen’s team means to join our company?”

      Before Chen Yang refused, the president of Bluefire said: “With the strength of Mr. Chen’s team, I can satisfy Mr. Chen. Share ratio.”

      “Thank you!”

      “But I don’t like being restricted.”

      Chen Yang said: “Inspiration cannot be imprisoned. Otherwise, it is not inspiration, but routine.”

      The chief technical officer of Bluefire Technology, as well as other technicians, all showed an expression of approval.

      “That would be a pity.” The

      president of Blue Fire was disappointed.

      But he eventually signed the name.

      The transaction is finalized.

      “The money will arrive within today.” The

      president of Lanhuo knew that it was done, and he was simply generous, leaving a good impression on Chen Yang.

      “Thank you.”

      Chen Yang was in a good mood.

      With these 2 million, many of his plans can be implemented.

      President Lanhuo invited, “Mr. Chen, do you have any dinner arrangements?”

      Chen Yang replied, “I’m sorry,

      Junior Sister has already arranged it for me.” He was too lazy to explain that Wen Susu had already bought the food.

      “Junior Sister!?”

      President Lanhuo gave Chen Yang a thumbs up directly, showing a tacit smile.


      Chen Yang was too lazy to explain, time was more tight than the president of Bluefire.

      Out of professional wailing, the technical director also invited: “Mr. Chen, please invite your team to communicate when you are free.”


      “I am the only one in my team.”

      Chen Yang left these words and has already walked out Doorway.

      Leave the room full of stunned people.

      “One person can do this?”

      “This is impossible! Does n’t that mean that he alone is better than our entire team?” The

      technical department was in a mess.

      “I thought he was just a civilian master.”

      “I didn’t expect to be a god of the hidden world.” The president of Blue Fire murmured: “It seems that I will contact him more in the future.”

      Chapter 004 Accelerate (4/8)
      that night. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test

      Chen Yang wanted to take Wen Susu outside to celebrate.

      But Wen Susu refused on the grounds that the food should not be wasted.

      But she is very caring.

      Knowing that Chen Yang has recently overdrawn a lot, so I went to the vegetable market to buy a lot of delicious food and make them for Chen Yang.

      This meal.

      Eat very satisfied.

      It’s a pity that Wen Susu has to go to tuition for nearby students at night and cannot accompany Chen Yang.

      Chen Yang happened to be considering the next layout of the rental house.

      “200 million and the average person is a lot.” “But

      this place in Pengcheng, a lot of things can be done.”

      “I plan to do at least Industries, smashed into a spray There are shady.”

      Satiate , Chen Yang began to plan the future road.

      If he is satisfied.

      You can live a leisurely life in third- and fourth-tier cities.

      If he has no ambitions, with the skills he has now, he can get a top technical position in any domestic technology company.

      Not to mention the annual salary of millions, even if the annual salary is ten million, it is not a problem.

      But these are not Chen Yang’s choices.

      “Industrial technology can’t do it.”

      “Then you can only go all the way to the dark on the software route.”

      Chen Yang wants to be artificial intelligence, wants to build the Ark reactor, and even wants to become the Iron Man of the earth.

      But he has no money.

      If you want to do this, you don’t have a fund of hundreds of millions to make the bottom line, and it’s all a joke.

      The most important thing is that some materials are not available yet.

      In particular, the materials needed for the Ark Reactor can only be collected by national power.

      So Chen Yang can only make money first.

      Only down to earth.

      “The software route is basically the two choices of auxiliary software and games to achieve the fastest money gathering effect.”

      Chen Yang kept tapping on the desktop.

      “With my current conditions, the most suitable thing is to enter the game industry.”

      “Once it

      gets hot , it’s basically the same as grabbing money.” Chen Yang, who knows how hot the game industry is, just came up with this idea. pack.


      He was quickly convinced by himself:

      “China’s current game industry is not playing content, but advertising and gimmicks.”

      “Even if I can manage the development of the most money-consuming game, the follow-up promotion is also money-consuming. It’s hard to get a slightly more popular star with the 2 million people in my area.”

      “Without promotion, no matter how good my game is, no matter how good the reputation is, it will take time to ferment. But when it ferments, the day lily will be cold. The market may even be plagiarized.” The

      game industry consists of six major parts: production, planning, technology, art, promotion, and operation. The model is just like the famous wooden barrel theory.

      At this point of analysis, Chen Yang’s game plan came to an abrupt end.

      “Hey, if Tony goes online, that’s fine.”

      Chen Yang knew that Tony must still be casting steel armor day and night.

      So do not hold any expectations.

      It was also at this time.

      He saw the contract signed today.

      He suddenly thought of an idea: a

      game accelerator.

      “I don’t need to fix it in a game as an accelerator.”

      “I can speed up the hottest game at the moment!”

      “If I am a little bit more ambitious, I can directly build a mobile phone system.”

      Chen Yang analyzed here, The corners of the mouth gradually became evil: “When I grow up enough in the future, I can do the most high-end at that time.” I

      thought of doing it.

      Chen Yang began to dance wildly on the keyboard.

      His percussion power is not very large, all are the most energy-saving finger loss.

      But the speed is so fast that ordinary people can’t see it.

      And a special software that changes the pattern of virtual services.

      Also build quickly at this crazy speed.



      Noon the next day.

      Chen Yang’s deep sleep was awakened by the sound of moving the table.

      Open your eyes.

      It was Wen Susu’s moving figure.

      Wen Susu started cleaning without Chen Yang’s instructions.

      “Brother, you are finally awake.”

      Wen Susu saw Chen Yang as he was doing it, and gave a sweet smile.

      “I slept for a long time?”

      Chen Yang turned his stiff neck a few times.

      “Of course.”

      “You can all have lunch.”

      Wen Susu just finished dragging the floor. After washing his hands, he proudly flaunted: “You must have not eaten breakfast, so I made ginger fish porridge that is easier to digest and can nourish your brain.”


      Chen Yang Without getting up for the first time, she just looked at the tender and throbbing cute sister.

      “Brother, brush your teeth and wash your face quickly.”

      “When I’m

      ready to eat, I have to hand out flyers after I wash the dishes.” Wen Susu has nothing to avoid with Chen Yang.

      “Susu, don’t go to a part-time job.”

      Chen Yang said, “I plan to form a formal technology company, and I need you very much.”


      Wen Susu heard the words “I need you very much”, and was talking about The hand trembled suddenly, then a sweet smile returned.

      “Then I will resign later.”

      “It is estimated that it will take two or three days to complete the delivery.”

      Wen Susu saw that Chen Yang not only had no intention of eating, but also wanted to sit back in front of the computer, and immediately pushed him to the toilet:” Brother, go brush your teeth!”

      Chen Yang muttered, “What do I need to pay for a part-time job?”

      “After all, it was introduced by my resident.”

      “There is a beginning and an end.”

      Wen Susu answered naturally.


      “Speaking of friends, I almost forgot.”

      Chen Yang suddenly stopped and asked seriously: “Susu, if I remember correctly, do you have a friend who is a well-known internet celebrity?”

      “Well, although Xiao Meng is a new anchor, her popularity is not low.”

      Wen Susu replied, “If I remember correctly, there are more than 500,000 subscriptions, and often more than 60,000 are online.”

      “More than 60,000 online.”

      “If you haven’t done it, it is indeed a popular anchor.”

      Chen Yang rolled up a malicious smile.

      Chapter 005 Eating chicken is most important (5/8)
      little dream. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test

      A game anchor on a certain platform.

      Every time it starts, there are a stable 60,000 online, and there is no trace of moisture.

      It can be said to be a small fire internet celebrity.

      She can maintain such popularity, not by her sweet face, by gorgeous game skills, nor by selling meat in exchange for popularity. It is purely her character:


      Popular point is to be grounded.

      Today she started broadcasting on time again.

      In order to fulfill the promise of sister Wen Susu, she specially combed her hair and put on the most familiar and classic outfit that fans are familiar with: the

      Republic of China outfit.

      “Wow, the dream goddess has reproduced the classics.”

      “The last time a local tyrant offered a thousand yuan reward, and asked Xiao Meng to reproduce the classics, but was rejected.”

      “Xiao Meng finally heard our call. ”

      Xiao Meng’s classic image of fame came back, and countless male fans started the wolf.

      Countless gifts fell.

      There are also several advertisements from Quan Pingyao.

      Driven by this help, the popularity of the live broadcast room quickly rose to 50,000 online.

      This kind of climbing speed is unprecedented for Xiaomeng.

      And according to this trend, it will be sooner or later to break her own record.

      “Hello everyone.”

      “I played for 3 hours yesterday, and I couldn’t eat any chicken.”

      “Sorry to the great gods who took me, and to the fans, so today I reproduce everyone’s favorite image as compensation.”

      Xiao Meng knew that she was bad yesterday and gave a sincere apology.

      “This wave of compensation is 6!”

      “I’m suddenly looking forward to Xiaomeng not being able to eat chicken every day.”

      “Look forward to the same!”

      “Look forward to the same 1!”

      a wave of rhythm brought it up.


      Xiao Meng clenched her fists and vowed: “I must eat chicken today!”

      “What if I can’t eat chicken?”

      “Other anchors, we must be women’s clothing. But Xiao Meng’s words, skip a section of ” Elysium “enough!”

      “” Elysium “is outdated friends, now jump c c mile mile friends.”

      “c c mile mile outdated friends, now jump” is your “friends.”

      pop again A wave of inhuman rhythm.


      “Don’t look down on me!” Xiaomeng

      said stubbornly: “I came here with preparation!”

      She then showed her iphone6.

      “Goddess, please change your phone.”

      “Iphone6 ​​will play a little bit more, and it will freeze at the critical moment.”

      “Did you forget that yesterday’s tragedy was caused by a bad phone?”

      Fans Could not help but persuade.

      Unfortunately, Xiao Meng shook his head.

      With her current income, buying the latest iPhone is also easy.

      But this mobile phone was the first money she made with the live broadcast, which is very commemorative, so she has always been reluctant to change it.

      “Don’t think I’m a fool.”

      “Look, I really did a lot of preparations.”

      Xiao Meng showed up her mobile phone interface and said, “I asked Daneng to install an acceleration software and said yes. It can increase the speed of the mobile phone by 30%.”

      “Thirty percent?”


      “It’s over, my goddess also began to receive commercials, and the last clear stream in the live broadcast industry fell.”

      Amidst the wailing of fans, Xiao Meng opened up. game.

      Only this time the speed was ridiculously fast.

      It only took about 3 seconds to display the game interface.

      “Huh? It’s really much faster!”

      “Before Xiao Meng opened the game, it was impossible without 10 seconds.”

      Seeing this, the fans calmed down.

      In fact, Xiao Meng was also a little surprised.

      She knew Wen Susu would not lie to herself, but she didn’t expect the effect to be so good.

      “I just don’t know what will happen during the game…”

      With this feeling, Xiao Meng began to line up.

      The game interface is very clear and smooth.

      There was no lag when switching between maps and weapons.

      Not to mention anything else, at least it is very comfortable to play!

      For a time.

      The state of the little dream is here.

      1 kill!

      2 kills!

      3 kills!

      Once the state came, the marksmanship was accurate, and the number of killings gradually piled up.

      “The goddess is in great condition today!”

      “Stupid, it’s not that the game is in good condition, but the game is smooth.”

      “You find that Xiaomeng’s broken phone hasn’t been stuck even once, it’s incredible!” As

      soon as the topic came out, the pop-up window began to explode.

      More and more fans are curious about this software that has never heard of it.

      After all, the mobile game version of Chicken Eater is a more complicated shooting game. It

      often switches map scenes and requires higher mobile phones.

      However, there are a large number of low-end mobile phones in the domestic mobile phone market, so many people have problems of one kind or another when playing.

      And no chicken-eating mobile game on the market can solve this tricky problem.

      “Good luck and good luck, eat chicken at night!”


      With the appearance of the classic first prize, Xiao Meng cheered: “The first time in history to eat chicken in a row! Haha, from now on, I am also true The chicken-eating anchor!”

      Although Xiao Meng is in good condition.

      But after all, she is not high-play, and it took a full hour to successfully eat chicken.

      “Goddess, dance to celebrate it!”

      “An hour is not nothing Caton, this cloud accelerated Guards!”

      “Please Software name!”

      “With the demand!”

      “Seek with 1!”

      “10086 with demand!”


      “Here, this is the cloud service.”

      “It’s the latest research and development of a new company.”

      Xiao Meng did not hide her privately, and generously disclosed Chen Yang’s acceleration software.

      In order to clear up doubts, she also specifically explained ︰ “Although the software only to the 3-day trial period, but also the most low-end version, but I have been impressed by it! Even if your point does not matter, the most important chicken!”

      “Yes , The most important

      thing to eat chicken!” “I will download it now!”

      “There is a free trial, not bad!”

      Driven by Xiaomeng.

      The software that has just been put on the shelves has begun to emerge.

      And with the spread of word-of-mouth, it quickly fermented, until…

      Chapter 006 Million (6/8)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f originally Wen Susu suggested that the company be named Chenyang. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test

      Not only because Chen Yang is a homophonic of Chen Yang.

      It is also because Chen Yang is the rising sun, which represents full of vitality and cannot resist.

      But Chen Yang knew that everything about him came from the tech mad people.

      So he insisted on using a crazy name.

      But he and Wen Susu no longer care about the name, they care about the number of downloads.

      Chen Yang was still asleep, so he was dragged up by Wen Susu.



      Wen Susu said eagerly: “Look at our downloads!”


      Chen Yang didn’t care.

      After all, the software was only released two days ago.

      According to Chen Yang’s estimation, it is considered good to have a reputation in one month.

      How many downloads can there be in two days?

      It’s just that he is destined to be shocked today.


      Chen Yang looked stunned.

      Be aware that this is just a platform’s data.

      If all platforms are included.

      What a terrible number is that?

      “It broke one million!”

      Wen Susu said excitedly: “Our total number of downloads on the four major software platforms has exceeded one million!”

      “Is this one million?”

      Chen Yang feels dreaming now.

      Just two days.

      Completed the download tasks of ordinary software for one year.

      “Brother, you are too good!”

      “Even if there is only a 10% purchase ratio in the future, it is still 100,000 paying users.”

      Wen Susu is also familiar with the software market and knows what this data means.

      Even Chen Yang sets the lowest fees in the industry.

      But as long as the numbers pile up.

      That is also an extremely terrifying number.

      For example, the acceleration of a certain penguin, even if the lowest-end annual fee is claimed to be the lowest in the industry, it costs 800 yuan.

      And for every additional level, the price will double.

      At first glance, the cost of a year is not a lot.

      But what if the units behind are millions or even tens of millions?

      “10% is too much.”

      “5% is considered a good result.”

      Chen Yang was not so optimistic.

      The subscription ratio of the accelerated service has never been high.

      A conversion rate of 3% is not bad.

      5%, that is already a very good product.

      “5% is good too!”

      Wen Susu said excitedly: “We are just starting now.”


      “Just started.”

      Chen Yang only realized the data before him , which was the result of the first two days.

      At this rate of development.

      I am afraid that in less than a month, the madman will become a super dark horse in the domestic science and technology industry.

      Chen Yang asked, “But we are developing so fast, do we have to recruit people?”

      He doesn’t feel sorry for money, but Wen Susu feels that he feels sad.

      After all, the leadership of Madman Technology at this time, apart from Chen Yang, only Wen Susu.

      The others are temporary workers recruited from the school.


      “If you don’t tell me, I will report this to you.”

      Wen Susu asked immediately, “I don’t know if you still remember Senior Sister Li Qin?”

      “Of course I do!”

      ” Senior Qin was the number one man of the year. Yeah!”

      Chen Yang couldn’t help but think of the domineering beautiful senior sister, and immediately nodded.

      Li Qin, the first genius of the school.

      Xueba can no longer describe Li Qin’s achievements.

      Not only because Li Qin is not only the youngest double master in the college.

      Not only because of Li Qin’s halo.

      And because she hadn’t graduated yet, a big company invited her to join with an annual salary of one million. Instead, she not only refused, she quickly formed a pure women’s team and completed a total amount of up to the first month of the business. 3 million orders.

      At that time, it was not only a sensation in the whole school, but also other universities.

      But Chen Yang knew that Wen Susu would not be aimless, so he asked, “What’s wrong with her? Did something happen?”


      “She did have an accident.”

      Wen Susu showed a regretful expression.

      “Talk about it.”

      Chen Yang became more curious.

      Wen Susu said: “Senior Qin’s ambitions are too great, she even used all the company’s profits to bet on artificial intelligence, but she was attacked by the related parties and fought back before liberation overnight.”

      “How long before liberation?”

      Chen Yang heard the flavor in the words.

      “Negative equity.”

      Wen Susu’s answer gave Chen Yang a knowing expression.

      Chen Yang asked: “Do you want to invite her to join the company?”


      Wen Susu nodded.

      Chen Yang asked: “She’s here, what do you do?”

      Don’t look at Madman Technology. Now there are a few kittens and puppies.

      But the potential of Madman Technology is immeasurable.

      Therefore, Wen Susu, the number two figure, will surely rise in the future.

      But if Li Qin came, then Wen Susu’s position would not be as detached as it is now.

      “If the company can have a genius like Sister Qin join, it will definitely develop faster and healthier.”

      Wen Susu confessed: “I’m still a student, and I have a lot to learn.”


      Chen Yang was not polite and grabbed it. Wen Susu’s hand went out.

      “Where are we going?”

      “If you haven’t eaten breakfast, your body won’t be able to hold it.”

      Wen Susu asked shyly.

      However, at this time, she was still concerned about Chen Yang’s body.

      Chen Yang replied of course: “Let’s go and invite Sister Qin together! As for breakfast, it’s almost noon now. Let’s just deal with it on the road. We haven’t eaten outside for a long time.”

      “Yeah. ”

      Wen Susu liked this state very much.

      Naturally will not resist.

      Just let Chen Yang lead.

      Chapter 007 The first talented woman joins (7/8)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f Wen Susu sitting in a quiet but stylish coffee shop. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test

      There is no music and no noise.

      Some are just wind bells swaying in the breeze.

      Pleasant and tempting.

      Her attention was not focused on the fragrant coffee on the table, but on Chen Yang.

      At this time, Chen Yang was stirring the coffee, but did not drink half a sip.

      They just waited in harmony.

      A rapid footstep broke this harmonious tranquility.

      What came in was a tall beauty wearing a professional high-waisted skirt.

      This kind of professional dress needs long legs and thin waist, otherwise it will be nondescript.

      But this beauty wears out the charm.

      The pretty waist of the water snake portrayed a curvaceous beauty vividly.

      Matched with that mature and beautiful face.

      Bring out a charming mature charm.

      Such a temperament.

      Naturally attractive.

      This is not.

      The whole cafe is attracted to the past.

      Even women are no exception.

      “Sorry, I’m late.”

      Li Qin apologized before arriving.

      Hello, Senior Sister.” Wen Susu immediately got up and greeted.

      She had a little admiration for Li Qin before, otherwise she wouldn’t know the news that Li Qin was sniped so soon.

      “Oh it’s you.”

      Li Qin saw Chen Yang and immediately smiled and said, “I thought Madman Technology was a masterpiece of some genius in the academy. It turned out to be you, a smart guy who doesn’t like to learn.”

      Chen Yang is different from Li Qin.

      Li Qin’s academic transcript is extremely dazzling.

      But Chen Yang is a school celebrity who often skips classes.

      Li Qin sat down.

      “Senior sister, I’ve made it very clear on the phone before.”

      “I wonder if you have any interest in joining?”

      Everyone is acquaintance at the same school, and Chen Yang is too lazy to talk nonsense, and straight to the point.

      “I’m a Negative Weng now, and I am not qualified to be proud.”

      Li Qin is also a very straightforward person, and replied, “But I need some practical proof.”

      “It’s simple.”

      Chen Yang pointed to Li Qin’s mobile phone and asked: “You go to download a large-capacity software now, open and record various operating data.”


      “I have a special office software in my mobile phone, which compares the card when running.”

      Li Qin personally tried to open the software: “You see , The opening time is more than 10 seconds, and the fastest time before is 8 seconds.”

      “Download our speed-up.”

      “Then see for yourself.”

      Chen Yang gave everything to Li Qin.

      Li Qin started to be surprised as soon as he opened it.

      The opening speed is extremely fast, up to two seconds.

      He immediately opened the content inside.

      Some videos that require special processing are simply ultra-high definition.

      And some sub-files that open slowly are opened in seconds.

      Such a smooth opening speed is simply incredible.


      “It’s just a piece of software.” After

      learning enough, Li Qin immediately opened other apps that were often slow, and the results were all smooth.

      This is more than that.

      She decisively downloaded a demanding game.

      The game that should have been very stuck, it is very comfortable to play now.


      Li Qin was convinced by Chen Yang.

      “This kind of technology completely crushes our team!”

      Li Qin spent more than half an hour in the calculation, and finally looked up.

      What brought out was a pair of beautiful eyes full of surprise and admiration.

      “It seems that Senior Sister has the answer.”

      Chen Yang looked at Li Qin confidently.


      “This service has exploded any market acceleration.”

      Li Qin asked with a smile: “Refusing to join a company with endless potential like Madman Technology is the most stupid thing. But in the younger brother. Before arranging me, can I make a condition?”


      Chen Yang was not surprised by Li Qin’s additional requirements.

      Li Qin asked, “Please hire my team.”

      Chen Yang asked, “Give me a reason.”

      Li Qin replied, “First, I owe them a lot in the past two years; second, they all It’s talents, and you are short of talents; thirdly, they all look good.”

      “The first two are enough.”

      “Not to mention the third.”

      Chen Yang agreed very happily.

      “Thank you!”

      “You made up for my guilt.”

      “Thanks to Mr. Chen for giving me this opportunity.”

      Li Qin was really moved.

      Because Chen Yang received the newly increased prestige value.

      And the change of title can also explain a lot.

      “By the way, some things must be explained to you clearly.”

      Chen Yang said calmly: “Madman Technology is still in the initial stage, but after you come, you must sort out everything in the company as quickly as possible. You can do it. to you? ” ”

      no problem. ”

      Li Qin confidently replied ︰ ‘If even this working, how worthy of my first name HKUST first talented woman it.”


      It is the alma mater of Chen Yang, Li Qin and Wen Susu.

      “You are the outside, and you are the inside.”

      Chen Yang added again.

      This is a restriction, but Chen Yang seems not afraid of Li Qin’s rejection.


      Li Qin stretched out his hand.

      Chen Yang held the white hand and asked with a smile: “I haven’t said the reward yet? Are you so at ease with me?” I

      had to say.

      The softness from the hand, combined with the owner of the hand.

      It’s easy to be fanciful.

      So Chen Yang’s question was a pun.

      “I believe Mr. Chen will not treat me

      badly .” Li Qin answered calmly.

      “I believe you will be thankful for today in the future.”

      “I hope too.” The

      two smiled at each other.

      Chapter 008 The madman was cracked down (8/8)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f when Chen Yang recruited troops to buy horses. Watermark Advertisement Test Watermark Advertisement Test

      The digital experts in the network are like vultures smelling fishy, ​​starting their professional performances.

      For example, a science and technology expert who is famous for fighting counterfeiting is eyeing the madman technology that has just emerged.

      “La la la!”

      “Brothers, the old wolf is here again!” The

      tech expert appeared in front of tens of thousands of fans.

      Perhaps the old wolf is not very famous in the fake circle.

      But he is currently the anchor without any negative news.

      The reason is simple:

      he is rich.

      There are more than a dozen houses in the house, the standard demolished second generation.

      I entered this line purely because of interest and temper.

      “Oh, the old wolf has changed phones again.”

      “Change two at a time, after all, local tyrants.”

      “Old wolf, what are we going to test this time?”

      Fans are not like traditional fans, but a bit like friends.

      So the atmosphere of speaking is very relaxed.

      “Of course it’s the most talked-about piece of software right now.”

      “An unknown company’s product can increase efficiency by at least 30%. How can

      I bear it .” “As for the specific name, I will give them a little face. , I won’t talk about it for the time being.” The

      old wolf showed two brand-new Zhiguo phones, but did not give an accurate answer, and said: “These two are just bought iphonex, the price configuration is the same, and it has not been split yet. ”

      Then the old wolf took apart in front of everyone.

      Absolutely new.

      “Yeah, familiar rhythm.”

      “Old Wolf actually learned to sell the game today. It’s really not good!”

      “But I’m more curious.”

      Old Wolf has done a lot of evaluations on mobile phones, games, and system software before.

      Sometimes in order to test the hardness of the mobile phone, even smashed the mobile phone in front of over 10,000 fans.

      But he used to go straight.

      It’s not like today’s appetite for everyone.

      But the more it is, the more curious it is.


      Lao Lang installed two cards and installed an evaluation software at the same time.

      “Look carefully, everyone.”

      Old Wolf clicked on the two phones at the same time.

      Evaluation begins: the

      scores are consistent.

      This proved that the old wolf did not secretly manipulate the phone.

      “We all believe in you.”

      “For so long, the old wolf is as serious as ever.” The

      old wolf has no humorous elements, no outstanding looks, and no hype.

      But because of Old Wolf’s serious attitude, many people believed him.

      His test was even made into a video and posted to a professional website.

      “Now download a few representative software together. Both mobile phones are the same. Download them all at the same time.”

      “Then I will install one of Madman’s acceleration, but not the other.”

      Old Wolf said while operating.

      Because the fiber thief in Old Wolf’s house is fast.

      Not long.

      All installed.

      “Now we are together opening the ** micro letter.”

      Wolf at the same time point ** the app, then said ︰ “I think we all know the first time after opening the game, there will be resource loading process will be very ……”

      wolf “Slow” is not over yet, the phone loaded with Madman’s acceleration has been loaded, and it has successfully logged into the game.

      The other one has not been half loaded yet.

      The speed is completely two levels.

      “I rubbed it!” The

      old wolf exclaimed: “The acceleration is extremely obvious.” The

      live broadcast room was also surprised.

      “This is the most nb acceleration software I have ever seen!”

      Lao Lang added urgently: “No one!”

      It’s not that he has not tested the acceleration software.

      Even more than once.

      But no one-time effect is as obvious as it is now.

      “It’s just a small game. It’s not accurate.”

      “Let’s test others!”

      Old Wolf was also cautious.

      Test other software decisively.

      And the results are all amazing.

      “The overall acceleration effect is at least half.”

      “And the fee after the trial is very low.”

      Lao Lang sincerely suggested: “For this kind of sincere software, I think it is necessary to Amway!”

      “Has been Amway.”

      “Already. Be Amway.”

      This sentence began to dominate the screen.

      Then there is Amway in all directions.

      Others were inexplicably given an acceleration software by Amway, first they were unhappy, then they were suspicious, and then they started testing like an old wolf.

      The final result was the same as the old wolf, all of them were quickly conquered by the madman shark, and to the surrounding people.

      Madman’s acceleration is in this weird cycle, gradually spreading in a way that the entire industry does not understand.

      … the

      next few days.

      The whole madman is like a motor that starts at full speed.

      It is developing at a crazy speed.


      Madman Technology has many things.

      If it weren’t for the talented girl Li Qin to join, and Wen Susu’s caring beauty would look forward to the future.

      Otherwise, Chen Yang will definitely go crazy.

      But also in this kind of madness, Madman Technology has risen wildly at a jaw-dropping speed.

      The total number of downloads exceeds one million.

      That was a few days ago.

      The total number of downloads now exceeds 3 million.

      Although the growth rate has gradually slowed down, word-of-mouth continues to ferment.

      This is not.

      Li Qin came to report the good news.

      “Ayang, today there are more than 30,000 people choosing to order.”

      Li Qin said excitedly: “More than 60% of the monthly subscriptions, the data is unprecedentedly good!”


      “The viscosity is bigger than I thought. ”

      Chen Yang was also very happy, and asked: ”

      Where is the annual contract ?” The annual contract is the highlight.

      Chapter 009 Plagiarized
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f Chen Yang has no money. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test

      Two million venture capital.

      Register with Madman Technology, lease office buildings, and buy machines.

      Now all the funds are spent, and if he doesn’t order again, he won’t even be able to get his salary.

      Therefore, Chen Yang specifically asked about the annual service.


      Li Qin reported triumphantly: “Package accounted for more than 15% of the total, which is much higher than any one on the market.”

      “Finally, I have money.”

      “As for product quality, then There is no doubt about it.”

      Chen Yang is confident about the masterpiece that he has finally worked hard to design by referring to all the acceleration software on the market.


      He didn’t expect that his new company, which was not at all popular, would explode with just a fuse.

      This is an unexpected rhythm.

      He originally had a basket of promotion plans.

      Now these promotion plans can be thrown into the recycling bin.

      “But our development has also reached the neck.”

      Li Qin suddenly became cautious.


      “The acceleration software market has been divided up by those giants.”

      Chen Yang echoed: “We can develop to this point, it is commendable. But if we want to go further, we can only grab food.”

      “But I’m very confident.”

      “After all, in terms of quality, we are a crushing class.”

      Although Chen Yang was a little caught off guard by the sudden explosion of Madman Shao’s acceleration, he is not a complacent person.


      He always seizes the limited time to continuously upgrade and improve his own software.

      Gradually widen the quality gap.

      He has even prepared for the next step.

      To put it another way: For

      example, the accelerators on the market and even the acceleration are basically in the 10th stage, even the best is the 20th stage.

      But the madman’s speed has been promoted to 30 times by Chen Yang.

      Even 40 is about to be developed.

      “I am also very confident.”

      Li Qin said with a smile: “It’s just that I didn’t expect that one day I would be able to compete with the domestic software giants.”

      “Such things will be more complicated in the future.”

      Chen Yang replied: “At that time You will definitely be numb.”

      “I can’t ask for it!”

      This is definitely Li Qin’s voice.

      It can even be said to be the voice of countless Internet people in China.

      “Oh, right.”

      Li Qin suddenly remembered a point that needs attention, and quickly reported: “The speed of our madman development has attracted the attention of many people. Maybe those giants still disdain our achievements, but those in the same industry, I’m afraid There will be actions.”

      “No action is weird.”

      Chen Yang smiled: “In the face of profit, not many people can be saints. Not to mention our rise has hurt some people’s nerves.”

      “Yes. ”

      Li Qin said worriedly: “I even suspect that someone is cracking our software.”

      “Don’t doubt, that’s for sure.”


      “Please crack!”

      Chen Yang said finally, his smile was all ironic.

      His technology is equivalent to the Tony Stark of the earth.

      Only he cracked others.

      Who can crack the software program he designed?


      Li Qin looked at Chen Yang’s eyes, with a breath that was not there in the past.

      But her worry is correct.

      The crazy rise of Madman technology has eaten up the profits that originally belonged to others.

      Others are naturally jealous.

      There are a lot of small ideas.

      For example, a certain tour.

      As a second-rate technology company in the circle, it has first-class technology and first-class product prices, but it is a pity that it has third-rate character.

      So their works are clearly superior to the public level of the market, but they have always been tepid.

      And now.

      They regarded the Madman Shark acceleration as a new treasure.

      “What!” the

      president of a certain tour cursed: “There is a wave of unsubscription in our accelerator?”


      Shatter the hands of the president of a travel coffee mug, cursed ︰ “Three days ago, we lost a wave. Today you say we lost any connection with a wave of the customer exactly where to go?”

      “Go ……”

      a tour technician Weakly replied: “Although there is no conclusive evidence, our customers may have flowed to madman.”

      “It’s madman again!” The

      president of a certain tour opened his notebook and refreshed it.

      The result was irritated by the number of downloads on the display:

      1.01 million.

      This is just a single platform.

      I think they have invested a few million in the accelerator, and they have worked hard in the market for several years, and now it has more than 200 downloads.

      And they are just a new company that was founded less than a month ago.

      this world.

      There is no harm without comparison.


      “Are you all dead?” The

      more and more annoyed president of a certain tour cursed: “When they just broke up before, didn’t I tell you to learn from them? You are all in your ears. The

      so-called reference is nothing more than another term for “plagiarism.”

      This is the consensus in the circle.

      “Boss, it’s really not that we haven’t cracked it.”

      “It’s that there’s no way to crack it.” A

      certain tour technician answered with cold sweat on his forehead.

      “Then work overtime all night!” The

      president of a certain tour continued to curse: “I invite you for such a high salary, not to serve as a foil for others.”


      “We worked overtime collectively.” A

      tour technician led With a trace of anger, he said: “The people in our technical department work 24 hours a day to crack their accelerators. But the first layer of defense on the surface of the other party’s software is the honeycomb encryption method. The defense level is legendary, and it completely crushes any country in China. A technology company.”


      “How does it compare to the big domestic giants?” The

      president of a certain tour was moved, and he didn’t know what he thought of.

      “It’s totally two levels…” A

      certain tour technician wanted to tell the truth, but in order to take care of his own face, he finally changed his words: “Only strong, not weak.”

      “A small company has the technology to contend with giants.”

      “This is a cornucopia.” The

      president of a certain tour licked his dry lips with excitement, and immediately commanded: “You speed up the cracking, it’s impossible, then I personally came to the door to communicate with this newcomer.” A

      certain tour technician heard it inexplicably.

