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      Xuanhuan: me!Start to create secret building(Chapter 1-60)
      Chapter one: the secret is measurable!
      Great waste city.
      On a busy street.
      I don’t know when.
      A loft appeared, and suddenly it didn't look impressive.
      But take a closer look.
      There seems to be some truth in the attic.
      In front of the attic.
      A handsome face, build Xinchang, wearing a green shirt man, stepped on a stool, struggling to put a plaque on the doorframe.
      “Tianji building!”
      “What a big tone!”
      “This couplet is a little interesting. The first couplet criticizes Yin and Yang, cuts off five elements, and looks at the sun and moon in the palm.The second couplet, connecting the ancient and modern, knows Yin and Yang, and hides the universe in the sleeve.Horizontal banners, heaven's chance can be measured! ”
      “Tut Tut, isn't this man stupid? How dare you say such big words?”
      “It's impossible to know what's going on in the sky. If you spy on it, you'll be in trouble. Doesn't this young man understand it?”
      Passers by.
      See shop plaque, many people came to interest.
      of course.
      More people, however, hold the attitude of going to the theatre.
      In the fantasy world, strength is the most important factor, which does not mean that they are not interested in Tianji. However, even the emperor level strong people dare not interfere in the operation of Tianji, even if they see through it, they dare not say it.
      In front of this shop, but directly listed Tianji building!
      It's just like fighting against the way of heaven in this world!
      It is estimated that the owner of the shop will not be able to bear the chance and eat it back.
      “Tianji building opens today. Welcome to take care of the business.”
      Hang up the plaque.
      Li Yun jumped down from the stool. He flicked the dust of his clothes and said with a smile and a bow to passers-by.
      He is the owner of Tianji building.
      Originally is not this world person, but awakes, arrived this strange world.
      The strong move mountains and fill the sea, destroy the sky and destroy the earth, the weak life is like grass, precarious.
      After crossing, the system awakened on the first day.
      Tianji system!
      Gu mingsiyi.
      This system can deduce the secrets of the universe. Anyone in the world, as long as he enters the secrets of the universe building, his past and future will be thoroughly investigated.
      This kind of investigation is not unlimited.
      Every time you search, you need to consume a certain number of Tianji points.
      The stronger the opponent is, or the higher the potential is, the more points of the opponent's secret will be consumed if the opponent's secret is searched once.
      And the way to get Tianji points.
      It's also very simple.
      Anything of value can be exchanged to the system, including but not limited to, skills, magical powers, secret arts, pills, natural materials and local treasures, etc.
      Everything, as long as the system thinks it is valuable, can be used to exchange Tianji points.
      As the owner of Tianji building, Li Yun.
      After you have Tianji points, you can choose to exchange them in the system for accomplishments, skills, pills and other things. You can also use them to explore other people's Tianji.
      It's worth mentioning that he can only use the pills and skills exchanged by the system.
      In this way.
      Directly cut off the possibility of his second business.
      “I'm afraid I can't get out of Tianji building before I'm not strong enough.”
      Li Yun thought.
      If you reveal the secrets of heaven, you will be attacked by heaven.
      There is such a saying in gaowu world, not to mention the fantasy world.
      Only Tianji building can block the induction of Tiandao, suppress all those who are strong in cultivation, and make themselves in a certain invincible state. If you leave Tianji building, you are looking for death!
      “Now that everything is ready, we owe it to the right person.”
      Li Yun glanced at everyone in the street.
      All the people standing here are ordinary people watching the crowd. Only a few of them have accomplishments, but their strength is too weak to bring out much valuable things.
      If you want to collect wool, you have to wait for big customers.
      But how to let big customers come to the door is a thorny matter.
      Li Yun shakes his head. He doesn't think much. Those who want to come will come naturally. Those who don't want to come can't get into Tianji building with his strength.
      It's better to wait.
      Back in the building.
      Li Yun made a pot of hot tea, then lay leisurely on a bench with a book in his hand and read it with relish.
      While Li Yun was reading.
      Outside Tianji building.
      A girl in white has a cool temperament. She wears a long white skirt and carries a simple sword. It looks like a snow lotus blooming in the wind.
      Within her radius of three Zhang, no one dares to stand.
      The girl's eyes were full of interest, looking at the three words of Tianji building, and there was a trace of splendor in her eyes.
      “Can we measure the fate?”
      “Even my master can't do this. I'd like to see who is the master who dares to say such crazy words!”
      The girl said to herself.
      Step toward Tianji building.
      Just entered the building.
      Seeing the inner scene, the girl noticed something wrong.
      Tianji building is antique, simple and elegant. Everything in it is very common, but when placed together, it has an inexplicable charm.
      There is a sense of nature flowing along the road.
      “It's weird!”
      The girl said something in her heart.
      But she couldn't tell exactly what was weird.
      “Miss Liu!”
      When the girl was stunned, a clear voice came from the side.
      I can only see.
      Dressed in a green shirt and smiling, Li Yun sat up from the bench, reached out and said:
      “How about a cup of hot tea first?” she said*
      Chapter 2 how did you know?
      “Do you know me?”
      The girl was stunned for a moment.
      This is the first time that she left zongmen. Along the way, she kept a low profile and was rarely recognized.
      But I didn't expect that.
      As soon as he stepped into Tianji building, the man in front of him broke his surname.
      “How many people in the world don't know the prestige of Liu Chengxue, the third disciple of the great Luo Jianzong sect?”
      Li Yun said with a smile.
      In front of him.
      Floating, a pale blue light curtain, which has shown all the information of the girl in white.
      [Name: Liu Chengxue!]
      [strength: Tongqiao middle stage!]
      [faction: Daluo sword clan!]
      [Master: Ren Qingtu, Dalao Zhang Jiao]
      [current situation: slightly injured, in pursuit of Du qianshang, the core disciple of Jiuyou demon sect…]
      [Click to expand more…]
      Anyone who enters Tianji building will find out everything about her in an instant. No matter in the past or in the present, everything can be displayed.
      Because this belongs to what has happened, it is not a revelation to disclose it.
      But if you want to query, future things, or I'm not in Tianji building, but to query each other's situation, it will cost Tianji points.
      “Who is your excellency?”
      Liu Chengxue's face is heavy.
      She's not a fool.
      My master is the leader of Daluo Jianzong. She is famous, but it has nothing to do with her. She is just a third disciple. She is still going down the mountain for the first time.
      It's impossible to say that everyone has heard of her reputation!
      This person in front of me, since I can recognize her, may have paid attention to her for a long time!
      The other side is waiting for themselves to come!
      Think of here, Liu Chengxue heart a tight, want to urge true yuan.
      But the result surprised her.
      I don't know when.
      Her cultivation in the middle stage of Tongqiao state has disappeared without trace. There is no real element in her meridians. She seems to be a weak woman who has never practiced.
      “What have you done to me?”
      Liu Chengxue was shocked.
      I'm still too inexperienced.
      When she first stepped into the secular world, she fell in a shop before she came to the fore. The man in front of her can make her accomplishments disappear, and she can also obliterate herself silently!
      “Miss Liu, don't panic. I mean nothing.”
      Li Yun waved his hand and reached for a sign: “as the saying goes, the visitor is the guest. How can Li plot against the girl?”
      “I'm Meng Lang, please don't blame me.”
      Liu Chengxue soon recovered, and she bowed her hand slightly.
      The man in front of me.
      Although she can't see her strength, she is obviously not an ordinary person who can make all her accomplishments disappear in silence. As far as she knows, even her master can't do it.
      From this we can conclude that.
      The elder in front of him must be an outstanding man.
      If he wants to kill himself, it's like crushing an ant. It's easy for him to be his enemy, not to mention himself, even the great Luo Jianzong behind him.
      I'm afraid it will also be destroyed.
      Thinking of this, Liu Chengxue immediately changed her previous attitude and became extremely respectful.
      “No harm.”
      Li Yun doesn't care and smiles.
      Tianji building can even shield the way of heaven. It's easy to deal with a young talent. Even if the Dalao sect is here, it can't lift a wave.
      “I don't know how to address you, master?”
      Liu Chengxue asked cautiously.
      “Surnamed Li, a single cloud, is the owner of this Tianji building.”
      Li Yun said faintly.
      The weather of an outsider.
      It's hard to know what's on his mind.
      “It turns out that it's the master of heaven's secrets. I don't know if the master has called me, but what can I do for you?”
      Liu Chengxue looks at Li Yun's face secretly and asks softly.
      In her opinion.
      Every move of such an expert who doesn't show his mountain and doesn't leak water has its own deep meaning. From the moment he stepped into Tianji building, he may have been in the planning of his predecessors.
      “It's nothing important. I just want to show you a clear way.”
      Li Yun is a light hearted man.
      “Ming Lu?”
      Liu Chengxue is at a loss.
      “Dare to ask what the master said
      “Aren't you chasing Du qianshang?”
      Li Yun picked up the tea cup, sipped it gently, put it down and said straight.
      Liu Chengxue was surprised.
      This matter, but top secret, only she and Du qianshang know.
      It can't get out at the moment.
      Du qianshang is also the core disciple of Jiuyou demon sect. Behind him stands an elder of Jiuyou demon sect. If he is known by the other party, it may lead to a war between Jiuyou demon sect and Daluo sword sect!
      Only after she has killed Du qianshang, can she let the news spread.
      Jiuyou demon clan will not be the enemy of Daluo sword clan because of a dead man.
      At most, I'll take the blame.
      If it's a living person, Jiuyou devil doesn't care.
      People's hearts will be broken.
      It will give people the illusion that they can't even keep their core disciples.
      “How did you know?”
      Liu Chengxue asked nervously.
      “How do I know…”
      Li Yun chuckled.
      “Did you forget the couplet at the gate of Tianji building?”
      He stood up and stood up with a negative hand, and said: “in this world, there is nothing Tianji building doesn't know. As long as I'm interested, nothing can hide from me!”*
      Chapter three this wave does not lose!
      I heard what Li Yun said.
      Liu Chengxue was shocked at first.
      The elder in front of him is terrifying. Every sentence has profound meaning. What he said just now naturally means something!
      She thought it over.
      “Master, do you know where Du qianshang is?”
      Li Yun nodded.
      Fish bite hook!
      I didn't expect that the first order came so soon and so early!
      “Please give me some advice!”
      Liu Chengxue said respectfully.
      She and Du qianshang have reached a situation of immortality.
      Du qianshang is immortal.
      When she walks around the world in the future, she should be on guard against sneak attacks.
      Du qianshang is not an ordinary person. He is a core disciple. His aptitude is not much worse than her. It's hard to say which one is better or worse in time.
      The truth of letting the tiger go back to the mountain is understood by almost everyone in the cultivation circle!
      “Li never gives advice to others for no reason.”
      Li Yun said with a smile.
      The system deduces others, but it needs Tianji points. Now his Tianji points are zero. Even if he wants to give advice, he is not strong enough.
      “The meaning of Tianji building's existence is to deduce Tianji. Every time I reveal Tianji, I have to suffer from Tiandao backfire. Do you understand the consequences?”
      Li Yun pauses for a moment and continues to say meaningfully.
      As for the way of heaven, it's all his nonsense. Otherwise, there's no way for the lion to open his mouth.
      “I see!”
      Liu Chengxue suddenly realized that, at the same time, he secretly blamed himself.
      The elder is so considerate of himself.
      I even want to empty handed set white wolf, let the elder directly tell himself the news, it is too should not.
      She pondered for a moment.
      From the space ring, take out a shining sword.
      In front of Li Yun, he asked softly:
      “I don't have many valuable things in my body. I don't know if this top-grade Lingbao can get into my eyes?”
      Liu Chengxue is very worried.
      This is a top quality Lingbao.
      In her eyes, the value is extraordinary.
      But only God knows how much weight you can have in your mind.
      After all.
      It's possible for hermits like my predecessors to take out a few holy soldiers or even imperial soldiers.
      Ding, I found a top-grade Lingbao, which can be exchanged for ten Tianji points
      All of a sudden.
      The system prompts that the sound is on.
      Li Yun moved in his heart, his face unchanged, and asked in his heart:
      “System, query the whereabouts of Du qianshang!”
      [to find out the whereabouts of Du qianshang, we need five Tianji points, but the host Tianji points are not enough, so we can't find out.]
      Li Yun picks his eyebrows.
      Just five o'clock?
      The Lingbao sent by Liu Chengxue is worth ten Tianji points. So, can you still get five Tianji points?
      This wave is not a loss!
      Li Yun quietly took Liu Chengxue's top grade Lingbao and exchanged it for Tianji points.
      I have ten Tianji points.
      Li Yun said in his heart:
      “System, query the whereabouts of Du qianshang.”
      [Name: Du qianshang!]
      [strength: Tongqiao middle stage!]
      [faction: Jiuyou demon clan!]
      [Master: Yang Qiu, elder of Jiuyou demon sect]
      [current location: 500 miles north of dahuangcheng, in an unnamed Valley]
      [current status: seriously injured. The five demons devouring the sky array is being set up (click to check for details) to fight against Liu Chengxue. Meanwhile, Yang Qiu, the Jiuyou demon sect, is on his way and is expected to arrive in two hours
      [Click to expand more…]
      “Good guy…”
      Li Yunza's tongue.
      This wave is not only not a loss, but also made a lot of money.
      Not only inquired Du qianshang's whereabouts, but also conveniently got the unique array of Jiuyou demon sect, as well as the method of breaking the array of five demons biting the sky.
      The five demons devouring the sky array has existed for a long time.
      There is also the method of breaking the array naturally. This thing doesn't need to be deduced by nature. It's a gift from the system.
      After reading the introduction of Du qianshang.
      Under Liu Chengxue's eager eyes, Li Yun opens his mouth.
      “Du qianshang is now in a valley 500 miles north of Dahuang city. You can go there by yourself.”
      “Thank you, master!”
      Liu Chengxue was overjoyed and quickly replied.
      Five hundred miles is not far.
      However, relying on her own search, she didn't know when to find it. In case she was rescued by the master of her clan, she would not be able to steal the rice this time.
      To set up a strong enemy, or the devil, do not cry to cry.
      The other side has no bottom line.
      At any time, it's a sneak attack.
      Thank you.
      Liu Chengxue turns around and leaves.
      “Wait a minute.”
      Li Yun spoke out.
      “What else can I do for you, master?”
      Liu Chengxue turned around and asked.
      “For the sake of being the first guest of Tianji building, I'll tell you one more news.”
      Li Yun said with a smile.
      He still knows the truth of repeat customers.
      Relying on Liu Chengxue's signboard, are you worried about Tianji building's business?
      “Du qianshang has set up five demons to devour the sky, but you only have two hours. You can't kill Du qianshang in two hours…”
      “You must be the last to die!”
      Li Yun said.
      I heard that.
      Liu Chengxue was stunned.
      two hours?
      Besides the time to go on the road, do you still have to break the five demons eating the sky array?
      Isn't that a joke*
      The fourth chapter plans the number of Tianji points!
      Five demons devour the sky.
      That's the Jiuyou demon sect protecting sect array. It's famous!
      Du qianshang's five demons biting the sky array must be weakened countless times, but it's not something that a younger generation can break through.
      If I do, it's good to save my life in the array.
      Besides, there are only two hours left.
      Liu Chengxue suddenly feels that even if he goes, he will be defeated, and is more likely to be killed by Du qianshang.
      After all.
      Although Du qianshang was seriously injured, he was not without the strength of the first World War.
      With the array, he is definitely not the opponent of the other side.
      Li Yun took a look at Liu Chengxue and said faintly:
      “All right.”
      “I'm sending you a message. Du qianshang's array has a lot of shortcomings. It can be broken if the door is closed and the door is closed.”
      “Dead… Dead door in?”
      Liu Chengxue was shocked.
      The strongest link in the array is the gate of death. If you enter here, you can say that there is no life for ten dead people. If you rush in, let alone break the array, it is unknown whether you can come out alive.
      “If you are afraid, you can go back to Daluo sword sect.”
      Li Yun raised his hand, pointed to the outside, and said, “now another quarter of an hour has passed, and you don't have much time to choose.”
      “You can decide whether to go or not.”
      Li Yun waved his sleeve.
      All of a sudden.
      Liu Chengxue feels dark in front of her eyes.
      When he came back to God, he found that he had come outside the city.
      “Who are you, master?”
      Liu Chengxue's eyes are bright.
      Between waving, she sent herself out of the city. This was the first time she met him. She would never be weaker than his master.
      To some extent, it's much better!
      “Master, such an expert, will not make fun of me. What he said is probably true!”
      Liu Chengxue thought.
      With a top-grade Lingbao, you can get such important news.
      No matter how you look at it!
      The point is.
      She also got the five demons' way to break the sky array!
      In the future, when she meets a disciple of Jiuyou demon sect, she can rely on this method to deal with each other. She can definitely take each other by surprise!
      “Thank you, Liu Chengxue, for your advice!”
      Liu Chengxue bowed himself.
      After the salute.
      She turned into a streamer and flew to the north of the city.
      In Tianji building.
      Li Yun lies back on the bench with a smile on his lips.
      “This time, I directly earned five lucky points, no loss!”
      Seems to have sent two more messages to Liu Chengxue.
      But it's nothing.
      Those two pieces of news, originally attached by the system, are of little value to him, but they are as heavy as gold to Liu Chengxue.
      As long as Li Yun says one less thing, Liu Chengxue will not end well.
      Whether it's five demons or master Du qianshang coming, any Liu Chengxue will die!
      “I don't know how much strength five Tianji points can enhance.”
      Li Yunxin is happy with China and the United States.
      Do as you think.
      He immediately chose to consume all Tianji points to improve his strength.
      Ding, do you choose to spend five Tianji points to improve your strength
      Next second.
      Li Yun felt that his body's inexhaustible power burst into the four limbs, flesh, bone, viscera, all of which had undergone earth shaking changes.
      Just a moment!
      Li Yun feels that he has got an indescribable sublimation, and is full of the power of explosion!
      It's like a blink of an eye, and it's like billions of years.
      Li Yun came back again.
      He leaped up to observe his own changes. His body was as crystal clear as jade, surrounded by an air of immortality, just like an immortal who was banished to the world.
      it seems that.
      I'll be back in the wind at any time.
      “System, open personal panel!”
      Li Yun said in a voice.
      [Name: Li Yun!]
      [strength: forging five!]
      [faction: Tianji building!]
      Master: none
      Skill: none
      Magic power: none
      The number of Tianji points: none
      Current situation: peak state
      [Click to see more…]
      “Does a Tianji point enhance a heavy strength?”
      Li Yun whispered to himself.
      At present, he is in forging five, he has been satisfied.
      After all.
      Liu Chengxue's first-class Lingbao is not a precious thing. If you want to improve your strength in the future, you can certainly improve more than one or two Tianji points.
      When it comes to forging, I'm afraid it's not a single point.
      Looking at the two wordless characters behind Gongfa and Shentong, Li Yun felt that he had a long way to go. Now his strength is too weak for the outside world.
      “It seems that we have to imagine a way to open the source!”
      Li Yun thought.
      There are too many uses for Tianji points, such as strength, skill, magic power, elixir, weapons, and even the investigation of Tianji.
      Liu Chengxue alone is not enough to support too many points.
      “We have to think of a way to trick some old people to come here. The worst thing is that the Holy Son or the holy daughter of each holy land.”
      Li Yun sat on the bench and began to ponder*
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      Chapter five how is it possible(Seek for flowers, seek for evaluation)
      North of Dahuang city.
      In a nameless valley.
      At the center of the valley, on a huge stone.
      A black robed man, sitting cross legged, has a gloomy face and cold eyes. There are strands of red blood flowing around his body, which is soul stirring.
      “Eight thousand miles!Eight thousand miles
      The man in black robe is Du qianshang. His voice is cold, as if from Jiuyou hell, which makes people shudder.
      “I just killed a few disciples of Daluo Jianzong, Liu Chengxue, but you chased me for eight thousand li, and almost let me die in the wilderness!”
      “This time, if you come again, this is where you buried your bones!”
      Du qianshang glanced around.
      In this valley.
      He has set up five demons to devour the sky.
      With this array, even if there are ten more Liu Chengxue, he is not afraid at all.
      After all.
      This is the method of Jiuyou demon sect.
      Even if simplified countless times, the power still can not be underestimated.
      If it is broken by ordinary people, Jiuyou demon sect doesn't have to mix in the cultivation world.
      “Master should be here soon.”
      Du qianshang licked the corner of his mouth and looked at a red token in his hand, which was full of luster.
      “If I had known that, I would not have informed the master.”
      Du qianshang said coldly.
      He was too tight to be chased by Liu Chengxue, so he had no time to arrange the battle. He had no choice but to inform the master to save him.
      I didn't expect that.
      After the forefoot notice, the hindfoot then threw off Liu Chengxue.
      Let him lay down the array calmly.
      In this way.
      His master, it doesn't matter whether he comes or not.
      With his own layout, he can easily counter kill each other.
      I'm thinking about it.
      Du qianshang stood up from the boulder and looked at the sky with a cold smile.
      “Are you coming?”
      “Faster than I expected!”
      A streamer breaks through the air.
      Over the nameless Valley, a figure in white suddenly appeared.
      “What you said is right. You are here as expected!”
      Liu Chengxue, dressed in hunting clothes, stands up in the void, holding a long sword in his hand. At the moment of its appearance, he cuts it down with one sword.
      The light of the sword is like a rainbow, cutting through the sky!
      There was a piercing howl!
      Du qianshang was puzzled.
      Who is Liu chengxuekou's predecessor?
      Does anyone know that they are setting up a battle here?
      When the sword came to him, he had no time to think about it too much, so he grabbed the seal formula and drank coldly
      “Five demons eat the sky, open the array!”
      A deafening roar came out.
      The earth cracked.
      Within a radius of ten li, the evil spirit surges out and turns into a black Wang Yang. The waves are magnificent and sweep the nine high sky. It's an invisible surge!
      In the black sea of demons.
      Five towering trolls stand up, red eyes, full of tyrannical intent to kill.
      One of them.
      Stick out your big hand.
      He seized the sword light and crushed it.
      Five demons devouring the sky array open!
      Du qianshang was relieved.
      This array has given him great confidence. Even if Liu Chengxue has an expert behind him, he is not afraid, unless the other party shows up in person!
      As long as the master comes, it's hard to say who will live or die!
      “Five demons eat the sky array?”
      Liu Chengxue, not surprised but happy, said again: “it seems that the master is right again. You really set up this array!”
      Every step is as the predecessors said.
      This is what Du qianshang did.
      It's just like the puppet in the hands of predecessors!
      What's next, I want to
      It must be the same as the predecessors expected!
      “Two hours passed, and there was no time for hesitation.”
      Liu Chengxue looked at the sky and took a deep breath. Her pretty face was firm.
      Without any hesitation, she rushed straight to the array, and her goal was the Death Gate in the array!
      “Is Liu Chengxue looking for death?”
      Du qianshang sees Liu Chengxue's action, in the heart does not understand.
      Even those who don't know the array.
      We should understand that.
      In the array, death gate is the most dangerous link. Anyone who goes in will die ten times without life. There will be no one who can survive in a desperate situation for thousands of years.
      Not everyone has bad luck and can escape from death.
      “Since you want to die, I'll help you!”
      Du qianshang's face was fierce, and his hands pressed the seal again.
      It's time.
      There was a huge explosion.
      There's no limit to killing!
      Five black trolls, as if they were climbing out of the nine hell, opened their hands together, covered the sky and covered the sky, and suppressed toward Liu Chengxue.
      Huge sound, wear gold crack stone, roll high sky, like a tsunami, endless big stars fall together, terror to the extreme!
      The void shakes and is almost torn to pieces.
      Five head Troll hands, let Liu Chengxue strength against the sky, the same generation invincible, it is impossible to block down!
      After a blow.
      Smoke and dust dispersed, Liu Chengxue's figure disappeared.
      “Is that the end?”
      Du qianshang frowned.
      He was chased for eight thousand li, and the dramatic ending made him feel unreal.
      “Liu Chengxue is also the third disciple of the leader of the great Luo Jianzong sect. How can he be so unwise?”
      Du qianshang couldn't figure it out.
      If I had known that, why should I have been chased?
      All of a sudden.
      A sense of crisis surged into his heart. Du qianshang's figure suddenly retreated. He had just retreated less than three inches. A sword light came close to him and rowed past.
      If not for his quick reaction, the sword just now directly divided him into two!
      Even so.
      He still left a sword mark on his body.
      Yan's red blood gushed out and dyed his clothes red.
      “How can it be!”
      Du qianshang's eyes were wide open, and his eyes were full of unbelievable colors. He quickly looked to the direction of sword light.
      I can only see.
      Liu Chengxue is in perfect condition in white!
      This moment.
      Du qianshang didn't even care about his injuries.
      He stares at Liu Chengxue, who is standing at the gate of xiumen
      “How can you crack the five demons eating the sky array?”*
      Who is the sixth chapter(Seek for flowers, seek for evaluation)
      The five demons devouring the sky array is famous in the cultivation world, but it is not without solution.
      Some of the great masters of the array and Taoism may join hands and spend some time, but it is still possible to break through.
      Not to mention the simplified version.
      But it's not.
      Who is Liu Chengxue?
      The third disciple of Daluo Jianzong!
      In addition to sword skills, there is almost no knowledge of alchemy, weapons, array and so on!
      But that's the man.
      From the five demons devouring the sky array to the core of the array without damage!
      This time, she broke through!
      This breakthrough does not rely on violence to destroy the array, but on the knowledge of the array, who rushes in from the weak points. The knowledge of the array must be above the array setters!
      “What you said is right. Your array is too defective!”
      Liu Chengxue said in a cold voice.
      Every array has its shortcomings.
      But few people can find the defect of the array before the opportunity of killing falls. Even if they find it, it is still a question whether they can rush through.
      Liu Chengxue is precisely because of Li Yun's reminder.
      Only then can we break the array so calmly.
      Du qianshang is like falling into an ice cellar.
      He didn't take it to heart just now.
      This moment.
      After careful consideration, he suddenly understood.
      Behind Liu Chengxue, there must be a great master of array Taoism. Even if he doesn't enter the array, he can find the fatal defect of the array just by looking at it from the outside world.
      This kind of vision
      It's incredible!
      “Who is Liu Chengxue's predecessor?Why did he do that? ”
      Du qianshang had a cold sweat on his forehead.
      Lost the biggest card, his heart immediately flustered.
      “You should be on your way!”
      Liu Chengxue didn't answer, she cut out the sword in her hand.
      The light of the sword is like a rainbow.
      Heaven and earth lose color.
      It turned into a visible wave, like a road rune, sweeping all directions.
      “You dare!”
      Du qianshang retreated quickly, and said, “my master is on his way. When he comes, you will die!”
      “It's too late for you to leave now!”
      “Your master?”
      Liu Chengxue was not surprised or angry, and said faintly: “no wonder the master told me that there are only two hours. Just now I had some doubts. It turned out that your master came.”
      Du qianshang is in a mess.
      What is it, master?
      It's killing me!
      How come everything seems to be arranged clearly?
      With another sword, Du qianshang's blood flies. He was not Liu Chengxue's opponent, otherwise he would not be chased for eight thousand li. Now he has lost his array blessing.
      The speed of defeat is beyond expectation.
      “Shuangyang burning wind!”
      Liu Chengxue stood in the void, motionless, and the light of his long sword was more brilliant, turning into a mysterious track.
      Two rounds of the sun are rising, blooming thousands of sword lights, just like the sun hanging for nine days.
      With a light drink, Liu Chengxue pushed the two-day journey with his long sword. Like a female god of war, he was touring the world and smashed two rounds of big sun down from the sky.
      The blazing power burst out, irresistible!
      Du qianshang cried out in despair.
      He was seriously injured because of this move.
      He was seriously injured. When he met this move again, he had no strength to resist.
      Du qianshang sacrificed a black flag, long and windward, covering a radius of tens of meters, trying to block two rounds of the sun, but in the moment of contact.
      Like ice and snow meet the sun, two black flags, directly melted into nothingness.
      There was a loud noise.
      Drowned everything.
      Du qianshang didn't even scream, so he turned into nothingness.
      Liu Chengxue took a long breath. Her face was as pale as paper. Just now, Zhenyuan was exhausted. She was not happy, but her eyes were full of vitality.
      Everything is as like as two peas.
      She looked up at the sky.
      Right now.
      She can already feel that there is a great crisis, approaching rapidly from the far sky, which is a kind of cultivator's intuition, even if the master of the crisis has not arrived.
      But it's made her fall into the ice.
      “Come so fast!”
      Liu Chengxue was shocked.
      If she turns her head to Daluo Jianzong, she will be intercepted by master Du qianshang on the way.
      As a younger generation, how can she run faster than the older generation?
      Even if I inform the elder of my school now, I don't think I can stick to the other side to save myself.
      Now the only way is to go back to the wasteland again!
      Think of the mysterious master.
      Liu Chengxue has a lot of confidence in her heart.
      Tianji landlord's strength must surpass that of master Du qianshang, but the only thing she's not sure is whether her predecessors will protect her.
      “Let's go to dahuangcheng first.”
      Liu Chengxue murmured in her heart.
      Even if the elder didn't protect himself, but with the elder, master Du qianshang didn't dare to mess around in the wasteland city.
      Make up your mind.
      Liu Chengxue did not hesitate.
      He flew straight to the wasteland city.
      In a quarter of an hour.
      Over the nameless valley.
      The void is twisted.
      A terrible momentum, like the tide spread, swept the sky.
      “Step on it!Step on it!Step on it
      An old man in black, with a child's face and a crane's hair, is thin, with hands on his back. He comes step by step from the void, and each step is thousands of miles away.
      Just now, he was thousands of miles away. After three or two steps, he came to the sky above the valley.
      The old man's face was as deep as water, and his eyes swept the valley below. A ray of suffocating terror wave pierced the void, with land sinking and mountains collapsing.
      A scene of destruction.
      The old man did not move, but he suppressed heaven and earth, making the whole void unbearable and making a terrible sound.
      “Who is it?”
      Hoarse voice, as if two pieces of wood in friction.
      It's numbing.
      I shudder*
      Chapter 7 let your master take you back
      Yang Qiu!
      Elder Jiuyou demon sect!
      In Jiuyou demon sect, if you don't say a word, it is also an absolute power figure. When you were young, you fought for the position of the son of Jiuyou demon sect.
      Although he was defeated, his strength has never been underestimated.
      “If you don't set foot on the earth for a thousand years, have you forgotten my reputation?”
      Yang Qiu's anger soared up in his chest, like a volcano about to erupt. The terrible evil Qi shrouded him in a hundred miles and turned him into a demon kingdom.
      “How dare someone kill me!”
      “No matter who you are, I will take revenge!”
      Yang Qiu grabs it out.
      Below the void twisted, a wisp of sword was photographed by him.
      The sword is very weak.
      In his palm, like a candle in the wind, it will burst at any time.
      “Da Luo Jian Zong!”
      See the sword in the palm.
      In Yang Qiu's eyes, it is colder.
      Five fingers.
      Bang, the sword was crushed into nothingness by him.
      Yang Qiu's eyes opened and closed, and his cold eyes swept through the void. Soon he confirmed a position.
      “Have you fled to the great wilderness?”
      On the other side.
      Liu Chengxue panics.
      She felt the magic behind her. Her master must be a saint.
      Such a person.
      The power is extremely terrifying.
      It's not something she can handle at all.
      The other party wants to kill her, an idea is enough, even do not need to start.
      Even if it's 500 miles apart, she's like a thorn in the back.
      That's the distance.
      For the Lord level people, it's no use. They can come in the blink of an eye.
      She's in the wilderness.
      Tianji building.
      be close by.
      “Master, master!”
      Liu Chengxue rushed into Tianji building and cried out.
      The lobby of Tianji building.
      Li Yun was lying on the bench with a book in his hand. It seemed that he had never changed his posture for two hours.
      For the arrival of Liu Chengxue, there is no surprise.
      “Did you know I was coming back?”
      Liu Chengxue was delighted.
      The elder is indeed the elder!
      Everything was in his expectation. Maybe the elder would have arrived earlier when he came back!
      See Li Yun this calm appearance, Liu Chengxue has been hanging heart, finally put down, the elder did not have the first time, will her out.
      This has already conveyed an attitude to her.
      He wants to protect himself!
      “Where else can you go besides dahuangcheng?”
      Li Yun stretched out his hand to turn a page of the book and said faintly.
      His strength is not high now, and the cultivation world doesn't know much about him. But if you think with your fingers, you can understand that Liu Chengxue is a younger generation.
      It's definitely not the opponent of master Du qianshang.
      Even if there are some arrogant people, they can go beyond the level to challenge, but they can't go beyond the level too much. What's more, Liu Chengxue is obviously not the kind of arrogant people who are against the sky.
      She can only be regarded as a genius, and there is still a long way to go from the evil level of Tianjiao.
      She is not just a third disciple.
      From all aspects, Liu Chengxue is a dead end to master Du qianshang.
      As long as Liu Chengxue is not stupid, she should understand that there is no other way except to meet the great waste city.
      And the development of facts.
      As Li Yun expected.
      “Please help me, master. After the event, there will be a big reward!”
      Liu Chengxue said respectfully.
      It's one thing for the seniors to be willing to take action, but another thing is their attitude.
      If you don't even have an attitude.
      This kind of practice is too chilling, and it may also make the elders unhappy.
      “It's just a piece of cake.”
      Li Yun takes a satisfied look at Liu Chengxue and says in his heart: Liu Chengxue is still on the road.
      “As long as you don't leave Tianji building, I guarantee you nothing.”
      “Thank you, master!”
      Liu Chengxue was overjoyed.
      “Don't be happy too soon…”
      Li Yun closed the book, looked at it and said in a voice, “I have a request.”
      “I don't know, what do you want?”
      Liu Chengxue was stunned.
      “Let your master come and take you back.”
      Li Yun said casually.
      Liu Chengxue's identity is still a little lower, just a young Tianjiao. It's too slow and difficult to rely on her to make Tianji building famous.
      But Liu Chengxue's master, that's different.
      Da Luo Jian Zong Zhang Jiao!
      As long as he comes, Li Yun is confident, just say a few words, you can earn countless Tianji points!
      I want to come.
      Liu Chengxue, as a three disciple, should be enough to let the leader of Daluo Jianzong go there in person.
      Liu Chengxue has a pretty white face.
      Quite a kind of, make a mistake in school, be called the embarrassment of parents.
      “For… Why?”
      Liu Chengxue asked weakly.
      “Did you forget what Tianji building is for?”
      Li Yun rolled up the book in his hand, pointed out the door and said, “this is the place to do business.”
      “The news that you bought Du qianshang from me before is a transaction.”
      “I'll save your life. Naturally, it's a trade. When your master comes, the trade between us will be cleared.”
      “I understand…”
      Liu Chengxue pursed her lips and nodded slightly.
      She took a piece of jade from the storage ring, entered a message, and quickly sent it out.
      After the message is sent.
      I don't know why.
      In Liu Chengxue's heart, a bad feeling rises.
      it seems that.
      When my master comes, something bad will happen*
      Chapter 8 life saved
      The night is as cool as water.
      Outside the great wilderness.
      A layer of black mist came from all directions.
      Not long.
      The whole wasteland city is shrouded in it.
      An indescribable breath of repression fell on everyone's shoulders, and everyone seemed to be burdened with a big mountain and was overwhelmed.
      “What's the matter?”
      Great waste city.
      In the main hall of the city.
      A middle-aged man with a round figure is practicing. When he feels this breath, he suddenly wakes up and looks up into the sky.
      “No, my Lord, no!”
      At this time.
      A guard ran in and cried out.
      “What happened?Come on
      The Lord of Dahuang stood up and said quickly.
      “Just now, in the city, I don't know why, it was covered by a black fog. All the people were kept in the same place. Those with low strength couldn't even move!”
      The guard said in alarm.
      “It's over!”
      I heard that.
      In the heart of the Lord of the great wilderness, the whole person is like falling into an ice cellar.
      At this time.
      He didn't know that he had fallen eight generations of blood mold and met a demon master.
      In the cultivation world.
      Killing people and killing cities are very common.
      It is not uncommon for some people in the evil way to sacrifice blood to a city, a clan, or a holy land.
      He is a wasteland city with only a few hundred thousand people. He is in a desolate area. It is reasonable for him to be targeted by people in the evil way, even if he is destroyed.
      I don't think anyone will take care of it.
      After all.
      They don't have backstage.
      “Lord… What shall we do?”
      The guard swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said dryly.
      “What to do?Can I know what to do? ”
      The city master of the great wilderness has no master.
      Since others dare to come, they must have a complete grasp. The city leader of his own small city can be said to have no life or death for others!
      “Step on it
      At this time.
      A clear sound of footsteps came into everyone's heart.
      As if stepping on the tip of everyone's heart, let their heart, are about to stop beating.
      Under the moon.
      Yang Qiu dressed in black, eyes deep, white hair flying, step by step out of the void.
      With his approach.
      It's a terrible killing.
      At this moment.
      Many friars, their bodies are cracked, their five internal organs are injured, their spirits are about to crack, and their bones are about to melt.
      There's no limit to killing!
      Everyone was scared and wanted to escape, but his legs seemed to be filled with lead. He could not even lift them up, let alone escape.
      “Saint… Saint level character…!”
      The Lord of the wasteland felt that his scalp was exploding.
      It's terrifying.
      He is a small wasteland city. How can he let a saint level figure stare at him?
      This kind of person.
      In any holy land, they are the top forces. Only one look is enough to deal with them.
      In order to please him, countless people will rush to destroy his wasteland city!
      With a smile more ugly than crying, the Lord of the great wilderness came out of the hall and bowed to Yang Qiu.
      The attitude was extremely respectful, almost to the point of kneeling and licking.
      “I don't know if you're here. I'm sorry to meet you. Please don't blame me. If there's anything useful for me, please don't hesitate to tell me!”
      Said the Lord of the great wilderness.
      He was very nervous.
      In the face of such a terrible figure, he did not even dare to escape. If he escaped, he would die. If he stayed, he might live.
      Yang Qiu heard the sound.
      He turned and looked over.
      His vision, like a magic mountain, pressed the city master of the great wilderness from the high altitude to the earth.
      The Lord of the wasteland fell to the ground and splashed the dust all over the sky. Not only did he not have the slightest dissatisfaction, but he was still accompanied by a smiling face.
      “Go away!”
      Yang Qiu spoke faintly.
      This word export, like thunder, rumble, many people hear this sentence, the first time, spit out a mouthful of blood.
      Even the Lord of the wasteland is not happy in his heart.
      But his eyes were bright.
      A rolling word is as pleasant as the sound of nature.
      He knows.
      I saved my life!
      This Saint level figure is probably not interested in dahuangcheng. He came here for other reasons!
      I want to understand the cause and effect.
      The panic of the city leader began to fade, followed by great curiosity.
      How big is it for a saint to go there in person?
      “Step on it!Step on it!Step on it
      Yang Qiu walks in the void.
