Chapter 6: No Words (2)

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“Understood. Thank you, brother.”

Under the teaching building, Su Xiaoming hung up and turned to report the information he’d received from his investigation in a heavy tone, “Classmate Lin, Pei Zhi’s lecturing on the mid-term examination in Classroom 101, Zhiyuan Building. Class is almost over.”

Lin Zhao Xi stood beside him, holding a telephone pole with shaky legs.

Before dusk, a faint fire lit the sky. Bicycle bells jingled everywhere. She looked in the direction of Zhiyuan Building, its large red walls covered by Boston ivy vine, revealing only a transparent glass window.

All rooms ending in 101 were the largest lecture halls in the building, with more than 200 seats. Since Pei Zhi was teaching, it was certainly full. She had to go there and ask Pei Zhi a logic question?

It was so hopeless.

Along the way, Su Xiaoming was also very nervous, babbling to her about what he’d just heard.

They were actually very lucky today. Pei Zhi normally didn’t come to school. Today, he was temporarily made to deliver a lecture by the teachers.

Classroom 101 was now full of people. They’d better wait ten minutes before going in after the bell rang. And in case it didn’t work out, they could also entrust someone else with asking Pei Zhi to find a place to meet in private. However, Pei Zhi was still in class, and they’d have to wait longer if Plan B was put into action. It’d be pretty… unnecessary.

Lin Zhao Xi silently listened and accidentally led a great crowd of people behind her into Zhiyuan Building.

Classroom 101 was facing the teaching building, its ochre red door panel lightly closed, standing at the end of their line of sight. A bit of light shone through the door as if it would be blown away by the wind at any moment…

Lin Zhao Xi didn’t know what she was thinking. When she regained consciousness, she was standing in the doorway. She couldn’t help being surprised. Holy sh*t, what was this, breaking in before class dismissed?

By her side, Su Xiaoming gasped and admiringly looked at her, “Sis?”


“The bell hasn’t rung yet, going in like this… Isn’t it, not so good?”

It was terribly bad!

Lin Zhao Xi removed her hand from the door, retreating half a step, and inwardly breathed a sigh of relief, maintaining a straight face.

“Let’s wait at the back door, no need to be so pretentious!”

Behind her, everyone was rooted to their spot.

“Sis… You…”

Su Xiaoming couldn’t help using honorifics, “… Aren’t thou nervous?”

Lin Zhao Xi: “To be honest, my hands are shaking.”

In her memory, the bell rang just after she had said that.

The campus rumbled, but it was magically silent. The air was instantly drained, like a vacuum, not a sound was to be heard.

And then.

The bell stopped, the wind blew up a wall of green leaves, and there was the sound of chalk calmly laying down.

The voice, as passive as water, emerged from behind the door and slowly seeped into the entire world.

“That’s all for the last question. Class dismissed.”

Her heart was beating so fast, the world on the other side of the door was instantly lit.

Chaotic footsteps, a lot of talking, a noisy crowd.

Lin Zhao Xi was at a loss. She would have to wait a little longer before going in.

But just then, a squeak. The door in front of her suddenly opened, and sunlight inundated her.

At first glance, she saw the flaming clouds in the sky outside the window.

And the man standing on the podium.

Oh no.

That was Lin Zhao Xi’s first reaction.

Her limbs were stiff, her heart was beating too fast, and the noise in her head made it impossible for her to organize her thoughts. She could only stand in place, staring at Pei Zhi.

Pei Zhi was looking at her too.

One hand resting on the podium, half of his body leaning; students stood around the platform, him higher, his eyes slowly descending.

‘Dark’ and ‘tranquil’, ‘distant’ and ‘profound’, none of the adjectives she came up with to describe his eyes were good enough. Lin Zhao Xi felt only that those eyes couldn’t have been clearer.

He knew who he was, and always knew where. Never at a loss, this was sobriety.

Looking at these eyes, Lin Zhao Xi also woke up.

It was as short as the time getting lemonade out of the freezer on a sultry afternoon.

Lin Zhao Xi sorted out her emotions and went to Pei Zhi.

She patted the boy watching Pei Zhi in front of her, gesturing him to give way a little.

Pei Zhi was listening to another girl in front of the podium. His eyes moved back, no longer looking at her.

After the girl’s question, Pei Zhi took a pen and slowly wrote on her calculus paper.

His fingers were slender, the knuckle of his middle finger had a noticeable callus. He solved the problem line after line, serious and thoughtful.

The girl was confused at first, then she understood and happily said thanks to Pei Zhi.

Pei Zhi nodded. There were too many people around him, so he stopped there, and went on to the next question.

Although he only came as a substitute, in such a noisy environment, he didn’t show any impatience to his underclassmen.

This was the way it should be, so he did his best to fulfill his duty.

Lin Zhao Xi stayed with him for a while and could understand Pei Zhi’s attitude.

Probably influenced by Pei Zhi, the atmosphere in the lecture hall calmed down.

If they wanted to see Pei Zhi, they sat in their seats; if they wanted to ask him questions, they queued up in front of the podium; there were also those who left. The classroom returned to normal, becoming ordinary.

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