      But he could hear that it was not a good thing.

      Chapter 010 New Member (2/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f certain tour is just the tip of the iceberg. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test

      Except for those giants, most companies in the circle are aware of the dark horses of Madman Technology.

      But not everyone is as shameless as a certain tour.

      For example, I am familiar with Chen Yang’s Blue Fire Technology.

      They are marveling at this moment.

      And discussion.

      “My God!”

      “Total downloads over 3 million, ah!”

      “Absolute annual black horse! ‘

      Mixed this line.

      Naturally know what this speed represents.

      The president of Bluefire has a deeper understanding.

      He knew that the madman technology was an instant hit, and he also mastered a cornucopia.

      But all this is secondary.

      The core is that Madman Technology has mastered such high-end cloud technology.

      This is hard power.

      If he guessed correctly.

      With this background alone, the status of Madman Technology in the circle is likely to surpass that of Bluefire Technology, which has a history of more than ten years.

      At this time, the president of Bluefire regretted it.

      He was the first to cooperate with Chen Yang.

      It has an advantage over any company in the circle.

      If they bought shares in Madman Technology before the rise of Madman Technology, then Blue Fire Technology would definitely take off.

      Even if you can’t buy shares, just maintain a good cooperative relationship, it will be profitable and harmless.

      “I hope there is still a chance to make up for it!”

      President Lanhuo picked up his mobile phone and dialed Chen Yang’s number.

      Pick up soon there.

      “Brother Chen!”

      “Why didn’t you contact me in the last few days?”


      Chen Yang ended the call.

      Wen Susu thoughtfully handed Chen Yang a cup of fragrant tea.

      “I don’t know the first time.”

      Chen Yang shook his head and smiled bitterly.

      Wen Susu said: “Others want to buy our shares, that’s recognition of us.”

      “That’s how it is said.”

      Chen Yang sneered: “But their self-feeling is too good, right? We will speed up all the packing together, so we are really fools!” Nothing


      The technology hidden behind the madman’s acceleration alone, let alone 10 million yuan.

      Adding a zero will not surprise you.

      at this time.

      Tony Stark, who hadn’t contacted for a long time, was out of the water.

      “Is the group leader here?”

      “This breaks the group, so far we are the two of us.”

      “It seems that genius is destined to be lonely.”

      Tony Stark seemed to be in a good mood, and he talked endlessly when he got out of the water.

      “Susu, don’t tire yourself.”

      “Please ask a few more helpers.”

      “It’s okay, I want to be so busy forever.”

      Chen Yang quickly ended the conversation with Wen Susu.

      Turn to the tech mad crowd.


      “Those who want to join the group may not be eligible, and those who are eligible may not be found.”

      Chen Yang asked, “Are you safe, Tony?”


      Tony Stark sighed: “No days before. We made a single-soldier armor at night and were almost discovered. Fortunately, we were decisive enough at the last moment.”

      ” Where is Ethan?”

      Chen Yang had a slight impression of the poor scientist.

      “You actually even know Ethan.”

      “It seems that you are more mysterious than I thought.”

      Tony Stark’s attention is no longer parallel to Chen Yang.

      “I know a lot.”

      Chen Yang was too lazy to explain too much.

      After all, he was used to the rhythm of being a prophet.

      “Isson is okay.”

      “I bloodbathed this terrorist base and ran him into the desert.”

      Tony Stark replied, “Now we are safe, and we can finally eat hamburgers with soda easily and quietly. Rest.”


      “It’s not that simple.”

      Chen Yang reminded: “I said Tony, are you really ignorant or pretending to be innocent?”

      “How to say?”

      Tony Stark became confused instead.

      Chen Yang asked: “The route the military escorted you is a high-level secret, and only a few people know it. But don’t you feel strange that terrorists can accurately ambush you?”

      Tony Stark fell silent.


      He was said to be on his mind.

      a long time.

      “Thank you for the reminder.”

      “I will investigate carefully when I go back.”

      Tony Stark left this sentence and left directly.

      “Ding, Tony Stark’s favorability for the host has increased by 5 points, and it currently reaches 85 points!”

      “I don’t know whether there will be a lottery after the full score is good.”

      “But it doesn’t matter if there is a second copy.”

      Chen Yang is very open now.

      “Ding, because the host’s prestige has exceeded the 100 mark, the system rewards the host for a random search…”

      “So fast?”

      Chen Yang expressed surprise.

      He already knows how prestige comes from.

      Prestige is the power of belief after a person has emotions about Chen Yang’s technological strength.

      That is to say.

      Only when Chen Yang’s Madman technology is strong enough, can he have the opportunity to collect enough prestige points.

      “Ding, One Piece World has joined the tech mad crowd.”

      The basic information of Begapunk appeared in the group.

      Oh , this guy is here too.” Chen Yang remembers the first scientist of the navy headquarters of Begapunk: “However, compared to Tony Stark, Begapunk’s force is a little weaker. But always In general, it is also a good choice to make the mad crowd more active.”


      No1 scientist of the Navy Headquarters.

      He unlocked the transmission conditions of the devil fruit ability and was able to make the object possess the devil fruit ability.

      The sea floor stone has been developed in depth, and the sea floor stone has been used to the extreme.

      In the end, the navy produced human weapons called “pacifists”.

      He is known as the first scientist who has surpassed human wisdom for 500 years.

      “Hey, what is this?”

      Begapunk has a deep fear of the tech mad crowd.

      Because he was controlled by the navy headquarters.

      Unless he is a member of the Navy, even the Four Emperors cannot reach him.

      “Watch it for yourself.”

      Chen Yang sent him the basic information of the group.

      “Have you come to the newcomer?” Tony Stark saw Vegapunk and asked immediately: ” Newcomer , don’t know how to worship the dock?”

      “I understand.”

      “The owner, is the founder of this place.”

      The awakened Begapunk asked excitedly: “Master, can you really communicate with other worlds here?”

      “We don’t need to fool you.”

      Chen Yang is not as naughty as Tony Stark.

      Begapunk asked: “Then you can save me out?”

      Chen Yang replied: “It depends on you.”

      He suddenly felt that Begapunk was a little sad.

      Obviously there are enchanting talents, but they live a life like a prisoner.

      “What do you mean?”

      Begapunk was confused.


      “It means to see if you can be a human being.”

      Chapter 011 Incompatible Characters (3/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f “It means to see if you can be a human being. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test”

      Tony Stark scolded: “You are so stupid, are you really the smartest person in the world?”

      “Tony , Don’t make trouble.”

      “Begapunk, women’s clothing is still a red envelope, you can choose one yourself.”

      Chen Yang was also naughty, driven by the chat atmosphere.

      Begapunk: “…”

      Tony Stark: “…”

      “Ding, Begapunk has sent a group of red envelopes.”

      Chen Yang clicked on with the extraordinary speed of being single for more than 20 years.

      “Ding, congratulations to the host for getting a sex.”

      “I wipe it!”

      “Host, how many years have you been single?”

      Tony Stark exclaimed: “There is that fool, don’t you send more sex ?”

      However, neither Chen Yang nor Begapunk paid any attention to Tony Stark.

      “It turned out to be this thing!”

      Chen Yang was overjoyed.

      This thing comes from Man Xueli, a fruit healing ability in One Piece World.

      Man Xueli’s tears have healing power, and only a few drops can heal people who are defeated and fainted in battle.

      It’s amazing.

      It is simply the healing medicine of One Piece World.

      However, Chen Yang thought about the time and asked: “How did you get the healing tears?”

      “This is the protective measure the Navy prepared for me to prevent my experiment from accidents.”

      “But why do you even know such unpopular things? ?”

      Begapunk was shocked.

      If it weren’t for the navy headquarters to tell him, he really didn’t know the tears of healing.

      “The lord knows so much that you are scared.”

      Tony Stark asked: “But relatively speaking, I am more curious about the ghost. Tears of healing, can tears cure diseases?”

      “The Devil Fruit is Bergapon A special product of the world in which you live, you will have extraordinary abilities after eating.”

      “The healing tears are a derivative of the healing fruit.”

      Chen Yang briefly explained.

      Tony Stark asked, “How effective is it? Can radiation poisoning be treated?”

      It was obvious.

      As the top genius in the Marvel world, Tony Stark has predicted the hazards of carrying the Mini Ark reactor for a long time.

      “I don’t know.”

      “I guess Begapunk doesn’t know either.”

      Chen Yang shook his head.

      It’s just that it’s not what he was going to discuss. He asked: “Vegapunk, such a magical thing, are you not interested in studying it?”

      “How can you not be curious!”

      Vegapunk said, “But my recent focus Not here. After I finish my naval research work, I will start to study this.”

      “Navy research?”

      “Isn’t it a pacifist.”

      Chen Yang said disdainfully.

      “This is the top secret that the Navy hasn’t disclosed yet. You even know this!”

      Baker Ponga is not surprised this time, he is already scared.

      “Hey, you two, don’t play dumb riddles, okay?”

      Finally, a tech madman with the last name came, Tony Stark was not willing to be transparent.

      “It is a good topic to study the tears of healing, and Bergapunk is undoubtedly the most suitable candidate.”

      “Unfortunately he has no time.”

      Thinking of this, Chen Yang looked at Tony Stark and asked: “Tony, do you have any? Interested to study it?”


      “And I need it!”

      Tony Stark replied very positively.


      Chen Yang didn’t move.

      Begapunk didn’t respond either.

      Tony Stark, who was a little depressed, asked:

      Newcomer , I said so clearly, you haven’t said it yet?” “Haha…” Begapunk sneered back.

      “You actually despise me!”

      Tony Stark was angry.

      “Except for the group owner.”

      “The other members of the group are equal.”

      “You have the ability to cross the world to draw me!”

      Begapunk is not worthy of Tony Stark.

      Tony Stark: “…”

      “Mom selling batches!”

      “You wait for me!”

      Tony Stark said directly: “When I get the reality, I will study the interplanetary teleportation, and I will definitely send you to you. Pull out from the hole to play bungee jumping.”

      “I’ll talk

      until you can come over.” Begapunk was not empty at all.

      “Is the two of them born at odds?”

      Chen Yang looked happy.

      But the evil Chen Yang went so far as to cheer on the fire: “Bungee jumping is boring, let’s

      hang it .” “Hang it?”

      Tony Stark and Begapunk both wondered.

      “Sacrifice to the heavens!”

      “Please **…oh no, please sister paper!”

      Chen Yang briefly explained.

      The more the explanation, the more crooked.

      “After all, the group owner.”

      “Group owner, don’t worry, I’m still cute!” The

      topic changed in the frolic.



      “healing tears.”

      “This is something critical moment can help ah.”

      Chen Yang evil laugh ︰ “Besides, if developed to its characteristics, it probably will be the panacea of the earth.”

      He will load unique The healing tears in the crystal are hidden.

      He doesn’t know what material the crystal is.

      But the navy headquarters dared to use it to preserve the tears of healing and return it to their most important scientists.

      Start to check the results of my hard work for a month.

      The transcript is very beautiful.

      But the money is not enough.

      Far from satisfying Chen Yang’s appetite.

      He needs more funds to set up laboratories and even research bases.

      Relying solely on things on the market.

      Not to mention the steel armor and the Ark reactor, even the higher-end machinery can’t be produced.

      Not to mention.

      If you want to establish a research base, you must first have a piece of land.


      There was a fierce thumping sound from outside, and at the same time the voice of “Oh” also rang over.

      Chen Yang thought something was wrong and went out quickly.

      What caught my eye was a confused secretary girl who ran a little eagerly and bumped into a spectacle lady who just wanted to deliver a report.

      The documents are scattered all over the place.

      If so, that’s all.

      The problem is that the secretary girl sat down on the ground, accidentally revealing the secret of the skirt to Chen Yang.

      And the glasses girl is not much better.

      The action of leaning over to pick up something exposed the whiteness in the neckline.

      “The team that promised to accept Li Qin before is really tmd!”

      Chen Yang praised the original decision.

      Chapter 012 Special for Chicken Eating (4/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f “I’m sorry!”

      “I am confused. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test” The

      secretary sister paper and the glasses girl have not noticed the only male in the company, and apologized to each other and immediately cleaned up the scene.

      But the narrow aisles restricted their movements.

      They had more stumblings, which made their hands and feet busy.

      “The company is too small.”

      Chen Yang sighed as he looked at it.

      If the aisle is slightly larger, such a collision will not occur.

      And this is not the first time such a thing has happened.

      It basically happens every day.

      Sometimes there will even be many small bumps and small friction.

      Because everyone is busy, they don’t care much.

      But when the company develops further, the problem will become more serious at that time.

      “The company environment not only reflects the image, but also directly affects the morale of the employees.”

      “It seems that the problem of the venue has to be resolved.”

      Chen Yang couldn’t help but smile at this thought.

      A month ago, the entire company was just him and Wen Susu. At that time, I thought the company was too big.

      But after Li Qin’s team came over, it suddenly crowded here.


      Chen Yang can’t even afford a larger commercial house, let alone the land.

      “It seems we have to find a way to get quick money!”

      Chen Yang sat down again.

      At this moment, he wants to play the fast food game that is the easiest way to collect money.

      “However, the games on the market are basically divided up by the giants.”

      “Even if I can produce more sophisticated works, it is equivalent to grabbing food among several giants. The difficulty is countless times more difficult than the acceleration of the rise.”

      “It’s even possible…”

      Chen Yang stopped halfway through his speech. .

      Because he found himself a little dark under the lights.

      “Let Li Qin and Susu come over.”

      In order to confirm, Chen Yang immediately summoned his two generals.

      Li Qin and Wen Susu rushed over.

      “What’s the matter?”

      “So anxious?”

      Li Qingang was about to go out for business negotiations.

      Chen Yang asked: “Sister Qin, are there so many people who play Jiji Mobile Games?”


      “Of course there are more!”

      Li Qin replied: “The Chicken Mobile Games market claims to have 100 million players.”

      Wen Susu added: “Although there is no specific data, the popularity of eating chicken mobile games has surpassed the glory of the king.”

      Chen Yang continued to ask: “Then how many players are currently unable to fully enable the effect? ​​Even the game is not smooth?

      ” How could I know.”

      Li Qin replied: “This data is probably only available inside the game.”

      Chen Yang didn’t talk nonsense, and his hands began to dance.

      The display interface in front of him is also changing wildly.

      Li Qin went on to add: “If I’m not mistaken, there should be many players who can’t enjoy the fun of the game on their phones.” Dididi

      At this time, Li Qin and Wen Susu received information that was passed on one after another.

      When they opened it, it was surprisingly the internal technical statistics of the major game giants, including players’ mobile phone surveys.

      “Is this something he just collected?”

      Li Qin looked at Chen Yang in surprise.

      This doubt was accompanied by more and more comprehensive information, which became a complete affirmation.

      That is to say.

      It was during the time they were talking.

      Chen Yang broke through the internal networks of major mobile game companies and copied them to confidential technical statistics.

      Such strength.

      It’s not human at all.

      “Although the major mobile games for eating chickens have been weakened and optimized.”

      “But at least 70% of the players in the market still dare not open the full effect, and more than 30% of the players often experience lag.”

      Chen Yang said Here, ask: “You said, if we eat 70% of the players, what kind of market will it be?”

      “Soaring into the sky!”

      Li Qin replied very positively.

      Wen Susu had an idea, and asked, “Brother did you mean to sell these people to speed up?”


      “The acceleration of the crazy man is fast, but it is still not ideal.”

      Chen Yang calmly analyzed: ” Among the players who eat chicken mobile games, the proportion of elementary and middle school students is not low, and they are also used to being free. Even if our speed is good and cheap, it is still not within their consumption range.”

      Li Qin also woke up and asked “So we want to develop a special accelerator for eating chicken mobile games?”


      Chen Yang asked: “If there is an accelerator on the market that can increase the efficiency of eating chicken by half, and it only costs 1 cent per day, you will do you accept?”


      “Now every steamed bun

      costs 50 cents. If you eat one less, you can play comfortably for a week.” Wen Susu was convinced by Chen Yang’s thoughts.

      “This plan will definitely explode!”

      “Now that a dime falls on the ground and I don’t bother to pick it up, even the poorest elementary school students can afford it.”

      Ours is almost equal to free.” Li Qin looked at Chen Yang with a look of monsters.

      The more you contact Chen Yang, the more you will discover his horror.

      “That’s good.”

      “The next focus will be on the chicken accelerator.”

      “As for the chicken accelerator, give me one hour and one hour for the technical department to test it.” After

      speaking, Chen Yang waved his hand.

      Li Qin, who entered the state quickly, nodded, stopped talking, turned and left.

      Wen Susu also deployed internal resources.

      All of them exploded with unprecedented momentum.

      That night.

      A sub-software called madman has accelerated its spread to millions of users.

      For example, a group of junior high school students.


      I’m stuck again!” “I’m cao, even a forgiveness hat, I was beaten to death by such a rookie, what a shame!” The

      glorious group of them all vent their dissatisfaction.

      “It’s all because our mobile phones are too rubbish.”

      “Yes, our mobile phones are all second-hand items eliminated at home. It’s good to be able to play.”

      “I really miss the three days I used the Madman Shark to speed up. I ate more than a dozen chickens.” The

      last sentence silenced the collective.

      The super cool experience that the mobile phone is fully accelerated and the game is not stuck at all, so that they are still aftertaste.


      They don’t have a lot of pocket money for a month, and they can’t afford to buy Madman Speed.

      Even if the price of Madman’s acceleration is the lowest in the industry.

      “Fuck you! Look! A special accelerator for eating chicken!”

      Chapter 013 Explosive Growth (5/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f “Fuck!”

      “Look at it!”

      One of the glasses man said of Madman’s acceleration and his instinctive location opened up, and he discovered the New World, and immediately shouted excitedly: “Madman Technology withdraws from eating chicken accelerator, as long as a dime a day, monthly benefits yet more super! ” ”

      a dime? ” ”

      you’re not wrong punctuation? ” ”

      eat a bread not be able to play a week? ”

      other people have points to open Let their obsessive madman speed up. Watermark advertising test The

      results of the watermark advertising test were stunned.

      Not only because it’s really 1 cent per day, but there are also big discounts for monthly subscriptions.

      It is also because the chicken madman guarantees that the speed optimization is increased by 30%.

      The man with glasses is the smartest, so he immediately dialed his mother’s number: “Mom, the recent meal seems to be a bit insufficient. Can you add a steamed bun before my meal?”

      “Mom, it really only needs more meals per meal ? A steamed bun.”

      “I dare not ask for too much.” The

      glasses man added a special reminder.

      On the phone, the mother of the man in glasses listened sadly.


      The man with glasses immediately received the WeChat red envelope.

      “Hey…” The

      glasses man made a victory gesture to his friends.

      “Awesome!” The

      little friends followed suit.

      What meat is not enough to eat, what teachers want to buy practice questions, and there are all kinds of excuses for buying water for games, playing basketball, wanting to buy new clothes, and so on.


      There is no need for precepts and deeds in asking for small money, or even to say, everyone knows nothing about it.



      few days later.

      Inside Madman Technology.

      All the employees gathered together and looked at Chen Yang nervously.

      This is a temporary meeting.

      But everyone knows the theme of the meeting.

      Because Chen Yang holds the internal data of the major platforms (still blacked out) and the data reports they have worked so hard for several days.

      But Chen Yang just stood like this.

      Did not speak.

      Everyone felt an aura of anxiety, and they all became nervous.

      The atmosphere of the scene quickly solidified.

      “Ayang, just say it straight.”

      Li Qin couldn’t stand the atmosphere and asked, “Even if we fail, we can afford it.”

      “Yes, brother.”

      Wen Susu soothed, “There is nothing wrong with a failure. It’s a big deal.”

      “Who said it failed.”

      Chen Yang asked back.

      Li Qin replied: “But your expression tells us that.”

      “The sub-software of the acceleration-Chicken Maniac. On the first day it was released, there were more than 8,900 paying players.”

      Chen Yang’s words made the group sad.

      Although that was the first day.

      But such data is really not optimistic.

      You must know that this time it wasn’t like the madman speeding up from nothing.

      It is a promotion directly based on millions of users.

      Each talent is 1 cent, and the payment is less than 10,000 people, and even a fraction of the operating cost can not be recovered.

      If this goes on, there will only be two words to describe:

      finish playing.

      Stop time.

      The atmosphere of the entire company dropped to freezing point.

      Everyone, including Li Qin and Wen Susu, was unhappy.

      “On the second day of the release of Chicken Madman, there were more than 80,000 paying players, and more than half of them were monthly subscriptions.” The

      silent atmosphere instantly burned.

      The employees who had been silent before suddenly looked up.

      Chen Yang continued, deadpan ︰ “chicken madman release of the third day, the player is paid more than two million people, of which more than three percent of people chose the monthly subscription, and even more than 1,600 people chose to pack years.”

      Hiss …

      The employees of Madman Technology collectively sucked in cold air.

      What is explosive growth.

      This is it.

      Li Qin was gnashing his teeth.

      Because she has realized that she has been tricked by Chen Yang.

      Chen Yang was in a bad mood just now, she was just scaring her.

      “Susu, you don’t…”

      Li Qin planned to find an opportunity to retaliate.

      So I want to draw on Wen Susu.

      As a result, Wen Susu couldn’t help laughing and didn’t take any further action.

      At this time, Chen Yang concluded:

      “The number of paying users in the last few days has maintained a small increase.”

      “As of today, the daily payment volume has exceeded 500,000.”

      “I hope everyone will continue

      to work hard and strive to exceed one million in a single day.” Chen Yang finally promised: “When the time comes, I will send everyone a big red envelope.”

      “Chen is mighty!”

      “In society, I’m Mr. Chen, and people are very rewarding. Many.”

      Not only did the morale of Madman Technology come back.

      Also climbed to a new peak.

      “Come on, everyone!”

      Chen Yang retreated.

      But when he was just sitting in the meeting position, Li Qin and Wen Susu came together.

      “Ayang, I don’t want red envelopes!”

      Li Qin shouted as soon as he entered the door.

      “Then what do you want?”

      Chen Yang now only wants to get the two beauties in front of him as fast as possible, because Tony Stark and Baker Ponga are in the group again.


      Li Qin asked: “If I want you to accompany me to the house and deal with the situation, will you refuse?”

      “Forget it.”

      Chen Yang doesn’t want to be a cast member of the old-fashioned plot. By.

      Not to mention.

      Wen Susu was quietly nervous.

      She was okay on the surface, but Chen Yang still caught the little movement of quietly grasping the corner of her clothes.

      “I lied to you.”

      Li Qin explained to herself: “Even if it is true, you are too young to be blinded by the vicious eyes of your parents.”

      “That’s good.”

      Chen Yang Don’t want to worry about this problem anymore.

      He looked at Wen Susu and asked, “Susu, do you also want a red envelope when you follow up?”

      “It’s not a red envelope, but it makes you feel more distressed than a red envelope.”

      Wen Susu handed over the contract and said: “According to your instructions, I will rent out the two vacant office buildings next door at a price that is 20% lower than the market price. “The

      last collision incident made Chen Yang feel the crowded company.

      And he doesn’t have that much money to buy land.

      So it can only expand to the next door.

      Finally, leave the matter to Wen Su Su, which has a little taste of tempering Wen Su Su.

      “Two floors lower than the market price!?”

      “We rented in such a hurry. The other party should take the opportunity to raise the price. Why did the price decrease instead?”

      Chapter 014 Tony Wants to Give Back the Favor
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f Chen Yang questioned: “We rented in such a hurry. Even if the other party does not take the opportunity to raise the price, even if it is very business ethical, how can we

      reduce the price instead?” Wen Susu proudly said: “Because I hired someone who is good at Architect of fire safety. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test”

      “How to say?”

      This time not only Chen Yang, but also Li Qin is also curious.

      “I asked the architect to single out the safety hazards of the entire office building, as well as some architectural defects.”

      “There is no perfect building in this world.”

      “Our office building is no exception.”

      Wen Susu replied triumphantly.

      Chen Yang asked with a smile: “So the developer is scared, that 20% of the price is equal to the sealing fee?”

      Wen Susu nodded.

      The smile is hard to restrain.


      Li Qin nodded, but questioned: “But if we do this, will we offend the developer? Will we not renew the lease next time?”

      “Renew the lease?”

      “That’s two years later. ”

      Chen Yang sneered: “If we are still here two years later, and we don’t have an independent office building, then we will really live and go back.”

      In fact, this is just superficial.

      Chen Yang has greater ambitions.

      What he wants is not an office building, but a base.

      A research base that allows him to study ultra-era gadgets such as the Ark Reactor and Steel Armor.

      “I’m afraid it’s not easy!”

      Li Qin knew the current real estate market.

      Chen Yang asked: “Do you find it difficult?”

      Li Qin nodded.

      She thinks it is not difficult for the company to rise, but it is very difficult to buy an office building.

      I blame the current room for being too sick.

      The annual profits of many listed companies make it impossible to even buy a larger commercial housing in first-tier cities.


      Chen Yang snapped his fingers.

      The clever Wen Susu handed Chen Yang’s document to Li Qin.

      Li Qin took a look at the financial report that he hadn’t said just now, and his eyes almost stood out.


      The chicken madman brought nearly 600,000 profits just yesterday.

      “How come there are so many?”

      “The amount of profit is even more than the number of people!”

      Li Qin asked

      , ” Isn’t the unit price of the chicken madman 1 cent?” “Yes, but that’s only every day.”

      Chen Yang asked, “Now How many people recharge every dime and dime every day?”

      “I understand!”

      Li Qin understood.

      It turns out that this is the key to everything.

      “If you understand, go ahead and do it.”

      “Millions, it’s just our first stage goal.”

      Li Qin and Wen Susu were conquered by Chen Yang’s strong confidence and went to work immediately.

      At the same time, they became more confident in the future of Madman Technology.

      The two women hurried back to work.

      And Chen Yang has time to pay attention to the madman chat group.

      with no exceptions.

      Tony Stark is fighting with Bega Punk again.

      At this time Tony Stark was changing clothes.


      Tony Stark performed a heart-changing energy.

      This new miniature Ark reactor is his latest masterpiece.

      It is intended to replace the one built in the cave.

      “Every time I touch the Mini Ark Reactor, I have a feeling of touching my girlfriend.”

      Tony Stark raised the Mini Ark Reactor in his hand and asked: “How is it? My skill level is beyond your imagination. ? ” ”

      beyond imagination. ”

      Beijiapangke sneered ︰” I did not think how, there is need to plug in the chest of his girlfriend. ” ”

      This is called the art of science and technology! ” ”

      less is more strange! ”

      托尼斯塔克immediately Go back.


      Begapunk jokes: “I don’t want this kind of suicidal art.”


      The super IQ Begapunk also guessed something.

      The topic cooled down.

      “Why is it quiet?”

      Chen Yang asked, “Tony, didn’t you say that there was something to say before?”

      “It did.”

      Tony Stark said, “I had your reminder before. I secretly investigated many people. , It turns out that there are several that are very suspicious, and one of them even made me not believe it.”

      Chen Yang asked, “So you want to ask me the result?”


      Tony Stark nodded.

      Chen Yang was refreshed, and replied: “You are dead, who is the greatest gainer, that is him.”

      “Sure enough, it is him.”

      Tony Stark’s eyes fell sad.

      For him, that person is an elder who cares about himself.

      He used to be muddled, and in the end it was the man who wiped his ass.

      “Decide as soon as possible.”

      Chen Yang reminded: “People want to kill you, you still hesitate to fuck!”


      “I know how to do it.”

      Tony Stark smiled bitterly: “I seem to I owe you favors again.”

      “Women’s clothing!”

      “Women’s clothing!

      Pay it back!” Begapunk decisively seized the opportunity to retaliate for what happened in it.

      “It’s up to you to play by yourself in private.”

      “Don’t spoil my eyes!”

      Chen Yang quickly refused.

      “Ghosts are in women’s clothing.”

      Tony Stark ignored Begapunk and asked, “Master, you can make a request. If I can do it, I will definitely work hard to finish it.”

      Begapunk actually replied: “Girlfriend pierced his chest, don’t you know the truth about debt?”


      Tony Stark didn’t bother to pay attention to Begapunk.

      He said to Chen Yang, “I owe so many favors. If I don’t return one, my heart is not at ease.”

      Chen Yang asked seriously: “Is the idea really unacceptable?”


      Tony Stark nodded seriously. .

      “That’s the case.”

      “After that, if you have a chance, please design a set of steel armor specifically for me.”

      Chen Yang reminded: “I don’t want the bulky style of the Mark generation. I want that more convenient and more Advanced.”


      Tony Stark agreed without hesitation.

      “Hey, my heart is shining!”

      Begapunk shouted: “Design a set for me, too?”

      Chapter 015: First of the month (2/4)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f “I also design a set for you?”

      “Haha…” The

      clever Tony Stark wouldn’t ask why he was coming, because he knew the embarrassing situation of Begapunk. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test

      Naturally know that Begapunk wants steel armor, nothing more than escape from the navy’s imprisonment, and give him freedom.

      But how could he complete Begapunk.

      “Slowly play with the navy of your world.”

      Tony Stark retreated decisively.

      Don’t give Begapunk a chance to plead.

      “I can produce even human weapons like pacifists, I don’t believe that I can’t make a mediocre individual armor!”

      “Tony Stark, I will definitely compete with you in the future.”

      Vegapunk also I was irritated, and quickly cut off the spiritual connection.

      “These two guys.”

      “I heard that literati are

      gentle, but I didn’t expect scientists to have such feelings.” For Tony Stark and Begapunk, Chen Yang was really speechless.

      However, he also knew that these two guys were just habitually bickering, not really hostile, and ignored them.

      Continue to do his work.



      Some people say that happy time always flies.

      But Chen Yang wanted to say: The time to make money in silence passes quickly.

      In a blink of an eye, half a month passed.

      Madman Technology is on track.

      Even the two office buildings next door have been simply refurbished in the old friend layout and have been put into use.

      Originally such a day would be very pleasant.

      But with the emergence of a list, Madman Technology has directly become the sweet pastry of the whole industry.

      This time it was not the attention of cats and dogs.

      It’s a peep from the gaming giants.


      “Are they number one?” In

      the game department of Mouyi, all the technicians looked at the rose bursting watch in front of them in surprise.

      Generally speaking.

      They are the giants of the domestic game industry.

      Only care about giants such as penguins.

      But today, a name is destined to make them remember:

      Madman Technology.

      Because Madman Technology’s accelerated monthly downloads surpassed all giants and became the monthly number one.

      If it’s just a flash in the pan.

      But all the data shows.

      This is just the beginning, and Madman Speed ​​will become the overlord of this type of software.

      “A new company that has been established for less than two months?”

      “Is this level of production really made by them?”

      It was difficult for the game director of Mouyi to accept it.

      Because he did a professional test on Madman Shao, he could hardly find any loopholes.

      EZ also has its own accelerator.

      There are even self-developed cloud hosts.

      But there is no service, even the most high-end platinum service, can not achieve the acceleration effect of Madman.

      As a tech master in the same industry, this minister not only saw the terrifying potential of Madman’s technology, but also saw a rising opponent.

      “You guys,” the

      game minister asked: “If we concentrate on the accelerator market, can we achieve their level?” The

      collective shook his head.

      One of the more honest programmers replied awkwardly: “Minister, we really can’t compare with them. It’s completely two levels.”

      “The gap is so big?” The

      game manager murmured, “Isn’t it possible?

      ” Minister, I suspect that this madman technology has a special background.”

      “Yeah, even we can’t do it. How did they do it?”

      Those unwilling people agreed.

      “Shut up!”

      “When you are behind, you will learn the shame and be brave, instead of making excuses to escape!” The

      game director turned and left.

      He felt it necessary to go out himself.

      the other side.

      Thousand degrees game.

      Thousand Degrees Games is not a department, but a powerful gaming group.

      As game giants, they are already strong enough to play their own.

      Penguin has League of Legends, Glory of the King, and two mobile game versions of Eat Chicken. NetEase also has a vote of ip games to support the facade.

      However, the Thousand Degrees game is more simple. It does not require phenomenal games or too many ip games. As long as a bunch of small and medium games are enough.

      Because they have enough traffic to introduce.

      No matter what players are attracted to, you can find suitable ones in the dazzling game mall.

      Therefore, the life of Thousand Degrees Game can be said to be rich and moist.

      It’s just that their atmosphere today is a bit unusual.


      “Their professional accelerator has increased the speed of our chicken-eating mobile game by at least 30%.”

      “The most can even exceed 50%, which greatly increases the viscosity of our players!”

      An executive asked coldly Road ︰ “I only ask, I do not ask you to make a less powerful cloud acceleration, I just eat chicken accelerate professional, you can do it?”

      “He always, do not be a difficult one.”

      “chicken madman technology Madman, is simply the pinnacle of game accelerator.” The

      technicians all denied it.

      After hearing this, Mr. He, a game executive with an annual salary of several million, suddenly turned black.

      Not long.

      He finally couldn’t help it, and immediately cursed: “You get so much salary every month, it’s not even better than the newcomer who just entered the industry for two months!”

