Chapter 18: Saving Spider-Man

(EDN: little spider-man -> Spider-Man/Parker)

E/D: fun P/R: larkspur

After Bruce spoke, everyone present turned their attention towards him.

As for Peter, a slight delight came to his bruised face.

” Mr. Bruce?”

Peter cried out, as if seeing his savior arrive.

The thugs looked at each other with a slightly dazed expression..

“Who are you?”

“This guy looks nice, but I want the boy more.”

“You better go away before we change our minds.”

The thugs shouted as they moved towards Bruce. They were all tall and sturdy looking, the shortest one being one head taller than Bruce.

After a couple of seconds, they approached a couple of steps forward again, looking very aggressive.

Bruce saw that Peter looked unharmed and released a sigh of relief.

Then, he looked at the thugs with displeasure.

At the same time, Bruce understood that the thugs were a group of homosexuals.

“Go away, I don’t want to dirty my hands,” Bruce looked at them, completely serious.

What he said was true. He really didn’t want to beat up a couple of thugs.

But his words thoroughly angered the thugs.

They immediately started shouting at him.

“Fuck you, what did you say?”

“Go to hell!”

The leader of the thugs also shouted while glaring at him. 

“Fuck, do it! Shoot him!”

He thought that surely, Bruce’s words were meant to humiliate him.

And so, under his orders, the thugs made their move.

But they were just a little stronger than ordinary people, their end was destined to be tragic.

“Be careful, Mr. Bruce!” Parker shouted when he saw the thugs making their move.

He was not sure if Bruce could beat the thugs, even though he knew that Bruce was powerful.

Then, Bruce started his attack, leaving only afterimages behind him.

“Bang, bang, bang…”

In an instant, 3 bodies hit the ground.

Directly after that, Bruce pulled out his dagger and cut their hands off without hesitation.


The thugs cried out in agony.

They hadn’t even seen how Bruce had attacked them.

The leader of the thugs looked at his men in horror.

“What have you done?” The thug leader could not believe his eyes! He shuddered when he looked at Bruce, It was as if he was seeing the devil himself.

Parker himself felt shocked as well.

Strong.. too strong. That was the only thought in Parkers mind right now.

Through Bruce’s half a month of teaching PE, he knew that Bruce had some fighting skills.

But he never imagined that Bruce was so powerful!

“As for you…” Bruce looked at the leader and smiled, cruelty written all over his face.

He was the only thug left.

As for the others, they had all lost at least one limb.

Now only he was left.

He didn’t know what to do, the man in front of him was just like a god of death, and he was coming to collect.


“Yes, I must escape from here!”

It was the only thought in his mind right now.

“Toot ~ ~ ~” But just as he wanted to escape, a siren sounded.

The police was coming!

He stopped and looked at Bruce.

“Hahaha, the police is coming. You deliberately wounded people, you’re going to jail!” The leader laughed and he seemed to have been rescued.

His brother worked for the police.

No matter how fierce the guy was, could he compete against guns?

“Go, go, go, surround the place, don’t let anyone escape!”

Police officers soon appeared and surrounded the dark street.

There were more than two dozen policemen armed with guns. 

“What happened?” the officer in charge came and looked around coldly.

“Sir, sir, It’s him. He wants to kill us,” the thug leader shouted.

The officer in charge glanced at Bruce who was holding a bloody dagger in hand and said. glances at Bruce who holds a bloody dagger in hand, says.

“Take them all.”

Bruce just shot the officer a calm look, then threw the dagger away.

As for Parker, he stood beside Bruce looking very remorseful.

“I’m sorry Mr. Bruce, It’s all my fault.”

Bruce shook and head at Parker and said “Don’t blame yourself!”

Parker was just a high school student right now, a kid. Not some superhero.

“Hey, I’m warning you, careful what you say.” The officer warned Bruce.

Bruce glared at the officer “I’m warning you too, be careful what you say.”

At that moment, Bruce’s body exuded a murderous intent.

The officer was shocked.

He had once dealt with some privileged classes, this kind of imposing manner was not something you could fake.

This man must not be ordinary.

And so, he didn’t handcuff Bruce and Parker.

If Bruce really had a special identity, then with this action, he still had a chance to remedy the situation.

Soon after, Bruce and Parker were taken to the police car.

“I’m sorry Mr. Bruce.” Parker was feeling very guilty, he thought it was his fault that Bruce got involved.

Bruce shook his head and looked at Parker.

“Peter, what would you do if you had great power?”

Parker looked at him, confused.

He didn’t understand what Bruce meant.

But Bruce’s face was completely serious.


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