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Xianxia: start with ten years of experience!

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      Xianxia: start with ten years of experience!
      The first chapter is Daofa, basic sword formula
      Ziyun mountain.
      The white fog is ethereal, and the rays are interwoven.
      In an open courtyard, ye Chen looked around blankly. After a short period of confusion, he finally found out what had happened.
      He crossed, crossed to a man of the same name, who was a servant disciple of Ziyun sect in ancient China. Because his sister Ye Ziling was the true disciple of the seven elders of Ziyun sect, he was able to live in Ye Ziling’s mansion.
      “Not bad.”
      Ye Chen made a thoughtful comment.
      Although this' ye Chen 'is a bit of a waste, after worshiping Ziyun sect, her three-year practice has always stopped at the second level of refining Qi, and she can't even get into the third level, but her sister Ye Ziling is really gifted. In just three years, she has broken through the foundation, and is one of Ziyun sect's pride!
      Since ye Chen was a child, she took care of her younger sister Ye Ziling everywhere, so after she joined Ziyun sect, ye Ziling took care of her elder brother everywhere. In the name of zhenzhuan disciple, she asked Ye Chen to take charge of the trivial affairs of her residence. She didn't have to work with other clerical disciples, and usually brought some pills to him.
      I have a genius sister. It's a good start!
      Ye Chen looked around, then closed his eyes and began to stir, looking at his own physical condition.
      His accomplishments were stuck in the second level of refining gas, but they didn't change because he passed through it. After trying the operation skill, it was still very strange, and he couldn't break through the third level.
      After studying for a while, ye Chen's eyes suddenly brightened.
      Do not know what triggered, his eyes appeared a pale gold box, the box is a few lines of pale gold text.
      [ye Chen]
      [Dao FA: basic sword formula LV3 (+)
      [experience: 37 points]
      There it is!
      The welfare of the traverser!
      If you remember correctly, it seems to be the Daofa plus interface of a Xianxia game he played in his previous life.
      Ye Chen tries to switch to other interfaces, and finds that it can't be switched. It can only be turned off or on, and the only interface that can be displayed is this one.
      “Give it a try.”
      Ye Chen touched chin, thought a move, imagining to click the plus sign behind Daofa.
      A flash of gold.
      The numbers in the pale gold box beat.
      [ye Chen]
      [Daofa: basic sword formula lv4 (+)
      [experience: 36 points]
      With the basic sword formula in the pale gold box upgraded to lv4 level, ye Chen also clearly felt that his understanding of swordsmanship had improved a level, just like an epiphany.
      He opened his eyes, stretched out his arms and legs, didn't feel any bad influence on his body, and looked thoughtful and whispered:
      “Can one point experience improve one level sword formula?”
      Although I don't know how to get experience if it can't be recharged in this world, at present, the only way to improve this Taoist Dharma interface is the basic sword formula. Therefore, after thinking for a short time, ye Chen didn't have much hesitation and began to connect the plus sign.
      Anyway, for the second level cultivation of refining Qi, the only one who can practice is the basic sword formula, and the other advanced Dao sword techniques can't be learned. Besides, if you can order a 999 level basic sword formula, I'm afraid all the high-level Dao sword formulas will be hanged.
      Seven flashes of gold.
      [ye Chen]
      [Dao FA: basic sword formula lv11 (+)
      [experience: 28:00]
      Ye Chen clearly noticed that when the basic sword formula was upgraded from level 10 to level 11, the experience consumed was no longer 1 point, but became 2 points, but he was not surprised.
      “Starting from level 10, it takes 2 points of experience to upgrade one level, which is exactly the same as what I thought.”
      In the past, when operating this interface, there was a change of level 10. The higher the upgrade, the more experience he consumed. Moreover, it seems that there is no upper limit in his memory, and no one can upgrade to the upper limit.
      The foundation was firmly promoted from level 4 to level 11. Ye Chen also experienced the feeling of “Epiphany” for seven times in a row. This feeling is very wonderful. It's like thinking about a difficult thing, suddenly finding a way of thinking, and suddenly getting water to the canal to solve it.
      Ye Chen pulls out his sword and waves it to the ground. The whole movement is natural, like a fish swimming in the water.
      With a sword,
      On the edge of the sword, there is a faint light!
      In this world, you can be a first-class master of kendo!
      It seems that as he expected, even the basic sword formula, if the level is higher, can also be transformed into a high-level sword formula, even the level of Kendo magic!
      “Come again!”
      After a few hearty splashes, ye Chen calls out the Taoist Dharma interface again, and then there is a burst of even points, a series of light flashes, and points the experience to the end.
      [Dao FA: basic sword formula lv23 (+)
      [experience: 1 point]
      The basic sword formula has been promoted to level 23 by him, and his experience is also completely consumed.
      The improvement this time is even more huge than the last time. Ye Chen can feel that his understanding of the sword seems to have risen to a higher level. It seems that he has experienced thousands of times of wielding the sword, and the sword in his hand is like one with himself.
      When the sword is wielded, you can see that the white awn is scattered with the edge of the sword. The tip of the sword does not touch the ground. There is still a distance of about one foot, but there is a slight sword mark on the ground!
      The sword gives birth to a hair!
      This is already the top master in the worldly world, an extraordinary figure!
      “The realm of cultivation has also been shaken a little. It seems that the promotion of Taoism and Dharma also has an impact on cultivationIf you are promoted high enough, maybe you can also rely on Taoism to break the bottleneck of cultivation? ”
      Ye Chen perceives his own changes and opens his mouth thoughtfully.
      He tried several times to break through the realm, but his accomplishments were still stuck in the second level of refining gas. After his failure, he decided to study how to obtain experience first.
      Previous life experience is recharged. He doesn't see the button to recharge on this interface, and he can't switch to other interfaces.
      Ye Chen suddenly reacts that there is a process to turn Lingshi into experience. In this process, you need to buy books in the Sutra Pavilion, or spend Lingshi to go out for experience.
      After thinking of this, ye Chen put away his sword and went back to the mansion.
      Ye Ziling is not only a monk who built foundation, but also a true disciple. Therefore, her cave is built in Zhongfeng, the seventh peak of Ziyun mountain, with an extremely open courtyard and fairy Pavilion.
      Ye Chen usually lives in a small pavilion in the north of the cave, and will not disturb Ye Ziling's practice.
      When he came to the small pavilion where he lived, ye Chen found a jade slip, which was used by monks to record words. Although there was only one piece, it was far more than books.
      This piece in his hand is also a token of ziyunzong disciples. It can be used to directly communicate with ziyunzong's zangdian Pavilion. It can identify the level of the token and open different areas.
      Ye Chen takes the jade slip and inspires it with aura. Then he looks through it, finds a collection of the seventh peak of Ziyun sect, and begins to read it carefully.
      [tip: experience + 1]
      After a while of reading, ye Chen shows a no accident expression when he hears the prompt sound coming from his ear. Then he goes to the wooden chair next to him and sits down. He begins to read quietly with the jade slips.
      In the process of reading, he also heard the hint of “experience + 1” from time to time.*
      Chapter two transformation!Ancient sword repair!
      After reading a book, ye Chen calls out the interface of Taoism and Dharma.
      [ye Chen]
      [Dao FA: basic sword formula lv23 (+)
      [experience: 17:00]
      A collection of the seventh peak has directly improved his experience of 17 points. This figure is very satisfactory for him, because he has already developed the ability to read ten lines at a glance in his previous life. His reading speed is not only fast enough, but also can remember the key points in the book.
      It took him only one hour to finish reading this book with hundreds of thousands of words.
      “Go on.”
      No hurry to use experience, ye Chen found a book, read again.
      With the increase of the amount of reading, his experience is also more and more, and in the process, he found that the kind of books about Daoism, Daoism and so on, had little experience.
      The kind of gods and demons, Historical Biographies, ancient legends and other books, his reading experience is greatly improved, far higher than the general books!
      That is to say, the more ancient biography, the more informative knowledge and information, the more experience it brings to him.
      Time flies.
      A month later.
      Ye Chen was lying on the bed, holding the jade slip in one hand, and looking at it attentively. After looking at it for a moment, he yawned and showed his dissatisfaction.
      “Another random book…”
      It's true that the older the book he reads, the more information he records, and the higher the experience he brings. But one problem is that the content in this book can't be made up.
      Even if he had read the whole book, he would only add a little experience. At least half of the books included in ziyunzong's library were made up.
      Fortunately, as long as he read a few paragraphs, he can judge that the information in this book is false without experience, so he won't waste too much time.
      This kind of random books are often much better than real biographies. Ye Chen can't help but sigh that the more random and random books these days are, the better they look.
      Put down the jade slips, he called out the personal interface.
      [ye Chen]
      [Dao FA: basic sword formula lv23 (+)
      [experience: 1794 points]
      He lay in bed and read books for almost a month. In addition to the interruption of excretion and taking pigudan, he soaked in the books of ziyunzong's collection Pavilion almost all day. The harvest was also very huge, full of 1794 points of experience!
      If he had a state of cultivation during the foundation period, and no longer needed to excrete and take the Bigu pill, he would be able to breathe in the aura of heaven and earth, and read more books.
      “Almost enough.”
      Ye Chen turned over from the bed and sat up. After stretching his body for a while, he perked up and began to add more points. He continuously transformed his reading experience into the realm of basic sword formula.
      The golden light is flickering in the Taoist Dharma interface.
      Ye Chen felt that he was immersed in the sea of swords. Everything that could be seen was swords. What he could see was swords. What he heard was swords. What he touched was swords!
      A moment later.
      The golden light is gone.
      [ye Chen]
      [Dao FA: basic sword formula lv99 (+)
      [experience: 1293 points]
      When ye Chen wants to add a point again, he finds that it can't be added, and a new prompt box pops up on the Taoist Dharma interface.
      [tip: the basic sword formula has been raised to the upper limit. Do you want to spend 100 points of experience to break the upper limit? Breaking the upper limit will cause special effects, and the process is irreversible]
      Looking at this prompt interface, ye Chen showed his pondering eyes. If there is such a prompt, it shows that the mandatory breaking of the upper limit will produce considerable changes.
      “It can't be a side effect.”
      Ye Chen was soon judged.
      After all, it's his basic sword skills and his understanding of sword skills, not his practical cultivation realm. He won't force aura into his body, and there won't be anything like explosive body.
      The most likely change is either to create a sword body for him, or to elevate his will state because of epiphany. This process is certainly irreversible, but no matter what the situation is, it must be a good change for him.
      After all, his current qualifications are in a mess, and the third level of refining gas is stuck.
      After thinking of this, ye Chen's eyes are determined and his mind is determined. The prompt box in front of him disappears. At the same time, the whole Taoist Dharma interface is directly affected by the golden light.
      At the same time, his whole soul seems to be infiltrated into a sword, which is combined with the sword, and the soul body seems to be transformed into a pure sword edge!
      Soul is the body of sword, meaning the edge of sword!
      The invisible meaning of the sword of reading sprang up from his body. In an instant, it interweaved in the room and pierced his bed and the ground, making sword marks.
      At the same time, ye Chen felt a stabbing pain in his body. The sword was intended to go through his body wantonly, as if it turned into a substantial sword in his body. It pierced all the meridians and Dantian in his body, from the bottom to the top!
      Ye Chen couldn't help hissing. The pain of his body splitting made him unable to stand. He fell directly to the ground. It was clear that his head touched the ground, but it tore a crack in the ground. The crack spread three feet away, all the way through the wall!
      The severe pain from the body made Ye Chen unable to move, so he could only keep a stiff posture and lay on the ground. After almost a long time, he moved his arm hard, supported his body and got up from the ground.
      “What the hell…”
      Ye Chen bares his teeth and touches his body. He doesn't feel any wound, but he can clearly feel that his second level of refining gas has disappeared!
      It's not a breakthrough to the third level of gas refining, but the whole realm is gone!
      The practice of Qi refining realm is to breathe the aura of heaven and earth into the body, to get through the elixir fields and eight channels, to get through all the nine layers of Qi refining, and then you can try to build a foundation and turn it into a congenital body.
      But here, the eight channels and Dantian are all pierced by the 'heart sword' just now. It's true that all of them have been opened up, but the problem is that they are all missed!
      I can't keep any aura,
      Of course, there is no realm of refining gas!
      “What is this, the ninth floor of refining?It's still gone… ”
      Sensing the situation in his body, ye Chen can't laugh or cry for a moment, but he is more strange than a headache.
      Because he can clearly feel that although his eight channels and Dantian are pierced by the heart sword, and the aura in his body is gone, his own strength does not drop by half a point. Even at this time, he can kill himself in front of him when he reads the sword!
      A sword in my mind!
      The sword has no substance, does not belong to the soul body, and does not contain aura. It is purely made of ideas. Ye Chen can control the sword with his own ideas. The edge of the sword frightens him.
      The third layer of refining gas
      No, even if it's the ninth floor of refining gas, I'm afraid it can't take the sword!
      “I've become an ancient swordsman?”
      A word appears in Ye Chen's mind.*
      Chapter three heart sword, you Mei Ziling
      Ancient sword repair!
      This is what ye Chen saw in a book describing the friars in ancient times when he was reading the classics. There are few descriptions about it, only a few scales.
      In ancient times, the cultivation of swords did not swallow the spirit, the body and the spiritOnly a heart sword!
      When the sword comes out, the earth will move!
      If the sword falls, the ghosts will be shocked!
      It's equivalent to connecting heaven and earth directly with your own thoughts. Therefore, you don't need to practice the spirit of the body and the spirit of the spirit, and point to the road with one sword!
      It's just that this road is too difficult to enter, even in the ancient times, there are few people who can enter the Tao, because it's too empty and ethereal to become a sword by heart. It's more difficult to refine Qi step by step, build a foundation, degenerate the original spirit, and finally become an immortal than to deal with the real existence of aura!
      And that's why.
      The inheritance of ancient sword repair has been destroyed for a long time. So far, there is no inheritance of ancient sword repair at all. It is said that some holy places and ancient religions may still have ancient books, but no one can practice them.
      After carefully examining his state, ye Chen feels more and more that he is mostly on the road of ancient sword cultivation. His mind moves and calls out the interface of Taoism and Dharma.
      [ye Chen]
      Daofa: heart sword LV1 (+)
      [experience: 1193 points]
      The basic sword formula has disappeared and replaced by the Taoist method of “heart sword”. Seeing the word “heart sword”, ye Chen has almost determined that he is really on the road of ancient sword cultivation and has condensed the heart sword!
      The road of ancient sword cultivation is hard, so it's also very strong. It's terrible!
      There are few descriptions of the ancient sword repair in the ancient books——
      The sword breaks all the ways!
      A grass can cut the sun, moon and stars!
      “It seems to be on the right track.”
      Ye Chen whispered thoughtfully and showed a smile. Before, he had been adding a little bit on the Taoist Dharma. If he didn't improve the cultivation level, only improving the Taoist Dharma, there was no doubt that he belonged to the unorthodox.
      But now he has entered the Dao from the basic sword formula, condensed the heart sword, and embarked on the road of ancient sword cultivation. He not only returns to the right way, but also is the right one that can't be right any more!
      Since returning to the right path, ye Chen was completely relieved. He did not have any hesitation. He chose the symbol behind the heart sword and began to add some points to it.
      The extra points of heart sword are quite different from the consumption of basic sword formula!
      Every upgrade costs 100 experience points!
      Ye Chen has 1193 points of experience left. He directly connects 11 points. With the golden light flashing, he once again immerses himself in the insight of kendo.
      [ye Chen]
      Daofa: heart sword lv12 (+)
      [experience: 93 points]
      The eleven successive points make ye Chen feel that his consciousness seems to be completely transformed into a sword, which rushes to the sky with the heart sword.
      The addition of points in the Taoist Dharma interface brings not only a simple improvement, but also a real feeling and understanding. Ye Chen can almost clearly feel his improvement in the heart sword.
      I have a sword,
      Up to the sky, down to the spring!
      I don't know how long it took for ye Chen to come back from that state of mind turning sword and roaming the world.
      In his mind, he can clearly feel that if the previous heart sword can only be a pocket thorn, then now his heart sword has been turned into a three foot green peak, and even he can't judge the power of this sword!
      “I don't know if the friar of foundation building can take my sword.”
      The leaf dust for a while the heart wants to be absorbed, then show a to spread ran, stood up to stretch a body, looked at a mess in the room, turned to walk outside.
      Although there are no side effects in the improvement of the cultivation of the Taoist Dharma interface, he has read for five days in a row. After reading for a long time, his spirit is still a little tired, so he should be relieved.
      There are still many books in cangdian Pavilion. He plans to read them slowly.
      On the road of ancient sword cultivation, after cultivating the heart sword, his will is also consistent with the heart sword. If his sword does not come out, it will be disgraced by heaven and earth!
      All things are cut by heart sword!
      Push open the door to come to the small courtyard, leaf dust stretched a body, suddenly Yi a.
      In ancient times, the practice of heart sword does not mean that you have lost the control of aura and the perception of mind, but that you no longer need aura and mind after practicing heart sword.
      The heart sword itself is the light of its own thoughts, and the subtle can be seen in the slightest way. The perception itself is one-of-a-kind powerful. Within the range of the heart sword, all the breeze changes can't escape the feeling of the heart mind.
      In his perception.
      A man is flying here.
      In the distance, the naked eye can see a faint light coming from the sky, passing a beam of light and falling to the outside of the courtyard.
      After the light dissipated, there appeared a young girl with smart eyes. There was a trace of innocence and loveliness between her eyes. Her skin was like jade, and she didn't touch any earthly smoke.
      Ye Ziling.
      The true disciple of Ziyun sect's seventh peak elder is also ye Chen's younger sister.
      Ye Ziling walked into the courtyard and looked at Ye Chen. Her voice was as sweet as a silver bell. Just after greeting, she suddenly looked stunned and stopped, and said, “brother, what's your cultivation?”
      She knew that ye Chen had been trapped in the bottleneck of the third level of refining gas for a long time, but she couldn't break through it. This time when she went out for training, she specially collected a pill to break through the bottleneck of refining gas, but she didn't expect to see it for three months. When she came back again, she couldn't feel any accomplishments in Ye Chen!
      Even a little aura fluctuation can't be sensed. It's no different from ordinary people!
      If it was Ye Chen before, he would be worried about whether the crossing will be seen through in the face of Ye Ziling's younger sister. If he was taken as a winner, he would be in trouble. But now he enters the Tao with a heart sword, and his mood is like a mirror, so he is more calm in the face of Ye Ziling.
      “Not long ago.”
      Ye Ziling opened his mouth and showed a little surprise. After a second, he said, “well, practice is against the heaven. Brother, you can see it is free and easy. Unless you can really cultivate the supreme immortal, otherwise, practice is just an extension of human life. How many people can cultivate the immortal in this world?It's a long way to go
      Ye Chen's qualifications are the lowest. In fact, they are not suitable for cultivating immortals at all. The reason why she was accepted by Ziyun sect is that her master worried that she would miss Ye Chen and leave defects in her mood, so she brought Ye Chen back to Ziyun sect.
      This elder brother and she have been dependent on each other since childhood. Only Ye Chen steals food everywhere can she survive. Therefore, ye Chen will support her no matter how she chooses.
      It's a pity to give up spiritual cultivation, but it's not necessarily a bad thing.
      When ye Chen hears Ye Ziling's words, she knows that she has misunderstood her meaning, but she doesn't have any aura in her body now. She really feels like a mortal. If her heart sword doesn't come out, I'm afraid she can't judge his abnormality even if a real Jindan is in front of her.
      Hearing the latter part of Ye Ziling's words, ye Chen thought of some ancient history biographies he had read before, but he sighed a little, saying: “only with great perseverance, great wisdom and good luck, can we have a glimpse of the true fairy road.”
      It should be possible to add a little bit if you have a way – he finally added a word silently in his heart.
      Ye Ziling chuckled, took out a jade bottle, handed it to Ye Chen, and said: “these are some pills for nourishing qi and clearing heart, which are very good for you, brother. My residence is quite pleasant. You can continue to live here, brother. You can come to me if you have anything important.”
      Ye Chen takes the jade vase and looks at Ye Ziling who leaves. He can't help but feel a sigh in his heart. Even if he thinks that he has lost his spiritual power and cultivation, he always treats him as his elder brother. Such a younger sister is really very popular.
      He crossed over, another leaf dust is dead, but ye Ziling's sister is so lovely, so he doesn't care to treat her as his sister.*
      Chapter four let me try a sword
      Pull off the lid of the jade bottle.
      Ye Chen sniffs it, pours out a crystal clear elixir in his hand, and swallows it. He suddenly feels refreshed. However, the effect is limited to the physical level, and it has little effect on the mind and spirit.
      [tip: experience + 1]
      The sudden hint surprised Ye Chen a little, but then he thought deeply and said: “it seems that the improvement of experience is comprehensive, taking pills is also experience, reading is also experience, but some experience improves more, some improve less.”
      Ye Chen thought a little and took another one. Sure enough, after taking it this time, there was no improvement in experience. It seems that experience is the first experience you will get, including reading, and the second time you will not improve your experience.
      Put away the jade bottle.
      Ye Chen returns to his small pavilion, and he wants to continue reading.
      Ordinary people who read books for a month in a row will be upset and unable to read them. However, his reading skill is that he has practiced for many years, and he can easily read books with millions of words without moving. Reading is a pleasure for him.
      The seventh peak.
      Under a green pine at the top of the mountain.
      There are two stone benches and a stone platform. The marks on the stone platform are crisscross. It's a chessboard. Two people are sitting on both sides of the chessboard playing chess. One of them is the elder of the seventh peak, Yu Cheng, ye Ziling's master. He is a half step immortal who has built a big and round foundation.
      In this world, it is not difficult to refine gas, but none of the builders can break through the foundation. To condense the golden elixir is even more unique. This step of the golden elixir is called the barrier between heaven and man!
      A golden elixir swallows into my stomach, my life is up to me!
      Break through the golden elixir, you can be called a real person!
      Even if it's just like Yu Cheng, the half step elixir, which breaks through to build a perfect foundation and condenses a virtual elixir, is also a well-known existence in a region. It can be worshipped by the elders of the sect and respected as the half step immortal!
      “You really have a good disciple.”
      Sitting opposite Cheng is Feng Mingxuan of the fifth peak. He glances at the middle peak under the seventh peak, with a little bit of envy.
      Like Ye Ziling, the disciple who broke through the barrier of building foundation in three years is undoubtedly a rare one in a hundred years. He is expected to break through the barrier of heaven and man, step into the golden elixir, and become a real person!
      Yu Cheng said with a smile: “it's just because of nature.”
      Zhang Mingxuan looked back, dropped a piece on the chessboard and said, “maybe she is the pillar of ziyunzong after a hundred yearsBy the way, it's said that Ziling has a elder brother, but don't let her be hindered by the fate of the world, which leads to the lack of Tao and the separation of heaven and man. ”
      Yu chengsatuo said with a smile: “don't worry, her elder brother's talent is ordinary, and his spirit roots are disordered. It's hard to break the wall of building foundation all his life. In a hundred years, it will inevitably turn into a handful of loess. At that time, purple spirit should also be in the realm of virtual elixir, just cut off the dust, break the barrier of heaven and man, and cast a golden elixir!”
      Zhang Mingxuan nodded and said, “that's good.”
      If you can break through the barrier between heaven and man, you will have a golden elixir. But this step is too difficult. I don't know how many Tianjiao died here. At that time, he and Yu Cheng were also peerless geniuses, but they finally stopped at the empty elixir. They had no way to turn the empty into the real and break the boundary between heaven and man.
      It's almost impossible to break the boundary between heaven and man if you are bound by the fate of the earth. Now listen to Yu Cheng's statement, after a hundred years, ye Chen will turn into dust, and ye Ziling will not be bound by the fate of the earth. It can be said that all the world will work together, and maybe you can really break the boundary between heaven and man at one stroke!
      Time flies,
      Time flies.
      For friars, time always flies. It seems that nothing has happened. The whole Ziyun sect has hardly changed. One year has passed quietly.
      In the north courtyard of Ziling cave on the seventh peak, ye Chen sits cross legged. The whole person looks ordinary, without any fluctuation of the aura of heaven and earth. It seems to be no different from ordinary people.
      But at this moment, in his heart, it is set off a huge wave!
      The sea of the heart is not a sea of knowledge. It has nothing to do with the spirit or the body. It only exists between the dark and the dark. It is a mysterious and mysterious point. It can be combined into one, and it can also evolve infinitely.
      Right now.
      In the sea of Ye Chen's heart, a sword of mind is suspended above the sky, and the whole golden ocean below is rolling up one after another.
      Every time the sword of mind swings a ray of ripples, the bottom of the heart sea tears out thousands of abysses.
      I don't know how long it took, but everything gradually calmed down.
      Ye Chen vomited breath, opened his eyes, and called out the Taoist Dharma interface.
      [ye Chen]
      [Daofa: heart sword LV100 (+)]
      [experience: 337 points]
      “It's more and more difficult to improve the heart sword.”
      Ye Chen looked at the data on the Daofa interface and whispered.
      During this year, he has been immersed in the collection Pavilion of ziyunzong, reading all kinds of books. Because he has the status of elder brother of Ye Ziling, the disciple of the seventh peak, no one bothers him at ordinary times, which can be said to be very quiet.
      After a year, he almost read all the books that he had the right to read, and also got a lot of experience, and transformed all these experiences into the promotion of heart sword.
      The improvement of heart sword is different from the previous basic sword technique. From one level to the next, he has been promoted by one level with 100 points of experience. When he broke through level 99 just now, he spent 1000 points of experience at one time, which is obviously a big leap.
      After crossing this great realm, ye Chen finds that he doesn't know what level of his strength is now. Before, he probably judged that when his heart sword is cut, no one should be able to take his sword under the golden elixir, but just after breaking the boundary, he can't judge.
      “I don't know if my sword can defeat Jindan?”
      There is a huge gap between Jindan and Zhuji. It is the so-called barrier between heaven and man. It is a real person to cross the past, but it is still a mortal if you can't.
      Ye Chen knows that his breakthrough is great, but he is not sure which span is bigger than that of building the foundation to break through the golden elixir and the barrier between heaven and man.
      While ye Chen was thinking, he suddenly felt something, eh.
      He stood up, went to the window, looked north, his eyes flashed a weak sword light, the sword light gradually became more and more prosperous, and in his heart, the Golden Ocean was also rolling, set off a huge wave.
      His heart sword has a feeling. Hundreds of miles away in the north, ye Ziling is being hunted. The man who hunted him has extraordinary accomplishments. He doesn't feel the power of the golden elixir. It should be a virtual elixir.
      A half step immortal!
      He is a big man in the whole ancient China area. He can be treated with courtesy in every sect. In Ziyun sect, he can even serve as the elder of every peak, or directly set up a new peak!
      “Dare to hunt down Ziling.”
      “Take my sword!”
      The idea of Ye Chen is like a rolling river.
      The sword hanging on his waist came out of its sheath in silence, and was resisted by his heart sword. In an instant, it pierced the window lattice, turned into a white light, and disappeared in the sky.
      It is about hundreds of miles away from ziyunzong.
      In the sky.
      Two escape light is entangled, fly to the direction of ziyunzong.
      The figure in the light in front of her is Ye Ziling. Her face is a little pale, and there is blood spilling from the corner of her mouth. She is trying to stimulate the flying shuttle under her body.
      In the back of Ye Ziling, a middle-aged monk was driving Dun Guang, his face was gloomy and pursued him closely. There was a piece of light on his head, and there was a green pill floating in the light.
      This is a half step real man of Xudan realm!
      If it had not been for ye Ziling's flying shuttle, it would have been a medium quality one. She also inspired the secret skill and took the elixir. In the face of a half step immortal, she would have been overtaken and killed!
      But even so, ye Ziling has reached the limit at this time, and her spiritual power is almost exhausted. A spirit stone in her hand can't supplement her spiritual power.
      “The front is where our Ziyun sect is. Dare you chase it again? Don't you fear that the real person in charge of our sect will kill you with a blow from Tianwei?”
      Ye Ziling continued to run away while driving the shuttle, and opened his mouth with a cool look.
      Han Qi's face darkened and said, “what about ziyunzong? At least it's hundreds of miles away. In your condition, do you really think you can escape another hundred miles?”
      He is an ordinary monk. Ye Ziling is a true disciple of ziyunzong. If he is not willing to provoke ziyunzong, ye Ziling killed his only disciple in the fight. That disciple is actually his blood left behind. He can't give up this matter.
      If ye Ziling was afraid of ziyunzong and let go of him, he would never break through the barrier of heaven and man and achieve the golden elixir!*
      Chapter five: a sword of Xudan meteorite!
      Hearing Han Qi's voice, ye Ziling's eyes were a little ugly.
      As Han Qi said, if she flies slowly, she can fly back, but if she runs at full speed like this, she won't last long at all!
      Although she also tried to send out the talisman to the zongmen, she couldn't send it out in front of a half step real man in Xudan realm!
      Fortunately, the other side is only a half step real person in the empty Dan realm.
      If the immortal Jindan is here, it's just a Jindan, and the power of heaven and man is enough to turn her into powder. There's no possibility of escape.
      Seeing that Han Qi ignored her threat and couldn't give up in the rear, ye Ziling could only forcibly stimulate the remaining spiritual power in his body, and continued to maintain the escape of feisuo at full speed.
      But it's not.
      Just after flying for nearly a hundred miles, her body suddenly faltered and her spiritual power was exhausted.
      The escape light of the flying shuttle also changed from strong to dark in a moment, and then it began to fade, and its speed also dropped suddenly, even began to shake.
      “It's extraordinary for you to fly all the way to this place with your minor repair in the early stage of foundation construction. I'm afraid that ziyunzong will not give up with us if you kill you.”
      Han Qi said.
      Ye Ziling reluctantly keeps away from the light and doesn't fall from the sky. She looks at Han Qi and feels the oppression of half a step of heaven and man brought by Xudan Xiaguang. For a moment, her body can't help but shiver a little.
      In a strict sense, Xudan realm is no longer the foundation building period. It is a half step elixir. It has a little Tianwei of Jindan immortal. Her Master Yu Cheng is the half step immortal of Xudan realm. Therefore, she knows the existence power of this realm, and ordinary foundation building can't match it.
      Now she can only place hope on the other side, afraid of ziyunzong, dare not do anything to her.
      “But I am not afraid of it!”
      Han Qi stares at Ye Ziling. There is a cold flash in his eyes. Then he suddenly raises his hand.
      After killing Ye Ziling, he immediately fled away to find a place where there was no one to hide. Then he closed the door and broke the barrier between heaven and man. As long as he made the golden elixir, he would become a real man. Even ziyunzong could not help him!
      At the moment when Han Qi raised his hand, a sound came from a hundred miles away.
      “Wait a minute, Taoist brother!”
      It's Yu Cheng's voice. You can see a light coming from a hundred miles away.
      Yu Cheng's mind can't cross a hundred Li. He doesn't know what's going on a hundred li away, but he knows that ye Ziling has met the half step immortal in Xudan realm. It's too late for him to save others. He can only anxiously send a message to the other side, hoping that the other side can hesitate for a moment.
      Han Qi hears Yu Cheng's voice and pauses, but he doesn't stop. He still shoots down Ye Ziling with a cold face.
      Ye Ziling looked at this scene, her eyes flashed a touch of complexity. Instead of looking at the surging spiritual power falling from the sky, she looked at the direction of zongmen behind her.
      It's a good thing that ye Chen doesn't step into it, but after she dies here, she can't take care of her elder brother.
      But it's not.
      At this time, ye Ziling's eyes with a trace of desolation and bleakness suddenly flashed a faint luster.
      She saw, saw a faint white light coming from the sky, and in an instant, she crossed a hundred Li, just like a rainbow passing through the sun. Before she came near, she had already brought a great and powerful sword, which soared to the sky!
      This sharp, seems to be able to penetrate the sky, through the blue!
      “So, what's that?”
      Yu Cheng's dunguang stagnates, showing a trace of horror.
      Where Jianguang refers to, Han Qi's whole action is frozen in the same place for a moment. In fact, the sword has not yet arrived, but his palm has been completely unable to press down.
      Between the heaven and the earth, first there is the thunder, then there is silence.
      Only a white light can be seen, coming across a hundred Li. After a sword penetrates Han Qi's body, it rushes to the sky and finally disappears.
      Only Han Qi was left standing there, and his eyes seemed to be filled with disbelief and fear.
      There was a thread of blood between his eyebrows, which spread all the way down. Qingyun on his head and the unreal Qingdan all split from the center and turned into two pieces.
      A sword,
      Xudan falls!
      Ye Ziling stood in the air, looking at the falling body of Han Qi, his eyes slightly widened, and what appeared in his eyes was a shock that could not be concealed.
      A half step immortal in Xudan realm died like this!
      At the same time, in the door of Ziyun sect, several light escapes into the sky. Among them are the elders of each peak of Ziyun sect. Their eyes all show a little suspicious look.
      A moment later.
      The place where Han Qi fell, together with Yu Cheng and other members of Ziyun sect, Lao Qi Zhi, looked at Han Qi's body. Yu Cheng, Zhang Mingxuan and others were shocked.
      Even if Han Qi is dead, they can feel the despair before Han Qi's death. They can also feel the meaning of the sword!
      The half step real person in the empty Dan realm was killed with one sword.
      What a terrible sword!
      Ye Ziling stands behind Cheng. After the injury in her body is stabilized, she looks at Han Qi's body. There is a little vibration in her eyes
      “Master, is it Zhang Jiao's real person?”
      “No, it's not Zhangjiao. Zhangjiao real person went to Qingxu sect a few days ago and hasn't come back yet. Moreover, Zhangjiao real person's practice is not like thisI don't know who the real swordsman is. Most of the swordsman should be someone who has made friends with our sect. ”
      Yu Cheng slowly opens his mouth, reluctantly calms his mind, looks at Ye Ziling and says, “how can you provoke a banbu immortal?”
      Ye Ziling, with a faint tone, said: “I met a thousand year old jingling fruit in Mangshang mountain range. I competed with his disciples and narrowly won one point. Then I was chased and killed by this man…”
      “I see. That's karma.”
      Yu Cheng looks at Han Qi's body and snorts. Since the other side doesn't look at his face and bullies him, it's very reasonable for the elder to kill him with a sword.
      “But who is that master?”
      Zhang Mingxuan looked puzzled and said in a low voice: “the real swordsman in ancient China should only be the one in Tianjian PavilionBut that one has nothing to do with my family. ”
      Speaking of this, he couldn't help taking a breath. His eyes showed solemnity, and his tone was a little shaken. He said: “if it's a new swordsman who has good relations with my family…”
      A new swordsman!
      This sentence, let Yu Cheng and others can't help but look at each other, see each other's eyes in the vibration.
      There are very few real people in the whole ancient China region. Every time a real person crosses the barrier of heaven and man and condenses into a golden elixir, no matter which sect he is in, he will surely send out congratulatory stickers. A golden elixir can suppress a thousand years of good fortune!
      If there is a new Jian Xiu immortal, I'm afraid the whole ancient China will be shocked by it in a few days!
      “No, maybe not…”
      The elder of Ziyun sect took a deep breath and said in a deep voice: “you forget that our sect still hasMaybe it's one of those guys. Maybe it's more likely. ”
      Zhang Mingxuan looked at him and said in a low voice, “but are those people still alive?”
      Jindanjing real life has existed for thousands of years, but after thousands of years, the heaven and man will still decline five times and die out between heaven and earth. Therefore, jindanjing real people who are close to the deadline will use some self styled means to prolong their life. All the leaders of Ziyun sect will go to the forbidden area of Ziyun sect at the deadline.
      No one can enter the forbidden area except Zhangjiao, so no one knows whether the ancestors of the former Zhangjiao have gone back or are still alive.
      “Be careful!No nonsense
      The elder of Ziyun sect shouts.
      He took a look at Zhang Mingxuan and Yu Cheng and others, and said in a low voice: “no matter who makes the move, it must be the elder who makes good friends with ziyunzong. Don't talk about it today. I will tell the leader when the leader comes back.”
      Yu Cheng and Zhang Mingxuan all nodded their heads.*
      Who is chapter six?
      Ziling cave.
      Ye Chen stood at the windowsill, wandering outside the sky, and after a moment his eyes turned.
      “That guy's cultivation realm should not have reached the golden elixir realm. If he breaks the barrier between heaven and man, purple spirit can't run, so it should be the great perfection of building foundation or the half step golden elixir. My heart sword can cross a hundred Li and cut half step golden elixir. I don't know what will happen when I meet the real golden elixir.”
      Ye Chen shook his head slightly.
      The strike just now brought him 200 points of experience, which was a good harvest. After all, it should be his first sword, and it was barely his first battle.
      It's a little pity that the sword he used to attach the idea of heart sword is completely broken. After all, it's just an ordinary sword. Even if it can carry his idea of heart sword, it can't bear the collision with Xudan.
      “One grass can cut the sun, the moon and the starsHey, no wonder it's a piece of grass
      The leaf dust suddenly wanted to understand what, couldn't help laughing.
      In ancient times, only the heart sword was refined. Once the heart sword came out, it was the acme of the sword meaning. There was no concept of protecting what it controlled.
      No matter how powerful the spirit sword is forged by immortal gold, if it is controlled by the heart sword, it will be gradually damaged after several times of cutting. Therefore, after the heart sword is completed, it will be used at will.
      Take the branch as the sword and the grass leaf as the sword!
      For the heart sword, attaching to something has little influence on its power. No matter whether it uses a grass to defend the sword or a spirit sword to cut it, it has the same effect.
      If he doesn't control the real object at all and cuts it with a pure nihilistic heart sword, then what he cuts is the mind and spirit, that is, pure spirit attack.
      It's very difficult to get started on the road of ancient sword cultivation. At the same time, it means that there is almost no lack of any Taoist art after getting started. A sword can cut all things and break all dharmas!
      The heart sword is born in the sea of the heart, and its sensing ability is also very strong. Before ye Ziling encountered the crisis of life and death, hundreds of miles apart, he naturally wanted to have a sense, and cut off the sword across a hundred miles.
      If someone has malice or intention to kill him, the closer the distance is, the stronger the perception of his mind will be. It is impossible for anyone to attack an ancient sword practitioner.
      A moment later.
      Ye Chen looks up at the sky outside the window and can see a light falling in front of Ziling's cave. It's Ye Ziling who comes back. She immediately enters her cave to heal her wounds.
      Xinnian roughly felt that ye Ziling only had excessive Reiki loss and no serious injury, so ye Chen relaxed his mind and continued to pick up the jade slips and read the book.
      A few days later.
      Ziyun is the main peak.
      I saw a touch of purple auspicious Qi falling from the sky, and half of the sky was a glow. That was the auspicious Qi of immortal Ziyun, the leader of Ziyun sect.
      If a golden elixir swallows into my stomach, my life is up to me. If the real people in the golden elixir do not deliberately restrain their breath, they will naturally cause the heaven and earth visions when they walk!
      Qingyun summit!
      Cover up the sun!
      This corresponds to the three realms in the early, middle and later stages of Jindan realm. Generally, the early stage of Jindan is called Ruiqi immortal, the middle stage of Jindan is called Qingyun immortal, and the later stage of Jindan is called Huagai immortal.
      There is a huge gap between each realm, and Ziyun immortal of Ziyun sect is a golden elixir with auspicious spirit in its early existence!
      “Brother Zhang Jiao, you are back.”
      The elder of Ziyun sect was waiting outside the main hall of the sect. Seeing the immortal Ziyun falling in the glow, he immediately welcomed him.
      A white faced young man in a purple Taoist robe appeared in the glow. He looked as if he was younger than ye Chen. He was the leader of Ziyun sect.
      “What happened while I was away?”
      Immortal Ziyun saw the elder coming up and asked as he walked forward.
      The eldest relatives are waiting for him here. It's obvious that something very important happened in the clan during the period when he left. They need to report to him as soon as possible.
      The elder immediately approached, solemnly stated what had happened a few days ago, and said: “report back to elder martial brother Zhangjiao, it's like this…”
      “Jian Xiu, immortal?”
      Immortal Ziyun showed a trace of consternation.
      The elder nodded and said, “one sword killed a half step immortal. That's definitely the way to cultivate the immortal. There's no mistake. I don't know if it's some elder of our clan…”
      Immortal Ziyun was stunned and stopped. His eyes were not clear for a while. He said in a deep voice, “don't spread this story or ask more questions.”
      The elder responds in a low voice and then steps back.
      Watching the elder leave, immortal Ziyun's brows gradually locked up and said: “immortal Jianxiu saved Ziling?Who could it be… ”
      The elder guessed that there were still antiques in zongmen. At that time, he took a sword. However, immortal Ziyun was very clear that it could not be the antiques in zongmen.
      Because it's already dead!
      He once went into the forbidden area of zongmen ten years ago. It's already a piece of bone. All the leaders of Ziyun Zong sect and the supreme elder have been in the forbidden area for a long time. No one is still alive!
      The reason why we sometimes secretly suggest that there are old monsters sitting in the sect is to frighten other sects and make them dare not offend Ziyun sect easily. In fact, today's Ziyun sect, immortal Jindan is only the leader of the sect!
      A sword mender is enough to shake the whole ancient China, and it can't appear out of thin air.
      Who is it?
      With doubts in his eyes, immortal Ziyun walked to his main hall.
      At the same time.
      In the north courtyard of Ziling cave, under the pavilion, ye Chen sits on a stone bench. A jade teapot and two delicate teacups are placed on the stone platform in front of him.
      Sitting opposite Ye Chen is Ye Ziling. Her injury has completely recovered. After leaving the customs, she did not visit Yu Cheng first, but first came to the North Hospital where ye Chen lived.
      Ye Chen looks at Ye Ziling, with a trace of carefree light and mouth.
      “How do you think of tasting tea with me today?”
      “I'm bored for a moment. I want to have a chat with my elder brother.”
      Ye Ziling looks at Ye Chen and doesn't know if it's her illusion. She thinks that although Ye Chen has abandoned her cultivation and lost her realm, her actions are more immortal.
      She couldn't help but smile. She winked a little mischievously and said, “I didn't expect you to be more immortal, elder brother.”
      In front of outsiders, her image as a purple fairy is as cold as an iceberg, but only in front of Ye Chen, a brother who has been dependent on each other since childhood, she will take off all her disguises, relax incomparably, and don't worry about the open and secret struggle between friars.
      “Practice should conform to nature.”
      Ye Chen with a smile, picked up the teapot gently poured two cups of tea, said: “Purple spirit, you have recently encountered something, want to say it.”
      Ye Ziling was not polite, and he shook off all the things that happened in this year, including many dangers of fighting for opportunities, and recently, he was almost killed by a banbu immortal. Fortunately, a immortal Jianxiu saved her.
      “Practice is not easy.”
      Ye Chen sighed with emotion.