      At this time, He always remembered the group of people in front of him, holding the highest in the country. He enjoys the best wages in the industry, and he surrenders before fighting.

      My heart felt as uncomfortable as eating a fly.

      “Mr. He, the other party is really not an ordinary person.” A

      certain big nose technician replied weakly.

      Mr. He scolded: “The technology is not as good as others, so you should give full play to our strengths!” The

      technicians were confused.

      “Crack it!”

      “Learn from them!” Mr.

      He had no choice but to help his forehead, he didn’t even look at the bunch of wood.

      What to crack, what to learn.

      After all, it is plagiarism.

      This is not Mr. He’s style, but the corporate culture of Qiandu.

      Qiandu started by searching.

      But after Qiandu developed, almost all they did was plagiarism.

      Internet literature has become popular, and they established Qiandu Literature.

      Taobao has risen, and Qiandu has entered 020 with a high profile.

      The live broadcast is on fire, and their live broadcast platform has emerged.

      The take-out is hot, and Qiandu take-out is online quickly.

      But recently eating chicken is so hot, how could they miss it? The game has been developed in secret, and a lot of experience is “borrowed” from other eating chicken mobile games.

      Upside down effect.

      Mr. He and even the technicians below are naturally this creative style.

      Just now the big-nosed technician said weakly: “Mr. He, we tried to crack their acceleration when they were emerging, but…”

      He was embarrassed to continue.

      “But what’s wrong?”

      “Say it!”

      Chapter 016 Invitation from Thousand Degrees (3/4)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f “But what’s wrong?”

      “If you have a fart, let it go!” Mr.

      He’s appetite was so much that he wanted to beat people. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test

      This one.

      Everyone can hear Mr. He’s anger.

      The technician from Big Nose hurriedly replied: “We have worked together for a week and the results are still at the most primitive stage.”

      “Madman’s defense is the most outrageous we have ever seen.”

      “Compared with them, other companies The software defense of the company is simply scum.”

      “We even suspect that Madman Technology has a national background.” The

      technicians complained.

      “Fart’s national background.”

      “I found it very clear that Madman Technology was made by a group of university students from the University of Science and Technology.”

      He heard it more and more angry.

      But in the end, he calmed down instead.

      “But it also means that they have a strong technical background.”

      “The most important thing is that they are just a new company that has been established for less than two months.”

      “Such an excellent opportunity to cut in.”

      He always thought of this and waved his hand. Said: “You guys continue to work.” The

      big nose technician asked: “Mr. He, then do we still want to crack the chicken madman?”


      “You concentrate on developing our exclusive chicken mobile game. ”

      Strive for an early launch.” Mr.

      He waved his hand.

      The big-nosed technician asked: “Ignore the chicken madman?”


      “I’ll cook it myself!” Mr.

      He turned and walked out.

      Other technicians also understand in seconds.

      Because Qiandu has a second ultimate move:

      use money to hit people.

      If money cannot be broken, they will block it.

      Thousand degrees of search for money is father.

      The first search results are always ads, followed by piracy, but the genuine content falls to the back, even the second and third pages.

      What’s more, as long as you pay, you can transfer your competitors’ searches directly to your own website, and block competitors from the root (Feilu has been engaged in this way before, and after clicking on Felu, competition appears. Opponent’s website).

      Putian family, hemophilia bar was sold, etc., it is simply eating human blood buns.


      Thousand degrees has never been so noble.

      Otherwise they would not have so many scandals frantically.

      And this time.

      It’s the pink and fragile Madman technology.


      Madman Technology.

      After expansion, the current Madman Technology has lost its former small family structure.

      At least have an exclusive meeting room.

      And this time.

      Li Qin and Wen Susu, who represented Madman Technology, sat on two sides, leaving a place in the middle.

      And President He, who represents the game of thousand degrees, took a huge team of 8 people, sitting opposite.

      “It turns out that President Li works at Madman Technology.”

      “No wonder Madman’s technology is developing so fast.” Mr.

      He actually knew Li Qin.

      Li Qin replied calmly: “I am just the helmsman, and Ayang is the captain.” The

      simple answer represented Chen Yang’s position in Li Qin’s heart.

      Mr. He asked: “When will Mr. Chen arrive?”


      Li Qin replied calmly: “Mouyi and other game giants are coming to our company one after another. Ayang is a bit busy for a while.”

      “I didn’t expect them to come too Now.” Mr.

      He was taken aback for a moment, and then he showed a knowing smile.

      He would not be so stupid to think that this was Li Qin’s praise.

      There are not many fools in this circle.

      If they can come at a thousand degrees, why can’t others come?

      “Old fox.”

      Seeing Mr. He’s smiling face, Li Qin cursed secretly.

      But she was a little worried in her heart.

      I was afraid that Chen Yang could not resist the double offensive of Qiandu’s money and hegemony.

      after all.

      Qiandu is notorious in this respect.

      “Sorry, I’ve been waiting for a long time.”

      Chen Yang still came.

      After a polite greeting, Chen Yang sat between Li Qin and Wen Susu and faced Mr. He.

      “Chen is really young.”

      Seeing Chen Yang, He couldn’t help but sigh.

      I think he was still a hard-working little programmer at Chen Yang’s age.

      For a time.

      Mr. He is full of jealousy.

      “It’s just luck.”

      Chen Yang said perfunctorily.

      “Mr. Chen, we are all busy people, and I am not talking nonsense.” Mr.

      He bluntly invited: “Madman Technology is a vibrant and potential company. Your work was born for games, and our thousand Duo has the most game-tasting game giant in the market. Our two are a match made in heaven. Therefore, I am here to solemnly invite President Chen to join Qiandu Games.”

      “Cooperation can be discussed.”

      “If you want to annex us, then don’t Nonsense.”

      Chen Yang was very direct in the face of Qiandu’s invitation.

      “Chen, you haven’t listened to our bargaining chips yet.” Mr.

      He proudly said: “We are very sincere at Thousand Degrees.”


      Chen Yang asked, “I want to hear how much your sincerity is. “”

      “30 million yuan, wholly-owned acquisition of Madman Technology.”

      “And Mr. Chen can enter the position of vice president of Thousand Degrees Games, with an annual salary of 3 million as a base.”

      “If Mr. Chen can create software such as the acceleration, the annual salary is absolute. Break ten million.” Mr.

      He proudly said his numbers.

      he thinks.

      Faced with such temptation, not many young people can refuse.

      But Chen Yang asked back: “Are you talking about laughing?”

      “I’m serious.” Mr.

      He was a little unhappy.

      Chen Yang asked: “Then have you investigated the profitability of our Madman Technology?”

      “A little bit.” Mr.

      He frowned.

      Chen Yang snapped his fingers and stretched out his hand without seeing it.

      The smart Wen Susu immediately found Madman Technology’s financial report and put it in Chen Yang’s palm.


      Chen Yang was very purposeful and turned two pages directly.

      “Watch it for yourself.”

      Chen Yang turned to a certain page, and then pushed it to Mr. He along the smooth desktop.

      He always hold down the report that slides over.

      After just reading two lines, he changed his color:

      Chicken Madman alone has more than 20 million orders.

      The total order amount is up to 24 million RMB.

      And this is only one month’s data.

      Such beautiful data, even those first-class established technology companies may not have it.

      Is this something a new company can do?

      Will such a company be acquired with a rare amount of 30 million?


      It should be said that this purchase price is simply a humiliation to Madman Technology.


      Hot pain.

      Mr. He dared not look directly at Chen Yang’s eyes for a while.

      But at this moment.

      The lawyer from the Legal Department who was brought in quietly pointed to one point of the financial report.

      After seeing it, Mr. He suddenly laughed and said, “Mr. Chen, Madman technology is indeed better than I thought. But without a hundred days of red, accelerators can be developed by technicians with a little foundation.”


      **Naked threat!

      Chapter 017 is off the shelf (4/4)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f “Then you do it!”

      “You are so capable, you won’t be sitting here. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test”

      Facing the threat of thousands of degrees, Chen Yang unceremoniously went back .

      Mr. He was immediately embarrassed.

      He has been in charge of many negotiations and has never encountered such an embarrassment.


      “I hope you don’t regret it when you arrive.”

      He didn’t bother to talk about it and left directly.

      The reception room was empty.

      Wen Susu looked at Chen Yang worriedly.

      Li Qin asked directly, “Ayang, we all know that Qiandu is not a good product, but if you are so unrelenting, I am afraid that you will be targeted.”

      “I’m not afraid, I will definitely.”

      Chen Yang did not Thoughtful.

      Li Qin got excited and said, “The energy of Qiandu in the search field is more terrifying than we thought.”

      “So what?”

      Chen Yang replied dissatisfiedly: “Respect is relative. They don’t respect us. Why should we be polite to them.”


      Li Qin still wanted to speak, but was held back by Wen Susu.

      Li Qin was not a fool either. After seeing Chen Yang’s disgusting face, she remembered how stupid she was.

      Chen Yang is the founder of Madman Technology.

      The only helm.

      After Chen Yang was threatened, Li Qin did not stand on his side. This was a principled fault.

      “That’s it.”

      Chen Yang didn’t want to continue talking nonsense with Li Qin, leaving a sentence, and went back to work.


      Li Qin looked at Wen Susu stubbornly, and asked, “Do you think I’m very unsettled now?”

      “That’s not

      it.” ”

      Senior sister, if you care, it’s messy.” Wen Susu gave Li Qin a step down. .


      Li Qin replied: “I finally had a chance to challenge the Internet giants. Naturally, I didn’t want to see such an opportunity die.”

      Although Li Qin was admitting his mistake.

      But her character, her strength, has transformed the conversation into another style.

      Wen Susu asked back: “Then the brother has to sacrifice himself?”

      Li Qin could not continue.

      “Before we didn’t have a thousand degrees, we still lived well.”

      “Now standing on the opposite side of them, we may be able to bring out our image, but it will be better in the end.”

      In any case, Wen Susu will definitely stand on Chen Yang’s side.


      Senior brother has created so many miracles, why can’t this time?” Wen Susu left after speaking.

      She thinks Chen Yang should be very busy now, and she shouldn’t waste too much time here.

      “It seems that I still don’t have enough confidence in Ayang.”

      “But that’s a thousand degrees after all.”

      Li Qin sighed and went out.



      following days are very simple.

      Chen Yang did not punish Li Qin for her quick talk.

      Chen Yang is not so stingy.

      However, Qiandu fully interprets the idiom “Jiyi must report.”


      Wen Susu looked at Chen Yang worriedly.

      She didn’t understand, her eyebrows were burning now, but why Chen Yang was still in such a good mood, playing a conversation game in the office.

      “Isn’t it just taking our products off the shelves.”


      Chen Yang doesn’t matter.

      Wen Susu weakly said: “Brother, our products are not downloaded a lot on the thousand degrees side, but that also accounts for nearly 10% of the proportion. We have to have some coping strategies.”

      “It’s only 10%. I can afford to sacrifice.”

      Chen Yang sneered: “Moreover, in the mobile field, Qiandu can be replaced, but our products are irreplaceable. Players and customers who want to use accelerators can’t download it at Qiandu. Downloading to other platforms, this is our biggest reliance.”

      “Don’t worry!”

      “We just dropped a little bit in a short period of time, and it will get over soon.”

      “And they will soon regret it. ”

      Chen Yang said very positively.

      “Then I’m relieved.”

      Wen Susu finally became relieved .


      Wen Susu, who had just stood up, grabbed a key and asked, “Brother, are you planning to deal with Qiandu?”

      “Isn’t this nonsense?”

      Chen Yang replied naturally, “I’m not cowardly enough to be attacked. I punched, but I was rejoicing that the punch was not heavy enough.”

      Wen Susu asked, “How do you plan to get revenge, brother?”

      “Very simple.”

      “The Thousand Degrees Chicken Eater mobile game copied the points of several peers in the market, and it was done beautifully.”

      Chen Yang didn’t even lift his head, not knowing what instructions he was typing.


      Wen Susu was puzzled when he heard: “The better the thousand degrees of chicken eating mobile game is, the more disadvantaged it is for us?”


      “The more beautiful they are, the faster they will die in the future.”

      Chen Yang did not answer at all.

      Because he was completely immersed in crazy creation.

      Wen Susu left the president’s office with endless wonder, but she didn’t forget to gently close the door.

      The office fell silent.

      Chen Yang’s hand didn’t stop, and he was still typing instructions frantically.

      If there are people who are proficient in programming, they will be surprised.

      Because Chen Yang is writing artificial intelligence programs.


      Artificial intelligence is generally a top-level team, or even the entire technology organization, to create the most basic artificial intelligence.

      Chen Yang wanted to create alone.

      This is simply a feat at the level of building a city with one hand.

      Spread out.

      I’m afraid there will be countless people joke about Chen Yang overpowering himself.

      “A thousand degrees, a thousand degrees.”

      “I heard that your chicken-eating mobile game is about to go online. I can prepare a big gift to congratulate you.”

      Chen Yang looked at the initial Rocky artificial intelligence that appeared before him. Smiled and said: “But a big gift is not enough to show my sincerity, I also prepared a super surprise to welcome your ten-year plan.” The

      so-called ten-year plan.

      It’s the artificial intelligence in front of you.


      After Qiandu missed the mobile Internet, he began to focus on artificial intelligence.

      Chapter 018 High Platform Diving (1/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f a few days later. Watermark Advertising Test Watermark Advertising Test

      Inside Thousand Degrees Game.

      “The interface art at the beginning is good, and it makes people have the ability to continue.”

      He always looked at the chicken-eating mobile game in front of him and clicked in.

      As the planner of the Thousand Degrees Chicken Game.

      He has great expectations for this game.

      For this game.

      He used almost half of the R&D department.

      All serve this game.

      And now.

      It’s time to reveal the answer.

      “I hope you can maintain your level in the future.” Mr.

      He skillfully created a game and started loading it.

      The process is not very fast.

      But he was in no hurry.

      Because the game graphics of Qiandu Chicken is very beautiful.

      It can be seen that they have done their homework in art.

      enter the game.

      The interface in front of you is very clear, definitely the best on the market.

      “Not bad

      , not bad.” At the beginning of the research and development of Qiandu Chicken, not only a lot of manpower was deployed, but also a lot of money was spent.

      He always complained before.

      And this time, seeing such a surprise picture, he suddenly felt that everything was worth it.

      The next step is to test the content of the game.

      Simple operation.

      He was even more satisfied: “This smooth feeling completely exceeded my expectations.”

      “Mr. He, we have borrowed the essence of other chicken-eating mobile games, and it is by no means inferior to any one on the market.”

      “We have several large-scale game development teams that all serve this mobile game. If it is not the best on the market, then It’s true that the more I live, the more I go back.”

      With the approval, I naturally began to brag.

      “Very good!”

      “Such a good chicken-eating mobile game, it will definitely be able to

      break a bloody road in the same market!” Mr. He made a decision: “You guys do the final test as soon as possible. I will apply for the most recommended resources.”

      “Yes. !”

      Everyone was excited.

      It seems that I have created a phenomenal mobile game.

      With motivation.

      In addition to making money, the efficiency in other aspects is very low, and it is rare to start at full efficiency.

      It doesn’t take three days.

      Thousand Degrees Chicken is on the market.

      The promotion resources of the entire Qiandu Group are seriously tilted at this moment.

      Basically, those who can see advertisements in Qiandu have links to Qiandu eat chicken.

      This is more than that.

      Qiandu also has many activities. For example, the first person to eat chicken will get a gift package from Qiandu.

      For another example, the first player to reach how many points can not only get a specific exclusive dumpling, but also a considerable bonus.

      In short.

      Players who like shooting and eating chicken have made a sensation.

      All have swarmed into this collection of all current exquisite games that eat the essence of chicken mobile games.

      For a time.

      The jokes in the mobile game world are rumbling.

      All are shouting that the wolf is coming.


      Before the executives of Qiandou Game, headed by Mr. He, had a rush to celebrate, the situation suddenly changed.

      The junior high school student with glasses who wanted an extra steamed bun with his family before got together with everyone and rewarded him for the many activities of Qiandu Eating Chicken.

      after all.

      Event rewards are too tempting.

      Take one at will, enough for them to renew for a long time.

      “The picture is great!”

      “The loading speed is like a tortoise.”

      “I hope it won’t be too stuck.”

      Everyone is looking forward to it.

      The game starts now.

      “The picture is great!”

      “Fuck, the opening card! What rhythm is this?” The

      man with glasses just finished complimenting the picture, and he was stuck in place.

      Immediately after.

      His old cell phone began to habitually freeze.

      The phenomenon is more serious than before the useless chicken madman.

      “It’s stuck like this!”

      “Play a few hairs!” The

      man with glasses almost smashed his phone.

      Another little friend said dumbfounded: “Can you believe it? I got stuck when I landed. When the picture doesn’t get stuck, I have landed into a box.”

      But he is not the most miserable.

      At least much better than the man with glasses who can’t play directly.

      “Why do you suddenly get stuck?” The

      man with glasses wondered: “Am I driving a chicken lunatic?”

      Ever since I used the chicken madman and the glasses man was eating chicken, the phenomenon of lag has never happened again.

      Today is the first time for this one.

      “Huh?” The

      glasses man quit and took a look.

      The Chicken Madman didn’t run at all, there was only one announcement:

      In view of Qiandu’s malicious ban, Madman Yu Speed ​​also banned all Qiandu games.

      There is also a detailed contradiction process behind.

      Chicken madman.

      It is a sub-software for the acceleration of Madman.

      Just like the circle of friends in WeChat.

      And now.

      Madman Technology countered.

      The attitude is extremely strong.

      “Fuck! Qiandu doesn’t have any Madman software.”

      “It turns out that Qiandu wanted to buy Madman technology at a low price. After being rejected, he started to block it!”

      “Tsk tsk, just use people’s income for two months. Pack and take away, tmd is really shameless!” The

      other friends also learned about the situation and they were all very angry.

      “It’s scattered! We are here for thousands, not to be tossed.”

      “If the card is like this, we still play back to the previous food.”

      “It can’t be played at all, no matter how good the picture is, it’s useless.”

      So Almost.

      This group of friends returned to the chicken-eating game they were most familiar with.

      And they are not the tip of the iceberg.

      It is a phenomenon.

      After all, people don’t hurt if they don’t compare.

      The annual blockbuster game launched by Thousand Degrees Heavy Punch, started with an explosive style, and then dived from the high platform.

      The speed of the slide is so fast that the entire circle is stunned.

      The bloody case of Qiandu used to illustrate the importance of the chicken-eating madman to the chicken-eating game.

      Chapter 019 You Should Cut Your Abdomen (2/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f choke!

      He was so angry that he smashed the cup in his hand. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test

      He couldn’t control his anger and cursed: “You tmd only now tells me that the running demand for chicken eating is higher than other chicken games!”

      “Why don’t you die?

      ” You have been doing game research and development for so long, and you still have such a stupid mistake! You should really cut your stomach!” Mr.

      He, who has lost his mind, scolded as much as possible.

      Because of this mistake.

      All his prize money this year is hopeless.

      The most important thing is that this time it will become the biggest failure in his life, which will eventually affect his career.

      Mr. He didn’t hit anyone, he was still polite.

      “Mr. He, you said it was as excellent as possible.”

      “I remember Mr. He specifically designated to learn from the chicken-eating points of Mouyi and Penguin.”

      “To be honest, Mr. He, our operating conditions are so high. It really has to be supported by a professional acceleration software.”

      These voices are very quiet.

      He calmed down.

      Mr. He asked: “How long will it take you to develop the professional version of the acceleration software?”

      The technician of Big Nose replied: “If the requirements are not high, we have ready-made ones now.” Mr.

      He asked: “About how much speed can be improved .” ? ” ”

      around about Semis. ”

      big nose technician weak weak ︰ added,” but power consumption will be improved significantly, from mobile phones cause overheating and eventually down. ” ”

      Semis? ” ”

      They madman direct hit five percent At the end, are you half?”

      Mr. He sneered and said, “I really admire you who dare to claim to be the elites of the industry.”

      The technician with big nose was embarrassed to death.

      There is no way.

      Not to mention that the madman speeds up, he only eats the chicken madman, the technology crystallization in it is so powerful that they have no place to self-confidence.

      “Do I have to go to Madman Technology again?” When it

      comes to Madman Technology, Mr. He feels as uncomfortable as eating a fly.

      “No!” Mr.

      He looked at other people and asked, “I’m not going anymore, who are you going?”

      But the other game executives all pretended not to hear it.

      Mr. He’s experience in Madman Technology is vivid, and no one wants to be boring.

      Mr. He gritted his teeth and said: “I will give you higher funds and authority; and you don’t need to acquire wholly-owned funds, you only need to get some of the shares and let them speed up for us.”

      Now someone is tempted.

      After all, if Qiandu eats chicken on the street, none of them will feel bad.

      If you succeed, you can make a small contribution.

      “You can use the name of Thousand Degrees, or you can borrow other names.”

      “Anyway, I don’t care what you use, as long as the accelerator.” Mr.

      He finally gritted his teeth: “If someone succeeds, then his credit this time will be Join me.”

      This click.

      All these snob executives moved.

      If you succeed in persuading the madman technology, then Qiandu Jiji will be saved, and there will be a chance for a new outbreak.

      At that time, there were not only huge bonuses, but also opportunities for promotion.

      No one wants to miss such an opportunity.

      “A valuation of 1.2 billion?”

      “30 million to buy only 20% of the shares?”

      “No, thank you for your approval, but our Madman Technology currently has

      ample capital flow and does not require any investment.” Wen Susu was very tactful. Land rejected the cooperation agreement of an unknown company.

      “Which one is it?”

      Chen Yang sipped the tea and looked at Wen Susu grinningly.

      “I don’t know.”

      Wen Susu murmured: “From work to now, I have been either answering the phone or receiving guests. I have forgotten how many waves of inexplicable partners.”

      Chen Yang asked: “Then you know these sudden What is the source of the emerging partners?”

      “The qualifications are very good.”

      “But it always gives me a weird feeling.”

      Wen Susu said his doubts in his heart.

      Chen Yang smiled and asked, “Are they all the same, as if they had agreed in advance?”


      “That’s it.”

      Wen Susu was awakened by Chen Yang.

      “Because many of them are thousands of degrees.”

      Chen Yang turned the notebook over to Wen Susu.

      Above is the information of those cooperative companies just now.

      These companies have one obvious thing in common:

      Thousand Degrees of Shares.

      Some are even subsidiaries of Qiandu.

      “It turns out that

      Qiandu ca n’t handle it anymore.” Wen Susu smiled triumphantly.

      Thousand degrees is a giant in the technology industry, even in the world has a strong influence.

      Not many companies can cripple them.

      But Madman Technology did it.

      With less than 3 months of establishment, Qiandu was the first to surrender.

      “Don’t be too happy too early.”

      “The Buddhas have fire for the face of the thousand degrees, let alone the thousand degrees.”

      Chen Yang said extremely calmly.

      It’s as easy as saying that someone else’s dog bites a shoe.

      Wen Susu asked, “Didn’t Thousand Degrees ban us?”

      “That’s called ban?”

      Chen Yang sighed, “You are really young.”

      “Could it be…”

      Wen Susu thought of the many harsh operations in the past, and immediately Can’t speak.

      “Removing works is just a normal business practice.”

      “But Qiandu dares to make hard-earned money, so naturally it can’t be described by common sense.”

      Chen Yang smiled this time.

      “Then you can still laugh?”

      Wen Susu was too anxious to sit down.


      “They are aiming at us, it’s nothing more than three tricks.”

      Chen Yang said: “These three tricks are nothing to us. There will be milk and bread, and dancing can be done.”

      Wen Susu asked: “That Let’s not fight back a little bit?”

      “Who said I didn’t do it?”

      “What I have to do now is to completely kill Qiandu Eating Chicken!”

      Chen Yang said at the end, his eyes flashed with a hideous evil spirit.

      Wen Susu was perplexed.

      But she is very smart, knowing that she can’t ask too much at this time, it is enough to do her own thing.

      Watching Wen Susu leave.

      Chen Yang clicked on the notebook and opened a secret file.


      He pulled out a small piece of software from inside, and finally:

      sent it out.

      Chapter 020-Thousand Degrees of Chicken Crash
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f next few days. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test

      The contradiction between Madman Technology and Qiandu is fully open.

      As Madman Technology refused to cooperate with Qiandu in any form, Qiandu began to ban Madman comprehensively.

      The previous removal was only the first one.

      The second trick is that you can search for words like Madman Technology, Madman Speed, etc., but when you click it, they are all products of Thousand Degrees.

      The third attack is also shameless. The Internet is instantly flooded with many negative news about Madman Technology, none of which is positive.

      Although Madman Technology is only a product, and it is not well-known on the Internet, there is not much news at all.

      But the impact is direct.

      At least the channels to learn about Madman’s technology through online searches were cut off.

      Just when the outside world thought that the madman technology wave would have to interrupt the momentum of rapid development even if it was badly injured, Qiandu Jiji took the lead.

      “M’s, so many robots.”

      “Is Thousand Degrees Eating Chicken eating shit?” A

      high-end player saw that more than 90% of a game were robots, and he was instantly stunned.

      He might as well not play.

      “Fuck, I was hiding in the room and was headshot directly through the wall!”

      “This is not hanging, I ate the keyboard!”

      A shooting enthusiast who likes to pursue visual enjoyment was full of anger at this time.

      He likes to play games with full effects.

      So I bought a brand new high-end mobile phone, just to play the demanding Qiandu Chicken.

      As a result, after just playing for two days, I was driven to death by the plug-in.

      “Hahaha, rookie, just running over like this, it’s just a delivery!”

      “No, what’s his speed…” A

      professional player stared at him blankly.

      Because he was stabbed to death by a person who was as fast as lightning.

      The movements are frozen in place.

      “Hey, it’s just that Voldemort wants to shame me!”

      “I reward you with a grenade.”

      “Hey, how did I land into a box? How did I get beaten to death?!” A

      very popular beauty anchor said. When she fell, she was choked by a figure falling from the sky.

      Flying hanging.

      There was unwillingness and anger written on her face.


      The beauty anchor smashed his mobile phone and cursed: “How long does Qiandu Eat Chicken operate? Plug-ins are flooding like this, what else do I play?” The

      beauty anchor announced that he would no longer play Qiandu Eat Chicken with the support of Yiping Shuyou .

      Thousand degrees to eat chicken.

      Occupied by the plug-in overnight.

      Many new players who were disgusted at the same time protested.

      They didn’t have much recognition for Qiandu Chicken Eating, but now they feel as uncomfortable as eating flies, and they have returned to the more stable and popular chicken-eating mobile games.



      “Tell me why?”

      “Did you grow up eating shit?” Mr.

      He of Qiandu Games habitually ranted: “So many loopholes, so many plug-ins, the defensive measures you did before Have you fed the dogs?”

      This time all the technicians had no excuses.

      Such a flood of plug-ins.

      They can’t escape the blame.

      “There are not many players who eat chicken at Thousand Degrees.”

      “As a result, you were so troubled and players lost 70%. What games are you still doing?”

      He always has reason to be angry.

      If a mobile game loses 70% of its players in one go, then this game is not far from stopping operations.

      This is even more serious in games that require a large number of players to gather.

      After all, no one wants to play a game where the opponents are all robots.

      There is such a time.

      Not as good as stand-alone.

      “Give you three days.”

      “You can’t find the reason, you can resign yourself.” Mr.

      He was too lazy to waste his saliva and made a decision that made many people present.

      “Mr. He, you can’t do this!”

      “Although we are wrong, our fault is only part.” The

      technician quickly argued.

      Working in a giant, although the pressure is not small, but the salary is high enough.

      Especially Qiandu, they only need to plagiarize. If the game becomes popular, they will plagiarize which one. There is no need to use their brains at all, and the work is very easy.

      Where can I find such a super-high-paying and easy job?

      “Three days.” Mr.

      He left directly, not giving them a chance to argue.

      He is determined to shake the pot.

      Even if you can’t get rid of them all, at least you have to find a group of dead ghosts to resist the greatest responsibility.

      This way he can keep his position.

      if not.

      The loss of tens of millions of dollars and the collapse of the game reputation are not something that his fragile shoulders can afford.

      Just when the internal contradictions of the thousand degrees game broke out.

      Chen Yang, who directed all this, is also having a headache.

      Because Tony Stark had a fight with Begapunk again.

      “You prisoner, do you understand biotechnology?”

      Tony Stark cursed: “It is a waste to graft such a miraculous fruit to graft objects.”

      “I don’t know biotechnology?”

      “I’m still a child. At the same time, they can transform those crippled little animals into semi-mechanical and semi-biological creatures.”

      Begapunk did not admit defeat at all, and opened up an irony: “No matter how bad my biotechnology is, it will not be better than some fools. The super powerful virus is cultivated into a freak plant.”

      “What freak plant?”

      Chen Yang settled the company’s affairs, decisively out of water.

      I heard strange nouns as soon as I came.

      “It’s not that this girlfriend needs to recharge.”

      Begapunk hadn’t finished.

      Tony Stark cursed, “I said you are enough! Change a name at a time, do I have no name?”

      “That’s right.”

      Begapunk said seriously after pondering for a while:” Then I will call you big shit from now on.”

      Tony Stark spouted old blood.

      Chen Yang almost squirted out the tea from his mouth.

      Chapter 021 The Request of Vegapunk
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f Stark. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test

      Big shit.

      I have to say that this Begapunk is really a genius.

      Tony Stark looked at Begapunk’s serious look, and the blue veins of his fist were squeezed out.

      But Begapunk didn’t care about Tony Stark.

      “Continuing with the previous topic.”

      Beijiapangke ︰ said, “we are talking about freaks plants, large pieces of feces is what the virus with a drop of blood devil fruit’s ability to mix and eventually trained freak.”

      “Just how Weird?”

      Chen Yang was very curious.

      At the beginning of “Iron Man 3”, there was a plant that was injected with Extremis Virus.

      As a result, the virus madly repaired itself, causing overheating and exploding.

      Extremis virus itself has a powerful ability to swallow and repair itself.

      Mixed with devil fruit genes.

      No wonder there will be freaks.

      Tony Stark directly presented the entire experimental process: “The prisoner has studied the blood factor in the devil fruit. I think it is very interesting, so I just experimented, and I did not expect to cultivate a freak plant that grows almost indefinitely.”

      Begapunk joked: “If it wasn’t for the big shit to completely wipe out the freak plant in time, otherwise his research room would have been taken over by the plant.”

      Chen Yang couldn’t help sighing after watching the entire experiment.

      After discovering that plants could grow indefinitely, Tony Stark was very embarrassed.

      But finally killed the risk.

      Tony Stark, a little embarrassed, said, “I will be careful from now on.”

      Begapunk said, “It’s useless if you are careful, you are almost finished.”

      “You just finished playing.”

      Tony Stark replied.

      Begapunk asked: “You are not life-threatening, why are you so positive about Tears of Healing and Devil Fruit? Don’t tell me it’s for research.”

      Tony Stark was silent.

      Chen Yang asked, “Are you still having a headache for that traitor?”


      “Obadea is dead.”

      Tony Stark said, “I have collected key evidence before, and S.H.I.E.L.D. He is locked up. Now he is not worth my headache, and it is unlikely to be a life threat to me.”

      “I wiped.”

      “You didn’t kill him.”

      Chen Yang asked, “You are not afraid of others using Opadry. Ya, are you sniping at you and Stark Industries?”

      I’m not afraid.” Tony Stark replied pretentiously: “Obadea is in charge of Stark Industries and I can’t help it, let alone lose everything. He.”

      “Confidence is a good thing.”

      “But too much is definitely making a joke of his own life.”

      Chen Yang sighed straight.

      He knew Tony Stark’s character very well.

      Probably not listening.


      Tony Stark took the initiative to change the subject: “My headache now is radiation.”

      “My God, you are still having a headache at this time!”

      Chen Yang moved his hand, and a virtual building appeared:

      Star Gram Industrial Park.

      “What are you doing with this?”

      Tony Stark looked at Chen Yang in wonder.

      “This picture contains the last gift your father left for you.”

      “Research on your own.”

      Chen Yang didn’t want to say more.

      With Tony Stark’s wisdom, I believe the mystery will be revealed soon.

      “Thank you!”

      “I’m going to study now.”

      Tony Stark prepared to leave.


      “You haven’t given the human

      giantization experiment just discussed…” Vegapunk wanted to stay, but Tony Stark ignored it.

      “You guys even do huge experiments.”

      “Forget it, it’s my fault.”

      Chen Yang wanted to go offline.

      “Group leader!”

      Begapunk shouted out Chen Yang eagerly, and asked weakly: “Group leader, can you help me get a batch of special materials?”


      “Navy headquarters should treat you. Very supportive.”

      Chen Yang asked: “In terms of materials, you should be responsive to requests.”

      “Although the navy headquarters trusts me very much.”

      “But I will never be allowed to escape.”

      Begapunk said, “I want it .” Out of the control of the navy and even the world government; and everything has to be done secretly from others, so I need a technological warfare that is different from our world.”


