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Zombie world: Buddhist monks on earth

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      Zombie world: Buddhist monks on earth
      Chapter one zombie world!Buddhist practice!
      “Yuanxiu, come here.”The main hall of Xuankong Temple,” murmured an old monk.
      Outside, a young monk in his early twenties threw down his broom and walked towards the main hall.
      His name is Lin Yuan. Half a year ago, he inexplicably crossed the world and was accepted as an apprentice by an old monk. Then he was named yuanxiu. The old monk took him back to this temple.
      This temple is called Xuankong Temple.
      When the temple withered, there was only one old monk and two of them, and few of them came to add incense and oil money.
      He lived a miserable life, but he didn’t leave Xuankong Temple either, because he knew that the world he came across was the Republic of China, with warlords and bandits. According to the old monk, there were still demons and ghosts in the world.
      So in the past six months, he didn't dare to run around, so he had to stay in Xuankong Temple.
      And he also knew that the old monk had some skills. The last time he saved him, he found that he was very powerful, so he also wanted to learn some skills in Xuankong Temple.
      However, in the past six months, the old monk asked him to recite sutras, dive, cut firewood and sweep the floor every day, but he didn't pass on any powerful cultivation methods.
      “Hum, what's the old monk looking for me for?”
      Lin Yuan went in and looked at the old monk, “master, I've picked the water, I've swept the ground, I've cleared the dust of many Buddha statues, and I've cut back the firewood.”
      The old monk touched the young monk's head and said, “yuanxiu, you have been worshipping in Xuankong Temple for half a year. For the past half a year, I have asked you to recite sutras and meditate daily. The main purpose is to cultivate your mind and make it difficult for you to practice Buddhism. Now half a year has passed, your concentration is good. Now it's time to pass on the Buddhist scriptures of Xuankong Temple. These Buddhist scriptures are different from those that used to make you meditate and recite sutrasWen
      “I pass on your Buddhist sutra, which is the supreme Sutra that can develop the limits of the human body and cultivate the true Buddhist skills.”
      Lin Yuan's heart is very happy, through the past six months, there is no system of him, finally began to really practice.
      “Master, I'm ready.”
      Next, the old monk took out a dilapidated Scripture, “this is the real Buddhist skill” the demon subduing scripture “handed down by my predecessors in Xuankong Temple. It contains the methods of cultivation and the martial arts of Buddhism. You can understand it.”
      “Thank you, master.”
      Lin Yuan was overjoyed. He cut firewood and swept the floor, carried water and meditated for half a year. Finally, he was able to practice formally.
      “As a teacher, I have to go down the mountain to do a Dharma work. It will take about a month to come back. You are good at cultivation. Now the world is in chaos, and the people are in dire straits under the warlords' separatist regime. In addition to the warlords' separatist regime, demons and zombies are everywhere.”
      “Well?Are there any more zombies?What kind of world is this? “Lin Yuan was shocked.
      “Of course, although there are demons and zombies, there are still right ways in the world. Although Buddhism and Taoism are declining, there are still many capable people, especially the Maoshan school. There are many capable people, including Shi Jian, who is famous for his terrible accomplishments, and Lin Fengjiao, who is gifted and upright.“
      When Lin Yuan heard his master talking about Maoshan, Shijian and Lin Fengjiao.
      He's got it.
      The world I've traversed must be the zombie world of the Republic of China.
      He is not familiar with the zombie world. When he was on earth, he saw a lot of zombie movies, among which all kinds of beauties are emerging in an endless stream, and all kinds of experts in the spiritual world are also emerging, which is very wonderful.
      Next, Lin Yuan asked about the realm of cultivation.
      The old monk also explained the Buddhist realm to Lin Yuan one by one.
      The first realm of Buddhism is Kaiguang realm. After Kaiguang realm, there are mages, eminent monks, venerable and holy monks.
      “After the monk.”Lin Yuan asked.
      “The realm above the saint monk belongs to the unfathomable realm. According to Buddhist records, the saint monk is the king of Dharma, and the king of heaven, Vajra, arhat, Bodhisattva, and the real Buddha are above the king of Dharma.”
      “Not to mention the realm above the saint monk, in the past hundreds of years, there has never been a strong Saint monk in Buddhism. Even the masters of Buddhism in the world can't become the venerable Buddhists. Looking around the world, if you can cultivate the master realm, you can be regarded as the strong Buddhists. If you can cultivate the eminent monks, you can walk horizontally in the world.”
      Lin Yuan listened to the old monk about these realms, and the old monk said these.
      He can understand.
      Nowadays, the period of the Republic of China belongs to the era of the end of the law, so it is difficult to make progress in practice.
      But Lin Yuan is still curious about the realm of the old monk.
      “Master, what's your state now.”
      “I, ha ha ha, I joined the suspended master when I was eight years old. Now 50 years have passed, and my cultivation has reached the level of enlightenment. It is estimated that I will be able to enter the level of MAGE within 10 years. It's not bad to be a teacher.”The old monk said with a smug smile.
      Lin Yuan heard that the old monk had not reached the peak of kaiguangjing for 50 years, and his heart was cool.
      It's too slow for him to practice. If he has been practicing for 50 years, then he will become an old monk?
      Moreover, even at the peak of Kaiguang, you can't walk horizontally in the demon world.
      Lin Yuan, who is familiar with the world, knows that there are many strong people in the world.
      There are senior brother Shi Jian of Maoshan, evil master of Nanyang, red robed fire ghost, zombies with terrible accomplishments.
      Next, the old monk went down the mountain.
      Lin Yuan was left to practice in Xuankong Temple.
      In the dark, Lin Yuan tried to figure out the Fu Mo Scripture in his room and began to practice his luck according to the above practice route.
      Three days later, Lin Yuan felt a mysterious wave of power.
      This power should be the Buddhist power cultivated.
      However, Lin Yuan thought it was too slow.
      If we continue to practice in this way, it will take 30 years of hard work to become a mage.
      “System, how come there is no system.”
      At this time, Lin Yuan made a jingle in his mind.
      “System activated!”
      “System load!“
      “Loading complete!”
      Lin Yuan listened to the voice, showing a look of ecstasy, “the system finally appeared!”
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      Chapter two big gift bag!Marrow washing pill!Dragon and tiger pill!
      Then, Lin Yuan immediately communicated with the system.
      “System, what functions do you have.”
      The system gave a jingle: “host, the main function of this system is to give various rewards when the host kills demons and ghosts.“
      “Kill demons and ghosts, and get rewards!”Lin Yuan thinks that this function is very good. There are so many demons in the world. If they are all killed one by one, they will bring out a lot of rewards. It can be said that there is no time for the wizard, eminent monk and venerable.
      However, Lin Yuan also thought of a problem, that is, his current cultivation is not even open the light mirror, how to kill ghosts, only to be eaten by ghosts.
      “Host, there is a novice gift package in the system. Please get the novice gift package.”
      “Novice gift bag?”Lin Yuan showed his excited eyes and immediately received the new gift bag.
      “Congratulations to the host. The novice opened the big gift bag and got one marrow washing pill and one dragon tiger pill.”
      Lin Yuan immediately checked the function of the two pills.
      The function of xisui pill is to wash essence, cut marrow and improve root bone. The function of Longhu pill is to enhance cultivation. One Longhu pill can increase cultivation for three years. No matter practicing martial arts, Buddhism or Taoism, it can increase cultivation, and there are no side effects.
      “It's amazing.”
      Lin Yuan squints his eyes and smiles. First he swallows the pill. When he swallows it, Lin Yuan feels warm all over, just like bathing in the sun in winter.
      Soon, there was a heat all over him, and the heat grew more and more, forming a fog, which covered his whole body.
      In this way, Lin Yuan washed the essence and cut the marrow for three days in a row. Three days later, Lin Yuan looked at himself, and a layer of dark sludge coagulated on his body.
      “After three days, take a bath!”
      After taking a bath, Lin Yuan practiced the voodoo Sutra again. He followed the path above the Sutra.
      Soon, the Buddha power in his body kept running, and then the Buddha power became more and more powerful.
      “Sure enough, after washing the essence and cutting the marrow, my roots and bones have been improved, and I actually have such great Buddhist power in my body.”
      “At this speed, I will soon be able to step into the early days of Kaiguang.”
      Speaking of this, Lin Yuan suddenly thought that there was a dragon and tiger pill in his system?
      This dragon and tiger elixir can add three years of cultivation.
      Lin Yuan can't wait to swallow the dragon and tiger pill.
      After swallowing the dragon and tiger elixir, it turns into a hot current, and the powerful elixir moves in Lin Yuan's body.
      Lin Yuan constantly absorbed these medicinal powers, and then transformed them into Buddhist forces.
      That's it, less than a day.
      Lin Yuan directly stepped into the early days of Kaiguang. He had little Buddhist power, and his dragon and tiger elixir had not yet been fully digested.
      “After I thoroughly digest, my cultivation can still break through!”
      Lin Yuan is in a stable mood and continues to refine the dragon and tiger elixir.
      One day, two days, three days later, Lin Yuan's whole body was full of blood, his whole body became strong, and his strength increased a lot.
      In addition to refining the medicinal power of dragon and tiger elixir, Lin Yuan practiced some martial arts in the demon subduing Sutra.
      These martial arts, mainly Voldemort fist and Voldemort palm, Lin Yuan washed marrow root bone, these martial arts Lin Yuan also quickly mastered.
      When it is displayed, it is powerful.
      If you go out with one fist, you will have at least a thousand kilos of strength. Not only that, but also with the fist, besides strength, there is a stream of blood, which can also restrain demons.
      In this way, a week later, Lin Yuan's Fumo boxing and Fumo palms were also successful, and his cultivation reached the middle stage of Kaiguang.
      “In the middle of kaiguangjing, it's pretty good, but this cultivation is still too weak. I won't go down the mountain for the time being.”Lin Yuan didn't plan to go down the mountain to kill demons and ghosts. In the middle of Kaiguang, he was still too weak and didn't have enough cultivation. He didn't want to be the food of demons and demons. It was too bad. He had to wait for his strength to be good before he went down the mountain.
      Another week has passed.
      Lin Yuan's accomplishments have been improved. In a week, Lin Yuan's accomplishments will break through the later period of Kaiguang.
      Now, in a room, a young monk was sitting cross legged.
      The little monk put his hands together and his whole body was full of blood.
      “Break it!“
      Lin Yuan madly urged the Buddha power in his body to impact the realm. In an instant, it came naturally. After Lin Yuan broke through the realm, the Buddha power in his body increased madly, his life and blood also increased a lot, and his strength also increased a lot.
      “Is this the late realm of kaiguangjing?”
      Lin Yuan stood up and felt his blood and powerful Buddhist power.
      “With such a powerful body in the later period of Kaiguang realm, it's more terrifying to become a monk and a monk.“
      Thinking of this, Lin Yuan determined his way of cultivation and strived to break through to the realm of MAGE as soon as possible.
      After a lot of hard work, Lin Yuan's cultivation was promoted again. From the late Kaiguang realm cultivation to the peak of Kaiguang realm, he was still one step away from becoming a mage realm.
      “The peak of kaiguangjing is one step away from becoming a mage. Ah, it seems that my talent is mediocre. It's been more than half a month before I reached the peak of kaiguangjing, but it seems that the master has been practicing for 50 years before he reached this cultivation.“
      Lin Yuan thought that his master yuankong had been practicing for 50 years before he reached the peak of Guangjing, and then his heart became clear.
      “Hey, old monk, when you come back, I'm afraid your eyes will fall to the ground.”
      At this time.
      Lin Yuan felt a wind blowing.
      “Well?Does Yin Qi enter the temple?How dare you! There are ghosts in the holy land of Buddhism. I want to see what it is. ”
      Lin Yuan didn't go out. Instead, he sat in the courtyard with his hands together and read the Scriptures. Now his cultivation has reached the peak of Kaiguang, so he is not afraid of evil things.
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      Chapter three: one punch to break evil!Break through the realm of mages!
      Outside the Xuankong Temple, there was a gust of overcast wind. The whole temple was attacked by the overcast wind. The fallen leaves in the courtyard were scattered, and the doors and windows were creaking.
      Lin Yuan sits in the courtyard like an old monk, reading scriptures.
      Just at this time, outside the gate of the temple, a ghost appeared, and the ghost roared.
      “Old monk, you seal my companion and hurt me. Hum, today I'm going to smash your broken temple.”
      The devil came in quickly with a wave of his hand.
      The gate of the temple was opened.
      As soon as his eyes were fixed, he looked at a little monk sitting in the courtyard. The devil narrowed his eyes and showed his fierce eyes.
      “Old monk, now that you are not in the temple, I will not only smash your broken temple, but also kill your apprentice.”
      At this time, Lin Yuan in the courtyard stood up and looked at the ghost opposite.
      He was very indifferent.
      “Little devil, dare to break into the temple.”
      “Little monk, your master hurt me three months ago and sealed many of my companions. I'll settle this account with you first.”
      The devil's cold way.
      “On me?I don't know what you want to countLin Yuan put his hands together, narrowed his eyes slightly, and looked at the evil spirit. The evil spirit was full of black air. Now that he has reached the peak of Kaiguang, he should not be his opponent.
      “Hum, it's natural to drain your essence. Buddhists have accomplishments, and their blood is not comparable to that of ordinary people. I'll drain your essence first, and then I'll take revenge on the old monk when he comes back.”
      Brush of a, this evil spirit instantly flies to rush to come over, stretch out that sharp claw, mercilessly grasp to Lin Yuan.
      Lin Yuan sighed.
      I'm worried that there's no ghost explosion reward. I didn't expect to send it to my door tonight.
      Looking at the evil ghost's claws coming, Lin Yuan steps out and runs the Buddhist power in his body. His whole body is shocked with blood gas, and then Lin Yuan blows away with one blow.
      With a bang, the blow hit the ghost directly, and the ghost flew upside down on the spot, like a broken kite flying outside the yard.
      The devil rolled to the ground, looking at his chest, he looked frightened.
      “How could that be?”
      “Who are you, and how can your cultivation be better than that of the old monk?”
      The devil roared. Lin Yuan ran out, stepped out, ran to the devil's side, and then hit him again.
      This blow, in addition to the power of Buddhism with terror, but also the majestic blood hard blow on the ghost.
      The ghost twisted on the spot.
      “WhyHow could it be… ”
      As soon as the words came to an end, the ghost turned into smoke and disappeared.
      One punch killed the devil, and Lin Yuan's system made a sound instantly.
      “Congratulations to the host. Kill the evil ghost and give out a gift package.”
      Lin Yuan immediately found that there was an extra gift bag in his system. Lin Yuan immediately ran back to his room.
      Go back to the room.
      Lin Yuan can't wait to open the gift bag in the system.
      “Congratulations to the host. The gift bag was opened successfully and the host got a Bodhi pill.”
      “Bodhi pill?”Lin Yuan looks ecstatic. This Bodhi pill is a great treasure. It's the supreme pill that can be refined only when the cultivation reaches the state of the venerable. This one can resist ten years of hard cultivation.
      “Fortunately, a Bodhi pill came out of killing evil spirits.”
      Lin Yuan happily said here, he did not hesitate, immediately swallow down, since there is such a good pill, how can not immediately take it.
      At present, his cultivation is not very high. He wants to break through the mage realm as soon as possible.
      After swallowing the pill, Lin Yuan instantly felt a great force of the pill, and ran around in a crazy way.
      “It's a pure medicine. It's worthy of Bodhi pill.”Lin Yuan quickly absorbed the power of Bodhi Dan, and then transformed it into a steady stream of Buddhist power.
      For three days in a row, Lin Yuan was absorbing and refining. At this moment, there was a light golden light around him. He looked sacred, just like the real Buddha.
      Lin Yuan suddenly drank, and the powerful Buddhist power in his body gathered together, and then broke through the barrier.
      A buzz.
      At the moment of breaking through the barrier, Lin Yuan's body bloomed again, and a strong breath suppressed all directions. His strength rose wildly, and his blood doubled.
      “Is this the realm of mages?”Lin Yuan put his hands together and walked out of the room step by step.
      At the moment, before he started, he was under great pressure,
      He felt the changes in his body. The Buddha power of the mage realm was much stronger than that of the Kaiguang realm, and the flesh and blood power was directly increased by about ten times, and the life and blood of the mage realm were also increased by several times.
      As his heart moved, his Qi and blood bloomed like a lotus.
      Some ghosts and Demons sealed in Xuankong Temple, after feeling this breath, also become peaceful and dare not change.
      “Try the power of Voldemort!”
      Lin Yuan runs the Buddhist power, and then exerts the demon subduing fist technique. The horrible demon subduing fist technique swings, and each fist carries the power of terror.
      Little ghost, let alone take Lin Yuan's fist, it is with this breath of Buddhism that we can disperse the ghost.
      “Demon subduing fist, demon subduing palm!”
      Lin Yuan's fists are changeable and powerful. His flesh and blood strength is also more and more rapid, and his Buddha power is extremely powerful.
      In addition to performing the demon subduing fist and palm, Lin Yuan also learned the demon subduing curse from the demon subduing Scripture.
      He runs the Buddhist power, and then draws a strange symbol on the palm of his hand. This symbol is the voodoo spell, which can also suppress demons.
      However, for Lin Yuan, he preferred the Voldemort palm and Voldemort fist, because they were more direct.
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      Chapter four Shifu, step back!Let the students come!
      “Shifu hasn't been in the master's realm for 50 years. Now I'm in the master's realm. After the master, I will be in the master's realm. It's said that it takes 60 years of hard work for a Buddhist to enter the master's realm.”
      “Eminent monks, eminent monks, a generation of eminent monks.”
      Lin Yuan said here, a faint smile appeared in the corner of his mouth, “with the help of the system, I may be able to break through to the realm of eminent monks in a short time.”
      Lin Yuan, who broke through the master's realm, didn't expand in his heart. Since he worshipped Buddhism and practiced Buddhism, although he had systematic blessing, he still had to work hard to practice.
      Although the mage realm is much stronger than the Kaiguang realm, Lin Yuan's goal is not to cultivate into a mage realm. His goal is higher, that is to cultivate into a Buddha and even a holy monk.
      It's said that when you become an eminent monk, the ghost messengers in the hell will give you face. If you become a Buddhist, the ghost messengers will avoid the Buddha.
      Because the Buddha's power is too strong, and the Buddha can also cross the hell in the body. A body of Buddha's power can directly protect the body from the invasion of filthy air. If you become a saint in the world, the body will cross the nether world, and the magistrate in the nether world will have to be courteous.
      This is one of them. The biggest advantage is longevity. The vitality is strong and the longevity is very high. With the rising of the realm, the longevity is also doubled.
      Lin Yuan continued to practice the true skill of subduing demons. He meditated every day, and the Buddhist power in his body increased every day. His whole body of Buddhist power circulates in the elixir field, and then moistens all the limbs.
      It's very comfortable and comfortable to practice.
      In addition to meditation, Lin Yuan also continued to practice the Fu Mo boxing and Fu Mo palm, both of which were cultivated to a full level by him.
      Every punch, every palm has the power of terror,
      In addition to these, Lin Yuan has mastered some primary Buddhist incantations, such as invisibility incantation, golden light incantation, purification incantation and transcendence incantation. Lin Yuan thinks that the cultivation of these Buddhist incantations is very simple. It's just to urge the Buddhist power to operate step by step.
      The real difficulty is the increase of Buddhism, because the increase of Buddhism also means that the realm becomes stronger.
      “When master comes back, I'll go down the mountain to experience.”
      Today's Lin Yuan broke through to the mage realm, he also has enough strength to go down the mountain, and he must constantly kill demons and zombies in order to get better rewards.
      It's only when you practice in Xuankong Temple that you can break through the realm of eminent monks.
      What's more, in this era, the decline of genius, Taoism and Buddhism, and the decline of aura, it's not realistic to become a Buddhist monk or a Taoist master just by one skill.
      In this era of the end of Dharma, there are only two ways to make rapid progress in cultivation, whether it's Taoism or Buddhism. The first is rich resources, all kinds of miracles, and all kinds of excellent real skills.
      However, at the end of the Dharma era, it is almost impossible for ordinary Buddhists and Taoists to have good resources and panacea.
      Then there is only the second one, which is birth training.
      Nowadays, the world is full of demons and zombies. There are many Taoists in Maoshan, such as Shi Jian and Lin Fengjiao.
      In addition to his own cultivation, Lin Yuan wants to integrate into the world of mortals. There are many beauties in the world of mortals, such as Ren Tingting of Renjia town.
      This is the beauty of zombie world.
      Lin Yuan knows that after Ren Tingting returns to China, she will be haunted by a big omen, which must be removed by him, otherwise the consequences of Ren's family will be unimaginable.
      The great omen of Ren Tingting's body is naturally her grandfather's corpse.
      At this moment, on the other side, 200 miles away from Xuankong Temple, an old monk, wearing a cassock, gallops through the jungle.
      The old monk's face was pale, and his cassock was damaged and cracked.
      The old monk's back, shoulder, also appeared a bloodstain.
      The bloodstains, the smoke.
      The old monk ran to the mountain and looked at the gate of Xuankong Temple.
      His face was still ugly.
      “Finally back.”
      The old monk pushed the door open, and Lin Yuan immediately went out, looking at the old monk in a mess.
      Lin Yuan frowned.”Master, what's the matter with you?What happened? ”
      After the old monk came in, he drank water and looked at Lin Yuan.
      “Yuanxiu, you pack up and go quickly.“
      “Go?Where to? “Lin Yuan asked.
      “From now on, you are no longer my disciple. Go down the mountain and go away.”The old monk pushed Lin Yuan.
      “Master, tell me what happened.”Lin Yuan asked.
      “A month ago, the master told you that going down the mountain to do a ritual is actually to collect a ghost. But the ghost has not only become a climate, but also a fierce ghost. The fierce ghost master is not an opponent. The master tried his best to escape. But the fierce ghost has been chasing me all the time. I'm afraid it won't be long before he will kill me.”
      i see.
      Lin Yuan just understood.
      “Master, can't you deal with fierce ghosts with your accomplishments?”
      “I can't deal with it. If I want to deal with this kind of fierce ghost, I have to break through the mage realm at least, but it's too difficult to break through the mage realm.”
      At this time.
      Outside, the wind came, a ghost in red had been killed.
      It's a ghost in red.
      He is very evil.
      “Old monk, you can't run away. There are also young monks. You must die today!”The ghost in red said coldly.
      The old monk watched the ghost in red come and immediately protected Lin Yuan.
      “Lin Yuan, go quickly. I've been seriously injured and I won't live long. I'll hold him back. How far do you run?”
      The old monk said here, ran forward, bit his finger and drew a symbol on his palm.
      At this time, Lin Yuan said calmly: “master, you step back and let the apprentice come.”
      Brush sound, Lin Yuan step out, instantly arrived at the ghost in red.
      The ghost in red grabbed Lin Yuan in an instant.
      The old monk yelled, “apprentice, stay away.”
      In a flash, however.
      Lin Yuan suddenly drank it,
      “Go away!”
      With one blow, the whole body of Buddha's power vibrates all over the place, and the horrible demon subduing fist blows directly on the claws of the female ghost in red.
      Suddenly, the ghost's arm burst open, the whole ghost body, fly back tens of meters away, hit the ground heavily.
      On the spot, he twisted his body and howled in pain.
      “Little fierce ghost, dare to be presumptuous in Buddhism!”Lin Yuan gave a cold hum.*
      Chapter 5: big rewards!
      The old monk behind Lin Yuan was directly shocked and looked at his apprentice with a blow.
      He took a cool breath.
      “Apprentice, how did you do it?”
      The old monk carefully looked at the Buddhist concussion around Lin Yuan. This kind of Buddhist power is much deeper than the Buddhist power on him. It is not a grade at all.
      The old monk instantly understood that his apprentice's cultivation was already a master's realm.
      “Master realm, it's master realm!Apprentice, how did you do that? It's only a month. How did you break through to the mage's realm? “The old monk was surprised.
      “Master, I'll tell you more about it after I've cleaned up this fierce ghost.”Lin Yuan doesn't care about the old monk. At present, he wants to kill the ghost in red.
      The female ghost in red is the level of fierce ghost. After killing, the reward will be very good.
      Hit on the ground of the red ghost, twisted the body, showing ferocious eyes.
      “Little monk, I want you to die!”
      Brush of a, red dress fierce ghost flies to rush to come again, grasp to Lin Yuan.
      When Lin Yuan's hands spread out and turned the Buddhist power, his whole body showed a light golden light of Buddhism. When the ghost in red approached Lin Yuan.
      Lin Yuan waved his hand to show the demon subduing palm.
      All over the sky, the palm shadow is all over the void, and a terrible pressure comes.
      The body of the ghost in red was hit hard by the demon subduing palm, and the void burst on the spot. It turned into wisps of black smoke and disappeared.
      Lin yuanmie killed the female ghost in red. He put his hands together. The strength of the mage's realm really deserves its reputation. He killed the fierce ghost in red with a volley palm.
      As soon as he killed the ghost in red, Lin Yuan made a jingle in his mind.
      “Congratulations to the host. Kill the ghost in red and get a rich gift bag. Put it into the system.”
      The old monk was shocked when he saw that the ghost in red was killed by his apprentice.
      “Apprentice, are you a wizard?You've only been practicing for one month. How did you do that? ”
      “Shifu, I'm just practicing the demon subduing Sutra you taught me, and then I made a breakthrough all the way.”Lin Yuan said that naturally he would not say that he had a system.
      Looking at Lin Yuan, the old monk shook his eyes and said, “you can break into the master's realm in a month, apprentice. You are just the genius of our Buddhism. You have not broken into the master's realm in 50 years. You can do it in a month. It seems that it is a wise choice to accept you into our Buddhism. If you continue to practice like this, I'm afraid that within three years, you will be able to gather relics and become an eminent monk!”
      “Sari?”Lin Yuan was stunned for a moment.
      “Relic is the relic of Buddhism. The whole body of Buddhist power condenses the relic of Buddhism, which also means stepping into the realm of eminent monks. The cultivation of the realm of eminent monks is more powerful and terrifying than the realm of mages. The relic will provide a steady stream of terrifying output of Buddhist power. Just like the inner alchemy of Taoism, the strong master of heaven also has inner alchemy.”
      i see.
      In his previous life, Lin Yuan had heard that many eminent monks had sermons in their bodies, which turned out to be the source of Buddhist power.
      Listening to the old monk saying that the realm of eminent monks is powerful, Lin Yuan is looking forward to stepping into the realm of eminent monks as soon as possible.
      I talked with the old monk.
      Lin Yuan quickly went back to his room to check the gift bag he got from his system.
      After opening the gift bag.
      The system kept tinkling.
      “Congratulations to the host, you got two Bodhi pills!”
      “Get the dragon claw skill of Buddhism!”
      “Get the Buddha's eye in heaven!”
      Bodhi pill: it can increase the power of Buddha and improve the cultivation quickly.
      Lin Yuan knows the function of this Bodhi pill. He took it before and broke into the realm of mage.
      Lin Yuan's main purpose is to have a look at the function of this Buddhist dragon claw.
      Buddha's dragon claw hand: This is a secret skill of Buddhism's external skill. When you reach a high level of cultivation, the palm is like a dragon claw, which can catch and kill ghosts and demons. A pair of palms are invincible and can catch everything.
      “The secret skill of external skill is like a dragon claw. Can you catch and kill ghosts, gods and demons? This Buddhist dragon claw hand is really overbearing. I like this overbearing Buddhist martial art!”
      Lin Yuan did not immediately go to practice, but looked at the last thing he got.
      The last one is the eye of heaven.
      Tianyantong: tianyantong, one of the Buddha's eyes, can see through all evil illusions, distinguish evil Qi, ghost Qi, and popularity, cultivate to a higher level, predict disasters and blessings, see through reincarnation, and see through cause and effect.
      “Yes, this day's eye communication is also good, this wave is a big harvest.”
      In an instant, Lin Yuan first integrated the tianyantong skill.
      After fusion, his eyes showed a cool feeling, he opened his eyes, his eyes showed a light golden light.
      With his eyes, he can see the evil Qi directly now, and all ghosts can be said to be invisible in front of him.
      Next, Lin Yuan looks at two Bodhi pills.
      Two crystal clear pills appeared on his palm.
      He thought about it for a moment and planned to give the old monk a Bodhi pill.
      After all, the old monk saved his life. Without the old monk, he would have died long ago.
      Moreover, the old monk was kind to him and guided him to practice Buddhism.
      Lin Yuan thought for a moment, then hid one of the Bodhi pills behind a big Buddha, and called the old monk over.
      “Master, there is a box behind the Buddha.”
      The old monk went forward immediately, picked up the box and opened it immediately.
      Once opened, a pill appeared, emitting a strong fragrance.
      “This isThis is Bodhidharma. ”
      “Master, what is Bodhi pill?”
      “Bodhi pill is the top pill of our Buddhism. The refining method of Bodhi pill has been lost for a hundred years. What's more, no one has the profound cultivation of Buddhism to refine it. It must be left by the strong Buddhists of Xuankong Temple hundreds of years ago.”
      “Congratulations, master!”Lin Yuan still pretends to cooperate.
      Lao Heshang was carrying the box, and his hands trembled with excitement. “The precious Bodhi pill left by our ancestors, which you met today, is really blessed by the Buddha.”
      Then, the old monk asked Lin Yuan to come over: “disciple, you have the supreme Buddha nature, and you found it. This shows that the Buddha bless you. Take this Bodhi pill and take it.”
      Lin Yuan looked at Lao Heshang and said, “thank you, master. But my apprentice has broken through the master's realm. Bodhi pill is more important to master. Master, take it and take it.”
      The old monk shook his head. “Apprentice, your talent is much better than me. I'm just wasting it.”
      “Master, don't worry. With my talent, I don't need to take Bodhi pills. I can practice very fast.”Lin Yuan said.
      After some rebuff, the old monk just accepted the Bodhi pill.
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      Chapter six practice is not easy!conduct oneself well!
      Next, the old monk closed the door with bodhidan.
      Lin Yuan knows that the old monk is going to attack the master's realm. After all, the old monk's cultivation has reached the peak of Kaiguang realm, and he is one step away from reaching the master's realm.
      After the old monk closed the door, Lin Yuan practiced dragon claws outside the Buddha's gate in the courtyard.
      The cultivation method of dragon claw appeared in his mind.
      “Xiaocheng can break all evils, Dacheng can gather dragon claws and capture ghosts and gods!The Buddha's power runs through the palms of the hands, the claws of the Heavenly Dragon, and the heart. The Buddha's power bursts through the fingers
      In a flash, he spread his arms, and his palms vibrated the void. Then he turned the Buddha power in his body, and the Buddha power ran to the ten fingers, which were like dragon claws.
      Buzz, buzz!At the moment, Lin Yuan's ten fingers made a buzzing sound, and his palms were waving terrible Qi and blood.
      “Dragon claw hand!”Lin Yuan suddenly drinks it, grabs at the void, and with a click, the void bursts out.
      Then, his hands were like the claws of the dragon, tearing the void.
      Three days later, Lin Yuan trained the dragon claw hand of Buddhism to a small level, and its power was not inferior to the Voldemort palm and Voldemort boxing.
      At the moment, Lin Yuan's palms, if he urges the dragon claw hand to move the skill, his hands will emit a buzzing sound of the dragon. Not only that, his hands also emit a faint light of blood.
      Tear!Lin Yuan urges the dragon claw hand skill. His right hand probes into the air and grabs at the void. His five fingers suddenly burst out a dazzling blood light, and void also makes a huge burst sound.
      He also volleyed, palm in front of a bluestone to grasp, Zizi Zizi!The bluestone board was suddenly ablaze.
      The whole huge bluestone slab split into five pieces on the spot.
      “The dragon claw hand of Buddhism is really powerful. The power of this external skill of Buddhism is really powerful. If the little ghosts and ghosts are by my side at the moment, I'll catch them directly, I'm afraid they will burst out on the spot.”
      Lin Yuan is very satisfied with this external skill of Buddhism. After practicing the dragon claw hand, Lin Yuan not only has one more card.
      The main thing is that in the past few days when he practiced dragon claw hand, his physical body became more powerful, and the Buddhist power also increased rapidly.
      Although he practiced Buddhism's external skills, he could also increase his Buddhist power.
      “By the way, I still have a Bodhi pill!”
      When Lin Yuan said this, he took out the last Bodhi pill and put it into his mouth. The Bodhi pill melted in his mouth and turned into rolling medicine.
      Lin Yuan's body is constantly absorbing the power of Bodhi pill.
      His Buddhist power is also increasing.
      Three days later, the power of bodhidan was completely absorbed by Lin Yuan, and his whole body of Buddhist power was extremely powerful. Although he was still in the early stage of the mage realm, his Buddhist power was comparable to that of the middle stage of the mage realm.
      Just practicing Buddhism and Taoism for more than one month is equivalent to practicing Buddhism and Taoism for decades.
      At this time, a strong breath of Xuankong Temple came out.
      “Master, have you made a breakthrough?”
      Not surprisingly, it was Lin Yuan's master who broke into the master's realm.
      “Ha ha ha, after 50 years of hard work, I finally broke through to the master's realm.”The old monk laughed. He came out and looked at Lin Yuan.
      Feel the unfathomable Buddhist power of Lin Yuan.
      “Apprentice, you are so terrible with all your Buddhist power. It seems that you will suppress the whole spiritual world in a short time.”
      The old monk is out of the pass, and Lin Yuan plans to go down the mountain.
      Nowadays, the world is full of demons and zombies. He now has the cultivation of MAGE realm. With so many cards, he is not afraid of these demons.
      What's more, if he wants to upgrade quickly and become an eminent monk, he needs to go down the mountain for training.
      “Master, I'm going down the mountain tomorrow.”
      The old monk nodded: “well, apprentice, there are many demons in the world of mortals. You must be careful.”
      “Master, don't worry.”
      ……The next day, Lin Yuan left the temple in white.
      Three days later, Lin Yuan appeared in an ancient temple. The temple was dilapidated and the statue of Buddha was broken. Lin Yuan went in, glued the statue of Buddha together, and then cleaned it again.
      “Today, the world is in chaos, the spirit is not enough at the end of the law, and both Taoism and Buddhism are declining.”
      Lin Yuan sits in the ancient temple with his hands together and works hard.
      In the middle of the night.
      Outside the ancient temple, the wind blows.
      There were four or five women. They were extremely sexy, dressed with eyebrows and tulles.
      “Well?There is a little monk in this ancient temple!“
      “What a handsome little monk!“
      “Sisters, the little monk belongs to me.“
      “No, I found him. He belongs to me. Don't rob me!”
      The four or five gossamer women, with gloomy smiles, opened their mouths and showed sharp tusks.
      These gauze women are not human beings, but spirits.
      Five women came in.
      They are scratching their heads and posturing beside Lin Yuan.
      “Little monk, do you think we are beautiful?”
      “Are the sisters beautiful?”
      “What a young monk.”
      At the moment of Lin Yuan, still calm sitting in place, he closed his eyes, hands together.
      When these gauze women get close.
      Lin Yuan light mouth.”It's not easy to practice. Do it well!”
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      Chapter Seven: the wild monster!Turn the palm to suppress!
      Although the killing of the devil can bring rewards, but Lin Yuan did not immediately start, after all, everything has its own way, people have humanity, demons have evil ways, demons can open wisdom, open the spirit of the orifices, absorb the essence of heaven and earth, this is God's gift.
      Therefore, Lin Yuan didn't kill these demons without saying anything. Instead, he gave them a chance to get heaven's fortune and open their orifices.
      Of course, if he is stubborn, Lin Yuan doesn't mind killing him in the field. He can also give a wave of rewards.
      “Little monk, your meat is so fragrant!”
      “Little monk, we haven't eaten meat for a long time.”
      Then, the whole temple became overcast. Under the moonlight, these gorgeous women became ferocious and terrifying.
      These gauze women, looking at Lin Yuan, said with a cold smile: “you little monk, aren't you afraid of us?”
      Lin Yuan opened his eyes slowly, and there was a light golden light in his eyes.
      Lin Yuan just shows his eye to see these gauze women's real bodies.
      Sure enough, the real body of these gauze women is a fox. They are all transformed from wild foxes in the mountains.
      “Little evil animal, you dare to show off in front of me!”
      When Lin Yuan suddenly drank it, his whole body was shocked and his voice was like a bell.
      In a flash, the five women's heads hummed, dizzy, and they quickly backed out.
      One by one, they show their ferocious faces.
      “The little monk is a bit of a Taoist!”
      “Sisters, be careful. The little monk is not an ordinary monk but a Taoist.”
      “Ha ha ha, the monk with Buddhist power tastes better?If you eat this little monk, maybe our magic power will increase greatly. Sisters, you've heard of the Tang monk who learned Buddhist scriptures from the West in ancient times. If you eat this little monk, you will become a Buddha and live forever. ”
      Lin Yuan stood up, hands together, he calmly looked at the opposite five women, and then, he was indifferent.
      “You five wild foxes can be created by God to open up the spirit, and you can soak up the essence of the sun and moon, practice the right way, do not go, do not fall into the magic way, then you can not blame the poor monk.”
      “You are a little monk who can see through our illusions. It's a pity that our five sisters have been practicing for a hundred years. Can you deal with it?Buddhism and Taoism are declining in the world, and our demons are rising. Before long, we demons will dominate the world. ”
      Lin Yuan listened to the words of these wild foxes, and he gave a cold hum.”Little wild fox, it's so rampant. If I don't teach you today, you don't know the power of Buddhism.”
      “Ha ha ha, Buddhism?There are several Buddhists in the world. They are all just cheating. By the way, little monk, we ate three monks alive a few days ago. ”
      “Don't be ashamedThen, Lin Yuan recited the Buddhist mantra in a low voice, “all things come to one, condense in the essence, and as soon as the heart appears, subdue the demons and remove the demons, and show me the form.”
      Lin Yuan suddenly cheered, and then a seal of Dharma appeared on the palm of his hand. With a wave of his hand, the seal of Dharma burst out into the Buddha's power. The Buddha's power rippled around like water waves, quickly affecting five women.
      In a flash, the five women's bodies were twisted, their faces were ferocious, and soon they became fox heads.
      “Damn it, little monk, I want to die!”
      One of the wild foxes ran forward, very fast, very fast near the edge of the forest.
      Then there is a huge claw, which grabs Lin Yuan hard.
      Lin Yuan stood in the same place, motionless, looking at the sharp claws grasping to himself. In an instant, Lin Yuan turned the Buddhist power, condensed his palm, and then burst out.
      “Demon subduing palm!”
      The palm fell heavily on the woman. On the spot, the woman flew ten meters away, her mouth was bleeding, her body was twisted, and she became a dead fox with a burst of smoke.
      After killing this wild fox, Lin Yuan made a jingle in his mind.
      “Congratulations to the host. Kill a wild fox and get a gift bag. Put the gift bag into the system.”
      “Ah, five sisters!”The other four women, ferocious and extremely fierce light burst out.
      They came forward one after another and screamed: “you killed our sisters, we want you to die, we want you to eat your flesh and blood alive.”
      “Don't think too much of yourself!”Lin Yuan gave a cold hum, stepped out one step, and the Buddha's power vibrated, and then the demon subduing palm technique was displayed.
      The opening and closing of the magic palm sweeps around.
      Terror of blood and power, pressure of these wild foxes back and forth.
      “Demon subduing palm!”
      A woman's chest collapsed on the spot and flew out, hitting the ground and gushing blood.
