Hall of Fame



Here, we want to thank the following staff for their help (in no particular order)

Maybe they only edit/TL one or two chapters for each novel, but we still record their contributions to the entire community. thank!

Looking forward to more people joining our big family


Sweet❤FUN,    Empress Kisk👑,    tweedleTee-timur, Able Gen’ral Ryuuki👮♀,   shortsentences


肆只猫,  国家一级保护废物AriaC,  梦婷,   n ssiw I  ,  Newberry,   阿德,  一箭霜…叶,  haruharu,  乐山,   baicai,  Double L,

无缘无故人,  Keiko,   Kz,   强势归来,  Rosyت,   徐大侠在江湖,   Yue,  Miner♪笨啦啦,   调皮鬼,   V,   夜.


行者/big boss/wō niú( 🐌)