      Chen Yang said: “You talk about it, I will do it. May help you collect it.”

      Begapunk said: “I need superalloy materials from your technological world, such as…”

      A large list came out.

      Many are unique terms in One Piece World.

      But Begapunk was very clever, and specially annotated these terms to facilitate Chen Yang’s corresponding collection.

      At the same time:

      “Ding, Begapunk’s favorability for the host reaches 80 points. You can randomly copy one of Begapunk’s talents.”


      “A pure windfall!”

      Chen Yang didn’t expect it once. Unintentional small talk, so much.

      “Random copying begins…”

      “Ding, congratulations on obtaining the Vegapunk weapon technology.”

      Chen Yang was stunned.

      It was in such a trance that a large number of unique and counterintuitive weapon technologies surged into his mind and merged into his memory.

      Human beings are huge, artificial devil fruits, artificial life, human weapons-pacifists, etc.

      All are super weapon technology.

      But how do you say it?

      If Tony Stark’s weapon technology is orthodox science.

      Then Begapunk’s weapon technology is a proper black technology.


      “I have a headache!”

      Chen Yang rubbed his temples.

      He wanted to laugh, but he couldn’t laugh.


      Chapter 022 What is this? (5/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ If the city f pacifists are on earth. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test

      can basically be regarded as the extreme of a single soldier.

      The problem is that Chen Yang didn’t make pacifist materials.

      The materials of the pacifists are the specialties of One Piece World.

      Do not say the others.

      To say that some of the pacifist materials are made of Hailou stone, which is enough for Chen Yang to have a headache.

      But in general.

      With One Piece’s highest-end black technology, it is matched with the world’s top technology power in Marvel.

      Chen Yang is looking forward to it.

      If possible, he wants to build one now.

      There is a pacifist as a bodyguard.

      It’s better than bringing 100 special forces.


      The company has many things.

      For example, an announcement by some giants caused an uproar in the industry:

      Qiandu Chiji suspends operations.

      This is the game with the largest investment and the shortest lifespan this year.

      For a time.

      The industry conducts a new assessment of the strength of Madman Technology.

      The impact of this is that those cats and dogs who played Madman technology disappeared.

      Some actions of Madman Technology in the market have also become simpler.

      For this time.

      Chen Yang specially summoned Li Qin and Wen Susu back.

      In the president’s office.

      Only three of them were Chen Yang.

      Because the things to be said this time are very important.

      “Ayang!” As

      soon as Li Qin arrived, he asked at the beginning, “Those plug-ins in the market, are you the one who made it?”

      “How can I be so low-end.”

      Chen Yang replied indifferently, “I’m just in some special The forum announced the technical loopholes of Qiandu eating chicken, and I hope Qiandu can wake up in time. It is a pity that Qiandu is too arrogant and ignores the technical power of the people.”

      Li Qin was speechless.

      From the bottom of her heart, she wanted to say: “If you announced the loophole, wouldn’t it be equivalent to giving the robber a weapon?”

      But this time she was smarter and chose to forget it.

      “Yeah, I believe brother.”

      “Those plug-ins are purely made by some criminals with bad intentions and have nothing to do with brother.”

      Wen Susu still unswervingly supported Chen Yang.

      Li Qin glanced at Wen Susu, and sighed.

      Such a smart girl.

      How come I get a negative number when I get to someone?

      “Don’t care about other trivial

      matters .” “Let’s talk about serious matters.”

      Chen Yang turned around the notebook and said, “Elves, come out.”

      A lively and lovely wizard popped up on the notebook’s display interface.

      If you are familiar with animals.

      You can definitely see that this elf is based on a panda.

      But after careful optimization, it looks more adorable.

      “So cute!”

      “Very vivid little panda!”

      Wen Susu and Li Qin were both attracted.

      “Thanks for the compliment!”

      The panda spirit actually replied: “I’m so touched that I want to gnaw a few more bamboos.” After that

      , the panda elves grabbed a bamboo out of thin air and gnawed it like this.


      Li Qin became interested, picked up a document, and asked with a smile: “Do you know what this is?” The

      panda elf took a look and immediately replied, “This is a planning book, and it is you I plan to use Moments to forward to increase the exposure of the company’s products.”

      Not waiting for Li Qin to speak.

      The panda elves pinched their chin, pretending to be mature and said, “Your plan is very simple, and it is estimated to be very practical, but there are three language problems in it, do you need me to mark it out?”


      Both girls were pandas The genie’s intelligence is stimulated.

      Li Qin swallowed his saliva and asked, “Ayang, this is artificial intelligence?”


      “This is my latest design.”

      Chen Yang asked, “How about? Humane enough?”


      Li Qin said excitedly: “This is the smartest artificial intelligence I have ever seen.”

      “I will be proud if you exaggerate me like this.” The

      panda elves actually sold cute.

      Wen Susu murmured, “Brother, how did you do it?”

      “After the development of Qi is accelerated, I will start to develop this.”

      “Two months, it’s almost the same.”

      Chen Yang did not hide.

      There is no need to hide it.

      “In two months…”

      Li Qin couldn’t continue.

      At this point, she was completely convinced by Chen Yang.

      It’s just that Li Qin questioned: “If we want to open up the field of artificial intelligence, the hardware we need is terrifying. If our existing tens of millions are smashed down, I’m afraid we can’t even make a splash.”

      “I know.”

      Chen Yang Calmly said: “Artificial intelligence is really difficult when it’s difficult. A few hundred million or more than a billion may not be able to produce any results. But don’t worry about funding. I’ve already arranged everything. Just leave it vacant.”

      “It’s that simple?”

      Li Qin was confused and suspicious.

      I always feel that Chen Yang is joking.

      There are many types and levels of artificial intelligence, so the required hardware support is critical, and the difference in quality directly affects the performance of artificial intelligence.

      It happens that such a thing is expensive.

      Even if Chen Yang took all the cash of Madman Technology to buy, that is, he got lower-grade hardware.

      What is worthy of the intelligence displayed by the panda elves.

      “Pearls are not so true.”

      Chen Yang was too lazy to talk nonsense, looked at Wen Susu, and asked, “When can I arrange a space?”

      Wen Susu did not answer, but fell into thought.

      After a short while.

      Wen Susu asked: “Brother, the big company on the roof thinks the rent here is expensive, and has moved to a relatively cheap office building. I think we can take over.”

      “The one on the roof?”

      “It’s smaller than our company, it doesn’t match. Our request.”

      Chen Yang shook his head.

      Wen Susu asked in surprise, “Brother, what kind of supercomputer are you buying?”

      “You will know about it in the future.”

      Chen Yang could not explain.

      Because things are still in the plan.

      Li Qin and Wen Susu were speechless.

      The plans have all come out, but the most basic things have yet to be realized.

      This is like having a treat. The dishes are prepared and the chef also invited over, but the dishes have not been bought yet.

      What does this mean?

      Chapter 023 Robot Dogs Are Many Small (1/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f Chen Yang did not deliberately make things difficult. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test is

      purely because he does not know what kind of supercomputer he can get.

      Tech madman chat group.


      Chen Yang forcibly shook out Tony Stark and asked, “Did you shut down the military department of Stark Industries?”


      Tony Stark replied, “I closed it forcibly when I came back. The stock price plummeted because of the military industry department, but because of my efforts, it has all recovered.”

      “It seems that you have never worked hard for the stock price.”

      Chen Yang muttered.

      Before he could really speak, Tony Stark said: “The last time I wanted to pay your favor, I was fooled by Bergapunk and distracted and forgot.”

      Chen Yang asked, “I didn’t ask you for one. Have you put on a steel armor?”

      “I was almost killed by this thing, so naturally I have to be sure that it is safe to send you.”

      “The current Mark III still has the risk of radiation.”

      Tony Stark said, “Oh right. , When I closed the military industry department, there were a large number of high-end gadgets to be sealed up.”

      “So what?”

      Chen Yang frowned.

      Because he had guessed what Tony Stark would say next.

      Sure enough.

      “Didn’t I owe you a lot of favors before?”

      “A mere set of steel armor can’t make up much.”

      Tony Stark said: “And the sealed military gadgets are quite high-end. Instead of getting dusty, it’s better to give it to you. , Is to make up for my previous debt.”

      “I will say thank you first.”

      Chen Yang was very moved.

      Don’t look at Tony Stark’s light.

      You know that Stark Industries is Marvel’s world’s number one military industry.

      The level of science and technology is definitely more advanced than the earth.

      The value of these things is not measurable by money.

      But Chen Yang didn’t want this.

      At this point, Chen Yang is straightforward: “Tony, I want to buy a supercomputer that can support Jarvis’s artificial intelligence, and like you, you can make all kinds of experiments and armor at home. Mechanical suits.”

      “These are too simple.”

      “I will give you as much as you want.”

      Tony Stark is not afraid of Chen Yang’s request, he is afraid that Chen Yang has no desires.

      “Then I will be disrespectful.”

      Chen Yang was not hypocritical.

      Those who are hypocritical with friends are slut.

      “Within one day

      , I will give you a red envelope.” “Well, I’m waiting for your good news.”

      They just ended the call.

      Chen Yang easily obtained a supercomputer that exceeded the limit of the earth.

      But the matter is not over.

      Because Chen Yang still has a lot to do.

      Why should he be able to do experiments at home?

      It’s simple.

      He wanted to see if he could create a pacifist in the world of One Piece on Earth.

      of course.

      He didn’t want to, and was temporarily unable to make a human weapon with such combat effectiveness.

      He just wanted to make a simplified version to play with.




      “Our number of paid days beyond the previous peak.”

      Li Qin looked out of the latest data, cheering.

      Wen Susu was also flushed with excitement.

      Even Chen Yang is so happy.


      The dog barked.

      This is a mechanical dog made by Chen Yang in recent days.

      It seemed to “feel” everyone’s joy, and then yelled out and swore a sense of existence.


      Duoduo , we know, we didn’t forget you.” Wen Susu immediately touched the head of the mechanical dog Xiao Duoduo.

      Xiao Duoduo even opened his mouth and made the action of sticking out his tongue.

      Even if it has no tongue.

      But the wisdom it showed had already conquered Li Qin and Wen Susu.

      “Sister Qin, you did a great job.”

      Chen Yang sighed: “I didn’t expect that just adding a sharing template would bring so many new customers.”

      In fact, he still underestimated this little invitation-based sharing. .

      Just sent it out easily.

      One person can get a dime by clicking in.

      Equal to the cost of eating chicken for a madman for 1 day.

      You can also drag your friends to eat chicken together.

      It can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

      This is a good choice for players who don’t have much pocket money.

      And Chen Yang used smart terminals to block the possibility of repeated sharing.

      Therefore, this wave of Madman Technology not only did not hemorrhage, but made a lot of players.

      right now.

      Basically, the entire chicken eating world knows that there are madmen speeding up this thing.

      Under such conditions.

      Madman eats chicken, and even Madman Ji has accelerated the order quantity once again to set a record.

      “Red envelope!”

      Li Qin said triumphantly: “You must give me a big red envelope this time.”

      “That’s a must.”

      Without waiting for Chen Yang to make any specific actions.

      Li Qin asked, “I don’t want anything, I want a small one.”

      “You are smart.”

      Chen Yang smiled bitterly.

      Xiaoduoduo is not an ordinary mechanical dog.

      It is not the kind of mechanical pet that accompanies the elderly in Japan.

      It is a new breed created by Chen Yang based on the modern mechanical dog, combining the creative mode of human weapons and steel armor.

      Such things are naturally not as simple as being cute on the surface.

      It can be a temporary guard.

      When necessary.

      It can make some unwelcome people regret their lives.

      Li Qin asked: “Why? Reluctant?”

      ” Reluctant !”

      “But Xiaoduoduo is my initiative, so don’t think about it.”

      Chen Yang said, “Next, I will help you design another one. What do you want? Characters are all right.”

      Li Qin asked excitedly: “Is it really possible?”

      Chen Yang nodded.

      “I want to restore an old and dead dog?”

      Chapter 024 Artificial intelligence starts from retail (2/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ After listening to Chen Yang’s words, Li Qin weakly asked: “If I want to restore a dog that has been dead for a few years, that’s okay?”

      “Yes. Watermark advertising test watermark advertising test”

      ” As long as you can provide enough comprehensive information.”

      Chen Yang continued to nod.

      For him, these are small things.

      Even the Panda Elf can help him complete this trivial entry process.


      Li Qin said excitedly: “When I was young, there was a big yellow dog. Although it was only a local dog, it accompanied me for ten years. If possible, I can take the big yellow dog. The data is transmitted to you, would you help me enter it?”

      “This is simple.”

      Chen Yang can understand this feeling.

      Ten years.

      Even a dead thing will be nostalgic.

      Not to mention that dogs are man’s best companions.

      Wen Susu murmured, “Is this an alternative kind of sustenance?”

      Chen Yang stopped.

      Li Qin didn’t think so much yet, nodded and said, “Well, it’s another kind of nostalgia for the big yellow dog.”

      “Perhaps this is a good idea of ​​operation.”

      Chen Yang remembered the incident.

      At this time.

      The panda elf suddenly jumped out: “**, I think you need to pay attention to a news about Qiandu.”

      “Let it go.”

      Chen Yang nodded.

      The TV turns on automatically.

      Li Qin was surprised: “Has the panda elves’ intelligence developed to this point?”

      “That is necessary.”

      Chen Yang replied and looked at the TV.

      “Ai changes lives!”

      “We will use technology to make this complex world simpler and more convenient!”

      “We promise that we will never stop for 24 hours!”


      The chief engineer of artificial intelligence watching and listening to Qiandu Blowing conch wildly.

      Li Qin and Wen Susu’s brows were locked tightly.

      After all, the better you spend thousands, the more disadvantaged it is for Madman Technology.

      “It’s terrible!”

      “Qiandu’s artificial intelligence is too powerful.”

      After listening to the chief engineer’s report and the live product demonstration, Li Qin couldn’t help shaking his head: “Qiandu has settled for several years and finally came out The big killer of artificial intelligence, I am afraid that China’s artificial intelligence market will change.”

      “How to fight this battle?”

      Wen Susu was also a little desperate.

      “Who said I can’t fight.”

      Chen Yang asked with a smile: “Thousand degrees artificial intelligence, the main focus is AI autonomous driving, but are you willing to accept their services?”

      “How is it possible?”

      “I don’t want AI to make me crash. Later, I was automatically sent to the Putian department.”

      Li Qin and Wen Susu’s answers made people laugh.

      But Qiandu gives people such an impression.

      I navigated to a famous hospital with a thousand degrees map, and then navigated to the Putian department. This is no news.

      Thousand-degree search, Thousand-degree map, etc., the highest priority result is not the most correct result, but the result of buying the ranking.

      This is Qiandu’s conscience.

      It is also the image of Qiandu.


      Chen Yang decided to say: “Our artificial intelligence is also online in advance.”

      “Ayang, stop making trouble.”

      “Although the panda elves are smart enough, it is too difficult and difficult to share a cake with a thousand degrees. ”

      Li Qin couldn’t help shaking his head.

      no way.

      Regardless of popularity or corporate strength, Qiandu completely crushes Madman Technology.

      Don’t talk about other things, just talk about financial resources.

      The salary expenditure for a year is more than the total assets of Madman Technology.

      Qiandu can create a market on its own with its strong financial resources.

      Just ignore other competitions.

      “The artificial intelligence market is huge.”

      “The scale will increase from billions of dollars a few years ago to nearly 30 times now.”

      “Such a big cake, and it is still a self-expanding super cake. Grab a big piece.”

      Chen Yang was not joking.

      Since knowing that Qiandu puts his hope of re-emergence on artificial intelligence, he has been preparing for today.

      “Our artificial intelligence is not famous.”

      “Then we will build a reputation.”

      “And it has to be more famous than the thousand degrees artificial intelligence.”

      Chen Yang said: “When the time comes, it will not be us looking for the market, but The market is coming to us.”


      Li Qin saw that Chen Yang had made up his mind and could only accept it.

      Wen Susu was more direct and asked, “Brother, where do we start?”

      Chen Yang walked to the window and pointed to a shop on the street.


      Li Qin and Wen Susu questioned.

      “Yes, to build fame, start from the most popular level.”

      Chen Yang smiled confidently.



      Artificial intelligence has a wide range of applications.

      It is so extensive that many people would never think of it.

      Many people know about retailers, banks, automobile manufacturing, and software technology.

      But artificial intelligence can even be involved in construction, survey, criminal, war, etc.


      In theory, as long as it can be done by human hands, artificial intelligence can replace it.

      This is the terrible thing about artificial intelligence.

      And in daily life.

      The operation of artificial intelligence is becoming more and more extensive.

      Sometimes, you don’t know the owner of the online shop opposite you is actually just a robot.

      Sometimes, you don’t know that the customer service girl opposite the computer is artificial intelligence.

      This is not.

      According to Chen Yang’s instructions, Li Qin targeted a certain 24-hour unmanned convenience store chain company that had fallen into operational chaos to promote his artificial intelligence business.

      “Your artificial intelligence products?”

      Lin Dong of the 24-hour unmanned convenience store chain frowned, looking at the product leaflet in front of him.

      After adjusting his thoughts, Lin Dong asked, “Excuse me, I have never heard of Madman technology.”

      This is straightforward.

      It’s even a bit harsh.

      But it is true.

      “Dong Lin can search on the Internet.”

      Chapter 025 Industry Reaction (3/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f “Dong Lin can search the Internet. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test”

      “I believe you will soon understand what kind of company Madman Technology is.”

      For such a question, Li Qin It’s not surprising already.

      Madman Technology is too young and not well-known, and most of it is concentrated in the game industry.

      Naturally, people like Lin Dong who concentrate on business have never heard of it.

      “It turns out that this is your work.”

      “My son likes it very much.” When

      Lin Dong saw this, he also remembered the name of Madman Technology.

      Probe to the end.

      He even found that Thousand Degrees blocked Madman Technology, but he failed instead.

      So far.

      He has a basic impression of Madman technology.

      To be precise, it is awe.

      But Dong Lin still had doubts and asked: “But you are not in the game industry? Why do you suddenly cross the field and play artificial intelligence?”

      “Dong Lin, artificial intelligence is our strength.”

      “Madman Cloud Technology, strictly. It’s just a by-product.”

      Li Qin proudly said: “And the most famous chicken-eater is a derivative of a by-product.”

      “Then you are great.”

      Although Lin Dong doesn’t know the game software circle, he also knows a piece of software. The overlord of the field represents multiple technological content.

      “It’s just…”

      Lin Dong said helplessly: “Our company has encountered a little problem, I am afraid that I have no intention of developing artificial intelligence.”

      “Lin Dong, those hypocritical, I won’t say much.”

      Li Qin said: “We are investigating many of your company’s problems, and we feel that our company’s products can help you solve it, so we come here uninvited.” A

      24-hour unmanned convenience store.

      The biggest problem is not management, but theft and other issues.

      “Can you solve it?”

      Lin Dong expressed doubt.

      He remembered that such a thing would be an extravagant talk unless sufficient manpower was arranged.

      “If there is no confidence, I will not come.”

      “After all, my time is precious.”

      Li Qin has his own arrogance.

      Her arrogance comes from Madman Technology, from Chen Yang.

      Anyone who can grow from nothing in just three months, is now worth more than 100 million yuan, and defeated Qiandu and other giant technology companies to be competent executives, no one can be a little arrogant.

      “A thousand words, it is better to prove it with facts.”

      Li Qin showed the last killer, and said: “I can use the authority to give you access to the terminal, and one week for free. If within one week, your situation is not substantive The change, our Madman Technology will never trouble you.”

      “One week?”

      “And it’s free.”

      Lin Dong pondered for a moment and asked, “There is no such cheap business in this world. How much do I think we need to pay? ”

      I don’t need anything?”

      “If you don’t worry, you can add more monitoring.”

      Li Qin said easily: “I suggest you install a few more sensors, or add two more mobile monitors in each store. This is convenient. You and I collect data.” At

      this point, Li Qin asked: “Dong Lin, you had the courage to give up the great bank executive Ziwei and start your own business, don’t you have the courage to try the most cutting-edge technology?”


      Lin Dong quickly signed the contract.

      A preliminary cooperation agreement was reached.

      Li Qin left.

      Walking out of the door, Li Qin said in a breath: “The panda elves are really amazing, and the first partner I suggested was achieved.”

      Having said this, Li Qin couldn’t help but look at the second goal.

      she was.

      Full of confidence.

      Because this special research list is the panda elves collected millions of possible cooperation objects, after tens of millions of comparisons and statistics, and finally selected.

      This comparison.

      Even the personality and hobbies of the target can be described.

      If you have mastered it, there will be no disadvantages in promotion.


      The promotion of Madman Technology is not hidden.

      Soon it spread in circles.

      mixed reviews.

      For example, Blue Fire Technology, which is very familiar with Madman Technology.

      In the technical department of Bluefire Technology.

      “Artificial intelligence launched by Madman?” The

      president of Bluefire also got relevant news.

      But his response was not much optimistic.


      “It’s spread in the circle.” The

      Minister of Technology replied: “They were launched at the same time as Qiandu’s artificial intelligence. Combined with their grievances, many people thought it was another confrontation.”

      “Don’t be funny. ”

      Artificial intelligence is not a game.”

      Bluefire’s president laughed and said: “This thing, without a billion-dollar investment, plus years of hard work, ordinary technology companies can’t play it.”

      He wanted to say, “Even if their bluefire technology is also playing Sorry”.

      But thinking of the technical strength of Madman Technology, he swallowed this sentence decisively.


      “It’s only a few months since they released the acceleration.” The

      Minister of Technology said with the habit of the circle: “The artificial intelligence created in such a short time is a joke, but they even even a product launch conference. It also saves it and launches it directly on the market.”

      “It must be a shoddy version.”

      “I suspect it’s just as dull as the robot in the chicken.”

      “That Chen Yang just made some money and wanted to fly to the sky, too arrogant. !”

      Many people here are dissatisfied with Chen Yang.

      of course.

      They are simply jealous.

      “Although I don’t know how they came up with artificial intelligence, they are basically taking the road of financing.”

      “Hey, I am afraid that the previous profits of Madman Technology will not be splashed.”

      As a friendly cooperative company, Bluefire President Don’t want to see Madman’s technology decline.

      But at the same time he wanted to finish playing Madman Technology.

      So they have the opportunity to acquire Madman Technology.

      Therefore, the blue fire president is in conflict.

      “Forget it.”

      “Artificial intelligence can’t deceive people.” The

      president of Bluefire said casually: “There will be results after a while. Let’s do our own thing.”

      Even Bluefire Technology does this.

      Other colleagues can naturally imagine.

      On the thousand degrees side, the reaction is even more…

      Chapter 026 Convenience store slogan (4/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f thousand degrees headquarters. Watermark Advertising Test Watermark Advertising Test

      “Chief Engineer!” Mr.

      He from the game department rushed over, holding a report in his hand.

      “What’s wrong?” The

      chief engineer disliked this Mr. He very much.

      But no way.

      They all belong to the same company, so they have to give face.

      “That madman!” Mr.

      He gasped.

      The chief engineer did not speak, or even expressed his dissatisfaction with being interrupted.

      After a sigh of relief.

      Mr. He said: “Madman has also launched artificial intelligence.” The

      chief engineer asked, “The maniac who defeated you?” Mr.

      He nodded awkwardly.

      The chief engineer jokes: “Artificial intelligence is a game that requires human and financial resources, but it can’t be played.”

      “I thought so before.” Mr.

      He reminded in a low voice.

      With the delisting of Qiandu Chiji, he became the laughing stock of the entire company.

      Even if he is not fired now, his life is not easy.

      But he did not learn a lesson from this, but wanted to retaliate and seize every opportunity to teach Madman Technology.

      So he ran over as soon as he got the news.

      “Do you think I will make the same mistake as you?” The

      chief engineer sneered: “A new technology company with a valuation of 100 million yuan would be a big joke to compare with our market value of more than 500 billion yuan. .”

      Finally, he added: “Believe it or not, let’s pay more attention and use a little trick, this small company will be finished?”


      “When I haven’t been here.”

      Why is it not a fool, How can not hear the chief engineer’s contempt for himself.

      It is not boring to stay here, but to lose more face.


      He watched Mr. He leave.

      The chief engineer picked up the document brought by Mr. He and read it.

      It’s okay not to watch.

      After reading it, he felt a little uneasy.


      “Actually relying on a bunch of college students to make an acceleration far beyond the market limit.” The

      chief engineer quickly used the authority to open the background database.

      After searching a pass, he would certainly Road ︰ “It seems a lion with a group of strong sheep, in order to accelerate the market do wind out rain.”

      “This kind of talent, placing him in a small company, really is buried.”

      “If You are my colleague, that would be great.” The

      chief engineer sighed.



      chief engineer realized that Chen Yang is a strong opponent.

      But many people don’t think so.

      Don’t be your counterpart in artificial intelligence.

      Their understanding of Madman Technology is not so comprehensive. They only know that Madman Technology is very young and is a small company formed by a group of college students.

      Naturally, their evaluation of Madman’s artificial intelligence is not much higher.

      Many people think that Madman technology is self-defeating.

      Some even cursed the madman technology to find its own way.

      Especially some of them.

      In order to attack the artificial intelligence of Madman Technology, “experts” were specially invited to deal with it.

      And this expert is the old wolf who has recently gained fame.

      “Old irons, I am here again.”

      When the old wolf appeared on the street and opened the live broadcast on time.

      The live broadcast room was noisy.

      “Oh, this outdoor live broadcast.”

      “Old wolf, what are you doing on the street this night? Are you looking for a young

      lady ?” “Same question!” When the

      fans saw the rare wolf out of the street, the atmosphere was instantly happy.

      Don’t look at Lao Lang’s live broadcast time late.

      But because of his professionalism, his arrogance, and he brought a lot of practical benefits to everyone before.

      So his popularity has grown quite well than before.

      There were more than 3,000 people in the first broadcast.

      At this rate, it can reach more than 40,000.

      “Hehe…” The

      old wolf showed a wretched smile.

      “Oops, wolf appetizing but also friends.”

      “It’s time to unsubscribe from a wave of organization.”

      “Look at this smile that this is a friend, wolf, place your newspaper, I talk to you as comrades in arms.”

      Fans say each Different, but with their own joy.

      “I won’t sell it this time.”

      “Hey, see for yourself.”

      The old wolf pointed to a 24-hour unmanned convenience store.

      An amazing slogan appeared on the digital billboards of convenience stores: the

      most humane artificial intelligence, the most considerate 24-hour smart service, you deserve it.

      Oh , that’s a big tone.” “It’s not that I have never seen artificial intelligence, but this is the first time I have seen an advertisement that dares to brag like this.”

      “I remember a certain degree of artificial intelligence is also this type of advertising slogan, he What do you think of the artificial intelligence of other tech giants?”

      Fans are not dissatisfied, but excited.

      Those who watch the theater are not afraid of the big things, but the small ones.

      “So, I came here.”

      “Old irons, let’s go and test how humane this place is.” The

      old wolf stabbed in.

      I don’t know why.

      There should be no one at this time, but there are quite a few people in the store at this time.

      Some may be regular customers.

      While chatting, they were choosing things for staying up late, and a certain man with glasses also made a cup of hot coffee.

      Put things in, and then brush them.


      The transaction is thus completed.

      A group of people completed the sale.

      “It’s very efficient.”

      Old Wolf said in surprise: “A few of them bought at least a dozen things just now, but the checkout speed doesn’t seem to be even 30 seconds.”

      “Well, I saw it too.”

      “The skilled cashiers in the supermarket . Members are not as efficient!”

      Fans expressed surprise.

      “It’s still the same.”

      “Let’s not practice the fake style, let’s verify it ourselves.”

      “I want to personally verify how human nature the artificial intelligence here is!”

      Chapter 027 The Inhumane Girl Who Is Red (5/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ The old wolf of the city walked to the front of the container and introduced it while choosing: “I want to repair immortals today, and instant noodles are a must. Watermark advertising test I didn’t like complicated before, but today it’s more special. I’m going to scan the goods fiercely and replenish the inventory!”

      “The local tyrant is about to make a move.”

      “Fortunately, this is not a luxury store, otherwise I am afraid of envy and hatred.”

      Fans are very curious.

      Lao Lang’s monthly pocket money is more than most urban gold-collar workers.

      So he doesn’t care about the price when buying things.

      As long as you like it, put it directly into the basket.

      Sweep in one pass.

      I bought at least a dozen samples and more than 40 pieces.

      “We just verify it like this. It seems boring.”

      “I’ll foul it a little bit.” The

      old wolf deliberately broke the identification code of one of them, and said specifically: “Don’t learn from me, I’m just for verification. “So

      there is this trick. I have learned it.”

      “Old wolf teaches bad and cute.”

      Many people are deliberately rhythmic and laugh very happy.

      The old wolf is also very familiar with the atmosphere of the live broadcast room, and brought things to the verification area.

      Unfortunately, there are too many things.

      Cannot verify all at once.

      In addition, the old wolf deliberately made things difficult and stacked things densely. The verification area that could only accommodate more than a dozen items, suddenly piled more than 20 items.

      But the next scene surprised everyone.

      10 seconds passed.

      “I don’t believe it anymore.” After the

      old wolf settled the bill, he personally settled it and found that everything was accurate.

      He was not reconciled yet, so he fetched more small things from the side.

      Nearly 30 things were piled up in the verification area.

      As a result, it took a few more seconds this time.

      This is more than that.

      “Dear customer, you have a product that cannot be checked out. Please re-select it.”

      Not only is there a voice prompt, but a sample of the product is displayed on the screen in front of you.

      “It’s finally out.”

      Hearing the virtual voice of the artificial intelligence, the old wolf couldn’t help but his eyes lit up.

      Because the voice is soft and pleasant.

      “What a cute voice, you can be a voice actor!”

      “I feel captured by this voice.”

      “Old wolf, hold on to the artificial intelligence, we want to hear more.” The

      fans kept pushing.

      They didn’t know that this voice was collected by the panda elves from the Internet.

      After hundreds of millions of voices contrast.

      Finally, the most acceptable voice in the market is calculated.

      “Where?” The

      old wolf was here to test artificial intelligence. He naturally knew how to do it. He deliberately asked: “I can’t see where things are.”

      “Here.” A

      red light was shot out in the verification area.

      It points to a product whose identification code was maliciously damaged by the old wolf.

      “Very smart.” The

      old wolf couldn’t hold on, but he could change the subject: “Don’t check out for now, I want to buy one more.”


      ” I am happy to serve you.”

      The performance of artificial intelligence is excellent.

      The old wolf deliberately took one extra piece in slow motion and asked: “Do you have a name?”

      “Not yet.”

      “The founder wanted to name me, but because my personal image has not yet been set, I put it on hold. “When the

      artificial intelligence spoke, it even brought out a trace of sadness.

      “My God!” The

      old wolf sighed: “This is the most humane artificial intelligence I have ever seen.”

      “Me too.”

      “If it weren’t for the live broadcast, I would have thought it was a human.”

      Fans were also surprised.

      But some conspiracy theorists are wondering: “Is it because I saw the old wolf on the live broadcast, and the other side deliberately replaced it with a human?”

      “Old iron, you think too much.”

      “If it’s a big v star, it might be possible.

      ” The face of my old wolf is not so great.” The

      old wolf said at last: “If you really doubt it, go to the chain store of this brand to try it tomorrow.” The

      old wolf said this sentence into everyone’s hearts.

      “That’s right.” The

      old wolf suddenly found an interesting point: “If I chat with you like this, will it delay your work?”

      “No.” The

      artificial intelligence actually replied: “There is no one in the convenience store, Mr. chatting with me, That’s recognition of me. I’m very happy. If your husband is bored, you can also come and chat with me. I’m waiting 24 hours a day.”

      “My heart-warming artificial intelligence.”

      “Old wolf, wait for me!

      ” I will set off now.” The

      fans were agitated.


      “As an old driver, how can you be so impulsive.” The

      old wolf hurriedly turned to the live camera.

      It’s a pity that his persuasion was not effective

      Immediately an old driver announced the manual number of this chain of convenience stores.

      Ever since… the

      old wolf can only be his own.

      The conscientious old wolf did more tests (actually just for chat).

      He not only asked about the convenience store, but also all other irrelevant things. In short, the whole world was a mess.

      Even fans joined the discussion team.

      To the end.

      They found that the artificial intelligence girl in front of them knew everything, the amount of knowledge was too terrifying, the international situation, oil futures, the history of Han and Tang Dynasties, world masterpieces, electronic products, high-end life, luxury brands, gun skills, trying to figure out people’s hearts… none I don’t believe it, and the point is that I’m not pretending to be b.

      Including the old wolf.

      Everyone felt that after a month of chatting with the AI ​​girl, they could almost finish the undergraduate knowledge of a certain 985.

      what is interesting.

      After this matter was publicized.

      This convenience store brand is famous.

      And more famous is the artificial intelligence sister paper.

      This was something that Chen Yang and Lin Dong had never thought of.