      “Demon subduing fist!”
      Lin Yuan blows away again. The terrible Buddha power and powerful Qi and blood attack another wild fox on the spot.
      “Dragon claw hand!”
      Lin Yuan's right hand vibrated, and his five fingers opened. Suddenly, his right palm made a buzzing sound, and his five fingers' blood trembled, which was extremely terrifying.
      He waved his arm and grabbed a wild fox. Suddenly, one of the fox's arms was taken off.
      Then he grabs the last wild fox in the air, which is directly pierced by the dragon claw.
      A face to face, Lin Yuan only hand suppression.
      Five wild foxes, two dead, the remaining three rolling on the ground, dying, very painful.
      “Master, spare your life!”
      “Master, spare your life!”
      “It's not easy for us to practice. Please get around us!”
      Three wild foxes, lying on the ground, shivering and begging for mercy.
      “Master, please forgive us. The fifth and fourth are dead, and our three sisters are seriously injured. We can't hurt anyone in the future. Please forgive me.”
      Lin Yuan put his hands together and looked at the three wild foxes.
      He gave a cold hum: “give you a chance, you don't want to, I let you go, how can you be right to the people who died in your hands, Tianhuo curse!Pardon
      Lin Yuan recites the mantra, runs the Buddhist power, and then casts the sky fire mantra. Suddenly, Lin Yuan turns his palm down, and a flame directly envelops the five wild foxes.
      In a moment, the five wild foxes were burned to ashes.
      After killing five wild foxes, Lin Yuan looks at five big gift bags in his system, but he looks excited.
      “Kill five monsters and get five big gift bags. That's good!“
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      Chapter 8 Maoshan!Four eyes Taoist priest now!
      Lin Yuan immediately opened five big gift bags.
      The system makes five consecutive sounds.
      In this wave, the harvest was good. Lin Yuan counted his harvest, killed five wild fox spirits, and got four Qi tonifying pills. In addition to four Qi tonifying pills, there was also a bottle of Jinchuang medicine, which could be regarded as the holy medicine for healing. At least he could use the Jinchuang medicine when he was injured in the future.
      Lin Yuan spread out his palm, and four Buqi pills appeared. These four Buqi pills sent out strong fragrance, very delicate fragrance.
      The function of the Buqi pill is to improve the Buddha's power, improve the cultivation, and nourish the flesh and blood power.
      Lin Yuan didn't rush to take it, because there was the last reward.
      The last reward is a kind of Buddhist mantra, which is called the earth fire mantra.
      Lin Yuan practiced the ground fire spell immediately. Half an hour later, his heart moved, his hands sealed, and his Buddhist power turned into flames. Then he waved his big hand, and the flames attached to the ground. The whole ground was burning and crackling.
      “The earth fire mantra is powerful. It is stronger than the sky fire mantra, and it can restrain evil things. However, it costs a lot. One time of using the earth fire mantra consumes one third of my Buddha power.”
      Lin Yuan practices Buddhism and Taoism. The cultivation of Buddhism and Taoism can be divided into external skill cultivation and magic power cultivation.
      External skill cultivation is to polish the body, to make the body powerful, to the point that Vajra is not bad, and all evils do not invade. For example, demon subduing fist, demon subduing palm, and Buddha's dragon claw hand are all Buddhism's external skills.
      Magic spells, such as Voldemort, deathbed, transcendence, sky fire, and newly acquired earth fire.
      These are magic spells.
      Only when the two are combined can they be more powerful. Buddhism's external skill is good at training the physical body and is good at melee combat. Divine power is good at long-range attack.
      In the past dynasties, the eminent monks and the strong practiced external skills and incantation at the same time.
      After practicing the earth fire mantra, Lin Yuan took out the four Qi tonifying pills, which were swallowed directly by Lin Yuan and then turned into rolling medicinal power.
      Lin Yuan constantly absorbed the rolling medicinal power, and then transformed it into the majestic Buddhist power.
      Three hours later, the Buddha light around Lin Yuan vibrated, just like the real Buddha came into the world. There was a light golden light around Lin Yuan.
      “The middle of the mage's realm!”Lin Yuan was very satisfied, and the four Qi tonifying pills directly pushed his cultivation to the middle of the mage's realm.
      It's not that fast. It's only a short time. Lin Yuan has broken through to the middle of the mage's realm.
      Right now.
      Outside the ancient temple.
      Passing by two figures, the two figures, holding a sickle, walked towards the ancient temple in diameter.
      They were dressed in a uniform dress with the same binding character on it.
      “Wild foxes make trouble and harm countless people. If we don't catch these five wild foxes tonight, our boss will punish us.”
      These two ghosts are the officials of the local government. They are ghosts!
      As soon as the two ghost messengers came to the ancient temple, they saw a young monk sitting in the middle of the temple. The young monk put his hands together and his whole body was shining with Buddhist power.
      “Master of Buddhism in the world!”There's a gap between the two ghosts.
      “This monk is only about 20 years old, and he has become a Buddhist monk.”The two ghost messengers whispered.
      Lin Yuan's eyes swept, and he naturally saw the two figures outside the ancient temple.
      “The hell is bad?”
      The two ghost messengers came forward and looked at Lin Yuan very politely. “Master, can you see five wild foxes around the ancient temple? These five wild foxes have some climate and have done a lot of evil. We have been ordered to catch them.”
      Lin Yuan stood up and put his hands together: “brother guicha, five wild foxes have been captured and killed by me.”
      “So it is. No wonder we can't smell it. Thank you for your help.”
      “I'm a Buddhist master. If the demons in the world make trouble, I'll do it naturally.”Lin Yuan said with awe inspiring righteousness.
      “Ha ha ha, now the world is in chaos and demons are everywhere. Even our underground is unstable. There are just mages in the world, which is the blessing of the world. Mage, then we will leave.”
      Two ghost difference, figure gradually disappear.
      Lin Yuan watched the ghost errand disappear. He said in his heart that the higher his cultivation, the more polite he was to you.
      If you want to become an eminent monk, you have to be polite.
      After the ghost messenger left, Lin Yuan also left the temple. He moved the Buddhist power, blessed his legs, and walked with great speed.
      Less than an hour.
      Lin Yuan appeared 200 li away.
      “Well?It's cloudy!What's the matter with the village ahead? ”
      Lin Yuan opens his eyes and sweeps directly. In a village thousands of meters away, there is a special air flow. This air flow is different from that of spirits and ghosts.
      “Corpse spirit!”Lin Yuan immediately saw that it was corpse Qi.
      Which means there are zombies in the village.
      Lin Yuan quickly ran past, and many people in the village fled one after another.
      Sure enough, three zombies want to attack these villagers.
      Lin Yuan stepped out and looked at the villagers.
      “You stand back.”
      “Master, help us!”
      “Master, help us!”
      Lin Yuan saw three zombies jump over, he swept away, the three zombies are just jump corpses, not even smart.
      Three zombies rushed to the edge of the forest.
      Lin Yuan waves his fist, and the demon subduing fist technique unfolds!
      Three zombies fly out in an instant and smash on the ground. Then the seven orifices continuously release the corpse gas. Not only that, the three zombies' chests are directly depressed and cracked.
      Just when Lin Yuan is ready to activate the earth fire spell to burn these zombies.
      Outside the jungle.
      There's a whole bunch of zombies.
      Not only that, but also a Taoist in a yellow robe, with glasses and a peach wood sword, appeared.
      He came at a gallop.
      “Master, show mercy!”
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      Chapter 9 this is the dragon claw of Buddhism!Nine uncle shock!
      Lin Yuan heard the sound.
      He immediately withdrew the spell.
      A Taoist with glasses came running.
      He immediately clasped his fist: “thank you for your mercy. These three bodies are my customers. I let them slip away because of my carelessness.”
      Lin Yuan nodded. He looked at the Taoist with glasses in front of him, but he was familiar with them.
      In a flash
      Lin Yuan was stunned.
      Is this guy the four eyes Taoist priest?
      At the moment, the Taoist beside Lin Yuan was very old, looking at Lin Yuan in white robes.
      Moreover, he actually felt a wave of terrible power.
      This power is magic power.
      Taoists like to call it magic power, while Buddhists like to call it Buddha power.
      “When I was so young, I became a master. The master was as strong as my Taoist master. That is to say, the 18-year-old monk in front of me had the same accomplishments as me?”
      At the moment, the four eyes Taoist priest was shocked to the extreme.
      He had been in Maoshan for several decades before he reached the initial stage of the earth master.
      “Genius, absolutely genius. I didn't expect that there was such a genius in Buddhism.”
      Four eyes Taoist priest's admiration is incomparable in the heart, he immediately way again: “the small age cultivates a mage, I admire.”
      “Taoist priest, I'm flattered.”
      “I don't know which temple the master practices in.”The four eyes Taoist priest asked.
      “Hanging Temple forest edge, law edge repair.”Lin Yuan said calmly.
      Looking at Lin Yuan, the four eyes Taoist priest said his origin. He immediately clasped his fist, “the 13th generation of Maoshan disciples, four eyes!I've heard so much
      Lin Yuan's eyes were fixed.
      The Taoist priest in front of us is the four eyes Taoist priest.
      The four eyes Taoist priest and Lin Yuan became familiar with each other.
      Lin Yuan also learned from four eyes Taoist priest that he was going to Renjia town.
      Because his elder martial brother Lin Fengjiao is in Renjia town.
      He is going to have a night off at his senior brother's daozhuang.
      When he heard four eyes Taoist priest mention renjiazhen, Lin Yuan was shocked. He knew that the plot was about to start.
      Mr. zombie movie content.
      How unfamiliar he is.
      Mr. Feng Shui turned Mr. Ren into a terrible iron corpse.
      “Lin Yuan, you and I are predestined to each other. Why don't you go to my elder martial brother's side to sit down. My elder martial brother's way is exquisite. You can discuss it.”
      “Good.”Lin Yuan agreed.
      Ren Jiazhen, he naturally wants to go. If he kills Tieshi and the feng shui master behind him, he may be able to bring out some amazing rewards.
      The realm of MAGE may be very strong in the eyes of four eyes Taoist priest.
      But Lin Yuan still felt too weak.
      At least one must become a Buddhist monk or a Buddhist venerable. Only in this late Dharma era can one be regarded as a strong one.
      In this way, Lin Yuan and four eyes Taoist all the way to Renjia town.
      On the way.
      It's a lot of ghosts.
      However, in the face of the two strong Buddhists and Taoists, these ghosts were killed between their hands.
      The four eyes Taoist priest was shocked by Lin Yuan's accomplishments.
      At first, I thought that Lin Yuan's accomplishments were equal to his.
      It turns out that Lin Yuan's accomplishments may be comparable to those of daomen's middle period.
      You know, his elder martial brother's realm is just the middle stage of the earth master.
      Three days later.
      Four eyes Taoist priest and Lin Yuan came to a desolate suburb of Renjia town.
      In the wilderness.
      There is a daozhuang.
      There are many coffins in daozhuang.
      “Lin Yuan, this is my elder martial brother's daozhuang.”
      The Four Eyed Taoist priest knocked at the door.
      A middle-aged man came out.
      He is Lin Fengjiao.
      He is called Jiushu.
      “Younger martial brother, you have come to me.”
      “Ha ha ha, elder martial brother, I haven't seen you for three years. I think your accomplishments have improved a lot!”
      “Where, where, younger martial brother, you have entered the realm of the local teacher!”
      “Fluke, fluke!”The four eyes Taoist priest is modest.
      “Elder martial brother, I'm going to catch up with customers this time. I'll drop in to see you when I pass by Renjia town.”
      Uncle nine narrowed his eyes. “I'm afraid he didn't come to see me. He wanted to cheat me to eat and drink.”
      “Ha ha ha, there is no one who knows me better than elder martial brother you.”
      They said with a smile.
      At this time, Jiushu noticed a white robed monk coming by on the other side.
      “Younger martial brother, who is this?”
      Four eyes Taoist priest patted his head: “you see, I forgot to introduce. This is my Buddhist friend, Lin Yuan, whom I met on the way.”
      Looking at Lin Yuan, Jiu Shu immediately nodded his head and said politely, “Buddhism and Taoism are all practitioners in the world. Please come in, please come in!”
      After entering the hall.
      Uncle Jiu asked his two apprentices to go to the kitchen and get some food immediately.
      “I've heard a lot about you, Taoist Lin!”
      “Ha ha ha, my name is nothing. It's all false names. Lin Yuan, you should be as old as my apprentice. Just call me Jiu Shu.”
      Lin Yuan nodded.
      The three were eating.
      At this time.
      Wencai and Qiusheng are playing zombies on the other side. They just subdue the zombies. Who knows, they let out fierce ghosts.
      “No, the devil is out!”
      “Come on, call the master quickly.”
      “Master, help
      Two fierce ghosts rush out and catch Qiusheng and Wencai.
      Nine uncle, Lin Yuan, four eyes Taoist priest, three people gallop out.
      Qiusheng and Wencai come here.
      “Master, help us, help us!”
      Lin Yuan fixed his eyes and saw two ghosts flying behind Qiusheng and Wencai.
      Lin Yuan stepped out in one step.
      In front of Qiusheng and Wencai.
      “You step back.”
      After Qiu Sheng and Wen Cai retreated.
      Two fierce ghosts watched a young monk suddenly appear.
      “Little monk, seek death!”
      Lin Yuan put his hands together and turned the Buddhist power around him. In an instant, Lin Yuan stepped out.
      He waved his hand.
      The palm of the hand is full of blood.
      Five fingers like dragon claws grasp to the void, with a click, Lin Yuan's five fingers are holding a fierce ghost. The fierce ghost wants to struggle, but it is very painful.
      “Come back, you.”Lin Yuan five fingers together, two ghost was caught by him on the spot.
      On the spot!
      Qiusheng and Wencai show shocking eyes and take a cold breath.
      “What kind of means is that?”
      “What an amazing five fingers!”
      The four eyes Taoist priest was also shocked: “this technique is so sharp!Elder martial brother, little monk Lin Yuan is not simple! ”
      At the moment of nine uncle, looking at Lin Yuangang just shot.
      He is also one of the shock, shock of the road.”This is the secret skill of Buddhism, the dragon claw hand of Buddhism!”
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      Chapter 10 young girls!Ren Tingting!
      “Dragon claw hand, elder martial brother, how do you know this skill?”
      “I once heard the master say that the dragon claw is very powerful. It's like a dragon claw. It can catch and kill ghosts and gods. It's very powerful!”
      “Moreover, it is said that if you cultivate the dragon claw hand to a great level, your hand will be like the claw of a real dragon, destroying everything. No matter whether you are a ghost, a God or a demon, you will die on the spot in the face of the claw of a real dragon.”
      “It's so powerful!”Four eyes Taoist priest looking at Lin Yuan heart more admire.
      After Jiushu watched Lin Yuan perform his dragon claw hand, he carefully observed Lin Yuan's accomplishments.
      “Master's realm!At this age, he has been practicing until the middle of the master's life. He is really a Buddhist genius for hundreds of years. “Uncle Jiu was also very shocked.
      Lin Yuan grabs two evil spirits, and after twisting them into a ball, he still gives them to Jiu Shu.
      Nine uncle took over two regiments of fierce ghosts, and then pasted the charm, put the two fierce ghosts into the jar again and sealed them.
      After sealing.
      Uncle Jiu came into the hall with a stick.
      Wencai and Qiusheng in the hall look at Jiushu coming in with a stick.
      “Master, no!”
      “Master, no!”
      “Shifu, Qiusheng pretends to be a zombie to scare me!”
      “Master, it was Wen Cai who broke the seal.”
      “See if I don't take care of you.”Uncle Jiu yelled angrily.
      Lin Yuan looks at Qiusheng and Wencai. These two guys are just like in the movie. They're still masters. They're not reliable at all.
      “Master, if there are guests here, forget it.”Wencai and Qiusheng said.
      Lin Yuan came out to fight a round, “Uncle nine, let them go, they are also a moment of fun.”
      Uncle Jiu snorted coldly: “for the sake of having guests, I'll spare you.”
      Uncle Jiu looks at Lin Yuan again.
      “Lin Yuan, you just used the dragon claw of Buddhism, didn't you?”
      “Yes, I've heard my master mention this skill. It's very domineering. It's easy to catch and kill ghosts and gods. It's like the claw of a real dragon when you reach maturity. Now there are many demons in the world. It's a blessing for a genius to have such accomplishments when you are young.”
      “Uncle Jiu, I'm flattered. I'm worse than you Maoshan strongmen.”Lin Yuan said calmly.
      The next night.
      The four eyes Taoist priest left here with the customer.
      Lin Yuan was left by Jiu Shu.
      “Lin Yuan, to tell you the truth, I have one thing to keep you here.”
      “Uncle Jiu, but it doesn't matter!“
      “Well, Mr. Ren, a rich businessman in Renjia Town, came to me and wanted me to move his grave. But I found that Mr. Ren's grave was not simple. Mr. Ren's father might have become a zombie or even an iron corpse. You have exquisite Buddhism and profound cultivation, so I want to ask you to help me.”
      “OK, it's OK.”
      “If you can help me, I'll be relieved.”Uncle Jiu said with a smile.
      Is the plot about to start.
      Lin Yuan showed a smile in his heart.
      He was waiting for the iron corpse to be born, because he wanted him to kill the iron corpse and give a reward.
      Another day passed.
      Ren's servants came to Uncle Jiu and invited him to the cafe.
      Jiushu takes Wencai and Qiusheng to the cafe, and of course, Lin Yuan.
      At the moment, uncle Jiu is a little nervous.
      Because I've never had coffee.
      The two apprentices were also very muddled and had never drunk coffee.
      “Master, what is coffee?”
      Uncle Jiu lowered his voice, “cough, I don't know.”
      “Lin Yuan, have you ever had coffee?”Uncle Jiu looks at Lin Yuan.
      Lin Yuan nodded: “well.”
      The four came to a cafe.
      Mr. Ren, or Ren FA, has been waiting for a long time.
      Looking at Jiushu and others.
      Ren FA immediately stood up: “Uncle Jiu, you are here at last.”
      “Mr. Ren, I've been waiting for a long time.”
      “No, no, uncle nine, please sit down.”
      Everyone sat down, Ren FA's eyes focused on Lin Yuan.
      “Uncle Jiu, who is this one?”
      Uncle Jiu lowered his voice. “He's master Lin Yuan. His cultivation is not weaker than me. Don't neglect him.”
      Ren FA nodded and looked at Lin Yuan. He was also very polite.
      Uncle Jiu is famous. Since uncle Jiu says that the next mage is powerful in cultivation, it must be.
      So Ren FA did not dare to neglect.
      Jiu Shu and Ren FA had a talk.
      Decided to go to the coffin in three days.
      At this time.
      A fashionable young girl appeared.
      The girl was in a long pink dress, slim and plump.
      It's a first-class beauty.
      She is Ren FA's daughter.
      Ren Tingting.
      “Daddy, I'm coming!”
      “Daughter, see Uncle Jiu soon!”
      “How are you, uncle nine!”
      Nine uncle looking at Ren Tingting, “all grow so big.”
      Wen Cai looked at Ren Tingting and muttered, “it's really big.”
      Ren Tingting looks at Wen Cai, shows disgusting eyes and snorts.
      “These two are Uncle Jiu's apprentices, and this one is uncle Jiu's friend, master Lin Yuan.”
      Ren Tingting looked at nine uncle's two apprentices, directly hum, ignored.
      She looks at Lin Yuan.
      I was attracted by Lin Yuan.
      Lin Yuan is very young and handsome, dressed in a white robe and cassock, and has a lot of temperament.
      “What a handsome monkRen Tingting said in her heart.
      She can't help sitting beside Lin Yuan, pouring tea for Lin Yuan.
      “Tingting will pour you tea.”
      “Thank you very much.”Lin Yuan looks at Ren Tingting, who is really attractive and a first-class beauty.
      “No thanks.”Ren Tingting has been looking at Lin Yuan, she thinks Lin Yuan is very good-looking, more handsome than any man she has ever seen.
      At the moment, Wencai and Qiusheng, watching Ren Tingting attracted by Lin Yuan, let out a breath.”It seems that we are hopeless.”
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      Chapter 11 black corpse air oozing!It seems that zombies have become a reality!
      Ren Tingting looks at Qiusheng and Wencai.
      She snorted.
      Jiu Shu and Ren FA continue to discuss the matter.
      “Uncle Jiu, to tell you the truth, our Ren family's business is getting worse and worse. That Feng Shui gentleman said that after 20 years, we must open the coffin and move the grave.”
      Uncle Jiu nodded.”That's fine.”
      The ninth uncle said here and took a look at Ren FA's birthday eight characters and pinched a time.
      “Then three days later. It's a good day. It's very suitable for earth breaking.”
      “OK, OK, thank you very much
      Immediately after that, Ren FA took out a lot of ocean and handed it to Jiu Shu, “Jiu Shu, take it away. This is your reward. After it's done, there will be more.”
      Qiusheng and Wencai look at so many oceans, and their eyes are about to fall out.
      “Wow, so many oceans.”
      “Yes, this wave of masters has developed.”
      Next, Ren FA gave some ocean to Lin Yuan.
      “Master Lin Yuan, this is your reward.”
      Lin Yuan nodded and put away the ocean.
      Now, although he has achieved great success in Buddhism and Taoism, he still wants to eat and drink. He has not yet reached the point of not eating and not drinking.
      Qiusheng and Wencai look at Ren FA.
      “Mr. Ren, we are.”
      Ren Tingting toots her mouth and hums coldly: “you are not a master. What's your reward?”
      When it's settled.
      Jiushu, Linyuan, Wencai and Qiusheng leave for daozhuang.
      Go back to daozhuang.
      Uncle Jiu and his two disciples are drawing symbols and preparing some magic weapons in the hall.
      Lin Yuan meditated in a room.
      He put his hands together and kept on practicing Buddhism.
      The Buddha power in the body flows all over the body, moistening the body.
      Then these Buddhist forces return to the elixir field of Lin Yuan and gather into a group of light.
      Now Lin Yuan's cultivation has broken through to the middle of the mage's realm. He wants to refine the sariki as soon as possible and become a strong monk.
      A Buddhist monk is as strong as a Taoist master.
      In the whole spiritual world, there are few heavenly masters, not to mention Buddhist monks.
      After a few hours.
      Ren Tingting came to Jiushu's daozhuang.
      Wencai and Qiusheng look at Ren Tingting coming. They come forward one after another: “Miss Tingting.”
      “Miss Tingting, please come in.”
      “Is master Lin Yuan there?”
      Qiusheng and Wencai let out a breath, “master Lin Yuan is meditating.”
      At this time, Lin Yuan came out and watched Ren Tingting come to the door.
      “Miss Ren, don't worry. Uncle Jiu and I will deal with your grandfather's affairs. Don't worry.”Lin Yuan said calmly.
      Ren Tingting tooted, “I know, but I'm not here for you.”
      “Miss Ren, what can I do for you?”
      “Master Lin, I'd like to invite you to my home. My home has first-class fresh tea. These fresh tea can concentrate and calm your mind, which is of great benefit to your meditation.”
      Qiu Sheng and Wen Cai are extremely envious.
      The gap between people is too big.
      Ren Tingting is the most beautiful woman in Renjia town. She came back from studying abroad.
      Graceful, full and sexy, and loved by everyone, many pursuers were rejected by her.
      However, in front of Lin Yuan was so gentle, but also took the initiative to invite Lin Yuan to her home.
      Therefore, the literary talent and Qiusheng on one side are simply envious.
      “Elder martial brother Lin, I really envy you. Great beauty invited you. We can't even dream about it.”Wencai and Qiusheng said.
      Looking at Ren Tingting, Lin Yuan is not surprised. Maybe in other people's eyes, Ren Tingting is a beautiful woman, but for Lin Yuan, a strong Buddhist with successful practice, there is no temptation.
      What Lin Yuan wants is not money, not women. What he wants is the supreme realm of practice. His practice still has a long way to go.
      He wants to become a real Buddha.
      “Miss Ren, if I want to meditate, I won't go.”Lin Yuan hands together ten, indifferent said.
      Turned it down?
      Qiusheng and Wencai are really envious. When Miss Ren invites them, Lin Yuan refuses.
      “Elder martial brother Lin, you are wasting your time. You refused Miss Ren's invitation.”Wencai breathed a sigh, Qiusheng also said: “elder martial brother Lin, do you know how many people want to date Miss Ren?”
      Ren Tingting is also douzhe mouth.
      She was rejected for the first time.
      How many rich childe pursue her, want to ask her, she refused.
      This time she took the initiative to invite Lin Yuan, did not expect to be rejected.
      “Hum, Lin Yuan, if you don't agree, I'll stand here.”Ren Tingting was very angry.
      Wencai and Qiusheng immediately said, “Miss Tingting, elder martial brother Lin won't go. Let's go. Let's go.”
      “You want to be beautiful.”Ren Tingting snorted.
      Looking at Ren Tingting so persistent, Lin Yuan calmly said: “OK, I'll go with you.”
      “Hee hee.”Ren Tingting immediately unfolded her eyebrows and showed her joy.
      Lin Yuan and Ren Tingting come to Ren's home.
      Ren's family is really rich. The manor is huge, with quiet environment, small bridges, flowing water, rockery and high-rise buildings.
      “Master Lin, our home environment is good.”
      “Well.”Lin Yuan nodded.
      “Hee hee, you come with me.”
      Next, Ren Tingting takes Lin Yuan to a room and makes tea for him.
      “Master Lin, try it.”
      After a sip of tea, Lin Yuan has to say that the quality of the tea is really good. After a sip, his mouth is full of cool fragrance, and he really has the function of concentrating and calming.
      After Lin Yuan returned to daozhuang.
      At the moment of nine uncle, looking at Lin Yuan came back, he said with a smile: “Lin Yuan, women's edge is very good, Ren town's first beauty has taken the initiative to invite you.”
      “Uncle Jiu is joking. Is uncle Jiu waiting for me?”
      “Smart, I want to go to Ren's tomb with you in advance.”
      Jiushu and Linyuan rushed to a mountain in the southeast direction.
      Uncle Jiushu runs mana to speed up and walk. Lin Yuan also runs Buddhism to bless his legs.
      They were very fast.
      Soon came to the tomb of old Ren.
      Lin Yuan watched as the grave was constantly being washed out by black air.
      “What a strong corpse spirit!”
      Uncle Jiu's face also changed. “It's a powerful corpse spirit. Within a radius of 30 meters, every inch of grass is barren and desolate. It seems that old master Ren has been dead.”
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      Chapter 12 the flesh is not rotten!The whole body is like iron!
      They stood in front of the grave.
      The corpse Qi that seeps out from the ground wants to invade Lin Yuan and Jiu Shu.
      Uncle Jiu's palm turned over, and the charm burned with a bang. His strong Yang Qi resisted the corpse Qi.
      Lin Yuan put his hands together and read the Scriptures in his mouth. His whole body was full of Buddhist power. The light golden light directly blocked the corpse Qi.
      “It seems that the coffin must be opened.”
      Lin Yuan said.
      Uncle Jiu also nodded: “if we don't open the coffin to deal with this zombie, we will have endless troubles. However, the geomantic omen location of this tomb is indeed a treasure land. How can zombies be born?”
      Uncle Jiu doesn't know why, but Lin Yuan knows.
      Treasure land is indeed treasure land.
      However, it is also a place for corpses.
      Feng Shui Masters 20 years ago are the controllers behind the scenes.
      According to the black corpse air, Lin Yuan guesses that the old man Ren in the coffin has been made into an iron corpse, but he has not yet been born.
      Once born, it's ferocious.
      If anyone can control an iron corpse, his strength will be doubled.
      However, in just 20 years, it has become an iron corpse, and this speed can be called terrifying.
      It's not a simple place to raise corpses.
      Today, Lin Yuan went to Ren's home for tea. When he came into close contact with Ren Tingting, Lin Yuan found that Ren Tingting had a faint smell of pure Yin.
      It's very likely that feng shui masters 20 years ago found that Ren's physique is very suitable for turning into zombies.
      And Lin Yuan also knows that Ren Tingting's grandfather, Nintendo, has become a zombie.
      Even the zombie level of achievement is much higher than Ren FA's grandfather.
      This shows that the constitution of Ren family is really easy to become a zombie after death.
      of course.
      The iron corpse or the corpse keeper behind it.
      Lin Yuan is not afraid.
      All he has to do is wait.
      Wait patiently.
      When Lord Ren was born, he captured and killed the iron corpse in one fell swoop. The level of iron corpse was very high, and the reward that burst out must be very rich.
      “Come on, Lin Yuan.”Uncle Jiu said, and then he and Lin Yuan went back to daozhuang together.
      Right now.
      In the dark.
      An old man in black, with a ferocious smile, stands in front of Ren's tomb.
      “Ha ha ha, Mr. Ren, 20 years is coming. You will be born soon. You will be promoted faster by sucking the blood of your descendants.”
      the second day.
      Ren FA, Ren Tingting, and some of Ren Fu's servants have packed their things and are ready to go to the mountain.
      At this time.
      A young man, wearing a military uniform and glasses, looks at Ren Tingting with a dirty look.
      “Cousin, when did you come back? Why didn't you tell your cousin to come to pick you up?”
      “No, I can't find my way.”Ren Tingting snorted.
      “Uncle, what are you doing?”Ah Wei looks at Ren FA.
      “Ah Wei, you're just in time. We're short of staff. You'll come with us. Today is the day for Tingting's grandfather to open his coffin and move his grave. Go and help him.”
      Ah Wei nodded, “OK, no problem. Ah Wei likes to help most. My uncle's business is my business.”
      They came to a tomb on the southeast hill.
      This is the tomb of Mr. Ren.
      Jiu Shu, Wen Cai, Qiu Sheng and Lin Yuan are also here.
      Ah Wei looked at the Taoist monk and immediately said, “uncle, who are they?”
      “They're all some of the great people I've invited.”Ren fadao.
      Ren Tingting looked at Lin Yuan coming, and immediately went to Lin Yuan, “master Lin, you are here.”
      Looking at his cousin and a young and handsome monk so close.
      Awei felt sick.
      He went over and looked at his cousin.
      “Cousin, why are you so close to the little monk?”
      “It's none of your business. I like it. You don't care.”
      “Cousins don't care about you. Who cares about you? If you look at them, they are not good people. They are all cheating. They want to cheat my uncle's money. After all, my uncle has a lot of money.”Awei squinted.
      Wencai and Qiusheng look at awei and hum coldly: “who are you talking about cheating?”
      “When I say you, you are cheating my uncle on money. Hum, be careful that I arrest you.”Ah Wei gave a cold hum.
      “That's enough. Stop it.”Ren Tingting gave a cold hum.
      Uncle Jiu ordered people to open their graves.
      The overwhelming corpse air washes out.
      Everyone present felt a little chilly.
      “How come it's so cold all of a sudden!”
      Uncle Jiu looks at the coffin under the tomb, which is a fa burial.
      “Dragonflies point at water holes. It's really a treasure land of geomantic omen, and it's also a legal burial place!”
      Ren FA nodded: “Uncle Jiu is really tall. At a glance, it can be seen that it is the dragonfly that points the water hole and the method of burial. At the beginning, Mr. Feng Shui instructed him to open the grave and raise the coffin in 20 years, otherwise it will affect future generations.”
      “Master, what is a French funeral, a French funeral?”Wen Cai asked.
      Nine uncle white they one eye, “the law buries is to erect burials, so-called forefathers erect burials, posterity certainly good!”
      The coffin was lifted.
      Ren FA and others knelt on the ground.
      At this time.
      There were dark clouds, lightning and thunder in the sky.
      Around the coffin, the majestic corpse air constantly washes out.
      Uncle Jiu's eyes were fixed. He went to open the coffin. There was no rotten body in it. Not only that, his whole body was like black iron.
      Uncle Jiu stretched out three fingers to form a seal.
      He pressed the body in the coffin hard.
      With a clang sound, the fire flashed everywhere.
      The body made a crisp sound.
      “The flesh is not rotten, smooth as iron, it's an iron corpse!How can it be
      Nine uncle heart shock matchless, he thought it was zombie, the result is iron corpse.
      You know, iron corpses are invulnerable and powerful. Zombies in this realm are hard to deal with.
      “In 20 years, you will become an iron corpse. What's the matter?”Uncle Jiu's face is more and more dignified.
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      Chapter 13 the audience is shocked!The power of Buddhism!
      Uncle Jiu immediately asked Lin Yuan to go up.
      Lin Yuan put his hands together and looked at the old man Ren in the coffin.
      Mr. Ren's whole body looks like iron. It's obvious that he has been made into an iron corpse.
      There is a trace of expectation in Lin Yuan's heart.
      Mr. Ren will be born.
      And he will naturally wait for the arrival of iron corpse at Ren's home.
      “Is Lin Yuan an iron corpse?”
      Lin Yuan nodded, “well, it's really an iron corpse.”
      Uncle Jiu put on the lid of the coffin, and his face was dignified.
      Ren FA looked at Uncle Jiu and said, “Uncle Jiu, what's the matter?”
      Nine uncle a face dignified looking at any hair.
      “Master Ren, your father's corpse has changed into a zombie!”
      As soon as Ren FA heard this, he began to tremble, and so did others.
      Now Ah Wei, hum coldly.”Old Taoist, little monk, blow, you continue to blow, uncle, they are a group of swindlers. In this world, there are no zombies. They just want to cheat you.”
      Ah Wei went to the coffin.”I don't believe in zombies.”
      In this moment.
      The coffin next to Ah Wei vibrated directly.
      The lid of the coffin seemed to pop open.
      Awei looked at the sound of the coffin shaking, immediately scared to shit.
      Ren FA's face also changed. “It's moving. The coffin is moving. How can it be? Is it really a zombie?”
      The other workers in Ren's family were pale with fear when they saw the coffin shaking.
      At this time.
      Inside the coffin, there was a roar.
      “Zombies, zombies!”Many of Ren's workers left things behind and ran away immediately.
      Ren FA's face was pale with fright, and the sweat dripped down one by one.
      “Don't run, don't run!”
      Ah Wei pissed his pants and ran away quickly.
      “Uncle, cousin, I have something to do. I'll go first.”
      Most of the audience were scared away, leaving Ren FA, Ren Tingting, Ren's housekeeper and some of Ren's confidants.
      “Master, what shall we do?”
      Ren Tingting also turned pale.
      Ren FA looks at Lin Yuan and Jiu Shu. He pretends to be calm.
      “What are you afraid of? There are two masters here. What are you afraid of?”
      Lin Yuan goes forward and Ren Tingting looks at Lin Yuan.
      “Master Lin, be careful.”
      Lin Yuan put his hands together, turned the true skill of Buddhism, and suddenly drank it.
      “Little zombies, dare to be arrogant!”
      Then, Lin Yuan burst out a ray of blood.
      The light of blood gas instantly shrouded all around, and the corpse gas was diluted instantly.
      The lid of the coffin was instantly suppressed by blood gas.
      At this time, there was a corpse roar inside the coffin.
      The lid of the coffin vibrated violently.
      Lin Yuan gave a cold hum and turned the Buddhist power.
      “Demon subduing palm!”
      Lin Yuan's palm pressed down instantly, and the air made a tearing sound.
      When the coffin was covered, a large Buddhist handprint appeared.
      It's Lin Yuan's demon subduing palm.
      Voldemort's palmprint was deeply printed on the lid of the coffin, and then the palmprint sent out the pure Yang breath, and the Lord Ren in it was quiet.
      Ren FA looks at Lin Yuan and suppresses the zombies with one hand.
      He took a deep breath.
      Looking at Lin Yuan is like looking at God.
      “Master Lin is really an expert in Buddhism. He suppresses zombies with one hand.”
      Ren Tingting covers her mouth and looks at Lin Yuan's skill, which makes her adore him even more.
      “That's great.”
      Wencai and Qiusheng look at the Chunyang fingerprints on the coffin, and also take a breath: “what a domineering palm technique, just a handprint, it can suppress the zombies inside.”
      Uncle Jiu is also a pupil shrink, looking at the palm print on the coffin constantly exudes the power of Buddhism, exudes the power of pure Yang.
      “It's amazing Buddha power. One handprint will suppress the iron corpse.”
      “Good, good, uncle nine, master Lin, you are worthy of being a master of Taoism. It seems that I'm right to invite you!”Ren FA said.
      At the moment, uncle Jiu immediately said, “master Ren, you have seen the things in the coffin. It has changed. If you don't deal with it in time, if you are born again, I'm afraid something big will happen.”
      Ren FA immediately said, “how should we deal with that?”
      “Cremate before you are born.”Uncle Jiu said.
      Ren FA shook his head. “No, uncle nine. My father was most afraid of fire and couldn't be cremated.”
      Lin Yuan's eyes were fixed and his hands were folded.
      “I have an idea.”
      “Master Lin, please go ahead.”
      Lin Yuan immediately said: “Uncle Jiu, send Mr. Ren to daozhuang. There should be a way to degrade his corpse Qi.”
      “Yes.”Uncle Jiu nodded.
      Ren FA showed joy, “OK, that's the best.”
      Ren's body was transported to Jiushu's daozhuang.
      Ren FA puts out a banquet in the restaurant and invites Jiu Shu and Lin Yuan.
      At the moment, Ah Wei, who also came here, was scolded by Ren FA.
      “Ah Wei, what are you doing here?”
      “Uncle, have you disposed of the old man's body?”
      “Hum, you bastard, you are the fastest when you have an accident. Do you still have face?”
      “Uncle, you've wronged me. I didn't run. I went back to move the rescuers.”
      “Hum!”Ren faleng snorted.
      Ren Tingting is also a cold hum, looking at awei, she showed disgust.
      “Uncle Jiu, I'd like to propose a toast to you and you two boys. You can do things reliably. When this matter is completely solved, I'll reward you.”Ren FA's heroic way.
      Wencai and Qiusheng nodded, “thank you, Mr. Ren. We do things. You can rest assured.”
      “Yes, master Lin!”Ren fadao.
      “Dad, master Lin is meditating in our family!”
      “Oh, please invite master Lin to drink and eat meat.”Ren fadao.
      “Dad, master Lin is a monk. What do you say?”Ren Tingting snorted.
      “Oh, I forgot.”Ren FA said with an embarrassed smile.
      After eating some food, Ren Tingting went back to Ren's residence.
      At the moment, Lin Yuan is practicing meditation. He is constantly using the real skill of Buddhism to subdue the demons, and the Buddha power in his body is becoming more and more powerful.
      Feel the Buddha power in your body.
      Lin Yuan said calmly: “it shouldn't be long before we can break through the late stage of the mage realm.”
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      Chapter 14: Mr. Ren is born!
      In addition to meditation, Lin Yuan is a good teacher.
      Then he practiced Buddhism's external skills.
      “Demon subduing palm!”
      Thirty six palm shadows are all over the void, and three different energies, namely, the terrible Buddhist power, the blood and the power, burst out at the same time.
      The void rips.
      “Demon subduing fist!”
      The shadow of seventy-two heavy fists vibrates in all directions.
      “Dragon claw hand!”
      Lin Yuan's palm flicked open, and his five fingers were like dragon's claws.
      Lin Yuan cultivates his dragon claw hand, and his whole body's Qi and blood condenses on his five fingers. He grabs it suddenly, and an invisible giant claw tears the void.
      After some practice of external skills.
      The edge of the forest is full of vitality, and the whole body is unobstructed.
