Chapter 8: Far Away (2)

T/L: Sial Joans   E/D: larkspur

An Xiaoxiao’s voice was loud and clear, and all of a sudden, the whole classroom focused on her.

Pei Zhi, who’d walked to the door, stopped and looked at her.

Lin Zhao Xi’s first reaction was embarrassment. What was she doing?

A philosophy girl trying to solve the campus idol’s math question, what a scene.

She shyly looked at Pei Zhi.

Pei Zhi’s eyes were still clear.

There’s always someone who makes you want to be like them at a glance.

Lin Zhao Xi quickly regained her composure. What’s there to be afraid of?

“I copied the question,” Lin Zhao Xi said to An Xiao Xiao.

“You want to join Pei Zhi’s team?” An Xiaoxiao glanced at the stoic man at the door. “No wonder you volunteered to ask Pei Zhi…”

“Study diligently and ask questions…”

T/N: Often said by teachers.

“No, I don’t think so. Aren’t you studying philosophy?” An Xiaoxiao paused, raising the corners of her mouth, “You’re so eager to do the math question…”

“You don’t have a crush on Pei Zhi, do you?”

Coming this far, it didn’t take a genius to know what was going on. The eyes of those around her were already full of sympathy.

Lin Zhao Xi really didn’t care about An Xiaoxiao’s provocation, but at that moment, under these circumstances… In the distance was Pei Zhi’s handsome figure, the hazy light of the setting sun…

She suddenly smiled, turning to look at An Xiaoxiao, and asked, “Oh, how did you know?”

Silence. In the beginning, it was quite unbearable. The students looked at each other. They didn’t expect to hear such a bold confession in their last class. Then, someone snickered and laughed, and then the whole classroom burst into laughter.

An Xiaoxiao was proud at first, but gradually she found that the students around her weren’t taunting anyone. The students were happy, applauding and even whistling.

Lin Zhao Xi big-heartedly laughed.

Just then, Pei Zhi moved. He put a hand in his pocket and his coat on his arm. He walked up the stairs and soon stood in front of her.

The whole classroom was silent again.

Lin Zhao Xi stared at Pei Zhi’s handsome face, stunned. What do you want?

Pei Zhi didn’t find any problem with this, so he casually asked, “Are you solving it?”

“I… just wrote my thoughts.”

Someone in the classroom gasped.

Lin Zhao Xi, realizing her answer was too immodest, hastily fixed, “I just copied down the question to go back and study it.”

“May I have a look?” Pei Zhi asked.

Lin Zhao Xi’s heart can’t help skipping a beat, but Pei Zhi was calm, acting naturally, as if he didn’t care about her confession. But it did sound like a joke. Why would he care?

Relieved, she aligned all the papers in her hand and handed them over.

Pei Zhi’s slender fingers took them. Lin Zhao Xi could clearly see the shadows under his eyelashes. The next second, Pei Zhi carefully read her incomplete solution to the problem.

Soon, Pei Zhi looked up and asked her in a low voice, “Fisher’s linear discriminant?”


“Classification of complete solutions?”

She shook her head.

“It’s already very good.”

Pei Zhi handed the draft back to her, nodded, then put his hand back in his pocket and turned away.

The whole process was so fast that Lin Zhao Xi didn’t even understand what had happened, but the people around her were asking:

“Sister, impressive, he said you’re very good! Can I see your train of thought?”

“What did Pei Zhi say to you?”

“Are you really a philosophy student?”

Lin Zhao Xi could hardly hear anything around her. She stopped looking at Pei Zhi’s back and looked at the draft in her hand again.

When she calmed down, she was sure she’d fleetingly seen pity in Pei Zhi’s eyes. Whether it was a “discriminant” or a “classification”, Pei Zhi was guiding her. But she couldn’t even repeat what Pei Zhi just said.

Already… very good…

It was just ‘good’ for a philosophy student.

Lin Zhao Xi suddenly became sad, because at that moment she was well aware that the distance between her and the question was equal to the distance between her and Pei Zhi.

In other words, it seemed close at hand, but in fact, was out of reach.

She couldn’t stay any longer. Passing the paper in her hand to the boy who wanted to see it, she said goodbye to Su Xiaoming and left the back door, following a person in another direction.

As she reached the end of the corridor, she took a deep breath and looked back to take a last look at Pei Zhi.

In her line of sight were people, bright smiles and all kinds of clothes, but at that moment, what she could see most clearly was the chalk on Pei Zhi’s fingertips and clothes.

The last ray of sunlight fell on him.

That’s nice…

Lin Zhao Xi turned around and looked at the distant sky.

It turns out that the plot wouldn’t qualitatively change because of an accident.

They’ll eventually walk away, live a long life, never meeting again.

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