Chapter 20: Returning to the Avengers Base

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“Mr Bruce, what happened?”

Parker, who walked out of the police station, still didn’t know what happened.

He went in for less than half an hour, wasn’t interrogated, and then got released scot free.

He couldn’t wrap his head around it.

In his mind, a case like this was not something to be shrugged off so easily.

But now, Bruce was walking in front of him with his same calm expression.

S.H.I.E.L.D. was second to none, and its influence extended way beyond the various organizations of America.

If it was the FBI, perhaps he would have some trouble, but this was just a local Police station.

It was the lowest of Law enforcement agencies in America.

In front of SHIELD, the local police ranks are nothing.

The S.H.I.E.L.D. Director could meet directly with the US president and parliamentarians.

It was the real big shot in America.

And Bruce was a level 5 agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. In the mind of these policemen, he was a big shot too.

So how would they dare find trouble with Bruce?

“About what happened, don’t tell anyone, okay?” Bruce looked at Parker and said.

He did not want to reveal his identity.

“Mr Bruce, you can trust me.” Parker replied, his face showing that he took this matter seriously.

Unconsciously Bruce had become his idol.

He wanted to become a person like Bruce too.

“Good, you should go home now, your aunt will be worried. “Bruce said.

Parker nodded, then left with his schoolbag in hand.

This thing was over; Bruce was also preparing to go back home.

Three days later, Black Widow would come to the Avengers Base, so he had to be back before that.

It was the most important thing for him at present.

When he came back home, he immediately sent Blood Mantis a message asking to return to the base.

Until now, Parker had not encounter any danger, so Bruce’s request passed through smoothly.

Next, it was time for waiting.

S.H.I.E.L.D. had a lot of reward tasks, but not many were in New York.

Bruce had his task and he couldn’t just leave New York at will.

After the last event, Parker trusted Bruce thoroughly.

To avoid a similar accident from happening again, Bruce put three tracking devices on Parker.

The morning after the third day, Bruce had prepared everything.

He had already asked for a vacation from the school.

“According to the information provided by Bill, Black Widow will come to the Avengers Base at about 18 o’clock; I have enough time.”

After cleaning up, Bruce drove away from the residence.

Three hours later, Bruce arrived at the base.

After receiving the inspection, Bruce entered the base successfully.

Right now, it was 13:00.

“Hey Bruce, you are back!”

Just as Bruce went inside the base, Bill’s voice came.

“Good afternoon Bill,” Bruce replied with a smile.

After seeing Bruce, the level 3 and 4 agents around Bill immediately stood up.

“Good afternoon, Mr Bruce.”

“Sir, welcome back.”

The lower-level agents greeted him one by one.

Even those who once insulted him greeted him!

This change was brought to him by his improvement of identity and strength.

“I heard that you killed many wanted men recently, Mr Zoe is very satisfied with you.”

Bill said with an envious expression on his face.

The agents in the base all knew about these things; at the same time, they were surprised that Bruce’s strength was so powerful – he could even kill level 6 and 7 wanted men.

Especially Zoe, he had asked Coulson to promote him to a level 6 agent.

As long as Bruce could go on like before, he had the chance to become a level 7 agent.

That was where the true leadership was at.

In S.H.I.E.L.D. getting a promotion was very tough.

Even getting promoted by one level meant a lot. Just the status improvement alone was a huge deal.

“Just lucky!” Bruce smiled. After all, he didn’t care.

If it was not for the money, he would not do the missions.

“Luck can not kill those wanted men.” As they were chatting, a voice came from afar.

It was Zoe, the famous Bloody Mantis.

“Mr Zoe, ” Bill stood up.

Zoe nodded and looked at Bruce.

He was pleased these days because Bruce’s performance made him get a commendation from Coulson.

“Very good, my recommendation has passed, you will be promoted to a level 6 agent after pulling this task off.”

Bill and co. were all surprised.

Level 6 agent?

In just less than a month?

What kind of a promotion speed was that!?


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