      After practicing some external skills, Lin Yuan's Qi and blood become more powerful, and his physical strength also increases rapidly.
      In addition, the Buddha power in the body has increased a lot.
      “Only by refining the relic can one enter the realm of eminent monks. It is said that the whole body of the realm of eminent monks is more powerful, and their Qi and blood are even more terrible. Buddhism's incantations are also handy, and they can also refine and open up magic weapons.”
      “When I kill the iron corpse and the corpse keeper behind the iron corpse, I will refine the relic and become a generation of eminent monks.”
      At this time.
      Ren Tingting came to the outside of Lin Yuan's room.
      “Master Lin, is it convenient?”
      “Come in.”Lin Yuan's light way.
      Ren Tingting happily pushed open the door, and then went in, she also carried a basket in her hand.
      Inside the basket is a steaming meal.
      “Master Lin, I know you are a monk and don't drink and eat meat, so I made some fast food for you myself.”
      Ren Tingting said gently.
      Lin Yuan takes a look at Ren Tingting.
      “You cook yourself?”
      “Well, don't look down on me. My cooking is still very good.”Ren Tingting was very angry.
      “In fact, I can eat meat and drink wine. When I enter the world of mortals, I naturally want to be the same as people in the world of mortals.”Lin Yuan said calmly.
      “Oh, I'll prepare it for you.”Ren Tingting said immediately.
      “No, it's just like fasting.”Lin Yuan said.
      After eating.
      Ren Tingting looks at Lin Yuan.
      “Master Lin, you are so powerful. Can you tell fortune?”
      “I don't know fortune telling, but I can predict fortune and misfortune.”
      “Then help me to have a look.”Ren Tingting is interested.
      Lin Yuan nodded and put his hands together. Then he urged the Buddha to move his eyes.
      “Buddhism, the eye of heaven, open!”
      A light golden light twinkled in the pupil of the forest edge.
      In a flash.
      Lin Yuan saw Ren Tingting's head with a trace of red air.
      This is the red flow.
      It's a sign of great evil.
      Obviously, it's the old master of Ren's family who doesn't solve the problem of zombies, and the corpse keeper behind the zombies.
      They will bring disaster to Ren family.
      of course.
      The appearance of forest edge.
      It's going to take care of it.
      “Master Lin, what do you see?”
      “You're haunted by bad omens.”Lin Yuan said truthfully that he didn't have to hide.
      Ren Tingting listened to Lin Yuan's words, her face immediately blushed, and she lowered her head, “I hate it, master Lin, you've become not serious, which makes you find. I brought this thing back from abroad, which is very popular.”
      What and what.
      Lin Yuan suddenly understood.
      “Keke, Miss Ren, you have misunderstood me. What I mean by omen is good or bad luck.”
      “Ah, that's what you said. I thought you said me…”Ren Tingting's face is as red as Apple's. she lowers her head and is at a loss.
      “Your father had more bad luck.”Lin Yuan immediately said here, Ren Tingting became worried.
      “Master Lin, you will live in our Ren's mansion during this time. I hope you can resolve the bad luck.”
      Lin Yuan nodded, “well, don't worry, I will solve it for you.”
      “I'm relieved to have you here.”Ren Tingting pursed her lips.
      Ren Tingting has been beside Lin Yuan.
      “Master Lin, if you become a monk at such a young age, will you return to the secular life in the future?”
      “You are so handsome. It's a pity that you don't get married and have children.”
      “Hee hee, or I'll marry you.”
      On the other side, Mr. Ren was transported to daozhuang.
      Jiushu, Wencai and Qiusheng returned to daozhuang after they had enough to eat and drink.
      Back to daozhuang.
      Uncle Jiu immediately set up the altar, holding a cinnabar brush, and began to draw.
      “Chicken blood, dog blood, yellow paper for me.”
      “And the ink line.”
      “Yes, master!”
      Soon, uncle Jiu finished these magic tools and pasted many charms on the coffin.
      “These charms are all pure Yang charms, which can dissipate the corpse Qi in Ren Taiye's body.”
      Then, uncle Jiu takes the ink thread that infects chicken blood, and hands it to Qiusheng and Wencai.
      “What you have to do is to play the ink line on the coffin. You know what
      “Master, we know this. It's crisscrossing. It's a net of zombies!”
      “It's good to know. I'm going to have a rest. You can finish it quickly.”
      “Yes, master.”
      In half an hour.
      Qiusheng and Wencai pull the ink line to play the coffin.
      Only the bottom forgot to play.
      At midnight.
      Old Ren in the coffin suddenly opened his eyes. He stretched out his hands. His nails looked terrible.
      Mr. Ren reached out to touch the lid of the coffin.
      I want to open the lid of the coffin.
      Suddenly, the crisscross red lines outside made a Zizi sound.
      As if he had been touched by electricity, Mr. Ren immediately withdrew his hands.
      In a few minutes.
      The whole coffin was turned over.
      Mr. Ren put his hands in.
      The coffin was opened directly.
      Half an hour later.
      Mr. Ren appeared in a jungle.
      Gulping at the moonlight.
      A corpse roars through the jungle.
      Next, Mr. Ren rushed to his residence.
      At the moment, Lin Yuan is working hard. In a flash, his eyes open.
      “Well?Come on
      Lin Yuan showed excited eyes.
      Mr. Ren, who has been waiting for so long.
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      Chapter 15 Buddhism external skill!Fly with one hand!
      At the moment, Lin Yuan didn't feel the approaching of corpse Qi.
      But it's not.
      Lin Yuan looks above the night.
      be raging like a storm.
      This is a sign of great evil.
      Obviously, the old master of the Ren family was born, and the black clouds in the sky kept approaching the Ren family residence.
      It shows that the old master of Ren family is approaching the residence of Ren family quickly.
      The ninth uncle at the moment.
      I'm resting.
      In an instant, he was shocked.
      He suddenly opened his eyes.
      “What's the matter?”Uncle Jiu was upset. He went out of the window and looked at the dark clouds above the night.
      The dark cloud is over Renjia town.
      Jiushu immediately went out of the room and came to Wencai and Qiusheng's room.
      “Qiu Sheng, literary talent.”
      “Master, what's the matter?”
      “Have you done what I told you?”
      “Master, we've done it. We've wrapped the coffin all over as you ordered.”Wencai and Qiusheng said.
      Nine uncle with two apprentices, personally came to place any old master's place.
      Right now.
      Mr. Ren's coffin is in tatters.
      It's broken.
      Mr. Ren's body is long gone.
      “Well, what's going on?”Wencai and Qiusheng are shocked.
      Uncle Jiu also frowned and went to the coffin. He saw that there was a piece of broken coffin with no ink line on the bottom.
      “You forgot to play the bottom of the coffin. This guy came out from the bottom of the coffin. Go to prepare the magic weapon and go to Renjia town.”
      “Yes, master.”Wencai and Qiusheng go to pack up all kinds of magic weapons quickly.
      Nine uncle facial expression become dignified, iron corpse itself is very strong, he is the first time to deal with iron corpse, grasp is not very high.
      Right now.
      In a jungle near Renjia town.
      A figure jumped out of the woods.
      He jumped seven or eight meters, his body like iron, emitting a black corpse gas.
      The corpse roars and roars. It's terrifying.
      “The weather is dry and the things are dry. Watch out for the fire!”A watchman was walking in the street.
      “Well?Who is it? “The watchman turned and looked at a figure standing behind him. “Man, do you want to scare people to death?He suddenly appeared behind him in the middle of the night. ”
      Mr. Ren opened his mouth and showed his long sharp teeth.
      “Ah, zombies!”The watchman sat on the ground in fright.
      Mr. Ren flew over, grabbed the watchman and bit him down.
      A few puffs drained the watchman.
      Then Mr. Ren jumped to the Ren mansion.
      A few minutes later, Ren's house was in chaos.
      At the moment, Ren FA came downstairs.
      “What's the matter?”
      “Lord, zombies, zombies are coming.”
      Ren FA walked out of the hall, and outside the yard, a dark figure came flying.
      This figure is his father Ren Taiye.
      “Ah, zombie, help
      Now Ren Tingting, also came out and looked at his grandfather.
      “It's grandpa!”
      “What grandfather, your grandfather has become a zombie, Tingting, let's go.”Ren FA and Ren Tingting continue to retreat.
      Mr. Ren looked at Ren Tingting and Ren FA, opened his mouth and showed his terrible tusks.
      Nine uncle with two apprentices galloped to.”Master, here is the old miscellaneous hair.”
      Wencai and Qiusheng rush to Ren's yard, and Jiushu rushes in.
      Nine uncle looking at Ren FA, and Ren Tingting them, “Ren master, are you ok?”
      “It's all right, uncle nine. What's wrong? I'm not convinced by you. Why did you suddenly appear?”
      “It's a long story. Wait for me to subdue him first.”
      Nine uncle with two apprentices, ran forward.
      “Bind the body rope!”
      Wencai and Qiusheng hold a corpse rope and entangle Mr. Ren.
      Master Ren roared.
      With an effort, Wencai and Qiusheng fly backward.
      “Why is the power of the old man so terrible?”Wen Cai scolded angrily.
      Let the old master suddenly drink, the whole body corpse gas flow away, bang of a, bind corpse rope direct burst smash.
      Qiu Sheng was shocked: “is this iron corpse so powerful?It's no use tying a body rope to him. ”
      Uncle Jiu uses the magic of changing the way to enchant the spell.
      “Dead body talisman!”
      The three Charms immediately flew to Mr. Ren.
      make love!
      Three charms were pasted on Mr. Ren.
      Let the old master suddenly drink, three spells suddenly burst into powder.
      Uncle Jiu waved his peach long sword and stabbed Mr. Ren with it.
      Mr. Ren waved his paw and grabbed the peach long sword, which was suddenly shocked, and the peach long sword was directly broken into two pieces.
      Uncle Jiu turned his body again, and all kinds of Taoist Arts were performed on old master Ren.
      Mr. Ren's body was as iron as iron, but he was forced back more than ten meters.
      “Copper coin sword!”
      Uncle Jiu took out dozens of copper coins from his arms, and then put them in a long sword.
      “Copper coin becomes sword, everything becomes law, Amnesty!”
      In an instant, many copper coins turned into a sword. Uncle Jiu took charge of the sword and chopped the iron corpse!
      Iron corpse and nine uncle fight.
      Uncle Jiu stabbed the iron corpse in the chest.
      The iron corpse's chest sent out a dazzling light, and Jiu Shu's copper coin sword fell instantly and scattered all over the ground.
      Jiushu was still more than ten meters away by Lord Ren.
      “Iron corpse is more powerful than I imagined!”Uncle Jiu's face was solemn.
      Mr. Ren made a corpse roar and rushed to Uncle Jiu.
      “Uncle Jiu, be careful!”Ren FA yelled.
      Wencai and Qiusheng also called out: “master, be careful.”
      In the moment when Mr. Ren rushed to Uncle Jiu.
      A figure in white appeared.
      It's Lin Yuan.
      “Amitabha, little iron corpse, it's so rampant!”
      Ren Tingting looked at Lin Yuan and showed her happy eyes: “master Lin.”
      Ninth uncle looked at Lin Yuan: “Lin Yuan, be careful. This iron corpse is as powerful as iron. I can't restrain him in many Taoist Arts.”
      Lin Yuan looks at Jiu Shu in a mess.
      He knows that Jiu Shu's cultivation is not very high, and only in the later stage will he become more and more powerful.
      Mr. Ren looked at the white monk who suddenly appeared.
      He waved his arms and grasped Lin Yuan.
      “Demon subduing palm!”
      Lin Yuan suddenly drank it and directly used the external skills of Buddhism. His whole body was full of Qi and blood. A terrible force of Buddhism came to Lin Yuan's palm.
      Then Lin Yuan clapped his hand on his chest.
      All of a sudden.
      Mr. Ren bent his whole body into a bow, flew backwards more than ten meters, and directly smashed through a wall.
      Take a cool breath.
      “Is this still human?”
      “The power of terror.”
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      Chapter 16 reward!Suoming Sanskrit voice!
      “Elder martial brother Lin Yuan is so powerful!”Wencai and Qiusheng were also shocked.
      “Amitabha!”Lin Yuan put his hands together, indifferent and incomparable.
      He didn't use the Buddhist mantra. He used the Buddhist external skill. If the external skill is destroyed, it may be more effective.
      Mr. Ren who broke through the wall.
      He stood up.
      Make a roar.
      Mr. Ren Ran to Lin Yuan again.
      Lin Yuan is close to Lord Ren, and the demon subduing palm blows out.
      Horrible Qi and blood are directly and comprehensively suppressed.
      There is also that terrible palm technique. It's crazy to blow on old master Ren.
      Every palm is full of terrible Qi and blood, Buddhist power and power.
      Even if it was an iron corpse, it was hard to resist Lin Yuan's evil palm at the moment.
      Mr. Ren flew backward again and hit the ground.
      His chest went straight down.
      It looks terrible.
      Mr. Ren still wants to attack.
      Lin Yuan didn't give him a chance. As soon as the demon subduing fist went away, Ren Taiye flew dozens of meters away, and his chest cracked.
      Mr. Ren stood up again.
      Wave your claws and grab at the edge of the forest.
      Lin Yuan five fingers a shock, just like a dragon claw directly grasp on the arm of any old master.
      There was a click.
      Lin Yuan's five fingers burst out the power of terror.
      Mr. Ren's arm was smashed on the spot.
      Even if your whole body is like iron.
      Also can't stop Lin Yuan's Buddha dragon claw hand.
      Mr. Ren screamed and retreated.
      Lin Yuan put his hands together and walked over step by step. Looking at the monk in white, he kept retreating.
      “Earth fire curse!”
      Lin Yuan urges the Buddha, and a flame appears on the palm of his hand. With a wave of his hand, the flame rushes out.
      Buddha's earth fire instantly envelops Lord Ren.
      Mr. Ren made a screech.
      In a moment.
      Old Ren was burned to ashes.
      After Ren's father turned to ashes, Lin Yuan suddenly made a jingle in his mind.
      “Congratulations to the host. Kill the iron corpse and get a big gift bag.”
      Lin Yuan was overjoyed. He didn't open the big gift bag immediately, but he didn't worry about it.
      Nine uncle, Ren FA, Ren Tingting and others, looking at Lin Yuan only hand will destroy the iron corpse.
      It also shocked Lin Yuan's strength.
      Uncle Jiu, in particular, knows how terrible the iron corpse is.
      Zombies become iron corpses, which is the most difficult to deal with.
      In front of Lin Yuan, he killed the iron corpse in a moment, which also shows that Lin Yuan's cultivation is really terrible.
      “At this age, he has such a powerful force. Before long, he may be able to ring through the whole spiritual world!”
      Ren Tingting looks at Lin Yuan.
      She adores it more.
      Lin Yuan is so handsome and powerful. As a girl, she is naturally fascinated.
      “Master Lin, you are so good that you solved the zombies in a few minutes.”
      Lin Yuan looks at the iron corpse burned to ashes.
      He didn't feel like he could sweep the whole psychic world.
      Lin Yuan felt that his strength was still too weak.
      You know, other demons in the spiritual world are much more powerful than Lord Ren.
      Lin Yuan is more eager to improve his cultivation.
      They returned to Ren's hall.
      At the moment, Wen Cai felt some pain in his arm.
      Look at your arm.
      There were several bloodstains, which came out with dark blood.
      Nine uncle's chest, also appeared a few bloodstains.
      Their wounds were scratched by Mr. Ren before.
      At the moment, Ren FA looked at Jiu Shu and Wen Cai and immediately said, “I have a doctor in my mansion. I'll ask the doctor to come and bandage you!”
      Uncle Jiu shook his head. “Master Ren, our wound is not an ordinary wound. It has been infected with the corpse poison. Qiusheng, you can buy glutinous rice immediately and cover the wound with glutinous rice.”
      “Yes, master. I'll go right away.”
      Qiusheng walked out of Ren's residence, then rode a bicycle to the glutinous rice shop.
      On the other side.
      Lin Yuan and Ren Tingting are together.
      Lin Yuan looks at Ren Tingting.
      “Miss Ren, go and have a rest. I'm at home. Everything's OK.”
      “Well, master Lin, have a good rest, too.”
      Lin Yuan went back to his room and immediately turned on the system.
      Looking at a big gift package in the system.
      Lin Yuan is very excited.
      “If you kill Mr. Ren, I don't know what reward will come out this time. Open it for me.”
      As soon as the gift bag is opened.
      The forest edge system makes several sounds.
      “Congratulations to the host, you got a Bodhi fruit!”
      “Congratulations to the host, get a Zengyuan pill!”
      “Congratulations to the host, you have obtained the magic skill of life seeking Sanskrit sound wave!”
      There are three kinds of rewards.
      Lin Yuan was very excited.
      He took out Bodhi fruit and Zengyuan pill.
      “It's a good harvest. My accomplishments are still too low. Let's break through the accomplishments first.”
      After eating a bodhi, the power of Lin Yuan's body soared, and so did the Buddhist power.
      “Not enough, not nearly.”Lin Yuan immediately swallowed zengyuandan.
      After Zengyuan pill was swallowed, Lin Yuan's Buddhist power soared again, and his whole body strength doubled.
      “Break it for me!”
      The golden light around Lin Yuan trembled, and in an instant, his breath became stronger.
      “Master!Finally, it's a breakthrough. ”
      Feeling the powerful power of Buddhism and the increase of Qi and blood in his body, Lin Yuan felt that he could blow up Ren Laoye with one palm at the moment.
      “By the way, I also rewarded one skill.”
      Lin Yuan turned on the system immediately.
      Look at the skill of reward.
      Suoming Sanskrit
      “Well?Life seeking Sanskrit?How familiar. “Lin Yuan was stunned for a moment, and then looked at Suoming Sanskrit carefully.
      Suoming Sanskrit sound: Pudu Cihang sound wave skill can not only confuse the world, but also kill demons and Dementors. It can be cultivated by the host and overcome demons with demons.
      After Lin Yuan understood, he showed a look of ecstasy.
      It's very powerful.
      I didn't expect that this time I killed Lord Ren, such magic skills would be revealed.
      Lin Yuan immediately practiced Sanskrit.
      Half an hour later.
      Lin Yuan directly completed the cultivation of Suoming Sanskrit.
      He put his hands together and kept chanting incantations in his mouth.
      A voice of evil and evil vibrates the void.
      “Namo Amitabha, namo Amitabha, put down the butcher's knife and become a Buddha on the spot. Put down the butcher's knife and become a Buddha on the spot.”
      The sound of evil filled the whole courtyard.
      The whole courtyard window, constantly shaking.
      Right now.
      Ren FA and others felt dizzy when they heard the singing.”What's that sound?”
      At this moment, Wen Cai, hearing the sound, knelt down on the ground with his legs and begged for mercy.
      Nine uncle hear this voice, is also one of shock, “good terrible Sanskrit, quickly cover your ears, don't listen.”
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      Chapter 17 Qiusheng is haunted!
      At the moment, master Ren knelt on the ground with a plop.
      “Ah, ah, ah!”
      Then there is Ren's housekeeper, who kneels down and says, “I'm sinful, I'm sinful.”
      Ren FA is also holding his head, constantly said: “I'm sinful, business should not be unscrupulous.”
      At the moment, uncle Jiu, looking at everyone kneeling on the ground to repent in the hall, immediately turned his mana to resist.
      In a moment, this mysterious sound wave disappeared.
      On the other hand, Qiusheng has already bought glutinous rice and is riding a bicycle to the Ren family residence.
      At this time.
      A woman in white came down from the sky.
      Sit behind his bike.
      He had no idea.
      The woman gave a cold smile and jumped off her bike. Then she looked at the watchman passing by and waved her hand.
      The watchman came close to her.
      Qiusheng stops and looks at the watchman holding a woman in white.
      He rushed forward and kicked the watchman.
      “Bad old man, you dare to do such dirty things.”
      Qiusheng looks at the woman in white and helps her up.
      “Girl, are you ok?”
      “I'm fine. Thank you for saving my life. If you didn't do it in time, the consequences would be unimaginable.”The woman in White said softly.
      “Girl, it's one or two o'clock in the morning. You're still wandering in the street alone. Aren't you afraid of zombies?”
      “I'm not feeling well. I want to see a doctor.”
      “Where is your home? I'll give it to you.”
      “Thank you, young master.”
      Qiusheng put the woman in white on a bicycle and rode all the way to the night.
      The woman in white in the back seat.
      With a grim smile.
      Her white hands were on Qiusheng's shoulders, and her long nails looked terrible.
      “What a handsome man. He's still a man of practice. He didn't find out that I was a ghost. I'm going to suck your essence slowly.”The woman in white licked her lips.
      Ren's residence.
      Uncle Jiu went out of the hall to see the strange magic sound just now.
      No difference was found.
      However, uncle Jiu found that Lin Yuan was meditating in the night sky.
      Uncle nine instantly knew that the sound wave just now was made by Lin Yuan.
      “Lin Yuan, you made that terrible chanting sound just now. What kind of spell is it? It can capture souls.”Uncle Jiu asked curiously.
      “It's Suoming Sanskrit!”
      “Suoming Sanskrit sounds like a magic sound.”Nine uncle says here, looking at Lin Yuan: “I am straightforward, you don't mind.”
      “Ha ha ha, uncle Jiu, you're right. The Suoming Sanskrit sound I practiced is really a magic sound. It was once a demon monk's supreme magic sound. This sound wave can be breathtaking and confusing to the world.”Lin Yuan said here.
      Uncle Jiu frowned: “Lin Yuan, aren't you afraid to be possessed by the devil when you practice the magic sound?”
      Lin Yuan shook his head. “Uncle Jiu, what do you think is right and evil?Many people of the right way in the world are more cruel and terrible than demons and ghosts. However, many ghosts are kind-hearted and save the world. Therefore, whether it's the cultivation of the right way or the evil way, it's important for people. As long as they have justice and good intentions, what about the cultivation of the evil way? ”
      Nine uncle suddenly realized, listen to Lin Yuan some explanation.
      He was shocked and immediately said with a smile: “it's reasonable, Lin Yuan. You have such a savvy at such an age. I feel inferior to you. Today I learned a lesson for you. You are right. People have bad people and good people, and ghosts have good and evil spirits.”
      “So, I can frighten ghosts as well.”Lin Yuan said calmly.
      Uncle Jiu nodded and agreed with Lin Yuan very much.
      Lin Yuan looked at Jiu Shu's face a little pale, and he immediately stood up.
      “Well?Uncle Jiu, are you hurt? ”
      “I was scratched by Mr. Ren before. There was poison in the wound. Qiusheng went to buy glutinous rice.”
      At the moment, Wen Cai, also with black lips, ran out, “master, has Qiu Sheng been haunted for such a long time?Why don't you come back? ”
      “This guy has been away for an hour. According to the principle, he can buy it back for half an hour. Where did he go?”
      “If you don't come back, master and I will die.”Wen Cai scolded angrily.
      Lin Yuan is stunned. Qiusheng goes to buy glutinous rice and never comes back.
      He understood in a flash.
      Qiu Sheng must be really haunted.
      In the original work, Qiu Sheng is fascinated by Dong Xiaoyu.
      “Uncle Jiu, Wencai, sit down and I'll help you get rid of the corpse poison!”Lin Yuan said.
      Ninth uncle looked at Lin Yuan, “it takes the mana of the later stage of the mage's realm to expel the iron corpse toxin. Lin Yuan, you are only in the middle stage of the mage's realm. Doing so will damage your cultivation foundation.”
      The smell of the forest comes out.
      A mighty wave of Buddhist power.
      Uncle Jiu was shocked on the spot.
      “In the late stage of the mage realm, did you break through?”
      “Well, with the iron corpse, I broke through to the late stage of the mage realm.”
      “He is really a Buddhist genius.”Uncle Jiu praised.
      Lin Yuan runs the Buddhist power in his body, and then drives out the toxins of Jiu Shu and Wen Cai.
      They just bandaged the wound.
      After that.
      Jiushu and Wencai are waiting for Qiusheng to come back in the hall.
      Wencai also made a stick.
      “Shifu, this guy definitely wants to hurt us. When this guy comes back, he will beat us hard and we will mix doubles.”
      Half an hour later.
      Qiusheng just came back.
      Carrying glutinous rice, he came back drunk.
      “Master, Wencai, I'm back.”
      Nine uncle carrying a stick, is ready to play Qiusheng, but found Qiusheng is not right.
      “Wencai, go and ask elder martial brother Lin Yuan to come here.”
      Soon, Lin Yuan came into the hall.
      Ninth uncle looked at Lin Yuan, “Lin Yuan, do you find any problem with Qiusheng?”
      As soon as Lin Yuan's eyes are swept away, Qiu Sheng's eyes are dark, and he still has this strong ghost spirit.
      “Ghost sucks.”
      “It seems that I am right. The boy is haunted by ghosts.”
      Wen Cai also trembled: “master, you said Qiu Sheng was fascinated by ghosts.”
      “No wonder I didn't come back so long to buy a glutinous rice. I was fascinated.”Wen Cai gave a cold hum.
      Ninth uncle looked at Lin Yuan, clasped his fist and bent over: “Lin Yuan, I was poisoned by the corpse. You have great magic power. I hope you can help my apprentice.”
      “Don't be polite, uncle Jiu. You're good. I'll take care of Qiu Sheng.”Lin Yuan's indifferent way.
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      Chapter 18 fierce ghost boss!Dong Xiaoyu!
      “Thank you very much.”Thank you.
      “Uncle Jiu, the family of Buddhism and Taoism, it's very polite to say that. You'd better stay in Ren's residence to recuperate.”
      “Good.”Jiu Shu and Wen Cai stayed in Ren's residence.
      In love and reason, Lin Yuan wants to save Qiu Sheng.
      First, he and uncle Jiu are friends after all.
      The second is to kill ghosts. He can give rewards.
      The next night, Qiusheng and Wencai sleep together. In the middle of the night, Qiusheng gets up alone and leaves Ren's house over the wall.
      Wen just woke up.
      Immediately into the hall.”Master, Qiusheng is gone.”
      Uncle Jiu nodded, “this boy is really useless. My apprentice Lin Fengjiao will be haunted by ghosts. It's said that he's going to throw the dead.”
      Lin Yuan came in.
      Wencai immediately said, “elder martial brother Lin, Qiusheng has slipped away.”
      Before Lin Yuan left, he looked at Ren Tingting and Ren FA again, “Miss Ren, master Ren, in recent days, don't walk around. Uncle Jiu is in the mansion. You'd better not leave the mansion.”
      Ren FA and Ren Tingting are stunned and don't understand Lin Yuan's words.
      “Master Lin, why?My father turned into a zombie. Didn't you kill him? “Ren FA asked.
      “In just 20 years, you can build an iron corpse, which is not the general speed of cultivation. Moreover, as soon as the elder Ren came, he went straight to Ren's house. Obviously, there was something fishy behind it.”
      Listen to Lin Yuan's words, at the moment of nine uncle immediately way: “Lin Yuan, you mean any old master is made into a zombie?”
      Uncle Jiu suddenly understood.”It seems to be the Feng Shui gentleman twenty years ago.”
      Ren FA suddenly realized.
      “Twenty years ago, my father died mysteriously. A geomantic master passed by here and found a geomantic treasure land for my father. He said that the descendants of the Ren family must be great. Is the death of my father related to Mr. Feng Shui?Our Ren family has no grudge against Mr. Feng Shui. ”
      “If there's a grudge, there's no need to manipulate my father to kill us.”
      Lin Yuan shook his head, “the mysterious Feng Shui man killed you second, the purpose is for your father's body, sucking the blood of his offspring, the zombie level will be higher.”
      Lin Yuan broke the mystery.
      People suddenly realized.
      “Master Lin, don't worry. We won't go out if we have uncle Jiu in our office.”Ren FA said.
      At the moment, Ren Tingting is not worried about her own safety, but about Lin Yuan.
      “Master Lin, you must be careful when you go to catch the fierce Ghost this time.”
      After Lin Yuan left Ren's residence.
      Then run the Buddha.
      Lin Yuan took a step and actually stepped a distance of more than ten meters.
      This technique is called “shrinking the ground into inches.”.
      Lin Yuan's accomplishments have broken through to the late stage of the master's realm, so it's about ten meters to go out in one step, such as Ruolin yuan breaking through to the eminent monk's realm.
      Using this technique, one step out, you can reach a distance of 100 meters.
      “According to the records of Buddhist temples, hundreds of years ago, some people built a holy monk's realm and became a holy monk of the world. They could step ten thousand meters in one step, and even soar through the clouds. I hope I can become a strong Buddhist monk as soon as possible, and travel all over the world at that time to subdue talented demons.”
      Lin Yuan said as he shrunk to an inch.
      Half an hour later.
      Lin Yuan came to a wild mountain.”The evil spirit is very strong. It seems that Dong Xiaoyu's cultivation is very strong. The stronger the better. The reward is rich enough.”
      In the jungle.
      Walking fast in the edge of the forest.
      At this time.
      Lin Yuan suddenly turned back.
      Behind him stood a child.
      Lin Yuan saw at a glance that the child was not a human being.
      “Bold, I can see at a glance that you are not a human being. No one dares to follow me.”
      Lin Yuan suddenly drank, a shock at the foot, step out, and instantly arrived at the ghost boy.
      In the palm of Lin Yuan's hand, his blood was great, and he immediately pressed the ghost child.
      The ghost boy retreated.
      “Master, keep your hand. I don't want to hurt you. Please keep your hand.”
      In a flash.
      Lin Yuan stopped.
      Lin Yuan looked at the child beside him and said, “come on, follow me
      Looking at Lin Yuan, the child bowed his hands and said respectfully, “master, my master saw you passing by in a hurry, so he came to invite you to my master's residence.”
      “Who is your master?”
      “Master, just go with me.”
      Lin Yuan immediately said, “I have something else to do. I'm not free for the moment.”
      Ghost boy immediately said: “master, I know you are here to find the ghost Dong Xiaoyu. Our master knows the specific location of Dong Xiaoyu's ghost house. Master, it's very difficult for you to find it yourself.”
      “Well, take me.”
      Soon, the child took Lin Yuan to a small temple.
      This is a small temple.
      It's the earth temple.
      The children are breathing in the white fog.
      In a flash.
      Lin Yuan and Xiao Tong enter a mansion.
      In the mansion.
      An old man with white hair squinted.
      He looks at Lin Yuan.
      “It's not bad to be successful at this age.”
      Lin Yuan looks at the old man with white hair. You don't have to guess that he is the land master here.
      “Xuankong Temple, Lin Yuan, I've met the earth master.”
      “Ha ha ha, don't be polite. Please have a seat.”The land master looked at Lin Yuan and said with a smile, “you came to the barren mountains to look for Dong Xiaoyu.”
      “Well, the disciple of a friend of my poor monk was taken away by Dong Xiaoyu, so I'm going to come and kill her.”
      The land looked at Lin Yuan and said, “although your accomplishments are good, there are many monks and Taoists who died in Dong Xiaoyu's hands. Besides Dong Xiaoyu's own accomplishments, she also mastered countless evil spirits in a hundred Li radius to work for her. I don't want you to enter the tiger's mouth, so I sent my boy to invite you.”
      “The earth master has a heart. Since Dong Xiaoyu is so powerful and has mastered countless evil spirits, as a Buddhist monk, I should destroy her even more. Please tell the earth master the location of Dong Xiaoyu's ghost house.”Lin Yuan's firm way.
      “Since you're so persistent, I'll tell you that you'll be buried in Nanshan.”
      “Well, land master, the poor monk will leave first.”Lin Yuan used his magic power to turn into a golden light and left the temple immediately.
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      Chapter 19 autumn life!Wake up!
      After Lin Yuan left the temple, he put his hands together and got wind under his feet. He quickly approached Nanshan mass grave.
      Into the jungle of Nanshan.
      There is more and more yin here.
      In the jungle, there was a thick fog, and some women's laughter came from time to time.
      “Here comes the monk again.”
      “The monk seems different, so handsome.”
      “Come and have a look, sisters. Here comes the monk again. This monk is much more handsome than those monks before.”
      The trees are brushing and the wind is blowing.
      Lin Yuan stops and stands in the same place. He suddenly turns back and directly uses his dragon claws.
      The dragon claw hand breaks out of the air. As soon as the big hand grabs it, a female ghost in white is caught by Lin Yuan.
      “A small skill of carving insects, a master's skill!”
      “Help me, help me, sisters, help me!”The ghost in white in Lin Yuan's hand made a whimpering sound.
      “Smelly monk, let her go.”
      All of a sudden, white fog emerged, and three female ghosts in white came sliding on the ground. They opened their teeth and clawed at Lin Yuan.
      Lin Yuan's five fingers closed, and the ghost in white burst out.
      Kill the ghost in white on the spot.
      “Amitabha, subdue the devil!”
      Lin Yuan runs the Buddhist power, and the Buddhist light vibrates. Taking his whole body as the original place, a powerful Buddhist power condenses into a demon subduing palm, which instantly presses against the three female ghosts.
      Three female ghosts screamed on the spot and flew back tens of meters away.
      Lin Yuan arrives at the three female ghosts in one step. The Qi and blood in the palm of his hand condenses. One palm presses down, and the three female ghosts vanish on the spot.
      Instantly killed four ghosts, burst out four Qi Dan.
      In about ten minutes.
      The edge of the forest came to the depths of the jungle.
      Deep in the jungle, red light soared to the sky, and a huge house came into his eyes. Not only that, the house was decorated with lanterns and red lanterns.
      Outside the house.
      There are dozens of tables.
      It was full of people, drinking wine and eating meat.
      At the moment, Qiusheng is wearing a red dress and a big red flower.
      At this moment, he is the most proud time of his life.
      “Qiusheng, Congratulations, Congratulations!”
      “Congratulations, Qiusheng. Come and have a drink.”
      Many people stood up and drank wine with Qiusheng.
      Qiusheng is also in high spirits. He bumps into Miss Dong and becomes his son-in-law.
      In just one or two days, he saw the financial resources of the Dong family.
      And Dong Xiaoyu is the only daughter in the Dong family. He thinks he is the winner in life. Not only does he win the beauty, but the whole Dong family will be his in the future.
      “Thank you, thank you!”
      “Qiusheng, on the day of great happiness, drink more.”
      “Sure, sure, folks, uncles and uncles, you eat and drink first, I'll go in and have a look at the lady.”
      “Go, go.”
      Qiusheng happily enters the room.
      In the room sat a beautiful woman in red.
      “Xiaoyu, you will be my wife soon.”Qiusheng immediately rushes up and holds Dong Xiaoyu.
      Dong Xiaoyu showed a gloomy and horrible smile: “husband, don't worry. Xiaoyu will be your man soon. First, you go to entertain the villagers outside.”
      “OK, lady, don't worry. I'll be with you later.”Qiusheng immediately went out.
      Looking at Qiu Sheng going out, Dong Xiaoyu licks her lips, and then goes to the dressing table. Suddenly, the prototype appears on her right face. There are worms creeping on her shabby right face. Dong Xiaoyu touches her right face, grabs the worms and chews them in her mouth.
      Qiusheng went out of the room and got drunk with these people outside.
      He lay on a table and said to himself, “master, I'm sorry for you. I won't come back to study Taoism. It's not comfortable to be the door-to-door son-in-law of the Dong family. I'm going to hold the beauty back soon. Ha ha ha.”
      A hundred meters away.
      There stood a young and handsome monk.
      It's Lin Yuan.
      Lin Yuan put his hands together, and he turned the Buddhist power to open the eye of heaven.
      Tianyantong swept, dozens of people outside the table, all ghosts, good food and wine on the table, but also some insects, worms.
      “Well!Today, I'm going to make you fall asleep. “Lin Yuan snorted coldly and walked towards these people step by step.
      Now Qiusheng rubs his eyes and looks at Lin Yuan.
      “Ah, it's elder martial brother Lin.”
      Qiusheng stood up: “elder martial brother Lin, why are you here?”
      Lin Yuan looked at the drunken Qiu Sheng and immediately said, “Qiu Sheng, don't wake up.”
      Qiusheng said with a smile: “elder martial brother Lin Yuan, did the master ask you to come to me?You go back and tell my master that I won't go back. Let him cultivate his literary talents. By the way, elder martial brother Lin Yuan, you can also sit down and drink my wedding wine. ”
      Lin Yuan shakes his head and sighs. Uncle Jiu's apprentice is still in such a pit.
      He immediately turned the Buddha's power to his throat and drank it suddenly.
      “Qiusheng, don't you wake up soon?”
      Lin Yuan's drink was like a bolt from the blue. Qiu Sheng shook his head and stood up, “elder martial brother Lin Yuan, what are you doing?”
      These folks on the banquet table also stood up one after another and looked at Lin Yuan coldly.
      Lin Yuan made the seal with both hands, and the Buddhist power vibrated, like a wave of water, affecting everyone present.
      “Show me the shape!”
      All the folks at the banquet turned into ghosts.
      All the good food and wine on the table turned into worms and maggots. They looked disgusting.
      Qiu Sheng was scared and sweated: “elder martial brother Lin Yuan, what's the matter, this, this!”
      Lin Yuan snorted coldly: “you've been haunted by ghosts. You've entered the ghost nest.”
      In a flash.
      These ghosts look at Lin Yuan and show their teeth and claws.
      At this time, a woman in red came out of the mansion.
      The woman in red is Dong Xiaoyu.
      “Qiusheng, don't you love me?Come to me
      Qiusheng looks at Dong Xiaoyu, swallows her saliva and hides behind Lin Yuan subconsciously.
      “Elder martial brother Lin Yuan, help me, help me.”
      Lin Yuan looked at Dong Xiaoyu and said coldly, “Dong Xiaoyu, as a ghost, does not go down to the earth to enter reincarnation. Instead, he is harming the common people in the world. It's against the way of heaven to absorb people's spirit and practice. Today I'm here to destroy you.”
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      Chapter 20 life seeking Sanskrit voice!To suppress evil with evil!
      Dong Xiaoyu shows her prototype. On half of her tattered face, worms keep crawling around, looking extremely disgusting.
      Qiusheng looks at Dong Xiaoyu, who is still pretty. He is scared to pee on the spot and is paralyzed on the ground.
      Dong Xiaoyu said: “you are such a monk. Do you want to kill me?It's too much for me
      “Well, you look confident.”Lin Yuan hands together, in the face of ghost nest, he is still very calm.
      Dong Xiaoyu said with a smile: “little monk, I think you are very handsome, but you are really a new-born monk who is not afraid of tigers. I don't know how many Taoists died in my hands. Three years ago, master Lingtai of Lingtai temple came to me and I sucked my blood. Taoist of Longhushan and Yilang also sucked my blood. Now their bones are still in my hands. Do you want to have a look? Ha haHa ha
      “By the way, I tell you, the land of Nanshan doesn't dare to do anything to me. When you see me, you have to call me aunt. The hell devil doesn't dare to rush into my territory. Young monk, do you want to die on your own?”Dong Xiaoyu grinned coldly.
      Qiusheng looked at Lin Yuan and immediately said, “elder martial brother Lin Yuan, let's run away. This is a ghost nest. If we don't go away, we won't be able to escape.”
      “Arrest them for me.”Dong Xiaoyu gave an order.
      Three evil spirits, with their teeth and claws open, run to Lin Yuan.
      When the edge of the forest is clasped together, after one Amitabha, the Qi and blood are transferred to the palm.
      “Subdue the devil!”
      The demon subdued and went away.
