Chapter 11: Implementing the Plan

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Bruce had once tried to guess who the parents of Spider-Man were.

According to the plot of the Amazing Spider-Man, his parents should be expert biological scientists, with spiders as their subject. But this was the Marvel Universe, anything could change. Just like the Avengers Base being built before the Avengers had even formed.

The main story would not change, but the minor things would need to be verified by Bruce. Now, the most important thing was to leave the base and find Spider-Man.

How can I get close to Spider-Man? Bruce pondered.

First, he needed a suitable identity and an opportunity.

S.H.I.E.L.D., Spider-Man…

He shut down the computer and kept thinking.

Well, I’ll just take things as they come! Bruce smiled. Then, he walked out of the office and went to the gate of the base.

Now that he was a level 5 agent, he could leave the base at will.

But, if he didn’t have permission from his superiors, he could not leave the base for more than 12 hours. 12 hours was plenty of time for him though. But, just to be sure, he chose to sneak out of the base, which took him a whole hour.

Half an hour later, he came to a town 10 kilometers away from the base.

By now, the sky was dark and there were few people on the street.

Bruce walked up to a telephone booth and took out a black box which could block his signal from being traced. After putting a coin in, he dialed S.H.I.E.L.D.’s phone.

“Beep ~ hello!”

Bruce heard someone say in a low tone. Any call to S.H.I.E.L.D. would get severely monitored and traced back to the caller’s location.

With the black box in hand, he only had ten seconds. Any more than that, and S.H.I.E.L.D. would locate where he was.

He wasted no time as he made his voice sound old, and said, ”HYDRA, target, Midtown High School, Peter Parker!” Then, Bruce hung up and left the place quickly. 

He proceeded to wipe out all traces that could lead to him, and returned to the Avengers base quickly.

In the Avengers base, dozens of agents were meeting in a room.

“What’s the situation now? Who made that call?” Someone asked.

“He was very cautious; we can’t track him,” another agent who sat in front of a computer replied.

“Forget about that, I want to know more about the information he provided, Midtown High School, Peter Parker!”

A level 7 agent said seriously. He was an executive of S.H.I.E.L.D., so he knew a little bit about Peter Parker.

Soon after, he left the room. He had to report this to his superiors. 

Coulson’s office, Avengers Base.

“Ring ~ ” the phone rang. Coulson picked up soon after:

“Phil Coulson.”

The words from the phone made his face change quickly.

“Damn it! Level 7 agents and above, come to the meeting room!”

Coulson was not a level 10 agent yet, but he was the chief assistant of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Director.

So, his order was valid.

Soon after, multiple senior agents were coming to his office successively.

When Coulson called the meeting, Bruce had already returned to the base.

In the enclosed meeting room. Coulson sat in the center, with more than twenty level 7 or above agents, in an oppressive atmosphere. 

The lights were flickering, but everyone was sitting straight with serious expressions on their faces.

A level 7 agent in S.H.I.E.L.D. was counted as an elite.

“We received information that HYDRA will be taking Peter Parker,” Coulson spoke first.

Some agents were slightly confused, after all, not everyone knew who Peter Parker was. Coulson noticed their reactions and added, “He is Richard Parker’s son.”

This time, those agents all nodded and suddenly understood.

Surely, they all knew who Richard Parker was.

“Why will HYDRA catch him, where is the information from and is it accurate?” A  level 7 agent asked.

“This is not the main point, you need to understand that Peter Parker is the only son of Richard,” Coulson said.

“Our human resources are not enough as it is. The green monster and the falling event have caused us to lose many people.” A level 7 agent explained.

“The event about the green monster has ended. As for the falling event, I will deal with it personally. Now, I need people to protect Peter.” Coulson gave the order directly, leaving no room for discussion.

“We’re dealing with HYDRA, which means we need at least level 6 or level 7 agents to ensure the child’s safety. But now, every level 6 agent and above has tasks; we really don’t have the people to take this mission,” someone said. After all, there were too many events recently.

“I have a candidate, he is just a level 5 agent, but protecting a high school student shouldn’t be a problem.”

The man speaking was Zoe, also known as Bloody Mantis.

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