      Listening to Ye Ziling's story about the course of this year, it adds a little experience to him. This is ziyunzong's peerless pride, and his path of practice is not so smooth.
      Ye Ziling nodded and said: “practice is against the heaven, and every immortal Jindan has no idea how hard he has been tempered… He doesn't know who the elder Jianxiu who saved me, but he owes some cause and effect. If I succeed in Jindan in the future, I still need to repay this cause and effect.”
      “There's no need to repay the cause and effect between brother and sister.”
      Ye Chen took a sip of the teacup and chuckled.
      Ye Ziling was stunned, and then immediately Duqi mouth, stretched out a small hand, grabbed Ye Chen's cheek, pulled to one side, said: “brother can't make fun of real people!”
      “Good, good.”
      Ye Chen was pulled face, put down the cup, hands up to surrender.
      Ye Ziling let go of his little hand, and at last he reminded me: “it doesn't matter how you joke with me, brother. You can't talk nonsense outside, but I'm serious!”
      Looking at Ye Ziling's' very serious' appearance, ye Chen couldn't help smiling and echoed: “yes, what Ziling said is.”*
      Chapter Seven: a mortal's life is not in vain
      After frolicking with Ye Chen for a while, ye Ziling stretches her body, stretches in front of Ye Chen without any image, and feels relaxed.
      Usually outside, she either has to keep cool or keep alert. Even in the face of Yu Cheng and other senior sisters, she can't relax. The only person in the world who can make her completely relax is Ye Chen.
      Ye Ziling, who felt comfortable, immediately cared about the recent situation of Ye Chen and said:
      “Brother, is it boring to live in my cave alone?”
      Ye Chen sipped a sip of tea and said, “occasionally I will walk around. I usually read the books in cangdian Pavilion.”
      Ye Ziling said with a smile: “I didn't expect that you would like to read books. If we didn't meet my master, maybe you would be able to get an official title and become a marquis?”
      Ye Chen said with a smile: “that's not easy to say.”
      If he crossed the secular world, he would be either a businessman or an official. But there is a way to cultivate immortals in this world. Who would be an official if he could cultivate immortals?
      After chatting for a while, ye Ziling took a look at the sky, stood up to say goodbye to Ye Chen and said, “I'm going to see my master, so I'll go first. Here are some top quality nourishing pills, which are good for you, brother.”
      Ye Chen took the elixir from ye Ziling and nodded to her gently. Although he was not ye Chen before, his sister was really likable.
      After seeing off Ye Ziling, ye Chen stretches his body lazily. Then he leaves his courtyard and goes down the seventh peak to the direction of the main peak of Ziyun sect.
      His jade slips have the right to read almost all the books. A few days ago, he began to read in zangdian Pavilion. Although the books in zangdian pavilion are protected by array, for him today, that array can almost be regarded as nothing.
      A moment later.
      Ye Chen came outside the zangdian Pavilion and used his own jade slips to enter the zangdian Pavilion. His jade slips could only enter the zangdian Pavilion and could not reach the second floor of the zangdian Pavilion. However, this did not prevent him from entering the second floor. A flash of his heart sword made the array appear sluggish, and then he stepped up calmly.
      On the second floor of the zangdian Pavilion, ye Chen went to the place where he had read before, picked up a new 'ziyunzong secret record' that he had never seen, and began to read it.
      During this period, other disciples went up to the second floor, but they were not too surprised to see ye Chen. They took the classics they needed and left.
      There are tens of thousands of disciples of Ziyun sect, and there are hundreds of inner disciples who can go to the second floor of zangdian Pavilion. Not everyone knows each other.
      Not to mention these disciples.
      Even the Deacon who occasionally passed by the second floor of zangdian Pavilion didn't notice anything unusual.
      On the one hand, if you don't recognize Ye Chen, you won't question it. On the other hand, if you recognize Ye Chen, you probably won't question it. After all, if you can recognize Ye Chen, you all know that ye Chen is Ye Ziling's elder brother. With Ye Ziling's younger sister, who is a true disciple, it's normal to go to the second floor of zangdian Pavilion.
      So spring goes and autumn comes.
      In the blink of an eye, there are five spring and Autumn Periods.
      In the fifth year, ye Ziling broke through the barrier of heaven and man and made a breakthrough in one fell swoop until the middle of foundation construction, which caused a great shock to the whole Ziyun sect. He is known as the strongest genius of Ziyun sect in the past three hundred years. He is expected to break through the barrier of heaven and man and become a Jindan immortal before he is 100 years old!
      The improvement of Ye Ziling's cultivation shines in the whole Ziyun sect, which also makes Ye Chen gradually get attention here. Of course, the people who pay attention to Ye Chen are not contemptuous, but envious, envious that ye Chen can have such a fairy like sister.
      Many people even come to visit Ye Chen deliberately to make a good relationship with him. After all, no matter what ye Chen's accomplishments are, even if he is just a mortal, he is also ye Ziling's elder brother. It is said that the relationship between brother and sister has always been very good, but ye Chen always refuses.
      “Elder martial brother Qinghua!Did you hear that?Three days ago, Ziling fairy defeated feihongzong Tianjiao he Bai in guhuacheng. Later, she had a fight with the deacon of feihongzong, but she didn't lose out! ”
      “The deacon of feihongzong… That should be the cultivation in the later period of foundation building, right?Elder martial sister Ziling is indeed a peerless heavenly pride. She can face the monks in the later period of foundation building with her accomplishments in the middle period of foundation building. ”
      Among the mountain roads of Ziyun sect, several disciples of Ziyun sect are talking about the recent events. When they talk about ye Ziling, they are all admiring.
      Just at this time, ye Chen walked along the mountain path leisurely, passing behind the pavilion where several disciples gathered, and was noticed by one of them.
      Qinghua pulls the sleeves of the people next to her and whispers:
      “That person, is it like Ye Chen?”
      “It's him… It's said that he has a general aptitude. Long ago, he gave up his practice and lost his aura. However, it's normal. Both brother and sister are extremely proud. This kind of situation is rare in a thousand years.”
      Zhang Hai whispered.
      In common customs, brother and sister are both peerless. How lucky they are? They are more concentrated on one person. It is obvious that ye Chen and ye Ziling are just like this.
      Several people don't dare to talk loudly. Although they all heard about ye Chen's return to the world, ye Chen is Ye Ziling's elder brother after all. If ye Ziling really casts the golden elixir in the future and becomes the next leader of Ziyun sect, ye Chen's status will be lofty even if he is a mortal!
      It's just that… It's always a little strange that brother is more expensive than sister.
      “It's no use having a younger sister, even if it's a mortal life.”
      Qinghua sighed.
      Zhang Hai also said with emotion: “yes.”
      Although the words of several people's discussion were not deliberately suppressed, the voice was very small. Ordinary people could not hear it so far apart. However, ye Chen's heart was like a sword, not stained with dust. Naturally, he could hear the voices of several people's discussion, but he just laughed and walked by.
      In the past five years, he has read most of the books in ziyunzong's collection Pavilion, and he has traveled all over the Qianli mountain range where ziyunzong lives.
      Today, he plans to go to the forbidden area of ziyunzong for a tour.
      Reading books can get experience, and walking in the world can also have experience. The forbidden area of ziyunzong is related to the secrets of ziyunzong. I'm afraid I can get a lot of experience if I go there.
      He always wanted to go before, but because it was a forbidden area, and when he tried, the heart sword gave him a warning, so he restrained himself.
      In ancient times, the cultivation of swords only focused on the heart sword, but when the heart sword was used, there was no regret. If the heart sword could not defeat the enemy, then he would die, which could be said to be the most extreme existence among the monks.
      It is also because of its extreme, so when you may encounter danger, the heart sword will warn you.
      The last time he wanted to enter the forbidden area of ziyunzong, he noticed the warning of the heart sword. But this time he wanted to step in again, he didn't notice the warning of the heart sword, which means that the forbidden area of ziyunzong is no longer dangerous to him. Maybe he can gain a lot of experience after a trip*
      Chapter 8 forbidden area of the valley!
      As soon as ye Chen stepped on it, a rock on the edge of the cliff fell off silently and was crushed into a stone sword. Then he carried him all the way down the valley.
      Less than 30 feet down, a deep and dark light appeared in the dark. It was the array to protect the forbidden area of Ziyun sect. It was built based on the whole Ziyun sect's location. Even a Jindan immortal was hard to break into in a short time.
      But ye Chen here is just a flash of light.
      You can see a light golden sword light reflected in his pupil. The sword light flashed across his face. It was irresistible. With one blow, it penetrated into the crack of the forbidden area array.
      Ye Chen didn't want to destroy the array, so he didn't directly cut through the array. Instead, he broke the sword into the key point of the operation of the array and cut it off for a short time, making the array a little missing.
      It's more difficult to do this than to break the array, because the key to the operation of the array is inside the array itself. To cut off the operation of the array is actually to break the array.
      Only the heart sword of the ancient sword can break into the array from one point. The intention of the sword is concentrated in one point. It does not cause large-scale damage, nor does it spread, nor does it cause chain reaction.
      soundless and stirless.
      The light of the array in front of Ye Chen suddenly appeared a little dim. He didn't stay. He immediately threw himself in and fell to the bottom of the forbidden valley.
      There were no more obstacles along the way. He drove the stone sword with his heart sword until he stepped into the lowest level of the forbidden valley. Here, you can see that there are many caves on the nearby rock wall, many of which are sitting with a skeleton.
      It is Ziyun Zong's predecessors in charge of religion and supreme elders for thousands of years.
      “Immortal Jindan can live a long life for thousands of years, but it's hard to be free.”
      The leaf dust floats in the air, the vision passes this one to have withered bone, can't help but sigh a.
      The immortal road is hard. In ancient China, a real Jindan was already a great man worshipped by Wanxiu. But on the Jindan, there is Yuanying real king, and on the real king, there is Huashen Tianjun!
      According to the books he read, the whole ancient China region has not had the birth of Yuanying Zhenjun for tens of thousands of years, and the strongest is the late golden elixir, which covers the sun.
      The immortal Jindan gathers all the elements of life, Qi and Yuan to form an elixir. The perfect heaven makes itself one, so it can enjoy the longevity of thousands of years. However, the ancient sword only cultivates the heart sword, which has a great defect in the aspect of longevity. The Jindan can lock the life of life, but the heart sword has no function in this aspect.
      Even the strength of his heart sword today, the life span is no more than 200 years, the spirit will decay, and the heart sword will fade away with the decay of the spirit.
      However, if you don't lock Shou yuan and don't keep your destiny, you will get the most terrible sword between heaven and earth. In ancient times, almost no one wanted to be the enemy of a Jijing sword!
      Because it's terrible!
      [tip: experience + 200]
      Ye Chen's eyes skimmed over the withered bones of many of ziyunzong's forefathers, and a hint sounded in his ear. He narrowed his eyes and continued to fall down to the bottom of the valley.
      What you can feel is a huge aura, surging out of the earth pulse, filling the whole forbidden area space. It seems that the whole person is being washed by the tide of Aura!
      Earth vein!
      The whole sect of Ziyun sect was founded on the terrain of the Ziyun mountains. In the early Dynasty, the Zhangjiao spread the array, locked the terrain and sealed the veins in a corner. The most central part of the forbidden area, where ye Chen is standing, is the core of the veins.
      The inexhaustible aura in the earth is drawn and evolved by the earth's veins, and then gushes out from here to nourish the array of ziyunzong, and then spread to all peaks.
      “This is the vein of the earth.”
      Ye Chen bent down, reached out and touched the ground gently, and grabbed a handful of sand.
      In fact, if you look carefully, they are all crystal clear particles and fragments of spirit stone. The spirit here is so majestic that it has already turned the earth into spirit.
      However, it is precisely because the aura is too violent and majestic that the common mud and stone can't bear it at all. Even if it turns into a spirit stone, it will soon be broken, so the center is full of debris.
      Look around.
      But you can see many complete spirit stones, scattered branches on the outside of the valley bottom.
      [tip: experience + 300]
      After checking the earth vein, ye Chen knew something about the earth vein, and got another experience, a total of 500 points of experience, which seemed to him to be a worthwhile trip.
      But at this time, ye Chen suddenly frowned slightly, and noticed something strange.
      Look around.
      You can see that in the scattered spirit stones, there are several black chains, which extend all the way to the bottom of the earth.
      “There's something fishy down there.”
      Ye Chen's eyes looked down at the bottom of his feet, and his heart was like a sword. He explored the past in the earth's veins and soon knew the source of the chain.
      The chain extends down, impressively in the deep of the earth, imprisoning a big demon!
      The fierce aura in the earth vein constantly washes on the big demon, and then gradually becomes gentle, and then comes to the earth vein.
      This big demon has the function of suppressing the earth's veins. It uses its body to suppress the violent pressure from the deep earth's veins. In addition, it also purifies the aura to a certain extent.
      At the same time.
      The dark chains on his body are constantly drawing spiritual power from him, which makes him unable to practice. Instead, he can only constantly absorb the violent aura from the earth vein to supplement his spiritual power loss. The chains are linked with the array to form a whole.
      “I didn't expect that there was a big demon in the earth vein, which had condensed the demon Dan, comparable to the real Jindan of the Terran.”
      Ye Chen looks thoughtful.
      This big demon is like a donkey in a mill now. Under the control of the whip, it has to pull the millstone to keep the whole formation and the mountain stable.
      It seems to be pitiful, but ye Chen doesn't have any pity, because the demons and Terrans in this world are always enemies.
      The human friars treat the demon clan as a treasure house of movement, while the demon clan treat the human friars as a delicious meal and a great tonic for walking.
      Demons eat people everywhere, and it is common for people to cut demons.
      Moreover, human beings often do not kill demons wantonly and only take what they need. However, demon cannibals are often reckless. A big demon is a city, and hundreds of thousands of people are devoured by one bite.
      [tip: experience + 300]
      Knowing the true core of the ziyunzong array and the secrets of the earth, ye Chen has gained 300 points of experience, which is a little satisfied.
      800If you are reading in the cangdian Pavilion, it will take at least half a month.
      Ye Chen is ready to leave.
      But at this time, the demon, who was suppressed by the chain in the depth of the earth, kept his head down and breathed aura, seemed to be very stable, but suddenly opened his eyes directly!
      In those eyes,
      It's shocking blood red!
      If you look carefully, you can see that there is a crack that seems to be gnawed by countless times on the inside of the chain that imprisons its right arm, and it has been spreading.
      Broken chain!
      A surge of Demon power broke the earth's pulse and burst into the sky, causing the whole ziyunzong formation to shake violently, and the seven peaks of ziyunzong, including the main peak, were in turmoil*
      Chapter 9 eat up all the human friars in the world!
      The seventh peak.
      Inside Ziling cave.
      Ye Ziling suddenly opened his eyes in the closing. He was shocked. He felt that the whole seventh peak was shaking, as if it was going to be overturned.
      This is
      Someone attacked ziyunzong?
      She didn't have any hesitation. As soon as she dodged the light, she came to the outside of the cave. Looking at the sky, she saw that the whole sky had been covered by a purple light curtain, just like a hemispherical shape, spanning a hundred miles, covering the whole mountain gate of ziyunzong, which was the mountain protection array of ziyunzong.
      Just looking out, I didn't see anyone attacking the gate of Ziyun mountain. The movement seemed to come from underground!
      “What's the matter?”
      “What happened? Someone attacked my mountain gate?”
      All the light came out of the caves and came into the sky. Almost all the disciples and deacons of each peak looked suspicious.
      Ziyunzong has been established for nearly 4000 years, and it is not that it has never been attacked. However, this kind of thing often happens once in a hundred years, and most of the disciples have never encountered it!
      In chaos.
      Yu Cheng, the elder of the seventh peak, came to the highest place. His eyes glanced at the Ziyun sect, and his expression was shaking
      “… no, the mountain guard formation was not triggered from the outside.”
      “Is there something wrong with the earth?”
      Above the sky, Zhang Mingxuan and the elders of other peaks also broke the sky one after another. They all looked at each other from a distance and saw the uncertainty in each other's eyes.
      The elder looked at the ground solemnly and said, “elder of each peak, go to the bottom of the peak quickly and guard the pulse of each peak!”
      Yu Cheng and other elders answered immediately, and ran straight to the bottom of each peak.
      The elder turned around and went straight to the main peak. His face was very ugly. He took out a jade talisman and crushed it. The jade talisman contacted master Ziyun. At the same time, he swore in his heart.
      At the critical moment, Zhang Jiao is not there!
      The earth's pulse vibrates. They can only guard each peak at most. If there is something wrong with the earth's pulse, they can't get in at all. Only master Ziyun can get into the earth's pulse!
      Now they are the only elders who try their best to guard the peaks, rely on the mountain protection array to suppress the veins, and wait for the return of immortal Ziyun. I hope it's just an ordinary fluctuation of the veins.
      At this point.
      Deep in the forbidden area, at the bottom of the valley.
      The deepest surface of the vein, there are many cracks, the cracks continue to spread in all directions, the last burst collapse.
      An earth shaking roar erupted from the bottom of the earth vein. The sound was transmitted to the outside world through the great earthquake in the forbidden area, making almost all the elders' faces change dramatically!
      As elders, although they are not qualified to enter the forbidden area, they also know the key point of zongmen earthquake. They know that there is a big demon in the Ziyun sect!
      “The demon should have been locked by the Baji Tiedi lock of the early palm sect. How could it shake up such a big earth vein? Is it because the Baji Tiedi lock has a problem?That's too bad! ”
      The elder knew more about the secret, and even knew about Baji Tiedi lock. His face changed violently, with a little surprise for a moment.
      Immortal Ziyun is not here!
      If a golden elixir demon breaks the seal and breaks the earth vein, the whole Ziyun sect will be turned upside down, and no one can control it!
      However, looking at this, the Baji earth lock should not have been completely destroyed, otherwise the big demon had already come out, and the mountain protection array of ziyunzong was still above.
      Elder one low drink, lift foot a step, empty Dan's dint suppress the ground vein of the main peak, now he can also only do so much, only hope that immortal Ziyun can quickly come back.
      In the depth of the forbidden area, I saw a big blue eyed demon with scaly body and monstrous air. He roared and roared out of the earth.
      One of the eight chains that originally bound its body had broken off, and only seven chains were left to bind it. Each chain was covered with golden luster, but now it was stretched tightly, implicating the whole mountain turbulence.
      And in front of this big demon, a little bit higher, ye Chen is floating there, and a thoughtful look flashed in his eyes.
      “The Zhangjiao of ziyunzong seems to be careless, but no one found that the big demon broke a piece of the chain… Well, I can understand that it took thousands of years to erode the chain, and it just broke a piece of the chain.”
      With Ye Chen's soliloquy, a hint sounded in his ear.
      [tip: experience + 500]
      It was an obvious coincidence that he encountered a big demon of Zhenmai who wanted to break the seal. This gave him 500 points of experience!
      “I… Break the seal… And come out… Will turn you… Into blood food!”
      “Eat up all the human friars in the world!”
      In the roar of the blue eyed demon, the cruel and ferocious thoughts in his mind can be vaguely perceived, and the seven chains are more and more taut.
      Ye chenxinnian sensed the will of the big blue eyed demon, and his eyes gradually became indifferent. He looked down at it and said: “the timing is good, but Ziyun Zhangjiao just is not there. If you are rampant for several hours, it's really possible for you to break the seal.”
      “But you just met this seat!”
      In the face of the great power of the blue eyed demon, ye Chen's body was still, but he didn't make a move, but he had already entered the sky with a strong sword!
      “Terran friars!”
      The big blue eyed demon perceives the meaning of Ye Chen's sword. His eyes are wide open and his mind roars.
      Originally, there was almost no aura fluctuation on Ye Chen. He didn't pay attention to Ye Chen, so he chose to do it after breaking a chain.
      But it's not.
      At this moment, ye Chen's sword idea came out, which made him see the illusion of being split into two. He knew that the human friars in front of him were not ordinary!
      If ye Chen knew that he could be as powerful as a real person, he would never choose to break the seal at this time. However, there is no way out now. If he wants to break the seal and eat up all the human friars in the world, he must first kill his immediate cultivation!
      The big blue eyed demon uttered a fierce roar, and the Demon power accumulated in his body rose up to the sky, condensed in the demon pill, turned into a towering arc, fell on the leaf dust, and wanted to destroy the leaf dust into the dust of heaven and earth.
      In the face of the big blue eyed demon's attack, ye Chen's expression was very calm. He just raised his left hand and pointed to it as a sword. With a slight wave, the action was natural.
      The glare broke through the sky.
      The whole forbidden area's array solidified in a moment, and then broke up suddenly. The lingran sword spirit broke the blue eyed demon's blow, and the sword spirit soared into the sky, like a thunderbolt. In the eyes of the Ziyun sect's elders and disciples, the white clouds in the sky were cut off!
      Mind is a sword.
      Kill the demon with one sword!
      The big blue eyed demon's pupil contracted violently, showing a trace of horror and reluctance. But the intention of the heart sword was already in the body. The sword didn't cut its body, but cut its heart sea!
      The light of sword pierces the sea of mind and consciousness, and cuts off half of it. Although the spirit is intact and the body is intact, the mind will be lost and there will be no intelligence from now on!
      The dazzling white light dissipated.
      The big blue eyed demon shows his birth shadow. He stays in the air, and the tyranny and madness in his eyes disappear. Instead, he is dull and dull, and then he falls down quietly, and falls back to the earth, and can't rise again.
      The outside world.
      “So… What's that?”
      Countless disciples looked dully at the sky in the direction of the forbidden area.
      “This is, Jian Yi… The elder!”
      Ye Ziling's eyes are amazing.
      “If it is true that my ancestors still exist!”
      When the elder was shocked, he felt that the evil spirit began to fade away. It was obvious that he had been suppressed. He was relieved and immediately saluted in the direction of the forbidden area.
      The sword came from the clan. Obviously, it didn't come from the outside world. It can only be that some of the clan's former leaders and elders still exist in the world.
      Otherwise, it's impossible to say that an alien immortal Jindan sneaks into the sect and suddenly suppresses the earth demon for them*
      Chapter 10 brother, where did you go just now
      The big blue eyed demon was cut away by Ye Chen's sword. To put it bluntly, it was cut into a 'plant demon'. This time, it returned to the earth and stopped moving. The peaks of ziyunzong gradually stabilized.
      In the void of the forbidden area, ye Chen slowly puts down his sword, and then looks up at the sky. The whole person flies out of the void, falls outside the forbidden area, and walks along the mountain path.
      It seems like a shocking sword, but he didn't feel much about it.
      After all.
      The blue eyed demon was also oppressed by the ziyunzong formation, and his physical strength could not be exerted. There were seven chains on his body, which could be easily suppressed by an ordinary Jindan immortal. What's more, ye Chen, who has been brushing for five years now and has entered the heart sword with great speed?
      The Dao FA interface does not give him a pile of pure data, but a lot of real feelings and understandings, which makes his whole person seem to be integrated into the road of heaven and earth. In the past five years, his mood has been completely different from before.
      It's impossible to make waves in his heart to chop a suppressed Jindan demon with a sword.
      However, this trip to the forbidden area has added more than 1000 points of experience for him, which can be said to be a surprise. At least he has been reading the ancient history books in the cangdian Pavilion for one month.
      While walking, ye Chen calls out the interface of Taoism and Dharma.
      [ye Chen]
      Daofa: heart sword lv253 (+)
      [experience: 2382 points]
      After breaking through level 100, the heart sword needs 300 experience points for each level. In the past five years, ye Chen has upgraded the heart sword to level 253.
      Although it's not clear which realm the heart sword corresponds to at this stage, ye Chen is more sure that ordinary Jindan immortal can't take his sword. Even in the middle stage of Jindan in Qingyun huding, he is absolutely sure to split it on the spot!
      Ye Chen's heart sword has been promoted so many times, and he also vaguely feels that he is getting closer to an important transformation. If there is no accident, it may be the time of heart sword level 300.
      At that time, it would take a lot of experience to complete a transformation. I'm afraid the transformation would not be inferior to the heart sword change at level 100.
      After breaking the border, even if it is the top grade of the golden elixir, you can cut it with one sword!
      As for Yuanying Zhenjun, who is superior to the golden elixir, it's not clear. After all, ye Chen has never seen him. He has only seen some descriptions in ancient books. It's said that he can burn heaven and cook the sea, which has great power.
      There has not been a real king of Yuanying in ancient China for ten thousand years. If he can kill him with his sword, he will become an invincible existence in the whole ancient China, and all sects will tremble!
      After upgrading the level of heart sword with the experience gained in this exploration of forbidden area and the rest before, ye Chen closed his eyes a little and felt it carefully.
      “It's a long way to go.”
      He spoke leisurely and strolled down the hill.
      It was at this time that several light escapes from the four directions of Ziyun sect. It was the old people of Ziyun sect who had calmed down the agitation of each peak.
      All the elders run to the forbidden area under the control of dunguang. Yu Cheng looks down in the sky and notices the dust on the mountain path.
      He frowned slightly.
      However, he did not stay, but continued to fly to the forbidden Valley ahead.
      In the back mountain of Ziyun sect, only the secluded valley is a forbidden area, and other places do not forbid disciples to go. Although Ye Chen is no longer a disciple, he is Ye Ziling's elder brother after all. As long as some serious rules of the sect are not involved, Yu Chengdao doesn't care much.
      What's more.
      The peerless big demon was born, and the evil spirit was in the sky. In that case, the reason why Ye Chen stayed so close to the back mountain was mostly because he was protected by the ancestors in the forbidden area. Since the ancestors protected Ye Chen, he naturally didn't have to say much.
      Other elders also noticed that ye Chen left along the mountain path, just like Yu Cheng thought, and no one cared. Dun Guang fell outside the forbidden area of the valley.
      “Younger generation of ziyunzong, come to see the supreme elder.”
      The elder took the lead to salute outside the forbidden area of the valley, and opened his mouth to the respectful people in the valley. The rest of Yu Cheng and others also stood in a row to salute respectfully.
      As long as you retire and enter the forbidden area in the valley, you will be respected as the supreme elder.
      For a while.
      There was silence in the valley without any response.
      The elder kept his saluting posture, waiting for about two incense sticks, but there was no response. Then he got up slowly and looked carefully into the valley.
      They can feel that the defense array in the valley has been destroyed, and they can enter the valley directly, but no one dares to enter without permission.
      “It seems that the supreme elder doesn't want to see us.”
      The elder stepped back carefully and whispered.
      Yu Cheng, Zhang Mingxuan and other elders look at each other and nod their heads. Then they salute again in the valley
      “We'll leave, and we won't disturb the supreme elder Qingxiu.”
      After bowing down and taking a few steps back, Yu Cheng and others stood up and drove the light away from the forbidden Valley to the main peak of ziyunzong.
      At this time, ye Chen has left the back mountain. He looks up at some light in the sky and walks towards the seventh peak with a smile. Without waiting for him to go up the mountain road, a light suddenly falls from the sky and falls in front of him.
      The shadow of Ye Ziling appears in the light.
      “Where have you been, brother?It was so dangerous just now… ”
      She is a little nervous to see to the leaf dust, the vision flits over the body of the leaf dust, didn't see on the leaf dust body have the sign of injury, this just slightly relaxed a breath.
      Ye Chen with a smile, said: “cut a monster.”
      Ye Ziling angry and funny way: “cut what monster?”
      Ye Chen slightly recalled: “Purple eyes, green hair, should be a purple beast green hair lion demon.”
      “Tut, it's quite true. Which book did you read it from?”
      Ye Ziling couldn't help puffing and said, “OK, brother, please go back to my cave. Don't come out. It may not be safe to live in the door now.”
      After the voice fell, she untied a ribbon and immediately entangled Ye Chen. She took Ye Chen to the cave at Zhongfeng. Then she turned into a light and flew to the main peak.
      Ye Chen didn't resist. He let the ribbon take him to the purple spirit cave. After a short pause, he laughed and turned to enter the pavilion*
      Chapter 11 the horror of immortal Ziyun
      Ancient China.
      Qingxu gate, somewhere in the back of the mountain, where the fairy fog interweaves, the glow rises, sometimes cranes and birds fly in the air, and golden carp jump in the water.
      Under the ancient pine like an umbrella, the two figures are sitting opposite each other, with a chessboard in front of them. On the chessboard are black and white pieces, which are already in a state of anxiety.
      One of them was a Taoist robe in purple, which was the real person of Ziyun sect.
      The one who plays chess with him is the real person of Qingxu sect.
      After a while, Qingxu sighed: “if it's really a good hand, Ziyun Daoyou has come to an end, I'm afraid it's impossible.”
      “It's just the right step.”
      Immortal Ziyun has a smile on his face.
      He picked up the spirit tea on the nearby stone platform and was ready to taste it. But at this moment, his face suddenly changed, and he heard a jade plate hanging around his waist like ice, making a 'click' sound, and then it fell apart.
      Something's wrong!
      Immortal Ziyun's face changed greatly.
      This jade plate is made of a kind of crystal called Gemini. Once one of the Gemini dies, the other will die at the same time no matter how far away it is. Therefore, the crystal is made into a jade plate. As long as one of the Gemini is crushed, the other will be broken immediately.
      There is one piece on him, and the other piece is in the hands of the elder of Ziyun sect. This kind of jade card will not be used until the critical moment. Now it's broken, that is to say, Ziyun sect has a big event!
      “If something happens in zongmen, I'll go first.”
      As soon as the voice of immortal Ziyun came down, people had already mastered a light of escape, directly broke through the air, crossed an arc in the sky, and fled to the door of Ziyun sect.
      Seeing this, Qingxu was a little stunned. His eyes showed a little dignified. He quickly stood up and passed a message to the elder of the sect, saying, “you are going to guard the sect. Let's go to Ziyun sect.”
      The voice fell.
      He also drives the light away.
      Qingxu gate is not far away from Ziyun sect. The two sects have been friends for generations, and they often communicate with each other as guests. However, although it is not far away, it is still thousands of miles away!
      A golden elixir can travel hundreds of miles in a single thought, and it doesn't take an hour to cross the distance. Therefore, immortal Ziyun often comes to Qingxu gate as a guest, and he doesn't worry about the family affairs, because he can go back in half a day, and Qingxu sect will help him.
      Therefore, although ziyunzong and qingxumen were not powerful sects in ancient China, they were not willing to be easily provoked when they joined hands to advance and retreat together.
      But today is a big event!
      Someone attacked ziyunzong?
      Or… Something wrong with the earth?
      Immortal Ziyun's face is very dignified. If someone attacks and knocks down, it's OK. Ziyun sect's mountain protection array, even he himself, can't break it for a moment. He must be able to go back in time. If it's too late, it shows that the attacker's cultivation is very important, and it's useless even if he's there.
      But if there is a problem with the earth vein, it will be a big trouble, because the earth vein is in the Ziyun sect rather than outside, especially there is a big demon suppressed below.
      Although it is impossible to destroy the demon because it is locked by Baji, it may cause great damage to the interior of Ziyun sect if it makes waves while the earth is shaking!
      No one can live without Jindan!
      Although there is a big array, it will not destroy ziyunzong, but the loss is certainly not small.
      Think of it here.
      Immortal Ziyun can't help sighing in his heart. Ziyunzong's generation is more and more declining. In the heyday of the past, there were three Jindan immortal sitting in the town, but he is the only one in this generation. The whole clan's burden is on his shoulders. It's really exhausting.
      A moment later, immortal Ziyun had already seen the scene of zongmen. He could see that the mountain protection array of zongmen was still in good condition. He was a little relieved, but more dignified.
      Since the mountain protection array is in good condition, it can only be that the earth vein is in trouble!
      He drove Dun Guang to break through the air directly and went straight to the forbidden area in the back mountain. His mind swept over the forbidden area quickly. His eyes suddenly changed slightly and he cried out that it was bad.
      The array in the forbidden area of the secluded valley has been destroyed!
      There was no hesitation.
      Immortal Ziyun plunges directly into the forbidden area of the valley and reaches to the bottom. He can see that the whole forbidden area of the valley is in a mess.
      The skeletons of the headmasters and elders of the previous generation have disappeared, and a large area of the cliffs on both sides has been destroyed.
      The eight pole ground lock is broken!
      Seeing that one of the eight pole chains was broken, immortal Ziyun suddenly clapped in his heart.
      Oh, no!
      If the earth is just turbulent and the big demon is making waves, it is impossible to cause too bad situation when the Baji earth lock is in good condition, but if one of the Baji earth lock is broken, the remaining seven will not be able to completely control the big demon!
      A golden elixir demon, if it gets out of trouble… I'm afraid even he is hard to deal with!
      When immortal Ziyun's idea swept under the earth's veins, he was stunned. He suddenly found that the big demon was lying on the earth's veins, breathing aura, and there was no sign of rampage.
      There was a flicker of uncertainty in his eyes. After a moment of change, immortal Ziyun called out a flag to hang on his head. Then he entered the earth vein and came to the big demon to explore.
      Under a probe, the mind shakes!
      “This… This… How could this be?”
      Ziyun's real face was startled.
      He was shocked to realize that the blue eyed demon's body and spirit were in good condition, but his mind and will had been completely destroyed. He was in chaos and had no more thoughts!
      Especially after a careful exploration, the Lingxiao sword still remained in the sea of blue eyed demon's heart, which pierced his heart and made him feel a shiver!
      Cut the heart, not the soul!
      What a sword it is, what a terrible sword it is!
      When immortal Ziyun was shocked, a message came from the outside world. It was the message from the elder Ziyun sect that quickly reported to him what had happened before the sect.
      “A sword can't help but go straight to the top of the clouds?”
      After hearing this, immortal Ziyun was shocked.
      It's definitely a way to cultivate a real man with sword, and it's not a normal one. There's a real sword cultivator hidden in the forbidden area of Yougu!
      But how can this be? He has been to the forbidden area of the valley several times to check the situation of the earth. He clearly knows that many of the patriarchs here have been seated. Is it because one of them is between the gates of life and death, and he is not aware of the etiquette because he has not explored it in detail?
      But now it seems that there is only such an explanation, or someone sneaked into ziyunzong, and also sneaked into the forbidden area, but this situation is more difficult to understand.
      “Are you safe?”
      When immortal Ziyun thought about this, he gave a salute to the earth, but there was no response.
      He glanced around and didn't feel any signs of life. He finally said, “no matter whether the Taoist friends are our ancestors or visitors from afar, the seventh generation of Ziyun sect's palm sect is here to thank you.”
      In this opening still did not get a response, immortal Ziyun finally shook his head, eyes awe inspiring and looked at the head was cut out of the heart of the big demon.
      If it's my master, it's OK.
      If you come from far away, it's really frightening for him to have such terrible swordsmanship. It seems that he'd better not go out any more and stay in the family safely*
      Chapter 12 heart sword
      There are no years to practice, and in a twinkling of an eye, there are three spring and Autumn Periods.
      It has been nine years since Ye Chen came to this world.
      In the past three years, ye Ziling has been defeated by many ancient Chinese sects. She is the son of a noble family. She has been in the limelight of the whole ancient Chinese region and has numerous pursuers. However, she is determined to pursue the Tao and despises it.
      As for some of the pursuers of Ziyun sect who want to have a good relationship with Ye Chen, they also have no choice. They can hardly find Ye Chen himself in the sect.
      The north courtyard of Ziling cave.
      It's much wider than before. Ye Ziling specially expanded the area of his cave fairy Pavilion in order to prevent Ye Chen from being too lonely and boring.
      Made a pond, raised many Koi, and raised a few cranes in the garden.
      It's natural for ye Chen to have all these things. It's rare for ye Ziling to have a single heart. The key point is that he raised these cranes and Koi in the pond, but he also had a lot of experience.
      The book of zangdiange is almost finished.
      At this moment, ye Chen's Dao FA interface.
      [ye Chen]
      [Daofa: heart sword lv299 (+)]
      [experience: 9992 points]
      It takes a lot of experience to break through to level 300, just as ye Chen expected. It takes 10000 points, and it's still a little short.
      But I can do anything today.
      Ye Chen is not in a hurry. The first thing in his practice is to be calm and to be determined. The more his mind is, the more likely he is to be possessed by the devil. However, the ancient sword cultivation is almost the only way that does not have the concept of being possessed by the devil, because only cultivating the heart sword, the mind is like a sword, and there can be no dust thoughts at all.
      After throwing some baits and feeding the koi in the pool, ye Chen stood up with his hands in his hands and looked up to the sky. He saw several cranes hovering in the air and finally fell in front of him. One of them fell to the side of the pool, and the crane's claws fell into the water, teasing the koi in the pool.
      “Come on.”
      Ye Chen beckons, and the crane immediately goes ashore, cooing.
      After teasing Linghe for a while, ye Chen feels that he has no time to adjust his mood, so he steps back to the elegant pavilion where he lives, picks up a book that has been read half way, and finishes reading the second half.
      [tip: experience + 14 points]
      Hearing the tip coming from his ear, ye Chen closed the classics in his hand, put them aside, and then called out the Taoist Dharma interface. Without too much hesitation, he thought to click the symbol.
      [tip: Xinjian has been promoted to the bottleneck. Will it take 10000 points of experience to break the bottleneck and expand the subsequent promotion upper limit after breaking it]
      Ye Chen chose to be sure.
      In a flash, the golden light permeated the whole interface of Taoism and Dharma, and also poured into his heart, turning the tide of his heart into a huge wave and going in all directions.
      The heart sword suspended in the sea of heart is as huge as the heaven and earth. The body of the sword is made by nature. It is surrounded by Tao Yun, and the sky is even more intertwined with Tao texture!
      In silence.
      The endless sea of heart water, like a sea of bitterness, suddenly split into two parts from the central division, as if the whole world was divided into two!
      Looking at the heart sea which is divided into two parts, ye Chen has a clear idea in his heart, and immediately knows his intention – this is the breakthrough of heart sword, showing him two roads!
      A way is a heartless sword!
      The other is the red sword!
      Ruthless Kendo is more difficult to be influenced by everything in the world. It can be said that all methods are inviolable. It can break all demons and demons, and be immune to all illusions. It will be as unshakable as the road.
      The world of mortal Kendo goes deep into the world of mortals. It needs to cultivate its mind in the world of mortals. It is more difficult to walk in the world of mortal Kendo than in the world of ruthless Kendo, and its path is more rugged.
      In the face of these two paths, ye Chen did not hesitate too much.
      Of course, he can't choose heartless sword!
      Ruthless Kendo is not to close one's own emotions, but to cut off all seven emotions and six desires with one sword. It means that the whole person is transformed into a ruthless sword. In Ye Chen's opinion, even if you can prove the immortal way, how can you be free?
      After choosing Ye Chen of the world of mortals sword, the whole heart sea turns upside down, and the heart sword suspended in the air begins to take on various colors, which are all transformed by seven emotions and six desires.
      “Tut, I didn't expect that lust is the most important thing.”
      “Sure enough, I'm an LSP.”
      Ye Chen looked at the heart of the sword above, stained with the heaviest of a peach cloud light containing lust, can't help but smile.
      This is the deepest part of the sea of heart, where all thoughts will be embodied. What appears is what, of course, there is no need to cheat yourself.
      And ye Chen doesn't care about this.
      To cultivate the true, to eliminate the false and retain the true, and to seek the true self, we need to clearly understand our own body, follow the Tao and nature, and forcibly change our own nature. On the contrary, it is the most inferior way.
      The key question is whether we can stick to our nature and wander among the six desires without sinking, which most people can't do, so more people will take the path of meditation.
      But leaf dust doesn't matter.
      It doesn't matter how the Taoist system works. There's nothing you can't do with a level 100 heart sword. If you have one, you can do it again.
      The heart sword is stained with all kinds of world of mortals, and also makes Ye Chen immerse in all kinds of illusions for a short time. There are innumerable abyss evil thoughts, flesh and blood bitter sea, and lust. All kinds of temptations seem to be on the scene and feel real.
      At the same time.
      In the atrium of Ziling cave, ye Ziling wakes up from the closed door. She gasps a little. She feels that her face is a little hot. She can't help reaching out to cover her face. Her innocent and lovely face seems to be stained with some peach blossoms.
      “How could it be brother's…”
      Before ordinary friars broke the barrier between heaven and man and became Jindan immortal, they were often entangled with the common customs, and they often turned into demons in their closed practice.
      Ye Ziling is good at both spiritual root and state of mind. She has never been in a state of mind disorder during her practice until the middle of foundation building. This is the first time she has met her in this retreat, and it makes her a little caught off guard, because it's lust.
      And the object of appearance is leaf dust!
      “Is it because you know something like that?”
      Ye Ziling felt that her cheek was still a little hot. She probably guessed why it was so, because after she broke through to build her own foundation, she accidentally found that there was no blood relationship between her and ye Chen.
      In short, they are not brothers and sisters.
      Although it is not clear what the specific situation is, she probably guessed that she was picked up by Ye Chen when she was very young, and then ye Chen took care of her as a sister.
      Realizing that there is no blood relationship between herself and ye Chen, this relationship is more entangled for her, because if there is blood relationship, then ye Chen's care for her is within the cause and effect, but if there is no blood relationship, it is another matter.
      Over the years, she didn't have any idea about the emerging pursuers. Instead, the image of Ye Chen, who has more and more immortal temperament, has always been deposited in her heart.
      She can lie to herself,
      But I can't cheat the sea of mind.
      All the turbid thoughts that have existed will sink into the deep of the heart, until they suddenly emerge at a critical moment of practice and turn into demons to give practitioners a blow.
      That's what happened just now.
      There are many ways to solve this problem. One is to be calm and determined. If one's nature is like a reef, one can't be shaken by the rough waves. The other is to look down on the waves directly, even the waves and flowers will be completely eliminated. The last one is to integrate into the waves and become one's own, that is, to form a Taoist couple.
      The last one is obviously no choice. After all, ye Chen is no longer a monk. This idea also makes Ye Ziling's face hot and throws it directly into the bottom of her heart.
      It's hard to look down on… Completely.
      She didn't want to practice the merciless way, and she didn't break the barrier between heaven and man to make the golden elixir. This kind of thought can't be completely eliminated. Even if she looks down on Ye Chen, there will inevitably be other people. In that case, it's better to just keep it as it is now.
      Even if ye Chen knows it, she won't be angry. Besides, she can't let Ye Chen know this kind of shame.
      As long as she is a human being and not an immortal, it is inevitable that her mind will sink into the sea of her heart. Maybe Ye Chen is the same as her, which can't be avoided by any mortal*
      Chapter 13 the power of Demons!Thousand years of gratitude and resentment!
      “Master's admonition is good. It's true that we should pay attention to calmness and conservatism. If we break through the realm too fast, it's easy to be unstable. If we want to break through the late stage of foundation construction, it's better to settle for a period of time.”
      Ye Ziling gradually regained his composure and calmness, and said to himself.
