Chapter 1: Transmigrating into Marvel

T/L: wō niú   E/D: Fun  P/R: larkspur

Avenger base, New York.

Bruce1MC sat in the hall with a bitter expression on his face.

Three months ago, he traveled through time and space and arrived in the Marvel Universe.

Before his rebirth, he entered the cinema full of excitement, ready to watch the premiere of Avengers: Endgame.

But when the movie had just begun, there was a great explosion, in which he was killed.

When he woke up, he found himself in the Marvel Universe…


Not long ago, Tony Stark revealed his identity as Iron Man in an interview.

Recently, the news that drew most people’s  attention was the big explosion in New Mexico. The army blockaded the site as soon as it happened.

These events confirmed to Bruce that he had come to the Marvel Universe.

Although there were some minor changes, the timeline was basically the same as it was in the Marvel Series he had seen.

If his guess was right, then soon Thor would be coming to Earth.

And Bruce knew this because he was currently an agent in the Avengers base.

Before the Avengers were formed, the Avengers’s base had secretly been set up under the leadership of SHIELD Director Nick Fury.

This was the first difference of this world from the Marvel movie series.

His body’s original host was called Bruce Lite, a 22-year-old level 3 agent of SHIELD.

He belonged to the lowest level of agents and  his usual job was to patrol and ensure the security of SHIELD.

There were ten levels of agents, with the tenth level being the strongest and the first being the weakest.

When the Avengers Base was established, Bruce was lucky enough to be transferred here. 

Originally, Bruce would have been very happy with his identity.

After all, he had some privileges as an agent, such as not being subject to certain US laws.

But now he was in the Marvel Universe!

Compared to all kinds of superheroes and villains, he was just a nobody.

According to the timeline of the Marvel movie series, the series of Captain America would begin after Thor arrived.

Therefore, in the near future, the Earth would be facing the first New York War that Loki would begin by attacking the Earth with the Chitauri.

At that time, Bruce would be nothing but cannon fodder.

Of course, as a person who remembered all the plots, he had many ways to escape the first New York War.

But, could he evade the second SOKOVIA War and then the Wakanda War as well?

Even if Bruce was confident enough that he could survive through all of these wars, there was Thanos next!

There was a 50% chance of turning into cosmos dust, and Bruce would not bet his luck on that.

The only way to survive in this world was to make himself stronger!

Strong enough that even the energy of infinite gems cannot affect him.

But he was just a level 3 agent which meant that he was only a little stronger than the average human.

How could he become stronger?

Ah! He was just a lonely man, a worthless life.

Thinking of this, Bruce clenched his fist.

In the Marvel world, strength was everything!

However, strength was the exact thing he lacked.

Even worse, his poor communication skills and reluctance to start conversations have caused him to be isolated from the crowd.

Bruce took a deep breath and calmed down.

The most important thing now was to find a way to survive in the first New York War.

“Hey, Bruce, why did you space out? What are you thinking?”

At this time, Bruce heard a familiar voice.

He looked up, it was his partner Bill, an African American level 4 agent.

He was also one of the few friends that Bruce had.

Bill had been very caring towards Bruce, especially after Bruce came to the Avengers base.

They had a very sincere relationship in which they took care of each other.

When he saw Bill, Bruce smiled.

“Bill, nothing, I’m only thinking about some nonsense.”

While he was talking to Bill, he felt a sudden dizziness.

His face turned pale and his forehead was full of sweat.

“Beep, the unlimited download system has been successfully activated…”

An emotionless voice appeared in Bruce’s mind.

When Bruce pulled himself together again, he heard Bill.

“Bruce, what’s wrong with you? Are you really okay?”

Bill quickly stood next to Bruce, supporting his body with his shoulder.

Just as Bruce tried to talk, a message suddenly appeared in his mind.

[Name]: Mike Bill

[Identity]: 4th Level Agent

[Skill]: Medium-level fighting technique (100mb), proficient in firearms(200mb), excellent in rapping (10mb).

Bruce was shocked when he found this piece of information floating in his brain.

But soon, he realized exactly what happened and was filled with ecstasy.

He had just obtained a system called “The Unlimited Download System”.

And the function of this system was to download all kinds of skills from other people without any restrictions! 


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