Chapter 16: Great Harvest

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Bruce had the Marksman skill he got from Hawkeye.

And now that Mike got very close to him, it was impossible for him to avoid the knives.

But then, Bruce dodged backwards. A doubtful expression on his face.


The flying knives collided with Mike’s body and a bell-like sound came.

It was the sound of sharp objects hitting against Iron..

The knives fell to the ground without any blood on them.

Without stopping, Mike picked the daggers up and attacked Bruce again.

Bruce quickly evaded.

He had Hawkeye’s Superspeed skill so Mike was not his match in that aspect.

Mike stood opposite him, unscathed, laughing hideously..

“What’s wrong? Surprised?” Mike said while attacking again.

He had never shown this skill, not even SHIELD knew of it.

Seeing that things were going wrong, Bruce displayed his calmness. Instead of panicking, he began to analyze the present situation.

The more unfavourable the situation, the more he needed to remain calm.

His secret skill must be related to his defense.

That was Bruce’s best guess, as well as hope.

Now, Bruce had the skills Super-speed, Super-strength and Marksman. He was severely lacking in defensive skills.

His defense was no better than an ordinary person’s defense.

So, Mike’s skill, he had to get.

In an instant, only their after-images remained. The two men fought multiple times in an extremely short period of time.

And while they fought, Mike’s information appeared in front of Bruce.


[Name]: Chris Mike.

[Identity]: Level 7 warrant.

[Skills]: Top-level Fighting technique (200mb), Proficient in firearms (300mb), Pig iron body (300mb) 


Sure enough, Bruce’s guess was right, and the skill was about defense. 

The Skill Pig iron body can make the body as hard as pig iron.

That was how Mike shook off Bruce’s flying knives.

But, if the destructive power exceeded the defense of pig iron, the body would still be injured.

In any case, Bruce still needed the skill now and immediately decided to download it.

“Beep, connection successful…”

“Beep, skill Pig Iron Body size 300mb, downloading.”

“Beep, present speed is 600kbs/s (valid within two meters) “

With this speed, the download would finish in about eight minutes.

He didn’t need to purchase another speedup.

Bruce smiled.

Both of them had the skill Top-level fighting technique, so they were pretty evenly matched in battle.

But, Bruce’s speed and strength exceeded Mike’s by a lot.

Bruce however, was not trying his best. He was stalling for time.

As time went by, Mike began to doubt the current situation.

He could tell that Bruce was not trying his best.

What does he want?

Mike didn’t have time to think anymore. He knew it could not go on like this, he had to give it everything he had.

First, he had to escape from here.

‘Beep, download complete!’

‘Beep, congratulations, you’ve obtained the skill Pig Iron Body!’ 

Eight minutes later, and a familiar voice spoke again, making Bruce very happy.

Finally, the download had completed.

Mike saw this momentary flaw just as this happened, and hit Bruce with all of his strength.

He stabbed in Bruce’s direction without hesitation.

But Bruce did not dodge.

Go to hell. Mike laughed inwardly with killing intent in his eyes.


When the stab connected, a powerful rebound force shocked him.

“How? What just happened?”

Mike’s face changed dramatically.

He found out, to his horror, that Bruce had a similarly powerful defensive ability, just like him.

“Surprised? Amazed? Go to hell!”

Just now, the flaw that Bruce intentionally left was only to test his newly acquired skill.

And the result made him delighted.

While Mike was shocked, Bruce made his move.


Under his powerful strength, Mike slowly fell to the ground.

Next, Bruce unleashed a flurry of attacks.

After a couple of seconds, Bruce beat Mike to death with his bare fists.

‘What a turtle shell!’  Bruce laughed.

The harvest tonight was far beyond his imagination.

Not only did he get the skill Pig Iron Body, but he also gained 300,000 USD. 

Later, he took Mike’s body away.

The reward department of SHIELD had no office, if you wanted to get the reward, you only needed to call them and put the person, dead or alive, in the appointed place.

Half an hour later, SHIELD agents came.

After verifying Mike’s Identity, they gave 300,000 USD to Bruce and left.

Soon after them, Bruce also left.

Everything Bruce did for SHIELD they would put in on record, and save it as proof for Bruce’s qualifications in his future promotions.

Bruce also wanted to get promoted as soon as possible.

The higher, the better. As with this, he could get in touch with more powerful people.

The New York War was getting closer.

Time passed quickly, and half a month passed in the blink of an eye.

During this time, Bruce did a lot of things.He killed three wanted men and his harvest was huge.

And tonight, he received a special message.


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