      Now, if she wants to break through the later period of foundation construction, she just needs to shut up a few more times and take some pills, and she will be 70% or 80% sure of breaking into the later period of foundation construction. But now it seems that it's better to delay and stabilize her mind.
      Get up from the futon and walk outside.
      But when she came to the door of the closed room, a dull roar suddenly came from outside the closed room, followed by the whole seventh peak shaking.
      For a moment, it was like heaven and earth toppling over!
      Ye Ziling's eyes suddenly startled, and immediately rushed out of the closed room and came to the outside of the cave.
      When you look up at the sky, you can see that the whole sky is covered by a piece of red and black evil spirit. The vast evil spirit is powerful for hundreds of miles, and the world turns pale!
      “Such evil spirit…”
      Ye Ziling looked at the vision in the sky, and suddenly felt an unnatural shudder in his body and a vibration in his manner.
      She has seen a lot of demons, even killed many demons, and met demons in Xudan realm, a friar of the beauty clan. But those demons could not have such terrible power.
      The vast evil spirit soared into the sky, covering hundreds of miles. The whole mountain protection array of ziyunzong was in a state of chaos. It seemed that you could hear some squeaking sounds of approaching collapse!
      This is a big demon!
      A big demon comparable to the human Jindan immortal!
      In Ziyun sect, countless light escapes into the sky, and many disciples of the inner sect look at the sky in horror. Even Yu Cheng and other elders of each peak feel that the towering power, and their faces change dramatically.
      “Who dares to disturb ziyunzong?”
      A big drink from the main peak of ziyunzong swing open.
      Immortal Ziyun, the leader of Ziyun sect, stepped into the void one step at a time, and the glow and auspicious spirit poured down on the surface of the mountain protection array, which stabilized the mountain protection array.
      “Purple… Cloud…”
      There is a deep voice in the red and black monstrous air, which seems to contain the monstrous anger and hatred.
      All over the sky, the evil spirit burst.
      The whole void was dark. In the dark, a lion with purple eyes and green mane trampled on the void and soared over ziyunzong.
      With the appearance of the big blue eyed demon, the monstrous spirit of the whole sky is rolling and moving. Suddenly, it changes and turns into a lion's head. It is as big as a thousand feet, and its mouth is like a blood basin. It seems that it can swallow the sky in one mouthful!
      “Evil spirit turns into form!”
      Yu Cheng is scared to open his mouth.
      The big demons, which are comparable to the mortal Jindan of the human race, can also be divided into different realms. Ordinary big demons are just monstrous. If the monstrous can be transformed into Dharma, their realms will be comparable to the mid Jindan!
      Demonic form, corresponding to the mid Jindan Qingyun juding!
      This is a big demon comparable to real Qingyun!
      Immortal Ziyun's face also changed. He looked at the blue eyed demon from the mountain protection array. Looking at the demon behind him, he already felt a heavy pressure.
      “You demons, dare to invade our Terran land!”
      “Get back!Otherwise you will be killed by the sword
      Immortal Ziyun opened his mouth with fierce eyes.
      In the face of an evil demon, he thinks that he can't defeat him. He can only rely on the mountain protection array to stop him. However, he has summoned the Qingxu sect. He only needs to stick to the Qingxu sect for a short time to get there. When the time comes, they will not be afraid of the demon.
      However, the big blue eyed demon turned a deaf ear, only looked at ziyunzong, spewed words, in a word, the demon roared behind.
      “Purple cloud!!”
      With this roar, I didn't know how many disciples of the inner gate ran Guang broke up. He couldn't maintain his body shape and fell from the sky in pieces.
      Ye Ziling barely kept his mind, but he didn't fall from the sky with a roar. However, his face turned pale and his eyes showed fear.
      The mountain protection array has not been broken yet, and the power of roaring will end here!
      What a terror!!
      Seeing this scene, immortal Ziyun was also a little surprised and angry. He suppressed his anger, stared at the big blue eyed demon, and said in a deep voice, “do you have any enemies with me?”
      “Not you…”
      The big blue eyed demon spoke with a dull voice, and his eyes were red with blood, as if with deep hatred. He said: “but you wait for the Terran friars, you can't live today!”
      With the sound falling, it suddenly fell, and the monstrous air rolled down like a tsunami, impacting on the mountain protection array of ziyunzong.
      Under this rush, the light curtain of the whole mountain protection array was shaken violently, like a boat in the tsunami, which would capsize at any time!
      Immortal Ziyun's face changed.
      “Go and form a battle!Guard all the peaks
      Yu Cheng and other elders also looked shocked. Hearing the words, they did not hesitate at all. They ran to their respective peaks to reveal the appearance of emptiness and elixir, and strengthened their own strength on the mountain protection array.
      The real Ziyun looked as like as two peas in the fierce manner of the battle, and his face looked a bit ugly. He had been familiar with the appearance of the monster just now, and now he had thought of it, and it was exactly the same as the big monster that was suppressed in Ziyun's forbidden land.
      In the ancient history of Ziyun sect, it is said that in the early times, the Zhangjiao came to Ziyun mountain, saw the earth vein and the two demons, locked one by one, and then established the sect and established Ziyun sect!
      If you're right.
      The big demon in front of us should be the other one who was run away from the first generation of Zhangjiao. Now thousands of years later, the first generation of Zhangjiao has already returned to the ruins, and the demon family is full of Qi and blood, and has a long life span than the Terran friars. The one in the earth is still alive, and the one that ran away is also alive!
      Now it is a successful practice to avenge ziyunzong!
      Four thousand years of gratitude and resentment!
      Immortal Ziyun thought of this and said coldly, “I see. You are the other one who ran away in those years. It's a pity that I'm here today. You can't be presumptuous!”
      If he wasn't in the sect, a big demon in the shape of evil spirit would be enough to destroy the mountain protection array in an instant and wipe out the whole Ziyun sect.
      But if you have him, you will not be able to break the battle even if you are demonized!
      After each of the seven elders of Ziyun sect guarded the earth and the power of Xudan, immortal Ziyun just manipulated the mountain protection array at will and blocked the impact of the hundred Li evil spirit.
      “At the beginning, the two demons ate countless people, and they were so evil that they were defeated by the headmaster of our clan. You escaped by chance. Now you have only been demonized for four thousand years, and you dare to come here to do evil again!”
      Immortal Ziyun spoke faintly.
      He has made up his mind to fight with the other side after the Qingxu sect comes here. This time, he is bound to kill him here. Otherwise, the demon will go to other places to eat people and kill them.
      According to the records of ancient history, this demon was already a great demon of golden elixir at that time. It was 4000 years ago that it broke through a small situation and became demonic. Although the cultivation talent of the demon family was far inferior to that of the human friars, this one was a little too bad.
      Just when immortal Ziyun was thinking about this, a much clearer voice came from the evil spirit.
      “You human friars are our blood food.”
      With the spread of this sentence, the evil spirit of a hundred Li suddenly dispersed, the whole sky restored to pure brightness, the endless evil spirit crazy introverted contraction, finally revealed a man.
      The man was naked, with mane on his neck, purple eyes and blue eyes, standing on the sky. Although there was no monstrous spirit on his body, it didn't give people any relief. On the contrary, it brought a suffocating oppression, which spread widely.
      “Demon body turns into shape…”
      Immortal Ziyun spoke in horror.
      This voice reverberated in the Ziyun sect, which also made countless disciples in the whole Ziyun sect face drastic changes, including elder Yu Cheng and others, showing shock.
      Demon body shape!
      This is the last step of the Jindan demon. The one who can take this step is comparable to the later period of Jindan of the Terran friars. The shape of the demon body corresponds to the canopy blocking the sun in the later period of Jindan!
      At this level, a single blow can make rivers pour backward, and every move can shake mountains. Every move has great power*
      Chapter 14 The Devil dare to make trouble!
      “I'll be good!”
      Qingxu real man looked at the horizon with astonishment.
      After he received the help from immortal Ziyun, he immediately drove away with the help of Dun Guang. But now he was thousands of miles away from Ziyun sect. So far away, he could still vaguely feel a trace of supernatural spirit.
      This is not the common Jindan big demon can have, that is, the evil spirit shape can't be so terrible, most of them are monstrous big demons!
      These demons, even the most famous families in ancient China, also need to fight against them. However, it is difficult for them to fight against such remote sects as Qingxu sect and ziyunzong sect!
      Go back?
      Qingxu real person will gradually slow down.
      There are at least thousands of miles away from ziyunzong. In the face of a Jindan demon in the shape of demon body, I'm afraid ziyunzong can't support him to rush over, and even if he rushes over, he may not be able to do anything. Such a great demon may even put himself in danger.
      But it's not good to give up. The Qingxu Ziyun family has made friends for generations. If the world knows that ziyunzong is in danger and he sits back and ignores him, there will be no clan to help him in future.
      “Let's go and have a look.”
      Qingxu hesitated and decided to go and have a look. He tried not to get too close. If it was too late, he would run away immediately.
      As long as the distance is far enough, it's hard for the Huaxing demon to catch up with him. After all, the skills he practiced in Qingxu sect are famous for being carefree and free, coming and going freely.
      Here Qingxu immortal continues to rush to ziyunzong, where ziyunzong has already made a hand with the big blue eyed demon, and the earth shaking collision breaks out for a moment.
      The big blue eyed demon turned into a human form, and the evil spirit gathered in the sky. With three successive blows, the whole mountain protection array of ziyunzong was shaken violently, and countless cracks appeared in the light curtain!
      Yu Cheng and other elders who suppressed the earth veins of each peak, though separated by the earth veins, were still shocked by the terrible power, and their faces turned pale.
      Immortal Ziyun drinks violently, which stimulates Ziyun's mental skill. A purple elixir starts from the zenith, and the purple Qi turns into pieces of Ziyun. It flies up to the sky, and forcefully holds the light curtain of the formation with cracks, so that the cracks on the mountain protection formation can be quickly closed.
      Then with a wave of his hand, 72 array flags flew to all parts of ziyunzong, turned into 72 beams of light, soared into 72 pillars, and supported the mountain protection array.
      After stabilizing the mountain protection array, immortal Ziyun didn't look relaxed. Instead, he was still palpitating.
      If he is not in zongmen, the mountain protection array will not be able to withstand the other party's attack!
      If there is no mountain protection array, he will encounter such a shocking demon outside, and it is also difficult to resist the other party's attack!
      Even if he was in the sect, with the blessing of the sect's grand array, the treasure of Ziyun sect and the combination of 72 array flags, he was still not sure that he could resist the attack of the other side.
      But he was not sure. He could not show it on his face. He could only keep his cool eyes and shout to the blue eyed demon above the sky
      “It's a joke that you want to break our family's big battle. If you don't go back soon, you will turn into powder when our ancestors come!”
      The big blue eyed demon stood in the sky. A glimmer of light flashed through his purple eyes, leaving a trace of tyranny and contempt. He said, “it's up to you to wait?”
      With the voice falling, it waves out its arms, just like raindrops bombarding on the array light screen, and the whole array light screen keeps shaking!
      Seeing the support of many human friars at the bottom of the array, it is gradually rising, roaring into the sky, and a series of visible Baizhang fists are falling madly.
      The elders of Ziyun sect are hard to support. Immortal Ziyun is also the master of the golden elixir. He withstood the foundation of the array, extracted a lot of local aura, and forced to defend it.
      Even if the array was not broken, the powerful demon still shook a hundred Li. The ordinary clergymen and the outer disciples of Ziyun sect were shocked as if they were gold paper. Even the inner disciples were hard to control the light, and all of them fell on the ground.
      “It can't go on like this…”
      Ye Ziling and some deacons of zongmen in the later period of foundation building managed to control dunguang hovering in the air, but in the face of such a situation, everyone could only watch.
      At least he has to be a half step real person in Xudan realm to be qualified to rely on the earth vein to support the operation of the array and add strength. The ordinary foundation building realm can't get involved in the confrontation at this level. This sense of powerlessness also makes Ye Ziling pale.
      Not a golden elixir, but a mole ant!
      It's impossible to cross the gap between heaven and man even if it's a genius!
      In the roar of shaking the purple cloud, the big blue eyed demon became more and more crazy. Suddenly, he directly sacrificed his own demon Dan, and the fierce Demon power crashed into the light curtain of the array with the demon Dan.
      Different from the human Jindan, the demon Dan of the demon clan is the strongest thing on its body. Although it is their lifeblood, it is also the most powerful weapon, which can be directly and brutally sacrificed!
      The blue demon Dan contains the supreme power. Under one blow, the light curtain of the array is almost penetrated, and the 72 bar array flag supporting the light curtain is broken!
      The blue eyed demon is not only crazy, but also furious and ferocious in the roar. The demon Dan is inspired by him and impacts the mountain protection array of ziyunzong.
      Each impact, there are a few flags broken.
      After dozens of collisions in a row, the 72 bar array flag broke!
      The big blue eyed demon roared and fell with the last blow.
      Just like heaven!
      Under this blow, the light curtain of the umbrella like array finally appeared cracks, which could no longer be contained. It spread in all directions, and finally completely burst.
      Immortal Ziyun also spurted out a mouthful of blood, and his whole body broke up in a burst of auspicious Qi. The whole person rolled back tens of feet, and looked at the top with an ugly face.
      The big blue eyed demon used the demon pill to break through the battle. Obviously, he was also attacked. His face was a little pale, and there was a trace of blood on the corner of his mouth, but the power of the demon was not reduced!
      Looking at the immortal Ziyun and tens of thousands of disciples of Ziyun sect who had lost the protection of the light curtain of the array, the big blue eyed demon showed a grim smile on his face: “today, I can finally enjoy it.”
      The voice fell.
      He raised his right hand and grabbed it from below. The evil spirit in the sky turned into a withered yellow claw. He wanted to kill the friar Yifeng with one claw, and then grabbed it back to swallow it.
      Immortal Ziyun is also shrouded in the giant claw. He covers his chest with one hand, and there is blood spilling from the corner of his mouth. The array has just been broken. Although the blue eyed demon has also been injured, he is more seriously injured, and the power of the golden elixir can hardly be mobilized!
      There was despair in his eyes.
      At this moment, in the small pavilion of the north courtyard of Ziling cave, ye Chen, who is immersed in the inquiry of Hongchen Kendo, feels something in his heart. He interrupts the inquiry and suddenly opens his eyes.
      “Don't you dare to make trouble!”*
      Chapter 15: the big demon, cut and die!
      In the despair of immortal Ziyun and many disciples of Ziyun sect including Ye Ziling, a bunch of white sword light soared into the sky!
      The light of the sword is ten thousand feet. If the Milky way is trained, it will be cut down from the sky. It looks like the Tianhe river is pouring down. The sword is huge and vast. It is irresistible!
      The sword light tore the despair of people's hearts, pierced the sky, and illuminated a piece of dawn!
      “Terran friars!”
      The big blue eyed demon's pupils contracted and looked up, showing a trace of anger.
      There was a faint shiver in the roar. He felt the horror of the sword. The light of the sword was like the sky. It was enough to threaten him!
      In the roar of the blue eyed demon, he did not dare to attack the ziyunzong below. He immediately turned his hands into claws and resisted the sky.
      With its movement.
      That originally attacked ziyunzong and wanted to kill Yifeng directly. The monster giant palm also turned its direction to meet the sword light above the sky.
      The monstrous spirit condenses two giant hands holding the sky. The whole body is blue and has thousands of feet, which blocks out the sky and the sun. It seems that it is going to break the white sword light.
      soundless and stirless.
      Tuotian giant palm and sword light came into contact, and there was no huge sound. But he saw that tuotian giant palm was cut by a sword under the white sword light, just like rotten wood!
      Many disciples of Ziyun sect, such as immortal Ziyun, elder Gefeng and ye Ziling, were stunned to see this scene, and their eyes almost showed shock.
      The big blue eyed demon let out a roar of fury. His body wriggled and his evil spirit burst out. It was a hundred Zhang demon lion, but it was still small compared with the ten thousand Zhang sword light!
      It felt the crisis, felt the crisis of death, and wanted to retreat, but it was locked by the sword light. There was no way to retreat, no way to avoid. It had to show its fierce color, spit out in the cruelty, and released its own demon pill again!
      The demon pill is very small, but it floats up in the air, but it emits a hundred Li rainbow light. The green and red demons mingle on it, and fight against the sword light fiercely, to smash the sword light!
      Demon Dan and sword light collide together.
      The void above the whole sky seems to have a visible ripple. The air squeezes and roars into a shock. It swings out in all directions, making the nearby mountains clatter. Countless ancient pines are fragmented. It seems that the mountains are going to be turned upside down, and the sun and the moon are eclipsed!
      The aftershocks.
      Even if ye Ziling and other deacons of the disciples who built the base, they could no longer maintain the body shape of dunguang. All dunguang was scattered and fell to the top of the mountain in all directions.
      I heard the sound from the sky like a steel grinding plate rolling stones. Every time it sounded, the big blue eyed demon's face turned white. His huge body staggered backward, and his mouth spewed out bright red demon blood.
      In the face of the irresistible sword light, it finally recalled the fear hidden in the heart, the fear of human friars.
      There was another bang, and the white light of the sword cut into the demon pill and finally cut it in half!
      The blue eyed demon vomited a lot of blood and dyed the main peak of Ziyun sect red. The spirit and the Demon power were almost destroyed.
      In the separation of consciousness, it turns its head, the lion's tail falls down, staggers into the air, and tries to escape to the distance, but the sword light does not stop.
      The light of the sword!
      The huge body of the big blue eyed demon solidified in the air, and a thread of blood appeared in the center, extending from the head to the tail. A pair of demon pupils showed fear and despair, and their vitality quickly dissipated. Finally, they burst into two bodies, falling from the sky to both sides.
      It's like the Milky way competition. The white sword light of the nine days, after it was completely cut off, quickly disappeared in the invisible, and disappeared in the moment before it came into contact with the earth.
      To turn into a big demon,
      Cut and die!
      In the small pavilion in the north courtyard of Ziling cave, ye Chen sighed after he killed the big blue eyed demon with one sword
      “So it is. Four thousand years of gratitude and resentment?”
      Across such a long time, it is actually difficult to distinguish right from wrong. Demons feed on human beings, and human beings refine treasure with demons. It can only be said that the way of heaven is like this, conforming to the principle.
      This trace of emotion rises in his heart. Ye Chen feels that there is a little red dust in his heart, so he immediately closes his eyes and continues to sit and ask.
      If an ordinary monk is interrupted when asking his heart, even if he doesn't fall into the devil, his mind will be hurt. But he is on the road of ancient sword cultivation, and his mind is like a sword without dust. Even if he is interrupted for a moment, it doesn't have much influence. Even that moment just now brings more enlightenment.
      The outside world.
      The evil spirit gradually dissipated.
      The sky above once again revealed the blue sky and white sky.
      “DeathDead? ”
      “Such a terrible demon, with one sword…”
      I don't know how many disciples are dull.
      Ye Ziling looked at this scene from a distance, and his mind was blank for a time.
      “Sword like rainbowSword like rainbowThis is the way to cover up the sun in the later stage of JindanNo, that guy is a big demon with a demon body. He can be killed by one blow. Even if he is a sword mending immortal in the later stage of Jindan, is he a immortal who robbed Dan? ”
      Zhang Mingxuan was shocked.
      There is no such small realm as “consummation” in Jindan realm. It is above the late Jindan immortal who covered the sun and under the immortal Yuanying Zhenjun who proved to be immortal. It is called Danjie immortal!
      If a monk wants to turn Dan into an infant, he needs to sacrifice the golden elixir to meet the thunder. It is said that there are nine robberies, and at least three. If he can pass six, he will become an infant. Therefore, LiuJie immortal is also called banbu Zhenjun!
      If the golden elixir can be immortal, it will have its own magic power. Every move can contain a trace of heavenly power, which is far more than ordinary people can match.
      These Zhang Mingxuan just heard about it and never saw it with his own eyes, because Jindan real people who suffered more than three robberies would sit in the gate of death and hardly walk in the world.
      Occasionally, there are one or two real people who have been robbed once or twice, but they are also short-lived. They can hardly deal with worldly affairs, and they only seek Tao.
      “The demon broke through the great array of our clan and was also injured. The demon pill is unstable. It's not a big demon in its heyday, but it can be destroyed with a sword. At least it's Huagai, and it must be Jianxiu!”
      Ziyun immortal's heart is like a mirror.
      That sword can't be cut out by a real person who is not in the vein of sword cultivation.
      It's just
      A sword repair in the later period of the golden elixir can't be the predecessor of ziyunzong, because the sword repair in the middle period of the golden elixir didn't appear in the palm sect of ziyunzong and the elder of Taishang!
      If the other party is Dan Jie immortal, it is impossible to be related to Ziyun sect, because there is no Huagai immortal in the 4000 year history of Ziyun sect!
      “Thank you for your help!I don't know if you would like to show up. Ziyun sect welcomes you here. ”
      Immortal Ziyun took a deep breath.
      He has almost confirmed that the other party must be from outside China!
      There is only one sword mender in ancient China, so it can't be that one. However, a sword mender in Huagai realm can't appear out of thin air. Combined with the fact that the opponent has made many moves, he never shows up. The only possibility is that the opponent comes from outside!
      Although it is not clear what the purpose of this foreign immortal came to Guhua, it is obvious that he did not mean any harm when he helped many times. He may be someone who has made friends with the predecessors of ziyunzong.
      Immortal Ziyun thought so in his heart.
      But as his voice spread among the mountains, there was no echo between heaven and earth. It seemed that the real man had already gone away after the sword had been tilted to the sky just now.
      After waiting for a moment, he didn't see the other party. Immortal Ziyun was disappointed. He guessed that the other party didn't want to reveal his identity. He still wanted to discuss the golden elixir road with the other party. Maybe he could get a lot of insights and get a chance to celebrate the cloud and get together to break through to the middle of the golden elixir.
      “Since the elder doesn't want to show up, Ziyun won't disturb me much. If the elder wants to be a guest of our clan, Ziyun clan will stay up and down at any time.”*
      Chapter 16 ye Ziling's determination
      Look back.
      Looking at the corpse of the big demon who fell on a mountain, immortal Ziyun vomited and showed a touch of hot eyes.
      This is the body of a demon!
      Demons feed on people's blood. Conversely, these big demons are also treasures for human friars. Their muscles and bones can refine magic weapons, and their flesh and blood can refine top-quality elixirs!
      However, the heat of the eye returns to the heat of the eye. Immortal Ziyun is still rational and dare not take it away immediately. He glanced over Ziyun sect and said in a deep voice: “disciples of each peak, sort out the losses. Elders, please follow me to collect the demon blood and clean up the evil spirit of each peak. In addition, today's affairs should not be spread to the outside world!”
      Since the Jian Xiu didn't want to show up, he didn't want to attract a lot of attention.
      As for the Jian Xiu, it's not clear whether he wants the demon shaped corpse or not, so he can't take away the demon's corpse at the first time, but there's no problem with the demon blood.
      After all, if you let it go, these demon blood will soon flow everywhere, be absorbed by the earth, and finally dry up.
      Zhang Mingxuan and many other old people came back from the shock and looked at the flowing demon blood. It was also a twinge of hot eyes. These are all top-grade treasures, which can refine the elixir!
      Although the clan lost a lot this time, the peaks were destroyed, the base of the mountain protection array had been destroyed, and the veins of the earth were also damaged, including the elders, who were also injured, but with the body of this demon, these losses can be made up for completely!
      The top of the seventh peak.
      Ye Ziling fell on a rock and saw that the big demon was dead. Immortal Ziyun had begun to command many disciples to rectify the peaks. She also took a breath and gradually recovered.
      Huoran thought of something, she looked surprised and rushed to her cave.
      When the mountain gate was attacked just now, many of the inner disciples were injured by the earthquake, and the outer disciples and the miscellaneous service disciples were even damaged. But ye Chen had no accomplishments at all. I don't know what happened!
      After a flash of light, he returned to the cave.
      Seeing that the array arranged in her cave is still in good condition, ye Ziling is relieved. As long as ye Chen doesn't leave her cave, there should be nothing wrong with the two-tier array.
      Entering her own cave, ye Ziling immediately swept the north courtyard. She felt that the breath of Ye Chen was completely normal. Then she vomited.
      To keep your mind in check,
      There was a touch of determination in her eyes.
      “If it's not a golden elixir, it's all antsI must break the barrier of heaven and man! ”
      In the war just now, it was obvious that even the elders of each peak and the banbu real person in Xudan realm could hardly get involved. Once the mountain protection battle was broken, they had no ability to protect themselves, let alone protect others.
      Since ye Chen has chosen to be an ordinary person for a natural and unrestrained life, she has to guard Ye Chen through this life anyway. She thought that the cultivation of building the foundation is enough, but now it seems that it is far from enough.
      Ziyunzong is not the main gate of Junlin Guhua, and she has no strong background. If she wants to take charge of her own destiny, she has to break through the barrier of heaven and man and become a Jindan immortal!
      Five years!
      Within five years, she must step into the later stage of foundation construction, and then in another ten years, she will be able to build a round and smooth life, turn into a virtual elixir, and become a half step real person. Only in this way can she not be as powerless as before.
      With this determination, ye Ziling didn't return to the cave, so he turned around and left ziyunzong, and went out to look for opportunities for breakthrough.
      Almost after ye Ziling left.
      A touch of light from the sky, you can see a person from the sky step down, the whole body auspicious interwoven.
      It is the real person of Qingxu sect.
      He originally intended to take a look at it from a distance. If he really couldn't help, he would retreat immediately, and then see if he could just find a Taoist friend to wipe out the big demon.
      I didn't expect that.
      Then comes the sword!
      Although it was thousands of miles away, the sword light penetrating the sky was still seen by him and shocked him.
      With this shock came to ziyunzong, sure enough to see that the big demon has died!
      “Friends of the way.”
      Immortal Ziyun has swallowed the healing pill. Now he is in a better state. Seeing the arrival of Qingxu immortal, he immediately welcomes him and says with a little apology, “please go for nothing.”
      Immortal Qingxu waved his hand and looked at the corpse of the big demon on the top of the mountain with a little bit of fear in his eyes. He said: “Ziyun Daoyou, what is this…”
      “It's like this.”
      Immortal Ziyun passed by and made a brief statement of the previous events.
      After hearing this, Qingxu immediately showed a look of awe and said: “I said that even the one in Tianjian Pavilion is just Qingyun gathering at the top. It has not yet broken through the late golden elixir period. It is impossible to have such a terrible sword. It was originally from outside China.”
      Immortal Ziyun nodded and sighed: “after all, the ancient Chinese realm is just a small and remote realm. The thirteen realms of Tianhua island are the only ones in the ancient Chinese realm that have never been the real king of Yuanying.”
      Qingxu immortal said: “it's hard to know what's going on in the world. Maybe a real king will be born in this life?”
      “It's hard to say.”
      Immortal Ziyun laughed with emotion and said: “well, Qingxu Taoist friend, you'd better come to my Zhongfeng to have a rest. If the elder doesn't come, this demon corpse Taoist friend can choose some muscles and bones to make magic weapons.”
      Hearing Ziyun's words, Qingxu immediately smiles and says, “Ziyun's friends are as cheerful as ever, but I won't respect them.”
      After a trip, I had a chance to take away some of the muscles and bones of the big demon. For Qingxu, of course, they were overjoyed. They went to the main peak together.
      A few days later.
      Because the Jian Xiu who killed the blue eye demon never showed up, immortal Ziyun once again gave thanks and divided the body of the blue eye demon. All the old deacons of Ziyun sect got one of the scores for their meritorious service in guarding the sect, and the whole sect was very happy.
      On the contrary, it was Ye Chen who killed the blue eyed demon with a sword. I didn't know about it. He was still sitting around and asking questions. Naturally, he didn't pay attention to what happened outside.
      Besides, he didn't care about the corpse of a Jindan demon, because the cultivation of the ancient sword was purely based on the heart sword.
      That is to say, almost all foreign objects are useless!
      Unless it's made of celestial gold, it can carry the heart sword in all directions. But that's too difficult to do. Ordinary Lingbao has little significance for the ancient sword cultivation.
      The painting style of ancient Jian Xiu is basically carrying a broken sword which seems to have no idea what kind of mineral it is to use to chop it a few times and then go on its own.
      If it's broken, get another one.
      This time, it took him nearly a year, which was beyond Ye Chen's expectation. This time, he completely passed the heart questioning of the world of mortals!*
      Chapter 17 sword crossing the void and the world of mortals
      “It's really mysterious to ask the heart.”
      Ye Chen opened his eyes, showing a touch of sigh.
      He felt that his whole state of mind had been sublimated once. With the sublimation of the state of mind, the heart sword also had a great transformation.
      Before, he was awakened from sitting and watching, and cut the big demon with one sword. During that time, he was blocked by demon Dan. If he is now, he can break it with one sword!
      In addition.
      With this breakthrough, his spirit and body can be attached to the heart sword, and only the heart sword can be used between the square inch. If he is not wrong, this should be the characteristic of Yuanying Zhenjun!
      The so-called yuan baby is the unity of yuan God and the manifestation baby.
      After the monk transformed Dan into an infant, in addition to his own life, the idea of the true yuan condensed into one, and the yuan spirit also merged into one, which made yuan infant. Therefore, if a real Jindan person's body was destroyed, the Jindan alone could not survive, but the true king of Yuan infant could be reincarnated by Yuan infant's soldiers, so he could live forever!
      To build a foundation and break through the golden elixir, we need to break through the barrier between heaven and man, the golden elixir needs to break through Yuanying, and we need to break through the gate of life and death. These two hurdles are enough to stop countless monks.
      Today, his current state should be that the mind and Yuan Shen can be turned into a sword, but the difference is that the heart sword and Yuan Ying are different. They can't understand reincarnation, because no living creature can carry it.
      Even so, his Shouyuan has approached a very vague boundary, which is no longer limited to 200 years, but equivalent to the life of monk Yuanying.
      At least three thousand years.
      As to which is better or which is weaker between him and the real Yuanying Zhenjun, it is impossible to tell. After all, he has not seen Yuanying Zhenjun's means with his own eyes.
      The only sure thing is that now he has a variety of characteristics of Yuanying Zhenjun!
      [ye Chen]
      [Daofa: heart sword · red world sword lv300 (+)]
      [magic power: crossing the void and the world of mortals with sword]
      [experience: 71 points]
      Ye Chen stands up and takes a step forward. The whole person suddenly appears in the small pavilion and directly appears outside the small pavilion.
      This is the magic power evolved from the heart sword after the heart questioning pass. The sword crosses the void!
      The body and spirit can be combined with the heart sword in an instant, and shuttle through the void in the blink of an eye, which is the rumored ability of “shrinking the earth into an inch”, which is also the power that Yuan Ying can master.
      As for the realm of red dust sword, it is also the realm of heaven and earth that Yuan Ying can master. Once the realm of sword comes out, ten thousand swords will sing together, and the sword of red dust can cut everything!
      “Purple spirit this wench, seem to have not come back for a long time.”
      Ye Chen glances to the cave in front of him. He doesn't see ye Ziling in the cave. However, he feels that ye Ziling is not in danger, so he will stop thinking.
      When he stepped out and fell down, the whole person disappeared into the void. There was only a faint white light in the void, and no one noticed it.
      After shuttling through the void, he came to the zangdian Pavilion of ziyunzong. Today, only the books in the top layer are left in the zangdian Pavilion. He hasn't read them yet, and the array there is the most precise. Before, he couldn't enter without touching the array, but now it's just a moment's thought.
      A glimmer of white,
      Others appear on the top floor of zangdian Pavilion.
      There are few books here, few of them. Apart from Ziyun Gong, the Zhenzong skill of Ziyun sect, there are some powerful magic skills. But ye Chen is not interested in them. He sweeps them aside and finds a secret book to read.
      This is the top floor of the zangdian Pavilion. Except for the elders of each peak, almost all of them are not qualified to enter this floor. Even the deacons who guard the zangdian Pavilion can't come up.
      Because there were few books left in the zangdian Pavilion, and because of his breakthrough in heart sword cultivation, ye Chen no longer confined himself to the activities of Ziyun sect. Sometimes he took books to cross the void and traveled while reading. After reading one, he went back to zangdian pavilion to exchange one.
      About two months later.
      Ye Chen thoroughly read the books in the cangdian Pavilion.
      “The last one.”
      When he comes to the top floor of zangdian Pavilion, ye Chen puts down the secret history of ancient China in his hand, glances over the whole zangdian Pavilion, and breathes as if he has finally finished something.
      The experience that Ziyun Zongli can brush has been basically painted by him. If you want to gain more experience, you have to travel.
      It's said that the experience you can get from traveling is often much more than reading, but it's not as stable as reading. You have to encounter all kinds of events to get more experience.
      Just as ye Chen had a map of ancient China in his mind, he thought about where he would travel first.
      All of a sudden.
      His heart sword trembled slightly, which made him feel something.
      “Crisis?No, it's not my crisis, it's Ziling's… ”
      After Xinjian stepped into the world of mortal swordsmanship and experienced questioning, his Xinjian became more and more familiar. He not only had a premonition of his own situation, but also had a certain sense of people close to him.
      Since ye Ziling is likely to encounter any trouble, it's time to take a look at Ye Ziling's practice and experience.
      Although we don't know exactly where ye Ziling is, it's not too difficult to find nature with the guidance of heart sword and the power of crossing the void.
      Ancient China is located in the northernmost remote border of Tianhua Island, which is hundreds of thousands of miles away. It is difficult for ordinary friars to cross it all their lives. However, for ye Chen, who has the same magical power as Yuanying Zhenjun, he can read it for thousands of miles and come and go freely.
      Guhua city.
      Located in the center of ancient China, it is a magnificent immortal city with a radius of thousands of miles. In addition to a large number of secular mortals, this immortal city is also a gathering place for monks from all walks of life in ancient China.
      The ancient Huaxian sect is the most powerful sect in ancient China. There are no less than ten Jindan people in the sect, which is far beyond the comparison of Ziyun Qingxu sect.
      A teahouse somewhere.
      Many friars were tasting tea in the teahouse. A friar with a folding fan in his hand was beaming and said: “I'm not sureIn other words, the purple fairy faced the joint siege of the three friars of the same level, and only hit out with one hand. Guess what? ”
      “Speak quickly, speak quickly!Don't play games
      “Stop at the critical moment, or I will tear down your teahouse!”
      “Hahaha, maybe you don't believe it. With one blow from the purple fairy, the three friars at the same level were shaken back, and then with one slap, two of them were killed on the spot!”
      The friar of folding fan was excited. He closed the folding fan and said: “the purple fairy killed two people with one hand. Then he led to a friar in the later period of foundation building. The purple fairy fought with him for 30 rounds only by virtue of his mid-term cultivation, and beat him to escape alive!”
      “It's a purple fairy to defeat the powerful enemy in the later period by building the foundation in the middle period. I don't know how gorgeous it is. It's really fascinating. It's a pity that I didn't see it with my own eyes.”
      A man nearby admires him.
      “Don't be paranoid. I heard that Lin Xuan of the ancient Huaxian sect was pursuing the purple spirit fairy. He was the peerless heavenly pride who broke through the inborn achievements and built the foundation at the age of weak crown. How do you compare with Lin Xuan?”
      Another laughed.
      “Ziling fairy, guhuaxian zonglinxuan, Qingyang zongxuheng, tianjiange zhangzhenghai, xingyuemen Yueling fairy, huolingzongchiyanziThe pride of this generation doesn't know who can get the golden elixir road. ”
      Some people count the numerous ancient Chinese Tianjiao of this generation.
      In the corner of the teahouse, when these people are talking about it, a figure is holding a cup and drinking tea leisurely. The man is wearing white clothes. It's Ye Chen!
      After staying away from zilingzong and following the guidance of the heart sword in the dark, he crossed countless mountains and wild places all the way to the ancient Chinese city in the middle of the ancient Chinese region.
      [tip: experience + 14]
      [tip: experience + 25]
      From time to time there is a sound in my ear.
      Sitting in the teahouse of Guhua City, drinking tea and listening to the gossip spread among the monks, you can also gain some experience. Although it is not much, it is better than nothing.
      After sipping a sip of tea, ye Chen suddenly noticed something and looked to the outside of the teahouse with an interesting look.
      After counting the interest.
      There was a sound in the teahouse.
      “Ziling fairy and Qingyang Zong Xu Heng are fighting!”
      “True or false!”
      “It's just outside. Just go out and have a look!”
      With a loud noise, the whole teahouse was in chaos. Many gas refining monks jumped out of the teahouse one after another and came outside. More importantly, some foundation building monks flew directly into the sky to see the south from a distance.
      Ye Chen also leisurely put down the tea cup in his hand, left a small piece of spirit stone on the table, and then climbed the roof of the teahouse step by step.*
      Chapter 18 The Battle of pride, purple spirit defeated the enemy!
      In the sky.
      See a girl dressed in purple standing in the air, ribbon dancing, a beautiful face at this time full of coldness and indifference, it is Ye Ziling.
      “Xu Heng, do you want to stop me?”
      Ye Ziling opens his mouth to Xu Heng coldly.
      Floating on the opposite side of a young man said with a smile: “Purple fairy don't want to be angry, don't have the same opinion with them.”
      The confrontation between the two men in the air attracted the attention of countless people from time to time.
      “What's going on?”
      Someone asked quietly.
      “It seems that Xu Heng's concubine whispered that the purple fairy seduced Lin Xuan with her beauty. As a result, she was overheard by the passing purple fairy, and then…”
      A person nearby explained.
      Xu Heng, a scholar, stood in the sky with his hands down and said with a smile: “if the purple fairy is really angry, let me learn the means of the purple fairy. If I lose, I'll let you deal with me, OK?”
      Ye Ziling said coldly: “it seems that you are intentional.”
      With a smile, Xu Heng felt a surge of spiritual light on his body. His eyes flickered and said, “if you don't have a strong heart, then heaven and man will be separated forever. You and I want to break the barrier between heaven and man, and achieve the position of Jindan immortal. I really want to understand the means of purple fairy. Please give me some advice!”
      Without saying a word, ye Ziling directly sacrificed 72 rain needles, turned them into purple light, and smashed them down to Xu Heng.
      Not far from the teahouse roof of Ye Chen, looking at this scene, a burst of laughter.
      Ye Ziling in front of him, a mischievous lovely and with a little fairy image of sister, this is the first time he saw Ye Ziling walking in the outside world when the appearance.
      If it's really cool, iceberg fairy.
      But it's normal.
      For ye Ziling, she has to show such a strong side when she is walking outside. In the face of Xu Heng's provocation, she starts directly. It's not that she is irritable, but that she has to be.
      If you show weakness and shrink back, you will step back step by step. You will be constantly provoked and your mind will be trampled on. Finally, you will completely lose the ability to break through the barrier between heaven and man.
      In order to break the barrier between heaven and man and achieve the golden elixir, we must not only have a strong foundation, but also have an indestructible will and courage!
      “Well come!”
      Xu Heng snorted. With a wave of his sleeve, a big seal came out. The seal was simple and heavy, and its spiritual patterns interweaved with a yellow look.
      He is really deliberately provocative Ye Ziling, the purpose is to fight ye Ziling, temper his heart with Ye Ziling, and step into the later stage of foundation construction when the time is ripe!
      In Guhua City, it is forbidden to fight with the friars of alchemy, but the friars of building foundation can't help fighting. Most of the friars of alchemy can't fly, and once they fight, they will cause damage. The friars of alchemy have great power, even if they fly in the sky, they will cause great damage.
      Only the friars who built the foundation could fly in the air and fight in the sky without destroying the city.
      Ding Ding Dong!!
      Ye Ziling and Xu Heng had a fierce fight in the sky. Each side offered several magic weapons, all of them fighting together.
      “It's worthy of being the purple spirit fairy. He sacrificed four magic weapons, but he was still able to do it.”
      “Xu Heng is no less than giving up. Although he offered three magic weapons, Fang's seal should be a middle-class magic weapon. It's a great loss of spiritual power. He can even attack himself!”
      Many people look up at the battle in the sky, they are all dazzled.
      It is obvious that the battle between Ye Ziling and Xu Heng has gone beyond the scope of the friars in the middle period of foundation building. Even the ordinary friars in the later period of foundation building may not be able to fight so fiercely.
      Ye Chen looks up at the sky and stands with his negative hand. Observing Ye Ziling's battle, he can vaguely see that ye Ziling's spiritual strength is a little worse than Xu Heng's.
      “It seems that her foundation is still a little weak.”
      “EhThis girlHa ha. ”
      Just when the situation is gradually unfavorable to Ye Ziling, ye Chen suddenly gives a sound, his eyes are stunned, and then shows a smile.
      Above the sky.
      When ye Ziling gradually fell into the downwind, a glimmer of light flashed through her clear eyes. She suddenly raised her hand, called back a flying sword in the tangle, holding the hilt.
      Invisibly, a sense of lingran sword surged from her body!
      “I didn't expect to steal my heart sword. It really made her imitate it.”
      Ye Chen looks at this scene, the corners of his mouth show a smile.
      He was too familiar with the meaning of the sword, which almost came from the same source with him. It was obvious that ye Ziling had seen his heart sword for many times, and understood the meaning of the sword from it!
      No wonder Ye Ziling's foundation is a little worse than the Tianjiao of other sects, but he can be listed as one of the six Tianjiao of ancient China. It turns out that he learned a little bit of his heart sword!
      How powerful is his heart sword!
      It's the power of ancient sword cultivation. It's the ultimate kendo. It's the ultimate kendo!
      Even if ye Ziling just imitated a little bit of shape, it was beyond the ordinary people's ability to compare. Among the monks in the foundation period, ye Ziling was already strong enough to suppress the same level!
      Ye zilingsu was holding a sword. She waved and chopped the heart sword, which she had learned a little bit. It turned into a huge sword Qi of tens of feet. If she was white, she was fierce and violent, and broke Xu Heng's defense!
      Xu Heng's face changed violently, and he transferred three magic weapons in front of him, but all of them were defeated by the irresistible force, which made his eyes show a sense of horror.
      “It's impossible!”
      He gave a strange cry.
      If ye Ziling is a disciple of Tianjian Pavilion, he still believes it. But it is clear that ye Ziling comes from Ziyun sect, a second rate sect. How can he practice this kind of swordsmanship!
      The sword light destroyed his magic weapon and sent it flying one after another. The remaining sword Qi was not only castrated, but also slashed on the light curtain of his body.
      The light curtain of body protection was cut and broken, and the whole person was also cut off from the sky, with blood splashing!*
      Chapter 19: Lin Xuan!
      Amazing sword, defeat Xu Heng!
      Watching Xu Heng fall down from the sky, many monks nearby, their voices are stagnant, and then there is an uproar!
      “……I'm defeated
      “Qingyang Zong Xu Heng is defeated!Lost to the purple fairy
      It is obvious that Xu Heng's defeat is beyond most people's expectation, because Qingyang sect is much stronger than Ziyun sect. There are three golden elites sitting in the sect. The resources Xu Heng enjoys are not comparable to Ye Ziling.