      The pace is slow, but steady, and the goal is very clear.
      He came down from the sky and stood in a street. In front of him, an ancient attic stood up. A plaque was on the top of the door.
      Tianji building!
      “Criticize Yin and Yang, cut off five elements, look at the sun and moon in your hand!Through the ancient and modern, Xiao Liuhe, hidden sleeve in heaven and earth
      “Can we measure the fate?”
      Seeing this couplet, Yang Qiu's face remained unchanged and said indifferently: “it's a lot of tone, but do you think you can frighten me?”
      He is a saint level figure, only a line away from the sage, dare not say that he can see through the secrets of heaven.
      A Tianji building hidden in a small wasteland City, what's the right to say that?
      Yang Qiu gave a cold hum.
      Stride towards Tianji building.
      Just now, he had sensed that the man who killed his apprentice, daruo Jianzong, had disappeared at the door of this attic.
      I want to come.
      The man must be hiding in it!
      Even if the interior is a sea of fire, he also wants to break through*
      Chapter nine are you kidding me(Seek for flowers, seek for evaluation)
      “Tianji building?”
      The Lord of the great wilderness also saw the attic.
      He was curious.
      When there was such a building in Dahuang City, he had never heard of it.
      He shook his head.
      The Lord of the great wilderness threw out his thoughts and kept a respectful posture, standing in the same place. Now the saint level figure has not left.
      He dare not slack off.
      Make the other party dissatisfied, wave, the city is gone.
      Tianji building.
      Yang Qiu went into it.
      be the first to bear the brunt.
      He saw a man in a blue shirt lying on a bench.
      From the appearance point of view, the other party should be an ordinary person, who does not have any aura flow, but strangely, the other party has a trace of Tao Yun.
      Although very light, but still let him feel.
      “Can the people of the great Luo Jianzong be here?”
      Yang Qiu's hands are heavy and dignified. He has a kind of supreme power, which makes people dare not look directly at him.
      “Yang Qiu?”
      Li Yun put down his books, looked at the comer, and a smile rose from the corner of his mouth.
      The moment he looked up.
      Before the light blue curtain rises, Yang Qiu's family background, all emerge.
      [Name: Yang Qiu]
      [strength: tianyuanjing peak (Lord level peak)]
      [faction: Jiuyou demon sect]
      [skill: Jiuyou Fu Tian Dian, demon soul ferry, wild demon Xiao Tian Jing…]
      [magic power: magic eye view, mind skill, three cuts of ghosts and gods, evil finger breaking the sky, evil moon breaking the sky, magic nine Xuan palm, nine you killing the sky…]
      [weapons: Tianmo umbrella (Shengzhu level), soul binding lethal lock (Shengzhu level), jiuxuan Pearl (Tianxiang level), magic cloud shoes (Tianxiang level)…]
      [current situation: in the peak state, because of the death of the apprentice, he is burning with anger and eager to find out the murderer behind the scenes, and then break him to pieces…]
      [Click to see more…]
      After reading Yang Qiu's introduction.
      Li Yun's eyes jumped.
      This is a big fish!
      There are so many good things on him that he has an impulse to rob.
      Think of the reputation of Tianji building.
      Li Yun endured difficultly, took the tea cup in front of him, sipped it gently, and finally restrained the impulse to rob.
      “Are the people of the great Luo Jianzong here again?”
      Yang Qiu frowned and said it again.
      He looked at Li Yun without blinking. For some reason, a sense of crisis rose in his heart. At that moment, he almost ran away.
      That feeling flashed away and soon disappeared.
      Because of this feeling, he didn't choose to shoot at the first time, but planned to see the situation first.
      “Yang Daoyou, please sit down first.”
      Li Yun waved, and a chair on the ground appeared out of thin air.
      “In business, don't worry.”
      “No business.”
      Yang Qiu did not sit down, still standing in the same place, said in a deep voice: “I'm asking you if the people of Daluo Jianzong are here. If they are here, you'd better hand them over.”
      “Otherwise, don't blame me for being ruthless!”
      Li Yun raised his eyebrows and jokingly said, “Tianji building is open to business. It's the business of buying and selling news. Since you ask me where the people of Daluo Jianzong are.”
      “Isn't that trading?”
      “Is it difficult? You don't want to trade, but you want to steal information?”
      Li Yun is happy.
      Just now I was trying to figure out how to rob Yang Qiu.
      Before he starts, the other party will give him the handle. If the other party starts first, it's not his fault. It's none of his business to rob him.
      Yang Qiu sneered, and the cold light in his eyes bloomed. He said: “do you think I dare not?No
      As a devil.
      If you haven't done anything like extortion.
      That was a failure.
      Yang Qiu is the elder of Jiuyou demon sect. He has done all kinds of things, not to mention killing people and stealing goods, even hunting the son. If he says to destroy a Tianji building, it will be destroyed.
      I don't even blink.
      But just as the thought rose, a huge sense of crisis came.
      Yang Qiu was hoodwinked at that time.
      As a saint level figure, his intuition is extremely keen and never makes mistakes. Since this vigilance appears, there is no reason for it.
      He turned to Li Yun and found that he was looking at himself with fiery eyes.
      Suddenly there was a shiver.
      Something's wrong!
      Something's wrong!
      This Tianji building doesn't seem as simple as you think!
      “Since Daoyou said trading, I don't know what kind of trading method it is?”
      It's not right.
      Yang Qiu gave a stiff smile, leaned over his chair and said in a voice.
      Here's a look.
      It's Li Yun's turn to be puzzled.
      What's going on?
      You did it?
      I promise I won't kill you.
      It's just robbing you of your stored precepts and skills.
      Li Yun coughed lightly. For the sake of Tianji building's reputation, he once again restrained the impulse to rob people. He cleared his throat and said, “it depends on what news Daoyou want to buy.”
      “You can get any news?”
      “You can buy any news!”
      “Then… Who killed my apprentice?”
      “One of the best treasures!”
      Yang Qiu was silent for a moment.
      Although it is valuable, it is nothing to him.
      the moment.
      He directly took out a long gun with a cold light on it, threw it at Li Yun, and said, “can you talk now
      “Daluo Jianzong, Liu Chengxue!”
      Li Yun took Lingbao and tried to exchange it in the system.
      The price given by the system is 20 Tianji points!
      The best Lingbao is more than twice as expensive as the top Lingbao Liu Chengxue took out!
      And he's the one who got the White Wolf empty handed!
      This wave makes a lot of money!
      This news, he already knew, was promoted by him. It was used to exchange for the best Lingbao. However, it was a business without capital!
      “Is that so?”
      Yang Qiu's heart moved.
      This news is similar to his own conjecture. It's also Daluo Jianzong. The only difference is that he doesn't know who is responsible for it.
      But in front of this Tianji Louzhu, directly told this person's name to him!
      “Where is this man now?”
      Yang Qiu asked.
      “One of the best treasures!”
      Li Yun stretched out his hand and motioned.
      Yang Qiu
      Another piece of the best spirit treasure was sent out. Yang Qiu said in a deep voice, “now it can be said.”
      “Dahuangcheng, Tianji building!”
      “Are you teasing me?”
      Yang Qiu suddenly rises, his eyes are about to blow fire, and his face is as black as the bottom of the pot. He feels that the whole person is not good, and he seems to have been fooled*
      Chapter 10 don't talk about it, I'll buy it(Seek for flowers, seek for evaluation)
      “Are you kidding me?”
      Yang Qiu's eyes are fixed on Li Yun, and his tone is not good.
      Whoever knows that he has been fooled.
      I'm not in a good mood.
      Not to mention, he is a man in the evil way. The reason why he didn't start now is that he was afraid.
      In case.
      What if the man in front of you is an expert in hiding?
      Li Yun narrowed his eyes and said in the same tone: “are you doubting the integrity of Tianji building?What Li told you is all true news! ”
      I can bear anything.
      But the reputation of Tianji building is not allowed to be discredited.
      It's his business to eat. If people think that he is selling fake information in Tianji building, is that too bad?
      “Ha ha!”
      Yang Qiu was very angry and laughed.
      He never doubted the truth of the news.
      What makes his liver ache is that he seems to have been fooled!
      Yang Qiu said in a cold voice: “so you are going to be the enemy of Jiuyou demon clan?”
      He didn't say he was against himself.
      Worry about your reputation, you can't control the people in front of you.
      However, Jiuyou demon sect is different. At least it is also a big demon sect. It has a profound foundation and has been standing for millions of years. Most people dare not easily provoke it.
      “Hand over Liu Chengxue, I will spare you a way to live!”
      Yang Qiu said in a deep voice.
      “I'm sorry.”
      Li Yun shook his head and said, “Tianji Pavilion only deals in news, not other business.”
      “You are looking for death!”
      Yang Qiu gave a cold drink.
      He reached out with one hand and grasped it in the void. The imaginary picture didn't appear. He grasped a lonely hand.
      “What's the matter?”
      Yang Qiu frowned.
      He wanted to take out the sky magic umbrella and fight with the man in front of him to try his opponent's cards. But when he wanted to fight, his cultivation disappeared.
      Not only is the cultivation lost.
      Even the weapons hidden in Zifu could not be used.
      Now he is.
      As like as two peas.
      “What did you do to me?”
      Yang Qiu was extremely shocked.
      When did self repair disappear?
      Why don't you feel it at all?
      If he didn't want to do it, he didn't find that he had become an ordinary man from the beginning to the end. If this man wanted to kill himself
      Think of it here.
      Yang Qiu exuded a layer of cold sweat and did not dare to think about it.
      This man is terrible.
      He is definitely not a saint, nor can he be a Saint King. According to his memory, even if he is a quasi emperor, he can't do this. Is he a great emperor?
      “You just wanted to do it?”
      Li Yun stood up and did not answer the rhetorical question.
      The eyes are full of splendor.
      This moment.
      The whole Tianji building seems to have come to life. The boundless pressure falls from the sky and presses Yang Qiu. With a bang, it presses him to the ground.
      The whole person was a big character, lying on the ground, without any resistance.
      Li Yun walked over step by step and said, “you are very brave. Since Tianji building was established, you are still the first person who wants to work here!”
      Although Tianji building was built in only one day.
      But Yang Qiu doesn't know.
      When he heard Li Yun's words, Yang Qiu's eyes darkened and he said in his heart, “it's over.”.
      I'm kicking the iron plate!
      God knows how terrible the origin of Tianji building is. I want to do it here. Isn't it the old man who hanged himself? Is it too long?
      The owner of the heaven's secret is so terrible. With this skill, the means that can make the cultivation disappear quietly is not what Jiuyou demon sect can provoke.
      “Even if you are the elder of Jiuyou demon sect, you can't be presumptuous in Tianji building!”
      Li Yun stood in front of Yang Qiu, looking down at each other.
      He glanced over and saw a ring painted black on Yang Qiu's left index finger. If he guessed well, this is Yang Qiu's storage ring!
      Li Yun was about to reach out and take off the ring. Then he stopped.
      It seems.
      In the fantasy world, any magic weapon will recognize the Lord. I think this storage ring must also recognize the Lord. What can I do if I can't open it?
      The biggest function of Tianji building, in the final analysis, is to investigate Tianji, and to protect it is only a side effect, with no other functions at all.
      It's impossible to help him open a storage ring.
      If you kill Yang Qiu
      The ring has no owner, but it can be opened.
      But the reputation of Tianji building is over. In order to buy and sell one order, it's a bit of a loss to cut off all future transactions.
      For a while.
      Li Yun is in a difficult choice.
      “Master… Master!”
      At this time.
      Yang Qiu yelled: “I have eyes and don't know Mount Tai. I've exposed Du qianshang's case. I won't pursue him!”
      Just now.
      Yang Qiu felt a great crisis again.
      This is the second time.
      Yang Qiu's heart was cold. He knew that the master of the secret was killed!
      I don't know how to die if I don't speak.
      Li Yun pondered.
      Liu Chengxue is only his first client, so naturally he has to take care of him. However, for Liu Chengxue's sake, it is still a bit of a loss to let go of this big injustice.
      When Yang Qiu saw this scene, he was very happy. It seems that what he said just now is a play!
      He yelled again and said in a high voice: “I have a magic weapon jiuxuanzhu here. It's a little bit of my mind. Please accept it!”
      He said.
      Yang Qiu took out a pearl with nine colors from the ring and sent it to Li Yun.
      It's a celestial treasure, not a roadside Chinese cabbage.
      There are few Yangqiu.
      Send out one, his heart is dripping blood.
      But for the sake of my life, I can only bear to give up.
      What's more, he was just like an ordinary man, but when he opened the space ring, there was no obstacle.
      What does that mean?
      It shows that everything is under the control of this senior!
      Li Yun coughed quietly and put away jiuxuanzhu. He pondered and said, “Li is not a person who takes advantage of others, and Tianji building's main business is also business news…”
      “Don't say it, master. I'll buy it!”
      Yang Qiu knows the current affairs very well.
      PS: the fifth more to send, for a little flower evaluation, kneel thank you guys!!Bang!Bang!Bang*
      Chapter 11 do you want to be holy(Seek for flowers, seek for evaluation)
      “Daoyou is so polite.”
      “What do you do when you lie on the ground?Get up quickly and have a cup of tea to warm your body. Don't worry about business. ”
      Li Yun's face changed and he was very enthusiastic. He helped Yang Qiu up from the ground and sat on the chair beside him.
      At the same time.
      And brought him a cup of hot tea.
      “I can't do it, but I'll do it myself.”
      Yang Qiu was flattered.
      Just now, my life was on the line, and I became a guest of honor in a flash.
      This kind of change, let him the whole person be on tenterhooks, dare not have any overstep, a make bad, but want dead person!
      “It's all right.”
      Li Yun said with a smile.
      Looking at Yang Qiu taking a sip of his tea cup, he asked again, “I don't know, what news do Yang Daoyou want to buy in Tianji building?”
      Yang Qiu's heart was tight.
      Is this coming?
      He put down his tea cup, took a careful look at Li Yun, and asked tentatively, “in the opinion of the elder, what do you think the younger generation should buy?”
      Yang Qiu is almost desperate about the news of Tianji building.
      At the moment, he just wants to spend money.
      Get out of here now.
      in the future.
      He will never come to this sad place again.
      As for Du qianshang's death, he has left it behind. Compared with his apprentice, his own safety is more important.
      “What are you saying?”
      Li Yun looks unhappy.
      Let Yang Qiu say so, make his Tianji building with strong buy strong sell.
      If the news gets out.
      Is he still in business?
      “What I learned from you is…”
      Yang Qiu nodded and said, “I really don't know what to buy.”
      “All right.”
      Li Yun had no choice but to explore his breath and said, “I'll give you some advice.”
      Li Yun opens Yang Qiu's profile panel.
      Learn more about the options open.
      Inside, a series of personal information about Yang Qiu emerged.
      [Name: Yang Qiu]
      A lifelong dream: stepping into the holy land
      [heart demon: elder martial brother Wang Yufeng (Note: eight hundred years ago, Yang Qiu and elder martial brother Wang Yufeng explored a saint's cave together. In order to monopolize the treasure, Yang Qiu killed elder martial brother and destroyed his body.)
      [Click to learn more…]
      “Tut tut…”
      After reading the introduction, Li Yun glanced at Yang Qiu.
      I didn't expect that.
      Yang Qiu is a good player. He is worthy of the devil's way. He killed his elder martial brother. The only drawback is that he became a devil in his heart.
      In the fantasy world, the harm of the mind devil is self-evident.
      It's not good.
      It's light to be possessed.
      If it's serious, you may die.
      If we don't solve the problem, this generation can hardly go any further.
      Yang Qiu's biggest dream is to become a saint!
      Yang Qiu cried out uneasily.
      Just now, Li Yun took a look at him. He felt that his whole body was seen through by the other party, and there was no privacy in his whole body. This feeling made him extremely uneasy.
      Li Yun answered faintly.
      “I dare to ask you…”
      Yang Qiu gave a dry smile, rubbed his palm and said respectfully, “what you said just now means
      “Do you want to be holy?”
      Li Yun is directly in charge.
      Yang Qiu was shocked and felt thirsty. He said quickly, “I want to… Dream!”
      After that.
      He sat down on the chair as if he were a ball out of breath.
      My family knows my family.
      His evil spirit is so strong that it has affected his cultivation. Every time he practices hard, the shadow of his elder martial brother before he died will flash in his mind, making him crazy.
      It's very difficult to keep on practicing, let alone becoming holy, and to keep from going crazy.
      “Master, do you have a way?”
      All of a sudden.
      Yang Qiu sat up again and asked in a voice.
      He had a strong obsession with becoming a saint. Otherwise, he would not have killed his elder martial brother for the sake of a saint's cave.
      “There is a way.”
      Li Yun took a sip of his tea cup and said, “it's easy to be a saint if you want to be someone else, but you're different.”
      Yang Qiu was unwilling and asked quickly.
      Why is it that others can be sanctified, but they are different?
      If this suspected emperor's predecessors have no way, he can't figure out who else can help him become a saint in this world.
      “Did you forget Wang Yu's seal?”
      Li Yun said with a smile.
      “Wang… Wang Yufeng…”
      Yang Qiu's body was shocked, and a strong sense of shock appeared in his eyes. He stood up with a bang, and said, “you… How do you know?”
      In the saint's cave.
      He and his elder martial brother are the only two. He killed his elder martial brother. No one knows. As long as he doesn't spread it, no one in the world will know.
      It's top secret!
      Even Jiuyou demon sect leader's sect didn't trace it out.
      How could the owner of a building in dahuangcheng know about Wang Yufeng?
      what's more.
      The master of heaven's secret has obviously surpassed the cultivation of sage. He should not be bored. He went to a sage's cave to visit the intrigue between him and his elder martial brother.
      “Tianji building controls Tianji, and dongcha Tiandao works. I can't hide what happened or never happened in this world from my eyes.”
      Li Yun said with a smile*
      Chapter 12 please give me some advice
      “Is this… Is this Tianji building?”
      Yang Qiu was shocked.
      He couldn't figure out how the owner of Tianji knew his most secret thing.
      There is no other possibility except that the other party can deduce the secret.
      “What the elder said can help the younger generation get rid of the demons?”
      Yang Qiu asked in a low voice.
      As long as you can get rid of the demons.
      Even if he can't be sanctified, he will be satisfied. At least he can go further. What if fortune changes and he becomes sanctified accidentally?
      “It's just a devil. What's the point?”
      Li Yun disdained to smile, said: “it's just sanctification, there are many ways, just to see you, can pay the corresponding price!”
      “As long as the elder is willing to point out a clear way, the younger generation is willing to give all of it!”
      Yang Qiu said firmly.
      Although he is ruthless, but the desire for strength, is to do not fake, he did everything, is for their own further.
      “Easy to say.”
      With a smile, Li Yun said in his heart: “system query, this world, where can help people get rid of demons, into the holy land of opportunity.”
      According to the system query, there are 183 opportunities to match the host conditions
      Undead Island: it takes eight million days to find out the exact location of the opportunity
      [back mountain of crape myrtle Holy Land: it needs 5 million Tianji points to find out the specific location(Attachment: a method to crack crape myrtle array.)
      Wanmie emperor's tomb: four million Tianji points are needed to find out the exact location
      The tomb of Luoyun ancient sage needs 80000 Tianji points to find out the specific location
      [bishuiya: it takes 30000 Tianji points to find out the specific location
      A glance at the price.
      Li Yun's mouth twitches. Some of these opportunities are well known to the world, and some of them are not yet born. If we can get all of them, we have to start above the great emperor.
      But that's too low a possibility.
      Some things, without certain strength, can't be held at all.
      Such as Ziwei mountain.
      Almost everyone knows it, but few people dare to go there. It's a holy land. If you go there, you will die!
      There are other opportunities.
      It's not the time to be born yet. It's supposed to be waiting for someone.
      If the opportunity is opened by the wrong person at the wrong time, the power of heaven's retribution will make people feel sour just thinking about it.
      These news will be revealed one by one from my own mouth.
      I'm afraid I will be struck by thunder when I go out.
      Think of it here.
      Li Yun looks at Yang Qiu with a meaningful smile.
      If you don't kill the fat sheep, how can you stand up to yourself?
      I've carried the power of heaven's curse, and the other side has taken the advantage. How can there be such a good thing in the world?
      Yang Qiu was frightened and called in a low voice.
      The sense of crisis just now reappeared, and he secretly guessed in his heart, did the elder want to kill himself again?
      I didn't do anything!
      If you die, isn't it unjust?
      “Well… Cough.”
      Li Yun recovered, coughed, looked at Yang Qiu deeply, and said, “if you want to get rid of the demons elsewhere and become a saint, it's very difficult.”
      When Yang Qiu heard the speech, he nodded and his face was bitter.
      Why didn't he understand that?
      If there was a way, he would have become a saint by relying on Jiuyou demon sect, and there was no need to wait until today.
      “But it's easy to put it in Tianji building.”
      Li Yun said with a smile.
      “Please give me some advice!”
      Yang Qiu was overjoyed and quickly bowed to salute.
      Li Yun's eyes squinted and his fingers tapped on the armrest. There was a “buckle” sound, but he didn't say a word.
      He shook his head slightly in his heart.
      Although Yang Qiu is a saint, he is always flattered by others, and he thinks highly of himself. He even has no basic eyesight.
      It's a lot worse than Liu Chengxue's younger generation.
      Just ask.
      I don't need to spend money to find out the secret?
      Any chance, start tens of thousands, he now Tianji points, only a zero, how to check?
      “It's the younger generation's negligence.”
      Yang Qiu gave a dry smile, and a feather fan appeared in his hand, shining with dazzling light, surrounded by visions.
      “It's a celestial level treasure. It's not a respect. I hope you'll accept it.”
      Li Yun nodded and took over the feather fan.
      At the same time, ask the system and try to exchange.
      [Liuhuo Fengyun fan (astronomical level), which can be exchanged for 1500 Tianji points]
      “Only 1500?”
      Li Yun frowned.
      Just now he checked the chance, starting tens of thousands, this 1500 points, even plug teeth are not enough.
      When Yang Qiu saw Li Yun's expression, he felt a thump in his heart. He quickly took out a magic weapon again, handed it to him and said:
      “This is a magic weapon that the younger generation has practiced for thousands of years. The power of soul binding and Life Killing lock can't be underestimated. If the elder likes it, he will give it to him.”
      Li Yun took it again.
      [soul binding lethal lock (Lord level), which can be exchanged for 8000 Tianji points]
      This time, the number of Tianji points is much higher, but it is also limited. It is a long way from any chance.
      Li Yun coughed lightly and said faintly:
      “Yang Daoyou, you need to understand that the opportunity I tell you can not only help you wipe out the demons, but also make you holy!”
      “Do you know what holiness is?”
      “Under the saints, there are mole ants. That's the saint!”
      “In front of this opportunity, you still have some bottles. What's the use?When you are sanctified, what do you want to get? ”
      “If there's something wrong with Tianji Building News afterwards, you can come back to me at any time, and I'll return everything to you!”*
      Chapter 13 evil(Seek for flowers, seek for evaluation)
      “I'm joking.”
      Yang Qiu said bitterly.
      What Li Yun said just now is very good.
      Saints are very powerful, and not one of the top 100 saints can enter the holy land.
      No matter what.
      An opportunity to become a saint is in front of us, and countless people will be crazy about it.
      This kind of news, everyone will be excited.
      Even with all his wealth, Yang Qiu is willing.
      But Li Yun's last words, he is absolutely can't believe, even if the news is false, he can't be really stupid to return?
      The first time I came, I almost hung up.
      One more time, isn't it a straight belch?
      Yang Qiu clenched his teeth, glanced at Tianji building, and looked at Li Yun in front of him. With a wave of his hand, the hall was covered with countless holy stones, natural materials and treasures.
      Finish this.
      Yang Qiu again took out a jade slip and respectfully sent it to Li Yun
      “Master, this is an ancient book left by a saint. There is a volume of skill hidden in it. It's called demon soul ferry. It contains the mystery of the holy land. It's very mysterious.”
      “With these treasures, can you give me another message?”
      Evil spirit ferry.
      It was exactly what Yang Qiu got from a saint's cave.
      For this jade slip, he even killed his elder martial brother.
      We can see its value.
      Li Yun took a look at the treasure that covered the lobby. He jumped out of the corner of his eye and didn't respond immediately.
      For a while.
      In the lobby, there was silence.
      Yang Qiu kept his posture just now, and didn't dare to make any changes. There was a cold sweat on his forehead, and he didn't dare to wipe it. At this moment, the heartstrings jumped to the extreme.
      I have nothing now.
      There is only one heavenly magic umbrella left, which is the magic weapon of his life cultivation and can't be handed over.
      If so, I can't change the news, and I can only recognize it.
      Li Yun called in his heart and said, “estimate the value of these things.”
      [there are three astrological magic weapons, which can be exchanged for 5000 Tianji points, seven Tianbian magic weapons, which can be exchanged for 3000 Tianji points, 36 million elite Lingshi, 4100 Tianji points, and some Tiancai and Dibao, which can be exchanged for 5200 Tianji points
      [magic soul crossing (Saint level skill), which can be exchanged for 14000 Tianji points]
      Total: 31300
      “I can't see that Yang Qiu is so rich.”
      Li Yunza's tongue.
      One shot is more than 30000 Tianji points.
      In addition to the two things that I took out before, it's more than 40000 days.
      It's not too much to say it's a wave of fat.
      “Sure enough, it's more reliable to wait for the big fish. I hope that some young people will not receive more than 40000 Tianji points in their next life.”
      Li Yun was filled with emotion.
      He waved his hand, instantly put everything away, at the same time, he changed it into the Tianji points.
      The original zero.
      At this moment, it's 40800.
      “System, query bishuiya chance specific information.”
      Li Yun said in his heart.
      After deducting 30000 Tianji points, the chance query of bishuiya is successful
      [bishuiya is a secret place left by an ancient sage after he was seated in baiduan mountain. It is blocked by two ancient killing arrays and three ancient magic arrays. In order to ensure the success of exploring the secret, I'd like to give you a solution to the array.]
      “There are not many people as kind as me in the world.”
      Li Yun sighed.
      After earning 40000 Tianji points, the system deducted 30000, leaving only 10000.
      I only earned a commission.
      “Yang Qiu.”
      Glancing at the information of bishuiya, Li Yun turned his head and looked at Yang Qiu. He opened his mouth gently and said, “you are sincere. I will tell you a chance to become a saint.”
      Yang Qiu's mouth twitched.
      My life savings are all in Tianji building.
      If it wasn't sincerity, he couldn't think of what it was.
      Make complaints about heart.
      But I dare not say it.
      Yang Qiu stepped forward with great respect and said:
      “I'm all ears.”
      A jade slip appeared in Li Yun's hand. He threw it out and said, “take this jade slip and go to the baiduan mountains. If you can find the blue water cliff, you will become a saint soon.”
      “In the jade slips, there is a record of how to break the array. Don't lose it.”
      The chance left by an ancient sage is also guarded by several big formations. Li Yun feels that if there is no systematic way to break the formation, Yang Qiu can only give it away.
      I don't know if I can break the battle.
      The point is.
      This chance has not been born yet. Maybe it was left by the way of heaven to some lucky son.
      Yang Qiu is not the son of Qi Yun. He rushes in rashly. He is absolutely dead!
      “Thank you very much, master!”
      Yang Qiu shook his hand and took the jade slip carefully, as if he had encountered a rare treasure and put it in the storage ring.
      This jade slip is of ordinary material.
      But it is all his wealth in exchange for, even if it is a scrap, now also become priceless.
      Li Yun nodded and said, “if there's nothing else, go to bishuiya as soon as possible. If you go late, maybe the chance will be gone.”
      Yang Qiu made a salute and said, “I'll go now.”
      It's different from when I came.
      When you leave.
      Yang Qiu is extremely obedient. He bows to Tianji building when he goes out of the door. He is extremely modest. No one can see that he is a saint level figure with a fierce fire.
      It's like a gentle and modest younger generation.
      Take a deep look at Tianji building.
      Yang Qiu turned around, his old body seemed to have been drained of all his strength, and suddenly collapsed. Two lines of clear tears flowed from the corners of his eyes.
      “Do evil!”
      Yang Qiu looked up at the sky and sighed.
      At this moment, he felt his heart twitching*
      Chapter 14 I have to go to see the elder!
      Thousands of years of savings.
      Once turned into water.
      I'm just avenging my apprentice.
      Who would have thought of breaking into such a tiger's den.
      Yang Qiu has no doubt about Tianji's strength, but he is very worried about the news in his hand.
      It is.
      The reputation of Tianji building is too small.
      Never heard of it.
      With such a good thing, can it be his turn?
      “This time, it's a lesson for us to spend money and eliminate disaster.”
      Yang Qiu comforted himself.
      another time.
      In the death of a disciple, I absolutely don't care. Once I manage it, I will lose my fortune. Once again, I will take my life in.
      He took out the jade slip and looked at it again.
      Yang Qiu sighed.
      The authenticity of all the things acquired by wealth is still unknown.
      “Baiduan mountains…”
      Yang Qiu looked like he had heard of this place.
      It seems that it's only four or five million miles away from here. It's not too far. It's just a good time to go and have a look. For his lord level strength, he can walk back and forth in half a day, and it doesn't take much time.
      If it's true, it can't be better. If it's false
      Even if it's fake, it seems that I can't help it.
      The owner of Tianji building is too strong. The whole Jiuyou demon clan is not a rival.
      Yang Qiu looked up at the direction of baiduan mountain.
      After spending so much money, I always feel uncomfortable if I don't go to the baiduan mountains.
      Even if I was cheated.
      You have to take a look.
      There must be a place in mind.
      With the decision, Yang Qiu did not stay, but stepped out. His body disappeared in the wilderness city and reappeared thousands of miles away.
      “The Lord of the city… It seems that the demon master has left…”
      In a remote alley of dahuangcheng, two people showed their origins. They took a look at the direction of Yangqiu's departure and the Tianji building not far away.
      “My Lord has seen it
      The Lord of the great wilderness was very excited.
      A danger of destroying the city, so eliminated, let him have a kind of dreamlike feeling, the whole person is still in a dream, too unreal.
      “When did the airport building exist that day?”
      The round and rolling body of the city leader of the great wilderness trembled slightly, and his eyes shot a brilliant light.
      “I don't know.”
      A guard, said respectfully.
      The Lord of Dahuang turned his head and looked at the guard. Then he waved his hand and said, “you don't know if it's normal. Even the Holy Lord's characters should be treated with caution. Can we find out?”
      Just now.
      When Yang Qiu came out, they had a panoramic view of his respectful appearance.
      From this we can see.
      In Tianji building, there is absolutely a terrible figure, at least more powerful than the old monster of the Lord level. Otherwise, how can people be so respectful?
      “I didn't expect that dahuangcheng would come to work sometimes!”
      The Lord of the great wilderness, with his hands on his back, paced back and forth and murmured.
      Their wasteland city is really too weak. In the whole cultivation world, it's just a drop in the ocean. There's no backing behind it, let alone meeting the saint level figures.
      Even if you see the inner disciples or core disciples of a holy land, you have to offer them as ancestors.
      “If I can hold the elder's thigh of Tianji building in dahuangcheng…”
      The wasteland city is in the key.
      A body fat meat, all excited shudder.
      That is the saint level person, all respectful incomparable existence!
      With the support of these people.
      They're in the middle of nowhere, and they have to take off?
      At least in the future, there is no need to see the faces of those holy places again.
      “I have to go and see my master!”
      He said.
      The Lord of the great wilderness went to Tianji building.
      The guard who spoke just now caught up with him and said in a hurry: “the elder in Tianji building must be an expert. Now we are in the past empty handed. Isn't it a bit… Not polite?”
      The Lord of the great wilderness immediately stopped, patted his forehead in chagrin, and then said, “thank you for reminding me!Otherwise, our Lord will make a big mistake! ”
      Although Dahuang city is small, it has all five internal organs.
      Among them.
      In addition to his family of city masters, there are two other families. Each family focuses on the position of the city master and offends Gao Renxiao of Tianji building.
      What if the master is not happy and takes his position as the Lord of the city?
      That's the situation.
      I'm afraid the heads of the other two families will wake up in their dreams.
      “Later, the Lord of our city will go to prepare the heavy gift. You can take the heavy gift with you and send me a salutation note. By the way, you can find out the words of the elder, if he wants to…”
      The Lord of Dahuang City pondered for a moment, and said in a voice: “I would like to promise you that you don't need to do anything, as long as you can do it once when you are in danger of extinction in Dahuang city!”
      The Lord of Dahuang understood it very well.
      The people who can make the saints and the saints respectful must be their supreme existence.
      Soliciting people is almost a dream.
      The best way is to ask for a favor.
      As long as there is incense and fire, other people want to provoke the wasteland City, they have to weigh it.
      “I'm going to prepare now!”
      Said the guard respectfully.
      “Well, go ahead.”
      Dahuang city master nodded and said*
      Chapter 15 enhancing strength
      In Tianji building.
      Li yunmu sent Yang Qiuyuan.
      He returned to his chair and said:
      “Come out.”
      “Thank you, master.”
      Liu Chengxue came out of the side room and saluted respectfully.
      Right now.
      The way she looked at Li Yun changed.
      in limine.
      She thought that the elder in front of her was just like her master, but now it seems that she is not.
      Yang Qiu is also the elder of Jiuyou demon sect.
      It's worse than his master, but not much.
      Such a lawless and powerful person should be careful not to offend the elder in front of him. We can imagine his strength.
      “Don't thank me. It's just a deal.”
      Li Yun turned around and looked at Liu Chengxue and said with a smile, “has your master sent the news back yet?Is he already on his way
      For Liu Chengxue's master.
      Li Yun is still very concerned.
      There are so many good things in an elder of Jiuyou demon sect.
      How rich is the leader of Da Luo Jianzong?
      “It's… It's coming back.”
      Liu Chengxue lowered her head, and her pretty face became ruddy with the speed visible to the naked eye. She was embarrassed to be stared at by her predecessors.
      “The great luojianzong is a long way from dahuangcheng. Even if my master comes, it will take at least two days.”
      “Two days.”
      Li Yun thought about it and said with a smile, “don't worry. Let him take his time.”
      “That's right.”
      Li Yun seemed to think of something and asked again, “what is your master's strength?”
      Liu Chengxue was stunned for a moment, a little uncertain: “it should be the holy land.”
      She only knew that her master was very strong, but how strong she was.
      She can't tell for sure.
      But it's not.
      Every Holy Lord has almost the same level of strength. Her master should also be in this level.
      Li Yun gave a meaningful voice.
      That's easy.
      An elder of Jiuyou demon sect is ready to step into the realm of saints. Are you the leader of the sect or the leader of the sect?
      On this one, Li Yun is confident that he has taught Da Luo Zhang to death!
      Great waste city.
      Hundreds of millions of miles away.
      High up in the air.
      A dignified middle-aged man in purple robe is on his way.
      All of a sudden.
      He gave a shiver.
      There was a trace of doubt in his eyes.
      The middle-aged man murmured: “Xueer has passed the news that there is no danger. Why do I always have an ominous premonition?”
      I wonder.
      I can't figure it out.
      “Two days is fleeting. You can stay here first.”
      In Tianji building, Li Yun said casually: “you don't have to be formal, just wait at ease.”
      Liu Chengxue nodded.
      Although Li Yun let her be free from formality, she never thought so.
      Seeing that Li Yun began to read a book again, she walked over, picked up the teapot, filled the empty tea cup with a cup of tea.
      Li Yun glanced at him without paying too much attention.
      Right now.
      Li Yun's mind has been immersed in the system.
      More than ten thousand points.
      This is a great fortune. We have to figure out how to spend it.
      “Open the system, open the mall, and select the skills that are suitable for me to practice.”
      Li Yun said in his heart.
      At present, there are five levels of physical training. The main training methods are the same, but they are not the same. You have to practice Zhenyuan, at least one skill is the foundation.
      [we have found out the skills that are suitable for the cultivation of the host
      Jiuzhuanxuangong (Honghuang world): worth one billion Tianji points
      Holy elephant zhenyujin (Holy King World): worth 500 million Tianji points
      89 Xuangong (Honghuang world): worth 100 million Tianji points
      Magic prison xuantai Sutra (emperor world): worth 80 million Tianji points
      [Tiandi Jing (heaven folding world): worth 2 million Tianji points(Can be cultivated to the realm of the great emperor)
      Wushijing (heaven folding world): worth 2 million Tianji points(Can be cultivated to the realm of the great emperor)
      “So expensive?”
      Li Yun frowned.
      At this time, a very embarrassing situation appeared.
      He couldn't afford the skills he valued, and he didn't like the skills he could afford.
      The potential of about 10000 skills is too low. It's very difficult to cultivate to the saint level. It's almost impossible to go up, unless you change other skills.
      “Can the system be bought separately?”
      Li Yun asked in his heart.
      After the system was restored, Li Yun was relieved. He said, “then spend 10000 days to buy the front part of the Tiandi Sutra.”
      Ding, the host spends 10000 Tianji points to buy the first chapter of Tiandi Sutra (which can be cultivated to Siji secret land)
      “It's dark.”
      Li Yun make complaints about him.
      Ten thousand points in ten thousand days. It's a four extreme secret place.
      Isn't that more expensive?
      How much is the secret place of dragon?
      What about Sendai?
      As for the two realms of zhundi and Dadi, Li Yun does not even dare to think about them now. Conservatively, killing a few fat sheep is not enough to buy a complete manual.
      If you had known this, you would have bought some. At least you could cultivate the power of the Lord.
      [Ding, the host knows nothing about it. Potential is the most important skill. The lower the value of the skill, the lower the potential. In the first World War at the same level, the exertion of strength is limited, and the potential of Tiandi Jing is not only great empire, but also greater power.]
      “All right.”
      Hearing this explanation from the system, Li Yun barely balanced himself.
      He took a look at his last chance.
      “The system will use all Tianji points to improve strength!”
      Ding, do you choose to spend 840 Tianji points to improve your strength
      The sound just dropped.
      Almost at the same time.
      A terrible true yuan appeared in Li Yun's body out of thin air.
      The Tiandi Sutra operates by itself.
      In Tianji building.
      A round of golden sun appeared, rippling out the breath of taking people.
      Under the scorching sun, the waves are so heavy that they seem to submerge the heaven and earth.
      Li yunduan, sitting under the hot sun, looks like a king of immortals. He suppresses the past and looks down on the sky, which makes everything in the world lose its luster.
      “What's the matter?”
      Liu Chengxue looked at Li Yun without blinking. His eyes showed curiosity and murmured, “is this cultivation, master?”
      “It doesn't look like it.”
      Because Tianji Pavilion blocks all the breath, Liu Chengxue can only see the magnificent weather, but she can't feel the pressure at all, which makes her very surprised.
      “Step on it.”
      Liu Chengxue moved at her feet and stepped forward.
      Just one step.