      The three evil spirits were swept by the demon subduing palm.
      All of a sudden, there were three sounds in the void, and the three ghosts turned into black smoke and disappeared on the spot.
      “A small skill of carving insects!”Lin Yuan is indifferent.
      “Well?”Dong Xiaoyu was stunned. She watched Lin Yuan kill her subordinates with one hand. She yelled angrily, “little monk, you can kill three of my subordinates, but you can't kill all of my subordinates. Let's go out together!”
      All of a sudden.
      All around, the sun was blocked, the sand was flying, and the sky was dark.
      The sound of countless ghosts crying and wolves howling is terrifying.
      Ghosts come out in a neat way.
      Lin Yuan uses the power of Buddha, uses the palm technique of subduing the devil, and makes a great opening and closing, directly sweeping many evil spirits.
      A crack, a palm pressure, a ghost burst on the spot.
      Another evil spirit attacks, and Lin Yuan blows away. The evil spirit is punched through by Lin Yuan on the spot.
      “Demon subduing fist!”
      The shadow of the fist is all over the void, and the ghosts who are close to the edge of the forest are beaten through one after another.
      “Dragon claw hand!”
      Lin Yuan turned his fists into claws, and his palms were like dragon claws.
      Pa Pa Pa!
      Many ghosts were caught by Lin Yuan on the spot.
      Lin Yuan's dragon claw hand is pressed away. As long as many ghosts meet Lin Yuan's dragon claw hand, they either break their arms or their heads, or their chest is pierced.
      A ghost approaches Lin Yuan and flies tens of meters away by the Buddhist force on Lin Yuan.
      Lin Yuan rushed forward to capture and kill the evil ghost.
      The devil got into the ground and tried to escape.
      Lin Yuan gave a cold hum, five fingers into claws, directly inserted on the ground.
      “Where to go.”
      The hard ground was directly torn by the palm of Lin Yuan's hand, a crack several meters long. The ghost wanted to escape, but it was directly broken by Lin Yuan and captured by Sheng Sheng.
      A burst.
      Lin Yuan grabs the devil's head and shakes it.
      The ghost disappeared on the spot.
      A face to face, the first wave of ghosts are all killed by Lin Yuan.
      Qiusheng looks at Lin Yuan's boxing, palm and claw skills, which are invincible. He also shows his shocking eyes.
      “Elder martial brother Lin Yuan is so powerful that he can block many evil spirits alone.”
      After killing many ghosts, a big wave of rewards appeared in the Lin Yuan system.
      “Amitabha!Let all your men do it together. “Lin Yuan hands together, indifferent looking at Dong Xiaoyu.
      “Miss, this young monk is very powerful. Our first batch of subordinates were destroyed, and they were not able to hurt him.”A fierce ghost is in front of Dong Xiaoyu.
      Dong Xiaoyu's face was cold.
      “I really belittle you. I didn't expect that you are so young and have such a way of doing things. I've lost sight of you. However high your way of doing things and powerful your magic power are, you will fall into the mass grave today.”
      Dong Xiaoyu said, “ghosts go out at night
      In a flash.
      There are a lot of ghosts around.
      These ghosts, looking at Dong Xiaoyu, kneel down to the ground one after another.
      “Master orders.”
      “Kill the monk and give it to me!”
      Countless ghosts flew towards Lin Yuan in an instant.
      Lin Yuan looks at many evil spirits. He understands why many monks and Taoists died in the mass grave. He also knows why the land of Nanshan dare not move Dong Xiaoyu, and why the ghost messengers dare not step here.
      Dong Xiaoyu is really powerful.
      Can command so many ghosts.
      It's true that ordinary people can't handle it.
      But it's not.
      Lin Yuan is not an ordinary person.
      Qiusheng looks at hordes of ghosts coming.
      He was very pale.
      “Elder martial brother Lin Yuan, what should we do?”
      “You step back a hundred meters.”Lin Yuan said calmly.
      Qiusheng quickly ran to a hundred meters away, looking at Lin Yuan still in place, immediately said: “elder martial brother Lin Yuan, why don't you go?”
      Instead of walking, Lin Yuan sat cross legged on the ground. Then he put his hands together and began to sing incantations.
      All over the world of evil spirits, to catch Lin Yuan.
      In a flash.
      Lin Yuan sang the Sanskrit voice of evil and evil.
      “Namo Amitabha, namo Amitabha, put down the butcher's knife and become a Buddha on the spot. Put down the butcher's knife and become a Buddha on the spot.”
      Lin Yuan kept singing incantations in his mouth, and his whole body was full of strange power.
      Lin Yuan at the moment.
      It's the end of the demons.
      Weird to the extreme.
      It's like an evil monk.
      These evil spirits close to Lin Yuan, hear the Sanskrit sound, immediately burst his head.
      The evil spirits in groups were dizzy and uncomfortable when they heard the Sanskrit voice.
      These ghosts, lying on the ground, hit the ground with their heads.
      “I'm guilty!”
      “I'm guilty!”
      Lin Yuan runs the Buddhist power to speed up the life seeking Sanskrit chant: “put down the butcher's knife, become a Buddha on the spot, put down the butcher's knife, become a Buddha on the spot.”
      At the moment, Lin Yuan's red light vibrated around him, and he showed an evil smile.
      All the ghosts who come near him.
      All kneel down and repent.
      More evil spirits, directly burst one after another.
      Lin Yuan stood up and walked towards the evil spirits in groups. The Sanskrit voice was more sonorous.
      “Put down the butcher's knife and become a Buddha on the spot!”
      Lin Yuan's evil spirit soared directly into the sky.
      The spirit of the demon monk is evil and terrifying.
      Compared with Lin Yuan, what evil spirits and what evil spirits are, they are like weak chickens.
      “Ah, demon monk!”
      “Demon monk!”
      “What a terrible demon monk!”
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      Chapter 21 level the ghost nest!The world of the strong!
      The evil breath of Lin Yuan's body is constantly enveloping and shaking all over the world.
      The Sanskrit sound waves reach all around.
      Countless ghosts, terrified, knelt down on the ground.
      At the same time, the earth master of Nanshan heard the Sanskrit voice of Suoming.
      He was shocked by the evil spirit rising from the south mountain mass grave.
      “What kind of magic sound is this? What a terrible evil spirit. The little monk seems to be more or less unlucky.”
      This side of the mass grave.
      Qiusheng lies a hundred meters away, watching Lin Yuan's evil Qi soar to the sky. The terrible Sanskrit voice constantly asks for the lives of these evil spirits.
      “Elder martial brother Lin Yuan is terrible. It's terrible.”
      Lin Yuan is still urging the Buddha to increase the chanting of Suoming Sanskrit, and his evil spirit is even more terrifying.
      “Since you are evil spirits, I'll show you what the real evil is. I want to suppress evil with evil, put down the butcher's knife and become a Buddha on the spot. Put down the butcher's knife and become a Buddha on the spot.”
      The evil spirit fluctuates and presses these evil spirits.
      These evil spirits turn into black smoke one after another.
      At the moment, Dong Xiaoyu looks at his subordinates turning into black smoke.
      She also showed a look of panic, immediately run the ghost force to resist: “demon monk, you are a demon monk.”
      “Whether you are a demon monk or a righteous one, my purpose today is to kill you.”
      Lin Yuan put his hands together and killed all the way. Many evil spirits turned into ashes in an instant.
      In a moment, all of Dong Xiaoyu's evil spirits were destroyed, leaving three or five evil spirits.
      “It's worthy to be the Suo Ming Sanskrit of Pudu Cihang. It's really powerful. Even evil spirits can confuse and commit suicide. Unfortunately, I don't have enough cultivation. If I condense the relic and become an eminent monk, and use the Buddhist power of the eminent monk to urge Suo Ming Sanskrit, even Dong Xiaoyu, a super fierce ghost, will have to kneel down at my feet.”Lin Yuan said in his heart.
      “Miss, what should I do? The magic power of the demon monk is so powerful!”
      “Kill me!”Dongxiaoyu Li drink, her five ghost, immediately fly to catch Lin Yuan.
      Lin Yuan gave a cold hum, then stepped out and reached the Five ghosts in an instant. The dragon claw broke through the air and grabbed the Five ghosts.
      Pa Pa Pa!
      One face to face.
      Five ghost chest directly was pierced, as if the broken line hit dozens of meters away, they are dying.
      “Miss, let's go. The demon monk is so powerful that he can't stop him.”
      Just finished.
      Forest edge across the air, a palm pressure to go.
      The majestic and terrible blood gas directly presses on the Five ghosts.
      The Five ghosts turned into black smoke and ashes.
      Dong Xiaoyu made a sharp cry, which shocked the whole mass grave.
      She did not expect that she would meet such a strong man to kill her in charge of Nanshan mass grave for so many years.
      She couldn't imagine the destruction of many of her men.
      The land, the ghost, these Yin gods dare not fight against her.
      It was a little monk who flattened the ghost nest.
      “I'll kill you, I'll eat your flesh.”
      Dong Xiaoyu roared madly. Her long hair became like an explosive head, and then grew fast.
      A head of hair, growing to more than ten meters long.
      She manipulated the hair to attack Lin Yuan instantly.
      The void makes a tearing sound.
      Long hair flying in the void, want to penetrate the edge of the chest.
      Lin Yuan gave a cold hum and used the Buddhist mantra.
      “Earth fire curse!”
      The flame condenses from the palm, and one palm presses on the long hair.
      Dong Xiaoyu's long hair burned on the spot.
      She takes back her long hair, and then uses the ghost technique. Lin Yuan hums coldly, quickly turns the Buddhist power, and then runs to fight with Dong Xiaoyu.
      “Demon subduing palm!”
      “Demon subduing fist!”
      “Dragon claw hand!”
      “Heaven fire curse, earth fire curse!”
      The external skills of Buddhism are displayed incisively and vividly by Lin Yuan. Even Dong Xiaoyu, who is a fierce ghost, can't support it and is losing.
      “Why is the little monk so powerful?”Dong Xiaoyu kept retreating. She opened her mouth and took out a fine steel sword from her abdomen.
      This is a ghost weapon.
      It's very powerful.
      She was holding a ghost sword.
      A sword to the edge of the forest.
      Lin Yuan moves the Buddha's power. With a sudden wave of his palm, he forms a dragon's claw and grasps on the refined steel sword.
      “Dragon claw hand!”
      The terrible Buddhist power and Qi and blood instantly broke the ghost sword, which turned into pieces.
      Dong Xiaoyu is shocked and retreats. Lin Yuan doesn't give Dong Xiaoyu a chance to retreat. The dragon claw is directly wrapped around Dong Xiaoyu's arm.
      Lin Yuan grabs it.
      Dong Xiaoyu's clothes were torn to pieces by Lin Yuan on the spot.
      Dong Xiaoyu watched her clothes smash and fall to the ground.
      Shy and angry, she grabbed a sheet and wrapped it around herself, then ran away quickly.
      She knew that she was no match for the little monk.
      No more.
      I'm afraid it will be in the hands of the little monk.
      Lin Yuan naturally won't let Dong Xiaoyu go.
      First of all, Dong Xiaoyu has done countless harm to people and is guilty.
      Second, Dong Xiaoyu, a fierce ghost with this level of cultivation, will get rich rewards after killing him.
      “Dong Xiaoyu, you can't escape.”Lin Yuan pursues and goes. Dong Xiaoyu drills into the ground and wants to escape. Lin Yuan's dragon claw directly tears the earth, and the whole earth makes a cracking sound.
      A white smoke rose.It was Dong Xiaoyu who was forced out.
      Looking at Dong Xiaoyu's appearance, Lin Yuan moves ten meters at a time, just like a shadow arriving at Dong Xiaoyu's side in an instant. Then his palms come out, and the Dragon claws directly grasp Dong Xiaoyu.
      The sheets wrapped around Dong Xiaoyu were smashed on the spot.
      More Than This.
      Dong Xiaoyu's whole body was blown out by Lin Yuan and hit the ground.
      At the moment, Dong Xiaoyu is lying on the ground dying, seven orifices emitting ghost gas.
      “Amitabha!”Lin Yuan put his hands together and read Buddhist scriptures in his mouth. In the blink of an eye, Dong Xiaoyu disappeared.
      “Congratulations to the host. He killed Dong Xiaoyu and got a super gift package.”
      Lin Yuan listened to the voice of the system, and his face was extremely flat.
      Because he knew that if he stepped down the ghost nest today, the harvest would be great.
      A hundred meters away.
      Looking at Lin Yuan.
      He took a deep breath.
      “Is this the world of the strong?Killing ghosts is like killing chickens
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      Chapter 22 invitation of ghost land!
      “Let's go.”Lin Yuan looks at Qiusheng a hundred meters away.
      Qiu Sheng got up from the ground and quickly ran to Lin Yuan, showing his adoring eyes: “elder martial brother Lin Yuan, you are so powerful.”
      Lin Yuan left the mass grave with Qiu Sheng.
      On the other side, two ghost messengers came to earth temple.
      Two ghost messengers and the earth master are drinking wine.
      “Liu San, Li Si, why do you have time to come to me?”Said the Lord of land.
      “A ghost we arrested escaped to Nanshan a few days ago. Nanshan is Dong Xiaoyu's territory, but we don't dare to break into her territory.”
      The earth master nodded: “Dong Xiaoyu has many evil spirits. It's really hard to deal with. Don't rush into her territory.”
      “Well, our two brothers will be punished again this time.”
      The two ghost messengers and the land came out to breathe after drinking.
      An embarrassed and incomparable kid, pissed off, flew over.
      The two ghost messengers looked at the kid and were surprised: “good guy, I'm looking for you, and you dare to run away!”
      The two ghosts almost locked the kid in an instant.
      However, in front of this kid is always shaking, lost, mouth constantly chanting.
      “Demon monk, demon monk.”
      “What a terrible demon monk.”
      “All dead, all dead.”
      “What's dead.”Two ghost difference cold hum a: “give me to say well, otherwise I scatter your soul.”
      “Dong Xiaoyu, as well as countless ghosts, were all killed by a monk. It's terrible. That monk is terrible.”The kid said tremblingly.
      “Well?I beg your pardon?Do you think Dong Xiaoyu has been destroyed? ”
      The kid nodded all the time, “she was killed by a young monk, and all her subordinates were killed.”
      The two ghost messengers and the land came to the mass grave immediately.
      There is no smell of Dong Xiaoyu or other evil spirits in the mass grave.
      “My God, there are hundreds of evil spirits here. We dare not arrest Dong Xiaoyu and these evil spirits. We didn't expect that the whole army would be destroyed. Who in the world said that?”Two ghost difference doubts a way.
      At this moment, the land master suddenly thought of a person.”Xuankong Temple, little monk Lin Yuan, yes, it must be him.”
      “Land master, do you know this man?”
      “Well, this man is young and successful in cultivation. Before he passed by my temple, I advised him not to deal with Dong Xiaoyu, because there were too many monks and Taoists who died in Dong Xiaoyu's hands. How could he know that the little monk was so powerful that the regiment destroyed Dong Xiaoyu and all the fierce ghosts.”The land Master said here, also took a deep breath.
      “There is such a master in the world who is worth making friends with. It's estimated that he hasn't gone far yet, but we want to meet this strong man.”
      The land and the two ghosts are moving very fast.
      On the other side, Qiusheng and Linyuan are ready to go down the mountain. Just at this time, there is a white fog in front of them, and the cold smell is transmitted.
      Qiusheng is afraid and hides behind Lin Yuan.
      “There won't be any fierce ghosts.”
      Lin Yuan was very calm. He put his hands together and hummed coldly: “if you dare to show off in front of me, I don't want to kill you. Let the ghosts go away quickly.”
      At this time, two ghost messengers came out of the white fog, as well as the land.
      “Ha ha ha, Lin Yuan, you're really hot tempered. It's me.”
      Lin Yuan a Leng, “land lord, how is you.”
      “These are my two friends. They are the only ghost messengers in Renjia town. We just want to ask: have you killed Dong Xiaoyu and all her ghost subordinates?”
      Lin Yuan nodded: “as a Buddhist, I naturally want to do justice for heaven.”
      “It's really you.”The earth master narrowed his eyes, and the two ghost messengers also clasped their fists: “master Lin Yuan is so powerful that we two brothers admire him. I don't know if master Lin Yuan is free, let's get together!”
      The two ghost messengers and the land want to make friends with Lin Yuan.
      Lin Yuan thought for a moment and agreed. After all, these are local government officials. It's good for him to make more friends.
      “Qiusheng, go back first.”Lin Yuan looks at Qiu Sheng.
      Qiu Sheng nodded, “OK, elder martial brother Lin Yuan, then I'll go back first.”
      After Qiusheng left, Lin Yuan and the earth master, as well as two ghost messengers, went to the earth temple to drink wine and discuss various topics.
      Lin Yuan realized that in the end of the law, the local government was also in the decline of talents. Ghosts were domineering, and it was difficult to do ghost errands.
      However, the two ghost messengers and the earth Yin God also admire Lin Yuan more and more.
      Knowing that Lin Yuan was young, he was able to achieve such a state, which made him more admirable.
      “Brother Lin Yuan, your reputation will be a shock to the world in the future.”
      “Yes, Buddhism will produce another extraordinary genius.”
      “It's said that there is also a peerless genius in Maoshan, daomen. After only 20 years in Maoshan, he built the realm of Heavenly Master. Now I don't know what realm it is. Anyway, he is the most valued person in Maoshan. Many ghost messengers in the hell will ask this guy to do things that they can't decide.”
      Lin Yuan listened to them and naturally knew that they were not talking about Jiu Shu. Now Jiu Shu's cultivation is not so high.
      “However, Maoshan is too ruthless and ruthless. He once killed one of our ghost messengers, but we dare not deal with him because of the power of Maoshan.”
      “Brother guicha, who is Maoshan you are talking about?”Lin Yuan asks curiously.
      “This man is a genius. He created a Taoist boxing called lightning and thunder boxing, which is very overbearing. His name is Shi Jian.”
      Lin Yuan's eyes were fixed. When he heard the lightning and thunder fist, he knew that this guy was Shi Jian.
      Even the local ghost messengers dare to kill.
      I'm afraid Shijian's cultivation is still above the Heavenly Master.
      Lin Yuan made up his mind to break through cultivation as soon as possible.
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      Chapter 23 reward!Tathagata palm!
      Unconsciously, the rooster crowed, and the two ghost messengers and the land retreated one after another.
      “Rooster crowing, it's almost dawn, we have to go, master Lin, goodbye.”
      Lin Yuan nodded and said goodbye to the land and the ghost.
      Qiu Sheng returns to Ren's residence.
      I was severely taught by Uncle Jiu.
      Ren Tingting looked at Lin Yuan did not come back, immediately asked: “Qiusheng, how Lin Yuan did not come back.”
      “Master Lin Yuan was invited to drink by the land.”Qiu Sheng said.
      At the moment, Lin Yuan is not in a hurry to return to Renjia town. Instead, he is meditating outside a quiet suburb.
      Lin Yuan wants to count the harvest this time.
      This time, he leveled the ghost nest, killed countless ghosts, and Dong Xiaoyu, the fierce ghost boss. Needless to say, the reward must be very rich.
      Can't wait for Linyuan to open the system quickly.
      There are countless gift packages in the system.
      Lin Yuan immediately opened these big gift bags, and his mind kept ringing.
      “Congratulations to the host. Kill the evil ghost and get a nourishing Qi pill.”
      “Congratulations to the host. Kill the ghost and get a Zengyuan pill.”
      “Congratulations to the host. Kill the ghost and get a bone forging pill.”
      Lin Yuan made an inventory, and got more than ten pills. These pills are low-grade, but they can't hold a large amount. After all, there are more than ten pills.
      In addition to waiting for the pills, Lin Yuan also harvested a storage bag. It only looks like a bag the size of a palm. In fact, there is a lot of space inside, at least as big as a house.
      “Good storage bag!”
      Lin Yuan likes this storage bag very much. At least when he has all kinds of magic tools, he can store them in the room.
      After dripping blood recognized the Lord, Lin Yuan urged the Buddha to be in harmony with the spirit of the storage bag. When his heart moved, what he wanted to put into the storage bag would turn into a light, and it was very convenient to take it out.
      “There's the last big gift bag that hasn't been opened. I hope it can reveal something better. After all, this big gift bag was obtained by killing Dong Xiaoyu.”
      Lin Yuan looked at the last big gift bag in the system, and he immediately opened it.
      “Congratulations to the host, you have obtained the supreme Buddhist skill, the Buddha palm!“
      In an instant, Lin Yuan's mind came up with the cultivation method of the Tathagata palm.
      The first style: Buddha's light first appears
      The second style: Jinding Buddha lamp
      The third style: Buddha moves mountains and rivers
      The fourth form: Buddha asks Kalan
      The fifth movement: Welcome Buddha to the West
      Sixth style: the light of Buddha
      The seventh form: the birth of Buddha
      The eighth form: Ten Thousand Buddhas
      The ninth form: boundless Buddhism
      The tenth style: return to the Yuan Dynasty in 1999, the Buddha was born, the heaven and the earth, only me
      The eleventh movement: to help all living beings and become Buddhists
      The twelfth form: the unity of gods and demons!Bodhi creation!Nebula blossoms!The void is broken!
      Lin Yuan quickly saw the twelve moves of the Tathagata palm, and he was shocked. The Tathagata palm was really powerful and extraordinary. When he practiced the twelfth move, he was able to achieve Bodhi creation.
      Lin Yuan immediately began to practice the first form of the Buddha's palm, and the Buddha's light began to appear!
      He started to practice according to the path of cultivation.
      The Buddha moves in a specific way, and a violent tearing force invades his whole body.
      “What an overbearing Buddhist skill!”
      Lin Yuan was biting his teeth and suffering a lot.
      Three days later, Lin Yuan turned the Buddhist power, put his hands together, and suddenly opened his closed eyes.
      Then, he suddenly drank, “the first form of Buddha's palm, the Buddha's light is beginning to appear!”
      With a buzzing sound, Lin Yuan's palm burst out. The huge palm supported the Buddha's light. When it was pressed down, it was like an avalanche. The void burst, the ground split, and the trees around were directly broken.
      “So powerful.”Lin Yuan was surprised. After three days of practicing the first form of the Tathagata palm, his flesh and blood power was also improved, and his whole body of Buddhist power was also increased several times.
      “The second style is the Jinding Buddha lamp!It's a pity that my cultivation is too low to practice the second form. I'm afraid I can only practice the second form when I cultivate the sariki and become a generation of eminent monks. ”
      Lin Yuan says here, then the heart reads a move, took out a lot of Dan medicine from Buddha bag.
      “Break through cultivation first.”
      Lin Yuan swallowed a lot of pills and turned them into rolling power. Then he urged his body to absorb the power quickly.
      Unconsciously, another day has passed.
      In the jungle, a white monk's whole body glittered like a real Buddha.
      The thick Buddhist power in his Dantian is condensed together, forming a light state the size of an egg, but it has not yet been solidified. Once solidified, it means that Lin Yuan has become a Buddhist relic.
      “The master's realm is at its peak!”Lin Yuan breathes and breathes with a strong breath.
      “Now the state of Buddhism is about the size of an egg, and it's about to condense into a substance. It's estimated that I will soon be able to refine the relic and become a Buddhist monk.”Lin Yuan's joyful way.
      Lin Yuan, who broke through to the peak of the master's realm, has increased the power of Buddhism external skill, demon subduing palm, demon subduing fist and dragon claw hand by several times. The power of the first form of Buddha's light of Buddha's palm is also greatly increased, and his life is also doubled, and his Buddhist power is also increased by several times.
      The most terrifying thing is that Lin Yuan's magic voice and Suoming Sanskrit voice are more powerful.
      All aspects have multiplied. Lin Yuan's strength is no less than that of Buddhism or Taoism.
      “Amitabha, it's time to go down the mountain.”A smile appeared in the corner of Lin Yuan's mouth.
      Here happy, there can be melancholy, melancholy is Ren Tingting.
      Ren Tingting didn't see Lin Yuan for a few days. Lin Yuan mysteriously disappeared. She felt very sad.
      “Lin Yuan, will you come back?”
      “Why don't you leave without saying goodbye? I haven't really appreciated you for saving our family.”Ren Tingting's mouth is just like an infatuated woman. She looks out of Ren's door all the time, but there is no white figure.
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      Chapter 24 punish awei!The corpses besieged uncle Jiu!
      Ah Wei, looking at Ren Tingting, snorts, “cousin, the monk won't come back. Follow your cousin.”
      “Go away!”Ren Tingting snorts coldly and scolds away Ah Wei.
      Ah Wei snorted coldly, “Ren Tingting, sooner or later you will be mine, and all the property of the Ren family will be mine.”
      Amitabha, instantly let Ren Tingting show extremely excited look.
      “Lin Yuan!”Ren Tingting looked at the distant edge of the forest, very excited, waiting for so many days, finally came back.
      “Master Lin, where have you been these days?”Ren Tingting asked.
      “I'm practicing in the mountains. Nothing's happened to my family recently.”
      “No, recently Ren's mansion has been very safe. Jiu Shu and two literary talents Qiu Sheng have gone back.”
      Lin Yuan nodded, and Ren Tingting returned to Ren's residence.
      Lin Yuan doesn't plan to leave renjiazhen now. He should solve the problem first.
      At night.
      Lin Yuan meditated in the backyard of Ren's residence.
      The whole body of Buddha light concussion, very magical, on one side of Ren Tingting was Lin Yuan body sent out of the Buddha light shrouded.
      At the moment, she felt fresh and comfortable.
      “Warm feeling, so comfortable.”Ren Tingting involuntarily annoyed.
      At this time.
      Outside Ren's residence.
      There's a team breaking in.
      It was Ah Wei who took the lead.
      When Ah Wei heard that Lin Yuan had come back, he decided to fight against him.
      “Cousin, when I kill the monk, I'll see what you can do.”Awei narrowed his eyes to show his fierce eyes.
      “Captain, the monk is weird. Are we sure we can kill him?That day, the monk held down the zombies with one palm. “Said some of awei's men.
      “Hum, what are you afraid of? We have guns in our hands. No matter how powerful he is, he can still hold the guns in our hands?”
      “Yes, too.”
      Ah Wei rushed to the backyard of Ren's house with his men and horses.
      The backyard gate was opened.
      Ren Tingting and Lin Yuan watch Ah Wei rush in with people.
      Ren Tingting angrily rebuked, “awei, what are you mad about? What are you doing here with so many people?”
      “Cousin, get out of the way. This monk is in our Ren family town. He's bewitching people, deceiving people, deceiving people for money, and deceiving women. Today, I'm going to do justice on behalf of heaven. Come and arrest this monk for me.”
      At awei's command, the crowd came forward one after another.
      Ren Tingting denounced: “awei, you dare!”
      Many long guns were aimed at Lin Yuan, who was meditating in situ.
      “Little monk, if you dare to move, I promise to beat you into a sieve.”Awei complacently said, and then looked at Ren Tingting: “cousin, you are confused by the monk.”
      With a sigh, Lin Yuan put his hands together and began to sing the mantra.
      All of a sudden, a magic sound concussion.
      It's Suoming Sanskrit.
      “Put down the butcher's knife and become a Buddha on the spot. Put down the butcher's knife and become a Buddha on the spot.”
      Awei and others kneel to the ground in an instant, their eyes become dull, and they kowtow and admit their mistakes.
      “I'm guilty!”
      “I'm guilty!”
      Lin Yuan stood up and looked at Ah Wei kneeling on the ground and said, “Ah Wei, tell me your crime.”
      “I robbed more than a dozen women, spoiled more than a dozen big girls, and killed them quietly.”Ah Wei is not free to speak out.
      One side of Ren Tingting, watching awei say his crime, she did not expect that her cousin should be so heinous.
      I thought that Ah Wei was just not serious and lustful. I didn't expect that he had done so many bad things.
      “You have done so many heinous things.”Ren Tingting scolds Ah Wei.
      “Yes, cousin, not only that, I want to own you, but also the property of Ren family, and then kill your father. Ren family is mine, ha ha ha.”
      “You bastard!”Ren Tingting said angrily.
      Lin Yuan quickly urges suomingfangyin, awei and others all hit the ground with their heads.
      In a moment.
      The spirit of awei and others was directly destroyed.
      One by one, they became crazy and ran out.
      Ren Tingting looked at Lin Yuan, “master Lin, they?”
      “I will punish them for committing such crimes. They are insane and will die in three days!”Lin Yuan said calmly.
      “Ah!You deserve it. “Ren Tingting breathed.
      On the other side.
      Renjia town is outside a deserted suburb and in a courtyard.
      An old man in black, he squints his eyes and casts a spell.
      There were a lot of zombies crawling out of the ground.
      Even, there are three iron corpses, each with a strong strength.
      “Maoshan Taoist Lin Fengjiao, good, very good. After twenty years of planning, I finally made old Ren into an iron corpse. When he sucks the blood of Ren's descendants, it's just around the corner to break through the copper corpse. You have destroyed my iron corpse. I want you to die!”
      The black robed old man cast a spell and let three iron corpses with a large number of zombies jump towards uncle Jiu's daozhuang.
      Right now.
      Jiushu is practicing Taoism, and Wencai and Qiusheng are also painting.
      At this time.
      Uncle Jiu stopped practicing and stood up.
      “What's that smell?”
      “Master, what's the matter?”Qiu Sheng and Wen Cai asked.
      “Corpse Qi, the terrible corpse Qi is approaching us. Wencai, Qiusheng, take the guy quickly.”
      “Yes, master.”Wencai and Qiusheng quickly picked up the magic weapon.
      The three went out of daozhuang.
      Daozhuang is a hundred meters away.
      Dozens of zombies brag and roar.
      There are three zombies among them. Their cultivation is extremely powerful and their whole body is like iron.
      Obviously, these are three iron bodies.
      “Master, what's the matter? How come so many zombies suddenly appear.”
      Nine uncle is also unclear, so, “I don't know.”
      These zombies, rush up, crazy fight over, nine uncle holding peach long sword, this group of zombies fight up.
      Wencai and Qiusheng are also fighting with the corpses.
      Lin Yuan of Ren's residence has just solved the problem of Ah Wei.
      He suddenly sensed the magnificent corpse air in the East.
      Lin Yuan leaps over the roof.
      A glance.
      “It's a powerful corpse Qi. The location is uncle Jiu's daozhuang. It seems that the feng shui master behind it has started. He didn't expect that uncle Jiu was the first one to attack.”
      A brush.
      Lin Yuan put his hands together, mobilized the Buddha power in his body, and immediately used his hand to shrink into an inch, and quickly rushed to Jiushu's daozhuang.
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      Chapter 25 Amitabha!Invincible suppression!
      Nine uncle continuously run mana, holding a peach long sword, instantly broke through a few zombies.
      However, in the face of a large number of zombies, Jiushu is also difficult to deal with.
      What's more?
      And three iron corpses!
      One of the iron corpses flew over and grabbed uncle Jiu. Uncle Jiu waved his Taoist robe and covered the iron corpse.
      Then immediately back off.
      “Qiusheng, Wencai, let's go!”
      “Yes, master!”
      Uncle Jiu and his two disciples fled quickly.
      This time is the most dangerous time since Jiushu came out.
      He is not afraid of death.
      But worried about the loss of these two students.
      After all, they are still young.
      The corpses are chasing them.
      “Just stay up till dawn.”Uncle Jiu bites the tip of his tongue and spurts out a mouthful of pure Yang blood to push back these zombies.
      Brush, brush!
      At this time, hundreds of meters away, a figure in white appeared.
      The man put his hands together and walked twenty or thirty meters. In the blink of an eye, the figure in white arrived at Jiushu.
      “Uncle Jiu, step back and let me do it.”Lin Yuan takes a look at the corpses on the opposite side. He shows his excited eyes. After this wave of corpses are killed, there may be many good things.
      And there seem to be three iron bodies.
      However, Lin Yuan was surprised that there were a lot of Fengshui masters. What was the origin.
      There are so many zombies and three iron corpses.
      “It's elder martial brother Lin Yuan!”Wencai and Qiusheng are very happy.
      Nine uncle looking at Lin Yuan suddenly appear, instant pressure a lot less.”Lin Yuan, you come in time, but you should be careful. There are three iron corpses!”
      A lot of zombies, come flying.
      Lin Yuan step out, a palm sweep.
      A zombie was hit by Lin Yuan on the spot.
      Then there was another blow, and another zombie was blown away tens of meters away by Lin Yuan, and his body burst on the spot.
      “Amitabha!”Lin Yuan suddenly drank it and turned on the Buddhist power. Then he made a seal on his palm and his whole body was covered with Buddhist light.
      Jiushu and others, looking at the Buddha light, felt a breath of terror.
      “What kind of spell is that?”
      “The Buddha's hand, the Buddha's light
      Lin Yuan runs the Buddhist power and forms the seal of Dharma. On the palm of his hand, the dazzling light of the Buddha suddenly emerges. Many zombies are illuminated by the light of the Buddha and scream in an instant.
      Pa Pa Pa!
      The clothes on these zombies were instantly broken and burned out, and their bodies were also cracked one after another.
      “What a wonderful Buddha light!”Jiushu and Wencai and others took a breath of cold air. The magic power was too strong.
      One face to face.
      More than 30 ordinary zombies were all penetrated by Buddha light, and finally burst into flames.
      The remaining three iron corpses were illuminated by the Buddha's light, and their bodies also had some cracks. They roared and did not dare to go forward.
      Lin Yuan gave a cold hum.
      Step out, and arrive at an iron corpse in an instant.
      And then a big hand.
      The hand of dragon claw is used instantly and grasps on an iron corpse.
      This iron corpse in front of Lin Yuan's dragon claw hand, just like tofu, was directly caught by Lin Yuan.
      “Amitabha!You are too weak! ”
      Nine uncle once again a shock, “good guy, Lin Yuan this guy a move to kill iron corpse, this guy's cultivation, seem to break through again!”
      The other two iron corpses come to Lin Yuan.
      Lin Yuan slapped an iron corpse on his chest.
      The chest of this iron corpse exploded on the spot and fell to the ground in pieces. Then it burst into flames and turned into ashes.
      There was the last iron corpse left. This iron corpse was afraid, whimpered, then turned around and jumped away.
      “Want to go?”
      Lin Yuan gave a cold hum and ran away. The blood in his palm gushed out, and his palm pressed on the iron corpse's head.
      The iron corpse was pressed into the ground by the edge of the forest.
      Ten meters around the ground, the explosion, the underground iron corpse is also blown to pieces.
      Wen Cai's eyes widened.
      “This, this is the solution?”
      Qiusheng immediately said, “you didn't see elder martial brother Lin Yuan fighting against evil spirits. That's the real Buddha coming, and it's crushing countless evil spirits.”
      Jiu Shu also breathed a hard breath and went to Lin Yuan: “Lin Yuan, it seems that your cultivation has broken through again.”
      “These zombies should be controlled by the feng shui master of Ren's family 20 years ago. This person must be not far from Ren's family town. Uncle Jiu, do you have any way to find this person?”Lin Yuan said.
      Jiushu immediately returned to daozhuang, and then used Maoshan's lighting technique, and a Kongming lamp soared into the air.
      Lin Yuan and Jiu Shu follow Kong Mingdeng to a yard four or five kilometers away from Renjia town.
      Right now.
      The old man in black in the yard.
      Came out.
      He looked at Uncle Jiu coldly.
      “Maoshan Lin Fengjiao, OK, OK, I didn't expect that you killed so many of my zombies and my three iron corpses. You came to the door yourself. I want you to die!I'm going to turn you into a zombie. With your high cultivation, you will be able to turn into a zombie of high level. ”
      The old man in black narrowed his eyes and laughed coldly.
      Uncle Jiu looked at the old man in black robe and the black robe clothes on him. He understood in a moment.
      “You are a corpse keeper. In recent decades, the corpse keeper has disappeared. I didn't expect to meet you.”
      “Well, Lin Fengjiao, it's bad luck for you.”
      The old man in black robe uses his magic power and is surrounded by black fog. He turns into black shadows and arrives at Uncle Jiu in an instant.
      “The best in the earth!”
      Uncle Jiu was also stunned. He didn't expect that the black robed old man's accomplishments were so high that he was the top of the earth master.
      “The magic palm of the sun!”
      The black robed old man pressed down.
      Uncle Jiu immediately drew a five thunder spell in his palm.
      “Five thunder curse!”
      The palms of the two are opposite.
      Uncle Jiu flies upside down and hits the ground with blood flowing from the corner of his mouth.
      The old man in black robe looked at the thunder and lightning on his palm. Suddenly, the thunder and lightning were scattered.
      “The five thunder mantra is really powerful. It's a pity that your cultivation has made me worse. Go to die!”
      The black robed old man pressed his hand on Uncle Jiu.
      Nine at this time.
      Lin Yuan did it.
      Looking at the old man in black, he said indifferently, “do you think I am the air?”
      Lin Yuan instantly appears beside Jiu Shu, and the palm of the black robed old man presses Lin Yuan's head.
      Lin Yuan blows away.
      The power of terror shocked the black robed old man on the spot.
      The old man in black robe flew upside down and slid 20 or 30 meters on the ground. A mouthful of blood came out from the corner of his mouth: “youWho are you
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      Chapter 26 the roar of ghosts?The Sanskrit voice out!Kneel down and repent!
      The black robed old man stood up from the ground, twisted his body and wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth.
      He never thought of it.
      The young monk opposite.
      He was able to take his hand and fight back.
      It took him by surprise and shocked him.
      At the moment, Jiushu, watching the old man in black robe get up from the ground, immediately reminded Lin Yuan: “Lin Yuan, be careful, this old man in black robe should be the Dharma protector of the corpse gate, with many means.”
      Lin Yuan nodded, “Uncle nine, you step down, he will give it to me.”
      “Good.”Uncle Jiu retreated about ten meters, then sat on the ground, breathed air and began to heal.
      “Tell me what you are.”The old man in black roared and showed his ferocious eyes.
      “Xuankong Temple, the name of the Dharma is due to repair.”Lin Yuan hands together, indifferent way.
      “Hum, little monk, your strength is very good. It really makes me lose my sight. Just now I let you hurt me carelessly, but now I won't. I'll show you the means of the top of the earth division.”
      At this point, the old man in black came again and turned into a black shadow.
      Lin Yuan put his hands together. When the shadow arrived at his side, Lin Yuan pressed down: “subdue the devil!”
      “The magic palm of the sun!”The black robed old man waved his huge black palm.
      Two palms opposite.
      The two forces collide.
      The old man in black robe slipped tens of meters backward and sank into the earth with his foot. Finally, he could not help it. His blood was rolling, his throat was surging, and his mouth was bursting with blood.
      This time.
      The old man in black robe felt that his internal organs would be torn apart. His internal organs were hot and uncomfortable.
      “It's, how can it be, his power is still above me.”The old man in black has an incredible look.
      Lin Yuan calmly looked at the old man in black robe, “you are not careless, but your strength is not enough, you are too weak, it's just the peak of the earth division, there's nothing to be arrogant about.”
      The old man in black robe looks at Lin Yuan and gnashes his teeth.
      With the sound of Amitabha from Lin Yuan, the whole body was shocked by the power of Buddhism. The powerful power of Buddhism spread all around. The old man in black robe felt that Lin Yuan's power of Buddhism was incomparable, and exclaimed: “what a powerful power of Buddhism, you are so old, and you have reached the peak of the master's realm. How can this be possible?”