      Although ziyunzong also has Jindan immortal, it is also a famous xiuxianzong sect in ancient China, but it can only be ranked second rate. Therefore, ye Ziling's peerless arrogance is almost equivalent to the “poor family and noble son” in the secular world!
      In the eyes of many people, ye Ziling was forced into the ranks of the young generation of the ancient Chinese region, and was at the end of the line.
      But ye Ziling, with his amazing sword, killed Xu Heng!
      After today.
      There is no doubt that there will be a huge change in the ranking of the young generation's six Tianjiao!
      To defeat Xu Heng, ye Ziling's strength is inferior to that of Lin Xuan, who is generally acknowledged as the No. 1 ancient huaxianzong. I'm afraid it's second only to Lin Xuan. It's never weaker than others!
      “Xu Shao!”
      “Brother Heng!”
      Looking at Xu Heng falling from the sky, several red clouds rushed over immediately.
      It was Xu Heng's concubines.
      They watched as the light curtain of body protection was broken, and a bloodstain that almost split Xu Heng into two parts spread from his left shoulder to his abdomen. They were all in disbelief and panic.
      Ye Ziling slowly put down his sword and looked coldly at Xu Heng's concubine.
      And this is the moment.
      A touch of blue light suddenly came from the distance, accompanied by a strong shock of pressure. In the pressure, a Taoist priest in Qingyi rushed to Xu Heng, and there was a touch of illusory blue air on his head.
      A half step real man in Xudan realm!
      “Son of a bitch!”
      The Taoist in Qingyi takes a look at Xu Heng's injury, and his face suddenly shows a touch of surprise and anger. He quickly takes out a pill and feeds it to Xu Heng. Then he seals Xu Heng's wound with spiritual power, and turns his head to look at Ye Ziling.
      With anger in his eyes, he said in a deep voice: “it's common for the younger generation to fight and win each other, but doesn't the purple fairy think it's too heavy?”
      Ye Ziling faced a half step immortal in the empty Dan realm, but he was not flustered. His eyes were cold and he said, “the sword has no eyes. How can you stop fighting?”
      If she were a few years ago, she would not have the strength to face a half step real man in the empty Dan realm, but now she is a friar in the middle of foundation building, with a solid foundation and powerful spiritual power, far better than her peers.
      Although it is impossible to win half a step, but to escape, she has enough confidence to escape.
      What's more?
      This is Guhua city. The other party doesn't dare to do it at all.
      The younger generation struggles with each other, and the older generation will not interfere in life and death. This is the tacit understanding between the major branches of the whole ancient China region.
      Otherwise, if all the major sects send out immortal Jindan to kill each other's cultivation talents, the order of the whole cultivation world will be in disorder.
      The half step immortal of qingyangzong obviously knows this. He can't bully Ye Ziling in full view of the public. At last, he can only hum, wave his sleeve, release a touch of fresh air, roll up Xu Heng and run away.
      Looking at each other far away, ye Ziling released his hand and put away his spirit sword.
      And just then.
      A clear voice came, with a trace of self-confidence and pride in the voice.
      “Last time I said goodbye, I thought of the purple fairy for a long time. I'll see you again today. It's still very beautiful.”
      The voice made the monks below look at it, and then they all looked surprised.
      “Ancient Huaxian zonglinxuan!”
      Someone exclaimed.
      Looking at the sky, you can see that in the north, I don't know when a young man in silk and yellow clothes stood up with his hands down and stepped on the void, looking towards Ye Ziling with a smile on his face.
      “I, Lin Xuan, don't look up to any of my peers in ancient China. You are the only one.”
      “You want to take my sword, too?”
      Ye Ziling spoke coldly.
      With both hands on his back, Lin Xuan laughed and said, “no, no, no, if I fight with you now, it's bullying the small with the big. I broke through the later stage of foundation construction seven days ago. I'll wait for you to break through the later stage of foundation construction and fight with me again!”
      Lin Xuan's voice turned into rolling waves and spread in the sky, causing a great disturbance.
      “Later stage of foundation construction!”
      “Lin Xuan broke through the late stage of foundation construction!”
      Some people are shocked.
      “It's just one step away from the golden elixir!”
      The other was amazed.
      For ordinary friars, in order to break through the golden elixir realm from the later stage of foundation construction, they must first condense the empty elixir, and then turn the empty elixir into the real one to achieve the golden elixir road.
      But for Lin Xuan, who is such a peerless arrogant, they will not stay in the virtual Dan realm for one more step. Once they pass the pass, they will certainly work hard to solidify the golden elixir!
      In the exclamation of the crowd.
      Ye Ziling didn't show any fluctuation, but directly controlled a touch of light, broke through the air and disappeared in the sky.
      With the cut of Qingyang Zong Xu Heng, she fully realized her strength, and her Taoist heart was also hardened firmly. For her now, she can break through the later period of foundation construction at any time, and will no longer be afraid of being disturbed by demons!
      Lin Xuan is really strong.
      In ancient China, no one of the younger generation can be better than others.
      But ye Ziling has seen the sword light hundred Li, a sword empty Dan meteorite, has seen the sword spirit lingjiuxiao, a sword to kill the shape of the big demon, the scenes of shock deep into her heart, so that her heart is all yearning for such a realm!
      She just learned a little form, and now she has such a powerful strength.
      Lin Xuan, compared with the elder, was just a mole ant. How could she care.*
      Chapter 20 emergence of crisis
      See ye Ziling leave, Lin Xuan is also a little smile, soon disappeared in the sky.
      The noisy crowd below also gradually dispersed.
      Ye Chen is still standing on the top of the teahouse. Neither ye Ziling nor Lin Xuan notice him. After all, he has no aura fluctuation. He is just like a mortal and will be ignored naturally.
      “Well, it's a little bit off base.”
      Ye Chen looks at the direction that ye Ziling leaves, showing a thoughtful look.
      Although his heart sword is different from the divine idea, the closer the distance, the clearer the perception. At such a close distance, the difference between Ye Ziling and Lin Xuan can be seen clearly at a glance.
      Ye Ziling is a little worse than Lin Xuan.
      After all, Lin Xuan was the peerless pride of ancient Huazong. He enjoyed far more resources than ye Ziling, and his foundation was very solid.
      Although Ye Ziling should have a lot of opportunities, otherwise she could not have the same spiritual power as Lin Xuan in the later period of foundation construction.
      If ye Ziling had the same foundation and spiritual power as Lin Xuan, ye Chen could almost conclude that Lin Xuan could hardly be ye Ziling's opponent in the same realm!
      After all, ye Ziling has learned his heart sword!
      Not everyone can learn heart sword.
      Countless people in Ziyun sect have seen his heart sword, but there is no other person who can understand the meaning of the sword except ye Ziling!
      Ye Ziling's talent and Huigen are indeed far beyond ordinary people. What she lacks is opportunity and strong background.
      [tip: experience + 131]
      There was a familiar cue in my ear.
      “After watching the first World War of the peerless Tianjiao in ancient China, and knowing the differences between these Tianjiao, did you only improve your experience?”
      Ye Chen slightly shakes his head, so little experience for him now can only be a drop in the bucket, but it is better than nothing, better than No.
      In any case, there is experience everywhere in the practice. A little makes a lot, and it always turns into a river.
      “WellIt seems that her trouble is coming
      Ye Chen looks to the direction that ye Ziling leaves. Suddenly, he feels something in his heart and feels something in his mind.
      After a little thought, he attached a trace of heart to Ye Ziling's body, and then walked in Guhua city to continue to collect experience.
      Ye Ziling did not leave Guhua city immediately after he defeated Xu Heng.
      Although the people of qingyangzong couldn't attack her, it's hard to say what kind of danger she would encounter in guhuacheng after all. She has no protector all the time, and she has always relied on her own efforts to seek opportunities, so she is extremely alert and alert.
      Just as she expected, many people were staring at her secretly.
      Ye Ziling didn't panic. She had experienced this situation countless times. She calmly entered a trading area in Guhua city and put on the special mask in the trading area. All of a sudden, she isolated everyone's sight and thoughts and disappeared in the crowd.
      After a big circle in the trading area, she quietly left from another direction.
      And just after she left.
      A friar in black followed her and walked out of the trading area. Looking in the direction she left, he murmured indifferently:
      “It's a good alertness, but it's my seat.”
      No one nearby can find out the accomplishments of the black robed monk. If you look through his body, you can see that his spiritual power is completely satisfactory and has turned into a true yuan.
      This is a golden elixir!
      And it's also a Jindan immortal with refined mind!
      Ye Ziling went into the trading area for a long turn, and specially went around in several special places. Even the ordinary Jindan immortal could hardly keep her in mind without being exposed. However, the black robed monk was good at following her, just like a mantis catching cicadas.
      soundless and stirless.
      He disappeared into the crowd and quietly kept up with Ye Ziling.
      Just before the black robed monk left, a young man in white stepped out of the trading area and stopped at the position where he was standing, showing a thoughtful look.
      “Immortal Jindan?”
      The young man in white is Ye Chen.
      If it is said that the black robed Friar's mind cultivation is extremely strange and has a strong ability of tracking and concealment, then his mind of heart sword, after being refined to the extreme and attached to Ye Ziling, is even more superior to it, and Friar Jindan can't detect it at all.
      “The idea of God was hidden enough. Ziling probably didn't notice it at all. It's a pity that I met you.”
      Leaf dust indifferent mouth, step forward, disappear.
      Although it's not clear what the black robed friar wants to do to Ye Ziling, his heart sword's feeling will not be wrong. It must make ye Ziling in danger.
      In Guhua city.
      Ye Ziling didn't stop in the city, so he left directly in the direction outside the city, and turned around many times in the middle.
      Because of the great size of Guhua City, it took her nearly four days to get to the outer city of Guhua city and leave through the gate.
      Shortly after she left.
      A black robed friar also stepped out of the gate and chased away.
      Finally, ye Chen, who was dressed in white, bit a jade stick in his mouth, followed him in the rear like a stroll, and then crossed the distance of more than ten miles.
      The jade stick in his mouth looks like a toothpick, but it can be regarded as a sword for a moment. It happened when he was playing hide and seek with Ye Ziling and the black robed friar in Guhua city. It was mined from a piece of ore.
      Top grade glass gold!
      Although there is only such a little, it can be regarded as a valuable treasure. As long as you add a little to an ordinary spirit weapon, there is a great probability that it will be sublimated and transformed into a magic weapon.
      Ye Chen was too lazy to refine magic weapon, so he directly quenched it with heart sword. It took a few days to refine this little bit of high-quality glass gold into a toothpick.
      For the moment, it can be used as a sword.
      It is worth mentioning that.
      Compared with the toothpick made of top-grade glazed gold, ye Chen gained nearly 2000 points of experience in the process of obtaining this top-grade glazed gold, which seemed to him to be more valuable.
      So far, he has gained nearly 4000 points of experience in this trip. It's only half a month since he came out, which can be regarded as a great harvest.*
      Chapter 21 bullying the small with the big, you also take my sword!
      After leaving Guhua City, ye Ziling did not stay.
      She knew that the vicinity of Guhua city should not be safe, so she went all the way to escape thousands of miles, until she came to a vast mountain range thousands of miles away from Guhua city.
      “There should be no problem here.”
      Ye Ziling breathed.
      She could feel that there was no one in the neighborhood for more than ten li. Her previous actions in Guhua city should have completely lost all her eyes.
      When she stops to escape the light somewhere in the mountains, ye Ziling ponders for a while. She is thinking about whether to shut down here and start to break through the later stage of foundation construction.
      It's tens of thousands of miles away from ziyunzong. Even with her speed of escaping light, it takes at least a month to return to ziyunzong.
      If we break through the later period of foundation construction here, once we break through, her spiritual power and mind will be greatly enhanced, and her speed of escaping light will also be greatly improved. Maybe she can travel three thousand miles a day, and it will only take ten days to return to ziyunzong.
      It's just that.
      Breaking through here is certainly not as safe as breaking through in the clan. Even if she carries the array flag and array disk and can make a concealed array, it is certainly not as safe as breaking through in the clan.
      And just as she was pondering in her heart, a voice suddenly came from behind her, which made her face suddenly changed, and the whole person was shocked.
      “I'm really alert enough. I'm a disciple from an ordinary sect. I'm more alert than those from famous sects. Even I almost lost my seat.”
      Ye Ziling suddenly turned around, and at the same time, she sacrificed her spirit weapon for the first time. Seventy two flying needles circled her body up and down to form an array, and she held a spirit sword in her hand.
      In the woods about tens of meters away from her, a black robed monk walked along. It seemed that there was no magic power on him. The wind was light and the clouds were light. But every step down gave Ye Ziling a strong and suffocating feeling.
      Immortal Jindan!
      This is a golden elixir!
      Ye Ziling's pupils contracted violently, which was confirmed almost at the first time, because for her now, the half step immortal in Xudan realm can't feel like the coming of heavenly power!
      “This posture is really exquisite. It's extremely beautiful. Even I can't bear to kill you for a while.”
      The black robed friar gave a light smile.
      Ye Ziling looked very depressed, and said in a deep voice: “as a Jindan immortal, you are not afraid to be laughed at because you bully the small with the big?”
      If it's a virtual Dan realm, she is not afraid, but a real Jindan face to face, she knows very well that she even has no possibility of escape, and she can't resist in the face of such existence.
      Even if she broke through the later stage of foundation construction, she couldn't.
      If you want to have the power of self-protection in front of a Jindan immortal, you can't resist unless she has the realm of virtual Dan and contains a trace of heavenly power, or she is also a Jindan immortal.
      Hearing this, the black robed friar burst out laughing and said, “it's true that bullying the small with the big will make people laugh, but who knows it's this one who did it?Besides, didn't you just hurt Xu Heng?You said that we are now trampling you with the skills of Qingyang sect. What will happen to the three major sects of Ziyun sect, Qingyang sect and Guhua sect? ”
      Ye Ziling was frightened.
      If she didn't know the purpose of the black robed friar before, she would know it all at once.
      The black robed friar wanted to disguise as the Jindan immortal of Qingyang sect and kill her here!
      In this way, as long as the news is spread, people in ancient China will immediately think that Qingyang sect bullied the small by the big and broke the rules that everyone tacitly agreed. At that time, Qingyang sect will be in a mess and will directly take the blame for the black robed friars.
      “Do you have a grudge against qingyangzong?”
      Ye Ziling's body trembled slightly.
      The black robed friar said: “of course, the hatred between them and me can never be resolved. It's unfair to treat you as a chess pieceIn this way, I will let you experience the bliss of life before you die
      Ye Ziling clenched her teeth and suddenly burst out.
      Seventy two spirit needles rush towards the black robed friar. At the same time, she drives the escape light to the sky, increases her speed to the limit, and wants to escape.
      But it's not.
      The black robed friar just snorted, and 72 spirit needles were directly scattered. A huge pressure came in an instant, which made Ye Ziling rise more than ten feet, and then he fell to the ground from the air. He tried to release his spirit power, but it was also difficult to resist this huge pressure.
      “This isThe gap between me and Jindan… ”
      Ye Ziling was pressed back to the ground, and her body trembled. She looked at the black robed friar who came step by step. She clenched her teeth.
      Right now.
      What flashed through her mind were three pictures: a sword light across a hundred Li, a sword cutting through the empty pill, and a sword Qi piercing through the sky, cutting off the white clouds in the sky. Finally, a sword light was poured into the sky, a sword of vastness, a blow to cut down the demons!
      These three pictures flashed in her heart. She held the spirit sword in her hand, and her mind and spirit power mingled. She recalled the light of the sword, and suddenly waved a sword to the black robed friar!
      This sword is even more amazing than the one she defeated Xu Heng before!
      It is the so-called great terror between life and death. In the face-to-face desperate situation of a golden elixir, ye Ziling's incomparable youth and talent show incisively and vividly. If the previous sword of cutting Xu Heng is only one point similar at most, then this sword already has a trace of true meaning!
      “It's my purple spirit.”
      Ye Chen, thousands of meters away, looked at the scene and showed a smile.
      He didn't do it at the first time, because this kind of desperate situation of life and death is an excellent experience for ye Ziling, and it's easier to understand the true meaning between the extreme situations of life and death.
      Facing Ye Ziling's sword, the black robed friar also uttered a sound, revealing an unexpected look.
      The sword light came face to face, brewing a hint of the sword breaking through all kinds of methods, abruptly tearing off his authority, cutting his body protection light curtain, splitting his body protection light curtain!
      “It's worthy of being the supreme pride.”
      Looking at the crack of the light curtain, the black robed monk couldn't help sighing and said, “if you have enough resources, you may be more terrible than Lin Xuan. If you have the cultivation of Xudan realm now, I'm afraid this sword can even threaten me, but it's a pity.”
      “The gap of realm can't be crossed. After all, you only have the cultivation in the middle of foundation building, but this talent is really rare. I won't bully you. Let you die happily.”
      With the voice falling.
      The friar in black raised his big hand and fell forward.
      Turn the hand to cloud, cover the hand to rain!
      In the golden elixir realm, the power of heaven rises and turns into a huge black palm in the void, just like the collapse of heaven.
      Ye Ziling looked at this scene, a trace of reluctance flashed in her eyes.
      Just now that sword was the best she could do, even in the life and death line, she broke through herself and grasped a trace of truth, but the other side was a golden elixir after all!
      At this moment, the sudden change.
      “The ancient sword is cold and dark, and it will cast thousands of autumn!”
      An ethereal voice came from a distance, with a clear and domineering air, blowing away the mighty power of the black robed friar.
      The black robed monk's face suddenly changed.
      “Bully the small with the big, then you will take my sword too!”
      It's like the sound from the sky.
      I saw a mighty sword, which was like an immortal wielding a sword. It was like dancing silver silk, turning into a torrential river, pouring down from the sky.
      The distant view is a big river, but the meso view is a vast sword, like a waterfall galloping!*
      Chapter 22 the first person of ancient Chinese Kendo?
      “This isThe master
      Ye Ziling showed a touch of surprise.
      Although the sword curtain pouring down from the sky was like a waterfall, which went down 3000 feet. It looked totally different from the swords she had seen before, she was sure for the first time that it was the elder's sword!
      Day and night, she meditated, meditated and meditated for countless times, trying to imitate and speculate. She knew that the realm between herself and the elder was like the difference between the bright moon and the firefly, but she would not admit that the sword of the elder was wrong!
      I didn't expect that senior would be here.
      What's more, when she was in danger, the elder would once again make a sword for her, and still make a mighty sword to kill a Jindan immortal!
      The great hand of black robed monk Zhenyuan was covered by the pouring sword curtain before it fell down, and it was destroyed in an instant.
      If the nine sky Galaxy turns upside down, half of the sky is blazing white. Before it falls completely, it has already given people a kind of vast and irresistible vastness. Among them, there is even a trace of white arc, which sounds like rolling thunder.
      “ThisSword Qi and thunder sound… ”
      The black robed friar was shocked.
      His eyes showed the color of fear. He immediately sacrificed a black bead, held up a dark curtain, and resisted the sword light. At the same time, he controlled the escape light and fled without looking back.
      There's a crazy roar inside.
      Sword and thunder!
      This is the thunder of sword Qi!
      Even the Huagai immortal in the later stage of Jindan could not have such mighty power under a sword. This is the way to rob the immortal. EvenIt may be a true king of Yuanying!
      The Black Pearl magic weapon was almost crushed when it touched with the sword Qi of the river. The black light curtain was fragmented. Numerous cracks appeared on the surface of the black pearl, and then it directly collapsed in the frightened eyes of the black robed friars!
      He could not help yelling in horror as he watched the relentless pressure of the mighty sword.
      “Master, please forgive me!”
      However, his plea for mercy has not yet come, and the sword light is stagnant.
      All over the sky, the white light is still mercilessly pouring down, just like the flood waves, destroying the light curtain of his body protection, and annihilating all the magic weapons he sacrificed, so that he can't even scream, and directly wipe them out.
      In the void, only a little bit of white sword silk interweaved, and finally disappeared.
      “Sword Qi thunder sound…”
      Ye Ziling was shocked and murmured.
      The light of the sword is like a river. One sword can destroy the golden elixir!
      Such a vast sword spirit, astonishing cultivation, it is fascinating!
      After a long time, ye Ziling recovered from the surprise and shock of the sword. He quickly put away his sword and bowed around, saying: “thank you for saving my life!”
      In the dark.
      Is ready to come out of the leaf dust, see ye Ziling kneeling on the ground, step suddenly stopped for a while, eyes revealed a helpless.
      This kneels down, how can you still get there?
      But ye Chen shakes his head and stops. Then he reads the void and turns his figure into a faint white light. He flashes away and disappears in the same place.
      Ye Ziling knelt on the ground. After a long time, he didn't hear any response. Then he raised his head a little, looked around and cautiously opened his mouth tentatively
      There was no sound.
      “Have you left yet?”
      Ye Ziling whispered in her heart and stood up with some regrets.
      The elder saved her several times. In addition to meeting her and expressing her gratitude, she also wanted to see if she could have a chance to visit the elder.
      Although Yu Cheng is her teacher, those who are successful in the way of immortality are her teachers. It is said that in ancient times, the holy emperor used to be a teacher of the world, and also worshipped the four immortals. If he sincerely wanted to learn, all things could be her teachers. She certainly wanted to have the opportunity to worship a real swordsman as her teacher.
      It's a pity.
      The elder didn't seem to want to accept her as an apprentice.
      Ye Ziling pondered for a moment, and finally decided not to return to the sect for the time being. Instead, he made a breakthrough until the later stage of foundation construction.
      At that moment, although she suffered a little injury, it didn't matter. She could recover as long as she healed a little. Moreover, in the line of life and death, she felt a trace of the true meaning of sword, which only immortal Jindan was qualified to understand.
      Now that you feel something in your heart, you must shut up and realize it immediately.
      It's just that this neighborhood is obviously not a place to shut up.
      After taking a look at the situation nearby, ye Ziling took a breath and drove his own escape light to fly further to the mountains.
      A moment later.
      There are seven escape lights coming from the sky and hovering in the sky where the black robed friar fell. Each escape light is full of auspiciousness. It is the seven golden elites!
      Six of the seven were the Jindan immortal of the ancient Huazong, and the last was a Huagai immortal of the later Jindan period who happened to be a guest of the ancient Huazong school. They were all thousands of miles apart, and felt the mighty sword. Under the shock, they immediately joined hands to drive dunguang to the destination.
      “The power of the sword is vast. You can feel its vastness thousands of miles away. What a terrible power of the swordIs this a sword monk from huagaijing? ”
      Someone spoke with shock in their eyes.
      “How can Gu Hua have the sword repair of huagaijingIs the leader of Tianjian Pavilion breaking through the canopy?It's a little scary… ”
      Another person nearby answered.
      Another person's eyes dignified way: “do you think huagaijing's sword Xiuzhen can have just so vast and terrible sword meaning?Maybe it's a real Dan robber! ”
      “No way!”
      Someone vetoed: “there are only a few people in the whole ancient China, and they are all at the gate of death, not to mention that you mean a real swordsman in the realm of Dan robbery. That's even more impossible. In my opinion, it should be the one in Tianjian Pavilion who broke through the Huagai realm. This is a demonstration to us.”
      Tianjian Pavilion is the only sect in the whole ancient China area next to the ancient Huaxian sect. Although there are no monks in huagaijing, there are five Jindan immortal, and all of them are Jianxiu immortal!
      Among the friars of the same rank, the real swordsman is generally regarded as the most terrible existence. If the owner of Tianjian Pavilion breaks through the huagaijing, comes to demonstrate a sword near Guhua city and demonstrates to Guhua Xianzong, it is very possible.
      The seven real swordsmen all pondered.
      And this is the moment.
      One of them suddenly had a jade slip on his body. The man was a little stunned. After he pointed a little, a sound appeared in the jade slip and sounded in the air.
      “Report to martial uncle Yuhua!Three days ago, the leader of Tianjian Pavilion broke through the late golden elixir and made Huagai a real person. Tianjian Pavilion is sending out invitation cards to invite all kinds of fairies to participate in the celebration after January! ”
      “It's really him!”
      After hearing this, immortal Yuhua gave a cold hum.
      Other people's expressions were cold. One of them snorted: “even if it's a breakthrough in the later period of the golden elixir, elder martial brother Zhang Jiao's cultivation is ready to cross the elixir at any time. If you want to demonstrate to our ancient huaxianzong, he'd better build his sword for another 300 years!”
      A few people look at each other, and eventually they walk away.
      The only real person who was a guest of the ancient Huaxian sect, looking at the mountains destroyed by the sword light below, sighed and said, “it's hard to practice sword. It's hard to break through to the later stage of the golden elixir. The sword master is the first person in our ancient Huaxian Kingdom in ten thousand years.”
      “He really has the right to demonstrate to Gu Hua.”*
      Chapter 23 play the devil!
      Guchuan mountains.
      This is the broadest mountain range in ancient China, with a radius of tens of thousands of miles. It is said that there are many opportunities here, so it is also a place for many monks to explore.
      After ye Ziling was far away from the previous area, he fled all the way to a deeper position in the Guchuan mountains, to a valley.
      Without hesitation, she directly drew her sword and opened a cave on the cliff. Then she threw out nine delicate array flags, threw out a simple array plate, laid a common guard array, and entered the cave.
      After entering the cave, she directly cut out a stone platform with her sword. Then she came to the stone platform and sat down on her knees. She began to understand the meaning of the sword she had learned before.
      Just as she was immersed in the realization.
      soundless and stirless.
      In the void, the white awn flashed, and ye Chen's figure appeared in front of her silently, glancing at her body and carefully perceiving her state.
      “WellIf we want to break through the later period of foundation construction, there should be no problem, but if we break through the later period of foundation construction here, there will be no chance to shape the flawless foundation. ”
      Ye Chen's heart is short.
      Needless to say, what ye Ziling lacked was chance. She got far less talents and treasures than Lin Xuan's disciples.
      Although Ye Ziling would not be worse than Lin Xuan if he made such a breakthrough, since Ye Ziling is his sister, he certainly can't make ye Ziling worse than others on the basis.
      “That's right.”
      Ye Chen suddenly thought of something.
      “The three color spirit fruit that I met a few years ago should be almost mature. According to the ancient books, the three color spirit fruit can help the monks' spiritual power turn to their ideal and break through the golden elixir realm. In addition, it also has the function of supplementing the foundation.”
      About three or four years ago, he once went out to visit ziyunzong, where he met a fruit of heaven, material and earth, but the fruit was not mature at that time. In addition, he didn't need any nourishing fruit to cultivate his heart sword, so he didn't pick it.
      Now I want to come.
      It's just right for ye Ziling to use that lingguo.
      By the wayThe first time I picked the ripe fruit of heaven and earth, I should have a lot of experience.
      As soon as he thought about this, ye Chen's heart moved, and his body turned into a white awn again, and disappeared in the void in front of Ye Ziling.
      The whole process is silent, ye Ziling is still immersed in practice, not awakened.
      Guchuan mountains,
      After crossing tens of thousands of miles of mountains, on the other side of the Guchuan mountains is the place close to ziyunzong, which is less than a thousand miles away.
      Some of ziyunzong's disciples occasionally come to the Guchuan mountains to explore, but generally they only explore on the outside, and few dare to go deep into the inner circle.
      Although the Guchuan mountains are cleaned up every hundred years by the Jindan immortal of several nearby sects, there are no Jindan demons in them, but there are still many demons comparable to the foundation period.
      In a valley.
      Several young monks in Taoist robes are walking quietly in the dense forest.
      “How come you haven't come so far, Ren Yan? Are you cheating us?”
      “Shh, keep it down. It's just ahead.”
      Ren Yan made a silent gesture and said, “how can I cheat you? There is really a heaven and Earth Spirit fruit. Although I don't know the origin of that fruit, I know it's definitely not an ordinary product, and its value must be extraordinary!”
      He Yu raised his eyebrows and said, “I always think you are unreliable. If you are really a spiritual fruit of heaven and earth, and have extraordinary value, how can you come to tell me and Lao Bai?”
      Ren Yan hissed and said, “you think I'm stupid. Since I'm the fruit of heaven and earth, there must be something nearby. I feel a little dangerous, so I didn't pick it. That's why I won't take it. If I could solve it alone, I would have taken it alone.”
      “There's a point in that.”
      He Yu snorted, pointed forward and said, “is that it?”
      A few people look forward together and see that the dense forest has come to an end. In front of it is an open valley. We can see that at the far end of the line of sight, there is a quiet pool in the deep. Tan's face is peaceful and peaceful.
      You can see that at the edge of the pool, there is a strange plant with a spirit fruit growing on it. The spirit fruit faintly exudes three kinds of luster.
      “That's it.”
      Ren Yan nodded.
      At this moment, Wu Bai, who was at the end of the line, suddenly stopped. His eyes were staring at lingguo by the pool. He was breathing quickly and said:
      “ThisIs this the fruit of three colors? ”
      “The three colors contain the spirit fruit?What's that? ”
      Ren Yan and he Yu look at Wu Bai.
      Wu Bai's excited eyes were shining, and his hands could not stop shaking. He said: “I once saw it in an ancient book. It's called three color spirit fruit. It's the spirit fruit that helps monks break through the barrier of heaven and man and condense the golden elixir in legend!”
      “Help break through the golden elixir?”
      Both Ren Yan and he Yu were dull in the moment.
      They are all family friars. They come from three families in a small town nearby. Their families have a dominant position in the city, but they are the most powerful ancestors in their cultivation. They are just half step real people in Xudan realm, which is very different from the real Jindan real people!
      Even if you think about it with your toes, you know how valuable it is. It's something that can make their three ancestors fight!
      All three of them were breathing fast.
      Ren Yan's eyes are full of excitement. For a moment, he can't help but walk towards the pool.
      But at this time, a faint voice from the side, interrupted his action.
      “The fruit is not ripe, it's not time to pick.”
      “……Who is it? ”
      Ren Yan was surprised and turned to see a young man in white sitting on a raised rock not far away. It seemed that he had been sitting there for a long time.
      He Yu's face changed slightly and said in a deep voice, “who are you?”
      “The man who practices sword.”
      Ye Chen light mouth, eyes casually skimmed He Yu and Ren Yan three people, way: “this spirit fruit is not you can pick things, leave.”
      Ren Yan stares at Ye Chen and frowns. After carefully perceiving it, he finds that ye Chen has no aura fluctuation. He is just a mortal.
      It surprised him a little.
      Thinking that he was wrong, he felt it carefully again. Apart from the mysterious movements, he did not have any aura fluctuations. Even if he was not a mortal, he was at most a common warrior in the mortal world.
      No matter how powerful they are, they are at most equal to the practitioners of refining Qi. They are all the nine level practitioners of refining Qi. They are not afraid of any ordinary martial arts.
      “Those who are vulgar and martial arts pretend to be gods and ghosts.”
      Ren Yan snorted and said, “if you want to scare me away, will you swallow the fruit alone?”
      He Yu ignored Ye Chen directly, and suddenly stepped out and went straight to the side of the pool. He wanted to grab the three color spirit fruit on the side of the pool. Greed had completely dazzled his reason.
      “He Yu, dare you!”
      Ren Yan saw this and gave a big drink. He also followed him and rushed over.
      Of course, he can't let he Yu pick such a precious fruit. In case he Yu runs away after picking it, the loss will be too great, and the three families will fight for it!
      The only one who didn't rush up was Wu Bai, who was walking at the end. She looked at Ye Chen, with a look of uncertainty on her face.
      She noticed a jade plate hanging on Ye Chen's waist!
      That's the token of ziyunzong!
      Although the three families all have one side, they are far behind Ziyun sect. After all, it is a real immortal sect with Jindan immortal, which is far beyond their family's ability.
      Ye Chen has the token of Ziyun sect, which indicates that ye Chen should come from Ziyun sect, so it is absolutely impossible to be a mortal. There is only one possibility that ye Chen can't feel the aura fluctuation of Ye Chen, that is, her cultivation is far more than her!
      Building foundation?
      OrHalf step real person?!*
      Chapter 24 between the fingers, heaven and earth turn upside down!
      When he Yu heard Ren Yan's drinking behind him, he gave a cold hum and turned a deaf ear. In his eyes, he only saw the three color spirit fruit beside the pool, and his mind was completely possessed.
      Three colors contain spirit fruit!
      As long as he can get it and take it back to Laozu, he will undoubtedly make a great contribution. He can directly become a direct member of the family, and may even be designated as the next generation head of the family by Laozu!
      He Yu ran all the way to the edge of the pool. Then he stretched out his hand and grabbed the fruit.
      “Greed is so, how can we live?”
      Ye Chen didn't move his hand, just looked at the scene from a distance, and spoke in a light voice.
      He is clear-minded and will not kill people at will, but he will not save those who commit crimes.
      It's the next moment.
      I saw that in the pool, the waves rolled up, a huge shadow rushed out of the pool, carrying a suffocating evil spirit and fierce power.
      Before he Yu's fingers touched the three color spirit fruit, he was bitten by the monster. If you look at it carefully, the monster is a giant python. Its shape is nearly three feet wide. It bites He Yu's body with a bloody mouth. Only one head is still outside!
      “AhAh, ah!Help me, help me! ”
      He Yu was terrified.
      At this time, he finally wakes up from greed. He struggles frantically, but he can't shake it at all. His eyes are full of fear, shouting in the air.
      The Python's eyes were red and fierce. Without waiting for him to shout a few more, he swallowed the whole person he Yu!
      “ThisThis… ”
      Ren Yan's pace stopped abruptly.
      He looked up in horror and looked at the python, which was about three feet wide and tens of feet long. His eyes were full of fear. Especially when he saw the two meat bags on the top of the Python's head, and the terrible evil spirit on its body, the spirits of the dead all came out!
      This demon Python is about to transform into a dragon!
      The transformation of the demon Python into a dragon is also the way to get rid of the python. It is equivalent to the human friars breaking the barrier between heaven and man. They must be able to achieve a golden elixir demon!
      This demon Python is only one step away from the Jindan demon. If it swallows the three color spirit fruit, at least 30% of the hope will be able to transform into a dragon and become a demon!
      Under the fear, Ren Yan almost without thinking, stimulates the spirit power to run away.
      His cultivation is just nine layers of refining gas. It's a great danger to meet a monster that is comparable to building foundation. What's more, it's a virtual pill that is comparable to the human race and is about to transform into a big demon?!
      Before Ren Yan could escape a few steps here, the demon Python stared at his back and spewed out a mass of black evil spirit in his mouth. In an instant, he rushed by and hit Ren Yan's body.
      Ren Yan let out a shrill scream, the whole person was captured by the black evil spirit, and then rolled back, fell into the mouth of the demon python, and was swallowed by it!
      In the distance, Wu Bai was stunned at this scene. His back was cold, and his eyes showed endless fear. For a moment, he felt that he had no strength to turn around and run away.
      She had seen Wu's ancestors.
      Half step immortal's means and power, in her perception, are only similar to this demon python. I'm afraid that it's a fierce fight for the ancestor to come here and get the three color spirit fruit. Ren Yan and he Yu are really dazzled by greed!
      Half of the snake's body is immersed in the pool, half of its head is raised, and the snake's letter is spitting out in its mouth. A pair of red eyes are staring at the direction where Wu Bai and ye Chen are.
      Under the terrible demon's power, Wu Bai's body softened for a while, and he stepped back two steps to escape, but in the end, he fell to the ground and couldn't escape.
      You're dead!
      The idea flashed through her mind.
      But at this time, ye Chen, who had been sitting on the rocks for a long time before, suddenly stood up slowly, walked down the ridge of the rocks, and walked step by step to the edge of the pool.
      “At last, it's maturing.”
      Ye Chen didn't look at the demon Python at all. He just looked at the three color spirit fruit beside the pool and saw that the three color halos on its surface were intertwined with each other. He faintly began to emit a wisp of fragrance, and walked forward step by step.
      Wu Bai in the rear looked at this scene, and his body suddenly solidified. Then he couldn't help taking a breath. In the face of such a fierce demon python, ye Chen dared to go forward.
      I'm afraid it's really a half step immortal!
      Only half step real person, dare not fear such monster!
      Wu Bai moved her buttocks back a little bit. She knew that the fight between the half step real people was not small enough to crack the ground.
      If there is a real fight, the repercussions will certainly affect her. She is still in danger. She has to run away quickly and go far away.
      And that's what she thought.
      The demon Python stood upright and gave out an angry hiss. It instinctively felt the threat from ye Chen, but repeated threats failed. Ye Chen was still walking in the direction of three color spirit fruit, which made it unable to endure any longer. It opened its mouth and was about to spit out evil spirit.
      Leaf dust look indifferent, bending fingers, gently up a bullet.
      The water in the pool burst in an instant, and was moved by the flick of the finger. It turned into a transparent sword of the water curtain, galloping towards the sky and rolling up a thousand Zhang waves!
      in a short moment,
      Heaven and earth turn upside down!
      This huge wave is like a waterfall, hundreds of millions of water drops turn into thin sword silk, and the white light is misty. It directly submerges the body of the demon python, and makes its huge body explode into a blood mist, which is mixed in the water, rises into the sky, and finally disappears!
      Wu Bai was shocked and lost his voice.
      An understatement is like the overturning of heaven and earth!
      She can't believe looking at the scene in front of her, subconsciously looking up, she can still see the bright red waterfall mixed with blood, flying all the way up to the sky, and finally dyeing a piece of white clouds in the sky with a piece of red light, reflected by the sun, like sunset!
      This is not a half step of the real means, this is clearly Jindan Tianwei, that looks so young, seems to be the same age as her young man in white, is a real life!
      Ye Chen took back his left hand and took another step forward. Then he bent down and gently explored the fruit with his right hand and slowly picked it off.
      [tip: experience + 800]
      The hint from the ear makes Ye Chen calm.
      He fell in one step.
      The whole person disappeared.
      The original place left only Wu Bai, who was still sitting there, looking up at the sky, with a blank mind and endless shock in his eyes.*
      Chapter 25 no time for Tao
      A little cold light constantly shuttles through the void, and in an instant, it crosses the mountains of ancient Sichuan.
      After the fruit is picked, it must be taken within seven days. Otherwise, the power of the medicine will be greatly reduced. It can only be preserved for several years unless it is sealed up with top grade Lingyu.
      Because of this, Sanse yunlingguo rarely appeared in the trading field of ancient China. Every time it appeared in the past thousand years, it would cause several big waves and attract all forces to fight.
      After all, Sanse yunlingguo can increase the 30% probability for any monk to break through the golden elixir. Even the first sect in ancient China, such as Guhua Xianzong, hopes that there will be more golden elixirs in the sect.
      By comparison.
      Sanse Yunling fruit can improve the foundation, but the effect is second. Few people will give it to the ordinary friars in the early or middle stage of foundation building, because it's really outrageous.
      However, ye Chen doesn't care here. On the one hand, in his opinion, with Ye Ziling's talent, he doesn't need to rely on natural resources and land treasures to break through the golden elixir realm. On the other hand, with his current level, it's not difficult to find more high-end natural resources and land treasures than Sanse yunlingguo as long as he has good luck.
      In a flash of light, ye Chen appeared outside the cave where ye Ziling was closed,
      He took a look inside the cave, and without any hesitation, he directly crossed the void, crossed the inside of the cave and came to Ye Ziling.
      It's actually half a month since he left here and got Sanse yunlingguo. Although the journey took a short time, Sanse yunlingguo was not mature at that time. He had been waiting for half a month nearby.
      In this half month's time, ye Ziling had already healed his wounds and began to close down!
      Right now.
      Ye Chen can clearly perceive that the Taoist foundation in Ye Ziling's body is gradually changing to a more complete direction. It is necessary to make up all the gaps and break into the later stage of foundation construction.
      The so-called foundation building, the first step is to transform the acquired into the congenital, the second step is to gather spiritual power, to cast the golden elixir Road, condense the true yuan and prepare.
      In this process, from the initial breakthrough to the mid-term, and from the mid-term breakthrough to the late stage, there are two opportunities to add more kinds of spiritual things that can enhance the true yuan to the transmutation of Daoji.
      Once it is completely broken through to the later stage of foundation construction, the foundation will be completely solidified.
      Also known as porch without regret!
      After the later stage of foundation construction, the Taoist foundation will be completely shaped. Unless the Taoist foundation is broken and remolded, it is impossible to improve it. Only before breaking through the later stage of foundation construction can we improve it.
      In fact, Daoji is like a jigsaw puzzle. In the later stage of foundation construction, the edges and corners are completely polished to form a complete jigsaw puzzle.
      It's impossible to add a new jigsaw puzzle.
      As long as it is not yet perfect and there are edges and corners on the edge, we can continue to add more pieces according to these parts to further expand the foundation.
      “I'm so anxious. I almost can't catch up.”
      Ye Chen looked at Ye Ziling's state, shaking his head and laughing.
      Cause and effect cycle.
      If he didn't strike the world with his sword many times, ye Ziling would not have realized his sword meaning, defeated Xu Heng of Qingyang sect, encountered the crisis of the black robed monk, and broke through the realm in such a hurry.
      The source of all this is him. He solved some troubles for ye Ziling, but there are also some troubles arising from it. It looks like a series of intertwined lines of confusion, unable to get rid of and distinguish clearly.
      To truly understand the cause and effect, do not touch the body cause and effect, not to mention the true king of Yuanying, is not possible to change the God of heaven, this is only the existence of the disaster into an immortal is qualified to penetrate the way!
      If ye Ziling is involved in many causes and effects, more cause and effect lines will be derived. If ye Ziling is given a perfect foundation, her path will be wider, and at the same time, it will inevitably bring more chaos and troubles. Ye Chen already has this premonition, but he doesn't care.
      All cause and effect.
      Stop it with one sword!
      What the ancient sword practitioners have built is the free heart sword without fear of all this!
      Ye Chen holds up the three color spirit fruit in his left hand. With a flash of his heart sword, the fruit splits into a three color light fog and floats towards Ye Ziling. It falls under her Qiong nose and is quietly inhaled into her body.
      At the moment, ye Ziling is in the state of being settled and unified. The scene before her is an open road, which is her own foundation.
      Now she is holding a sword to smooth the edges and corners of the road, so as to make the foundation complete and satisfactory, and break through to the later stage of foundation construction.
      At this time.
      All of a sudden, a piece of glow fell, fell on the foundation of the road she cast, and suddenly caused the earth shaking, so that the road began to open up on both sides in the roar.
      “ThisWhat's going on? ”
      Ye Ziling was stunned and showed a look of uncertainty.
      How could her dodge continue to develop?!
      “Is it the devil?No, it's not the evil spirit. It's really opening up the foundation of Taoism. It's the chance from the outside world to help me
      Ye Ziling had a little insight in her heart.