      In front of her, there was a great change of golden color. Wang Yang spread out, boundless and boundless. The waves surged into the sky. In the center of Wang Yang, there was a green lotus with three leaves, swaying and shining.
      Qinglian an earthquake, the world broken, chaos, fog surging, will be all completely submerged.
      See this scene.
      Liu Chengxue called out.
      Despair in my heart.
      I shouldn't be so curious. The owner of Tianji is too mysterious. Everything about him is shrouded in a layer of fog. I just take a step forward.
      Unexpectedly, he stepped into a desperate situation.
      Just when she thought that she would be swallowed up by the golden Wang Yang.
      Everything, it's gone.
      Tianji building reappeared, and I always stood in the same place, as if all the scenes just now were illusions.
      But the cold sweat exuded from her body reminds her all the time that everything is true.
      “Is this the secret of the four poles?”
      On the other side.
      Li Yun slowly opened his eyes.
      Compared with the current world strength, he is now in a magical state, and he is the best among the younger generation.
      But it's still not strong.
      But he thought that this was the achievement in one day, and his mind was in balance.
      “It's gone again.”
      Li Yun sighed.
      Earn fast, spend faster, more than 10000 days machine points, have not covered hot, then consume clean, oneself even have no magic power.
      Right now.
      I can only hope that Liu Chengxue's master will come soon.
      PS: Realm: forging body, vitality, spiritual connotation, Tongqiao, Shentong, birth, Tianbian, Tianxiang, Tianyuan (SAGE), sage, Shengwang, Dasheng, zhundi, Dadi*
      Chapter 16 he didn't cheat me((change)
      Liu Chengxue saw Li Yun wake up and asked in a low voice: “was it
      Li Yun face a stagnant, stiff asked: “you see?”
      Liu Chengxue nodded.
      “It's over.”
      Li Yun was in the dark.
      I knew that. I'd let Liu Chengxue go first.
      As soon as he exchanged the skill, he could not help but exchange all the Tianji points for strength, but ignored Liu Chengxue's existence.
      Although the strength of shentongjing is not weak, it is not so strong.
      How can you hide Liu Chengxue's power just now?
      If what you expect is good.
      I'm afraid that the identity of an expert in the world has collapsed.
      Liu Chengxue is not a fool. When she saw the momentum just now, how could she not guess in her heart?
      Liu Chengxue's face became more respectful. She asked tentatively:
      “Is it a great emperor?”
      Li Yun's eyes brightened.
      There's a turnaround?
      Li Yun light cough, light said: “Li is not the emperor, but an ordinary Tianji Louzhu just.”
      Liu Chengxue is speechless.
      Can ordinary cause the momentum just now?
      Can ordinary people make a saint like a God?
      Up to now, she still has a lingering fear. Thinking of the picture just now, she seems to be facing an emperor who is proud of the past, the present and the future.
      There was no idea of resistance.
      Each other a look, can let oneself fly to ashes.
      Seeing Li Yun pick up the book, she doesn't talk much. Liu Chengxue doesn't ask much. She understands that knowing too much is not good for her.
      At the same time.
      Li Yun saw Liu Chengxue put down the idea of questioning, his heart was also relieved.
      it seems that.
      His identity has not been pierced.
      What Liu Chengxue sees is different from what he thinks.
      That's the problem.
      What did Liu Chengxue see just now?
      It's millions of miles away.
      A streamer across the sky, speed to the extreme.
      Not long.
      The streamer stopped in a void, and the brilliance dissipated. An old man in black appeared, dignified and dignified. His eyes opened and closed, and the light was shining.
      “Here we are at last.”
      Yang Qiu stood with a negative hand and said in his heart.
      It took him nearly two hours to get there. It would have been faster if his magic cloud shoes had not been given to the owner of Tianji.
      “Is this the baiduan mountains?”
      Yang Qiu looked down.
      No, it doesn't matter.
      This one eye sees past, the double eye immediately stares round, after waiting to see clearly below circumstance, he one mouthful old blood, almost didn't spurt out.
      I can only see.
      In the eye, there is a desolation, yellow sand flying, desolate, rare spirit to the extreme, within tens of thousands of miles, let alone human shadow.
      You can't even see a ghost.
      A continuous mound of earth extends to the end of the sky.
      It's no exaggeration to say that there are poor mountains and evil waters.
      “I'm… I'm… I hate you!”
      Yang Qiu stepped back three steps in the air, covering his chest with his palm, whining.
      His chest heaved violently, like a bellows, and he wore thick clothes in his mouth. A terrible momentum swept out and crushed countless mountains.
      It's a pit!
      It's definitely a pit!
      All wealth, in exchange for a false news.
      Actually, I went there in person.
      This is the place.
      Aura is so thin.
      If you can't even do the normal cultivation, how can you have the chance to exist?
      Think with your toes, you can understand that even a spirit grass can't grow here!
      “All my belongings!”
      Yang Qiu's eyes darkened.
      Almost didn't fall out of the sky.
      Bear for a while, more think more gas, step back, more think more loss, he suddenly turned around, will fly toward Tianji building, can not start.
      He suddenly counseled again.
      It's terrible.
      Don't talk about yourself, even Jiuyou demon sect can't stir up trouble.
      If you go by yourself, it's not necessary to say whether the resources can come back or not. It's just that you and Jiuyou demon clan may lose money.
      “I'm so angry!”
      Yang Qiu roared, clenched his fist with one hand and smashed it out into the void. The fist was powerful and fierce, just like a meteor across the sky.
      In the imagination, the picture of mountains collapsing and the earth breaking does not appear.
      The void began to twist.
      “What's the matter?”
      As soon as Yang Qiu's face changed, his eyes looked at the void without blinking.
      I can only see.
      In the void.
      One symbol after another appeared, like stars, hanging on the void, very bright, full of the whole world.
      “Is it difficult…”
      Yang Qiu's eyes are full of dazzling brilliance
      “Tianji, didn't you cheat me?”
      I didn't wait for him to come back.
      The surrounding scenery has changed, stars have become red, a breath of terror, overwhelming, run through.
      The pressure is enormous.
      Even Yang Qiu couldn't bear it at all. He was pressed down from the sky to the ground.
      The earth was crushed.
      Yang Qiu looked down and his pupils contracted violently.
      With him as the center, he is covered with white bones for thousands of miles. I don't know how many corpses he has accumulated. Some of them have been weathered for a long time. I don't know how many years ago they were.
      Some of them are as lifelike as before.
      From the corpse, we can see that many of them are not weaker than him, at least they are the strength of the Lord level!
      This is a Jedi!
      Step in, die!
      Because of this, the news here has not been spread, and no one knows that there is such a terrible place!
      If ordinary people see this scene, they will be scared out of their wits.
      But Yangqiu is different.
      Instead of panic, he was excited!
      “That's right!”
      Yang Qiu's body trembled. A jade slip appeared in his hand. He took a look at the content and the array in front of him. He lost his voice and said, “it must be right!”
      “The elder is indeed the elder!”
      “He didn't lie to me!”
      “Everything is true. There is a way to become a saint here!”*
      Chapter 17 thanks to Tianji!
      Yang Qiu was furious just now.
      Less than a second.
      Attitude has changed 180 degrees!
      Tianji building!
      Worthy of Tianji building!
      You can find such a secret place, and you can also find a way to break the array.
      Tianji building owner, extraordinary person!
      Standing in the array, Yang Qiu bent down from the ground and picked up several damaged weapons. The owners of these weapons were not weak, and the natural weapons were not bad.
      We all cherish the materials we use.
      Even if the weapon is broken, if you pick up the material and recast it, you may be able to forge some good Lord level weapons.
      Yang Qiu was trembling with excitement at the moment.
      “Even a little bit!”
      I don't know how many years this array has existed.
      Over time, many people have come here by mistake.
      They didn't have their own luck, and they didn't know the owner of Tianji. Not long after they came in, they were killed by the array town.
      Even if I didn't become a saint in this trip, just picking up equipment, I could almost get back to the original!
      “I have so many materials. I'll go back and find the owner of Tianji building. How can I change some news?”
      Yang Qiu's eyes twinkled.
      This moment.
      He thinks very long.
      Sanctification is no longer his main goal.
      As long as you keep getting news from the owner of Tianji, it seems not difficult to become a Saint King or even a great saint!
      Yang Qiu waved his big sleeve and put away everything on the ground in an instant.
      When he was collecting weapons.
      The array has also been activated!
      Huge dragon shaped blood gas surged into the sky, like a volcanic eruption, majestic and powerful as Wang Yang.
      The horror of murder, like the tide, drowns everything.
      This kind of power, even in the realm of saints, should be cautious, not to mention a saint level figure.
      From the metal trill.
      On the sky.
      A long red sword, as long as 100 Zhang long, crossed the sky, as if it were made of blood. The whole body was filled with evil spirit, which was breathtaking. It seemed that there was a grievance rushing out of the river of time.
      This is the person who fell into the array before.
      Instead of losing their souls, they were imprisoned here and turned into array nourishment.
      Yang Qiu swallowed a mouthful of saliva.
      This scene.
      It's so creepy.
      Many of the people who died were stronger than him, but now they are all turned into array puppets. If they don't have the help of the owner of Tianji.
      If you rush in, you'll end up like them.
      The whole void is shaking, and the blood red long swords interweave the most reasonable and overwhelming way!
      It's like a cobweb covering the sky.
      The ancient array is completely revived, and the supreme power is turbulent, such as the Yangtze River flowing into the sea, rushing and roaring, and the power has surpassed many of the clan guard mountain array!
      It's hard to imagine that after countless years of array, it is still so powerful today!
      Yang Qiu swallowed a mouthful of saliva.
      This place is terrible.
      The terrible power made his legs and stomach cramp.
      At a critical moment.
      Yang Qiu's mind sank into the jade slips and watched the method of breaking the array recorded in them. In a moment, he quickly recovered and took a step forward to the left.
      There was a loud noise.
      If hundreds of millions of stars were broken, the sky would be full of dazzling light, just the aftereffect, which almost cracked Yang Qiu's body.
      But the good thing is.
      Just now, under the attack of the array, he survived!
      “I'm not dead…!”
      Yang Qiu had a look at the array, and his heart was still palpitating.
      Thanks to the jade slips given to him by the owner of Tianji, if you don't, you can't avoid this attack by yourself.
      With the first experience.
      The next road is much smoother.
      According to the cracking method in the jade slips, he can easily escape the killing opportunity of the array every time.
      “Thanks to Tianji.”
      Yang Qiu wiped his forehead in a cold sweat.
      Instead of choosing to leave the array at the first time, he studied it carefully.
      Judging from the style of this array, this opportunity does not seem to be left by the right people.
      It's impossible to imprison people and spirits when people are in the right way.
      This kind of technique is like a person in the evil way.
      If there is a chance, moving this array back to Jiuyou demon sect will undoubtedly enhance the strength of the demon sect!
      After all.
      This array is handed down from ancient times.
      All things, which have something to do with the past, are good things. The things that are a little bit worse can't be left until now. They have disappeared for a long time.
      Yang Qiu pondered for a while and thought to himself, “after going out this time, anyway, I will go to Dahuang city again. Maybe the master of heaven's secret has a way to move this array back.”
      Place this array on the mountain where you live.
      Just think about it, they all have great face.
      Besides myself, who can ask the saint to help him set up an array?
      More than half an hour later.
      Yang Qiu broke through the first killing array and came to a small cave.
      See the scene in the cave.
      Yang Qiu was stunned.
      In front of him, there was a fairyland, full of aura to the extreme. The ground was covered with pools of aura springs. This was a scene that only a few blessed places could appear.
      But here, too.
      If you look around, there are countless natural resources and land treasures swaying in the wind.
      The fragrance of the elixir is refreshing. If you smell it lightly, you will feel like a fairy!
      I don't know how long no one will come in.
      Hundreds of thousands of years of elixir, countless, even millions of years of elixir, there are so many!
      At the center of the tree is a nine leaf elixir, three feet high. It is green and full of light. There are dragon and Phoenix visions around it!
      “Holy medicine!”
      Yang Qiu took a look, and his eyes could not be moved any more.
      “Millions of years of sky green and ethereal grass, this… This is so precious!”
      “Does the owner of Tianji know that there is a green and ethereal grass growing here?”
      Yang Qiu walked forward step by step and came to the sky green and ethereal grass. He seemed to have lost his soul. His eyes blinked at the holy medicine.
      This elixir can help people get rid of the demons. It has no market in the outside world. He has been looking for it for hundreds of years, but nothing has been found.
      But today.
      He finally found it!
      It's still a million years*
      Chapter 18 the way forward
      Yang Qiu took a deep breath and tried to calm down his excitement.
      First, I picked up a lot of materials from the array.
      He met a small cave and got countless spirit grass.
      The combination of the two not only brought back all his previous losses, but also made a lot of money.
      what's more.
      According to the owner of Tianji building, there is also a way of becoming a saint hidden in this cave, which is a king's bomb.
      The three add up.
      His family has been turned over several times!
      “After I become a saint, I have to refine a holy weapon!”
      Yang Qiu thought.
      Saint, how does that exist?
      If you stamp your foot, you will be shocked every ten thousand miles. The existence is the foundation of a clan. How can you continue to use the weapons of the Lord?
      But the key point is that the materials used to refine the Lord level weapons are extremely precious.
      Not to mention the materials for making holy vessels.
      “These spirit grasses together may be able to buy the whereabouts of some divine gold in Tianji building.”
      Everyone has inertia.
      If there is no convenient way, that's all.
      It took seven or eight hundred years to gather all the materials for refining weapons, but knowing a more convenient way, Yang Qiu was not willing to spend time and effort looking for them slowly.
      Isn't it beautiful to go straight to the right place?
      Until now.
      Yang Qiu did not know that he was invisible, and he had become a repeat customer of Tianji building.
      “The most urgent thing is to get rid of the demons first.”
      Yang Qiu glanced at the elixir around him and didn't choose to pick it.
      Elixir is different from other things.
      This thing is very fragile. If it is picked in the wrong way, its properties will be greatly reduced. If it is picked in the wrong way, it will turn into nothingness. It can only be picked step by step.
      In this small cave, there are countless elixirs, which can be picked one by one. I still don't know how to pick them until the year of the monkey.
      After the elixir is picked, it should be kept properly.
      If not well preserved, after a period of time, the spirit of the elixir will still be greatly reduced.
      Rather than thankless, let these elixirs grow here.
      Anyway, he is the only one who knows about this place.
      We have to count the owner of the secret.
      According to the strength of the owner of Tianji building, Yang Qiu guessed that the master would not be idle. He would come here to seize the chance with him if he really wanted to.
      Is it more convenient not to tell yourself?
      Think of here, Yang Qiu no longer worry, he bent down and carefully dug out the sky green ethereal grass, and then cut off a bar.
      Most of the rest was sealed up in a jade box.
      Outside the jade box, he put down several prohibitions, and then put them away.
      The elixir of a million years is very powerful. He can't use much of it. The rest will be taken out and sold, which will bring in a lot of money.
      There are more resources.
      When you have time, maybe you can buy some news about Wang Jiyuan in Tianji building.
      Though not yet sanctified.
      But Yang Qiu has made plans for the future.
      A moment later.
      Yang Qiu knelt to the ground, adjusted his spirit to the peak, and then swallowed the sky green ethereal grass. At the entrance of the ethereal grass, it turned into a warm current.
      Along the body meridian, retrograde and up, into the mind.
      All of a sudden.
      Yang Qiu's spirit was shocked, and the momentum of the whole person changed.
      This moment.
      He has the air of the road flowing around him, as if he is integrated with the nature of the world. The sound of the road sounds around him, and black magic flowers bloom suddenly.
      In the past.
      From this moment on, he never appeared again.
      He had been worried about the attack on his elder martial brother before, but at this time he completely put it down. The past went with the wind, and everything was gone.
      He is enlightened!
      When Yang Qiu was immersed in cultivation.
      A day goes by.
      early morning.
      The sun has just risen.
      Outside Tianji building.
      A group of people came.
      The leader is wearing a suit of armor. The cold light on the surface twinkles and the aura flows. At first sight, it is not a common product.
      His name is Han Feng. He is the bodyguard commander under the leader of the great waste city. His duty is to guard the great waste city and maintain public order.
      But today.
      He came to Tianji building with another mission.
      That is to see the owner of Tianji building!
      Han Feng straightened his clothes and made sure there was no disrespect. He stepped forward a few steps and went to the gate of Tianji building
      “Han Feng, great waste City, please see me!”
      “Han Feng?”
      Inside Tianji building, Li Yun looks puzzled. He seems to have never heard of the name.
      It's hard.
      As soon as it's light, there's business coming?
      That's a good thing!
      Li Yun was shocked and cleared his throat
      “Han Daoyou, please come in.”
      “Thank you, master!”
      Hearing the voice from Tianji building, Han Feng is very excited. It seems that this elder is not difficult to get along with, and is much more peaceful than he imagined.
      Han Feng steps into Tianji building and sees Li Yun in a blue shirt.
      He arched his hand and bowed
      “Han Feng, as ordered by the Lord of the great wilderness City, came to see you today to thank you for saving the great wilderness city yesterday.”
      He said.
      A jade box appeared in Han Feng's hand. Holding it in both hands, Han Feng came forward to Li Yun and respectfully said:
      “This is the master's wish. Please accept it.”*
      Chapter 19 is still too light
      Li Yun moves in his heart and looks at the jade box in Han Feng's hand.
      Twilight (astronomical magic weapon), which can be exchanged for 1300 Tianji points
      “It's very kind of you, Lord of the great wilderness.”
      With a smile on his face, Li Yun reached for the jade box.
      Don't give nothing for nothing.
      Hand is the magic weapon of astronomical phenomena.
      Li Yun immediately had a good impression on the city leader who had not yet met.
      “This is what our city master should do. If there were no predecessors, the great wasteland city would be destroyed yesterday.”
      Han Feng said respectfully.
      In front of Tianji Louzhu, a terrible master, he didn't dare to be presumptuous at all.
      Put your posture very low.
      Li Yun is puzzled.
      What did you do yesterday?
      After thinking about it carefully, it seems that Yang Qiu has come here. Is Yang Qiu going to destroy the wasteland city?
      This may be
      I can't say no.
      After all.
      Yang Qiu's apprentice, who died near dahuangcheng, is a saint. It's reasonable to vent his anger on dahuangcheng not far away.
      What's more, Liu Chengxue is still hiding in the wasteland city.
      If you are not there, it's really uncertain whether the great wilderness city will survive.
      I want to understand that.
      Li Yun still had a warm smile on his face. He pointed to a chair and said:
      “Come on, Han Daoyou, please sit down.”
      “In front of me, I dare not be a Taoist friend. Just call me Hanfeng.”
      Daoyou, who is the same level, is qualified to call each other. If you let yesterday's demon master know that he and the elder praise each other.
      I don't know how I will die in the future.
      “Then I'll call you commander Han.”
      Li Yun said.
      Just now.
      He took a look at Han Feng's message.
      He is the bodyguard commander of Dahuang city.
      His duty is to guard the great wilderness city. His strength is only at the beginning of Tongqiao, much lower than that of Liu Chengxue. This strength may be OK in the great wilderness city.
      But in the whole cultivation world, it's nothing.
      “It's very kind of you, master.”
      Han Feng said.
      He didn't expect that this elder would be more elegant and easygoing than he thought. He didn't have the airs of an expert at all. Without yesterday's events, he would even mistakenly think that this elder was just an ordinary person.
      With a smile, Li Yun picked up the tea cup and made a gesture of please.
      Liu Chengxue brings a cup of tea and puts it beside Han Feng.
      Han Feng glances at Liu Chengxue and exclaims in his heart that the elder is indeed the elder. She is a maid, and her accomplishments are so good. Judging from her momentum, she should be higher than her own strength.
      And it's the best in the world!
      After a glance, Han Feng did not dare to see more.
      Just about to reach for the tea, he seemed to think of something, turned his head to see Liu Chengxue again.
      This time.
      He couldn't sit down any more. With a crash, he got up from his chair.
      This woman, what kind of maid is that?
      He is a disciple of Da Luo Jianzong!
      On his cuff, he embroidered a golden sword, obviously a core disciple!
      This kind of identity, at least her master is also the elder of Daluo Jianzong, more exaggerating, maybe a disciple of Zhang Jiao!
      Such a person, to serve as a maid?
      Han Feng took back the palm that was supposed to serve tea. Other people's tea was ok, but the core disciple of Daluo Jianzong served tea to him, and he really didn't dare to drink it.
      When such people come to dahuangcheng, they have to be offered by their ancestors.
      Who dares to drink, the ancestor pours the tea?
      “What's the matter?”
      Li Yun raised his head and said in surprise.
      The Han style is good everywhere. It's just the strength. It's not very good.
      “No… nothing.”
      Han Feng gave a stiff smile. He arched his hand and said, “I suddenly remember that there is something important to deal with. I don't want to stay any more.”
      Li Yun's face stagnated.
      What happened?
      I haven't started my business yet. Why do you want to leave?
      “That's right.”
      Han Feng seemed to think of something and asked again: “dare to ask the elder, when will you have leisure? My city master wants to take time to visit the elder.”
      “For fear of delaying the important affairs of the elder, I'll let my subordinates ask first.”
      Li Yun said aloud.
      Then he understood.
      Han Feng is not a customer, but the city master behind him.
      “That would be great.”
      Han Feng was relieved.
      in any case.
      This matter has been accomplished. What happens next depends on the personal development of the city master.
      He wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and dared not stay more. He arched his hand and said:
      “Goodbye, young man.”
      Li Yun nodded.
      After Han Feng got out of Tianji building.
      Not for a moment.
      Take your men and go straight to the Lord's mansion.
      Before arriving at the city Lord's mansion, far away, I saw the wasteland City Lord standing in front of the gate.
      “How's it going?Would you like to see me? ”
      The Lord of the great wilderness came up and asked eagerly.
      “I'm lucky that I didn't disobey my orders. The elder is gentle, easy-going and approachable. He said that the Lord of the city can see him at any time.”
      Han Feng Gongshou road.
      The Lord of Dahuang rubbed his hands and murmured, “the gift I prepared will take about two days. Then go to Tianji building in two days!”
      Han Feng wants to talk but stops.
      “What's the matter?”
      Dahuang city master took a look at Han Feng and said, “there are no outsiders here. If you have something to say, just say it.”
      “Just now… My subordinates saw a great Luo Jianzong disciple in Tianji building.”
      “And this?”
      The Lord of the great wilderness is curious.
      Yesterday I saw the great master of evil way, today I see the people of Daluo Jianzong.
      Is it hard to say that this senior takes both black and white?
      Generally speaking, the person who can do this step is either fawning on both sides of the wall, or he is powerful and needs to be fawned on both sides.
      And the mysterious owner, obviously the latter.
      “Can you see who that is?”
      Dahuang asked in a deep voice.
      “I'm not sure about the specific situation, but according to what I saw, it seems that he was a core disciple of Daluo Jianzong, and then give it to the elder…”
      Han Feng stopped for a moment and continued: “be a maid.”
      Dahuangcheng was stunned.
      He pondered for a long time and said slowly, “I'm afraid the identity of the elder in Tianji building is beyond my prediction. The present I'm preparing is still too light.”*
      < title > Fantasy: me!Start to create Tianji building_Text (Chapter 21-40). TXT < / Title >
      Chapter 20: I'd like to see you(Seek for flowers, seek for evaluation)
      Two days passed in a flash.
      Two days later.
      The leader of Dahuang City, dressed light and simple, went straight to Tianji building with several bodyguards.
      It's behind him.
      Han Feng is half behind, holding a wooden box in his hand.
      His hands were shaking slightly because he was too nervous. He knew what was in the box.
      Eternal wood!
      The material is as tough as gold!
      Every hundred years, it only grows one point.
      Ten thousand years later, the material has changed dramatically. It can be used to cast holy weapons!
      This time, the Lord of the city spent a lot of money to give gifts. He even took out the treasure of the town.
      Today's ten thousand year old trees are here.
      If the elders don't accept it, we can imagine that the city Lords will inevitably face the pressure of terror.
      Countless saints, even saints, have to look at it. How can a small family hold such precious materials?
      “My Lord, it's Tianji building.”
      Han Feng warned in a low voice.
      The Lord of Dahuang nodded.
      He stepped up and walked towards Tianji building. Before he reached the door, a breeze was blowing. Before he could recover, there was a figure in front of him.
      “What's the situation?”
      The Lord of the wasteland was stunned.
      After a hard time, I found an auspicious day and made a special trip to meet my predecessors. How could I be preempted?
      the moment.
      The Lord of the wasteland will be angry.
      It's just somewhere else.
      But in dahuangcheng, can outsiders bully this one mu of land?
      Do you really think that a person is the Lord?
      It's just one of those characters. How can there be a holy Lord running to the wasteland city in three days?
      “Sir, you should pay attention to the principle of first come first served. Isn't it inappropriate for you to do so?”
      Said the Lord in a cold voice.
      We all choose to meet our predecessors on the same day. Naturally, those who go first will be more likely to leave a good impression, even if they are stupid.
      I won't give up this opportunity.
      The man in front of him said nothing. He raised his head and looked at Tianji building, a little distracted.
      “I don't want to do it in front of the master's door. If you know what's interesting, you can withdraw yourself.”
      Dahuang City Master said lightly.
      The senior and other people are extremely powerful. They can be aware of the wind and grass in a wide area. They must also know what happened in front of the door.
      In order to leave a good impression on the elders, the Lord of the great wilderness has already begun to play with the essence since just now.
      Pretending to be magnanimous may please our predecessors.
      He finished speaking.
      In front of the shadow, still do not answer.
      The head of Dahuang city was beating, and his anger rose. He raised his hand and grabbed the man in front of him, saying: “since you don't know good or bad, then…”
      I didn't finish.
      The man in front of him turned around.
      This is a middle-aged man, wearing a purple robe, with a jade belt around his waist, combing his hair meticulously, even if he doesn't move, he has an inexplicable dignity.
      “Lying trough…”
      Seeing this man's face clearly, the Lord of the great wilderness stepped back a few steps, his heart pounded, and his mouth trembled: “Da… Da Luo… Da Luo Zhang Jiao?”
      “You are speaking in this seat?”
      Ren Qingtu spoke faintly.
      “No… no, Ren Zhangjiao must have heard wrong…”
      The owner of the wasteland city is stupid.
      It's so scary.
      How many days has the last Saint gone?
      There's another Lord in the back foot!
      This is even more terrifying. It's the Dalao sect. If it wasn't for the other party's frequent appearance, he would never recognize it today.
      Fortunately, I had a look at it, otherwise I would be dead.
      The right God may not be bloodthirsty, but he is dignified and does not allow blasphemy. Those who offend him will almost die, but they will not involve others.
      Dahuang city master looked at Ren Qingtu and Tianji building not far away, and set off a huge wave in his heart.
      A sect leader must come to Tianji building in person.
      Who are the predecessors in Tianji building?
      Think of this situation.
      The Lord of the wasteland sighed in his heart. He could only admit his bad luck.
      It's not easy to pick an auspicious day. I didn't expect to collide with Da Luo Zhang Jiao.
      How dare he rob others?
      The overall strength of Daluo Jianzong is no less than that of some holy places. As the leader of the sect, Ren Qingtu is also the best among the holy masters.
      In the future, there will be the capital of sanctification!
      “In the face of the owner of Tianji, I'll spare your life.”
      Da Luo Zhang Jiao said.
      He didn't have any breath to show, but he was in power all the year round, and he was in a high position, which still made the city leader pale and breathless.
      What the Lord of the great wilderness said just now was a provocation to him.
      Kill each other on the spot, and no one can find fault.
      The reason why we don't kill them.
      It's because, like the Lord of the great wilderness, he thought, this is in front of Tianji building. The elders must have noticed the situation here for a long time.
      Do it now.
      No doubt it's the face of Tianji building.
      He would not be so unwise. After all, he had his apprentice preserved.
      I came here to thank Tianji building.
      “Thank you, Ren Zhangjiao.”
      The Lord of the great wilderness retreated to one side, and now, his mood could not be calm.
      It's horrible.
      In the past, it was unthinkable that the people who came to the Lord in two or three days!
      Ren Qingtu glanced at the Lord of the wasteland, but didn't say anything. He turned around, arched his hand slightly and said in a loud voice:
      “Da Luo Zhang teaches Ren Qingtu to meet the owner of Tianji building!”*
      Chapter 21 Yang Qiu is going to be a saint(A thousand flowers and more)
      “Come in, please
      A gentle voice came from Tianji building.
      After hearing the sound, Ren Qingtu raises her feet and walks into it.
      Enter Tianji building.
      Ren Qingtu's eyes swept the whole hall. At the first glance, he saw Liu Chengxue. Seeing that the disciple was ok, he relaxed a lot.
      He saw a man in blue again.
      There was no breath in this person. Suddenly, he looked like an ordinary person.
      “It seems that the strength of the owner is above me!”
      Ren Qingtu thought.
      “Ren Zhangjiao has been in dahuangcheng for a day, but he is tired of coming. Let's sit down first.”
      Li Yun said with a smile.
      Ren Qingtu's body was shocked, and he suddenly looked at Li Yun, setting off a huge wave in his heart.
      He had already arrived at the great waste city yesterday.
      But did not choose the first time to enter Tianji building.
      The reason is that, on his way here, he had a bad premonition, which would not appear out of thin air. It must be a kind of warning.
      But it was a smooth sailing and no accident happened.
      In his opinion, the accident must have been in Tianji building.
      But he turned around in dahuangcheng and observed for a whole day. Tianji building was the same. He didn't let down his guard until this morning.
      I come to Tianji building and plan to bring back my apprentice.
      What I didn't expect was that as soon as I met him, I was casually told the truth by the owner of Tianji.
      “I dare to ask you, who is the great power and why do you want to live in seclusion in dahuangcheng?”
      Ren Qingtu asked softly.
      To be able to detect his whereabouts, the owner may not be as simple as he thought.
      “It's just interest.”
      Li Yunza's tongue.
      Although I don't want to stay here, Tianji building is here. What can I do?
      “The mountain is poor, the water is evil, the aura is thin, and the progress of cultivation is slow. It's really not worthy of the status of the elder. If the elder doesn't dislike it, I would like to take the position of elder Keqing to welcome the elder to live in Daluo Jianzong.”
      Ren Qingtu thought it over and asked tentatively.
      Another time.
      He has already communicated with his disciples. The strength of the elder is terrible, so Yang Qiu can't help it. It must be the peak of a saint.
      Even the existence of sage power.
      If they can win over the great Luo Jianzong, it will undoubtedly enhance their strength.
      As for the disciple's suspicions that he was the great emperor, he didn't believe it at all. An emperor ruled the heavens, and there were countless strong men under his command. How could he live in seclusion here?
      “Thank you for your kindness. I won't go to Daluo Jianzong. After all, the current situation of Daluo Jianzong is not very good…”
      Li Yun said with a smile.
      In front of him.
      Ren Qingtu's data panel is floating quietly.
      [Name: Ren Qingtu]
      Strength: tianyuanjing peak (Lord level peak)
      [faction: Daluo Jianzong]
      [skill: Daluo sword code, meteorite sword formula]
      [magic power: Xingyun chop, thousand shadows flying rainbow, thousand shadows breaking the sky, spirit sword nine heavy, sword moving heaven and earth, moon sweeping hand, six heavenly Gang, ten thousand swords returning to one, etc.]
      [weapons: Purple Dragon shadow (Shengzhu level), Tianhe boat (Shengzhu level), Wanyan ancient mirror (Shengzhu level)… Etc.]
      [current situation: because the patriarch of the sect is in a state of anxiety, worried about being discovered by the demon sect or other sects, the great luojianzong is false and real…]
      [Click to expand more…]
      A glance at Ren Qingtu's information.
      In Li Yun's mind, he still appreciates Ren Qingtu. At the critical moment when the patriarch of zongmen is sitting down, he can go to the wasteland City himself.
      It can be seen that for his apprentice, he is not like a person in the devil's way, but a tool man.
      “What do you mean
      Ren Qingtu frowned and said, “I can't understand you.”
      “Didn't Lingtu tell you?There's nothing in the world I don't know! ”
      Li Yun said with a smile.
      Ren Qingtu turns around.
      At this time.
      Liu Chengxue brings over a cup of tea and puts it beside Ren Qingtu. He whispers:
      “Master, drink tea.”
      Ren Qingtu nods, takes a look at Liu Chengxue, and turns to Li Yun. He is full of doubts.
      Do you?
      What's the matter with you?
      It's unlikely.
      There are only a few people who know about it in Daluo Jianzong. Even some elders don't know about it. As for young disciples like Liu Chengxue, they don't know about it.
      It's a different story.
      But no matter what, it made him feel uneasy, as if he had been seen through.
      He's on pins and needles here.
      I wish I could leave here early.
      Liu Chengxue keeps making eyes at his master.
      It was agreed yesterday.
      Today, after entering Tianji building, she asked the owner if she had a chance to become a saint. But she didn't expect that her master didn't mention it after entering the building.
      But she was in a hurry.
      “I admire you, master, for your clever calculation…”
      Ren Qingtu smiles and compliments. Then she stands up and says in a voice, “bad guys are not good tools. They have brought a lot of trouble to me. This fairy fruit is my compensation. Please accept it.”
      “Easy to say.”
      Li Yun took the fairy fruit with a smile and didn't say much.
      It's a move of two people.
      Look in Liu Chengxue's eyes, very puzzled.
      Just now, the landlord has already hinted, why don't you ask?
      “Apprentice, don't you say goodbye?You've been out so long, it's time to go back. ”
      Ren Qingtu said in a deep voice.
      Liu Chengxue didn't respond for a moment.
      Just now, the elder said that there is nothing in the world he doesn't know. My master didn't verify it himself. It's not in line with the master's character.
      Ren Qingtu looked black and said in a deep voice, “do you still want to stay here and continue to disturb your predecessors?”
      Liu Chengxue defends.
      “Not what?”
      Ren Qingtu is not happy.
      I'm a student. I used to be fine. How can I challenge myself today?
      “Yang Qiu of Jiuyou demon sect is going to become a saint!”
      Liu Chengxue heart a horizontal, said aloud*
      Chapter 22 is right again(Reward plus change)
      Ren Qingtu frowned.
      Is Yang Qiu going to be a saint?
      It's kind of incredible.
      Yang Qiu knows that the elder of Jiuyou demon sect, strictly speaking, is of the same generation as him. When they were young, they fought each other. Yang Qiu has never been his opponent.
      How can it be that at this moment, Yang Qiu is one step ahead of himself?
      Who believes it when it's said?
      You know, they have not become saints at present. How can a Yang Qiu be virtuous?
      “Don't talk nonsense, disciple.”
      Ren Qingtu reprimanded.
      “If it's bullshit, master, just ask the elder.”
      Liu Chengxue said anxiously.
      Ren Qingtu turns around, looks at Li Yun and asks, “what the bad guy said just now, but really?”
      “Nature is serious.”
      Li Yun nodded his head and said faintly: “the chance of his becoming a saint is still my direction.”
      Seeing that Ren Qingtu wanted to go just now, he intended to stop him. Unexpectedly, Liu Chengxue was a step faster than him. Now it seems that he doesn't have to stop him.
      “This… Also can instruct?”
      Ren Qingtu is speechless.
      It's exaggerating.
      It's better to point out the way for Yang Qiu to become a saint, but it's unrealistic to give him a chance to become a saint.
      “Before you come, I think your apprentice has told you all about Tianji building.”
      Li Yun was noncommittal and said slowly, “believe it or not, it all depends on you. After all, Yang Qiu Chengsheng is not a good thing for you, Daluo Jianzong.”
      “Master, what does that mean?”
      Ren Qingtu frowned and said in a deep voice, “my daruo Jianzong has been standing for millions of years. It has a profound foundation. How can a saint threaten my daruo Jianzong?”
      “Is it?”
      Li Yun said with a smile: “a saint really can't shake the foundation of Daluo Jianzong, but what if the Daluo Jianzong at this moment is not the Daluo Jianzong in the past?”
      “What you said is too serious.”
      Ren Qingtu arched his hand slightly and said: “the Daluo Jianzong is not a small family. It has been brilliant for millions of years, and there will be no twists and turns.”
      Ren Qingtu is very confident.
      But they are not strong enough.
      People in my family know about my family. The loss of the backbone of Daluo Jianzong is equivalent to the loss of more than half of his fighting power. The Jiuyou demon sect has not only not lost his strength, but also added a saint.
      This is not a good thing for Daluo Jianzong.
      The two sects are not far away from each other. There are often some frictions between them on weekdays.
      From Liu Chengxue's killing Du qianshang, we can see the clue.
      If Jiuyou demon sect finds his own card, I'm afraid that in a few days, a large number of Jiuyou demon sect experts will gather at the Mountain Gate of Daluo Jianzong!
      At that time.
      Whether the great Luo Jianzong can survive or not is a matter of two opinions.
      “If you have nothing else to do, I'll leave.”
      Ren Qingtu said in a deep voice.
      Daruo Jianzong is in danger now. He has to find several allies in advance. It's better to attract several holy places. When daruo Jianzong is in danger, whenever there is a holy place to help.
      They all survived the disaster.
      “When you step out of this door and come in again next time, the price you have to pay is not comparable to today.”
      Li Yun was ready to make up his spare time. He picked up the tea and sipped it gently.
      “It seems that there is something in my words.”
      Ren Qingtu just raised his leg and finally took it back.
      “Li advises you that it's better to ask others than yourself…”
      Li Yun shakes his head and glances at Ren Qingtu. There is a sound in his mouth: “tut Tut, I'm afraid most people don't want to go through this muddy water for such a big thing as the demise of a clan.”
      “Besides, you can find allies, so can Jiuyou demon sect.”
      Ren Qingtu was astonished.
      How is that possible?
      How could he know what I was thinking?
      Mind reading?
      He's good at it?
      Or am I in some kind of magic?
      Ren Qingtu was confused. The idea that he had just transferred in his mind was immediately told by the owner of Tianji. It's unbelievable.
      “It's not mind reading, it's not his mind, you're not in the magic.”
      Li Yun stood up, stretched a waist, said: “Li said, in this world, anything that happens, I know!”
      “Including… You, the great Luo Jianzong, have just taken the place of the patriarch of the clan!”
      Ren Qingtu's face changed greatly.
      He has always been calm, this moment, no longer taut.
      The biggest weakness of our family.
      It's hard to be calm when people say it so easily.
      Once it gets out.
      The hundreds of thousands of disciples of Daluo sword sect, as well as the millions of years of inheritance, are likely to turn into ashes in one day.
      “You should understand that the alliance is based on the equal strength of each other. If the orthodox sect knows that the great Luo Jianzong's strength is greatly damaged, do you think they are more likely to lend a helping hand or…”
      “What's the possibility of falling into the well?”
      Li Yun said with a smile.
      In this world, although there are positive and evil, how many faithful men and women are there that can stand up?
      Daluo Jianzong has been handed down for millions of years.