      Uncle Jiu is also one of the shock. He feels the fluctuation of Buddhist power from Lin Yuan. This fluctuation of Buddhist power is indeed the peak of the master's realm, no less than the peak of daomen's earth master.
      “This guy, how did he break through again? In less than half a month, he broke through from the middle of the mage realm to the peak?”Jiushu was also very shocked. In just half a month, Lin Yuan broke through the middle stage of the mage realm to the later stage, and then to the peak. These are two small realms. Even if he is a genius, it will take several years.
      This is Lin Yuan.
      In less than half a month.
      In the eyes of the old man in black robe, the chance of killing soared.
      He finally understood.
      Mr. Ren, whom he sent out, was not killed by Lin Fengjiao in Maoshan, but by this young monk, who should have killed so many zombies who besieged Lin Fengjiao's daozhuang.
      “Little monk, you are too rebellious. Today I will kill you. You are the peak of the master's realm and I am the peak of the earth master's realm. Our realm is the same. Although your physical strength is stronger than mine, I will show you the magic of my corpse raising sect.”
      The old man in black robe said here, and took out a bell from the black robe.
      The bell is purple.
      There are lots of runes on it.
      The old man in black immediately summoned the mana, and then held the bell.
      The rune on the bell is just like a tadpole. It moves strangely and gives off a blood red light.
      “Dementor bell!All ghosts roar
      The old man in black robe yelled and kept shaking the bell. Then the sound of crying and Howling spread all over the void, shaking the void.
      These voices attack the mind.
      Uncle Jiu immediately uses his mana to resist the ghost.
      “As I said, the peak of earth division is too weak.”Lin Yuan gave a cold hum. Seeing that the old man in black robe attacked himself with a soul call, he immediately raised his hand and sang a mantra.
      You have your soul ring, releasing the roar of ghosts to attack people's mind.
      Then I also have my Sanskrit for your life.
      “Suoming Sanskrit voice!”
      Lin Yuan's singing speed is accelerated.
      “Put down the butcher's knife and become a Buddha on the spot. Put down the butcher's knife and become a Buddha on the spot.”
      In an instant, the evil light around Lin Yuan burst out all around, and a breath of evil and evil vibrated everywhere.
      The old man in black robe listened to Lin Yuan's Vajrayana, and his mind was shocked. “What's this voice? How can it be so evil?”
      “When you see my seat, are you still at your feet?I'm here. Kneel down and repent. Put down the butcher's knife and become a Buddha. Put down the butcher's knife and become a Buddha
      Suoming Sanskrit directly suppressed the roar of ghosts.
      The soul bell in the hands of the old man in black robe exploded with a roar.
      The old man in black robe looked up at the sky and spewed out a mouthful of blood, retreating.
      He watched Lin Yuan's demonic light blooming, and the terrible Sanskrit voice constantly attacked his mind.
      He was in a state of confusion.
      He took a big breath and knelt down on the ground to repent.
      “Put down the butcher's knife and become a Buddha on the spot!”Lin Yuan took a step of tens of meters, suddenly drank, and immediately arrived at the old man in black robe.
      The old man in black robe shook his head for a moment, and then he woke up. He immediately stood up and stepped back, shouting: “no, you demon monk, what kind of magic sound did you use to affect my mind, black dragon roaring!”
      The black robed old man breathes in the black air and turns into a dragon roaring.
      Lin Yuan gave a cold hum, and the palm condensed the terrible Buddhist power, and then pressed it away.
      Dragon smashes.
      The old man in black retreated.
      Lin Yuan arrives at him, and the demon is swept away.
      The black robed old man resisted with both arms.
      With a bang, the arms of the old man in black robe burst on the spot.
      Then Lin Yuan hit him on the chest again.
      All of a sudden.
      Chest depression.
      The old man in black robe, like a broken kite, fell on the ground, spewing out a mouthful of blood and was killed on the spot.
      After Lin Yuan killed the old man in black robe, he urged the Buddha to cast the earth fire spell, and a fire directly burned the old man in black robe to ashes.
      “Amitabha, I said you are too weak!”Lin Yuan put his hands together and said calmly.
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      Chapter 27 Ren Tingting: you are my husband!
      On the other side of the nine uncle, witnessed Lin Yuan quickly kill the bodyguard.
      He was shocked again.
      “Within three years, this guy must have shocked the whole spiritual world. There is such a genius in Buddhism. I'm afraid that even my senior brother Shi Jian can't catch up with this person's talent.”
      Lin Yuan kills the old man in black robe and can't wait to go back to get the reward.
      Killing so many zombies and three iron corpses in Jiushu daozhuang, the reward must be very good.
      Today's battle with the old man in black robe.
      Although he was completely suppressed, he killed the black robed old man without any effort.
      But it's not.
      Lin Yuan still felt that his cultivation was too low.
      The black robed old man is just a Dharma protector of the corpse gate.
      The corpse raising sect can only be regarded as a common evil sect in the whole spiritual world.
      Therefore, Lin Yuan wanted to quickly improve his cultivation.
      Now that he has reached the peak of the master's realm, it's time for him to attack the master's realm.
      “Uncle Jiu, let's go.”Lin Yuan looks at Jiu Shu.
      Uncle Jiu nodded, stood up and went back to daozhuang with Lin Yuan.
      After returning to daozhuang, Jiushu closed the door to heal.
      Lin Yuan went to Ren's residence.
      “The crisis of Ren's family has been completely relieved.”Lin Yuan said, looking at Ren FA in the hall of Ren's home.
      Ren FA looked ecstatic and looked at Lin Yuan, “thank you, master Lin, for saving our Ren family. I really don't know how to thank you.”
      “Do more good deeds. Your father, Mr. Ren, did a lot of bad things in those years. And you know that.”Lin Yuan's light way.
      “Know, know, master Lin, you can rest assured that I will do good deeds and accumulate virtue with all my heart to Buddha, and never do bad things. Now the world is in chaos, and many people do not eat. I will open the granary regularly, so that people who can't eat can get some food.”
      “Well.”Lin Yuan is indifferent.
      On one side, Ren Tingting, looking at Lin Yuan, immediately straightened her chest and said, “master Lin, you can rest assured that I will supervise my father and definitely make him good.”
      At night.
      Lin Yuan meditates in a room of Ren's mansion.
      Ren Tingting is outside the door.”Master Lin, is it convenient for you?”
      “Come in.”
      Looking at Ren Tingting, Lin Yuan said with a smile: “what's the matter?”
      “Can you teach me to practice?”Ren Tingting asked seriously.
      “It's a hard road to practice.”
      “I'm not afraid of hardship.”Ren Tingting bit her lip.
      “Why do you want to practice all of a sudden?”Lin Yuan looks at Ren Tingting.
      Ren Tingting has a blush on her face, “because I like you, so I also want to practice and be your cultivation partner in the future.”
      “I'll wash the essence and cut the marrow for you first, and I'll talk about cultivating my partner later.”Lin Yuan said calmly.
      Ren Tingting showed a look of joy, holding her chest, very happy.
      This shows that Lin Yuan has accepted her.
      Next, Lin Yuan asked Ren Tingting to take off her clothes. At first, she was a little shy, but it didn't matter that she was all Lin Yuan's women anyway.
      Then wash the essence for her, one night later, Ren Tingting appeared a lot of filth.
      She blushed and looked at her filthy body. “It stinks. I have to wash it!”
      After washing, Ren Tingting wears a long gauze skirt. At the moment, her skin becomes more white and tender, elastic, and her figure becomes more perfect.
      In addition to this, she also felt that she was fresh and comfortable, and there was a little more air in her body.
      Lin Yuan looked at Ren Tingting's overall temperament improved several times, showing a cool smile: “it seems that the effect of washing essence and cutting marrow is very good for you.”
      “Hee hee, thank you, my husband.”Ren Tingting said with a smile.
      This is my husband?
      Lin Yuan felt a burst of sweat.
      “Well, Tingting, I want to practice. Don't disturb me in recent days.”
      “Yes, yes.”Ren Tingting is also very sensible.
      After Ren Tingting left, Lin Yuan just began to count the big gift bags in his system.
      The old man in black manipulated the corpses and besieged Jiushu.
      He killed a lot of corpses and burst out a lot of big gift bags. He hasn't opened them yet.
      Lin Yuan opens the big gift bag.
      “Congratulations to the host, you've got a Zhuyan Dan!”
      “Congratulations to the host. You've got a Bodhi pill.”
      “Congratulations to the host, you got a blood increasing pill!”
      “Congratulations to the host, you got a diamond pill!”
      Lin Yuan just counted half of the big gift bag, and he got more than ten pills of good quality, especially Bodhi pill and Vajra pill, which are very good pills.
      Lin Yuan continues to count the big gift bag.
      The sound of the system is ringing again and again.
      “Congratulations to the host, you have gained the Vajra boxing skill!”
      “Congratulations to the host, you have gained the wuxiangzhi skill!”
      “Congratulations to the host for obtaining Prajna palm skill!”
      “Congratulations to the host, you have gained one Yang finger skill!”
      “Congratulations to the host, get the shadow following curse!”
      “Congratulations to the host for getting the earth splitting spell.”
      “Congratulations to the host for getting the mountain moving mantra!”
      In any case, all kinds of rewards directly let Lin Yuan get a soft hand, more than a dozen top-quality pills, four Buddhism's external skill of boiling flesh and blood, and three incantations.
      “It's time to attack the eminent monk realm and gather Buddhist relics.”
      With so many pills, so many Buddhist external skills, and so many Dharma mantras, Lin Yuan naturally began to attack the realm of eminent monks.
      Lin Yuan immediately swallowed these pills.
      More than a dozen top-grade pills were all turned into rolling power. Lin Yuan's body absorbed these power crazily, and then turned them into powerful magic power.
      Lin Yuan's cultivation has also reached the peak of the mage's realm. The Buddhist power in the elixir field is united, but it doesn't solidify.
      No matter how strong your Buddhist power is.
      As long as it doesn't solidify into a relic.
      You can't be an eminent monk.
      It's hard to practice every inch, and you can't continue to practice.
      “I absorb so much of the power of Dan medicine. The powerful Buddhist is no less powerful than the real eminent monk, but he just can't take the last step.”
      Lin Yuan has studied it for a while. Is my physical body not strong enough?
      Lin Yuan decided to practice the next four Buddhist external skills until he was full.
      The four external skills of Buddhism are Vajra boxing, wuxiangzhi, Prajna palm and Yiyang finger.
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      Chapter 28 external skill is complete!The flesh is strong!
      In this way, in order to gather Buddhist relics, Lin Yuan left Ren's residence for the time being.
      If he wants to practice Buddhism's external skills, he can't avoid making a big noise.
      It's not appropriate to stay at Ren's house.
      Brush, brush!
      On the street of Renjia Town, a white monk, with his hands together, strolled in the street.
      Many young women around were attracted by Lin Yuan.
      “Wow, I've never seen such a handsome monk.”
      “Yes, how handsome!”
      “So handsome. I like him very much.”
      On the street, many girls are attracted by Lin Yuan.
      Some of the vagrants watched the white monk appear in the street, and they immediately showed their excited look.
      “This is master yuanxiu.”
      “He is called yuanxiu?”
      A middle-aged man was at the top of the teahouse and immediately said, “master yuanxiu is not only young and handsome, but also has exquisite Buddhism and profound Taoism. Isn't there a zombie in Renjia town recently?It was master yuanxiu who suppressed it. ”
      On the street, many women were even more excited when they heard it.
      They all ran forward.
      “Master yuanxiu, wait a minute.”
      However, no matter how hard they run, they can't catch up with Lin Yuan.
      “It's strange. It's very close. Why can't we catch up?”A few young women yelled, looking at Lin Yuan very close. When they ran to him, Lin Yuan was far away from them.
      After Lin Yuan left Renjia Town, he soon entered the wild mountain forest, and finally he found a quiet place.
      “Here it is.”
      He sits cross legged, adjusts his breath, and operates the power of Buddhism. The powerful Buddhist power in his body covers his whole body.
      Then, the cultivation method of Vajra appeared in Lin Yuan's mind.
      He began to speculate about cultivation.
      Half a day passed.
      Lin Yuan understood clearly.
      The vast Buddhist power in the body is constantly flowing through some fixed acupoints on the body.
      All of a sudden.
      Lin Yuan's body radiates the light of King Kong, and his flesh and blood trembles wildly. Every time he trembles, Lin Yuan's blood gas increases a lot, and his strength also increases constantly.
      A day later.
      Lin Yuan, who was sitting on the ground, hit the ground with a fist. The ground cracked with a puff, and the big trees were shaking violently.
      “Vajra, Vajra, Vajra, Vajra, Vajra, Vajra, Vajra, Vajra, Vajra, Vajra, Vajra.”Lin Yuan suddenly drinks, and the whole person starts to bounce, and then shakes the void with his Vajra fist.
      Lin Yuan's fists radiate golden light, and each blow blows on the void, which makes a loud burst sound.
      Within a few meters of Lin Yuan's body, the shadow of Vajra boxing is countless, and his ground is even more split. The pressure of Vajra boxing is really terrible.
      Three days later.
      Lin Yuan's blood gas has been increased several times, and his strength has also been increased several times. He has thoroughly practiced Vajra boxing to the full circle.
      He has the power of dragon and elephant with one punch.
      Lin Yuan feels that at the moment, if the old man in black robe of the corpse gate is in front of him, he can kill him on the spot with one punch.
      This is the self-confidence that comes from the cultivation of Vajra boxing.
      “My strength and blood have increased a lot, and my Buddhist power has also increased a lot. However, my physical body does not seem to reach the peak, so I continue to practice.”
      Three days later.
      Lin Yuan cultivated Prajna palm to a great fullness.
      He pressed down, tearing the earth with the power of terror.
      After the completion of Prajna palm, Lin Yuan's physical strength increased by one level again.
      “Not enough, the body has not reached its peak yet!”
      Lin Yuan felt his body and practiced wuxiangzhi and yiyangzhi.
      Three more days have passed.
      Yiyang finger and Wuxiang finger are perfected by Lin Yuan.
      At the moment, Lin Yuan's physical body is powerful to an incredible degree, and his whole body's blood is also strong to the point of metamorphosis.
      He just needs to shake his blood.
      Qi and blood, like fire, directly envelop all around.
      This time, Lin Yuan felt that he had reached the summit.
      He sat on the ground, running the powerful Buddhist power in the Dantian, and then madly compressed the Buddhist power, trying to turn the mighty Buddhist power into a relic.
      Half an hour later.
      Lin Yuan breathed.
      There was a look of disappointment.
      He failed.
      He did not break through the state of becoming a monk.
      “Why on earth?”Lin Yuan frowned.
      Now, with his physical strength, he can fight against the ordinary strong in the realm of Heavenly Master or the eminent monk of Buddhism without using any Buddhist power.
      This is not Lin Yuan's arrogance.
      It was his physical body that was indeed tempered to a kind of abnormal state by him.
      After understanding, Lin Yuan didn't find out the secret.
      “There are still three kinds of incantations that have not been practiced. First, practice these three kinds of incantations perfectly.”
      Next, Lin Yuan began to practice the shadow following mantra. He used the mantra to bless himself. His figure was like a shadow, fast and incomparable.
      Then he practiced the ground breaking mantra.
      “Ground breaking curse!Pardon
      Lin Yuan suddenly drank it. As soon as the spell came out, the ground in front of him cracked with a puff.
      “Mountain moving curse!”
      Lin Yuan suddenly drank again and cast the moving mountain mantra. A huge stone moved directly.
      Lin Yuan heart read a move, the boulder hit heavily on the ground.
      “The mountain moving mantra is good. I don't know if I can move a small hill when I become a holy monk.”
      Lin Yuan remembers that Fahai's mountain moving mantra is extremely powerful and can move a mountain horizontally.
      In this way, the three kinds of mantras were perfected by Lin Yuan.
      Although there was no sariko, he was not worried. Now his heart is as calm as a mirror.
      He knew how long he had been practicing Buddhism and Taoism. In less than half a year, he had the strength comparable to that of a Taoist master or a Buddhist monk.
      If you want to become a master of heaven by practicing Taoism, or if you want to become a monk by practicing Buddhism, which one doesn't need decades or hundreds of years of skill.
      The master of heaven should be better. Maybe he can be cultivated in 50 years.
      It's even more difficult to be a Buddhist monk.
      According to the records of Xuankong Temple, the abbot of Xuankong Temple was also an eminent monk 300 years ago. He joined Xuankong Temple at the age of eight, and it took 120 years to gather the relic to become an eminent monk.
      Think of it here.
      Lin Yuan suddenly showed surprise eyes: “by the way, I can go back to Xuankong Temple to look up the information of the abbots of the past dynasties. Maybe it records the secret of how to become an eminent monk!”
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      Chapter 29 rescue!The wind of the sword!
      Thinking of this, Lin Yuan immediately turned the Buddha's power and quickly left the mountain forest.
      There may be hidden Buddhist monks in the world.
      But none of these strong men are born.
      They are all hiding to practice.
      He couldn't find it either.
      So I have to go back to Xuankong Temple.
      The shadow following mantra is not suitable to move for a long time. It can only be moved for a long time when the ground is reduced to an inch, because it consumes the least Buddhist power.
      A day later.
      Lin Yuan came to Xuankong Temple.
      Right now.
      There is a secret room in Xuankong Temple.
      An old monk suddenly opened his eyes.
      “What a powerful breath. It's stronger than ever.”
      The old monk went out and looked at Lin Yuan: “apprentice, it's you who are back. I thought you were the strong one. Didn't you go to the world of mortals for training?”
      “Shifu, I have encountered a bottleneck in my practice, so I want to go back to Xuankong Temple and check the records of the abbots of Xuankong Temple. I want to see how to condense the Buddhist relic. Shifu, do you know how to condense the relic?”
      The old monk shook his head: “it's only in the eminent monk realm that you have a Buddhist relic. The master doesn't know such a profound way. The master's cultivation is not as good as you. However, apprentice, if you want to gather a Buddhist relic, it also means entering the eminent monk realm. You don't have to worry about it now, step by step.”
      Lin Yuan guessed that the old monk didn't know how to unite the relic.
      “What is your state now?”The old monk continued.
      Lin Yuan runs the Buddhist power, and the whole body is shocked by the Buddhist power. The breath of terror is extremely strong.
      The old monk was so shocked that his words were not sharp.
      “This breath, this breath is the peak of the mage realm, apprentice, you have reached the peak of the mage realm?”
      “Yes, my physical body has reached its peak, and so has the Buddhist power. Even my physical strength and Buddhist power can be compared with those of the real eminent monk, but I can't find a way to break through it.”
      Lin Yuan said,
      The old monk was no longer shocked. He knew that Lin Yuan was a rare Buddhist genius.
      You know, this is the end of the law era. How long has Lin Yuan been practicing?
      It's only been more than a month.
      Although it took more than half a year to visit Xuankong Temple.
      But he didn't guide this guy to practice.
      It took six months for this guy to start practicing.
      It's only been more than a month, and Lin Yuan is about to attack the eminent monk's realm.
      It's only a hundred years in the world that we are qualified to do.
      He finished it in more than a month.
      The evildoer!
      An incomparable evil.
      The devil of the world.
      “My God, disciple, you are a monster. How long have you been practicing, and you are going to gather the sariki?It's terrible to have a hundred years of cultivation in more than one month. In the end of the law era, your talent is absolutely the first person. No, you are also absolutely the first person if you look at a thousand years. ”
      The old monk took a breath of cold air, and he immediately said, “you go to the Sutra Pavilion. There are scriptures left by the abbots of the past dynasties. Maybe you can find them.”
      Next, Lin Yuan went to the Sutra Pavilion.
      This sutra Pavilion is also very familiar with Lin Yuan.
      It's not the kind of Sutra Pavilion in movies and TV that is full of all kinds of unique knowledge.
      It's just some scriptures.
      In the first half of the year, Lin Yuan would come to the Sutra pavilion every other time to clean.
      Lin Yuan looked at these scriptures.
      It's all plain Scripture.
      Finally, Lin Yuan found a record of Xuankong Temple.
      It records the information of every abbot.
      “I found it at last.”
      Lin Yuan shows excited eyes, what he wants is this record.
      Read this thick book carefully.
      Lin Yuan learned that seven hundred years ago, Xuankong Temple had experienced thirteen generations of abbots, not the old monk.
      The previous generations of abbots did not mention anything about cultivation.
      In the fifth generation Abbot's time, he mentioned cultivation.
      “I, Kong Cheng, was eight years old and joined Xuankong Temple. I was twenty-five years old and thirty years old. At the beginning, fifty years old, mid-term, eighty years old, at the end, one hundred and twenty years old, and at the peak, one hundred and twenty years old. But I got a chance by chance. When my body and Buddha reached a balance, I met the wind of natural calamity,The wind of the sword adds to one's body and leads to a near death. He seizes the opportunity of this life to succeed, and successfully condenses the sariki and cultivates himself into an eminent monk state. ”
      Lin Yuan showed a look of ecstasy, and he finally understood that he had to survive the disaster. No wonder he could not cohere the sariki all the time. He had to survive the disaster.
      The natural disaster of entering the realm of eminent monks is the disaster of Dao Feng.
      Lin Yuan finally understood.
      Lin Yuan took a look again. Abbot kongcheng passed away when he was 180 years old.
      Lin Yuan also roughly knew that the life expectancy of a strong Buddhist who became a monk was estimated to be about 200 years. If he did not become a monk, his current cultivation would lead to a life expectancy of 145 years.
      Half an hour later.
      Lin Yuan walked out of the Sutra Pavilion.
      The old monk looked at Lin Yuan and said, “apprentice, what's the matter?”
      “Master, I have understood that if I want to become a monk, I must go through the calamity!”
      Hearing the word “Tianjie”, the old monk trembled, “disciple, you have to be careful. Tianjie is not so easy to pass.”
      “I'm sure.”
      Lin Yuan said that here is the old monk who left.
      “Master, I'm leaving!”
      Lin Yuan left Xuankong Temple and came to the top of a big mountain. He wanted to adjust himself, and then he began to summon Tianjie.
      “Buddhism gathers the relic and breaks through the eminent monk's need to be robbed. Those who practice Taoism want to become a Heavenly Master, I'm afraid they also have to survive the robbery.”
      Lin Yuan explored himself again.
      It's normal for a man of practice to go against the heaven.
      In addition to the practitioners, ghosts and spirits, even the supernatural beings have five failures.
      Three days later.
      On the top of the mountain, a monk in white settled down like a rock.
      At the moment, Lin Yuan put his hands together.
      The Scriptures are constantly in my mouth.
      His whole body was full of blood gas, and the Buddha power was flowing in his body.
      In a flash.
      Lin Yuan suddenly opened his eyes.
      “My fate is to repair, here to save the robbery!”
      In the sky, the clouds rolled and formed black clouds, which appeared above the edge of the forest.
      Lin Yuan looks at the imminent disaster.
      Not only was he not afraid.
      On the contrary, he showed a look of excitement.
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      Chapter 30: the body meets the wind of the sword!
      Clouds above.
      Again, the storm is surging.
      It's clouded over.
      Just then, the wind came up.
      A cold wind came down and blew on the Buddha's ground. Suddenly, a deep mark appeared on the opposite side, as if it had been cut by a knife.
      Lin Yuan's eyes coagulated and looked at the cold wind. “It's really the wind of natural calamity. Its power is so terrible. It's a cold wind. No wonder many practitioners fall down when they pass through the calamity. They can't resist the natural calamity. They only fall down. Some of them are lucky to escape from the natural calamity. Although they don't die, they are disabled. They don't dare to be robbed again.”
      However, Lin Yuan is not afraid.
      Today, his Buddhist power is incomparable, which can be compared to the real eminent monk realm.
      In addition to the powerful Buddhist power, his flesh and blood strength also reached the peak.
      “Come on.”
      Lin Yuan suddenly drank it, and his whole body was in full bloom. It looked like the arrival of a real Buddha.
      Brush, brush!
      The cold wind began to blow, and the ground around Lin Yuan was cut like tofu.
      A cold wind blows to Lin Yuan. It is as sharp as a knife. It is sharper than a real knife.
      Lin Yuan runs the Vajra fist and blows it away.
      With a roar, the wind was smashed by Lin Yuan's fist.
      “Amitabha!Come on, be violentLin Yuan stood up, his hands together, his body shining with gold.
      Above his head, countless wind cuts through the void and blows towards the edge of the forest.
      Lin Yuan decided to calm his mind and use his power to fight against the wind.
      Tear, tear, tear!
      Lin Yuan smashed the wind of the sword with one punch, and the wind of the sword blew down again.
      “Demon subduing palm!”
      Lin Yuan uses his magic palm to fight against the wind of the sword.
      Bang bang!
      The whole mountain where Lin Yuan stood was cut into bean curd dregs by Dao Feng.
      On the top of the dilapidated mountain, a white monk kept fighting with Daofeng.
      Right now.
      Some villagers on the mountain, watching the roaring sound from the top of the mountain, came forward to watch one after another. They were also shocked.
      “Look, what's that?”
      “What is the monk in white doing?”
      A knife wind fell on a big tree in front of them. Suddenly, the big tree was cut in half by the knife wind on the spot.
      The villagers turned pale with fear.
      “Go, go.”
      Right now.
      At the foot of the mountain, a Town God's Temple.
      Seems to feel a special breath.
      Town God's Temple rolled out a blue airstream and turned into a figure.
      It's the City God.
      The City God's eyes were fixed, looking at the movement above the top of the mountain.
      He understood in a flash.
      This is a robbery.
      “The wind comes from heaven. It's the strong men of Buddhism crossing the wind of the sword!”
      With a wave of his big hand, the City God quickly rushed to the top of the mountain.
      He saw clearly.
      It's a young monk in white who is fighting through the wind of the sword.
      “The cultivation of the monk in white is so strong that he has to fight against the wind of the sword with his body.”
      The wind of the sword is fierce and more and more fierce. The top of the mountain where Lin Yuan stands has already collapsed and is full of holes. Even some big trees 100 meters away have been cut into pieces.
      However, Lin Yuan did not step back in the face of the disaster.
      “Demon subduing palm!”
      “Demon subduing fist!”
      Lin Yuan's fists shake the wind of the sword.
      The wind of the sword became more fierce and wanted to tear the edge of the forest.
      “Vajra fist, Prajna palm!”
      Facing the wind of the sword, Lin Yuan didn't retreat, on the contrary, his fighting spirit became more intense, and his flesh and blood were played to the extreme by him.
      Tear! Tear!
      Lin Yuan's white clothes were completely smashed.
      He showed a strong body of flesh and blood.
      The wind of the sword blows on Lin Yuan's flesh and blood, making a clanging sound.
      Lin Yuan put his hands together and looked down at his flesh and blood. There were bloodstains on his body, but Lin Yuan's flesh and blood was also so powerful that he just left bloodstains and didn't hurt him.
      Lin Yuan roared: “come on!”
      The City God on the other side shivered as he watched the fierce robbery.
      Then he looked at the young monk and took a breath of air without taking a step back.
      “Who is this young monk? His body is so abnormal. He never stepped back in the face of such a fierce attack.”
      Above the edge of the forest.
      It's a new round of blade brewing.
      This round is more powerful and terrifying than before.
      If you can't cross it, it will fall.
      In the past, the sariki will be gathered. Their strength and life will be doubled.
      Void, a terrible tearing sound, thousands of blade directly blowing down, the entire void issued Zizi explosion.
      This round of wind is really terrible.
      Lin Yuan gave a cold hum and turned the body power and the whole body Buddha power.
      “Come on.”
      Lin Yuan smashed dozens of wind with one blow, then pressed down with one palm, and then broke dozens of wind.
      “One Yang finger!”
      “No reference!”
      “Prajna palm!”
      “The Buddha's hand, the Buddha's light
      Brush, brush!
      At the top of the mountain, a young monk with bare upper body madly urged all kinds of martial arts to smash the wind of the sword.
      This young monk, with his bare upper body, is also strong in the Vietnam War. The fiercer the Vietnam War is, the stronger his physical body is.
      Lin Yuan also felt the abnormality in his body.
      Before the flesh and blood have reached a state of climax, the Buddha also reached an unprecedented strong.
      But it just can't condense the sariki.
      At the moment, when he was facing and smashing the disaster, his body seemed to absorb an inexplicable energy.
      This kind of energy body, even in the Dantian fusion of Buddhism, and his blood.
      Think of it here.
      Lin Yuan completely understood.
      No wonder it's only after the success of the disaster that the sariki can be gathered.
      It turns out that it needs a kind of energy.
      This kind of energy is contained in the blade wind disaster.
      Lin Yuan's hands suddenly spread out, and the whole person was like a wild lion waking up, with his upper body bare and the wind of the sword coming down.
      His terrible Qi and blood, Buddhist power and a kind of energy produced by smashing the wind of the sword quickly combined in his body.
      That's it.
      Lin Yuan fought with Dao Feng for three days.
      The wind of the sword is taken away.
      Lin Yuan sits cross legged, and the three majestic energies in his body are closely integrated.
      “The wind of the sword is over!Then there's the congealed relic. ”
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      Chapter 31 seven grain relic!Buddha light town world!
      I've been fighting with Daofeng for several days.
      Lin Yuan also had some feeling in this battle.
      He realized that whether they are ghosts or human beings, their practice is against the heaven, and they need to survive successfully. Even immortals have to resist the five failures of heaven and human beings.
      Except for this.
      Lin Yuan knows the benefits of physical strength.
      This time, his body is playing out the corresponding benefits.
      Under the fierce attack of the wind, his body is still safe.
      No wonder a lot of people have failed.
      If the body can't resist, it can only fall with hatred.
      Hundreds of meters away, the City God came to the mountain again. He watched the wind of the sword and the young monk in white.
      He took a breath of air and said, “the little monk has resisted the great calamity of the sword wind!”
      “At the end of the Dharma period, I didn't expect that such a young monk appeared in Buddhism.”The city god looked in shock.
      Lin Yuan looks at the wound of his upper body. He runs his power, Buddhist power, and blood gas. In an instant, the scars on his body begin to heal and become intact. No scar appears.
      “Amitabha!”Lin Yuan closed his eyes and began to mobilize the three kinds of energy in his body to combine closely in Dantian.
      In this way, another three days passed.
      In the evening.
      All of a sudden.
      Above the top of the mountain.
      Buddha's light has sprung up.
      Lin Yuan opened his eyes, and a golden light burst out between them.
      An egg sized sariko was formed in his body.
      Not only that, there is a golden grain on the relic.
      Moreover, the golden lines are increasing.
      Half an hour later, a golden grain appeared on the relic, and two golden grain blessings appeared.
      A few more hours have passed.
      There are seven golden lines on the sariki in his body.
      “Seven grain relic!”Lin Yuan saw seven golden lines appear in his relic, but he didn't know what they meant.
      Lin Yuan is too lazy to think about it. At the moment, his whole body is blessed with Buddha light, just like the Golden Buddha. It looks magical and sacred.
      The Buddha's light that he sent out shone on a square kilometer. Many villages at the foot of the mountain also found the Buddha's light on the top of the mountain.
      Many villagers came out one after another and looked at the Buddha light on the top of the mountain. They all showed a look of worship.
      “The true Buddha is coming!”
      “The true Buddha is coming!”
      “Kneel down and worship!”
      “Come on
      “By the way, there was so much noise on the top of the mountain a few days ago. It is said that someone saw a young monk meditating there. He must have become a Buddha.”
      “Kneel down, kneel down quickly.”
      These people are in love with Lin.
      Some of Lin Yuan's Buddhist light shines on these villagers.
      The villagers felt warm. Some of them were suffering from hidden diseases, but they were cured in an instant, and the hidden diseases disappeared.
      “Ah, I'm not lame anymore!”
      “My hands seem to move, too.”
      “It's Buddha coming!”
      “Thank you Buddha.”
      Lin Yuan's Buddha light not only cured these villagers' hidden diseases, but also suppressed a wave of ghosts and demons.
      The ghost of the mountain spirit looks at the light of the Buddha on the top of the mountain. Under the light of the Buddha, his body is twisted and turns into smoke.
      “Ah, ah, ah!”
      The evil spirits of the mountain spirits turned into smoke and disappeared in an instant.
      Even the city god Yin Department was illuminated by the Buddha's light, the Yin Qi was weakened instantly, and he did not dare to directly contact the Buddha's light emitted by Lin Yuan.
      In a few minutes.
      The light of Buddha around Lin Yuan began to dissipate. It was the light of Buddha from the beginning of the relic in his body, not the real light of fairy and Buddha.
      The relic is newly built.
      The light emitted naturally has magical power.
      At the moment, Lin Yuan feels that he has completely sublimated.
      Compared with the time of the mage realm.
      He's too strong now.
      He runs the blood gas, and feels that the blood gas is like the sun, the Buddha power is as fierce as the rivers, and the physical strength is also extremely powerful.
      “Is this the realm of eminent monks? According to the records of Abbot kongzhen, eminent monks are divided into seven categories. Each additional category produces one more relic. The combination of the seven relic is the most powerful realm of Buddhism, venerable!I should be a monk's cultivation now. “Lin Yuan murmured.
      Lin Yuan stood up, naked, hands together.
      He lowered his head, looked at his upper body, waved his big hand, and took out a white cassock from the storage bag.
      Lin Yuan puts on his cassock.
      Temperament outside.
      Very handsome.
      Although he is bald, it doesn't affect his handsome.
      “Try to see how Buddhism's external skills are doing!”
      Lin Yuan's running power makes Qi and blood bloom like the sun.
      “Demon subduing palm!”
      One hand blows out, and the violent force tears the void.
      “Demon subduing fist!”
      “Prajna palm!”
      “One Yang finger!”
      “No reference!”
      Lin Yuan was on the top of the mountain, practicing Buddhist martial arts. His whole body was full of blood, and the void burst like waves.
      “The eminent monk realm is really not comparable to the master realm!”Lin Yuan uses the Buddhist power again and uses it to shrink the ground to an inch. With a brush, Lin Yuan turns into a white shadow, stepping out in one step, nearly 100 meters away.
      “I don't know when I can fly in the air. That's freedom.”Lin Yuan murmured.
      “By the way, now that I have broken through the realm of eminent monks, I should be able to practice several movements behind the palm of the Tathagata God.”
      Next, Lin Yuan began to practice the second form of the Tathagata palm.
      Half an hour later.
      Lin Yuan, the second form of Buddha's palm, has also been thoroughly cultivated.
      “The Buddha's palm, the Golden Buddha's lamp!”
      Lin Yuan suddenly drank and turned the Buddhist power. On the palm of his hand, the powerful flame was burning. This is the Buddha fire.
      The palm of fire suddenly pressed on the earth.
      All of a sudden.
      The whole ground burst open, and Jiaohu lake was in one piece.
      “What a powerful force
      Lin Yuan looked happy.
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      Chapter 32 the invitation of the city god!Harvest ginseng for 300 years!
      “Buddha's palm, the third move, Buddha moves mountains and rivers!”
      Buzz, buzz!
      Lin Yuan uses the power of Buddha to move mountains and rivers with the third form of Buddha's palm.
      All of a sudden.
      The golden light trembles, and the Buddhist power vibrates around.
      The distance within tens of meters is swept by this terrible pressure.
      At the foot of the edge of the forest, the ground burst.
      The third is more powerful.
      After Lin Yuan's cultivation, his physical strength and Qi and blood doubled a lot.
      Now, hundreds of meters away, there is an old man standing.
      The old man is wearing a robe. He is the city god of Qingyuan town.
      Looking at the young monk in the white cassock, the city god shook his eyes: “this guy is really powerful. He easily survived the disaster of the sword wind. It's a blessing for the world that such a young strong Buddhist appeared in this era.”
      Lin Yuan was meditating and suddenly felt a sense of prying.
      “Well, who?”
      Lin Yuan suddenly drinks, hands together, step out, directly into a shadow.
      In a flash.
      Lin Yuan arrives at the side of the City God and presses it with one palm.
      “I dare to spy on my practice.”
      Yinsi Chenghuang was stunned and immediately backed back, “please keep your hand. I'm the Chenghuang of Qingyuan town.”
      “Yin Si Cheng Huang?”Lin Yuan immediately stopped and looked at the old man. He was not a stranger, just like a ghost, but his breath was special, just like that of the earth master in Nanshan of Renjia Town, which should be the breath of yin and God.
      “It's the City God. Nice to meet you!”Lin Yuan holds his fist.
      The city god looked at Lin Yuan and said, “ha ha ha, I saw you through the great calamity on Qingyuan mountain with my own eyes. You succeeded in the calamity. Now you should be the realm of eminent monks in Buddhism.”
      Lin Yuan nodded, “well, Cheng Huang, you are quite clear about our Buddhist realm.”
      “Ha ha ha, I'm the underworld's chief. I know more about the practice of the world's spiritual world.”The City God said with a smile.”Can a monk pay a compliment to sit in Town God's Temple?”
      “I'll disturb you.”
      “Don't disturb, don't disturb.”
      The forest edge and the City God came to Town God's Temple.
      “Eminent monk, what's your legal name?”
      “Xuankong Temple, yuanxiu!”Lin Yuan said calmly.
      “Master yuanxiu, please!”
      Lin Yuan nodded and went in with the City God.
      They had a good talk.
      Cheng Huang is also very polite, took out a 300 year old ginseng and gave it to Lin Yuan.
      “Master yuanxiu, this ginseng is for you. I got it by chance in Qingyuan town before. Now it's for you.”The city god narrowed his eyes and said with a smile.
      Lin Yuan said with a smile, looking at the three hundred years of ginseng, said: “City God, you have anything to say.”
      The city god coughed, “master yuanxiu, there is a demon in the west mountain of Qingyuan town. There are many fierce ghosts under his hand, which often harm the common people. My cultivation is not enough to deal with this demon, so I beg master yuanxiu to help me. Master yuanxiu, you become a Buddhist monk and become a Buddhist monk. I hope you can help the common people of Qingyuan town.”
      “As a Buddhist, if there are demons in the world, I will deal with them naturally.”Lin Yuan said calmly.
      Cheng Huang stood up and bent over with his hands clasped: “thank you.”
      “You're welcome.”Lin Yuan waved.
      “You'd better take this ginseng, master yuanxiu. Anyway, it's useless for me. My cultivation relies on the power of the people's incense. This day's material and land treasure is not very useful to me.”Said the City God.
      Lin Yuan nodded, this ginseng can increase Qi and blood, not white.
      Moreover, although he has passed through the great calamity of the sword wind, his cultivation level is only the level of an eminent monk, and he needs resources very much.
      Lin Yuan put this 300 year old ginseng in the storage bag.
      “By the way, since there's a big demon in the west mountain of Qingyuan Town, why doesn't the hell do it?”Lin Yuan asked.
      “Master yuanxiu, in fact, the underworld doesn't care about human demons and zombies. The responsibility of the underworld is just to manage reincarnation, capture wandering spirits and wild ghosts, and guide souls to the underworld to capture and kill demons. It's not the responsibility of the underworld. Naturally, there are practitioners in the world to deal with demons.”
      “So it is.”Lin Yuan is able to understand.
      In many movies and TV dramas I saw in my previous life, it seems that this is true. The people who kill demons and demons are often monks and Taoists. They don't see that the underground government sends troops to catch demons and zombies.