      After the realization, without any hesitation, she immediately waved her sword. With the help of this opportunity, she began to widen the broad road she had opened up!
      Although she didn't know what was going on outside, her mind was telling her that this was her chance and fate, and it was impossible for her to miss such an opportunity!
      The road opens up, the road base is complete!
      There is a limit to the width of the road to build the foundation. Because it exists in nothingness, it is difficult to have an accurate limit. However, if we have to consider it, we can have a scale.
      Three feet, three inches, three minutes!
      This is the limit of Daoji, also known as perfect Daoji!
      Ye Ziling's Taoist foundation was only three feet, which is a little less than that of Lin Xuan. But now with the blessing of the three color spirit fruit, her Taoist foundation has been further broadened. In the roar, she has finally come to this limit!
      She slashed to the corner of Daoji with her sword. This time, there was no hesitation and hesitation. Daoji was complete and had no regrets!
      With the edges and corners of Daoji being flattened, the mighty aura between heaven and earth suddenly surges into her body, and is constantly refined into spiritual power. Her own spiritual power is also rising. The realm of cultivation suddenly leaps from the middle stage of foundation building, and finally comes to the late stage of foundation building!
      The outside world.
      With the spiritual power in Ye Ziling's body full, at the moment when she broke through the late foundation building period, her light colored silks and satins were flying, falling apart in the great spiritual impact.
      “The flesh and bone are flawless.”
      Ye Chen looked at the hazy white light, snow sculpture, glass jade body, flashed such an idea in his mind, and then showed a slightly helpless look.
      It's strange for ye Ziling to stand here and wait for her to wake up.
      The white light flashed and he disappeared.
      Just after ye Chen disappeared, ye Ziling's long eyelashes trembled slightly, her eyes opened little by little, and a snow-white glow naturally flew out of her pupils.
      This is a natural vision after the perfect foundation construction and the breakthrough of the late foundation construction and the creation of the flawless Taoist body. Around her body, there are even illusory white lotus flowers floating up and down.
      After more than a dozen breaths, those light visions gradually disappeared.*
      Chapter 26 When can I see you
      Ye Ziling a pair of eyes with white light, the light gradually dispersed, gradually recovered a little flexibility from the rigid, and gently breathed.
      When the monks broke through the foundation building and stepped into the congenital level from the day after tomorrow, they got rid of all the filth. After the valley was opened, they basically got rid of the filth.
      After she broke through the later period of foundation construction and built the flawless Taoist body, there was fragrance in her breath. The ice skin jade body naturally sent out the Taoist fragrance. A light breath can make all flowers bloom, and sitting on her knees can make the plants and trees within a few feet of the square become spiritual plants and trees.
      For people, today's Ye Ziling is just like a fairy.
      For the demon clan, ye Ziling is like a moving 'top quality elixir'. If you can swallow it in one gulp, you can get many benefits.
      Because of this, the contradiction between the friars of the human race and the demon race can not be reconciled forever. The friars of the demon race treat the human race basically as the elixir of heaven and earth. In the ancient times, the demon race took charge of the earth, and used countless human races to refine medicine, which made countless ancestors shed blood and tears.
      By comparison.
      Ye Chen's path of ancient sword cultivation is not the same as that of Ye Ziling.
      In ancient times, Jianxiu was in charge of shashaxinjian, which was also the sword of the human race!
      Almost all the demons hate the ancient sword repair deeply, because it's not good for them to swallow the ancient sword repair. In ancient times, the ancient sword repair killed countless demons, engraved the fear in the bottom of the demons' heart, and laid a vast world for the human race!
      Ye Chen's sword opens up a way for ye Ziling, which just conforms to the way of human race since ancient times.
      [tip: experience + 2000]
      Ye Chen, who has left the cave closed by Ye Ziling for hundreds of miles, is stunned for a short time when he hears the tip coming from his ear, and then shows a smile.
      It seems that to witness Ye Ziling's perfect Dao foundation and no time for Dao style is also a rare experience for him who has gone on the road of ancient sword cultivation. With his participation in the whole process, he has gained 2000 points of experience at one time, and the harvest can be said to be very satisfactory.
      On the other side.
      Ye Ziling fully wakes up from entering the cave. She looks around for the first time and notices that her array outside the cave is not damaged at all. There is a doubt in her eyes.
      Then she glanced over the narrow cave, did not see anything unusual, and finally her eyes stayed on the ground in front of her, where there was a little bit of weak trichromatic light.
      “Is it the fruit of three colors?”
      She then read a move, release a wisp of spiritual power, the weak three color light volume to the front, after a careful look, eyes a burst of consternation.
      How can the three color Yun lingguo appear in her seclusion place out of thin air? This is obviously not in line with common sense, and it doesn't make sense at all.
      The only possibility is that someone has sent this fruit!
      And still use the way of space transmission, did not touch her arranged guard array, directly across the void, sent to her in front!
      Her Master Yu Cheng has absolutely no such means, which is at least what Jindan immortal can do, and it should not be what ordinary Jindan immortal can do.
      Who is it?
      “IsIs that the elder
      Ye Ziling's jade fingers closed gently to let the three color halo fade away. Then he took out a blue silk skirt from the storage bag, holding the corners of his clothes to cover his figure.
      It seems that the only one who can do this kind of thing is the elder. She wants to salute and thank her, but she thinks that she has been saved many times by the elder. She really doesn't know how to thank her. It's hard to repay all her kindness.
      It's just that.
      So far, she has not even seen the face of the elder, which makes her feel a little disappointed. She doesn't know what kind of extraordinary heroism the elder has and when she will be able to see him.
      “Who controls the ups and downs of the vast earth?”
      Ye Chen walks among the mountains and climbs all the way to the top of a mountain peak in Guchuan mountain range. Standing here, you can see the boundless mountains and rivers and the misty white mist.
      For a moment, his heroic spirit grew up, and suddenly he crossed the void with his sword. His body turned into a white light and rose up into the sky. He wanted to shake 90000 Li to reach the sky.
      Before I knew it, I came to the sky.
      Here, the clouds are intertwined, and there seems to be a sense of prestige over the whole sky. It can be seen that the clouds are as dark as fog, in which the thunder and lightning are intertwined, turning into a sea of thunder.
      If you look at it carefully, there is a figure shaking at the edge of the thunder cloud. There is a golden elixir hanging on the top of your head, interwoven with pieces of canopy. This is a late life of golden elixir in the canopy. To be more accurate, it's a real elixir!
      Someone's going through the robbery!
      In the later stage of the golden elixir, it's not the thunder itself, but it's necessary to find the place of the thunder, sacrifice the golden elixir and take the initiative to meet the lightning.
      The thunder sea is often divided into nine layers from the inside out, from low to high. The power of thunder in each layer is different. If the golden elixir can withstand the outer layer of lightning, it will be one of the most dangerous places for the elixir. If it can go further, it will be the second!
      Su Yi pinches FA Jue, bathes in the thunder light of the second layer and drinks a low voice. The golden elixir on his head releases a glow of light to meet the thunder, but he is still reeling from the thunder.
      Ye Chen didn't get close. He just watched from a distance hundreds of miles away, showing a trace of curiosity.
      “Is this the Jindan friar Du Leijie?”
      He wanted to climb to the top of the mountain and look at the world below. He was bound to feel something. But he didn't expect to encounter thunder clouds blocking the way on the way. He also happened to see a real person in the danjiejing.
      See a road of thunder constantly interweave split down, finally scattered the Xiaguang on Su Yi gold elixir, mercilessly split on the gold elixir, let his face suddenly white.
      Jindan shook violently, but it didn't break in the end. Instead, it resisted the blow.
      “Hold on!”
      Su Yi has a surprise on his face.
      The gold elixir withstood the direct strike of the sky thunder, but it didn't break. There was a flash of lightning spring on it. This trace of vitality quickly turned into Taoist patterns, interwoven on the surface of the gold elixir, and mingled with another Taoist pattern that had existed before.
      The follow-up Tianlei continued to shoot down, but at most it just let the gold elixir shake a few times, which could no longer cause actual damage, and gradually stabilized completely.
      Su Yi breathed a long breath, his face showed endless joy, and said: “after a hundred years of hard work, I finally had another heavy thunder disaster. If there is another heavy disaster, I will also be able to touch the road of Zhenjun!”
      After robbing Sanzhong, you can turn Dan into an infant. Although the probability of success is not great, the door to Yuanying's true king is knocked open, and it is possible to see a trace of the true Tao.
      “But the second one is so difficult. I'm afraid it will take another 200 years to prepare for the third one. By that time, Shouyuan will be close to the endI don't know what kind of person it must be to survive the six thunderstorms. As for the nine thunderstorms, can anyone
      Su Yi looks up at the sky from a distance, at the sea of thunder and robbery at a higher level, and sighs.
      Every real person in the later stage of the golden elixir tries his best to get through multiple thunder robberies before the end of the golden elixir, and then jumps to death when the end of the golden elixir comes.
      It's said that if he can survive six times of thunder robberies, he will never fail. As for nine times of thunder robberies, it's a legend. At least he never heard of anyone who can survive.
      And just as Su Yi is ready to return and leave.
      A touch of Qi suddenly appeared, which made him look slightly changed. He immediately looked to one side.
      “Where is your friend?”
      Su Yi speaks out loud.
      The sky around here is full of power and thunder clouds. But at that moment, he should have felt a sharp breath. It's definitely not the meaning of thunder. There's no mistake.
      With his opening, the gold elixir suspended above his head suddenly fell back into his body, and then the rays emerged from him, and instantly opened the sea of clouds.
      A figure appeared in the sea of clouds. Ye Chen was dressed in white and stood up with both hands. He looked up at the thunder cloud in the sky and didn't show any auspicious rays.
      Su Yi saw Ye Chen's figure, his eyes flashed, and said faintly: “Daoyou came a little late. I've been through two disasters. If you want to break my path, there's no chance.”
      It's very dangerous for Jindan immortal to survive the thunder robbery. If he is attacked, he will easily die on the spot. Therefore, he is aware that there are people nearby. He has already made a decision by holding his hand. The real element in his body coagulates but does not send out. All kinds of threats are looming. He is ready to strike Ye Chen's thunder at any time!
      Now he has gone through two disasters.
      Looking at the whole ancient China, Su Yi is not afraid of anyone!*
      Chapter 27 the sword breaks the nine heavy thunder sea!
      “Double thunder?”
      Ye Chen looks at Su Yi from a distance, showing a faint smile.
      Su Yi stares at Ye Chen. His face turns cold and becomes deep. Zhenyuan is surging in his body. At this time, he is ready to fight. He wants to fight with Ye Chen first.
      At this time, ye Chen suddenly turned his head, completely ignored him, but looked at the thunder sea in the sky, and then stepped on the void, step by step up, step by step into the thunder sea.
      “I'd like to see the thunder robbing Tianwei.”
      You don't need to spend thunder to cultivate heart sword, but he doesn't know how strong he is all the time. The nine heavy thunder sea corresponds to the nine heavy thunder sea. You can just try it and see how many thunder sea you can break with one sword!
      Su Yi immediately frowns. He doesn't know what ye Chen is going to do. Does he dare to survive in front of him?
      When ye Chen steps into the area of the first layer of thunder robbery, the thunder from all directions immediately senses and falls down on his body, directly submerging his body.
      “Is this thunder robbery?”
      “It seems, that's all.”
      Ye Chen's voice spreads from the thunder sea and resounds through the clouds. It seems that there is a shrewdness in the voice, which makes Su Yi feel a stabbing pain.
      This isWhat is the meaning of sword?
      Su Yi squints and stares at the thunder cloud.
      Just as he wanted to see the truth, his face suddenly changed, showing a look of disbelief.
      But in the thunder cloud, a huge sword light, like an immortal flying in the sky, suddenly turned into a great sword, and the sword Qi ran through the sky and the earth, just like an immortal sword, directly piercing into the thunder sea!
      Ye Chen steps on the void, ascends to the sky, hundreds of millions of thunder can't get close!
      Bathed in thunder, he came to the sky, twisted his toothpick and made a stroke towards the sky.
      A break.
      But see the vast light of the sword, thunder sea break!!
      Weimo's body surges into the sea of clouds with the light of a sword. If a huge sword tilts to the sky and tears open a piece of fog silk, it will split the chaotic thunder sea one by one. From bottom to top, the nine heavy thunder sea will split to both sides.
      From a distance, it seems that the whole sky is divided into two parts by a sword!
      Su Yi is stunned.
      His whole action was frozen, looking at the split scene of the cloud sea in the sky, his eyes were full of shock and inconceivable.
      Kill the thunder sea with one sword!
      What's the Jindan immortal who wants to rescue? He can cut off the thunder and clouds with one sword. This is clearly a true king Yuan Ying who can capture the nature of heaven and earth and see through the life and death!
      “Jingri Zong Su Yi didn't know that his predecessor was driving to Guhua. He was rude just now, and he asked for your forgiveness!”
      Come back.
      Su Yi immediately shook and saluted.
      Although he is already a real man of Dan Jie duo, it seems that he is a step away from Yuan Ying, but this step is a natural moat!
      Unless it's more than six robberies, Dan robber may have a little resistance in front of Yuanying Zhenjun. Facing a Yuanying Zhenjun under six robberies, it's almost the same as a mole ant!
      You can kill it with a flick!
      The real king's power is near, he can only tremble and kneel down.
      On the sky.
      After a sword breaks through the sky and thunder sea, ye Chen doesn't look at Su Yi who bows and salutes below. Instead, he carries his hands, treads on the void, and continues to look at the clear sky behind the thunder sea.
      [tip: experience + 2000]
      The improvement of harvest experience comes from his ears, which makes Ye Chen's eyes twinkle slightly, showing a trace of satisfaction. Then he steps up, and the whole person ascends to the sky and continues to go to a higher sky.
      Su Yi knelt down in the void below and didn't dare to look up at all. After a long time, he carefully looked up and saw that the trace of Ye Chen had disappeared.
      “The power of the real king is really vast and unpredictable.”
      Su Yi mumbles in awe.
      Although he can't feel the aura fluctuation and prestige of Ye Chen all the time, if he can break through the sea of clouds with one sword, he must be the real king.
      In ancient China, there has never been a true king of Yuanying for tens of thousands of years. The other party must be a true king of Yuanying and the Lord of holy land!
      After taking a deep breath.
      Su Yi turns to dunguang and flies to his own sect. He plans to go back to the gate of death and never be born again in three hundred years. He just wants to survive the thunder disaster and walk on the road of Zhenjun.
      After cutting through the thunder cloud, ye Chen continued to walk through the sky.
      The sky above the thunder cloud, there is no longer anything, only the strong wind, whistling from time to time, gradually filled the whole sky.
      Ye Chen's mind is like a sword. He uses his heart sword to make his way through the vigorous wind. But as the vigorous wind in Jiutian becomes more and more intensive, he finally has to stop at the first level with his heart sword.
      Look up.
      There is still a blue sky, sunny day, can not see the scene of the stars, it is obvious that here still has not reached the outside of the stars, and mostly there is a long way to go.
      “It seems that my current cultivation can't really reach the Ninth Heaven.”
      Ye Chen stops in the wind.
      He looked down at the past, but saw that most of the ancient China was within his sight, but there was no sign of any bend in the whole earth.
      In other words, this world is either too big to be true, or it is simply a place with a round sky, not a situation of stars.
      [tip: experience + 3000]
      The sound of getting experience came from my ear.
      Ye Chen dropped a little and fell into the less intense wind layer. Then his mind moved and called out the Taoist Dharma interface.
      [ye Chen]
      [Daofa: heart sword · red world sword lv300 (+)]
      [magic power: crossing the void and the world of mortals with sword]
      [experience: 30000 points]
      This period of time since the collection, so that his experience has more than 30000 points, after a little thought, ye Chen will all these 30000 points of experience to the heart sword cultivation.
      After the heart sword is upgraded to level 300, it costs 500 points of experience to upgrade one level, and 30000 points of experience will be used up in a flash.
      A lot of new insights pour into the heart.
      A strong sword intention surges on Ye Chen's body, and the red dust sword field naturally opens, driving the nearby vigorous wind to tens of feet away. The linglie sword is intended to interweave in the void.
      [ye Chen]
      [Daofa: heart sword · red world sword lv360 (+)]
      [magic power: crossing the void and the world of mortals with sword]
      [experience: 74 points]
      The heart sword is promoted by level 60 in one breath, and ye Chen's idea sinks into the sea of heart again. He just sits down on the upper wall of Jiutian and begins to understand the heart sword which has been greatly improved.
      “Before me, the power of a sword can kill all the elixirs. After this promotion, I don't know what it would be like to kill the last real Yuanying Zhenjun.”*
      Chapter 28 ancient magic
      Time goes by,
      In the twinkling of an eye is a year.
      For the normal ancient sword cultivation, it's normal for a heart sword to be promoted for several years or even ten years, but ye Chen can greatly shorten every transformation.
      After all, the Taoist Dharma system directly promoted his heart sword level, and then gave him corresponding epiphany and perception, which was equivalent to upgrading the realm first and then comprehending the realm.
      The gap is too big.
      Ye Chen opens his eyes and wakes up.
      This promotion is also very obvious. Now the vigorous wind in his position can't lean close to his body even when he holds up the world of mortals sword field.
      Ye Chen looks up and doesn't continue to fly out of the sky, because he knows that even if he has been promoted, it's impossible to break out of the nine day wind, which is not what Yuan Ying can spend.
      The higher the place, the greater the pressure of space, and the more difficult it is to cross the void by sword. At most, it can cross tens of feet at a time. Even the void at a higher place is shaking, and the ability to cross the void by sword can not be used.
      “WellWhat's that? ”
      Ye Chen looked down again, his eyes swept over the vast ancient China, and suddenly his eyes stopped at a strange place.
      From such a high place, it's a very small area with faint black air. It looks very small, but because it's too high, in fact, it has to be at least hundreds of miles away, and it's so far away that I can't really feel it.
      “Go and have a look.”
      Ye Chen was soon identified.
      What he needs is experience. The more bizarre, unseen and related things, the more experience he can gain and greatly improve his heart sword cultivation.
      A flash of white light, sword across the void, he disappeared from the sky.
      Ancient China.
      It's a dark mountain range with a radius of about hundreds of miles. There is a frightening pressure in the whole area, as if the rules of heaven and earth inside and outside are different.
      On the outskirts of this mountain range, many people have gathered, and a steady stream of people have come.
      A touch of brilliance.
      Someone came from the air. He was covered with light yellow silk and stood with his hands down. There was a look of pride overlooking everything between his eyebrows. His whole body seemed to be covered with glass, and his power was strong.
      “Ancient Huaxian zonglinxuan!”
      There was a startled voice.
      “The power of this spirit is as powerful as the real man Xudan. I'm afraid only the purple spirit fairy of the younger generation can match him.”
      The other was afraid to speak.
      Another fairy light flashed by, in which a gorgeous girl in white appeared. It seemed that there was a twinkling of stars and moon, and it came here.
      “The moon gate, the Moon Fairy!Sure enough, she won't miss the ancient magic land! ”
      There's someone down there who admires you.
      Lin Xuan glanced at the Moon Fairy, but he didn't answer. Instead, he stood quietly in the sky waiting for something.
      A moment later, he put on a smile and looked back.
      “You have broken through the late stage of foundation construction. Congratulations.”
      In the direction of his eyes, ye Ziling drives a touch of purple cloud to escape light, comes from the horizon, and hovers in the sky.
      She had a flat air and did not reply.
      After the arrival of Ye Ziling, Tianjian Pavilion, Zhang Zhenghai, Qingyang Zong, Xu Heng, and other ancient Chinese Tianjiao almost all came one after another, fighting with each other in the air!
      The pride of ancient China is almost the cultivation of the later period of foundation building, but the oppression seems to be no less than that of some half step real people in Xudan realm!
      Everyone comes for one purpose.
      The ancient magic land!
      This is the most special area of the ancient China region, covering hundreds of miles, in which the rules of heaven and earth are different from the outside world, forming a kind of terrible rule suppression.
      It is said that in ancient times, the great power of the human race fought against the demons, which broke the rules of heaven and earth. The higher the cultivation level, the stronger the suppression. The Jindan immortal could not enter. It is said that there was Yuanying Zhenjun who tried to break through, but almost died!
      Every hundred years.
      The power of rules here will gradually weaken, just like the tide, so that the monks who refine gas and even build the foundation can gradually step into it, but the upper limit is the empty Dan realm!
      Even when the power of the rules is the weakest, the half step real person of the virtual Dan realm can't step in. Once he enters, the power of the virtual Dan will collapse, and the half step real person of the golden Dan realm can't step in.
      Because of the strange rules of heaven and earth,
      Therefore, all kinds of precious spirit materials will be born in this ancient magic secret place. At the same time, all kinds of demons will be produced because of the spread of evil Qi.
      When you fight with these demons and defeat them, you can feel a trace of the history of the ancient great power fighting with demons, which can be said to be of infinite use to monks!
      A lot of peerless arrogance, suppress accomplishments, and delay in breaking through, is just to wait for the opening of the ancient magic secret, so as to enter it and experience, and open up a broader golden elixir road!
      “Ye Ziling!”
      Qingyang Zong Xu Heng, looking at Ye Ziling, said: “last time I lost to you, this time I won't give you another chance!”
      Ye Ziling's manner is indifferent. He refuses people thousands of miles away and says, “if you lose, don't insult yourself any more.”
      Xu Heng showed his anger.
      Zhang Zhenghai of Tianjian Pavilion said faintly: “the secret place of ancient demons has not been opened. Do you plan to fight here first?Don't forget our mission
      The ancient devil's secret place is an excellent place to sharpen. At the same time, it is also a place where the human friars must go in and wipe out once every hundred years. They can't let the demons breed in it.
      just because of this.
      There are not only the young generation of Tianjiao from ancient China, such as Zhang Zhenghai, but also the contemporary disciples from all walks of life.
      On the sky, we can see several golden elixirs standing in front of the array, and their eyes are also focused on the ancient magic place, waiting for the weakening of the rules of heaven and earth.
      “It's going to start.”
      There is a golden elixir.
      With his voice falling, we can see that the strong pressure of heaven and earth within the ancient magic secret place gradually becomes light, and people who are no longer as oppressed as before almost suffocate.
      “I can get in.”
      Another immortal Jindan spoke in a deep voice.
      A group of flames burst up, and chiyanzi of huolingzong rushed directly into it.
      After looking at each other, Xu Heng, Zhang Zhenghai and others all managed to escape the light one after another, and then nearly a hundred foundation building monks below also followed the rear and poured in.
      “I don't know how many people will be damaged here this time.”
      A real Jindan sighed in the sky.
      “The path of cultivating immortals is bumpy, but those who can get out can at least achieve Xudan, which will be the mainstay of ancient China in the next hundred years.”
      Another immortal Jindan spoke calmly.
      They all looked at the mountains where the ancient magic place was, but they could only see the dark air and the distorted light, and could not see the inner scene.
      And just after all the friars of building foundation entered one after another, a faint arc flashed by, and ye Chen's figure quietly appeared outside the secret place.
      “The secret place of ancient demons?”
      He spoke thoughtfully.
      In some historical books of ziyunzong's zangdiange, he has seen the description of the ancient magic secret place, and also knows some scenes inside. However, the above description is basically one-sided, especially the part about the truth of the birth of this secret place, which is completely false.
      “If it really involves the history of ancient powers and demons, I'm afraid it's at least tens of thousands of experience.”
      As soon as ye Chen thought about this, he stepped forward.
      When he stepped into the ancient magic secret place, a ripple suddenly appeared in the whole area of the ancient magic secret place, as if a drop of water had fallen into a calm pool, waving thousands of ripples.
      “What's the matter?”
      Several real Jindan people in the sky were all surprised. They all paid attention to it, and the exploration of Taoist ideas fell down, but they could only see the surface of the ancient magic land shaking.
      “This isDid friar Xudan break in? ”
      “How can friar Xudan cause such a big stir? It feels like a golden elixir rushes in, but how can friar Jindan get in?”
      Several Jindan real people all looked at each other for a while.
      Unless you abandon the golden elixir and degenerate into cultivation, it's impossible for a real golden elixir to get in. This has long been a public opinion!
      But a friar of the golden elixir destroys the golden elixir and breaks into the secret place of the ancient devil. It's too incredible!*
      Chapter 29 kill the old devil with one finger!
      Several Jindan real people gathered outside the ancient magic secret, and they were all in a panic.
      And this time.
      Inside the secret place of the ancient devil, there was a flash of white light, and ye Chen appeared in it quietly, then his body shook slightly, and his brow frowned slightly.
      “Sure enough, the rules of heaven and earth are different from those of the outside world. Even the void has been tenacious countless times.”
      The environment here is a bit like the jiutiangang wind layer above the thunder sea on the cloud. The space itself contains a strong pressure, which makes it difficult for him to use the sword to cross the void here.
      “The perception of Xinjian has also been slightly affected.”
      “But it's not very limited.”
      Ye Chen whispered.
      In addition to the two magic powers of heart sword perception and sword crossing the void, other aspects have no influence at all. His heart sword power has not been suppressed at all.
      Obviously, as he expected, the rules of heaven and earth here only oppress the cultivation realm of monks, which is very strong for Jindan and even Yuanying monks. However, the cultivation of ancient swords only cultivates heart swords, which are not even different from ordinary people, so they are not affected.
      That's why he was able to come straight in.
      I'm afraid yuan Yingzhen can't break in except for his ancient sword repair.
      Ye Chen's eyes looked forward, and his heart sword felt that it had passed dozens of miles around. He could feel that the terrain here was not very different from the mountains outside.
      The only difference is that in addition to aura, there are also some breath which is quite different from aura. The breath is black and has a power to confuse people's mind.
      Evil spirit!
      “In ancient history books, it is said that from ancient times to ancient times, the ancestors of the human race fought against demons, especially the zhensha demons. Until ancient times, the last demon was expelled by the ancestors of the human race and forced to flee from this world. Since then, there has been no demons in this world.”
      “There are only ancient war remnants like the ancient magic land scattered in this world.”
      As ye Chen stepped forward, he turned out some ancient historical books from his memory.
      This part of history is true, because after reading this part of ancient history at that time, he added a lot of experience, so it can't be fabricated.
      “Sure enough, there are not many powerful demons.”
      Ye Chen's heart sword senses and explores the area with a radius of tens of miles. Apart from the nearly 100 foundation building monks who entered here before, there are only a hundred scattered demons.
      They are all demon children, little demons and so on. There are only a few old demons that are comparable to the virtual Dan realm of the human race. There are no ancient demons that are equivalent to the real Jindan.
      Think a little.
      Ye Chen stepped forward.
      “KillingTyrannyDeathSlaughter… ”
      In the black air, we can see the appearance of human beings. There is a hoarse and frightening sound, accompanied by a surge of magic power sweeping ahead.
      The magic gasifies into a dark magic blade and sweeps forward.
      The three friars in the later period of foundation building all snorted. All the spirit tools they released were beaten, and the light was dim. Several of them even stepped back.
      “Is this the old devil who is as good as banbu?”
      Some people's eyes were startled.
      The three monks in the later period of foundation building could only resist the attack of each other. It was obvious that even if they could win here, they would die at least two!
      “What a terrible magic power…”
      Another person is also the mouth with trembling eyes.
      And this is the moment.
      A bunch of blazing flames came from the sky. Among the flames, a figure bathed in the light, stepped in the air and slapped the old devil with one hand.
      The flame was burning across the sky, and the magic power was powerful. This palm fell down, and the old devil's magic blade, which was condensed by magic Qi, burst open at once, making a Zizi sound.
      “Ha ha ha, the old devil is just like that!”
      “You wait for three people to get away!It's mine! ”
      Bathed in the light of the man burst out laughing, laughter with a trace of pride.
      “Huolingzong chiyanzi!”
      There was a cry of surprise.
      Together with Gu Hua Lin Xuan, Zi Ling Xian Zi, and Xu Heng of Qing Yang Zong, they are the six great pride of ancient China!
      The three monks, who had been shaken back by the old devil, felt the terrible flame and the vast spiritual pressure on chiyanzi. After looking at each other, they did not dare to intervene and immediately stepped back.
      Chiyanzi roared and hit out in the air.
      With the explosive pressure of spirit, haodang ChiYan kills the old devil and wants to burn the devil into dust.
      The old devil let out a sharp long roar, which pierced into the cloud. It was so sad and piercing that the three foundation building monks who retreated hundreds of meters away were all groaning and pale.
      Together with chiyanzi in the sky, he was also in a flash and nearly fell.
      “Die, die, die!”
      The old devil burst out a fury of evil Qi, converged again in the air, turned into a magic blade, and split it toward chiyanzi. The evil Qi and chiyanzi collided and exploded in the air.
      Chiyanzi didn't hesitate. He fell down again and again, and the two sides quickly fought together. For a moment, Moqi and ChiYan didn't give in to each other, just like water and fire.
      After counting the interest.
      The flame burst, and chiyanzi's figure flew backward, spilling a trace of blood from the corner of his mouth.
      “Chiyanzi is not even an opponent!”
      Seeing this scene, someone was shocked and said: “what a terrible magic powerIt seems that we have to work together to kill it! ”
      This sentence was heard by chiyanzi, which immediately made him furious. He felt that he couldn't hang on his face. He said angrily, “it's just an old devil. Who says I can't deal with it?”
      The speaker's face suddenly stagnated.
      And just as chiyanzi glared at him, suddenly someone was startled.
      “Why!Who is that? ”
      The voice immediately let chiyanzi and others all look in the past.
      I can only see.
      A young man in white, with a glass toothpick in his mouth, appeared nearby. With a look of thoughtfulness, he was walking towards the old devil step by step.
      Chiyanzi eyebrows pick, the mind does not have the impression of Ye Chen, so immediately directed at Ye Chen said: “quickly back!You can't take him! ”
      Even he felt great pressure on the old devil. He had to be rich in life to have a chance to win. Among the monks who entered the secret place of the ancient devil, only Lin Xuan, ye Ziling and other five were qualified to fight with the old devil one on one.
      In front of Ye Chen, he has no impression at all, obviously not in this level.
      Hearing chiyanzi's words, ye Chen didn't step back, but still stepped forward, just like walking in a leisurely court, as if he didn't feel it, and looked at the old devil with great interest.
      The old devil was bathed in the evil spirit. In the evil spirit, a pair of scarlet eyes were staring at the nearby leaf dust. Endless madness and evil spirit emerged, and a hoarse and ferocious voice broke out.
      Magic gasification into a black scythe, the scythe is nearly ten feet, magic mighty, by his black arms to grasp, and then against the dust of the leaves mercilessly chop down!
      Chiyanzi frowned.
      When he was hesitant to help others, his eyes suddenly froze.
      See ye Chen standing there, facing the old devil's scythe, just raised his left hand, with a finger to meet up, and the tip of the scythe contacted together.
      A clear sound of gold and iron.
      The huge magic sickle, about ten feet wide, was stiffly contained in the air by Ye Chen's ordinary fingers, and could not fall any more!
      In the distance, several friars of building foundation suddenly looked dull.
      I heard the sound of “click” and “click” one after another. The place where the magic sickle contacted with yechen's index finger suddenly appeared a clear crack, and spread all the way up until it covered the whole sickle, and then let it burst into pieces, and turned into magic gas scattered everywhere!
      The old devil's head was suddenly pierced, and there was a hole between the front and the back. The scarlet eyes quickly became dim, and the evil Qi on his body also quickly collapsed, and finally completely collapsed and fell backward.
      Kill with one finger!
      Chiyanzi's eyes almost came out of his eyes.
      [tip: experience + 777]
      Ye Chen listened to the tip in his ear, slowly put down his fingers, showed a look of understanding, and said: “ancient demonsI see
      With the words falling, he ignored the monks in the rear, continued to step forward, and soon disappeared in the mountains.
      Several friars were still looking at this scene.
      Chiyanzi's face was even more full of disbelief. He moved forward, then ran to the old devil's body killed by Ye Chen and murmured:
      “One finger to kill the old devil, is he Jindan?But it's impossible. How did Jindan get inCould it be that the old devil was just a man of strength outside but a man of strength inside? He had almost exhausted his magic power in the war with me just now, so he just killed him? ”
      It must be!
      “I'll tell you, just an old devil, how could it make it difficult for me to fight against chiyanzi? It seems that my last blow was just now, and it was much more injured than me!”
      Chiyanzi suddenly realized.
      With this idea in mind, he found an old devil again.
      And then
      Then there's no more.
      When he was hit by the old devil, whining, chasing and fleeing in the secret place, there was only one idea in his mindWhat happened to the friar in white before?!*
      Chapter 30 a lot of experience
      Between the mountains.
      Ye Chen walks around, and when he meets a demon, he points to it at random. The sword Qi crisscross, and then he directly cuts the demon into dust and completely kills it.
      Only after the subsequent killing of these demons, his experience will become very few, only a single digit, far less than that of the first killing of the old devil.
      His previous experience is not simply because he killed the old devil, but in the process of killing, he basically made clear the physical structure of the demon clan, which is not clearly stated in ancient history books, and he only knew when he met with it.
      In fact, the demon clan has no fixed shape. It's just the evolution of the demon Qi. It can be said that the appearance comes from the heart. In front of the human clan, they will evolve into the appearance of the human clan. In short, they are invisible. But the demon Qi itself has substance. If you kill the demon Qi, you can kill it.
      Speaking of these demons, he felt very similar to heartsword.
      If the essence of the heart sword is pure, unique and a sword pointing to the Tao, then the feeling of the demons is like chaos, chaos, pointing to absolute disorder.
      “No wonder it's said in ancient history that compared with the demon clan, the demon clan actually hated the ancient sword repair more, because they almost met the nemesis when they met the ancient sword repair!”
      “Whether it's creating the illusion of mind demons or the disordered evil Qi, it's all conquered by the heart sword refined by the ancient sword cultivation, and it doesn't have any effect at all.”
      Combined with his current situation, ye Chen has a sudden sense of what he saw in the ancient history books.
      After all, practice leads to true knowledge.
      If he doesn't really encounter the demons, he just knows that Shanggu Jianxiu is the only enemy of the demons, but he doesn't know exactly how to restrain himself. Now it's completely clear.
      “Whether or not the ancient sword repair was born is because of the ancient demons. Because the ancient demons practiced chaos and disorder. In order to fight against it, the ancestors of the human race finally killed the demons and embarked on the only way of ancient sword repair.”
      “Just because the ancient demons disappeared in the desolate period, the ancient sword repair gradually disappeared in the long history. So far, no one has been able to refine it into a heart sword.”
      Ye Chen guesses in his heart.
      [tip: experience + 4871]
      The prompt sound suddenly came from his ear, which made Ye Chen's eyes suddenly brighten. His experience of earning so much in an instant clearly showed that his conjecture and inference were correct!
      Just because the ancient demon clan almost completely disappeared, there were only a few scattered places like the ancient magic secret place, so the ancient sword repair also disappeared.
      Only he.
      With the blessing of the Daoist system and the mindless improvement of swordsmanship, the swordsmanship has been forcefully promoted to a level that no one can normally cultivate. Only in this era, the heart sword has been forcibly opened up!
      “It's really a mistake. If the interface of Dao and FA at that time was not the basic sword formula, but something else, which I added randomly, I might have taken another road.”
      Ye Chen showed a smile.
      The ancient sword practitioners need to be enemies with the ancient demons to practice their swords and ask for their hearts in order to move forward on the road of heart sword. He can directly improve his heart sword by virtue of his experience. Even in this era, he can also embark on the road of ancient sword cultivation, and will be more suitable than any ancient sword practitioner!
      On the other side.
      Lingran sword Qi crisscross, rolling magic power is powerful.
      Ye Ziling is fighting with an old devil. At this time, after she was promoted to the later stage of foundation building and had no time to build the Taoist body, her cultivation level is far from what she could have done before. Even the flying needle spirit tools she used before have been abandoned.
      Now she only controls a flying sword and fights with the old devil. The whole mountain is constantly shaking and the earth is crumbling.
      The picture of a sword falling into the sky appeared in her mind. She concentrated her mind to the extreme and cut out a vast sword light with her sword, which cut the old devil in two!
      “She killed the old devil who was equal to banbu!”
      Some people were horrified.
      “What a terrible swordEven Zhang Zhenghai, the true legend of Tianjian Pavilion, has no such terrible cultivation of kendo. Where did she come from? ”
      The other was shocked.
      “Last time her inside information is still a little less, this time it seems that there is no regret at all. I feel that the purple fairy is going to be invincible in the younger generation. Maybe only Lin Xuan can fight with her!”
      In the voices of countless people.
      Ye Ziling slowly received the sword, hovered in the air, carefully understood the temper and transformation of his heart after killing the old devil, and finally suddenly opened his eyes.
      In this era, it is impossible for ordinary people to cultivate the heart sword. Even if there is an ancient magic place, it is impossible to do so. But killing the demons can still play the role of practicing the sword. At this time, she has basically embarked on the road of sword cultivation.
      If she coagulates the golden elixir, she will surely become a real sword mender!
      After feeling, ye Ziling's sword ran away and disappeared in the same place.
      Ye Chen stood not far away and looked at Ye Ziling's action. After nodding slightly, he narrowed his eyes and turned to the center of the ancient magic place.
      “That's all that's left to explore.”
      With the voice falling.
      Ye Chen steps forward and disappears in the same place, and goes to the center of the ancient magic place.
      After stepping into the secret place of ancient magic, he had a premonition that the experience of this secret place of ancient magic will be different from the past, and a great event will happen!
      Although it's not clear what will happen, since he has a premonition, he won't let it go easily. If there is any demon who dares to cause trouble, he will cut it with one sword!*
      Chapter 31 it's impossible!
      The secret place of ancient demons.
      The place of the core.
      This is the center of hundreds of miles of mountains, and it is also located at the bottom of a valley. The demons here are everywhere, giving people a feeling of fear. However, these demons can only gather together an old devil, and can not appear an ancient devil comparable to the Terran golden elixir.
      With a flash of golden light, he saw a figure flying away. He had a white sword robe with the logo of Tianjian Pavilion embroidered on the edge. It was Zhang Zhenghai, one of the six Tianjiao!
      He came to the outside of the valley, looked at the surging evil Qi in the valley, frowned slightly, and said: “the evil Qi is really heavy. I'm afraid it's difficult to explore it with my own strength.”
      Zhang Zhenghai suddenly gave a cry.
      He noticed that in addition to him, there was another person who also came to the valley, even earlier than he did. He was dressed in white, but he felt that he had no accomplishments.
      Just as Zhang Zhenghai was confused and squinted to try to examine carefully, a breath suddenly came from behind, which made him move his eyes immediately.
      “Are you the only one here?”
      Accompanied by a voice of euphemism and enchantment, I saw a girl coming from the sky. She was one of the six Fairies in ancient China.
      Zhang Zhenghai said: “I just arrived. It seems that Yueling fairy didn't encounter any trouble all the way. She came very quickly.”
      The moon spirit fairy glanced at the situation inside the valley. There was a faint black light in his eyes. Then he looked at Zhang Zhenghai and said with a smile, “Taoist friend Zhang, look at the situation in the valley. I'm afraid that one person's strength is very dangerous. How about you and me going together?”
      “Since it's the Moon Fairy's proposal, I won't respect it.”
      Zhang Zhenghai smiles calmly.
      Although he is a sword cultivator, he is not a ruthless sword cultivator. Yueling fairy is the same level of Tianjiao with him, and he is naturally charming. If he can form a Taoist partner with her, he will be happy.
      “Well, let's go in at once.”
      The Moon Fairy smiles.
      Zhang Zhenghai answered, and then steered the light down. He planned to step into the core of the ancient magic place with the Moon Fairy, and explore inside.
      At this time, ye Chen, who had been standing at the edge of the valley, suddenly turned his head and looked at the Moon Fairy, as if he had noticed something, showing a thoughtful look.
      Zhang Zhenghai noticed Ye Chen's eyes and snorted.
      Although I don't know why I can't feel Ye Chen's cultivation, I've never heard of Ye Chen. I guess he's just a nobody. Now the Moon Fairy is obviously a little close to him, so he naturally cares about ye Chen's gaze.
      However, he is a disciple of Tianjian Pavilion. He is well-known and authentic. He doesn't give his hand to Ye Chen just because of one look.
      “Let's go.”
      Zhang Zhenghai light mouth, and then step into the valley.
      The moon spirit fairy followed closely and entered the valley. When she entered, she turned her head and looked in the direction of Ye Chen. There was a doubt in her eyes, but she didn't pay attention to it.
      “In vain for the sword repair.”
      Ye Chen looks at this scene, light mouth.
      There was something wrong with Yueling fairy that month. It should even be said that it was a big problem. Zhang Zhenghai, a swordsman, was not determined and confused by the appearance. He could only say that all causes and effects were taken by himself.
      Ye Chen took a step forward and entered the valley.
      In the valley.
      It can be seen that everywhere there is a mixture of evil Qi, and there is the magic power of the old devil level in all directions, which makes people feel palpitating. However, Zhang Zhenghai asked himself that he was not afraid to join hands with Yueling fairy.
      After a short period of walking, they ran into the first old devil. Zhang Zhenghai sacrificed his flying sword, cooperated with the Moon Fairy's secret skill of star and moon, and easily defeated it.
      “The secret skill of the Moon Fairy is really good.”
      “Brother Zhang's swordsmanship is also superb.”
      The Moon Fairy's mouth turned up.
      They join hands to kill each other all the way to the depth of the valley. In the depth of the valley, they encounter two old demons. The fierce light is diffuse and interweaved, and the air seems to condense into ice.
      Zhang Zhenghai's eyes are dignified, and he feels a burst of pressure. Although he and Yueling fairy cooperate, they can certainly solve the two old demons, but there are also certain dangers.
      “Yueling fairy, I…”
      Just as Zhang Zhenghai wanted to remind him that he was going to kill one of the old demons with Yueling fairy, a flash of brilliance suddenly came from behind.
      Caught off guard, Zhang Zhenghai's body protecting light was broken by a blow, and his body was penetrated in an instant. Looking carefully, it was the spirit weapon of the moon spirit fairy, a jade hairpin!
      Zhang Zhenghai spewed blood from his mouth and turned his head in disbelief.
      If he was outside, he would not relax his vigilance to other people so easily. However, there was no point in fighting with each other in the secret place of ancient demons, especially in exploring such a dangerous valley together. It might not be easy for them to do their best. He never thought that they would be stabbed in the back!
      “YouWhy… ”
      Zhang Zhenghai can't believe it.
      The corner of the Moon Fairy's mouth curved. The jade hand suddenly penetrated his chest, held his heart and crushed it in an instant, catching a ball of crystal clear blood essence.
      “Of course, I need your heart.”