      As long as you are an ambitious clan, you will be very greedy.
      Liu Chengxue also couldn't believe it. After a long time, she raised her head slightly and asked in a low voice:
      “My grandfather, his old man… Is he really sitting on the throne?”
      Ren Qingtu's face turned white and said nothing.
      See that.
      Liu Chengxue, don't you understand?
      This time, you are right*
      Chapter 23 what's the difficulty(Seek for flowers, seek for evaluation)
      “Master, what do you want?”
      Ren Qingtu said in a deep voice.
      At this moment, his face is not very good-looking.
      The biggest secret of one's own family is known by an outsider, and anyone will be worried.
      In case of exposure.
      Daruo Jianzong is over.
      Before, he had thought of killing people, but this idea, as soon as it appeared, was snuffed out by him, not to mention that this elder can see through other people's minds.
      Even in terms of strength, you may not be someone else's opponent.
      As for turning around and leaving
      Just now, he still has this confidence, but now he has no confidence at all.
      “Li is not threatening you.”
      Li Yun said faintly.
      “Not a threat?”
      Ren Qingtu was stunned.
      Make your own arrangements clear and state your interests, so that you all think that daruo Jianzong is going to die. Isn't that a threat?
      Does this master want the lion to open his mouth?
      Thinking of this, Ren Qingtu felt cold all over.
      Even if the elder wanted to dig a piece of meat from the body of Daluo Jianzong, he didn't seem to be able to do it. He had the handle in other people's hands.
      I can't even resist.
      “Li is trying to show you a clear way.”
      Li Yun stepped forward two steps and said as he walked: “now the great Luo Jianzong is still there. You still have a way out. When the disaster comes, you are thinking about turning over. That's a big price!”
      It's a natural opportunity for a clan to survive. The value of the news is estimated by Li Yun to make Da Luo jianzonghua bankrupt.
      It's better to kill yourself while Ren Qingtu is in front of you.
      “I don't know what my predecessors mean by” Ming Lu ”
      Ren Qingtu is suspicious.
      “It depends on what you want.”
      Li Yun said.
      “Master, I know everything. As long as I have money, I can buy anything here!”
      Liu Chengxue came to assist at the right time.
      Li Yun looks at Liu Chengxue with satisfaction. He has not entertained you in vain these two days. He knows to say a good word for me.
      Ren Qingtu wanted to talk and stopped. After thinking for a while, he quickly said, “can you find a way to let Da Luo Jianzong return to his former glory?”
      “Why is that difficult?”
      Li Yun said calmly.
      At the most glorious time, there was not a great emperor. Today, there are not even any emperor soldiers. Just tell them the location of the great emperor's tomb.
      Daluo Jianzong sent someone to dig it out.
      It's not only emperor soldiers.
      Good luck, you can get a copy of the emperor's Sutra!
      Their overall strength will naturally surpass the most brilliant time in the past!
      But the problem is.
      When Ren Qingtu came here alone, it was a big question whether he could afford to buy the things he was carrying.
      “Please tell me clearly!”
      Ren Qingtu said quickly.
      Li Yun didn't speak.
      Why is everyone like this?
      Open your mouth and let yourself be clear?
      I think the news comes from strong wind?
      “Shifu, if you want to buy news from your predecessors, you need to exchange it at the same price. Otherwise, your predecessors won't tell you. Yang Qiu bought news from your predecessors.”
      Liu Chengxue explained in a voice.
      “I see.”
      Ren Qingtu suddenly realized.
      Li Yun stood aside.
      At this moment, I do not know why, he looked at Liu Chengxue, more and more pleasing to the eye, in the past did not find that this girl will come!
      Always at the right time, say the right words!
      If Ren Qingtu wants to, he can keep it.
      It doesn't matter if you're qualified. It's not hard for countless resources to be smashed down and finally become a great emperor. After all, a lot of waste materials can take off by chance.
      Liu Chengxue is a qualified person, and he helps her to open the door. It's not too much to be an emperor.
      “Master, how much will it cost to let Da Luo Jianzong return to his former glory?”
      Ren Qingtu asked.
      Li Yun pondered for a while and said, “it should be enough to sell most of the great Luo Jianzong.”
      Li Yun can estimate this kind of news without asking the system.
      Ren Qingtu's face is stagnant.
      The present Daluo Jianzong is already like this. After selling half of them, it is estimated that he will not even be able to enter the ancestral hall. He is the sinner of the whole Jianzong.
      Ren Qingtu coughed softly and said, “I don't know if you can help a certain elder of Jianzong to break through the great holy land?”
      The great holy land.
      That is the realm under the emperor.
      This kind of person is almost the low card of a holy land.
      One death is a great loss.
      Looking at Ren Qingtu, their ancestors should be in this realm.
      Li Yun nodded and said faintly, “you go back and get the weapons used by seven or eight sage kings, plus some holy land skills, and Li will help you fulfill your wish.”
      “Seven… Seven or eight?Do you need to add the Holy Land skill? ”
      Ren Qingtu is confused.
      Don't you think it's Chinese cabbage?
      Who has so many saints?
      The weapons used by the saints are valuable enough. The weapons of the sage king are even more precious. Every one of them has a price but no market. Taking any one of Ren Qingtu will be painful for a long time.
      As for seven or eight.
      If he takes his front foot, he will be crushed to death by the elder of Daluo sword sect.
      Even if he is a leader, he can't regard Jianzong as his own back garden.
      Ren Qingtu looked down at his storage ring and touched it without any trace. Until now, he deeply understood that he was also a poor man.
      In Tianji building, I can't even buy a piece of news.
      “Master, what is the value of sanctification?”
      Ren Qingtu retreats to the second place.
      Yang Qiu can buy the way to become a saint. There's no reason why he can't afford it by himself*
      Chapter 24 is it not beautiful to kill two birds with one stone(Seek for flowers, seek for evaluation)
      Li Yun smiles.
      Sure enough.
      As long as people in the cultivation world can still breathe, their dreams have something to do with their strength.
      Almost everyone wants to be stronger.
      Ren Qingtu is no exception.
      Li Yun opened the system and inquired about the method of becoming a saint.
      A large list of them appeared.
      It was many times more than the last time when Yang Qiu asked.
      After all.
      Yang Qiu has additional conditions, but also to expel the demons.
      But Ren Qingtu didn't, he just became a saint.
      Page by page, to the last few pages, Li Yun eyes a Lin, he saw a familiar opportunity, above impressively written three big words.
      Blue water cliff!
      This chance is still here!
      Bishuiya is left by an ancient sage. It not only has the chance to become a saint, but also has the treasure to get rid of the demons.
      At present, this opportunity has proved that Yang Qiu has not achieved the most important thing.
      “That's interesting.”
      Li Yun rubbed his chin and closed the search page.
      Stop searching!
      There are ready-made, but also spend Tianji points for what?
      Every time, I give the big head to the system and leave the small head. Isn't that working for the system?
      As a middleman, what's wrong with earning a price difference?
      That's reasonable. All right.
      After all.
      I still carry the power of the scourge.
      As for Yang Qiu and Ren Qingtu, it depends on their own luck that they can become saints.
      Another chance was born. Didn't thousands of big men rob it that time?
      This time.
      It's only two people. It's good.
      No one will lose a half chance.
      “Ren Zhangjiao…”
      Li Yun returned to his senses and said with a smile, “the way to become a saint depends on whether you can afford the price.”
      “How much is the value, sir?”
      Ren Qingtu asked.
      I don't know why. As soon as this sentence was uttered, he suddenly felt cold and had a bad premonition.
      “It's not expensive!”
      Li Yun smilingly stretched out five fingers, shook in the void, and said: “five holy weapons!”
      Yang Qiu took out a holy Lord weapon, worth 8000 Tianji points.
      At present, Li Yun has five weapons of the Lord's level, with nearly 40000 points. In his opinion, they are fair and fair, and the old and the young are not deceived.
      It's not a golden girl.
      Both first-hand news and second-hand news are worth the price.
      After all.
      Between Yang Qiu and Ren Qingtu, they still want a bowl of water.
      Ren Qingtu was stunned.
      How expensive is a piece of news?
      This thing, can't eat, can't use, and is not a living saint. How can it be so valuable?
      “Is Ren Zhangjiao expensive?”
      Li Yun glanced at Ren Qingtu and said, “if you miss this opportunity and want to break through the realm of saints, it's impossible for at least hundreds of years.”
      “It's hundreds of years, but anything can happen!”
      “I don't mean that…”
      Ren Qingtu quickly waved his hand and said in a voice: “I just heard what the villain said. Yang Qiu also bought a chance to become a saint here?”
      “Not bad.”
      Li Yun nodded.
      There's nothing to hide about that.
      “Where is Yang Qiu now?Is it sanctified
      Ren Qingtu asked.
      “He went to the blue water cliff, and now he has not become a saint. He should be getting rid of the demons. When he gets rid of the demons, he will become a saint soon.”
      Li Yun said faintly.
      “Blue water Cliff…”
      Ren Qingtu said.
      This place name is very strange. I haven't heard of it.
      It's estimated that it's not in this area. Maybe it's the name of a small cave.
      “I dare to ask you, master, where is this chance
      Ren Qingtu asked again.
      “It's also blue water cliff.”
      Li Yun said with a smile.
      Ren Qingtu had a black line. He said in a low voice: “I don't know how to say that there are two ways to become saints in the blue water cliff.”
      “There is only one,” Li said
      For a piece of news, sold to two people, he did not feel embarrassed.
      “Master, what does that mean?”
      Ren Qingtu is not happy.
      I used several holy Lord weapons and bought a chance I don't know if I can get it?
      They are Yangqiu, but they are already on the blue water cliff.
      I'm not sure if I can catch up with the hot ones.
      In case I go by myself.
      What if Yang Qiu becomes a saint?
      Thousands of miles to send the head?
      A leader at the top of the saint level and a demon elder at the beginning of the saint can figure out what will happen when they meet.
      “Mr. Li can assure you that the way of becoming a saint is still there. Yang Qiu has not become a saint. After you go, you still have a chance.”
      Li Yun stopped for a moment and said again, “in other words, you Daluo Jianzong and Jiuyou devil Zong are enemies. If you snatch the opportunity from Yang Qiu, won't you not only attack your opponent, but also enhance your strength?”
      “Isn't it beautiful to kill two birds with one stone?”
      Ren Qingtu
      That's a good point. I'm speechless.
      “Master, I thought for a moment…”
      Ren Qingtu pondered for a moment and spoke slowly.
      But before he finished, he was interrupted by Li Yun.
      Li Yun frowned and said, “can't you see the news?If so, I can change it for you, but the price is not good. ”
      “No, no, no!”
      Ren Qingtu shook his head and said: “I don't mean that, but I want to ask the elder, can this second-hand news be cheaper?”*
      Chapter 25 after I become a saint
      Li Yun looks at Ren Qingtu in surprise.
      Unexpectedly, this guy with thick eyebrows and big eyes also learned to bargain.
      It's not that it can't be cheap.
      After all.
      At the beginning, Yang Qiu still needed to get rid of the demons. The natural value was a little more expensive.
      At present, Ren Qingtu doesn't need second-hand information. Most of the benefits are taken by Yang Qiu. He is selling 40000 Tianji points. It's really a bit inhuman.
      “Originally, Li planned to have a bowl of water level, but he and Ren Zhangjiao were as good as before at first sight, so he would not need a holy weapon.”
      Li Yun stretched out four fingers and said:
      “We can't have less than four holy weapons.”
      Ren Qingtu took a deep breath.
      This value is expensive enough. He has it, but he can't give it all.
      “Master, there are four holy Lord weapons on my lower body, but the purple dragon shadow is the magic weapon of my life. I can't give it to outsiders. Can I replace it with other items?”
      Ren Qingtu asked.
      “As long as it's equivalent.”
      Li Yun said softly.
      “That's good.”
      Ren Qingtu thought for a moment. With a wave of his hand, four light groups appeared in the air, three holy weapons and a bottle of elixir.
      “This is the Huitian pill. As long as there is one breath, it can be saved. Even if the meridians of the whole body are crushed, it can reshape the meridians, but it is only useful for those below the realm of saints.”
      Ren Qingtu explained and asked: “in the view of the predecessors, can this bottle of pills offset a holy Lord weapon?”
      Li Yun did not respond at the first time, but asked the system in his heart.
      “How much is this bottle of Huitian pill worth?”
      Ten Huitian pills: can be exchanged for 7800 Tianji points
      Hear the positive response from the system.
      Li Yun smiles. He nods with satisfaction and says:
      “The blue water Cliff
      Ren Qingtu asked eagerly.
      “Easy to say.”
      Li Yun directly took out a jade slip and threw it to Ren Qingtu. He said, “the blue water cliff is in the baiduan mountains. This jade slip records the method of breaking the array. If you go in with the jade slip, I guarantee you can get the chance safely.”
      “Thank you, master.”
      Ren Qingtu took over the jade slips and gave a salute.
      Looking at Liu Chengxue, he sighed and said, “I'm afraid you can't take me to baiduan mountain range, because I'm living in Tianji building for a while
      “When I come back, I will take you back to zongmen.”
      “Yes, sir.”
      Liu Chengxue nodded and said.
      She has seen everything just now. When her Master goes to baiduan mountains this time, he will definitely fight against Yang Qiu. They are at the same level. It's hard to say whether they will win or lose.
      After all, Yang Qiu is not weak.
      It's really inconvenient to take her there.
      “Master, I've been taking care of you for some time.”
      “No problem.”
      Li Yun said strangely.
      This scene.
      In his opinion, it means that Ren Qingtu is setting up a flag.
      Generally speaking, after coming back, it seems that no one can come back
      “I'm relieved to hear from you.”
      Ren Qingtu chuckles. He glances at the jade slips in his hand and turns to leave. As soon as he walks out of the gate of Tianji building, his figure disappears.
      Baiduan mountains.
      In the secret.
      There was a loud noise.
      A great figure, slowly stand up, hair splashing, Qi and blood like a dragon, running through the sky and the earth, power like Wang Yang in general turbulent.
      Terrifying evil spirit, sweeping all directions!
      Yang Qiu's hands are on his back. His eyes are as bright as electricity. He looks like a demon lord. His magic power is like a prison. He is terrifying, rolling the sky. He is powerful enough to make people tremble.
      “The evil spirit that has troubled me for hundreds of years has finally been eliminated today!”
      “Ha ha ha ha!”
      Yang Qiu laughs wildly, contented!
      Taking Tianqing ethereal herb not only dispels the demons, but also makes his platform clear.
      In the years to come, it's almost impossible for the demons to appear on him. Even some illusions will be extremely difficult to shake his mind.
      “I didn't expect that after a thousand years, many of my contemporaries were fighting with each other. In the end, I was the first to take the most critical step!”
      Yang Qiu was full of spirit and a jade slip appeared in his hand.
      According to the jade slips.
      There are two killing formations here!
      Before he broke one, he got the sky green ethereal grass.
      After the next battle.
      It must be the law of sanctification.
      Tianji landlord, such a person with integrity, will not cheat him!
      Yang Qiu clenched the jade slip and sneered. He thought to himself, “when I become a saint, I have to sit in the position of Jiuyou Zhangjiao!”
      The evil way is different from the right way.
      They have only one rule, which is to respect their strength.
      Everything is snatched by our own strength.
      If you have the strength, you can grab the position of the teacher in charge. If you don't have the strength, even if you become the teacher in charge, you won't be able to sit firmly, and you won't be able to control your brothers.
      It's not like there are so many rules.
      “There's also Dalao Zhangjiao. It's time to settle our old accounts!The old and the new will be avenged together in the future! ”
      Yang Qiu muttered to himself.
      Ren Qingtu, the little brother, also chased and killed himself.
      If it wasn't for his own destiny, he would have been completely defeated that time.
      After a thousand years.
      His apprentice died in the hands of Ren Qingtu's Apprentice again. At this moment, the relationship between the two became bigger and bigger, and there was almost no possibility to resolve it.
      When you become a saint, you will become the leader of Jiuyou sect.
      Stand in front of Ren Qingtu.
      I want to come.
      His expression must be very nice*
      Chapter 26 what a good man!
      Baiduan mountains.
      A streamer breaks through the air.
      Ren Qingtu came quickly. The time he spent was shorter by Yang Qiu, and he arrived in an hour or so.
      This is due to his way of cultivation.
      Jian Xiuben is good at speed and attack power.
      At the same level of competition, he can almost throw Yang Qiu out for a whole street.
      “Is that it?”
      Ren Qingtu glanced at the bottom.
      Yellow sand everywhere, desolate everywhere.
      Within hundreds of thousands of miles, I couldn't even see a single person.
      Ren Qingtu's face sank, but he didn't say much. As the leader of a clan, he was good at nourishing qi.
      what's more.
      He doesn't believe in people like Tianji Louzhu.
      He will cheat a younger generation for several holy weapons.
      Ren Qingtu put up his sword finger and drew in the void.
      The light of the sword burst out, and the light of the sword soared to the sky. The whole void was shaking. The great light of the sword covered the sky and the sun, and interwoven the great road and the earth.
      The light of the sword swept by.
      It's like the Milky way falling to the ground, penetrating the void.
      A huge killing array reappeared in the world. Countless red blood swords dyed the boundless earth Yin red, as if soaked in blood.
      “The magic array distorts the space, and there is a killing array behind it!”
      Ren Qingtu's eyes brightened. He held the jade slips tightly in his hand, and his heart became excited.
      See this scene.
      Most of his mind relaxed.
      The master of Tianji is right. There is a way to become a saint!
      “Yang Qiu entered the battle several days earlier than I did. With his strength and the help of the master, this killing battle will not trap him. Maybe…”
      Ren Qingtu glances at the killing array. He doesn't want to stop. According to the method of breaking the array recorded in the jade slips, he rushes towards the depth of the array.
      Time doesn't wait.
      He stayed one more moment.
      Yang Qiucheng is more likely to be a saint.
      As long as Yang Qiu becomes a saint.
      Even if it is the first time to enter the holy land, the realm is not stable.
      It's not something you can deal with. It's the crushing of the realm. It's not the strength that can make up for it.
      At a low level, Ren Qingtu still has the confidence to fight beyond his level, but at a high level, he will continue to fight beyond his level. That is to say, he is just looking for death and can go to this step.
      Who was not a genius when he was young?
      Two quarters of an hour later.
      The void is twisted.
      Ren Qingtu broke the first killing array.
      Came to a cave.
      Rich aura swept over, let Ren Qingtu the whole person are on cloud nine, many days of hard work, at this moment, clean up.
      “What a Wonderland!”
      Ren Qingtu's eyes are bright.
      If you look around, you can see that there are spiritual grasses swaying in the wind everywhere. This cave is comparable to a small part of their medicine field!
      Even more than a few.
      After all.
      The medicine field of Daluo Jianzong is dedicated to the whole clan. It is impossible for a certain spirit grass to grow for tens of millions of years.
      “Big money!”
      Ren Qingtu is very excited.
      This moment.
      The respect for the owner of Tianji building is like a continuous stream of rivers and seas, although the predecessors said that they only help him become a saint, not help his great Luo Jianzong rebuild his glory.
      But secretly, he sent a field of medicine.
      What a good elder. I misunderstood him at the beginning.
      I really shouldn't!
      At this time.
      Ren Qingtu's eyebrows wrinkled, and with a light sound, he took out his big hand. In the void, he caught a wisp of black breath.
      “Evil spirit?”
      “It seems that Yang Qiu once stayed here!”
      Ren Qingtu glanced around, but he didn't find Yang Qiu. Finally, his eyes fell on the depth of the medicine field, where there was a big array.
      “It seems that Yang Qiu is going to get the Dharma of sanctification. I can't delay!”
      Ren Qingtu's heart is tight, his steps are raised, and he catches up quickly.
      On the other side.
      Yang Qiu, holding the jade slips, strolls leisurely in the array.
      Anyway, I'm alone here.
      Even if you stay for 1000 years, 10000 years will be fine.
      There is plenty of aura here. There lived a saint in that year. In terms of environment and aura concentration, he was even better than his cave in Jiuyou devil sect.
      Let him have some don't want to go back.
      “It seems that this killing array is much better than the one outside. Even if the sage peak comes in, it may fall.”
      Yang Qiu stood in the array, commenting.
      The array on the outside is terrible enough. The one on the inside is stronger. If you move out, it will make countless people excited.
      You know.
      Some small clans, their mountain protection array, may not be as strong as this!
      “This array covers hundreds of miles, so it can be called a big array. If you take it out and buy it…”
      Yang Qiu's eyes twinkled.
      With such an array left by ancient times, it is estimated that countless sects will have to break their heads for it.
      Especially the clan which has not enough inside information.
      Sell an array to a sect. Just thinking about it makes Yang Qiu excited. The sect is much richer than a practitioner.
      They can pull out a lot of good things.
      “The owner of Tianji is really a good man!”
      Yang Qiu felt that when he went out after becoming a saint, he had to send some thoughts first, for nothing else, just for the sake of the landlord.
      I should express myself.
      If you don't have a landlord, you can't get rid of your demons. How dare you think about becoming a saint*
      Chapter 27 a little test
      In the battle.
      Ren Qingtu's figure appears. He stands in the void, his eyes looking down.
      Not far from him.
      Yang Qiu, dressed in a black robe, was standing on the earth, holding a jade slip in one hand and touching the array pattern in the other. He was touching and muttering to himself.
      Obviously we are studying this killing array.
      Looking at his breath, he is still at the peak of the Lord and has not yet stepped into the realm of saints.
      “And the good thing?”
      Ren Qingtu's eyes brightened and his mind became active.
      After Yang Qiu entered the secret place, he didn't take the chance to become a saint first, but he had the leisure to study the array.
      Since you're so obsessed with research.
      Then you can't blame me!
      Ren Qingtu gathered his breath and quietly walked around from the distance of Yangqiu. This is the killing array. We must not disturb Yangqiu.
      If two people fight here, both will die.
      This killing array, however, does not distinguish between the enemy and ourselves.
      In a quarter of an hour.
      Ren Qingtu took the lead in coming out of the array.
      In front of him, there is a mountain peak. On the mountain peak, a huge light floats, like a strong sun, blooming with thousands of brilliance and the power of saints.
      “Sages inherit!”
      Ren Qingtu's eyes are hot. So far away, he feels that the realm he has been unable to break through for a long time has begun to loosen. If he merges it
      There is no doubt that I will immediately step into the realm of saints!
      Ren Qingtu moves at his feet, turns into a streamer and comes to the top of the mountain.
      Standing at the top of the peak, Ren Qingtu's breath gradually becomes stronger and stronger, and becomes more and more loose in the bottleneck of the saint's peak.
      It seems that with a little effort, we can make a breakthrough.
      “Not yet.”
      Ren Qingtu glances around and finally looks at the direction of the killing array. Yang Qiu may come out at any time. If he comes out, he will see himself breaking through.
      That picture, I dare not imagine.
      The leader of the great Luo sword sect was killed by the elder of Jiuyou demon sect in the process of cultivation. When the news gets out, the great Luo sword sect doesn't have to mix in the cultivation world.
      Ren Qingtu thinks about it and finds out an array disk from the storage ring.
      This is an array.
      It's from the master of array. As long as you activate the array on the array disk, you can immediately form a large array. The advantage is that it's easy to carry.
      The disadvantage is that the power is small, the coverage area is small, and it won't last long.
      But in this case, it should be no problem to cover the top of the mountain and block the Yangqiu for a moment.
      Ren Qingtu turns to confirm again.
      See Yang Qiu still not come out.
      He held up the array disk in his palm and poured infinite truth into it.
      With the sound of “buzz”, the array disk was shocked, and the mysterious lines on it lit up, sketching out a strange pattern. Finally, it turned into a large array and buckled down.
      The top of the whole mountain, all wrapped in it.
      After confirming that the array is safe.
      Ren Qingtu sat under the light group and entered into the state of cultivation. Above his head, the light group went up and down, and the light poured into his four limbs.
      With more and more Guanghua falling, Ren Qingtu's momentum is becoming stronger and stronger.
      After a while.
      Yang Qiu, who has studied the array for a long time, came out of the array with a lonely look on his face.
      Yang Qiu sighed.
      “It's worthy of being a saint's array. I still can't understand it with the highest strength of my lord level. It's almost impossible to copy it completely.”
      “It seems that it's impossible for me to rely on my personal ability except for the guidance of the owner of Tianji.”
      Looking back at the array again, Yang Qiu shook his head slightly.
      Their Jiuyou demon sect has a lot of research on the way of array. A core disciple can set up a simplified version of the five demons devouring the sky array, which can be seen from this.
      As an elder, his knowledge of array is more profound.
      But even so, I still can't see through the original appearance of this ancient array.
      “I think that the sage of the evil way is also predestined with me. I can get his inheritance. After I become a saint, I think I can go further in the way of array!”
      Yang Qiu thought so.
      The person who can lay such an array must have been a master of array in his lifetime.
      Just looking at his array technique, Yang Qiu felt that he had been in love with each other for a long time.
      “The sage lived in ancient times. After countless years, under the guidance of the owner of Tianji, I came here to get the chance. Is it not the will of heaven?”
      Yang Qiu felt that there seemed to be an invisible palm leading him to this place.
      A combination of factors.
      He should be sanctified!
      Turning around, Yang Qiu looked into the distance and saw that there was only one peak, thousands of feet high. At the top of the peak, there were clouds.
      It's like a fairyland.
      Most of the mountains are covered by thick fog.
      Seeing this scene, Yang Qiu showed a smile at the corner of his mouth and said, “I never thought that there was another cave here.”
      He came up step by step from the foot of the mountain. Before he came to the thick fog, he stretched out his hand, felt it inside, and then withdrew it.
      “There is an array here.”
      “How can this array be so much weaker than those two outside?”
      “Could it be that…”
      “The sage thought that the two killing arrays were still not enough, and finally set such a small test?”*
      Chapter 28 a sword mender
      Yang Qiu was puzzled.
      In his hand, the jade slips emerge, and the divine sense probes into them and takes a close look at the contents.
      After a long time.
      Taking back the divine consciousness, Yang Qiu's eyes became more and more confused.
      “I haven't even mentioned this array. Have you figured out that this array can't stop me?”
      Yang Qiu muttered to himself.
      He stood outside and looked at it for a while. In his mind, he had confirmed that this array, at most, was a holy power, which could block him for a moment, but could not trap him.
      If he wants to, he can destroy the array violently.
      In this way, it saves time and effort, and does not waste much time.
      Think of it as a test left by saints.
      In the future, I may also take this place as another cave.
      Yang Qiu hesitated.
      It's easy to destroy an array. It's not good to hurt flowers and plants.
      After all.
      In the future, this is our own territory.
      “All right.”
      Yang Qiu sighed and said, “since it's the test left by the sage, I'll show you some means. It's just a saint level array. Even if I don't break the array violently, I can still walk through it!”
      There's no one here anyway.
      Yang Qiu himself is not in a hurry. He just studied the killing array of saints for a long time. Now it's time for his hands to itch. Unexpectedly, a master level array was sent to him.
      It's really a timely help.
      When Yang Qiu stepped into the array, the fog rolled, and the dense fog gathered in front of him. Even the divine consciousness was oppressed, and he couldn't get out too far.
      Yang Qiu nodded.
      I approve of this kind of array arrangement.
      He took a few steps forward, whew, a sword light came, he grasped it in his hand and crushed it.
      “This array technique…”
      There was a trace of doubt in Yang Qiu's eyes. He took a close look at his feet and found many patterns crisscross the earth.
      Yang Qiu spits out two words.
      This array arrangement technique is obviously written by the master of array in the world. Why did it appear in an ancient cave?
      I meditated for a long time.
      Yang Qiu was shocked and murmured, “is it true that the master of this cave used to be a wizard of array?”
      A man from ancient times can create the modern array technique.
      This kind of talent is amazing!
      If it comes out, many people who claim to be the master of array will be ashamed.
      What they have achieved today.
      In countless years ago, someone has done it!
      even to the extent that……
      I still keep the array until now!
      With the deepening, Yang Qiu's exclamation did not stop.
      If I didn't see it with my own eyes.
      It's hard to imagine that this formation and the other two killing formations were created by the same person. The style has changed a lot!
      It's like two completely different people.
      “It's unbelievable. If I hadn't known anyone else, I would have mistakenly thought that this was a formation left here by an outsider!”
      Yang Qiu said with admiration.
      One step deeper into the array again, a ray of sage's power is transmitted through the array.
      Feeling this power, Yang Qiu looked happy: “is this going to pass the array test?”
      From here, you can feel the holy power. The inheritance left by the sage is very important. Even the array can penetrate. If the sage is still alive.
      It must be a big man!
      Thinking that he was about to become a saint, Yang Qiu quickened his pace.
      As he went deeper and deeper, the sage's power became heavier and heavier. In the end, he felt a little bit of difficulty.
      “Is this Saint still alive?”
      Yang Qiu frowned.
      This kind of pressure is too powerful.
      It's still growing fast.
      It seems that a saint is waking up, which makes him hardly dare to think about it. If an ancient sage lives to the present, his strength
      I think it's terrible!
      After going deep into the array again for a while, the holy power is mixed with a trace of sword spirit. It is extremely fierce and makes people sweat. It seems that it is locked by a magic sword.
      “The sword is so pure…”
      Yang qiuza's tongue.
      He thought that he knew enough about the ancient sage, but at present, he didn't know enough.
      That sage is still a swordsman!
      After walking the array, I also want to build a sword. Both roads have become saints. Such talent
      I can't imagine.
      If you specialize in one, I'm afraid it's enough to become an emperor.
      Even if we can't become an emperor, it's not a big problem to be an emperor.
      As if he had noticed something, Yang Qiu felt the meaning of the sword carefully. He murmured: “I seem to be a little familiar with the meaning of the sword…”
      “I seem to have seen it before!”
      After thinking for a moment, Yang Qiu suddenly realized and said in a deep voice:
      “Da Luo Jian Zong!”
      The voice dropped.
      “Boom” a loud bang, a long sword, thousands of feet long, through the clouds and the moon, through the void, broken the array, rushed to the nine clouds, shocked the whole world.
      The sword roared in the sky.
      With baiduan mountain as the center, in a circle of millions of miles, ten thousand swords bow down and wail, as if they were worshiping a sage in the sword*
      Chapter 29 I'm curious, too
      In the little cave.
      The sword is shining.
      An ancient and simple sword turns into an ancient sacred mountain, which is filled with the powerful power of saints. It is like a wave sweeping all over the world.
      It's a combination of sword spirit.
      In front of the sword, an immortal shadow of the great shore emerged from the empty sky, standing on the clouds, like an Immortal King!
      The attitude of being proud of the past and the present, one person dominating the past and the nine days makes everything in the world lose its color.
      “Lying trough!”
      At the foot of the mountain.
      Yang Qiu looked up at the sky with a look of amazement.
      “Da Luo Zhang Jiao, Ren Qingtu!”
      “When did he come?”
      Yang Qiu is going to be crazy. It's clear that he is about to become a saint. How can someone become a saint first?
      Do you?
      Take another look at the array on the top of the mountain.
      Yang Qiu's face turned red and his anger rose in his chest. He didn't know what had happened?
      The last array is not left by ancient sages.
      It's Ren Qingtu who deliberately set up this array.
      I want to stop myself.
      And I don't care about myself.
      It's so stupid!
      If you break the array with violence, you may be able to prevent Ren Qingtu from succeeding in breaking through the pass, but at this time, it's too late.
      Ren Qingtu has been completely sanctified!
      “Liu Chengxue!”
      Yang Qiu is trying to squeeze out three words.
      He will not forget why he came to dahuangcheng and why he met the owner of Tianji.
      The original of all this lies in his disciples.
      Liu Chengxue is Ren Qingtu's Apprentice.
      Ren Qingtu's appearance in dahuangcheng is also reasonable.
      Ren Qingtu also bought the news from his predecessors, so he kept on coming and became a saint in front of himself.
      Yang Qiu's eyes are empty.
      In the end, Liu Chengxue was missed.
      If you do not do anything after entering the array, and first put all the most important resources in your hands, now you may have become a saint, right?
      Think of it here.
      Yang Qiu's heart is dripping blood.
      “Ren Qingtu has become a saint. It's not suitable to stay here for a long time. If he wakes up and finds my trace…”
      Yang Qiu shivered.
      Jiuyou demon sect and Daluo sword sect are enemies behind them. They are just the same level before. If you really want to fight, you won't be afraid of each other.
      But there's no problem escaping.
      But now it's different.
      Ren Qingtu has become a saint. With one look in his eyes, he can hurt himself badly.
      There is absolutely no chance of winning against the previous Qing Tu!
      “I'll buy another chance to become a saint. It's up to you to settle today's affairs in the future!”
      Yang Qiu gave a low roar.
      Then quickly turned away.
      When Ren Qingtu became a saint.
      Hundreds of thousands of miles around baiduan mountain range, countless practitioners are watching here nervously.
      The holy land of ChiYan.
      This is a holy land not far from baiduan mountains.
      The red flame Lord wears a red robe. His hair and eyebrows are all like a beating flame. His whole body sends out a burning breath, which distorts the void.
      With his hands on his back, he looked at the direction of the baiduan mountains, and his eyes were very dignified.
      “Da Luo Jian Yi!”
      The holy master of ChiYan murmured, “is it Ren Qingtu?”
      “In the past, I didn't win or lose the battle with him. I didn't think that he was one step ahead of us and stepped into the realm of saints!”
      The red flame Lord looked at the sky sword, and his eyes showed the color of thinking.
      “When one sect breaks through the holy land, it is not in the sect, but in the wilderness. I'm afraid there's something fishy about it!”
      This is very problematic.
      Which leader is not well prepared when he wants to break through the sage?
      Not in the wilderness.
      Inside the clan, they are worried that if the protection is not tight enough, they will be taken advantage of. If they are not careful, they will be disturbed when they break through, and that life will be over.
      If it's light, it's useless. If it's heavy, it's fatal.
      Ren Qingtu has practiced for more than a thousand years, and he can't help but understand this.
      But even so, he still chose to break through in the wilderness, but also successfully entered the realm of saints, which can have a big problem.
      This is usually the case.
      They can't be suppressed by cultivation. We must find a place to break through right away.
      The situation that can make people's accomplishments soar and can't be suppressed must be a chance!
      The Lord of ChiYan spoke faintly.
      “Lord, what can I do for you?”
      A dark shadow floated from a distance and came to the Lord of ChiYan silently. A man covered in fog bowed to salute.
      “Go to the baiduan mountains and see what chance Ren Qingtu has met!Report to me as soon as you have news! ”
      Lord ChiYan said.
      You Ying agrees and dissipates directly.
      “I'm curious about the chance to step into the holy land quickly.”
      Lord ChiYan looked into the distance with a trace of desire in his eyes.
      We are all of the same generation. It's all right if we don't make any breakthrough. But if one of us goes ahead of everyone, the rest of us can't calm down.
      Among geniuses, one step ahead is always one step ahead.
      If you can't catch up in a short period of time, you'll have no chance in your life.
      The gap between the two sides will only widen.
      (for flowers and comments, kneel down and thank you all!)*
      Chapter 30 20% discount for group buying!
      North of the baiduan mountains.
      Eight million miles away.
      Tianyin Dynasty.
      In a grand and magnificent hall.
      Several figures stood.
      At the top, a white haired old man, lying on the soft couch, exudes a deep twilight, just like an old man dying.
      He did not move, his eyes drooped, and he did not say a word, but there was a kind of supreme dignity, which suppressed the whole hall and made people dare not ignore it.
      All of a sudden.
      The old man opened his eyes and looked at the baiduan mountains.
      “Da Luo Jian Zong!”
      Hoarse voice sounded, the old man fingers clenched, hands of a flawless jade cup, was suddenly pinched into powder.
      At the same time.
      A terrible breath swept out.
      It's like a mountain, pressing on the shoulders of everyone in the hall.
      “The emperor.”
      The old man spoke indifferently.
      “My son is here.”
      A middle-aged man stepped out and saluted respectfully.
      “The man who broke through just now is Ren Qingtu, the leader of Daluo Jianzong?”
      Said the old man hoarsely.
      “My father knows everything, and nothing can be concealed from his eyes.”
      The middle-aged man said in a deep voice.
      “Ha ha.”
      The old man sneered and said indifferently, “Ren Qingtu and you are of the same generation. He stepped into the holy land, but I, the emperor, still stay in the Holy Land…”
      This old man is the contemporary emperor of the Tianyin Dynasty.
      In terms of seniority, they are one generation higher than Ren Qingtu and Yang Qiu. Such an existence has not been sanctified up to now, and I see that the younger generation will come to him.
      Let his face, no longer hang.
      The breath in the hall.
      It's getting heavier.
      No one dares to speak at this time.
      “That's all.”
      A moment later, the old man spoke again and said indifferently, “huang'er, go to the baiduan mountains in person, check what chance Ren Qingtu has found, and then bring it back!”
      “Baiduan mountain range, in the final analysis, is also the ruling area of our Tianyin Dynasty. How can we allow others to go in and out?”
      “Yes, my son!”
      The middle-aged man said respectfully.
      The old man sat up slowly, his eyes burning like a tiger waking up. Even in his old age, he could not be underestimated. Looking at his son, he said in a hoarse voice:
      “You also need to practice quickly. I don't have much time left.”
      “I understand.”
      The middle-aged man's head was low, and a trace of resentment flashed in his eyes from an angle that no one could see.
      “Go down.”
      The old man waved weakly.
      The middle-aged man bowed and left the hall.
      Great waste city.
      In front of Tianji building.
      Li Yun and Liu Chengxue stand side by side in front of the gate, overlooking the direction of baiduan mountains.
      It's not far from baiduan mountain range. The meaning of the sword to heaven can be seen clearly here, and you can even feel a kind of weak saint's authority.
      “It seems that it is your master who has become a saint.”
      Li Yun said faintly.
      “It's all thanks to my predecessors.”Liu Chengxue respectfully way, but between the eyebrows, there is a glimmer of joy, hard to restrain.
      After all.
      When one's master becomes a saint, one's apprentice will also have face.
      “It's a pity.”
      Li Yun shook his head slightly.
      “Are you pitying for Yang Qiu?”
      Liu Chengxue's heart clapped..
      The master sold the chance of becoming a saint to two people, namely his master and Yang Qiu. Now his master has become a saint, but the master says it's a pity.
      This obviously does not bode well.
      Li Yunchang sighed.
      Looking at the distance, I think that if Ren Qingtu becomes a saint, the chance of becoming a saint will be gone. I can't sell it to a third person. It's equivalent to breaking a way to brush the secrets.
      Isn't that a pity?
      Next time, if there is such a thing, at least more people should be gathered to give them a group purchase.
      20% off for group purchase!
      Every saint level person, one by one, no matter how many chances he has, it's not enough.
      Although the Lord level weapons are precious.
      But compared with the strength of holy land, it is nothing.
