Chapter 12: Perfect plan.

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Everyone present was looking at Zoe, and Coulson frowned slightly.

“Zoe, a level 5 agent? Are you sure he can cope with Hydra?” An agent asked.

Every agent nodded. HYDRA was a powerful and mysterious organization that could even compare itself with S.H.I.E.L.D..

Coulson didn’t say anything, he was waiting for Zoe to continue.

Zoe glanced at every agent present with a smile and begun.

“This level 5 agent is unusual; his strength and talent are the best I have ever seen.”

These words surprised everyone.

Zoe was a proud man, he never spoke highly of anyone without being sure of himself.

“Tell me about him,” Coulson was interested in the agent that could make Zoe speak so highly of himself and motioned for him to continue.

“His name is Bruce Lite, a level 5 agent with a clean background,” Zoe said.

When Coulson heard the name, a hint of doubt appeared on his face.

“I remember him, he was a level 3 agent right?” Coulson responded.

Zoe nodded and then spoke of Bruce’s performance on the agent assessment. He had spoken highly of Bruce’s shooting ability, physical fitness, and fighting skills.

After hearing that, every agent nodded. Perhaps such a man could even be promoted to a level 6 agent.

“I’m pleased with your suggestion. But we can’t reveal even a bit of information about Richard Parker. Besides, the source of the call must be investigated clearly!” Coulson gave an order.

“Copy that. Besides Bruce, I’ll send other agents to assist him,” Zoe replied.

After making the decision, everyone left.

At the same time, Bruce had returned to the dorm with a pondering expression on his face.

According to the identity of Richard Parker, S.H.I.E.L.D. would have to send someone to protect Peter.

And there had been too many recent events requiring S.H.I.E.L.D.’s attention, they won’t call senior agents to protect Peter, they were more likely to choose a level 5 agent. With Zoe’s status, he was sure to attend the meeting. And with Bruce’s good performance on the agent assessment tests and Zoe’s good impression of him, Zoe would probably recommend him.

Yes, Bruce had thought of this long before he implemented the plan. This was his best way to get close to Peter Parker.

Even with all his planning, his plan still involved a bit of luck.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

Just as Bruce was thinking, there was a knock on the door. In the next moment, he narrowed his eyes slightly.


Bruce opened the door without hesitation.

Sure enough, it was Zoe!

“Good evening, Mr. Zoe,” Bruce said with a smile.

Zoe smiled back, and then entered the room.

“How about it Bruce, still getting used to your new level 5 agent life?” Zoe smiled.

“Thank you sir. I am ok,” Bruce nodded, then he looked up and asked, “Sir, you came so late, is there something you need?”

“I like to chat with smart people like you.”

Zoe looked at Bruce and laughed loudly.

“I have a task, do you want it?” Zoe’s tone was very solemn.

Hearing these words, Bruce was secretly happy, but he nodded in a serious manner.

“Of course, sir,” Bruce replied immediately.

Zoe smiled and took out a picture of Peter Parker:

“This is a top-secret mission. Your task is to protect him for a month, don’t allow any accidents to happen.”

Sure enough, the task fell on him, which meant that his plan was successful.

“Copy that!” Bruce said without hesitation.

Such a decisive decision made Zoe think more highly of him.

He liked this kind of subordinate, strong execution and few problems.

“When the task is done, I will reward you with $100,000 and give you a chance to be promoted to a level 6 agent. Grasp the opportunity, young man.”


Bruce smiled.

“Copy that sir, thank you very much,” Bruce put the picture away.

“This time, your identity, background, and general information, have been set up for you. If you are in trouble, you can show your identity. We are S.H.I.E.L.D., neither the army nor the police will dare to make trouble for you. Set out tomorrow morning.”

“Copy that sir,” Bruce replied.

After getting Bruce’s answer, Zoe left.

Bruce stood alone in the room with a smile.

With the first plan’s success, he could start his second plan as soon as he leaves the base. As Zoe said, he was an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D..

At the Avengers Base, he was still considered as a low level agent. But in the eyes of the military and police, he was a big shot!

Early the next morning, he left his room and went to the logistics department. After collecting all the papers and weapons, Bruce set off.

He finally left the Base!


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