      She looked at Zhang Zhenghai with a smile, then with a gentle wave of her jade hand, a jade bottle flew out of the storage bag. When the jade bottle was opened, a huge wave of blood gushed out of it!
      As like as two peas in Zhang Zhenghai's heart, he is from the hearts of other monks, and this vast blood wave is not known to be many people.
      “YouHow can you practice evil magic skills… ”
      Zhang Zhenghai is a monk who built foundation. He didn't die immediately after his heart was destroyed. Instead, he fell to the ground with a pale face. Looking at this scene, he spoke with difficulty.
      The Moon Fairy burst out laughing, accompanied by laughter, a touch of black gas gushed out from her body, turned into a black face, covered her body.
      “Evil magic skill?noI am the ancient devil!The name is moon
      With the dark evil spirit surging out, the moon spirit fairy, who incarnated in the ancient devil, waves the bloody waves away and sprinkles them into the valley at the core of the ancient devil's secret place.
      Looking at this scene, Zhang Zhenghai's eyes suddenly flashed a trace of horror, and said: “youYou are an ancient demonDid you take away the Moon Fairy
      “Good guess.”
      The ancient demon Jie said with a strange smile: “now the demon has finally arrived at the core. With such vast evil Qi, you can recover your accomplishments in a moment. No one can stop the demon, even the Jindan immortal is useless here!Besides, they can't get in at all! ”
      When he waved his hands upward, the evil spirit was surging, and the evil spirit in the whole valley was surging, turning into a surging evil wave.
      But just then.
      A sword light flashed by, and the surging magic wave suddenly stopped.
      The ancient devil's action stopped, looked down a little, and saw a sword light pierced his body, turned into a little brilliance, and gradually spread in his body.
      “It's you!”
      He looked back at the figure that appeared.
      Zhang Zhenghai, who fell to the ground, was also hard to see, showing a trace of surprise.
      Ye Chen was standing in the void, and the evil Qi could not invade him. He looked at the ancient devil and said:
      “I don't know what you're going to do, but I can't stand by and watch.”
      The sword light poured down all over the sky, and the ancient devil's body was submerged in an instant. The turbulent evil spirit broke up in an instant, and was cut apart and disappeared.
      The remaining demonic Qi in the valley is fused with the other demonic Qi in the valley, and converges into a huge face of demonic Qi again. He is shocked and angry
      “YouYou are the real king of Yuanying
      “No way!How can you enter Yuanying Zhenjun here
      A shrill voice resounded through the valley.
      He is an ancient demon, which is equivalent to the Jindan immortal of the human race. He uses a special secret skill to seize and give up, bypasses the rules and sneaks in, and recovers his strength here. As a complete ancient demon, he is able to travel in all directions and has no one to stop.
      But just now, ye Chen's sword directly hit his root. It can't be the killing skill of friar Jindan. It's Yuan Ying!Only Yuanying Zhenjun has such terrible power!
      Lying on the ground, Zhang Zhenghai heard the roar of the ancient devil and looked at the dust suspended in the air. He also showed a look of shock and disbelief.
      Yuanying, true king!
      He turned out to be a true king of Yuanying!
      For tens of thousands of years, there hasn't been a real king of Yuanying in the whole ancient China region. His master, the Lord of Tianjian Pavilion, is just a real Huagai. He has already stood on the top of the whole ancient China region. What a real king of Yuanying!
      He was even involved in the event between the ancient devil and the real king. Regret and other emotions flashed by quickly. He could not think about why the real king of Yuanying could enter the secret place of the ancient devil. With the decline of vitality, his thoughts began to be confused, and finally he died with regret.
      “Is Yuanying really king?”
      Ye Chen stands in the air, but he doesn't explain it in detail. He just looks at the surging evil Qi in the valley and opens his mouth with a calm look. The sound is rolling and the evil Qi is breaking away.
      “I didn't expect that there are still ancient demons in this world. I can survive with my sword. It seems that it is to connect the power of the inner demons with the formation in this valley. If you don't extinguish the evil Qi here, you can't be killed.”
      “In that case, I will level you and the valley together.”*
      Chapter 32 ancient devil!Cross border master!
      The vast sword is surging to the sky!
      The sword meaning burst out from the center of the ancient magic secret place, which made the whole ancient magic secret place seem to tremble, and also made the ancient magic secret place in chaos.
      A large number of magic children and little demons all screamed, and then collapsed directly, and turned into evil Qi, which rushed to the center of the ancient magic secret place.
      Chiyanzi, who is being chased and killed by an old devil, is running away when the old devil behind suddenly breaks up, which makes him suspicious.
      Somewhere in the secret place of the ancient devil, Lin Xuan is fighting with Ye Ziling. The magic weapons cut by Ye Ziling's swordsmanship are constantly broken, and his face is full of disbelief.
      Just as he was about to lose, ye Ziling suddenly stopped his sword.
      She suddenly turned her head and looked at the middle of the ancient magic place.
      Lin Xuan was also covered with blood. He looked at the past, and was shocked in his eyes. He said: “is this sword the immortal Jindan?No, it's impossible for Jindan to come here. Is there any change in the ancient magic place? ”
      All of a sudden, countless foundation building monks, outstanding disciples of various sects, and the peerless Tianjiao of the ancient China region all focused on the center of the ancient magic secret place with trembling eyes.
      In the face of the surging sword light aroused by Ye Chen's thought, the ancient devil in the canyon gave out a shrill scream and said: “true gentlemanEven if you are the real king of Yuanying!It's too late!You can't stop me when I get here! ”
      With his sharp whistling, the body of the evil Qi suddenly broke, and then all the evil Qi in the whole valley mixed with the blood essence of the human race that he had sprinkled before, and instantly interweaved into a strange pattern!
      Ye Chen eyebrows a pick.
      All over the sky, the sword light poured down and broke the pattern and the whole canyon. It was only a wisp of magic.
      “What did you do?”
      Ye Chen looks at the residual magic Qi.
      The remaining evil spirit rolled and twined, and gathered an ancient demon face about a few feet wide with a faint light. With a grim smile on his face, he said:
      “There are more than 700 ancient magic places in this world, which are 700 fake gravesOnly this place is true. Only here, with human blood essence and enough evil Qi, can we create a coordinate that our ancient ancestors can follow
      “In ancient times, our ancestors were expelled from heaven by our great power, and they lost this world. Now our great power either rises or disappears. When our ancestors come back, you are the real king of Yuanying. Prepare to be our ancestor's sacrifice!Ha ha ha ha ha
      With his crazy laughter, an earth shaking roar, swing open in the broken Valley, you can see the void in the valley, suddenly like a mirror, inch by inch broken.
      When ye Chenning looks at it, he can see that behind the broken void, in the chaotic light, a chaotic magic hand wrapped with black Qi is crossing from the unknown remote interface
      Where the palm of his hand goes,
      A layer of space constantly collapse, the whole void is trembling!
      With the collapse of the void layer upon layer, this dark magic hand seems to bear great resistance, but it is still difficult and firm to cross the void a little bit. After exploring, it finally smashes the void in the valley and pokes out a few fingers from the broken void.
      The appearance of these fingers makes the whole space of the ancient magic place tremble. In a moment, the sun and the moon lose color and the heaven and earth overturn!
      Together with Ye Ziling, Lin Xuan and other monks, they couldn't bear this breath of relaxation, and they just passed out and fell down.
      “Welcome to the ancient ancestors
      The magic face next to him, with a crazy look of reverence, opened his mouth to the broken void and the cross-border hand.
      When ye Chen looked at this scene, he did not panic. Instead, he showed a clear look and said:
      “It turned out that my premonition was this.”
      Xinjian gave him a premonition that a big event was going to happen, but it didn't give him warning. In other words, the big event was completely within the scope of his ability to deal with!
      The owner of the chaos giant palm is not a small one, and it must be far more powerful than imagined. However, the other side came across the void of not knowing how far away it was. It is obvious that it has reached the limit, and the fingers are constantly shaking!
      If you give the other party some time to completely tear up the void here and create a channel, it may really be able to cross the border.
      But it's still a long way off!
      “Our ancestors worked hard to drive you and other demons out of the sky. Will this world let you touch me againNo matter where you come from, go back to me! ”
      Ye Chen opens his mouth coldly, reaches out his hand and holds a sword.
      When he wields his sword, there will be a distorted void nearby. The pieces cut by his sword light will split, just like an open door, which is forced to close by his sword light!
      Under this blow, those fingers, who were extremely difficult to cross the border, were suddenly squeezed and forced back.
      Just then.
      A cross I don't know how many interface of the cold hum, from the other end of the remote transmission, with a chaotic magic idea, mercilessly attack to the heart of Ye Chen.
      He is a great power of the ancient demons. Although he has reached the limit and his power is hard to penetrate, even a Yuanying Zhenjun here can't resist his chaotic demons. In an instant, he will be influenced and suppressed by him, and it's impossible to prevent his return.
      Under the rush of his confused demons, he just raised a little wave in Ye Chen's heart sea. Under the suppression of the heart sword, the heart sea was almost as unshakable as the river of heaven!
      After the atmosphere solidified for a short time.
      There was a roar of surprise and anger and disbelief in the void.
      “Heart sword!”
      “No way!There are people in this world who can build a heart sword! ”
      He began to decorate from ancient times, just to return to this world today. Although the coordinates can only lead the way once, as long as he comes, even the real king can't stop him.
      But only can't deal with the ancient sword repair!
      Heart sword!
      The absolute enemy of the ancient demons, chaos demons can not shake the heart!
      According to his judgment, after the demise of the demons in this world, it should be impossible for anyone to cultivate the willful sword, so he didn't think about it at all.
      But now, something completely unexpected has happened. There are still people in this world who have cultivated the heart sword, and their cultivation is not weak. They can stir up the void and resist the chaotic demons, and they are just waiting for him on the other side!
      How can he accept it.
      “It seems that it really existed in ancient times. I recognized the heart sword at once.”
      Ye Chen light mouth, hand is merciless, heart sword since self-cultivation for the first time he inspired to the extreme, mercilessly stab into the void, stir up a turbulent flow.
      The big hand, who was expelled back to the empty air, was forced to retreat under the impact of the turbulence. It seemed that it could not bear the pressure from cross-border and began to retreat.
      “Stop it
      “Hateful!Terran sword repair! ”
      The angry demons convey the void and roar wildly in Ye Chen's ear, but no matter what they do, they can't shake his heart and make any impact.
      Holding the will of the ancestors of the human race, how could he be afraid of a mere ancient devil?!
      “Incompetent rage.”
      The leaf dust lightly hums a, the heart sword wantonly cuts.
      The magic idea near Ye Chen exploded directly, and the big hand in the void could no longer support the heavy backlog from beyond the sky, and even showed a sign of breaking.
      There was a final roar of anger from the remaining demonic thoughts that gathered together again.
      “I remember you!Terran sword repair
      “I am waiting for you in the old Star Road, and I will torture you to the end of reincarnation in the future!”
      With the last trace of magic burst open, the big hand in the empty air finally completely retracted, I don't know how far away the sky, and finally completely disappeared.
      It's almost when the depression and magic power completely disappeared.
      Ye Chen's heart rang out a warning sound.
      [tip: experience + 50000]*
      Chapter 33 Ziling is famous all over the world
      “The old star road?”
      “Is it the road that will appear in nine days?”
      Leaf dust negative hand but stand, watch that ancient big devil disappear in the void.
      This time, he got 50000 points of experience, and the harvest is undoubtedly explosive experience. If his cultivation is a little higher, he can leave something from the chaos devil's hand for research, maybe he can get more experience, but his cultivation is not enough to hurt each other.
      As for the ancient star road mentioned before the disappearance of the ancient demons, ye Chen has seen some small descriptions in ancient books. It is said that it is a great power of cultivating to reach heaven. No matter where you are, you will see the same road after nine days.
      To the depths of the vast starry sky.
      It is said that none of the people who set foot on that road have come back.
      Ye Chen knows that this part of the information is true, but he doesn't know more specific information. These should not be what he can understand now. After all, he can't cross the astral wind layer above the nine day thunder sea.
      Ye Chen is astringent.
      Look to the side.
      Before I saw that the ancient devil who had worked hard to create coordinates showed a very humanized expression on his face – dumbfounded!
      His whole face was floating there, full of dull and unbelievable expressions.
      “NoIt's impossibleHow can you defeat our ancestorsYou are just a real kingAh!No, you are not the real king, you are the ancient sword repair!damn!You are an ancient swordsman!I let you destroy my ancestors' return plan for millions of years…. ”
      The magic face shakes his head and retreats.
      Ye Chen moved slowly and looked at him.
      He noticed that ye Chen's eyes were completely stiff, and then he showed a look of fear. His voice trembled and said: “RaoSpare my life… ”
      A flash of sword light passed by and directly poked into the mouth of the magic face. It stirred the whole face into a paste, and then completely collapsed and disappeared.
      After killing the evil face, ye Chen takes back his eyes.
      “This secret place has been destroyed.”
      He looked up at the sky and murmured.
      He can clearly perceive that after he destroyed the core of the valley and killed the last face of the ancient devil, the heaven and earth in the secret place was no longer distorted as before, but gradually had the sign of assimilation with the outside world.
      If you look at this situation, in a few hundred years at most, this secret place will be completely integrated with the outside world, which means that it will disappear completely and there will be no more demons.
      But it's just right.
      Listen to what the other side said before. Since ancient times, the demon's followers who were not completely cleaned up by the human ancestors should be completely cleaned up. In the future, the world will never suffer from the evil disaster again.
      Ye Chen astringed his mind and felt the scene in the secret place. He could feel that almost all the monks in the secret place fainted in the shock just now. Many people were seriously injured, and even their minds were injured.
      Ye Ziling is also in a coma, but she has been observing the heart sword for many times. Although she can't understand the real heart sword, she can learn a little shape. She also has strong resistance to chaotic demons, so she is not injured. Even after being tempered, she will go further in the meaning of the sword.
      It's a blessing in disguise.
      After confirming that ye Ziling was ok, ye Chen turned into a white light and disappeared in the same place.
      A few days later.
      Ye Ziling was the first to eliminate the chaotic demons and wake up from the coma.
      “Is the evil mind affected by the evil idea?”
      After examining her condition, she murmured, recalling the endless illusions she had experienced in the confusion, and a faint blush appeared on her cheek.
      In the endless illusions, most of them were scenes of hell, but they did little harm to her, and she easily ignored them all.
      Only the illusions of the erotic part made her feel a little ashamed, because these illusions came from her elder brother Ye Chen.
      “Don't blame the devil for making trouble, brother…”
      Ye Ziling was chanting in her heart.
      She stood up, steered the light to the air, and looked in all directions. What she saw was that there were no demons and demons in the whole secret place, and the monks who were still unconscious.
      After thinking about whether or not to take away all the monks' storage bags, ye Ziling felt sorry when he thought that there were immortal Jindan from different sects guarding the outside world.
      Not long.
      The monks of other sects and sects also gradually woke up and began to leave the secret place one after another.
      With their return, what happened in the secret place was quickly conveyed one by one, and was known by many monks and immortal Jindan from the outside world, which immediately caused a stir.
      “Zhang Zhenghai and Yueling fairy are dead!”
      “Ye Ziling defeated Lin Xuan, the first man of Tianjiao today!”
      “Great changes have taken place in the secret place of the ancient devil. It seems that an amazing devil was born, but I don't know what existence killed him!”
      Every piece of news is like a heavy bomb, exploding in the whole ancient China.
      The Heavenly Sword Pavilion and the moon and moon gate are shocked by the Jin Dan people. Many people join hands to try to break the mystery of ancient magic and enter into the investigation, but eventually they are all wounded and unable to break through.
      Lin Xuan didn't deny the news that he was defeated by Ye Ziling. After he left the ancient magic place, he returned directly with the immortal Jindan of the ancient Chinese school, which is equivalent to acquiescence.
      It also caused a stir.
      Peerless pride, amazing beauty!
      Ziyun Zong Ziling fairy is famous all over the world and spreads all over ancient China!*
      Chapter 34 three years later, the son of the nether world!
      half a month later.
      The north courtyard of Ziling cave.
      Ye Chen is standing on the edge of the lotus pond with a bowl of fish grain in his hand. He grabs some fish grain in one hand and sprinkles it into the water. The water is surrounded by Koi Carp and waves.
      “……This is probably the case. I didn't expect that I could get so many adventures when I went out for training this time. I was also given many opportunities by that elder. Now I am the first one in the generation of pride in ancient China! ”
      Ye Ziling stands beside Ye Chen and smiles.
      The white ribbon on her body shakes in the air with her smile. At this time, she can't see the appearance of the cold and alert purple fairy outside. She is a lively and pure lovely girl.
      After coming back from the outside, she came to the north yard to find Ye Chen for the first time, and then told ye Chen all about her experience outside during this period.
      Her personality itself is lively and lovely. She is very tired to keep a cold iceberg face outside at ordinary times. If there is no one to talk to after she comes back, she may become a demon.
      The elder brother Ye Chen is so good to her. After all, ye Chen doesn't cultivate immortals, doesn't travel far, and doesn't spread any news. She can confide in everything without scruple.
      “Well, my sister is very good.”
      Ye Chen gently smiles and reaches for ye Ziling's head.
      Ye Ziling turned her little mouth, shrunk her head, and said: “you've caught fish food, don't touch my head, and I'll be immortal Jindan in a few years. You'll be rude to a real person like this, you understand?”
      “Then you are still my sister.”
      Ye Chen leisurely looked at the lotus pool, and caught a handful of fish food scattered out.
      Ye Ziling puffed her cheeks and puffed up her mouth. Seeing that ye Chen ignored her, she took two steps and sat down beside her. She also looked at the lotus pond and said to herself:
      “What do you think that master Jian Xiu looks like?Will it look like an old man, or a middle-aged man like master, or a peerless fairy? ”
      “About the same as me.”
      Ye Chen glanced at Ye Ziling.
      Ye Ziling stamped his foot, looked at Ye Chen angrily, showed his teeth to Ye Chen, and threatened: “don't make fun of that elder!I have a lot of respect for that elder! ”
      With a smile, ye Chen hands the bowl to Ye Ziling. Ye Ziling catches it. With a wave of her slender jade finger, the fish food in the bowl will naturally fly out and fall into the lotus pond.
      I fed the fish for a while.
      Ye Ziling vomited his breath, stood up, looked at Ye Chen, and said: “brother, I'm going to close the door to digest the chance and feeling of this period. Maybe I'll close the door for several years. After I leave the door, I may find the chance to break through the golden elixir. This step is very difficult. Although I'm sure, whether I can succeed or not depends on fate. No matter what, brother, you should treasure it.”
      “Don't worry about doing it. You don't have to bear any burden. No matter what you encounter, you have my elder brother behind you.”
      Ye Chen smiles calmly.
      Ye Ziling breathed and handed the bowl back to Ye Chen
      “I'll go now.”
      “Go ahead.”
      Ye Chen nodded to her.
      Watching Ye Ziling's back disappear in the courtyard, ye Chen smiles, puts down the fish bowl in his hand, puts his hands on the pillow behind his head, looks up at the blue sky, and feels peaceful.
      After ye Ziling began to close the door to consolidate his cultivation, ye Chen also began to close the door. His closing is also a way to improve the cultivation of heart sword. Before, he got a huge experience in the ancient magic place, and the experience brought him a great promotion.
      So time flies, time flows.
      In the blink of an eye, three years later.
      Guhua city.
      Ancient Huaxian sect.
      The whole ancient Huacheng is thousands of miles away, and the ancient huaxianzong is located in the center of the ancient Huacheng. It is a fairyland, and you can see that layers of high platforms go straight into the clouds, which is a view of the fairyland.
      And just above the cloud, there are two breath are entangled together. After the fierce struggle, one breath suddenly flourishes, and the other one collapses.
      A figure fell from the sky.
      His body is in a mess, and the corner of his mouth spills blood. He is Lin Xuan, the ancient Chinese emperor!
      “Is this the strength of Tianjiao in ancient China?”
      Someone spoke lightly.
      Looking up at the sky, you can see a figure in blue satin, with a faint light all over him. Standing on the void, he has the same breath as Lin Xuan. He is only in the late stage of building the foundation, but now he is condescending and proud.
      Many other elders and deacons of the ancient Huaxian sect looked down at this scene, and their eyes were a little frightened and shocked.
      “This is the strength of Youming Shengzi. The inside information is really much stronger than Lin Xuan.”
      “After all, the holy land of the nether world comes from the secluded realm. It's the ancient clan where the real Yuanying and Zhenjun are sitting. It's immortal for thousands of years. Although our ancient Huayu is also one of the thirteen regions of Tianhua, it's remote and desolate. We haven't had Yuanying Zhenjun for tens of thousands of years, which can't be compared with the secluded realm.”
      An elder sighed.
      In the thirteen regions of Tianhua Prefecture, except for the ancient China region, there was no Yuanying Zhenjun. In other regions, there was Yuanying Zhenjun. He lived in the holy land, which is immortal for thousands of years!
      The Holy Son of Youming, who defeated Lin Xuan, is the holy land of Youming in the thirteen regions of Tianhua. The ancestor of the holy land is named Youming Zhenjun, who is a real king in the thirteen regions of Tianhua!
      “You Ming Sheng Zi…”
      Lin Xuan fell to the ground with blood spilling from the corner of his mouth. He looked up at the ghost son above. His face was full of unwilling look, struggling to get up.
      The netherworld son fell from the sky, with an overbearing and arrogant face. He directly stepped on his chest and put him on the ground. He spewed out a mouthful of blood.
      “What else?”
      The son of the nether world spoke coldly.
      Seeing this scene, many elders and deacons of the ancient huaxianzong suddenly look ugly. Lin Xuan's master, the leader of the ancient huaxianzong, is stepping out.
      But right now.
      Behind the son of the nether world, a monk in a black robe stepped forward at the same time. The black Qingyun spread over his head and said faintly, “what's the instruction of the ancient Chinese palm sect?”
      He is the guardian of the son of the nether world. Although he is only the cultivation in the middle of the golden elixir, he is arrogant in the face of the guhuazhang sect in the later period of the golden elixir, without any concession.
      Because he comes from the nether world!
      Looking at Lin Xuan, who had been trampled and unconscious by the Holy Son of the nether world, and had been spitting blood at the corner of his mouth, Gu Hua Zhang cult looked ugly. But even if he was angry in his heart, he could only suppress his anger and said, “the bad guy is not good at cultivating Taoism, which makes two guests laugh.”
      With the voice falling, he waved his sleeve, a piece of Qingyun flew out, turned into a ribbon, wrapped around Lin Xuan, pulled Lin Xuan out from the sole of the ghost's feet, and pulled him to the rear.
      The son of the nether world was a little depressed.
      “It seems that this ancient Chinese region is indeed a remote place. The so-called peerless pride is just like this.”
      He glanced around at random. Although he was peered at by many golden elites of ancient huaxianzong, he didn't care at all, and looked calmly with his hands on his back.
      The black robed friar stood aside and said, “as I said before, there can be no friars of the same generation who are worthy of the Holy Son in this ancient Chinese region. It's just a waste of time to come to this ancient Chinese immortal sect.”
      The netherworld son said with a smile: “it's not a waste of time. After all, it's just on the way. It's OK to pass the boring time.”
      That's all.
      He suddenly thought of something. He looked at the leader of the ancient Huaxian sect in front of him and said, “by the way, I seem to have heard that besides Lin Xuan, there is a purple fairy. It's said that he is the first person of the younger generation of the ancient Huaxian sect. Can you let me understand it?”
      Gu Hua Zhang Jiao said slowly, “she's not my disciple of Gu Hua Xian sect.”
      Youming Shengzi was slightly surprised and said with a smile: “the first of the young generation did not come from your ancient Huaxian sect. Isn't your ancient Huaxian sect a little embarrassed?”
      This sentence with great irony makes the deacons of guhuaxian patriarch look ugly. Many people are angry, but no one dares to get angry.
      After all, the other party is the son of the nether world!
      It's not difficult to annihilate their ancient Huaxian sect, even if they are the first one in ancient China.
      even to the extent that.
      Under the command of the holy land of the nether world, I'm afraid the whole ancient China region is not afraid to follow!
      This is the deterrence of a true king!*
      Chapter 35 Ziling goes out of the pass and teaches on his behalf
      “Holy Son, I don't think I need to learn any more. The purple fairy is a little better than Lin Xuan. It's just disappointing to find her.”
      The black robed real person is beside, casual way.
      The netherworld son laughed and said, “it should be similar to what you said, but the purple fairy is a nun. She should also have a prosperous face. If you go to see her, you may not be disappointed, let aloneMaybe it's still on the way? ”
      That's all.
      He looked at Guhua Zhang Jiao and said, “then where is the purple fairy?”
      The ancient Chinese palm sect has recovered its plain look. With a wave of it, a trace of the true yuan rippled in the void, drawing a rough map of the ancient Chinese realm and saying, “she is a disciple of Ziyun sect.”
      Youming Shengzi looked at the rough map, slightly surprised, said with a smile: “although it's not completely on the way, it's a little bit too far, and the time is enough. It's OK to go and have a look.”
      The black robed real man said noncommittally: “since the son has a heart, then go and have a look.”
      After a short communication between them, the black robed real man waved his sleeve and released a top-grade spirit shuttle, which was full of light. Then he stepped on the shuttle and carried the ghost son to the sky.
      Watch the two leave.
      Gu Hua Zhang Jiao's face immediately came down.
      “That's too much deception!”
      There was an elder's angry voice.
      “The upright is so rampant!”
      Another elder was also furious.
      Gu Hua's face also changed a few times, but at last he sighed and said, “what about anger? After allIt's the holy land of the nether world. ”
      As the leader of the ancient Huaxian sect, he had left the ancient China domain many times. He had the honor to see the hand of Yuan Ying Zhenjun. It was really tearing the sky and breaking the ground. If he moved, the world would be eclipsed. The sword would be so amazing!
      By comparison.
      Even if it's a real Dan robber, as long as he can't get through the gate of life and death, and can't really turn Dan into a baby, then in front of a real yuan baby, he's just a little bigger mole ant.
      Breaking through the barrier between heaven and man can make a real person, carefree between heaven and earth, in charge of his own destiny, but he still can't see through life and death. Yuanying Zhenjun can see through the gate of life and death. Since then, he will no longer be constrained by life. Even if his body is exhausted, Yuanying can be reincarnated and immortal!
      This is also the reason why the zongmen, where Yuanying Zhenjun is sitting, can be called a holy land.
      You are immortal!
      Inheritance will not be destroyed!
      “Xuaner, alas…”
      Gu Hua Zhang Jiao looked at Lin Xuan who was still in a coma and couldn't help sighing.
      With Lin Xuan's talent and talent, it was almost no problem to break through the barrier between heaven and man. In the future, he may even become the Huagai immortal in the later stage of the golden elixir. But now he has been defeated by Ye Ziling and Youming Shengzi one after another, and his Taoist heart has been damaged.
      It's hard to say whether we can be tenacious and break the barrier between heaven and man. It's time and fate.
      Ye Ziling may not be able to win the favor of Youming son here. If she doesn't experience outside, but happens to be encountered by Youming son in Ziyun sect, she may also end up in the same way as Lin Xuan.
      As for saying that it is impossible to stop Youming Shengzi, even the whole ancient Huaxian sect dare to be angry, not to mention a Ziyun sect.
      On the main peak of the mountain, surrounded by clouds, you can see the bright fairy Pavilion. In one of the open squares, a large number of Ziyun sect disciples and deacons all gathered here.
      In the whole Ziyun sect, except for some secluded disciples and elders, almost all the others arrived at the main peak. They gathered here just for today's Ziyun grand meeting!
      From the zhenzhuan disciples of Gefeng, to the inner disciples, to the outer disciples and tens of thousands of miscellaneous service disciples, many people are divided into a clear line. The higher the status, the closer to the main hall.
      The elders of each peak.
      It is to directly control the light in the air.
      “Do you know what it's about today's Zhangjiao Zhenren calling us here?”
      Some of the disciples in the outer gate behind the grand meeting spoke in a low voice.
      “I don't know.”
      “Is it someone in the clan who has made Jindan immortal?”
      “It's impossible. According to the tradition, if someone becomes a Jindan immortal, it's to inform the major branches of ancient China to hold a meeting to raise immortals and have a banquet for the guests for three days. Now it's just called in our Ziyun sect. In my opinion, maybe a real biography or deacon has broken through the realm of virtual alchemy.”
      Someone's judging.
      Today, tens of thousands of disciples are gathered in Ziyun sect. Such a grand gathering is certainly not a small matter, but it will not be as big a thing as the achievement of a real person. It is possible that a half step real person will appear, and other people nearby will nod their heads and show their approval.
      Empty Dan realm!
      Although a banbu immortal is not as respected as a immortal, it is also second only to the immortal. Even in the ancient Huaxian sect, banbu immortal is also very important.
      In Ziyun sect, the appearance of a half step immortal can directly set up a new peak and become the elder of the new peak. He has all kinds of power in the sect, second only to Zhangjiao.
      “Who do you think broke through the realm of emptiness?”
      “It can't be… Purple fairy.”
      Some people don't believe in it and say, “she has broken through the foundation and made great achievements. It's less than 15 years now.”
      At a time when many people are talking about it.
      In the sky.
      All of a sudden, a bell rang and spread all over the main peak of ziyunzong. A majestic breath spread in all directions, so that everyone stopped and looked at it together.
      Three bells were heard, and then a piece of light appeared from the main peak of the main hall. The auspicious atmosphere on the light was interwoven. It was the master of Ziyun sect, immortal Ziyun!
      In the eyes of countless disciples.
      Immortal Ziyun walked in the sky, landed, hovered a little higher than the elder of each peak, then stood with his negative hand and glanced at the countless disciples below.
      “Since the establishment of Ziyun sect in the early Dynasty, the sect has been dedicated to our sect, and has been handed down for four thousand years, which is well-known for its good fortune.”
      “Ye Ziling, the seventh peak of zhenzhuan's disciples, competes with many arrogant people in ancient China. With one person's strength, he can defeat ancient China!Set an example for all the disciples of Ziyun sect
      “Now, I hold the order of the seventh generation of Ziyun sect to give the seventh peak disciple Ye Ziling the true biography of Ziyun, the same position as the elders of all peaks, and the ancient order of Ziyun!With this order, when I'm not here, I can take charge of Ziyun's teaching on my behalf. Ziyun's orders will be obeyed. “*
      Chapter 36 the son of the nether world comes!
      With immortal Ziyun's words in the sky, countless disciples stopped in front of Ziyun hall for a short time, and then there was an uproar.
      The true legend of Ziyun is the same as the elder of Zhufeng. It's nothing. After all, ye Ziling's talent will break through the realm of virtual alchemy sooner or later. However, holding the ancient order of Ziyun and acting as the leader of the sect, it's quite different!
      It almost means that,
      Designated Ye Ziling as the next leader of Ziyun sect!
      “This… Has the purple fairy become the golden elixir?”
      Someone was shocked.
      “It's impossible. If she became a real person, she would have directly succeeded in charge of the sect. She should not have become a real person, and she would be in charge of the sect on behalf of Ziyun guring. This is really…”
      The other was amazed.
      In the uproar of many disciples, ye Ziling walked out of the Ziyun hall step by step, driving the light to the sky.
      She didn't break through the void elixir realm, and she didn't become a real person. The day before yesterday, she just digested and absorbed all the experience of these years, and was ready to break the barrier between heaven and man. But before she left the sect to find the chance to break through the golden elixir, she received the call of immortal Ziyun.
      It's not a big surprise that she was given Ziyun zhenzhuan as the elder of each peak. After all, it's not too difficult for her to enter the Xudan realm. But it's a little surprising that she was given Ziyun ancient decrees and taught on her behalf. In the whole Ziyun sect, she is second only to immortal Ziyun. After all, she hasn't really accomplished immortal Jindan.
      “Ziling, don't you take orders yet?”
      Yu Cheng smiles and reminds me.
      With such a disciple, his master is also satisfied at this time.
      “Yes!I'll take orders! ”
      Ye Ziling took a breath, and the cold voice was blowing in the sky.
      Although today's situation is slightly beyond her expectation, she has seen a lot of storms after all, and her heart is more determined to point to the golden elixir road.
      It may be very heavy for many people, but it's not enough for her to feel up and down.
      After she really took the ancient order of Ziyun, there was still a little wave in her heart. After all, after taking the order, she was in charge of the sect, and all the orders were obeyed!
      She cast her eyes on the nearby elders of each peak, but Cheng's face was red, and Zhang Mingxuan and other elders were all smiling and had no opinion.
      Look down again.
      Many deacons and zhenzhuan disciples in the sect lined up in front of her, and looked at her with respect and admiration.
      Looking further away, her eyes stopped.
      Ye Chen also came.
      She saw Ye Chen standing behind many deacons, looking at her with a smile.
      Some of the nearby disciples noticed Ye Ziling's stopped eyes. Looking along the direction of Ye Ziling's eyes, they also saw Ye Chen standing in a corner.
      “Who is that?Is it a deacon?I don't think I've seen… ”
      There is a new disciple Mu Lu confused.
      “You don't even know him?He is Ye Chen, the elder brother of Ziling fairy, but I heard that he has no accomplishments. Now he just recuperates in Ziyun sect as a mortal. ”
      Next to the older one, explain in a low voice.
      “Brother of purple fairy?This… Is really enviable. ”
      The new disciple was surprised and then looked enviously.
      Xiuxian, Xiuxian.
      Most of the disciples never thought that they would be able to build the golden elixir road. What they pursue is to break through the foundation and build a congenital one. They can have a life span of two or three hundred years and a certain status, and then they can live a happy life.
      Although Ye Chen is a mortal here, she has a younger sister like Ye Ziling. Many deacons in the clan are polite. If you take more nourishing Qi fruit, you will not get sick and prolong your life. Why not live for 200 years?
      This is the envy of countless disciples.
      “If only the purple fairy were my sister.”
      Many of the disciples even had a little envious eyes in their eyes.
      After all, such a position completely depends on luck, and has nothing to do with Ye Chen himself. In this world, people don't know hundreds of millions, and ye Chen is the luckiest one.
      In front of Ziyun hall.
      Ye Ziling gazed at Ye Chen. Under the attention of many disciples, he was touched. For a moment, he read from his heart and quietly showed a smile.
      She recalled that she was protected by Ye Chen when she was a child, and ye Chen was hungry but tried to give her food. Now that the girl has grown up, she is the acting leader of ziyunzong.
      Although Ye Chen can only be a mortal for a lifetime, it is not necessarily worse than a monk's life to let Ye Chen spend this life peacefully and carefree. Unless the destiny is hard to disobey, she can do it.
      “The purple fairy… Laughed?”
      “It's the first time that I see elder martial sister Ziling laughing.”
      Those zhenzhuan disciples standing in the front of the main hall, looking at Ye Ziling's sudden smile, could see clearly and stayed for a while.
      In the outside world, ye Ziling has always been called “iceberg Fairy”. This smile is the first time for almost all people to see. It is really the spring in full bloom in the cold, ice and snow melting. If fairy flowers bloom, there should be no such fairy in the world.
      This moment.
      It's like freezing.
      It turns into a beautiful picture, and then it stops.
      What breaks this solidification is a sound from outside the sky, which swings in the whole Ziyun sect. It seems to come from the nether world, with loneliness and pride.
      “The holy land of the nether world, the son of the nether world, I heard that there was the first person of the young generation in ancient China, named Ziling fairy. I don't know if I can be here. Let me learn something about it!”
      The sound spread so loud that the peaks were shocked.
      The disciples inside and outside the Ziyun sect were still at a loss. Most of the deacons and zhenzhuan disciples, including elder Gefeng and master Ziyun, all changed their faces!
      “The nether world… Holy land?”
      Yu Cheng looks shocked.
      There are countless sects in this world, but those who dare to be called holy land are immortal inheritance of only the real king Yuan Ying!
      Zhang Mingxuan looked up at the sky in disbelief and murmured: “the thirteen regions of Tianhua, the secluded regions, and the holy land of the nether world… It is said that the Holy Son has been handed down from generation to generation. Every generation of the Holy Son is the successor of the holy land of the nether world, and is the peerless pride of the holy land of the nether world. How can he come to the ancient China?”
      On the sky.
      You can see two figures standing outside the mountain protection array inspired by ziyunzong. Standing in front is a young man with black pattern silk. Standing behind is a black robed friar. There are pieces of Qingyun intertwined on his head, which shows his mid-term cultivation of golden elixir*
      Chapter 37 The Battle of peerless pride!
      “Where is Ziyun Zongzhang's sect? Why don't you come out to meet the order of Youming?”
      The black robed real man looked at the excited mountain protection array and waved his hand coldly.
      A black ancient order rose to the sky in an instant, blooming in splendor, and a strand of the terrible prestige belonging to the real king of Yuanying swung silently.
      The whole mountain protection array of ziyunzong immediately seemed to encounter something extremely terrifying. There was a buzz, and it almost collapsed on the spot!
      “The holy order of the netherworld is really the holy land of the netherworld…”
      Immortal Ziyun's face changed violently. He took a deep breath. With a wave of his sleeve, he let go of the mountain protection array of Ziyun sect. At the same time, he came to the sky to bow and say, “Ziyun sect, welcome the Taoist friends from the holy land of the nether world.”
      “This is my son in the holy land of the nether world.”
      The black robed real person takes back the Youming holy order and gives a faint signal.
      Immortal Ziyun looked at the Holy Son next to him and felt that he had only the fluctuation of his cultivation in the later period of foundation building. There was a slight difference in his eyes, but he still didn't dare to neglect him
      “I've seen the son.”
      “Where do you live in Ziling fairy?”
      The nether son glanced at the immortal Ziyun at random, then did not look at it more, and glanced directly at the Ziyun sect below.
      Ye Ziling looked at the sky from a distance and felt that the other party was not good at coming. The smile on her face disappeared without a trace, as if it had never appeared, and she regained her cool face.
      With a flash of light, she came to the sky and said in a calm voice:
      “The true biography of Ziyun, the master of education, ye Ziling here.”
      She has never heard of the holy land of the nether world, but she knows the meaning of the holy land. But now she has embarked on the road of sword cultivation, and her heart is like a sword. Even when she hears the origin of the Holy Son of the nether world, she does not have any timidity in her heart.
      Looking at Ye Ziling who rose to the sky, she felt her courage and temperament, which belonged to the proud son of heaven
      “The beauty is really good, but I don't know how to do it. How dare I argue with Ben Shengzi?”
      “Please teach me.”
      Ye Ziling spoke coldly.
      Those who come are not good at being rude, and her first impression disgusts her. Today, she has defeated countless powerful enemies all the way. Even Lin Xuan has been defeated by her. It is impossible for her to be timid and give in to a friar of the same generation. Since the other side comes to challenge her, she can't be timid.
      The son of the nether world burst out laughing.
      Seeing this, the black robed immortal immediately took a flash of his figure and drove dunguang back to a hundred feet away, while the Ziyun immortal showed a trace of anxiety in his eyes, but there was no way at this time. He could only retreat back to the top of Ziyun hall.
      The front of Ziyun hall was in chaos. All the inner disciples, zhenzhuan disciples and deacons were looking up at the sky.
      “The thirteen realms of Tianhua state, the closest to our ancient Chinese realm, is Youyu. There are countless sects in Youyu, and the only one above it is Youming Holy Land!”
      “It is said that Youming Zhenjun, the ancestor of Youming holy land, got the right way seven thousand years ago. The power of Zhenjun swept the secluded area, slaughtered countless gold elixirs, and came to the world. Since then, the whole secluded area dare not follow!”
      Some of the inner disciples who had read some foreign classics were shocked.
      “Then… How terrible the son of the nether world is
      Someone chattered.
      Looking at Ye Ziling in the sky, his eyes almost showed worry and tension.
      Although Ye Ziling has been invincible in the ancient Chinese domain of the young generation, what he meets now is the Holy Son from the netherworld, which is the holy land inherited by the real king!
      In chaos.
      No one noticed that ye Chen was behind the last side of the queue, so he looked up at the sky, did not move, but looked at it calmly.
      Youming Shengzi… Although he has never heard of it, he is really extraordinary in his heart sword perception. His breath is much stronger than those of Lin Xuan.
      As for who is stronger between him and ye Ziling, it can only be distinguished after the duel.
      Ye Ziling is no worse than Lin Xuan when his foundation is backward. After he helped Ye Ziling to make up his foundation, ye Ziling has completely surpassed Lin Xuan. Now after three years of precipitation, he has almost reached the top in the same stage!
      No matter how strong the nether son is, it is the same level at most.
      For ye Ziling, it's very suitable to be tempered as a battle and prepare for breaking the barrier of heaven and man to meet an opponent of this level immediately after going through the customs.
      And in the dust of the leaves,
      The battle between Ye Ziling and Youming Shengzi broke out!
      Three years ago, ye Ziling had not completely eliminated her other magic weapons, but now she has refined a flying sword of her own life in the past three years. It can be said that now she has given up all other things, only for one sword, and completely embarked on the path of sword cultivation.
      You can see ye Ziling's flying sword, his royal sword in succession, his sword shadow crisscrossing in the sky, and his sword light sweeping all over the sky, like pear blossom dancing, which makes people tremble.
      As soon as Youming Holy Son's eyes were fixed, he felt the terrible sword meaning brewing in the light of the sword. He immediately restrained his underestimate and said: “it seems that I underestimated you. I didn't expect that there was such a sword repair in the same level of ancient China!”
      “Look at me
      He gave a low drink.
      Similarly, he didn't release any magic weapon, and his whole body burst out a mighty pressure of spirit. The lustre of dark glass surged out in a flash, forming a three Zhang Dharma appearance.
      In the face of Ye Ziling's sword light, he waved his hand forward and out, and FA Xiang also waved his hand. The dark light was flying around in the sky and collided with the sword light.
      The violent explosion exploded in a flash.
      The terrible power made many of the disciples turn pale, and even Yu Cheng and other elders were shocked.
      “This strength is no less than me!”
      Zhang Mingxuan murmured.
      Although we all know that ye Ziling swept the younger generation of ancient China, and is known as the number one in the contemporary era, he has never seen Ye Ziling's hand with his own eyes, and he is not clear about the power of Ye Ziling. Today, ye Ziling has half the power of a real person by virtue of his later cultivation!
      The other people were as like as two peas, but in addition to exclamation, they were more nervous, because the opposite son of God was also the same as the fierce and threatening!
      Chapter 38 no lack of sword!
      “The falling rain chases the rainbow!”
      Ye Ziling controls the flying sword. When he confronts with Youming Shengzi, a burst of sword will surge. The middle finger of the jade hand's index finger closes together to form a sword and points upward.
      She had seen Ye Chen's heart sword four times, and two of them were seen from close range.
      And from these four times, she pondered and studied for countless times, and found out her own three moves of swordsmanship. Now she used the first move, falling rain chasing rainbow!
