Chapter 2: Foresight (1)

T/L: Sial Joans   E/D: larkspur

This chapter’s been translated by River Bank.

After their meal, old man Lin shamelessly ran away to escape the bill.

Lin Zhao Xi paid, opened her umbrella and entered the rain curtain.

Right now, the rain was much lighter than when they left the hospital. Like silk, raindrops softly sprinkled the umbrella, and all was green.

As she walked along the road, vehicles and pedestrians came and went, carrying water to the side. The setting perfectly balanced noise and tranquility, delivering great peace.

She’d just asked old man Lin because she panicked. But now that she’s calmed down, there didn’t seem to be anything to be afraid of.

She was 22 years old, studying philosophy and determined to become a glorious teacher.

Teachers have many holidays, she could take good care of old man Lin. And their family wasn’t short of money, old man Lin could stay in the best nursing home. So even if old Lin got sick, it wouldn’t make much of a difference.

At most, it would influence the background of the blind date introduced to her in the future.


Thinking of this, Lin Zhao Xi’s cellphone rang.

Bracing herself, she hurriedly picked it up.

“Zhao Xi, Mrs. Liu was quite pleased with you yesterday.”

The one who called her was the administrator of the school she interned at, an administrator who was very passionate about introducing interns to blind dates.

Just last night, she took part in a blind date organized by the administrator and met a bank clerk. They chatted alone in a coffee shop for a while, and then she was taken home by the other party.

In the morning, he sent a WeChat to say hello, but she was busy taking old Lin to the hospital and had no time to reply. So before answering the administrator’s call, she felt like she was going to be reprimanded. However, the administrator did not counsel her, in fact, she was really glad.

But “quite pleased with you” sounds a lot like choosing her to be an imperial concubine. Lin Zhao Xi was somewhat flustered (囧): “Yes… Really?”

“Mrs. Liu was very happy to call me saying he has feelings for you, you’d better hurry…”

She gripped the handrail and recalled what her blind date looked like.

She remembers a very typical boy, a little proud. He talked about his parents’ work and said that his parents like children, so they want him to have two. He also hinted that his mother knew the best junior high school principal in the city. If she wanted to work there, it could be arranged in a word.

Outside the window, the city is baptized by the rain and the streets are empty.

By her ears, the administrator’s instructions.

“Girls take the initiative, it’s okay, you have to hurry! His family conditions are so good, both parents are directors of…”

Lin Zhao Xi could not respond to this at all, so she remained silent.

The bus stopped and started to ring.

The administrator asked, “Where are you? Why is it so noisy?”

“I’m on the bus, I have to go back to school today.”

The manager caught onto the keywords again.

“College students! You’re young now, but women age fast, and it’s hard to find suitors at 27, 28…”

Lin Zhao Xi listened and suddenly envisioned her entire future. She would have a stable teaching post, marry into a family with better conditions than hers, her husband would take care of her father, she’d bear children for him…

But then, she panicked in the face of that reality.

“Once you have children, if you don’t want to work, they’ll probably support you. Just don’t get too comfortable~”

Her mind wandered a bit and the topic was already advancing into dangerous territory: raising children. Lin Zhao Xi gave a start, she quickly interrupted.

“I’m sorry, but there’s actually something I need to tell you… My father has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, so you see, will you explain to Mrs. Liu for me and call it quits?”

The phone was silent.

Lin Zhao Xi did not speak either.

It was a long time before the administrator spoke.

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