Chapter 3: Foresight (2)

T/L: Sial Joans   E/D: larkspur

“I’ll help you tell them your circumstances, but we’ll have to see if the boy still wants you.”


“After finishing up school business, send a text to apologize to the boy!”

On that note, the administrator hung up.

Lin Zhao Xi wasn’t indignant. She only suddenly realized that having her future decided meant her life no longer had infinite possibilities.

Maybe just a little.

When she got off the bus, Lin Zhao Xi had almost forgotten the call.

She went back to school today to tend to the joint competition between universities in the city. Su Xiaoming, president of the student body, called asking for her participation.

When she arrived, she went straight to the second floor of the Student Center where they had conferences.

The noise could be heard from outside. Lin Zhao Xi checked her watch. There were 5 minutes left until the start of the meeting. Without thinking, she pushed the door open.

The conference room suddenly stilled, more than a dozen pairs of eyes zeroing in on her. Lin Zhao Xi froze.

It’d already started…

“Which school are you from? Why didn’t you at least knock?”

Next to the main seat of the table, a well-dressed girl spoke to her directly.

Lin Zhao Xi didn’t know her, she must be from one of the other schools coming to the meeting. There was no need for her to say anything. As soon as she turned to close the door, Su Xiaoming, student body president of their school, already spoke.

“We started the meeting earlier, Zhao Xi wasn’t informed.”

“My apologies,” Lin Zhao Xi gratefully played along, running to the position next to Su Xiaoming.

“Lin Zhao Xi, she came up with the title of our last logic game.”

After sitting down, Su Xiaoming pointed at and introduced her.

Su Xiaoming then introduced the attendees to her, who, as she guessed, were representing other universities in the city.

When it was that girl’s turn, Su Xiaoming stressed, “An Xiao Xiao, Baicao University’s student body president.”

Baicao, their university’s sworn enemy.

Lin Zhao Xi nodded to An Xiao Xiao as she thought, saying hello.

Because of her introduction, the meeting was suspended for a while and people were starting to drink water. Su Xiaoming jumped at this opportunity, leaning in and lowering his voice to ask her, “How is your father?”

“Dementia,” Lin Zhao Xi answered.

“What?” Su Xiaoming stared wide, unable to hide his shock.

Lin Zhao Xi nodded.

“What do we do?”

“I don’t know.” She patted the boy on the shoulder, signaling him to concentrate on the meeting.

Su Xiaoming immediately sat upright, still a bit distracted. In that gap, An Xiao Xiao took the lead.

“Since there are no problems with our multiple-choice questions, all that remains are the dissertation ones, questions 30-60 are the questions we have to draw up. Work hard, let’s pick them out.”

After An Xiao Xiao finished, everyone began to turn over the prints in front of them.

Lin Zhao Xi showed up late and Su Xiaoming had already shared his material with another participant. In front of her sat an empty table.


Just then, a thin stack of paper was pushed over from the side.

Lin Zhao Xi turned and found that it was the girl on her right who had quietly helped her. The girl had a small face and big eyes. She peeked at Lin Zhao Xi in her oversized uniform but, being a little shy, quickly averted her gaze.

Lin Zhao Xi moved to the girl’s position, poked the back of her hand and whispered, “Thank you.”

Ah, the girl blushed.

Lin Zhao Xi stopped teasing the adorable little girl and started carefully reading.

But she had not finished two pages before hearing An Xiao Xiao say, “Since Lin Zhao Xi of Sanwei University is very experienced, let’s start with Lin.”

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