      This is the sword move Ye Chen used to kill the black robe gold elixir, but ye Chen uses her heart sword to control all things in the world, while she only controls her own sword.
      This is the biggest difference between Xinjian and Jianxiu.
      Ye Chen's heart sword is a sword. Once it comes out, everything in the world will turn into a sword. When it comes out, everything in the world will follow. So why not cultivate the body and spirit? It's because it doesn't need to. It's the power of heaven and earth that directly controls it. It's no longer necessary to defend the sword by oneself.
      Ye Ziling naturally has no such ability, so her swordsmanship should lag behind. She defends the sword with her own strength, and then unfolds her swordsmanship, and the vast expanse falls like rain.
      In the face of Ye Ziling's blow, Youming Shengzi waved his arms and roared.
      “The nether world shakes the sky!”
      However, the three Zhang Fa Xiang on his body, waving his dark giant palm to the sky above, seemed to shake the sky with the power of the nine nether sea, and collide with the sword rain of Ye Ziling.
      There was a pea like burst in the whole sky. Every sword burst, which made countless disciples of inner gate and miscellaneous service turn pale. They could feel that every sword burst was enough to kill them!
      It's no exaggeration to say that ye Ziling and Youming Shengzi had a half step duel between real people in the later period of foundation building!
      “There is such a leader in ancient China.”
      The guardian of the netherworld son, the black robed real man, also had a twinkle of vision, and a little surprise flashed in his eyes.
      Even with his experience, I have to marvel at Ye Ziling's swordsmanship and talent. If she was born in a holy land, she would be a saint!
      All over the sky, the sword rain burst.
      Youming Shengzi's huge Dharma palms were broken, but they finally blocked Ye Ziling's falling rain and chasing the rainbow without being defeated.
      “The rainbow runs through the sun!”
      Ye Ziling's eyes were cold, without any hesitation. After the rain was stopped, she immediately released her second sword skill.
      This is the same from what she once saw. It's just the opposite of chasing the rainbow in the falling rain. It's a bottom-up sword technique, which contains the meaning of the sword, which is to go straight to the sky and break the white clouds!
      But I saw the flying sword shuttle by, just like a little cold light, in a moment of bloom, and then I danced in the void, from bottom to top, carrying a little bright sword light.
      The son of the nether world's face changed slightly. He felt that this move was very important. He didn't ask for it. He thought about it directly and offered a long dark blade. The blade was about seven feet long. The whole body was as black as glass, sending out the cold breath of the nether world.
      “The ancient sage steps on the nether world!”
      He gave a loud drink.
      But he saw that sanzhang Faxiang held the long dark blade and suddenly cut it down, carrying a dark light that seemed to come from Jiuyou, facing the bottom-up flying sword.
      The dark light and sword light collide, and the light splashes in an instant.
      Under this touch, it seems that the sky has been eclipsed. The naked eye can see that the aura in the sky has a trace of distortion, and it swings in all directions like ripples.
      Ye Ziling's sword clanged, sending out a startling front, constantly attacking upward, to tear open the three Zhang Dharma phase, but was always restrained by the long dark blade.
      With a wave of his arms, the ghost son scattered the light of the sword and sent the flying sword out.
      “You take me too!”
      He drank all his life and attacked Ye Ziling.
      Ye Ziling's flying sword was shocked back, but she was not afraid. She manipulated the flying sword to resist the attack of the nether son. They fought all the way from the sky to the ground.
      Ye Ziling raised her hand and made an upward move. The flying sword fell back into her hand. Then it excited a hundred Zhang sword light and went straight up into the sky. It was like a big river.
      This is the last and the strongest of her three sword moves. It is the combination of mind and spiritual power, the combination of sword intention and the concentration of everything on it.
      “Purple spirit this wench really can give a person some surprise.”
      Ye Chen looked at the scene from a distance and showed a smile.
      At this moment, ye Ziling's sword spirit is no longer incomplete, nor just a trace, but a complete sword spirit!
      Although it's not strong enough, it's really a complete sword meaning. It's usually something that Jindan immortal can master thoroughly, but she has mastered it in the later stage of foundation building!
      “No lack of sword?”
      Black robe real person also exclaimed.
      It's not surprising that the friars in the foundation period understood some of the sword meanings, and it's also very common. But most of those sword meanings are incomplete, only with a trace of shape. But now ye Ziling's concentrated sword meanings at this moment have reached a complete level!
      This is the power of the sword repair immortal!
      Youming Shengzi is also a bit surprised. Obviously, he knows what it means to master the complete sword meaning during the foundation period, but he is not flustered. After being surprised, he is excited.
      “The nether world breaks the sky!”
      He waved the netherworld blade, and the Dharma behind him turned into black streamer, and poured into the blade completely, making the blade burst out a wave of light.
      Holding the netherworld blade in his hand, he bravely waved it and met it!
      Ye Ziling is also plain hand sword, cut down.
      However, seeing the light of Baizhang sword, it was like a sword tilted to the sky. It seemed that it had the shape of the sword that ye Chen cut into a big demon a few years ago. It collided with the dark light that seemed to tear the sky.
      mountains fall and the earth splits.
      The whole earth takes the area between Ye Ziling and Youming Shengzi as the center, abruptly collapses and spreads to both sides, splitting into two abysses.
      Immortal Ziyun and elder Yu Cheng's face changed slightly. Immortal Ziyun immediately came to the ground with a flash of shadow. He raised his foot and stepped on the ground. His auspicious spirit forced him to suppress the earth.*
      Chapter 39 threat and coercion
      Hold the earth here,
      We've seen the outcome over there!
      But see ye Ziling's sword light, with a decisive posture, cut into the black light, cut on the edge of the netherworld war, cut the arm of the netherworld Holy Son shock, the edge of the netherworld war for a moment can't hold, towards the rear fly out.
      Sword light castration, continue to chop to the nether son.
      “Not bad, not bad, not bad.”
      There was a flash of surprise in the eyes of Youming Shengzi, followed by endless praise. In the face of the sword light, he raised his hand and waved upward.
      In the eyes of Ye Ziling, immortal Ziyun and Yu Cheng, you can see the breath of Youming Shengzi. At this moment, it suddenly changes!
      A round turn Ruyi, the breath without missing quietly.
      But see a touch of paint black light, rising above the head of the son of the nether world, into a semi virtual and semi solid outline, perfectly round.
      This is not to hide the cultivation, but just at this moment, the spirit of the nether world is full, and directly strides into the realm of the void pill. Even at the moment of the void pill solidifying, there is a direct sign of turning the void into reality, as if to solidify the void pill and break the barrier between heaven and man!
      However, the nether son did not let it solidify. Instead, he let the empty pill settle down with a low voice. He stayed between the half empty and the half real, and did not enter the golden elixir.
      Although there is no one step to achieve the golden elixir, it can condense the virtual elixir, and step into the realm of half a step of the real person, which makes the Youming Saint son have a trace of the heavenly power of the golden elixir.
      In this half step of the real man's power, he just raised his hand, swept forward, the light flashed, and then abruptly tore the sword light to pieces!
      Teng, Teng, Teng,
      Ye Ziling was shocked by the potential of this empty pill and retreated several steps in a row.
      “You hide your accomplishmentsNo, you have suppressed your own realm! ”
      She looked at the son of the nether world in disbelief.
      Youming Shengzi didn't continue to attack, but stood up with a negative hand, and said, “yes, the barrier between heaven and man is just a thin layer of paper for me. You can break it in one thought. You can beat me in the same level, forcing me to read ningxu pill. It's amazing!”
      Ye Ziling slowly put down his sword.
      She is better than Youming Shengzi, but it is only limited to the same level. Once the idea of Youming Shengzi breaks through to Xudan, the gap is huge.
      Let alone look at each other's breath, if it is not suppressed, even the barrier of heaven and man can be directly broken through, turning emptiness into reality, and directly achieving the golden elixir on the spot.
      Although I don't know why the netherworld holy son wants to suppress cultivation, there is no need to continue this duel of Taoism and Dharma. Unless she can also recite Ning Xu Dan, she can't do it yet.
      After all, she has no heritage of holy land.
      “It's brilliant.”
      Black robe immortal also rare show praise of eyes, examine Ye Ziling.
      Youming Shengzi carried his hands and his head was full of emptiness. His eyes flashed over Ye Ziling, showing a faint smile, and said: “this sword skill is recognized by Youming Shengzi. You are qualified to be my Taoist companion. Let's go back to Youming holy land with me!”
      As the son of the nether world, the beauty he saw was more than a million, but among them, ye Ziling was the only one who could make him feel satisfied.
      Ye Ziling frowned slightly and said, “please respect yourself.”
      “Self respect?”
      “You know how many nuns dream of becoming my son's Taoist partner. There are tens of thousands of beautiful nuns in this world, but at most they are only worthy of being my concubine. You are the only one who is worthy of being my Taoist partner. You can seek the same road with me
      These words were extremely rampant, which immediately caused the anger of many inner disciples and zhenzhuan disciples of Ziyun sect, and all the angry eyes gathered.
      Ye Ziling is admired by almost all people in Ziyun sect!
      Such words are insulting!
      The ghost son gave a cold hum.
      It was like thunder exploding in the field, which shocked countless inner disciples and zhenzhuan disciples. Their faces were pale, they stepped back and even fell down.
      Although Youming Shengzi has not yet achieved the golden elixir, his half step reality and a trace of heavenly power are still beyond the resistance of ordinary inner door biographies, which makes countless people show their horror and fear.
      “What are you doing?”
      Ye Ziling looked at Youming Shengzi, and his anger flashed in his eyes.
      The Holy Son of Youming said indifferently, “what's this shabby sect worth your remembering? Go to the holy land of Youming with me and become my Taoist companion. You will be famous in Youyu in the future!”
      Ye Ziling eyes cold way: “such a blessing, and forgive me no blessing to accept!”
      If the netherworld Holy Land invited her to join, she might consider it. However, the netherworld Holy Son threatened ziyunzong by forming a Taoist couple and insulted ziyunzong, which she could not accept.
      After staring at Ye Ziling for a few seconds, Youming Shengzi suddenly thought of something and said with a smile: “I forgot that you are Jian Xiu, and your temperament must be resolute and unyielding, so…”
      That's all.
      He turned his head and looked at the immortal Ziyun, and said faintly, “Ziyun palm sect, I, the son of the nether world, want you Ziyun sect to drive her out of the sect in the name of the netherworld holy land.”
      Since ye Ziling is a Jian Xiu, resolute and unyielding, easily unable to be soft, he directly crushed ziyunzong and let ziyunzong take the initiative to hand her over.
      Holy land of the nether world!
      The heaviness of the name alone made immortal Ziyun look ugly for a moment.
      “Can you do whatever you want in the holy land?”
      Yu Cheng couldn't bear it. He spoke angrily.
      A cold hum exploded like thunder.
      Yu Cheng's face turned white and stepped back.
      The black robed real man looked at him indifferently and said: “dare to speak disrespectfully again, die!”
      Even the ancient Huaxian sect didn't dare to be disrespectful to him. Ziyun sect was just a small and remote sect. If it wasn't for the Holy Son of Youming who cared about ye Ziling and dared to speak rudely to the holy land of Youming, he would have killed him.
      Yu Cheng is shocked and angry, but he can't help covering his chest and spilling a trace of blood from the corner of his mouth.
      Ye Ziling exclaimed.
      The netherworld son seemed to be impatient. He looked at the immortal Ziyun coldly and said, “do you dare to disobey the order of the netherworld holy land!Don't drive her out of ziyunzong immediately!Otherwise, there is no need for you to exist! ”
      Immortal Ziyun looks very ugly.
      Ye Ziling has been regarded by him as the hope of Ziyun sect's resurgence, but now the son of Youming wants him to expel Ye Ziling from Ziyun sect, which is more than deceiving others!
      But the problem is.
      The other party comes from the holy land of the nether world!
      Not to mention how terrible the name of the netherworld holy land is, I'm afraid no sect in the whole ancient China region dares not to follow it. Only the netherworld Holy Son can break the barrier of heaven and man at any time to refine the golden elixir, and there is a immortal Qingyun in the middle of the Golden elixir, which is not what Ziyun sect can resist!
      It's hard for the whole Ziyun sect to fight against them, not to mention that they came from the netherworld holy land, which is the existence that Ziyun sect can't resist!
      Ye Ziling will be expelled from Ziyun sect and given to Youming Shengzi.
      Ziyunzong is flattened by the netherworld Holy Land!
      Ye Ziling helped Yu Cheng, looking at the scene, he couldn't help clenching his teeth.
      If today's she is a Jindan immortal, then she can take charge of her own destiny, and she can withdraw from ziyunzong on her own initiative, not implicate ziyunzong, and then directly escape thousands of miles.
      No matter how powerful the netherworld holy land is, the scope of ancient China is so vast. As long as she finds a place to hide, it is not so easy for the other party to find her.
      But now.
      She is not Jindan real person, her cultivation is still one step away from Jindan!
      This step is a natural moat, and she can't control her own destiny. In front of the existence of the son of the nether world, in front of the existence of the holy land of the nether world, she has no resistance at all!
      Can only watch each other mercilessly stretch out a huge hand, slowly, overwhelming, irresistible cover down, and finally completely crushed!
      “Why is it still a little short?”
      Ye Ziling clenched her fist.
      She was not reconciled.
      Along the way, I have been through so many crises. Now, it's only one step away from being in charge of my own destiny and becoming a Jindan immortal. But at this time, I met such a huge thing as Youming holy land and the existence of Youming Holy Son.
      All her previous hardships seem to be in vain. Ziyunzong's identity of acting as the leader of ziyunzong is just a joke, which has no significance to her.*
      Chapter 40 I'm her brother
      On the sky.
      Ziyun Zhangjiao looks hard. It's the first time that he has been treated rudely and oppressed since he became Jindan immortal. But the other party has the qualification.
      If ye Ziling is expelled from the mountain gate at the request of the other party, it can save the clan, but in this way, the whole Ziyun clan's heart and momentum will suffer a heavy setback in full view of the public. I'm afraid that in the future, the generation will be inferior to the generation, and eventually it will be completely lonely.
      But if you refuse.
      Then I'm afraid ziyunzong will turn into history now!
      “If you don't speak, I'll take it as your acquiescence.”
      Seeing that immortal Ziyun didn't open his mouth for a long time, Youming Shengzi flashed a trace of displeasure in his eyes and opened his mouth coldly. Then he glanced at Zhang Mingxuan and many other elder deacons and said indifferently:
      “Who are you waiting for?Who refused? ”
      The words spread with the pressure of a virtual Danjing. Together with the black robed real man beside him, his eyes also spread coldly, giving the pressure of a real man Qingyun.
      This kind of pressure went in all directions, which made Zhang Mingxuan and many other elders and deacons feel a palpitation and depression. All of them were stagnant, and no one dared to speak for a moment.
      Not to mention the others.
      All the disciples of zhenzhuan and Neimen were already in fear. They watched the Holy Son of Youming standing in the air. No one dared to speak. Even when most people saw the Holy Son of Youming's eyes coming, they could not help but droop their heads and did not dare to look at him.
      Elder martial sister ZilingIt seems good to go with each other. After all, it's the son of the nether world, and it's enough to think about it.
      Some disciples thought so.
      Many people are looking at Ye Ziling.
      If ye Ziling rebelled, the whole Ziyun sect would be implicated. I'm afraid these disciples would be destroyed in the anger of the netherworld holy land. They don't want to die!
      Ye Ziling clenched his fist.
      She was angry at Youming Shengzi, but she was not reconciled and sad about the praying and pleading eyes of those disciples from the inner clan and even those from zhenzhuan.
      She is determined and resolute. She doesn't care about these things. A sword is better than bending. Even if she dies in the first World War, she won't bow her head. But the master behind her, Ziyun Zhangjiao, her classmates and her elder brother Ye Chen
      If she doesn't bow her head and fight to the death, Youming Shengzi will be angry with Ziyun sect. At that time, the whole Ziyun sect will be a hell.
      The son of the nether world knows that, too.
      Knowing that she was Jianxiu, it was impossible to make her bow by power. She would rather die than surrender, so he directly oppressed ziyunzong and asked her to accept.
      Looking at the deacons of Ziyun sect's disciples, they all focused on Ye Ziling. The ghost Saint raised a trace of banter and looked at Ye Ziling.
      “You are a demon.”
      Ye Ziling stares at Youming Shengzi and opens his mouth word by word.
      The netherworld Saint son burst out laughing and said: “whatever you say, yes, this Saint son is a demon, so what?Do you accept being the Taoist partner of the son? ”
      Ye Ziling looked back and saw Zhang Mingxuan and other elders' guilty and ashamed eyes. What he saw was the look that many deacons prayed for.
      There was silence.
      She closed her eyes slowly.
      But just as she was about to open her mouth and give the answer of the nether son, a voice suddenly rang out from behind the silent disciples, with a trace of indifference.
      “I refuse.”
      Ye Ziling opened his eyes in amazement.
      That's not what she said.
      Many of the other disciples were stunned, and their voices were all in amazement. They all followed the direction of the voice.
      Youming Shengzi frowned slightly, and a trace of anger flashed in his eyes.
      Together with immortal heipao and Ziyun Zhangjiao of Ziyun sect, we can see that behind the tens of thousands of disciples, the crowd gradually splits, revealing a figure.
      The figure was dressed in white, without any aura fluctuation, just like a mortal, but at this moment, in the face of this million people's attention, he looked calm and calm.
      That's Ye Chen.
      Always standing in the back of the leaf dust.
      In the eyes of countless people, he walked forward step by step.
      “Ye”Ye Chen?”
      “Is that him?”
      Many disciples were stunned and speechless.
      Zhang Mingxuan, Yu Cheng and other elders see ye Chen coming from behind. After a short surprise, they feel more shame.
      The ghost son coerces and coerces Ye Ziling to give in. No one in the whole Ziyun sect dares to speak, and even most people go to beg Ye Ziling. On the contrary, ye Chen, ye Ziling's secular elder brother, dares to come out and refuse and speak for ye Ziling at this time.
      This should also be fearless for those who don't know.
      Yu Cheng looks at Ye Chen and sighs in his heart. Ye Chen is a mortal after all. I'm afraid he doesn't know how terrible the nether world is, so he dares to speak.
      “Who are you?”
      The netherworld son stares at the leaf dust that comes by, eyebrow slightly a pick.
      Ye Chen's eyes are light.
      His voice reverberated in the silence.
      “I am her brother.”*
      Chapter 41 the sword breaks the sky!Kill the son with one sword!
      “Brother, you…”
      Ye Ziling looked at the coming leaf dust, biting the shell lip, eyes a trance.
      This scene reminds her of the past. Before she joined ziyunzong, she met a ferocious wild dog outside. Ye Chen was holding a stick in front of her.
      But it's just a flash.
      Back to God, she could not help but move forward and said, “brother, go to the back quickly. This is not something you can help.”
      She just came forward to pull back the leaf dust, was leaf dust stretched out his hand, touched her head, and showed a smile at her, said: “you stay in the back.”
      Looking at the appearance of Ye Chen and ye Ziling, the nether son could not help humming coldly. A touch of displeasure flashed in his eyes and said, “are you still so worried about a common blood relative when you pursue the immortal way?No wonder you are the same age as me, but you are so far away from breaking the barrier between heaven and man. ”
      “Well, let me help you cut off this worldly fate.”
      With the voice falling.
      Youming Shengzi stepped forward, raised his palm, and split into the void in the direction of Ye Chen. A beam of dark light suddenly surged up and turned into a half moon shaped Youming light blade with a length of three feet. He wanted to split Ye Chen on the spot in an instant.
      Ye Ziling saw this and exclaimed. He quickly aroused his strength and wanted to step forward to block the blow for ye Chen.
      But at this time, ye Chen reached out and gently took her shoulder, which seemed to have some power to pass on, making her pause in the same place.
      Then, ye Chen looked at the blade of the three Zhang nether world, lightly raised his hand, so horizontal in front of his body, and pointed to the air.
      Between the fingers.
      Ten thousand Zhang sword light breaks nine sky!
      Ordinary ups and downs for 30 years, looking back has been a fairy!
      The light of the sword is as vast as the river of heaven. It runs through the sky. It seems that the whole world is eclipsed by the meaning of lingran sword, and the clear sky is dim.
      The blade of the nether world, like the sand on the roadside, was crushed to pieces by the sword light.
      The light of ten thousand Zhang sword falls down from the sky and cuts down to the son of the nether world!
      Ye Ziling is numb.
      Immortal Ziyun, Yu Cheng, Zhang Mingxuan and many other elders of Ziyun sect were all frozen there. Looking at the light of the sword, they were all dull.
      Xu Qinghua, Zhang Hai and many other inner disciples, including the deacon of zongmen, were all blank in their mind. For a moment, they felt like they were in a dream and lost their thinking ability.
      Leaf dust?
      No, who is he!
      “Master Jian Xiu!”
      As soon as the pupil of the nether son shrank and looked at the light of the sword, he could not help but scream, and felt the crisis of death in his heart.
      It's a mistake!
      Ye Ziling's elder brother is no mortal. He is clearly a sword mending immortal, and he is not an ordinary sword mending immortal. I'm afraid that Tianwei is at least a magnificent realm!
      Even in the secluded realm, the swordsman in Huagai realm is treated with courtesy. He is a real and important person standing on the top of the realm. Even he is the son of the nether world!
      Because Jianxiu real person is the most terrible. Huagaijing's Jianxiu real person is even as terrible as one of the first three robbers!
      “Daoyou, be merciful!”
      Black robe real person is also pupil a shrink, can't help but exclaim a voice.
      Youming Shengzi looked up at the sword, felt the lingran killing on the sword, and was scared in his eyes. He didn't dare to have the slightest hesitation, and quickly threw out a magic talisman.
      It was refined by the real emperor of the nether world.
      Can block Huagai real strike!
      Inspired by the spirit of the nether world, it turns into a light like a curtain of water, vaguely interweaving a breath that is far superior to the real person and belongs to the true prince of Yuanying.
      Ten thousand Zhang sword light cut off, and the curtain hit hard together, hit the whole curtain for a moment, light splashed everywhere, the void between heaven and earth seemed to tremble!
      It seems that the light barely resisted the sword light, but it was just like a piece of dough. After a squeeze, there were signs that it could not bear, and there were signs of inch by inch of cracks, which spread in all directions.
      Ten thousand Zhang sword light shakes the void and blooms out pieces of glass like glow. It is like an immortal cutting the dust with one sword, pressing down inch by inch and breaking the cracked ghost rune.
      The face of the black robed man changed greatly. He did not hesitate to offer his magic weapon. One side was about three feet wide, and the black seal with faint light was hanging in the air. He flew to the top of the head of the netherworld son, and burst out a piece of glass light, trying to resist the sword of Ye Chen.
      But ye Chen's manner here is unchanged, just stepping forward, just like the vast power of heaven, the light of the sword falls down and cuts into the black seal.
      The black robed real person's face is white.
      Sword light mercilessly, continue to cut and fall, such as cutting rotten wood, the black seal hard cut into two, cut to the nether son!
      The magic weapon of his life was destroyed, and the black robed real people were spewing blood. His breath was instantly withered. He stepped back towards the rear, and his face was in a state of horror.
      Looking at this scene, the pupil of Youming Holy Son contracted violently, and cried in horror: “I am Youming Holy Son, my ancestor is Youming real king, you can't kill me!”
      “So what?”
      “Those who deceive purple spirit will die!”
      Ye Chen's eyes were cold, without half a pause.
      The light of Qing Tian's sword flashed and fell from the top of the head of Youming Shengzi. It split his fast solidifying virtual pill into two parts from the center. Together with his body, it was also cut into two!
      The expression of the nether son solidified, and there was a trace of disbelief in his eyes.
      Ye Chen really dares to kill him!
      Sure enough, we shouldn't provoke these swordsmen. They are all lunaticsHis mind flashed the last trace of regret, and then his consciousness fell into darkness, and his spirit and body all collapsed.
      The light of the ten thousand Zhang sword did not stop. It crossed the earth downward, making the earth appear a very neat black silk line extending to the end of the line of sight, and then split abruptly.
      Look ahead along where ye Chen stands.
      It can be seen that the whole earth, under his sword, has been cut into a dark abyss, stretching to the end of ten thousand feet. I don't know how deep it is!
      In the whole Ziyun sect,
      There was no sound.*
      Chapter 42 shock, how could it be him!
      It was dull.
      Yu Cheng, Zhang Mingxuan and other elders, together with immortal Ziyun, including the whole Ziyun sect, almost all looked at the scene with a solidified look.
      It's worth mentioning that the wanzhang sword is light. Most of the disciples had seen the same Qing Tian sword when the great demon attacked the mountain.
      Compared to that.
      The son of the nether world is dead. He is killed by a sword!
      That's the son from the secluded realm, from the holy land of the nether world!
      If such a character is killed here, we can imagine what kind of shocking waves will be set off in the whole ancient China!
      And even more incredible.
      Ye Chen is the one who kills the son of the nether world!
      It's Ye Ziling's elder brother. It's the mortal who should be gifted, stupid and without any accomplishmentsHe turned out to be a sword mender!
      “Mo, is it…”
      Immortal Ziyun's voice trembled.
      He thought about it. He thought about ye Ziling being chased by Xudan. He used to kill Xudan with a sword light across a hundred Li. He also thought about how he used to kill Huaxing demon with a sword.
      What I thought at that time was that there could not be such a sword repair in ancient China. It must have been a visitor from other places. I can see how similar the sword that tilted the sky just now is to the sword that destroyed and transformed the form!
      How can it be ye Chen!
      How could it be him!
      Yu Cheng, Zhang Mingxuan and other elders also thought of it at this time, and their eyes were all trembling. They couldn't believe that they were looking at Ye Chen.
      In this short period of 20 years, when did ye Chen cultivate his swordsmanship, when did he break through the foundation and achieve the golden elixir, and how did he have such terrible swordsmanship!
      I can't imagine.
      This has gone beyond the concept of genius, either reincarnation of great power, or immortality!
      “Brother, you…”
      Ye Ziling stood beside Ye Chen, looking at the scene in front of her, she had a feeling of being in a dream. She didn't feel it until she reluctantly recovered.
      Why did the elder fight for her many times? Why did the elder always protect her secretly? Why did the elder send her three color spirit fruit.
      That elder is Ye Chen, her elder brother Ye Chen!
      Especially recalled that ye Chen once talked and laughed, she thought that ye Chen was joking, but now it seems that all of them are true!
      “Are you reallyIs it Ye Chen? ”
      Ye Ziling nibbles at the shell lip and stares at Ye Chen.
      This state of cultivation, without aura fluctuation, is obviously false. Ye Chen is not really ordinary, but her cultivation is too low to see ye Chen's state. But this kind of cultivation and state also makes her in a trance. Since she can't see through her cultivation, is the person in front of her really ye Chen?
      “If I wasn't, how could I do that?”
      Ye Chen looks at her and smiles at her. He says that he is. He is not completely. But it is not right to say that he is not. He recognizes Ye Ziling as his sister.
      Ye Ziling was stunned by Ye Chen's words.
      If the person in front of her is not her elder brother Ye Chen, how can he repeatedly save her, and how can he find the heaven and Earth Spirit fruit for her to shape the flawless Tao body.
      Who else can treat her so well except ye Chen?
      Thinking of this, her mind is one of the loose, the whole person before the battle with the netherworld son, the loss of spiritual power is not small, in that support her mind suddenly dispersed, she can't help shaking, to one side, but was gently held by Ye Chen.
      Ye Ziling didn't resist at all. He was supported by Ye Chen with one hand and looked at the familiar face. After a short pause, he gave a smile. His smile was lovely and pure, as usual.
      This moment.
      Everything outside was ignored by her.
      As long as there is Ye Chen on this immortal Road, if she doesn't walk alone in the future, that's enough, that's the best. Even if ye Chen kills the son of the netherworld, provokes the netherworld holy land, and can escape with Ye Chen, it also makes her willing.
      Time seems to have fallen into a temporary stagnation.
      But it doesn't end there.
      “YouYou killed the son… ”
      The black robed real person covers his chest, his face is like gold paper, and the corner of his mouth overflows with blood. He looks at Ye Chen with horror and anger in his eyes.
      The holy land of the nether world is in the whole secluded region, and it is also the order of the world. It's just an ancient Chinese region. The Holy Son of the nether world came here to look for a chance. He thought it was just a walk in the courtyard, but he didn't expect that someone would dare to do something in this region!
      “Whether you are Huagai or Danjie, kill the Holy Son of my netherworld holy land, and be ready to bear the fury of my netherworld Holy Land!”
      The black robed man clenched his teeth and opened his mouth.
      Then he forced his injury and offered the holy order of the nether world. A touch of Yuanying's real king's breath lingered on it. Then the holy order passed by a faint light and disappeared into the void.
      Ye Chen was able to stop it, but he didn't stop it, because sooner or later, the news here will be sent back to the netherworld holy land. Even if the holy decree is cut down, it will only be delayed.
      It doesn't make sense.
      He was not afraid of the holy land.
      “The holy land of the nether world doesn't scare me, but youNow that the cruel words have been released, don't leave. ”
      Ye Chen looked at the light mouth of the real man in black robe.
      This sentence falls down.
      The black robed real man immediately felt a surge of palpitations, as if he was locked by something terrible, which made his back cool.
      Almost without saying a word, he forced his own injury, turned into a flash of light, and flew away towards the sky. He didn't dare to speak any more.
      Ye Chen didn't do it immediately.
      He looked at Ye Ziling beside him and said gently, “I'll ask him a few words and go back. You'll wait for me here.”
      Ye Ziling nodded and stood back.
      There is no iceberg fairy's indifference in her manner. Some of it is pure and lovely in front of Ye Chen. In the past, she didn't dare to show such an attitude in front of others, because she has been walking alone and supporting herself.
      But now she can no longer disguise those, she can relax, as ye Chen said a long time ago, now she has Ye Chen standing behind her.*
      Chapter 43 can you recognize this skill?
      Ye Chen stepped into the air and turned into an arc of light. In an instant, he crossed a hundred miles and disappeared into the sky. Only immortal Ziyun and Zhang Mingxuan and other elders were left, staring at the traces.
      “You Ming Xue Dun!”
      At this time, the black robed real man had already given up. He directly pinched the formula with both hands and vomited out a mouthful of blood essence. The bright red blood flashed with faint light, which made his Dun Guang thick for several minutes. At the same time, he raised his foot and stepped on it, and spared no effort to stimulate the top quality spirit shuttle.
      If a Jindan immortal uses Jueming Dunshu, it will definitely damage the core of lingsuo, which is equivalent to overload operation, but he can't care much at this time.
      We have to try our best to escape!
      Although Shengzi is dead, he will certainly bear the anger of Youming Zhenjun when he returns to Youming holy land, but it's better than falling into Ye Chen's hands. Ye Chen even dares to kill Youming Shengzi, so he won't hesitate to kill him.
      “Should not catch up with me…”
      Black robe true gentleman's face is pale, control escape light to fly to escape, in the heart whisper a.
      As the guardian of the netherworld son, among the several Taoist skills he mastered, the most important one is escape. If there is any danger in this ancient China, the talisman of the netherworld son and his escape skill are enough to lead the netherworld son to escape.
      Now he inspires Youming Xuedun and Shangpin lingsuo with all his strength. Even ordinary Danjie real people can't catch up with him. As long as he can get rid of Ye Chen, he can escape.
      Just as his mind flashed, a tiny sword light suddenly cut through the void and flashed over his spirit shuttle.
      See his control of the spirit shuttle, run light suddenly stagnated, and then there is a crack on it, instantly spread the surface of the whole spirit shuttle, and finally the whole spirit shuttle directly disintegrated!
      The black robed real man spewed out a mouthful of blood and fell down from the sky. His eyes showed a trace of horror and said: “it's impossible…”
      Youming Xuedun and full speed excitation of Shangpin lingsuo, he has escaped nearly a thousand miles in a short time. How can the famous Jianxiu catch up with him!
      Dun Guang, the black robed real man, smashed into a nearby hill uncontrollably, and then smashed in with a bang, smashing the hill to pieces.
      Did not wait for him to react to do anything, leaf dust figure appeared in front of him, with empty Yukong, look at him calmly.
      “What do you people from the holy land of the nether world do in this ancient China?”
      The black robed real man covered his chest, and a trace of blood spilled from the corner of his mouth. He bit his teeth and said, “sword repair in the remote areas, you know that the ancestor of the netherworld holy land is the netherworld real king, who dares to kill my son. When the real king comes, you must be spirited!”
      “Kill me, I'll wait for you on the way to the yellow spring!”
      He knew that falling in Ye Chen's hands must not be good, and he had given up. He just looked at Ye Chen with a sneer, as if he was looking at a dead man.
      Ye Chen stood up with his hand in his hand and said plainly: “I have good backbone. I really don't have any soul searching skills. If you don't answer me, I can only try it. As for whether the nether king can extract my soul and refine my soulOh, can you recognize this skill? ”
      The leaf dust said here, ha a, then the heart reads a move.
      He is the center of the world of mortals sword field, which swings away in silence. In an instant, the whole heaven and earth in the field seems to be used by him, and it seems that all things have to submit to him!
      The black robed real man was still sneering, but when he saw this scene, he felt the air of heaven and earth's submission, and the world of mortals sword field that covered all things, and suddenly the whole person was stunned.
      “ThisIs this the domain? ”
      “No, it's impossible. You are the real king of Yuanying?”
      The eyes of the real man in black robe were so startled that his voice began to tremble.
      Ye Chen hovers in the air and looks at him faintly. He doesn't put out his sword, but it's just under the cover of the red dust sword field. The pressure from the sword field, which controls the heaven and earth, has already crushed the whole body of the black robed immortal.
      “Ah ah…”
      The real man in black robe felt the erosion of his mind and uttered a cry of pain. He hugged his head and wailed: “I really want to spare your life!I'll spare your life! ”
      He had been determined to die, because in his opinion, ye Chen will go on the road with him sooner or later, but now ye Chen is a true prince of Yuanying, which makes his determined heart smashed!
      He even humiliated a real prince Yuan Ying face to face!
      If ye Chen is a true prince, then the son of the nether world deserves to die. If he is killed by Ye Chen, he deserves to die!
      “What are you doing in ancient China?”
      Leaf dust light mouth.
      This time, the black robed real man's heart had collapsed, and he had no self will. His voice trembled and said, “II and the son come to find the fruit of yin and Yang… ”
      “Yin Yang fruit?”
      Ye Chen was slightly surprised.
      Since there is a distinction between the lack of Daoji and the lack of time DaoTi in Zhuji, there is also a distinction between Jindan and Zhuji. It is generally recognized that Jindan is divided into nine grades, the lowest being nine and the highest being one.
      Why many peerless Tianjiao will not coagulate Xudan, but want to stride over Xudan and directly achieve Jindan, because skipping one step can greatly improve the quality of Jindan!
      There is no lack of Daoji and DaoTi, which also help to improve the quality of Jindan.
      But no matter how powerful the monk is, no matter how concise he is, even if he reaches the level of the son of the nether world, he can only produce three kinds of gold elixirs by himself at most!
      This is the limit!
      If you want to refine the second grade gold elixir and the legendary elixir into the first grade, it is not only the achievement of the foundation and your own will, but also the great fortune and opportunity!
      Yin Yang fruit, chaos flower!
      These are the only two magical things in the world that can help the friars condense into a gold elixir and two gold elixirs. The former can become two elixirs, while the latter can make a gold elixir!
      These two kinds of supernatural things can be met but not sought. They can only be obtained at the right time and place, and the time they can be obtained is very short. Once they are missed, they will disappear between heaven and earth, and they can not be transplanted or irrigated.
      It is said that when the road is 50, one of them will escape, and the sky will grow four or nine. Therefore, the heaven and the earth itself are deficient, so loopholes will appear in the process of the operation of the universe, and the yin-yang fruit and chaotic flower are the accompanying things when the operation of the heaven and the earth is flawed.
      To put it bluntly.
      Is to seize the nature of heaven and earth!
      No wonder Youming Shengzi can break through the barrier of heaven and man at any time and become a Jindan immortal, but he deliberately suppresses the realm and does not break through. It turns out that it is for the sake of yin and Yang!
      He wants Dan to be second grade!
      “I see.”
      Ye Chen slightly suddenly, indifferent way: “how can you have the news of yin and Yang fruit?It's said that this object can't be explored at all. Where and when it was born depends on chance? ”
      The real man in black robe trembled and said: “yes, but if you can find a clue, and then rely on the divination, there is a very small probability that you can infer a little trace…”
      “One of the diviners in the holy land of the nether world, who lived in ancient China 200 years ago, sensed a hint of yin and Yang, and then spent decades of his life divining once. It was vaguely divined that in 200 years, there might be a treasure of heaven and earth's creation, plus the sign of yin and Yang, then it could only be the fruit of yin and Yang.”
      [tip: experience + 300]
      Ye Chen nodded a little and said: “in addition to divining people's fate and searching for the earth, divination can also divine the mysteries of heaven and earth. Where are the fruits of yin and Yang born?”
      “InThere… ”
      The black robed immortal trembled and took out a volume of simple map. A little light appeared on the map and depicted the specific location. It was about 16000 miles to the south of ziyunzong. It was already a very remote place in ancient China.
      After handing over the map, the black robed real man prostrated on the ground and kept saying, “I've finished what I know. Please forgive me. Please forgive me.”
      Ye Chen said casually: “since you have finished, what's the use of leaving you?”
      He raised his foot.
      The world of mortals sword field is crushed into dust and ashes.
      After killing the black robed immortal, ye Chen makes a move. A storage ring flies out of the ashes of the black robed immortal and falls into his palm.
      In this world, compared with the storage bag, the storage ring is much rarer. Ordinary people are not able to hold a storage ring.
      The reason is simple.
      The material for making the storage bag is a kind of leather called Kongling beast. Although this kind of beast is rare, it often has traces to follow. Once it is obtained, it can be made without too strong refiners.
      But the storage ring is different. The raw material of the storage ring is void stone. This kind of material is the golden elixir. Friars can't do anything about it. Only Yuanying Zhenjun can forge it!
      in other words.
      All the storage precepts are from the hands of Yuanying Zhenjun, whose value can be imagined!
      As for opening the storage ring, he uses the true yuan. Although Ye Chen cultivates his heart sword without cultivating his aura and transforming it into the true yuan, he can directly transfer the aura of heaven and earth to condense it into the true yuan, and control the power of heaven and earth for his own use, which is no longer limited to himself.
      “It's a holy land.”
      Opened the black robe real person's store thing ring, roughly saw one eye, leaf dust then slightly sighed.
      He doesn't have a concept of property and doesn't care much about it, but he has been to ziyunzong's treasure house. It's called emptiness. There are almost no more spiritual stones and materials than the black robed immortal's ring!*
      Chapter 44 ancient China shaking!
      Ye Chen put away the storage ring.
      The things in it don't mean much to him, but the storage ring itself is useful. After all, although his cultivation realm can shuttle through the void, it can't control the void, and it can't do anything in the void, including yuan Yingzhen, who also needs to rely on the storage ring to hide things.
      Only when the God of heaven, who is said to be superior to the real king of Yuanying, transforms into a Yang God and reveals all things, can the mind become void and the body become a cave. Only then does it no longer need to store things.
      Leaf dust step empty, disappeared here.
      Ziyun sect.
      In the whole clan, a large number of disciples still gathered together in black.
      Although it has been some time since Ye Chen went to kill the black robed real man, the people here have not completely recovered from the shock.
      “It turns out that he is the real peerless pride.”
      Yu Cheng looks up at the sky and murmurs.
      Ye Chen is older than ye Ziling, but no matter how old he is, he is less than a hundred years old. Less than a hundred years old, he has become a Jindan immortal, and at least is the cultivation of huagaijing. This kind of talent is already overwhelming the ancient China. I'm afraid there are few people in the whole thirteen regions of Tianhua!
      “I didn't expect it to be him.”
      Immortal Ziyun gave a bitter smile and sighed: “it's justHe killed the son of the nether world. It's a little too impulsive, alas. ”
      I'm afraid Ye Chen's talent in kendo is second only to the reincarnation of Zhenjun in legend. If you continue to hide and practice hard, you may become the first Zhenjun in ancient China for tens of thousands of years. You won't be afraid of the holy land of the nether world, but you are still too aggressive now.
      If not, you are all ants.
      Ye Chen must have never been abroad. He doesn't know how terrifying a holy land and a true king Yuanying are.
      Just as immortal Ziyun sighed, ye Chen's figure crossed an arc in the sky, appeared in the sky, and then fell to the place where ye Ziling stood.
      Ye Ziling smiles and says, “what's the matter?”
      Ye Chen was playing with the storage ring between his fingers. Looking at Ye Ziling, he said with a smile, “Ziling, you really have a good chance. This time, you just got a big chance.”
      Ye Ziling blinked his eyes and said: “you Ming Sheng Zi suppresses the realm. If you don't break through the Jindan immortal, is it for that chanceIs it the fruit of yin and Yang? ”
      “That's right.”
      Ye Chen looks at her and smiles.
      People like Youming Shengzi, who are willing to suppress the realm, prefer to break through to the half step virtual elixir rather than to achieve the golden elixir in one step. That must be for some chance. If you think about it, all you can think of are the fruits of yin and Yang and the flowers of chaos.
      “Is there really Yin Yang fruit in the world?”
      Ye Ziling was a little shocked.
      It's said that Zhongdan has become the third grade, which is only the improvement of quality, but the second grade and the first grade are quite different. Because these two kinds of gold elixirs need to take advantage of great opportunities to seize the nature of heaven and earth, once they are successful, they are said to have a sudden insight into their talent, which is enough to suppress the same level!
      Moreover, it is mainly too rare, not to mention the chaotic flower, that is, the fruit of yin and Yang, which only exists in the legend, and even many people think that it is nothing at all.
      Ye Chen nodded and said, “I'll take you to look for it later, but before that, deal with the things here first.”
      Yin Yang fruit he is sure to find for ye Ziling, although it has no effect on him, if he can witness the birth of Yin Yang fruit and the emergence of the second grade golden elixir, it must be a lot of experience for him, even more than he imagined.
      After all, it's a loophole in the operation of heaven and earth. It's the creation of seizing heaven and earth!
      And before that.
      The matter of ziyunzong is about to be completely solved.
      When ye Ziling heard Ye Chen's words, he also nodded slightly, and then looked at the many disciples and deacons of ziyunzong in the rear. There was a trace of complexity in his eyes.
      When she was bullied by Youming Shengzi, except for her Master Yu Chengyi, who was angry at the beginning and said a word for her, no one else, including immortal Ziyun, spoke to her.
      But she can't blame immortal Ziyun.
      After all.
      The name of Youming holy land is enough to make countless people retreat!