      “That's good…”
      Liu Chengxue patted her chest and breathed a sigh of relief.
      As long as it's not my master who has offended my predecessors, it's easy to say anything.
      At this time.
      A heartrending cry came from the end of the sky.
      Before a man comes, a voice comes.
      When the sound falls to the ground.
      An old man in black was standing in front of Tianji building. He thumped his chest and said, “master, my chance of becoming a saint has been robbed!”
      Li Yun picks his eyebrows.
      Some funny look at Yang Qiu.
      You mean it?
      I'll give you three days. You're not sanctified. Blame me?
      After a look at Yang Qiu's information, Li Yun is more happy. He does not want to take advantage of the opportunity to enter the big array, but starts to think about the array.
      Who can blame Ren Qingtu for picking peaches?
      “Don't panic.”
      Li yunyun lightly waved his hand and said, “there is not only one chance. Ren Qingtu can become a saint, so can you. It's just that the time has not come.”
      “Besides, although you have not been sanctified, you have gained a lot of good things in that cave?”
      “But these things, in terms of value, can't be compared with sanctification.”
      Yang Qiu sighed.
      If you let him choose.
      He is willing to give up everything just for sanctification.
      “Sanctification is not a big deal. As long as you can afford it, I can give you a good fortune!”
      Li Yun said with a smile.
      Yang Qiu
      If sanctification is not a big deal.
      Yang Qiu can't think of anything else in the world.
      Throughout the whole cultivation world, it is estimated that the only person who can say this is the owner of Tianji building*
      Chapter 31 is my turn!
      “Listen to the elder's meaning, do you have any chance to become a saint?”
      Yang Qiu asked cautiously.
      “How big is the world?”
      Li Yun chuckled and said: “countless years have passed, and there are countless hidden opportunities. Even if the opportunities in this world are gone, what about the world of heaven?”
      “Don't worry.”
      “As long as the starting price, there is always a chance for you.”
      Yang Qiu rubbed his hands. As soon as he gritted his teeth, there was a broken Lord level weapon in his hand. As soon as he was about to hand it over, he seemed to think of something.
      The broken weapons of Lord level have disappeared again.
      He raised his head, looked at Li Yun carefully and said, “I didn't sell the chance you said to other people, did I?”
      Li Yun laughed and said, “do you want to enter a secret place by yourself?”
      It's true that once Yang Qiu was bitten by a snake for ten years, he was afraid of the well rope. Ren Qingtu taught him a lesson that he could remember all his life.
      “I can't hide everything from my master.”
      Yang Qiu gave a dry smile.
      The chance of the sage in bishuiya is still fresh in his memory. If he could occupy it by himself, the inner spiritual grass alone would be enough for him to cultivate safely to the realm of sage king!
      No one wants to share such benefits.
      Not to mention, it will attract the enemy and let him return empty handed.
      “That's fine.”
      Li Yun nodded and said, “but… More money is needed!”
      At the beginning, Li Yun didn't know what was in it, but after he sold it, he found out about it, and immediately regretted.
      Inside, there are not only opportunities to become saints, but also countless spirit grasses. The key is a holy soldier!
      Let him buy four or five holy Lord weapons.
      It's too bad!
      Until now.
      Li Yunfang knew that the original system was so conscientious.
      Having learned from the past, Li Yun made up his mind that he would never sell it at a low price next time. At least he would have to harvest a little more chance points, or sell them to a group of people at the same time.
      “More… More money?”
      Yang Qiu's smile froze.
      Just now, he picked up a pile of broken weapons. He thought he was a little fat. Now when he heard the words of his predecessors, he had a bad premonition.
      “How much more?”
      Yang Qiu asked.
      “At least seven or eight times.”
      If Li Yun has nothing to do with it.
      “Seven… Seven or eight times?”
      Yang Qiu's voice suddenly rose several tones.
      Before that, I took out all my wealth and just got a piece of news. Now it's seven or eight times as much. Doesn't it mean that I have to be seven or eight times as much as I used to be?
      “Have you forgotten the benefits of bishuiya?”
      Li Yun asked.
      Yang Qiu is speechless.
      It seems reasonable to listen to what the elder said.
      If I accept all the opportunities of bishuiya, I will be worth more than seven or eight times more?
      “How much is such a weapon worth
      Yang Qiu thought for a moment, and once again took out a broken Lord level weapon in his hand.
      This weapon is a long sword. It's broken from it, and its aura is dim. No one can say how much power it has after a long time.
      “System, how many Tianji points is this worth?”
      Li Yun asked in his heart.
      Ding, you can exchange 800 Tianji points for broken Lord level weapons
      Li Yun
      The complete Lord level weapon is worth 7000, while the broken one is only worth 700. There is a ten fold gap between them, which is a bit outrageous.
      Sure enough.
      The price of recycled goods is very low.
      “It's not worth money. If you want to use it to buy things in Tianji building, you need at least hundreds of them. How much do you have now?”
      Li Yun looked back at Yang Qiu and said.
      Yang Qiu sneered and took the weapon back.
      Although I picked up a lot of them, I didn't exaggerate to hundreds of them. After all, the Lord is still very valuable and died in a certain place.
      We can't hide the baiduan mountains.
      “Then I'll come back in a few days.”
      Yang Qiu reluctantly said, he took a look at Tianji building, then looked at Li Yun, and said: “master, you have to leave me a chance, I'll be back soon.”
      “Rest assured.”
      Li Yun smiles.
      “Then… It's a deal!”
      Yang Qiu arched his hand.
      Yang Qiu turned into a streamer, rose up into the sky, and soon disappeared in the sky.
      He had made up his mind to go back to Jiuyou demon sect and find some of his martial brothers who had a good relationship with each other to borrow some weapons or Lingbao.
      When you become a saint
      If you become a saint, you don't need to pay it back.
      Is there anyone else in the evil way who can borrow or return?
      I dare not ask for an account with a saint.
      After watching Yang Qiu go away.
      Li Yun looks back at a group of people not far away.
      “Is this the Lord of the great wilderness?”
      Li Yun said with a smile.
      It's not far away.
      The Lord of the great wilderness stood in the front, and his whole body trembled when he heard the voice. He quickly stepped forward and said:
      “It's the younger generation!”
      After waiting for a long time, it's my turn!
      The Lord of the great wasteland was not very sad. First he was a great devil, then he was the leader of the great Luo sect. God knows how he has been living these days. It's so frightening.
      In this way, he had to be scared to death.
      This time, in any case, we have to hold the thigh of the owner of the Tianji building.
      After that, I didn't even dare to sleep.
      (for flowers, for evaluation, for collection!)*
      Chapter 32 this is… Saint level array(Two thousand flowers plus change)
      “Come in, Lord.”
      Li Yun reached out to invite him.
      As for the great wasteland city leader, he has long been a god friend.
      We haven't met yet.
      He gave me a magic weapon of astronomical level. It's very generous. If you sell something today, maybe you can make a lot of money!
      “I dare not.”
      The Lord of the wasteland shook his head and bowed himself to say, “please, master.”
      Li Yun chuckled and said nothing. He turned back to Tianji building.
      The Lord of the great wilderness followed him.
      The two enter the lobby.
      Liu Chengxue has poured two cups of tea and came over with them.
      See this scene.
      In the heart of the Lord of the great wilderness, he was awed.
      Sure enough.
      Han Feng didn't deceive himself. He is the core disciple of Da Luo Jianzong. He is actually a maid here, and before that, Da Luo Zhangjiao came here.
      There is no objection to this.
      What does this stand for?
      On behalf of, the Dalao sect also acquiesced in this matter!
      “Master, please have tea.”
      Liu Chengxue walked up to Li Yun and said respectfully.
      “Thank you very much.”
      Li Yun took the tea and said thanks.
      Although Liu Chengxue lives here temporarily, he never treats him as a maid. Besides, Tianji building doesn't need a maid.
      He can finish everything in a moment.
      In Tianji building, he is like a creator. He doesn't want to be successful, but he is absolutely invincible.
      “It's very kind of you, master.”
      Liu Chengxue's heart is filled with joy. Not many people are able to thank her elders. She seems to be the first one since she knew her elders.
      Liu Chengxue comes to the Lord of the great wilderness.
      Not yet.
      The Lord of the great wilderness quickly got up and said in a panic: “the fairy doesn't have to be like this. I'll do it myself.”
      The owner of Tianji can ignore Liu Chengxue, but he dares not. After all, he is the core disciple of Daluo Jianzong and has a noble identity.
      There is also the support of Da Luo Zhang Jiao behind him, which is much stronger than he is a small city leader.
      Liu Chengxue smiles for a while, but doesn't care. After putting down the tea cup, she turns and leaves.
      After Liu Chengxue left.
      Li Yun opened the panel of the Lord of the great wilderness City, glanced at it, and immediately understood what the other side was thinking. He sighed in his heart and said softly:
      “The city master's intention is known by Li. If the city master wants Tianji building to protect Dahuang City, I'm afraid it will disappoint you.”
      Hearing this, the Lord of the great waste city was pale. He shook his palm with a cup of tea and spilled a lot of tea.
      How could the elder have known before he made a sound?
      The Lord of the great waste City squeezed out a smile that was uglier than crying. He asked weakly, “but I can't see the backwater of the great waste city?”
      Li Yun shook his head.
      Dahuangcheng was the place where he settled down.
      tell the truth.
      The Lord of the wasteland wanted to protect him.
      He also wanted to agree.
      He didn't want to be destroyed by others one day.
      But it's not.
      I'm not strong enough now, and Tianji building only protects me. I can't do it at all. Instead of waiting for the Lord of the wasteland to speak, I'd better refuse him in advance.
      In order not to wait until the great waste city is destroyed, I will feel powerless.
      “Why is that?”
      The Lord of Dahuang stood up and said excitedly, “I've prepared a heavy gift for you. It's a family treasure. It's just for you to send it to me.”
      “As long as the elder…”
      “Eternal wood?”
      Li Yun spoke again.
      As if he had been strangled by the neck, the endless talk of the Lord of the great wilderness turned red. He didn't know what to say.
      What do you want to say or do.
      In front of him, the elder had already guessed the next step, and accurately told it first.
      What the hell is this?
      He lived for hundreds of years.
      tell the truth.
      It's the first time for the Lord of the great wilderness to encounter this kind of thing.
      “Master, the tree that has been growing for thousands of years is…”
      “Mr. Li knows that the materials for refining holy vessels are right?”
      Li Yun said with a smile.
      He checked the system just now.
      The value of ten thousand year old evergreen wood is not low. It has a total of 9800 natural intelligence points, which is more expensive than a saint level weapon. We can see its value.
      “It seems… To be wishful thinking.”
      The Lord of the great wilderness is dead hearted.
      It's true that time is rare for Saint level materials, and many saints will be excited. However, in this case, it's obvious that Tianji building can't take the initiative.
      I overestimate the saint level materials and underestimate the owner of Tianji.
      When the Lord of the great wilderness wanted to leave with a bitter smile.
      Li Yun spoke again.
      “The Lord of the city may have misunderstood. Li just said that he would not protect the wasteland City, but he didn't say that he would not trade. Now I have something for sale. I don't know if the Lord of the city wants to buy it?”
      After hearing these words, the Lord of the great wilderness took his steps and took them back abruptly, with a surprise in his eyes.
      “What is it, sir?”
      “It's just an array.”
      With a smile, Li Yun raised his hand and flashed a glimmer. There was a piece of cloth in the palm of his hand, which was full of symbols and various lines.
      At the first time.
      Then he was thrown by Li Yun to the Lord of the wasteland.
      The Lord of the great wilderness reached for the cloth and looked at it carefully. A layer of cold sweat suddenly appeared on his forehead. He suddenly raised his head and said with difficulty:
      “Master, is this the saint level array?”
      (for flowers, for evaluation, for collection!!)*
      Chapter 33 the most stable city(Seek for flowers, seek for evaluation)
      “Yes and no.”Li Yun sipped a sip of tea, ambiguous.
      This array, if Yang Qiu is here.
      It must be recognized.
      Because this array is from the blue water cliff.
      Two killing formations, one of them!
      The system gives the way to break the array, and naturally the way to arrange the array.
      An opportunity, divided into three sales, how to see no loss.
      The leader of the wasteland city was thirsty, holding the palm of the array map, trembling slightly, and murmuring, “it's too expensive!”
      This is a saint level array!
      Some medium-sized sects don't have Saint level array.
      He is a small wasteland city. How can he have a saint level array?
      More importantly, he can't afford it!
      In my hand, I have only one piece of ten thousand year old wood. Although it is holy level material, how can the value of one piece of material compare with a complete holy level array?
      “It's a simplified version. The most powerful power is at Lord level.”
      Li Yun explained in a voice.
      “It's the Lord level…”
      The Lord of the great wilderness can't help but feel relieved. If he is a saint, he can't afford to buy it. But the saint is much better.
      Bite your own teeth, you should still be able to buy it.
      With this array, dahuangcheng will be able to have some confidence to face the Lord in the future.
      Master, as expected, is still facing the great waste city!
      There was some emotion in the heart of the Lord of the great wilderness.
      They say that they don't want to protect the city, but in fact, they are a saint level array. Isn't that protecting the city in disguise?
      “How are you thinking about it?Do you want to buy this array? ”
      Li Yun asked.
      “Buy it!”
      The Lord of the great wilderness cut the railway.
      He's fed up with the cowardice before. This time he's going to buy iron!
      If he wants to develop his wasteland City, he is bound to have a strong array in the future. Now this opportunity is in front of him, and he has no reason not to seize it.
      “Wait a moment, master. I'll go back and collect the Lingshi, and I'll be back soon.”
      Said the Lord quickly.
      “No need.”
      Li Yun raised his hand, pointed to the door, and said, “a ten thousand year old tree is enough.”
      It's holy stuff, after all.
      He is still very excited about Li Yun.
      That's more than 9000 points. How can we let it go for nothing?
      “A ten thousand year old tree?”
      The leader of Dahuang city was stunned for a moment, and then he was overjoyed and called out: “Han Feng!”
      “My subordinates are here!”
      Han Feng came in with a wooden box.
      “Come on
      The Lord of the great wasteland waved and said, “send the old trees to the elder generation quickly!”
      Although the holy materials are valuable, they are just like chicken ribs to Dahuang city. The most powerful part of the city's main mansion is the supernatural realm.
      If you take holy materials, you can't use them. You have to worry all day, for fear that people will know the news and cause the greed of saints.
      At the moment, it's better to use a hot potato for a saint level array.
      Han Feng bows slightly, holding a wooden box in his hand, and sends it to Li Yun.
      “Eternal wood…”
      Li Yun reached out, took the wooden box, and took out a piece of palm sized wood. The color was dark and the tentacles were cold. Holding it in his hand was like holding an ice cube.
      The material is very tough. He pinched it hard and didn't leave a trace.
      “Holy material is really good, but I can't use it…”
      Li Yun sighs that he has directly converted it into the number of Tianji points. If he needs any magic weapon, he can buy it directly in the mall. He doesn't need to refine it himself at all.
      In exchange for ten thousand year old trees.
      Open the system panel and have a look.
      The number of Tianji points: 51200.
      He broke through the 50000 mark for the first time, and didn't need to hand over a cent to the system, which made him feel very comfortable.
      “If you want to exchange the Tiandi Sutra, there is still a long way to go. If you want to exchange the magic power, you need more. It's a long way to go.”
      Li Yun thought.
      At this time, the Lord of Dahuang put away the array map and said in a soft voice, “if there is nothing wrong, I will leave first.”
      “Slow down, you two.”
      Li Yun said with a smile.
      For his customers, he is very patient. Maybe one day, when they are developed, they will continue to give themselves a steady stream of Tianji points.
      For example
      Yang Qiu.
      Out of Tianji building.
      The Lord of Dahuang took out the array map and looked at it carefully again.
      Not surprisingly.
      This array will be the key for them to settle down in the wasteland city. With this master level array, they will have a radius of 10000 Li or even 100000 Li.
      Dahuang city is definitely the most stable city!
      What is the most needed thing for the people in the cultivation world, especially the sanxiu?
      sense of security!
      As long as they are individuals, they don't want to stay in a city that will be destroyed at any time.
      The original wasteland city is such a city.
      Therefore, the development of dahuangcheng is very difficult, and few people are willing to settle here.
      But with this array, the situation in the past has been reversed. The sense of security of the Lord level array can attract countless people.
      If there are people, there will be oil and water in dahuangcheng.
      With oil and water, their city master's mansion can develop
      After development
      In the hands of the master, the complete sage array can not be ignored.
      Thinking of the beautiful picture of the future, the Lord of Dahuang took out an empty white jade slip, quickly recorded countless array materials, and then left them to Han Feng behind.
      “Han Tongling, go quickly to collect these materials. In three days, this array will appear in the sky of Dahuang city!”*
      Chapter 34 are you serious(Seek for flowers, seek for evaluation)
      Send away the Lord of the wasteland.
      Li Yun took a look at the sky outside.
      It's late at night.
      He gave a stretch and stood up.
      At this time.
      Just then Liu Chengxue came out.
      “It seems that your master abandoned you.”
      Li Yun said with a smile.
      Ren Qingtu came in the morning and became a saint at noon. It's all evening and he hasn't come back to pick up his apprentice. It seems that he doesn't plan to pick up his apprentice.
      “My master… Maybe he has his own plan.”
      Liu Chengxue thought about it and said.
      The owner of Tianji building is extraordinary. As long as he is an individual, he will surely find that the master left him here. Maybe he wanted to have a good relationship with Tianji building.
      Liu Chengxue thinks very clearly.
      Right now.
      The ancestor of Daluo Jianzong has just been born. He is in a precarious period. If any information is leaked, Daluo Jianzong may be destroyed.
      Master wants to rely on the relationship between the predecessors, but also excusable.
      “Don't think so much, maybe it's simply forgetting you…”
      Li Yun's voice is quiet.
      “Master, you are peeping at other people's thoughts again…”
      Liu Chengxue blushes and lowers her head.
      She had known for a long time that the master could see through other people's minds. She was not even the Lord. How could she hide this from the master?
      Li Yun was a little embarrassed, waved his hand and said, “it's just a habit.”
      He closed the system panel, walked upstairs, said: “it's getting late, have a rest early.”
      Liu Chengxue's face stagnated, and his heart was full of curiosity. Didn't he need to practice?
      Soon, she came back to realize that the elder, with his strength, might have come to the end of the road of cultivation.
      Why continue to practice?
      Daluo sword sect.
      The sacred peaks, floating in the void, soar into the clouds like swords.
      Between the peaks, the divine light is rushing into the night, and Ruixia is steaming. A disciple in white with sword pattern embroidered on his sleeve flies by.
      At this point.
      A stream of light.
      The saint's power is palpitating.
      This person is Ren Qingtu, the leader of the great Luo sect.
      After entering the clan.
      Ren Qingtu's speed didn't decrease, and he flew directly to the back mountain.
      “That man just now, seems to be the leader of the sect?”
      “Maybe not. Maybe it's an old ancestor. Just now, it was Shengwei. Although Zhangjiao was involved in creation, it seems to be a long way from the holy land.”
      “But who else can use that kind of big Luo sword idea besides Zhang Jiao?”
      “Are you stupid?The cultivation methods of the previous generations of Zhangjiao are the same. How do you know that was not the previous generation of Zhangjiao? ”
      “It's… it's true.”
      The breath of Ren Qingtu.
      In daruo Jianzong, it caused a great disturbance, and countless people looked at the direction of his disappearance and talked about it.
      Watch the streamer disappear in the back of the mountain.
      Countless people have such an expression.
      It's really a supreme elder. Otherwise, how can we go straight to the back mountain?
      You know, it's a place where the supreme elder is shut down. In ordinary times, the leader can't easily set foot.
      Daluo sword sect.
      Back hill.
      Ren Qingtu falls from the cloud top.
      When he came to a hill, he bowed and said in a deep voice, “disciple Ren Qingtu, please see Master!”
      Voice landing.
      After a long time, there was an old voice coming slowly.
      “It's Qingtu. Come on up.”
      “Yes, master!”
      Ren Qingtu agreed and walked towards the hill.
      The top of the hill.
      A small pavilion, located above.
      Right now.
      In the pavilion, two old people sit opposite each other, one holding a white chess, hesitating, the other stroking white beard, with a confident smile on his face.
      “Ren Qingtu has seen master and uncle.”
      Hearing the sound, the old man holding the white chess, with a smile on his face, dropped his pieces, looked at Ren Qingtu, and said, “is the apprentice coming?But because of the family thing… Huh?Are you sanctified
      Another old man, hearing the voice, changed his face at the same time, turned his head and looked at Ren Qingtu.
      “To tell you the truth, my master and uncle, I have become a saint.”
      Ren Qingtu said respectfully.
      “Qingtu, what chance have you met?”
      An old man, with a look of inquiry, asked in a voice.
      As for Ren Qingtu, they are quite familiar with him. He is very talented and has good qualifications. It should not be difficult for him to become a saint in the future, but not now.
      At least, within 500 years, sanctification is unlikely.
      “It's true that the master said that the disciples were indeed instructed by the experts, so they entered a cave and got the inheritance of the ancient sages. That's why they became saints.”
      Ren Qingtu said respectfully.
      “Expert advice?”
      Master Ren Qingtu looks at the old man next to him with a white eyebrow. Then he turns his head and asks in a voice, “apprentice, who is the expert you are talking about?”
      “The master, whose name is Tianji Louzhu, has an unfathomable strength. I used four holy weapons and changed a message in the master's hand!”
      Ren Qingtu said here, pause a little, and then continued: “with this news, I entered a cave named bishuiya, and got the chance to become a saint from there!”
      Master Ren Qingtu clapped his hand and said in a high voice, “I never thought that you were so lucky. Don't forget to thank that elder after you become a saint.”
      “I understand, but I have another thing to do when I come back this time.”
      Ren Qingtu is ashamed.
      Don't say thank you. He didn't go back to Dahuang City, so he went back to Daluo Jianzong. It's not that he didn't want to go to Dahuang City, but he couldn't get away.
      The news of his sanctification will soon spread all over the world.
      The holy land near the baiduan mountains will certainly be moved by the wind.
      If someone becomes a saint in the area of influence of Daluo Jianzong, he will send someone to investigate, and then hold the chance in his own hands.
      At present, the holy land of ChiYan and the emperor of Tianyin are ready to move.
      Their people may have arrived at the baiduan mountains.
      There is another Yang Qiu.
      This person is different from others. He has a method of breaking the array in his hand. If he returns to Jiuyou demon sect first, he will give the method of breaking the array to Jiuyou sect.
      It's hard to say who the chance belongs to.
      He came back at the moment, just to take people back, to occupy the opportunity first.
      “Another message?”
      Master Ren Qingtu was curious and asked, “what's the news?”
      “In that place, there are not only the methods of becoming saints, but also countless natural resources and treasures. If we can occupy them, we daruo Jianzong will surely go to a higher level!”
      Ren Qingtu vowed.
      As soon as Ren Qingtu said this, the next uncle frowned and said in a deep voice, “are you sure there are countless talents and treasures?”
      Ren Qingtu nodded.
      “Such a precious chance, did the elder give you four holy weapons?”
      Asked the elder martial uncle.
      It's so weird. It's unusual.
      “In fact, it's true. The elder only sells news, regardless of other things. The elder once said that there is nothing he doesn't know in the world. If he can afford the price, it's not impossible to let the great Luo Jianzong return to glory.”
      Ren Qingtu said with a bitter smile.
      “Hiss –!”
      I heard that.
      The two elders took a cool breath together.
      It's a little scary.
      Daluo Jianzong is in a weak period. If we let Jianzong return to its glory, wouldn't we say that we can forcefully promote the existence of a great sage?
      “Are you serious?”
      Master Ren Qingtu asked gravely.
      It's related to the future of Da Luo Jianzong, so they can't help ignoring it.
      “It's true
      Ren Qingtu spits out four words.
      “So it's time for us to go out and walk.”
      After a moment of silence.
      Master Ren Qingtu said softly.
      same day.
      The two sages' breath soared to the sky and went straight to the baiduan mountains.
      When they came out of the mountain, Ren Qingtu copied the method of breaking the battle in his hand and sent it to his master. He had this jade slip.
      At least they can get in and out of bishuiya safely.
      And he himself
      After all, it's just a breakthrough*
      Chapter 35 a place called Tianji building(Seek for flowers, seek for evaluation)
      Three days later.
      Five hundred thousand miles north of Dahuang city.
      A white jade unicorn, tens of meters high, like a hill, pulls a bronze chariot to crush the void and flies towards the baiduan mountains.
      At the front of the chariot, a big flag fluttered in the wind and wrote the word Tianyin.
      All the way.
      Everyone who saw the chariot retreated, for fear that it would be too late.
      Everyone knows that.
      Behind the chariot stands the emperor Tianyin. The person who can pull the chariot with Qilin is definitely of high status. It is very likely that he is a prince!
      “Baiduan mountain range!”
      In the chariot.
      Wearing a black boa robe and a jade crown, beichenheng sits behind a long case and mumbles to himself.
      “It's a pity.”
      “The chance of becoming a saint is in Ren Qingtu's hands. If I can become a saint…”
      “Maybe the emperor of Tianyin can change the dynasty!”
      When he thought of what his father had said to him in the Imperial City, he felt more and more urgent. He was dragging on and facing his own disadvantage.
      His father Shouyuan is less and less, and his desire for strength is more and more intense.
      It's very likely that he's going to attack himself!
      And Ren Qingtu became a saint, which undoubtedly became the last straw to defeat the camel, and made the sensitive nerves of the emperor Tianyin completely tense.
      “Nayuan shenjue…”
      There are four words in the teeth, and the tone of Beichen constant becomes colder and colder, and the killing intention in the eyes is incomparable.
      At this time.
      A knock on the door, interrupted Beichen constant thoughts.
      He cleared his throat and said in a loud voice:
      “Come in!”
      “See you, my Lord!”
      A general in armor came in and saluted respectfully.
      “What's the matter?What's the matter with the baiduan mountains? ”
      The North Chen Heng opens a mouth to ask a way.
      “Your Highness, the matter has been found out. The reason is that Ren Qingtu, the leader of the Dalao sect, found a cave in the baiduan mountains, from which he obtained a saint's inheritance.”
      The general continued with a respectful gesture: “there seems to be a lot of resources in that cave. Daluo Jianzong sent two sage level elders to come here not far away.”
      “Just to take the cave for yourself!”
      The North Chen Heng Leng hums a, displeased way: “hundred break mountain range, is the realm of the day Yin emperor Dynasty, his big Luo Jian Zong's hand stretch too long!”
      “Your Highness…”
      The commander, out of his voice, wanted to say nothing.
      “What else?”
      The North Chen constant sink voice says.
      “Not only the great luojianzong, but also the holy land of ChiYan sent a saint to come here. They are not far from baiduan mountains, and they also found the differences of baiduan mountains.”
      Lead the way.
      “And what?Let's finish together
      North Chen constant brow a wrinkly, cold voice says.
      “Moreover, Jiuyou demon sect also sent two supreme elders of Saint level…”
      Said the commander slowly.
      Beichen constant complexion a change, abruptly stand up, in the eye son flash over the color of inconceivable.
      The dalaozhang sect became a saint in the baiduan mountains. Naturally, they knew how precious the opportunity of the baiduan mountains was. It was reasonable to send two saints. The holy land of ChiYan was not far away from the baiduan mountains, so it was justifiable to send a saint.
      But what the hell is Jiuyou?
      The distance they got here was a little further than that of Da Luo Jianzong.
      But the two sages of Jiuyou demon sect arrived in three days, as if they knew how precious the chance was.
      That's a little weird.
      Has anyone leaked the news?
      This may not be big. Both the great Luo Jianzong and the holy land of ChiYan boast of the right way. Even if they seize the opportunity, they will not take Jiuyou demon sect as a helper.
      As for their Tianyin Dynasty.
      It's not polite to say that it's the most difficult one at present. The chance is within his own rule, but it's the slowest one. Other sages have entered.
      He, the hero, has not arrived yet.
      And strength is the Lord level.
      I can't get a piece of it.
      “Can you find out why the people of Jiuyou demon sect arrived?”
      The North Chen constant sink voice asks a way.
      “I can't find out much about it. I just know that a few days ago, Yang Qiu, the elder of Jiuyou demon sect, came to Dahuang city.”
      The general thought for a moment and added: “it seems that he came to seek revenge for Du qianshang's death!”
      “It was Liu Chengxue, the third disciple of Ren Qingtu, who killed Du qianshang. Then Ren Qingtu came to the great waste city and became a saint.”
      Beichen Heng eyebrows a pick, his heart micro movement, way: “but the distance baiduan mountain range, less than four million miles of the wasteland city?”
      “Not bad!”
      The general nodded.
      “If I remember correctly, dahuangcheng should be a small city.”
      Beichenheng said softly.
      There is no spiritual vein or trial place near dahuangcheng, but it is close to baiduan mountains, which is of no use at all. Usually, it has been struggling on the edge of destruction.
      However, such a small town has attracted two saints.
      In any case, it's a bit unusual.
      “Your Highness is right. The population of Dahuang city is only a few hundred thousand, more than 90% of them are ordinary people. Ordinary practitioners will not come to live in Dahuang city.”
      The commander continued: “in the final analysis, it's because dahuangcheng doesn't even have a city protection array. It may be destroyed at any time.”
      “I see.”
      The North Chen Heng nods.
      Within the reign of the emperor Tianyin, there were countless such cities. Every day, people built cities and destroyed them. They would not care about such things.
      Just turn in the resources on time.
      “Yang Qiu and Ren Qingtu came to dahuangcheng at the same time, presumably for the sake of their disciples. Did they ever fight each other?”
      North Chen Heng asks a way.
      One avenged his apprentice, and the other, in order to keep his apprentice, they met each other and had to face each other.
      If it's a fight.
      Inadvertently opened a certain opportunity, but also justifiable.
      “Your Highness, they have never met.”
      The commander shook his head.
      The North Star's eyes are bright.
      If we don't fight, how can we get the chance?
      Someone sent it to them?
      Is that possible?
      “Tell me the details!”
      “The subordinates are incompetent. We can't find out the specific situation. Ren Qingtu and Yang Qiu are very strict, and they didn't disclose the details to others…”
      With a look of shame on his face, the commander said in a low voice, “we only heard some anecdotes. After entering the great waste City, Ren Qingtu and Yang Qiu seem to have gone to a place called Tianji building.”
      (ask for flowers, ask for evaluation, kneel down and thank you all!)*
      Chapter 36 go to Dahuang city(Seek for flowers, seek for evaluation)
      “Tianji building…”
      Beichen constant mouth, recited these three words again, mouth meaning is not clear.
      “Is this a newly established force?”
      The general shook his head and said, “our people have been observing Tianji building for a period of time and have not found any abnormality in Tianji building.”
      “There is only one young man inside, living with a woman.”
      “That woman is the third disciple of Ren Qingtu in Dalao sect!”
      Beichen perseveres in a Lin, feel as if there is something wrong, but concrete what place is wrong, he also can't say.
      “Yang Qiu and Ren Qingtu didn't fight each other…”
      Beichenheng mumbles to himself.
      If there is no match, then how did the chance come this time?
      Out of thin air?
      Then Ren Qingtu, just passing by, happens to meet him, then just breaks into it, and just becomes a saint?
      It's a coincidence.
      Throughout history, this probability may not occur once in a million years.
      The key is
      More coincidence, it's not coincidence!
      “No way.”
      As soon as his face changed, Beichen Heng quickly asked, “why did Ren Qingtu's three disciples stay in Tianji building?Ren Qingtu is now a saint. Didn't he take his disciples back? ”
      The general shook his head again and said, “we are also very confused about this. After Ren Qingtu became a saint, he immediately returned to zongmen, and has never come out since then.”
      “I think it's in a stable state. After all, it's just a breakthrough and its strength is not stable. In case of an accident, the state may fall.”
      Beichenheng stood up and thought in his eyes. He said, “are the three disciples of renqingtu not valued?”
      “If he was not taken seriously, how could he come here not far from Daluo Jianzong?If he takes it seriously, why don't he take his disciples back after he becomes a saint? ”
      This cannot be explained.
      After all.
      Yang Qiu is still alive.
      When the disciples are killed, they must be like people in the devil's way. It must be tooth for tooth and blood for blood. They don't have the concept of bullying the small with the big.
      Kill a man, kill a man.
      But knowing that Yang Qiu was ok, Ren Qingtu still ignored his disciples.
      There's only one explanation.
      He thinks that his disciples are not in danger!
      As strong as Yang Qiu, I can't help my own disciples!
      “That's interesting.”
      North Chen constant smile says.
      He seems to have grasped a key point.
      That's the point.
      It's in Tianji building!
      Ren Qingtu's chance is definitely not out of thin air. Maybe he intends to go to baiduan mountains, and Yangqiu may also know the detailed information.
      There's no way to explain how Jiuyou demon clan reacted so quickly.
      Even if Jiuyou demon sect has a good eye, they can't be a step faster than the holy land of ChiYan, but this is the situation.
      The people of Jiuyou demon sect are one step faster than everyone else.
      And sent two saints at one time!
      The same as Daluo Jianzong!
      “How far is it from the baiduan mountains?”
      North Chen Heng asks a way.
      “Back to your highness, it's about five million li…”
      Said the general.
      “How is the baiduan mountains?”
      North Chen Heng asks again.
      “Before his subordinates came back, the great Luo Jianzong and the Jiuyou demon Zong had already fought each other, and the ChiYan holy land also joined the war. The five saints had a big fight and destroyed more than 100000 li of the area…”
      The general thought for a moment and continued: “the two saints of Daluo sword sect, two to three, have the upper hand.”
      Beichen constant eyebrow a pick, this news, although in unexpected, but also in reason.
      Daluo sword sect is the sect of sword cultivation.
      The internal disciples are all sword practitioners.
      Among the same level, Jian Xiu is the best in attack power and speed. It's reasonable that two Kendo sages beat three.
      The only thing that surprised him was that ChiYan Holy Land joined hands with Jiuyou demon sect!
      This is for the sake of chance, not even face?
      He also saw that this opportunity was extraordinary. The internal value made the three holy land level forces very jealous and did not hesitate to put down their face.
      “One chance leads to three holy places. Is Tianji building planning behind this?”
      Beichen thought of it with perseverance.
      This chance, whether it is the time or the occasion, is very strange. Baiduan mountain, which has been quiet for countless years, suddenly appears the chance of becoming a saint.
      Let a lot of people, did not respond.
      Compared with the past, this chance is too small, and the speed of this world is too fast, just like the sudden appearance.
      Countless holy places, which have not yet been reflected, have now come to the point of belonging.
      “Your Highness, are we going to the baiduan mountains?”
      Asked the general.
      “No more.”
      Beichenheng waved his hand.
      Right now.
      The five saints in baiduan mountain are fighting. They are the most powerful people in baiduan mountain. What are they going to do?
      To die?
      Although baiduan mountain belongs to the Tianyin Dynasty, the Tianyin Dynasty can't manage it. It can't help but watch others fight and kill them at their own door.
      “Then we…”
      “To the great wilderness!”
      North Chen constant light says.
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      Chapter 37 are you going to die(Seek for flowers, seek for evaluation)
      The bronze chariot turned a direction in the void.
      Flying towards the wasteland city.
      It takes five million Li to get to baiduan mountains, but dahuangcheng is only half a million Li, and it will take almost no time to get there.
      Half a day later.
      On the earth.
      A small city is far away.
      “Is the great wilderness city ahead?”
      Beichen constant sitting in front of the window, looking down toward the outside, eyes in calm.
      Tianyin imperial city is dozens of times larger than this.
      Seeing the prosperous city and looking at the small city in front of him, he couldn't have any interest in it. If Tianji building had not been here, he would never have seen it.
      “That's right.”
      The general nodded.
      “I don't know what kind of person in the Tianji building can stir up the storm behind. Before I showed up, I almost made a real fire in the three holy places.”
      The North Chen constant corner of the mouth starts, the Mou son is taking a silk curiosity.
      These strange people appeared in the territory of the Tianyin Dynasty, and he had no reason not to see them.
      In a sense.
      If the chance to become a saint really comes from the owner of Tianji, his value is still on the chance.
      I can get it under my command.
      Maybe Tianyin himself can fight for the position of emperor.
      Thinking of the situation he will face in the future, Beichen can't help but be more urgent. He has no time. He has no choice but to die when he drags on!
      Not in the hands of outsiders.
      Die in the hands of your father!
      “Your Highness, do you need to take the lead in informing the Lord of Dahuang to come out to meet him?”
      Asked the general.
      “No need.”
      Beichen Heng waved his hand and said, “go directly to Tianji building. I'm very curious about the truth of baiduan mountain. I also want to know whether the owner of Tianji building is as mysterious as I think!”
      Said the commander respectfully.
      The white jade unicorn, which is tens of meters high, pulls a bronze chariot to crush the void, making a deafening sound and marking a track in the void.
      He went straight to Tianji building and flew over.
      Just over the great wilderness.
      The void is twisted.
      All of a sudden, all of a sudden, the sky is filled with red light, driving out the darkness. Array patterns flow in the void.
      It exudes the air of terror.
      At the same time.
      Ten thousand long swords, each of which is several feet long, glowing red and dense, filled the sky.
      The murderous spirit of heaven and earth drowned the world.
      Anyone who sees it has to be scared and can't help running.
      The evil spirit is like Wang Yang. The light of the sword flickers and moves nine days. Suddenly, a light of the sword cuts down from the sky. Where it passes, there are bursts of wind and thunder!
      There was a tearing sound of cloth.
      The white jade Qilin, who pulled the chariot, had no resistance and was split into two. Even the flagpole in front of the bronze chariot was cut into two sections.
      The general's face changed greatly. He took a look at the scene outside and said, “Your Highness, go, this is the array!”
      “I'm afraid…”
      Beichen Heng's face was also ugly. He stepped out of the bronze chariot, stood on the void, and his hair was flying. Looking at the world full of murders, he said in a deep voice:
      “… I can't go!”
      “It's a killing array. It looks like it's a saint killing array. It just simplifies the power, but it's still enough to kill saints!”
      The general was appalled.
      In the past, how could the humble wasteland city have Saint level array?
      You know, many large and medium-sized cities don't have such a terrible array, let alone the saint level. At present, this array is a simplified version.
      Who knows, does the person who arranges the array have the complete version?
      “Your Highness, let's go. I'll come to the back of the palace!”
      The general took a deep breath, and a sword appeared in his hand. The cold light flashed, and the strong breath of his body was also transpiration at the same time.
      “It's no use.”
      Beichen Heng shook his head and said, “if you want to come, come and go, is it still an array?”
      “At the moment, we either break the array, or wait for the people who set up the array to find something abnormal and let us out, otherwise, with the strength of you and me, there is only one way to die.”
      An array is different from a person. As long as you have enough aura, you can kill all the time.
      And people, after entering the array, once they can't break the array, after the true yuan is exhausted, they can only be reduced to fish.
