Chapter 5: No Words (1)

T/L: Sial Joans   E/D: larkspur

Like a fish from the deep blue sea suddenly out of the water, the sun shined.

Hearing Pei Zhi’s name, Lin Zhao Xi’s heart skipped a few beats, happy for no reason. She sat in her seat, twirled her pen, and drew a little stick figure with a banner on the white paper in front of her.

The others began to talk excitedly.

“Having Pei Zhi solve it… If it takes that god within 3 seconds to solve, it’s suitable to be the finale, isn’t it?”

“If it takes more than five seconds then is it too hard?”

“What if Pei Zhi takes too long?” A curly-haired boy lowered his voice and replied to himself, “Oh, that’d be impossible.”

“Old Zhang’s praises are high-level.”

The more these people in the student meet chattered, the more they worked themselves up, and somehow, it snowballed into dumping the whole set on Pei Zhi.

Lin Zhao Xi said, “Um, we can ask a teacher…”

But when it came to Pei Zhi, she herself was very insolent. Since she used her weakest tone, her voice was quickly drowned in the excited discussions. She had to put her hand down, although she was looking forward to watching Pei Zhi beat the logic puzzles selected by Baicao in an instant.

But really meeting Pei Zhi?

Lin Zhao Xi thought. Anyway, if she were asked to go, she’d be a scaredy-cat.

“The question is, who’s going after Pei Zhi?”

Soon, these people also realized that although it sounded very interesting, no one was willing to go.

Just as Lin Zhao Xi was about to repeat her offer to find a teacher, she heard someone say, “Let’s draw lots!”

These three words were a lifesaver, playing a responsive effect. Small paper balls were made in a flash and piled up in the middle of the conference table. The group of people snatched the pieces, and the pile was soon cleared up.

Lin Zhao Xi also held one. Her palms were slightly wet; the white paper ball’s edges were transparent under the light. In the end, she couldn’t tell what kind of mood she was in.

She and Pei Zhi have been colleagues since primary school, from middle school to high school and then to college, all the way, they maintained a whole 16 years in different classes of the same schools, a strange ‘classmate?’ relationship.

They could be said to be predestined, but there was never a crossroads. She watched Pei Zhi all this time, an outsider, witness to his life, watching him grow from a talented teen to an extraordinary young man.

And now…

Lin Zhao Xi looked at the paper ball in the palm of her hand. If Pei Zhi’s name appeared on it, it seemed that their lives would intersect for the first time.

With inexplicably complicated feelings, she opened the piece of paper.

The paper was pure white, empty as can be.

She froze for a while. Then she sighed a little, very calmly.

As it should be. There was no such thing as what Old Lin said – Anything in the world can happen to anyone. It was impossible for her and Pei Zhi to have such a coincidental meeting.

Lin Zhao Xi acquiesced, thinking that, as she stuffed the paper into her pocket. The conference room gradually quieted down, and all eyes gathered to her. Lin Zhao Xi, puzzled, moved with the crowd’s line of sight.

She turned her head and saw the girl who’d shared the material with her earlier.

The girl clasped her hands on the table, twisted and churned, looking very nervous.

“Shen Mei?” An Xiao Xiao suddenly spoke, “Did you get it?”

Shen Mei immediately shrank at the question.

“Little Mei Mei, hehe.” Someone said with a smile.

“I…” Shen Mei nodded slowly, like a robot, “I… I don’t want to go.”

“Are you afraid of going after Pei Zhi?”

She was the image of purity. As soon as she heard ‘Pei Zhi’, she blushed.

“Why is Shen Mei so shy?”

The redness on her face thickened, about to drip blood.

This looked like she had a crush on Pei Zhi. Someone in the conference smiled, “What a good opportunity, we’ll support you!”

“Oh, it’s okay to like Pei Zhi. I like him too.”

“Old Zhang, nobody asked you!①”

T/N: Or ‘cut the cr*p!’

Shen Mei explained in a tiny voice, “No… I don’t like…”

Lin Zhao Xi looked at her and suddenly understood her very well.

Shen Mei might not even have a crush on Pei Zhi. It was just admiration and a variety of emotions stacking. Having the secret little thoughts in her heart abruptly revealed made her panic, not knowing what to do.

“Is it because of your boyfriend? It doesn’t matter if we don’t tell him,” An Xiao Xiao said unexpectedly.

Shen Mei startled, her eyes filling with tears, and pleadingly looked at An Xiao Xiao.

“That’s enough,” Lin Zhao Xi suddenly interrupted An Xiao Xiao.

“I’ll go,” She said to An Xiao Xiao, quietly taking a tissue, stuffing it under the table into Shen Mei’s soft palm and gently grasping it.

Shen Mei cast a grateful look at her, and Lin Zhao Xi froze.

Wait, what did she just say?

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