Chapter 15: Level 7 wanted warrant.

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A room in Queens New York was luxuriously decorated and furnished.

Bruce opened the laptop – a complicated topographic map was on it.

A red dot flashed from time to time and was moving constantly.

This red dot showed the location of Spider-Man – Peter Parker.

This afternoon, Bruce put a tracking device on little Spider-Man without anyone noticing.

After confirming that little Spider-Man had safely returned home, Bruce closed the tab.

For now, little Spider-Man was just an ordinary person, and Bruce could not download any skills from him.

And Bruce was not sure when little Spider-Man would be bitten –  the time required may be very long, time which he didn’t have.

So, he had to carry out his other plan.

Next, he opened another tab.

It was the reward page of SHIELD, which had warrants on dangerous wanted men – of course, that was just for ordinary people.

The ordinary wanted men don’t have a big reward on them and they have no skills yet.. I not only need to make a lot of money, but I also need to download skills while doing it, so that I can steadily improve my strength.

In this moment, Bruce was very calm. His thinking was clear and he knew what he wanted.

He couldn’t just keep watch on Peter all the time.

Sitting back and waiting was the dumbest way to go about it.

Chris Mike, a level 7 warrant, once inhaled a special substance in an experiment, and has a remarkable fight skill?

Eventually, Bruce found an interesting person in the reward pages. 

Mike had committed a lot of crimes, his last one was robbing a bank and escaping from a police roundup.

After that, the police handed it over to SHIELD.

And SHIELD directly listed him as a level 7 warrant- the equivalent of a level 7 agent.

In the Marvel Universe, anyone who can escape from an experiment will surely get special skills, and Mike must one of those. Bruce thought with a smile on his face.

In the warrant, SHIELD had provided information on where Mike was often spotted and other relative information.

SHIELD’s probably too busy with the recent events to deal with him, that’s why he’s still available.

It’s him. 

And so, Mike had become Bruce’s first target.

Moreover, his reward was 300,000 USD.

It was a fortune! 

Bruce began looking over Mike’s information, trying to figure out where he might head to next.

After finishing everything, Bruce put on a black suit with a pair of black sunglasses.

He thought of three places he might go and intended to find Mike within a day.

Then, Bruce left the room and set off.


A bar in Queens.

There were various people gathering under the dim lights.

Loud music and hormones.

That was the nightlife of America.

At the bar, there were three or four bartenders right now.

A two-meter tall white man, with a rough face and a black leather coat came up to them.

“Whiskey, ” the man said, he took off his sunglasses and squinted his eyes a bit.

“Hey, Mike, how come you’re here today.” A bartender said, pouring him his whiskey. 

The man ignored the bartender, and his eyes continued to look around.

Tonight, he constantly felt a little uneasy and it seemed like danger would come.

The sounds around did not affect him at all.

Taking the whiskey; he drank it all.

“SHIELD should have no time to deal with me. No, for safety, it is better to leave New York tomorrow,” the man muttered to himself.

The only reason he dared to stay in New York was because he knew that SHIELD was preoccupied with other matters and had no senior agents left to track him down.

The police was nothing in his eyes, but there were many things he had to be careful of except the police, especially SHIELD.

After drinking another glass, he glanced at the dance floor.

In an instant, a man in a suit appeared in his eyes.

He suddenly felt a trace of panic.

Without hesitation, he immediately got up and left the bar after putting down some money.

Sure enough, the man he saw was Bruce. 

When he glanced at Bruce, Bruce also noticed him. And while he was getting up, Bruce saw his panic.

He looks a little different, but that is surely him. Watching the man’s back as he hurried away, Bruce smiled.

Lucky, It only took me three hours to find him.

Then, Bruce also left, tracking the man.

Soon after, the man came to a dark street.

He walked quickly and kept his head down.

“Who is he, SHIELD? Impossible!” Mike felt a little panicked.

He had hidden for a long time, he didn’t expect to be found today.

Then, he decided that he had to leave New York tonight.

The world was so big, and SHIELD agents could not cover the whole world.

Perhaps, he could join HYDRA; then he wouldn’t need to be so worried.

“Mr. Chris, where do you want to go in such a hurry?”

At this moment, a clear voice sounded out and Mike’s face changed.

At the end of the street, a man in a suit was leaning against the wall, with his hands across his chest.

“Are you from SHIELD?” Mike asked, he stood in place, looking at the man in front of him with killing intent.

“It’s not important who I am, the important thing is that you’re life as a free man ends today,” Bruce looked at Mike, walking towards him with a friendly smile on his face. 

Mike looked around and found that only Bruce was here.

In an instant, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Then, he took out a dagger, looking ferocious.

” Go die!”

Just as he spoke, he charged at Bruce, his body leaving afterimages.

In an instant, he flashed in front of Bruce.

Bruce was shocked, he didn’t expect Mike to be so fast..

Even while he was shocked, he threw five flying knives towards Mike without hesitation.


The air made a tearing sound, and then the flying knives directly hit Mike.


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