      Right now.
      The light of the sword poured down. The red luster dyed the earth red, like a red river connecting the sky and the earth.
      This kind of power, extreme terror, has gone beyond the saint level, with a hint of Saint power.
      “Is this… Dying?”
      The general swallowed his saliva and turned pale. His highness behind him is a saint level cultivation. In the face of such power, he may survive.
      But he's not a saint.
      Under this blow, there is no way to survive!
      In the past, no matter where they went, they were flying by. Who could have thought that a small wasteland city had such a terrible array?
      Since there is such a powerful array, why has dahuangcheng been silent and nameless?
      Before death.
      Countless thoughts flashed through the general's mind.
      “It seems that… I underestimated this killing array!”
      Beichen constant's face is also pale. Although this array has been simplified, it's only a part of it, and it still retains the horror of killing!
      He can't hold on to this kind of array for long.
      Maybe we can't wait for the people to find out.
      I will fall!
      Beichen Heng smiles miserably.
      He was not ready to resist, thinking of what he would go through in the future, his heart filled with the will to die.
      I can't get rid of my father's control.
      It seems good to die like this.
      When the sword came, all the swords suddenly gathered together. Countless swords disappeared between the heaven and the earth. The array disappeared, and the heaven and the earth became clear again.
      In the Lord's mansion.
      There was a loud drink.
      “The imperial air is forbidden in Dahuang city. Who dares not to respect the ban?”*
      Chapter 38 what a senior bought
      The Lord of the great wilderness stepped on the sky with high spirits.
      All my life.
      Never, like these days.
      Since I bought the array map in the hands of my predecessors.
      He spared no expense, spent a lot of spirit stones, bought a lot of array materials, and finally arranged a lord level array in three days.
      With this array.
      In the future, even if the Lord level figures come, they will have to be polite, if not
      When the array is started, let its means be monstrous, but also drink hatred!
      If it's the Holy Lord in the holy land, he still needs to be steady, but he doesn't give advice to the small sect or the middle sect.
      Three days passed.
      Dahuangcheng has always been calm.
      This is a pity for the Lord of the great wilderness.
      In the past, there were always some people who didn't open their eyes. When they got into trouble, he always wanted to be polite and smiling, but today he has a card.
      Those who make trouble seem to have a tacit understanding.
      None of them will come to the wasteland.
      Let him have a kind of, store strength one punch, hit on cotton feeling.
      God, I'll see you.
      It was just when he almost gave up the idea.
      Someone broke into the great wasteland City, but he still passed by. He didn't pay attention to the great wasteland city at all. It was just before, but today, if you don't take this person to make a prestige.
      Isn't his reputation as the leader of the wasteland going to be ruined?
      The Lord of the wasteland came with his hands on his back, round and dignified. In the void, he came step by step.
      “Who dares to run wild in the great wilderness?”
      The city leader of the great wilderness looked at the world with arrogance and breathed in all directions. His words were sonorous and forceful. When the light of the corner of his eye swept over the body of a white jade unicorn on the earth.
      In his heart, he jumped.
      it seems that…..
      This kind of monster is very rare. Among the demons, the status is not low. Did the array kill a demon?
      My eyes are swimming again.
      The Lord of the great wilderness saw a broken flag. Although it was broken, the characters on it could be recognized.
      Behind the flag was a bronze chariot.
      “Lying in the trough!”
      For a long time.
      The Lord of the great wilderness couldn't help saying something rude.
      I seem to have kicked the iron plate!
      Bai Yu Qilin pulls a cart and takes the word “Tianyin” as the flag. It's the symbol of the Tianyin Dynasty. It's also the boss behind him. He needs to pay tribute every year!
      This special… Liwei went to the head of Tianyin emperor?
      “Lord of the great wilderness, how dare you
      At this time.
      There was a loud drink.
      The general beside beichenheng can't help it any more. Just now, the sword was only three inches away from him. He was almost scared to pee. He even smelled the breath of death!
      It's an experience that I've never had before!
      It can be said that, on the edge of life and death, I went through it.
      The general strode out with a gloomy face and said in a cold voice, “Lord of the wilderness, do you know who is the man in front of you?”
      “Nine… Nine, your highness?”
      The Lord of the wasteland was very flustered.
      Why are you so unlucky?
      I just want to find a person to build Wei, but I never thought that I would find his royal highness Tianyin!
      Tianyin's imperial power is huge, not weaker than that of the general holy land. Today, the emperor has been in power for more than 5000 years. He once had nine sons, but now the first eight sons all died young.
      Only the ninth son is alive.
      If I hadn't stopped the array just now, the ninth son might have become a rotten meat!
      At that time
      The emperor of Tianyin died
      He shuddered just to think about his own fate.
      “Since you know, you don't…”
      The general, just about to say something.
      Beichenheng suddenly stood out, he raised one hand, stopped the general, the next words.
      Beichenheng stepped forward, waved his hand slightly, and said: “before, his highness didn't come here. It has nothing to do with the city leader of the great wilderness. General Chen doesn't want to make a mountain out of a molehill.”
      General Chen's eyes widened as if he had seen something incredible.
      Your highness, when is it so easy to talk?
      What's wrong?
      Did… Just now, I was robbed in the array?
      “Thank you, your highness
      The Lord of the great wilderness was overjoyed.
      Although he first met his legendary ninth highness, he found that his highness seemed to be very talkative and more polite than ordinary Holy Land disciples.
      There's no sense of pride.
      You know, this nine highness is a figure of Ren Qingtu's generation. In a holy place, he was also an elder or leader of the sect.
      Such people are willing to condescend and communicate with themselves.
      It can be said that he has been lucky for eight generations.
      “Your Highness, this is not a place to talk. Please move to the city Lord's residence and let me have a treat.”
      The city master of the great wilderness is gallant.
      “No hurry.”
      Beichen Heng waved his hand. He looked at the void and said faintly: “the killing array just now is what the city Lord has laid down?”
      Dahuang city master's face stagnated, and unconsciously looked at the direction of Tianji building.
      “But what's the difficulty?”
      North Chen constant temperature Wen Er Ya, smile to say: “if have difficulty of words, city Lord don't say, also no harm.”
      “No, no!”
      The leader of Dahuang City shook his head repeatedly. He paused for a moment and said in a soft voice: “to tell you the truth, your highness, I bought this array from an elder.”
      The North Chen constant complexion doesn't change, as if already anticipated general, he knows well why to ask: “that elder?”
      “The master of the secret.”
      Said the Lord in a low voice*
      Chapter 39 is exactly what I expected(Seek for flowers, seek for evaluation)
      “Sure enough?”
      Beichen constant eyes a bright, mumbling.
      “What did your highness say…??”Asked the Lord of the great wilderness.
      Beichen Heng laughs and says, “the master of heaven's secrets just said by the Lord of the city can take out a saint level array. Well, the saint level array must not be a mortal. I wonder if the Lord of the city can introduce it to me?”
      The hesitation of the main building of Dahuang city.
      “What's the trouble with the city master?”
      Beichen Heng laughs.
      “There is no difficulty…”
      The leader of Dahuang City sighed and said helplessly: “but your highness, I'm afraid I overestimate you. What kind of person is the leader of Tianji? In front of him, you should be respectful and dare not overstep it.”
      “The next little Lord of the city is really not qualified to introduce his highness.”
      The North Chen perseveres in a move, pursue to ask a way: “you just say, Ren Qing diagram is in the sky machine building lord in front of, also want to respect respectfully?”
      The Lord of Dahuang nodded his head and said, “not only is it the Dalao sect, but also a great master of the evil way. This man is also a saint. He still dares not be presumptuous in the face of Tianji Louzhu!”
      “The great devil?”
      Beichen Heng's eyes narrowed. He looked at General Chen and said, “but Yang Qiu?”
      “This… I don't know. Who is Yang Qiu?”
      The Lord of the great wilderness was at a loss.
      Yang Qiu is powerful and powerful. Although he is the elder of Jiuyou demon sect, his reputation is not as good as that of Daluo sect. What's more important is that
      People in the evil way are different from people in the right way. They don't show up in public.
      Therefore, people who know them are limited to the major forces. When they come to the bottom of the cultivation world, such as the Lord of the great wilderness, they have hardly heard of Yang Qiu's name.
      “Nothing, just a devil.”
      North Chen Heng says at will.
      Although he is a prince, he is of the same generation as Yang Qiu and Ren Qingtu. There is not much respect between his words, which can be regarded as approval at most.
      “Do you know when Ren Qingtu and Yang, the great devil, came to dahuangcheng and went to Tianji building?”
      The North Chen constant sink voice asks a way.
      “To tell you the truth, your highness, you have asked the right person about this.”
      Hearing this, the Lord of the great wilderness city showed a confident smile on his face. He said: “about seven days ago, the great devil came to the great wilderness city first…”
      “When he first came here, he was very angry and wanted to eat people, but after he went to Tianji building, he changed his appearance when he came out again. He seemed very unwilling, and then he left.”
      “Looking at the direction, we should go to the baiduan mountains.”
      “In the next three days, Ren Zhangjiao came. He didn't stay long and left directly. But Ren Zhangjiao was so fast that I didn't see where he went at last.”
      “Only know…”
      “I only know that Ren Qingtu has become a saint in baiduan mountains?”North Chen constant light says.
      The Lord of Dahuang nodded.
      In the past three days, Ren Qingtu's becoming a saint has spread to the great waste city. In ordinary times, it has become a conversation between some scattered practitioners.
      If you have something to do, you should take it out and talk about it.
      After all.
      This kind of thing is too dreamy, just like the world of martial arts, jumping from a cliff and then flying to the sky.
      Proper treatment for the protagonist.
      “As I expected.”
      Beichenheng's face was full of smiles.
      The chance of baiduan mountain becoming a saint really came from Tianji building.
      He turned his head and glanced at the baiduan mountains. The smile on his face became more and more intense. Five saints were killed for a chance, but they didn't know the biggest chance.
      But they were wrong!
      In beichenheng's opinion, the real chance is not in baiduan mountain range, but in dahuangcheng!
      Or rather.
      In Tianji building!
      Who is the owner of the aircraft building that day?
      Beichen is a little excited in his perseverance.
      Can such a person break his own shackles?
      If you can.
      In the future, maybe you don't have to die!
      “Your Highness, the owner of Tianji building is definitely not an ordinary person, maybe… A saint!”
      General Chen stepped forward and whispered.
      He had found a lot of information before. Now, in combination with the words of the Lord of the great wilderness, he understood that even if he was dull.
      The owner of this Tianji building is a very hidden expert!
      “I'm afraid it's more than that!”
      Beichen Henghui road.
      It was not that there were no saints in the Tianyin Dynasty. He had met several of them himself, but none of them had the courage to throw a chance to become a saint.
      You know, even if you become a saint, the first time you see the chance of becoming a saint, you want to take it for yourself.
      If you can't use it for yourself, can't you still use it for future disciples?
      How can we give it to outsiders?
      The person who can see the chance of becoming a saint is at least a great saint or a quasi emperor. Even a great emperor is possible!
      “I didn't expect that there was a real dragon hidden in this little wasteland city!”
      General Chen murmured.
      “Are you insulting that old man?”
      North Chen constant voice you you says.
      In this world, there are really dragon people, but they are only one of the ten thousand. In terms of overall strength, they are not as good as the human race. I compare an elder to a real dragon.
      It's not appropriate.
      “It's my subordinates who have lost their word.”
      In general Chen's heart, he quickly changed his way.
      The elder is so overbearing that maybe he is already paying attention to himself and others. If he hears his words, he will be crushed to death.
      “Palm mouth!”
      North Chen constant light said a sentence.
      Then he turned his head and looked at the Lord of the wasteland and said, “please take me to Tianji building. Beichenheng plans to meet the elder today.”
      “Oh… Fine.”
      The Lord of the great wilderness came back and quickly led the way ahead.
      After they left.
      Only general Chen remained.
      He clenched his teeth, raised his hand and fanned his face. His voice was very clear.
      He understood that his highness did it to save himself.
      It's better to rashly talk about an elder without being known by the other party, but it's no less than asking for death to say so in the eyes of others.
      Only hope.
      By doing so, you can eliminate the dissatisfaction in the other party's heart*
      < title > Fantasy: me!Start to create Tianji building_Text (Chapter 41-60). TXT < / Title >
      Chapter 40 return customers bring new customers
      Tianji building.
      Li Yun was lying on the couch with an ancient book in his hand.
      It's called the biography of emperor Tianyu.
      This is the growth history of a great emperor. A fortune point can be exchanged for a lot of money. It's not worth money anyway. It's widely spread in the outside world, but everyone who practices has heard about it.
      When he is bored, he will take a look at it.
      It has to be said that these biographers are still very good at writing and depicting various scenes vividly, as if they were personally on the scene.
      In their own original world, the appropriate shuangwen.
      After all.
      Those who can become emperors are invincible of the same generation. Even those who are higher than one or two realms will deliver vegetables when they come.
      Except for a certain chaotic ancient emperor.
      The other great emperors are all invincible. It seems that he is the only one who wants to hammer the dog's head in the forbidden area. After becoming emperor, he refined a lot of talismans for death.
      If we don't talk about the fighting power, it's really strong to protect our lives.
      Looking at the book, while turning the page, Li Yun glanced out of the door. It has been three days, but no customers have come to the door. All the flowers that let him wait have to thank.
      But a few ordinary people came in, obviously regarded him as a fortune teller, and they had to see their marriage. They were dismissed by him.
      Taste the magnanimity of practitioners, for ordinary people.
      Li Yun really has no idea.
      If you earn a little silver, you can't even exchange a secret number. It's a chicken rib.
      “Master, please have tea.”
      Liu Chengxue came over with a cup of tea and said softly.
      “Well… Well?”
      Li Yun nodded and looked at Liu Chengxue. His eyes moved and he was surprised
      “You broke through?”
      When we first met, Liu Chengxue was still in the middle of Tongqiao realm. In recent days, he has reached the late stage of Tongqiao realm. This speed is amazing.
      Li Yun often suppresses Liu Chengxue's strength. Later, seeing that he has no malice, he lets it go. Unexpectedly, as soon as he lets it go, his accomplishments break through.
      Strength growth is like a rocket.
      “Thanks to your guidance.”
      Liu Chengxue blushed and said shyly.
      This Tianji building is full of Taoist rhymes everywhere. When you are in it, you feel as if you are understanding the Tao all the time. Every day, you have new ideas about the way of cultivation.
      As time goes by, the cultivation will break through.
      In Liu Chengxue's opinion, this kind of incredible means must be the guidance of his predecessors, but he doesn't want to admit it.
      “It's all your own fortune. Remember to ask your master to pay me for the accommodation expenses. Um… Over 100000… The best spirit stone!”
      Li Yun said faintly.
      “I'm still so funny.”
      Liu Chengxue said implicitly.
      When it comes to the strength of the predecessors, they can't use a lot of things, such as the Holy Lord weapons they value as treasures.
      In the eyes of predecessors, it is estimated that it is nothing.
      But the elder, every time he sends out a message, he will receive a reward. This kind of behavior, in Liu Chengxue's eyes, is a practice that the elder does not want others to owe him.
      The elder is the elder. I admire him for his noble manner.
      Liu Chengxue asked himself, he can't do this step.
      Li Yun is speechless.
      It's really a brain tonic.
      “That's right.”
      Li Yun closed the book, sat up and asked in a voice, “Miss Liu is the pride of the younger generation. I think she knows all about the younger generation. Who do you think is the first among the younger generation?”
      Liu Chengxue has a stagnant complexion.
      Is this a test for yourself?
      Why do you ask this question?
      She thought about it carefully and asked tentatively:
      “My elder martial sister?”
      Li Yun's mouth twitched and asked again, “who do you think is the second person?”
      “My second elder martial brother?”
      Li Yun is completely speechless.
      He completely understood that Liu Chengxue was a big Luo blow. Except for the big Luo Jianzong, all the people were local chickens and dogs. The first one was her elder martial sister.
      The second is her second elder martial brother.
      Third, don't ask.
      She is the only one.
      There is a feeling that the world's heroes are no better than you.
      Li Yun looked at Liu Chengxue thoughtfully and thought: “this seems to be an opportunity, too!”
      There must be many people like Liu Chengxue in this cultivation world. I don't know how many ignorant girls think that their elder martial brother is invincible.
      If you are like Bai Xiaosheng in the martial arts world, you can make a list of young talents. Wouldn't you kill two birds with one stone?
      On the one hand, it pierced their unrealistic fantasy.
      On the one hand, it also made Tianji building famous.
      Although the method is a bit cruel, but have to say, this is a good method!
      Just when Li Yun was thinking about how to operate.
      Outside, two figures gradually approached Tianji building. They came to the door of Tianji building and stopped. The Lord of Dahuang took the initiative to step forward and said respectfully:
      “Master, I beg to see you!”
      Hearing the voice, Li Yun turned to see the comer. His eyes lit up and he said with a smile, “don't be polite, Lord. Just come in.”
      “Thank you, master.”
      Hearing Li Yun's voice, the leader of Dahuang City breathed a sigh of relief.
      It seems that I still have some impression in the minds of my predecessors, and I didn't shut myself out.
      Dahuang city master and beichenheng entered the building one after the other.
      Li Yun swept two people one eye, the light in the eye, more and more bright.
      This is a repeat customer. Did you take the initiative to introduce the customer to yourself?
      I didn't expect to see it myself.
      Ren Qingtu and Yang Qiu, two holy masters, are not as reliable as a great wasteland city master. They knew that they would not be given such a good chance*
      Chapter 41 the hard pressed characters
      “If you venture to visit, please don't blame me.”
      The Lord of Dahuang City arched his hand and said apologetically. Then he extended his hand and said, “I'm here today, and I've brought a man with me.”
      “This man is…”
      “Emperor Tianyin, his ninth highness.”
      Li Yun said with a smile.
      Dahuang City Master said with a dry smile: “I almost forget that everything in the world can't be concealed from the eyes of the elder.”
      “Beichenheng, I've seen you before!”
      At this time.
      Beichenheng stepped forward, did not dare to drag big, respectful line of a gift.
      Before, if he was still puzzled about Ren Qingtu and Yang Qiu, he would understand the moment he saw Li Yun.
      The strength of this elder is beyond his own cognition.
      Absolutely an unimaginable expert!
      Li Yun nodded, reached for a chair not far away and said, “sit down.”
      He opened the panel of North Chen constant, as if nothing had happened swept one eye.
      [Name: beichenheng]
      Strength: tianyuanjing peak (Lord level peak)
      [power: Tianyin Dynasty]
      [skill: swallowing the sky and swallowing the earth. Can (alias: Nayuan shenjue. Can)]
      [magic power: Tianzi Zhenguo boxing. Can, Wuhuang sword formula. Can, don't fall into the sky. Can, meteoric sword hidden edge. Can, magic sword formula 13 moves…]
      [weapon: Zhentian sword (Shengzhu level)]
      [current situation: abnormal state. I'm worried that my father will take back all my accomplishments because I'm practicing Nayuan shenjue. I want to get rid of control, but I'm not strong enough…]
      [Click to see more…]
      “He's really a tough guy…”
      Li Yunza's tongue.
      A glance.
      His ninth royal highness of the Tianyin emperor has nothing that can be called perfect. His cultivation method is incomplete. Most of his supernatural powers are incomplete.
      It's the first time that Li Yun has seen a holy Lord figure with only one holy Lord weapon.
      Before, no matter Ren Qingtu or Yang Qiu, which one is not rich?
      Even if Yang Qiu had two holy Lord weapons on his body, and other magic weapons of celestial phenomena, he could throw out a pile of them.
      Look back at beichenheng.
      Li Yun couldn't help feeling sad for him.
      Can a dynasty be so poor?
      Can't even take out a complete manual?
      Obviously not.
      If the Tianyin Dynasty was so weak, it would have been destroyed long ago. It would not have persisted until now, if it had not been for the problems of the Tianyin Dynasty.
      That North Chen constant present condition, interesting.
      “Since Beichen Daoyou is here, Li won't beat about the Bush any more. You should have understood what Tianji building is.”
      Li Yun sipped his tea and went straight to the mountain road.
      “Although there is speculation in my mind, I'm not sure…”
      The North Chen perseveres in a move, opening a mouth to ask a way: “dare to ask elder generation, the sky machine building is related with the sky machine?”
      “Haven't you adjusted the difference clearly?”
      “Ren Qingtu becomes a saint!”
      Li Yun looked up at Beichen Heng, not smiling.
      Beichen's persistence in a while, deep in his heart set off a huge wave, he did guess before, but never sure, today listen to the elder.
      This matter is completely understood.
      Ren Qingtu becomes a saint. It must be the master who gives the advice behind his back!
      what's more……
      The old man knew he was investigating him behind his back.
      Just ask.
      The elder, would you like to be investigated?
      Don't mention some experts. Even they don't want to be secretly investigated. After all, no one knows what the people who investigate themselves are thinking.
      Think of it here.
      North Chen constant body immediately exudes a layer of cold sweat.
      “Don't worry.”
      Li Yun light smile, said: “Tianji building only business, regardless of other, if you want to investigate, although the investigation is.”
      I came to this world out of thin air.
      If beichenheng can really find out something, it's a ghost.
      “Thank you for your generosity.”
      Beichen constant smell speech, such as amnesty, a sigh of relief, arched said.
      Just now for a moment, he thought that his life would come to an end. How could he provoke people who even Ren Qingtu wanted to curry favor with?
      At the end of the day.
      Although Tianyin Dynasty was not weak, it was not stronger than Daluo Jianzong.
      It's just that the ancestors of both sides don't show up.
      The great Luo Jianzong lost his ancestors, and his strength dropped by more than one level. If he really tried his best, he might not be able to work in the Tianyin Dynasty.
      “As the predecessors said, Tianji building is only a business. Is it difficult to succeed? Before that, Ren Qingtu Chengsheng was just a… Transaction?”
      North Chen constant tries to ask a way.
      “What else?”Li Yun asked.
      Beichen Heng's eyes are bright and shining. He is an expert who can trade even when he becomes a saint. If he can be like Ren Qingtu himself.
      Isn't it that you can easily break your own crisis?
      “Master, the sage…”
      Beichenheng said excitedly.
      Before he finished, he was interrupted by Li Yun.
      “You can't be sanctified in your present situation.”
      Li Yun said impolitely: “your cultivation method is too incomplete. You can only cultivate to the master level. What you lack at present is not only the chance to become a saint, but also the subsequent cultivation method.”
      “More importantly…”
      Li Yun said slowly: “if what I guess is right, the skill you practice is not the original, but is derived from another one.”
      “The relationship between the two is just like that between the monarch and the minister. Just as the saying goes, if the monarch wants the minister to die, the minister has to die!”*
      Chapter 42 more than one(Seek for flowers, seek for evaluation)
      Words fall to the ground.
      Time seems to stop at this moment.
      The North Chen constant complexion froze.
      This is not only his own biggest secret, but also his father's biggest secret. Over the years, outsiders have no way to know it. He has thought a lot of ways to break the situation.
      It's all in vain in the end.
      little does one think.
      Today, I was just a glance by the owner of Tianji, and I burst it out.
      “Do you know this skill?”
      Beichenheng asked excitedly: “then… Can the elder have a way to solve the disadvantages of this skill?”
      “Swallowing the sky and swallowing the earth.”
      Li Yun wrote lightly.
      “Swallowing heaven and swallowing earth… Dafa?”
      Beichenheng looks strange.
      That's the point.
      it seems that.
      It's a little different from what he knows. It's obviously not this skill that he practiced.
      “Oh, yes.”
      Li Yun seemed to think of something, and continued: “what you cultivate is incomplete. It has another name, Nayuan shenjue!”
      “There is no requirement for the cultivation of this skill, because this skill is not for the master, but for the subordinate…”
      “As long as the master is willing, he can transform the cultivation of the subordinate to several bodies at any time.”
      “Is what Li said right?”
      Li Yun said.
      “If I'm not wrong, all the nine Royal Highnesses of the emperor Tianyin have practiced this skill, and the original version of Nayuan shenjue is in the hands of the emperor Tianyin!”
      That's all.
      Beichenheng hasn't responded yet.
      Dahuang city master first took a breath of cool air, eyes stare round, unbelievably looked at Li Yun, and then looked at beichenheng.
      I seem to know a wonderful secret!
      Just now, he understood what the so-called Nayuan formula was.
      In the final analysis, this kind of skill is magic skill.
      It's not magic power to transfer the achievements of others' cultivation to yourself. What is it?
      early years.
      There are countless people talking about the death of the eight Royal Highnesses of Tianyin emperor. He was still wondering, but he didn't expect it to be this kind of situation.
      Tiger poisons do not eat children.
      That day, the emperor of Yin killed eight of his sons in a row!
      What a vicious means!
      “I admire the mastermind of my predecessors.”North Chen constant miserable however a smile, bitterness says.
      The truth of the matter.
      It's true, as Li Yun said.
      Li Yun said that he didn't have the slightest dissatisfaction. After all, it wasn't him who started the story, but his father.
      Sooner or later, this matter will be exposed. If it can be concealed for a while, it can not be concealed for a lifetime. The scandal of the Tianyin Dynasty is almost doomed to be exposed in the eyes of the world.
      After all, the emperor of Tianyin had no qualification for cultivation.
      This is not a secret among the holy places.
      When he reached the saint level, outsiders would think that it was the emperor Tianyin who paid a huge price to help him smash it, but if he became a saint.
      That's different.
      Many wonderful people, are blocked in front of the threshold of sanctification, a person without qualifications, but sanctified, for who can stand?
      At that time.
      Countless people will wonder what secrets are hidden in it.
      It is not too difficult for the major forces to find out the truth.
      Beichen Heng took a deep breath. He slowly stood up and walked to Li Yun. He bowed and said in a deep voice: “since you can recognize this skill, I think there must be a way to save your life.”
      “Please give me your advice. When it's done, I'll be rewarded.”
      “You're right. Li has a way to save you, and there's more than one way.”
      Li Yun glanced at Beichen Heng and said, “but the rule of Tianji building is to hand in money and hand in delivery. There is no credit!”
      “More than one?”
      Beichen constant a Leng, he automatically even the second half of the words are ignored.
      Is this the elder?
      He has been looking for a way to break the situation for thousands of years, but he has no clue. When he thinks about the fate of the eight imperial brothers, he is afraid that one day it will be his turn.
      But I didn't expect that there was more than one method that could be easily given here!
      Beichenheng thought for a long time, and a skill appeared in his hand. He respectfully handed it forward: “there is really nothing valuable in the elder generation.”
      “This Wuhuang sword formula was created by our ancestors. I don't know if it can enter the eyes of our predecessors?”
      Li Yun glanced at the secret script and didn't answer immediately. This skill is incomplete, but beichenheng doesn't know it. His father and emperor have been guarding against him.
      None of the skills given are complete.
      Even Li Yun can't guarantee how many Tianji points he can exchange with the incomplete Wuhuang sword formula.
      “System, how many Tianji points can I exchange for this wuhuangjian Jue?”
      Li Yun asked in his heart.
      Ding, Wu Huangjian Jue (remnant), which can be exchanged for 800 Tianji points
      Sure enough.
      The low price is appalling.
      It's about the same price as a broken Lord weapon.
      thus it can be seen.
      How incomplete is this sword formula? After all, it was created by the ancestors of the emperor Tianyin. Even if it's poor, it can't be so cheap!
      “Well… System, search, there is no way, can help beichenheng solve their own hidden danger.”
      Li Yun said again in his heart.
      Undead Island: 8 million Tianji points are needed. You can find the specific location
      [Tomb of Baizhan Emperor: 7.5 million Tianji points are needed. You can find out the specific location of the tomb.)
      [Tomb of Zichen great emperor: 4.62 million Tianji points are needed. You can find the specific location.)
      “System, can you give me reliable information?What news do you think beichenheng can afford now? ”
      After Li Yun's silent film, youyou said*
      Chapter 43 recapture one's own position
      [swallowing the sky and swallowing the earth (full version): 1.5 million Tianji points are needed to find out the exact whereabouts of the target
      [Jieyun Chengsheng (magic power): it takes 10000 days to count. You can find out where you are
      “Well, that's about the same.”
      Seeing the two new choices given by the system, Li Yun nodded with satisfaction.
      The tomb of the great emperor is good.
      But it has to be affordable.
      In the current situation of beichenheng, an emperor's Scripture and an emperor's soldier can easily solve all the hidden dangers, but only if he can get so many points.
      From the point of view that his cultivation methods are incomplete, if you sell him, you can't afford to buy a tomb of the great emperor.
      “It's a good way to become a saint with good quality and low price.”
      Li Yun has an idea in his heart.
      He took back his eyes, looked at beichenheng, and said: “if it's a complete wuhuangjian Jue, maybe it's worth enough, but it's a pity… This book in your hand is too incomplete.”
      Beichenheng body a shock, holding wuhuangjian Jue's hands, can't help but grip, his face color brush, become very pale.
      He understood the meaning of his words in a flash.
      He is not a fool, the master a point, quickly figured out the key.
      It's my father!
      The heart of Beichen Heng is cold.
      His father never believed him, even the magic power he gave him was incomplete.
      Once he has the heart of treason, it can be concluded that he is not anyone's opponent, and his father can crush himself without any effort!
      “What about this one?”
      Beichen Heng does not give up, and took out a secret.
      Tianzi Zhenguo boxing!
      It can be said that the Zhenguo magical power of Tianyin emperor is a compulsory one for every generation of emperor. Besides the main system, the collateral system can not be cultivated!
      “It's incomplete, too.”
      Li Yun swept one eye, light says.
      “Sure enough?”
      Beichenheng's face became paler and paler.
      Everything my father gave me was incomplete. The incomplete magic power must have great shortcomings. I want to come to the eight brothers before him.
      Just like himself.
      He was also puzzled.
      His sixth brother is extremely talented and fast in cultivation. There are few rivals among his peers. When he reaches the Lord level, he is unwilling to become a puppet and wants to force his father to abdicate. As a result, he meets his father, but is soon suppressed.
      It's full of traps!
      It's enough to fight with outsiders with incomplete magic power. After all, outsiders are not familiar with it, but it's fatal to deal with our own people without any point!
      Because Tianyin is the emperor of heaven, the magic power of cultivation, is also the emperor Zhenguo boxing and Wuhuang sword formula!
      Beichen always grits his teeth.
      This moment.
      He poured out all the things in his storage ring, including all the skills and supernatural powers he mastered, even the method of swallowing heaven and swallowing earth.
      Since his father is not benevolent, what will he do with these incomplete powers?
      It's better to take them all out and make a deal with our predecessors.
      If you do, you will be safe.
      If not, these things are outside his body and have nothing to do with him.
      “Senior, are these resources enough?”
      “System, what are these things worth?”
      Li Yun asked in his heart.
      There are ten million top-grade spirit stones, five million top-grade spirit stones, nine bottles of sage level elixir, sixteen sage level spirit grasses, and several magical skills
      It can be exchanged for 36000 Tianji points
      Li Yun picks his eyebrows.
      Beichenheng doesn't seem as poor as he thinks.
      At least he is also the ninth prince.
      It's just that emperor Tianyin defends his son in the skill. He will not be stingy in other resources, because he also needs his son to practice quickly.
      After all.
      My nine sons are just like nine chargers.
      How can I let the power bank use it if it is not satisfied with its power?
      Li Yun nodded and collected all the resources. Then he said in his heart, “system, the whereabouts of borrowing and transportation.”
      After deducting 10000 days' machine points, the whereabouts of the borrowed Chengsheng are successfully inquired
      [the method of becoming a saint by borrowing money is a unique secret skill of Dali Dynasty (click to see details). After its destruction, the method of becoming a saint by borrowing money was exiled to the treasure house of Tianyin Dynasty
      [the exact whereabouts have been saved in the jade slips by the system, please check by the host himself.]
      “I didn't expect that Tianyin and Dali had some origins.”
      It was the Tianyin dynasty that destroyed this great departure from the imperial dynasty.
      Li Yun took a look at the introduction of Dali imperial court, then took back his eyes, and a jade slip appeared in his hand, throwing it to Beichen Heng.
      “This is Li's way. Do you think it can agree with you?”
      Beichenheng took the jade slip, and Shenzhi entered it. He took a close look at it, and immediately took a breath of cool air. He couldn't believe it: “this is…”
      “The whereabouts of the Dharma of becoming a saint by means of transportation?”
      “Not bad!”
      Li Yun nodded.
      “I have been searching for this magic power for more than a million years, but I haven't heard from you all the time. I'm afraid no one would have thought that this magic power has been hidden in the treasure house without the guidance of my predecessors.”
      North Chen constant murmurs to say.
      With this, Beichen perseverance suddenly rose a strong self-confidence, he can no longer worry about his life, and even further!
      Take back your own place!
      After all.
      My father has been sitting in that position for more than 5000 years. It's time to change people*
      Chapter 44 he is in a hurry to go back and kill his father
      “To be a saint through luck…”
      Beichen constant whispered, eyes bright incomparable.
      This is the secret skill of Dali emperor millions of years ago. It is extremely precious. It can be said that it is a skill or a magic power.
      An ordinary person, with the help of this method, can become a saint instantly!
      It's a bug level skill.
      There is an important premise for the application of this skill, that is Qi Yun, which can be the Qi Yun of the imperial dynasty or the clan, as long as Qi Yun is enough.
      Can be borrowed from this method, and then become a saint!
      The upper limit of this skill is the peak of saints. That is to say, if Qi is strong enough, one or even several people can perform it at the same time.
      And then create the existence of digital saints.
      If it's not enough.
      Even if it is used, it may not be able to become holy. It may be just the Holy Lord, or it may be just the cultivation of heaven changing environment.
      Yes, of course.
      Such a powerful power is not without shortcomings. Its biggest shortcoming is that it can't leave the clan or the imperial sphere of influence.
      in other words.
      In the sphere of influence, they are saints.
      Outside the sphere of influence, it's useless.
      If the power behind is destroyed, the magic power will be invalid.
      But it's not.
      Even so.
      Many people know that there are great disadvantages in the method of becoming saints by means of transportation, but there are still countless people who want it because its value is too high.
      Make a saint out of thin air!
      In a holy land, the strength of saints may not be the top fighting power, but it is absolutely the high-level fighting power, which can not be ignored. It can make a few out of thin air.
      Who doesn't want it?
      It doesn't matter if you don't leave your sphere of influence.
      At least the strength is in place.
      That year.
      The Tianyin Dynasty destroyed the Dali Dynasty and turned the whole ruling area upside down, but they didn't find the way to become a saint. They even thought that it was impossible.
      This magic power was completely destroyed by the people of Dali Dynasty.
      little does one think.
      After a million years, this magic power is back in the world!
      Beichenheng's palm trembled. He raised his head, looked at Li Yun, and asked softly:
      “How did you know the whereabouts of Jieyun Chengsheng?”
      “In Tianji building, any news will come at a price.”
      Li Yun chuckled, stretched out his hand, and said faintly, “what you just asked, take out ten million top-quality spirit stones, and I'll tell you.”
      He is a poor man now.
      The inside of the storage ring is cleaner than his face. Not to mention the 10 million top-quality spirit stone, it's just a top-quality spirit stone. He can't take it out at the moment.
      “In any case, this transaction of the elder is tantamount to saving the younger generation's life. I will never forget such great kindness!”
      The North Chen Heng deeply gave a gift and said sincerely.
      “If you don't die this time…”
      “There must be a reward!”
      Li Yun nodded.
      There are not many people with conscience in today's world!
      “If you don't have other orders, I will leave today.”
      Beichenheng said again.
      He can't wait to go back to verify the whereabouts of Jieyun Chengsheng.
      If it's true
      How about abolishing this cultivation?
      Although Tianyin Dynasty is not in its heyday at present, it is still enough to make itself a saint by relying on Qi Yun, even if the strength is the moon in the mirror.
      He doesn't care.
      It's a big deal. It's a big deal.
      “Go ahead.”
      Li Yun nodded.
      After beichenheng left.
      The Lord of the wasteland also got up to say goodbye.
      I watched them go away.
      In the room.
      Liu Chengxue came out. She looked at beichenheng's back and asked, “master, since beichenheng knows his own disadvantages, why don't you go to the ends of the earth?Why are you in a hurry to return to Tianyin
      “He's in a hurry to go back and kill his father.”
      Li Yun sipped a sip of tea and continued: “besides, where can he hide from his master level cultivation?Without follow-up skills, he can't even break through. If the emperor Tianyin sends out a saint, he can be taken back. ”
      This world is a fantasy world.
      Any trace can make the sage catch up in an instant.
      It's a big difference. If you want to rely on the cultivation of the sage and get rid of the control of the sage, it's like a fool's dream.
      “Isn't he going to die when he goes back?”
      Liu Chengxue is puzzled.
      Tianyin Dynasty is no worse than Daluo Jianzong. In their Dynasty, there are not only saints, but also sage kings, maybe even great saints.
      Even if beichenheng has the method of becoming a saint by borrowing, what can he do?
      At best.
      Come out a sage king, one hand can press him to death.
      “You don't understand that again.”
      Li Yun said with a smile: “the imperial dynasty is different from zongmen. The Beichen clan is absolute heaven in the Tianyin imperial dynasty. As long as they are members of the Beichen clan, who will be the God Emperor is the same.”
      “It's just the left hand over the right.”
      “Anyway, it's all their Beichen family's world. Those ancestors won't take care of it. For example, the emperor Tianyin killed his eight sons cruelly. Has anyone ever taken care of it?”
      “As long as it doesn't hurt the root, the Tianyin Dynasty can't be in chaos.”
      Li Yun's words stopped for a moment, and continued to speak faintly: “the family relationship between the royal family is weaker than you think. This truth is almost the same in every world.”
      Liu Chengxue nodded in ignorance.
      She grew up living in Daluo Jianzong. She was as close as a family to her teachers and sisters. The master was also very good to herself and others. She was very happy with the experience of beichenheng.
      She said it was difficult to understand.
      “It's normal that you don't understand…”
      Li Yun said a word, then withdraw eyes, looked at his system panel above, Tianji points balance.
      Another 26000 points!
      This represents a solid step towards the great emperor!
      Wait for yourself to save a little more, and get there in one step*
      Chapter 45 the last son
      Two days later.
      Tianyin Dynasty.
      A streamer, from the sky across, straight to the palace treasure house.
      “Bold!Who dares to break into the palace
      A bodyguard stepped on the sky, full of Qi and blood, with a long gun in his hand, trying to stop him.
      “Go away!”
      Beichenheng drink lightly.
      One hand push out, a huge fingerprints, condensed out, covering a hundred feet, it instantly into the earth.
      Beichenheng left quickly.
      “Brother, just here?”
      After beichenheng leaves.
      Another bodyguard came over. He helped the man up and said, “in the palace, you should have a bright eye. He was the ninth highness just now.”
      “Today, the only son of the emperor, who are you going to block, your highness nine?”
      “There's a ban in the palace… No flying.”