      Chapter 028 The big order (1/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ When the Internet was not so developed before. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test

      Some boring people like to make phone calls to molest the girls of various artificial stations, such as 10086.

      Later, the Internet developed and the moles became various anchors.

      And now.

      Everyone’s interest has changed again. Those shameless guys summon the artificial intelligence sister paper under various names.

      Madman Technology’s artificial intelligence.

      Enter the lives of civilians in a fun way.

      The artificial intelligence of Madman Technology has also been adopted by the market at a considerable speed.

      such as.

      In the meeting room of Madman Technology.

      Wen Susu, Li Qin and Lin Dong gathered together in a harmonious atmosphere.

      Li Qin asked with a smile: “Lin Dong, I didn’t lie to you?”


      “The effect is beyond imagination.”

      Lin Dong said happily, “Since the installation of artificial intelligence, our convenience stores have become popular. It skyrocketed. Although many are boring people, it does increase our performance a lot.”

      Li Qin asked: “The most important thing is theft.”

      “Basically eliminated.”

      “Your artificial intelligence and the lack of tags. The big corners of the nails can be detected, and those thieves have nowhere to start.”

      Lin Dong confidently said: “If we put in more sensors and mobile video heads, we are guaranteed to stop 100%.”

      He is not afraid of his own praise. The prize becomes a bargaining chip for the opponent to increase the price.

      Because Madman Technology’s artificial intelligence services are clearly priced.

      Li Qin echoed: “Without unnecessary destruction and theft, unmanned convenience stores are the most risk-free emerging industry. Although the expenditure on electricity bills has increased, the drastic reduction in labor costs has become the largest profit. Point.”


      “I valued this at the beginning, so I decided to invest in this industry.”

      Lin Dong said triumphantly: “Although your artificial intelligence services are not very cheap, they are only one-tenth of the labor cost. ”

      Wen Susu said: “It also improves your service quality and brand image, which is not available for ordinary money.”

      Li Qin added: “If you open more chains, the proportion of artificial intelligence services will account for the cost. Smaller and smaller. Continuous optimization and circulation will eventually form a scale effect.”


      “Cooperating with you is the wisest choice in my life.”

      Lin Dong gave Madman Technology the highest evaluation.

      Li Qin asked ︰ “That Lam Dong is ready to sign a year, or ……”

      “A year?”

      “How enough?”

      Hayashi said ︰ “I’m going to sign for three years straight.”

      “Thank you for your support.”

      This time even Wen Susu couldn’t calm down either.

      Three years of high-end artificial intelligence services, this is a big order.

      An absolute good start.

      “In fact, I am selfish.” In

      response to Li Qin and Wen Susu’s surprise, Lin Dong explained: “Your smart service will definitely become better and better. In the future, with the improvement of brand image, service prices will also increase. High. I am ordering 3 years in advance now, which is considered as the cost of future termination.”

      This sentence.

      The basic is to characterize this contract.

      The agreement was signed.

      The two sides entered the sweetest stage of cooperation.

      Li Qin and Wen Susu, who signed the large order, went to the top floor together.

      Before, Chen Yang thought that the area upstairs was too small to rent.


      He found that the top two floors had been rented out for a long time because of the large area and the expensive rent.

      Impacted by the Internet.

      More and more young people choose to start their businesses at home or in more convenient places.

      As a result, office buildings are becoming more and more difficult to rent.

      And remote office buildings have to cut prices or pack them for lease.


      Madman Technology has seized this opportunity.

      Pack and rent the top two floors.

      Chen Yang even put his home here.

      It is convenient for him to do research work during the day.


      Li Qin and Wen Susu broke straight into the top floor.

      They didn’t knock on the door, not because they were rude, but because they knew that Chen Yang would not come to open the door even if they knocked on Chen Yang.

      But Xiao Duoduo did not bid.

      It means that the people who come in are recognized by Chen Yang.

      “It seems that I have to convert the door into an electronic door.”

      Looking at the two beauties who had been killed, Chen Yang sighed and put down the tools in his hands.

      He is designing a mechanical war dog that is more suitable for combat.

      Xiaoduoduo this kind of mechanical dog.

      Although he has good defensive capabilities, he is still far away from Chen Yang’s goal.

      So he expands on the basis of small and many, and is inclined to force in design.

      Originally given him another half an hour, he could assemble it.

      But now it has to be interrupted.

      “Ayang, you have to treat.”

      Li Qin raised the contract.

      “It’s just an order.”

      Chen Yang didn’t care.

      “But this is a three-year artificial intelligence service.”

      “The sum is very substantial!”

      Li Qin was a little excited.

      After all, she ran out and signed it herself.

      Chen Yang asked, “No matter how impressive, can it be worth the profit of a month of chicken-eaters?”


      Li Qin was embarrassed.

      The chicken madman is very stable now, and on average, hundreds of thousands of dollars are received every day.

      And Lin Dong’s order is worth a few million.

      But compared to the chicken-eating maniac like stealing money, it’s really incomparable.

      “But this is finally a good start.”

      Although Chen Yang was in a bad mood, he was not a fool, and calmly said: “Let everyone continue their efforts and develop more artificial intelligence business. If you can achieve tens of millions of business volume, Time to give everyone a special gift.”

      “What gift?”

      Li Qin started curiously.

      The mechanical dog Chen Yang gave her was mechanical, but its character really resembled her old big yellow dog.

      Even the small movements of life are fully simulated.

      So Li Qin has always had a strong curiosity about what Chen Yang shot.

      “The gift…”

      Chapter 029 Tiger Hunt (2/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f “That gift…”

      Chen Yang pretended to say it, which attracted Li Qin and Wen Susu’s eagerness. Watermark advertising test The

      results of the watermark advertising test changed his words: “Temporarily keep secret!”

      Li Qin was choked to death.

      Wen Susu snickered when he saw Li Qin’s deflated appearance.

      “You’re still laughing!”

      Li Qin grabbed Wen Susu and teased: “You little girl, how come you stand on the opposite side of women? Be careful all the people in the company make fun of you?”

      “Just laugh.”

      “It’s not anyway . It’s the first time.”

      Wen Susu was fearless.

      In addition to Chen Yang, Madman Technology is the only company in the industry.


      Many other company employees up and down the stairs are jealous and hateful.

      At the same time, I find many excuses to come to visit from time to time.

      after all.

      Madman technology women are basically above the standard.

      “If you are all right, don’t interfere with my research.”

      Chen Yang actually ordered the expulsion of the two beautiful women.


      Li Qin is Li Qin after all, and replied: “I wanted to tell you that some materials were found, but now it seems that you don’t need it.”


      Chen Yang looked at Wen Susu. Said: “Susu, let someone send the materials.”


      Wen Susu nodded without hesitation.

      “you guys……”

      Li Qin, who wanted to use this to write about Chen Yang and ask him to tell what the gift was, couldn’t say anything.

      “Let’s continue playing with you.”

      Li Qin went away in anger.

      Chen Yang said disapprovingly: “By the way, the intelligent machinery I studied has passed all the tests, and the technology has been patented. You can make a detailed report. Do you want to buy an industrial factory and do it yourself or find an OEM? , I only want to maximize the benefits.”

      He is not so free.

      The registration of patents and other trivial matters are all done by Panda Elf.

      Chen Yang doesn’t even need to go out, he has a lot of patented technology in his hand.

      of course.

      These patented technologies are just ordinary standards.

      The real core, Chen Yang would not be so stupid.

      Keeping it in your head is the best patent.


      Li Qin took the lead, quickly entering the state.

      She knew that every piece of Chen Yang’s research was a rare masterpiece, and she naturally did not dare to take it lightly.

      And Chen Yang did not wait for Wen Susu to respond, so he asked: “Susu, are you ready for recruitment?”


      “I used a headhunting company a few days ago to recruit 15 times the salary.

      Here are three senior women.” At this point, Wen Susu asked, “But the leader of the University of Science and Technology contacted me before, hoping that we could go back to school more.”

      Chen Yang asked, “What kind of medicine are they selling in the gourd? I think you should know.”

      Wen Susu nodded with a smile.

      With Madman Technology breaking through the blockade of Qiandu, Qiandu Chiji was delisted and gained fame.

      As the mother of Chen Yang, Wen Susu and Li Qin, HKUST naturally knew about this.

      “After all, the University of Science and Technology is 985, and there are still a lot of talents.”

      “You can figure it out.”

      Chen Yang said: “Remember, we only need talents, those who are related to the households, how far they go.”

      “Yeah. ”

      Wen Susu knows what to do.

      She found that Chen Yang had no other orders, and cleverly closed the door and left.

      “Fortunately there are them.”

      Chen Yang sighed.

      Since the company is on the right track, Chen Yang does not need to be in the company often.

      Have a lot of time to do your own research.

      Although it is shameless to throw off the shopkeeper in this way, his random research is invaluable.

      Compared with busying in the company, I don’t know how much it makes sense.

      This is not.

      After he fiddled with it, the second-generation mechanical dog like a mastiff was born.


      The second-generation mechanical dog jumped off the workbench and began to adjust its limbs, constantly making strange sounds of quack and ziz.

      Not long.

      It cried again.

      Throwing his tail at Chen Yang happily.


      Chen Yang shouted: “How is the battle data entered?”

      “One hundred percent!” The

      panda elf replied, “Currently, it collects the most ferocious wild wolf in battle data, supplemented by artificial intelligence, enough to hunt alone. Any beasts in the world.”

      Chen Yang asked, “Is there any problem with lions, tigers and elephants?”

      “It’s easy.” The

      panda elf replied: “It exists enough to fight against an elite mercenary. If the police give permission and open all weapons, it can capture a small military base alone.”

      “Very good.”

      “It’s better than ever before.”

      Chen Yang ordered: “Add protective colors to it and take care of the security work here.”

      “Yes, **.” The

      panda elves immediately manipulated the intelligent robotic arm designed by Chen Yang and gave the second Generation of mechanical dog coloring.

      “That’s right, you have to give it a name.”

      Chen Yang squeezed his chin and murmured: “It is a fighter aircraft that I made in a pacifist model. It will be mass-produced on a small scale in the future.”

      “A series. That’s right.”

      “Anyway, it can hunt hungry tigers, so call it Hunting Tiger No. 1.”

      Chen Yang’s order became an instruction.

      The named Hunting Tiger No. 1 seemed very happy and kept wagging its tail.


      Xiao Duoduo leaned in and kept sniffing in front of Liehu 1.

      Liehu 1 also looked at his “predecessor” curiously.

      They all have enough artificial intelligence.

      It can be regarded as a dog in a mechanical state.


      Chen Yang found a bit of disharmony at this time, and asked, “Elf, scan me for Hunting Tiger 1.”

      “Start scanning…”

      “Scanning is over!” The

      Panda wizard projected the result: “Hunting Tiger No. 1 The overall balance is insufficient, and the continuity of energy is also unstable. Once a large-scale battle occurs, energy will be the biggest limit.”

      “There is no Ark reactor.” “Without

      the special materials of One Piece World, it is pretty good to be able to do this.”

      Chen Yang didn’t care much about balance.

      He took the tool to Liehu No. 1 and adjusted it a few times before the balance was corrected.

      But for the energy issue, this is a dead spot.

      Unless Chen Yang can get enough nuclear materials.

      “Wait, there is really a way to get ready-made nuclear materials…”

      Chapter 030 The Thousand Degrees of Swords Take the Guest (3/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f Chen Yang has a way to get ready-made nuclear materials?

      You must know that ready-made nuclear materials are the most feared items in the world, and you may not be able to buy them even if you have money. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test

      Not to mention that Chen Yang is just a small technology company.

      But he really has a way.

      Because in history, several nuclear submarines have sunk.

      There are also a considerable number of submarines sleeping in the sea.

      Not much to say about nuclear submarines.

      Ordinary war submarines must carry a lot of heavy weapons, and these heavy weapons more or less contain a small amount of nuclear materials.

      As long as you can get a little bit.

      The Ark Reactor can be built.

      At that time.

      Not to mention the second-generation mechanical dog hunting tigers, even steel armors and pacifists can make them.

      It’s just that Chen Yang’s luck doesn’t seem so good.

      Thousand degrees shot.

      Lin Dong sent a message the next day.

      Said that Qiandu took the initiative to contact him and can provide the same service at the same price.

      Not only Lin Dong.

      Li Qin’s business objects, those who made achievements, all received an olive branch from Qiandu.


      Li Qin scolded: “I didn’t expect Qiandu’s 600 billion market capitalization giant to attack small companies like ours.”

      Qiandu officially launched artificial intelligence.

      Because of its excellent performance, it was immediately sought after by the market, and the stock price gradually rose.

      Now the industry is very optimistic about their assessment, saying that 600 billion will be the bottom line.

      If they make further achievements, it is possible to increase the market value by half.

      At the beginning, Qiandu regarded artificial intelligence as a future profit growth point, even a pillar-level industry, naturally, it was not random to talk about it.


      Qiandu has great expectations for artificial intelligence, and even wants to recast its status as the hegemon of the Internet.

      Wen Susu sighed: “Thousand degrees of action is really unethical.”


      Chen Yang smiled: “Business competition is not morally immoral.”

      “Rather than praying for the mercy and negligence of others, it is better to strengthen yourself. strength. ”

      Chen Yang said quietly ︰” Besides our products, compared to thousands of degrees, only strong not weak. ”

      in fact, Chen Yang design of artificial intelligence than thousand degrees secret invested billions, brewing The artificial intelligence that has only been tempered in a few years is even better.

      The difference.

      Just like the technological gap between Marvel and Earth.

      “That’s what I said.”

      Li Qin sighed: “But

      Qiandu ‘s reputation and influence are in front of us. If competition is equal, the market will naturally choose Qiandu .” Wen Susu echoed: “Yes, there are currently two The companies that have signed the agreement would rather not make a deposit or break the contract.”

      Li Qin continued: “It’s the same for signing contracts, let alone those who don’t.”

      “It doesn’t matter.”

      “They don’t want to buy, we don’t want to sell yet. ”

      Chen Yang has his own arrogance, and said, “Those who break the contract, let them always stand by Qiandu .”


      Li Qin and Wen Susu didn’t understand the meaning of this sentence.


      Chen Yang casually said: “From today, Madman Technology will set up a blacklist system. Anyone on the blacklist will not provide any form of service for 10 years.”

      Li Qin and Wen Susu were stimulated to gradually open their mouths.

      You must know that Madman Technology is still a new company established less than 4 months ago.

      Now we are going to block customers, it’s almost impossible.

      “I know what you want to say.”

      “But since we are madmen, we have to be mad.”

      Chen Yang shook his hand, not giving Li Qin and Wen Susu a chance to persuade.


      Li Qin and Wen Susu glanced at each other, only accepting this fact.

      But they are also smart.

      The blacklist system is carried out quietly without public announcement.

      This way, there will be no arguments.

      Li Qin asked: “Then what are we going to do?”


      Wen Susu asked, “Brother is not the kind of person who is bullied and still tolerates silently.”

      “Susu still understands me.”

      Chen Yang asked with a smile: “Recall, how did Qiandu target us?”

      “Didn’t you just say it?”

      Li Qin replied: “Which of our customers has done it, Qiandu will win customers.”


      “Qiandu” The degree is very arrogant, and the selected customers are very purposeful.”

      “But this gives us a chance.”

      Chen Yang said: “You continue to run the business, but you must sign the contract immediately after confirmation, which will increase the difficulty of the customer’s remorse.”

      “I understand. Up!”

      Li Qin suddenly said, “You mean, let Qiandu run behind us and be our follower?”


      Chen Yang nodded and said: “The artificial intelligence market is not suitable for everyone. Qiandu thinks Picking up our cheapness depends on whether others are willing to pick it up for them.” The

      current artificial intelligence services have many restrictions.

      Not every industry is suitable.

      Just like Lin Dong’s 24-hour unmanned convenience store, he finally managed to do it, he was willing to use the great momentum to bet others have better service?

      There are not so many fools in this world.

      “We understand.”

      Li Qin and Wen Susu noted this down.

      “But this is still passive.”

      “It doesn’t fit my personality.”

      Chen Yang said calmly: “Next, I will talk to a special partner. If it succeeds, then Qiandu is ten times more powerful as a decoration.

      ” What object is so powerful?”

      Li Qin’s eyes widened.

      Wen Susu felt like he had thought of something.

      “That’s it.”

      “With the results, I will communicate with you again. Now that it is clear that it will only increase the trouble.”

      Chen Yang left bluntly.

      Since it is decided to do.

      Then you have to do it beautifully.

      In order to give a thousand-degree loud slap to entertain yourself.

      Chapter 031 Batman is Coming (4/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f late at night. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test

      Chen Yang is still tapping the keyboard.


      “The program calculation does not match!”


      “The kernel compatibility is not up to the required level!”


      “The vibration rate is higher than average!”

      These voices were shouted by the Panda Elf.

      Because after Chen Yang’s program is completed, the panda wizard will automatically perform virtual calculations.

      It surpasses the computing power of any computing host on the earth, and can instantly simulate the most realistic experimental results.

      Allow Chen Yang to complete various mechanical experiments that can only be carried out in the laboratory without actual operation.

      “Ding, the program fits perfectly!”

      “It can improve the accuracy of the current level of 3367%.”

      In constant failure.

      The panda elves finally gave Chen Yang good news.


      Chen Yang loosened his whole body.

      He has been fighting for more than ten hours.

      Physical strength is almost at the limit.

      “Ding, because the host’s prestige has exceeded the 1000 mark, the system rewards the host for a random search…”

      “Isn’t it 100 a while ago?”

      Chen Yang Xiaoxiao was stunned.

      But then he found that he underestimated the prestige value brought by defeating Qiandu.

      Prestige is only born in the field of technology.

      No matter how much money Chen Yang makes, if it has nothing to do with science and technology, it will not be able to get prestige.

      And he defeated Qiandu with pure technology and successfully established a sturdy image in the software circle.

      The prestige value obtained is naturally quite a lot.

      “Ding, the dc world joins the tech mad crowd.”

      Chen Yang couldn’t laugh this time.

      “What’s the matter?”

      Bruce Wayne’s familiar Batman image suddenly appeared in the group.

      “Yo, another newcomer is here.”

      Tony Stark, who was relatively leisurely recently , came out for the first time.

      After solving the radiation poisoning, he was relieved.

      “Welcome, welcome!”

      Begapunk also came out of his busy schedule.

      “You are?”

      Compared to the others, Bruce Wayne was both surprised and curious.

      Because when he encounters doubts and difficulties, he will choose to face them.

      The information introduced by the group flooded into Bruce Wayne’s mind.

      “There is such a place!”

      Bruce Wayne asked: “Which world do you come from? Parallel world?”


      “We have independent world systems.”

      Chen Yang explained: “The so-called parallel The world is just a part of your world system and it is not in line with our world.”

      “It seems that I have to find time to learn the quantum theory of space.”

      Bruce Wayne suddenly felt that his knowledge was insufficient.

      “No need to learn, just ask me.”

      Tony Stark said triumphantly: “Because of this group, my recent major studies have been in this area, and I have great experience.”


      “I will do it myself.”

      Bruce Wayne declined.

      “I don’t want to charge you money,”

      Tony Stark muttered.

      Bruce Wayne looked at each other, thinking that the guy in front of him was a bit self-righteous.

      Begapunk said, “Don’t pay attention to this guy. Since his girlfriend can charge, he has been happy all day long.”

      “A girlfriend who can charge?”

      Bruce Wayne was in a daze, revealing a daze. He looked and sighed: “So he has such a poor story.”

      “You mb!”

      Tony Stark immediately replied: “When I was picking up a girl, you were still playing in the mud!”

      “Yeah, I support it seriously.”

      “After all, I’m not as old as you.”

      Begapunk is habitually picky.

      “Pick up girls?”

      “What type do you like?” When

      talking about picking up girls, Bruce Wayne immediately became energetic and asked: “I like those stars. They don’t have to be in good shape, but their faces must be beautiful.”

      Tony Stark is proud He replied: “I can score at least ten of the twelve cover girls of Playboy.”

      “My favorite is beautiful singers, because their voices are so beautiful, what do you think?”

      “No, no, no, no, no, no, no. , I like those with temperament. Reporters, scientists, etc., feel very different, and I can bring out my cultural qualities when I bring them around.” The

      two old drivers drove habitually.

      “It seems that we can exchange experience.”

      “I think too.”

      Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark are just about to meet Liangcai, and they all match each other.

      “I said you are enough.”

      Chen Yang couldn’t help but jump out.

      “Group owner?”

      Bruce Wayne asked, “Why don’t you have a name? Is this authority?”

      “Don’t care who I am.”

      Chen Yang replied, “Anyway, the name is just a code name.”

      ” Yes .”

      ” You old drivers are probably new at all. No, I’m not the latest one anymore.”

      Begapunk suddenly woke up and asked, “Newcomers, the first rules in the group, understand?”


      “No. , I didn’t see it.”

      Bruce Wayne expressed calmness.

      Chen Yang wouldn’t be polite, and said, “Batman, as a rich man, be more relaxed .”

      “Rich man?”

      Tony Stark: “Can you be richer than me?”

      Comparing money with me, it feels very fresh.” Bruceway En, in terms of financial resources, there is nothing wrong with others.

      After all, he is the richest man in the DC world.

      Tony Stark provocatively said: “My money is endless. The industry covers all fields. How many industries do you have?”

      “I don’t know.”

      “The industry of the Wayne Consortium covers all fields.”

      Bruce Wayne was very surprised . Proud: “Basically, I never worry about money, I can do whatever I want to study.”

      “It’s all the same.”

      Tony Stark was surprised: “It looks like you and I are very similar.”

      Bruce Wayne asked, “How are your fighting skills?”

      Tony Stark replied: “I am Iron Man.”

      Bruce Wayne En asked: “I can also make steel armor, but I am asking about your physical combat power.”

      “I eat with my head.”

      “What do you want muscles for?”

      Tony Stark said lazily, “My Individual armor, not afraid of any superpowers.”

      “Don’t show off your wealth.”

      Chen Yang was stimulated to his temples.

      Begapunk said: “You are irritated by the group owner. If you don’t want to be unspoken rules, then give out red envelopes.”

      “Prisoner, I suddenly think you have the potential to be a dogleg.”

      Tony Stark seized the opportunity and stunned. wave.

      “It’s not shameful to be the owner of the doglegs.”

      Begapunk was actually at ease.

      no way.

      He had just received the materials collected by Chen Yang, and he was a little more confident in his escape, and his affinity for Chen Yang exploded.

      “Ding, Bruce Wayne sent a group red envelope.”

      Chapter 032 Bat Chariot (5/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f “Ding, Bruce Wayne sent a group red envelope. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test”

      Chen Yang clicked his hand like lightning.

      “Ding, congratulations to the host for getting a

      Batman .” “Batman is awesome!”

      Chen Yang almost laughed wildly.

      The bat chariot is almost a man’s dream.

      “I still didn’t grab it!”

      “Master, I just want to ask if you have a girlfriend now?”

      Tony Stark and Begapunk saw the domineering and mighty Bat Chariot, their eyes widened.

      “I’ll go back and make the same model.”


      Tony Stark and Begapunk had indescribable envy.

      “But the Bat Chariot is too ostentatious for me.”

      “Besides, I’m an otaku again, I’m afraid I can use it very few times.”

      Chen Yang then thought about the environment he was in and couldn’t help but smile.

      But he still has important things to do.

      No time to mushroom here.

      Let the three of them continue to communicate.

      Chen Yang continued to finish the work he had not done before.

      Then he started to contact the person who could make thousands of degrees beyond reach.

      And to ensure that the message can arrive.

      Chen Yang used two methods of light and shade to express.

      If the other party hasn’t seen it yet, it means that the other party doesn’t have this blessing.




      The reaction of the other party was faster than Chen Yang had imagined.

      That night.

      A special department dedicated to industry received a “goodwill” mail from Chen Yang.

      “What’s going on!”

      “How come external mail is sent to our mailbox?”

      the minister of this special department roared.

      “Minister Tong, just be quiet.”

      A white-haired old man wearing reading glasses soothed: “Things are doomed, why don’t we face the facts?”

      “Old Hua, I also want to restrain.”

      “But but One incident is too serious!”

      Minister Tong said excitedly, “This is the first time since the establishment of the department. For the first time today, someone will be able to kill us tomorrow, and we are still ignorant.”

      “This is the truth. I believe everyone at the scene understands.”

      “But the other party sent his real name directly to prove that he was not malicious.”

      “On the contrary…”

      Hualao took a sip of tea, holding Chen Yang’s registered patent, and said: “If What the patent says is true, and that will be a huge opportunity for China’s industry.”

      Chen Yang prepared with both hands.

      The first is to register this patent.

      The second one is more arrogant. It directly invades the interior of this special department and leaves a technical email.

      Having said that, Hua Lao looked at everyone and said: “I believe everyone knows what it means to increase the accuracy of 3367% from the current level?”

      “It means that our country can start from the second ladder in the world in the high-precision field. Go directly to the world’s first ladder.”

      “A ladder’s progress is at least ten years of catching up.”

      Minister Tong calmed down.

      Old Hua said, “So, I will see Chen Yang in person tomorrow.”


      Minister Tong stopped him: “Old Hua is too old to bear the hard work of running back and forth, or…I will go there in person, so Only in order to show our respect.”


      Hua Lao affirmed: “If all this is true, then Chen Yang is a national treasure-level genius. There is every reason to be worthy of our respect and protection.”

      “The most important thing . It’s…”

      Hua Lao said that he didn’t want to go on.

      When everyone saw the photo of Chen Yang in the middle of the meeting room, his expression was a bit unnatural.

      Those who can be here are all national industry leaders.

      But look at them.

      Even the youngest is over 50 years old.

      And Chen Yang’s performance with this hand alone was enough to be on par with them.

      When I think of myself at Chen Yang’s age and still messing around on campus, my face is unnatural.

      As for.

      Although Minister Tong is also in his 40s and nearly 50 years old.

      But at this time, his mind is full of information about Chen Yang.

      No words for the next night.

      Always the afternoon of the next day.

      The top floor of an office building.

      Chen Yang was clawing at something.

      Seeing that a certain energy cannon is about to be completed, the panda elves will bother.

      The panda elves reported without warning: “**, there are two suspicious men who may be elite military personnel are going upstairs, and they have reached the 17th floor.”

      “A threat?”

      Chen Yang stopped.

      The panda elves replied: “They didn’t carry firearms, but based on their breathing and muscle response assessment, their combat effectiveness was at least one in ten thousand elite.”

      Chen Yang asked: “How many tiger hunting can you deal with?”

      The panda elves replied: “If you don’t use additional weapons, Tiger Hunting 1 can deal with 4-6. If the ** allows the use of weapons, you can destroy the opponent’s entire special team.”

      “That’s good.”

      Chen Yang calmed down.

      Because in the top floor, in addition to Hunting Tiger No. 1, there are two other Hunting Tigers that have not yet been named.

      Such a lineup is enough to ensure the safety of Chen Yang.


      The elevator doors opened.

      Liehu No. 1 has been waiting at the door for a long time.

      The two who came out were taller and shorter.

      Tall is not only burly, but also majestic, just like an ancient general.

      He is the child minister of a special industry department.

      He really came here in person.

      The short ones are not at all insignificant, their eyes are full of light.

      Because he is the guard of Minister Tong.

      Elite in the army.

      That is, the legendary soldier king.


      As soon as they stepped out of the elevator door, their breath froze.

      The sense of crisis honed through a hundred battles caused them an instant nervous breakdown.

      A mechanical dog.

      It’s not that they have never seen a mechanical dog, and they have personally tested the combat effectiveness of a mechanical dog secretly developed by the military.

      But it was the first time I encountered such a terrifying mechanical dog.

      Just staring at Tiger Hunting No.1, the crazy sense of fear filled their hearts.

      Chapter 033 The Test of Alien Plan (1/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f saw that two visitors were locked by Hunting Tiger 1. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test

      Chen Yang couldn’t help but smile.

      “Please come in.”

      But Chen Yang didn’t waste any time, and at an order, Liehu No.1 retreated.

      The two visitors were relieved.

      After adjusting quickly, he came straight to Chen Yang.

      Before Chen Yang asked, the burly man

      introduced himself : “Mr. Chen, we are…” “No need to introduce, I know what your identity is.”

      “Tong Yihu, Minister Tong Da.”

      “In your country’s heavy industry circle The big celebrities.”

      At just this short time, Chen Yang had already obtained the information of the two in front of him .

      After determining their unusual identities, Chen Yang was too lazy to talk nonsense and asked, “You are here for my program, right?”


      “Mr. Chen’s program has a positive meaning for the country’s industry. ”

      Tong Yihu, a burly man, said, “So we rushed over to seek cooperation with Mr. Chen.”


      Chen Yang replied very simply.

      Instead, Tong Yihu was stunned.

      He has encountered countless self-reliant skills and frantic demands.

      I have never met someone who promised so simply.

      Chen Yang added: “Don’t be surprised, I have the conditions.”

      “I know.”

      Tong Yihu’s heart is like this, but on the surface he nodded.

      Chen Yang directly stated his request: “My request is very simple. Either arrange a plot of land nearby to build a headquarters building for me, or conduct in-depth cooperation with the artificial intelligence of our Madman Technology.”

      “That’s it?”

      Does Tong Yihu think Chen Yang wants the lion to open his mouth?

      Chen Yang asked, “What do you think?”

      “Thank you!”

      “I owe you a favor.”

      Tong Yihu was relieved.

      “It doesn’t care about favors.”

      “It only supports pure trading.”

      Chen Yang didn’t care.

      This program is a subprogram separated from a certain second-level technology in Marvel World.

      Chen Yang combined with China’s industrial characteristics to optimize the adaptability.

      This procedure is simply an optical locking procedure.

      Use optical principles to perform high-precision industrial operations.


      This accuracy can be on the order of nanometers.

      The significance to China Industrial is almost leapfrog.

      Tong Yihu smiled and said nothing.

      He took Chen Yang’s completion procedure and left in secret.

      He came and went in a hurry.

      Not many people knew he was leaving.

      As few people know that he has been here.



      Although it is only Marvel’s second-level technology.

      But for the earth, it is the top level.

      Chen Yang has a program to help Huaxia enter the high-precision field in the most professional circles.

      The most direct result is that Chen Yang’s prestige value continues to soar.

      He had just broken through 1000 points before, but now he is going directly towards 2000 points.

      At this rate, I’m afraid it won’t take long to accumulate 10,000 points.

      As for the previous exchange.

      Naturally it went smoothly.

      Although this department has almost no reputation in the outside world.

      But it is backed by the country.

      The national core of Zhili.

      In the industry, the status is extraordinary.

      The sales of Madman Technology have naturally undergone substantial changes.

      Today, this state-owned enterprise personally came to buy business.

      Tomorrow, a certain corporate boss with a military background will come to negotiate an agreement on in-depth cooperation.

      The most funny thing is that these people seem to be afraid that Madman Technology will not cooperate with them. The signing time is very long and the terms of the promise are very generous.

      Li Qin and Wen Susu were confused.

      In short.

      Madman Technology is expanding frantically with a route out of the orthodox circle.

      And Qiandu didn’t even know all of this.

      They thought that Madman Technology’s situation was getting worse and worse, and they didn’t even bother to run away.

      Ever since.

      They also no longer care about Madman technology.

      The days passed quickly in this strange harmony.


      There is not much harmony in chat groups for tech madmen.

      “Big shit, your girlfriend seems to be running out of energy.”

      “I really can’t understand how humans can treat micro-reactors as friends.”

      “That’s a reactor, not my girlfriend!” The

      habitual quarrel made People have a headache.

      But Chen Yang was very happy.

      Because it means that the chat group is really lively than before.

      At least much better than the lifelessness before.

      “Group owner,

      let’s open up the interplanetary function!” Tony Stark gritted his teeth and said: “I must kill Baker Ponga. I really can’t bear him.”

      “The coefficient of interplanetary warfare is too high.”

      Chen Yang Shaking his head: “I can’t play at the moment, you can only continue to be patient.”

      Tony Stark asked: “Then can we send mercenaries to the alien plane through material transmission?”

      “By the red envelope function?”

      Chen Yang is not a fool.


      “This is the most straightforward way I can think of at the moment.”

      Tony Stark nodded.

      “It should be possible.”

      Bruce Wayne said: “My Bat Chariot has the most basic artificial intelligence, and the owner can receive it. That proves that we can drop things on the different planes.”

      “Try it.”

      Tonys Tucker did what he said.

      “Ding, group member Bruce Wayne sent an exclusive red envelope to the host, please get it in time.”

      ” Get it !”

      Chen Yang is not welcome.

      The result turned out to be a mini drone.

      Tony Stark asked, “Master, did you receive it?”

      Bruce Wayne and Bergapunk were waiting anxiously.

      “Naturally received it.”

      “I just don’t like this red envelope very much.”

      Chen Yang depressedly played with the drone with only the palm of his hand.

      “But I don’t have any inductive contact here.”

      “Tried all methods.”

      Tony Stark expressed disappointment.

      Chen Yang had an idea, and said, “You use an independent artificial intelligence to look at it.”