      The city god looked at Lin Yuan and said, “master yuanxiu, you will become an eminent monk at your age. If you want to be a Buddhist, it will take decades or even hundreds of years for a person with high Buddha nature to successfully survive and become an eminent monk. If you can become an eminent monk at your age, your talent must be very high. It is said that the refined sariko has a grain, so it is not giftedWrong, two lines are Buddhist genius, three lines are the genius of genius. ”
      From the mouth of the city god mentioned the grain on the relic.
      Lin Yuan was also stunned.
      Although he worshipped the temple.
      But in fact, he was only in the temple for more than half a year.
      Moreover, the cultivation of the old monk is also very low.
      He didn't know a lot about Buddhism.
      “It turns out that the grain on the relic represents talent.”
      “Yes, it's said that thousands of years ago, there was a young monk in Jinshan Temple who had been practicing for less than 30 years and became an inter Saint monk. He had four lines on his relic. He was a Buddhist talent. He was called Fahai. Master yuanxiu should have heard of it.”
      “Fahai!”Lin Yuan's eyes were shocked.
      In the movie, Fahai is really one of the Buddhist talents.
      Practice the great power Tianlong Sutra.
      It's so overbearing.
      The four lines of Fahai are called Buddha's divine talents. Then his relic has seven gold lines. What is his talent?
      of course.
      Lin Yuan didn't say it.
      Half an hour later.
      Lin Yuan and Cheng Huang stood on Town God's Temple.
      West of Qingyuan town.
      A whiff of monstrosity soared to the sky.
      Lin Yuan's eyes flashed a light golden light: “since I have come to Qingyuan Town, and I am in Qingyuan Town, let me suppress the demons and ghosts of Qingyuan town.”
      A brush.
      Lin Yuan step out, into a shadow, constantly close to the west of Qingyuan town.
      The City God also turned into a blue light and followed Lin Yuan.
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      Chapter 33 women in white!White tiger as Mount!
      In the wild west of Qingyuan town.
      A few villagers, crazy escape.
      Behind me.
      There are more than ten ghosts.
      These ghosts, catch these villagers.
      A brush.
      Two figures appeared beside the villagers.
      It's Lin Yuan and Cheng Huang.
      “Amitabha!How dare you, little devil, to bring disaster to the world. “Lin Yuan put his hands together and gave a sharp drink.
      At the moment, the City God, looking at these evil spirits, is also a cold hum, “You evil spirits, really big courage.”
      The ten or so evil spirits suddenly appeared. A young monk and the City God also appeared.
      A devil immediately gave a cold hum.
      “Where's the little monk? He's looking for death.”
      Another evil spirit stood up, looked at the City God and said, “Lord City God, we are always well water but not river water. Do you want to interfere in our affairs today?”
      The city god snorted coldly, “don't worry, I won't interfere, but naturally someone will clean you up.”
      “Is that the little monk?Ha ha, ha ha, with this little monk, do you want to destroy us?Dream about it. ”
      These ghosts all look up to the sky and laugh.
      Lin Yuan said Amitabha, and the Buddhist power around him vibrated.
      For a moment.
      Lin Yuan stepped out, and the figure appeared a hundred meters away.
      At the moment, one of the ghosts was caught by Lin Yuan's five fingers and smashed to the ground.
      On the spot.
      This ghost, it's going to burst.
      This method is extremely fierce, so that these evil spirits did not react. At the moment, the City God also took a breath.
      “Good boy, the means are so sharp and simple. It seems that I have come to you right.”
      A brush.
      Lin Yuan turned around again, showing a sneer, looking at these ghosts.
      “Today, all of you are going to fly ash.”
      Lin Yuan suddenly drank, “dragon claw hand!”
      Brush, brush!
      Lin Yuan turned into a remnant shadow, displaying the Dragon claws outside the Buddha's gate.
      Now he has refined the Buddhist relic and cultivated the Buddhist monk realm. His strength can be said to be powerful all over the world.
      After the breakthrough, it happened that it had not been touched.
      Lin Yuan was all dressed in white cassock, and his five fingers kept catching these evil spirits.
      One face to face.
      All the Five ghosts were crushed by Lin Yuan.
      “My darling, this boy is too strong and abnormal. These ferocious ghosts are as fragile as tofu in front of him.”The City God took a deep breath.
      There are more than ten ghosts left. They look at Lin Yuan with their teeth bared.
      But these ghosts just don't dare to come forward.
      Lin Yuan gave a cold hum, put his hands together, and then started to print instantly.
      “Chenghuang, step back a hundred meters away.”
      The city god nodded and immediately stepped back a hundred meters away.
      Just after the city god retreated to a hundred meters away, Lin Yuan suddenly drank and turned the Buddha power on his palm.
      On the palm of Lin Yuan's hand, there was a layer of fire.
      This fire is Buddha fire.
      It's powerful, it burns everything, it burns evil.
      Lin Yuan waved the palm of Buddha.
      The Buddha's palm wrapped by the Buddha's fire exudes a terrible pressure. Just the light of the fire makes these evil spirits retreat.
      “Who is the little monk?”
      “It's suffocating.”
      “Get out of here!”
      “Let's go!”
      A dozen ghosts want to run away.
      At this time.
      Lin Yuan suddenly drank it.
      “The Buddha's palm, the Buddha's lamp on the golden roof, is out!”
      The palm wrapped by Buddha fire is pressed directly and suddenly.
      The whole ground vibrated.
      The earth appeared cracks, like spider silk cracks all over the earth quickly.
      Moreover, the fire on the palm of Lin Yuan's hand spread rapidly according to these cracks. In less than half a breath, the fire spread in all directions.
      The evil spirits who want to escape are infected with the Buddha fire in an instant.
      This time, it can be said that it is really crying.
      Countless evil spirits turned into black smoke under the fire. Some evil spirits rolled on the ground and could not put out the fire.
      Even if it's the City God.
      At 100 meters away, I felt the fire.
      It's also palpitating.
      It made him uneasy.
      After all, the City God is also a ghost, but he was canonized by the local government.
      “What a terrible cultivation.”Cheng Huang took a hard breath. He had seen practitioners in the world, Maoshan disciples, Longhushan disciples, and even other Buddhist masters, but he had never seen such a ferocious practitioner as Lin Yuan.
      Lin Yuan, a kind of evil practitioner, has never seen before.
      One face to face.
      Lin Yuan killed these evil spirits.
      It has to be said that Lin Yuan's strength is many times stronger when he breaks through the Buddhist realm.
      It's like he's trying his best.
      First time.
      At this time, a woman in white appeared in the dark.
      The woman in white is tall, not petite, but tall and plump.
      The woman in white trotted to Lin Yuan.
      “Master, help, there are ghosts, there are ghosts.”
      The tall woman approached Lin Yuan and suddenly pressed her hand on Lin Yuan's chest.
      The city god suddenly drank a hundred meters away, “master yuanxiu, be careful, this woman in white is not a human.”
      The hand of the woman in white is pressed on Lin Yuan. Lin Yuan hums coldly and shakes her body.
      The tall and beautiful woman in white flew out in an instant and hit the ground.
      “How could that be…”
      The woman in white was biting her lips. She never thought that the little monk's flesh and blood was so abnormal.
      Lin Yuan snorted coldly and looked at the woman in white, “although you can transform into human form, how can you hide my heavenly eyes? You are a demon. You should die.”
      Lin Yuan stepped out and ran to the woman in white with one palm.
      The woman in white turned into a huge white tiger and roared at Lin Yuan.
      Lin Yuan's palm is on the head of the white tiger.
      All of a sudden.
      The white tiger flew upside down and hit the ground.
      Then she turned into a tall and beautiful woman.
      But at the moment, this woman is shivering, lying on the ground shaking.
      Lin Yuan went over and looked at the tall woman.”You open your mind and practice. It's a rare opportunity among all animals. It's a pity that you don't cherish the opportunity that God gives you. If you want to bring disaster to the world, you can't blame us for destroying you.”
      “Tathagata palm!”Lin Yuan's power is running, and his violent palm is ready to press down.
      The woman in white looked scared and immediately knelt down on the ground, “I beg the master to open up. I don't know that it's a crime to arrest people. I also ask the master to open up. I'm willing to practice with the master.”
      Lin Yuan looked at the tall and plump woman in white, but didn't start immediately.
      “Practice with me?”
      “Yes, yes.”The tall and plump woman in white nodded her head and immediately transformed herself.
      A huge white tiger appeared beside Lin Yuan. Not only that, she also made a voice: “master, Bai ling'er is willing to accompany master and become master's mount.”
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      Chapter 34 cultivate Bai ling'er!Beautiful beast!
      This huge white tiger pleaded beside Lin Yuan.
      Seeing that Lin Yuan didn't speak, Bai Hu immediately lay on the ground and said, “please give Bai ling'er a chance. Bai ling'er is willing to practice hard.”
      Lin Yuan looked at the huge white tiger and immediately said, “just, I won't kill you today. You can practice with me.”
      “Bai ling'er, thank you, master.”White tiger mouth spits out the human speech, then also rubbed with own head rubbed rubbed Lin Yuan's body.
      Bai ling'er is able to open her mind, cultivate herself and resist ghosts. It can be seen that she is unusual and it's good to practice with him.
      Maybe he will cultivate a white tiger in the future.
      The white tiger is still a beautiful woman.
      “Master, please take a seat!”Bai ling'er invites Lin Yuan to sit on his back.
      Lin Yuan is a little embarrassed. He thinks that when Bai ling'er turned into a human figure just now, his tall and plump figure is still very beautiful. Now he wants to ride on Bai ling'er's back, and he always feels strange.
      Bai ling'er also seemed to understand Lin Yuan's meaning, and immediately said: “master, my illusion of human form is just a kind of magic, which can only last for a few minutes. It will take a long time for me to really cultivate human body.”
      Listen to Bai ling'er, Lin Yuan doesn't want so much.
      He jumped up and landed on Bai ling'er's back smoothly.
      Then Lin Yuan sat cross legged on Bai ling'er's back and put his hands together.
      Riding on a huge white tiger, Lin Yuan is not angry, which adds a bit of hegemony to Lin Yuan.
      The white monk sitting on the white tiger is a perfect match.
      It's very windy.
      With the White Tiger Mount, you can frighten ghosts and gods.
      “Master, sit down.”
      Bailing'er, carrying the edge of the forest, rushed out. In the blink of an eye, he jumped tens of meters away, as fast as lightning.
      Bai ling'er ran back and forth, very comfortable.
      “Master, what's my speed.“
      Lin Yuan nodded, “not bad.”
      “Hee hee
      Bai ling'er roared and ran again.
      Next to the City God, there was a concussion, and a huge white tiger fell on the side of the City God.
      Looking at the white tiger, the City God was shocked and retreated ten meters. He was shocked by the tiger power of Bai ling'er.
      But looking at Lin Yuan sitting on the white tiger.
      He was relieved.
      “Good guy, it's worthy of being an eminent monk. Even such a ferocious tiger demon has been subdued and is willing to ride for you. I really admire it.”The city god looked at Lin Yuan and said with a smile.
      “Ha ha ha, Cheng Huang, now that I've solved the problem of Qingyuan Town, I'll leave first. I'll see you when I have a chance.”Lin Yuan put his hands together and murmured.
      The city god nodded, “master, walk slowly.”
      After that.
      Bai ling'er was carrying Lin Yuan along the street of Qingyuan town.
      On the street.
      Countless people.
      Look at this huge white tiger.
      They all dodged.
      “What a big white tiger!”
      “There are tigers.”
      At the beginning, these people were scared to their legs and ran away in a panic.
      But a few minutes later, these people found that the huge white tiger did not attack them. On the huge white tiger sat a young monk in white cassock.
      The young monk is very handsome.
      “Mount for white tiger!”
      “The master is so skillful!”
      “It's the monk!”
      “He must be an eminent monk.”
      Bai ling'er quickly left Qingyuan town with Lin Yuan on his back.
      It has to be said that Lin Yuan is sitting on Bai ling'er's back, pulling the wind to the extreme.
      “Master, where are we going?”Bai ling'er asked.
      “Go to Renjia town.”Lin Yuan plans to go back to Renjia town.
      “Good!”Bai ling'er ran up at a high speed.At night, it's like a flash of lightning speeding at night.
      Lin Yuan sits on Bai ling'er's back and meditates.
      Some road ghosts, wild ghosts and lonely souls tremble when they see a huge white tiger.
      Bai ling'er roared and scared the ghosts out of their wits.
      “There is a ruin ahead. Let's have a rest there.”Lin Yuan said.
      Bai ling'er said: “yes, master!”
      One man, one tiger.
      Came to the ruins.
      Lin Yuan sits in the ruins, practicing real skills, and the Buddha power in his body is more and more powerful.
      Bai ling'er, lying on the side of Lin Yuan, listens to Lin Yuan's explanation of the cultivation method. Bai ling'er also benefits a lot.
      Not only that, Lin Yuan's Buddhist light also made Bai ling'er's cultivation progress.
      After Lin Yuan finished his practice.
      Looking at Bai ling'er lying in front of him.
      He took out some common pills from the system. These pills are Bodhi pills and Buqi pills.
      It's the pill that came out of killing those evil spirits in Qingyuan town.
      He is going to give these pills to Bai ling'er.
      Since Bai ling'er becomes his own mount, Lin Yuan still wants to cultivate Bai ling'er.
      Strive to become a super powerful white tiger.
      Lin Yuan practices Buddhism and Taoism. Naturally, he knows that the mount of Luohan is also a flying tiger. The gods and Buddhas all over the sky want to give face to Luohan. It's too windy.
      Lin Yuan should also cultivate Bai ling'er.
      “Bai ling'er.”
      “Master, what's the matter.”
      “Since you are willing to be my mount, I can't treat you badly.”
      Lin Yuan said that here, he took out some pills. Not only that, but the ginseng of three hundred years was also taken out by Lin Yuan. Now Lin Yuan has become an eminent monk. In fact, these pills and ginseng don't have much effect on Lin Yuan's cultivation.
      Lin Yuan must kill more powerful monsters and zombies in order to produce better things.
      “I'll give you some pills and herbs to absorb and refine.”
      Bai ling'er looked at a 300 year old ginseng and some pills.
      She trembled.
      Lie on the ground.
      “Master, these things are so precious. If you give them to me, what can you do? If ling'er doesn't eat them, ling'er can't eat them.”
      Lin Yuan touched Bai ling'er's head and said, “don't worry, I have plenty of these things.”
      “Well, thank you, master. Master treats ling'er so well, and ling'er will do his best for him in the future.”
      Bai ling'er speaks sincerely.
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      Chapter 35 kill the corpse!Renjiazhen crisis!
      A roar.
      Bai ling'er roared, grabbed these pills with his huge claws, and then swallowed them.
      After Bai ling'er swallowed these pills, his tiger power became stronger.
      Power is also becoming stronger.
      A Demon power is also rapidly improved.
      Bai ling'er rushed out of the ruins and flew down with his huge claws on the ground.
      All of a sudden.
      The whole earth is torn and broken.
      Bai ling'er rose in the air again, waving his paw and suddenly patting a towering tree.
      The towering trees burst into pieces.
      Bai ling'er roared, and the tall and powerful tiger body jumped to Lin Yuan again. Just now, the fierce white tiger was just like a meek cat in front of Lin Yuan, and he rubbed Lin Yuan's body with his head.
      “Master, my strength has improved a lot. Thank you for your pills.”
      “Three hundred years of ginseng, you also quickly swallow it.”Lin Yuan touched Bai ling'er's head.
      “Yes, master.”Bai ling'er immediately swallowed the ginseng which had lasted for three hundred years. After a few hours, Bai ling'er's Demon power became more powerful, his hair became more white, and his claws became more sharp.
      At this time.
      In the wilderness.
      There was a ghostly fire.
      Bai ling'er jumped out tens of meters, looked at the ghost fire and roared.
      “Little devil, give me Fufa!”
      Bai ling'er grabbed it and killed it on the spot.
      Back to the ruins.
      Bai ling'er was transformed into a tall and plump woman.
      “Taking the master's elixir and ginseng for three hundred years, My Demon power has been powerful several times, and the phantom human form can be maintained for a longer time. I hope I can become a real human form with the master in the future.”
      Bai ling'er said happily, and then he became a huge white tiger.
      After daybreak.
      Bai ling'er lies on the ground, and Lin Yuan sits on Bai ling'er's back with his legs crossed.
      One man, one tiger.
      Quickly towards Renjia town.
      It's getting dark.
      Lin Yuan and Bai ling'er are about to arrive at Renjia town.
      At the moment, above Renjia town.
      Black clouds are surging.
      The spirit of the corpse soared to the sky.
      Renjia town.
      There are a lot of zombies, including some iron ones. The people who control these zombies are some black robed elders.
      These old men in black robe are from the corpse raising sect. One of them has the strongest cultivation. He exudes a sinister and terrifying atmosphere. He is as skinny as a wood and looks extremely terrifying and monstrous.
      “Taoist Lin Fengjiao of Maoshan has done harm to our corpse gate and killed the Dharma protector of our corpse gate. It's very good. Our corpse gate has been quiet for 20 years. Now it's time for genius to know the strength of our corpse gate.”The skinny old man showed a gloomy smile.
      Right now.
      The ninth uncle in the Taoist villa is practicing Taoism.
      His whole body glittered with gold, and above his head, there were dense runes.
      Nine uncle suddenly a drink, whole body gold light tremble.
      He stood up and felt the powerful power in his body.
      He was very satisfied.
      The two disciples also felt the strong breath inside.
      They all looked happy.
      “Master has made a breakthrough!”
      “That's right. It's so powerful. The master must have broken through.”
      Uncle Jiu came out of the room in a good mood.
      “Master, have you made a breakthrough?”
      “Well, this breakthrough will come naturally. I have already completed the later stage of the earth master. It seems that within three years, I will have a chance to attack the heaven master.”The ninth uncle thinks of the Heavenly Master and yearns for it in his heart.
      Those who practice Taoism do not want to become a master of heaven, just like those who practice Buddhism, who do not want to become a Buddhist monk.
      If you become a master of heaven, your mana will be greatly increased. You can also cast all kinds of powerful spells, and your life span will be increased to about 200 years old.
      “Master, you are so powerful. The Heavenly Master must be around the corner.”
      “That's it.”
      Wencai and Qiusheng boast.
      Uncle Jiu looked at them. “My speed is far from that of Lin Yuan. Master Lin Yuan is also going to shut up. He should be going to attack the eminent monk realm. You two, look at master Lin Yuan of Buddhism, and then look at you. After so long cultivation, it's still in the early stage of the master, and several simple spells can't be performed.”
      “Shifu, elder martial brother Lin Yuan is a god man. He can't be compared with him.”
      “That's it.”
      Nine uncle looking at oneself two don't strive for morale of apprentice, is also very helpless.
      At this time.
      Uncle Jiu walked out of the door.
      Just walked out the door.
      Just above the starry sky, the dark clouds cover the moon, and the horrible corpse Qi soars into the sky, which also covers the whole Renjia town.
      “No, Wencai Qiusheng, get ready for magic weapon, quick!”
      Uncle Jiu realized the seriousness.
      Wencai and Qiusheng rushed to the hall and made many magic weapons.
      Just came out.
      Many people from Renjia town came to daozhuang.
      “Uncle Jiu, help
      “Uncle Jiu, help
      Uncle Jiu looked at the common people and went forward immediately.
      “Folks, what happened?”
      “There are a lot of zombies on the street all of a sudden.”
      Nine uncle with two apprentices, immediately ran to Renjia town.
      Renjia Town, there are many zombies, there are many iron corpses.
      Ren's mansion, Ren's master and Ren Tingting run out of the mansion. Ren's master holds a stick and knocks on a zombie.
      “Tingting, go, master Lin Yuan.”
      “Master Lin Yuan has gone out to practice.”
      “Then go to Jiushu. I'll stop the zombie. Even if my father dies, you will be hurt.”Ren FA and Zombies fight madly.
      At this time.
      Nine uncle one step flies to come over, a sword pierces the corpse chest.
      “It's uncle nine!”Ren FA is very happy.
      Uncle Jiu looks at Ren Tingting and Ren FA, “master Ren, Tingting, you step back, these zombies will be given to us.”
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      Chapter 36 white tiger from heaven!The crowd of corpses!
      Uncle Jiu holds a peach wood sword.
      Cut the zombies that jump into the street with one sword.
      Cut it with one sword.
      A zombie was cut in half by Uncle Jiu on the spot.
      Another zombie grabs uncle Jiu. Uncle Jiu stabs the zombie with a sword.
      Wencai and Qiusheng, holding a corpse talisman, pasted it on the heads of these zombies.
      And then use the net, net these zombies, the zombies were netted issued crackling explosion.
      Three zombies, fast siege, they wave their claws, grasp to nine uncle.
      Uncle Jiu is rolling on the ground.
      Bite the tip of the tongue, spurt a mouthful of pure Yang blood.
      Three zombies stained with the pure Yang blood of Uncle Jiu, suddenly the Divine Comedy trembled and made a bang bang explosion.
      Nine uncle with two apprentices killed twenty or thirty zombies after.
      Another iron corpse appeared.
      The iron corpse flew over.
      Uncle Jiu knows that iron corpse is powerful, but his cultivation has broken through, and his mana has been improved a lot.
      “Five thunder palms!”
      Nine uncle a palm presses on iron corpse body, iron corpse instant body sends out electric current explosion sound, then repeatedly retreat.
      Two apprentices, holding the huge wooden beam, hit the iron corpse on the chest.
      The iron corpse was knocked out and hit on the ground.
      Just beat back an iron corpse, another iron corpse with many zombies jumped over.
      The corpse roars!
      The corpse is full of Qi.
      “Damn it, what the hell is going on, why so many zombies!”Uncle Jiu's face is hard to see the extreme. He looks at it carefully. There are special mysterious symbols on these zombies. These mysterious symbols are exactly the symbols of the corpse gate.
      “It seems that the people of the corpse raising sect have gone out of their way. With so many zombies, do they want to slaughter the whole Renjia town?How dare a small corpse raising sect do such a thing? Are they not afraid of the siege of the righteous sects in the world? “Uncle Jiu yelled angrily.
      More than ten iron corpses came flying.
      Nine uncle looking at so many iron corpses, he couldn't resist at all.
      One or two iron corpses he can deal with, ten iron corpses, hundreds of zombies siege.
      He couldn't resist.
      At this time.
      A Taoist wearing a yellow robe, carrying a peach long sword, came quickly, followed by a dozen zombies.
      He is the four eyes Taoist priest.
      “Elder martial brother, I'll help you!”
      Four eyes Taoist priest came to nine uncle side, immediately operation spell, control their customers.
      “Stop them!”
      Four eyes Taoist priest suddenly a drink, he ten customers, have to block in front of a group of zombies.
      But his customer rating is too low.
      Less than half a minute.
      He was torn apart by a dozen iron corpses.
      “Elder martial brother, the corpse raising gate is out in full swing. We can't resist it. We'd better withdraw quickly.”Four eyes Taoist said.
      “If we withdraw, what should all the people in Renjia town do?As a monk, how can we retreat in the face of demons and Zombies? Younger martial brother, we worship in Maoshan, practice Taoism, collect ghosts, catch demons and suppress corpses. One day we will die under the hands of zombies. This is our destiny. ”
      The four eyes Taoist priest bit his teeth and took out the copper coin sword.
      “Elder martial brother, let's fight.”
      On the streets of Renjia town.
      in shreds and patches.
      There are countless corpses.
      Four eyes Taoist priest and nine uncle try their best to resist these zombies.
      Although Wencai and Qiusheng are unreliable, they are still very active when they encounter things. They also fight to stop these zombies.
      The air of the corpses was overwhelming.
      The stone slabs of the whole street.
      It's directly melted.
      The surrounding houses are also corroded.
      Uncle Jiu and Taoist priest Si Mu retreated.
      At this time.
      Above the void.
      All of a sudden, there was a roar.
      It was a huge white tiger that jumped down.
      The big white tiger jumps down.
      The whole ground broke apart.
      Nine uncle and four eyes Taoist priest looking at ten meters away, suddenly the sky will be big white tiger, tiger terrible, their faces become more ugly.
      Wencai and Qiusheng look at the huge white tiger, and their legs tremble with fear, almost unable to stand.
      In the face of zombies, they're not that scared.
      But looking at the huge white tiger, the sharp claws, the sharp teeth.
      Almost scared them to pee.
      In fact, this is Huwei.
      The huge white tiger roared.
      Tigers roar everywhere.
      Four eyes Taoist priest and nine uncles back again and again.
      “White tiger demon!”
      “Damn it
      “At this time, how did the white tiger demon appear? The corpse gate even raised such a big demon.”
      Nine uncle appeared a sense of powerlessness, this white tiger big demon's tiger power completely suppressed him, four eyes Taoist priest is also, mana operation is a little dull.
      The huge white tiger suddenly drank again.
      The deafening sound shocked all sides.
      Then the huge white tiger jumped up.
      Jumped into the group of corpses.
      Bai ling'er looks at these zombies.
      She gave a roar, waved her huge paw, and clapped.
      A zombie flew back tens of meters on the spot and fell to the ground.
      Then there was another rush and a grab. Three or five zombies burst out on the spot.
      Several iron corpses besieged Bai ling'er.
      Bai ling'er gave a cold hum and a tiger roar, which frightened the three iron corpses.
      Bai ling'er speaks.
      “Little iron corpse, dare to be arrogant!”
      Bai ling'er jumped more than ten meters high, then flew down, waved his huge tiger claws and grabbed the heads of these iron corpses.
      The iron corpse's head was cracked like tofu by Bai ling'er.
      In a moment.
      Hundreds of zombies, twenty or thirty iron corpses.
      It's like being trampled by Bai ling'er.
      Right now.
      Four eyes Taoist priest, Jiushu, Qiusheng, Wencai, Ren Tingting, Ren master and so on.
      I just took a breath of the air conditioner.
      I was stunned.
      “Here it is
      “White tiger from heaven!”
      “Heaven brings white tiger!”
      Wencai and Qiusheng were also shocked and said: “what a powerful tiger demon. I didn't expect that the white tiger demon came to help us.”
      “Yes, I didn't think of it at all!”The four eyes Taoist priest also breathed a breath.
      “White tiger in the sky, corpse in the crowd!”Uncle Jiu took a breath.
      Right now.
      Seven or eight old men in black robes rushed over.
      I watched all the zombies I controlled were destroyed.
      They were furious.
      One of them is a skinny old man.
      Looking at the huge white tiger.
      “Where did the tiger demon come from? He dared to stop me from slaughtering Renjia town.”
      “Well, what is the corpse gate?”Bai ling'er spat out his words and gave a sharp drink.
      “Hum, white tiger demon, if you destroy our zombies, we will catch you.”
      “Well, let's have a try.”Bai ling'er gave a roar.
      At this time.
      On top of a tall building, there is a young monk in white cassock.
      He put his hands together.
      Look down.
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      Chapter 37 can't take a single hand?Is this the master of heaven?
      It's not very loud.
      But it's not.
      These four words are solemn and sacred.
      The sound wave vibrates the whole Renjia town.
      Ren Tingting looks at the man in white cassock on the top of the tall building.
      She was about to burst into tears: “my husband is back.”
      Wencai and Qiusheng are also looking at the handsome man in white cassock on the high building, “it's elder martial brother Lin Yuan who has come back.”
      Nine uncle also heavily vomited a breath, “Lin Yuan came back, this next Ren family town may be able to tide over this disaster.”
      The huge white tiger below.
      Run and jump.
      Between a few breaths.
      The huge white tiger jumped to the high building.
      Then he lay down beside Lin Yuan, extremely docile, just like a huge white cat.
      It's completely free of the terrible ferocity just now.
      “Master, I'm good.”
      Lin Yuan nodded, Bai ling'er's fighting power is really strong.
      It seems that it was the wisest choice for him to accept Bai ling'er.
      At this time, the sound of jingle came out in Lin Yuan's mind.
      “Congratulations to the host. You've got ten Yangqi pills.”
      “Congratulations to the host, you've got a copy of Da Tian Buddha's hand skill!”
      “Congratulations to the host. You've got a bottle of Cui yuan Dan.”
      Lin Yuan a Leng, why at the moment the system suddenly burst out so many rewards, he did not kill monsters, ghosts and zombies, ah, how suddenly appeared so many rewards.
      Among these awards, there is also a Book of Buddhism.
      Why on earth?
      Lin Yuan secretly communicated with the system in his heart.
      “Host, you accept bailing'er, who is bailing'er's master. Bailing'er can also give rewards to the host when he kills demons, ghosts and zombies. Bailing'er gives rewards for the host.”The system gives out a sound channel.
      And good things like that.
      Lin Yuan showed a look of ecstasy, which was too straightforward.
      He became the master of bailing'er. Bailing'er could kill demons and ghosts, and also help him to give rewards. It was really comfortable.
      In the future, some small demons and monsters will just let Bai ling'er do it. They just want to get rewards.
      The people below look at the big white tiger beside Lin Yuan. He is so gentle and clever in front of Lin Yuan.
      They understood in a flash.
      “What?The giant white tiger was fed by elder martial brother Lin Yuan. ”
      “Elder martial brother Lin Yuan is too powerful. Such a big demon can accept it.”
      Nine uncle also vomited a breath: “this guy unexpectedly subdued so big demon in the side.”
      Four eyes road long also vomited a breath, “good fellow, admire.”
      Lin Yuan stands on Bai ling'er's back.
      Bai ling'er carried the edge of the forest and ran down, then landed on the ground smoothly.
      Lin Yuan came down from Bai ling'er, then looked at the crowd and said calmly, “you all step back. Let me take care of the people who raise the corpse.”
      Uncle Jiu nodded, but still reminded Lin Yuan, “Lin Yuan, that group of people in black robes are the guardians of the corpse gate. The skinny old man is the leader of the corpse gate. His accomplishments are unfathomable. You should be careful.”
      “No harm!”Lin Yuan is indifferent.
      At the moment, Bai ling'er is ready to move and wants to fight.
      “Master, let ling'er catch them.”Bai ling'er said.
      Lin Yuan shook his head. “The cultivation of these black robed people is not simple. I'll do it.”
      “Yes, master.”Bai ling'er also cleverly retreated to a hundred meters away.
      Several Dharma protectors of the corpse gate on the opposite side looked at Lin Yuan coldly, and they gave a roar.
      “Hum, little monk, I want to die.”
      An old man in a black robe, with black air all over his body, made a seal with his hands, and the whole person disappeared strangely.
      In the blink of an eye.
      The old man in black appeared beside Lin Yuan.
      A huge black palm pressed against the edge of the forest.
      “Corpse palm!”
      On the black palm of the old man in black robe, there was a horrible corpse air.
      “Be careful, master.”Bai ling'er was a little worried.
      “Amitabha, I will take you on the road today.”Lin Yuan slowly raised his hand and let it go.
      The corpse gate guard's arm exploded on the spot, and the whole person flew dozens of meters away, hit the ground and spewed out a mouthful of blood, then there was no breath.
      “What is it?”
      The other Dharma guards of the corpse gate suddenly drank: “this monk is so powerful. Let's go together.”
      The five black robed elders moved in an instant, and all kinds of spells were cast one after another.
      Powerful spell, rolling the edge of the forest.
      “Amitabha!”King Kong is the town of the world!”
      Lin Yuan uses Vajra's fist technique and makes it.
      His fist was shining with gold.
      Countless shadows are all over the void.
      The power of terror and blood gas broke the evil spells of many Dharma protectors in the corpse gate on the spot.
      More Than This.
      The terrible power of the fist was directly on the chest of these Dharma protectors.
      Just for a moment.
      The five corpse door guards stepped back tens of meters away, and their whole body slipped on the ground involuntarily.
      “Damn, how could that be!”
      “Who the hell is this guy?”
      “Why are you so powerful? You broke our spell in an instant. We are the best in the earth.”
      “Broken!”Lin Yuan suddenly drank it. Suddenly, five black robed elders had light Vajra fists on their chest.
      “What is this?”
      “Oh, no!”
      “Lord, help us!”
      Pa Pa Pa!
      In an instant, five old men with black robes directly began to burst. The king kong boxing power left by Lin Yuan tore their black robes on the spot. Not only that, the terrible boxing power was directly imprinted on their bodies. At the moment, the explosion started, and the five top strong men of the Division were smashed on the spot.
      “Amitabha!You are too weak. “Lin Yuan is indifferent.
      Four eyes road long, nine uncles, once again took a breath of air conditioning, “good strong, too strong.”
      In the blink of an eye, there was the last old man who was as thin as firewood. This old man was a member of the corpse gate.
      His pupils contracted.
      “Little monk, it seems that I underestimated you. I didn't expect that your cultivation was so powerful. Since you are so powerful, I will turn you into a zombie.”
      “Yes.”Lin Yuan snorted.
      “As soon as the master of heaven comes out, who will fight against him?”The owner of the corpse raising gate suddenly drank it, and a powerful breath shocked the whole world.
      Nine uncle, four eyes road long, all facial expression a change.”The master of heaven is strong!”
      “No, Lin Yuan, get out of here!”Jiushu said.
      “Die!Da Tian's corpse sealThe master of the corpse raising door is coming. It's very fast. Step on the lotus and reach the top of the forest edge in an instant.
      “Amitabha, it's just the realm of heaven.”Lin Yuan slowly raised his hand and waved it at will.
      Two palms opposite each other, the void burst, and the owner of the corpse raising door gave a puff, just like a broken kite flying backwards for tens of meters, which made a deep crack on the ground and spurted out a mouthful of blood.
      There was a silence.
      It's so quiet that I can smell the fallen leaves.
      “I can't take a single hand. Is that the master of heaven?AmitabhaLin Yuan put his hands together.
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      Chapter 38 upgrade bailing'er demon cultivation!
      How strong!
      This is so strong!
      Qiu Sheng, a literary talent, their eyes stay on Lin Yuan.
      They took a good breath of the air conditioner.
      I didn't expect that Lin Yuan was so powerful.
      Four eyes Taoist priest, nine uncle, is also extremely shocked.
      That's the head of the corpse raising sect. That's the master of heaven. He wants to deal with the master of heaven.
      At least Maoshan needs to send out strong men at the elder level.
      In front of him, Lin Yuan defeated the leader of the corpse raising sect with just one hand.
      Right now.
      He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and showed his frightened eyes.
      “How could that be?”
      “Who the hell are you?”
      “I've practiced for decades and finally broke through the realm of heaven. Why can't I take your hand? No, I don't believe it!”
      The leader of the corpse raising sect gave a loud drink and breathed the black fog. He ran the spell crazily, and the powerful spell turned into a black dragon.
      The black dragon roared.
      “Amitabha!Prajna palmLin Yuan stood in the same place, running the powerful Buddhist power, his palm suddenly shocked, the golden light trembled, and the Prajna palm technique pressed the black dragon.
      The black dragon was dispelled by Lin Yuan's Prajna palm on the spot.
      After Lin Yuan broke the master's spell, he stepped out and moved to the master's side.
      “The King Kong town!Vajra magic fist, can you resist my fist? ”
      Lin Yuan suddenly drank it with a loud voice, and the powerful force converged on his fist.
      The King Kong Magic fist comes out.
      All around the void repeatedly burst, air flow rolling.
      On his right arm fist, he turned into King Kong and gave out a golden light.
      The owner of the corpse gate watched the blow.
      He was pale.
      He looked ugly.
      “You are… You are a Buddhist monk!How can it be? How old are you? How can you become a Buddhist monk!It's impossible! ”
      The owner of the corpse raising sect, whose body shape keeps retreating.
      He's made sure.
      This is a young monk in white cassock.
      It's a strong Buddhist monk.
      Four eyes Taoist priest and nine uncle listen to the words from the master of the corpse raising sect, “Buddhist monk, Lin Yuan has broken through to Buddhist monk.”
      “Five ghosts, follow my orders!”
      The head of the corpse raising sect cast a spell. In an instant, many ghosts and ghosts formed a cover to cover him.
      Lin Yuan's Vajra magic fist has arrived.
      The King Kong Magic fist will be suppressed.
      The power is terrifying, the golden light is shining.
      Any Yin evil Qi is broken in an instant.
      With a loud noise, the evil spell cast by the master of the corpse gate is broken by Lin Yuan's magic fist on the spot, and Lin Yuan's fist blows on the master's chest.
      All of a sudden.
      The owner of the corpse raising gate is like a kite with broken thread.
      Fly back 100 meters, hit the ground, gushing blood, and then, is a head tilt, there is no breath.
      Lin Yuan snorted coldly. His palm turned. The earth fire spell erupted from his palm and instantly burned the corpse of the corpse keeper to ashes.
      Nine uncle and four eyes Taoist priest.
      Looking at Lin Yuan, he killed the owner of the corpse raising gate with one punch.
      They were shocked for a long time. They decided to practice hard and try to improve their own way.
      “Congratulations, break through into a generation of eminent monks!”Uncle Jiu and Taoist priest Si Mu come forward to congratulate Lin Yuan.
      “Ha ha ha, I'm just lucky.”Lin Yuan said calmly.
      “Don't be modest, you boy. Who doesn't know your talent is terrible.”The four eyes Taoist priest narrowed his eyes and said with a smile.
      “The crisis of Renjia town has been relieved, so I'll go back to daozhuang first. Lin Yuan, come to daozhuang when I have time.”Nine uncle said here, then took Wen Cai and Qiu Sheng to go back together.
      “Good!”Lin Yuan said calmly.
      “Elder martial brother, wait for me. I'm going to your daozhuang to rest for a few days.”The four eyes Taoist priest rushed over.
      Lin Yuan and Bai ling'er go to Ren's residence together.
      At first, Ren Tingting looked at Bai linger and was afraid.
      But after talking with Bai ling'er.
      Ren Tingting is not so afraid, but also called Bai ling'er sister.
      “Elder sister ling'er, when you become a man, you must be a super beauty.”
      Ren Tingting said with a clever smile.
      Bai ling'er said: “Tingting's sister is also a beauty.”
      At the moment, Lin Yuan is meditating in the backyard.
      This time back to Renjia Town, he killed all sides, suppressed the whole corpse gate, he realized the importance of strength.
      If he can't do it this time.
      I'm afraid it will fall on the corpse gate.
      Fortunately, his strength improved by leaps and bounds, successfully gathered the relic, broke through the cultivation of the eminent monk, and accepted the big demon Bai ling'er.
      At the moment, Lin Yuan calms down. After some practice, he just counts the rewards that burst out of his system.
      Bai ling'er killed a lot of zombies.
      Many awards for him.
      These awards are: Ten Yangqi pills, a bottle of Cuiyuan pills, and a Buddhist dharma Da Tian fo Shou.
      “Now, although I have become an eminent monk and gather the sermons, I am just an eminent monk. If I want to add one more sermons, I must condense a sermon.”
      Lin Yuan said that here, he swallowed a bottle of Cui yuan Dan directly. The level of Yang Qi Dan was a little low, but Lin Yuan didn't swallow it. He was ready to leave it to Bai ling'er. Bai ling'er is a big demon state, and he also needs Dan medicine to assist evolution.
      Three days later.
      The Buddhist power in Lin Yuan's body is stronger.
      The whole body of Qi and blood is also magnificent and incomparable.
      A bottle of quenched yuan Dan improved Lin Yuan's accomplishments a lot.
      But it didn't make him gather a second relic.
      “It seems that just a bottle of quenched yuan pill can't condense a second relic. Although my cultivation speed is fast, my body needs more high-quality cultivation resources.”
      Although he didn't refine the second relic, Lin Yuan's strength has increased a lot in the past three days.
      Lin Yuan's practice of Da Tian's hand of Buddha has reached a perfect level.
