Chapter 13: Midtown High School, the P.E. Teacher

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Queens, New York City.

Bruce was walking on the streets in a black suit.

This street was very lively. It had a variety of shopping malls and vehicles, making it look very prosperous. According to the map, he was one street away from Midtown High School.

What a joke! My identity is a high school teacher! I never even graduated from high school.

Luckily, he was a P.E. teacher.

If it was math or chemistry, It’d be better to just kill him. It would make him go crazy.

He would rather face Thanos.

While he was complaining, eventually, he found the school. After passing the doorkeeper of the school, he met the dean.

“Welcome Mr. Bruce, because we don’t have enough P.E. teachers, you will have more classes than usual. Sorry for troubling you.”

The dean looked like an ordinary middle aged man that you would see on the streets.

“I will do well, sir,” Bruce replied..

Afterwards, the dean and Bruce went through the formalities, and soon after, Bruce went from an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., to a teacher.

After completing everything, Bruce went to his office.

He was supposed to work here for a whole month.

“I am not here to be a teacher!” Looking at the computer, Bruce gave up on writing lesson plans.

He looked up some lesson plans from the Internet and copy and pasted them directly. End of work!

Being a teacher was too easy!

He gave the courses to the class teacher of each class.

After finishing that, Bruce began searching for Peter Parker’s class.

Every teacher’s computer had information about the students, as did Bruce’s. Soon, he found the information about Peter Parker.

“What a young boy!” Bruce smiled.

Then, he looked at Parker’s performance at school.

In terms of grades, Parker was a good student, but the problem was that he was withdrawn and unsociable.

He seems to have not been bitten by the spider yet..

In about an hour, Bruce thoroughly learnt the information on Peter Parker, and he confirmed that Parker had no special abilities right now.

“This is your class schedule, Mr. Bruce.”

While Bruce was thinking about Peter, a female teacher came up to him from behind with a document. It was the latest class schedule.

“Thanks.” Bruce smiled.

He glanced at the document, wanting to know when he would have his first class with Peter.

Well, our first lesson is in the afternoon.

Bruce looked at the class schedule and was pleasantly surprised. The sooner he met Peter, the better it would be for him.

After all, Spider-Man was just one part of his plans, he had other things to do.

And he was not sure when Peter would be bitten by the spider. Perhaps, it would take a long time. Maybe a month, or two, three….

During this free time, he was going to improve his strength to a new level.

Besides, he still needed to make money like crazy.

Time passed quickly, after lunch, it was time for Bruce’s lesson.

P.E. class was easy, it was just basketball, rugby and other sports. He only needed to give them some simple guidance.

Dozens of students lined up on the playground, waiting for their teachers.

“Did you hear that we have a new P.E. teacher?”

“Really? I’m afraid this teacher won’t even last half a month.”

“Today is his first day, let’s teach him a lesson.”

Several boys stood together with fierce expressions on their faces.

This was school life, for new teachers, it wasn’t always friendly.

Bruce wore black sportswear and slowly moved from the school to the playground.

Long-lost campus life!

Bruce sighed, if it weren’t for Parker, he would not have come here.

Then he glanced at the students of his class and narrowed his eyes slightly, seemingly looking for someone. Sure enough, Bruce saw a thin, shy boy in the crowd with bruises on his face.

It was Parker.

It seems he is bullied even in this universe.

“Hey, are you our new P.E. teacher?”

At that moment, a voice came and woke Bruce who was spacing out.

“You are so thin, how did you become our P.E. teacher?”

“Yeah, I doubt you could catch a basketball.”

When Bruce looked back, voices came one by one.

“Yes, I am your P.E. teacher. From now on, you must listen to my commands,” said Bruce, making the boys laugh loudly.

The girls looked at Bruce curiously, saying nothing.

“Your commands? Even the headmaster cannot command us. In P.E. class, we are free to do whatever we want, do you understand? Go away, do not interfere with us,” a tall boy said, pointing at Bruce.

Bruce knew without even thinking, that these boys wanted to have him replaced. Bruce flashed a smile.

He liked young men like them. If they were too obedient, it would be tedious.

“Hey, I’m talking to you. Are you deaf?“

The tall boy saw that Bruce was not replying to him and got angry. He had never been so humiliated.

Then, he rushed towards Bruce like a truck.


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