Chapter 10: Next goal, Spider-Man

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Going by the Marvel movies, Bruce considered Black Widow and Captain America, two of the best fighters in the Marvel World. Whether it be karate, judo or mixed martial arts, Black Widow’s skills were top notch in every way.

As for Captain America, his main skill was his durability in fights. No matter how strong his opponent, he could always take it up the distance. But, both of them had not exceeded the human limit yet.

Because of their bodies limiting them, they were only considered ordinary compared with the many other superheroes. But in terms of fighting, they were top-notch.

Unfortunately, with Bruce’s current identity, he could not even meet the two, let alone download their skills.

So, Zoe was currently his best choice.

Then, Bruce put his hand forth and said, “Thank you for your recognition, sir.”

Looking at Bruce’s hand, Zoe smiled, “You deserve it.”

Zoe shook Bruce’s hand.


[Name]: Thompson Zoe.

[Identity]: Level 7 agent.

[Skill] : Top-level Fighting technique (200mb), Proficiency in firearms (200mb), Covert tracking (100mb), Assassination technique (200mb)


Bruce chose the Top-level Fighting technique. Even though he also wanted the Assassination technique, there was not enough time to download both.

To him, the Top-level Fighting technique was more useful in his current state.

“Beep, connection successful…”

“Beep, prerequisite Intermediate-level Fighting technique met, reducing skill Top-level Fighting technique size to 100 Mb.”

“Beep, the current speed is 500kb/s (valid within two meters),”

Sure enough, as his strength increased, his download speed also increased.

Based on the current speed, the download would finish in three and a half minutes. To prevent an accident from happening, Bruce spent $1,000 to speed up the download by 10 times. Now, the download would finish in 20 seconds.

“Bruce, go get your ID card, you don’t need to take the next test,” Zoe said.

After saying that, Zoe was ready to leave. Because of Bruce, he was not interested in watching the next fight.

“Thank you, sir!” Bruce responded with a smile.

“Beep, download complete.”

“Beep, congratulations, you’ve obtained the skill Top-level Fighting technique!”

Zoe had just turned around when Bruce’s download finished.

Afterwards, Bruce looked at Frank.

“Congratulations Bruce, you are now a level 5 agent.”

Because of the promotion, Frank’s tone was now very friendly. As for the other agents, they were all looking at Bruce in awe.

“Thank you very much Frank, remember to take care of Bill for me,” he said, looking towards Bill.

“Of course,” Frank replied.

After that, Bruce left.

As for the dead Duke, nobody cared about him.

Becoming a level 5 agent was only the beginning of the plan. After leaving, Bruce went directly to the logistics department to get his card and some equipment. Afterwards, he went to his dorm room. Level 5 agents had their own houses and offices, their status had greatly improved.

On the way back, Bruce checked the system panel.


[Name]: Bruce.

[Identity]: Level 5 agent.

[Skill]: Marksman, Superspeed, Top-level Fighting technique, Proficiency in firearms, Covert tracking.

Balance: 0


If he counted the Marksman and Superspeed skills that he obtained from Hawkeye, his current strength could be compared to level 8 agents. But that was not enough to be compared to Hawkeye.

Unfortunately, last time he didn’t have time to download Hawkeye’s Super Vision skill. But at the time, he could only choose two skills to download. He had done his best, it was no use to regret it now.

“According to the plot, Odin should be throwing out Thor and his hammer very soon.”

Thor and his hammer were both extremely powerful. After all, Thor was a God in Norse mythology! But the more powerful the skill, the more data there was to be downloaded. Even if he met Thor now, he couldn’t download his skills yet.

Besides, he was not at the level to know the top secrets of S.H.I.E.L.D. He had no way to get that information yet.

So, this was not the most important thing at the moment.

Next target, Spider-man.

This was the safest goal for him. If he could complete his goal, he could go beyond humanity.

Even if he was facing more powerful opponents in the future, he would easily be able to cope with them. After determining his goal, he walked into his office.

Then opened his laptop and inputted a few words.

‘Midtown High, Peter Parker!’

Fortunately, he had access. He soon found the relevant information.

‘Peter Parker, first year of high school. Parents… unknown!’

Seeing this, a smile appeared on Bruce’s face. That’s what he was looking for.


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