      Ye Chen doesn't blame ziyunzong either. He didn't do it before, just to see what ziyunzong would do, but he was disappointed.
      Although it's natural for people not to dare to fight each other in the face of the netherworld holy land, no one in Ziyun sect is willing to stand side by side with Ye Ziling in times of crisis, so the fate between him, ye Ziling and Ziyun sect will come to an end.
      “My sister Ziling has been taken care of over the years. I was a monk in Ziyun sect. I read all the books in the cangdian Pavilion. Later, I was a great demon in Ziyun sect. I was able to chop and transform into a great demon. Two crises have been solved by me. Both Ziling and I don't owe Ziyun sect half of the cause and effect.”
      “Today, you don't want to go with Ziling or die with Ziling. I don't blame you, but from now on, Ziling and I will no longer be people in Ziyun.”
      Ye Chen's calm mouth.
      Immortal Ziyun, Zhang Mingxuan and other elders had already expected Ye Chen's words. At this time, they were all bitter and ashamed. They were speechless for a moment.
      Ye Ziling sighed when he looked at immortal Ziyun and other elders. In fact, immortal Ziyun was good to her, but just at that moment, it really made her sad. Moreover, ye Chen's many actions have helped her repay the kindness of Ziyun sect.
      The only thing left is her Master Yu Cheng.
      Although Yu Cheng didn't dare to speak for the second time after he was drunk back by the black robed real man, he was still shocked and angry at the first time.
      After glancing at immortal Ziyun and many elders, ye Chen looked at Yu Cheng and said, “elder Yu, Ziling has been taking care of you for so many years. Thanks for your care and careful teaching, I saw the scene just now. Ziling is no longer a disciple of Ziyun sect, but I think she still recognizes you as the master. These are for you.”
      The voice fell.
      With a flick of his finger, ye Chen releases a large number of spiritual materials from the storage ring of the black robed immortal. In front of Cheng, there is a small mound, among which there are several high-quality magic weapons.
      “Master, let's leave for a while.”
      Ye Ziling looked at this scene, also took a breath, saluted to Yu Chengshen.
      Although Yu Cheng is still her teacher in name, like ziyunzong, most of her life will not come back after she left with Ye Chen.
      Yu Cheng's fingers trembled a few times, and finally with a trace of guilt, he said: “the master is incompetent, unable to protect you, don't blame the master, go with your brother.”
      “Ziling doesn't blame the master.”
      Ye Ziling salutes gently.
      In the situation just now, if ye Chen didn't appear, disobeying the son of Youming was tantamount to death. There are few people in the world willing to die for their disciples. Yu Cheng has done her duty as a teacher. Of course, she won't blame Yu Cheng.
      “Come on, Ziling.”
      Ye Chen converges his eyes and opens his mouth to Ye Ziling.
      Ye Ziling nodded, took up a touch of escape light, followed Ye Chen, a touch of white light and a touch of purple light, so he broke through the sky and disappeared in the sky.
      “No matter, no matter.”
      Watching Ye Chen and ye Ziling leave, immortal Ziyun sighs.
      Ziyun sect can't bear the fierce anger of Youming holy land. Now ye Chen and ye Ziling are separated from Ziyun sect, so the eyes of Youming holy land will follow them.
      Although Ye Chen can kill the demons with one sword, he may have been a Huagai immortal or even a Dan robber, but it's still hard to say whether he can survive in the face of the mysterious holy land.
      A few days later.
      The story of ziyunzong spread quickly in the ancient China.
      “Ye Chen, elder brother of purple fairy, has great talent in sword cultivation. Now he is less than 100 years old. He is suspected to have become a Huagai immortal in the later stage of the golden elixir!”
      “Ye Chen and ye Ziling withdraw from Ziyun sect, and sever their relationship with Ziyun sect!”
      “You Ming Sheng Zi was killed by Ye Chen!”
      One news after another has caused a great disturbance in the whole ancient China region.
      The appearance of a sword repair that is suspected to be a Huagai immortal is enough to shake the whole ancient China. The news of the killing of the nether son is even more stirring!
      In particular, the ancient huaxianzong sect, together with the Zhangjiao sect, was in a state of horror. Originally, ye Ziling thought that he would not get along well with Youming Shengzi, but in the end, Youming Shengzi was killed!
      For a while.
      The whole ancient China is shocked by it!*
      Chapter 45 the anger of the real king!
      The secluded realm.
      This is the northernmost border of the secluded region. The region adjacent to the Qinghua region is a vast expanse of desert.
      In the sky of this desert, you can see some mirages. The force of rules between heaven and earth seems to be distorted. With the appearance of these mirages, every now and then there are black cracks in the space, revealing a huge mysterious space behind.
      There are about dozens of friars, divided into two groups, facing each other across the air, and there is a scene of confrontation between them. Suspended above these dozens of friars are two different beings, who have a breath above the Jindan immortal.
      Yuanying, true king!
      The two Yuanying real kings confront each other here!
      The man in the East is a young man in black. There is a faint mark on his brow. He looks as if he is only sixteen or seventeen years old. He looks indifferent and indifferent.
      The man on the right is a woman in a purple dress, with smart eyes and a smile, but no less powerful than the young man in black.
      Linglong Zhenjun said with a smile: “old ghost, this ancient relic was first discovered in Linglong holy land. It's a bit too disrespectful for you to bring people to fight for it.”
      “Well!This is my secluded area. The relics naturally belong to my secluded area. What's the relationship with you? You'd better go back quickly! ”
      Youming Zhenjun gave a cold hum.
      Ancient relics are generally hidden behind the void. Almost all of them are the caves opened by the legendary god transforming heavenly king in the void. The treasures left in the caves are not small. The discovery of an ancient relic in the secluded area immediately shocked two schools.
      Linglong Zhenjun said with a smile: “we have fought at least ten times in the past thousands of years. You, old ghost, can't move forward in your cultivation. Maybe you can't scare me.”
      Youming Zhenjun said coldly, “so what? If you have improved your cultivation, let me see how many skills you have grown in the past few hundred years.”
      “Ha ha.”
      Linglong Zhenjun gave a faint smile and said, “this ancient relic has not been opened yet, so we can't break through. Now you and I have a fight. If there are other people coming, won't they be taken advantage of?”
      Youming Zhenjun said indifferently: “look at this situation, the void concussion, the opening time is not far away.”
      They were afraid of each other, and they were not willing to fight before the ancient ruins were opened, so after a battle of words, they stood still in the void.
      And this is the moment.
      Suddenly a faint light flashed across the void, and a token appeared in front of Youming Zhenjun, which made him frown slightly.
      He reached for the token, read the content, the power of the nether world suddenly surged up, folded his fingers, and crushed the token.
      “To die!”
      Youming is really angry!
      Someone dares to kill his designated ghost son!
      This generation's Youming son is his blood descendant. It's very difficult for Yuanying to leave blood descendant. This one is the best among all blood descendant. He almost supports him all the way, even makes him suppress cultivation and wait for the great chance of yin and Yang fruit.
      When he asked the son of the nether world to search for Yin and Yang fruit, he learned about the ancient relics. In addition, the ancient China region was a remote place, and there had never been a real king Yuan Ying for tens of thousands of years, so he only sent one person to follow him, and many other elders were brought here by him.
      I didn't expect that!
      Youming Shengzi is dead!
      Died in the remote ancient China, died in the pursuit of yin and Yang fruit on the road!
      “Oh, what's the matter, so angry?”
      Linglong Zhenjun looked at Youming Zhenjun's appearance, covered his mouth and said with a smile: “is it the fire at home?Someone took advantage of your absence to attack your holy land of the nether world? ”
      Youming really Jun's eyes in a flash, coldly looked at Linglong really Jun one eye.
      A Huagai real person in the later stage of Jindan in the rear, approached carefully and asked Youming Zhenjun: “Zhenjun, what happened?It makes you so angry. ”
      Youming Zhenjun suppressed his anger and responded coldly:
      “Zhen'er is dead.”
      “ThisWho should be so presumptuous
      The Huagai real man looked surprised and immediately became angry.
      Youming Zhenjun looked up at the sky and said coldly, “a sword Xiu who is suspected to be in huagaijing, and his younger sister, Ziling, are all in the ancient Chinese territory.”
      The Huagai real man was surprised and said: “sword repair of Huagai realm, no wonder Morningstar failed to stopBut it's just a sword in ancient China. How dare you kill the son of the nether world? You really want to die
      He looks a little ugly.
      The Huagai immortal in the later period of Jindan was also a sword mender. Although it was nothing to the holy land of the nether world, the real king of the nether world could not go to an ancient relic now. Several other Danjie immortal in the clan were also the main force here. Once they left, the situation would be bad.
      After all, Youming Zhenjun and Linglong Zhenjun have been fighting for each other. How much benefit they can get in this relic depends on their fighting with each other.
      Youming Zhenjun slowly closed his eyes.
      He also knows that the people here can't be transferred at will.
      As a matter of fact, a Huagai immortal is still a Jian Xiu. He is qualified enough to do it himself, but compared with a leaf dust, the ancient relics are too important.
      “Pass me the Youming killing order!”
      “He ordered all the sects in ancient China to pursue and kill them.”
      “Kill the two first, but come to the holy land of the nether world. I'll make a duerzhendan for him myself!”
      Hearing the words of Youming Zhenjun, the Huagai real man's eyes suddenly widened.
      Du erzhendan!
      It's an ancient danfang that was once obtained in an ancient relic. A duerzhendan can almost completely resolve all the dangers before the triple Dan robbery, and can break a layer of Dan robbery!
      Even if it is to triple above Dan rob, also can play a great effect!
      The materials used to refine this duerzhendan are extremely precious, and few people in the clan have been rewarded. Youming Zhenjun is willing to refine one as a reward!
      But it is.
      After all, the one who killed the son of Youming is a Huagai immortal or a swordsman. He may even go to Dudan robbery. It's very difficult for ordinary monks to deal with him. Even if they use the Youming killing order to order all the sects, many Jindan immortal in ancient China may be perfunctory.
      But there is a duerzhendan as a reward, which is quite different. In the remote area of ancient China, the elixir or skill that can help duerzhendan rob is extremely rare. One duerzhendan is enough to make countless real people crazy in the later stage of Jindan and even in the land of Dan rob!
      Under the siege,
      Even if the famous Jian Xiu was in the state of Dan Jie, he would die without a place to bury himself!*
      Chapter 46 great luck?
      Ziyun zongnan, 16000 Li.
      It's near the boundary of the ancient Chinese realm. It's said that the ancient Chinese realm is connected with the secluded realm in the north and East, and the end of the South and the west is nothing.
      The so-called place of nothingness is a vast nothingness. There is no aura at all. The immortal Jindan will not be able to enter it for long, and the real king Yuanying will not be able to cross it.
      On the sky.
      A flash of light, hovering in the air.
      Ye Chen, holding a map in his hand, looked down at a cliff at the junction of two towering peaks and said, “here it is.”
      “You are lazy, brother.”
      Ye Ziling turned her lips.
      Now she is driving the shuttle, and ye Chen is lying behind the shuttle in a very relaxed and comfortable position, with a map in one hand. It looks like she is on holiday.
      Ye Chen glanced at Ye Ziling, sat up, rolled up the map in her hand, knocked on her head, and said, “isn't your speed of escaping light too slow?”
      Ye Chen has the ability to cross the void with a sword. She can carry certain items, but she can't carry the whole person of Ye Ziling, because she can't resist the oppression of crossing the void only in the later stage of foundation construction.
      It would be better if the small spirit fruit of Sanse Yun lingguo could be protected by Ye Chen's palm, but ye Ziling couldn't put it in his palm. Therefore, ye Ziling couldn't keep up with his sword to cross the void, so he had to let Ye Ziling control the spirit shuttle.
      This is the difference between the ancient swordsman and the ordinary monk.
      He was not good at carrying things. If you were a Yuanying Zhenjun, let alone one ye Ziling, it would be OK to take ten or eight.
      “My accomplishments are low!”
      Ye Ziling puffed his cheeks.
      If the friars who have seen the purple fairy are here and see ye Ziling like this, they will probably think that ye Ziling's twin sister. After all, the difference between the image of Ye Ziling and that of the iceberg fairy in the past is absolutely earth shaking.
      Ye Chen slowly raised her hand, pinched her bulging cheek with her index finger and thumb, made her make a strange sound of “por” involuntarily, then stood up and said:
      “All right, go down.”
      The voice falls, the leaf dust disappeared on the spirit shuttle.
      Just as ye Ziling wanted to open her teeth and dance her claws, she saw that ye Chen had disappeared. She couldn't help muttering. She reached out and touched her cheek. She didn't know what she thought of. Her cheeks were slightly red. Then Yinian put away the spirit shuttle and followed Ye Chen down.
      It looks like an ordinary cliff below, and there is nothing, but ye Chen falls all the way. When he reaches the bottom, he suddenly disappears.
      “Magic array?”
      Ye Ziling was not surprised. After blinking, he also flew down and came to the place where ye Chen disappeared. He tried carefully.
      However, before she went to investigate the place carefully, she heard a “hiss” sound, like the sound of some cloth being torn apart. The environment of the whole cliff suddenly changed.
      It looked like it was near the bottom of the cliff.
      But when the magic array is broken, you can see that there is a height of at least hundreds of feet from the bottom of the cliff, and the bottom is still dark and deep!
      “Is this the ability of a monk who takes Divination as a whole?It's kind of interestingWell, the array is broken. Come down. ”
      Leaf dust negative hand but stand, have interest of scrutinize all around, then look up to the leaf purple work properly of the top, toward the leaf purple work properly to greet a.
      Ye Ziling immediately flew down and fell beside Ye Chen.
      Ye Chen stepped on the void and went to the bottom of the cliff step by step. After going deep for about 300 feet, he stopped and looked at the void with a trace of admiration.
      “Yin Yang fruit is like this. It's really the creation of seizing heaven and earth.”
      I thought that yin and Yang fruit was born at the bottom of the cliff. As a result, it was not born at the bottom, but was born in the void, with no support at all!
      See you!
      In the void in front of the leaf dust, a mass of lacquer black breath weaves up and down at the bottom, and a mass of clear color breath weaves up and down at the top. Between the two groups of yin and Yang, there is a half black and half white fruit, which does not grow on any branches, but grows in the sky and earth out of thin air.
      [tip: experience + 2111]
      The prompt sound that the ear rings out, let leaf dust smile slightly.
      Ye Ziling, who followed him, was also surprised. He covered his mouth with a small hand and called out in a low voice
      “Yin and Yang hang around in the air, and are born between heaven and earth by virtue of emptiness.”
      It's no wonder that Yin Yang fruit only exists in legends. Even many ancient histories don't know whether it exists or not. It's really rare.
      It doesn't need any support. It can be born in the sky or in the air. Besides, it can hardly be perceived by the naked eye.
      As if it existed in the interlayer of the interface.
      Not in this world.
      This Yin Yang fruit leaf purple Lingguang is standing here to watch, there is a kind of feeling that the mind seems to rotate with it, even the eyes gradually become blurred, for a time, some unconscious, subconsciously reaching forward.
      Ye Chen gently patted her shoulder, woke her up and said: “don't worry, it's not fully mature, it's still a little bit short.”
      This shot woke her up, made her forehead appear a cold sweat, said: “what a terrible temptation of heaven and earth, I can't resist completely…”
      Ye Chen nodded slightly and said: “if you can't resist it and reach out to touch it in the past, not only can you not pick it, but even the whole person may be engulfed by the cracks of heaven and earth.”
      Although Ye Chen is also the first time to see the true fruit of yin and Yang, his heart sword cultivation level is too high. With the red world sword field, he can control the power of heaven and earth in the field. Naturally, he can see more clues than ye Ziling.
      For example, this yin-yang fruit seems to be an entity, but in fact it is still nothingness. Only at the moment of real maturity can it turn emptiness into reality and break away from heaven and earth.
      Only at that moment can we pick.
      Delay a little, it will fall into the earth, disappear into the land, if a little earlier, it will interfere with the context of heaven and earth here, let it collapse in an instant, completely disappear.
      Moreover, there is almost no way to preserve Yin and Yang in this world. The so-called Tao generates one, one generates two, two generates three. As long as Yin and yang are in the normal places of heaven and earth, they will quickly evolve into ordinary aura, so the fruit of yin and yang can't be planted at all.
      “You're very lucky.”
      Ye Chen said with a smile: “this kind of thing can only be born once in tens of thousands of years between heaven and earth, and I don't know where it was born, and most of them can't judge whether it is mature or not. If you pick it rashly, it will disappear between heaven and earth, and you will encounter it, and you will have me guarding you.”
      “Except for me, even a Jindan immortal, I'm afraid I can't see the clue. There is no such detailed record in ancient history. Maybe he will be buried rashly.”*
      Chapter 47 chaotic flowers bloom!Experience surge!
      “I don't think so.”
      Ye Ziling shook her nose and said, “I almost died many times.”
      Ye Chen looked at her and said with a smile: “almost dead is not dead?You mean the time when Xudan chased you?It's said that it's almost, but in fact it's tens of thousands of miles away. ”
      Ye Ziling a little doubt way: “not that time, further forward, you don't remember when we were young there were several times without food, almost starved to death?”
      “It's not that bad.”
      Ye Chen shakes his head, and when you are around, you can always find life-saving food at the critical time, so I think you should have Qi luck.
      This kind of thing is illusory. Even ye Chen's present state can't see it. It can be said that it is something deep in cause and effect, which can't be understood by ordinary monks.
      But ye Chen has read many books and ancient books, including the books about the protagonists of all kinds of great fortune in his previous life. Now he seriously suspects that ye Ziling has great fortune.
      After all.
      On the surface, she crossed the world and got the system of Tao and Dharma. With today's cultivation, she could protect her from all dangers. But from another angle, she was just lucky to meet herself?
      Listening to Ye Chen's statement, ye Ziling herself was a little suspicious, but she still didn't believe it. She looked at the yin-yang fruit in the void and said, “it should be just a coincidence. If I really have great luck, how can I only meet the yin-yang fruit?”
      “Shouldn't it be a chaotic flower?”
      While speaking, ye Ziling pointed to the Yin and Yang fruit in the void.
      Ye Chen said thoughtfully: “what you said also…”
      Halfway through.
      Ye Chen's tone suddenly stops. The light of surprise and amazement flashes in his eyes, and finally turns into a strange light, staring at Ye Ziling.
      Ye Ziling was frightened by Ye Chen's eyes and shrank back, saying: “what's the matter?”
      “See for yourself.”
      Ye Chen gives her a faint look, and then reaches for Yin and Yang fruit in the void.
      If this girl doesn't have great luck, I'm afraid she's seeing a ghost!
      Ye Ziling turned to see, small mouth gradually open, unable to close.
      See you!
      The yin-yang fruit in the void, nourished by the mixture of yin and Yang, suddenly has a strange change. It can be seen that the white and black yin-yang Qi above suddenly has a strange fluctuation, and then begins to rotate in reverse direction and blend towards the center.
      Normally speaking, the rotation of yin and Yang patterns can't be divided into positive and negative, but I don't know why, whether ye Chen or Ye Ziling, looking at this scene, his heart clearly shows a kind of telepathy that it is in reverse rotation.
      The reverse rotation of yin and Yang, emitting a little light, black and white in the center gradually mixed together.
      I don't know how long it took.
      As if for a moment, and as if for a long time, a breath completely different from Yin and Yang emerged. As soon as this breath emerged, it gave people a feeling of shaking the mind.
      Ye Chen stretched out his hand to pull Ye Ziling and pulled her back for hundreds of meters.
      If Yin and Yang Qi are still under his control, although they can't be collected, they can at least kill the split, then chaos Qi is out of his control!
      This is the rumor that before the creation of heaven and earth, heaven and earth intertwined, when all the products of chaos, with the creation of heaven and earth, gradually fade away, do not exist between heaven and earth.
      Here, yin and Yang Qi don't know what the reason is. The reverse evolution breeds a wisp of chaotic Qi!
      “Chaos?The chaotic Qi before the creation of heaven and earth in the legend
      Ye Ziling shook his mouth.
      Because ye Chen opened the world of mortals sword domain to protect her, she was not affected by the charm of Tao brought by the birth of chaotic Qi, and still kept her mind.
      Ye Chen eyes dignified nod, way: “but should not be the real chaos gas, belong to the kind of diluted countless times.”
      If it is a real chaotic Qi, even if it is just a little bit, it is enough to make one side of the interface collapse, and it should not exist. It only exists for a moment, it will evolve into all things and dissipate between heaven and earth.
      The reason why this chaotic gas can exist in front of us is that it is not really a complete chaotic gas. It is just a chaotic silk diluted by countless times, and the rules of heaven and earth in that region have been completely in chaos, which leads to the existence of this chaotic silk for a short time and will not die out immediately.
      [tip: experience + 757]
      [tip: experience + 214]
      [tip: experience + 344]
      In Ye Chen's heart, there is a continuous sound. It is obvious that yin and Yang turn into chaos. Every minute and every second of the experience brought by this scene is amazing.
      Looking at that trace of chaotic Qi, ye Ziling, who was standing nearby, already had a premonition in the dark, some unbelievable trembling voice:
      “Well, isn't chaos really coming?”
      She just casually said that yin and Yang fruit is really going to become chaos flower!
      it is beyond logic and above reason!
      “What do you think?”
      Ye Chen gave her a faint look.
      He used to be dubious about ye Ziling's Qi luck. After all, this Yin Yang fruit was taken from the Youming Holy Son, but now the two Qi of yin and yang are in reverse evolution, giving birth to a wisp of chaotic silk. I'm afraid it doesn't appear once in hundreds of thousands of years!
      In other words, the operation of heaven and earth in this small area is about to be blocked, and has completely stopped or even reversed!
      How rare!
      No luck, I'm afraid it's ghost!
      Under the attention of Ye Chen and ye Ziling, you can see that a trace of chaotic Qi diffuses in the void for a moment, and then twines and envelops the Yin Yang fruit a little bit.
      The Yin and Yang fruits, wrapped in the chaotic Qi, melt gradually and turn into gray droplets. They radiate a little light in the air and merge in the center.
      soundless and stirless.
      On the residue of the melting of yin and Yang fruit, a flower with gray color, which can't be described by words, quietly opens. It's wrong to say that it's beautiful or ugly, as if it's changing all the time. Beauty and ugliness are tangled, and everything is mixed up.
      Seeing the blooming of this chaotic flower, ye Chen's experience is even more crazy, almost every second is soaring by hundreds of points, until the chaotic flower is in full bloom!*
      Chapter 48 magic power – Chaos heart sea!
      “Right now!”
      Ye Chen's eyes flashed, without any hesitation, and his heart sword was cut out in an instant.
      This invisible sword flashed by and cut off the connection between the chaotic flower and the void behind it, cutting it out of the illusion.
      Ye Chen reaches for a move, and chaos flowers come quietly.
      He didn't look at it in detail, so he directly threw the chaos flower to Ye Ziling and said: “refining quickly!”
      The moment the chaotic flower was cut off, it began to show signs of ice and snow melting, and began to disappear from the edge of the petals.
      Ye Ziling clearly knew the value of chaos flower, without any hesitation. When the flower came to him, he directly opened his mouth, swallowed it completely, and then closed his eyes.
      With a wave of his hand, ye Chen chisels a small platform on the cliff beside him and sends Ye Ziling to him. Then he squints his eyes and stares at the void of the birth of chaotic flowers.
      The rules of heaven and earth are chaotic and scattered. Although they are only limited in the area of a square foot, they can make ye Chen's heart sword constantly tremble.
      “Chaos Qi…”
      Ye Chen can clearly see that after the birth of chaos flower, the wisp of chaos gas does not disappear directly, but there is still a trace left in the air.
      It's said that yin and Yang Qi can't exist, not to mention chaos Qi. It's impossible to exist under the rules of heaven and earth, unless the cultivation is strong enough to completely reverse the rules of heaven and earth, but it's already nine immortals who can have that ability and prove to be at ease.
      Ye Chen's heart moves. His heart sword comes from the sea of heart. In an instant, it comes to the void and turns into a piece of glass, just like a sword the size of a jade hairpin.
      He took a deep breath, manipulated his heart sword, and once again cut into the chaotic area. This time, what he cut was not chaos flower, but chaos breath!
      It's quiet.
      Chaos Qi was cut by his heart sword, but it didn't split into two. Instead, it was on his heart sword, and then quickly entangled.
      Ye Chen manipulates the heart sword to bring this wisp of chaotic Qi out of the void.
      As soon as the chaotic Qi leaves that area and enters the normal space of heaven and earth, it directly begins to evaporate and quickly evolves into yin and Yang.
      Sensing that his heart sword didn't send any warning in the whole process, and experiencing the whole process was soaring, even the heart sword itself also sent a trace of desire. A trace of decisiveness flashed in Ye Chen's eyes, and the heart sword instantly took back the sea of heart!
      soundless and stirless.
      Chaos gas has also been brought into the sea of heart!
      The whole sea of heart suddenly turned into a storm.
      The sea of the heart itself is illusory, not the actual space, so any practical things can not enter here, here is just the sea of the heart derived from the idea.
      But chaos comes in!
      Between heaven and earth, there is nothing more mysterious and mysterious than chaos Qi. It is said to be Qi, but it can not be Qi. It can even be the ethereal Tao itself!
      The cultivation of heart sword is to point to the road with one mind. Therefore, the most mysterious and mysterious chaos Qi can naturally attach itself to heart sword and enter the sea of heart!
      Ye Chen seems to hear the voice of unreal nonexistence.
      The whole heart sea with the chaos gas into, set off a rough wave, rolling away in all directions, in that moment, as if the whole will be turned upside down.
      But then.
      This wisp of chaotic Qi broke away from the heart sword and flew directly to the sky above the heart sea, where it faded away silently, and then disappeared completely.
      With the disappearance of chaotic Qi, the boiling heart sea below gradually calms down.
      “The Qi of chaos calms the heart sea, and everything has its own way.”
      What happened in the sea of heart is naturally intertwined in Ye Chen's mind. He perceives the scene and murmurs.
      The chaos disappeared.
      More accurately, it turns into an invisible existence, becomes something that does not exist in the essence, which is mysterious and inexplicable, and is completely integrated into the sea of heart.
      Ye Chen tries to stir the chaotic Qi in the heart with his heart sword, but he can't stir it out at all. Even if he wants to capture its existence, it's hard to explore. It's like watching flowers in the fog. He can only see vaguely, but can't find out the truth.
      Ye Chen tried many times, but he couldn't take the initiative to use this wisp of chaotic Qi.
      However, the only thing he is sure is that it is a good thing for him to get this wisp of chaotic Qi, and I'm afraid it's a chance to seize heaven and earth's fortune, which is no less than ye Ziling's chaotic flower.
      After all, chaos flower is only derived from chaos Qi, and what he gets is the essence of chaos Qi!
      My heart is moving,
      Ye Chen calls out the interface between Tao and Dharma.
      [ye Chen]
      [Daofa: heart sword · red world sword lv469 (+)]
      [magic power: Sword crossing the void, world of mortals sword domain, chaotic heart sea]
      [experience: 60000 points]
      “Sure enough, there has been a changeIt's a magic power. ”
      Ye Chen looks at the changes on the interface of Taoism and Dharma, showing a trace of hesitation. It is said that the friar can get a gift by condensing a golden elixir with chaos flower. His heart is mixed with a wisp of chaos Qi, which is also derived from the gift, but its use is not clear at present.
      In addition, the acquisition of chaos flower and chaos Qi, including observing the whole process of yin and Yang converse transforming chaos, has brought him tens of thousands of experience!
      “It's a step closer to the 999 level heart sword.”
      Ye Chen whispers in his heart, then smiles, and raises his 60000 point experience to the heart sword. The whole Taoist Dharma interface is also a series of golden flashes.
      [ye Chen]
      [Daofa: heart sword · red world sword lv589 (+)]
      [magic power: Sword crossing the void, world of mortals sword domain, chaotic heart sea]
      [experience: 41 points]
      When the level of Xinjian broke through 500, it didn't break through the bottleneck and cost more experience.
      And this time, ye Chen felt that all the understanding, he almost immediately absorbed, this is a full 120 level heart sword to bring the feeling, normally, he had to shut up for at least one or two years, to fully digest and absorb.
      But now it's just a blink of an eye!
      “Is this the magic of the sea of chaos?”
      Ye Chen's heart rose a trace of enlightenment, murmured: “but there should be other uses.”
      At present, he has determined that the chaotic sea of mind has two effects. One is that his sea of mind has become more solid, and it is difficult to shake any attack by demons or gods. The other is that the process of perceiving the sword of the heart has become faster, which seems to be a kind of improvement in quality.
      “Level 600 should be a bottleneck.”
      Ye Chen astringed his mind and felt his heart sword level.
      There is a big difference between the heart sword and the traditional cultivation realm, but there is also a small level of correspondence, just like Jindan has a distinction between the early, middle and late stages, the heart sword also has such a small level, and he is only a little bit short of the breakthrough of the next small level.
      “I really want to find a real king of Yuanying to cut a sword.”
      Ye Chen smiles gently.*
      Chapter 49 four clouds move!World attention!
      Ancient China.
      With the arrival of the Youming killing order, the whole ancient Chinese territory was turned upside down overnight, and all the major gates including the ancient Huaxian sect were shocked by it!
      Of course, there are not many people who dare not follow the order of the netherworld holy land. But if it's just the order of the netherworld killing, most sects will muddle through. After all, ye Chen in the intelligence is a real swordsman who is suspected to be gathering at the top of the late golden elixir!
      Such a real person is terrible.
      Huagai real people in the same realm should be afraid of three points, and those in a lower realm will be even more frightened, for fear that they will be killed if they are not careful.
      When the reward of Kedu erzhendan comes out, the whole ancient China is boiling!
      If you use this elixir, the first three aspects of the elixir are almost the same. Even if it is more than three, it can help you to improve the possibility of passing the elixir!
      This is not only the leader of the major sects, but also many old monsters who have been closed for hundreds of years. They are all shocked by it and break through one after another after receiving the news!
      Ancient Huaxian sect.
      In the forbidden area deep in the earth, a forbidden area was broken from the inside, and a long browed old man came out of the forbidden area. The pressure of danjiejing swept everywhere and came directly to the main hall of ancient Huaxian sect.
      “Martial uncle Wei Xuan.”
      The ancient Huazhang sect had already been disturbed, and dun Guang came out of the hall in a flash.
      Some other immortal Jindan of ancient huaxianzong, looking at the old man with long eyebrows, also showed their awe. This is the former leader of ancient huaxianzong. Dan has been robbed three times!
      “The killing order of Youming holy land, is it true?”
      Wei Xuan looked at Gu Hua Zhang Jiao with a sharp eye.
      Gu Hua Zhang Jiao nodded and said, “tell martial uncle Wei that there is no mistake. This is the killing order from Youming Zhenjun himself. That person will not break his promise.”
      For friars, unless they follow the evil path and are not afraid of cause and effect, other right path friars generally promise cause and effect. If they don't follow the cause and effect, they will encounter cause and effect, or they will encounter life and death crisis.
      Therefore, the promise given by Youming Zhenjun will not be false.
      Wei Xuan's eyes brightened and said in a loud voice: “if I can get this to pass erzhendan, I will be 90% sure to pass the fourth Dan robbery, and I can break the barrier of life and death by at least two points!”
      Dan has a chance to break through the barrier of life and death and become the true king of Yuanying. But it's often extremely difficult, and it's hard for one of ten people to become a baby. But if he passes through the four Dan robberies, the difficulty of turning Dan into a baby will be reduced!
      Most of the monks in ancient China were stuck in the double Dan robberies. Wei Xuan was able to survive the third Dan robberies, and he was already the best among the golden elixirs. He also knew that he could not break the four Dan robberies, so he planned to fight again when he was about to die.
      Now there's a chance to get a duerzhendan, of course he won't let it go!
      “I'll go with Uncle Wei Xuan.”
      Guhua Zhangjiao opened his mouth and said, “with the ability of martial uncle Wei Xuan, we can certainly kill the two people on the order of Guhua, but other sects will not miss this opportunity and will hinder it.”
      Wei Xuan's eyes flashed, and said: “not bad!If there are some old people who are not dead, they will be disturbed and obstructed. Then you will go with me! ”
      Other golden elites bowed to each other.
      “We wish martial uncle Wei Xuan success in crossing erzhendan, crossing the Dan robbery and becoming a real king!”
      At the top of Houshan mountain, ordinary people can't bear the high temperature just when they are close to it. The interior of the mountain top is a piece of lava, and the hot waves are rising continuously.
      There was an explosion.
      Then he saw a magnificent man with red beard rushing up to the sky with a blazing fire light. Then he crossed an arc in the sky and hovered over huolingzong. His voice rolled away like a heat wave.
      “Where is Huoling Zong Zhang Jiao?”
      “The 17th generation of Zhangjiao is here. I've met the supreme elder.”
      “Is the Youming killing order true?”
      “It's true!”
      “Good!Go with me
      Qingyang sect.
      Main hall.
      The five golden elixirs gathered here, and all of them were silent.
      “Brother Zhangjiao, has Shizu not responded yet?”
      Qingyang Zhangjiao said with a low face: “Shizu Jiyang hasn't heard back since he closed the door for the last time 20 years ago. Now Shizu Jiyang has lived for nearly a thousand years. Maybe…”
      The life span of Jindan real person is thousands of years at most. At the end of his life, almost all of them choose to fight to death and try to break through the barrier of life and death, but most of them fail.
      Other people in the main hall also looked depressed.
      There were no real people in the later period of Jindan in the generation of Qingyang sect. If Jiyang Shizu sat down, they would basically lose the qualification to fight for duerzhendan. Their early and middle existence of Jindan could not compete with the old monsters of other sects.
      At this time, the door of the main hall suddenly heard footsteps.
      I saw an old man with a dry body, white hair and whiskers, as if every step was very difficult. He came in from outside the hall with a wooden staff.
      “Shizu Jiyang!”
      Five people in the main hall were surprised to speak.
      The dry old man's voice is hoarse: “is it true that Youming killing order?”
      “It's true!”
      “GoodThat's the last fight of my life! ”
      The green light is like a big sun, wrapping the dry old man, escaping from the main hall in an instant, cutting through the sky, and moving towards the distance.
      “Such a terrible breath, isn't it a real man of Dan robbery?”
      Somewhere in the city, people were horrified.
      “Is that Dao Dun GUANG the immortal Ji Yang of Qingyang sect!Isn't it rumored that he has gone to jail? ”
      Somewhere in the mountains, a monk looked up at the sky in shock.
      “Is this sea of fire the leader of Huoling sect?NoThis is the old fire monster of huolingzong! ”
      In guxuan City, someone was staring at the light of the sky.
      On this day.
      All the major gates in the ancient China region are surging to shake the mountains. From all directions of the ancient China region, there are light escaping across the sky, with a palpitating momentum, converging in one direction!
      There were old monsters coming out of all the major gates. It was obvious that such a movement could not be suppressed. It soon spread around the whole ancient China region, as well as the Youming killing order.
      For a moment,
      The whole ancient China area has attracted countless people's attention!
      There are all kinds of old monsters in ancient China. The goal is to kill one person, Jianxiu yechen!*
      Chapter 50 is death certain?First watch
      Many old monsters in ancient China came from all directions.
      Finally meet in ziyunzong!
      Right now.
      Ziyun sect.
      Zhang Mingxuan, Yu Cheng and other elders gathered outside the main peak of Ziyun sect. Looking up at the Ziyun hall at the top of the peak, they were all trembling and could hardly move.
      Can feel a terrible pressure, from that direction constantly spread, these pressures are intertwined with each other, it seems to break!
      Another touch of Dun Guang with terror came to the top of Ziyun peak, revealing a withered old man.
      “Jiyang, you're not dead yet!”
      Discontent came from the summit.
      Ji Yang opened his shriveled mouth and said in a hoarse voice: “you Taoist friends have not yet been seated. How can I go ahead?”
      Look in the direction of the summit.
      We can see that the main hall of ziyunzong is full of cracks. This is not a sign of fighting, but a sign of destruction because it can't bear the terrible pressure.
      There were seven or eight figures standing in the air in front of the palace. Some of them were bathed in blazing fire, some of them were full of prestige, almost all of them were interwoven with the smell of Dan Jie!
      Even the worst, there's a canopy over your head!
      Immortal Ziyun's face trembled, and his body trembled under the pressure. Although all the people present were actually immortal Jindan, and they were still in the realm of Jindan, compared with him who only had early cultivation, he was too powerful!
      In the face of a Jindan middle Qingyun immortal, he is sure to escape, but in the face of Huagai immortal and even Danjie immortal, once fighting, he can't fight at all!
      Immortal Ziyun only felt bitter in his mouth.
      Although Ye Chen and ye Ziling are separated from the Ziyun sect, they are missing. The immortal Dan robbers who are attracted by the Youming killing order are all gathered in the Ziyun sect. He has nothing to do.
      Just then.
      Another sound of the sword cuts across the sky. A yellow sword comes to the top of the mountain to repair the imperial sword. Although there is no breath of Dan Jie, the strong sword meaning seems to have the power to frighten the sky. He is not afraid of the many pressures on the top of the mountain.
      “Tianjian Pavilion, contemporary sword master!”
      Zhang Mingxuan under the purple cloud peak slowly opened his mouth. There are so many big people today that he is almost numb.
      Several eyes of the peak look at the contemporary sword owner of Tianjian Pavilion.
      Wei Xuan glanced at him and said faintly: “how come you are the younger generation, the Haoran real man of your family?Shouldn't it be that it fell under the Dan robbery?It seems that you are not qualified to compete with us. ”
      “You can try.”
      The sword master's indifferent response.
      Wei xuanleng snorted. Usually, he would have done it. After all, he has robbed three times. No matter how strong the sword master is, he is nothing but Huagai immortal. But now he has to fight for Du erzhendan. If he has a few moves with the sword master and is injured by accident, it may have a great influence in the future.
      “Did Su Yi not come?”
      “It should be closed.”
      When Wei Xuan was in conflict with the sword master, there was a confluence of their thoughts.
      “Why are you all waiting here instead of looking for them?”
      Another Huagai real man arrived and came from the sky.
      The elder of huolingzong laughed and said, “you should tell me the whereabouts of the two first!Why don't you ask me to shovel the ancient Sichuan mountains again? ”
      “I see.”
      The Huagai immortal looked at Ziyun immortal not far away, and said faintly: “does Ziyun Zong not know where they are going?”
      Ziyun immortal face difficult way: “really don't know, they have quit Ziyun sect.”
      “I think you're trying to cover it up.”
      Huagai man snorted and stepped forward with his foot on the void, as if he wanted to make a move.
      But just then.
      Another ethereal voice came from the sky.
      “Well, don't bully him, Li Yue Zhang. I'll deduce the trace and think about them for you.”
      With this ethereal voice.
      I saw an old man with crane hair and childlike face, smiling, leaning on crutches, stepping on the void, and falling to the top of Ziyun peak step by step.
      “Heaven is a real man?”
      The later monk of Jindan, who was about to attack immortal Ziyun, was slightly surprised. Then he suddenly said, “I see. No wonder many elders are waiting here. I'm not in a hurry. It seems that I'm a little anxious. I'm not as calm as you elders.”
      God is a real man!
      There are very few sanxiu people in ancient China, and they are also the only sanxiu people in the later period of Jindan. What he mastered is the method of divination. He can find the mountains and rivers, and almost have friends with every major sect.
      Because he is a divining monk, his combat ability is much weaker than that of the same level monks. In other words, he can't beat Ye Chen who is suspected of Huagai sword cultivation!
      Wei Xuan and others are not worried at all. They know that Tiansuan real person will come to meet with them sooner or later, and they just need to confront each other here and don't let other people meet with Tiansuan real person alone. Then no one can find Ye Chen one step ahead of time.
      “Since Tiansuan Daoyou is here, I'll be ready to take actionTut, you have brought a lot of people. ”
      Wei Xuan glanced at the sky behind him.
      After the appearance of Tiansuan real person, there are more than ten daodunguang in the rear. These people follow Tiansuan real person from a distance. They all know that as long as they follow Tiansuan real person, they will find Ye Chen in the end.
      “Ha ha, many Taoist friends follow me, and I can't drive away this old bone.”
      Tiansuan Zhenren laughed twice, then waved his hand, and some scattered tortoise shells, copper coins and other divination magic weapons were thrown out by him, interwoven in the void.
      Finally, the tortoise shell and copper coins fell to the ground and were placed in a pattern.
      “Why?Why can't you tell by divination? ”
      Tiansuan Zhenren was surprised. He divined the location of Ye Chen, but under this divination, he felt that the other party was in chaos, as if something had covered up the mystery, and he could not divine at all.
      Is it the way to hide the secret?
      After frowning for a while, he offered a magic weapon again. Instead of divining Ye Chen, he chose divining Ye Ziling.
      This divination is much better than before, but I still feel that it's hard to find the trace as if it's a swamp, and it seems that something has covered some of the secrets.
      “How could it be so difficult for a friar to make divination…”
      Tiansuan's eyebrows wrinkled.
      “Can you, my God?”
      The elder of huolingzong stood aside and spoke.
      The sky operator snorted, and he didn't care about anything else. Only some people questioned his divination skills. He couldn't turn a blind eye to it. When he made a decision, he vomited a mouthful of blood essence.
      The essence of blood in the air into a little ripple, rushed to that piece of tortoise shell copper money, in the chaos like a quagmire, finally caught a flash of space.
      Although the fate can not be seen clearly, its location has been revealed by the flash of the sky.
      All the tortoise shells and copper coins came to the ground.
      “Found it!”
      Tiansuan's eyes flashed and said, “it's 16000 miles south here!”
      As his voice fell, Wei Xuan and others on the scene looked at each other, and a surge of Zhenyuan and prestige surged up into the sky, turning into a bunch of light, cutting through the sky.
      The group of Jindan immortal who followed Tiansuan immortal also followed closely. The mighty pressure of nearly 20 Jindan immortal quickly disappeared in the sky.
      Only immortal Ziyun with cold sweat left.
      He looked up to the horizon and said with a palpitating face: “Youming killing order, crossing erzhendanAll of a sudden, many of these old Dan robbers are mobilized, which is to provoke the terror of a holy land. ”
      More than a dozen Huagai real people in the later period of Jindan, plus six or seven old Dan robbers, such a situation, unless it is the real Yuanying real king, otherwise no one in the world can fight!
      Plus a master of divination Tiansuan real person, once chased, it is almost want to run!
      Think of it here.
      Immortal Ziyun sighed.
      I'm afraid Ye Chen's talent is rare in ancient and modern times. If he can endure it for hundreds of years, he may become the first real king in ancient China for tens of thousands of years. However, the sudden anger of the holy land of the nether world unfolds so fast that it doesn't give any room for vitality. Now I'm afraid there is no hope.*

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