Chapter 12: Equation (1)

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The aroma of crucian carp bean curd soup still lingered at home. Lin Zhao Xi returned to her room in the dead of night, and there were review materials for the teacher certification exam on her desk.

After Old Lin fell ill, he was no different from a philosopher.

Sometimes he suddenly looked back on the past, cooked chicken soup*, and tortured my soul (T/N: with “chicken soup”).

(*Thought-provoking speeches.)

Lin Zhao Xi tried her best not to think about his last few words, but how could she not?

As the daughter of a former mathematician, she did have a good foundation in mathematics.

When she was a child, not only was Old Lin interested in her math education, she was also very interested in mathematics. Every time she went to the Math Olympiad class, she was happy.

If she kept learning like when she was young, although she might not be as excellent as Pei Zhi, she wouldn’t have an inferiority complex in the face of that problem out of ignorance.

But, and she didn’t know when… she gradually stopped going to class and going through any math-related books in the library.

She was afraid and tired of math, deeply convinced that it was a field of geniuses, beyond the reach of mortals.

Recalling that time, Lin Zhao Xi was cold all over and hastened to curb her wandering mind.

Her life deviated a long time ago, that’s all. The most important thing now was Old man Lin.

Lin Zhao Xi quickly rubbed her face, turned on her computer, found out how to set the environment up for Alzheimer’s, preparing herself to think.

Alzheimer’s makes short term memory decline, but long-term memory can be evoked.

So, you could put things that made them happy and comfortable in conspicuous places at home, such as old photos, favorite plants…

People with Alzheimer’s are often unable to tell which is their home, so, one could mark their door to help.

Lin Zhao Xi wrote down on a notepad.

Something that made Old man Lin happy, comfortable and reminiscent?

Did she have to look for Wiles’s proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem to hang on the wall?

She imagined their walls in the future, full of mathematical formulas. What a sight.

Lin Zhao Xi finished reading a pile of papers and summed up the main points. Firstly, Old Lin easily forgot their house keys. Changing the lock to fingerprint scanners could solve that.

But they lived in a large, old-fashioned residential area with hundreds of buildings, each with a small courtyard. If Old Lin came back through the front door, it was easy to be confused seeing identical yards.

Mark the gate and the walls…

She stuffed the notes into her pocket and changed her shoes.

It was late. Streetlights dimly lit the old district, and there was no sound except the sound of stray cats.

She crossed the patio, plucked the morning glory from the sloping door frame, and stood outside the courtyard wall.

At her feet, there was a whole box of chalk.

She looked up at the wall.

When she was young, they still lived in a small bungalow in the city center. Although the house leaked, it had a small patio. Old man Lin worked during the day and waited tables in a hotel at night.

At 9 o’clock in the evening, she would sit on the doorstep waiting for Old Lin.

Summer night stars were beautiful, Old Lin would always bring snacks back, never looking tired.

They sat under the loofah vine in the courtyard eating snacks together. Every time, Old man Lin shamelessly stole her food.

While eating, Old Lin would tell all kinds of short stories about science. How Pasteur discovered the hidden asymmetry of hydrochloric acid crystals, Franklin and lightning rods…

The children in the neighborhood would also come to listen. After all, Old Lin was really good at telling stories.

Once was particularly fun.

While Old Lin was telling a story, he was attacked by the son of a nearby professor.

Chuunibyou kids were scarier than chuunibyou teenagers. The child said that what Old Lin told was useless. Real science was extremely difficult. Old Lin was deceiving them with dumb stories.

Actually, he wasn’t wrong…

But the child began to recite Newton’s Three Laws and Pythagoras’ theorem on the spot, which was frightening.

Old Lin said nothing at first and listened with a smile. When the child finished reciting a series of formulas, Old Lin stood up and did something Lin Zhao Xi considered extremely chuunibyou.

He took the child’s hand and led him out the door, picked up half a brick by the side of the road then, under the dim streetlight, he wrote a formula on the courtyard wall.

E = MC2 (square).

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