      The bodyguard just now, with an ugly face, covered his chest and said in a low voice.
      “It depends on who.”
      Another bodyguard, patted him on the shoulder, but said.
      In front of the palace treasure house.
      Beichenheng's figure came down from the void. He came to the door, and there was an identity token in his hand. He threw it into the void and said faintly:
      “Your Highness is going in. Open the door quickly!”
      “Yes, sir
      The void fluctuates and a thick voice rings out.
      The voice is not lost.
      In front of the stone gate, the lines light up, interweave into a mysterious pattern, and slowly open to both sides.
      Beichenheng stepped into it.
      Looking around, one shelf after another is full of space.
      Most of the treasures are placed here, but they are not very precious in terms of value. The really valuable things will not be put here.
      Some of them were sent by some small clans, some from the city below, and even some from the previous dynasty.
      For example.
      Before the collapse of the Dali Dynasty.
      Some valuables, but unfortunately abandoned, were thrown into the treasure house.
      There are few people to take care of them on weekdays. They look in a mess at the moment.
      The North Chen Heng takes out jade card, swept one eye content, murmur in the mouth to say.
      Bingyin is the number of the wooden frame in front of us.
      Beichenheng looked at them one by one. After half an hour, he stopped in front of a shelf and couldn't move his eyes any more.
      On this shelf, two big characters came into view.
      Impressively, Bingyin!
      “Longevity map!”
      Beichenheng spits out three words again.
      He stretched out his hand and pulled out the only picture on the wooden frame. It was a plain picture, because time had passed for a long time.
      It has given off a smell of decay.
      It seems that if you touch it lightly, it will be damaged.
      Beichenheng carefully unfolded the scroll. At the top of the scroll, the three big characters of Wanshou gradually came into view.
      See these three words, the North Chen constant pupil suddenly shrinks!
      It's true!
      No matter whether the predecessors cheat themselves or not, at least so far, all the information is correct!
      “Whether it can be done or not depends on the next step.”
      Beichen Heng takes a deep breath. He raises his hand and starts to run in a strange way. Finally, he gathers on the palm of his hand.
      In the palm of his hand, turned out a word from!
      This is the way to activate the longevity map. Only by using the special means of banning in Dali Dynasty. If you don't use this method, even if you get the longevity map, it won't help at all.
      Because of this, the emperor of Tianyin had been looking for a million years, but he had not found a way to become a saint.
      Beichenheng's palm fell and covered the longevity map.
      All of a sudden.
      With the sound of “buzz”, the surface of longevity map, like the water surface, rippled open a layer of waves, and then a gold font flew out of it.
      Densely arranged in the void, a golden light sprinkled, make people dizzy.
      See this scene.
      Beichen Heng swallowed a mouthful of saliva.
      That's right!
      Everything is as the predecessors said.
      Now, what appears in front of him is the method of becoming holy by means of transportation.
      It's a magic power, not a skill. It's very easy to practice. It doesn't take much effort. Just learn to mobilize qi movement!
      Beichenheng quickly wrote down the content.
      Eyes a cold, five fingers grip, bang, the hands of longevity map into a piece of smoke and dust, splashing down, spread on the ground.
      Finish it all.
      Beichenheng turns around and goes out.
      Beichenyong, the emperor of the Tianyin Dynasty, lies on the soft floor with his eyes closed and his fingers beating rhythmically on the bed
      “Liu Zhen.”
      “The maid is here!”
      A thin man with white face and dark eyes bowed himself.
      “How long has the ninth Prince been out?”
      “About six days.”
      Liu Zhen said respectfully.
      “Six days…”
      Beichen Yong opened his eyes, his eyes flashed a trace of cold, cold voice: “too long.”
      “Where did he go in these six days?”
      “Report back to the emperor. After his ninth highness left the palace, he went straight to dahuangcheng and stayed for half a day before returning.”
      Liu Zhen said softly.
      “Great waste city…!”
      Beichen Yong's face was cold, and his eyes flashed a hint of killing. He said in a cold voice: “my emperor's son, it seems that his wings are hard. I want him to go to baiduan mountains to find out why Ren Qingtu became a saint.”
      “He went to the great wilderness!”
      “Do you think I'm too old to deal with him?”
      As the emperor, beichenyong is tired of the feeling that this kind of thing is not in control.
      “Your Majesty, calm down.”
      Liu Zhen said in a low voice.
      After that.
      As if he had thought of something, he continued: “just now I got the news that my ninth highness is back. He seems to be in a bad mood. When I passed the palace, I hurt a bodyguard seriously.”
      “In the Imperial Palace, there has always been a ban, no hand, nine his highness this time, according to the slave seems to be just unintentional loss.”
      That's not true.
      What Liu Zhen said is very clever.
      On the surface, it is to exonerate beichenheng, but in fact, it is to push beichenheng to a dead end.
      Right now.
      It was in the most sensitive period of Beichen Yong's life that he was about to reach the end of his life and had not yet become a saint. He was waiting for his son's cultivation. Suddenly, he heard that his son dared to hurt people in the palace.
      How can he not think much?
      In case.
      My son, what should I do if I want to learn from Lao Liu?
      If there is also a rebellion, even if it is suppressed by him in the end, it will not be pleasant to hear and even worse to see.
      “Hurt people in the palace?”
      Beichen Yong slowly sat up and swept all directions with an air of hegemony. His eyes opened and closed, and the cold light overflowed. His hands and feet exuded great power.
      “Good, good!”
      Beichen Yong said three good things in a row. His decadent breath was swept away. He raised his finger and said in a cold voice:
      “Pass him to the palace!”
      For this ninth son, he was still a little impatient.
      After all, he is his last son.
      Want to make it live longer.
      But now it seems that even his youngest son has begun to give up and can't continue to stay, even if what Liu Zhen said is false.
      He's willing to believe it now.
      He's going to make an excuse for himself.
      The real reason.
      He wants to be sanctified!
      It's just a son. He has no chance to regenerate and become a saint. He may only have this chance in his life*
      Chapter 46 father, you are old(Seek for flowers, seek for evaluation)
      Liu Zhen bowed to salute and said respectfully, “I'm going to pass on my ninth highness to the palace.”
      He said.
      Liu Zhen turned and walked out of the palace.
      He just walked out of the hall.
      At the bottom of the steps, on a white jade square, a figure standing tall was found. Beichenheng was carried by both hands, with a huge figure, black hair like a waterfall, and deep breath.
      “The nine halls are coming down just in time!”
      Seeing the figure of beichenheng, Liu Zhen sneered. He went down the steps and came to beichenheng. He joked: “the emperor is about to summon his highness, but he didn't expect his highness to come.”
      This kind of tone, quite a kind of, just want to let you die, you come to seek death by yourself.
      “Your Highness, please
      Liu Zhen side over the body, one hand virtual lead road.
      “How is your father?”
      Beichen constant steps did not move, the body does not move like a mountain, he turned his head, looking at Liu Zhen, light asked.
      “The God and the emperor control the mountains and rivers for hundreds of millions of miles, and the body is naturally prosperous, just like the sun shining in the sky
      Liu Zhen does not think about the ropeway.
      Beichen Heng nodded his head with some emotion and said: “my father is in good health. Five thousand years ago, my Royal Highness's eight brothers all took the lead, but my father is still alive.”
      “I think the eight brothers in Jiuquan should miss their father very much…”
      “Father, it's time to see your brothers.”
      Liu Zhen looks shocked.
      The first half of the sentence is fine, but the second half is shocking.
      What are you going to do?
      Liu Zhen took a step backward and cheered loudly
      “Your Highness, do you know what you are talking about?”
      “It's just a house slave. Who allows you to shout in front of me?”
      Beichenheng step forward, clothes and robes move without wind, hair dance, the breath of terror, swept out, the power of the Lord level, cover all directions.
      As soon as he pointed out, he turned into a rainbow, tearing the space, and heard a sharp howling sound. He quickly killed Liu Zhen.
      “How dare he…!”
      Liu Zhen's hair is creepy, and all his dead souls are in danger.
      This is a palace!
      Behind is the main hall, where the emperor Tianyin rests, and the emperor is in the hall. The nine princes dare to do it by themselves. Is he tired of living?
      He knew he was going to die, and he wanted to fight for the last time?
      Liu Zhen didn't have time to think about it. His hands were full of dust, and thousands of silk threads were twining out of the sky.
      Trying to block the blow.
      A deafening roar came out.
      The streamer penetrates everything, breaks all obstacles, and passes through the floating dust. Later, the rest of the force keeps hitting Liu Zhen on the shoulder, which is terrifying and breaks half of his body.
      Blood flies, bones grow white.
      Liu Zhen as if a broken sack general, inverted fly out, mercilessly hit the white jade stone steps in the rear.
      The huge impact made the whole hall shocked.
      Liu Zhenyao got up and ran to the main hall with no time to wipe the blood on his body. He cried out:
      “Your Highness nine, it's wrong!”
      “He went to the palace and wanted to kill us. He asked the emperor to decide for us.”
      “Step on it!Step on it!Step on it
      Behind Liu Zhen.
      Beichen constant hands, the pace is not slow, step by step, step up, toward the hall.
      When he enters the hall.
      Liu Zhen is covered with blood. He stands behind Beichen Yong and looks at him coldly with a pair of venomous eyes.
      And Beichen Yong.
      He was still dressed in his usual clothes, lying on the soft ground, as if he had not noticed what had just happened.
      Only a pair of indifferent eyes betrayed his inner thoughts.
      See beichenheng come in.
      He spoke indifferently and spewed out two words.
      “Kneel down!”
      In the voice, with the supreme dignity, people can not be doubted.
      When the words fall to the ground, a heavy pressure falls from the sky, like an ancient magic mountain, which has crossed the long river of time.
      There was a loud noise.
      In the main hall, the symbols flash wildly, then collapse, the rocks fall, the smoke is filled, in the dust, beichenheng still stands upright.
      See this scene.
      In Liu Zhen's eyes, the color of pleasure is more and more obvious.
      Then just now!
      The more you do this, the more angry the emperor will be. In the end, your fate will be very miserable. After you lose all your accomplishments, you'd better not fall into our hands.
      We must let you know, what is not to survive, not to die!
      At that time, your sixth brother was just like you. His final fate was broken up and he was doomed!
      It can be seen from this.
      It is a taboo in Beichen Yong's mind.
      No one is allowed to touch it.
      Even my own son!
      On the ruins.
      Beichen is as steady as Mount Tai. He is still burdened with both hands, calm and conceited. His face doesn't change at all. He raises his eyes, looks at Beichen Yong, and slowly says:
      “Father, you are old.”
      “It's time to abdicate!”
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      Chapter 47 how does it feel(Seek for flowers, seek for evaluation)
      “Is it?”
      Beichen Yong slowly gets up, his face is as deep as water, and his voice seems to be coming from the nine hell. He doesn't have the slightest emotion, and is cold to the extreme.
      He stood up with both hands on his back and looked down at beichenheng.
      “Huang'er, you should understand that everything you have today is given to you by me…”
      “What I give you is yours. If I don't give it, you can't rob it!”
      The voice dropped.
      The riot of heaven and earth turned the palace into a sea of thunder and light!
      Beichenyong stands on the thunder sea, like a reincarnation of Thunder God.
      Don't look directly at it!
      No blasphemy!
      “What you've done today has crossed my bottom line. It's time for me to take back what I've given you!”
      “When did my father have a bottom line?”
      The corner of the mouth of the North Chen constant starts to stir up, sneer a, indifferent way: “the father emperor bestows of all, don't need to take back personally, I return all to you today!”
      “You are looking for your own death!”
      North Chen Yong Mou son a cold.
      How many years?
      For thousands of years, it has been a long time since no one dared to speak to themselves like this.
      The last one, who said that, should have been his sixth son.
      “Those who provoke me will be doomed in the end, even my son.”
      “I'd like to have a try.”
      Beichen Heng chuckles.
      A light sound came out.
      In the field.
      Beichen constant body breath reversal, a majestic true yuan, spread to all directions, and his body breath, began to rapid regression.
      Holy Land!
      Celestial realm!
      The sky changes!
      “You dare!”
      Beichen Yong yelled angrily. His old face was almost twisted together. His white hair was dancing wildly. It was terrible. He was like an angry lion coming out of the cage. His evil spirit blocked the sky.
      He rushed down the steps.
      I want to stop it.
      How dare beichenheng abolish cultivation!
      If he abandoned his cultivation, what would he do?
      Right now.
      His distance from the holy land, only a line apart, devoured the cultivation of beichenheng, he has eight layers of hope, can become a saint!
      Eight floors!
      This can already be said to be sanctified!
      Now, Beichen Heng abolishes the cultivation at one stroke, and he becomes a useless person, but his hope of becoming a saint will be cut off from now on.
      In addition to their own drooping old, even if you take longevity pill also can't hold on for long.
      The rest of the time, there is no time to find another genius, cultivate it to the level of God, and genius is not so easy to find.
      Beichenheng alone has been cultivated for more than 1000 years!
      How many resources have been spent?
      How much effort?
      Beichenheng's action at the moment not only smashes his thousand year plan, but also leads him to die together!
      The last breath is gone.
      Beichenheng from a middle-aged man, into an old man, hair pale, wrinkled, rickets, standing in the same place.
      Without cultivation, his life is like a candle in the wind, which will go out at any time.
      It looks older than beichenyong.
      To this point.
      Knowing that life has come to an end.
      The North Chen constant still didn't worry, he looked at the exasperated father emperor, lightly smile.
      “Ha ha!”
      “Ha ha ha!”
      From light smile to wild laugh, it spread all over the country.
      “Father, how does it feel?”
      Beichen Heng said happily.
      Thousands of years of depression, once vomit!
      I watched a brother step into the palace and disappear. Today, he helped them fulfill their long cherished wish!
      Lost the most important part of myself.
      My father's idea of becoming a saint in this life is doomed to never come true again!
      He came here today to let his father, the emperor, watch his hope of becoming a saint, passing away little by little in front of him.
      No matter what means he uses, he can't recover the defeat.
      This kind of despair was experienced by the eight imperial brothers and themselves.
      Father, it's time to experience it.
      “Evil person!!”
      Beichen Yong was furious, and his body sent out a spirit like magic. His whole body was like a volcanic eruption, and his essence penetrated the sky.
      At the foot of the earth, are shaking violently, opened a terrible crack.
      This kind of scene, too frightening.
      It's creepy.
      At this moment, Beichen Yong seems to be crazy. His eyes are red, his body is filled with evil spirit, and his mouth is breathing heavily. His thousand year plan is put into water in one day!
      The initiator of all this is the villain in front of us!
      Even if he is his own son, he has broken his chance of becoming a saint. Now he has become a mortal enemy. He must break up his soul and fall into a place of eternal doom.
      Only in this way can the anger in the heart be dispelled!
      The big hand of Beichen Yong grabs it out, grabs it in the void, and the black thunder falls all over the sky. It gathers in his palm and turns into a long black spear.
      At the moment when the spear appeared, a breath of destroying heaven and earth swept out.
      This spear has become the only one in the world!
      There was a loud noise.
      Spear through the void, quickly toward the North Chen Heng killed in the past, not to kill, a suppressed to the extreme of the atmosphere, it took the lead to fall down.
      This moment.
      The whole space has become sticky, and there is no way to avoid it.
      Hard connection only!
      With the current state of beichenheng ordinary people, how can this attack be met?
      Beichen Yong had the idea of killing.
      He will be in front of the ninth son, thoroughly frustrated, in order to vent his hatred*
      Chapter 48 nothing is impossible(Seek for flowers, seek for evaluation)
      Thunder spear landing.
      The thunder, like Wang Yang, is boundless, the lightning flickers, moves nine days, and submerges the earth. It is extremely terrifying, and the earth and rock are burning where it passes.
      The traces of the original hall have been completely erased.
      If it wasn't for the array, most of the palace would be destroyed.
      With all this power.
      Don't say beichenheng is an ordinary person.
      Even if he is at the peak, he may not be able to block it.
      For this attack, beichenyong has absolute confidence. Although he has not been sanctified, he has absorbed not only the strength of his eight sons, but also some talents he has collected over the years.
      These people are practicing Nayuan shenjue in secret.
      In the end, it all became his nourishment.
      With the accumulation of countless people's accomplishments, he is invincible among his peers!
      “It's over.”
      Beichen Yong's voice is cold.
      Even so, he still did not release his hatred. His anger was burning in his chest, and his whole body was beating like an ancient fierce beast who wanted to choose people to eat!
      “It's too easy for me to die after breaking my path of becoming a saint… Eh?”
      The North Chen Yong raises a hand to grasp, in the thunder all over the sky, grasped a loneliness.
      What's going on?
      He frowned.
      Normally speaking, beichenheng should be dead. He wants to arrest his soul, but why doesn't he have any reaction?
      Do you?
      North Chen Yong in the heart rises a guess.
      He just hit, let each other out of their wits?
      This may be very low.
      He is very clear about his strength. No one knows more about the power of that spear than him. No matter what, the soul should stay.
      Something's wrong.
      Beichen Yong's eyes narrowed, and his eyes pierced the thunder sea, trying to see what happened.
      I didn't wait for him to see the situation.
      A figure, walking leisurely in the thunder sea, came out.
      “How can it be!”
      The North Chen Yong brow is tight wrinkly, in the Mou son flash a put on can't believe of color, sink a voice way: “you unexpectedly didn't die?”
      “Let my father down.”
      Beichenheng's appearance is still old. With his hands on his back, he ascends the steps and falls down one step. His body, which used to be like a dead tree, suddenly comes out the sound of a tsunami.
      His body really yuan, rumbling, flesh essence, like smoke, hit through the sky, scattered the clouds.
      Taking his position as the center, the Qi of the whole Tianyin Dynasty seemed to have been drawn and gathered from all directions.
      From above his head, it turned into a whirlpool and poured down.
      “My son has said for a long time that my father has been sitting in this position for 5000 years, so it's time to abdicate and give up the position of sage!”
      Beichenheng is still slow.
      Every step he takes down makes his breath strong.
      The cultivation that had been abandoned grew rapidly and came back.
      Forging environment!
      Celestial realm!
      Holy Land!
      At the last step, beichenheng comes to beichenyong. He looks directly at his father. There are no waves in his eyes. A breath of terror sweeps out of his body.
      The power of saints, suppress heaven and earth!
      Terror came to my face.
      Beichen Yong's body was hit hard, and his whole body trembled. Then he turned white and flew out. In the roaring sound, he ran through countless palaces.
      The dust splashed all over the sky.
      Beichen Yongheng is lying on the ruins, bleeding from the corner of his mouth. He stands up and his hair is on his shoulder. He looks hysterical.
      “No way!”
      “I've been planning for thousands of years, but I still haven't become a saint. All your practices are incomplete, and there is no follow-up. How can I become a saint first?”
      “You have abolished your cultivation. Why on earth have you become a saint?”
      Beichen Yong nearly crazy, his life pursuit, and finally a vain, and his son, but from his hand a piece, jump out of the chessboard.
      Just jump out of the chessboard.
      They even exchanged the identities of the players and the pieces.
      This change made him almost vomit blood.
      “Nothing is impossible in this world.”
      Beichenheng turns around.
      This moment.
      He is as rich as jade. He has a long body and a jade crown on his head. Judging from his appearance, he is just in his early twenties. Anyone can't help but praise him.
      What a good young master!
      As a result of achieving the cultivation of sage, Shouyuan has grown for thousands of years without foundation. The appearance of the middle-aged people has completely become young. In a sense, he is also rejuvenated.
      As long as the emperor Tianyin is immortal and he stays in the territory of the emperor Tianyin, he can have everything that a saint should have, even Shouyuan!
      From this point, we can also see the horror of the law of holiness.
      “There must be something wrong!”
      Beichen Yong voice hoarse, a moment later, he suddenly raised his head, eyes fixed on Beichen Heng, mouth difficult squeeze out a few words.
      “The way to become a saint through transportation!”
      That year.
      The forbidden technique of Dali Dynasty has a great reputation in the whole world. Naturally, the emperor of Tianyin is also greedy. After the destruction of Dali Dynasty, the emperor of Tianyin is greedy.
      They went all out to look for it and got nothing in the end.
      Beichen Yong ascended the throne.
      He also looked for it, but he didn't find it.
      But I didn't expect that.
      By the way of becoming a saint, he was born in his own son's hands!
      “Give it to me!”
      “Give me the method of making a saint by borrowing it!”
      “I'll give you whatever you want!”
      Beichen Yong staggers forward, his eyes are full of desire. After the hope of becoming a saint is broken, a ray of dawn appears in his heart again.
      “I want to…”
      The North Chen constant corner of the mouth peeps out a sneer, light says: “father emperor accompanies several emperor elder brothers!”*
      Chapter 49 I hate(Fresh flowers and change)
      The footstep of North Chen Yong, stiff at the same place.
      Heaven and earth collapse.
      Beichenheng hands, he one hand out, overwhelming, Shengwei mighty thousands of miles, submerged the whole Imperial City, fingers empty a grip, beichenyong directly was lifted up.
      He is invincible in the land of the Lord.
      But in the face of saints, there is no resistance.
      This is an absolute repression.
      There is a big difference between the two, not only Shouyuan, but also strength. Even in the amazing Tianjiao, it is impossible to challenge from the holy land.
      From the Lord to the saint, this is a qualitative change!
      “Let… Be presumptuous!”
      North Chen Yong complexion rises red, in the heart rose the meaning of frightened.
      After living for 5000 years, he felt the threat of death for the first time. He knew that his son, like himself, could do everything.
      “I'm your father, and your life is given to you by me.”
      Beichen constant disdain a smile, five fingers slightly clench, light said: “so, I will also leave father emperor a life.”
      “You… You dare!”
      Beichen Yong's eyes were wide open and he cried out.
      “Why don't I…”
      Beichen constant mouth, just want to say what, a sharp voice, cut through the sky, resounded through the whole imperial city.
      “Come and escort!”
      “The ninth Prince is wrong!”
      Liu Zhen hides in a corner, urge all true yuan, shout a way.
      Beichen Heng frowned and patted it out with one hand. A black dragon stretched across the body. The whole body was made of sword light. The tail of the dragon was thrown out, which turned Liu Zhen and the palace in front of him into flying ash.
      Liu Zhen is dead.
      But his voice before he died played a role.
      In the imperial city.
      A stream of light, the sky, countless taxi soldiers, from all directions, the whole void surrounded, strong breath together, let the air become sticky.
      A glance at random.
      You can see dozens of saints.
      This is one of them.
      Some of them are of the same clan as Beichen Heng, while others are worshipped by the emperor Tianyin, or guest Qing.
      The first time they came to see the scene in the palace, countless people, directly in the same place in disorder.
      His royal highness nine held the emperor's neck and lifted him in mid air.
      What are you doing?
      “Your Highness, is this a real rebellion?”
      “It's not true, is it false?Isn't that obvious enough? ”
      “Beichen Heng is too presumptuous. His action will surely make the holy land of the world laugh at our Tianyin emperor!”
      “It seems that his ninth Highness has become a saint. It seems reasonable that he should become the emperor. Besides, the emperor has been in power for more than 5000 years, so it's time to abdicate.”
      “After this matter, no matter what the result is, it will become a stain of the emperor Tianyin.”
      “Is there a little stain on the emperor Tianyin?Don't forget how the eight princes disappeared all of a sudden
      “You mean…”
      “Be careful!”
      Many worshippers and guests were talking about it.
      They don't care who will be the emperor. After all, they are outsiders. It's not their turn to tell the emperor what to do. As long as the emperor gives them resources to practice, it's enough.
      But the people of Tianyin royal family don't think so.
      Some think that beichenheng's action insults the royal family, some think it should be, and some even want to take beichenheng instead.
      But no matter what you think.
      They didn't step forward.
      They are all watching.
      The more important thing is to scruple the cultivation of beichenheng!
      He's a saint.
      If Laozu doesn't do it, everyone here is not the opponent of beichenheng. Even if they rush up, they will be slapped to death.
      “It seems that…”
      Beichen Heng glanced at everyone, turned around and said slowly, “the will of heaven and the people are not on your side.”
      “It's time for father and emperor to go on the road. Don't let eight brothers wait for a long time!”
      He said.
      North Chen Heng another hand lifted up.
      “Hold… Hands!”
      Beichen Yong drinks angrily. He struggles violently. He wants to break through the shackles. Unfortunately, Beichen Heng's palm is like pouring steel.
      not to turn a hair.
      He can only watch, each other a finger, point in his Dantian Qihai.
      There was a light noise.
      As if a bubble had been pierced, all the accomplishments of beichenyong disappeared in an instant. Without his accomplishments, he was depressed.
      This old body, now even straight waist, have become extremely difficult.
      Beichenheng's hand loosened.
      With a bang, Beichen Yong falls from the void, and the whole person is on the verge of death. He opens his mouth, wants to say something, but only spits out two words.
      “I hate…!”
      The breeze blew by.
      The words behind Beichen Yong, before they were exported, were scattered with the wind.
      This moment.
      Millions of people were silent.
      The cold atmosphere, pressure in everyone's heart, let everyone shudder, they looked at the back of beichenheng, in the heart rose a trace of fear.
      Beichenheng stood there motionless, as if waiting for something.
      Everyone here knows what he's waiting for.
      Right now.
      Although yongxiuwei of Beichen was abandoned, if he was rescued in time, his life could be extended by ten and a half days if he was lucky, and one or two days if he was not lucky.
      But now.
      Beichenheng is standing there, who dares to rescue?
      Everyone, can only watch, Beichen Yong Shouyuan bit by bit to the end.
      His fall.
      From this point, it can be said that it is related to beichenheng, but it has nothing to do with it.
      After all.
      Beichenheng just abandoned his cultivation. He didn't kill anyone. He just stood still.
      I don't think anyone can wear this name on his head.
      Even if someone has such an idea.
      But I dare not say it*
      Chapter 50 protect your throne for ten thousand years
      Half an hour later.
      In the ruins.
      Beichen Yong unwilling to close his eyes, body breath of life, more weak, until disappeared.
      During this period of time.
      None of the generals, clansmen or ancestors under the command of the emperor Tianyin stood up and smashed the little hope left in his heart.
      A moment later.
      The atmosphere became more dignified.
      Who is not a practitioner?
      As for the disappearance of the emperor's breath, we can almost say that we are fully aware of it.
      Today, the emperor Yin is gone.
      In an empty position, everyone will be moved. After all, to become a divine queen, there are not only skills, but also resources. There are so many conditions for blessing.
      As long as the qualification is not too poor, to become the peak of the Lord, almost no problem.
      If you are lucky, even if you become a saint, it is not impossible.
      Some Tianyin royal families have some ideas in their hearts, but they dare not say it. It's really that beichenheng gives them too much deterrent power. Once they open their mouth.
      There is no guarantee that it will not be liquidated.
      Right now.
      To be wise and to protect oneself is the king's way.
      After another period of time.
      Beichenyong's body is going to be cold.
      A indifferent voice, from the void, slowly sounded, into everyone's ears.
      “I am very sad that my father died. However, the country can't be without a monarch for a day. I will become emperor from today. Do you have any objection?”
      Listening to the meaning of the words, it seems to be discussing.
      But listen to the voice, this sentence is more like a notice.
      It's very clear that I want to be the emperor.
      If you don't agree, you can stand up.
      For a while.
      After a short silence, a general took the lead in responding. He knelt down on one knee in the void and said in a high voice:
      “I wish the emperor a long life
      Many people blow their beards and stare.
      The grass on the wall falls too fast. Many people haven't made up their mind yet. Have you started to lick it on your knees?
      Seeing someone take the lead.
      The rest of the people, even if the heart is not willing, also have to hold the nose to recognize.
      The strength of the North Chen Heng is in that to put, they have the intention to oppose, also can't lift the spray at all.
      “See the emperor and wish him eternal life!”
      “See the emperor and wish him eternal life!”
      “See the emperor and wish him eternal life!”
      “See the emperor and wish him eternal life!”
      Huge voice, gathered together, like a whole general, extreme terror, power through the sky, people shudder.
      Look around.
      Countless people, together brush short a section.
      At the center.
      Only Beichen Heng stands tall and upright.
      “All of you
      Beichenheng opens his mouth.
      At this moment, the idea is clear, the heart is very happy, many years of pursuit, once realized, let him have a kind of dreamlike feeling, extremely unreal.
      Before, he thought more about how to live.
      As for becoming the emperor, I dare to think about it secretly only when I dream back at midnight.
      Unexpectedly, today has come true!
      He really became the emperor.
      “Thanks to the master!”
      Beichen said with emotion in his perseverance.
      If there is no elder, he should be the one lying here today.
      The one who accepted the worship of the officials should be his father!
      “We should think about how to repay the kindness of our predecessors.”
      Beichen meditates in perseverance.
      If Li Yun knew what beichenheng thought, he would wake up in a dream.
      After pondering for a moment, Beichen Heng turned around, glanced at the people in front of him, and said indifferently:
      “If you don't have anything to do, let's go!”
      “I'll leave you!”
      “I'll leave soon!”
      After the crowd left.
      The affairs of the Tianyin Dynasty also spread out, and set off an uproar in the whole world.
      After all.
      The strength of a dynasty is not weak. It's just a smooth transition of the position of emperor. There won't be much attention. But if it's not a smooth transition, it's interesting.
      what's more.
      This also broke out a big news!
      By the way of becoming a saint, he reappeared after a million years and appeared in the hands of beichenheng.
      This news has made countless people start to think.
      This skill doesn't belong to the Tianyin Dynasty. It was originally created by Dali Dynasty in those years. If you can get your own share, it will be very important for every holy land.
      It's an unprecedented enhancement.
      For a time, countless forces are ready to move.
      Tianyin palace.
      Beichenheng sits quietly.
      The former main hall has been demolished. If you want to reopen it, you have to rebuild it and then put on the array. The whole process will not be completed in a year or two.
      During this time, he temporarily lived in another hall.
      Right now.
      Beichenheng is thinking about the aftermath. The fall of the last emperor, many things have not been explained. It is inevitable that some people will have their own careful thinking.
      He must press some signs to death immediately, otherwise, it will change later.
      Just as he was meditating.
      All of a sudden.
      A wave of pressure came from all directions.
      Set him in the same place, no matter how he struggles, it will not help.
      “Sage king!”
      Beichen was shocked in his perseverance.
      Before his father experienced the feeling, now he has a new experience, can be described as exciting.
      “This breath
      Beichen is determined to be one Lin. from this kind of pressure, he detects a familiar breath, which is the breath of the Tianyin royal family can cultivate.
      It should be an old ancestor of the emperor Tianyin!
      Aware of this, Beichen was relieved.
      He is not struggling. He tries to calm down. What he should do has been done. If this mysterious ancestor wants to ask for a crime.
      I guess I've already shown up.
      At present, it is estimated that it is not for the sake of my father.
      “I don't know which ancestor went out of the pass. If the unfilial descendants are disappointed, please forgive me!”
      North Chen constant respectfully says.
      “Beichen peak!”
      In the void, the three words of beichenfeng ring out from all directions. The voice is loud, like thunder rolling, which makes people unable to help their Qi and blood churning.
      “It's the 13th ancestor!”
      Beichen perseveres in a tight, the ancestor is not a good person to talk about, when he was emperor, but set off a lot of war.
      Wu Huang is absolutely worthy of him.
      “I don't know the thirteenth ancestor. He came to the palace today, but what can I do for you?”
      The North Chen is constant and motionless, light voice asks a way.
      “Hand over the method of becoming a saint by borrowing money, and I will protect you as the emperor of God for ten thousand years!”
      In the void.
      The voice of beichenfeng came again.
      Beichenheng heard this sentence.
      In the heart sneer, if so?
      When the clan was fratricidal, these ancestors didn't show up. When they came to the world, they immediately jumped out. They were a little too anxious*
      Chapter 51 are you threatening me(Seek for flowers, seek for evaluation)
      “Do you think I'm a three-year-old?”
      Beichen sneers in his persistence.
      Anyone who is normal should understand that the words of the superior are not believable, especially those who are the emperor. They are always valuable.
      It's worthless. Just kick it aside.
      Even their own relatives, can start, but also can count on their words, how much credibility?
      At present, the only thing I can rely on is to borrow the method of becoming a saint.
      If you lose this card, what's your use?
      Qi Yun will not recognize the master.
      Anyone in the family of Beichen, as long as he controls the method of becoming a saint, can do his own step. In this way, what can he do?
      You know.
      I just abandoned my cultivation!
      In the loss of the way to become sage, the world's largest, there is no place of their own!
      “I'm afraid I'll let Lao Zu down.”
      Beichen constant complexion unchanged, Kan Kan said: “the method of making Qi into a saint, is a master, give the younger generation of magic power, whether it can be handed over to the ancestors, also need the consent of the elders.”
      In the void.
      There's a whisper.
      There seems to be some surprise about this explanation.
      After a moment's pause, beichenfeng spoke again and said, “who is the elder in your mouth?”
      “Tianji, master!”
      There are four words in Beichen Heng's mouth.
      He said silently in his heart: “don't blame me, elder. I can't help it. If you hand over the method of Qi luck, you will die. I hope you can help me.”
      “The owner of Tianji?”
      Beichenfeng's voice, obviously with a trace of doubt.
      He was searching for the memory in his mind. After a long time, he didn't have the slightest clue. In his time, no expert used this name.
      “You'll give me the method of becoming a saint. I'll go to negotiate with you.”
      The voice of beichenfeng came again.
      “I'm sorry that I can't do it. The master of the building is highly skilled and powerful. Sitting in one place, I can observe the changes of the world. If I give the method of becoming a saint to my ancestors…”
      “I'm afraid it'll upset the seniors.”
      Beichenheng's voice stopped and continued: “when you die, it's nothing. If you are angry with Tianyin, I'm afraid everyone will be buried with you!”
      “Are you threatening me?”
      The voice of beichenfeng cooled down.
      He became famous very early, and his strength is incomparable. He has reached the peak of the sage Wang, and is only a line away from the great sage. Such characters naturally have their pride.
      What he can't accept most is the threat. The people who used to do this in front of him are three feet tall.
      “It's not a threat. I'm just stating a fact.”
      Beichen Heng shook his head and said in a low voice, “if you don't believe me, you can go to Dahuang city. Tianji building is in Dahuang city.”
      Finish this sentence.
      Beichen is a little uneasy in his perseverance.
      With the strength of our predecessors, we should surpass the sage king, right?
      At the beginning, I couldn't see the depth of my predecessors at all. The person who can do this is not an ordinary person, but a great saint
      Or the emperor to be.
      So, even if Laozu goes, 99% of them are not rivals of the predecessors!
      “Do you think Tianji building can hold me down?”
      Beichenfeng is angry.
      Breath can not help but more thick three points, the terror of the pressure down, like a mountain, hit Beichen Heng body, his whole body bone click.
      It seems to be completely wiped out.
      Beichen constant complexion suddenly pale up, the body exudes sweat, wet clothes.
      “If you don't believe me, you can search your soul directly, and the way to become sage is in your mind!”
      Beichen's eyes were cold, and he said in a deep voice:
      “Lao Zu can make a bet.”
      “See if the emperor Tianyin can resist the anger of that elder!”
      “I have a word to tell you that if Tianyin's million year old foundation is destroyed, you will be responsible for it.”
      In a void.
      Beichenfeng sits on his knees. When he hears this, his eyes are like electricity, his clothes move without wind, and his terrible power is like the tide.
      Will be around the void, pull out a terrible crack!
      As if to destroy the world.
      “The owner of Tianji?”
      Beichen Feng snorted coldly and said, “what if I've been here for a while? If I know you're deceiving me afterwards, then don't say that the throne of God is your life. I'll take it with me!”
      Voice landing.
      The pressure on the body of Beichen constant dissipates immediately.
      He breathed a sigh of relief, raised his hand to wipe the sweat on his forehead. In any case, he reluctantly passed the pass by relying on the flag of his predecessors.
      But it can't be said to be completely over.
      If you want to survive completely, you have to see if your predecessors are willing to help you.
      “By the means of our predecessors, we should be able to figure out what happened to us today?”
      Beichen thought of it with perseverance.
      The master knows everything. If a sage king comes to him, will he not know the cause and effect?
      If you have some value in the hearts of your predecessors.
      Maybe, the elder will save himself.
      If their own value is not enough, their predecessors may also choose to stand by.
      The key.
      It depends on the meaning of the predecessors.
      Any of his words may be related to his own life*
      Does Chapter 52 refer to Tianji building(Seek for flowers, seek for evaluation)
      “Tell the emperor, shake the light of the Holy Land elders to see you!”
      At the time of constant thinking in Beichen.
      Outside the hall.
      A general in armour strode over. He came to the front of the hall and stood still. He said respectfully.
      “Light the holy land?”
      Beichen Heng frowned slightly.
      This holy land is not an ordinary force.
      All over the world, looking at 3000 States, it is clear that the most powerful fighting force of each holy land is the great saint, but the most powerful ancestor of the holy land is the emperor!
      Yes, of course.
      I don't rule out a holy land. It's low-key.
      Even if there is the emperor to be, it is hidden and not exposed.
      There are both advantages and disadvantages for Yaoguang holy land to do so. The disadvantage is that Yaoguang holy land is too strong and many forces will unite to fight against Yaoguang holy land. Even the right forces are very afraid.
      The advantage is that no one dares to provoke the holy land.
      All forces, big and small, should be given a small share.
      “What does the elder of Yaoguang holy land do in Tianyin dynasty?”
      Beichen Heng has no idea.
      Congratulations for me?
      As soon as this idea appeared, he threw it out of his mind. Today, he has just become a saint and ascended the throne of the emperor for only a few hours. The speed is fast.
      It's unlikely to reach the holy land of light.
      Even if there are spies in the holy land, it will take time for them to send back the news that the other party is coming.
      Obviously, this time can't be arrived in a day.
      “Invite him in.”
      Beichenheng stood up, his whole body is really yuan circulation, just oozing sweat, immediately cleaned up, restored a school of emperor majesty.
      Outside the hall, the general left.
      Not long.
      Then he led an old man with gray hair to come over.
      “Shake the holy land of Hongyuan mountain, meet the friends of Beichen Taoism!”
      After Hong Yuanshan entered the hall, he looked down at Beichen Heng and arched his hand at will. His attitude was very free and easy, as if this was his own back garden.
      “It's old Hong!”
      Beichen Heng spoke indifferently.
      The voice is very cold, without a trace of temperature.
      He has already become the emperor of Tianyin. The other party doesn't call him the emperor. Instead, he calls him a Taoist friend. This is obviously belittling the emperor of Tianyin!
      If it's the emperor of Tianyin, it's the same level as the elder of Yaoguang holy land.
      If you see the Lord of light, won't you automatically lose half a generation?
      You know.
      These people are all of the same generation. They have competed with each other on the same stage. When they were young, they were all arrogant and could ignore their identity.
      But now, time has changed, they are not young, everyone not only represents themselves, but also represents the forces behind!