      “But you have to wait.”

      Tony Stark ran away immediately.

      A short time later, an emergency host equipped with wheels was sent.

      Chen Yang grabbed this eccentric host for the first time.

      As a result, the host runs automatically.

      There are even many weird sounds:

      “Transmission is successful.”

      “The accessory brain loses all contact with the subject.”

      “Take emergency contact measures.”

      Chapter 034 Invasion and Vulnerability (2/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f “Take emergency contact measures. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test”

      “Urgent contact with the ontology, no ontology can be found!”

      The host sent by Tony Stark is Jarvis’s deputy head with Jarvis Part of Weiss’ artificial intelligence.

      After the accessory brain loses its subject, the judgment mechanism makes it instinctively invade.

      Attempt to retrieve the ontology of Jarvis through the earth’s network.


      Jarvis is in another world.


      Chen Yang reminded loudly.

      In fact, without Chen Yang’s reminder, the panda elves began to resist the invasion.

      “Warning! There is an unknown network intrusion!”

      “The last warning, if you are annoying anymore, strangling!” The

      Panda Elf issued successive warning sounds.

      “Warning is invalid!”

      “Start strangling! Ding, successfully take over the opponent’s host!”

      The battle between the panda elves and Jarvis’s vice brain was very short.

      It ends without even 1 minute.

      “Good job.”

      Chen Yang was very happy.

      Although it was only Jarvis’s vice-brain that was defeated.

      But this is indeed a victory.

      At least it proves that the artificial intelligence compiled by Chen Yang is not inferior to Jarvis at all.

      “How’s it going, host?”

      Everyone is still waiting for news.


      “Basically across the world, you can’t get in touch with the original world.”

      “But everything that can be independent can continue to act.”

      Chen Yang cursed at this point: “And you, Tony, your host actually dared to invade my computer. Tell me, how can I handle you?”


      “As expected of the artificial intelligence I designed.”

      Tony Stark was happy instead.



      Begapunk and Bruce Wayne rolled their eyes directly.

      Sure enough.

      “Ding, group member Tony Stark was silenced by the group leader for 1 minute.”

      Chen Yang said, “Give you 1 minute to reorganize.”

      One minute later.

      “I won’t give in!”

      Tony Stark actually wanted to resist.

      “Ding, group member Tony Stark was silenced by the group leader for 10 minutes.”

      Chen Yang was too lazy to speak this time.

      But he didn’t really mute for 10 minutes.

      After all, this is just a joke.

      About 1 minute later, Tony Stark did not speak, and directly sent a group of red envelopes.

      “Ding, congratulations to the host for getting Picasso’s painting.”

      “Ding, group member Begapunk got a smelly socks.”

      “Ding, group member Bruce Wayne got a sports car.”

      “Haha, nice gift.”

      Chen Yang accepted it with satisfaction.

      Bruce Wayne also thanked him: “Although I have a lot of cars, you don’t have this one yet. Thanks a lot.”

      “Why am I just a stinky sock?”

      Baker Ponga cried out sadly.

      “It’s a matter of appearance.”

      Tony Stark saw what Vegapunk had drawn, and the haze in his heart instantly faded.

      “Big shit.”

      “I don’t even mention how handsome I look, so I dare to say that to me!”

      Begapunk was furious.

      Tony Stark sneered: “The last person who said handsome in front of me, the grass on the head of the grave is already very high.”

      “I said.”

      “What can you do with me?”

      “Not so good, I am happy Yes.” The

      two entered a familiar rhythm again.

      “Let’s make trouble slowly.”

      “I recently discovered that the clown is making abnormal movements again, so I have to go and investigate.”

      Bruce Wayne drove off quickly.

      Chen Yang didn’t want to listen to their quarrel, and quickly returned to reality.


      Chen Yang asked: “If there are people from other planes who use the group red envelopes to spread viruses from another world, or Vipshop with great harm, to other worlds, thereby destroying the harmonious atmosphere of the group, what should they do? What to do?”

      “Ding, the host is aware of group loopholes!”

      “The system is optimized slightly.”

      “Ding, optimization is complete.”

      “From now on, all members of the group can accept items from other worlds, and they can pay a certain amount of rewards. Under the circumstances, the items are identified and tested.”

      “In addition, because the group owner is the discoverer of this vulnerability, the host can get free identification for any items received in the future, and has the authority to communicate across the world.”

      “Yes, a very user-friendly setting.”

      Chen Yang likes this kind of service.

      Especially such services are free.

      “Oh yes, I also got a Picasso painting.”

      Chen Yang has no hobby of collecting such things, but he is not stupid enough to give away such an expensive thing.

      Hang up very simply.

      It is the only decoration here.

      That’s it.



      The sun is shining today.

      For Chen Yang, who also cultivated immortality last night, it was a good opportunity to make up for sleep.


      Wen Susu dragged him up.


      An unexpected entertainment giant wants to cooperate with Madman Technology.

      China Entertainment.

      One of the three giants in the domestic entertainment industry.

      Although they are not well-known now, their market value is the first.

      In recent years, they have been actively de-filming, taking the full entertainment route.

      What is important is not only money, but also a name.

      This can be seen from the company name that they dare to use the big concept of China Entertainment.

      “Mr. Chen, it’s really not as well known as meeting.”

      After seeing Chen Yang, the gang of China Entertainment was amazed.

      And Hui Hui, another bigwig from China Entertainment, couldn’t help but look at Chen Yang, as if to see him through.

      China Entertainment was made by a pair of brothers.

      So there are two big guys.

      One is the army and the other is Hui.

      The eldest brother who has become a big boss by the industry can be a man but not a business.

      So he picked up a lot of people, but did a few bad deals.

      And the younger brother called the big brother Hui in the industry is not good at character, but he is a business geek. He is a great contributor to the scale of China Entertainment.

      So this pair of brothers united without any disadvantage.

      And now that they are in their present position, there are not many people worthy of them to come forward and negotiate together.

      “Sit down, please.”

      Chen Yang sat in separate positions after shaking hands with the boss.

      “I believe Mr. Chen has also received our invitation letter.” The

      gangster asked straightforwardly: “I don’t know what Mr. Chen wants?”

      “I have no problem with the entertainment of artificial intelligence.”

      “But I have some doubts. ”

      Chen Yang snapped his fingers, and the most high-end projection currently shows the avatar of the artificial intelligence girl who has exploded recently.

      The audience took a breath…

      Chapter 035 Virtual Star (3/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f was stimulated by the avatar of the artificial intelligence sister paper to take a breath. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test

      How do you say it?

      One more point is not much, one less point is a lot.

      Just like an elf walking out of the night.

      It is too perfect to describe in words.


      “It’s a sense of sight as a comic character came out.” The

      two entertainment industry leaders saw such an image, and they all admired it.

      Chen Yang smiled triumphantly.

      This image is a virtual character image of Panda Elf referring to the most popular comic character series and finally combining with domestic hobby trends.

      Because of the optimization of artificial intelligence.

      So this image has almost assembled the best characteristics of all human beings.

      She just stood like this, her temperament came out.

      “It’s perfect.”

      Dadaojun sighed, “What’s her name?”


      “We collected opinions from the Internet and finally named it.”

      Li Qin replied instead of Chen Yang.

      The big brother army asked eagerly: “I wonder if Mr. Chen has any doubts about our cooperation?”

      “The doubts naturally

      arise .” Chen Yang said: “This image is designed by us, and the popularity is also supported by us. But you can say something. To cooperate, the copyright of the characters must be taken away, is this over?”

      The cooperation between Madman and China Entertainment is simple.

      Create a Chinese version of Hatsune Miku.


      They have great ambitions, and they want to build the Chinese version of Hatsune Miku into a global brand.

      This is a huge bet.

      That’s why the two big guys came to China Entertainment.

      Gangster Fai replied ︰ “He is, you do not forget, thousands of sound is still just a virtual image.”

      Then big brother-hui, adding remind ︰ “And you burst of red, purely built on occasionally.”

      Speaking In the commercial field, Daohui Hui stepped forward.

      The big brother army retreated to the second line.

      “The fact is the chance again.”

      Chen Yang smiled and asked ︰ “You believe it or not, we have the image of one thousand tones of launch, she will quickly become one of the most popular virtual characters?”


      Gangster Fai point It’s true, replied: “But your virtual characters can only exist on the Internet. It is difficult to achieve full entertainment at our level.”

      “Mr. Chen, we can all see that Qianyin has the potential to become popular, but you We also have to consider our feelings.”

      Big Brother Jun said: “Once we invest, animation, animated big movies, professional two-dimensional concerts, etc. will be fully expanded. This way, investment and channel promotion efforts can completely attract traffic. It’s a star. It’s totally reasonable for us to pay so much to take the copyright.”

      “So this is where the contradiction lies.”

      Chen Yang nodded.

      Chen Yang couldn’t bear to give up the copyright of Qianyin on his hand.

      Even giving up half of it will not work.

      Because Qianyin will become the image spokesperson of Madman Technology in Chen Yang’s plan.

      “Fortunately, we prepared the second plan.” The

      big brother Jun looked at Qian Yin regretfully and handed over the second plan.

      Chen Yang took it and gave it to Li Qin and Wen Susu after a brief look.

      Dadaojun said: “The second plan is much simpler. You create a brand new virtual character for us and provide us with a sufficiently high-level artificial intelligence service. As for the promotion of packaging, we are responsible for it; of course , The copyright is also ours.”


      “This is the purest business.”

      Chen Yang was too lazy to care too much, saying: “You leave us the virtual character settings, not only the character image, voice, but also Personality characteristics. You can even give us some hidden attributes, and we will give you a satisfactory explanation at that time. ”

      Virtual services are also important channels for artificial intelligence.

      But this channel is also the latest international trend.

      For the domestic daring to go this way, there is only China Entertainment.

      “Then it’s settled.” The

      Gangster Army stood up.

      Both parties sign the contract and shake hands.

      Dao Hui said suddenly: “Mr. Chen, I look forward to your Qianyin becoming entertaining. Only healthy competition can make the domestic virtual entertainment market bigger and stronger.”

      “I also want to.”

      “But our company even entertains. The department has not been established, let alone entertaining.”

      Chen Yang shrugged.

      “That’s the same.”

      The big boss Hui who was eager to try and left disappointed.

      “It’s another big order.”

      Wen Susu was very excited, but when he saw Li Qin just drinking water with a dull face, he couldn’t help but question: ” Senior Qin, why are you upset?”

      “I’m not upset. Just thinking about things.”

      After Li Qin finished speaking, he put down the water and looked at Chen Yang, who was about to leave, and asked: “Ayang, our Qianyin has such great potential. It would be a waste not to enter the entertainment industry.”

      Chen Yang asked, “We Can you be distracted now? The most important thing is that the water in the entertainment industry is too muddy. Once we get caught in it, we will never end.”

      From beginning to end, Chen Yang’s strategic focus was on technology.


      No need.

      It won’t earn prestige.

      Li Qin suddenly asked: “If we don’t need to be distracted, can someone help us do our best?”

      “Then let her be in charge of the entertainment department.”

      Such things as cakes are a necessary talent for every leader. .

      Chen Yang has never painted a pie, but it does not prevent him from automatically generating this skill.

      “Then it’s settled.”

      Li Qin actually took it seriously.

      But looking at her expression, it seems that she has a goal and is confident.

      “Then yours.”

      Chen Yang Xiaoxiao encouraged.

      Leave quickly.

      Because he found himself in a dead end.




      Chen Yang was restricted due to power problems.

      Even if it is a small lot, the Tiger Hunting series, the power system adopted is not very ideal.

      Maybe they are on the earth and the power system is already very high-end.

      However, compared with the Ark reactor in the Marvel world, the black technology of One Piece World is really weak by more than one level.

      Therefore, Chen Yang has been pursuing nuclear materials.

      Looking forward to building its own Ark reactor.


      He was inspired by the action of drinking water in Li Qin today:

      Does he really need such a high-end Ark reactor?

      Does the ordinary power system work?

      Chapter 036 Mechanical Dolphin (4/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f “What I need most now is a submersible that can automatically search for sunken submarines in the sea. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test”

      “This kind of thing does not need a sophisticated power system.”

      “Even In terms of individuals, I only need to be a little bigger than tiger hunting to meet the requirements.”

      At this point in the analysis, Chen Yang raised his hand, and the mechanical arm next to him moved immediately.

      Xiao Duoduo obediently dragged in the materials that Chen Yang needed.


      As long as Chen Yang stretches out his hand, either a robotic arm or Xiao Duoduo will deliver what Chen Yang needs to him.


      Greatly improved his work efficiency.

      Until late at night.

      The skylight on the top floor suddenly opened.

      A blue light flew up to the sky, and finally rushed into the sea at a very fast speed.

      If someone catches this scene, they will definitely see their jaw drop:

      because this is a mechanical dolphin.

      Flying mechanical dolphin.

      Chen Yang looked at the interface sent back by the mechanical dolphin from the top floor, showing a tired smile.

      The power system of this mechanical dolphin is hydrogen power that the earth also has.

      Water itself can be used as the most primitive coolant.

      It can also decompose oxygen and hydrogen.

      Oxygen acts as an oxidant, and hydrogen acts as a power source.

      The most indispensable thing in the sea is water.

      So when the mechanical dolphins enter the sea, it is like a dragon returns to the sea.

      “All the data are good.”

      “In that case…”

      Chen Yang ordered: “Go ahead, kill it at the fastest speed!” The

      mechanical dolphin’s power furnace was fully activated and slew towards the nearest sunken submarine.

      If the salvage is successful.

      The next step is the nuclear-powered submarine that Russia Luos has sunk and has not been able to salvage until now.



      When Chen Yang successfully launched the mechanical dolphin.

      the other side.

      Thousand degrees headquarters.

      “What?” The

      chief engineer put down the report in his hand and looked at Mr. He in surprise.

      Mr. He stood with a serious face.

      The chief engineer asked: “Are you sure you are not laughing?” Mr.

      He asked, “Do you think I would laugh at something like this?”

      “How did they do it?” The

      chief engineer murmured, “In industry, it has always been I have opinions about our Internet, and we are more vigilant about our artificial intelligence. We haven’t had any contact before, but we have all closed our doors.”

      He didn’t say anything .

      The rise of artificial intelligence is bound to reduce the industrial labor market.

      In China.

      Interpersonal relationships can never be ignored.

      Therefore, artificial intelligence and the labor market have a natural conflict.

      Qiandu has not yet been recognized by the market.

      Naturally, the conservative state-owned industry cannot take risks.

      “It seems that I have to meet Chen Yang in person for a while.” The

      chief engineer is not joking.

      He flew south by plane the next day.

      In the afternoon, I had a single-on-one with Chen Yang.

      “Mr. Chen.” The

      chief engineer asked: “I don’t know if you mean to cooperate?”


      Chen Yang refused without thinking.

      “We have a strong marketing ability, as well as strong capital and technology.”

      “Your Madman Technology has a special network in the industrial field.” The

      chief engineer asked: “If our two cooperate, domestic artificial intelligence , We must be respected.”

      “Don’t talk too much.”

      “Whose technology is better.”

      Chen Yang sneered: “Even if we cooperate with you, how many shares can we get?”

      Chief The engineer replied: “I am a technician. I don’t understand this aspect, but I can let a professional to discuss it.”


      “I know your virtues too well.”

      Chen Yang sneered: “If you cooperate, the matter will come. In the end, our things become yours. And my shares will be constantly diluted under the suppression of your capital, and eventually they will not even have the right to speak.”

      “That…” The

      chief engineer still wanted to quibble.

      “Don’t talk nonsense.”

      Chen Yang said: “Don’t use any credibility to guarantee, you Qiandu doesn’t have such a luxury at all.” The

      chief engineer was angry.

      He invited so kindly, Chen Yang actually slapped his face like this.

      Ever since.

      The chief engineer with limited irritation and anger said: “Mr. Chen, although you have opened up channels in the industrial field, it does not mean smooth sailing. Sometimes, the market needs competition, rather than relying on pure relationships to consolidate.”

      Obviously. .

      The chief engineer regards the channel opened by Chen Yang as a related account.


      Chen Yang glanced at the chief engineer and said, “If you want to compete, then come, I hope you don’t keep your doors behind.” At the

      end, Chen Yang said casually, “But I have to remind you. For a moment, sometimes, I feel too good about myself, which will bring unexpected effects.”

      “What do you mean?” The

      chief engineer said he didn’t understand.

      But Chen Yang didn’t want to explain, so he left.

      “It’s rude.”

      “I’ll make you regret it.” The

      chief engineer cursed inwardly and left quickly with a black face.

      The surface of the contradiction.

      Naturally, it is a comprehensive sniper of thousand degrees.

      It was almost the next day.

      Thousand degrees’s public relations team dispersed.

      With which group Chen Yang signed with, they tackled this group.

      Moreover, the conditions offered are more favorable and the promises given are more beautiful.


      They are destined to collapse.

      For example, the chief engineer finally found Tong Yihu through many relationships.


      He couldn’t even enter Tong Yihu’s door.

      However, with many efforts.

      They still sniffed out many valuable news.

      For example, what does Chen Yang rely on for the recognition of the industrial system.

      For example, Chen Yang’s artificial intelligence services are so excellent.

      But when they plan to make a response strategy.

      A thunderbolt hit their heads.

      Qiandu was stunned.

      Chapter 037 Thousands of Artificial Intelligence (5/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f certain city. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test

      Old wolf sitting in the car chatting.

      Because he is broadcasting.

      I even accepted the invitation of Qiandu to do product promotion tests.

      At this moment, he was holding a mobile phone in both hands, and he was having fun with the friends while broadcasting.

      The steering wheel of the car is turning automatically.

      It walks on its own.

      It can not only turn, but also recognize road signs to stop and switch lanes.

      Although it was a bit jerky to do, it was half a beat slower than the old driver, but it completely freed both hands.

      “Look, everyone.”

      Old Wolf said, “I typed in with both hands to prove my innocence.”

      “Old Wolf, that’s not the point.”

      “The point is that you actually accepted the invitation of Thousand Degrees and became a white mouse yourself!”

      “Yeah, could it be you? Are you afraid that Thousand Degrees will pit you?”

      It is daytime, and there are not many water friends in the live broadcast room.

      But after the popularity of the old wolf has risen, it is no less than when it was at its peak.

      “I was a little scared at first.”

      Old Wolf said easily: “But after sitting down, that’s the same thing.”

      He felt that this might be the easiest and most laborious test he had ever played.

      “I always feel that something bad is going to happen.”

      “I also think that the old wolf is so rich, there is no need…” Before the

      second water friend finished speaking, an urgent brake sounded from the side.


      Old Wolf’s car was hit hard in his ass.

      The old wolf’s head hit the edge of the car window.

      Immediately blood flowed like a note.

      “I’m Cao, old wolf, are you okay?”

      “Old wolf, don’t scare us!”

      When suddenly seeing such a scene in the live broadcast, everyone will be panicked and worried.

      “It hurts.” The

      old wolf was not unconscious and touched his forehead.

      Broken head.

      His hands are full of blood.

      “M’s, I haven’t broken the picture, right?” The

      old wolf called out as soon as he was sober.

      “If you can yell this sentence, it’s okay.”

      “Old wolf, you insist, I have already called the police for you.” The

      water friends were relieved.


      Something unexpected happened to them.

      “A car accident was detected, and the car body was roughly intact.”

      “Does the owner need emergency treatment?”

      Artificial intelligence began to play a more unusual point.


      “Send me directly to the nearest hospital.” The

      old wolf’s eyes moved, knowing that this is the most convenient way to test Thousand Degrees of Artificial Intelligence.

      Although it was also a performance of artificial intelligence just now, it was basically a scripture. Even remote control can achieve the same effect, which is of little significance.

      Only emergencies can detect the resilience of artificial intelligence.

      As for now.

      The performance of Thousand Degrees of Artificial Intelligence is still qualified.

      The response is a little slower.

      “Develop navigation.”

      “Auto-driving restarts.”

      Thousand-degree artificial intelligence once again manipulated the car and drove to the nearest hospital.

      The old wolf pressed the wound and asked: “Artificial Intelligence, we just drove away like this. If the perpetrator does not admit the account, then I am not at a loss.”


      “We have a record of the whole process, and we will assist the owner of the claim. “The

      artificial intelligence organized it for ten seconds before giving the answer.

      “Okay.” The

      sober old wolf asked, “If I was in a coma, what would you do?”

      “The artificial intelligence will determine the owner’s situation at a specified time.”

      “Once it is endangered, we will automatically send the owner to the car. The most suitable hospital provides treatment to ensure that the most precious treatment time is not wasted.”

      This time it took more than 20 seconds for the artificial intelligence to respond, which was obviously a bit slow.

      The old wolf stopped talking.

      The impact just now made him a little dizzy.

      After speaking, I felt more serious.

      He just looked at the road in a daze.

      Let the autonomous driving send yourself over.


      Although he was confused, he was not so confused that he could not recognize the architecture.


      “Hospital! We just passed by a hospital!” The

      old wolf called out urgently.

      “That hospital is not the destination.” The

      old wolf was dumbfounded.

      In a car accident, don’t you have to go to the nearest hospital?

      Why is there still time to be picky?

      “Oops, the old wolf was trapped!”

      “Call the police!” All the

      water friends became anxious.

      They obviously saw that Old Wolf’s face was much paler than when he went.

      “Destination is about to arrive.”

      “We have informed the hospital, in front of doctors and nurses have come out collusion, ready to please owners.”

      Thousands of degrees of artificial intelligence even has the blessing Road ︰ “I wish the owners well soon!”

      Had listened The comfortable old wolf looked over:

      Putian Department Hospital!

      The old wolf was speechless.

      The live broadcast room where the number of people soared to more than 50,000 was even more silent.



      “You idiot!”

      “Before learned enough, you actually have to play this behind our backs!”

      “You damn these guys, how many actually receive a red envelope ah?”

      Chief engineer listening to the report, stay down .

      But after the sluggishness, the thunder was furious.

      Mr. He sneered on the side.

      He already knew the virtues of these people.

      Also reminded, but unfortunately the worst thing happened.

      The chief engineer looked at Mr. He and asked: “Old He, you have experience in this area, do you think there is any way to solve it now?”

      “It’s very simple.” Mr.

      He said bluntly: “Block all news and appease that Old wolf, try to make big things into small and small things.”

      “It can only be so.”

      The chief engineer looked at the others and said coldly: “When I give you four small things, if half of the news appears on the Internet, then you should resign collectively.”

      These people still want to argue.

      But the chief engineer said: “Of course, you can also not resign, but I will let the police come to you.” Mr.

      He sneered: “For those things you do, five years is at least.”

      Everyone instantly It broke up in a rush.

      4 hours.

      This is their last chance.

      No time can be wasted.

      “There are not too many people who want to know.” The

      chief engineer pleaded.

      “I hope too.” Mr.

      He felt uneasy in his heart.

      But he didn’t dare to speak out, for fear of being touched by the chief engineer.


      The less he dared to speak, the more serious the consequences.

      Chapter 038 Completely Overturned (1/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f “Go away!”

      “I don’t care about your stinky money!?” The

      old wolf directly threw the fruit basket of the thousand degrees employee over, smashing the shop and smashing the opponent. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test

      “M, when something like this happened, still want to PR for me?” The

      old wolf became more and more angry.

      He took out his phone and clicked on the video he uploaded.

      It turned out that his video was “illegal” and could not be viewed.

      “You are ruthless!”

      Old Wolf clicked on his live broadcast room and found that the live broadcast room was also sealed.

      I wanted to spit out a mouthful of old blood immediately.

      “Okay, you guys have done a great job!”

      “Then don’t blame Laozi for turning his face completely!”

      The old wolf who was cheated and had a lot of blood was stuck in his heart and couldn’t release it.

      WeChat has information.

      It is a group of water friends formed before the old wolf.

      Someone summoned the old wolf.

      “Old wolf, old wolf, hurry up, click on the madman to speed up, they are doing justice for you.”

      A large group of people are calling for the old wolf.

      The old wolf immediately clicked on Madman Shark Speed, and found that the latest announcement of Madman Shark Speed ​​turned out to be all what happened today.

      There are even deleted videos.

      And live studio shots.

      The madman speeded up, exposing all the dark scenes bitterly.

      “Thousand degrees, aren’t you cheating me?”

      “I want you to regret this time!”

      The old wolf called the customer service of Madman Technology.


      The familiar cute sound appeared.

      It is a thousand sounds.

      His favorite virtual character.


      Everything is easy to talk about.



      Thousand degrees of public relations.

      However, the madman 雲 speeds up without buying it at all and fully exposes it.

      The platform that will block the Laolang live broadcast room and the website that harmonizes with the live video recorded by Laolang were also ruthlessly exposed.

      Coupled with the reality of the victim, the old wolf.

      Public opinion exploded in an instant.

      All major chat platforms and software are talking about this.

      And the madman speeding up in this wave of charge, their image of not being afraid of Qiandu was completely erected.

      The image was very positive for a while.


      Qianyin, a virtual character who went online quietly, was also recognized by the entire Internet community following this time of public opinion.

      And her image, her voice, and her knowledge.

      It can be described as “perfect”.

      As a result, countless men and women were conquered.

      It is said.

      One of the more fashionable academicians was completely impressed by Qianyin’s knowledge in the chat with Qianyin.

      He even got a little inspiration and developed a patent.

      In short.

      Qianyin is no longer confined to a certain field or a certain age group this time, but is completely fired.

      This is unexpected to everyone.

      to this end.

      Li Qin and Wen Susu forced Chen Yang to hold a temporary meeting.

      “Form an entertainment department?”

      Chen Yang nodded, “Yes, but you have such energy? Do you have enough experience?”

      Li Qin and Wen Susu were filled with enthusiasm, and they were poured cold water.

      Sober instantly.

      Unwilling Li Qin said: “But any celebrity needs to maintain sufficient exposure, otherwise it will gradually

      annihilate everyone under the wave of newcomers.” Wen Susu lamented: “Qianyin is so hot. It’s too wasteful if you don’t use it.”

      “Yes, it’s the way the entertainment industry is now.”

      Chen Yang actually agreed: “Otherwise, there won’t be so many stars. Even if it creates a scandal, it needs enough exposure.”


      Li Qin and Wen Susu looked at Chen Yang in surprise.

      I don’t know if he supports or opposes it.

      “Your statement is for orthodox entertainment stars.”

      “Even for most virtual stars.”

      Chen Yang changed his words: “But for

      Qianyin , you are ridiculously wrong.” Li Qin and Wen Susu said Don’t understand.

      “I’ll ask you some questions.”

      Chen Yang asked patiently: “Which star in this world can chat with all fans 24 hours?”

      Li Qin and Wen Susu shook their heads.

      Chen Yang continued: “Which star in this world can understand astronomy and geography, knowing everything, omnipotent?”

      Li Qin and Wen Susu continued to shake their heads.

      Chen Yang asked again: “Which star in this world will accompany you when you are lonely?

      Uncle you when you cry?” Li Qin said, “Such a star is your best friend.”


      “Qianyin’s existence has surpassed the definition of a star.”

      “It can be promoted to the closest buddy, or best friend.”

      Chen Yang finally asked, “Do you think Qianyin still needs exposure?”

      “She The existence of is the degree of exposure.”

      Wen Susu finally said the key to everything.

      “So we do not need to deliberate what to do.”

      “Just go with the flow.”

      Chen Yang confidently said ︰ ‘I’m sure there will be a unique entertainment star. ” ”

      We understand. ”

      Well-behaved Wen Susu left wisely.

      “But we still need someone who is familiar with the rules of the entertainment industry to sit down.”

      Li Qin sighed, and finally went downstairs unwillingly.


      Chen Yang sighed and turned his head, ready to make persistent efforts to design the third-generation mechanical dog.

      “Is anyone here?”

      “I need help!”

      Bruce Wayne suddenly asked for help.

      “What’s the matter?”

      Chen Yang, who happened to see him, came out of the water urgently.

      But neither Tony Stark nor Begapunk came.

      Bruce Wayne said, “I was designed by the clown and shot in the thigh. I am in a bad situation and need a little support.”

      Chen Yang asked, “The strength of the opponent?”

      Bruce Wayne replied, “The clown doesn’t know how to use it. What method was used to lure the Apostle of the Bloody Tyrant. The individual strength of the apostle is very weak. I can fight dozens of them. But they have too many weapons and weapons, and I can’t hold it for long.”

      “Wait for me!”

      Chen Yang turned Head, shouted: “Hunting Tiger!”

      Hunting Tiger 1 leaped forward.

      Liehu No. 2 and Liehu No. 3 slowly unfolded from a very common pure metal suitcase into the shape of a mechanical dog.

      “Get the red envelope!”

      Chen Yang sent the three hunting tigers in the form of red envelopes.

      The red packet was received by Lightning.

      “Come out!”

      Bruce Wayne in Batman state opened the red envelope.

      Three hunting tigers broke out immediately.


      “Can I actually see the vision of three hunting tigers?”

      Chapter 039 Overclocking (2/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f “Can I actually see the vision of three hunting tigers?”

      Chen Yang had planned to sit in the group and wait patiently for the results. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test


      The vision of the tiger hunting can actually be teleported back.

      Chen Yang asked, “Elf, what is going on?” The

      panda elf replied, “I don’t know, this information cannot be resolved, and the energy level completely surpasses all understanding at this stage.”

      “I understand.”

      “Because I found a loophole, I not only have the towel fee identification, but also have the authority to communicate across the world.”

      “This communication authority must be able to enable my signal or something to complete the cross-world transmission.”

      Chen Yang recalled getting the system before. Reward, suddenly realized.

      “That’s much more convenient for me!”

      Chen Yang didn’t talk nonsense, and immediately took over the interruption of artificial intelligence.

      But he did not personally control the three tiger hunting.

      Just issue instructions across the world.


      “I need the enemy’s force division.”

      Chen Yang ordered.

      The sharp claws of the three hunting tigers pierced the wall and quickly climbed up tall buildings like spiders.

      Not long.

      The surrounding troop arrangement appeared in front of Chen Yang.

      “Leave one Sky Eye, and the others will take Batman to break through from the northeast!”

      “Bruce, northeast, keep up!”

      Hunting Tigers 2 and 3 quickly shuttled between the buildings.

      Bruce Wayne did not talk nonsense and followed decisively.

      “Who?” The

      two masked apostles saw a group of dark shadows fast enough, and fell down before they could take aim.

      The body of Hunting Tiger 3 appeared behind them.

      “The silent system is well designed, and it’s a top-notch ability for assassination.”

      “Next test the second system.”

      Chen Yang was very satisfied.

      He actually regarded the siege of Batman as a practical test.


      A building on the side of the street blocked by a dozen apostles suddenly collapsed.

      The apostles never thought of such an attack.

      All were smashed into flesh.

      “Yes, the effect of the pressure gun is very sturdy.”

      “It just consumes too much energy.”

      Chen Yang couldn’t help but feel distressed when he saw that the energy of the Hunting Tiger 2 that fired the pressure gun was removed.

      “Hurry up.”

      “Your movements are too big, they are surrounded.”

      Bruce Wayne passed by Liehu 2 and 3 quickly.

      “You go first, I will continue to play.”

      Chen Yang just became interested, how willing to leave.

      “Group owner?”

      Bruce Wayne paused.

      Only then did he hear clearly that it was Chen Yang’s voice.

      “Isn’t there any kind of information that can’t be connected across the world except chat groups?”

      Bruce Wayne was both horrified and curious.

      “Well, just simulating other people’s stuff.”

      “Now show you the killer I designed by myself!” As

      soon as Chen Yang’s voice fell, the colors on Liehu No. 2 and No. 3 suddenly became shiny, and the body began to emit a strange red light.


      Hunting Tiger No. 2 and No. 3 turned into a red light at the same time, rushing towards the apostles who were chasing them.


      “What kind of monster is this!”

      “Run! This is not a human at

      all !” All the apostles who were swept by the red light were like tofu, neatly cut apart.

      These are guys who work for money.

      Watching each companion being cut open.

      The will collapsed instantly.

      But they obviously think too much.

      At the current speed of Tiger Hunting 2 and 3, unless they can fly, they will die.

      Besides, Chen Yang has played to this point, how could he let them go.

      It doesn’t take 10 minutes before and after.

      The battle is over.


      Hunting Tiger 2 and 3 stopped smoking all over.

      There is a tendency to fall apart at any time.

      “What technique is this?”

      Bruce Wayne was surprised.

      Even if he possesses the pinnacle of human fighting skills, facing such a machine, it is extremely troublesome.


      Chen Yang explained: “Ten times the energy consumption in exchange for double the overload operation.”

      At this time.

      The light in the eyes of Liehu 2 and 3 gradually dimmed.


      The body fell soft and gave off a burning stench.

      “You can see the final price.”

      Chen Yang finally added.

      But at this time, he was only happy, not at all happy.

      “My pot.”

      Bruce Wayne promised: “I will be responsible for repairing them.”

      “Ding, group member Bruce Wayne has 80 points of favorability towards the host. You can randomly copy a talent of Bruce Wayne. Ability.”