      Let his body become stronger and stronger.
      Lin Yuan felt that he could kill the early strongman of the Heavenly Master with his physical fist.
      Lin Yuan took a look at the Yangqi pill in the storage bag.
      He said immediately.
      “Bailing'er, come to me.”
      The sound wave passed to Bai ling'er's ear in an instant.
      Bai ling'er came at a gallop, crossed the high wall and landed on the edge of the forest.
      “This is Yangqi pill. Swallow it!”
      Bai ling'er showed a look of joy: “Ouo, thank you for your reward.”
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      Chapter 39 charming women!Fox demon comes!
      Bai ling'er grabs the fragrant Nourishing Qi pill and swallows it.
      And then it's immediately absorbed.
      For three days in a row, Bai ling'er was refining pills.
      Three days.
      Bailing'er's Demon power became more powerful.
      It's also terrifying.
      “Master, I have reached the peak of the great demon realm.”
      Lin Yuan nodded and had to say that the talent of bailing'er's demon cultivation was also terrible. It took him a long time to break through to the top of the big demon realm.
      “After a while, you will be able to break through to the level of demons.”
      “Yes, it's all up to the master!”Bai ling'er rubbed Lin Yuan's body with his head, which made him very docile.
      Bailing'er belongs to the demon cultivation, and the big demon realm is equal to the local master of Taoism and the master of Buddhism.
      The spirit realm is equal to the master of Taoism and the eminent monk in Buddhism.
      Therefore, if Bai ling'er can break through the demon realm, he is also very strong.
      Besides, Lin Yuan has a system to assist him, which can bring out a lot of rewards. Lin Yuan is careful. He and Bai ling'er, one person and one tiger, can absolutely sweep and crush the whole spiritual world.
      Even one person and one tiger can suppress the whole world.
      Lin Yuan plans to leave Renjia town.
      Staying in renjiazhen all the time didn't help him in his cultivation.
      He and Bai ling'er need a lot of killing demons and fighting madly.
      “Leave renjiazhen tomorrow.”
      “Master, are we going to leave?”Bai ling'er asked.
      “Yes, yes.”
      “What about sister Tingting?”
      “She'll stay in renjiazhen and practice hard.”Lin Yuan said calmly.
      “It's OK. The outside world is too dangerous. Sister Tingting just began to practice. It's not suitable to follow us.”
      Lin Yuan also made some magic weapons for Ren Tingting, and made some Buddhist beads and swords.
      Lin Yuan bestows Buddhist power on these things, and these things have magic power, which can be regarded as the level of magic weapon.
      These magic weapons can not only restrain the evil things, but also deal with ordinary people.
      Lin Yuan is perfect to protect Ren Tingting from any harm.
      Above the magic weapon is the spirit weapon, which is more terrifying and powerful.
      But this kind of thing can't be refined by Lin Yuan's present state. In the end of the law era, there were few Daoists or Buddhists. They were all treasures of Zhenshan school.
      At night.
      Ren Tingting comes to Lin Yuan's room.”Husband, you must pay attention when you go out. There are so many demons in the world. Don't be careless. I will practice well when you come back.”
      the second day.
      Lin Yuan and Bai ling'er left Ren's residence.
      One person, one tiger, walking on the street.
      Many people in Renjia town look at one person and one tiger.
      One road after another.
      “Get out of the way!”
      “Get out of the way, everyone!”
      “It's the monk!”
      “Visit the holy monk.”
      Many people kneel down and pay homage to Lin Yuan.
      In the eyes of these people, Lin Yuan is just like God.
      They walked out of the street.
      “Master, where are we going?”
      “Go with the flow.”
      “Well, master, please take a seat.”Bai ling'er lies on the ground and asks Lin Yuan to sit on it.
      Lin Yuan sits on Bai ling'er's back with his legs crossed. Bai ling'er carries Lin Yuan and walks in the jungle at a high speed.
      It's getting dark.
      Soon it was late at night.
      Bai ling'er still rushed to the forest at top speed.
      In the jungle.
      A Taoist wearing a yellow robe and glasses drives zombies.
      “What a powerful breath.”
      The Yellow robed Taoist turned and saw that a huge tiger fell into the jungle.
      Looking at the huge white tiger, the Taoist priest smiles.
      “Ha ha ha ha, scare me, so Bai ling'er!”The four eyes Taoist priest stepped forward.
      Lin Yuan came down from Bai ling'er and looked at Taoist priest four eyes: “Taoist priest four eyes, what a coincidence.”
      “Yes, Lin Yuan. What a coincidence. Where are you going?”The four eyes Taoist priest looks at Lin Yuan.
      “I'll go where there are demons.”
      “Ha ha ha, Lin Yuan, if you don't like this, you can go to my daozhuang. Anyway, you will arrive at my daozhuang after crossing the mountains ahead.”The sincere invitation of four eyes Taoist priest.
      Lin Yuan nodded: “good.”
      “There is also an old monk in my daozhuang village. This old monk is an enemy to me. He has been fighting with me for decades. Don't mention that he hasn't been back for several monthsThe four eyes Taoist priest murmured with a smile.
      Lin Yuan listened.
      The old monk in the mouth of four eyes Taoist priest.
      It's not master Yixiu. Who is it.
      That is to say, next, Lin Yuan will meet the frontier imperial bronze corpse.
      This frontier imperial bronze corpse is much stronger than the iron corpse, and its strength is not weaker than that of the strong one in the early days of the Heavenly Master.
      This time it's killing.
      It's going to blow up something better.
      In this way, Lin Yuan took Bai ling'er and four eyes Taoist priest together.
      After a few hours.
      The four eyes Taoist priest is resting in the jungle.
      Bai ling'er and Lin Yuan also rest in place.
      Bai ling'er roared a few times. The tiger roared in the forest. Some wild wolves and other beasts fled one after another.
      The customer of four eyes Taoist priest listened to Bai ling'er's tiger roar and trembled.
      “Ling'er, please don't yell. My customers are scared out of their wits by you.”
      “It's all dead people anyway. There's nothing wrong with that.”Bai ling'er speaks.
      “I'm so hungry. I have to look for something to eat.”
      Bai ling'er looked at the Four Eyed Taoist priest and said, “Four Eyed Taoist priest, come with me. I'm familiar with the wild mountains. I'm good at pheasants and rabbits.”
      The four eyes Taoist priest looked at Bai ling'er and said, pheasant, hare, saliva.
      “Auntie, thank you so much, auntie. You're the one who's going to be lucky tonight.”The four eyes Taoist priest looked excited.
      A brush.
      Bai ling'er rushed out, and the Taoist priest with four eyes also performed his Taoist Art: “Shenxing footwork!”
      “Auntie, wait for me.”The four eyes Taoist priest is far behind by Bai ling'er.
      Lin Yuan at the moment.
      It's sitting in the jungle.
      He was wearing a white cassock, hands together, two sword eyebrows, skin white as jade.
      Have to say.
      Very handsome.
      At this time.
      A hundred meters away.
      A woman in white flew down in the jungle.
      The woman in white is enchanting and charming. She is a great beauty.
      She fell down and waved her little hand.
      A white silk ribbon wrapped around a zombie.
      She's about to steal the body.
      But I found a young monk who closed his eyes to practice under a towering tree.
      “What a pretty monk. It's so pretty.”
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      Chapter 40 is my master you can seduce?
      The charming woman in white licked her lips.
      “Little monk, I'll have a good time with you when I breathe the corpse gas.”
      A woman in a long white dress smiles charmingly.
      At this time.
      Four eyes Taoist priest came back.
      Four eyes Taoist priest followed Bai ling'er to the wilderness to catch hares and pheasants. However, Bai ling'er's speed was so fast that he simply picked some fruits.
      Just came back.
      The four eyes Taoist priest found that the forest was full of evil.
      “Evil spirit
      The Four Eyed Taoist priest rushed into the jungle.
      Looking at the woman in white stealing her customers.
      “How dare you steal our customers!”
      Four eyes Taoist priest cold hum a, a palm presses to go.
      Lin Yuan knew for a long time that the woman in white was not a human being, but he didn't do it immediately.
      “Lin Yuan, let me deal with the monster.”
      When the four eyes Taoist priest fights with the woman in white, Lin Yuan shows his heavenly eye and looks at the woman in white. The woman in white is a fox.
      “Sure enough, like a movie, it's a fox.”Lin Yuan said calmly.
      The four eyes Taoist priest and the woman in white began to fight.
      “Taoist, what if I steal a zombie from you?”
      “Hum, witch, die!”
      Four eyes Taoist priest holding peach wood sword, a sword to break away.
      The woman in white gave a cold hum and released her powerful demon power.
      One man and one demon fight in the jungle.
      The woman in white suddenly drank, and her arm turned into a huge claw.
      Claw hard grasp to four eyes road long.
      The four eyes Taoist priest's robe is broken.
      “Goblin, she has some skills.”The four eyes Taoist priest retreated ten meters.
      The woman in white caught her quickly in mid air, but the Taoist priest couldn't resist it any more. The whole person flew upside down and hit the ground.
      “Hum, smelly Taoist, if you want to deal with me with such low accomplishments, I've been practicing for 300 years, and I'm in the late stage of the great demon realm.”The woman in white showed a charming smile, looked at her sharp claws, licked her claws, and then went to the four eyes Taoist priest.
      Four eyes Taoist priest immediately back, and then looked at Lin Yuan: “don't eat me, don't eat me, my meat is very bad.”
      “Taoist, who wants to eat you?”
      “What do you want to do, to break my body?I'll tell you, I'd rather die than surrender. ”
      “Smelly Taoist, you think of the beauty, you old smelly guy, who is going to break your body.”The woman in white snorted and breathed. The rope automatically tied the four eyes Taoist priest to the tree.
      After the four eyes Taoist priest was tied up, he looked at Lin Yuan, “Lin Yuan, save me quickly, and deal with the monster.”
      The woman in white ran to Lin Yuan.
      Looking at Lin Yuan meditating.
      She said with a smug smile.
      “What a handsome monk. He is so handsome. I've never seen such a handsome young monk before. You are really reluctant to eat him.”
      The woman in white approached Lin Yuan and waved her long skirt to show her sexy and charming body.
      “Little monk, look at my figure. Are you plump?”The woman in White said with a smile.
      Then, the woman in White said, “little monk, you are so handsome. I'll let you experience what it means to be drunk and dream of death.”
      The four eyes Taoist priest said with a smile: “fairy, tell you something, he is not what you can provoke.”
      “Taoist, shut up.”The woman in white snorted coldly.
      At the moment, Lin Yuan calmly opened his eyes and looked at the woman in white in front of him. Then he sighed, “you are looking for death.”
      “Ha ha ha ha!”The woman in white suddenly became ferocious, looking at Lin Yuan, “little monk, you are not old, and your cultivation is not high, but your tone is so big, that smelly Taoist can't deal with me, what can you do with me?I don't think you have any magic weapon. ”
      At this time.
      Outside the jungle.
      There is a huge white tiger.
      It was Bai ling'er who carried many pheasants and rabbits.
      “I'm back!”Bai ling'er speaks.
      Looking at Bai ling'er coming back, the four eyes Taoist priest immediately said, “Bai ling'er, come and help me.”
      “Well?Four eyes Taoist priest, why are you tied to the tree? “Bai ling'er was puzzled.
      A brush.
      Bai ling'er waves his paw and saves the four eyes Taoist priest.
      “Bai ling'er, have you seen that woman?”
      Bai ling'er was stunned, looking at a place 100 meters away, a woman in white scratched her head and showed off beside Lin Yuan.
      “Well, I see. Who is that woman?”
      “Oh, Bai ling'er, you are still the king of the mountains. Can't you see that?That woman is not a person. She has been coquetting foxes and seducing your master. ”
      Bai ling'er looks at the woman in white.
      There was a roar.
      “Ah, what are you? A little coquettish fox dares to seduce my master. Can you seduce my master?”
      Bai ling'er ran over.
      A sudden roar.
      Huxiao mountain forest.
      Awe all sides.
      Four eyes road long some zombies are all scared to shiver by the white spirit son this drink.
      At this moment, the woman in white heard the roar.
      It's also been shaken back and forth.
      “What kind of guy!”
      The white fox retreated.
      Bai ling'er appears beside Lin Yuan, and then looks at the white fox.
      “Little coquettish fox, you dare to seduce my master!”
      White dress fox demon lightly hums a: “originally is always female tiger, you dare to break my good deed, seek to die.”
      The white fox demon waves its claws and grabs Bai ling'er.
      “If there is no king in the mountain, how dare a fox be king?”Bai ling'er snorted, and the tiger's palm pressed away.
      The two claws collide with each other.
      The fox demon in white suddenly flew back more than ten meters away, hit the ground, and then turned into a huge fox.
      Then, Bai ling'er flew over.
      The fox watched Bai ling'er come and tremble with fright: “you are the top cultivation of the great demon realm!”
      The fox demon wants to escape.
      Will Bai ling'er let it escape?
      Fly over, a tiger's paw down.
      On the spot.
      The fox demon was killed by Bai ling'er.
      A golden inner pill was taken out by Bai ling'er. Bai ling'er swallowed it and ate it.
      After Bai ling'er killed the fox demon.
      Lin Yuan made a jingle in his mind.
      “Congratulations to the host, Bai ling'er killed a fox demon and got a blood Bodhi.”
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      Chapter 41 master!You can't beat Lin Yuan!
      Blood Bodhi?
      Lin Yuan was shocked suddenly.
      This is a good thing.
      The blood Bodhi, which can increase the supreme blood Qi, is very useful to Lin Yuan.
      He practiced Buddhism and Taoism.
      Not only to cultivate mana, but also flesh and blood.
      Combining the two, the speed of practice will be faster.
      At the moment, Lin Yuan was not in a hurry to take blood Bodhi, but put it away.
      He is going to go to the Taoist village of four eyes first.
      Bai ling'er eats the inner elixir of the fox demon. At the moment, he absorbs it crazily, and his whole body is more fierce.
      Lin Yuan sits on Bai ling'er's back and continues to set out with four eyes Taoist priest.
      “I don't know what happened to my apprentice.”
      “Four eyes Taoist priest, do you also have apprentices?”Bai ling'er speaks.
      “Of course, but my apprentice is clumsy. He doesn't have any Taoist talent. Up to now, he hasn't trained as an adult. He only knows the most basic talismans.”Four eyes Taoist priest helpless way.
      As soon as Lin Yuan heard it, the four eyes Taoist priest said that the apprentice should be family fun.
      “It's not as good as the two disciples of my elder martial brother. They have good talent, but they are mischievous and always make trouble for my elder martial brother. I'm a simple and honest disciple, and I'm reliable in doing things.”The four eyes Taoist priest narrowed his eyes and said with a smile.
      “Hum, Four Eyed Taoist priest, I'm afraid you want free labor.”Said Bai ling'er.
      “Cough, cough!”Four eyes Taoist priest embarrassed smile: “I am such a person!”
      Lin Yuan, Bai ling'er and four eyes Taoist priest came to a courtyard outside.
      This is the Taoist Hall of four eyes Taoist priest.
      “This is it. The environment is not bad.”
      The four eyes Taoist priest said with a smile.
      At this time, a young man came out of the courtyard.
      He flew out.
      Looking at the four eyes Taoist priest.
      “Master, why are you back?”
      “You're right. Can't I come back?”The four eyes Taoist priest snorted.
      “Master, that's not what I mean.”Jiale touched his head. At this time, he looked back and saw a huge white tiger appeared in front of him.
      He recoiled in horror on the spot.
      “Master, tiger, tiger!”
      “Don't be afraid!”The four eyes Taoist priest looked at Jiale and said, “I haven't come to see you, elder martial brother Lin Yuan.”
      Jiale looked at Lin Yuan and put his hands together. “My name is Jiale. I'll see elder martial brother Lin Yuan.”
      Lin Yuan nodded.
      At this time.
      A beautiful young girl ran out of the courtyard.
      The girl looked at the Four Eyed Taoist priest and immediately said, “Taoist priest, you are back.”
      This girl is Qingqing.
      He is the apprentice of master Yixiu.
      “Qingqing, I haven't seen you for months. You've become beautiful again.”
      “Thank you, Taoist priest.”
      Qingqing suddenly sees a big white tiger and turns pale. But looking at a young and handsome monk next to the big white tiger, she is immediately attracted.
      “Wow, what a handsome monk!”
      “I've never seen such a handsome monk.”
      Qingqing said here, coughing twice, “Taoist, who is he?”
      “It's you, elder martial brother Lin Yuan. Like your master, they are all Buddhists, but they are much more powerful than your master.”The four eyes Taoist priest said with a smile
      “No way, Taoist priest. My master is a Buddhist. He has great magic power. How can he be more powerful than my master when he is so young? Brag.”Qingqing lowered her voice.
      Four eyes road long also lazy to explain with this wench.
      Anyway, she didn't understand.
      “Well, go in.”
      After several people walked in, four eyes arranged a good room for Lin Yuan.
      Bai ling'er also lives with Lin Yuan.
      Qingqing went out to get a lot of wild fruits and came to Linyuan room.
      “Elder martial brother Lin Yuan, come and taste these wild fruits. They are sweet.”
      Lin Yuan nodded, picked up a wild fruit to eat a few, “very sweet, thank you.”
      “You're welcome.”
      Qingqing took some wild fruits to Bai ling'er.
      Bai ling'er took a few mouthfuls and immediately said, “yes, it's delicious. Thank you, little girl.”
      Qingqing is scared to step back a few steps. It's the first time that she's heard the beast speak. Finally, she knows why the Four Eyed Taoist priest says that Lin Yuan is more powerful than his master.
      Even such a big demon can subdue and become a mount.
      “No thanks, no thanks.”
      Master Yixiu is back.
      “Old monk, where have you been? I came back so late.”
      Master Yixiu, wearing a cassock and Buddhist beads, squinted and said, “of course, I'm going to do something. When did you come back, four eyes boy?”
      “I came back in the afternoon.”The four eyes Taoist priest said with a smile.
      Master Yixiu looks at the four eyes Taoist priest, and they begin to fight each other.
      The four eyes Taoist priest rubbed a group of charms, and master Yixiu's palm was also in a lotus state.
      “Forget it.”Four eyes Taoist priest vomited a breath, “today the Taoist temple has come to the distinguished guest, I don't agree with you this old monk.”
      “Oh, what distinguished guest, is it worth your face?”Master Yixiu said with a smile.
      “You are a Buddhist, but you are much more powerful than you. You are not worthy to carry his shoes.”The four eyes Taoist priest snorted.
      “I am a Buddhist?Then I'll see. ”
      Master Yixiu said here.
      Lin Yuan and Qingqing came out.
      “Amitabha, Xuankong Temple, yuanxiu.”Lin Yuan shows his name.
      Master Yixiu also nodded, “Amitabha, Bodhi temple, Yixiu.”
      Yixiu looks at such a young Lin Yuan and turns around him. “The roots are pretty good. Are you interested in learning from me?”
      “Ha ha ha, old monk, do you want Lin Yuan to worship you as a teacher?Are you qualified for that? ”
      “Why am I not qualified?I have been practicing for many years, and I have been in the middle of the master's realm. In my lifetime, I will be able to gather the sermons and cultivate the eminent monk's realm. “Master Yixiu's complacent way.
      “Old monk, you look good.”Four eyes said with a smile.
      “I've seen it. It's quite good to repair the root of Buddhism. Xuankong Temple is a small temple. After I rest, I decide to cultivate him to become a talent.”Master Yixiu said with a smile.
      Four eyes Taoist priest said with a smile: “old monk, I really don't ridicule you. You really don't have the ability to accept others as apprentices, let alone Lin Yuan as an apprentice. You can't even beat other people's mounts.”
      “Four eyes, you're mocking me, you're insulting me, I can't beat a mount?Yuanxiu, let's have a fight. “Yixiu snorted.
      Qingqing tugged at her master, “master, don't fight. You can't fight…”
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      Chapter 42 ghost killing!
      “Apprentice, you don't believe in master's cultivation?”Master Yixiu said.
      “Bailing'er, come out. The old monk wants to fight with you.”Four eyes Taoist said.
      A huge white tiger flew out.
      The powerful demon power vibrates everywhere.
      It's terrifying.
      Master Yixiu looked at the huge white tiger, and his legs trembled. “This… This is a big demon!”
      Bai ling'er roars everywhere.
      The old monk could hardly stand.
      “Old monk, this is Lin Yuan's mount. Don't you want to fight alone?”
      Master Yixiu swallowed his saliva and waved his hand immediately.
      Lin Yuan looked at Bai ling'er, “Bai ling'er, step back.”
      “Yes, master.”
      Bai ling'er went back to the room obediently.
      At the moment, master Yixiu looks at Lin Yuan and just knows that Lin Yuan's Buddhism is terrible.
      But he could not see the specific accomplishments of Lin Yuan.
      “Amitabha, I don't know. I didn't expect that you are so young and have such profound Buddhist cultivation that even such a big demon can subdue you. Your cultivation should be the peak of the master's realm. You can achieve the peak of the master's realm at such an age. No one in the hundred years of Buddhism has such insight as you.”The old monk said awkwardly.
      The four eyes Taoist priest chuckled, “old monk, Lin Yuan has been through the disaster for a long time, condensed into a relic, and cultivated into a generation of eminent monks.”
      Master Yixiu showed his frightened eyes again.
      Lin Yuan put his hands together, and his whole body radiated the light of relic.
      Master Yixiu looked at the light of relic around Lin Yuan. He took a deep breath: “this is the light of Buddhist relic.”
      Master Yixiu immediately stepped forward, bowed down and saluted: “Yixiu, please forgive me when I see the eminent monk.”
      Although Yixiu is much older than Lin Yuan.
      But Buddhism also depends on cultivation.
      The higher the accomplishments, the higher the status.
      Lin Yuan said calmly, “master Yixiu, what's your crime?”
      Master Yixiu looked very embarrassed. “Forgive me for my ignorance. I just wanted to accept you as an apprentice. It's a great sin.”
      Lin Yuan said with a smile: “well, master Yixiu, I don't care about these. Just call me Lin Yuan.”
      The four eyes Taoist priest said with a smile: “old monk, I told you that you still don't believe it. Who can blame it?”
      At this time, Yixiu old monk coughed twice.
      The breath became a little messy.
      “Old monk, what's the matter with you?”The four eyes Taoist priest went to the old monk.
      “Well?What a powerful Yin evil Qi, old monk. How can you be infected with Yin evil Qi? ”
      Old monk Yixiu sighed, “I went to do a ritual last month and met a ghost spirit. The ghost spirit is too powerful. I am infected with the evil spirit of the ghost spirit. Recently, I can't suppress it.”
      The ghost spirit in the old monk's mouth is a higher level than the fierce ghost.
      Ghosts and spirits are spirits among ghosts. We really need to compare them. Ghosts and spirits are comparable to demons, heavenly masters and Buddhists.
      Lin Yuan looks at the old monk Yixiu, his eyes are frozen.
      Old monk Yixiu really has the evil spirit.
      The four eyes Taoist priest looked at Lin Yuan and asked: “Lin Yuan, although the old monk hates it, can you help him suppress the evil spirit?”
      Lin Yuan nodded.
      Old monk Yixiu shook his head. “Lin Yuan, I have a strong evil spirit. It's hard to suppress it completely, and it will consume your Buddhist power.”
      Lin Yuan didn't speak. He stepped out directly and arrived at the old monk Yixiu in an instant. Then he pointed to his forehead.
      “Wuxiangjiezhi!Break the evil
      As soon as old monk Yixiu was shocked, a black fog suddenly popped out of his body. Then, with the sound of Amitabha, the palm of his hand pressed, and the fire of Buddha burst out, Lin Yuan instantly burned this evil spirit.
      Yixiu's evil Qi is broken by Lin Yuan.
      The whole person became spirited.
      In this way, the evil Qi on the body was broken by Lin Yuan's finger!
      It's so powerful.
      The old monk was both grateful and a powerful Buddhist monk who shocked Lin Yuan.
      “Lin Yuan, thank you very much. The evil spirit has tormented me for a long time.”
      “Master Yixiu, you and I are both Buddhists. You need not be polite.”Lin Yuan is indifferent.
      Lin Yuan went back to the room to meditate.
      The four eyes Taoist priest and master Yixiu also went back to the room to practice.
      At midnight.
      Master Yixiu looked at the wooden fish, and the Four Eyed Taoist priest who lived next door heard the sound of beating the wooden fish. He gave a roar.”It's very noisy, old monk. I'll take care of you today.”
      The four eyes Taoist priest made a scarecrow with the name of master Yixiu on it.
      “Old monk, I don't want to punish you.”
      The next few days.
      The four eyes Taoist priest and master Yixiu began to fight.
      The whole ashram is very lively.
      These days, Lin Yuan has been waiting for the frontier Royal zombies to appear.
      But it took about three days.
      The frontier Royal zombies still haven't appeared.
      Lin Yuan didn't worry. As long as he was in Yixiu Daochang, the bronze corpse of the royal family in the frontier would appear.
      These days.
      Lin Yuan's strength has also improved a lot.
      He felt vaguely that he would soon gather a second relic.
      In addition to the improvement of his strength.
      Bailing'er has also made a lot of progress.
      Bai ling'er's breath is more powerful and Hu Wei is more powerful. It's estimated that it won't be long before he becomes a demon realm.
      At night.
      After dinner.
      The four eyes Taoist priest and master Yixiu began to fight again.
      It's ten minutes in the middle of the night.
      The wind blows.
      Evil is constantly approaching.
      Four eyes Taoist priest and a Xiu master two people immediately stop, become serious: “good strong evil, go out to have a look.”
      Lin Yuan also felt it.”What a powerful Yin Qi approaching, did the frontier imperial copper corpse finally appear?”
      Lin Yuan went out to have a look.
      It's not the bronze corpse of the frontier royal family.
      The smell.
      It's the spirit of ghosts.
      Master Yixiu's face became dignified.”Four eyes, be careful. The smell is very familiar. Is it… The ghost I dealt with before came to kill me?”
      At this time.
      In the jungle outside the dojo.
      There was a shrill laugh.
      “Ha ha ha, old monk, I didn't expect that you didn't die when you were attacked by my evil spirit, but tonight, your time of death is up.”
      A brush.
      A powerful female ghost in red came from the void.
      This female ghost, with flying hair and standing in the void in red, is extremely strange.
      Yixiu old monk a shock, pupil a shrink, “unexpectedly is you come to the door.”
      “Old monk, I said you can't escape.”The female ghost twisted her face and said with a gloomy smile.
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      Chapter 43 reward!A page of book!Great Vatican palm!
      Old monk Yixiu gave a cold hum.
      Take down the Buddha beads.
      And then one by one they threw it.
      Pa Pa Pa!
      There was a crack in the void.
      The ghost in red snorted, “these are useless to me.”
      Four eyes Taoist priest shot out more than ten spells.
      The charm flies to the ghost in red.
      The ghost in red breathes the ghost.
      These Charms burst into ashes in an instant.
      “That's a pretty good girl in red.”A peach wood sword appeared on the palm of the four eyes Taoist priest. Then the palm of the Taoist priest was shocked. The peach wood sword turned into a red light and chopped at the female ghost in red instantly.
      The female ghost in red hummed coldly, stretched out her terrible claws and grasped the peach wood sword of the Taoist priest with four eyes.
      The peach long sword broke on the spot.
      The ghost in red suddenly drank it.
      A wave of ghost gas vibrates all over the place.
      The four eyes Taoist priest and the old monk Yixiu retreated.
      “Smelly Taoist priest, old monk, your little magic power doesn't work for me. I am wearing red clothes to hang myself in the extreme Yin place for revenge. You old monk, just want to stop me.”
      “Hum, you have killed enough people. You want revenge. I can understand why you want to kill innocent people?”
      “I'll kill if I want, so what.”The ghost in red twisted her face. “Today, you're all going to die!”Said the ghost in red.
      At this time.
      One man and one tiger appeared.
      It's Lin Yuan and Bai ling'er.
      Lin Yuan glanced at the ghost in the air.
      The cultivation of the female ghost in red is really powerful. The spirit in the ghost can compete with the Taoist master.
      According to Lin Yuan's vision, the ghost in red should be the same as the major of the corpse raising sect.
      Lin Yuan smiles in his heart.
      Didn't wait for the frontier Royal bronze Corpse Explosion reward.
      The ghost in red came to the door.
      The ghost spirit in red is so powerful. If you kill it, it may bring out something good.
      “Amitabha!”Lin Yuan put his hands together and looked at the ghost in red in mid air.
      The ghost in red looks at Lin Yuan in white cassock. She smiles sharply.
      “Old monk, I'll kill your apprentice first.”
      A brush.
      The female ghost in red turns into a red shadow and flies to the edge of the forest in an instant.
      “Lin Yuan, be careful!”The old monk reminded Lin Yuan.
      “It's just ghosts.”Lin Yuan's eyes flashed a sense of killing.
      A brush.
      That sharp claw, grasps to the forest edge.
      At this moment, Lin Yuan put his hands together to urge the sariki in his body, and his whole body radiated the light of sariki.
      The light of Sari shines.
      The ghost in red was shot out in an instant.
      “How could that be?”The ghost in red looked unbelievably.
      Lin Yuan stepped out, reached a hundred meters away, and then pressed to the ghost in red.
      “I'm just waiting for ghosts. I dare to be presumptuous in front of you and subdue the devil!”
      The female ghost in red runs ghost Qi to resist Lin Yuan's attack.
      One person, one ghost, fight on the ground.
      The whole ground exploded.
      The ghost in red felt Lin Yuan's terrible Qi, blood, power and Buddhist power.
      She was terrified.
      “How can it be? How can it be? How can your cultivation be so powerful? Aren't you the apprentice of the old monk?”
      Lin Yuan goes to town with one punch.
      King Kong's magic fist blows on the ghost in red.
      The ghost in red flew upside down and hit the ground.
      “Amitabha, it's just a ghost. It's too weak.”
      “You are a strong Buddhist monk.”The ghost in red breathes in her breath and turns into seven red ghosts.
      Lin Yuan looked at seven red ghosts coming from different directions. He immediately raised his hand.
      On the palm of Lin Yuan's hand.
      Burning Buddha fire.
      The fire of Buddha is vigorous.
      Like the burning sun.
      “The Buddha's palm, the Golden Buddha's lamp!”
      Lin Yuan's palm was on the ground.
      All of a sudden.
      The whole ground is full of cracks. Flames spread from the palm of Lin Yuan's hand. These Buddha fires spread to seven ghosts in red in an instant.
      Seven ghosts in red are burning Buddha fire.
      There was a scream.
      “Master, don't kill me, don't!”
      “Amitabha!Prajna palmLin Yuan stepped out, like a virtual shadow, pressing his palm on the ghost in red.
      All of a sudden.
      The ghost in red exploded on the spot.
      The old monk and the four eyes Taoist priest looked at Lin Yuan and picked up the ghost easily.
      It's even more shocking.
      The Buddhism practice that shocked Lin Yuan has reached such a high level.
      “Amitabha, Lin Yuan must become Buddha!”
      “Yes, at the end of the Dharma era, there are such strong Buddhists as Lin Yuan. He must sweep the whole demon world.”
      After Lin Yuan killed the ghost in red, he went back to his room.
      At the moment, a big gift bag appeared in Lin Yuan's mind.
      This big gift bag is the reward for killing the ghost in red.
      Lin Yuan immediately opened the big gift bag.
      The system makes a jingle.
      “Congratulations to the host, get two Hunyuan pills!”
      “Congratulations to the host, you have obtained the Dharma of the great sage palm.”
      “It's worthy of being a powerful ghost. After the killing, two Hunyuan pills and the high-level Buddhist martial arts of the great Vatican palm burst out.”Lin Yuan looked excited.
      With two Hunyuan pills and a blood Bodhi in his storage bag and three kinds of pills in hand, Lin Yuan plans to attack the realm of the second grade monk and gather the second relic.
      “Bai ling'er!”
      “What's the matter, master?”
      “Follow me to the back mountain and protect the Dharma for me!”
      “Yes, master.”
      Next, one person and one tiger went to the back mountain of the Taoist temple.
      Lin Yuan plans to gather a second relic. Anyway, the bronze corpse of the frontier royal family has not yet appeared.
      One man and one tiger came to the back mountain.
      Lin Yuan first practiced the great Sanskrit palm.
      Da Fan Sheng Zhang: one page of the book of the powerful of pili Buddhism.
      Lin Yuan looked at the origin of the great Sanskrit palm, which was also a shock.”Good guy, this Vatican palm is powerful and overbearing, but it can perfectly exercise my body.”
      Because of Lin Yuan's improvement in the realm of Buddhism, the previous Buddhism external skills are not enough. Lin Yuan needs more domineering and more powerful skills to forge his body.
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      Chapter 44 two relics!Second grade monk!
      On the wild mountains.
      A big white tiger was lying on the ground, protecting the Dharma for a very handsome young monk in white.
      Lin Yuan at the moment.
      Operate the Buddhist power, and then practice the Mahatma palm.
      In this way, several hours passed.
      The great Vatican palm was successfully cultivated by Lin Yuan.
      At this moment, he clapped his hand across the sky. The terrible and majestic Buddha force suppressed the void, and then formed a huge hand to press it down.
      After the cultivation of the great Vatican palm, I feel that my blood and flesh strength have been increased by another level.
      Now he doesn't urge any Buddhist power. With all his physical strength, he can kill ghosts like chickens. If he urges the Buddhist power, his fighting power will be stronger and more terrifying.
      “Yes, this Buddhist martial arts is really powerful.”Lin Yuan shows his joyful eyes, and after the strength of his body, Lin Yuan is ready to condense the second relic.
      He calmed down.
      Took out a Hunyuan Dan and blood Bodhi.
      These two things are not ordinary goods.
      With these two things, Lin Yuan believes that tonight he will be able to enter the second class monk realm.
      After becoming an eminent monk, it is very difficult to make one more relic, which is no less difficult than climbing to heaven.
      It takes decades of hard work to refine a relic.
      Therefore, it is even more difficult for a strong monk to become a seven grade monk.
      It's just life.
      There is no way to support your cultivation.
      After all, the life span of the Buddhist monk realm is only about 200 years.
      Therefore, the eminent monks and strong men of all ages can only fall with hatred.
      If you want to surpass the eminent monks, refine Seven Sermons, and then become the venerable Buddhists, so as to reach the level that Vajra is not bad, you need the extremely terrible talent of Buddhist savvy.
      He swallowed Hunyuan Dan.
      Turned into a rolling force.
      Lin Yuan quickly absorbed these medicinal powers, and then transformed them into a great river of Buddhist power.
      In just one hour, the Buddha reached a climax.
      Then Lin Yuan took the blood Bodhi, and the blood gas of Lin Yuan doubled. The blood gas energy of blood Bodhi was closely combined with the physical body.
      Lin Yuan's body is also madly tempered, becoming more tenacious.
      Lin Yuan's physical body has reached the limit of an eminent monk, and his Buddhist power has also reached the limit of his physical body.
      What he wants to do is to break through this limit and become a second class monk.
      Realm cultivation is the same as water in a barrel.
      If you want more water, you have to expand the container.
      “The flesh and blood and the Buddhist mana have reached the extreme. It's time to break through.”
      Lin Yuan controls the close combination of blood gas and Buddhism. Then at this time, the clouds surge in the sky, and a special energy comes down.
      This kind of energy is the energy that came down from the wind of the sword.
      Three kinds of energy combine with each other and begin to temper the relic.
      Lin Yuan survived the disaster, so he didn't need to go through the disaster when he gathered the relics behind him.
      An hour!
      two hours!
      Three hours!
      It's already dawn.
      Lin Yuan is still sitting on the ground, motionless.
      It's midnight again.
      Lin Yuan suddenly opened his eyes, and two seven grain relics floated in his body.
      He opened his mouth and spat.
      Two seven grain relics float in the void.
      It radiates the light of Buddha.
      “The second relic was finally refined.”Lin Yuan looked excited.
      He swallows back two seven grain relic, the whole body is emitting the light of the relic, looks very magical.
      Bai ling'er, beside him, felt very comfortable with the light.
      “Buddha light bath, very comfortable.”
      Bai ling'er exclaimed.
      After breaking through the second grade monk, Lin Yuan felt the majestic Buddhist power in his body, which was much stronger than before.
      And physical strength is also terrible.
      He is more powerful now than when he was a monk.
      “It's really not comparable to a monk.”Lin Yuan murmured.
      It is only seven months since Lin Yuan became a Buddhist monk.
      If this gets out.
      I'm afraid it will be called a monster.
      Even in the age of myth.
      This speed is absolutely shocking.
      “Congratulations, master. It's getting stronger again.”Bai ling'er said.
      Lin Yuan suddenly thought that he had a Hunyuan pill.
      “Bailing'er, come here.”
      Bai ling'er rushes to Lin Yuan, who gives Hunyuan Dan to her.
      “It's hard for you to protect the Dharma for me.”
      “It's not hard.”Bai ling'er grabs Hunyuan Dan and swallows it.
      Hunyuan Dan's medicinal power shocked Bai ling'er. He madly urged the magic to absorb this great medicinal power.
      After a few hours.
      Bailing'er tiger roaring mountain forest.
      Awe all sides.
      This tiger power is more terrifying and powerful.
      A tiger roar directly scared many beasts to death.
      Bai ling'er flies out and jumps to a distance of 100 meters. Her Demon power rises again.
      “Spirit realm!Is this the spirit realm? “Bai ling'er showed his ecstatic eyes.
      This just followed Lin Yuan how long, from big demon to demon.
      It's something she never dreamed of.
      Even if it is a demon with strong talent, it will take decades or even a hundred years to complete.
      She got to know Lin Yuan in just one month.
      She was even more puzzled that her master had so many panacea.
      Every once in a while, good things come out.
      I haven't seen my master alchemy.
      My master didn't say.
      She did not dare to ask.
      “Spirit, come out!”
      Bai ling'er gave a soft drink.
      On the huge white tiger body, condenses a spirit body, this spirit body is a woman.
      It's Bai ling'er.
      At the moment, the tall and plump Bai ling'er looks at his spirit body.
      She was very excited.
      “Master, I have a spirit body. Look at me.”Bai ling'er turns around and looks at his Miaoman body. He is very happy. Although he is a spirit body, he is not a real human form.
      Lin Yuan looked at the tall and plump Bai ling'er and said, “well, go back to your body quickly. Let's go down the mountain.”
      “Yes, master.”
      At noon.
      One man and one tiger, walking in the mountains.
      Right now.
      Outside the four eyes Taoist priest's dojo.
      There was a team.
      This team is full of experts.
      In the middle of the line.
      Carrying a golden coffin.
      Behind the golden coffin, there are four young Taoists and a middle-aged one.
      These five Taoists.
      He is the Taoist of Maoshan.
      The middle-aged Taoist was wearing a Taoist robe and carrying a peach wood sword.
      He is the famous Taoist priest of Qianhe in Maoshan.
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      Chapter 45 imperial bronze corpse!Thousand crane dead?
      Taoist Qianhe gave an order.
      His four apprentices stopped in an instant.
      “Master, what's the matter?”
      The four disciples looked at Taoist Qianhe.
      Taoist priest Qianhe immediately said, “the glutinous rice is almost gone. A manor in front of me is my senior brother's ashram. I'll ask for some glutinous rice.”
      Taoist Qianhe came to the inner guard.
      There are two sedan chairs on the side of the guard. One is the little prince, and the other is the maid, but the maid is a sissy.