      If you are beaten in the face, it means that the whole force is being beaten in the face!
      “I don't know Hong Changlao, not far from ten thousand li, who came to Tianyin from the holy land of Yaoguang. What's the matter with the emperor?”
      The North Chen constant suppresses the anger in the chest to ask a way.
      Tianyin's imperial power is not bad, but compared with Yaoguang holy land, it's still a little worse. It's not good to say whether they are quasi emperors, but one thing is certain.
      There are no imperial soldiers in Tianyin dynasty!
      And the holy land of shaking light has!
      With this alone, it is better to shake the holy land.
      Even if he has lost face, he should endure anger and try not to provoke others.
      If you can't, you can hide.
      “Hong came here for nothing else, just for the Dharma in the hands of Taoist friends of Beichen…”
      Hong Yuanshan talked with great eloquence. With a move in his hand, a jade slip appeared in his hand. He continued: “Hong has come here with sincerity. I won't take anyone's things for nothing.”
      “Here is a set of holy level skills, which can be used in exchange for the method of becoming holy in the hands of Beichen Taoist friends!”
      “Mr. Hong, are you kidding?”
      Beichen Heng said coldly.
      A saint level skill, you want to change it into a saint?
      How can there be such a good thing in the world?
      At best, the holy level skill can be cultivated to the Holy Level in theory, but whether it can be achieved or not depends on one's talent, chance and understanding!
      All three are indispensable!
      However, the way to become a saint by qi movement is different. As long as you understand this magic power, and with the help of qi movement, you can get one or more saints anytime and anywhere!
      Comparing the two, the value is clear at a glance.
      Let's talk about it.
      It's just a saint level skill. Even if the legendary emperor family has the emperor's scriptures and soldiers, doesn't it mean that the decline will come?
      In the eyes of the emperor Tianyin, the holy level skills were not of great value, and they also had them, and they did not lack them.
      “Hong has never joked, and he is not allowed to joke even if he shakes the reputation of the holy land.”
      Hong Yuanshan shook his head, looked at Beichen Heng and said faintly: “so… Is Beichen Daoyou going to change or not?”
      “If I don't change it, what should I do?”
      North Chen constant indifference says.
      “Not so much.”
      Hong Yuanshan said with a smile: “but it's very precious to borrow the method of becoming a saint. Now it appears in the hands of Beichen Taoist friends, and the news will spread all over the world sooner or later.”
      “At that time, the holy land of all parties will exert pressure. I'm afraid that the emperor Tianyin can hardly resist this pressure with only a few bodies!”
      Beichen Heng sneered and said: “it's no trouble to shake the holy land. The emperor of Tianyin has his own way to deal with it!”
      “The way to deal with it in the mouth of Daoyou in Beichen refers to Tianji building?”
      Hong Yuanshan opened his mouth again. His voice was a few degrees higher. He said in a deep voice: “or do you think that a master of heaven's secrets can block the Holy Land in the world?”*
      Chapter 53 you are looking for death(Seek for flowers, seek for evaluation)
      Beichen Heng frowned tightly, gathered his hands under his sleeve robe, and then slowly relaxed. He took a long breath and said indifferently:
      “It seems that the holy land is well prepared.”
      “Just passing by.”
      Hong Changlao smiles.
      What he said is true.
      Their previous goals.
      It's just a chance that Daluo Jianzong found out. But on the way here, he heard about the Tianyin emperor's affairs. Now the ninth Prince killed the Emperor himself.
      If that's all, that's all.
      The point is.
      This is the way to become a saint.
      Hong Yuanshan made a comparison in his mind, and it was obvious that it was more fragrant to borrow the method of becoming a saint. Therefore, he gave up the chance of baiduan mountain and came to the emperor Tianyin.
      On the way to Tianyin, they also inquired about the news.
      It didn't matter. Hong Yuanshan immediately found something wrong.
      No matter Ren Qingtu, Yang Qiu, or Bei chenheng, all these people have been to Tianji building!
      After going to Tianji building, everyone changed a lot more or less.
      Great changes, such as Ren Qingtu directly become a saint!
      Those who have changed little, such as Yang Qiu, have also changed a little.
      From this point, we can see that Tianji building is not simple, at least there is a strange person who can spy on Tianji.
      “Oh, just passing by?”
      Beichen Heng sneered.
      If you believe it, you will have a ghost.
      “Since Hong Changlao knows the relationship between me and Tianji building, he should understand that it is impossible to exchange with you the method of becoming a saint through transportation.”
      Beichen Heng's words stopped a little and said indifferently: “this magic power is the guidance of the elder. Without his consent, I can't trade it to anyone!”
      “No harm.”
      Hong Yuanshan waved his hand and said, “please come here, the owner of Tianji.”
      “It's a great honor to shine on the holy land. Why do you want to move people?”
      Beichen Heng is not happy.
      As a God Emperor, he controls the territory of the Tianyin Dynasty for hundreds of millions of miles. He doesn't think he can invite the owner of the Tianji building. What qualifications can he have if he is an elder who shakes the holy land?
      “Beichen Daoyou can wait quietly. It won't be long before the two saints can bring the owner of Tianji.”
      Hong Yuanshan didn't care.
      Beichen Heng Huoran got up, his eyes fixed on hongyuanshan, word by word: “did you send someone to Tianji building?Also want people to take the owner of Tianji to Tianyin imperial city? ”
      Hong Yuanshan was puzzled and asked, “why not?”
      He did it more than once.
      Most of the time, with their reputation of glorifying the holy land, they show their identity, and the other party takes the initiative to follow them, rarely using tough means.
      Yes, of course.
      It's not that I haven't used it.
      Throughout the world, except for some forbidden areas, the imperial clan and the ancient holy land, they can't afford to provoke other forces. They are still willing to shake up the holy land.
      A little-known Tianji building is obviously not among the ranks they can't afford.
      “You don't need to be angry. We just ask the owner of Tianji to come and have a talk. He won't hurt his life and have no evil thoughts. As long as he's obedient, Hong will guarantee that he won't be hurt!”
      “After all…”
      Hong Yuanshan raised his lips and said with a confident smile, “what you want from the holy land is just the way to become holy.”
      At first.
      They want the chance for Ren Qingtu to become a saint, so they bring two saints here.
      That's the purpose.
      Relying on the fighting power of the sage, he tore down a piece of meat in the hands of Da Luo Jianzong.
      But for now, it seems.
      They have a better choice.
      One method of becoming a saint by means of luck is better than several chances of becoming a saint.
      After all.
      Saints always run out of life.
      However, by the way of making saints, we can create saints continuously. This magic power is priceless. If it is held in the hands of the holy land of shaking light.
      I'm afraid we can create a number of saints at once with the glory of the holy land!
      This will become an immeasurable force!
      “You are looking for death!”
      North Chen Heng Leng drinks a, stride toward the temple outside, while walking said: “shake light holy land to seek death, also ask old Hong not to pull up the sky Yin emperor dynasty!”
      This Hongyuan mountain is really too special!
      It's enough to provoke your predecessors.
      But you want to catch the master to Tianyin imperial city.
      What does that mean?
      Do you think Tianyin emperor is too calm? Do you plan to bring a supreme being to make Tianyin emperor lively?
      Hong Yuanshan was confused and asked, “what is the meaning of Beichen Daoyou?”
      He said.
      Hong Yuanshan's face sank.
      Over the years, no one has dared to say that he is looking for death.
      This is already a naked provocation.
      The North Chen constant cold voice says: “I want to go out a trip, Hong Long Lao still asks to help oneself!”
      The voice dropped.
      Beichenheng step out, the figure disappeared.
      This time.
      If you want to do harm to your predecessors, you must go there immediately and make it clear first.
      In any case, also want to take out oneself and day Yin emperor Dynasty.
      Although you may have known what's going on today, it's one thing for you to know. It's another thing whether you want to explain or not.
      Therefore, this attitude must be correct!
      “I hope the holy land has not been completely finished yet!”
      Beichenheng thought in his heart.
      For the first time, he felt so much pressure.
      One side is the holy land of shaking light, and the other side is the predecessors, who dare not provoke others.
      If the elder was angered by the people who swayed the holy land, and he was the emperor of Tianyin, controlling the territory of hundreds of millions of miles, he would be responsible if he didn't give a hint in advance.
      On the other hand, if the people of Yaoguang holy land were killed by their predecessors, it would be hard for them to fight after Yaoguang Holy Land's questioning. After all, they died in the territory of Tianyin emperor.
      He was in the emperor's reign, and he could not escape from it anyway.
      People in mid air, beichenheng sighed.
      Tianyin palace.
      Hongyuanshan a person standing in the hall, looking at the direction of beichenheng leave, eyes gradually cold down.
      “What a beichenheng. When your father was in power, he didn't dare to treat the holy land like this. When it's your turn to be in power, he didn't treat the holy land like this!”
      “It looks like a knock is needed!”*
      Chapter 54 meet this wonderful man
      Great waste city.
      Above the void.
      An old man emerged, tall and cold, with a frightening wave.
      “Tianji building.”
      The old man is Beichen peak.
      He had the strength of sage king. It took him only a short time to get to dahuangcheng from Tianyin Dynasty.
      “This attic… Seems a little unusual…”
      Beichenfeng frowned.
      Looking at the Tianji building below, I began to beat drums in my heart.
      With his eyesight, he couldn't see through a loft. It was clear that Tianji building was near, but it seemed to be covered with a layer of fog. He used divine sense to explore.
      Only a void was found.
      As if this attic, in another space in general.
      Go or not?
      This moment.
      Beichenfeng is in trouble.
      it seems that.
      Beichenheng didn't cheat himself. The owner of Tianji building is really extraordinary. At least he can't see through each other's depth. To be exact, he can't even see through an attic.
      He hasn't seen it yet.
      When Beichen peak hesitated.
      The end of the sky.
      Old and young, two figures come together.
      On the left was a man with white hair and beard, wearing a blue robe and a thin face. But between his eyebrows, there was a sense of pride that could not be disguised. His eyes scanning the city below were full of disdain.
      On the right is a young man in his early twenties, with a folding fan in his hand. He is graceful, but his eyes are full of vicissitudes, as if witnessing the vicissitudes of life.
      “Two saints?”
      Beichenfeng heart move, carefully looked at a, then cold hum, disdain way: “originally rely on the pill, forced to upgrade the cultivation.”
      “It seems that the target of these two people is Tianji building. I can take this opportunity to observe the depth of Tianji building!”
      Beichenfeng has an idea in his heart.
      He converged all his breath, fell into the wasteland City, passed through the array in the middle, and did not cause any movement.
      At the end of the day.
      It's still the Lord level array. It's a little bad.
      Even the sage array may not be able to stop him.
      “Is this Tianji building?”
      In front of Tianji building.
      The two sages stood side by side. The young man opened the folding fan in his hand and shook it gently. He said faintly:
      “It's also interesting. I can't see the depth of Tianji building with my strength. This should be some kind of array. I can achieve this level…”
      “The master of heaven's secrets can not only spy on heaven's secrets, but also be a Taoist master. If we send him to the holy land of shaking light, we Tiangang sect may be able to go a step further!”
      Although the young man is young in appearance, he is very old when he speaks. He is an old monster who has lived for many years.
      They are the two saints brought by Hong Yuanshan this time.
      It's not from the holy land of light.
      It comes from Tiangang sect, the affiliated sect of Yaoguang holy land.
      “Criticize Yin and Yang, cut off five elements, and look at the sun and moon in your hand.
      Through the ancient and modern Xiao Liuhe, hidden sleeve in heaven and earth.
      It's a mystery
      The old man read the couplet again, stroked his beard and said with a smile, “elder martial brother, I'm afraid the master of Tianji really has two brushes. It's just a chance to calculate a saint. He can also calculate the whereabouts of the method of becoming a saint. It's terrible.”
      “He revealed such an important secret. Now he may have been plagued by natural calamities. Maybe the only one who can help him in the world is the holy land.”
      “Not bad.”
      The young man nodded. He folded up his folding fan and ordered Tianji building. He said faintly, “let's go and meet this strange man.”
      Words fall.
      One before the other, they stepped into Tianji building.
      In Tianji building.
      Bored, Li Yun lay on a chair, turning a book in his hand, sipping tea from time to time.
      I heard footsteps.
      He turned and looked over.
      At the moment of seeing two figures, two system panels automatically appear in front of us.
      [Name: Cheng Wugou]
      Strength: Saint realm (pseudo)
      [faction: Tiangang sect]
      [current status: peak state.Today, I come to dahuangcheng to capture the host and go to the Holy Land…]
      [Click to see more…]
      [Name: Shen Feng]
      Strength: Saint realm (pseudo)
      [faction: Tiangang sect]
      [current status: peak state.Today, I come to dahuangcheng to capture the host and go to the Holy Land…]
      [Click to see more…]
      Li Yun saw the introduction and immediately sat up.
      What the hell?
      What does this mean?
      It seems that I have never heard of this holy land. Why did the other party send someone to arrest me?
      Do you?
      Is because, oneself before instruct Ren Qingtu and North Chen constant of affair, spread?
      Li Yun murmured.
      It's a mistake.
      He originally thought that after his reputation spread, he would attract people and come here to ask for all kinds of information, but he did not expect that he underestimated people's heart.
      Some people don't want to travel hundreds of millions of miles, which costs money, effort and time.
      I'm going to take myself away.
      “Presumably, this is the owner of Tianji.”
      Cheng Wugou stepped forward, elegant and elegant. He arched his hand slightly and said politely.
      “What?What's up? ”
      Li Yun's face is not good-looking. When he comes to Tianji building, he just wants to do business. He even wants to kidnap himself. Why give him a good face?
      Not directly.
      It's a face saving thing*
      Chapter 55 isn't it that we haven't become emperor yet(Fresh flowers and change)
      “In the past few days, the name of the owner of Tianji has spread all over several states. Today, I saw that the rumor was true.”
      The smile on Cheng Wu's face is still the same, but there is a shadow under his eyes. He choked just now, and no one will look good.
      Not to mention, he is a sage above.
      Even if it's a fake saint.
      That's a saint, too!
      It's a lot better than the Lord level!
      “My two brothers, who have long admired the name of the landlord, have come to see the landlord for hundreds of millions of miles.”
      Cheng Wugou said sincerely.
      If there are people who don't know the situation here.
      Maybe he will be cheated by his sincere acting skills.
      “Is it?”
      Li Yun is not smiling. His eyes are cold. He glances at them and says slowly, “I'm afraid I don't only want to see you, but also want to rob people.”
      I heard that.
      Cheng Wugou and Shen Feng both frowned.
      They look at each other and see the doubts in each other's eyes.
      Not long.
      Two people restore the original state, in the heart can't help but be surprised some time, the Tianji building owner is really worthy of Tianji two words, quietly, then see through his mind.
      Although it was seen through.
      But at the moment, they will never admit it.
      Cheng Wugou gave a dry smile and said in a deep voice: “the landlord is joking. As the orthodox sect, Tiangang sect naturally won't do such a dirty thing.”
      “Not bad.”
      At this time, Shen Feng said, “we just want to invite you to the holy land of Yaoguang. Please don't make it difficult for us.”
      Li Yun sneered.
      To shake the holy land?
      Are you kidding?
      At the moment, although there are not many secrets revealed, they are not few. The damned people are not dead, and the damned people are dead. It can be said that the time lines of many things have been confused.
      At present, I don't know how much damning power I have accumulated.
      Once out of the gate of Tianji building.
      There will be a thunderbolt immediately. At this juncture, I will go out by myself. Isn't that looking for death?
      “What does the landlord mean?”
      Cheng Wugou frowned tightly. He restrained his anger and said again, “the Lord of Yaoguang is an ancient genius. He looks like a great emperor. I heard the rumor about the landlord a few days ago, so I want to see him.”
      “It's a rare opportunity for thousands of years. Countless people want to see the light shaking Lord, but they can't. is this a chance for you to miss?”
      “Shake the light of the Lord.”
      Li Yun curled his lips and said faintly, “isn't it that he hasn't become emperor yet?”
      In this world, there are more people who have become emperor?
      In another world, there is also a man who has the same attitude as the great emperor. His father himself admitted that. What happened in the end?
      It's not. I'm dying with rhythm?
      Generally speaking, characters like Lord Yaoguang, who are overbearing and powerful, are stepping stones for the protagonists, but Li Yun still doesn't know who the protagonists in the world are.
      When he knows, he has to push from behind.
      Let the light shaking Lord know what is the sinister heart!
      “What the landlord said, can I understand that I am flouting the holy land?”
      Cheng Wugou's tone cooled down.
      Yaoguang holy land is the backer of Tiangang sect. The backer is insulted. Naturally, as a younger brother, he has to roll up his sleeve and prepare for a fight.
      Anyway, when something goes wrong, there's a light behind it.
      Li Yun pondered for a while and said, “if you two understand this, it seems that you can't either.”
      “In that case, there is nothing to say.”
      Cheng Wu opens the folding fan with a brush.
      He first glanced at Tianji building. Before he came in, he found that it was not right. He was afraid that it was a killing array or a trapped array.
      Therefore, he has been on guard, and he is relieved that there is no movement in Tianji building.
      Cheng Wugou turns around and the light of his eyes falls on Li Yun. In his eyes, the other person is an ordinary person without the slightest breath of cultivation.
      Suddenly, he was startled just now.
      But when you think about it, it doesn't seem like that. The owner of Tianji is proficient in deducing Tianji, and his energy is put on it. How high can his cultivation be?
      Maybe it's just a powerful way to collect interest.
      Cheng Wugou said coldly, “since the landlord doesn't want to go with us, we have to do it ourselves. Please follow us!”
      There is a holy land behind him, and Cheng Wugou doesn't give advice at all.
      Even if in the end, the real power of the owner is beyond the imagination of others. He is a Saint King, even a great saint. So what?
      If he can defeat himself, how dare he kill himself?
      Behind him, however, is the holy land of Yaoguang, where stands a quasi emperor, an emperor soldier, and a master of Yaoguang who is very likely to become emperor!
      The wiser a man is, the more he thinks about his advantages and disadvantages.
      in especial.
      The owner of Tianji, who can spy on Tianji.
      He should understand what it would be like to offend the holy land.
      “Younger martial brother, please leave with us.”
      Cheng Wugou said calmly.
      Voice landing.
      There was no movement.
      “Younger martial brother, why don't you do it?”
      Cheng Wugou is not happy.
      He said it again, but still nothing happened.
      “Younger martial brother?”
      Cheng Wugou, puzzled, turns around and glances at Shen Feng. At some point, Shen Feng's face is very pale, his forehead is covered with sweat, his mouth is trembling, and he stands still.
      He saw Cheng Wugou's eyes, eyes flustered incomparable, difficult to squeeze out a few words from the mouth.
      “Elder martial brother, we are… Finished!”*
      Is Chapter 56 so bad(Reward plus change)
      “What's the end?”
      Cheng Wugou is puzzled.
      At the same time.
      A little disdain in my heart.
      In the past, I didn't realize that my younger martial brother was so timid. Isn't he a master of heaven's secrets?
      They are working for the holy land of light.
      What does he dare to do with us?
      Even if he is a quasi emperor, if he offends Yaoguang holy land, he has to weigh it.
      If the emperor in the holy land comes with his soldiers, who can stop him?
      “Elder martial brother, we… Our accomplishments are gone!”
      Shen Feng said difficultly.
      He just wanted to do it, but suddenly he found that his meridians were empty. He didn't know when to start. He was a saint from the top.
      All of a sudden, he became an ordinary person.
      This kind of means is too incredible.
      Even if it is, the great emperor can't let a person's cultivation disappear without any reason.
      Cheng Wugou felt it, and his face changed. He suddenly turned around and said, “Tianji building…”
      I haven't finished yet.
      A huge pressure fell, and the two men were pressed to the ground, unable to move.
      “It's the first time for you to be so presumptuous in Tianji building.”
      Li Yun said indifferently.
      “What kind of array is this?”
      Cheng Wugou was shocked.
      He can be sure that this master of heaven's secrets, from beginning to end, does not reveal the slightest breath, but if he wants to suppress others, he must show his own power!
      If you can't suppress yourself by power, it must be a mysterious array!
      It can deprive a person of his accomplishments and suppress the people in the array. This kind of array is unheard of and unheard of!
      “It doesn't matter what array.”
      Li Yun shook his head and said, “today, Li is going to tell you something, as well as people all over the world. Tianji building is not a place where you can go wild!”
      “Tianji, what are you going to do?”
      Cheng Wugou was surprised.
      Intuition told him that something bad was going to happen.
      This moment.
      His whole body sweat, all erect, exuded a layer of cold sweat, his heart gave birth to a terrible idea, is this Tianji Louzhu, want to take his two people Liwei?
      It's not going to happen.
      I wait for people behind, but shake light Holy Land!
      Throughout the world, even if the emperor's family has to give three thin faces, a small Tianji building, only supported by a Tianji building owner, how dare he fight with a holy land?
      A person, no matter how strong, dare not be too rampant before he becomes emperor.
      In this world, no one knows whether a great emperor will suddenly jump out and beat himself to death. The characters who are not in this world do not mean that they do not exist!
      “You're right. Li is trying to win over you two.”
      Li Yun said with a smile.
      This smile, falls in two people's eyes, is really terrible.
      with one 's hair standing on end!
      This person.
      Even the saint's mind can be seen through!
      “Master Tianji, are you not afraid to shake the anger of holy land?”
      Shen Feng took a deep breath and said in a cold voice.
      “The two of us have come under the command of the Lord of light. If we fall here, you will not be able to hide the news. At that time, the elder of the holy land of light will come.”
      “Don't say that a small Tianji building is a place where all the living creatures in a thousand li area have to be buried with me!”
      “You two, it's pathetic.”
      Li Yun disdained to smile, said: “as a person of Tiangang sect, but carrying the sign of Yaoguang holy land, how?Are you so poor at your own clan? ”
      Shen Feng's face turned black.
      This matter, poked to their pain.
      Their own Tiangang sect is really inferior to any holy land. If they didn't rely on the holy land, they would be nothing in the cultivation world.
      Any holy land, any place, can destroy them at will.
      More Than This.
      The cultivation of the two of them also depended on the pills given by the holy land to become the realm of pseudo saint. They were better than the Holy Lord and worse than the saint.
      Because of the side effects of Dan medicine, this life is cut off further possibility.
      There was no hope in this life, and they became more firm, holding on to the idea of shaking the light.
      “In other words, you two are outsiders after all. Don't think that you are shaking the light. It's very important.”
      Li Yun raised his hand, waved his hand and said softly:
      “Go to life.”
      Cheng Wugou opens his mouth and spits out only one word.
      Next, I can't say it any more. In the dark, it seems that there are rules to add to his body, which will separate his life from his body.
      There was a plop.
      Two bodies fell to the ground, without any breath of life.
      “It seems that in every world, there are some people who don't know what to do.”
      Li Yunnan said that he took their space rings and swept them away. Inside, there were mountains of spirit stones and all kinds of natural resources, which made him smile.
      Sure enough.
      Killing people and stealing goods is the quickest way to get rich!
      Although they are not real saints, their wealth is not comparable to that of some saints.
      The best spirit stone alone has piled up into two hills. Roughly, there must be tens of millions of them!
      “System, exchange all these resources into Tianji points!”
      Li Yun said.
      In my mind.
      There was a clanging sound.
      A total of 170000 Tianji points were recorded in the account. With the 50000 Tianji points he had saved before, he now has more than 230000 Tianji points*
      Chapter 57 did you save me(Seek for flowers, seek for evaluation)
      A large number of Tianji points are recorded.
      Li Yun is in a happy mood. He sweeps two fake holy bodies on the ground, waves his hand and sends them out of Tianji building.
      At the same time.
      He urged the formation of Dahuang city and threw it out of the city.
      In this way.
      No one should dare to provoke Tianji building.
      Li Yun thought.
      The target of their own establishment is Yaoguang holy land. They directly choose a hard pinch to eat persimmons. The inside information is not as powerful as Yaoguang Holy Land's power, and they will use their brains in the future.
      You have to weigh it up.
      Outside the city.
      With a puff, two bodies fell from the sky and fell on the ground, raising a cloud of smoke.
      Beichenfeng stepped down from the void and came to the two corpses. He looked at them carefully. His pupils shrank. He murmured: “these two people, looking at their clothes, seem to be from Tiangang sect…”
      He knows about Tiangang sect.
      I've long been under the sway of the holy land.
      This clan is not powerful, but it has a small reputation in the cultivation world with its back on the holy land of shaking light. Although their people walk outside, they will not be treated with courtesy.
      But most people don't want to provoke.
      It's nothing to offend Tiangang sect, but it's troublesome if it involves the holy land.
      “It's weird to die.”
      Beichenfeng looked down and looked carefully. The more he saw, the more wrong he was. The two men died, and there was no wound on their whole body.
      If he had not lost the breath of life, he would have mistaken them for sleeping.
      You know.
      When two people fight in the cultivation world, it's good for the defeated one to keep a whole corpse. As for the body without wound, it's almost a dream.
      The defeated side was beaten into vermicelli powder, and beichenfeng was not surprised.
      But this situation is beyond his understanding.
      “The method of soul extraction?”
      Beichenfeng said again.
      That's the point.
      It doesn't seem like that either. When they are pulled out of their souls, there will be some magical power left on them. However, the two people don't even seem to be motivated by their own true spirit.
      Like in a flash, it quickly fell.
      No resistance at all!
      “He killed the two false saints without any trace. If he left his body tens of millions of miles away, I'm afraid it would be impossible to trace the Holy Land!”
      Beichen peak said in a deep voice.
      In this way, he thinks he can't do it.
      Although they can kill two people effortlessly, it is almost impossible to leave no trace, as long as there is a trace left.
      Shake the Holy Land and you can trace it quickly.
      This is also the reason why many people are not willing to provoke Tiangang sect.
      “Since the owner of Tianji building has such ability, he doesn't send the corpse thousands of miles away, but he is still near dahuangcheng. This kind of behavior…”
      Say here.
      Beichen peak is awe inspiring.
      Then he took a cool breath.
      He felt as if he had guessed what the landlord thought!
      This is the holy land of light shaking Liwei!
      The purpose is very clear, that is to tell them, I killed people, I'll wait for you here, have the courage to come!
      “A person, dare to challenge a holy land, such spirit…”
      Beichenfeng has been counselled.
      Intuition told him that Tianji building was stronger than he thought.
      He can't imagine the strength of this kind of challenge alone. You know, there are quasi emperors and soldiers in the holy land!
      Ordinary emperors dare not just shake the holy land so hard.
      As for their Tianyin Dynasty, it's not polite to say that in front of Yaoguang holy land, they are just a younger brother, who is of the same level on the surface, but of the same level as the holy land.
      Strength and inside information are still quite different.
      “It is estimated that before long, the holy land will know what happened today. By then, there will be saints coming, and the great wasteland city can't stay any longer…”
      The heart of beichenfeng sank.
      He turned quickly and left. The place was a little scary.
      If you can't stir up trouble on both sides, you'd better slip away quickly. In case the people who shake the holy land come and suspect that they are from Tianyin imperial court and Tianji building, what should they do?
      I haven't been here, and I can pretend I don't know.
      But I'm at the scene, and I don't know anything about it. It's hard to say.
      Beichenfeng palms up, will leave all the breath, all erase, and then soar to the sky, toward the sky Yin emperor fly.
      What is the way to become a saint through luck is not as important as Xiaoming at the moment.
      After all.
      The method of becoming a saint by means of transportation has fallen into the hands of the emperor Tianyin.
      It's just not in my own hands, but in the hands of my younger generation, it seems not bad.
      Think about this, beichenfeng heart chagrin unceasingly, oneself at the beginning, how didn't think about it?
      A light streamed across the sky.
      Beichen peak just left.
      Beichenheng arrived, he looked at the distant sky, if thoughtful, mouth uncertain way: “just disappeared that person, is not thirteen ancestors?”
      They're too fast.
      It was so fast that he didn't have time to react. As soon as he noticed a breath, he disappeared.
      After a while.
      I can't even smell.
      “With the strength of the 13th ancestor, I should be able to see him, but he didn't stay at all. Is that…?!!”
      Think of it here.
      Beichenheng's eyes are bright.
      Have you saved yourself?
      It must be!
      Looking at the whole Tianyin Dynasty, apart from the predecessors, who else could have the courage to force back a sage king and save his life from his hands?
      “It seems that I have to thank you, master!”
      Beichenheng said*
      Chapter 58 can't do that
      Hundreds of millions of miles away.
      Tiangang sect.
      In a main hall, there are two crackles and two jade plates. At the same time, there are cracks all over the hall, and the interior is bright and dim, which indicates that the owner of the jade plate has completely fallen.
      In the main hall.
      A man in a long robe heard the voice and moved. He thought about the direction of the voice. Looking at it, he murmured, “has someone done something to my Tiangang sect disciple?It's a lot of courage… Laozu ~ ~! ”
      I haven't finished.
      The man's face changed greatly. He stood up, ran quickly to the bottom of a wall and looked up.
      A face of panic!
      I can only see.
      The top two jade medals have completely lost their brilliance. They are covered with cracks. It seems that they will be smashed if touched lightly.
      “The old ancestor has fallen!”
      “When Laozu heard the message from Yaoguang holy land, he seemed to have gone to the Tianyin imperial court. If he wanted to fight for the opportunity of baiduan mountain, it was difficult…”
      The man's face was startled, and said in a deep voice, “is it the Tianyin emperor or the people of Daluo Jianzong?”
      So far, it seems.
      It seems that only these two forces have the courage to kill the two ancestors of Tiangang sect!
      “No, we must inform Yaoguang holy land immediately about it!”
      The man thought.
      It is reasonable to inform Zhangjiao in case of such incidents, but Tiangang zongzhangjiao can't reach the peak of the Lord, so it seems useless to inform him.
      He can't lead Tiangang sect to avenge his ancestors.
      Only light the holy land.
      That's their hope.
      As for Zhang Jiao, it's OK to inform later.
      Think of here, the man is not hesitant, the hand appeared a letter jade Jane, input a paragraph of text, will pass it out.
      Shake the holy land.
      There are many sacred peaks, auspicious clouds floating, and the air of immortals is dense. The magnificent palaces are looming in the clouds, and there are countless powerful breath.
      In the center of the holy land of light.
      An ancient tianque, located in the world, has thousands of weather.
      A man in a purple robe, with a big body and a fuzzy face, stood in the hall with his hands down. He was surrounded by divine light, worshiping and chanting together, suppressing heaven and earth.
      A ray of his breath, then cover the sky, elegant demeanor peerless, like an ancient god before the opening of heaven.
      Xiuwei didn't know how terrible it was.
      “Lin Ming, please see the Lord!”
      At this time.
      A heavy voice came from outside the hall.
      “Elder Lin, please come in.”
      The light shaking Lord opened his mouth with a gentle voice, which made people feel like a spring breeze. I can't help but feel good for him.
      Outside the hall.
      Lin Ming answered respectfully and walked into the hall.
      “Mr. Lin is not practicing in Shenfeng. Why do you come to my hall today when you are free?”
      The light shaking Lord spoke slowly, with some doubts in his voice.
      “To tell you the truth, Lin just got the news that the two supreme elders of Tiangang sect… Are dead!”
      Lin Ming took a deep breath and said in a deep voice.
      The Lord of Yaoguang was surprised, but his body still did not move. He said with a light smile: “Tiangang sect, over the past thousand years, relying on our reputation of Yaoguang holy land, we have done a lot of evil, and it is reasonable to be killed.”
      All this.
      As if it were all in his expectation.
      He was not surprised at the death of the two ancestors of Tiangang sect.
      Lin Ming wants to talk but stops.
      “Elder Lin, if you have anything to say, it doesn't matter.”
      Shake the light of the Lord's mouth.
      “However, the two elders of Tiangang sect died in the Tianyin Dynasty, and they died because they went to the baiduan mountains to help me win back the chance of baiduan mountains.”
      Lin Ming said quickly.
      I heard that.
      The Lord of shimmering turned around, and his face was covered with divine light. People could not see his expression clearly, but under the divine light, the corners of his mouth were raised and his smile was joking.
      “Since it's for me to die, I can't do that.”
      The light shaking Lord stepped forward and asked, “have you ever found out who was behind the hand?Tianyin dynasty?”Da Luo Jian Zong?”
      He had heard about the baiduan mountains, but he didn't interfere too much. After all, it was just a chance for a saint. Just leave it to the people below.
      To shake the glory of the holy land.
      Other holy places should know what to do.
      “It doesn't seem to be…”
      Lin Ming said stiffly after a pause.
      “Is there any secret
      The Lord of light is curious.
      As far as he knows, there are only Tianyin emperor and Daluo Jianzong near baiduan mountains. Um… There is also a holy land of ChiYan.
      Think of it here.
      “But is it the holy land of ChiYan?” he said
      “Not either.”
      Lin Ming shook his head and said with some uncertainty: “it seems that a force named Tianji building has made a move. Lin also doesn't know the specific situation. Lin also learned from the news sent back by Mr. Hong just now.”
      “Tianji building?”
      The Lord of light crumpled.
      What kind of force is this?
      Never heard of it!
      Is it a rising power?
      “To tell you the truth, elder Hong said in the news that he suspected that the chance of the baiduan mountain to become a saint came from the owner of Tianji.”
      “And what?Say
      The light shaking Lord said in a deep voice.
      “Moreover, the method of becoming a saint by means of transportation was also born in the Tianyin emperor's Dynasty. From the mouth of the Tianyin emperor, Mr. Hong learned that this magic power was also spread from the mouth of the Tianji building owner.”
      “This Tianji building is a bit interesting.”
      Shake the light of the Lord's eyebrows, the eyes are very pondering, from a chance to become a saint, and then to borrow the method of becoming a saint, now add the name of Tianji building.
      He seems to have guessed the meaning of Tianji building.
      “I think the owner of Tianji is also an interesting person. If these people can be brought to the holy land, they may play a great role.”*
      Chapter 59 it must be able to cover up the mystery
      “I'm afraid it's going to disappoint the Lord.”
      With a bitter smile, Lin Ming said slowly, “the purpose of the two elders of Tiangang sect going to Tianji building is to invite them to visit the holy land.”
      “That day, the owner didn't appreciate it. Instead, he killed the two elders.”
      “How could it be?”
      I heard that.
      Shaking the light of the Lord's eyebrows, he murmured: “a man who is good at deducing the secrets of heaven, actually has such a high strength, interesting!”
      The world.
      Whether they are good at deducing the secrets of heaven or refining alchemy, they almost all have one thing in common, that is, their strength is generally not very strong, because most of their thoughts are not focused on cultivation.
      But no one dares to underestimate such a person, even if his strength is low.
      At the moment, the owner of Tianji is good at deducing Tianji. It's terrible that he has more than the cultivation of saints.
      There are too many things that can be calculated by such a person!
      “Mr. Lin, please go to the back mountain and ask Uncle Leng to go to Tianji building to see if he can bring the owner back.”
      The light shaking Lord was calm and arrogant, and his voice was gentle. He said again, “if you can't bring it back…”
      “Then he searched his soul and brought back his memory.”
      “Soul searching”
      Lin Ming was stunned, and his eyes were filled with awe.
      It's not too much to kill, but it's too much to search for souls. The right way has this method, but few people use it. Even if they use it, it's secretly.
      It's not going to be fair.
      There are still a few people who are as straightforward as the Lord of light.
      “Mr. Lin is not curious. Is the owner of Tianji the means to deduce Tianji?And… If he can tell a chance of becoming a saint and find out the whereabouts of the method of becoming a saint, there must be more important secrets in his mind. ”
      The master sighed and said in a low voice: “this place is also for the sake of the holy land of shaking light. Since the master of Tianji is not willing to join the holy land of shaking light, we have to cultivate a master of Tianji!”
      “Only when we get his cultivation method, can we understand how he deduces the secret!”
      “What's more, he may also have a way to become a saint by means of luck!”
      When it comes to the method of holiness by means of transportation.
      Lin Ming's eyes brightened.
      This magic power is so precious that it's as good as Yaoguang holy land. It's a pity that Hong Yuanshan, on behalf of Yaoguang holy land, went to exchange with emperor Tianyin.
      In the end, he was rejected.
      The strength of the emperor Tianyin is not bad. There is no excuse at present. If they directly threaten the emperor Tianyin, it is inevitable that the name will not be right and the words will not be right, and it is more likely to cause hostility from other holy places.
      If it backfires, it is hard to avoid losing its prestige.
      Now there is a better opportunity, which immediately makes Lin Ming excited.
      Tianji building is not another holy land. In the eyes of Yaoguang holy land, this is a soft persimmon. What can we do if we kill two false saints?
      In the eyes of Yaoguang holy land, it is not worth mentioning at all!
      Lin Ming thought for a moment, nodded and said:
      “Lin will do it now.”
      He said.
      He was about to turn and leave.
      “Mr. Lin, wait a minute.”
      The light shaker spoke again.
      “Lord, what can I do for you?”
      Lin Ming stops, looks puzzled, and asks in a voice.
      “Later, you take a heaven and earth making pill and send it to Tiangang sect. They lost two saints and their vitality was greatly damaged. This pill may help them recover some strength.”
      Shake the light of the Lord.
      Lin Ming frowned and glanced at his holy master. He asked in a low voice, “holy master, is this too expensive?”
      Tiandi Zaohua pill is different from the pseudo Saint pill. This pill can really make people become saints. Of course, it's not 100% saints, but increases the chance of becoming saints.
      But even so, it's very precious.
      Each of these herbs is holy. The lowest growth cycle is thousands of years, and the main medicine is as long as ten thousand years.
      It took thousands of years of hard work to cultivate lingcao, which may not be able to become pills every time. There is a huge possibility of failure.
      Ten furnaces of elixir may not be made in one furnace.
      Even if it's refined.
      A batch of pills is only two or three. They are not good enough to share with each other. How can they give extra pills to outsiders?
      What he didn't expect.
      But the Lord wants to take out one and send it to Tiangang sect.
      In Lin Ming's opinion, it's not worth it. The Tiangang sect is really hurt. Just send them some fake holy pills, so they won't have to pay for it.
      “The master of Tiangang sect has been at the peak of the Holy Lord for nearly a thousand years. This pill can solve his urgent need, and only let them get some benefits from time to time.”
      “They will be more loyal to work for Yaoguang holy land, won't they?”
      The Lord of light said with a smile.
      To tell the truth, he is heartbroken, but now he can't say it. After all, Tiangang sect lost two saints in order to shine the holy land.
      “Lin understands.”
      Lin Ming nodded and said nothing more.
      He arched slightly and then turned away.
      The light shaking Lord looked at Lin Ming's back and murmured to himself:
      “The method of becoming sage through transportation…”
      He tut gently a, way: “regrettable, useless to me!”
      “But it's useful to spy on the secret. If the owner of the secret can spy on the secret, he must be able to cover it up as well…”
      The voice dropped.
      His breath suddenly changed.
      It is the breath of sage*

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