Chapter 22: Downloading!

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[Name]: Natasha Romanoff

[Identity]: Black Widow

[Ability]: Superb-level Fighting technique (400mb), Agile Body (800mb), Strategic Wisdom (2gb), Anti-aging Gene (30gb), Proficiency in firearms (300mb).


Sure enough, Black Widow had the most needed Anti-aging Gene ability for Bruce. The ability was beyond humanity’s limits, even Hawkeye, or Clint Barton, didn’t have it yet.

The gene Black Widow had, had been modified to greatly prolong her life and maintain her youth. What’s more, it had powerful antibodies that could withstand most diseases and toxic gases.

If he could get this Anti-aging Gene, he would hardly have to worry about getting sick. This was a very useful ability that Bruce could not pass up on.

But this ability had surpassed the limits of humanity, so naturally the data that needed to be downloaded was huge. It far surpassed the amount downloaded from Hawkeye, reaching a staggering 30 GB!

After all, while it had no combat potential, an ability that could extend the lifespan of a human was naturally unique and worth more than money could ever buy.

Among the human heroes Bruce knew, only Captain America, Black Widow and Nick Fury had this ability.

Besides the Anti-aging Gene, another ability that caught Bruce’s eye was the Superb-level Fighting technique. Although the amount of data was not very large, it was nonetheless a very useful ability for Bruce.

As for Strategic Wisdom, it would allow Bruce to have an IQ that was far beyond what ordinary people had.

The most distinctive ability that Black Widow had, was her Agile Body.

It allowed her to make all sorts of incredible movements, and the flexibility provided had reached the limits of the human body.


With all that said, the priority right now was to get Black Widow’s Anti-aging Gene. Bruce made the decision without hesitation.

“Beep, the connection is successful…”

“Beep, because the host has the Top-level Fighting technique ability, the size of Superb-level Fighting technique has dropped to 200 Mb.”

“Beep, the connection is successful…”

“Beep, the Anti-aging Gene, size 30 GB has started downloading! The current download speed is 800kbs (valid within three meters.)”

With this kind of downloading speed, even if he bought the 100 x acceleration, it would still take Bruce more than an hour to fully download the abilities.

This kind of download time was too long.

After thinking of this, Bruce directly bought a 600 x download speed acceleration. The 600,000 USD he had saved up had vanished in an instant.

These were his savings after half a month of hard work. But, in order to improve his strength, he had to do this.

Even if it was 600 times faster now, it would still take more than ten minutes. He had already invested a lot into this, so no matter what, he had to keep Black Widow within a three-meter range for ten minutes.

After deciding, Bruce let go of her hand. Black Widow smiled at him and was ready to leave.

But Bruce stopped her before she could leave, and starting making small-talk. Black Widow had not rejected, so Coulson said nothing, even though he was surprised by Bruce’s actions.

The way he saw it, Bruce was totally captivated by Black Widow and could not help himself.

Time passed by, but Bruce’s eyes remained unchanged. Black Widow’s eyes however, revealed an impatient look.

Her instincts told her that Bruce was definitely not captivated by her beauty, so she tried to cut the conversation short.

“It was a pleasure talking to you today.”

“The pleasure is all mine Natasha. You have your things to do, I won’t bother you any longer.” Bruce spoke calmly, but inside, he was starting to get anxious.


Black Widow looked at Bruce with a smile, then went to the security gate.

“Beep, download complete!”

“Beep, congratulations to the host for obtaining the Superb-level Fighting technique ability!”

“Beep, congratulations to the host on the perfect fusion of Anti-aging Genes!”

The sounds from the system came, making Bruce let out a sigh of relief. At last, the download was complete.

Taking a glance at Black Widow’s back, Bruce shook his head. If he delayed any longer, he would definitely be suspected.

This was the Marvel World, no one was simple.

“Hey Bruce, she really is sexy huh?” Bill was standing next to Bruce with a smile on his face.

Bruce looked at him and ignored him the very next moment.

He had little interest in the Black Widow, and unfortunately, her Strategic Wisdom ability had not been downloaded.

This was also a powerful ability, but sadly he didn’t have the time.

After his fusion with the Anti-aging Gene, the only difference he could make out was that his body felt extremely tight.

He could even feel that his cells were very active and extremely excited. With the Anti-aging Gene, his lifespan had been greatly increased.

The Bruce right now, was beyond a normal human.

After feeling all the changes, he opened up his panel.


[Name]: Bruce.

[Identity]: Level 5 agent.

[Ability]: Marksman , Anti-aging Gene, Superspeed, Pig Iron Body, Superb-level Fighting technique, Proficiency in firearms, Covert tracking.

[Balance]: 0.


A completely new panel.

A lot of powerful abilities had been gathered together, and at this moment, Bruce already had the qualifications to proclaim himself as a superhero.

The Anti-aging Gene could also be considered as one of his super powers!

Whether it be Black Widow or Hawkeye, in fact, they were not that outstanding among the other superheroes.

They could even be said to be among the weakest of superheroes.

It wasn’t that Bruce was looking down on them, it was just a fact.

It was however, a pity, that the money he had earned over the past half a month, was now completely gone.

Despite that, his harvest this time was huge, the biggest one yet. With his current strength, he could no longer be considered the cannon fodder that he was when he first started out in this world.

Thinking of this, Bruce smiled.

He returned to the Avengers Base only to download Black Widow’s abilities, and now that his goal was fulfilled, he planned on going back.

Regardless of whether Parker could get his Super power in this month, he had to complete his task.

Next, he went to Zoe’s office to report his current mission progress.

“Alright, if there is nothing in the next ten days, come back.” Zoe said after confirming the report.

Bruce nodded, there were still ten days left. After he finished his current mission, he would become a level six agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and he would be able to get higher level contracts.

After saying goodbye to Zoe, he left his office, and walked out of the Avengers Base.

And half an hour after he left Zoe’s office, Coulson stepped out from the dark.


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