      “Little Wang Ye, Wu Shilang, stop first.”
      Wu Shilang was holding up his orchid fingers and Yin Judo: “Taoist Qianhe, what's the matter?”
      “Well, we don't have enough glutinous rice. Wait a minute. I'll go to my elder martial brother's for some glutinous rice.”
      “Well, go back quickly, or it will be dark.”
      “Good.”Qianhe said here, and took four disciples to the outside of the Taoist temple.
      “Is elder martial brother here?”Said Taoist Qianhe.
      At this time, Jiale came out. He looked at Taoist priest Qianhe and said, “Taoist priest, what's the matter with you?”
      “Is Taoist four eyes at home?”Taoist Qianhe asked.
      “Oh, you want my master?My master is practicingJiale said.
      “So you are the apprentice of senior brother Si mu. Ha ha ha.”
      “Do you know my master?”
      “Of course I do. I'm a crane.”
      At the moment, Jiale was stunned. Looking at Taoist priest Qianhe, he immediately said, “what, you are martial uncle Qianhe. My master often mentions you. Please come in. I'll go to my master now.”
      Taoist Qianhe took four disciples into the hall.
      “Master, martial uncle Qianhe is here.”Outside, Jiale knocks on the door.
      The door of the training room opened, and the Four Eyed Taoist priest came out, “what?My younger martial brother is here. Good guy, I haven't seen him for two years. ”
      The Four Eyed Taoist priest rushed to the hall.”Younger martial brother Qianhe, what brings you here today? We haven't seen each other for two years.”
      “Yes, I haven't seen you and elder martial brother Jiu in two years.””Thousand crane sighs,” don't know now nine elder martial brother how. ”
      When I was in Maoshan.
      Qianhe, Lin Fengjiao and four eyes Taoist priest have the best feelings. They practice Taoism together and go down the mountain to kill demons and Demons together.
      Now, many years later, Qianhe thinks of this place and misses it very much.
      “Ha ha ha, your ninth elder martial brother is in Renjia town. He's fine.”
      “That's good, that's good.”Qianhe said with a smile.
      “Jiale, go to buy wine and meat. I'll stay with your martial uncle tonight.”
      “Yes, master.”
      Qianhe immediately waved his hand, “younger martial brother, no need. I have something important to do. I'm here to ask for some glutinous rice. After this matter is solved, I'll come back to your Taoist temple to drink with you.”
      “Oh, what's the rush?”The four eyes Taoist priest asked.
      “My disciples and I are responsible for escorting a corpse back to the imperial city. This corpse is the prince of the frontier royal family. It has been transformed, but it has been sealed. I have to escort it back to the capital as soon as possible.”
      Thousand crane said here, went out to have a look.
      In the middle of the group, there were coffins with bronze horns and gold coffins.
      “So it is. I won't leave you, younger martial brother. Jiale, get some glutinous rice for your martial uncle, and get more.”
      Taoist Qianhe got a big bag of glutinous rice.
      Four eyes Taoist priest and thousand crane Taoist priest went out, and now master Yixiu also came out.
      “It's Taoist Qianhe. I've heard so much about him!”
      Taoist Qianhe looked at master Yixiu and said, “ha ha ha, I'm master Yixiu. I've been looking up to you for a long time.”
      “Taoist Qianhe, are you going to leave as soon as you come here?Why don't you stay? “Old monk Yixiu said with a smile.
      “No, no, there are people waiting for me over there.”Qianhe walked past.
      Wu Shilang has been urging, “Taoist Qianhe, how can I beg for glutinous rice for so long? Come here quickly.”
      “Here we are.”
      Four eyes Taoist priest, Jiale, Yixiu old monk and Qianhe came to Wu Shilang,
      “See you later, younger martial brother. I hope you can't use this bag of glutinous rice.”
      “See you later, elder martial brother.”
      At the moment, the old monk Yixiu looked at the copper horn coffin and immediately said, “what's this?”
      “Zombies.”Qianhe lowered his voice.
      “Oh, I see, but Taoist Qianhe, you can take down the tent in such a hot sun, so as to reduce the corpse Qi.”Yi Xiu old monk reminds a way.
      Qianhe suddenly said, “what the master said is reasonable. You should take down the tent immediately.”
      At this time.
      Lin Yuan and Bai ling'er appear in the Taoist temple.
      Lin Yuan looked at a group of people and horses over there. His eyes were fixed. It was the bronze horn coffin: “Bai ling'er, you stay here. I'll go there.”
      Lin Yuan walked over immediately. Qian He looked at a young and handsome young monk and said, “master Yixiu, is this your apprentice?”
      Yixiu shook his head. “Taoist Qianhe, Lin Yuan is our friend.”
      Crane politely looked at Lin Yuan: “master Lin Yuan, nice to meet you.”
      Lin Yuan nodded and looked at the Taoist priest of Qianhe. He opened tianyantong and looked at the black airflow on Qianhe's head.
      This black air current is not the Qi of yin and evil.
      It's the luck of a thousand cranes.
      Black air.
      It's a sign of extreme evil.
      It's a dead robbery.
      “The bronze corpse of the royal family, the thousand cranes are dead.”Lin Yuan said in his heart.
      Then, Lin Yuan went to the copper horn gold coffin next to, copper horn gold coffin above, emitting a terrible corpse gas.
      “It's really a bronze corpse of the royal family.”
      Lin Yuan's eyes were connected to the sky and projected the bronze horn coffin directly.
      Inside the golden coffin.
      There lies a royal prince, all of whom is like bronze.
      More Than This.
      The eyes of the imperial copper corpse were open. Lin Yuan's face changed. It was obvious that the imperial copper corpse had not been sealed. He seemed to be waiting for something.
      “Well, Taoist Qianhe, it's time for us to go.”Wu Shilang urged him to get up.
      It's very just to see Qianhe. Lin Yuan takes out a bunch of Buddhist beads. The beads contain his Buddhist power. After all, they are the magic weapons of the eminent monk's Buddhist power. Maybe they can save Qianhe's life.
      “Taoist Qianhe, you and I are destined to give you a string of Buddhist beads.”
      The four eyes Taoist priest looked at the Buddha beads and immediately said, “younger martial brother, this Buddha bead has been blessed by Lin Yuan. It's not an ordinary product.”
      “Thank you, master Lin Yuan. See you later.”Qianhe took his apprentice and left with the guards.
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      Chapter 46 thunder comes!The imperial bronze corpse is born!
      After Qianhe left.
      Lin Yuan, four eyes, a break, three people back to the Taoist temple.
      At the moment, four eyes, standing outside, looking at his younger martial brother who is gradually moving away.
      “Younger martial brother, I hope you can't use glutinous rice or the Buddhist beads Lin Yuan gave you.”
      The old monk looked at the four eyes Taoist priest: “four eyes, how can you become so sentimental?”
      “I feel uneasy. The things in the coffin give me a very depressing feeling. I always feel that something will happen to my younger martial brother.”
      “Four eyes, you can rest assured. Your younger martial brother is very powerful and should be OK.”Said the old monk.
      The four eyes Taoist priest, the old monk and even the Qianhe Taoist priest did not know that the Royal Prince in the bronze horn coffin was a bronze corpse.
      Only Lin Yuan knows.
      Copper corpse is more horizontal than iron corpse. It's not a grade at all.
      Copper corpse has its own wisdom. It's full of corpse Qi. It's extremely powerful and can corrode everything.
      Above the bronze corpse is the silver corpse. The silver corpse is even more terrifying. The water and fire do not invade, and the magic does not break. The ordinary magic attack has no effect at all, and it can walk in the daytime without fear of the sun.
      of course.
      Lin Yuan is not afraid of the copper corpse, only the stronger demons and ghosts, or zombie ghosts.After he killed, the reward was more generous.
      Just like the night before.
      To kill the female ghost in red who comes to the door is a powerful ghost.
      After he killed him, he discovered high-grade Buddhist skills, great Sanskrit palm and Hunyuan pill.
      He is looking forward to what reward will be given when he kills the bronze corpse of the frontier royal family.
      Ordinary copper corpses have the same level as ghosts.
      However, the origin of the bronze corpse with the bronze horn and gold coffin is not small.
      He was the prince of the frontier royal family.
      Lin Yuan believes that if you kill the imperial copper corpse, the reward will be more generous than that of the ghost in red.
      Lin Yuan looked at the four eyes Taoist priest worried, indifferent way: “four eyes Taoist priest you don't worry, I give your younger martial brother's Buddha beads, after my Buddhist refining, if the zombie wake up, my Buddha beads can also save his life.”
      “Well, I hope you can't use your Buddhist beads.”The four eyes Taoist priest nodded.
      Half an hour has just passed.
      On this side of the Taoist temple, dark clouds began to spread, lightning and thunder.
      Look at the weather.
      His face was more dignified.
      “It's thunder and rain, younger martial brother. I hope you can avoid this disaster.”
      On the other side.
      Taoist priest Qianhe escorts the copper horn coffin and Wu Shilang forward quickly.
      At this time.
      The sky began to dim.
      Above, too, black clouds began to spread.
      In the jungle, the wind began to blow.
      “It's windy. It's going to rain.”Wu Shilang pointed.
      At this moment, Taoist priest Qianhe frowned and looked at Wu Shilang: “Wu Shilang, it's going to rain soon. We need at least another hour to get to the town. It's better to camp in the jungle.”
      Wu Shilang shook his head. “No, there are so many mosquitoes, mice and ants in the jungle. Is it where people live?Speed up and get to town at once. ”
      Taoist Qianhe shook his head and sighed, “speed up.”
      After a few minutes.
      The wind is getting stronger and stronger.
      It's beginning to rain.
      Qianhe reaches for some rain.
      “No, Southeast, northwest, quickly put up a tent for the bronze horn coffin, fast!”
      “Yes, master.”
      Four young Taoists from southeast and northwest quickly set up tents for the golden coffin.
      Just built.
      It's a torrential rain.
      The wind and rain are extremely strong.
      In the heavy rain, Qianhe immediately said, “go to the jungle and camp.”
      Wu Shilang, holding the prince in his arms, rushed to the jungle: “camp quickly.”
      The tent is set up.
      Qianhe touched the rope on the golden coffin. The cinnabar mark became dim and washed away by the rain.
      He whispered that it was not good.
      “It can't go on like this.”Thousand crane says here, walk to Wu Shilang's side immediately, “Wu Shilang, whether let copper horn gold coffin advance tent.”
      Wu Shi Lang snorted coldly: “what?Taoist Qianhe, don't you let the little prince enter the tent and let the coffin enter the tent?What's the point? ”
      Wu Shilang immediately ran to the tent with the little prince in his arms.
      Taoist Qianhe immediately told the others, “you quickly set up the tent.”
      It's raining more and more.
      The wind is getting stronger and stronger.
      At this time, the tent above the coffin was blown over.
      The heavy rain splashed on the golden coffin.
      Looking at this scene, a thousand cranes gallop out and fall behind the golden coffin.
      “Quick, push the golden coffin into the tent. Don't let the rain wash it out.”
      Many guards are pushing the golden coffin one after another.
      At this moment, a thunder and lightning came down from the sky and split on the copper horn coffin.
      Zizi Zizi!
      Several guards were killed by lightning on the spot, and their whole body became burnt.
      “Others, push it up for me.”A thousand cranes suddenly drink.
      Other guards pushed the coffin.
      Just at this time, the wind suddenly stopped and the rain stopped.
      “Taoist, stop.”
      The crowd heaved a hard breath.
      Qianhe Taoist priest also breathed a breath, as long as there is no thunder and rain, he is not too worried.
      “Everybody go and have a rest.”
      In half an hour.
      The king in the coffin of bronze horn and gold.
      He suddenly drank, growled, and the whole coffin began to shake.
      “What sound?”Many guards ran to the coffin one after another. They watched the coffin shake and opened their eyes one by one.
      “ThisThis… ”
      “Go and call the Taoist priest!”
      Several guards flew into the camp.
      “Taoist priest, no, the coffin seems to be moving.”
      Qianhe Taoist priest's face changed on the spot, looking at his four disciples, “southeast, northwest, get the magic weapon quickly.”
      A thousand cranes galloped out, watching the coffin shaking tens of meters away.
      He runs the power.
      One step ejection.
      Then the whole person soared into the air.
      “A thousand pounds fall!”
      The crane fell heavily on the lid of the coffin, and the ground was shocked.
      “Get the rope.”Qianhe said immediately.
      The four disciples in southeast, northwest and Northwest were holding strong ropes. Taoist Qianhe tied the ropes to the coffin.
      At this time.
      Inside the coffin.
      A corpse roars, thousand crane road long attach coffin gold cover to fly upside down but come out, heavy smash on the ground.
      Thousand crane's face is pale: “the seal is broken, the zombie is born!”
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      Chapter 47 Qianhe Dayi!
      The other guards, too, retreated in fright.
      A thousand cranes suddenly drink: “southeast, northwest, cloth all over the world.”
      The bronze coffin cracked on the spot.
      The Lord of Qing Dynasty stood up directly from the front.
      He looked up at the sky and roared.
      The spirit of the corpse soared to the sky.
      The terrible corpse gas of the whole body corrodes all around.
      Four young Taoists in the southeast, northwest, and northwest, holding the big net, went straight to the king of Qing Dynasty.
      Zizi Zizi!
      The big net catches the king of Qing.
      The king of Qing drank deeply, stretched out his paw and tore it directly.
      The French Open was smashed.
      Then the king of Qing jumped out and flew directly to one of the disciples of Qianhe. He grabbed the disciple and bit it off.
      “Comfortable!”The Royal Prince spewed corpses.
      Looking at one of his apprentices being bitten to death, Qianhe immediately said, “go back!”
      When the prince grasped it, another apprentice was drained of blood.
      “You can't escape.”
      In the blink of an eye.
      Four young Taoists in the southeast and Northwest were drained of blood by the king of Qing Dynasty.
      Qianhe looked at his four disciples were drained of blood, his heart was extremely painful.
      “Southeast and northwest, Shifu is sorry for you, Shifu wants to avenge you.”A thousand cranes clap open the lid on their body.
      Other guards, armed with swords, slashed at the king of Qing Dynasty one after another.
      The big knife is broken.
      The fire was all over the place.
      The king of the Qing Dynasty snorted coldly: “you are all mole ants!”
      He stretched out his long claws, grabbed the guards, and immediately drained the blood of the guards.
      “DeathAt this time, Qianhe came flying, his hands burst out seven or eight incantations, these incantations, like flying arrows, pasted on the king of Qing Dynasty.
      The king of the Qing Dynasty gave a scornful voice.
      Vomits the corpse language: “the small charm, but can't me.”
      Pa Pa Pa!
      The prince of the Qing Dynasty snorted coldly, and his charm turned to ashes on the spot.
      “It's impossible.”In a daze, Qianhe pulls out the peach wood sword on his back and stabs it with one sword.
      The peach long sword stabbed the king of Qing Dynasty.
      It's glowing.
      When the king of Qing Dynasty was shocked, the peach wood sword in Qianhe's hand burst and smashed on the spot.
      Qianhe is held by the Qing emperor.
      He was picked up.
      “What a terrible force! How can it be!”Qianhe struggles madly, but he can't get away.
      The king of the Qing Dynasty threw the crane tens of meters away.
      A thousand cranes hit the ground heavily.
      “Little Taoist of Maoshan, maybe you can deal with me with your accomplishments?”The king of the Qing Dynasty said contemptuously, “however, after sucking your blood, my corpse Qi will become stronger and more horizontal. Maybe it will make me gather copper armor, ha ha ha!”
      Do you want copper armor?
      Qianhe was shocked.”Are you a bronze corpse?”
      “Yes, you Maoshan elder level strong man out of the mountain may be able to deal with me, your cultivation is too weak.”The king of the Qing Dynasty went to Qianhe.
      Qianhe was also very shocked. No matter what, he couldn't imagine how the Royal Prince was a bronze corpse. After three years of death in the frontier, the Qing prince had a corpse change, so it couldn't be a bronze corpse. Even if the Royal Prince had royal blood in his body, it couldn't be a bronze corpse in just a few years.
      “You must be surprised why I built a bronze corpse in such a short time. I will tell you that there is a king of zombies in the Qing Dynasty. All the ten princes of the Qing Dynasty will come back to life one by one, and they also give us the supreme strength. Ha ha ha, we are going to go back to the capital to pay homage to the corpse king, and then fight together to recover the Qing Dynasty.”The king of Qing said here, and the corpse roared.
      Taoist Qianhe bites the tip of his tongue, grabs a handful of copper coins from his arms and sprays them with pure Yang blood.
      These copper coins form a long sword of copper coins.
      Qianhe is in charge of the long sword of copper coin, and stabs the emperor of Qing Dynasty with one sword.
      “I said, your cultivation is too low, roar!”The king of the Qing Dynasty seized the long sword with a click and smashed it. Then he grabbed Qianhe's broad arm and suddenly grasped it.
      Qianhe shows the skill of getting rid of the golden cicada's shell. The king of Qing Dynasty grabs an empty one, throws down his Taoist robe and roars, “you can't run away.”
      The king of Qing flew to him.
      Qianhe can't stop the king of the Qing Dynasty by using all kinds of Taoism.
      The king of the Qing Dynasty flew down again.
      Qianhe suddenly found a string of Buddhist beads in his arms.
      He threw out the beads.
      This string of Buddhist beads hit on the chest of the king of Qing Dynasty.
      All of a sudden.
      The fire was all over the place.
      The king of the Qing Dynasty was hit by a terrible Buddhist force dozens of miles away, smashing a big tree with a roar.
      At this moment, the king of Qing Dynasty was extremely angry: “this Taoist priest has the Dharma weapon of the Buddhist monk.”
      At the moment, Wu Shilang and Xiao Wangye are in another tent.
      “What's going on.”
      Just at this time, Wu Shilang opened the tent.
      Suddenly, a paw grabbed Wu Shilang and killed him.
      The little prince took a dagger out of his arms.
      Look at the man coming in.
      “Uncle Wang, it's you!”
      The prince of Qing Dynasty looked at the little prince, and his eyes flashed with excitement. He opened his mouth and showed two sharp teeth.
      The little prince retreated a few steps, and the Qing Prince pressed him step by step.
      “Uncle Wang, I'm sorry.”The little prince ran to him and put a dagger into the king of Qing Dynasty.
      to be sonorous!
      The fire was all over the place.
      Little Wang Ye's dagger seems to be stuck in steel.
      It didn't work at all.
      After sucking the little prince's blood, the Qing Prince disappeared into the jungle.
      After watching the Qing Dynasty disappear.
      Qianhe came out.
      He dragged his injured body to the side of the tent.
      Look at your four apprentices.
      He was very sad.
      At this time, Qianhe saw that his four disciples had something different. He immediately picked up one of them's peach wood sword and put it in their heart.
      “Master, I'm sorry for you.”
      Looking at his shoulder and chest, Qianhe immediately went into the tent and put sticky rice on the wound.
      The wound was smoky.
      The crane bit his teeth, and his face became more pale and powerless.
      “The copper corpse poison can't be dispelled by glutinous rice. I'm going to attack my heart with the poison. If I become a zombie, I don't know what level I will become. I'll be in trouble at that time.”
      Thousand crane said here, picked up the peach wood sword on the ground: “I can't become a zombie, elder martial brothers, no chance to see you again.”
      In this moment.
      A shadow rushed in and snatched the peach wood sword from the crane.
      “No, younger martial brother.”
      It's the four eyes Taoist priest.
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      Chapter 48 Lin Yuan!Kill the corpses!
      “Elder martial brother, why are you!”
      Qianhe Taoist priest's eyes began to turn black, and his lips also turned black. He looked terrible.
      “I sensed that the corpse here was so angry that I guessed that something was wrong with you, so I came here. Fortunately, I came in time.”Four eyes Taoist said.
      Qianhe shook his head. “Elder martial brother, you don't have to worry about me. I'm already poisoned by the corpse. I can't be saved. Elder martial brother, get out of the way. I want to end myself. Otherwise, when I become a zombie, elder martial brother, you can't control me. After I die, you and master Yixiu leave here in a hurry. The king of Qing has become a bronze corpse.”
      “Bronze corpse!”At the moment, the four eyes Taoist priest's eyes were also shaking.
      Copper corpse can be said to be very powerful, much stronger than iron corpse.
      “Younger martial brother, you said that the king was a bronze corpse.”
      “Yes, I didn't think of it, either, ah!”
      Just at that time, there was another deafening corpse roar in the jungle, which was from the king of Qing Dynasty.
      “Elder martial brother, go quickly. The copper corpse has a very sensitive sense of smell. You can smell the breath of strangers thousands of meters away. You don't have to worry about me.”
      “You are my younger martial brother. How can you ignore you?”The four eyes Taoist priest carried the crane on his back: “go to my Taoist temple.”
      “Elder martial brother, it's useless. I can't help it.”
      “Younger martial brother, hold on, Lin Yuan may have a way.”
      “God is a hundred miles away.”Taoist priest Qianhe used Maoshan's Taoism, and half an hour later he came to the outside of the Taoist temple.
      At the moment, Qianhe is very uncomfortable, and his whole body is beginning to ossify.
      Yixiu old monk and Lin Yuan watched the Four Eyed Taoist priest come back with a thousand cranes on his back.
      The old monk came forward and looked at Qianhe.
      “The corpse poison attacks the heart.”
      Now the four eyes Taoist priest looked at Lin Yuan and said, “Lin Yuan, do you have a way to save my younger martial brother?”
      Lin Yuan looks at the cranes on the ground.
      He felt the corpse poison in Qianhe.
      “The poison of copper corpse, get out of the way.”
      The four eyes Taoist priest and the old monk Yixiu step aside one after another.
      Lin Yuan put his hands together, and Qianhe sat cross legged on the ground. He looked at Lin Yuan: “master Lin Yuan, if you have no way, please end me, or the consequences will be unimaginable.”
      Lin Yuan said calmly: “it's just the poison of copper corpse.”
      Say here.
      Lin Yuan suddenly drank it.
      The two sarikos in the body emit powerful Buddhist power.
      Lin Yuan is shining with gold.
      The whole person is like a golden Buddha.
      Taoist Qianhe was also covered by the golden light from Lin Yuan.
      He immediately felt very comfortable, not so uncomfortable.
      “What a vast Buddhist powerShocked, Qianhe looks at Lin Yuan: “master Lin Yuan, you are a BuddhistBuddhist monk
      “Don't talk.”Lin Yuan said here, Qianhe shut up.
      Lin Yuan madly urged the Buddha to transit into the body of Qianhe.
      A thousand cranes spouted out.
      A mass of black blood came out.
      The black blood corrodes all around.
      In a flash.
      The flowers and trees with a radius of tens of meters withered instantly.
      Master Yixiu and Taoist priest simu were shocked when they saw that the corpse poison made the flowers and trees wither in an instant.
      “What a terrible corpse poison.”After Qianhe was forced out, his face began to recover.
      He looked at Lin Yuan, showing a grateful look: “thank you for your help, Qianhe does not know how to repay.”
      Lin Yuan waved his hand and said, “Buddhism and Taoism belong to one family. There's no need to be polite. Where is the king of Qing Dynasty now?”
      Qianhe shook his head. “I don't know, but I think the Qing king will kill him.”
      “Well, I'll wait for him here.”Lin Yuan said calmly.
      Right now.
      What shocked the four eyes Taoist priest and master Yixiu was not that the poison of Qianhe was dissolved by Lin Yuan.
      It was Lin Yuan's accomplishments that shocked him.
      Lin Yuan's cultivation at the moment is more profound.
      Compared to that night when I killed the ghost in red.
      It seems stronger.
      “It's easy to dissolve the poison of the copper corpse. Lin Yuan's accomplishments have been improved. It's terrible.”The four eyes Taoist priest murmured.
      At the moment, master Yixiu also took a breath: “master erpin, Lin Yuan has broken through to master erpin. It's too fast.”
      the second day.
      Taoist Qianhe has recovered a lot.
      I can move freely.
      The next night.
      People are meditating.
      So are Lin Yuan and Bai ling'er.
      Outside the jungle.
      There is a fog like corpse gas.
      The spirit of corpse is very strong.
      Qingqing and Jiale ran into the Taoist temple: “no, it's a big corpse gas outside.”
      Four eyes Taoist priest, Qianhe, Yixiu master, Lin Yuan several people go out.
      There was a dense fog of corpse in the jungle.
      A dozen zombies jumped out of the jungle.
      These zombies are very powerful.
      They are as strong as iron.
      Thousand crane a Leng, shocked way: “they are big inside guard, that is Wu Shi Lang, they became zombie.”
      The Four Eyed Taoist priest looked at the zombies and said, “it's iron corpse!”
      “What's the matter? In a short night, they became iron corpses.”Qianhe is hard to understand.
      It's hard for the four eyes Taoist priest to imagine becoming an iron corpse overnight.
      Lin Yuan is indifferent way, “their corpse poison is copper corpse poison, become iron corpse is also very normal, the higher the level of zombie poison, the higher the level of zombie.”
      “So it is.”People just understood.
      Wu Shilang, as well as many experts, and a little prince of Qing Dynasty.
      They're leaping.
      Looking at Lin Yuan and others.
      These iron corpses opened their tusks, showed their excited eyes, and kept roaring.
      “Amitabha!I'll take care of it. ”
      Lin Yuan step out, looking at more than a dozen iron corpses, he said secretly in his heart.
      The bronze corpse hasn't appeared yet. Kill you first and give you some rewards.
      These iron corpses surrounded the edge of the forest.
      Lin Yuan runs the Buddhist power.
      Then make a seal with both hands.
      Push the Tathagata palm.
      “The Buddha's hand, the Buddha's light
      In a flash.
      The palm of Lin Yuan's hand burst out the golden light of Buddhism. When the golden light was shining, the bodies of these iron corpses made a crackling sound.
      Lin Yuan moves the Buddhist power again and raises his palm again.
      “The Buddha's palm, the Golden Buddha's lamp!”
      Palm fire burning, and then a palm down.
      Suddenly, the whole ground cracked, the Buddha fire spread around, like a fire snake spread to more than a dozen specific iron corpses.
      In an instant.
      These iron corpses are wrapped by Buddha fire and penetrated by the power of terror.
      In the blink of an eye.
      Lin Yuan killed all the iron corpses.
      Master Yixiu, four eyes Taoist priest, Qianhe Taoist priest, Qingqing and Jiale all took a breath.
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      Chapter 49 Buddhist monks!Suppress the Qing Dynasty copper corpse Lord!
      “So strong!”
      “Too strong!”
      “It's too overbearing to wipe out the corpses.”
      All of them trembled. Now they looked at Lin Yuan's eyes as if they were looking at God.
      “Amitabha!”Lin Yuan stood up, put away the Buddhist power in his body, and took Bai ling'er back to the room.
      Back in the room.
      Lin Yuan continued to meditate and refine his body by using the Buddhist power.
      After some practice.
      Lin Yuan opens the system.
      There are many big gift packages in the system.
      These big gift bags are just the big gift bags obtained by killing the corpses with one palm.
      Lin Yuan opened these big gift bags and got more than ten ordinary pills.
      Now, the stronger his cultivation is, if the level of demons, ghosts and Zombies he kills is very low, the ones that burst out will be average.
      Now he has arrived at the second grade monk's realm. It's easy for him to kill such a small role as iron corpse. He can kill a group of people with a single touch, so the reward is just the same.
      These pills are of little use to him anyway, so Lin Yuan gives them to Bai ling'er.
      Anyway, Bai ling'er is his own man.
      No, my own tiger.
      Of course, Bai ling'er was very excited. He took more than ten pills, which greatly increased the demon's power.
      Next, Lin Yuan prepares to practice the third form of the Buddha's palm, and the Buddha moves mountains and rivers.
      The third style is more powerful.
      Lin Yuan finished the cultivation of Buddhism in only three days.
      Right now.
      Under a waterfall.
      There is a young monk in white sitting on the table.
      Next to the waterfall, there was a huge white tiger.
      “The light of the Buddha is beginning to appear!”
      The palm of Lin Yuan's hand is folded, the Buddha's power vibrates in all directions, and the water around the waterfall surges into the sky.
      “Jinding Buddha lamp!”
      Lin Yuan urges the second move. The fire on his palm burns instantly. He presses it down and the whole deep pool explodes. It's terrifying.
      Lin Yuan performs the third move.
      The third form of the Tathagata palm consumes a lot of money. Of course, its power is also extremely terrible.
      Even bailing'er, the great white tiger, felt the power of deterrence.
      Bai ling'er can only fly away from the edge of the forest.
      “Buddha's palm, the third move, Buddha moves mountains and rivers!”Lin Yuan's palms vibrated in the sky, and the Buddhist power around him formed a seal, which was extremely huge.
      The whole waterfall.
      It's going to explode.
      The stone walls all around also burst open.
      “The Buddha moves mountains and rivers and is really powerful. After the cultivation, my physical strength has also improved a lot.”Lin Yuan is very excited.
      On the other side, Bai ling'er was shocked. He felt Lin Yuangang's move and was shocked: “the master's move just now is too terrible.”
      After training.
      Lin Yuan takes Bai ling'er back to the Taoist temple.
      These days.
      The bronze corpse Lord of the Qing Dynasty seemed to have disappeared, but did not appear.
      At night.
      When people in the Taoist school practice.
      A shadow of a person jumps a hundred meters and approaches the dojo.
      The king of the Qing Dynasty roared suddenly, and the corpse was so angry that the flowers and trees withered where he went.
      Lin Yuan opened his eyes and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.
      The copper corpse who has been waiting for so long.
      Finally, there it is.
      Four eyes Taoist priest, Yixiu master, Qianhe Taoist priest, they also appeared outside the Taoist temple.
      The king of Qing at the moment.
      Open your eyes.
      Looking at Taoist Qianhe.
      “Well?Why didn't you become a zombie when you were poisoned by me? “The king of the Qing Dynasty uttered corpse language.
      “Well, I don't deserve to die.”A thousand cranes snorted coldly.
      The king of Qing Dynasty looked at the two Taoists and an old monk. He roared, “OK, three monks, I want to suck you up.”
      The king of Qing suddenly roared.
      Open your mouth.
      Show sharp teeth.
      He opened his mouth.
      The horrible corpse air washes out directly.
      The whole ground immediately eroded and melted.
      Yixiu, simu, Qianhe, back again and again.
      “Hum, I have immortal body now. Go to die.”
      At this time.
      A very handsome young monk in white cassock came out.
      He is Lin Yuan.
      Lin Yuan put his hands together and looked at the king of Qing calmly.
      The king of Qing Dynasty is indeed a bronze corpse.
      He's been waiting so long.
      “Amitabha!I've been waiting for you for a long time. ”
      The king of Qing Dynasty looked at Lin Yuan, raised his head to the sky and yelled, “they are not my opponents. Do you dare to call yourself a monk?Then I'll suck your blood first. ”
      A brush.
      The king of the Qing Dynasty flew to him in an instant, very fast.
      “Amitabha!How dare you be so arrogant in front of meLin Yuan subdued the devil with one hand.
      There was a loud noise.
      There was a roar.
      The whole body of the king of the Qing Dynasty retreated and fell to the ground with a bang. The whole ground was directly shattered.
      He looked down at his robe, which was broken, and a palm print appeared on his chest.
      “How could that be?”The king of the Qing Dynasty showed an incredible look. “I'm immortal. Why do you have such terrible power? Who are you?”
      Looking at a handprint on the chest of the king of Qing Dynasty, Lin Yuan looked excited: “the copper corpse is really powerful. I didn't smash your corpse with one hand of subduing the devil. It's very good, very good.”
      The king of the Qing Dynasty looks at Lin Yuan, and he feels the Buddhist shock around him.
      He understood.
      This young monk in white cassock was in front of him.
      He is a rare Buddhist monk in the world.
      “You are a strong Buddhist monk!”The king of Qing Dynasty uttered the corpse language coldly.
      “Good eye power.”Lin Yuan said here, one step out, a blow to: “King Kong Magic boxing, King Kong Town world!”
      Lin Yuan's two fists.
      The golden light is blooming.
      The fist technique is terrible.
      Every punch has the power of terror.
      The terrifying boxing skills hit the king of Qing Dynasty.
      It's the Voldemort palm that keeps sweeping.
      Prajna's palm technique.
      No phase refers to, one Yang refers to the explosion point.
      Even if it was a copper corpse, the king of Qing Dynasty could not bear Lin Yuan's bombardment.
      As a bronze corpse, the whole body of the king of the Qing Dynasty is like a broken kite, flying backward 100 meters away, smashing the ground.
      “Amitabha!The copper corpse is nothing more than that. ”
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      Chapter 50 dragon cassock!Invulnerable!Fire and water do not invade!
      At this moment, the king of Qing Dynasty, who was a bronze corpse, roared angrily.
      The king of Qing Dynasty opened his mouth.
      A terrible corpse gas erupted, and then washed the edge of the forest.
      The edge of the forest moved quickly, like a shadow.
      The king of the Qing Dynasty jumped quickly and held out his sharp fingers to Lin Yuan.
      “You think you're the only one who's going to catch people.”
      Lin Yuan suddenly drank, stood in the same place, spread out his hands, ten fingers curved, like dragon claws.
      “Dragon claw hand!”
      Lin Yuan's external skill of Buddhism is dragon claw.
      When the dragon claw is used, the power of terror and Qi and blood vibrate everywhere.
      Lin Yuan's dragon claw hand collided with the Qing emperor's Bronze corpse's claw.
      One person, one corpse.
      Crazy fighting in the dark.
      King Qing's shoulder was tightly clasped by Lin Yuan's dragon claw hand, and suddenly grasped.
      Zizi Zizi!
      The fire was all over the place.
      One person, one corpse, split in an instant.
      The king of Qing lowered his head and looked at his arm. His shoulder and arm were scratched by the little monk. Not only that, a large piece of corpse was scratched down by the little monk.
      The king of Qing gave a scream.
      The corpse roared.
      Lin Yuan grabbed a large piece of corpse meat, and then it was still on the ground.
      At this moment, the four eyes Taoist priest, master Yixiu, Taoist priest Qianhe, watched Lin Yuan's external skill of Buddhism, dragon claw hand, and captured the bronze corpse of King Qing.
      All of them shivered.
      You know, copper corpse is invulnerable, and its flesh is extremely hard.
      However, facing Lin Yuan's dragon claw hand, it is just like tofu.
      “Lin Yuan is so terrible. If it's caught on our flesh and blood, we'll become mud on the spot.”Take a deep breath.
      Taoist priest Qianhe was also shocked: “yes, no wonder Lin Yuan is not afraid of the king of the Qing Dynasty. His strength is too abnormal. According to the truth, although Lin Yuan is a Buddhist monk with profound cultivation, the king of the Qing Dynasty is also a bronze corpse. They are at least equal. However, the king of the Qing Dynasty is like a weak chicken in front of Lin Yuan.”
      Qingqing looks at Lin Yuan who is fighting with the king of Qing Dynasty in the distance.
      She showed a look of admiration, “brother Lin Yuan is so powerful. If only he were my husband, he was so handsome and powerful.”
      The Qing emperor had to attack Lin Yuan again.
      He stretched out his claws and grasped Lin Yuan.
      Lin Yuan gave a cold hum and still used the Dragon claws of Buddhism.
      The edge of the forest catches in the air.
      He directly broke the chest of the king of Qing Dynasty.
      Then Lin Yuan folded his fingers and turned them into King Kong's magic fist. With a powerful blow, he hit the emperor of Qing Dynasty on his chest.
      It seems that the eyes of the king of Qing are about to be beaten out.
      His whole chest was hollowed out.
      The body bent into a bow and fell on the ground.
      Lin Yuan moved quickly, and in the blink of an eye he reached the king of Qing Dynasty.
      “Amitabha!The light of the Buddha is beginning to appear
      Lin Yuan urged the Buddha to perform the first move of the Buddha's palm. The light of the relic shone on the king of Qing Dynasty.
      The corpse gas on the Lord of the Qing Dynasty exploded with a crackle.
      “Roar, roar, roar!”
      He kept retreating. He was exposed to the light of Buddha, and the corpse gas exploded. He was very uncomfortable.
      “Great Sanskrit palm!”
      Lin Yuan suddenly drank again, and approached the king of the Qing Dynasty, and his powerful hand blew him away.
      The corpse spirit of the king of Qing Dynasty was directly dispersed by this palm, and the bronze body of him was already fragmented.
      “If you kill me, I will never let you go.”The king of Qing cheered.
      “Oh, king of the dead?”Lin Yuan's eyes flashed a sharp.
      “The corpse King revived our ten great kings of Qing Dynasty. If you kill me, the corpse king will come to you for revenge. Although you are a Buddhist monk, you can beat me today, but the corpse king will never let you go. Buddhist monks are like ants in front of the corpse king. Ha ha ha ha, little monk, you wait.”The king of Qing Dynasty madly uttered corpse language.
      “There's no need to say these words to threaten me. It's just the king of corpses. I'm not afraid of it, Jinding Buddha lantern!”The palm of Lin Yuan's hand sticks out, the Buddha fire condenses, and then blows away.
      The palm of Lin Yuan's hand was on the Lord of Qing Dynasty.
      All of a sudden.
      The emperor of Qing Dynasty was lit by Buddha fire.
      With a bang.
      Blow it to pieces.
      Kill the Qing Dynasty copper corpse Lord, Lin Yuan's mind in an instant a jingle.
      “Congratulations to the host. He killed the bronze corpse Lord of Qing Dynasty and got a big gift package.”
      Lin Yuan looked excited.
      The bronze corpse Lord has a high level. Maybe he can bring out the best things.
      Others are relieved to see that Lin Yuan has killed the king of the Qing Dynasty. The robbery of Qianhe has come to an end and has been resolved by Lin Yuan.
      In the room.
      Lin Yuan immediately opened the gift bag.
      “Congratulations to the host, get the Dragon roar!”
      “Congratulations to the host, you've got one Shenyuan pill!”
      “Congratulations to the host, you have got a dragon cassock!”
      Looking at three things, Lin Yuan looks excited.
      “It's worthy of being the king of bronze corpse of the Qing Dynasty. Three things came out of a gift bag. It's good.”
      Lin Yuan looks at the dragon roaring.
      Tianlong roar: the supreme sound wave skill of Buddhism. Once Tianlong roars, it's like the sound of a real dragon. When you reach the level of perfection, the sound wave turns Tianlong into a rage. Ten thousand ghosts ambush the Dharma, ten thousand corpses tremble and ten thousand demons worship!
      “Tianlong roar, its power is so strong. It's good. This time it's a good harvest.”Lin Yuan's heart is secretly happy, but he is not in a hurry to cultivate. Now he is not in a hurry, and he will count everything.
      Lin Yuan looked at Shenyuan Dan again.
      Shenyuan pill: the top grade pill can increase the Buddhist power.
      This pill can be regarded as a common top grade pill, but there is no special place to be brilliant.
      That's the last thing.
      The last thing is a cassock.
      Tianlong cassock.
      It's the first time that Lin Yuan has revealed his belongings.
      What has been exploding before are all Gongfa and Dan Yao. This time, it has actually burst out substantial items.
      Tianlong cassock: invulnerable, invincible and unbreakable. It can be upgraded with the master. The stronger the master is, the higher the grade of Tianlong cassock will be. Tianlong cassock has the function of suppressing demons besides defense. The master urges Tianlong cassock, which transforms the light of Tianlong and suppresses demons.
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