Chapter 17: Little Spider-Man’s crisis

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There was a trace of surprise on Bruce’s face.

The message was from Bill.

It was about a woman that Bruce didn’t think he’d be hearing about anytime soon.

“Natasha Romanoff!”

Black Widow, a legend and a level 10 agent of SHIELD.

According to the information sent by Bill, the sexy beauty would be coming to the Avengers Base in three days.

Never thought that even Black Widow would come. Bruce smiled.

The New York War is getting closer.

Recently, the big fight in New Mexico caused great concern, but Bruce didn’t know the details.

If his guess was right though, It should’ve been the battle between Thor and the Destroyer.

Both of them were extremely powerful.

That level of fighting was not something that he could participate in.

If he went, he would be nothing but cannon fodder.

The important thing now was still to improve his strength.

And with Black Widow’s surprise arrival, he had a perfect opportunity to do just that.

Especially the ability that delayed aging.

Subsequently, Bruce opened the panel.


[Name]: Bruce

[Identity]: Level 5 agent.

[Skill]: Marksman, Super Speed, Pig Iron Body, Top-level Fighting Technique, Proficiency In Firearms, Covert Tracking.

[Balance]: 600,000 USD .


Ever since he killed Mike, Bruce had not met other wanted men with special skills.

So his strength had not increased.

However, during this time, he killed several ordinary wanted men and earned seven or eight hundred thousand USD.

He directly put $600,000 USD in the system.

600,000 USD can offer him 100 times speedup six times.

And because of those meritorious services, Zoe had recommended him for a promotion to a level 6 agent. He was just waiting for the audit.

After three days, I need to go back to the base.

He had to get Black Widow’s skills if he wanted to progress at a faster rate.

Now, the only thing that he needed to figure out was when Little Spider-Man would be bitten.

He had wanted it to happen sooner rather than later.

However, during this half-month, he hadn’t gotten closer to Parker at all.

Deliberately forcing a relationship tended to make people alert.

It would take some time to make little Spider-Man trust him completely.

“Beep~~ “ while Bruce was thinking, he heard his computer go off.

He immediately stood up and looked at the red dot on the computer.

At this point, the red dot stood in one place and no longer moved.

Bruce installed a tracking device on little Spider-Man to prevent any accidents from happening.

And the warning sound from the computer indicated that little Spider-Man was currently in danger.

Bruce’s face changed and he put his clothes on in a hurry.

Why was a student in danger? Bruce drove away as fast as he could, trying to reach Parker in time.

It was impossible for the computer to be mistaken, Parker was surely in danger.

According to his current speed, he would reach Parker in ten minutes.

Although Bruce was anxious, he was not too worried.

After all, Spider-Manwas one of the leading characters of the Marvel World, It was impossible for him to die so easily.

At the same time, somewhere in Queens.

In a dimly lit street, Parker fell to the ground, his face swelling up as if he was stung by bees.

Several people were standing in front of him with their hands in their pockets, laughing.

“His skin is so delicate, I want him very much, hahahaha.”

One of them said, and the words made Parker tremble from head to toe.

He didn’t dare look up, for fear of what would happen next.

However by now, Parker had guessed who they were.

American streets were not as safe as people said they were.

And these men were a group of street thugs.

Every country had such people.

“I have some money, please, let me go. Please, sir.”

He didn’t have his superpowers yet, so he could not fight against these thugs.

“Money? If you obey us, we can give you some instead. We only want you. Follow us, we can guarantee that no one will dare bully you in the future.”

Their leader said, his eyes gazing over Parker from time to time, akin to a dog looking at his bone. ju

His gaze frightened Parker.

He was just a student and had never been in this type of situation.

Parker’s eyes were filled with despair, he had never been so eager over power in his entire life.

If I could be like Mr Bruce… Parker thought.

Now, he wanted to become a person like Bruce. With enough power, he could solve everything.

However, he did not have that kind of power.

Ever since he was a child, he had been bullied, and had never been able to retaliate.

However, now, he was extremely desperate.

At this time, a voice came.

It seemed like a bright light at the end of the very dark tunnel.

“Hey, bullying my student? Have you asked for my permission first?”

On the dimly lit street, Bruce went over to Parker in his black suit, looking as relaxed as ever.


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