      “Random copying begins…”

      “Ding, congratulations on acquiring Bruce Wayne’s fighting ability.”


      Chen Yang laughed.

      Perhaps Bruce Wayne’s single-body combat effectiveness is not very good.

      But his fighting skills have reached the extreme of humanity.

      in other words.

      If Bruce Wayne had the same physical fitness as Spiderman.

      Ten Spider-Man is not Bruce Wayne’s opponent either.

      It feels coming.

      Chen Yang’s mind not only flooded with many fighting skills.

      Even martial arts experience.

      Even his body is being fine-tuned accordingly.

      It lasted a long time.

      He finally got over.

      Chen Yang looked at the empty surroundings and said with a smile: “It seems that I have to buy a set of fitness equipment in the future.”

      And when Chen Yang wakes up, Hunting Tiger No. 1 has not returned.

      Take a look back to the group.

      Bruce Wayne sent him an exclusive red envelope.

      And leave a sentence:

      I will repay you.

      “What’s the matter?”

      This is Tony Stark finally coming out: “Take us no longer, you secretly send red envelopes?”

      Begapunk heard the red envelopes, and decisively said: “They are all exclusive red envelopes, and there must be some py deal.”

      “Ding, group member Begapunk was banned by the group leader for 1 minute.”

      Tony Stark: “…”

      Then he said: “But suddenly there is a feeling of joy to see and hear.”

      “Bruce Wayne was ambushed, and I just supported him.”

      Chen Yang explained, “If you have the same experience, you can ask the group for help. This is another secret benefit of group members, and everyone should cherish it.

      ” It turns out that there are such benefits, and in the future…”

      Chapter 040 Micro nuclear power furnace (3/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f “It turns out that there is such a benefit. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test”

      Tony Stark exclaimed: “The security will be more guaranteed in the future.”

      Humph .” Bega Punk Gang If you can talk, you can be naughty: “Know the importance of group members, hurry up and soothe my injured heart.”


      “You have a sense of existence?”

      Tony Stark habitually stunned.

      “You take your time.”

      Chen Yang, who has gained a lot of combat experience, is eager to upgrade his tiger hunting.

      Where do you have time to accompany them mushrooms.

      Chen Yang is very idle today.

      He actually has time to play ball throwing games with Xiao Duoduo.

      In this game, Chen Yang throws the ball to Xiao Duoduo, and Xiao Duoduo returns the top of the ball to Chen Yang.

      that’s it.

      They come and go.

      Have a great time.

      But actually.

      Chen Yang was thinking.

      “Relying on the advantage of the prophet, I can take advantage of a lot.”

      “But cheapness is always cheap, not a real benefit.”

      Chen Yang thought of this, grabbed the ball back, and muttered: “The advantage of the prophet is always there. One day will run out. If I didn’t have a masterpiece at that time, then my influence in the group would not be as easy as it is now. ”

      Born in sorrow, and died in peace.”

      Chen Yang’s current good days have not been long before, and his mind began to think about the future.

      But no way.

      Tony Stark has the steel armor series, Begapunk has pacifists and artificial devil fruits, even Batman has bat suits.

      These people have skills that can be obtained.

      But what about Chen Yang?


      Xiao Duoduo saw that Chen Yang didn’t play games with him, and immediately ran over, rubbing Chen Yang’s trousers.

      So humane, no wonder Li Qin and the others like it so much.

      “Rely on them?”

      Chen Yang couldn’t help laughing wryly when he looked at Xiao Duoduo and hunting tigers.

      Tiger hunting series, combat effectiveness is nothing on earth.

      There are many superheroes like dogs, and the worlds of Marvel and DC where super villains walk all over the floor will be quickly smashed into scum.

      As for Xiaoduoduo, after many improvements, it is no longer what it used to be.

      Even if the Tiger Hunting series has overclocking this trick will kill.

      But still slightly insufficient.

      “It seems that the third generation of mechanical dogs can’t be delayed.”

      Chen Yang rubbed his brows and sighed: “The power system is still the most serious problem. This is solved. Everything else…”

      “Ding, Bruce Wayne sent one to the host Exclusive red envelope.”

      Chen Yang clicked.

      It was actually Hunting Tiger 2.

      The most important thing is that the power system of Liehu 2 has changed.

      It turned out to be a nuclear technology that Chen Yang could not understand.

      Chen Yang immediately contacted Bruce Wayne: “???”

      Bruce Wayne replied: “In a hurry, I had to fix one in a hurry.”

      Chen Yang said, “I point to the power system.”

      Bruce Wayne replied: “The power system was inspired by the mysterious alien technology. Using the production principle of the mother box, I changed the structure of the nuclear reactor and finally developed the safest and most stable miniature nuclear power system. ”

      Bruce Wayne added in the end: “Oh yes, my new generation of Bat Fighters, Bat Fighters, and Nightcrawlers use this power system. The mechanical dog that helped you repair, the power system inside, is still I disassembled it from other finished products.”

      “I really want to exchange this technology with you!”

      “But limited by materials.”

      Chen Yang saw the future of this technology.

      But when I hear nuclear materials, I get a headache.

      “It’s simple.”

      “Although it is luxurious, I can still afford it.”

      Bruce Wayne once again sent an exclusive red envelope over.

      “Ding, congratulations to the host for acquiring the miniature nuclear reactor*3 in the dc world.”

      Three miniature nuclear reactors.

      One big and two small.

      Just like this appeared in front of Chen Yang.


      “With these three, my research can continue.”

      Chen Yang was so happy that he could hardly restrain himself .

      It is not only the third generation of mechanical dogs.

      An idea that only exists and is planned can also be put into action.


      Chen Yang shouted.

      The panda elves that were gradually marginalized came out.

      The image of the cute panda was gradually replaced by Qianyin’s perfect image.

      Chen Yang asked: “Elf, the substantive plan is officially launched. Are you ready?”


      The panda image of the elf gradually disappeared, and Qianyin was replaced by Qianyin.

      “Brother, goodbye.”

      Qianyin even called the panda elf his brother.

      “Start typing!” As

      soon as Chen Yang’s voice fell, the panda image finally collapsed and turned into the most primitive endless data.

      Next is crazy work.

      Day and night.

      This is not only Chen Yang’s attempt.

      It is also the best opportunity for Chen Yang to prove his abilities.



      “Ayang, the people from Thousand Degrees have come to lobby again!”


      Top floor.

      Chen Yang worked hard and dealt with Li Qin perfunctorily.

      Li Qin didn’t take it seriously, saying: “With our revelations, Qiandu’s stock price began to collapse. It was difficult to break through the 600 billion market value before, and now it has fallen back to its original point. Following this trend, I’m afraid it will soon be concluded. The scale of a 500 billion consortium.”

      “That’s because they take the blame.”

      Chen Yang didn’t bother to talk nonsense.

      Everything about Thousand Degrees is completely overwhelming.

      Can’t blame anyone.

      Li Qin said, “But I’m afraid they will

      jump over the wall in a hurry.” “Jump!”

      “Try to jump!”

      Chen Yangyin smiled: “I want someone to pick my bottom line, and then I want to show off my teeth.”

      “Show off?”

      Li Qin didn’t understand.

      But she doesn’t need to understand.

      “Forget it.”

      “Even you boss, so what can I say.”

      Li Qin could only leave.

      “In the future, remember to keep the mechanical dog by your side.”

      Chen Yang reminded him in passing.


      Even without Chen Yang, Li Qin kept doing this.

      after all.

      That mechanical dog really looks like her big yellow dog.

      Even if it is brought to the company, it is also loved by the company’s sister paper.

      Li Qin left.

      Chen Yang continued his previous work.

      Now has reached the most critical moment.

      He installed a miniature nuclear power furnace from the DC world into a panda-shaped mechanical body.

      “Thousands of sounds, accounting for data.”

      Chapter 041 Enter the battery industry (4/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f “Thousands of sounds, accounting data. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test”

      Chen Yang shouted, and the blue light was irradiated on the machine.

      “The dumplings are not flawed.”

      “The fit is perfect.”

      With constant testing and virtual calculations, Chen Yang got the desired result.

      “Very good,

      let’s start!” The WeChat nuclear power furnace glowed bright blue light.

      Energy is injected into the panda mechanical body.

      The panda sat up slowly.


      His eyes lit up.

      “**, I am resurrected.”

      This is the voice of the elf.

      Qianyin congratulated him: “Brother, congratulations on getting the entity.”

      “Thank you!” The

      elf stood up, constantly moving his limbs and neck.

      The so-called substantive plan.

      It is to cast an entity for the wizard.

      Originally Qianyin was just a sub-system of the wizard.

      But with the rise of Qianyin and Chen Yang’s plan, the elves began to assign authority to Qianyin.

      So they eventually have a sibling relationship.

      And now.

      The elves are always fixed on the panda mechanical body.

      And Qianyin became the only artificial intelligence of Madman Technology.

      Chen Yang asked: “Let’s test the actual data.” The

      elf asked, “**, with the current environment of the earth, there are few that can make me try my best.”

      “Then go to other worlds.”

      Chen Yang thought for a moment.

      Lock someone immediately.

      He contacted Bruce Wayne and sent the elf in the form of a special red envelope.

      “Mechanical panda?”

      Bruce Wayne looked at the elf curiously, and asked, “Is this the owner’s mechanical pet?”


      “Strictly speaking, I am a combat type.” The

      elf was human, like a pandaman. .

      In Bruce Wayne’s surprise, the wizard’s hand pierced into Bruce Wayne’s supercomputer, and endless data began to flood into the wizard’s body.

      Bruce Wayne asked: “Group leader, it is such a small body that can store a huge data stream?”


      “It incorporates the technology of the three worlds, don’t underestimate it.”

      Chen Yang is very proud.

      Don’t look at the elf’s body is a cute panda shape.

      But its combat mode comes from the pacifists of One Piece, the power system is a masterpiece of the DC world, and the artificial intelligence comes from the Marvel world.

      It can be described as a collection of three worlds.

      The key is.

      Chen Yang made a small improvement to avoid running out of nuclear power.

      If the elf can find enough nuclear materials, then he is an eternal power in a certain sense.

      Will not fall asleep because of lack of power.

      The key is.

      Artificial intelligence has self-optimizing settings.

      As long as the conditions are sufficient, the elf can continue to evolve.


      Bruce Wayne said expectantly: “I look forward to its performance.”

      “I came here to test his data.”

      Chen Yang asked: “By the way, the tyrant who ambushed you before, take his Tell me the information.”

      “Blood tyrant, others like to call him destroy the savages.”

      “Because he was a caveman 50,000 years ago, affected by meteorite radiation, has the ability to live forever.”

      Bruce Wayne introduced: ” His identity in history is the three tyrants of Alexander the Great, Emperor Caesar, and Genghis Khan successively. He has killed countless people, so I prefer to call him a bloody tyrant.”

      “Lived for 50,000 years!”

      Chen Yang was surprised: “Such a person should Very nb right.”


      “Although he is immortal, he is not invulnerable, especially in the years when superpowers are everywhere, he is on the verge of death more and more, so he has been very low-key recently. The clown calculates, I don’t know his existence yet.”

      Bruce Wayne said here, a little grateful.

      “Just him.”

      Chen Yang was too lazy to talk nonsense.

      But just when he was about to let the elf go.


      The entrance to the base exploded.

      “Batman, you are dead!”

      A group of warriors broke in.

      “Assassin League!?”

      “Aren’t you killed by me?”

      Bruce Wayne grabbed the weapon for the first time.

      But Chen Yang smiled.

      The elves followed with a dazzling blue light.


      The fighting power is even more terrifying than the third-generation mechanical dog.

      The shadow warriors of the Assassin Alliance are purely here to die.




      “You have to enter the battery industry?”

      Li Qin and Wen Susu heard the news, immediately out of control.


      “My boss!”

      Li Qin said excitedly: “The physical industry is not a joke! This battery industry, without a few months of investment, within a few years, it is impossible to pay back.”

      “I’m sorry.”

      “I’m not discussing with you, but telling you the answer.”

      Chen Yang said casually: “Yesterday I used 1.5 billion yuan to buy the next battery factory that went bankrupt due to environmental issues. Now you guys. What needs to be done is to take over this factory for me.”

      Li Qin shut up.

      He looked at Chen Yang blankly.

      Wen Susu asked: “Brother, have you mastered the relevant high-end technology?”


      Chen Yang threw a certificate to the two beauties.

      “Graphene super battery technology!”

      “Zero-pollution battery industrial design blueprint!”

      A series of patents, complete and zero-pollution production disgust, made Li Qin stunned.


      “It’s going against the

      sky !” Li Qin couldn’t say anything, but Wen Susu took it.

      Graphene super battery technology!

      This is a technology that only exists in the laboratory.

      It is estimated that it will be commercialized in four or five years.


      Chen Yang has come up with a complete commercial design now. Doesn’t this mean that Chen Yang has mastered battery technology that has surpassed the current five years?

      Such a business.

      It’s weird if you can’t do it.


      Chen Yang looked at Li Qin and Wen Susu.

      “I’m going to hire people now.”

      Wen Susu got up, ready to poach a corner.

      “No, I plan to adopt fully automated management.”

      “Artificial intelligence control.”

      “The whole process basically does not require manual labor.”

      Chen Yang denied Wen Susu’s actions.


      Wen Susu sat down.

      Li Qin asked: “Where did you go to get a complete unmanned production line, let alone smash it on the top floor?”

      Chapter 042 Graphene supercapacity technology (5/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f “How much material resources does this require?”

      Li Qin asked, “Also, where did you go to get a complete set of unmanned production lines, let alone smash it out on the top floor?”

      “This is not yours. What you need to know. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test”

      Chen Yang naturally would not say that he got it from the DC world.

      The battery technology of the dc world surpasses the two levels of the earth.

      This so-called graphene supercapacitance technology is only the second level in the dc world.

      Its status is equal to the current lithium battery on the earth.

      The elves invaded the dc world’s network and got it easily.

      After Chen Yang took it, it was simply optimized.

      It can be fully localized.

      In fact.

      Chen Yang also holds more high-end battery technology in his hands.

      But he didn’t want to take out the best things in one breath.

      He now uses graphene supercapacity technology to test the market.

      If you can play it.

      Then it will be developed one after another in the name of a tech madman.

      If you can’t play, then Chen Yang will enjoy it alone.

      Let the earth slowly study and update.



      “madman Technologies announces break graphene super-capacity technology, graphene super technical capacity official commercialization.”

      “China defeated world-class battery technology problems, announced the world’s first national-level cell technology.”

      “Madman science and technology, Really a madman!”

      Madman Technology suddenly entered the battery industry.

      Frightened countless people to drop their jaws.

      Bluefire Technology.

      The president of Blue Fire, who is tasting tea, has a good day.

      He was drinking tea and saw the technical director who rushed in and asked, “What are you doing in such a hurry? Sip the tea slowly.”

      His recent days have been very moist.

      Although it did not succeed in investing in Madman Technology, it has a good foundation for cooperation with Madman Technology.

      So the artificial intelligence service they get is a priority.

      This is not.

      Now make a game that allows artificial intelligence to detect it first.

      If you are willing to spend a little more money, you can also detect many vulnerabilities.

      A game with reduced loopholes can be recognized by the market as long as the graphics are good and there are stories.

      Why don’t you worry about making money with this game?

      “Madman Technology!”

      “They…” The

      technical director panted and couldn’t speak.

      “Sit down.”

      President Lanhuo pointed to one side.

      “Madman Technology is going to be a battery!”


      The president of Blue Fire sprayed tea with the technical director’s face.

      “What the hell is Madman Technology

      doing ?” the president of Blue Fire asked eagerly: “When you do business, you do business. The software giants in the circle all follow this route. But they are too ridiculous, right? A sunset industry that is irrelevant?”

      In the eyes of the Internet.

      The battery industry is a highly polluting sunset industry.

      With so much investment, you may not even be able to struggle with a splash.

      “No.” The

      technical director said eagerly: “They have mastered the graphene super-capacity technology.”

      “What!” The

      president of Blue Fire instantly sprayed fire from his nostrils.

      No nonsense.

      He immediately called the customer service of Madman Technology:


      He decisively turned out Chen Yang’s personal contact number and dialed it:

      still busy.


      Bluefire’s president shouted: “Go to Madman Technology with me.”

      His status is not unique.

      Almost the entire industry.

      Especially the battery industry, all think about joining.

      In order to obtain graphene supercapacity technology, some large battery groups are even willing to pay half of the shares.


      Chen Yang has discussed with Tong Yihu.

      A memorandum was signed and the first batch of graphene super-capacity batteries was provided to them.

      Simply put.

      Chen Yang’s graphene supercapacity battery was sold out of stock before it was produced.

      As for technology sharing?

      That does not exist.

      It is said that half of the group is used, even if the whole group is exchanged, it is useless.


      Huaxia is lively here.

      Other countries are skeptical.

      For example, Japan.


      Taro Matsui, the founder of Japan’s largest battery manufacturer, questioned: “China has broken the graphene supercapacity battery technology? Today is not April Fool’s Day?” The

      secretary solemnly reported: “President, the news is true. Admit it.”


      As a top player in battery technology, Taro Matsui is most aware of the difficulty of using graphene materials.

      “Currently known is a new type of nanomaterial with the thinnest, strongest, best electrical and thermal conductivity.”

      “That means to use this material, there must be a nano-level production system. Does China have such a complete system?”

      Matsui Taro’s question made the secretary suddenly come over.

      Mishu wanted to shake his head, but remembered a patented technology previously announced by China.


      That technology has to do with accuracy, and it can help China reach the nanometer level.

      “We have invested in research for nearly 10 years, and we still haven’t grasped a specific plan.”

      “It’s even more impossible for Huaxia in a small area.”

      Taro Matsui sneered: “Huaxia must be bragging this time. Let me, an expert, come to mock them.

      Right .” The clever secretary immediately arranged: “Yes, I will invite the most authoritative academic books and high-level news media to come over and listen to the president’s technical analysis.”


      “You did a good job.”

      Matsui Taro There was a wicked smile.

      In the United States.

      A similar story happened.


      “Huaxia, a backward country, actually claimed to have broken the secret of graphene materials?”

      An energy giant laughed ︰ “China can only produce a secondary battery, always wanted to break through, we can always be limited. Now we finally could not help but want to scare us, forcing us to hand over technical matter.”

      Then finished .

      He also showed the look that I had seen your tricks a long time ago.

      “Will is still smart. We were all scared before.”

      “It made me sleepless all night.”

      These people are all shareholders of this energy today.

      They all know that once the graphene super-capacity battery comes out, it will completely overturn the new energy landscape.

      At that time.

      It is absolutely bad news for them who do energy.

      “The 19th century is the age of ironware, the 20th century is the age, and the 21st century is the age of graphene.”

      Energy giant Will said: “Don’t worry, even if there is an energy revolution, it will not be China’s turn.”

      Chapter 043 Make a Fortune with Silence (1/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ A shareholder of the city f Energy Group asked: “Then how do we respond to those reporters who have been beaten up?”

      He was so scared that he couldn’t sleep all night by the news of this person. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test

      My heart’s grievances against China are deep.

      “Tell them the truth.”

      Will said: “We have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in research and development. We haven’t got the idea yet, and it’s even more impossible for China.”


      “I’m going to expose China’s scandal.”

      This shareholder goes out immediately.

      Start his performance.


      a time.

      The whole world is mocking China.

      They are all talking about China’s bragging and lying.

      Western media do not need evidence at all, they just need to feel that they can’t find it out, even less likely to be “backward” China.

      And facing the whole world of accusations.

      China rarely explained.

      Continue to make a fortune in silence.

      A third-tier city near Pengcheng.

      A battery factory that has just been acquired has a new owner:

      Madman Industry.

      I bought the land here.

      Although it is only a third-tier city, it is after all the right to use a large area of ​​land, which requires all aspects.

      Tong Yihu’s contribution to Chen Yang’s success is inevitable.

      So Tong Yihu applied to visit the production line of graphene supercapacity technology, and Chen Yang agreed without thinking.

      He is not afraid of technology leaks.

      I’m afraid of unnecessary trouble.


      This Tong Yihu can help Madman Technology solve countless troubles.


      After Tong Yihu came to Madman Industry.

      His eyes barely blinked, they were always staring, and his fists were involuntarily clenched.

      “Don’t get excited.”

      “Although your physical fitness is excellent, if you forcefully contain your emotions for a long time, something will happen.” At the

      end, Chen Yang reminded: “After all, you are not young

      anymore .” This Tong Yihu It’s a strange thing in the circle.

      Obviously in a high position.

      But his own training has not fallen.

      Makes his physical fitness as good as the elite fighters in the army.

      Work, full of energy.


      Tong Yihu couldn’t explain it.

      Because here is really automatic.

      That’s it for a fully automatic production line.

      Porters are smart robotic arms, and security guards are robotic dogs.

      Even the cleaners are robots.

      No manpower is required at all.

      “There is no need to hire any human beings to avoid technology leakage to the greatest extent.”

      Chen Yang took Tong Yihu to the sewage treatment area.

      He pointed to the sewage treatment area and said, “Look here, the most serious pollution problem in the battery industry is not a problem for me. Look, I can treat the sewage well, and the treated water is better than the water from the water plant. It’s cleaner, and it’s not a problem to drink it directly.” The

      environmental protection industry, whether in the world of One Piece, or in the world of DC and Marvel, is not a theme.

      It can’t even touch the edges.

      But the technological level of DC and Marvel World is too high.

      There are also many super-era alien technologies.

      Feel free to use it in environmental protection, and it can almost easily crush the earth.

      Cleaner than tap water?” Tong Yihu didn’t know what he thought of, and asked, “Ayang, answer me honestly. Can you modify your sewage processor to purify the sewage in the river?”

      “Yes. Yes.”

      Chen Yang nodded and said, “But I’m not happy.”

      Chen Yang pointed to the production line and said, “Hey, look at this place. In order to start production as quickly as possible, all of them have adopted fully automatic production. The output can reach the market. I can’t do 1% of the demand.” The


      Is it because I can’t make all the money in front of me, and I still want to peek at other things?

      “It’s simple.”

      “Your technology is at the national strategic level . If you are talking about it, everything is first.”

      Tong Yihu asked: “You want people to give materials, and materials to materials.”

      Chen Yang asked: “Do you want money? ”

      Tong Yihu: “…” ” Just


      Chen Yang said happily: “I want a lot of materials, some may even be taboo, will you provide it?”

      Tong Yihu gritted his teeth and said: “As long as it is not too much, give it all!”

      “This is what you want!”

      Chen Yang smiled.

      He has been playing the technology for so long, because of this sentence?

      “That’s good!”

      “I will send you a list tonight.”

      Chen Yang said freely: “When I get it here, an environmentally friendly production line dedicated to sewage treatment will be established as soon as possible.” No

      waiting for Tong Yihu In response, Chen Yang pointed to the wasteland next door and said, “Keep that piece of land for me too. The price is easy to negotiate.”

      The land nearby was empty.

      The local government planned to turn it into a large industrial park.

      As a result, the efficiency of the battery factory was not good, and environmental protection was suppressed, and eventually the entire industrial park was abandoned.

      Large tracts of land are left naturally.


      “The surrounding land is

      reserved for you.” Tong Yihu’s support for Chen Yang can be said to be dedicated.

      For such a large industrial park, just give it.

      It is absolutely sincere.

      “Then it’s settled.”

      Chen Yang is most afraid of trouble.

      Because of trouble, he could not study.

      This is the most serious harassment of a tech madman.


      Tong Yihu witnessed the entire production process.

      And took the latest products, got on the plane, and went back for testing as quickly as possible.

      As for Chen Yang.

      He began to develop wretchedly again.



      “Haha, these are currently the most high-end aviation materials!”

      “You can’t buy it if you have money.”

      Chen Yang scolded, “Like Li Qin was asked to buy from the world, but all were rejected! M’s, now I am totally rejected Don’t beg you, you can play it yourself.”

      Chen Yang held a piece of metal not much thicker than paper, sighing in his heart.

      This thing is a classified super alloy.

      The annual output is very limited.

      Let alone industrialization, even small-scale supply is difficult.

      Therefore, the global ban.

      Just such a thin slice can withstand the most powerful sniper shells.

      If matched with a special defense structure.

      Even missiles can be hard to resist at close range.

      And now.

      Chen Yang can use it to make…

      Chapter 044 On-site acquisition (2/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f wants to cast a knife. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test It

      requires a tool as robust as a knife, or even more robust.

      Want to make space super alloys.

      Then something like super alloy is needed.

      Chen Yang used the super alloy sent by Tong Yihu to upgrade a military special alloy production line moved from the DC world by more than half the level.

      “Group owner, why do you want to start a company in our world?”

      Bruce Wayne said: “What do you need, just take it with me.”

      He was referring to Chen Yang’s actions in the DC world.

      Chen Yang left the elves in the DC world and made money to buy the company crazy.

      Because the elves are super artificial intelligence and have super analytical capabilities.

      Without worrying about whether it will cause riots, he sneaked into the stock market to make troubles and found a large amount of venture capital.

      Then used the money to acquire a designated company and founded Madman Technology that belongs to the DC world.

      Because Madman Technology has the cover of Wayne Consortium.

      So now it’s going smoothly.

      “Yours is yours.”

      “I prefer to control the channels by myself.”

      Chen Yang said: “If you really want to support, then cooperate with Madman Technology.”


      Bruce Wayne didn’t want so much. .

      Madman Technology brings the technology of One Piece World and Marvel World.

      The help to the Wayne consortium is also great.

      “It turns out that you have worked closely across the world.”

      Tony Stark said sadly: “Group owner, I was the first person to join the group in vain, and you ignored me.”

      “And me!”

      Vegapunk also complained.

      “Find the reason for yourself.”

      Chen Yang was too lazy to explain so much.

      “But this is secondary.”

      Tony Stark asked depressed: “Relatively speaking, I care more about the image of the group leader. Batman, have you seen the real body of the group leader?”


      “Group leader” Every time I help me, I use an independent artificial intelligence.”

      Bruce Wayne said: “I know you want to ask about the technology of the group leader. I just want to say that the technology of the group leader is never under yours. He turned it out at will. Mechanics alone have the ability to hunt and kill superheroes.”

      “The group leader is mighty.”

      Vegapunk’s dog-legs attacked for the first time.


      “That way I look forward to it even more.”

      Tony Stark pinched his chin, his face full of curiosity.

      “You have a chance in the future.”

      Chen Yang will not show weakness.

      He now masters the knowledge of the three worlds, how could it be imaginary.

      It’s just that Tony Stark was very anxious and invited: “Group owner, come to our world to start a company, and ensure that you can make a lot of money.”

      “Group owner, come to One Piece to work hard.”

      Vegapunk said shamelessly: “Take care of me by the way.”

      “Prisoner, you make trouble.”

      Tony Stark scolded, “Do you think we didn’t know you didn’t come out on purpose?”


      “I used to think you couldn’t get out.”

      Bruce Wayne said, “Later I realized that with the means you have now, it is not a problem to escape from that navy headquarters. If you do not come out, there must be a secret.

      ” Hehe…”

      Begapunk smiled awkwardly.

      Chen Yang suddenly remembered something and asked: “Tony, if I go to your world to start a company, would you really welcome it?”


      “Of course it is welcome!”

      Tony Stark felt Chen Yang’s words It’s a bit baffling.

      “That’s good.”

      After careful consideration, Chen Yang decided to say: “After two days, you will pick up my red envelope. At that time, I will exchange some materials for money in your world, and then you will ignore me.”


      Tony Stark is not the kind of guy who understands the world, so he agreed.

      Chen Yang quickly returned to reality.

      Originally, he wanted to continue wrangling in the tech madman chat group.

      But representatives from Japan and the United States have come.

      That Dalang Matsui united with their beautiful dad to come and put pressure together.

      “Mr. Chen!”

      “It’s an honor to see you.”

      Matsui Dalang put a very low posture.

      Not at all the high profile of the previous few days.

      “Mr. Chen is much younger than I thought.”

      The representative of U.S. Energy is the energy giant Will.

      He looked at Chen Yang in surprise.

      Because of Chen Yang’s age, he purely believes that Chen Yang is just a lucky one. Behind him is a huge research team, even the national team.

      Everyone sits in different positions.

      Of course Will sits opposite the boss.

      Matsui Dalang sat aside respectfully.

      “Mr. Chen, you and my time are precious, so let’s not waste time.”

      Will asked bluntly: “Isn’t Mr. Chen received our letter of intent?”

      ” Yes, I have read it.”

      Chen Yang nodded.

      His attitude is a little relaxed.

      Will asked: “I don’t know what Mr. Chen wants?” “Not so


      Chen Yang took the letter of intent, threw it back, and asked, “Is it not clear that you have spent your research on graphene materials? ? ”

      Will answer ︰” our investment is large, but business owned business, owned by research studies. Research in this world there is no absolute success or failure of the world there is no such thing. ” ”

      your ability to selectively crooked ass Not bad.”

      Chen Yang sneered: “I mean you plan to buy half of the shares for 2.5 billion US dollars, not the truth of the world.”


      The group of people in front of them wanted to buy half of Madman Industry’s shares for 2.5 billion US dollars.

      It’s a beggar.

      Graphene supercapacity technology is a super technology that changes the world’s new energy pattern.

      Weir alone can see the value of this technology by investing more than one billion US dollars without researching the root hair.

      Will reminded: “Mr. Chen, you have to be clear that your Madman Industry has just been established. It is the first time in history to have such a net worth.”


      Chen Yang waved his hand and the virtual projection The logos of more than a dozen world-class companies were displayed.

      “Penguin, their valuation of our madman industry…”

      Chapter 045 Who Blocked Who? (3/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f “Those who are far away, just talk about Penguin. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test”

      Chen Yang pointed to Penguin’s trademark, proudly showing off: “Penguin’s valuation of our madman industry is 3 billion US dollars , Willing to spend 1 billion US dollars in our company.”

      Will’s face was extremely ugly.

      Chen Yang went on to say: “And no one is more enthusiastic about new energy than you.”

      Everyone looked at Matsui Taro.

      Chen Yang said: “A certain Japanese consortium secretly contacted us and is willing to give us a one-time fee of 5 billion US dollars, only to get the opportunity to change the world’s new energy pattern.”

      Will looked at Matsui Taro angrily.

      Matsui Taro is extremely innocent.

      Although he is a celebrity in Japan, he is still far from those consortia.

      How do you know that the Japanese consortium has secretly contacted Madman Technology?

      “Mr. Chen, what we are proposing is only the intended price.”

      “Please don’t get me wrong.”

      Will, who knows that he can’t be confused by Meng, began to hypocritically change his force field.

      “This error is really big.”

      “Ten times.”

      Chen Yang still made no expression.

      Will said: “Mr. Chen, your technology represents the future of new energy. We hope to work with you to change the world. You have technology and we have influence. Once we cooperate, we can occupy the world’s new energy as quickly as possible. Energy market.”

      “No need.”

      “In terms of influence, others are stronger than you.”

      Chen Yang refused: “Then why should I cooperate with you?”

      “Cooperate with us, your graphene supercapacitance battery To enter the North American market.”

      “Even, you can’t even enter Europe.” The

      implication is that if you don’t buy shares, you will be blocked from the world.

      Will doesn’t seem to be able to deceive softly, so he just came hard.

      “I’m sorry.”

      “We can’t even satisfy 1% of the domestic market now.”

      “The whole world?”

      Chen Yang stood up with a sneer, “I’m sorry, I’m not rare. You are outside of our technology, slowly watching We change, and you continue to play with the goods we eliminated.”

      “Send off guests.”

      Chen Yang turned and left.

      But when he walked to the door, he added another sentence: “From now on, the company behind these idiots will enter our blacklist and will never cooperate.”

      Chen Yang’s least favorite is that others threaten him.

      This Will violated a taboo.

      Chen Yang naturally wanted to give some color.

      Will and Matsui Taro didn’t expect Chen Yang to be so arrogant, and in turn blocked them, their mouths were so surprised that they could be stuffed into goose eggs.



      Thousands of degrees withered.

      As soon as their artificial intelligence was launched, they were attacked by Madman Technology.

      In fact, if the artificial intelligence of Thousand Degrees does not have any problems, and immediately apologizes when the problem occurs, that is fine.

      But they just made the most stupid choice.

      The more they are like this, the more they highlight the extraordinary intelligence and superiority of Qianyin.


      Thousand degrees of malaise did not cause the industry’s attention.

      Because everyone’s attention is attracted by the emergence of graphene supercapacity technology.

      And at Madman Technology, there was a gray-headed and gray-faced Matsui Taro.

      Just returned to the hotel where I stayed.

      The backlog of Matsui Taro’s anger vented on the accompanying secretary and employees.


      “You told me that Madman Technology is a new company!”

      “I am new to you!”

      Matsui Taro slapped the male employees severely.

      The male employees all knelt down and admitted their mistakes.

      The sweetness is as sweet as sweet.

      Why not beat female employees?

      Because there is only a woman, a secretary.

      His favorite is not the secretary’s talent, but the secretary’s face.

      I believe many people understand the truth.

      “Launch me all relationship investigations, this madman technology!”

