Chapter 14: Being a teacher is so easy.

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“The new P.E. teacher angered Kidd. There’s gonna be a good show.”

“Kidd is in Eugene’s gang after all. He probably told Kidd to do this.”

“Kidd is a Taekwondo master. I wonder if the new teacher can take a punch.”

The students present gathered to watch the tall student named Kidd deal with the new teacher.

Bruce just looked at Kidd, not responding.

“Are you deaf? Did you hear what I just said?” Kidd pointed at Bruce, full of anger.

All the students thought this was interesting. Especially Eugene’s group, they were laughing loudly. But Bruce didn’t even lift an eyelid. After all, Kidd was just a student. How good could he be.

Anger overcame Kidd when he saw Bruce’s indifferent expression. Without thinking, he threw a punch.

“You’re looking to die!”

He was fast, and his tall body gave him tremendous strength.

Some girl students were worried, for they knew how fierce Kidd was.

While some students even closed their eyes, not bearing to see what was going to happen.

However, in an instant, Bruce moved.

He was so quick, almosting turning into a shadow, he grabbed Kidd’s arm directly.



Kidd screamed. His arm fell to his side, lifeless.

“My arm… Oww!” Kidd shouted out. He was dripping cold sweat from the pain and could not help but fall to his knees.

The students present were all shocked, for none of them knew how Bruce did that.

They were merely students, and Bruce was an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D..

Bruce, with a smile, stood in front of Kidd and said, “I enjoyed your deliberate provocation, but this kind of action needs punishment.”

Poor Kidd looked terrified when he heard what Bruce said. He looked at Bruce, who was smiling at him and coming towards him.

“Stop… What do you want?” Kidd shouted.

And in just a moment, his other hand was caught by Bruce, who was still smiling.


With that sound, Kidd’s other arm was broken as well.

“I thought you were made from iron, turns out you are just trash.”

Bruce shook his head, seemingly not pleased with that.

Then he looked at the students in front.

Each of them took a step back, especially Eugene, who’s eyes were still wide open, not quite believing what he was seeing.

Kidd was the strongest one in their gang. He even ranked among the top in the whole Midtown Middle School.

But both of his arms got broken in just a few seconds by Bruce.

“You… You dare to attack the students! If something happens to Kidd, we will sue you!” a student said, looking pale with fear.

“I just dislocated his arm. And what did you say just now? Sue me?”

Bruce looked at the student with an indifferent expression.

His eyes were as cold as ice and made the student feel like he fell into an iceberg, even if it was summer now.

At this point, all the students were too frightened to speak.

“If you wanna sue me, please, do. This job means nothing to me. But, my students, I know the home address of everyone here. So you ought to think it through.”

Bruce wasn’t just scaring them. He really didn’t care at all.

He was an agent of S.H.IE.L.D.. Even some senior officials could do nothing to him. Not to mention these students. Besides, he was not here to be a teacher.

Hearing this, every student present stared at Bruce with disbelief.

It was a threat.

It was definitely a threat.

And it was the first time that they were threatened by a teacher.

“You dare? You are breaking the law,” a student whispered, still trying to go against Bruce.

Bruce looked at the student with a smile and spoke to him, “You, come out.”

Oh god!

The student’s brain went blank, and his body trembled. In his view, though Bruce was smiling, he was just like a demon to him.

The other students could do nothing but turn pale with terror.

Bruce has dislocated Kidd’s arms. Was it not enough?

“Did you hear me?” Bruce said again.

The student came out, trembling.

“You’ll be alright. It’s not painful at all.” Bruce’s smile showed his white teeth, looking like a man-eating monster.

Then, he twisted the student’s arm, before the student cried out in pain.


The student’s arm was also dislocated. He collapsed to his knees from the pain which brought sweat out of his forehead.

Now, every student present felt that the new teacher was dangerous. He had no care about anything.

“I hope my students will be as meek as lambs. It’s the only way that we can build a harmonious relationship between us, isn’t it?”

Bruce disregarded the student and Kidd who were rolling on the ground, and spoke to the others.

All the students shuddered and nodded their heads in terror.

The most effective way to solve a problem, no matter where it was, was by force.

It was so easy to be a teacher.

“Good. From today on, I am your P.E. teacher. If you have any problems, you can complain to the headmaster at will. But, don’t forget what I have said, everything has a price. And anyone will pay it, whoever they may be, understand?”

Bruce looked sharp as a knife, and he was exuding a dangerous aura from his eyes.

Some of the students got goosebumps from the way Bruce was looking at them, akin to a beast staring at Its prey.

They were Grade 10 students – just a group of children, they had never faced such a situation.

So everyone just nodded.

After his speech, Bruce ordered the others to send the two boys to the school clinic, and then casually found a place to sit down.

For disobedient students, it ought to be like this.

He had no mind to maintain the teacher-student relationship. It was not necessary.

“Ring…Ring…” at this time, his cellphone rang.

He took out his phone and saw a secret message.

It was from S.H.I.E.L.D..

The message told him that S.H.I.E.L.D. had already arranged a car and prepared some necessities for him.

And the logistics department had arranged a residence for him. The address was also in the message.

Not much money left, It’s time to make some money.

Soon after, the P.E. class was over.

All the students fled as fast as they could.

And Bruce went to the residence provided by S.H.I.E.L.D..


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