Chapter 13: Equation (2)

T/L: Sial Joans   E/D: larkspur

E = MC2 (square).

Old man Lin: “Do you know what this is?”

“Einstein’s!” The little boy proudly said, “Theory of relativity!”

Old Lin didn’t comment, held the brick and wrote another more complicated formula on the wall, asking, “What about this?”

The second formula started with an R, along with superscripts and subscripts.

Lin Zhao Xi was confused, and the little boy, speechless.

But if he stopped there, he wouldn’t be Old Lin. He continued to write, and the third was an expression, something expanded in brackets…

Whatever it was, Lin Zhao Xi couldn’t understand it.

After writing this, Old Lin hadn’t stopped. The following formula could no longer be described.

One formula after another emerged under the street lamp’s glimmer and the brick in Old Lin’s hand until they filled the entire wall.

Finally, Old Lin threw away the eroded red brick and told the boy, “Do you continue recognizing it?”

Old Lin’s face was annoying.

The boy was so red, he couldn’t speak.

After a while, Old Lin slowly walked to the second equation he’d written, starting with R, his tone unexpectedly calm.

“This is Einstein’s field equations of general relativity,” he said.

“This is Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity.”

“This is the Dirac equation.”

“This is the Chern-Gauss-Bonnet theorem.”

“This is the Lorenz equation.”


“These are Maxwell’s equations.”

Finally, Old Lin returned to E = MC2 and said, “And this isn’t the theory of relativity, it is Einstein’s mass-energy equation.”

At this point, the boy finally burst into tears. The other children looked up at the wall of formulas, at a loss of what to do.

Old Lin squatted down, wiped the little boy’s tears with the back of his dirty hands and asked, “Why are you crying?”

The angry child couldn’t say anything but cry.

Old Lin mumbled, “Do you think I bullied you, humiliated you in front of the children, or that these formulas are too hard?”

Old Lin: “But you just did the same thing in front of the other children.”

“Isn’t it annoying to show off your memory?”

The little boy cried louder. Lin Zhao Xi looked around, fearing that the boy’s family would appear and beat Old Lin up.

But if Old man Lin cared about this, pigs would fly.

“There will always be someone with a better memory than you.” Old man Lin said.

“When you only remember the formulas, anyone who memorizes more than you will break your heart.”

“Why? Because you don’t know anything about it.”

“You can memorize the formulas… all you’ll see are scribbles and people’s praises. But in fact, these…” Old Lin poked the wall and pointed to the starry sky. “Are that.”

“The stars?”

Lin Zhao Xi muttered and received a knock on the head.

“Please call it the universe.”


If next, the children asked what the universe was, the story would become endless. It was clear by nine in the evening, most kids didn’t have the patience to listen to an energetic young man blabbering about the truth behind each formula.

So when Old Lin talked about the Pythagorean theorem, people scattered.

Old Lin was talking cheerfully when he realized there was only the boy who cried in front of him.

Lin Zhao Xi squatted at the gate, looking at them, and yawned.

Old Lin threw the brick away and began summing up, “In conclusion, there’s no point in reciting formulas. At your age, you can’t understand what they really mean, so what’s wrong with some interesting little scientific stories?”

Lin Zhao Xi: “…”

Little boy: “My… My dad said, ‘you have to know how to memorize’.”

“Your father isn’t right, her father is.”

At that time she was already sleepy, but she vaguely remembered; Old Lin pointed to her proudly.

In short, in her memory, it was a very outrageous story.

Old Lin was in high spirits and held on to children to carry out brainwashing.

She was still very young, the path in front of her was long and full of possibilities.

Unlike now…

Her phone shook, and Lin Zhao Xi came back to her senses.

She lit up its screen. On it was a WeChat message.

Xiao Liu: [My father knows the Head of the Neurology department in Liu Hospital. I’ll introduce you to him at dinner tomorrow.]

Holding on to her phone and raising her eyes, she took a deep breath.

In front of her was the wooden door panel. She bent down, picked up the chalk on the ground, took a step forward, and wrote down the first formula written by Old Lin on the wall that year.

E = MC2 (square)

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