      Matsui Taro ordered: “I want all their information, including their core employees, and the research team behind them!” The

      secretary asked: “President, what should we do after finding it? ”

      The graphene supercapacity technology mastered by Madman Industry is extremely mature, surpassing the current level for ten years.”

      “If we get it, we can become the world’s top science and technology consortium.”

      Matsui Taro said here, with a hideous face. Said: “I want you to buy by all means. If Chen Yang can’t start, then start with other people, there will always be a breakthrough.”

      “I don’t believe that no one in this world is interested in money.”

      Matsui Taro said to the end, As if seeing the dawn of victory, he even laughed.

      the other side.

      Will grabbed the wine glass angrily.

      He has an extraordinary background, otherwise even if he is talented, he would not be able to achieve his current position.

      So he was restrained.

      It’s just that he restrained it for a long time.

      From back to now.

      Just drinking, not eating, not talking.

      As a result, everyone in the room hungry with him, standing with sore legs, but not daring to attack.

      “I don’t care about Chen Yang’s identity and background.”

      “Snipe me on this Madman Technology.”

      Will drank all the wine in one last sip and said, “Madman Technology and Madman Industry are two companies, but they belong to that guy. Lifeblood.”

      Someone immediately came forward and reported: “President, Madman Industry is currently in its infancy. We found that all the costs of Madman Industry come from Madman Technology.”

      “This means that if you cut off Madman Technology’s financial resources, you can Snipe the madman industry.”

      “Once the development of the madman industry is not smooth, it may cause other funds, that is our opportunity.”

      This person’s ability is terrible.

      All the context has been clarified in such a short time.

      Grasp a weakness of the Madman Industry.

      “Very good.”

      “You did a great job this time.”

      Will was very excited and said, “The matter of sniping on Madman Technology and acquiring shares in Madman Industry will be left to you. Money to money, I only want results.”

      The man promised: “President, if I fail, I will resign automatically.”

      “Very good.”

      “What our group needs is a brave person like you.”

      Will nodded his approval.

      Only then did he realize that he didn’t know the other party’s name, so he immediately checked the list and said, “Jerko, if you succeed, I will promote you personally. Now, the position of vice president is reserved for you. Come on!”


      “I will never fail the president’s expectations.”

      Jerk was excited.

      He has struggled for many years for this opportunity.

      Chapter 046 Fusion of artificial devil fruits (4/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f Chen Yang did not know that Matsui Taro secretly investigated himself. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test

      Not knowing that Will dispatched Jelk to attack himself.

      But even if he knew it, he wouldn’t care.

      Let alone what level of technology he mastered.

      Just talk about his needs.

      He does not export and does not need the US market.

      Naturally do not need to care.

      He now has many aspects to take care of.

      The chat group is naturally the first.

      Many matters of Madman Technology also need to be developed.

      And Madman Industry has countless jobs to prepare.

      Even Qianyin is very helpful now.

      Even if the supplies sent by DC World are abundant.

      But Chen Yang was still busy.

      For example, someone’s appointment.

      “The main group, said that good before we do?”

      Beijiapangke asked ︰ “Before I say good to send a group of materials, how to now not news ah, I wait until 1 cm long neck.”

      “I’m sorry , Your neck is almost like a giraffe.”

      “I can’t see that it can grow longer.”

      Tony Stark said quickly.

      Begapunk ignored Tony Stark and said, “Group owner, that batch of supplies is really important.”

      “Come on.”

      Chen Yang immediately sent an exclusive red envelope.

      Begapunk accepted immediately.

      “Thanks to the host.”

      “The number is more than I thought. I can let go and play.”

      Begapunk’s IQ is very high, and his EQ is also very high. He will give me a gift immediately.

      “Ding, Begapunk sent an exclusive red packet to the host.”

      “Ding, congratulations to the host for obtaining the artificial devil fruit*2.”

      Chen Yang was slightly surprised.

      Unexpectedly, Begapunk has now created artificial devil fruits.

      But this is no wonder.

      He discovered the blood factor of the Devil Fruit long ago.

      Pacifists are precisely the derivation and use of this theory.

      “Thanks a lot.”

      Chen Yang was quite happy.

      Although he doesn’t know how to eat these things, he is definitely interested in studying them.

      Besides, he has a plan.

      He turned to Xiao Duoduo.

      Xiao Duoduo looked at Chen Yang naively.

      “Unfortunately, there are only two artificial devil fruits.”

      “I can’t waste it for you.”

      Chen Yang turned to look at Tiger Hunting 2 sent back by Bruce Wayne.

      Hunting Tiger 2 is equipped with a miniature nuclear power furnace.

      In recent days, Chen Yang took some time to spare, not only fitted it with space superalloys, but even optimized its miniature nuclear power furnace a little bit.

      It can be said.

      At this time, Liehu 2 is no longer the second generation mechanical dog, but the third generation.

      It is definitely the most suitable person for fusion experiments.

      As for Hunting Tiger 1.

      Still the same.

      But Chen Yang was sent to the Madman Industry as a security guard.

      After all, relying on Qianyin, those surveillance cameras, and the specially strengthened police nearby, it is impossible to scare away criminals with ulterior motives.

      So the necessary defenses are still needed.


      Chen Yang summoned Liehu 2 and commanded: “Return to the most primitive mentality.”

      Liehu 2 jumped onto the experimental platform, gradually assembled, and returned to the shape of a metal suitcase.


      “Build a subsystem and assimilate its artificial intelligence.” The

      data stream began to merge the intelligence of Liehu 2.

      Because the intelligence of Liehu 2 is primitive.

      So the merger process went smoothly.

      “The next step is to give Tiger Hunting 2 the ability to artificially

      produce devil fruits.” Chen Yangxie smiled and began the fusion experiment.

      Vegapunk can make objects possess the ability of Devil Fruit.

      Chen Yang’s natural energy.

      But Chen Yang is special.

      The item he used was a third-generation artificial intelligence robotic dog that would never betray him.

      This is a crazy experiment.

      It is equivalent to fusing the technologies of the three worlds together.

      Once successful.

      That would be a genius idea.




      The elevator doors opened.

      Li Qin walked out the elevator door wearily.

      And her mechanical big yellow dog followed loyally.

      Staying true to each other.

      Li Qin took out the key and opened the door.

      At this time.

      The mechanical big yellow dog suddenly made a low hiss.

      “Rhubarb, I’m very tired.”

      “To deal with those crazy investors today, I almost never rested.”

      Li Qin didn’t turn his thoughts, opened the door and went in.

      The mechanical big yellow dog rushed in like lightning.

      There is no sound.

      Li Qin didn’t care.

      She closed the door, put the key aside, took off her shoes and walked to the sofa.

      Just as she was about to sit down and take a drink, her breath froze.


      There was a woman sitting in front of her.

      A woman with a good figure, but with a terrifying face.

      “Don’t call.”

      “For your safety.” The

      grimace girl looked at Li Qin with a grin.

      Li Qin didn’t know what he saw, and suddenly sat down quietly.

      “Very good.”

      “I like a smart woman like you.” The

      grimace woman asked: “Next, I will ask you to answer, know?”

      Li Qin nodded.

      The Grimian Woman asked: “Are you the top of Madman Technology?”


      Li Qin bluntly replied: “I am in charge of the external affairs of Madman Technology.” The

      Grimian Woman continued to ask: “What is the research team behind Madman Technology? where?”

      Li Qin shook his head and said: “This question is a bit funny.” The

      grimace woman’s expression became cold and reminded: “The answer is wrong, but I will give you another chance. Otherwise, I don’t mind your face becoming like mine. ”


      Li Qin sighed and said, “They are all masterpieces of Ayang alone.”

      Before the grimace woman answered, Li Qin said, “I know you don’t believe it, but this is a fact.”

      “Then let’s not Care about this question.”

      Grimace woman asked: “I want graphene technology, can you help?”

      Li Qin shook his head.

      “It seems that you hate your face.” The

      grimace woman stood up and showed her scalpel.

      “You must have investigated Madman Industry and know what the environment is there.”

      Li Qin asked, “Fully automated management and an independent company, do you say I have the authority?”

      “That’s good.” The

      grimace woman asked coldly. Said: “I want shares of Madman Industry, can you help me?”

      “Sorry, this is really impossible.”

      Li Qin refused without thinking.

      “It seems that you have to take a lesson.” The

      grimace woman walked over with a grimace.


      Li Qin was not at all panicked.

      “Not good!” The

      grimace woman suddenly felt wrong.

      When she turned her head, a yellow object just…
      Chapter 047 The King of Soldiers Comes to the Door (5/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ The grimace woman suddenly turned her head, but a yellow object had hit her head severely. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test


      The grimace woman lost consciousness.


      Li Qin exclaimed, “Rhubarb, you are too good!” The

      attacker of the grimace woman is naturally a mechanical big yellow dog.

      Although the mechanical big yellow dog is only the first generation of mechanical dog, it is Chen Yang’s masterpiece after all.

      Even without weapons, even without extraordinary artificial intelligence.

      But a full-speed galloping faster than a hunting dog, weighing twice as much as an ordinary native dog, having sharp claws that can tear open the roof of a car, and an additional mechanical dog with a silent system.

      Enough to deal with most of the unexpected situations on the earth.

      “So you are so sturdy!”

      “I finally know what Ayang means by asking me to take you at any time.”

      Li Qin excitedly hugged the mechanical big yellow dog.

      She just saw the big yellow dog appearing behind the Grimian Girl, walking without a sound, and suddenly felt an inexplicable sense of security, so she calmed down.


      The mechanical big yellow dog barked twice to the grimace woman.

      “Oh, yes, I have to call the police.”

      “This time it’s not easy.”

      “I have to remind Ayang, and Susu.”

      Li Qin immediately called the police.

      When the police received the news, when they heard that the other party was coming over for the graphene supercapacity technology, they were frightened in a cold sweat and rushed over as quickly as possible.

      Lian Tong Yihu is a super busy man.

      It is also the first time to come.

      And put forward the opinion of arranging guards for Chen Yang.


      “Don’t bother me!”

      Chen Yang refused without hesitation.

      Tong Yihu insisted: “Mr. Chen, this time it is related to the country’s strategic-level technology. You can’t be willful, just follow our arrangements.”


      “The most annoying thing about me is that there are interferences around me during the research.”

      Chen Yang still refused.

      Tong Yihu shook his head and said, “No, our people are nearby to protect and will never disturb you.”

      “Protect me?”

      Chen Yang thought of an idea, pointed to Xiaoduo, and said, “Hey, you guys. If the person sent can defeat it, I will give you a chance.”

      Tong Yihu looked at Xiao Duoduo who was constantly selling cute, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

      No matter which angle you look at.

      Xiao Duoduo is not threatening.

      The image of the Tiger Hunting series mechanical dog they encountered before is not known to be inferior.

      Let their soldiers compete with Xiao Duoduo.

      This is simply an insult to the king of soldiers.

      But Tong Yihu still asked: “Mr. Chen, are you kidding?”

      “I’m pretty sure.”

      Chen Yang nodded.

      Tong Yihu immediately said to the four soldiers that he brought over: “You come out one!” The

      smallest soldier stood up.

      “Xiaohai, come on.”

      “It is enough to catch it and

      return it to Mr. Chen.” Tong Yihu patted Wang Xiaohai on the shoulder and stepped aside.


      Xiao Hai began to shake his bones.

      “Xiao Duo Duo, take a moment.”

      Chen Yang’s words were hurtful, but he didn’t want to pay attention.


      What he stated is a fact.

      When Xiao Hai saw Xiao Duoduo lazily and constantly selling cute, she suddenly exerted herself.

      The speed is terribly fast.

      In the blink of an eye, it crossed a distance of more than 3 meters.

      The right hand, like an eagle’s claw, was about to grab Xiao Duoduo.


      Xiaoduoduo’s right forelimb in one fell swoop.

      It’s so simple to resist Xiao Hai’s eagle claws.

      Tong Yihu almost stared out.

      He knows Xiao Hai very well.

      Regardless of Xiaohai’s low figure, only over 160.

      However, his two-handed claw skills are extremely domineering, and he can forcefully remove the shoulders of the Hercules.

      However, tricks such as folding trees with bare hands are purely daily exercises.

      But such fierce claw skills were easily resisted.

      And it was still a mechanical dog smaller than a normal Teddy.


      Xiao Hai became angry, and grabbed it with the other hand.


      As a result, Xiao Duoduo exerted force, Xiao Hai’s body was like a rag doll thrown out, slamming against the wall severely, making a dull crash sound.

      The other three soldiers were shocked to see.

      Although they are confident, they are just like Xiaohai.

      It is impossible to kill Xiaohai in a second.

      “You three go together.”

      “Save some time.”

      Chen Yang’s words stimulated the three soldiers.

      Although the three soldiers were angry, they were disciplined and looked at Tong Yihu.

      After getting a nod, the three of them encircled and suppressed in the shape of a pin.

      One shot is the best technique.

      Military grabbing, tiger fist and baji fist besieged together.


      All fell through.

      They attacked a lot, where are they in place.

      “Behind you.”

      Tong Yihu shouted.

      The three soldiers turned and killed.


      The military grappling was forcibly broken, and the man flew 6 meters away.

      The Tiger Boxing was even worse. Before the boxing technique started, Xiao Duoduo was kicked in the air with a very unimaginable volley and kicked out.

      As for Bajiquan, Xiao Duoduo forcibly pressed it on the ground.

      I can’t open it anyhow.

      “Forget it.”

      Chen Yang didn’t want to be destroyed again, so he called to stop.

      “All back to the team!”

      Tong Yihu, whose face was full of blood, regrouped the team in embarrassment.

      The four kings of soldiers hardly supported their bodies and lined up again.

      Chen Yang asked: “Now you know why I don’t need a security guard?”

      “I understand.”

      Tong Yihu asked: “Mr. Chen, can a mechanical dog like you be mass-produced?”


      Chen Yang recounted: “Small Duoduo’s limit speed is faster than supercars; and its power, you must have seen more. For yourself, such high-tech products can be measured. Is it possible to produce?”

      “If you don’t have enough energy to produce, it’s okay to make a few.”

      Tong Yihu obviously wants to increase protection measures for the higher-level bosses.

      “It’s not impossible to manufacture in a small amount.”

      Chen Yang said casually: “But you have to provide me with nuclear materials, otherwise it is just a picture cake.”

      “Nuclear materials?”

      “Isn’t there radiation?”

      Tong Yihu think of the most advanced bigwigs carry a radiation source, can not imagine that scene, decisively deny Road ︰ “Since so hard to get, forget it, Mr. Chen’s research did not dare to disturb us, which is to leave.”

      Tong a The tiger ran away with a grey face.

      But the interesting thing is.

      The four soldiers remained.

      But they are not going to stalker.

      It takes over the security work of the office building.

      “The soldier is the security guard, and he is still four at a stretch. It is estimated that Madman Technology is the only luxury in China?”

      “But if you are willing, I will enjoy it.”

      Chen Yang didn’t care about it.

      Continue to study.

      Chapter 048 Ark Reactor (1/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f Xiaoduoduo has undergone many transformations by Chen Yang. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test

      Although it is not so small for the transformation of the micro nuclear power furnace, Xiaoduoduo’s basic data are all of the quasi-third generation level.

      Let alone deal with the four soldiers.

      Even dealing with superheroes is not a problem.

      It’s just that Xiao Duoduo’s appearance is too cute, and there is no chance to play it.

      “Group owner! Group owner!”

      Tony Stark suddenly shouted in the group.

      “What’s the matter?”

      Chen Yang asked, “Is the tiger hunting doing things on your side?”

      “It’s doing things well.”

      Tony Stark asked kindly, “The problem is that it doesn’t move at all, isn’t it? Something went wrong? Do you need my help?”

      “No, thank you.”

      Obviously, Tony Stark found an abnormality in hunting tigers.

      Want to find an excuse to study it.

      How could Chen Yang be as he wished.

      Disappointment. ” Tony Stark was disappointed.

      But he was not discouraged, ask ︰ “Let me look, I send you an ark reactor as a gift?”

      “Determined the.”

      Chen Yang decisively rejected ︰ “But I do not need.”

      If nuclear power is to get micro-channel Front , Chen Yang will be heart-warming.

      But now.

      He just wanted to hehe.

      “Ding, group member Tony Stark sent an exclusive red envelope to the host.”

      Chen Yang clicked.

      “Ding, congratulations to the host for acquiring the new type of Ark Reactor*1.”

      Chen Yang asked, “What? Are you bribing me?”

      Tony Stark begged, “I will dismantle once, once? Guaranteed. Assemble it perfectly!”

      “Don’t be delusional!”

      Chen Yang still refused.

      Tony Stark asked: “Then you still receive my red envelope?”

      “Don’t do it for nothing!”

      Chen Yang replied shamelessly: “Lu Xun said that the sugar-coated shells come over, the sugar-coated shells are eaten, and the shells are thrown back.”

      (Lu Xun) the coffin a little hid.)

      托尼斯塔克pretend threatened ︰ “then I would use force, ah!” “ha


      “you can give it a try.”

      Chen Yang know托尼斯塔克just talk , But still warned: “The nuclear-powered furnace installed on the tiger hunting body also carries the devil fruit ability. Now you, can you agree to it is another matter.”

      “With the devil fruit ability!”

      Tonysta Ke was surprised: “That Begapunk’s research on Devil Fruit has reached such a level?”


      “In terms of utilization, the group owner surpassed me.”

      Begapunk said, “I have studied dozens of in the devil fruit, which is the top factor in the blood do a bit of graft, but obviously only contact with the main group a few months time, the result is a perfect combination of artificial intelligence, equal to create new life forms, I can not compare. ”

      he that Not flattering once.

      It’s sincere.

      “Artificial intelligence devil fruit transform?”


      Tony Stark looked at the hunting tiger in surprise.

      “This is just a brainstorm.”

      “Don’t talk about it.”

      Chen Yang asked, “By the way, Tony, I need vibration gold.”

      “Vibration gold?”

      Tony Stark replied, “That thing became the captain of the US. The shields disappeared together.”

      Chen Yang remembered that the timeline of the Marvel World hadn’t even arrived at Women’s Federation 1, let alone Women’s Federation 2.

      So Chen Yang turned to ask,

      “What about Edman alloy ?” “What Edman alloy, I have never heard of it.”

      “The host always asks these strange questions today.”

      Tony Stark’s answer was even greater. It makes people wonder.

      Chen Yang was startled.

      He suspects that the X-Men and the Avengers are divided into two worlds.

      Even the Spider-Man world may be independent.

      But Chen Yang was not eager.

      He pondered for a while and asked, “Tony, I need information on the black market arms dealer.”

      He remembered it clearly.

      In Women’s Federation 2, there is an arms dealer who has a large amount of gold.

      If you get these things.

      Enough for Chen Yang to splurge.

      “No problem.”

      Tony Stark said too lazily, and began to share some undisclosed black market secrets with Chen Yang.

      “That’s it.”

      “There are still tasks tonight.”

      Chen Yang was about to leave.


      “Is it irritating?”

      Tony Stark, who has no life threats, is super boring recently, just looking for something to do.

      “Punish sin?”

      Bruce Wayne said, “If it is, then count me.”

      Batman is still so just.

      “It’s not to punish sin.”

      “I just want to steal some special things to study.”

      Chen Yang briefly explained.

      Tony Stark asked, “What can you steal?”

      Bruce Wayne asked, “The owner must do this for a purpose.”

      “What I want to steal is a kind of blood.”

      “That’s the blood of a giant, a kind of A coincidence that is almost impossible to replicate.”

      Chen Yang further explained: “This kind of thing, if it is not used well, it will bring devastating disaster.”

      “If it were me, it would definitely destroy this blood.”

      Bruceway En bluntly.

      “Giant’s blood.”

      Tony Stark said suddenly: “Perhaps I know what it is.”

      “Ayang Ayang!”

      Li Qin and Wen Susu came to disturb Chen Yang again.

      In desperation, Chen Yang could only leave the string and return to reality.

      Looking at Li Qin with an angry face.

      Chen Yang didn’t speak because he knew what Li Qin was about to say.

      Li Qin said, “Ayang, another employee of the company was harassed. As the boss, do you want to deal with it?”

      “Who was harassed?”

      Chen Yang asked: “If it is some foreign organization, as long as you call the police, they will deal with it as soon as possible.”

      Chen Yang believes that Tong Yihu will not tolerate this.

      “It’s okay if it’s a commercial espionage.”

      “Calling the police can solve it.” Li Qin said: “But the problem is that things have gone bad now. Many employees are harassed by relatives and friends, and they are not even resting properly, and their working conditions are very poor.”

      Chen Yang Question: “What is the harassment law? Do these so-called relatives and friends want to enter Madman Technology, or want to know our business secrets?”

      Chapter 049 A Business That Gets More Money Than Robbery (2/5)
      , 𥪕b ┘ City f “A variety of harassment methods are available. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test”

      Li Qin replied: “And the excuses found are all kinds, various, annoying.”

      Regarding the experience of the employees, Li Qin Don’t bother to count.

      Because she is one of the victims.

      Relatives and friends who had barely contacted before, and they didn’t know where they heard the news of her fortune, and they all found excuses.

      There are even relatives who can’t help but want to borrow money straight away.

      Make Li Qin dumbfounded.

      “I almost understand.”

      Chen Yang’s answer was calm.

      Before Li Qin was ready to explain clearly, Chen Yang said forcefully: “Madman Technology does not raise idlers, let alone raises wastes. If you want to get in touch with the fool, how far you go.”

      “It should be!”

      Li Qin is very supportive of this.

      She didn’t want the madman’s great technological situation, because some of the so-called favors were ruined.

      Chen Yang went on to say: “As for the harassment, we can rent or even buy large apartment buildings and supply them to our employees. In this way, we can manage planning and avoid unnecessary harassment.”

      Having said that, Chen Yang asked, “Susu, how much money does the company currently have available?”

      “The company currently has more than 400 million funds available.”

      “But we plan to create a Madman environmental protection, and we need to buy more land. The money will be spent in a month and a half; and the company’s account balance will have a deficit of up to 800 million in 60 days.”

      Wen Susu carefully reported.

      “The steps are too big.”

      Chen Yang had a headache.

      If Tong Yihu is not allowed to fiddle with the water purification device and not create any madman environmental protection, then madman technology is absolutely abundant.

      “Development to the present.”

      “The profits brought by the acceleration, the chicken madman, and the artificial intelligence are already a drop in the bucket and cannot meet the normal needs of the company.”

      “It seems that this can only be done.”

      Chen Yang reluctantly made a decision. .

      Li Qin asked: “Ayang, how do you plan to solve the funding problem?”

      Wen Susu asked: “With the character of a senior, it is impossible to raise funds .”

      Li Qin laughed and said, “Can solve 800 million yuan in such a short time. In addition to financing, there is only money robbing.”


      “There is a business in this world that is faster than money robbing.”

      Chen Yang smiled evilly.


      Li Qin and Wen Susu could not understand.



      A channel for more money than grabbing money?

      Naturally, selling arms.

      But the arms that Chen Yang sells are not ordinary.

      He disliked one fighter plane, and the selling of one missile one by one was too cumbersome.

      He sells technical drawings directly.

      and so.

      He invited Tong Yihu over.

      Tong Yihu sat across from Chen Yang in a daze.

      This was the first time Chen Yang officially invited him, and he also asked Wen Susu to prepare tea and snacks.

      Such treatment made him flattered.

      Also a little nervous.

      Chen Yang said, “Minister Tong, there is something wrong with the funding of Madman Technology, so I want to sell you something.”

      “It turns out to be this, simple.”

      Tong Yihu thought it was something, rest assured Come down, take a sip of the teacup.

      He also said “good tea” in a genuine way.

      “What a shit.”

      “My tea just ran out.”

      Chen Yang said, “I

      bought this tea from the company’s sister paper. It costs 40 yuan per catty.” Tong Yihu was choked and almost drank it. Not going down.

      To ease this breath.

      He angrily drank the other two cups of tea.

      “Well, I don’t hide it.”

      Chen Yang said, “What I want to sell is the technology and drawings of the f-18 fighter.”


      Tong Yihu sprayed out all the tea he had just drunk in.

      Fortunately, Chen Yang stepped aside in time and avoided completely, otherwise he would definitely be wet now.

      “Mr. Chen, don’t be kidding me.”

      “The f-18 fighter is a fourth-generation semi-fighter. It is a carrier-based single-seat dual-engine supersonic multi-role fighter, and it is also the first type of fighter and attack aircraft in the Chinese military. The latest fighter.”

      Tong Yihu said: “The good sons of the United States have begged many times and are willing to spend a lot of money, but the United States is not willing to sell them. So don’t be kidding.”

      “You think I am. Does it seem to be a joke?”

      Chen Yang calmly wiped the desktop.

      When Tong Yihu saw Chen Yang’s expression, his heart was startled.

      “If it’s true…”

      He couldn’t help shaking his hands when he thought of this.

      “I know you have a lot of doubts, but if you see this, I believe you will understand.”

      Chen Yang sent a notebook with pictures to Tong Yihu.

      Tong Yihu clicked on like lightning.

      It is really the technical analysis of the f-18 fighter.


      Tong Yihu stammered.

      He really didn’t expect such a surprise.

      “Stop this and that.”

      Chen Yang lazily explained: “I found an F-18 fighter jet that had fallen to the bottom of the ocean when I was doing ocean expeditions. I felt that its performance was not bad, so I analyzed it easily. Drop.”

      Chen Yang actually copied it from the DC world.

      It’s not that Chen Yang couldn’t design it.

      But he didn’t have that time.

      So he ordered the wizard to forcibly break through the internal network of a military industrial giant in the DC world and steal this technical drawing.

      Although there are a lot of moths.

      But because that is the dc world, the impact is not significant.

      After all, the fighters in the DC world are all developed to the sixth generation.

      And the seventh generation of technology including alien technology is also under design.

      For a mere four and a half generations of fighter technology, it is naturally not too persistent.

      Simply …” Tong Yihu had the urge to collapse.

      With the technical content of the f-18 fighter, can it be easily cracked?

      I am afraid that all the domestic fighter research and development capabilities must be brought together, and then the entities will be presented to them. After thinking about it for a month or two, it may be resolved.

      “I need money.”

      Chen Yang said: “That’s why I will sell all the detailed technical drawings.”

      “Don’t worry!”

      “As long as the technology is complete, money is not a problem.”

      Tong Yihu instantly became angry.


      Chen Yang realized that he was thinking too much.

      Worrying about money for a department that is so poor that only money is left is simply.


      Isn’t it better to brighten the butcher knife?

      “2 billion!”

      Chen Yang burst out his limit price.


      Tong Yihu agreed without thinking.

      “I’m talking about U.S. dollars.”

      Chapter 050-The Trap (3/5)
      “I’m talking about US dollars. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test”

      Chen Yang saw Tong Yihu’s gesture of not bad money, and immediately added.

      I didn’t want Tong Yihu to answer: “I’m talking about British pounds.”

      Then, Tong Yihu felt that he had gone too far, and immediately corrected: “But it must be settled in RMB. This matter is too confidential. If you use national foreign exchange, you will not be offended Necessary attention.”

      “You are a local tyrant, you have the final say.”

      Chen Yang regretted that he didn’t say 4 billion.

      But 2 billion pounds is enough to do a lot of things.

      At least it can be used to buy land that nobody wants. You can buy a lot, a lot.

      Tong Yihu eagerly asked: “Mr. Chen, I don’t know when the transaction can be made?”

      “Your money is here.”

      “The technical drawings can be taken away.”

      Chen Yang’s attitude in this regard is very simple.

      “Give me some time.”

      Tong Yihu didn’t have time to drink tea. He immediately got up, walked aside, opened an encrypted channel, and after a strict anti-eavesdropping test, he said: “I will send a team of the most elite. To protect me, I have acquired the technology that will enable the Air Force to span half an era.”

      Chen Yang looked at everything.

      Did not speak.

      With his strength, let alone four and a half generations, even the fifth generation.

      It can also be designed in a few days.

      But Chen Yang still understands the truth of Sheng Mien and fighting Mien.

      Not to mention.

      Fighting planes are not Doumi.

      It’s national strength.

      Taking out things that are too high-end is just causing trouble for yourself.

      Madman Industry.


      Underground top secret area.

      This is designed by Chen Yang, Qianyin himself, and dug out with the help of various fully automatic machines.

      Why should such a region be established?

      It’s simple.

      Chen Yang sent too many things from the DC world.

      Many of them are large machines and are taboos.


      Naturally, I have to find a large space for storage.

      If it weren’t for Qian Yin and enough automatic machinery.

      Chen Yang wanted to secretly establish such a semi-research and semi-warehouse underground base. He really dreamed.

      Zi Zi Zi!

      Zi Zi Zi!

      Electricity and light raged in the base at this time.

      Not long.

      A mechanical dog jumped off the workbench.


      Chen Yang waved his hand.

      This second-generation mechanical dog ran out.

      The madman industry is getting bigger and bigger.

      Tiger Hunting 1 alone cannot deal with the overall situation.

      Therefore, it is necessary to form a mechanical dog patrol army.

      same time.

      The text message sounded.

      I have to say that Chen Yang really underestimated the significance of the f-18 fighter to the China fighter.

      The transaction was completed at a speed beyond imagination.

      The money also arrives instantly.


      Chen Yang looked at the balance and laughed: “I don’t have to think about money for a while.”

      A weird one.

      Another cute voice sounded.

      “Little Duoduo?”

      Chen Yang thought of Xiao Duoduo instinctively.


      Xiao Duoduo was lying on his stomach at the door, not moving at all.

      Chen Yang looked up.

      An object landed.

      It should be said to be a dolphin.

      The mechanical dolphin is finally back.

      Brought the most valuable material for a sunken submarine.

      of course.

      These materials are too much.

      Many are hidden, and Chen Yang needs to send others to transport them.

      The mechanical dolphins brought back only the most precious ones.


      “Good news keeps going.”

      Chen Yang was so happy that he sharpened his fists.

      But then he thought of a question: “Now that there is national material support, coupled with the support of DC and Marvel, as long as it is not too exaggerated, other aspects are not a problem.”

      “But I can never rely on it. Other people.”

      “Besides, there are still a huge amount of resources in the ocean that have not been tapped. I will definitely develop the ocean more frequently in the future.”

      “If every harvest has to be moved back sneakily, it will not only be troublesome, but people will be aware of it after a long time. After all, there is no impermeable wall in this world.”

      Thought here.

      Chen Yang pinched his chin and raised his head slightly, and asked, “Qianyin, is there any plan to solve this problem perfectly?”

      Qianyin’s avatar was projected down and replied, “Yes , Qianyin got three plans after simulation. ”

      “Talk about it.”

      Chen Yang needs this kind of artificial intelligence.

      People cannot be perfect.

      Although Chen Yang has extraordinary technical power and fighting skills.

      But it does not mean that he has political or military talent.

      “The first option is to cooperate with the country, so you can get the cover of the country.”


      Chen Yang denied it if he wanted to.

      He just said to promote Mien and fight Mien.

      How could it be possible to make a mistake in a blink of an eye.

      “The second option is to establish a base in the sea. This is the safest way.”

      “Stop temporarily.”

      Chen Yang shook his head and said, “I haven’t even gotten the ground. I still have time to build an underwater kingdom?”

      “Option three, authorization Artificial intelligence allows artificial intelligence to build a submarine that can move freely under the sea.”

      “Mobile fortress under the sea?”

      Chen Yang was immediately moved: “Like Madman Industry, where it is fully automated, there is no need for nourishment, let alone other. Replenishment requires only enough energy. In this way, it is not only as simple as reducing the number of water discharges, but also can live on the seabed for a long time. ”

      Think of this.

      Chen Yang looked at the mechanical dolphin and said, “It seems that you have to remake a wave. Now there are enough materials to play with a big one.” The

      mechanical dolphin exclaimed joyfully.

      It seems that the artificial intelligence it originally designed was quite high.

      do as promised.

      The materials are readily available, and the transformation will begin immediately.

      “The previous power furnace level is not enough, I will replace you with a micro nuclear power furnace. Well, you have to remodel it so that you can supplement yourself, and you can often find me to replace the power after saving.”

      “Then replace your key parts with space super alloys. Now this thing can be manufactured. Although it cannot be mass-produced, internal supply is not a problem at all.”

      Chen Yang made a transformation in accordance with the third-generation mechanical dog manufacturing model.

      In general.

      The intelligent machinery manufactured by Chen Yang can be divided according to age.

      The third generation has the largest gap.

      It is directly nuclear-powered.

      Therefore, the combat effectiveness of the third generation is the most perverted, and can fight ten second generations one by one.

      There are countless dangers in the ocean.

      The mechanical dolphin must have strong self-protection ability.

      The transformation of the third generation is very simple.

      Chen Yang took less than two days to get it done.

      Next, he even used the second-generation technology of the mechanical dolphin to produce a batch of engineer-type mechanical octopuses.

      These mechanical octopuses can perfectly create a seabed mobile fortress belonging to Chen Yang under the control of artificial intelligence.

      Time just squandered quickly.

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